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Howard Ixclethorp 






vol. xxviii. 
Howard 1 nglethorp 



v. ^,<t 


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J.O.A. . 

. J. 0. AUIBL 

0.0. ... 

. OoMMif Oooovn. 


. B. E. AnnMON. 

A.O. ... 

. Tm R», Auumiia Ooudoh 

W.A. J.A. tr. A. J. AiusBoui. 

B. E. 0. . 

. R. E. Qwkrm. 

Q. r. B. B. 0. F. RcMKU. BuoB. 

W. A. 0.. 

. w. A. GsEwniiLL, nr 1>. 

B.B. ... 

. Tb> Kn. RaoMLD Binn. 

F. H. O. . 

. F. 11. OaooMS. 

T. B. ... 

. TnoMMBjiinit. 

J. C. H. . 

. J. CimiHur Haddsn. 

O. T. a . 

. O. T, BanxxT. 

J.A.H. . 

. J. A. UuHLtORI. 

JLtB. . 

. A. C BicEun. 

W. i. H-T. W. J. a*MI>T. 

BLU.a . 

. THa utn Bbt. E R. Bucub. 

T. p. a. . 

. T. F. HuHOUHcm. 

0. C. B. . 

. Q. C. Bom 

T. H-K. . 

. Tuoxu lloraxu, D.GX. 


. 0. 8. Bocun. 

A. 3L U.. 

K. T. B. . 

. MmBuouf. 

W.H. .. 

. Tn tUf . WiuuM Utnrr. 

A-RH. . 

. THa R>v. A. ft. Dvcsi^iKD. 

A.ll. IL. 

. A. H. Hvn. 

A.B. 8.. 

. A. H. Bviun. 

H. I. ... 

. E|i>LcxnnB ImnjniT. 


. H. UAiniiBt CmcBMnnt. 

A. I. ... . 

. AuLARDKB lasujni. 

10. ... 

, Tboxmv Coornt. P.SJi. 

B.D.J. . 

. B. D. Jicuov. 


. W, P. Commm. 


. Th* Rn. R. Jwtnn Jovh. 


. f^ill,"* CKniHITOH. St.b. 

a. O.K.. 

. a. G. Kun. CLE. 


. Tarn Buicar oi Vwt»aauuma. 

C. K 

, C]i«KUii Km. 

O.BL.C. . 

. 0, SncKLn CrwifM. 

C. L. K. . 

. C. L. Kitacroiub 


. Ijmu. Cor. V£.A. 

J. K. . . . 

. Joaars Kswxr. 


Bo«B>t Dmtor. 

J.X.L. . 

. Pbommmk J. K. LtDogRwi, 

J. p. F. . 

. J. P. f rmwuu. 


, SiairvT Lm. 


C. a. Finn. 

W. B. L. . 

. Tn Rbt. W. U. LomuML 

J.O.F. . 

. J. 0. FirniuKKMIUL 

X.U. .. 

. AvMiMicuT, IJ.D. 

B-n. ... 

J. A. F. SL J. A. FcLLu UatTLum. 

J.T.O. . 

J. T. Otunt. PAA. 


. Ma* MunnxTOiv. 


. K. C. K. a«nH. 


. CoaW) UuxRHiWib 

Ti List of Writers. 


. KoBiuif Moou, M J>. 

B. F, B. , 

, B. FlBaUBABaDH Shisf. 




. Tm Bbv. 6, W. Spbott, D.D. 

7. B. H. . 

J. Bub MmxiNOSB. 

W. B. a . 

. W, Babcut Squibs. 

A. N. . . . 


L. 8. ... 

. LibubStkfhik. 

K. H. . . . 

, MiM Ein NOBO&TK. 

aw. 8.. 

. 0. W. SoTTOlt. 

F. M. OD 

F. M. ODoaooBDB. 

J. T-T. . . 

. Jamm Tar, Fellov of Pembroke 

a. Q. P. . 

. TsB Ait. Cahok Pbbbi. 

CoUsge, Oxford. 

E. J. B. . 

E. J. Bafsom. 

H. B. T. . 

. H. B. Tb>dbb. 


Tbm Bet. Williui Baimu., 


. D. LLEuns Thokab. 


T.F.T. . 

. PKomaOB T. F. Tonr. 


J. M. Bioo. 

E. V 

, Thi Bev. Cason Vkhahus. 

0. J. B. . 

Tsa Brt. C. J. BoBnnoH. 


. A. W. WiBi), Ua.D. 

W.R. .. 


F. W-T. . 

Fbancu Watt. 

L. 0. S. . 



, The Kit. Pbof. Bobibt Wiluahb. 

T. S. ... 

Tbohu Sbccokbi. 

W. W. . . 

Waewice Weoth, ¥MJL 







HOW. ISooHowB.] 

HOWARD, ANNE, lM,r (U75-lftl3>, 
lilcfof i^dirudlV. fSce under Ho W4KD, 
■Ak liiirJ Dints or No»kii.«,' 

at gb-AUd go 1>1 Not. ITdft, wu Men Mn 
of BmryUomRl (1713-1787) of Olotifop. 
' JnliajUH tteoad daoghtvr of Sir %^'iIluiEii 
-■—-MX, ban., of lAoUow, NotUi4[batD- 
Ilb &llii!r wu RTval-gnDilMii of 
tnuj PnrdTick. Mrl of Amiidel (1008- 
labtt'q r.i Uii17Jbii. irWIieWMelecUd 
P.iU4.;4iMl P.S.A.un jOFub. 18)1 On Ifl D«c 
i-" • LU«Md«d u twolflk Dakeof Nor- 
iind coiHtu, Cbulw, alerentli duke 
l-'nlike hU pmlaetMOis bo vru a 
mholjc. faul by Ml of parlitmont 
I 'M June IHSI, bn wm allowed to net 
I iwl-nunlutl. Ilu wiu ouido ■ oouncillar 
Tiaf llir aninnity of London in I82S, m» 
''■• a Mat IB th« IIouw of Ldnla, 
I :■ imu Utbolic Kvliuf QiU of ld«, 
F woai M tod a priyr oouBcillor 1830^ and 
I alMtod K.n. IftM. In parliaoiMt bu 
. jdOjaupjMiitodib'Iti.-formllill. He iliod 
' Nonblk lloniats Si, Jamua's S>iiiaK. Ixin* 
'&M, on 19 Marrli ISil'. and wu buriitl at 
Aniniliil. A. pwirail by Ptck-^rxgill bus lii«D 
^pniiraiMl b* MandM*. Norfolk married, on 
Apnl llttt, BlUabglh BoUuia, daugkttr 
' llaniy, aaiaud Mtrl of KBiiconbpni, nail hf 
v.wboan be <liTnrr>-d in ITtM, bad onr wo, 
OLmW, tbtrteniib duke of Norfolk 
,T.[ Ilia wifo aflerwarda renarried lU- 
, aari of Liwan, aod diod in ISIS. 

(OHUalxnrlal Baranan ; Butt*'* pMian; 
' M ll>t. iHi:t. L (IV ] W. A. J. .V. 

HOWARD. CA-rURKlNB, fifth owm 
of Ilanry VIII. ^Sm Catdhuxb, d. 1MS.1 


OP h>ri!(uitiM.HiKLo?NomsoiiAit(163&- 
lli^l), lord bjgli admiral, wu th« elJcat aon 
of WilliniH, BrM lonl llowatij of EffingbaiB 
(./. ]'>73)r<i.T.],lrrbt8*ec«ndwite,Maq[ant, 
iliuglitar of l^ir Tliomu Oamaga of Coil* in 
UtiuiinrgBii>bin> and of Uaiguot, daagUw 
of Hit John Ht. John of Itl«taM (Ootun^ v. 
IW). Hif JBiaid to liavcaarradatMaiiuar 
his fatbor during; lbi< riMj^ of (jiiei9ii Muj, 
Oil tbe ncuntiuu of Etmbetli bu atepped at 
once into a praiBiniKitpotiLion at court. His 
lii^h birib and eonBectioiM — the i[ueHii wba 
hia llrst couain uncu removed — are Mifficieut 
to aocooat fiir liiit «*rlv adranoement, erea 
wilbont (lio lud n( a IiaiidoonM porMin atid 
courtly Mtfoinplialiniunla I^Fvllmk, ff'urMMt 
t/ Ib^hnd, leea, Surrey, p. es). In IftAB 
uu <ma Mol. u unbaMador to Franoe to ccm. 
fratulate Fnnda U on bla aooeaMOo. In 
ibc parlijiuioni of 16(12 be repruewUnJ iho 
coanly of Suirev, and in IA09 waa gMivrftl 
of tbo hoiw, uaoer tha ICarl of Warwick, in 
(be lapjirwaiot) of the ruballion of tlio norib. 
In Ifi'o, wheal ihn yoimg nucun of S|iiun 
went from Flanden,UowKni wm appointed 
lo ootDnund a atrong aquadroo of Mtpa of 
wir, NominaUv aa a giord of konour for her 
thnwgh tbe nngliah aeaa, but really to pro- 
ride a^Bit tbo MMiibililT of the (itwaa'a 
vojwge being uauu a« tlio no»,k of nomi- act 
iif auniwwiiii (Caradnn io Ki;»!ieiT, Uittfiy 
t/Stflmd, ii.430; Cai.Stntf Pn/tr; Ikita.. 
L'9ai>d3t Auf[. andSUvt. iri7U). Hnkluyt 
add* that he 'environMl tb« Spaniah lioet la 
moet etnoge and warlike «ort, and eafonad 
tbaai to Moop gallant and to rail their boa- 
IMla far ibeqaaoD of En^and' (Prina'pat 
JWn^lJnaf, vol. i. Epaatla Ualicatona ad- 
divntKl to HowBTd). [t ia nuppoaad tbnl it 
wu at tliin time ibat Ilowaid wu bnii{bt«l. 
In the porliaoMnt of 1673 he wm agaiii 



knighl of tb** >liUi' for SunvT; luid ou the 
dVAth nf bii fntlinr, 29 Jan. \hl2-S. he *ar.- 
CDcdi'd OS oecoDcl I^rd Ilriwimlnf Klfincham. 
On a A|inl lu'l bu was iattolbd • laiighl 
of thv Oniti-r, and aboul ibo Minu time wu 
made loriJ cbualx-rlaiii of tlie lioiuehoM, a 
digniiy wliicli he lirf'l liil M»v Ki8-'., when 
bo TacAlw) it' on Wing ap|Hiin( •111 I»n1 nilniirnl 
of Kwland in mccivMnn lo Kdnnrd FiDimai 
da Clinton, uarl of Linc<iln [n. r. J, who died 
OB 16 Jan. 16&i-£. In UX1 Howiird van 
one of tlio commUtioDen appoiniMl for the 
trial of iinr/ Queen of Scots, and, tliougli not 
Actually prB^enc at ihc (rial, mwuis (o liave 
coodnctM ifoioir of ill" "xiuiiitintioiiH in I.nn- 
dwt, Aooordinifto Willinm t>nvtun< l.'>41 ^ 
1806) Jq. T.l, it won dui- to hii uphi'dI FEfirv- 
HBnl«tioiutt(iialElin>bi-t)ifianI1yiiiKm<d Mut'* 
dMth-wan&nt (NicoiJiHfZi/r o/7>an>iM,nii. 
SaS; SfiS, 3A1>. FriiDi Friday. 17 Nnv. lr^(. 
till (lis (oUowing Tue«dny cLgtit. Ilownril 
MiKirtunipd theqtiMin at hit hna»e atCli«'lite<L 
Pttgoanui wvre pcrfonnfid in Iwt lionouj, and 
in tbn'nioninit at tilt* whirh nbn «ritnr«d>cd 
'my Lord uf Embx and my Ivord i)f CiimbcT- 
land yrntv llii-cliii'f rhat rau'llliiiipdawdj 
to kb falLer. H Nov., Hut. M-SS. Camm. 
7th Rop. p. ^iO). 

In l}»C4>ijibeT l'>87 [lovrtrd rtennd ■ 
•pedal conunisiioin as ' lieul?niiiii>^nprB] 
ud oommBBder-in-cbitif of thv niiTV anal 
■RDv prepared tn th* ioaa a^net Smio,' 
and forthwith buiatvd hi* flaa on boara the 
Ark, a ihip of i-ight bundrtd ton*, irhieb, 
liaTiDg befrti built by lialegli oa a ptiTvie 
venture and afterwards sola to the qiiran, 
tevm» vn hav<r l>een called iti^iK'rvntly Ark 
Halcgh, Ark Ilovnl. nnd Ark ( Ehwabihi, 
Xift^/!a^A,i.r(3,lJ7). llnirnnrf ««cond 
in cemmand was Sir Fraocii I^nko ''q. r.1, 
whoKgraatef especienco ofwa aflaimtccurnl 
for bioa a rtij Urge than of authonty. hat 
Howard's oflida] correspondence tbrouffa tbu 

3nn^. nifluner, and autumn ot IGS^^^uucb 
it in bi* own hand— «liowi that the tv- 
t|Kin li hi lit V OS rommaad«^4D-cliief wa« veiiled 
in himaoU alone, ilfn council nf wnr, wliich 
he C04uult«d on rVRtr miuelion of mnmcnt. 
raD«iat«d of Sir Fmncu Ihukr. I.ard Tbomni 
Bowanl, Lord ShelEttld, Sir Hugpr WilliniD*, 
Hawkpu, Froblaer, and Thomaa Fi-udct i cf. 
blalett«r 1R June'). When loohing out for 
lliA approacb of tbo Sponitb fleet on A July, 
Howard dividodtboflnM in tot hnH> pnnx.him- 
•alf,a*coinmandcr^ti-cbief,afU>rpnwcriptiTe . 
naage, in mid-chiuinFl. ]>ni)coairU^iant,and ' 
HawhynBoff SoiUv.nccurdiog to their tankv 
In tbo aavorsl «nc4uiiten with tlie Spuniords 
off PlTmoirtb, off 8u Albwa's [lead, and off 
8t Oatberine**, Howard invariably acturl lu j 

Inadfir, tboiigh hi* collM^aa, and l)rake 
tnatn pBTlioiiMrly, w^n> allowod conHdnniblff 
licimsp. Tba dultrttninnlion to uoc the liro- 
shipa (ilFCahtia woa cnniu tu in a oouncU of 
war.itii-ludinfr — lM>idi'«tliaHiaIn»dy named, 
wiib ibf i>(ception of Williami, wbo had 
jivn>-il th^ EaA of Leiceaier on mm — Lord 
lli'nry Seyiuour. Sir William Wyi>t«r[q.v.i 
andinrllrnry Palnur [<). v.]; but tlv attocK 
on the San I^rraxo, when *tnuidnl oil' I'aktt, 
waa orrdefi-d and diroatcd by Howard in 
perwin, contmry, it would appear, t":! tbe 
' opinion of bia colleatfuea, Thm aaiion wa« 
wver^l^ oritidaed (cf. Fsocfs, xii. 41rt uad 
H'/tr^i II woji ur^od ibat tbe camman(ipr>4a- 
chi>-f(hoiildtbi'n hav<- bnoll,tatll«r,off'Omv»- 
lio■w.wherctlleonamy waa infivoe. But tbe 
incident aerve* to muk the indepeBd«mce of 
Howard, aa well b« I ho aeiiae of reanoBaibilit/ 
wbii-h ti-mpTTcd bio coil rnip'. Tliat laeprudent 
i«ctii-f'*ikipt«I tbroiiehoiii lbe*«rtierfaau]«« 
wvTo mainly Howards, wo kiiow.ontbirdirecc 
tt^timony of IUlti([b, who highly commetiJ* 
him ni 'Wti-r ni]rir«d tbon a i[T*at manv 
mali{{nant fuoU ireiv ibat found faolt witb 
his dtvmi-anosr. The Spaniardt had an army 
aboard tliea, and be had none ; thev baa 
more abi^ than he bad, and uf higb«r\(uild- 
iof and obar^g ; §o that bad hi> Miianglvd 
bimu-If with ihnae gr«at and powvrful va^ 
>rU. bi' hn'I grontlyandaiifttred thii kinfcdom 
of Kni^tand. . . . Hut our admiral kn«w I ' 
advantage and bold it ; wliieh bad he 
dons, ho hod not bvcn wortbv to liava ImIl 
bis head' <7/uforv of the U'arM, Book v. 
chap. i. wet. r\. vA. 1'^, ii. 6<Vi). In tb* 
last ireal bailie ofl'Omveline'i tbo cirdii of 
thn (wciNV ri'iiull nppeat« to be duo, iu vrr- 
bapa orjiial prnpnrtion, lo Scvmour ana to 
Ihtilci-. It i> ijuiii- prntible that tbey wen 
oarrriiiji out a plan pmrioualy agtved on, 
but Howard. Luvini* wailed on the r^in 
Loivnao, waa latw in coming into aoiioD. 
Neither be nor hia ootleacUM iiBdanMod till 
long afVerwarda th« fearfnl loumurtaiDed fajr 
thn Spaniard*. ' IVe hava cbnaed them in 
Rg-ht. Iin wmtc,'unlil this nvcmtng lacc,and 
dist.fpMii'd tbi^m miicli ; but their (lee* oob- 
siBtL-tb of migliiy Bhipa and great itrengtli. 
, . , TbeirfoTL-H in n-oii(lerfii1 great andatnw 
and yet ki- pluck theirfeailier* by little aM 
liItU' (tlowanl lo Waltiogham, 2S inljt 
Sfatf Piiff/i. Unm., ocxiii. W). On a» 
^r'lrlJ I I ')i.' ili-.'i to tbf iwuthward. rut 
ditiiji" r- 1.1 ill. leanvn fidl Mck, cIuitBt of 
nn Lii/i'ctii)u« fuvi-r of tbe nature of ly^Oi 
(Honard to lord tnaauier, 10 Aug., £tef« 
/lo^r*. Itoiu, CL-siT. l(fi; Howard (oiiiieaa, 
lloTfarii to ciiuticil, 23 Aug., State Rijieri, 
Doni. ccxv. 40,41). aggravated by ' " 
on putrid b«ef and tour boar. Many of i 



•iek w«re mhi wboc* »t Mamlv, wiMrra 
lUiM* mrv M) limiM* provitUd br ibvir r«- 
^erption; ftml it w*a ontr by Howard'* p«f- 
\ MmI •UKiod* tlul lodging nu footid for 
' ihnm in ' butu anil tvOt outhaunt*.' ' It 

would fpictc uty nun's licart,' lie vrrote, 

* to ive iIkiii tlut havu htvihI w vsliBntlj: 
Wi die «n nuMtsUj^.* Tin.- ciutr«ii d'-aiiinwl 
lotbtr FxpmMW tbia involvwl. HtiwaM W) 

I iliiailj jMidpan of the cost (rf miiintnining 
Wthm &Mt M Pljnnoutli, soomf ibui hn*k ii 
\ap in ■emnksM wiUi tl>ei]iiM«'»cnmmatid, 
Ifiai hb kvulftblo Beoiu, which wrtv not 
rnnnderinji liii high mnk, were ex* 
',htii»lM iOiJ.lltalt P^prrt. l>om.. 1» Jun»): 
Intt'I willnijr*«lfHlal(eMiliefacli>>nuwi>UM 

* awy/lir Mid tnnAirmcein tliii additional 
BtUj, ' to that lira Stnwiv hliiill iiot 1>« 

^trgwl witlul ' ( I-'koitdk. xit. -1.15-4). 

Duiinil tlin run inmcdiklxlv Mlowitifc 
ibt daatrvclMM cf the ' Inrtneible Anoitiln^ 
nmranl bad no eaiplojment at ae*. His 

S^ offic« ptvrmlM hi» (akintr pttit ia the 
t«MuroufcruiiinKtli«<ii in vogue [cf.Ctir- 
|KUi Ubomok, thitirEiRL or CrxnsKLAMij, 
[•Md no uqwditwD OQ ■ ivnle Urii'- *nou^ to 
rc»U for bi« tcrvicn wu >rt on toot, thoagh 
OB* lo Ibc eoMt of BriiUny viui propan-d in 
I ihn *pnn); nf 1501 ((W. Sfnfa j^/vn,1)am., 
ilSMarcli I 'Mil I. IlcwuBiL-uitinie'OccupiiHl 
with the ilrfence of the COUntrj aod iha »d- 
ainiitrntKiu 'if lbi> oarr. lie Iub the offi- 
cial, vid nmfaakl^ alio the nwl, civdil of oi^ 
t tM cbani y long known at ■ Tk» ChMt 
^M Oil haw' [cf. fUwxiXRiSix Joii?(],wbidi 
WW AmbiM by tlia ^amrti In lAOO ' fay i]i« 
'' nMit,p«n(UMaoii,a|iaroliatii>n.andg;Dod 
J of ilia I'ird ailmtml and «f ib« l^- 
<Ami« of the naTT ' tCSalAaoi Cketl 
»tTyBoak,W\7-\-nK.'p. 1). 
In I'lMO Mw> came of pruparatioaa in 
Bpatn for anntlwr att^^tapi to invade ikla 
r««uiirT,Bii-l ■ il«H and army war* (npuod 
[•nJ pLcnl oiKbt tlu> iiiini aowwiad of 
ISvwmrl anil Um Earl «r Mucx [m« Dm* 
t, Rosotr. Moond K«hi. ur Einu],MpMl 
[is astkiritj, tbe lord adntnl taking pivoe- 
' M(» at «M aail EaMix on iborv. nltliougb ia 
itiriomt l(-l(«ranrardi>raG«Mx'a MnWure, 
rnyUafhuMridntn.uandfSret. 'neflBet, 
'' I of ■nvntn'n ahip* and num^nXH 
a, aniTm] off l'*ilii on 20 Joae and 
I in Si. SvbMtiaR'a BtJ. It wb« da- 
I to (ore* tiM fMM^ro into ifae hai>> 
m tba faUowiaii Bontiiw. Aft«r a 
MrBiMMilaat tlMSpaniib *liipsMT«way 
M tovaitU PuoKo Real. The brgn 
gKMBiM in iLa mid, wlwre their 
•B mi tbcm on titv. Tim of tho 
oolj, tli» St. Andrew auit St. Mat- 
I MVad and brvogbt bocu to bo 

Midud to the KuRliih nary. An 'arRoiT,' 
* whose ballnKi was gtvni ordtiiuim,' was al»o 
•ecumd. Theotliervouela.iiicliidiiiffseTVral 
on tha ]>aint of aailinc for tli» IiKTies with 
lading of iinnioaM vMou, which yrvav de- 
•troT«l, tntght havD baun taken hot! not Et- 
■ex Inndsd aa «wn M tho Spanish ahin^VQ 
wny, I lowartl . who bad bM>u ehurgwl by the 
'gii'fil lif I'Dvidt' fur her laTOUrilL.'s gnrcly, 
WIUI iibli^'«il t(i land iii eiiiipon of him ( Mon- 
aos, ■Naval Tmct*,' in CiiCBCiiii.i.'* I'ojnfftt. 
tij. lf!M). Tli>< Inwn was InhoD by*f«m,and 
wux •nrkc'd, hut withnut tha pvrpotratiOB of 
any«criouaouImi[iD. The piincipnt nfflcnn of 
iM expaditiaii, to the laigL' number of «ucly- 
■U. wen liiiirtil«d by tlw tfineraU, the forta 
were dl*manUed, auil tho fleet again put to 
am. Tha council of war, contrary to the 
vifwunf KiMii, nKfiied with tlie adnintl that 
it wua the cole buunMii of tho ospedilion to 
dutlroj Hpuuah *bitipinfi, and ibtty nturnad 
quii-tly to Euglaaa without mmtin|t anv 
euctny on the way. Howard'* cauMon, whicn 
wnx with hituaniaClerof temperHtDeot niher 
than (m ia MBOtiiDBa aswrl«(r)od' age, was 00- 
doubtodly PMponaible for the compara lively 
mall rcntlta of tbn enterpriin. He declined 
all neodloM riak, and bia judoniant, in the 
queea'*i>pinion,wa!icnrTMt. 'Voubavemade 
me famous, dreadful, nndrtnownud/abi-wiotv 
to tbe ffeneralion itivir ruturu,' not more for 
your TJctoiT than for yoor counup.-, nur mom 
for either than for ttich plvnlirul liquor of 
mercy, which may well match the better of 
the two ; in which you have so well porformed 
uy IruKt, on theri^tiy I wiv I wiu not forgnttea 
tunoogityou.' Elijtaboth,hnwcTrr,TM>,rifW 
her wont, roiy aiutry wImtr Howiirtl applied 
formooi-y topsT thenulont thuirwok'n- She 
oaaerledlhat ibe men had mid iheouelrM 
by plunder, and that the had rece i Ttd no ' 
braefit IWiRi tlie oxpeditioD. 

An angry fealiogwbich had arieenbntwom 
Farrr anil llowatd was inrrtawidtbe follow- 
ing year, wbmi, on -^ (tet., Howard waa 
ciMted Earl of N(it(in);bani, the pat<mt «s- 
pratdy icfcning -Bai-.only to bt* ttrrieet 
■gainn the Aniiada in iStW, hut to hit 
acbievetncBta in eoi^unciioB with Eaoax at 
Oadii. EaaMdaimed that all that h*d been 
doiM at Oadii ww hi* wirk aknte, and iw 
MBtad the precedene* which ibroffioeof lord 
•diairal gavv Uo«-ard oTer all noa<oAcial 
(•rlt. 'I'be quetm appointed GaMS earl mm- 
abal, tbiu tuatoting hi* proecdewM; but the 
nUttoH bttween ilie tvroweMMlll ettnined ' 
(CBUIBinLLIX, s, Sf). 

In February 1097-1^ •omr nnall reinGnco- 
monta aant to tha EJpaniah army in ibe Low 
Oountriea wars magnillnl by ivport into a 
lajgaforee uiMidMl for tho invauon of Eng- 


1 1 oward 

1; and Howard wm ftiidiliuilyean*)! on to 
(■kc n^wiUM Top iIm <MWic4> of ihit kiag- 
dom. Notbiw wa* T*ady. Witb the ox* 
evBti'^a of tliu VanpMnl, NotiinKhkni wnit«, 
all [!!'• ihipa in the NBiron' Sou •!« anuU, 
<fil to mi-cl iricli Uunkirken, liut far unfit 
tot tliiB t)u( Duw happvnt tiulookcd for. 1b 
mj opinUin, ibNc «hipA will wnicU a linw to 
do aomotbing on our oiMr ; ami if ihxj h««r 
oiirOiipiaM iDDC i" Difppi>, ihvn 1 thiak 
tiM'in heaata if thfT do not. bum nnil *potl 
Dorvr nnd Sonitwiuk. What fuiir thoiwood 
nun mar do uo Lh« lUiMoi in aoraa other 
plaDi'j I'luare to roiir lordship' Jiidgmonlt' 
(Ni>:itiwliaD toIIurghl<^'aDdEat«<x, 17 Fob. 
IM'h, (i/. .Stuff tMptrt, Horn.) tlighKivn 
monlli* aftrrn-nrdii rbon' iriu n aimilor alarm, 
with tcatiT faUn rumour*, >]irinj;iii^ out of a 
guh«riniiofSpB&iib ■Iiipiai Coriiniui. Tliey 
wereRrporttHl ulT Uihniit and in t-hu (.'haoniil 
{•ftAngu*' l''^)- A4inm);llM(«raafltl«doul 
Mid w«l to aeo, * ill good plight for so afaoct 
fnuniiie' (CHtunEiu.Aix, p. 01>: a cimip 
vu ora'Tixl to l»: fiiniMd, troolu wen dubciI 
(»k),aiid Nottiiighta wan npnointi-d tn Uie 
dii(-r command lijr wa or liuid. hi* ivmiDi*- 
aion TOitftit ulinffhim ' lord li«ulciiaut-i[i.'ni'nil 
of all England, ui extwpUonal office, wkicli 
Eliiabelli bad dcattiwd Tor Leicaiter at the 
time of kin d«aT h, but which had been actually 
confrrrodoa DO MM before. Howard now 'buld 
[il]wiih almoMngBlutliartiyfbrtheaMca 
of*ix werka, banc aomatijiM* with tbo flwt 
in th>. Dawii!!, and nommimca pa akom witJi 
ihi- forces ' {CkHnELL, i. 997). 

Nottinghiun wiu ua« of ttiu commiiaionHri 
at Et«^x'-> triul {lU Feb, 1<W)'1), and oAeT 
tbe ncuGulioo of Emux wrvvd on thit com- 
niiaeian with cIm lord treaaurerand iheBarl 
of Worcwtcr for porfonning lie office of wirl 
nanhal (Oal. Staff faivn, Dom. 10 Ihtc. 
IQOI). He woj in high urour with tbo 

Sueen. On 13 or lll>w.l002he«nt«rt«inwl 
or at Aruudvl UouMt. lli» fouling, wu am 
(old, ' bad uotliiDg extraordinary, umUiot 
wer« hia pres^'nta so predoiu as waa «xpeciHd, 
being only n wboln suit of apparal, wbereu 
it WHS ihniigbt bn would bare bestowed bis 
ridb linnEinKi of aII (lin %hta with th* Ar- 
tDadainl'>'>l5'(l'lUUiit:iu^l!(,[i. lG»t. Thvw 
hanjriDjpi vrvre aflvrwordH in the Houn of 
Loraa,andwi-iv burnt with it in lt^l,thou^U 
OopiiM Atill exinl in th« vni^vinga made by 
Pine ill lT3tt. It «ra»lo Xotitiigbaiailiat tlie 
^uocnoii her deathbed named tbo king of Scots 
■•bpri>uec«nKr(CjLKniiX,i.39S\nni| itvraa 
at kit houao that thn privy councU aiwemliUd 
totakemoaiurRi fur morinK thn i]uoan> body 
ioLoindDa<Omi>i!(iui,i.g5). lUliadprobab^ 
Wit alrM'ty in cotnmmiication with Jomeo, 
and from (he first he waa marked out as a reoi- 

pteM of ika royal favour, floiraacuaiinutij 
inhifioOlMoflanJadniinil. llowiuiap^nt«d 
(SOUay 1608J Bcoinniiuiou'7 locoQuder (ka 

Ereparationsfor tlwuiioiutlian; in May 1601 
e waji a oommiauoner fur m-Eoliating tka 
p<«4« wi lb Spain, and in Mnrcli ItJUlKa* iwnt 
cbaDg« ratiAcalioiH and oatli». limrmbtt 
was of aliQoH regal sph>ndoar. He bad I 
titln of (ixo-llmev. and • mnn''y nllowanca 
of 15,000/, All ibc Rnntlinirn of bin rtaff 
voTD block vulvet ct'iaka. nnd bi« rMainnra 
uumborvd S*« hundn'd (Winttood, .Ifrao- 
riait, ii, 39. 05). Iliii linnunu, lui calm 
tMuper.and bis nsswGrvii]gcourt4.'ay,backrd 
lip by (h» prwlig« of his military acbirvo- 
mfoiii, corned the tnwiy through Boat aati*- 
fnctorily. ' My lordV pcnKoi,' wrotn Sir 
CbarlM Coiawallia [i). v.], 'lu* bohariouc 
and Ilia office of admiral hath much grMwd 
him with tbia peaple, who hnvi- buapRl all 
manner of honours tbul |>osM))ly thvy can 

Xn bini. Tie king of Spain has boru^ all 
rgM for ditT,, nanriaffe, Ac, and l>MI'»risl 
upDD him in pinlc. jowoU, and borww ai hia 
departure to iti! valnn ofJO,000/.'(Wisi vmau, 
ii. 74, ^). Liberal prmcula of cbaina and 
jewuts wore mail« lo ihe (illicrra of his >(al)', 
and NoitiDi;liani wou golOoo opinioas bom 
the Spnnith oourtjen by hia open-lianded 

No ini|>onani. commiitLiofi eeema to havs 
been conudonn] <?i>niplele unttisa Xuttinghan 
waa a mnmlwr of it. Ho was appointed lo 
thoeommiuion foniiFd to provnat p«rfon* of 
low birih ludiiiaitiit the armorial bearings at 
the nobiliiy, I ¥v\i. IWI^ I : tu oionder (ho 
union of England and $cotlatiil,2June IfM; 
for the (ri&l of the nartieti concerned in tks 
Onnpowd*r plot, 27 Jim. IliOl—'j; lo grant 
1(10*0 of hi* mnjiwty'x wooili and coppioM, 
2^1 Sf'pt. lOOB; and to take nn invDQtOTy of 
jpwolii in thp ToB-iT, 1*0 .MntiOi iaiJtt-7. On 
the marriiui^of tlwl'rineewaElinbetk toihe 
Kki-t'ir Palatine, 11 Feb. t6l»-]3, ■ she waa 
couduciHj from the chatx-l betwixt him and 
I tlie Dnko of Lennox ' (CoLUXS, v. 133), aad 
I wax nftarwaid* eaoan^d to Flutbing by a 
' aqiiadron nuilnr bis command. This waa*hi« 
laat naval •t-rvioe. Tbit liLct coramiaHon of 
which hewaaamemborwni that appointed on 
^B.\pril 1(118 to miiaw Iho ancient stalutsi 
and articira of the order of the Gart«T(/fv>r. 
MSS. Cotatn. > th Kr|i. p. <^J). He wm bow 
an old man, and ii may be coiicetved that the 
cares of office aat heavily oit him. Jlany 
■buses cr^C into the admin titration of the 
navy, aa mdood into othtr i<ubtir d«part- 
mcnta, and a commiinon was anpotnlwl to 
inquire into them ou ^'i .lunu mi8 (OjiKDI- 
)iBR, iii. -iM i Patmt IloU, lU Jk. t, pt. i. 



It mjr W notnl ihat lotBintiiitvly toWowing 

lslu>a|i|iaintn«iit in Ihu ILMI u iliul o( «ii- 

' mWt OMniaitsion. in nlaiLqi iil<uiiical lama, 

liiiiiriiiiii'int(>nlvi--f>in tlie irMiurj'). After 

lh> rvpon'>l(li<- c;n«iilcoEiimi«sii>ninllicS«p- 

i|«nbw blUiirint; tOil. Stat* pHprr*, Horn. 

^TOl «. ; Hut, MSS. Ckmi». litli lU-p, Ajip^ 

|ii. I. p. W). Uioufifa no Ubiu* wuKaitribiiiwI 

lo NnitiiiiilMm. rTint bjr Aurmit KKuip. h<> 

, |«BlMblf felt tbil luMvan not cH|Unl lif lb« 

yto4k ot ^Icanting iIih hdIi of iiiii^uilT wliicit 

iMged nr«*lML Budtin^ hnin wu BBxicnu 

tto nli«v« him of the bunlen, nnd & fbnidl; 

[■ftUgMnMil WW nui^, liy (h<i wrtat of 

lb* wu t<i rOMlvp 3,000/. for Uiir xur- 

rtmdv nf hi* offio*^ ftnd * ]H-nncin of 1 ,000/. 

fvr »niiiini ^Oi/. ^iif« I^jim, l>um- tl Fob, 
ll|I>j : bt> wa* aUo ilmring lifi- to lake jire- 

(wdodcv M Karl of Nuitiiiiiltaiu of tlic on- 

^1141 nvaiiiMi uf .lirhn Musbraj' (loinp. 

ukbard n),IKan wliiiin, tii ih4>f«iniil<.< bin*. 

br ekiani itaroitt |it, ID l-'uh.) Thi* pro. 
< ttdwney trca* lo b*Tc bcni puntl; pnoMonl 
' {OWU.IXII, «. ] 23), ftad not >o bave ext«iidoil 
I to hm wifri (iir two montbt Utrr, cm tbv 
I IMi »linn of ibr ijacun's funeral, ibun wa«a 
rvwn eoBiTOTtnv on iho Milguoti Notlins- 
I fcwB U^ing tliat • wooua tMCMMrfl^ took 
ribr MtM pTfcvdmirv u h«r liiubiind, vxixpt 
\^A»a ifaal v-M oHieial (Otl. Smf Paprn, 
iDoni. I4,:M, Ifii April). In liit n'tin<ni«nt 

)h> voatiooril to Oft nil Innl-ltrulrnnnl of 

' Bnmji *oA bvld uumcrom pott* conncclod 

with lliB ni;»1il0BUUM(>t'. H April 1808), 

ihs froM anolunMDta of irliich wriv laim. 

LllMplla hb kigb and rerauncMirftolBHaDe 

l^w bM aociMoi] of in^Miil, bill mt uiil to 

1W** exMnM^ a ootila miiniHfciicv and 

rwilieal)' borailalilVi aiwl to hai-r uncd thr 

' nrMWi of UH dtW in nuiiitainitig ita 

I nl4«doiir. \\t ditd ai tbu ripo age of 

plUl Uy 'aijAl. at llariinff, near Crof^tt, on 

Vn'mt. ViU. It appMH ibal be prvMrvcd 

fU* fanllira t<i ilu- Imi. A li'tt«r daU>d 

i 90 11*7 IttSS, thoiwti irrilti^n Iit hi* hciv- 

tMTi va**iin'^br biiBwlf, * Kf>iiinj[li)itD,' in 

a rl>«r bold kadd, IIi- ww iHirii-d in tbt- 

fttiUf Tauli in ibr clnin'bal UoirbId, but do 

I MMnaoal lu bi* muisory u llipre. <-)iie in 

^■kadinrcbnflii. Mnr^-arel.Wtwl minster, lia* 


' ka «•• burtrd \\mn. 

It ba< bavB iWoui'tilly *1atrd tliat (I'MTBld 

M a Itomaii nibotii:- 'fbi- ]>n'<ua]pli<in t* 

•Iraael* asainit it, forlbit A<-l <>f rnifonnitjr 

I yUMd !■ luAb, diiclariiiK ilia i]uiirn llw ku* 

iip W P' bwl of ibn clmrcli, rrquirml a itirarti 

F alMi**iro to ibai vflatt IWmi »nrj oHoor of 

' iha rrawn. Tba •talMnni il*«lf dwrni to b« 

of n«Mii (ffifia, Dodd,Ti«meT.Cbarl<M Itut- 

Im, aail linganl, among catliolic* ; CantdMi, 

8loir, CoUina,Canitili«U,and8o«tlieT,aaoag 
ptntMtanla ffir« Bobiat of it. Tbt- itorj wa« 
not improbably rotned iliiniig the discuiuotu 
on catholic vtnauFiiHitiuii, and •ufr>;i--l«d bj 
tJie known niligiou* Uiliff of t\<(i>nt <Itikt«(n 
Norfolk. A nuinbarofrimim^ianc>'''c<>nihin« 
to^v* it pwiliviicotilrndictinn. Ili< Iwliwd 
to auppreoi tho rvbirllion of tlic nortli, a catho- 
lic ri'inii, in ISdH : mki a coiiuDiiu»in«r for 
ihv trinlof thtiwiinplicalediQlbi! UaUiuton 

Idol, and of Mary Qu««o of SootH ; on 'i Oct. 
.W7, and anio 9 Hajr 160S, wat ap|>oint«d 
onKummiaaion to hear and d«t«riiiini'«cclef>i- 
afflnil cnuMR in ihp diicnw of Winche«t*ri 
WR( on the cominiiuirin for tin- tnal of tha 
lacii implicalpd in tlic liiin]»n-(l'-r plot in 
1605,Bndforih'-iriiJof Hrnry(lBnntlt ■f|.v.'], 
tlie iinuit < llAKUiLiTc, i. 231, 'H7) : wiu ia 
(111! fH^)ciniiiii|f of tliu n'isii of Jamvt I at th« 
liniiil (if ii C'lmmiuioii 10 dUcovi-r atnl rxjiel all 
catliiiliir (irM'*i» (Howabii, .VrmATMi/j, p-Wj. 
An Kniilialiman in Spnio, In tho courw of • 
li-ttor of intt'Iliganco addruuml lo llrrwanl, 
irrolv : ' 1 bopi; to acqttanit joii wilb bU ibp 
papiAU of ai^aiunt and Iroiloni io England' 
( Oal. Slate Pajifrt.Mota. 13 Aiw. IGO^). AO- 
cordiug to infomialion froin r>ouay : * Tba 
rwufaiil«H;ihnt tbv/liar«but ituwcnonm 
in Kiitclnnilwhoni llii'jfrar.rii.tlii- lordobiitf 
jtutitw. Sir l{nbl^^l Ptril, and lb<- lonl bigb 
adniml'(iA, l>7 April KW:;): and on 20 May 
1623 h<> r<-pr>r1rd to ibf arrliliiibnp of Can* 
torbarv. a* licuimnnl of tbc coiuitr, that 
John Monion, >on of 8ir \\'iUiiuii Mooaon, 
waa 'tbi' mriil itanpTOui paniat,' and waa, 
IbeMfora, cminirti'd to the GalebotiM (A, 
80 May). Hi- raili<;r,a4 lord admiral iiM«r 
Mnry, wan no doubt a caiholir ih^ii, bnt in 
oil probability conforniod to the ocw to- 
lieion with biaaon on thcacceMionof Eliaa- 

Howard waa twice nairiiid: fini, loCo- 
lherin^.dau^tcrof HeiMyCarvr,Uird lliui*- 
don fi). v.^ niM omuin of tli# qii'Mi on tbo 
mut&M'a f»d«. By liM Howard had iNiuc two 
aona and thrrwdauirhivT*. Of iIivhib* Wil- 
liam married in l-WT Annp,dnuphtr'rof John, 
loH St. Jolw of BlotMM, and dii^l ^ Nov. 
161C, leaTing ono daagfalvr, EliubMh, who 
married J obn Mordanat, eatl oTPcUvbonHigb , 
utd waa grandaMtber of CbariM Uordaaol, 
eoLrl of l^tertwroiigb [q. v.J is tha tin*u of 
QuMii .\nnr: tha jrovn^, Cbarlw, on ibe 
djaatb of bin fathvr, auccaadad aaMCDod Earl 
ni Notiinfthoni, aiid dinl without male lamM 
in 1IU2. Of lbs daushlits FmtOM monicd 
Bir Itobxn SouibweU, wbo mrnmaBdcd tb* 
BliiabethJonaaaBainitthe Amada tal688i 
Etiubeih marrwd HfOTT Fiiwrald. aerl of 
Kiblan', and MaigBTi't laarttnl Sir Hiehard 
l^TMOH [q. T.] of Trviilbani, Tico-admiral 


1 1 o ward 

of Biwluid. Cttthcrice, the Bnt countM* of 
Nottiti|cli«ro,iliiM) in Fi-briury lti03"3,iN-bicb, 
wo on I0I4. tlie uilmtnil took ' excaading 
nioroody,' koipiDg lii* cb&tnbw, ' muuroinA 
ID M<1 eamMl' (CMiXBKRun, p. 170; CM 
5tor« rVi/vni. l>oni.I)MitrcI>160A). S!i4-wu 
• fnvoitriio vilh Ui« qiioeii, hikI wln-n kIi« 
died in Fr'lirunrj' llXKi S, Kliinhrtli foil into 
a de«f mulitncboly, Hnd hi!r!iL'1f i3inl ^0 Mstvli 
foUotriiur. The ilorjr lliftt the iNiutiliwi ia> 
uroepud B ring sent by Eawx in EliiaV-th, 
and oonfeMed the deoeii to (lie uii«m ou her 
ilMllibed, u doubi.l«M a]io<5i7pIial [§«« Da-n- 
Bxcx, RoHBKT, tfcnai Kxiti. or Emsi]^ U<^ 
fi>n> Jiinr liK)l llnn-nnl mnfticd liunocond 
iHfi>Miirj^n'T,diiuglileraf JammStiutt.nM'l 
of Murray, f^'it-gmnddaughter throufth lb« 
fi-mnlulinuartbeRvgostMamj. On1:!Juai» 
ItKPI alie WM paatra tht.' manor aud man- 
eioii-luniM of Ob«lMa for lifu (tW. St/ile 
Pdfifr*, DoBi.)i the is again meiktio4i«d ia 
Dwvmbvr 1604 aa Laving a ' polr]HLS in licir 
tuNtril. whicli (omp fear miui (■• nir otf* 
( WiJTWiKiD. ii. .19). Hy lior Howard had two 
•ona : Jamca, wlio dinl n child in IdlO, aod 
CbArlet, bom 25 Uucr. liSIU, who, on tUe dealb 
of Ilia lialf-litvithur aud nnintMhr, suooeMlad 
a«tliirdl;ar1 of NollingbaRi; b«dJedwithont 
iMui< in nm, wlien ibe iitl«t became extinct, 
the brinmy of i''IIiiigbnm iiaaniig to the lino 
of Howiinl» youniror brolW. 

A portrail fit Il'iwnnl bv Alytcni U nl 
llamptont'ourt: unoThor.fulI liMifrt1i,liri!tixr', 
in tinricr rolv*. collar of the Onrifr with 
George, with the Anuuilu tvea in th'^ buck- 

Sound t.liruuuh an o|h.-d wirjduw. bi.-Iunf;e to 
e lliiht^ of Xorfolk : a lliiril, Min.-t!-cuiiirli-r 
Iragtli, lifA «ifi*, i» tliH |jruiii?riy of Mr. G. 
UilncrUjibgon Ciilliim; n foniih it id iJi« 
pOMOfltion of thi; tvarl of ICIIingbum. Tliey 
all iwprffwnt Howard a* on ntd man. 

[By rar tL*b«K Memuirof Uowaidinlhnt in 
lb* Blognphia Sritannic*, abicb uduiuU tb* 
oldn ■onrcM of Inbrnuttion ; tlio niomotr in 
0»n»>bell'» Llm of iha Adminla (i. 393) it a 
MDiMMfd Tcniun af it. Tbe notiw in Colliiu'a 
haragc(edit.of I7(tH),v. l21.!*a]*a||iwd;Uiat 
iaSautboy'a LItn uf Ibo KrlUah Adlniral^ ii. 
378, ■•. aa a bioeriehj. mM^n. Mtich nvw 
maltor b in tho Calanaan of Sule Papen. Dam. 
Han la pona Inltroating corTM|ion<lDiic'« in 
Winwood'a Memorialt, nol. ii., nod in Chamb«n>- 
liUn'i Lvitora (Canulea Sac isfll). TromreirB 
Balation oTlha EtabaMj Ui ttpain (lOOS) ia n- 
pnbliihed is Somen'* Tneu, IBOS, li. 70. Tint 
lUef of tha Aminiln and of tbe lai^tig of Cadi! 
ia in HoUayt'* Principal Navigndona, and tbn 
vhoir nara) hiatory of tbt paHod ia brnugbt lo> 
galhar ia Ladimd'a Haral Hiatory. Oibnr an- 
thorittea bearing on parta of Hovard'a i>it<>ndcd 
oancpara Manwn'i S'.ttiiJ Tmrt* in I'lmrrlilll'H 
V«pg«8, Tot. iii, ; IltvoKUi'a Liru of tho Dbtc- 

nii>. Earb «f B«cz; Nannton^ rmgmoiitA 
K*gKlin in Harlciin MiKolInny. il, 9H ; Howanl'a 
UenjariaU nf ibr Howard rmully, which makaa 
tono RtnnKa blnadora in datait; 0. Lenaon- 
Oovar'a Bovarda of Effl ogham, in vd. ii. or 
SomnpArdLColLpLSM; Pronda'allkt.of Knx- 
land (cabintfC tdlt.) ; (tardiaar** Uiat. of Enjchuid 
(oabfnat tdit.)] J. K L. 

HOWAKP, CJIAULICS, firvl 1-Uiu. or 
CtHLULX (lUW-loafi), bora in 1G29, waa 
■he iMoad aoo, and eTeolually buir, of Sir 
William Howud, hn^, of Na'worth. Cum- 
lierlnnd.b}' Mary.^'ldMt daughter of William, 
lonl I^ur^-. Hit father wa» irramlMa of Lord 
William llonnrd(l.'tf»-liMO)ri). v.] tnlOM 
he wiu oliaT>;i'd wilb haviiw bome anna for 
tbo kint,'. bul waa elaand of bit doliBqtiancjr 
hr ordiuann- of parliamvat , and mi pajiMmt 
of a Hnt> of 4 AHV. ( Zonb' JtmrnaU, riu. SHLI 
4411), 477. JW). Udy tlnUieii.whoTiaitvdNa, 
worth in ]04ff,g»ve jiarliculsn of Doward'i^ 
bouMbold in her ■ Aulntiiogntphr ; ' li« ' 
nuLtnod at thai data. In 1660 no wai 
pointed bigfaahetifrof OuBborlattd. 
{irofeaiing lo be a snpporter of the Comma'a 
uveral chnrui-B of ditallvction bring farough 
agaiiMl him before the ooBmiMionon for 1 
qUMiration* in CuRibcvland in tlie beginaii 

pp. 6-8). llix oxplannUon twtu 10 liavii 
Mliaflml the council of alni^i {iTi Mnrcli IftAO), 
and in thi- following May dirrvlion* wora 
lent him nw^tipg tbo trial and 
mcnl uf cerlain witcbc* whom bo praE 
loIinvodiecovcrL-d in Cumberland < Cal.Stat 
/'«/.rr/. ll,,iu,l«.*/l.pp.6S,ir,9), SirArthH 
llMilrig«nn8,bowovur.tiiMnicted loaift the ' 
cliargM iborou^Iy and rtipon tlioTMult^iK. 

f^ 17A). Howard bougbi for hi* rtmduiW| 
'arlialoCaJiIlo,aerowii n-vrnuo, and \ 
govumor of the town. At ibi- battln of WoP"^ 
OMlur bo diitmi^iibcd faiin»(4r on tbo par- 
lianieniwianaide. 'Cajit&In HowanlofN^ 
ward, captain of \\iv Xiiv guarda (o kia tjM 
collciicyj baa racoived diven »or« woundvi 
and Major Pochw, but both with hop*' of 
lif*, and Booa fnw other*. Captain Howard 
did inteqxiMi vnry happily at a pUoo of mu 
danger, where he gnvi! ibo raicmy (tht 
with bin iiurrionnl imarta) a tctj aeaaoa 
chock. wliFU our fool, for want of 
wetv linni put lo it ' i J. Scott and R. Sal^ 
way to the urvai dent of the oounoil of itaiap-. 
in Caut, Mfm. of tkf Civit War, ii. 3B3). 
In law bn fat a* M.P. for W»tnionJ«nd 
in Donbonoa piuiiamant, and on 14 July to. 
tbo aaDB year wa* appointed a merabor c 
the oouneil of atale. and pU«ed on Twion 
commitlwa ( Co/. .Vfofr ftipwa. Item. W" ~ 
p.2fi). Inlt>&laiidl<l^kei«pKaeat«d( 



niliaf«Kiuii*nt. CMimrpUdMjMUhad 
Kim iu ill* Donli in April 1IW~>| to cbottk tbo 
Uitn»>U of tiia HcuU. lli' k»i al*o lo cbccb 
hcn^racins uiil prervni •]! tneciinipi ot 
a^uu or diMflncl«d ptmona (lA. ItUi4, pp. 

Lori l*ral«ct4r't b^dvguanj. Wlipti ColoiwJ 
Biah WW dflpriv^ ofhu ly^ioMOt tu mib- 
mad was fimi to Colonpl I lowNid, Jftnunrr 
l9KtMrmirituPblitieiu.f.60my. InMarch 
1436, briDK tli<« coluai^l of a reginn-ot of 

home, he u'lU nooiinatiH) ■ COiiiK'illor of itKUi 
far8cDtlui<l lib. WA, pp. I1.1H. lJi:;i, mid in 
ifca rmtiinf A|inl ni appoiiiiMl a coniinift- 
MWV of ojcr and lMiBiii«f to tr^ iho i«b»lA 
IB Um imurvcUm in Yorlc*liin\ Nortlium- 

nujar-frnuTalofCiunlKirlfuid, North- 
rlaiwC aad Wortmorelatii] in Odobcr 
>{A. lB&fi,p.»f7>. In D«c«(nb«T lt»- 
tw wM •iimmoaed tu the Hoiim of Lotil* mi 
up b; Croawelt, ami ii it mmI ibat tli<* Pm- 
lie W WBlpmd upon bin tbi> litle of Baron 
OiUaMtawl ViMiwtit Morpotb.Sl Julv 1607 
(XouJb i. 378, 430; TJW I-rrfnt /WiVmhm, 


la Apni 16(10 lie UfOil IticlianI Cromwi-U 
la act witli *iffMr aniul lli« nnav Indian, 
tad oflond. If tlw [Yatcotor wonkl muwDi, 
1» uka tlw mpcniibili^ of aRMtl&g Ijain- 
twt, DMbuoagh, Fleetwood, and Vane ; but 
bia wlticw wm» nJMTled, add li» wa< d^pnvsd 
r^ hi* nniOMtu vn KieWd'i>f&II((>t.niiiio!r, 
//■'f •/ AuiMrf ibiniv f/tf . . . Shiartt, 
». *33-l: NoBLK, Htmtenft^nmirtll. i.S30; 
KuDakOrmLid.lfl7U.pp.t;ri«i t)a: Heath, 
Clw.p.ri-4). llpwaarorBlnoeimnrisunMl, 
«*• nlaMid Ml parole in AufoM iHM^Ca'. 
5ir«b iV»*«> !*«■■ lOW^ p- IBO), bat on 
tl 8*pt. b* waa raamMtad and wet to th« 
ThMnvod a diai^ of hUi tiMfon, bung si» 
wMd of eoapUoitT wiOi Sr Oaovga Booth'* 
Mwnwtiui i (A. pp. 317-18, 96S>. He wu 
■i be* without tnal. and onS April lOSOwan 
alartal M.l'. fnr Cuinberluid. After tbe It«- 
■HntuNi Howard baeanu a pcivj miMillor 
(i JitM lOBO), euatoa KHalonin of Eawx 
n Jnlr- H Nor luno), and lofd-lintmani of 
OnabivUMlaMl WMUnon'land ( 1 Ort. I OHO ). 
GbrUala, that mi beinx i-onfnrml on bis old 
«aaaiT,SirnidipMu> rh.>ceBb«rl060 
(JLIMO-I, p.l3l). ChidO Aprd 1061 be 
WM eraefefd Rart of Carlitli^, vm ooiuiitnted 
TJaxdwiital of North luabvrland, Caubor- 
had.aad Durham on 14 June follovruw, and 
bean* Jouil-aoaiiniwinni-r far oAoa of earU 
IfAalinrMarl"-- I'romdOJvlrlOOS 
to DaMaibv lOiU U wm amfaaMador «xln- 
Mifaaij to Rnaia, Sweden, and Deamatk. 
n* WM iff^aWd capuin of a traopof hotae 

on 90 Jtuiff lone, captain in Prince Rupert'i 
re^BCDl of bona on 13 Jtino 1667, and on 
tliie30lb of tlut mme month tiantvoant-ganoinl 
of tlie tvtoet and joint ooniniand«r4i>-chief of 
the mlUtia oTtbe roUTDOTthenmott eountiea. 
On W Nov. 160S he wu aent ambaMador 
•xtrsordinaiT with die Oan«r to Oharlee ZI 
of Sweden. Ha mcct'ded to lh« lord-Ueu- 
tamneyof DuihuiD cin IdApril l672,eoloael 
of a rpjtimriii of foot on JS Jnn. 1073, and 
dcpui.j t'lLtl-manUal of Knglaad in .lunc. 
j Prom :j6 Sent. Itl77 to April \m\ ha was 
I ROT«n>or of Jamaica (Littkblu iMa/Mn, i. 
' 77). On 1 Slarcfa 1078 he wait mappoinied 
I eovemor of Carlisle. Howard died on 34 F^h. 
l6ft5, and wm huried in York MioHter, where 
' IB liis monumoDt ( IIuaki;, Etuimvm. y. !*.ri\, 
I He uairied Anne, daughter of ICdwanl, Qnt 
lord Howard of Kavrivk [q. v.], itj whom lio 
' had thi««tMn» (Edward, woo suoiwediKl him, 
I->4di>rick Clirialian, O. 18M, and Charles, 
d. 1870) and tbroe dauchlent Lady C'arliale 
died in Docember IflOfi. A curioua ' ReU- 
tion ' of Howard'* umbitSMtw was publiihed 
in English nnd French in 1 1169 In- Qujr 3Ai|^ 
who occumpuiiHl him. Uf three portnM 
in oil of Bowaid, one. pitmied probably 
when be waa coluud of CTumveir* life* 
guaxdi, t* at Naworih : anotliea', of the time 
of Charles 11, is ni Cattle Howard ; a third 
i« in the town ball at C'arliale. There iaslM 
an fmamel miniature. Anengmvine ofhim, 
b^ W.Kaithoni«,ispr«fliedtn Mi#|i(?ii' Rela- 
tion.' Another engraved partrnil in bjr S. 
Blooteling, and then ta a third in Dallsway's 

tlnfonniuian ttom Iho Eori of Cariide and 
C. B. Firth, mo.. DoyU'a OlHcial Baronaee. i. 
338-30: NoUa'a lion** of Ctumw*!!. «d. ITS7, 
L tm, 378 : Unlliiu'* Ttta^ ad. Ill7d|«e. Hi* 
Sfii. hiAj WtiktW* Anto&cgia^r (CSndsn 
Soc), pp. )I-S; GoiBJt'* Richard Cromwall, ad. 
8aobi«, i. 13S; •ormd of llowaid'i latun are 
printed in lh« Thnrtoe Pipcm.] 0. O. 

HOWABD, CllAi:i.KS.tliirdlCxiu. ov 
CauuU(ld;4-17.'<8),born in ltl74,waalhe 
eldest ago of tldward, lecand iwrl of Carliole 
(l6«e>-1IW9), hj HIiMbeth. dowurer-lady 
HerkeW, dsuchier of Sir William Undals, 
lent., of Wicluiam, Southampton. Aa Vis- 
count Horpeth he lat fur Morpetb in parii^ 
meat bom 1090 nntil 33 A^ 1689, wbso 
lia kuoocihIihI hi> falbsr aa tlurd sari of Car* 
Uile. and on 1 Maioh 16B8 waa apfwinted 
eovemor nf Uarllale Casllu. Ho waa siso 
lord-lieutMiBnt of Cumherland and Wes^ 
oomlaod (26 June 10»t-:t9 April 171^ 
Tlfin admiral of Cumberland, gentlemaa af 
the kin^a bedchamber (93 Jnan I70O> 
8 Uanh 1703), depntT nsrl-oarahal of Bof 
land (0 Hay 1701-W Aog. 1706), v&rj 




OoandUor (19 June 1T0I), 6rM toed of Um 
UMnuT (90 Dm. 1701>0 Utj 1702), luia n 
MBUniMioniNr tor tlip unioii *ritli Scollmnd 
(10 April I7WI. At tli.^ (tMl)> of AniiP, 
1 Aiw, li 14, ElnWknl wan oppoiniiil oiie of 
thv Kirda jUtioM of lironl Hiitaln until 
0«n|[a I uonld arrive from JiBixArr. lie 
mi raapKiinieil lord-Iiputvnonl ofCuicbi-r- 
Und UM wnlmcrvlaiid im On, lT14,ani] 
•min act«<l m lint lorcl oftli^ trvusiiry from 
9S May utitil II tVl. ITI-V Uf wim ulso 
oOBatabloof llii' Tr>w»T of l^ml'iii (Itt (M. 
1715-20 line, iri'l't. lortt-lieufimiit of the 
To«w llunlol* (ll' July 1717 Ditumber 
l7S:t>, conilable of WiniLior Cnirtip and 
m-anlvn of ibe fureal |l June I'l^May 
tT3()), and ntaiter «f tL» foxL»tuidB (May 
1730). llfilkidaillAthoo IMaylTaS.uul 
woM biirii'i] nT Ciifl1{' Ilowmrd. On AJuIy 
168^ hv mnmi<d Lrtdv Aiui«ORpol,dnaghter 
orAr1iiur,finit <«r!o('KMo!i,bytrhoin ho bod 
two tana Kod thivc dauRblon. The second 
MB CbitrliM in sppiLmcly nnticcd. Tliv 
eountMS di«d un U Ott, iiM, tpnl 78, di»- 
tlngiusb^d for htr i-:(U-nHive dinritiixi, anil 
W»»l)ori«lit Wftiford, Ilovbrdnn-fiiuonnlly 
unuwd himvll' hj wrilinK pootn. A short 
tioMlwfoR bin death ho addTMtadtom* moral 
prvoqita in vi-rso lo hii elder ton Umitt 
(Ko below), Thou.' ore priiilvil ia Walpolpii 
' Royal and Noblf Author*,' I'd. rnrk, IT. 170- 
17<t. Thi^n.- are Iwo oil portniilsof lloiranl 
at Nancirlh, and two at Ciulle Howard-, 
thcnt if al4o an engniTcd portrait. 

Ilmciiit iluw.iKD, fourth Kakl op CAiELiKi.t: 
(I6St4-ITii'4), ridrct fon nf ilii> nlmvc, vnf 
M.1'. for .Morppth 1722, 1727,and from 17'M 
to 17W. tic micci-iMkd to the vrtrldom in 
1788, became K.«. 1766, died i Sept. I76S, 
anA was nco<wd«d bv hu only turiivin^ sod, 
FiDilerick Howard, llftli carl of CorlinlL-, nbo 
i« iepaiBtdy noticed. leab^Ila, Mcond wif* 
liain, fourth lord Bymn, ctcli«d with nhilily, 
and made ■ovaml capiu* of irorkt hy Iti'cn- 
fanndl. Sbemuriod.aflcrthouarrsdBath.Sir 
WlUiam Hiugnvu, and dittd 23 Jan. 179C. 

[Doylo'ROfllcialBiiruniicr.E. 390-1; R«ditrtTO*i 
Ul«. ; Politiool St8t« of Onutt Britaiti. Iv. 181. 
Wi.] G. O. 

HOWARD. SiB CHARLKS (rf. 1765), 
BWianU. wni iinrrind rnn nf Chnrle* nnwnrd. 
uinl enrl of Cnrli«!r[»|.v.] lU ijmnrtMl llip 
Krmjin I71B, bccatncraptninandlii'iiti'nnnt- 
colmel Cotditraain (iiinnli in April I7tl>, 
■nd iru appointed licntMUUit'^[ovcnior of 
Carlisle in 172ri, and colonel nad ude-d<»> 
camp to the kills in 1781. Iiil798h«bemiii« 
oolonol of lhi> 19tb foot, now ifae Yorkibire 
ngimcDt, which he held until tranofarTed 

to thi' prcMml 3td dr^[oon guard* in 1748. 
The IDtli, thcD wearitm (frmi* imui fadnn, 
iliUB aotiuiml itislitl familiar tohriquot of Uw 
' On«n Tloiranli,' dialinj^iahing it &om the 
'^4tli fool, haovn ** ' Ilnirard'a Qnvat,' and 
iha -Ird ttatk, knovrn oa 'Howard^,' ilwue 
n>giRii>nt« biting (ucccMiviily comiuaiMUd 
nbnut tho (oma portod by Tlioniaf Tlowanl, 
father of Fiold>mai»bal Sir (inofse Howard 
[q.T.] Obulus Howard wo* many yiMn about 
ute ooiut, where be held the port of a giDom 
of ilw Iiedebomber. Aa a m^of-geoerol be 
ooromundod o bruade oi DMtingeit end at 
l-'cintnnny, wh«vo he nceiTed four wounda, 
and aflcrwardiumderWadvandCumbcvUad 
in the north. He commandnil Ui* Rritiiih 
infantij iii ihi-' baitlea of Val uod Koueoux, 
waa made K.B. in I7-1B, and wns gnrernnr 
ofFon«U«or);caDd Aii^iiatu9,N.l). InlTUO 
he wa» prendeiit of till) court-mart cal OD Locd 
Groripo Su^lnillo [mw GBtLKaiit, Obobsb 
S«CKViLLii\ Do Toprpfented C^rlide to 

Srliameni from l727to 1761 (Oif. JJufuni^ 
rmlen u/ I'artiamtTitiii.&J l^fi). IIo at- 
tained (he rojik of gmetnl in March I76G, and 
died at Ltnili onmarried on S6 Aug. I7SS. 

liilo. Bowoid. Bui of;' ChuMn'i Hiiu Bw. lai 
PriaciD of Walu'* DrasooR Oiurd* ; Haiilachlan'a 
Ordn^book orw ill iiim , I)iik« flfCnmbnlaad ( lon> 
doo, ltTfl)> Some Icltan from Howard atr in 
Bril. Mu(. AdiliL MSS. 326S0, 32«{I3, »IJ5, 
3I8BT.1 H. H. C. 

HOWARD. rilARI.KS, t*oth DtTtEor 
Nonrui-n (1720 17.^), horn on 1 J»»c- 1*20; 
WM Uie oovund M»i and nTsotiially hoir ot 
Churlea Howard of OieT>tok«, Cumbnrland, 
by Illarr, dauglit«r and Fuheireia of Jaha 
Aylwnrtl ( DoTLE, OfftciaJ Banmagr, ii. 000). 
He wa« thus ereol-crandson of Henrv Fred»- 
rick,wlof Arundel 0fi0S-ie{i2Ui]!r.1 Ua 
wu brought Dp in the RomAn catholic toitb. 
(In 14 Jan. 178S be waa elected F.SlA., and 
-m 2-1 March foUowinff F.R.a On 90 ScBt. 
1777 ho nuofseded, ns tcnili dultL- of Norfolk, 
hii) HMOud cousin, Edwurd Howard, ninth 
duhe(ia86-l 777 )£q. v.]. and died on 31 Aug. 
1786. nemnrriL-dKBtlierinc.seconddanghtvr 
and colwrirem of John Rrcickholesof Olatigh- 
taa, Laneaahita, by whom hn bod a mi and 
Kuoecaaor,Oharlean740-181&) [n- rj Thv 
ducfacasdiedonSlNoT. 17&4. Iloward lived 
chiHIy in the country, and is aaid to bavfr 
iwliilged in many ccoentricitiM. 

n^ puhtiahi^d : 1. 'Cotisiduratioiia oa tba 
Pcnnl IjiWB acainst Botnoa Catbolica in 
England and tho Dew-acouirad ColoaiiM in 
America,' 1764, 8ro. SL'Thougfa»,Ea«ays, 
and Maxima, chiefly Hclifiiou*and Political,' 
8td, 1768. S. ■ Hiatorical Anocdotea of aome 
of the Howard Family ' (with an account of 



I otfw of cvl-tnnnliBl of EngUnd, lalran 
«niucrl|>i Ml lb« pMwntoii of J. 
OD). Vvu. 170!>: new mUi., 1817. 

ICoIUbi'* P«n>ec (Brjdgn). i. Ill : U. K. B. 
jm"* lli>w»n] nijan; Walpoln'i Royal and 
tAitfkon(PaTk),W. S38-ai.] 0.0. 

HOWARD, (-IIAltLF.S,ekreBtliDrXB 

1740, WM (bo wm nt CIimtIm, tmih duke of 

^orfuUi ();:M-17M) ['i-T.'', bv Ki>tlwriii>, 

nd daii^itfif aiid <sini>ir(«i> of John Itrnck- 

I uf CUi^Iilnn,l,>ki>ruLhin' tlloTLi:.0/^ 

r Baro—ft.ii. ml-"*). He rnMnred litllv 


u UrVTMok* CoMle, CumbcrUnil, 

ba wa* brouglii up, or in France, 

J li» ifieni mucb of Iuk vonth. Dai lip 

■Mk naltinl abilil j aiui u kind of rude 

tunc*, llif pnixtn. ' li>nr<'. tnoii^ulnr, 

i-IamnT. tlioufh nclivir,' vrai Tvndend 

lilt Iraa atunclivo br lbi> babitiul «loir«iiti- 

I of hii (!(«■•, and fit-uml frfqu«nil<r in 

iliH*» MrieaiaTM ; but hi* fi^ntnTN mm 

' " '[Mrtand fmik. At a ituiKwben hai> 

raad aqQPiM' wprv thir fiiiihion,Lif bad 

caungt? In cul hi* hkir abon and r*> 

» pcnrdrr Mcvpt «b«ii foinff to court. 

■boot bu iifu be ITU celebrated for 

t eanvinalilj, as Vraxall, who ottva tael 

I at the IterfKteBk Club. t«lat« iPoHMif 

Umoirt. \. 'X>). W'ta tenvM tuod lo 

hin IB bin dninlicn au|H)n, as ba de- 

~ aaap and w«t«r wliMi aolwr. Com- 

ng oao dar to Dndkj Konb that ]i« 

>a BMttjrrm rbmnintiam.aiKl had vunlj 

d na^ ttmitiy, ' Vny, my Uird,' MUil be, 

>dU JD« vtcT irv a clean ab'irt ^ ' AntouK 

Ua aanrialM be waa Liuiwn a« * Joclct^ of 


Howard bM*kl&e a prolMtanI and a ttaiinch 
A* niaT(« 1 1 II ward .Junior, be wai 
Flt-J*. 0*1 t« Jiin-- l.ttT. and wh*n 
lof Kum'y wai-'I'CtedF.S.A. on U Nov. 
17TB. 1b ('umb^iUivl h« waa immmMly 
puUr. anil i* iiiU rmwmbvrcd tlicn>. At 
lOHlWaalerllMi itf 1774 be tacounfctd 
I cBbvto of tool* of tha ttr^tamt to tak* tbo 
nutioa of ib« borooiih oat of tbi> 
■ of lb* Li0wtb«ni. At ibe etwtioiu of 
t7M)«B>l 1 7hJ Ii* waa biouelf n-t unwd for Ibe 
_ gh. IntiariiaaentbejoinedFoiiDac- 
Iml; o|ipaaiiif tin pcoaaoutian of tbe Ame- 1 
risu WW- He hrfm- (Wpvl; IWul^aant of 

[udlJuii' ' aveRrUmatahalor 

ndodWA iridtotd-livutctiaiit ' 

r WaM KmIid/<>i 1 iirkabiroon ^Spnt. i 

)n8. ■!• WM a lord of the treasury b Ibo I 

■ of Portland'* admiiiutnilinin (6 AfTil to ' 

rIv* I7^3), and brranw coIomI of tbo 

, WrM Yotkaliira ncui>«i>< of ndhia oa 

lOJan. ird4. On tbe deatli of bk latbar, 
31 All);, lT>^ij. befaoowdedaseloTaaUbdiibo 
ol Norfolk, aail waa appoiDtcdbif^Hcwanl 
of HorpfonI in ITW, racordar of RloiiOMler 
on G Sept. 1793, aiid colonal in Ibo army 
dunDeBen*iceonl4Marabl71l4. (liiSflDac. 
ITl^li lie ws* nominaled de]iutv lieuloiuuit 
for DeTbrahin!. At theiiTuiLt|infiT.ienldin>ier 
at tbe GnicB aaJ Ancbor Tavern, Arundel 
Strxrt, Strand, ou 34 Jau. 171)6, at whith 
tu«rlT two thotuand pemotm altMidnl, lb..' 
duki- pivn a Imul, 'Our eovrrvi^rn** hoaltb 
— the tamitty of tbn pMipIo.' Tlie kiii^. 
highljr oiOendod, tauacd biiD to bo nuooTrd 
fnm bia lotd-liautonancr and eolonelcv of 
militia in tliv following Ftbnuuj. The niiwa 
roached The diikx on ibecveuiiig of 81 ivu, 
whrn bn wni Knli-rtainin^ tbe princo regent 
bI Norfolk lloiM) (IjOWNiaLB, W»r1ki** of 
Camlirrtand, \. h7-W). Tlia prine4> and t.bc 
duka were for a time fo.ii friendii, nnd w*fo 
(he firM to bring intu fnxliiuii tbe Lite bouii 
of dining, "yh/fj aiibaequrutly qitarrellrd, 
hnt afltrr (cme reconciliation, ibe prince iii- 
TJtad Norfolk, thfii an old man, to dine and 
*k<op at tbn I^nlion at Brigbton, and with 
tbeaidof biibn>tbon>,thi>Diik«of rlamncn 
and York, reduced him l<> a belpleaienndition 
of drunkrnneM (TlUU.'JUIUll, timr Otorwt). 
Ilijuiinl waa cottaolod for Ibo loia of bi« 
foTmur diguitJea bv being Bade ro)<>ad of 
tbe SiuaMtrtglnwnt of militia Cll IW. ]8U») 
and lor>t4ieiit«a«nTofSu*MX(14.lBn.lbOr>. 
Lord Lit'f-rponl, on lbi> fonualion of bit nd- 
mininmtinn in 1812, tri*d in vain tn Mcnro 
Ibi' diiko'i iQpport by an oAar of ihoOarti-r. 
lledi<7ilB[ NorEblklloiuPiSt.JatnM'aSqnaM^ 
on 10 Deo. 18I&, and wan haried on tbe 33rd 
at Dorkins, 8utT«v. Un 1 Auft- I7II7 be 
mnrrie'l Marias, danghtor and beinaa of 
Jrihn Cupjiingar of Dallv^'oolane, oo. Cork, 
but the di<d on 38 llav 17<». II» manied 
iwcitndt^-, on 1' Atxil 17ri,FTBnc<>a,ifaitgbt<r 
and hnroa of Cuarloi tlti-Jloy Scndamon 
of Holme LaMT,Her<ifordBhirr,wbi»urviTed 
until 2d Oct. IBK. lie Ml no i«i>e. and 
waa autcaedKl in the dukedom by his ibinl 
conrio, Bfroard Edward Howard (l>0(i- 

Dapitr kiapenonal aoconttJdt]ea,XaTfatk 
lived in gr«at aplendour. lie expended Twt 
Caatle, tnd bought book* and pictarea. He 
waa doeply int«nfl«d in erfrylhing that il- 
luMraloil ibo hinory of bi* own family, and 
wat alwayii rtady to nuuiil any on« of lli« 
name of Dowud who claimed tbe rempiMt 
MittiOBabJp (Oral. May. toI. UxxV. |it. ii. 

Keat-?, vol. lM»»i. jit. i. pp. UR -7, 104). 
encouraged tbe prodaeti^in of works on 
local antiqaitiaa, like Daacumh'a' llmEord- 




ahin' ui<l IMlawajr'* 'Smmcpx.' He wu 
•lect«l uTBAdent of Ui« Soewtr of Arl* on 

Bupoftnit «ru {«iiited b; OiUMtMroOfli 
ial7»,uidbjHoimiiierin ItHW. 11ie(bnD«r 
wfl» trngravpj br j. K. Sheririn. An atclieil 
pOTtrnit i> nf mrlier daiu. 

[ColUD>'iPMn8ii(!rry.l«M).i, 141-3; U.K. H. 
Ckattiin'' )l<iw*nl i^ijino.- Orniniu^'i Rrfninu- 
nnn* •.•( Ciiml>hdi(i. li. Si.] Q. G. 

tril3), lord faiph odniirml, toconil *on a{ 
Tliomiu llonanl, carl o( Burrrr, and >ftiT- 
w*r(l» «i!coud liiike of Norfolk (|. t.]. serred, 
wbea tiboui fifl>.-*'ii, in llii.- M|un'tr)ii wbicli, 
tiiadartbsooiiiniui'lof SirR(lvru.ri PonTuges 
■"(J. T.\ co-opoKtnd wiih ihi? troop* of th* 
udiiliike MAximiliiui in (lii> rxdurfinn of 
SIuj* tn U92, la I J»7 lie wTT'-d iindir hii 
bUiur in tW army m Scotland, and wui ibr^i 
kni^il^d, Al thrjoaata bold nl llie oomno- 
ttoBof Ilisnrjr VIII li« waaooHof ibn 'cniur- 
priaatt.' On 30 May in09 h« wm appoiniMl 
rtudud-beuvr, wiih thi> joorly imt of 40/. 
<Ry>tBR, xiii. S-M 1. In Jul^ nil b» i* 
Mid lo bare conutumded, in compkny with 
hi* eldiT bmtlic-c ThomMb the •litp* wbieli 
Mptiirvd ilie two Sootch piraUa, Robert 
ftnd Aodrvir Itarlon [q. v.^ Of the circiim- 
Mftnon* of ih>> nctioQ, round which much 
k^rid bM grown, we bnve no contem- 
ponry acconnt. It i* not nienTi<:rn«] in th<i 
stalo Pkpen. I^nU-r chronicli-ra amtk of 
UowBid McommuidinK by Tirtui> of nU mOi 
M 1oid-«dniinO, nnd relntj! tluit tko Icing m- 
C^itti thu ncvmof cbir Burtoni'piraciiv wbi)i> 


nt I^ice6t«r, a iila^rv which it ii cert«inly 
known hv did not viiill iu the carlr vi-nra of 
hi» reign (infOTOiation frouiMr. J. dolidner), 
Morcotri-r, ilnwnrd wh not lotd^dmiral in 
161I,rittdiliKQOtnieordfid thst behadbcforv 
that datu any cnrnmnncl at tan: nnd it nDtiniil 
not i(Dpn>biLtiU-t but till' nnnKuofthi^Hownrdi 
were introduced u-itbout juntifiaitiuu.ori ac- 
count of ihdr laterti.-lFbrity(IlALLE (1-VlS), 
Smtiy nil, fcl. XI, wherp the chriiitiui 
BUM icffivMi a* Rdmoiid; Lnlut, HitL ^ 
Beolland, Biinnalyn* Club, n, 83), Th« 
details Divcn in the bnllod of^'Sir Andrew 
Bui<in, wliich wore adopted by Sir Walter 
Sent! (Tmht of a Ortm^Jather, chap, xxtv.), 
are iinquwtiaDsbly apncrypha)- 

On I April IGlif Ilon^td was a|ipoint«d 
adaural of the Acdl Uttinjt out for tlie eup- 
nort of thi> pope and of Fordinsrid, king of 
Aruon, mid to carry on hontililitw aoninit 
the French (RvHiin, iiiii.326, 339). fiylbn 
middle of iMny thi* flenl wnn rollcctcd at 
Portsni'Jiilli. (11 tlip numbCT of lw<;nly large 
ahipi, and, itoinfi over (o tbr? cuoul of Bnllaiiy, 
ravagml the weatvm estramity with fire and 

eword. On Trinity Sondaj he 1and«d in 
BeRhMuina Bar, ^ore tlie Frvnch out of 
their bulwkrka, defeated tbeni in aoraral ^r- 
misbee, and marcbod aeren taiJes inland. On 
Monday, jS May, lie landed at Coaquet, burnt 
iha town and the hnuiu> of the Siour de 
?ortnnneupr. On I Juno he landed Uain, 
apfiarectlT in ('moon Pley. The OHigbbour- 
\ii% gvnlrv Mini a cballcnge, daring him to 
nav till tluiy could collect tbdr Ben. He 
replied that ' all that day tber abould Had 
bim in that place, larTving their coating.' 
Il'i had with bim about ^/iW men, but theea 
he polled *o (trongly that when the FVeaokj 
Icfioa, to the D'iabcrof 10,000, came i 
him, they did no! Tentum to attack, i 
tolved lo waJt till Ilowwd waa comnellfd I 
■sore out of hi« eatraichmcoia, and lO i 
bim niuditndvantageoniheway toluel 
But whili'waiiing.a panic mic^ the Br 
miiitiai thejBml; and Howard waa left frve 
lore-embark at bin Ininum. Ho declined Mo 
anroeaao Iu« cruel kind of war in biunii^ of 
towna and Tillages,' at the requMt of tba 
lordfl of Brittany, or lo gnut tbem a tTaoeof 
aLxday»: and bavingdoDeaannch harm aatw 
conld, huweotalimg the coast ofBrittanTuiii 
Normandy.and re«,unwd to th» l^luof Wight. 

In thn be^nningof Augput hneatledt 

for Bml with Iwenlj-iife groal ehipt. 

I French hud mi'untimi^ premr«d a fleet 

I thirty ihips. It it impoiuiblo to form 

I correct ect imate of tlie telatiTD atimi 

Sfverel oflb-? French 9bipawcroliiivv,c 

I cintly the Marie la Cordelii^re, wliioB la i 

J ro have ha<l a crewofaihoUMndneii. ' 

, larttrut of the I'jiglidi ■hipa, the Regent i 

\ tbu Sovereign, •mtm to have hod ere* 

spvenbundn-d. Hovmrd'iiowiiKhin.tbei 

I ICoBL', wan snmenLnl nmollor. Un 10 An^.' 

