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Full text of "A dictionary in Persian and English, with the pronunciation of Persian words in the Roman character"

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Encouraged by the favorable reception given to his 
Persian and English Dictionary, the Compiler, the late Babu 
Ramdhun Sen, was induced to put a new edition of the work to 
press ; and as he thought its usefulness would be enhanced if the 
pronunciation of the Persian words were expressed in the Roman 
character, he resolved to introduce that improvement. He com- 
menced the work, but was not permitted to see its completion. 
Thinking it important that so valuable a work should not be lost 
to the public, and also being id^sirous of carrying into effect the 
design formed by my late much respected father, I took upon 
myself to complete the work. 

Its appearance has been long delayed owing to adverse 
circumstances for which I take this opportunity to apologize in 
order that any faults on my part may be overlooked by the 
generous public. 


Digitized by tine Internet Archive 

in 2007 with funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 



Alif, or a, is the first letter of the 
Arabic and Persian Alphabets, 
and corresponds in sound with 
the English vowel a. In Arabic it 
is called hamxah as well as iilif. 
In Arithmetic this letter stands 
for 1, and ahso for 1,000, and as 
a technical term of astronomy it 
represents Sunday and the sign 
Taurus. It forms a poetic voca- 
tive when added to a noun in the 
end, as " Shaha shahriyara saro 
sarwara : Khudawandgdrd jahan 
parwara:" O king, O monarch, &c. 
and givesthe signification of a noun 
of superiority when placed before 
it; as *X*A.I Ahmad^ivom •^^^s^ hamd; 
jy-«»^l Alisan, from ^«*'^ husan. 
a, come thou, from y^t^^ To 
come ; sonnd ; the name of a tree. 
A db, water ; moisture, humour ; 
splendour, elegance, grace j the 
water or lustre of a diamond, 
polished steel, &c. 
1^1 ab, a father ; pasturage, mea- 
dow, verdure ; returning to, or 
wishing to return to one's coun- 

try ; i^^ame of a town, and also a 
village in Arabia; the name of 
the last summer month. 

l>\ aba, fathers, ancestors ; «3ltXawljU!. 

l>] ibd, denial, dbd, strange. 

*--?bT dbdb, preparing for a journey, 
being ready, ^dj^ jO.'m ^t^\.^l . 

tjl^^U] ibdfiat, publishing, disclos- 
ing a secret ; fdsh kardan ; per- 
mitting, giving liberty ^j^IiliijjU., 

iJIjT dbdd, a city, pupulou>; cultivat- 
ed ; good, well done. 

(jcXj) ibdz, a rope with which the 
foot of a camel is tied. 

chj ibdq^ running away, (as a slave,) 
absconding ; tSh^Jxssi^. 

yJJ\ abdn, the lOth day of the Per- 
sian month, and also the 8th 
month of the Persian year. 

e:^iU abdnat, publishing, disclos- 
ing, declaring ; fj^^^yj^jj. 

j)tla.)^UT a,6a oa;"c/ac^,jjLj*J, ancestors, 

jkXj] abdhir, the feathers and quills 
of a bird. 

i^lj) abdi, father's, paternal. 

c^jT dbat, hot, warm, sultry ; swell- 
ed with drinking. 

[ 2 ] 

iJSj] abtabahy bii ewer, water-pot, 
ki'tlle ; see oUil. 

.Ujj ibtar^ cutting off the tail, dock- 
ini,', curtailine:; depriving of pos- 
ter! ty, disinheriting. 

i^j's-^" ihtihas^ investigation, exanii- 
nation, (juestion, dispute. 

s]^xj\ ibtidd, the beginning, com- 
mencement ; j^'. 

c'Jlju' ibt'ula, invention, contrivance, 
iilteratioii, innovation. 

J'tii'l ibtixal^ cartless in preserving 
any thing ; a garment for daily 
or common use ; baseness. 

JuT ablar, ruined, confused, spoiled; 
mutilated, wanting the tail. 

J«.jL| ibtisdm, cheerfulness, glad- 
ness; a smile ; smiling. 

iLj ibtiln, temptation, trial ; proof, 
experiment ; calamity, distress, 

c^'JLl ibli'df devouring, consuming, 
swallowing ; bugulu faro burdan j 

HI I ibtiud, building, constructing. 

jj-I^IjI ibt'ihaj^ gladness, alacrity, 
cheerfulness ; shad ihudan, 

Jl^^jul ibtihal, supplication, depreca- 
tion, groaning in prayer ; zari- 
kardur, y:)ij>ssj') 

cUij) ibtiyq, buying; selling; 
kharidaUy y^Sij^. 

«>:s'?l abjadf the name of an arith- 
metical verse ; the Arabic alpha- 
bet, alphabetical notation. 

jssr>] abhar, seas ; Ubjt5. 

cyUar-f (ibi/iaj/dtf the water of im- 
mortality, nectar ; also {j^»^Jb>} 

js-i] abkhar, vapours ; ^^dtsiS, 

%,s-i^ obkharah, having a stinking 

J^-:'! abkhal, very covetous, miser. 

C^sril dbkhurdy livelihood. 

»i^srT dbkhxirah, a cup for drinking 
water ; see *IUj. 

Jjl abad, an age ; eternity, without 
end ; an infant of one year's age, 
or growth ; ferocious, enraged ; 
running away ; a female slave ; 
assi5, mares ; a woman that has 
borne many children. 

Ijj] ibdd, beginning, creation ; afrU 
da)i, aslikdrd kardan. 

cltij{ ibda, producing something 
new, inventing ; wonderful ; halt- 
ing, liiuping, (as cattle from 

JItVjI abddl, a hermit, a saint, a 
pious man, an enthusiast. 

JIjj! ibddl^ change, exchange. 

yjltij") dbdan, a drinking vessel, a 
cup, glass, ewer, bottle. 

l:>mJjT dbdasty the ablution or 
washing of the hands, feet, face, 
and ears, with certain ceremo- 
nies, used by the Muhammadans 
before prayer. 

cfJo) abadi, eternal, without end. 

sl^JjI ubdidah, tears ; see 'JLXl). 

jA ubr, a cloud ; a puncture ; 
sting of a scGrj)iou ; fructifying 
the female palm-tree by the 
sprinkling of the flowers, &e. of 
the male. 

f\y\ibrd^ liberating ; v^^UiJ.ljjjiiJoUti. 

—'^1 ibrdh, smiling with self-com- 
placency, proud, magnifying, 
honouring ; stifl'ering under ca- 
lamity ; ^jlOlj^Ii^. 

jl^l ibrdd^ cooling, refreshing j 
sending a berid or courier; invit- 
ing to a feast. 

j\jj\ ibrdr, victory, superiority ; wan- 
dering about in a forest ; just, 
holy, pious ; ^JJ^^^i:i. 

j^jj] ibrdx, manifestation, publica- 
tion ; c;J;/^3^. 

(je)^:\ ibrds, leprous ; bringing forth 
a leprous child. 

[ 3 ] 

Jjj] ibrdm, solicitation, urgency, im- 
portunity ; (jiJ^i jy>^. 

»).jT db rdhj a drain of water. 

9^jj) abraj, having fine eyes ; signs 
of the zodiac. 

^^1.j1 abrashy a dapple gray or pie- 
bald horse ; l-acltll>,»— flJ^^. 

(jOjJ abras, leprous ; a species of 
lizard ; u::^«-rJujUiIjlj^. 

ijj\ abraq, talc, lapis specularis. 

%y^J abraquh, a town in the Per- 
sian Irak, Avhich is commonly 
su}>posed to be the ancient Perse-, 
prdis. It is also called »y»jl. 

-.1j>Kj1 ubranddj, dressed goat's lea- 

yj} aZ»rt/, the eyebrow. 

jjj} dbru^ dignity, honour, renown, 
elegance, glory, reputation. 

% jl abrahy the outer side of a gar- 
ment. Abaraty an owl. 

^ijA nbrisam, 1 .jj^ 

^^,'^ abrisham, ) 

^j.jl abnq, *a bright, shining 
SAord; an ewer ; *j^. 

]y\ ibzdr, a kind of carrot. 

^ji] dbzaiiy a particular kind of 
bathing vessel, the full length of 
the human body, filled with 
warm water medicinally prepar- 
ed, in which the patient sits or 
lies down. 

\j^} dbiSy rebukinir, reproving ; 
reproaching, contempt. 

)o\aj^j\ ibsde, a camel left at liberty 
with her colt. 

JL»u) ubsdl, a vineyard, a garden. 

Jt«.J ibsdly forbidding, prohibiting; 
making unlawful ; preserving, 
pledging, pawning; betraying, 
ruining, killing. 

ijl^iioT dbisf, a pfegnant woman, an 
animal with young ; a foetus, a 
new-born chihl. 

^4«»jI dbistan, to be in labour ; to 
conceive, to be pregnant. 

aI-.jI dbistah, pregnant, with young. 

^l;tjT dhshdry a waterfall, cascade, 

A^I ibshdr, rejoicing. 

)o\.i*j\ ibshdt, making haste ; causing 
one to make haste. 

j^sr^i dbishk/iur, a cistern, a reser- 
voir of water; fortune, chance. 

*-^?l abshom, the cocoon of silk in 
which the worm encloses itself. 

(^' abisSy binding the fore foot of 
a camel with a rope, the knee 
being bent to the shoulder or 
thigh ; an age ; eternity. 

G^^l ibxd, dividing into lots or 
samples; quenching thirst; sa- 
tisfying one with what he re- 
quests ; j^Ia>^-iLi i—jl^fifc.. 

laj| ibify the armpit ; J.ju\ 

lJaj| ibtdy delay, protracting. 

JUaj] ibtdl, abolition, rendering void 
or useless ; v^^<i^J•i5^ . 

iSltjI abaci, removing to a distance. 

fcVxj' obqdy very distant. 

(jeMj\ ibghdz, hatred,malice; seei.^*> 

(j^) abaq, flying or running away. 

^j ibqd, confirmation, establish 
ment; rendering permanent, pre- 
serving entire, 

jifl abqa, variegated, black and 
white ; jackdaw, • 

j^jI dbkdr, a seller or distiller of 
wine, a wine-merchant. 

,^.KjT dbknri, the business of a dis- 
tiller; a duty levied on distil- 
leries or wine-merchants. 

*jO! abkam, dumb ; tl^i?. 

Ai>iCl dbginahy a mirror, looking- 
glass ; a decanter. 

J.j1 ibil, a camel, the camel species, 

tj] ii6/a, fatigued, emaciated (camel), 
worn out ; experiment, trial. 

[ 4 ] 

^^^j| iblds^ being vexed, sad, me- 
lauclioly, con !\.>un(lc'd, disappoint- 
ed ; ghinngin .i/iudun, ^^j»-i^^^«i. 

oIj] iblnghy conveying, sending let- 
ters j rasnn'nlan^ yi)<^^-^j- 

C^Jb! ibu/ot, enii-ity, ublat, calamity, 
destruction ; ablat, indigeste<l ; 
crime ; abilat^ necessity, indi- 
gence ; ubulat, dates brnised 
between two stones. 

_LI abitj\ having distant eyebrows; 
clear, bright, evident ; roshan. 

lyyablaq, piebald, black and white. 

Abl ublah, a fool ; siniple, igno- 
rant, awkwar<l, loolish, bash- 
fnl, arrogant, vain. 

*U abilah, a blister, pimple ; a bub- 
ble floating on the water. 
,^JLl ablahi, silliness, folly. 

^^^jJLl iblis, the devil, the deceiver. 

^1 ibuy a son ; j^. 

Ijul abna, sons ; companions, equals, 
of the same rank. 

oij) ibnat, a daughter ; a knot in 
wood ; vice, stain, spot. 

JjkX-^? ibnisubil, a traveller. 
^^^^ij) ^t'wMf, ebony. 
y} ttbu, ^ her; endowed with, pos- 
sessed of; water-lily. 

uj'^l abwcib, doors ; chapters j 
<lues ; ways and means. 

.1^1 abxvaz, falcons, hawks. 

iJi\i^\^\»ab''0~danuh. means of sub- 
sistence ; Ojj. 

Lte^tjl dZ/-t/-Aat/;a, climate, water and 

jLiyj) j^bubakvy the father-in-law, 
and first successor of Muhammad. 

*j) abi/i, attention, recollection, 

l^jl abhAf ^^£iJ^ abhd, more or most 
beautiful ; zebntar, j^^J. 

*L|j] ibfinm^ the thumb ; jJci^<^i 
C'^' ubbihaty magnificence, splen- 
dour, glory ; ^tjyj. 

j^) ubhar^ the back ; the vein in 

the back ; i-l^yyi^cJiJSJiS(J:^^j, 
(J.^jI iihhal, the juniper or the sa- 

bine tree and fruit ; j|^*m,2^a.^j. 
^^1 (iOi^ watery, moist, humid. 
liUjj abit/dt, houses; verses, dis- 

{^)ojJ abiyaz, white, bright; a sword. 
^Laxjl abit/azdn, two days ; two 

whites ; milk and water. 
'-iAjUl atdbaky a preceptor ; also the 

title of the kings of Shirdz, 
JJjJ^I atdlig, guardian, tutor. 
cUj| itbg, followers, comrades, 

companions ; clients ; servants. 
jlaH] ittihdd^ union, concord, friend. 

Slllip ; ^JJi]d^tj, 

•ilsJl ittilidz, seizing ; ij^S^j^' 
t — JW'I ittihdf, a present, gift, of- 
ferings, donations. 
^\;A itrdb^ possessing much wealth; 
strewing with earth ; compa- 
nions, equals ; ^^ 5 L^aa^ ^^ ^ju-jJ. 
JUJ] iV/wrty, assembling, uniting; 

complete, entire, absolute. 
j,L».5| ittiidm, denominating, mark- 
ing ; impression, sign. 
^^jT dlishf fire. 

j^^j^l dtishbdx, a maker of fire- 
lSJ^.s^^i dtishbdzi, fire-works. 
JisJ^^'^ dtjsh~paikar, the sun. 
;i ;cjl athhi-riz. wine. 
^3r*"^>^j| dlishi-hajr^ ruby. 
yj»^^'i] dtishddn, a chafing-dish. 
'V L/*^' (^tishi-rozy the sun. 
v:'^-; L/*^' dtish-zubdrij abusive, 

djm^^J:^] dtishi-sard^ wine ; lip of a 

i^*t.^i\ dlishi-sag, a certain medi- 
cal grass. 
^x^^j] dtis/iisubh, the sun. 
J>*j^ji^l dtish^al, a swift horse. 

[ 5 ] 

--ijT atishi, ■> fiery, liot, belongiiiir 

/^^jl atishin, j to fire. 

.Lo^ijl dtishm mar, a sigh ; fl;ime. 

c-il-ajj jf^isa/, description, qualifica- 
tion ; being endowed with, or 
possessed of. any thing. 

Jl.*ajl iitisdlf contiguity, conjunc- 
tion, union, attachment ; c^£»i, 

-Slftj] ittifdq, union, harmony, con- 
federacy, alliance, conspiracy; 
chance, fortune, accident. 

15Uj| ittifaqaii, accidentally, by 
chance ; unanimously. 

^-Slflj] ittifdqi^ casual, fortuitous, 
accidental ; consenting to. 

UjJ i/tiga, avoiding, shunning ; Vi^y^. 

US>| ifqri/a, pious men, devotees. 

tiijl afuk, a river in India. 

ISoI ittikd, reliance, trusting. 

jto| itlikal, faith, confidence ; 
trusting ; ^jjc^JUirl. 

ii't3\ittildd, riches, hereditary wealth. 

u-JXJ| ?7 /a/, consumption^ waste, loss. 

*jI alam, very perfect. 

j\^'i\itrndm, completion, end. 

.ItX^^Uj- itmdmdar, head clerk. 

tU-«.j| itmid, the coulter, plowshare. 

'yl itwa, ruin, consuming. 

^.3! utun, an oven, furnace ;^^U. 

S-'V^I ifti/idb, bestowing. 

Ay^j ittihdm, suspicion, false accu- 

vj^i^l ittiydn, arrival, accession. 

C>Vjl nsrts, household furniture. 

j^^ dsaVf signs, marks, traces, re- 
gains, vestiges, scars. 

*s?^^l asdrat, commemoration of 
traditions and sayings. 

v^^l asdftf a trivet ; lft*jU cJo>3 . 

m\j] dsam, crimes, fins ; name of 
an infernal region. 

oUj| ixbdt, confirmation, prgof. 

\^^] aslab, earth or stones, or 
small fragments of either. 

I*jj isam, sin, crime, offence ; any 
thing forbidden, Avine, dice, &c. 

J\ dsarfif a sinner, criminal. 

^UjI asmdr, fruits ; fromj*.^. 

^JJl asiid, middle, interval. 

^^^jojl asnain, two. 

Jjul asil, radical, firm ; of a noble 
or illustrious race. 

>j;jl asim,a sinner, criminal. 

c^jla. I ijdbat, answering, consenting. 

-.Ia-T djdj\ heats, bitter, salt or 
brackish water. 

»jla.] ijdrah, price, hire, re<it, pro- 
fit, farm, emolument. 

J'dtjKa^] ijdrahddr, a farmer. 

e>:(A.] ijdssat, leave, permission. 

c:^^.] ijdnat, a stone bottle; phial. 

jl.^1 ij^dr^ compulsion, constraint. 

Lu^l ijfibd, choice, selection. 

iUJa.] ijtindy gathering. 

oUI^I ijtindb, shunning, abandon, 
ing ; dur shudan. 

Jlyla.] ijiihdd, care, diligence, effort, 
endeavour; a religious war. 

jlar?-^ ajhdr, dens, holes, or • treats . 
of any animals. s , '^^ 

♦ilj^l ajddd, ancestors, forefathers. 

cltX^I ajdg, mutilated in the hands, 
nose, ear, and lips. 

ja) ajurr^ a brick or tile. 

^1 ajr, a reward, premium, re- 
compence, hire ; ^«Sl,3J^>« a mar- 
riage portion, or gift ; d!}jY^' 

L».| ijrd, making any thing to flow, 
run, proceed; brinaring forward, 
executing; beginnthe four eie- 

^}jA,) ijrdm, criurpposites, 

J^l fiM/iass, more or most special. 

^p«L*.'i akhzar, green ; sUw^j^*-. 

>Iaa.] ikhfd, concealment, hiding. 

jt\ asar, impression, mark, sign. (^/S^^Ai.) akhfash, having small weak 
jUJ) hqdl^ burdens, loads. j eyes, seeing better at night. 

[ 6 ] 

]js-'\ rjss a, \)art^, parcels; ingredi- 
ents, materials ; druijs. 

ol-a.' (fjsddy bodies ; carcasses. 

^L^Iff/A<jm, solid bodies. 

^U*.l ajfan, eyelids, eyelashes. 

J^l ajal^ death, the hour of death, 
fate, destiny, appointed time. 

J^l tijl, on account, occasion. 

J A.) ajily acquisition, gain. 

(J>d.l iijaly more or most worthy, 
excellent, glorious. 

t^\ ijldf immigration. 

^^lU] ijtas, sitting counsil. 

Jla-I ifldt, magnificence, grandeur, 
glory, dignity, majesty. 

i^Ia^l ajld, more splendid, bright. 

*a.l ajam, name of a town ; a bed 
of reeds. 

eUa.| ijmdf an assembly, congre- 
gation, collection, concourse. 

JUa.) ijmdl, an abridgment, abbre- 

^ viation ; jumlah kardan. 

SU».| ijmdlan^ briefly, summarily. 
j^k-aaJ ajmqin, all, the whole, uni- 
versal, altogether. 

^^1 ajan^ changing the color and 
taste of water. 

^_^U^) ajnds, kinds, sorts, species ; 

goods, things. 

c^'^>l ajtiab, 1 c ' 
' • \ ■ I' J. foreign, strange. 
^AJ.a.1 ujnabt^ ) ^ ' =* 

As^?"! ajnahatf wings, hands, fins. 

Aj^") qjiibah, answer, re|)ly. 

^^\ cijuj, greatly inflamed, red. 

.awl ajury 1 , 

^ 1 ./ , J. rewards, premium. 
%^y^\ ojurah, j 

w-i^A.) ajwaf, concave, hollow; belly ; 
and firstsuc^rabic verbs. 
*jl abifif attention, i*vvo hollows, the 
I4JI abhd, ^uij) abhd, more t-t,^Ci. 

beautiful; 2e6a/ar,^Uj^'. 
.K^ljbbdm, the thumb •,y\j:^^] 
C-^^t ubbihatf magnificence, splen- 
dour, glory ; ^tj^. 

,xa.l ajir, a mercenary, hired la- 
bourer, servant; \yiiy*. 

\a,] nchdr^ pickles, salted meats. 

,.,j^T dvhin, the country of Acheen. 

^1 ah, coughing ; ^^,iy>&A.^m. 

cltt.' ahdd, units. 

(,*^i3\.>.l ahddiSf news ; sayings or 
traditions ; from «ji^J»-. 

jtJoU^j ihdtah, surrounding, compre- 
hending ; a fence ; ^^r'yj^^^' 

»«*>*• I ahahb, more or most lovely, 
amiable ; a sincere friend. 

j-^Ua.) afibdb, friends, relations, &c. 

^u.UL>.| ihtibds, restraining, arrest- 
ing ; restraining one's self. 

yjJskj ihtixdr, avoiding, shunning, 
being disgusted, [care. 

j^jXst^l ihtirdx, abstaining, taking 

^ty[^) ihtirdsy guarding, preserv- 
ing ; from \j»j^ and ^j^. 

(3|^!i».[ ihtirdg, conflagration, burn- 
ing ; ardour, strong desire. 

ujl.»uA;*.| i/Uisdb, esteeming, reckon- 
ing, counting; examination. 

^Lia^l iktishdsli, gathering. 

rftiisfc I ihtislidm, pomp, sj)lendour, 
retinue ; ^Jbwu^>. . ^Jsa. jJ.Ijia^. 

*li=>.| ihtildnif pollution, dream. 

laUai^l ihtizdz, delight, happiness. 

JUia.| iA/imrt/, bearing patiently; 
probability ; suspicion. 

—Ula.) ilitiydj, want, indigence, ne- 
cessity ; yjjJu^i^jUi. 

ji».) ahadf one, an unit. 

)o''^xXA.]ihtii/dt, care, circumspectlou. 

JVjJla.} ihtiydlj fraud, stratagem ; 
machination, deceit. 

JaI afiady one ; any one ; Suoday. 

Jb>.t ahadd, more or most acute, 
sharp, vehement. 

cl»ljka.| ihdds,an invention, erection. 

L-,>a;vl ahdub, hump. backed. 

c:^^cX^I ahdii/at, unity, singularity. 

^ljk».J ihxdry care, caution. 

[ 7 ] 

jaJ aharr, more or most hot. 

r'^ti'^^rt^j corroboration ; ^iij^jyLJ. 

oU^\ ihraq, burning, setting on 
fire ; e.tH^J;>»^. 

A^l ihram^ putting on a pilgrim's 
habit ; illegal, making unlawful. 

^1)0.] ihzan, grief ; M)^j^ij4^}'^'^^i • 

^^U»5>.| ihsas, perception, sense. 

^Ia^I iUsan, kindness, favour, gift, 
present ; beneficence, goodness. 

aJuiUfc^N.] ihsanmaiid, thankful, 

^^&.| ahsan, more or most bounti- 

\j!^',m-] a/isaut, well done ! bravo ! 

.LoA.] ihzdr, producing, presenting, 
summoning, calling before. 

jMlo-] ahfdd, grand-children, rela- 
tions ; companions. 

jU».| ihqad, hatred, animosities. 

(3^Aa>| iliqdq^ established truth. 
jAa.) ahqar, most contemptible. 

^IC>>I ahkaniy orders, commands, 
mandates, decrees, sentences. 

ijla.1 ahld, more Qr most sweet. 

jUa^l ihmdl, burdens, loads ; U^U. 

JaaT ahmad, more or niost lauda- 
ble ; one of the names of tUar^. 

.♦A. I ahmaVi red ; a violent death. 

^y*^] uhmaq, foolish, stupid, ignor- 
ant, awkward ; ij'^'txj. 

Jl^l ahwdl, states, condition.«, 
circumstances ; Ijjl*. affairs. 

^J^f ahival^ squint-eyed. 

U*.) ahydy reviving, animating. 

JUa.'\ aAyan, times, ages; ^y 

UlxA.T ahj/anan, sometimes, now and 
then, accidently. 

^T akh, a brother ; a sigh ! alas ! 
ah ! a word used to make camels 
bend the knee. 

jUa.) akhbdr, news, accounts. 

^^ih.) ukht^ a sister, female friend. 

^j,Ua.) ukhtdii, many son-in-laws. 

^lUi.] ikhtitdm, end, conclusion. 

jXaJ akhtar, a star, constellation. 
cUia.| ikhtira, invention, artifice ; 
darogk bd/tan, i/^^.kjj'^i^^'^- 

^J)y■£>.) ikhtirdq, tearing, reiuiing. 

jLaL*.) ikhtisdr, contraction, abridge, 
raent ; kotdh kardan, vjjJ^j^j^. 

^^Laii.1 ikhtisds, peculiarity. 

^^Ia-I ikhtifd, concealment. 

islii-l ikhtildt, intercourse, associa- 
tion ; ^Jyssi:^] friendship ; con- 
fusion, perplexity ; J^^^lVj.^*. 

t^Xii^l ikhtildf, difference," contra- 
diction ; C^aJi\yi>^. 

{JitlL.\ ikhtildly confusion, disturb- 
ance, disorder ; ^tJ^^j;^ ;. 

^^y^] dkhtan, to draw (a sword) ; 
to hang; to castrate, geld. 

iS^] akhtah, drawn; trained ; cas- 
trated ; a gelding. 

^UIi.1 ikhiiydr, choice, option, li- 
berty, will, power. 

fcX^I akhaz, seizing, taking. 

j^\ dkhir, the end, last, final ; at 
last; finally, afterwards. 

\lfj^) ukhardy another, second. 

-.I^ifc.) ikhrdjf producing, drawing 
forth; o'S/vjjj/iJ, expelling. 

olA.Li.1 akhrdjdt, tribute, reve- 
nues ; expenses, disbursement. 

.^VjStJ dkhirulamary at length, 
finally, at last. 

Ori.T dkhirdt, futurity ; posterior, 
last, at length, in fine. 

^J*:*^^ dkhirbhij provident, pru- 
dent, beholding the end, wise. 

\^j^) akhras, dumb. 

(T^i^f akhass, more or most vile, 

^IsiA-^l ukhshijan^ the four ele- 
ments, four opposltes. 

t^i-J akhass, more or most special. 

j^a^] akhzavy green ; *U-»^^xw. 
Aoa] ikhfd, concealment, hiding. 
i^^^Sa^) akhfash, having small weak 
eyes, seeing better at night. 

[ 8 ] 

JJa-f akbgaTy a spark of fire. 

J.i.1 aklnill, more or most ignorant. 

j^Xa-I ikhlas^ candour, aticction ; 
friendship, truth, sincerity. 

t\i«-^X^I ikhlasniuiidy a friend. 

JeKa.1 ukhlat, humours ; a city. 

(j^A,] ak/ildq, peoplts; qualities, na- 
ture, habit?, temperament. 

JJtkl«/f^/a/, intimate friends ; ikhlal, 
disturbance, confusion. 

^J)|^i.l akhwan, brothers. 

o^:*.! akhwat^ brotlierhood. 

jy^\ akhor, rubbish, filth, stale. 

^y^^ akhuii, ) 

• • \ 1 , J ^ i* tutor. 
c>jj,a.l aknund, \ 

,^^A.I akhwif brotherly ; my bro- 

.Ua.1 akliyar^ excellent men, best. 

«.^Ua.l akhyaf, different ivinds of 
men ; brothers by the same mo- 
ther but different fathers. 

as*-) akhir, last, posterior, late. 

|j' ada, payment ; performance. 

«--?lji dddb, civilities ; laws, duties. 

ia»Ii>T aldty instruments, tools, ap- 
paratus ; accessary, particle. 

d^^'j! addmat^ perpetuity; aAjua. 

«»j«3) adab^ politeness, civility, cour- 
tesy, respect, reverence. 

*Jbol udiibdnahy with reverence, 
respect, humanely. 

.Ijjl idbdr^ misfortune, calamity, 
adversity, destruction. 

j]id\ idrdr, incontinence of urine; 
pension, tribute ; heavy rain. 

v^l^ol idrd/{f intellect, comprehen- 
sion, observation. 

yj^ij<i^ idrisy the Arabian name for 
Enoch the prophet. 

U«5' iddiq^ pretension, arrogance ; 
presumption; d'i;^jjj u;«3^k-5>^«5. 

oS\ adaqq, more or most subtile ; 
thin, slender. 

4J«3) adillahy argument, proof. 

^jT ddnm, Adam, man. 

J^d] idmduy exercise, practice. 

**j' (tdham, a dark-colored (horse). 

^^x^I rtf/ini, human, a man. 

•^x^d^ ddmiynt, humanity. 

ijiji adndy mean, low, base. 

cyljtil adwdtf instruments. 

*jjjl adviahy medicines, drugs. 

^U.>) adhdiiy oils, unguents. 

^J^^\ adit/dn, religions ; ^JJ*?. 

Vo^^j.}! adib, a tutor ; courteous. 

jjj! adtm, perfumed leather. 

*Jo,5l adinnhy Friday. 

3) iz and ! 31 izd, when ; injury. 

^'31 i«dn, summons to prayers, 

d5'«5i »«rt, trouble, injury. 

jii) azar, fire, the god of the wor- 
shippers of fire. 

^jjlcil izan, obedience, submission. 

^'■itil azqduy chins, beards. 

JCS> a^/car, commemorations, praises 
of God ; lyxiJj^jb. 

y;i3l uzaiiy an ear. 

V^"^' azndby tails ; l^^J , sins. 

Ci^j[jl axiyaty distress, injury, hurt, 
vexation, oppression. 

;T ar, bring thou j j ar^ if. 

M ara, ornamenting, embellishing, 

ajI^I ardbahy a cart, carriage. 

cyj);' irddaty inclination, design. 

(^i3|^' irddiy designed. 

^ixm)j] drdstagiy decoration, ar- 
rangement, order. 

^j^l^T drdstauy to adorn, to put in 
order, to dress out. 

tU\^ drdstah, adorned, prepared. 

j^l .1 ardzdy lands. 

*\j\ drdm, rest, tranquillity, {)eace, 
quiet, repose, sleep. 

^y^y drdmishy ease, tranquillity. 

^^dJky«M drdmidan, to rest, to re- 
yi)d^\j\ dr&idan, to ornament. 


[ 9 ] 

,jSu;I^T drdish, embellishment. 

vlj^l arbdb, possessors, masters, 
lords, keeper, companion. 

^^1 arba^ four ; di^\^. 

^y*jj\ arbaun, forty. 

LbJjl irtibdt, connexion, friendship. 

(J^J irtijdl, speaking inconsider- 
ately, extempore. 

JLs^l irtihdli emigration, death, 

iilSij irtiddd, apostacy ; refusing, 

opposing ;e^l;i^^^^•V'ci/^^• 
A^j] irtisdm, mark, signal. 
\.M^3J irtishdf corruption, bribery. 
^-<^^1 irtizdf acquiescing, approving. 
oUJ^I irtifa, elevation, altitude. 
UJ;) irtigd, ascending, promotion, 
ujfc.l irtikdby perpetration of a 

crime; committing, undertaking. 
_ljj,l irtiydh, cheerfulness ; y^^iXldl^, 
tt* .1 irs, inheritance ; »;«ir? *^lri^« 
^j\ arjf price, value ; gadr jSs. 
aJ^A-jl arjamand, excellent, noble, 

precious, distinguished. 
**.jl arham, more or most merciful, 

an atribute of God. 
«3;1 ard^ meal, flour. 
Ji,) arzal^ mean, vile;^J,^^^^jij^-. 
.-.I arzy price, value. 
JI^J arzdq, provisions. 
JtjJ arzdn, cheap, of small value. 
^N arzdni, cheapness ; bounty. 
•J.l drzu, millet. 
.:,) drzii. desire, wish. 
43Jw*^j«! arziimand, desirous, fond, 

wishful, burning with desire. 
^j^jJ drzidan^ to be worth. 
v;»l «r2«z, tin. 
ifM I ars, the river Aras. 
jUjI ?Vsa/, remittance, despatch. 
-la*«.l arstu, Aristotle. 
^U,l irshdd, direction, command ; 

showingthe rightway ^c^^-o^^-^sl^. 
ii-i 1 arshad, more or most upright. 

t/o;' «'"«> the earth, soil. 

A^tl arzah, the white ant. 

jj-e^l arr?, terrestrial, earthly. 

\jfi^) arghanun, a song. 

v^l»fij) arghawdn, purple, red. 

i»^jl irqdm^ writing ; ^Jai.. 

<^^l ark, a castle. 

e)l^' arAran, pillars, supports, props. 

c:<Jj*S^j;l^l arkdni daulat, ministers, 

pilliii's of the state, nobles. 
Mj\ 'rarriy a celebrated but fabulous 

gartl-n said to have been in Ara- 
bia Felfr-., 
l»jl arim, one, aity. 
yi)^j^ armdn, sorrow, grief, desire. 
J^J irmughdn, rar'ties, a rare 

present, offering. 
^.tU/«jT drmidan, to rest, repose. 
\mm^^j I arfiab, a hare ; ^^^t^a^. 
^J drmijj the elbow, 
jjiji drindahf a bringer, a carrier. 
*ijl amah, if not, otherwise. 
^'jl^l arawdh, spirits, souls ; ^^j. 
a^j] arugh, eructation, belching. 
^4XX£^^1 aroghtdan, to belch. 
si arrahy a saw j arah, root of the 
i^j are, yes, so, it is so. [teeth. 
L-i^^' an'A, wise, learned. 
— .bj! ariydh, winds ; ^^,. 
^^1 arz«, frost, hoarfrost. 
;T rtz, desire, avidity. 
j\ az, from, of, by, for, out of, with. 
hi izd, suitable, 

ol :T rt^arf, free, liberated, reclu«J 
c^jljl (i^arfi, freedom, liberty. 
^IjT rt^rtr, trouble, injury, sickness, 
^1 ,1 izdr, trowsers, drawers. 
jiij,'jl izdr band, the string of the 

drawers, or trowsers. 
yjJ.ljT dzdrdan, to trouble, to hurt. 

to molest, to destress. 
^^j^J dzdri, a sick person. 
^j>J:l izdlat, removing, taking 

away ; causing to efface. 

[ 10 ] 

;^e;'jT azdtihaz, since that time. 
-j;l azbar, to iearn by heart, by rote, 
t^;l azbas, inucli, many. 
^^iij] azdu7i, to prick a needle. 
*.'^«3;l izdutvoj, marriage, nuptials. 
\.ibdj\ azdaha, a large snake. 
I»Uj> •' izdiham, a crowd, concourse. 
.31.3I izdiyady augmentation, in- 
crease, addition, growing. 
ij<h}^ azurdagi, uneasiness ; dis- 
pleasure, grief, pain. 
^j)t>.^T azardafij to injure; ^o dis- 
please, harass, vex, triable. 
%-ijj^ azHfdahy afflicted ; displeased. 
Ov' «»^ay, blue, cerulean. 
fj-\ fl«ram, rooiiesty ; justice. 
U^l azkiyo, ingenuous, just, virtu- 

. ous, holy. [ning. 

J ;l axalf eternity, without begin- 
lJjI azltf fi'om all eternity; eter- 

** nal. 

Uj) nzma^ try thou ; examining. 
y^) azman^ times, seasons. 
ijit-i^j^ azmduhj experience ; trial. 
u^Mj] demand, greedy, avaricious. 
Ai>«;l dzmanah, times, ages. 
d'V*;' dzmiidan, to try, prove, ex- 
perience, to attempt, 
^y azo, from or belonging to him. 
^^^Jazwdj, couples, spouses, ^iia.. 
*j^)) azuqah, provisions, victuals. 
^U •) azhdr flowers ; j^«5,y&i^ to 

light a candle. 
•.Jbj) ^zhaVy most evident, bright. 

^u.T ris, the myrtle ; signs. 
uT dsd\ like, resembling. 

^\J\ asdbia, weeks. 

cy^L,) asdatf an offence, crime, sin. 
ji3U andtir^ a weight of 6^ drams. 

^jJL»' asdttn, pillars. 

^«#l-.l dsds, foundation, basis. 

C-£^' isdat, proposing ; causing to 
observe ; promoting. 

a|pU.l asdlir, romaus, fablece. 

(Jil*«I asdfiU inferiors. 

i_^U«' asdlib, modes, ways, forms. 

^^w)U,T asdtni, names ; list, roll. 

^LfcT dud?!, easy, convenient. 

^iLul dsdni, f;icility, ease, rest. 

^yi'>l>^^ dsdis/i, tranquillity, repose. 

u--^' asp, a horse. 

v-->U*-I asbdb, causes ; baggage. 

IsLumI isbdt, tribes. 

J^A«i.l asbaq, former ; surpassing. 

(jy.iju.,1 ispaghul, seed of the flea- 
wort ; water-lily, [bips. 

e:u«*ul ast^ is ; from y;»jli*l buttocks, 

jUu»I ustdd, a teacher; an artificer. 

^j;»3tJu«l istddan, to stand ; stop. 

J^dm] ustdkdr^ a teacher. 

^lL,T dstdn^ threshold. 

jUjJuwI istibdddf obstinacy, perse- 
verance, stubbornness. 

f\jjSMi)i8tibrd, cleansed; rfj^|^v«^^. 

JSLtt) istitdr, concealing ; covering. 

UlL*) istisndf exception ; 51. 

c^jt»^*-l istijdbat^ bearing, comply- 
ing with ; ^i uil^^ d-^rO^ 
accepting, answering. 

^jUua?-*^) istihsdn, approving ; con- 
sidering as a favor ; ^jJ^^XjJ. 

(JlSsr^I istihqdq, requiring right, 

JCsr^] istihkdni, firmness. 
i^«*I istikhrdj, drawing out, ex- 
tracting ; expelling 

^JD'is.^ islikhlds^ setting at liberty. 

Jiy^^] ustukhwduy a bone ; kernel. 

c^^ltU**! istiddmat, permanency ; 
perpetual, everlasting. 

UjuUkI istida, supplication, re- 
quest, solicitation. 

JSji-l istidldl, a demonstration, 

proof, argument ; j_yui.[j^J.Ajj. 
jLm] astar, the lining of a garment. 

ij:^s>^)j1w\ istrdhaty repose, tranquil- 
lity, quiet, rest, peace. 

(jo^jXm) istirkhds, leaving, asking 


t " ] 

d]:)jl*ii\ isfirdad, repelling ; restitu- 
tion, forcing back. 

^»jjy[*uT ustardan, to shave ; y^tU^l^j. 

\^jjjm\ istirzd, acquiescence. 

X^i*uf usturahy a razor. 

jU-aJul isdsad, desiring happiness. 

UmJL«I istisqdj the dropsy. 

AaJu^m) istishmam, smelling. 

e>£^^aj^l istitdat, obedience ; pow- 
er, capability, capacity, 

»LJaia»l istisshdr, asking aid, assist- 
ance ; remembering, reciting. 

»,UJu«I istiarah, borrowing ; meta- 
phor ; solitary ; building. 

i^jls*^**! istiqjabj astonishment, 
wonder, surprise. 

C^Ul-l jstiatial, asking aid, assist- 
ance, imploring help, 

Jls*^^l istiajdl, hastening, accele- 
rating, despatching, 

,5)ii,*;i*»,I istiadddj skill, ability, know- 
ledge, worth, merit; worthy. 

\imLJ istiafd^ asking forgiveness ; 

^JU1»-| istiatdm, eager to learn. 

JU^i-*) istiamdl, practice, usages. 

*jUi4«l istighdsah, seeking redress. 

v__;LiJu«! istighrdbf amazement, won- 
dering, admiration, 

(JUiiwul istighrdq, immerged, drown- 
ed, wholly employed. 

XaJdM.) istighfdr, asking forgiveness, 
repentence ; ^jXu,\y^^^j^], 

UJuuul istighnd, contented ; inde- 
pendent, wealthy; jjit^-ijUJUj^, 

Ln^hlM.] istffsdr, interrogation, in- 
quiry, asking explanation. 

4L.AJU.I ^■s/^/Aam, interrogation. 

i^^^tll^l istigdmat. rectitude ; sin- 
I cerity ; residence, remaining. 
\ -'V^ L«) istiqbdl, the future ; meeting 

y^mvisitor; ^ji^^^j^^jis^'^^^^i' 

.'illC*l Kistigrdrj confirmation, esta- 


:nt, dwelling j ^J^J^f^J^ 

1^5I>mI istigsdy curiosity ; end of any 
thing ; ^j-jAa. c:.^l^^^ii/^J^UJ, 

^LaSl*!,) istigsdr, diminishing. 

(jiaSjJ isiigldl, absolute power, so- 
vereign authority; y;«sU-*I(^i^A^. 

^UXILmI istikbdr, pride, arrogance, 

»lyji*) istikrdhy abhorrence, hating. 

Aim] istildmy prostration. 

cLei«.t istimd, hearing, listening. 

^j:JUi*l istimdlat, consolation, com- 
fort, soothing, caressing, [ance, 

jIj^JLmI istimddd, asking aid, assist- 

Jj'*xm] istimrdr, continuance. 

^j^r^x^] istimrdri, perpetual, 

-.I^aL-I istimzdjy making inquiry 
respecting one';? healt'--. ^*^r)ce, 

icUJJu.1 istinbdt^ e'itracting, infer- 

Alixwl istinsdr, cleaning the nose. 

Is:-'^**'! istinja, cleaning one's self, 
purifying, washing. 

)j.A*^| istiwdy equal, parallel. 

^lyuwf ustuwdvy strong, firm, brave, 

j^^)yu«| ustuwdriy strength, firm- 
ness,stability, solidity; constancy, 

I^ylwl istihxd^ derision. [ing, 

JLajJuuI istisdl, extirpation, destroy- 

UaJuuI istifd, paying or receiving the 
whole of what is due, satisfying 
completely ; ^Ai^fl^i^U, 

tS*J istildy victory, conquest, supe' 

^^ym] dstin, a sleeve. [riority, 

j^Ua"***' istindsy familiarity, 

(Jj^ar*"! i^Aay, Isaac. 

6m>\ dsady a lion ; the sign Leo. 

}jM.] dsrdr^ secrets ; ^J^^J. 

t-jLu.' isrdfy prodigality, consump- 
tion, ruin ; vs^«5/^^v''^'cr?- 

J^viLwl isrdfily the angel of death, 
who is to blow the last trumpet, 

p^-.T asra^ very swift ; sooner. 

»Ak-.l isfdrah, a fable, fiction. 

iJx'^M,] istably a stable. 

(,__;*| ustarldby an astrolabe, a 
machine provided by Idrh or 

[ 12 ] 

Aristotle to observe the planets ; 

it is also called UJ^l^».4l».. 
«5***«»l isad, happy, prosperous. 
JIiumI asad, assisting. 
.Iju«T asar, prices ; kindling a fire. 
«^Um<I asaf, finishing business. 
Jju«T asad, very happy, fortunate. 
SaJ] as/dr, books, volumes, files. 
-.UU^T asfandjy spinnage j C0^M>j\%Ji 

Ja*«' asfal. Inferior, lowest degree. 
^^•<*l isfanj, sponge. 
j^^] asfur, modesty, bashful ness. 
1s15*mI isqdt, causing to fall; abortion. 
jUavI asqdm, diseases, infirmities. 

-X-,! isldniy the i\i!uharamadans ; or- 
thodoxy ; submission. 
iss^'^\ aslahaty weapons, arms. 
4U aslam, most safe, secure. 
»-j^J aslub, manner, form, order, 
mode, method, way. 
-1 ism, name ; a noun, [pronoun. 
I»*y| — fsharah, a demonstrative 
*jT*-i' — dlah, noun of instrument. 
Jj^-oA)^] — tafzil, noun of superio- 
rity, superlative noun. 
,yAA.^)—jdmidj indeclinable noun. 
,j,U Y**! — zamdn, noun or adverb of 

C^Ltf***) — 5i/tf^, derivative adjective. 
\^Jo^\ — zarf, adverb of time or 

JxU|»«.l — fail, active participle. 
kioKx<^) — mubdlaghah, the noun of 

excess or intensity. 
^y.;i^^J^] — mus/ifa^'jderivative noun 
.JuO/o^l — masdar, the infinitive or 

noun of action ; verbal noun. 
Jytftx**-! — wuz/m/, passive participle. 
^J^<f^ — makdn, noun of place. 
>U«mI asmd, names. 
.U*mT (ismar, night conversations. 
eU^l dsma, hearing ; abusing. 

J'.^.J] dsmdn, the sky, heaven. 

^iU-a.T dsmdtti^ heavenly ; azure. 

^i.-) asmavy brown, tawny, dusky. 

•3Um»| asndd, ofllicial grants, deeds, 
patents ; isndd, accusing. 

-»li*««l isMrtm, blazing, rising up, 

y^U*»<l dsndn, teeth; the point of 
spears ; ^^\1>J isttdn, years. 

jiyti] dswdrf horsemen. 

]a]yu] aswdt^ scourges, whips. 

dyf] dswady black, blacker, 

^^.3^1 dsudagi, quiet, rest, tran- 
quillity, content, peace, 

j«3^J asudan^ to rest, to repose, 

»i3y»») dsudahf tranquil, quiescent, 

Jlj.M.1 ishdl, loosening, purging, 

^^^s^ Jlj^l ishdlikhun, a bloody flux, 

J^l ashnl, more or most easy. 

^^jJ\ asi, more or most sad ; a phy- 
sician, a surgeon ; ruins of a 

U*«T dsii/df a mill, a millstone. 

ijikMt] asii^dnuh, a whetstone. \ 

\m^y*u\ dseb, damage ; a bruise ; ca.{ 
lamity ; hurt, molestation. 

.i*u! asir, a prisoner, captive. 

i_Sji^^ asiri, captivity, slavery, 
bondage, imprisonment. 

^J*.T dshf pottage, gruel. 

ca.UwI ishdrat, a sign, token, signal, 

\:^G^^]ashdatf diffusion, publication. 

ul/UxutI ishtibdk, mixture. 

y^jjj/cLuul dshdmidan, to drink. 

sU-il ashbdh, resemblances. 

*Uii) ishtibdh, doubt. 

tSljI-l] ishiiddd, vehemence, 

lence, force, firmness. i 

jXi>) ashtar, having inverse eyelids, \ 

^)ushtar, a camel. 

f]jSJi,\ isbtird, buying, purchase. ! 

^IjLi] ishtirdk, partnership, c'V'r- 
pany, society. 

JUJi^l ishtidl, burning, ^ 
gration, imflaming. 


[ 13 ] 

jUiAl ishtighdl, employment, occu- 
pation, study ; attention. 

fj\AxA) ishtigag, derivation of one 
noun from another, 

JUxlI ishtimdl, containing, compre- 
liending, consisting". [wish. 

V-^^IfiA^iV/rt, appetite, hunger, desire, 

j^jJi] ishtihdr^ publication ; fame. 

^^xil dshti^ peace, reconciliation. 

^^lxxi.I ishtiydq, wish, longing, de- 
sire, affection, love. 

.Is^l ishjavy trees ; ashjaVy mouths. 

Axs-*") as/t/a, intrepid, strong. 

j^ljr^I «s/i/lfAas, persons, bodies. 

^iJ.) ushaddy more or most violeut. 

ilj^AI ishidddy bold, strong. 

.^1 ashar, worse, worst. 

i)^' ashrdr, wicked, criminal. 

i^]jJit] ashrdfy nobles, grandees, 

\j\jJi] ishrdq, splendour, rays, flash- 
ings ; rising of the sun. 

*j^l ashrubahy drinks, potions. 

-,^1 ashrnjy wanting a testicle. 

^J'^J^^ ashw'darty to bruise, pound. 

s^j^) ashrafy nobles, illustrious. 

^^iy^I ashrafiy a gold mohur. 

j\x^] ashdvy poetry, verses j^^j^*.a.. 

*«-*' ashqh, rays, sun-beams. 

Vi^j«-*I as/tas, dishevelled hair. 

jJUJmI ashghdl, affairs, businesses, 
occupations, employments. 

Vft-il ashfd, approaching. 

cMl^] as/)fdq, conjpassion, favours. 

^j^AAvil ashuftan, to be uneasy, dis- 
turbed, confounded, enamoured; 
distracted, wretched. 

^Cft-i) sdhuftagi, perturbation. 

(jUfc<Ua-*.! dshuftah hal, a distracted 

condition, wretched. 
^*ia^l ashuftah kdr, intricate busi- 
ness, [hair. 

i^y^ilkX) ashuftah niiee, dishevelled 

i^S\^\ ishkdlangy the leg, shank. 

Iju^l ashqiyay wretched, poor, mi- 
<*2-L*l ashk^ a tear. 
l^lCi! ashkdrd, evident ; public. 
JK^I ashkdly forms, figures. 
jlCtf ishkdly perplexity, difficulty j 

doubts, suspicions. 
j\jSA\ ashkbdvy shedding tears. 
J.AI ashaly disjointedf or withered 

hand ; %<i^..JjUs»^^^\ji^M.d8SJ\, 
l»U-«i[ ishmdmy smelling. 
^.Lil dshndy a friend, acquaintance, 
V^-il dshiiby confusion, tumult. 
Cv^' ^shurdan, to mix, mingle, 

couple, join ; to ferment. 
^^^-il a^Am*, squint-eyed; strenuous, 
»5ly^l ashhddy witnesses. [bold. 

i-«Y^I ashhaby gray, white. 
jif^^ ashhaVy more or most celebrat- 
ed ; months; Utl/ej^j,^^.A/«. 
jUmiI ashyd, things, effects, goods. 
^Ixil dshiyduy a nest. 
f^UsI asdbiy fingers. 
Jjt^l asdbily stables. 
^U:l asdghiry little, contemptible. 
uS-JUe) usdlaty firmness, constancy ; 

solidity of judgment. 
^^] asba, fingers ; ci>^*»^!. 
^^] asahh, very true ; authentic. 
f\js'^\ asahhdy complete, whole, per- 
fect, right, just, free from blemish. 
v_jU:'*I ashdby friends, companions, 

intimates, master; inhabitants. 
.Ij^I isddr, issuing; appearing; 

( j!jL.a) asddfy shells ; shellfish, 

(JUwsl asddq, truth; eJ^t^ci; tyi^'^* 

Mii^] asdiqd, true friends. 

Jij^] israr, perseverance, obstinacy. 

( jycl isrdf, expending ; expence. 

J^k^l astabal, a stable ; <^Ij»J9. 
Uia-cl istifd, selecting ; y^i^Hj^y.. 
Xk^I istildhy idiom, phrase, term ; 
a general acceptation. 

[ 1* ] 

liuol is^ha, hearing, listening. 

.x-«l nsg/tar, small, smallest. 

c-ft-cT (isa/y Asof, Solomon's vizier. 
^U^I aiffdr, ciphers. 

^j,lyA<^l isfihau, the ancient capital 
of Persia. 

Ua«c) asjiya^ pure, just, npriglit, 
holy, good (men) ; J^ii^i^y., 

J^I asal, root, origin, birth ; capital, 

^ principal, stock ; a cause. 

h^\ asla?7y not at all, never. 

L—IUl (islaby the loins, sides. 

_X^1 islah) correction, entendation. 

j^^mJIJ.£| asalassus, liquorice root. 

^xi) aslahy better, best; correct, 
fine ; most advisable. 

j^L^I asliy radical, essential, princi- 
pal, original. 

fr^) asam, deaf. 

♦-.JU-tfl usnafy kinds; ^»5;^. 

^U^l asnaniy i id ages ; lylj. 

c»)^^l aswdt, sounds, voices, noises. 

J^I usii/y root ; causes ; elements. 

Jjk^l asilj well-born, noble ; the 
evening ; radical. 

iix^) aaitahf hereditary possession. 

\S9f\J>^ ixdat, shining, illuminating. 

j^Lel i%az, an asylum, sanctuary. 

vS^^^I izaqt, ruining, injuring. 

C^lc) iznfatj adjunct; construction 
of one noun with another. 

AjLc] iznfah, increase, addition, aug- 
mentation, stipend. 

^ izafif relative. 

C/ls-^i izhdky making to laugh. 

^iyss-^] usshukuh^ a ridiculous thing. 

*s'*l uzk/irtniy corpulent, fat. 

cltS.^] iZildclf opposite, contrary, op- 

j]jj>^ izrdr, afflicting, injuring. 

^^]^1 ixrdsy striking. 

vj/^' ^^firdbf anxiety, agitation^ 
commotion, trouble, torment. 

j^J^\ ixtirdr, misery, distress. 

u-i*^) a^df, more or most wealt. 

cHiil uxLi, sides, parts, districts. 

^lLc\ i%/dl, causing to err. 

vS^Visl itdat, obedience ; loyalty. 

Ubl atibbd, physicians. 

1 Vj^\ atrdf, sides, quarters, envi- 
rons ; ^J^iiiyk.. 

^^j^^ atlusy satin ; smooth, [als. 

AaaIsI alanmh, viands, nieats, victu- 

>\a)o\ iifdy extinction, putting out. 

bXIsI ittilla, notice, information. 

JXloI itldq, setting at liberty ; di- 
vorcing; diarrhoea, looseness. 

eUt) itma, exciting desire, avidi- 
ty, strong passions. 

^UxJal itrnindn, content,satisfaction. 
I^isl atwdr, mo<lep, actions. 

Aybl at/idr, pure, clear, chaste. 

(^.lot izhdr, discovered, revealed. 

j^)o\ ass/iary more or most clear, 
bright, evident. 

»c*lcl iadnt, returning, repetition. 

^.sUl «ac/?, enemies; j^'d^^j. [pal. 

*iilx:l aqzarrty great, chief, princi- 

^JUl aqli, most high, exalted. 

^i\c] iqnat^ assistance, help. 

olic! iqidg, setting at liberty, giv- 
ing leave. 

-IXfi) iqtdm, commencing after sun- 
set ; making delay. 

^Ulcl iqtibdr, esteem; faith, belief, 
confidence, respect. 

IckXil iqtidd^ injury, injustice, 

J/*xD iqiiildl, temperance, equality, 
moderation, propriety. 

.Ijifil iqtizdry apologizing, excuse. 

(jo]jSi\ iqfirdz, opposition, resist- 
ance. Contradiction. 

Jl^lcl iqtizdl, abdication ; secession. 

»_il^-l iqtirdf, confession, acknow- 
ledgment. ['"§■. 

( — jl^irl iqtisdfy straying, vvander- 

^Lalfil iqtisdrny preserving one's geli 
from sin^ abstaining. 

[ 15 ] 

uLalcI fafhtid, strengthening 

olaicl iafigdd, faith, confi<ience, be- 

»^iS[Ic' iatikdfy restraining ; con- 
fstantly praying. 

Ajis:] icittld, lieight, exaltation. 

JJCi^l iatildl, sick ; seeking |)retext. 

«5Ui;I iatimdd^ contidence, faith. 

j'sr^I iijazy a miracle ; impotence. 

u_ils^l iijdf^ emaciating. 

*jys-'=l qjuhuh, wonderful ; prodigy. 

IjcI iadd, enemies ; y^U^^iJ. , ^ 

•5\^-l qdady numbers ; ^Jc»A*k.. 

c— j'tic) iqssdb, tormenting. 
^Wl iq%di\ excuses, 

c_s|/^' iqidh, tlie vowel points. 

c_5 ,cl iardb. \ . . . . , 

I 1 ■ ,' f the wandering Arabs, 
^^';Cl iqram, ) 

(jo^j-) iqrdx^ dislike, avoiding. 

i—jUc! iqrdf, puigatory, 

Cjc\ iqrdq, roots ; juices ; >Jo. 

:|jxl ja^a;», respect, honour. 

Liicl /cii^a, members, lia)bs< 

♦-^1 iasii' more or most difficult. 

c—jviac' iqtaf, bounties, favors. 

^lacl iqzam, superior, greater, great- 
est, supreme. 

tjUil igqdb, offspring, children, pos- 
terity ; heel"! ; marks, traces. 

^^c) q/d, higher, subliraer. 

^Srl qtdnif flag-, ensigns. 

ft^cV iqldm, information, notice, 

JA^\ iqldriy publication ; ^jJ^^i.. 

^c' fqm, most common, universal. 

Ufil iqnidy blind. awiar, lives ; ages ; Ife^ 

^^l6.;l qmdly works, actions. 

^jj'.rl mvdn, assistants, aids. 

^^U£I dpdn, nobles ; eyes. 

UT rig/m, chief, master ; a mughal. 

^t^j^lcl dghdridan, to moisten, wet. 

jUT fi^Aa^, a beginning, commence- 

^jj^liT dghdzidarij to begin, [ment. 

^j^^T dghdshtan, to accumulate. 

yjtijJU I dghdlidan^ to excite, animate, 
louse ; to satiate. 

^Jtiil ag/iziah, aliments. [lute. 

^^I-i^c! dghashfan, to moisten j to pol- 

^Ikcl ag/itqsh, being dark (night), 
making dark. 

oSfil ighldq, fastening a door. 

e-^Ii' aghlab^ prevalent; mostly. 

(^Uil ighnidx, connivance; pride. 

^^^i£I dghandan, to fill, to stuff, 

I^I igliwd, evil suggestion, [[brace. 

^^^l dghosh, the bosom ; an em- 
Url aghydr, strangers ; rivals. 

1 — j! u/, fie ! for shame I 

caUI 4/rt'» misfortunes, calamities. 

i»5lil ifddah, benefit, advantages. 

» l»l ifdzuh, one ol)taining his wish. 

(J.<.Ij! afd%il^ learned ; virtuous. 

(jUI «/rt^, liorizons ; sides and quar- 
ters of the world. [very. 

i^s^i'^i] ifdquty convalescence, reco- 
S'Jl afdqif worldly. 

c>il dfut^ misfortune, calamity. 

cjlii? dftdb^ the sun. 

^x^UiT dftabgir,?i parasol, umbrella. 

AjUi] dftdbah, an ewer ; see *:Uj). 

—lUil iftitdh, opening ; commence- 
ment, conquest. [ness. 

^yfoUil uftddigi, humility, humble- 

v/JjUi) uftddariy to fall, to happen. 

j\JS\ ifldr, having weak eyelids. 
\s^\ iftikhdr, glorying, boasting. 

\jli] iftird, calumny, falsehood. 

jUiil i/tiqdr, poverty ; becoming 
poor, indigent. [alt, 

^i^Lil ttfrdkhtan, to elevate, to ex- 

jly) afrdily individuals, single ones. 

(je^ji) afrdx, exalted, elevated, high, 
extended, abundance. 

j^^lyil afrdshtan, to exalt ; to extol. 

Jel^l ifrdty excess, abundance. 
l^^jfji] afrokhtauj to illuminate, to 

If jo^l d/ridgdr, the Creator ; God. 

[ 16 1 

Jifj^l afridgan, creatures, cieutcil 
beings, living creatures. 

,jjj»il d/ridati, to create, to generate. 

l/j <^frin^ praising; creating. 

6->jJayi afrinindaky Creator. 

^^ij^il afarinhh, the creation. 

1^1 ujzay increasing, multi|)lying. 

jj^>l^»l afx a II idatiy to multiply, add. 

^jSijV^) afzaishy increase, abund- 

jj^jjj^) a/zudaiij to increase, [ance. 

^'ji) afxun, more, greater, mani- 
fold, spacious. 

^i^^l afxuniy increase, abundance. 

A-uil afsaVy a bridle, halter, rein. 

^0.U»J! afsardan^io speak obscenely. 

«jC»J) a/sdnah, a fable, romance. 

j4»J] afsar, to congeal ; to wither. 

y^djoJ] ufsurdaUy a crown. [ed, 

tijMJ] afsurdah, withered j congeal- 

-^^^1 afsoSy sorrow, lament. 

^»y.*ui) afsun, incantation, sorcery. 

\Ji.s\ i/shd, publication, divulging. 

^j^jli^il afshdrdan, to squeeze,, to 

^j; a/shdn, scattering, diffusing. 

^^jjliij afsftdndan, to diff'use, dis- 
perse, scatter, sprinkle. 

^o^il afshurdaiiy to filter, to 

^-^i) ufsahy very eloquent, 

jJL^i! afzdly virtues. 

J-A»l afzal, very excellent, learned. 

•Uail ?/i?or, breaking a fast. 

Jljiil fl/a/, actioifs, 

^^>ti) «/i, a snake. 

^j;UJ) ufghdn, lamentation ; a coun- 
try ; also a sect of Musalmans. 

^yi] ufaqy the horizon. 

»&il afqdry very indigent. 

^Ji3] afgaUy overthrowing, flinging, 
casting away. 

^jiWl afgandajiy to throw, to throw 
down, cast away, off". 

^l»] ijidhy refuges, safety. 

^^1t»} ijidsy poverty. 

^y^t'i\ ajldtun^ the divine Plato. 

tJJXil ttfldky the heavens. 

^j^lxil ufndriy various kinds ; branches. 

^I^i) afwdjy troops, armies. 

») Jl aftvdhy mouths, a rumour. 

Ji^\ ajhairiy intellects, understand- 
ings, con)prehensions, 

JUil afydl^ elephants. 

^ti*' «/y««> opium. 

UlT rt^rt, master, sir, lord. 

Lj.f5l aqdrihy relation, kinsmen. 

^p.<iUI aqdsiy the extremes ; most re- 
mote parts. [kingdoms. 

^jJUlI aqdliiriy climates, countries, 

-I'il iqdm, stopping, standing. 

,j>../«Ui! iqdmaty abode, dwelling. 

JUVj iqbdl, prosperity, auspices, fe- 
licity, good fortune, riches. 

jkUUSj iqbdlmnnd, prosperous, luc- 
ky, happy, blessed, fortunate. 

j^UIS) iqtibdsy borrowing, quoting, 
deriving, acqtiiring light. 

ItuSf iqtidd, following, imitation. 

^Ijjjil iqtiddr, power, authority. 

^Jy^\ J^/Zra'/, conjunction; company. 

^L*J!»| iqtisdm, a division, portion. 

iLalii] iqtisdr, abbreviation, abridg- 
ment, making short. 

^LoIS] iqtizd, exigency, demand. 

».lji»| iqtidd A, cnj)s. 

fl^^^.'>\ aqddm, paces, steps. 

Jiijliqddm, diligence, effort. 

,^j5l aqdus, pure, lioly. 

ftSi) aqdam, prior. 

]r»] iqrd, the menses of a woman. 

•1/1 iqf'A^i confession, agreement, 

j'y»l iqrdiiy eqiuils, relations. 

'^J>^ aqraby nearer, nearest. 

Ij^Sl aqj'ubd, kindred, relations. 

c^SI a<7?'rt, bald head. 

^^] aqraiij joined eye-brows. 

IsloJJI dqsdt, instalment. 

sKm3\ dqsdnif sorts, kinds j oaths. 

[ 17 ] 

jj^l aqsa^ extremity, far off; yj^^ 
more or most remote*^j*J'i*MCl^^i. 

ALSI aqtar, tract?, districts ; sides ; 
drops ; shares. 

^jitif iiqran^]o\uei\ eyebrows. 

cllo5I aqtq, cut; sections. 

flaSI aqtq, cutting, sections. 

jj.j>l aqa/la, very few^ less or least. 

*j;'51 aqlim, climates, countries. 

j^'i] aqmdr^ white. 

«.^*jil aqtuashah, clothes of silk. 

..1^1 dkabir, great people. [dees. 

j,s^\ dkaram^ tlie most noble, gran- 

»lfl rt^^'fi//, vigilant; informed, aware. 

^-a>lSl agaliiy knowledge ; vigilance. 

Zi\ ulihar^ greater, most powerful, 

^_;UiJi^l iktitah, writing, describing, 

ujL*.!^! iklisah acquisition, gain. 

IftJSl ik/i/d, sufficiency, enough. 

JiS\ ak.sar, wove, many, the greatest 

part, iur the most part. 
ji\ agar, if, although. ' 

Jji] ikrdm, respecc, honour. 

%' ri\ ikrdfi, abhorrence, disgust. 

*^J"^' ogarcliih, although, neverthe- 

sji\ ukram, very respectable ; more 
imble, great, supreme. 

jXmS) nksir, ai\ elixir; the philoso- 
pher's stone ; essence. 

(Jil aknl, eating, consuming. 

jJjJil akiil, a crown, diadem, [tire. 

(J^*i' akmal, complete, perfect ; en- 

«_jUi akndf, environs ; sides. 

^j^txifl agandun^ to till, stuff, cram, 

v^y>^' ak/iUUf now, at present, 

^j;^l ogin, full, filled, stuffing. 

Jl «/, the Arabic article answer- 
ing the, as aliazi. [spring. 

tJl dl, family, race, progeny, off- 

Ji I/, God. 

Jf) rt/a,^ is it not ? come along, 
up ! holla ! pray thee. 

f] ilia, but, unless, except, besides. 
ca^^l dldf, tools, weapons, 
^251 aldm, pains, griefs, cares. 
J^\ al-dn, now, still, presently. 

^\J]alldh, I Go^> omnipotence. 

^^j5I dlaish, pollution, corruption, 
dross, impurity. 

*i^il albattah, certainly, necessarily. 

oH dial, tools, w'eapons, instru- 
ments, apparatus. [scure, 

^^;-.l.kIj| iltibds, doubtfulness, ob- 

^*^) i7//;'a, protection, refuge ; peti- 
tion, representation. 

Jlixiil j/^/^rtz, relishing, tasting. 

cIH^! ilfizdm, expedience; necessity. 

o^aii] iltijdt, attention ; regard. 

,^Ui!| iitimdsy petition, request. 

.i«.Ul Utimghd, royal insignia. 

v-'^-ij iltilidh, burning, infiamma- 

j^-^1 ulluti, that, which, who. [tion. 

^V^ij) iliiydm, healing ; reconcilia- 
tion ; >-»^jj*U^\^]^*^i^SXkUyXJ. 

■^s^\ i/fid/i-, solicitation ; ^^^J^s.KXx/• , 
J.^lac'1 (ilhdsil, upon the whole, in 
jls-'l ilhdq, annexation. [fine. 

fis}"^ alhaqq, truly, certainly, surely. 
JjJI ilddm, continuing, (a fever.) 
CcjJI adddf farewell, adieu, 
jWl al/idlj now, at present. 
^IshI illidn, notes, sounds, tones. 
^uil ilzdm, conviction, blame. 
^-Jl alsun, tongues, languages, 

dialects, idioms. 
(Jl^u^Sl ihdq, joining, fixing. 
(j\^] ilsaq, fixing, sticking. 
^^^1 ulash, the remains of a repast. 
^^-»1I alsi, linseed. 
JLjUall altdf, favours, benefits. 
UJI lYgAa, excluding. 
.lill ilghdr, rapine, depredation. 
^^xJI alg/uiraXj upon the whole ; in 

a word ; that is to say. 
ci*'o^) alghiyds^ clamour for justice. 

[ 18 ] 

C-aJl vlfat, nffection, frioiulship. 

^^yi^I alfakUtan^ to acquire, gain. 

U!) ilqa, inspiration ; tlirowiiijj ; 
projecting ; noise. 

v—jUjI alqnb^ title, appellation. 

*^l alqissahf in short, in a word. 

^iil alkau, stammering. 

Jl alam, grief, anguish, pain. 

i^IaII almas, a diamond. 

C-5^1 alatig, intrenchment. 

^lyi alwd/iy planks, boards. 

^ijl^l alwau, colours, species. 

y;.?yi aludau, to stain, to pollute. 

j^»jyi nludagi, defilement, stain. 

^2r^^ u/w5, tribe, nation. 

^jiyi ulush, the remains of a repast. 

uJ^I t//tt/, thousand. 

vi^jj&yi uluhiyat, the Deity, divinity. 

aJ) hah, God. 

>^JI ilham, revelation; inspiration. 

^^\ ilahiy divine, O God 1 

jJI i7a, to, until, as far as. 

*jJ/ alim, painful, grieving. 

f} nmm, a motlier ; ^ji^jC^^. 

J urn, from ^^<iyi to be, first person 
sing. I am, im, this, as, •^<l 

Ixl amma, but, however, neverthe- 

L*l ima, mewing, (of a cat.) [less. 

jj.U») amaj, a butt or mark, sign. 

«3^Ul amajid, great nobles, glorious. 

^»3UI amadan, to prepare, make 
ready, expedite. 

t»A>*I iniarat, a government, domi- 
nion ; amdrai, a sign, mark. 

i^LoI awa*, a swelling. 
vU«*l./«l amdstdan, to swell. 

^^Ul amdkin, places, habitations. 

jUel umdl, hope, desire 

-tel imam, a leader ; chief; priest. 

c^-«L«! imdmat, the office of mdm. 

^j^UI amdn, security, safety, protec- 
tion, peace, tranquillity. 

y;U) ammdn, two mothers, a mother 
and aunt; parents. 

;jt^j'vv«I awa«rt^, deposit, trust, safety. 
^^iv^l amdni, protection security. 

I nmmat, a sect ; religion. 

JllL*' iintisdl, conformity, obedi- 
ence, sul>a)ission, examples. 

j^Ur^I ?m//7irt«, experiment, trial; 
attempt, proof, examination. 

jIJlL*) imtiddd, prolongation, ex- 
tension, prprogation. 

-.I^X«I imtizdj, union, conjunction, 

&j»i^I amtqh, goods, effects. 

II/<) imtild, repletion ; ^J;J^^. 

clJJuil imtind, restraint, prohibi- 
tion, refusing, denying. 

^jU\<«l imtindn, obligation, favour. 

^Uixl imliydz, distinction ; y;J>-iIj>a.. 

JlX«!amAa/, proverbs; resemblances. 

Jar'*! amjnd, very noble, excellent. 

txM dmad, income ; arrival j he 
came ; from ^J)J^T to come. 

J^I dmad, the end; extremity; 
boundary; age, time; catastrophe. 

cU'o! imddd, to aid, help, assist ; be- 
come juicy. 

y^Sy«\ dmadan, to come, arrive. 

^ij./«l dmadani, import; income. 

t>-ijj»A»l dmadosliud, access, coming 
and going ; \j:^>jj^x\. 

^.*l amr, a thing ; action ; com- 
mand, mandate, decree. 

U-*) umrd, nobles, grandees, princes, 

ci;)^-*! imrdt, a woaian. 

(jol^) ami'dz, diseases, maladies. 

Jy^I amrad, a beardless youth. 

\J*'j^'*^ amarzish, forgiveness, re- 
mission, absolution. 

^I^^I amurxgdr, forgiver, merciful. 

^jjj^l amurssidan, to forgive. 

(JJUfc>«I imsdk, parsimony; ^wJ^-*'^^^. 

jjj^] imroz, to-day. 

i^-^\ dms, yesterday. 

^\m^] inisds, touching, rubbing. 

^l-o/ol amadr, cities, great cities. 

JLj.-*) imsdl, this year. 

[ 19 ] 

U-^-<i^-*l imshab, to-nigfit. 

^Lo/el ijnzd causini'' to pass, trans- 
mitting^ ; ^^^xi\ ^^^ dispatching. 

jjjU^l ijnqn, reflecting-, speculating. 

^JCc\ imkdv., possibility ', having 
eggs in the belly. 

tJS^\ nmkunah, places, mansions. 

J««l amal, hope, desire, wish. 

Jt^l imla, orthography. 

'JJl^'] amlak, goods, possessions. 

«^lUj imlak, property, possession. 

*<1 uvianij people ; seeds. 

^^\ aman, tranquillity, safety. 

U-«I ttmnd^ superintends. 

{,^*'x^\ amniyat^ repose, safety. 

^l^yt] amokhtan, to teach, to read, 
to learn ; to swell. 

,j«3y«*I amudanj to fill, prepare. 
j^-*! umiir, things, affairs, actions. 
vj'J^*'> flwo^JA-A, learning, teaching. 

.|f;.-«l umo%gdi\ a teacher; student. 
Jl^^I imhdl, delay ; respiting. 
.^\ uTuniL one who can neither 

" read nor write. 

^Ls^) amekhtan, to mix, compound. 
j^jy«l rtmed, hope, desire. 
.[•J^^^l umedwdr, hoping; candidate. 
»j.^l amir^ a nobleman, prince. 
\x^\ nmez, mixing, mixed. 
^^^) amexash, mixture, mixing. 
^y^] amin^ amen ! so let it be. 
^x*I aviin^ safe ; faithful ; super- 
^j;T dn, that. 

J[ rt;<, a moment, a minute. 
^^] in, if; if so be. 
yjl anna, since, because. 
^JJ! iVmcr, for ; certainly, truly, in- 
deed ; but. 
Uai^lil andbib, joints of reeds, &c. 
vijUl inds, women, females. 
0-^Vi] andmil, fingers. 
cjUI indbat, repentance, penitence. 
,UI andr, a pomegranate. 

I ^s^j^i) in drat, brilliancy. 

fX'i) andm, mankind. 

vij'i) andn, those. 

L:i*.uU) andniyat, egotism. 

^Uil ambdr, a help ; granary, stock. 

^_^Uil ambdrish, stuffing of any 

jUi) ambdx, partner, associate. 

,_5> :UiI ambdzi, partnership, joint. 

^^IIajI ambdshtan, to fill ; to sprin- 

^^Uil ambdn, soft leather. [kle. 

Isl^A^AJl imbisdt, mirth, joy, 

v*>UjJ1 imbias, sending mission. 

s^vjl amboh, multitude, a crowd. 

Axil ambah, a mango ; ^«^j. 

Ijuil ambiyd, prophets. 

^jail ambiq, an alembic; a still, 

%\yli^ imtibdh, vigilance. 

t_jUs:-*'^l intikhdb, selection. 

L_;l.*.Ii) intisdb, connexion, relation. 

,Ui>l ititishdr, dispersion. 

^.Ualil intissdr, expectation, Availing. 

^Uslil iiitixdm, order, arrangement. 

Uii! intifd, being repulsed, removed, 

oUlil intifa, utility, advantage. 

JvSlil intiqdl, emigration ; dying. 

J^ali) intiqdm, revenge, vengeance. 

\.^li] intihdy the end, extremity. 

c_}lyiil intihdb, depredation, spoil. 

yXs^\ injdhy performing; permit, 

^!sr*I anjdm, the end, conclusion. 

^♦s^l anjamun, company, banquet, 
assembly, congress, synagogue. 

As^! unc/iih, whatever. 
^^•*l infir, fig. 

(Jjks:-*) injU, the gospel. 

.^Is^I anhd, ways, kinds. 

u_JLs^I inhirdf, declination, chang. 

ing, deviation, inversion. 
jl^^^] inliisdr, comprising ; sur- 
^Aiw);>il anddkhtan, to cast, throw. 

[ 20 ] 

:)si) anddz, quantity ; throwing. 

»ji! andazah, cstinuition, gueps. 

^lai) otuidm, the body, form, sta- 

.cXJ' andar, in, into, within, [tiire. 

.•jjjl undurx^ precept, ndn)onition. 

,j.,Jkj) attduruu, within, inside. 

«JJjiI andak, little, few. 

JUJi) indimdl, the healing of a 
wonnd, getting well. 

^i&-_.c>il andokhtan, to collect ; gain. 

yjvi^tiJl andudan, to incinf^tate ; to 
])laster ; to anoint ; raortar. 

)i.jJI andohf grief, sorrow, angnish. 

^jXtb^y)] ajidofigin, sorrowfnl, sad. 

^Jtjjjl audeshf considering, reflect- 
ing, thinking. 

Am^jJJ' andeshah, consideration ; sus- 
picion, thought; care, 

^.>y^M^^i] atideshidan, to consider. 

JI^I iiiznl, inciting, sending down. 

Ijjvi' ijtzawa, a solitary life. 

ij^\ ills, niiinkiiid. 

tj^i'^ tins, familiarity ; attachment. 

^Luij msd7i, man, mankind. 

(ji^jJ\.4*.i) insaniyat, human nature ; 
humanity ; politeness ; humility. 

t^.«*j) ansab, most advi.<;able. 

()]j4*»il insiddd, beit g shut, locked. 

>l-til iws/ia, elegance of style ; com- 
position ; producing. 

y^i) ansdr^ assistants, auxiliaries, 
conipanions, protectors. 

u-Jl-^l insd/feqmty, justice, discre- 
tion, moderation. ['"g- 

^U-iail hisirdni, completion, finish- 

^Ujl ingm, a present, gift, benefit ; 
bottle ; quadrupeds, cattle. 

.Is^i) iujijdvy bursting «)Ut. 

^_^lajl anjds, breathings, spirits, 
persons ; voices. 

^Jxs^ anfakhtan, to acquire. 

J'v.,aAi! hijibdly separation ; cutting 
oH'; settlement 3 decision, set- 

JUftil infidl^ modesty, shame. 

^^Ixfiil itiqibdz, detention ; contrac- 
tion, impediment. 

L-^jI inqaxd, cxuiration, conclusion. 

cliaAJl inqitj,^ cutting off, separa- 
tion, disjunction ; consummation. 

u_;XSJl inqildb, revolution, change, 
alteration, conversion. 

o^jjajI iugii/dd, obedience, submis- 
sion, subjection. ['"&• 

.Ixi' htkdr^ denial, disavowal, reject- 

^j^lS[j) inkdshtttii, to think, consider. 

^^^joIjI a?igabcn, honey. 

^^s^^->l ayigekhtauy to excite, to 
rouse ; to create. 

■•jti] angaz, an instrument for driv- 
ing an elephant. 

^LwXi) inkisdr, humanity, contrition. 

— jUi^XJl itikshdf, detection, revela- 

C^^i^\ ankisht, charcoal. [tiou. 

,j:^Juti\ angus/it^ a finger. 

iiSM^iy angushtdnah, a thimble. 

^^xJi^-tA angushtari, a ring. 

jiXi-i] ingU%, English. 

j/~>^ augur, grape, raisin, a fruit. 

tj^> aiigozn/i, asafoetida. [wards, 

aJTjI anga/iy then, at ; at time ; after- 

^'Js^l migekhtan, to excite ; to 
draw (a sword). 

Uil innamd, because, since, surely, 
certainly ; Ui), 

^Iji' anwdvy lights, splendours ; 

cyl anwa, sorts, kinds, varieties, 

jy! a7iv;ar, very luminous, or bright, 

i^i] anhd, they. [tion. 

v^lji) hthde, annunciation, publica. 

Jt>yil inhiddm, ruin, fall, destruc- 

cJ*^' inhildlf raining, shedding 

^Jt iinii^ everywhere; whence, 

-l^y I in/iizdm, a defeat, rout. 

(^^^vjji) aniSf a companion, friend. 

[ 21 ] 

t£li) aniqah, pure, good. 

y ao, lie, she, it. 

*d.^'jl dwdrijah, a journal, register, 
diary book. 

tjy dwara/i f wandering \ distressed; 
a vagabond ; idle, lazy. 

^^^«'jT dwargif a state of wandering. 

:ljl dwdzf a noise, sound, voice. 

%Jj] dwdxahf report, fame, reputa- 
tion, [out. 

^jjjl^y dwdztdan, to call out, to cry 

j"«ljl awdmiVf orders, commands, re- 
ceipts, mandates, 

^jj';l awnn^ times. 

^^il^I dwdni^ vessels. 

J.j|^l awdil, beginnings. 

^b^l auhdsh, a vagabond. 

C'oj] autddy stakes ; jJ^' j^a.^tjfcj;>X/«. 

«j.jl auj, the top, summit, altitude ; 
the ascendant of a planet. 

cIa.jI aujdf pain, distemper. 

^-...^.^1 aujahy VI ry necessary. 

•51^^) aurdd, commemoration. 

cl^^l aurdgh, poor, weak, small. 

j3'i^' aurdq^ leaves, 
'i^l auram, tumours. 

J.jl dwardf battle, conflict. 

^iS.^) dwardan, to bring, to fetch ; to 
relate ; to adduce. 

j^i.y aurangt a throne j a crown j 
glory, honour, power. 

j)u\ aussaVf the sail of a vessel; tools, 
weapons ; burthen?, loads. 

^x)h^\ aussdtif weights, measures. 

k-o-jl ausat, the middle, medium. 

»_jLcj) ausdfy qualities, epithets ; 
praises, famous actions. 

el.i^) auxdi gesture, motion, fashion. 

^Jj^\ uufag, very convenient \yi}*\y^. 

csUljl auqdt, times, seasons, hours. 

AjwSjl auqtyah, an ounce ; j»^«3^IdL«. 

t^y auwal, first, beginning, principle, 

•^jjj au/a, better, best. 
i^JjI lildf first. 

t)$jl aulddf sons, children, descen- 

U!^ auliydy friends (of God), saints. 
iJi^ijC^Ul^l anliyddaulal, ministers of 

1(^.1 auwalin^ first, prior. [state. 
t>->;l dwand, a vessel of any kind. 

^j^isrij) dwekhtan, to hang, to sus- 

jj^l dtviez, suspending. £pend. 

,^ji^ dtuezashy suspension; war, en- 

tyij} dwezah, an ear-ring. 

%] dhy alas ! a sigh. 
lUbl ahdliy inhabitants; possessors. 

ciiUI lAana^, disdain, contempt. 

\slib] i/itidd, finding the right way, 

jl^Ial i/itizdz, exultation, rejoicing. 

*^aIjiI ihtimdm, condolence ; dili- 
gence, effort, endeavour. 

^IjkxlAjijtl ihtimdrnddr^ an under col- 
lector of revenue. 

o^-***! a/ijuwatf a satire. 

^^yi^-'*'! dhikhtaUi to intend, design ; 
to unsheath or draw a sword. 

Al^Jbl dhistah, softly, slowly, step by 
step ; quiet, soft, gentle. 

<*1-Wfcl dhaky lime, plaster. 

Jjbl ahal, skilful; lord, master; 
worthy, apt, fit ; family, spouse, 

CL««i^) ahaliyat, worthiness, ability, 

AjkUI ahaliyaht a wife ; A^j ;. 

Jb] ahamm, very important. 

JIaaI ihmdl, delay, negligence. 

^aI dhan, iron. [net, 

0,^j^Ji) dhanrobd, a loadstone, mag- 

c_?jjfcl dhangf intention ; melody. 

JoJfc) dhan-gar, blacksmith. 

^Xxft>) dhankash, a magnet, a load- 

^jjiT dhani, made of iron. 
~iijt) dhanin, made of iron, of iron. 

y&l dhti, a deer ; a defect. 

tjjyii] dhubarahf a fawn. 

f^yt>\ ahwas, consuming, devouring. 

[ 22 ] 

»U«iyfc) ahtisii/dhj an antelope. 
Aj^I ahviyah, airs, atmosphere. 
^^^Ijfci*) ahekhtan^ to unsheatlt. 
jijb) rt/y^z, modestly, slowly, softly. 
4^1 ai, the interjection, O ! Oh ! 
U (iya, O ! ho ! holla ! 
e>^jl rt^/a^, signs, miracles ; verses of 

the qnran ; splendour. 
»^«3bl ai/ddi, hands, 
ci^ibi iya/a<, government, dominion. 
|ilj| aiyaniy days, times, seasons ; 

weather; a root; debt. 
^^■*^l aii/dmi, widows ; a woman. 
C^I di/at, a mark ; a verse of the 

j_jlol iMlaff friendship, society, 

company, assembly. 
^UjI isdr^ bestowing; diffusing. 
c— jI«^.1 ya,6, acquiescence, approving. 
.•^ril ijazj abbreviation, abridgment. 
Iti^l ixci, oppression, distress, injury. 
jl^l ircid^ alleging, producing, cit- 
C>y) i%ad, God. [•"&• 

^.Sjj' issadi^ divine. 
^fOlLi.1 istddagi, stability. 
^^ULrto) istddan, to stand. 
^jtJul aishdn^ they. 
JLajl isdl, causing to arrive ; send- 
ing; fulfilling a promise. 
i^) aix, returning ; repeating. 
*l.iaj>) aizan, ditto, the same, also. 
>ULI i%ay good, faith. 
Vaj) ifdi performing a promise. 
C^j) aik, forest, entangled trees. 
JKjI ikdl, whispering. 
. .:^i] elchiy an ambassador. 
jUbl ilghar, expedition, battery. 
UjI aiwa, but, whether. 
Atj] imd, allusion ; signal. 
i^UjI imds, shameless, addicted to 

^U^^ imdn^ oaths ; faith, religion, 

^JuJ\ imdrij right hand or side. 

IjjUjI imdnddry faitliful, honest. 
^^♦jI aiman, safe, s( cure. 
*^j1 aimmahy land given as a reward 
or favour by the king at a low 
^^) ain, where, whence. [rent, 

^Ji\ in, this. 
UjI tnd, these. 

8<AJbI dindahf comiriL'^, future; a 
iXLI ifiak, behold ! lo ! [comer. 

^j'^jl aitvdn, a palace, portico, hull. 
^y) aiyub, Job. 

^wl ai//, regulation, cusioins. [glass. 
aaa^I dinahy a mirror, a looking* 

<— -> Aa, or he, the second letter of the 
Arabic and Persian A f)habets. 
It expresses two in Vrithinetic, 
Monday as the stcoiul oay of the 
week, and the sign Gei lini. 

«—> iftrt, with, in, to, becauM-, &c. 

^ bdy with, [)ossesi*ed of. 

«_>(j AriA, a gate, a door ; chapter of 
a book ; affair, matter. 

Ijtj bdbd, father. 

tS-j^j bdbat, on account of. 

^b bdbar, the autumn ; the name of 
an emperor of Hindustan. 

ij.ji> bdbaly Babylon. 

j^^lj habits, a young child. 

i-iyj\i bdbiinah, camomile, wild ivy. 

.^bdj, tribute, custom, duty, tax. 
^|j>j^U bdj'ddr, a tax-gatherer. 

fiif^^ bdjgussdr, tributary, taxed. 
jyC.^\i bdjgir, a collector of revenue, 
^i-lj bdkhabar, intelligent, wise. 
ii.lj hdkhtan, to play, to lose at 
play ; to give. 

jui.lj bdkhtah, plaster ; incrustation. 

ijlj bdd, the wind, breeze, gale, air, 
breath ; let it be so, so be it. 

<»b<j bdddm, an almond. 

[ 23 ] 

^^IjIj badatni, buff-coloured.; oval. 

vj^bjlj badban, the sail of a vessel. 

^«i(j bddpa, a horse ; swift. 

«y^«3lj badbarut, proud, lofty, vain. 

il^iiiJlj bddrang, a cucumber. 

U^«3\j bddsabd, the morning breeze. 

»5.^i3L> bddgnrdy a whirlwind. 

(^^jb Art</A«sA,afan,also).J^«5b.[wind. 

4_j)Jt-s--«jb bddi-rnukhdli/j a contrary 

^jjls-^lcb bddmjdti, the egg-plant. 

».>lj bddah, wine. 

v^jlj AarfijAvindy, flatulent. 

,^i)lj ^firf/, foreign cause j author of 

jyljjb bddiydn, anise. [mischief. 

AjiJtj bddiyah, a desert, forest, 
jb Aar, a burden, load ; pregnancy ; 
fruit ; once ; admittance ; great. 

^i^j\j bdrdii, rain. 

^il.lj bdrdni, a riding coat, cloak. 

.IjjC bdrbdr, atrain and again, several 

times, frequently, often. 
IcjAj bdrbarddr, a bearer of bur- 
dens, porter, carrier, a beast of 

t-.a. .U bdri/tat, last nigiit, yesterday. 

|ji.,lj bdrk/iudd, the great God. 

c^ij bdrid, cold, rigid. 

y«3^lj Adrrfar, fruitful ; pregnant. 
jh bdriz, stretclied out. 

^i^Xi bdrish, rain. [leave. 

^Ic .b bdriqm^ public audience ; 

(3,^J bdriq, flashing cloud, shining. 

ij,l) bdriqdh, flashing, glittering. 

t^\j bdrgdh, a king's court. 

i^^Aj bdrkashy a porter ; oppressed. 

djj.U bdrufy gun-powder. 

«j G bdrivor, producing fruit. 

»,lj bdrah, subject ; behalf ; once. 

\SbXj bdrhd, often, many times. 

i_Sj-i bare, one time, opce. 

j_c,U bdri, God, the Creator. 

«_sL>,b Z>ar3/a^, admitted at court. 

• JIjJjJ- Li bdritdla, the Lord God, 
Most High, most glorious. 

^;J*jL bdrtdan, to rain. 

<»-Aj^Ij bdrik, thin, fine. 

^iij(.iXjb bdrikbinif quickness of 
apprehension, understanding. 

,^^j .b barikt, subtilty, fineness. 

/■} bd%, a hawk, a falcon ; a player ; 
afresh, ancAv, back again ; open. 

Pjlj bnzigh, shining. 

j]jl) bdzdr, a market. 

^_5< .Ijb bnmdri, belonging to a market. 

yj^j^j^J bd%pursy retrospection. 

c:^«.l^iwl; bdzk/nudst, investigation ; 
retrospection, an answer. 

&£jb bdzighah, shining. 

J^^^J bdzurgd?!, a merchant. 

^JBijb bdxurgdni, trade. 

Q^^^tj^^ bdzgasht, return. 

sjjjb bdzindd/if a player, playing. 

J Ij bd>!!ii, the arm, a wing. 

jkij-jjlj bdzubund, an ornament for 
the arm, a bracelet. 

ic;lj bd%i, play, sport ; game. 

^Jiibjlj bd%iydflany to resume. 

^jjjG bdxidan, to play. 
jXj^Vj bdzigar, a juggler. 

^^U bdsy adversity, aflliction. 

y;L*l*,yb bdsdmdiiy a honest man. 

^^[*t.\j bdsiltq, an artery in the arm. 

^^0 bdsh, stay, stop ; let it be. 

cX^U bdshady let it be so. 

^jxAIj bdshifiduh, an inhabitant. 

&^b bdshah sparrow-hawk. 

^^jAMfb bdshidan, to be ; to stand, 

to remain, stay, dwell. 
j^\.) bdsir, penetrating, seeing well. 

%j^^ bdsirah, the sight, vision, 

Jwisb bdtily false, vain, absurd, idle, 
klj bdtin, inward, hidden, con- 
cealed, internal, interior. 
^ifclj bdtini, internal. 

(^^b bdis, cause, motive, occasion. 

e\j bdgh, a garden, vineyard. 

^Ijkib bdghbdn, a gardener. 

Aac^b bdghchahj a little garden. 

[ 24 ] 

^jjULgilj baghistaiiy garden-ground, 

^iO bdglii^ a rebel, a sinner. 

^iilj baftaiiy to weave ; to plait ; to 
twist, to entertwine. 

iSi\j bdftahy woven ; twisted ; a kind 
of coarse cloth. 

tsjkiil/ ba^ndah, a weaver ; a twister. 
yh bdgir, a herd of oxen with their 
keepers ; abounding with wealth 
and knowledge ; a tiger; great. 

ti\j baqld^ bean. 

4-*U /;ayi, remainder, balance ; dura- 
ble, permanent, immortal, eternal. 

«jJl; bak, fear, dread, timidity. 

tj^Kj bdkirahy a virgin. 

u^t.^b bdkurahy first fruit, early fruit. 

Lj^fj bdki^ weeping, shedding tears. 

JU bdl, an arm, wing ; heart, soul. 

%> bdldy above, summit. 

^^Sl.j bdldposh, a coverlet, a quilt. 

AJli-S'j bdldkhdnah, an upper cham- 

^!Jb bdldi, above, up. [ber, 

sJib billdh, by God. 

aJUs^'^j biljumlah, summarily. 

^jSJb bdlishf a cushion, pillow. 

cy^j^^U bixxaruratf necessarily. 

ijb bdlaghy mature ; arrived j an 
adult ; coming to pass, 

Jj«,aib bilfiql^ now, at present. 

AiL<Jlj bilkdnah, a lattice window. 

JjCflj bilkuli wholly, all, entirely, to- 
tally, altogether. 

AilikAlL) bilmushdfah, face to face. 

iJlj bdli, old, worn, (garment.) 

Jjfj^jJ^j bdlidigi, growth ; pride. 

^j^fc^Jb bdlidan, to grow up. 

^^^, bdlin, a pillow, cushion. 

f\j bdm^ the terrace, roof of a house ; 
the morning, aurora. 

j)ji/eO bdmddd, in the morning. 

^j'ljlj^b bdmaddddn, the next niorn- 

»)/*b bdmu%ahf sweet, savoury, [ing. 

T^Kibdmgdh, the morning. 

il^ib bdug^ a sound, noise, cry, cla- 
mour ; a small dagger. 

cyUbfta/m^, broad cloth, woollen cloth. 

yb Z>a//w, princess, lady. 

lyb bdnawd, rich, fortunate. 

^ib bdni^ a builder, maker, founder. 

*5^a.^b bdwajudy notwithstanding. 

.^b bdwar, faith, belief, credit; 

^ja.«jlj bdwarchi, a cook. 

w_A^jb bdtvasfy notwithstanding. 

»b bdh, adultery, fornication ; virlli- 

jtt\j bdhar^ manifest, clear. [ty, 

*Jbb bdham, together. 

i>Aj bdidf necessary, it behoves. 

\£^M.A) bdist, fit, incumbent. 
.xm^Aj bdistan, to be necessary. 

6iji}j bdizidf a proper name. 

olj bdia, a seller, 
jXibabaVf a lion, tiger. 

l:i^j <&zi^, an idol, image. 

i:i^*j»ju::,^butparast, idolator. 

c>^ butt, cutting. 

&M.\Ju batdshahj a sweetmeat. 

^j*'U3w;>j but-tardsh, a statuary, 
^yl; batar, worse ; see vJ^V. 

*ilsr^ butkhdnahy tSiJo butkadahy an 
idol temple. 

J^Jo batul, a virgin j Virgin Mary, 
or Fatima, daughter of Muhara- 

tjii.i busrah, a pimple. [ mad. 

Gh bojd, proper, fit, right. 

^jJijlUsr? bajd-dtvardan, to perform. 

^^\s.-i bajdriy heartily. 

y^iy^]^ss^, bajdn-dmadan, to be dis» 
gusted; to be ready to expire. 

^W; bajde, instead, in lieu of. 

%js-i bajrah, a barge. 

^j;ILsr? bachugdny children. 

J*^ bajid, diligently, eagerly, with 

yj»^^'' bajins, in the same kind, 
duly, unmixed. 

s.ssri bachah, the young of an ani- 
mal ; an infant. 

[ 25 ] 

Xsri bahdvy seas ; great rivers. 

Jls-? bahiiff proper state or con- 
diiion ; appointed ; recover, re- 

ijl*^s.-i baht, pure, genuine, [instate. 

♦.i^s-:' buhas^ argument, controversy, 
debate, contest, dispute. 

i_$dsri bahadde, in that degree, 

js^ bahar, the sea. 

iJj^ bahrdn, the crisis of a disease. 

»^s.-^ bahri, marine, maritime. 

s^^M-si bahusb, in conformity to. 

^Uk-J bukhar^ vapour, fume, steam. 

s^sri bikhdy a vein in the loins. 

^Uj>j bakbbdkh, a camel braying. 

Cr.i^ bakht, fortune, prosperity. 

(_5*JaJi3r; bakhtmandi, good fortune. 

jj^i^ bakh/ntvar, happy, rich. 

,J^ bttkhti, a dromedary. 

,lJkI^ bakhtiyavy fortunate, rich. 

1js-? bakhmla, by God, to God; aJUIj. 

djs-i bakhirad, intelligent, wise. 

f^^^si^i bakhiradi, wisdom, sagacity. 

^tijJisr! bakhasidatiy to melt ; to be in 
anguish, affliction, pain. 

^s< bakhsh, part, share,lot, chance ; 
a giver, donor, divider. 

y±.i\Jisri bakhshdish, forgiveness, 
compassion, mercy, favour. 

»^ijl^cW bakhshdindahf bountiful, 
benefactor, merciful, (God.) 

jjJa^ijj:-? bakhsbbandar, a royal cus- 
tom-house, or market. 

^ji.As-J bakhshish, a present, gift. 

^6xJi>s-i bakhshindagi, munificence. 

tt^xu^si bakhshindah, a giver, be- 
nevolent, generous, liberal. 

^is-? bakhshi, paymaster, giver. 

JfjAAi-J bakhshidan, to give, be- 
stow ; to pardon, spare. 

fj.s:-i bukhuly parsimony, avarice. 

tx^.bukhldy misers. 

aIsH bakhlahy a bean. 

j^^. bakhnTy perfume, odour. 

» ^ bukhurahy a musk bag. 

J.ArKJ bakhily avaricious j a miser, 

covetous, stingy. 
^'jkar? bakhili, parsimony, avarice, 
A"^ bakhiyahy strong quilting. 
Jj bady bad, wicked, an evil ; ^yy.. 
\S} baddy beginning ; prefixing. 
I'tVj badddy corpulent. [ning. 

cil jj baddtan, at first, in the begin- 
jX^)>yj baddkhtavy unfortunate, dis- 
graceful, bad star; also ^^JoJj. 
^Xiwljj badttkhldg, immoral, bad 

disposition, ill-natured, ill-bred. 
JJ^J baddrdmy a knave, a hypocrite. 
J^ltXj Jbaddsily mean birth. 
j^/cfiVi baddmoZy ill-bred. 
^^jJjIjj badandeshy malicious, ma- 
lignant; see &)^^Jj. 
Cl^fi>'<Aj haddhat, an extempore, 
^'oj baddyo-y new, strange, rare, 
c:^s^t>j bqdhakhty unfortunate. 
o'clJ biddaty power ; portion, share. 
^Ujjj badtahdvy of mean birth. 
^Jo badtar, worse ; villainous. 
j»-i».jj badchashm, of a malignant 

JU-4\; badhdly distressful, of poor 
condition, unfortunate. [try. 

^lifcA^jj badakhshdiiy name of acoun- 
J^.oA.Jj Z>at//if/i?*a/, of bad disposition. 
^A.jj badkhoy bad tempered, rude. 
iljA-jj iSarfAr^M/a/j, inimical, invidious. 
JtiJo baddily timid, cowardly, silly. 
j^«iJ^ hadditiy irreligious, impious. 
j6j badar, the full moon; >Jfc«5,lj^xU 

without, out of doors ; fulness. 
«l a/ badrdhy wicked. [tor. 

(^f I) Ju ia</rae, villainous; a malefac- 
^^^jj badarraUy a drain, a sewer. 
/S^^dJ badarustiy indeed, truly, cer- 
tainly, [convoy. 
ijjd^i badriqahy a guard, an escort, a 
%j<X) badrahy a money bag, weight of 
iOjOOO dirhams. 

[ 26 ] 

jjXwJj badastur, according to rule, as 
heretofore, customary. 

(JI^AvJ^ hadsigal^ malevolent, malig- 
nant, abusive, bad tongue. 

ts^c«i^ bidqt, oppression, violence. 

«X|^Jj badahadf'A liar, faithless. 

fj*i'^. hadfial, mischievous. 

X^ tij badqimar, perfidious. 

.^t^j hadkavy villainous, sinner, sinful. 

jto^'jj badkirddr, a scoundrel. 

^i:i<X)badkesh, irreligious, impious. 

ji^. badgo, a slanderer, a rogue. 
j^<^ bddguhar, mean origin ;j.ft^fjj, 

Jjj badalf a substitute, change, for. 

Jjkj badla, substitute, return. 

*3rv*«i»J badlahjah, ill-tongued. 

«^M^^J'J badmast, refractory ; intoxi- 
cated ; tiijyiy^. 

t2XA<iy> badmashy wicked, a cheat. 

^jjjj badan, the body. 

j,Ujj badndm, infamous. 

^j.*Utyj badndmt, infamy. 

t^lyiJj badnazdd, base born. 

^LiJk) badnihddf ill-disposed, perfi- 
dious, depraved. 

LiJj badnumd, deformed, bad ap- 
pearance, ugly. 

jjj bado, to, for him, it, to two. 

^jjjj^ bidwi, without, besides. 

i^Jj badtf wickedness, malignity. 

«^jj badiq, wonderful, rare, strange, 
astonishing ; an inventor. 

^j^^jj badihaty an extempore, said 
inconsiderately; ^^^A^jil^^. 

Le-^.<^. badihi, an axiom, extempore. 

fjjj bazl, munificence, liberality. 

aIJj bazlah, a jest, pleasantry, joke. 

-» Ztar, above, on, upon; the bosom ; 
fruit ; breast, embrace ; armpit, 
or lap ; a porter, a carrier. 
ji iarr, the continentjthe earth, globe. 
jj baroj free, exempted ; pious. 
jjjj bardbaVf equal, alike j level, up 
%o ; opposite ; barbarians, 

o'jj bardt, a letter, an assignment, 

a draft, commission, privilege. 
JltyI«,Io^ bardt istihildl^ shewing 

the new moon, explaining. 
^[;j bardh, ending, ceasing. 
jc\jj barddar, a brother. [ther. 

j^.^.J\j barddar~razdty foster-bro- 
^j'^ly. barddari, consanguinity. 
id\j^ barddahy filings, saw-dust, 
tl^j bardr^ peace, concord, 
i^j]y. bardrt, a desert. 
ii)<^ijl;-> bardrtda?i, to spread branches. 
j\.j bardZf an extensive open field ; 

:]jj burdzy human excrement. 
(jo^ji bardz, scarcity of water. 
^^[li]jj baraftddan, torefuse,decline, 
^jjkJUI,j bardghdlidan, to instigate. 
c>fi'»J bardt, excellence, pre-emi* 

(J^ burrdq, brilliant, flashing. 
{ji\jj burdg, the celebrated ass on 

which Muhammad is said to have 

gone to heaven. 
Jjj bardnij a handful of wool or flax. 
(yy«]jj bardmady appearance; coming 

out, issue, result ; impeachment. 
^tX/«)^ bardmadauy to arise, come 

forth ; bardmda/if a balcony. 
y^^yi burrdn, cutting, sharp. 
yii^ burdnghdr, the left hand. 
^jAJl^; bardnidan, to put to flight, 
j,^T^ bardwardy an estimate. 
iJ-^;^!/^ ^o,rdtvardan, to bring up, to 

extract, to exalt, raise. 
^jX±ij\jj bardvekhtauj to suspend. 
aa»Ijj birdhimdh, brahmans. 
^^^Ji bardhin, proofs, arguments. 
^1^ barde, for, on account of. 
i>jj barayd^ people, creatures, men. 
yjjj barpd, fixed, established, stand. 
jG^ barbdd, ruined, destroyed. 
jjjj barbavy upon the breast, above. 
v^4«jjj barbast, according to custo|n« 

[ 27 J 

,j/uaj^ barbastan, to pack up. 
IsLjjj barbatf a harp or lute. 
^^^^JJ bartaftan, to twist, to turn. 
yji bartar, higher, more sublime. 
jii^y. bartaqdzr, on supposition. 
*lSjj bartalah, a gift, present, 
^^ burj, a ca«t!e, tower; a bastion ; 

a sign of the zodiac. 
^jj barjAjJin place, proper, just. 
^^'•^A.ji barjastan, to leap, to bound. 
aJmajJ) barjasfahf befitting, proper. 
^jjJAa^j barchidan, to pick up, pluck. 
^j^xa^jj barjis^ the planet Jupiter. 
^»yj barchi, a spear. 
\ajJ barhd, ajMiction, distress. 
(3^J bar hag, in truth, indeed. 
^jj birkh^ somewhat, some. 
o.«*^^ 6ar/f^fls^, adjournment; dis- 
mission from office; rise. 
^m\.-^jj barkhastan, to rise, arise. 
^^Uyj barkhash, war, battle, con- 
flict, insurrection, tumult. 
^^^y. barkhafaj^ the night- mare. 
uJKL^ barkhilafy contrary, opposite. 
J'ijy^y- barkhurdar, happy, enjoying 
the fruits of life, (a child.) [tion. 
^Jdj^jjbarkhurddri, glory, reputa- 
^»)0y*'^ barkhurdan, to enjoy, to 

meet, to eat the fruit. 
ig^ri birkhif somewhat, a little. 
cy bard, cold, frigid. 
J^ji bardar, a carrier, a bearer. 
Ji^jj bardar, suspended, hanged. 
^J*.],ijj bardashtan, to exalt; to car- 
ry off; to bear up, support. 
j^,^ji burdhar, forbearing, patient. 
^.L«3~> burdbdri, forbearance. 
djA.<}jj bardjard, name of a town 
near Hamadan. [play. 

^ji burdan, to carry; to gain at 
%ijj burdah, a prisoner of war. 
i^>ij> bardi, rteds; mirth. 
JUjJjj bardtmdni, the striped 
cloth of Yemen, 

^J*^JJi bar^raftatiy to proceed, surpass. 

jy barz, seed, corn, grain ; absti. 
nent, temperate ; bur%, tailness. 

jtjji barzgar, a farmer, a ploughman, 

<si,^ barzagha, a saddle or pannel, 

^^jji barxati, a street, lane. 

vi>L<#y barsdt, the periodical rains. 

-ttco^ barsdm, the pleurisy, pain in 
the breast ; madness, fury. 

^J^y. birishtun, to fry, to broil. 

(.Zjl^jj barashk, a wine or oil press. 

(JlXiyj barshkdl, the periodical rains. 

(jcji bars, the leprosy. 

i_Jjl9^ bartaraf, dismissed, apart. 

if^j) baraks, inversely. 

t-J^ barf, snow. 

Oy. barq, lightning, thunderbolt. 

^y barqd, an eye, (as shining.) 

^^y> barqdii, glittering, lightning, 
flashing, thundering. 

}yy harqardr, established, firm, fix- 
ed, constant, immovable. 

^jj burqa, a lady's veil. 
•fjiS^ barganddz, a matchlock-man, 

<-J^j barg, a leaf. 

iss^jj barkdt, blessings, prosperities. 

ti*^ harkat, prosperity, fertility, 
benediction, blessing. 

y^^i)jtj) bargardidan, to be inverted. 

y^'jiiy bargrezi, the fall of the 
leaf; autumn. 

^i)^ijtjj barguxidan, to choose, to se- 
lect, to accept. 

jjJn^ barguzidah, chosen, selected. 

^lyuuT^ bargistwdn, the girth of a 
horse, dress of war. [turn. 

^^A^y bargashtan, to invert ; to re- 

)jJ^t»-^j bargo-nawd, subsistence, 
provision ; also, jU«j(— i^y, 

Qyiy bnrktia, a veil for the face. 

iJi>jj burkah, a reservoir of water. 

sl/^j harnidh^ an auger, wimble. 

jX*;j harmily a hogshead, a butt. 

[ 28 ] 

lU^ barmalay publicly, openly. 

yii^ji barmeo^ the strangury. 

U^ harndt a youth; young. 

wJ^ bantdsd, men. 

^i^ barinjyi'ice; britij, hrass, copper. 

y^s->^ biranjan^ bracelet, anklet. 

tii'ijj burindahf a carrier, bearer. 

t^^rj biirrindahy sharp, cutting. 

^jy>\Ju'ijj bcirnishdtidan, to cause to 
sit, to place. [army, 

j^jj buranghdr, the left wing of an 

^ji burufy M'hisker, mustachios. 

^jji bvLrtij^ rampart, bastions, tower; 
signs of the zodiac, celestial signs. 

^y^jyi barwojihet in such a manner. 

J«^ barud, cold, frigid. 