' the Frvoch put lo Heu, iiiider tbe command 

of Henf^, $it>ur du Pottimoguer, known ta 

Front^h chroniclers as Prtmai^et, and to 

the fc^ngttJMb aa Sir Pier* Moivaa. Theyfaad 

jiutgotclearof TluiQouletwben tbeEoglieh 

11iN)tBrrived,andatanoeattacIted them. Tlie 

fight wea fiercely eonleated, nqiodally among 

the larger shipa: the Oordeliiii*, commanded 

by Ponimo^er in pereon, in avoidinir the 

onalaiight orthe Sovereign, fell on board Iba, 

Kt^mt, which wan cominand^ by Howa 


two grappled Mch other, and whilr thi> T 

wa* irtiU raging caught Bn?, luid burnt t .. ^ 

tber. Of theeeveoli>eubundrcKlmenonboara 

TFij few e«cnped. The diMLnter ilruck a panic 

iiitti the Fr«iicb. who fled conftuedly into the 

borboiir. Tlie English parsnedi anchorsd in 

Berlhemiin'' Hay; ravagwl tho cnartaof Rrit- 

tany, Normandy, and Picordy, and, tsldag 

and hiiriiinir many Froneb aliip*, mtumod lo 




On !W Ang. WoImjt, wriiinf 
to Fouy bUhop of WiBcbMt«T, sfiVD tbc ro- 
OMMt of the Bciioa m tlut uewa nf the daj, 
■4JliHT 'Sir EJwinl liaili niBiic liis vow to 
OiallMi liowiUiivvi-f i*^':!)^)!!!))!!!! tbef«cB 
till Im hub nTMcodlbu dMtb of Ibu noble 
Mi nliaal kwiit. Sir TbomM Kajvet* 
(Fi»at», life a/WoliKy. OMtetion*, p. 10). 
(Jn I'l AuK- I'tl^Elowud, bofaM^o nowH 
of tfav rictorT rMcbed bamc, TDOoivod ibu 
nnantaa of ilw aHm at wJniiml of Kpglatid, 
InlMid, Aod Aqiiiuune, hM at tbe time by 
J«ks,Mri of OxCinl. Theiiati>nr,c(mfiriiiiDg 
IVMkrdi \hV\(llattfJ SoU. t Uvn. \in, 
ft.iL) llTtlkMrTof l&13<:;:M«n:b)thD8eol 
WW Bfain i^atlrcifd at INirtwnoiitb (Kllir, 
O^V""' ijril*", Ifndwr. t. :;iS^iiiid,crciM- 
inf >t(«r lo VfMt, ancbun-d in BuTtfaMumo 
B>j. ia Mfbt of ibe Fn-iitb, trbo Ity in th« 
wnilt— il wiibia. Ilowudretolvedtoattwik 
lb<n than, b>t on* of hi* ebjpt. oommaoded 
b^ Arthnr PlaniAfivnot. in ondiNTOiirJug to 
jpm tb* Uoiilet, «tT«ck on a nualuai rock and 
WW totally la«t. On tbii ibo fleet, ti'lunind 
lo ila fntmer ancbockgv, and i-onleiitrd '\\f\t 
wilb dowlj blockkdioK I be port; vrbilc I he 
Fmadh on Uwir tide, anticijiatin^ ■ reni'iral 
•f iW auenpt, moved tbair akipa dow in 
ladw Um ipnu of tb* CMtU, iDo«nt#d other 
huiwiM on Ui* flank*, and pUceda row of 
Bwwh in i in UoM. It in mm thai Duwanl 
(onfc wia oveaaion of wntinc to tb* king, 
f'^r^tiffir (bat be Bigbl win grtttt glofv 
fer tmoifig avvT and ukiim like GommBnd 
naiaalf^ in lb« doatrai-lNin <X the fVencb 
_ Mi yi tbal tba '^\^a rcfi-r ml it to biit couaoil, 
^■feft eooMdowd u\i! asd«TtBkuif loo dan* 
^^Bmi. awl wiot« to f lowmrd tliwply repri- 
^^■adi^ bia (or bin dilatory coDduct, aiid 
^^^■raitbiB to low no nnrn linw ([liii.isn- 
^RB, p.'ft7A). Xa iDcb concapnndmco in 
BowrxtaBt.a&d tb««turTapp(iinii8probablir. 
It min i, too, isMBBpatiUn witli tb< tact that 
b» waa M Uiif tiow noainaled a knif bt of tbe 
Oartcr, tbougb be did not live to reo(ri\-e tbe 

Maanwlill* be loanied that a Mjuadmn of 

call'V) bad maw nMad boBi ib>- Mcditor- 

i»M*ft, ondar tbe ramnand of ihu fhcvaJW 

frtanu dt lUdoux. a knight of r^t.Jolm, and 

baa Mitbori \ in WliliMiid Bay ilm BUnn 

AaUoiia>,WMti|if, pcwunkibly, fur an intpoi^ 

inait} to paat mio Brart. A coiindl ot *mr 

da mw ww J tbai ibry might bi> aiiark«d, and 

•• it wat found thai tb<- ttaUprs vatv drawn 

to Ibir ibor*, in ^irj aboal iralvr, 

tanolTHi In cut lli«m out with bin 

aod aome onall fow-b*rg«a altacbad 

&M (STi Apnl ir>)3i. Ila hinuaU in 

tbe eotumand of one of tlMao, 

ajid, rowiog in through a stom of aboC. 
^pplvd PrJ';;i-iiri own ^ley, nnd, «wm<1 
in band, ■(iranR on board. Ibllowcd k^aboiit 
•evcnlwa men. Bv »axae miahap (be gr^ 
pttii^ wu cut adriJIt, tbe boat wta nrepit 
awa^- by tbi.- liJe, and Howard aod bia ccm- 
imhiodb, l«fi unMipported, wcra ibriut orer- 
iNNtrd at lb>> piki-'a point. Ilio oi.ber boat*, 
unnbic in BCt in tbrouah ihi! enoiny'a Snl 
bad nrtlrt'd, ifporant of tbe loo* tliey bad 
•untoinciL It waa *ome little time Mbra 
Wtcn ibi-y sent a llag of trum to inqiiiiv a« 
to what bud becMa« of him, ih^y -^vtv an- 
I aw«ri'd by Pr^jreiil ihni li" had nnly on* pri- 
aoner, wlio Ium lold hini (hut oni; of Iboaa 
driven oviTrbonrd rai the ndmintl of Kng- 
land. Th* En^liih drvn bock in diuaay to 
tbi!ir own ports, and i'l^fttnit, called bf 
EnKliBbcbruiiiirlun ' Prior JoLii/otomimI um 
from Bretii , and ravaged ih» coa«i of Suaiex. 
Elownrd't death wae folt a* a national 
diuuler. In a Irttf r m thu king of tW land, 
JaniM IV ofScntland wrote: * Surely, iWfLteat 
bmtbi<r,wi> tliink mot« looa Uto youof your 
latfT ad m i ml, who deocMed lo bin g^at bononr 
and land, than the adfsntwe might have 
\ivva lit tbv winniiiK of *U ihe Frrnon g»U^« 
and tlieiva\uif»^ IP.LLtt.Oriff.Lrltfm.liit 
Mr. i. 77). It » »tat4>d bv I'aultu Joviua 
illutona ud Tftnporu, 1&&1, i. »») that 
lloward'a body waa thrown upon ih<' Iwach, 
and wac rooogniaed by tbo amaU jpldcti bom 
ieorniailtim) which be wora nupended tmn 
hi* nwk 0* ihn mark of bia tank and offlce. 
No l-Jngliab writer mcntiona tbe rufovery of 
tbe body; tbe eoaign of liit offico wa* a 
whittle or ' pipe.' nut a liora ; and it i* n^ 
oorded that Iwfnn? he waa (brcvd overboard 
be took otTihe whiatleand burhsd it into ibu 
wa, to prfvi-ot ila falling into the enumr'a 
bandi (I^tlrti and Paper* q/" tlrruy I'JIJ, 
i. \a*0()?H. 

tlownrd marHul Aticr, daughter of Wil- 
liam l.dvel, lord Morlrjy, widow of Sir Wil- 
liam Wrker.andmothBr, by borflistmaiTiwB, 
of Henry, lord MoriaTibnt bad no iame. Ha 
waa «co«<dad in bUoAco fay bia elder brolLer, 
Sir Tbnmnx, afli-rword* <?arl of Surrey, and 
third duk<> of Norfolk [q. r.] 

[CoUiaa-. r«oie«B (ITBS}. i. TT: CampbtU'a 
Lin* of the Aduirala i. SIB : SoBth*T'> Utm 
«f tba Britltb Adatln^ii iL ISB-U; Bonrd'* 
Uemoriala of lbs Uowaid Famllyi l«nl Hn- 
Lett'a Lift Uid R«i|COof Uennr VIU ie KmotlL'* 
nil). of ICnglnnd, vciL ii. : Uolinhad'a ChrooiclMi 
(«1<C 1808). iii. dSi-TA ; Ltiirra and Plpaiaof 
lUnry Vlll <nolli 8rr.), ni. i. ; Jal. In Annalot 
Uaritimw el Coluaiala* (1SI4). Ikuti. HS.aad 
(tll(&). u. TIT; Tioud*'* B&lailW Ntvalat da 
la Fraaefc i W.] J. K. L. 




HOWARD, KuwAim (/I. ieea\ dr*. 

SNor. ltis4.w**snb(i>aofTbamiuHu«*Br>l, 
Bmt ciul of B«Hi«liin>, snil brother of Sir 
Itolwn Howard (ItlMf-lOSa) (q. v.] lU 

Klilielied in 1GS8-Th« UAUipnr; a Tnigt>d^. 
1 it wna kIihI at thn Tlioatni Kaytl by Iu« 
UtJMtic* Son-nats,' 4to. Il vnn fullowi'd bj 
•The Briltiib IVinn-i: »c llfTrDicW I'octn,' 
BrOidedtMloilloIIcDrv.lunl Howard, KiOODd 
bnUMT to the [liik» vt Nurffilh. Prpflsed to 
tliSa worthlMii fueia, wbii-h was ridici]l«<) bj 
Ri>cliaM«T,are conimetidaior? vi'rww by Ixml 
Onrrr and Sir Jnhn IVnham, wilh n promi 
cpallchf Thiiniiu JIalibcj. "SU Unyii Ad- 
Tvnluiv: Of tiifNpw rio|iin,'B paor comfdy, 
•Cliii wilh'iui siit'lri-M iil (hr Duke of York's 
Thmiv, una miblinlic-d in )U7I,4to. Mn. 
Behii, I'^wara ItAvauaeiofl, and nthi-n |>r>'- 
Ax«d comimendDtOTy TVTHK 'The WomfnV 
CoMUMt,' IR*I. Iin,n ir«^-ooiBod]r,*ctiNlb]r 
fgrMn.luvhliiild'a ' Bvcrr Ont- hsi hi* Fault," 
■ThcMan uf Nvw-markel, 167tS ^tCK^uacttHJ 
at tliu TfaMtrv Itojral. Howard alM wroI« 
ihnw imnubliabeil plays ' ^hc Chitngi* of 
OroVB*,'''niplrf)iidon(.riinl]fmikii' (i-nlcrcd 
in tli« Slatinni-n>' l[i-)n*tcr, 7 .Kiig. 1<I')7), 
«Dd'Th«rtiiii>d Kintttlom.' IVpy* *nw tins 
'OhaDgi' ot 'rniwno" iirli'd birfiirr u crowded 
hauMatlhuThtainr ICovoIod I:! A]irintiti7. 
He detcribiw il aa MhH Wl Thut I i-rt-r saw 
at tliM hou»«, bcinff a great ]>lay and M-rioiix.' 
Some piaMigo» in tno pk^ pt\'e otTciicp, and 
lli»aotorl*cy wa« 'coininilUil to rhc [KirlT'ii 
lodgv.' l.«Cf iadi^anll}' txild Ilnwnnl I.bat 
'bvwaamaroN fDaltlmnniKiri.' 'nin'tln)t«d 
KiDiidam'vnwutiriscd in ih« 'ItcbGanal.' 

Howard's olliyr work* are * Poem* and 
EMaTii,with a PnraplmM of Cicero'a Lvliug, 
orof r'Tieudsliiji,' lt)j3,8vo,aud * Carol oiadc*. 
or till' It^Vlliun of Forty Ono. Jo Tun 
iloQkfi, A lli-roirkT'oem,' I680,i)vo,rvini»nd 
in 1605 withafrrflh til1ivpn)Co (' Carol oindi-a 
Redivivtu '} and a diKJicnlorr piiuIIc to ibe 
Prinotaa of Denmark llfpn-fixcd I'ommcn- 
datOTT renea to Mn. Bchn's ' IWms,' H)&6, 
%ai Dt>-dt'Q'n ■ Vir^ii; |IJ(17. Thi>n> U a de- 
lioire notice of Ned' Howard iu 'Senionof 
the Ponia,' nmoiig * pQ«ni« on A fTftir* of Stale ' 
led. I7O3,i.20e|. 

[Latigbatas'* Dram. PMUti Bakat'a Biog. 
DKiiw,*d^ JonM; PvpTi*!! Diarj: (imett'* Eiifc- 
lith 8lJ^; 0<nt. Blag. ISdO, pi. ii. p. mH.] 

A. B. B. 

HOWAAD, KDWARD.firrt LoBi> How- 

AKD or E(H.-IUCK {d. 167S), wua itie M.-Vfnlh 
■OD of Tliuuias, jini curl uf SufTulk | Ifitil- 
IfiSS) [({. v.], by liio Mmnd wife, Catherine, 
witlow of Richard, cidetl aon of Kobcrt) lord 

Rich, and otdwl daushli-r and Miheim« of 
Sir H"Tiry Kni'vi-l of Clinrlion, Wilijiliire. 
.\l ihr fn>ation of Pbnrln, prini>» of WalM, 
:i Nov. l«il«, ho wua DinJi- K.H. (UmpALrK, 
Hook f-f KnigMf, f. lOH), BJid WM mi»nl lo 
the pwni^i a* Baros Honnl uf Kfcrick in 
Yorfctliire on ■£> April 16-^ Wilh ih^ Karl 
of BerUitK bo ciyavod ibe Motetire office of 
fannor of bis tvawny'i CTMnwex | Ci*f. StaU 
iWiv, Dam. 1&3S-A, p. flSI). On » Feb. 
low be uKprvoatil hia nedinuia to attend 
Cbarl» on nb yuamty to York with mcb 
t-fiuiMM aa Iw could rommand (A. Dora. 
183^^, PL 4S0(; but wben it waa tnov«d ia 
thi- lIoiMV of I.onlh on ^4 April l&tO that 
fupplv abduld baf prrcdi'iict' ovfT other 
(inriiiontbi' votinl u)n>inil th« \ijag ^!b. tdO, 
p. tW}|. Hewu Qou of Ihc twelve pcBi* who 
BiBii«Icinl.'^.\ufr. ISWapt-utionioilir Itinj;, 
wliieli bfI forth the ]iopular criwaiKv* nnd 
the dao0M4 attendant on the e\p«dilioii 
againat Uto Scot*. With ly^rd ManderilU 
he prcrnlod il Iq (TliBrho nl Ynrk, aitd 
iitiught liiin to (ummoii a {MirliaiDnnl _ 
acltV multpni witliont bloodihed (h&. Doi 
miO-l, p. IG). In May llU3 hr wu nKain 
di»uatche(l to the hingr at York tudelivcitbe 
declare I ion of ImOi huii»«isof parliaiseol n- 
»P«etinglb('iii(»t»iure*<^ni to th«ai by Charles 
rorxToming Sir John Hot hum's rtfniolto ad- 
inil him iniQ Hull. H<r rrfuwd to obvjr Ui« 
king'* nrdi-r In miTT hark hitanawer to pnr- 
lioinrnt, nn the RTouod ibet hia iiietrueliotw 
wi-tv la itunain ui York, and ran but h-M 
t-adcnxoun in averting war. Charlca, after 
warnini; Itiiu nut to ' make any iiaKr or bin- 
i3er hie («<rviei- in tbe cciuniri-,' bode hiu at- 
tend the iQcnliiig nf rnuniv mitlMncv on 
IS May |A.])iini. HI41-S,)>.'3l7>. ThecoB- 
iDDDii onlcfvd rvpnnttion to be iMsde to Um 
fur hia louua in tbe wu in 1(VU {Comrnuti 
' Jnunuilt. iii. UGS). and ou :! June ItHfi re- 
' solved ihnt he tihould have tbe beneflt of tbe 
iwo next au«Miiieiit« of the t.wimtielb ]iart 
di^icovered by bte a^ii« (H.iv. IM). AlUvr 
the abolition of the Houw of Lord* in 1VJ0 
Howard conaenidd to bucome a Denbrr of 
the cammotu, whcrv bo n.-pFMeated OarlULc 
(ill. ri. 201). MewutalaouppolnledameBf 
hiT of the council of atatp W Feb. 1660, and 
aened on various cjonmiUeH (Cal. lUatt 
l^f>rr*, Dom. IftV), pp. K, 17). On Colon«l 
Itiak'e death hn wn* givi'n the miBRiBad of 
hi* tMpnioDt(i2. Dora. ]6fifi,p.377_). Ia July 
ISfiOllowofd woe accumd by Majoi^gvnem] 
HarriaoD of taking bribes fitnn wealthy d^' 
linquents. A yvar lati-r he was coDTiCted, 
diathnr^'ed from being ntnembe>r of tbe boiue^ 
and fruni bearing any nfhce uf trust, sad 
tenced to bo unpritonpd in the Tower, 
to pay • fin* of lOfiOOL lU, bowonr, 




•Bd ihF dnv wft* nut riiu-lwi, bill Ii>- jiumkI 
lk» niBMinilrr of bm lifo !n nWnril^ ( CVm* 
Muiu* Jmintatt, roll. vi. vii. I lln diid on 
S4 April I't'i), ind wiu buri<-il in itui Strnj 
(CtOTn««Ci-i:. U'rtf-rnUkirf. ii. HI 71. Bt 
fci( tn*m«w III r)n-^iil>-'r l"'.':tto NUrv, link 
thagbt>rof ^ir Jobn, ii(Uirwnnl« Lonl, I)ot«- 
te^, c^ lUifi^kl. Wooillial). vA Rnualfleld, 
~ttiiii.\K{.Otl. Staff Paprrt.Wtiva. KIS-S- 
1^ ISii IMl. hi' liiul fiur MHiJi an'l n 

iMT. timiuii (<r. iii:t4) Bod wmum 

,^ tk* Ont aiMl iwconJ miu, bconiau mii;- 

lT«lf wamil andUiinl larauA, tnil on ths 

k, witbout iHQp, in 171''i, of Williuin's 

rldrM Bon Clutrln, wLo ntocetxled Ilia tuXioa 

M (bnrtli haron in I6)M, tlio Uilo bgcuiw OX- 


[AMborillw titod 1 Borke's Eitinct PMncn.] 

<). <i. 

HOWARD. KnWARD l</. IfHl). no- 

rrli^t, riiirfnj til* iiftvy, irli«r« Cnjilnjii 

Mvryat wt«hi« •lupnuti't Athrivrvm,^in». 

It^U, p. 11). On oHaiiiin^hUdiiclinrgii be 

fc>Wa • ooBinbitlor of *e« itcnM to pcrio- 

dial litrntuM. Wlwn Murrvt i4>olc ibo 

of Lfa» ' MMnmoIitaa Magulin<^ ' in 

h* dww now»ra for hi> *u^4^itoT 

Rom Cncicu, If/** ^ Manyaf, i. 

i2Tt. II" •ubaeqiimtlj ioilwd tiKialaffof 

lU ' Nfw UuaihlT Slagaano,' tlun oditod bjr 

TbaaAii Hood. Hoinrd diiid roddimlT' on 

90 Dae. IMl. Iq revM^inn Howard's pnt- 

tbuBOuaftMlbMt work.' Sir IlrniyMorKkD,' 

Bood wrot*»^pBlbv(ii-allvortbFaullioru 

■■aa of i1m nam able and ori)(inal-aiind«d 

tamn' of th* day, wkn bad but 'ju»t felt ibe 

iniM nia «r Ilia pomTa wlm h« waa eaUad 

■m^ Utv. 4al). In ana of tbe rofumoi of 
tfca taMa {ariodloal ia a portrait of Howard 
^■IpBTBd aftar Oai;ood tij Fnwniaa, with a 
^^^Kiailarnf biaautograiih; it baaa]aobe«0 
^MbbMl a*iMuatfl]r (Kt*x^ Qit. if En- 
ya w* /Wfnat'b. IL :!10). 

HmnuiTa (nataat aocoaw wna kia' EUttiin 
tb* Rjafar; S «uIl ISow. London, 1838, a 
narilina nova) of ooo^dimhle poirer. To 
i—ir II fur it a largv tate it waa ^blithcd ai 
'•ditod bv tha autbof of "PMor Simple," 
•ad en thia acoouiit li>» bMti «rTaneoual7 
MripwdtaMarrjat. IIuwa(d'aoiberwork% 
■bUt w>ni notU* iantnl aa ' by thi> aotliat 
ofRalllin tlia Rawferr'ara; 1. "TboOId 
OwMMlna*,' :( vnU. ISno. IjMidoti, 1B.17. 
S, *ni)««nl It<Mndi Of, a Mnrcbaai'ii Ad* 
iM lnw .' Iteo, London. IWt-4. 'A. • Mvaoin 
af AdHmlSiFS;djia7Sniib. K.C.lI..':.>vol». 
~ Lon<hin,l<0(>. I. • Jack Aabore.'3vol*. 
London. l'«k>. Q. 'Tbo Omiiad: a 
Ii four bcnki,' I2na, Ijoodoa, IMI. 

ISmo. Loadna, Iftli! (an^iDii-r «!it„ 1867). 
7. ■ Tbc Marinu Oboat,' in part \. of ' Tolet 
froia Bimtler,* 8vo, \Wi. 

[Oe&i. Mug. now aor. xnit. 43t; Notaa and 
Qoanta. 7ib wr. vii. 4S8, rlll. S».0 ; Oat. of 
AdroratM' I.i^rarj.I O. (>. 

ALAN. ni-Mi It.iKux IIuwakd iif l)i.oti*<>P 
tbirtoonth duku of N'nrfiilk '^q. v.], bv lii* 
wife. L«il]rCbarlolia.SopbiaI«v«>Kiii-OowDr, 
uldoiit daughtur of Gtorgn OraHvillr, fiwt 
duke of Sutherland. lie waa born on ^ Jan. 
181^ luid, ibougli a oalholid by birth, ()niflb«d 
bla oducaliou at Trinity CoUi^, Cambridgs. 
On tba doatb, on 16 Mandi 1843, of bU grnnd- 
fatlior. Damatil Rdwaid, tweltlh duko of 
Xorfolk [q. T.}, Ilia fnlbiT 9iii:i7>-t.-Jad to Iba 
liclM oniiKiIalei.aod Howard Ux^niuu known 
aa Lord Edward ilownrd. lie wAHnlibural 
in politica. In July 18W, wlinn ibu flru 
RuM«ll adminiatniJon came into powor, La 
waAappainudvicti-chamberlain to Ihn quuan 
and a priTV councillor, and nrlainwl bin offico 
uQlil .Uitrcb lAAJ. After iinaucottfBfulIf l-uq- 
tatiiift Sborabain at iba genanl hImiioh of 
ItM7, Howard wa* mtamad in IMS to th« 
Iluuaa of Ounmoiu n« M.P. for Ifonliaa, 
Proa ISASto 18(ffi bu wu M.[>. for Arundel, 
but waa TeJ<wt«d by tbal nou'UlQi'Ooy in lbs 
ovnaral ^Iwiiou of %%&». On B Doc. ISCifl 
no waa cniali.-d a jwvr of ilto Ciiilvd King- 
dom aa llaron llowanliif OIoaK>p. Howard 
rondcrod lignal 4or*ioe (o the caoae of 
Roown ealbolie prinmi^ i^diication. Fran 
1800 14> I877hawaai;luiirmaoof ibtfCatbialio 
Poor Schoota Conunitt«a, in miKaeaion to the 
Hon. Obarlaa Lnngdalo. Aa cttainnan of iba 
coiDmilti* lia a«i on foot the Catholic Kdnca- 
tion CriMaFund, not only >i:bMribiii2 S^OCKU. 
to it binunlf, but Mcnrinr 10,000/. fmni bia 
napbiiw tba fiAoeotl) and pfpwnt Uuka of 
Norfolk, and aaoth(>r 10,000^ frDm his aon- 
in-law the Marqui* of Itiilx. S^vi-nty thou- 
uuid acboUia w«a» tbua added to tli« Itotnaii 
vaiJiolk aohooli in England at a ««t of at 
teaM 3AO,00lUL Dttring the eigbt 'nuft tu- 
nnrity of hia neukew, tba ftft««at£ duka of 
Norfolk < \m^4), ha prcnidad ater tho OoU 
loim of AraM a« dapnij eari nanhal, In 
Iwl Bowaid bought Aon JanaM R'>bert 
I Hopa^oolt [q. v.], for niwly 40/XM/.. Itia 
I hkUaad nMarv at OoHin. uaar Loeti ahiel, 
SalMi, N.B. Ilaward di>d, afti« a long III- 
n«aa, on I Dm. 18d3, at bit town honaa, 
1& Railand Oato, Kni^hiafaridca. 

Itowanl mantad, Bm, on 23 July 1661, 
Au)[uaia Talbot, oolr daughti-r (and btiiaaa 
lo a forluna of HOAw. I of (li-orga Bmbit 
TUboc, lialf-brathirr of John, aistaenlb nntl 



of Sfaivwabnnr; and memdij, on 16 Jolj 
1883,W!nifrfd Mtrv, thinldkunfaterof An- 
brew Liibi Uarch )tiiUipp* de LJal*, ew)., 
of Gupodon I'Brk unt OiModi«a UuMr in 
Lmcutienliirp. By lii« Snt wife, who i1r<] 
S Julv IMU, bu bad two mnm. Cliftrl«« Be<r- 
oanl Yalbal. wfao (lied in IWl, ofod 0. and 
FraaeiM Bdwud, who nieowdcd u tMomd 
b«rou : uiil live daugbtcia. 

{HcBorial :VoU«> Ib tbe Tablvt, 8 Dk. 1M3, 

^■93: TiaM. DoMmbcr ISM; Mta of th* 
no, llthod. p. S9A.} a K. 

NouoLXlUM-inM). [SaavnikrHowARo, 

TbOILU, tbird DuKBj 

HOWARD. 1-HAN'K (1805 ?-!«(«», 
pointer, pon of llisnry Uowanl, K.A. [q. t.\ 
wu bom ia Poland Suvi!(, Luaiton, aboat. 
1KU>. Aftvr bfinft nlucalw) ut EIt lie bt^-ame 
ftpunlufhisfatberaRdastudent of die Royal 
AeAai-mv. aud wim KiibleqiUiiitly an aMlaUnl 
of Sir lliomM l^wrwico. Un mbibitwl at 
tlie Briliflli fBititution &am li^lIJ t» 1B43, 
Us MiliMl contribution bvini; t-ira iiibJL'Cta 
fton Sbalramwtri;. Ik- lintviliibiit-d ai tbo 
Royal Aeadctnv iii iH^ifi, wb-^n br Mut 
'Othi^llo aud OiTMlumuuu ' fluil ilin« por- 
trait!, and bu c:outinii«'l to exhibit pnrtrnibi 
1633. in 1p37 boconuBMieod the publicntion 
of a Mries of cIotw omlinp plntn*. ontitliMJ 
'The Spirit of Ui« l*lnr» of Sbakm-an.,' 
wUdi wta compluli'il in nvc ijuarto volumni 
in 1SS3. Xttor tb« death oi Lswrcnun bo 
bma to paint mnaUHucd portrails, and to 
mko dcMffna for golduoit h'a work for Mtusra. 
Storr & Mortinwr. Id 1839 he exbibil«d 
■min at ihp Acad«4ay, and in 1842 bu Mat 
'The Adoratiou of Ibo Mn^i.' 'Suflur litll« 
Childrvii lo conw anto Mo,' and ■ Tbo Roaeue 
of Cyinbclina.' lie eontribuled in the aam* 
VMT to tbo Dritiib InitiCutiuD * Sp<.'a»-r's 
Eliaabetli and bi-r Court.' In 1B13 be Huot 
thiM eaitouns lu WMUnitiat«T Hall in cum> 
petition for thu prius oflnrtd in coooMtioa 
witb ibH nbailding of the IIousm of Parlisr 
mentf and for ono, ' fnn enmiag to took Uie 
awRUflce of Olonann,' on iillcKory of tbe id- 
fbnned rrliffion wekititr Ibf aid of Kniclnnil, 
•nggvatod br Spon»er'i ' b'nprtf ( jui-i^ni.-,' ho 
waa BWardea odo of ibi' u\lra prinu nf 100^ 
He other curTotma w^rre 'The Intruduclion 
of Ohriirtlaiiitv into England ' and ' Bruc«'it 
Ewape on tlie Reiraat tram Ilalry.' Hn 
did not compete in 1S44, but in 184.'>'he»eut 
* Tha Baptism of Eth«1b«rt ' and ■ Th.- Spirit 
of CbinJry,' and is l$47 'Tbo Niaht Sur> 
priMi of Cardiff Cnirtln by Ivor Bo^ ; ' but 
thi« work did not add lo hi* reputation. 

I AbouttkaiiBBtiiBaharenotcdtoIiTeiyMl, 
' wbatv faa oaraoil during ib<> mnainifer rf Ui 
life a pncorioiu lifdibood br naJntiog and 
itAcbiDjt drawina, a* wall aa WWtimniEon 
art and wriiins dramatic artuut* in a bira] 
niFwrnpcT. Eli; urmte «oiiie books on att, 
th« flJM of whiL'h. ■ Tbe SketdMi'a Maanal,* 
publitkad in 1837, went thraash acTiEnl 
oditicau. It WM followad br ■ Coluur a* a 
Moaa* of Art,' 1836, ' Tie Scwncs of Draw. 

S' K,' 1630-40, and ' ItnitaliTn Art,' ISIO. 
likvwiiv cdi[«d Brraa'a ' Hypoew, or 
Sepulchral Caverns of Tarqiania,' 1S4S, folio, 
and, wiih a niMnour, bia falber!* * Cowm 
of Lecturm on Painiing,' 1848. He aim 
dtvw OB Btona the plal«i for Sit William C 
naniVs ' Pbrtraila of tba Game and WDd 
! Animals of SoutboraAfiica,'I640, and niada 
' aomu dcain* for ohurch aad raanMrial 
dowa for ^The St . Helt-n'i Crown OIa« 
paar** Trade Bookof Pattern* for Omamei 
Window Olaa^' I8MX 

Ho died of paralyw* at LiverpocJ on 
SOJiuioIeMK iflfnnek diatnas. 

[Att iounal, l8M,p. M«: Oral. Mas. IBM, 
ii. ISO : Bedgmia'a Diet, of Ani«U of t£a Bog- 
lish SduMl, 1ST*; Ronl Aovka; Exbibltioa 
OiUlo^e*, IB3A-14; BrItUi latututkin Eihi' 
bitian Cataloguea (IdTJac AitiMa), 1831-43; 
lixbibitioo CalatogacB of us Sodotr of Biiliah 
Artltit^ 1829-Jl : Caulonni el ibc OaitMU 
ami Workiof ArtexbibttodiaWMUaiutarHall, 
l8i:i-7.) B. E. G. 

HOWARD, I'UIi:i>ERICK,fiftli Earl w 
CtRUtii.B il't^-lt^:!^), only won of HctuT, 
fimnk earl of CatUale. b; hit leooad wife, 
Iiibelk, daughter of wilGam fiyroa, fouRli 
lord ByiOD, waa bom on 38 May IT48, and 
nocoadMl hi* fnlher a> f)ft)i i>ar1 on 4 .Scjit. 
1766 feee tmdtr Hhwjiiid, Citaku)*, third 
UahlJ. At antnrljap-bif wnawnt to Kton. 
whero ha vnt ilin conti-rapumrr and (rivnd 
of Lord FitjEwitliam, C-barlua JamcB Fox, 
JampK Hare, ami Anlhonr Murru Slorer.aiM 
ill I7t{4 protM^dvd to Kii^a College. Cam- 
bridp?. lie left Cambndge witkovt lakii 
any degree, and after a fltrtatioD witb 
Suab l>onnox, which waa eonunooM 
in verFK br I.ord Holland, >tart«d oo a 
t inunt al tour, Ix-inff accotoninicd during pan 
of ihi! timo by Fox. While on bt* tn- 
vela liv was elected a knigtit of tbe TUnla 
(iZ IW. 1707), and waa tnTeslcd with iho 
inHiifuin iM* ifae order al Turin by tb<< king 
of .'tfirdinia on S7 FoK 1706. Itelutning to 
Kntclaiid in tke foUowimf roar bo look hla 
■cat in ihi- lloiiM of Ixprda for the fint time 
on H Jnn. 1770 (Jounub of the Boate vf 
LonU, xx-xii. 394). For several yeon Oti- 
lialecouiinucd to he known only ae a manof 
p]Ba«ur« and faabion, He aiid Fox wore 




MMonteil Um two beat druiawd mua in Uwn. 
nk pBBMoii for p\»y Ud haa ima ibe grv«t*«t 
(cnnikgxin'. ll» tMCUHi molj' Tor l-'ox'< 
|«aiblliMC ilobt* (Waltolc, Lrtten, v. 486), 
•ad uhuuWlr WW eonpcUnl lo rvlirc to 
f^tiU Ilowftrd for a j^Mu or two in onlw to 
npair llie diMtun ■■ wliicb liii iotRoridenoa 
■ad Ua neaeroallr had inTottcd lum. 

&MMip«liiiit liimHif from tlui ^aniatc- 
labb hr gB*« o» aUvniion to polilii*, biii) 
on IS Jun* 177T wu m[i|iomii!d Ircaaurvr of 
|h» bonMliiiliI, and ■wiim a mcmlivr of tlw 
OiMMdl. (>n 13 April I77H bv wsa 
tbn chief of tliu comniii^oii aanl 
lo Ami-rifa bf Lord North 'to I.kai, 
Jt, and apve upon tbe mMiu of qnii:^- 
[ tlw diaordan ' in tfaa Amcricsn coioniiw 
a<i»<U>,1778,Xo.tie«fi). WhUe 
r be Vtt^p^ tnvfdvM in a nusiuiduntAnd* 
1^ witb La&jeUa, wbo, unraged at aome 
■troBf ■i|iiMiiiii» Tdlaciiiiif on the ccaduci 
ofib* Ptind. wkidi bad bMo puUi^ed in 
I ef tW BiMiauMioni of tbe conmiaaionara. 
1 OaiUde. M the liriiiei}>al cotnmiv 
r, to a da*L Oariitle Ttrj nropoily de- 
eUaed tbe fluWtiB^, and infnnaoil Lofajrettt! 
In a l«ttar llut ba oonndrml liimtrtf ioli>lir 
rB*iMi«iUi> (o bia cduditt and tiin^, and not 
to mi; indtvidiwl, for hia |iubllc ixiudiict and 
laBgMfe. 'nii> Ami-rican dcmaada b«iDg in 
•WMM of ilii> yiwvn iceted in ibo oommin* ' 
iJanaw-Ckiliale rcttmed wilbont haTiii( en- 
Mad nto BOffotiatkiBa witb tbs oonawe, 
a tmmit wUem Horaov Walpnl« pndicted 
irlwB. in anaooBcitig Carliili-V apfnintinuit 
OD ibr Mniaiaaaoa to Mwon, he described 
bint a* bMiy'fefy fit to tnake n tivaij tbat 
will not be mada' (Walpulb, Ltttert, tii. 

SOOBafterbt>n>tamlVoai Amaviea, Imvinc 
wigiwd ilu- trruvnnbip of tba bouadiold, 
Cwiala brruiMi pmUeat of the boerd of 
mda ID tbi- plaea of Ixird Qeom Oannsino 
(BN'oTl77e). On I« FvbL 1780 b« waa ap- 
potntad lord-lMUtcumt of tbe Eaat (tiding 
of Ywhabire, and on 18 Oct. in ibu Mme 
■■• noninMed tord-licutestnt of Ire- 
in aneeeaalon to Jolin Hnbait, aeonnd 
ef BtadiKfaaatabtm. Ho waa aocoonlud 
is I>M*Bkar 1760 at (be bnard of tnde hj 
Lead OnMban, and arrived in Dublin at 
> af tbal DMnib. taking wiib bim oa 
I Abrf aacraury Willkm Eden, aflvrwarda 
Andiland, wbo in tbe prerioiM jear 
I aaiwiaaad ' Fottt l^Uen to tbe Eari of 
Cbriaie'o«iBM(A>*baitd Iriab political quae- 
ttana. Tbot^ iwxpeiiaiMad in official lifo, 
CMiile aeea sminixl a deu iniigbl into tbe 
Inanndlttoaiof iri>ha&u«,andwan ibote- 
: air lb* Iiiah people. I>biaoCcitId«*- 
~ » did BM eoneeal blfO|JBko tbat it 

waa impowible to maintain tbeotdayatamof 
tfOTemmcni, and vvbemently nrged tbat Ire- 
laud Nbould not be included in Britiah acta 
of pailiamrnt. 'i^hnuld any nfptlatioiu,' 
wTOlo Cofliilc lo IlilUlHirviigb. on 33 Fell. 
IT6S, ' hn necumiry to i-itcnd to Ibi* IdnK- 
duni lu vifll as Orvat Britain, I hove not tw 
l«*«l n.'iixiin lo doubt that ibi' nation would 
iiaiucdintvly unact tben \iy ber own laws;' 
and ill anoltii>r lett«r, dalM 10 Alarcb 1763, 
he BMi-rM.: ' It b boyond a doubt ibut ibu 
pmciicobilitT if goTomitiff IrtiUud tiy V-ae- 
litb lawa ii Hcome nttor^ viiionnry. It ib 
witb me ei|iiaUj bevond a doubt tbat Inland 
laaj be w^ and liappil; govunicd bjr iia 
own lawa.' 

On ihr> nccwwon of ftocbingbam to nS&oe 
in Miuvii 17r<J, Owliala waa abritptlv di>- 
miaaed (ram tbe lord-liouteaaiu^ of tbe Eaat 
Riding, and replooedb}^ tbe Maimiiaof Oai>- 
autitben, wbo bad been reinoTod from tbat 
offioe by tbe law coTemnent. In eonae- 
qnenee of tbia iligbt Carlkle reaigned tba 
wax at lord-lifnli'nanl of Ire^land, and on 
Ift April ITi^L' i\k trinh Houiw of Comiuoaui 
paaeod a btartjr vote of tbanka to bim ' fof 
iUr wiadom and pnidDneo of bia adminia- 
tration. and for bii unilorm and nnnonitlad 
aiieaiiontopromotu thi> wi'lfumof ibiaktn^ 
dom' (Jintnittlt of lAt Irith Hotuc t^ Om»- 
Minu,x.a36). Oarlislo waa auooeeded in Uie 
viot'mynltv by tbe Duke of Pontand, and on 
1 1 May I7S3 waa BpMini«d lord atewaid of 
thebouicbald. Wlim ixirdSbelbnmebroiwIa 
forward bit IH>h niwliitioiu on I7Hajl?ftS 
in tbu IloujiB of Lord*, tbov were noeivnd 
witb wans approTol by Carliale, who * bom 
ample leatimonj to tbe wal and lonltj of 
tbolrinb, andpsnicularly stated ibenonouf* 
ablr cnudnci M tbe T(>liiuT(<rn and tlieUhinl 
oflVra mule of ibnir werici', whpn Irelaad 
waa tbrnalpnod with an attack ' < Vart. Hut. 
ssiii. 36). On learning th» I4>nna of tba 
, (Mtncp with FrancH and Amrrica, llarliatenH 
Dgnod hia office in l^rd Sliel)iurau'*edinini»- 
I tntiou.endiD ibullouaouf Lonl«,on 17 Feb. 
I 1783, propoeed an amendment totbeaddRM 
of tbanks, ooadeiBiiiiig tbe praliiMnaiy >i>- 
lide* 'aa inadequate to our jim expeeiMKUia 
and dMOffatorv to Ibn honour and dignity of 
Great Bntain? Aftvr a Imgihy debate in ■ 
fuller luNue tbra bu'J hnm known fur nuuijr 

J tare (be addtm waa carried al iialf-p^ 
>ur in ib« numingbja makiritr of tbirtern 
(■(. xxiii. 37&-«0, MJV). On die fonution 
of tbe ooalitioa miaiitiy Culiil« waa made 
lord priTT acal (3 April 1783), a poet wbieb 
bn retained until I'ilra accaaiJim topower in 
lieeeniber 1763. During tbe dtaoiMnotw oit 
(beKMnejrqneetlan in tba winter of I7K-0 
OarUiH (ooli an actire put agthut ifa> rw 




■iriotioiM of th« Princeof WalM'aamliorilTi 
Mid K>iiiiiiiu.i) lo act in oniQfiiioTi to I^tta 
miniiiry iiniil (he piitl>r««£ of iho FrvDcb 
nvulutina. ihk :M live ITdi, 'though Dot 
acriDtomod M tgn* with Lhc prnvtit ail- 
minUlraliin,' lie au^iuorlfHl lhi.> lliinl raulin); 
of Dm AIhq Bili 1 4, \tx. ItM I. Mnd ill F«- 
liruarv I7K< ilecliir«<d tlint li« Du[«<rluinitl iio 
duiiU'iif tbeiwoMiilyaDil juttict! of itio war 
with Fronoc' (A. xxx. SJ4). i>i\ 12 Juno 
1703 he WM icit-iatcd witli ihu oMor of tho 
(intUir, and in Maj 17M diifeiidpd the Ha- 
bca* CoTDiM SiUiiviiBiou Bill * u b«inh- mien- 
tial 10 tlM ufelT of thi* coiutitution' (H, 
x\xi. Mirt, Hn -hi F*li. 1709 Iw «-i» Hwp- 
{KiiiilMl lurd-tioiiK-nnnl of ihu Eiul Riding 
(Z«m£)n (iaettlrit, p. li)l ), mid in Atiirch of 
Uiat7«ar*Mkaiiiravoiir>ifthciiniDn wiihlrp- 
land f Aw' lliit. \x\i\-. 710- II), In Janunrr 
1811 be>up|i<>rli'd Luril Lsii>d(iwDH'< amcDu* 
iniuit toflictirst rL-^iicj'ftwilutioii, coaMid- 
inj^ that by tiii|><«iii{i; any timitatiim nnd re>- 
ntnclioii ' lliu coiititry I'nulil inily draw llw 
ooncluxitn tluil thnro wiu n oiLipicion thnt 
itii! Prin>-rt of Wn|p« would mnkean iaiOTDper 
imi of thn power' ( f tort />i«f*»,xriii. WS-S. 
747). In )larchl{<l(ibi'both*pok«aiu] voted 
agikinni ilii! third iwdiiig of the Com Bill, 
and nich (jrpnvllli! and nine other \'mn eii- 
tcr«d a jirolMt oii tho jquniaU >giun«t it 
(A. iKX. -All, :f6»-lS). l-mni thin data Oat- 
tlale appwm to hnvo r<>tirwl from {iiiblic lifo 
and lo bave tahnn do furthrr pnrt in lbndo< 
batM <]f the lEoiiaa of l^rda. He died at 
rnsllelluwardonl Si'jit. I8ffiinlii«»evunt_v- 
eiglith vaar. 

Carlula married, on '2i AUrcli 1770, Lady 
Mamret Caroliau lA>i'M>in-Goiror, dnusliter 
of Oraiivilli*, ftrwt uunini* of Staflom, by 
^Aam ho hud four ■on* nad thnwdauglilets. 
Hil wib di«d nn 27 Jnn. IHlM. nod oi: wa« 
BlieCMd«] in bin boDoani by-tli* oldcat ton, 
Oi'Ofge Honurd (1773-1846) [q. r,J At 
Cn«tle Howurd there are three portT^ta of 
CarliBie by ri\t Jonhiiit It^nolds, aa w«|] a« 
otbvn by llrimiiit'r and .lauluon. In tlio flrft 
rolume of CadeU't ' British DallMy of Con- 
temporary Pculraita ' lliKra ii an nwraviitg 
far H. M«yDr afli^ iln^ [Hirtmit by lloppner. 
T^ro Olber wgniTingi tan n-fiTred to in 
Brontl^'a ' Catatuguo.' 

In 1796 Carlisle wu appointed by the court 
tit dunovry ifiiBrdian or Lurd Byron, wbo 
WM hi* lint coiiaiii onci remiirtid. II« 
undertook ibe char)(<»with much rvlucluico, 
and init>rC[>r'<l litilo in tho manacnmiint of 
Ilia wnnl- Tbt> m:and edition oT Byron'* 
' Hour* of IdlonM»' was dwlicat«d to Car- 
lisle 'by hii citilim] vard and aQecTionata 
kiounaa, the autuor.' Enraged, however, by 
Carlial«'a refuaal to take any trouble in in- 

, trodueinn bitn to tha Iloam of Lorda, Bynm 

eraaed from hin ' Engliafa Buda and 8voI«h 

ttoTiewcTv.' which waa titen goiw through 

tiia pnM, the conpUtaaniarj eoupli-t 

On o<M alono AptJIo dalxjit to amilc, 

Aiul crwwu a nw Roacomnon is CWli*le. 

and aubsiituioil tho bitt«r attack comiaenc- 
ing with the lines. 
No muH will cbotr with reaomting amils 
' Tbr pualjtie puling of CwlUlc 

Though no fonual reconciliatioci pvnr took 
place IwtweeB them, Byron afterwarda nado 
a handaome apology wbtll^ refL-rring to tho 
dtalh of IVrbaU-'a third ana, Fmdmck, at 
I Waterloo, in the third canto of ' Cbild« 
' llarold ' (utanuia xxix. xxx.) Cnrliale waa 
a libi'ral patron of the fiau aria, witli a col- 
tivaied mind, polufaud nwiuicr*, and a laete 
br writing poetry. He putuhaaed a Luge 
part of the Urleana gnlleir. and w»a oimi of 
tho pall-bi-Hrvr* at ^ir Josliiia I{«yaold>'a 
funnral. Ilia Uturvry work woi praiaud boib 
by Joliiuoa and HocnreWalpole. ThefoRoer, 
in a letter to Mm. Ohepono, dated 38 Not. 
17^3, declarea, in nlimnicv to 'Tho Fallxs'a 
Rev(>iige,' that ' of the aentimenta I nuaomber 
not on>' that 1 wi»hed omitted . . . with 1h» 
cbaraoli-n, eithtr na coiiceivrd or proaerved, 
I havit DO &iilt to find ' (HoswstL, Johum, 
vs. U47-6>; while tbo latter, in a letter to 
tho Oaiiniw* of Oaaoir. dated 4 Aug. 1783, 
caya of tho lania tragvdv that * it hat great 
m^rit: the language ana imagny afe beauti- 
ful, iinil (be- tnocapilnl scene* are very ftn^i ' 
(WALPOI.B, Lflten, riii. 494). Scrpral of 
f.'arlisle'a lettns arv printtnl in Jeaw'n ' ( Irot^ 
■Selwyii nnd bis Contempomriee,' and in Lord 
.Viii-hlanil'i" 'Journal and C'WrMpondenea.* 
ThoBi to (inoigtt.'jolwyii, with whom hewaa 
very intimate, are bright and lively, aad 
' rouitf a regmt that the wRt« did iMt de- 
vole himavlf to a province of litomturv in 
wluch he might have been mmtioaad with 
Waluole, instead of taanufao luring pootij 
wliii^ it waa flattery to eowparn with Ibia* 
comiacin'* ' (Sin 'J. (.). TsErsLTAD, Barb 
Jfittorunff'haflfJiimftFt^r.f.flS). SerorU 
of CacualVipoeticnl pii'CHi B|ip(inn>d in *Tb« 
Xl-w FoiindCnB H.mpiial for Wit,' 1761 {L 
7-23). 'Tbo Aavlum for Fugitive Piooea,' 
178ri (i. 28-9, i«.'l7-:2I), und in tbo 'floitl*- 
maii'a Mngaiine ' |.18(M, pt. ii. p. SM, 1891, 
pt. ii. pp. 4A7-6), all of which, with iJie ex> 
ci^tion of thn laat piew, w«t)- included in 
onn or other of hia collnction^ 

Carlisle was thn niithnr of the follovri^: 
1. *Poenu,«on>i(ting(>rtbi'fullr)wiD7piMe(^ 
via,: L Ode . . . upon ilie lleaih of .^ir. Qnr, 
ii. For thM Monumutit of a fsTfiurile ^panteV 
&C-, Luiidoii, 177V, -lio i 2ud tuition, Loadao, 




, llo: 3rd •■•Jiii'm. L«ciiluD, 1773, 4ui; 
rnlitkin. i>uUtii, )7^1,8^'<»; oewedi- 
jWith oiMiikiiu. [»o(loii, 1«07,6ro,pri- 
T->~'- I— Ttipd. 2. -Tlie I'llb.-r's ]{rVlIll)(ll^ 
' I itiG<r*fUniiiliii vi-rv|. IjoindiMi, 

1^ -. !. -,(in\alvlyyriiitcdi anolhiToditi'tn, 
wiih olfacr pontt, LoBiton, ISOa lio, i>ri- 
««i«lj prwlMl, aad ooBUininfc fuurrngnv- 
■Rp mIkt WraUll 1 tiHW cdilion, Lotidnn, 
lelS, Srn, primtrly |iriiiim). S. • To Sir J. 
Bnnuld*. un li» Uir nvii;iiutio4i vf tlic Piv» 
g*o«i' ' 3vi). 'i. 'A Ijrtter . . . lo 

Karl i .11, in rr|ilr to liii l/:>n]shi|r* 

■ <■ ' I t I'liaovmin^' liii ailiniiiifilrnlioii 

i.r ' . vrnmriitof In'UiiiJ). l^.viJ'iii.lTft.i, 
("i", ^fuil iililBiii, IiQnilon, liS-V.^vo. •'>. ■Tln« 
(>uu ukI ill ■llumntiviu i)!!^!^! to lli* fitv 
riiiMV iif E)izl>Mlimiiii. Itcin^ nn abriilcoictit 
€i( " Eitrririt anil Srfiou* IbiBpct icii* . . , 
C ' Inile i-r Full.' '''ill cdiliiMi. anon., Lun- 
J.oi ITfi-*. Vila,). 7. ' Tlie Slirpmotlipr, n 
I 1-1 ti\.- iwt' aii>] ill vcrv-), London, 

i-'- . a i»'vr iiililion, will) iilii>mtiniu>, 

I. 1 , l-^lJ,Wti>,|iri'«li'lviirinli-iI. S.'Tho 

7 ■*.-.'■ I- -nu'I rofinnofl-'rwfi-rick.lyirlofCft^ 
Ii*l«,' Ail . Loniloa, l80),6ro. 11. ■ Vi-rattton tiM 
Iipatli :( Irfjnl N«Uoa,' I WO. lu. ' Tlioii^hu 
«poa4lii9 prMMii CrintlitMia of ihe Sliif;^,*nd 
ii|ina thn ratulnwti'Mi ot n N^u Tlnwlrp.' 
■■an., I^indun, IM^, giro; n nirw i>ditioti, 
Viitt •'Uitiouf l>|<i>rmJixt, l^vntlno, I WO, 
Sm. II. ■ MiMcvlUniM.' London. iSSH, Mvo, 
phimtrl^ jinDtml. 
[.\niiti«I BMCtapbr Mid UblUur for ISSS, 

S:»l ]|>i Auul BagUur, ins. Am. to 
PHI )•!' STT-9: Ofat Hm. IBSA. t«l. mt. 
in. li. pp. 1««--7I : W«lpcit>'« XrHttn, cd. Can- 
•Incf^m : RMmirit JnluiMMi. vJ. U. B. HiU. 
'- ' V4A-4i Jn««'i OmrHi! Sdvya uid 

. ■ irariw ; Sir <l. ( >. TnTtJ^aaV Hut; 
Uui-n >'. Charim Jnmm Fm : Lib ai Hterj 
OmlM bfbltfoa. IHia.iL tS3, ISS-SI) , Vrekj* 
HiiL gf BagU»i, rol. tr. rbtp. xtii.; Mortin* 
Utt^Brm : [luric'K offlr^l Bu«u*c*. i. SSI -a : 

OMtf't rrrf>.>. 1811. ill, .MS.P; Noln Had 
Qwri >IL Km. 331 , L>i>^n (iMrttMi 

Mull ».' vl ["rirnUlj I>riBl4il DodB, 

Ifcii r,!-.: Mat Cm,] O.F.R.B, 

I. Bflld-iiwolial, ira^ »nii of LitdtMunl- 
■ITIioiDM ilowanl. IliaralfaBr.iMipliQW 
FriLMru. Iiinl Uoward of Effingbua (mm 
Ktun, IWntifr, to), it.), Mtcrtd the unj 
m ITTi): will laJon friMner M AlnuM 
m I7<.i7. •r** 'Intatnfd two j*nx% iu PnaM; 
l> ' loool of tbe »4Ui foot 

Mu iiii* iliiuBtucO for bU 

pliirtbi , « u n<m(l«tud br Ovonpi I ; 
r Ifca ooIoimIc; <if Urn 34U foo* in 

lot. U«I». 

1717; becAmecoloiwJSnlliulbiu 1737; wu 
n liaalaaiuil-KenurAl ■! l>rttiiH^B : umI died 
inSackTillnSUMi, Loiii)on,31 Mudi 1768, 
livnTiiift br bia trifo Marv. ualf doutibHir of 
Dr. llortoti, tiialiop of )lr«tb, a fuuily in- 
diidiiij; four wills. 

<i(ior|n> IlownT'l i>btiiiDed bib finl com- 
sniMioii in liis fa[li«r'» r«giin44ii in Ireland 
in \'i!t, nnil ron- to llir lieutenut-coloii^lc}' 
SttI bufla -2 A]>ril 1744- Ilit<«iiiBiaadi-d tlie 
bulls at tb-bailWof t'niiiuiioy, Falkirk, and 
t'uUoiien. C'baiiibi'r> .»nv* tli*l Li- lutritttd 
't^vurliuliiifi vttcntiuci' W bis tTOaUncat ot 
llioM.- to whnm LunI Luudoun bad iironuMd 
■lld>^iltiitv •fli.-rCulI'Kli.'il sllitt. Rrielliim in 
Sru/AiHrf,'l*4:.-6,[s-v.eJ,ii,:ti«i. Oiiaii'ithur 

?ngp,*pi>nkiuM'-~ifn irngiir wilhOciiMnlllimiy 
liiiili'y.(liain)iT><i'<mfaM'i bim witli Majof- 
|[<)iienillSir|('hnrlHllowBn![i).r.'i Moward 
CO«iim&ud«l Ihi' bulfn Bt llic battle of Val, 
ntid ill ibe Itocbfort t'i]i(.>diiiiiii ti^ii j«ar> 
laittr, IK- lut'OM'di^d biH latli«r a* coImicI of 
tlio n^imHiI ^1 Aiiji:, 1740, 11" it]i«Mr» to 
bava bMn on ib"b<~iitii< nlnfT. uiidiir Sr Jolu 
Ligonier, during tin- ■■nrlii-riiart of tbe *«VM1 
war*' WOT. lio cntmnaiiditlabnKAdi' mtdar 
Lard Onuibv in Ui-nniuiv in litiU-:;, at War- 
burg, tlie rvirief of W'vtp?!. and rlnvwlwrp. He 
van deputed by (hi- Ihikv uf NuwchmIi- in 
Mny I(tl2 to coiiri'r with Prim* Fi<rdiiiaiid 
nf ISruruwick cooc'riiini; tlu' i'XjH<ii*«>i of l4io 
•lli.-*lirwp- {AtMit. ;W.s. 3itB>',f.^W,>,iiLd 
iii|^(^l tlifi'Otivi'niiouof llran('ki~r.Miihl with 
lln-F'ninrb gi-nfriiUiiu-rchy iu tlieSriii.'nibi-r 
folliiwin^. In floim-iicctiiiiils bi" ia DKitin con- 
foacd Willi Hit Cbark-fl Uunard. wliu traa 
■MiloT to QrBnby, and waa not employed in 
Owntany, H^iraamadpK.n.aadtraaafL-rred 
to tbe oolonplcy 7th dragooiu in 17i1-'). H«i 
waairOTMnor of Minorca in I76rt-I4i and Mt 
in jiarlintni'iit for 1.ortwitbipl in I7tl3'6,and 
foi Siunfurd from 17^'^ until bin <lntlb. 
WrauU aUtea iUnuair; iii. Wtf | that in 
178), when Geaaral Henry St-rinuur Con way 
[■>, r.l rvuf^ed iht^ olllo- 'jf runitnaodn-in- 
(liief with n w«t in tbi> calnnrt (to irbicb 
be had Imi'h oppi-inliil iind'T ibr Hocking 
bain admiuiMralioni. lii'oree Iluwnrd naa 
mar til* Dull* of Kicbmond, irliu Wfot Ui tbe 
ordnance at ih* Mune liuM, bad tmu in 
Piit'a n«w mUm'L UowanTa ■ppmntinMit, 
if nadfl, nt never ]Niblicly twettgamd, lb» 
office of comoumlrfin-cbiaf iwniMiuiuc ia 
abeyance until ib<- rvaopoiatniMt. in ITM, 
of Je^yAmlMnl.loM Ambenn [q. v.], tk» 
a^jntuitfenerw], Wllliwa Pawtvtt [a.v.t 
being in ibe tneAnlinie ihie oetoiuible mm 
uf Ibe nnav-atoiP under ilio kinc. Wraxall 
drarribea ltow«nl u * a uinn of ■Utim and 
profwniona Ut);«ly excirJiD^ the ordiaaij 





aiio ... An BocoBiiilifthcd courtier uid a gtl- 

Innt toldivT,' anil uilils llint in ihv lioiue be 

wu iiii<l<.<'r*<uoil III bo (li<i m(>iitb|>it.'«' of tho 

■ lllni^'e pereuunl opinitiw (Mrmvirt, iii »Lipni). 

rllnwanlWI w<>nlth dDilnmoniltina ordinary 

1 rinir-' iif piiMic honours nnd prrfpTmotil. iie- 

I ■id'-* Iitu g'€-Eif'Tnl')i jiny. liif r^-d nMton nfid ilw 

oolimtlcy of lln- In! or liiiijr'i dru((o<in trunrd*, 

lo wLicli he wuo I niuBfi-rrrJ lu 1771', lii." «'iui 

• privvomm-illor, anlioiiomry K.CL. (Ixon. 

(i July ITT-'i), nm! wiu" ((ov<rrnnr of boltt 

ChclM<« llofpitol mid nf Jnnry nt nnD tiin». 

He wa* Bitrannnd in Ihc^ rnnit of fidd-niar- 

ikal bi 1703. ill- (tw<l at bin midt-iK^c in 

Ornsvi-uorSijiian-. Lmnlim, HI July 179(1. 

Hownnl inarTit<^,firBl, l^iiy<T W.^iil- 
wortli, "iicr of tfi.- R»rl <if Sliefli^lil. w)io 
ditd in 1T71 IcnTinji iunr; iiwiin<IIy, KlLeiu 
hrlh. vidow of tbi> Hicnnd KnrI of Iv(!iiig;haiii. 

[Collitii* Pi-rrn^, IBI'if wL. rol. it.. uihIm' 
'Efttiielmm.' Ciiinon's Hut. R«c. 3rd Bnffii; 
(Ut. >*M' l^iHTs. IIii>ii« Ofltcw. ITfSwO, uadar 
■ llotnird. titfirat-.' Ann. Rmc. 1T0O-I: 0«ni. 
itiDf. 17*0. pi. ii. g. Ml : Hovard'i TorrMp. 
vtlh l)i<i Ilukn of Newnulle i* in llrit. &[ua. 
Add. MS,s. S3M1 f. an. M03.S f. 176, S2937 
f. 417, »03S ff. 3S«, S88, • liiirr to LnH 
OnutiT io iieo i< in 33SU, T. «iA. luid i>a« to 
SirJ.Vorkfin I761{. SUS40,r.lSe. MsRiorial* i>( 
a MintMfc*^ n cwruiii t>i«uMniioi-foJ'<iial tioirv* 
Hownfd.a Tatvmnoffivra-of the Snl font-can n)>. 
dated aboai 1T49, m« in the aaiBe toUwlioD.l 

H. M. C. 

HOWARD. GROROE. .ixth Eaki. oi- 
CjiKi.iM.i; (KT.I-lHlb), lUi- fiMi-M HOD of 
Fre<l*ncii iiiiWBnl.fiftht*rIof('n.rl«li''((,v.J, 
wwibnni 111 LuikIliii on 17 Strjii. 1773. lie 
WW ilTkd l.iird .MoiTH:i)i frDoi 177Slri I)^:M>. 
HpniinF^umtiil utEluiMiiidriiTi'l CliurFh, 
OsfnnI, wli-^re lie matrioulBti.'d on Ifl Oct. 
1790. am! wn» ci^iitmi M.A. 30 Jiiiio 17(12, 
and ll.r.l,. I* Jiinr 171)9. .\i a t.y-i-l.'c 
tinn in Jnniiarr 17M In- vrnn n-tiimviJ in 
till- vhig intrmt to the Hoiiih- of CVmrnonii 
for till' fnniilT ImroiipU of Morjwth, for wliirh 
h" ci-nTinutJ Io flit nniil llic diunlulion in 
(lel'il)i-r IHtKV At tli>> Ojn'tiiiiji; of thn ni"w 
pnrlinnn-rii in Ccfntinr lilNl, Lord Slorjwih 
monil til'' addrt'** in ihr Iloiwr '•( C'nmmfn* 
(ftr/. WMf.Tiioi. IIHO -l),iindinM;iy 17^7 
li<i'>ppn«'d t'li'ii mot inn for till- rpiit-nl if the 
TW'ii*i)nHnilSr'lili"ii .^ctsifft, xxxiii. 680-1), 
InFi-brimry 17119 li« niwki' wannlv in fnvonr 
of tlic union witli Imiuid. n mi'Miim wliir.h 
lie d«cktvd ' would, if t-ffi-cli-d, i-jtlinRuisli 
all rrliiriou) fimd> and jmrtytinimaulita aud 
diMinclioni ' iii. xx\n: fiOl--'). On the 
forantion of tbe miniatry of All clii>TiilE-nli< 
Morp«tli wa* trvtom n menibiT of \ht< priiT 
council (" Fi-b. ISOH), nnd ■pjioint'-d a pom- 
lliiMion«T for tlio sniuni nf Indindl FcK 

ie06>. lo Jul}- 1800 li«iiitM«iK«dtU» In- 
dian biidgM into ibe hniut- (Pari. iPfiratei, 
vii. l(M4-43), nni) at ih# p(«(ii-m) i^li-i-i kki in 
Jiovntnlwr wn' ruiimnd for tbn coiinty of 
Cumbi^lnnd, (ngi-ihcr willi tl»i wirv caiidi- 
dati-.,li)1m l>iwt.ii.T.wliiliSirH'ii«7l^l*tcb«, 
rlir: olil n'bi^' nirmlit-r, Inst Iii> *«il. 

On (111- fnrniiliun ofllii- Diiki- of Pi^land'i 
niini«try, in ^Inri'li 1^107, Morjx-tb n-sinii-d 
lii<t im^'t nl tli« Initio iKifinl. and cxi 3 F^b. 
IhlJ bn-nehl foTvran) bin inolinn tii tbe 
Hint'- if In'lnnd, in a (.jirnvh in wliirh bp ai)' 
vni^nli-d 'u linrt-rc and coiilinl conciliation 
will] the i-«tliolii-».' Ttie mottoa, afti-r two 
ni|:hta' di'biili-, won dof^atiil bja ntajorttTof 
tiincty-fi>iir(i*'>. xxi, -ISI-fiOO. tWS). In cnns^- 
qiinno-ofihi- nlKiMontoth^ Rnman CMiliolie 
daima in th>' Rpitnki-rv tiKir>~li at llic cloie 
of ihr- previoiiji M-uion, Slnrppib, in April 
!8l I, brniijtbi forward a molinu rrKulntinK 
the conduct of tbc «ppnki-r nt ihir bar of the 
Boiue of i/ird«, but wa^ der<-Htt<l bt :.>7] to 
100(4. x(vii.H»-7&,A:il-l>l. OnilMareii 
1817, ivbiln moving for a n<<w writ for tbo 
boron^b of Si. Mawn^ Iir pnid n bijch and 
i-lriqiiPTit Irltmii- to llw nw-mory of li L» frinnil 
Fmnci.s llomi-r 'a. v.] (A. xxxv. 8II-4>, 
In Dt-cnnbvr 1811) lie mpiiorli-d ibv t(i:>ti'm- 
m-Mit on tli^ Ibit^ Kodiu^ of tbc Seditious 
M-.»inp» IVt-vciiTimi IJill <A. xU. I07«-*1). 
At till- (;i<nr<nil i-loctton in Marcb It^^O lll» 
wIiignofCliDibt'rlnnd, Iwlnc'di'HlIi'flcd vtilh 
tho polilicnl condiii-t of their mi-nib^r, put 
lip luiolhnr cnndidntp, nod Morprtb rr<tinil 
from ibi- jioll at an cntly Mage. In No- 
vember \H'1A be was BMioiutcil, tbniuffli 
CanniiU'V inlliicnct.-, )ord-rii<uli-nnnt of tbc 
Fjurt Riding nf Yorkfliirv i Lvurkii Gaifttm, 
1824, nt, ii. IP-JtO, and on i Sept, M-J.', -nc- 
c-odod hta fntbi-r nt ibi- Eiidi cart i>f C'ar- 
liili-. He look hi* »-ai in the IIoiim- of 
LurIh fur till- fiivt timi- on ^1 March \»3lt 
(Jonnuiltt Iff Mr H-ittn '^ Lord*, Irili. l28), 
nnd on !8 May lK27 wm appMQt-.-<i chief 
comtniatioDar of woods and fon^iu, wilb a 
•uat in OuininDi ciibinr-t, (hi ht.luty 19^ 
be micoccdt-d the Duke of rartlnnd aE lord 
privT Acal. und continued to bold tbii pott 
nnlil ill" fnmiation nf the Duke of VVellinfC- 
InnVndminitlmi.ion in January IMS. Wbrn 
tlie wFij^ cnmo into powvr in November 
IS3'>,(.'iir1isle Bfcrpted n place in l/>rd Grey'a 
cabinet without olncc.nnd upon LordRipon'* 
fn^itrnati'W, in June 1834, ww nmyiinled to 
bi« old ]i<Mit nf lonl privy scni. On tbe dii- 
(lolnlioii of thn minihlrv in the follnwiiv 
month, ('nrliair n-lin?d nlTop-dier from poll* 
lic-al life, owin^ to ill • ih, sml gprnl tbe 
nrmainder of lu« dar» princi|>nl1y in the 
eouuiry. fie was invcatinl wif b the ordirof 
tb« Oart«r on 17 March IDS', nnd in tbe 




Mlnrinc Tor vna appointMl a truiUv of 
U Miuvum. 111? rtuigiici) ili<> I'lrH- 
^^ i>f tb" Km ItHlinif ill July DM'. 
[»wiilti:i;j ■■ Cvilo IlowHnl. iinnr JJatl'MI, 
a T iVr. 1H4^, kkM 73, vim tmrii'it in ihc 
nil-. "' ■irk. 

(- :i L'l Mwli IftOl. Lndy 

I biviuJifIi, elili'M lUiUfli- 
f WilluiD, &nh diikc 

'1- <m III- bad M.\ toni 

■il »ii il Klin (iirnml hitn 

fi.iml >. ■ ■■ ou « Allft. ISS8. 

Ii# WM iiiKvr<i>d<^'l in ihi* pei.-rA(;r 

I ' I . uwi, Oimnti-' Willinin ]''n«t'ri<'h 

' llinrMil I'l'V.] Carliulf? wa.-<iiii ncci-iiiiiliiilird 

I •ek'iUri ■■><) on kmiitlil'', hi|^li-Min-li^ tnnii. 

I Of ui cuw-'liiifily n-(inRk' •impi^tiltoa, lie 

I biok llnl" pari m lli>* lii'liii'i* in nitlifr 

boaw. Ili' Ixfi i-iH-M'li. nliirl) U myirdint 

'in ' IlkiiAitivl.' u'lK tUilirrrvd on fi (Art. 1^1 

ifl.j' ." ' • . :ir<l »T. rii. 13:>Q>.vn'i-Diepii 

i»r ' • ilmib. 

ilRDKhtor of Willuoi, unh iluke oT Devoo- 
■hiru. wBn born in Hill Stn^i. Hi-rkoley 
A|Unrc, l^iuUin. on lb A^iril IW.'. luid iraa 
pdiicuti^d >l Eloii. nrmnlrtcnlniiilnl tlirift 
(:iiunrli,Oifonl....ii Ift «>«. li*ll'..iH.i inlSSI 
nblaiiK-il \hv iiiiirvnitv prin-t fur lj*lili nlltl 
Knirliib v'fTcn'^iirniT^ly.lIi'ttH'kBfiwiHfta* 
B,A. IWa, M.\. Hit. On 111" iltnib of hi* 
^rmnilfntlu-r in Scjili-mbtT \vi^t hi* fntbtr 
■iirrncilmi IL1 tb<? b>\|1i L«rl, wliil<> hi^ liimwlf 
Ik-PiuiiL' kouRil l)j- ihy courWny t.itl^ o( Lnn) 
Monii-lh. In lS(r>lK'iieonin|intii"l hi* uii«1e 
William, xixib iliikn '■f IVviiubin*. on bi* 
mission (■> Si, T'HiT'liiirjf lo niti-nd tbe eont- 
lution of lioipiTiir Nichulnf. While nbroftd 
hn WTL« r^liiniiHl at Ibc (ji-m-nil vlKlion in 
Jiicn l''2H fir tbe boruuf^h »f U'lqwlb in 
tbn wlli;,' illl<>rv«l. In ft Uoillcll 4pM«ll on 
f< MurvU IH^ bir MCOtiiM Sir Fnuiri* Hiif- 
dirti'^ n-9>>liiEinii fir l)ii> ri>lii>f of tltx ItnmkB 
mlfi'ilic liiMihiliiiia ( Pari. IMiilew, new wr. 

!(<- -..i. •„■• biilhor (>f (lk« following nm- km. k(1> •'•J|,iiii<] in Afiril 1>*A0 bpfuji^rwd 
thbiilMiiii lo llii- ' AnU-Jw«btn: ' I. ' iSmi- , Flolwn (imnr* oiolion (-t \vavi- ii> bniijiC in 
^1 (11 l.ibL-rlT ' I N'l. v.f a. Thf trenaln- , a bill fur the tvEKal iit .Ivwitli >!Lmbilitii-a 

Itioii uf tbp Jlnnjuik uf Wi'lli-nler'ii talin 
'FtiiAitK^I in thf (inivdin;' aiuatvr 
:l, ' < Idr to Anarchy' iNo. ix.) 
uiuiUlory A<Uirru to hudunbonU 
by VitiM'u Mii-k.-in' (No. xsvii.) ^ " <Mi> 
10 lhn->'(t'r .M-rilii' (No. (Six.) tk 'An 
AlTwii-'nai'' KOit-iixi of Cilixi-D lliiakMa tn 
lUvrr di- limi-i' ' (No. xuii.l TliMV U » 
|a^rail <-f l.'«rli>i« bv Kir 'riinman Ijtirtvaoe 
U (.'vili' lliiwanl. ll>* ■■Tttnii, luiiilifl Iw 
Kir J<«biia IC-vnottU in I7M, wm* pngmrea 

(I'A. i»iii. 132>t-30t. Al (he grwral 'ili^iiiMi 
ID Aniru-il IKJO Mirrp'^th m* n^iimnl iil tbu 
l»-nd of ibi- pull for Vorkobirw. luid in March 
IK(l nuokii m favour of tb>- niini>l<<rl«l Iti*- 
fnriu ftiU, whieb b'> dwcriU'il ua *■ i*foi 
win'. Iionwl, und |;loriou* inMuun?' (A. Srd 
•■■r. ii. l'.;I7-2("), Al Ibi- (pmcml i-toclion lu 
Mov Inal 11" WB" nanin nrliinipd for Y<irfc- 
•hirr, ui<1 >■■ <lie nuMn-ftin): |;pu>>ml vlrdion 
on^nf ilv meoibtw for ib" W«( }ti<liti|r. 

ibi' frOl'iMiiM Tvar liT TboHifla Troiier : whirb eooatilumey liw conlimiM lo rf^in— 
KM. liflir JitMai-m nf (Hil Mattfrii,}*'7fi, \ ^rqi „alii tb« diMwiliition in Jiinn IMI, In 
Na S7'.'». Aavngnrinii nfti-r o |MiiiIiiii; hy 1 ).Vliriisri' \trJilt Mi>Ti»~th pr"|HHKl an nni«nd- 

i. Jif-kwo, l(.A.,w(iirbtiicliidi<iitii«>->n I'ora jgnnt to tlu uildn-u, irliicli 
3l«rqwlti, ami i» at C4>tlr lluwnni, will be I 
tomd in ihn H-rond voluiD'-'tf Ji.-nl»n'>*Na' 
l>>Mul I'-ftrBii r.allcfj; tKtl. I 

(K*rxwaii* Cunitwrlanil and WaMnoTvlan-l 
ILf.K IITI. pr- Ut-d; Wil<ofi'i liiograpbiirnl 
Imtw in ll» |<n»«>1 H"'* ■>4 l\iiiiuiun>. 1)108. 
K tn-J ; l'<*r* ■"' ' ' wln-HK of I<Md 
C&lfa.t*r. ■;••>'( .M ..p. KS. I«i8 

■Lil. t>)T-l>. IsMpi. 1^. ..>7 . AiiBual Rffiirf r. 
}%U. \M' to Chen*. pt> SM'T. Tini**,B <V'i 

1II1 I I .Tr.ti.l I.^i'ilT Vf«> 14 Ort. 1H4H 

, , 34«; VW'T' 
Aloiuai ■i],^>.r.>.-..t.&Ull. I'.irlioMtUjr llit- 
UnaMl [•■'Uln. l7tiA~l*<)*; f HBcUl lt*WTn at 
MiMtwkcrfl' I«l. Ml. 330.131. 
»«,«», Ml.] O. P. B. (t. 

FRKUr.ltli'K. ^YPHih Kini. or Ciklkle 

ilHCii-lMU I, aUntl ■DO nf OlxMRc Howard. 

■blfc mtI nt OuHala {a. v.\ (it lit* wif.', — - , , 

|«|yOMrgisaa DoMhj UVou^ith, rldv*i ,cr>iilt>r5loe>pccl>iio«i,ih«llM>wM 

■irainBl ibc fovirnnit-nt by ■ m^ority uf 
«n-uD (tA. xsvi. UUf-73, 410), ninJ u|Kin Hm 
tbmuinn of Lonl Mdboumo'a arcond ait- 
miBiamtioM in April IWi fcp w»» •tipoiolnl 
chiof »i?crp««TT for Irclnnd, Hi" ru-tlpdlon 
for Ihu Wwl Ridiiig wm mmiHTn-Mfiilly iici- 
iH»«lbT(lie IIo»i.J.S- WortltjMaft'-rwiiM. 
■rcond Ifciroo Whaniolilti') in lln- lory in- 
ti-rwl. 'Jii ■-'<> Mny 1^*' M.wx>-lb wa» nd- 
mil tftlloilii-KniliibpriTy council. (lud in llic 
follnwiiiii montb in[r«uliK,^ lb" lr»b Tilh* 
Idll in n ■pi-.'cb wbidi raiMJ hi> T»iii«nlion 
in t)i''liou«-M/-. ixviii. I.llfl in. Ilr Iwld 
tbi> difliciilt ["i*! of chi'-f XTOivlari- fur In* 
laail for ■n'>rc ihan >ix yuar* iliiritiit llic lotd- 
^jlTi Fort*«»ru<'. DiirinB till" tiwp b»rtrrietl 
ihmtipli thiT HauM of ri>ailiioiM lb* Ifiih 
Tiilip Tlill, lb- Ifiili Muiiicipul lU-form IMU, 
nii'l lh«- Iritb I*r>»r Law Bill, and ahowrd. 




M» (o hold lux otm in tbp flora; <l*bat«* 
«f IktUy. [lo ir*ati-i) ibo Iriab partvwitli 
C0iwil««*b1i* lart, KU'l ili'l tiU bnri in cony 
mil tlio iitli«v initiated liT Thomn* Dniiii- 
Blonrl l^liitr tlSlfl) ifi.!-."! 'Morpotli»-Mmd- 
nitud to thvnbiiKt inFrbniai^ lS%,iipMi 
diH rMiRineiK of Obkrie* Oruii. ftft<fnrard« 
Cmi«l Itaron Olvn^l^. Al IIiq gmeni ehw- 
tion ill Jiilv 1^1 h- yeu 0<?A«l<^ ib lh» 
Wmi [tilling, aiKl in Sttrtvnbcr mifrn«) 
oScowidiilwnwtaf liuooU«agiM->. Kliortlv 
■AvrwonU Morpntli opeat ■ jMr in Norlh 
Anuricft nii<l ('nnnila. Durinir hi* khMnc* 
liKir** mimiiiKlutI a cnndidaW for tbe city uf 
l>iibliii ni ■ liy-vlA-lion iii Jtaiur}' \Hi2, 
bill irk* iJcfpuii.'il bj' bi« toTT o]i[«n«it. Al 
B b_T-«!wti>>n io Fi'tiTU»rv IMU b-- wm tv>- 
liirnral unoppn»r<d fo» iJn" Wc*( Kidint;. ■nd 
upon ttwdnwiifnllofSir llnben I'ml'iiMOud 
nilminialialion iu .liuie ISJOwk* kMiointed 
cliii>r cciiiiiiii«ioii<.T of wuodi lUlO foiVHlA 
(7 July) will) a omI in l«>nl Joliii RuMell'i 
&n>L cmtnoFl. liv ittA iwuni in n* I'lrd-li^ii- 
t«iwiii of tlie Ena Itiding on '."t; .liily \>*^\7, 
BIkI nl ibe g«n«rsl cWlwin in ibn r<>lbiwint( 
monlh wM onO! moiw rniurnod lor tliv W»t 
lt)Jin|[, ibiK linv witb ilidionl Cobdcn m n 
CoIImciiu. In Frbrunrj IBIS !ilorp«Ui r*- 
inircnnici-il bia I'ill lor pmmotiiig tbv public 
hufiltli (ih.Sriter. icvi.3S>-IO»),wbich bv- 
came Uw ■! tlir i.-liihrnf tlif »UHion (11 & 13 
Vict. c. «S). On thi< iImIL of bi« &lbi>r 
inOcloliur IMH Munielh MiccowUd b* th« 
BeTMitli Mirl of CHrlicI^, and took liti m^ai in 
ihellouseof IjoHaon I Viih.\^iH Jonmatf j 
«//** llniiir •>/ lyifdi, \xx\\- l). On ibc ap- 
[Hiiiitmrinl i>f I.'irtl Ciimjilwll u lonl chii^f 
jiutiof oi KiiuUnd, Cormlt bwau« cbuti- 
onllOT of ibo duehy of lAncBBrer i« M»rcb ' 
lAQO). On tbe BOCVMion of Lonl Darby Io | 
powor in Kebrnnrr \^->i Ciu-litlv iMigncd , 
office. ll« wa« insUllfd rwUir of tlie uni* 
veniity of AbfrdiHiii nn 'll MrccL 1HG3, mnd 
in thi' foll'iwinic oiiminn' hey;tu a twclra- 
mnnlb'i i-ontiiii'iiinl Irip. 

(hi 7 Fnb. ISVi (.'urliilu wBB invMted iritk 
tbc ordur uf llif Giul^'r, uiid in \\i« iwnaa 
monlh wnii H|>pi>inT--d bv I^nl I'sliucnton 
ionWit'ulyiiaul 'i Irrlsnil. Hi- n^Iatnod thj* 
offliM until Fi'hritnrr lK'i8, nnil tmumod il 
on Wlmentoii'i' ri'tum loollicd in Jimu 1SG9. 
III-hi>Alih r'>inpi')li-d bin lind rL-liri'munl iu 
Oolobnr IMIM. lie diod at Cwllu IIowBtd 
on fi I)i>c. li^lU, macA Vi'2, and wa« buried in 
the Aunily inntisilvnm, Ik> iietyrr mnrntxl. 
Mid was ■uccci.-iluil by liiK timber, ()>■? Hon. 
and Il*v. William Gvot^' Ilownrd, rector of 
I,'in'!i!»bi"rmipb,V"rli'.liini. Ctirli»lu wns obli- 
niid liiml-bi>nct<<il, villi rnltivatr'd tmliM and 
^irt, fliifni-T if »|i.iTb. Witlicml comninnd- 
■Dg abilitiui or grcul flrunglb of will, bi« 

gvatUtiMi aadMtwl bint to all iboM with 
vrbom bu cbbiu into coniact. A« lordJicu^ 
tciUDt be devoted hi* ollbfts to iintiKm tliM 
wBi Biiccvaaful and popular Ibpre. 

Al Caallr lIowaM iIwtp is n be«l of ihau 
earl in clulb, vbieli ba« been eagraved 
F. II'>11, aUo • liu^ mtiuBlor^ 1^ Canrit 
and a funall fo1l-leBf[th wnl»r-coliHir|HMlrBit 
|iBi]i(nl wbrn Howard trm* in Gnwce. 
pnrlraiT bv John pBrlridfco i* in ilw poa 
orLailv'iauutoa. A bconiertatiioof C_^__- 
bj- J. II. V<A^ n-as t'n.-cti'd br public i-ub- 
Bvripljoii in Pbcenix Park, hublin, in |K7D, 
fend iu lb* Htne year aiMibcr riaiac bv ihe 
Mitn« anin WM <>r*ct«d on Itnanioo .^Im, 
Carli«ir. Therr i* a biwt of Carlulc b; Foti ~ 
in the tovn ball at Alottirtb; «nolber, whi 
LordMonrtb.atCutb-iloward; and n third, ' 
aUo by Foky, at Caitlr Ilaward, i-xfciiiod 
when Howard waa lotd lieulcBaat. A m*- 
E&oriBl caloain wu «m«ied upon BolBiiir 
llill, al tbo «d^ of |Im> Carlisle »late. 

Carliiilo pmvtdMl nl tli» Sh>|[«Bp«BrB t«r- 
cr nlKnanr at St ml fbnl-oa- A run i n Apr i 1 1 Ml . 
IU took • gTMt intoreat in ai«cbniiu»' Instl- 
lotei, and Hilnblimlicd a rt'foruialory upon hit 
own estdTv Bi Caitle Howard, ifo was the 
auUiorof thi! foUoirinf; work*: I.'Klanuna; 
poeuia Caiu'plUni pra-mio donntum, «< in 
TliralroSbcldoniuno r#rilatnm di*< Jul. iv* 
A.». ISSl" ^Oxford. ISSI). 8ro. S. 'Pui*- 
tuni : n I'nsr Poaiii r«cited in the TtiM- 
In', Oxford, in lh« wm ISiJI * [Oxford. 
IBiill, Sro. 3. ■ Tbr- f^i ..r the OrMka ; or 
ibi- Fidl of Conrtnminoiilr, a Tnifedv ' [in 
Bve aclr, and iti vitihi\ l^ndon, IfQS, 8vO. 
4. ' FsiuitsT; ICi-funn, Spppch ... in like 
IIou«>> otT>7inniotu . . . 3U Alandi )S47,on 
moving for lf«ve lo brinjt in b Kill for Im* 

Cving till? Ilvullh of Toirnji in Hasland,' 
idoa, im:, f*To. 6. ■ Public Health IHll, 
t^pcurb . . . in Ibc IIoiiiii.> of Commoon . . . 
10 Feb. IS-l)*, on inorioji for It-nvt- lo bring 
in a Bill for FromotinK ibc Public HiwItV 
London, IB16, >*x<i. C 'Two U-citim* on 
llie Poetry of Popo. and on lii> own Tnvdl 
in AmcricB . . . dt'iiivml lo tliu Loeda 31^ 
cbniiicV Instil III ion nnd IJlL-nuy Society, 
DitcroWr iJtli uiid Btli, IS&O,' Loudon. It*3l, 
8»o ; llio leclim' on Pojic was r^vievred by 
IJu (juincey. 7, ■ Dian- in Tiirkil^b and Qreofc 
^^'aitn*,' London,, 8to, ndited by C. O. 
Ffli-n, B.WI.OT ri-'-t'.'^ JM^Sto. 8. 'The 
Svcoikd Vision of Daaiel. A E^traplinuc in 
Vmh ' London. 18&8, 4iu. 

Carliitlow«aBft«qiienl ronlribuiorinprow 
nnd vnr»r ti ibn annual* of the dnv, mid di?- 
livtifefl a nntnber of addrewM anil lecluri-n. 
Ilij'Lectui'mand.lddrwtc-iiiiiAidof Fouular 
Educuiion,*Ji:c.,furuilliif tiranty-JifUivDimDo 




, «f llu * TntvtUn librarv ' | Lonloa, 1860. 

ii),«hil«tiu *Vifi>-iv)iai ^UHichMiDiI Ad- 

■n«,I.MiurM.«iMl PiMou imv collected 

[sua f^tnl b/ J. J. (Jukin (^DiiUiii. 1MI6, Sro, 

iwHh portnut). A coUectwn ot Iti* ihioib*, 

['■lala^nl bf hb ai«tvn>,' vriu piiblUhcil in 

IBOO (LoniuB, Svo). Cirtuilo wrote a prr< 

ftw to ma Kncli'h i-ilitiun or Mn. ^tuwc'c 

• L'ocle Tom'i CnbiQ ' (l^widim, l(*53, (Svo). 

ILoM-lak'* WortlitM of (^'•inWInaJ— it>a 
H«nnU lSrS.wiihMnni(.|>p.lU-Sa: ll*r- 

I !!•«■'> Ili^crajihiml Ski«lu*. 18S9, pf. 131-43 ; 

FVdfvlD't Hoion- lit BiclnsJ, lol*. ill. iv.; 

' Gni. Mug. ISMh ne* arr. imii. 99.101 ; Ano, 
fb«.l>tftl, pt.ii.pti.l»S-(;Tiui<4,(land It Otv-. 

i 1H(: [tlMniicd London New*. IT L><v. ISM; 

Itunfton'* Klea fWfccol UWf. IS«I. i-p. HI. HO; 

,Ala»niOi.>< IMR,[i.«»«; l)»totieal Bi«iiT*r 

. of U . of OifijiO. 1HH8, mx. ISH. 147. ' 

>M ' mml ]l■^M>«;^-, IK8«. L Ut-A ; ' 

FiM«* i-Mir<«*. IMA ^ I'i-l: Oflkinl IMum 
ofljlHUuf Mmbanuf rnrt-Fimi'M, |jI. iL pp.^lOA. 
MX. 111. *lll. SS8, STl. »Sn. tOS; Bi-.i. Mhh. 
CkL) O. F. K. K. 

ir>:*lt. tnuo^lUneimt vTiti'r, «on of Fniici* 
1li>«inl. I'Di'tain "f •Intgimii*, by liii wife, 
Kliul>ri)i Jai'kxMi, w&t UiRi at Colcrninc on 
36 Aiw. 1716. lie «N> i-ducalvil *l Tbom&a 
Arridui'* ickiol ai Dublin. .\ftcT bri<>f 
■»rVM« w Rppmiiicii in tti- PXcliiH|tirr at 

Dalilin. Ili)Vr*nl oollrtnl iii an iiifnnlfT ri>),'i- 
nwBl, liut at ibe i-Bc) of k p-nr tviamvd to 
tji* vvcliraiKT, bccsmv a wtirit'T, nml ac- 
Mwallaaof ikecmaplieiu-il •v*i'rau <'f ilx^ 
oaliaqMor, mvnu^ aad rorfntiirv drftti- 
MMU. Ill* •vcvnil a lucrndVM biiBiTir» %i it 
■lEeitav aod land agtfli, ami |iiilili!<luil {-ru- 
tmkm»l work* by whicli \k Iiut mcni^y, 
•Idionftb tkrjr were hitiblr c<iiiini(-n<)e<l by 
MBipvfvMl i-nti(v. Ilw lnt>nriou) cITort* at 
tk* «un* I im" toacbicir r>iiii!nti4iiaaa prH'I> 
4iHKali*l, ami literary i>i<^ralii-l faileil n|[* 
mUy. TTip t'r«i'')"''<y *>''< *b""li buwmtc 
Wil nrintnl cimU-iii]iliblp tra|pr<li<s, Duni> of 
whifh wi-n> aiTlnl, aii'l ocCMMMul TtHK, IlsI 
lOlfaopubliratiiKi'if fnrvtioTiJiMilirM.WTillun 
nwwly by Hobi'ri Jr^>h»-ii -[.v.] in 1771. 
Tli>7 appr-anvl in thf< f'inii i.^ a nigdi corrv- 
iDiMulctir* in Twrw< iH'twwii Howard Uld kl* 
(n*tii| lirorir^ ruilliii.r, ibv jirinli* ffl. »■] 

Tliu It'll "!,• -lllilil.lllflltrd vith 

ltlll-llnlr1,itl " '. ' TlfllinilllltJ jumbl'd 

M*ti« iif ll'mapl ni»i laulkn-T viv ■ixmi*- 
huH iirrin-:--!. Tl.n •nllm naiw-1 lliroUfHl 
ou'i - at Diililln. anu wrre Iwlivvnl 

la I ;«rtiollv in'|iin-'il by tbo vi«f- 

ny, LuiU liiwBiliiMi't, wli'i wa4 p-r«>«ally 
a«(Mialnl witb Howard ami Faulkner. 
Ilovapl'* ilmmuw enm^oaitioiu ronoi.>il \ho 

oubjoct of an in»Icftl lotler tddmatd bj 
Kilmuml Hiirko to Horrick in 1TT3. Aa K 
taw ollicial llowiird rendurtd vnluiible »er- 
vici'i lo |(<>vi>niiiiriil. which were •onnltly 
ruwardi-d. Uu wait iictiveiu uroniQliii^'Mnio- 
tttral ii]]proT«in#nl< in PiiUin, bnviiig nB)8 
skill Bit an arekitfi't, and lUo fr>«doin ot tba 
city WAK owfiTHnl oii him In I'litl. Ilo wml 
ARiontc tbi> carlii'it of tbo pmd^nnt iul\t>- 
cnTc* (nr iIk' iiuriial relaxation of ibe imol 
Inwi ofcaiiut Uoinan pbLIioUcs in IrFloiiu, an<l 
mMubera of tliut cburcb [in-Bi-uitd liiia witli 
a Wndwme iivTiinoninl. !{•' dtM in nflliien 
drciimHlanci.'- ni [)ublin Jii Juiw IT^f}, 

Mis pub1i>li<''1 liii'mry wiirkiii npnrt from 
cMniribiJtiiiiii" to iHTiiMJifal iiltrrntiirr, wtrc: 
I. ' A IVilliTiioii of .Vpoth<-|[iu* nnd Maxima 
for til*' (iwiil Conduct o!" l-if-, •flwtid from 
ihr tnoit Kmuimt Aulliun, with r'ainv nowly 
fonoi'd«ndilic>-i'i«l iiiniiT[inim;rI"'n'lp,'Pnl>- 
lin, l70T.yv<>,d«!ic(il<.'diii(hykiri);»nd.iiii-i'n. 
i. •.■Mrncydn, or tlw Ki»*l Kini;',' Dublin, 
ITCD.Svo; n imgi'dy mlnplnd from Tlnwki-** 
«orth'» ■ Alnioran and Hnoii-t.' 3, 'Tbf Sifge 
of TaniOT,' Dublin. Ii7», 8vo and l^mo, a 
trnfffly. t. ' Tlie KpnwlflJnniMli'r,' Dublin, 
IT"**, 'll'tno. S, ' MiH-i-UanrixLt Work" in 
VcT»> and IViMT,' with a putttnii, Pntilin, 
]78L», em. » vdU. 

lIoward'^proGrMioRalwoiluaro: L'Tri*- 
liw.' i>f till' Itu1» nikI 1'nii-licn of tlif rti'aa 
.SidiM.ftlM. F.xdicijiirT in Ireland," 2 txiU.Hio, 
Dnblin, 17>'A i. • \ Tnnli>n on t?>i- Itulea 
and EVartiw "f ihi' Kjiuity J^ide of tbo Ex- 
ciii^liuT in IrrUiivd. willi llic wvi-rni S^aditM 
p-latiTr iht'ri't", an «b«o M-'vcral Adiudjciit 
(.'*•!■» ini l\i<- I'tu<.-tici' iu Courl* of Hqiiily 
lK>lh inKnK''>nduDil Inflund.withthi- Ib'iuolil 
and Urittm tlicn'of, in many iitMsni'vailhoy 
■ri3H> fiiun ikfOiiil Law of Ih'' llixnona, W 
till- C'anun and Pi-iidnl Ijiwu.' In-wribn) to 
ihi: charifi-llor, In-otunr, Ion! vWu-t baron, 
ami bomiit of I bo court of c.\rliii|uvr, i voU. 
8vo.PiiMin, I7ti0, S. 'The' Kiil.-.nnd PraO- 
lion »( ()>■-■ 1li|;b Court of tliancvry in Ini* 
Und,>vo, Dublin, 177:J. -I. ' \ Siipidruw^t 
to lliv liuIiM and Practteitiif thi- HijtbCmirl 
of ChanoMT in Ireland lately pubtiahiil. [■)• 
acribtd to iia**. I>»nl llaran l.idTord, I^ird 
Ctiaiirpllor of Infland,' Svo, DuUin. I7T4. 
A. 'Sixtinl ('iiM« on ttio Laws n^nilMt til* 
furlLiT yrtrntU of I'ojmtt in IrvUnd,' Rvo, 
Dublin, I77ri. 'I, ■ An .\)>^ir«ci and Common 
I'Uoc of all the Iriab. ItriiiMi, and Knctlnh 
ri(aluii'« ridaiivv In tlt« ItrTi-niu of Irilanil, 
ami tlie Trad"? dniiii-itci rbiTrwitk. Al- 
phalN-ltcally iligftn] uiidiT thatr rccpectivo 

Srwprr titlr«. With tivt*>ra1 SpMialPnw- 
rnla of infomuilion, lie., u]»on the aAiil 
Htatuliinndolbpr matter*, not ur Wf'ire Piib- 
Italiiid. IiiiwibcdioibFFarlofltuckinfiKia 




sliin.', liM(l-Lii<ul«DaatDfiKluid,'ivoIt.4to, 
UuMiii. i:7». 

IlliUrniiii Mi^.. Dublin. I'SSi BiUeriBlv 
papain DramaliA: Gkrn<k'* I^nio Cdtk- 
iipaodcDw. IH31 ; llin. of the City »f Uubliii. IM9i Tbr llBtclH li,r. 17Ti.l J.T.O. 

HOWARD, II 1-:N UI l-rrrA.CuixnM or 
StTFpuLEi l<^1-t'Q7l,miMn>HtoUoQtKo]l, i 
I>orii in I'lr^l, WAS I'ldml dKiwhtcr of Ulr i 
ll>-arv ll'ilHirt, uf BltuhliiiK. Nurfolk, bnrc, 
bv I-.luiilH>tli, i-Mr^t ilaiivhlof of Jom'1)1i . 
SlBynunl.Hinnf i^r John Mayiianl.cnmmi^- 1 
tiotirt uf I III- gnM wbI in ibi' n'ien of Wi)- | 
tiamlll. Sbi! wronrrird.l/inj Ilerv«yt«ll* ' 
ua,'rtirTyuiinu'ti)('liiitl>-nIli>waril,tlutd(on j 
of Ileurj', fifth tinrl i*f Sulti>lli, wbom ll»TT«ry 
deictibM ks' irrou)c-lu!(iJ«l. ill-tiMniwrvil, i>l>- 
>tiiul«, drnnlteii, exinivntmil. brutal.' 'I'bi^ 
(lal« of l\\v ntamitfr ryiaiiiiiB iii»l''(<?riiiini.-J. 
Itving ^9^ ^"' tbfir Biuiioii ib^ jiair «<.-nt to 
lira in Ubhovi't towKrdu ihr cbue nt ljii">-ii 
Anne'ii reiipi, vritli ibi- rii«r of iiitirnrl.tliiii; 
thcnuelTMt wilh (br flllun^ nTETcigiu of 
Bd^IukI. Kvi-u tbirrc', bonrvi-r, Ihifv wiv 
■omi-liraM in i^ul Blz'&it« f'jr luoni^.v, Mr*. 
Howard iMi one oc>.ii*i<m Bcltini^ b--r linir (•.) 
|iaijfi>rniJin»«r for ibi> miciUiry. Ob ihenc- 
CMaioti of tb« i>l«ci<ir to |.b<.> Mii^liiib ibroiif na 
0«op|{i' I. llnwnrri wiir njipr-inl-ii bin jrt\irim 
otilte b«lcbumln-r. niiiibin h iff bndchnmber- 
WMiuii to tbi- l'rinc-i--i of WhIc-s {HiiVl'.lt, 
PoM. Stale ',/ firrat fl.-iVni», viii. »17, I7rj). 
TUeroomxwbii'b ia ibis(-n|HU-itynb^iicni)>irrJ 
in Si. JaiDFu's Palnfu nnJ. kflcr lbL-n)>liui(iu 
of tbi> rritiew, nt l.eiewlt'r llouw ytrtv tb- 
fatrourit* plncc of rfuni'm fur tbe jirinty. nml 

Sincau nnil tbnir litlb- coiirl. l'o|in iind 
»v iroru ffis|iirutl_T to b.t fdiind i.bnrc, MiA 
Swift wbi'u \ie wm in tln^land. Tb<' rriorr 
Mid wo* inciuunlv ri.-ci-i«<Ml. and lluw&nrn 
•dbrt* In n.TiwvH bn wifi- from ibi- prmctiV 
llOUMhold ]iP..v.>.l in.'iriiliiiil. In I7'.'l Mr>, 
Hiywnnl built licrtnlf n vilU ai Miirblc Kill, 
T^'ifkiTibnm, wbi-w nbo wan n nvnr iii'iah- 
bour of l*«pL'. 'I'hr boiim u-n» <!«iij(ni'd liv 
Lorxls Biirlinglou unci I'cmbnilii', i in- Bunli-ii* 
wprp laid out bv Pupv utid Lonl llatbiint. 
Th^ Prince of \ViiIi-i lonrhbut-d ID.t.llW/. i 
townpUlheerjtt. i'ope, Swift, »nil Arbmb- 
oot UmV it in tuniB 10 iii'l M b'/r m«k>r-iiiit»>. 
I)n bin nrpiTt»io7i in tlw tlinim' <i"orj;>' II 
(|lUfl--[l Hownni witb an anmiilr of l,i()0/,, 
ami inslnlli-d bi» wife in St. Jkini'i'ii Palncit 
u lii» liwly fiivciuritp, Sbo won formnlly sopii- 
TfAeA from ber biubnnil, wlio nutcb? u, .i'ilU» 
tneDL upon biT, 

In Lmtl ri.'[<<rbLiri>i.i);b Mn. Howard bail 
KD Ndmirrr of ii ve'ry dilFi-n^nt Maiu{i fniiii 
(•itoreu II. lti> not cliwr wlx'n tli<'iriuiiii>ni-y 
uvnunuiicud, biiw loii^ it bi»Tt<d, or wbulbur 

it wu oi'iT tuiiiid bojxiad Uiir lioiinds of 
flirlAtian. It wvdii, Iiotraver, from tli? cor- 
remnndoncv which paued bi(<tir<vn tlu^m, 
and wliieh ioeliidr« forty lnii>r« from Peter- 
bofougli, written in tbu ni-ut rflinoiitie ttrain, 
to luT« heewt oi KaDK dnmiion. All ibe 
lellvrs ar» aiiiUt<.>il, but ibi-r nn^ pmhably to 
b» Mf«m>'l lo ili^ Tvtga of (icoriti- 1. 

For Kiaxv (itiii- aftvr Uii.' BCfnainn of 
fln)ni«n Mr*. lIow«rd was niiicb courted hr 
I botte wild tl>uu;;bcibp king would b-.-pivemM 
liybiT. 'niis,h'>w<'T>'r,cnnM>il wliiiti it b»cans 
npjHirt'nl lli;ilTliciiu<«n'iiinfln«ncew>«lofra- 
tail, ili-r ^ji-LL-ly oonliniinl nrvcnbtdcM 10 
b» I'ulli^ot^il by ibeirils ntid ibi< oppoailion. 
Abnul 17;^ Aw beinn to iIk-Iiup in favoor 
wiib ibr- kinjt, but jktvcrty ci)ui|H-llnl bur lo 
k<^ bi-r Ti'*I. (In ihe dmlb rtf Kdward, 
i>ii;bT.h rarluf l^udolk, wilhnut iiuiu.-, 2'.! JuiM 
17^1, Huiran) >urci>c^iMl lo timicnrlikini.and 
Ijidy Siiflolk iru tlicrvni)!)!) ad viuicihI lo tlw 
(■.■•it nf KfO'imnf iliv oIoIl- lo ihi' ijii»rn. wiiha 
Mtary iif AiNW-n iMrlDovint, Mil. Stair tff 
tiivif //rifatu, xli, iWl'l. llervirL-umnlanCM 
Ki-n.' fiinli^r imjiiviTc-rJ hv llii^ dt-atli of her 
buJiUnd (2P Srpi. 173.'l|.'«n<l in llie foUow- 
lug yi-ar sbi' rrtimi from isiun. In I7SB 
all" inarrii.") lhi> lion, lixnrsn IWkifbiy, 
vouti^i poll of ilif sefoiid iwrl of It.'rki'Uv, 
wilb whom •ill- lived bii;i|>ily iiiilil budrnlb, 
Its Jan. 174*. Sli« U'ftan i" vtnw di-nf in 
ini'ldlft lifiMtii'l in ber biti-r vi-nt'tnlinust Inal 

1 bi-o/ini:. Nvivrlheli-M llorutv Wuipuli- 

b>vi-d iniicb to tiouip witb her in llir antiunii 
FVi-ninK*. i^h'- diivd on iS Jnly 17i)' in 
(Mmparatitc t'ot-erl)-, IcnvitiK. bi-ndMMnrUa 
Hill, |jrripMlr Id till* Tuliu- of n<ii loorv Iboa 
■•iWKfl, lly Iter lint liiubiuid *bir bnd i«(i<i 
iin only Mil. wlio 9ui:i.-£^t'd>»l to tbi- i-orldoni, 
ikiid dii'd iriihimt iuue in t74&, Sli>?bndng 
rliiUlri'ii by bur »ii-niid bnvbaiid. HorBC« 
\V«lj)oIi. (Ii-u-Tilx-A lii-r ru ' of n jii»t btiiglil, 
wfII iiiikIl-, [-ximnfrlv bir, iriili di" diwet 
liubt bruH'u buir,' aifditiff ihnt ■ b'-r ro^'nlnl 
tjaiilili(-nli'.>n>i iKvn by no ttii-ann ubining* 
{tCrmiiiiirfirifj, rxxvii.) l-^swrlurri! lie wiys 
ihni »h>' uru ' n><n«ibli>, artful, agrevablr, but 
luid nfiilifr tvof nor nrt enough to make 
bini 'Oi-omi- II] think bar M wri'eiiblio ai 
bi* wife' ( l^rd Ili^Itind, lrM7, 
i. 177 ; cf. Ctmnmrim.P, Lftttr*,od. Mahon, 
ii- 1401, I'ope wroiv iu bur boi)ouTtbeiv<ol1> 
known ifttva * On a cvrtniu Lndy at Ciiurt,* < 
and P<-lcrb(iroueb ibc nunc ' I said to my liMUt < 
betwwn iilfiviitig and makitif^'.' Ihiib yrait* 
lior ivnconnblimi-u and bi<r wit. Snifl. in httt 
Miui'-wbotilt-nnMin'd '(.'bnncTcr' nf bur, alio , 
rHCOt^iiu^ bt-T nit and iHvuty, r«-pr«M>nl«i 
bur lU n luliliidiiinrian in nditfioa, a conium- 
malu cuuHkt, and by mj mucb Ibu worie 
frivnil, and - upon ilic wbolv an vsoclIiiBt 




for neK of Um beat msooimpImIi- | 
ju who Imw nuihiiijt to uk.' Excpvi 
caoiribuluin luwimU itie coal of MsrtiV 
Hill *liw tatk litlle (niiu UiHiri;i- tl, ettliur 
•4 kintf or prioiv. i-x(i-|ii «aub* anil «UghU; < 
and th* •inaoB aventfiMl bi-rM'lf Cor Iipf liii*- 
fcaadV infidality Inr biuuili^liii/ li*r, nmploT- 
lM)i lirr until •(>•< bwalni'tViiiilRMOf ^olTolk 
u ATM il-' oBm> bIxhiI lii*f prnon. * It Iibu- ^ 
tuurailiMiuMoo.VriualloraoeWBJmie . 
i,uxut.),'tM tfae luu;, wail* 
oaaua iru lirvwuDff, baa Matckedoff tbn I 
,A>'ivlii<-f, Hii'l. tiiruiiii; rudi>lj lo Mrik. 
waril, Itftv CTiriJ. " lk>i-«lH>r vo" IlBVe ku ! 
<u1f iiH'k jQunelf, rou bide ibi' iiiwenV" 
jkuT wu (IK- abln [-J do luil^ in wlviuice liur 
IKmmU. Fw Qvf *iM eould ptocurv oalj ibe 
|Jm of nntleauui-ailur to tlie Prino«*w 
Lmim, wbidi, Ibuo^ worib ■MOt. & jfmt, b» 
daeliaml. Slie obtauiol. Itow^vi-r, mi tmtU 
don for ber bnXlwr '^tm llntum, Ji>kx, 
tort Haul ar UiXKinauittmiiiK]. Shu 
frma --,-i- 'TTiihful, Biul in coiivurMtiun 
'•Is to ili« point of tediou*- 
,- :.atnJ witb luch cJtireme pro- 
Ivr fnuiwU oflcctnl <u flUppcWi tlio king wvn mMvlr 
I'll fwoi bi-r enrtmffona- 
T* f^BiMlfrou Ilviinftte, 
<-lrkl]|,Kailb*taceai>il hnabuii). 
:vi) ItnioUy, from 17U (o 
' ■] •aovfiBuulj- by Jobn Wil- 
i «H, » »ol«. evo. Tin' eoirt!- 
a^ioLi-i, ntiiflboOBi|itiin»laU«rafKiiiiPc>pe, 
Swift. t Inf. IM(irfaaniicii,BaliiiKbrakc,ClM<v 
' lliAfv \Valpol«, tht lhud»n»» of 
< t,'li, kii-t I .odj Ucmy.dMU Bainly 
n ^1 1. |>rii nir nfUin, Mil dHivU litlU lifttit oB 
pDlitir>. Tba iuliii»" i-oiilaini' >n ongravinf; 
ofhw (lunnil [in'M-rvcd il Illickling. 

(HMHflrtd* Ni)Halk.(.LI8uA,*i.4Mi Otu. 

M - '-'T [■.SH.I.ColIiu'iPen^ 

:iMi lli'Mi* WalMls'i Bamioiwonon 

ctum'toliliaaaf liU Laitara; Ilorae* 

'«.[. ■ JbwMn, nl. Lml Unllaiid. IHIT; 

UtEAin; Pu^v* rariHpoiHlMi(a. vJ. 

' Ttluni ChatvfAtld'a Lttlan; 

■ '4 Mr Ratwrt Wilput*. 1. 27ti ct 

' •r»)-ui»len(w. M. Ci>jAt>. I4«in'* 

Syjit. Ilvr rrlnli/B* with Iiunl 

.J. .,.: .)i.'.i_~I (a KiUMtl** IkrI or 

I. .. M .... .11..} J. H. It. 

HOWAKl', HKMit, RtKL or 8riWiiT 
tlAI'^- K*(7 >, [•''I, Utta aluHii I'llT. «»■ 
ti^an wn '>■ l^rnl TliviiM* iliiwanl, aflcr- 
w»nb ttll^l duk. ..r Nnrfulk ^ I k7:i ^ ItAi) 
[*. t-vtn hi* Hoiod ni(--, Kliulr th. iUukIi- 
TV'»4< ll'iwnnl. •n-iiixl diiki> •>{ Norfolk 
.indfatliiT. taii hv wait 
I (lib a* ' Hwnry Ilowanl 

I urvrii lUat 





of KonnioKball,' on» of bu graniiralber* re- 
liiteacM in Norfolk, irbich lun^haTr beaBlut 
birlbplaou. Ilcipent racb iriui»rand*prilig, 
until bu wan ■eten, at liii -fa) beta boiue, 
Stuk« Ilall, Suflulk, uid ivcb Kumincr iritli 
hitgraBdhtb«r at flttuMiou, HtMifonblura. 
Ou thodiMtliaf ih« latMtr ill [(Oi hiibtUer 
(M)caAiaDuki<i)f ?Carrolk,aiid b<< w*« thenoe- 
fottJi known bj tbo eourtw^ iJtJ« of Gut of 
Suire*. ll«WM«ilh bia family nt Kunning' 
luU betiraeii l&M and lA^. On 23 July 
16WI lie viulMl tile prioiyuf Uiitliiy, ^JutTolk, 
with bi« blli<T, wbu wna nt^^tiatioft ^o **1b 
of f^taronon F»rk to the jinur. Sarrer WW 
caivfiill* iKlucaUxl, itluitying olanloal and 
modem litonituiT, and inaliiagaflbrla bi *«rw 
from an nrlr tgif. Lvlttml wan tutor Us bi* 
brotber I'lionuw abiiui loJA, and may bar* 

fivM blm tome bstniotion. Jobn Cturli (4L 
B&£) [<). v.], who wu doBMtiiMt«d ftbmit 
iboiiainir tiuii- with ilto family, Mum* to bave 
Ihmui lii* cbii^r iiutnictnr. In dudicatiiiK hia 
■TruatiHi of Nihility' (IVM) 10 Noriblk, 
Olerk cotmnindi irao*lMi<m> which Siiney 
made in hia obildkood fcuni Latin. lulias, 
udepanuli. lu December tailO IJ«iirv Mil 
ai^ad lh« Duke of Norfidk to allow Surrey 
t» b«c<imi> ibi> oomniiioa of bla iialnral MB, 
: ilrnry Kitiniy, duki> of RichmoDd [■]. v.], 
I who mt Suitwy'a junior by aiitMB nontlM 
(lUiwr, up. lai-by. Hu ihiu apaBl, in tha 
words or bia nwii poom*, hi* 'ctiildith 
yuan' <1&3U lu 163:21 at Windaor 'with a 
kiii^i MID.' A* early •• 15cW Norfolk iiUN 
ohaaed tb« wanbhip of Eliobetli, daughtAr 
of Jolui,Meoiid lord Marney, with a viow [o 
nBtnuw bar 10 Snmt. flut at tho end of 
162D Abm Bolm nkwI lleary VlII to 
'I**""" hi* daiubm, iSa IVinoMi Mary. (0 
, the youth. Ua 14 Svpt. ISaOChappuy*, the 
I imperial ambuMilur in London, wroto to hk 
I iBa«l«r for in«truoLiuB* aa to the MtiMile faa 
I iihould uHimu tAwarda the acheincL But tu 
(Irtobvr Anno Boleyn't vi«wa chaag*^, ud 
»ho iwrnuadad the duke, who n'liiotantJy cou- 
M:nt«l,lo arrui^prfar SnmiT'dnarriaKvwith 
; Fnuiao*,<UgHliUtarJolia \'>rp, liAnntli mt) 
', ofOxtisvd. ifeaaiitnctWMaiiniHloii l^tFubi. 
11)31-2, and Uie anrria(^ look plaue birfon 
I April, hut on actyiunt of tboir youth hn>- 
band and wift did BOt livu lo^ellwr till 
I 16.15. fn (MobMT ISSS Sarrvy •coompuwd 
Iltniry VIII ond tbo l>uko 01 Kiohmond to 
ILiuliipio, wbuo till! EudUUi king had «n 
inierview with Fruici* L In afwardtBoe 
wiiharrugiouKita tbenmado, lUchmond and 
. 8iuT*y apenl iiImtmi monllw at tlio Frouok 
court. Krancinliniliinti'rlainedllMUiatChaB- 
tilty, mid ill ibn niirinxcir l&93lli»y invvllBd 

wiili him iotb>> «>utli. 'Ik kiaic'* wa* wum 
ttwiir ooBrtaot oompaiiiona, aad Sumy ini- 




pRMcd tli« kxtif niid lhi> (nrince* Ten &Tour- 1 
My. In Jul.vl'AtPuuencait>DtV|[ rri*d . 
to rerive ihi- pn>j--ct of n niMringc lii-iwwn , 
StWTVT kii<) tVincKMi Mnry, in 1)11; Wliof tbnt 
h* inlglit ihiu H-rvv llio intrnilx <>( Quni-n 
Ottlu^i'. f-um-y refumwl to [«udon Id 
Cunr tlic fourth luonl Iwluivlh^ kingti tJiii 
COTCiniiliun of Anni^ lloleyn in Jittw 1-Vt3, 
•ndfiually qui) 11^3 rreni-i' inSi.'|>li-nib''r1K33 
iOirvH. ^ QiiaiM, \M*i, CimAm Soc^ p. 41), 
whvit Riebnond vsmv hotno to mury 8ur- . 
rey'« Miitff Mftry, In Mnrcli 16.11 Sttircy'* ^ 
mritbrffi-iufBt'drrnnibi'faib.-roiitbfcround , 
i>r lb" duk<-'9 adultery iritli m{ziibi.-tu II0I- , 
IuuLaq •tlmiluiil ill thiMluWa nuneiT. lu 1 
llie IriDg doDiraiic iiiiarrc'l Samy aided with 
liB fntlwT, and nj< il^noiiiiroi) liy kin moiiior 1 
■■ an ' NOKTnoiouii ti>ii' (WoiiD. letter* of, 
IUwtn'/>'.-L4r4it*, ii. 3M). In 1535 Sum-j't ' 
viKp juinnl Itim ni KvamosliaU. llr wan iii 
pcciuiury Jilliciiltica nl thc^ limv, nnd bor- 
I0w«d noiivy of Jiihn Rm-if. sbbor of Itiiry, 
in Juae. 

At Anne PnleynV iml (IS Mny !S38) 
SaiTvy nclrd (in <>nr1 nunlinl in bwhnlf of liii , 
btibor, wlio pTvjidi'd by virtue of bit (dGci^ <•( 
lord IrFaniinT irf. W'ltioMitM.Br, rAnm. i. 
S7). Od I'aJuly IMlililiitrivndstidbrotlier- 
iii-Uw. Iticbmond, ill<-d, nnd ltt< wn><i- iriih 
nticb f^liiifr •'•f bih Ihm, 11^ atu-ompniiii'd 
hinfmlbcrto Vr>rk«hin- tnrcprwu tbi' ti'biillion 
knoWD M ib^ I'ilGTimiijjirof (inuv in (Ifiobor 
1688. A mport w<-nt nbmnd tliat Siirrvy 
till? ninioiir in the pnHi at. Uamiiluu Court. 
Tbt privy ctiuncil ordered liim into couGiil'- 
cbiefly 10 wriiinir pni'try. Ho wm n»lf«*od 
lH>ror9 IS Not. Ififli, wbcn bawuft principal 
niQumcr in ibi- fi>tii-m1 proMwion of Jono 
Seymour from Hnmpion to Wind*or. On 
New-yc»r'« day lilc btprratnted Ifi'tiryVrit 
with ttuve gill buwiB Slid ai-ov-er. Earit in 
IM& iburewnaaooii! lalk at court or«maing 
Surrey into Clcve* lo nwid in nrrnnsing tbo 
Irenty fw ibc momnirp of Henry VlII with 
Aniwof Cli'T",»nd InltT in thu yrtt bo vroa 
vmployvd to orBniiiw ihu defirnci? of Norfolk, 
in view of a t^nmlpiipd iiivonion. On it May 
IhW Sum-y iliptin^'uiabed himself at tbu 
jonata )».<1d ni W«Hiiii>Diiier loci'lutvate ihp 
mornatfe of IJcnrr witb Anno of Clevea (cf. 
Ai i. 118). Ijilr-r in ibn ypar li« n^oiecd 
flppnly oviT tbi- full of Cromwell, whicb rc- 
atonil hia Ulbcr'* intlovnca wilh tbi? king- 
On SI May IG'll Sarrvy wns iii9lHlli.'d kDiubt 
of the flarti-r. and in S)fpl<'nibvr ira« ap- 
pointed tieward of thv nntiertiiy tif Caia- 
Dridfo, inauccctwon toCminwilt. OnSDoc 
liUf bawui^ntixlniiuiymnnorauiSnffollc 

and Norfolk, noot ofwhicl) bti RHbwqueatly 
dold.aiid in Fetoaa(7lMl-S, in order api*-^ 
T<rail]r lo dear httnuelf froio thn ■lupinoai' 
wbicb Dllwbtd to mnuy nf hi* kinnnMi ac 
ibi? lime. Iiff attrnded tin- riccutioB of kia 
i-ouun, Hiiocn Cnlhi-riiie Howard. 

Ill n recorded ronverml ion which took 
plat-e ht.|ir«:n two of Croniwvll'i aeenl« in 
I'l^, Surrey wnt, dewribed hy inieol ihv in- 
terlocutor* •»* the mofl fooliih proud boy ihiit 
iainEa^and.' It wok tiricrd in reply that thfj 
ii«rlwaswi«a,niid ihat-allfaou^b hia pride wa« ' 
KrcBt, rijieriencu would tjorrect it (ArfAao' 
Imia, ixjii. t12). That he could ill iwatnil 
bu t<«n]<iT, and that hia pride in his aneeatiy* 
jiareed nuiKniable bounds, iherv i« murh tO'i 
jiroTp olwwliere. In lM2hpiiunrTT-lli.dwith 
on« Jn&D & Lnifh.and wna cotrnilltrd to (ho 
Flift by thi; privy c<iuncil. In a pctitina 
for n'l»«*o be aitrihuti-'d bi« conduct to ' thw 
fun,- of recklcM youth,' and promised bcnci>- 
forwurd to bridle his ' hcad;^ will.' On 7 Aiif,4 
he wto rcledwd on eoieriflK ID to nKogni«aDiii« 
in len lliouMnd mark* to be of good bvlin* 
vioiir. nnd b« occompanird hia Iktluir on tlic 
exjiiMlition iato SrotUiid in Uotober. In tbu 
name month tbe death of Sir Thomas Wrntt 
ibe tldcr [g. v.] innpiri'd a jiatbetii.- elfVi' by ] 
SuRvy. But Surrey, >llbiiii);h a ntiideiil of 
WyHtt's liU'tnry mork, WM not ptraonally 
very inlimnte with him. la JKniticftl attd 
rvligioiiii <iur.-iii<ins iliey took oppcnit* ndm.1 
Wyntt'i. ton and Sundry were, fiowOTer, woll'] 
known to aach otliir. 

On 1 April 1 643 Surrey woe eb«rg«d before 
the privy council with huvinfi nlen (1«h in 
Lt-nl. and irilb batiuf; brcibvn at ni);lil the 
windows of eititiniti' botiSM nnd of cbiirrhea 
in (he city of lAiudc4i by t<hoolin^ unalt] 
pebble* at ihem with a utonv-how. A lep^l 

I vant.rickerinir.nnd thevouoKMrWyalt wer*| 
amiicd a> bin nceompliec*. On Ibe firct 
cbarit« he pleaded a IxcfUKi ; be admitted hit 
guilt 1.11 lliu sei^ond ncciuation, hut itilM«- 

I quently, in a terae ' tatire agaiii»1 i)ie ciliienlj 
of London,* made the eccenlric defi'oce than 
he bad lieen wandaliwdby ibeintdigionaliln 

I 1(<d by t!u' I.niidonen>, and bad endeaTouivdl 
by hii attack on ilieir windown to pTeponj 
tbem for divine relribution- Aecording laj 

, the t'vidence of a Miatnw Arundul, who 

^ bouM! Surrey and hid frinndawereaeeiulouie 

. I'' frt'qiii'iil fiir piirpn»i« of amuwDent, ifc 
affair iriw a foolish pnicticiO jok*. Tie Ml 

I vnnit of tIh' bo'ije hinted in tbrir detxwitkill'^ 
that Surmy doroand><d <il' hi* (rienda loeugna 
of re»pL-et usuul only in Ihi- aue uf prince*. 
Surrey waa tent to the Floct priaon (or a few 
man I ha. 
In October IMSSiurev, fully reelixrt-d to 

. tbe king's fa von r, joined llie army under Sir 




Jokn Willop, Khicb wan rDj[n{(Rit with ibit 
iBpOTOr^ toret* iu Ifsii-^-m)- l.anilti-v}', tlico 
b tlia huiil* of tlir French. Lliulua V, in 
m iMUr to llnit; VIII, pniaed Sam/** 
*Miti1 nwiir' ('if) (M.>. The cainiwi^ 
WMd in Ni>vvEDtr-r, nnd SiUT«v rHutand to 
Bmiaoil, afii>f lAkiiigWvrorilMMtiprnirin 
I fpTi'Ml auilMiif** at VoIi'Dcipniiiw ( IS Nor.) 
" mrf ncitvd liini hindly, oiid maJv liiin 
espt»«nr- In t'cbrunn' 1>VI4 li« wu 
M to mlrrtain oov ol' ibi' cinjx'ror's 
ala, the Diikr 6v Nnji-rn, on a liult to 
nd. II'.' w tlim i)ccu[>}iBg liimM'lf in 
ag ■ (UBptiMiiu booM, Mount riurrry, 
' Norwkli. OB iha uU of Uw B<-D«liciui« 
' tt Si> LvonanU, and tbetv, «r ni lits 
I bovM' ai Latnbrih, Iladriuiun Junius 
i triUi liim aa liiloi to Lis mihk, atiil 
lChurchjMdlli»poetsaa)i»fi-. .Mount 
w«a dMtroi'oil in tbi- Norfolk iiMiimo 
of lUn 1,1'f. ltLoliRnKt.u, Xorfelk, ir. 
^ In June IM4 bv iw appoiBtcd nar> 
of tW ann^ whieli w«» dci<Mlck«d to 
• UoaiRui). Tbe vRnciiAM wu cotn- 
hy N'nrfnlk, ^rrev^i fatlier, who 
houiif vnitiuhinslicalfy i>f lii« ttm't 
1n««rj. Oa )!* S--|i(. Siirrvij vni^ woiuidod 
in a fttUlr Mtt<'m|-l (o nloim Muntmiil, nod 
[,bia lifv w only tavitd bjr ibo •■XFrtioiu of 
frimil TboBiaK Clen^ ^'brn the (itfcu 
,_• fSMfd a fe« dav* Intsr. Siinvr mcovod 
■Bosloflic, wbirh lli-urv VIII lu'djiiBli-np* 
n4 n |imD«, nnd x-i'ic* lu h><v relurnvd 
lElflUHliiitli bia fatliurin llecvtiibrr. Oa 
. OoirfCr't dav li'rlJV he ailendi'd a <-liai>l«r 
' lb* (iarlT at .St. JniuiV* ralari-, nnd ia 
litlj lUA b" Mil* at Ki'iiiiinjiliall. 
Ia Auput (!iirrp>- va* unt in Mouund 
fflv* ibn«iaiul Di'-n III CaUia. Un SUAn^. 
I *■■ •irmintadttHBOundPt ot ItiiiuiM, oad 

ttlH f-lAoWUDtf mOBtll th« llifllcuU pCMl of 

' flimmandi-r of lloulociii; wn* iH-tiowrd nn 
hia, in ■uceawloB l» \Villiiiui, lonl Un-y ilu 
tWilioD ,'i iWr with Uio oflic<- of 

I ibi- kiiiK by Und and 
1 jji -" ■ --. — -■- -^ fhe roo* 

li--« n*»r 

^ ll'llfy 


I .- lia iiruiinly 

llli-i.!. iri'rt lori'tain 

llo«l>^pM| b«t liuUibrt. wniiiifilu faini rrom 

WMmv on Y7 tv^frt., vnrnrd liicD tbat bii 

■fltalic WllrftoB (lie aiilijtTl ware r«ani(«d 

r«anT nmibnni of I bi< roiiiii-il, and wrtt' not 

|[viMr(oiLi')iLiiif>a«ib«kuw. InDticvB- 

h* |iaid a (liori \ lait I o Lowhia to coiuralt 

'•)lh tKn kiBB IB council. In Januajy iiib 6 

ll* h«fwll nuucliixl fn>ai Mtmtnfuil nitb (La 

■ latMiliaa of tyrict nailing a fortrcM in ili* 

nei^bbourbood of Uoulof^e. Snircy inte^ 

■-(-{'led tbciu al ^>l. Elipiini.-: a bnllln foU 

luucd, uud the En^lixb forces vi-n- diToiIi^, 

In bi« di-tpftldi to tbo king, Siirti'j fully 

I a^liiiowlf^i'd tiiA dcfi-Hi, and llciirv •vrit • 

' coD'ulonl ■' fplf 1 18 Jan. IIVII)), Knrlj in 

March lii* rrquoi ihiithiiii'ifi>ini);bt join liian 

ai lloulogtU) vnu refuicd, on tbe orDiind ibal 

' iiuoblv nuddUquietneea unrotrt ror woman'* 

I intbt-cillilii-a'wocvapproacbiiiK. A wirvk later 

Socrvtarj' rai;i.-t unnounced tbnl Kdnuiyl Hvj- 

' inonr, loni II«rif«rd, and Lord l^tlc were 

' lo aDpoTHde biin in liis coDiroand. Sunrer 

I and llcrtfonl tind Ioiik ii»va prnnonncHl 

nncmlcft, and llvrtforira Rppointmcnt to 

ItouloiH"-' dnlr<i_vcd all hopt- of rccondlia- 

liuu. Nt-goiiatiuui wbJcb protwl fniilli-M 

, wi'rv jiendiii); nt tlii? liinc fur tbe majriagij of 

Surtv>'r ■I'ti.T. iliu widow'i>d diicben of luek- 

Bionil.tri Ili'rirnrd'iibrrrthtT, ^irTliomMSrv- 

nioiir. Surrry larcai-ticaUv ilriioiiDOrd too 


till fHtlicr'H tugmtion llial Iii< own infnnt 

cbi!(Ir»n migbtbe ucili'd in marriafce with 

mrmU-rs ul nertford'* famlK. On \t Julr 

Siirn-y c^-iitliliiiiii-d lo Pagut Vbal two of bla 

MrnaoiK wl'om hi- had njipoiinted in muior 

(HifiTii hi. IIoulogTii-, bad bfi'n d ifchnrgvil, and 

that fnba n-poTta were nbmad tbat he bad 

pi-naaaMj ynitvd bjtiieir cmoluacoii. In 

Aiiprutt liilB he i(>ok part in thf rrci'Minn at 

llnipptont-Vmrt of Binliiiimidoturmni Vranco. 

In llcccnibrr llniry «ttj known to be 

dyinEi briI tipvculatiuii iran rife at court m 

to who tbouJil l>e M'ltcted b; tlii; kiuj; lo IIU 

the jMwt of tirolfcior nr ri'i^'viii during ilia 

nuDorily of Princi- I-ldvard. Ill* clioit* waa 

admitted to lie brtwnai Samj't falhw ud 

Ilcrlford. Surrvir loudly aworlwl (liu liia 

fatbcr alone wan eutitled to the iiOicu, Not 

only the S('} inoiint and tbi-tr dc]ii-ndcalai 

but WiUjfLin, lord Grvy of Wilton, whom li» 

had »ii[ier»vdc>d at Boiilopi*', bin ri>rcr, and 

many ifarly Mcndi wbnni hi* lanily hod 

ofTcndcd, al) rrgnrdtd him at tlir lu'micst 

with billrr honlilily. In lli-n'inbvr IMti 

r«rt» wrre bnjiinbt by Sir Iticbonl fwptitb- 

wirll, an iiRicer of (he c«uit at one lime en 

' gtroA tvruit with Sumy, to llie do()c« of tha 

I fnt.t ciiuncil. whirh save hU foM an ovpop- 

(uniiv fif Bltu'k. Boforv E04B^ to llOUlDlpM 

' Siirri'V bid diwiu*!^ with Kir CfarittopLcr 

I Ilnrk'-T, then IlirhmoDd Herald, bi* ri|;lit lo 

include Biiitii>K bin numi-'ruiia quarliTrinc* llw 

I amia of Eilwiiid the ConfxaMr, whicb tti- 

chard FI bail t><<rniill>.>d biiaiiOMli-r.ThoniU 

Muwbnr.duke-.'f XnTfelk,tobwr. TbeCol- 

Irgn of Ann*, it wu (latad, fotbtdi' t1i« (ir»- 

pMed alli'ration. but Sum-y, in bi* ansiuty 

lo prove ibi- •Dprrii'ril; of bu own ancealry 

, 10 tbat of (be Seymours ur any of ib« ne«r 




iiobiliiy, nnuwd Ihe mbilHlvJ uhuiKT tii Ilia 
wmii t<^ be nude on 7 Uci. lol<>, wlien at lii« 
(albei''* boiiM.' at KunningliAll. IIh »utt«r 
Mhaequi-'nllr nlnCsd tlial bv «iiriiio(iiil>.il lij* 
•UbIo Willi wbac iMn<iiit<J to b''r*i&iicli likr n 
cloM crowo •nil a cipliiTr, which tin- li>»k to 
be tlwi hinff't dph«f ll.if-,' Uni tlii* niatcmrnl 
tvCpiTCiJ an (nrrobufntion. Morenvi-r, bj 
rirlurafliuOi-'accTiI rrotnTliotno.iDf Brotiicr- 
lun, son of Edward I, Surrey', lik? all ihu 
lIoAanb,K)iIUb« inauyuilier iioblumun wlio 
ckinitilroyaldBMonl, wiuiMiTitUilioquAruir 
Um royal armii. Hxrtfonl ami tiii iulbvn]ntj> 
tlliWlM tocoiutrun Sumt^'n ailnptinu n{ □iiw 
anni> Inio nvidi^ncc nf tlicuxirlrnmof d tma- 
Miiabli' flauga. Tlicv dra'Jared, allb(>U){b 
there i* nomUiit jiroa/of lhcallv(rutiua,ltiac 
Kdword llm ConrMaor'ituniu bitil alwiiys boeo 
borne oxcliuively by ibo Ih'ir-niiiiitTi'ni )•> ilu 
crown, stitl dial Surn-j'* act ion iiinmiili'il to 
■ de»i)^l to ondui^r I'nncn Kiitrud'* truo 
Ciiwioo and lodivnn th« crown intohi) own 
liaad». Norfalk. it miut be n-mcmtrrHl. had. 
bttwf Vnacc JMwufJ'.i lirlb, bom luoiitioiiMl 
u apouiblu hair Ui tUv ibruiii'. The couuoil 
at Snt innruly iiuiiimuiii.-d Siirrvi rnitu KiNin- 
ingball to CMifrunl Souiliwnll. Lm ornate. 
Til* I'lirl )iaMi'>iisltl}' olTonid ui fi(rbt Souib- 
Wi^ll 1^ Di'c.f. and both wuto dutainml iix^ui- 
tmly. Otiirr chargw wore wioii bimigbl Iw- 
fiirr ihr. couaal hj^nmj'tjKrtimal mNaiea, 
According to a coiirtiur, Sir llawiii Carew-, 
ho liod trwd to jH)niind<! bin B«t« lo olfisr 
borwif as tlio kiug's iiiiatnNM, Ml that the 
night (Mervidv llii- Mmu jiower oior Uicn a* 
'^Udiuii'? dT.«iiiinj)ci did abniii tho l-'n^ch 
kiti^.' Surrpybnd iroDicallygiraii hii nUtsr 
Komi^ fuch advicL' whi'ii be wan ati|trily »>- 
buking bur for cotil(rm[>)utta|{ marnap; wilb 
i^ir 'I'lioaia* Suvmour. .Vnotbu auouwr dc- 
cbirt-d that Surrey stl^Ud foreign dftM atid 
(nniui<.-r», aiid umvlojred an Italias JMI«r. 
Till- f^iiuncil limit tliMO trivial uiuttcn 
tet'v^atly, and on 13 Hoc Sum^ and bi« 
fatlict w«re arnwtrd and wmt lo ibv Towi^r. 
Conmiiauuiwra wcr« ncnt on tbi.' unav dax 
to Kmuungball to rxamini.' tbi.' Uut.'keM or 
Richnioiiidaiid Klitnbvtb Holland, the ditk»'it 
■DJnnlM. MucUtbnt tlie,VFui'l wn^inNorfblk'* 
brmut biU ibu diii'licM ri<ckb«*l,v combo- 
nt«d ibe obargf^ aonliul hfir bmibur, niHirU 
iag in ili^Dourwi uf bur v:iniiiiiiBii'iii UialSur- 
rpy riaiillr ndhored lo tlic tiU rulifrion. Soon 
uHur Sui-rx'/ii arn.-*t llr^iirir Vl|[ liimiK'ir 
divwiip, with tboaidufCbatiti^ibir Wriolhp»> 
tor, a ^aiicrnltiii^forlh tbi-ulU'giitioiiRiiiadi^ 
iwVin»i bim, and bo lhcn< iiuimii'd, di»tiilu 
tbc abwnco of anj^vidniici'iibat Siiriv}' iiad 
definitely mnolvuilOH!! I'rincu Hilnnrdasidi-, 
when the (limni- wn* vaconi, iu bis own 
Ikvour. Un IS Jan. 1&1U-7 Surrey was in- 

dicted at tlia Qitildball b«fon) Lurd dian- 
ccUor Wriothoal«]r and oihvr pniy ouun- 
cillon, and a jury of Nurblk mtra, of b«li 
trvBaon, undn the act liir ileti-rnuaing IJM 
ttucceMiun (ii* Hen. VIII. e. vu. awl. 12), 
No twliiiiony 'if any legal voluv wa« |n«- 
du(N>d bcvond ibii oridoiev iMpMting tb« 
ciionue in bit unu*. In a manlT rpcodi Sar> 
rcy dunii-d that be bad any imMonabte In- 
iBiitioii ; but bu wa* proTfJ ijiulty, WM wn- 
tvncvd lo dMitb, ami vnn bifbiMded on Tnwer 
HilloBi'I Jan. following. lli« |K'rMMal[iro- 
ptiriy wn» diiilnbiit«><l nmoiig iIm S«ynioitr( 
and tlicir friitidn. tiiinoj't Itody wa* burtad 
in Ihu church of All ilnllow* BarkioK, in 
Towur Stfifcl, bul wn» removoltalboebuicb 
of Framlingboin, Suffolli. by Ida aon Uenry, 
who L>ivct«d on claborat* tnoDumcut lber« in 
1614, and left money fur ilayr c nwTatJon. In 
1834 hi« body waa niicovond lyii^ dirvclljr 
bt'Ditatb bin nlfit^. 

Siifrcy IkHiwo *oiiii, Tlionuu, fourth duke 
of Norfolk ^ij. v.^, and Jlcniy, earl of Noftb- 
amptoii 'l-T.',. Olid ihrue dausbtvn, Jane, 
vile of CliurW Nevillv, <«rl of Wwtoior- 

land, Catberiuts wif.- of Ili'iiry, lo«d Bvrife- 
l^.stid Marviirvl, wift'of l[<.'iiry,lo«lScrop0 
of Uolton. Hit widow- inarrit'da Mvond hus- 
band, TboniaiSl<i viiiug of Woodford, S«flblk, 
bv whom aha haJ a dauKlilt-r -Mary, wlfi- of 
dhorlui Swldbrd, an<l died al Hobam Earl, 
Saffo]k,3UJune loir. 

JVccording to a poem by Surrey, which ha 
cnlitled ' A Dfscriution and Praix) at iuM 
luvo UvraldlIl(^,' hu bod befuiv bis MulUw- 
niMit at Wiuilnor in 1637 bM«i atlracttsl hf 
ibebiuiulyofl.ndy Kliintwtbrq.V.J.yoiiUMM 
dauabtt^ of tirrald Fitlgtfnld, ninta norl ot 
Kildare To. v.] 

lul^YLadyUlizabvtJi WM only nine Tvart 
old. It baa been aMuinud thai moat nr riiu- 
rvv'd ■ *oii|CM and aonotiM,' wriltim beiwuen 
ibit daiii (ind In* diMilh, wur^ iiupiivd by fata 
alF«eli<ni fur livr; but only in ibc pooB juA 
i|Dot«d dou* SuTT^-T muntioa < tcniUhtiii aa tLa 
name of bin lady.loie, and the inavrtian of 
till- nmiiv in> lillui of ulfatr poMiu ia an 
uujiislilluUf licviiM.- fini (okeu by L>r. U. P, 
Not I ill biv'iilition of Surrey's [mk^iu^ in lt?lK. 
Then.' i* noibini; to abow poaitivi-ly ibni Uw 
vi-tso* in»rribofl liy Stirmv to ' bU loily ' or 
*hi> miHtiviu' vt-ii' allndJrrau-diotliejuiiiM 
iwnan. .-Vt li-asl two pninos tylgbmU- g pane- 
ing Bitaelimnil to Anii<!. tidy llFflford, who 
diiiuouTa|[td bisallrnlioiLailt.iP*n,p.37l h).^ 
' but in any eoiw liiit l»itv-touuets ct^lirbnue 
n TiUiont^ati«icba)i<ni,And imiiai^' PHrarcb'a 
ndilri^sM'n to l.aur>. Sonny** marrifd lift 
vn» ri'^Ior. TIip poolic 'oomiilaint ' by 
Sum.'!' lu which u ludv limi-ula tu« akEacni-i' 
^ of hcT loitf, ' [bt>^ bt'iug nj)oii ibe oea," du- 




«rnt.« liin nwn mllBetioD«l« relnliomit witli 
li - I irifiLM XaF>liir,il>IlM'rilfi>Tluii«t« 

Tr r Uir .\'!» riilun-* of Jack Wilion' 

(ItMh tvptiliHl •<> iuuuiiiian' neconul of 
SuiWT* •Muculi'w irilli Gcruldinc, Mul told 
Ww M> «pDi li lialy wbilu aailor ber «poU; 
CMMuliod ai Vpuks Uocneliiw Agripp», wlio 
•bownl him bcr ituap.' in ■ ndBic niimir: 
■ml bI M<imw« cibalWiitci.->l all wiio dUpufil 
bwwptvni" baxiir. DnyioiiuuliMilNwtlui'* 
bwUort* In ki* «Ml]M of ■ Tb« l^y <)>nU 
diav' knd ihi* Bar] of ?{iim-r, wliich aiipcnr in 
tWIIeroical Ki^il-"' i I'-ifi't. Km rfuirrv, 
4llbnufU lir n-Bil Hiid ituiUlnl itiu lUilinu 
piwUi ii*«rT '■■ m il>ly> UkI XuLi-'a wliole 
laJr it purr lltiiun. 

SomyeircuUiud miicli vcreciaBainiM'rijit 
IB kt* lifetisuf. Ilul II wn* not puhtUkiv) ull 
IS>t7, 1MB jvan >ftar bi* dratJi. Un fi .(iuip 
witiM 3B>r(Braw<linKU> thsoolo^on) Hi- 
ttanl Tolirl publi»tiiil, 'cum privtiegia,' in 
intttre bv I tic n'ulii li'>nornblclAinliiHL-iiry 
II»"Mtl,l«ir KaiUorSorTFTiniiitlnT.' On 
Xl Jutt> fuliuwinv < ikocunling to tliv colo- 
|biBI Tnrirl luin^ in aiiotWf lolilino 'Ol^ 

tela llokB itJf. ibp ■Fcoad'niii) founh] of 
VuxiW Af^kii tuflwd into Knf^IUb Mrtur ' 

,««: ;„ M»ck Irtlpr): 'IV fmitili bt>k« 

r.: . dnwii inlo M »lniun|;i.' niL-li-r 

'■■.irWiirt^jr'nan BKaiii priulifd 

I lotil date, and a rrpriut of 

f Vii^il wan iiaii?'] br llie 

111'! Soikrtlc*,' kncMin Ulpr 
Mi-nltniiv,' i-ooliuDi-d 271 

... . ii'li mil* forty wunt by rfurruy 

— Uiirtv-«it at tbn fircinninB and finir !■>• 
V*nU 'Uir rad of lb* volume. Nii>Hy-«ix 
«• ' ' ' ffWitd Wynit, furtywrn- by Ni- 
r.. .ili|i'i|.T.],B»-lniiK-t_v-fl><.<wiTvby 

* uimrum aBtfiim,' wli^ an- hif'WIi to liav 



«• ' lu«i>' 
pn^aia, nf 

ThoiBB* Cliiirfllvurd. Tli'iiiiiaA. bird 

VftaK,B4wR--' fi.JoUii llvjiwoijd.aiid 

Kit Knn^ ! >-] Accimlii^ to I'ul- 

t<>n)-.ti! .!> ;u> lurribcil lu Siirrw 

I fiwi llv furl '— ir<u 
fci -iim-'yV i\'-("ii"ibility 

fcr auM* oUtM* M*ii;n«l l4i Ii>is in T'iIIhI 
Mt* Ih A«iih*<L Ol' lb* Bn>( rdilMin. Ma- 
|<HM>'a mfj in tlir Ito-ltrtau l.ibrarv i* ibi- 
OhIv <«• l»<™'n : it »• n- r-jioiilml bv J. I'. 

IWbM- la h< ' -tii'il MU- 

f<la «n — ■' 1- ■ ArbiT m 

If' ' ■■r,<] r-) 1 1 " ^ "> in black 

■■■ < iidi, amiH< < i-f |thaiii!c«, 

IV>;. Of ibi 
■o llin UniuL 

•lltfalMMa. .. 

tW9 t ayi w bj 

SIuMum ftnd the other in the rapri CoUco- 
tuin at Tiinii J Cullr)^'. i.'ambridKi'. A tUnl 
(diti'M K&> (Miwd ill \b:i'-ii u I'liiirth io IfiUGi 
a fifth in 16*17; a *ixth in lu'l ttW k>t 
brinlftlbyToiifl); nf»v--eiliin l-V<5<priiiled 
by Jcihii \Vim!'-t|, aad an riirbth in \Mi 
(pritit«l bv Uubrri Uobinnon, ruid rlialt((ur(id 
bv ffroM miiiprinia>. Surtpya ' l*nrap)irn«> oo 
ifii- lluok of l^clmiAitr*,' aiul lii» vrrte rmi- 
diiringof a (vK iisnlniK. ultbuuf{h well known 
in UMiuwripl to f.i\teeMh-mnuay nndan, 
wwro flwi jinnifil by Tlioiiuw Piirk in hit wli- 
lion cjf '.Niigir Anliqtiif<' (1W4) frviin luanu- 
scriplafomiarly belonging to Sir.loh II llarit>i(- 
ton, 'r»ro ItitM (if ibi- ' K<-i'!'Miiu>tr4 ' won 
pMJLci.'d to Arelibiihcip I'nrkiT'* imnilalion 
of tlie PmIidii (luini), and anv liii<- nppvan 
iu P(ll(««liani'g ' Art* of I'-xnie' |I&S»). 

Tl)i> nnmbcr nrFixltviiLh-i-enliiry islitiotia 
of th« ' Sm^aml Son"iti*«'niti-«tBili'- popu- 
lorilT of tbr {KnimK. and iln^y vtma wvfl ap- 
prvciiili-d by tlir crii i™ of I lir liaii-. Oeonra 
Turb<frvilli.-itii.-luclniinbiii 'K|Htatil)>'( IWS), 
jkV, bigh-AOiLii'liiif.' tt-no* in Kiirrvy'i uraue. 
jVacbam, b rigoi'uus I'l'ifir. ustucioUM t>iUTey 
witli <1iniic«r IU 11 luiwnblo iraiulaior, aaa 
mmmi^d' bi>i jiid)iniitni in ihal Iiji. ' ibi> Htm 
of all Knululimrn in irtiiiiliitinii; cb-> ftnirlb 
boukruf VifK^ll.' ilinidd bai« avuidod rhyaw, 
allliuiiiib in Au-luiiu'i opinioii be fAilod to 
■fully int iMTfi'i'i Olid iruHTTTufyiDfr'l AMo^ 
nui'frr,c(].Mayor,p)>.l77. !!"1 ). tliiirchvawl, 
wlicntli'dicaliiif 'Lburi.*liyiinl'i>l'barK<p,' Iu90, 
lo8umy'a irnndaaii.dcMiribM bim BBS ' aobk 
wkrtior, «n olaqtient 'omlour, and a •eooDil 
IViivrcb.' Sir Pbilip ^iIiKy, iriib whom 
ijurri'y'* carnif ha* ronwlhinv in cuainion, 
wrote tbal tnoni of Siirn-y'a lyrkw ■ ta*tr of 
a noblp birlb and art' vmrtliy <i( a nohlit 
iiiind'<.'lf"/'V/u'' I^tnr.vJl. lNtl7, p. tU). 
I'uKi-nbiun duvuiiil much tfuicr in lii> ' Arl« 
of I'lH-kii.,' j.'i^il, (u (111- anit^lio adi>n«« iu 
Kni;li>Jilili-rntiin'initiai<slbv Wvnil oiidSiir- 
fi-y. In lfi:f7 Itrayloti, in lii* vrr»«ni>f ' piini* 
uid rowi<-,' lumtioiu ' jirinti'ly Surn'T ' wiiii 
\\'jalt niid Sir Fraiicia Bryan »> ibi' ' lii«i 
niui-n'iif ihi'iTdiiy : and l*it]ic,inhi«*\VInd- 
Bor Fon^t "11718). 11. -JV^t-f. drv-uti-d «glit 
lima Iu ' aobU Siuny , . . ili>- (inuivilb' of 
a famii;r U[«,' wbJdi nmrwl public iDii>rc*t 
in bin nrrrr aad hi> wofka. and lad Curll to 
rv|>rini ibi-'Sw|P>>andSDiMAin*'iii I7I7(n'- 
lourd ill 17l'«». and l»r. T. SewoU lo «lit a 
vi-ry poiir calition of lloward'fi and Wyatl'* 
|Hwai> 1 1717>, I)i«bo{> rnrr}' and Stewuiu 
larliwliil Surtt'k trn« in an rlnlxirato mi*- 
■ " -.■ ' V- '-b bUnk'VroH' |x>rtrT. prior 
.'. .k>|>riiilrt) in two toliUIMi. 
,...:.. L I nCi and I H>7. but til* 
iiipfwron I'liv-pt fimr cipira, Da# ot 
\:^.J. IS BOW 11 tllO IJritUfa SIllMUm, WBl 




bnnit in Nicholn'i nrioiinR offic* (F*\iranTj 
1808). A like fnlt' ilwlrovFi) nnutlirr ulilioii 
ofSumr'skiK] Wyntl'i poviua [irv{juri.>(l hy 
Dr. O, F, Noll Btiil jiriiiii-il by Btn'li'y nt 
RrUtnl in 1HI-J, but 111 li^l'i-lii N'or iMii>-i) 
bii i-liil)o™t<> nlili'iiiof Siinvy'* nti'l Wrntl'ii 
worku, wliivb ivtitaiiHil iioiiio liilhi-rto xin- 
mint«d ndilicioiiB, ehiefly fr<ini i)>i' llirinf(- 
ton MS&, and mucli new infonuniioti in llw 
preface nml nule*. NicL<-U* r'dilctl llie 
poeDi4 in 1831. and Itobert II«I1 iii I'hM. (K 
tbaUtprrdiii<iii«iIii^ l>h>t h (IihT wlitvO bj J. 
Vaoircll in ilin Alitiiif nliiino ( iHUi). 

SitfTrv,wbii iil!luMi(!li lhfldi»i-i|i!"of Wyalt 
mwal «U |iuli!li lu> mn3tt-r*>Hiprri(ir, wiullm 
eariipst E%n^li9tmiin I" imiini'' wiih vit luc- 
eewltuliiuiiiudry tn Kiitfluli vi-r**, '^S'y»tt 
madSurrvy, whli-« I'lillriihnni.'wi-fViiovictM 
newly ckjiI our or ihe »oh<Kilm of Dniilu, 
Anoti*', tail r<-ir>n:h, nnil grnwilj poltahetl 
ourradcaiir] houii-lyinnnncr of vuuu poseitt' 
(p. 74). Thinr fnvoiirit* modtTwu an- 
douliiedly IVtmrrli. and two of Sumiy'» 
•onoitiB, 'I'ompliimt c.f t, luror rebukiKl' 
<Abrek, p. S), and ' Vuwlo low f&ilhfiitly ' 
(I'i. [>. 111. nrv dirt'cl InntliitionM from 
Ptftmrcli. Twolohr warhR,iiilribiiT«dloSur- 
tvi h\ ISnlf, « Iraii^lnt.ioDoi'noccaccio'it con- 
aoliitoiT iiii>>li' ir> I'iniiD on hi* nil*, otid ■ 
book of eli-fpuil r|iiAi1c(, provn hini la liiiTO 
bovD ilIm aiiiimiiilod wiili Bi<rciiivio, nnrl he 
imitatM in oiu' {■irni the hundn] tli roe- lined 
•tSVM of UlUllu. His VI'IHTB rnlilli'd ''Hie 
Umuu Io allnin l>iip|iy lifi- ' (id. j), 'J7) are m 
illCVMtful lran*1atluTi from Mnrttul, and tliu 
pwta that fcillowp,' Praisi-fif ui'.-ntiii nnd coo- 
Mant ittAltv,' i» njipiirt'titly n rpndcrinK of 
Ilontop'* (idiw. Ilk. li. Nri. xi. Ilia rpodcrin^ 
(rfVii^l,(»p*-(-inUy of thp BPcnnd book, ow*« 
Biudi to Quwin UoiutWb i-oilicr ulTorlp. 
riei>pit« tbo trace* to be found in hii vc-nu 
of ■ p)Ouim-ly jHjiTtiG tFiiijxTiinKMit, Suiret's 
tA*te tn lbi> cbciice of hiir iiiaglerfi iitid iiid 
endeavours to adapt iiuw lUHrve W ICngliiili 
The Mnnet and thr ' ottnva rimn ' uvre fine 
employi^d by him mid Wvntl. The bi(-bdiii- 
tiiulion of iutrodiicint! mlo lvn)rliiiid lilouk 
Tcnw ill five iauibii'i bi'l'jii);^ to Sumy 
a^nc Ilia Trnntiluliont fr[>m Viiyil aiv (m 
Ibu litle-paBW of the (■•com! rdiltun of tho 
lourtb buoh put* il) drawn into thin'ntnuniro 
meter.' Surn-y'* i-ipwianmt may bavp bpMi 
'jwgMtHeA byrardiiial Flippolytodc SIcdici't 
TOnderina; into Itnlion blank vi>r*ii ('w-iolli 
vpm'loribcipciindbtiokof Viniir»'.Kiioid,' 
which wai tiulilichtd uiC««tclln in IS.*)!!, and 
waari'isMit'dwilb i)ii>lim fix books byrarioui 
■uibon, imi<Klnt<>d into tbirittliap in tha 
nine metm i Vinici-. ITiio). ^Bfe''^ '" ^' 
'TVestiso of ICngUtb I'octria' (flVk), naKru 

ihni SunvyatlMnptMl lotnnalata Virgil into 
ErL'liah huamvicn, b«it tliv iilatemcnt is 
pmuably (■rroiu^nus. ' The bI met ii rv of [Su^ 
rry'f] blaiih i-t-nk-iFt not nrrykanii'inioiu, and 
llw H<nn- i» rawly camcil U-yond ibe line' 
(lUiLiMl. I!if (onncia arc ali«mat«ljr 
rh\-ni<^, wilh a conrlDdiiifr couplrl. In h>« 
ntfiffiom TTTf bv prnplnrnl Ihi- (iIcI«t metra 
of akxandrin«i,all«miiiinf;vri'hlinuii>f fixir- 
tcm A V liable*. 

DrXon deaoribM eleren portraita of Sur- 
rey. Tbo bvti, by Holbein, with K«rli-t cap 
anil fralbur, U at Winci>or (<>iiirrtviHl in 
NkII'i edition); another rniniin^ br lbs 
wni'UtMl, dated IC3I. bi-lonpi t<i Ctarlaa 
Biillt-r. no, 1 and drairinf^ both of Snnry 
and his wiffr, by lli'lbrin. arv nl IlaEkiiigham 
I'lilniw irf,, IlftuU). Two 
nrijiiniil porlmii^ bi>lnn([ in tbc Duke of 
Norfolk: onn br (iuillim Stnlpf, wliirh it 
aMiKUcd to tbn ilalp nf bii armi. it intrnbvd 
'Sal Sopefcsl A'X. M.' and him bwn oAwn 
eiipiod, A second jKirtmit by8trct(*,wbi^h 
ill aClvti attribitl«<l lollolbpiii. AL-vmn lo have 
bei'n piirriiii»i-d by F.iln-ard \'I wf the artiat. 
It i« now nt Ilninplori Courl. Ilwrv are en- 

g-nving> by Hollar, \'i>rtii(>, llnubrakFii, aail 

(Tho cshawtiTa life of Snircy. bii**d uo ra- 
■aarohM in ih* .'tTdib Pii|«nk. ia Dcma Oenlili- 
honini'it-Pn^tiM d« la cour d« Henrr V|ll [i.*L 
GtoreeBoWu.riicoiint Rclcbf■lr^J,aI1do^^'ur^ry|, 
pur T^lnianJ Dnjcl. I'nri^. IS9I, tupi'iMdm Uin 
rlnrf mrlitrniiibonly, ria. Mott'a iMinoit in hi* 
rdtlion of llir pocDKof Surrey and WyaU. 181 A. 
S« «l»o Wooa'» .\ilii:uin Oiun, ad. Uliaa, i. Itt. 
IGl; CoutnT'ii AiLi'iur I'uitnl'r. ; IjiBCarfaBiaLt 
Hallain'* Cui^>r. Hid. -. Wnrt-'na Uiat. of Enji- 
1i*h Poiitrj' : Unllnm'" HiH- of Lilefalore ; Wal- 
pole** Boyal nud Xoblp AuUiont. nI. iSirh, i, 
^AS *ii. . IlowHidS Anr«dotn> i;4' the Boni4 
Fan.Lk, i;flt>; Cclliir'x llibl. t^t.; Lownia^ 
HiM, Man. (Bohs). For ITovdrI'ii mDlriiral rx- 
prrimBaia,H« Dr. J. Scliippari Rn);hub# Me trifc, 
B'nn, ISSK. vol. i. ttP-SM-J0li>o9umy't 
Ibink rarita)-<jr* ChnptftnonRa^ludi 
Mrln*. pp. l3i-«£ -. OoHl* itiil. of Kulirfa 
IlbyllimB, «l_ Sktnt.rp. 321 aq. «S2|K(.] S. L, 

HOWARD. HENRV, EiBi, of Nohth- 
*xiiox (l.Mi) li'U>, boRi at Shotteabaia, 
Norfolk, on ^5 Feb. I.S3S-40, wan twtad ma 
of Hi'cry H'lwnrd.uotl of .Surrey [q. r.l; naa 
Toiin;.'er brolhfT of Tbomna llnirard, fbatth 
(liike of Norfolk [q. r.}, and wa» uarle of 
ThoniM Iloward.farlof Arundfl [q-r.! On 
tJu drath of bin btbrr in l&<7 lie and hi* 
brathor and ■iaii.-ni irrro •■ntniMed to th* 
care of hin atrnt. thr llacboM of Richmoail, 
wbu fiDptijyi-'d F'>xp tbo maityrologist aa 
tlii-ir tutor,' With Foxe Howard romaioBd 
at IVigntn, a manor bflotisiiig to ibi- f)uko 
of Norfolk, thron^bout Edwanl VF* rvi^^ 




MtfTli tcer^tm, tlin ekiUmiV mad- ' 
iho I>hIi" ••( NciTf.ilk, y/oM mntwil 
friaiKi. aii>l li-- 'im^titwnjr diimiii«L>(l 
lI'iiM- wuailiBitiudtotlwiboiuebalil 
[ JoVn Wliilv. Iiiibuii or Lincoln, an onloit 
,tnd wkrii XVliilf Iran Irnnhlnlnl to 
in iV''J. Unnrv w"tii uilh him. 
willi WTiii.', Il'iniArd r>-nil Ikr^i'ly in 

Niitl tataxgtd to ofT'T ik»ii»fini'.TT •■xplaiin- 
tioni wbon it irw rv^xtrlnl in 1 'n 1 ilinl hi' 
wu cxcbaoKiiiK lohrim wiifi M1117 (juf-ii of 
Scot*. Bill EliuWib ■ mujiiricini wnn- not. 
mnu&iwnil^ removi-'l. Ilia relaiionn with 
lloKuppliocI Wfor iiiAiivytai-airitli pr>liiifal 
inroniinlion, biit, •cror^in^ to kit uirii ae- 

ftalatnpky, dvil law, iliiiMiiT, iivkI liialor)-, count, )^v<> Lpr lUt> jinidenl nil<'ii.i> !■> 'ftbal* 
■ad wwow (•! luTi' ii«|iiin'd 

a mroDg i^ni- 
Mhvwilh Itomao nilh'i>li('i>ra. On Mnr^'i 
onlil MI>1 niiutw*ir> vcnuiflll, Whitu vraa 
J||ti»l il of tin hinlioprif. aiiJ IvtuaMh llii- 
Jirrnnlr llie thaive of Huwanl'ii mIucuIiou. 
Ho «*a rwiMMl m Uo<m1 t> May IMfl. At 
lb* (|iiiwa'« expm*# lie ]iro(««di>d to Kin^'* 
Ci4lMt%t!wiiljnilp>,wbc(vbof[Tidunlod M.A. 
iaIBOl. II« aftiTK-ard* joibwl Trinilf iloll, 
obuiwil k Kond n-f-iiuticiD oa u icholnc, rrod 
I«Uit Wtam aa rlurloric onJ civil law in 
pililio, and apfiliM to ■ frii'iHl lo London for 
• MWIM lo trofti bim ihp lute t'LanMi. 3/S. 
V», t on. n* ^roiMt«<l ill l'x» (■> Burgli- 
1*7 tiMt di* nti^xnn vivw* wnv ncidliiMil^ 
IMjtiff* at h^rnia\j, and wrotv for 111* 
pttag^t mater, CatbaniM', wifv of Lord 
BMWay. a Imliac oo natural and mural 
pbtkMoplir. wUicb hai sot Wn puMiBlii'd : 
Ik. itvti. iVript |ia ff«J/. JUAr. Arcb.lX 1 1») 
» 11 Trinit T nail Aug. 1689. On 

1' '••'•" tif wan inroqwrain] M.A. at 

Ua&nL and it vm rui»o«r«<l tlinl lii- conl«in- 
|lMad UkiD|( lioljp ordm in iW \Kgii'' hopti 
<f ■twrdipir Vuuif in tlir nrchhidinpHc of 
Y'«i<l'>BDi»,j4NiHJk,aB. I'l'll. \^niitof 
■MM I i-<-)o«iMiMwlhatbc<*a<livinK 

*bMr* paMafliitbiTlb,'bn>usbl bim 

Maawn aixu: bJTO.buMheiniri^iH^orwhieh 
UiWalbrr, ThuBias llovard, fimrlli diikr of 
TfajfaUt. waa Miawt-tKJni ilirrtim-'.dcpnuuod 
Ua arcMpwia |rr bt* Ijiiin b'lixr to U<uvk< 
W- V? l.|ii. I.'.71,iii r-f/. .irv t%il. C.lii. 
( L.^ ill 167:! Norfolli waa eliarycil 

■ 'ini'loinarri,'Mnrv<Jiii«ti<>fScola, 

Baanirr. .N'i'4-f'dk'a cnnfldciilial n^enl, ie- 
rtarvj in iiia r'vnbHiaii tlial llnward woa 
biMavlffir>i pn'piWHi'tarllinl otijrrt '(Mttii- 
MII,p.l3l) tl"WnatlMTviiponaTn*li<(1, but, 

altar ivfM' 




iMMn I" I 
air la < 

\liiii-, ••(tatiliibiil hia 

■ tali>raClkio.|ru r^ 

u'ni h'mil"!! a yarly 

lIIv refurtnl. h'lwin^ 

!■«] lirtMglil ntmat 


.i. I|,.i. .,f.l r-«tir«w| 


nd III llaliun In km^ 
1 t)ipi|U>*n'a toiaialvn, 


ilie MiU i>r hiT rr.ynl ]iriilf' (cf, COItun MS. 

Tilua.c. vi. r. 1.1H). ilownrd aouiflii lo rvgnin 


l»ii{^ ptrtiticriia. .4boul liiMJ be circulaTfid a 

man ii>crijrt iruci in fiippurt orilu>ccIieitii.'(br 

j thp Diarriagii <il' F.liMbcTh witli ihc Itiike of 

I Anjou, in nnaw^r In Srubbtw'* ■ Ditcoi'iTie 

I of a Onpintt Oulf,' lA'P (//or/. JUfl. 1M()), 

j and ol Biireblt^j-V ri'[|iii»l bofrnn n ri'ply to 

' a iiamplilel di-uouncjue fp'niale (ri)v«mnninl. 