UjJ^^tJ burudat, coldness ; ,_f«2^. 

j.jj bciruZf arising, appearing, 

juL«j,j baromand, fortunate, happy, 

^^jj barwi, without, abroad. 

tjj barah, a lamb, kid ; the sign Aries. 

yjU^i btirhdn, demonstration, proof. 

iJjbjj burhatf a long space of time. 

. .ZarJi^.j barhekhtan. to extract, to 
draw; to educate, to teach. 

^ji barhdm^ confused, displeased. 

^Jl^jbji birhamandn, brdhmans. 

^xiijj bdrhanagi, nakedness. 

ijJbjj birhanah, naked. 

^c^ irtr^'j exempted from, free, clear, 
guiltless ; innocent. 

jjjL^j biriydriy fried, broiled, roasted. 

\j^M boriaf, people, creature. 

yjjtiJM bw'iddiiy to cut, cleave. 
Ji-ij^, barishaw, silk. 

^^JJ bariq, lightning; dazzling. 
^jjj baihij high, superior. 

jj bif%} a goat ; buZf habit. 

ji bazzd, fine linen. 

J\jj bazdzy a linen-draper, merchant. 

ojjj buzdq, spittle. [ineg. 

jVtjj, mace, envelope of nut- 

^^ bazr, seed ; hazard light, splen- 

^j^UXJI^i bazrulkatan, linseed. 

Uyloi • J buxriqatund, the herb psyl- 
lium, or fleawort. 

»— /o buziirg, great, elder, chief. 

^If.^j b'lxurgdn, nobles, philoso 
phers^ doctors, sages, wise. 

&i^}j biizurgdna/i, nobly. 

f^ijy> biizwgi, greatness. 

»3lj<^yj buzargzdd, of noble race. 

\j\.mCjjy, buzurgsdly old, aged. 

j\y^Jf, biizurgivdr, illustrious, noble. 

^_J}yj bia^nrgi, greatness, eminence, 

w£-i-*^ baxashk, a physician, a horse- 
doctor, surgeon. 

hyi bazaghy a frog, a dam, a pond. 

i.l\£jj bazghdlah, a kid ; a calf. 

(Jjj bazal, liberality; cleaving. 
sJyj bf^zlah, pleasantry, jest. 

I»^ baznt, a banquet ; assembly; 

t^^ji bazmgdk^ a banqueting house. 

j.y bazor, seeds ; by force. 

ijj bazahf a sin, crime. 

j^ij-i bazihkdr^ a sinner, criminal. 

i^ basy enough ; many, sufficient. 

1-H..J basd^ many, much, some. 

LUe^j bisdty a bed, carpet. 

ci^jl*uj basdlat, intrepidity, valour, 

^Itto basdn, like, resembling. 

AmXxmj bdsbdsah, mace. 

Ct.*^^ bist, twenty. 

^JSAA^ bust an, a garden. 

Ju-j bistar, bed, mattress. 

*i*uj bistam, twentieth. 

^«o bastan, to biuvi, to shut. 

i^^i bastagiy tightness. 

i.XM.) bastahj bound, tied ; a bale, 

sXm,j busadd, coral and its roots. 

j.M^ basr, a youth, a young man ; 
fresh rain. 

y^djjjMj basarburdan, to effectuate, 
to pass away, to die, to finish. 

la^j basty extension. 

(^^Aa.*uj basaqjmSy a bishop. 

(J***^ basal, unlawful, illegal. 

[ 29 ] 

^J^A»J bismii, sacrificed, slaughtered. 

ji4Ai«*j basanilah, sufficient. 

»I^Mij biswd/i, the twentieth part of a 
bigha of land, one katah of land. 

^j«o hase^ many, more and more. 

^U*40 bjsj/ar, many, much, copious j 
multitude, very numerous. 

^xao basej, an enterprise ; marcli. 

JaA^ basitf simple, uncorapounded.^j basharat, joyful tidings. 

yji^^[i*j bashashatf joviality, mirth. 

Jiij basilar, man, mankind. buslirah, tha countenance, skin. 

fC^^ bashari, joyful news; 

t^i^ bashriyat, human nature. 
j.|J!;ij bashagivy a towel. 

jxJ»f.i bashir^ a messenger of good 
news; beautiful, vigilence. 

c^iUaj basdrat, seeing, perceiving. 

-jCaj hasdir, attention, pains. 

yAj basnr, the sight, vision, the eye. 

i*^ basrah, name of a city. 

Jk.«flj basal, an onion, a tulip. 
jy^ basir, seeing, disceniing. 

ciiyj^^ basirat, the sight, vision, 
prudence, judgment, caution. 

t^j bazz, a thin skin, fat and soft. 

Ci^cL^ij bazdqty capital, stock. 

c^.o.j baxiia, loathing, becoming 

iaj bat, a goose, a duck. [tired. 

jUaj battdl, idle talker, vain, lazy. 

v.iJ kj batdiatf absurdity ; falsity. 

(.iiJUcj baidnath, the lining of a gar- 
ment, of turban, &c. 

jiSJaj hatsfi, sternness, severity, pow- 
er, strength, force. 

«.iXJaj batak, a duck; a goblet. 

(Jiaj batal, a brave man, a champion. 

y^t^i butldn, falsity, vanity. 
hj bataii, the belly, the paunch. 

^Jaj batty slow, dull, tardy. 

^jSjiaj batyash, powerful ; severe. 

C^otj basy rousing, sending; he sent. 

C^^H bqsaty mission, embassy. 

ejyjfc^ bqsarat, exciting. 

c3xj bad, after, afterwards. 

<S*J, bqail, distance ; death. 

«^*j bqdahu, afterwards. 

lA«j bq-i, some, certain; a part. 

^.^..^j bqzi, a iew, some, a little. 

C*^j^-*^*: bqxijamq, sundry imposi- 
tions (as fines for theft, fees, &c.) 
or taxes, forn)ing a total of reve- 
nue, exclusive of the ground rent. 

^,^^_S■^^ bqzikharaj, petty charges, 

J.«J bqly a husband ; a wife, a lord, 
master; high ground, a hill, the 
idol Bai ; name of a king. 

i_^aIxj bqlhak, Balbec in Syria. 

tij^xj bqiis, an army, a body of men. 

^A*j bqidy distant, far ; remote. 

*ijj*j bqainikiy exactly, the very same. 

^ki baghd, a whore, an adultress. 

Uj biighd, asking, desiring. 

Jl»j bighdl, mules. 

tsjjUj hughdivaty rebellion ; sinners. 

c>j'ij baghdit, extremely, exceed- 

^ ingly, immoderately, vehemently. 

lliij 5a^A/a^rtw, suddenly. 

As*V baghc/ia, a bundle, baggage. 

Jiaij baghdddy the city of Bagdad. 

]^ bughrdy rice dressed with soup, 
or, milk. 

u^ bughzy hatred ; baghzy hated. 

J^ baghal, the armpit ; a mule. 

tki baghld, marriage. 

^^ju bag hi, rebellion, revolt. 
jxkj baghair, excepting, besides. 

Ci^ftj baft, wrought, woven. 

(^ baq, a fly, a gnat. 

Uj baqd, eternity; permanency. 

cUj buqq, places, dwellings. 

Jlftj baqqdly a grocer. [ens, 

J^lSj baqdwal, overseer of the kitch. 

\i\lj baqdydy balances, remainders. 
yij baqar, oxen ; cow, bull, ox. 

i^s^. buqchahy a knapsack, wallet. 

Aaj buqqj a dwelling ; monastery. 

[ 30 ] 

J>AJ baqal, herbage produced from I 

seed, pot-lierbs. 
fSj baqam, red wood, brazil wood. 
A^A; bagtahf the remains, balance. 
\JJ bukoj weeping, crying, lamenta- 

tion, exclamation. [g'"- 

o.l^ bikarat, virginity, being avir- 
(JjU'j bakatvalf a taster, a head cook. 
jUj baktaVf armour, a coat of mail. 
jCi bikar, virgin, a maid, a girl. 
^ bukm, dumb. 
Jj bal, but, yet, however. 
Jb bald, a calamity, evil, misfortune. 
«31L bilad, countries, cities. 
s^iSijbulddaty stupidity, dulness. 
ot) balagh, transmitting, arrival. 
»j>cJb baldghut, eloquence, maturity. 
^j^jth baldhat, stupidity, ignorance. 
(JaIj bulbul, the nightingale. 
aUIj bulbuliiy noise made by camels. 
^sM biljamy or *ilj bilgham, phlegm, 
^b batakh, name of a capital of 

Khur^sdn ; proud, haughty ; im- 
^lijL bulddn, cities. [pure. 

»jJb buldahf a city, a town ;^f^. 
ij:^l) bilashtf a span, balasbt, im- 
^^Ij buhun, a lentil. [pure. 

VxL bulg/id, eloquent. 
^jIj A0/9, variety of colour, 
i^ balkihy but, however, besides, 
^^iSlJ ba/qis, name of the queen 

of Sheba, wife of Solomon, 
Ub balamd, thick, gross. 
«Ulj bulandy high, elevated, tall. 
j^JiiL bulandbin, aspiring. 
i^iXUy bulandiy height, sublimity, 
^^j baliichj a tribe of Afghans of 

the Muhammadans. 
1^ balawd, disturbance, confusion. 
,^L billaur, crystal; residence. 
h^j balut, an acorn, an oak. 
^^ baliigh, open, wide; eloquent. 
^^ bulti^h, puberty, adolescence. 
*.ij /&a/aA, ignorant, stupid, weak. 

^^Ji> bale, yes, indeed, certainly;,^.!. 

cXjJb balid, a dunce, stupid. 

ixb baldgh, eloquent; numerous. 

<j.lxL balelat^ bellcric myrobalans. 

cyVjJlj balydt, or aIjJj misfortunes. 

l»j >5aw, the bass part in music. 

'^fs^. hamujarradf instantly. 

^ bill, a son, j[j ; ban, a garden. 

^ji bun, a root ; J.^1 foundation, basis ; 
end, extremity. 

Uo fiu/d, a building, fabric. 

cl;U^ bandt, daughters ; tf^i^. 

^jUu bindbar, therefore, because. 

jiilxjbanddar, ports, harbours ; lj.j.U^, 

^y Uj butidgosh, tlte tip of the ear, 

^jtio bundiiy tip of the fingers. 

ci-^jj binde, foundation, design, plan. 

^xj bhit, a daughter, a girl ', jlk,^, 

^ij banj, henbane. 

aJu 6aw</, a bandage, confinement, 
cliain, shackle ; art, 

ij:^xJ^^6ii bandi-cnigusht, a knuckle. 

yy'xj bandar, a port, harbour, empo- 
rium, a trading town. 

yjfiixi bandgdn, slaves, servants. 

^cvb bandagi, servitude, service. 

^tVJo bandan, to bind, fasten ; ^^^, 

\j:^Aiu.j^i\'xi handobast, settlement, ar- 
rangement, military discipline. 

;jiiij bandoz, a packing needle. 

Jjjij banduq, a musket, a bullet. 

^^s^^^h banduqchi, a musketeer, 

xJJwj bandah, a servant, slave. 

(^->ij bandi, captivity, a captive, 

sJiAij banafshah, a violet. 

ilS^l bang, an inebriating draught. 

jUij bangdh, baggage, movables. 

^^y^. banawi, in such a manner. 

i-ij bunah, baggage, furniture. 

^^ij bani, sons, children ; ^j;)^**^. 

liUij bunydd, foundation, origin, 
basis, a fabric; a M-all. 

/»>3' ^^i^ baniddam, the sons of Adam, 
the human race, mortals. 

[ 31 ] 

^>-*tJ^- '^^"*'"«V» sons of one race. 

AJjij biniah, construction of the hu- 
man body, isj^s.3^Uj, form. 

^ hUf smell, odour, fragrance, per- 
fume ; a father, 

j-jI^j bawdb, a door-keeper, porter. 

^-.I^ bawasivy the hemorrhoids or 
piles, or emrods. 

^Ji£)yibawatin, interior parts ; belly. 

c^ip*'|y bulajab, wonderful. 

J.-oa!)^ biif/azul, an idle talker. 

L/*^-?^ bulhaivasy sensual. 

i_5**>t^^^ bulbawasi, sensuality. 

cyL^j butdi, liouses. 

Ajjj btltahf crucible, a melting pot. 

jUjJ^j butimar^ a heron ; vexation. 

♦'w*^J btiddr, scented. 

{^^<2^, budbash, residence, dwell- 
ing; maintenance, service. 

^J<^yi, btidan, to be, to exist. 

j^ij>»j budani, existence ; possible. 

{j\jyi buraqy borax, nitre, saltpetre. 

t\y> burahy hole, a ditch. 

\SjyJt buri, a trumpet, a spilt reed. 

\jKyj buriyd^ a mat n)ade of reed. 

jyj buz, an ambling horse. 

*i;y boxuah, a monkey, an ape. 

5$uj bu%ah, a kind of beer. 

^yj bos, a kiss, a buss, kissing. 

\^yj bus, distress, misfortune. 

^i^Mtyj ,6o5Mw, a garden, a green spot. 

^^3\j*'y. bos-o-kinnr, kissing and 
hugging, or embracing. 

^myt bosah, a kiss. 

^ii>A**yj hosUlan, to kiss ; to rot, 

%(i>y*>jyj bnstdah, rotten, stale. 

tjCyi, bughrah, a dish made of boiled 
meat, flour, &c. 

^JyJ bug, a trumpet, hunting horn. 

^^y>^^ buqnlarniin, a chameleon, 
any thing of various hues. 

J^ haul, urine; multitude, 

^yi bum, an owi ; a country. 

^^^ biie, odour, smell. 

^ly-i but/a, fragrant, odoriferous. 

y^jx)^ buidan, to smell, perfume. 

Hyi buyah, hope, desire ; study. 

A^j bih, well, good, excellent; a 

i.j ba, with, to, in for, from, [quince, 

^ baha, price, value ; precious. 

^Y* biha, in, with, by, &c, 

^.>tyj bahddnr, valiant, brave, bold. 

v_5'j«il^ bahdduri, bravery, gallantry. 

}^yi balidr, the spring ; beauty, ele- 
gance, blossom; yellowness, 

>sSy> bahari, vernal, of spring. 

*ityj bahdnah, a pretence, excuse, 
pretext, motive, cause. 

(»dV? bahdem, beasts, brutes. 

j^y.; bilibud, welfare, in good order, 

^i}-^^rt buhtdn, a calumny, lie. 

^J^j bihtar, good, excellent, better, 

^j^iyj hihtarin, most excellent, best. 

c>vsr^ buhjaf,^oy, delight. 

ji^j bahar, all, at, by, each, everyone. 

yyi bahar, for, because, [king. 

Jj^ bahardm, the planet Mars ; a 

Jls*-,^^ baharhdl, by every means, or 
case, in whatever condition. 

Xtyj bahra, part, portion, profit. 

,_j'*>i/o»^ bahramandi, fortunate, 

jj^.i-y.-? bihisbt, paradise, heaven, 

^-i.A^ hihishti, paradisiacal ; a wa- 
ter-carrier ; handsome, 

j3-|^ bahaq, leprosy, white morphew, 
a tetter ; ringworm, 

(Jyj bihil, absolution ; give over. 

J^j bahal, left at full liberty. 

*yj baham, together ; anger ; at once. 

^JJJJJL^<^J bakamrasdnidaii, to pro- 
cure, to acquire. 

^Ayj bahman, a king, a king of Per- 
sia ; name of a Persian month ; 
a day ; an herb. 

i^ ^if^U goodness, a quince. 

A«j^ bahemiah, brutes, beasts. 
.«jLyj bahemi, brutal. 

^yj bihin, better, best, selected. 

[ 32 ] 

^j he, without, besides, destitute. 

^UljL> bai/abdti, a desert, wilderness. 

^bljLj baycibani, wild, savage. 

^Uj Artyrtw, explanation, declaration, 

*»^'cs^ ^tanjdni^ endless, [relation. 

»jljjl^_jj heandazuh, inin)ense, bound- 

ij\xj> hiyanah^ advance. [less. 

(3^ J bibdq, completely. 

JJoJo bebadal, unequalled. 

Jljj^>^ ifjoaroia/, mutilated, without 
wing, or destitute of feathers. 

t^jJ^ci bepardah, exposed, open. 

Uajo bebaga^ frail, perishable, [care. 

).,j ,j beparu'df fearless, without 

iS^Aj baitf a house, temple, a tent. 

*JJ'oi^ baitullahf the house of God, 
the sacred temple of Macca. 

O^l"^^. baitulatig,^ ) ^^^^^^ 

J^],j:^xj baitulharam, \ 

y^j>5Jlc:^j;j baitulmuqaddasy Jerusa- 

jU!c:,.xj baituimdl, the treasury. 

Ss^ls^Aj baitulkhald, a privy. 

i«ij^lc^jj baitushsharf^ the highest 

mansion of a planet. 
^iuS"^ ie;>eV, vicious, having no spi- 
ritual guide. [tient. 

i^Uxj betdb, faint, restless, impa- 

Lils^^ betahdshd, rash, precipitate. 

i^ljAxyj betaqrib, without cause. 

v_oi^" -^ betakalluf, without cere- 
mony, abruptly, all at once. 

s-i^j/y^. betuzgdnah, irregular. 

lar^ bejd, improper, wrong. 

^Ls^rf bechirdgh, without lamp or 
light; desolated ; childless. 

Ij ,adH J ecAoft a, a kind of tent pitched 
without a pole. 

^^ysi^. bechun, incomparable, unpa- 
ralleled ; one of the attributes of 

JmcVs^-; behdsil, fruitless, vain. [God. 

j^.^.:^^? beha%ur^ absent, inattentive. 

C^XAS-i-? behamiyaty spiritless, das- 

i^i^AfiJc^-; hehuqiqat, insincere, false, 
ungrateful, insincerely. 

Jj-jj bekh, a root, origin. 

^sri-? bekhtan^ to sift. 

j^sr.'.-? bekikud^ beside one's self, 
senseless, njad, insane. 

j^Jys^ bek/iudi, rapture. 

ti^j bed, the willow, a ratan. 

\<yx> bnidd, a desert. [tice. 

6\ixxj beddd, unjust, lawless; injus- 

yjkjj beddr, waking, attentive. 

^^Itixj beddriy wakeftdness, vigi- 
lance, attention, conscious. 
jls:*]jsj bedmijir, the palma Christi. 

iLi'jjo beddnah, seedless; a pome- 
granate, production of Arabia. 

tJ-i-iX J bedakhal, dispossessed, ex- 
clsided, withholding. 

^i^6xi bediring, without delay, 

^ijjjj bedureg/i, undeniable; liberal. 

(j^yxj baidaq, a pawn at chess, 

JcXjkj 6e(///, heartless, cowardly. 

^xj ber, a well, a pit. I'l;*^' 

t^jij berd/i, unprincipled; astray; 

(j^jo bairaq, a flag, banner. 

j_5« -j^jsj berozi, without service. 

s^*rir>berunf without, exterior. 

hjif> beriyd, without guile, sincere. 

j\y^j bezdr, displeased ; ^t^s^^i. 

jlj^j bezabdriy dumb, speechless. 

Ci^*uj;j best, twenty. 

b.^^ besaropd, without method. 

*ajjUj-j besaltqah, inexpert ; with- 
out method, irregular. 

^jo besb, more, much, great. 

AAjttuAj beshdebah, doubtless. 
jl^yj beshtar, for the must part; JL^I. 

j.*Jli5x*j beshaky without doubt. 

.lA.iou beshimidr, innumerable ; idJ^^xi. 

tJUij besha/i, a forest, desert ; J^i^, 

^^^i-i bes/ii, excess ; ^i^iJ. 

j^'^yj besabai'f impatient, restless, 

C/Aw baiz, eggs ; ^j^^. 

^i-j baizd, white, bright ; the sun. 

[ 33 ] 

j^^l^xj huizmoi, the name of a book; 
commentary on the Kordn ; a form 
of Persian writing ; oval. 

j^^wou baizatvi, oval. 

*^j hnizah, an egg ; a testicle. 

jlJaij haitdr, a horse-doctor. 

/jJax. ' betam, without flavour, insi- 
pid ; without food. 

»jL> baia, selling, bujing. 

<ri'.*ju baidnah, earnest money. 

C^*Jo baiat, liomage, inauguration, 
salutation, acknowledging the au- 
thority of a priest. 

A^ljooj bavidntahf a bill of sale. 

j.:>jU*jj; beindyat^ unkind, rude, illi- 

^J»c^(Jiju beghaloghashy without dif- 
ficulty ; a sincere friend. 

J«j>j begham, without grief ; care. 

is^ijo beg/iairat, spiritless ; wanton, 
rude, infamous. 

%6>i}sLXj hefdidahf useless, unprofitable. 

,1 5>j beqnrdr^ unea^iy, restless, un- 

i^xj beg, a lord, a prince ; a title 
among the Muhammadans. 

J^j bekdr, without employment. 

j_j6€aj bcgdnagiy foreignness. 

*.;^jj begdnah, a stranger, unknown. 

iX...) begdh^ untimely, ill-timed. 

J<y{xy buikbdr, sufldenly, at once. 

yjl^^jo bekardn, immense, infinite. 

^j^Xjjj bekas, destitute, friendless. 

tJjojj bekal, restless, out of order. 

Jjo begam, a lady of high rank. 

Jjjj bely a spade, a shovel. 

Jju hela, money for charity. 

iljJuo belddr, a pioneer, a digger. 

*Jofcz»i, fear, terror, danger, [pectful. 

\A^*:ri bemuhdbd, dauntless, disres- 

.{*s» bimaVf sick, infirm, afflicted. 

^jj\ju«jUjjj bimdristd?!, an hospital. 

jCjUjo bimdri, disease, sickness. 

JuJUaj bemdnandy incomparable. 

j^^Uju bemdfgi, indigence, poverty, 
cy^xj bemarmvat^ unkind, inhuman. 
^axj bemazah, tasteless, insipid. 
,^^5M^ bemdni, foolish, unmeaning; 

vain, absurd, unreasonable. 
^ftiS^j bemiqddr, powerless. 
ti'X^^_5j bembmat, without obliga- 
tion, independent. 
**xj bimahy insurance, 
^^ju bainy between ; interval. 
(^ baiyau, clear, evident, plain. 
Uuu bind^ seeing, a spectator; wise. 
,_j«UiJ bindi^ sight, 
j^jjo binasfi, sight, penetration, 
^^xlai^^j benazir^ incomparable. 
*— ^(^ benamnk^ insipid, saltless, 

tasteless, without grace. 
ly.jLj benawdf helpless, poor. 
^_jij;j btni^ the nose. 
;U3^ beniydzy in want of nothing, 

content ; without prayer. 
*Ja*»«lj J bewdsfah^ causeless. 
yjfc^-) behunaVy without ingenuity, 

unskilful, ignorant, lazy, 
cylj^ju beutdt, houses, departments, 
j^a.^ J bexcajudy without existence, 

(God ;) low, mean, vile. 
KiyXi bewafdy faithless ungritteful. 

'iK.i^y^bewafdi^ ingratitude. 
(j>>yj bewagt, untimely, unseasona- 
uJ>y^:.j beicaqufy stupid. [ble 

%\xj bewdh, a widow. 
llojfc^jj) behamtd, incomparable. 
^Ilxyw behangdm^ ill-timed, untimely. 
»«3^j behudahj vain, absurd, [sane, 
^^.^x) behosh, stupid, distracted, in- 
^Ju^^ behoshi, deprivation of sense. 

i-» pe or pAj the third letter of the 
Persian alphabet. It does not 
occur in ^he Arabic ; the letter 
u_i is substituted for it in Per- 
sian words adopted into the Arabic 

[ 84 ] 

h pa, the leg, feet ; vestige. 
y\ji]^^paafraz^ a sleeper. 

:IaJl\j j)datiddz, a carpet spread at 
the entrance of a room, 

^»)dJ^x[j\jpd-bul(mdkardan, running. 

^^^jAj pabiraiijiin, an anklet, 

tyyj\j pdbaiidf a rope with which the 
forefeet of a horse are tied. 

LT^^ pff^bus, kissing the foot, wor- 

^^y^S', pcibusi, reverence, adoration. 

L/^*^^ P^posby a slipper, shoe. 

*jljb pdtabah, a sock, a roller, 

A^ljwb pdjdmah, trousers. 

v,^^^ pf^jh niean, scoundrel, low, 

\^».^ pdchak^ dried cow-dung. 

*JUa.Ij pdchilahj shoe. [sation. 

ylliiVi pdddsh, retaliation, conipen- 
jftj'i^J pddxahaVf the bezoar stone. 

*Ujb pddshdh, a monarch, emperor, 
a king. [kingdom. 

j^jbUjb pddshdhi, empire, reign, 

^j,U»jlj pddahbdtiy shepherd, 
j^i^ par, last, past, elapsed. 

Ad.^^ pdrchah, a garment, cloth. 

I»i3i^ pdnium, the crupper. 

^^ .b pdris, Persia, 

^*^jH pfi^^rt, cliaste, pious, holy. 

J^Mth pdrsdly the last year. 

ij4«.G pdrsi, a Persian, a Parsee. 

%j\j pdrah, a bribe ; portion, piece. 
jj<^tj^ pdrahdoz, a tent-maker. 

«,i^b pdrinah, old, ancient. 
j^j^ jaa^flAar, an antidote, the bezoar 
stone, lapis lazuli. [sake of. 

^^b pdsy a guard ; three hours ; 

^U*wb jt>as6rtw, a sentinel, watchman. 

^^JU4i.b pdsbdni, keeping watch. 

^ULb pdstaUy former. 

^«wU pdsukh, an answer, 

^isljB^-U pdskhdtir, for the sake of. 
Jt^rnKj pdsddr, a guard, watchman. 

4_5^liXM.\j pdsddri, guardianship ; par- 

cJ!i*-l> pdsang, a makeweight. 

^^'J pdsli, sprinkling, diffusion. 

A.)JiXj pdshnuh, the heel. 

^6>y^iXi^pdshidun, to sprinkle, scatter. 

I — fb pdk, pure, clean, innocent. 

jU^O pdkbdz, a fair dealer. 

^J^yi'^^ pdkoftan, dancing. 

^ib pdki, purity, chastity, 

»^xSO joaAiza/i, clean ; chaste; inno- 

jjjJlj pdldn, a packsaddle. [cent. 

\^^y^^^pdludan, to strain, press, drain. 

»«5yb pdludah, purified, polished. 

»J^b pdludaA, a kind of gruel. 

t^J^IU pdlahang, a halter, a bridle, 
a rope. [high. 

^j;*>^j;!lj palidan, to purify, to become 

y^^i pdliz, cultivation of melons, &c. 

jly«b pdmdl, ruin, devastation, 
trampled upon, beaten. 

»i3)ib pdnxddh, fifteen. 

^b pde, the foot, footstep, 

Uj-jbb pdydb, power, force; a shallow 
ford, depth of the water. 

,i;bU;;a3/(m, the extremity, end; ford, 

i^h ^l>^ pdeband, a fetter; treachery. 

AjUjb pdetdbah, shoes, socks. 

^s^^{)^ pdetakht, the metropolis, 

*il:s:'.b pdekhdnah, a privy, necessary. 

.JJub pdeddvj firm, durable, always. 

yJL^ijAj pdezeb, foot ornaments. 

^Ji^b pdestan, to expect, to wait. 

liUjb pdegdb, dignity, rank, 
\{^\j pdemdl, ruin, devastation, 

«ij.*jb pdemard, an assistant, 

iSVA^b pdemu%d, the price of labourer. 

«txLb pdindah, permanent, lasting, 
continual, substantial, 

40b pdyah, step, degree, rank, dig- 
nity ; the foot of a table, &c. 

. ,jJb warn, beneath, under, below, 

JLaaj putak, a smith's hammer. 

JjJj pa/zV, a match for a lamp. 

^JXsripukhtan, to cook, to boil ; ripen, 

AAsri pukhtahy dressed ; ripe. 

[ 35 ] 

j<Xi pailar, a father. 

iii^jsjpadara7tah,f'dther\y, paternally. 

j])j^i^padarwdr, like a father. 

,r,Jj padari, paternal. 

J^Jj pidid, evident, visible, open. 

tJJ^ti^ pididar, appearing. 

»^ti.» pizir, accepting, receiving. 

^^LjJj pizirae, acceptance, [ceive. 
Ii.jjj piziraftariy to accept, re- 

wtVJ yissirah, acceptable, agreeable. 

y, /Jwr, full, loaded, complete. 

-^ f;ar, a feather, a quill, wing. 

^^jo^Iyj pnragandagi, dispersion. 

yjji^lyj pardgandan, to disperse, to 
scatter, dissipate. 

^ji^Uj paragandahy dispersed, scat- 
tered, disbanded, dissipated. 

^,i\ il^ parranidan, to cause to fly. 

c_)lnJ pariah, a bow shot. 

^^ partauj a ray, beam, 

^^li^ parkhashf war, battle, com- 
jL*v. parchin, crooke<l. [motion. 

c>^lj;j pardakht, completion, relin- 
Ji£^]dji pardakhtan, to accomplish, 
finish, to evacuate, spend. 

^J^ pardagi^ concealment; modest, 
a chaste woman. 

J,^ purdil, brave ; generous. 

*-^ pordaft, a veil, curtain, a par- 
tition J a musical tone. 

j]iiS]jjt<ij j)ardah-hardndd%, revealing 
a secret. [cret. 

^^«.S,j pardahposh, keeping a se- 

j\dtiji^ pardahddr, holding the veil. 

\siy<iScTidji pardae (;^nkabut,a cobweb. 

juiJx«\j pardahnashhij remaining 

behindthe curtain ; modest woman. 

^Jji pw'xahj a fragment, bit. 

\,:^*Mji^parast, a worshipper. 
ljui*.j parastdr, a servant, a slave j an 
adorer, obedient. 

j^ju*^ parastishj worsh i p. 

viAiu-^ parastakf a swallow. 

^^yu«^ parastan, to worship. 
*jii*u^ parastindah, a worshipper. 
^^<iyl^jiparastidati, to worship, adore, 
to pray to. [tion, 

^y^*^, P^t^sishy a question, interroga- 
«<Ai«i«^ parsindah^ an interrogator. 
,jtU*«^ pursidan, to ask, interrogate. 
^•tU*«^ pursidani, subject for inqui- 
J^ purkdr, thick, coarse. [ry. 

j^Ji parkdr,a. pair of compasses. 
&I^ parkdlahy a rag ; a patch, piece. 
iJ^jj parganah, a district, a division 

of a district. 
\Ji^ji purnii/dn, damask cloth, China 
%iijjjparindahf Ay in g; a bird. [silk. 
Ijj-j parwd, care, fear, anxiety. 
j__5« Ijj .J parwdri, fatted, stall-fed. 
)}J^, parwdz, flight, flying, leaping. 
Xili^ parwdngi, permission, com- 
<x.i)^^ parwdnahy a butterfly, moth ; 
a mandate, a diploma, a written 
jl>jjj par-o-bdl, feathers and pinions. 
J)/i partcar, n.ourisher, patron. 
j^'ijiy^ parwardigdvy providence. 
y;Ju»j parwardan, to nourish, feed, 

educate, foster. 
U^jtTv partvarish, protection, edu- 
cation, nutrition, fostering. 
«jju,j parwarindah, cherisher, pro- 
tector, patron, 
y>%jiparve%y victorious; a guide. 
^^ ,j, ,j parvexan, a sieve, 
i^'V'i porvin, the pleiades; pearls, 
Lc-'i/v» pti^^cibmi, the nostrils. 
J.A4.J parhex, abstinence, continence. 
j^xtbjj parhe%gdr, continent, chaste, 
^^jjuA^j parheziddn, to abstain, to 

avoid, to restrain, to take heed. 
jT^j pari, a fairy ; day before yes- 
terday ; flying, winged. 
^J'jjJ pariydn, silk muslin ; fairies. 
j^i <Sji. paripaikar, fairy-faced. 

[ 36 ] 

s:)^^siji parikhwan, an inchanter. 

^^Jj,j paridaHy to fly in the air. 

•,jyjj partroz, the day hefore yes- 

d^jijj parizddj a beautiful person, or 
born of a pari. 

^^Km^j^ pares hati, afflicted, distracted. 

^t^.j pareshuui, distress, destitu- 
tion perplexity, disgust. 

^*^ji partshab^ the night before 

^jxi.j^j pareshidaHf to distress. 

tjjjuijj (lareshida/i, dispersed,distress.. 
eti, ruined. 

ijJ^^ji parigiriftah, soothsayer. 

^^^ijo!^ passdtiidarif to cook, to cause 
to cook. 

f^Lxtyj paxashk, a physician, 

^^iiiyi puxas/iki, the art of physic. 

j»jU^ pa%md?i, withered. 

^^y*H puzmurdan, to faint, wither. 

td^^y^pazmurdah, decayed, withered. 

yJUbyyi^pazuhrsh^ inquiry. [mine. 

y^dsit)j,y^ pazuhidan, to inquire, cxa- 

^^6y,■i paxiddn, to cook. 

i^j pas J after, behind j then, there- 
fore, consequently, at last, 

:ljJ),^^j pasanddZf clear profit. 

Ci-««-J/?as^, low, abjectjhumble, ruin. 

Juu; paslar, later, posterior. 

^ULuj pistdn the breast, dug. 

^L»>~j pasti, inferiority, lowness. 

*^J^U^, pflsAAwrc/a^, the leavings 
of a meal. 

.mj pisar, a son, boy, a youth. 

lt^i)^JM)J pisarikhivdndahj'An. adopt- 
ed son. 

Ij^'^^j pasfardah, the day after to- 

aJUm*; paskulah, the bolt of a door. 

ji.a»j pasand, approbation, choice. 

^j^ jj^jj^ pasandidan^ to approve. 

jaJw pasandidahj commendable, 
agreeable, esteemed, acceptable. 


^Jir^, pasm, the last, posterior. 

lS^sAj pusfity the back, outside. 

SjU^ pushtdrah, a load. [fly off. 

^«5lJc>-^;;. pusht'dddan, to retreat, to 

»U;ui.»ij pushtpatidhf patron, sup- 
portcM', an ally. 

viAlAj ;>MjjA/a^, a jacket. [dike. 

*-*"^j piishtah, a rising ground ; a 

^^ijmslitiy support, aid; return. 

^UaaAj pus ht than, a prop. 

c)^^/??W(tA:rt/, dungof asheep j doubt. 

I*^j pasha7n, wool, feather. 

*xxA:i.; pashrnhiahf woollen. 

*Aj pas/ishnh, a gnat. 

j-A^j pashiz, a small piece of money* 

^^Uj^iu; pashemdti, penitent, sorry. 

^iUjk^ pushemdnt^ repentance. 

%!€j pagdh, the dawn. 

J^j pul, a bridge, 

^^Ib ^a/a*, a coarse cloth, canvas. 

ytj puldo, a well known dish. 

JjJiJ pilpil, i)epper ; see (JJds. 

<JLyh palak, an eyelash. 

iI^Uj palang, a tiger, leopard. 

aX> pallahf the bason of a balance. 

iXjpula, step of a ladder. 

^aAj palitahf the wick of a candle or 
lamp ; the young of any animal. 

lykbpalid, impure, defiled, polluted. 

xU.> paitdh, refuge, protection ; 

Axh pumbah, cotton. [shade. 

ji^^H pumbafidoz, a carder of cot- 

^i P^^y> five. [ton. 

^j^^^'^,panjgavj, the five elements. 

t\:sH,pinjdh, fifty. 

j^itKsfH pinjdhum, fiftieth. 

tjs^i pinjrahy a cage. 
<ti^^i.^ panjgushah, a pentagon. 
a!>.i^3?^:J panj-shumbah, Thursday. 
Aar*-^ panjah, a claw, the hand with 

fingers, the palm of the hand. 
*s-^ panjunif fifth. 
cUj pawt/, maxim, exhortation. 

[ 37 ] 

'jjo pmt/ar, judgment, thought, opi- 
nion ; conceit, pride ; pondering. 

^cjltXij pitiddri, self-conceit. 

^^Jx!i](y^J pindashtan, to think, sup- 
pose, consider, ponder, presume. 

\^\H P^fthdiif concealed, secret, hid. 

ijilyjj piuhani, concealment. 

fxij pant?', cheese. 

ajC^jjaj panirmayahi rennet. 

_^j />M, search, inquiry; slight. 

-^.j puchj injudicious, absurd. 

^yi^ pud, the warp, the web. 

sjj<iy) pudinah, garden mint. 
jyi Pur, a son ; a horse. 

jy^piiss, the environs of the mouth, 

^tjfi pozi&h, an excuse, apology. 

jUej.j puzmdl, a kind of halter. 

vi^*«.y post, a skin, hide j bark of a 
tree ; crust ; a shell. 

^X*wyj postin, fur, leathern, leather. 

ipyj posh, a cover, lid. 

jjiUJLi^j poshdnidan,, to cause to hide, 
to cloth, to cover. 

j^^ poshish, dress; covering. 

yjtXjJ«^j poshidan, to hide ; to dress. 

«jjj^^ poshidah, hidden, concealed, 

J.J put, a bridge. 

.35^ puldd, steel ; a club. 

^^yi^ put, search, inquiry. 

\iyj puj/d, seeking ; a swift horse. 

y^^y^jj puidan, to search, wander. 

Hyi puyah, a hand gallop ; running. 

j^i pahar, three hours, 

tj^ paharah, a guard. 

jJi^j pahalu, side, quarter. 

^LJLj pahalwdn, a hero, wrestler. 
.jiX^^i^lyj pahlu tihi kardan, to be 
obstinate, to refrain, withdraw. 

^jX^j pahlu kardan, to deny, to 
run away, to turn the face. 

j-T^t^ pahalavi, ancient Persian. 

^Y> p«^a?J, breadth, width, latitude. 

f^^pai,-d foot; a tendon; behind. 

^^ pj, fat, greese. 

^^jUj paidpai, successively. 

s jUj /;^/arfaA, a foot soldier, infantry, 
pedestrian, a pawn at chess. 

jUj pij/dz, an onion. 

A;U> piydlah, a cup, a glass. 

I»Uj paydm, a message, news. 

^A-^l^j paydmbar, a prophet, an apos- 
tle, a messenger. 

-^ />ecA, a screw, twist ; a plait. 

peckish, inflexion, convolu- 
tion, contortion ; gripes. 

(.iXsrii pechak, a skein of thread. 

^^ Jjjsi^ pechidany to twist ; to fold. 

Ij^^ paidd, production; evident. 

^jSoljjo paiddish, produce, 

j^j)t>^_^j pai-darpai, successively. 
^ pir, Monday; an old man; a 
saint, spiritual guide, 

I^Aj pird, decorating. 

^^Lm]jM pirdstan, to adorn. 

e/"*'^ pirdman, environs ; about. 

«j|^ pirdnah, like an old man. 

(tr^l/i pirdhan, a skirt. 

,^^1^ pirdish, embellishment. 

ajI^ pirdyah, an ornament. 

•3^Ayju pirkhirad, wisdom. 

>i]jjxjpirzdd, born decrepid ; an aged 
prince, an old man of authority. 

Jl^Aj pirzdl, a decrepit ; old man or 
woman ; the father of Rustam. 

(j\.u,jyj pirsdl, stricken in years. 

L::^Aj^l9,ja piritariqat, a spiritual 
guide ; ^^}SjjX>^ Saturn. 

^jU^j pirimughdn, a chief priest of 
the Magi, a worshipper of fire. 

5^> pairau, a follower, a dependant. 

Jir^i P^roz, victorious ; a conqueror. 

VvH P^^ozah, a turquoise, 

i^Jfjti pirozi, victory, conquest. 

crv-i P*"""^^j pursuit, imitation. 

(.^j piri, old age ; J^-^/^^. 

^<jj;jjj pezidan, to sprinkle, scatter. 

yj^ pezan, a sieve ; y^JjJ. 

^yi^pesh, before, in front, forward. 

[ 38 ] 

l-jIAjj peshdb, urine. 
^IuXjo p€sk<ini, the forehead. 
jx*iyj_ pes/itar^befove, prior. 

tii^sAi^, peshkhdnah, camp equipage 
sent on before wlien travelling. 

,3)tX^.vj peshdad, a law-giver. 

^juttd^w peshdasti, aggression. 

t^iiSJiuyj peshdidj \\\ view. [tual. 

\S^3jLm peshruftj efficacious, vffcc- 

Awlxjj^jMjjj peshqa%hahf a dagger, 
^^j peshrau, a chief, a leader. 

•li^w peshkar, a manager, agent, 
deputy, or headman. 

^K^jjj peshkari, deputyship. 

^jt<^jw> peshkabk, a present ; offer- 

t€.ij.xi peshgcih, a portico. ['ngs. ' 

iS^^jiwW 2ieshmu%dy hand sale. 

-Ui^jiu^ peshnamdzy a priest, presid- 
ing at prayer. 

«Styi,^^;*Uj peshnihdd, intention. 

)y*jjj peshivdf a leader. 

•)^i.jkj peshwdx, a woman's gown, 

^J)y!uAj peshwdi, guidance ; the Ima- 
mut, the office of high priest. 

*.&.jj peshah, an art, profession. 

c->U;tAj peshydb, foresighted. 

«4;i*^ii pe^/i^M, former, ancient. 

Aijk^jj peshinah, formerly. 

^jjUJaiijj^ peshinii/dn, the ancients, 

jiUxj paighdm, a message, news. 

^/oljaj paighdmba?', a messenger, 

-A.«jixj paighamTfar, a prophet. 

A!yi.xj paigkulah, a corner, angle. 

*.^Jjo paiA, a courier, messenger. 

^ISjj paikdfi, the head of a spear, &c. 

^w paikar, form, figilre. 

^^w paikarij a sieve, a pick-axe. 

^jj paigu, the kingdom of Pegu. 

(Jaj ?«7, an elephant. 

^»jUUj pilbdn, an elephant-keeper. 

*jIxUj p27/?a3/rtA, a pillar, a prop. 

j^M P^^^^i ^ pedlar, a hawker ; a 

ilk) pilahy a silkworm's cone. 

&^i paya^n, a message. 

Uju paimd, a measurer, a weigher, 
or traveller. 

^'■cAi pahndn, measuring ; a promise, 
treaty, stipulation. 

(LIUxj paimdnah, a measure, cup. 

^^^Ujo paimdishj measure, measure- 
ment, dimension. 

♦J.AJJ paimbar, a messenger, prophet. 

^«3y*,*j pnimudauyio measure, [piece. 

&J.AJ pinah, a patch, (of cloth,) a 
i*u^ paiwastan, to join, fasten. 

jJ>^ paitvand, conjunction, joint, 
fastened, bound ; a chain. 

^H peA, fat, grease. 

f^^i V^ihanif successively, quickly. 

ci ie or tdj the third letter of the 
Arabic and fourth of the Persian 
alphabet. It is called tditdnis in 
Arabic, and tdifuqdni in Persian, 
and denotes 400 in the numerial 
account of Abjud, It also repre- 
sents the pronoun of the second 
person singular, when affixed to 
the end of a noun or verb, as u:^j>*u) 
aspatf thy horse, Li^-cltc gliuldmat, 
thy slave, c^-o-J^^, I spoke to thee, 
Ci^AJji, I speak to thee, &c. 

Ij tdf until, so far, as long as, to that, 
in order that, M'hile; as*IflA.^x^l.j, 
I slept till the morning, <»J;J<*«'<itiji'o, 
I travelled as far as Kufak, &c. 

*-->U tdb^ heat, light ; power. 

^lAS tdbdn^ shining, bright. 

^j)j.j\j tdbddii, a sky-light, a latice. 

^VxiiuJ3 tdbistdn, summer, hot wea- 

^jJ/j tdbish, brilliancy, splendour ; 
heat, j)ower. 

^\.i tdhi, a dependant, follower, an 
obedient servant. 

[ 39 ] 

v-TUjIj tahnak, bright, shining, bril- 
liant, fiery, burning, 
c?^Ij tabut^ a coffin, a bier. 
*jIj td5ah, a frying pan, a skillet. 
^^<i^^ tabidan, to shine ; to twist. 
^yJZ tabin, a following; praising. 
tUU tatdr^ a Tartar, a Scythian. 
JVi taassur, impression, effect. 
.jjlj /aszV, making an impression, pe- 
netration, leaving a mark. 
— .U tdj, a crown, a diadem, a cap, 

a crest ; the comb of a bird. 
^^y^,^ tajikharos, a cock's comb. 
ilJck-U tdjdar, wearing a crown, a 

king, a sovereign. 
j^^ tajir, a merchant, a vintner. 
uj^jJ^U tajfirozah, the sky. 
c2J*- 3 tojak, Persia; see tqfik. 
(J.^^U injigul, a wreath of flowers, 
s^sJ^j tajwar, crowned, a king, 
(iAja^lj tajik, a Persian, also Persia. 
Jaa.lj fdjil, delaying, defering. 
\-^lj tdkhf, attack, assault, inva- 
sion ; plunder, spoil. 
^J>^^ tdkhtcm, to assault, to gallop. 
jA.\j tdkhkhur, delay, 
jx^^ tdkhir, delay, procrastinating. 
«->«i^ tdddab, instruction, teaching. 
i^id^i ^ar^zZ*, chastisement. 
Uii/^.i^ tddiyatf sending. 
J^tdr, a thread, wire; the warp; 

dark ; species of palm-tree. 
^]J"i tdrdji spoil, plunder. 
cy^^ tdraty once ; a time, a turn. 
vljilj" tdrik^ abandoning the world, 

leaving, deserting; a hermit. 
\2JS> tdrakf the top, crown of the 

head, a head, summit. 
jjj>^,lj tdrkash, a wire, drawer. 
Uo Aj tdrmdr, dispersion 
«>^.;Ij tdropud, the warp and web. 
^j'j tdrikh, the date of a letter; an 
event, era, epoch ; a history, 
chronicle, calendar. 

'*^ij^> tdrik, dark, obscure, cloudy. 

i^Hj^^ tdriki, darkness, obscurity, 

j^ idz, an assault, attack; a race. 

i^fi tdzigi, freshness, fatness. 

%\[i td%ah, fresh, new, green. 

^_sJ^ tdzi, Arabian ; Arabic. 

i^\.ij^ tdzit/dnahf a scourge, whip. 

y^J^jjU tdzidauy to run, to gallop. 

»— ^ij^J tdzik ; vide vii^^lj. 

»*i»lj /ase, the ninth. 

i..JkJ3 taassuf, grief, regret, sighing. 

^^ijoXi tdsisy stability, foundation. 

^Ij tdshy a master ; partner ; gold or 
silver guaze ; name of a country. 

^ilj tdftan, to twist, to spin j to 
shine, to burn, to inflame. 

ililj tdfkih, twisted, woven, heated. 

«-/^ taky the vine plant. 

JjwS^ tdkid, confirming, repetition, 

4->SU tdldb, a pond, cistern. 

•— ajIj taalluf, affection, friendship, 
society, acquaintance. 

J^i taallum, grief, pain, torment. 

«_ftx!U tdlif, compilation of a book. 

I»Ij tdmm, complete, entire, perfect, 

1^^ tdni, delay, hesitation. 

j^i^xiU td7i{s, in the feminine gen- 

■^0* fdo, heat, strength ; t^'Oj^. [der. 

yj^^ tdwdn^ fine, mulct, "debt. 

Jjj^j tdvil, interpretation, expound- 
ing, explaining. 

»lj tdh, plait, fold. 

(Jjt^j tahhul, marrying ; a wife. 

u-^^ tdib, repenting, penitent. 

t>AjOI tdid^ assistance, support, aid. 

cjltAulj tdiddt^ assistances, aids. 

^jjoG tdidan, to resemble. 

.i>Uj tabddur, preparing for. [ing. 

JjUj fabddul, changing, transpose 

y^j tabdr, family, race; ruin. 

^x^U5 fabdshir, good news; sugar of 

0<cUj ^a6aa^, penitence; following. 

[ 40 ] 

»Uj tahah, wicked, abject j ruined. 
-aUj tabahi^ depravity ; ruin. 

^ss^ tuhjih, giving joy. 

iJ-isp^ tabjil, magnifying. 

-s*^ tahahhuvy profound learning. 

js*} tabakhkhuTf perfuming one's 

-jLsV tabkhir^ perfuming. [self. 

«5«iAJ tabaddud, dispersed, 

Jja' tabaddul, a change ; y^<^j^uoy£. 

JjtUj tabdit, change, alteration, sub- 

calbcUj tabdildt, changes. 

-jLA-U^JotAAj tabdil-takhir, topsytur- 
vy, changes. 

jXi tabar, a hatchet, an axe. 

jjo tibar^ gold or silver. 

\jXi tabarrd, displeasure, hate. 

y^jj^'i tabarruk, benediction, congra- 

o^;AJ tabarrukat, blessings, honours. 

J^j tabridi cooling, refreshing j a 
medical prescription. 

*-*»Aj tabassum^ a smile, a simper. 

c:^i*^J tabtat, following, obedi- 
ence, imitation. 

^jJUj tahligh, sending letters. 

^^yxi tibin^ straw, 

*xi taba/if corruption, ruin. 

j^tjJ tabahkavy a criminal, offender. 
ii*.j tabaiiiy explanation, declaring. 

^Ua,j tibiydn^ explanation, 

u^ tapy fever, heat. 

(jJi—^J tapi'diq, a severe fever. 

«jjV«^j tapi-rubqy a quartan fever. 

c«^iL-^" tapimghib, a tertian fever. 

i^^Ju-^ tapi-larzah, an ague. 

fjjs^i^^ tapi'Tnuhriqy an ardent 
fever. [fever. 

CHy«— ^ f(ipi-fi(^^bf^^) 5in intermittent 

ci^Uj tapdky uneasiness of the mind. 

^^AJ tapish^ heat, warmth. 

i^Axj tupaky favour, friendship. 

^jf^ tupakchiy head accountant. 

J'HiJ tapidaUy to palpitate, to totter. 

jji3 tatabhUy searching. 

jxi tatar, a Tartar, a Scythian. 

ijyj tatar ly Tartarian. 

^^j^Ij tataris, arming one's self. 

s— oj^Xj tatarify seducing, ruining. 

j^ tutuqy a curtain, a veil. 

J^ tataniy a gourd. 

(UU tatimmah, supplement, an ap- 
pending, completion. 

*x*X'i tatmin, completing, ending. 

sxxVi iasniyahy the dual, doubling. 

.tsJ tujjdvy a merchant. 

cj^lat* tajdruby experiments, proofs, 

uy>l3r> tijdraty trade, mercliandise. 

^Is-* tajdsur, presumption, bold- 
ness, firmness ; striving. 

ijlar* taJdwuZy deviation. 

JJi>lap> tajdhud, labouring hard. 

J.ftl3f> iajdhuly pretended ignorance. 

o>jw4l^ tajdhid, exertion, endeavour ; 

fight, labouring hard. [ous. 

j^.^ tajabbuVy haughty, contumaci- 

ti^As-> tajdid, renewal. [ment. 

*j^s:-> tajribahy experience, experi- 
j^ijjs^ tojribakdvy experienced in 
business, versed in business, 

^js^ tajarrudy solitude, celibacy. 

j^^^Jt^-> tajurrudguzhiy a recluse. 

c »sJ tajarru^ mitigating anger. 

(^ijsr^ tajrid, separation, solitude. 

if^M>.s:^ tajassusy search, spying. 

ig^ tajalliy brilliancy. 

jr«.ar^ tajamtnuly pomp, retinue. 

u^Jws^ tajannuhy abstemiousness. 

^^J*,sxs^ tajnisy analogy, resemblance. 
jiys^ tajwiz, investigation, inquir- 
ing into, examining, 
jx^s^ tajhizy putting on a shroud. 

— ils^ tahdby mutual love. 

«suls^ tahdify rarities, choice gifts. 

:i^s} tahaty under, below, beneath. 
^JJ^ tah%ir, threatening. 
t^'j»3r-> tahaddus, being narrated. 
jijss^ tahrir, written, a writing. 

t 41 ] 

*}ji^ tahriran, written, dated. 

^J^jij^ tahrir-kash^ a writer. 

^^JiJS^ tahririy the duty paid for 

%jc^js^ la/iris, inflaming'. 

f^^js^ Uiliriz^ investigation. 

k»_BJ^ tahrif^ inversion, transposi- 
tion ; making a pen. 

vfXys-'/aAr?^, agitating ; movement. 

^jx^ tahrim, interdicting, prolii- 
jx„»>>s' tahassurj regret. [biting. 

^j^Juior' ta/isin, praise, approbation. 

Jx^s^ tahsil, acquisition, collection. 

jljJU^s:^ tahsilddr, a collector of re- 

i_5»^)jJ[^ tahsilddri, collectorship. 

COS"' tuhaf, presents, valuable gifts. 

j^^Aar* tulifagiy rarity, elegance. 

i'sls^ tuhfahf rare, excellent. 

cylA.iflar' tu/i/(ijdt, rarities. 

jotXs-' (ahdid, sharpening, describing. 

jiAs^lahqir, contempt, disdain. 

^;xas - > tahqiq^ certainty, truth. 

^<s-» tuhakkum, command, sway. 

»«jivls:-' ta/ilif, exacting an oath. 

JjJlsr-' tahlil, discussion, digestion. 

^j-ocs-* lahammul, forbearance, pati- 
ence, carrying a load, 

*ii*ss^ tahmid, praising God. 

^).x.A^ tahmil, burdening. 

.^•> tahawar^ haste, celerity; anger. 

Jj^ tahvily change ; trust ; cash. 

JoLys^ tahvilddr, a cash-keeper, a 
treasurer, a cashier. 

cyUar^ tahiydtj salutation. 

•isr^ tahaiyur^ astonishment. 

<Us-> taliiyahy salutation, benedic- 
tion ; raising to life. 
I'lsrJ takhdluj, opposition, enmity. 
takht, a throne. 

takhti'Vawdn, a portable 
throne, a litter; the sky. 
vifci^^s' lakht'gdh, the seat of go- 
vernment, metropolis. 


AAsJ takhtahf a board, plank, table, 

j_fjJj*is^ takhtah-bandi, covering, 
with planks, boarding. 

^^^^I^ fakhti, a tablet. 

vIL^j^i-* takhrih, demolishing. 

(^j;.o.i-> takhsis^ appropriation, pe- 
culiarity, being pure. 

v_AjjA3:J tdkhfif, abatement, light. 

c/o.lsr> takhalluSy the titular name 
assumed by poets ; being pure. 

»— flis^ ^a/tAaZ/M/, contradiction, [siou. 

JA^ takhallul, disturbance, confu* 

c^iJUsr* lakhlisj liberation, saving. 

jhsrJ tukhm, seed, an egg ; origin, 

A*s^ tukhmahj indigestion. 

AiU^s^ tnkhmiydnah, linseed. 

^Jy^^^ takhmin^ conjecture, guess. 

*UxAJsr> takhminan, by conjecture, or 
guess ; nearly, about, more or less, 

-joIjJ taddbir, deliberations, advice, 

J^IjJ taddkhul, eating on a full 
stomach ; penetrating. [ment. 

u-^ltC taddruk, precaution ; chastise- 

ojjJ tadbirj deliberation, counsel, 

jyjJ tadarrUf a pheasant. [advice, 

^^.t\3 tudri, a kind of white mustard, 

^jjJ tadrij, gradation, by degrees, 

^J*'iJSi tadris, teaching, giving lec- 
tures, learning. 

^j^ijj tad/in, burying. 

^jjSjJ tadqiq, scrutinising; fine. 

^jiSi ^dc/rt/yjm, constancy in religion, 

«-jJa(i) tazuhzuh^ agitation, palpita- 

tion, beating, doubt, suspicion. 
tS<Si tazkirahf a memoir, remem- 
brance, commemoration ; ^l^«5^. 
♦i^ jJ tasskivy the masculine gender. 

y ^ar, moist, fresh, juicy; sign of 
the comparative degree ; as,^»y.*. 
fc^l^j turdb, ground, earth. 
^a..Lj tardkhi, delay, protraction. 

jlj3 turdzf beauty; tardss, raw silk. 
^•IJ tardzUf a balance, scales, a 
weight ; the sign Libra. 

[ 42 ] 

\^^^ tarash, cutting, shaving ; de- 
sire, expectation; razor. 

tJ*>\Ji tarashahf a chip, paring, sliav- 
ing, a pllnter. 

^SiJ*\j'i tardshidan, to cut, scrape. 

*^|;j turakum, a crowd, tlirong. 

Aa^I^ tarakimah, the Turcomans. 

c^ji|^ tardkib, compounds. 

AJJ^j tardnahy melody, song, voice. 

it')^y tardivish, exudation, distilla- 
tion, an oozing. 

tt>*^y>H tardvidan^ to exude; to leak. 

<~jjt turub, a radish ; turby torture. 

tjjj turby earth, dust. 

ij>j^ turbat, a grave, tomb ; (jjl^. 

J^j tnrbad, turbith root, purgative. 

jjjS tarbux, a water-melon. 

\j^jy taTbiyat, education, instruct. 

^Ji tarhia^ dividing into four. 

fc^jJ^ tartibf arrangement, order. 

^jjUsyJ tarjamdn, an interpreter, a 
translator; a petition. 

A.^^ tarjumahf interpretation. 

f^y tarjih, excellence, superiority. 

*ayj tarahhum, compassion, pity. 

«3^ taraddudj deep consideration, 
application, effort, labour, [tions. 

o'»J»?;j taradduddf, labours, exer- 

^^/clj^ tarddman, a sinner, a whore. 

t»iy tarda/i, a pair, a bond; title-deeds. 

tij«3^ tardid, repelling, opposing. 

»— ftj«sy> tardifi following, subjoining. 

ij^tj^i tarzahdn, an eloquent speaker. 

yj^y tars, fear, terror. 

\M>y tarsa^ worshippers of fire; a 
Christian; timid, fearful. 

^Jxilitf^ tarsdnidarif to terrify, 
frighten ; to inspire dread. 

cJ^lj^y tarsndk, terrified, afraid. 

«jJu«yj /arsmrfaA, timid, fearful. 

iMj'i tarsah^ the rainbow. 

^jjk«,y tarnidaUy to fear, to dread. 

ij^jj tarsil, sending, despatching. 

^Ji turahy sour, acid ; morose. 

^Ji tarashshuhj exudation, distilla-' 
tion, sweating. 

^Jij' turshru^ a sour countenance. 

*~i J turshah, wild sorrel. 

^-^j (iirshi, sad, acidity ; pickles. 

S^j3 tarassud, h<)j)e, expectation. 

^^jk^J tarsis) joining closely, mak- 
ing strong. 

Pji /am, being full, filling abottle,&c. 

c^c^ tarara. growing, (a lad.) 

\,i^ycy ^arg-/izft, excitement, exciting 
desire, tempting. 

sSy turf ah, elegant, beautiful. 

Ax»y tar/iyah, quieting, composing, 

\,tm^9y taraqqtih, hope; ^^ J^»,. 

^e'y tarugqiy augmentation, promo- 
tion; ^tii^^U). 

^^i:'»y tarqiq, softening, thinning. 

^i)'^h*j' tarqidan, to burst, split, crack. 

^i^j'y tarqim, writing; ^/^^y. 

u-Jj-J taraky a ditch ; name of a 
sweetmeat; a girl, virgin ; moist; 
tnrk, a helmet, relinquishment, 
leaving, forsaking, bequests ; the 
noise made by the thunder or in 

(— /y turky a nation called Turkan 
descent from Turk the son o( Ja- 
phet ; a sweatheart, beloved; a 

o^j tarkdtj things left after death, 

^J^' ttirkdiifTiu'ks; beautiful woman. 

Aii}.) turkdnahf Turkish like. 

j\jSj3 furktdZf depredation, attack, 
assault; suddenly. 

yt)\Jk^Ji turkistdn, Tur^n. 

^^Ji tarkas/i, a quiver. [moon. 

i^j\..^a^'^J^ turkhisdrif the sun ; the 

^jjU^j turkmdn, a nation ; see turkdn. 

sSji tarkah, inheritances, estates, le- 

^^ji turki, Turkish. [gacies. 

^*Sy tarkib, compounding, com- 
posing ; form, the body. 

I 43 ] 

^j«*^ tarmis, a Turkish Inpin ; 

. f>ulse, a bean or beaii-sliell ; bram- 

^j«i-«^ tarmush, a black berry. 

ri:^ tarmim, mending, repairing. 

^j3 turuuj\ a citron, an orange. 

^xxsK'i taranjbuin, manna. 

*i;j> tarannmrif ratlody, singing. 

*j^V^ fdr-otdza/i, moist and fresh. 

iJiXi^yJi tar~o khushk, moist and dry. 

^,)j^ tarwij, giving currency. 

%y tarahy pot-herbs in general. 

«:*l.^^ tarrahat, idle conversation, 
foolish thing, trifles. 

i^yxJTijJ tarahtezaJc, garden cresses. 

\jry> turi, freshness, moisture ; a dam. 

(j^i^ tiriyaq^ an antidote ; treacle. 

f^^y fazdhum, opposition ; a mob. 

*yj\ytazdyid augmentation, increase. 

pyj* tazghazq, agitation, commo- 

ijjji ttizuk, an institute, law. 

^y taxakki, giving alms, studying 

j.x^ji tazkiyah, purity, sanctity, giv- 
ing alms ; praising one's self. 

^JJy tazalzul, commotion ; earth- 
quake, trembling, tremour. 

JjJ^ tazriid, lying, telling falsehood. 

ji^y tazivir ^ deceit, fraud, imposture. 

j^^LoJ tasdu'i, equality, parallelism. 

^3^1*5 tasdlad pardoning, making 
easy, negligence. 

^ja*j tasbihj praising God, suppli- 
cating ; a rosary of beads. 

«,*Jkv*«j tasbik, melting, (gold, &c.) 

vi^-»«j tust, it is yours ; fast, a cup. 

y^'*^ tasakhkhur, ridicule, jest. 

jjsr^ taskhir, subduing, conquest. 

joJu*.? tasdicL^ directing properly, 
acting right. 

tf^lSi tasdis, dividing into six parts. 
cyM»3 tasarruy hastening. 

^_^IkaJ tastivf writing, delineating. 

^*»o tisa, nine. 

y^y»M^ tis^wif ninety. 

j^Ai*,J taskifij quieting, pacifying ; 
consolation, rest. 

(^luJ tasalsul, series, succession, 
as the link of chains. 

laA^ tasallut, absolute dominion. 

,^_yLi*j tasalli, consolation, comfort. 

JlL*.j taslim, consignment j saluta- 
tion; submitting. 

x-i^fasmah, a leather-strap, [meat. 

^x**io tasmin, fattening ; cooling 

*jj*^j;fl5m?yaA, nomination J sending. 

^M^3 tassu, a weight of four barley 
corns, the 24th part of a weight, 
measure, or day, 

<Jjy»j taswid, writing a foul draft. 

i^JuyiJ taswify delaying. 

SjjmS taswiyah, equality, [ness. 

*Ai.j iashdhuh, resemblance, like- 

i-J'il^j tashdruk, partnership. 

JiUSJ tashdkul, resembling one ano- 
ther, suiting. 

SjlkmJ tashbik, a comparison, simile. 

c»i-^ tashattuty dispersion. 
j-iar**^ tashjir, painting in the form c^ 
a tree. 

(^feLsr"^ tashakhkhus, appropriation, 

4_^xs-*^^ tashkhiSf ascertaining, esti- 

jj^.iJ tashdidy corroborating ; the 
orthographical mark which shows 
that the letter underneath must 
be pronounced double. 

fi^'^'i ^asAHA, explanation ; anatomy. 

I— Wj^i tashrify ennobling ; visiting. 

•i^y^j tashrik, participating. 

j^ft*uj tashaffiy consolation, calra- 

** ness of mind. 

^.2J,i,tj tashakkuky doubting. 

\^('^ tashukkiy complaining. 

v.iAiii'iJ" taslikik, creating doubt. 

^yJij tashatmuj, convulsion, spasm. 
£xmj tuhnagi, thirst ; temptation. 

[ 44 ] 

tishnah, thirsty, greedy. 
^jJLij tashnix^ defaming. 

^^Ji^ tashnia, reproach, slandering. 

yt-yi-i tashaittvush, disquietude. 
ji^i tashvir, distress of mind. 

■ JSj^iJ tashvish, confusion, distrac- 
tion, anxiety, apprehension. 

•x^-iJ tashhir, proclaiming, publish- 
ing, devulging. 

ijy^J tashhi, desiring, wishing, 

OJrfA^ tashytd) confirmation. 


^i.j tashaiyun, pomp, ostentation. 

•ixi^j tashaiyi, following a funeral ; 
burning, scorching. 

cJu A.<a3/asan/,revolutions ; changes. 

t^clJaH tasaud^ ascension, climbing. 

^Lflj tasd/uh, shaking hands ; tak- 
ing one another by the hand. 

wJuJl.i^ tasanif, literary works, 
compositions, books, 

-ijUaJ tasawir, pictures, figures. 

^Jks-^^ tas-hih, rectification, correc- 

^ tion, putting in order. 

>— o Kar "^ tas'hif, writing ; making 
an error in reading or writing. 

O^^J tasadduq, alms, giving alms. 

^j'ly.iflJ tasaddif presumption, bold- 
ness, daring, attempting. 

C-jtV^aj tasdiyat, clapping with the 

j^Jmoj ^ast/ia, vexation, trouble, 

j^jwoj tasdig, verifying, attesting. 

i— 9;^ tasarriifj possession j use ; ex- 
penditure ; embezzlement j tak- 
ing, claiming, seizing. 

CJ^-^J" tasarru/nf, possessions ; 
usages ; expenditure, 

^*^j tasrihy manifestation. 

j^j^i tasghir, diminution; a dimi- 
nutive noun J contemptible. 

^A^3 tasfth, expanding, making 
broad, beating out. [liation. 

tasfiyah, purification ; recouci- 

i^^Laj taslihy Crucifying'. 

^x«.^j tasmim^ strengthening ; re- 
solution; intending, 

^Lflj (asannUf speciousness. 

eJui/^ tasni/f publishing, compil- 
ing, writing a book. 

sy^ tasamvur, fancy, reflection, 
imagination, conception. 

L«j^^j tasauwufj mystical theology, 

mystery, contemplation. 
jiyoj tasvir^ a picture, painting. 

t-icLaJ ta%auf^ double. 

KZXi^s-'^ tazhik, mockery, ridicule, 

9j^ tazarra, supplication. 

^J*^ tazammun, containing. 

^^^'Ci tuzminiy including one thing 
in another, 

j^AaJ tazia, spoiling, wasting. 

^AScS tatahuq, according, similarity. 

J.liaj tatawul, surpation, conquest. 

^_^laj' tatliq, conformity. 

^^ tatawuy doing a good action, 
to which one is not obliged. 

Jj^laJ tatvil, extending, lengthening. 

^x^Jaj tathir, purification. 

>.Uaj tazallum, injury, oppression. 

{jg>^ taru%, opposition, impedi- 
ment, resistance. 

c-i)U5 tarufy acquaintance j rule, 
fashion, custom. 

w~J»^ tqquhy pursuit, persecution.. 

^^Uj iala, the Most High. 

^jjjUj taqwun, assistance. 

^jU3 tqwix, amulets. 

u^jJ tqh, lassitude, weariness, trou- 
ble, fatigue. 

iU*J tqbbud, receiving ; a servant, 

ii-jAJ tqhat, insertion, inlaying. 

^Ajo tabivy explaining, interpreting 
(of a dream). 

v,^LJ tqttuby reviling ; being angry, 

jMo tqssur, stammering, hesitating, 

Vi^,^ar*-> tqjjub, admiration, surprise. 

Jjjs*^ tdfily hastening, urging. 

[ 45 ] 

•s! J*j tiadad, number, account. 

^ iS^ tqddi, violence, oppression, 

extortion; ^.iAj/,c*J:». jl. 
j*i^i tazzur^ difficulty ; excuse, mak. 

ing apology; besmeared. 
U^.<i*j tqssib, torment, punishment. 
jii^Mi fqzir, making- an apology. 
{^r*i tqrru%, opposition, obstacle. 
«k_iu^ tariff description ; praise, 
^jf.'i tarruf notifying, known. 
c:^j^ tqrii/aty reposing, laying bare. 
^j^ tqrig, causing one to perspire. 
CL^^ju ^a^/ya^,consoling; mourning; 

a representation of the shrines 

of the Husen and Hasen, lament, 
^ji^c^.^j tq%iyatpursi, condolence. 
jly'i tqzir, punishment, reproof. 
»*uAJ tqssvr, difficult, obscure. 
4^4«ot? tdssuf, iniquity, oppression. 
fj.^jti tqshshug, falling in love. 
j,^*j fqshij supping, pasturing by 

c«.».«ajJ tqssub, bigotry, superstition, 
^laxj tqttur, smelling, perfuming. 
i^SanJ tqttuj, putting on a cloak. 
JJi'j tqttul, want of employment, 

idleness j s^^'^^J^,. 
JjjkjJ tqt'%1, neglecting,not meddling, 

letting a holiday, 
^xiaitj tqz'tm, honouring, respect. 

JCLf^ /a^ii?i, foetid ness, stink, rotten. 
V_,-S.\' taqqub, considering the end 

of any thing, railing against. 
J^jo taqqiiti understanding; ^J^i^J<i 
^^i talluq, dependance, connexion, 

attachment; landed property. 
aa1»j> tqlluqah, landed property ; 

connexion, relationship. 
J.xijo tqliU changing one of the weak 

letters for another ; soothing. 
*l*j tallnm, receiving instruction. 
^jJLjJ tqliqi suspension ; a kind of 
writing used by the Persians. 

A5jJ*j tdliqah, an inventory, a note. 
jjAXj tammuq, going deep, close at- 
tention, penetration. 

I»jJaj tqliniy instruction, education. 

(J-*jo tammuly studying, 

^^*j tqmir, rebuilding, repairing. 

yiy*.i tqviz, an amulet, charm. 

^j^*j tqviqy suspension, delay. 

(Jj^ /auz'/, placing confidence; cry- 
ing, howling, suj)plicating. 

iSif*3 /a^Awf/, engagement, contract, 
promise, agreement. 

e>'jky*j iqhhuddi, engagements, un- 
dertakings ; ^Jyc, promises. 

^xxj fqfj/urif appointment. 

cyljjkjtj iaitndf, appointments, 

^Vxx^i taindti, the duty of an office. 

jli*j tqir^ reproaching, reviling, 

j^'^ij taghdburiy deceit, fraud, 
XJo taghdr, a tub, bucket, pail. 

j^^Uj taghdri, a small tub, trough. 

(JjUJ taghdful, negligence, neglect. 

jAjTi tag/idyur, difference. 

ajJJJ taghziyah, food, nourishment. 

w!*) taghallub, imposition, deceit, 
forgery, tyranny, oppression. 

iujj taghmahf a medal, a badge. 

jxk' taghiyur^ change, alteration. 

jxio taghir, dismission from office, 

iSji^'^ taghirif change, revolution. 

uJu tafy vapour, warmth ; ii— w tuf, 

jMo tuff'dh, an apple. [spittle. 

jSkXaj tafdkhur, boasting. 

jJj.Uj tafdriq^ intervals, divisions. 

j.v.*lftji ta/dsivy commentaries, para- 

Jjj.^UJ tafdsil, details. [phrases. 

cy^Uj tafdiuutj distance, difference. 

JjUj tafdwul, taking a good omen. 

Ci^flJ tafty warmth, heat. 

aIaj taftah, warm, quicklime. 

^jJaj taftihy opening, unbarring. 

£^jji&j taftishy inquiry, investiga- 
tion, examination, search. 

ijos^ tafahhusy search, inquiry. 

[ 46 ] 

-.jij tafarrujf recreation, amuse- 
ment, enjoying, heart- ease. 

TiX-^jiu to/arrujgah^ a tiieatre. 

J^j ta/arrud, separation ; solitude. 

{^j^ tufarrus, understanding, dis- 
cernment, judgment. 

*5^ tafriqahy separation, division, 
disjunction, interval. 

^^j tafrih, rejoicing, exhilarating. 

£i^ ta/rit, excess, surpassing. 

^j^oj ta/rtq, separation, partition; 
distinction ; misunderstanding. 

^t\x-4»kAj tafsiddn, to warm, to bask. 

jj4^ tafsir^ com mentary, paraphrase. 

J.jk„flAJ tafsily detail, explanation. 

J^«j tafazxuly favour, kindness. 

ifiX^oAi tafzthy disgrace, disrepute. 

^y^J^Ai tafzil, pre-eminence. 

ty^Aj ta/aggud, inquiry, kindness. 

Jisj lafakkur, consideration, think- 
ing, reflecting, anxiety. 

*Xii5 tnfakkuh, admiring; penitence. 

i^xfii tufangf a matchlock, musket, 
a tub for discharging arrows, 
sA*^ tu/ungchi, a matchlock-man. 
Ipj tafannun, diversion, amuse- 
ment, pastime, fun. 

yo fufUf fob ! fy ! for shame ! 

^}^ tafauwuqy pre-eminence. 

j^/Aj^ tafvizj consignment, trust. 

aaj taffahf tasteless, insipid. 

*yi3 tafahhunij perception, under^ 
standing, perceiving. 

^;tixaj tafidan, to expose to the sun. 

jjISj taqadir, divine decrees, fates. 

4--»iU3 taqaruhy approaching one 

another, being near. 
jij^ taqarir, recitals. 

Lc'vAj taqaza, urgency, importunity. 

tXcUJ taqaady backwardness. 
j)o\m taqdtui'y distilling drop by 
drop, raining. 

Up*jJUj taqdlib, changes, revolutions. 

tsjjUJ taqdwat, piety, continence. 

»^j15j taqaviy assisting (a tenant) j 
strengthening one another, vying, 

^^Iftj taqdvim, almanacks. 

JwAbJ taqabbul, admitting, receiving 
favourably, kissing. 

{J>yxBj taqhil^ kissing. 

^^lX5J taqaddus^ ^^^h't pm'ified, pure. 

jii^sH taqdir, fate, predestination. 

,^^;*oJ>5j taqdis, sanctify, purity. 

j^iX^i taqdim, priority ; performance. 

Kj)jM taqarritb, approximation, to 
draw near, seeking admittance. 

ijAi tuqarrury confirmation, appro- 
bation, established. 

^^ijs3 taqrib, occasion ; access, 

^ijJBj taqrtban, near to, about. 

j.^ taqrir, a narrative, recitation, 
recital, account, explaining. 

*jk***Sj taqshrij division, distribution, 

^^5j taqshir, peeling, excoriating. 

a^s5 taqsir, error, fault, deficiency. 

.)^.iafij taqsirwdr, culpable, crimi- 
nal, blaraeable, faulty. 

j.jJaAJ taqtivy distilling, dropping. 

^jJaAJ taqtta, scanning ; mincing, 

(^/-al5> taqallus, contracting, shrink- 

'.w^jJUu taqliby inversion. [io§"» 

JjiSJ iaqlidy imitation, counterfeit- 
ing, representation ; twisting. 

,^JjJIaj taqlidi, imitated, forged, 
false, counterfeit. 

,^y**iiaj taqlisy beating a drum. 

^,/ttxUj taqlis, contracting, rolling, 

JjjlaJ taqlily diminishing. 

*jJi5o (aqlim, paring the nails. 

i^^Aj taqvdy piety, abstinence. 

c:.-j^Aj taqviyaty strength, aid. 

*j^ taqvim, an almanac, calendar, 

^^53 taqi, pious, fearing God. 

iix&i taqaiyudy diligence, attention. 
ji^ takdsur, an abundance; lasting. 

tj^i takdruniy being honorable. 

Ja«IC> takdsul, infirmity, indolence^ 
negligence, sloth. 

[ 47 ] 

*-JuJlC takalif^ distresses, exactions. 

jX^ takaioar, an ambling horse. 

JaKj ta/cdhul, negligence. 
jjJ^ takabbur, pride, haughtiness. 
^>.Xj ta/ibir, magnifying God by say- 
ing, ^A^l^'^ God is greatest. 

•AAlJ laksir, augmentation. 

icVXj takaddur, dark, impure. 

^tXij takadu, inquiry, search. 

i«-otWJ takxib, accusing. 

Ki^ takrar, altercation, dispute, re- 
petition, again, anew. 

jj^i lakarriir, repetition, 

ojSS takarrq, ablution. 

*jyo takrim, respect, honouring. 

(J*uio takussul, sickness. 

^u*i3 laksir, breaking in pieces. 

JaXJ taka^ul, bail, security. 
j^iaSS takfir, covering, expiating a 
crime, being guiltless. 

J.jiaXj takfil, maintaining. 

^^Xj takfin, putting on the winding 
sheet, shrouding, burying. 

cJ>kT takalltify ceremony ; trouble ; 

JtXj takaltum, conversation. 

«-JulG taklif, trouble, making cere- 
monies, inconvenience. 

A^ tukmah, a coat button. 

*U*Xj takmidy fomentation. 

Jj^^ takmil, perfection, completion. 

^ji^ takun, being, or becoming. 

^^y^ takvhif creating, causing to 
exist, establishing. 

iu<j takj/ah, a pillow; reliance, a 
place of repose, an elbow chair. 

^jjOj&K^ takyazadan, to lean, to rely. 

CSi tagf depth, bottom, swift ; pas- 
sing, running, walki(!g. 

jX'i tagdpu, search, inquiry. 

jjXi tagdau, inquiry, fatigue. 

^j^ tJo tagopii, search, inquiry. 

Jj tali a hillock, a heap. 

^j'lS tala^um, exemplifying. 

^JiXJ taldsh, search, inquiry. 

^_y^Xj /a/as^i,annihilation, vanishing. 

Js8J taldium, dashing waves. 

^ti talafi, compensation, amends. 

^»llj talaqi, meeting. 

itX-^Kj taldmuxah, disciples, students, 

cu^Jl' taldtvat, reading a sacred book, 

^^^;**i•*-^^ talbisy fraud, deceit. 

2f^ talkh, bitter, acrimonious. 

^s^ talkhd, the gall-bladder. 

^I^^U talkhkdrn, bitter palate. 

^3r^ talkhi, bitterness. 

j^xjB-"^ talkhis, explanation. 

«>jij talazzuz, taking pleasure, [due. 

Jaklj talattut, denying a debt legally 

»«Jiklj talattuf, favour, kindness. 

^j^Ij talaghghun, black clay or mud. 

*— aU taluf, destruction, ruin ; pro- 

iailj talaffiiZy pronunciation, articu- 
lation, expression, speech. 

^KaIJ talafkdry a prodigal, lavish. 

^5U talqiy acception, receiving a 
visit, meeting, arriving. 

^j^wilj talqiuy instruction, informing. 

cX^ij talammwHy studying, learning. 

J*i*Aj tabniz, a student, apprentice, 

A*Jy.ii talwdsah, grief, sorrow. 

^gfjiJ falamvutt, changeable. 

j^xDJ talam, softening, smoothed. 

*j tama, the end, finis, completing, 

JJV«.3 tamdsuly resemblance. 

ufti'-^J tamdUi, protraction. 

l-iU3 tamdshd, a show, sight. 

»l^vJiUj tamdshdgdhy a theatre, 

^^JlouUJ famdshdi, a spectator. 

^Iaj tamdniy the whole, complete, 

entire, perfect, all, end. 
jI^Iaj taoidrntaTy entirely. 

y«U3 tumdmi, completion ; brocade, 

^.;Uj tamdim, amulets, charms. 

«U tamattu, enjoyment, pleasure. 

Jljwij tamsdl, resemblance, picture. 

Jal«,3 tamsU, an example, similitude, 
parable, allegory, resemblance. 

[ 48 ] 

JA*^ tamjiit, glorifying God. 

^tXoJ tamaddud, extension. 
j*S tamar, a ripe date. 

.J^-eJ famarrud, obstinacy, refractori- 
ness, disobedient, insolent. 

^^i>jjiy*J tamarhindi, a tamarind. 

^,f*>^ iamrikh, anointing with oil. 

^1«.a3 tamsah^ a crocodile, alligator. 
js*"-*^ tamaskhur, bnffoonery. 

KlX'>»>'*-'i tamassiik, a bond, receipt. 

^^<«j tamnhi, going. 

Ci^^*^ turns hi 1/ at, walking. 

li^^j famghn^'A royal grant, or charter. 

jj|i^ tamakkun, residence ; power, 
possessing authority, dignity. 

s^'iS.4>Ji tamkanat, dignity, power. 

^^»J tamkin, dignity, authority, 
majesty, power, splendour. 

j^i*j tamalluq, flattery, adulation, 

siixUj tamlik, to give possession. 

^J*^ tuman, ten thousand. 

KxtJi ^am«wwa, Avish, desire. 

:^" tamu%y-A Syrian month, (July.) 

Jj^-kJ tammvulf opulence. 

ax^.*j tanthid, arrangement ; pream- 
ble, preface, management. 

Uaj tamix, judgment, distinction. 

^Ji tarif the body, person ; an indi- 
vidual ; {tiim) resembling, like. 

J .UJ tanaxul, descent. 

«jUj tanazu, litigation, wrangling. 

^^LuT J tanasani, bodily ease. 

u,ij*<lJJ ^awrtsi<Z», fitness, symmetry. 

iw«ljj tanasukh, the metempsychosis. 

jJ-»fcUj tandsul, succession, descent. 

^»lio tandfi, ruining one another. 

4.^US tanaguz, disagreement. 

i^US tanciwar, corpulent. 

JjUJ tatidwal, eating, drinking. 

^^US tandhiy finishing, completing. 

^Ui3 tambdku, tabacco. 

J^xicj tamhul, betel-leaf, or pdn. 

A^xio tambih, admonition j punish- 
ment, reproaches, prohibiting 

*v^* tamjim, prognostication. 

jl^rs-*-^ tankkwdh, an assignment. 

j^»^^ faukhi, removing. 

lyxl tund, swift, sharp, violent. 

.sLjij tundhdd, storm, tempest. 

^jjj tnndkhu, irritable. 

ci^-u..jiWa/i(/urM.s/, healthy, vigorous. 
l^jSy-'i tandurusti, good health. 

.Sj.djj tundurudf butter not purified. 

..cVij tandur, an oven. 

.tXiJ tandUy a si)ider. 

AJ>iJ (andihi, diligence, exertion. 

^^x'i tundi^ swiftness, violence. 

^fcX^jJo tundidan, to thunder, to mur- 
mur, to cry out, to chide, 

J)ij tana%zuh declination. 

%yxi twiaxzichy being pure, free from 

u^i ;^wJ tauzeby fine muslin, [vice. 

*jj.>.j tanzih, purity, holiness, 

v^M/^iJ lanassiik, devout, pious. 

^jMiJJ ta?iassug, being arranged. 

j^4*^j tana'tq, arranging, disposing 
in order, stringing pearls. 

(J.*wij tanassul, pedigree. 

j.^1 tanassur, attempting to assist 
another ; becoming a Christian. 

c ftjk^.'v" tansify halving, dividing in 
half, dividing in the middle, 

^i-^yi tan%ih, suppuration, boiling. 

^laJJ tanzim^ ordering, arranging. 

**jj tanam, affluence, happiness. 

jijkxJwi tunaish, exalting. 

^Jkxi3 tanim^ cherishing, favouring. 

.ftjJ ianaffur, disgust, aversion. 

(^^ftiJ tanaffus, respiration, breath- 
ing, fetching a deep sigh. 

JjjAAJ tanfxl^ presenting with a gift 
or plunder, adjourning. 

(^ilvj tanaqquzi <leficiency, loss. 

(Jiij tanuqqul, a light repast. 

^ftw tanaqqi^ choosing, selecting. 
^AftjJ tnnaq'th, investigation. 

&>Au tauqif/ah, cleaning, winnowing, 

<.^j>j tutiuk, brittle, subtle, delicate. 

[ 49 ] 

j^i^ tankir, dhgmsing, transform- 
ing, altering", undetermined. 
lS^ tatigf narrow, tiglit; a girth ; 

distress, harass ; scarce, barren. 
<wljJ tung, a vessel with a narrow 
i^^A.^^xi tangjde, closeness, [neck. 

J^i titikdr, borax. 
j,A:>. cSAiJ tang'Chasham^ a miser, co- 
vetous ; the eye of a mistress. 
C^^-wjjJxj tang-dast^ indigent, poor, 
helpless, tight-handed. [verty. 

^^Ia„jJ1J tangmdasti, indigetice, po- 

JuJjJ taug-di/, a miser, afflicted at 
heart, heart-sick. 

^JjJij tang'dili^ gi'ief, compassion. 

(Jl.,i»JjJ tung-sdl, scarcity, unfruitful 
season, a barren year. 
iUJj^j tangnaij a narrow pass, diffi- 
" culty, a bolt, a defile. 

iJjo iatigahj a small copper coin. 

^JjJ tangi, narrowness ; distress. 

jyj3 tanurj an oven, a stove. 

. -jj/o^jj tanomandi^ robustness, vi- 
gour, corpulence. 

jVy^ tanwin, marking the final let- 
ters of nouns with dots thus : ', 

AjyJ tanviah, exalting, calling. 

AJJ tanah, the trunk of a tree ; a 
web ; within, acceptance, [gle. 

V|JJ tatihn, alone, solitary ; only, sin- 

-Jlyjo tanhdt, solitude ; retirement. 

^;iUiJ tanidan, to twist, spin. 

y to or tii, thou, you ; a curtain. 

y to, a fold, plait; within. 

I^ taivd, an iron plate, on which 
bread is baked ; lavish expence. 

j.5ly tawdtuVf succession. 

tS«y tmvdrud, coincidence of imagi- 
nation, insinuation. 

j^Jy tawdrikh, histories, annals; 

efj'y tawd%i, parables. [dates. 

»-ely tawdzu, civility, attention. 

v^jiSj,«a««^)y tawdza Samarqandi, 
false politeness. 

yia^^tawdtu, consenting, concurring. 

^IJ /ate/a/wr, abundance. [ment. 

(j-i^^ tawdfng, coincidence, agree- 

oi^y tawdlud, genei"dt\on, succession. 

t^^y tawdli,^ continuation, succes- 
sion ; the last beast in the herd. 

ft^yi tatvdm, a twin, coupled. 

yj;U)y tawdmdn, twins. 

y^'y tawdtif power, strength. 

lily tawdnd, powerful, strong, 

^'Uly tawdndiy ability power, 

^AaJly tawdnistan, to be able. 

j^^y tawdiigar, rich, opulent. 

cjTjXiiy tawdngari, opulence. 

^_ji'J tawdni, delay, slowness. 

t—^y top, a cannon, a gun. 

jttXilujjj top-anddz, an artilleryman. 

yLy tobato, in folds. 

(.Asi^ topkhdnahf train of artillery, 

*y^ iohrah, a horse's corn-bag. 

^JJ<^)••;^ topzadan, to fire, to cannonade. 

^s)y^y topzan, an artilleryman. 

v.iAjy topak, a musket. 

i->y taubahy penitence, vowing to sin 
no more, conversion, 

fh^y tauhikh, a threat, reproach, 

c:>y tuty a mulberry. 

j^y #o^2, tutty, a singing bird, 

Cjy tuiiydf blue vitriol. 

^JJjJy tausiq, strengthening, con- 
firming, establishing. 

^a-y tawajju, being pained. 

A.a.y tawajjuh, favour, condescen- 
sion, kindness, obligations. 

AjkA^y tauji/ij a description role ex- 
plaining, accounting for. 

iXs^y tawahhud, unparalleled, single. 

[jSi-^y tawahhush, aversion, horror. 

c>ia.y tauhid, the unity of God. 

ejkJy ^a«;arfc?M/,delay,procrastination. 

•ijjjj tawaddud, affection, friendship. 

\^j<i^ todriy the seeds of mallows. 

»t*y tudah, a heap, stack, a hilloch. 

^jy taudi, adieu, dismission. 

[ 50 ] 

c^y taurry,, abstinence. 

^y turanj\ an orange. 

%jy taurrah, law, regulation ; igno- 
rant, lazy ; a tray of victuals. 

%jy torah, a jackal ; a fetter. 

c^i^y tuuret, the pentateuch, the 
five books of Moses. 

iSij^ tauridy blossoming (a tree). 

cJjy to%aky institute, regulation. 

^;Ju|jy tuzidun, to plunder. 

j^jy tauxia^ division, distribution. 

»-Ju}yi tauzif, going fast. 

^i-y<w5, nature, disposition, [cloth. 

J»^jj tawassnkhy dirtying, fouling 

^nmy tawassut^ interval, intermission. 

J>*«y tawassul, means, intervention ; 
resigning one's self to God. 

»i*wy tausiq, extensiveness. 

^ii>.2,y toshddn, a cartridge-box. 

y^^y tushak, a quilt, mattress. 

<jlA.^iJuty tiishakkftdnah, the ward- 
robe, [necessaries. 

iJty toshah, provision for a journey, 

fc^ix^y tausif, praise, description. 

ycy tawazzu, bathing, ablution. 

^^y tauzihf publication. 

^ji tawattun, fixing a residence. 

^jJsy tautirif giving rest. 

v-JuJsy tauzif, paying a daily pay. 

ory taughir, commanding. 

Jxy tawaghghulj deep research. 

tXiy^atffl^W, overtopping, excelling. 

^ji tawaffnqy conformity. 

jjy taufir, increase. 

j^y taujiq, the favour of God. 

szt^jy^' iuqdt, piety, abstinence, 

j5y tawaqqud, ardour, kindling a 

flame, burning. 
^y tawaqqur, respect, honor. 

^y tawaqqu, hope, desire, request. 

ii^y taivaqqufy patience ; delay. 

^»y tauqi, abstinence. [net. 

^>y tauqW letters patent, royal sig- 

Jiy tawakkulf trust in God, faith. 

,^xiy taukid, injunction ; positive. 

Jjiy taukUf appointing a deputy, or 
agent, a substitute, a factor. 

'iy tawalla, attachment, affection. 

«JJy tawulludy birth, being born, 

^j^Jy tulash, a ray, heat ; power. 

iSy tolah, a weight of grains. 

Aiy tawallah, disorder of mind ; dis- 
traction, being amazed. 

^^Jy tawalliy superintending, dis- 
charging an office ; being a judge. 

dj^ily tauliat, the superintendency. 

^Jixly taulidarij to f»rick, pierce ; to 
quarrel, to cry aloud. 

fty taum, pearls; a ball of silver. 

L*jj taumd, a twin, twins ; Thomas. 

^Uy tomdri, a myriad 10,000 equal 
to 10,000 dirhams or fifteen dol- 
lars and half; 10,000 fighting men. 

y^y tun, the stove of a bath ; name 
of a city ; the womb. 
JJliy faivangar, opulent, rich, 

^^j^y taivangari, riches, wealth. 

«y toh, a fold, plait. 

Jty tawah/ium, suspicion, imagina- 
tion, doubt, thinking. 

JjkJby tauhil, terrifying, frightening, 

^iJty tauhin, relaxing, enervating. 

aij tall, a fold, plait ; the bottom, 

viA'lyS tahdlak, destroying one ano- 
ther, to hasten one's own death, 

yy^j tahdwun, neglect, relaxation, 

^^ tahabhuj, tumefaction, swelling, 

\„^-^ tahabhub, being shaken, trem- 
bling, tottering. 

viXIjJ tahattuk, disgrace. 

L-art-' tahajji, learning alphabets. 

^ji^l tuhjin, defaming, disgracing. 

Ajli-AJ' talikhdnah, a cellar, vault. 

J.*j tahidil, the bottom of the heart. 

Jij J^ tahdid, a threat ; ^^j JxJUy, 

u-^JtiyJ tahzih, purifying, adorning. 
j^^^i tahattur, falling in ruin. 

AXJlyS tahlukah, perdition, ruin. 

[ 51 ] 

J^JL^ tahalhul, foolish, vain. 

t^J^j tahlilf praising God. 

ki-Ayj /uAwfl^, accusation, suspicion. 

fc_jU*j tahinaf, the abdomen. 

^xikJAj tahnashin^ sediments, dregs. 

c:.^il^j tahtiiat, congratulation. 

Jl/j^J ta/iobdld, topsy-turvy. 

jj^j tahauwur^ f"i'y» temerity. 

«^ tafiauwu, inclination to vomit. 

^^^ tahvir, throwing down, 

iJiyy^ taftvil, terrifying, terror. 

t«j tihi, empty, vacant. 

i:^M.tSi^i tihidust, empty-handed, in- 
digent, poor, avaricious. « 

^icif^ tihtgdh, the abdomen. 

jM ^^j HhtmaghZi empty-brained, 
ignorant, stupid. 

<ji^ tahiynli, readiness, preparation. 

Ajo taij/nr, ready, prepared. 

cT.Ui taiyari, readiness, provision. 
j^ tir, an aiMov/ ; tlie planet Mercu- 

;ljk.<|^j tiranda%y an archer. , [ry. 

O^j^Aj.jJ tirimhanduqi a musket ball. 

Sji3 tir^ar, an arrow-maker. 
Aj^yU tiri-kishti^ mast of a ship. 

^^jo tiragif obscurity^ turbidness. 

tCojij tirmd/i, the fourth summer 
month in the Persian year. 

«^o tirahy dark ; turbid. 

j^j))*;^} tirah-roxgdr, unfortunate. 

uj teZy sharp ; acrid ; swift. 

lij'^) tezdb, aquafortis. 

^^ij tez-rau, swift- paced. 

uiJ^jJ ^eza/f, cresses. [swiftness. 

^UJ /e««, sharpness; pungency, 

^j^tij)jJ textdan, to make haste. 
^^jJ toiyassuvy facility, passing. 

*itjJ teshah, an axe, hatchet. 

i^j tegh, a sword, scimitar. 

Uuj3 te'g/id, a short broad scimitar. 

.UjJ teghdr, a water-pot. 

^JAi3 ta'yaqqun, knowing for certain, 
exploring, understanding well. 

>AJ tint, an inn, a caravansera. 

.Uaj ^2W(ir, infirmity, sickness; care, 

attention, regimen. 
Ail*. ,1^3 timdr-khdna^ an hospital. 
**jJ iayammum, purifying before 

prayer with sand or dust, when 

water cannot be got. 
^^o^ fayammun, taking a good omen. 
j^*xj taitniir, the famous king Tai- 

murlang ; a proper name, 
ijyoJ timurah, a stone in the galls 

of horses, oxen, &c. 
^j^JUjJ taimin, blessing another. 
jy^ tayur^ a bird like peacock, 
^^ tin, a wild fig. 
*ij tih, pride, haughtiness j desert. 
^yjJ tihUi a small partridge. 

<^ sa or se, the fourth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet; it is never used 
in words of Persian origin ; and in 
numerical figures stands for 500 ; 
in English it agrees with s or th. 

L^U sdh^ lazy ; name of a tree. 

Ci»>A) sdhit^ firm, fixed ; proof, 

^*>'c^lj sdbit-qadam, steady, firm 
step, permanent. 

'Aj sdjy the bleating of a sheep. 

J^Ij sdfil, sediment ; dung. 

v.^5b* sdqib, shining, bright, glitter- 
' ing star ; penetrating. 

(JI^Kj sdlis, the third ; an arbitra- 
illj sdlist, arbitration. [tor. 

Jjob' sdlil, words ; a nipple. 
<\j sdmin, the eighth. 

^^y\j sdnawi, secondly. 

^G sdni, the second. 

ejUj sibdt, permanency, stability. 

C^ salt, to fix, to inscribe. 

cy^.y sahut, proof by evidence. 

^jj saddi, breast, dug. 

Afi sard, opulent, rich ; the earth 

ci^.J sarwat, wealth, abundance. 

C 52 ] 

^ji sard, rich ; moist ; Suri, earth. 

^ suraiya, the pleiades. 

jj^U*j suban^ the large serpent. 

L^''^** salab, a fox. 

c5yo/«(^ljo salabmisriy salop. 

(JsL> sujl, dregs, refuse; corn, pulse. 

i-^Uj siqabj a trusty friend. 

oKSi siqalat, heaviness, gravity. 

^»g* siiqab, holes. 

<u5j suqiahf a hole. 

«— aSj sag/y getting possession. 

iJaj siql, heaviness, load, weight. 

S->*^ saquby holes. 

*A? siqah, a trusty friend. 

JjA? *a^?7, heavy, weighty. 

^tftJ saldsf three ; three folds. ' 

^ti suldsiy a three letter Arabic 

root, trilateral, triangular. 
i^i^ suls, taking a third. 
UIj sulsdy Tuesday, the third day. 
'uL* sulsan, thrice, three times. 
^i)^^ sulswi, thirty. 
^ sulj\ snow, snowing. 
^jU samdn, eight. 
^^Uj samdnin, or samdntin, eighty. 
j*j samr, fruit, profit. [ward. 

i^ samrah, fruit ; advantage, re- 
^J*J saman, price, value. 
^^ suman, the eighth part. 
j^*j samirif valuable, precious. 
j^*j samin^ fat, fattened. 
Vju sandy praise, applause ; salutation. 
^Uj sandi, the act of praising j 

words of two letters. 
*iij saniyahy a foretooth ; the second. 
i-siy sawdb, any good action, reward, 
c^ly sawdbit, fixtures, fixed stars, 
tly suwdt, rheum, cold. 
w^ly sowdqib, bright, glittering 
Lg>y sauby cloth, dress. [stars, 

^y saiif, a kind of vessel. 
jy suTy a bull ; the sign Taurus, 
uif^y sauraty a cow. 
Jyy *m/m/, a wart J a nipple 

^y 5Mm, garlic, an onion, lentil. 
<-->Uj s/^rtA, pieces of cloth, gar- 
ments, robes. 


^ja or je, the fifth letter of the 
Arabic and Persian Alphabets.. 
In Arabic it is a radical letter, 
and stands for 3 in the numerical 

^jdy place 'y a barren, scarce year, 

cjla. jdb, gaining ; selling. 

^^j^" J^bajdy here and there ; from 
place to place. 

yS^jdbir, mighty; tyrant. 

^^^ jo-jo^my a kind of carpet. 

«3'«5la..ya</a</, a place ; service. 

y;»5).J^. jddddan, to give a place ; to 

J^U*. jddily a wrangler, a robust. 

)'^^9'jddUy magic, conjuring. 

^»j«>V jddugar, a magician, a con- 

tC^-^- jddahf a road, way. purer. 

\^i\A,jd%ib, attractive, absorbent. 

j^^jdr, neighbour ; a wife. 

>> ' k?;^ Jdrobiljdr, neighbours and 

Vi .1*- jdruby a broom, a brush. 

j^Xa, jdruvy a river, stream. 

^-5^^?■ jd7'i, current, running, flow- 
ing, passing, happening, becom- 
ing, boasting. 

^i)^^ jariyahy a female slave. 

^J^ jdzim, resolving ; conclusive. 

,^^*«l^ jdsus, a spy, emissary* 

^*u^m{a, jnsusiy spying. 

Jj^ jd^ly light, nimble, active. 

^^'^ jdkuj, a sledge hammer. 

^ii^l^ jd-giraftany to halt ; to be 

firm friend. 
^^ jdgir, pension ; lands. 
j]djxtlA. jdgirddr, a pensioner, 

^jJX^jdlisy sitting, sedentary, sitter. 

[ 53 3 

fXA.jdm, a cup, or goblet, a mirror. 

jibyi J*:^ jamigauhavj lip of mistress. 

iy^\L. jdmid, an indeclinable noun, 

uuderived, primitive ; congealed. 

f^\A. jdmiq, a compiler, a collector; 

all, whole; a temple, mosque. 
C-i*^^a. jamiat, universality. 
ij^^ A. Jamil, a troop of camels. 
^juy«^jdmusy a buflFalo. 
i^^j'dmah, a garment, cloth. 
y;f^*/tUk. jdma-ddn, a knapsack. 
J^i^'^ jdmaivdr, a flowered piece of 

shawl, a kind of chintz. 
fj^jdn^ the soul, life, spirit, mind, 

heart, self, wind. 
h)^^ jdndzdr, cruel, inhuman. 
*^J^J^iJ^ J^ndzdri, cruelty, tyranny. 
^\j\a jd7idnj lovely; a sweetheart, 
c-^^. jdnibf a side, part, quarter. 
:(xi^ jdnbdzy risking life, daring. 
^•Uild. jdnbdziy intrepidity. 
jltXkils*. ya«t7>rfar, partial, related. 
^ (ItUiia. jdnibddrt, partiality,, 
^jixi^A. jdnibain, both parts, mutual. 
^«}^j>jJu*.j^'a. jdn taslim kardan^ to 

die, to give up the ghost. 
Ja'iyJ^ jdnnisdr, a devoted servant. 
jIjJU. ydwrfdr, a living creature. 
U|^j;la. jdnrubdy captivating the 
heart, ravishing the soul, killing. 
^\ju.^la. yaw5i7dw, ravishing the soul, 

killing, murdering. 
jyajy^-jdnsozj inflaming the mind. 
^jk^^A. jd-nashiriy a lieutenant ; suc- 
cessor ; also, ^Jk^t^lo.. 
KmjiyJ<:>. jdn-farsd, wearing out life. 
^liiS^J^:^ jdnkandan, to be in the 

agony of death. 
«bolai.ydw-AdA, weakening the animal 

spirit, exhausting, dangerous, 
jljlila. jdn-gudd%, life-consuming. 
\^^^jdngazd, injuring life. 
J^^J^jdn-nawdx, cherishing life. 
.^ila. jdnwar, an animal. 

j^iU. jdniy a lover, a friend, soul. 

^^\ii^ jdviddn, eternal, always. 

j^l«>^f^ j'dviddni, eternity. 

^ij^jdved, eternal, always. 

ul^ Jdhy magnificence, dignity, rank. 

JaIa. yd/^iV, ignorant, barbarous. 

^^bt\a^ jdhiliyaty ignorance. 

y^^jde, a place, an abode, a room. 

olojl^ jdeddd, assets, fund, landed 
property, estate. 

jj\^ j'diry cruel, unjust, tyrannical. 

jAa. jdiZf legal, right, permitted. 

ijAA^jdizahf examination, trial, 

»llj^^ jdegdhy station, place. 

^^^ jdegtr, efficacious. 

JUa^yiAfl/, mountains. 

XiA jahbdr, mighty, omnipotent. 

jx^ jabarj power, violence, force. 

\::s^jy^ jabrut, the empyrean heaven. 

i!Lt\ay<)jX^ jabar maqabila, algebra. 

ijjkj^jabal, a mountain, a hill. 

\:^Ixa. jibillat, nature, disposition. 

^^li^ jibilliy natural, innate. 

^Jy^ jubutif cowardice; cheese. 

sj^jubbah, a shirt, a coat of mail. 

AAA. jabbahy the forehead. 

^^x^ jabin, forehead, 

tj^jussah, the body, 

i^j^ds^ j'ussaddrif corpulency. 

J.^ j'addf grandfather, ancestor ; 

iSA.jiddy effort, force. [chief. 

l*t>afcyi(if/an, plainly, clearly; strongly. 

)jk^ juddy separate, distinctly. 

)Ja.1j^ juddjudd, separately, dis- 
tinctly, one by another. 

j^^jiddr, a wall ; worthy. 

AJlSltXa. juddgdnahj separately. 

Jlfck^j'if/d/, contest, war, dispute, 

^j^]<XA.Jaddwil, lines, columns. 

,A)s^juddi, separation, disunion. 

s^y^SA. Jaddibuxurg, grandfather, 

^jj^judri, the small-pox. [father. 

.Mi'^ti^ Jaddisahih, paternal grand- 

[ 54 ] 

IsSsr^i^a^ jaddisahihah, paternal 

ijjj^ Jadal, dispute, battle. 
j]yti^ judwar, zednary, a root. 

iJ^t^-f jadawnl, a line, astronomical 
table J a river, rivulet. 

^^<:^ jiidi, the sign Capricorn, 

^_^J^ jaddi, ancestral. 

i^iii.A.jndid^ new, modern, fresh, 

^lia. juxaniy the leprosy. 

c^Ja. jV7«&, attraction, absorption. 

l.lS:^jaz/jh, strong desire. 
jd». j'azr, a carrot; the ebb tide. 

i^Sa. jaxmahj a scourge, a whip. 

cjii^ Jaxua, branches. 
jamjar, attraction, pulling about, 

cjl^a. jurab^ a sock. 

cy]^yMrd/, boldness, audacity. 

_|^a. jarrah, a surgeon. 

i„s.,^|^a» jardhat, a wound, incision. 

^^^^jA. Jarrdhi, surgery, surgical. 

c]jA. ja7'ddy a locust; men. 
j)jA. jarrdr, brave, valiant. 

jjV^ jardid, books, volumes. 

*iUa». jardhiiy crimes. 

t^a. jarab, the itch, scab ; jurb, a 
conqueror, superior. 

tj^ jaj'b, a Woodcock, quail. 

^jo, Jarahf a wound, incision. 

\j^ jurrah, a species of hawk. 

\^jy^jaras, a bell. 

A:>j:>. jarsdm, the pleurisy, 

cii^ jarshaft, a lampoon, satire. 

A*^ jurqh, a draught of liquor. 

fjA,jiram, a celestial body, a globe, 

fjs^ jurniy a crime, fault. 

j^j^ juranghdr, the right wing of 
an army. 

{jejji^ jnrruZy thick, large-bellied, 

pjA.jurum,'ei warm country. 

^j"\jtr:^ jarhdsj corpulent; a strong 

{j'-f'jnri, bold, brave. [lion. 

^jA, jarim, guilty; dry dates. 

^^^ jiryduf flowing, running. 

*Ll^\jja^ jirydn shikm, the flux. 

^.^y.^ yanZ>, a land measure. 

f-l;^ Jcirih, wounded, 

oij^ jaridy a lance, spear. 

iJjj.A,juridahf a register ; unattended. 
j^j^ jarir, brave, powerful. 

*>Uj^a. jarimdnah, a fine, penalty, 

A^j^aw Jai'imah, a crime, fault. 
j^ ju%, besides, except. 
y^ juXy a part ; particle, portion ; 
section of 16 pages. 

)yA.Jdzd, compensation, reward, 
ji)}^ jazdir, islands, peninsulas. 

JjI^^ jazdil, dignities, abundances, 
^^aw Jnzr, the reflux of the sea j a 
carrot; the square root. 

^**'jy>' juz-rasi, knowledge, experi- 
ence, sagacity, frugality. 

uJ)^ j'azaf, of buying any thing 
rashly, uncertain of weight, &c. 

Jy^jazalf cutting, paring. 

^y^ j'azam, deciding; the orthogra- 
phical character: jazm, cutting. 

i^yj^ juzvi, a part, a little, few, 
trifling, small. 

^sj^iyji- jaxviydt, parts, portion. 

^jA. juzi, a part, a particle. 

i:i>^iy». juziydf, trifles, 

tjjy^ jazirah, an island. 

Or.y»-jaZil, great, dignified. 

i^j^ jizah, the capitation tax. 

c>;('»3- jasdrat, intrepidity, boldness, 

\j:„>.^\m^ jisdmat, corpulency. 

^Ju*^ Jasiarif to leap, to jump, to 
spring forward. 

j'ustan, to search, seek. 

c5>*;;*— **^ Justojiie, strict search, 
Juu». Jasad, the body, blood. 
j_5«tVa«.s*. ya^arfi, corporeal. 
t-*^ ;i5r, a bridge ; /a*/*, strong. 
^M,A. jism, body, metallic body. 
^J)\^t**^ jismdniy corporeal. 
ui^U^a. jismdniyat, materiality. 
f^:»»>^ jasim, corpulent. 