I wliicli III' coinpl«Tr(l in loH!) (lA. 7021, nnd 

I in BoJt. IJir. .V&) In K>8l> hi. coiuin 

' Edward Do Vi>re, *oveiil4^0nth vnrl of llx- 

ford, i|Uan«11(id wilh bim, niid roviiy^l tbe 

cbarcoa of beniav and of in-nnnnablc t^orre- 

apanoencD wilb tha t^cottiali ijunpn. Ilo wa* 

(^[ainuroatail.ancldcfuadedbimM'Ifnt Inoglb 

in a ]«tl6r to Eliiabelh, in whicb bo wlmitlml 

thai bo bitd takun luiit in Koman ealbnlii' 

worahip oa xng to conic iuntiout diflioultim ' in 

aacniln«ntary]ioinlft.'bul (U«'lartKl tliat it wna 

idio lo brlipvi) tbat 'no nii.>Hh a man' aa h« 

coiilii win Mary Sinnn'h ' likine." He WB* 

ai>(>naittfT«>,and,rMiTinictii .Si. .\llinn!<, apent 

a year (166^1) in writing bih ' I'n'wrvniivv 

aninai the IViiaon of «iippn<«l rrnphixrlfa,' 

a learned attack on juilinnl n>lr(>l'>iiy, d(<di- 

cated to Walsin),'hiiiu, nnd uid )■> havi- bova 

aii^ltoMi^ by (he lutrolo^'iciil (-xplolia of lU- 

ehitnl lliirvry j^ij. v.* Tin.- Iwok, which w*» 

rrriwd and rriHUiyr in HL'l, «■a.^ atlaoccted 

of 'aeciDiBg bemuiOi.' and or In-nion,' tbougli 

■otnenbat oloH-lj-roVi'ivd'fSTXtn;, Griiidol, 

(. Kii). and in I'l'^'i ll'iwnnl wn« wnl 10 (ha 
'ln!(. For many month*, u* hi- pitronal? 
wn)l« tti *rni)un-d niiirh har*ti 
ui>a({"'(XlcxiI_is//wf/*.n, Ml. .'Ufct-ll, .'5711 7). 
Marr. it waa aoir aaa^rltul. bad t*fnl him a 
riiiK with anMM^tlial 'bi-'did ivpiil« hita 
na Ilia bfolbcr' Irf. bia rinuiinalion. Sir., on 
II line. lAKl itii.l JaFiiinr%- KiWI -I in <'Mt. 
.I/.V. <:■].(■. vii. If. I'im.LttlM. BiirRbr 
rlined lo inleTlrrni> in hia behalf, hill I 
fnTuilTofdtufVldi'l'a >" '' ' * ' 
OH DaroU (<i ihi' Ixiuu- 

•I It^dpratii. Dn Hi j.i.i ..---,. ... „■ 

ijt-'iMv lo llurk^lili'v. '■■inline pmsiaaioB lo 
viaii tiu'WidU ai XdruU-h Uit ibn bi'midl of 
hii hinllli. Ill' ITU mum •■■( ai lilwrtv, and 
ii Mid lo hnvi> Irnviilli"! in Italy, miitjut 
FlWh-iKv nnd Itonn' ll.l'iin. If •rUin, t 
fl7). In IMT h» f«)H«tad rnjixala In lab* 




an Mtir» part in miiulDff tht thrMinned 
SpAnitli oriiu-k irpn> rtfiaiM. He wn* «t« lini>' wiilioiil rniv in«itiia or liVDlilioail, 
ciRi^t liis ins-^cularly paji) |h>a>inn. Th« 
lord wliniral ;riT' liim nn nil iutIiiiii n ' lit lie 
ci>ll ■! Orru-Dirirh.'aod in IWI put iindirr 
hi* rliBrjrr ' n Sj^niali pn-vimT culird [K)ii 
L/iiiia, irlm ii vm cxixitIpcI woiili) dii'ulpr 
tnpatunl wcrH» r«B|in.-tiii>; tin.' nior^iu<iil« 
ortli«Spiiii»Ii tn-nnitre tli-cl.' Biii llnviird'o 
nUtioD* willi llir- 8pruiinrd KHin I'lcitnl 
(nupician, nii'l h'u nnuperla •etvituj utti>rlf 
RiinnL Or iboutilit ni ntinnfir to *> grow 

f>ii ilic ri>><! i>f KaM<X lojxnrKr Itownnl "u 
Tlclhijf c>iRiriiiI'ir<'lalioTiMi'illib<iiIi I'niiwi' 
Bill] An'li-'iiy llitron. much >•> (li>* •lUuiixt of 
tbmr ninitivr. who wnnu^ Iit winn tn aToid 
htiB oi '■ papiu and n Spnuinn).' At tlwi 
MOM lim*. witli rhnrnrlprirtic iidrollnr-u, hr 
BlJUItl^ to ciimtinur in Rnnd nOntioni wltli 
Sir ftobtrrl (Wll.nnd tlmmsli bin infliieuM 
WHH rt«rliaiii>HUn court in IrlfKI, wlim EIim- 
brth Ir.'aiwi liim fnn«drr»fi'lv, Ho i.rni no 

ti»n ill B*u»»'' •cli<'niir» of flwlUon. nlrli'iii(rli 
'«ril Wiovi'd hiiu I1 l» mivliiaiiiij eom- 
niTiiiiontinn witli til" ™il on hi* n?I«iJi' on 

finvd' fram Vnrk iloiuw in Aii^putT l<HX) 
Cnnvr... ./ Sir Ii. CWH, C«nid. Sol:, p. 2:i). 
AflM tlip vatY» vxtTiiTioii lie i<vik pnrt wiih 
Oicil in It lent' ooL-frt ForiMpnndpnce n-ii)i 
i«nM«arSrolUnd. llownird>)i-it<'r«>)l'Hdvic>' 
to th* kin)! nn> Inni; and nWruiw. .InniM 
Mll«d Ihrta ' AMHtto aiid rndlew ToliimM.' 
Polloninff Kwd'uftiimpk li"- triod topoin.™ 
Jnnm'i mind niriLirtit Im iK-rwinnl pii>-iiiiL-ii. 
diivfiUDonfrwbuai wi-cv Itiitirv llmokv.fifilitli 
lord Oobham fq. v. ], iin.l Sir Wiili<-r linl'-iirb. 
In lelt»T« WTitt*!! I'l (.V-il li* iiiii'l'- 110 iiccn'i 
of 111" iiii«n<ir>n. when •ippnrluniiy nfli'cvd.or 
snarinE tiii rivali inin uoini' fiiii'JtitniiiliI" n^- 
(^ilinlioii with Spain which mijtht. h- mad'- 
thi- fnundafion of d chnrBP of in-nwm (cf. 
MS. Cott. Tilti", c. ri. S. 38«"0:>: KnwAitiMi. 
Italeyh. ii. -I.W iw<|,1 llomrd nlmi prMticd 
OB Jftiom lh# de«ini)iilily of adopt in)ir, whi^i 
be nmc lo die Etitilihh lhn>ii», » tbnrough- 
^ing jmlicf "( tnlTftlinn townr'!" UniuBn 
cutholio. Thi-w cotnTniimrnlion* pnnviiwrd 
Jnroi'* of hi" fidelity: hi- wmIc Xo Elownnl 
mpontfvllv in fiuniliar TrroM, nnd, w bioii as 
Klixnlwlh'a drnlh vna aonoiuK^cnJ ami liini a 
nilir'oul oTt^coilandMn riikon '<cf,Ow»Twp, 
^Jomff VIvilh Cecit unit niMrrn fma llnl- 
lleld M.«S. wl. Itniop. rnmilon S(m>.> 

Th» tiippli'nrjj and fltitliity which hnd 
d"iii> him *iiinll ■pfviei- in hi« rplnlirtim with 
Klirnbi-th itnvi' Iluword a coimnaadina po»i- 
tion from tlw finit in JaniM !"« rnun. He 
Btt«3itlecl Junes at ThMbalds, Uil wiu isa-lH 

I a privy munclltiir. On 1 JaM. IDOI h» b»* 
eamii lord mtrdm of (lie Ciaow port« in 

, lucocMian to hi* nmnj Ixitd Cobbim r«M 
ItnoosK, Hi:7(Iit\ am) on 13 March rWran 
Howard of .Miim'liiiEI. Itorii'iahirp, and Hurl 
of NorlhamMoa. On JJ tVh. 1l)(X'lbo1nL■iD• 
■"nll'.■d kni;nit 'tf lli« Oarivf, and on :9 April 
lOOf^wlienSalUhiiri' became ir<M«UTvr,hr wa« 
prouolMl l» till- diEnifliiil oSccof lord pr>i~* 
M*l. Chnnliof llM>ti)w<>r tnGrMiiwiFh Tarlt 
nnd »f ihchailiiriFknrilM'fiirn w<>r>< uMd* in 
UV^&. In 1t<(n>th<- tiiiivi-r*itTofnKror<3 »]>- 

f lintel him hiAhiteward.anJin 1612 h* mid 
rince Cliarlua ireru rinl cMndtdalea for thn 
chuiiM^llonliip of Camhnd);e Lnirrriity in 
■nccnuinn In Salisbury. His wealtb and 
Inirnin^ »<via 10 hati- vh^iW Ufnrv4 hia 
election: bin hi'aloiw^rN'ijriirdon lunmtn; 
thai IhekinemH^ird ihn uniTcriiiy'c nciicnt. 
He maanKod. however, to convince Jnmiw I 
thnt he in'<m<)e(l nn dinrpcjiect I'l ihi- rot>l 
fonnly. and al n new election he wns n-ap- 
point"'! (IIirKiTr, Hfi- 0/ Bit/i;p H'illmntt 
pi. i. p. SI : ('oorcn, AtiHiU of Cainhnilff, 
lii. 47-''^). Wh#n. on SalMbnr}'* dealli in 
hil^, tbfl (niAMUttnliip wm put into coib- 
nitiaion. Xortbrnnpion wm node nna of tb» 

X on hit TO Jit cm took an acii(-« twit in jiolU 
ticnl bii9inei4<.Aiid exhibited in ill bit act inn* 
a atupt'iidoii' «'«nl of |>rincipte. He waa « 
coioniir^iiiiiei for tli^ trial of bin p*mMul 
t-neini-'k Sir W«l I or lialui^li ami \/3tA CoUiatD 
in 11)03. forihnt of Riiy Fflwlu«in leOE.uid ot 
[inmett.MTiTh whnu-opiBian'hi' wn«in«igT«<>- 
ment. in 1808. Hi* (ilnlHTai.- nnd eflUetir* 
ipeecliesBt the latter Iwn IritU npp-^rin tbti 
'MMti'TriaU' (i. *1.1, SIM). Hr KupjKinml 
the (v>iivtclloiu ot all. It wiu mmourod 
nft^Twanls tlinl ho hnd prix'attrty apologneil 
to (\inlinid ItrnnrniinpforhtAnMWoh al <ini^ 
ni'it't Irinl. in which lie pow^rfiilly atiacked 
the piipnl )>otri>r. and had lolil itio cardiml 
Ihnt he wnii al hettn a ciittiotie. Tbv m- 

SKirt e^ined tott (pmerml etinwicy, and the 
oiliire of pontMnporaty cntbolic nrilon to 

' denounce Nartbampton in their comnenia 
on tli» pmco^ings •fiUDM Gartielt niimrMl 
tooinfiTm in Iruth. In 1812 .Vrclitiinbap 
.\hhrit i> mid to bare produced in ibn rouit- 
cil-chninber ii eonv of^ NarthBtn|iton'* cnat> 
maiLicBlion with Bellftrtnine. In the tnmt 
year Nnrlbainpluii nummoneil ux PtnoiM 
whn hnd cireulatrd the rlorr before tneSur- 
chomlx-ron ihochnrpeof libel, and tboTW«n 
heavily fln<<d. M.nnwhil*. in Miiy I'fol, he 
noted ai n ccmimiuionor lo Irtal for penco 
with Spain, and in thn niilnmn of the naiun 
year nnvpted a Sponinh pi'n*ion of l,000f. a 
yenr. In September Itim. with even (rrenier 

1 l>ddn«(8,li«Mi imtheeommUBiouAppoinivil 




M unbTT f"f llw Hniitliiion of Jmbim aad 
In llXMi lia i>iip}inrti><I ttii- 
; 1 Ntid Si-n*liUi(! (cf. Soaifru' 
FfBrt*. !•- !-•- I. Wtipn, in litor, Ihwmnionii 
•mt up l« (hr Hoiui.- nf ],nnln upFtilion ttoat 
Ga)[1)*)t nH'rrhniiii, cr>niii)ainiD|{ of S]iani«ti 
(Tnatiir*. NxTikimiiioii, m • «pwcli in tho 
eliasihrr, »ti|M'rrili<niiiIy rohtikrvl ttin 
' hniM W inU'rfnnof In gTf»i *0nin> nf 
■!■(& In mil Iw •trmiiflT nipportiil (!»■ 
J of S**o»'» Dcopruil In nmnpt a mar- 

^> t »«w*-nht»daiigbternint Hfnrr.prin** 

flf M'alM, in iIm> n<ri' •niiiciiinc IwirftKat 
■ ■■•on of ihe liiiT^i|-i)nrcii1 wlili ii Unninii 
flMLbnlic M>i;M fflWtiially vbrck tlk» iwgT<t(>- 
of Ui# Ovmnonitic puritaiui. Al tho 
linu- \tf (liil|pio'l wmci' by urpn)! n- 

In loll NxrihiiQit'loti. itiarcnHnnci* 
ki> r^imrtrr. ifiiitp Iiii aiipinrt lo lii' LTiini)- 
»in>-. I^'It Franc«», <t*U(rtil«T of 1'li<iRiu> 
llovBtil. r»r\ i>f SiiiKilk, in 1ii>r uoiWroiin 
l^obdun • ilirDrre frnriu h«r bu«h»nd, tb* Earl 
flfPiMri. Tl>* Uily wM dMimtU of mHTiTinit 
tb- linir"* ("..ii... iv-t^-n Car. narlof 8a- 
vmvl. ail I l^iibtlm ihonj^Iit, 

In iif IL 1' I . I IltllaiD incrMLMi) 

iimiitr'ii Aiii] T^atly 
1 . -. ; . I,,] i!„. wifii. in Hn 

vitli t^awx Iwlii al Whiicliall in 
'>' n iliit boppof oblaininfcliii nuM-Dt 

lo*iti«>-n.-a. P>i«apmr«<)uiicnmp1iiant,Biul 
Jtntiham^in '■onlriml tbal lli* raan >houId 
bhr" ' ^ aii|»C(aloaBaaiurion.Wb«(i, 

krw' > )ri-i> wan obtained, SoiD«r*vt'i 

faniiMir 4oiiiimuiic*,8irTlMinMOvMhinry, 
dlMoulaO him tmm MirMtng ibe P><oj«ci of 
ilk Ladj rr*nc(«. Nortlininpton 
ncoamMiili'd, nn a v><ry nUghl 
■Msii. f>- -•■•■—''- iBinriHiDDieBt in tbp 
mtPW. ar- ! I that a frirad of the 

'B« W »J f»!i-... i;.rTiwo Hi-1«^« ''|.v.], 
h« allpOintivt llrUli-luBt nf tfi-'TimOT. 
■ mqaanlly wtoI" lo Norlluiii}-lon 
Orrttl'iri''* cfltiitiK-l and iK-olib, bill 
of lliani tevtD» (•> hat^ I>mii iniul>< 
ly aw»rr uf l^ly I''ninc<'«'it {ilot to 
tti" pr>«n»T, Itmilitliia Nnfibamp- 
■ •- In bin ilttaol Iptlm 
-n'ilh taolrmpt of (K'lT- 
. :|.r>H(ii ■ limuTv tbfll hit ovm 
! 'ii-t b* ■i«ntjiin)?<l in mniMicticni 
With km iiaimauBsii'nl, bill li« inirodncod 
la lleh*7a llr. Cnig. niK of (lio ro^ phy- 
•—"•rt on ibi" mvtmvro bnallh 

II. vii- f. i"0> WIiM*. in 

- :Ii«inp(oo'* ib*th, (lie iiMltar 

iJia^tiMj ln«mtitfsI-><. niorh pr<%of vnx 

)tudtt\mcirmnu-m of ikc- ri'lalioiwliial 

'ladaiMffrd lirtiiinm Nr.ribiiniptnn and bU 


him with ■ dlrMl Unntl in thp murdir. Rut 
thr ■n'idi^iiiv on itiiit |i(iiiil wnn mil r<'np!ii> 
•ivH (.\yiitf.Or^at Oifrr of PaitmiiaAiv. Ill", 
17S-B. SWl. 

In (be kinf's coundl Narthmapton prn- 
f««Hd (o tlie laat bin (MBlti>d y'vayrt or (be 
royal OKngiiltr, and tT)«iJ (o (bwnri Uik 
Mrcn<r"ni'y of nrfiirnlnntiwi ami Hfniocmry, 
In Ki'liriinrr llit4 lii' ilpprwnioil nitli srrtl 
spirit Ibr ■iimninnini; of n |>nrliNnifiii. ntid 
wb<ni hi* ndvici- wiu iirBlirtpt! nn'l n jiarlia- 
menl n'lu iiiltud lo^i'tbrr. Iir, acx'tjxyi in rna- 

^'1lnclil1n wilbSirChnriiiiC'iL'niwnllu icj. v.], in 
wli'.'tv'l, ill Juiit- It) 1 4, to buvc jtidiicrd Jubn 
l(o*ltiii« [i\. v,],B mpnilMT rif ibr new lluui« 
of rommnnf, lo iifJ'inaullJnirlBd^iiiifCt- abuilt 
t\v bini^i Rivittiab fnvnuril"*, in llm Iiiij)« 
iW .Ibok-s w-iiiM miirh hi* di*jil<'»i>iin' by 
ftraiKblniit diuulvin^llii-pnlliiiliii'tit, Norllv- 
ntn|it<.'ii r('iiiain?il I'loM' friends vilb Jiioii-i< to 
tlu^ Inil. Ho iDl«rt>«ti>d liJBixt'tf in tin- ••rt^v 
tion of a Dionnmi'iii t-i Mnri Qii--t-n ot'Sooia 
in WfwtRiliiBlrr Atih''T.aii<! wT<>1r tlv Ixtin 
' iiumplion. In IRiA hf drric nji .InniiVs 
vrcll-Rnown edici apiin»t dupjtin?. hihI vtiAv 
about tbp Ranit' timf '])iirlli> foild. Tltn 
I irholf proNwIin^-fl in tbr onUtI y di(ui>Ivi<in|t 
I of a dc>ij,ii fur >iiiclp flgbi h«iwiM-t>i' iiro 
Taliimt i;i.'nileni'-ii'(rf. AAhmaff .VS. tvHt.ff. 
I3(t-I'>'), which ia prinlfd in lli^nniv'ii ' C<J- 
li>plinn ofCnrioiw I)i»r'>iir»p»,' 177fi, ii. J^JV- 
24:!,nnd Is lbpr(■>w■ipl('<llo^iir IMiriiivl Coh?. 
Nnnbnmplon lon^ inirrn-d fmni 'a kiii- 
bith IDtnour' in (hi- tbif;b. and an iinRhillnl 
opomtiorn ted to fatal nvultn. One i>f hU 
latnl aclH ir&* (o M-nd Somcrvcl i-x|irrfi<x<tu 
of liif affurtiKn, He dii^l on I'l Jtinit l>-14 
al bin hniiM^ in Ibi- Strand, nnd, at wnrdi-n of 
til*' Cir»|ii" i«in». -wa* hnri«d in ihi- rltap#l 
nflloviTCai'llix A moniitnrnt tccIiiI nlmvp 
hi! craT* wa« maovi-d in lf)RO in Ibi- rliapol 
of Ine collitp- of Urccnwich bv (bi' MrTCiiV 
Conpuiy (tf. Sioir, Laaim, «d. Hirfpe. App. 
i. pfcWJI. 

AccordiD^ loNorlhamplnn'i will. \f <\trA 
'a mi>sih(<T of lbi> raibolic niid DiHitlnlic 
rlturi'b, Hyiiifr with St. JpraiBo, In i|oa 
ll'l' \mrf niitat fni in cadon amax morior.' 
Alllioiigh lb"' n]irp«ion ia p<)uirooal, ibfre 
ran 1>» little dtmbt ihnt )»• InnJ and diod 
a Itovnan mboUc. To tli* king fav l*A, with 
oxiranf oat «xpre«icnii of tatMn. *jpAim 
trwer of lOOf, Tallin, with a Imndrrvl JiirobJD 
pii^pa, racb of Iwfntv'ir" <liiltiuK« taluo. 
Thv EnrU nf SotToUi and WoTOniltT and Lord 
William Howard wen- overwvn iel. Itarl. S. 1W-£0S: and C»tt. MS. Jal. 
F. Ti. C 440). He l«4t UimI w<4'ib :ifitt)t. a 
yMir to Anuidi^l. Tlia I^ndon Iiouh'. aflrf- 
wardl North nmWrlnnd IIouh-. hr Cliariiw 
CroM^li* gav* to lli-nr^' 1(«iranl,l9«fliilh^ 




■on, bul lie Kvokeil a1 tlie lut momMit a b^ 

CI lo Siidblh of 111* fumtlurv an-l riotsIiIu 
wte In- (nii Suffilk wi>tr rivnl rnndidntn* 
Ibr Ihv in«*urMr>i)iip, nnd it wn* n-|iort«d 
when Im- wu ^viag that Stiflblh wru to be 

]li-9piu>liij tack of principli-, NtirlLunipiuii 
duplnycd a miLur-«idv'] Fullurv. mid wa' 
tvpLiiL'4 (111! iiioM lB>ru'.>il iioblnnum of tiU 
tim>-. Ili6 C&»t^ io An'liit-^cCiiiw U proved 
Iw lii« HiUriii-mi^iU of (in'fijwipli ( 'Mtli-. liy 
tht' inii^ii!(v>Tici> of Kif I^ndon ivaiilt-iice, 
a>A«rwiinU Norlhumbprlnnd lloUM, w]iicli 
wu buill al bU conl fn>oi ili« dfi^gli* of 
BloiKi lilotvT [g. r.~, hnJ br liU BupvrvUUin 
of TlK-rpe'i dMigiu for Auill'v Kiw. ill* n»- 
aidenoe oT ki« ii^hew SuflbU. Hit pUmiod 
■lid fiitdowcd thrw hospiUlu, ouh at C'lun, 
SJuo^birv; a nvoond at Cutle ttuiii);, Sor- 
hik,tot twAyr paorimmtnlct- 1)i.ume:fibld, 
A'iM^ft.iK.&S-tt>,nnd • diird al Grepnuicli, 
called Norfblli Colleire, for iwrft^iioomaiiTiM 
of Oremwiuli.and forvi^hr iintivc'-orSlini.tR*- 
luim, Nc)rtlisiupTvR> birtliiila(i». Hii taiil llii- 
fouiidadDii-Morn'orilirtRollffrRat (im>nwirli, 
95 Feb. ](t 1:1-14, iiml placed its iiiaiiain"niMit 
■a(l«lhi'M»«wni'Oini]wnT. Hu wa^a vritiv 
Mlkiir,aiiil hit friuD^I Itncuii btu rBCon]edaom» 
of hM ruaailu in hin 'Aii'>|i1ilhe^im' (BlCox, 
H'orit. »!. .Spi.>ddti]9, vii. \!ii, Iftl, 171). 
Ba<Mjni'lwM»f hiinai'rhi'Unmmlmrroiiiwillot' 
in ibc kitiplom lo ]ir>-«OTit. l>iE ' AilvanconiniiC 
of Lyritmiiin' tu Jamini I (Spi:uiiiMi, llanm, 
\\t. ■.'."i3(, O-^oTol ■haptnaiiiiijcribril atonnot 
to him whirh wnn imiiti-ci befure bL" inini- 
latinu rif llomi-r I lltl 1). Ilea Joubuu audbv 
won, nil tlif (iib^r hand. bilU-r foM ( JoNsox, 
OanmtatiMiii. p. '1'2}. 

Uaiibi x\k w>r1i nil attrolo^ and tbt- 
nunuHrrrpi imiii«i'f by Nnrtlininpioit «U 
rawlv nolicud, (Li.<ri.> an- ciianl n tmnkliition 
bjliim ofCbarW VVIaat adrici-tn I'bilipll, 
dpdicnud IO Kbubctli (Uart. M&S. 836 aod 
1066: (y>n. MS. Tiiiis C. sviii. ; aiid llodl. 
Libr. tow/. MS B. T, f. 3S, whili- thi? dwli- 
catorv <ipi*Tlr ii|i(iL'iir>> alouo in iMiabfik JIfS. 
BCtfll. "JO); and dpi-otionol Inmlim"* lltarl. 
.VS. 2M, and La«il>fth MS. *!60>. Collonian 
itfi. TiluB, t. tl, a volumr of I200iins«.coo- 
tnini miicti of Northampton'* oonv9paiidi.>uoci. 
a trvalisi- on ip-ivernni'nt.aderutioiial tt'urk, 
noiooof NorlhaiQpI'Mi'BciirlycomMpundeuoe 
with Jainn* nnd Cecil, and a eomnionplace 
booh Pniiil''d ' Coiifiba Privata.' 

A ponnit dated KXMS brionga to tho Earl 
of Cnrlidu. 

Sh* fallnt aooount aiipun in Noit'* aditioa 
irn>y»a«ii Wyall '» I'oeOH. 1914. i ■lSI-7< ; 
it ia abaurdlir UivUlun. tte« ■!» Ganlincr* 
HIal. of Rncliuid: JtirebV Almoini: WaliwU'a 
Itojij and Noble Aut&on. ti. Park >•- US «q. , 

Samlamtt* Lifa at Jauo* I ; Winvowr* 31*- 
nianal*; Conrc of JaiOM I, 1813; D'Ewnaa 
Aalo'iiomphyi Wouon* Raniaiim, 10S.i,pL U&; 
Uij^le'* BdionaKa; BrTilviB'* Unnioira of Pcara 
of Jamea I : Nluhubi ]*ron«a*M of Jaaa« I ; 
RJvanli'it UU of Sir W. Ralegh; Speddiag'* 
Ila?<m ; Antn'i Trial of ilic ICnrt of SouanM, 
pp. 41-a: CaiulQD** nav^'Tvi I'aptra; 0«ad- 
mao'i Coun ut Jnimw I, : CM- Cou«aiaii MSS.I 

HOWARD, llICNItY, aixth DrsK or 
wa« the aeoood »an of lli^nrr Frederick 
llownrd, aucond Mrl of .\riinde] [q. tA bjr 
I^dv rjiiabt-lh Stuart, daugtitnr of Emoe, 
ibir^ duki> of l^nuox tOoTLC, OglcMl Ba- 
roiuye, ii. W"-it>, itcfoiy ibn ItMlonlion 
he poaml much lime abroad. In October 
ItH.'i he jonrutfrcd from ^'elli(^^! to riail John 
E*i-ljn O'y-l'O") lij-r.' at P*dua, II« 
again went abruad iucnuipauy vilh hia elder 
brcrtbtT, Thtiina^, in January- ltl>i£ and Au- 
giLtl UViH (Cat. StaU iWr*, Dom. lKl-2 
n. r>lf<, Itk^n^ p. mv tlj- 10 Au^ 16flA 
he wu H'tlind al liii villa at A Ibopy, sii'**^! 
wbc^re t'velTD riiitcd hito and a^iiod hu 

flcLumtandourioiittu). According to EtcIjtd, 
loa'anl bos mainlir instrumental in per- 
anadiiiff tb<> king to ruTorv Ibe duli<!doni of 
Xorfolk. -29 IW. IfifiO. which fell (o hi> 
brother Tliomat (lit2r~le;7), and, j««loua 
of thL- family honour, lii? eonijioandod a debt 
of JOO.UOO/. contracted by hii graodlktbet, 
Tliimn».eBrlor Arundol ( 1(188-16*6) [a. T.l 
(EvEi,tS. Viaiy. 1» Jun« HKKl. A« Lord 
TIrnTT Itowanl hct liFCBme amcmbcrof Lin* 
<-i>In'F lun on 4 Nov. IiXII, and waa high 
>'T«wanl of Guildfotrt, 8iirrvt , from 1063 IO 
1117.^. On 51 Fob, IPtl-'Mhif loft London 
with hi* brother ICdn-ard lo viiit kia IViMid 
XVultor, couiil Lonlie, nfaom tba empvror 
Ln^ld I had lately tiominaiiKt kin ank^ 
udur uxtraunlinury to Canal unituuplr. At 
Vienna be was intr^iiwd by Lt^Iie to the 
emptTor. and waa IibL>rall,v vtili^naincd icf. 
A ftrlation of a Jtmrnrv i>f , . . iMrd Tlmrjf 
Ilowanl, ki;, Ijondon, 1071 ; Coi.l.l!Ca, J^r- 
wje. ed. ItrydfKui, i. 1S3 fi). 

llv reiurni-d tu Hnxland in lIKtfi, and on 
2S Nov. ItM.Mi became F.RA Aflur the fin 
of London Howard gmutod the Royal So- 
ciety ibe iui> of Kyaraa at Aniiido] llunae ia 
the Scrand, and, on S Jan. imi', at Evelyn'* 
■uinraalioii pn->i^Qti>d it with ili" graator part 
of Ilia "iiViidid libran-, which ho biHl nach 
neglected. A jiortion of the matmacripl* 
ma gireii to tbe OoUeKit of Armi, <if which 
a catalogue aran comnilei] bv StrC. (i. Young 
in 18'jn, Tlw Rciyal Snciei_rw>Mib.irBhai« 
of th-' AruitiM timniwriptj (fXiyjitinu tb« 
Hebrew nnd t>ri>'nt«l) to thi- uiimcM •■a (lie 




«Udt wua ilavMcd to ihe piiroluM of Kisn- 
it^ book*. Ib I*W. vIimi it WM propoied 
to ImiIiI • ciolkfo fur ilir nocii't^'ii miit'tn^s, 
ll«««rd, wbo WM (Id till- romniilta*, ptva a 
fktt at grouod in tbv ipinlon of Ariindi-l 
ilaw>» for * mUs nnJ iln-w dniffiu for tlit^ 
UUiBC('WKL»,7/»(.<//f"y. &r-t Uanug 
BtiinuiiiflUd'Etelyii^wrBUfldtiJ liowardu) 

R«i> thn ArunddMn nwrblM, wbtok wvr* 
, iajt ■Mtfli'etiid ia ihr wiiia itmr<l»n, lo tin- 
vtiii<'r*ity of OxTnnL 71ii> iinivi-n<ity miuli- 
htm a IHT.L. on & June lOUS "t ^»-' 'oox-' 
tine flMififrriiig on bin two *oiu. Hciuy and 
TTiiiw. of Uwdtfen CollqCL-. tm dcgnv at 
ILA. lloirBM <rai- raisMi to tLu at«nge, 
with tlw tillF uf IWoB nnwnrd of Outle 
HiMM ill Xorfolk.oii 27 Marv-b l*H!H, nod in 
llw [iiUowiag April vmit lu arabwndor ox- 
monliiMr* to Jlc-rocco. (>n ihc dokUi of hi* 
Sm wiff. Lady AniioSamorMt,eJilerd«ugb- 
urat Edwwdl Mv-^Ki nianiuti of WotCMMr, 
is 1(M2. hr is Mud to har« fatfen into ft dmp 
■ilaachnlf . wfatcli wu iaoTMMd by the lotw 
of kit rriend Sr Swniwl Tuko on 24 .fan. 
1471. Il« MW^t iwliof in acoimoofdiui- 
IMtaoB, wUidh impum) both hi* fartuiio and 
KMUtna. OnlsUcI.KT'bpwajiadvuicnl 
lolwvariof N'orwicli.Mirl-niBnhat,BndhMe- 
<Lui7i«H*fnanlial,aiiduol I V«. following be 
■iii/iiiliit W famtliM Tboaa« u tixib duka 
«f Xorfbilk. In IflfS be married bismutTcM, 
Jaor. daiittbtsr of Robert Bickerton, rentlo- 
IMA <if ■III' wln« eallar to CIiwIm 11. Ila 
4(b1 •> ArvaiM IIouM on 1 1 Jan. IttSI, and 
«M bwTMl at Anuiditl, Suiws. By hu fini 
with b had two •ona. Ilmry, spvuDtb dukt^ 
f^T.laBdTbooiM.aad ibnwtlau^htL-n). Dy 
lb MMid wif«, who dt«d on ^» Aiu. Um, 
l«ktil««TMHa»dtbr«edaucbtan. Tboi^ 
faaj Klwwl bn wa« a mas of amBll capaaTir 
aadriofb Bassnni. * A It'tlalioii of a Jour- 
vmi of . . . I'OrI llmrjr Howard from London 
(i>V(>ona.and ibMtMtoOotulantinopWwaa 

CMWbad unih'r Howwd'a ii*ine, I 'Jmi. Jjmi- 
B, 1971. Tlian>iiap)olur«of1iiinby ftlary 
DwJ* m iIm National Porlralc Gallciy, and 
it bm bMn vagiBftid. 

|Ei*t]r«'*I>'an; Hamilton'* XanMinofCoaDt 
i> OrMuiMkt : Onanr'i Bh«. Hiat. of Eaf- 
taal (Mi -lit.). iU. 1I1I.I 0. 0. 

i.bonioti lIJaD.lW>6, 
*v iu- •> 11 1.1 ii-'iiit.HXtb duke of Norfolk 
<l«|ivl(HI) ;i|.*.], V >>i' I'M wif". l-adT 
tta««tMt, aloor dau^hior of Kdwanl, 
iMUVuiaaf W<nMt«ril>(irt.ii,Oj(Maf 
^w, iL IM~0>. Ho wu ndueatixl at 
Mardalrn ('olla«r, (tzfonl, and waa cNBtod 
lLA.«BftJiuwlfl«R. l''r»n lt]78 «ntU lOM 
W WM atllcJ 1^1 of Arun.trl, fast b« waa 
I la parliaaoBl a» Baron Mowbny 

OB 27 Jan. IHirS. On fhe ilealb of FrinoB 
corCa*cl«and muileti «tthf forfut nnd pofks, 
10 l)fc. 1I1S3, and Wt'ORiK on lb" tanin day 
lord-li<-uti-iiBTit of llvrluliini luid Surrey. Iw 
was cliiiK'u liijili slowun] of \\'lurlior on 
IT Jan, llbS, 1urd-lit7UtuiBut of Norfolk 00 
■'> Ajifil in tb« auui- yi«r. and itiiccr>>dud liia 
btlior M Mventli duk«> of Norfolk on 1 1 Jan, 
Ifl&l. ThpunivtrtMtyof Difordcreaiod faim 
I. UC.U on I Sopl. Itt»l. ()n tho occMMon 
of JunwH II bu uKnnd tbo ordor, dated at 
Whiit'Imll cm 6 Fi-b. IBSIi. for proclaiming 
iiini hiug. aud won nudi? K.f {. on H May foU 
lowing. ilewa« aupoiiilvd oolonel of a ri^- 
mont of l<3ot on tn) Juiu» KlSn, but n>*ignod 
hi« oommtuid in Jnne IQ'tiV On^ dny Jnnefl 
gava tha duko (a utAuncli jirot^x'ant) tlie 
aword of alato to carry lHtlo^■ liira to tho 
popiab cluipi'l, but kc utoppwl at lliu door, 
upon whicQ tlie kint; said lu Ihhi, ' My lord, 
your fHtlii*r w>)uld have eoiii- fiinbor;' to 
wbirli th- iioV.- nni>wi>n>a, ' Your nuyostys 
fnil'i ' r I iinr nian,andhowouldnot 
Iin>' t; i[i> " 1.1 iltt'iMvr, Oten Timt, Oxt. 
cd., i. (lot). In liMT tho duke undertook to 
aol aa Jani«a'ii agent in Sumy Bnd Norfolk, 
ibr the pIupOM) of obtaining information U 
to the popular view of tliti iWln ration of In- 
dulgence. Oti ^4 ^Inrch lAi^ Ii« wrat to 
Pntnce, but rpr.iiming hiimn by way of FUn- 
d«rs on SO July join«ii in the inHtatJon to 
lb# Prince of i imnge. In Notomber follow- 
ing bo VM amonii ibn proimiant lords in 
London who pi'titioUMcl .UmoB II to call a 

?arl>amc!0l ' nigitlai and fm- in all oMpocta.' 
'be i>elilioa wM prewiitol on 17 Nor., and 
Ule lame day ibc kin^, after promiaing to 
aumaon sudd • rxirlinui'iiiL, Iqlt for Salla- 
bury to put hinutclf at ihi- head of kit nnnj. 
Thorciipau tba duke, uiondMl by thrM bun- 
drcd KTOitlrnim anned anil monnlwl, wrtit to 
tli« nuvkut-plno^ of Norwieh, aud wiu thotB 
mel by the major aMi aldermen, wlio eit- 
gu«d to Maud by liin againM popery and 
arfaitruy power. lie eonn brouffbi oYer the 
ea^tom countim to tka iniarMI irf the Prince 
of (>rang«,dnd ruMd a MgimMil, which waa 
•ftefwania employwt ia llie reded ion of Ir^ 
land. Ilowvd Mmmpuiled William 10 St. 
Jaaiw'B PaUoe on 18 !>««., and uu ibe 31m 
waa among Ihe lord* wlio appeakd to blai 
to oaU a frm parltaaent. lie mtad liif ihe 
tMtlenient of tbr crown on ibit Prinev aad 
PrinMa* of Urantre, who wmv proclaimod on 
13 t'eb, i6i*9, aoo the next dav wai nrorn 
of tboirprirv oouBoil. Hi; waaaiKxtnitinned 
eonat^te <^ Windaor OutU, and becaisa 
colondt^BrvgimMtt of foot (16 March lUtS), 
•hira (0 Haj 10tt>>, acting captain-geornd of 




tlivlIoiioiintbloArtillrrrConipiiiiyofLondoa | 
(S J line to September lOBOt.ui^uinmiMiotiHrof 
nr<T>-ii<ricli Uotpiul( WFf I). ItlO'O.colont^l in 
the bcrhtliin!, horwicli, Norfolk, Siirrer, nad 
Boiitliwwk n>^ntt!ni(i of militia (160T). and 
during that j«w mptain of thi- flwt troop of 
Snmr bot*a militm. On 1'^ Jsti. Itlt)l liu 
KtWnotd Williiinii III (o HoIIbuc). 

Norfolk diod wirhoui utMit? at Ncrfalk 
llollw, St. Juhm'b Stgunrv. on 2 A|jril 1701, 
toA WU buh«d on till.- t>tli 111 AriiniliO, 
Siutex. Hip im III I'll iat^i i>ucn-Mora in the 
til1<' were )ii«i ni>iili-.>K't, Thi'inni, rtghih duliv 
1777). On 8 An((. 1877 lin mmrii-d Udy 
Mary Motdnunt, daiighli-r anil lieiren M 
Henry. K-coad toil of I'ctvitioroufih, but, 
owijiit to tier gallautries wilL Bir .luhu 0«r- 
mtiu fq. tJ And other*, be •«[)amteil frnm licr 
inlSm. Hediihiotciicc^edindivon-iiiii liir 
until II April 1700. in onuHjiii'iicK of ibu 
oppti^iimn lif hiT first counin. Lord MoniDoiilli 
(■Rvrwnnl* ICnrl of iVitrboroimh). 'ITii; 
auchcM luuiatcd Lnnl Monmuutb in bit in- 
trigue wilb Sir .lolin Fcnwick fq. v.], and 
(UterwnriU cunftv^ed to it (l6tlT). Mrm- 
fDontli, in t.h(< Iloiiao of Lord*, vinli-ntlr 
ili^tiipii till- tnilh of hut Ktory. Her huibniid 
thprvupon row, nnd mid, witb sour plounn- 
try, tlial be unvc entire fuitb to wbiit ihe 
hod <lp]Mi(itd. ' My lord lbi>ii|cbl lier guod 
tnouflb to Ih' wife to me; and. if fllie in g^ood 
AiMUpIi t>> be wife to ini>, I hid «uri> iIibi »be 
ia good enougli to be a witneu agaiiwt bim.' 

[Cal1iiu'aPe«nK«(Bt7Ueu).i. lSa.O:Ban(«'* 
Own Time {Oif.wl.l: Ev^Tjn'a Diary: LnttraU'* 
Hlaioriotl RcUiion of StnteAfflum. 18117; Mac- 
milav'a Hid. of RdkIuhiI; m« art, GutiiikDi. Sue 

jaiin.] a, 0. 

HOWARD. ni-NRY (1884-1730). 
Roman ratliolic biiiliop.itl«ct, born 10 P**. 
18H4, WB« •n'nnd Mm of I^rd Tbnmiia 
nowiard of Worksop, bv Kliinbi-ib Marie, 
dauRbtorofSirJobiiSavilleofCVipley. Vork- 
•hirv. and therefore mndaon of Brnry. sixth 
dukeuf Norblbfq.T^ HemierBdilM'^Lelbb 
College el Poiiny. wWe lie Mudiod wiili hie 
brotliMB Tlminns, ICilward, end Philip. Tho- 
nM and Edward II oward afterwardii bpnime 
■uooowivelT eighth and ninth dukei of No^■ 
lUOt. On 7 Sept. ITUH he look the miHion 
HBtluaai! at Advent 1 709 waa ordained pniwt. 
Be nw) pasted with praise, it woe aAerwarda 
UMrteil. thmugh tli«i miiisM of pliiloaopby 
and (licolngy. In 1710 bo j(>in(>dtli" P^rl>R | 
di>ln nnrinnnChrtlicnnoat nuii.iil Ibntimo 
that the Joniiciiiirt cootTOreny wan rofiinii 
iImk. The BnfiUah JMuim vei* airongly 
orthodox: and tliey pereiiaded Howanl to 
TCSoore in tlie mbio year fMny 1710) to the 
Jesuit aomiiiaiy of St. On^ory. Hero be re- 

sided till July 1713, wbm he oaae to TMg- 
land OD a miasian, and in aaid, «liil>> livinfr 
at ltuchin(rbauifioii«e,tohaTeefi(<cted Bnny 

On -.? 0«. 1730 be was Mpointed coadju- 
tor to [tinlinp ItnnnvpntDi^ Oibrd fq, v. I of 
ibe London diairlei, with ibo title (M Bia^op 
of Ulicn IK partihu/ i ltlu^T, Hfiimpal Sue- 
MMum.iii.iriO). Hedied, bnwi-TiT. nrafevi^r 
caught irbile Ti^itiuK the poor, befar>T biacon- 
Mcratiun, on 'li Not, I7W. and *-u buried 
al Amnd'tl. 'Siichefaarity.'eaKlUiiiliopflif- 
fnrd, 'Mirli piety, lins nnt, bewi Been in our 
land of n Inns iimn.' Tliere ia a Mrtnlt at 
OrpVfiolic believed to tvpriwrc I eilJicr Henry 
Ilowunl or bU brothrr Tticbard. 

In the ' lluwurd I'aperi ' it U auMrtinl J_pL 
318) tbul Henry Howard died at Itomc. Tbo 
nintcincnt obriouely referato bia broihur Ri- 
bu waa a canom of St . Peter'*, on 32 Aii^. 1 * JIf. 

[GlUoVi BibI, Diet. iii. 4IS; Kdoi'i Uftomy 
I)lar)•^ pp,fii. A8.1IO:Cnniiton'«Ho«iud t^pm; 
floward'a Memoriala of the Uowanl Fanil*.] 

W.A.J. A. 

aullior of (he 'Memnria)* of the Howaril 
Family,' born ai (Virby Oaatle. Cumberland, 
SJitlv 1 7^7.1111* oldfBtfoiiof PliilipIIonatd 
(17.'iO-lt'IO) of Corby Cartl*, who wrot« ibo 
' Srrijjiiiml Ilittory of lbi< linrtb and of 
Miinliiiid.' London, 1797. Ilin tnolhir traa 
Anne, dauf(hl<T of Henry Withana of Cliff, 
Vorliihin'. Hownrd was educated at tbe 
college of tbt' Bni.'li»hB--nedietinci>Htl>i]uay, 
and iiir a than limn in 177-1 Aliidi<^ at tbo 
nniveraiiy of Pari*. On 17 IV«, 1774 lie en- 
Uni thr Tli«T<vi'ui Acndemv at Virauia. and 
thf-n* bccBRie n A'iend of SitonticucoUi and 
MnTiiRli, Holcft Vienna inS<tpt«nber 1777, 
hut failinft to obtain pvnoiiviion to serve in 
the FngliHh annv. he travellnJ for a time 
wit.b bin falhiT and uoilier, Ai Slra»butK 
ibe iroveriior. U, dn la Snlli-. and Oeiieral 
Wurniwr allowed him klndnii*^ and during 
tbn two or throe years that hn paiwtl in 
■tudv iJiere, Itring witb hi» father and 
motfiar, he often ritited Cardinal JRolun. 
Oenersl Wurinwr tried to induce him to ac- 
cept a oommiMion in tlie Auurian terrice, 
bill be reifkwediia tbehofie that be BiigliiTet 
obtain an Englitfa conunimion. In \fs3, 
bowerer, bo went with IVince Cbtiitinn of 
T]i«*e-l)ann9tedt to the camp before Pro^ne. 
In 17^1 n Una) aUempt iii the pari of tbe 
Eiirl uf Surrey to net lilui adiuitltxl into tbe 
GcriDuti dL'tecbnient of the l>uk(> of Torkf* 
forcxf failed, and in th«i yvar (allowing he re- 
tirvd to Corby. 

Howard spent the rcat of liit liti ■■ k 




.' KMUtmwn Bad antiquuy. In poli* 

I ba wu B irliig ; bs u^eJ llie [wtitioD in 

[fcroiir irf [MrlkneittDrr rpfonu, aiii &ta- 

Itiniullv lulTncawd t)i« r«]M>al ••( the \Kaa\ 

fUwi BfiunM KomM) c«tb'ilio>. Wli«-u m 

lrV6 II Uc&nw (KMiiblc, llowKTi) tra« ma<l* 

iin in tlifl Itt York raililU, wiih which 

>M>iil for ■ itmHiii IreUnd. In IW3 bo 

i Um BdHM(di> ntnt,i!r»,anil in 16U$ the 

nWUsil r«np*rs for whicb i>^nieiit be 

ia a littlt< work on lb" ilri)! rnf Ught iu- 

tty ( I Wl). In Uicr Urc h» wr* « frieiul 

I ranvpnoiiuiit of liuuU-I'hi!ip|M-. flii 

1 • F-JIa., »nJ in lOM Lijtl. ibcrilf of 

BberlkmL He died it CurW Cuilc an 

Uarch llM2. Ilitpurirail, by JamnOliviT, 

) engniM b; C. Turner, A.K.A.,(ii 

llowanl mtrriiiil finil,4 Nov. X'fiA, M«rin, 
jr«l lUiiKbliT of Andn^v, U>| loril Arrhvr 
'of I'lDlvnlwliu ahB di«l in \7i^, \raviag 
'•ap d*ui;Uteri the wonunw^i br Nolti'kpJi* 
««»•>] tn ber laemofy in ^^'«lbEnl Cburcb, 
CoWUmI, m t^ Mtjeci of im oT Wonl»- 
wartb'atoaBats. IIowkrdViwiKiiHl wife.wbiim 
1m nwrtM IH Marcji 1793, w*« Puthmiw 
3Iw7 (rf. IHIU), Mcond dauRbiiT of ;4ir Iti- 
■bud Niave, bar!., of Dwnain Park, Kiu-i. 


> lo^ extaoaiTF joumui. and printed iiri^ 
*aUl/ at OarlUe fran iHStt to IKH ■ ]l«mi- 
sbonGM* (br hor diiUrai, I tuU rim. By 
hv ha left two aoH uid iLtve Jaugbtm. 

Uowwd'i obiaf wwka weK : 1 . ' Ki-mark* 
am lb* KrrooiyMf Opinido* ml«naiiwi] n- 
lh» CUboGe U*t>pciD,' CWrlulc, 
, A«: utlurr Utar udilioma. i. * lodica- 
«t SlamoriaU ... of Penoiu of tbv 
I Family.' ibSI,rol.,priTatt)ljtiriat«l. 
M* aUn mntrihut«d in' .^rchvobiyia in 1^00 
and IHXt, and aatiMad Dr. Lingud. Mm 
l^rieUuid, and o(h*n in bitloricftl work, 
ItMk^t Bibl. nUt. iU. 437 : Omu. .IUk- 
~ ~,L (IT. Xutin* CWt. iif I>riratrlT PnotHl 
IU<, p 4«1>1 W.A.J..\. 

HOWAKI>. IIKNUV (I7e»-IS|-), por- 
, Iml Mild bi<t'.'rHalpaiiiler,waabnm ID Loo- 
on Kl Jan. ITlW. Ito rtcnTt'd hia d»- 
1CU7 wlacatiMi at a tcbuol ai IIoumIo'w, 
_ U ibH aft* or tvTfnii-rn b«cui>« a piii>il 
r nUIp Koinadit". U.A., irhowdanghltTV 
■lanw]. Ill I7S8 h« ira* nd- 
Mailnnt of Uii> Ray»,\ Acnili^inii, 
in irSDIwiiainmi tbetlrM ailveruMxIal 
lb h>«i ilravinicfkMn tbelirr.asdat ibo 
tiaatlia gold medal (br huiorioal paiat- 
tha •MtJKi, lakoD from MaMn'tdramalie 
'('•rartaeua,' b«iu 'C*r«ctaru»nvof[- 
tba I>nul Body orhii Son.' EIn wr«t 
- ia 1701, takwic wilb him a Urtiut of 
ika fnn Sir Jotbaa llejaalda to 
IlvTflr, Umd BcUiah BiniMer at Flo- 

i«iico, in which Bit Joafana Mid of hii ' Ca> 
roiMACus' ihui 'ii wu ibu opdRioD uf tbo 
Acadumiamia iliai hi* piciore waa the beat 
that bad bvi-u prMFiitnl to th«i Academy vver 
aincc it« fouodation.' Ai Itumv bo mot c laJt- 
nmii ami Jiihn Ihioi*, and ioiBnl ihaai in a 
diliural 'ludyof aoulpturn. In 179'ihepaiiit«d 
the 'DnaiDofChiti' &om (iwncr'i'Uuathor 
Abel,' and a«it it to Bngknd in cumpetiliim 
for lltL- tmrolling itudcnUlup of the Royal 
Aeadnny; but.utbougb hia piciurewaa ad- 
mittvd to bu the beKt ibe acudcnipiltip waa 
' Bwar<lL>dii>t]ieaeCMld,butleeeafflui-nI,raadi- 
dolr. Ill' rolumod hoin<> in 1T94 )iy irar of 
Vicaita and [)n>«dpn, anil cxhibili<d at ibu 
Koyol Acndc-inyhi«'l>ronmofCain.' In ITtfS 
be aenl thrw nnull piL'tun~i and a portrait, 
and in ITUO a finished aktrtvh. fruui Alilttio'a 
' Pamdiau Luu,' of 'The Flsiivt^ drawing 
Light f^ni ilie Sun,' luid other wuln. llo 
made Mtm iliwigna for Sharpc'* ' Itritish 
l-jMayi*!*,' Du lUi\mty'* edition of Pope'* 
tranilBtian of Uomer, and other hooka, «iid 
he pointed Htnie at hit own deaigna <w ih« 
rate* made at Wedjprood'ft pottery. In 
17W he exhibited a *hetcli (rotn 'Shako. 
«peare'a 'Mldminiiu'-r Night.'n Droatn;' 'A 
Mermaid ulting »n a Dolphin'* back,' one 
of hie moat beautiful compiwi lions; and in 
.the *nine year ho wa* fiml iTtDuloyed by tiM 
Diloltanli Society to niak« dtawiugn ftxxa 
ancient icnlpturi' for thcirpuklicntioiiii. He 
waa afterward* vnsaijvd on limilur work 
for the Society of Ensniverh In IKK) h» 
exliihiled at the Kovul .Vrademv ' Evn ' omI 
■The DiMmof the*Ited Ctom kniiihl/aiHl 
wae elected an aaao ci ole. Hi* (ouiribit- 
tinn* to Iho ribibilion of 1601 included 
' Achillw woundfd by Pari* from brhind ibe 
ytatuu of Apollo,' ' Tile ADj[d awaking Poter 
in ih« IVi-iun,' and 'Adam and Bre:' lotbat 
of IMi?, ' LoTP animating tbn Staliip of Pyg- 
malion,' DOW ill ibe South Ki'nMiij;toa )lu- 
Hum ; and to that of 1803, ■ Lovi- linlening 
to |Im> tlatterie* of Ilopt ' and a portiaU of 
Sir llumtihry D«»y. In ISOTi he eihibiti^ 
'Sabrino. the Sniof a Krieaof pictiirrvfrom 
Milton'a 'Couiiia,' which fiiraiAbiil bini with 
aubjecta atoBuat to ihe end of hi* career ; h» 
abo commenced tbe artiiiic •Dporviaian of 
For«l«r'« 'Itrttiih Oallery of EDgnTinK*,' 
and the ' IIrili*h Unllcrr of ConteinporaiJ 
PnriMit*.' In I^Xi, too^ he paiated m Mr. 
IlibbfTl an eitpniiivu fririe repreMBtil^ ih* 
itory of Cund and I'ai'che, and exbibKed a 
picture oT 'Hero and liwnder,' engraTrd br 
F, Bnglehfwl for the ■ n*m ' of 1 BL>». which 
wa« followed IB 1807 by 'The Infant Baechn* 
bronchi br Mercury to the Nvmpbiof NyM.' 
In IKMl Iw rrmovi-d to S Newman Sirtvt, 
wbkh had been tbo reaideace of Tlioniaa 




'Bufa, B.A., t\u- «cu])ir«T, sDil rCHd«d tbtr* I 
unl!) toe end of bin life. He wu riecud n I 
Kuvnl Acndemicitiii in 1809, and pwwait>.>il I 
M )ii'<)i|>lnmiiirark 'T)ii.> Four Anffi'lilncued 
from iIk' (irrat ItiTer Kuphrni<->.' wliich hitil 
bv«n oxbibitcd nt ihi- Hrttl<b Imtiiution in 
1800, and eoffravul by Willinm Band. ]u 
tlie •unn ytu li« ftinl U> ttie Uoysl Aon- 
dccny 'Peawnl* uf Siibinco tvtiim'in^' from 
tlie VineyKT)! on a lEotiila^,' tuiw 111 ilut 
Soutli Kfrniinston Mutvuin. In IWl) hi^ax> 
kibilrd 'Titanm' and 'Chriiit blpuung Yoiing 
Cbildrrn.' wfai^ fona* Ibc nlior-pioce At St. 
Lukr'a, KpTwick Street, London. Ho bccmne 
Mwrvtar^ of thi> Itoya) Academv in 1^11. itnd 
(>xbiliit«linllut yMr'Ihiand hi-r train :'in 
1813 A Ihi^v picture of ' Ilube,' and iti )Hl4 
Uiuof 'Siinnntii'Miice IwMiT known w'Tli<" 
Plcdadpf,' and fngmT^ul bv W. D. Tavlor. 
Tbis jrictiiru bo aflitmardK u-nl to tile Itntiih 
litftiiutiim in rom)iptiiioo for tbi.- pntniiurai> 
oRmd. fvci'iviii); only tho *econd pn>niiuui 
of onr btiiidred ({iiineaii, tlie lint linviiia; brvn 
amnli'd t* .Sir Geijrge Haytvr [q. i', for m 
bead: but li<> kM t)in pirtiiiv to lht< )(nrqui<> 
of StalTrird.andiuiinlPd n rrrpticaof it for Bir 
John I^'icivicr. In JHU ikUo,onlbiioeoft«ion 
miaaionid tu [ininl ili« large tnaB[tu«noii<i 
tor tbe Temple of ConooiJ trtdfi in Hvde 
Paric i hit vran tuwlfftvd by Stothard, Hilton, 
and other*. Among his coiiIribuuonA ti>l1i« 
axhiUtion of 1 81 6 wa« * Morning,' and to t hat 
of 18I8'Tbu I'urumluncutof Direi-.' In 1818 
bo punted for Lord KKnimont ' 'I'ho Apo- 
theociti of lh<! Princi-as Clinrlotli',' nn<l aout 
to Hut Royal Aondumj ' Fairii^s.' ihv bivl iif 
his Aoiallpr v/fitk*. rmu' in llii' ci>llMtipin 'if 
Sir Miii.llipw Wliili' Kidlnv, lo whom bolon)t» 
aUo'Thii Kinhof Wnui>,'''xhibii"d in ISlfl, 
tho finest of nil] towonlVjiii'turi's. -Lmrand 
Cordelia.' now in the Soouu Miurum, and a 
'Study of Beech Ttvm in Euole Park.' bought 
by LurdKiiremoni, appeared at the Acodeiuy 
■ul8'J0;'Thi.'ll()ii>nof >f'>rphi)u%'a1>oboiifrhl: 
by Lord IC^tmont. in I><1I] ; 'Ariol roloiuu<d 
br Protpwo' and 'C'nIibDn traur?!) bv tbo 
EfjuriUcffProqiero' in Hl':'; and 'Thu'Solar 
Shitam'in 1839. TheM were followed in 
1684 by ■ A Young Lady in the Floreniinp 
Ooatwne of ISOO,' a portmii of the pwnt«.r*ii 
daiigbt«r,engf«T«d byCharlM Hoatn for tbo 
* Liti>rnry ^uvenir ' of 1897, and purcliavd 
bv Lord L'ciibomo : it iraa »o mucn admired 
t^t Howard painted «ome rt^Iieasofit.and 
other ponwitH inn Kirnilar ft vie. In ISiftlu" 
vxhiliiled at the Unynl Aradnmy '(iiinrdinn 
AngsU ; ■ in I.^Stl. ■ Myliw cnrricd off by tho 
Nvtnpln.,'l>oiighl byliOrdEirremoQl: inU'^aS. 
' Si([m,' o companion lo th<r ' Solar .Syit^mj' 
in l83U, 'SUftkispearu nuried in the Lap of 

Fucyi'in 1831. 'Circe;' and in 1632. -The 
Contention of UberoD attdTJluiai' lli^ Uu 
threo »tv in ih* Soan^ Mtwenin. 

In l^^Ilownrd wna Hnpoinin] lo ihi>pro> 
fe>.snnifaip of painlinjc in llir lEnyal Amdnlnj, 
and tbo toctnm wliicfa If d<-tivpn-d ymrr 

(ubliibod bv hi* foo, Frank lI-<WDrd ~>|. \.J,in 
81^. In l»3S, aUo. he exhibited liiii -Cfatl- 
dvnii Shepliprd MnlviDplsling tho llcaTml; 
Itodird,' ami in ia^'TlieGii(d«Mof llMpS- 
run.' Ili'ni'Xi iiuportanl work ira* an adapta- 
tion of 1 hf Solar Sy*uini ' for the twiliiiK olthe 
nuehi-M <4 Suthorland'* boudoir at Stoffoid 
Home, eieciitnl in IpAI. and followed io 
1S3A bysuMecIn from tlivator^of ' Pandora,' 
and ill 1>'3* hv a mijdificalion of ftuido's 
' .Vurjm' foroeilings in the SoNni> M>i'«uOL 
II" alwi iXfw imsa \\(t lb'' illimtratioaa for 
Walker'* work on" Boauiy.'|)ubliiilieti in 1838. 
Amooit lii« latrr morlii may be notod * 'llio 
Iiifknl Bncchiii. bToiidht bv .Mercury to the 
Nrmphnof Nt-n.' eihibiled in iKHl: 'The 
Itwingof th.-Pleinde-.' 1m;W; 'The Itnpe of 
Prowqniie,' 1*40; and ' A Mt'tmnid titling 
on n IViliiliin'' )iiu-It.'lH|l: tIi>> tiru ai»l tajit 
bj'ina r>'iHipji«onn larffer «■■!'■ of (■arli'^wotk*. 
Howarciiooli pnii unjurtwwfiilly in theWort- 
minster Hall mmpcrtitinn '"f ISJ:!. He con- 
tinued tii vxhjbil. buT with rapidiv failing 
powers, until 1^47, wht-n. much intueTernl 
of bi« friimde, h* •nnt to WMimliMlar Hall a 
Moond nnoon, ■ Saiym finding a keeping 
Ordopa.* Howard diwd Bt OxRil^ OB 8 Oct, 

.\a an artiit Howard waa nnrtr popitUr. 
HiJ* early works wwb liii hott, and many of 
them vtVK eagraved for the * Liierari- Souv«- 
nir,' 'KoppwKiB.' 'GMn.'and utber annuals. 
Iliii art if wen to bighw'T advantage in lh# 
Saatte !k[u«niui. Lincoln* Inn Finld*. and 
in Lord Leconfjeld'a eoHivtiin at Pntwortk 
HouM!. Suaaex. Tile \'cmon Collection at 
ibe National Gallrry includeii 'The Flowat 
Girl,' a Dplica of the portrait of tlip pttint«j''a 
■Iniighlir exhibited in |)^4; it baa lieea 
grnvni hy t'. U. Wn^ruvr. and i» now on I 
to Iho C'lirporaiion of Stockport. TTiu Soi 
Keiu.iugloii Museum ciittain* hia 'Kabrina,' 
exhibited nt the Itoval Academy in 18^1; 
and ' ryuinnlion.' The Naiiunal Portrait 
fiallerv pnttrau-t |iorlr«it* b» bim of Jamea 
Wni t. Will iniuIInvleT. John "llftX man, U.A.. 
Mn. I'loxmnu. and Mni. I'rimmnr. 

[Mtmoir by hi* fon. Fmiik lIonMnl, prtftnil 
tu ni* 'CdurM 0^ Lacliina on P«ialiiij,' IMS; 
Timoh 9 On. 184*; Athemum. I$47.pp. 10W, 
I17R. partly rvi-rinlvl ia Onot. Mof. 18(7, ii. 
CIG-tl; Art JoiiTDFil. ISI7, p. 176: Bryvi'l 
l>ii't. of I'aiiitim aiiil Riigmmv. tii. OfavM. 
18SS-n. i. 1184; rliindhy'a Riii. of tba Royal 
Aoademy of Arta, ISoS, i. 329->l ; B#dgnWi 





■niuiTif tVintnn. ISM.ii. lUt-T : tt*iljr>»*"'') 

I '<ica 'it ihr KiisllfA Sthv>\. IST8 : 

1 tTOiT Eibibiii-n Curak^ft. Iitil- 

,lMr, Jir.tiab llwLililtiM Ivsbihilk* CHtalomce 

l(L>noE ArlNia), I«MI.|3.) ){. K. O. 

■nth Ikkt (iv NoiEFvLEi I71U ■-'''ittl, otilj 
nurilrtnnrtl EJiianl.IurllMiiJiiki' 'q.v.~,by 
rif" RliuU'lli llrUb>v><r, tlilnl Jnii|i;hli.-r 
|lf llniini'.ilK-*<'CMiid aiiO In-I niH of Fuuom- 
g, ««» Ijoni iHi IJ Aug, iri'l ill G('or|tc 
Itwl, IIbiiott Stjiurc, Tlim> ypnr* «fter 
ii liiri li 111* iian-btn w r>' divotv>-<l. in Mnr 
irtU. by vi of iMtliAUfiil. hi» niotlipr then 
mitif Kk'liiril,iK«>iMl voil of l.iicoii. (ill 
ft,..- 1-1 1 1,,. „ .,^.,..,1 ijiJy (linrlolle 
■ I n iiL' h U' r of Owme 
inui' : ■- i-|ifiUi>ii,K.G. ffi" 

I f' n(>urcri>(iiillnilu'iill--nnili-(Iali.'a 

■ ••diiai of Nurfutk on tlii- <li'*rh, on 
[lli Itix;. It*lo, uf |ii« ooiuiii Charlpn, lUo 
einilli diikc, bi?.iM b-nr. bccoiu? known m 
lUrl ol' Aninil-1 and Siinvy. Tlip Ac! 
rCalbolic Ktiianri|inli(4ihiiviiigliwn jjiikwil 
. April iPi".', tin" I'ort «n« iliv lir*l Kcmaii 

''olic'ilK* ibi- ttcronnalion to lak<^ ibc 
I Bkil bi* ■"•■ ill ibit lluiiH'of Conimuii*. 
I Ml k> M-l'. for llunlum from IX-JI* to 
9, |[ur>l. lb-- lilliBK uicuilii-T, baiiiig n.- 
1 III I^L".* Ui •iFurdbiiB ibeopfKirtuiiitv. 
{•WMflnii*) in IS.t3,iti 1H».'..iiiiiJiii 189' 
l»i>ttiWr tirtliv U'^Atvrridivi-i-in nf Sussex. 
jmlKii-a )»<- nkf > >iaui>fb «bi^. l-'roiii 
l«ly IWr ti> JuBi> l**ll b* Tiiih trwii«iin.T "f 
I qiMwii'* l>iiKti4iulil in ljin\ Ui'll>ouni<''i> 
MMip, Ih'iiiu' ••Imiti'i) lutbi-prirF council 
ihi* •piHiiniuirni, aixl fivin July to Srji- 
ibN I&41 VBf captain of ibv yromeD of 
fiMfd, nai^aifig Uiat oflU* u'iili Lijhl 
IkMnw** BimiMrr. In Auj^iKt l^vll bu 
«*■ •ununonnl to tbc lloitv nf Pii-n r> 
D«K>DMalinT<-r>. t'|ionhi-fntlm'(dtMtli,oii 
in Manb WIL', b<- •uro'>'!--<l i-- tlwiluMoai, 
I wk* niMti'T uf Ibr biirx' frMin July ISIfl 
. Fflmiarr l^ol'. i]iiriii|- iLf a<lii<iDiitn- 
I ot Lor-i Juhii KiumII. Ud t Miiy l^ltS 
mM cnalnl a kniotil of lite Gartrr; and, 

' ibo KaH of Absfdevn'* iMiniurv, wan 

lurd (tmaidof lli'bik.tu-lK.ldil Jnii. I'l^&lio 
lO Jan. IS-^t' 11" •ituiHinnl l.iiiil John 
•ir< I ullillii mtl. aodwu 

fttjr iTi<-» ' iir>1ic in DBini-, but wlii-n 

«iA rccraicilcl to the Koman 
II llodtHl nt AnimMOutlv 
A - 1 11 i< ' III th<>&mily 
' I'b. CanOiii 

, . Albbnl. Tb* 

■ ■.II. |i-. ■ ■ 1. 1 ■•( ibi' It'ital 
UK Mmi.'I). .'•■r b—'ifir iliiyiitr p«inl«l 
• BiiTlratt. 
>(i(foUi bad tkrai (oiu, Hrnrj Gnarilk 

Fiiialtn I[owanl[q.v.],1iuliuirM)il«ucf<iti».ir, 

Edward Of oivr Fitialaa Uowuil [ ii-v.'lur- 

; ward* Unroo llowanl of Qlouop, ond liord 

. BnnftrdTlioniMlJowBrcl.boniSODec. \t^3a, 

' wbo di«d iJunnK bi* imvuU in llie F-a^I at 

CaimJI l)>'<-, IMA; andlwiidaufblMV.Lad; 

Mary Cbnrlolii-, morrvd in I^^ toTinmna 

llpiiri, foutlb lord Foby, and Ijidy Addiai 

MaTililn, luairiird ill llctobi'c lNir> In Lurd 

Gi-iirpy JoliD Munnrm, ihird noa of the Uftb 


[DdvIc'i oduial Baruiuc*. ii. 603; Tiiuo*. 
IV Kob. IMH; tiiat. Mne. A|irll lOdA, n, *I0; 
AnmiM FWt^t>r fir IS.W, p. H3.] O. K- 

D.U. (I7)t5-lt«i»). diviiif, younffcsl cbilil 
of FniWich Huwnnl. fiflli i-iirl of Carlulo 
[q. v,\ niid brofhi'r of <ifOi'((i.'Hownrd,*ixib 
i-ail of Cnrli"]*' [i^. t,], wm born nl ('ullo 
Ilownnl. Vnrliiibirr. urn li Dik- 1*0^, and 
i-nt<7TiHlnt Kti,ii('olli'g-i'iii ISOij. Ill- mntricu- 
l«t«l from C\mit Cliufrb.Oxfonl, on ^3 Mav 
H<U, gmduateO It.A. Ifiie, M.A. Ihil'S, B.D. 
fW. aiid l).l>. 18.18. Li \>'-M hi-«a# oi^ 
daincd diianin ii»d t>ri<-Hi, and in Ift^'inp- 
|Miinli-d nHocrntiir of V,>rk CntlnJral, with 
titc pn-lH'ndul i.lnll of llolmti atlacbixL lie 
Invami.- di^nn nt Ltcbfivid and rMtor of To- 
tt-nbill, Siaffordabire la prcfwincni wortli 
\,!i'Jlt. a vi>nr wiTli a raidciicv ), on 27 Nor. 
1^39, aiii] in till* roUuwii^i ynir be aUo ob- 
tained (bcrwiOTTof ihuiin^on.Sbropdure, 
wonb l,U(KM.{vr'unnuiii, From l(^:.>3lo IS33 
bi- Iiid<t tlii^ litin^-n of Sliriff«b7 luid Suiton- 
oii-lbi^-Forcfil, Vork»birc. lie wm n fini^bcd 
nclxdnr null an rloqil'-lil pr>-4K'brr. IIo took 
a i>roiiiitii.'nT part in.nnd cuntribmoi Urgi'lv 
to, tbf rmtomtioTi of Lichlii-ld CaihiMlml. 
Tbtf cttablinbiUT^nt of ibir Liclilii-ld Ilioccann 
Triiiiiiiig .Scb-xil. Bllt'i-nards uuittd tii ibat 
nl Saltli-y, m mill nn of t hv ThMlouical C«l- 
I legtiOwnliDiwb lobiaeilona. Il''dii-d,aflnr 
I many yaar* of phydcal infirnuly. at UoiiinK- 
ton n-ciorr o«i & Oct, IMP. Hi- mArrii-d, 
13 July ISii. Hi-ninclU laiinlxlb. >ixlb 
(tauzblcr of Ii-Labwl Wri|tbl of Mnpperlcy 
llalT. Nr>lliu)'tiiiniehin-. by wbocn be liad live 
wo* niid &Jt daoi.'bt*ra. 

Howard wa» th.- autlior of: I. Tfanala- 
(iona from C.'laiuliati, 1933. 'J. 'A;ri|ilii» 
lliMotT in Familiar tircturea. Tbit Old 
mas'* Library.' S. 'N.Ti(>larvlIi9lory, The 
Nvw Tnttamrni,' IMO, In-iiit; lol, xiv.of ifaa 
' RnglUbmaiiV I.ibmry.' t. ' Tbt' TUpe ot 
Protcqiino. Tlir Itininix and tbi> NUe,'b]r 
r. ClaiKlianiu. Imiialnltil |H&I. S. "Tlla 
lV»k* of llxnniii arnirdini! to ibu VofNoa 
of ihe lAX; trauJalct), wilk (ki(«, l^Wi. 
B. 'Tliv Bonk* of Exodiu asd Levilinia ao- 
conling lo tliv Venioos of tbe LXX,' trma»- 





Uted with nwlra, IRST. 7. 'Tli-t Honks of 
Kontwrnkiid Dntitemnomv nccatiling lotlie i 
LXX; tniuUU'd, witli wite*, I8A7. ' 

[Owrdinn. II Oct. ISflS. p. IMS: Bnikr'i 1 
Ponnlt Gall»(7 of PDiiwIta. ISIS. ii.9»-l(>0, 
Willi iHirtnti i/t Mn. Uownnl: llliuini[*il Ixirt- j 
don Sen. 1; On. 1BB8, p. S8S.] O. C. It. ' 

Iliinl V-AHt. Ill' Aiii.»i)t:i. ( Htll>*-lllMt. bom 
0«i liVAug. IflOfiiWn* •iTi'iid.biit trlpicvil rnir- 
vivina.Mdof Thooiiwllrivrnnl.t'irlul' .\ruii- 
del (16«*«-I(M»I> [q. v.]. bv UAy Alftihon 
Talbot, itird dauj^litt-r iiuil ooIimnm of Gil- 
bert, tevftiilb i-nrf of Siift-¥r*buiT. At ihn 
erustionof ChBrlwsprinci'ofWiiliu.oiiSNriT. 
1S16, hvwiu taado K.ll, (.Mim-Ai.rc Book 
t^Kmgitt, p. llW). On 7 Jliurli ISSfl hu 
nutTii^iil.ndvICIUabclbStiiart.vliti.'at (laucli- 
ter of Unmc, third iliikr of Lfiiiiox. Tliv 
mnlcb iras (umnfFril wilbuut \\w hiiOwIi>il|Ci> 
oftlM kliic, wbu lidd deigned ll)(- liri<li^, blx 
Oini wuil sad kiDSwomon, for Arcliibnld. 
lonl Lonio. Thu npwly wrddrd couple ivrn- 
IB coiumjuanoa raa&tneA at Lambctli under 
tb« »upcrri«inn nf .\rchbii1iop Abbot. As 
Lan) Sla!lr»vi-rj. llounrd win ■■Itiotwl M.l'. | 
for ATUDd■^l, Su»vx,iii ltI24. l-'roiu JO.M«v 
IttU uat4l SI Aug. I»49 b« wu joint lonl- 
lieu(«nsni of Northumboi'luid uid Wmi- 
inon-Und. On I71)i-i-. 1^113 lie n-u appointod 
aCMatniiui'inertO'^iuiv.iiioi-ccWiKtical juris- 
diction in l-^glnndnnd Wain. OnlOAus. 
IB34, hnvin^1>i.i.'n prrrioiwly rlei'inl M.P. 
forCallan in tboIriBkpailiament, lie bucaau 
• priv^ CoiinciUor of Iri^lnnd. He vtnt aji- 
pouit*^ a ooiDini«»ioiiHr 10 ir^ olT-iidi-ra on 
tbe borders 'in 30 Nov. 103S,jo)ni lord-lieii- 
tMiani of Surr<<v nnd Sumox onSJuno I6>%, 
vio»H(dinirnl of S'orfoll(,CanibndgusIiirc,aiid 
Inla of ICly (in A Dec iu tbi- Mino ;car,lieu> 
tenant to tbe carl-mimhal of Kusland on 
lOOut.ltUf.joint lord-lir II tenant orCiimber^ 
laud on 31 Aui;. lU^t), iind wa* a^ain r^ 
Mimed M.P. fcr Arundi'l in IftJCi. On 
SI March l'>40 hn irn« cnlind up In itu> llousr' 
of LoriU at IlnMn MowhrnvnndMnllniver*. 
Ho rolud Againit the hill f<ir tbi- n1tiiiii>b'r 
of Stral&rd, and initiiiiiiini-d ueai-rnlly ailricl 
ndhfiw^ci- to tho king (W'ilkeii, llulorieal 
DufMrmn. p. 219). In July 1MI1, at a 
pnrliiunen'an' coiTimiliiw, a violent nll«<rca- 
tioii aroM beinii^n Hiward and rhilip Ih-r- 
Iwrt, fourth prirl of Prtnbroki' [i|, v.]. onding 
in blow*, wliJ-n linrh w-n- piimniilted to Ibo 
Towifr(Cn/. ftttttf Pi}fr: Vonu Hill S. pp. 
«t, H2.63). In UMl' liowardjoinL-d rbu knur 
at York, and on lOApnlol thai vt^irwaii 
made con^Iabt* of Briiilol CiiHtli- and Koepwof 
Kingiwood and Fillwood Fon-si*. IK- wai 
on>>of ibn piH-r' wtio on ihf> F^aiiiiiic 13 Jnni! 
ed n dwlarntion of lojrnlty wliirb wu 

Sriiilcil mid riraulalvd ihnxidiout tlia kiOK- 
am (OuinCDMC, llutort,. \ma. ii. fitH-BK 
Howard WBJicivntf<d )1. A. of Ox ford on 1 Kot. 
Iftl^.and iru cbowTH joint commiMioaal'Ibr. 
tJie di-fnice of the county, city,andnniTMiitj] 
on '^i April IttlS, ix^of appointed sovenior 
of Arund.^1 Catth> nn 'Jl Dec. fiillowinir. Tho 
illn«M of hi* fnllier sumaiaji«dbini I0 Wdii* 
in ItU'V He *tay«d with bioi until hil 
death on 4 Oct. ItUft, whvn he "iicctAded 1 
third ICarl of Arundel and enrl-ninnslial ofl 
i^nh'Iaud. Kvlnminfi liomr he found hio f«-] 
tale in pommion of the pnr)iami-ni, to tbat] 
Li» itiiUi>i1i<d with difSculir, until tbo cohh , 
nioiii, bv a vote paNtvdun iii Nor. 161^ per- J 
niitieil Iiiin 10 cnnipoiind for it for iflOOLi 
.\rundol nouu> in the ^irnnd was uacd hf] 
tho eoiincil of nintn a< a carri>o<i. tliOUfllj 
com pi*!! ml ion wnii raadn to Howard ((£/. 
.Slatr ftprr: Uom. lOW, p. 405>. 

Howan] died on 17 -Aiirll UloL*. By hit 
wife h'- had nine «>>ii« and ihrtv duui-litpn. 
Hi* ■•IdiMt i^n Tlioinas ( Ii>i>>-liti7 ) w&s r^ 
■ton"d In the duk^idom of Norfolk. 2i* Dm. [ 
UWKl. The Mwvind and third um: Hnnrr 
and I'hilip Thomoi, curdinnl. are lepnmtuly 
noliicvd. Ilourard's porlnii biu hecnenifntved 
br Lombart afl<<r tV< picture by Vandvck; 
lh«re is aUo an eni;roviuL' of bim wlipn Lord 1 
Mowbmy, liy Hiillnr, which waa C4]ii«d by ' 
ICii'liiinlioii : and another, with hinauic^rapb, 
by Thnni\ 

[ttoyW* OfflcinI Hnmnae*. I. ST-S ; O^Un*'* 
Pornlgt', 1813. i. I3S-0: Clarendoa'a Iliatoij, 
tHI9, i. ats; Erani'i Cat. of Bagmied Pof. 
tmiii. Ji. IS] G. Q. 