[ ss ] 

^\JLa.y«5Art, eructation. 

^j£^A, j'as/i an, feast, festival, pleasure. 

C^fk. jabat, a quiver. 

fss*^ jaj'a, braying loud, (a camel.) 

ii»j^jqd, a lock of hair, ringlet. 

%<}jiA. facia hfZi curling lock ; the wolf. 
jAxA. ja/ar, a little stream. 

jc^a. jafori, the finest kind of 
gold; a sort ofskreen. 

{}'*tf- jial^ forgery, counterfeit. . 

^*^ Jiali, forged, false ; formed, 

iAj'ug/t, a yoke for oxen. 

tikA. jughad, an owl ; plaited hair. 

\S3\jk^ jughrat, curdled milk. 

*^\;*^ j^^hrafitfah, geography. 

\aa, jafa, cruelty, molestation. 

A^jkjlft^ jafape&hah, an o[)pressor. 

y^\JiA. jufoju, one who seeks to in- 
J6\a^ jafakar, an oppressor, [jure. 

^j^Jka, j'uff, double, pair, couple. 

^^a. jufta7i, to connect, join, copu- 
late, to be bent. 

Kxaa. fufta/i^ bent; a prop ; a vine- 
arbour ; the buttocks ; a knot. 

^^a-!>- jufti, parity, coupling. 

^ja*kAa.. fttfsidaUf to adhere, to be 
joined, connected. 

^^:^ jafn, the eyelid, the eyelash. 

X^jigf^r, the liver, heart; spirit. 

y^jjC^- jigarhandi the intestines, 
the bowels; a child, a son. 

» .Ij.i^ Jigarpdrah, a beloved object, 
a son, a child. 

».Li^JU. jigarkhtvarah, a sorcerer, 
magician ; sorrowful, industrious. 

iJ^AJiA. j'igargoshah, corner of the 
liver ; a beloved object, heart. 

jJa. /u/, a housing, the inside. 

fj^j'allf the sail of a ship. 

jAj'ally majesty, glory. 

to. Jala, emigration, to quit. 

X». jitd, brightness, polish. 

tJ^A. jaldb, a cluster, earring. 

%^tLjuUdb, any purgative, a jalap. 

ij^^ j'aldjal, small bells for drums. 

y::idtA. jalddat, intrepidity, bravery. 

J>ts^ jildgar, a polisher, a cutler. 

u^^jaldl, majesty, glory, splendour. 

C^t^jaldlat, glory. 

^t^. jaldli, the new Persian era of 
JaMluddin Akbar badshah. 

^isj^a. jald-watan, quitting one's 
own country, emigration. 

{Ji'if' j'aldil, illustrious man, great. 

L^^ j'alab, attraction, allurement. 

t-j^-^*- jalbdb, a veil, skreen, curtain. 

y^^^ jalbiz, strong, robust. 

tA^ jald, quick, speedy. 

S^jild, the skin, leather; a volume. 
j^-^^ jifffgcir, a bookbinder. 

s^dy:>, jaldi, speed, quick, haste. 

ImJ^ jiilasd, companions. 

yJ.M>X^ Julsdn, a rose garden. 

iM>i^ Jalsahf meeting, society. 

j—JtU. ;>'//*, a vessel, a jair, a reposito- 
ry ; mean, base, a miser. 

fi^jalm, cutting, shaving. 

^UU-jw/wdr, pomegranate flowers. 

^^A. jilwd, unclouded, serene. 

^^^^J<s*^ j'alanjabitijcouserve of roses. 

^a-jilau, retinue, court equipage. 

li^iA. Julud, skins, volumes. 

ji^y-^ jilwarez, the greatest expedi- 
tion, full speed. 

f^^iiA. j'alus, accession to the throne, 
splendour, coronation, settling. 

^jia. j'alwah, splendour, the bridle 

^tj^f- jalwahgar, splendid, gracing. 

^^la. Jali, clear, manifest, bright, 
shining; large, plain. 

^J^^A• jalis, a companion. 

yiXA-jaleo, attendants, equipages. 

(J^x^A, jalil, great, glorious. 

♦jUi*. jamdd, a fossil, stone. 

cuIjU^yamarfa/, minerals. 

^«sUa> jurnddi, inanimate, fossil j 
name of two months. 

[ 56 ] 

J^!J)t^»S^*a. jamadiyul'awalj the 5th 
Arabian month. 

'i\!'i!i)^iU:f. jamadiyul-sani, the 6th 
Arabian month. 
]jiJi\^i\*.^jdmadiyul-akhirai see the 

preceding, ^iljJljUa.. 
» •Ua.yawa«a/i,**a dromedary. 
a\jn^ jima, a copulation. 
C'cU^ jamaatj congregation. 
^^Ua jamdly elegance, beauty. 
^Ua. ^Mmaw, a pearl. 
jifJbW^ jamahir, a congregation. 
k>s*^ jumjumahj a skull. 
j«A. jamdf congelation, concretion. 
j*:^jamar^ a spark of fire. 
f*A- JamCty collection; the plural; 

total, amount, credit. 
^jJo^«a. Jamabandi, an account of 

the quantity of land. 
^.*.jA^ jamakharch, receipt and 

disbursement, expence. 
A AAA. jumaf Friday. 
C^*^:^jamqiyat^ composure of mind. 
^y<^:>- jamalj a camel ; a kind offish. 
^y.t^A. jumal, sums, totals. 
^^^^A. jumlagtf universality. 
li^^ jumlahy sum, total, whole. 
^y>A. jamud, congelation, frozen. 
cyi^ jamua, crowds, troops. 
jy^^.^- jamhury all people, a republic. 
^^j^ jamia, all, universal, whole. 
\»xt,:^ jamian, whole, altogether. 
^}x.*A. Jamil, beautiful, graceful, ex- 
cellent, good, fair, handsome. 
^j^jinn, a genius, a demon, spirit. 
iy^Ua. jawaJ, presence, majesty. 
C^U^ j'atidbat, pollution. [ness. 

^\*j}sa. jandb-alif excellency, high- 
ciU^yawnd/, paradise, heavens. 
_Ua>.yi«aA, wing, fin, pinion. 
JjUa. janddil, stones. 
%j\s^ jandssahi a bier, a funeral. 
^Ua. janan^ paradise j obscurity, 
dark j a garment ; the heart. 

{^iyi^jandiby led horse; sides, 
(.^icw /ami, side, a part, boundary ; 

halting, limping, 
>^^^»' fanaby a capital crime. 
^„^A. ju7iub, unclean, polluted. 
Ui.a.yinz7>ar, a young owl or bustard, 
^Wxa. j'unbdn, shaking, trembling. 
j^jJUJIa. junbdnidait, to put in 
^^xxa. jumbish, motion, agitation. 
^J>x.xxa. jumbidau, to move, shake, 
swing, stir, blow. 

jannaty paradise, heaven. 

jinnat, demons; insanity, fury, 

junnaty a covering; armour, 

a shield. [cal. 

j^Ii*. jannati, heavenly, paradisia- 

<i,'iAJundy an army, a body of troops. 

yxMit^t^'xA. jund bedastaVy castor. 

^j^i^jins, species, kind, sort, genus, 

race, generation ; goods. 
CH f *^t^ jinsiyaty correspondence of 

species or genus. 
*JUJaia. jantiydnahy the herb Gen- 
ilS^jangy war, battle. [tian. 

ys^-^ jangjoy quarrelsome. 
^yCss^ jangaly forest, wood. 
,^J^^ jangaliy savage, wild. 
y^^^^ jangiy warlike, hostile. 
y>)ti^ts:>. jangidan, to fight. 
S- y > januby the south. 
^,yi>s^ janubiy southern. 
45j.ia^ janudy troops, forces, soldiers. 
viir*^./"^""' insanity ; a demoniac, 
j^^y^yawfini, insane, mad. 
f^j^jimdy a demon, one of thegenii. 
^JXS.s^ janiriy an embryo ; huried. 
y^ javvy the air, sky, the space 

between heaven and earth. 
yi^ jau, barley, a grain of barley. 
^^yj'j^ jaufarosh, a cheat, deceiver. 
'^?" jd'wdby an answer. [swer. 



jawdbsdfy a positive an* 

^i)y^jawdbiy\iOii6.Sy cisterns. 

[ 57 ] 

i)y»^jauwadi liberal, beneficent. 

^y!iyJO^]y^jautvadmutlaq, the univer- 
sal benefactor, (God). 

\^'i)y^ jaivazibj attractive qualities. 

»)^». jaivdr, neighbourhood ; deep 
water, ]>lenty of water ; a farmer. 

^j^y^ jatvarih, limbs, the hands and 
feet ; also beasts of prey. 

\^j^y^ jorvdrish, stomachics. 

^e^)^A. j'awdri, female slaves. 

jj^A**I^A. jawdsis, spies, scouts. 

)o]yA. jatvdzf thick ^ corpulent. 

Jl^a. juwdl, a sack, a bag. [sacks. 

<jjJI^^ jaivdldoss, one who sews 

^il^jw jWa/i^, a sack, portmanteau. 

^yi^a. jawdlig, a loose coat, a cloak. 

«^I^ jawdmia, comprehension, as- 
sembling ; mosques, temples. 

^^)^ jawdn, young; a youth. 

^^]y>.jawdmb, sides, quarters, parts. 

i::^:&'^]^A. jaivdnbak/ii,yo{}i\g ; a pro- 
mising youth, brave, generous. 

^^^^jawdnmanh young man ; gen- 
erous, brave, a hero, 

^j'j^l^a. jawdiimardif generosity, 
manliness, bravery, youthfulness, 

ici^^^ j'atvdtii, youth. 
j%\^A^ jawdhir, gems, jewels, pearls. 
yi]y^jaivdiz^ gifts, benefits, rewards. 

dyA. jiidi liberality, munificence. 

i^^yf- juudat, ingenuity, quickness. 

i^ /aiir, violence, tyranny, iniquity. 

i,Jiuxi\yA. jaurpeshah, a tyrant. 

tdSMtjsy:^ jaur-rasidah, oppressed. 

j^jw jauz, a nut, nutmeg. 

I j^a. /awsa, the sign Gemini. 

]yi\y^ jau%hud, a nutmeg. 

^^^%Jj^ jauzrumi, a walnut. 

^jjjbjya. jauxhindi, a cocoanut. 

C)y^ jauzag, cotton. 

J:^ ya«-.a/, a young pigeon, poison. 

^y'Jy^ jauzsaq, a lofty building, a 

{^j^Josh, ebullition; heat, boiling. 

^^<xi\M>^ joshdndan, to cause to boil. 
^^^^j'oshishj ebullition, agitation, 

heat, boiling ; strong desire. 
^J«^a.yo5Artw, armour, a coat of mail. 
^^tyiJ,yA. j'oshidan, to boil, ferment. 
c^flK j'li, hunger ; starving. 
^J^cy^j'udn, a hungry starved man. 
t s^a. j'auf, cavity, the belly ; hol- 
low, a wide-extended plain. 
i^jA. j'aufy extensive, hollow. 
(J^ j'aug, a troop, body of men. 
^S^ jfauldn, springing, bounding. 
i^'i^A, jauldtigdh, the field of battle. 
i'i^A. j'oldh, a weaver. 
j^fo^ jauhar, a gem, a pearl ; es- 
sence, substance. 
^^jSb^^ j'auhari, a jeweller. 
f^^y^ jiihii name of a flower, jessa- 
vjr^aw jbe, a river, a brook. [mine, 
b^ joyd^ seeking, searching. 
J^iy^joehdr, a river, the bank of a 

river, running spring, 
^jb^ joydrii seeking, wishing. 
^^,y^ joydi, searching, inquiry. 
^i^^y^joidan,to desire, seek, search 

for, request, wish, 
ui^lj.*. jihdt^ the faces, sides. 
♦jl^A. jihddj a war against infidels. 
\^ jahdZi paraphernalia. 
i}^^A. juhhdlf ignorant men, 
i:^\\^a.jahdlatj ignorance. 
^\^:^ jahdn, the world. 
l.l^jjl^a. jahdndrdy ornamenting the 
world, adorning the world ; king. 
jyT^l^a. jahdndfrin^ the creator 
of the world, God, 
jjUil^iw jahdnbdji, protector or 
keeper of the world, a king ; God. 
^l> juhdnhdni, government of 
I ** the world, royal. 
i Aj^^:^jahdnbin, seemg the world. 
j »l>i^jlj^ jahanpandh, the asylum 
; of the world, a king; God. 
; c^^^A. jahdnatjS^'^oxxng handmaid. 

[ 58 ] 


i_»Ui^.rk. jahant&hj illuminating the 

Morld ; the sun. 
^^.:^^J<Y^ jahimjahdii, many, much. 
.jjijl^a. jahandary a king, possessor 

of the world, an emperor. 
t_f^) jjl^a. Ja/idtiddri, sovereignty. 
^tXjj^^Y^ Juhdndidahf experienced, 

wise, seen the world, a traveller. 
j^'mj^^a. ja/idnrawde, government 

of ihe world. 
^^^X',tt^^i^A, fahdnsitdfi, a conqueror. 
Uii^l^A. jahdnkushdf a conqueror of 

the Avorld, subduing the world. 
<^j^yj<\^ jahdngird, a traveller. 
j^yj^i(^ jalidngir, conqueror of the 

world, a title; bracelet. 
c^iiyc^J.^:^ j'a/idtimutdf obeyed by the 

world, a royal mandate. 
Ui^jl^fi>. jahdn'numd, index of the 

world, illuminating the world. 
;^Y^ jahdnnawardy a traveller. 
yJ<i>S^:^ jahdniydn, people, creatures. 
^^iSxi^-^A-Ji/idiiidun, to cause to spring. 
fcS.^^y?7j«^, cause ; sides, reason. 
*y^ Ji/tad, effort, diligence. 
ji(^ j'ahnr, a land; public. 
{^^ jihdl, ignorance. 
t^ juhald, ignorant man. 
\j^i^ jihlat, ignorant ; many fools. , 
^s>. jahan, coarseness of face. 
tfi^y:^ jiha7idahi elastic, jumping. 
J.^a. Jahannum, hell, the infernal 

fire ; condemned. 
.-^s^a. jahannumif a sinner, hellish. 
i^dy^ j'ahudi, a Jew ; Judaism. 
Uy\i^ jahul, extremely ignorant. 
^jJo.^;^ jahidan, to spring, bound, 
}i:^^ jahez, paraphernalia. [leap. 
^m^^ jaiby the collar of a garment, 

a pocket. [Bactrus. 

^jy«i^ jaihicn, the river Ji/ion or 
t^Xi^ juiyid, elegant, excellent. 
^jx^^jirdriy neighbours. 
{^J^^j'uishj troops, army. 

SAkA. jifahf unclean, a corpse. 
^A. j'il^ a body of men, a troop. 
*xai. Jim, the letterya ; a silk robe 

embroidered with gold. 
{^y^ jaiyushy armies, troops, forces. 

^ chcy the sixth letter of the Persian 
alphabet : it does not occur in 
Arabic words also called; Chim, 

t-<jU. chdbuk, quick, alert ; a whip, 

Jj^it^A», chdbukkhirdm, swift pa- 

C"'-'tX<jla. chdbukdastf active, [ced. 

^y««<«£Ajl». chdbuksawdr, a horse- 
breaker, a jockey. 

^^S^ chdbuki, activity, agility, 

^^y^a. chdblus, a flatterer. 

LJ*"y"-^v" chdblnsi, flattery, 

^»3ld. chddar, a sheet, table cloth. 

v^y^«^^^ chddarikdfurif morning. 

^U$^«sl»- chd larikamli, the sky, dark 
night. [green field. 

•3;^f^5^«5^- chddari Idj'atvard, sky ; 

j\a. chdr^ four; will; power, 

<5ij\,l». chdrdinah, armour. 

^ii^y*- chdrdxdahdj tiie four ele- 
ments, (four snakes.) [^yoi•ld. 

\j^^-ij^ chdrbdlish, a throne ; the 

^\)^f- chdrpayah, a quadruped, 

v.T^y*' chdrpdif a bedstead, 

t>>j;l*. chdrband, the world. 

ijojla. chdrbekk, the 4 herbs, i. e. 

^ kdsiii^ rdzit/dtia, karfas and kibro, 

j^J^ chdrtdr, the four elements. 

l«-i^^l». chdrchashm, meeting. 
j^^^J^ clidrjaivhary the four ele* 

^dj^ chdrdah, fourteen. [ments. 

y^'^'^V f^lidrdewdr, the four walls ; 
tlie four elements. 

y^j^^ chdrau, the four roads meet* 
ing; a market, four sides. 

*o-i^la>. cUdrshamba, Wednesday. 

[ 59 j 

Jlis^U. chdrtag,fouv-archei]f four co- 
lumns ; a tent with four doors. 

fi^j^ chdrgdm, a fleet horse. [gle. 

*^^^W c/idrgosha, square, quadran- 

,t^U,U. chdrmddar, the four elements. 

yk^\^ chdrmagh^^ a wahiut. 

X^liJ^^ chdrndchdr, inevitable; of 
necessity, nolens volens. 

lj)A^ chdrivd, a quadruped ; a poney. 

tj\^ chdrah, a remedy, cure, help. 
ji6j%j\». chdrahpaxir, curable. 
j^tj^ chdrahgar, cure, applying a 

cJi-ta. chdshf, breakfast ; the hour 
between sun rise and noon. 

^xilft. chdshii, taste, relish j trial, 
assay of metals. 

j^^^jJ>Ji>^chdshtiigir, a taster, assayer. 

0\»- chdq, vigorous, healthy, active. 

viJ^a^ chdk, a fissure, rent. 
ji\:^ chdkar, a servant, a handmaid. 

c^^^l^ clidkriy service, servitude. 

^^^ chdkii, a penknife. 

viJ^'la. chdldk, expert, active, quick. 

^iSld. chdldki, activity, alacrity. 

^l^A. c/idltskyWar ; graceful motion. 

^jla. chduash, a Serjeant, a mace- 

«l*. c/id/i^ a well, a pit. [bearer 

^i|5ld. chdhxanakh, pit of the chiii. 
iila- chdhkan^ a well-digger. 

^^l». chdif tea. 

^.^A. chap, the left. 

^JIa:». chapdti, thin cake; 

^^^S^a. chapqalishy throng, crowding. 

^JCa*. chapkan, a coat. [vilion. 

Ja. chntuj', an umbrella, a tent, pa- 

^^£'jjia^ cJmtari-dbgun, tlie sky. 

j^,j^^ chatariroz, the sun. 

jU/w^a*. chafri simdbi, the full 

^.i^jl»~ chatrisimin, the full moon. 

^,y'xzjl^ chutri qmbarin, night. 

j\y«jXs^ chntarinidi\ a mushroom. 

j^y>»- chatarinur, the sun. 

ij'ts^ chakhdchakh, the clashing of 

^ swords, strife. 

e>«M=^ chakhidan, to exert, to strive, 
to jump, spring. [river. 

j^ char, the penis; the bank of a 

]^ chirdy why, wherefore, for what 
reason ; pasture, a nieadow. 

^j^ chirdgh, alamp ; a field ; a guide. 

Urr^a. chirdgkpd, rearing (a horse). 

^J^c\^ chirdghddn, stand for lamp, 

aUJ^ charaghulah, [pedestal. 

*'(!;*' chardgdh^ a pasture ; meadow. 

iS\j:^ chirdkik, because. 

^J;J^x»|^ chardnidaUf to feed ; to cause 

Lj>jA.charb, fat, greasy. [to graze. 

yYi<-r»ya- charbpah/ii, fat. 

'-*"**"^ir^ charbdastj active, diligent. 

yj^jj/^- charbzabdn^ persuasive, flat- 
terer, one who has a smooth 
tongue to wheedle or to deceive. 

d^^^-*^ charbqdmat, tall, handsome. 

<±>JL^^\^j!^ charbokhushkf good and 
bad, more and less. 

tjy^ charbah, oiled paper. 

^^j^ charbij grease, fat, tallow. 

^j:^ charkh, the celestial globe, sky, 
sphere ; a wheel, a reel ; collar of 
a garment; name of a city. 

•Ijjl^^^ charklianddz, an archer. 

^^i^-T-j^ charkh diildbi, sky. [ven, 

QijJ'^j^ charkhzarrin, the fourth hea* 

^jjx^j». charkhizan, a traveller. 

>^f^)f'j»' charkh dbnus, the first 
stage of heaven. 

*A^ charkhah, a wheel, reel. 

^^'>-j»- charkhij voluble; a pulley. 

j^ charz, a kind of bustard. 

PjA. chargh, a species of hawk. 

ji^ charghad, a cricket. 

v-Zai. chirk, filth, dirt, of all kinds. 

»fj»» churgar, a dancing girl. 

^^1—/^ chirg-goshf ear-wax. 
A^a. chirkin, filthy, nasty ; dung. 

i*^ charm, leather, skin, hide. 

[ 60 ] 

•Ui»^t*- charmsdss, a currier, tanner, 
^^xi^e^ charmsh€i\ a whip. 

iSx^j:^ charminah, leathern, leather. 

)StXi^»- charindahy grazing; a beast. 

^i)^^J»- charidan, to graze. 

^fcVjkiUo^j^ chaspanidan, to cause to 
adhere, to fasten, to paste, to stick, 

»tXu*>a^ chaspmdah, adhesive. 

^^di^xMf-A. chaspiadgiy tenacity. 

^jjjwa. chaspidan, to adhere, to 
stick, to give, to join, to incline. 

%Sxxu>.:>. ehaspidah^ inclined, attached. 

o^ud. cAmjs^, active, alert, brisk. 
.JL*i^a. cAM«i«,activity, agility, velocity. 

^^Ji^chash, taste thou. 

^jjJU:^*. chashdnidan, to cause to taste. 

^^M^». chashnij an eye ; hope, expect. 

tiJ**i^ chashmbad, a malignant eye. 

^j^y->ft*^ chashmposhi, connivance. 

^£j\di\jjJi>^ chashm bardh ddshtan, 
looking out for, to expect. 

tiJjIj^^^ chashmbandah, a kind of 
^play. [shameless, 

u9^AJ««u». chashm-he^dby impudent, 

\jl^^)^Ji^ chashm-ddsht, hope, expec- 

^j"^^^^ chashmkharus, fruit of red 
wood ; chashm-daridah^\\\t\\o\\i sha~ 

^jt^A. chashmssahham, mishap, [me. 

^UMtJL», chashmisozan, parsimony. 
.^jS%{xM^g^ chashm-siydh kardan^ to 

viA-^^^ chashmaky spectacles, [covet. 

auAka. chashmah, a fountain, a well. 
8J\.».fM>^ chashmkhdnahf the sockets 

of the eyes. 
i^ftAA^a. chashmihurj the sun. 
^jjJi^ chashidan, to taste. 
:Ua. chighdz, a saucy woman. 
*iU#i. chughdnahy a violin. 
Jjt»- chaghd, an owl. 
^j»j^x;&. chaghridaUf to regard, to fear. 
JjL». cAugAu/ a tale- bearer; ^^^^^^s*" 

^^^u*. chughli, backbiting, informing. 

(J^ chiqy a skroen. 

O^-ft-aa- chaqmdg, a flint. 

^£«aa. cltaqnidqU a firelock, 

jA^Aa. chaqundar, beet root. 

^K*. chtikdn, dropping, distilling. 

vijj'ji^^ chakdndan, to distil. 

LLJ.bTa^ chakdwak. a lark. 

[j^^ chakas, a perch or roost for a 

bird, shame; a hammer. 
iXi^ chaklah. a district. 
j^». cltikan, needlework, embroidery. 
jj»3^/». chikandox, an embroiderer. 
y^A. chaku, a fiddle-bow. 
^^i^J^ chikunagi, exactly what it is. 
A^». chakahy small, little. 
^^|^y^ chakidan, to drop, to flow. 
(J»- chalf forty. 

**^^V c/ia//?ai«A, a small lizard. 
»,*^xii^ chalghuzah, pine kernel. 
^{a. chila/i, a bow-string. 
*-U. challahf a fast of 40 days. 
bjkla. chalihdh, a crucifix, cross, 
y^i^As^chalidan, to walk, to go. 
**. chanty an easy air. 
Arsr»>^ chamchah, a spoon, a ladle. 

^^f^ ihamati, orchard, flower garden. 
j]j^jA>i^chamanssdr, garden ground. 

^jjj^a. chamidany to walk gracefully. 

Ai^ chandr, a plane tree, poplar. 

y^Vi^ chundiiy such, like that. 

As^Us- chundnchih. such, such as that. 

aXJo- chunukih, sucli as. 

oi*. cf)a7ibar,a collar; circle, 

tUa. chand, how many, some, few. 

^jjltXi*» chanddn, so much more. 

A<j|*X;*. chanddnki/i, insomuch. 

Jjljia. cAawc?flM«/, the rear of an army. 

^;j.x».. chandan, sandal-wood. 

»lfji». chandgdhf sometimes. 

j^J^ia. chandi, a few, some. 

, .;jia> chandin. so much. 

v*JiJL». chung, a harp ; singers ; claws. 

JJa»- changuly talons, claws. 
^^ chiiy when ; then; like. 

[ 61 ] 

cjj.a. chohj wood, a timber. 

. -U;a.u-,.>a. chobchmi, China root. 

lli^^aw chohdar, a in ace-bearer. 

^I-u-Jj^s- chobdasd, a walking stick. 

^^^iJ..y=^ chooshigaf, a Avedge. 

^iXjyA. chobakf a drum-stick. 

^j^-^A- chobak^an, a drummer. 

^^•^y>■ chobin, \\ooden. 

yj^yf- chaiipan, a sliei)herd, pastor. 

^^L.y». chtikhidan, to stumble, to 

'y^ chu%, a woman's shape. [fall. 

%\y^ chuxah, a chicken. 

j^jjjA^ chushidan, to suck ; ^«>i^. 

y^yi^ chauki, a chair; a guard. 
' JiXiS j.^ chaukidar, awatchman, 

^i^^ chaugan, a club, mall, [a guard. 

^1^ chuHf when ; because ; like; why. 

]j^^y^y^ chuno-chird, when and 
wherefore ? how and wliy ? 

leiy^ chiini, how are you ? 

Ajs. chih, what, liow, why. 

Aiy!*. chig^nah, how, in what man- 
ner, what sort, what kind. 

X^». chahdrj four. 

*i^,/v^ chaharpayah, a quadruped, 

vSXiljvlya. chahdrddng, the four quar- 
ters of the world, four sides. 

ti\-i(»- chahdrdah, fourteen. 

^jti))L^ chahdrdithum, fourteenth. 

j*»f^>' chahdrsUf the middle of the 
four roads, four parts. 

ixiJij^y^. chahdrshamhah^ Wednesday. 

*Jl^L^.». chahdrgdnah, fourfold, four 

fj^:^ chuhdriim, fourth. [times. 

.bjly*. chahdrydr^ the four friends, 
or prophets, f. e. Abubakr, Omar, 
Usmdn, and y^li ; |»3LJI*,U-. 

viij^ly*. chahdrt/ak, one in four. 

As-Hv" chahbachchah, a cistern of a 

^j\^ chihrah, f'dce,coymieiiauce. [well 

Jlo.-^«;.Ya. chihrahi-hdl, state, circum- 
stance, condition. 

j^AAiis^a^ chihrakushde, display. 
^a^ chihal, forty. 

*lj.»- chihlunii fortieth. 

t^s:^^ ckic/iakf the small-pox. 

d^AA. c/i?Y, chintz. 

y^Jjja- chidarij to gather, pluck, to 

x^». chirah, bold, valiant, brave. 
c^*«»S«^x*. chiradast, expert, active. 
L^I*(,u'<jJ^a. chiradasti, expertness. 
js^ chiz, a thing any thing ; goods. 
i^}ii^ chixe, any thing, something ; 

a little, few. 
vju<<u>». chist, what is it ? 
^M^y^ chistdtiy a riddle, an enigma. 
^Jy^ chin, a fold, M'rinkie ; China. 
aIaa. cAiwfl^, grain in general, [bird. 
y^l,j«.iAa.. chinahddn, the crop of a 
i^jjka. chini, Chinese, China ware. 

-. ha or he, tlie sixth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet : it does not oc- 
cur in Persian ; and stands for 
eight in arithmetic. It is also 
called hdihutti. 

c-jla. hdb, a sin, a crime. 

i^U. hdbi, a giver, bestower; near. 

*jI&. hdtim, a judge j a black crow; 
a celebrated liberal man. 

u«.<a.U*. hdjiby a porter, doorkeeper ; 
a groom ; the eyebrow ; a curtain. 

o^lsi. hdjat, want, necessity. 

&Lh.l^ hdjatah^ a female pilgrim to 
Mecca, or Jerusalem, 

ji^I^la. hdjatmand, necessitous, in- 
digent, needy. 

^lia. hdjix, hindering, preventing. 

^^^.U. hdji, a pilgrim to Mecca. 

Jl^ hddd, sharp, acrid ; ardent, fiery. 

ej«Sla- hddis, new, recent j casual. 

^jl^ hddisah, an event, accident, 
novelty, a misfortune. 

jJjLa. hddiq, or 6^^^, skilful, inge- 

jla. hdrr, warm, hot, sultry, [nious. 

[ 62 ] 

djjW hiiris, a husbandman. 

tr'/^ Aarw, a sentinel, guard, watch. 

j^Ad. hdriSj ambitious, greedy, co- 
vetous, desirous, wishful. 

j,:\a. hazim, wise, provident, 

juul*. hasid, envious ; an enemy. 
yuKs- hasir^ naked, disarmed. 

A*l». hdssahf sense ; the five senses. 

liU. hdshd, God forbid, let it not 
be J except, besides. 

liJila^ hdshiyah, a margin, edge. 

J-^1». hdsidy a reaper, a mower, [tor. 
j-«la. hdsir, prohibiting ; a calcula- 

(J.^1*. hdsil, produce, advantage, 
custom, tax, duty, profit, fruit. 

c2^1U»(a*. hdsildt, produces. [ready. 

-ill*, hdzir, present, apparent, 

^l^i^'a. hdssirxdmin, bail, surety. 

e^yelft. hdxiriy audience, attendance, 
appearance, presence ; breakfast. 

jJIa. hdjid, a boy, a servant ; a friend. 

«.laU- hdtahf a wall, fence, entrench- 

laila. hd/i^i a guardian ; one who 
has the whole Koran by heart. 

jLk>l»- hdfizahi a retentive memory. 

JX». hakim, a judge, a ruler, a go- 
vernor, a magistrate. 

lJ^ hdkiy a narrator, historian. 

(j'.d. hdl, condition ; the present 
state, time, an affair. 

Sl>. hdld, now, at present. 

cy2Sl>. hdldt, states, conditions. 

y,^U. halib, a milker. [state. 

CiSJUfc. hdlat, quality, condition, 

J^U-Jlsi. hdlhdsily present produce. 

^1^. hall, modern, new, current. 

IaAa. hdlii/d, now, at present. 

As- Adm, son of Noah. 

iX/tX^ hdmid, a praiser of God. 

^«la. hdmixi sour, acrid, pungent. 

fj^^ hdmil, a carrier, bearer, porter. 

aJUIa. hdmilahf pregnant, [a noose. 

j^l*. hdmij a defender, protector j 

.i'a» hdnis, a perjurer, 

e*yU. hdnuty a shop. 

v^jla*- hdvi, skilful, comprehending. 

A^^la. hdiviyahy the interior (of the 

t!iai\s^ hdyat, a wall, fence, [belly.) 

viijla. hdyik^ a weaver. 

J.jla. hdifily intervening; a skreen. 

w«»> habb^ a grain, berry, a pill. 

s^s*. hubb, affection, friendship. 

cjU*. huhdh, a bubble of water. 

cijU*- habbdt, corn, grain, pulse. 

Jlx». hibdl, ropes, 

<JU^ habbdlf a ropemaker, 

^Uc hubdli, a pregnant woman. 

aTU*- /«7>a/aA, a net, snares, noose, 

ItUa. hahbaxd^ bravo ! excellent. 

jXs». hibr, a learned teacher. 

jMfcAs*. habsj retention, confinement. 

^A^ habas/i, an Ethiopian. 
Aa»- habshi, an Ethiopian, a negro, 

o^A,*, habqarat, hail, l-AXo. 

J-A^i. habal, a rope a chain, a cord. 

&U*. hublah, a necklace ; an embryo, 

i-U*. hubld, a pregnant woman. 

u^j^a*. habub, or u»ljjA^ grains, ber- 

AA*. habbah, a single grain; «iti)j. 

u^Jj^ habib, a friend, favourite. 

jJU. fiatid, to, until, as far as. 

(►Xfik. hattam, necessary; c:,^Us., 

JiA. hasam, giving, rubbing. 

u.~l«II«->^3?=^ liijdbulqalab^ the veil of 
the heart, the diaphragm. 

^pcw hajj\ a pilgrimage to Mecca. 

u^lar^ hij'db, modesty, shame ; a 
veil, curtain, screen, hide. 

^la:^ hujdj\ pilgrimages to Mecca. 

.\.sr=^ /i(/ar, stones. 

hufj'dr, a lapidary, [a tyrant. 

jlar^ /lijdz, Mecca, Arabia ; name of 
^lar^ hajjam, a cupper, shaver, a 

Is:*- hajdmat, cupping, shav- 

[ 63 ] 

ws^- huj'aby veils, curtains, bree- 

c:^^A?///a/, proof, argument, [ches. 
j^^ hajr, a veil, a curtain, an em- 
^s^ hajar^ a stone. [brace. 

c:j|^^ hnjraty cells, closets, [cell. 

<ya:*" hujrahf a chamber, closet, 

li^ar*- Aty'a/, a fetter ; an ornament 
for the feet ; a young camel. 

if^sr^ hajij\ pilgrims of Mecca. 

sXs^ haj'/ah, the bride's chamber. 

*3:=»- hufam, thickness, 

1 Ji*. hudd, driving a camel. 

«i»- haddy a limit, boundary. 

jj>J)jo. haddsat, novelty ; tender 

())j^ hiddd, mourning. [^ff^- 

jlfcVaw hadddd, a blacksmith, a far- 
rier; a jailer. 

Ci^ltAd. haddqatf ingenuity, skill. 

^^tj.». haddiq, gardens, orchards. 

t.^j3. hadab, hump-backed. 

c:»(Xik hiddai, sharpness, vehemence. 

C?J.a. hadas, a novelty; misfortune. 

-u-dkA. hadsy thinking, conjecturing. 

iSs^- hadaqali, pupil of the eye. 

(^jd^ hadiisj novelty, invention. 

jjJiA. hadudy boundaries, limits. 

j^cV^ hadw\ a declivity, a descent. 

C^J»> hadis, tradition. 

6.i<\A- hadidj iron, steel. 

^sJkjfcXa. hadidahy a weapon, tool, 

A5;4i^ hadiqahy a garden ; P^, 

*iJA. hadiyahy price. 

iii*. hixd, opposite; the hoof of a 
camel or horse, a shoe. 

(3)j». hazzdq, ingenious, clever. 

^j>j||ti>. haxdqaty ingenuity, cunning. 
j<i^ huzavy caution, abstinence. 

i_ij». hazf, rejecting a letter ; 
taking away, cutting oflf a part. 

»*. harry heat, ardour. 

»*. hurry free, genteelly born. 

\^ji^i]j^ hirdsaty agriculture. 

cj.l^ hardraty heat, burning fever. 

vi^w*l^d. AiVasa^, watching, guarding. 

I*^A^ hardrriy unlawful, illegitimate. 

jys>^M)jA. hardm-khory vile, base, one 
wiio lives on the wages of iniquity. 


i*i>ijj»^^ hardmxddah, a bastard, a 
villain, illegitimate, a rogue, a thief, 

^^x|^ hardmi, a robber, an assassin. 

^j^ harb, war, battle; weapons, 

^s*. hirbd, a chameleon. [arms. 

s^j.a. harhgdhy the field of battle. 

*j^s«- hirboy any warlike weapon. 

oj^afc. harty rubbing hard. 

Kttj^ hars, agriculture. 

— ^sfc harjy a crime, a narrow place. 

CjA. hard, an impediment; intention. 

jjA. hirss, an amulet ; }i^*^» 

ijoj^ hirsy avidity, avarice, desire, 

u_iya. harf, a letter ; particle. [ter. 

{sjs^\JjA. har/an-harfaUy letter by let- 

jj^*_»^A. har/gir, a caviller, critic. 

(j>i^ hirfaty or tJj^ occupation, 
trade, art, skill, profession. 

J;5»- harq^ burning. 

vjlJ»^ hurqaij heat, burning. 

■^^j^ harkdty motion ; vowel points. 

oIjXwjoI^^ harkdt-o~sukndty pro- 
ceedings ; vowels and consonants. 

ci^s»» harkaf, motion ; conduct, 
procedure ; a vowel mark. 

*j^ harm, sacred; Air/w, despair; 
unlawful, forbidden ; necessary, 

^ lA. haraniy the most sacred place 
of a temple ; seraglio, or women's 
apartment; families, wives. 

klXiMjs^ haram-ullah, the Mecca, and 
its temple. 

^j,l^a. harmduy Mecca and Medina. 

^U^ AzVwaw, exclusion, disappoint- 
ment, despair, being prohibited. 

0^.a. hurmaty reputation, charac- 
ter, honour, respect. 

Lw^j-a*. haramsard, seraglio. 

J^» harmal, wild rue ; cU>A«Ail«3. 

C 64 ] 

^^^f/^;^ harmin, Mecca and Medina. 

uj5^ harub, wars, battles. 

0)j^ ftd^'uq, fuel for fire. 

^j^a» harun, refractory. 

jjjA^ harur, heat, warmth, warm 

uJji»»- hariuf, letters. [wind. 

^^sir't — »^s" hat'uftuhajiy the alpha- 

c>Ifi ^)j^ harufillat vowels, [bet. 

S^». hurrah y a free mo man. 

C^ij.^ hmriyat, freedom. 
jijo, harir, silk, silk cloth ; warm ; 
a companion, a friend ; paper. 

^c*)*s^ harirt, silk merchant. 

Sjj.d. hariratf a silken garment. 

j^j.sw haris, covetous, greedy. 

v^on-^ harif^ adversary, rival ; part- 
ner, a fellow, cunning. 

^V,■>s>. hartq, burnt, fired. 

o^ harim, a sacred place, a sanc- 
tuary ; unlawful to touch. 

t_j'=». hizhy a body, troop. 

f,y»~ ha%m, vigilance. 

^y^- huzn, grief, affliction. [ly. 

^j„a. hazin, sad, afflicted, melancho- 

^y^s*' hisSf sense, feelings. 

L— jImaa. hisdb, account, reckoning. 

^--Uua. husnSf malignity, unhappi- 
ness ; hisds, five senses. 

Am.s>- hisam, a sword. [ciency. 

C^-^a. hasab, according to ; suffi- 

v_i^4»*£*. hasib, dignity ; religion. 

cX^a. hasad, envy, malevolence. 

c:}j*u.s>, hasrat, grief, regret, desire. 

uJ/ji^L^*. hiss-mushtarik jcommon 

^*4*a^ y^usw, beauty ; goodness. 
,«;.«». hasan^ beautiful, excellent. 

jjuufik. A«5wa, good, excellent. 

cali^a- hasnatf good works, piety. 

*i*uaw hasnah, a good work. 

«!yua. hasiid, envious, malignant. 

^«»». hissi^ sensual ; hasi, perceiv- 
ing, knowing. 

,Jxit»s». hasilfH calf. 

^A-uA. /i^5/.<f, sensible, prudent. 
^^x«<£*. hastily beautiful. 
^*aw huminy good, beautiful. 
.^a. hashar, the resurrection. 


hasharat, reptiles. 

1^^ hasham, train, retinue, suite. 
\j^^^s^ hashmat, pom[), equipage. 
j.^»- hasho, the stuffing of a pillow, 
j^jj^i.^ hashish, dry herbage, hay. 
V.^A. hasdy gravel, little stones. 
i$l^>. hasdtf a stone in the bladder. 
jLaa. h'lsdd, reaping harvest. 
»il,,flA. hassdd, a reaper. 
.l.,aa. hisdvy a fence ; castle. 
^Laaw hasdn^ a chaste woman j hisan, 

a good horse. 
i.i«/«^A. hasab, throwing pebbles. 
U^fla*. haiabd, gravel, pebbles. 
iXA»- hasabat, the measles. 
fcV.«aA. hasady cut down, harvest. 
j-^as^ Aa^r, a siege ; numbering. 
(^^>- hisas, shares. 
J..^s- hasal, unripe dates. 
v__aj;^a> hasif, firm, sound in judg- 
^J^s^ hisn, a fort. [ment. 

Jj-^*- husul, produce, profit. 
^^J..«aa. husun, fortifications. 
i>^s>, hisnah, a share, lot, part. 
^ hash', a mat. 

j\,<aA. /«<«ar, spectators ; attendants. 
i.^j^a^^ hazrat, presence ; majesty. 
i^]jAs>' ha%rdty presences 5 majesties. 
.j.^i»- huzur, presence, 
(^jk.^^ haziz, bottom, lower extre- 
^.^iaa. hatabf fuel. [mity. 

IsA. ha%z, pleasure, delight. 
la^laa. A««u^, shares. 
lailaak. AasJi;^, fortunate, happy. 
C^isVftA. hifdzaty custody, care. 
\J>A». hafsy ruining, destroying. 
jas. hafd, making haste ; attend- 
ants, companions. 
j0.t^ hafr, digging, excavation. 

hasin, strong, well-fortified. 

[ 65 ] 

t^s>~ ha/rah, a ditch, a hole. 
iaA^ hi/%, memory ; protection, 
lajkfta- haftss, a guardian. 
^*. haqq^ Goi), an attribute of God ; 

just, right, equity, due, rutth. 
Ua. hagqa, by God, truly. 
cyj^^ liiqdrat, contempt, baseness. 
^_^Ua. haqqani, true, sincere. 
ij»ojiU^ haqqdniyat, truth, sincerity. 
^IftA. haqaiq^ narrations ; truths. 
*-!^*^^<3** haqpurast, addicted to 
truth, rightful. 
X*^^^^ haqparasii^ addiction to 

*• truth. 

(i,XA. hiqait^ malevolence, hatred, ma- 
lice, wishing ill, hating. 
^jXj^jA. haqOin, looking to justice. 

ijUJjj^ haqtala^ Almighty God. 
y^(j^ haqqjo, seeking truth. 

Jii^=>- haqqddr, rightful owner. 

^>^\j.£,^y^ /laqqshinds, knowing one's 

duty; grateful, faithful. 
jS^^y^ haqqguxdr, administering 
justice, upright. [tice. 

^Ji}^^}'^ haqqguzhi, approving jus- 

(jA^ifj^ liuqqndhaqq, right or 

AJwAA. haqnahy a clyster. [wrong. 

Q^s*- haqiiq, rights, privilege. 

AAA. huqqa/i, a casket, a round box; 

a pipe for smoking. 
^•Ij&Sa. huqqabdz, a juggler. 
JdjjAA»- huqqahbarddr, a pipe-bearer. 

\j^i^ huqqii/at, reality, right. 

us^xS^ huqqiyut^ a period of 80 fears. 

j^^- haqir, mean, contemptible. 

Cl^ijjia^ haqiqat, explanation, ac- 
count, truth, reality. 

^^5ja>. haqiqi, instrinsic, real ; own. 

t^d- liakk^ erasure, scratching out. 

cL''^ hakkdk, a lapidary, a jeweller. 

^IIa. hukkdm, rulers, governors. 

c^jlS^a. Iiikdyat^ a tale, history. 

i»Xa. hakaniy an arbitrator. 

*X*. hiikfti, command, order, sentence. 

UXa. hukmd, philosopher?, sages. 

o^^A. hikmat, wisdom ; art, science. 

Lyv''**^"*"^^ fii^matildhi, divine mys- 

^^Ij^Xa. Iiukmrdni, sway, dominion. 

C^^^i^ hukumat, government, sway. 

aX*. hikah, the itch. 

♦ji^ hakim, a wise man, physician, 
doctor, a philosopher. 

J>^ hal, solution, loosing. 

^Hi^ halldj, a dresser of cotton. 

Ja.K». huldhal, a chief of a tribe. 

(jHjfc. halldq, a barber. 

JIIa. haldly legal, legitimate, pure. 

yjJf*. halldn, dissolving. 

v-»^H». haldwaty sweetness, 

AaIa- hulbah, fenugreek. 

cS>Li. hilat, legality. 

Ci^jkllaw hiltit, asafoetida. 

^Ia- halaj\ carding cotton or wool. 

tjij^^ halzun, an insect, a snail ; a 
horn- beetle. 

k— a-l»- half^ an oath, swearing. 

(J>-i^ halq^ the throat. 

A^Ai*- halqahj a ring, circle ; knocker 
of a door. 

i^^aaIa. halqah bagosh, an obedi- 
ent servant, a slave. 

^fiia. halqi, guttural, 

J^* hulul, the dresses of paradise. 

As^ hilm, mildness, clemency. 

Ia.^ frnlmah, the nipple. 

ji*. hulawa, sweet. 

ly*. halwdy a sweetmeat. 

^JLl*. hahvdij a confectioner. 

j>S£jJ.A. halla-o-qqd, loosing and 
binding; absolute power. 

J^A. hulul, entering, penetrating. 

aIa. hulah, garment, dress. 

^^>i>' Am/?, jewels, female ornaments. 

(^jJ,*. hatib, fresh sweet milk. 

(j>jJU» halliyat, lawfulness. 

J.jJLd^ Aa///, a husband, a co-part* 
ner ; a neighbour. 

[ 66 ] 

jiX^ hallm, mild, affable. 
kxY^^ huliah, the external form. 
*jfc. horn, a father-in-law, a brother- 
jJUa. humaq^ sniall-pox. [in-law. 
Av^Iaa. hninamah, a dove, a pigeon. 

,t,^a. /lumd, a fever. 

U*. Itimar, an ass, a millipede. 
j^Ua> ImmaZy wild sorrel. 
cJ>*<-o^ hiiiidqntj folly, stupidity. 
t;U>- hammal, a porter, carrier. 
«Uo. hammam, a bath, bagnio. 
<.Ua». hamdmi a dove, a pigeon. 
^^.^Ua. hammdmif a bagnio-keeper. 
v^A»a. himdyat, protection, aid. 
a-Ua. hamdyad, laudable actions. 
J-jUd. hamdil, a sword-belt ; a 

necklace of flowers. 
J**, hamil, praise, thanksgiving. 
j*A^ humrj red. 
o,«^ humratj redness, pestilential 

carbuncle; the erysipelas. 
j^A*. hamass, sour, being acid. 
^*sw hximoqf stupidity, foolish. 
Mi^ humqdj blockheads. 
J^9- Aaw/, a burthen j pregnant, 
*I*d. hamlah, an assault. 
*Ad. hummafn, ashes, coal. 
(Liy,bA., acidity. 
4jy«j». hamul, patient, mild, tame. 
oJ^.*a. hamulatj a beast of burthen, 
CS>A4.:v hamiyatf ardour ; a nice 

sense of honour; }^ji. 
ijjj^a. hamid, praised; laudable. 
fX<^o^ hamim, warm water, summer 

rain, the rainy season ; hot. 
L>a. hamiyat, abstinence ; jii^j^. 
U*. /and, the colouring herb Cyprus. 
kUa. hanndt, a seller of wheat. 
jj^jUa*. Itundn, most compassionate. 
«-Jixk!>. hanif, religious or orthodox, 
s^-*-*" hcmjarali^ the windpipe; |«yid.. 
*fciaw hintak, wheat ; |»«uf . 
J-S a ia. hanzolj coloqnintida apple. 
hanaky the palate ; »^. 

]y>- hawd, Eve, the mother of man- 
kind ; dusky-lipped. 

w'a.l^ fiaivdjili^ curtains, eye« 
brows, veils. 

\t>d\yA. hatvddis, accidents, events. 

»^-d^ j)^ hawddisxadahy unfortunate. 

^^I^A. haivdri, a washerman ; a 
friend, companion; clear, shining. 

yj^^f^- hdwds, sense, perception. 

*'«'»^ V^l^ hawdsikhamsahf the five 

^jAIja, hawdshi^ margins, borders, 
hems ; attendants. 

J-^t^d. hawdsil, a pelican. 

ctfSI^^ hawdldt, things given ia 
charge, trusts ; uj^J^. 

JltiD^A, hawdlddr^ a military oflUcer, 

*/Ka». hawdlah, custody, consign- 
ment, care. 

^^I^&. hawdli, environs, parts adja- 
cent, outskirts. 

^yA^ljd. hawdlishahr, suburbs, 

-p.j)^ hawdyaj, necessary affairs. 

cy^^ hut, a fish ; the sign Pisces. 
j^A. or tjy^*. hur, a virgin of para- 

*jfs>- hauzahf midst, middle, {[disc. 

*X^^ah. hawsilahf the crop j ambition. 

oSjj*. /mu^, a reservoir, cistern. 

J^^ haul, changing, returning ; 
power, force. 

i^k^ hatveli, a house, dwelling. 

^_<,a. hni, alive ; %dij. 

iUa.. hayd, modesty, shame. 

csUa. haydt, life j ^J^*. 

oaIao. haisiyat, capacity, ability. 

ijxsi. haidar, a lion ; a name of Ali, 

^J*ii^ hairdn, amazed, confounded. 

^I^As». or ca^Jid. hairdniy astonish- 
ment, perturbation. 
j-i*. haiyiz, a side, part, place. 

(^Aj^^aJjA. haisbais, a perplexed bu- 
siness, hesitation, perplexity, 

u^y^, haizj menses. 

JaSjjd. haiqatf woodcock. 

[ 67 ] 

/Jbxak. hitah^ an enclosure ; ^l^«5. 

>~«>a> haif, tyranny ; alas ! 

^jLx hfi/alf frauds, snares; UaIa^.. 

AijkA. hilah, artifice, strataafera. 

•l.4««.lxa. hilasdz, a cheat, deceiver. 

^^»' hin, time. 

4s»Ua.^^^ hinhayat^ lifetime. 

^^Sf. haiwdn, an animal, living 

ttjlil^jiA. haiwanaty animals ; yj^^ij, 
^il^jja. haiwdni, brutal, sensual. 

^ kha or hhe, the seventh letter of 
the Arabic and Persian alphabet, 
expressing in arithmetic 600. 

Jli. khdtim, a seal ring, a ring ; the 
last, the seal of a prophet. 

Jl4jli>. khdlimaht a conclusion, finis. 

^jjyli. khatdn, a lady ;y^. 

^\s», khdj\ the christian cross, 

ciilL. khddiq^ a deceiver ; «JJU^i. 

^,3^>. khddim, a servant, follower. 

«,3^^ khddah, an oar. 
li* /ipAar, a thorn. 

ii.Ci. khdrahy a hard stone. 

^**»*» khdrbasf, a hedge of thorns. 

o<M^A^ khdrpushty a porcupine, 
hedgehog. [bles. 

^»jU^ldta /lfArtrArt?/a/i, roots of brani- 

— .Ui. khdrij, external ; ^J/J5/JiJ. 

*a..l.». khdrijah^ a catchword. 

^jA.J<^ khdriji, a heretic ; external j 
condemned, abandoned. 

Aix> .Ui. khdrchinah. tweezers. 

iUi^Ci. khdrkhdr, the itch, scratch- 
ing ; disquietude, perplexity. 

^Ij^li- k/idrddr, thorny. 

ul^.li. khdrrdh, impediments of the 

\^)^ khdrish, the itch, the scab, 
the mange. 

ci.^j{k^ khdrishi, the itch. 
0;^=*- khdriq, splitting, tearing. 
«:>jt: (jji'^ khdnqdilut^ a miracle. 
^^^j\a. khdrkus/i, slippers worn 

over boots. 
'■U*^jj^ k/idrokhaSf rubbish, 
c;'H'^ fi^dridan, to scratch, to itch. 
ti)j^ ArAaam, treasurer, cash-keeper. 
iJj^A. khdzhtahf a wife's sister. 
^^i**li. khdsfgt, an insurrection. 
^J^^ khdsfaiiy to rise, get up, 
jm,\,a^ khdsir, unsuccessful. 
i,lJl^U. khdshdk, rubbish, 
^li. khashidj humble, suppliant. 
^JLli. khdshiy timid, fearful. 
(jo^*- khdss, particular, special. [tion. 
e;^^ khdsdtiy persons of distinc- 
x^li. khasirahy the abdomen, [lity. 
^^^jCsla*. khassagi, peculiarity, specla- 
f\£»(jei^ k/idss o dm, noble and ple- 
beian, every body, 
c^jk^li. khdssiyaty property ; quality. 
^^l^ khdxia humble, submissive. 
^U^ k/idtir, the mind, heart. 
«4-a^^ khdtirjamai encourage- 
ment; confidence. 
il^i^.lsli. khdtirkhwdh, according to 

wish, beloved object, 
^ji^^lsliw khdtirkfwshy contented. 
i_j^I.3^l9li. khdtirddri, encourage- 
ment, comfort, confidence. 
^jjl^j^Jbli. khdlirnishdiij impressed on 
the mind, by heart. [zon. 

(J.9\a. khd/iq, palpitating ; the hori- 
jyAaili- khdfqin, the two horizons, 

the east and west. 
^J)Ull^ khdqdrij an emperor, a king, 
j^iljli. khdqdniy imperial, royal, 
CJla. khdkf earth, dust. 
jjkjuJ'U. khdkhez, a large sieve for 
sifting gravel, &c. [archers. 

«J>ycL)t.i- khdktudahi a butt for 
^Ij^li. khdUddiii a place for rub- 
bish ; this world. 

[ 68 J 

jiyV^ khdkssadf earth-born, nian- 

.l«il>A. Jchaksar, humble. [kind. 

,__$., L*il>. khaksdri, humility. 

Juu.Sl>. khdkistar, ashes. 

k--?y$li- klidkrub^ a sweeper. 

^-iila. k/iakusht, name of a cooling 
seed. [humble. 

ti^fl-^Li^U^ khdksifat, earth-like, 

^^^lU^ khdkkmh, a barrow. 

^jL^(jJ Jv. khdk nashm,i'\iimg on the 
ground, humble. 

A^^A- khdkihy a sketch. 

^_f^li- khdki, earthly. 

♦slyJciJl*. khdknihddf earth-born, 
humble, humility. 

*Joiliw khdghia/i, a fried egg. 

JUw A:/ia/, a mole ; mother's brother. 

tyJl*. khdlid, eternal. 

jc^li. khdlri, salt-works. 

4^ta. khdlis, pure, unmixed. 

A^oJLi. khdlisuh, the exchequer. 

j^Jli. khdliq, the creator. 

yi*. khdluy maternal uncle. 

aJIa- khdlah, maternal aunt. 
Jli. khali, empty, vacant. 

^l». khdm, raw, unripe, imperfect. 

^jBi/c^i- khdmJs, the fifth. 

•aIs/a. khdmtama, hoping vainly. 
jI^/a. khdmkdr, unskilful, unexpe- 

J.^lji. khdmil, mean, contemptible. 

i^^.«li. khdmush, silent. 

^jjJL^^ khdmoshidan, to be silent. 

fty«liw khdviah, a pen ; jJS. 

^•iX,^l.jw khdmah%a?i, a piece of wood 
for nibbing pens upon. 
.^li. khdmi, rawness, immaturity. 

^J,^ Ar/iaw, lord, prince, a title prin- 
cipally used by Pathdns, 

yjlilsr>\.i. khdnkhdndrij lord of lords. 

^j^lixiLk kUdnddn, family, domestics. 

^LoUuili. khdnsdmdn, steward of 
the household. 

»Uili. khdnqdhf a monastery. 

^^^li. khangiy domestic, belonging 
to the house.^ [ture. 

j^Uili. khdiimdn^ household furni- 

»«il^ili» khdmvddah, a family, house. 

*ili». khdnah, a house, dwelling. 

^^^Ju^l=». khdnahhadosh, a traveller. 

^•).i^*.ili. klidnaparddxi, domestic 

j]^i.l\^ khdnahddr, a householder. 

j_Pj)jAJU. khdjiaddri, housekeeping. 

,j|^Ailfl». khdnahzdd, the child of a 

slave, domestic. 
jy^i^'AL. khdnasoz^ disgracing one's 

^jUi*ilA. khdnae kamdn^ the curved 
parts of the bow. 

j^ili. khdni^ the title of Klidn. 

.1^ khdo^ the pile of velvet, &c. 

J}^^ fchdwdr, the east, also the west ; 
the sun. [band. 

tXij^A. khdwaud, lord, master, hus- 

ui-oIa. khdib, unsuccessful. 

i^A*K>\A. khdiski a smith's hammer. 

i^Ia. khdiz, exploring. 

■lajli. khdity a tailor. 

i— aAi^ khdif, timid, pusillanimous. 

••■iAjli. khdikj a locust. 

^Ji^^ khdin, a deceiver, traitor. 

i^^A. khdyah, a testicle ; an e^^, 

»i>Ui. khabds, infamous. 

^^J-xUi. khaidan, to chew, gnaw. 

Ci^-wlxA- khabdsat, wickerlness, de- 
pravity, baseness. 

cs^^ khabas, malignity, depravity. 

j.i^fiw klmbs^ the dross of metal. 
jX-i^ khabar, news, intelligence. 

:Ui. khahbdzy a baker. 

^Ui. khahhdxij mallows. 

»,£^Ui. khabdis^ vices, depravities. 

li^xi. khabarddr, cautious, vigilant. 
i^Jiiij^ khabarddri, cautiousness. 
j:SjJ<^ khabar gir, a spy, an inform- 
er ; a j)atrou. 
^jj^AA. k/iabargin, spying j aiding. 

[ 69 ] 

yxA. khuh%^ bread. 

4»>Mi. khabt, insanity, madness. 

jtCx.i. khabkdlj fortunate, happy. 

Jo^ khabl, corruption in mind. 

^jJ^ khabn, doubling" up a garment. 

*iijaa. khabnaqah, very stupid. 

LiHi-^ khabzs, wicked, impure. 
jxx^ khahir, informed, skilful, 

tyiiX^ khabir ah, joy ; winding", twist- 

Jj^ khatal, deceiving. [^^S' 

JxA^ kliutam^ conclusion^ end. 

^^^li. khatan, circumcising. 

j^Ii. khutan, Tartary. 

aJo^ khatnah, circumcision. 

Us^ khajdy marrying ; beating. 

cyl«^ khajdt, marrying many wives. 

ws^i^-s^/fAiya/a/,bashfulness, shame. 

cy-*^^ khajayat, marrying. 

Ai«*s"*- khujistah, happy, fortunate, 
auspicious, blessed. [val. 

^&1m*3:^ khujistabpaif happy arri- 

J.s^ khujil, modest, bashful. 

c:^>Is:^ khijlat ; see \jl^\s^. 

^z^a^^^ khajajat, stupid, dull. 

•Xa. khad, a cheek. 

Itki. khudd, God. [tor. 

^j^iTl<J>*. khuddafrin, God the Crea- 

^IfTljA. khudddgah, knowing God, 
J[4ij^)*i^ khuddparastij divine wor- 
ship, worship of God. 

^^ji]dA. khuddtarsy fearing God, vir- 

— .I<j^ khiddj, abortive, imperfect, 

^1*.Ija. Iphudahdfiz, God preserve 
you ; adieu. 

j^i^ khuddd, a scar, (on face.) 

Uj^ khuddrdy for God's sake. 

y^UAljA. khuddshindsj knowing God, 
righteous, virtuous. 

e) J^ khaddaa, a deceiver, impostor ; 
khidq, deceiving. 

^ItX^ khudddm, servants, domestics. 

u-j^-wkxltxi. khuddmushrah, religious, 

jJjIji^ khuddwandy a king, lord, 
master, a possessor ; husband. 

(IftVijljiA. khuddwandgdr, God. 

c-^J^ijlJi^ khuddtvandiniqmatj ge- 
nerous master, patron. 

i^Jk>^ljA. khuddwandiy lordship, 
sovereignty, dominion. 

^\ds>. khuddi, divinity, 

IjltXi. khuddyd, O God. 

JlxLltiA. khuddetqld, the high God. 

^lai. khaddy^f frauds, impostures. 

^jKjIja. khuddegdtif lords, masters, 

jjA. khadar, torpor. 

^tli. khads, alarm. 

ctka. khadq, frauds, deceit. 

uJ(X^ khadfy going fast with a 
quick step ; throwing a stone. 

-td^ khadam, servant, retinue. 

4i»l/«jiA^ khidmdt, services, 

Ui^/oJ^ khidmaty service, employ- 
ment, office. 

•if^j^^jA. khidmatffdry 1 

\lf: 4' fc/ -J , ' >• a servant. 

.iJlU./**^*. Kliidmatguzar, J 

w-Jjj^ khadang, a kind of arrow. 

CU*Ji<>^ khadiyat, fraud, imposture. 
yi(^ khadeo, a king, mighty mo- 
narch, master, possessor, 
lii- khazah, cutting, mincing. 
«Xi. khadalf deficiency, 
j^khaVj an ass. 

fjst^ khordy the dung of birds. 

tj]^ khardhy desolate, depraved, 
ruined, lost, destroyed, 

ol*);*' khardhdt, a tavern, a brothel, 

^u|^ Ifhardbatij a haunter of ta- 
verns, a debauchee. 

*j1^ khardbab, a desolate place, a 
ruin, devastation. 

^^}j^ khardbij ruin, desolation. 

^l^ khardlhij an earthworm. 

^)j^ khirdj, tribute, tax, revenue, 

j\^'r}j^ khirdjguzdr, a tributary, 

^ij^^l^ khardkharzadan, to snore. 

^\j^ khardd, the art of turning. 

[ 70 ] 

^5'4^^iw kharddi, a turner. 

^Jj^ kliararatj a noise arising from 
throwing water. 

^J^m\j^ khurasan, west ; a country. 

^^ kluirash^ scratching, itching. 

i,X\j^ khardshah, the filings of any- 
thing; a small debt. 

^»jjxil^^ khardshidan, to scratch. 

]s]ja^ kharrdt, a turner. 

C.^s]JL kharrdtatj the art of turning. 

^jklal^i*- khardtim, the proboscis of an 
elephant, the nose. 

uJI^*- khardf, gathering, (fruit.) 

cjliKi. khurdfdt, idle stories. 

C^i]j^ khurdfat, an idle story. 

Jti. khardm, graceful walking. 

^^L«)^*. khirdmdnj walking graceful- 
ly and pompously. [fully. 

^^(^y^}JA. khirdmidan, to walk grace- 

13)/ -' ' " 

khardmbdr^ a crowd. 

jjl^i. /c/mrdwrfjpearljamodest virgin. 

ttJV/^ ^^(^'^^^^^i ^n ass driver, or 
keeper, or owner. 

tyjA, khnrbuxah, watermelon. 

ix^jys*. kharpushtah, a pitched roof. 

tJuj,^ kharpashah, a gadfly. 

j3^^ k/iarbaq, hellebore. 

»;jj^ kharhii%ah^ a melon. 

Jsa^^i.. kharjal, name of a bird. 

'Kj^ kharch, expence, charge. 

ilSx».j^ kharchang, a crab. 

^■:^j^ kharchah, cost of lawsuits. 

^a.^^ kharchi, price of stupration. 
•^s^aw kharchin, saddle bags. 

j^j^ kharkhar^ purring. 

Li-^fiv kharkhard^ snoring. 

«^^iy£w kharkharah, a currycomb. 

iJi^jS^ kharkhashahf a tumult, a 
riot, a crowd, dispute. 

dij^ khurd, minute, small, young. 

iijs», khirad, the understanding, wis- 
dom, intellect, judgment. 

45)j,i^ khurddd, the third Persian 
month, 6th day of the month. 

s,JLxjd^A. khirddpeshahf practising 

^jLajjih. khardashti, the wild ass. 
Jj^i. khardaq, broth, soup. 
Jj^ khardul, mustard, mustard 

seed } a coward. 
{^Ji^^jL. khiradmashrabf practising 

(U/«,)^ khiradmand, wise, intelligent, 
itjljjvy«j^ khiradmaiiddnah, wisely, 

prudently. [dence. 

j_j»tUy«j^ khirdmandi, wisdom, pru- 
Jidiijs>. hihurdahddn, wise, skilful. 
,^5^*4,3^ khiirdahjarosh, a petty 

merchant, a mercer. 
««Vo^«\^ khurdahmurdah, cut off into 

pieces, disfigured, destroyed. 
^M>.L<idjS>. khiradmanashiy prudent 

cy[jt3»A. khurdwdt^ trifles, 
t^jL. khurdah, a particle, small. 
IfetS^ Ar/(Urrfa/<a, fractions, fragments. 
^Jjjjici^a. khurdah-binij subtilty of 
** genius ; cavilling. 
i^d^ khardt, smallness; infancy. 
jji^ khur%, glass beads, &c. 
%j^\jL. kliarzahrahy oleander. 
i^Jj^ kharzi ; see {^)jitdj^- 
ijijT^ kharziuy a shelf. 
\^f>- khirs, a bear ; kharsy a wine jar. 
Kl^jk. kharsag, a boy's game. 
Suuj^ khursandy content, satisfied. 
^^SiMijL. khiirsandi, contentment. 
l-^1m^ kliarsang, a large stone ; a 
{^j^ kharish, a buffoon. [rival. 

LA^ kharshd, the sun ; froth, foam ; 

dust, skin of a serpent. 
\sj^ khartj the art of turning. 
Jlis^ khartdlj oats. 
^^a^ khartum^ihe proboscis of an 

elephant, the nose, 
c^ khara, cleaving, splitting. 
^j^ kharif, a decrepit old man 

[ 71 ] 

c^sji»^ kharfat, purslain, the autiim- 

iiai fruits. 
O;^ kharq, tearing a garment. 
K£^d^{jji^ kharqiadat, a miracle. 
ijjst- khirqah^ a religious habit> 

dress ; cutting, cleaving. 
i-/^ kharkf a little ass. 
z^jL. khargahfii tent, pavillion. 
\%j^;^ k/iargoshf a rabbit, a hare. 
^js^ khurram, cheerful, pleasant. 
l.«^ khurma, a date. 
t;^^to^ ^ .'s. kharmast, stupid, obstinate. 
^j'^C*^ kharmagus^ the gadfly. 
^^J^ khirmany the harvest, grain ; 

a barn or threshing floor. 
^j^j^ kharmuhrah, small shells. 
s^^j^ Ifhurrami, gladness. 
\^j*^j^ khaniafs, mugnum penem 

«— w^a>- khirnafj cotton. 
(^l;^ khurnaq, a young rabbit. 
^I^i. kliarwary a load. 
t^)j^ khuru), sallying forth, rushing 

out, going forth, issuing ; rebel- 
ling ; disobeying. 
U^lf^ khurus, a dunghill cock. 
iJ^Jfj^ ffharosh, clamour, cry. 
U^ii^ji;^ kharoshidan, to cry out, to 

exclaim, to make a loud noise. 
<-i)js^kharuf, a lamb. 
0)j^ kharuk, fissures, cracks. 
j)j£^ khariddr, a buyer, purchaser. 
M)'^;^ kharidan, to buy. 
«i>^ak. kharidah, a virgin. 
*Jaj^i>- kharitah, a bag, pocket, purse. 
»— ftjj^ kharif, the autumn. 
L.S*ir*^ Ar/ian/i, grown in harvest. 
^ khazz, raw silk, or cloth made 

of it. 
ys*. khuz, hold up. 
«^|)^ khaz%af^ a potter. 
^J^J^ khizdn, the autumn. 
c^^[>^ khazdnchi, treasurer. 
^\j^ khazdnah, treasury. 

«JUsr>)^a»- khazdn khdnah, treasury, 

]j^\t^iS\^ khazdnae amirtti the im- 
perial treasury, 

^1^ khazdi7i, treasures. 

»«J)^ khuzdah, a sin, crime. 

J-x£^ khuzabil, foolish. 

c_3)i>- kha^of, an earthen vessel. 

Tijij^js^ khazfrizah, a potsherd. 

^^y^ khazfi^ a potter. 

^Jj^^ khaxidan, to creep, crawl, 

jty^ khazir, any kind of broth. 

&byiw khazinah, a treasury. 
],iiXi^yL. khassina/iddr, a treasurer. 

{j'*^ khas, a weed, thorn ; bad. 

t^j"^ khus, a mother-in-law. 

eyA*ui. khisdrat, loss, damage. 

vi,-i»»\.«.ifc. khasdsatf mean, ignoble. 

JLuik. khusdl, vile, abject. 

^j;i>iLuA- khasdudan, to grind. 

yj-UiU*^ khasdnidaiij to chew ; to 
cause to sleep. 

^^j^^ khasposh, a splinter; a 

^jjo^uA. khuspidan, to sleep. 

u::.»*»a>. khast, a reptile, an insect, 

^SLfitA- khastagi, a wound, sore, 

J^JuuA. khastan, to wound, pierce, 

yla»i». khastu, the seed of fruit. 

AJlyui**. khitstwdnah, a woollen gar- 

AXu*^ khastahf wounded, 

j^ju-A. khusr, damaged. 

jM>.s^ khasuVf a father-in-law. 

y>}]jM>^ kliasrdrii damage, fraud. 

tjyi^jM.>- khasurpurah, a brother-in- 

^-«i. khusrau, a great king. [law. 

iS]j^M>A. khusrawdna/i, royal. 

^il^Mk^w khusrawdni, a kind of cloth. 

J^e/^'i-?/*'*" ^^'"'^^^^ zarrtnbdl^ the 

khasaf, sunk, diminished. 
viJU-l^-^i^i- khasokhdshdk, rubbish. 
^^^>. kha&udan, to become old. 

[ 72 ] 


wJyu^ khasiif, an eclipse of moon. 
^Jjk«».:^ khasidariy to moisten. 
j^M^ khasir, suffering, damage. 
^j^WA- khasis, mean, base. 
^^ khush, mother-in-law. 
^JoJliiL>. khishdnidan, to bite, lace. 

rate, to chew. 
%d\^A^ khishddah, cultivated fields. 
u.^«-j>» khasliah, wood, timber. 
CJ""'"^ khishtf a brick or tile. 
WCl^-iA. khishtpaz, a brick-maker. 

.:ci^.iiw khishtzar, an ingot of gold, 
^Us^>^ Ifhashkhashj a poppy. 
c-illi. kihashshdby a seller of wood. 
«._jIm^ khashdf, a bat ; a swallow. 
«M^ khashq, humility. 
K^tA. khushk, dry, withered. 

;l^,mA. khushkdr, coarse bread. 
^U-vii-UKi. khushk-sdliy drought, fa- 
mine, scarcity of rain. 
ijuev.£.A^i- lfhushkmagh%, crazy. 
tJJu-^ khushkah^ boiled rice. 
^Ju^ khushkif dryness, dry land. 
fAk. khashm, anger, rage, fury. 

jJUMS- khashmgin, angry, enraged. 
\^\j,^A. khashmndg, passionate, 
furious, angry. 

^^Ji^ khashan, rough, severe. 
aJju^ khashnud, contented, happy. 
^d^Ji^£^ khashnudi, contentment, 
pleasure, happiness. 

JiJ>. khashu, a mother-in-law. 

^«3^A^ khushiidan, to prune. 

9yM^^ khushiiaf humility. 

\j^iyiA-khushunat, asperity, disdain. 

^-S*i. khashiy timid ; a dried herb. 

^)jj.iKa. khashejy the contrary. 

c— sL^Uh. khasdf, a shoemaker. 

JLai. Ifhisdl, manners, qualities. 

^^^Uai. khasdis, special qualities. 

JjLoi. khasdily dispositions, quali- 
ties, tempers, 

^^La». khaslat, quality, habit, mode. 

^f^as^ khasatn, an enemy. 

*JU.c2^ khasmdnah, inimically. 

(jo^'cL. khusiis, particular, special. 

\^yAA. kfiususan, especially, chiefly. 

KZj\.x^y^s%. khasusiydt^ particulari- 
ties, intimate friendship. 

^^■^^•^3^ khususiydtf friendship. 

f^-'OA. khusuniy enemies, rivals. 

iss^yOA. khasumdtf disputes. 

L;U«^j-<a>> khustimat, litigation, a law 
suit, enmity. 

^^_j<ai. khasly a castrated animal. 

^-A^ kliasiyahy testicle. 

^j^Uu-A*. khasitduy the testicles. 

>x^ai»- ffhasim, an enemy. 

^4<ai- khasin, a small axe. 

am .'A ^ khusyah^ a testicle. 

Ljl^i. khi%dby a black tincture for 
hair, tinging the nails, &c. 

^^• n^ khazabj tinging black with 

j^e^ khazar^ the name of a prophet, 

)j^a^ khazrd, green, fresh, 

Oy.,flA. khuzrat, greenness ; dusky. 

(J.A2». khazal, a pure pearl. 

?y^>-^ khuzua, submission. 

u^x^i>- khazib, stained black, 

(^fOX^OA. khaziz, the foot of a moun- 
tain, lower part of any thing. 

hA^khat, a line, a letter, the beard. 

Uii. khatd, a sin, error, mistake. 

u-jllaih. khitdb, a title ; conversa- 
siou; address. [sins, 

^sr>\.iiA. kkatdbakhashy forgiver of 

^)yL*'kiw khattiistnvd, the diameter. 

isVlxi. khatidt^ a fine penman. 

^\.)aA. khitdm, a halter j a bridle, 

IjILa. khatdyd, sins. 

w^'^ khutabf orations, sermons, 

(^^.JsA. khitb, marrying, betroth- 
ing ; khatb, a work. 

i^kxA khutbat, an oration including 
a prayer for the king. 

jh.>. khatar, remembrance ; dan- 
ger, risk. 

[ 73 ] 

^^^A. khatarndg, perilous, full of 

danger, full of mischief. 
«— jj^isA. fchatruf, one who goes 

*jhs». Jfhatrah, danger, f;:dr, risk 

j fc ' ohffc khattisabz, tne first appear- 
ance of the beard. 

«S^Ii^ khatti-amud^ a perpendicu- 
lar line. 

^jSilaii. khatkash, a ruler for draw 
ing lines. 

JJa^. khatal, hesitation of speech. 

i^Jyi^i^ khatti-mutawdxi, a parallel 

jlgjJu»^lai> khatti-mustadir, a circular 

^i^Jimiuciik khatti~mustqim,a rightl'me. 

^ji«*^ki. khatti'inunhani, a curved 
" line. 

^aJc^ khatmif mallows. 

AyJJIt^-iuflik^ khatnisfunnihdr, a me- 
ridional line. 

e>!j.k». khatwdt, paces, steps. 

.^ki, khatur, dignity; recollection, 
remembrance ; coming. 

t^ia^ khatut, lines, letters. 

tyhs^ khaiiih, a step, a pace. 

*kd. khittah^ territory, region, city. 

^.^Liw khatih, a preacher. 
j^^ khatir, great, important, noble. 

v-Aiiad- khatif, a lion going swiftly. 

AjJa^ khatiahf crime, fault. 

^lai. khaziiy firm, compact. 

«_id. khuff^, a boot, the sole of foot. 

»— ii. khaff'j light, of weight or mo- 
rals, without digMty ; nimble. 

Uii. khi/dj a veil, an upper garment. 

\AA.khafdf secret, concealment. 

Aa^Ua. khafdchah, banditti, gang of 

^jirUiw khaff^dshf the bat. [ber. 

A».Ui». khafdchah, an unripe cucum- 

J>A.Ui^ khafdjalf an impediment of 

LUA. khafdyd, secrets, mysteries. 
^JL-kk. khuft, he slept; a whisper- 
ing speech. 
c^AA. khiff^at, levity of conduct, 
affront, disgrace. [mail. 

^U'aa. Jfhaftdny a cuirass, a coat of 
^J^i^ khuftan, to sleep, to lie down. 
A«^*^ khafchah, an ingot of gold, 
jkk. khafar, protection, patronage. 
^^AA. khafas, derision, ridicule. 
^Uaa. khafqdn, suffocation ; anger. 
^iUfliw khafqdni, trembling. 
y^^/'SiA.khafgi, displeasure, anger. 
AAA. khafah, displeasure, angry. 
^A^ khafiy concealed, clandestine. 
cyUAA. khufiydtf secrets. 
^lUAJ^ khu/idariy to sneeze ; to cough, 

to creak. 
>— fttftflfc- khafif, light, undignified. 
A i.a A khufyahy concealed, hidden. 
JJfc.ArAM/, vinegar ; poor, in want; 

a friend, a companion. 
^A. khaid, vacancy, privy. 
\Si^ khildby mud, mire, clay, 
^^j>Ji^ khildbiSy fatpe; a romance. 
«.iJLi. khaldshahy rubbish, thorn, &c. 
fjois^ khalds, free, liberated, out; 

liberty, redemption. 
A^lk Jfhuldsahy essence ; result, 
abstract, abridgment ; clearance. 
^^Jld. khaldsi, freedom, liberation ; 
a mean people amongst Muham- 
madans, workmen. 
cXi. khulaj dresses of state. 
CL^X=»- khaldat, disobeying the pa- 
rents ; fornicating ; sprouting 
w—jSLi. khildfy contradiction ; oppo- 
site, the reverse. 
^j^it>. khildfaty the ofiice of a Caliph, 

monarchy, or imperial dignity. 
{jt-!^ khaltdq, the Creator. 
JXiw khaldl, a toothpick ; middle. 
yjlJlt^ ^haldlat, sincere friendship. 

r 74 J 

h«^^ khalamald, unfeigned friend- 

^Viw khallan, intimate friends ; kha- 
tan, thin clay or mud. [in, fix. 

y^dsitJ^ khaldnidan, to prick; to stick 

cJw^li. khaliiip, successors; see khalif, 

^yitA•klulld^q,meu^ people, creatures. 

^^Isk. khalab, a nail, talon, claw ; the 
envelope of the liver. 

d-U^ khullat, friendship ; nature. 

^JLi. khalj\ drawing away, carrying 

^j;^^ khaljan, disquietude. [off. 

ci^i^ k/ialkhdl, a ring of gold vj^orn 
round the ankle. 

tXUw khuld, eternity, paradise. 

^^^'jJLi. khuldbarin, the sublime 

^^J^^ khalishf disquietude, anxiety. 

(^JLsk. khils, a sincere friend. 

JxIa. khalt, mixture, confusion. 

kii. kMlt^ a humour, company. 

Jls*. khala, removal from office. 

^^ftXr*. khilat, dress, a robe of 
honor, a royal robe. 

t— ft l A - khalaf, a successor, an heir, a 
son, posterity, coming after. 

^Iftli- khulfd, caliphs, emperors. 

^jjiAl^^UtJLi. khulfardshdin, the four 
first caliphs, jibubakr, Omar, 
Asmdn and Alu 

f^y^ khulq, good nature, quality. khulq, the creation ; creatures. 

i.\i\^y\s^ khalqullah, God's creatures. 

Ci^ftld. khilqat^ the creation, dispo- 
sition, or turn of mind. [dity. 

Vi^ii^ khulqat, defect, fault ; stupi- 

^A\iw khuiqi^ natural. 

JXa. khalal, disturbance, disorder, 
confusion, breach, injury, ruin. 

yii. khuluy vacuity. 

sziyi^ khalwat, retirement, solitude. 

*ilsJ^la. khilwat khdnah^ a privacy. 

^^J^l^ khilwati, a recluse. 

^^Ia. khaltid, eternity ; perennial. 

{^j^ khulus, purity, sincerity, 

,^li>- khali, free, unbound ; void of 
care or grief, owing nothing. 

iSxlL. khalitahy a bag, purse; a bee- 
hive ; women divorced. 

^1*. khalej, a bay, a gulpb, an 
abyss, a whirlpool. 

l^xL^ khalerd, related to a maternal 

^J.^». khalidan^ to prick, pierce. 

^^j^VL. k /talis, {amtkhtah,) mixed, 
half grey ; clay, mud, vitriol. 

kxlik. khalit, mixed, a partner, as 
corn and chaff for cattle. 
^Ia. klialia, wicked; a hunter; a 
gaml)ler; a demon; wolf. 

AAJjUi. kkulifuh, a caliph, king ; suc- 
cessor ; cooks, tailurs. 

^^xU*. khaliq, humane, polite, worthy. 

J.di». khalil, a sincere friend. 

aIII Jj^Ia. khalillullaliy the friend of 
God. Abraham. 

*ik. k/iam, crooked, bent, twisted, 
curled, ringlet; a crib for fowis, 

^A. khum, a jar, a vessel ; alembic. 

^Ui>. khumdr, the effects after 
drinking; a drunkard. 

Ajla^Ld. khumdr khdnah, a tavern* 

^^^Uiw khumdai, a word of five let- 
ters, or five syllables. [bow. 

^l**.. khumdn, the elder tree; a 

^tUiUiw khamdnidan, to imitate j 
herd, twist. [inn. 

AJ^s-*^ khum khdnah, a tavern, an 

j4^ khumar, Avine, drinking wine. 

,^^*^ k/iams, five. 

(j*"^A^ khuins, the fifth part. 

^JyuMJ>, khamsun, fifty. 

A^A^ khamsahf consisting of five. 

•ASk. khama, a wolf; a robber. 

>^.^ khamocham, coquetry. 

,yj*A, kliamur, wines; paste ; leaven, 

(^j.4iw khamoshf silent. 

J^*ik. khamul, of no repute. 

[ 75 1 

^^{xM^y*.a^ khamiilistdn, the land of 
oblivion J the grave. [ture. 

^^'^A. khami, crookedness, curva- 
<jlx6-sw ^/lamij/d^aA, gaping, yawning, 
jj^ouk^ik. khamidarif to be crooked, 
•x^ifc. khamir, dough, leaven, [bent. 
ijj*x/^A.khamisy the fifth; Thursday. 
CLjUa. khanas, hermaphrodites. 
jjJUa. khanasivy misfortunes j iiten- 
JjjUsfc. klumadiqy ditches. [sils. 

j;lx^ khand%ir^ swine. 
^^Ua- khanas, a demon, a devil. 
^**Ua. khanasi, devilish. 
(3Ua- khitidq, a rope for strangling. 
(3Ua. khundg, astranglcr, hangntan. 
(3U&. khundg f the quinsy, [&c. 

O^fl^iA khanbaSf sparks from a flint, 
^Jual^ khanbidan, to beat tune. 
^Tjliui. khunsd, an hermaphrodite. 
^JkA. khanj\ profit, gain ; delight. 
j^^^^, khanj'ar, a dagger. [rine. 

i^jse^"^ khanjari, a small tambou- 
^^)iiXA. khanddn, laughing, merry. 
^jjJl^IcUa. khanddnidan, to cause 
(3(Xxa. khandaq^ a ditch, {to laugh. 
«tUA. khandah^ laughter, laughing. 
jljtJxL. khandahriif a placid counte- 
^j^JkA^ khandidanfio \3LUgh. [nance. 
jij^ khanzir^ a hog. 
•x-oid. khansir, the little finger. 
l}^ khanaqy suffocating, strang- 
i±UA Ar/it/na^, cold, temperate, [ling. 
J^jkA. khunkdr, an emperor. [ture. 
^Ia. khunkif coldness, tempera- 
t_«0^ khingf white or gray (horse). 
Kxa. khingd, able-bodied. 
^XA. Ifhannu, obscene in speech. 
KyJyA.khuniydy singing, melody. 
^Uxi. khuniydgar, a minstrel, musi- 
ySk^ khu, habit, disposition. [cian. 
L-jlj-a. khwdb, sleep ; a dream. 
«jyTvjl*&. khwdbdlud, sleepy, drowsy. 
^jjkiU^ik. khwdb dnidaUf to cause to 

t^jl;a.L«>!^ khwdbjdvedf de&tht d e 

^J*'^jA.i^)^ khwdb khargosh, decep 
tion, fiction, carelessness ; iiegli 
gence, a hare's sleep. 

^jjl.!».4uj)^ik. khwdbistdn, bed-room. 
JUik.jc_>!^ khwdb o /cAitj/d/, illu- 

«tA;^Uk__>l^ khwdb nddidah, an in- 
fant, not arrived at full age. 

(iTUjI^ik. khwdbndg, drowsy. 

^i Juul^ khwdbidigiy negligence. 

^j^yv--»l^iw khwdb niishin, sound 
sleep. [to sleep. 

jjjJxiljl^A. khwdbdnidatiy to put one 

^(^kAj^ khwdhidan, to sleep. 

*a.l^i. khwdjahf a rich merchant ; 
nobleman, a preceptor, master, a 
lord ; the mind ; soul; an eunuch. 

^jilJ&a.ljA. khwdjah tdsh, a scholar, 
school-fellows ; fellow-servants, 

)j*t,ijaJy^ khwdjah sardy an eunuch. 

viAl»&a.!^i. khwdjah falak^ Jupiter. 

^Ij-i. khwdvy poor, ruined, distressed ; 
an eater, 

j^j)y^ khwdrhdvy small food ; taste. 

_^I^ khaivdrijy schismatics, 

(»J;!r*" Iffttvdrixmy a famous country, 
lying along the banks of the great 
river Oxus or Gihon, and extend- 
ing to the Caspian Sea. 

(3y^.i> khawdriq, miracles. 

j^Jt^ khwdrkdr, a tyrant. 

^J^j^y^ khwdrkdrah, abusive. 

)U)^y^ khwdrzdr^ abject and ruined. 

^^y^ khwdri, abjectness, distress. 

vj>«,l^ khwdsty wish, desire, re- 
quest, petition, want, will. 

^jHw)^ khwdstgdriy marriage. 

j^^]yA. khwdstgdr, wanting, peti- 

XjuJ^ khwdsidr, petitioner. 
Jufcl^ khwdstany to request, to 
desire, to wish, to beg, to want. 

[ 76 ] 

<ImI^ khwdstah^ desired ; the thing 

desired, wished, required. 
(je)yi>. khtvas, domestics J qualities. 
^^IjA. khwasiy the back seat of an 

j^^y^ khwatir^ thoughts ; the mind. 
(ji^^^ khwafiq^ the four cardinal 

points of the winds, north, east, 

south, and west. 
^^I^ khwaqin, emperors, kings. 
Jl^ khwal, lampblack. 
^U-Jl^a. kliwalistan, an inkstand. 
J5I^ khwdlgaVf a cook. 
jiji)f^ k/nvdligar, a cook, an ewer, 
ul^s-^jl^iw khwdh makhwdh, right or 

wrong ; nolens volens. 
^1^ khwdn, a tray ; a table dish ; 

a crier ; an inviter ; a reader, a 

singer ; wild grass. 
U*I^c^ly^ ^hwdnposhy cover of a 

las?)^ khwdnchah, a small tray, 
^^jil^k khwdndigi, reading; call- 
* ing ; adoption ; adopted. 
^jj|j.i. khwdndan, to read, to recite, 

to call, to invite. 
\m^]y^ khivdnsdr, a cook. 
jiLtJi^ khwdn sa/ar, a table-decker. 
^LoL«^lj.i> Jfhwdnsdmdn, a house 

^il^ khtvdniriy lords, nobles. 
{*JoJ\^^ khwdn eghmd, table of cha- 
rity, public feast. 
i)^ khwdh, wishing, desiring, 
^ijii- khwdhir, a sister. 
^jSjtlj,*. khwdhish, desire, wish, will, 

want, ambition. 
Jjt)^ khwdhil, crooked, curved. 
»lyi*»)^ khwdh nakhwdh, willing or 

not, willing or unwilling. 
»jjjbl^ khwdhindahf a petitioner, 

he who wants, a beggar, 
u?^ khiib, good, well, fine, ele- 

g^ant, handsome 

^Ij^ khubdut the fair sex ; mis- 
tress ; the good. 

^iL.^i> khubdni, an apricot. 


jAj^ khubtar, excellent, better, 

f^^ys*- khubtaririj the best. 

jj^^A. khiibr^, beautiful, lovely face. 

{S9jy.AiyA. khiibs'&rat, beautiful. 

^^i. Ifhiibi, goodness, beauty. 

Acw^i- khojah, an eunuch. 

^^A. khfikh, a peach ; the water- 
ed khifd, self, himself. [melon. 

^^st. khiid, a helmet. 

]j]iiyA. khuddrd, self-praiser, proud, 

dy±i^y^ khud bakhud, voluntarily ; 
himself, of himself. 

c^ljtij«J^ i^hud badaulai, your ex- 
cellency, his majesty. 

(ji.**«^j^>. ArAwrf/jaras/, self-conceited, 

iyiuaKidyk.khud pasandj vain, conceit, 
ed, self-praised, proud. 

^Xii^ khud bin, vain, ostentatious. 

UjijyA. khud sandy a boaster. 

%]y^^y^ khudkhwdh, selfish. 

^Uj^ih. khudrdi, arrogance, caprici- 

•ijdy^ ffhiidru, wild, vegetable, [ous. 

jmdy^ khiidsin, obstinate, vain. 

fjojc^yi>. khud g/tara»,self-interested. 

^^jiiyA. khiid faroshy boasting, 

f^dy^khiidkdm; see j^^tJ^. 

\^dy^ khiidiy self-conceited. 
jyA, khiir, the sun ; name of a pow- 
erful angel ; bright; the 11th day 
of every month j food ; eating, 
eater; eat thou; (from j^^^^^) a 
camelion;worthy,fit;ife/iM/',a creek. 

CJl|^ khiirdki food, victual. 

^^^jyi»- khtiraki, daily food. [feed. 

^ajJu^ khumnidan, to cause to 

^a.j^A- Ifhurjiny a leather wallet. 

j^^A. khurdy small, young. 

^i3)^jk khurdan, to eat. 

[ 77 ] 

^jj.iw khurdani, provisions, food. 

/bj^Ar/iwrrfa/j, eaten ; minute, small. 

y^]dtdj^^ khurdahdan, minute inves- 
tii^ators, and light understanding. 

i^^jyi^ khurdif sraallness, infancy. 

^Ui,.^ khuristdn, name of a coun- 

ix'xMtjyJi^ khursatidi contented, happy. 

■ Xj)^ khiirishj victuals, food. 

oiJi.j^ khurshed, the sun. 

^j^i. k/iurram, joyful, pleasant. 

;ijj,^ khurindahf an eater. 

^j^iw k/iur7iaq, palace of Behram- 
gore. [ment. 

U^yiXj^ ff^^^troposh, food and rai- 

Viyk khorafi^ a gangrene ; the lepro- 

Acj:^iw khozah, an old woman. [sy. 

^Jj^i^ kliozli, a slow tottering pace. 

\^y^ khush, happy, pleasant, good. 

l/i^A. khus/iAf well, very well. 
/cLA^ khus/idmufi, mother-in-law. 

au-oU^i^ khushdtnad, flattery. [ed. 

^j^l^^iw khusfidmadan, to be pleas- 

ajvjjl^^iw khushdyundah, pleasant; 
flattering, amiable. 

^IvM-^ik. khiishbdsh, independent. 

^amj^a. khuf^hbu, fragrance, perfume. 

.Ii3^xi|jiw khushbudd?', fragrant, aro- 

jXmja. k/iushtar, sweeter, pleasanter. 

^ij^i^y^ khushtaqrir, eloquent. 

JW*^ klmshhdl, haj)py, glad. 

jxs^'yi^. kimslikhabar, glad tidings. 

ii^^jA.^y^ khuslikharid, ready mo- 
ney purchase. 

h.^'^yL. khushkhat, fine writing. 

ys'*>ys>- khushkhu, good-natured. 

^jjl^^^A. khus/ikhwdn, having a 
sweet voice, sweet melody. 

^!jJt^ khusfiddman, a mother-in- 

^UiJ-i^i*. k/mshdhndgk, pleasant. 

«ijljj^^^ kliushzdiqah, savoury, 

»j.b^^iw khushtaha, pleasant, mer- 
^y»y%ys^ khushqita, well-shaped, [ry. 
C^i^y^ ff^ius/igdm^ well-paced. 
^^«Uj^f^^^ /(r/j«s/i^u/^ari,eloquence. 
/'j'^tw'*-?^ ffbushgawdi\ wholesome, 

digestible, agreeable to temper. 
tyoiMm^ kliushmaxah, delicious. 
*L«U/*;ji^a»- k/iushmaamilah, a fair 

dealer. [pect. 

J^Lcl^A, khushmanzur, of good as- 
K^^yJ^ khushnumd, beautiful, neat, 

^yX^^A. khus/mudf contented, happy. 
,^j^iyX^yA.khushnawis, a fine penman. 
c^yij.i. khitshwaqt, happy, pleased. 
iJ>^A. khoshah, a cluster, bunch, an 

ear of corn. 

^^^ khushiy gladness, pleasure. 
^SiJiyJ%. khushidan, to be parched, 

(^^A. khauZf mature consideration. 
t.,^j'v. khinif, fear, dread, timidity. 
s.^xiyi^ khaufndky dreadful, tremen- 
t-J^ khuk^ a hog, a sow, a pig. 
b^Jcl)^ khukidariydy a porpoise. 
Sy^ khogur^ accustomed, 
jjj^^ khogir, a pad, stuffing of a 

J^i^ kliaul, a case, sheath, hollow. 
J^s^ys^ kholinjdn^ galangal. 
^^jA. kbiin, blood, slaughtering. 
^Ij^j^d^ khtindb, pure blood, 
^bj^^ khunbdr, shedding blood. 
ljjj^.s^ kliunbahd, the fine paid for 

J^i:jy'^ khunjigar, deep affliction. 
jlysi^i. khunkhwdr^ sanguinary, 

cruel, savage. 
^I^sr>^ kfiunkhwdri, effusion of 

y.'^o-^ k/iunrez, shedding blood. 
i.'xjj.t ^^yc>~ khungiriftahy charged witl^ 


[ 78 ] 

.ICi^A. khunkar, a killer ; the title of 
the Grand Turk ; having the 
power of senteneini,' to death. 

^^A-khiuni, a murderer, a homicide. 

"jji^d. khdnin^ bloody. 

e^ys%. khiinah, a rolling pin or any 
thing for making smooth, [sweat. 

iS'-^ khtie, temper, disposition ; 

tX!^.a. khawid, unripe corn, green 

i^f^iy^ khoidan, to chew the cud. 

ol^Jj.^ kftoerdl, a rustic. 

^^,)'S- kinvesh, own, self; kinsman, 

^l5o^ khweshan, relations, kindre<i. 

jjjlisj^ik. k hives haw and, a kinsman. 
1^^^^ kkweshtarif he, himself. 
JLj.fiK. khweshi, relationship. 

^jjo^A. khuidan, to perspire. 

*i». Ichah, ridicule, derision. 

^^^ khij a skin for holding water, 
•* a bottle. [erbed. 

^IjU^ khiyaban, a parterre, a flow- 

.Ua. khiyar, election ; a cucumber. 

^\^^ khiynri, a kind of violet. 
jj6^XiJ», khiyar chambar, Cassia fis- 
tularis. [the nose. 

^xJtUih. khiyashim, the cartilages of 

kUiw khaiydt^ a tailor. 

isUi*- khiydtf a needle. 

^^^isUi. khiyatat, sewing ; creeping. 

JUiw khiydl, imagination, fancy, 
phantom, a vision, delusion. 

CijSUi. khiydldtj imaginations, 

0*«;jj^^ khiydlparttsf, a visionary, 

^li-jUi. khiydlikhdm, vain imagina- 

Ai^ khiydm, tents, pavilions, [tion. 

-Ui. khaiydm, a tent-maker. 

cl^Ui*. khtydnat, perfidy, dishones- 
ty, embezzlement. 

,jki. khair, good, goodness, health. 

csj^i^. khairdt, good things, alms, 

d^j^ khairbdd, farewell. 
*I^&»^iii. khairkhwdh, well-wisher. 
^^'i^ khiragiy malignancy ; obscu- 
l^vd- khairu, mallows. [<''ty. 

^:>J^^^j/i*- khairoafiyat, health 

and welfare, tiding. 
CHI^tiA. khairiyat, welfare, safety, 
y^^ kheZy raising ; a leap, 
tjtjjwi. khezdb, a wave, billow. 
^Ip^jji. khessrdti, a cane, rod, wand 
^^iXiyiA. kheziddn, to rise up. 
lidJlmjjiw khisdndahy a cold infusion, 
^^wxi. khisidart, to moisten, to 

infuse. [nose. 

f^^i^^ khaishiim, the bridge of the 
iiaxL. khaitah, sewing thread. 
t^^AxA. khik, a skin for carrying water^ 
(Jj^i. khail, a body of men, a mob. 
^Uiw. khuile, many, too much. 
^s- khhn, tents. 
A^x^ khimah, a tent. 
i^&AASk. khimahgdh, a camp. 
yi^L. khayu^ saliva. 
^^ji. khayun, horses, troops, tribes. 

tS d, the eighth letter of the Arabic 
and Persian alphabets ; denoting 
four in arithmetic, and the fourth 
(lay of the week, or Wednesday ; 
also the planet Mercury in the 
ephemerides, and Leo in the 
zodiac, it is sounded like d in 

A^ dda, disease, infirmity. 

ujM ddbf custom, institution. 

JuIiS ddhbah, beast, quadiiiped. 

i£j^)«3 ddusy eating ; dregs, filth. 

jj-itS ddj, darkness. 

^avjj ddjan, tame, domestic, (ani- 

,^^ii.l«3 ddkhis, a whitlow. [nial.) 

J.a'-I.j ddkhily arrival, entrance ; the 
interior part. 

[ 79 ] 

Ali».I.S dakhilah, a receipt, entry in 
an account, acknowledgment. 

^)d dad, justice ; a gift. 

Ju[.iT«3'«3 dadd/rid, God omnipotent. 

^liSlj daddr, the distributor of justice, 
(God ;) J.^U:»UjL|. 

(i/it''*^'*^ dada/rin^ an epithet of God. 

*ij-»-.31«S dadklnvah, a plaintiff. 

Jj«3).> daddil, heart's desire. 

<ijtj»>I,i ddddihish, munificence. 

tyijii^d dddras, administering justice. 

jj!*-iS),3 dadsitadf traffic, trade. 

cj'^yj'j dddfarmdi, distributor of 

ijJd^d dddak, an old servant, a slave. 

Jii^d dddgar, an administrator of 

^^y>S]li dddgari, administratio n of 

^y«5lj dddan, to give, to pay. [justice. 
iiSb dddaniy fit to be given j ad- 

jjl,3 ddduy a slave, an old servant. 

.Ij ddr^ a house, dwelling. 

1I.5 ddVf possessing, master, keeper ; 
a gibbet, 

]j]d ddrd, a sovereign, Darius. 

^Mj ddrdi, sovereignty, 

cy^^KltS ddruldkhiratf the last home; 
future life. 

^l^V,«3 ddruldmdiiy the mansion of 

CL.-;^!JMj ddruldmdrat, a metropolis. 

IS.>JU»3 ddrulbaqd, eternal life. 

.)^U«> ddrulbawdr, the mansion of 
perdition, hell. 

<^js^]j]^ ddrulharah, an enemy's 
country. [polis. 

AliHsr^Kj ddrulkhild/at, the metro- 

^X«.JUj ddrussaldni^ the mansion of 
peace, Bagdad, now England. 

vS^ikl-wJU ddrussaltanat, the seat of 
empire, capital. 

UAJI^I,3 ddrushshifdf an hospital, in- 

cj^^^I^lj ddruzxarby the mint. 
liftijlo ddrulfandy the frail house, this 

world, intransitory world. 
CiJIt^xjI^'ij ddruladdlaty a mansion of 

justice, court of justice. 
(.^aSJI^Ij durulqazd, the tribunal of 

dAJUJl^lj ddrulmulk, the capital. 
:b»).3 darhdz, a rope-dancer. 
c^^X-i^'«3 ddrisaldmatf paradise, 
^ijo^jj ddrchini, cinnamon. 
cjlj f/rtr/, armed with a coat of 

J.aiwl.L^ ddrul/ilfil, long-pepper. 
^-x*<^)i? ddrsanjj the infernal region, 

the earth. 
tSij^d ddriudah, having, possessing. 
^Jd ddru^ medicine, remedy, wine. 
j,i^^^jLj\i:i ddrshashdar, this world, 

the infernal region. 
^^^}J^^ ddi'oghgi, a superintendency. 
«x^^J«3 ddroghahy a superintendent, 

overseer, a police sentinel. 
^^^yj ddrufarosh, a druggist. 
j^yj^<i ddrogir, tumult, conflict. 
^.b ddrain, the present and future 

i«-'o das, a sickle, a scythe. 
yj)li«.L^ ddstdii, tale, history, fable. 
^j/^Ij ddshtatif to have, to hold, to 

^^clj ddi, claimant, pretender. 
AJjcIj ddiyali, petition, demand, wish. 
p!t> ddgh, mark, scar, stain. 
i|j£l«3 ddgfiddr^ spotted, stained. 

,c'i3 ddghi, spotted, damaged. 
^ilj f/d/?9, repulsing, averting. 
J \3 firt^, an eagle j a great fish. 
JM </a//, indicating, denoting. 
^^V^ ddldn, the outside hall. 
*lj </am, a net, snare. 
^1,3 ddma, may it be perpetual ! 
yidt^Jj ddmgah dew, the world. 
«3t*lt5 ddmdd, a son-in-law. 

[ 80 ] 

^jjL«li3 damauy the skirt, hern, &c. 

*^I«3 damia, shedding tears. 

AJu«I.3 damighah, a contusion of the 

^li? daman, the skirt of a garment ; 
the foot of a mountain. 

yjviil^jlj^-*!^ daman afshdndan, to 
travel, to retire. 

ji^i*;-^^'-^ damangir, attach iui^ one's 
self to a patron ; supplicating 
justice ; an enemy, a prosecutor. 

^J^ dan, knowing; a stand. 

UIv> ddfid, learned, wise, prudent. 

j^jU 1,5 ddndi, wisdom, knowledge. 
.^x««oIj danistogi, knowledge. 

^«.j!j danistan, to know, acknow- 
ledge. [i"g- 

ij^^d ddnish, science, understand- 

tXiA.iJ'j ddnishmand, wise, learned. 

A^lj^^iltS ddnishudmah, the book of 
wisdom, lecture book, 

jj^JliJ ddnishwar, wise, intelligent. 

^^)^^^il,3 danishwardrt, sages. 

*Sj}\jr^^^ danishwari, wisdom ; 

^1,5 ddniq, the 6th part of a dram. 

ViJJilj ddng, side, quarter ; fourth 
part of a dirhem. 

»:iiil»5 ddnimdah, knowing, intelli- 
gent, informed. [pie. 

*ilo ddnuh, a grain, a berry ; a pim- 

t;Uilt3 ddniydl, Daniel. 

>.li3 ddo, a stroke at play ; a bet. 

^1^1.3 ddud, David. 

«^'j ddwar, God ; a sovereign. 

^i^l«3 ddwariy sovereignty. 

*lt3 ddh, a maid servant. 

d-^xaliJ ddhiyat, a calamity. 

*iAli3 ddhim, dominion, dignity, 

^}^ ddir, surrounding. 

^l*5yjlj ddir o sdir, the circuit for 
the assizes. 

»^J«3 ddirah, a circle, circumfer- 
ence; orbit. 

^)d ddim, perpetual, always. 
UjIj ddiman, eternally ; for ever. 
^^Aj'ii ddimi, perpetuity ; eternity. 
ajIj ddyah, a nurse; midwife. 
S-'J dubb, a bear. 
^bJ duhbakh, a game at dice. 
j\jd dabdr, destruction. 
cbJ dabbdgh, a currier, tanner. 
^Ji^clJl5 dabdghaf, the art of tanning. 
i^<y>d dabdabah, pomp. 
yd dubur, the back side. 
^lluoci dabistdn, a school. 
,S.>.3 dibaqi, the cloth of Debec in 

Egypt ;yiu>*-/j. 

^j*jj-i<^ dabus, a club or mace. 

<iu.3 dabbah, a rupture ; broken ; a 
bottle ; iuSJJ. 

i„„,^jd dabib, walking; crawling. 

(»*Al»^Ajj dabirfaluk, the planet 

♦Ajj dabir, a writer, a secretary. 

ujjjLJii dabiytib, an informer, a pimp, 

iJ^A.d dafj'dl, Antichrist. 

«,a».la.i3 dijdjah, a fowl, hen; ^J^i^t/•, 

<!daw.»5 dajluh, the river Tigris ; a lake. 

^^^^.^s^UwJ dakhandSf dark, moonless 

^'i».«3 dukhdn, smoke ; «5j»>. 

c:.^i»-j diikht, a daughter. 

Jiwo dukhtar, a daughter, girl, vir- 

ut^AA-t? dukhtar ak, a little girl. 

jtiiia.4> dukhtundar, daughter-in-law. 

(J.iwj dakhal, entrance, possession, 
occupancy, income. 

-.^i.jJ.i.J dakhl o kharajf receipt 
and disbursement, pass and repass. 

<UawJ daklimah, a sepulchral vault. 

Jj.i.43 dakhul, entrance, access. 
J^iJs^S dakhilkdr, admitted, possess- 

d<^ dad, a beast of prey. [ed, 

jd dar, in ; a door. 

,J diir, a pearl. 

I .J dara, a bell ; enter thou. 

[ 81 ] 

*•! J durrdjy a partridge. 

:)(j daraz, long. 
Jl*uJ,I^.> darazdasti, oppression. 

jki»;I>«3 dardzqad, tall. 

ijil^l .J dardzgosh, the ass. 

^xuflj.l .J dardznafsi, prolixity. 

ci^*«)j;i dardsat, teaching, instruc- 
tion, studying under. 

kj:^]j>3 dardat, an upper garment. 

Jj,i darrdm, a hedgehog. 

du«ijj ti-«Iti3 dardmad bardmad, in- 
gress and egress ; receipt and dis- 
bursement, [rive. 

^^ti^J.c dardmadaiif to enter, to ar- 

jl.^ dardOf a runner; repugnance. 

^Isiyjd dardwekhtan, to suspend, 
to hang up; to provoke. 

Jt^jii dardham, dirhems, drams. 

(.j^jTiJ dardet, apprehension. 

i-^ljO darbdbj on the respect, re- 

^XA.\jjii darhdkhtan, to trifle, to play. 

ib.j darhdvy a prince's court, a levee. 

•*i.lj»«3 darbdrae, in behalf, respect- 
ing, for an account. 

y^^jii darbdn, a porter, door-keeper 
t^jjtS darbadar, from door to door. 

tXioj<3 darband, a difficult pass, con- 
fined, door fastened. 

jjjjjjjj darpesh, before, under con- 
sideration, get before, admitted. 

-J. i»> c?«^7'j «* casket. 

!o^j»2 darj'dty steps, degrees. 

Aa..«3 darjah, a degree, rank ; step 
of a ladder, staircase. 

JWj»3 darhdl, instantly. 

<j <ift.;t3 darhazur, ready, at hand. 

c:^5Ajia».jJ dar/iaqiqat, iu reality. 


•5 darakht. a tree. 


jii.««i darkhsh^ splendour, bright- 
^U^tJ darakhshdnj shining, flash- 
^tix^iiA^d daraHhshidarii to shine, to 

CU^Auljiii^j darkhwast, request, peti- 
tion, wish. 

Ci/*"'^>'*^ dark/nvdstan, to request, 
to desire. 

jy=*'j<^ darkhor, suitable, proper ; ^jj'i. 

J^«5 dard^ pain, trouble, afflictiou ; JI 

•J5;t5 du7'd, dregs, sediment ; !;^I. 