(1h1.'.-|m;(II, the eldwt of tb- three sonii of 

on 7 Nov, I"!.') in Great SianbopA Street, 

Muyfiiir. Like hi* Iwu yoiiajfirr brothcT*, 
Edward tioori^' Pilzulun, afterwards Lord 
Howard of (ilnMuii [i|. v.j, and Bernard 
TliomM, who died iliiriiiff bis travyl* in tlie 
niMt nt Cniri in If'Jfl, nc wnn iJucalftd at 
Hrxt. privately, and wan afterward* iu>n1 to 
Trinity Colle|re.Cninbridtp-. On leaviuf the. 
iiniroriity, bf uoieredlbu nrmyas aeonurtl 
in the r>yat honto cuatdt, bnt retired on.] 
allainin^ the rank 01 captain. Al ibi* |t«W'| 
ml election of IKS" he wa* idicti-.! nndorl 
bi* coiirle*y title of Lord Fiiialnn M P. for( 
theborou^ of .Vrnndel.n ronilit.uency which 
be repmenled for fiiirteen year* Blrndvihw. 
WhilelTa«iUin(f JntifK-e^duringtbeuntiimn 
of tbenexlynir.he wiupTa*1mti(>il by a iHTioiit 
illn«eaal Athaiis.Bud wo* enierlaLnud iti th« 




Ilmi>h nntNU^ llierv. On 19 Jun^ IK^ Im 
ttAtnnl Aiigiinla Mane Miana Callii-riiiP, 
jouiDiT ilaii^jliiirr of Ailminl Sir Edmund 
(•fliTwanla l^r\l> I.^-ni, tb« unlMMMulor at 
Atliow. f^vHi ttutr hu maitiattF Fiitalan 
madr at I'nH* iki- acnuKintniicc •>! i)i<.' Count. 

dn MnDtalriiihrrt, vrlio bf<&m» 111* iiiljinali' 
fUmtHaiul liiofrnphcr. At [>nri> Filxalnn r--- 
^■rlr alli-niW the M-tvico* ni Notn- llmni-. 
•od formally jotnm) lbi'l^>iiiAnmlUolii: c»iii- 
aaRioD. bt««iBiti)i, acMrding to M> 
brft, * til* iM*( pwu* layman of our tiiii<^>i.' 
TlivaMrorwanl Filulan onlv look {lart in 
|HiUii* Vitf vehan lotae opponunitir imMOiiTiKl 
ttmlt (i>r fuTlbtrriiiK Ihn mli'n-M* nf hi* rj>- 
nrligiomi4l9. (>n i1ieik«tliaf hiagrandfalhxr, 
IWrnnrl RilwarJ, (w«]ftli duko nf Norfolk 
[i}.T.~, ill Marcli l&lS.Fiuakn nMiuned tbu 
titla of K*ri of AtuimM and Surrej. Aa- 
' iin) with ibn wltiga from tiia eatnniw 
ih' llnoM of Cmubob*. h» tvaai liini- 
•I U*i ooB*<niiiMid to bftak awejr froin 
iwltfiii rlirv imroitaMd ilio EcclwuiMical 
IMa Bill 111 iViO. Ilia father, to whom Iw 
»tnd Ilia M*!, reM>l«t«]j aupiKirtrd tli« bill, 
bu lMk*rMolnI«]jopiKMcdil at (^'i-ry sla^i'. 
IVliMi ii bpcano taw ho maigtied hi* teal aa 
■vfrnamuiirn of ttw> UaSAj borough, aiid 
«»• at OHM Twtunwd aa nw-iulwr fin ibo cjty 
of Limoridt, ita repnmnlativf, Jnlio 0*Cod- 
n*n,oiMOf tbeMMtoftli* LiU-rnior, n-iirinj; 
ia bi* favour. On tbo diaaolDtiiui of Dnrlin- 
■■mt in Jaly leSJI be finally retired frau 
lb* Ilniuv nf OoouaouiL Hi.- look hit onil 
!■ tha llouM of lyirda u Duh« of Norfolk 
m tWtkMlh of III* fallurr ill F'cbnut^ lt<&0. 
piM|q«tiTal of Lord Pnlmvnlon'ii polio; lail 
him (1 •Irrtina tli* otd«r of thn Oarl^r w)ii>ci 
oArn) lo him br that minutrrr. lie dioit 
U Anii>d>l CMlie on M Xov. li^W, a^od 
411. ApaUflnlletwr.MOtaiDiiif aiMuienrric 
bjr Cardinal WUeman, wm rtad in sU lb? 
Mibolie efc«rrlHM in ike diocMe of Wmi- 
i«ron8«inia;, 31>c-. lie admin if) <-rv(l 
mrt (lalnninny wilb r»rv lib<-nililT. Tbn 
dlMl Mkl nf bn cbartlT^ ' Tliprr i> not a 
form <t (null or a ptyiiilnr ipplicntinn of 
•Ima which tia* noi Trfriin) liii relief or . 
c^t^ipmi >•»■.' It( bi* wifp. wIm nurvived | 
bun till 32 Mtrti IH^. lie liad thrw aMia 
ud aMt danriiidn. Ilia f\Aiti fin, Hrary, 
■aa wlnl a* SftMintb diiki% and liU eldni 
4aUfbl«T marrinl J. K. Ilof^-Scoll fq-v.] 

1l*(l«k>Mbba1ied: 1. 'A Few Remarha 
OM ibo &ielal anil IVititiealConditioaof Rri- 
liahC«ih)liM,'ljindofi,lHir,eTTL l.'l^ttrt' 
to J. P PtnmpiT*. M.[>..on fW Bull "la 
Ctrnk rtoniiii, Ixwd'in.lH'KnvK. 3.'0b- 

■m*Ji"na 'i» Iliploiiultr EtrUliotM wilh 
BetMr,' U-niloTi. 1M», Hn, pp. |U, 1|« aU» 
^iital fnim tbu uriKinal luanuw-npt* ika 

■ ' tivM of Philip Uowonl. Karl of Amndol, 

I and of Anoe Doctm, bin wifL-,' Loudon, 1867, 

; Vvo; 2nd flit., I»(tl. 

I (pBTMiinlroeollKiiiinK; Moiita]oinlwFi*moti»- 
Kraj'li gn La l)nt- de Korfftk in 1« Oonupoiid' 
nnt. (>p. 7ait.7fi, ii Dk. IHaO; Cudlntl Wi«a- 
nuiD'a pJatDral, rt{irinl«<l in tho Timm. I Dm. 
)H>t(l; niMn'iir in ibn Morning 8Ur. 17 N'oT. 
ISOl); 4i;cODnt of funoral id Tinuw of ntniD ilnta; 
TaMit, 1 Deo. ISflD. |i. TOO ; Ann. Upk UIO, 
p. 47C; Ifonl. Magc- ■rniiutrv INS], |i. pgj 

C. A. 

HOWARD, HUOn (l6rR-1787), por- 
trttii-paintcr anil cnlU^ctor of works of art| 
bom m I>ublm 7 t'i>)i. IftTA, ma eldMt aoa 
nf Ur. lUlpb Howard ^q. v.] of I^bolion. co. 
Widdoiv. Bt ciuu« wTlt bi> latbi-r to linjr- 
landin IG88,nnd>liowEnga taBli.'furpniiiiin|i( 
joinod is lflR7 ihc euilc of Thoraaii ilL-il>i>rt, 
FiKlilb earl of Pembroke [q. r.i,oou of iho 
])leni|>ai(aitianM for ih" iriialy of Itynwyck, 
on sjoimuiy through Ilnllnndto Italy. He 
rBmaint-diu llolyabout rbrvu yrorn, returning 
to Englaml iuUptobvr 1700. .^flLTupvoding 
eomey««rain Dublin, Floward net llcil in Iion- 
doD, wheiv lie pTBCtUMl fur bouii.- time an & 
fnrtn it-painter. He obtaineJ. however, the 
iQnecun- prni of kei-Der of lli« atat* P*P«in* 
and wo* suliuHjiirntly appointod pajmutOT 
of till' wurka IwlonifiDg to tha crown. Hs 
waa tbii« enabli-d to rdinquiob painting at a 
profoMiou. llDwnrdwoaaprofoundntudBDt, 
with a go^Kl knowledgp nnd poweni of di«- 
M<mment iu tbu crilical .-tudy of &rt. Tbe 
poiolumentii of bia varioui puslii, adduil to a 
good printe income Mid economical liabitai 
onabliH] liim lo collnirt print*, drawinga, 
ni<»lali<. &c,, oil a \ntgr loali*, II nwnrvl ■■xt«ii t cvl 
a fow ptchiojp. including onu of Padre Itfata, 
iIm' collector i twpnty-onc drD«*inf^ by him. 
tBcludinjf A ponrntt of Curdinal Albani, and 
tinnio cancaturM, arc in tW print room in Uia 
Itritiili Miieeiim, Maiili^w Prior wrote a 
noi'in in bin liononr. Howard di«id in Pall 
Mall 17 Marvb 1737. and wiu> buriod in tho 
churcli at Kicbmond, Sumy. Ili> made a 
fortunatv murrinKv in 17H witli Tbomanine, 
daugfati-r and bvirtM of tieneral Tliomaa 

iKiwanl inherited in 173^ jMui of Iiord* 
diaiK»I1or Wrat'i library from bU younfer 
brotlior, William Ilntranl. M.P. for Dnblliu 
lie loft Ilia cnlleclion* to liiK only aorvinng 
brotlier, Ilobcrt Howard, bi«faop of Elphla 
[tor undxr lI'iwiBU. ItAi.rir, wlio rrmored 
ihum tu Iretnnd, Tliey n-niiiini<d in ihc M>- 
■eaetofl of tU' Inller'e d«ae«ndani«, i\w harLi 
of Wkklow.uniil IVcombvr \K:i. wlwn the 
0no eolleelion of |iniitB and drawinif. many 
of which werii frocn ibe eolleclinaa of Sir 
I'«4er Laly and the Eari of Anudel. were 




dispcicvd bj auctirm. Miuiv line ■pMuneiu 
found lli«r wny into ibe iinnt room nt lli* 
Britiah Murtuni. 

A portrait of Ilcwud wu painMd bv 
MicliMlDtfalin l~S.t,iind4>ncr*rAliiiinmi*- 
Ual hy Jobo Fnbtir, jun,, in 1737. 

IKadsimv*'* DSet.cif Ani>U; IjbdAv'a P«inui<i 
of IivliLDr]. «l. An-liilHll; Vritn/a USR {Rtit. 
Mu». Ad.3it. MS. 23070) ; W«1«iU"b Aiimi1iiI«'« 
of ViUDliiiiF,ed. WonuUD; St)* Cm. «f tile Uugb 
Bowonl Cirilniion, 1873; Btomliy* Cut. of 
BngmiBd Ponmiti, p. 393.) li. C 

HOWAKD, JAUES O*- I«7J). <l«iua- 
tUt, vras niiitli son of Tbomiu Howard. fLnl i 
cat) uf Brrk-liinr, aud wm brMber of Sir 
Robert (mii^MBOf) [q. v.l. of K-iwnrd 
H'iiirnT(l [a. v.}, and of Lady T'lliialH<lli, who < 
munpd brydpn (Cui.i.ixn. /Vrrwyr </ A'w^- 
J^rf, 1x1. IlniltiPi, )Kli* I. Ho WM the author 
of t«o cflnnxliiv. ' All Mutukra, or the MmI 
Covple. a Comedy,' jiublmliL-d in 4io in 1073, 
iru firat acted at tlir Tlioatr« Royal on 
90Si^l.nnd aeairioii JSnec.ieOT. Accord* 
li>g to Pi'pvt ine Tuirt of tbe homini' liliridn 
was InJii'liXv Xcll Gwrn, and Ihnt of I'hili- 
dorb; IIml'()iK3(i»T, 1. 72, tr. IIB). Liutg- 
baino xay* ' (liii I'lay is comrocnded by >onip 
for an cxcellvnt ccmedy,' Ot-nmt Mayo (1i« 
humour i* ' of tli« Iow««t apecin.' noward'« 
tccond oamedv, 'The Eogliah Uounnour,' 
miblitbed in -ilo in 1674, was first acted at 
tttslliMlre Royal 6 DoclfiOS. K«llGwyn 
utwna to ha vo taJccB tha pnrt of I jidy W palthy , 
Ijicv llint ot Frenchltivs, and llnrt of WuU* 
bred. I'l'igrg was prpscnt, and de^criti-J ilii- 
pieck' «■ 'a miglilT un-lty play, vnry teirty 
and pliraaaut: and llie womi-u do all vtry 
w«U; tiul abai'»al),Iittk-NGlty.' Pepy»Mw 
the comvdr again porfonnitd on 7 April 1668 
<PirT«, Ih'ary, iii. 25, 42(ll. frrndilori-, 
tha main ehnmclvT, bavinft n-cootly ntttiniul 
from Prance, be alFeuli all tha babita of 
tliat oountiT, aiid is auiiuinf^ly drawn <rf. 
flonwr, i. m, x. Q'lH-A). Lnn^bnine wMx: 
'WTiBtlier lhii lnt<' Ihiite of Itiickin^ibiun, in 
Ilia cliaTori^r of [Vin('>> \'oWiii> follini; in 
lovo irilb Porlhennp'i at hn i> pulling on liin 
boots to go out of town, d'nrijiTHid to rttlpct 
on the f i.f. Hownrd'iil tharaolcni of Cumi-ly 
and EUbeth. I pR<t(;ml iiol. to dulcnuine ; but 
I know tbere la a tiMr reMmblnncp in iho 
ebaraotfin.* Howard ia also Miid to hnvn 
Cotiv-.-rtt'd RhalcMPoatv'K ' Rnaii'o and .lulint' 
inloa tniKi<«omtmt 'prrjfirvina both Honw'O 
and Jnlii-I nlira. AccordinR to l)ownm'« 
' Rosoiuii Aiigliranus.' y. 2'i, Uoward'a odap- 
loijou was ni.-t#d at tlt^ ili«atn' in IjihwId's 
tun ^elda by Sir WiUinm lVAT<<n[uit's nom- 
pany on altimnto nights with ihn niithnitic 
VBTUOti (tiKSesT, liiitory t/ .V/nyc i. 4:3), 
Bowoid's aduptatiou was not priulud. 

(Colllu'a IVtnga; Tvtn'* Aalitiod and it* 
tlowaM PtaaBwow. p. S9 ; Biuerai'bis I>r«iwi- 
tloi.1 W. B. M. 

HOWARD, JAliE-S. tbird EUfit. or 
Strruut |lUlB-lli>^l.h<'nioii -JSDm. 1619, 
was the eldeM non of llieopliiliui, second earl 
of Suffolk ( 15*1- UHO) fij. \.j by Elita- 
betli.daughtvr and coht'!r««)> of l<(<orxr Konic, 
■•arl (if Diinlmi [ci. v.] Hi» ([ridfalbcr* wi-re 
Jamc* I and lh« Dulcr of Kui'lincbBni i C-al. 
Statf Ihperi.l^tD. I6lli-l'a,ji. 170). At tb« 
coronation of CbnrkH lon'jFf'b. IU:^lb-^ ws« 
crvBtcd K.B. < Mkicai.fe, Svok t/ Knnht*, p. 
ieO},aiidinPt'>>ruBry l6S9ta*Lc<tdWaU«B, 
becaas Iwtdi-r of a i roop of volunloor bonw for 
thflkinig'aannv. (in,t,runcl<t40bi-mccii.Ht«l 
hiatkUitf a* tLird <-arl of HulToIk, aod imibe 
16th of the natof mnuib was nworn joint liird- 
licutenant (if Hullulk. Tbf juullami-tit mtini- 
aat«d him lord-ljt-nleniini of that ooumv on 
ffl Feb. 1*M2 ( CHmmon/ Jounuilt, a. ^.W). 
On 28 Dec, IKia ht iwi-ived a tiiiniDon* to 
attend the hino'V parlianimit at Oxford { Cat. 
Stat' Paprn, Dom. l&ll 3, p. 508^ and on 
7 July l&16wiuappoin trd joint coumisHaui-r 
from the parliammt tothcki)igBlKewoaa(l« 
(Cammant Jaamatt, iv. 606). Acliiift on % 
ri-pori from tbe eommitie« of aafMy, la 8«p- 
ii-in)H'rl'*47,tti<!Coinii)onsiIecid(>d — but went 
no further — to impmeb ilow&id, tc^tlier 
with six other peers, of bitch ireason |iA, v. 
39<t. 1^81). On 8 Snpt,. leM tlowaid waa 
sworn as high clnwiml of Iiuwic-b- Aflrr 
the Kiwtomtion h« hocamc lord-lii-uieuant 
of Suflblk, and of Cambrid^hirv on 2o JuIt 
KWO. FromlUloV4Aliiilti:»tl li<* acted as 
cacl-marahal of Rngland for the coronaiion 
of CIiarleH 11 (WsT.Km, G)rtmatiom. p. 4A). 
In the mnn year he bvciun* colonol of tlw 
tjuflcillcrrKinn-ntofliorarmilitiB. (fnS^Sepl. 
16(t.t hi-waacnaliMl Mj\. of (hif->rd I Wooit, 
Fatti Ortm.. cd. Bhaa, iv. iiL'), and M.A. of 
CambridKH ou 41 Sept. \0M. \i6 una alio 
uppointed govfmor of Laiid^'usrd Fori, E«- 
«ei, gentleman of llio bedcbambar to the king 
on 4 March 166& Iravprr of iba kins'* bouM 
at Audlay Eod, Eaaos, in A[aroh ld67, joint 
commimiani-'C for rbe olGoo of Mrl-manihal of 
KngUuid on lo Junt? 1073, colonel commaii' 
danl of thrve r^^nenta of Gambridge^ittt 
militia in l<t78, and was hemditan riaitor 
of Magdali^nnOolliign, Cnmbridm. IDUal^^l 
KIBI hn wii* diachnrfii-d frvm tho lonl-lieu- 
t.enancy of Sullollc niid CombridKi<«Jiire. and 
from altendaDci' in th<- kioK** wdchanibVF 
(XtrrBKLt., i. tJfl), Ilf diwl in 0<-ci-mbvF 
1088. and was buri«d ou 10 .Ian. 1I1S0 at 
Saffron '\Vnldpn,K»>>x|i?..i.4!U}|. On 1 Dm. 
1640 lii^ fflnrriitd l.ady Soann !!ii:b, dnilghteir 
of Uunri,', first carl of llollanil, and by her. 




£mI ca 15 May 1(U». 1>«d • dauf;hur 
at. Ilwanl lUArrieil htcodiII), nbaut 
Tthrmmrjt UVAt,liiu\Mn.-l»sig\iWi o( ><ir Ed- 
wtril VtllivTt, knl,, and nitlvw of ihv Hou. 
i;ii*rti-a WramMi. who 'litst oil 13 l>«c. ll.I'^l 
^i. IfiO, IA3),l«aTUif a daugtiifr. Kliulu'lh, 
■ ffiooca (rftb* >U>1p i» ihcauiH-n (i&. 
.IW). nFfonXMar in»:jllowardmamMl 
I lu* ibirJ Kiri.' I.a*lv Anni.' Montagu, elilot 
aiuliternf Itubcri.lliinlearluf M>DcWl<.-r, 
ni Inr tfai* laJt, yi\f.i ma* bunvJ ut Saflion 
Ir'alibo Ml ii Oct- 17;.'0, )iad no uttu*. 
W* Ricciwlfd in ilic titto liy bis 
'"■rOtafg»(d. 1091*. 

(ISchI Darouaga. lii. IfiO-t; CU. 

l_ .Slaurkt*''*. i.SBS. )«D.] 0. O. 

HOWABD, JAM1-:S ( iF^i'l 188fli. af[ri. 

C«b*ri*(, borti »n Iti Oci. 1h:;|, waa uwnd 

|ttM uf Juha Uowant, a^icull unl impleniBiit 

iMaknr, nf lt«)f»nl, and was eiiiu«t«d at ihc 

eialacluml ibvw. Aaabi>y begniDLiI 

Rack prartiralknowMgv of •piciiUiini from 

■'-'■---' kiamiMUatbwU Pnorr I-'ann,BMr 

A lB«tu for UMcliaiiic* M hln t« 

the im[««tvii»Fiil of tbo plougba 

I b^ hii falbrr. In 1t<ll,w)Ui a plough 

laf Ua vwndtMgn— I he fint iron- wL«l plough 

hf tlw praaant ijpt cvor exhihilcd — he won 

Km priw ai ilii; Itojal AKriculiural 

tjV BiwtinfC Bl I.iveqwol. In 1^43 li« 

n^oalljr wuwufii) at thf llrigtol oMiring. 

Ik boMMM rapidly n^paiid^il. and *l vttry 

TWtiwit (Mnanvrnan ifii-rwanU hvhrouKlit 

It pkMtfha Willi (UccMiivc improTcnimit*. 

Iwtllloward JMaHl Mr. Soiilti of Wnol- 

ill hrinoing t<iuiih'a MeMn-caliivolor 

I Ui« puolic. ThviiraJorvard Ilowanl 

bi* irlioU ctii-rvilM into tUian cultiva- 

and Urok a billy. MiroDg-buid fomi in 

tb* tirijihboiubood for tli* purpow of vxf*T'i- 


Ib I«M nu«>ril and hi* brotbi-r Fnda- 

I In build on ilii.- kirmptton Road, 

Uh> pn«vnt llrilaiiiiia InNiwodu, 

, tba *hi«t and prinri|i«l ■k-lnil* b<>iiic all rare- 

^.ii. ^.r..,g^ ),Y Howard himiH'Ifr lu bu 

rnught oiii H'lii" aiity nr wirantv 

^^^. 1.:. : .rrarimw ■ml•^<>l-IIl■■D1■ in agricvf- 

pMOd OMrbiacn. In iMIl' (lif bn>thM«pur> 

tfcaml 'if ll'<- f^rl of Aalihunibnin iho Clap- 

haai '■' '. riirar Ih^lfi-rd, and brvcd 

tl It) 11 ' ' niaiuirr. Ifoward irat tjie- 

iail) •u«B«l'uliii tliB bnvdiof of lar|C>' wliilv 

'otkiJun- pii'*> (liirx honm. and alxirtliiiniii. 

Ilrnaan) i>a> thr lln* inai) in I1"lr<-:rd>liir« 

l» vBf i| h>iii*-'lf aa a Toliinimr. Hit fiirravd 

nB|wllJ' of htioim worlnnrn, nf which hai 

lanffnpUJn. llrwa«rli>rl<:d iBRJOtof 

lnl>^l3 ind ill Ih;i. Krrnmvd 
1 man* loeal itn]'rut<'m<'iit-, and to him 
4nr IBa iuilUutu>n "f tbw lUdfufdihir* ' 

middlfr«]aaaioliool>. Ili-wnnaUocIinirinui 
of Um Bedford and N'onliaiiipton Railway. 
Hi» conimunicBtiona witli priuaical fnnnvn 
l«d to Ihi^ Farmm' Alliaiicv. <if which he woa 
long lb>'n(;lit'(>prt>sid«fut. Iii IMXI liv V:>itod 
.\nii'rini, and nftt^rHarda reu<l a pflp«r upon 
(hi- atrriciitr iin> nf tbal couiitri' to ifia Royal 
Ajjriciilmfa) Shi-iMj-. 

Ynau IH<M m iHTi Ilownnl ivpr«a«i<cd 
Bedford ill {inrliotUfiit a*a libnrnl.nnd It>iU 
fordohitv fpiiiu llM^To I8SV In tlin llouw 
nf ComnKitiB ]\e ij^tucklv l>fcntni.> known oa 
the li'ndiiiic chsittpiuu of tenant rijihT nod an 
autboritr on nil nicrit-ullunil qiiimlioiis. IIb 
wan on thr (i>l<-i'l I'nmmiitii?? fur tlip GudoWMl 
SchooiR Hill. In IRT^t, in B>^>i-iali'in witb 
Mr. (.'inrit SfWrll Urod, li* lin>iighi forward 
hiBl.nndl<>nlandTt'nalll ltUI,liiitthuni(<uUt« 
war iJr<ip]<isl ill niiiiKiiueiicp of liin illna«,aC 
l)i<> (inic lor ihi- ««cond Kailiii|f. ll« endM> 
voitrcd. wiTlinui much tuoccM, to uaeDd the 
.\RrirtiIiiini] lloldtniEti UiIIb uf lS7ft and of 
liUsH, .\ lour in ISOB auggMtcd a )iiiper 
FHil tH-f.m.' till? London Farueni' (.'luh nn 
*Couli□<'^IalFa^tll>aI1dI^■n■n□try,' in wliii-b 
he wm otic of thf fir»l lodinx't mi)i]icaMen< 
linn I" 1I10 beeirooi aunr manufaciuiv. 

Tnwurds lli«< doM w the Frnncit-GFminn 
war llownrfl nriginatitd a fund fur th« re- 
lief of b't*'iicli |>>iBMini-riirnii.'r* n'ho>4> fldda 
hadb»-ndc<vii>itui><d: 50.UUO/.wasnii»ediiiid 
pxpcnd'il principnlly in h-ihI. TIi" Krifacfa 
ffoveniini-Dt pnui'd d \iilr of ihnnL* ti> liioa. 
lu I(*7^ Honurd act«d m higb (.bcriir of 
Tl^dford-hirr, iind whs modi* ■ iTlicTalii-r of 
th<; L^ioii of H'motir in rciro^nilion of bij 
»rT\icf* ni one of th« English couiuiinioium 
of tb« Pari* tvxbibition. 

Ilnwnrd dipd «ndd»nly in lli# Midland 
Hotel. St. {"UicrM, l»ndon, on Hi Jan. I8W, 
and wnn buried on the 30ifa in Olapbam 
■rhiirdiynnl, Redford. Hv hi* marriiiEi- on 
9 Srpt. IMII with Mahaln ^^VnrfFn I '/. 1 ^^). 
daiiphi'T of P. Thomiwjn of Si. Uiyth nut) 
Itronk lloiiif, OrMI Itoutlvy. GaMix, Iw hnd 
tvD rliildri'R. 

Howard wa> mainly in'immiiiiial in (li* 
CfMiion in 1801-1' of thr> AGricultiiral Hall, 
London, and wailoDG- ailirxclor. Ili-waanl 
mi« time pretident orihrAKTu^ultural Knc>* 
BMra' Anocialioii, an actire nM'uiber of itit- 
council* of tliv Royal Attricnltural S'icihIv 
andlhc I.iindntiFaraiMwClubibMidMWing 
a rarTHpnndiniT lBf1Qb«r ot ■•Van] fiin^n 
agrieul tumlwicii'iini. 

To ihv monihly ri-Ticw*,ibc N(|riculWnl 
joutwaU, and llip daily npwipap>f« Howard 
contributed many nrlicl» upon o^Iculturol 
(|m<«lion9. Tlirmore impOTfant of hii> writ- 
ing ar*: I. ' AicricullUMl Machim-rv and 
the Royal Agric«llvi»lBooi«ly,'l&fi7. 'J.']^ 




«nd four dcughiMB : Auiu% nurnvd lu Sir | 
£<lvftrdGonmofWnx«ll,Soaicn«l;IfaM, | 
D»rrt(<d 1o Sir Rotiort M<>rtiRii.-r of Emi'x; 
JftiM-, mnrri«l to John Tunpvrli'v ; ■nd Mar- | 
nrct, nuimcil to Sir John Wrndhun -of 
Crunmtli-irticnncl t'ulbriirjr. Norfnlk,«nct*tor 
of ibe Wyiidhtms, i-arln of E^fffincmt. Hi" 
lieooiul wifr, irlio burv bim onr dnu){lit(.T, I 
Catlisrine, mnrrit-il lo Ji'hn Itoiln.'liii^r.iu.-i.'und 
lord DMiicr» [<|. v.\»univeil liini, ni&nr»Hl 
Jobti NiirnivB, luiJ ilimi in l-tfl4. Norfiilk'* 
■ulogToiili w ' J. Ilotmril ' ■■ iiubirrlbnd lo ■ 
lativrolliii in C.ition MS. Vi'*ii. I-'. \iii. 79, 
■ml •• tlulcL- ii ipTen in IhA-lL-'n ' ttflicial 
Bumuiee.' ApoinlinfafNtirlulkBi Arundel 
hut bMn «iignv«d b;r AmliiiF!, and rlii' en- 
mving u given in Ckrtwrigbr'a ' Kap^ nf 
BTaiii)H>r,' nnil « juriniit in rolmirf d plnw 
in Um poitHt««inn of ibe [)uka> of Norfolk >■ 
mUo vvsn in colnuriibj-CnrlwriKlK. Xicolai 
nwsa of two portraita of Norfolk nuil hia 
nrM wife C^tkariDcr, in tlie ]ia«a«Bion of tlic 
Earl of Carlisla, wkieli han- bwn vn^fBt-iNl. 

[All fiMUant biogrnptiv by f'lr II. N. Nipola* I 
In Cart imi[hl'i> Ra|n' of BnunU'r. wliiih f"rin» ' 
TOl. li. ft, i\. <j( [)aIluH<iy'i> Weatrni lliviBiiiii of I 
SlUiMS. miut ID plueaa be corrwird by tlia Pa*- i 
ton Lrttera.«d. Oairdntr. nod bj the .lI^nlun(■ | 
•■d MamoMiula of Sorfclk in Mannvn und ' 
Hosaahold E>:p«nmfR4al>ur|{lii<('lul<), Ktcal^o 
Dogdala'a BaroDa{[<^ li. S9S k|. ; Tiairlp't ■■ffioinl 
BaroUit*. it. (Hfl : Itynior'a Fadara,ii. rd.lTIO: 
Boll* of l*arliHniritt, vol, ti. ; Artnm of Mem- 
b(n.i.3ai, 868 : SroVaAnnala (Hoirni) ; Hnir» 
duoa. cd. IMS; Poljrdoro Verfpl and Thirs I 
mi*«nlh-ci(ntnr]r Chronirln' (Oitnd.Sor.) ; Mr- I 
moirw Ho P, d<iO>iiiininf". "'). Hiichon; I*tt*n 
and FaDcn. KifhaM III .nd n«an VIU (llolln | 
8ar.) : ArobBolouia, i. .1£1 : RannoU'i Complele ; 
HI*tot7, i>, S0S ; (Inlnliivr'a latu nnd Ttngn of 
Biuhunl Kic Thinl.) V. B. 

HOWARD, JOU N { 1731 ?-l TOOl.pbilnn- 
ihropinl, wnn )>nni nio»i [irobabiy in llacUncy 
on 2 S"?pl. li-f. Tli'Tv U Bom" unn'rininty 
l>oth B« to tlic date and tW pliirn of hi> birlL, 
bat in dt-fnulT "f abfuiliiti- pmor In ibi' con- 
trail' till- iiisi.'ri{ition on liiri monuuicnl in 
St. Paula ia likrly lo Wmirft'cl. Hih fallirr. 
Jobn lldwani, wiia a |Hiitiii>r in an iinhoU 
al«TT and cMppt biuinan aaar Lsntt [^m--, 
llifl inotli«ir,who»nmaidMiiiaiu«wni>rh<itm- 
IWiditdaoonnlWliuibirtL Younfi'I toward, 
no VIM a Nckljr child, trpL-nl lii> vnrly dnya 
tt Cttrdin^ton. aoDK? lbn-•^ inili-? from Bod- 
fbrd, wbera Lis fntlu^r liail n nmnll iiropiin^. 
He waa annl tu u «clion1 at llirtford, kept 
by iwiii Jobii Worilfiy. ihti author of aprrnil 
•abool books nnd a imiwlntinn of thi> Ni^w 
TtaWment. Tlirn' he ri'mniif^d k\vd n-an, 
ud ' U-ft it not fiiirlj touffht one l'liiii|(.' 
Aft«r boioK t°f a «liort lime at Nynin(rt«n 
Oroon,undcTrlbetuitioiiof JobnEume9[ij.v.}, 

Ilowutl wu kfiprMiticiid to thu Ana of Nrirn* 
Strwt. Ilw (DtlivT dinl in S^itstnbcr 174£ 
leoving kill liro cliildren fairly well olT. nnd 
Howard, obtaining n r^lmnc from his in'Wn- 
Tun]<c, wi>ni for it tour on th« Kinti»(-nl. 
Aftit Ilia rKum to Kngland li" iwd<^ st 
Sloku NfwinfCton. whnrc bo >nfler»d iniKli 
from iitTTOUB fever, and wu obliged to adopt 
a rij^oroun ivffiiueu. Wbou about Iwmilr- 
live vrara of ag« he murrii-d hia tandlady, 
Sarali Loidorv (or Lard«au),aa uldfirlr widow 
of fifty-two, llo i« Mid lo bnve taKMi tbi« 
atBji under a, ean*ci«ntioilS hoim of obli^a- 
tii» lo tlw tadj, and m torn* vnrt of rrtiun 
tar ih^ fTttl care with which abr had nuT»>d 
bim lliruiigb bit long illncwa. Tbi'ir iixirri<rd 
llfi.- wnH Bkort, for aki^ died on lU Nor. l7Ao, 
Htid vti* biirinl in thi> rburtbyard of St, 
Marj-V, Wbit»v'liapcl. Aft*r ki« wifr't iknib 
Howard Irft Nt'v.'inglnna'hd looklodc- 
in)r> in St. Paurj Oiiitrbyard. In 17H ha 
itorted for I'oriiiKal, but thi- tlonovcr, ibe 
I.iabon paeki-t on whicli bi- sailed, wa* cap- 
tuiyid by » FrentJi privateer. Tb« CTPW 
and the puMDcm n>^re carried priMioen to 
KniRfi', whtrn- ilii'v «iifl'^r«d ^tvhi pTivnliooL 
Ib'tiimin^ lo Kn^lanii on |iarol« ba tilM««H 
fully nraotiatMlnnt-scluin^ for luaMflf.and 
buviiiK ddftilM In tlic cfMntni«uan«T» of aick 
and wotindnl iwiiiiion tha fofliuinipi of bit 
fcllow-priaoners, their relooM waa obtained 
from the Frciioh gorerniBenl. Id SIny 17M 
Hovrurd waa eWuil a fellow of the Rofal 
SoL-it'iy. and about ihia time took up litt 
tvxidt-no- at Cardiiipion, Bedford^biiv, whirb 
rf-mainiil lit* principal homo during tbe rat 
of bii lifi". 

On 35 April ITiSe he marnM ItcoriettA, 
(bviiRliter of Edwnrd Ijcediof Croxtoa.Cnm- 
brid^fibire, Berji.-nnt-«t-tnw, Previuuiily lo 
liih net'Ond marriage Howanl, with conneDd- 
, abk- en ui ion, appear* to have BadBMi^re*- 
I muni with ihe lailv ■ itint to pT«T«ot slt«r«*- 
tiiiQ* about ihnnQ liltli'inattoniwhiclihebRd 
j obmrved lo Iw thi- ehii'f naunda of tm^M*- 
n''M in fnmtliea, he *hould alwaya d«<ide' 
( Vii. Itnovm.'Mrmoin.p. !m). iloward now 
bunied hiniaolf in erecling model cottaofV OBi 
kin Cardin|(ton property, providiag womb- 
nrv ediieMiofi for lli» "chfldnin of^all h«I«, 
and nncoumginir th» individual indiutrr of 
th* Tillagtrrn. For the lii-neRt of bin wnft'l 
bcnltb lie aiiluKquctitly purchaaed a h onltt 
at Watcombe, near LjminKton, wbere -^^^ 
livod for two or lliree years : but, Hodi: 
place unsuitable, tbev retiirnvd lo Cl 
ton. w'lierv kiB M'<:«n(I wife died on 31 
176(>. having given binh lo n MB torn 
]ir»vioiialy. In ibefnllowing y«ar,bi*r 
having agwn btok«n down, tis n«t«<l 

I> 1707 W inxla m than Moimlon ibrouffh 
llolland vrilli hi* brotber-in-lAw. ±aA in llip 
•Mnianaf 17(10 amiiimfntuii thcconTitirnl, 
TMitbg (*mK«, tMrilxerlnnd, llnlluriJ. luty, 
•MlQaniMBj. AAprliu^tMiirniiil-hi-niiliiiiin 
M tb« firitowian; y«*r Im< orcitjui^ «omc liiiui 
IB U«v«IItiig tliTM^b Walra nnd ibn u>iiTli 
«fIi«l«n<l,>iidna*fl*fWKnblniilupat Cnr* 
diafUM wilb an altiifk of MUf, nh it'll IobImI 
BID* Buintli', and n-'ldnilled liU k-bI iii |iro- 
■■itJtMt unitu-<r impinnitiiMlit iu tbe rillagv. 
Un f Fi'b, lTr.1 llowutl wiu appointed 
kill ilwnff of DnlfiMtl«Uir«' ( Lrmifon ua^ltn, 
\iiZ, Vh. 1I32S). Thoiitfli a dimfnior li<i 
lM»|<j<t th* ofli<« in ■pill' of (ha T«t Act, 
•od Uboniftti hi' dovji nnt •(nH'or to hriTo ccin- 
ftnnni ft>r ■Ivaoauiaii.iinleitslpraDwdiRf,'* 
•Iff* taltrn Mrainiil him. Ilowarrl uuK ram- 

■PW w J hit caren" >* ft prisoa rKfomii-r. In 
Ul oAcU] otpMily ihe 'IcfKlivi- nrmniri-- 
nrau of tb« ynvMt »xiA iirn iiii<>1i'ml>ta 
£Mfi>A« nftlMBriMtMmrMnbroiiglit iiiinx- 
Haxalj under \m noticr. Slioeknl al din- 
(UVMRW >!>"* pvrwiti* wb'> hud facwi declnml 
Dot ^Kjr, nr >K»iiuI whom t)ii> j^nd iurj 
hwl UJed lo find ■ tnc bill, orevun LboM* 
wlKm fVDMvuton h>d hiled loappMr,ii«Ti' 
■w riUw d ia gaol until ec(t*iii iei* vrn'jwud 
M ih' r*'>l<f . Howard nufcjiifHliHl to thr Jlod- 
(. itiicM tliAi ihi< (tBolnr ahould ba 

{ .lorf in li«iinffi-«. TWiuatiOM 

i*}ihcil tij ukin2fr>rKprf«*i)i'ntrorcuii([iiii? 
Um must; vrith ibr e^tpMuw. llowaid nc 
eanlin^h ndeintothciiL'ie(ib<iuniu[ooiuitiM 
t« Mtlar to And <>n«, huT fnrliil to <1iaaiT«r ■ 
mfia cBw In vhich ■ guoli^r wm pwd bj a 
lud (Mlarj. Tbi' many abuiva wlitrh ho 
tbad At^vwrnitiKA him in continue hia 

llliaa)igatlnii» and bi> l»ifl fowof thi-iviuiily _ 

■■wbiHITJri'i 1 ll>-(li>-an'«)lTwl|i>uu{H'^ 'and un Arcriui»l--«ir HRj' 

Mneia ( 14 Opo. III. c fi8>. Though eoptM 
of thran acta wre prinlod at IluwardV ex- 
|M>n4(.-, ojid mhi bv liim to ilii- kw.-pcr of 
I'vorj (viiinty gaol in Rii^luiid, their prDvi- 
•ion" ir.Ti.' fnr llie met iiurT ■.•inilvd. At 
ihi" (Ti-ncrnl "Iwiion in ifi-' followitiR Oe- 
IiiIht lloVi-aril iin*iLiTif*fiilly cnnliKtt^ the 
bor>nij"li')f IJi'dl'Drd in ih" oppiiMLjon intniwit, 
and lliuiigh liiiiL-c)!lni(;iL<-, Siimucl Whilbri'ncI, 
(ili[iiiDt>il ijuv iif I li" «-alA iiD |H-tiiion. Ilowiinl 
failnd to eftlabli«li hiv clnim lo iliFolhi-r.nnd 
hi* nnponnnt, Sir Williaiu Wake, woa de- 
cUrad duly ^ootod (Jnttmah of thr li«ti»e 
<^QaHmmf,:axv.^I. ItM. 3^. 221. -J-2d>, 

MeaRvhilc Howard coiiliniiiMl hi* wlf- 
hnpOMd taskof iniiDBfliiffi^iriiioni, nnd.nflnF 
hi* nlum IVom a vint to Scollnnd and 
tivUnd in the aptinc of IT't, «nn<Kl for 
Franc, unil visilijd tli^ pnncijuil priimtn of 
P«ri». J!" fnilfld, liowpvpr, Ifl tfpt iut't ihc 
llasiillf. ' thoiitrb )>•■ kniipkfiil hunl nt the 
oiitor f(Me. nnd immi'dintidy wpni forward 
Ihrough till- (^ard to tbu diTiwbrUl)(i' bril'om 
Xhe unlntuce ot' the cn»ltt' iSlate of l.h» 

/Vuniai, &c.,'li>ieilit.,p. 17(1). From Knuice 
h>- wont on a tour of iiiapoi-tion tbrou|i;h 
l)'»llnnd, Flandon, and Gtrinauv, and nt- 
tuninil to RDgUtld in Julv. InVnvnmbw 
of ttii* jtKt ho wt out on ni* aocnnd ev n*TaI 
inapwtioii of tb« Bnglitb gaols, nod in May 
I77B nriaitad the oonCiocal, sornAixuf >onio 
timu in SwiLutrland. t'pon bin mtiim ho 
<omplv(td lii.i ivcond iiupuetion of tbi> Knff- 
liah noK Havinc (rat. all hii nateri^ 
tog«tli«rforthi>hooli wbioh lie had oriKinallj 
intsEiditd to jiubli»fa in the npriti); of 177 1>, 
Howwd nitir*d to ^V•tTill^OIl in 1777, 
wh«(«his'!^tnt*of ilii- Prinon* in Rnfrland 
and Wal«<, wirhTNliniiiury I llinavvntiavu, 
FonMRO Priioni 

m cwndiiiB, tlio rity and tovrn gaol*, and 
fNjing partiouUr Biti-niion lo the rangM 
Midi amonit I hi- jiriwivn by iraol f^vur 
aail will [III! i Inirodiietion to Tkr SInIr of 
fV fV>«i> i* t^tfUaul ami Waif). 0* 
4 March 1771 he n^ <"'>>'<'■■» bonra Um 
B»M» of Cmammn* in <>nisaiiitee, and wa 
iA«wanl* ntllwl to i)i<i b*r to rvonve tlii* 
thasla of tbi> boo** far ' ibn humanity and 
•Ml whkb ban Wl him to H«ii tho wvml 
HkoU of thia UnirdoiB, and to evmmtiniciil'' 
to iIh hunw Ibr inti-rt«ttii| obMnaiiona ho 
faM m»At on that ■nltiact ' {J«mn>aU «^ tht 
a^ ^ 0«*M9a'. xsiit. rXt). siibM- 
qaMill*. in Ida niar Maaton, two bill* won 
mami, ou* fur ili' almlitMin of (r«(>l*«a' faaa 
<H Ovn. III. r :!i>i. and th- oili.r tor inw 
pn rr ln f (Ji^ aanitary ttati* of priaoiu aui ihp 
Mtor iitMcnMiun of the boallh of tha ph* 

rbabtid«nralla,andfarihilpUTpou' traTeiWi waaatlen^thpiihlinhrd.Wnnintiion.ito. In 
■inianTrrdieMiiintry.eianiiainKtlu^lniMa ANgU«tortliiiyi«rbiHonlvfti>iTiTdii>d,l(>aTing 

him her (bniuw and her^ouae in On«t itr- 
mondSOnnl. Ial77i^hewaiexaniiiiTd bvfora 
aaolnctcnmmiilrcof tlip llnuhiof fninmona 
apnoinl«l to inquirr into ihn working of tlw 
balk anteni <atabliahcd by Itl Uw. ill, 
c. 4A Q'o^rw"'^ 4f '^ ttotm t/ O m m em*, 
nsTi.9»,988-aO). OonirinMd that naaeb 
w«ire l«M fliiitaUv for t)ii> coiiftiiMMni of 
prwHiiin tbiin building*, it wu urarA bv Hit 
William BlMckalnou tad pthtn dial plnrva 
of ooafinamMil linilarto tlii^ ICaiqi and Spia- 
HouH«ofnollandabouldbni<n«i*>l. Howard 
ibeivfore tet off again (lis Aunt) for th<> 
eoiHlMnt to collect farther inlormalion on 
the aabjeci. At Amatt-rdam lie met with a 
PraMia, Saxooy, Rohania, Auatrit, luty, 
Switwr loud. and Franop. ri'turnin^ to Bng> 
I land at thv clum of (bv j'var. In 177V an 




act WM pM»«(l mtpowf^inj; the MCCtiOB of 
two pviiitFiiliary hoiiim uivltr llio diitifrin- 
tinideiicv of lbt*e *inwrvi*or* (10 '"•n. Ill, 
c. 74, M<c. A). Dnvard, Fotbur^U, iind 
Wbnlln^, tho trrtuiin'r of thn Kou Helling' 
IIo>)iitiil, woTo Diipointcd to curry out ihv 
rxpnruncnt. Tbey wurv, howevur, uiinb!" 
lo Bfnvi'aboul fbif sill-, and Folli(-r|iitI il<i ing 
iu Dvrviubvr l"(*U, Hownnl sbortiv niii-r- 
wDriUc^ut iiihig^^aignatiuniol^ril iMthiinl 
(Drowjc, Mn»"ir*. |ii., »«i-10t, Al ihn 
bpirinninn of I7''CI llowurd piib!)*H<.Hl iin 
'AppJiadix to lbi> KtAti- of Pn*nn* io Eni;- 
Iftnd and Wnlr> . . . contAiiui)f{ a farther 
Aecoiuit of Foreipi rrlaonj aud IIo<>iiiliili, 
with iiil<litiunBl Buianrbn oa th« Prihont of 
till* CDunlr^.* Warrington, 4lo. In ihir mmn 
JMT ht brought oiic a chtwjwr odilion of hi* 
"8l*leof lliePri»onn,' Wamn^on.SvQjWltU 
which lhi> nnw mutter in tJic *A|)pondix' 
W(w incor|i<irnl«-tl, mid ulso piiblisliud ' Hi»- 
loricnl I[>'miirkiiiin<IAni'cdoiesoii ibt-CiiAtli' 
of the JtoBlilli.-. Trutiiitatedfroiullii^Fr>'ni.-h, 
pul>li«lii>d in 1*74.' London, 8vii, u u-mnd 
iiditiou of wfbifli opjM'griid in 1764, l.riudon, 
8to. Ill tbr ' ndvprtin'miait' 10 ibr lnui»- 
1atii>n Tlowan] utiitcit iluil the toEr of ihu 
on'^nnl parajdilrt bid boun iilricllTpruhibil(>d 
in Vmncp. (imI iliot be had, ' nol wiihoiit 
aomu buard, brought il to Eugliuiil,' biit thnl 
his object would b« fiiUj MtisflMd if iht> 
tmudation ibould ' iii anir degree ipiid lo 
bUTMU the atl«chincnt nnd rercrvnci' of 
EngliBlimeiiloilw^i'miineprinciplnnof their 
cxcellc'iii roiiMiiulinn.' liurinK hii conti- 
DMilal tour, whicb Ihvsvi in Mnj and imded 
in I>Bic»mhi'r 17SI. llciword Ti«ileil Itainiurk, 
Swod<-n, nnd Huuin. In Jnuunry 17^^ hi> 
OMDOiL-DCvd bin third f;i-tit'rn1 i[i(i|M!el.ion of ' 
Enaliiib priiOiM. and \'iul(.-d both Scotland 
aiiil Irelud. In Mftj of this year h« gay" 
dvideiice Iwfbra a committM of the Irioh 
IloilHOrCoinmoDi>a)i|>ointmlto inquirointo 
thp »tato of Ihu Irish tiiuAt, and in the Mmo 
jr-nr wiM criiiteit bv diplomn an hoiiomiT 
IiL.II, of lb* univemlvof UahVia (Kn^ulrr, 
»1 Mat- I7«'J). In It^-S lie ia»pt<cl<.'[l tb« 
puiial and chnritablu iiiHtitiiliona of Spnin 
and Portii|;nl, nnd nude a Hfth joumi^ to 
Ireland. In 17^ heproducnd nnocondcdi- 
tiou of hi* ' Apjirndix to the State of IVi* 
Bonis' Ac, WurrinKton, 4io, embodjinK tb« 
raault* of hi* furttuT invrHi.igBtiona both at 
homo and nbioud. ihe whole of which wure 
alao added to tha third ddtlion of hia oom- 
phrte worb, which was issued this year, Ws^ 
rin^on, 4to. He repiiblichad nt the nun« 
tine a large sheet containinti tlic criminnl 
elAiimice of iha Old Bailuy itvuionii frotii 
1740 to 1771, comtiilM) bj-Sir S.T. Jaudaen, 
ud annually published in 1772. 

In 17ftB Howud deieratined to lan*- 
liRatti (he condition of ifae lauivtlue, and 
thn b<ifi means br tlie nr«vuntion oif the 
t>ln;tur>. lie m-t niii od ni* expedilion in 
Nuvciobcr, anil tlioUj[h intmusiiion to viiit 
the liuan-tta at .MarHtll« wna ivfufed him 
by ibu Fraicb goTommenl, ho nanojcotl to 
inp|iL>ct it in ipite uf the «piu* and '' 
police. In order to obtalu aoc«es t« 
Toulon arx^iil be silopi^u] ih« ilis^i 
It I'oJibioiiabl' Pitriuftn, lie afterwards vi- 
kiied ^ijif-. (ii-non, I.i'iihoni, I'isa, Florwnce, 
Rfime, and NnjiW. l-'rom Xaples lie pto- 
ceeded Iu Malu, Znulo. Smyrna, aud Coo- 
slautinuple. ICi<sulving to ■uhnoot hinselT 
In the discipline of quBnutine for the nake 
of rerifvink' ibf in formation which be b*d 
iibtain«^, Howard rvtuniedloSmTnia.wheps 
hi- purjiowlr chow n t««»el bonnfJ fmr Venioo 
wiih A foul hill of hoaltb. After leaving 
Modon they had a •mart nkirmiah with a 
Tunisian privalt-cr, duriu); which 'one of 
our catmun charged with spiku-iiaiU having 
ocoid^'n Tally dune grvat execution, ibv pr»- 
TntciT immodiniely, to ourgT«aljoy,hoisied 
its *ail> and made oil" (.-tit Atrtiint ^ tMf 
prindpat Laairrlto*, Ac, p. 22 ».) On 
tvscbiu); Venice Howmrd had lo mhisJI 10 
iliiarnnttni-v nnd was confined in two laca- 
retluH for (urij-twu day*. While thcRi be 
hfianl with miiohdistresaof tbesubaciription 
list which had btwa opened for ihu erection 
of a (talue inconunemomtiouof hidperviooi 
{Gtnl. Mag. I7en, pt. i. pp. 3Bimi, 447, 
pt. ii. pitNiim), and of the Dirfntal denuigv- 
mt-iit uf hi* only child, llowaril retumtid 
to Kntrtand by way of Trli?iti' nnd Vimna, 
Imviug liodat't lie latter place 'the honour of 
near I wo hours' conversation in private with 
ibo einperor.' In cons«quenc« of Howanl'a 
slmng expression* of disapprotal the cam' 
tnittec Of the ' Ifowirdian I'und' (which 
had already amountvd to ovi;r 1JV0O/.) were 
compelled to abandon tbirlriclicnirdiirinc Us 
Hfi-time. In 'March 1787 he cooinuincMd lus 
fourth and tinal iaipeclion of tbo English 
gnoU, and in 1789 published ' An Account 
of the iiriiici)ial l.iiiaretlos in Europe: with 
various Paper* relative to the Playue: 
toother wiih further Obserral ions oti 
Fureiitn I'ritnn* and Ilofpitain: and 
lionnl ItEiDiirkion thrprocnt Slate of 
in Great Itritiiin und Irvknd,' Worri: 
1780,410: and «l. 1791, 4to. In the 
venr he priTat«:<ty printed the * Edict of 
Omiul finite of Tii»caiiy for the Rcfoi 
Oiminnt Ijiw in bis Doiniuions; Innal 
fmiD thi? Italian; loipRllierwilh lh«oripl»^* 
WnrrinRton. 17S!*. 6\a. 

In July 17t^8 Hnwnrd *ct out on hi* lost 
journey, and visited lIolland,Ounnany, I'ru»> 




m, LiTOBib, «ail HiMM. The <I«feL-tiT» * inle 
«/ tb> Rtia«iMi letliliLTT bnaipiinli, *itnii-ti!il 
• gn^ ilral pf Lw Mli'n1t<iii, aiul tirciriiig 
K Mtiwviw of ibv uckl]: Male of tbf Kiu- 
litD urmy on tlis cmfioM of Turkey, huuro- 
fj » i l to Kbcraon in Bouihum Ruint, wfmv 
U difil. no SO Jan. I7MJ, o( eanp fever 
OMi^l wbile ia all«<iidaiiC8 on a young 
Uj wbn li*d bmi firiiikvn dowD wjih ttii> 
cenl«int. llowanl w*« buri«d in • w«ll«d 
ttU ai Duphiaorka (mw ktio«ni a* Su-pa- 
notk»t. «i tviMa north of Kbcraon. lli> 
fanMs) *>a* Dld-nilcil |jy a Inrifi' conoouiM 
of |M|ilo. A btufk (lyramid n*ai< built otbt 
faia flK«» (CuBXB, Jranr^, It^m, ii. 3CI, 
I8ft-40),ajiil a haniU>Mu« cHuoia^ oC wliitu 
ftHMMia, Willi a Rutaiaii iiucnpiicin, wiu 
■«ol«d b>lii*DiMiwt7aiKh<'raoti(lli»coH*- 
m*,AAIitmi BatnrtAa.lB-ja.p.2*H). Hi* 
(lIWi p. 174), a uuiijtte honouT for n ci> 
vjliaa, tutd bia itatutf^ exccuttid by Bacon, 
««• WWIed hj piibbc Bubacription iii 8t. 
iVal'a It tuiiuU on iLu Ufl Bidi- of tbo 
cboir, and waa tli» fliM uaiuo ailiniirod to 
tlwwt&odr«l(MitJii]i, AmmiUofSt. PaoTt 
Cb<*arfni/.1809,|i[>L4eO-l>. Tb» iiworiptlon 
■a Um |HMlMtal «a*writt«a by Samuel wliit* 
hiwil Aiiulbur tnicripiian for aoiiw other 
aOBMBMit to Howard nn writtun hr Cow- 
ftt ( ftMUt, Otmmndrnt* of Jokn UMtttrd, 
If. 3Q24V In 1890 a public nibtctiption 
m ofMMd for tlia fttdlan of a Hm-ard 
ent^nar^ nraiorial nt Bedford. 

Ilward «a« a utan of dosplv ivlwioiu 
fialingi. Willi an obtmaiit aund aniTniv- 
iMIoftl batiiii. Thoufth bu wu not ([ifUd 
wdb an* brilliant taWnU, hu poia i ated a 
powMfuI will, trraat pertinoeity of purpostt, 
aad r«aiululile powcn of endurwice. In 
pmnwat afpannon be waa abort and ihin, 
wiUi • mHow ooaplesioo. proninon i fi«turti>, 
aad a i*«lulr t^rawion. It" una both a 
t— ColnlW awl ■ vqcttarian, viaiiiln in bia 
iMla^^ptain and nmt in bia dro*, and rr< 
lilillwhitlMliiti I-'romlbi-'day lic f[iternl 

Etk diili«* of lut,>h tberiff 'if Ittiiford- 
k drrMed hicaMlf Miiirvly (o lii« pbi- 
liBtkrapic lahourt. FIv worlii'd unaidod 
' I7 tW m»,l<i 0€ hf ^arilable iiutitu- 
OoailUutinf hinuulf inapcctor of 
iM hooiaaiid abroad, bi) travi-lted up- 
ward ef Iftjr lliotiaaDd uilt*. nuletiook In 
bai4, tWtiBK priaoaa, hntpitala, UwtUoa, 
wfcnab, and wnrfchanna, intMTogalbg the 
unkoritiM. muMiag tlu aUpa, uwwariag 
iW neaoa, ukii^ emim ot lliu rrguUtiona, 
aad Uwung ili* nimliM. llrUMtd tu ban 
(pat ^ Mui-b aa 30,000/. of bin nnrn foflnne 
in lb* work, and to bata mfuaMl an offiar of 
ftuK the (orvmnaBt. Tliougk 

CnrljU, in bU eeujr 00 'Modfl Priaon*,' 
colli Ilownrtl • x\ti> iinioceiit t-axav ... of 
ihp Hi-nevo!MQt> Plat form I'Vver' ( Col/rvteit 
H'orlt, lib. odii.xix. 7il|. tlownnl bimaelf 
wod uu Knliiui^uialiiit.andwhiU bi- inii^tod 
bu an-wT furgot to nicn nt the refonnatioa of 
tliti prisuiivr. Tlif> iiiurws of bia IcmmoTS 
wcrr fp^iii'mly yrmtic, and an- dinii-nit \t> 
folloK'. At u writer tluivard bad little 
litoiurr nbililii-, niid tfu auialtd In tbe Mm* 
paralion uf bia two principal workt by Ki- 
chnrd Dt-niliuoi. I'r. liiclinnl I'rici-, ami Ilr, 
Aikin. Tbi- iilmrul incredibli! nhiw* which 
wer* MjMjstfil in the 'Suit- of the Pritoim' 
gnvp tlii> fmi iiiipiili-e to 11 ({t'uuriil diMrn for 
an iinpnivt<u>('iit liiili.'i.'uuBlriictionaaddiMi- 
plini'uf nur)inwiTi>^, Tliouuli hiaevon)[elical 
cipiiiiona worv intoiiie', Il>twnnl wna ningu- 
lorly trev from rvlifpou* biKolry, and though 
BU indr]reiidunt binuvtf, both liiiwirw w«re 
churcbwmiiAii, Hit Iwiiiviuur woa at tisBM 
(>cc('niric, mid hio ftt«ni vii-ws rif duly fr^ 
qin-ntly ]>r8vviiliHl liiin frmn beiuf; a vi-ry 
(ociablu compnnioii. Ilifi thuory of fooulj 
diaciplinu woa tn-en ia thp cxtrame, but 
except durJDtt the firrt eiaht year* of his 
aou'* life, liouacd bad litllu upporlunity 'if 
iiiL-uIcatin^ bin notioni of Glial obrdii'HC* 
citfavr barahly or otLprwiu'. The ttory that 
Howard, through hiscTuplTr,dn(vv his child 
init inMiiity i» sbwlutelT' untrue, but tbe 
charge thai h^neglected tliepenonal aiipv^ 
inteadoBce of hin cliild'a ediicaliim cannot, 
of ooune, bo denied. TlieKortifiil rvferrnce 
tu Howard and bia ' funirj of diinuvons for 
cdiildrcn' in I^unb'a ■ Uesar on Clirut'a Iloa- 

Citol FiTiyand-Thirty Vpurs ajtn' wm pfo- 
My *iiggt^Xvi.\ by aii cxBfnti'nited repoK 
of tuu Rooc-Hoiiiui iucidenl, whun Howard 
locked hi* child up in anoutfaouM in hi*gant«i 
while ho wmt to tcv a Yiaitor (an account will 
bv found in itv I'mttrtat Mat/aM*, UxsvU, 
14^—1). Rurkc''* wrH-knowu eiilo(;iuis of 
Ilonnrd will bp found in bia «ptech at IlrintoJ, 
dfllii'red in ITSO (Bdbk^ Work; |H|n, ili. 
3W-1), Howard'* MnJoiindicd, liupi-U-iiily 
inaane, '>n iA A|>ril 171)0, agtd i\, and wta 
bnn«d at Cnrdington. OnbiadMibtheC'ard- 
bftonnropurty uumkI by bi« bihor'a will to 
Satnucl CuBiUaW bit bread, tbo x^ond ion 
of SaiDuel Whitbrvad. Varioua nrlie* and 
a bortxait of Howard arc pmcrred at hU 
old boaw al Cardiugton, which runafaM 
tlni(»t iniari, and ia jn tbe poaaeaiioii of 
Gvnvml Mill*. TbeNtaapoflnid of Howard, 
br Mather Brown, in tbe Xational Portrait 
ualliry.vhich ha* been etiKrnrtd by E. Scott. 
It appnn. Iioweter, that lIovaMl never tat 
for hie portrait during hi* lifi-time, Itnd 
thovgh two platter coat* wei« taken of bia 




fM» aA«r hi* dtslk, hy the onUr of Priiic« ] 
Potviskiii, ihnr Mwm M U»ti> hi*n iiiifor- 
tuiMtoly Imt. Thn^ ■lion cnninUiiinn-i bv 
Ilo«r«ra lo iho H'lyu! ffocirtr will be found 
in ' Ptuluaaphii-at Tniim«lioiii' {Vir. 11^ 
Ivii. 'M[ -'2, Isi. i>3-4 1. A fourlli •xlitioti of 
hi« 'Stale of Pridona,' &r., wiu |nit)li»l»'(l 
aftMhisdMtli (London, 1792. 4io). AnionK 
th^ fmiiily dooumi^tit* <if Hit Wiiilbmii! 
hsiilyBM ■•vpnil pnp^T* of inii-nvi rr'UiiDa 
lo Hownrd. A fi-w of llownrd'n li-rtersand 
lh« enmi()K)iiduaec and [lappn rvlntiiu; to 
liiw mouuDK-Qt an.- iirvafri'iHl in tli« Britieli ' 
HiiMun) (Addii. MSS. &100, Mt^^, JfK»&. 
381 (M f. AS). I 

[AneodoMi of thn Life aDil ChamoUi of John 
Bair«rd,wriu*nbjr»6nilltfnan,ft&.mo(widi 1 
pottnil) 1 Aikia'f Visw of tha Chiini(^»T nnd | 
Fnblie Serrieaa of Uia Into Jotw Kowarl. 1 793 
(with porlMit); Jmdw Baldtrln Browu'i 31c- 
miAn of ilf PuMi'- and Pri*i>t4 Lifo uf Jblm'l rdil. l8'J3(withporlnul*orlIoimrd 
udhia tccond wifnj; Thoraa* Tlijliw* Momoin 
of Huwanl. 'ind pdJL 1AS6 : HaowDnh I>iian'* 
John Humnt Snd wlil. 1850 ; Fidd'« I>lfi- vt 
•flee of Jobn Bomtrd; Ga/ii John H'lWArdS 
Winur'aJonrntiy : f^>lIl);h(o^'l' Un^nrd ilis Dii. 
Uatliii>]ii*t Anil hi* Friend*; Jouriinl -sf ihi' ^lii- 
tntiotl Soeinj. ixirj. Ul». mviii. 4S0.7; 
Ltdiy'i IliiUirj of Kngland. n. 2.M-61 . Gent. 
Max- 1743 p. 4ns. 1TAS p. 24S. I7»0 pi. L 
pp. W. Jrf.-9. til-90. JIM. 410-18. 4HI-S. 
{It. ii. pp. OSS (with partmil). T13-1I. 7l7i ' 
796, lOfiO, I'tnc 1701 [It. ii. pp. aOfl, W!. 90fl. 
1793 pi. i. p. AI3: Vnircnal Mas. Uaxfi. 
60. lCi2. lAI, Ifl'J-TI tiilli pottraiij, iiS.iU. 
tlH-ia; Il'il'k nii'l Qaorii-n. Ut •.er. lii. 142. (i. 
408. 472. llli *»r, vlii A37. i«. 31. 'ill »r. »iii 
SOS, 24(1; Bril Vut. CM.] O. K. R. B, 

HOWARD, .lOHN {17M-i:iN»).mailii- 
matician, bum in I'ort ( ieorK" fiarriion, hpiit 
InvitniL-si, it] I'li^t, vriutoa uf Italpli Iluwnn), 
n pnmili.' soldivr, and wns brmifilil up bv 
ntUiiiiDH in Cnrli^li.-, .\ptir>.'iii i(vd in his 
fourtw-iilb i^iir !'■ hi* uiidii, h enrk-cuiler, 
u'hu trvttloii him liimhl;. h<- rnn nwiir to 
sea; he aftrrwnnU workiKi 111 n cnrpfntiT, 
Olid thqnun lluA-druuer. lIuvinnaL-qiiirrd 
a ta4to forniAdiiiif and ibur'lcnii-iilii ol'iuuthi.— 
maliea, he opetitd a r<ulioul nmr Carlip^tit. 
•nd, impmring himiu^lf by ^iidy, attracW 
the UUntion of Tti>h»p I^ir, who apjimnlpd 
Ub mutiir of <h« Cnrliilf gntmranr nflinol, 
wd (aoDunCDd him tn r«iid for boly ordi-n. 
Abnndnnitiir tliat lahutoe, Howard booiuni' 
itBwfarii lo tlw biabun'a BOD Jolin [(]. rj. wfaen 
appxiiitwl bialiop of Clonfprt in ITof. In 
IT'Sft tlowanl rL-tiininl In CiirliF'U, ui4 n- 
flumi'd nohonl-t-.-aciiiug lh>>r» (ill 179t,wlien 
hBresnoTed toXi-iitf**tliwin-Tynn, Tht-ro he 
MnMd tlie adiool-UiiuM built hj Dr. Oharle* 

If utton [<|. T.^ ID Woii^BiF Strwr.aDd gained 
a bir|M>tiiiioirMiiwinietoraiidiuan^fnKnda. 
Mp hod fORit* local T«piiiBiion 4a ■ ivrM(I«r. 
Soon oftar tlip «|ipNran CO of hi* lonMng#ct«d 
irarkaiiqilicriwf[MnietiT,Iii«bouUi rapidlv 
d#clincd. 111! diMl on 2a Mudi 1799. afad 
M. at the IxNurs. m-ar N'nrcaMie, uid «*• 
burii.-il ill St, Johii'n churoliTanl. 

Wh^n in Carlisle, Iloinnl urtov much 
for Thi' ■|i(4 and (ientlt-raHn'« Diarie*.' 
]Ii> n-puialioii m a matbniniUiciAii raMf 
muiiilv on tlir 'Trtuitiwon Spheriril Oih>. 
mfiry.' which hi-ptililinlicdin Nowcmitti'-an- 
Tvnu ill 17!*8. It dntU with ibo nutiioaa 
and luiuiaiB of crnun linrs and art**, aad 
sola a TitTi«ir of ptobhrnu. ^MiMi dlMUMJag 
•om* loci 01 "ipEerical sn^'l*^ and iriaajf 
dricnl ■iirfaco*, thv nothor notiui nuDj a 
Ii)t(i»lictwnintb«iirap«nia«of lini'imivinig 
un ihi-mrfocpof theiphprrand llinfc drawn 
to rawt a pluai? circjf. Thi: rpiluph on 
Hownnl'n t..>inbflIoui- rvconla ' loaiiv otbeT ia- 
^nioiiH inn 1 hems cicnl and (lovlicnl pi«cea.' 

[ Kichirlsoiin 'I'ahlr Book. ii. 4 1 ; )lii«li«n^'l 
Aoouunt nf Xcweaatle-os-Trae, ii. JSO, ttS.] 

R. E. i. 

HOWARD. JOHN i:i.lOT(l«07-19«n, 

X.inoIogtiiT. uni 'it l.uko llowanl [$■ ^-J' 
It m<rt<>«roln|{ist, wnn bom at Platihnr, 
Kuu-T. 11 Dec. 1807. Throughout fall life 
ha wajt connocteil with hii falher'n chemioal 
manufaetorT at Stntfmtl. Ilia Brvt pap«r, 
a nrporl on the collection of L-inchoiia id tb« 
Briii-li Mujvutn mnde l>y tli« 8]mtii>h bota- 
nJM I'nvon, wa« piibliihni in \Mi. In ika 
fiillnwing yttoT ho joiiind th'' I'hnrmaiwuiioal 
.■^i-trii-tT, and in ln57 the l.iniii.'fln Socii^r. 
HoiQH ■pi)ria!lv inliTWU'd in iiuiniiie hi- ptir- 
cUiuod al Alodriil. in IS&t^, ltii.> tumiUMript 
> NuevB (jniaoUitria ' and t\i* spwimMis of 
ciiiolioua bnlouging to Pavon : nnploTod a 
botanioal anin to iUiuflrsin llivm, ana pul^ 
tiftbed inlSfOtli^Rumpliioiu'lUiutntioanof 
tha " Nin-vn QuinnloKin" of I'nvon.andObaa^ 
vations on ibn Ufirto dncnbed.' floward'a 
aoeond gr«at work. - Thi- (juinolocr of ibe 
Eaat Indian Plan tat iornt.' ^ublishMin 16 09; 
wan ihp retult of his^zaminalioouf ttiat * 
• if all th» form* of cinohoDa inTr»duoedi 
India from tbt- Aiidat by Markhum, St 
and (.'roat. For thia h# TVc0iTi<d tb<- thank* 
of liT nunriny** Rovi^mmMit, and iu 1S74 
wan olpci'd n fellow of the Ro^ 8oci««j. 
Il'iwanl look coQitidiirable int«raal in ga^- 
dc-uinft. and iMpi^cially in hvbridiMMD 
beunn^ upon culliTnti-d oinolio«in«, and ' 
the author of iiiiiii'.'niiia ix-innliBc 

chiefly oil giiinoVifiT. "e nlsogat^ 1 

on both Rnetlc* and rpviilnlionat the Victoria 
Institute, of wliieh he waa a rice^reaidaBk 






M bu bouM, IjorI'k Mnwl, Totion- 
iM, Ibd(Uaa,SSNoT. lfi«3.uidwmMbuHi>d 
■T^tfbaluuBOMUMfy. W»lii«llil«licat«I(o 
Im lb r*uu AMMMlla of the CVarAaM»iiM>. 
n* awnal Hwift,<bi»fhieror \\'. D. Gnwd- 
•■ «f l£wii<>l. and Un a Urgt- ramily. 

Lrilw hi* tMbar ha wu • lavntbvf of the 
MeMjaKPrimAt. llapabliifaiKlinMrlylifii 
wtwal nligiou* 1r*cU, audi u ' Tbe Doc'lrina 
<f lb* InwmnJ Life,' 1830: ' JoMitiaatiaQ hy 
Farth.' l»»; «na -An Adilrai* to llio 
ChTMiiuw of TmimbuD,' ld3H. 

(Tna*. S«ei FUia CInb. It. H-tl. villi far- 
ink 1 tVac. IJb.Sw. l«St-4. n. IS : 0«nl«Mr'i 
OhxMwU l>M. U. 701 ; ttojTkl Scxiclr'a Co. 
U. iM. m. IDia.I <1. S. B. 


•tm K«aLur Kfr!\i.inu,<li.- ivcoikI i-ivn- 
liM <ir«r-IM6^. bnrn 2ft XoT, 17«:. wm 
mIj afeiU of C-Bptaiii ilnnrj [loward of 
AnMlsl, SiMMi, bv Im ar^ond wife, MarU, 
MnMd dauffctn anil co'bnnai o( Kmoetli 
ll Mfaii i», Tiaooufit FortM9«, i>ld«at aon of 
WUlkB.ftftfc f«rl of Seafbrth. He wa* de- 
I ftOM Sir Williun Howard of Linc- 
1 ijL IflOOL who wM vocond ton of WU- 
Umi Howard fq. v.], flnt H«n>n IlnwDrd of 
BSBKhan- Anerutinf aepa^of bonoiittd 
Oaoiye HI, bu wm gawttoa to an MudgacT 
n Um UoUaln*m (niuda, jl April 1766, ud 

wiUi hi« r««im«it in Flanden tiom 
PfbnatT ITWt \n Mnv ITfrV l>^iii« wriundiMl 
M du Aaufld N Mav I'rat. IIv waa|iroiiKit«d 
baula-aant aiidraiiiniti 2'> A]iri1 lTW(aclin(; 
W kdjutant of hu r«itiniitat fniai Ufomabt>r 
ITMto UMmbu 17e7>.np«aiiclia«Miant 
ead UaMlaaut-eoloful 30 Dvc 1707, and bri' 
p d a n —j OTM tbu fixX-ffWda 17 April 1799, 

IfUt tabollioa of ihal tv«r and lb« Dukr uf 
Y«k'(>!lp«ditJaar«no[Undioim(>. Ilena* 
pn>vflt to "T^ HtMB of Um Um-iiaummI cam- 
faimi. II- wai (fuMtod ouiMiB ead liea- 
TMint.OTtu»»l 2S Jul;r 179^ and wm coa- 
■mmA whk lb lbrai(M troopa in lb* Englkh 
awvtai ■• <li|wtjp Uiapeetor-raurat, bepeetor- 
f M f ii.anil c ownn a nrf a n l of tbe Ihrelgw l^«pi^^ 
Ibia UiiiT oIBm kii realirned on beiiw ap- 
■niMlid I il III! 1 and ai'!r-ili>-cami>i''' ibeMtng, 
I Jm I'^iH, !!■ lirriuiu< MiiiiDd major of 
hiB MfiMiai 4AQ|r, I'OW.aad nuior-ip-ni'ml 
as J«lf I4IU. In Janunrjr inll b^joiiiod . 
tb* anaj ta tlir INmiatwU, bnng placad in 
«mand .if ■ brindaDf the flmdiviaion in 
MMMMOD Ci t4ir WiTllam Rnkine ( tVtllimf I 
!■« d to f/ mm fniy ftnpalrirt, xtli. M4). | 
In Iba MlBWiufr July b<- wa< trwMiiMTvd to ] 
tbr Mnnd diriiiiiii. wlut'li )>•■ cmuMsded ] 
■■ eMKir odoir uiidHt Uird Hill lill Kufut 
IMU. In i to »p u ih>i nf that year h* waa 
aalMMd tooaaauod iba M btigideof gtiafda I 


in tfae lint diviuoa, and wan in eniirv eon* 
■Band of that diriaiMi under Sir J, Hope 
from Juno 1813 to ihe «nd of the war. H« 
WM nroutnMii iliv bnttlee of Piientes d'Ooora 
<A Jjaj 181 1 ). An<>yo do Uolinoa {3» Oct, 
IHllt,uidAl]nanu(19Maj lS13).uidwu 
Oit tlie two Utlnr oecaaioDii ipooinllr con* 
mended fen gallantrv in Liird Hill'* dw* 
Mt«bee< lfWfnvf«n 2>n'uar/'A«>, riii. 301-3, 
!tt<A,ix. lft^'^),and i¥MtliBiihedbr theboma 
Hoivmaiaiit (^inxnr, Li/t ■/ Lard BiU, 
pp. 199-200). Ho look oonimiioiiD pari ia 
tbe upcmtioiMan ill* ftonlicr, lnl:i-l-l, and 
rvoeived ibe mtdol and onocWp f'lr \*ituiria 
and Ibe puaage of ibv Nivi>. Dn Uii- con- 
r.lunioB of the war hv wa« BiHminied liuu- 
louuDt-^Tcnior of Portemiiuth, with com- 
nund of th« coutb-wMlera diotriut. The 
dutiua of tliii pa*t prev-^alwl bin joliung the 
tTmy in Bclfpum, but litutt Waterloo be wu 
|ltacl^d ill coninuind of the firrt divition of 
The Briti«b annj dnting the oecnjiatioB of 
PuU, with iho local nnk of lienteoAa^ 
MwiraL OnibudoaibofliitltinaiiiaiiRicbaH. 
fourthMrlorKflia^haimlt DiK.t81t>,noward 
■ueeeedod u elu'renth hnron Howard of 
BiBogluun, and look hii xal in the HoiM 
of Urda 80 Mnr lt«17 itfoaM ^ Larii 
JduttmU, It. p. iVi ). He rvMgnnd hit oaia> 
niand al PorUmouth on bis pronutioB to tba 
rankortii«iit>'iifint-gcnerBl 1^ Au^lSlS. On 
:;i I II I l-H'. I»- hAil Ixfii flmouited oolonel 
or Th 7< i! il r-gimtnt, from which, ou 90 Ju. 
1 -: J. ill- w«« IraniifiTmid I'l the colonelej of 
I 'i r I hitlTitinndtin Ift Tnn IBlthnbeiTiine 
full icunf-ral. He wu cfoatnl K.('.R 5 Jan. 
lUilO, andO.C.B. 17 March )tUN>- Ho wa« 
atto a eoDUDande* of ibe Pi>rlarii«Hi ordi-r of 
thoTowiiraud Sword, ll'ioi-anl look nu priv 
uiMnt piK in politic*, but acted generftlly 
with the whig Mitj, and in 1830 and 1831 
Mconded tbe HdrcM ai (ho opeoinc of the 
•oaaion (HutUBD. Parliamnlary JMatM, 
new aer. L 17.8t<d mt.xti. n). In July 1821 
be aewd u depv^ earl Bai«lul nf Enj^od 
for the conmatioa of Oeoige IV. Il ia aaid 
chat durtOK Ibe oafeiaoaT in WeeiMinater 
Uall hie botee, whieb bad been hirwd Anm 
Aitloy't cirriu, diiplavnd ■ t4>iidMiry to rear 
pulk-d ouL by iU loil <LoltD COLOMMTBR, 
Dtary.iu.'iSS.bulmee yotivand<i^iner,7A 
•er. vii. 183, riii. 1 13, 17A, -.Ot-i. and Sir W. 
Fitwui'a fr«/Av«m(188B),m.41^>. On 
■27 Jan. 1A>^T (hr parldoa of Kflnrliaoi wae 
roviTivl in bw farour lln look bia tew aa 
narl in (bv Huuk- of l,nrdii L'l April IW7 
{Uaute Iff LordM JoimaU, liit. p. 'iMt), 
Ilownnl died at Itri(btoo 13 Feb. \.Mh. and 
wee burird in the familv raall at All Sainla' 
Chwcb, BotbafhaB, Vocfabue, wboe a 




iD0DuiimntWBa«r«(Ttedtolii«mcmot7. Tbere 
la mUo a memorial lablul to him in the 
OnudV Cbftpe], Wallinglan DitTnichi, Lon- 

The Mlowiag nonmiu of him an pn>> 
•ervvd at the r«miljH'nt, TuTOion.-, Rii^DiriY, 
Oxibniahiiv- 1. An oil pnjntinff by OliviT in 
aide^e-camp'* aaitana. 'J. A watvr-colour 
I1J Tiiljr io jgtntfml'a uniform, 3. A irafi-i^ 
colour in bia robe* a« depiit; earl manbal. 
Than is alao ■ }>onntit or him in ib« Mni» 
drew in Sir Oooraio NaylorV ' tTorrmonlnl o( 
tbe Coronnlion ofOixiritn IV,' 1KI9. 

Hi- maiTiriJ,27Nov, IWO, l^jrChorlotte 
IhimTOBe,i.-I[lMl ilaughter of Neil, third tar) 
of RoMbery, hy wlioni bt- had flvi- nona and 
four dnughifrs, nnil was auooeeded hy his 
aldnat ton, Ilnnrr. Mta widow Kmaxried, 
SO April 1>A« Tlioman noloMi, ■ acriptun 
leadur, of Brittbtan, nud dtad 1? Sept. 1864. 

(H*nry Howmr* M«morin]B "f the Howard 
Family. IS»4-a. pp- 95 1: rbilii'pAri't lUiyal 
Militaty Chlondar. 18U, 1. S3u-h WalhiiKtoD 
I>wpatcliM. IS3S, Tii. leT. (1. 003-3: WpIIidie- 
ton Sapplcmmtary DnpaldiM, IBOIUTt. rii. 
111. 631. 97*. rixi. 0. StUS. 238. 419. 424. 613. 
«I4-I».a. tja,7M. xi». :i67.tW. 303.209.164, 
STfl; Naplfr'i IVninMlitr Wat. 1634, Tula. \v. r. 
li.l Mackinnou'i Origin •■)<] SnrrioM of iho 
OoU*traaiaOiutdi<(IH3S),ii.l»T; IiOTleVOffl- 
dalSaiUIUC. IKRQ, i,liet~6; (iei^I.. Mak,1N45. 
■WW aar. Ziirj. (29-.'<0 ; Aniiuul Kcfiitor. IStS. 
pti.!4S-(; F»Ier'iPBcnl«e. IHK3.f.2A3:Tlmi«. 
IT Feb. I84S; Amy Unit.] Q. V. K. B. 

HOWARD, I-KONARP (ie99?-17fl7), 
divine, bom about 16P9,wiuiorig:lnallyaelerk 
iotliopo*! ollirn. In lTii81i(' piibli)'h«d aome 
abaura' Vcrsp* on ihn llpcovorvof tlie Lord 
Townshend, huinlily inwribi-d to. . .Sir 
Robert 'Walpul«,'ann<--ii>d ion poi>mon WiU 
Ham m iOr^ftmaii. ir> June 1728). H« 
took ordon, WM Kf.A. utobublr of aome Scot- 
tijih imivnnity.end D.D. by 1 iW. In ITlL'Ly 
wa>(^urat<i(if thoporuhcaorSi. Jolm.South- 
wark.nndSt. Ilntolph, Aldi)nvn1<>. and chap- 
Uin to thf Wnci- of ^^'nl>>ll. 'Hirno yeuire 
laier lie had become ricnr of i-ithor Iliiho|>a 
or 8011th Tawton, Devonshire, and bclurer 
of Sc Magnus, London Bridire, and of St. 
JamM. Garliclt Hyiha. On 18 July 1746 h» 
wat nroaontnd by the crown Io the Vwtory of 
St. OooTffo the Martyr, Soiithwnrk, wliich he 
bald with thelecttirnihipaof St. Mnim inland 
of St. Margtin-I. Fiih i^trmt. Up miba^ 
qiieutly wua apiKiintcd chaplain to thf I'm)- 
oeaa Dowager or WaW, Uk died on 21 Dec. 
1767, aged 68 ffflBi(. AfojF. 17C7, p. ei I), and 
waa buriad unaemeatb t£e oommuniom-lable I 
in St. ti«org»'aOhiirch (HkirKino and Bkat, ! 
Sumy, tii. B41). Howard wnn n popiilaT 
preaeaer, a pleasant companion, and, though 

hardly a model paelor, • faTourita with hi* 
parishioners (A. ui.B46). His improTldencc 
mquently lad to hii im|iri>onmpnI in the 
I SinK'a tionoh, where bo wac dubbed pwt 
IauT«ar«, and aometinM obtained money aa 
RubscriptJODa to books whi(?h he pretended to 
havii in hand. 

Howard'* bwt knfiwn work ia ' A CoUec- 
lion of letters frnm thn original Manuacripta 
of manr I'rinco, Krmt PnrMnagoa and Staiaa- 
mcn. Tci^tbeT with •nmoeurioua and waroa 
Tmcls and Pi«cca of Antiquity,' 4ta, )»Ddon, 
1703. At the back of the last page ia a Uit 
of content* of a aecond Tolumo, whicb 
wan announced to bo in preparation, but did 
not nnpunr. This incongruoua and ill-ar- 
ran^ea compilnlton wn< formed with ibe ob- 
ject of Buppl^io},' thp plnce of n promJaed 
work of a similar land, the maloriala §oe 
which liad been destroyed by fire. Anotlier 
oditJon, in twovolumoa,' to wluch ate added 
Monoira of the unforl.iinnle Prince Anlhonv 
the F"init of Portiignl, and ihn Onronomy of 
Hijih-Life.' Jlo, London, 1756. in Cniiiy weQ 
arranged. Many of tlie articles uv of ihs 
highest intereat' (cf. notice in JUtrotptetitv 
Sfnnc, ttew ser. i. 1-16). Beaidea wreral 
aermoiu, including two praaolied at aaabea, 
and one deliveriTd before the House of C^im- 
monii on * RestOTatton Day,' S(t May 17&S, 
Howard also puhliabed: 1. 'The Neweet 
Manuu] of Pnviito Devotionn. In tlue« 
pari*,' l2mo. London, I74R (17'»3, 1760). 
2. ' The Rovnl Bible -. or a complete Body of 
Clmnlian I>rvtiiity:i:onlaininglheHoly Scrip- 
ture* nl large, nnd n full . . . explanation of 
allthedilHruti ii'Xia . ..together with criiieal 
nole*Bndoliscrrnlian* on tlin whole,' fol., Loo- 
don. I7«l. 3. ■ The Hook of Common Prayer . . . 
iliiislmted and explained by n full . . . pai*- 
phnMH,' 4to. Loudon, 17(11'. Both 'HiUe' 
and ' Prayer Book ' are disfigured by bad 
plntns. 4. 'MiscctlnnootiaP^eoeaiiipDeeand 
versn . . . lo which are added The Letlera, ft& 
of . . . Henry llntwll, Ksq., diroee*ed ; and 
aereral Tracin. I'otms, Jtc. of nomo eminent 
peraonAgeo of wjl and humour.' 4to, London, 
176n. Prefixed in a mincnible portrait of 
Howard. He al*o ' revised and corrected 'a 
Lnymnn's ' N'nw rompanion fertile FeatiT&U 
and Fusle of th« Cliurch of England,' 8vi>, 
London. 1781, llnwnrd'* literary theflA ex- 
posed him to much obloquv, to whidi be 
refers in i1ieprefaci?sialii* * t^ewest BLatiiul' 
nnd * Collection of Letters." 

[Aniboriiioi •* nlioTp,] O. O. 

HOWARD, LUKH(18^1-169»1,<)uaker, 
bom at Do»er on IB Oct. IGSl. wa» eon of 
a shoemaker. He waa appentioed to his 
fnthi'/* trade, and for a time waa a atriel 
churehmoii. On gving to London to follow 




J trnfe he Loliud John Ooodwin'* cnninv 
KtMS in OolMaui StiMt. At tin.' oiitbrrak 
FilMnvU war belvMiiihlK lionc. inlmiliug 
> ^B tha DulioniFnlarj biidt, bill fuili.-'l lo 
c- <■ '!■ 'i. Ho ihtn took »Krvife with ilio 
, ' LlovetCwtl«.fliid ilvM- njftiMwI lo 

■■![ pHjmi'iiiriiyia«uiiliiiel«r.' Th"c)inp- 
lltoprmt^lrf *g>iniil hito.ind Samm-l Fuhcr 
f 10(1^1 nVV) [q,T.^ niaMmol] with hitn, but was 
UaM>lf cMivi-ricd. After becoming ancMs- 
HiwIt ■ l)r<cjwni*t, pruli^teruin, ftDil inde- 
f iiifant.hi j iiii il ibp bapliBt8.uidjoiim«,vciI 
10 lioadoni'i be 'dijipod' br Willmni Kiilin 
OH ■ l>pc<!nibrr div wbm 'icw itm in the 
WWW.' InMaK>hl6SSbR«^nw«nttoLon- 
An. uu] wu tlion eoavarl«d to qaakarim 
by WtlliaiB Oatoa ind John Stubbx. Thar 
■MOnpanipd hitn bkclt lo Dorrr loMtabliali 
• aHVlinit' Ilnwird ujs in hi* 'Journal' 
(kat Im wm tlic * lint receiver of Fn^udi), 
ftad hi* dm wife ih« Brat b«]iiiied ^XTSon, in 
Krnt .' Under Howwd tlie qualcen incrMwd 
ti lh)TcrMidsttract«H nujrbaptitta.miicb 
oonuoTanl' following betwfimi the •oris 
ITaTIMU «uf. eftltfKngluk lle»rral Hav- 
UtU, i. S77). Howard sol inlo Iruubli- bjr 
tBMnipttng thD pn*chen at (he cbiiTch«a. 
II* oft«n lMt«d Mr aeret) or Mglit days at a 
tlMw- At the Rcatoniion he wu> imi>riMii^ 
in Dover CulkfoTlhrveinoiithit. Os^Jiino 
1W1 hm wu oflGBBiillod i« Wnj>tgit> tintoa, 
OuKerbafT, for St* daj*; in Jotr fellowing 
raa aont to OoTer CaftU for about ■U- 
nnalhii, and on 30 Jan. 18S4 ha wm 
!■, wkih tarcn otlinni. from the meettnjT, 
Md ^ptfeofiMl in the Mine dunuMn fur 
t^r-<«» wadu. Hov-ard di«l on 7 ttet. 
IflW. He wee twice muTieil. and Uft % 
Lake, end two dauKhtfrr. Mary, ihn 
>ef John Knoll, •hn«naker,«nd IjibdpL 
llawwil w»M<>: I. 'A few plain Worda 
iBatnietimi given forth n* bovimI of the 
' . -,' Jtr.. 4lo. (yindon, 1668. :i. 'The 
till ll»w Cnnlrtni^, or tarnn of Thomaa 
atnn'* Ljm mailr manifHil,' an anawt-r 
mo panphirt* b; Thnmaa Ihnaon fq. t,], 
iMidon. 1V>0. :i. ■ A Waminil IVoni 
I»tl itnto tba Ituler* of norer,' Ito, 
1061. 4. -A l^kia^kap lor 
beiilf • aliOTl Narratiro of their 
4 Rie* in Kent,' ai^imt lUchard 
, f*Mor of th* lieptirt* in Dorn-, 41a, 
li renhnlad with li 'IV Scat of the 
vlAfoWBdown: or KiclLird llrtblHhie 
, mtj, and 1t«> in hi* latt< It'pl; <o ■»/ 
;enlM "A Lookia«-<ilAitt, dic^" manf- 
1 end rekiked . . . Wiib • fowQupriee 
r mid IL Ifobti*. To which ia added a 
limber anawer by T. K. ' | i.e. the ' Wtv-T 
pBeflMt,' \y TheoH* Ittidyard). -Iiu, 1UT3, 
Il *A TaeUMM/caticemin'ic (fanui<l Fiiher' 

(lnFiKher'*mllected'WorW167fl). ".'A 
TflAtimoiiT cnnnrningOeoiigo Foot ' ( in 1'~iix'r 
'Qonpnl 'Truih di)iii(ini>tnit«3,'1T0ft). Moi>t 
of hi* tracts are to bu found in ' l.o*a and 
Truth in PlninnceamaniEcated: he'ing a CoU 
lection of t-hp sevunil writiiijpi. raituriil t^nli- 
munieti, and Chrittiaii epistlcH uf . . . Luke 
Ilowanl.' Ac, fvo. I^indon, 1704, i* which 
U preflxod h>B 'Journal,' peiui«d shortly 

ht'foTn bin diMltll. 

[Journal a* above; Smith'* CnL of ^andi' 
Bonk*, pp. »7*-«a . timiih'* BibliotbMa Anti- 
Qnakomna, pp. 111,331.3,] O. O. 

HOWARD, l.UKE (177S-18a«>, one of 
the fminden of ihu Micnra of Dieleorolor^, 
wna bom in I^twlon on iS Nor. 177*2. Ilie 
Alther, Robi'rt tlowani, a inantifactnmr of 
iron and tin ^;nadi, nrciiniiilatid connidcrablo 
Wf«lth. He wu nrpeeislly knoinn u Iha 
chiefintroducoroftho Ar^andlamp, Amein* 
hor of the Society of Fnandn. lit- wrolv ' A 
fow words on Corn and Quaker*,' l^l<X)(4 vdi- 
lioiu), in that voar. FVon> hii>«ighth to bis 
Itftvt'nih year Luhp, whn wan a Fnend, lika 
hiDjianvit*, WM at a prirati^ tchool ot Biir- 
forainn!ifordahiro,whon'(helhou(ihtin Inter 
life) hn learned too much Latin f^nmmar and 
loo little of anything fW At fuurt(e<ii hu 
wnit bound apprentice to Olive Sim*, s retail 
chmnitt, of Stockport, DiinBf;bi*appnTntiG«- 
aliip be laught himtnlf nflnr biuine** hoiiri>, 
French, botany, and •cicalitic cbemiitrr. In 
chemistry ho waa drrplv imnniiicd bj the 
works of ljivoi«ipr and [ii» fellow -labourer*. 

In I7fl3 HowaKi commonced buaineaa aa 
a chcmiil in London, nvar Tompti.' Bar. 
Fmm I'Stt until IH)3 he wa4 in partnvteliiD, 
BO a whol««ale and retail chemi«l, with Wil- 
liam Allen (I770-IA43! [q.r.] n«»wafil (e- 
mored to Itaiatow in I'lavx in onlcr ti> lake 
charge of the manufnctiirinti dniiartineni of 
theeoneani. Aflrr Ihe withdrawal of Allen, 
the chemical worlu wrre rvmorcd lo Blml- 
ford (r. 1)^05). and in lt<l2 Howard chained 
Ilia pritate reeiderncv (o Toitmham, at which 
place or on his lutatc ai Ackworth in Vork- 
shirtf be fp^nl the rcninindcr of hi> life 

Holnny waa for lonio lime nnn of Howard** 
faTnimir pumuit*. On 4 March 1^00 he 
read a paper before tJio Ltnne^n SociHy 
nDtitled '.iccaunt of a Mieroeeopical Invee- 
(jffttion of eeroral Bpecsea of Pollen, with 
Reaurin and Queetioiu on ih* Strucmri* 
and u*e of that part of VcgrtaWe*' (printed 
in Lioniinn SoooIt'* Tratmaflvmr, vol. vi.) 
'The paper •how* cIibt ohMrvatioiu and iLe 
qoMaona at the ond Ki|ip'«> lines of inaidij' 
euh*annenllvpvniued wilh»iot«et brotnen. 
Bill 'miDiibe I1rit,'he wrote toOoetne, *nT 
rtral /mttAant wna toward! meteorolofj. 1 
, bail bed ia mj tauaviy at tchool oaa of 




tbe BcHliflcntioTui wliich I hadu-ttlcid Ibrthc 
oUiudn: liiul pmviMl ihc- Dxpsnuon of w*t«r 
in ttnfting, nnd wob muck int«rated br tlie 
nnurkablt! tumuner liiuu uiid Biirani borMlu 
of 1783" (OoBTHi:, .-fdmmtlirAr IVerlct. ». 
409-12, 111. Vtfib, 183U; the itbovp quolMion 
{( fttiBi till) titiglitly ditTiTivnl draft found 
unong llnicnrd'* iii«)iu«rnpt>'). Tim •mH-ar* 
&nc« hrfc nlludnl to hpp nn-ntionud in Cow- 
pBr'» 'TmU' and in VVhitp'n'Nuiurnlllirtory 

of S^lbiimi.'.' llnwurd furlhirr rm^orLi how 
he ' wilneMpd the poatagu fkitu uOItL to 

south of the iirup«iidoti« m«i«or nf that n«r 
(1783), wbiob inTdM, u I concoin, from 
aonw port of IccUnd to the tiottii of lUXy.' 

Soon aftor IIoward'oMitleiiiiiiit at Ploittow 
Ew Mem* to liBTe fliH metlitidiciUlf atudic-d 
tbe AMfta of the doudii aud ibe laws of 
thfrir rbiuia:«. Uu ••uay ' On thi- Mudiflcn* 
lions of Ctuuili ' hti commuDicsE«d about 
l^tg to ih« A^IcMJan 8oci«<tT, • little phili> 
aonliicol club to which both br hdiI Alti'n 
I)iilaRK<--d. Thii nMT, which mw mprintfid 
in hi« iaigvT work, ' The CUmMi- of London,* 
gtvv bim bis M-'ieoliflc lamL>. It applieBtbo 
m'^lb<Hl ■'( Liiiiiii-ufi to ihe lurinc forma of 
the clouds. Th« Hiil.Lnr dolinM tlieir three 
chief modiflrstionii, which hn uamw Cimie, 
Oumu]u*,BiidStr«tui,anc] four intMmi^dialo 
or comiiaund modificatioiic, the licst knowii 
ofwhituiiailie Nimbuiornun-cloiid. Tbcao 
DBinca baT« boen gvneraUjr odoptod bjr 

In 1808 Howard begun to keep a mutsoro- 
logical re^«t«r, and published the Kiiult of 
bii obserrniionfi in hiii 'Climat* of I>ondoD ' 
(IKMlX)). InlS^BMcondaditionof tbia 
work ll^-Fl^{ht clown the oliMfviitioiu to 1880. 
Ilowiud'n iu.-<lruini-ntM were, from a modem 
point of vii'w, TU'lf nnd in«ulGciunt; but for 
llie eartv ji^arv -A llie ci--nturT hia acl- slwfft 
Uiu onl}' cibMTVaLiuui) that barv been pro* 

In 1821 Ilnwnrd waa elected a fellow of 
tbo Royal Society. ThfM UUr booka on 
motvorologydid not attracl mnck notion. It 
remained for younffor men iMpocially uiidnr 
the powerful influence of Hnmboldt's writ- 
inm) t» perfect ibe mt«m of obstrvaiiotu, 
anaoj ibeaidoftheefeccricteltgrapbtotum 
tilt aeMDOO lo prvticttl account by isauinf; 
wamiagi of iippn>nrbin|r«toniii. 

noward dcvotn) much of hi« leisure lo 
philantliropic or religious work. He wroto 
tnctaagauwt profane swcarinti (ISIl) and 
on temperance, and ihp p'^P'-'" trcnimcot of 
animala, aitd he edited ' Tbe York.ibi reman, 
a rDligiouRKfld titerarj Journal, bv a Friend,' 
fromlSS,1t«18S7(5vol».evo). Anamem- 
ber of tbeconunittve of (be BihUSodety, be 
d deaplj into tha cootroranf ragard- 

ioK the circulatinci of tlie .\pocrTp)<«, sdvo^ 
catinj; its incliuion in copie* of tbo tcrip- 
lime prinled for diatribulian in ItoRiari 
catholic couniriM. and pvbU^ing ICn^lioli 
trandationsof the Apoorvplia from ibo Vul- 
gBto (4 Tol«. lt<37-9). lU wan a loaloua 
workor in tbn anli-nlavwry caiiie, and he 
■tolitvly aided tbe moTtrmniil for dia r«lief 
uf Ike (Iprmun pnuumin in ihn dutrict« 
mvagvd by tbe Napoleonic wara after the 
rvtreat from MoMOw. lie visited Gf'rmanT 
10 faperiniend iJie dlnributiuii of the funw 
raitod by bimsrif and bis friends, and lie r»< 
ccivwl Enoi th« kin^of Pruaita and Saxgnjr 
and the fn-e city of Magdeburg gMuraiu to- 
boowlndinoentA of his lUMrtiona. 
Ill \><ii be wu ^.-nRiigt^ in on intcnstii 
i oomi«pondi?nce with Ouetlie. Tbe Oc 

Ewt bad studied Bome of Howard's ueteonH 
ncal worln, and dorirad to know aametbfai* 
of nil ppnonol hiitory. Ilownrd replied wiib 
an BUIobiograpliicnl ■knirb. Ilontbn in re- 
turn lent a short por-m entitled 'Howard** 
Bhrengvd&chtniai,' and n deMcriptioo in Ton* 
of tbe chief cloud-forms accuatling to his 
oonvspondent's clastiiflcaiiuD. Howard olio 
toainlainod n Hfrfiing frirndsbip and corre- 
fpondimcc with John Dslton 'i\. v.) 

lal7W)lnwnrdmBrri[idMariDbnUa,daugb- , 
terof John Elint of l>mdon,whapubli«lu<~ 
amonc other work*, 'The Yoang .Servant 
own Book,' IBI*? (4th edition, 1857). After 
tbe death of liin wiftf in \>f52, Howard lived 
whb his 'ildeM too, Robert, at Bnu<B< 
Totionbam, Here be dic^d. in the aiaeti 
Mcond year of bi* afo, on 21 March Ifi 
Another son. John Rltot Howard, is 
rately noticed. 

Howard's chief workiare: I.'TbeClimat* 
of Londtin, deduced from Meteoiolasioal Ok 
wrvntioiLs,' &c., 2 voIh. London, T818-S 
8voi Sod tilii., enlarged and contlnoMl 1 
1830,»vot(i., London, K'l.l.KTo. 3.-EsanMjl 
the Modificationa of f.'louds' liondon, Is^l 
t<vo;. 3rd edit.. London, lr^Ui,4to. a.'SanO] 
LcctiuVB on Meioorulosi-,* rontofraet, 18S7, 
8to. 4. 'A Ojrde of Eigbtwn Vears in the 
Seasons of Britain . . . from Melporalopcal 
ObsorvBtionB,' Iy»odoii,lMS, wro. fj. '&kio- 
motro^phia: Twenty \'cnr*' ^'ariatilMl of 
the FtariMDeter in . . . Itritain, axkibited [ 
auloKraphic curves.' advocating tfaa thtot 
of a ninetren yeoia' cycl«, IjMidon, 184?. 
fol. a. 'Papen on Meteorology,' ftc, Lon- 
don, 1851,410. 

[Anthoritie* cited ; fritnle infannMien : 
Smith* Cat of Primi'l*' Rooka.) T. H-h. 

HOWARD. I'UlLir. flm Rtw. oi- 
ABtXUBL uf tile flou-nrd familT (IWT- 
16»G),waaeldMtMnotThotiiai< HoVani III, 
fourth duke ofMa&lk[q.r.], by his wife Lady 



lluy, dukriuar kad buirtM of Ilearr Fiti- 
■iH, twnli earl of AnixU) Tq. t.'] IIr 
WW hen u AmmUl Il>iaiv, London, on 
30 ias* lfi&7, uid hi* tnoibiT dird two 
■nHtfa««ft«rlu< birth. Kiiy [luUp waa oue 
of hu fodfulwn,ud Ut* cliild «** nguded 
« Wrtatwoof ikgTMiMi-fuiiilieiin Kng- 
In jCiUth lie wa* known by lli'' cour- 

titlr oT r^ of Snnvj. Ilu wliicalion 
»■* rmnmiitrd to Ongon JIoniD, fallow nt 
tk. Julin'a Coitc^OsloriC tibo vw iiKliiii-d 
hi ibp old rvliipoa, and iilliinaltty l«ft Eng- 
land fur Dotuj. In I'iCU, at tht^ a^v of 
twain, be «->• (brnialU beiroltivd to h'u 
blhar** ward. Anna l)acn>, on* of ihn thro* 
of Tbomu, lord Itacn- of HIU- 

KshiU of iba MBii' »sr villi himu-lf, 
Bad tbo nairiai^ vu Kiliuauufd in 1671. 
Xaxt Ji»r hu falLvr Hu o^iwillnl Ibr high 
uvaMin, and Uifun- lu> death Mwimi(t«d to 
hi* eldtol MB the «an of h» jroanBrT bn>- 
thm aail ihaJrlietrotWd wiinN><>«a ir>WA>ii, 

ijDB»Wll.lJjL)l,1'-«n-llU0; WHiailT. Qiuvn 
fTfcailif* nmJ An- TiiitM. i. 40^. ^-c I lu bc- 
wvibni-e with hu ralliiir'a wuIim Ik- tcvnt to 
CfeBWid4(«-. where be paui>d hw liinr m iliwi- 
I, whicb, bow*T«-, did n«l prvn-iit the 
ivorniy fron hoaoariac a voiihk man of 
high jioailion wHh iii<* O^grocof M.A. 
tllmul miuinnn lhi> uiiinl ■■xprciMv iu Nct- 
ibvr lAlA (t'oiircH, Afktwr Omtabr. ii. 
Iln hi* tvlum to Londini, Surrey 
into all tha ^eiie* of Ufo at court, 
bia joinut wife unbewUd in llitr 
CMBtry. beeaaw (be qitem did not like ber 
fcWB>»l» to bp named, Hin r«okleas man- 
wrnf Db gant gmai roiwvni lo Itin malARial 
pmatUktbifr, ilir Bar) of Aniiidcl. nod 1i« t«b 
nlM A(lit by hiirilruvBKmnc uiid bylliu en- 
iMtaiBMnl whii'h tf uaTi- lo '111' i|iiri-n M 
RaminriMll in l.'ir^tNlOluUi.i'/wrooH'/ 

JEtaMA. )<. KH). IW«). lie waa, bowurer, 
^■MniiiliMl in lii* altenipiii ti> beoone a 
tttymi hmimti'. ami ira* pmhalily wt«r7 of 
hia B«uAi|;iit« lifv. when iIm> dvnih of the 
PjM-lcrf Ariin<l«l. iti Fnhnury \:*0. hro«rtt 
kafarrt'ifarr with hi* rMp»iiKibililioa. Oe 
purwdiil 1" llir •-nrldoui nC .\rvDilr1 by 
fi^l of hi* lao'liM', ami Lord L«imluy made 
rttt bua hi* lire iniiTTvt in ihociutleand 
nf Amaili<l. lilt rlaiiB, liownrr, 
lb* ^wMlioned, and tW mait'^ wa* Mi«* 
Aa oMHil. irlin iln'tdnl ill hi* fai nur. Hut 
Wwaa not niatu(*«l in Mood till IH Martk 
ICMI (lonb* J<mrmaU, ii- M^ 

ArwiM tA\ thai hi* ptmfwCT* of aaccMB 
at pa iH l wvr* anwil, and iiimrd lo domwlic 
Bk Jlia wifa WM a wnman nf iirongdia- 
w, aad of a n-li^v ' kki, and lir* 

I waa mad* '' \'3n livr kiia< 

It tt aaid thai AniTuiri ««■ tnach 


moTvd hy ilio nryuineiit* uavd b^ Onapioil In 
diiqiuto with tb» Anglican diTinta ■■ S^ 
temhur Ifi81. At all evoola, Iho inerwuing 
•erioiisncK of bis thou|thln led him in tfao 
dinctiouuf Itomaiiiam. which hi«wifuD|intlj 
profcaatd in \:>>^. 8he waa cojwedaeDtlj 
comaitied by KliMbeih'a ordun to ilio care 
of Sir TlinmnA Shirley of Wbton, Suiam, by 
whom >hu wn> ffnaiwd for a y«ar< darifig 
wliicli time lier tint child Mlixabrtli wo* bom. 
.\ntiidel n*u» now niuanled with luipician. 
Puaona tpeakn or nn Bl lempl in 1 .'idl" (o draw 
iho Earlaof Aruuilel and ^i^rlhamherlBud to 
join with tli« Dnha of GuiM for Ibu d«liTe«y 
of ih« QuevD of Scots' (Kxiii, Ijrttrrt ^ 
t.iirdimil AUm, 3B3n.) In coofoiiuanoa of 
iheie suifncionti, the quecm paid Arundol ft 
lifii ai his lioncSan houM in 16(4, and noon 
aflerwairlii aent lum a meauige thai be woa 
to cuiiaider himaelf a prisunec ihim.', .\o 
attMnplwaaniadelo impUcale hiiu inThrO)^ 
' nuirionV plot, and he wna diilject to lasuy 
inl>-rrn|;[nt<-ri<ui. Tlii" hanh Irvamcnt onW 
hud ihiT mult of driving Arundrl to iweb 
ihe canaolationii of ndigion, and ia Sinlcu- 
ber 1684 ho w»* received into tlw ]{onuia 
chiirch hr Father William Wptioii. and 
heni-vConh dedicatnl all his (■iM'TciM to rhe 
iiprriceof his new religious beliefT At firat 
lu> tried to diswinhia, and aocomiianied (be 
ijumi tocfaurcb, but iuvcniod moum* forab- 
H.-iilin}(hiinM;lf frotn thoaervioa. Butlietoon 
li>and the rtmin upoti hi* conMiencw to bo loo 

nt, and in A]>ril IStCi atlempted to llg« 
I Enjtbuid. IIi> ombarked on a *hip at 
Lilllehaniploii in StiMex.leariii^ behind him 
a letter to the qiwrn eiplaiuing the motives 
of hiadeparture. Hi* moremenia, hovercr, 
wrre camully wairlwd, and no sooner was 
hit Khtp in the I'liuinvl than ii was boardad 
■nd hi' waa bniu)[hl ta«h. lie was tm^ 
Diitle<l lo the Towtf on 3ft April 166&,aiidwas 
arraign*^ bcfiire the Siar«hambrr on ibo 
rhatgea of being a Itomanitt , ttmng from En(- 
land without tlip qumn'a leave, intrigning 
with Allen and Paraoni.and claiiuiitgilw tilM 
of lhik« of Xiirfolk. On thtw giound« ho 
wiucTindi<inni<il, inMnyli^^Io psvn fiaeof 
10,U(XI/, mid bi' inipriii>n*dduriiiji^theiiu«cn's 
plroDurr. Mo rvBainrd in the Tower tor the 
nut "f 111* lifp, whilr hi« wife lived in Com- 
MratiiepOTVTty. IIm only »<>o Tlioiuiuwai 
biirn, but hewa* not alluweil l» (#e hi* wtf* 
[ir child. Arundel and hit wife wervrecluiDrd 
im \>\ the f>ir»it[ii pl'itlvf* anhelpm) i'ur^A- 
fry />f>*n, ii. WU, in:i|. and Arundel, bad 
bir left I'JiiilaiMl. would have been a dan- 
giiroiu i>vMre for ibe i^ueai'ii nwraii*. Hut 
ibe meruit ionsi •vK'Tily with which he was 
lrr«ted nu nnl)' b* nwxinleil for by ftroag 
pofwnnl dialiko on tli« qiuvn'a part, cweAiUjr 




fbntrni] b; pnwL-rful vnmiiM. KUnb«tb'« 
pndp woa Imrt by A(iiin!i>r« coiwtaiicj, uid 
abc bad nu ivmpulbj irjib iMMiiuiunitioua oon- 
viction*. ^e M( peraoiully kgpiav«(] that 
ana or het nobles tbould vunttirt- openly to 
Uko up ojiinioDil of whifh *hi< ilimpproved. 
In tlbi: Tower Aruiidi'l wu tubjoclod to 
much pcrtMuliau, until u Iwt r dnfiaiio 
I ebugo wM produced nffainnt him. In ittSU 
aoiiieotlii»rRoiiiaiii«taoonlinL>d in tlitTovi^r, 
Uion^ whom vas a pri«ai, Willjuui Ik-nuitt, 
contnred to tao«t togotlicr «ucrvi1v tot ritaaa. 
Wbon th» Spanish Anaada wni> ■•)(p<-c(««^, 
Anuidcl lUimMtml that tfaay ahouM »pend 
tweoiT-four lioum continuously in [irajer, 
and tliiii was done. Arundel wan accu»ri] ot 
pnyinKfor the xucrau of ibt dgjunianls.iuid 
Bennet was inducvd by ibreMl^ of lorlun! to 
uOonbat that Arundel moved him to any a 
'inaaa fof that tmr^ow. nnnnet, in a loiter 
to Arundrl, an(<rwardi> unid ilial hn *coo- 
ftiui-d nvucythiim thut M-i'Dii'd lo contant 
tluii humour,' and ukud {xirdoii for bis 
c-iwardiof. Aniodcl waa brouKhl U> trial 
fot bigb treason OM U April 16»H, and irri- 
tai«d tbi- autlioritiw br his maffniticMii attiru 
and Infty kviring. tic donieo thtt nam for 
tbo nurrfNu of Spain, and Hplwnpd the 
prayer a* bviii^t for pvraanal iiafaQr, aa tbo 
rumour waa that the London mob pngoornl 
ths mimltir of all Itomanitita. He was found 
[guilty, and iru condemned to death. 'I'bo 
''WnleiKv, bo«fi-»*CT, wna not carH^^d out. iiut 
ha was allowad lo linger in the Tower, not 
knowing that lie might not bu ■.■xn-utnl at 
any mimnnl. Iln ipcnt liln lime in pii'n- 
exerHiHu. and pmctisi'd ri^niiin n»c<<cid'iii 
, Ilo wn* taken ill after diniuT in Au^ilsi 
I 1GH5, Bud it ia not surprising tbat hi* illn'-Ju 
was attributed to poiHtm. ihuusli then: i» no 
ground for tbe tuppoflition. lie U-goed to 
MalloWtfd t(i*eehi8 wifi- arid chddri-n before 
ba died, and mocivod nn nii>wer ilmt if hi^ 
would once go to church h>' #lmuld b*' lili^ 
nt«dandhiat»tati!«Tn>tonHl. Itul hn ntfuRxd 
the ooDidition, and died, without tlf cniwo- 
Utiou of teeiiig Ilia family, on ID Oct. Iniiiti. 
n« was buried in the chajvl uf ihu Tower, 
whence his bone» wfrv conveynl to Arundel 
in inn. Hi* only ann. Thomita Howard, 
•acond narl of Arundi'l (15Mt-l&li!|, ii sepa- 
rately noticed. Ilis daiighli>r KhiaU'lh died 
unmarried in llXtO. 

Arundel li deaoribed aa ' a very tall man. 
somewhat Rwarth-colouriM].* Hr' nun iriftcd 
witbaxtraordinai^' power of UK'uiory.ond was 

Suick-wittod. ^Vllen liis laisrortUTies li^aii 
e dern loped all ifait t)ualiliei> of a religious 
devotM). In the Tower bn imnnUtml ' An 
Bpislle of JmiUii Cbriflt to the l-'iutbfiil Soiiln/ 
hy Johann Justus ^Antwoqii IS&&\ repub- 

liahad.l/mdoB, 1871), and alw left is manu- 
acRpt three treatiaoi ' On Ibu l-jccelleiioe and 
Otitity of Virtue.' Therv are povtruts of 
liim bv Zuccbpro at Caatle OowaM, Nawonli, 
and <.iri?yiitucb. An engraving ia in Lodge'a 

(llin lift, Aod abo thai of hi* wift^ wrlttas to 
t>bu«ih*lr tvtijaouafottitDdsbjaeonltMpofaiT, 
iinibnbly Lndy Arundel's eonfesKir, were edited 
U the Dvkt of Norfolk, The Liree of Phili|> 
Flovftrd. Earl of Aruudol, onrl af Ana* Daena 
hi* Wife. lUT; Itu^lnln* Baronni^. ii. n»; 
Collinii Perrniie, i- IU8-12^ Dajle'i Official 
Baroaaae, i. 81 1 C^ndea'i Animl* of BUnbKh; 
ITaweU^ Sute TriaU. i. 1340, )m. ; (VMfar'a 
Athnn» ChntabrigirDMe, ii. I8T-BI : Morri/e 
Troiiblsa of oar Qilbolie Farnfilben. ii. 8S, taL; 
Howard's HomoriaU of (he llowudi ; Tiome/a 
Hint of Arandel, p. SA7. Ste. : Uilluir'a IMpt. of 
ihv KcKlivli CiiLlii>lic*. i- 66-7; CoraotiiiB 4 
Lapide'n Pnfnec to CommsulAry on Su Paol^ 
RpiMica.1 M. C. 

IdM), tbeianlinal of Norfolk, born 21 Scot, 
lii^ at Arundel House in the putab of St. 
CleniMit Dame, London, was third son of 
Henry Frederick H oward. third oarl of Arun- 
di'l [n.v.],by Klilnbl'(hStuart,eldc•tdBU^b- 
tDr ofUanie, lordd'AuhiRny. nfUTward* Duke 
of Hichmand and Lennox. He bad Kverml 
pntBie tutor*, some of whom wcrv protoa- 
tanis, but he WM brouflit up in the Rotnui 
catholic rrlit;ic>n. On 4 July ICMO bir, lo|{i!- 
tlitT with Lis brutlien) Thomas and Henry, 
».i- :><Uii:'T->da(eUow-commonerofSt.John's 
<'<<il' ,^< . I iinibridge, but their rtwdence in 
rill LiiiviToily was brief. They waru aoBl 
r.. Im' ediicBiod at I'tfocbt, where, ia 1641, 
ilinir KiTin J fnthor, Thomas Uovmrd, eail ol 
Arumli^l atid Surrey [u. v.}. visited ihem. 
They al^erwarde n'liluvcil to Antwerp, where 
PhiUp rvsolvvil to devote Ilis life to the ser- 
vice of reli|^inn. To thii hit grsnilfatlier, 
wb(i bad mnfortned lo tbu lln;;liab chorcb, 
•tconjily objrvlcd, and he wai mtuI with hia 
hrDthcm on a lonff tour ibrou^^ Oirrman^, 
I'Vonor, and Italy icf. Etelis, Ituiry, iL 
2D:!|. At Milan Philip bMame acqiwinied 
with John llapiibi Hncket Tq. v.], an Itiah 
IhMiilnican friar, and emnfc with ilacbet to 
thx bou^e i>f ihn Dominican* at (hremona re> 
criiv<<il the linbit :!8 June 1616, wiumiiiff in 
niIi)cion the nuioe of Thomas. The l^arl gC 
.^rundal believed that bis Krandauu bad beeft 
unduly inllui^nced -. and bef^ged Sir Kenelm 
Digby. who bad juel arriveil in Rome, lo 
A]iptMil to Pope Innocent X. Bj the pope's 
order I'liiliii was moovMl oo 26 July (a tlia 
palace of Comiv Honti, cardinal aieUiiahop 
of Milan, wbo allowvd him to be tnuuTeerM 
lolhecriiivr'ni uf.S, Miinn dutle Qmxiir id thai 

city. The Howard family jiut«ei'ui«d in their 




^faM to tone Un u hvK the oHer, sad 
tim *t fnpagafM JUt. Plulip wm anm- 
■ iBil M Rmm in SvfitaBibor 1040, Hid 
jliMiil Snt in th* Domiiticui conf ont of St. 
ivSW, Wkd aftcnrknl* M La Cbjeca Nuova, 
n4«r Uw care of tbo OratorMn ftUien, who, 
tl th> and of Btc monrhs, di^cluvl thiit bt.' 
bkd • tnw Tucalion fac.liie r«l)f^ou« tlHt*^ 
Tb» po|H; tiMLtli«uiueTiavaft«r»xamtRing 
Philip at • pHvitti' audianeu. Actxirdingly, 
HI IV (>in. 104(1, Philip ngned hi* fowan 
MfcMJnD a* a Ihimmicaii in the eonTent of 
B fTliwiiiiTii. Kooie < 1*4 LXBK, Obihmn/lfotit^ 

Vnttt Rioaia he wb« aent to the Douinioau 
motvni if La SaniU at Naptw, wbera he 
■tttdiad diligMtllj for four y«m~ He >t- 
iMiiiiil the gMural chaptar held at Komc in 
J«M IflSOh and waa aelaclAd ftotn amon)( 
ih* (ludnita la il«liTer a Latin oration, in 
whieb bn cunlcadMl that ti»! ])oiiiinK'aii 
wdtf migbt be lendend moie ufficienc in 
MMotinr Rngtanl lo calhoUc nnitv. lie 
taiahad ni* ttuditaat tbocniiTftnt of lt«nniw 
in BnttauT.aBd ia lAUwan ordainnd priant 
hy lapal dinwiiMlion, an be wu only m bii 
iweBty-4birJ T<*r. In I'Jol bu went to 
Vmt, and in lOfio to l)«l^iun, whmcu hu 
csOB M Enslaad, He auyed here mauj 
iMiha, ltd from hi« own reeouroea and the 
oOKrilNRioaa of frieoda raited about 1,000/. 
UwBfdt banding an euluatnlj-E^lial) oon- 
ymt or ooUage on the oon^nt. Do bit 
nturn W piirehaaed iha dinrdi and houao 
ofllolv Cmaa at Bofnhan, in Eatt FUnden. 
(I* waa aiipoutted the Snt prior of the new , 
cABBiunity on IS Dec ISA*. 

II im ard waa luglil T eateened by Oharlea II , 
who. afti-r Olirar CromweQ'a danth, dta- 
IMirbnl hian ahont Ma^ 16S9 on a aaoret 
■iaMon lo EaaUnd in aid of Ibo royal raaae. 
Onbiaarrivai llnwardditciivi-rnllhiLt l-'atlirr 
Rkkaid Baokwood,BOarthiuiaiimuTik, who 
«na nrifinellf JommhI witb hira iu the com- 
viflMM, bad tr«ealieroualy given to the Pro- 
taA» Rirhard (Yocnwoll infonoMlon which 
M lo the HipBMMB of Sir <hiqt* Booth'* 
THOift la rhinnin An ordvr wu iuui-d fir 
He^ari'a aii lat , bwt Imaoutiit rvfuttn in llir 
Winwhiild ot lliu aniIiu*aJor frum Poland, 
«rbo waa laavin^ ibv rotincry, and who , 
■IWiUliil him awaj to the eonliiUKit with 
Weenitr^ m the ditaraiwof aPolbbMnanl. 
in tb> Foait-nl thnrr a enlli>gn fer th« ada* 
oatiov nf T<nii>ii KnfftiiihnMai. Soon niter 
tlw Raetamtion Iw folUiwcd Clinria* II to 
l^rndtm, and (or twairly tvro j«er« ho waa 
mtkftif MM«d in promoting th>- mamnu* 
ivHJiflpunBndPiettagaL Uu21 ii»j 

1862 Obarlw waa privnte1ymarri«dtoCathe- 
I rine of [inwaon [<j. v.j, in the pr«tenoe of 
I Uowanl ana flveolhiT witnetaM, aooordiiw 
, to the onlholic rill). Howard waanominatM 
6r*l chaplain to tliu ijhokh, and took un his 
rtaidence at tbi.' Ko^lisli court, thoneb hn 
p&id peiiodioal vimla to bu convunl at Itnm- 
Iieoi. On 1 Aug, lOBj hv and fai^ bratbnra 
dined with ETa1rn(£hdr|r,ii. 1 4K). In 1 SOS 
Howard nicceo^d hi* unole, l'':irtl Lu<Joviuk 
d'Aubigny, in thn allien of emnd'alinoiiur to 
ihi! iiuiwn. He now hod cnnrgi' of bor ma- 
JB»ljr i oratorr at WbiloboU, with a ymrly 
aalary uf •iOU/., n Lkc aum for his Inblt-. and 
)(KI/.forlb«) nMiiiirvmt-nlaof thvomlory.iLnd 
waa provided wiib a Mntv apitrlcnirul. He 
wan populiir M ih-- Kn^ilisb court, aiitt on ac- 
oount of hi.1 libnrnl rhnrit><.u wan known a* 
' tbn common father of the poor." Hr alone 
was allowed to ajiwar in public babilcd a* 
au eodeetaatlc, and by diapenmuon be wore 
the dreaa of a Freooh abw. PL'pys Tisited 
him nt St. Janw'* Palaw SS Jan. 1060-7 
with I.ard Brouncker ; found bim to be ' a 
fTood-fiatiirad gontlnman ; ' diMUSwd church 
miuio witb hiiii,andwai abown by himovor 
' the new monajitety,' both * talking merrily 
about the dilTerencv in our religion (Pmn, 

IV'Tinualy to bit aetllement in England 
he obtAined from the mast^r-ffenenil (3 .iprtl 
the aaoond onW of tha ruin of St. Iloniinic 
by erecliufi in Hi'l^um a cmivi^nt for nilij^u* 
woDiDn. Acconliiif;ty. his couain, .Vntonia 
Howard, waa clolhrd by him in the habit of 
tlie order in ihe nimuHry at Tanipaahe, near 
Bomhom, and ha alionly afterwnrda pu^ 
chaMid for hvr the convent of Vilrorde is 
South Brabant. Thin Mtabliihrnciit bo re- 
movcd to BnuwU in 1680, In 1^60 be 
wia nppointi-d prior of Borahem for anothoF 
im^niiial iKTiod, ami in ttiu uunl^Taur bo wee 
made viou-^neml of tbi- KQ);liAb prorinee. 
AlW hit aecond prionhip t'^ruiinatcd be 
continued hi* jnrwdiction over the convani, 
as bin famtbrvn would not oleel any one 
eUi' in bli place. Hn waa cinatcd a maater 
oftb«ilo(^-. Murcb 1061-3. HeaJHiiatcdat 
thr cooirmifi beld at Breda in Jiuii: 1007. 

In lOiW the holy auedetvriuinHltoap^Int 
Howard vicar4po«talie uf Eiishtndj with a 
»*• in fiarti^iu. Dr. Richanl Smith, tbe 
•econd TicaiHipoatolic of all Rnriand, bed 
died in 10S6. but do mic c Maor hu baea ap* 
poinitd aiucc. The Envliili fihnpter now 
•MiroTed the aelMTtion M Uoward. but f»> 
aolved, on ground* of poliiioal exnolicaoy. 
' that iindar no prttence or palliation whai- 
CTcr the worda mcmritit apaitMnu br •>!- 
BiiUMl;*lbat thebiahopabould hare onliiiary 





jurudiotiuii, mtxA tlut the right of tfaa old 
E^liah chapl^n to chonw wit l»*bc|» uid 
dMM«r-«oB ihould bo n^oetod tw tlio court 
of SoiiM(SwauxT,^ecDMU^M« Oknter, 
•d. 'runbaU, p. M). In can*Dqii«nco of the 
report of tbo Abbate Claudiiu Ajrivtti, who 
bubeeu wot loEDglaadtoexiiinini'tlitiaiiM- 

to give tiie EDctish rioariat* to Howard, but 
it ma» not unlil 36 April 1IT73 t]iiil nnothnr 
riar rn, i i tntr i inii'partiruliirrc>iiaiv|C"tinn.' 
noairaa tbaMUClioaor iha poiw. I'Iih briuft 
mM tben iafued, and tent to tlii' intemuiioio 
U BruaMls, wbo waa inttnictod lo ili'liver 
ibam at Ilia diaoretioD. Tliac for Howard's 
ma IN partHi* wa« dated 10 Mny, nnd in it 
ho wa« atylad biahop-aloci of ilr<liTnnpoliii. 
In April 1673 tbo cbaptw of KoRlaml bad 
■gain r«Kilv«J 'tbnt ibe Damu of vicar-apo> 
•tolio be noi admittnl.' The aocond bnef 
granting' Howard \\ie vicatiale ooBaeqiuailf 
oaDlained a cUuei^ iLnt cLe biahop-alaoi «M 
to promiaa that li« would not rMOgniM ih* 
' chkptor of Kii|;1flii<l ' bf word or Mad. In 
an audicoca bald im tha 34th of tha foUowinjt 
Auguat the pope waa iafennad that the king, 
in ue catholic tnlorcat, deaanded th« atu- 
MBBlait 1^ Howard'a Imdib. Consequentlj 
th^ war« not published, and the biahop-«lect 
was nol Gon«ecnii*>d (tliUDT, S^nmsopal Suiy 
oaaaHui, iii. 120). 

HiafnaelyiiaiiigMaland Ihc part hn look 
in pieiBOtiD^ lh(> dn:laratt(in of iudnlKvnee 
rfrndi^n-d llriwiud narticolitrl}- odioQa to the 

Stutrtiuut party. m'<.-uiutillTh(!wa«chiLr|i«l 
J the dusD aud cliapter of Windsor with 
aulhoriaing the inaertioa in some bookx of 
duTOlion of th# pociiiHcal bulls of uidal- 
tanM gntnt^ l« ttii> rnritation of the ntuy. 
Under the panal laws I bo nffonce amountod to 
high trsasoB. Howurd pleaded in Toin that 
ha had onlr followed the example of (hi' Ca- 
wuhia obaplaiiu of Qim^n Iltnnelta Maria. 
Papalar feoling lan high npamM liun, aud he 
aoughl an a«ylum at Itomlivm, wh«r« he 
arrired in Sepl«>mb«T 1^74. and rcsumi'd bis 
dutio* na prior. On 27 May 1075 ho was 
cnalnd II rnrdinnl-priiift bv Clemen) X, 
mainlTowitijilothfitillufnMofyii old friend 
Jiitin UuptUt llnckt't. now tbv po)K<'ii con- 
fe*anr. boon aftprwunli- Howard \vti for 
Bone. Arnonc rhe didtin^iebed compaoy 
who atteuded liiia were but unrte ^^'illiaII1 
Howard. Tiscoiini Stafford [o. v.], Lord Tho- 
naaHownrd. hii;n»pbow,atiaJobnLcTbani, 
pMiidi<nt of ibn Enaluli College of OOUAJ', 
ax* MCtvlaryatnlBUiTitDr Fordefirajingtbe 
expenae* of thia joumer be had ' tli<» aasiat- 
■ace of the pope, and not of KiixgC-barlei. II 
and Qii'WD Cnllkeriii'.'. nn the common n-itort 
tbaawenl'^WiHin, AlAnut Qjtai.ud. Illiaai 

TiBBXST, //wf.^.4nnMf(f,p.&39). He I 
waa placed on hia liaad tn th* fope> and bt 
took ih* titl* of S. Cacifia tmn* Tybunaa, 
which aftor the doath of tha cardinal dc Htin, 
in ItiiOj he changed for that of S. Maria 
aupcr MiDOTTam, Clement X dFclared him, 
as March IBTB-tJ, aaHstanl of the four oo»- 
gregationa, of hJabopa and regtdara, of the 
council of Tnrnt, of the ofopagandaa and of 
wcred riiM. Inoocvot XI atiannrda placed 
bin) on tha congrwation of lelic*. Ho ww 
comnnonljr called the cardinal of Norfolk, or 
the oariinal of &igtand (DoDls OarcA // Mf . 

Howard was charged with conpliciir in 
the ' Pojiiob plot.* Oal«a»wo««thal ID BCO«- 
gTi'pition of ibo propaganda h^d about De> 
coicWr 1<177. Innootmt XI had doctaiod all 
the dominions of ihe king of England to be 
oart of St. I'l-ier'a ntrimonr, and to be foi^ 
laited thrDU)(b tb<^ bprm- of the prince a»d 
pMpla. and that Huward waa lo take poa- 
aaation of Eiicland in (he nasii- »f hi>' b<iJi- 
uait, Uatea Uto awon be bad riwd a |uipal 
hull, by whi<& tbo arebhinbopric of CauiflT^ 
bury waa giren to Howard, with an aug> 
mentation of forty thousand crowiu a year lo 
naiBtAin hia legatime digHitr. The i-unlinal 
waa GaBaetjueDuy impeadieu for high in«- 
•OD, hut he waa at Rome and beyond the 
iwii of danger- 

At (lie re(jue*t of Charie« II, Pope Inno- 
cont XI nominatiKl him cafdinal prolectoroT 
Kngland and Sootlaud. in mcciiuiian to Car- 
dinal Franceaoo Barberini. wbo dii>d in 1S7A 
In thii capacity hu waa the chief coanatUor 
of the holy >e« in matlirn rvlfltiag to Qraat 
Hritain. Headdruaaed an admirable epiaile 
on 7 April 1884 to the clergy of the laro 
countriaa,particulariy nrommnnding to then 
ibo ' Inatitiitum i^luricorum lu communi ti- 
vHoliiun' which bad been retabliabed in 
GvrmBDT. It Houriabed in England for a 
ft'w years, but waa diatolved in oonaequencia 
of miminderatandiaga belwi<eii ilie nifDiber* 
and the mt of the MCiiIar cloigy. and ila 
funda ware dovotod to ihn mublialiment of 
the *eamman purai-,' or acoular clcovy ihnd, 
which (till riiil*. Under Howanr* direc- 
tion the line new building* of ib« Kngliah 
Collt^ at Rome and his own adjoinisf 
palace were compl*te<l in 1086 from tha 
oMipia of Legend and Carlo Fontana. lie 
uaud liip palue 0*il^ on itate occasioue, for 
though bv bad a jpencion of tarn tbouaand 
acudi (about 2^Wi.t from tha pop«, and 
apaiuaeaita in the Vatican, he ohoaa to Ired 
the MBaple life of a friar in the conreni of 
S. Sabina. He Mconded the eflbrtaof the 
KD^Iiah chrgy to aecure epiacopal gav«nk- 
roont.and ai langih in 1Q8& a vicar«poatoliO 




wm mftimtti, »nd m 1067 Eaglud wu 

.AMAm Vj Ibbocmi XT into Tour •'cclaai- 

i ^Mficl*, ovvr wbtcli ficim-api^xtolic 

•fpoinW to prMMir [Nrp (iirvAitv, 

[BwilllBli IPJ Ildwmrd wu tDDiin ■rch' 

rwiM of 8. Uarik HBgaion) in Kt&O, nnd r«> 

[ HiafJ tku tUipiity uDttI hi* dr«rli. Amuug 

U* ttimit «•««« Ike ikrw toiui of JoUn 

3)rji*m, lh« jouagva at wliou, Tkoma*, 

3«iM! tint l>raiiiiic»ii order hj hi* tdiieit. 

[|« TMmd iritli Hitniay tli«i r««Icl(ii« policy 

y w i il bv Itmt* II. anil Ki* alam wu 

•httvd bjr IntiMiMit XI. Kritty lottor whicb 

Uowanl Beat from Uie VaticAn la Whilvlmll 

' ntammtmiei nuwMw, moilnntion, and w 

t«>«t fnr iIm Bmitdkw eS i litr En^luh P*«pt*' 

(Mtetvi^T.ll—t.i/&iglini< Bunict 

iiuivj lUmf in Au^uoi \6i>Vt, boCim J«aiM 

* ' iBl«fF(loiiiruTiol»ntjH>lic7,«4idh«ww 

ud bjr tl» urdiiul 'witlismt fr«cdoDi.' 

H> ikrduMl inld KitD I Oira Trmr, eA. 17^, 

L M) ' lli«t all till- ndtiCM wnT ovvr from 

to Eagland wCTu for tluw, calm, knd 

Mt. lit! wd Iw wished ha ma 

M libvty to ikow m* tlia capita of tlieai. 

Bal hi- daw violent coiimt nora num •&• 

wyutl*. B»d would ftfnWhlT Im followed. 

AMlb*Mldiil iliaillwMwcrc the production 

I at Eb^smI. far difTcrFBt from th» cuuiueU of 

> fieaa? Bat in DerviBbM' ll»7 LutlMll 

■liooa k ramotir ihai Ilowuid wm to be 

' Mffamled lh« king'* almoner. When the 

Iwtk of JuBW pTaiwi* Bdward, prince of 

fVltim (10 Jiuii- l<tF)»), wan aniiouncsd at 

. Howaid oaTv a fca*!, in whicb an ox 

«*• fnaa<aJ wbolp. Wvag itutM with hunba, 

) i>wla,a0d pn>Tii(iun> of al) kinds. ThH inci* 

t^nc ia eommemomed ia a acarw prim bjr 

Mitiilcd ' n Bue Arraetito.' 

' tka raTolution nowanl'a diraet in- 

wilk Kncland waa cut off. In 

I IflBSbab (aid to hare oblainL>d ■ [lapal 

' l« aend to lSsia\aiwi ubnrlinv I he cu- 

iJwn lo rrmain firm to Jojiim II 

(L.«TTiin.i., III. 108). IIrdi«d nt Romeon 

17 Jaav l<M, audits. luiiagliiMtjuftlon^ 

. BBa«mk to ana lu*pTOTU)c*> natoved loKtinply, 

■ad aa biUj ai iha cifoinMUnoM of thn ag* 

[ywaillad. Il<> wa* intutitd ia hi* titular 

rakiffcli, M. Mario i^m. Minerva, undur a 

t|laiBalabof wbita narble, whidi fatan tlie 

^Bsvantamaaad aa epitafik (tee theinacaip- 

I in Kum anrf Qaivwa, Oih an. t. M). 

Hm Mttnit bv ftulxiaa w«a fonaeriy al 

SMrar'* Mt •■ WiaaUadoB (WaL- 

, Amtai. ^ FHimtiy, td. 17ltT. ii. ftIV 

TWa i* a portrait of him in tbo moiuurtcry . 

af llu- Miivria at Hkibi-: another in thu i 

eafr itallerjr at Oxfi'id ; a full-lm^h, 1^ 
\o Maratti, at CoaiIi' Howard ; a half- i 
llM|tb, ID a aqiiam ncorlpt cap, at \Vork«>^i '. 

Manor ; a aimilar potlmil at Grej^tokeCaMle ; 
and a miniaiiirf, jtaintixl in nil on coppvr ^n 
an unknown artist, in ilio Nntioiinl PortTW 
CialloiT. Portraiie nf tiim bim been en- 
graved b}-N.Xubllu; brJ. Van d«rBriug(iiti 
from a piuuUii([ by lliiobatel (onf of tbo 
fineet engraviiiM); by Nicolo Bvlc: by A. 
Clouet, in 'Vutf Puitif. 6t CardinBliiun,' 
3Tola.foI.Rome.i;r>l: byZuochi; bv Pmlly; 
BBd in tha ' Ijiit^> Dirwrory," lfH)fl, fix-m a 
laivi! portrait paintrd at Itom* by II. Tilson 
in 1687. A medal, with hia portrait □□ llie 
obvi-fw, ti ennnved in Mudie'a ' Enfliah 

[Tb* prinoifnl autlinrity In llio Tnliuililv Life 
of Pfailip TkODMH Ituwarl. O.P.. Ciirdinul of 
IlorfiiUi, by Fnlhrr Chwlia Perrtn fiayuiand 
Palmer. O.P.. loDHon, IHOT, 6ro, boaad mAinlr 
onorlglnAlrTranUltilhaarebiTMaf (hs Ktijiliiih 
Dumbicu) friara : C'>nsultBl>o Brady 'tKpiicopal 
Sdoommod. iii. A31 : Gillow'* Pivt.of Koaliih 
CatboliM; Dodd'a Church lliA. iii. 44A; Stnt- 
hart'e Cntbolic Uiation in deotlanil, p, in? ; 
Vood'a Aih«n» Oson. IBIim), i. 623 -. Godwii^ 
De Pnwnlibtu (RiebefdMa), ii. TSM ; Collin*'* 
pBMBge. ITTS.i- 136; Oral. Mn(. rot. xcili. |>t.i. 
p. -113 ; Orati|{«r'i lliift- Hint, uf KiiKlmid. Atb 
»di1 r. 83 i .'^charf lOn- at Nal Portrtiit <i!ill«y. 
1*188, p 332 . Sir T. Bro-no. Vfoik* (Wilkin), 
i.iT ; lliuvnbdhV RnKliuli Cuilnjt** on rh«Cn<i- 
tinml, pp. 41.0t ; pDpyK'* IIiiiry.3S.Inn ISSfl- 
IMTl Evelyn's Diary (Brny), i. SS.t, ii. td ; 
Bvttyn'* Kjlvn. 17TQ, p. UH4 -, Ilovnnl* Indioi- 
lion of Memorial* of Ibe Hinntfl Kumilr.pp. S"- 
3S ; Arrhirologii-B] Jauraal. iii. Hi ; Kota* and 
QocriM. 'tni nr. viii. SA. Ti ; Cnl. of Dawaen 
Turner'* ]I1S8. p. VT ; l>iitilin ft^rifw, new tor. 
it. 376; Seen^iHn'a Life of Robert Nttaon. ppu 
S3. 38 1 Pennant'* Juamey from UoTer to tha 
lalaofWighi. p. 60; 8lricUaoil'* Quoin* oT 
Bngland. ISfil. e. tH.dlit: Tiem**'* Hist. of 
Anindfl, pp. ISO. eil, 633, 630; Bireh UBS. 
CiTi. f. 168; Addil. MSS. A84H v. W. 69M 
p. IHfl.Uilf. )6. l6B0afr. l8-3e,»848r.349. 
33730 r. 3.1. 39. 42. ZSSSA IT MS. 188. 3S3S8 
f. 11.) T. C. 

HOWARD, HALPFI, M.l). (IB3S-I710), 
pnir>-iv-itr ot plit-ic ni Dublin, bom in 1U38, 
wa* only ton of John Howard (</. 1A4A) ot 
Sholton, CO. Wicklow, Ireland, bv hi* wi£» 
DoroiJiea naaela((/.ieK4), Hu waaodncated 
m the unitunilv of Dublin, and ptooeeded 
>I.I). in 1(107. Ue »ucc««ded Dr. John Mat^ 
^t»on ill 1070 aa re^ua nrofeiaor of phyaie 
in that univHnilj, and hNd the chtv nnlU 
bi* dnatb. He Uft Inland in In88,aadwaa 
attoiatiid by Jomo* IT* parliamont in 166B. 
while hit ■•date in co. \\ icklow waa handed 
over to one Itafkel, who enlnrtained JamM 
at Shellon aA«r the batllv of tbv Boyne. 
Howard aabt«iueaily n>ttimed to Dublin and 
recorerad bi« pniptrtv. lla died on 8 Aug. 
1710. lUmamedoBlflJaljrldeBCktlumu, 




•Idea daugiiwr <if Rogm- Sa(b«bjr, M.P. far 
Wicklow dtv, and by bcr bail tliive wiis 
Uughfq. r. .'Uobcrt (am below), and Wil- 
limin {it.P. ht Dublin citT from 17l>T ULI hi* 
dufttli ID ibo iMxt y«u), •ad tlmM dauKbturii. 

IIOWAKD, BOUKT (ll^^-l'-IU), bubop ot 

Elphin, ma Balpb tlomrd'a mcodiJ ton. 
Ilo obtained kfeUoirsbip in l^initr ColU^ 
l>ubliu, in 1703, bocania d««n of ktiaifh in 
I7S3, wu coniocnlad to tho »oe at Killala 
in 1790, and in 17:^ wai inuulalcd to thnt 
of Blphin. In I'if' litr sm«<«tL>il liia elder 

broLllvr Williain in lliv ntalrr of SluIUMl 
Abb«]r, 00. Wicklow. !□ I'.tT lie bnofrltt 
thitMr the workH of art wliiub Uv Inlivnuid 
from bia brother Uiub. II* iliod in .\pri] 
1740. Ho publiiliad (ix ■inglf Mtnnona, 
preaohad on public ac«aMonit. 

UowaHS, Raltu, Vckolxt Wicklow (d. 
1780), Mml «on of tlie Liihop, was ahonff 
of CO. Wicklow 1741). and of co. Oarlow 
17U; in 1701 and 1768 wm (lecbMl U.P. 
fbr belli 00. Wicklow and Um boroufli of St. 
Jobiutown; in May 1TT0 waji cirora of ibo 
privTCOuncili on 12 July 1776 was raiaed 
to tbo Itiifa posrngv aa Baion Ctonnote ot 
OlouDora Ca*tle,ca&rU>w,antl on ^Jiui« 
176GwMpronioiadioba Vitcount Wicklow, 
HediodoniW Juup 1*8C. 11 ii widow, Alicis 
daiufatcrand«ol«lieireH of William Fonrud 
of (Wlo Forwmtd, co. Doai>^l, waa craatod 
Connt«aaorWicklairia bar own ncfaldODec. 
1703. Sbe died on 7 Uareh 1807. llerNn 
Robert nmoedad bor at Karl of Wicklow. 
and >at u a repnatoitaiire peer in the united 
parliuncDt of 1801. TtiepTawai andaorentb 

i«t1 (b. ItiT?) is hie prnt-graiidnepliew, 

[IhIC** PMtBg* of InUiA. «d. AnUall, 
Ti.U,uadar'Wtdlaw;'FaiUr'* P«Maga,n»isr 
■WicUow:' Todd'a CW. of Dulilio OmdnaU*^ 
DnbliD Ualfanity Calaodai': CoEtoo'* FaMi ' 
BRlta.Hib.tit inLiT. TA; Chi. Librtnr.TrinitT 
CaU>e*. DoUia.] W. R-u 

HOWABD, lUCllAfU> BAKu.V < 1807- 
1U8), p^aician, eon of Obarlea lloWaid of . 
Hull akd bM wifr Mai7 Baron of Mancke««ir, ' 
wa« bwnat Halboorn*, Ra*i Riditte of Tork- i 
•hire, on ISOd. 1607. tl» wa> iwTuralad at 
NottlwUertoa, and in lKf3 RMiarad to Kdin* , 
banrh, where be obtained a nigMnVdiploiMa. 
la ISlfu be became a lMtinUal« of the Apothe- 
cwiea* Society ia Loodoiia and took IM d^ ' 
pwof M.n. •■ Bdisbntgli. HiatbeiMwaa 
orthlvl -De HvdroeMUo Aeuto.' Frotn 
18S9 to 18S3 be wu pbnician'a dnrk in the 
Uaachetter Iniirman,-, uid ^tn ISas until 
F*far«ai7 I638act«l ai medical olBiocTat tbo 
Uaaohwtvr woricboiMet aubavquentlr bold- 

alba ofio* of pbT^cMB to ibe Ardwick 
Anooati Diipmaar^ to the MBe town. 
Jhobg ihic time bit work had beeo mainl; 

amoofT tit* poor, and lua daep inlarwt in thair 
eoBditioa lad bin in 1830 to pnbliah ' An In- 
quijT into the Morlnd EBocta of Doficicoey 
of ^M)d, chied; with referenoo to thw oo> 
ourraioe anongtt the Duatituio Poor.' In 
ibe faUowJBg jear, at the iantation of the 
poor-law eonuniflMooen, he wrote a ' RMWct 
upon th» invalence of IKatnae ariainc from 
(x«taf[ion, Malaria, and certain other Phjw- 
eal Omum* amongat theLAbooriw Ctaaaea in 
Hondieatcr.* At a lator paiod bo agaiB 
wrote on tlie aaise aulriect in J. AdifaMd^ 
pamnhlMOD ibettattrortheworkingrdaMO 
IB Suiicheet«r. In 184 J, on b«ta^ appoiUed 
phniciaB to the inftraiaiy, lie pnated ' Aa 
Aodraia dsliwrad to the Pi^ila,' &c. Ilia 
other appointioanta wore choao of phjaitiaa 
at Uajdock Lod^ Lonatic Asvlum and lco> 
turer at tho Uanefaoator College of MiIm— 
lie bad an exteuttv oouMction with (ha 
sdentiBctodetMs of the town, where be wu 
warmly eetaoned aa a lecturer, pradiliooOT, 
and philanthrapio. He £ed at Itii fathw*! 
boiiM' Hi York on 9 April l&t& aftor a pain- 
ful iltmiH, and wai buried in the BeighboUF* 

(Brit, and Fee. Mcdieo-Chiravpal Beriev, 
ooetad in 0«Dt. Ua*.. Stoumbff !•*«. p. 313; 
S. BibUtt-Wan't litt and CORMfi. p. U1.1 

HOWABD, Sik lUIUEKT (1586-1663), 
politician, bom in lfi85,wiadfth loaof Tb(^ 
mms tlowonl, lint ear) of SuBblk [ig. r.I by 
id wife, Catherine. lie wa* uncle of 


hit Maenlte, the Uatoffan and doh [•«« 
HowuK, StB Romr, KUfr-ltiOti]. and 
brother of Theophiloa. eeeond cnrl of Sufiblk 
[q. T.], and of Kdward, fiiM lord Uoward of 
^crickfq.T,] Bob-'Tl and liii jiiiiiMpii IwiiIInu 
William (IWO-ltiT:;) w«n- made Inkfau of 
the Bath -I Sax. 16tS, wlicn Pnnoo niarleo, 
aftorwards (.liarieii I, was crnted Prince of 
Walee t^HowiBD, Familv MtmoriaU, fol.) 
At te death of an vlder brotber.Sr Charles 
liowird of Cliin, in coannctioo wilb whow 
aetat* ha wa* irnntrd U(t«ni of adminiktra- 
lion i\ June 1K», Howard Mcccaded to 
tho property of lion Caailo, Sbropahit*. aa 
heir of entail nader the •eUltanent of hi* 
mMmiMle, the Eari of Nottinghun. In 
IBM he beeute notorioitt by hit intiigue with 
PmnoM, nwoitiMaw Puifaack, the pmeadingi 
coBoeMed with wbicfc i ncw end ue nnpopa- 
larityoftheStar-ehanbcr. Tho lady, daugb* 
terMSirlvlwardCakerii. *.\bad becnforoed 
into a tnami^ with Sir Joan Villien, tint 
viaeount I'urbPck.fanillMrof GeoneVtlliiiri, 
Srai duke of Bockineham. AAer liting 
•oiBe time apart &om n«r hittband ah^ wan 
ptiratelT deliTatcd.on 19 Oct. Id^.of a ion, 
baptiiwd at CMpplagalc uitder tbc name of 




■ tUkmt Wright,' of vrttieb Howvd wm tbe 
jifwiri bibtir. Bodtiagliaai hxl Uw Mir 
dud Wow Um kifti ooaniawoB cotirt (Siai- 
dteabvr), 11* l'«b. lit;'} <(b/. Sr«i'« /Vi/H-m. 
DaaklaGi3-fi,p(>.4:) J.4~4.47i^ 9). Haniird 
«M eeviMtiM k clom |in*cfiar to Uiu FUiet 
(A f. 40r). Il« was pabUdy excominuiii- 
aiM U I'sHl'a CtiM* fur Mfkulng to a&twer 
eoMCkKUODCMtli.^ MftKli 1435 (A.v.Wi); 
■M Im f if—ii to )>>T« liwn ]iardoii«d «t Uw 
«MnHtios of Charliu I. IjiJt I'arbockww 
■MMMmI la ft fitui of Uti! hundnd mttrka^ to 
k» bspiMaaddiiriagllwpInMureofUieluab 
inwiiwifin oowl, uiil to do p«aMU» at tJh« 
Savy]'. SbeavwM UicpenaltimbyMcapiug 
•o FmaoL WImo tlie uorai wu ovec tlie 
IMKHMd to Knf luid. Oii ibo •llcplion th«t 
•k* tkaa livvd irilii llowutl at tw boiuo in 
Shnfiahif*, and had other duldnii by him, 
UMinai^«luaibarprooMd)iu« wero ftll«rward* 
In Apil 1686 Howud, for aot 
aair l^'l<r Putbcdt u ordrnd, was 
txid a cktH phaonar to tbe FleM, nitb- 
■M «M at pao, iak, or napaf for thrw month*. 
H» WM Uua otgoituKlto hmp from her com- 
pun, aMl aatargfid on Ri*itij[ a bond for 
afiaOL,»MA ia^of mmontj mljCiOOt.torim 
if «alM upon iH. p. lU3Ii>. lloward wm 
PMnaad lo uarliaiMuil aa ni«oabOT for tli« 
ba«wi|b ti l^abop* CuUu, Skropohin-, on 
SI Jan. 101^3-1, and wa* re-«l*c(«d in ltt2A, 
Va/i, lOM, and lo Uilfa Uw Short and Long 
■rliai— lit in 1640. Al thg dP'O'B^ of tlio 
Ml laflMBunt In I&IO, tba Sla^iuuinibor 
pooMdiof* witfH brought befot« tb« Uoiue 
W CoMMHM on a ^MMiod of pririleg«^ 
Tba Miimplii^t agauut him ware declaivd 
iUfckL A *>■ of 1,()0(M. wa« vot^d to 
HMranl la ooBpenaalkw for lalt* iinpri«on- 
MM*, and « Sb« ef MXM: wo* tsipoMd on 
Anhuabof lAod. tbn pTwidcat of ibo biitli 
«asaiMiM aovit, and ooo of -JMl, on each 
it hi* laNKi aawtlanU, Sir llmnr Martiu and 
Mr Slwifd Lambc i flminnw JryuraitU, i. 
•»-7t); LbtW*' J<*/Hiii<.i<.ll. lOtt. ll:t,U4. 
117). Lmi<) oiMii|iUina in liia naaioir* ihat 
ha haJ to aiJl (omu of hi* plat* to pav tlic 
tmt. UJr I'ttrb«ek<U«d in liM&[Wan. 
Ok har «■, luxm, HoasKrl. 

la l«U IIowmrI waa expvlM fivia (b« 
lloMii Mf CcMBmoo* fw rxMating the kiiu^a 
iiMMWiinn nf irTiTf r'rrf ff-f '" 1) ft* 
•ttan^ lio rojraf KumnKMu to tlic )«ri>n- 
■^ al tefotd LB thn followinic vuar. Hi* 
mammimmvA appwrin lie Iim of olBivn of 
lh« nVal araj in UMi in the B^k-ian Li* 
Inrv iPtAOKK. Am^litU <^ Ik* Cantlien 
aW'JtoM<iaarfi, Londra, l»>t!); but bo ■« 
Mil t* Imt* cMamaBdaJ a iwioii'Dt oldm- 
, nad WW |o*MiiorarBnJ(>iortli CMtU 

when il Hiirreiiditfad to tli« parlimuuiitsiy 
fbroM 2ft April lots. lit* MtalM wore m- 
qucatorecl, for wliich ha had Co pay 953/. in 
oompeusaLicin oD rvcOTenr. Id- lucdSSApril 
1063, and wks buried at Cliin- 

In IMtt Uowvd nurried Cathie rinr, da ugh* 
t«rof Sir llracy NevUl. aertinili buruu A bci^ta- 
vunn V, b)r whom hu had two §0U8 and a daugh- 
t«tCOnl. Muf., iAiir. MS. 6S»t,f. 17), Ilia 
widow, aa Biuirdliui of hi» cldoft »oa lli>nry, 
lUed a petition, 7 July lft83, agHiiii>i. iIik 
Moond r«ading of a hill to ooulinD the mIo of 
c«rtaiD lauds in Shropabtra by Sir Itubort 
Howard topay bi«dehta(Z('n<>'./ournii/j, xi. 
fl*. 649, GM). Sha remarriud Joliu Burry of 
Ludlow, SbropthJK. 

[The only ftiU and authentic ncMuot of 
ilowAnI il in H. K. )t. CuaHiiia't Howard 
Ap«r* (1862). po. SU'6ii. Bi« p«di^«<< i« 
tn«d in AablWM and itn UotriLnl I'DH«BiK>n. 
Soma incidaaFal dolBiU will bo foaod iaCollina'i 
Pooniita. 1913 ad. vol. ill. niitlar 'yulTulk' iinJ 
'J«rM>y.' Additianal partioulan mil h» fuuod 
in tha volmuea of Act> of tbo lli^h CoanniMioo 
Court and odier rcconht indoxod id the priatad 
Oalandam of Mialc Papal*, Ilom. 8*i., for tha 
rviKDM of Jiune* I nod Ctmilva I ; aco alw Oar> 
didiT'. Hi.l, viii. I4<-S.l H. SL a 

HOWAJID, Siu lUlBEEtT Cl««-ie98), 
drwDBrtHt, born in l&M, yna the aixtb ton of 
Thomaa Howard, tint varl of B«rk»liin!, b^ 
Kliinbulh, daughter of William Crcil, lord 
Rurghlev, afterw&rdi aecoud earl of Exutttr. 
Ilia Itrottiot* lidward ami Jainw Howard are 

Xretely ooticod. Wood naiM tliat lie waa 
atod at Magdalen CoIIom, Oxford ; hut 
Cole M'^Aii^r CJinfiitr.), who ua partly con- 
fu(«it him with hid unfic, also Sir Robert 
Ilriwnnl [i], t .].«iiq|>p<:is that hv belonged to 
Magdalene Collc^u, Caiubrid);!!. Al lliuout- 
broak of the ci*il ware be joined the royaUata, 
and on 99 Jiioa 1644 howa* knightArl on the 
Gtid nt'drNcwbury forhiibrnviiryinnmnning 
Lord Wilmot frton llio pariiamcniiuiiuiial the 
battleof Oropredy Bridgv. Undt^r thn Com- 
monwealth liu autli^rpd impniioumiiat al 
Windtor Cattle. At the Rmioration be wia 
mtunwd to ]«rliBinom for Slookbridm, 
Uampahife; wa* ninde a knight of the Batnj 
became aearetary lo tho commiauionuraof the 
inuurji and iu 1)577 hewna titling thu lu- 
crative poet, which he held till bia d«ath, of 
auditor of the axohtquar. 'Uutyolhorplacee 
and boona be hma bwl,' wrilM • hoetite pam- 

pblnioar, 'hut hi> w I'pliill apatdaall, 

and now rcfiUM to mitrry him' [A SnueiMtir 
Ary*imrnl loperniaJe all tAe (rnmd Juwita 
in England lo pelitinti for a neir ParlutaunI, 
IUT7); hiRpront«werv«ufKci(-tit,aiaUttveete, 
loeiiahlx hini in lOAUio purcbaM iboAohtead 
•atatvinSuney. UnOAprillflTSbainipaaobad 




'^rWilliani I^nin the IlouMof Lord* for 
bfMking bulk and takiutr avny rich Koods 
oat of Uio Eiut [niliii [irixi-s funoc^rlj iiUifd 
lif tke Eurl af Smiilu'icli ' (,EvBLT)i, Ihary, 
iLSS9). On 4 Fob. IUTh-O lie wm tviumr^ 
M.P. tot Cullti Kuting in Norfolk, wkioli li« 
eoatiDtwit to nprnMnt in •V4117 HrUasoMit, 
MtMiplt]uitaf168fi,uiitilJuiiul6H8. Thounh 
• ftroofc wtie (cf. fui-vn. 8 l>rt- |i3*MJ|, he 
WMaetivu in liis pffurttt to induotr parliBiaeDt 
to rote monejr for Cbu-li^H 11, and idouitmI 
odium theivby. Ai ilie revolution lie wu atl- 
iDil(i!^i Kphnmryltt'^Bjiolhp privy i^iinril 
In June IiS^Hn' inlrodiiciHl tlii; dr-lintc nii llui 
CMS of 0*t«t in till' Commoiu. On '2 Jan. 
1669-90 he oddei) a clnuie to ibi- wHiti bill 
for rHlOTUigtW chatter* whtcli had Lhiii sur- 
MDdered in th« Ute mign ; it waa direuli^d^ 
•g«inal tlioM who had bMn iiHiiiM lu xuoh' 
ranvoden. Early in July \&Mi lin wn* iinii 
of the coDuiuwioivta Ii> inqulir into ihi> 
nW« of the flent (Lvmu:i.I., il. 74), nnd 
on SR >tu1r he waa appoinietl 'to cnmmiuid 
all SDcl lingular t)if> rt'ginienta and troops 
of militia huni- which atv ur aliali be druwu 
twetlior undttr lliv oommand of Juhu, Earl 
or Harlbntou^h' thraughoiit Kiigland aixJ 
WaU* (Ptiblh Recoril*. Home njitv, Mili' 
lary Entry Hook, vol. ii. ff. I«-3; LCT- 
TKBLt, iL 6t»-»). Ou au Ki-li. ia»2-3 he 
married Annali«lla Dive« (a^vl IH), a maid 
of honour. She waa hia fourth wife ; alYcr 
Sir Robert'* dMth she married the iU^v. Ed- 
BOnd Manin, nnd died in I7JK Howard's 
AfttW)& i» iii|ipoiu<d to Imve Imiin an aclrear 
(ct Ettlix, li. 211), npiwn-ntlv Mm. I'p- 
liill ; Ills wcmd wife wn* moimblT I.nily 
llonore O'Krieii, dniijjhter ot ilie V,nT\ of 
Tbomoiii), and widow o( Sir Fruncnn In^K— 
Helij. Howard died on 'A Sept. UW* (• a|iv<l 
u«<iT HV aayn Luttrell). and woh buried in 
Wratmiiwtor AbWy. Aliout IlWM he built 
fiwhiuMlf an vlaborata hoiiao at Anhtend, 
and bad ihu ataircaM pahil«d by ^'<■^no (ii. 
ii. 481). Evslyn xuma up the eniimnlioti in 
which he vitm held, by Prrden u wult aa 
other* (cf. ' DefeiiM of the £uaT of Ummatii: 
Fo«y,' in Snd »dit. of the Intbun Bmpervr), 
whpn he dMrribrs him n* •prWcnding to all 

ijiniiniiro!'iiri«niK!»cieni'<'» nnl ilUnntxirpd, 

but iiinullFiaMv boBjititif;' (16. ii. J-W). i$had> 
well ridiculed b>iu under ihr ehuntctororBir 
Poaitive At-All m ' Tlii.Sull.n l.ovent," la(» 
{ii.) Lady Vane. in ih* dnrnp play, wim sup- 
powd lo r<'pr«»«iil ilii^ nii<<iniM r>f H'lwnrd. 
who bocnme hi* lir«. wifp. The atiTJior of 
th* ' Key to'lie Iteliearuil ' ntniMthnt llownnl 
«ra« the chief lijiurt. Bilbuii, in t ha Hnt nhntch 
of'The It'^henriial,' l(H)l, but uthenidvntify 
Bilboa witli li'Atvuant. C'oiitemptuoiui re- 
firano* i* made lu his literarj- pn;(en«iunii in 

tile 'Scaaionortbii Poeia,' whkh apiMan bi 
■ State Poem.," IttOS", pi. i- p. SOB. His por- 
trait wan paiiitffd bv Sir Godfrvv Kn«-l)er. 
Tliomai Howard OttAI-KOI), h«a ton ' 
hfrir, probably b^ hia aaeinid vifa, eii _ 
lo the Aahtead noporR-, and wm tdW i 
the udiequer. Odo of his daoghtrm, Mary, 
bom S8 Dec. IBAS, was aeot in her nio«t<<enib 

year to I'aru l)L-«aiise ihe had atlracled the 
n':'(i<.*e of Charlei- II al a play. She ' 
a lEouiaii ralbulic, iiitd eateind the 

ciitivent of Vniyr Claiva at Ronen, of wli 

hIki b>'i-hQii'nbbetain 1703; alie died at lIvoMi 

21 M*r\-h 17:i5. Known *j Maty nf the 

Holy CrB»»,»he wroieaL-vrral worfciof dcTO* 

tionl one of which, 'The Chief Point* of Our 

Holy L*eremoniT» . . ■>' was pubtislwil in ITjU. 

llri life was written bv Alban Itiiller (OlL- 

i^w. BiM. ttirt. ^ th»Bw. OUA., iii. 434). 

Howard t* chieilTnineiiiWedMtlieaDthar 

of 'Tliv (rnramittne and u the broth or- in-law 

<if DnrdriL Hia fintt work wn* a coUeotion 

; of ■ Pieins.' IttOO, Svo (9wl ed. ItWO), which 

Scott justly prouounCM tobe'pmdoctious of 

a luo^il fivt-tin^ mnjlocnlv' (ScoTT, Dtyd*m, 

Iti'Jl.xi. <!). Iirydeit pre^xou a copjr of con- 

mi-ndAlory verai-* - he was then living with 

I Henry lliTrtnghoin, llov,'nrd'i piiblishnr. In 

I ie66'ilQWitrd publithud 'I'oureNew llays,' 

I 1 »ol,. foL — "Sururiiar and ' (.'omiBilt**' 

(ooineditt), * \'c4lal \ irein ' and > Indian 

Qunm' (tragedies). Evefrii was preaeot at 

nperfonniuiccrrf the ' Committee' mi 37 Nor. 