)Cijd darddy alas ! Oh ! »*-iuA., 

«3y'«3;.3 darddliid, painful. 

ij^^ii)*^ dardukhtan, to calumniate, 

^**42;i5 dardsir, the headache, [accuse. 

/»43;J dardam, instantly. 

(y^^jd dardmand^ compassionate. 

i^Sx^^j^ dardmandi^ compassion. 

<-/U»3^«5 dardndg, afflicted. 

jjd durar, pearls. 

«ji;»i daritidah, ravenous, fierce. 

jjj dai-z, a selvage, suture. 

^jL«j^tJ darzmdn, instantl}^ 

s^Jj^ darzi^ a tailor. 

^j^ dars, lecture, lesson, teaching. 

\j^c\M/jd darsddty instantly. 

K,i^*MjO durust, right, true ; sound. 

^i-.^j durusti, propriety, amend- 
ment ; entirement. 

C^jii durushtf harsh, stiff*, severe, 
morose, rough, hard, thick. 

^^■■^j<i durushdy severity, fierceness. 

ijf^jii darshudan, to enter, pene- 

gi.3 dim, armour. [trate, 

Up^Si^«3 daraqab, beliind, after. 

^j>«3 darafshf an awl ; a flag. 

yjlSJl^j darafshdn, shining, splendid. 

^j^Juk-i-ijiS darafshidarif to shine. 

fjji darag, hard. 

Cijd dim, a shield, forgets, 

Wi»5 dark, perception, comprehen- 
sion, [hell. 

o^J darkdt, the deepest pits of 
.1^.5 dnrkdi'f necessary, requisite. 

slfjj dargdh, a place, court, thres- 
hold, a door ; a mosque, 
ti^j^ dargu^arf to decline, to 
leave off". 



sj'i diram, a direm ; money. 

^L*jJ darmdn, remedy, medicine. 

^f jjl^j darmandagi^ distress, want. 

^jjlx.j darmandan, to be helpless. 

»«Xil*;i> darmdjuiah, distressed, help- 
less, poor. 

^tf^J>i darmau, drugs, remedy. 

ax^ji darmanahy wormwood. 

^U«,J darmiydn, between ; the in- 
terior, [ness. 

•^Ai o rf^Vrtw§', slow, dilatory; lardi- 

^j^ dirau, the harvest, reaping. 

»;"1«;.3 darwdzah, a door, gate. 

Jilj J danvnga, in fact, verily. 

«3jj;«3 darud, blessing, salutation, 

J^«3 darody timber, plank. 

jSJii .0 darogdar, a carpenter. 

^l)^;J^^ darudauj to reap ; mow. 

j^j'^ darur, giving much milk. 
jyj^ darox, a joint, &c. see m:. 

j^5^«3 durus, obliterating; lectures. 

$!m.3 darogh, a lie, falsehood. 

Scys^ daroghgo, a liar. 

^^j^j dariin, in, within ; interior ; 
heart. [er. 

jjjijtt? darundah, a reaper, a mow- 

^3».i) daruni, internal, intrinsic. 

^a^^ttS darwidan, to reap. 

»)jy«5 dartve%nh, beggary. 

jijjO darwesh, poor, indigent ; a 
derveish, monk. 

^^jjjj danveshif poverty ; a monk- 
" ish life. 

».«3 darrah, a pass between two 

fttjd darham, intricate, confused. 

*&i«3 dirhanij a direm, money. 

4Cjt> rfar?, the modern Persian lan- 
guage ; a small carpet. 

^jd daryd, a river, sea. 

kjjs^i^ybj daryde muhit, the ocean. 

t-s(j<«5 darydh, know thou, 

J^Sijii darydbdss, abounding with 

i^xAi ,\ darydbindahy intelligent, 

*.».U,j darydchah, a rivulet. 

Jjl^^iS daryddily a heart bountiful 
as the sea, 

ci^Jl^C dhrydft, perception, under- 
standing, [derstand. 

^^^,)'i darydftan, to perceive, to un- 

if^^ijd darydkash, an insatiable 

^^jXijii darydgosh, sea-ears, a shell. 

J>jfi^ji daryd naward^ a voyager. 
Jb)j darydi, marine. 

i^-*^*o^«3 daryde shor, the sea, 

^iMjd durriy a fim, iin unequal pearl, 

*s^j darichah, a window wicket. 

^<Ajjc3 daridan, to tear. 

«Jj«,3 daridah, torn, burst. 

j^^j daregh, a sigh, sorrow. 

^JOj,i dareghd. Ah ! alas ! 

j^jd darim, a vagabond, 

^^^^ darin, in this. 

ly^^j daryuxah, beggary, 

JJ flf«25^, a fortress, castle. 

dj^ duzdy a thief, robber. 

ili5;t3 dazhddi\ governor of a fort. 

i«I^.S das;hgdm, horrible, angry. 

i*^\^ ji duzdregy a quicksand. 

u?«? jii du%diy theft, robbery. 

j^jjjjJ diizdidan, to rob, to steal. 

*Jlc-j dazghdlah, a citadel; a tower, 

^.-.5 dazam, grief, sorrow; afflicted. 

^U»o </asam, a plug, stopple. 

^Ujj dizhmdn, grief, lamentation. 

♦.jJIm/,j dasdth'. a common-piace book: 
pillars; custom ; seejy*%.3. 

c:^*>-43 ofas^, the hand ; superiority. 

.UuwJ dastdr, a turban. 

^|^jU*«.,3 dastdrkhwdn, a table cloth. 

:LilLi^*"i3 dastafrdz, a tool, imple, 

^cV^Tc^wJ dastdmadan, to be fluxed 

:^T».:l.~«"5 dastdmo!^, trained to the 
hand, tame. [tory. 

^JS^ti dastdn, a tale, romance, his. 

[ 83 ] 

cr];*"ii)^j^*«*i dastansarae^ a teller of 

AJlxo-j dusfannh, a glove. 

^^U««iJ dastdwez, a certificate, vouch- 
er; bond. [to hand. 

c««*'fcV,.::^M.«5 dastbadast, from hand 

lijjc^^ii dastburd, superiority, vic- 
tory, advantage. 

j^^j-*«j dustbiranj'an, a bracelet. 

^*ir^C,»«,j dastbosi, kissing or shak- 
ing hands. 

d^'^ii^**'^ dastpaiman^ a marriage 
portion; the nuptial-bed. 

y^tXiC^Aud dasttangi, indigent, poor. 

\o^*"^ dastk/iat, signature, sign 
manual, subscription. 

^jjwMvjL^Awj dasldddan, to obtain, to 

{j')]jiiijL-^d dastdardzi, oppression. 

iMjL»,^ dasiras, power, means. 

^c-A-ii dasti'atij, hire, pay. 

^*uAd^*««J dasts/iusfan, to wash the 
hand ; relinquish ; dispair. 
(.t,^»^^.y dastshakan, a curling 
lock; bruising the hand. 

i^y^c^Au^ dastshoe, a wash-hand 

Jlic-MWsS dastfdl, handsel. 

i,fJiXM>j dastakt clapping the hands ; 
a pass, an order, a licence. 

.bCl4»t3 dastkar, an artificer. 

^^^I^J dastkdri, handicraft. 

i'€S*u<i dastgdhf power, strength. 

^C:j^l*»^ daslakzadan, to clap the 

^jj^U:ii^*Mi3 dastkushudan, to open 

the hands, to give alms. 
jXMAud dasfgir^ a patron ; a captive. 

^^jX^LmC dastgirif patronage, pro- 

JUjum.3 ddstmdl, a napkin, handker- 
chief, a towel. 

ii\y«c^*ud dastmdyah^ stock-in-trade. 

iJ^c^^^j dastmuzd, wages, hire. 

sjyy'xx^d dustnabviyah, a perfume. 
i^^^yl**.^ dastwdnah, a gauntlet, 
jyXM,^ dastur, custom, usage, fee ; 

prime minister. 
U"^l;:^^'*'d dasturulamal, regulation, 

rule of conduct. 
t_j^yL*u* dasfuri, leave, permission. 
^M,^ distah, a handle ; pestle ; a 

quire of paper. 
^■i-'J dasti, whatever can be held 

in the hand. 
«--;Ul*";i dasfj/db, procurable, [tor. 
j^y^tud dastydr, an assistant, coadju- 
^_j'A.ja*.J dusty dri, assistance, aid, 

patronage, succour. 
^^^}C^AAJ^ dastydftan, to acquire, to 

conquer, to find an opportunity, 
ji-«'«3 dasm, greasy, shutting. 
yj:-^M.^dash.t, a desert, a plain. 
(^•S^ii das/iti, wild, savage. 
y^ss'*'^ dashkhwdr, difficult, heavy. 
^^J^s**',! dasltkhwdri, trouble, diffi- 
culty, severe, heavy, danger. 
^A^J dus/imait, an enemy. 
^Ik^j dushinant^ enmity, hostility, 
l»lLi«3 duslutaniy reproach, abuse, 
AjJt J das/inahf a dagger. 
y^J dushwdr, difficult, arduous. 
i^j^^^d rfui/dWrtrz, difficulty, trouble. 
Ict3 dudf invocation, prayer. 
cs^»3 dtiqt^ invocations, prayers, 
*Uc^ duam, |)illars ; a column, 
ji^^^Kcd duaekhair, a benediction. 
^\JyC^dawdf claim, pretension, plaint, 
^^i>c^ dabus, mad, insane. 
cyy:j datvat, a benediction, an invi- 

Uv3 dughd, imposture, deceit. 
j^^<i daghdbdz^ a cheat, impostor. 
i_5^-^j'ii5 daghdbdzi, fraud, villainy. 
jxhii daghsar, foolish, insane, 
j,c^ dughd, a bride. 
Arjij daghdaghah, tumult, alarm ; 
confusion, palpitation. 

[ 84 ] 

^d daghaVf strangling, choaking. 
JiCjj daghal, treachery ; impostor ; 

false, base, corruption ; a grove. 
tj^J daghli, treacherous, treachery. 
««_9,5 daf) a small tambourine. 
^lj<3 dafdli, a musician. 
JljJ dafatir, volumes, registers. 
^Uj dafayan, hidden treasures. 
.iii5 daftar^ a book, register. 
AJliyXsJ daftarkhanahy an office, 

counting-house. [gister. 

^^i^jlid daftarnawis^ a clerk, re- 
j^iiii daftari, an office keeper, a 

book binder. 
^ui,5 daftin, pasteboard. 
«i«3 rftf/a, repulsion j time. 
cijUij dufat^ times. 
.lfcUJ,> dafadar, an officer of cavalry. 
**iiS rfa/a, one time, once. 
^d dafan^ burying, interment. 
iXf^ daf/iafi, a laurel tree. 
4jjkiJ dofinah, buried or hidden 

ijd daqq^ beating, bruising. 
(3,3 diq^ vexation ; a hectic fever, 
J^j daqqaq, intelligent ; minute. 
^I5j daqqayaqy subtilties ; minute. 
U^Sj) diqqatj uneasiness j abstruse,- 

^j^jO'^ daqolaq, an extensive uncuU 

tivaled plain. [nute. 

^^» J daqiq^ difficult, abstruse ; mi- 
aSjjSj daqiqahf a minute. [tilties. 

K^^iisi^^ daqiqahydby discovery, sub- 
^jj^l^j dukdkin^ shops. 
yjid dukdn, a shop, a work-shop. 
Aar>l^j dukdnchah, a small shop. 
*il^o dugdnah, two prostrations at 

prayer ; twice, 
^J digar, another, again, anew. 
I cl^*^ digargitn, of another com^ 
Ji^J dagaly collecting. 
J J «?»■/, the heart, the mind. 

^MJ«3 dildrdm, a mistress, sweet- 
^IjTjj dildzdr, a sweetheart ; cruel, 
Uh^cj dildsd, comfort, soothing. 
u-TSj daldky a waiter at the bath j 

a barber. 
J5«? dalldlf a broker. 
oJ5«> daldlaf, indication. 
ii'iii dnlldlah^ a procuress. 
,^5j dalldli, brokerage. 
^5j dildwar, brave, intrepid. 
^jj'^ii rf?7aif;ar2, intrepidity. 
y,p>^ dildwez, heart-ravishing, 

JjS,3 daldil, demonstrations. 

,^jU.!«3 dilbd%{, rashness. 

^jtMlj dilpazU', heart's desire, amia- 

ble, agreeable, excellent. 
^j.!«3 dilbar, a ravisher of hearts ; a 
sweetheart, a lovely woman. 

,jr/^«3 dilbari^ captivating hearts. 

^^«»a/i3 dilbastagiy attachment ; an- 

*ji^t5 dilbastah, attached addicted. 

jiXooJii dilpusandy agreeable, plau^ 
sible, excellent. 

lii^Ij dilbarii the bowels ; lovely, 

tl^jJLIti diltang, sad, distressed. 
^ar^J diljo, striving to please. 

^^]js:^ii dillfhardshy excruciating, 

aIm^J dilkhastahy afflicted mind. 

%^ys^i dilkhwdh, beloved, desired 

^jiyi'j dilkhosh, contented, cheerful, 

»«i'tiJ,3 dildddahf one who has given 

his heart, a lover. 
j]^]c dilddr^ a lover, a mistress. 

JjJj duldul, the famous mule of All, 

j^a.Ji3 dildoz, piercing the heart, 

bjiii dilrobdy seizing tl»e heart. 

i^J^j^ii dilrish, heart-wounded, 

^^ii dalas^ darkness. 

,y«.Jj dilaoss, inflaming the heart, 

v—^ J;i diliahab, mid-night. 

(jUJj dilslidd, happy, glad. 

[ 85 ] 

«JuiJj dihhudahf heart-bereft, [ed. 

aI*uX^^'j diis/nka.ttah, broken-heart- 

*AA^Jw* dilshiguftah, pleased. 

j^ijj dii/aroZf enlightening the 

k-^jj Jj dilfarebf a cheater, [heart. 

^^i«J dul/mt a kind of fish, dolphin. 

4>3j rfw/y, a dervesh's habit. 

cryj.2 dilqawi, confidence. 

viX',i dnluic, friction. 

i^JiS pilkash, a friend. 

lii^Jj dilkasha, opening the heart. 

,j^;iUJ J J </?7?zasAm,satisfyingthe heart. 

:lyj«3 diltimvazy soothing the mind. 

•3^ot3 dilnihdd, attention. 

«Jl^»s dileranah, boldly. 

i^j^i dileri, intrepidity. 

J^Jo dulil. proof. 

iiOl<««> damadatn, continually. 

X^d damar, destruction. 

?U«3 dimtigh^ the brain ; pride, 

A^l^t) damdmah^ a kettle-druiu. 

^,t«J damariy strong, fierce. 

J,jb«L««s damdmil, boils. 

fiix^d dambadam, often. 

\^^d damat, a soft sandy place. 

*^Ju«j damdamaj a raised battery, 

^i3^^ damzadaii, to breathe. 

jL«y«j damsdz^ a confidant, a friend. 

^^^i3 damas/iq^ Damascus ; swift of 

«-^j dama, a tear. [foot. 

^^^ damgdh, a forge. 

(J>A).5 ditmmal, a boil, a swelling. 

Ax«J damnahj a jackal ; a fox. 

c^»j damiiat tears. 

^uj^<tS damtis, thick darkness. 

l»o r/aw, the breath, lifej a mo- 
ment ; boasting. 

fd dam, blood ; rfum, a tail. 

U,j damdy asthma. 

vjyo.5 damawiy bloody. 

*^.3 damafif a pair of bellows, 

^\x*0 damiydti, dimity cloth. 

^jj«U/««S damidan, to blow ; to grow 
upi to appear; to breathe. 

v.-..»l>J dandat, baseness, meanness". 
^itJJ dandnir, dinars, coins. 
JUij dumbdl, a tail ; hinder part, 

after ; the latter part. 
sS^'d dumbdluh, a tail. 
J-AJj dumbaf, a boil, bubo. 
*A> J dumbafiy a species of sheep. 
^jj'tXij danddit, a tooth. 
ii]ti3^ danddnab, the teeth of a saw; 

the wards of a lock ; a tooth. 
JJ^j datigal, a crowd, [al. 

^ii5 rfa7«, a worthless man ; illiber- 
Ui«3 duni/d, world ; a near relation. 
ij>*«,jUi,> dnuydparast,~\ worldly 
lt3U'«5 danydddr, J minded. 

^r^loUJj duni/dddri, economy. 
^.A>J duuyavi, belonging to this 

world, worldly. 
^*S </««, running, race ; ^^ do, two. 
IjJ datvd, a medicine, remedy. 
ujj«3 dawdby quadrupeds, beasts, 

cattle, reptiles ; two waters. 
«ylj«5 duu'dt, an inkholdor or pencase 
jl'^j dauwdr, revolving, round. 
j^jj dawdr, giddiness, the vertigo. 
»»>jl^j dudzdah, twelve. 
JbJjIjO dudzduham, the twelfth. 
^I^j doaspah, a trooper who luis 

two horses ; a messenger. 
^lj«S dmvdi, pretensions, claims. 
Jljj dodlf a leather strap, a belt. 
_-Jijj dawdli, a cheat, a deceiver, 
u^^'j«5 daivdlih^ wheels, 
(,)ji5 dawdm, perpetuity, duration. 
^;l.»i daivdti, running fast. 
^;Jkxil^»3 daivdnidam, to cause to run. 

jjl^»> dawdin, dewans, poems, 
j>ljj datvder, circles. 
^j.,3 duwdyen, courts j senators. 
i^l.j^«3 dohdrah, double, (distilled.) 
SU^i3 dobdld, excessive. 
«|Uj^^5 dopiydzahy a dish made with 

butter, &c. 
-(Xi^ddotdy twice, double j bent. 

C 86 ] 

.U^^ dochar, meeting, interview. 
tUa^.J dochaniL twice, double. 
jj^a.j45 dojahdn, two worlds, the 

present and future life. 
Aa-^j duuhdii, branch of a tree. 
vj:^i>;t3 dok/U, Virginia seam, suture. 
,.,i.a.,i3 ddchtauy to sew, stitch. 
j^J dudy smoke ; a worm. 
^d^i duadah^ short body. 
jijs^\d^d dodulharin, a silkworm. 
JJ J^J dudidit, a sigh. 
^^^c'-jO dudkash, a chimney. 
Jj^»5 </&(/?■/, of two mind?, irresolute. 
^j;L«4i^*> dudman, an illustrious race. 
»Jj.3 dudah, soot, lamp-black. 
..c rfa'-<r, revolution ; an age ; a 

jjd dur, remote, far, distance,absent. 
^],jd daurdn, time, age, cycle. 
^ja;ij^v> durandesh^ provident, fore- 
seeing, prudent. [off. 
^ji-lj .^j durbdsh, have a care, stand 
xj.jj durbin, foresighted ; a spy- 
ing glass, a telescope. 
^y^j)^ duurcharkhy the revolutions 

of the heavens. 
^^^Aj.ii durdast, afar off, distant. 
JSjojjd daurmuddniy the perpetual 

motion. [lours. 

f^'jjCi dorang, a hypocrite ; two co- 
j^6 ,^ii dorangi^ hypocrisy. 
,^«uO duruif two-faced, a deceitful 

villain, an inconstant man. 
tj^d daurah, a revolution, circuit. 
tj'u^ duri, distance, separation. 
i^^iA^d doreshah, a handkerchief, 
^j^ii f/o*a/fA,hell,the infernal region. 
l.!^j dozakhi, hellish ; a glutton. 
e:<-*«<jj dostf a friend. 
j,^L*.jd dostgam, as one's friends 

could wish; a friend. 
^J-'"^^ dostij friendship. 
A*««i3 dosih, two or three. 
i/-^^ dosh, the shoulder j. last night. 

IJtjc) dosha, any animal giving milk, 

v_>Li^j doshdby the expressed juice 
of dates, syrup of grapes. 

i^^JJi^^ doshdkhah, the pillory ; two- 
forked, two-branched. 

tjSl^i dos/iambah, Monday. 

8j.i.ijj doshindah, a milker j milk- 

*xijj doshnah^ a milk pail, [ing. 

^jtjJt^j doshidan, to milk. 

Jji^^d doshhagi, virginity. 

tyy^j^i doshizah, a virgin. 

«s«i> dogh, sour milk, curds. 

(JJj-i du/(, a spindle. 

^^IsTjJ dukdn, a shop. 

^I^t'» dogdn, twice, double. 

j\iiS^y<^ dokdnddr, or ^_ji^j«>, a shop* 

AiS'jiS dogdnahy double, two genu- 
flections, &c. in prayer. 

J^tS dawal, riches, vicissitude. 

Jjj duL a bucket. [water. 

kS^^^ duldhy a wheel for raising 

c:J^^ dazduif fortune, wealth, em- 
pire, estate, happiness, 

.IjJUf^JjJ daulatburanddzf destroy- 
ing the government. 

»Ujc«';J daulatpandh, the asylum 
of empire. 

*ili.c^Jjj daulafkhdnahy a palace. 

»!j-i.c^j«2 rfa^^/«/A:/^M'a^, a well-wisher, 

ij^Hj/ci^'jj daulatiuzmdf a mighty 

tUj!!^^ daulatmand, fortunate, rich. 

*re^*i dulchah, a small bucket. 

j»jj dnwaniy second, second sort, 

j*^}d domaghz, an alm(>nd. 

y^jii dun, mean, base, ignoble. 

idJ^ii duwindali, a runner, running. 

*iij4S donim, divided in two, two 

^_5'^J rfoMje, disease; sick, 

y;Jjj*5 davidan, to run ; to spring up, 

kS^-«oj^ c?ow/, two hundred. 

Jjj«3 davil, fraud ; a kind of silk. 

[ 87 ] 

*jj«3 doyam^ the second. 

tj dali, ten. 

»0 dih^ a village; giver; give thou. 

iss^o dihat^ the country, 

j^x'iUj dihdghtf villagers. 

CjUtiJ dahdtj the place of tens in 

Ja^ dahdtn, black; astallion camel. 

^jj'aJ c?«^a«, the mouth, orifice. 

aJU«3 dahanah^ the bit of a bridle. 

^tiiiUbtj dihanidan, to cause to give. 

^^^Uj du/idif the tenth part. 

^^-orljjJ dahbds/ii, a commander of 
ten men. 

»jl^*»j*t3 dalihist, ten or twenty. 

1ja.»o dilikhudd, the head of a vil- 

jSt^ dahr, time ; the world. 

aXa.**^ dahrjatahf swift of foot. 

i,„f;Jti3 duhri, worldly, temporal. 

*J^43 duhrit/d, an atheist. 

^];iJi«3 dahishf a present. 

C^i-Jbij dahshat, fear, wonder. 

^j)Ujj(»j dahqdn, a villager, plough- 
man, peasant ; a decimator. 

j::«xi'-ajt43 dahqdnit/nfy husbandry. 

iiAJto dahak, breaking, bruising. 

^j.Jbj duhal, a drum. 

ItAj dahld, ten,- (in cards.) 

s^jHibi duhalzan, a drummer. 

jtiftii dahli, name of a city, the me- 
tropolis of Hindustan. [court. 
ji^Ad dahltz^ a portico, an outward 

fJt>i dahuni, the tenth. 

^^^ dalian, the mouth, orifice. 

^jiti^ duhn, oil. 

Vjjto dahna, a field ; a reddish herb. 

»JJJbJ dihindah, a giver. 

)^J dahur^ ages, times. 

^J (/ai, winter, the deity. 

i^J de, yesterday, yester. 

^\i<i drydr, country, district. 

^J'Jd diydn^ a judge, ^in umpire. 

vi^'jJ diydnat. integrity, piety. 

j'iJc:^J^o diydnafddr, honest, pious. 

Ujj debd, brocade, cloth of gold. 

<tA.U^j debdjdh, preface, exordium. 

\JL^id diyat, the price of blood. 

y;^jj disdn, the nightmare. 

jysi^ daiju)', darkness, obscurity, 

^Uj^ diddr, interview ; look, face. 

ej'ti^J didduy a worm. 

y;l.>Jji> didbdn^ a watch, guard, spy. 

^j,cij,i diduTif to see, to observe. 

iStJ^ti didah, seen j the eye, the sight. 

^^*Jjii didahwar, perspicacious. 
jjd dair, a monastery ; a tavern. 
jid der, delay, slow, late. 

^•Ij^o debd%j a long time. 

^fic derpd, lasting, permanent. 

^ijr>.c derranjf forbearing, 

j)ji<i diro%, yesterday. 

i_r»J«3 deri, lateness, sloAvness, 

xiotJtJ derinah, old, ancient. 

(.^^ji) dishah^ last night. 

tl^jJ rff^, a kettle, pot, a caldron. 

^JJ>»d dik, a cock, a hen. 

s^ssHii degchahy a small kettle. 

jjjijjjj degddn, a stove, trevet. 

.^»3 digar, another. 

Aiil^iJ digar-dnkihy secondly. 

<.iXo»> diniak, white ant. 

^^^ din, faith, religion, rite, custom. 

^^«3 dain, debt. 

,Uj«3 dindr^ the name of a coin ; a 
ducat, dinar, a money. 

^jmj\jj^ dindrsurkhy gold coin. 
J)jii^'^ dinpfirtvar^ promoter of re- 
ligion, an emperor, a king. 

*^ti/- '^ dinpandb, the asylum of 
religion, a defender of the faith, 
a monarch. 
J(\'x.d dhiddr, religious, faithful. 

^^Lj dini^ belonging to religion. 

^J deo, a demon, genius. 

i'j-- J diwdr, a wall. 

^[yjJ deivali, bankru{)tcy ; a festi- 
val of the Hindu religion. 

[ B8 ] 

t^)^ii diwan, a tribunal of ju-tice, a 
court ; a steward ; a book of 
poems ; council ; also a title of a 
cbicf officer in tbe court. 

Lc^\i}\fi'^ dewanbegi, an officer of 
state so called. 

j^i!>I^u* deiv&tiagi^ insanity. 

AiUiii dewanah^ insane. 

^^UAy^l^j ditviiii liaynayun, an im- 
perial court. 

y^»i<i deii'ini, tbe office of dewan. 

c^jji^ deobad, tbe devli's wind, a 
wbirlwind ; juniper tree. 

jlj^«> deodar, the mast tree. 

^U*4<,j>j5 deostd/ij a demoniac. 

.I^»j»3 deokii'dar^ an evildoer. 

uL'S^.S deolak, a desolate spot. 

^yjii dayun, debts. 

»^o dewah, a silkworm. 

&yi«5 dih, a village, tbe country. 

^U.^j dihhan, tbe chief of a village. 

,1^0 dehur, heaven. 

**y^j daihinif a crown or diadem. 

3 «, the ninth letter of tbe Arabic 
and Persian Alphabets ; denoting 
in arithmetic by abjiid 700. Cor- 
responding with 2 in English. 

)»5 «rt, lord, master ; endowed with. 

^j)d zdbih, a sacrificer, a butcher. 
jiji n'lbir, learning properly. 

olj xdi, the essence, nature ; per- 
son ; possessor, tribe, generation. 

V— ij^ctf'3 zatsbarif, a noble perso- 
nage, an excellent mind. 
j'3 ;^tt/?, natural, essential. 

»-J' j zafj sudden death. 

^^dxdkirf remembering; a praiser 
of God ; thankful. 

viAfli zdlika, then j at that time j also 
yl)d zaka, he. 

L«.*>lj sadnibf a following; coming 

Jjtij zdhil, careless, forgetful. 

u^j1i3 ^a27>, liquid ; melting. 

fji}^ zdiq, tasting. 

imJ^ zdiqafif the sense of tasting, 
the palate. 

^"'^ zahha, re])elling; a wild bull. 

vV'i zfibdiff a fly ; a bee. 

^JJL>3 znbzab, penis ; a little well. 

^j zabih, a sacrifice, slaughter. 

J^'jzaJtt/, emaciating; languishing 

^x^j %abih, sacrificed. 

i>jj «uZ»(/, iniquity, tyranny, 
jj^a^j zakhdir, provisions, stores. 

tji^'d zakhirah, store, treasure. 

cyl.j zan'dt, atoms, particles. 

cl^j zrtm, a cubit; the fore-arm, 

»jlo sdrde, cubits. 

c j sr?Va, a cubit ; two bright stars 
in the head of Gemini. 

Sjij zartvah, the summit; pomp. 

tj^zarrah, an atom, particle; little. 

{jl^^y^ zun'iyatf progeny, race. 

A*^ . j zariah, a cause, means. 

^j'si zaqan, the chin. 

I^j swArrt, acuteness of genius. 

Siy zdkar, male; rnembrum virile, 

Jii zikr, remembrance, comme- 
moration, mention, memory. 
jjiii zaku)\ males. 

\::sj^bizakuratf the male sex. 
.^j ziiki, ingenious, acute. 

tS^JSj zaldlat, baseness. 

i«^3 zuldm, tbe cbolic, iliac dis- 

c-iJ«3 zulfj small or ape-nosed. 

^y^i zalg, quick, sharp, ready. 

J.jjj zalil, mean, abject, wretched. 

I« J zamm, blame, reproach, 

l*U3 zamdmy right justice. 

*jUj ^amaiwj) misdeeds. 

*./«j zimmahj trust, charge. 

[ 89 ] 

j-«< j zimmi, a client, a tributary ; a 
Christian, a Jew. 

♦f*j zdmim, blameable, depraved, 

s^'iii zanaby a tail ; zunah^ crime. 

c^3 znmb, a crime, sin, fault. 

c^y j %unub, crimes, sins, fault. 

ji zUy lord, master ; endowed with. 

cyl.j zuwat, the husk or rind of 
wheat, grapes, &c, 

JWlJ ZMZ/a/a/, the lord of glory. 

*«sr^!j3 x^lhijjah, the twelfth Ara- 
bian month. [of All. 

JJisd I ^i zii/f agar, the edge oi the sword 

4/Si'j j xulqarba, a kinsman. 

»4>AxJ)j3 zulaqhah, the eleventh Ara- 
bian month. 

M)y^y^ zHfanlin, cunning, skilful. 

(3;j zauq, taste, delight, joy, desire, 

iSji zawiy masters, possessors. 

i^UJ zahdtj departure, going. 

W* o> 3 ssahab, gold ; carrying. 

jj^fc J se'/^w, genius ; ability, memory. 

Jybi zahiilf oblivion, forgetting, 
jjbj zahiriy ingenious, sagacious. 

4_5-«i ««, a master, endowed with. 

*ar3e^Io*3 zilhijjah, the twelfth Arabi- 
an month. 

u^5 »i6, a wolf, a wild dog. 

^Ujj zifan^ venom, poison. 

C^^CI.^'i zaitakait, so and so, thus. 

Jo3 ^a27, the skirt ; suj)plementary 

fii zaim, blame, reproach. [part. 

J^j zayul, skirts ; appendixes. 


I re or ra, the tenth letter of the 
Arabic and Persian alphabets : 
in arithmetic it expresses 200 ; 
and it is the astronomical cha- 
racter for the moon j it corre- 
sponds with r in English. 

]; r&f the siga of the oblique case. 

\^i]j raabf mending a broken cup, 
^T; rdbihy gainful, usurious. [&c. 
iajK rdbiiy a chain, ligature. 
«,kj|. rdbitah, a conjunction in 
grammar; catchword; binding. 
%i)j rabia, the fourth. 
UjI^ rabian, fourthly. 
c-»olj rdtiby daily bread, provision. 
*.xjl^ rdtibah, salary, pay. 
f^^j rdj'ih, super-excellent. 
^1^ raj'ia, returning ; relative. 
tf^^j fdji, hoping, asking. 
^)j rdhy wine; a stormy day. 
c^-^A.^ rdhaty repose, ease, tranquil- 
J>a.|^ rdhil, a traveller. D^ty. 

sAaJ^j rdhilah, a caravan. 
^^]j rdhim, pitying, pardoning. 
*AA.I^ rdhim, the wife of Jacob. 
&d\j rddia, repelling, prohibiting. 
k_3jl^ rddif, coming after, sitting 

j^j rdz, a secret, mystery ; a mason, 
-T-j^j rdzihf decaying, consuming 

away.^ ^ [;'«ti'>- 

^%\ dj^j rdzddsh, a confidant; also 

^^\^fjrdzddn, knowing a secret; a 

^J^^J rdxig, provident, an epithet of 

Aibflj rdziydnah, aniseed. [God. 

ij*»lj rds, the head, chief; top. 

j^Js-'ij^K rdsuljndi, the winter 

^^j4»^\^\j rdsulsartdn, the sum- 
mer solstice. 

JUI^^I^ rdsuhndl, a capital, stock. 

Ct^*"!; rdsib, sediment. 

C»-.l| rdst, true, right ; straight. 
\jij2^*^U rdstbdz, faithful, just. 

IXmjK rdstdy a road. 

jU*«(l| rdstdd, pension. 

^^juC-*«lj rdstbin, impartial. 
ilj^ii— 'If rdstkirddr, a fair dealer. 

^A^c^j rdstnumd, appearing up- 
right, true, just, &c. 

[ ^0 ] 

jJu-I^ rdsti, rectitude, truth, just. 
yJ^j^y ,^f\jrasti o durustij honesty 
" and fidelity. 

>«l; rdsikht firm, rooted, steady. 
f^f^^j rdsikhdanif firm in mind, con- 
^1; rastif the mungoose. 
tX^^j rds/iid, orthodox, pious, faithful. 
^j^l) rashly receiving a bribe. 
v--^K rdssib^ rain ; a shower. 
^_^) . rdxi^ satisfied, content, 
w-i^^i; rdtib, humid. 
^^l) rdi, a shepherd, guardian. 
© 1. rdghf a meadow, a declivity. 
St^l) rdghib, wishing, desiring. 
Va^*!) rd/at, kindness, clemency. 
j^K rdfiXf refusing, abdicating. 


ail. rd/issi, a heretic, one who ad- 
heres to the doctrine of the Sunnis. 

jil; r4/?a, erecting j repelling. 

»j>\j rdfah, a sin ; name of a herb. 

L-i»5I^ rdqib, an observer. 

ji5L rdgim^ a writer, penman, 

^U rdqi^ an enchanter. 
wi). rdiSrii^, adder, a horseman. 

ji]jrdkiq, bowing the head. 

f)j rdm, tame, obedient, domestic. 

^1. rdmihy a snare for birds. 

^jM>«L rdmish, cheerfulness. 

♦f^jSxxlj rdmishgar, a musical per- 
former, a musician. 

^xl^ ramt, an archer, a thrower. 

J^j rdn, the thigh, [nish. 

^jjji!^ rdndan, to drive, to shoot, ba- 

^U rdni, driving. 

j^^l; ray?, a historian, a narrator. 

sj^jh f'dviydn, historians. 

«l . rdhf a way, road. 

iSjjT si . rdhdward, a present, offering. 

u^^ rdhib^ a monk, a priest. 

^jjUfel^ rdhbdrty a traveller j a guard 
of the road, a robber. 

j^^j rdhbar, a road guide. 

«^'*5/^*l» »*d/i6Mric?a», to travel. 

^j.3) J»l^ rdhdddan, to admit, to let 

jljJb!^ rdhddr, a road patrol, [to pass, 

^jIjaI^ rdhddri, a passport. 

j>y»); raAreiM, a traveller. 

^;»l; rdAzaw, a highwayman. 

^j^l; rdkiTii mortgager. 

Ui»'^ rdAwMmd, a guide. 

^>y^%^j rdhnumdi, guidance, 

.)^a'_; rdkivdr, an ambler. 

^blj rrtA?, a traveller. 

j_r'.rdf, counsel, advice, opinion. 

c^'jN rdydty standards. 

u^jI^ rdi/ib, doubting. 

c^'^ rdyaty a standard, flag. 

tAi)j rdij'f usage, currency. 

{.ssi^j rdihah, odour, perfume. 

4^1 . rdiZj a horse-breaker. 

^^U rdyiq, wonderful, beautiful. 

yJQ\j rdegdriy gratis, without labour. 

cjj rabb, providence (God.) 

«_^rw66, inspissated juice,decoction. 

«_-^ rubbf perhaps, now and then; ex- 

b. ruid, seizing, robbing, [cepted, 

\jj ribdi usury. [strument, 

uslj; rabdb, a rebeck, a musical in- 

*m^^j rdbdbj white cloud ; a woman. 

jf^^j ribdkhor, a usurer. 

(jcXjj rabdz, a lion ; one who reclines. 

JbU ribdt, an inn, 

^'■ij rujfd\, a quatrain. 

Vx). rabband, O our Lord ! 

yJ^) rabbdni, divine ; divinity. 

^jjtUiUj rubdidarif to seize, rob. [ous. 

%Sxi\jj rubdendah, ravisher ; rapaci- 

Lm raht^ a tie, joining, intimacy. 

f^ 1 raba, the spring season. 

*^ . rubq^ a fourth, 

^yl«k^«j f rubqmiskun, the four quar- 
ters of the world, 

y^^.j rabqiy vernal ; born in spring. 

aSj) rabqa, a collar j yoke or halter. 

\:^xjyij rabubiyatf God's provi- 
dence, dominion, supreme power. 

^^d^j rabddan, to seize, ravish. 

[ 91 ] 

\^yij rahiis, a glutton. 

wouj rabih^ a step-son. 

*AAj^ rabibah, a step-daughter. 

^j rahiq, the spring, [bian month. 

j^'^]^i\rabiaitlakhir^t\\Q fourth Ara- 

J^SI^. rabtautauwal^ the third 

^ Arabian month. 

li^j rtitbahf dignity, degree. 

ijij rcitaq, repairing; reformation. 

c^J; ratal, smooth ; clean ; distinct. 

^^^J risdn, rain following rain. 

Z'J ^^H'> moving, trembling. 

U^ rajciy hope, request. 

ij^s rijdl, men. 

^Ha^ rijali, footmen, infantry. 

ym0>^j rajab, the seventh Arabian 

^j rajaz, a species of verse, fmonth 

\^j'*^j rajas, uncleanness. 

jA.^ raja, returning, repeating. 

»-Aa.j rajaf, tremour, emotion. 

j^ay rajul, a man, 

tJ'f-J ^V^^j * foot. 

*^j rajam, stoning to death. 

^f^j ruju', return, repetition. 

^y^j rajiilat, virility, manhood. 

^j^a^ raha, a millstone. 

lii-J^j rihlat, marching; death. 

*a^ ra/im, mercy, compassion. 

*A^ riham^ the womb. 

^J^*^^ rahman, merciful. 

yJL^^j rahmat mercy, kindness. 

cli^j rahil, march, departure. 

fi^st^j rahim, merciful (God.) 

>^j rukh, the cheek ; side. 

*U»- . rikham, marble, alabaster. 

ojC*^ rakhawat, relaxation, laxity. 

UL^i-i rak/it, furniture. 

^ic-.^ rakhtkash, a beast of bur- 

.1*1^ rukhsar, the cheek, face. 

^g^^i^J rakhs/ian, shining. 

^(XiJi^j raklishidan, to shine, flash. 

c^-flukj rvkhsat, permission, leave. 
'^j rukhiiah, a fracture, a notch. 

o^^ rakhwat, laxity. 

«S« radd, repulsion, refutation. 

I»3j ridd, a sheet. 

cy-^Ij^ riddat, depravity. 

u->)^j. raddijawdh^ a rejoinder, 

^^<^j raddikaldm, reputation. 

^dj raddah, a line ; rule ; vow. 

v^tJj radi, wicked, depraved. 

k-iu,3^ radif, one who rides behind. 

P.,3; radim, a worn or torn habit, 

Jj; ra%al, mean, base. 

*dj razam, flowing, overflowing. 

fi^ij raxdm, flowing; fluid. 

*-^J; razilah, baseness, mean. 

Jj raz^ a vineyard ; a grape, 

^'^•^ raxdh, emaciated, fatigued. 

(jl;^ rizzdg, providence, God. 

Jij razdm, a severe man, 

C^iljj razdnat, firmness, strength. 

\jjjj razdyd, afflictions, misfortunes. 

fS"})) razdyil, mean people. 

y^A) razbdn, the keeper of a vine* 

CJj rixq, a subsistence. ([yard. 

Ay\juO{jj\ rizqmalum, daily bread; des- 

fjj razm, war, combat. [tiny, 

«K./«j. razmgdh, the field of battle. 

^i)^H)J razidan, to dye, tinge, colour. 

^^jj razin, strong (fort.) 

y^j ras, arriving, penetrating. 

\jmj rasd, capable; arriving, 

^^j risdlat, a legation, mission. 

All**; risdldh, a treatise, letter ; a 

troop of horse, 
4,^, rassdm, a designer, describer. 
y^^j rasdn, bringing, bring, arriving, 
^^ti■i^■*»>J rasdndan, to cause to arrive. 
^i *", rasdi, access, sagacity. 
Jjl-j rasdyil, letters, treatises. 
s^^j rasab, dregs, sediments. 
\JL^ rust, liberated, escaped. 
ijl*.*-; rust, he grew; growing. 
yxas^j rustkhez, the resurrection. 
j^'*'j rustgdr, liberated, escaped. 
,JL*j rastan, to escape. * 

[ 92 3 

^^^\ rttstan, to grow. 
^»/'^J ristariy to twist, spin. 
^_yJui^ rustaniy a vegetable, plants. 
*>*»*. rasad, supply of provisions ; 
^ J rusagh, the wrist. [share, 

c)-'-!; rU5u/, a prophet ; commission. 
^j rasam^ a rule, custom. 
)a^\^j rasamulkhatj prescribed form 
^*^ rasmi, customary, [of writing. 
cjUa-m; rasmit/at, rules, usages. 
^j,M.j ^asa7i, a rope, cord. 
J^iJ^J »'«*^''^'^''» ^ rope-maker. 
-^^ c/*!^ rasa7j/«w^ar, a cable. 
L^ rwswa, infamous, dishonored. 

jl^*M^ rwsii;d«, infamy, disgrace. 
s^iytnj rus^unahy sediments. 
,i-y\ rusiikh, firmness. 
jy-M rasiil, a messenger, a prophet. 


rasiinii customs, fees ; modes. 

^{>A*o rasidan, to ai'rive, to come. 

ax-, rasidy a receipt ; arrival. 

tsy^s rasidah, arrived ; mature. 

rji>i^j rasidagif maturity, 

o«5U. . raA'Aarfa/,rectitude of conduct. 

\j^*j rasht, very dry ; ruinous. 

^Jmj rishtan, to spin, twist. 

AjJij rishiah, a thread; relationship. 

jUijJ,. rishtahdar, a relation. 

a-A« rushd, rectitude; the right way. 

v*X*j rasA/t, jealousy, envy. 

j^^vii^j rashkihar, envious ; ele- 
gant, very handsome. 

\siyMj rishwat, a bribe. 

i^jjt* rashid, a spiritual guide, a 
priest ; sagacious, wise, 

^U>, rassdd, an astronomer, 

(jo\,fj rasdsf tin ; lead. 

Ui^^-«; rasdnatf fortification. 

Jb*l rasad, an observatory. 

iUwOj raswi, watching, observing. 

l^ r««d, acquiescence, consent, 

^^a-l^ razo;©?, striving to please. 

VS^I^ razddt, suckling. 

^ji/eli) razdmandiy consent, per* 

mission, acquiescence. 
^jJij razioiy a sucking infant. 
f.iJ)j razii/ah, laudable, elegant. 
<r^^j ratab, moist, tender, fresh, 
ti^jykj rutuhat, moisture. [sweet. 

I V^j ruafy a hemorrhage of the 

W^cj r'laydy subjects. [nose. 

Ci^^jlc^ ridj/at, kindness, excuse. 
u.*^c; rab, terror, fear, dread. 
jMij rabU^ foolish, silly. 
Scj rad, thunder. 
{^j^j rds, trembling. 
sJixj rasha, tremour, fear. 
Myf^j ramum, a delicate woman. 
KJxj rdndf beautiful, amiable. 
( — i^j rau/f slight rain. 
t:i*»i^ rqunat, pride, haughtiness. 
C-iC; raqij/atf a subject, 
^ifij raig, making a noise (the belly). 
{ij^j rughdsj ground watered by rain. 
C>^j raghbat, desire, avidity. 
tiJij raghad, affluence. 
^, raghaniy abhorrence, contempt. 
o^j rughuatj froth. 
iiiyij raghiis, giving suck. [age. 

{^y^j raghiish, shaking the head with 
x^xcj raghif, a thin cake. 
nd^j ru/ddahy a bandage. 
ij;^»\ij rifdqatf society, friendship. 
%!Jj rufdh, repose, quiet, tranquillity. 
c»>iAUj rafdhiyat, tranquillity. 
C^j raft,, breaking, pounding, 
C^ raft, he went; travelling. 
jKlij raftdr, walking ; conduct. 
^y^j raftan, to go, walk, proceed. 
^^. raftan, to sweep. 
ilij »Mj raftah-raftah^ by degrees. 
^j'j rafiif an arch ; green cloth. 
(^i« rafsSi heresy. [cision. 

^j rafdi elevation ; repulsion ; de- 
C^ij rafdat, sublimity, dignity. 
O'j '"i/y* benevolence. 
Ui^ rufqd, companions. 

[ 93 ] 

ysj rafii^ sewing, darning. 
^^>j rafugar, a darner, a taylor. 
»ii; rafiq, high, elevated, exalted. 
cJui, rafifj eating much ; shining. 
fjijj rafiq, a friend, an ally, 
(J) raqq, parchment, a sheet of pa- 
0j riqq, servitude ; thin, [p^r. 

cj>^ raqcib, guarding; fearing, 
\:>'iy>j raqabatf rivalry. 
(jo^ij raqqds, a dancer. 
c\jj raqdy short letters, notes. 
(ji^j raqdyiq, subtilties. [sorts. 

^}jj raqdyerUy epistles, writings j 
ui| ruqhd^ rivals. 

t^'ij raqbah, the neck j a part ; a slave. 
oS) riqqat, pity ; tenuity. 
t^'ij raqs, a dance, dancing. 
^tXy^j raqsidan, to dance. 
ij^ij ruqqhy a short letter, 
Jj raqam, hand-writing ; a figure in 

arithmetic; sort, kind. 
jjJuJj raqampdziry committed to 

writing, drawn. 
Mi^iJ^j raqamzadariy to write, 
f^'j /'rtg'ttw, characters, inscriptions, 
u*^ raqib, a rival, a competitor. 
fji^j raqiq, thin, delicate. 
suxij raqimah, an epistle, writing. 
L^^j rakdb, a stirrup. 
Ljl^* rikdb, a dish, a plate. 
j)(y)^j rikdbddr, a butler; a stirrup- 
^^ rikdbi, a dish, plate, [holder. 
^Z^S^J rakdkat, weakness, languor. . 
l^j rakbahj the knee. 
^j;^t-i/> ragijdn, an artery. 
^;0 ju-/; ragzadan, to open a vein, 
ii)j*^j ragzany a phlebotomist. 
^^ rukn, a pillar ; foot of verse. 
%^y!^j rakub, riding, mounting. 
^fi>j ruku', bowing the head in 
u»i^j ra/fib, a stirrup. [prayer, 

yjjkii; rukidan, to mutter, 
v^i^. rakik, thin, slender, fine. 
^^iSJ rakin, firm, solid. 

W-/J ragi a vein, a fibre. 

/tj ram, elopement ; a flock. 

^U; rimah, spears; rimdhat, want. 

«3U^ rimdd, ashes ; lie ; soap. 

JU, rammdl, a soothsayer, a fortune- 

^^^j rummdn, a pomegranate, 

^j^^A> ramdn, timid, fugitive. 

yjJjJL«^ ramdnidan, to terrify, 

*A^ ramai'm, rotten, corrupted, 

^yo. rumah, a spear, a lance. 

tX^j ramad, a disorder in the eyes. 

jycj ramZf a nod, signal ; secret. 

y^l^-^j ramzdiiy the ninth Arabian 

^y•^ ramaq, the last breath, 

J^ ramaly sand ; geomancy. 

xjkX^ ramindahf timid, fugitive, 

As^j ramnah, a park. 

jyoj ramuZy signs, mysteries. 

J^^yjyj ramiizddn, skilled in myste- 

^y^j ramienf earnest money. [ries. 

A^ ramdhy a herd, flock. [away. 

y^iiXAj ramidan, to be afraid, to fly 
jy^j ramiss, intelligent; moveable. 

*j^. ramiirij putrid, carious. 

^j ranji distress, trouble. 

jjtUiUsrN ranjdnidaiiy to distress. 

i^J^j ranjash, affliction, grief. 

\y=f^j ranjuTy sick, afflicted. 
j\djys:^j ranjurddr, an attendant on 
the sick. 

s^j ranjah, trouble, grief. 

^jJxs^i ranjidan, to be displeased. 

sJosr* 1 ranjidah, displeased, afflicted. 

ji) rind, a drunkard, debauchee. 

ylj^j. randash, saw-dust. 

%jij randahy a joiner's plane. 

(j^j ranaqy muddy water ; turbid. 

s^'ij rang, colour, manner, paint, 
die ; fraud, imposture ; ridicule, 

tJ!i;Ki, rdngdrangy of diff*erent sorts. 
yy^^LSij rangdmeZf artful. 

[ 94 ] 

i^ji^Jf^l) rangamezi, painting ; 

stratagem, deception, fraud. 
jij^j ratigrez, a dyer. 
j^^^j rangsdx, a painter. 

^JiAJ rangin, coloured ; figurative. 

}j ru, the face, countenance, surface; 
motive, sake ; raw, go thou. 

Jjj^ rawd, allowable, proper, [tions. 

■aj'^ rawdbit, signatures ; conjunc- 

«^ij|jy riidtf historians, narrators. 

^jj ratvdjf current. 

J.A.Ijj^ rmvdhil, caravans. 
jljljj; rawdddr, permitting, fit, just. 

JLiliilj^ raw adds htati, toallow, admit. 
JJ^3J fO'^'^o.rau^ proceeding, travelling. 

(^[j . rawdfiZf heretics. 

fj],. rawdq, a portico. 

^»;ljj rudiif the soul, life, spirit. 

^J^ rawdn, flowing, passing. 

Ail^j rawdnah, a passport, dispatch. 

j^AJLj rawdnahkardan, to despatch. 
w-rVJi) nM;a?/ai,narrations, traditions. 
\JI^)}j riwdyat, a tradition> relation, 
^Ij^ rawdih, odours, fragrance. 
^J'jjj riibdrif sweeping. 
jU^ rubdh^ a fox. 
\Sj^'^^.*j rubdhbdzi, craftiness. 
^»j rubaru, presence, face to face. 
jKijj rubakdi'f under consideration. 
^ICjji rubakdri, proceedings (of a 
cause), the whole account of a 
^Ji^^ riiposh, absent, concealed. 
ijjj rubah ,- see Uj^. 
wl-viJ; i'"ubahak, a young fox, a cub. 
yjjjjj rubidan, to wipe, sweep. 
*ju^ rupayah, a rupee, silver coin. 
ZiX) ''W'^j the soul, spirit. [tial. 

-iU.;^ ruhdni, spiritual, holy, celes- 
^^Si-' .. rtihuldmitiy the faithful 

spirit, Gabriel. 



aSJI— ^iriiAu/j'Mrfs, the Holy Ghost. 
9- *\ riihullahy the spirit of God, 

Jesus Christ. 

i^^^ii^ZV r^hhaiwdniy the animal 

yS^r^J ruhnabdti, the vegetable 

Cjj riid, a river. fsoul. 

iilo^^ ruddd, a narrative, an account. 

vi;«s'jj; riidddan, to happen. 
^^iJj; rudbdr^ the bed of a river; 
abounding with rivers. 

t^)j rudah, an intestine ; a river. 
^•jy ro^, a day. 

^)j»^j)j rossdfzuTif increasing daily, 
Jj>j^.J}j rozbarossy day after day. 

U^'**^iV roxpasin, the last day. 

^Jjj rozhih, improving daily. 

}<^})\ roxddr, a day labourer. 

J€jij roz^ar, the world; service ; tim,e ; 

j^j}j rozkor, purblind. [age. 

^}<)j rozmarrah, daily ; common 


f>^j>fj rozmuh, day of the month, date. 

y^fltSiuejjj roxmaiddn, the day of battle. 

*"*4;.^ 'Tozndfnahj a diary, a journal. 

*i r^ rauzanah, a hole, a window. 

^\)j rozahf fasting, a fast day. 

^lijyi^tjyj rozahlphordany to avoid 


i^jifj roziy daily ; daily food, [him ! 

juij^jy^ rozikundd, may God prosper 

^J)j rozinah, daily allowance. 

{j^j^j rausy heads. 

^^ rausdy chiefs, leaders, 

\^^3J »*M««joi, a prostitute. 

vXtM.) Tostd ^ 

/< ,' I a village ; a villager. 

^i^j rostdiy J ^ ' * 

»U*M^. rusiydhy a sinner, criminal. 

(^j,^ rawishy mode, custom. 

^ji'jU raushariy enlightened, manifest. 

^\sm.^j rushindsy an acquaintance. 

^^\xi,jj rushindsty acquaintance. 

^U-ij|» rafisAnd/jlight; ink. 

y;l»i^^ raushanddn, a sky-light. 

^^_^j^ raushaniy light, splendour. 

*Mej>. rauzah, a garden ; a sepulchre, 

^jCj^j raughariy oil, grease, varnish. 

[ 95 j 

l^iif^J ra«gAawi7a//tA, oil of mus- 

^ tard seed. [ghee. 

*^jj(^)j raughanizard^ melted butter, 

^^^}j raug/tani, oily, greasy. 

<—i^j rauf^ benign (God), 

ui*Nijj» raiifat, benignity. 

^1,5^^^ rugarddn, disobedient. 

^jjJjuItS^^^^ rugardanidan, to desert, 
to abandon, to desert. 

JUj^ rumal, a handkerchief. 

*»> rt<w, Rome, Greece. 

^^ij rumij Roman, Greek, Turkish. 

^tiJjj ratvendah, a traveller, a goer; 
a passport. 

f^i^j raunaq, splendour, elegance. 

8tijt^ roulahy growing, vegetating. 

^jjJ^M roida?i, to grow, to vegetate, 

^»f^)J roirif brass, brazen. 

ZtiiSjj roendah, growing. 

cTj; riii, the face, surface. 

Oji roydf a dream. 

C^^j royaf, sight, vision. 

C)t^ijj ruidddj state of facts. 

^))\Sy) ^^ii^ard, pale-faced, ashamed. 

*j rahj a road. 

IJtj rihd, liberated, escaped. 

^;jjl&^ rihdndan, to release. 

j^'U ? iTifli, liberation, escape. 

^Ujbj rahldn, a monk, a christian. 

UL^Ua^ rahhdnyat, a monastic life. 

•AJb^ rahbar^ a way-guide. 

4j;4S;j»j rahburdayi, to find the way. 

<,^^J&j rahbari, guidance. 
jjTi. rahrau^ a traveller. 
ytj rahss, motion, agitation. 

yjjytj rahzan, a highway robber, 
j<^j rahguzar^ a high road. 

^jibj rihatiy a pledge, pawn. 

tJut^ rahnumdy a guide. 

.)yb. 7'ahwdr, an ambling horse, 
^yt; rahwaVy a traveller ; a guide. 

j^_^^ raAi, a servant, a slave. 

yjUjJb. rahidauj to escape, to be li- 

^JjJtj rahiq^ wine. 
^^Aj rahin, pledged, pawned. 
\ij riydf hypocrisy, 
— .b) riydh, winds ; odours. 
{jb/^^^j riydhin, odoriferous herbs. 
Ci.~>«Ui riydsat, government, sway. 
{jeXij riydz, gardens. 
\j>^*^ij riydzatf abstinence, austerity. 
i^/^O-^^Jj riydzatkeshf practising 

f^S^^J ^^y^^h niatheniatics. 
jl^bj riydkar, a hypocrite. 
^Jo^ raiydn, fresh; quenching thirst, 
w>^ raib, doubt, suspicion. 
^j rih, wind ; odour, 
^j^lsri. raihdn, sweet basil. 
^J^|^J rekhtarif to pour ; to infuse ; to 

break in pieces ; to scatter. 
AJJkafcii rekhtah, scattered ', mortar ; 

the mixed dialect. 
y^)jij rezdn, pouring, scattering. 
\^)ij rezash, effusion. 
tjij rezah, a fragment, chip. 
jy^tyij rezahkhor, a gleaner. 
^J^^>*^iJ restart, to twist ; to exonerate. 
ij^M>y resmdiiy a rope, cord, thread. 
y^^x«0| risidan, to twist, spin. 
^^ij rishy a beard. 
f^i) resh, a wound, sore. 
tUs-*^ rishkhand^ ridicule ; iBattery. 
^iUit reshdntf silk. 
sJiJj reshah^ fibre ; fringe, 
jjjU^ raian, the flower of youth ; 

jj; righy hatred, malevolence. 
^j ny, spittle, 
ti^j reg, sand gravel. 
JltxCj rigddn, a sand-box. 
lUo. rigzavy a sandy region. 
^, rim, pus, matter. 
^., rio, fraud, deceit. 
^ja^jJjj; riotidchini, China rhubarb. 
s^^ rihy the lungs. 
{j^j rats, a chief, leader, head. 

[ 96 ] 

: za or ze^ the eleventh letter of the 
Arabic and 13th of the Persian 
alphabets, denoting seven in arith- 
metic ; Saturday in the almanacs 
and the sign Scorpio, in the 

t)ilj xabul, short. 

^1; zaj, vitriol ; %ajakh«arf copper. 

f^fOXi)^ j znjdbiz, alum. 
y^^h ^^j^^bis, green vitriol. 

»— ft a-h zd/iiff fatigued. 
j^^j zakhir, full; swelling (sea.) 

45) • zdd, born ; provision, food. 

w.>]j zddbum, native country. 

%)jd]j zddrdh, provision for a jour- 

^^li^j zddagi, birth. ["^^y- 

j»jii|^- %ddan, to be born, to beget. 

«3yjj!j zddoiud, goods and chattels. 

»«5|; zddah, born ; a son, child. 
j^j zdr, lamentation ; in composi- 
tion, it implies place, multitude. 
j\}Jj 2!flr«ar,great lamentation, groan. 

cr;|j zdrif lamentation, bitterly. 

yijtiijj zdridan, to lament, to cry. 
J)j ssdzh^ idle speech. 

^jh zdzkhd, a trifier, idle speaker. 

p|j zdgh^ a crow, a raven. 
jc]j%dghir, the crop of a bird. 

^) zdgy vitriol ; a black tincture. 

u-'lflj zdgdb, water of vitriol, 

Jl; zdlf an old man, or woman ; the 
father of Rostum. 

iih zdlih, hail. 

^Jj zdn, from that, from (dzdn), 

*^I^- ssdnkih, from that time, since. 

y]j zdnu, the knee. 

^jjjjy|j zdnuzadariy to sit on the hams. 

, <i) ; zdni. an adulterer. 

*J^lj zdnihi an adulteress. 
j^jzdz, an artificer, 

*jSjj zauldtiah, a fetter, a chain, 

*ij'j zaviahf an angle, corner. 

tiJbh zdhid, religious, devout, a monk. 

j_j»Jjbl^- zahidi, like a monk. 
j^]j zdhir^ shining, vivid, florid, 

iSj^h zdhiri, fragrance ; clearness. 

(yt>\j zdhiq, perishing, expiring. 

J**'^' zdhil, tranquil, serene. 

^diS): zdidagi, child-birth. 

^^s\))Jzaida7^,to bring forth (young). 

Aacdlj zdichah, horoscope ; birthday. 

^i^]: zdidf redundant, additional. 
jj}j zair, a visitor ; pilgrim. 

Jjli ssajV, transitory, failing. 

i,s:^i\j 2r^n?rfaA, bringing forth(young). 

^\i' zubdd, civet, an herb. 

^l> • zubdn, the tongue, language. 
J^'^iit^J ^'^^o,ndwai\ fluent in speech. 

e;'«5e)W; ^ubdnddn^ a linguist. 

^ii<^)Ci^J^J\ znhdndddan, to promise. 

;l)j^jljj zubdndardz, abusive. 

^^)i^^i) zubdnrdnif conversation. 

tdjj^jjzubdnzadah, spoken of. 

yyii^'^^^jj zubdnkushdddn, to speak, 
to utter, to begin to speak. 

^liS^J^j znhdngiriftarif to stammer, 
j^J^j zubdngir, a spy ; a caviller. 

*jl^ zubdnabf flame, spark. 

jjlj : zubdni, verbal. 

y-m-^j zabab, hairiness. 

Sj\ zubd, butter ; froth. 

tdjj zubdah, cream ; the best part of 

any thing. 
jij zabar, above, superior; upon the 
vowel point futuh. 

<JS^jJJ zabartang, a surcingle. 

ti'^yj zabarj'ad, a topaz, emerald. 

s,£^»udjij zabardAst, powerful, strong ; 
a tyrant, oppressive. 

^X*««5^jj zabardastif foi'ce, oppres- 

(i/ij-ij zabrin, superior, upper, [sion. 

iJ">J zabal, dung. 
jyix zabiir, the psalms of David. 

^^^J zabun, bad, vile, ill, evil. 

^j^j^ zabiini, badness, evilness, 

t^jkjj zabib^ rains. 

[ 97 ] 

^^j) zatukh, adhering firmly. 
^^.^* ziij'dj, glass. 
^Uy zujdj, a glass- man; *^^>-j. 
*^,J zxjdj'ah, a bit of glass. 
j^j zijr, threatening, 
iia^^' zajlah, a crowd ; a part, portion. 
A:^j za/ah, a woman in childbed. 
iJ-^-j zuhnl, the planet Saturn. 
i^L'-o^j za/imaff disquietude, grief. 
ji^J zuhir, twisting of the guts, 
v—jtls-; zakhdruf, ornaments, gold. 
o-jjs^j zuklirafy embellishment, beau- 
<»iy Zdklim, a wound, sore. [ty, 

!-j zuk/it/iahf the bow of a fiddle. 
yZak/tmif wounded, warren out. 
tj^^J Zukhik/i, shining, sparkling. 
Cj Z(id, striking; a blow. 
|jj zadd, polishing, scouring. 
^tf^J zadan, to strike, beat, wound, &c. 
»3;^j«3j zadokhord, conflict, battle, 
^;0j«5; zadudutif to ])olish ; to erase. 
i-Jj^^yy zndokob^ beating, striking. 
jj zar, gold, money; an old woman. 
i)^^j) 2S«Was/, princi[)al sum. 
\Z^\)j zirdat, agriculture, 
^j^^c^cIjI zirdafkardarif to cultivate. 
jju[} zdlizar, father of Kostam. 
i^]jj zarrdf^ a hypocrite, a cheat. 
^j)i>jji)^; znrdndudaii, to gild ; to ac- 
quire money, 
'^J^^J zurdivand^ zedoary, 
d^AJjj zarhdfl, cloth of gold. . 
yj-jAx^j^ zarijafari, the purest kind 
i>jj zard, yellow, pale, vivid, [of gold. 
^r^UV- zarddb, gall, bile. 
yiiSsj zarddlu, an apricot. 
i->j^<^jj zardchob^ turmeric, 
jfjiijj zardrii, pale, bashful. 
wi^Jt; zardaky a carrot. 
;j«3«; zardoZy embroidered. 
tr:j«5;: zardozi, gold embroidery, 
KSi^jJ^zardi, yellowness. 
rj*^jj zarisurkhy gold. 
viA^' zarishk, barberries. 

^j*i\l£,jj zarshinds, a banker, amis-er. 

^jj zara, a sown field. 

wi.^- zarf, deep. 

^j) zar/df depth. 

J^jj zarfdn, a decrepit old man. 

ijjj zarg, deceit. 

J-y-^j zariqalb^ base coin. 

)^j; %argdr, gilt. 

yjj zargar, a goldsmith. [smith. 

^J'j) zargariy business of a gold- 

\^j) zarknshy a wire-drawer. 

^^^'j^Jj ^^^'f^^/^i plated with gold. 

s^i^jj zarimu^hrab'ty pure gold. 

jtjj) zarnigdr, inlaid with gold, 

^jj zurrtik/i, orpiment. [gilded. 

\jj zirah, armour. 

»— Ajm; zarif, going slowly. 

fjijj zarritiy golden. 

Os-i; zishty ugly, bad. 

^^'^J zishti, deformity. 

I— 9^j zuaff sudden death. 
j»jCj zartir, a medlar. 

ay£j zaza, a hurricane, 

^]^j zafarduy saffron. 

*£j zarriy opinion, arrogance. 

JU : zughdl, charcoal. 

ci/^J zaghaiif a kite, 

j-jkij zaghandf a jump, leap, flight. 

v_ili| «t/a/, matrimonial consum- 
mation, marriage night. 

J)j zagt a skin for holding any li- 

Jj zaqam, eating quick. [quid. 

tyj zaqum, a thorny tree. 

ijjj zak, deceiving, injuring. 

^j zakd, quickly, readily. 

(»l^j zakdm, defluxion, rheum, a cold. 

ojl^; zakdwafy ingenuity ; purity. 

o^: zaktit, alms of a 40th part. 
jySj zakury a miser; vile, abject, 
pusillanimous; a curling lock f 

^i: zakt, ingenious, pure, pious. 

..jcU^; zakida?i, to murmur. 

\\ zal, a slip, error, a mistake. 

[ 98 ] 

LuS : zalldt^ errors, mistakes. 

^^Jij zaldzal, trembling, eartiiquake. 

Jj; »M/d/, limpid water, 

JI)J; zalzdl, tremour, agitation. 

sJ^j zalzalah, an earthquake. 

»; zalatf a quick pace. 

t^j zulf, a ringlet, curling lock. 

JJ; zalal, erring, blundering. 

jij zahij a leech. 

^ J| zaluOy rising (sun.) 

fj zam, a midwife ; a cheek, a jaw. 

f^j zamdni, a bridle, rein. 

vjj^- zaman, time, an age ; the world, 

*i^: zamanah, times, an age ; love j 

calamity; zamdnahsdzi, deceit. 
jumtJX/t- zamdnahsdz, a time-server. 

^iU- isawawi, temporal, worldly. 

^UiU-zaw2aw/j/aw,peopleof the world 

iJL^ss^j zamukht, astringent, styptic. 

t^^j zumurrudf an emerald. 


*^j zumrah, a body of men. [ca. 

fj^j ^c^^^^^y a famous well at Mec- 

*^y*j zamzamah^ convivial mirth. 

^li/,M./«- zimistdn, the winter. 

*^j zamamy intention, design. 

^j Zaman, time ; fortune. 

yj)i^j zamidaHj to chew. 

^^/k^J zaminy the earth, soil, ground. 

^iJj-*- zaminddr, a landholder. 

^^J zan, a woman, a lady, a wife. 

b- zindy adultery ; zand, short. 
jirl^h zandbiry wasps. 

(jij^^j zanddiqy pagans. 
jU: zunndrj the brahminical thread. 

.Ij)li- zurmdrddvy a brahmin, &c. 
j^dj zindkdr, an adulterer, a forni- 

Aiti; zandnahy womanly ; seraglio. 
ji«S,b^jj- zanibdrddry a pregnant 

* jy^h <2rrtMittr, a wasp, &c. [nest. 

^ AJlA^^xy zaniburkhdnahy a wasp's f)^j zatvdniy a sudden death. 

^jMjXij zanbursurkh, a hornet. I ,j;lsf 2awd«, darnel, tares; a flame. 

JuiA^:^^!' znnhurqsaly a bee. 

viJ»^Ai; znnturuky a small cannon. 

l;^f>; zanburah, a kind of guitar ; a 

JJjAJ: zunbil, a basket. [bee. 

.l.«^J zanjdr, verdigris. 

v^l^ar* : znnjaby a belt, a girdle. 

Jaas^; zanjubil, dry ginger. 

,^j.«^: zanjarfy vermilion. 

♦.Jus?"*; zanjafy the border of a gar- 

&3r> zatickah, a prostitute. [ment, 
jjia^^ zanjivy the smack of the fingers. 

.jus^j zaiijir, a chain. 

^: %anakhy the chin. [chin. 

yjfjsr\- zawoiJr/Wdw, the pit of the 
Jl*»()^a.^: zaiikhwdstariy to marry. 

ji- sawrf, the book taught by Zo- 
roaster ; a steel. 

J Ji; zinddriy a prison. 

^jj|jkilJi| zinddniyduy prisoners. 

^j^t^^jj- zundkhduy the followers of 
Zand. [sistence. 

^|fc>i| zindagdniy life ; living, sub- 

-t^J^I^JJ: zindagdnidoaniy the next 

^ji: zindagiy life, existence, [life. 

ct**M;J»Jj zindosty addicted to women. 

»jJ : zindahy living, alive. 

^Jui^«j.i- zinduhgashtany to revive. 

JtSsJJ: zindahdil, a man of piety. 

^jtXi- zandig, a worshipper of firej 
an atheist; impious. 

tmS^j zangy rust ; a small bell. 

*i^j zaugulahy a little bell. 

iJo: isrtw^'i, an Ethiopian, negro. 

Ai: zanahy a sting ; a woman, 
.lyj- zinhdvy protection ; take 
yiJ: zaniry wise, intelligent. 
^: zo, from him, from that. 
]jj zowd, produce, proceeds. 
jU: zawddy provision. 
(Ijj: gowflr, pilgrims. 
JU| zawdly decline, deficiency. 
AJl^j zawdlahy a nuiss of leaven. 


[ 99 ] 

j^^fj zaudhir, flowers, ornaments. 

^'j)J zawayd, corners, angles, 

«*i'^' zmidyad, superfluities. 

^♦; zauj, a pair; a husband. 

A^i| zaujah^ a wife, spouse. 

«3^- zudj soon, quick, swift. 

kS'^}J ziidif haste, swiftness. 

jfj zor, strength, violence, power. 

^yj}J zordzmdy an athletic wrestler. 
J^JfJ ^^f^^f^'^'f powerful, robust. 

'^j}^jjij zordwari, violence, strength. 

i3j)j zauraqy a ship, vessel. 

lyj^j) J zormaud, strong, powerful. 

i^JJv^^'2;on;jawrfi,strength, violence. 

%jjj zorah, the back-bone. 

s^'ijj zhauldnah, a fetter. 

^•^5; zhoUdan, to be entangled. 

»djJj^ zholidah, intricate, entangled. 

tj zih^ a bow-string ; brink ; excel- 
lence, well done ; hem, friuge. 

jIa; zuhhddf monks, religious men. 

lajjUj zuhddat, a religious life, 
Jjbj zihdr, the pubes. 

^^^J za/iaby a part of wealth. 

tiJbj zuhdj a religious life. 

^jjloA; zihddriy the womb, the matrix. 

*jjfc| zahdam, a young hawk. 
jit: zahr, poison, venom. 
jJtj za/iar, a flower ; beauty, grace. 
^JyA; zahrddr, venomous, poisonous. 

\;ir^j^J zaharmuhrah, a bezoar stone. 

ijJ^jAjzahar/idg, poisoned, envenom- 
ed ; also, •syj/A; and^lj^Jb;. 

tjJbj zahrah, the gall bladder j bile ; 

ijjbj zuhrahf the planet Venus. 
ji^J zihgir, a thumb stall for arch- 

J^A: zahlul, smooth, bald. [ers. 

jyJtj zahur, shining (as fire.) 

Jiyfc; za/iuq, a deep well, 

^Jtj zihe, O excellent ! bravo ! 

^jjjb| zahidan^ to bring forth. 
jjjAf zatiir, reduced (by sickness), 
thin, sad. 

ct; %ah 'ifip fate, death. [derful. 

i^j ziy limit, side J live those ; won- 

eijb; ziyddaty increase, abundance. 

tS'ij ziyddahy more, much. 

^^«,x^l^- ziyddahsiriy vanity ; conceit. 

*^^' ziydraty pilgrimage, visiting. 

c)^; ziydn, damage, loss. 

yj^jj zhiydn, fierce, furious. 

j^sjjjziydnkdr, hurtful; a sinner. 

J--J; zeb, ornament, elegance, beauty, 

^^} zebdf beautiful, adorned. 

gj'Uj; zebdi, beauty, gracefulness. 

*Slj- zebdd, it is worthy, becomes. 

fj^ij zihaq^ quicksilver. 

»jJay zebindahj ornamenting. 

ti^jjjfju^j; zebozinat, grace and 
beauty, elegance, ornament. 

^J»^xo; zebidan, to adorn ; to become. 

C.>->:zayatj oil. 

itJj'Hi zaitiifij an olive. [rule. 

^j zichy an ephemeris ; a mason's 

«v| zaid, a fictitious name. 
jij zer, under, below ; vowel point. 

*^l;i} zirdkih, because that, since. 
j\jji: zerbdr, in embarrassed circum- 
stances, indebted. 

oij^* zerband, a martingal. 

\J^yiji) zerposh, an under-garment, 

A^^^^j zerjdmah, breeches, drawers. 

i^y^jij zerchob, under correction. 

yjL^^d/ij zerdast, a subject ; under 

^jij zirak, intelligent, sagacious. 

^ji) ziraki^ sagacity, prudence. 

^^%jij zerobdid, topsy-turvy. 

ty: zirah, cummin seed, anise. 

Ltf^j^^rij zirahrumi, carraway seed. ^ 

^ji\ zeriftf inferior, "^ 

tjjj zizahi rough ground, " « 

e: - "■ ' • zistj life, existence, 

^Jui»j: zistan, to live, 

^yijj zish, a pine ; a little tub. 

jUj: zighdlj a cup, a goblet, 

^^ij zin, from thisj a saddle. , 

[ 100 ] 

i%^(^/j zinposhf a saddle-cloth. 

c»vij| zhiat, ornament, decoration, 
^U-J ^^^S^^i '^ saddler. [dress. 

Ayij^- zhihdr, take care, care, caution. 

AJoj zinahf a ladder, stairs, steps. 
^^ zeo, a ship-worm, a moth. 
j^>j gewiir, jewels, ornaments. 

^^ sa or sfw, the twelfth letter of the 
Arabic, and thirteenth of the Per- 
sian, alphabet. In reckoning by 
abjud, it denotes CO. In the al- 
manac it represents the sun, and 
a sextile aspect of the planets. 

Uu sfi, like, resembling ; tribute. 

^^LUu s&ban, pillars, crosses j a spar- 

^\m sdhia, the seventh. [row. 

f>U« sdbigh, complete, ample, full. 

fjjLu sabiq, preceding, former. 

KaAtM sabiqan, before this, formerly. 

aSjLm sdbiqa/t, the past, 

^5A«M sdbigin, predecessors, 

&if.?^l««. sdbuddnahf sago. 

X;^L* sdbiirah, a hermaphrodite. 

jSlki. sdtir, covering, hiding. 

^jk<jL« sdtakin^ a cup, a glass of wine. 

^U» say, the teak tree. 

i^aXm sdj'id, prostrate, an adorer. 

«a.l*« sa/m, speaking rhythmically, 

iS^^Ub sdhut, an area, a plain. 
jo.\Mt sdhiVj a magician. 

j_^L« sdhiq, one who brays or grinds. 

(* sdhil, the shore. 

^JXAX» sdkhiau, to make, to do, 

iisa^KM sdkhtah, made, artificial, 
'jJiX'M sakhir, a mocker. 

c^'i^Vm sdddt, prince, Saii/ids. 

••♦sU sddi]\ Indian spikenard. 
' -.iiLi, sddihf abounding in produce. 

i^titi* sddis, the sixth. 

^^c\*» sddagi, artlessness, plainness, 
* Xt^Lu sddahy plain ; white ; artless. 

j4?;i,3L« sddahdil, a simpleton. 

jyujl*y sddahru, beardless. 

j^ Artr, a particle denoting plenty y 
a starling ; a camel. 

1^1*- sflrri, pure, excellent. 

y^lj;L* sdrbdtif a camel-driver. 

O/^ sdriq, a thief. 

vi^L* sdrik, a species of starling. 

(.f^^ «ar/, pervading, infecting. 

jL» sdzf apparatus, musical instru- 

yj*. :L« sdzish, combination, collusion 

J€f-*» sdzgdr^ concordant, proper. 

^I^L- sdzgdri, concordance. 

^<s^>JlMsdzindah, a maker ; a musician,. 

^j;j>j> :l*« sdzidan, to make. 

^«^l*» 5as, a bug, 

^k)Lw sa/za, shining, 

^^Isl** sa/t^r, a butcher's knife. 

ejULw sddtf hours ] a cloak. 

(.^cU. sdat, an hour, a moment. 

<j^c\^j^:>£^ sdatbasdatf hourly. 

ti^Lu sdad, the fore arm.. 

jjc\m sduT, a furnace, a stone. 

j^l** sdif assiduous, diligent. 
jc\jm sdghar, a cup, bowl, goblet. 

jilkusdfdr, a traveller ; a writer. 

J>iLu sd/al, the inferior part, mean, 

{^uu sdqt the leg, stem, stalk, 

^l* sdqft, fallen, drop. 

^jS'u* sdqiy a cup-bearer. 

Cj^^U sdkabj flowing, (blood or 

\ji^\mj sdkitj silent, quiet. 

^'^ sakiriy quiescent (letter) J an 
inhabitant. > 

^ytKm sdgun, teak wood. 

o^Lw sdkiit^ a silent man. 

(JU sa/, a year. 

iJIU. sdldr, a chief, leader. 

AiSU. sdldnah, yearly. 

c-J^ sa/iA, plunderer, ravisher. 
^ ,^J^*» sdlkhord, very old. 
^*u*^ Jl*M sa/s/iamsi, a solar year* 

C 101 j 

i*JJlu» saliff preceding, predecessor. 

^jt^aSJU. saliqamrtf a lunar year. 

viXLu aalik, a traveller, a devotee. 

^JQ\.^M salikan, travellers. 

JL» saliniy safe ; entire, perfect. 

sL« JU, sdlimdh, date of the year and 

^^jJU. saluSf a deceiver. [month. 

^*«^Lm snliisij deceit, hypocrisy. 

tjj^\^ sdluk, a highway robber. 

&)U» sdla/i, the rear of an army ; age, 

lyll-. sdlhd, many years. [years. 

^jjUJLm *a/iya/i, years ; life, 

l»L» srim, the son of Noah ; gold. 

*a=*-L«'.-«» sdmdkhchah. bodice. 

^jjt«l*« sdmdny furniture, proportion. 

^U. sdrnih, liberal ; aflfable, gentle. 

»^U- sdmiq, a hearer, hearing. 

&x>«Um ^ammA, the sense of hearing. 

^t/•^ sdmifi, fat, plump. [ed. 

^c^^ sdmtf sublime, exalted, honor- 

^jjU« sdn, a whetstone ; like. 

^iLe sd7tthy a casualty. 

j_5'L« «(if, filing, polishing, rubbing. 

^U^l-w sayafian, a canopy. 

jiLtt sdiVf travelling ; whole ; the re- 
mainder ; tax, custom. 

J.jil* sdily flowing j question ; beg- 

aAm/ sdyahf shade, shadow. [gar. 

««S)|^*jU. sdyahparwardahy one 
brought up delicately. 

jjjcUjU* sdidatiy to grind, to rub. 

^j^^ sdis, a groom, 

WMM sabb, a reviler; reproach. 

AjUm sabbdbah, the fore-finger. 

^J^J^^ sipdrish, a recommendation. 

^(yij~xm subdridatif to plough, break 

^jjj^U*!. supdridan, to give in charge, 

^^Vxm. sipdsy thanksgiving. 

i^,^Kxm sabdsabf deserts. 

obu<» siJa, beasts of prey. 

iJJIum sabdk, a coiner, a melter of 
silver and gold. 

t\xm sipdhf a soldier ; an army 3 brave. 

^jXsXxku sipdhgari, soldiership. 

^aUi. sipdhif a soldier, a warrior. 

Vj y o v *" sababf cause, motive. 

^l«^ s?<Z>Aaw,holy; l^)jbi.^cki!yL,^^b 

iM\yJ^e^ sahhdnulldh, God is righte- 
ous, holy God. 

*s^ sabhahy a rosary for prayers. 

«Axi«» subdy a basket. 

^;>*« 5tpar, a shield. 

jj^ldij^ siparanddffhtan, to submit, 

lij^ supurd, trust. 

^^J^-. supurdani, fit to be trusted. 

^^^^ sipurZy the spleen. 

vi;«^of>^ siprishadan, to be finished. 

^^ 5a^«, green, fresh. 

Tijx*u sabzah, verdure. 

uT)^-' sabzif greenness, verdure; 

ku- sibty a daughter's son ; a tribe. 

»v<w *a6a, seven. 

^xx^ifli^m, seventy. 

j^x« sabaq, pre-eminence j a lesson. 

^j^,>^^^x* sabaqburdariy to surpass, 
to overcome, to exceed. 

CU»ftA-i» sabqat, pre-eminence ; ex- 
cess, overcoming, 

wlXu« subuk, light, not heavy j un- 
steady; silly. 

^A*» subukpd, swift-footed. 
^UCk-a» subukbdr, unencumbered. 

^viL-. subukpar, swift-winged,light, 

yt^ wLLm. subukkhez^ vigilant. 

c^jm^iS^^ suhukdastf expert. 

^j^v.£jLuu subukruh, a merry soul. 

.U«JUxm. suhuksdry mean, base. 


subuksaivy soon satisfied. 

^JCx*« subki, levity ; disgrace. 
Ja**. subal, ways, communications, 
C^JLuu sublaty whiskers. 
^»«.xw sipas, after, afterwards. 
^Jlx^m sipanjy a loan ; transitory. 
j^fLw^s-H*" sipanjisardiy this world. 
jXm &-a^zi, a jar, a cask. 
^^^y^ sipuk/itaiif to pierce, to bore. 

[ 102 ] 

^j&«M sabHSf bran, huisk. 

ju*jXtf« sabusahf scurf on the head. 

axm> sipahj an army. [peror. 

a^^xM sipahbad, a general; an em- 

^yx** sipahry the sphere, sky, heaven ; 

world ; time. [army. 

.SliuJt^ 5z/;aA&'a/ar, commander of an 

i^jtti^ sipahgari, soldiership. 

^jS^iSfj^ sipahkeshf a general ; brave. 

axx« supedy while. 

cjIjoxo. sapeddbf ceruse, whitelead. 


(Jjom Mi 27, a road ; mode; behaviour. 

^^Mtsit, six. 

Um 527a, a praiser. 

^j^tSU-* sitddan, to stand ; to carry 

«Ui«» sitaTf a kind of guitar, [away. 

%j\xm sitarahf a star. 

♦It5^«s »jU*- sitdrahdumddrf a comet. 

^jjUIm si/dw, seizing, captivating. 

jj^jkiUM. sitdndauy to seize, to take. 

^(^j.j11m* sitdidmiy to praise. 

^^li»« sitdish, praise, giving thanks. 
jxxm situbry thick, coarse, dense. 

KSy^ situbri, thickness, density. 

^jJum siladan, to take, seize. 
jX<M sataTy covering; the privities. 
yum satary shaving ; a knife, razor. 

^>ij**M saturdan, to shave ; to scrape. 

^J^M^ salurgy bulky, great, big; 

. brave. CJui'y. 

***« sitam, injustice, oppression, in- 

ttXid^M, sitamdtdah, oppressed, un- 
fortunate, destressed. 
^IJJL-. sitamgdry a tyrant. 

»^KJu" sitamgdriy tyranny, cruelty. 

^j^u* sitiiduH, to praise. 

»jyu« situdah, praised, laudable. 

JU^jyu. Miidahmdly happy issue, 
^yu. situry cattle, quadrupeds. 

j5j^ suluny'd pillar;. 

jj^x-» sittuny sixty. 

aJu« sittahy six. [rel. 

^sXjJui sitidan, to contend, to quar- 

^jjAjJui satidariy to take, seize. 

»tAi)jJL* sitezindahy quarrelsome. 

«yjji*M sitezahy strife, contest. 

y^iXiyijM sitezidaUy to contend. 

*** sajdliaty nature; beauty, 

d\sR^ sajjddy adoring, prostrating. 

t^Kse*^ sajjddah, a carpet spread for 

^j^hii\^ sajjddahnashiriy succeed^ 
ing a holy one. 

^iS^^ sajdyd, dispositions, natures. 

^je*" saj'aj'y beauty, symmetry. 

i,xsis*^ sajahaty nature; symmetry, 

csljas** sijddty prostrations', 

%Ss^ sijdah^ prostration. 

^^Ssf sijduhgdhy a place of worship. 

jar*^ sajay rhyme, cadence. 

*—*«*• sajaf, a veil, a curtain. 

J^*" sijal, the record of a court ; 
attestation of a copy. 

^^'^ sajattt imprisoning, a prison. 

Jar*"*** sajanjaly a mirror. 

iys^ sujudy adoration, prostration. 

J^- sujiil, registers, records. .,.^ 

j^jsr*" sa/yi, a companion, a friend. 

*i^ sajiyahy disposition, nature. 

fcjUr*" sahdb, a cloud. 

o^s"^ sahdty a bad, a night bird. 

^W*" sahhdhy fat ; sheep, a flock. 
jW" sahhdr, a magician, an enchan- 
ter, a juggler, a cheat. 

jl**" sdhhaq, a grinder; rubber, &c. 

t-p^W** sahdiby clouds. 

CU^^***' sahabaty dimness of the eye. 

^«*" sahajy tearing the face. 

^ar** sahar, the dawn. 

js^ sihr, magic, enchantment. 

^i-^'jSB^ sihrdmexs, fascinating. 

6^;jc*^ *aAar^aA, the dawn. 

^Is-* sahUdmy blackness; softness. 

Oj^ar*" suklidtvaty munificence, liber^ 
ality, charity. . j 

d-^ic*" sakhty hard, strong, vehe- 

jj^Is:** sukhtan, to weigh. [lueqt. 

[ 103 3 

*it«» sakhtah, weighed. 

^jisr**' sakhti, hardness, difficulty. 

^s** sukhrahf derision ; pressed 

fjss*^ su^han, a word, speech. 

*-*'l''c/***' sukhandrdi, eloquence. 

JVicJ^*" ^ukhanparwar^ a poet. 

c/^cT^ suk/tanchi7if a caviller, a 
tale bearer, 

^^]Si.ap-** sukhanddn^ intelligent. 

^*y^i^J^JS**'sukhanrdndan, to discourse. 

2y*i>^2B*" sukhansdrd^ an orator. 

^•»-*»^j^'* sukhansanj ^ a poet. 

sj^i^ij^"" si(khan/arosh, a flatterer ; 

f^i^j^*^ sukhaitgo, an orator, [a poet. 

^fti^j^air** sukhanguzdr, delivering a 
message, a narrator. 

»ljjij^2B-*' sukhdnkotah, summarily. 

^5s*" 5tfAf^i, liberal, generous. 

s' a^-^^ sukhi/, weak in understand, 
ing, blockhead. 

c)uMt 5ac/(/, an obstruction, barrier, &c. 

v^)j«w saddb, rice. 

^)iXm saddd, firmness, rectitude. 

«9Jmm sudad, obstructions. 

^ Sm saddaramaq, the last remains 
of life. 

(m^Jmi sudSy the sixth part. 

jiJ**- sadam, gi'ief, repentance. 

<Jk»« suddah, an obstruction. 

J^Om sa(^i(/, right, salutary; di'^M.);. 

j^ «ar, the head ; summit. 

.*« 5irr, a secret. 

!..<• 5ara, a house, an inn. 

t^K*- sardby a vapour resembling 
thfr sea ; yjl^jijUi. 

\jK>»t sardpd, from head to foot, to- 
tally, altogether, whole. 

s«}^^ sarapardahf a large pavilion. 

^\ju».<L«w sardbistdn, the land of de- 
lusion, this world. 

J.jjI^ sardbil, shirts, garments. 

».^ sirdj\ a lamp j the sun. 

A*.j^ sardchah, a small tent; a closet. 

j^lf*" sardkhor, the best horse in a 

(jjj^ sarddiq, a curtain, veil, a tent. 

«yUljt^ ^rtrarfi'yrt^, curtains, veils. 

»«5|^ sarddah, fled, strayed. 

,^.1^ sirdri, concubines. 
j>wj^ sara*ar,from beginning to end, 

^C^^MtjMit]jAt^ sardsarsimgif amazement. 

*^jk*J^«. sardsimah, amazed, stuptfled. 

^jm surdg/ty inquiry. 

:^]^ sirtt/raz, eminent, distinguish- 
ed ; exaltation, honor, grace. 

^-^iVlr^ sirafrdzi, eminence. 

j\mJ]j»n sirafidt'f the head of the 

iX'xCi^jm sirdfgandahy abashed, con« 
fused, ashamed. 

tX«T^ sardmady complete, chief, 

^j^T^ sardmadan, to obtain accom* 
plishment, conclusion. 

J^ym sirdn, heads, chiefs. 

*Ur*l^ saranjdm, conclusion, end ; 
apparatus, instruments. 

Jjjl^«- sardwily breeches, trowsers | 

»l^ airdh, earthly, impure. 

^.iw|^ sardidan, to sing. 

^I^-* sardiy a house ; a place ; an 

C^i^ sirdyaty contagion. [inn, 

^ii^iwi*-^]^ sirdyatkardan, to pene- 
trate, to efi'ect to communicate. 

ji^j*" sirdir, secrets. [tation. 

Asrfl^ sardichahy a tent, small habi- 

»jjJ^ sardindahy singing, reciting. 

<-rly» surby lead. 

^j^U^-* sarbdkhtatiy to sport with 
one's life, to fight. 

j^,j^ sarhdvy a load for the head. 

:\jljM> sarbdzj brave, resolute. 

it^^fj*" sarpds, a head watchman. 

SU^ sarbdldy a hill, a mountain. 

J^iKjj^ sarbdrabkdry a factor, a man- 

[ 104 ] 

^^^S'^yty^ mrharahkardan^ to accom- 
plish, to manage. 
,Jbl^j^ surbardhi, accomplishment. 

^^)^jjjMt sirbarddshtarif to raise the 
head j to rebel. [cur. 

^^'jjtytt sarbarxadan, to happen, oc- 

{S'Mj^jMi sarparast, a menial servant. 

yj:,^>M.jjm sarbast^ free, at liberty. 

^Jxaujjm, sarbastarif to close. 

*ju»j^ sarbastah, closed, kept secret. 
j>i»jy*t sarbasar, totally, all. 

tixLjM sarbuland, eminent, high. 

i^jJJU^ sarbuldndi, eminence. 

^^^sHj*^ sarpanji, strength, violence, 

*«*i;** sarpinjahf the open hand ; 

\Ji'y*y»* sarposh^ a top, lid. 

0;*K sirbahdf the price of blood. 

MgJ^^ sarpechf a jewel worn in the 

^^tyxsi:i^» sarpechidarif to disobey. 

^^^j*" sartdbi, disobedience. 

jM^^jM sartdsar, from end to end, 

j^j*» saritez, irascible. 

^fM, sarj, a saddle. [army. 

cX^^ sarichungf the leader of an 

y^y^j^ sarijosh, what is taken out 
of a pot for tasting. 

^J^J»M sarjin, dung, ordure. 

k^^jm sarichashmah, a fountain. 

4>a^*« sarhadd, a boundary, limit. 

lais-yM sarihalqah, a chief. 

,^j**> surkh, red, 

Ai^^ sarkhdr, a lark. 

isP^j^ sarukhchnh, the measles. 

j*^j*^ surkhru, pleased ; acquitted. 

y^y^jo, surkhrut, honour, character. 

^^^jM, sarkhaSf a black root. 

k^i^ surkhati bill of sale j an agree- 
ment to hire a servant. 

^yk.j*» sarkhosh, exhilarated. 

^jfty*- surkhi^ redness. 

^Jx^jM, sarikhaily a chief. 

ijm sard, cold. 

■ *jl J^ sarddbah^ a grotto, a cavern. 

^J^]^J*»t sarddddHf to let loose, to dis- 
charge, [mander* 

j^<ij*»> sarddr, a leader, chief, com- 

^Jiijm sarddri, command, authority. 

t^iijiyM sardardif vexation, headach. 

^l)<^iJs>SJ^J^*' sardarkashidarifto disobey. 

ijLo'Midj^ saridastj ready at hand. 

jiMiijm sardsair, a cold clime where 
water freezes, 

jj^^j*^ saridaftar, keeper of the re- 

ur«3;*" sardi, coldness. [cords, 

tlj*" sarirdhy the head of the road. 

ijJi.jj*u saririshtah, a thread ; connec- 
tion ; an office record. 

^hj*^ sarisianu, the knee-pan. 

yjjjj*'' sarizubdn, the tip of the 

yj.3^ samadan, to happen, [tongue, 

^^JJ**' sarzamin, upon the spot, the 

{^J^jf sarzatiish, reproof. [year. 

JU^ sarisdl, the beginning of the 

Ao*^ sarsdm, a tumour of the brain. 

^AAMykM sarsabz, verdant, flourishing, 

t^yxitt^ sarsabzt^ freshness, verdure, 

^y»jMi sarsari^ inconsiderate, easy. 

j^j^ sarshdr, intoxicated ; brimful. 

tji^jMt sarashty nature, constitution. 

^i,i^ saras/ttarif to mix, to knead. 

^jjt^ sarshuddn, to happen. 

^ftAy*» sarshaf, mustard seed. 

viJL*;*- sarashk, a tear, a barberry, 

,jJly*M sarishtr, cream. 

hj**- sart, swallowing (any thing. 

y^lb^ sartariy a crab, the sign Cancer. 

d^-M* surat, haste, expedition. 

SjMSijm saridskar, commanderin chief, 

i^^jMt sarwufy tender ; light of flesh. 

kycjm sarghaiiah, a chief, a headman. 

ysiyi-y* sarghut, opulence; benefi- 

uJ;*- saraff extravagance, [cence, 

kxXijMt sarifitnah, exciter of sedition. 

rjj^ sar/ardZ) eminent, exalted. 

^j]A^ sar/ara^i, eminence, exalta- 

[ 105 ] 

^^^J)^}J»J>^' sarfarodwardan, to submit. 

^^^jjjjjjm sarfaroburdan, to be 

Ai;- aur/ahf a cough. [ashamed. 

*'ij** sariqnft^ theft, stealing. 

j^jM sarkarf a king's court j a super- 

sji,^Sij*t*sarffuzasht, an event, trans- 
action, accident. [cated. 

^Jjjij*" sargardn, dissatisfied ; intoxi- 

^il^S^<M( sargardni, dissatisfaction. 

^]S^j4M sargarddn, wandering, asto- 
nished, [mand. 

^^^j*M sargurdagi, the chief com- 

^djSjM sarkardan, to let loose, to dis- 
charge (fire arms) ; to disburden. 

fSj*** sargarrriy zealous, ready. 

%)jtj*^ sarg'uroA, chiefjhead of a tribe. 

^y^S ym sarkash,ref ractory, obstinate. 

fJJiijm sargashtah, astonishing, wan- 
dering, [verseness. 

^e^j*^ sarkasht, refractoriness, per- 

^)(U^^^ sarkashidaUi to disobey, 

\^y^jm sarkoby molester; snperinten- 

tSjiM sirkahf vinegar. [dent. 

ji^*i. sargin^ cow-dung. [ther. 

L«j*M sarmd, winter, cold, cold wea- 
JL^ sarmdi, belonging to winter. 

AjL«».« sarmdyah^ capital stock. 

t^jm sarmad, eternal, perpetual, 

4_j«jk>^»j sarmadi, eternity, duration 
without end. 

C^MK^jM sarmastf intoxicated. 

^y^^jjo, sarimashg, a copy for writing. 

JJ^,*« saritnangilf the end of a day's 

ijcjMt surwfl, collyrium, antimony. 

U^ surnd, a kind of pipe, a hautboy. 

Aj«\JjjM sarndmahf the address of a 

^ij*ti siranjy redlead. [letter. 

oJy*i« sarandi a swing. [sed. 

^^y^j*» samagun, topsy-turvy, depres- 

yj*t* sarhtaUf over again, recom- 

^Mjyijm sarnatoashtf destiny, fate j 
the frontispiece of a book. 

y;jlyi^« sarnihadatif to obey, to bow 
the head. 

»)iiy*» sarinetsahy the point of a spear. 

^^ sarv, a cypress. 

Jljy*« sanvdf, trowsers, breeches. 


^yjM. sarobaHj head and root, totally. 

-^l;*^ sartij, saddles. [tion. 

•3j>/-< sarodf melody, a song, modula- 

yi)diij*u surodan, to sing, 

jjjm sarwar^ a chief, leader, a lord. 

^.^ surur, joy, delight, pleasure, 

K^pj*^ suriiri, chiefship, principalty. 
-^*i»^ sarvisihij a straight cypress. 

^y*« saroshf a warning angel. 

jXX^'- sir o shdkhf head and branch- 
es, totally. 

v,-JI^ sarhvaqt, a convenient time. 

j^y^ sarokdr, interference, business, 

»^ sarrah, current coin. 

^.Sx^jMt sarhanff, a commander, chief, 

c^r-' sarif chiefship, government, 

^ilj^ suriydniy Syrian. 

t-'s^jm sarichah, a water-wagtail. 

i>sij^ sarikhah, a pelican. 
ji^ sartr, a throne, seat, 

c*»J;*» sarirat, secrecy, 

ij^j*" mrish^ glue. 

^j^ saria, quick, nimble. 

^Ji/» suri7i, the buttocks, the hips. 

i^j*tt suriyah, a concubine. 

I)*M sazdf retribution, punishment, 

J \^)y*u sazdivdr, worthy, meriting. 

jjj[^ sasiidan, to be worthy, to suit. 

\j:^M^msust, loose, negligent, [active, 

y;Urvj:^«**« susfi/tduy loose-reined, in- 

^_jju»»*« susti, languor, negligence, 

^j.Ja*». situhr, thick, coarse, dense. 

^la*». satuhy a surface, a flat roof. 
jSoAu safar, a row, line, seri^, 

^h*^ sata, radiance, light, 

o^la«» satwat, domijjiou, authority. 

, ykm satiih. surface. 

[ 106 ] 

i^t-u. stitur lines ; splendours.»« satud, lights, splendours. 

s£j^\jun saadat^ felicity, good fortune. 

dki^-j jU*» saadatmandy fortunate. 

Jlju*. sual, a cough. 

\j:^A*m, sai/at, calumny, accusation. 

Ls./^A'M' saat, amplitude, [marjoram. 
jXx^ satai\ a kind of origany, or 

Jiu« sad, felicity, prosperity. 

^cijw* saadtTif the two fortunate 
stars, Jupiter and Venus. 

<iy»M satidf good fortune. 

is^juu saut, medicinal snuff. 

^^**x saqi, endeavour, effort. 

iSxxMi said, fortunate, happy. 
^>jc* sair, a flaming fire ; an idol. 

iiiJujb saf, the shoulder. 

cy^.U*» sa/drat, an embassy. 

^JJl*u safarish, recommendation. 

i^U«iu safak, a shedder of blood. 

JU«« 5a/a/, earthen-ware. 

.illlftxb safalgar, a potter. 

c^jfcVftAw sajahat, stupidity. 

^la-* safayan^ ships, boats. 

^i^A*M safat, the eye of a needle. 

Jaa*« safatgar, a borer of pearls, &c. 
JLft-» suftan, to bore, perforate. 

Aia*« sufta, bored. 

aIA*« «a/Va, a bill of exchange. 
jOMt sofar, a journey, voyage. 
jka» sifr, a register. 

J.ayA*- safarjaly a quince, a tree. 

lUft*- sa/ruh, a table-cloth, napkin j 
the anus. [rior. 

Ji*« srt/?, meanness; ignoble, infe- 

tXfu- sajlah^ mean, base. 

fc_j^ft- safufy powder, dust. 

^am> saf hat blockheads. 

OaiuM safedy white. 

Ijoam safedciy whitelead. 
j]t^SLMt safedar^ the name of a wood. 
^^^jjA*** so/«V, an ambassador. 

*JsxA*« safinah, a ship, vessel. 

-.y'*mA*M safinah A'i^A, Noah's ark. 

AJki-* *«/M, stupid, ignorant, ' , 

U**» sa^d, a carrier orvender of water. 

J^»u saqaniy sickness, infirmity, 

ci^jVi*!* saqait,, supply of water, 

»A«i» sugar, hell. 

'ijAjM snqrld, broad-cloth, 

ki*w saqt, a fall, death. 

^(^.llaa«u saqtshudan, to die. 

k— ftA*M *«5/> a roof, the sky. 

*5^ suqanit sickness, infirmity. 

Vjii^-«l*i# saqmiemyd, scammony. 

.yiia*M saqanqur, a skink. 

^^«w suqutf falling. 

(— jj5««. saqufy roofs. 

yc^ saqi^ watering. 

^jkfl«u saqim, sick, infirm. 

uXw sa^r, a dog. 

j^K*» sakakin, knives. 

Jll** «^a/, thought, 

^jjJjJUmi sigdlidan, to thitik. 

^&«u sdkkan, inhabitants. 

^JijoilM sagbinj, sagapenna, 

uTjUuJIm* sngitdzi, a greyhound. 

ijJ^ saktah, the apoplexy; a medi- 
cinal herb. 

^IjJtSC^M saqdanddn, a canine tooth. 

X* swArr, intoxication, 

Sm sukkar, sugar. 

c»l^<A« sakardt^ agony, fainting. 

^j^ sukrdn, intoxicated. 

^Ji*f sakn, a dwelling; inhabitant 
of a bouse. 

^!li*f sakanj a fetid breath. 

^juar^ sakanjbirit oxymel. 

^^<yyx.^^ sakaujidan, to cough. 

i^iJiiD sakana/i, inhabitants, 

e»y^ sakut, silence. 

tj^ sakurahy an earthen cup, 

^^Cu/ sukum^ quiescence. [''^y- 

»,i^iyCw sukunaty residence, tranquil- 

aC-. sikkahy a coining die; current. 

^^djS^i^m sikkazadan, to strike coin. 

c^l<.m sikkiyaty silent. 

^Jj^Xmm 5aArz;st(/a»,to jump,to prance. 

[ lor ] 

jj^«* saKkin, a knife. 

AsxCm .mkhiah, modesty. 

J*-, sill^ the consumption. 

^Xm 5/7rtA, a warlike weapon, armour. 

Ajl^-.X«w silahkhanah, au arsenal. 
j»-*-.X-» sildhshur^ a gladiator. 

,yi. Xm. salahkhor^ a horse-breaker. 

C»»tt.X*«. salasaf, facility. 

J^«,JUi« saldsal, chains. 

j^aIsIL, salatin, sultans, kings. 

JUsalam, a salutation, peace, safety. 

ij^y^t^ s'llamat, safety, peace. 

aJIU suldlah, seed, race. 

\j_-l- sa/6, a negative argument 

in logic. 
j»at^ saljam, attorneys. 
jltXs^ saldhddr, an armed man. 
j^^«. silahshor, a gladiator, soldier. 
ijJL, salakhy the end of a lunar month. 
i^lw sa/s, easy, mild. 
JUL salsdl, a pure limpid stream. 
J^aIIjjJL. sUsilibaul, the diabetes. 
J.xamJ«» salsahil, a river in paradise. 
aJLmJL silsilah, a chain, concatenation. 
^j^UaJL* sultdiij a king, monarch, 
filial*- sultdni, royal, imperial. 
Cl^iy*« saltanat, empire, reign. 
»^'-» salaf, preceding, former time. 
^1*- salaq^ beet-root. 
tii^JL. si7A;, a thread, a series, 
il.*, salam, money paid in advance. 
JL* sallam, a ladder. 
^sXm, salanf, a hare-lip. 
tjLfji*- salwat, contentment. 
^}^'» salug, nature, genius. 
KJjjJMt sultikiWiAy, road ; proceeding, 

V^,-^^-" salib, stripped, carried off. 
tjst^ salikhah, cassia lignea. 
yj^m salisy easy, plain. [ledge. 
*£jjJU saliqam, method, skill, know- 
*iL* saliyah, pacific, mild, affable, 
^ samm, venom. 
fM, sunij a hoof, a foot. 

-^l-ft*!* samde, heaven, the sky. 
oU^w samdt, a sign, signs, marks. 
ci-a.Uu. samdjat, adulation. 
c^A.U*K samdliat^ beneficence, liber- 
^U-. samdkh, the orifice of the ear. 
ijU-u. samdd, dung and ashes mixed. 
c ^^U*>» samdrugh, a mushroom. 
cU*i» samdy hearing, listening. 
ci«iU^ samdat, hearing, audience. 
^-fiU-i» samdi, traditional, oral. 
^J^AM, samdq, pure, unadulterated, 
.IftJI^ samtnul/dr, ratsbane. 
^Um* samdn, heaven. 
^Uw« samdrif a seller of butter. 
^ysr*U«« samdnjuni, sky-coloured, 
J^U*». samdin, a quail, fazure, 

^I^Uuoi samdwdtf the heavens. 
j^^U^ samdivi, heavenly ; azure. 
JjUbUAM zamdhij, an island. 
c^-omm. iim^, a road, way, quarter. 
,^*^ samjy deformed, hideous. 
j^'Mi sumur, relating a tale. 
^Lmaaw samsdm^ diligent, active, 
««kA4« simsim, the grain sesame. 
h4.«u samt, a thread upon which 

pearls, &c. are strung. 
ft4.4M sama, hearing ; the ear. 
<.£Jum« samakf a fish. 
,-fcA*M 5ams, the lily of the valley. 
^_j-«-M< samaq, the being tall, long. 
c>J^-« samant, fatness. 
jkAAMt samand, a bay horse. 
•(U4.M* samaiidarj a salamander. 
^A^samu, high, sublime. 
OjAM* iamuty ways. 
jy«.*» samudy the being idle, lazy. 
jiy.»-«. samur, the sable. 
<i_J^4u« sumuk, fishes. 
4^A» samum^ a hot pestilential wind. 
^-A*i, sawii, namesake. 
JjkAMi samirif fat, plump. 
lx« Aa/ta, senna. 
Jj^-M sindrif a spear. 

C los ] 

i_>^i-« sannb, a swimmer. 
.uliuM sananirf cates. 
JiaJu* sumbal, the hyacinth, 
J>.kJu<« sumbut, spikenard. 
4.1a1.m sumbulahf the sign Virgo. 
Am^axm sambosah, kind of pastry. 
^Jj^aIm stimbidan, to perforate. 
C»A«M sanat^ a year. [ham mad. 

c>Jl^ sunuaty the tradition of Mu- 
s.2^£U^j(j>i*» sunnat o jamdat, the 

followers of the four first Khalifs. 
Am satij\ a weigher, examiner. 
i^Kss^ sanjdb, the gray squirrel, 
,^^A*u sanjdfy edging, border of a 
fjs^"* sanjahy a weight. [garment. 
^sxx-*^ sanjidagty the art of weigh- 
** ing, consideration, 
^jukar**" sanfidarty to weigh. 
«Jas^ sanjidah, weighed. 
(Xum sanad, a grant ; proof; docu- 
J\tSL» sinddn, an anvil, [ment. 

^^y sim sandaroSy gum sandarach. 
Jj*)*i» sandal, sandals. 
iZSxtM sang, a stone. 
U-i.Tc^i*" sangidsiyd, a mill-stone. 
•IjjUCa*- sanganddzy a slinger. 
C»AJu/i*M sangpast, a tortoise. 
Kli. l/juw sangakhdrd, a hard stone ; 

^1 jJo.*» sangdan, the crop of a bird. 
Jj/i^M sangdil, hard-hearted. 
jKu^am. sangirdh, impediment. 
»Vii-JJ)u* sangrezahy gravel, pebbles, 
jlwi^iJuu sangsdr, stoning to death. 
^\lm.txAu sangistdn, a stony country. 
AjU/h— O*** sangmasdnah, a stone in 

the bladder. 
^1j^ saw^ri, stony, heavy. 
*j*« snnan, rules, laws, 
«»!y^*« sanwdty years. 
— ji-w sanuh, happening, occurring. 
»^Ju« «aw»a«r, a cat. 
^jjyuu saniin, years. 
^^Xw sinawi, annual. 