I 10d2, and calls it a ridiculous play, but adds 

tJiat 'this mimic I.ac7 acted the Irish fnat- 

nian to ■dmimiion,' a rrferencs to the che- 

racliT of Toniiiie, which wa* nowMod hj 

nnit of Howard'i own wrvania (CTlIowtKD, 

I'epyiMW the piece at the Theatre Royal CO 
I l:.'Juiie 1663, Olid di<«cribee it as'e merry but 
I iiidilli[Tvnij>lay,'but, likf Rvelyn. comBeud* 
Locy's acting. It in ihi> bnft of Howanl** 
plavV and long bi'ld the ntjiiie. Anadaptation 
' I by'T.KnighU.undcrthctitle of'The Uonirvt 
ITK, and became a aiock ploy. Tlie'Veatd 
Virgin' ma Rited with two Hflhacte: it waa 
intended for a tragedy, but might be turned 
in|i> n comedy (aflurlh-- manner of Suckling 
'Aglnurn'i. Inlh«!'IiidiiknQuron,'atrBg«3y 
in hiTiiic vi-rnr, Howard waa aanctod by 
Dryden. Theupplaiuuil receivedwoalarply 
due 10 the dcenery nnd dnvsM. Efelyn tv- 
cords that the oc^uery woji ' the rieheat ever 
*e«n in England, or iierhapsdeewlien opou a 
publici>tnge'(Jtfcmoir«,5Feb.l064). Hownd 
iJrieBuot mnniion thnt liryden waa conocnied 
in theaullionhipi hut I>rydcn,nitlMpr«faoe 
to the ' Indian KropTor' — which was d^ 
signed as a ivquel to the 'Indian Ijueen'— 




I Uiat ki WT<K«> ]Mft of ih» ntlivr piny. 
ia it* dadioionr oputla b*f»ni the * Rival 
iMlm*,' IBM. Dnrili-n liad raoU'nilMl ihnt 
ihjMl tt BMin! Mu'tAble thAn bUnk T«n« for 
inMtfk purpiMeB. Ili>wanl (vrhoie bUnk 
*«>» w ■swoftfale) oepowd ibi* Ti«w in tb« 
■utti la ■ Fount NVw Pltr*;' Drrdita rt- 
bImJ •■ Um ' EMi? of Dnmat ic Pn.iy.' I U^Ut : 
n»iniU marled (oiaovlial tiu]H<rcili<>usl>' it) 
iht MbM to hii 'Orcat Favourite; or chr 
PvlKof L«Riw: aTni^T,' lOBd, 4tn: and 
njlm lUd the la«t ■mora in a poli«>ly iro- 
winl * Dpfanw ofaa Btatj.'&K. ( wli ich hn tub- 
m&fa^lly ctaevlUd), pivftied In lb« iscotid 
•Alaan of tin- ■ liulian I'lmiMinir,' 16B8 [tee 
PKTvm, Jovx] tn IIKIK lloiranl dediMt«d 
Id Borkii^luni 'Tbf Uuct of ih« Stage* ; a 
^OMB.' 4(0, whicb wiu ■alirisM] br Lord 
BwUmnrt in ■ poem eotitM -Tli* I>ii«I of 
ftt^ flro play* iii«nuaa«d abut*' vnra ci>)> 
Udcdik ISBS.fal.,*tidag«ninl72-.M:}mi>; 
■ ailtb, 'Tbn lltind I juJ j.' wan urinud writb 
ibi>'l*n«iu;' tba -Coiujui-tt of Chiaa bjT tb<> 
Tailara,' a Mg^j. wbtcb OtydeB aiiireMod 
Um laMttmiof aiming al a MM of 'mx 
W««fai' aUdy,' waa iwn-er piililiHlMd (Xatet 
mad fjuiif. I« Msr. v. 22A. fJ'l |. Itownrd* 
MOMWikiagaarp' ICoi^nofKiu^ Itichnrd II,' 
IMI.Srai 'Aeoounlof ibaStateof hiiMa- 
j«t^ Kmwu*,' IWl, fol.: ■ Ilialurical Ob- 

iwiBlt iiiiihi Ilui[ii fV r1 1,11. III. 

Md Riakud [I.' ia«.4lo:'lt«Rn>or Inward 
Md RidMid II.' I(»0. l^mo^ and'IIinUirTol 
Kal^p^i. b; a IVmn orQuaUty,' ISM, Svo. 
Aaklaml and lU Howiiid PfMH«n (priTalolr 
■rioUd). mT) 1 Ij>nic)>una'» [M«iii. Pixu. with 

OUf*'* MA. AnDoUiio*!. 

•f'tUial.: P«pTi'»DiArv, Kv»ljn'» 
Dtor, Lnlli*n'i BrUf fUUiiua. Jlomoin uf 
Bir Jaba lUmbf. n 3'J4 : CibbBrV Lino ^ 
JaMtrt l>Mt. It's.; lU<r'> Bmt. Dnm., ml. 
Ja^, ilcoir* Drydm. 1 811 1 ; GcMut'* Aoranai 
«f IW K«l»h Sl4««.] A. II. D. 

HOWARD, SAMl'CL (1710 i:tl8>,ai^ 
and coanowT, Uim in 171'), waa a 
■ar of ilw Cbapd Rujal under l>r. Wil- 
iOrafl[<).T.] AftMeoniitiiiinchia ntiui- 
mlilMiKaaaiiilii Pepnadi. Iw li^caaiixiri^aiiut 
^eL OliMWl Duia^ Strand, afid Ht. Brida'a, 
FWlSiMiL Inl7O0b*^iiairdMa>.l>oe. 
M I'MBMdga. n* diad an 13 JuIt I76S, at 
W hoiwa In Notfotlr 8tm>r, Strand. 

Il<rwanl coaiiioHd inurli popular tntiaic. 
Ilic iMadcBtaJ mnaif to iba ' AaoraiM Ood- 
4m ' WM Miinn*d at Drnry Im*^, and pub- 
laibad la i7il. Hi* iw" nnnKii in ' l^f* in 
ft Vjll«"' <)TtUh, Mt liud Ibnii bv Fato 
^CMM,* and ' How loiicli ■ut'flor beauty 
■ «!«,' wwr* minx by Ibflrduti and Mnttocka, 
k pftTt BVBpoaar of 'Netlay Abbey' 

and ' IIq Hago and tlw Da^.' Ilin ohurcli 
muaie ioelnda tho ontlivm far voicvn and 
orclwatra. ' 'Fhia U the Day," purfurmcd at St, 
Margr«t>!t*a, 1793, and *»ventl pMlinnndhynui 
tunn»,lwo,i]am»dTwn(<ctiT«ly' Howard and 
'St. Dridiw.'bi'inKwi'iDly known. Hi^aoiig* 
an.' numeroii*. A collection callfd'Thn Mii- 
■icol Compnnion,' 1776':', con tuiii« al>oui. fifty 
of liin cniitatji*. >ola«, uiid diK'ts. The ao> 
oouiponimc-ni* nrt fur lutruaicLnrJ nud riolin. 
Tlie wiirda (if'To Sylviw »r^ br (larricb ; of 
'Would you long ureii^'-rvc a I.'ivcrf'" by Oun- 
t[roT«;*nd ' Floiyllio and Daphne' bv Shi>n- 
»(ooo. Thncollivtjon includes I la wnr<l>' Ijim 
of .St. Oivih,* 'Advice toChlw.'nod hin'.Siii 
SonftiiunebyMiMDnviivacVauxhall.' Dthor 
■011^,11 by Howard uol included in ihia vuluinu 
are ' Lucinda'ii NumH.'addreM^d to tin.- Prin- 
G«M Amelia, 1740^ 'NutbroQii Maid,' and 'I 
lilcntho Man'(l?{WPl. Sniuo of bi« «c)ng« 
abo appomred in tJia ■ Itritiab Oniboiui,' bk. iv., 
and in tho* Voal Muaical Unnlc.' Hii aiyla 
waadulliCVcnin bii<raoiifadmin'il'miUPttua.' 
Howard aaaistt'd Ituycf in thti'umpilation of 
'Cathedral Muiio.'andhiiiRKHit valuable work 
ia probably Co bo found ther». 

(Omt. Mno. lii. SMt; A.B.C. Dario Hnaioo; 
Diet, of Mduc. 1837. ■. 378; Orovc'* Diet, nf 
Muiic. i. 7aR; Drown'i BioR. Dlot. p. 31*. 
Howard'* mOMO In itiv Rriliiili .Mun* um Library.] 

L .M. M. 

Eahi. or SumiLK r lftS4-ltt40). bapli«od on 
13 Auk. i'^^. WM tb^ pldact aon of Thntnaa. 
fir»t i-arl of Suflbtk (1581-1016) [n. v.l. bv 
hia«econdwife,<*aibpTinp,widanof Hicliaru, 
eldcfllaon of Itiibr'tt.liird l{icli.iLnddaiigbt«r 
I and t«heir«wi of Sir llcnrv Koi-t^t, hnl.. of 
CLsrllon, Wilwhitt- (Dotlb, OJfidat Barm- 
as/f.iW.tW-'^i. An l^nl Howard of Wal> 
don ha waa croalnil M.A. of Oxford on 
30 Au«. laOfl ( Wood, Fiuli Oron. i-d. lUm, 
ii- 8U), and from 4 Nov. ItiO.'. to »* Kfb. 
imct be ant aa M.I*, for Maldon, Fmvx ( Lttt* 
^ Mtmbert <if Parlimnmt, OJirial lirtum, 
pi. t, p. 44,1); On lliH latter dalo \\t waa 
•iimRuinnl lo th>. nppor bonaa aa Baraa 
Howard dnWoldnn. Ho bveam* joint (tcward 
of HiTPTal rovnl raanora in South Walaa oa 
30 June IitOK, liuutenani of ib« band of 
pnathaam penaionM* in July of ib# Moae 
year, councillor for ibe mlony of Vii^rinM 
on 2S Hay IflOP, and piT«Tior of Jetiwy and 
Caallp rornrl on 26 Man>b lAlO. In the 
latter vaar h« (vrnd ai arolunlcvr with the 
Kayliili force* at ttic aie)re uf Julien. and 
tboro ebjiiciMl in a notable iiuarrvl with Ed- 
wanl, lord Herherl of Chcrfaur^' (HsnnniT. 
^■ruAiVnijiAy, ed. lHt^,pp.7't-'i,and App.) 
n«h*cuM baepNin rmnnionoftliaTowwraf 
UTMnwiob OB 2 July 1611.keap*r ofOr 




wich Pork ric 6vf* later, and joint lord-lieii- 
tenut of CiuoberlBuiI, WHtmontlajid, MDd 
NoTthumbeTland UD 11 Feb, IttU. Onl-lJnlj 
of th« ItM-uatoed year li» wa« )irauo<«(l to 
tli# cnjilninorof tWlMod of g«nllH(nen pcn- 
noasra, but bad to rwif>n it on the dinKmco «f 
Ilia htAM in Decmnlivr 1619. After .lanunry 
1610 ha waa mado vin^adinirnl nf Nurtb- 
umbi'rliiiid, DuAam. CumbLTlnnd, WcU- 
moKland, and Doraetsliin-, and wu rvap- 
polaUd capita of tbt- hmd of gMitlemen 

EDilanera m Jannarv }niO, a post which he 
Id until Mnv hVV,. On 28 Mav IttSR he 
MICOeod«d hlufnlluTMinRnnd KnrlofKnflblk 
and hareditory riiiitor of .')limdnlr'n<F Collcv", 
Oambridf[r. nnd yiaa apjiaintifl diirini; the 
tame jcar lurd-lit^u tenant of Cambn(lgl^- 
thirv, SufTolk, Dorsetshire, and ihu town 
of Pool« (16 June) and a pni'y o"<incillor 
(12 Kov.> Ho w« inrtallmlhiKi) •tflwanl nf 
Ipuwirh on 10 Mnrch IfiST, 24 April 
follnwin^. lord wnrdpH of the Cinque porta 
and coEulabtu of Uovur Caitln on ^^ July 
1A28, lieu tenant of lb» Cinque porta on I'Se^. 
of the aame year, gOTernor of Berwick in 
June 183A, and a cominiNjicniAr of ivgericy 
on 3« Msrvh lOSfl. Howard died on 3 June 
1640 nt. SiifiHlh fiaxtif. in the Stmnd, nod 
waa buried at SiUrrun Wolden, Etrex I Oil. 
ataU Papfn, Dom. ItUO, [i. ^i\ In March 
1B13 be morrivd Lady ElitHbi.-th Honiv, 
dati)rhlcr and rahtiiv^a of tii-orgi- Homo, oorl 
of Uunlinr Fii. v.], mid by this Indy. vrho died 
on II' Au^. tuSS.Iiad four iion» nnri tlvudau^h- 
t«TS. Ilia eldMl wan, Jmn'-t ITownrd, thinl 
earl of Snflblk, i» iinpnrnli>ly noticod. 

[Antharitiai in the lo%t.) 0. O. 

8lJBREY and (•.■cond Pckb or Xokpoi.k of 
the Tliiwsrd hoiitie ( I44.t-lfi24 1, warrior anil 
Mat^Binnn, waa only Fon of Sir John Howard. 
i^tiTwnn!" flrrt rlliko of Norfolk (q. V.J, by 
hi* wife Catlinrinp, duuH-hlor of" William, 
lord Muluynii. Hi* wiu born in 1-1-13, wiui 
ixtucalpd at the echool nt Tbi-lford, and 
began a. long c«i«er of service at Miiirt aa 
heTioliiiiaii lo Edward IV. He look pan 
in the ww which hroko out in 1469 be- 
tween the hint; iiml ihr> Earl of Warwick, 
and whrn, in 1470, Ixiward waa driven to 
fliw lo Holland, Ilowunl took mnctuari' nt 
ColchiiiliT. On EdwarxI'a rvlurn in IITI, 
Howard joined him and fou)iht bv his nide 
in the bstll^ of Dnmet. On W April 1472 
lie married Eliinbetli, daiightiT and hrirew 
of Kr Fivdcrick Tiln«y, and widow of Hum- 
phray, lord Itrrtiprs. Soon aftiTwnrd* he 
went a* a voluuiwr to the camp of UhnrlcTj, 
diikiT of rtiiri^undy, who n-iu threnlFuing war 
agaiuBt l^uia XI of France. He did not see 

much afrvitw, and after llie tnie« of Rnnlig 
came back to Fnirland. where he ww nuda 

mqiliic of fill! body lo Edward IV in 1478. 

In June U75 be led (ix m«n-*t-aniu and 
two liiimlred amhNt t« Joan the kinr'a army 
ill Fmticei bnt Edward lOon naae peac« 
with l^in«XI,and l«d hi* fbrcMliama with- 
out abnltle. Mnwardlbcntookupliuabod* 
■t lii> wifrV boiiiv of Asliwelllborpe Hall, 
Norfolk, when; he bred the life of a country 
^ntli-mnii, and in 1471) waa made theriir<^ 
(he cuiiiiiiea of NorKilh and Siiflblk. On 
1)4 Jan, 1478 he waa knighted bv Fxlwanl IV 
al thn marriage twtwera the Lin^> aecond 
■on, th« yoiinK Dukn of York (then cr*alod 
niao Ihikeof Norfolk >.and Lady Ann« Mow- 
bray, only eiiild of John, duke of Norfolk. 
Anne .Mowbmy diod in HHI.befure the con- 
nuiDDiation of her marriage, and the direct 
line of the MowbrayslccuMUIincI, where- 
upon Iloward'a falluVi a* nest of kin, wai 
croatfld Ihikn of Norfolk, and hia nm Karl 
of Surrev. In the aame year SsnTy «ka 
mode kniKfatof the Garter. w>« awomof the 
privy council, and waa appointed lord tteward 
ofthe buunehold. 

Siirrw had now taken his plam aa • coar- 
tier nnd nil olReial, and hancpfortti wan dia-^iliJied by loyally t-n the actual wrsrvr 
of thf crown, whoi-vrT he taif\A be, ll« 
aajuitaced in Itichnrd Ill's uiiirpatioo. and 
carried the vwotd of Mate at hin corana: ' ~ 

(Snarpta Bittorim^ p. S^JV He and^ HH 

father fought for Richard at Boaworth Vtm 
where hin father waa killed and he wa* lakeo 
ptMner. He was attainted b/the fitsi p«p- 
liunont of tlrnry Vll, and hia eatalM yrvn 
foHcitml. He wa* alao eomniUcd to tlia 
I'owrr. whcrr he remained tor thrao jeva 
and n half, n^ceivimr the liberal allowanwof 
'it. a week for liia hoard iCimpbell, Mat^ 
riitU/hr a Hiitoty </ Hmn/ FII, i. 306). 
Miafortiiiw did not (hake hu principle of 
loyalty lo the poweni that fa«, and harvAa*ed 
lo wek nileaac bv favourinff rebellion. When, 
in June 1487, tto Karl of Lbcoln tnraditd 
Knitland, and the bent*nani of iheTowor 
oflbredloopeti the doon to Surrev, he refowd 
llii- chance of eaa^. Henry Vll aoon aaw 
thnt Siinvv could beconvMted inloan official, 
and woulcl H>rve ax a conspiciioiui ezanpla 
lo other nobW. In January 1480 ho wa* 
rulcniwd. nnd wai rcirtorcd lo hia earldoon, 
thoiieh the ealouUiting king kept the (creatar 
jiart tif hia forEnted lands, and prave back 
onlv ihow which he held in righl of hi* 
wife, and ihooe which had b<wn granted to 
Ihn Karl of Oifonl |tA. ii. 4^). Tn Mav bo 
wu Hint to put down a riting in Vorkshirt, 
CAuaod bv (ae pn-'Uure of loxalion. TIm 
Ear) of Nacthumberland bad been alain by 




■■I fcaajiiil thoir liwikr in York. Tbunre 
*f Ik* wHan wa« dow cmniHtNl 10 Surruj, 
win W1M niwlr lieuteiwnl-gciwnl of thu 
aonk, «»■ pland on i)i» coBBiiMiaa of Macu 
to If enkuoWrlaiid, Mid vtm aupQiBiM nib- 
■ mhit of \h« iMut and Bidalo nuchu*, 
wliiili WW* aadrt the noBiiiHl cliai)[« of 
AMbar, ftimea at Walet (A. ii. 460). In 
Um •prni)[ of 141K he showed hi* vimlaucs 
W pvittMir down • ruitig ni AcworiD, ntiar 
nmSnt,'" promj'tly 'hut iiotliin^ ■• known 
gt it Mir* Ml OMCiK* mention {Ptimpfon 
Omrt0fmJmer, pp. B6-7 >. 

SortvT wvDOw mJionHltbGcluoff(PiiiTal 
ia Eaf unil. Mid tlioiub fUDiinon«d Mutk- 
wwA* wlm Dent; VU thrMieniNl ku exp»- 
diiMi uwnM Fnim, wai cliMly vinployed 
i* ■■IlilM Ui* tonllub bonier Ofaioat thn 
ScotMli kb; •Bd P*rinn W^itifck. tnU»7 
JaatM IV Uxl ueH" to Narham OmiIc, but 
ntnMvd Wow tb« npid adTUicr of Sxarvy, 
wbi npU)uit«d far • nid into Scotland, vhcn 
WabsUnifed i|ii< Soottiiti king to hallle: 
kal JuM* did iMl rcBlura ui enfagemenl, 
and had vaaiJuv (i»Md Sami^ to rvtir* 
(Hall, CSrmMis p. 4W>. Saimv'* Mrriw* 
i M iwd lard* rncognilino from fli-nrr VII : 
la Jos* lAOl b* wai twom of chr lirirjr 
Mucil, aad wu Biatle lonl ti«a«iii«T. His 
haowMc* of SeocUmd waa uaed for diplo- 
m^Uf |>qrp(MM, and is tbe nmc n«r he nu 
Mat In uTaan the t«nM of mart- with (hut 
—III on Uie faMM of ihe laarriage of 
niiil Vn'iilninlitiii ITiinii 1 loJanMH'. 
Ib IUS 1i» wu u tb* twad of ibn veoH 
wfckfcwDdufij-dikfpiacaiafroiahTf yrmd- 
wstfcar'alwaMof iWilliwertoB, Knrthunpton, 
to BdiKliv|[b, wk«t« ))« wM reoriTcd with 
llWIial ILBLAn, CUItrtanea, iv. £06, ftf.) 
After tfai be Mood high in iku king'* confl- 
m>. waa namMl on? of tb« execulon of 
I will, and wan pn-*nit nn all mat OOM- 
a al ik court. Id Octr.bor 1fi08 ba waa 
.Ut Atttwwp to t)if[i>iiai<' for ih* mar- 
■ «f n«9iT7'iidaD|[bl«r -MnrrwilbCbarlea, 
of Caitila (OuKniiBii, Lrttm mid 
M). It waa not. howeiM, till 
rwwitv ytAf of hard w«Ti(« that 
\'n, ibonlr bvfor* hi* d^lb, niada 
nliOM of hia forfailnl niuiore. 
I tfca acwioB of llfwrr VIII, Surrn^'a 
b paiiUtm. aad aapmMW* marked bin out 
» tilal adriaar ctf iba tmr Itiag and tb» 
I MtaaMlal oMaahwof the pritj eoiuoil. 
I Maicb IMS ha waa one of tlii> commia- 
l« wwictad* a ttvatv with PraoM 
»mMUnm.8pmiJt CaUiiJar, i. No. 38). 
~ ' lAlO ha waa madi- carl maribal, aad 
r IS) I waa u iwiniaiMMaar to 
a mat; Willi Ferdinanil iba Ca- 

tbolio (d. Noi. 60). But Kurrejr f«lt that, 
thouDb be wan valued hr thu juung kiuKt 
ho did not b«ciime hia tni9t«d ndn^vr. and 
he looked witlijealoaa eyoa on tlie rapid riau 
of Wolwy. lie (uapocted Wolaey of cn- 
COiirnf^K Iho kiot[incxtmtagano«,and foa- 
tcrinjr his mnhitioD for dinlinctioti in fontign 
BSaini ponlrary to ihr caiitioua poltc; of hia 
father. He i-unarquvnllT jtaT* war to out- 
hurate of iU-temiwr, and In Sepl«nMT IfilS, 
'being di«ooun<eDaim'd by tb« ktnf, he left 
thacourt. Wolaeir tliinka'itwouU beaiood 
thing if ba vent ogatad ftom bie lotuing 
them altofrctbcr' (BiiitwaL dlmJar, J. nn. 
3443). lint Henry VIII won wi»i' enough 
to aee t he MilvantaKP of miiinlnining u bnlnneo 
in bia council, ami he knew the worth of a 
man like •Surrey, Wbeii, In lul.S. he led hia 
army inw Frmnw. Siim'v was left aa lieu- 
tenanl-grnernl of thi^ north. lie hnil to meet 
the attack of Jam-* IV nf ScoiUnd, which 
wa* ao daoHTdr re]irUi>d on Flodden I''ir>Id 
(9 Sept. 1613), a TJclory <liie to the onergj 
of Surrey in raininf; Iruupn and in orvaniailur 
hia amy, ■« well aa to ilie tiialegical akul 
whieb he ahowRtl in bia diapoaitiona for ths 
battle (nii.i.. f'Anmh-fr, p. A66,ftc.> Thin ia 
tli» iDrire n'ninrknhlc' whi-n wi> remwnbnf 
(Jiat hewiu thi-n ia hia Mventinlh rrar. Am 
^ a rveoffnitjon of tbi> lignal aDrrici^ Surmv, 
j on 1 Fph. I''>l4,wnd created Dukeuf Norfolk, 
' with an annaitv of 40/. out of tho cniuitina 
of iVorfolk and Suflbllt, and further had a 
I grant of an addition to hia coat of ann» — on 
I a bend in hia shield a deini-tion, gal ee, pierced 
in the month with an arrow. 

Though Norf'^lk had gniiuKi diatiaction he 

did not gain inilui^nm over thr king, wlioao 

policT waa complcirly dirrcii>il by Woluy 

on liDM contiarr to tlis wWdio* of the old 

' nobilitr. Nflifolk waa o p poaed to the mar- 

naKeofthekinir'aaiHterHarywilh LouinXII 

of France, and vainly Irir-d 10 i>revL-nt il. 

To onnmle htm fi>r liiH fikilun- he wae cJKiwn 

10 candiicl Mary to bar biiabaiid,and waiud 

till hKWn* inl-'mnectowTeakliiiiill-bunKiur 

hx dLnniuInt; Marr'' Kngliah atlcndanla 

'(BKewiia. l/r^,H ^f nr„ty fill, \. 40). 

' Thit act only threw Marv «a<w« completely 

' on Wotaey'a aide, and ao laorBaaacI bia influ- 

tnn. Norfollt ainat ban felt the hoprltaa- 

DMB of ftirtber ofAnrition when, on I A Nor. 

' ISin. ht> and tlia Doka of BtidbUi conduotad 

Wo1m>;i-, after hia recaption of tba taiJinal't 

, bai.fruai thebi|[h altar to the doorofWaat- 

miiuter Abbey. He aradnallrnaigBcd U»- 

aelf to Wolaejr't policy, and tbe VaaellaB 

' earoy Otiiatintan reporia that be waa ' T«ry 

' iBtiiBal*withibecardiB«l'(IlaviM3rBB0W]r, 

' Atir J'eitrj «( th* CUirf ^ Hrury VTIl, 

App. ii.) In Fetiniary ISld the Dochcaa of 




Norfolkww ftodmollicr to thi- Princpw Mnrj, 
and in the lutnie jtmt Norfolk wai ■ commiB- 
NJonoT for fonning ■ lea^e with tb« empMor 
ftnd Spain in <l«f«dc« of rhu cUurob. In Mky 
11)17 )ii> *howi!i] bit old vigour in putting 
tloirn a riot, of the IjOndoo appnmticM agnitut 
I<in-i^<^ni, wliicli, fron Uw nauunrpunMb* 
EQitni it n>ceived. wu known m ' Eril May 
day.' Wlien the kins went lo the Field M 
the Olotlt uf OoM in 153U, Norfolk vu left 
gnudian of the liingdom. But « painfiil 
Uak wu in blore Tor liiiu: iu Maj lo31 h« 
WM Hipoint«d lont high «T«wiiri] for Uiv trial 
of Edward, duka of ttiickiiiKhain, on the 
chaiWD of truoMti. Ilurkini^am woa hi* 
friona, and fnthur uf ibo irifi> nf hi> eldeat 
•on : and fi^w iiicidptita un- mnrv ohoracti-c- 
iatic of th^ t<-m|H>r if thv timi' than that 
Norfolk sliuiild haw ixiutntited U> prasidtt at 
•ucha trial, of wliicli ihciMue WMafaregon* 
Aonoliuion. With iiion) acrMming down hi* 
bti bia cewanl in u gnnt at monon from 
Buekjnffhaui'i) furfpiturvs (Bhrwkr, OiJmi- 
dar. iii/No. 38'42). In «pit« of his great ag«i 
Nurfnlk »iill coniinitcil at court, and wm 

tirniiont it tJw NMption of diorlopi V in Majr 
h22. In Ilooembcr, howovor. he rvni^nad 
tho office of tieamrer, but wn* pnouDi at 
parliament in Aoril IG23. Aai-r that he 
ratired to bit caatlo uf Frnmlinaliiim, whciv 
he died on ^1 Mny lH'Si. and va^ buried hI 
ThMford Pfiiiry, of wLifh h-^ vras natron 
(MaKTIK. nitltry t,f Thftfard. \t. )■.'■}), A 
tomb wn« raited ovvr liiiii, whicb tit (lii>di»- 
•(dution of tho iiiona*t«ri«ii wan removod to 
the ehurrb of Fmmlingham. It i« (aid that 
luA body liiiully remoiupd in the Howaid 
Cbajifl al Lnmbelii. ivbi:i« hi> «econd wife 
vraealoo huned(«oe 'Th« llowanlii of Efliu^ 
Iwm,' by 0. LavBMS Gowsr. in Surrry ArSi. 
OJl. ii. 3971- 

Tho r.atiinr of Hnward ia an «xcnl1«nt OX- 
ample of ibc ppno-j* by whirh the Tudor 
ktnfpi oonvertod the old tiolnlity into digni- 
fied olBoialn. and rpdiit^ed them into entire 
dependence on the I'mwu, Howonl aiv 
OeMed tbe poaition, worked hard, abandon^ 
■11 aorn^oa, and enihemd overy powible re- 
ward. Polydorn ^'n^l[^I pfni.w» him an ' vir 
priidcniin, irrBvilJili> ei connunlia |inrdiliiii.' 
By hifl lirst wile, Elmabelb Tilney, he had 
eJcbt aonii [tee Howahd, ThomVs 11, and 
Howard, Sis Brwird (U77?>lfil3)], of 
wliom dv* di^d^rounKfand three daughters; 
by hi« rwond wif<^, AgncR, daughter of Sir 
itiilij) Tilnry, he hnd tlirtw ooiui, indudiog 
WUham llnword.flrat lord Hownrdof KIHnjr- 
bam [q. V. 1 and four daiighlan. Ity the mar- 
rlsgM of tSia muneroua offering the Howard 

family wat coaoected with bimI at lb* dutf 
familfw of England, and MCBtod a loMiag 

[An iatarMttnc bingniphy of Bowafd waa 
written on a lablat pterad abova hk tonb al 
Thstfbtd: it boa been pwu rr u d in Wcana'a 
Faoarall Uonumaati. pf. MI-IO. This h«« b«an 
ampliflod hy Du^lit]i>'< lUmnnirii, il. OT-Tl. 
BbmaHold'atliatoiyof Norfolk. 1. 4i)-;t^ Hawa 
and Lodor'aSiiitatyorFTaDilingluim.ep. 8<U!6; 
CkKwriifbt and lUUway'i lliiloryof liw Ww 
tern [H>r*i<)n of Sdomb. it, IM-8: CoUio*'* 
Ptoragi-, pp. 40, &4. -, DojWt Offldal Ilar«nan 
ii. 380-91 ; llovaid'a Hemarinls of th« Rowarda. 
Thotr an «a[)plnnatiiad by Hall'* Chtonidei 

Spoaith Calewhir: Brovnt Vmetian OolMidar. 
\ and Dsnat^haa of OioatiaiaD ; Soafind and 
I TownMod'a Omt Oonrniag FoniliM of Sn^ 
I land. h. I16--J).) U. C. 

HOWARD, TlinMAS 1), Karl or 
I SirKanr and third Uvkk or Norfolk 
I of ihe Hnn-ard hoiue (UTS-ISM), wairiac 
I and nlatt^man, woa eldeot aoa of Thonaa 
I Howard 1 [q. t,] by bi» wife EUiab*^, 
' daught*-r and lieirMw of Sir Frt^derickTihwy 
I of AAbwnllthonM- Hall, Norfolk. Iln wu 
h«tWT<pii Itiphnrd 111 nnd the Howard family, 
wa* betrothed in USt to ihe Lady Ann* 
(bum ot Wiwraninoter L' Nov, HTS), third 
daui(lit«r n( h^lward IV (Bt'ci, Hutoty nf 
Hivhard III. p. &74>, The Udy h*d bea 
brirnibeil by her fnlber fay trfwty dated 
•'■ Auj,' 1180' lo Philip, *on of Maximilian. 
arrbduki'of AD>tria,biil Kdword IVadMtli 
hnd brouKlit lhriK-li<>iiirio noihinir. Afterlfaa 
, overthniw of Kichntd. di-»pite ihe change in 
the fortunea of Ibe llnwards. Lord Thomaa 
renewed hia claim to the hand of tlie Lady 
Aane. who waa in conetant ativndan<ie on 
her niter. Queen Rliiabelh, and Henry V IT 
permitiod the raarrio^ to take place in 14M 
llbn marrineewttlRment ia given by H.tME, 
/■hrmnlarr Anfflifvniim. pp- lOB-lOI. Tlie 
queon ai^ttled upon the bnde an annuity 
of 190/. (canlinned bv bcIh of pttrliament 
II Bnil \'i Hen. V[f), and tfae mornage 
took placi- in WMl.minster Abbfv on 4 Feo. 
14ilA. Howard aubieijueatly ■•itred in iha 
north imdnr bia faib«r, hy wboio be was 
knitfhtod in IJtIH. In lAll be joined 
hia yaunffcr brother, Ivdward [^. v.\ Ibe 
lord admiral, aa captain of a thtp in hli en- 
oounlor with tlie Soottiah pimte, Andn^w 
Barton [i). v.] In May \fili he woa made 
tinntf<niinT-tr«'[ieraI of the army which waa 
■nnt to .Spain under the command of the 
Marquii of Dorant, with Ihe intention of 
joining the fovea of Ferdinand for the in- 


_ of OiilMin*. TliB |RW|«, ill (uppliod 
fad, gfe^ weftrv of vraitini; fur Fi-rdi- 
ni liu»tinl tii^in rrtiimliij; Ivumt-, in 
i|it*ar HowBrd'i vnurti i<< jit-r*iuwlv tlivm 
IB mMUB iBkb«», OtXntifdc, i. No. 3451). 
HniJ Vin uiradnil Fruiw noxl nor. Sir 
BiwanI lli>«*nl fnll in ■ iiavm ennge- 
in Mardi, and uti ^ M>r trilSLoM 
««« kppobud InnI aiimirnl in liin 
Up wm nol. liow«vi>r, called uuun 
at tiv, li»t (iiugLt uadar hja btDor 
lata o( iIm> lai^cuanl at itur battia of 
FiM (S¥ft»<a.\)ft ]M»), wliun^ ba 
MM a ■awagf in tlu- ^oitUh king thai hu 
Ib4 Man* lo Kire him MliMraetian for the 
^Mthof Andrifii,- UaRon. 

Wbi« )>i* fnilwv wu Cftalml Diike of Nor- 
Uk OD I Trb. Ifili, l^nl TlioRiaa tlowar.! 
W ttftpl K^rl af KurrpT. lii politic lia 
^••■■d wilL hit [illiiT Id o|ipn*in|i WoImi}', 
■Brd wa* cmi'ilnil, Iil»< hi' fatlirr, br tbo 
Uli0> of bta upfKiuti'in li> ih? FrvDcb oUi- 
aam hj hain^ ami iu Sppti-mbRr ISM To 
■waM tlia Pnncaas hlinr i» I'rnTice. But 
flHTijdiilaot aavlba wiailois of abaudonuig 
Ilia tiff rMtlimi lo Vlotmy to joob a« hJa fatbor. 
Hhs* want alarm)' weuaa noiiioliiiua in tho 
BO— ail chaM W. and on 31 Ma^ iniflwnani 
UUlbaCflanv;* w>j put oiii, wIioIitvlt that 
■Wf mmut ' llMSaB, lUiutraliont, i. 21 ). Ilia 
Vila Arob oin] o( nouamplinn probnblj in 
tk* wiMtcr of iniL' 13, and aboui Uaaur 
ISIS tta nunruHl KlualH'lli, t\Ar»\ AvtfAom 
'' '" -.iTird, diiku of Hitckitigliaiii, 

> l'«rri , i|itii^lit«r uf ilw Karl 

M ^-'riF.iiiair-liuid. Tbaprl.irhn WM tiltli; 
■M« Ihaa Gftaan, hail alnnd; bana batroUMd 
t« hir bllwv'a ward, (tielianl Nvvilla, altor- 
waH* fminli tiarl of Wnitnorlaiiil. Tbi; 
vilh inrli lanulioaaa tbota of Buck- 

I uA NorUinmbarland atreagtbcnad in 
, Iha natural ob^iioa irluok ha fait to 
Wdkrf'a ■■• w vr, ami to I ba pvlirjp of iJepratMBg 
ikaola Bnhilit<r, but lhaawvuiicuiof Iraddng- 
haaiM l&'il laQftlil himu li>M0Dnfpru<liitiici'. 
Wk« >h" irial nf UiirkiiiKluuD iwik plan-, 
Sarraj «a*in Irxlotiilaa )i)nl-lieu1anaiil, aod 
It waa aawl thai ba had bH« Mat ibilbnr of art 
por^i^iliai lii'talaklbaoiUaflbewajrwlMn 
iW EtoMw m--iva4 that Minra eautiaii. In 
Jul) IJUi'Sarrvjri-nlarad apm tha thank 1cm 
'v&<rf««d«aTnannit tolnapItalaNiliaonJtfr. 
Ill* lr«t«ra rvmlain atrminta of altmnpta to 
piedy ilv rival faclrai>> 'if Kitdan- and Or- 
nmdf^ ami orii full -if lUmaiiala for note 
aiut irpnp*. 

M.iil „t \Ml Sitmy waa rrcallail 

I ah" cmnnand of ibr Knfliah 

ji-'ratima aRaiBal Ffantv. Ilia 

ilI-|mvvuioiml, anil hia watfan 

Im a aahaa of iwda upon tba Fnadl 


Ai t) 


coaai for iho iiurpuw of inllictinit all iha 
daiBa|{*> poatibli.'. la .lulj I6ii be hnmad 
Horliux,iti Sapiembar laid wb«1« the countrj 
roand l{oiil«iriii-, niid fiptaad devastation on 
FVBty aid'-, lill itii- wiotar brotight iHii'k rbu 
llivt t» l-:ii)[lniid, WliL-n,in DeoemW Ift^J, 
hia fut liL-r rojiani-d (he oHicl- c)f high t.rraaurur, 
it waa luatuwud on Surivy. wliuic Mirricaa 
n^Kt yMir verte rvquimi on ibo Sooltiiii 
bordtsr. Tli'.> Duha of Albany, acting in tha 
iatarnta i>f t'rnnca, waa raising a paitr in 
SootlantL and tlin«tcnad to crippln Knglaad 
io ita nilitar}* undvtlakiiiira abroad. Siimj 
wsa inada wranltrn freuvntt of ilvi? marcbna, 
and waa iwnl tit t«aai Scotlaud a tciuin. Ha 
carriml out tlip oamv brutal [tolicr of drvoa- 
lation aa he bad uaed iu Franca, and rvduoed 
tlia tScoitifb bonlar to a daaert. But he did 
not wntiim to mnrch on Rilinbuigb, and 
AJbany fniiud tnrana to reach Scotland from 
Fiance and gatbcr an army, witb which ha 
lajdaitgo lu Wnrk Caitli>'on I Xov.; but, 
irhi^n ha lii>rird (hat Surrey was advancinx 
to iia n-lifj', bu ignominioiuly retruatud. Thia 
iraa lull lu b« a groat irictotj for Sarmy, and 
SIcDlioa rajmwtilad ttw popular opinion in 
bia poem, "Ilonr tho Duke m Albany, lik« a 
cowaidlr kni|tkt. ran away.' 

On -A May lolii Snrrvy. by hu fatbor"* 
daatb, •nooeeded nh DnVr <>( Norfolk, but 
waa rtillamplojrml in walcbiiig Scotland and 
bn nvgotinting with llw^ uiievn ref(ent, Mar- 
Ear«t. In I iitt li« m* all'iwvd to niluni tii 
bid lioiiw- Ki Kiwniniihall, Norfolk, irbaie, 
kowevnr, hia wrriri-a Wrri* aoou naidnd to 
Ritflll nn inanrTvction wbicli btulcii out at 
LariMihiun aad Siidbiuy againat tho loan 
whicb waa naoeaaitatad br the axpaoaea of 
ihi^ Frwiidi war (Hall, Chromett. p. TOO). 
NorfoLk'a taci in daaliagwith thHiaaur^Mta 
WM auooatafnl, but thi> dirainnd for monaj 
waa withdrawn. Want of aupnliea meant 
that paaoa waa necawory. nnd in .\ uguu Nor- 
folk waa afipointml onmuiimauL'r to traat for 
pL-a(r<>witbFraDos Vilyto tha war waa otw, 
ihv ^r«at iiiiMtioB which occupied Bwli^ 
politic* waf tliat of thv kiajf** diroroe. naa>- 
folk WM aalirvly on ih' kin^'a aide, and 
waitod witb frrgirinK aatiffiuCMB for lb* 
cnurao of evirnta to brins about Wolaaali 
fall. He and tho Uuke of SuOblk did aU 
ihcT ci^nitd to InCKoao tbeking'* angwagainat 
Wolaey, ami aojo^vd tbmr triumph when 
they vara commiaMoiMd to ilvmand from him 
tha graal aaat. Noriblk waa WoUay'a im- 
plaeable aimmy, ami would ba ooatani with 
nothing abort of hi* aatui.' ivin. Ue pra- 
■ided onr the ftivj council, and hoped to 
ru* to the aataaaee from which WolaeT bad 
bUao. GedoTiMdlbeplasof M-nding WoU 
•ej l» Ua d ioaaai of York, aad did not mm, 




till lii» hmi gatlumd «viitence wliieh miwd 
the)ring'iintniicioii*»iitl li<iitoWo1*eT'*«iini- 
noil' to 1>Diii]nn itnd hijidi^atli <in Ihejonmc^. 

Noif"lk hoiwd t<i fill WoUey'n ptw, bill 
lienaii Fnlimlydoitiluli.' of WoUcT'itti-tiiua. 
He could onlj become ibe kiag't iiwlio bia 
diAbonounble purpote*. In 1IU9 be tigniM) 
the li-lter to ilie ^ope whicb tlnvateonl him 
will) tlwi loB» of 111* tuprvDMc; in Kn^lsiul if 
lis it^iwtd thn 1tiii|^i divorm. Up arnuiivrcd 
IB aU Ibn tubnciiirDl firoi>ooi)iiif[r, and wnxcd 
fit an tbe Mpoils ol' llic muasatericH. Hi.' w«4 
ebi«r ulviiKT of Ilia uii-i^i-S Audi> Bolej'n, bill 
followuil tho foAiiioii of tL(! liinr id ]irMiiliii|; 
at bt^r trial kud ftmnging for lic^r oxeriiiion. 
Hill, nfV^riill bis •utwerriiinr^'.TlioTnniiCTfiDi- 
wi'll pmvntl K toorv UmAiI nun Ihnn hiiuti'lf. 
A fniiilcMi MiibaMf to Fruicn in \^Ha, for 
tbepurpcweof winninfT tVkndnIimitlL'wiih , 
Henrj, tlioirecl tlwt Norfolk wna eiilircly 
tfuti(itut« of WoImj'a diploQiDtifr nkill. But 
t1i«r« ir«n< Mxiie point* of i)otn«»iic policy 
ftiTwliiob biiwxancCMMTT. IIowm creiit<>il 
earl mnnhal in 1939, tad preaidvd oriir tho 
tria] of Liord Dacrv, who, ana^a tn aav, 
VM aoquittwl. In ihc «ipprc«ioi) of lim 
riinnifu of ffrBci-, Norfolk nllumalt'ly c»- 
I anil ibrvnlc^n'.il ibu innurgFiitD till their 
I melted nwny, mid lie could with safel}' 
nndwtahe Ui» work of otBdtil btitcliery. 1 In 
bold tbeollioeof loirdpreaicluntof lht>cniincil 
of llie nonb froio April Ib'X! till Ociobnr 
inSfl, whnn bo could boosltbal tbnri'bsUion 
bad bwn QVi^ngod by a cnutvo of morcUoM 

On hia reluro to court Norfolk In-'adcd tbu 
imio^tion agniiut Cromwell. He uUiwIbiiu- 
telTwithOardinwand theprrlatMof tlicold 
laaniio^ in «<nileavotiring to preTent an alli- 
■ncn vnih finrfnan pTOt«Rtalitit<in. In the 
piirlinmuDi of 1639 fin laid bofoic ihr lonU 
tile bill of the M uticlc*, wbicli Utcamu 
law. ' It wan mvrry in Bnglnnd.' lie mid. 
' before the now learning eamc up' (Frocdb, 
Jtitt. ch. lix.), and lienc«forlb d« deolaivd 
himmU Iho head of tbo reactionary party. 
In February IftlO bo ognin wnnt toTaru m . 
ambuMdor, to try if li« could luocciod on 
tliin nrrw bojMB ill ili^laobinK Fmncis I from 
Cliail«a V and ^'uiiiin^- bun m hii allv to 
Hbdw Vnr (Stat.- POftfTf, Hm. rill.'xVn. 
846-340). A^iii 111' faili>d in biadinliMiiacy, , 
but oftar bin returu bu had the tntinfarlion 
on 10 June of ari«»ttng CromweU in tbo 
eounoil dumber. Tbe exeoution of hi* rival 
tlir«w onoe again ilie chief powar iitto Kot^ 
Iblk'abBadt.udn wcond tim* he made good 
bin powtion byarmnging for ihf marriage of 
a nicci' with ihi> kiii^. But (be dinKtace of 
Calhrriiiv f Ion nrd won morn rapid t£an that 
of Aiuu* Boloyn, oud Nurfotlc ■gain bU back 

into the portion of a nilitnry c<>nniander. 
In I&431ie waawnt lOwarPwnratfainM^CLM- 
lond, and Mgljn wrwil(«d Ilenry VlII'* tm- 
fri'snci' by a harbamus mid upon tho bordaETtL 
[C nro« tlie tcrrar of bis nomr, and not hie 
actual jirxsicnoe, which ended the war by the 
diaattroiui rout of Solway Uoat. wIimi 
Ftoiity went to war with FVance in 1M4, 
Norfblh in spite of his a^' was appointed 
lipultinaiil-f pncnil of llm army. TIip army 
biuiicgrd Uantrcuil, and, aflrr n loofc ■if^i', 
caplund Boulognu, but Norfolk could claim 
no itloiy from tbo war. Afpun hu found 
litmi«lf *ujKnw<)ud in ibe royal favour by a 
uowerful riial, tbe EnrI of Hertford, whom 
tii> faiind to coBciliule by a family alliance 
whicb waii]irnpoiii>dfnrhisacccpIance. Undpr 
tbr inlliinnci* of bin lout qneini (Oalfaerini* 
I'nrr) and Ibi- hjiri of llortford Hcnrr Vni 
favoiin.-'l tbf rvt'orniirif; pnrty. and Norfblk't 
counaela wi-rr littlr h««dMl, .\* tbe kin{:'a 
houlih wu rapidly failing, it becainv Hert- 
ford's "biwi to n'inovi' bin rlvabi i>ol of tbe 
VHv, ami in 1540 Norfolk'n aon. Ili-sry. Mfl 
ofriurt(T7[q. v.},wa> aocuml of high tn«Mn. 
The cuargc affauut tbe md wm made to ii»- 
dudc tbe father, and Norfolk'* enemiti wer» 
thoM of his oiTD houMhoId, Hin prirale life 
was disorodi table, and shows tJic debnsinc 
I'ffMi of the Ung's esamde on iboMi aranna 
hiiD. Norfolk ^uanvllM with hi*wilfr,wbo, 
altbougb of a jcaloiu and vindictive leBper, ' 
wan one of tho moM accompliifami wooien Of 
the time. She patronund the pari Ski'lirm, 
who wTolo, while bergueot at SKerifl' Hut ion, 
Vorlubiiv, 'A Goodly Oarlonde or C^pelet 
of Lanrell.' But with licr bunband the waa 
always on bad terms, niid occuwd htm of 
crueltv at tbe tim« of ber dauf^ler Mary's 
binb in 1610. Till* diiko vnon aftrrwarda 
tonka mistrcas, Eliiahnlh Holland,' acburl'a 
daugbt«r, who wan but a wanbor in my niir- 
Bi-ry I'igbt veam,' ai bis wifi- complained to 
Cromwell ("Nott, Workt <tf ttenry Beward, 
Earl '■/ ■Surnry, Apji. xxni-xxxii.) lu 16S3 
be tieparaled mimliiR wife, who withdrew to 
Redbbme, Hen fordnbiro, with n very Msnty 
allowance. AppeaU of husband and wife to 
Cromwell and ibu kins failed to ■cenri' • 
raconciliation, and tbeduchCMrefuMKl losuo 
for a divorcv. Tbe discord apnvd among 
tlie other members ot (be family, and they 
wen? all nl variance. Evidence a^inst Nor- 
folk 1CIU givfn, Doi only by biw wif>>, but by 
hia ilauj{htiir, the DucboM of lUcbmond, end 
even by blUiabeth IloUand, who only widied 
to save herself and her iU^sotlen gain*. But 
tile evidence woa not •oncienl for bin oob> 
dentnatioii, and Norfolk, a priaoiMr in thn 
Tow«r, wa» nenxieded to plead gnUtj aad 
throw hiBMlf ou the kinf a noeey. He 




icontoviiNi on 12 Jan. lu47(H8E- 

Btigm ^ Havy f'/ii, •.«.}, and hja 

hw, wha were «ag*T to sIibk tli« pro- 

> at hid forf-itiire, iiiiruduceil a liill for 

bu alt4iii<ti.-r iiit'i jikrliaoionl. Tbe bill, of 

•, pairrri ai oacc. aii>l tbii dfing IriDit 

atft] a (nmiDiuion tn jcivi-' it ihv rovsl 

Bt. Tlu* wu(IuiiiL'o[i2rJan..BiulorJvnt 

^TWt tar Norfolk's nvcutiun on the 

I moniing. But in ilm night ihu 

a, uul ikt iatia of tb« i-ouncil diil 

Ttlumk It wiw to begin thnr nilr liv nn 

of umImm blDod»b«d. NnrMk, indivd. 

I cut |Im> fcround from andnr tbi-ir foel by 

; a pKiiiari lo tb« !()■)[ bominK tliat 

•auiM xbould be aetiM on tav young 

: Kdnan), and tbe king; bad gractoiul}' 

jilol ibc Hif^fMlioii (XorT,A])DL xnix.) 

CorfoUi rnnaiaml a |imc«i»r in ilii> Toner 

liag Edward VTs rnicn. but na* rvleasvd 

I Utfy'* BtYMwion. III! ]Mtiiiioii«l paiLa- 

; for Ibr tvt«tMl of bin allaitider OU thn 

I ilut lU-orT,- Vni bad iMit vi^nivii the 
•um to fwv ibr bill hi* MMiit (lA. 
. L) HiitpMiiioa wa« cranled, and ho 
naiorad D^m oT Xottalk on .1 Auf. 
II* w«* fimhtf awoRi of iho f^xy 
laosMcil and tnuk a kniftbt of tbi- (iucicr, 
nHla arrieo wero f«i]nirHl for buaiuiun in 
wWeh h» had wbdIc experii-nue, Bud on 
17 \tf. b« pnaidM a* lord high steward at 
ti» inal of the Diikr i>f NorthumbnUod, 
MmI l»d the tatiifaclioa of antraoing n for- 
r Mponnt U> (I««lb. tn Janunr^r 1654 

' old BMA WM lillllli'IllDt-gdliTal of th« 

_. Va afiot to pat down Waal's rubsUion. 
I thia he iliiplajwd an <>u«m oS rMhneie. 
H» tnarrbwl wilb far infaiior foroo* agonal 
\\'j\i, wboM) iMsdqiiutcia w«t« at Roche*- 
lav. a*d la a \iv\ej wm dew^rtfd br a band 
|Ib( Cn hoMdml lioadonM*, wbn wcrp in lii* 
lib imorn w»(« thrown into oonru- 
aad dfd. iMving ibdr gaa* behind, 
p Wfat w** ihu Mteonrai^ locoiitinui? bis 
h npoB LoMkoi. Norfilk nx tm) lu bia 
■ at Kaminittiall, Norfolk, wlivrv ho di«<J 
an K> Auk. ICU. II« wan burivd in tho 
cbuch (if FraraliDgbam, wbar* a moBumvDt, 
which *t4ll f (iata, vm oiwctcd atrt bin Knure 
— an altar tonh wHh sffijpn* of Norfou and 
. bbweood wib. (KoradifmaaiiiiDofibequt*- 
* iwWilMVlhutfihciaaibof theaecondor 
■ve 'iyvti4.^ lAe Suffolk A reAirol. 
'.9LW>f''i ilirrauancoffmiinauifAwf. 
'JIWliWl,p(.!.p.:itl&> Noi%ilkUd.<iKribixl 
fcy tW> V*ti<tiaii ambawailor. I'aliori.iu lUI an 
'MaadlajMlapaniortlalarvand hi* bair liWk. 
Ha ia pruJxQl, lihiinil, atUMr, and a>tut«; 
MaMoatM iittli norybnly, ban irnal rxocri- 
r in lJw> ailniniMrBti'M of (br kin^oan, 
I affain adnurabtjiatfirM to gttwitr 

DlevBtion' (yewtian f.binvfAi-, ir. 3M-&). 
Thia WM wrilli-n wbtrn Norfolk, afti-f Wol- 
W^'adcatli, nwinrd, «■ tbi- cbicf oftbe Kng- 
Lish noblt<», tu b« tbo dtnlint-d stico^uor of 
Wolwy; buliiiMoii ii)>|)>-iiri'd that tb^ Tudor 
polity ii-n« not of n kiixl which p>iihi be bwt 
cnrriwl out by Dobb'n. Norfolk wut inHiivn- 
lial mun: tluxmab hii poittion iban through 
bis abilifiui. and did not vcniph- at perinnal 
uktrigiu! 10 MuUTV bia jioniT. Still, subipr- 
rient i» he might abow bimtirir, bi> wan not 
to umtal a« in»ii lih«i Cmnwell, nnd bi> boix-a 
iif boldinK Ibw chinf pUco wvw cuiiatontiv 
cliaitppiiiilii.ll. Iln wan hot-turn pcrpd, trit- 
«»>kiui;, and brulal, and bla cam-r iihowa 
ihc deti-rioTBtion of Bnclinb lil'v ondtrr 
neni7 VIII. 

NorfolkV r<iur cbildrnn by hi* (lt*t wifit 
died young ; by hi* wcond wife, who died 
SO Nov. Ififig and wnn biiriod in the Howard 
Cliapcl, Lambi^th, ho bod t«ro lona (Ilonry, 
uatl of SuiTL'T '(I. v.], anil Tbomaa, 16^f- 
lu6S, who wan eduOMted by Lflond, and waa 
created Vmcuunt lluwarduf ItiniW 13 Jan. 
IAAH-9'I and onv daughter, Mary [u. t.~'. wbo 
married lleniy I'^I.cnn, iluheof Riclitnood 
[q.v.}. natural HMi of FlonryVin. Thpreiaa 

Iiortrail of Norfolk, by Ilcillwin, nl Norfolk 
louK, nnotbi-r at W'mdsor, tincl annthiT at 
(!aiilU' Howard. Tho finrt of ibe*- ho* hi>i>n 
enxTHved in Li>dg«'a * Portfuilti'iinil in Cart> 
wTight Bud Dollawiiy'a ' Hisiory of Sumox.' 
There are ollu't utignivuiK" by \'unflonaivn 
anil SuriTen. 

[Dngilab'* BaroDHjti^ n. 112-4; Lodgs'a Par- 

ttmu. vi)l. il. ; IliiytB*Oinc!al IhruiM^rr. i>, SDI- 

S9t : (Villini'ii Pu«nu^. 11. 41. tte ; tlowonl'i 

Mimoriiils of lb* Ilawarda; Uave* and l/Nlcl'a 

|[ir>i. of Fmmtti^aai: Birww and GaMaor'a 

Lttlrr* Hod Ft^iin ; SutuPapAnnf l[«n. Vtll; 

BcrsmKilb'a maniab ODirndnr; Bruirn* V«n^ 

lianCaloDdari UBiiulton>lri*bCaIiiu<lar.i.3-S; 

Driwar'a CUondar of C^nw USS. to), i, -, Turn- 

b«jr« Cnlandar of lb* Raitfo of Mmrj ; Usyna/a 

BniKhUipPN{«n.No(I'i\^r1u of Hnnrr Howard. 

Earl of HuTTv;, Aiiji^ilii ; Bamot'a ^Lof Iha 

' Rclbmiation ; Foi*'> Ainiand HonnmMiU: Har- 

bm'* Bailtn of Bvnry VIII ; OodwiD* RaigB of 

Man; LciigT'*II]iiBtr,ofBriti>hHiitorT,Tol.i.i 

' lUlfa ChrDBlelo : CanncliiJi'a Llfo of 'Woboy j 

, Sua* Trioln. i. tAI, ftc; lilumoflold'a Bin. af 

I Norfolk, lii. IM-e ; Uallamj and Outwridit'a 

I Bill, of BimKX. Tol. ii. i*. ii. pp. ISa-SM : 

8rtdl<nr'a Sut* Pafan^ vol L ; Froode'a Hlat. «f 

j Un[^laiiil;>^anfordandTownMnd*«Oraatti«nr*- 

' inic FsmillM of KogUud. ii. 3U~1I: 0«mL V»f. 

ISIA. pi. i. pp. 147^1 (a oartfUJ acuonu of 

Aiiur. Iha dnk*'* Br>i wiU). 119-97 (an M«a«Dt 

of Hlitntwtb, lh« ovnd vifn) ) M. C. 

HOWARD, TlKlMAS in, fourth Ditkb 
or Noamui of the Howard boiw* (169^ 
li72i, >tat«aBui, bora nn 10 MiuBk IQM, 


68 ] toward 

WM 1 he »nn of UcniT IIowDnl, inirl of Snnv)' 

^q. T. j, \>y PrWDCM Visrr, ditii^UT of John, 
norl iif UxTonl. AAt-r ihr pxLTUlion of bU 
fklLr^r ill l'>47, )■■• wiui n-movcd In- inhr of 
itiL- |>riry ivmm-jl fr)m liif mMlwr, Hnd orm* 
commiilM] to tbr rhnr)i4> of liii niinl, Marj 
Rtirov.iiudicMof IticliiniinilLii.v.].jitoliobly 
fi|)W, IliiiTiiturw&sJiLilin Koxi- i].T.].ufl'-r- 
wnnln hiiowii it« tlic niitrl yruli^'iM , wlio liveil 
wilk liim nni! hh briit)i<>r ami •int-e'r« >I. tho 
riiBlle'if ll(-i(j«!i>. It rnnv b(M!"iiln.-ilirFon> 
iuipftityii nmrh of IiIh tliroloay on hi« pii|iirii 
niiiiil. 1)111. hn d'ttiiinlv iiisiilraj liim with a 
fi-cl ing of nwp'iiTl whit'li Iip novi-r i<i»t , ond he 
looK niin-(t'<) hin M'piiralloD fmm li» luttir, 
when ill lotVt liif tuwMiun <7f (Juwii Mnry 
df Norfolk, wlwi Jitinih^eii Fi'XC ftviio hi* 
olBor.itiid ntnccul liii> i^rntiiliion undiTili'^riin- 
of Rtshop WliitQ of T.inroln. iij hi* tcrnnd- 
fttliin'* NaroTAtion a* l>iiki' of Norfoili on 
•I Auff. l^RS. Howard reci^ittKl liii fitlhi^r'* 
title of Knrl of f^urrrv, nnd ill SupteiaWr wni 
nuule kuiubt of the Biitli, Hi.- ui^inlcd ttl 
HAn''iTOraiitriuB,kndoiiThi'iirrivnl in V.nii- 
land of Philip, wiu miidnhii' llnl iK^iillninan 
of ihei ctiemlW. On hin pundfiitlii'r'ii dcntb 
nn 3.1 Auji. lAM. bi? luocn-ded iia Uukc of 
Norfolk, nnd hraranir enrl mitnihiit. 

In I'lliti Norfolk inurried Liidy Msrv Fil«- 
■Uti, dnunhtcr md livin-io of Henrr FiliuUn, 
twelfth call of ATUmk-l ri). v.] Sbv 4ied in 
childbed on 'i6 Aiw. Ki-'x . nl IIik a^ »f six- 
trvu, leaviiig • win Pliilip, who rtiircwdt^ in 
rjjgiit of his moihor iit Kiirlof Arundnl [tj. v.] 
Norfolk did not. long mmnin n widowiir, imd 
in 165S innrrii'cl imoiher binmu. Mar|j:itr«t, 
dnaahiT.'rofTbomji»,lonl Audlcrof WBlden. 

Norfolk was loo jdiui^ to Inke say part in 
nShm during* Haij-'a mgn, but bo wi* iii 
fiiTOiir nt cuuit, and Kiii^ Philip wrii jfiid- 
fti.lipr Tri litii will. On FlixsliMh'ii iiccunion 
il wni> n ranlt^'r of import nncp to atTnch ilcB- 
nit4<Iy lo bcmidp s mnn of Norfolk'* posiiioii, 
In April lo^D he wiu made kciKht of iliu 
l)arl<.T. Eltmbt-lb nlyled bim 'her cousin,' 
on the K"""'<' i^f <h'^ relutionihip hi>lwi>oii 
tlii^ ITownrdsnnd thc<ttf>leyii»,andchoiH' him 
to take* loiulin^ port in ihnflrct KT^Munder- 
talnne of b»r tr'tgn. thi< vxpulaion of tJiL- 
IVracli troojw from Seocbuid. At firnl Nc)r- 
folkrrfiiwd ibfoffiTof ihepofll of lipuliMiuiit- 
lcencnil in ibe unrth.and probnMr exproMed 
file viFwa of iho iiobililv in lioldiotf ihat ibp 
queen wf'Hlil Mtor f«vure li*r*.df (lEninBt 
FriiiiC'' liv iiiBirying ihn Arobduk" ("hnrlia 
of Aiwlnn tlinn by inlnrforin^ in Scotlinh 
•tftin. But his si^mplnnwi-rooTrtryiincaiid 
in NoTMubcr Ififiil be •ei out to Newiriuttk. 
Bit duly WM to pniridt) lor tlii! dtiloacu of 

Berwick, to i>|m'I1 ap ooRnminiMlMiM 
ihc lord!! of tfa(* eongn^tion, and cautioiulj 
aid them in ilinrnMnMrMiagiLiDU the qu 
ngraC Br hin tide weiv plno.vl men of ««*1 

KrianM, i^tr Rttpli Sadler &nd Sir JuoaM 
oft, while th« frtiqaeiit romiuunicationM 
wliieh puued bctwtxi him aMil the priTrl 
eouiidl kIiow that not mudi waa toft to lu>^ 
dihi^reiiaii. On iT Feb. tfiOO be lignMl an 
Bi^vniiqit nt BiMwiek vrith llii^ rHprMent»-, 
litea of JaoiM Ilainillon, url uf .\rnin i 
duk« of CbAtvlbvnuli (I'-l' f-if''f>) iq 
DK ■ MRond pi'rwin of tli« Ttnlm of Se 
and Mion afiiir the nief^n of Lnith waa 1 
Norfblk did tint lake onr purl in tbc nilita 
opomtiolu, bill rctuaitied behind at tbC h« 
of the reierite, and ornnisnl 6iippliw> 
tb«< lime i-aniv for diplomacy CmiI wa* i 

tiQicFied fur 1b>^ pimaiu-, and tlin In>Bly i 
''dii>biir(fb n>l''if>'d Nrrrf'ilk in Auf^al froial 
duties vrhirh Iv hnlf-bi-artcdlT purTortaed. 

Hie public einploymrai I, however, aurved 
ila purjiofir' of tiiroiiift bim inio a courtier. 
He lived priiicijiBlly in IiOudun, and in !>«• 
cember loltl wns made a member of Grajr*!, 
Inn. Soon after be w«a nrom of lb* pnv 
eoiiiifil. In Aiicutt ISIU bit atlondad tl 
qii4<-ii on hiir riiit To ('«mbridgi!, and 
eiiivnd Iho d«t»i- of M.A. He waa move 
bv the H£ht of tbe luitinisbul bniblinn of 
Mli|{dnlenir (.'(>l1eK«, which hia fal bet^4lt-law, 
Lord Audli'T.hndfouiidi^. loDiveaoontader- 
nble Kim of moDey towarda tlivir CDtnpletioii 

iC^mtKB, Amtal:ii(fGimbriil)ir,ii. '2fHy Hut 
XorMk vriw not tntiitAwd with dancing ni- 
((<ndanffi im tb« 4|ani'n. and his pride wa* 
hiin nt l.hc> fnvoiir* bratowod upon the Karl 
of I.eiiNutcr, whom be refrardnl as a fov'm 

■iimptuoua lipiUirt. He n-wnt.^il LeicoJt 

fruleauon*t« Eliznbelb'> hand. and in Ma 
MC ihey bail an Hn-tn'iiilv i|iiHr[wt in 
<iua«a'apr«»eiieA 'jtev \>ii6vt r>i~pi r.r, IUibi 
Eiia or I.nn-iBn-an]. Th* qunm orda 
t.hiim to mnki- pnnce. A rrooniriliation ' 
palrbnd up. and in Jaouarv I'lSfl t1i« ti 
rirnlii w.-ri- elioson bv the t'rench king. _, 
(he forenioft of the Engliah nobiM, to t^ 
ceivu iha order of kni|rhl« ol St. Hieluwl. 

Norfolk'f d'liuwtie lif^ meimwliile waa i 
rapid Heri4» of rhnnini*. In l)r>c^mbor 1{ 
hi' attain iH^rnm'i a widower. Kii[tvin.l-'>67 h| 
ciarHiHl for hi" third wife Mliiohet^i, daiijrbic 
of Sir Frnticiii LevUmm*', of (.'iiniiwiek llaO,' 
Cumberland, and widow of 'I'bonias, lotil 
Uacre of GiUland. Sine died iu September 
16*17, leavins a *on and tliree daiifbttn by 
her fint bii«bnnd. Norfolk olitainnJ a Hianl 
of wnrdiliip of tbtw mini>T*, and dnl«nain«d 
In nlxorb ttio eioit rstnles of the Dacrca tnW 
kin •'>wn funilT br inter urn rrioRn* bvtWMs 
luaoluldnnauJluiitrp'cluldruii. Tbeyoung 


. 69 


Lard Dun* dUl in May 1569 rrom Uip fall 
rf • wvoilra horM imi vhic^b 1ib wtn prar- 
UmtTanltiaff,«oJlii«<lnth mn£nnr<] Nor- 
fuU IB llir prnjifl oriliviilmeilK^ I)boi« lands 
•aott(*t I1U Hiiu liT nMrryiniC tlifon to the 
UnvB ewhwi n— ■ « . Tliuir lillf. lio*reviT,wB» 
oJM in quciiiiin Iit tkrir fntlirr't brolb'-r, 
LiMnanl IWn Ti). v,1. wli4 ohimcd m b^r 
aulp. ThMmn^F woiildastiirallvIikT^roine 
fav trial in th* DMntMl'* court, l>iil a* Nnr- 
Iblfc bsM tltti oSn, oomniiwnni ri wi^n' np- 
Mmlmt for ibp trial. Orml firnnipiiliir1>>wa> 
NMim.tornn IB JolT.tnrL-flTa niunthafliT 
tlia *Tnng[ lord'i dcntli, ir wan d«cid«I ihsi 
' th* banxij caniwl nor int)*!!! imi M dMceiid 
into IIm Mid Leo&atd Ihicre to loii^ tw tliv 
iklil eolMin or anv ihii* from ibi-ir Iwidii'* 
tlwll MMtinuu.' ( ror an acciuni nf ihw in- 
■•t*alit)K Irial, fr .SlK('lttMJ» Yoi'Nii, f.W- 
Imicimt TopTMnipAiatrl (franil'yir«,\i,S2'>.) 

"n* pxn Mrlune wbicb bud hitbrrto nl> 
M aMM exieat »plaiii llii> blind lM.'1i'*f in 
biaMlf whicti Iir fliuwod in hit wli>'m« nf 
aMnriiw Mary (^in>n of Scut'. In 1-'>«S, 
wbra MbTT DhI In ICnglniid, Nnrfnlk was 
^tin a wiaovm, Ibo riclmt tnnn in England, 
yapnW aDit ro«rt«d, but du&ig undirr the 
napltttl b«- bad litltp tnSiimM-ortrrafliiin. 
Ha hMl raiiily Mntrti iifraiTixt Cvcil, wbo 
wsldivd bim cautiuuitr, aad lip wna JUHI tbe 
■aniabeeBaBaredbrliifKiini vanitv. Elixa- 
hrtkwM AnWraiwdbow lodoni with Mar^-. 
Jlwr Dm rtap va« in appoint n inmmiuinn 
npmnliiig all portW tn lit nt Ynrh in 
Orlubcr, add iDqairi' into (b>' cauw i( ihu 
nriUM*! kcAinvn Mirr mid tier mtlijlicla. 

nij>belh'* r^naaii-- 'iv ibi- Uiiln- of 

Nnrfi>lb. ibp Farl 1 ^ nnd .Sir Rnljib 

SMikr. Norfnlk vm- ilOMtrikM npnointMl 
lloMlcli kU hiKb )-wilion, ai the only dnho 
in Ki^fiatid, aMi an ibn rp|ir<'«-ntnlivi* of lb» 
■obtlilT, «Ih) ur)[«d lliat, if Kliabcth woiiM 
S0< m^nj, tlu> rrciifciiiii'>n of Marv'i claim 
In tb* anccMnon waa incvitablv ; bo ntt fiir- 
thrr hlu-lj to I10 acerptabli^ t>i Mnrj b-<ru.'ir. 
On II (>M. SlnTTajr oooimuniriird privatfllj 
Im ||>- Pnirliili co<IUI>i*<liiOi>rT* l)i» ('n>'ll<>t Irt- 
tf- 'fiJIi ■! flrnt unili- a* oon cvn- 

«ir >'<|.iiill (Asimnwu(,<W/<W«Bw 

ntmUma li Mary, iv, 7il, A:r. ) Hut MailUnd 
vt li*l£iii|^on in H iirivattr lulk mimitnl lo 
laai, ^ • »>liili<>n nrilltlirdilKcullwa which 
hast |batvohin^'>n>,<t<Bl hmiliniildiiurTy 
XafT, wbo niittht lli-'ii ". '. 1 to Hliia- 

b>tk Iv nvi(jfvi) (■> iIh- ' 'ironr. anil 

nmCMMnl a* Klicabrtba >'.irr>'u->r. 

W« MiiBnt Mv wilb ontusty wbatbnr or 
M titi* M>b«ni' had Uiin) alrvady prBMint to 
XwfcIbV»iait,b«i ho b'fl Y'M-kwiiliahFKM 
AilMiniiiatiiwi la eanj 11 out. h'or a luao bo 

' ncl«d caniioiwlr.Bnd wbuii tli« inTMtifrntion 
was tranifi-nvil lo WM1min«U-r before tho 
sn>at cflunril nf jm^rr, hn nill m^tiiimI to 
lielii'Vn in Atan'V Diiilt. Dut bo bud a iHcn-i 
iiitorvipw with Murray, who jirorossed bia 
ntrnwinuiil irith iIiq plan, nnd enoouNoal m 
biipv thai after his n^lum lo Scotland Matt- 
land «boiild bo i»iit Ui KliuilM-lh Hflriivoyof 

' lh» rsialo* of Scolliiiid, with 11 pn>iiii*iil for 
M)trj*B nmrrinen wilti Nnrfolk. Un ibis iin- 
d?nfnncliiiK Nnrrolk n'lil a inrvtn^ii 10 iho 
norllif^m lorda, birjoiiiifi ihrm to luy midd « 

?roJL-ci whiob they liiid fiirmcd f'>r lakinfF 
liimiy priiioiicT <in hi;- nrlurn rnim Lundon. 

I The Kpi'iiiiiK [ni'iilliM of I'lVli.' nivinrd to bo 
dihu.atruviHl'Dr Klixutjvth inrorvi^artuirs, and 
Ccci!'* foritnrd policy n«'ftl(fri->d iiii:n>ai>ing 
alnnn iiminnt; the Kn|ilivh miM-^. Lcicpi'I'T 
Irii-d to nii»l tVril from tlw' quifii'>i ron* 
fidtnci-; whfo ht-i'iiili-dlii- joiiiiJwiih Antn- 

' del nnd fi-tnbrDkv iti ilriviti); lo pmiuota 
Mari'*! uufriiipL- with Norfolk, Tlmy cum- 
uiiiiiviiTrd with Mhij fli Tuthury in Jiini^ 
fltid rnc'ii'wl h*r coniniiil. Norfolk wil» w- 
cniicilid to ("Til. nnti lin|Mii tn gBiii bia hMp 
ill u rein K (in lC!iRrib"'tlitlioiidvnntoj[i--»iobHdfc 
rlvi-drrnmaiichniHlUiDpnT. llustillwaitod 
for Mumiy'i pmnincd nir^nuijtt' from Si^ot- 
land, and «*r<il-> to him on 1 Jiitr tbat ' ho 
bud pniceedc^d -o far in ilie iiinrrinin' ibat 

I wiihcunHCii-iict^hi^i-mililnFitlier rvvokc what 
h<> bod doiir.or with honour proo't^-l furiher 
lill (iicii time a* be t^hoiild (vniove nil »iiiin- 
hliiiK-blockn to inoK nppnrrnt procircdii^n' 
{/Inryiliy l^iien, L 620). N<Trfolk'» plan 
was »till fnuiidtdonlojally to Miiinbcth and 
niuinifiiiiiici- of iiroli-atanliim ; hut ihvi pro* 
toitaiii nolilm hiokcd on with aiiiipicion,aiul 
dniibi"! thnt Norfolk woiiM becomp ■ tool 
in the hnnd« nf 8pain, ami iht- oaiboticlortla 
of tli» norlh KTBw iinpslif-nt i>f WHilinjri 
mnny of iheni wi'f cnnn'-cti'U wirli ],«onard 
Dncrv, nnd wvr>- indiKTiint "' the iwu* o( 
Nolfolh'i law:iiiit : Ibi-rforin'^d aplnn of ibcir 
own fir cnrrmiB oil" Mar* fnnii Ii-t prtwo. 

npnn KlitnWih, but If bad noi thi> owrafc* 
tn apply it. !!■< If It nThcratoplvad hi* tMiiao 
wilb ib'i i)n<«n, anil on 'J7 Aok. tkn cnuncit 

TOIhI for thrncltlenicnlof tlioaiKWaaloD bj 
the marrinirc nf ?ilar^' l« nom-- Iviipli^h nobln- 
aian. Still Norfnlk vnn alViid 10 4pM)( mil, 
thoiitfb on* day iho iiimimi 'gart- biiu a ni]i 
blddoigr him takt> hnnd |o hu nillow.' At 
lau hr iiTW'Wntaminl.iindnn I^H*fll.bM1l17 
bilV ihnontirt. Still be tnuli d tn [VimiMioB 
mtbi-r than fon-e.arid wrolc In NorthsnitNV* 
land trllinit him lliut Mikry wn* too MMirrij 
fitianlnl lo hr ri4>'unl, and bidilin); bim dofrr 
n ^l^inI.' Then on il Sent, he wnilr lo Fliia- 
, both (rxa KoumngliAll that bo 'noror i«* 




l«(tti9tadMlotlurwi»e tlun h<* mielic olitain 
lur ftvnur k* to do' (A. p, 63%). Ii«i wm or- 
dxcd Id MtMrn to court, bin. ^Icndrd the 
•xciHuofiUiwM,nni!, Dftor tbiugivinft £lu«* ' 
bvtU emj groiuti for tUKpicioti. at Itut re- 
tum«i] )iumtilT on 'J Oct.. to be met with 
inliiiinliiiii llini bi^muiil cuiiAiilcThiin4i>irH |>ri- 
•oii^nt rniit Woniworlh'sbouiwtl Biirnliam. 
KlUiibi-i li lit llrht thought of lirlti^nv bim 
to triiil for tivitMii, but Uiu ww> too Lardy 
a maUuri! in tlia luicartain *Ut« of public 
opiiiioa. NorfoUi wm «ltll eon6ilent id tb*? 
power nf bii pwtonol popuUrlty. ftnil irn* 
Ul'>ni»ibi!il wben on 8 Oct. lit? wan taki-'n to 
tli«i Tiiwi-r. tli# Oiend* in thv I'uuiiuil wun> 
ficniciv "Xomiiiril, and bin pitrtv ilwIndUd 
■WUT. NoiWijiiTccvi(l<i|icnn'iu<f>'viindn|i;nin>t 
Lira.butlbominsof tbitnortb in Novcmlwr 
•boir«d Kliiabfflb how arrnt hud bi-nn biT 
dooK^. Norfulk wtoIl- fr<>m lb« Tower, us- 
siiriii^ Elixubetb tbat \tr iipvi-r dmlt wilb 
niiy of tbi< r<>b(>lit, but b? i^ontiniii-d in coni- 
Diioicalion witb M«ry, wbii itfl'-r ibi> cnl- 
IqiMof tha riling cniiKh I mnrf <-a^>rty hi thn 
pronwct itf ««copiiiK m>m hpr ciiptivit.y by 
Vonolk's Bid. .sbpwrtiii- to bim (bat she 
vrniild lirp aiid dit- witb him,iinJBijrnodbtrr- 
Mlf 'TuuK r&itbful (odtfotb.' But Norfulk 
moiniiMd a prisoDHr till iimi-« wera poniewhftt. 
qi)t«l«r,aiul wUDntrcle«Md till M Aug, 1570, 
wlion ho wiu ordnrad to rwidn in bt> nwn 
IiOUH at till' rhnnnrbriiuii-, fi->r fiiu' of llic 
]dwu& III! hail pri>vi(iU)Jy iiinilf »ihmiB>ion 
to Uia queen, rDDOundn^ all purpiui' of anr- 
i^in^ MaiT, uid praauiLnff oniin- !id<.-Uiv. 

It wiiiild bavH Ihm'II wbI) fur Norfolk if lie 
liad ke]>l bifj prrmiiiiv, and luid n-CMirniiMd 
tliat b« niul raifml. lie rMumed biti old p-)*!- 
tioo, and wiw Mill looked up to with rwpnpt 
ki tbr brad of Uin Riitfliah nobility. Nliiny 
■till iboiiffht Uiut his innrrintro with Mnry 
waa poHible, but Norfolk hiiil iL-unitid that 
it would ui'vur bu witb Kliiithi-lh'i conarnt. 
TbefniliireofprvriouH(>ndi'avounihii(t drnwti 
Mary'* partiMoa laore cloaelv tugotlier, and 
now'tliay lookod for help Mif<>ly to tli«< ^im- 
nUh kinit. Tlii> wa* not n-hitl \orfo1k hnd 
inl«iidud wbi!ii tint hi> cnnci-ivi-d hli ninr- 
risffe projcvl ; but lit- could not let it drmi, 
and afowly drif^d into a ooutjiiretor Ho 
wnfenvd with ICidolli, uud li^uni bis plan 
Kir ■ Spaninfa iiivaaioti of KngUud ; h» ^nvp 
hi* fanction to Itidnltl'* nwotiaii'inii, nnd 
commiiiaionod bim to act ai nia ti^n-nxnin- 
liw witb Philip II- I!e nftrrwardu deniod 
ttiat be bad donr^ ibis in t.ay foratnl wny. but 
tha evidenoo it atrong aj^niUBt bim. |Hia 
inilructiotiA to KidoRl are in Ladavofp, 
I^Urf rff Marir fitaiift, iii. SSH, lie., from 
[Ii« Vaticun nmbivoA. and t'lini'DK. UuUiry 
of KnylanU, ch. xx., givtw ibma IK>m tbw 

Sintancaa arcbivM, aa well aa ■ letter aMit 
in dphar by tho SmuiifJi embaMador.) Ttw 
dieoOTetr M RidoIS'* plot wa* due to* Mfiw 
of acc-ldiints; but Norfolk'n oomplicity wna 
Elif^onl, wbu i-ntruilfd to a Slirewsbuiyinec^ 
chant a bog of gold containing a ciphered 
iKIcr. CV-il waa infofiupd of t.liu fact on 
I Si*pi., and oxiraotad bvaa Itirford (oiougb 
information TO (liow that Norfolk waa com- 
ipondintcwiih Mnry and hurfrieoda in Seat- 
land. Sorfolki »on*ania vrvn iiDpn*o<n«d, 
llir«at<rnrd with torture, and told much that 
inorrascd Cccil'^ tuapiciona. Norfolk wm 
next examined, preraricatfiil, and cnt a poor 
flg^irc. Ill- wn* comiaitt'id 10 tbo Tower on 
r> Arpt^ and the inrwti^ion woa ai4!adiljr 
piir«ucil till the cndnncD of NorfbU'* com- 
plicity with Uidolfi bad become Btrongfaiul 
ibe wliolo liiitury of NorfolWa piroceedinga 
wiif> made clear, EliiabMh aaw liow Uttle 
»lie could coiiDt on the Kngliah nobility, wbo 
were all anxious for the ufUlomnnt of tha 
t^iicceMion, nml witr in nonn- dDgmo or otbor 
on Mary'* nido. It wa« molved to n«d tlicni 
a luwoD by proceediiw Bfcaiiwl Norfolk, who 
wan brouitht to trial for luKh tr«aaon on 
111 Jan. ISTj. The pruccdarv, Hci^ordinc to 
till- cufitcini of tbc liiOH, waa not adapted to 

five thn acciiawl much cluuico of pltadi^. 
In wna not nllownl to have ooimatl, or 
ova a copy of thn indlcimnnC, nor were tho 
wilncmti a|inin;it bim pn>duccd in conn. 
Their cviiloncc wnii mul nnd commented upon 
by skilled lawyeri: the accused waa left 10 
deal witb it aj beat li<* could. Ilia convietiou 
wiiH tiK'vitulil'^. and aeoiciM« of death waa 

iininoiincvd ngainitt bim. Froni tlii> Towar 
19 wTol^ niibmiwiTi- lottcni to the quaan, 
owning thni he hnd gricvoiuly oSendBil. bat 

KMiiriiinK bin culHtHnliiil loi'ally. Bliaa- 
sth, ttlways arersL- to bloudnlied, for a long 
time Tffuaeil to carry out ihe «i?n>f4ic«; but 
li<^ nc^tintiona for a Frr'Uch iTi>atv ajid a 
luarrinfT' willi ,\lcncon iw'iuiri'd llint alia 
should act witb vigniir. I'arliiinii-nt poti- 
lioiipd for ibtf death "f Mary and of NoiTolk, 
iind ot liisl, on 'J .luni' liii'J, Norfolk waa 
trxi^uIiHl on Tower Hill. He epoke to tfan 
pe')iile, and mninlnin^ hi* innoccnoe: iici 
Mill ' thai he waa oerer a uapitt muco Iu 
knew what religion ateant.' It in quitj- fin>- 
bable that hn waa rinn^t in hia u(t«nuicaa; 
be callnd John l''o(c, who bad dedieatad to 
him in IMl* Ihu first version (in Latin) of 
hia niartvmloi^y. to consoli* him in bia laal 
d«y«, and baj^iieathi'd bim a legacy of iOL a 
yyar. But Norfolk wni> not a cl«a^aaded 
man, ninl wna not conicioua of the bearing 
of hit nets. He flaatrd with thn atream, 
Iruating to hia own good foiluun and W hia 




i tuentNMuL Ila Cook up tW pKnwt of 

J Ma/jr, bcc«u» h* MUond UM hiK 

utioH m KngUoil vraa a KiScKflii guamnuw 
■I all rius. Ife IriuUd to hii pmonal 
anty.DuJtollwincrtiiMiBofwUien. )IU 
. Gulura ili>i BM iMicli liim wuiloiu. Ho 
tbivwiBjMMd Ibii lie lixl not ix>aiuult«l 
vlfin itidolfi nr ill* SptaUli ambatMidori 
baJ cinlf albTixl tlHon to count on hiai 
' ihr liuw bpiiiK. lie highint tiiMiinniir 
!■ Ilk panonal fkinrlvr ii to In found in | 
y* Uiwr lo IiIj cliilJivo, wrilttTU JuhI oftor ' 
ka trial ( WRteBT, (juren BliatbttA ami krr , 
Timts.i.Uti.iU:.) ThDCDa«Uowun](i:>(ll- ' 
>,fli»ti>a/lorSultolk.HiiLonl muiam | 
DMnarf (ISnS-D^U), Norfolk't two wna b}' 

"^ nd wifr, a«' nrpanilclv notiiwd. Bj ^ 

rib bp alM) bad tlm^ ilauobtM*, | 
i4 of wbnn. MarHwi llSe^-lfWl), 
RobenSaekTillT'.ivrluf |ionial(pedi- 
I ia AiJMrad attd tti Iiowiir4 Potsrtiir*). 
llwfv aiv tradw of Norfolk's lute 1» hv 
fibuad IB lh« Ch«t«riiOD*«, irkich lie bouglii 
ID tijA'i. k»i| ailonud for liia London iwi- 
4>n<v, kIimi it wm kiMwa u llovnnl lloiuo 
(CSrwnr^ ^fiif VlmrftTlmut, p. Ifll, J:c.) 
. I%M« an bottraila of him «■ a voiint( mnn 
{b iW iDfU colUrlion and at Arundvl ; by 
Sr AMwiio MoK at Worluop, auginved in 
I>iJy'*'Pocnaii>;'»ontlMi7 8iigroTiiig: is by 
noahnJufn. Tlr wm Iniriod in tlie chapel 
'. tW Tonr. 