^Jum «ana^, a year. [dan. 

^-iu« sMn«i, an orthodox Muhamma> 

"Ju« 5a»tn, years ; happy, 
yjj sUy side, quarter J towards, 

^ 5Me, evil ; indisposition. 

)yM siwdy equal, parallel. 

i^ym sawiy besides, except. 

fj^y*" sawdbiq, past events. 

d^ytt sawddy blacking, soot, smoke ; 

environs ; reading ; ability. 
Jiyu siwdr, a bracelet. 

«)^*« sawdr, a rider, horseman. 

tj]^*u sawdrahy horseman ; chips, 

i^j^yu sawdriy the art of riding; 

J)^ sawdl, a question, request. 

*— sJI^ sawdlif, past events. [ces. 

^il^ sawdnih, accidents, occurren- 

Zf^y*" siivde, besides, except, [tion. 

^^X£>^y» sokhtagty burning, corabus- 

^ji^^ sukhtan, to burn. 

^yM Slid, profit, interest. 

^tiyMtsaudd, melancholy; love, desire. 

I,j^ saudd, trade, traffic. 
j§)C^ sauddgavy a merchant. 

4_f;^ljy« sauddgari, merchandise. 

^J^iy*" sauddi, melancholic, insane. 
jya^iy" sudlfhur, a usurer. 

tki^J^A« sudmand, profitable, useful. 

^^iy^ Sudan, to wear, to rub. 
j]yM siir, a wall, rampart. [sage. 

f-Uy surakhy a hole, orifice, pas- 

c*iy*" suraty effervescence. 

\JsyMi surnd, a trumpet. 

y^Ks^j^Mi siirinjdn, hermodactyls. 

tjjMt surah, a section of the quran. 
jy*t soz, burning; vexation; a stan- 
za of an elegiac poem. 

^»;l^y* sozdn, burning, ardent. 

yjdJjiLy- sozdnidan, to set on fire, 
to kindle. [gration. 

{^jy^ sozish, inflammation, confla- 

y^jy*» sozan, a needle. 

\m/\ijyu sozndg, burning, ardent. 

[ 109 ] 

»iii^-^*u sozindnh, kindling, burning. 

^jf*^ suzni, a kind of coverlet. 

^^•yjM sozulan, to burn, to be burned. 

U-wj-w susrnar, a species of lizard; 
an alligator. 

^«^*« sansan, a lily ; a cornfly. 

hyjj sauf, a scourge, a bull's pizzle. 

o^y*" saughdt, a ricb present. 

.'.i^ mfa%\ the notch of an arrow. 

iliyiu suftah, a worm ; fraud, deceit. 

(3;*" suqy a market, purchase and sell. 

c:^5^ sauqat, a viceroy, a deputy. 

viJ^*« «o^, grief, anguish, sorrow. 

dJ^y» saugafid, an oath, swearing. 

(l^yw sogwar, sorrowful, grievous. 

^_fJ\^JMJ sogwan, grief, mourning. 

y^y*" suit, a plough. 

yj^y*" sultan, a file for iron, wood, &c. 

^^^.swAay, hurricane, storm, squall. 

..s^Ua^A- f-o/mdf, an idol. 

,^^ AWj, a side or part ; towards. 

,^^*M sovi, equal, alike ; bad. 

oj^ fiovii/at, equality, uniformity. 

duuj sih, three, 

Ij^ su/id^ an obscure star. 

^^y*u sihdm, arrows. [inent. 

Xi&Mi sihtar, a three-stringed instru- 
j^ sahar, sleeplessness. 

J\j^ sahrdrt, watching, sleepless. 

•hji*u sahrah^ a nuptial ornament. 

AAJJt<Uu si/ishambahy Tuesday. 

i^^ sabafy the scale of a fish ; ex- 
tremely thirsty. 

sJm^Bom sihgoshah, a triangle. 

VifjL^Au saliak, flowing with violence. 

(J.^.-w sahaly easy, soft, light. 

^Lj^ suhliy feeding on a plain. 

^Y^ saham, an arrow. 

^xC^*u sahmagin, horrible ; timid. 

y^j>x«y* sahmidan, to dread, to fear. 

j(-^ saAo, an error, fault. 

^i^J^^ guhulat, facility, ease. 

^f*" si/iiy straight, erect, 

j.Ay*« suhel, the star Canopus. 

j»xj-i« sahim, a partner, equal. 

j__j*»« sif thirty. 

^Mi saiy wickedness, evil. 

^Uam sai/dfy sins. 

^Uu* sii/d)\ a thorn- hedge, a fence, 

-.U*- saiydh, a traveller, a pilgrim. 

tj^».lju« saiydliat, travelling. 

esjU*" saiyddaty a chief; dominion. 

.Law saiydr, wandering, walking. 

ljUwu sa/yara/i, the planets ; travellers. 

\,^^mXxmj siydsaty government ; pu- 
nishment, [mourer. 

uJU*« saiydfy a gladiator, an ar- 

JUa- siydg, arithmetic by the Ara- 
bic alphabet. 

Jlju« saiydly flowing; a current. 

s\x*)^ siydm, the kingdom of Siam. 

f^j\xMi saydwushy name of the father 
of Cyrus the great. 

»Ua« siydhy black, dark. f^y^- 

-^».lju« siyd/ahdshm, a malignant 

^. iUu. siyd/tru, black-faced ; a cri- 

^^i »U*« siydhgoshy an animal with 
which they hunt deer. 

^^^U*M siydhi, blackness, ink. 

^Xu»,^^^\.xmj siydhichashniy the black 
of the eye. 

c^xw seby an apple. 

^jjtUsi^ sejida/t, to prepare, to ar- 

>Juu sikh^ a spit. [range. 

i^>Mj saiyid, a chief of the family of 

jXut ser, full, satisfied. 

oam sh'y garlic. 

^*» saiVy walking, perambulating. 

^_?I^>A« sirdb, moist, fresh, juicy. 

Oyx*" si7'aty morals, temperament. 

^_J•^xu. serif satiety. 

%dyiM sizdahy thirteen. 

^fcJixw sizdahurrty thirteenth. 

wJiJ;*- saif, a sword, a scimitar. 

^-Xj;a« sikiy wine boiled to a third 

[ no ] 

LJ^*" saildb^ an inundution, current. 

yjljkAu sail ail f flowing rapidly. 

Aa^lUw sailanchcih, a cuok. 

^JU*" sailif a slap, cuff, blow. 

*i*« sim, silver. 

^juM 5{m, thirteenth. 

\^*u sima, aspect ; forehead. 

i-sUjo" i,i7nab, quicksilver, mercury. 

jy*x^ simbaTf with a bosom resem- 
bling silver. [silver. 

j^j^JUxw simtati, with a body fair as 

c^^ax* si?nurghj a fabulous bird, the 
griffin. [coin. 

*juu^ju« simsiyah, bad silver, base 

U*A-» simiydy enchantment, natural 
jjAjk«. simin, of silver, silverized. 

AJu-w i'w/a/i, the bosom, breast. 

4>,ijAixw smahbandy bodice. 

JU«^*« siyurghaly a fief, feudal te- 

uJjXw sai/'dfy swords. [nure. 

fyym siyum, the third. 

^y/cy>*u siyumin, thirdly. 

Aju*. sJ^yaA, black, dark. [plexion. 

»^^a.<UAu siyahjurdah^ a black coiu- 

^,J^ jU*« siyddarum, inward base- 
ness, [tiant. 

Jii^XM siyddil, malevolent, malig- 

:j,Aj.*« siydroZf unfortunate. 

i(^U«. siydkdry a sinner, offender. 

a^UUaw siydndmah^ the black book 
of misdeeds. 

».fJl^A*w siha/cy a violent wind. 

jji The 13th letter of the Arabic, 
and 14th of the Persian, alpha- 
bet. It denotes 300 in arithme- 
tic ; and in Persian it signifies 
his, her, to him, &c. when affixed 
to a noun, pronoun, verb, or par- 

^U, shdb, a young man. 

^Lti shdbdsh, bravo! excellent ! a 

yy^ shdt, a sheep; a wild ox. 

.iXJi shdkhf a branch, a shoot ; a 
horn. [pieces. 

^Li^Ui shakhshdkh, in branches, iu^\i. shakhchah, a twig. 

^^ji^^ shdkbdarshdkh, branched 
out, spread. [horn. 

^^dij^KJi shdkfizadan, to butt with the 

^Lu^LAsAfl/c/war, branchy, spreading.) 

tj^tSi) shdkhurah, a tile or brick fur- 

*,2wlA shdkluth, the pillory. [nace. 

•iV^ shady glfid, pleased. 

t_>lj^ sbdddbf fresh, moist. 

^jltJl-i shdddn, glad, happy. [done. 

(^b^lA shddbdsh, excellent ! well 

/•^ii^A shddkdm, exulting, happy. 

AJ^jl^ shddgunuh, bedding. 

^L«jli shddmduy glad, happy. 
JUJLi shddmdniy gladness, happi. 

^jjjL* shadariy a young deer. [ness, 

Ajjt^ shddnahy bloodstone. 

^6^ shddi, festivity; marriage. 

Ci\^ shdz, uncommon, irregular. 

J<^ shdr, flowing, eddy. 

t_>Ai shdraby drinking, drinker. 

-.j^A shdri/i, a commentator. 

c^-i shdra^ a highway. 

(jj^'^ shdriq, shining. 

i_J^^M. shank, a talking bird. 

^J)<XiJ^ sharidan, to flow (as a river) 
with a great noise. 

,^ ) j^ll shdshddii, the urine bladder. 

s,1\.Jm shdshah, urine. 

,jjuM.l^ shdshidan, to pass urine. 
^l^ shdtivy a courier, a messenger, 
y:\^ shdir, a poet. 

^jc^^ shdii'i, the art of poetry. 

Jili shdghUy attentive, employed. 

jjlA shdfiy an intercessor, advocate. 
«iLi shdjii, one of the four prin- 
cipal sects of the Muhammaduii 

[ 111 ] 

jjilA shafts healing, salutary. 

fj^M> i'hdq, difficult, hard. 

«StS shd/cirt praising, thanking. 

^^■i shagird^ a student; appren- 

iJi.yj^A\J!i shdgirdpeshah, a menial 

[^^jtli> shdgirdi, apprenticeship. 

^^iUi shaki, a com plainer ; a lion. 

(Jl* shdl, a shawl. 

*Li sfidm, the evening. 

c:^*^^ shdmat, adversity, misery. 

»lf *t* shdmffdh, the evening. 

^ti shdmakhy high, exalted. 

J^li shdmilf united, included. 

JW^li shdmilhdly including, com- 

A^IA shdmmahf the smell, smelling. 

^j^U^Ut. skdmiydn^ a Syrian. 

^j;^-i shdu, condition, state, dignity. 

»O^Li shdnzdah, sixteen. 

^*jjjl-l shdjizdahum, sixteenth. 

AjU. shdnahy a comb; the shoulder- 

»li «^a/^, a king, a monarch, [blade. 

«iU>lJL shdhdnahy royal, kingly. 

.UaI^ s/tdhbdz, a royal falcon, 

byj^ti, shdhbaltit, a chesnut. 

«jJo»li shdhbandar, masterattendant. 

^;ifct* shdhtar, fumitory. 

ti-fcli shdhid, a witness ; a mistress. 

<^jji)li shdhidi, testimony, evidence. 

%]jtb'J:. shdhrdh, a high road. 

»jl^H shdhzddahj a prince. 

cyUilisAa/ima^, check-mate at chess. 

,j).i^»Li skdkmardduy the king of 
valour, All. [kings. 

iL/eUjtl.A shdhndmah, the history of 

^x^jli shdhnnshi?!, a balcony. 

.lyfcl* shdhivdr, royal, king-like, 

J^kKJii shdhiil, a plumb line, 
.jjili sAa/ii, royalty, royal. 

^jjtl.i shd/nnjSL species of falcon. 

j^bUt shdydn^ worthy, lawful. 

«ajU. skdibdhf suspicion, doubt. 

«loL*s^ayarf,perhap?,itmay be proper. 
.Iu*jL* shdistati, to suit, to agree. 

j^XJuolA shdistagi, aptitude, pro- 

aI*i.jLa shdistah, suitable, worthy. 

^li A'Aa?, promulgated, dissemi- 

jf.AJt .vAat^. full of desire, zealous. 

^Koli shdigdn, worthy, suitable. 
shabf night. 
shabby alum. 

v_->lxi shabdb^ the season of youth. 

u^^^Uvi. shabdshab, night after night. 

iaU^ sliabdt^ a Syro-Macedonian 
month, February. 

y;lxA shubduj a shepherd. 

?j JlxA shabdnroZy night and day 

;ill)Ui shabdngdhy the night time. 

AiU^ shabdnali, state ; of last night, 
jlxi shuhdrn, pastoral care. 

ciXjJtlu^ shabdhang, the morning 

4.*~A shabity fennel. [star, 

c)^*^u,-i shabchirdgh, the glow-worm. 

6JKLy„f^shahkhdnah^ abed-chamber, 
place of rest. 

yjyi^ shabkhwii a night attack, a 
surprise ; alert. 

jj^^*" shabkhez^ one who rises or 
watches in the night. 

jys^.d\^i^ shabidaijury a dark night. 

yJi shibr, a span. 

o|;JU^ shabibardty the 14th night 

of Shaban. 

il5^i;4— ^ shabrang, obscure, black. 
shabrauy travelling in the 



shabparah, a bat. 

-i shabzindahddr, vigilant 
during night. 

^Ks^X shabistdn, a bed-chamber. 

(j^ ahabaq, lust. 

.j^i,.^^ skabqadvy the night of pow- 
er, i. e. the 27th of Ramzan. 

[ 112 ] 

slfh^Jt shabgd/i, the night time. 
^uJt shabgard, the night watch, 

j^imm^ shalkor, purblind at night. 
«Xx^ s/ialkuh, a net. [break. 

wwtxM. shabgir, travelling before day- 
^j^JjJ ^^ shabltdmi, to hiss j to chirp. 
Ja,-i s/mimam, dew. 
^x£ shabbUf a Rower that is fragrant 

at night. 
*xi shibah, a glass-bead.' 
*xi shnbah, doubt, suspicion, 
^^jjt),^ shabhangam, the night time, 
tbv^ww shabt/dr, a composing medi- 
AJoA^ shabinah, state ; last night's. 
Aax^ shabihy alike, resembling ; a 

^ii s/iattd, various, distinct. 
^ii sAiVa, winter. 
tj'I-i shitdb, haste, quick, active, 
^^blii shitdbdn, hastily, quickly. 
^jjjiUU-^ shitdbdiiidan, to cause to 

make haste. 
^^jAxX shitdbzadagi, precipitancy. 
»ax;lii shitdbindahy making haste, 

^^lli shitdbi, haste, speed. 
^jjoULS. shitdbidan, to make haste. 
vliJJJLi shatdlang, the ankle, 
♦is. shutar, a camel, 
L^yLi shuiarpdy the sun-flower. 
^j;U^ji*t sbutarbdn, a camel-driver. 
«5l..^-i shularbddy a dromedary. 

^is^tii shuturbakhti, a dromedary. 
JiS^<* shutardiU a coward, a dastard. 
c yJJi, shiitarmurghf an ostrich. 
JU,Ii shutarndl, a species of gun. 
^Jil-i shatlamy war, battle. 
JLA shdtaniy abuse, contumely, 
cla:**' shuj'a, brave, intrepid. 
Claris**- shujdat, intrepidity, valour. 
.sr-* s/tajar, a tree, a plant, 
^ysr^ shaj'u, afflicted, in anguish. 

v-j^s**' shajuhy perishing, ruin ; a pil- 

>-*^s/Ki/f/l, avaricious J avarice, [lar. 

*s^ sha/iam, fatj pulp. 

Vx»^ shahndy enmity, extreme hatred. 

^iXsz*** shahnagt, the police. 

gSss^ sha/mah, the superintendent of 
the police. 

^**' shahuy opening (the mouth). 

(^s*«' shakhs, a person, body, indi- 

^As^ s/mkh'ii, some one, somebody. 

J-isr* shakhal, a youth, a boy ; a 

Si\iyi:, sliaddid, adversities, troubles, 

«i>'<>-i shiddat, vehemence, violence, 

yj^i^ shudagdny people of former 

^jJt s/mdan, to be, to become. 

j^J^ shudniy possible, practicable. 

JjjJt shadid, vehement, violent, 

)jui shazdy an injury, misfortune. 

ji- sharr, wickedness, depravity. 

Lm. shird, buying; selling, 

i^l^ shardby wine, liquor. 

^ r^ sharrdjy oil of sesame. 

^^ sharrdhy a commentator. 

»Li shirrdvy evils. 

o;!/^ shirdraty wickedness, mischief. 

»^]^ sliardrahy a spark of fire. 

yj^i^ji' shardfat, grandeur, nobility. 
\jS\j.^ shirdkataiiy jointly. 

yS>]j^ shartangiz, an incendiary. 


f^l^-i shardia^ laws. 

».-ju|^ shardify nobles. 

Lj>Ji shurby drinking. [sherbet. 

c:^j;-i sharbaf, beverage, a dose, 

— ^ sharih, explanation, commen- 

iiM^j—jl shark o basty explicitly 
and openly. 

jji> sharaTy sparks of fire. 

tjji* shararahy a spark of fire. 

[ 113 ] 

ijj^ sharzah^fiercef enraged, roaring. 

Is^ shart, stipulation, agreement ; 

condition ; a wager. [bet. 

^^yMj)ojl shartbasian, to stipulate, to 

*ioj^ shuriah, a fair wind. 

^jls^ sharti, conditional, a lottery. 
?j^ iharq, law, equity ; a high way. 

jjC^ sharai, legal, lawful, just, 
9j^ shargh, a small frog. 

,^ji> sharaf, nobility, eminence, 

li^ shurafdy nobles, princes. 

^If^.^ sharfanj, a rugged road. 

\j:^xijM, sharftyat, nobility, high birth. 

Oj^ sharq, the east; rising as the sun. 

^^>V* sharqt, eastern, oriental. 

\l)jM> sfiirkf partnership ; infidelity. 

s^jM, s/mrkd, partners, associates. 

c^ Ju shirkat, partnership, society. 

^^J^ shurki, quickly repeated. 

^j^ sharm^ modesty, shame. 

J^M^Ji sharmsar, modest, ashamed. 

t^J^M^jl sharmsari, bashfulness. 

^^S^j^ sharmgin, bashful, ashamed. 

u-TlJ-*^ sharmnak, modest, ashamed. 

^t\x^j^ sharmindagi, modesty, bash- 

ttXL*j^ sharmindahy bashful, modest. 

r^j^ sharuh, commentaries, ele- 
ments, [wing* 

c*Jt shurUy commencement, begin- 

oUJ«^ sharofasdd, wickedness, and 

i^ sharahy desire, appetite, avidity. 

^J^j^ shiri/m, an artery. [cious. 

♦^Jt sharir, wicked, mischievous, vi- 

c-jur* shariafj law, justice. 

cJu^ shartf, noble, illustrious, holy, 

j^j(j4-Ju^ sharifo waTiiq, nobles and 

».iX^ sharik, a partner, accomplice. 

d"**"^ shist, an aim. 

^^LmJ, shustagi, washing, cleansing. 

^juJt shusta7i, to wash, to cleanse. 

y^j\jL^«^A shusi o shUy washing and 

^^.il shash, six. 
^ji'-i shush, the lungs, the organs of 

f^^gj^^^jS^i shashjihti, hexagonal. 
jd>^^ shashdar, six doors ; dice; the 

iJj^i^shashak, excrement of the eye. 
i^^Aiul shashsadj six hundred. 
t^^^^^iJi, shashgoshah, a hexagon. 
#«fc^ shasham, sixth. 
d^-fl^ shasty sixty. 
*I.*a^ shastum, sixtieth. 
Ja-t shaft y the bank of a river ; the 

river Tigris ; a shoot, a young 

jSh.1 shatdh, obscene, offensive, 
^j^k* shatranjy the game of chess. 
\^j^ shatrt, a little, few, somewhat. 
j\xl shiqr^ a garment ; custom. 
cU-i s/tudq, light, splendour, rays. 
^jUa-* s^rtftan, the 8th Arabian month. 
nJxxM, shdbadah, slight of hand. 
•\^-i(^x*Jl shdbadahbdz, a juggler. 
(_/^-btU**h shdbadahhdzi, the art of 
j»J*> shdir, hair. 
jxl shiqr, poetry, verse. 
f)j*Ji shuqrd, poets, literati. 
Sjui*,! shqshqh, splendour. 
aJU^ shuqlah, flame. 
jyxl shituvj knowledge, understand- 
jxjij, shqtr, barley. [•"&• 

StjjJti shqtrah, one grain of barley, 
(jU.i shighdlf a jackal. 
t^i>*«* shaghab, noise, tumult. 
I — ai.i shaghaf, violent love. 
Jji-i shughl, employment, study. 
IsJ, shifd, cure, convalescence, [ty. 
c:.^cla.i shafdqt, intercession, entrea- 
(«j»U.* sha^df, transparent, clear. 
jJlIai, shaftdtUf a peach, 
i^-i sha/iy the mouth, the lip. 

L 11* 1 

(joJi sha/agf twilight; pity. [sion. 

sjl,MLi, shafaqatj clemency, conipas- 

v*.laA sha/akf a villain, a bad man, 
a scoundrel. 

^0^ shaftay an intercessor, advocate. 

\j>sxit shafia, a kind of Persian cha- 
racter of writing. 

(^jift^ shafiq^ kind, compassionate. 

fjJi' shagq, a fissure, crack, a crevice. 

^U,i shafdh, an herb j podex catulae. 

Jjll5Jt shaqaqul, the wild carrot. 

cy^Vi* shaqdwat, misery, disgrace, 

^Ifi^ shaqdiq, the anemone, a tulip. 

♦IdAvi shiqddr, a collector of rents. 

(3^^ shaquq, fissures. 

iiJi shuqqahf a letter ; a royal order. 

^J^ skaqi, poor, miserable. 

AAxL^ shaqiqahy the temples; a pain 
in half the head. 

dl.* shahk, doubt, suspicion. 

jKX shikdr, hunting, prey, game. 

^Jil shikari, relating to hunting ; 
a fowler, hunter. 

t_5^S^*t shigdf^ a fissure, crack. 
J[>lli shigdftan, to split, break, tear. 

v.£^j)lA shikdyaty complaint, accusa- 

Jli shnkr, thanks, gratitude, [tion. 

J.* shukar, sugar; sweet. 

^LXi shukrdn, gratitude^ acknow- 

dy)^jiii> shukrdizad, God be praised. 

)(i>L.Jii> shukri^hudd, thanks to God. 

tjxsk^jLii shakarkhandah, sweetly 
smiling. [tion. 

^IIm^ shakaristdn, a sugar planta- 

i-jp^ shigarf, wonder, admiration. 

tiiSjCX shakarqand, sugarcandy. [ful. 
j\6^yj^ shukrguzdr, grateful, thank- 
JJs&jiJM shakarguftdvy a sweet speak- 
er, eloquent. 

L-Jy^-* shakarlab, sweet-lipped. 

c:,.» »]^ <o. shukrinamat, gratitude. 

wi,-**^ shikasty broken j a defeat. 

^JImSIm shikastagi, defeat, ruin. 

^^mJO, shikastan^ to break, to defea C. 

&i-»iLa. shikastah^ broken ; the current 
Persian hand. [flicted. 

Jlj^uufcXA shikastahhdly distressed, af- 

\jL»^ti> shigu/t, wonder, astonish- 
ment, amazement. 

^^jCiJiS, shigti/tagi, astonishment. 

^IaI* shigu/t an, to blow ; to wonder.'i. shiguftah, expanded, flourish- 

JXA shakl, figure, form, shape, [ing, 

JJi, shikam, the belly, womb. 

JiHr^ st^if^o.mparwar, a glutton, sen- 
sualist, [kle. 

^^iCA shikan, breaking; a fold, wrin- 

AaJXo. shikambah, the tripe, the gats. 

Aa?*^ shikanjah, the rack, a press. 

jjjtUar*^ shikanjidan, to press, to 

^I^t jJ^X-* shikandah-kdm, a conqueror. 

,yCA shuJcur, grateful, praising. 

AijX^ shugufah, a blossom, a bud. 

dSyiJt shakulah, a hard full nut. 

Ji-yLut shikd, complaint, blame. 

iyiJ*> shikoh, pomp, majesty, dignity, 

\_-;^^*- shikeh, patience ; patient. 

^\mS.X shikeh ai, patience. 

AXm. shakim, biting; the ears of a pot. 

^jjLXJjC^ shikebtdan, to be patient. 

JJt shall, the palsy. 

(jtl shalldq, flagellation. 

Jtlw shalgham, a turnip. 

^^JM shalq, a stroke with a scourge. 

v^Jl^ shalak, to discharge (fire arms.) 

jy.^ shalwdr, trowsers, inner bree- 

J*» shamm, smelling, odour, [ches. 

Um. shumd, you. 

c>jUJt shamdtat, rejoicing at the 
distress of another. 

.Um. shumdr, reckoning, number. 

^JjjUt shumdrtdan, to number, cal- 
culate, to reckon. 

eU^ shamma, a wax-chandler. 

JU.i shimdly north. 

[ 115 ] 

A*U1 shammdmah, a perfumed ball. 

^UUJb shumdyan^ you. [lents. 

(JjUA sharndil, innate qualities, ta- 

«^U.£ shamdiniy perfumes, odours. 

^j)ii^i> shumardan, to reckon, count, 

^,y^M shumardah, numbered. 

^^♦^ shatns, the sun, [religion. 

^^'^^^J|»^ shamsuddirtf the sun of 

.sLt*^ shamshddy the box-tree. 
jiJi<^ shamsher, a sword, scimitar. 

♦JUU^aSmJw shamsherulmulk, the 
sword of the empire. 

t^jKijxXuJi shamsherhazt, the use of 
the sword. 

^-* shama^ wax ; a wax-candle. 

^ijx«Jw shamaddrif a candle-stick. 

J^«^ shumul^ comprehending, con- 
taining, [odour, 

A^ shammah, somewhat; little, 

^JjL«Jt ^/tamidatif to scent, to smell. 

^►f*-* shamim, odour, perfume, fra- 

^^ shan, old, worn. [grance. 

U* shin&i swimming. 

^U.w shindkh, promontory. 

c^^^-^ 5^271 a/(A/, acquaintance. 

^j^ii.U*t shindkhtan, to know. 

^^UA shinds, intelligent, knowing. 

,^LulJJt sA^^Jdsa^,acquaintance,know- 
ledge, [ceive. 

^^JjiamUJu shindsidan, to know, per- 

cUA shatidf wickedness, infamy. 

^j^kiUi shindftan, to know, to under- 

jJj^Li shandq^ ^ong, tall. [stand. 

^j^lxi shindkardaUf to swim. 

jjjCll sAawaw, hatred, hating. 

.^UJt shindwaTy a swimmer. 

4_f^jU-i sAmar<;«ri, swimming. 

aUA shandh, cinnabar. [nies. 

^GJt> sAanam, vices, crimes, villa- 

*AJJt shambahf Saturday, 

c^jJJu shanat, baseness, villany. 

^Jla.'yii shanuftan, to hear, to listen. 

«— ^.i-* shatigf amorously playful. 
J^'x^ shangdr, bugloss. 

»*J^^iwA5Aaw^ar/,cinnabar, vermilion, 

l^xi shanawd, a hearer. 

^I^i .sAa7jfl?t'az, hearing, [stand. 

J)oyJM sha7iddan^ to hear, to under- 

xcJi^Ju* shanawandah, a hearer. 

^jjJJm shanidan, to hear; to smell. 

j^uJu shania^ base, shameful, hateful. 

u:.-juj«i shaniat, turpitude. 

csl^ shawdty the skin of the head. 

.Ij-i shawdrid, strollers, vagrants. 

c^lj-1 shawari, highways. [ness, 

Ji 1^ ahawdriq, splendours, bright- 

Jx^jji, shaiodil, flames, splendours. 

J[^ ihauwdl, the tenth Arabian 

jj^ljJt shatvdmikh, high mountains. 

txa>tj-i shawdhid, witnesses, evidence, 

i,.^J^ shawdib, impurities. 

^^i shokhy wanton, impudent. 

^j^»,^fJi,shokhchashmi, imini(\ence. 

«Ivj4)^^ £Ao/lrAdz(/a a, impudent, wan. 
ton. [deuce. 

^e^^* shokhi, jollity, mirth, impu- 

jj^ shor, salt, brackish ; barren soil; 
tumult. [lent. 

\iXi]^yi> shorangeZy seditious, turbu- 

^jjwSI^^ shordnidan^ to cause to mix. 

U|^ shorbd, broth, sou]), gruel, 

sj^^jym shorhakhty unfortunate, 
wretched. [ren soil, 

JJ^jyX shoristdn, a salt marsh, bar- 

ttjy^ shorish, confusion, tumult. 

« ,^^ shorah, saltpetre, nitre ; unfer- 
tile ground. 

iSii^jy^ shoridagi, madness, love, 

^•^ijy^ shoridarif to be perplexed, to 
grow mad. [ed, mad. 

«Jj)^ sAorerfaA, distracted, confound- 

C^xiiiij.yl shortdahbakhty unfortu- 
nate, miserable. 

Jo\^%<^jyJi> shoridaliklidtir^ melancho- 
ly, dejected. 

kM,yt shoshah, an ingot ; chip, rub- 
bish ; a particle ; a part. 

[ 116 ] 

Oj"* shauq, desire, inclination, love ; 

uJ^ shuk, a thorn, thistle. 

3 yiju 

shaukat^ pomp, dignity. 

Jlj^^ shukran, hemlock, fennel. 

^jjj^ sholidan, to be distracted. 

«jjJ^ sholidah, distracted; a stable. shum, unlucky ; niggardly. 

yc^^ shtttnif misfortune, disgrace. 

Jri:-^^ shumin, spinage. 

^jJ^ shuniz, black seed sesame. 

Xy* shuh, agate; jet black coral. 

«A^ shauhar, a husband. 

4^j-i shoe, glue, starch. 

^jjj^^ shoyanidan, to cause to wash. 

^ciJtj-A shoidan, to wash. 

iJi shah, a king, a sovereign prince. 

l^ shaha, O king. 

fcjly^ shihdb, a bright star. [dom. 

e>«5^ shahddat, testimony, martyr- 

kS^W* «^aAa»2a^, generosity, bravery. 

w-^^ shahah, of the colour of ashes. 

:U^ shahbdz, a royal falcon. 

jiA^ shahbad, the leader of a king. 

*>fA shahpar, the longest feather in 
the wing. 

yjS^yy^ shahhiyat, the last distich of 
an ode. 

—yi^ shahfarj, fumitory. 

%ziyJ<i^ shahtutf a blackberry. 

ti^ shahd, honey, sugar. 

^la^-i shuhdde, martyrs. 

t-^T^y^ shahddbf metheglin. 

Ailjy& bhahddnahf the largest bead 
in a rosary. 

,l^j^w shahdewdr, a high wall sur- 
rounding the palace. 
j^ shahr, a city ; a month. 

»!^ shuhrdh, the high way. 

oijj^ shahrband, the walls of a city. 

»Uu^ shahrpandh, the walls of a 

o^ shuhratf report, fame, rumour. 

^Ij^ shaharddr, a bird-catcher. 

^U-,^|^-i shahristdn, a large city. 

Iji^ shahrwd, leather money. 

w^ shuhrah, renown, report. 

yjr^^wt shahri, a citizen ; belonging 
to a city. 

J^j^ shahrydr, a king. [month. 

^^j^^ shahryur, the sixth Persian 

il^ixi^ shahanshdh, king of kings. 
JbUxi^ shahanshdhi, empire, im- 
" perial dignity. [seat. 

^jk.iJA/* «/ioAwa5A2n,a balcony, a royal 

e>l^^ shahwdt, lusts, desires. 

^1^4^ shahwdr, fit for a king. 

cy^^ shahwat, lust, sensuality, 

ei-*^cijj^ shahwatparast, a sensqa- 

•3^^ shahud, witnesses. [list. 

jj^^M. shahur, months. 

j^^^fA shahif royalty ; royal, 

jtA^ shahtdf a witness, a martyr. 
^i^ shahivy celebrated, famous. 

^JJJJU.* shiydridatif to plough. 

^bU^ shaiydtin, devils, ghosts. 

clxi. shiyd, divulged, published. 

v—JU-S, shiyd/, any thing finely pul- 

i^i'sheb, a declivity ; below, under. 

^jjA shekh, a venerable old man ; a 
chief, a prelate. 

^^^jst* shelf hi, boasting, bragging. 

S*^ shaid, bright, shining. 

Ij^jlA shaidd, mad, frantic. 

j^ltVxi 5/ja»</a/, madness, insanity. 
Ji^ sher, a lion, a tiger, 

jx^ shir, milk. 

Tij\jyi> shirdzah, the stitched work on 
the back of a book. [milk. 

j)]^shirdivar, any animal that gives 

^jjjiJ' shirbiranj, rice-milk, 

^tiri^ shirbahd, a present to a wet- 

K£^Xus*.jX^ shirkhisht, manna. 

\^j^y^iA shirkhwdragi, sucking. 

i)j^jxi, shirkhwdrah,a sucking babe, 

cjj^ shirdogh, curdled milk. 

t 117 ] 

t^jkl shtrdih, SL wetnuvs^e. [beast. 

tjjiA sherzah, a fierce, rapacious 

^^jj^A sherzi(/nn, a ravenous lion. 

^»)\jM^i^ sheristdrif the region of lions. 

*^A*M shzram, mixed, confused, [pie. 

iji-^jxl shirmayah, rennet, kind of ap- 

4iw«»fi sherniard, intrepid as a lion. 

C^'^^jJt shermasty a raging lion. 

3MjA sliirah, juice of fruit. 

x^jiJi' ahert, intrepidity, valour. 

^JiytA shiritif sweet, gentle. [tion. 

jljl^v^xi shiringawar^ of easy diges- 
AJVi^ shiriniy sweetness, a sweet- 

iJuyi, shishah^ gla^^» ^ bottle, phial. 

y^y'ixiJ* shaitan, satan, the devil, [^/i. 

AjujA shiqh, a follower of the sect of 

^flxi sUeftan^ to become insane or 
distracted with love. 

iSsa,t sheftahy mad, enamoured. 

J^^i' s/iaildn, a royal entertainment. 

A.*jJ« shimahy nature, disposition. 

jxi shew, a declivity ; a foundation. 

«.^jJt shewkh, old men. 

c^jjt shewa, publishing. 

^^x-i. shewaUy lamentation; a spear. 

t^ shetvah, cnstom, n)anner; ges- 
tures ; aniorous looks. 

^Jl shai, a small thing, somewhat. 

^„^iJ* shaiby a little old n)an. 

(jc sad or s, the tourteenth letter of 
the Arabic alphabet ; it does not 
properly belong to the Persian 
language ; in arithmetic it ex- 
presses 90. 
jA^ sahivy patient, 

^^Lo sdbuuy soap. 

^U> sdbi, a man who changes his 
reUgion ; an apostate. 

ii^&.l^ sahib, a lord, master, pos- 
sessor ; endowed with. 

JjOi^l^ sdhibdil, a man of piety. 

y;^t.^-~A.l<> sahibqurdti, lord of the 

^>t,^^sk.Lo sdhibnazavy a pious man. 

*Aa.Le sdhibahy a lady, madam. 

jii^ sddir, happening, issuing. 

(J«iLtf sddiq, true, just, sincere. 

>r)^ sdrikk, an assistant. 

^l^ saa, plain ground; a dry measure, 

AAcLc sdaqah, lightning, a thunder- 

cJUc sdfy clean, pure, sincere. 

cy^^ sdfdty angels. 

jiK^ sdfir, a whistler ; any body, 

^Lc sdfi7i, the saphena vein. 

tc*^ sd/iy purity, cleanness. 

J>5te sdgil, a polisher. 

^l^ sdlih, a man of probity. 

s^'^^ sdliby a burning fever, 

C>J^ sdlat, danger, misfortune. 

c:^-*^.* sdmitf silent ; saturnine. 

Ju<«Uj sdinily dry, withered. 

»jU> sdi iy creator, maker. 

Sr^^U) sdivx, dry, withered, 

L^:>.^ sritZ», right, straight. 

JjLe sdily presumptuous ; furious. 

J^.'C sdim, thirsty; one who fasts. 
^jJi*jL« sdimuldahary continually 

L^-"^ sabb, effusion, pouring out. 

U.C sabd, the zephyr, a gentle gale. 

sj:^^^ sabdbaty a fog. 

—Ix^ saftflA, the morning, dawn. 

«I»U^ sagdhaty beauty, gracefulness, 

ctx* sabbdgh, a dyer. 

^x* smZ»A, the morning, dawn. 

-iks-y subhdam, morning, day break. 

^tiLo^sx^ subhsddiq, the true dawn. 

tjJI^^A*^) subhkdziby twilight, 
j^ sabvy patience. 
jX^ sabir, aloes. 

sssy^ subraty a granary without mea- 

ix^ sabagh, colour, tincture. 

[ 118 ] 

jyx^ sabiir, patient, calm under pain. 

t^Sjy^'^ saburi, patience. 

^ji-^ sabi, a boy, 

^j;U>.^ sibiyan^ boys. [on. 

^jix* sabihf beautiful, fine coniplexi- 

Axx^ subit/ah, a girl, (laughter. 

i^^-^ sihdb, companions. [ship. 

OjIx^ sahabat, society, companion- 

Wss*^ saharaUf publicly, openly. 

iS}'^ sahaA, desert!*, wilderness. 

(_JU:'^ sahhdfi a bookseller, book- 

«.Ji,;lsr^ sahdiff leaves, pages, books. 

u-^s^ suhab, companions. 

c:..A3r'* suhbat^ society, company, 

sj:^s'^ sihhat, health. 

Kar-^ sihrd, a desert, a plain, 

^il^ss^ sihrdi^ wild, campestrian. 

w-os-^ sahaf, books, leaves, pages. 

^^■^ sahn, a court, area, square. 

ys-^ sahu, recovery from ebritty, 

^is-*' sahih, right, exact, in health. 

AAJcar-^ sahifah, a book, epistle. 

t^s^ sakhrah, a huge hewnstonc, a 

J.* sad, a hundred. [rock. 

]t\^ sadd, a sound, noise; an echo. 

cyjijw* saddratf the office of prime 

e|j>^ suddUf the headach. 

(j)a.* saddq, a marriage settlement. 

c^]iyc saddqat, sincerity, fidelity. 

Ijj^ sadpd, a centipede. 

kL/^jj.^ sadbargi centfoil, rose of ma- 
ny leaves. ['"g- 

^s^ sndah^ exalting the voice, sing- 

jj.^ sadad, purpose, design. 
jlX^ sflrfr, the breast ; above, upper. 

^jLi y\^ sadrnashin, president. 

cyUju^ sadat, a herd, a flock. 

•—icXris «af/a/,a shell; mother of pearl. 

ijs^ sidg, veracity, truth. 

A»j.^ sadgah, alms, 

&,».j>.4 sadhahf a blow ; collision; ca- 

jjtX^ sudur, breasts ; flowing, issuing.. 

(Jiti^ siddig, a sincere friend. 

c_^jtUi sudek, one per cent. [ity. 

C^^\j^ sardbat, clearness, perspicu- 

^^'^■U'C surd/ii, a flask, bottle, flaggon. 

^1^ sarrdkh, a great clamour. 

lol,.^ sardt, a road, way. 

t_jiy« sarrdf, a banker, money* 

/^r^ sa7'sar, a cold, boisterous wind. 

Sj^ sarq^ the epilepsy. 

1 — j^ sarf^ expence ; alteration; 

iij^ sarfdh, surplus, excess, [tical. 

^j-^ surfi, a grammarian ; gramnia- 

t^c sarrnh^ a money bag. 

^ij^ sari/i, clear, evident. 

ijljuei sadb, difficulties. 

u,.*.*.^ sab, hard, difficult. 
jX*^ safar, savory, orij,'any, 

.*^ sar^ distortion of countenance. 

»-<aA<^ saxd, separating, dispersed. 

t^jt^ saf, a little bird. [ber, 

uJ^Lutf sqluk, poor, indigent ; a rob- 

.^*^ sqmur^ a water wheel, or buck- 
et affixed to it. 

\j:^)yx^ squbat, difficulty, trouble. 

j.*.^ squd, ascent, 

iy^ sqwa/if a small bird. 

Ja«i.<5 said, earth, dust. 

j\.k^ sighdr, minutiae. [ness. 

iZfj^i^ sighdrat, smallness, minute- 
jiua sighr, mean, abject. [logism. 

dSji^ sughrd, the minor term of a syl- 
jxi^ sng/iir, small, slender. 
^i.o sag/iii, bowing the head, 
*— ft^ sfif, a series, order, rank, file. 
^^ safd, purity, clearness, palish, 
cyla^ si/dt, qualities. 
^la^ sn/d/if tracts, parts, sides. 
jKsL^ safdr, a brazier. [sin. 

\JJ\a^ saff'dk, a murderer, an assas- 
y^-^'suc sifiit, quality, attribute, adjec- 
tive, description. 

L 119 ] 

cyls*^ safhatf pages. 
Ais*-* sof/iah, surface ; page of a book. 
ji^Lc safdar, breaking the ranks. 
^fl^Acr/rtr, the second Arabian month. 
jA^ sifr, a cipher in arithmetic. 
]jA^ safra, the bile; yellow. 
^•!/^ ^f^frciwi, bilious, choleric. 
\£Sjk^ si/rat, yellowness, 
ej^i^o sufawat, purity of heart. 
t_iyL* safuf, ranks, 
^0^ safi, elect. 

^fl^ 5a/i;-, Mhistling, hissing, cack- 
t^ si/d, proclamation. fj'ns' 

^j^jtc saldhat^ firmness, hardness. 
olU> salat, prayer, benediction. 
^5U> saldlt^ rectitude ; good advice. 
4V.4i^JU saldhdid, advisable. 
J^.^ta sa/ahkdvf an adviser. 
yj^^^sJte saldliiytit^ fitness, propriety. 
^^J5Lo naldfi^ hard ground. 
^ftcsa/dgt. eloquent, speaking well. 
w-^-l"* sulhf the backbone, loins ; 

* l:ard. 

c-JU> salh^ crucifixion, hanging. 
^jS^ saldbi, proceeding from the 

^[^ salaj\ deafness. floins. 

^Lc sulh, peace, reconciliation. 
Us^ «uMa, a just man. [pact. 

A^'i ^lw» suUtndmah, a treaty, coni- 

CLj'y.^ sulwdt^ prayers, blessings. 

*JLtf silah^ a present, reward. 

f^U salugh^ full grown. 

w^J^l.^ s(i/ib^ a cross, crucifix. 

,U.^> samdm, misfortune, adversity, 
» samt, silence. 

mK.^4^^ samsdm, a sharp sword, 

^^^ samsam, extremely avaricious. 

«*-« samagh, gum, tears of a plant. 

*Xft^ samim, pure, sincere. 

jjolx* .sanddid, chiefs, leaders. 

ui^cU^ sattdafj art, profession, trade, 

«^'vj«e sufiAi/q, arts, profession. 

Jjj^ sandal, sandaUv.ood. 

ij^iiy^ sanduq^ a chest, box. 


Aar^jjjL^i sanduqchah^ a little box, 
«ve *«wa, creation, work, 
jji^jJl* 5«no/jart, profession or trade. 
^^ci-*J^ sanatgar, an artist. 
v_ "'^-a s/j^y^ sort, kind, species. 
A^ sananif an image, idol ; a lover. 
jX^ sanattf bad wood ; stones, 
jiyy^o sanauhar^ a fir, a pine, 
y^^ sauuf^ different sorts. 
\J\'!'0 sawdb, rectitude, probity, [^ed. 
iiiiXj^y^ 5atf;a6rf«/, advisable, approv- 
c_i.I^«* sawdrif, vicissitudes, acci- 
*.)^ iatf fir im, sharp swords. j]dents, 
^^1^ sawdiq, lightnings, thunder- 
«*«1^ sawdmia, monasteries, [bolts. 
Lj>^ saubj side, way, part. 
Aj^ siibah, a province. 
,ljij^-fl subahddr, the chief of a pro- 
vince, a viceroy. 
^I«5Aj^ subahddn^ viceroyalty, 
c?.^ sfm^, sound, voice, noise. 
jy^ sur, forms, figures, picture. 
ysijyo siirat, form, figure, portrait ; 

Ja.\::>j^ suratihdl, a written state- 
ment of facts. 
y^'ijy^ suratgar, a painter, sculptor. 

^j^jyt) auratgari^ the art of giving 
form. [mal. 

\SsyO suri, exterior, apparent, for- 

I j^ suf, wool, goat's hair. 

J^ su/iy a religious man of the 
order of Sufi. 

ijl^l^ saulatf fury, courage. 

^^c''.^ sauljdn^ a mall or club. 

*^ saum, a fast, fasting. [ter. 

Aju«yfi saumdh, a monastery, a clois- 

_,l^ sahdr(tj\ a cistern, bath, pond. 

Uf^ safibdy red wine. 

^jc^Joj^ sahilkardan, to neigh. 

4>\jj-* saii/dd, a hunter, fowler. 

(jl^U.^) siydnat, defence, guarding. 

lS-'sX^ salt, fame, good reputation. 

lU^ ««jrf, game, prey. 

C 120 ] 

»Kjj^ saidgah, a place for hunting. 
ji^ sir, being, becoming. 

jj^ aigfif moods, conjugations. 

tjo^ sigliah, mood, tense, 

t-Ju^ saif, sii miner. 

Jju^; saiqal, polish, lustre. fer. 

j^^h^ saigalgaVy Vi polis-her, armour- 

f^ saiWf fasting. 

V^x^ sayub, right, direct. [mind. 
j^i-^ saiyur^ the end or extremity ; 

«M»-4i«« sai/iubf intense heat ; a hard 
stone, [camel. 

jskyx^ sai/iaj, a large stone ; a strong 

T'^Y^ s^/At^', smooth, polished. 

y^-^ saiiy the cry of camels, hogs, 

^ zdd or 2, the fifteenth letter of 
the Arabic alphabet; it does not 
occur in Persian words, and in 
reckoning by abjud stands for 

l>j^ zabit, ruler, holder, possessor. 

AfcuLe zdbitahy rule, custom, usage. 

ij:--^^.^' zdjjat, promoting insurrec- 

iila^li zahikf a ridiculer, mocker. 
j^zdr, noxious, hurtful, detrimental. 

k_>,Li> znrib, a striker, beater. 

(a dog.) 


i^jUzdri, trained to hunting 
J^ zazy injustice, fraud. 
iaiLe zdJiZi making a long jo„. ..^^ . 
JLe zdll, straying, a wanderer. 
^^ §sd/?a, erring from the right way. 
^J^^'i> zdmin, a surety, security, bail, 
^^jj^^-e zdmin'tt suretyship. 
yi)'^ zdn, sheep. 
^jU» zciya^ lost, ruined, injured. 
^0t^ zabbf cunning and shrewd. 
i<A^ sabtf possession, control ; confis- 
^^ zabagh, a hyena, [cation 

jjs,^ zabhuTf melancholy. 

^^JSs^ zuha, the forenoon. 

i^Ls^ zuhak, laughing. 

c^Asls^ zukhdmat^ thick nes<«. 

^^ ziddf contrary ; contention. 

i^j^ zarb, striking; blow; mnlti> 
plying. [im. 

Ji*IIc_>^ zarbulmislf'A proverb, max. 

c^^ zarbaty one blow. 

\i)yj^ zarbzan, a piece of artillery. 

jj^ zarar, damage, injury, loss. 

^\JJ^ zarzal, parsimonious, frugal. 

i^j-^ zars, a double tooth, a grinder. 

^j^ zarzarriy a lion, beast of prey. 

jDj^ zaruvy necessary, expedient, 

cy^^-c zarurotf necessity, want. 

^ Mj^ zaruriy necessary. 

mslj^.^^ zaruriydt, necessaries. 

<^^Xj^ zarbak, poor, unfortunate. 

•— fljui zuqf, weakness, infirmity, 

Iax^^ zuq/d, feeble persons, f* 

imSxA^ zqtf, weak, infirm, feeble. 

^*^ zaghaf, narrowness, difficulty. 

cS^Lh za/ddiq, frogs. 

ojju) zafda, a frog. 

^J> zaly an error, vice. 

cJX-e zaidlat, error, wandering, 

^^ zalq, side, district; a rib, 

fJXi zataly an error. 

c^Lo zaluq, ribs, sides. 

JjjJLi zalii^ erring greatly, 

^ zamm, a conjunction ; a vowel 

^K^ zamdd, an embrocation, [point. 

wU-i> zamdir, pronouns, 

l»jl*-* zamdimy additions, 
jss"^ zamkhar, proud; fat, corpulent, 
j^^*-i> zimn, subject, matter ; within. 
<uJ» zammahj the vowel point. 
ji^ zammiry a personal pronoun; 

the mind. 
J\j^ zamrdti, sweet basil. 


zamim, joined, included. 

A^k^ zamimah, incorporation, in- 
^Ji^ zamin, a sponsor, surety. 

[ 121 ] 

^^ ziiaf motion, agitation. 

Jbj)^ zawahit^ governors, rulers, 

KiJ^yc zawdhik, laughters, 
cjj'^'e zuwaribj strikers ; arteries. 
U-e ziya^ light, splendour, 
cuJUi^ ziyafat, a feast, banquet. 
»— ju^ zaifj a guest, a stranger, 
jJJU0 zaiq, tightness ; anguish. 
^jmiLil\fy*^ ziqunnafas^ the asthma. 
y^]j*xii zaimirarif an odoriferous herb. 
u^Jtu-^ zitlaty a slender serpent. 

Is /oe or /o, the sixteenth letter of 
the Arabic alphabet, it does not 
occur in pure Persian. In reck- 
oning by abjud, it stands for 9, 
and in the almanac for the sign 

i-slis tab, sweet, pure, excellent. 

^^Us tajan^ a frying pan. 

4^Ub (drim, an arched roof. 

i^j^ tdrij happening, intervening. 

^^Ua taSf a cup, goblet. 

tUa tdt^ long, tall. 

cyUUs tdat, obediences, &c. 

cclk tdqt, obedience, worship. 

Jiclls tail, a straight firm arrow. 

^jC^^ tdirty a reproacher; blaming. 

^ysUs tduriy a plague, pestilence. 

^jiUs /ag-Ai, a rebel, a leader of a 

uJlis tdf, going much round. 

O^is iaq^ an arch ; unique, odd. 

epulis taqat, power, strength. 

i^^ tdqchah, a small arch, or niche. 

wlUs talib, asking, demanding, 

^l*Jl»«Jll9 tdlibulilm,n student, [ning. 

^^ tdlij) wicked, villainous, cun- 

^jUs /a/a, fate, fortune, destiny, 

jJuftiUs tdlimand, fortunate, pros- 

*xU9 tdmia, covetous, avaricious, 
Jw«ll9 tdmil, wicked, criminal. 
{^)^ tdusf a peacock. 
^Ua tahir, pure, clean, chaste. 
u.-«J^ ^fl?A, good, pleasant, lawful. 
ji}^o tdir, a bird ; flying. 
j^^tis/flisAj inconstant, volatile light. 
»--ftjli> fai/j surrounding, going 
I'ound. [tribe. 

AAj^ fdi/ah, a troop, band, company, 
cJa /?Ai6, the medical art. 
^Uk tabbdkh, a cook. 
c^' ^ UJa tabdkhatf cookery. 
jxAUt tahdshir, the sugar of bamboo. 
JL^ tabbdl, a drummer. 
^ar^UJa tabduchah, a box, blow, slap. 
^Uls tabdiq, natures, temperaments, 
^■xb faqakhj cooking. 
djj^^ iabarzad, sugar-candy. 
^^ ^Oifta, nature, temperament. 
^aaIs ^a^ai, natural. [dish. 

(j^^ tabaq^ the story of a house ; a 
cytAAla tabqdt, degrees, steps, stories. 
*ar*^ tabaqchahy a small dish. 
Aixls tabqah, a degree, stage j story ; 

a class of men. 
%'4Ay)o tabqaebdld, an upper story. 
^j^ljAiJa tabqaepdin, the lower story. 
Job ^a6/, a drum, a tambourin. 
aI^I) tablah, a wooden box ; a little 

^^jaJa ^afi^^, medicinal. 
uH^^ tabib, a physician, 
J»x».]9 tabikh, a decoction, an apozero, 
y;fcU^ tapidan^ to flutter, flounce, 

Cl». «i . vfa ^a^za^, nature, temperament. 
j_5*x».l3 taint, natural, innate, 
<rj^^ tasrajy an ant, a pismire. 
Jls** tahhdlf the spleen, the milt, 
js^ tahr, a small, or thin cloud. 
Aar^ takhdz, enraged, passionate. 
j^Jo tarrdr, a cut-purse, an impostor, 
:]Jo tirdZf an ornament, decoration 

[ 122 ] 

y^s»-\Ja tirhztdan, to ornament, to ] 

djj'^ tardwat, freshness, moisture. 

i^jh tar ah ^ cheerfulness, mirth. 

^j)o tarahy position, way, mode. 

*jAj'y> tarhum, tall; corrupted 

jj)o tarz, form, manner, habit. 

ttls tartf folly, foolishness, 

c-i^ taraf, side, quarter. 

\J^ tur/a, the tamarisk tree. 

^^U^Js tar fan, exterior. 

^^WLiJio turfatulqin, in the twink- 
ling of an eye. 

jji^lfl tarafddr, partial ; an officer of 
the revenue. 

^-^Is turfgi, wonderfulness. 

tjjh turfah, wonderful, rare. 

^xJyJo tarfain, mutual, reciprocal. 

(jjh turuq, roads, ways. [cloud. 

d-^yb tarmasd, darkness ; a thin 

tf)o turrah, a waving ringlet, tuft 
of hair. 

\sj^ tart, fresh, moist, green. 

^ Js tariq, road, manner, rule. 

c>5^ tariqat, practice of piety. 

Asj^is tariqah, rule, custom, manner. 

—^k tasuj, a weight of four bar- 

^£^£M iasht, a large bason. 

Ajth tarn, food, victuals, refreshment. 

jfio tar, marrying; bringing to jus- 

**l3 tarn, tasting, taste. [tice. 

^^yjj^ tafmus, wicked, perverse. 

ik^xio tumah, fodder ; a bait. 

^)o tan, a reproach, chide, blame. 

]jiia tughrd, the imperial signature; 
a sort of writing, 

^j^Uib tughydn, rebellion, disobedi- 

JUb tafdl, dry clay. [ence. 

J.AJ9 tijl, a child, infant. 

AiXAb tijldnah, childish, infantine. 

jk)o tafii, quenching, extinguishing. 

\,jZ^:^yfi^tufuliyat, infancy, childhood. 

(JjkAb tufail, an humble companion ; 

JkSs tall, dew. 

Xb tild, gold. 

^Ji)o taldsam, talismans. 

ijt)o taldk, a divorce, repudiation. 

<j^st)o taldqat, eloquence, fluency, 

^^ Iritis tildkdri, gilding. 

ojHb taldwat, beauty, grace, elo- 

cj^XJft tildt, golden. [quence. 

ajXSs tildyd, the piquets, reconnoi- 
tring parties. 

Vigils talah, demand, request, call, 
summon ; wages. 

Uib tulbd, studious people. Rng. 

J^x^ talabgdr, demanding, requir- 

^^liuJUa talabndma/i, a summons, 

aaAIa ^M/aZ»aA, studious people; a lover. 

^^^b talbi, requisite, demandable. 

^jjulb talbidan, to call, ask, inquire, 
lb tilism. 



n I 

[.amXIo tilismdt,J 

^-^jJib^j'/a^, appearance, aspect, face. 

jfjlb talq, talc. 

a^h tulu, the rising of the sun, &c. 

^ji*j^ talis, blind. [nel. 

Aioib taliah, the vanguard, a senti- 

cJijib taiif, received, given gratis. 

ci^iiUb tamdniyat, comfort, rest, 
repose, [sure. 

AxiUb tamdniah, contentment, plea- 

jLkJs tumturdq, pomp, magnifi- 

j^b tamd, avidity, covetousness. 

UJs tamghd, a grant of land in per- 

kjUb tandh, a tent-rope, [petuity. 
jyxiib tanbtir, a tambourine, 
^b tanz, a joke, irony, jest. 

*JJiib tantanak, pomp, fame. 

jj^b tannin, buzzing. [mage. 

1^1^ tawdf, encompassing; pilgri- 

\^)y)o tawdlat, length, extension. 

fH^fl taivdlia, horoscopes, fates, &c. 

L 128 ] 

j^lyt tawaif, peoples, nations. 
Aei^ tuba, excellent ; name of a tree 

in paradise, 
j^s taur^ manner, mode, fashion. 
j^ tur^ a mountain, the mount Sinai. 
yS-j-is iushy levity of mind. 
^^yo t^tif a parrot. [mission, 

cjt tua, obedience, voluntary sub- 
Uyifl tauan, willingly. 
U^^jUjs taudnokarhan, willingly and 

jjjUyo tufduf a deluge ; a storm. 
jjjt tmfq, a collar, yoke, 
Jj!b tul, longitude, length. 
.G^fe tutndr, a roll, volume. 
-Aa^(L<yb tumdrjama, a rent-roll. 
Cl^j^ia tuyaty faith, belief. 
(Jj^fc /fltf?i/, long, tall, extensive. 
aL^Is taivilah, a stable, a stall, 
cy^l^ la/idratf purity, sanctity. 
^3 /a/, rolling, folding ; travelling ; 

an Arabian tribe. 
Xx)o taiydr, flying, rapid, fleet. 
^Uk ^«iyaA/i,inconstant, light, vain. 
\_-^ taiyih, good, excellent. 
\_-^^ /t&, fragrant, aromatic. 
jkh taivy flying; a bird, 
^^k tairdn^ flight. 
^jSjjJs /aisA, levity, folly, inconstancy. 
^^^Js taikardan, to fold 3 to travel, 
^j^k /i», earth, clay. 
isiJjjlo /iwa^ nature, constitution, 
^ials /iwi, earthy, innate, of clay, 
jyy^o tuyuVf bird?. 
^CJ^l9 tuyuA, a dealer in birds, 
-jp^jjo taihujy a species of partridge. 

fe «c or »«, the seventh letter of tbic 
Arabic alphabet ; it does not oc- 
cur in Persian words, and in 
reckoning by ahjud stands for 

t_9^ zdfy the skin of the neck. 
ji^ zafavy a conqueror. 

J^ zdliniy a tyrant, cruel, unjust. 

j^^j^Us zdmiy thirsty. 

^Us zdriy suspicious, jealous. 
yiUo zainr, apparent, clear, certain. 

C^m>jijti\!!o zdhirparasty superficial 

y^jib^ zdhiri, external, apparent, 

^A^ zabbt, a deer. 

sj^s]j)o zardfatf pleasantry, wit. 

u-i;^ zarf, a vessel ; an adverb of 
time or place. 

(^^ zamfy vessels, pots, &c. 

(.Ju,l9 gar?/ ingenious, witty. 
ja)o zafaVy victory, triumph. 

»^ zufrahy a cataract in the eye. 

J^ zilly a shade, shadow; protec- 

us^ls zulfat, rough, rocky ground. 

J^ zulrUy tyranny, oppression. 

oUIla zulmdt, darkness, obscurity. 

^_^Ulfe zutyndiiiy dark, obscure. 

c:.^lJl^ zulmdniaty darkness. 

A^jaJUo zulmpeshahy a tyrant, op- 

d^olib zulmaty darkness, [pressor. 

iiiS^^tHio zulmatkadahy the mansion 
of darkness, this world, 

[,,£^yj^ zulmiyaty perfidy, iniquity. 

9^)0 zalmahy tyrants, oppressors. 

c-aU^o zalify mean, abject, criminal. 

Js zammy thirst; a space of time. 

^Jo zann, opinion, thought, doubt. 

^^yjk)a zanuriy thoughts, suspicions. 

sjj^ zinnat, suspicion, doubt. 

^^io zanniy suspicious. 

■[yis zuay congealed water, ice. 

cjJs zuty insane, foolish. 

»ftf^ zawdhir, appearances, exter- 

j^)o znhvy a little time after midday. 

j^)o zahvy the back. 

o^^ zahraty household furniture. 

jy^'ii zuhur, appearing, arising. 

[ 124 ] 

jk^)o zahir, an assistant, supporter, 
patron, protector. 


c a or am, the eighteenth letter of 
the Arabic alphabet, which does 
not occur in pure Persian ; and 
in reckoning by arithmetic de- 
notes 70. 

t_>lc ab, damaged, injuring. [God. 

lij^ abid, a holy man, an adorer of 
, AJljjlc abiddnah, reverently, like a 
holy man. 

jj}<c abir, a passenger, traveller. 

— ^c auj\ ivory, 

^Kc ajiz, weak, helpless, distressed. 

Jo.U qjil, hastening, transitory. 

*iKa.U qjildnah, hastily, in haste. 

ol^U qddt, customs, usages, rites. 

cji?l£ qdat, custom, usage, practice. 

Jjlc qdil, just, equitable. 

i^ch 9'di, an enemy, transgressing. 

v—^j'^ qzib^ hindering, prohibiting. 

j^ qr, disgrace, shame. 

(joJ<c qriz, an event ; the cheek. 

^^}^ 9rzi, accidental. 

t_J;lc drif, knowing God, pious. 

*i\Jj^ qrifdnah, piously, wisely. 

i^J^ art, naked; ignorant; free 

Cl^^^ driyat, a loan, any thing bor- 

j^_jl.s(t qr'iyatt, borrowed. [rowed. 

^\\c qzim, intending, determining. 

jmXc qshii\ a tenth; a collector of 

^U qshik, a lover. [tithes. 

AiLLAl£ a«^?A(a»aA, amorously. 

\jy^\e qshurd, the bt day of the 

|,-*lfi asm, virtuous, chaste, 

^e^U dsi, a criminal, rebel, sinner. 

j)o\a qtir, noble ; odoriferous, 

t^ls'c qtif, benevolent; the con- 

vji^aIsIc dtifatf kindness. 

ti^jkilc afiyat^ health, safety. 

c>Ai^ dqibat^e\n\y conclusion, issue. 

yU; qqir^ barren (animal), unfruit- 

\j>.j9y^o dqarqarhd, pellitary. [ful. 

JjIc dqil, wise, sensible. 

AJJliU dqildnah, wisely, prudently. 

fc-i^^ qkif, employed in devotion. 

jj;Ia$Ic dhifdn, devotees. 

J\c a/awi, the world, universe. 

Jlc dlim, learned, knowing. [life. 

c— )U**) Jlfi4/a/nmsAd/>,the world, this 

d^^JtLllc dlamildhautj the court of 

J^A«/«Jlc dlamimdqul, the rational 

^^^xjlc dlamimdnij the invisible 

isj^UJU qlamindsut, the world of 

yjj^lc dlamiin, worlds. 
y^j*^^' dlamif worldly. 
^jjUJb dlamiydn^ people, men, 
^JU all, high, sublime. [ness. 

cyUaHr^^ qlvjandb, excellency, high- 
lAJj^s^^ dlihazrat, sublime majes- 
.tXljJlc qliqadr^ high rank. [ty. 

»\l^\e dlimaqdm^ sublime mansion. 
.IjIajJU dlimiqddr, high in dignity. 
Jx- dm, common, public. 
jyo^ dmir, abundant. [venue, 

J-«^ dmil, a doer; a collector of re- 
A^U dmmah, the vulgar, plebeians. 
vj>iUs dnat, the pubes. 
di^c dnid, obstinate, refractory. 
di^ did, returning, relative. 
(ji^ ^ly, preventing, hindering. 
,JAc qil^ inclining to one side, (a 

scale.) [veshes. 

Uc ibd, coarse cloth worn by Dur- 
«^Uc ibdb, a wave, surge, billow. 
,>Uc ibdd, servants, worshippers of 

God. [ship, 

ci; jUc ihddat, adoration, divine wor- 

[ 125 ] 

>Uc liar, robust; always travelling. 
cy|;VAC tharatf style, sense, idiom. 
^SM>j:jiAjx^ ibdratsanj, an observer of 

i^Ui qbbas^ tbe name of Muham- 
mad's grandfather. 
i,,A^A£ qbaSf vain, absurd, idle. 
tUr qbd, a servant (of God), a slave, 
c^c ibrat, an example, warning. 
\Sj^ ibrtf Hebrew. 
v_>Uac ibqb, a tall man. 
c:^«3yAc qbudii/atf servitude, sub- 
jyx ubur, passing, crossing (a river). 
if^jyJiC yibiis, austere, morose, stern. 
ij.j;Ac qbid, slaves, servants, 
j^^cqbhar^ the narcissus, jessamine. 
jxxc qbir, a perfume. Ambergris. 
cjlL: itdb, anger, displeasure. 
J^ic itddf arms; a large cup. 
^Uc itdig, antiquities. 
^Ulc qtbdn, reproaching, chiding. 
ijSc qtba/i, a threshold, a gate. 
^Ac i7y, liberty, manumission, 
j^xic qtiq, old, ancient ; generous. 
v^ls^ a/ai6, wonders, curiosities. 
vW^ qjdiz, old women, 
^...-s:^ (*/«'&, wonderful ; amazement. 
Us^ qfabd, a miracle of beauty, 
ys^ ijZf weakness, wretchedness, 

:kysF qjazahf helpless persons. 

J^ ?;7, a calf. 

(ji^JLar^ qjalaf, haste, hurry. 

*s:^ oy«»i, Persia, any country be- 
sides Arabia. 

Lg'^-^ Qjamif a Persian, a barbarian. 

»j^s^ qjuzahf an old woman. 

4^s^ qjib, wonderful, surprising. 

Jj^^ qfii, making haste. 

tj^ir?^ qjis, dough, paste. 

iXc add, numeration, number. 

c-'^ItXc o^/d/a^, justice, equity, law. 

^j»^c^]j£ addlatqariHy connected 
with justice. 

tjL^iJu: qddnatf a body, a sect. 
cy^l<Ac qddwat, enmity, hostility. 
^JijS^::i^]^xc addwatguziriy hostile, ini- 
^^jc qdbi, excellent, unblemished. 
Jjc qdad, number. 
^^Jc qdas^ a lentil. 
k-_JtVc qdaf^ motes in the eyes, 
Jjic qdl, justice, equity, probity. 
»*^t qdawy non-existence, privation. 
J-^^sc qdmat, old, aged. 
,^_^fcVc qdamij perishable, inexistent. 
j^^ qdiiy an enemy. 
I^tXc qdud, unequal, 
J^jc udul, declining, refusing. 
JjJ-i qdil, equal, alike. 
♦JJfi qdim, destitute, deprived. 
^Iti: qzdby pain, torment, punish- 
.Itic Mziir, the cheek. 
Jljc ajs^a/, a railer, an accuser. 
ujj£ ajsa^, wholesome. 
jiic uzr, an excuse, pretext. 
%]ys^jiXc MzrAc/if<?a/^,seekinganexcuse. 
^i]yA.jj£. uzrkhwdhf, excuse, apolo- 
^2>jjJ^ udiibat, sweetness. [gy, 

tJjC qrdbah, a cart, wheeled car- 
^Lc irdg, Babylonia, Chaldea. 

SLc irdqif belonging to Iraq or 
j-*jLc qrdis, brides. [Chaldea. 

t^jhc qrdiz, petitions, address. 
{^jc qrab, Arabia, an Arabian. 
fjc^.j£ qrbdz, the bar of a door, 
^J^jC qrbdtif earnest. 
itSjjC qrbadah, conflict, dispute. 
i^*c- qrbas, sown level land. 
JjuMjjC qrbistdn, Arabia. [guage. 
^js- qrabi, Arabia, the Arabic lan- 
i^rj^ ?^*' ^ marriage feast, a spouse. 
\^j^ qrsh^a throne; the ninth hea- 
luuc qrsah, a space of time, period, 
a plain. 

t 126 ] 

^i^^k^jC CLrsahizamtn, the surface of 
the earth. 

fjejc arzt breadth ; a petition, request. 

d^-AU-^ arzdashtf a petition, me- 
morial, [army. 

%^(je^ ^rzgdhf a rendezvous for an 

^^jc qrzt, a petition, memorial. 

^jC urf, known, notorious. 

\Jjc urfdf intelligent persons. 

^J^JC ir/dn, knowing, intelligent. 

ujS^ Mr/i, public, notorious. 

O^ aray, juice, essence, sweat. 

ijjC urg, a vein, fibre. 

taJUl(j^ irqunnisd^ the sciatica. 

^^tc uruj, ascent. 

^«j»c urm, a bride, 
*t^jC Vrusif bridal, nuptials. 

(je^^ u^uZf prosody, measure. 

(3}^ uriiq^ veins, juices. 

^G^ uryduy uaked. 

uHj^ a/'^», broad, wide. 

iuoi^c arizahf a petition. 
jc izz, glory, grandeur. 

ha azdf condolence, mourning. 

Jj;!^ qzdzil, the devil, a demon. 

*^jc qzab, an unmarried person. 

o)x izzat, honour, respect. 

JjKvc qzrdilj the angel of death. 

(Jyc qzl, removal from office. 

v^Jic izlat, retirement from office. 

*ic aznif design, intention. 

yi'jS. qziZf dear, beloved, darling, 
precious. [son. 

^y^^)yi\cqzizulwajud, respected per- 

Yd^'rij^ qzizmisr^ the prime minister 
to the king of Egypt. 

j,^aJ>}c qzimat purpose, determina- 

JU*c qsdhir, armies. [tion. 

^::^y»A usrat, difficulty, distress. 

■ w*^c qsaSf the nightly watch. 
jLm>£ qskar, an army, troops. 

J.*fcfi qslf honey. 

^c qsiif u good man. 

jXw£ qsir, difficult, troublesome. 

^jm£ qshy diminishing. 

Uix qshd, the first watch of the 
night J supper. 

L^uc ^^Ad, evening prayers. 

(jIukc ushshdg, lovers. 
ji^Jis qshdir, kindred, relation. 
yi^ ushvy the tenth part. 
j^ qshr, ten. 

c?;^ ishrat, pleasure, delight. 

tj*!^ qshara/t, the first ten days of 
the Muharram. 

^^^c qshrhif twenty. 

J-i-c ishg, love, affection. 
^•b^-ic iahqbdzf a man of gallantry. 

«^.^ qshwah, amorous playfulness. 

^«x uiAi, the evening. 
^wc as/^/V, the tenth part. 

loc a«a, a staff, wand. 

o^^r Msa^, rebels, sinners. 
^La£ qssdr, an oil maker, or presser. 

s^Lac^rtA, expressed. 
^^Uflc aso/ir, sparrows. 

t«^.Ac asrt^^ a tendon, sinew. 
^.Ac asr, time, an age ; the time of 

prayer before sunset. 
jA^c qsfur, safflower. 
^^juac qsfur, a sparrow. 

J^-^^ qsqulf a male locust. 

vi^-fc^c ismat, chastity, continence. 

^j;U-x.«ac /iwy/aw, rebellion, crime, sin, 

\,,^i^z qsib, strong, difficult. 

t^- uzd-, an arm. 

i^;^c uzrat, the hips, the podex. 

*«Liac qzlahf a muscle. 

I»-^ asam, the plough-tail, a harrow, 
y^ uzo, a member of the body. 

t-r^r^ qzub, a reproachful tongue. 

^c qtd, a gift, favour, grant. 
j\hc attdr, a druggist, a perfumer. 

tj^llac utdridg the planet Mercury. 

^^Uac M/a5, sneezing ; aurora. 

blkfi qtdydy gifts, presents. 
, v--Jac a<aZ>, destruction. 
;^;i^ ?7r, perfume, essence, odour* 

[ 127 ] 

cab^ac itriydtf |1erfumes. 

^J»^'cc ats, sneezing. 

^jjcV-A-Jac atsa/izadan, to sneeze. 

^^lac qtashy thirst. 

^1-i.kc atshan, thirsty. 

4»Ak£ a/f/, favour; turning; aeon- 
junction in grammar. 

^Itn^ oU<« qtfibayany a copulative 

J^Lc qtal^ idleness, laziness. 

Jac qtam, perishing. 

*^y)siC qtufy favourable, kind. 

\,^^sybsi qtufat, favour," affection* 

(J^£a£ a/u/, an indigent woman. 

caUlac qtiyaty gifts, presents. 

*iJac qtii/ah, a gift, present. 

tiUafi izdm, bones. 

fiac qzi7i, a bone. 

Jac uzm, greatness ; large. 

Ulac uznid, grandees. 

A^o^ Vzmd, great. [cence. 

vj!~^^ qzamat, greatness, niagnifi- 

^lac qzim, great, high in dignity. 

.o5J'*jLJac qzimulqadr, of high rank. 

t .. ^pp x4t III I 

./i ' >- chastity, continence. 

•-ft^, !^,^ J "^ 

i-j^lic qfdraty detestable, malicious. 

]jiui qfrdf the 13th day of the moon. 

\j:^ij»c ifrxt, a demon, a fright, 

^josic qfs, a gall apple. 

4./aac qfis, astringent. 

laic qfaty coughing, sneezing. 

eJici-Ju: qfaf, barking as a dog. 

t^^^^^ qfunjaj\ foolish, dull, thick. 

^^jJiiM qfaugaSf mean, base, morose. 

ysic qfii, pardon, forgiveness. 

c:^^^c qfusaf, astringency. 

^j:^yAc qfiinat, corruption, infection. 

^_jAc qjt, asking benefit. 

^t)(^isu: qftdan, to bark, 

t^axoc qf'tf^ abstaining, a chaste, 
modest woman. 

i_jUfi uqdh^ an eagle, 

cjUc qqdhj chastisement, torment. 

yj^iJl^ qqdhis^ evils, misfortunes, 

\^j^c qqdriby scorpions. 

«^U« qqdidy articles of faith,' 

u^Ac qqah, behind, after the heel. 

^j^aSc Vqbd, futurity, end, conse- 

j5c qqdf a knot, alliance. fquence. 

^i«jt\5c qqdhastan, to betroth, to tie 
a knot ; u.J^^^c*>«^^. 

»tXa£ qqdah, a knot, a node ; iJ. 

^^ss&c qqdahkoskd^ resolving diffi- 

jAc qqty barren (animal). [culties. 

ujySc qqrab, a scorpion, Scorpio. 

tMc qql, intellect, wisdom, sense. 

ftAc uqldf wise people. 

^UxJ^ qqlimuqshf economy, pru- 

^_j1ac a^;?, judicious, reasonable. 

S*^^ aqub, a successor. 

\j:^j&£ qqubat, punishment, torment. 

•3;Ac uqT^dy knots. 

J^&c uquly wisdoms, sciences. 

o<^ic qqidaf, faith, belief. 

,^^/«c»tXjA; qgidatmanish, faithful. 

^}x».e qqiq, a cornelian, a ruby. 

^Ac qqim, barren (general). 

j^ qkz^ ill-disposed, covetous. 

^j--^ qks, reflection, inversion ; a 

y^/£. qkub, dust. 

ie qla, height, sublimity, 

^c qla^ above, upon, on, 

^tc ilafj a remedy, cure. 

jjSij^ ildjpazir, curable. 

^jMt£ ilds, any thing eatable. 

t^r**^'^_^ylc qIalkhasuSf especially. 

*[jjJI|j.lfi qladdawdm, perpetually. 

-.LyaJI^^^ylfi qlassabdhj early in the 
morning. [solutely, 

^IsJI)^^^ qlalitldq, universally, ab- 

*SHc ilnqd, relation, interference. 

cjL«Xc qldmdf, marks, signs, 

C^y*tc qtdmaty a sign, symptom. 

i^tc qUdrnah^ very learned. 

^tc qlldmif my wise man. 

[" 128 ] 

i^tc aldtiiyah, public, publicly, ' 

tjh: aldwah, moreover. 
fji^ alaiq^ comicetions. 
*mm^ alab^ marking, a mark. 
c>ifi illdt^ cause, reason ; disease. 
j^lclij^^ic illut i faili, efficient cause. 
0"«S^c:-^^ iilatimuddi, material 

fjr;^t:i^lc illutisiirt, apparent cause. 
^Jlic^U illatighdt, final cause. 
tJcsM qldhidah, separate, apart, 
w-ilc qlaf, grass, hay, forage, 
ihu-ftlc qlifzdr, a pasture, meadow. 
(jic qiaq, any thing precious. 
Ayth: qla/imd, a flag, banner*. 
*lc ilm, knowledge, science. 
\.Ac ulmdf learned men. 
j^dfM qlamddr, a standard, banner. 
^^ic ilmi^ scientific, theoretic. 
^ic qlivu, sublimity, height. 
iJjic qliifah, subsistence for an army. 
jiyic ufum, sciences, 

vj"^lc ulwi, high, sublime. 
Ulr qlii/d, eminent, most high. 

viAjJr qfeka, above, on or to thee. 

J-jJi: qlil, sick, indisposed. 

j»jlc qlim, wise, learned. 

aJU qliyah^ upon, with him or it. 

^^c illin, Iiigh, sublime. 

*c qmm, i)aternal uncle. 

jUr imdd, pillar, trust, support. 

ca^Uc inidrat, building, edifice. 

\^j^<-£- qmdri, the litter or seat on an 
elephant or camel. 

i^Utf awrt.v, a furious war. 

JU£ unimdl^ collector of revenue. 

^^:^^*c qvidlq, the Amalekites. 

&>«U£ qmmdma/i^ a turban. 

J**x untd^ intf ntion, purpose. 

liUi: umad'in, deliberately, firmly. 

%^*c uutdah, great, noble j a pillar. 

^c umt\ life, age, time. 

,^l^*c owmm,theHebrewscripture. 

^^ t^/zir, cultivating; building* 

{j/'^yi-e umriis, a sucking lamb. 
isjj^ uynrut, a robber, a poor wretch* 
(jAC umaq, depth, profundity. 
Jw>c qmul^ action, possession. 
(jt^c qtnldq, deceiving with the eyes. 
jldUc qmalddr, a collector of reve- 
jjJUc imlii practical, forged. 
y^ qmtnu, a paternal uncle. 
<iy«£ ujHud, a pillar, support. 
fy4£ qmiim, common, universal, 
'U^*x qmiiman, generally, univer- 
^j-6x qmavif fbolish, silly. [sally, 
<«£ qmmah, paternal aunt, 
^e<^c ami, blind. 
jji^r qiniq^ deep, profound. 
*w: qmim, universal, general. 
d^-»e qminat, a plain, level ground. 
^^c qriy of, from, on, after, &c, 
Uc and, distress, trouble. 
ujUc unndbf the jujube fruit. 
dVxc indd, contumacy, obstinacy. 
JijUc qnddilf nightingales. 
^xMc qndsir, the elements. 

(j{.xc w?iag, a calamity, afiliction. 

^JSc indrif a bridle, reins. 

i-i^i^c indt/aff favour, assistance, pre- 

v.»J»c inabj a grape. [^sent. 

v..JUjJlk.,^jLc inabussqlab, common 
nightshade. [fume* 

jxxa qmbar, ambergris, a rich per- 
J^jJ^ qmbarbdr, odoriferous, fra- 

ijij^ qmbarin, of ambergris. 

i\xc ind, an adverb (of time and 
place), near, with, about, &c. 

xtUr qndah^ a lizard, a viper. 

c^xljifi qndaltb, a nightingale. 

cy^j^ic qnzariit, sarcocolJa. 

^^^mkXc qnshush, a remnant ; some- 

d.*-3A^ qnsat, scattered herbage. 
j^^A qsur, an element. 

i^js-dju: qtisuri) elementary. 

[ 129 ] 

fj^xc unsalf a squill. 

o^ic qnsut^ a handful of hair. 

«i.J»ic M/ifl/, severity, rigour, vior 

^jilAic anfdshf a servile man. 
^jjl^ftjx unfuwdn^ the flower of youth. 
J^c anaq, the neck. 
^Hc anya, a fabulous bird. [wine. 
^Ulfi qnqddj a bunch of grapes, 
\,,.^iAxaqnqarib, nearly, almost, pre- 
ca^^i^ifi qnkabtit, a spider. [sently. 
jjjl^ifi unwdn^ the preface ; manner, 
euyu: a«M^, published, produced. 
JoJx awed, obstinate, contumacious. 
v-.fti>i>r. qnif, severe, rigorous, imperi- 
^j^ic innin, impotent, averse to wo- 
{jojyti qtvdriZf accidents. [men. 

v-fttly: qwdtify favours, aff'ections. 
t-^*|^ qwdqih^ ends, consequences. 
f\ys. qwdm, the common people, the 

^^U/Vy: qtodmim7ids, the populace. 
J..«i[j.c qivdmil, performers, collectors 

of revenue, 
g^y qtvdn, an assistant, helper. 
^Ij'y awawdw, assistants, 
^jy qwdiq, impediments, cpposi- 
^y: aM'«/, crooked, curved. [tion. 
jy «t/, the wood of aloes, 
jyt auf/, returning. 
j^ ^r, naked ; corrupted, 
tsjj^fc qurat, a woman, a wife j the 

fjoyc mas, return, reward ; exchange. 
{jyc qwaq, delay, procrastination, 
^jj^ qun, aid, assistance, succour. 
cX^ aArf, promise, treaty ; season. 
^jjUjkj^Jy: qhd o paimdiii bargain 

and agreement. j^raent. 

*.*Ujk^c qhdndmah, letter of agree- 
»4yc y.hdah, office, trust, 
^^j^ju^jy: u/idahbandi, stated time 

to discharge payment. 

^IjiJ^^ uhdahddr, a contractor, a 

*-Vv^ a^Wf/, promises, conditions. 

«Ii)bjUc 11/ dzanbil I ah, may God avert! 

^^ic ayrt^, mark, proof, standard. 

^jkC qiydr, a cheat, sly, impostor. 

^^iij^lju: qydrgiraftan^ to try, to as- 
ji^j^c qydrgir^ an assayer. [say. 

«,Uc qiydrah^ a sly wou)an. 

ci^iUc qiyari^ deceit, imposture. 

(^Uc qiydsh, a jovial fellow ; a 

JUc /ya/, faai i I y, children. 

^Uc qydn^ clear, manifest, conspi- 

i«,«ac aiZ>, defect, blemish, fault. 

i_5y^t^jx qibjoe, malevolent, raa- 

v^tJUoJus qibndg, defective, disgrace- 

Jukc id, a festival, holiday. [ful. 

Ae^il^ /.«a, Jesus Christ. 

j^^jk£ isawiy Christian. 

^^j!^ qish, pleasure, delight. 

u^h^ a?*, a thick grove, entangled 

^Jyc qiuy the eye, sight j a fountain ; 
original, genuine. 

v^JLi^c qinakj spectacles. 

jJux a»«2, real, original, 
.xixc qinairiy the two eyes. 

tjyc u^/wi, vices, defects, faults. 

Jyu: ayw/, wandering, poor. 

y^yxc qymiy eyes, fountains. 

p ghain or ^, the nineteenth lettei' 
of the Arabic, and fifteenth of 
the Persian alphabet ; and in 
reckoning by abjud it stands for 

c_slc ghdb, foolish. 

<^\c glidbb, corrupted, stinking. 

^U glidbirif an impostor, a deceiver. 

[ 130 ] 

jd\£ ghadir^ an ungrateful, a cheat. 

j'i ghaZy having a galled back. 

\£ g/i(ir, a cave, pit, den ; laurel. 

djfc ghdrat, rapine, plunder, booty. 

Tij\l ghazah, a red colour for the face, 

vjr)lc ghdzi, a hero, a gallant sol- 
dier. [Pleiades. 

^Ic ghdshaq^ the moon ; night ; 

iiXMXc ghdshiyah, a saddle cloth. 

w-flli ghdsibj an usurper, 
^U ghdzir^ a hide fit for tanning. 

i}i\i- ghd^l, incautious, negligent. 

yXi^J: ghdJiHy negligence, inattention. 

C^i- ghdg, a crow, an aquatic bird. 

i^^ic ghdlib, a conqueror, overcom- 

J ing. ^ [finally. 

UJli ghdliban, chiefly, principally, 

aSIaJIc ghdlibdnah, triumphant. 

tJU ghdliy dear, valuable, precious. 

AjJlc ghdliyah, civet, perfume. 

• eU ghdmir, overflowed (country). 

^A»U: ghdmiz, obscure, unintelligi- 

AJuli ghdinah, a woman despising 

ci'J^ g-Artrfi, wandering, &c. 

Vd^ gbdib, absent, invisible. [ed. 

i6\jo^ ghdibdnah, invisible, conceal- 

c:--j^£ ghdzat, the end, extremity, 

lajlc ghdit, excrement. 

t-^^ ghibb, intermittent fever. 

^Ac ghubdr, dust, a vapour. 

»*£ ghabr, a great misfortune ; a rem- 

j^A£ ghibrd, earth, land. [nant. 

la^^c ghabt, emulation. [chin. 

».^Jo.c ghabg/iab, a dewlap, a double 

^^fi ghaban, cheating, fraud. 

^.xc ghabi, negligent; a dunce. 

i^^^c ghasSf full of pus (a wound). 
j^'C ghassar, the dregs of mankind. 

«*i g/iad, to-morrow. 

Itifi ghaddf meat, provisions. 

j>!t^ ghadddr, perfidy, deceit. 

jyfcXc gkudan, softness, gentleness. 

jj*c ghadti, a kind of drink made of 

water, &c. 
j)d£ g/iadir, a pool, ditch. 
tii ghad, swelling, inflamed. 
IcJi ghizd, aliment, meat or drink. 
]jC ghard, attached, glue. 
]jC g/iarrd, bright, splendid. 
«--»];C ghurdh, a crow; a ship. 
d.**^]^ ghardmat^ mulct, fine. 
^.^jlri ghardib, wonders. 
i^j.c gharb^ the setting of the sun, 

the west. 
^jc ghurabdf the poor, stranger, 
J^^c ghirbdl, a sieve. 
,^j^ gharbi, western, westerly. 
jl^c ghurrish, roaring, thundering. 
(^jc gharaz, wish, view, design. 
(ix<J>^ gharazmand, self-interested. 
x^i^c ghargharah, gargling. 
i.Sj£ gimrfah, an upper apartment. 
Cj^ S^^^9t drowned, immersed. 
Lj^^c gharqdb, deep water. 
tSijh ghurindah, roaring, furious. 
u^5^ ghuruh, setting (the sun, &c.) 
j**c ghurury pride, arrogance. 
ijc ghurrah, the first day of the new 

moon. [stranger. 

u-*^ gharib, poor, indigent, rare, a 
jjjc gharirf simple, deceived. 
y^Si^ ghurridan, to thunder, roar. 
<-^ir^ gbarizii innate, natural. 
^iJi gliariq immersed, drowned. 
yijh. gjiireo, clamour, tumult. 
!}£ ghazd, a war against infidels. 
JI^ ghizdl, a fawn, a young deer, 
J)i ghazal, an ode. 
cL^Ull^c ghazliydt, odes. 
y^c- ghazuy making war, fighting. 
jijh ghariry copious, plentiful. 
J.4ttC ghusl, washing, bathing. 
J-uC ghust, legal purification. 
t^Kiuc ghashdwah, d I mness in the sight. 
^c^ ghashi, fainting, stupified. 
u.,^.«flc ghasb, usurpation. 

[ 131 ] 

^^c ghusn^ a branch, a twig. 
i.^ g/tnssah, affliction, displeasure, 
«^JujUac ghazarif, gristle. 
^^-^ ghazab, anger, rage. 
^U^ ghazaban, enraged. 
v^lJowac ghazabttakf passionate, rag- 
uJ^t^c ghuzrtef, a gristle. [ing. 

^aiwic ghazanfar, a lion. 
lUi gha0.r, a pardoner, forgiver. 
jjjLic ghufran, pardon, forgiveness. 
\.:^\is. ghajlat, negligence, impru- 
jykc. ghafiir, forgiving, clement, 
.jjftr ghafir, all, many. 
^}c ghitll, a chain, yoke, 
jji ^Ai7/, perfidy, treachery. 
esJLc g-Aa//a/, grain in general, [ing. 
«-«jll^ ghilaff a case, scabbard ; cover- 
iJic ghildlahy an under waistcoat. 
fie ghuldm, a slave boy. 
A^ir ghalba/t, superiority, conquest. 
kli ghalatj an error, blunder. 
^jjlklfi ghaltdn, rolling, wallowing, 
^jjkxklc ghaliidan, to tumble, to roll. 
ci^kJlc ghaltat, thickness, grossness. 
iSidc ghulghulah, tumult, clamour. 
c-alc ghalf, the prepuce. 
^UIc ghilmdn^ boys. 
aJ^c ghahUah, ball, 
aJLc ghallah^ grain in general. 
JajJc ghaliz, thick, gross ; filthy. 

•l^jJc ghilwdz, a kite. 

>c ghaniy sorrow, grief, care. 
>Ur ghamda, roof of a house. 
jUc ghammdz, a detractor, a tale- 

<^:Uc ghammdzi, slander, detraction. 

il^^ff*^ gliamkhwdry commiserating. 


^tijy^J: ghamkhordan, to commiser- 
y^'c ghamz, a signal, beckoning. 

^^«5)*^ ghammdagij affliction, sor- 

»i})*c ghatnzadah, grieved, afflicted. 

tyj: ghamzah, coquetry, ogling. 

sjXa£ ghamkadahf the mansion of 
sorrow. r^"S' 

j\.AU,t^ ghamgusdr, condoling, pity- 

^JxCx. gliamgm^ sorrowful, discon- 

^^ac ghamum, cares, anxieties. 

Uc ghandy contentment, riches. 

Ui g/iina, a song. 

-jUr ghandim, spoils, plunder, prey, 

>^^ gbunj, an amorous gesture. 

*^=^ ghunchah, a bud, blossom. 
fcVAs^ ghunjulan, to toy, to play. 

Ji ghanam^ a sheep ; plunder. 

y^ij^ic ghunudan, to slumber. 

^^jXc ghaniy rich, contented. 

*jJki ghanim, an enemy, a plunderer. 

c^Axlc ghanimatf gain, plunder; 

U^l?^ ghauwds, a diver. 

ci^i'^^ ghauwdif, extremities. 

i±>^i ghatts^ a title of Muhammadan 
saints ; the crying for assistance, 

^^ ghuchf a ram. 

&».^ ghochah, a cock's comb. 

jiji ghaur, deliberation, depth. 

lJVJ^ #^^""'''*"*^» deep research. 
»J^ ghura/if unripe grapes. 
i.hyc. ghotah, dipping, plunging, div- 
ing, a plunge. 
.^Abjc ghotahkhoVi a diver. 
U^c ghaughdj a noise, uproar. 
«,iJ^ ghauk, a frog. 
J^c ^/m/, an imaginary demon. 
t^^ ghui, disobedience. 
cijUfi ghiyds, a redresser. [sence, 
i«^ ghaib, hidden, invisible ; ab- 
C^Mc ghaibat, invisibility; slander. 
^^Ijt-^xc gfiaibdduf omniscient. 
d^-Ac g-/jai5,rain; wide-spread clouds. 
_yj;£ ghair, another, different, except, 
cy^c ghuirat, emulation, zeal. 
yj^'ya^i^c ^Aa«r/Mj5, a difFereut species. 

[ 132 ] 

jx>\^j^k ghairhaziVf absent. 

^iXsLtjiJi ghairmutndhty unlimited, 

boundless. [the husk. 

jiltjxc ghairmuqassiTf unpeeled, in 

^'iri^ ghairwaqiq, unfounded, un- 

la>c ghaiz, anger, rage. [true. 

s^yyc ghayiibf invisible. 
j^ ^^ny^i", jealous, high-minded. 

w^c ^haihabj darkness ; a foolish 

*^ fe or /, the twentieth letter of 
the Arabic, and sixteenth of the 
Persian alphabet, expressing 8 in 

^''^i fdtih, a conqueror. 

*s^U fdtihah, commencement; the 

first chapter of the Quran. 
y^Jfdtir, weak, languid. 

*SX^ fdtiky intrepid, strong. 

^Ji^ fdtin, tempted. 

jaM fdjir, an adulterer, sinner. 

%^^^ fdjirah, an adulteress. 

jA.l» fdjiOf adversity j increasing 

^j^^ fdhish, obscene, shameful. 

i-i!*^^ fdhishah, a harlot, a whore. 

i^^ fakhtahf a dove. 

js^^i fdk/iir, excellent, honourable. 
.^^9 fddih, important, difficult. 

jS^s /ddiTj aged, large, 

J<J far, a rat, mouse. 

i^J^ fdrasy Persia. 

\^J^ fdris, a horseman. 

^j*"J^ fdrsif Persian, 

^jdj^ fdrdaq, timid. 

\)^ fdrah, mice. 

^jV» fdrigh, free, at leisure, 

JWI^^U fdrighulbdl, contented, in- 
dependent, [tance. 

\jS^^^J^ fdnghkhatti, an acquit- 

dj^fdriq, distinguisiiing, deciding. 

\i)'^ij^ fdzidatij to yawn, to gape. 
^U fdsikhj a violator. 
iXaXsfdsid, vicious, corrupt, peccant. 
(j^^fdsiq, a sinner, fornicator. 
^Vi/rts/i, apparent, public. 
J^^/dsil, distinguishing; an appa- 
ilAi fdsilah, distance. [ritor, 

^^^ fdzil, learned; surplus. 
jh\Jfdtiry the creator. 
j£^ fdit, an agent, making; the 

participle active ; the nominative. 
fj^/dq, the notch of an arrow. 
ij\.i fdqahf poverty ; fast ; want, 
s^^ fdkih, fruit, 
i}^ fdl, an omen, presage. 
^^' fdlij, the palsy. 
j^^/dlgo, a diviner, soothsayer, 
ij^^ fdliq, splitting; creating. 
» jyU fdludahf smooth, clear, 
f>^ fdm, colour. 
Uli fdma, but, surely. 
{^y^^fdnus^ a shade, a lantern. 
^iU fdni, transitory, perishable. 
o\i^ fdnid, sugar. 
tiM fdidahi profit, gain, utility. 
s'x^%i^\i fdidahmand, profitable, use? 

y}-» fdiz^ overtaking, obtaining. 
(^^i fdiz, abundant, bestowing. 
i}i}' fdiq, superior, super-excellent. 
\xifabihd, well, excellent. 
\JL^ fat^ breaking, crumbling. 
^S^ fitddan, to fall. 
jisUs^/arfaA, fallen, 
^jj fathi victory ; opening. 
*s^ fat hah, the vowel point. 
{Jj)jjj fitrdk, saddle strap, 
c*^ Jitrat, languor ; intermission. 
^^f-taq, bursting; the rupture. 

'y» fitan, seditious, rebellious. 
iJli Jitnah, sedition, mutiny. 
jjJ^jIaIx* fitnahangez, a fomenter of 

disturbances, &c. 
^^y[i/a<wa, judgment, sentence. 

[ 133 ] 

\s}yxi fufutvat, generosity, liberality. 

-.yLi/M^uA, victories, conquests. 

\s>^yli futuhat, victories, conquests. 

^a.yj fatuht, a kind of jacket, 

\yij futur, languor, weakness. 

sSiXi fatUahy a match, the wick of a 

^li fata^ a youth, a boy. 

,^ fajy asperity, roughness, 

^ fajja^ unripe, raw. 

kj^aXs.' fajdjat, crudity, rawness. 
js* fajr, the morning, dawn, 

jjs» fujul^ thick, a raddish. 

^J*^ fujashj pride, haughtiness. 
jyse'fajur, adultery, lust, corruption. 

i^l^ fahhdshf wicked, pernicious. 

i^^^s* fahdvi, significations. 

^^^,i«* fuhsh^ obscenity, shameful 

lS^js^ fahivai^ signification, scope, 

tSs* fakhaz, the thigh ; a relation. 
js> fak/iVf glory, nobility. 

i^jss' fakhrt^ a kind of grape. 

Ijki fida^ sacrifice, devoting. 

t^jt^ fidwt^ a devoted servant. 

iiiyi Jidiydhy a sacrifice, ransom. 
j9 farr, pomp, splendour, glory. 

Li fard, above, upon. 

t^isj^ji fardpeshj before, anterior. 

i£i]js fardt, the river Euphrates. 

^^fi fardkh, wide, large, plentiful. 

^lsJ\ji fdrdkhtan, to exalt, to extol. 

,^^L» fardkhuri, pleasant counte- 

ty^]ji fardkhur^ worthy, fit. [nance. 

^a^l^ fardkhij abundance, cheap- 
ness, plenty. 
jjii.r^ furdkhiz, the tottering pace 
of infants or drunken men. 

]Sjji farddan, separately. 
^^ Jirdr^ flight, desertion. 

y^i^^^ji fardrastdan, to arrive. 

^t^JjJi fqrdraftan, to go, to proceed, 

t^jijl;' furdravif progress. 

lsJj^ firdri, a runaway, deserter. 

j)ji/ardZi exalting, high. 
\S)^j» fardzi^ exaltation, highness. 
^>)iijl;i fardzduTif to open, to discover. 
iJj;]^ fardzindah, a raiser, planter. 
y^iXij]ji fardzidattf to erect. 
^»^Au\ji /irdsat, sagacity, penetration, 
tJiJyMj]j3 fardsatukf a swallow. 
^]^ fardsh, a butterfly, moth. 
^)ji farrdsh, a servant who cleans 

the shades, &c. 
JUiV^ fardghbdl^ tranquillity. 
\jL0^]ji fardghat, leisure, ease, 
j]^ firdg, separation, absence. 
^y*)ji fardmush, forgetful, 
^-ij-*!^' fardmushi, forgetfulness, 
^^diJ<ye]js fardmushidan, to forget, 
e/**!;* fordman, mandates, orders. 
d'^^l;* fcirdnamudan, to show, to 

^^jifirdwdn^ much, abundant. 
j*Aj;i/ara/iam, collection, contraction. 
i^}ja fardid, individual. 
{Jo^}ji fardizy the divine precept, 
8-iji farbihf fat, corpulent. 
^y^ji farbihij fatness, plumpness. 
UJ;J fartandy a maid servant, 
P^ fartuty a decrepit old man. 
yLtji fars, splitting, loosing. 
'^j* farj, pudenda mulieris, 
^y f^^^ji joy> comfort. 
sj:^^^ farjaty dispelling grief. 
I»^i farjdrriy end, conclusion, issue, 
'Tj' farah, gladness, joy. 
(jJUa^ farahndg, joy fulness. 
^y farrukh, happy, fortunate. 
^ii^ji farkhundagly happiness, 

ntyjJiyifarkhundah, happy, fortunate. 
JUstUiyi farkhundahmdlf happy 

J^^ji farrukhnihddy happy disposi- 
^^ji farrukhi, prosperity, [tion. 
•5^ fardy a list, single, one. 
]iji farddy to-morrow. 

[ 134 1 

^j^S firdaus, a garden, paradise. 

M\\j9far%dm, M-orthy, suiting. 

i»j';r*/«»"2flw, "1.1 

^^M . ,. / ' >- wisdom, science 

Aih y farzanah, learned, wise. [ter. 
ji.^i farzaiid, a child, son or daugh- 
KS]f farzi, a prime minister; the 

queen at chess. 
yj^jifctras, a horse; a knight at chess, 
^ii\jj*iJ firastadan, to send. 

iSS^ji far sang, a parasang, a league. 

^^dyMtji farsiidan, to rub, erase, ob- 

tiyt^ji farsiidahf torn, worn. 

^ji farsh, a bed, carpet, cushion. 

iSXji firishtah^ an angel, Prophet. 

f^y faras, cutting, tearing. 

yji^^y funat, opportunity, leisure. 

fjeji farZf a positive duty, 

hjsfart, plenty, superfluity, 

yjMeiy furtas, broad, 

9j'farq^ a branch. 

^y£JS farqlf a young hyena. 

^ycy firqun, Pharaoh. 

^^Cji farqi, derivation, production. 

(J^cJ farghai, delay, dilatoriness. 
jijs/arfarj hurry, expedition. 

^\jyfurgd72, the Quran, 

s^'ifi furgat, separation, 

^^)SJi farqaddn, two stars near the 
pole, the greater and lesser 
Bears. [p^ny- 

tjjifirqah, a sect, tribe, troop, coni- 

^jJi^j furkandan, to destroy, to dig. 

y^js farma, commanding, ruler. 

^^Lcji farmdn, a mandate, order. 

d^'^yd^* f^^^ati rawdydn^ mo- 
narchs. [sion. 

^jSjU^ farmdishy an order, commis- 

\^dy«ji farmtidan,to command, order. 

cSijS farang, a European, a Frank. 

y^^d^Siji farangistdtif Europe, 

i^^y farangi, a European. 

^ faroj below, downward. 

Jiyyi farotaVy lower, inferior. 

^ijijji farotaririy lowest. 

ij^)^ farotan, humble, submissive. 

^i^jji faroianiy humility, lowliness, 

ij^-^j^ farokht, sale. 

f^y^>iji farokhtan, to sell. 

ijjf farod, underneath, down. 

it£,^M,d jfji farodast, inferiov, powerless. 

i^ii^ji farodgdh, a halting place. 

yJ'A)i^ farwardin, the first Persian 
month, (March.) 

jjji faroZi kindling, inflaming. 

V./'Jtr* faroshy selling; a seller, 

%,^>J*>^ji faroshindahy a seller. 

Q^yfarogh, splendour, brightness. 

\,jL^^^:i^faroguzdsht, relinquished ; 

^^^)t^^* faroguzdshtan, to quit, to 

^i-'i^^ji farokoftan^ to knock down; 
to bruise. 

^i^^^jsfaromdndagij helplessness ; 
" indigence. 

^6S^jfjifaromdndaii, to be distressed, 

tiSi^^jfjs faromdtidah, tired, dejected, 

J^^jfji faromdigdn, base people. 

f-i^^ faromdi/ahf mean, worthless. 

ilS^itjS farhang , science ; a dictionary, 

j^^JA^/aroAawrt^i, a preceptor, a tu- 

%j» farah^ brisk, active; saucy, [tor. 

ilssi^ji farhekhtahf polite, well edu- 

iSlft^j far had, name of a celebrated 
Persian statuary ; a cutter of 

dJtji farhad, a handsome youth, 

sSjf fart, cutting, cleaving. 

jb^/an/arf, lamentation, cry for help. 

{^jii^->^s fari/ddras, a redresser of 

^ifjd^^ faryddrasi, redress of griev- 
ances, [tiff. 

\^S^js faryddi, complainant, piain- 

Smm^^^farehf deceit, fraud. 

[ 135 J 

tiylxiji farehindah, a cheat. 
tiJ^ /arid, single, unique. 
ii-o^ farisahf a lion's prey. 
*-flj^' farizahy an ordinance of God. 
^^^Jfareftan, to seduce, to deceive. 
ijAiji fareftah, deceived, enamoured. 
(jiji fartq, a troop, corps. 
yyi faza, increasing, augmenting. 
9y» faza, fear, flying in terror. 
^^^yji fazudan, to augment, 
^yi fazun, increased, more. 
^Jyji fazuni, augmentation. 
^lu^ /asddf depravity, iniquity. 
^.jUJ fasddi, quarrelsome. 
^jU*i fasdn, a whetstone. 
AJluJ Jisanah, a fable, story. 
jfXaJ fistaq, pistachio ; a pine tree. 
C2^3r'^/a5a^a^,largenese, amplitude. 
^mJ faskh, fracture, violation. 
jMtJ fasar, explanation, interpreta- 
^?j^i fusurdagt, congelation. 
^^^jM-i fasurda7i, to congeal. 
(j^ fisq, iniquity, sin. 
iamj fisqah, sinners. 
^^yuuJfasw^, incantation. 
^ii^J fasih, ample, capacious. 
^J,JiJ Jishm, scattering, shedding. 
^jjJUx'J fishandan, to scatter. 
^CjjJli^i fashurdaUi to squeeze. 
fja'i fas, the bezil of a ring. 
C^aXas fasahat, eloquence, 
^\^aJ fassad, a bleeder, 
axai fasd, bleeding, opening a vein. 
fj-^fasl, a section ; season ; distinc- 
J^^ fasul, sections. [tion. 

^y^i fasihy eloquent. 
J.x^i fasH, a rampart, breastwork. 
Lai fazd, a plain, area. 
cus^Lai fazdhat, disgrace, ignominy. 
^Ua* fazdihf disgraces. 
tjj}-^i fazdil, virtues, excellencies. 
J«ai/o«/, excellence, virtue, favour. 
hoi fuzaldj learned men, doctors. 

i^LfhaJ fuzldtf redundancies. [cy. 
i^i fuzlah, a remainder, redundan- 
fj^^ faziit, extravagant, profuse. 
^y^i fnzuli, excess. 
A.«a» fizzah, silver. 

yjl^ssiy^ fazthat, ignominy, disgrace. 
i^jox^aifaziz, fresh or flowing water. 
yjL^^ir^ faztlatf excellence, perfec- 
^Uai fitdr, split, cracked, [tion. 

I»liai jitdmi to wean. 
jia.i fitar, breaking (a fast.) 
cy^ia* fitrat, nature ; trick. 
\JL^)a.s fitnat, sagacity, wisdom, 
^Ji^ fitaji, comprehending. 
j*)^i fattr, an unleavened mass or 
^fazz, inhumanity. [paste. 

OsiUai fizaat, disagreeableness. 
jiiai/azia, shameful (affair). 
ij^Jidly doer, agent. 
^J^ fighdriy lamentation. 
(*■* fO'S^o,i^i snufiing up perfume. 
cUi fiqda, breaking wind. 
,^faqah, first opening the eyes. 
kXai faqd, certainly ; only. 
^]6Ai fuqddrif deprivation, loss, 
j&i faqr, poverty, indigence. [pie. 
Lii/uyara, the poor, the common peo- 
a^.jfis faqar o fdqah, poverty and 

%j&»fiqrahi ^ ^'"^j ^ sentence. 
iioifaqat, only, merely, no more. 
i^aifiqah, knowledge of religion and 

law. [nity. 

A^ fuqhd, doctors of law and divi- 
j^ faqtr, a poor man, a beggar. 
sj]j^ faqirdnah, poorly, beggarly, 
<SjiA^ fdqirij poverty, indigence, 
ssai faqihj a theologian, 
J^figdvy afflicted, distracted, 
y^^^\lX» fakhqldf the upper jaw. 
J^I<wJU fakkasfal, the lower jaw. 
yl)^i fakdk, a pawn, a pledge, 
y^'Qfikdk, any thing which redeeois 

a pledge. 

C 136 ] 

Jij fikr, thought, reflection. 
tis^ji^ fikrmand, sorrowful. 
\,^>-^ fiknatf repentance, penitence. 
^JlvX» figandan, to throw down, to 
s^Ayi-i fakaifa, why then ? [overset. 
J^ fi90''''f galled, wounded. 
^Xi falah^ prosperity, happiness. 
^Xi ftllahf a husbandman, gardener. 
\ji,^A.tifaldhatf agriculture. 
f^^i faldkhan, a sling. 
AA***^ faldsifah, philosophers. 
^^hfaldkaty adversity, misfortune. 
^i)^ faldn^ such a one. 
^iH^falat, an escape, liberation, 
^i^ falih^ lock, ring of a door. 
jiij^iizz, metal. 
c5^ filizzi, metallic. 
i^ falas, a small copper coin. 
^jjj ^las, the scale of a fish, 
tSLaJS falsifahy philosophy. 
JaI» filfil, pepper. 
i^JJj falak, the sky, heaven. 
tgiSi falaki, heavenly, celestial. 
tfu^ fuluSf small copper coin. 
]<i^\j falihdza^ therefore. 
j^s famm, the mouth. 
itijtyo *i fammimiadah jthe mouth of the 
^fantij science, art. [stomach. 

[jjfand, mortality, frailty, 
^jatii fandpazir, transitory, frail. 
^S^ fanddqy a cash book. 
^jd^-ifinduqi a filbert nut. 
^XttJJ jii finduqisim, stars. 
^"iXi fanldn^ a falsehood, a lie. 
^yjfandd, confidence, faith, 
i^yi fanus, a pharos, a lantern. 
^jjJ funun, sciences, arts. 
yfUf the mouth. 
\si)ysfawdt, dying, passing away. 
\J*^]y' fawdhish, shameful things. 
%j]^ fawdrrahy a fountain, spring. 
iS^)yi fatudzil, learned men. 
fj^^j^ fo-wdq^ the hiccough, the last 
*S]y fawdlfih, fruits. [breathing. 

^i]yi faivdih, odours, 

iSiJ^/awdid, advantages. 

\s>yi faut, death ; elapsing. 

'^yfauj'f an army, a body of men, 

<:\^^^y faujddr^ an officer of the po- 
lice so called, a magistrate. 

tj^lj.^y faujddri, the jurisdiction 

of a faujdar. 
jyi faur, haste, celerity. 
jf fauz, victory ; escape ; safety. 

f^^yi fauziy equals, without a chief. 

k)oys fotahy a bag ; the testicle ; tax, 
revenue ; a purse. 

Jj»j.i faufal^ betelnut. 

^^yi fauq, a bow. 

^^y» fauqdnif superior, supreme. 

^"iysfuldd, steel. 

\^Si^ fulddi, of steel. 

tl^i Jalihdm, very learned. 

jyi/a/^o^, a panther. [logue, 

Li^*«^ fihrisf, an index; list, cata- 

j^s fahm, understanding, intellect. 

^ JjJUyi fahmdnidaii, to inform, ex- 

^^^x*^ fahmidan, to understand, 

My^ fahum, intellects. 

^i faliiin, learned, intelligent. 
J /?, into, among. 

U^^' fo'ydz, liberal. 

iX^s^^^i filjumlah, summarily. 

fjl^ss^i^ filhdlf instantly. 

tJlJI^i filmasaly as for example. 

Cf'-^'v^ fi^'^^^lii verily, in truth. 

uyJ firoz, victorious, fortunate. 

i^y^jjjiii firozmand, victorious. 

^^tix^j_^ Jirozmatidif victory. 

Tijyjyi Jiroza^j a turkois stone. 

\^jijb^ firoziy victory, conquest, 

J-iajji faisalf decision, decree. 

tLaiJ /ae«a/oA, settlement; a decree. 

j^jJ faiz, bounty ; plenty. 

Jx» fiif an elephant. 

^j^UJUJ filbdn, an elephant-driver, 

i^yMiXiJ failstif, a philosopher. 

L 137 ] 

hj^J^xifilmurgh, a turkey. 

^^.Uxs filmdbam, between, recipro- 

^J<■o^yi fiman, a compact, ag^reenient. 
i..u>siiJ finafsih^ personally. 
{joy^i faiyuz^ bounties, 
cyl^^i fait/uzat, inundation, over- 

^ifiiijihajf wine ; a wine measure. 


^J gafov g, the twenty-first letter of 
the Arabic alphabet ; it does not 
occur in Persian, and in rec- 
koning by ahjad expresses one 

{jai}S qabiz, a seizer; an astringent. 

^ qdbia^ short-winded, breathing 
hard. ' 

Jj^ qdbil, skilful, capable. 

yjl^Uyi qdbilat, the next night. 

«L(J» qabilah, a midwife. 

e^jjLUi qdbiliyat, capacity, skill. 

yS' qdbu, opportunity, power. 

jy}^ qdbur, a portico ; a pent-house. 

t^^UJ qdbus, a handsome man. 

JjQ» qdtil, killer; deadly. 

j*i\j qddir, potent, powerful, 

-j*.i5lS qddis, a large shi[). 

xjjn'.i qdrurah, urinal ; glass. 

jc,V> qdri^ a reader. 

dj>/^ ^rarMM, Korah, whom the Mu- 
hammadans describe as the cou- 
sin of Moses. 

jU» qdz, a goose. 

jjuXi qdsir, unwilling; violent. 

**"'* qdshn, a distributer, divider. 

,iU» qdsh, a slice (of fruit.) 

♦-115 qdslm\ excoriating the skin. 

a^ )» qdsidf a courier, messenger. 

j^^'i qasiVf failing in duty. 

w-«*^* qdzib^ sharp. 

^^'i'^ qdzi, a cazee or judge. 

^^5 qdiia, cutting ; definitive. 

(j.ij^)^'^9 qdtiuttariq, a highway 

^^Jsl.5 qdlhij an inhabitant. 

v«.^cl5 qdib, a howling wolf. 

jc'JJ qdid, sitting, sedentary. 

^i^cKi qdidah, a rule, custom. 

»— acl5 qdif, rain, a torrent, deluge. 

« 9'-J» qdf, a fabulous mountain. 

aU U» qdfilahi a body of travellers, a 

AAi^ qdjiah, rhyme, cadence. 

AliU qdqulah, cardamums. 

^^'i qdqum, the ermine. 

J^ qdl, a word, a saying. 

J^ qdla, he spoke. 

u^^ qdlab, a mould, form, body. 

^^9 qdl't^ a large carpet. 

&S" Ul qdlic/iafi, a small carpet. 

\JL^^^ qdmat, the stature, form, 

j/*^ qdmidf subduing; a conqueror. 

[^T*^ 7rtwiws, the ocean ; the name 
• of an Arabic lexicon. 

cIp^IS qdnat, obedient to God. 

4>ai^ qdnas, a hunter; prey, game, 

iaj ^ qd7iaf, desperate. 

jilS qdnif contented, satisfied. 

^^ qdnim, corrupted, rotten (nut). 

yjyiUi qdnwtf a canon, rule. 

»15 qdhf obedience; dignity, power. 

jH^ qdhir, subduing, violent, forci- 

^aU qdhi, quick, ready ; affluent, 

t>j^ qdid, a commander, a governor. 

uJbUI qdify a fortune-teller, skilled 
in signs. 

^}i^ qdil, speaking, speaker. 

fj^ qdim, standing, durable, firm. 

/tU^-j'i qdimmaqdm, a vicegerent. 

u-^J» qubb, a king, a general, a chief. 

UJi qabd, a vest, upper garment. 

t_jUS qabdb, towers, vaults, cupolas. 

A*-U'> qabdchah, a little tunic, [ty. 

C^d'^j' qabdhat, baseness, deform i- 

[ 138 ] 

ih-Ia5 qahdsf the sun. 
aJUS qibalah^ a contract, deed, bill 
of sale. [gale. 

*IUi' qahalah, security; morning 

^US qnbdih, crime, enormities. 

J^jUJJ qabdilf tribes, families. 
^^ qaisar, vile, mean, abject. 

^jS qubih, bareness, deformity. 
jsi qabr a tomb, grave. 

^iL^'i qabristm, a burying ground. 
jy*'-'^* qnbsur, having no menses (a 

caoJJ» qahz^ taking, seizing, capture, 

^}y^y^^„;cSi qabzulwasulj a receipt, a 

l^'s qabzah, a handful, fist, 

t)-»J» 7fl/>/, before, prior. 

tXij qibluh, that part to which peo- 
ple direct their face in prayer ; 

*1>J» qulluh^ a kiss. 

Ui*Ul» qiblahnuma, the mariner's 
jy¥ ^iibur, tombs. [compass. 

J^-y qiihul, consent, acceptance. 

^qulbahf a vault; arch ; ball. 

i^]^^j^ qubiah, a bubble of water. 

ijijj^^ qubbiazarrin, the sun ; the 

<fi^* qabih, deformed, ugly. 

aJLjJ» qabilahj a tribe, a family. 

Jlij» qital, a battle, slaughter. 

i^>x> qatl, slaughter, killing. 

»lf JiS qatlgdhf the seat of carnage. 

J.uJ> qatil, killed, murdered, 

ixs' qahbah, a prostitute, a courte- 

ts* qahat, drought, famine, [zan. 

Jl-A<las* qahatsdl, a famine, a barren 

»»jus* qahaf, the skull. [year. 

jjs^ qahuzj falling down as dead. 

Jys:^ ^o/iz^/, becoming dry, withered. 

tH qad, stature; certainly. 

k-J'*i5 qaddf, a dish, an earthen ewer. 

Jji5 qiiddm, ancient, anterior, prior. 

jtlfckj qadddm, a king, a leader. 

d^^IjJI qaddmnf, priority. 

-.aS qndah, a cup, goblet. 
ySf qadar, rank, quality. 

0;t>J» qudrat^ ability, capacity. 

^\Si qadre, somewhat, a little. 

y^J^ quds, sanctity, holiness. 

I»j5 qadam, a foot, pace. 

C/e Si qudamd, the ancients. 

T(!€.yosi qadamsdh, the place of arrival, 

iy*)S» quddus, pure, holy. 

lJ"^^^ qadwi, rectitude. 

jrj'iJ' qadum, arrival. 

«;4^ qidivah, a leader, chief. 

*^ 4^5 qadid, dried, shrunk. 

ji^i qadir, powerful, efficient. 

^iS» qadim, ancient, old, former. 

eyijidil qazdzdt, a shred, scraping, 

I — 9j;«J^ qazruf, vice. [chip. 

pJJ» quza, obscenity, turpitude. 
ji qb\ an ape, monkey. 

^5^j» qard^ villages. 

yy^Lj qirdat^ reading justly (especi- 
ally the Quran). 

sJUj]^ qardbat, relationship, alliance. 

ajL5 qardbah, a large glass-bottle. 

.LS qardr, promise, rest. 

»5ljj|;.* qardrddd, agreement. 

A^IJ qurdshuhj a fever in which the 
hair stands on end. 

3j>^jj qirdzah, a fragment (of gold). 

isl J qai'dtf the snuff of a caudle. 

c ! Js qarra, hard, firm ; a kind of 
bird. [podex. 

\j:^c)j» qarrdatf scarcity of pasture ; 

y^Wi qurdrij the Quran. 

^^]^ qirdiif conjunction, contiguity. 

<Jj]/ qardwal, picquets, outguards. 

Lj>J> qurb, propinquity, kindred. 

\jj9 qurbd^ relations. 

^U^ qurbdfi, a sacrifice, victim, 

iHilj J» qurbdngdh^ an altar. 

ci^j^ qurbat, aflSnity, familiarity. 

«jyii qirbah, a leather bag for water 
oil, &c. 

[ 139 ] 

1^5 qurraf, liistre of the eyes. 
^y qurah, a wound, a scar. 
iA-j» qarhahf a sore. 
«3^ qird, monkey, baboon. 
^j^j^ qars, being very cold, freezing. 
{J^j^ qarshf collectinii;', gaining. 
(^Ji qurs, a cake, wafer. 
^^u.yM>(je>jS qitrssifuhiy the moon. 
(joji qurz, debt, a loan. 
%]j^fjcj5 qarzkhwah, a creditor. 
Ji<i^jcJ» qarzcldr, a debtor. 
^^\.]oJ qirtds, paper. 
Kb;j» qurtat, packsaddle. 
4^is^5 qurtaf, seed of the ash-tree. 
^]oji quriani, bastard saffron. 
c y qurq, a gourd. 
AC J qurq/i, a lot, chance. 
i^jj qurof, bark of a certain tree, 
^,ji qurq, sequestration ; control. 
i^MjjJ qirqusahy cassia lignea. 
j^J qirmiz, kermes used in dyeing. 
/J^yy*^ qirm'iz^ringi, cochineal. 
y_S'y<Sqirnnzi, scarlet, crimson, 
^o^ qararif'A horn, a period of three 
jAi;S qaranful, cloves. [years. 

isjIj;* qariydt^ villages. 

wJ»J» ^arift, near about, kin. 

^^jio J» qureshy a noble family in Ara- 

^jiy qarin, connected, joined. 

«-u ,5 qarviah, conjecture ; context. 

AiJ qnriyah, a village. 

y quz, coarse, raw silk. 

^J]y quzaq, a highway robber. 

t^y'i qazahi satan. 

{^^^y quzalhash, the Persian sect of 

«yjV*iJi qasdtvat^ hardness, (Ali. 

)aM.'i qist^SL division ; instalment. 

IsmJ qust, custus. 

i^jlJa^iJ qiftbandi, a settlement by 

«<wi qism, a kind ; share. 

fM>^ qasantf an oath. 

c:^*-tu]f qistnat, fate, share. 

K-9y^ qasuh, robust, thick-necked. 
j^ qishar, bark of any tree, husk. 

^*^ qas/iq, throwing down, prostrat- 

i— a^» qashaff squalidness, scurf. 

«>ii qis, shaving, shearing. 

^jLo* qassdb, a butcher. 
ji>af qasdr, the end, termination. 

(^UaJl qisds, the law of retaliation. 

iX)Laj qasdidf elegies. 

^*_^^ qasab, a reed, pen. 

izAy^ qasbdfy towns. 

ix^ qasbah^ a town, small city. 

*x^ qasd, intention, attempt, 
j^ qtisr, a palace ; deficiency, 

(„^fl^ qasis, histories, fables. 

^^^'^^ qaswi, the extremity, boun- 

i^'» qasur, failure, deficiency. 

A^ qissa/i, a history, tale. 

^jji^iw&wai qissahkkwdn, a story-teller. 

iJoj^oi qasidah, an elegy, a long ode. 
j*:^ 9osir, short, difective. 

L«aS 7«art, decree; omitted (duty); 
death ; fate. 

izt^^ quzzdt, cazies, judges. 

OJ>;Ual» qazd o qadr, fate and desti- 

IjLa5 qazdyd, affairs. [ny. 

^j^lxioS qazbdtif branches, boughs. 

^„.^x^ quziq^ a branch ; penis. 

c^ix^ qaziz, crack, large gravel, 

c-aj^.<a'« qazif, slender. 

j^^ qazim, a white skin on which 
they write ; barley given to 

AxioS qaztyah, a dispute, a proposi- 
tion, [fifeon. 

UaU qatd^ a bird of the shape of a pi- 

«_»Ua5 quttdby collecting, mixing. 

.Ik5 qatdr, a row, rank. 

^«*UajJ qiitqs, the mountain cow, 

^jj ykJIcUoi 5M/oa^<arigf,highwaymen. 

ii^iUsJi quldf, the vintage. 

L 140 I 

c^]o5 qutabf the polar star, pole, &c. 

Jki qutr, a dianuter line. 

cy)^ qatrdt, drops. 

y^^JlaS qatrdn^ dropping, distilling. 

r^ixa qatrah, one drop. 

^iaS qata, cutting. 

UkS qatqan, never, by no means. 

JaijkU qatqnazary passing over, 

A*la5 qatqhf piece ; stroplie. 

tJJaJ qataf, a vestige, a cicatrice. 
kS 9M?7/, cotton. 

^j^j q-a^J??, servants. 

j».» qqr, the bottom, or depth. 

\sij qafd, the nape of the neck. 

^^^'» qafas, dying ; seizing by the 

(^^ qafas, of net work ; a cage. 

J^ qufl^ a lock. 

jysa qafur, name of a herb. 

uAS qafiz^ a measure, weight. 

i^Jujfti* qaftfy shrivelling, drying. 

JjkA* qafil, dry, (skin, wood, &c.) 

^^x&i quqnus, the phoenix. 

J.» qui, a hair, a silk thread. 

c->5f* qulldb, a hook. 

^jiXil qalldsh, cunning, crafty. 

cXji quldq, castles. 

■Lu.-t« qo/6, the heart; centre; in- 
version ; base coin. 

uJj^ qulbah, a plough. 

JijSjSf qulbahrdn, a ploughman. 

^aU qalbi, hearty, cordial. 

yji^is qillat, scarcity, want. 

ijl..l5 qullat, saxifrage. 

^j^IaUlS qallatbdn, a pimp, a procurer. 

fi^j qulzam, a sea in general. 

jlS qa/a, extraction, pulling up. 

&«ij» qilqh, a fort, castle. 

^*lJ» qalqif tin. 

^li* qalaq^ tottering, disquietude. 

|ii* qalam, a pen, a reed, 

s^h^^f^ qaiamtards/t, a penknife. 

^Id«ii qalamddn, a pen case, ink- 

^(ixiiSj^A'i qnlamdarkashtdarif to ob- 
literate, to efface. 

^*i> qalamrau, jurisdiction, empire. 

^j^iS qalamzan, a scribe. 

^I^J.» qalanikdr, a painter, limner, 

i^^yoJil qalammue^'A hair pencil. 

^cAiA^i qalandar, a kind of monk. 

yj» ?«/«, trying. 

^jyl* qulubf hearts. 

*^ qullah, top, summit. 

4^15 q?</i, a kind of soap ashes. 

JwjJjJ ^a/i/. few, little. 

^jjUlS qaliyduj, a pipe for smoking 

<UlJ» qaliyafi, a stew, curry, [tobacco. 

^IaS qiyndr, dice or any game of ha- 

j^i.UU5 qimdrbdkhtan, to game. 

rUUS q mar 6 rtis, a gamester. 

^^CX*j qimdsh, piece goods. 

J.A.S qamar, the moon. 

,cy*i» qamrtf lunar, 

^_f;Ji qumari, a ring-dove. 

»*ij q-ma, bruising. 

Jw«5 qumalf a louse, 

(^Jja5 qamis, a shirt. 

v:ylji5 qa/m^, the walls of a tent. 

JjjUJ qanadil, chandeliers ; candles. 

c^c'J'* qandqt, content, abstinence. 

i«i-Jj> qamb, hemp. 

jjSi qambaVf a name of Ali. 

(^xi qaridf sugarcandy. 

JotiiS qandil, a candle. 

isjiS qunut, despair, hopelessness. 

iy qaivd, powers, facnlties. 

tXcIji qawdidf rules, customs, 

fj]jj qauwdlfas'ingev. 

/«'^5 qawdm, pillar, support, 

^jJIy qawdnin, canons, regulations. 

^Jy qaivdim^ pillars. 

cij^i qut, aliment, food. 

cyy quwat, strength, power. 
jy.» qur, riband, tape. 

*il^^i qurkhdndhf an arsenal. 

^^y ?au«, a bo\v, Sagittarius. 

[ HI J 

^ y^\^^ gittts i qnzah^ the rainbow. 

Jy qaul, saying, speech. 

i^\My> qnutnatuah, a treaty. 

^'^* qulanj, the cholic, 

fji qnum, a tribe, nation. 

ury qawi, strong, robust, 

*jy» qawhn, valiant, brave. 
jifi qahr^ rage, fury. 
ji^ qah/idr, powerful ; avenger. 

AyAy* qn/iqaha/tj loud laughter. 

ir'^t* ^a^ws, handsome J tall, 

Vv^ ya/itt/tt/i, coflee. 

^^* yai, vomiting. 

\^'^ y;yas, conjecture, guess, 

^*«ljjl qiyasi, conjectural. 

AiUS qiyafah, countenance. 

iXyi qiynm, standing, permanence. 

Ci-^s^^^S qiydmat, the resurrection. 

L^Jjiil joi</i, a captive, prisoner. 
jii qir^ a kind of p4tch. 

)oj^ qirat, a carrot, gold weight. 

^^^JjS ya/5, comparing. 

..AxS qai.sar, Caesar, or emperor. 

lajJJ <jia/z, midsummer. 

ci^ju* 9ij/a<, plain ground, 

JIajJj qaifdl, the cephalic vein. 

jjj5 ^ly, foolish, giddy, clucking 
like a hen. 

Ji3 qil, speech, saying. 

JlS.JoJi <^{/ o 7a/, conversation. 

*jyU)> qailulah, sleeping at midday. 

O^ qimat, price, value. 

X^jjS qiniati, valuable, precious. 

*X6,5 qimahy minced meat. 

^yij qai/ud, stipulation. 

ff^j qayunif eternal. 


kD ke, kaf or k, the twenty-second 
letter of the Arabic, and seven- 
teenth of the Persian alphabet. 
In arithmetic it expresses 20, 

<jj added to Persian nouns, forms 
a diminutive J as, '-^»*J a little 

^Jl^^kahit^ melancholy, disconsolate. 

f>jh}^ kdhtarah^ foolish discourse. 

!j}^ kabir, great, glorious. 

y^y}^ kdhusy nightmare. 

^jkM kab'in, a marriage settlement. 

v»JI^ kdlib, a writer, scribe. 

t>^^ kdchali^ the chin; grief. 

^^ kali^ the side of a mountain. 

ijAsJ^ kdhisj striking with the feet. 

^1^ kdkh^ an edifice. 

\^d^kdzih, a liar, impostor. 

)^ kdr^ business, work. 

•^^'J^ kdrdgdhy skilful. 

^^'y^\J^ kdrdmadani, useful. 
j'^Jij^ ^drpai'ddz, a manager. 

*i^^^!^ kdrkhduah, a workhouse. 

'^J6 kdrd, a knife. 

jj^ kdrZi a preacher, a public cryer. 

j^jj^ kdrzdr, battle, conflict. 

^^LLi,!^ kdrshindsy a man of busi- 
ness, skilful. 

\^jij^ kdrfarmdy a minister, ruler, 
j^Sij^ kdrguzdr, discharging dtity, 
^J^ kdrgar^ effectual, effective, 

^^j€ kdrkun^ a director, a record- 
keeper, the register of a Zamindar. 

yj^^j^ kdrwdfiy a caravan. 

\^[;^J^jJ^ kdrivdiisardf a public 
building for the reception of ca- 
j'^jjfj^ kdro hdvy negotiation, business. 

s^^jjj^ kdr o hdriy a trader, a trans- 
acter of business. 

y^(ii<^ kdridan, to sow seed. 

V)l^ kdriz, a canal for watering 

ground, [man. 

j^j^ kdi'igar, an artificer, a work- 

j\^ kdz, shears, scissars; the branch 
of a tree. 

'^ kdsib, a receiver, gainer, ac- 

[ 142 ] 

U>mI^ kast^ diminution. 

^J^^ kastan^ to decrease, 

txJ^ kdsid, deficient ; not current. 
jj^^ kdsir, a brealter. [tion. 

i^*iM kdsiff a person in a bad situa- 

^Xy.^ kds7ti, endive, white succory. 

aJ^ kdsahf a cup, goblet. 
jAuijuXkasaesaVy the skuH. [Heaven! 

[^^ kdsh, would to God 1 I wish to 

AJliJ^ kdshdnahf a bird's nest; a 
house, a hall. [the land. 

^LjU^ kdshtan, to sow, to cultivate 

^^ kdshihf a secret enemy, dissem- 
bling foe. 

«^Juil^ kdshifj a detecter, discoverer, 

Joi^ kdzim, one who restrains anger. 

iic^ kdghaZf paper ; a letter, 

^\~:ti>c^ kdghazbdd, II paper Kite. 
j-tXcl^ kdg/tazzar, gold leaf. 

^.^^jil^ kdg/iazwasli, pasteboard. 

^^1^ kaftan, to dig ; to split. 
ji'^ kdji)\ an infidel, unbeliever. 

Vi£^vAJ»j^l^ A:rt/?r?immtt^, unthankful for 
benefits, ungrateful. 

J-it^ lidjily a sponsor, surety. 
jyi^ kdfuTy camphire. 

<Sjy>^ kdfuri, title of a eunuch ; 

i^i^kdfahy all, the whole. 

^^\»'j'^ kdff'ahdndmy all mankind, the 

^^I^Aca/«, sufficient, enough. 

^^kdk, biscuit. 

iji^ kdkul, a curl, lock, ringlet. 

,fi^^ kdkunj, a species of nightshade. 

3I(^ Art/a, things, necessaries, goods. 

JoJl^ kdlbud, the human body, form, 

figure ; mould. 
j^iSjJ^ kdlhudgar, a sculptor, 

^l^A;a/?A, hideous ; adverse (fortune). 

fi^ kdniy desire, wish; the palate. 
^*l^ kdmjoy seeking enjoyment. 

y^)j^^ kdmrdti, happiness^ felicity, 

^)j^^ kdmrdni, felicity, fruition. 

]^jy^^ kdmraivdy enjoying, gratified. 

J^\^ kdmily perfect, entire, 

d^fi^ kdmndkdm, willing, or unwil- 
ling, [den. 

^j^lS" kdmin, who is concealed, hid- 

»-->Uxl^ kdmiydhy gratified, prospe- 

^\x>«^ kdmydhiy fruition, prosperity. 

Jl^ kdn, a mine, quarry. [place. 

^y^^ kdiiwif a chaffing dish, fire- 
^^5! kanun ul dkhir, a Syrian month, 

OjV^yi^ kdnwi ul au'at, a Syrian 
month, (December.) 

tgi^ kdrii, mineral. 

j^ kdo, digging, hollowing out. 

{J^]j\^ kdwdk, a hollow thing, cavity, 

(^^^ kdwish, digging ; meditating. 

^^ti>}j^ kdtvidan,to dig. [king. 

i^jj^ kdivuSf pure, clean; name of a 

t>^ kdh, straM'. 

^UaI^ kdhbd?i, stubble, a stubble 

^jtJtisfAraA/s/^, diminution. [field» 

jijit^ kdhriZy straws, dust. 

Jjbl^ kdhily slothful, lazy, sick, 
lal^ kdhiliy sloth, indolence. 

^^ kdhitiy a soothsayer, an astro- 
loger, priest, [lettuce. 

ybl^ kahu, the name of a vegetable, 

^ji]^ kdyiUy being, existing, a crea- 
t u re. 

cjUo^ kdindt, creatures, beings, 

c-^ kab, overthrowing, inverting. 

v_>^i kabdby roasted meat, 

iAjS kabdbahy cubebs. 

jU^ kabddy the disease of the liver. 

JoS kibdvy grandees, nobles. 

fXiS kabid, the liver, the heart. 

{„&^jS kalis, hard ; corrupted. 

j^ kibr, nobility, pomp, pride. 

\jiS kubrdy great men, grandees. 

0^^ kibriydy grandeur, power ; a 
name of God. 

[ 143 J 

sJ^jJ^ kibriif sulphur. 

\ZXi6kahk, a species of partridge. 

iJjS habal, u large chain, or fetter. 

jSjjS kabutar, a pigeon. 

0^ kabiid, blue, azure. 

i,yS kubbahy a cupping-glass, 

^^gJkS kabbif an ape, monkey. 
jyjS kabir, great, large. 

AM<x>i kabisd, intercalary. 

LjUi kitdb^ a book, letter, epistle. 

ojlii^ kitdbaty writing, inscription. 

%j\jS katdrah, a dagger. 

yJoSkaldiiy linseed ; linen. 

w.1^ kutub, books. 

^L^u^^ kutubkhdnah, a library. 

liXs^ katkhudd, the master of a fa- 
mily, bridegroom. 
i^Us^ katkbuddi, marriage. 
kZ. o . I' j /catff, the shouhler ; bladebone. 
AJ^j katkinah, portion of a farm re- 
^ kutm, concealed, hiding. [let, 
^ Jc J!^ kalmiqdanif annihilation, non- 
JIyi[^ kotwdly a superintendent of 

the police. 
tjijS katirah, gum tragacanth. 
Li*.iUS kusdfaty density, fulness, 
cy^ Jfiisratj abundance, excess. 
JaS> kasm, thick ; near at hand. 
jijS kasiVf many, much, abundant. 
uJiJuo kasif, dense, thick, many^ 
-pi kaj, crooked, curved, bent. 
Us^ kujdy where, to which place. 
%^\s^ kajdwahy a camel litter. 
K^}^ kajak, a hook for driving au 

J^Xs'' kachkol, a beggar's dish. 
i__^ kajh crookedness, curva- 
JW^ kahkdl, an oculist. fny. 

J^^ kiihal, a collyrium of antimo. 
iiS kadd, trouble^ inconvenience, 
C>^'»X^ kaddmaty a collection of 
meat and drink. 

^jm]jS kuddsy the sneezing of ani^^ 

JtiS kadm, an old man. 

JtiS kuddm, which ? what ? whether. 

ytjji kadbduu, a lady, matron. 

— ji kaduh, scratching, combing. 

loiji kadkhudd, the father of a fa- 
mily, a married man. 
j;iS kadr, turbid, dirty. [fast. 

ijMiyS kads, sneezing (beasts); going 

ytt^ kddsh, striking with a sword 
or spear, 

*J^^ kadanty pursuing, hunting. 

,jji kadan, corpulent, fat, 

jJ>5 kadti, a gourd. 

^jtiSkadokh, a bath; unripe, crude. 

Ojji kadudy a well. 

dj.jji kuduraty turbidness, density. 

»J^ kadah, added to any word be- 
comes a noun of place. 

lOo kazd, this, that. 
t_»'fcX> kazzdby a great liar. 
•_>J^ kizb, a lie, lying. 
Vj<J^ kazub, see c-)lJ^ , 
jS kar, deaf. 
1^ AriVa, to whom. 
i^)jS karrdty times, many times. 
iiJj^ kurrdSf a leek. 

;LS kurdzy a little bottle or phial. 
w_9|^ karrdft a follower of women. 
tijr^ karrdki a wagtail, a kite. 
*'^ kirdm, magnificent men. 
c:^^!^ kardmatj liberality; a mira- 
y;!^ kardn, margin, border. 
vi^Ui kardhat, aversion, disgust. 
ij)^ kirdyahf rent, hire. 
i_j^ Afar6, the being afflicted, me- 
Jlj^ karbdly a bow, with which 

they separate cotton. 
'^jj^ kurbnt, affliction, distress, 
cijj^ kurrat, once, one tinie. 
J^^S kirddr, action, deed. 

[ 144 ] 

^&J> kirdgar^ the Creator. 

^j)^S kordan^ to do. 

t^<ij^ kardani, practicable, fit to do. 

^r*"j^ kursi, a chair, seat, throne ; 
the eighth heaven. 

i.*JlS karishmahi a wink, nod, glance. 

,j-Jji karafas, parsley ; cotton, 

^j^ kargadan, a rhinoceros. 

^j^^^ kargas, a vulture. 

ftjS karam, liberality, beneficence. 

fS kiram, a worm. 

^J^^ kirman, worms. 

*Uj|«^ kiramptlah, a silk-worm. 


^Cj^ karmkalah, a cabbage. 

[^yc^karmush^ a musk-rat. 

ViS karndf a trumpet, clarion. 

wo^ karnab, a cabbage. 

,^^_j5^j 'C-^^ ArarwaAiVwrne, a caul iflower. 

^^ karohf a coss, equal to two 

^^ karoydy caraway seed. 

t,i kurah, a globe, sphere. 

tji kurrah, a colt, foal. [ous. 

♦i^ karim, bountiful, liberal, graci- 

i^ karima, O merciful (God). 

%yi^ karewahj a ravine, rising ground. 

ijj^ karihy detestable, abominable, 

ji kaz, crooked. [dirty. 

tUclj^ kazdghand, quilted armour. 

^^i kas, a person, man, individual. 

f^j^ kus, pudendum muliebre. 

\mS kasdf a sort of coarse woollen 
cloth. [current. 

J)\mS itasfld, badness of market; not 

O^iUJ kassdfat, sediment; an eclipse. 

\j:^\mS kasdlat, heaviness, slowness. 

^jU*^ kasdUf persons, men. 

\^mS kasby trade, occupation, in- 

fXttsi kasbar, an ivory bracelet, 

^^LaS kasti, a belt worn by the 

%j^^ kasrah, a breach ; the vowel 

J.«^ /fMsa/, slowness, sickness. 

tU«.l^ kusalmand, sick, relaxed. 

o^**^^ kiswaf, dress, habit. 

K „'ij„S kusiif, an eclipse of the sun. 

^c*v.^ kase, some one, a person. 

^Sjli-S kushddagiy amplitude, ex- 

^^<i^i kushddariy to open, to subdue. 

td^i kushddah, open, subdued ; 

»^Ut.$ kashshd/f a revealer, solver. 

^j!iS\Jii kashdkashy perplexity, at- 
traction, ['o^- 

^^yiJ}^ kushdish, an opening, subdu- 

C^JiS kisht, a sown field, 

j)jC^JiS kishtzdr, cultivated land. 

j^c^^i kishtkdr, a husbandman. 

^XmjS kishtan, to sow, to till. 

^J^^ kushtan, to kill, to put to death. 

^^M>i kashti, a bout, a ship. 

^Lix^ kushtiy wrestling. 

^b J^ii kashtibdrii a pilot, 

xjlji^j^^^ kashtiguzdrah, a 

j'Ss^*^^ fcushtigir, a wrestler. 

^1,^^^ kusldrdn, the groin, [ment. 

ij*^ kashish^ attraction, allure- 

}^i:>.i kashfy opening, revealing. 

^^yi*^i kashkaul, a beggar's cup. 

^liUA^ kishmishf a species of grape, 

j.ii^S knshniz, coriander seed. 

y^^f^i kashudan, to open. 

jy^ kishwar, climate, region, 

^^tU^^ kashidan, to pull, attract, to 
draw out, to suffer. 

ij^iuS kashish, a monk, a priest. 

w-^*^ kab, the ankle, cube, 

aa.«5 kaba/iy the square temple of 

4— A^ koff the palm, hand ; froth. 

j^iiS ku0ir, infidels, unbelieving. 


L 145 ] 

ci;^a^ kafarat, penitence, penance, 

»-JU> kafafy daily bread. [ty. 

olVft^ kafalat, pledge, pawn, securi- 
ijl^jla^ kifayat, sufficiency, enough. 
KiVai kafayah, gaining; enough. 
^c_ii> kafipcif the sole of the feet, 
*s*^ knfchah^ a ladle. 
C^jj4iiJ6 kajidast, the palm of the 

hand. [titude. 

♦a/ kufi\ impiety, blasphemy, ingra- 
y^]^i6 kufran^ ingratitude. 
^,3,-4— A> kafzadaHy to foam, froth. 
^^^^ ka/shf a shoe, slipper. 
:}d^J*^ kafshdoZf a shoe-maker. 
jiXaS kafgir, a skimmer. 
(Ja^ kafaly the buttocks. 
^J^ kafan, a winding-sheet, 
ji^ A;2</m, equal. 
J^^ kafUf a security, surety. 
J^ kull the whole, all. 
(J>^ A:a/, bald, baldness. 
^^ kald, a frog ; lungs, lights. 
tjX^ kitdb, a delirium, insanity. 
*jX^ kalahah, raw thread, yarn. 
^X^ kalahy a sour, stern countenance. 
^It^ kaliikh, a fillet, a head band, 
1 )t^ kular, a frog. 
*A*/K^ kuldsah, wells, where travellers 

Jlt> kaldl, weakness, fatigue. 
9^ kaldgh, a crow. 
AJlt^ kuldlah, ringlets, a nosegay. 
^51^ kaldm, speech, word. 
y^t^ kaldn, large, great. 
^Jll^ kaldni^ greatness. 
%^'ii kaldwahy a ball of thread. 
«)l> kuldh, a cap. 
u^U kalb, a dog. 
^jjULJi kalbtdn, tongs, pincers. 
i^ kulbah, a closet, cell. 
•— ftK fea^a/, a spot in the face ; being 

in love. [tress. 

vJ:u^AU kulfat, trouble, vexation, dis- 

v£il^ kilkf a pen, reed. 

oUIJ kalimdt, discourses. 

«Ji kalimah, a word, speech, saying. 

tXili kuland, a mattock, spade. 

w-^^ kulang, a crane. 

cj>^ kulub, forceps, pincers. 

^^^ kulukhy a clod of earth. 

aI^ kalah^ a flock, herb. 

,^_jJl> Ar<f//2, universally, totally. 

cyUl^ kulliydt, the whole works of 
an author. 

JaK fti'/^rf, a key. 

U^li kalisdf a church. 

*xl^ kalim^ an interlocutor. 

*jJi^ kulliyah, the kidnies, reinS. 

*^ feawj, few, less, wanting. 

J kim, the envelope of a letter. 

J feam, quantity. 

J kum, a sleeve. 

«sIaS kamdd^ fomentation, 

JUi kamdl, perfection, excellence. 

cyilUi kamdldt, perfections. 

^U^ kamd?i, a bow. 
^Ijkil-«i kamdnddr, an archer. 

AiijU^ kamdyanibaghi, in the man- 
ner required. [wretched. 

c>s^*^ kamhakhty unfortunate, 

JUi kamtar, less, fewer, inferior, 

cjVs^ kamkhdb, brocade. "" 

jA^ kamar^ the loins, waist, middle. 

dSMjjtS kamarhastah, ready, 

t\ij^*i kamarband, a belt, girdle, 

\jJS. J kamrang, pale. [zone, " 

,o^ kamriy weak in the loins (a 

«,£jui kamak, aid, assistance. 

OuUi kamand, a noose, halter, toil, 

c:^*„l^j*^ A;am o Ara*/, defect and dimi- 

^yS kammun^ cummin seed. 

i2S kumahy blind from the birth. 

j-*>^ kamtf paucity, scarcity. 

u>lx«i kamydb, rare, scarce, 

U^^JjA^ kamaitj a bay horse. 

t H6 ] 

C^ kamiyatf quantity, form. 
jju$ kamiZf urine. 

^jjljjjk*^ kamizddn, the urine bladder. 

^Ji^ kamin, an ambush. 

iSxJ kaminah, mean, base, abject, 

^ kun, do thou. 

^^ kan, dig thou ; a digger. 

cU^ kanady may God do ! 
J^ kindr^ side, brink, the bason. 

%j\JS kindrahy beach, shore, margin. 

\^^^^ kan)ids, a sweeper. [phor. 

vi^iU$ kandyat, sign, allusion, meta- 

\^j*^y^ kaiidiSf churches. 

^f^ ktmj, a corner, angle. 

txs^ kunjad, sesame seed. 

*xi^ kund^ blunt, stupid. 

iji^ kandar, frankincense. 

^dji ka7idan, to dig, engrave, to 

^y^ kunzkano,, a treasure. 

«— aji kariafi a wing, side, 

y2,iG^ kankdshf consultation. 

i^ijS ka7igurah, a battlement. 

tJJjS kannindah, a digger. 

:yi kanuZi treasures. 

^yi kunurt, now, at present. 

*-^ kuiiih, substance, mode. 
yxiS kaniz, a maid servant. 

*-M*JwJ^ kanisah, a church. 

t-.^!^ kawdkib, star, constellation. 

i_>^ fto6, bruise thou ; bruising. 

^jjtAXJ^ kobiddn, to beat, bruise. 

^^j^ kotdhy short, contracted. 

^^^^ kotdht, shortness. 

Jjy kotal, a led horse ; a hillock. 

Jiy^ kotwdly the chief officer of the 
police of a city, &c. 

yLiJ> kos, a shoe, slipper. 
jij^ kausar, name of a well in para> 
disc. * 

^y Aro/, marching, decampment. 

iilAa.y kochak, little, small. 

J!».^S kuchahy a lane, a street. 

tlJ,5^ kodak, a boy, youth. 

^;«)y kaudati, a blockhead, stupid, 
ji^ ftor, blind. 

ij*ijj^ kontish, obeisance, salutation. 
*jyi korah, a fireplace, forge. 
cT;^ kori, blindness. 
\j:^M>jjji kiizpushtf hump-backed. 
%j^^ kuzah, a guglet, flaggon. 
^^jS kuSf a kettledrum. 
[j^^y^ koshish, effort, attempt. 
i-iXAj.^ kushk, a palace. 
^jjjjJuji koshidan, to strive, endeavour. 
^yl»y koftan, to bruise, to smite, 
v-'-^y kaukub, a star. 
s-iSji kaukabah, attendants, satellites. 
jl^UI^ji kokaltds, a foster-brother. 
^U^^ koktdr, the poppy, 
^j^ /irww, a podex. 
^1^ fc«z<?i, existence. 
JCty^yi kaunmukdn, the world. 
j^xjy$ kaunairif both worlds. 
«jji^ kauniyahy existent. 
%y> koh, a hill, mountain. 
AJb^ kauhahy height. 
^U^ kauhdn, a camel's or bullock's 

*s:*^ kohchah, a hillock. 
^jjU-wAji kohistdn, a hilly country. 
uT^ ^«e, a street, lane. 
iS kih, who ; that. 
y;lji kahhdii, soothsayers, priests, 
cJlji kahdnat, prophecy. 
jS^ ki/itar, less, junior. 
ijj^i kahrobd, attracting straws, 

4— a^^ kihaf, a cane ; a large cavern, 
^J-^4 kahkashdriy the milky way, 

the galaxy. 
^J4 kuhan, old, ancient, worn. 
*j^^ kuhnahy old, ancient. 
^ kai, when ? a great king, 
^j^ kif the cautery. 
ui-^M-U^ kiydsat, ingenuity, sagacity, 
y^bS kiydn, great kings, the Kyaniai) 


[ 147 ] 

^^iUi kiydnt, royal, of the Kyanian 

race, [tery. 

^t^^ kiyahan, commendation, flat- 
ty kaid^ deceit, fraud, stratagem, 
ji^ ker, membrum virile. 
^J^i^ kais, sagacity, ingenuity. 
Ci'^^i^ kist, who is it? 
<4*oi kisah, a bag, long purse. 
jjiMKiS kisahbur^ a cnt-purse. 
,^x$ kesh, religion, faith; a quiver, 

a kind of diaper. 
^^ kiq, declining, abstaining from 

^ kigh, the matter adhering to the 

corners of the eyes, 
**Jui kaif, how? 

c^jAjw^ kaifiyat, state of circum- 
wlAj^ kaik, a flea. [stance. 

{J^ kail^ a measure of grain. 
c>as*^ kimukht, leather of horse's 

or ass's hides. 
\^^^ kimus, chyle. 
U*.x5 kimiya, chemistry, alchymy. 
^Uax$ kimiyagar, a chemist, alchy- 
aIxS ktnah, malice, hatred. [mist. 
^$mi kinahkash, vindictive. 
^;l^i$ kaiwdn, the planet Saturn. 
y^^iS kaihan, the world. 

ii^gdf ov g, the eighteenth letter of 
the Persian alphabet ; it does not 
occur in Arabic; and is called 
knf i qjami as well as gdf, 

j'd^ gdzar, a fuller, a washerman. 

j€ gar, a particle, which denotes 
agency, like doer. 

ji gdzy tongs. 

Ji gam, a step, pace. 

^ gdo, a cow. 

i*j^^j^ gdwdhatij a ploughshare. 

i»i3 ;^^ gdwdum, a trumpet ; a tapering 

yJ^J}^ gdozabdn, bugloss. 

^Ji)^ gdozori, rude, brutal. 

•ii^^^l^ gdoshajtgf an ox-goad. 

»^ gdh, time, place, 

i^%^ gdhgdhf sometimes, now and 

d*^^!^ gdedan, to copulate. 
j^ gabr, a worshipper of fire, fol- 
lower of Zoroaster; an infidel. 

^gach, mortar, plaster. 

I fcw ^arftt, a beggar. [solve. 

^^^]|^ guddkhtan, to melt, to dis- 

i^JiiS guzdrish, liquefaction. 

««>i,)ji guzdrindah, a solvent. 

j^jlt^ gaddt, beggary. 
j]S^ guzdr, a passage ; a ferry. 

(j^J^*^ g'^zdrdan, to perform. 

,£^Iti> guzdrish, representation, me- 

^^^)is guzdshtan, to quit ; to place, 

uJIj^ g'U'Zdf, boasting, vain. 

.ti? guzr, pass thou. ['"§■• 

jii^ gnzar^ a passage ; a ferry ; pass- 

AxitjjJ^ guzarndmah, a passport. 

^IjJ^ guzrdti, passing, spending. 

^J^^ij^J'^ guzrdnidan, to cause to pass^» 
to present. 

y^^j<^ guzarbdn, a road watch. 

»l$;J^ guzargdhy a ford, a ferry. 

^^^ti^ guzashtan, to pass. 

tjuXsi^ guzishtahf past. 

J gar, if. [cellent. 

,^|^? girdnii, dear, respectable, ex- 

^L^ girdn, heavy ; dear. 

jJlJ girdni, scarcity, dearth ; 

{;S\;^ girdi, inclination. 

y;JjJ|^f girdidan, to incline. 

Jlj^? girhdl, a sieve. 

Aj;i gurbahf a cat. 

^^:J.M^LiS gurbahlmiskin, a wicked 

^Uj^^ gurbaidbi, an otter. 

Aa^? garchih, although. 

[ 148 ] 

ti^ gardf dust, 
is/ gird, round, circuit. 
tjl«5^ girddb, a whirlpool. 
^4\i^j^ girddgird, round about. 
^liS^^ gardd?i, turning, revolving. 
^^|^^^S garddnidan, to alter, to turn. 
vCjj'i^ girddwariy watching, giiard- 
^\jd^ gardhdd^ a whirlwind, [i"g. 
^'^^ gardislif revolution. 
j^dj^ gardishahry suburbs. 
J^^ girdgdn, a walnut. [invest. 
^^^•ijt girdkardan, to surround, to 
^<i^ gardan, the neck. 
jj^M)^^ gardanfrdz, proud, haughty. 
\Ji^J^ giirdun^ the sphere ; a wheel. 
Ti,i^ gttrdah, a kidney; courage. 
»J^ girda/h a wafer, cake; a shield; 

a round pillow. [wander. 

j^Joi};^ gardidan, to become ; to 
j^ gurz, a mace or club. 
iJ^T^ gursanagi, hunger. 
AXit^ gursanah, hungry. 
jUi/ giriftdr, seized, a captive. 
i^j^ij giriftdri, captivity, bondage. 
^li^ giri/icm, to take, seize. 
i^t gurg, a wolf, 
s^ garni, hot, warm. 
AjU^ garmdbah, a warm bath. 
yxis-sj^ garmkhez, active. 
jy'>^ff> garmsair^ a warm climate. 
^•*j^ garm?, heat, warmth. 
ij]t^x^jt garmiddnahf a rush. 
ijS garnah, unless. 
^jt girau, a pledge, pawn. 
%^S guroh, band, troop. 
\:)'H)J' girividan, to follow, to admire, 
%^ giruh, a knot. 
^jjlj^ girydn, weeping, lamenting. 
^J;«iJJb.^ girydnidan, to cause to cry. 
^>)^S girebdn, the collar or breast 

of a garment. 
^Isijt gurekhtan, to flee, desert. 
,yS gnrez^ flight, defeat, 
jj^ dxib^ gurezdnidan, to put to flight. 

^J^^ girislan, to cry, to weep. 

stvij^ giriendah, weeping, bewaif- 

*^/ g^''^j/<^^'» ^veeping. [i"&. 

jS gnz^ an ell ; tamarisk. [charge. 

^'^h} S'^^^dndaiiy to quit, to pay, dis- 

I — yj^ gazdf, boasting, foolish talk- 
ing ; boundless, numberless. 

^y> gazdiif biting, pungent. 

tj'^ii^^)^ giizdiiidan, to injure, to bite. 

jj^ iS(^zar^ a carrot. 

«^j^ gazandy injury, damage. 

*!)■ g'^^^to,li^ a nettle, 

\S^ gisint, moist, wet and withered. 

\j^j^ guzidaii, to choose, to select. 

vi^^ir gc^idan, to bite, 

*'^i^ guzidah, .chosen, selected. 

ji)^ guzir, nUi, remedy. 

^II«*S gustdkh, rude. 

^^£..1X0*$ gustdkhi, rudeness. 

jX**>.i gustar^ a spreader, difi'usive. 

^dij^^s gustrdnidaUy to cause to 

^jhiS^^ustardan, to spread. 

^jGst^J^ gusekhtan, ~1 to tear, or twist 

^^<M^^MS gusastan, J off. 

Li^^ gasht, walking, going round. 

^^y^ gushtan, to become ; to turn. 

iSXi gashtah^ became ; changed. 

s.lh^ guftah, he spoke. 

j\la^ guftdr^ speech, saying. 

^JsS> guftan, to speak. 

ytlkf guftgu, conversation. 

J^ gul^ a flower ; a rose ; the snuff" 
of a candle ; a mark made by 

Ji gil^ clay, mud. 

»_>5lf guldb, rose water. 

^Ij(_j5tl guldbpdsh, a bottle for 
sprinkling rose water. 

^i^^lj.^ gulidrminif bole armenic. 

^j^^gidban, a rose tree. [bath. 

^Js:^ giilkhan, the stove of a warm 

iJMtiSjS guldasiah, a nosegay, a hand- 
ful of roses. 

[ 149 ] 

T-A^ gulrukh, rosy-cheeked; 
^jjli^l^ gulistdn, a flower garden. 
cUA*yJ^ gilisu/aid, chalk. 
^^^ gills han, a rose garden. 
f^^gul/iim, like the rose ; a mistress. 
dxi^ gulqatid, conserve of roses. 
jiX^ gulgipy a pair of snuffers. 
J^i gubidr, pomegranate blossoms. 
j^ gulu, the throat. 
(iX)^ guluband, a necklace ; neck- 
*y.i galulah, a bullet. [cloth. 

*i$ gilah, Hjurniur, complaint. 
^j;IjaK gallahbdn, a pastor. 
^^^'•jaK gallahbdnif pastoral care. 
1^^ gilii earthen, made of earth. 
*jkJl^ g'llim, a blanket. 
*S gum, lost, missing. [depute. 

^j^US gumashtan, to commission, 
*i-tUs gumdshtahy an agent, factor. 
^j;^*S gumaHj suspicion ; conjecture. 
*!/'*'^ gumrah, wandering, abandoned. 
^AJ^ gutnrdhi, error, wanderings. 
»U^ guiidh, sin, crime, fault. 
JCk^si gundhgdr, a sinner, culprit, 
^i^^s-^i gunjdish, capacity, holding. 
Afljks,-*^ ganjtfah, a pack of cards. 
jys^^ ^ganjur, a treasure. [zine. 

AJas-^ ganjinah, a treasury, maga- 
-jJ^ gandum, wheat. 
j^^jtU^ gandumgun, swarthy, black. 
Udil gandand, a leek. 
«jJw? gundah, coarse, thick. 
tii^i gandah, fetid, stinking. 
^^>^iAi^ gandidan, to putrefy, 
vl^ guug, dumb, 
vl^^ g«"^j the river Ganges. 
i^ gunah, a crime, fault. 
«ll^,i^ gunahgdr, a sinner, criminal. 
^1^^ gattrar, digestible, wholesome. 
^)y gawdrish, digestible, agreea- 
•i)^ gawdh, a witness, evidence, 
^^]^i gawdhi, testimony, evidence. 
JU^I gopdlj an iron mace. 

;y gor, a grave, tomb ; the wild ass. 

J^J^ gorkhar, onager, or wild ass. 

^j^U*M,j.^ goristdn, a burying place. 

jj goZy a fart. 

dijy^ gauzaji, an elk. 

AJLuyi gosdlah, a calf. 

fcVJOkAwy^ gospand, a goat, a sheep. 

ipL^f gos^, an ear. 

(ji^^ gosht, flesh, meat. 

JLa-I^ goshmdl, chastisement ; pull- 
ing the ears, 

%^y!*^ goshwdrQh, an ear-ring ; the 
abstract of an account. 

kl^ goshah, a corner, angle. 

liri^ gogird, sulphur. 

J^ gol, an idiot. 

sf^ golah, a cannon ball. [lour. 

^j!S gun, implies similitude of co- 

^^^\jj.t gundgun, various, different. 

AJ^ gunnh, colour ; sort, form, 
jJtj^ gauhar, essence ; a gem. 

^jibj^ gauhari, a jeweller. 

^^ goe, a ball ; globe. 

^l;^ goydi, speech. 

tjJ^y goiwrfa/i, speaking; a speaker. 

i.^ gah, time, place. 
j^ gn/iar, a jewel. 

s,lj.^f gahwdrah, a cradle. 

^Uf giydh, grass, herbage. 

^Ju? ^e^i, the world, universe. 
jiS gir, seizing; seize thou. 
]j^t gird, one who holds. 
yLd ge^^} » ^"^^ ®^ ^^^'''» »'>"§^let. 
jj^ giw, an abstract particle added 
to substantives signifies, possess- 
ed of, as ^^J^sj*^' 

J Idm or /, the twenty-third letter 
of the Arabic, and nineteenth of 
the Persian alphabet, and in 
reckouiug by ahjad it stands for 

r 150 ] 


5 la, a negative or privative parti- 
cle ; «n, no, by no means. 

OjS labat, a place full of stones. 

c>o^ lahit, delaying, dilatory. 

ti-'V lahadd, necessarily, infallibly. 

^^ labutij who abounds in, or drinks 

ij'i Idbah, desire ; flattery. 

c>^^ Inmat, name of an idol. 

*jS Idsim, breaking, hurting. 

*jA,'i Icijarm, necessarily. 

^syo^t lajaward, lapis lazuli ; 

^^'i Id/iag, adjoining. 

J^*-5 Idhaual, there is no power 
nor virtue but in God. 

^5 Idkhf in composition, signifies 
place, as |S-^^«5 ^^LCu* 

^l^i-5 lakltiraj, rent-free. 

fC*i ladnm, striking ; mending, 

K,:^ Iddawd^ incurable. 

J'.X lazdl, may it last for ever! 

V^S lazab, firm, solid. 

fj"^ Idzini, expedient, necessary. 

^^•5 Idzbni, any thing that is neces- 
sary ; neuter gender. 

T^'ui Idzah, Avild saffron. 

yS,^ lash, a corpse. 

vii^S Idshaky doubtless. 

A^5 Idshah, a dead body, corpse, 

jjj**5 /aijy, adhering. [carcass. 

fJ-Ahli Idtdil, absurd, useless. 

u^c5 Idib^ a player, gamester. 

^5 /(i?, terrified by the slightest 

p5 /ttg-A, jest, burlesque. 

jc'i Idghir, lean, thin, 

»— jS /fl/, boasting, vanity. 

^5 Idgih, distressing, cruel (war). 

sjj'i Idk, gum lac. 

^H^S Idkaldm, without dispute. 

JS M/, dumb ; red. 

*JS /a/a/j, a tulip. 

^S /aa/i, pearls. 

,^.*S IdniiSf touching, feeling. 

iMK^'i Jdmisah, feeling, touching. 

^^J lama, splendid, bright. 

*^V Idmmah, an ornament. 

'j5 Idwah, grief, disease, pain. 

I»*j^i' /a o naam, yes and no. 

*;5 Idivah, supplication. 

ctJ /rt?t;/, a levite ; levitical» 

cyyi5 Idhut, divinity. 

^V Idih, evident, clear. 

^i.*^,S Idt/qni, absurd. 

J^.5 /a^'y, worthy, deserving, fit. 

*;S /rtm, a reprover, slanderer. 

e^^AjX Iduamuff immortal. 

j^ixLS Idimhaghi, indecent, imper- 

c-^ lab, the lip; brink, margin. 

c-J /?<i, the pith, marrow, essence. 

v-jW lubdb, pure, unsullied. 

»4>UJ lubddah, a great coat. 

,^Uf /jArt5, dress, apparel, robe. 

,^__5*»'UI libdsi, forgery, 

L-JUJ labdlabj brimful, up to the 

^Uf lubdn, benzoin. 

Ui^ labab, plenty of water. 

y^ labreZf running over. 

jjJ labaz, eating fast and greedily. 

^^>1 lubs, putting on a garment. 

^j^ lubaq, skilful, ingenious. 

'>^J^ labak, mixing, confounding. 

i-jJUJ labaldb, ivy, bind-weed, pelli- 
tory. [stick. 

^^ laban, milk ; striking with a 

^J^ labndn, mount Libanus. 

^^i labus, a coat of mail. 

u^.J labibf prudent, wise. 

ciiiV labbiky I wait your com- 

\JL^ lat, a blow, stroke. 

Vi^A' latabf being firm, fixed. 

•ijiS latrah, a part, fragment. 

Ji latam, a wound; striking. 

(j^ lasak, moistening, bedewing. 

*I! lasam, kissing j veiling the face. 

C 151 ] 

^W lajaj\ contest, litigation. 

-^r" lajdm, a bridle, reins. 

y-^s^ lajah, making a noise, shon 

vj:^^-^ lajat, noise, clamour, 

^\sJ lujaj, stammering. 

blsr^ lihaz, observing attentively. 

i_JUr' liliaf, a quilt. 

*W laham, a butclier. 

^^3:-" lahas, licking, eating. 

iias^ lahazah^ a moment, minute ; 

f^ lahm, flesh, meat. 
^Js? lahn, melody ; a song, tune. 
^^^ lahtiq, contiguous. 
(Jo^ la/iis^ narrow, confined. 
aW lahiyahy a beard. 
^-Ls-^ lakhte, somewhat, some. 
JcjJ ladat)i, a patch. 
cJj laza, biting, stinging. 
caiiJ lazzat, pleasure ; taste. 
tXjjJ ladid^ delicious, sweet. 
TijJ larzafi, tremor, trembling. 
^(HjJ larzidan, to tremble. 
^y lazuj, tenacious, sticking. 
^J:^^A.^ laziijqt, tenacity. 
*j,y lazum, necessity, expediency. 
^Uul lisan, the tongue ; language. 
.^l^lttJ lisajiussmir^ bugloss. 
»*J /asa, the stinging (of a snake). 
y^ lashkar, an army, troops. 
t^JiuJ lashhargdh, a camp. 
^Jiiy^' lashkarkash^ a general. 
f^}^ lasug, adhesion, conjunction. 
Ci^i^^ latafat, elegance, beauty. 
i^Jullai latdiff jests. 
>i=/ lafakh, staining ; defaming. 
^^j^y latas, striking, dashing. 
^ lata, licking. 
uJJa/ lutf, favour, kindness. 
*^ latynah, a blow, a box. 
«— i^Jy latif, elegant, agreeable. 
^AjJaJ latifah, pleasantry, raillery, 
j^iaJ lazif hell, or hell fire. 


cjIaI ludh, sliminess. 

Lj-**i lab, playing ; a play, game. 

;i.A*] labaty a puppet. 

d-^jj /aZ>a/, puppet show. 

*^J^.^*^ lajbdzt, the being moved, agi- 

Ja) /a/, a ruby. [tated. 

c:^»A*l lanat, imprecation, curse. 

j^^ Zam, execrable, hateful. 

cu^il lughdt, languages. 

d^ lughat, speech ; language ; a 

yJ lughzj an enigma, riddle, 

^^]^ lag/tzdyi, slipping, sliding. 

^tXj^iJ lag/izidan, to slip. 

^ lagho, an inconsiderate speech. 

uf^ lughivi, belonging to language. 

^lii lAff^'ah, mandragora. 

AiliJ lifdfahf the cover of a letter. 

JaaJ /ff/r, a word, speech. [ther. 

jjiJ lafaqy sewing two things toge- 

wJuJii /«/i/, a crowd j a friend. 

U/ /I'ya, a visit, interview. 

u-^ lagab, a surname, nickname. 

t^'«J lag lag, a stork. 

jj^UaJ luqmdn, the name of a famous 

eastern fabulist. 
**-a/ lugmah, a mouthful, morsel. 
J.5/ /a?M, canine convulsions. 
viU /mA, lac. 

\^i lak, a hundred thousand. 
I«KJ lagdm, the bit of a bridle. 
JXJ lakad, a kick, 
cj^jil lakadkub, kicking. 
^0 lagan, a bason ; candlestick, 
c:.^ luknat, stammering, stutter- 
fiyiS lakud, dirty, sordid, nasty. 
tUs^l*l lilldhulhamdjGod be praised! 
J /am, no. 

J lammdy cause, when. 
Ui limd, why. UJ when. [wink, 

is*^ lamhahj a moment ; a glance, 
^j^J /rt7ns, the touch, handling, 

C 152 ] 

»*J lama, splendour, brilliancy. 

^UJ lamdn, shining, glittering. 

ilXiJ lang, lame. 

•^JJ langar, an anchor. 

^tUijJ langidan, to limp. 

)y /jW, a standard, banner, 

j^a.iy luwahiq, domestics, depend- 

A/ejiy lawazimah, \ necessary things, 

•^•y lawdziniy J requisites. 

Aju«iy lawami, a rays, lights. 

*j)y lawdim, reproaches, reproof?. 

uy lubia, a species of bean. 

ti>y ZrtM«, defilement, impurity. 

^y luj squint-eyed ; naked. 

^y lauhf a plank, board, tablet. 

;y /aw^, an almond. [monds. 

AAjy lauzinah, a confection of al- 

^^^ky /u<«, a sodomite. 

jiji lulu, a pearl. 

^y Itcli, a courtezan ; singing girl. 

^y Zaww, colour ; species, genus. 

o>'iJ laund, free ; ignorant, foolish ; 

poor ; a soldier. 

i— ;IJ lahdh,^ „ i. • /£ \ 

' t 1 1 7 r name, burning (fire,) 
U^y lahab,j 

A^y lahjah, the tongue, voice, 

Itiy lihdzdy because, therefore, 
^y /flAv, playing. 

u-rjJ^y luhvoldb, play, sport, mirth. 
u;^SljJ liydqdt, merit, worth, skill. 

JUj liT/dli, nights. 
-»Ul liydm, sordid men. 
J^jC»«jJ laitoldllf procrastination, 
u>.jJ lait, a lion. 
*^ lezam, a kind of bow. 
^jjk>*ioJ lisidan, to lick. 
«^ /eA:, 

J>jJ /ai7, the night. 
^>)y*^ faimun, a lemon. 
Vil^Jo^I /ina^, softness. 
AijJ /i/io/i, u kind of palm. 

': Tbut, 

m, J 


*jJ /oi'm, vile, base. 
^jjUjlI laimdn, base men. 


A mim or »j, the twenty-fourth letter 
of the Arabic, and twentieth of 
the Persian alphabet. In rec- 
koning by abj'ud, it stands for 40. 

to md, what ; why, no, not. 

t« md, we, us, our. 

•^U wad, water, juice, splendour. 

^^Asr'l^l^ mduljubn, whey. [life. 

tijljj«Jbl,« mdulhai/dt, the water of 

v-jU ?ndZ>, a receptacle, repository. 

^j^SjU i?idbaqd, the remainder, the 

jj;^A/« mdbun, infamous, suspected. 

^^ii^yo mdbain, between ; mutual. 

c»^ mdt, he is dead. 

est* ?;ifl;, astonished, amazed. 

^tc mdtih^ a drinker of water. 

j,d&jtc mdtaqaddama, the past ; an- 
^ tiquity. [ing, 

l*>t« matanif misfortune, grief,mourn- 

^^j*»»jJt« mdtampursi, condolence, 

^^j^-jti mdtami, belonging to mourn- 

^to mdti, the face, appearance. 

jj to mdsir, marks, signs, memorials, 

Jjto mdsil, adhering to the ground. 

^yt« mdsur, history, tradition. 

j»y(.^ mdsum, a guilty or suspected 

^to mdj\ bitter, brackish (water). 

jkOi-l/o mdjad, noble, glorious. mdjrd, an event, incident. 

J^^to mdjal, a pond, a ditch. 

^to mdju, a gall-nut. 

— .^ mdjuj, Magog the son of Ja- 
phet ; eastern Tartary. 

'ny^ i ^to mdch omuch, kissing and 

licking as a cat her kittens. 
j^ majur, recompensed, paid. 

C 153 ] 

^».l-« machin, the empire of China. 

^ji.a.L« mdhashf a glutton. 

(J-oaXj* mahasal, any thing collect* 

ed, produce, 
c/aa.^ mahiz, having pure milk. 
j^'O.aX^ mdhazar^ whatever is pre- 
(j^^ mdhaqf intense heat ; hot 

j^a-U mahi, obliterating, defacing. 
^la.1^ mdkhdn^ an ancient hero. 
a».U mdkhaz, the place of receipt. 
t/ai-Lo makhaz^ bringing forth. 
c^"t« makhalf fugitive. 
j^t« makhiiz, received, taken. 
j»l«3V/o mdddm, whilst, during, until. 
^ijU« mddihy praising, praiser. 
*.|3U« mddakh, great, excellent, 
j^^ mddar, a mother. 
iK,jj.(«3Vx mddarirozgdrj dame nature, 

o|j^jU mddarzdd, innate, from the 

jd^jC)^ rnddarimadavy maternal 

y^jC\^ mddariy maternal. 
vt^Lo mdddah, the first principle 5 

%^\^ mddah, female. 
cTiS^ mdddi, material, essential. 
^LjLo mddiydn^ a mare, a she- ass, 
C^jU mdddiyat, substantial ness. 
M)yij^^-^ indzaryun, mazereon, 
jjjjjL* mdz^n permitted, allowed. 
it« mar, a snake. 
^U mdr, a lord, rich man. 
KL« mdrrt, us, to us. 
i_>Tjt« mdrdb, recent good fortune. 
%~>j^ mdrib, important affairs. 
Ajjj^jLc mdrichobahy asparagus. 
j^jS^ mdrgirf a snake-catcher, 
*iCo^L« mdrmdnah, like a serpent. 

Jtl^jL* mdrmdhi, an eel. 
*jyV^ ''^^^''^^^hrahy a stone. 

oj>jt« mdriit, the name of an angel. 
«,llyt« mdruk, an origin, a root. 
«;t« mdzUf a gall apple, 
<^t« mas, light inconstant man, 
fjxJ^ mdsabaq, that which pre- 
cedes any thing. 
i^i^jAye mdstf coagulated milk. 
v£X*t« mdsak, holding, retentive. 
»— ftlml* mdsulaf, the past. 
)yn\^ mdsiwd, besides, except. 
ylU mash, a kind of pea. 
A^Uo mdshah, a small weight; tongs, 
j^t* mdshi, walking ; a pedestrian. 
(jo^^ mass, sipping, sucking. 
JjtU>U mdsadag, any thing verified. 
,i)'w« wirtisi, the past ; preterite 
*jLi>U mdzaghah, that part whence 

the teeth grow. 
jJsU mdtir, raining. 
^t« mdqz, a goat ; goat's leather, 
o^t« mdfdt, that which has elap- 
JyU mdfauq, beyond, above, afore- 
jJjiU mdqabal, the antecedent, the 

former, past. 
^^U wiaArii, a weaver's shuttle. 
(_j^Ui mdkub, a weaver's shuttle. 
J^U mdkul, eaten ; food, victual. 
^U/l/c mdkiydn, a fowl, a hen. 
JU md/, wealth, property. 
JUo mad/, consequence, en^, issue. 
JI^I JU mdlamwdl, riches, money, 

A^'^Kjo mdldkaldm, immense, un- 
JU5U mdldmdl, full, heaped up. 
jjijjjl Jl/o mdlandesh, forecast. 
ijXjijSU mdlaydni, vain, foolish. 
^^>*«.^U mdlpararast, a worshipper 

of wealth, an avaricious man. 
^ U mdlij, salted, savoury. 
la U mdlikhf a fugitive. 

[ 154 ] 

UJysr^U malikhuliyd^ melancholy. 

JjJU maldar^ wealthy, opulent. 

(^^IjJU mdlddri, opulence. 

iijJU mdlazam, that which is neces- 

^^JU mdlish, rubbing-, friction. 

^LflJt« mdlzdmin, 1 surety in the 

^J^Lal l< mdlzdfnini, J sum, 

vi-UUe mdlikf proprietor, master, 

«jKJL«D mdlikdnah^ the proprietor's 
share of the produce of the soil. 

^cjltiflU) mdlguzdri, land revenue, 
ground rent. 

Li^jjXito mdlkiyat, proprietaryship. 

cUxijJU mdlomata, money and ef- 

«-J^l^ mdluf^ familiar. 

ii\jo mdlah, a trowel. 

^U wid/i, belonging to riches. 

».^1^U mdliyat, worth, value. 

Ulysri^U mdlikhuliyd, melancholy. 

^jjJU mdlidan, to rub, to anoint. 

*JjJU) mdlidahy bread made of milk, 
flour, &c. 

iJ^^iJ^ mdliomullfi, finance and 

l/cU mdmd, mother, (old women in 
general are so called.) 

^U mdniariy refuge, asylum. 
j^U mdmur, order, established. 

j^l^ mdmul, hoped for, expected. 

^^t« mdmun, preserved, secured, 

^ffcjJL* mdndagi, fatigue, lassitude. 

jjjjjlyo mdndan, to remain, to stay. 

»JoL« mdndahf fatigued, tired ; left. 

^to mdni, obstacle, prohibition. 

*uiU> mdnandf alike, resembling. 

j^y U mdiiiis, an intimate friend. 

)^U mawa, a dwelling, abode, habita- 

l^jV/o mdwardf beyond, over. 

ji^U mdtvaqaf an event, an accident,. 

»t« »i<i/i, the moon ; a month. 

AiUt« mdhdnah, monthly; monthly 

»Ujil/o mdhbamdhf monthly. 

u^UjbU md/i^aA, moonlight; the moon. 

jtb^ mdhir, skilful, clever. 

^j^ mdhru, moon-faced, beautiful as 
the moon. 

^Ui^)iL« mdhHinqnif Joseph, the 
son of Jacob. 

y»t« mdhnau, the new moon. 

j]jJb\^ md/iwdr, monthly. 

^^JtL« mdhi^ a fish. 

^UaL* mdhiydnah^ monthly. 

u:.*jJiL« mdhiyat^ state, value, sub- 

J'y^s^^ fn-dhtkhwdr, a heron. 

j4\^^^'^ fndhigtr, a fisherman ; an 

^J^ mat, watery. 

^^ji-o^.^U mdiomanty pride and ego- 

ti^i}^ mdidah, a table covered with 

c^t/o mdirat, flowing blood. 

^jijL* mdish, milking. 

j^l/» mdiqrd, legible. 

Jol/o mdily inclined towards. 

\^yi^ mdyus, desperate, hopeless. 

iAi« may ah, stock, wealth, matter. 

AjU mdyahy a hundred, 
j]Hj\^ mdyahddr,a man of property, 
jxlxAy* mdihshir, rennet. 

-.U^ muhdh, lawful, allowable. 

o^U^ mubdhat, sincerity. 

ti^^a-^'* mubdhis, a disputant^ dis- 

Aa^U/* mubdhasah^ dispute, debate. 

)cU/o mubddd, God forbid, lest. 
jd^ mubddir, preceding, outstrip- 

0).5U/« mubddirat, precedence, su- 

aJjU/o mubddilahf exchange, barter. 

I 155 3 

cT'J^* muhddi, beginnings, origins. 

jj^ mubdriz, a warrior, valiant. 

ijjj^ mubdrakf happy, fortunate. 

»3U^,U/<> mubdrukbdd. mav it be for- 
tunate ! 

i^,iliSj'x« mubdrakbddiy congratula- 

j_j^(U/« mubdraki, auspiciousness, 

^_^U/o mubash, be not. 

^U/« mabdshir, a supervisor, in- 

c^U* mubdsharaf, management ; 

(je>^J^ mabds^ an asylum, refuge. 

cuJ^U^ mubdidaty distance. 

jIU/o mabdligh, sums of money. 

AilUy* mabdlighah, hyperbolej reite- 

iJU/« mabdni, edifices, fabrics. 

cjlfcU-* jnabdhdt, glory, honour. 

Ui^s'^'Uy* mubdhajat, conviviality. 

c:JUfcU/o mubdhilatj behaving fool- 

^JbU/« mubdhij glorious ; arrogant, 

&LoUa> mubdiatah, commerce, traffic. 

cJ^U^ mubdinat, separation, relin- 

>lja./« mabddf the beginning. 

I jJu/o mubtadd, commencement, prin- 
ciple, [vator. 

cJlU/o mubtada, an inventor, inno- 

4^JJlA/o mubtadi^ a beginner, learner. 
yihyn mubtashir^ a receiver of good 

isjUiJLx^ mubtaghiydty requisitions, 

IUa/* mubtald, afflicted, distressed. 

^.^ix« jnubtahij, exalting, rejoicing. 

C^ns-^^ mubahaSf subject of disputa- 
tion, dissertation. 

IJll- niabdd, the beginning, origin. 

ctXye mabdq, creator; inventor. 

Jjx* mubaddal, changed, altered. 

»J>.x mabdah, extempore, irregular, 

jiSx>« mubaddir, prodigal, expensive. 

JjcU/o mabzul, bestowed, expended. 

jj^ mabar, do not carry, or receive, 

\jX^ mubarrdj free, absolved, exempt- 

c?j^A./« mubarrdt, public works, bene- 

^A>« mubarrahf severe, heavy, dis- 

J;A^ mabarridf cooling, refreshing. 

^jX^ mibrad, a file. 

jjjy« mabarraz, a field of battle. 

jV^ '>^^^^^^i purified, absolved, pi- 

(jo^y^ mabrus, leprous, a leper. 

^jb^/« mubarhan^ demonstrative, evi- 

^^x/« mubazzaj, drest, ornamented. 

)oyMj^ mabsuty spread, extended. 

j^*^ mabshur, rejoiced with good 

Jitj^ mubashshir, a bearer of good 
news ; an evangelist. 

^y.iijk/« mabshushy a cheerful coun- 

j^^ mubassiry seeing, spectator. 

Ji,i3x^ mabattil, abolished; annihila- 

i^yu^ mabaus, sent, raised up. 

jU-« mablaghy a sum, ready money. 

Ji^^ maballaly moistening well. 
Ji>y> mabaiiiy founded, constructed. 

t^yiy* mabush, mixed, confused. 

^Yy" mubhajy re-joining, re-creating. 

jr^X'* mubham.y occult ; doubtful. 

ci9^.« mab/iut, astonished, con- 

jjifX-* mabhury fatigued, breathless. 

C^i-y mabit, a bed chamber. 

^*ax^ mabiiy sold, bought. 

^jk/o TwaJa/j/a?!, explaining; dividing. 

^jo^ mubht, manifest, evident. 

jJU matd, when > at what time ? 

C 156 ] 

ajli« mutahad^ wild, frightened, fly- 

«jlL« mutdbia, a follower; obedient. 

C>*J^ mutdbiat, imitation, obeying, 

following, obsequiousness. 
jj^[x^ mutdsir, impressed. 

ji.U/0 mutdkhkhar^ behind, modern. 

^jl^\l^ mutdkhkhirhi, the moderns. 

^^<iKL« mutdddi, prepared, arranged. 

k^iUy* mutdzzi, injured, afflicted. 

«X*JSy9 mutdssadf furious, enraged. 

^\jjc mutdssir, hesitating, slow. 

«— ftrtUu* mutdssify regretting, groan- 

clI/« matq, goods, effects. 

c^tiL« matdjb, vexations, affliction. 
j^^l/« mutdkir, digging a ditch. 

fc— sJUx) mutdllif, familiarized, asso- 

JU<« m«/a//jm, grieved, sad, afflicted. 

jJ^U^ mutdmmil, considering, con- 
templative, deliberating. 

^J^^ mutdmmin, confiding in, se- 

CL^'U/o matdnat, firmness, solidity. 

JaU/« mutdhily having a family ; 

^UI^ mutabdin, distinct, separate. 

JcUl^ mutabaddil, inverting, chang- 

jse^f^ mutabakharj very learned. 

<JJ^aL« mutabarrahf blessed, fortu- 
nate, happy. 

fji^ »nM^tt/»arra7w, languid, satiated. 

\^ji^< muiabarrd, freed, absolved. 
jJl>JL/« mufabannd, an adopted son. 
JkxLo mutabUnniy adoption. 

j^JU matbiir, perishing, ruined. 

c^jJu« »ia/Z>M, obeyed. 

^^I-* mutabiuy rendering clear. 

ytXsB^'* mutajdsir, bold, magnani- 

j^W"*^ mutajdviZy exceeding, trans- 

Jjb^r**^ mutajdhil^ feigning igno- 

i^M'Ss'^ mutajassisy exploring; play- 
ing the spy. 

^Is^^ mutajalldj illuminating, 

t^s^'*' muttahid, united, made one. 

y^jsr^^ mutaharrikf movable, moved. 

^j'Ojs^^ mutahassin, retiring into a 

^flar^-^ mutahq^, exuh'ingy rejoicing. 

J|A^^^ mutahaqqiq^ verifying, true. 

^jis^'* mutahaqqaq, verified, true, 

j^lar*^ mittahalld, adorning, decorat- 

J-«.s>»-^ mutahammil, supporting, for- 

jjs-*-^ mutahaiyir, astonished. 

^\s^ muiakhdsim, disputing, liti- 

^♦^Isr^ mutakhdsimin, plaintiff and 

J^rsLs^ mutakhalkhaly expanded. 

i.JJsr*''* mutcikhallif, receding from a 

Jjjs-||^ mutakhaiyil^ imagining. 

&Uar*^ mutakhaiyalahf the imagina- 
tion, fancy. 

AjytXLo mM^a</rtt;2/a/i,customary,usual. 

^jJL« muiadaii/in, orthodox, firm in 

c_^j|yL<« mutarddi/^ successive. 

*a$La^ mutardkimah, accumulated, 

u^LLo mutardtib, arranged, sorted. 

fti^j^ mutarjim, a translator, inter- 

cdjLc mutarradid, perplexed, hesi- 

^jj^Myu* mutarassildny messengers. 

^j^Iav^I/« mutarrissimdn, contemplator. 

(i,^Sjc mutarissid, watching, expect- 

[ 157 ] 

w.5^ mutaraqqib, expecting, hop- 

^^ijLo mutarakkib, composing, com- 

^i^ muiarannim, singing, modulat- 

ijJjjX* matruk^ abandoned, left. 

\si^j^ matrukdt, things left after 
death. ['"g« 

Juljji-* ma^azdlf/. increasing,augment- 

<JJjX« mutazalzuly agitated, trem- 

^^^ubl^ mutasawt, equal, parallel. 

j*kX« muttasq^ large, expanding. 

LLujL« m2//a£»//;7, absolute dominion. 

Am>.1^ muiasatlim, delivered, con- 

^J-uJl* mu^asa//?, consulted, satisfied, 

JuLLLc mutashdbih, resembling, like. 

^j^L« mutasharrahf skilled in the 

JXiX« mutashakkil, doubting. 

fJX^iiLc mutashakkil, like, resembling. 

^JimX/« mutaskakkif complaining. 

,^xiuLc mufashannij, convulsed, 

C><ct<Al^ mu/^a^da^, contending, fight- 
ing, [rior. 

JxLoLi mutasaad, ascending ; supe- 

e Juol^ mutasaddij Vexing, troubling. 

^jru-al.* mutasaddi, a clerk, writer. 

^^^oLe mutasarrakh, exclaiming. 

w^^JU mutasarrif, possessing, oc- 
cupying, [ed. 

^^«.4aX/» mutasqsa, separated, divid- 

»-JuaLc muttasif, qualified, endowed 

J^.«flL« niutfasil, near, contiguous. 

jyoLc mutasauwir, imagined, con- 
y?'^-^^ mutazajjirf distressed, injur- 
ed^ afflicted. 

jj,<-«aL« mutazammin, including. 

f\^^ mutatarriq, opposing, meeting. 

^L* matq, advancing, (as the day.) 

(^j,UL« mutaqraf, known. 

^..^i\.xL« mutaqqihy successive, fol- 

JlxL« mutaql, high, sublime. 

(SXfJ.^ mutqbidy devout, religious. 

v-^i?*"^ mutqjjiby admiring, aston- 
ished, fber. 

d6*l^ mutqddidf many, a great num- 

^jxLo mutqddi, ati active, transi- 
tive, or causal verb; an oppressor. 

jtXji.1^ mutqzzir^ apologizing. 

(joj*l/t mutqrrizy opposing, obstruct- 

jJ,xI/« mutqrriqy sweating, perspiring, 

^JfJ*^ mutqrraq^ stripped of the bark 
(a tree). 

^«.aI-« mutqssir, difficult, intricate. 

\^*> ^%1 /o mutqssib, partial, bigoted. 

JflxJU mutqlliq, belonging to, con- 

JIkJL« mutqllim, a student. 

jldi*i/o mutqindan^ enemies. 

<_jj.«l«o matqyiiby fatigued, oppressed. 

Jyui.^ mutqhhady undertaking, en- 

^^xjL« mutqiyuny constituted, ap- 
pointed, fixed, deputed. 

►AiiU ?wu^o^Aaiyir, disturbed] altered. 

e^jUjU mutafdwat, different, distinct. 

^jiwlAJLo mutafattishy inquiry. 

c^/« mntafarrq, branched out, di- 

0/^ mutafarriq, separated, dis*- 
tinct, dispersed. 

^\kl< muttajiqy united, concurring. 
jisiX^ mutafakkir, thoughtful. 

^j.i>UjU mutaqdzi, importuning. 

a-(AL« mufaqdid, desisting, reced- 

jJaL* mutaqaddim, anterior, preced- 
j^ jjil/o mutaqaddimin, ancients. 
jJs^ mutakabbir, proud, haughty. 

r 158 1 

JiXLo mutakajffil, undertaking, being 

1— aUi* mutakallif^ a troubler, vexer. 

JULc mufakatlim, a speaker ; the 
first person. 

^WiiJu* mutakallimdn, speakers. 

j__j^A-* 7nu//a/fi, relying upon, leaning. 

^ iL* mutaldtim, buffeting, dashing. 
ilL« mtitaldli^ shining, glittering. 

^'jJLL* mufalazziZj relishing. 

(^^;aXL« mutaltis, softening, smooth- 
-a1L« mtttallaggif visiting, meeting. 

^yLLo mutalauwin. various. 

^^ ^UX« mutamddif prolonging ; 

Jo UL* mutamdili inclining, bend- 

^I«X« mutamatti, enjoying. 

«> ►fti/* mutamdrrid, stubborn, diso- 

^J■^^ mutamakkin, powerful ; re- 

**i/« mutammam, a finisher. 

^-.»"*Ji>« mutamannij wishing, desir- 
ing, hoping. 

^^JL* mutamauwaj\ dashing, foam- 

jj^L* main, the text ; the loins. 

^jiUl* mutanahi, terminated, fi- 
nished, [gilant. 

*AJjL/e mutanahlih, circumspect, vi- 

*«iI/o mutanqnii wealthy. 

♦AxLo vnitanaffir^ abhorring. 

eyoi« mutanaiuvi, different, various. 

JiyL* inutawatir, successively. 

y^j^yJ^^ muiawdi'i, absconding^ con- 
cealing, lurking. 

%fyJ^ mtitawdzi, humility. 

Jl^L* mufawdfir, numerous, plenty. 
J'yL* muiawdlij successive, con- 
"* secutive. 

l^jj^ mutawajjih, looking towards, 

j^^^i^yi/i mutawahhish, terrified, fly- 

^^yL« mutawarriq, abstaining from. 

^j^< mutatvazziq, dividing. [to. 

yj^^y« mutawassil, having recourse 

J^ j.i-« mutawassal, connected, relat- 

^JsyL« mutawattin, inhabiting. 

^yU mutawaffd^ deceased. 

^y>« mutawaqqq, expecting, hoping. 

K.^yL« mutawaqqif, delaying; ex- 

JiyU mutawakkil, trusting in God. 

jJyo« mutaivullidj born, generated. 

^y^ mutaivalli, superintending re- 
ligious endowments. 

JbjLo mutau'ahhim, suspecting, fear- 

^jyljX* mutahdvin, negligent, sloth- 

>4L« muttaham, suspected. 

jy^^ mutahawivar, furious. 

j^^xL* mutiny strong, firm, solid. 

Hi^X* masdbah, resembling. 

j.jjUy« masdfid, lining for clothes. 

fj^misdl, similitude, parable, pro- 

*iU^ ntasdnahy the urine bladder. 

^ilj-* masdnij the first section of 
the Quran. 

e:.-AJu« musbit^ establishing, fixed. 
^ajL« masbar, an assembly. 

JUl« ntisqdl, a dram and a half 

L»» 5"> ^ misgab, any boring instru«- 

Ji^ masal, an example, parable. 

Xi-o mislan, for example. 

v.*xJil^ mtisallasy triple, triangular. 

^*^-J-l/« misalzadan, to give an ex- 

»ijUl/« masmdsf a confused affair. 

j-^ tnasmir^ fruitful (tree). 

JwJL/b masmil, an asylum j venom. 

[ 159 ] 

\j*^* masamman^ consisting of eight. 

sy^ljc masniur, abounding (in wealth). 

mJo^ musafina^ doubled, bent. 

^^^^X^ ?nasHavtt a poetical composi- 
tion in which the couplets rhyme 

u^jL« musuh, recompensing. 

i£jljyL« masubdtf good works. 

<^P-* tmisvif a dwelling, habitation. 

Jjlar* mujddil, contention:". 

«J,jls^ mujadalah, contention, dis- 

,^J<s^ majdrif channel, stream. 

c_»Tc5"«^^ majdridb, the bed of a 

'\s^ majdZf a metaphor, 

cyljW^ majdzdt, compensation. 

i^jla:^ ynnjdzi, feigned, metaphoric. 

Jlar^ majdl, power, strength. 

kj:^\s^ maj'dlibaty assisting. 

i-Jls^ majdlis, assemblies, sessions. 

yj.-...fl^ niajdlisat, conversations 

»^ W* majdmi. a congregations. 

<,i,.jL^la:^ mujdmiaf, copulation. 

C^ ^^^ majdnibat, going to a dis- 
tiince ; receding, 

*jjls^ mafdwij/ah, answering one an- 
j^^?^ mujdwiry a neighbour, living 

cy^^^^ mujatcaraf, neighbourhood. 

•^Is^ mujdivizy transgressing, exceed- 
ing bounds. 

vi-*^^^ majdwiat, hunger. 

JaI«^ muJdhiU, striving ; a warrior 
(for religion). 

iiJJfclar^ mu/dhida/i, exertion, striving. 

cij^ls-* mujdhirat, conquering, pre- 
vailing over. 
jy^^ majbur, constrained, forced. 

^^5Ji«^ mujtabd, elected, chosen. 

jj*is^ mujtaiy putting, placing. 

^^jftis^ mujtafx, tearing up, pulling. 

^^^^ majtami, assembling, com- 
ing together. 

uJwIar^ mujtanib, abstaining from. 

j_j>i^ wm;Vai;i, abhorring, detesting, 

J^yls'* mujtahid^ striving. 
jx^^"* mnftahir, cleaning a well, 

tXar"* majdy g^oTVy grandeur, great- 

e-s'tXs^ mijddf, an oar. 

jjs^ mnjaddad, renewing. 

I->J'3:<* mnjaddadafiy afresh, newly, 

t>i^Ss^ muj'addadii/ah, fresh, new, 

J.iVsr* majdud^ happy, fortunate. 

t-jjJ^ar* majsu't, drawn, attracted. 

(-Jrs:^ mujarrib, tried ; expert. 

J^'* niujarrad, solitary, alone, only, 

0j^ mujrim, a criminal, sinner. 

rV^^ wia;>MA, wounded, hurt. 

C)j^ wajrud^ torn off, skinned. 

i^js^ mujrd, causing to flow or run, 

#-*s^ mufassam, corporal, 

«**^ miijqady curling hair. 

tsr^ mujalld^ polished, illuminated. 

jis^ mujatlidf a bookbinder. 

,^JLsr* majlis, an assembly, meeting. 

^IfijwJLs^ majtisam, a levee. 

aAs** muchlikah, an obligation in 

tX^ar"* mujammad, congealed. 

►as^ mujmir, a censer for incense. 

**s^ tnajma^ confluence, assembly. 

J-«.s^ mujmily a summary, abstract. 

JUsr* mujmilan, summarily, briefly. 

c^Asr^ majmu, a collection, all, the 

^J^ majan, a shield. 

Usr* majantian, a shield without iron. 

jj^ majand, collecting an army. 

i>«is^ mujannas, a horse of mixed 
breed, between a tdzi and turki ; 

^jjy^s^ majniin, insane, in love; thfi 
name of a celebrated lover. 

[ 160 ] 

i^.s^ majus, the religion of the 

i^^"^ majusii a magus, worship- 
per of fire. 

eJ^ar* mujauwnf, hollow, concave. 

Jysr* mujahhidf striving, strenu- 

jy\^ majhurf purified, cleaned. 

(J^ysr^ majhuly unknown. 

w*isr* mujib, accepting. 

jxs'* majidf honourable, noble. 

^_^As^ majii, coming, arrival. 

\j\sr^ muhdhii, regret, repugnance. 

^_fiUs:'« muhdzi, opposite, facing. 

C-? .Isr* muhdrib, a warrior, combat- 

olj^las^ muhdrib at, wars, battles. 

AjjIs^ muhdribah, war, battle, 

C^.lar* muhdrib, altars, arches. 

w^ls^ muhdsib, a settler of ac- 

lAfXs^ muhdsibah, computation 3 set- 
tlement of accounts. 

^^Is^ mahdsin, virtues, merits. 

*wlrs:^ mahdsatif the beard. 
j^\s^ muhdsir, besieging, surround- 

tj^^s* muhdsarah, a siege, blockade. 

iolrs^ muhdt, besieged, surrounded, 
^ilsr^ mnhdfir, digging, a digger, 

^it-s-* muhdfaz, a guard, keeper. 

vi^kiUr^ muhd/izatj guardianship, 

J.ils'O muhdfilf assemblies. 

i,i\s^ muhdfah, a litter. 

i^iKss'* muhdkiniahf going before a 

Jls-* mahdl, impossible. 

Jlssr^ mahdl, places, districts. 

es5ts^ mahdldt, impossibilities. 

^j&jjJlJUs^ mahdlandesh, a vision- 

4)u«ls<* mahdmid, laudable actions, 

y^\ss^ mahdmil, camel litters. 

Sj/sB* muhdvirah, phraseology ; fa- 
miliar use, the art of conversa- 

i^s^ muhihh, a lover, a friend. 

CU<*j>s* mahabbat, love, affection, 

j^C^s* mahabbatnigdr^ impressing 
with affection. 

e^ti^jijC-AS'* muhabbatwarzidan^ to 
tondle, to caress. 

«->^^'* mahbub, beloved. 

^^yssr^ mahbuSf confined. 

**'"^O^r^'* fnahbiis-khdnah, a prison. 

^Us^ muhtdj, necessitous, indigent. 

Islls'* muhtat, circumspect. 

(^^is-* muhtabas, restrained, im- 

i.^srlar'* muhtajab, retired ; seques- 

tJjXs:^ muhtarifah, an artificer, 

/•yj^s^ muhtarim, honoured, revered, 

WMuis:^ muhtasib, an accountant. 

^^Is^ muhtashim, powerful, having 
many followers. 

jijs/*' muhtakar, monopolizing grain, 

J»aI:»^ muhtamil, probable. 

i^ys:'* rnuA^av?, comprehending, em- 

c-jysrs'* mahjub, veiled, modest. 

jj^sr^ mahjur, prohibited. 

tjjs'* muhaddab, convex, 

v±>Jcs^ muhaddis, inventor, innova- 

i±jj*sr'* muhaddis, a relator, narra- 

Jjiis^ mahdudf limited, bounded. 

1 — Sjtis* mahzuf, taken away, (as a 
syllable, &c.) 

«»jl^« mihrdb, an altar, an arch. 
jj^^ muharrir, a writer, clerk. 

(jcjss'* muhdrriZf enticing, excite* 

0;sr* muhriq, burning ; incentive. 
y^js^ muharrik, a mover. 

[ 161 ] 

fj^s^ muharram, the first Arabian 

month. [ed. 

cisUrsr^ TWii^arrawja^, things prohibit- 

y^/«js:^ muharrimdn, those who are 

permitted to enter the harara. 

j]jMjs^ muharramiraz, the confidant 
of secrets. 

j^js:^ mahrur, hot; furious. 

y^ijs:^ mahrus, guarded, preserved. 

(j}^^ mahruq, burnt, inflamed. 

-j^-* mahrtim, excluded, unfortu- 

^yisr^ mahzurtf sorrowful, sad. 

^J*^^'^ mulisin, benefiting, generous. 

t_3^*us^ mahsub, computed, number- 
* ed. 

dy^'^sr^ mahsud, envied. 

i^^-i»s^ malisus^ felt, perceived, 

jii^s^ niahshar, the last judgment ; 
place of assembly. 

^Aus-* mahshuy solid. 

J-*as^ muhassil, collecting, gather- 

dj-^^s^mahsiidy reaped. 

jyos:^ mahsur, beseiged, surrounded. 

Jj.^as^ mahsul, custom, duties ; the 
produce of any thing. 

(./as-* mahZj pure, solely. 
j^'Os::^ ma/izaf\ i\ citation, summons. 

.^las^ mahzur, forbidden, unlawful. 

^^flsT^ mahfuz, glad, cheerful. 

jjaac-* mahfil^ an assembly, banquet. 

fcjlas'* mahfuzy guarded, preserved. 

-Ss^ muhaqqai\ despised. 

^JMS* niuhaqqaq, verifying, ascer- 

^ifjisr^ niihakky a touchstone. 

»Xsr* muhkam^ firm, strong, 

<uXs:'* mahkamah, a tribunal, 

f^^s^ ntahkum, subjected, under 

J.s^ mahall, a place, station. 

ol's"* mahalldt, places, quarters. 

aIs^ mahallah, a quarter of a toM'n, 

Jas^ muhammad, praised, (Muham- 

oti^^s^ mahmadat, praising, com- 

Lj*t^«-s^ muhammadi^ Muhammadan. 

(J-^s^ mahmil, a camel's litter. 

Jy>s^ 7nahmul, loaded. 

(♦^s^ mahamwn, warmed, feverish, 
-s:'* mihan, labours, cares. 

^ji^f-xs/* mihnaty labour, toil. 

,^_jiv2r* mihnati, laborious. 

ys^ mahVi erasing, cancelling. 

jjs^ mihtvar, the axis (of a globe). 

j^s^ mahi, bestowing life. 

JaAsr* muhit^ surrounding. 

djU.sU:'* makhadidt, deceits. 

_.^,ls:'« makhdrij\ egresses, issues. 

y^jis:^ mnkhdzin, magazines. 

c:^-4-^^'==^ makkdsimat, animosity^ 

Islsr* mukhdt, the mucus of the nose, 

c^^islsr^ mukhdtibf the second per- 

aaSsIs'* mvkhdtibah, speaking, dis- 

x^ls^ muklidtirahy dangerous, 

i^Ulsr^ mukhdfdtf dreads, terrors. 

c:^J'^'* mukhdlafaty mixing toge- 
ther in society. 

t^JJls:'* mukhdlif, contrary. 

^j:^'o}\.^^ mnkhdlifafj contrariety, en- 

i^jLs^ mvkhdivafy dreadful places. 

j^sr* miikhbi}', announcing. 

hss^ innkUalat insane, mad. 

Xls^ mvkhtdr^ at liberty to choose. 

c .is'* muklitariy an author, inven- 

(^^ais^ 7nuk/i(ass, appropriated, 
j^ls:"* mukhlasar, abridged ] an epi- 
Alls'* mukltfalif, different, discord- 

[ 162 ] 

f^s^ makhliim^ scaled, 

^yis^ nmkhtwif circumcised. 

.Jsr-* miikhaddary senseless, stupified. 

tj^ss^ mvkliaddarah, a matron, virtu- 
ous woman. 

A^iisr-* makhdum^ obeyed. 

Jj jsr^ makhziilf contemptible, aban- 

>r ^^ niakhrcij^ the time or place 
of going forth, 

i^jfjs^ makhrub, ruined, desolated. 

is^s^ makhrut^ turned in a loom. 

y^js^ niakhzaji, a magazine, store- 

jyu'ss^ makhsuTy injured, damaged. 

^.^cs^ mukhshan^ making rough. 

j^^-as^ makhsusj particular, espe- 

*^s:'« mukhazzar^ verdant. 

Jiks^ mukhattat, a garment marked 
with stripes. 

«^lis^ makhtur, dreadful ; imagined. 

t-AAs'* mukhaffafy alleviated ; con- 

(jD^s^ makhfuz, submissive. 

j^fisr^ makhfij hidden, clandestine. 

(J«:s'« mvk/iill, spoiling, disturbing. 

L^JLs^ makhlah, a claw; a sickle. 

tiijs'o mukhuUad, eternal, permanent, 

{^;As^ mukhlis, sincere, loyal. 

AJLaJLsr^ mukhlisanah, sincerely, 

Is^JLs:^ makhlut, mixed, blended. 

jj^ls:'* makhluq, created, produced, 

cyUyLsr* makhluqdt, created beings ; 
the creation. 

^-Isr* mukhallif a desert ; desolat- 

^^/fes^ mukhammas, pentangular. 

jJas^ mokhmal^ velvet. [ed. 

ji^s^ makhmw'f drunken, intoxicat- 

iii^ls'* mufchannaSf an hermaphro- 


mukhawivafi terrifying. 

J^s** mukhawivify terrified, dread- 

jir^'^ mukhaiyir, beneficent. [ful. 

Jjjis'* mukhaiyily imagining. 

(♦J^s-^ mukhipatn, a camp. [sea. 

t*-* madd, attraction; the flux of the 

»I«1* madddhj a praiser, encomiast. 

j^ifc.!j^ maddahi, encomium. 

J.i.ljw<> maddk/iilf receipt, income. 

,j:^JUw1 j^ muddkhilatf interference ; 

j!j^ middd, ink. 

.|ju« madaVf a centre ; place of re- 

I^lj^o maddrdf simulation. 

o[;lti^ muddrdt, circumferences. 

^ Jji.* maddrij, steps, dignities. 

^^/-^liiA) maddriSj colleges. 

Li^^.ltX/o maddrasat, giving lessons. 

j^Jid^ maddrikdr, the chief manager 
of business. 

jX^^^Jdyo muddrulmahdmm, chief se- 

»iJw« mitd/q, repulsing. 

d^jiiU^ muddjiat, repulsion. 

*IJi-« muddm, always, perpetual. 

\j:^^^]ii^ muddivamatf perpetuity, 

oljiti-* muddwdt, curing a disease, 

ojjlj^ muddvirat, going about ; 

^U^ muddhin, a hypocrite, a liar. 

^}tyyo maddih, laudable actions. 

^^liUi maddin, cities. 
jj<y^ mudabbir, regulating; a mi- 

wJ-o mudhh\ retiring. 

J^Ju^ madhul^ tunned, dressed. 

uacX/o muddat, a space of time. 

Jo jwooti-o muddatimadid, a long space 
of time. 

—J^ madh, praise, eulogium. 

— ^^J^ mddahrdj, turning, revolv- 

[ 163 ] 

J.^J-« madkhali entrance, income. 
^^j^dy« madkhaSf a chimney. 
J^Jl^ madk/iiil, entered. 

Aijiw^v inadkliuluh, a concubine. 

jJw« madad, aid, assistance. 

jiawjcX* maddoja%r, the flood and ebb 

jl^jj^ madadgdrf supporter, aider. 

jiX^ madr, a clod. 

\^j<^ mudarras, a student. 

t^jt^yo mudarrisy a professor, school- 

A*»ytX«<) madrasah, a college, public 

VilJ;J-« mudrik, understanding-, com- 

iSji^A mudrikahy the understanding. 

Axlc^-cJ^ muddaialui/ii, a defen- 

^iX^ madu, invited, called. 

^^jCJ-o muddai, a plaintiff, claimants. 
UcJ^ muddaiyduf plaintiffs, claim- 

*£J^ mudghim^ coalesced, 

jjl^'tX^ mad/un, buried. 

(JJju* mudalal, demonstrated. 

^^JkX) mudallif mytelene. 

j^tX^ madluly demonstration, proof. 

*Jt)wo tnadallahj insane ; distracted 
with love. [led up. 

Jls'*4i>^ madmahal, compact, rol- 

jj^Jwo madhaq, starching linens, &c. 

^J-^ madman, assiduous, incessant. 

^^«A^ madan, cities. 

ijj^ mudauwar, round, circular. 

jjjiyiiJ^ madhush, astonished 5 in- 

JjiX/« madid, long, extensive. 

tJdL^ madir, turning round. 

*Joju« madtnah, a city. 

^jj^Jkx viadiun, indebted, a debtor. 

cj1c3w^ muzab, liquid. 

ol«^ muzdq, tasting ; the taste ; the 

o];^lj^ muzdkirdtf conversations, 

^>.Jb)fcV/« mazdhib, sects, religions. 

^jJk/* mazbah, an altar for sacrifice. 

»_>iAjj^ muzabzaby hesitating, irre- 

_.yj^ mazbuhy slaughtered, sacri- 

jjj^y^ mazrur, sprinkled, scattered. 

^<i/« muzakkar, masculine. 

jy^t^^ mazkur, aforesaid. 

sji^iS^ mazallat, baseness, contempt. 

C«-«tX/« mazammat, blame, reproach. 

tycS^ mazmum, blameable, con- 

s„^iij* muznibf a criminal. 

u^JtJk^ mazhaby a religous institu- 
tion, doctrine. 

j^ murr, bitter; myrrh. 

j^ mar, a particle placed before 
nouns, denoting the oblique 
case, marra, mentioned, alleged, 

cuUaj!^ ynurdhitdty ties, ligaments. 

cjU/« mirdty a mirror. 

u-^];^ mardtiby ranks, degrees ; 

c,^;sr^\j^ murdjihat, excellence ; 

c**c«.l;-^ mardjat, return. 

J^L* mardhily journeys, day's 

0sJyo mardhim, favours, benefits. 

jL/o murddy desire, virill, meaning. 

i^isr^tiU^ murddbakhsh, granting de- 

C^id]j^ murddifaty succession. 

cyilt^ mardrat, bitterness, 

tj^y> mardrah, the gall bladder. 

J.*«.L<i murdsily a letter, any thing 

o»lUj^ murdsildty letters, despatches. 

cJ^^\jj« murdsilatf epistolary corre- 

[ 164 ] 

fm\y murasim, usages, customs, 

c^*^Lx murdzat) suckling a child. 

o^];^ murdat, taking care of, fa- 

c^^^ marafat, an action at law. 

»-J»];^ murdqibi contemplating, ob- 

C^l/o murdqibat, observance ; at- 

*[^ mardm^ desire, wish. 

f^l^ mardham, plasters, dressings 
for wounds. 

\jj^ murahhd, educated ; preserved. 

^ij^ murahha, square, quadrangular. 

fcjj^,« marbut, bound, fastened. 

^r* murabbi, guardian, patron. 

iHfj^ marrat^ one time, turn. 

fjD^yo ??2M7'^fli3, exercised, disciplined. 

t-J;-/« murattab^ arranged, adjusted. 

kwy/o martabat, bound, fastened. 

Aaj^ martabahy rank, degree ; a 
time or turn. 

Siyc murtadd, an apostate. 

jfij;'* mnrtafa, elevated, sublime. 

y^^y*' »2i<?/«7/, augmenting, advanc- 

** ing. 

w-^^ murtakib, perpetrating. 

^^y^ murtahun, a mortgagee. 

«jo^ marsiyahy a dirge. 

^J^J^ marjdn, coral. 

t^j^ niurahhaj\ superior, most ex- 

^j^ marjdf the place of return ; 

_^a^ marjjii, hoped, expected. 

9y>-j^ marfdf excelled, surpassed. 

Udy/o marhabd, hail ! welcome ! 

iSsiyjc marhalah, a halting place. 

Oaa^/o marhamaty pity, compassion. 

fy^j^ marhurrij taken into mercy, 

tj^j^ murakhkhas, permitted. 

ti^ mardf a man. 

dy< murd, dead. 

»j|j^^ 7nurddd, the fifth Persian 
month (July). 

^I«3^ murddr^ carrion, 

yj\ii^^ marddn, men. 

^Xi!«Sy,/o marddnagi^ bravery, huma- 

iili^/o marddnah, manly, bravery. 

\l)^j^ mardak, a contemptible man. 

J^ij^ viurdagdu, the dead. 

*d/^ mardum, a man. [kind. 

^lUJ^ mardumdzdr^ injuring man- 

^L«j^ mardmdn, mankind, peoj)le. 

^.ii^A-K^yo^j^ mardumakchashnij the 
pupil of the eye, 

^/fit\-^ mardurm^ humanity. 

JJ«3y/« murdaiif to die. 

tijiiyo 7na?'dtidf repulsed, rejected. 

uj;-* murdahy dead ; a corpse. 

^^liJ^ mardi, manhood. 

jjyo marz, a region, country. 

Lye mirzdy a nobleman's son, a prince. 

j^JJr^ marzbdny a governor on the 
borders of a hostile country, 

*y>Jy* marzbum, any place where one 

^U ye marzghdny hell, a furnace. 

J>^/e mursaly an ambassador, pro- 

jJLye mursalah, an epistle, a letter. 
jjJl«<j-« mursalin, prophets, ambas- 

li^ marshd, evil, malignant. 

tA^/o murshidy a spiritual guide. 

(^^o^ marSy outstripping others. 

f^*;^ murassqy set with jewels. 

^^^.^^ marsusy compact, firm, 

(jcj^ marz, disease, malady. 

%^wx> rnarzay suckling; a nurse. 

ic^y*> marzi, concurrence ; satis- 

^j,Ul9^<« mnrtibdn, a glazed vessel. 

^^y* martuby moist, full of hu- 

[ 165 ] 

^^y* mara^ pasture. 

y-r^ycy* maruh, terrified. 

y^cy murai, governed, guarded. 

yy^ murgh, a bird ; a fowl. 

i^^j^ murghdb, the growing of 

j^^^ murghdbi, a water- fowl. 

j]J^j^ marghzdr, a verdant meadow, 

js*"Cj^ murghisahar, the morning 
bird, the cock. 

f>->y£j^ marghub, desirable. 

it^y'cj^ marghus^ happy, blessed. 

J^Cj-« margfiul, curling locks. 

yjy^ marg/ii, cloudy-minded, dull. 

^j-^y* mirfdq, the elbow. 

J5ji;>« marfuq^ exalted, honoured. 

JLiJIc^ir^ marfuulqalam^ absolved, 

i.ij^ muraff'ah, quiet, contented. 

6Siy« marqad, a sepulchre. 

mjy« muraqqa^ patched, ragged. 

J)y« marqanif a pen, a style. 

f,Jj^ marqum, written; abovemen- 

t-C* margy death, mortality. 

Ui^i^ markah, a horse ; ship. 

K^j^ murakkab, compound, 

jSj^ markaz, a centre. 

jyj^ markuZj concentred, compre- 

Os/«*^ marammat, reparation, mend- 
j^j^ marmar, marble. 

^^^yt marmasy a sepulchre. 

Ju,lj^^ marwdrid, a pearl. 

t_>^ mirub, a milk vessel. 

t£>«^ tnarawat, courtesy, politeness. 

^j^ muramvaj, current, in use. 

Aa.)^ maruhuhy a fan. 

.^ murur, passing, elapsing. 

♦fty* marhamy a plaster, salve. 

cj>yb^ marhub, terrible, dreadful. 

^jjyb^ mar/iuUf pledged, pawned. 

uf;'* mart, the windpipe, 

fiy* mirrikh, the planet Mars. 

aJy'« murid, a disciple. 

JJ;-* marid, contumacious. 

u^j^ mariz, sick, infirm. 

^J^ mizdj'y temperament, constitu- 

♦a.l^-« muzdhim, hindering, molest- 

Onaa.1^ muzdhamat, impediment. 

j^)y* mazakk, joking, pleasantry, 

jj^ muzdd, a sale by auction. 
j^y mazdr, a place of visitation, or 

Pj^y* muzariai a husbandman, sower. 

f y*!/^ ""^(^^drq,, sown fields, 
^x>«I^ mazdmtr, flutes, psalteries, 

CiJjl).'* muzdwalat, managing affairs, 

*Jj).'« muzbalah, a repository of filth* 
^^j)^ mazbtir, before-mentioned. 
-^y^ mazaj'y mixing, tempering. 
cyUy/« mazaj'dt, a trifle. 
»— J^Ay^ muzakhrafj varnished over 

to deceive. 
dy* niuzd, a recompense, wages. 
j)<iy* niazdur,&. hired labourer. 
^ji^y* mazdur'tj bodily labour ; 

«jy« muzhdah, glad tidings. 
t^y* ^^^ra, a field ready for sowing. 
j^y* muzafar, saff'ron-coloured. 
^y* muzakki, purified, sacrificed. 
J^y« mizhgdn^ the eye-lashes. 
cAy muzalldt, slippery places, 
ifilj.^ mazliqahf lubricating, mucila- 
X^oy^ tnizmdr, a flute. 
j»y« muzauu'ir, a cheat, deceiver. 
iy« mazah, taste, flavour, relish. 
j]dty« mazahddr, relishing, delicious. 
oojy* maziyat, excellency. 
tijyo mazid, augmentation. 
^yo muzait/an, adorned, 
(J-*-* mas, handling, rubbing. 

[ 166 ] 

^«*/« miSf cop[;er. 

L*^ masd, the evening. 

^::^A.<\.^/« rriusdhaqat, overcoming, 

a^l.44»>« masajid, niosqiiep. 

^Lu/« massd/i, a hind measurer. 

ijl^a^lu*^ masdUat, measurement. 

\:^cj\mm« musdi'iaff haste, celerity. 

c>>)hl«.x musdraqat^ theft. 

-^Uu/c misds, touching, feeling, 

tyc^AK/* nmsnUl, favouring, aj^sisting. 

cj**w« intisdqdat, assistance, favour. 

ejljl.**/* musdfdt, distances. 

sj^i\j>u,^ masdfat, distance. 

JLux musdjir^ a traveller, foreigner. 

cy.jL*w« miisdjirat^ travelling, being 
a stranger. 

^l^^ masdkin, habitations. 

^x^l.«.x masd/lciw, the poor. 

viliUu^ masdlik, ways, roads. 

aJI*ux fnasdlah, a question, case. 

c:*L<\.«»^ «jasd7?id^, pores of the body. 

5j>s'*l44N^ masdmihaty beneficence, 

«/«l«aw« masdmi, ears. 

ctfljUux) musdwdt, equation, evenness. 

yyj^U*w« musdivadat, contention for 

J/Lu/« musdul, questioned, asked. 

^^j\mk^ musdivi, parallel J equivalent. 

C^^JUtW^ miisdhimat, negligence, 

^ft>L«*y« musdhim, a partner, sharer. 

\j^^\**^ musdkhnaty distribution, 

JjUx masdily questions. 

C"-w« rna*^, intoxicated ; libidinous. 

j^\1m,^ mustdjir, a farmer, contrac- 
Js^Uawo mustdsil, eradicating, [tor. 

AJlJu.^ mastdiiab, like one intoxica- 
.Aaxo^/o mustabshar, announcing 
good news. 

j^AjdjOKX mustabsir, considering at- 

JaaI^>« mustbdd, wishing any thing 

far off. 
jxl^< inustatar, hidden, concealed. 
lxx*v^ mustatalif calling to one to 
^ilL4.y« wMs^aswd, excepted from any 

common rule. 
^^j^pXtwo ffiustajdb, acceptable, ap- 
^^__^^A.uv« 7«Ms;«yift, desirable, 
^ar*-**^ mustajar, drawing, carrying 
' off. 



niustahsan, laudable. 

^j^xmm*> musfahiqq, deserving, wor- 

^^A*iv« jjiusfa/ikim, firm, strong, 
y^XM>^ musiakhraj, extracted, 
drawn out. 

^^is^**^ mustakhlas, released, libe- 

4)fcU4*../« musladdm, perpetual. 

cjl^fc.^ mustadqi, imploring, sup- 

Jj.Amkv« mustadaly bringing proof. 

^tU«».^ mustadir, round, spherical, 

^jXAu,y<> mustaraddj returned, restored. 

dJuy^^ mustarshid^ teaching the 
true way. 

ji^.w.« muslarfad, asking assistance, 

(^^mkIm.^ mustasdd, gratified, happy. 
&m.Xm^ mustusqi^ a dropsical per- 
son, craving water. 

jjJi.'Lu./c mustishqr, full of hair, 

\^V)^Imk^ mustatdb, good, agreeable. 

j^l*u^ mustazhar, supported, aided. 

j{jd*u^ mustadr, borrowed. 

^lxl*u/e mustdn, an assistant. 

jjs:*^'^'* mustdjil, alert, active. 

i>AJuw>« mustaid, prepared, ready, 

t_j4X*I.4u-o mustdzabj hindering, pre- 

i^.^*juj.x mustdsi, rebellious. 

v,.,^ft*ju*w« musfdqab, following. 

J^AxI*!*.* mustdnial, practised, used. 

[ 167 ] 

C^kLiK^ mustaghragf immersed, 

♦ftAJU**^ musfaghfir, penitent. 

^ijuuu^ mustag/mi, contented, rich. 

v^i^xil^ux mustaghis, a complainant. 

,jUJi.av« mustafad, benefited, acquired. 

fji,\.a.XMK^ mustafaz^ divulged, re- 
vealed, [ing. 

jjkAlow* mustafid, acquiring, profit- 

t/ttjjflia«« mustafiz, diffused, scattered. 

^5itu/« niusfnghih, deformed. 

jj^aLu/c mustaqlil, future, the fu- 
ture tense. 

.jajuu^ mustaqdar, begging of God 

to ordain right. 
JsImmq muslaqirr, firm, constant, 

OjAXm.^ mustaqaraf hiring (a stallion 

Jawo mustaqill, absolute ; plenipo- 

*AaJUu/c mustaqtmy straight, strong. 
jiSxuu^ mustakbir, proud. 

mJSm^ mustakarim, searching for, 

tlXxm^ mustakrah, abominable, dis- 
jkHM,i« muslakh'y considerit»g as 
mean, weak. 

v;i}lj>131a»/c mustlazzatf delicacies. 

^^^JLLu/* musializim, requiring, exact- 
ing, [ed. 

^Wxm^^ muslaitidl, comforted, sooth- 
j^^A^ic mnstamirr, firm, constant, 

«^J*uJuuy« mustamsak, bound to per- 

«aIux/« mustamiy hearing, a listener. 

ui«i*u>« mustamand^ afflicted, me- 
jul-«u« mustamin, preserving, keep- 

Ja^ii^uy* miistambity extracting, find- 
ing out. 

{.j^^Luu* niustaujib, deserving, wor- 

^^».y[,aw« musfauhish, afflicted, 

ejU^^I^/o mustaudat^ deposits, 

jfLu^ mastur, concealed, veiled. 

ijyXAJu^ masturah, a modest woman, 
a woman of the Haram. 

^jXmk^ mustauzim, injuring, dis- 

^3jXm>^ musfaufi, an officer of go- 
vernment, controller. 

tiSjXu,^ fnustauqid, kindling fire. 

^^Lw« mustauliy overcoming. 

u^^*w« mustanliihy asking a present, 

i_f^i4«Mo mustavi, equal, straight. 

^l^jXtt*^ mustahdm^ astonished, dis- 

^Lyi^*^ mustahdn, despised, abject, 

^_fy^^iM^ mustahazi, ridiculing, a 

J-yLu/o mustahil, cheerful, bright 
countenance. [ed. 

ciXlyl*!.^ mu.y/a/i/VaAr, destroyed, ruin- 

^Ji^XM^ mustahni, asking assistance^ 

,^^jW^ masti, intoxication, drunken- 
ness; lust. 

jafixluw* mustiqaz, watching, awak* 
ing, vigilant. 

j3-«u^ fnasj'idf a mosque. 

^'^•* mwisq^iya, rhythmical. 

(Jsr-"*^ musajjaly authenticated by a 

yys^**^ masjur, swelling (sea). 

ij^^s"***^ masjun, imprisoned. 

^-«»^ masahy drawing the hand over 
any thing, 

CL^lje-*-/* mashdt, a shovel, especially 
of iron ; a rake or hoe. 

^^ys*^^ mashuf^ consumptive (man). 
" s***^ mashuq, worn ; brayed, 

^M^ maskh, metamorphosis. 

js"^ mussakhkhur^ conquered, sub- 

C 168 ] 

tjr^'*^ maskharagi, drollery, buf- 

x^at***^ maskharahf a droll, buffoon. 

tys-***^ maskhuti hateful, disagree- 
able, odious. 

^jtiM^ masdtid, shut, obstructed. 

cyj^/* masrdt, joys, delights. 

t:::9jM>^ masarrati cheerfulness, joy. 

— ^.DuA) rnusarrajf saddled (horse). 

aj^yc musra, quick, nuiking haste. 

t^j..»K^ musrif^ prodigal, extrava- 
jjj*«^ masrur, glad, gay, cheerful. 

u_>j^4«fc^ masruff (timber) corroded 
by the worm. 

ijjjM>.^ masruq, stolen, robbed, 

^k^tk^ mitsattah, level. 

JlEs*«« mistar^ a line for writing. 

j^ka^ mastur, described, written. 

^J.Jl.^»k^ masal, the throat. 

^^juu>« masudf happy, fortunate. 

.jjutt^ masur, furious j greedy of 

SiT*"* niisgar, a brasier. 

^Cwo mas/tan, habitation, dwelling 

<ii;Lwc maska/if butter. [place. 

j.jXa»^ miskir, drunken, intoxicated. 

^jX4*w« miskin^ poor, weak. 

^Jjk<**^x mukirn, poverty, indigence. 

-jX-wo misldq, eloquent. 

aJLu^/o maslah, a question, pro- 

^^JUw* musallah, armed. 
^iu*-« muslakham, proud, haughty. 

^_).*uLu/« musalsalf chained, consecu- 

laJLu.^ musallaty superior, ruling over. 

(.^JULa.^ maslaky a road, way, con- 

JU*w« muslimy a true believer, Mos- 

Juw^ musallam, intrusted,acquiesced. 

^j^IaIm*^ musalmdn, moslem. 

^jjliUl^/c musalmdndn, moslems. 

^KJuai^ musalmdni^ the Muham- 
madan religion. 

^U«»^ muslimin, faithful, the Mos- 

<JJ^Iuam maslukf practised, used. 

J^Lu*>* maslul, consumptive. 

a1au/« rnaslali^ a question, proposi- 
tion, case. 

^\^*M^ musarfimd, named, called. 

j\.*,MK/« mismdr^ a nail, peg, pin. 

o^AAu^ masmua, heard, audible. 

t^Mu^ masmum, poisoned. 

ii4>M>./c masammahf a fool, an idiot. 

jJuuy« masnad, a throne, cushion of 

]j'\6x>»>^ masnaddrd, ornamenting the 

\Jj]jM»yc misu'dk, a tooth-brush. 

TidyAK^ musauwadahj a sketch, rough 

J^Aiuy* mushilf laxative, fluxed, a 

^A«*/c masih, the Messiah ; anointed. 

^4*^ masir, going, proceeding, tra- 

aA^^ mushdbih, like, resembling. 


\mk^ mushdbahat, similitude. 
lii^ mushdtamaty reproach. 

.Uxx mushdr, signified, indicative. 

^jJKUxx mushdranilaihiy above-men- 

uj(V^/« mushdrib, reservoirs of water. 

\j:^j\.iL^ mashdrabat, drinking with 
or to another. 

a jKiUyo mashdriy highways, 

\j^»j\u^^ mushdrafat, eminency. 

^JJ^ii>.■^ mashdriq, eastern places. 

iJ^JJi^ mushdriky associates, com- 

ij^iJJi./* mushdrakat, community, 

aIsU^ mashdtah, a tire woman. 

cLiw* mushd, divulged ; undistri- 


[ 169 ] 

jcSJi^y* mashair, external senses. 
%jc\Ji^ mushdarahf contending in 

jJilA^ mashdil, torches. 
J-iliuo mashdghal, employments, oc- 
Al^lii/o miishdjihtah, speaking to 
one^s face. 

Jilitxi mashdkilf resembling. 

i>j^JS{Ju^ mushdkillat, the state of 

I«liw« niashdm, the seat of smelling. 

ej.jV^^ mus/idwarat, debate, consul- 

AkX^^ mushdhid^ seeing, contem- 

;5JdbUx^ mushdhidah, contemplating, 

^l^i:^ mushdharah, monthly allow- 

oi&UiX/o mashdhir, renowned persons. 

^uUL^ mushdin, the followers of 

i^UL/« niashdikh, learned men, 


OJoUi.« mushdyit, accompanying on 
the road at departure. 

fJtXxiUyc mushabbak, latticed, netted. 

iS^^/* musht, the fist; a handful. 

^jlliw* tnushtdq, desirous, longing, 

AAi-i.,* mufhfabihf ambiguous, ob- 
scure, [mon. 

tjJjX^K^ nnishtarik, a partner ; com- 

jCyiix>* mushtari^ a buyer ; the pla- 
net Jupiter. 

^^^jC^t*^ mushtzadarif to box. 

^kl.ii^ tnushtghily employed. 

^jJi^ mushtaqq, derived, derivative. 

J>*i^/« mushtamil, comprehending, 

j^l^^ mushfahar, proclaimed. 
ylA^ mushtahi, desiring. 

cyU^I,iw« mushtahii/dt, desires. 
js-^"* mushujjar, a grove. 

I^''^^ mushaj'Jury damasked silk. 

I ^^^s**^ mushjun^ filled, full, 
c/asr*''* mushakhkhas, estimated, de- 
ctXiu^ mushaddad, corroborated, a 

double letter. 
i^j^^ mashrab, a drinking place; 

^yi^ mas/irat, a surgeon's scalpel, 
Sj^Uy* mashra, a cross road or 

* — 9^-i.^ musharraf, ennobled. 

^jy.^/6 mashriq, the east. 

^ij^^ maslirnqi, eastern. 

\jJ^JL>« jnushrik, one who gives part- 
ners to God, 

(-j^^x mashrub, drinkable, 

rJir^^ nias/iruh, explained, illus- 

is^^-i^ mashruty stipulated, 

fijfj^'* mashrii, legal, just, 

£^ mashat, a comb. 

aA«A/« mashabidj a juggler. 

jx.ii^ mushir^ indicating. 

Jjti^/« mashalf a torch, a flambeau. 
s^*^'< mashalchiy a torch- bearer. 

(^ytix>« mashuff inflamed with love, 

«-i./« niashghf eating slowlj'. 

aJU^/o mashghalahy business, occu- 

f^j*'^ mashghiilf busied, employed, 

jfAii^ mtcshfiq, courteous, a friend, 

.tiUAX* mushfiqdnah, mercifully, 

^JMK/o mashq, exercise, practice. 

Ci^ft-^i^ mashaqqai, distress. 

(.iiii^ mas/ik, a leather bag. 

i^LkiU'* mushk, musk. 

yxfJL^ mushkbu, n)usk-scented. 

^J,Lii^ mus/ikilf diflScuIt. 

trL>Hi^^ mushkildt^ diflScnlties. 

jkJ.*fcj,J.<A.<« mushkilpasand, fond of 

[ 170 ] 

oU^^^S^ rnishkutvdt, a place for a 

j^M^ mashkur, thanked, praised. 

v^jiJLjo mashkukf doubtful, uncer- 

^^yiJi^ mvs/ikui, a seraglio. 

j^y^^ mis/ikin, musky, black. 

J^JL^/o mashlulf paralytic. 

^ix«.A^ mishmish, an apricot. 

AyJu^ mashmul, comprehended, 

*yM^ mashmum, odoriferous. 

o-^-ix.* mashwarat, council, deliber- 

^p^^^ mashauwashf disturbed, con- 

j;yi^/« mashauwaq, inflaming with de- 
sire, [dom. 

J^^ mashhad, a place of martyr- 

jj.yA^ mashhudf seen, evinced. 
j^Y^ "^O'Shhur, celebrated, publish- 

^<l/e mashi, walking. 

i^jji^ mashiyuty will, desire. 

ti^yjLjc masMd, strengthened. 

.jj^i^ mashir^ a counsellor. 

«.«.jJL« mashimah^ the membrane 
which enwraps the foetus. 

^A-a^ masahhili, lamps. 

i::^Lax masabiraty forbearance, 

Vi^a.^.A/0 musahib, a companion, fa- 

ij^^Aii-lwox) musdhabaf, society, con- 

uJi^Ua.^ masahif, books. 
jc\j^v< masddir, infinitives of verbs, 

tj^\..^x^ musddarahf oppression ; con- 

VjuSiSLfl-* musddigat, sincere and 
natural friendship, 

Acjl.Ax» musdria, wrestling, throwing 

i_j^l.a.* masdrif, expenses, disburse- 

{j:^9j\..a^ masdrifat^ acting slily (with 

(A^^Lfly* masdrid, hard (grounds). 
U-^£^-<A^ musdib, difficulties. 
i^Kii^ masd^\ a field of battle. 
As*La/o musdfahah, shaking hands. 
^Lo/* masrt/i/j, affairs, employments. 
ci^s^Ua^ niasdlahat, pacification. 

jLo^ masdib, misfortunes. 

—U-a^ misbd/i, lamps. 
j^^>« musbagh, tinged, dyed, 
^*'^^ musa/ihihf an emendator. 

mushaf, a book. 


tji^a:'**'- mashub, accompanied. 
^Jk.,a^ masdar, source, origin; infi- 
nitive of a verb. 

4itXo-«« musaddi, a troubler. 

(Jjjk^/» musdiq^ verifying. 

jj)fcV„fl^ wjisc/ay, rectifying, verifying. 
jji\,A^ masdur^ derived. 

^^(^^a^ masduq, verified, believed. 
j-^^ misr, a large city ; Egypt, 
j^a.^ musarr, persevering, insisting. 

^l;-"^^ misrd, a hemistich ; a fold of 
a door, 

-^;»*a/o musarrih, manifesting. 

>— i^/c musarrif, prodigal, extrava- 
gant, [lepsy, 

Pj}j^^su< masrUf afflicted with the epi- 

uJ^;.^'* masruf, expended, employed. 

^nk^^ mustafdf selected, chosen. 

^Ik^^o^ mustalah, technical. 

^a.^At musaff'dy clarified, purged. 

Jjl/tfj/o masqul, polished, furbished. 

^La^ miislihj rectifier, restorer. 

Li^sr^"^^ maslahat, counsel, good 

Lj>jLay<>maslub^ crucified, suspended. 

^La/o musallt, praying. 

^j>..-a.« musammam, firm, determined. 

^x^a^ musatina, formed, artificial. 

c-Ai.*a-/« musannify an author. 

icj\Jd.A/9 musaniiafdtf literary com- 

[ 171 ] 

ajLoL* masHtf, created, made, artifi- 
jiy^^ musamvir, a painter. 
^ifyx^aJ« masyun, guarded, preserved. 
Cli.^ju£^ musiia^, niisforrune. 
%djC^xi.'^i^ musibatzadah, unfortu- 
^yi-«a^ masir, residence, receptacle. 
^La,/o mazaja, bedcliaraberji. 
cyiStii* muzdddat, opposition. 
K^jX.^ & c^^-* muzarih^ trading 

Avith another's money. 
c;Lay« muzdri, the aorist. 
e_ft£Lax muzdqf, doubled, increased. 
(_Jlwx* muznf, annexed j a govern- 
ing noun. 
o'j'Lfl-* mtizd/dt^ annexations. 
AjJlu-jtii^ muzd/ilaihi, the noun go- 
verned, [contents. 
^x^Lo/c mazdmhi^ significations, 
jfjLfluo mazdiq^ narrow places. 
aajUL* muzdiqa/i, distress, trouble. 
isjXAa..< mazbut, strong, robust. 
fjs'*^^ mnzja, a bedchamber, 
•^s-*^^ muzhik, ridiculous, droll. 
c^iKs:-^-* muzfnkdt, jests, jokes. 
^^.*av« muzirr, hurtful, injurer. 
K^]j^£uc mizrdb, a musical bow. 
ca|;-<a/« inuzarrdl, offences, injuries. 
»---^.«a/« mazrih^ a place where any 

thing is struck. 
OyAi/o mnzarratf detriment, injury. 
jl^.^ mnzrur, damaged, injured. 
jia.a^ muzfarr, distressed. 
L_>^.«<x<i muztarib, agitated, afi^icted. 
^^xyc mazag/ij chewing, mastication. 
Jlao^ muzii^ a seducer. 
lU^^ mizmdrj a plan for exercise. 
J.s*-^'* muzmahal, digested. 
j*-^ rnnzmir, concealed, hidden. 
l«^*.o^ maz7num, joined ; marked 

with a zam. 
^^^*^>a^ mazjnun, sense, signification ; 

(jy^^ maziq^ a narrow place, strait.. 
lJx« maid, the back. 
^Ua/c mutdbiq, according, conform- 
able, [semblance. 

Li^Ajlk/o mutdbaqaff conformity, re- 

-.^lia^ matdrih, places of conference. 

i«^j\h^ matdrihahy conference, con- 
cUa^ 7nuta, obeyed. 

*iUay« matdim^ meats. [proach. 

^^lii-« miatdijif sarcasm, a keen re- 

(»_jlk/<) mutdfy a place round which 
they walk. 

uJUa/« matdlib, demands, acquisi- 

iAllk/o mutdlabahf asking, requisition. 

**Jtii/c mutdliah, consideration, pe- 

t^j)Xhue mafdvi, folds. 

jA\h^ matdhir, purifying. 

LyUjlk^ iuatdibdtf jokes, pleasant- 

^i^ia^mutdi/d, horses. 

i>^^ matbakh, a kitchen. 

^^Ja^ matbukh, dressed, cooked. 

c^Ja^ matbUj impressed, printed; 
j^ matary rain. 

cy^y* niatrdt, rains. 

ujjii^ mutrib, a musician, singer. 

— ^ matrah, a place where any 
thing is thrown. 

O^la/o muttarid, flowing ; current. 

j»Ja^ matrud, banished, expelled. 

^jl^jJa^ matun, reprehended, chid- 

j-ft]a/« mutfi^ an extinguisher. 

Xla^ muttaldy gilded. 

v_'l^^ matlabf desire, intention. 

«jii3-« mattdf the east ; opening of a 

jJk/o mutt ally informed. 

j^i2/« mutlaq, absolute, not in the 

[ 172 ] 

tji^lk* matluh, required, necessary. 
kv* mafma/iy a spectacle, theatre. 

h^ matmua^ desired with avidity. 

Ux« matmainn^ enjoying repose. 

,_f^/« matvt, folded, complicated. 

J^/« muttahir, a purifier. 

^.^k/c mattby aromatic. 

»Ak^ matia, obedient. 

.xla-« matir, rainy, showery. 

JUa^ mazdliniy tyrannies, oppres- 

JtUa^ mazdhir, objects, spectacles. 

»fl]a/<> muzq^ar^ victorious, a con- 

J^ muzlim, dark, obscure. 

v:>J[k/o mazlamat, oppression, ty- 

Cji^ mazMm, oppressed. 

^jjykJa/c maznun, thoughts ; suspected. 

ijioyc mazamiah, opinion, thought, 
j^iavo mazhar, object, view. 

*y« ma, with, together. 

l*^ mm, a gut. 

U/« maqn^ together, along with. 

tXjU/e maqbid, sacred place. 

J^^ mqbai\ passes; fords, ferries. 

u^^j<-* muqtib, reprehended. 

^Ux mqj\ retiring, receding. 

oljuo maqd, the place to which one 
returns; the resurrection. 

JjUx mqdil, equal, equivalent. 

c:^»5^/« mqdalat, justice. 

yj^l*.* maqdan, mines, quarries. 

^^x^ maqz, refuge, flying to God in 
any misfortune. 

•iiU>« mq^r, excuses. 

i^j^^ ^drij, ladders. 

u:jimV*x. mqrizat, the being adverse, 

Ijoj^*^ muqriz, opposing, hindering. 

c:^Iju« muqrazati opposition, hin- 

c_i,'«/« maqrif, sciences, virtues. 

cJj^*^ maqrak, fields of battle. 

i.ij\suc madrakah, fighting, a conflict, 

ft^*^ maqshf means of living. 

Jiljuo mqsliir, a conipanion, 

cy^ll*/o muds/iarat, living together. 

cjLeU^ mdsdff rebellion, defection. 

yc\*^ mudsir, contemporary. 

(iJ)\jL/« mdzid, an assistant, helper. 

ot3-*^/« mqzidat, mutual aid. 

iX^kU^ rndtifat, favour, courtesy. 

i_jU/c mudf. pardoned, exempted. 

^iU*« mudf'i^ exempted, privileged. 

J^Uyo muqffib, a punisher. 

ui^kSUx T)iua(jdbat, punishment. 

Siixyc rndqad, confederated, bound. 

fcXSU.* mdqid, knots. 

cajJiU^ mdqidaty league, confederacy, 

^U^ miidlijf applying a remedy ; 

*3r^U^ mudfafa/i, a cure, remedy. 

J^A^ madllim, telegraphs. 

^J\.x^ mudtamat, business, trade, 

aLoIx^ mudmalah, business, negoti- 

^jj,3^*l/«l*/e muqmalahkardan, to trade, 
to negotiate. 

^U^ mudli, eminences, elevations. 

Jl>u« mtcdn, a place, residence. 

jJUx mudnid, stubborn, refractory. 

(oJiU./« muqtndat^ obstinacy, oppo- 

j^U^ niuqniq, embracing. [brace. 

^^ijiissSi^^ muqjiaqahkardarif to em- 

^^*u« madni, significations. 

«5^l*Ai mudtvad, one who returns. 

ejjjU/c mudivadat, returning. 

(,j;>.i>jU^ mudwazatf barter, exchange. 

^jU./« mudwin, assisting, or assistant. 

Ci^i/**-* mudwanat, aid, succour, 

c:..^jU*« muqviat, a whelp ; a lynx. 

tXJtUye mudhid, confederated. 

itiJtU^ mudhadah, confederacy, alli- 

[ 173 ] 

wo^-* tndib, vices, offences, 

^±jliuo muqish^ necessaries, victuals. 

AJoljuo muqyanah^ inspection. 

j^\ju« mqbidf a place for worship. 

Oaju« muqbbidf worshipper, 

•Aju* maqhar, a pass, ferry, ford. 

tJ^Ax/o mqbud, adorned j a deity. 

Oju« mat, rubbing or smoothing (a 

C)\xx^ mutdd, custom, habit, use, 

jJUju« miqtaq^ causing a horse to 

^x3ju« muqtabar, respectable, repu- 

tXljuo mutadd, numbered, computed. 

JjkJju« mutadili temperate, equal. 

.JjIju* muatzir, excusing one*s self. 

tiju« mattaTy poor, indigent. 

ijoy^'^ mutariz, opposing, hinder- 


«— i;Iiu« mutarif, acknowledging, 

J)iju« mutasiil, a sect of Muham- 
madan schismatics. 

^Juolx/o mutasif, gaining. 

^hOAjuc mutasim, a servant. 

«xajju<» muqtaqid, a believer ; faithful 

Vfc,<Xju<> mutakib, raised (dust). 

cJL<Iiu« mutakif, continually em- 
ployed in private devotion. 

OuJkju* mutamadf confidential, trust- 

fc^yjut muqtavi, plaiting or twist- 
ing hair. 

^*/« muqj, going swiftly (an ass.) 

irn^s^ muqjab^ admiring one's self. 

jSB^ muqjiZf helpless, impotent. 

cal)3r*^ mujizdty miracles. 

*}js*^ mujizahf a miracle, 

Jjsr*^ muqjilf causing to make 

A«JK*^ mujamah, a letter having a 
diacritical point. 

4jjij-«*^ mqjun, kneaded ; an electu- 

d-JtXx-^ mqdalatf equity, justice. 

^jju« mqdimy depriving, annihilat- 

^J*^ mqdan, a mine. 

^iiXxxi mqdani, mineral, fossil. 

j}cU« mqdiid, numbered, counted. 

JjJjuo mqdulf gone astray. 

j»^j*^ mqdum, non-existent. 

»a*-8 midah, the stomach. 

jtX*^ muqzir, apologizing. 

e>;tA«v« mqzaratf an excuse, apology. 

Jci*-« muqzal, prodigal, great pro- 

jjt^*^ mqztirt excused, excusable. 

^1^^ miraj, a ladder, ascent. 

«^j^ju« muqrab, a word pointed with 
short vowels. 

c3ijy*>« muqribidy a drunkard. 

(^^o;*^ mqriZy a verse, abhorring, 

«— iy*^ muqrrift making known. 

tsJ^ mqrifat, knowledge, ac- 
quaintance ; by means of. 

jjyu* muqrriq, sudorific. 

tSjXK mqrakak, a field of battle. 

(jej^ mqruZj represented, request- 

\^yj»^ mqriiff known, well known. 

yfuc muqzz, aggrandiser, honouring. 

.•v*/* muqzzaz, honoured, revered. 

J^Juu* mqzuly dismissed, removed. 

yluo^ muqsku, a camp. 

jMjLy* mqshar, a company, troop. 

j3yiv*/c mqshiiqy a beloved object. 

A}!y2ju« mqshuqah, a mistress. 

jj'O*^ miqsar, a press. 

jyojuc rnqsuvy pressed out, squeezed. 

^x^^x^<i mqsumirij innocents. 

vj>jw«aju<) muqsiyaty defection, wicked- 

J.-dx>« muqzal, difficult, arduous. 

Ji*y* niuqttqr, perfumed, fragrant, 

^jftiuu* muqttish, exciting thirst. 

t 174 ] 

Jk*^ muattalj abandoned ; obso- 

uJ^SA* matiif, turned ; favoured. 

^Ji^ muqti, a giver ; bestowing. 

IBx^ muqzzam, honoured. 

Aa^«^ muqzzamahf honoured, re- 

tXfiju* muaqadf intricate, knotty. 

jyeS*>« mqqas^ a crooked arrow. 

^jSji^ mqqud, tied in a knot, fasten- 

Jyftju* mqqiil, reasonable, pertinent. 

v£i*^ mqfc, rubbing (leather). 

tXXju« mqkadj an asylum, sanctuary. 

^^X*/* mqffus, inverted, reversed. 

\Sj^ mqkukdj grief, sorrow, evil ; a 

aJ'*^ muqlld, high, sublime. 

««JJ»^ mqllaf, a stable, any place 
where food is given to cattle. 

^A/« muqllaq, suspended, hung up. 

o^aIju* muallaqat, things suspend- 

yjj jlJUx muqllaqzan, a tumbler, rope- 

*l»u« muqllim, a preceptor. 

jyju* mqlul, indisposed, diseased, 

4yU>« malum, known, notorious. 

cijUe^JLue mqluniatj things known. 

t«ju« tnuqmma, an enigma. 
jUju« mimarj an architect, brick- 

^.Ujl^ mimari, architecture, build- 

4jkww« mqmiir, cultivated, inhabited. 

x^^AJuo mqmurah, cultivated spot, iu- 

%^jy>*^ mqmuri, population, culti- 

J^»u« mqniul, accustomary, usual. 

y^lLu* qnan, water-courses in val- 
leys, &c. 

jxx*^ muqmbar, perfumed with am- 

(y^*^ muqnaq, prominent. 

i_jy^^ mqnawij intrinsic; signifi- 

^^ji*^ mqni, sense, meaning. 

C>-^^-« mquzit, a thing given for 

J^*/« mqul, a pickaxe. 

)a^^y« maqhazdf at the same time, 

iJ^Y*^ inqhud, agreed, promised. 

SJL^,»^ wajj/M/, conjunction; society, 

cu-iok*^ mqishatf living, leading a 

c/AAx/c mqiiSf a thick grove. 

Jjj*^ mui/, wanting, indigent, help- 

j«^i*^ muin, an assistant. 

^j^i*^ muqiyan, fixed, determined. 

t-j^j*/* mqyuh, vicious, defective. 

^ mugh, a worshipper of fire ; a 

»;U./« maghdrah, a cave, den. 

(J^U^ maghdk, a pit. 

*WU/<» mughdlahtah, leading int(>> 

J.k/0 mughdn, worshippers of fire ; 
a wine-seller. 

^Ux maghdyir, contrary, adverse. 

ty^*^ maghdyarahy disagreement, 

c^Uy« maghdyarat, exchanging. 

^^aA/« maghbun, deceived, cheated. 

L±^M maghas, a strong wrestler. 

^j*^ maghrib, the west. 

^^*-< maghribi, western; African. 

\£^ji>^ mqghrifat, a pump for draw- 
ing water, a saucer, a dish. 

Qf^ mughraq, gilded, silvered. 

ii<^jMmaghrutah, seized; plundered, 

j^"* mag/iriir, proud, arrogant. 

^^J^A/« maghruri^ pride, vanity. 

j^5^x«« maghrus, planted. 

^^^fJ»^ maghruq, immersed, sunk. 
ijM maghZf the brain ; marrow, 
pulp ; pith. 

t 1?5 ] 

J-wu« maghsnl, a batliing' place, es- 
pecially for dead bodies, 

^^^mJtye mttghsul, washed, cleansed. 

ytjMJtyc maghshushf alloyed, adulte- 

^-«^»u« mughashshi, covered, disguis- 
ed ; feigning. 

4,/fli^ maghs, twisting of the guts. 

v^wijuo maghzab, enraged, angry. 
j^kyo maghzar, declining, receding. 

t^y-^akyc maghzub^ irritated, vexed. 
jAk^ mighfar, helmet. 

c^fli/« maghfirat^ pardon, remission. 
jyok^ maglifuvy pardoned, deceased. 

yJ»)akK mughtishy dark night. 

J>*-« mughal^ a Mogul or Tartar. 

vUlU^ mughldk, wretched, poor. 

^^lU/« mugfildq, a lock, bar, bolt, 

(^JU*« mnghlaq, abstruse, difficult. 

Ji*/« mighlaly addicted to eating 

tjyix^ maghlub, conquered, subject- 
' ed. 

^J^^k/• maghluq^ shut, barred. 

Ui>« maghammdj a spoiled, corrupt- 
ed thing. 
JAM mughniar^ drunken. 

fy^k^ maghmum^ afflicted, sorrowful. 

O^ii/o mag-^wM(/, sleeping, laid asleep. 

^iiy« miighaiini, a singer. 

AxiX* mughannia/iy a female singer. 
jiM mughaiyar^ one who alters. 

^;]Lx/« mughildn, the acacia. 

^jJlft^ mafdtih, keys. 

i2jla.lA/« mufdjdt, suddenness. 
j-iAsL^ mtifdkhir, glorying. 

cy^».lay« mufdkharat, glorying, boast. 
jIa« nia/dr, places of refuge. 

^}/^A^ mufdriq, separating, 

\j:^X&y mufdriqat^ separation, ab- 

%j\suc mafdrah, a country abounding 
in mice. 

%j^ mafdzakj a desert. 

J^Ia/o ma/dsid, evils, 

Jw^lax mafdsil, joints. 

*i-*U/o mufdsalah, distance between 
two places. 

^U-« mufdqir, poverties, miseries. 

[ji^^Asuo mufdyashat, boasting, me- 

C-^ muft, gratuitously, for nothing. 

_Ui/« miftdh, a key, 

^aj* mufattih, a conqueror of 
towns, &c. 

^xsK^ muftakhir, boasting, glorify- 

^^xst^ mnftarqi violating, ravishing. 

(jj^"* muftariq^ dispersed. 

i^jXa.^ muftart, a slanderer. 

y^Jila.K mufattish, an inquisitor. 

JuaIa^ tnuftasid, opening, cutting (a 

jAxLc muftaqir, reduced to poverty. 

^yxa.^ mufattil^ twisted. 

_.^Ia^ maftuh^ taken, subdued ; 
marked with the vowel point 

JyLA/« maftul, twisted, 

y^y^A/^ niaftutiy fascinated, 

^Ia^ muftty a mufti or law man, 
giving a leiral decree. Rng. 

jss^ mnfakhkhar^ boasting, glory- 

.s^ mufakhkham^ magnified, great, 

,A>« mafarr, a place of refuge. 

_^/« mufarrih, exhilarating. 

o^a^ mufrady singular, alone, unique. 

)ojL« mu/nY, augmenting, exceeding, 

^}ji^ ynafrmhy spread, expanded, 

(^^y* mafruz, enjoined (by God). 

^..ft/« mafruqy separated, divided. 

JuvjLo mufsid, a seditious person. 

eujuuA/o niiifsidat, an evil, any thing 

jmSuc mit/assar, explaining ; a com- 

^y»A^ mafsukh, broken, dissolved. 

t 176 ] 

^yu*ftv« ma/shush, false, vain, foolish, 

tX^ft/c mi/sad, a lancet, a scalpel. 

J.^/* mnfsdl, a joint, articulation. 

(J..^aA^ mufassul, distinctly, at large. 

J^-oa/« »z«/i?u/, overcome, conquered. 
j)asu« maftir, breakfasting-. 

^LA/o m\ifattin, sagacious. 

Jy«A^ maful, made, done; the pas- 
sive voice. 
yts.'* mufaqqar, chief, strong, 

JjAA/c mafqud, destitute, frustrated. 

viJylLo mafkukf liberated, pardoned. 

•JJHa/* majldk, poor, distressed men. 

^JbLo mii/lajf free, one who escapes. 

^ia.« ma/alih, prosperous, happy. 

^j^ia.^ miiJliSf poor, indigent. 

^c.*Jla^ mujlisi, poverty. 

^yUx majluj, paralytic, 

cl;^JU/o majiuk, oppressed, unfortu- 

(jojA^ mufauwaZi consigned, in- 
trusted, * 

fy^ mafhunif understood, compre- 

cyUi/o mujiyat, a shady place. 

JxA/« mufid, profitable, salutary. 

j^jji/c mu/iSf flight, avoiding. 

t^/AAA^ mufiZf giving, diffusing. 

^^jjA/o mu/igy wonderful (poet). 

►jliU magdbir^ sepulchres. 

JjlLo mukdbil, opposite, over 
against, resembling. [tion. 

sSAL* muqdhalah, comparison, colla- 

^wU/o muqdhihy vices, crimes. 

JJ^A^ muqdtit, a slayer, combatant. 

aJUILo maqdtalahy slaughter, battle, 

i^jlL* miqdsnb, present, gift. 

jid^JLc maqddtr, quantities. 

i^\.5y« maqdrib, near, neighbouring. 

w«j^U^ muqdrib, approximation. 

^j^lL« maqdran, connected, near. 

C^^jKaj* muqdranatf contiguity, con- 

ol*yUbo muqdsdty bearing with pati- 

s.MXiy» muqdsimah, dividing with an- 

«X.aUy« maqdsid, designs, attempts, 

^U^ maqdtir, drops. 

j^lsU/o jnaqdtia, sections. 

jkclft/o muqaid, seats, benches ; a 

Ju>« maqdlf speech, discourse. 

aIU/o maqdlah, a section of a book. 

JjJIa^ muqdlid, locks, keys. 

1*15^ maqdm^ station, place, abode ; 
halting place. 

c*L«lL« maqdmdt, musical modes ; 

woU^ tnuqdmir, a dicer. 

%yc\a.^ maqdmarat, playing at dice. 

cJj^KLc maqdvilat^ conversation, con- 

^^Ia/« maqdvim, opponent, resisting, 

i:^^^\&^ maqdwamat, opposition, re- 

x^A'* maqbarahj a tomb, burying 

J.xa^ muqbil, favouring, looking to- 

(jeyJ^ maqbuz, taken, possessed. 

J^AO/o maqbul, acceptable, agreea- 

^j^xxaj* muqtabiSf borrowing, quot« 

ol4«<iAjiA>« muqtabisdt, quotations. 

IjJa/o muqtaddf followed, imitated. 

jtiS.iy« muqtadir, powerful, potent. 

i^tilLt muqtadi, imitator, follower. 

jiA4» muqtir^ frugal, parsimonious, 

^ ..olftyo muqfasar, abbreviator. 

Lais.* muqtazd, exacted, required. 

^gAlSyo muqtazi, exacting, required. 

c»U.*aia/« muqtaziydt, exactions. 

yJ>J^ muqta/ty one who follows an- 

J,ju-« maqialf a place of slaughter. 

[ 177 ] 

J^Ia-* maqtul, killed, slain, slaugh- 

j\i\Ay« miqdar. quantity, space, 

Jti.a^ miqddm, intrepid, bold. 

jtiA^ muqaddar, predestined, 

c:>l)tXa^ muqaddarat, destinies, fates. 

^«,tiL* maqdJSj a holy place. 

4^cX5<« muqttddas, holy, sanctified. 

A*uj>L« 7nuq(iddasa/i, sanctified (fern.) 

l»tift/« maqdanif arrival, 

*JA/« muqaddam, antecedent, prior. 

eyl^Jk^x mugaddamatf affairs. 

^^s^lLcj^ muqaddamatuljaish^ the 
advanced guard of an army. 

*xjk5/e wmyarft/amoA, subject, matter ; 
preamble, introduction, 

jj6l^ maqdur, power, ability. 

^SL< maqdif wine made of honey, 
mead, &c. 

♦5^ maqarVf station, place of rest. 

fje)jA^ miqrdz, scissors. 

oLS^ miqra, a mallet for breaking 

t-j^A/o muqarrabf courtier, near at- 

^b^L* nitiqarraidrij near attendants, 

c:*o^ maqrihatj relationship. 

^J^J^ muqarrabhi, cherubim. 
jjhc muqarraVf established ; cer- 

i^jjA^ muqarrarif fixed, confirmed. 

(jojSt^ mugriZf lending, an usurer. 

(jc*^ maqruZy lent. 

c_ijj^5^ maqruf, suspected, blamed. 

f^^^ maqrum, marked by a cut in 
the nose (a camel). [ed. 

t^»j^ maqj'wi, near, connected, relat- 

Wi^jj^-* magruniat, conjunction, 

^y»J&^ maqsilnij distributed, allotted, 

jM>^ muqashsharf peeled, barked, 

yLh* maqashshUf peeled, skinned. 
iX^ai^ maqsad, intention, meaning. 

j^^lyo maqassar, diminished, defici- 

c*^.iaL« maqsud, intended, desired, 
wished lor. 

jyOA^ mnqsur, deficient, less, faulty. 

^^^-flA* maqassiy remote, removed. 

^^^^yOA/c maqzi, finished, completed. 

jhxyo muqattir, distilling, dropping. 

«ixL« maqtay the last verse in an 

j^cSuc maqtur^ distilled. 

ay)a^^ maqtuj cut, amputated. 

(>AA/« miqqd, a seat, cushion. 

jxlye magar, deep, profound. 

(^^icjta/o miqaSf a lion. 

\aA^ miq/dr, a desert, wilderness, 
i-Si« muqaffd, preferred before, an 

oration rhythmically composed. 
J.5^ maql^ bdellium. 

L,^1S^ mugallah^ convert. 

jJIa'O mugaiiid, a mimic. 

»-JJL« mugallify uncircumcised. 

ej>yla>« maglub, turned, inverted. 

f^/>^ mugmin, convenient, apt. 

^^^\jJB^ migndttSf the magnet, load- 

c-.^^ magnab, a troop, especially of 

piaA) muganq, veiled. 

tJoA^ miqnafy a large shield of 
leather. [tor, 

^i&^ muqanniriy an author, institu- 

^jA^ muqawidy leading in the hand. 

ij^ys^ maqwas, a quiver, a bow 
case ; a barrier. 

MjA^ muqa7twam, arranged, adjusted. 

^_5•^^ muqauwi, corroborating, 

xm miqahf gray or blue (as eyes). 

,yifA^ maqhuTy conquered, subdued. 

^Ua^ miqiyds, a measure, Nilome- 

[ 178 1 

v^xAv« muqit, powerful, a guardian. 

Jj^ muqaiyad^ diligent ; registered. 

4^JaA/« mM?rt?yarf?, bondage, close at- 

*ii.« Twufjr^m, dwelling, an inhabitant. 

j^jjA/o muq'imif brokerage. 

^_jjX« muqai, vomitive, emetical, 
jj'^C^ mukdbir, obstinate contention. 

CiJjiC* makdbilat, putting off pay- 
ment of a debt. 

t^jK/o nmkdtab, a slave who ransoms 
himself; schools. 

eyUJlCo mukdtibdty writings, letters. 

c:^AjK/« mukdtibatj correspondence 
by letters. 

u-^w^^ makdtib, letters, writings. 
jiCo makkdr, a cheat, impostor. 

ftjK^ makdrim, generous actions. 

%K^ makkdrahf abominations. 

t»^*«»<Co ma/idsib, acquisitions. 

AA^H/* mukdshafah, displaying, dis- 

oU!Sl/o mukdfdt, recompenses, retri- 

s,i«y«li/« mukdlimatf conversations, 

^ICo makdmin, hiding places, re- 

yjiCe makdrif a dwelling, habitation. 

c^^jlCo 7niikdwamat, assault, insult. 

cjUlCo mukdhdt, contending for 

dX^ 7nakdid, frauds, snares. 

Vii^Jjfcl^/c mukdhinat, respect, regard. 

iXiJ^/o makdilahf measuring. 

^■^sJX* maktabf a school, a place for 

c5y^ maktari, hiring. 

i^M^li^ maktasab, acquired, accom- 

^aI^k muktafi, content, satisfied. 

^^j^-* muktali, sleepless, watching. 

t.»iii<^ maktanif, surrounding, block- 
ading, besieging. 

c_>^XC« maktub, written, a writing, 

u^JylXx maktutab, swelling with re- 

^^IX^ makfum, hidden, concealed. 

fci^X^ maks, delaying, delay. 

i^pS.^ maksubf inserted, infused, 

jti^'-c mukaddar, disturbed, vexed, 

•L«,j</o mukaddarsdz, a disturber. 

»Xai makar, fraud, deceit. 
jCc magar, except, unless, yet. 

^jl^/* mukrdiif the name of a moun- 

jS^ mukarrar, repeated, repeatedly. 

^j^^ mukarram, noble, respected. 

o/c^/« makramatj honour, respecta- 

ijjCe makruhj odious, hated, detes- 

U-Xc maks, offering a price, bid- 
ding at a sale. 

^J^^>'^ magas, a fly. 

t^*«X* maksab, gain, requisition. 

^^K,^^^*X« magasrdn, a fly flap. 

J.<«»£^^x<« magasi asal, a honey bee. 

jyAu.i^ maksur^ broken ; marked with 
the vowel j)olnt kasrah. 

i^y^^ makshuf, revealed, disclosed. 

JX« mikal^ leech, or blood-sucker. 

t^JJX/o mukallaf, putting to incon- 

(J-U/o mukallal, ornamented with 

^y^J^ mukammal, perfect, com- 

^♦C* makman, a hiding place. 

^^J.o.i.^ makmun^ hid, concealed. 

cJ^/« maktiat, power, strength, 

^jj^Co makniin, hidden, concealed. 

issliyX* makniindty hidden things. 

JU<.« mikiydl, a measuring vessel. 

^^jjjX/« makidan, to suck. 

csUaCo mukait/afdt, qualities. 

[ 179 ] 

^^Co makin, firmly fixed. 

J^/c makyul, measured. 

J-^ mill, spirituous liquor. 

8/« mulld, a learned man. 

S^ mala, full. 

,^jJL« muldhis, garments. 

tS-^MJi^ mulcibasat, commerce, conver- 

-9^-^ malldh, a sailor, boatman. 

(^oi-Lo niald/iat, beauty, elegance. 

^^lU maldhij, difficulties. 

tXA.lU maldhid, atheists, infidels. 

A^^IU muldhazah, contemplation, 

•JX/e maldz, an asylum, protection. 

di'^ilU muldzimatf service ; inter- 

<» :JU muldzim, a servant, attendant. 

^j,t«)lU muldzimdn, servants, atten- 

ciM^U muldsa?iat, railing against. 

fj^ho muldsiq, contiguous, adjoin- 

loJU maldi, mud for building walls. 

v^lsH^ muldtif, courteous, civil. 

eijUkiJU middtifdt, politenesses, let- 
ters, [tie. 

aAJsJU muldtifah^ benignity ; an epis- 

u^l« maldjb, jests, pleasantries. 

c^AfilU muldqhat, playing, toying to- 

AJ>cH-« muldinah, mutual execration. 

^J^cho inaldhi, accursed persons. 

«8wi mnlla, terrible man. 

ey'iX^ muldqdty a meeting, interview. 

^S3I.« muldqt, meeting, conversing 

ti»«^X/c maldkat, posses?ion. 

J3U maldl, sadness, grief. 

c^'ll/o maldlat, sadness, affliction. 

^^./o maldm, reproach, censure. 

c*-*!^ maldmat, reproach, reproof. 

k::^m^1U muldmasat, handling, feel- 
in ». 

^ibi^ maldhi, wanton pastimes. 

(JLajH^ "I maldik, "1 ^ 

dSS^^ J nialdikah, J 

siJLo muldim, mild, soft, tender. 

C».Ajlt-« mw/d/ma/, softness, gentleness, 

,^^aL« mulabbas, clothed, dressed. 

^^^aLo mulbus, put on (garments). 

uut*"^'* mulbusdf, garments, clothes. 

»jui.>« millat, religion, faith, 
-s:-*"*'^ multajam, bridled. 

^^^ mnltaji, taking refuge. 

p^xbo multaham, healed (a wound). 

j^sr^ multaln, getting a beard. 

(ij^^ multazini, constrained, com- 

^y^'sL*. multasiq, conjoined, adhering. 

hlLo mulattat^ scenting with musk. 

*Lil«o multati, drinking out what is 
in a vessel, licking out. 

c^aILo multafafj showing respect. 

JaAlL* multaqat, gathering, collect- 

♦SlJU multaqam, swallowing. 

^giXLo mu/^a??, meeting. 

^^aII^ multamis, supplicating, pe- 

tiyX« multuSy confused, perplexed. 

^^yiLo multavi, crooked; delayed. 

^jlLo multukh, mixed, fermented, 

u.^yJ^Jl'* muliahab, inflamed, burn- 

j^Il-« multiq, acting sincerely. 

Is^ maljd, an asylum. 

^s:^ milchakh^ a stone for a sling. 

^l/« milah, salt. 

as^ mulhidf an atheist, infidel. 

^jfs^ mulhiq, added, annexed, ad- 

Jsys-^ malhuz, contemplated, consi- 

j»JU malakh, a locust. 

^jya^,^^Lc malakhikkhurd, a grasshop- 

[ 180 ] 

f'^ muhim, confuted, convicted. 

tjl^ molzdhy extremely avaricious. 

J^ niuhdm, forceps; a press for 
wine. [ted. 

^^)JU malzum^ inseparable, connee- 

j^l-« mulassaq^ adoptive, aclsciti- 

(^-^^ muhaq, conjoined, united. 

yjl^*JU malun, execrated, cursed, 
abandoned infidel. 

,^jkL« mal/us, crude, raw, undress- 
ed, [ed. 

^.J^AjLe malfuf, wrapped up, enclos- 

^j-^y« malq, mild, gentle. 

c^aU mu/aqqah, surnamed, entitled. 

^aLo mulnqqih, a stallion. 

wlII'* mulk, a kingdom, country. 

<iJUU malik, a king. 

v*JXy« mnluk, an angel. 

v.fjll« milk, property, estate. 

o^'v^'L* malakulmaut, the angel 
of death. 

iciljiJL)-!^ mulkrdni, sovereign sway. 

j3"t^viJJU mulkgiriy conquest. 

v2>y;JU malkut, angels. 

JU^t.£jlUi mulk o mdl, land and mo- 

iSL* maliktth, practice, habit ; a 

^iJxi malaki, royal, kingly, 
-i^ mulki, belonging to a coun- 

JwLc milalf religious. 

«JLo mulamma, plated. 

i±»^l-« mulauwas, polluted, defiled, 

yJiJyi^ maluk, kings, sovereigns. 

*il^< malukdnah, royal, princely. 

jyU malul, sad, vexed. 

^;tXi jyU maltilshudan, to be afflicted. 

i»yL« malum f repreli ended, accused. 

^jjjJU »jw/aMif;aw, coloured, variegated. 

s^^l<« mulauwi, distorted, crooked. 

^lyi/o mulhatti, liquorice* 

*^ mulham, inspired. 

^yJL« mulhaq, made white. 

«_>j.yi^ malhuh, kindled, inflamed. 

t_j^^ malhiif, afflicted. 

^-JU we//?, lasting long. 

-..jJLo malih, beautiful, agreeable. 

jaIx mullaiyin, softening, emollient. 

U^ mimmay from that which. 

cyl-«-« mamdtf death. 

(JjU-« mumdsil, alike, resembling. 

Ci*<*»^U^ mumdrasat, managing af- 

ci*5U^ mumdsitat, walking toge- 

i.*iJU^ mamdlik, kingdoms, pro- 

**u^^'*«JLAJl,«^ mumdlikimahrusahf the 
protected dominions. 

«»fijJU^ mumdlik, slaves, servants. 

•Ua^ mumtdzf distinguished, emi- 
nent, [ous. 

J.aI^/0 mumtasil, obedient, obsequi. 

^jisT*"*^ mumtahashf burnt, scorch- 
ed ; incensed. 

du^ tmimtadd, extended, prolonged. 

^Uax mumtalif full, replete. 

^.6-« mumtanq, prohibited ; impas- 

ds*^ mumajj'ad, glorified, glorious. 

J(U.<« mumaddad, extending, pro- 

_^cUy« mamduh^ praised, laudable. 

(>j«Uy« mamdudf extended, prolonged. 

JotX«-« mumzil, astonished. [sit. 

»*-* mamarr, a pass, passage, tran- 

Oj^^ mnmarriq, a singer. 

^;l^ mumarran, of a rigid counte- 

i^«^ maynriis, managed (affairs). 

-rxr^^ mamzuj'f mixed, tempered. 

«.£XuA/« miimsik^ seizing ; stingy. 

_j.u*A/o mamsu/tj missed ; cleaned; 

^^4».A/« mamsjidf excellently formed 
by nature. 

[ 181 ] 

(^•MkA^ mamstis, touched, furious. 

is^A^ mams I tut, combed. 

(3*'5kA/« mamshuq, a thin man. 
^A^ mams hi ^ a privy. 

*X.*^ ntumkin^ possible, probable, 

C^SXjiuc mamlikafy an enjpire, realm. 

^JL-/« mamlu, full, replete. 

v^JyU^ mamluk, a purchased slave, 

AiSyL* mamlukatahy property, estate. 

c^aa>* mamnua, prohibited, forbid- 

^y^AAi manimuriy obliged, receiving a 

*4-^ mammah, a woman's breast. 

jLf.6^ mumahhid, confirming. 
jj^y-*^ mani/iuVy signed, sealed. 

Ua^ mumyiz, discriminating. 

j^ maw, I. 

^jy« mann, a weight equal to 80 lbs. 

^^ min, frotu. [this. 

y^'ii ^J^ minildn, henceforth, after 

(J.a.)^/« minajl, for which reason. 

L^Uw« mundb, acting as a locum 

«jIL« mandhir, pulpits, rostrums, &c. 

oUw« manat, an idol of the pagan 

cala^lU mundjat^ prayers, supplica- 

Ja.lLo mandj'idf a defender, assis- 

^ILo mandkh, a camel stable. 

.^U.« mandkhir, the nostrils. 

^jU><i wm7iarfa, a crier, proclairaer. 

CL..«/«.J^ munddamat, companion- 

^jUwo munddam, a companion, a 

tj'iS^ munddi, a crier, proclaimer. 
JjtjU^ mariddil, turbans. 
.Uw« wiandr, a large lanthorn, pharos. 
iJSyo mandra/i, a turret or minaret. 
PjU^ mundza, contending, litigat- 


yll^ mundzaat, contest, litiga- 

JjU/« mandzil, mansions, stages. 

^,^*M/c mundsih, proper, fit, suita- 
* ble. 

(:i.x*blL« mundsabat, suitableness. 

^jk/ilLe mandshir, royal mandates. 

u,*y*lL« mundsiby offices, dignities, 

cl'^ac'^U/* mnndsihat, admonition. 

AA^ti^ mundsifah, dividing into two 
equal parts. 

tJeXsyo mundzarahj controversy. 

?Uy« manda, strongly prohibiting. 

ur^U^ mundaff inaccessibility. 

#£^ muiidim, tender, soft, gentle. 

c:.v«£LL« mundimaf, affirming ; bind- 
ing, tying. 

t-JU^ mandf, name of a pagan Ara- 
bian idol. 

cyUU/a mundfdtf dispelling, repel- 

tVsU/o mundfiz, holes, vents. 
ji\j^ mundfir^ abhorring, detesting. 

jili^ mundfia^ profits, gains. 

^yi\^^ mu7id/iq, a hypocrite, dissem- 
bler. [ijl»-U<. 

*^^ mundqashah, contention ; 

c/AiU/o mundqiz, contradictory, op- 

C.^IL« mundqizat^ contradiction, 

AjsriUy* mundkihaty marrying. 

.*^U-« mandkir, iniquitous things. 

JUL* mandl, profit, means of gain. 

AL< mandm, sleep. 

^f^^\xA mandmaSf a confidant. 

^Uu« manndfi, beneficent, benign, 
propitious ; omnipotence. 

4-,.*jLLo mundvisat, struggling, en- 
deavouring to escape. 

^U^ mandhij, roads, ways. 

4:yjjiiU/<i mundhidat, drawing lots. 

J.JbU/« 7nandhil, watering places. 

, ,Ji»U^ mandhi, prohibited thiniJrs. 

[ 182 ] 

IjU/o 7nundi/d^ deaths. 

ij^*.x« mnmbatf inluid. 
jxi^ millibar^ a pulpit, a reading 

t£^^>,i/« mumbasit, rejoicing, merry. 

f^Jk-o mumhay fountain, spring, 

t\*j^ minhaad, afterwards, 

KL^KiX^ mumbas^ excited j sent. 

AAix munabbahy admonisher, awak- 

sjS^'^y miniiat, an obligation, favour. 

-p^U^ muntahij, deducing. 

w«s^-*"« muntakhaby chosen, select- 
' ed. 

cylLe muntaza, seizing, taking. 

fc^*uIi/o muntasaby compared with 

JilLc muntashar, diffused, disper- 

i^,,aju^ muntasib, standing erect. 
jj>alx^ muntasir, conquering, over- 

jj-oii-* muntasil, without head, (a 

j^aU/e muntazidy remaining in a 

Joli-* muntazir, expecting, waiting. 

JaJu/o mu«^a2am, ordered, arranged. 

^ii.x.Xi/0 muntaashy standing on the 
feet, rising up after a fall. 

«aJU/c muntafiy gaining, enjoying. 

^ftli/o muntafiy dissipated, destroy- 

»5xL« muntaqary dug ; examining ; 
selecting, choosing. 

f^foAjii^ muntaqiz, demolishing. 

jlil^ muntaqq, slaughtering. 

J^j^ muntaqaiy emigrating. 

>5ii/o muntaqamy punishing, aveng- 

SiLo muntaqiy selecting ; taking 
marrow from a bone. 

^AJ^ muntann, fetid, stinking. 

•S^y^w^i-* minnatnihady to confer a 

^^Ii>« muntahiy finished, termina- 
" ted, ending. 

jsr^^ munfivy drawn, dragged. 

j^^s-*-* munjaSy polluted, defiled,*"* munjaly a sickle, scythe. 

^jiMsr*"* via7ijaldb, polluted water. 

^i*-*"* mwtjala, discovered, unco* 

^s^'o munjaliy conspicuous, appa- 

^a:-*"* munajjim, an astronomer, as- 

t^-^sr*^ munjami d, congealed, con- 

I^-*^ rnanjaudy planed, hewn, cut, 

j^sr^'* manjuZy receding, declining, 

(JHs^?"*^ munjaniqy a catapulta^ bat- 

^•*«ar'*'* munjaniy liberating. 

^^^s■'"* manhuSy unfortunate, un- 

js^ mmkhar, a nostril, 

Pjs:*"* munkhara, split, rent. 



j^j^ ..lunklmrat, turned (on a 
J at he.) 

Oj^*^ niunkharaq, split, lacerated. 

(♦♦sr*^ mutik/iaram, chopping, split- 

ijs:^^ minkhal, a sieve. 

dL« niand, a particle added to 
nouns, and signifying possessed 
of, as daulatmandy khiridmand. 

^ji^^yo mundarijy including, conltiin- 
ing. [celled. 

^k^jj^ix mundaris, obliterated, can- 

^^ixLo mandaSy hid, buried. 

»ijl.« mundafq, repulsed, removed, 

^/ojiX/o mundmajy joined, compact. 

,J^Jjw-« mandmil, healing. 

usjOki-* manduby lamented, celebra- 
ted in a funeral oration. 

[ 183 ] 

J^jji/e majidil, a turban. 

J).>'< manzil, a day's journey ; a 

cJy-* manzalat, dignity, rank, 
cjj^Lo manzua, polluted. 
i^j^y^ munzawi, a solitary man, 

tyy^ munazzahf pure, holy. 
^mk'x^c mansaj, a weaver's loom. 
cJL4«iy« munsif, a fan ; a ventilator 

for winnowing corn, &e. 
^^i^wLo munsalib^ plundered. 
kZMm-^Lo mutisalak, joined, connec- 
^^jmS^ rnansub, related, ascribed. 
^yM^y,^ nimisuj, Avoven. 
^^«^/o mansukh, cancelled, abolish- 
^^4^'xx> mnnsi, forgotten. 
^^■*^ mauish, nature, temperament. 
f[Juxy« mans/id, principle, origin, be- 
e^Uxiy* manshdt, letters, composi- 
XAxy* Tiiinshdr, a saw. 
^*ui.* mauf/iar, (God) reviving, bring- 

i.ig to life. 
^jmkL« muns/iarih, cheerftjl, rejoic- 
it^i,*. munashshat^ exhilarating. 
u*»«-i^L<) mimshqh. branched, divided, 
^^•i^ munshaq, spilt. 
jyJis'y^ manshur, diffused, divulged; 

a royul mandate. 
^J^^ niii7ishi, a secretary, penman. 
4^^^ matisab, dignity, office, sta- 
ilja^i^ mdnsahddr, a man of rank. 
^^^OkLo munsahagh, dyed, tinged. 
»__j^oi>« munsarif, turned back, 
c— ft.i<ai^ munsif, just, equitable ; a 

ujy-ai^ 7nansubj erected, consti- 

^^j-aI^ mansi, victorious, aided. 
(jayoj,^ mansus, manifested, de- 
A-sL« mansahf front, forehead. 
^-oIa) muuzaj, ripening, suppurat- 
I»^i^ munzam, joined, added. 
jfAki/o inuntabaq, congruous. 
^ftki^ munta/i, distinguished. 
j^kl« mantiq, logic, reasoning. 
AiJai/o mintaqah, a girdle, zone. 
^^lAxaiaX* muitaqatulburuj, the 

j;^Jal«« mantiiq, said, spoken, 
(^^i/o mutitavi, folded, involved. 
j^y^ manzar, the countenance, as- 
pect, object. 
jijJaLo manzur, agreeable, admired. 
^^ti/e manzum, arranged ; metrical, 
&^^Jai/« manzumafif versified. 
^i^ maim, hinderance, prohibition. 
AftL« muuam, very beneficent. 
Mtijti/* munqdim, annihilated, de- 
stroyed, [tious. 
^ii*>« mimqdif contagious, infec- 
w-ilaxi/* muvqtaf, turned, 
t-jLuJ-* munqf, sitting on a declivity. 
^*j^ munqfaq, expeditious in bu- 
jiijtiA) munqqid, lied, bound. 
^^i.xx^ munakSf inverted, contrary. 
**i.-e muuiwy a benefactor. 
f^f^Jdjo munaghghas, a miserable 

j^«.ii/o munghamaSf immerging, 

(jlfliA) minfdq^ one who spends 
much. [ed. 

^Ifti/o munfatah^ subdued, conquer- 
^iiiyo munfataq^ split, broken, cleft, 
-s*^^ munfajar, flowing ; beginning 

to dawn. 
^gjAA/* jnunfajiq, diffusing, (light- 

[ 184 ] 

^i^ munfajf a meddler, a busy- 

^n-L« mhifakh, a pair of bellows. 

j,ajix mun/uZy a hole, vent, passage. 
aix) munfai\ terrifying, putting to 

_,^iL« munfarij, open, separated. 
JiL« mmifarah, cheerful, tranquil. 

CjStX^ munfard, alone ; simple. 

^^SL^ muiifas, many, much wealth. 

cX^oaJ^ muufasidf flowing. 

J.^fti/0 munfasal, bashful, ashamed. 

^oi/o munfasam^ broken, dashed to 

^^a'sLi^ munfasi, separated. 

^^fOAXyo munfaz, a fan, a ventilator. 

JaAX/o munfatar, split, splitting. 

(.^xftX* mimfaatj profit, advantage. 

J^ai/o munfaily bashful, ashamed. 
jiAXjc munfaghar, open (mouth) ; 
expanding like flowers. 

^^ftx« munfa(jf expanding, 

v*Jifti^ manfakk, dislocated, dis- 

JaIw) manfil, giving liberally. 

fjejO-i^ munfuz, shaken, concussed. 

^jftx« munfif repulsed, banished, 

ijUJuo minqdd, obedient, submissive. 

j^aJwo munnaqqa, a species of rai- 

Aii^ minqaVf the beak of a bird. 

^^XaX/* minqdsh, pincers, tweezers. 

v:^^vp'«w« manqabat, virtue, a noble 
mind. [tracted. 

fjCiXsXyo mimqahiz, constipated, con- 

^&k/« munaqqah, cleansed. 

j^i/« minqard, fixed, settled, stable. 

fjejsx^ munqaraz, extinct, elapsed. 

**«*Ai^ munqasam, divided into parts. 

f^JilL* munaqqash, painted, embroi- 

jM>£Li> munqashar, peeled, skinned, 

cuiflAi/« munqasat^ detriment, loss. 

t>^^s.L< mwiqaza/f moved, raised. 

j^^ii/o mmiqazi, past, elapsed. 

jJa-ft^ munqatif broken off", termi- 
jjLfti/« munqar, eradicated ; soaked. 

Mfii/« munqaldf the advanced guard. 

^.^liix) mutiqalaby changed, inver- 

C^IaX/o manqalaff a day's journey. 

Jlii^ munqulay torn out, extracted. 

cj^ii/o manqub, undermined, 

^t,yAy,/« manqushy carried. 

(^^aLo manquSy damaged. 

J^aLo manqul, copied, recounted, 

J^fti/o munqahal, weak, falling down. 

^i/< munaqqdy cleansing, deter- 
jKx^ munkar, wicked. 
y^ murikir, denying, refusing. 

fj^'^ munkaram, honoured. 

k^ » ii. i x^ munkashafy displayed, re- 
vealed, [ted. 

C^lXi/« munkalaty infused; coutrac- 

t.ji^Xi/0 mankuby afilicted, miserable. 

A^^^Xo mankuhah, a lawful wife. 

jy^^ mankuzy thrown, beaten, trod- 
den upon. 

^^^Jw* mawfrtts, inverted; perverted. 

iSxjc maftkih, I who aril. 

t-^/e mung, a die, dice ; custom^ 
habit ; a thief, robber. 

*L« manam, I am. 

jXi-« mangal^ a robber ; a wart. 

J!^/o mimvdl, mode, rule. 

jyL* manauwavy illuminated, eluci- 

la^Lo maniity fastened ; dependant. 

^yxy« mamvi, intended, proposed. 

^■yi/o manhajy a highAvay, a road. 

-Jk^i/o matihadim, destroyed. 

■^jif^^ munharajy overcome with 


[ 185 ] 

fj^ mtmhazim, defe.Ttcd, mined. 

j^AffX^ munliasin\ l)eiiteii, traiiipled 
under foot. 

M^^'x^ muuhttzmn, well-dig-psted. 

iJ>yA/o mati/in/f u watering-|;lace. 

^yi^ munin, one who announces 

jjyL« manhif forbidden, proliibited. 

^i/« mani, semen virile. 
jyx^ miniir^ sliininir, isplendid. 

«jki/« mania, inaccessibie^ impreg- 

4^j.L« muhif^ eminent, sublime. 

y« mu, hair. 

ol^'o matcdf, deatb, mortality. 

(^xj|^y« mutvdsiq^ conlederacies, cdm- 

fc^**-'^'* mawnjih, salary, wages. 

A^£wl^^ muwdjihf face to face, over 

o^iwlj^ mawdk/idf, fraternity. 

«\i>I^/« mudk/tiz, seizing, chastis- 

*tXii.I^.« mudkhozah, taking satisfac- 

«Slj-« mawddd,, matters, points. 

Cj^yo wawdnW, watering-places, halt- 

AJ|I^ mawdzinahi equilibrium, being 

cSyV* nindzi, quantity; nearly, 
about ; sets, pairs, &c, 

^Ji'})^ maivdzin, balances. 

U.1^ muwdsd, society, company, fel- 

cyL.Ij/0 mtnvdsdt, brotherly affection. 

^_g*t)^^ muwds/ii, cattle, quadrupeds. 

cJ^)yo mtavdsulat, interview, con- 

^1^ mivdzia, places, villages. 

c^Ual^ tnmvdldtj emulating, making 

^isl^/o mawdtin, native countries. 

Ci^'r* muwdzibut, perseverance. 

%si(ic)^'« muwdidat, promise, agree- 

Jac'^^ muwdiZy exhortation, advice. 

jj-iv-o muivdfiq, conformable, suiting, 
fav()iiral)le, f^ogy. 

o-fii'^/o muwdfiqnt, conformity, ana- 

f''^« iuuwdtji, occurrences. 

wJiS'j..^ muwdfft/, stations, posts. 

^^i\j.< miiivd/cii), lire-i,'uards. 

»aSI^/« muwdkidali. going very quick. 

^J.>l^^ jnuwdkil, weak, unequal to. 

lijS'^^ muivdldt, friendship. 

AA«4jly* mmodlasafdh, the being per- 
tiiiious, unfaithful. 

LS^ftflj,/. maiudtafat, the being unac- 

j^/lj^, Lords, friends ; slaves. 

^jJ'^^ mawdlifui, in a continued series. 

tXJI^ mawdlid, children. 

t-i^^'j^'* mudiiusaij intimacy, famili. 

^1^ mawdnia, impediments, ob- 

u--»aI^^ mmvdhih, gift ; ditches. 

c:*">J&lj.^ mawd/iabat, contending in 

OJ^I^-* muwdlihiat, remissness. 

•-^il^ muwdidy tables (covered with 

tV^'O mubid, a priest of the Guebres. 

^j-^ muhbiid, eternal, perj)etual, 

tV;>'« mubud, a doctor, philosopher. 

y^.y* mubumu, hair by hair, 

cyy^ matit, death. 

^*y* niuid, the dead. 

\^j^y mutardsh, a shaver, barber, 

Oyy^ mutaraq, watching, sleepless. 
j^y* mutamar, obsequious, submis- 

f^y-^ miitaman, trusty, faithful. 

ji^y^ muassir, penetrating,efficacious. 

^j^/o ntusiq, strengthening. 

Oyj-^ intUuq, firm, constant. 

«-*/« wiou/, a wave, surge, billows. 

r 186 ] 

u^a.^ nvujih, a causae, motive. 

Jai.^ mujidy an author, eaine. 

^y miijaz, a cunipeiidiiira, epi- 

^^ya.y mavjzan, billou'y. 

J^yo mawafjnl, appointed time. 

i^y maujtidy cxistiiii;:, presjent. 

u:»|j^jH« maujiiildtf existences. 

&a>yo muwajjih, approved, 

ih^y mucftiiiah^ tweezers. 

^J^^y* mu/iis/i, terrifying, dismal. 

j^y muok/ikhir, posterior, conse- 

o"5^ mauddib, a preceptor. 

cjjy* mnwaddnt, friendship, love. 

Jcjye muudda, paid, performed. 

ij-dy* muaddty paying, performing. 

^jjij./* mnazzin, the crier of a 

sS'dy* muzi, base, noxious, hurtful. 
jyM TWO?', an ant. 

i*j^yo mauris, hereditary possession. 

JUg^ morcfiiil, an entrenchment. 

'^jy* morchahy a little ant. 

^jy^ muarrikh, an historian. 

^sy* maurid, a place whence one 
comes, or passes ; access, en- 
trance, passage. 

j.yo mawad, myrtle, or the fruit. 

j*j.^^/e maurus, hereditary. 

^Jjfjy^ maurusi, hereditary wealth. 

Ajb.^ muriyanuhy rust. 

ly mauz, a plantain. 

viyir* mauzun, weighed, measured. 

%:yo mozah, a stocking, a boot. 

iy« muz, grief, sorrow. 

ir**»yo musts, a founder. 

*«»^ mausim, season, time. 

0yfy mausum, marked, signed, 

\^^^y mlisigi, music. 

{J*>y mush, a mouse, rat, 

^y matvas/is/ia/i, wearing any 
thing, especially obliquely, as a 

scarf from the shoulder to the 
opposite side. 

c'l^vL/^^'* mj/.s7<;;«rrrt;i, a squirrel. 

(^i».i;i^^ miislikliUi'y a kite. 

v_^'*<^\J"y itiuslidasliti, a field 

'J^KJ^y^ niushkor, a muskrat. 

xW^^XyM musda/luh, a legatee, 

ij-^y musif, a carrier, bearer, 

w_9^^^'« mausuf, described ; before- 
mentioned ; a suhstantive noun. 

^^yt>yo viansul, collected. 

y^'Oy* must, a testator, bequeathing. 

^^^^ muzihj explaining, manifest- 

i~±^jj« muzakhah, a wound exposing 
the bone. 

^r-^ mauza, a place ; a village, 

Fy^y "tnauz^, placed ; an object. 

Akyo m'dta, a footstep, the print of 
a foot. 

^Joyc mautin, a dwelling, residence. 
Ifl^^ muzi, worn down, beaten, 

i^fey^ mauzznf, fixed pay or tribute. 

C/sCj^ muas, difficult, capricious. 

Jjr»< mauid, a promise. 

tsitXcy* mauidat, exhortation. 

^j^hcyj^ mauizat, advice, admonition. 

^^y mauud, promised, predicted, 

Jj^ mau^ar, liberal, luxuriant. 

Jfjyo mawnfjfaq, prospering, aiding, 

y^f'^y mufalun, melilots, 
jyiy maufur, copious, plenty, full, 

^_jiyo maufi, satisfied, paid, perform- 

\jl^iy« muwaqqat, restricted to a cer- 
tain time. 

^>y muwaqqah, experienced, prov- 

^ ed. 

j^y« muwaqqar, honoured, respected. 

^yt maitqa, a place; a contin> 

uJuye maitqif, a station, a post. 

L 187 ] 

(^y^ mauquf, deferred, delay, 
j»y^ mauqd, one who is feared. 
'mm^y mauH'iby an army ; body- 
j5^ muakkad^ confirmed. 

\}^y muwukkil, a constituent. 

fjy* maul, patience, expectation, 

S^ maula, a master, Lord, God j a 

^1^^ wrtw/d, master ; servant; friend. 

Ai)^ viaulanah, our lord. 

Smm^y* niaultuby instiijating, desiring, 

J^y« maitlid, nativity, a native 

^jSJ^ matilish, expectation; delay. 

^^ »itt/a, wishing, desiring. 

«*JJ^^ muallif, a compiler of a 

otft!^ muallafatf compilations, 

JJj-* matvalUlf sharpening, point- 

Jy maulim, afflicted, distressed, 

y^y mauluy a kind of trumpet. 

^yy-* maulud, generated, born. 

\J'y^y* mautuvty a learned man, my 

^tjf^ maula^ God; a king, a prince. 

fy« mom, wax. 

/^l»^^ momjdmah, cerecloth, wax- 
jMyo mummar, commending, 

J^ye maumil, hoping. 

^^y mumin, orthodox, faithful, be- 

y^y* momi, w'axen. 

^^y* maumi, pointing out, bec- 

aaJ'^j**^ mumialihi, above-men- 

U*^ mnmiya, a mummy, 

cuy« maunat, provisions. 

{j^iy^ munnnas, feminine. 

^j-'^y'^ munis, a companion, inti- 

{yy< mauniq, pleasing ; admiring. 

Up-fr^ mnii/tih, a present, gift, 

t-_»j.ii^x) mnnliuh, given, presented. 

fiyit>y'< inanliui)}, imagined, thought. 

^y^y-^ niaiihun. enervated, weak. 

^y* mue, hair. 

X-y vnii/dr, wearing long hair. 

^ly^ miii/ad, strengthened, aided. 

,j^ miiyir, indulging much in 

jly^ mawiz, raisins. 

A^^ muynk weeping, lamenting. 

&y« mall, the moon ; a month. 

i^ mil: no, not, (with the impera- 

*^ mill, great. 

l^ viilia, great. 

«-->l^>« mihdb, awful, revered (man). 

sj^j^-* maUdbat, majesty, reverence, 

j^^Y* ni'^ihdjir, a fugitive; a com- 
patiion of Muhaniniad's flight. 

iiu.a.^-* muliiifaraf, separation. 

j^y/c me7m</, cradles; a throne, bed. 

Xy^ maluir, a camel's bridle. 

»:y,l.^ tnaharat, expertness, acute- 

oUly^ muhafdl, obsequious, atten- 

vililj.'* muhalik, dangerous places. 
f^Y^ muliatnm,\x\\ im])ortant business. 
yj'-if^ muhaji, (lcsj)ised, slighted. 
Jif^ milid/i, great people. 
^^.lJ.>• milidwasli, unjustly acquired 

L-^y^ mahahb, a place whence the 

wind blows. 
ia>y'* malibat, an alighting place, 
v--lJi^ mahtdh, moonlight. 
vj*tVi|./« mahtadi, directed, guided. 
jjiff^ mihtar, greater; a chief. 

[ 188 ] 

jyssic* mahjur, separated, forsaken. 

^^sy^ mcihjurif separation, ab- 

isY^ mahchah, a little moon. 

«A^ ma/iad. a cradle ; a couch. 

V^4\|^ mulutzznh, purified. 

•Y^ mulir, a seal ; a gold coin. 

♦y^ mahr, a marriage portion. 
jY^ mi/ir, love ; the sum, 

yjt>,y/c milirbduy kind, friendly; a 

^iLuy^ mi/irhdui, kindness, favour. 

^jjUi^^ mUnjan, the festival of the 
uutujMual equinox. [[seal. 

.b^y>« muhnfar, the keeper of the 

^J^J^if^ muhurkan, a seal-engraver. 

^Coj^ mi/irmd/i, the seventh Per- 
sian month (September). 

jjY^ mahrUy a beautiful face like the 
moon. [lishing. 

»;yx> mulirah, a shell or stone for po- 

i}}}t^ wta/txw/, emaciated. 

f^Vy^ mahzum, put to flight. 

fy^\-^ mahzum, digested. 

J^ niuhilf quit not. 

oJ^t^ muhlat, delay, respite. 

vfily^ mu/ilik, deadly, fatal. 

ail^^ mahlakahf a dangerous place. 

*Y^ mu/iim, important. 

caUy/« mu/nmmdt, important affairs. 

yjUyy* miUmdn^ a guest, stranger. 

L*«'^;^Y'* niihmdnsardf an inn, a cara- 
JUy.* ndhmdni, hospitality, feast, 

J.4^ niuhmil, negligent, insignifi- 

aU^/o muhmalahy a letter without di- 
acritical points. 

y^-^ mu/nncz, a spur, a goad. 

tj«*tVi|>« Tuuhuuilisy a geometrician. 

si)^^ mahuun, strong, bold, fat. 

y%yif^ mahtvash, beautiful as the 

^^^^ mi/iiy greatness. 

Uy.« muhaii/a, prepared, ready. 

(..^xy/o 1/iu/nb^ awful, dreadful. 

^iV'* ninhit^ incircled. 

j^vy/e nia/tiq, a far country. 

^A^^..* muliiman^ God ; protecting, 

^^x^y* wihiu^ greater, elder. 

^^iy>« mnhi^ one who prepares. 

^'e »<o/, wine. 

^,>^>U-« miiyddin, fields, camp?. 

j^U^ maydmaiiy benediction, pros- 

^lxy« miydn, the waist, loins, the 
middle; between. 

\^^\J^b^ viiyd)i/i/iiy empty, hollow. 

j^ar-U^ miydnji^ a mediator. 

ajUx> miydnuhy the middle, between, 

^^ajU-* miydnaravi^ moderatiou. 

C^y< maiyit, a corpse. 

(jlijj^ 7nisdq, a bargain, promise. 

J>k^ mtkh^ a |)eg, nail, 

y si^-^^i-o nukhs/iigdff a wedge. 

i^^Asi'^ nifk/iak, cloves. 

i_j^j>xwi meklikub^ a mallet. 

^ji^si-* mekliush, agreeably acid. 

^j'jt./« manldn, a j)Iain, 

sJkA/* midah, fine flour. 

ti-* mi/', a lord, chief. 

cl»Lxx niirds^ patrimony, heritage. 

^^^s^^^ nnrhakhahi, the pay mas* 

_l&^,x<« mu/idjj, the leader of the 
caravan to Mecca. 

id^y mirda/t, a commander of ten ; 
a superintendent, 

Ijjh-^ niirzd, a prince. 

J^jyy* mirshikdr, a hunter, bird- 

ji/c mez, a tal)le. 

K^lyy mezdb, a spout. 

fjji'* mizdn, a balance ; a pair of 
scales; the sign Libra; measure; 
addition in arithmetic. 

[ 189 ] 

^jl J^jjl^/e mhdndddarif to balance an 

^i}Jjy^ mezbdrij a host, landlord. 
tJ^j^ mezaki a mixture. 
jyk^ mizar, a girdle, an apron. 
»)x* mizahy the middle of a saddle. 
*4ii^ muyassar, facilitated, found. 
ijM^ muyassarah, the left side. 
y^y* mesh, a sheep. 
0yi>>-^ mats/mm, unfortunate, per- 
jLijky« mis/idr, a saw, [verse. 

cUve miqd, the time or place of 

jju« megh, a cloud, 
\ax/< mifdf projecting. 
sj*'i;^^j^ maifarosh, a vintner. 
isjUx^ miqdt, a stated time, 
yj^x^ maikadah, a tavern, 
^yl^ maigim, wine-coloured. 
jji^ mail, propensity. 
Jjt« m?7, a bodkin, probe ; a mile. 
^lU^ milad, nativity, birth, 
^y^ maildn, inclined, desiring. 
^j^Xtjuc maimanatf prosperity. 
A^AX/o maimAnah, the right side. 
c;r*^ 'fnaimun, happy, fortunate; 

a baboon, ape. 
Vivo mind, enamel, 
j%^o^ mindkdr, an enameller. 
^ii^ minte, paradise ; an emerald. 
t^ mewahy fruits. 
^',j».x>« mewahddr, fruitful, bearing 



^ the twenty-fifth letter of the 
Arabic, and twenty-first of the 
Persian alphabet; in arithmetic 
it expresses 50. 

Vi wd, a negative particle prefixed 
to nouns, and equivalent to ir, 
dt's, mis, im, in, un, &c. in Eng- 

U nd, when affixed to nouns is the 

possessive pronoun, and signifies 
our, ours. 

t^y^j^ nd^dzmudah, untried, inex- 

U*T^ nd-dshnd, unacquainted, 

jlj.iM.Ki nd-ustwdr, inconstant ; per- 

Jkx^lli nd-umed, hopeless, desperate. 

4_j"Jjk/«iU nd-umedi despair. 

^jUJlU nd-ambdriy a musical instru- 

^jo^ilU nd-andesh, apparent, clear, 

JaIU nd-ahal, unfit, incapable. 

t_>^ ndh, clear, pure. 

^^j^ ndpdk, impure, unclean. 

jJljU naia/ig^/^, under age, immature, 

yItiJiljU nd-pdiddr, not durable, in- 

<xaoUl» nd-bdistah, improper. 

^jS!i\i ?id-bakhird, unwise. 

ajOjli nd~padid, invisible, disappear- 

^J>ji^ fio-parwd, fearless, careless. 

iXL^^ nd-pasand, displeasing, dis- 

jKjU ndbakdr, useless ; vagabond. 

I^U ndbanuwd, useless, spoiled. 

O^U ndbud, annihilated, vanished. 

*^Yi^ ndbahrah, great, large; mean, 

cXxcj^li ndbudmand, poor, indigent, 

lajuU ndpaidd, not to be found, 

tkijU ndbind, blind. 

»JjlA|^U ndtardshidah, rude, rough, 

^UJb ndtamdm, incomplete, imper- 

^jjljjlj ndiawdn, infirm, incapable. 

^Ji:iJi/>^ ndtawdnbin, envious. 

^'jjU ndtawdni, infirmity,weakness. 
^v.'klj ndchdr, helpless, forlorn, des- 

[ 190 ] 

^l».U ndchnq, unsound j indisposed; 

,^i».U ndjins, ignoble, rustic. 

«3^A.U najud, a large cup, a goblet. 

«iU».l> ndchidah, ungathi^red. 
jjj«-U ndchiz, insignificant, nothing. 

t^^o».U 7iahis, See jiJ>^.ii 

^^U ndhaqg, unjust, unlawful. 

j^*.U ndhi, side, quarter. 

i^jo-l^ ndhiyatj country, territory. 

^U ndkh, the navel. 

c>*« ndkhdst, unable to rise from 
the ground. 

ItAA.U ndk/iudd, a shipmaster, 
^^li ndkhar,worn hollow, (as a cari- 
ous bone.) 

i_fiU.Li ndkhalafj degenerate, igno- 

j^A.U ndkhun, a nail, claw. 

^1 Jii jjj^U ndkhunhadanddn, sorrow, 

Jb^^li ndkhunpdl, an iniposthume 
under the root of the nail, 

cTJ^j^^ ndkhunpirdi, a barber. 

AJ^U ndkhunah, a film on the eye. 

Ci/.*ul^a».U ndkhwdstj trampled ; not 

iu*\^^j^\'i ndkhunjdmah, the tip of 
a pen. 

»)^U ndkwdh, unwilling, against 

^^U fidkhush, displeased ; un- 

j)^^ 7idddr, insolvent, indigent. 

kSJi^^'^ ndddri, insolvency, indigence. 

d^^^ItjU ndddsht, impudent, inde- 

^lil^U ndddshtij impudence, shame, 

jj;l«>U Marfan, ignorant, illiterate. 

*A4uiIjU ndddnistah, ignorantly, un- 

i^'iSU ndddnif ignorance. 

yoU nddir, rare, precious. 

C1,^*«»«S^> ndduritst, wrong ; not true^ 

»;^U nddiralt, an uucouHiion tiling. 

j«oU iiddim, a penitent; contrite. 

<^d^ warf?, .calling, convoking; a 
JcVjjU nddidani, invisible, imper- 
" ceptible. . » 

»tX>,sU nddidah^ unseen. 

J^'i ndr, fire. 

^J\J6 tidrdst, crooked, wrong, 

^;iXJl<AiKU iidrafskdndan, to weep, 
cry, bewail. 

i^I;li iidrdi, lazy, careless, indrs- 

^JiJ^ ndrhun, a pomegranate tree. 

J.xa.^U ndrjil, a cocoanut. 

CJj^J^i ndrkhukf opium, an anti- 

^_^Uu>U ndrasdi, incapacity. 

uJjUM^lJ ndrastdahy unripe, immature. 

^»U ndrani, 1 

^> I- / San orange. 

«.j5»>jU narang,j ^ 

L^J^ ndrangi, orange-coloured ; a 
** small orange. [ed. 

Ij^U ndrawd, inadmissible, prohibit- 

^j;)mU ndrawdn, not current, stag- 

^j\j ndri^ fiery. 

jU ndZf blandishment, coquetry. 

jjSJb,li ndzhdlish, a soft pillow. 

K^yij^ ndzhue, a species of sweet 

uJjU ndzuk, delicate ; elegant. 

^Ju(«LJ|li 7idzukbadan, name of an 
herb ; a sweetheart. 

A-li 7idzil, descending. 

iJAi ndzilah^ a calamity (from hea- 

jStXijU ndzindahy dissembling, coquet- 

^j)jj :li ndzidany to dissemble, to co- 

jjU wdsw, a particular bird ; the 

[ 191 ] 

>f^ ndzhu, a pine, a juniper. 

^^U 7ids^ mankind. 

j[,At.U fidsdz, discorrlaut ; indisposed. 

^,\Sij\jJj 7idmzgdri, disagreement. 

^^U*i,U ndsipdsy unthani\ful, un- 

«i3yuwU ndsuludah, discommendable. 

^m\j tidsij, a weaver. 

j>.4>rl) tidsikhf abolisliing, cancelling. 

»^U ndsaruh^ base coin, 

lUuli ndsazdf unworthy, indecent. 

aIamU ndfuftah, unbored. 

uLLmU ndsik^ devoted to God. 

«j^)Ilk«li ndsukdlida/i, inconsiderate, 

s£9^\j ndsut, human kind. 

)y->U ndsur, a gangrene. 

j^*»lj ndsU forgetful. 

«3l*U ndshdd. cheerless, sorry. 

aL»jI-*1» ndsbdistahy unworthy, in- 

ULAli ndshtdy breakfast. 
JtVili ndshudaui^ impossible, im- 

* practicable. 

aXuJmU ndshusiah, unwashed ; inele- 

k^U ndshit, active, sprightly, 

oUail) ndshtdtj stars moving from 
one place to another. 

<JLIm.U ndshikf a debtor. 

^JLuiCAli ndshakebdi^ impatience. 

^UAli ndshinds, ignorant, unac- 
JjjJJtU ndshanidani^ not fit to be 

* heard. 

j^-AU ndshi^ growing. 

t_^-*U ?idsihy "I ^. 1 -• 

^^,. , ., . >• erecting, planting. 

^-«U iidsih, a monitor. 
•.«U ndsir, an assistant. 
^-«U ndsiq, pure, clear (colour). 
^_i^U nasi/, a domestic servant. 
u>I^U ndsawdb, not right, bad, sin- 

*x^U ndsiah, the forehead. 

^-ii^j waziV, florid, vivid, splendid. 
^^ ndtih, butting with the ho'rn»- 

as a ram. • 
^l&U ndtiq, speaking; rational. 

*5l9vi udtiqahy the faculty of speech. 

J-lsU ndtil, a wine measure. 

s-^-IIpIj ndtalab, uncalled. 

j^^ liditir, a gardener. 

^Jst) wagir, seeing, observing ; an 
overseer. - 

JsU 7m^^m, an adjuster, ruler, 

^is^ 7jazM, seeing, observing, in- 

^^c\S ndiSf sleepy, drowsy. 

^l) ndinif soft, tender. 

*A£li ndimahy a garden, a meadow. 

cy;^U waaMra/, a mill. 

J^U ndghul, a stair, ladder. 

•^U 7/a/, the navel ; the middle. 

O^'u-JU ndfiarz, the great Mecca. 

*.»-»U ndfahabf a bag or bladder of 

^iU ndfikhy blowing, a blower. 

aili ndfud, penetrating, effectual. 

jjlj wd/?», penetrating, passing. 

Jli nrt/?r, timid ; conquering, a vie-, 

*la^Li ndfarjdm^ incomplete, com- 
ing to a bad end. 

jU^li ndfarmdn, disobedient, rebel. 
JL«^ ndfarmdni, disobedience, 

" refractoriness. 

iSs^jiVi ndfarhakhtahy an ugly, 
saucy man. 

jiU ndfia^ advantageous. 

aJUU ndfilah^ supererogatory prayers. 

AiU ndfahy a pod of musk, 

^yili ndfaham^ stupid, unintelligent. 

^\i ndf'x, repelling, negative. 

jjlili ndqdbily unfit, foolish. 

J>j»li ndqid, a coiner. 

JU udqir, striking, an arrow pene- 
trating the mark. -, f 

[ 192 1 

^j*5U ndqiSf acid, sour. 

^^5l» naqiSy imperfect, defective. 

JJJ'J naqily a reporter, narrator. 
j^U naqur^ a trumpet, 

^-yli ndqiis, a bell. 

Ai^ ndqah, a she cumel. 

viJU wrtA or wa^, when affixed to a 
noun, it denotes affection ; as, 
^^djd affected with grief. 

%JS\^ ndkdrahf useless, worthless. 

ajumI^ ndkdstah, undiminished. 

^l^U ndkdm, disappointed, discon- 

%^ ndgahf suddenly, by chance. 

u..^U ndklby bowing down. 

^U ndkih, a married woman, a 

)j>i.j»$U ndkadJihuddf a bachelor. 

^jj^'J ndkardaniy not fit to be 
" done. 
jijS^ ndgusir, invitable. 

^U ndkiZi (a well) containing little 

^j^ ndguzrdn, helpless, without 

^v-^U ndkas, worthless, mean, base. 

j^rtiiU ndkasif meanness, abjectness. 

j\j^ ndgaivdr, unwholesome, dis- 

^IjAi ndgihdn, suddenly. 

JU ndl, giving, bestowing, liberal. 

^jjSU ndldn^ lamenting, sighing, 

^yf^ ndldiq^ improper, unworthy. 

i^l> ndlish, a complaint. 

aIU ndlahy lamentation, complaint. 

^jjjjJli ndlidartf to lament, grieve. 

<iU warn, name ; fame. 

•jUU ndrndwaTi illustrious, famous. 

^,3.,To-»U ndmbardwardan^ to become 


-lUb^li ndmbandmy name by name, 

^^ys-oU ndmjoiy seeking fame. 
%^,f^ ndniburdahy aforesaid. 

slJj^Vi ndmabdrak, unfortunate, 

jy^y^Vi ndmutasawar, inconceivable. 

^^UI^U namutandhiy infinite. 

»5Ju«U ndmutawaqqa, hopeless, un- 

«a.*U iidmjo, seeking fame. 

^.a^e^U ndmhadud^ boundless. 

4.s^U ndmuhram, a stranger ; not 

,,;^jjy«^3r'*U ndmahrumiat, strange- 
jyAs:^^ ndmahsur, innumerable. 

fjDjxAs^^ ndmakhsusf un appropri- 

I'ji^'o ndmddr, famous, illustrious. 

jl^U ndmurdd, disappointed, frus- 

t^j^li tidmarbut, unconnected. 

^j^\j ndmard, a coward ; impotent. 

^x.>^./«Vi ndmardumif rudeness, un- 

^.S^li ndmardiy cowardice. 

ic^j^^^ ndmarzi, disagreeable. 

tjj^c^li ndmarghub, not desirable ; 

^^U ndmzad, appointed, nominated 

j,cl«*^U ndmusdq,d, unaided. 

^^s^^'^^U iidmustahaq, undeserving, 

,3^**4w«U ndmasud, inauspicious. 

JdIju«U ndmaqtadilf intemperate, 

tXJU^U ndmqtimady not trustworthy. 

ji^JjuoVi ndmqdud^ innumerable. 

u-Jj|^^U ndmaqrrlf, not famous, un- 
known, [neut. 

J^Ax^U ndmqgul, absurd, imperti- 

*ji*^\j ndniqlum^ unknown. 

J^AA/oli wamaqiw/, unacceptable. 

*iS/«U ndmuldim, rude, harsh, rough. 

uk*mU^U ndmundsib, improper, un- 

^^U-«l» ndmndmi, increasing fame. 

silAxi^U ndmneki good fame. 

[ 193 ] 

ij>A»lycU nammvajiqatf contrary, ad- 

tA.y\3 ndmwajjih, disagreeable. 

woU ndmivar, celebrated, famous, 

i^jy*^* namwari, fame, renown. 

^jjjjyoU namauziinf discordant, ill- 
formed, [low. 

^j*y«U namus^ reputation, fame ; 

A^U ndmahf an epistle, book, letter. 

^^-tVi nami, growing ; famous. 

^jjjjk>«U ndmidan, to name, 

•44»x^U ndmuyassar, unattainable. 

Ai-^U ndmiyah, growth, vegetation. 

yj^ ndtif bread. 

OU ndnd, a grandfather by the mo- 
ther's side. 

^j^^ ndnbdf a baker. 

^^xsi^^Vi ndnpukhtant to bake bread. 

idliJ^j^li ndntangi thin bread, bis- 

LffpyJ^ ndntihty bread alone. 

^JUjjjU ndntalkh, stale bread. 

^^a.JS ndnjoe, a beggar. 

Jlb-yjU ndnhaldl, bread earned by 

jj5ViA*-^;U ndnkhamiri, leavened 

y^Jd ndnrihdt, bread given in mo- 

^Ji)jJ^ ndnzarritif the sun. 

^JUJu«^»JU ndnstmin, the moon. 

t^vjlaJ^jjli ndnfatiri, unleavened 

jy^\J^ ndnkor, base, mean. 

k^jlj^jjli ndnwaqf^ bread bestowed in 

jU ndo, a hollow tube ; a boat. 

^5jl«3jU ndoddn, a spout. 

lij^ tidwai-d, battle, combat. 

<-L^jU ndwah-i a tube for discharging 

^IaaU na^am^a, incomparable. ' 
^l^ftU ndhamivdr, unlevel, rough, 

^Ur^U ndhanjdr, improper, un- 

(..A^li ndhiz^ a young bird spreading 
its wings and preparing to fly, 

lyM ndhiq, braying, (as an ass.) 

J.jfcli ndhil, drinking. 

^__jAU ndht, prohibiting, forbidding. 

dJkftU ndhid, the planet Venus. 

cT^J nde^ a reed, pipe, flageolet. 

V*^^ ndydl, undiscoverable, unat- 

u*jU wafft, a deputy. 

tjU/eu.jU ndibmundh, a vicegerent, 

AadlJ ndechah, the pipe of a hooka. 

X;iU ndirah, a blaze, 

iai^^i waiY, the backbone, 

^ ndya, thirsty, 

v^JjI) waj'A, a gatherer, collector, 

Jj^ wai/, arriving at, obtaining, 

J^ ndim, sleeping, slumbering. 

yjjAjU ndidan, to boast, to flatter. 

oUi nabdt, an herb ; sugarcandy. 

c:^UUi jiabdtdi, herbs, vegetables. 

^iUJ nabdtiy vegetable, 

«-Ui nabdh, barking (a dog). 

^Ui nabdsh, a plunderer of graves. 

^.^aUi nabdhatf nobleness j cele- 

JjUi nabdidy not proper. 

»Ui nabdh, celebrated, noble. 

C-^ nabty growing, germinating. 

vi^i waZ»5, digging or cleaning a 

^xi nabj, sack for corn, hay, &c. 

jj.Ai nabkh, the small pox; pustules 

on the hand from hard labour. 
J.U nalZy a small quantity. 
^ nabar, elevating, exalting, rais- 
ing up. 

c^i nabarat, any thing high ; a 
swelling on the body, 

ij*.Lx> nabrds, a lantern, lamp, 

,3^ nabard, a battle, war. 

[ 194 ] 

i^d/ii nahardgahy the field of 

%i)jXi nabardah, warlike, chosen, 

^^Jy^ nabaAdah, a castrated ram. 
ui nahZi a surname, a nickname ; 

i^aJ nahs, a daughter's daughter. 
^j^ii'i nabs, speaking ; hastening. 
A-ioi nabsah, daughter's son or 

^^ft^ nabashtan, to write. 
4^/aai nabZf the pulse. 
^j^UoxJ nabzan^ beating as an artery, 
ivj nabagh, appearing, becoming 

jjxj nabaq, the lot tree ; writing. 
i£j^i nabak, oozing of water 
through the bank of a river or 
i^AJ nabaky a hill with a sharp top 

and reddish ; a declivity. 
(J^i nabalf great ; large stones or 

^k;XxJ nablan, Arabian arrows, 
cy^i nabuwat, prophecy, 
o^ nabiit, appearing. 
«.^i nabuh, a multitude, mob. 
^^> nabiikh, souring (as leaven). 
jyj^ nabiir^ the buttocks, podex. 
isyAJ waiw^, lameness (a sheep). 
9^xi nabdaf springing up; a spring. 
*Ai nabah, recollecting, recalling to 

y^i nabi, a prophet. 
y^ napi, the words of God, the 

ws^j-u nabiatf mean, despicable, 
dui nabiz, wine made of dates, &c. 
jjjAi nabir, a son's son, a grandchild, 
x^i nabirah, a grandson, son's son. 
*Jxu nabilah, beautiful; a carcass. 
f^ nabaq, ready handed, dexterous. 
*.Ui natdj, a birth. 

^J*'^> nitas, good j healthy ; cheer- 
ful, affable. 

^UJ natAij\ conclusions ; births, re- 

-»Ii nataj, evaporating, perspiring. 

jxi natar, corruption, perdition. 

,j*Jli natashf pulling off (a thorn) 
with pincers, &c. 

«^A> natnf, pulling out hairs. 

fjx^ nataq^ moving, shaking; skin* 

^^15 natan, fetid, rotten. 

Jii natal, drawing forward or to- 
wards one's self; the egg of an 

^i natan, smelling badly ; a stink. 

^yu natu, short. 

i^^ natijahf the conclusion of asyU 
logism ; offspring. 

{J,xxi natilj fraud, imposture. 

\ji^ nas, divulging, publishing j 

j^i nisar, scattering, dispersion. 

J^ nasar, prose ; diffused, scattered, 

opj nasarai, the space between the 
mustachoes under the nose ; the 
same place in a lion. 

Jii nasal, a ditch, a furrow from 
which the earth is dug. 

Jjjli nasU, dung. 

^ wa/, the inside of the mouth. 

>\s^ najaa, escaping, set free. 

vji^ls:* najdbat, nobility, noblesse. 

cs^r* najat, liberation, freedom. 

-Xs^ najah, happening fortunately, 
good success. 

.sls"* naj'dd, a sword belt ; carpets. 

j^ najjdr, a carpenter. 

jKs^ najar, nature ; colour ; root, 

cajW* najjarat, the carpenter's art. 

u_5^r> najaf, the lower threshold of 
a door. 

w^ najab, the bark of a tree. 

[ 195 ] 

Uar^ nujahdi nobles, heroes. 

,ass^ nuhaj, happening fortunately ; 

Jar^ najd, grief, anguish, fatigue. 
Otis-* najdat, fortitude, boldness. 
js^ najaVf inconstancy. 
^!;s-> najrdn, thirsty; name of a 

town in Arabia Felix. 
ys^ najaz, performing (a promise) 3 

^^a:^ 7iajis, unclean, dirty, 
^jis> najashf routing, exciting. 

^ ; • . r pasture, feeding. 
j»i^*«3r* najat,j * ' =■ 

«—«=:> najaf^ a hill, hillock ; tumult. 

(js^ naj'al, a large eye. 

*«^ najm, a star. 

'Is^ss^ naj'vn, a secret. 

y^l^sr* najwan^ saffron. 

»3^3^* najud, manifest, clear. 

t^^ wajM, wholesome, salubrious. 

fy^ najun, stars. 

^^'•yss^ najumi, astronomical. 

^jsr^ naji, a confidant, a companion. 

w.jjsr* najtb, noble, generous. 

«,*'0^ wa/w, secret. 

^As!"* najihy fortunate ; just. 

cVi?^ najid, bold, brave, strong. 

o^As^ najirat, a hot stone for warm- 
ing water. 

^s^ najia, wholesome, agreeable. 

(— ix=:-> najif, broad-headed arrow. 

J.XS:* 7iajil^ name of a plant. 

jUr-* nuhdz, root, origin, 

culs* nuhhdt, grammarian. 

^j*.W nithds, copper ; smoke. 

u^Us-* nahdfaty the being emaci- 
ated, leanness. 

k^s^ nahaby vowing, consecrating. 

Ui*>3c^ nahatf smoothing, plaining. 
ji,ss^ nahrir, learned, wise. 

yj^s^ 7tahas, inauspicious, unlucky. 
js^ nahass, pounding in a mortar 3 

uo^ nuhasy a one year old wild ass. 

c^s^ na^as, laying bare or stripping 
flesh off a bone. 

iis^nahat, sobbing, crying secretly. 

(Jsr* nahaly a bee. 

ci^Is?-* nahalaf, bees. 

I»sr* jiaham, groaning, sobbing ; the 
cough ; phlegm. 

jyS^ nahan, we,' ourselves. 

}ts^ 7taho, grammar ; syntax, kind, 
like, side. 

I^ar* Tiahawd, tremour, yawning. 

s^^oi^s^ nahiisat, unluckiness. 

{^js^ nahiiSy bad, ill, unfortunate. 

j^^s-* nahivi, a grammarian. 

^^^ nahi, reclining on the side. 

s^^s^ nahib, weeping excessively. 

o^Asr* 7iahtzatj nature j manner, 

t-aj^ 7iahi/f lean, weak. 

^ 7iakhy a small thread used for 
flying paper kites. 

^^^Irr* nakhkhdsy a market for slaves 
and cattle. 

pis* 7iakhday the spinal marrow. 

C^^ 7iukhdqt, phlegm, spittle, mu- 

(;;Jls^ nakhdlatf grain, or any thing 

W'S^ nakhahf extracting, drawing. 

w^jjs^ nnkhib, timid, fearful. 

OJks^ 7iakhbaff chosen, selected. 

Jc2^ 7iakhjadf splinters, scales. 

^^ 7iakhchiry prey, game ; hunting. 
js} 7iakhr, worn, rubbed to pieces. 

i»s} nakhasj turning pale with 

v^„ ■-^ 7iakhast^ the beginning, first. 

^I*us^ 7iakhustm, the first. 

iJus^ nakhs/iah, proof, demonstra- 

Ls^ nakhat, men, mankind. 

«rs^ nakhdj confessing a debt ; kill- 

[ 196 ] 

v-i** nakhaf, swelling ; having pus- 

J^ nakhl, the palm tree, a festoon, 
a thyrsis. 

(Xuisi nakhlband, artificial tree or 
fruits made of wax ; a gardener. 

ci>^^ nakhwaf, pride, haughtiness. 

•S^sr* nukhixd, a vetch, pulse. 
jys^ nakhuVf large-mouthed. 

{jcys^ nukhuz, decayed by old age, 
^jjjsr* nakhir, snoring, 
jjjsr* nakhiz, coarse, common, low. 

ji nad, increase, abundance. 

vt5-jj naddf liberty j dew. 

^1 jJ nadaa, proclamation ; a clamour. 

eJltX) nadddf, cotton merchant. 

ii./elj^i naddmat^ repentance. 

oj)<J*-> naddwat, moisture (ground). 

L-^JJ nadab, a term at chess. 

\^->^ nadbat, a plant ; lamentation. 

— JJ nadahj the declivity of a moun- 
tain ; plenty, multitude. 
ji^i nadar, cutting down, destroying. 

o^tii nudrat, rareness. 

^t\> nadsh, dividing, separating, 

4/jtXi nads, the being protuberant, 
starting out. 

««3J nadagh, acting wrong, injuring, 

t^cXi nadf, carding cotton, wool, &c. 

JjJ nadal, transporting from place 
to place. 

^cli nadam, repenting ; penitence. 

^UjJ nadmd, companions, ministers. 

jtVi nadii, calling a council, assem> 
bling; generosity. 

o^Ji naduty an assembly, congre- 

^Ujki nadiydn, succulent, juicy (tree.) 

cJuJki nadif, carded cotton, 

*j;<Ji nadinij a companion. 

ttj.ltii nazdratf terror, extreme fear. 

jS'i nazar, an offering, gift. 

Jcii nazal, a low, mean person. 

ti>«ii naztZf making water; spittle. 

jjtX'} nazir, a messenger of bad news, 

y nar, male, masculine. 

^ji nirkh, the assize of provisions. 
Aj^'Zy nirkhbdzdr, the market rate. 

jj nard, a piece in chess, &c. ; also 
the name of a game. 

^^Kjiiji nurdbdn, ladder, stairs. 

v*Jl«y narsak, a lentil, 

^y nargdo, a bull. 

,^^ J nargis, a narcissus. 

O^JU*^ nargisogul, the eye and 

fj narrn, soft, tender, gentle, 

id^ji narmddah, male and female ; 
screw, bolt. 

ftj'^ffi narmnarnii softly, gently, jj^ 

^^ij«ji narmahgosh, the tip of the 

^j^j^ narmi, softness, tenderness, 

^ii'^y narmesh, a ram. 

tji narrahy membrum virile ; male. 

cTyJ won, a dressed sheep skin. 

jtJ^ nartm, father of Sam, grandfa- 
ther of Rostum. 

y;Ujji narimdn, grandfather of Ros- 

y nazz, water, especially springing 
out of the earth, 

^l)-> nazd, prone (to evil). 

j\yi nizdvy lean, thin ; distressed. 

pI)J nizd, controversy, dispute. 

jl)j nazdq, very swift. 

c-j|)i nazdkat, elegance, delicacy. 

J|)i nazal, a people. 

C^]ji nazdlatj water or humour of 

c^)y nazdhaf, purity. 

«yi nazakh, muddy water. 

j}.j nazd, near about. 

^^Xicy nazdik, near, almost close to, 

.y nazr, the being little, small, 

^<j|j)j nazdiki, proximity, 

fyi naza, baldness, want of hair. 

[ 197 ] 

iS^c]y nazdat, a bald place ; a kind of 

Gfi nazagh, reproaching. 

u-j)i nazaf, exhausting (a well) en- 
tirely of water. 

Cji nazag, levity, volatility. 

*jjy nazak, the male crocodile ; a 
defamer, a slanderer. 

J)j nazals hospitality; descending, 
alighting, rain. 

W^l/^ nazlat, one descent ; a ca- 
tarrh ; defluxion of humours. 

f,yi nizm^ a severe bite. 

-.^p nazuhf exhausting. 

pji naziir, a woman having few chil- 

J_j)i 7iazul, descent, alighting, 

OA)J nuzhat, delight, pleasure. 

^^tyiy nazidan, to draw out, extract. 
jiy naziVf small, moderate. 

*— 9i).i nazif, inebriated, stupid, 
parched with thirst. 

^}Jy naztq, going fast, quick. 

J^ji nazil, a stranger, a foreigner, 

y nazh, the wards of a key. 

isKi nazhdd. 1 . . j 

t.- i/j I >■ origin, descent. 
*d\jy nazhadahf J ° ' 

^Uy nazhghdr, noise, shout, ex- 

0j> nazham, a cloud, fog, mist. 

*xi3^ nazhand, formidable ; tremen- 

%y nazhahf a thin plat ; name of a 
fixed star. 

jjJo^i nazhidan, to draw forth, pull 

^^i tias, a shade ; house ; the beard ; 
the vulva. 

Ui»i 7iasd, wanton ; driving camels by 
crying to them, 

^UJ nisd, a woman, a lady, 

jii^jUJ nasdbdtf learned, wise. 

^UJ nassdj'f a weaver. 

*jUJ nasdim, zephvrs. 

> nasabf lineage, race. 
* nisbaty relation ; reference. 
isj'S^OA^ki nisbatkardariy to ascribe. 
^_^AA«fci nisbatty related by marriage, 

sjjyi«»i nastaran, a narcissus. 
HyLuJ ndstuhy disobedient. 
^^^x** nasbi, of the same blood, 
^^i nasj, weaving. 
>«»i nashlf, obliterating ; the modern 

Arabic character. 
^-«o nasah, rubbish. 
As^^ nuskhahf a writing book ; a 

physician's recipe, 
^^js-wj naskhi, a mode of writing. 
J^ nisar, shade, a shady place. 
j^ nasr, a vulture. 
j>^]j4»j nasruttdir, the constellation 

called the Eagle. 
^^J^ nasrin, the wild white rose. 
)yla^ nastdr, Nestorian. 
&Ia4«J nasqtah, a pasture full of 

j^ nasagh, stabbing, or lashing with 

«— ft4ui nasaf, pulling down a house. 
^3-«o nasaq, order, arrangement, 
viwi nasah, cleaning, washing, de- 
vout, virtuous. 
IC«J naskd, the earth, ground. 
J-«o nasal, progeny, race. 
JILtJ nasldn, making haste. 
*M^ nasam, a man. 
c^4.wi.i nasmatf a man, the spirit, 

j^Uj»J nasnds, a man of the woods. 
^^]JMj naswdn, woman, 
oj-mi nasiit, women. 
ayxiS nas4dy soft, smooth, delicate. 
J^i nasulf changing (feathers), 

^j^ nasi, thin, watery milk. 
^jjUuui nisj/duf oblivion, forgetful- 

[ 198 ] 

OxLtJ nasiyat, buying or selling on 

^pxaj nastj, cloth, woven. 

sJi*«J nasif, a secret, any thing 
spoken in a low whispering voice. 

fyy^fi nasiq, joined in order. 

vfJijk4kO nasik, gold and silver. 

JjL,«ui nasil^ melted honey, separated 
from the wax. 

^JUmJ nasilah, a string or troop of 
horse?, camels, &c. 

fiMJ nasim, a gentle gale, the ze- 

tUuS nasiah, credit, good opinions. 

^^i nish, alike, resembling, equal. 

^i nashf a weight of twenty dir- 

flSiS nashd, producing, creating. 

Cfj^"^ nashdb, arrows, 

o^ nashdt, appearing, being pro- 

^Uxi nashdtin, this world and the 

is^l^i nashdkhtan, to fix in the 
ground, to establish. 

jV^i nishdd, praying, conjuring. 

o;^"^"* nashdrat, what is taken off. 

c^woul^i nashdsat, starch. 

%JJi3 nashdrah, rotten wood that falls 
to powder. 

^^\^ wasA(i5, ahigh towering cloud ; 
a crowd of young girls. 

IslAi nashdt, joy, pleasure. 

y^'i nishdn, a sign, mark ; a flag. 

y;jJl^i nishdndan, to fix, plant, to 

ftiltui nishdnah, a mark, a butt. 

^cUiUxJ nishdnidan, to cmise to sit. 

i^jUJ nashdid, it is not becoming. 

W' u .j nashab, fixed firmly. 
jxii^ nashtar, a lancet. 

^mJ nashaj, an aqueduct, a canal. 
jiys*^* nashkhiir, rumination. 

tXMiJ nashdf seeking. 

jMi^ nashr, diffusion. 

c?*^ nasharat, an amulet. 

v_f^^i nashari, dispersive, diffusive. 

j^ nashar, a high place; an old 

^I^lki nashistan, to sit down, to 
recline, to extinguish. 

Jii^i nashat, going out of a place. 

la^i nashaz, carrying off rapidly. 

u-ft^ nashaf, imbibing water. 

j^^i nashaq, odour, perfume, smell- 

».i^*ti nashkardah, a shoemaker's 

^i^^i nashkanj, tickling, twitching, 

ij-^i nashal, suspending, hanging up, 

4-i*«J 9iasham, a kind of tree of which 
they make bows. 

^^J*>^^i nashman, fortune. 

f^ nashau, examining, inquiring. 

^Jy*!>^i nishwdn, intoxicated with 
wine, &c. 

uj^^i nashiib, becoming fixed. 

iSijJi^i nashut, odours, perfumes. 

.yi:o nashur, the resurrection. 

j^i nashuz, being elevated, standing 

(je^> nashuSf strait, upright (spear). 

Id^Mvi nashut, a deep well. 

l«j^^i nasho7iumd, growing up. 

oyt^ nashua, a medicine either swal- 
lowed or snuffed up. 

*^i nashah, intoxication. 

fc^A^i nasheb, a descent, declivity. 

LjjAJ nashetj brisk, cheerful. 

(JxiJ nashel, hanged, suspended. 

Jjj^i nashil, meat dressed alone, 
without pot-herbs. 
AjkAi nasheman, a seat, mansion. 

^*ui nashtn, setting (in composi- 

(jfii nass, elevating, raising, mani- 

[ 199 ] 

i^Uai nisah, a certain estate for 
which a tax is paid; boundary; 
root, origin, 

_La3 nassdh, a tailor. 

*,i^A.Lai nasdhatf advising, giving 

i^j\^i nasdrd, Christians. 

V jLaJ ?iisaf, serving. 

Jl-ifli m'sfl/, points. 

^Loi nasdi/t, counsels, admonitions. 

v^^^i nasb, erecting, establishing. 

^-ai nasah^ advising, giving counsel. 

j^ nasr, assistance. 

.Jt^i nasr an 1 r^i • .. 
*^-</ . , , >- a Christian. 

^j^ nasrat, assistance, defence ; 

f^i 7iasq, a species of white cloth, 

cJi-«ai nisfj half; the middle. 

C^A^ nisfat, justice, equity. 

Jb-ai nasal, sword, knife, point of a 

^^Lai naslat, the crown of the 

^i nasii^ seizing one by the fore- 

».yAi nasiih, true, constant, sincere. 

(je^i nasuSf demonstrations. 

c^.«ai nasuq, the being pure ; lively 

^}y^ nasiil, taking out colour or 
tincture from the hair or beard ; 
falling off (the wool). 

i^i^i nasib, fortune, fate. 

AAx^i nasibah, share, lot. 

^y^> nasih, faithful; a monitor. 

Sti^sb"^ nasihatj advice, exhorta- 

^JiJdi-si'*^ nasihatpizir, listening to 

yj^aj nasir, an assistant, defender. 

jjr;x-aj nasiri, one who believes the 
divinity of Ali. 

c-ax-aJ nasi/, half a pound of any 

J.Js^J nasil, the joint between head 
and shoulder. 

ij:^L.^^ nazdkhaf, a fountain. 

«Lai nazdr, gold, silver. 

cj^l.^ nazdratf freshness. 

i^LaJ nazdf, working, doing duty, 

^^ nazj\ ripening, suppuration. 

^^ nazah^ a watering trough, 
sprinkling water, 

i).^ nazakh) scattering, dispersing. 
j^i nazavj shining, brightness. 

xij^^i nazarat, brightness, splen- 

»— iuai naza/y sucking; wild mar- 

j^i nazu^ the wood of an arrow ; a 
worn-out garment. 

t_j^A> nazubj flowing, running. 

^juoi nazir, gold, silver. 

^x^i naztq, flowing gently. 

cjllai natdb, the head. 

callai natdt, the stalk of an unripe 

yiai nazzdr, a scarecrow amongst 

jjllai natdq, the waist; a girdle. 

Jl^ natih, butting with the horns. 

^jj^iai natrun, nitre, natron. 

,^^^i natSf intelligent, learned, skil- 

(jiJai natsh, constitution, strength. 

^i natq, a stratum of dressed lea- 

uJtki nataf, flowing, emission. 

AAlai nut/ah, sperma genitale. 

^iai nutq, speech, articulation, 

J.l3i ?2a^a/, pressing (grapes), squeez- 
ing out wine. 

kvk> natnat, tall, long. 

jh.'i natUf drawing out. 

( 9yhi natuff a night raining till 


[ 200 ] 

j^i 7iatiig, speaking, articulation* 
J^i natul, the gutter of a house. 

^Jiai natih, hateful, detestable, 

^jii-iki natish^ motion. 

L:?;lJai nazdrat, inspection, superin- 

j^^jCaJ nazzdrigi, a spectator. 

»7Ja3 nazzdrahf a spectacle. 

Ci^^ nazdfat, cleanness, neatness. 

^Ua* nizdm^ arrangement. 

^Uai wa2a/r,resemblances,similitude. 

jia^ nazar^ a look, sight, glance, ob- 

(XWai nazarhand, under arrest. 

•Ij^iai nazarbdz, a juggler, a spy. 
JU^lai 7jo;sarArtwi, revision. 

^lai nazm, arrangement ; poetry, 

^yA^j^^si nazmonasaq, orders and 

jklai nazir, alike, resembling. 

i^iJ^i nazif, pure, chaste. 

s-sUi wa6, the croaking of a crow. 

ii*.Ui nas, somnolent, lethargic, 

JUi nal, horse-shoes, shoes. 

*l*i worn, an ostrich ; a desert. 

C^-^^J niqmatj a cross-beam. 

^j^Ui waw2, the south wind. 

*^Ui ndi7n, the twentieth mansion of 
the moon. 

c>*J wa^, praise, especially of Mu- 

^ najf becoming fat (camels). 

As^ najah, a sheep, cow. 

^JfS narah, crying ; a great noise. 

ij*^ nqs, celerity, quickness. 

i^xi nqshf a bier, a coffin. 

i^/Lxi nqz, the name of a tree, 

»— ftxi naff kernel in the flesh. 

J-*i 7iql, a horse shoe ; shoes, slip- 

jJjJjo nqlbandy a farrier. [pers. 

^^jd*j nqlin, shoes, sandals. 

^jiilyiUi nqltardshi a maker of bus- 
kins, shoes, &c. 

*«i nam, yes ; cattle. 

U*i nqmii, benefits, comforts. 

U*i 7iqmd, hail ! O excellent ! 

j^Uxi wamtin, blood. 

Ci*»*^ nmma^, affluence, the comforts 
of life. 

Uxi »a^a, mint. 

cy^*i wai/^, encomiums, praise. 

jyti wawis, refuge, shelter. 

A}J\jil^ nqiizbilldhf God defend us! 

i^j^ nqiiSf a she-camel giving much 

Ci^^^AJ nqumaty being soft, tender. 

^»i wa?, the messenger of death. 

w^xaJ nqib, croaking. 
^i*i nazV, clamour. 

^jkxi waim, affluence ; benefit ; tran- 

^U> 7iaghdm, ugly, ill-favoured. 

^ii naghzy elegant, good, excellent. 

c/a*j naghs, disappointment. 

(^ii wagjs, staggering, tottering. 

^ nagham, melodies. 

ij^ii naghmah, melody ; song. 

jiAi naghnagh, a large Transoxanian 

J|.*ii naghiq^ croaking as a raven. 

ciUi nafdt, cut herbage. 

oUui nafdsdt, magic, incantation. 

^Ui 7iaff^dj, proud, haughty. 

-^Ui naffdkhf flatulent. 
^Ui nifdr, terrified, frightened. 

^^^i m/([is, esteeming, valuable. 

<^^i nafds, childbirth, labour. 

O^IaJ nafd&at, exquisiteness. 
(^^i nafdz, wanting, poverty. 
O^ nafdq^ enmity; hypocrisy. 
\^j^}m nafdis, delicacies. 
Aj^i nafdih, dark complexion, 
ki^fli na/tj any combustible matter, 
^i na^j a piece of writing paper, 
^fti nafah, breathing odour. 
kr^s** nafahat, fragrant gale. 
-i>.fti nafkh, blowing, inflammation. 

[ 201 ] 

os:^ nafakhat, a feculent tumour. 

jii nafZi penetrating. 

js3 nafar^ one person, a servant, 

^iLft) nafrantf a female servant. 

iBjid nafrat^ aversion, hate. 

^2^i nafru]\ a kind of rolling pin. 

i^Jo nafari. service, trade. 

^Jiy^i nafrm, imprecation, abhor- 

^j^ 7iafas, the breath, respiration ; 

ycV^t^Ai nafsulamr, truly, in fact. 

tX/«)^jMM nafdammdrrahf sensual ap- 
petite, lust. 
.A^tofti nafsani, sensual, carnal, 

li^U^AiTia/sdn/yrt^, sensuality, luxu- 

yj;t?.^^ft> nafszadan^ to breathe, [ry. 

^^j^xs6^ji»Ai nafsinafis, the precious 
breath, or soul. 

^*uJ^'ii-.Ai nafsiwapsiriy the depart- 
ing breath. 

^^«ij nafase, an instant. 

^4uai na/si, spiritual, vital. 

jifti nafshf plucking or tearing cot- 
ton and wool. 

Iwi wq/V, afflicted with blisters in 
the hand by labour. 

CL^kAi iiaftat, blisters, pustules. 

«ai na/q, gain, emolument. 

fjAi nafag, perishing, failing, dying. 

AAfli nafagah, necessary expences, 

J>fti nq/l, clear gain ; spontaneous 

-.^fti nafuh, a camel giving milk 
without being milked ; a bow 
shooting far. [snuff. 

^^a.i nafukhf a medicine which they 

j^j nafuz, penetrating; impression. 

uai nafw\ abhorring, shunning. 

ijt^^ nafus, souls, spirits, 
-fti nafi, negative, forbidding, non- 
jjii nafir^ a brazen trumpet. 

^^y-ojAi wfl/is, precious, delicate. 

IsjjaJ nafit, squalling as a child. 

i-aUj niqah^ a veil. 

i.i**jUi naqdhut, the dignity of a 

ij^&i naqqdd, one who knows good 

from bad coins. 
J-&> naqar, a kettle-drum. 
^a.jUi naqarchi, one who beats the 

^J^^ nagnsh, a distemper incident to 

,^Uj naqqdsh^ a painter. 
^_j^Ui naqqdshi, the art of painting, 
isUi ftuqdt, points, dots, spots. 
Jlai 7iaqqdl, a mimic, an actor. 
cy^Ui naqdivat, purity, sincerity, 
vj:^Ui naqdhat, convalescence, fee- 
^jlii naqdiz, damages, injuries. 
i^i naqab^ amine dug under walls. 
C^i naqat, chiefs. 
Ci^^ nagas, running, going fast. naqakh, piercing, striking the 

head, penetrating to the brain, 
dai jiagdf cash, ready money. 
yj^xA.jti^ naqdojins, money and 

y^sli naqdi, belonging to ready 

ijy^ niqris, the gout. 
tjAi nuqrahy silver. 
^^j^ naqraiy made of silver. 
jAJ naqz, sweet water. 
^^j«.5j jzaq-s, striking bell ; vice, fault. 
i;i^i naqsh, a picture, 
jJa^i naqshhand, a painter, 
JCi^y^i'i naqshonigdr, painting and 

s,M>H naqshah, map, plan, model, 
i^aiii naqs, deficiency, detriment. 
^jjLaaJ nuqsdn, damage, diminution. 
(^Si 7iaqz, violation, rupture. 
iiAi naqt, marking a consonant with 
points, dots. 

[ 202 ] 

ihsj naqtah, a point, a dot, a spot. 

*AJ Ttaqq, quenching thirst. 

J^ naql, a tale, narrative, change 
of place; a transcript, copy. 

(J-aJ nuql, a dessert given with 

^J^lJ&i 7iaqlimakany emigration. 

^A5j naqli, fictions, copied. 

cyy5i naqut, the refuge ; sifting. 

dys.1 7iaqud, sums of money. 

^ys.i tiaqush, pictures. 

P^Si naqii, dissolved, steeped. 

fj^s-i naqul, copies. 

^£> naqi^ pure, clean, excellent. 

u-^J:AJ naqib, a chief,leader ; a servant 
whose business it is to proclaim 
the title of his master, and to in- 
troduce those who pay their re- 
spects to him. 

.jjAJ naqir, deep digged ; few, little. 

c>.iajkai naqtsat, defect, imperfec- 

ijcj^i naqiz, contrary, opposite. 

*^ naqiq, pulverized, powder. 

fJ^iSJ naqiq, croaking of ravens or 

JjjSi naqil, a way. 

*>Si naqih, faint, feeble, weak. 

^i nakd, taking the scab off a sore. 

i:i;1> Hukdt, points of wit. 

-.l^i nikdh, matrimony, marriage. 
-a.l^i nikdhif married woman. 

jICJ nakdly punishments, restraint. 

fcl^i nag^ a ring. 

»,Ki 7iakdrah, worthless, useless ; in- 

Jd nigdr, a picture. 

AJlifc..^ nigdrkhdnah, a gallery of pic- 

Jlr.Ki m'g-ana/aw, a miracle of beau- 

^jt;lSi nigdrish^ writing. 

iJ.ij€,i nigdrindah, a painter; writer. 

^Jul^i nigdshtariy to paint, to write. 

»Si tiigdhf a look, observation ; cus- 
tody, care. 

^U&l^i jiigdhbdn, a guard or keeper. 
JUal^i nigdhhdni, custody, care. 

c...i!jijfcui nigdhddshty custody, care. 
liljAui nigdhddshtan^ to keep, to 

^^!3^»ui iiigdhkardan, to gaze at. 

u^i nakab, unfortunate, afflicted. 

\jS.i nakbd, two winds from opposite 
sides, side-wind. 

CL^*^ nakbat, adversity, calamity, 

\jL^'i nakat, striking the ground with 
a stick, &c. 

aIXj nuktnh, a point of wit. 

^^IjilXi nuktahddn, sagacious, a cri- 

^jaIXJ nuktahbin, a caviller. 

{,j^^^ nakas, dissolving ; a rope ; 
branching out. 

^Xi nikahf a word used in betroth- 
ing a young girl. 

tXCj nakad, miserable, avaricious. 

j^ nakir, ignorant ; crafty j saga- 
cious, not knowing. 

%j(>i 7iakirah, undetermined, indefi- 

Xi 7iigarf look, sight. 

^JJUJ^i nigrdn, looking; expecting. 

y;jj^i TiagridaTif to look, see, view. 
l^jti nigristan, to gaze. 

^j^i^ naks, poor, wretched ; topsy- 

yj!i-^ nakashf emptying a well, tak- 
ing out fetid mud. 

^Xi 7iaksh, slow in business. 

i^^i naks, departing, retiring. 

)a.G nakz, excessive hunger. 

»Xi Ttakq, aversion. 

w-A^i 7iakaf, penetrating (rain). 

^ij nakal, robust man ; a strong 

^Xi Ttiku, good, excellent. 

[ 203 ] 

*— j>jX> nakub, straying, wandering. 

%\yA.yiS nikukhwah, a well-wisher. 

j^y^'i nikosir, of good disposition 
or merit. 

p^^ nakiia, a short-bodied woman. 

JyXJ nakul, retiring, flying from an 

y;^i nakun, inverted, bent, hanging 

^liyLi 7iikonam, of good repute. 

^^a>yCi nikohish, reproaching, re- 

^jjjkxfcyjo nagohidan, to despise, to 

xJxAylJ nagohidah, despicable, vile. 

yJ^> nikoi, goodness. 

AjJi nigah,a look, sight. 

^UyXj nigahban, a guard, watch. 

^JUy^i nigahbdni, guard, custody, 

c.^^ nagahaf, perfume, odour. 

jjji nagir^ hateful, detestable ; also 
name of an angel. 

^iXi nagiri, the stone or bezel of a 

*i nam, moist, wet. 

I4J numa, showing ; an index. 

:Ui namaZy prayer. 

,_^jUJ namdzi, a person who prays. 

*Ui nammaniy an informer, accuser. 

^jjbUi nwrnaj/dw, appearing, apparent. 

^^Ui numdish, appearance, face, 

jijJoUi namdindah, showing ; a 

tUi namadf a sort of rug, or garraemt 
of coarse cloth. 

jji^a^i namadposh, clothed in wool- 

^.•fcUi namadziuj a coarse woollen 

saddle cloth. 
j^i namir, a leopard. 

JsaJ ndmat, mode, manner. 

Cj^ namraq, a small cushion, pil- 

j^*.i namrud, Nimrod. 

^^J namas, corrupting butter. 

y^^ namshy a kind of food or dish 

made of milk. 
03,«i namsy short feathers, small 

hairs like wool. 
JsaJ namaty a mode, manner, way. 
'*ZX*yi namak, salt. 

I»'j^v£-l*i namakhardm, ungrateful, 
JJta.<iAA>i namakhaldl, grateful, true. 
^^UX^J iiamakdan, a salt-cellar. 
;ljuX>i namakzdr, a salt pan. 
^j^jX».i namkin, salted, savoury ; 

^,r*i namgin, moist, wet, humid. 
%jxLJ namgirah, a canopy. 
c^aj ?iamt, an ant. 
jIaJ namlu, moist. 
AJUi namlah, the ant ; a crack in the 

hoof of a horse. 
\^{x<S namndg, moist, wet. 
y*j namii, growing, increasing, 
j^ namud, showed ; appearance, 

.I«syj namiiddr, visible, [seem. 

jt)j.4J namudan, to show, to appear, 
i^y-iki namunah, a model, specimen. 
^cAJ nami, humidity, coolness. 
^x*i namir, wholesome, pure water ; 

many, much. 
(^jkAi namis, pulled out hairs. 
&AJUJ namiqah, a letter, writing. 
cJ^ii 7iangi reputation ; disgrace, 
ju»^li^t_^ii nangondmusy honoured, 

good name. 
A,^Uc.J!x) nangandmah, history of 

*w namimf a vestige. 
Aaa«J namimah, detraction, slander, 
y waft, new, fresh. 
Iji naiod, song, melody ; subsistence. 
cjly nawdbf a vicegerent, governor, 
olji nawdt, one date stone, a weight 

of five dirhems. 

[ 204 ] 

^)y nawdh, complaining, a com- 
plaint ; side. 

^».ly nawahi, environs, borders. 

^jXA-^yi nawdkhtant to caress, soothe; 
to play on an instrument. 

t«j)^ nawddir, rare things. 

«jly nawddah, a grandson. 

J\y nawdr, fearful, afraid. 
jiy nawdr, a broad kind of tape, 
jly nawdz, cherishing; a player on 
an instrument. 

i»*.)y nawds, waving, pendulous, 

^I«»ly nawdsta?!, to contend. 

^.ly nawdzishf kindness. 

cyUtrljJ 7iawdzishdt, caresses, &c, 

J.'jj 7tawdzil, calamities. 

T^Jf^J^y iiawdzindagi, playing on an 

" instrument. 

»jJ!y nawdzindah, player ; che- 

l*)^ nawdsd, grand-son, 

^«.!y nawdsi, grand-daughter. 

u»»^!y nawdsibf the enemies of 
* Ali. 

i}»]y nawdfil, spontaneous acts of 

i})^ nawdq, sagacious, one who is 
fit for any thing, 

Jly nawdl, a gift ; benefit. 

a/)^ natvdlah, a morsel, 

jy«Ty naudmoz, a learner, noviciate. 

•Sf^y naudivardj an invention, inno- 

^bly nawdhij forbidden things. 
Ajfj.i naudin, new regulation, no- 

w»jly nawdib, adversities. 

»jjjl^i naudindahf a new comer. 

c-y nub, being near ; returning. 

ij^j^i nauhdwah, early fruits. 

OJji naubatf time, turn, guard, 
watch; military music. 

Ailsr'^y naubatkhdnahy a music gal- 

jljjji naubahdr, the commencement 
of spring. 

)jjk;y naupaidd, new, recent. 

^I^y naujawdn, in the flower of 

— y nuh, Noah. 

*a.y nauhOf lamentation. 

j^i>A.y nauhagar, a hired mourner. 

4iw(a.y naukhdsta^ new risen, youth- 

jiy wwrf, ninety. [ful. 

.jjiy 7iaudad, a fold. 

^jjl^«5yi naudardn, a beloved offspring. 

^y nwr, light, splendour. 

j^ naivar, a blossom. 

^jjl^il^y nurafshdn, diffusing light. 

j^yl);y nurildhi, the light of God. 

y^iljy nicrdtii, brightnCvSs, serenity. 

^sr^y nurbakhsh, bestowing light. 

♦•^•^y nurichashmf light of the eye ; 
a dearly beloved child. 

Cjyi naward, a fold, ply ; war. 

^;I.Sy naurddn, a weaver's beam. 

fc«yiy nawardati, to fold, twist, to 

j^y iiauras, fresh, recent. 

z^jy'i nauroz, the first day of the Per- 
sian year, when the sun enters 

x«S :y nuzdah, nineteen. 

y^djyi nuzdaham, nineteenth. 

^y nosh, drink thou ; draught ; 
iioney ; antidote. 

^yi nosh, inquiring ; going for- 
ward ; rising quickly. 

.jjUty naushddar, sal ammuniac. 

^Ji'^li.^ noshdnosh, draught after 

Cl^-iy navisht, he wrote ; a uriting, 

j^I^y nuvishtan, to write. 

^Hy^ navishtah, written, a writing. 

jyltJk^y noshddru, a medicine. 

«JxAywos^mc/a/y,drinking, a drinker. 

^jjcXA^y noshmdan, to drink. 

jj^^y jioshifi, sweet, wholesome. 

[ 205 ] 

fjoyi naiis, retiring-, retreating. 
(joyi nauZf travelling, 
isy nut, suspending, appending, 
c^i 7iau, species. 

j^e^i naubashar, the human race, 
jH^Py^ naudtgar, another kind. 
i^)j^y^ nay-arus, a new bride, 
^^y naue, specific, kind, sort, 
^y iiaufalf the sea ; a munificent 

raan ; a present ; a handsome 

(Jy 7iauq^ a reddish white. 
«-£)y nok, folly ; the point of any 

thing, nib of a pen, 
♦iy naukar, a servant. 
if^^}^ naukari, service, servitude. 
^IjfjJ^ nokqalam, the nib of a 

^y nol, the beak of a bird. 
ftyi naum, sleep, slumber. 
Ju^y naufned, hopeless, 
^jjj^^ 7iaumedi, despair, hopeless- 
^j)yl naun, a fish. [ness. 

J^iy naunihdl, a young tree. 
^y5,y nnuokuhan^ new and old. 
^jJy no'triy a prince. 
Jjy naved, happy tidings. 
jj;jjy navedan, to lament. 
^jJLwjy navesdndarif to cause to 

;sjJw«oy nav'isindah, a writer, 
^jy nauwash, strong, robust.- 
(./ftjy iiavisy retiring, rising up. 
*i Jiah, not, no, neither, 
Ai 72u/i, nine. 
jj^ nihabar, hells. 
0^-^ nifiddj nature, constitution. 
jjjiS^ nihddan, to place, apply. 
jV^ nahdr, the day. 
^Vji nihdr, breakfast. 
J^ nihdl, a young plant, a shoot. 
^^ nihali, bedding. 
^l|J nihdm, blacksmith, a carpenter, 
v»;lyi nihdn, hid, concealed. 

<iUB->ljJ nihdtikhdnah, a cabinet, a 
private apartment. 

^J;c^^^J;ly nihdnshudan, to be con- 

^\^ nihdnt, privately, secretly. 

d^^-jj nihdyaty the extremity, ut- 

u^-y> nahb, rapine, plunder, spoil. 

.y^J nahbur, a mountain of sand. 

^y naliaji road ; manner. 

j^yi nahadf a generous man. 

^y ?2aAr, a river, stream. 

j^^y nuhari, belonging to a river. 

j^j tiahaz, shaking the head. 

{^j^ JiahaSf biting with the fore- 

^juy nahastan, to put, to place. 

(^^py nuhash, biting with the fore- 

Jji.y nahashaly a wolf ; a hawk. 

(j:^,oy na/izat, departure. 

(,£Ay nahak, fatiguing ; being ema- 

i}^^ nahzal^ an old man. 

u^Ayi nahufty he hid. 

^^yay nahuftariy to hide, to conceal. 

Jy nahal, meat, any thing eatable. 

dJly nahalat, one draught. 

*y nahum, the ninth. 

(d^Ayi 7iahamat, ambition, emulation 

^y 7iahan, fine cloth. 

uJ^y naha7i^, an alligator. 

^i nahawa, prudent ; forbidding. 

j^y nahud, rising up and going 
upon an enemy; swelling (as the 
breasts of a girl). 

j^ nahur, the eye, sight ; an angry 

— ^ nahuh, belching forth, vomit- 

^yi nihi, prohibition, interdict. 

v«^y nu/iib, plundering, spoiler. 

^AAyi 7iahibi, plunder, spoil, booty. 

j^xy nahid, thick butter. 

[ 206 ] 

^jJjLyi 7iakidan, to place, put, lay. 
jXyi nahiVf affluent ; copious, many. 
JHbt^ nahiq, the braying of an ass. 

viAjk^ nahtkf bold, strong. 

*J^i nahim, gluttonous. 

^ nai^ a reed j tube j flute. 

Ui ;2tya, a grandfather ; a sheath. 

cjUi niydbj a sheath ; a vessel. 

C>jU-> niydbat, vicegerency, deputy- 

— Ui niyah, weeping, lamenting. 

Ajji niyar^ fires. 

•Ui niydz, supplication, petition, 

tU/«:Ui niyagmand, indigent, sup- 

jjUi niyaq, she-camels. 

vi-)Ui niydhf libidinous, lewd. 

^Ui niydni, a sheath, scabbard. 

^jijUi niydish, praise, blessing. 

C^ niyat, intention, purpose. 

««^ niyachah, tube, small pipe. 

JJJwi niyadil, a burden, 
^i naiyir, the sun ; the moon j shin- 

^^1^ nairdrif fires. 

<3SjiJ nairaiig^ deception, trick, 

^i neru, strength, power. 

yyi niz, also, again. 

a)Jii nezah, a spear, lance, dart. 

t£j)^ nezak, a javelin. 

»}jji nezah, a short spear. 

^l4«kjji naisdn, a Syro-Macedonian 
month, (April.) 

Ci^*«*ii nest, it is not. 

^^li,«oJ nestdn^ a place where reeds 

^jdJtci'^MHii nestshudan, to perish. 

^««ujji we5/z, nullity, annihilation. 

jjJUi nesh, a sting, a lancet. 

.^Ai^jji neshdpur, in Khorasan. 

.i**Ai neshtar, a lancet. 

d«^*vj^^ ^^^hzadan, to sting. 

^^^.ioJ naishakar, sugar-cane. 
kjJ wiV, the last breath : death. 
^ftjJ nefaq, the loose part of the 

*Ajji naifak, white cloth, fine linen, 
j^jji wiy, pleasing; the top of a 

i,£^^i7iek, good, excellent, beautiful. 
Ci^s^kiAjji nekbakhtj fortunate, bles- 
^iSXii> 2iekkho, good nature, 
LSj) jv£-Ui 7iekzdf, of good origin. 
JUuiJiii nekfdl, happy-omened. 
^la»^*v.2-Ui nekfarhdm, of happy end. 
«!^*-f-lAi nekkhwdh, a well-wisher. 
i!ye<^ii nekmardj a good man. 
^UL^Ixi nekndm, famous, renowned 
^-/«U».^xi nekndmi, reputation. 
yi.i^ neko, good, beautiful, 
^'y^i nekoi, goodness. 
j;*«^Xji ne/iosair, well-disposed. 
jJ^^AJ nekokdr, benefactor, benefi- 
^J^ neki, goodness, excellence. 
Jjki nil, blue, indigo ; the river 

Jjwi nail, acquiring, obtaining. 
•If Jjji nilgdo, the neelgaw, 
y;yOu;i ntlgun, azure, bluish. 
Jj^jki ntlfar, the water-lily. 
»lljj nildh, blue. 
*jji wim, half. 
AJisr^^jji nimpukhtah, parboiled ; half 

J^A^o^Jji nimhismil, half-slaughtered. 
^l^*Jki nimjawdn, a middle-aged 

t^s^ mmchah. a half or small sword, 
,3^^j»x) nimkfiurd, the remains (of 

•^^*xi ntmroz, midday; the city of 

«!^*xi nimrozah, of half a day. 
w>.wt>j.i nimshab, midnight. 

[ 207 1 

J^^ fiimkdr, half used, worn. 
fjt*i^ nimgarm, lukewarm. 
t^yo^ ntmmurdah, half dead. 
A^i iiimah, the half of any thing. 
Ls^^ nainaiy no no, not at all. 
*Aii naim, groaning, lamenting. 
«x) neOy strong, powerful. 
^jkjJi.^jL> neoshidariy to listen, to bear, 
^jjjfc^i naihindif a bamboo. 

^ «<;dz<;, the twenty-sixth letter of 
the Arabic and twenty-second of 
the Persian alphabet, and in rec- 
koning by Arithmetic, it stands 
for six. 

Ij wa, open; it is frequently redun- 

y^KJuttjIj wabastagaHf domestics, de- 

^^JLM^^wabastanf to bind, to tie. [on. 

«L»jlj wdbastahf bound ; depending 

Jaj)^ wdbit, weak, timid, cowardly. 

,y»j]jwdpaSf restitution, restoration. 

^Xttolj wdpasin, latter, hindmost. 

f^]j tvdsig, firm ; confiding. 

-.Ij wdj\ extreme hunger. 

u^A.)^ wdjib, necessary, expedient. 

cylx^lj tvdjibdt, expediencies. 

cUiJ!w«ai.|j wdjibultaba, worthy to 
be obeyed. 

(^je^Iu^lj wdjibuIqrZi necessary to 
be represented, 

^y^^\]\,gt^a^^lvdj^bulwa.jud, God (self- 

^xa.)j wdjibt, that which is expe- 

i^A.)^ wdjidf an inventor, a finder. 

^^^itt»A.)^ wdjustarif to inquire, to 

«— a^lj ivdjafi palpitating heart. 

^j;jjk*.I^ wdchidan, to pick out, to 

<y^)j wdkidy one ; sole, single, 

Ij^Ij wdhidan, separately. 

«—ft9-I^ ivd/nf, luxuriant, pleiitiftrl 

y^i^ij^^j wdkharidan, to redeem. 

,31^ wdd, digging a grave. 

^Jli)^^^ tvddddan, to restore. 

^Jx£,]^]J wdddshtan, to prohibit. 

^jlj wdditty leaving, depositing. 

cTj'j wddi, a desert ; channel of a 
river, ravine. 

^j;J^,3l^ wddidan, to gaze at. 

j\j wdvy "[added to nouns, implies 

jj tear, J possession ; as, j^^^j^ 

Ktij\y wdrisy an heir, inheritor. 

j)Ij tvdrid, happening, arriving. 

c*I*5^lj wdriddt, events, incidents. 

yjiijUM.I^ wdrastdarij to obtain infor- 

c-i,lj wdrify a fan, a ventilator. 

j^iijFj wdraftaHy to wander, to 

.'j wd%y open. 

^j'j wdzijy a vine. 

?)j wdzhy inverted. 

cJ!^!; ^dzhguu, inverted, 

{^^) wdsy an ear of wheat, 

Ala*«'^ wdstah, a mediator, motive. 

«*«lj wdsi, extending. 

^JJ]J wdsiq, pregnant. 

f,lLJ]j tvdssaldm, and farewell ! 

^'A^l^ wdshudan, to be open. 

jj^lj wdshily high mountain. 

aJuJu)^ wdshimaty a female painter. 

tij!i^l^ wdshajigy a peace officer. 

^-il^ wdshij a whisperer, slanderer 

fc^^^lj zvdsiby eternal punishment. 

^U^)^ «;a«i/aw, praisers ; describers^ 

(Jw^>lj wdsil, joined, connected, met, 

^ilj wdzi/i, clear, manifest, 

«^'j waza, one who establishes. 

aclj M;d?t/, promising. 

laclj ?f;d?2;, a monitor, preacher. 

Jilj ivdghily victuals ready dressed. 

tXi]^ wdfidy approaching, coming '•, 
an ambassador. 

[ 208 ] 

ji]^ wafit'i plenty, many. 

^]j waft, complete, full (weight). 

j5lj waqi, happening ; truly. 

c»U5)j wdqidt, accidents, events. 

<u5Ij waqah, an event ; death ; battle, 
a dream. 

xiJj**il^ waqahdidah, a man of ex- 

^jk^Axi)^ waqahshudan, to die. 

^^jjtjll^ ivdqii, right, proper. 

♦— m1^ ivdqiff informed, knowing, ex- 

^)y wdqi, a kind of bird, [public. 

M)dj^]j wdkardan, to open, to make 

*>^!j wdgarnah, otherwise, if not. 

Jl. wdl, flying to, taking refuge. 

»^ wdld, eminent, exalted. 

Vj wailld, otherwise, if not. 

A^Vj wdldjuh, of sublime dignity. 

^jjl*S)j waldshdn, of elevated rank. 

jJI^ tvdlidj a father. 

VciiJIj wdladdn, adieu ! farewell ! 

;iJ^I^ wdlidah, a mother. 

^^jJ'Jlj wdlidain, parents. 

aIW^ wallah^ by God. 

Jtcilil^ wdlldhalim, God is most wise. 

*JIj wdlih, distracted, astonished, 

^(^ wa/i, a governor J manner. 

*l^ wdm, a debt. 

%^yA.Jj wdmkhwdh, a creditor. 

yjl^JjUlj wdmdndigdny those left be- 

jjjjjtolj wdmdndan, to remain, or 
stay behind. 

fj^]^ wdmaq, enamoured. 

^Im*^)^ wd7iagristan^ to stare. 

^J^^|J wdnamudan, to show ; to 

aL^Ij wdwailahf an exclamation, 
alas ! 

»)j woA, excellent ! fye ! pho ! 

w»*'; wdhibf a giver ; liberal. 
AaaIj wdhimah, the imagination. 
^jaI^ «?aA?, weak, feeble. 

^^ y^dbdy the plague, pestilence. 

Jbj wabdl, misfortune ; difficult. 

i„/ojUj wahis, flashing, blazing.^ wahil, heavy, severe ; unheal- 
thy, unwholesome. 

cyj wat, fur, a fur garment. 

^Jj watdh, low, despicable man. 

t»Jj watad, a wooden club. 

^^ watar^ the string of a bow. 

y^y) watwt, running water. 

^j watt, serpents. 

s^jJj watirah, a way, path, mode, 

^J^J watin, the vein by which the 
heart is suspended. 

jjl)^ wisdq, a ligature. 

^^j wasdm, ground producing little. 

jj^ wasar, made soft. 

c)-»j wasal, a rope. 

J) wasaniy scarcity. 

y/; wasan, an idol ; a pagan. 

Jyj wasiiq, reliance, confidence. 

^j wasiq, firm, steady, strong. 

i,s.^j wasiqah, a letter, writing, 

JjjJ^ w'ase/, a rope made of hemp. 

I»xj^ wasim, firm-fleshed. 

jla.^ wij'dh, presence, face to face. 

vi^Jblsw^ wajd/iat, presence, aspect. 

^^^^ wajah, a span, nine inches. 

J^j wa;V/, ecstacy. 

^jjlja.^ wajddn, finding, discovering. 

jA.) wajar, timid, trembling, 
y^, wajazj abridged, shortened. 

j^j waja, pain, disease. 

^xa.j ^ujai, afflicted ; griefs. 

{Ja^ wajal, fear, terror, apprehen- 

*a.j wajam, drowsiness, somnolency. 

j^j wafan, a contusion, blow. 

&ia.j wajnahj a cheek. 

t«»^j tvajub, obligation, duty. 

Jja.j wajud, existence, invention ; 

[ 200 ] 

jy^^ tvajur, a medicine. 

-»^a.j wajum, afflicted, vexed, silent 
with grief. 

»j-T»"^ wujuh, countenances, modes. 

A*-^ wojh^ mode, manner ; counte- 

'^T^'^} wa/ibj palpitating heart. 

^^A.^ wajihi thick cloth. 

^^) ivajia, pained, patient. 

-Jja.^ waftm, sultry, intensely hot. 

^Jka.^ tvajin^ hard, rugged ground. 
wajihy specious ; a chief ; 


iUyjk^^ wajihat, beads, or any thing 
hung about the body as preser- 
vatives against fascination. 

y^1j»*.j wcihdd7i, ones. 

c^xilJkA-j wdhdanit/at, unity, singu- 

otVa-j wahdat, solitude, unity, 

jfcX^j ivahdah, single, alone, unity. 

yJl*A.^ wdhshf distraction, madness; 
desert, desolate. 

^\U!Ua.^ ivahshtdn^ sad, melancholy. 

\:^M>A^wahshaty timidity, cowardice. 

/-iiia.^ ivahshi, mild, timid. 

i^9r%.j wahaf, lying down, throwing 
one's self on the ground, 

J^j ivahal, tough, clay, a marsh. 

♦A.J waham, the longing of a woman 
with child. 

r^) wahuh, nimble, quick, active, 

\S'^i touhiishf wild beasts. 

^^j waM, revelation ; a sound. 

oa»-^ ivahid, alone, unique. 

*ia.^ wahim, hot, sultry day. 

C--^^^ tvaJc/idmat, indigestion ] dif- 

•i-*A^^ ivakhiff water thickened by 

j^^ wahhim, unwholesome, diffi- 

•31,5^ tvadad, friendship, love, 

^)djw{ddf farewell, departure. 

filiJj widdi/a, deposits, trusts. 

^jj wada, parting, leaving, 

C^J^ wadaqt, a kind of shells. 

< — JiJj i^adf, a sling, a slinger. 

i^ii) wadiy paying compensation for 
manslaughter; death. 

jjjj wadia, parting j obedient. 

oajJj wadiat, deposit, trust. 

^j[j^ wadhi, steeped, wet, macerated 

Ijj wazd, a disagreeable speech. 

jy war, added to nouns implies pos- 
session, as uiU* having life. 

J) war, and. 

cJl;^ wirdsat, receiving by inheri- 

p);; ward, moderate ; pious. 

jljj ivardg, full of leaves. 

(iiJ'^j wardk, a cushion. 

cfl'^ warde, behind, besides. 

\^j^ warb, industry, skill ; corrup- 

ijj^ warsah, heirs. 

^j^ warj, elegance, beauty; large- 

^.j warkh, soft, thin. 

djj wird, constant practice ; a wa- 
tering place. 

3j^ warz, a rose. 

djy ward, a disciple, a pupil. 

c».3u wardat, one rose ; vein, pulse. 

[^lijj wardi, rosy ; a slave. 
jj) warz, gaining, acquiring. 

^Xjjj warzish, custom, habit, exer- 

d*^i;^ warzidan, to practise, to ex- 

s^jj wartah, a whirlpool. 

c jj warq, abstinent, scrupulous. 

J^j waraq, a leaf. 

^Ui* warqd, a she-wolf; a female 

pigeon ; ashes ; a year without 


{J*'j^j) war gosh, an ear-ring. 

[ 210 ] 

J. J waral, a lizard, a newt. 

fj^ waram, a tumour, swelling. 

^ti.^ warndrij useful, advantageous. 

tJj^ warnah, and if not, otherwise. 

^)Ji wurtid, arrival, alighting. 

^jhj wariishy taking, devouring 

fijjM waru^h, belching, eructing; 
darkness, obscurity. 

u-ijjij war'dff extensive (shadow). 

^)Ji warw/f, reclining, staying. 

%jy warah, foolish, stupid. 

U;j warhdf silly, foolish woman j a 
violent wind. 

fibjy warham, harsh words. 

^sy ware, men, mortals. 

u^jjj wareb^ crooked, kerned. 

Cioij warhat, fat ; tinder. 
jip wariz, a particular gum. 

i^j^jy waris, dyed (cloth). 

Hj) ivariq, abstinent, continent. 
j) wazz, a goose, a duck. 

ojlj-j wizarat, the office of a vizier. 

Jij) wazmii blowing. ' 
jjj wizr, a crime ; load. 

>Itu wazrd, viziers, ministers. 

* u wazq, prohibiting, checking. 

ff jj wazq, tremor, horror ; a worth- 
less fellow, 

9'jj wazaghf a frog, a species of li- 

Jjj wazaq, galingall or sweet cane. 

J:^ wazal, a viper, 

fij) wazam, eating once a day. 

sjl^^j) wazmat, quantity. 

yj;^ wazn, weight, measure; me- 
tre. A tree of which bows are 

AJjj waznah, a talent, a shekel. 

^j^ waznirif fringe, edging. 

^J;:^ tvazida?!, to blow the wind. 
jij^ wazir, a vizier, minister. 

j^]jijy wazh'qzam, the grand vizier. 

^^yjJ waziriy weighty, heavy. 

*— ftj:^ waztf^ travelling fast ; a quick 

*ijj wazim, a present an offering. 
;sjl*«^ wisddah, a pillow, cushion, 
-.tu.^ ivassaj, going quick. 
li^j ivisdd, a cushion ; a throne. 
C^)siKmy wasdtat, mediation. 
I»^*»j wasdm, 1 handsome, ele- 
Ci<./«L«^ wasdmat, J gant. 
i^jl**^ ivasdioas, evil suggestions. 
isjLuj wasdit, mediators. 
J>^L»j wasdil, causes. 
J}.'*^ ivasukh^ filtliiness, being dirty. 
a*wj wasd, coral. 
h^y wasat, the middle. 
i^Lm/j wastd, the middle finger ; 

^**j tvasq, possible ; amplitude. 
c*****^ tvasqt, amplitude. 
fj.*uj wasq, heaping up. 
**») wasm, a mark, brand. 
\j^/>.M,y wasmat, indigo ; a black 

^*.**^ ivasmi, early spring rain j 

spring herbage. 
^^y wasan, drowsy, sleepy. 
U*-ji ivasnd, many, full, abundant. 
^^[^•»ltywasndn, sleepy, slumbering. 
ijJ^^j tvaswds, terror, distraction 

of mind, doubt, suspense. 
s.My*u^ waswasah, temptation, 
la^j wasit, a mediator, umpire. 
^x**/^ ivasi^ spacious, extensive. 
J,jk*Mj wasil, a cause, occasion. 
aIxu/j wasilahy a medium, means, 

cause ; affinity, a client. 
^xm>j wasim, haying a mark; hand- 
f^j wash, a particle of similitude 

added to nouns, as {^^^i^ moou- 

■f^j washd, opulence, wealth. 
ol^trj washdt, spies, whisperers. 
(3^^ ivashdq, a single garment. 

[ 211 ] 

y^^g*^j washtif beauty, goodness. 

^j washaj, mixed together (as the 
branches of trees). 

^£>j washakh, weak, worse. 

jMij washr, sawing a plank. 

jM>j washaZf high place ; a place of 

fij washq, mixing ; going up. 

j|Aj washagh small (thing), mode- 

fjSi^ washq, gum ammoniac, 

jj-^j ivashal, small quantity of wa- 
ter, drops of tears. 

ijJtAj washlan^ flowing, running. 

♦M'j washam, pricking figures on the 
hands and other parts of the 

^jjlx*^ tvashnarii the herb or ashes of 
, alkali. 

^i^j washni, a red, or rose colour. 

s^**? tvashUy straggling herbs on a 

^JySiJ washiiq, a kind of embroidery. 

*^^ tvashah, gum ammoniac. 

^^-ij tvashi, painting, dyeing. 

^c^j ivashi, ruddiness, redness. 

^^j ivashijf connected by relation- 

^'Slj washiZf a mixed assembly of 
people of different tribes. 

ji^^ washiq^ stratum of palm tree. 

*— iV.^j wassd/f praiser, describer. 

c^iLdj wasafat, attendance, 

JV^j wisdl, meeting, interview. 

AjLfij wisdyahf precepts, testaments, 

u*w«j wasabf disease, indisposition. 

«>-^^ wasad, textnre, weaving. 

j^>f wasar, a compact, contract. 

^j wasq, a small bird. 

uJi^j was/, description, attribute, 

J.-«; ivasl, conjunction. 

^t«j ivasli, copulative, conjunctive. 

*^j wasam, disease ; binding quick- 
ly ; crack, fissure. 

C'A-ej luasmat) reproach, disgrace, 
crime, sin. 

•^^■fj wasiib, continual, perpetual ; 
firm, constant. 

u_X^^ wusul, arrival; conjunction. 

^^^ wasiy executor of a will, admi- 

d^i-^j wasiyat, a precept, last will. 

t^i-^^ ivasid, threshold, portico. 

i^jusj wasif, servant boy, or girl. 

Aftjk^j wasifah, a maid servant, a girl. 

*U-^j wasilah, a sword ; fertility, a 

o>U>^ wazdt, clean ; cleanness. 

— l^j wazdh, evident. 

<:L^\^y wazdqt, humility, humilia- 

j^j wazar, greasing a dish. 

^j tvazq, mode, gesture. 

c^A^^ wazqtf childbirth, delivery. 

y^dj^^j wazqkardatif to found, insti- 

LS^4vrj wazmctf, a crowd, a body of 

^j wazu, ablution. 

ry^) ^oL^^h, evidence, proof. 

^^j wazukh, water-pipe. 

p^j tuazuq, going fast, travelling 

j^j waziq, base, ignoble. 

c-^xxiij ivaziqtj tax, tribute. 

Cf^iy^j wazimati a body of men. 

^^iJ>J wazin, interlaced, intangled, 

Ikj watd, kicking, treading under 

o>^j watdatf being equal, level. 

^^k^ ivatdSi a shepherd, a pastor. 

(isJsj watas, treading firmly. 

^j watq, any kind of filth adher- 
ing to the feet of cattle, fowl, &c. 

S!o^ watid, firm, solid, perpetual. 

j^isj wats, treading or kicking vio- 

[ 212 J 

fcJJs^ watf^ fi'uitfulness. 

^^ ivatan^ a country, native soil. 

^'^J>^Jo^ ivatankardarif to fix one's 

^Jsj wati^ embracing a woman, 
ojjkj watiyat, a kind of sack. 
tULj watid, firm, fixed. 
i-JuUs^ wazdif, pensions. 
uJujisj wazif, the pastern of a horse. 
&ajJoj wazifah, a stipend, salary. 
Uj 2i?o, a sheath, repository, 
fc^^ tf;ajs, preachers. 
fj^j wadq^ the grumbling noise of a 

horse's belly, when travelling. 
J^^ wad, promising ; threatening. 
isic^ wadahf a promise, engage- 
^Cj war, rough, difficult to ascend. 
U^j waasdy a road, way ; soft, sandy 

^j wqz, exhortation, admonition, 
c}^} ^^??j bad-tempered. 
J^^ ival, the ibex, or mountain 

^'ysj wawaa, noise, murmur of a 

j^fi^ waiir, difficult to ascend. 
i^jjC; waid, threatening. 
Icj wighd, war. 
V^ij tvighdb, foolish. 
u^j waghabf a large sack ; pot, 

jij waghar, angry, enraged. 
*_scj waghaf, weakness in the eyes. 
Jij waghal, taking bad nourish- 
*c^ wagham, malevolence, hatred. 
\^^^ toaghairah, et cetera. 
Vij if?a/d, good faith, fidelity. 
caVij wafdt, death, decease, 
y\^i\J^ ivafdddr, faithful, grateful. 
tjpjlJlij ivafdddri, fidelity. 
vajV/j wafddat, arrival. 
J^; wo/a?, harmony, unanimity. 

ji) wafar, becoming full, complete, 
plenty, abundance. 

u^*} wafaz, running. 

^}^^^ ivafq, conformity. 

jy^ wafud, arrivals, 

j^j wafur, abundance, plenty. 

j^yij wdfty entire, whole. 

A»; %oiqd, preserved. 

-,UI^ wiqdh, a hard hoof. 

oa».\.5^ wiqdhat, impudence. 

S^'ij wiqdd, burning, ardent. 
j^^wiqdr^ dignity, grandeur. 

^^j wiqd, slanderous, malevolent. 

^^'ij w;iyd/, tardy, dilatory. [ship. 

fSi^3 iviqdyatah, custody, guardian- 

^y>) waqdi, events. 

U^iy^^'^h 'i^ciqdinavisj an imperial 

^^^^^ waqt, time, season. 

^Sj iviqah, impudent, immodest. 

Ss) umqad, lighting a fire. 

Jj wiqar, heaviness ; a load. 

jSj waqr, deafness, making deaf. 

0;>; waqrat, a vestige, an impres- 

,j-Jj waqs, excoriating, laying bare 
a sore, taking off the scale. 

if^fj waqsh, motion, 

u^) waqas, short neck. 

k5^ waqt, a large hollow in a moun- 
tain or hard ground where water 
collects ; a reservoir. 

^j tvaqa, a high place j a rock, a 

C^^ ivaqaat, a battle, engagement. 

»-Ji5^ waqf, a bracelet; a pious en- 

C^ojj ivaqfai, restraining, constitut- 

J5j waqal, a stone, a rock j an as- 

*5^ waqam, prohibiting, preventing, 
checking, drawing the rein. 

C-i^j tvaqnat, a bird's nest j a cavern. 

L 213 ] 

liyj waqud, fuel for fire. 
jySj ivaqur^ grave, majestic. 
Pj^} waqu^ an accident, contingency. 
*— jyl; waquff experience, knowledge, 

y^^ waqi, an ounce ; a weight of 

2k lbs. 
*^»j waqid, weak, tbin, without 

ji'j waqir, a hollow in a mountain 

containing water ; a flock of 

^j waqia, a hoof worn away by 

*-S^*i5j waqiat, battle ; calumny, 

^a>5j waqiftf a christian priest. 
f^j wafcd, the cover of a vessel. 
v-jl(j wakdbf mourning much. 
j^} wikdr, transgression. 
u_9l^j wakaf^ packsaddles, 
Jl(j waffdl, slowness, sluggishness. 
iZ-^^^ wakdlat, vicegerency, agen- 

*-*^Ci^^l(j wakdlatndmah, power of 
attorney ; an ambassador's cre- 

u»i; wakah, dirt, filth ; attentive. 

C^^ wakat, calumny, accusation, 

fMj wakady endeavour. 
j^j wakar, filling a bottle, vessel, 

belly, &c. 
j^i wagar^ if, although. 

AJ/^ wagarnah, otherwise. 

j^^ wagaZy digging ; stabbing ; fill- 
ing ; a dance ; prohibition ; ele- 
vation ; impulse. 

\j^} wakas, defect, deficient. 

a^j wakaz, beating, thrusting away. 

^i waha^ hard ; rustic, mean. 

«— afj ~ wakaff injustice ; a crime, 
fault ; a root ; a vein, 

J^j wakal, impotent, silly. 
Hij wakldf delegates, deputies. 

Jj wakam, sad, sorrowful. 
^J>^ tvakan, sitting ; a seat. 
«^j^^ wakiif, a camel full of milk. 
J-i(; wakil, an agent, attorney at 

-^5^ wildj friendship. 
25j vHd, time. 
cySj waldt^ governor, 
o)', wildd. 1 . . , . , 

{^"^3 ivalds^ a wolf. 

u-i^^ waldf, familiarity, friendship. 

<iJ5^ waldnah^ a wound. 

j2)j waldo, new wine. 

wi^i^j wildyat, kingdom, region. 

«j:^ij walat, diminution, defect. 

^j wilaj, a young eagle. 

^y wilakh, wet ground. 

a/j waladf a son, offspring. 

\iji\tii^ waladuzzind, Sk bastard; rep- 

y;fjJ, waladdn^ parents. 

^jJ^ walas, perfidy, fraud. 

^y wala, desiring eagerly. 

OjJj walaatf desirous, covetous. 

(jJj wahq, expeditious, active, 

Ci-A^j wataqaty a blow. 

^^y walqi, prancing, springing. 

^XJj walaMn,but, nevertheless. 

»_>y; walub, arriving, joining ; enter- 

^y^ waliij, creeping into a hole. 

Z)j^)'r^i waluj o kharuj^ entering 
into and going out. 

p^j walua, desire, avidity; tasted. 

gj^lj walwalahf noise, clamour. 

aJ^ walahy afflicted ; terror, grie^^ 
distracted or impatient from love 
or grief. 

^jjlyJ; walhdriy the being distracted, 

^3 wale, but, yet, however. 

j-Ij wahy a friend, a prince. 

os-i-j walijat, an intimate friend. 

j.jjj walid, a child, a son. 

[ 214 ] 

v£j)«Xi!j waliddtf cotemporary. 

^^ wal'ia, unblown flowers of palm 

jyfi^^ waliahd, the heir-apparent, 

the appointed successor. 
AajJ^ walimah, a marriage feast. 
C,„^J^ waliniqmat, a benefactor. 
Ju«j wamid, excessive heat j anger, 

oj*'*^ wamzatf pure white. 
•/•. wamavy beside, moreover. 
y^^ wamaz, moving the nose in anger. 
,j-«w>^ wamas, rubbing, excoriating. 
i^fo/e^ wamaz, glancing, flashing 

v,i^juoj wamatf a large rolling wave. 
^j wamaq^ loving; love, 
^j^ wa?i, sincere, faithful. 
ztXif wandahj cresses. 
v«^i. Wang, poor, destitute. 
^xi^wanim, the dung or mark of a 


%y wah^ ah ! alas ! grief. 

^jUj ivahhah, God, the bestower of 

-.Ufcj wahhdj, burning, flaming, rag- 

«3la»^ wahhdd, valleys. 

^U^ wahhdm, suspicious, doubtful. 

Vta^ft^ wahab, giving, presenting. 

^e^if>^ wahnbi, bestowed by God. 

Jjb^ wahad, la valley, a decli- 

caJ^*j wahadat J vity. 
jtb^ wahar, the scorching rays of the 
sun reflected from the ground, 

yib^ wahaz, trampling upon, beating 
a path. 

^j**f>^ wahas, going quick ; break- 
ing, bruising. 

c^ wahas, disturbing; castrating; 
low ground. 

kfc^ wahat, a large body of men. 

i— itfcj wahaf, having the care of a 

(j-^^ wahaq, a long rope ; a small of- 
fence; scandal. 

J.jb^ wahal, weak, timid, terrific. 

iJljbj wahalat, first, first of all. 

*fcj wahm, conjecture, imagination. 

j^jjAfti^ wahmi, conjectural, imagi- 

^J^^ wahan, weakness ; baseness. 

^^^) wahi, becoming worthless. 

^>_y*j wahi, rents, fissures, cracks. 

C5"^ wae, he, him, to him. 

Ca^j waib, fye upon, woe to you ! 

^^ wihf fye ! oh ! 

)ji) waira, him, to him. 

J[f,} wairdn, desolate, depopulated. 

'^^J/i^ wairdnab, a desolate spot. 

yj^\;ij wairdni, desolation, destruc- 

ij^) wais, indigence, poverty. 

A*«oj wis«/i, good ; abomination. 

&^;j wishah, ivy, woodbine. 

(^Xj waik, woe to you j bravo, well 
done ! 

Jjj wail, woe to you, fye upon you ! 

(J.ij Wail, victory ; fortitude. 

ci'^^j wailumat, woe to his mo- 
ther ! 

^i^ waih, come on, along ; away 

t ha or he, the twenty-seventh letter 
of the Arabic, and twenty-third 
of the Persian alphabet ; in arith- 
metic it denotes five. 

tfc hd, a particle affixed to nouns to 
form the plural ; as, lyjlJ^ books, 
lyiUi- houses. 

ujU» hdb, a serpent. 

iLu hdbit, falling, descending. 

JjU hdbil Abel, the son of Adam. 

oU hat, give, grant ; let it go. 

[ 215 ] 

«— a"U hatif^ an angel, monitor ; a 
voice from heaven. 

JjU hatil, raining- incessantly. 

joSa hdjir, fighting, exiling. 

ci^^lto hajiratf vain, foolish ; ob- 
scene, profane. 

j^^U lidjis, conceiving, recalling 
to mind. 

j^^-A hdjin, a girl married too 

Lja».l9> h(iji, a satirist, a poet. 

ijvA /iru/, moving, disturbing. 

ua,2^ lidddat, thunder. 

iijljt /irt(/?>, permitting the effusion 
of blood with impunity. 

JiiU hddi/f hanging the lip. 

i»jU> hddim, demolishing, a de- 

ij*jU /iddif a guide, leader. 

iU /idz, a kind of tree. 

I3^A /tdzd, this. 

Aa /uh'f weak with age or infirmity. 
j^ hdr, a string of pearls ; row, 

^Xa hdrib, flying. 

djA hdrid, the 25th day of the 

(J^J-ifi /idrish, boasting, vainglory. 

fij^Sb hdriniy eating the herb. 

isjj^Ia hdmf, the nan)e of an angel. 

^ijj^ljt hdrun, a refractory hoise. 

tii-i/ljj^U) hdrun arrasUid^ the fifth 
khdiif of the honse of Abbas, 
and twenty-sixth from Muham- 
jU hdZi a curling lock. 

^jjU hdzbi, a species of fish. 

Mj\Jt hdzim, depressing, oppressing. 

s,^,>^j\jb hdzmat, misfortune, cala- 
jlfc hdz/t, clamour, a loud exclama- 

yj^^ has, also, likewise. 

^U hashinif a wound. 

*-oU hdzim f soft, gentle ; loose, 

iji^6> hdkrnhf one who stutters. • 

<J.i.>'j!) hdk/ah, a stutterer, 

Ja hd/, posterity, quiet ; firmness, 

^a^JIl-^IU hdlibushshqr^ the coldest 
days of winter. 

^!U hdliji visions in sleep ; bab- 
bling without judgment. 

yijfc hdiit, long entangled corn. 

^'U /ia//a, iui patient, anxious. 

^Ub hiilik, 1 , , . r , 
./•!. A'// / r^ destructive, fatal. 
i<L\Jb haukan,] 

^_^X^U hdliki, blacksmith ; a polisher, 

aJU hdlahy a halo, or circle round 

the moon, 
f\tL ham, an owl. 
Jl^lji hdtndl, concord, harmony, 
c:,.^^-* hdmat, an owl. 
^-<U hdtiiif, living inconsiderately. 
OuoIa hdntid, worn out, corrupted, 

jyt\jt hdmir, a cloud pouring down 

j^lfc hdmun, a desert, a plain. 
^J^te hdny have a care ; yes. 
^^.jIa hdw:nt, a mortar. 
aI-.j^,j1.a hdicujidasiah, a pestle and 

*i^Ui» /mvirt, hell ; a woman deprived 

of her children. 
iAfKjb hdlid, laughing. 
o" -^ hde, alas 1 ah 1 
^Aa /iu/!/, anger, rage. [duty. 

tx-U /mi</, repenting, returning to 
,jU /^d/r, falling into misfortune. 
J.Aft //d//, terrible, horrible ; a 

dreadful accident. 
J^.ib hdiin, astonished, confused. 
,_^A hub, grant it, allow it to be so, 
L«.«A hnhbf coming forth. 
Ua /(rtfid, dust ; a small red ant, 
^Iaa hnbbdshf one who collects 


L 216 ] 

JUa habbalf a deceiver, a cheat. 

^j^xnt h^bat, descending; tricking. 

c^j^ habtat, cowardice, timidity. 

^xa> habaj\ striking with a stick, 

Oiaa habd, the wild gourd, or its 

SjJb habbaza, bravo ! excellent ! 

jjjt habar, cutting meat, cutting off 
a piece. 

^ft> habar, the pus of a sore, 

^^xjb habraj\ a light, quick pace. 

Ci*0|^A.A habrajat, the painting of a 

^•^AJb habarzi, pure gold. 

^^AJb habraka, a dwarf; short bo- 

J>^a habralfal, a lusty handsome 

v:>^xjb habramat, voraciousness, 

AifXX habria, scales on the head. 

ji habz, sudden death. 

j^^AJu habs, the violet ; water-cres- 

^j*^aA habsh, collecting, gathering. 

i^aAft habs, cheerful, active. 

^^__5^A habsi, a brisk, quick pace. 

^fc AaS^, sending, throwing down. 

jjka habagk, sleeping. 

«S.^A habqa, a dwarf. 

J^aa habal, death. 

JUft hablagh, a glutton j a hunting 

^^A hablaq, a dwarf. 

j^AJt hubnaq^ a boy, a servant. 

C^*Aijkfe habnagat, sitting on the in- 
side of the tliighs. 

fAAA* habfiaqa, proud ; foolish. 

^yiJb habub, blowing furiously 

cj^A habilt, dust ; a thick vapour 
like dust. 

^^Jb habbiid, name of a man, a horse, 
a place, a well. 

jyj^ habur, a spider, a spider's web. 

jyy^ habu%, dying suddenly. 

k^AA habut, descent, declivity, 

J^Aft) habul, a woman deprived of 
her children. 

i_»lyA,jfe habhab, a boy's game ; the 

^__^yAJb habhabt, swift, expeditious. 

*AA hibahy a gift. [will. 

*xlJAAA hibah namah, a deed of gift, 

u»*»xxJt> habib, awaking. 

Ci^sri^ habijat, a plain, a low 

J}.XAA habikh, languid, relaxed. 

^^^r.^•^^ habikhi, a haughty air in 

J-AAA habil, Abel, the son of Adam. 

yj^ufc hajyeii)!, opium. 

^j^^ hat, breaking, dashing to 

iS>^ hat, time ; an hour. 

^Ua hatan, these, two things. 

t-ft^A hataf, calling to one. 

<^hi hatak, shame, defaming, re- 
vealing, tearing (a curtain), 

(JIa hatal, raining incessantly. 

^^IIa hatali, name of a plant. 

*Ia hatam, losing the foreteeth. 

ls^nIaaa hatmalat, speaking low, 

^Ia hatu, a fissure, rent. 

«-JyA hatuf, twanging (as a bow- 

ci^A hassa, a lie, a falsehood. 

*1a hasam, pounding into powder ; 

^A haf, rectitude, uprightness. 

^=:^ hajd, eating, filling the belly. 

^Is^ hajaj, a stubborn man. 
j\s^ hajdr, a bow-string. 
j\^ hajdr, Arabia Deserta. 

J^si^ iiajdn, noble, excellent wo- 
man ; fertile gound. 
js^ hajar, separation, disjunction. 

[ 217 ] 

o^s* hijrat, separation ; the epoch 

of the Muhammadan era. 
iT^^ hajras, a fox, a fox cub; 
worthless. [era. 

K^j^^ hijri, of the Muhammadan 
^^J!'^ haj'ash, beckoning", nodding. 
«^ haj'a, satisfying hunger. 
<LZ^xsr^ hajqt, gentle sleep, slumber. 
i^s^ hajaf, an old ostrich ; lazy. 
jjjUsr^ hajfdn, thisty. 
fc-JiAs* hajnaf, slow, tardy, heavy. 
^ss^ hajo, a satire, pasquinade. 
jys^ hajur, tying a camel or sheep. 
i^jys^ hajuri, a meridian collation. 
fiys.^ hajua, sleep, slumber. 
A^s^ hajum, a crowd, an assault, 

^lysr^ hajhdj\ timid ; braying loud ; 

long, tall ; stupid, foolish. 
ji^ hajir, the meridian, raid-day. 
cij^sr^ hafiratf an entire year. 
^i^^sr^ hajishat, milk corrupting, 

or souring. 
tXJb hadd, breaking, ruining. 
s]i^jb hadd, quiet, repose, resting ; 

i^]6Jb haddbf impotent ; languid, 

•sIja haddd, a tribe of Arabia Felix. 
f,]<yib haddm, giddiness when sail- 
t5"JJt had'i, the right road. 
jjjUa haddn, foolish ; slow, lazy. 
C^lcUt haddnatf peace, tranquillity. 
bIJJb haddt/d, gift, presents. 
ci^jU* hiddyat, a guide, direction 

to the right way. 
%j>6Jb hadab, impotent, slow. 
IjdJb hadbd, having long eye-brows 

or lashes. 
oJJt haddat, the noise of any thing 

^J^t^b hadfdn, going in a tremulous 

jtXA hadar, shedding blood, 
ojtAa* hadrat, base, worthless. 
y^da hads, a myrtle tree. 
»_sJ>A hadaf, a butt or mark for 

Cl^iJiA had/at, a crowd of people, 

l*tVft> hadnif ruin, destruction. 

y;L«JJ8> hadmdn, depriving one's self 
of a thing to bestow it upon 

(J>^tiJt hadmal, a torn garment. 

t_^ijA hadangf a white horse. 

^tXA hadic^ quiet, tranquillity. 

jjtXfti hadiid, plain ground, 

^jjjdA hadun, quiet, tranquillity. 

x<AJ& hadah, truth ; just, true. 

tAAJJi) hudhud, a lapwing. 

(^JkJt huddy direction to the right 

(j>jJ^ hadtyat, conduct, method, 

J.jjjb hadil, a pigeon, a dove. 

4^, J>Jt hadim^ a libidinous animal. 

JJfc had, hastening, accelerating ; 

ItVft hazd, this. 

f]Sit> hazd, putting an enemy to 
flight ; perishing with cold. 

jlJJb hadddz, cutting quickly ; read- 
ing fast. 

i.fX Jlifc hazdztk, take care ; re- 
frain from. 

j\fi,ib hazzdvf delirious, mad. 

I jlJJb hazzd/, quick, making haste. 

4'J.A hazam, sharp (sword). 

i_9J^ft hazab, cutting, cleaning, puri* 

fying, flowing. 
jSib hazar, delirium, insanity; lo- 

^^^JJ<^lt> hazarbdn, active in service. 

jyjjb hazlul, a little hill, hillock. 

(j>jl/«ciA hazmalat, going with short 

Jb har, every, all, every one. 

ItJb hardf speaking indecently. 

[ 218 ] 

e?|;J»> hirat, the capital city of Kho- 

^]jib harrdf, a horse runiiinjj fast. 
i,,^^La hardjaty crowd of people, 

speaking^ confusedly all together. 
i^Uit hards, a kind of thorny tree j 

a voracious lion. 
if^KHi hirds, terror, fear, dread. 
^j,l.«„I^A hirdsdn, fearing, dreading, 
8>M.]j!b hirdsa/i, terror, fear, 
^^<ix*^l,Jb hirdsidan^ to fear, dread, 
i)il.a hards/i, a vomit; vomiting. 
^^(Xx^jH> hardshidan, to vomit. 
cLjs) h(tra, a tremulous but quick 

ij:^ic\jb hardilat, mean, wortliless. 
AsrMyjj) hardwJiah. whatsoever. 
iXiLJb haranki, whosoever. 
ijj]jii> hardk, fear. 

Ajb hirdm, the pyramids of Egypt. 
^^^Lfc hardmis^ a young j)antlier. 
J.j,/«Lft> hardmilj falling off, shedding 

J^'j.ft> hardival, the front of an army. 
aLLa hardy'uiah, certainly, surely. 
»_j.A /iflri, flight, defeat. 
\Z^^J^^ harbdb, every chapter, every 

•Ijyfe liarhdz, every time. 
^jjl.<^ hirhdn, flying, flight, 
dj^a liarbad, a priest ot the worship- 
pers of fiic, 
iXijUi harbaz, a priest of the temple 

of fire. 
^yt> liarba, an active thief; a wolf. 
ioj^ hirbah, a chameleon, 
ejyt hirrat, a she-cat. [truth. 

j^S^A hartuz, truth, speaking the 
^j^ harj, anarchy, tumult. 
^»^ft| harjd, everywiiere. 
«A>a-;A luirchayid, how much soever, 
L/***?^ ^^(irfins, every kind. 
^^'*^^/* f^'^i'jomarj J anarchy, con- 


*d.j.fc hnrchibf whatever. 

.iyb ha7'd, turmeric. 

»dr^ /lardo, both. — 

^rib hart, dyed with the root of 

•j»jjib harroz, daily, every day. 

i:*)yib harroxah, duily. 

s.t.* harzah. absurd, inconsistent. 

^•^Z i/* Aar^'/Z/g-a/'t//, vagrancy. 

yi%;,ii harzahgo, an idle prattler. 

^^Sbjii harlias, a contusion, a severe 

y*-j^ harsu, every side. 

(jcjib hfirSy ihe scab. 

dj.^^S) harsurat, every manner. 

)ojSi Itarty slandering ; tearing. 

Jlia^.A hartal, long, tall. 

1 — j;.A liiirf, praising ; adulation. 

^yij^ harqttl^ a sieve ; scarce, 

6 lit* haikdrah. a kettle; au atten- 

j,?'^a> hargiZy never ; ever. 

dJiyb hargalahy a herd of horses. 

Ajib hariin, a decrepit old man ; the 
mind, understanding; purslain. 

^l^fc hurmdsj a guide; an evil 

^l./*^ hanndn, a long life. 

^^A harmttz, name of a king of Per- 

dyfH harnutzd, Hurmoozd, the name 
of a king. 

{^j*"*j^ harmaSy Hermes Trismegis- 

»./«.* /<ar?Hfi, agility, swiftness ; easily 
made to cry. 

^^^^J^ harnti, decrepit ; dry wood. 

^^xy«jSti hurmisy a fierce lion; a rhi- 
nocero!« ; a buffalo. 

o^i.A harnut, a certain tree pro- 
ducing grains smaller than pep- 

tiJj;.A haruk, a kind of mulberry. 

J^A hurwal, vanguard. 

[ 219 ] 

^j^ haram, malignant, bad woman. 

oiyfc harratj an owl. 

J^ioyb harhar, a foolish laugh ; much 

j^y» liarliar, the murmuring of run- 
ning water. 

\jL^ajbj!b harhaft^ a narcissus ; adorn- 
ed, dressed. 

jij9> harir, a doer, maker. 

^^j^^j^ haris, bruised, crushed. 

tj-ijS) harira/i, the city of Hirat. 

yib hiz, loose, flaccid ; tribute. 

.1^ hazdr, a thousand. 

Ij.l^ hazdrpdf a millipede. 

lu^^Jjx hazcirchashmuh^ a cancer, a 
mortal disease. 

Kj'J^'f^ hazdri, what relates to a 

jK-fc hazzdr^ wagtail, a bird. 

^1)A hazdiiiaj. a continued soun<I. 

jjyb hazbar, a lion. 

ejyfc hitzaf, setting (star ;) alacrity. 

jty^sJb hazum, plains, low ground. 

^^A liazim^ injured, oppressed j 
soft ; subtile. 

U^^AX^aJb hazimat^ injury, oppression, 
Jaib liatar, striking, killing. 

jflaJb hafaq, a quick pace. 

JiaJb /iataf, shower following show- 
er ; weeping. 

SJi^AA haft, falling; being dispersed. 

OAA /ioft, seven. 

jUaa /lu/fdd, seventy. 

li^lsut haftdah. the seventieth. 

^JbjAft haflduhum, seventeen. 

l«jUAft haftddum^ the seventeenth. 

tX»aifli& haftsadf seven hundred. 

-lift haftum, the seventh. 

AiflJt liaftah, a week. 

^<\Bjt ^afda/tum^ the seventeenth, 

u^Afti liuqab, amplitude, largeness. 

lEfl^ haqratf a disease among sheep. 

lilc^AA haft uqlim, "1 the seven 
iS\j^iiJL haft ffiahwaj'fj climates 

kftA haqatf SM'iftness, quickness. 
Jwaa haqal, hungry, starved, 
yS.^ haqUf delirious. 
jyaJb haqaur, long, large-sized. 
c^aA haqug/i, languid, extenuated 

from disease or hunger. 
(-IIa kak, full; hail. 
lLaa AaAf, falling down ; subduing. 
u..*^ hakah, derision ; ridiculer. 
IJXa hakazdf in this manner, 
c^^ /ioArz^, reposing, taking rest. 
\Jj^ /lakuk, impudent, shameful. 
i(.n> liakkah^ hiccuj). 
i,fJlx^A hakik, labouring in mind ; 

J.A hally indeed ; aye, yes ; whether 

or not. 
<Jjb liul, come then, come along. 
Jjb fial, the side under the arm. 
^tA halldb, windy and rainy day. 
j.'!U> halldhiq, gluttonous; a wolf, 
— Xa haldf, cotton. 
^^^JU» haldjin, a swing or see-saw. 
^^ta) hulas, a consumption, decay. 
*^1Uj> haldsham, any thing ugly and 


^A*Jb humdi, Horaae, a queen of 

Persia. [nion. 

Ax*^ hambdz, association, a compa- 

^JL^j^ hum pahaluj an equal, peer ; 

partner, spouse. 
KuA hamtdf equal, resembling. 
v^juA hamtuk, a fellow truveller. 
(lys*^ hamjaivdr, neighbouring, a 
jkXs:^ humchunitiy in this manner, 
^j5jAi) hanichu, like, thus, such. 
Jlsr^ huijihdl, a companion. 
ci^^tXs:-*^ hamkfiidmat, a fellow-ser- 
Aj'^A.jn hamkhwdbahy a bed-fellow, 
^^iw^ hamkhoe, of the same dispo- 
sition or habit. 

[ 220 ] 

«>*< hamd^ the being distingnisbed. 

^IJu»Ij^ hamddstdn, a contented per- 
son ; a confident. 

yjW^ hamaddn, name of a city and 
territory in Persia. 

JfcU^ harndil^ unanimously. 

/»t>A^ /lamdanif an intimate friend, 

UjtA*^ hamdigaVy botii, each. 

^yiS*^ hamdtwdr, a neighbour, having 
the same wall. 

o'tUx hamzdty co-existent, consub- 

^JIJa^ hamzdtiy loquacious. 

j^ humar, thick, gross. 

j^j^^ hamraZt a confident, an intimate 

%\;*i hamrdh, a fellow-traveller ; with, 
along with, 

^^x]/^x hinirdht, society on the road. 

o^«Ji> hamrat, one shower. 

J-^j^x hamrajaly swift ; a swift 

AlAy*^ hamrashtak, commotion, tu- 

fjo^j^ hamraqqds, dancing toge- 

t-^j^ hamrang^ of the same colour. 

*»-»* hamrau.^ ^ ,, ^ ,, 
•'■^ ^ , , ?• a fellow-traveller. 

%jA-^ namrafif J 

jA^ liamZy piercing, biting. 

d]yAA liamzdd, born together, twins. 

yl^A^ hamzdiiUf knee to knee, a com- 

^/;*x li(tmzahdn, one of the same 

^•\,«»*^ hamsdz, unanimous; a friend. 

y^^y^^x hdvnsdya^iy neighbourhood. 

a}1*i»*^ liamsdyah, a neighbour. 

^yy*^Kl,^ hamsubaq, a school-fellow. 

yt*^ hamsir, of the same head, an 

Xj^-rtiLA^ hamsafrah, sitting at the 
same table. 

te^i>-M»A^ fiamsangj of the same weight. 

^u.^^ hamashtah, the noise of lo- 
custs, &c. 

t_j)^A^ hamshardb, a pot-companion. 

Jsii.4iJb liamsliikam, uterine (brothers 
of tiie satne mother). 

i^^^*i hamshoe, wives of one hus- 
band, [man. 

yji»*^ hamshi, a noisy talkative wo- 

yjk-Su^ hamshUy a uterine foster bro- 

tjy'^^x hamslnrahj a sister. 

c^xs^^*^^ hamsu/ibai, an associate. 

y^lix*^ hammdfi, riding along side by 

jL^f hamahad, coeval, contempo- 

^^j hamaq, foolish, confused, 

_.j1*^ hamgada/i, a pot-com{)anion. 

j^tU^ hindi, any thing belonging to 

jjji*^x fMuarparwar, an encoarager 

of science. 
j'\ hu7iar, virtue, science, art. 

i-M^yj^x^ hunarpeshahf virtuous, learn- 
ed, skilful. 

tixycS^ hunarmand, an artist. 

»i^ h(ma, the natural bend of the 

fjj>x hanaq, affliction, misery. 

L-^iA hang, the understanding, wis- 
j^isb hangar y haste, speed. 

J€.'xib hangdni^ time, hour, period. 

d-jo^Si hangdmahj an assembly, dis- 
turbance, noise, riot. 
.«l^iji> hangdtnij temporal. 

e^a^ift hangafty thick, coarse. 

«2^iA hanud, Hindus. 
jyiJb hanoz, yet, still, hitherto. 

Axft hanah, is it not ? whether. 

^__jiA hani, light, digestible, whole- 

^Uaa hauydr, consort, spouse, part- 

[ 221 ] 

•xiA hatitr, is it not yet ? 

yt hOf the moon, a cloud, a fog. 

♦A htiy the name of God, Jehovah, 
lyt hawd, air, atmosphere, ether, 
the wind. 

^^Aj'^A Artif^d o /m7fa5, 1 lust, 
JlwAJ^Iyfe haivdi uafadjii, J concu- 

c:^~»^;I^A hawdparast, vain, a sensu- 

i^«»a.lyi» hawdjis, thoughts, carnal 

)i)^I^fti hawdkhtudh, a well-wisher, a 

»ljlyb haivdddr^ airy ; a lover. 

oi3lj.A hawddat, quiet, peace, tran- 

j^,3l^* hawddij\ litters. 

i^j^jx hawdriy unseasonable, ill- 

»3j';^ hawdzad, the spring force. 

v_r;|^ /imvdzi, an audience cham- 

1^1^ hawdSf libidinous, lustful. 

^jjcAa**.'^ hawdsidan^ to convene, to 

UtXJu^lj^ hawdsidah, having pale lips. 

»s|^ haJvdcLj an Arabian month. 

,j-*/l^^ haivdlisy light of body. 

^.^1^ hawdlife, perishing, subject 
to decay. 

A^ /latvdni, reptiles, serpents, in- 

(jojVj^^ hatvdmularz, the reptiles 
of the earth. 

^jLu^it^Jj^ hmvdmzarar-rasdn, nox- 
ious reptiles. 

«l*l^ hatudmaq, flowing tears. 

^J>I^^ Aart'an, a mortar; contemptible. 

^^1.^ haivdhi, follies, trifles. 

jjpl^ hawdi, airy, idle, vain. 

v/t ^^^9 distance. 

jjji huhar, a very hairy ape. 

s,j^ huburahf a bustard, an owl. 

«^^ haufi tallness, haste. 

-f-jx hokh, the temple of Jerusalem. 

J.^.^ haufal, swift, quick. 

^^J^^!^^x hukhtan, to draw out, to un- 

J.* hudy repenting, returning to 
one's duty. 

9;-«3yA haudajf a litter carried by 

jd^ hatidar, ugly, ill-favoured, the 

pjiyft /laiidda, an ostrich. 

xjiyA haudahf truth, true, just. 

.J.A //rtwr, throwing down. 

^^A liur, the sun, moon. 

cy,^J5> hicrat, suspicion, destruction. 

^^i..^j& hiirak/ish, the sun. 

c«yj> huraa, a light, forward woman. 

:^A /ms;, creatures, men. 

ijSb hor, the sun, the moon, a cloud. 

Jh^ hauzdn, a narcissus in bloom. 

u->^yb hauzab, a vulture. 

1^^ liawas^ desire, lust, ambition. 

j^.Kj^y^ hatvasbdz, indulging inclina. 

u-/li*y^jb hawasndgf ambitious, vain, 

^j^j^ hatvaspan, a concubine. 

(^^A hos/i^ understanding, intellect, 
the mind, the soul. 

tiyi) hos/id, idle, lazy, slow. 

tkift-iyb hoshmand, prudent, wise. 

y_S'tiy/>Myiti hos/nnaiidi, understanding, 

IjJu^A hoshydr^ wise, cautious, pru- 

^^.U^i^fe /loshi/dri, prudence, cau- 

t^^yb hoshang, name of the se- 
cond King of Persia. 

^jjjjjtyfc Iwshidan, to die. 

cy& /jaud, any thing plentiful, 

t-Ji^A /^au/, a hot wind. 

ilS^ft) liuqdr^VL heron. 

[ 222 ] 

vlJ^A hauk^ digging. 

Jyb haul, fi'iglit, t<?rror, dread. 

Jyb AoZ, high, lofty, eminent. 

S^-te hattld, these. 

c*JUIyfc haulnak, terrible, dreadful. 

^jyi> haitn, smooth, easy, quiet. 

yb^Jb /m^w, an owl, a dove. 

Ijijyjb huivaiddf clear, evident, open. 
jiy^ havir, one who hopes. 

jiyA haviZf a large corn sack. 

i^j^iyfn havis, thought, sentiment. 

Ajy^A haviah, shoulder, help, aid. 
A hai, she. 

j\.iJt> haii/dr, fallen down, ruined. 

k-JU* ha\ydf, violent thirst. 

JiUft haiydkalf temples, palaces, 
grants, forms. 

^jjJjJUa haiydlidan^ to let fall, to 

*\jjt haiydm, distracted with love. 

c:^wJi> haihat, fear, timidity. 

c>i* AfliV, low ground, 

jjjUjji) haitdn, false, untrue. 

ci^A //a?s, motion. 

J0.AJJII haij^ a battle, combat, 
xte hech, nothing, somewhat. 

Ks^^ haijd, war, a battle. 

^jj^sri*' haijdn, vehemence, force. 

»jl^aei^ hechkdrah. unfit for business. 

l>*/-;:s:^* liechkas^ somebody. 

t^yt;^:^ hechgunah, in any form or 

^ItX^si^ hechmadduj perfectly igno- 

tUa> /jerf, a willow. 

ijjIJife heddn, timid, covetous. 

^jjjfc he^am, quick, swift. 
jxx hir, the north wind. 

Jj^jjb herabd, the priest of a tem- 

o^i* herat, plain, smooth ground. 

Cjjjfc herq, pusillanimous, mean in 

^jj^ herak, a kid, a young camel. 

6\M>j\!b hermand, humble, obedient. 

^yxs> hezam, timber, firewood. 

^^i^yikA hezamkash, a woodman. 

^^i^aa hez(m, a beam, a joist. 

(^iJb hais, violence, force. 

1.^aA haisd, a crowd, multitude. 

A^yjb haizd, the choleara morbus, a 
flux and vomit. 

^A /laity calling. 

i—ajj* half, excessive thirst. [pl^. 

(J^xa haikal, a figure, image, tem- 

ijx3> hail, great affluence. 

^H\ft haifd], grief, affliction. 

"iyxx hayuld, matter, the first princi- 
ple of every thing material. 
'i'^yXA hayiildni, material. 

v^lyxA haihdt, begone, away. 

\^yiti halt, aspect, countenance. 


\^ yd, the twenty-eighth and last 
letter of the Arabic Alphabet, and 
twenty-fourth and last of the 
Persian. In arithmetic it expres- 
ses ten, and in the Almanacs it is 
the character for Jupiter and the 
sign Aquarius. 

b yd. Oh ! ah! or, either. 

Alllb yd Alldh, oh God. 
c-jb ydla, the preterite and par- 
ticiple of ^J^i^i to find, 
b^ ydb, finding. 

^j»^}-i ydbis, dry. "- 

»j>jijL; ydbandah, a finder, a gainer. 
y\i ydbu, a pony, 
>^ys^^, ydjuj, running up and down, 

* Gog,' ^ 

^^^U—^a^lj ydjdj mdjuj, Gog and 

^ai.b ydkhtan, to draw a sword, to 

stroke, to throw. 
AA^b ydkhtah, drawn. 

[ 223 ] 

iU yad, memory, recollection. 

^^tyxi]dV>i/dddmadan, to come to mind, 
to conceive. 

^t)dj^)cU j/dddwardan, to call to mind, 
to recollect. 

^_jl^lj ydddiuariy remembrance. 

^jjjyjtjb yddbudan^ to remain fixed 
in the memory. 

^j;i>l«3jb ydddddan, to remind, to put 
in mind. 

L£^li3«3^ yddddshty a memorandum, 

^JiJS^^i^i yddddshtaUf to remember. 

jj;,3^ijlj yddkardan^ to get by heart. 

^jXiA^^i yddgiriftarit to remember, 

to learn 
J^d^^yddgdr^ a monument, keepsake. 

c5*;l^«3^ yddgdri, remembrance. 

U ydr, a friend, lover, assistant. 

1;^ ydrd, a friend j boldness, force. 

yjj) .b ydrdrij friends, companions. 

AiKb ydrdnah, in a friendly way. 

^IM y^^'^h help, remedy. 

t-jjlj ydrab, oh Lord ! oh God. 

i^^'^ ydrbdz, a wanton woman, a 

kSj^J^, ydrbdzi, fornication. 

if^jM ydrras, aid, help, assistance, 

^J^J^ ydristarif to be able. 

^j*;^ ydrish, friendship, love. 
J^J^. ydrighdrf an intimate friend, 

^ejo ydrghUf strife, contention. 

^•^Jtr*/^ V^^ /(i^oshi, praise, ap- 
** plause. 

O;^ yO'i">'aqy a bracelet, 

^^i ydraki a little friend, the mem- 
brane that encloses a foetus. 

\^J^ y^^Sh power, strength, abili- 

^V^ ydrtcai, a wound. 

t^i^^ ydrmandy a friend, assistant. 

*^^j^ydr ndmah, good action, fame, 

%/i ydrah, power, a glove, gauntlet. 

<s/i yari, friendship, assistance. 

jb ydz, a countryman, a peasant, 
yawning, growing. 

*^'^ ydzbahf a pickle. 

Ti^Ji ydzdah, eleven. 

n'^f'i ydzdaham, the eleventh. 

\^j^i ydzashj gaping, yawning, de- 

Pj^ ydza, prohibiting, averting. 

*'J^'^i ydzindah, desirous, wilful. 

%j\j ydzahj yawning, stretching, 

yjtijjU ydzidarif to yawn, to stretch 
out the arms, to wish, to desire, to 

»jb ydzhahy foolish words, vain. 

lyXi yds^ despair, hopelessness, fear. 

KmX^ ydsd, a royal mandate. 

^Lub ydsaq^ explanation, investiga- 

^«>\i ydsdn^ fit, proper, worthy. 

^«.b ydsaj, a pointed arrow, 
^b ydsir, soft, easy, smooth, hu- 
mane, kind. 

jj^x«^b ydsamin, jasmine. 

AiA-b ydsah, law, regulation, desire. 

y2,b ydsh, a kind of jasper. 

AM.b ydshahf a foolish, useless fellow. 

duib ydghmah, prey, plunder. 

CU*b ydfaty Japhet, son of Noah. 

ci^b ydft, he found, income, earn- 

^lib ydftaiif to find, to obtain, to 

Alib ydftdhy found, discovered, 

yb ydfir, a dancer. 

«ib ya/a, a young man or woman. 

^yb ydfukhf the crown of the 

^y'^. ydfuf, timid, fearful, old 
corn, active, quick. 

Aib ydfah, a foolish speech, mis- 

4^l^jLib ydfahddriy an idle talker. 

[ 224 ] 

eyl^ ydqietj a ruby, a precious 

j^^lcyyib yaquti ahmar^ a red gem, 

a ruby, 
^li-tiyy^j yaquthhanii the lip of a 

jjjlooy*^ yaqutrawan, pear, red wine. 
Oj-x^o^Vi yaqut kabud, a blue gem. 
^j^xSb ydqin, near, nigh to, certain. 
Jlj ya/, a horse's mane, the neck. 
iJb ydlaghi a cup made of horn. 
t>iJU ydlmand, a father of many 

iSjJli yalud, the sea-shore. 
*Jlj ydlah, a cow's horn. 
iS.iJb ydlait, I wish, would that. 
J^jJO ydlailj the name of an idol. 

t *. ^^^*' la post horse. 
*^\j yamali, J 

^^ ydman^ happy, fortunate. 
j/i ydwar, an assistant, coadjutor. 

^jlj ydwarif assistance, victory. 

ifl ydwah, vain, foolish, absurd. 

jjfc'j ?/d/m, Jehovah ; adieu. 

.JoUj ebdbgar, a destroyer, a 

^jjUj eZxzw, a desert, a forest, 

^;jH ebruj, mandragora, also <r}j^i' 

^j**Jii ebas, withered, dry, produc- 
ing nothing. 

^y^» ^^H)\ name of a tree. 

\ji^t»>jM yubusat, dryness, aridity. 

^c/«Uj yafdmi, orphans. 

Ai yatam, lazy, indolent. 
•Ua^ yatrndn, under age, a minor. 

f^i yatammam^ the conclusion or 

- addition to a prayer. 

^vxj yatim, an orphan, a pupil, 

&i\^>xji^ yatimkhdnah, the residence 
of robbers or thieves. 

^Ij«5(^i ycLtimdaryd, a large pearl. 

c^^ yashrab, Medina, 

ij^Xxi eslaSf fixed, firm, solid. 

^si yahydhf Saint John the Bap- 
<i>i y(^^h, ice. 

^Itto^ji yakhbastan, to freeze. 
Aaj-si yakhchah, hail, a hail-stone, 
^^si yak/mi, gravy, sauce, stew. 
jjsi yak/mr, frozen, 
aj yad, the hand ; power. 
LL}(Xi yadak, a led horse. 
^ti>i yadt, possessing, possessory. 
\jl era, because, 

'^jl erda, the moon ; candle ; rod. 
'o\ji^ erdgh, a meeting, assembly. 
i^c^ji erdghah, a reed for writing, 
jjl/i y(i^^9i arms, weapons. 
pyj/i y(i^'^4i ^ species of mole with 

long hind legs. 
JUij^ yai'ghamdl, a hostage, 
^i yO'^S^i'^} forbidden, quarrel, dis- 
ni^'ji ycirqdn, paleness ; the king's 

evil. [ploma. 

^Iji yarligh, a royal mandate, a di- 
.^,j yarmar, expectation, hope. 
^jl yarmq, small shining white 

jUxj^ yarmaghdn^ curiosity, rare 

things brought ftora afar as a 

present to a great man. 
(y^yi yo.rmaq, money. 
y^iji yarni, a whore ; a heap of 
~ sand. 

Fj>ji yo-ru, fear, trepidation. 
^^*ti eruriy brain of an elephant. 
Mi^^ji ydzddji, God ; omnipotence, 
LS^'«J>d yazddnif divine ; proceeding 
** from God. 
tXJijJ yazghand, name of a tree ; a 

hunting dog, 
^ji ezakf the commander of the 

night guard or watch. 
*]j.i ezlah^ hurt, detriment. 
^iji yazidf the name of three kha- 

liphs of the house of Oraeiya. 

[ 225 ] 

^j>*i ya9, walking, proceeding, 

.loo yasdr, left, the left side, plenty. 

ejjLuJ yasdrat, prosperity, happiness. 

^Uuj yasdq, service, the left hand, 
in company. 

Jlao yasdl, a garland of flowers. 

J^l*u> yasdivalj horseman attendant 
on a man of rank. 

Sitf^Aiuj yasafi, jasper. 

wilJUfti estah, a disproportionate 

j_jyi^ estavi, equality. 

.M»j yasar, facility, levity, soft- 

c?L*u^ yasardt, nimble in the feet. 

\^j»>^^ yasrif prosperous, fortunate. 

tJuuJ yasff a fly, a gnat. 

jyM yasur, a gamester. 
jXM>,i yastr, small, little, easy. 

yji.> esh, glad, rejoicing, 

w^uo yashabj jasper. 

j^ji-ij yashtan, to supplicate, to inter- 

(.^JlSu yashak, a lancet or similar in- 

tdj^ii^ eshkardahy a species of lute. 

*«o yashin, agate. 

*Aiio yashmahy raw white leather. 

•*j y«ar, a kid J name of a tree. 

w-j^x* yasiib, the king of the bee. 

ujySjo yqquby a male patridge ; 
James, Jacob. 

.^A*j ydmur, a kid, a lamb. 

^^_^i*^ yajzi, that is to say, videlicet. 

jj*i j^gMr, bleating much. 

(jT^i yaw^, name of an idol. 

i_j^i*i ydyiibf a king. 

JUj ya^hld, a frying pan. 

^yfUAj eg^mdi, a plundert-r, ravisher. 

iUij eg/mdg/i, an embroidered cap. 

i*;^i<-iy<iShiin, any creeping plant. 

laoj y^9», circumspect, wakeful, 

Ci»*^5iya9g;a^,a night watch, a sentry. 

^3^^ yaqaq, cotton. 

^ijH yagn, surprised, confounded. 

(^i*i 2/a7"t> ceKtainly. 

eA*'''<i/i*i yaqinddshtan, to be as- 

^"^'"j'^Lj'^i y^qindurusf, true belief. 

^i-ift^ yaqint^ certain, unquestion- 

••^i e/t, one, once. 

ej'^J eA:a;?, one single. 

jUil^^ ekanddz, of one standard, 

j^^l^ yagdnagij singularity, unity. 

aISj yagdnahy one, sole, unique ; a 
friend. [dred. 

C^^Ji^i yagdniyat, solitariness, kin- 

<£jljb^j ekdek, one by one, suddenly. 

jViSi ekbdr^ once, one time. 

^U<j ekhdrgi, at once, wholly, 

" universally. 

vjj^jk^j ckbargy better, best. 

, ,xX) ekban, sweet basil. 

*^U0 ekpdrah, solid ; one piece. 

,_5.jja<i ekpandi, goodness, victory. 

\jjii ektd, single, simple 

jjt*-^^i^j ektdizamdn, unique. 

Isr^ ekjd, in one place, together 

^tM^^'jSi ekchashm, one-eyed. 

e.i,iJi\SXi ekshambah, Sunday. 

diA-kifJl^ ekchaiuL somewhat. 

C„^\^i ekjiliaty of one accord. 
'x^sL^ ekjihatif unanimity, con- 

" cord. 

4ild<j ekddnah, a pearl ; a string of 

C^f^i ekdast, entire, whole. 

Ay<.U.C-*«iJ^i ekdastjdmahy a complete 

^Jjii ekdigar, one another. 

Ja£ ekdil, unanimous, uniform, 
with one accord. 

4Jio ekdam, one moment, one 

Si<^^, ekdigar, one another. 

y^ly^ ehrdn, a light boy. 

[ 226 ] 

i^j^ ekrash, a mixture ; horse of a 

mixed breed. 
ilSij^^ ekrangy of one colour ; sin- 
cere, innocent. 
j^<i^<ji ekrafigij a friend, assistant. 
y^^j^ ekruif unanimously, of Qne 

^iii ekrah, by one way, at once. 
^Ij^ ekzabdrif with one voice ; 

»j)^ ekzadah, by ©ne rule, in one 

yj^y^^ ekzamiin, contemporary. 
(i»cla»^ eksdat, momentary, one 

hour's duration. 
«JUX eksdlah, of one year, one year 

^j,U^Xj| eksdri, alike, equal, the same, 
^^6 eksar, all, generally. 
y*>Jj eksti, one side. 
j)y***i^ eksawdr, a single horseman. 
ijXiuii^ ekshambah, Sunday. 
Ja^ yakqalam, together, at one 

v^Xj ekaki * lake, a pool. 
AJ^^i^lAj ekgiinahy of one colour, 

C-3B^ eklaljihtf of one key, most 

y.i>i eklii, single, simple (thread.) 
J^ ekam, the first. 
jAJ^i eknafar, one man, a certain 

^jjj^ ekun, of one, third. 
A<i c/ta/i, one, singular, unique. 
j)^kij ekhsawaVf a single cavalier. 
^J-i eki^ one, somebody. 
J^tiAiCj ehidan^ to becou)e one. 
J^i yal^ a hero. 

Xj ya/a, name of a certain king, 
fH. yaldgh, any thing white. 
^^i eldmq, shining thing as armour. 
ys)ti yaldn, heroes, warriors, 
c-^^i c/a6, a shield, helmet. 

tjXi elbah, a coat of mail of iron 

rings. [ter. 

ItXl* yaldd, the longest night of win- 
(jJj^ij eldak, milk and water. 
^iL elghnz, the rind of a poppy. 
J|Jb elaq, white, clear. 
^^iL yalkan, the machine used for 

throwing stones and darts. 
fXi yalam, glue, *' 

UJb yalmd, a thing of great bulk, but 

j^-Uj yalmaq, a kind of cloak. 
^iji^ elmahrish, a long beard. 
c-5-Jii slug, a hero, a warrior. 
t^fjJb e/m, a woodcock ; a rail. 
^yi} elim, glue, isinglass. 
*j yam, meat, food, forage, 
♦i cmm, sea, the ocean. 
J^i emdm, a turtle dove, a wood- 
jt^Uj emdmt, before me. 
J^iU^ yamdni, produce of Yaman. 
«5;^4j yamrudj the tender shoot of a 

^«*,6j yamsu, gunpowder. 
^jit^^yaman, felicity; Arabia Felix, 
j^ eman, death, 
^ioj yamnti the right side. 
^^Jjuj yamirif an oath ; the right hand 

15^*5/^ ti/**^ yamz'w kardan, to take an 

oath, to swear. 
lijj«j eminan, to the right hand, 

^ijjAj yamtni, a cornelian. 
JJi eww, this. 

^^> endbia, fountains, springs. 
^>ii enpalu, a weekly market, 
^jjh^a:-^. enjashudan^ to curry a horse. 
*jff-V. enjah, a kind of play, with 

joined hands, 
jti^^i enrfi/, light, the sunshine. 
^ yrtwa, a species of cornelian 


[ 227 ] 

y&jj yanfur, flying in terror, timid. I ^^'!JIj.,j yawymlasnain, Monday, se- 
^^ySii yanqun, a kind of herb. ^ ^cond day. 

v^JliJ yanak, disposition, manner. ' ^aIUI^^ yaumalsahd, Tuesday, third 

Jo yanam, a species of herb 
yi yu, yoke ; one. 

t-sy. y^^> » ""ich carpet. 

Myi yubah, desirous, covetous. 

**^ yujah, a drop of water, blood, 

v»Jji^e yiidak, a little dog, a 
i^ yurishy an assault, storm. 

jyi yuz, a panther, a lynx ; jump. 

vsj^i^- y^^bduy the keeper of a pan- 

vfJU^ yuzbak. Tar tar y. 

jii:^ yuzghandy the voice of a 

*^^i yuzak^ a young panther. 

»;^ yuzah, a mendicant, a beggar. 

^doj^ yuztdan, to leap, spring, 

•>-a>*^ Fm^u/, Joseph, the patri- 

j)^ fc— suw^ yusuf rozy the sun. 

A**.^ yusa/i, a saw. 

Uj^SL^ yaumalarba, Wednesday, 

fourth day. 
^juiuAsHljyj yaumalkhamshi, Thurs- 
day, fifth day. 
i«As-')j»^ yaumaljumd, Friday, meet- 
ing day. 
]jyiu*i]t^ yaumalqshurd, the tenth 

day of the month. 
L^^jJ t«^ yaumanfiyoman, from day 

to day, de die in diem, daily. 
^^^i yaumi, 
Ax^^i yaumiah, 
tiji^^ yaumaiZy then, on that day. 
ttJ^ 2/Mn, colour, a shell, 
^^jy YM/idw, Jonia, Greece, the 
Greek nation from ^^yi the son 
I of Japhet. 

! >:)^M^ yundniydn^ Greeks. 
I ^ili^ yundni, Grecian, any thing 
j " Greek. 

\^y. y^fdghdy a small Turkish lat^^ 
with three strings. 

daily, every day. 

^^ yj^A'A, a witness, one who hears ; ^^j*^yi ^uwa*, Jonas. 

inquiring, searching. \i)'^y^x'^ij^<^j<^{j^yi yunasdardahdn 

y;JaA^ yushidan, to hear, to listen. m'dhis hiidan, at tlie end of the 

hyi. yugh^ a yoke for oxen. I day, the appearance of the night. 

sDyi yiikj, a house bnilt on a ' ,^^^i yuneos, June. 

mountain. j ^^jyi yutvas, desponding, despair- 

^J^yi yugdn, the matrix, or womb. 
.j-^^yi yulis, July. 
fiy> yaum, day, a battle. 
jcXnJL^ yaumalbadr, 1 a battle famous 
j^y^.fyi yaumbadr, J in Arabia gain- 
ed by Muhammad. 
iXa.S)|»^ yaumalahud, Sunday, first 

}}i yuhy xestrel, an inferior kind of 

dyi(i Yahud, Hebrew, a Jew ; Judui- 

*-f«5^ Yahudi, ^Judea, Juda- 
*i«5rti Yahudiyah,j ism, 
\i}^i yuhhdttf God. 





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