{DagdaU* K4nMaM.u.l7«: OcjIeV Oflckl 
,ii.Ml-A; Colliiu'* rnMRO, i. 103.8. 
di^llMt.urNorf<>lk.iii. ieS-0; Dnlta- 
CWIvneLt's HaaKt. vol. ii. pi. ij. p. 
t; BaiMa ■»J Uiinlia'n Bar^hlaj Tu«n; 
Ip* lllaaiMLiuDii of lirit. I(i>i,: WriDht'it 
EUAbelhafxI h**TInii»: SadUi/i 8Ul« 
I. Ial«nnff*iLelirMdc Mario Staatt.iol*. 
iLM4 tk.: Ilenll'* Mair Trinla. i. MS, ftc.; 
0«aialt> riawlail' 11 nf ilio l.'ilMa of Maij 
" ItiftladU.An' -. AiiiUrmo'i OollMtioni re- 
lUMan.raLtij. ; AaphannaandCioi^a 
~ n af Mat* Papm: Tliorrv's flcollWl 
(U. *aL ILi Cal of HaiHrl'l M W . Iltat. UK. 
fliMmnra Udxiwnili o< tl>r Howard): 
■I (tl«laBJ: raadtai AanaU of 
'tA Bad Toatttgad'* iinat ()»- 
. .....I ~ uT B»gla*d. ii. ue-41.) 

Bl. C. 
BOWAAD, TIIOMAS. «r>t K^ri. or 
Sry«HU{IA«l-ISM>.bonioti2IAi>K. I'VIl. 
»B> iJm (MOQid MU of TbovM*. founli dukiT 
i( Xortblk [q. T.], who waa atlAiatcd. bj kia 
.lutilAu' I'lUii, lli-ita«i^a- 

(Mfrf 4l St. Jalii' < . ('BBibri'lcH, and 

a«l9DMD.lrAi(/A>rii/7ui>m.ii.TC). Ilowanl 
Ultmft%\i I a> a ««liwtMr tbo Oart afmt la 
•fpMi ihaSpatiuh Arquda,uidia Uwaiuck 

I olT CaUia dbplavod aueh raluur ibal bn wa* 
knictitAd at Ma W Uie lord high aibnirnl ou 
25 Jann lA88,anawas ailerwarda madi' caii- 
lain nf a man-of-witT. On S Uardi lAI'l uo 
wu appointi'd coaimiindi-r of the aquftdron 
wliicL uitocki.'d, in tin- fai'c nf nvnrwbi.'lming 
dilticiillint, Ibu ^pnjiiBli in-uiiurii>>hlpiinD*tho 
Alonu. vfliBu Sir Uicliwd OreaviUt [4. v.J 
■vm^eXUi (Oat. State Papirt.hota. luill-1, 
pp. 37, Bl). In Uav 1«MJ be wna admiral 
»r lli'^ thipri w|iijulroii in thw llwt Mill ntfailiat 
L'adii. On bl* riitura hi> wa» crwilifd K.K., 
as April l*ii>r, and in tlio fcillawin^ Jiuw 
tuAiA ua viLt-iuliiural ul' <bc fli'ul diupatcbed 
to th>- Axur«H. IIi« aLililj' and cnun^fu oom- 
iii«nd»d him to ihebTourof iliv ijiiivu, wliuio 
h«r iMtarato Emoxwu woul i-i r#feriuliiai 
u bar 'mod Tboouu' (I'A- Dom. 1A0J>-7, ji. 
453). It itmd that, ho ondosvoimd toconi- 

KvtB iha diHuroncun botwecn Kssax and Ite- 
igh. OnGDWLl&ftibcwaaaunuDoaedtapor* 
liamunl on Baron Howard de Waldun, an Jb^ 
coino lord-lieirtoiuDl of Cambridgeuiire and 
tha UU of Ely on 8 April Mm, and admiral 
orafloDtoalOAiw. tA80. In Fubruarr IWl 
hu mu tnar«bal 'if ib<- foroiw which Ixwogad 
Uio Borl of Kawx inbiiibou»oinl.oadon,and 
on the lUlli hi' >al aa on* of the poenoii ibn 
trials of 1 bu EacU of Eaau and SouUtampton, 
b^UK nl iht- limecoiutablf <if the Tower of 
I.oiiiloai. [[i> was »W(fm bif;h sli^ward of the 
iinivprgity of C'umbridgv in Ff.'bniary llMI 
[Cnar i-M, AnnitU^ Combf. ii. ilOi"), Iwd-lit-u- 
liinnul oi l.'nmbndgMhiro on ^FlJtinr' \t^)ri, 
aticl iiotiiitt lord chambttlainuf tlii> hoiiM<li<ild 
on L>.>i Upo. (.Vi'dwy P^rt. ii. 2ti2|. IMuiw 
goiDif tu Iticbnond, m Januurr MKt. (hu 
quHtui viailud Iloirard at tbr ('luirli--rliuUH), 
andwMsiuaptuoiialyeatertaiTinl (CatSlatf 
Paptn. D«n. lltOI-3. pL -iif.;). < in tb« ai.'- 
cuMiau nl Jiuii"S I nowanl mt-t him ai Tbeo- 
balda, wa« inndf a jirirj Niiiidllor nn 4 .May 
1603 (.Stow, ^nwi^, vA. Ilawn, p. H2a), 
and aciLslfriim thai day uniil lOJulylSUa* 
lord chain berlain of tlir boiueliuld. lloward 
vaa crated Earl of Siilli>lk on :it July Ii<03, 
and wat apiioioivd •!»(' uf iho eommisM<iMir» 
for making Icnighiaof ihi-Baihatlh*eiiffoaa- 
tion of the king. Ila bocama joini-rooimia- 
on A I'nb. IfXH, and joint-ctminiMiunrr 10 
oxpi'l Ji-iuiti and wtninary and other privU 
on liS(ipt.foUowingjhi!lionourahlT,in ISOti 
nrftatcd 4 Spaitiah nenaion. ibouftb kla wife 
acooptad one of l.OOOf. n y(«r, and aha sup- 
pliivl inr'>niiaii<-iii fhMntinaio timainri'iuni 
{tii\ai\Tt\:ii, lliil.i^B^L'i.'il't). [lomard 
bimwircutajiUitiodbilli-rlylo Winwriod (bat 
hn nnd lut family Wi-re iiiupnrlnl uf ru- 
di«vi>urin|{ lo jHTiuadc' llit^ kinc lo allv him- 
aclf with S|HUB (WlNwooii, MoBariaU, ii. 




174). In Urn fimuuik yenr he licl^il tn 
diacover tliu Ounpowdfr jiloi. (tA. ii. 171). 
BoiraTd b«C<une M.A. of Cinnbridge on 
HI Juno 1605,lonl<lii<uli'nii(itDf Suflblicand 
r«mbTid)(»ahin) Qn IS Julv lUOG, M.A. of 
Oxford on 30 Ati|[.1006(n^uoD. Futti 0:nm. 
cd. Blum, i.309), atjptAinof tbi'Iinnd ofpn- 
Tletnun pi-niuoniin id Nrn'Muter liWi.nnicb 

¥ial he wu allowed to IiAiid over 10 Ur kid 
lii^hilu*[i),v.J on 11 July llM4,CDUiidllor 
ofWalpB in 1 (MM, high iiiirw«rd of Ijusirich 
onH.tiinti 1600, kwjier ill rovtriioBOif Somnr- 
iih«ni Cboce. Huntin^doiiiJiire, ou 2fl Afiril 
IBIl, joiul lord-lii-iitL-uiuit of Don«lnbir« 
•nil town of Poole on ■> Julv 1*111, k«neer of 
thoforeet of Brni'ilon, Will«liirp,oii 21 Mnrcb 
1613, a conunifi*ii>iiC'r of ihr imasury on 
IS June 1612, mid Inrd-linuti-nnul of DorKil- 
aliiraon I" I-Vh. |fi|.T Ititlii^yi-Br. with tlitt 
Nat of (he llflirnrdf. he mjiturlvd thu itcht'UiO 
for till' rlivurao of hii diiiiiirilvr Fruic«B from 
llobiTt llun-reui. third i-»rl of Rmex fq. v.] 
On the denth of bia uitclu. Ilonnr, oari of 
Nortlnun i>ton,tiowBrdirnii oWcMd dumcnllor 
of llip nniveniitv nf Cnmbridgi" on 8 July 
IB14 (Cooriiii, iii- 63). IlrjirevniU'dcrallie 
kinjr "> viiit the uoiversily in Xlnreh 1618. 
On tlintotvnfliun he rfiitled nt Si. J<^hn'aCot- 
IfKi', and in Hoid To li&Tr' hik'hi in li(i<>piTalitf 
t.OOU/. H iluy. Hi* vuife )ii<Iil rocentjnnit U. 
MttKduleui' Collcite (Mtai.ixoKH, (.'nir. 0/ 
Cambr. ii. AM, 618; Cal. StaU Pbprri, 
Vam. ]eil-l*l,p. 37»). 

On II July 1614 tlownrd waa oonktitutud 
lord hieh tn'mmrirnf l-^n eland, and CnrmaUy 
hclil ol&n' until IB July llllH. lu November 
1tiir> It dc-lcrmined ulti-mjit wfL« niad« to 
implicntr' him in the innnriT of Sir Thnma* 
Overljiiry. Hv wb» ib-^ tjitliir-in-lnw of So- 
nK'rutt.aiid tn goni" •'xT<;nt [Viponi-ibk forbU 
fitl>-; ihi- liine at oil dvcnti thought tliat 
StiiTfilk wikhud to RMspc a full iuveatigation 
(cf. Axon, Onat Oj/er t^ Tmfmma). On 
1 Feb. lUlti'licwaaiiiadocnatoa rotnloTumof 
SulTolkiOn (lie following 14 April wiwcom- 
nusioned icitL ollieni 10 ditrovrr coneealnl 
loiidt', HnoreacluiH^nt*, &c, and to nrmnico 
with penfionxnof theerann fornnexohnnKu 
of ih«ir|>''n«ion.*foraeertiiiM porlionof tbene 
Inndi iCal. State /^jprn., Doin. U!ll-lH, p. 
fUM). On 1*3 June or (he aamu year he V- 
canie for ■ nMood time joint-romniifinonor 
to lioiiith JHSuita and foniinnry pri>>i>ls. 

In lhi> anluunof l6l8irrnTo irmfnilnritien 
were diticoveft-d nt Ibe trenniur. Howard 
wna niispiiiideii from his ollice, "He kob «cv 
eiiacd or hovinji emWiled ■ jireat iMirT. of 
the money received from tli» Dutch for the 
cautionary loiru», nith Oe^udin^ ihn king 
of24O.000/.in.iewfli', with committing frtiidn 
in the alnm biiaincM, and with aitorting 

money fronilliekini;'iisubjecta, Tlia cotinuwl 
wiic indicted for extorting money fVnmper- 
Mirii- billing butim-u at ih-> ireanuy, chttdly 
through (lio Barney of Sir John Binglffai' 
remcnibruir^T of the rxeboqurr. .At firatf 
Howard talked boldly about pabli^hin^ tbr 
real reaMnin of hii (uapenaion (k(. l)om. 161 1 - 
IBlt^, p. 1)94), but u ihu (ime (or hu trial 
drew near be utTeivd hi» private snbmiMion 
(■».Dom.](tll^J3,p.60). Afwr eleven dave' 
hearing in the Star-ehnmbef (Ortobpr-Nw- 
Trmbcr 1319), the rttrl and countna km« 
fined 30,000/.. commanded to mtorv nil 
caonev wronofullT cxloried, and were n-n-j 
l«nc«d to be unpnaaned apart in (be Tuwcn 
during plMauTe (A. Dum. ItilS^liS. pp.6dil 
1*1, P<i), Howard was ]>opularly crodited 
with hATirig lu^liyl iimlfT iho influmc* of 
hia wif*' {ih. Dom. 1619 2.S, p. 93). Tb*y 
were relented after Ten day*' imprtMnoMint, 
but aa a condition of Tlieir pnlartccmt-ni tbctc 
aoru, Lord de Wnldun and Sir TboniH 
Howuid, wm* diamiaied for a abort tim« 
from (lejr nlacea at court {A. Dom. 1610-:^ 
pp. 101, 111). Howard plead I'd inabiltlylo 
pay hia ^nc. and a rommimion waa t*rutd 
for the .\ivhbiihop of Canterbury and otbi'ra 
to inttuiru into his nlato. Probably to de- 
fenl lliiB inquiry. h« made a great part irf it 
01-er to bis aon-in-law.theEarlof Saliabnin 
and liit>brotber,SirVi'. Howard (CABT8,/fMM 
iffEni/imd. ir. 47-8). Th* kiuc thniatened 
Ilie earl with »jiolli«r Star^hamwr bill, but 
Hownrd npj«iu>rd him by malung liumbla 
iiubniiiwon, and nromining to noy al1,tboii|[h 
be WBi. fully 50,000/. in debt Uhl. Slate 
Paper; Dom. lOIfl-:;:!, pp. IIS, 116). The 
king and IluL'kinf-bom atood tfpoiicota (or his 
grandaiiii, Juntf^ Howaml, alWwvda tbitil 
earl of SiilTolk (ltllli(~16S8) [q. t.], aad id 
Jnlv l(£?Ohewu ivceiTod iBtobvourafain, 
ancf bii fioo, rvdueed tn IfXSOl., wa* mad* 
OTtn'toJohn.riacount llnddington (A. Dom. 
l0ie-3.S,pp.l7O,l79). InloflSuilatkwith 
Lord Saye and Sele attongly prtaaud that 
Bacon ahoiild be broii^t to tlie bar of the 
hou»« in the bctflnning of the iaveatinlioB 
into the ehanceUor'* (rtTenoea. BnflblK wu 
pmbnhly iBcnimd by ii>Tieng«> for hi* owb 
ttcvlmenthyllaconin Mmilar ciretinutancv*. 
A lidlu later in the leiuiion be aTTrmptiil to 
I mediate between Arnndel and Spenrcrin tb« 
I disciiMlon aaio ¥«lit>Tton'« caae. 

In 1631 Howard becnmo high atewanl of 
ICxetrr, and «ndiisn*nirpfl to ingrnliati* him- 
»elfwi11lBuckinj[hBm by marrA'ing.inDwvrin- 
ber ]6:f3.1iis ««vcDth KJii, Kdwar(l,aftpfwaTd« 
Lord llowonl of Cicricli (J. 1671) [ij. v.], to 
Mary, fifth duufihter of Sir John Bnteler (^. 
Oon, \tm-f>.yo. 1.1!?, 134). On OMay 16?olie 
, waa appoiDled ford-lieucenanl of Cambridge- 

> nd Suflblk. U« <l>«d on 38 Mftj lAH 

ihcMM atCliaTuicCniM,*Dd wMlkiirJcd 

Wna Wdilon. ire nnrned, Hm. Murj, 

•ad n>li*nn>fM of Tlmmn*, fnllrth 

» ofnilli'lJanil.whoiliftlMiT April 

wtlhout uaup. In 1M.1 bv tnairiHl, 

Jr. Cvihmnc, dauKhlur nnd colioiiw* 

lt€ fwf lleni; KnsvM, knt.. of Clinrltoii, 
iVLIuhin, Slid widow of Rktinrtl, eldMl «on 
' Kobtt, lord Rich, Slie hail • ^>t mutd- 
ont b«r hiwband, ■nd iindouhlvdljr 
■d'U* hif^ of&cf to rarich hnrwlf. Bacon, 
hi* tpwch in tbe Star-cbunlier ■gniut 
^at, oatnpMcd tbc rauotoM to m «- 
Bfe woman, wbo kept hew *bop, wliii^ 
cnnlon. 8ir J, Bingle^, rrit^d ' What 
frr lackf" n*r liMiity irai- ivninrknblp', 
kul in I'lIO an ailack'nr •<iunl1-[>ox ilid 
it much injuiT (A. Dom. I<tl9 'J». p. 16). 
IVftiunl. in b« ' Jflnmpy ffotn Cb^nltT In 
^ IjNwIon' («d. iri'^.pp. S27 8), ban giviii an 

E.ved porlrai) in thr munleu frdm n 
mg ai aorbamlMrir. Bj lu-r Siiffolk 
mm min» and time datig;lil«'n>. Tb<t 
! aUMl MB. Tloobkitu*, wmmd earl of Suffolk, 
.tlwlftli.8ir Robm Howard (1598- 166»), 
and lU MTimtb. Edward (if. I6;6), tie 
■THni'lj Dill iced. 

Tbr fimrth mui, 8ir Charlm Iloward, was 
il^klfd l»Fcl>. 1010-11, and di«d as 8opt. 
|]0B, Wiiaft Iwo iUiifht«Tf, Klilabnlh and 
I Vaiy, bv bia wif", wbon beDaarricdin 1613, 
IMaty nfiflft-ltlTh. diMig:hi«r ^ Sir John 
iThf nf Fitir'>nl, IVinnabiri*. Thin hixh* 
tlg il ilwl ladv luul (irvtiouj);' born marriiHl to 
Rr Allan pMCT(i/.16ll|.iindaflcrUowaid"< 
all) marrxil a* (bin) buabniid Thomaa 
Y Vmm, tw nf l.oi<l DarcT of lliich^ (aftrr- 
linf^£ari Ititml. Iti'I(!3A rhr mnrricd 
^«i. i.....fvnn'). Sir TtK-hard fin-nijlle 

JIO- ■.»■." lli-r piirlrait by Van- 

jck — ^:^rnvi^ br lloltar (aee Loita 
mmrd^ Hufitrd. bV Un,0. H. Kadfuril, 
r. from Trmtt. •(/ ItemtiMn Attoc. 1^90. 
~ aS-110). 

la'aOfflnalBaT<IBae*.iiL44T-e: Collln^a 

■ (Btj^chX iii. u;~ii>. CdI. Sut« 

Dob. Iii1ia.7, paMin ; Ourdinrr*! Uiit. 

■ piM)*.) O. Q. 
HOWARD; THOMAS, acMsd E«xi. or 

jABcnti Ufl), an tollector, callrd 

t^Walp i ' i-rof Vnta in Kn^tland.' 

IMd; mm oi I'mIi{' Howard, tarl of Arxinitd 
IraLrA br Aniw-. eofarmaa uf Dam and 
rttonlanB. waa bom ar Fiiu-buicflcid in 
__, r July IIMI (aw will, Ilort. M8. 
IflSTS, C 9ft~9u). WhvN hi> waa noarly leo 
^ Ua falbn^ dUd in th« T(»wi-r (1R Oct. ItWV), 
\ and bt bU allainitvT lb« ann wa* dofvivad 

■ «f liia'tand* and lillr*. lbaii|tli callwl I«rd 
ilbltmn>r« hj evantrj. lU waa catvfbllj 

brouRht up by Ilia mother, 'a Indr of ^nat 
aud pinincnl virtuea,' with hi* only iiitur, 
wbo divil ngod Iti (maiitiiiFTipl lifr in Harl. 
MS. diVJ, f. i;i2). After 8it«adiiic Wmi- 
ininnliT Schixij, hu weiil to Trioilv (.'ollwre, 
C'anibridpc (lUrmoiri, pd. IfiHS, p. '2R4|. On 
tbi- nrcnnonof .lamPK 1. Howard woagnuiKul 
hisfatlirr'a litK-iiof Arundi'landSuTfi-y, but 
till! king nrlBinvd ih':' fuuiily iiropcrly. >o tbnt 
ho r^mnlniil in I'mbiirrusHvil circumBttuicva. 
On 1^t Atiril I<''i>4 h(- wa« T««ton.'d in IiUmhI, 
nnil in IttlVi tir«T introdiirnd at court. Al (lia 
a)(v of twi-ntv b^ Dtarritd (30 fVnt. Ifl06) 
of Oilbori Talbot, earl of ShrcwfbuVr, and, 
with the h«lpof birr fort lUW.eradually bought 
biirk f-mm of the fatnilv properlv, includioff 
AruT>d('l Iloiioe. I^ndon. for 4,000/. in lOOH. 
Forih^nejtl fi'w years ihe oarl l*<i uuxytiTa 
at CDiin, and htx namit condantly ajiptiara 
aroonfi thi- pirfonnm in maaqoM and joocta. 
On 17 .liily III07 tbi' lunffatood godfatbcrto 
liiH eldest HOn Jamea, who died at Ghent in 
llSi. Ilewentabruudfurhiahealtliin 1409. 
ttnvi-tjing; iu the Low Countriea. FniBCi.', and 
Italy, nnd iw«rii> to havo llieri' flrtl w> 
cfuiriHl a lore of art. On hi* rpt.iini hi- was 
initalled K.G. nt Windsor (13 Jtn.v Iftll). 
At the mnrrittae of rrint'os* Klixateth (l-'c- 
bruiiry 1613) AnuKlel cnrriod the aword nf 
Rlale, and was aiWwHrdn nji|H]ii]ted one of 
the fowr noblemen to iMcort Wabmad. Ilo 
proceeded to Heidelberg at the tteetor'a re- 
qneat, and rotiinird to Kng;land in June. 
Soon ftfliT hi- and th^ raiiintiMa^d a vJaH 10 
Italy, vhon- ibry -wru- rvci-iTt^l with all 
honourandreiipeet. Tbi-ynitiimi<diiiNovi'in- 
ber IHIo. 

Artiudel wuri, like his wife, bniuifbt up al 
a Iti'inaii i-atliollc. but on iH Iltc. 161a ha 
tnti-r^d ihf Eiigliiib cbiiKb, and ick ibe 
rarramunt in tbo kin^^a rhapvl, Whiifhall, 
to tb* great grief of hi* tnothrr, who rainlr 
tried topof«uadcbimion4uralotb'-l{oniiah 
faitiL Arundel li^bn-Daccuiwd«ri-n:oniin([ 
a pTOteatant onlvftom policy, but tJMrre ia no 
doubt that he had a naluVal leaning to « 
airaple anil unadorned ritual. On 14 Juir 
IBIn bi- waa ailmittod t» tlw privy connril, 
and in thi- nuxt roar wa* madu a tiriry conn* 
cillorofSralJanil and Ireland. Hi- auMiori^d 
Raletgh'a oXDMlitinn of 1ttl7, bill had aool* 
douhiaof Raleigh'a«inerniy,and viaited Ra- 
l«igli'» ahip ill* Dmiiny m it waa lenvinf* 
tb» Thamua to obtain IM eaploppr'a pooua 
UMt he would niara to England howrvvr 
ih* MiloiiiriM Bigbt turn out. On 3 Nov, 
16X0 hit boaun« a insBbcr oif a eommiitoa 
for the plantationa of New Kncland. Hit 
love of eliijuette ia illuatrated ny a quami 
with I>» Cad«net, tLeFmwh aubaaaadofiin 




H WU ani Nititlied til! thn Viug oblij^tid On 
OkdtaiBt In npologisx. Iii April tijl'l AruniJi'I 
pruidud DVi'r (he mmmiitre of Ibi- Housi- 
o( Ijinli oiipi>iiiIi?d ti> cousidor itie evidMicv 

£itutLlii; |i>nl oliiuic«IW.iuidnM.'i>iiiiDaiil0d 
tUsoQUBhuuldnot bpaiiiniuoricd TuiIiuImt 
of itiH Imum) nor cl^'privml of hi* pe<.'ro^. On 
BMxin'a &11 bo wma, IVnin .t Mty M lU .riilv 
IIKII, jdnt-cniniDiwionijr of t\w fimnl toaL 
Un H May 1621, wboa llio Uoum of Lards 
yreTH diaf UMUIK tlie out of Sir Honry Vul- 
T«t1un,wbo w»« in thu Toitct ou iLt- clutntu 
of BLUoking Buckiuslutin iu tlie lloiiiui of 
OomiaoQ*, Ariuidel cliwuul«d tba lord* from 
bMfiii^ Y<>lv<<r(«n> own MCpUmtiiMi Ot hi* 
wonU. I.nni Spxiirir, •« IM reprvumtnlivn 
of till- pnpulor party, tiotiv rMmlad th<t aug- 
KMlion Lhat a man ahuuU tH-'candanuied un- 
nenn). A lliTui- all i-roti limn Took pLue be- 
IWMii Aruiidvl Slid Spvomr: lluAlly, Ariin- 
del'^iidvif* won ivjectt-d, mid fii" piu^i')ii(il<> 
ianaug^ UiiJpeitciirwMiiuiu>Ji«d(io 16 Ua}' 
bv bis commiuU M tbu Towar bv order of 
the llouw of Lord*. [)» wo* only rvleMod 
on tho kinic'* perianal inii-TCi^eioii with ibu 
lords, and on luc uninui-'munl uflbfl'riiici^of 
Walp■•tllatbL"lru^Ulcfliwlan^c<■al'llm1iou bo- 
t-wiMiitbt-twu pliers. On 39 Aug. IIQI Arun- 
del wM nppoiiitoi) i^arl-niitnhol ut' Kn^tlAnd. 
At Jbiiki*!! faniTal bi- vnu one of CliArls*'* 
mijiponura, onil wa> AftorwAnU OMdon com- 
nuwinncir In appoint til* knightaoribfl BkCb 
nod dptBrmini' cbumK to wirinnu ihn unrTicii* 
requirn] at iho fnrthrj>min{;c<:irnnalianof tbu 
turvi king. 

The Mrl aoun doolnnid hiuuulf au i-uuuiy 
of Buclcingbuu, wliilu bu plniii rlnw^ iirid 
bausbty muiner made biniTi'.<i'ovuiirJt>.- with 
tfaolaa|r. Intbofint jau-of ('liarW*ra<iKii, 
Arundu** aldut •urviving *im Iloiirv Fn-dci- 
riok, lonl HAllTkvora, mnrrii-'d ICiixabr'tl), 
dauf;bt4!r of Knti£ Staori, for whim Charltx 
Ittd arraiiK^ auotlier match. On lliu f^niiud 
Ibe hiug duiit ibu yoting couplv into cuufliii»- 
rnvnl 41-1^11111x^11,1111(1, TO (TTfliify bisuwuand 
Ducking ham'* p«<rMnat ho»tiIiiy Xo Anindel, 
ordorvd him and hi* wifi> to bi- confiaod linn 
in ifcoTownr and ufloPwnnlB in thtir cmintry 
boUM at ilorsi-'lpy, Sikstx. But thi- lord* do- 
iSSndEd'Ariuidel'B rvlowc w perempl urily I hat 
CborUit wiuobtmdiOTiekl.aiid iWi-arl won 
Mt Mt libeily in Jiine \&9. Wbil^ he wan nuf- 
fcring r(u>tmiiii llacon wa# Hcintd wiiii wIihi 
pfOVM a fal«l illiiruw wbil<i joiirix'yiii^ bi>- 
IiWeon London and IliKhgalR, and tiwik (vfiiii- 
U Aniodern bouu' at lllj^hfinlv ( .Mareh l»J6|. 
Booon diod there 9 April lil:.'<j. uud the 
latter lie wrolu waato AriiuJid. ibaukiDf^him 
for the boHpitality allbrd«d bitu during biHun- 
forctd at*;, ^^'lUull a muDLb of bia reluaae 

Arunilel waa a^n ordorwl into conbimnent 
in bia own bnnm, and tvinaintid OAdw rostnunt 
till March 1638,whitnbawaBaneaniorBlibe- 
ral«dat Iheuiataiiceaf the lord*. Through- 
out tbe debatM on the Pvtiliao of Bighl of 
16-Jti he Hied to play tlio part of oMdiAloi, 
And prabahlr drew up an amendmeBt to Lba 
jwlitioo witli ili4 ohjeot of aaving tho rojral 
jmrrogvtivi], which waa }iropOPM by Lord 
WiicUm,Bnd waofiiiBllycarriod in thsHouaii 
of Lord* (U&KiilMKii, ti.LTO). Sceiiig, how- 
L-TCff, that,tftbu petition wptb to paaaat kU, 
fuTtliW conceatiou tu ihu ci^uuuaiit waa 
aatmij, AiuadBl iM«eiit«d lu tbti wiihdn' 
of tbe dauae, luid the prerogativa «1 
UDdslvnainsd. W««ion in um tune 
oiTiKtod ■ reconciliation bstWMn Aruadi 
iJie king, and he ww rortorod to hi* place 
the ooani-'i]. 

In 1030 he ruTivod the cotirt of n«rl-j 
aha] and ooiuitabl«. Ail«r thu death of 
king of Bohemia, Ariuidi!l wu aont in 
G«niWr 1S33 to ibo lias lie to oondc^e with ibil 

Juoon ftiul bring bar beck to England ; but 
hi! nfiiicd to oome, alliKing bar ituiiu to 
berfamilT. In ISH huwaimadi-chicljiiatipe 
in tyrt of tha roruMs north of tbr Tnsnl ; anil 
in June aucom pained Charke to hi* oorouetii 
in Scotland. In A|iril V!S& Arundi^ « 
9fM on Ml important politioal mianon to 
ihn cmpnnir at vi^niin, lo urge the rvatitu- 
tion of tbu Palatinate to tbi> king's nnpheWaj 
For once ha laid aside bi» plnin drraa, 
WM mai^ilicvnlly atiimd. Uu hi* joiu 
hi! was rpcuiviil in atatc in ilolland 
the widowed uueen of Bolieniia, tbe PrincA 
of OnuiM, and the Stat«a 6«n«nL He ira- 
vtdlcd slowly on lo Nureniheig. TheuM b* 
paM(<d tliriiiivli tho L'npor PaUtiiiftta to 
tiibon, but, finding thn dii>t. not ynt aaKtn- 
bin}, viiiti^d I'Vrdinand II nt Lini and tlw 
igiu.'on of Hunfiury ni Vienna. His dunumda. 
as to till? Falatinate were mfuaed bj ihe 
iwrur, and be aaked U> be leeatled. 
Cbarle«, who liopfd to gain mors (a' 
able tfniiR hy iempon8ing,t«fuMd. Pa 
throDsh Mnravin and DoTiomia, .\rundi)l 
tiiTtuid to ICalubon in tho autumn (. 
Cltowsli:, True Jlelatim '/ . . . the Traetti 
Thomai Hovard, Earl Iff Anindrl . 
rad'ir Ertntonlinary to... J-'miiuaud II, I 
Londou, 1687, 1 jmo ). CharleantoallMlhin 
'J7 Svut. li)30,and on hiHrvtiint grantodlui 
7.^03^, the balaaco of 19,^21. albwod 
for bin «X|M<IM«* abroad. His mission ooi 
pliTlitly altonid bis views of ICnKlub foi 
pfJiry. IIu now ivftanled Franci' in*ti>«d i 
the hiouw! of Aualria aa tbe ullr motit t alu«l 
for England to wcurb in tbi- mnllcr cf 
Palatinate (cf. Oakdishk, viii. iOi). In 
1038 Arundel waa comnuutoned lo nipair 




tW U>td«r (annmm, uid Uu io iK* mum 
y^u «u Biiid* guMial of iha mjmy aguMt 
IW Sfou. It aM«nU*d on 2fl April 1699 
•t iMtnr-on-ibi^lMa, wbance it movctl lo 
BwwiCK Hiukir tbc king'* oonunand, bill wu 
JiiWnili'l b> tliiir« moultu. CUrvuiloncallH 
ArwMlal *■ nan who Imd notliiog: mulid 
aktMt kim bill lii* piwMicv Mid liif looks' fti'l 
^«*lilif<« : ho dill DM loTv thv Scots ; he did 
»j< luiv iW jKintniii' (//I'jfory, Clumdon 
l*nMi (dit^ IBW, 1. W)l 1. Ni'w iinmamtioii* 
wum VMle for iraf in lliu uud uf^ and 
AniMtrl. wb) UicaBii! loriUatt^wuril of the 
(u^ boatvbold oil ■:£ April lUO, adniini)!- 
Unrf lb* oalli |o |li« moniBOn* on SA April 
IMO. Ua 30 AiifC. IMU hi- itm •(^wmled 
' Wf> KiBTpw iJ al watli of TrpDt,' bul oAi-r 
tha (<oaU look Nnwautle (90 Aug.), Arun- 
4*1 ma axMBiiiMl in por!iaai«Bt u l4i lua 
wyoBiibBity. No fault was found wiili 
hi* oouliici. Ka^ly in ili« mat y«ar tlw 
«ri omuAed al SualTcinl'* trial (March and 
Apnl liidi, actii^ a> lord high aieirard: he 
kaJ pcifaivi/ ijB«nvlJ«l wtifa Stnflbnt Jn 
18M onr loiAe land which both ckiraed, 
bat bf all tnpattial acmuiita did not allow 
U> pn««l« Minity to bi«a bia IMtni^ lie 
■MilM lb* fojral aMent to ibo bill of Straf- 
hrta it aiwilw. and alw to a bill &gninM 
Umahiff fuiiAmiaa without thu conwnt 
«f luth tomtit. (>n 2i* Juna Arutidpl, tujt- 
pgrwd by (erBiitfcn nthiT noblemcB, twti* 
iMMd lof tbi> rrvturaiion of luimndfalliur'a 
litla of Dabe of Norfulk. CbufM avdded a 
4inB> niylf . but in tho yuBTof tbanarl'idealb, 
■•d whan malilx lo malw hU oiuic«iaioD of 
any taliw.cnnlnl him llw title by apatviit, i 
dailnlOJaiia Itllri, fniinOxfonL i 

Id Ai^tuti l<i41 .Vnindul. who wa«gTOw- | 
imf oat of lympHthy wilhtUpfoiUtrnaiRiied ' 
hia pnat nf liinl'fli'ward of the bowMliold, | 
Thv^a^n-aBothniifFniitAOonGludcda vi»it 
lo Kiifbuid in Jaly I'Ul, nnd ibr mwI and : 

bt* wlfiT nMiirfnl biT tO CoUlBtKI, wkvIK (bo i 

IDvai*^ t*oi>iaud. Arundel wont on to 
tJtncfct, wbrmhutfldcBt lurviviiucHin'icfail- 
AMi WM9 beinif adnoalcd. and alW ■ tliurl 
tiMt |0 EnctaBd. in cuoipany wiib EvvItii, 
■■ Oftobr, l*ft ibv iMKiaiiy for ^ooi in ifau 
miMim at PrhnurT HU:!. oitraaibly acliiig 
Mf iiftt iljiirrn ilninetln BlariaaM Prin< 
vaaaKafy. Hoon |i«rliii|[ witfatbpiB.bHWHiI 
«• Ibivafb Frann to Italr. tin mndaOM, 
TbovM and I'hilip, tlio nblm andyoiuiffeal 
•Ma <l/ I^inl Mallratcn. ni;o>iii]«Bwd him, 
batTVaM«*bKiaBii>iniitiir,an<l I'liilititiimiil 
ira4i»iiBB at MtUa [•*■ lluwunf. 
TwatuaJ. to til* na/r* frii'f. Hi- wiw jmoi'd 
•I I^Ih*, wfaMv k* now prrnMiM-nlly willn), 
hf ba Mcuai (nndaon, ilnnn-. In lUU i 

I Amadi'landuiIiMBbsMit pMsn wok recalled 
by on (irdi>r <•( lliu Il<iu«e of Lofdn, hul ho 
nutuioi-d abnind, i-oiil ributing -Vl.OUOf. to 
lii« ni,VDli>t cnuH-. Thi> Mmw ycnr Arumlol 
(Jadtle WHS iviptun-d bv tbi- l£oiindlmii(U, but 
wa* rtrtaken uv Wnlli-r. Arundi^l'" uiraiu 
wpre now mnoo circiun9rntH>rl ', Im ikthuuI 
iuitai» bad boen wiacd in ItM^ by parlianMuil, 
and wan in thv handii of Ifae wquoatfaiora. 
(Jut of an annual ruToiiiw of 10,000'^, he only 
receiTa) SOOl. a yiuir whil» abTMd {Boum of 
Oantmem' Jainal*, m. 231, 433, &c> Hia 
coil. Lord MuwbniT nnd Moltrnvun, joiuud 
biin with difticully in 1645, and wliile pro- 

Kring to ratum to Enfflonil in ItMU, Arun- 
I waa lalten ill. Eielyn rt>coi^ u visit to 
him on hi* rIcJi Vd nt Pndun ( llnati-r llUfl), 
wlien he found htm, »>■'>»> i>icb in mind than 
body, lamontins th<- undulifulnca* of hia 
KniidaoD ]'biiin(/Xnrjr, I JIM). Un 4 Oct. 
ua dii^ auddnUy, and hj bin own dniiv hia 
body wat oonveyed by hia *oa and Iuh ctMul- 
■OB lli^nry (otwbunednt Arundel. TheaiLri 
doiinvl lo buvii a lonih inado bv l''aiu>Ui, and 
Coui|ruHNl hii own ■■[■itaph, but, liki- othof 
diivcLiona nivi-n in Anuidol'* will, thoM ar* 
nuisvmeata for n lotub wen- not carried out. 
Jty kia wife Alai hi.<B he had nx aona. His 
oldoct, Jnmea, lurd MnwbTiiy, eniaied K4B. 
in IBW, 6M iinaiamed al Ohiuit in ISU, 
.\rundi>ra accond ton and iiir«««cor, HoMV 
Fradatidi, and hiaflftbaoo, William Ilowarl, 
Tiaeount ^taflbrd. aiv avparati-ty not iced. 

The eaii*i cbaractnr ban baen un (uirl v il ra wn 
byClareDdoo.whopitrvonallyditlilKiI dim. hut 
ClanMidon bring* no envercbnriiiiii (ban thow 
of iirideaud i«aerve,iUites«cy and raliKioua in- 
diavraiiliam. Aualarein diapoaiiiou. plain im 
apnerh and drtM, very particular aA lotb»T«- 
>]iect dull to hia rank. Iba twl wa* unpopular 
at court, uwdlBawilbibowbalowhini. But 
bo wai an affectionate haahand and ]<*rent, 
taking immuBu- paina with (he education of 
hie aoiia and grandMm. Ue waa libenJ aait 
hotpitAbl^ i>*peoiallv to fareignpre, and a 
patron of arto and Uamin^. He bmiigbt 
llolbir from IVajiui-, and <>inployi<d him lo 
iiuk I! dra willful, ()uRbln>d,lh*)[Bnioiwiiiath^ 
mativian, waa luiorto hi* third aon, WilUaai. 
Franci* Junini fq. r.] won hi* librariaa. aad 
tUfd in hi* family thirty TMta, lie waa Uia 
friend of th« antiijiuriu*. 8ir Itoberl Cotla^ 
Sit llanry Spulman, Camdvn. and Satdan, au 
i* MJd to ban flr*i dimneiwd lb* talanl at 
Iniffo Jonaa. 

AltuhM ftmned iba fim Urm coUectioo 
of worka of art is QngUod. Fnn 101ft ht 
cotlnoiixl dil^etitly in rarioti* eouniriai of 
KiiTOfi*', makinc purcbaiM biiB*«lf when t>«- 
iclli^r, or eBi|ilayin|; afnnu wbam bo wa* io 
EngUod. MudiofbiamUntcofiMpondanea 




4M1> witli lii# varinu* aitwtic inunMClJODi^ 
In .Udilionnl MS. IfiBZOan manjr IctUrn to 
'good ACt. Putty,' who wns )ii« cbitpliUD and 
bis t^-Dt ■!. K'liot-. Wriliug on one occasiun 
Cram Frankfort, Dec. 183<t,lieiMj'*: 'I wlnh 
jonaawe tlie nctuKofa Muloiuwof{Uunn'J, 
wbidi tlio lli«hopt>« ot WirUbor^ nvp mn 
lwtw«ob«u [ pAMrd hf that mi<r,Bnf thougli 
itiToivpualodatCnii upr)noci unctpn board 
■od if romubed, jet it. is morv worlh llwn 
klltheUivMlhHvepMtpii in Ueniwiijr(|, and 
for Bueli I Mlwnie it, Imving ever cuTi«d it 
in injr own* coach muco I lind il : aiul tiow* 
tban dof you think 1 ulionld valcnr thiiiKf>* of 
Lsonnril'i. l(n{ihiu'II,C«rrcgio,nnd ■uchllke!'' 
Afcain, in tbi? Mtni? jnar, wlien at Nun-m- 
bcrjf, hu bouglil till.- I'lrkhvymer Library, 
whioli badbi^t'jiif^dlotluikinciiof Ilunirarr, 
B&d wiu DrMenled, llirnuKli &'«lyn> i>n»rl4, 
hr Aruntlel'a «nii to the Koyal &icii>ty. In 
tlic Miin« vruv li«i nrniiired ilio intaplio* siul 
m«dnU frnm llnnifl Kiof . Iln olwoyi eitTt! 
autruction* (hal hi» purcliiiws Kboiild b» 
convoyed to KnsUntI by ibt- •liorti-nt ara. 
routv. Sir William itiuieU, writinK Crnm 
Um Haffu« Id the b«fbiuiig of 1637, mye: 
'The ship wlicToin hii ffoodn wcm fniu)[htp(l 
(ilnongfit vhicb an* nuiny tlinuKandu moat 
MCollcnt niwc* of pnintins and Hookiv which 
hi* Lordnfiip i{aib<?ri-d in hi" jouniuy) is still 
at tfai.' Itutti-tdum, Ueft in mih tbr icr pver 
ru]uifhij<l<unliliippiiftiil' { Hirl. MSA'.Cimim, 
HUi Itvp. App. |i. 004). He boiurht [nuuy 
l^oturw, &i-., fruOi llcnrt' Vamlerbun-ht. of 
HruMeU, and eitiplojcd VntidcrNirchtV 4011, 
apainterand fn^^vr, toRiillwt for hi in, and 
also to draw hi* ciiriontii-*- Ilo nrmaai'd bis 
collrcticinn in the snlli-rifi of Arundel House, 
Ijondon. Ullimulrly he dcpoHiti'd iberpi?? 

•tatuuc, ISa hntU, 'JW iiucnhm) maibltst, cx- 
clunre of Mreophaffii altara, and fVagments, 
beaidea pioturet, chiefly those or flaas }M- 
bein.Kvms, &c. Soldpn dptcriliod tlii'niiu'blps 
in hii * Mnnnorn Arundeliono,' Ijondnn, 
lti2B, anerwnrdN incorporntcd in Pridraax's 
' Mormorii OxonimuuB, 167fl. The count™! 
rccL'ivod part of ihme trenann-B, matt, uf 
which ^he beiineacb^d 10 her ma, Willitiui, 
viflcimnt .Sin^oril.aml thi»i |Hwti"n nf the pro- 
perty vioM f-itil liy anrticn by S'lntrnrd't "Uo- 
Cwiinr* in 17:10, Arund(ir« (trandnon, Ilunry, 
aixtb diik'- of Norfolk 'n. v.], iiUicriMd thu 
chief [Kirtion of the co[l«.-Iion. He gnvc 
many of tha Matnce and iiiacribed morblrrt 
(Uie famona Arundel inarblM) lo the nnirer- 
■ityof OifiTdin l(U)7. OlWnf tli^atain^n 
ware wihl Inl^r to William FiTrmnr, lord [.m- 
minstar [q. t,], whoup dnujihter-in-law, Hm- 
riella Lonian I'lirmrir, raHiitcu of I'cinifrt-t 
1. v.], nruHOited ihoM also to Uiforil in 
CC. Inltt8&,anda{tabinlUyi,tbe.itth 

1 flBJI- 


rhiko of Norfolk's nw. Ili-nry, mv«mIi duk* 
fq. r.\ din«lod mJm of tbn puntinn and 
drairinK*, retaining only a few bunily pie- 
turen. WheD his wife left him in ItitVi, >h« 
carried wilb her the cnbineta and grms, leav- 
ing them in 1706 lo li«>r woond husband, Sir 
jMin (tormaio [<). v.j, wboM widnw, Lady 
Betty, bvlowrd wimf-of ihcmonHirritarlnt 
Speunrrand ibr [lukr of MarlborouKb. Tbo 
ccnon and medals were bought bv llancaita 
Fioob, aeoDBd tort of WiocKtoii fn. v.], and 
were sotd by liis execnion in IwS. The 
fnmoiui bn»i of I|i.>)n«r pnMed ihroiicb the 
bandi of llr. Mnadi and the 1-*arl of Exeter 
befnr* it reoclwd tbi^ tirilinh UuMtum. 

There or* jerpml pottruit* of Ariuidf). 
In It) 1 8 A'anSunierpnintedbini with bin wife, 
anil tb<>re in a purlrail by Vandyck in the 
by Tanlipu, W. Shar^i, and Tonihins. A half- 
Un^h pointing by ttnb^ns is oi O 
lloWnrd. and was Migravod by Moubi 
Vnadyck deiuitned a familv gioup, 
was aftcrH-ardn Iini*)ied by Pretiet*. 

[Thr rnoni >l*uiled aitmoir is in Uojd'a 
MeDioin. ad. 1«T7, p. SU ; «r. abn Aaktfvd 
■nd lis Homrd PawiMiHM: Dorle'o Barena^; 
Mr Kilnrd Wnlkirr'i Hialarioal Obaorotkiaa, 
od. t;u5. f. i(IB; Wulpolt'aADBdloiecorPaiM- 
io|r. ed. Wamuin. 1. 'JSU; Collin*'* PMmfs, «d. 
17Ta. I. 110^ Ijaidinnr* Hi*l. t<«iaitD: Cat^ 
dea'i Aunsli of King Jaincii 1, p. 8t2i Sto«^ 
Ananta, p. SISi Iliiiutioil Anccdota* of nni* of 
tbx Uoward rninily, bv C. It.nnni, I6II, p. Td; 
Tbo UDward PaE«n. by H. K. SlapU Cawton ; 
Lira* of Pliilin HavDM, Enrl of Arandel, and 
Anna Dacns. hi* Vib, 18ST, p. 1ST : TStmsy'a 
IHhi.. u( AnindtJ; Bloni«)Isbl'* Sorfolk. i. Sa9: 
' LoilgB' tiieboli^Pn>- 
j gtvmv of J/UBcm I. ii. i. HI: Allan'* I^abclk. 
^ |L 909; Li»d>'Juumn1>; Rial* nipus. Ac. Tb«l« 
nn l«tten fr<im nnJ Ui llio tnri in dartndon'a 
CofPMponden™. in Sir Thcmaa Boe'* Nasotia- 
lioos. pf>. 3S(, 44t. I9£. lit the C(iU(«e of Arm*. 
mill in Itrii. Mus. AMt. MM. ISSiO. Many r*- 
frninm to him ore also In E*«l}a'* I^h"? 1 aiH 
tborilioa quoted.] B. iC & 

HOWARD, W.VLTER (1769-1830?), 
calleil ibe'lh^irof Piivirriv." boni on l()May 
I7M', wat'ronof William llownrd, byCsthe- 
rino Titcrinibe of Si. ni-llrr, Jcntey, sod 
pramliMin nf ('linrloaFranriallovmnl otdvi*- 
nrrr»,iimi lurdofHedcadaleJinilhiinibfrliUid. 
Ili.i t'ntbi-rchkimi>dkiu*hipwith tliu ducal fa> 
unlyofNurfutk : in 1760hetoldOv(ino«e,(hs 
iwifpiiorie* uf Kvdeidale and Uarboltle, and 
the ndvovTMn of Ivlsdon, Northumberland, 
to thn Earl of N'onhumberland,and iheno^ 
firnrnrd nppnar* to have boKi aupnorti-d W 
Kdwnrd llaward, duke of Norrolb (168^ 
17(<) [q.v.] Wultcr wtti »ifot by the duke 
to the college at til. Umer, but, being a pro- 

1 toward 



laMkBl, W waa «KKi wtlbdniwn. In 1773 
br WM pluwd «rilh • wine UHKlintit »l 
Ofortu. In 1777 hit Etilirr nnd llw iliiku 
diM. He rvluraKl to England, >imI found 
ifau l>uli» mwud luilbnin^iiiluxl tiiin an 
■aauitt qT 46/. Tliw now Ankv, Chsriw 
(179a-lT>WI) [i|. v.^ bwuM bii frieml. and 
COBiiaatd thr ulowtaoi' prvTioiuly mado to 
kialBUlar. Ik l7il8bpirafLmuc)i MiMrruMid 

SitbU. TbeabTeBtlidi>kif,0bkrlM(174O-i 
IS) In- T.\ MOBU to tux* utinlUd liiiMnir I 
&«■ • bMli>n« in Ibn (\>ll*gn of AMn* that | 
nowiiu'a rMini* I« kiiwliip vriili kim ner» 
flHHimu. On 21 tW. 17(K> Howttd vrv m- 
U^Md Avm • lUbtor'a iinioo, uiil bjr tfav 
4«k>'a atawwd catablikhM ftl Ewoocl, Sunvy, 
Ml » Mtnll pTOMftT. The diUce otdarad bitn 
tolvalM'Mr.Smiik' WbcnlwwMklto 
to ratnplftin of ihit jcri'^'inco, tlie 
I nftiad to **>■ bin, and would not ftUow 
fciatutMMBiioccnpBtioiiof Uwood. Howard 
■Mr Arrotcd UntMlT to camel itw CoJIege 
ft Ann* pfdigne of the ducol hniljr. and 
tn nO'" *^ KwmkI proocn^. Hi* frroi* 
la th» lord rlMMcrilor, •wl iri«d lo wUmu 
tWwanorehuicnyiaJulT ]t<00,and •rm 
MtMMplvil In addicM th* lloan of Lord*. 
Tfcoous tliritlopber lUak* 'i|. r.] wrol>- n 
ImIiiIi Minptili'i to 111* (uppurl. aud dww 
9f (or nim a pclitiou lo thi! kint[, Hnwanl 

rantnl a ppiitton to Iht- princL' rciftiit on 
April lolS. and warlaid tli» pnu«« in 
rail Mall on IS Mav.fiir wli>clili«apo)o^«od 
tea»nilM>rliiU«r. 1(# «»« lakeamto ciModv 
■riBisinalina favlbro a inagiiluli . wu 
aill«<l tn priMM. Ilo otitaiiied mom b1- 
■ fnin rlie twnlAhdalw. Bernard ¥A- 
wwd ( 17'1>'>- 1»U) 'q. v.\ and i» MiPnd to 
lftwdi«liiilH30orlH.tI. Iljrliu wifisHiM 
JasB Hntttn of OttlMidir, Wiainiorriand, b« 

(Ila««pl Pai-on. *.lital t>y 11. K. -S OaiwKin 
(IH'k iliiiiy raMpilcO ftam [«j>«t* prMMUad 
U iIh oMkar hj iriwinl'i vioD* nul of (trvti- 
uAi tar Ik* IbU(wi iiinnifnlad I7 Ur. GtulOD 
Md kfatelHr in Ur IxulioxU nw.] II. (1. 

■ PfvlMpdlv unorJotin ll'inntd of 
aU.N<>rrolk lliiin^ l'JH(».hy l.urj. 
of John Oanniind. Tb« family. 

_» proteUv of i^on orisin.bflanffnl 

Is tb» eUw of MBklW s«n'i7. and waa M'ttW 
Ml tW aoeliliourliood of Uvnn, Norfcdk. Tkn 
■aav Howard, Ilaward.ot lUywud, it (aid 
t« hat* iwti oaaipoun*l<-d of haj* (bod|p<) 
•■d wwrd (wanlrn), aoil lo liavB dnantcti 
•rifiAKlU aji adlon whcKv |irincipal doty il 
«*t In fmvrai trp*paa* on iHularv^aod. 
Bapvanl waa oounai'l to tli<- ■■i>T^->Fmtioa of 
l4«a,*»d«piwanaijiutio«o(aMuc for the 

aortfaern eoimtJM in 1^3, and waa ta tito 
follnwinc jMir commiiMloiiin' of lEwcrii for 
tbp nnrth-WMt of Norfolk. Ho wa> aiun- 
tno«i«l to parliament M a ju*t)r«tBl29fi,aod 
on 11 Oct. 1S07 wa» apnoinloil n justice (^ 
the oonunon picaa. In tka following Totir lin 
purthaied Orancourt'a nunor, Kut \Vin(di, 
near Ltod, when- be had hi* niincipnl aoat. 
Id ISOo, and again in 1307, be wa* «tin of 
tlio oomiauiioMra of Irailbaatoo. 11? muat 
of 1308, tlio pat«ni of hi« AiicciNitor. Heiiry 
Ic t!cropc, briog dnii'd 27 Nov. in (hat vear. 
In or about ibu rriga of Henry VII a f(gun 
of liiui knut^ling in liix robt-n witb tbr< lognnd 
* Pray for tlie «i>iil of WiIliaDi Uunard, cbiof 
jiistico of Encland,' waa inaerted in ono of 
tbo alahwd-glaM winilowa in thu ohurt'li of 
Looj; MRlfard, Suflolk. Ho doM not aeeoii 
liowsTi^r, to haTi> lii>ld tbn olRwof cbief jua- 
lioe (DiTODU-IU (trig. -M, C%nai. &t. St), 
Howard niarriird, lirsl, Alici>, diiushlor of 
Sir Robert UIFord, anceator of iba GmI oaHa 
of Siiflblk : temndly, Alit«, daiwhlcr of Sir 
Edmond die I'ltton rk Fitton in Wggenhall 
St. Oarmaiu, Norfolk. Ity bii. Drat wi& ha 
had no ianie: br the ivcond two torn, Sir 
Jobo anil Sir William. l(y l.ho marria^ of 
Sir Koburl Howard, o tiiienl ditaMndaat of 
Sir John, witb Marf;aret,dau{tlit<irand cohmr 
lo Tlioiniu do Mowbrav, duhu of Norfulk, 
part of tlie MiaUo of ttiu ijiiebv naaod to 
th^r ion, Sir John, flr«t duke o^Korfolk of 
till' Howard family [■]. v.] 

[Itcniy lloward'a Maniorinla of the Ilawaid 
PamilT. IBM. App. 1.: EllU'a Lalton of K-vA- 
Mnt Uienrji Man (Camilan 800.). 1)6: OaL 
Inq. pott mortom, i- 171 ; Profnploriam IW-t«- 
kintiD [CamiUn So;.): nionoflold'* Nerlblk. ad. 
pMtla. ix. 160 r« aaq. ; 0«aaaIi«iat, ad. Mar- 
■hall. ii. UT et Mq.: DoffUa'a Baioaa«*, JL 
2«a: Dngdala'a Cbron. Sar. pp. II. U; Pari. 
Wriu^ i. 3S (S); Madoi". Kxdi. ii. Dl : Rot. 
Part.!. ITS. 318: Ci>llb>'>P«rac>.«l. 1(171^ 
i. m 04 aaq. ; Fox'a Urea of tho Jadra.! 

HOWARD, WILLIAM, firw Binoir 
I HuwiaiiorF.rriRr/KtM (iriloNKi73),bom 
aboot IfilO, wa* the pldou Mn of Tboau 
lluward. anrood dnh« of Xorblk [q. v.}. by 
bi* aorand wiCr. Hawaaadwalad aiTrmlty 
Hall. CkrabridgiF, nadcr Ganliiiar. ami at a 
vtfryuarlya4[om»i<lae<Mr1. InlMIIInw«nl 
want Ml Ilia llrM i-nbauy to Scotland, aad 
waa enlertainrd by Jauan V al St. Andrvwa. 
Hit miHiiini aernia (■> hare been (•> jiropona ■ 
mamatfv liPliifvn Jama* aiwl tbo iVneaaa 
Mary, HawaawithllMiry VIM al BoologM, 
and at UioooronatHn nf Anne Bol«7n ba wa« 
di-piityrarl-marabal. lliwrylik«daMlr«aied 
him. In Janoaty IMS b« ' woo of ttw }dag 



I loward 

at ibovillabourde W.' In February l.'iSl^ 
Iw weal to Smtluiil to invMt Janiua V wiib 
lhfQ»nmt(Stalf Pap*r» Jltniy nil. v. 5; 
IhvnMlo/OmirTriit*, DuuiktTDO Club, 10). 
('Iwpuy8. will) iiiU|ii>ctal uucb taotv limn 
wu rvally iIcu^i-h] by the iniMian, Addnl, in 
Ut l«tti>r'u Chiirl«sVi > pmiU oru uitanUhiil 
U Ibe despaicb of m ctupid and tnducreet a 
man.' DutQiMiM) Margnrcl on 4 ^lanh wro1« 
lo Itunnr.miinniMidiuc Huward't * honorsbl*. 
plitaflniint.aDciwjs'lMliaviour. KingJiunrsV, 
who a fi-w clariprcTtoualy bom limiUir loMi- 

E, ollcT«d him tliPnonli»cnted laniU and 
of J&mui IlacnilloD. ilie ihcTiir of Lin- 
_ iw, WoUier of Patri(?k Hnmillon 'q. v.] 
Tbeie Howard rtfu«prl, and Hamilton wa« 
reatored to fsTour. In l>VUili«iwM inFraiica 
on diploOMlic bunmeiui (CAraniWf '</ Vtilfti*. 
Caind. Soc. p. -I5i. In I'^bruan- lfi3A-6 
Howaidnv atniinoeni lo Scotlnnd.ineciDi- 
panjwitb Williaio Itarlomfq.v.], ihubishop- 
elwt of St. .\Mpb, lo reoommcnd to Jamea 
•ad Ilia court ibe adoption in Scotland of 
TLemrft ecclMiaatical {>i>lioj. Howard waa 
uiatruct«d to tft forth 'hi* fcnu^V proc«ed- 
ingfii,' and lo 'inciiU'i* nnd liarpp upnoii iho 
vptinjiof hnnaurond proDit.' Hi' badnlioto 
propiMe to Jnioe* an intcrriew with Umry. 
Tip fvturui-*d lo SoolUutd oncv more in April 
1686 {Uamilt-H Paprrt, i. 39, tie \ Diurmt 
^OocwJvnK n, -itt). 

Ta 16ST aod 1&I1 Howard waa ennged 
on an vmbaaey lo Fnuiee (of, Sfntf fitpi-rt 
Ilnrti VIII, Tol. viii. pi, v. ronld.) While 
thnrc ('romwi'll infi^rniitd bim and bia col- 
Icaffua, (hit biiliopor Worcmtcr.of tbudooth 
of Jani' Scymciur, and, at the kinr'a n.'t|ui!A, 
aaktMl them to n>|iort. which of we Fconch 
nnno««am would be mi it able for her waaeemvt. 
In l>Mwmber IMI Howard, wlio had been 
racalW ftrwii Fnincooo34S*pt.(ffl,p.B]0), 
tomthtir with hi* wifr, waa cliargml willi 
ahieldins tbs immoraJitioa of hi* kinnwnmiui, 
Qneen Oatherino Howard, and both were 
ccniricted ormiapriaion oftri-iuon (»hi Api). 
ii. Sn] llep, Dep, E«t>])er of Public lU-CordJi, 
p.SM), but were pardoned [aee under Cathe- 
Btiru, d. 1JH3'. Thev liMt, how»rver, ih^ 
manor and rncfory of Tottenham, whiuh bad 
bo«n granted to them in 1AS7 (Nkwcovut, 
S^trloritim, \. ToS), Hownrd accomnanir^d 
HfiTtfivd in ttiB inrnjion of Si-ulUiid o* Iftl I. 
In tlie aane year he took port in the aieffoof 
Boulogne, and in 1540 one of the many 
order* in council directed to him InMnicieil 
him lo preparra ahip* for the ' «aro wafling' 
of ilia moniyf which WotTon and IIarrinf[ton 
wna to convoy to the amy in Kraiici.-. 

From aO Oct. 15S3 to Decmnber 16.S3 
Howard waa lord deputy and govmior of 
Calaia.withafeeoritW.'ayear: in October 

1663 li« waa admiiled to the jirirr ominciL 
On 14 Nov. 16&3 be waa appoiBteJ lord ad- 
miral of Enfiland. Clinton, however, tbe 
fanDoradioiral.did not roaign at onc«, ao ibat 
the pDli-Ri wai not madooutnatil lOMarok 
irxVt 4. Un -1 Jan. I653--4 he remved th* 
S jian inb a la baaMJora at t he Tower wharf, and 
rode with tbena up through the cit r to Uurliam 
Pboe. He»aBRmdeE.O.inl6&i. WbenSir 
Thonia* Wyal approached Loudon, lloiranl 
waa ■rrfty aciim in ihr dofenc of the queen. 
Ho ahnt l^dgnlc in Wyat'* face. ' And 
that night "iSFrb.l&ijS l>!inyiWriotheslcy. 
' the aaid LonLVdmirali wnlehtd ihcf London] 
Bridge with iii c mt^n, and brake tae draw* 
bridge, and aet rampeer«withgrr«t ordinance 
there.' Aa a i^'wanl for hi4 e:iert4on« be 
waa created Baron llowanl of KifiniFham oti 
II .March IG63-4 ; the manor of Effinsbnm, 
Surrey.had been granted bin by BdwanlVi in 
IG&I, BuiHoward'HactivaderotMntoEliaa* 
bet h'a interuMa rouaed T he auapioiona of 1 
and bar adrlaeta. In ISM m ranoBati 
with Ga^ br hia ill-nsi^af UMifrinoMf, I 
a con*»niatian wit b hor in the Towor in II 
and when in IKSh Klianbcth cumo a* a pi{- 
aonor lo Harnplon ('ourt, he viuli.-d ber.aod 
' mamdloui honomblv used her gmcc* (H(H 
LiieftHBi), p. I1U4). Buward waa, however, 
popular with theaeameti,and waa loo power- 
[III to b« interfered with. He met PhDip 
when ha came to England ni the Ne " 
and though tlieiia wern f«ai« thai ha 
corrv him nwnv I^ Fnuirn. Ik- brouffbt bij 
■afcly lo Soiiilinnipion. In IfiS/i he com- 
voycd Philip to Floodera. But be waa alill 
expoaed lo aunucion, and in IQM thought of 
rMipiing Uia oflioe. Next year, however, lie 
wtacruuin^LnlheCfaaanel.and in 1666 Mary 
apimnled liim lord chamlwrkin of the hoiue- 
hold. In \!J^ Mnry di«icniil to enid him on 
nuKnibaiav to Francv.lmt be wiialoo ill logo. 

Under f-Uiiabi>ih Howard nai roappointed 
lord cliamU'rlain. and was affain lon^oyed 
in (liplamaor. He negoliaied with Wotton 
and tlie Blanop of Klv the tn«tv ol Cliitenu 
Camlreaia in the early (lart of 1669 (cf. tn- 
Rirudioiw in Cctl. StaU Paprn, Foreign Sm, 
1 66fl. No. t>»S), anil aftorwarda went to Paria 
with Woltrm and TliToekmarton (May ICRO) 
to induce the king of France to awear lo 
olwerm it. ■ I awurv JOU.'he wToMtoCeeil, 
'21 May IG-T), of the cbar^ impoaed oo him, 
' there' i« BO day that I eseaj^ andar IW. a 
•lay, and aomeltniea ntsn, beaidaa rawardato 
niinntn>ljt and other*.* However, on laaviuf 
Frniuwhehad'averylajjccand honorable pre* 
in^' to J.liO UEf., and worth 2.UU(V. 13«. 4^.' 

in Match l&Stf Howard aeni bomelo Eliaa- 
belh repoite of French goaup about achemea 




' WMrUgv; ptnoiisllj b« Eiround ui I 
Awtfiui kllMacv. In Ai^^uM lASl bo ae* 
twyiikMt tbDquL>vn on a ricit to nunbrid][c : 
W lodpd in l^inil; Ilnll. dsd wm cre«(<<d 
KjV. IIo look the qiw«n'ii pari aicaiinn tlie 
■cwfliBm narlt i« lb«> rebellion of KitlP, mnd 
IB I67S a»—>d to b« Ion) ebambwlnin on 
fcproniiiii lAtd privy wol. llolin«htHl tnyi 
l^Bi br ilird ot lUmHon Court i>n 12 Jon. 
IftTS, otbi-n llui bii (Untb tonk ^Infc iit kin 
hSNirat Keienlc. He w«i burii-d in lCri|^l« 
Ctercb. InlbplBllupnrl of Ilia life ki'bimglii 
iiMriiliiililii MlaiM in SmTpy, bu«id(w (tioM 
vUeh Iw bad by (ojal gmnl ; but in l<V)7 ho 
i—mIiIiii a of poTvKy, anil it ffio* ' hut h« 
WWMil harp bnon aaib an carl hnd hi> bnti Lho 
■MMMfJ propeftT. In bin vil! \tir Ixiriui a 
dWMaiMktnira bH)iw«i totlipqiKvo, bm \e1\ 
kUuk AponnttwfatckbaabnuMiitnived 
!• in dw fomtamim of the Earl of ElKii^ bam. 
Ilnwirrl marripd flm, before 1^91. KitT.bc^- 
nar id. I'VU), daiiffbl^r of Jnhii Itniifi'litnn 
of TiulilaiKinii, Brafiirddiirp, bv whom bo 
iMlft daiLj>(itrr Aitnm, wko ninnipd William 
htitel, ibird marquii of Winch»rirr (cf. 
liittmand PapmttenryVltl.v. UP; Mine 
earirni* MTiiciiIan •« to tbe dBugkivr's insr- 
TJaa* will b» foiuid ia WilU from Doftor/ 
Q ^J M M. CaMd. Sor., «(1. Rnicu. p. >l\): 
MNsdlj, bafoN Idas. Maiynivn <rf. l-V^l), 

Ai^hlrr ofSirTboaiai ( i iuiii«i- nf I '<■{ t r . < ) l»- 
■miiiihin Tbr loiii-r of London In Lord 
LUa (A. ti. Si2), itinnK nn lu-count of tbo 
laliirtkaat the tecoad mnrriofcn a» nceuiriag 
i« 16S3, miul he mimlalMl. if [hi> dm wife s 
ifi l ayh ia the nonrarl Chapp) at Lambvtb 
iacwret. BybwH««i>d wifefaehad, bMiden 
ti^tr kmmt, two *om, Cbarlaa. wbo i* tepi- 
Mrij aoliMd, and Williain, afterward* ^tir 
VnAm vtlMtgfMd. 

(Anlboniiw quoled: Qowaid'* IndiouioDs of 
llm««fak«rUi«B'<wanlFsn>il]-; Cal. of SUitn 
IhpHi^ I— i»; I-'n>ndr'i Hid. of EngUad; 
BntM'kBlaLDtfSoKlaiifl.'iadxI.iii IS) : LinJ- 
■ijaf nt>eotli*'*ChTOn. ; Titlir'i [[im. of Sfoi- 
k>il ■tar'aAftnah^ Ariaof thtlVirjCdnnnl: 

_ I OnrtT. i 177, Ac , lii. 505 ; O. R C". 

t; Bwkai PMnna; Camilcn'a Ann. cd. 
iL sat; ffanata Hln. of ih* lut, xl. 
hMHk.mU.i.i>.iii.: Ifciobyn'a Dian ; Chroaiola 
if OaBM JaaBUii) of l«anan«r Qmpii iUrj, 
mL J. li. Xicbola (Cund. iVw.). p)^ 41. 43. Ac ; 
VWo4bHl*r'* (^roaida, ad. BamilUo ((■md. 
•WX > 31. m> IIS. ii. lOP, no. 117. 118: 
■nl. ataa Add. M». >UM«. ff. M-TI ; M.'«. 
1. ■M.AM; UiMwy BMidM«f U«mM T], 
iA.!ndiol8 (Ttoitmrcha C1bI>). nir. ut. ixMii.^. aariii. 3W, 371. iM. .1M. U4. lOi : 
■Cnpa'a Anaala a^d K>rl. Mrs. : paptr l>7 
0. Ij>— Oo^ar. VAX.. la toI, ii. of !*aiT>T 
ICMlMlloM.) W. A. J. A. 

IfHO), ■ Didind Will,' wax (Iii. third trm of 
Thomas Ilonrtrd lU. fnurili dukt- of Norfolk 
[q, T.], by hia leconil wif' Mnivict. dnnghler 
or Lorn Audio;. Ui- wim born ut Andlny 
End, Essex, Od' 19 Dc(!- I&tl.t.aud hi> mother 
dtixl ibnxiwiwlu oJW bis birth. Hu fnllinr 
•ooo «fti>rwardH married thv 1)owh^-it Lndy 
Uarr* of (iiUlnnd, and birtnitbed Iii* ehildreii 
to the Dnon- h>>irM>Ms, ao ibat, at. th» a^v iif 
eiffht William llownrd wtu crrntniwi«! iJi 
Lady t^limlHrtli Uai^rv. Hi- w»» ''diH-ntwl 
by Gregory Martin, fiillow of i^(. John'a < o1. 
Iwe, Oxford, a ^J tcholar.aiid an ndhc^i'tit 
or tbf> old religion : but he fled ftom l^uftland 
h«for« ba had lime to produce much iinprr^- 
■ion on tlia b«l»'«mind. The cut^nilion iit hi» 
fslhcrr in IfiTS \rfi tho bor under tha nomi- 
nal rare of hii hnlf-btnthrT, I'bilii) Howard 
(IfiTiT-lfiM) fq. T.]: hut probably ho vraa 
hrougbt up br the Earl of Arandel, h>> 
brotber'i ^nilfatlifT r>n ibe nintheKa aide. 
Ilia mamnize with ICIiiabetli Dacre waa 
uilcniniKid ai Aadivy Knd on S6 Oct. 1A77, 
and lifter tbnt ha prooKxdad to OanbridifB, 
where he probably uiili-recl a) St. John* ('t>l- 
lese. a« in Infer lifi* bo prrwnliH) lluil collef^ 
With aonie bnohH ' dorotiM.iiuir' menti* ktb- 
tiaaimum reMimnniiim ' iDrshbt, JIovmM4 
Boiili*,^.\,H.) tn \tiAi be took up hit abode 
with hia wife, probnhly ai a bniiar called 
Mount riMuiant,inFtifit''ldriin(e.MiddlM«S, 
whrrr hit iddeM Ann wn* horn on ii Per. 1A81. 

He (Tion hocnm.- invoWd in tbe fortnnna of 
hii brother Philip, eurl of .\riindol la. v.] ; 
woa impHMined irith him in loH?. and joined 
ibe church I'.f Rome in \riHi. Il» was iirain 
impritmiei) in Kirt*., when bi>> brotlwr tried 
to li.nve th« bni wa* not arniginad 
with him. and wo* releaHd in IMNV 

Hliinbetb dialihnl tbo Hownrdu, ntid Wil- 
liam knew that he woa a aiupeeted man. For 
many rear* he waa involnd in lawmita about 
hi* wife'* poMMuiont. The rlaians of tlw 
Oacre beircMe* had itt*n dtiipuied in l.'SOB by 
Omit nncle. l.«i(uird Itanv, ami ihv diafiut« 
wna rerived by anolhrr nncle. t'raiwia Iliterw, 
in IB»I. Theroiiafiillaronunt of ihcvarioiu 
aitita wrilleti by William in Appendix i. lo 
(Nncby'i ■ Houn>hrild BookH.' It u inJHcienl 
to nr that the olaima of Franm Dam- wnro 
diudlowedi but the bnowledgw of tbe un> 
popularit y of iho ITnwarda iixlueed a n-iel bi'ra 
DSifrbbour. (irrard I^wthcr, (o h'I up a title 
forlbo qur«n lo the WroaMaof lliliilandand 

Brongh. llie f*H waa tried at Ckrliale ia 
IISi89. and wsa iinoppoaed, a> Howard waa 
a^n in piaoit. LoiriherpurMied htr counn 
of diiqiOMeaaing the HiivanU of ibeir UwU 
nn the qwen'a behklf. Plticabeih took po»> 
MMkm of moat of then, and inada Howud 




ma aIIowiuico or -lOOt. n yea-r. L'llimBt«Jy 
in lAOl ihiMiUF*^ ivrmiltcdrheiiUteM.l^y 
Animl')! nnii Iji^}' Elixabetli Iluwnrtl. tolwiy 
bwh iJi«Jr Und* b,v n payro^nt nf h>mi> 
lOJXOI. mich, nnd tin- Inn^ tnwmiit wu 
tni^i to ibe protit of thi! rnrnl coSen. A 
^rtiticin wm landu uf tIic >«iatfw between 
till? two siBten, uid in 11X13 llnwtnl look up 
hi* nlMdt^ nt Nawurtli CbhIIv. Cumberlutid, h 
hoii'« wliii-h in iii'liMoluliljf conn->cu><l vriili 
bif nnmc ns ii» rmMrer (on (iccoiint of 
TTiivfinl'* vorkiat NsiroKli UpvitnbvC. J. 
Fi>n[uMMi, ' Nttworth Cnnlle," in tlii- JVon*- 
aHiotuofVif Oumbrrtand Had H'ettaorelattd 
Affkirtlo^iail •Sodrty, ir. -INti, In:.) | 

AflvrMrttliti^'nlNaworTh.lIow&rdliroiiglit > 
an uprigbi charncUr, ■ xoiind iiidffinMit,iin<l 
a Dullivated niind to the worK oT ractoriDr ! 
ordur and fiirtlinrioff civiliiacion in tbe wild 
^•trirl* of ili<- bordun>. llrlivi'dia •p«lri- 
•rclul fuUion with hi> ioiib aiid ibuir wivM 
■nd fnmilieB. IIu iioprovL-d hia (HUtM, mi- 
eouMf^ ugriculture, and Mnne to promote 
tbe vcll-bMug of ths people. Ilia prwM^ 
worthy fffarU w(>rc not always api>ToT*d by 
hi* iii'iphimuni, nnd mnny ntf"'nipt» wiin- 
nuiln In briii^ bim into tmiitilf nn » iveiuiinl. 
On ncpount of bis itliginn In- bold no piibLc 
post till lUlK wlien be vna mndi' ane of lliv 
AommMkiunvni for tb<> butdi-n ^Rtxrb, Fie- 
dera. xiii, 03), Il^insUteii on iho cluenxo- 
ciiiian of till* low*, and by Liit porAertrsnim 
annoyed Hw n«i);)ibourin^ ju)tt.<c4.-« and iba 
captain of Carli"l»Ciwll»>,wbrwBtliorlroiningn 
be laid bofire tb« privi' cmncil ; but bii pm- 
OMdiaoi worn alwayi in iicconlnDrri wiib tbn 
law. Bcoti, in tho ' liny of tJi<- Miu- 
alMl.' lua tunuid bim into a mrtbical lli-ro 
b; the name of ■ B«lted WA\ .' ' Bni Soott 
haa also niaile bim lord wordra. an ot&oe 
wbicA he n#vi>r b«ld. juid bii.» tr»Ti»fprr«l to 
htm l«^ndji vhich pm|i<'rly btdi^ng 10 hi* 
Vaoiw BRCiutorg. IIii n-os not. known in hi* 
own davBM- Belted Will.'bul 'Bnuld :boMl 
Williu. and bis wifi^ ' BvEsie wiib Ihl^ braid 

! broad' Bprui),' in all union lohiT ample dower. 
'lieir'UouMrUold Books,' wbi^b ex ten li with 
Bome ga^ from 161^ to 1A40, givi- cnpiniiH 
bacama a {ntwm id tli* onighbourb'ood. A 
diary of •omaaoutbnra viritonin 1B31 gitva 

yiUaaaot diuoriplion of the generoua buiipi* 
ity of Nnwonb Ciuile, uid aaya of it< 
howta: 'Tbeat- DoUe twain ooutd not nabe 
above twenly-Bv« yeian Iwlh together when 
fim ikay married, that now cna mnkn above 
140 jaan, and an> v«ry lii-orty, woll, and 
marry* {Houufhold Book*, Appendix, p. 

Bowanl wu alio a acholar and an anii- 
qauj. Early in life he began to ooUcct bookx 

and maniucript^, and in 1603 jmbUdied at 
(y^ndon an edition of FIormOT ofWorcMtor'a 
' C'bronicon ex Chionicie. siicturc Flotentlo 
Wiuomienai Monacho,' which be dedicated 
to Lord BurgbU^. lie fonsed at Naworth 
a latgD library, of which n>nia of tlia printad 
bw>ka cpmuin (tluT^ is « catalogue in tha 
<Hoaaeb»ld Book>.'Appi!ndix,p.473>. Tile 
collection of mauuacnpia baa unfortunately 
been diaperted. A aiaall portion i* in iIm 
Ariind-d MSS. in the ICoyal Colle^of Arm*: 
but many VII I liable [niinnitcripl* in OtlMTGOt- 
Icction* inny bi* idratitiod an bnlonipng to 
lloward by bin marginal notw. It u clnar 
that he wan a man of oonaidonblo lennaing, 
and that hia library waa Taluahlr. He wu 
a friend of Cotton, Cataden. and SpelmaUi 
and a oorrmpondent of U*»ber, who collated 
one of hi* moniipurripts of t,hi> Ictiiinof Abbot 
Aldhulm ( f'fl/nmt E/ii'folariim Sj/ll/iyt,D. 
129). III! iutiuauv with Cotton led to t£a 
marriage of one of hia daughlurB to Cotton'a 
eldeM aon, aftfTwards Sir Thomaa OoUOB. 
(^mden ealU lluward *a singular lover of 
valuiilileiinti'itiitynnd learned withal.' When 
n ptMjKianl wit> inodi' in lttl7 In revive the 
Socii'Iy of Aiitii)nariiw, nbiiji Jauea I had 
for mimi- rf«ifin lupprauod, a memorial in 
lavour ' >f I hi' nrojvot ecu Lbo name of IIowar<I 
tirat in tbe list of its probabia nwmbera 
{ArtAdfitoi/M, vol. i, xvii). Living clo>e to 
the Roman Wall, Howard coUectM Roman 
altara and inaoripttoaa, aad tent drawit^ of 
tliem, made witli hi* own hand, to Camden, 
who wa<i workiniT *< hi>^ ' Hnlannu' (Brit, 
n. &i-2). Tlii!>i' 1i'> kept in tbe garden at 
Nn worth, when- ihi-y wrro w-mi byStnlialay 
in iri'.i I lire Horctle. p St* ). Even in Stuhe- 
ley'a day they were suffering frau negltct, 
S^nie inform a 1. 1 nil nbooi (beni i« to be foMad 


176 -.'", 197-9, llownnlV.b>clininsT««r»wcP(( 
dialurbi'd by Ibi- (>iiil>ri'»k of eivil ttnublo, 
and after the battle of Newbnrti in August 
104U tbeni wnrv feon that the Seota amv 
on tbe way. Ii wa> cherfdiMv thought pru- 
dent to ra'rry ih« old man to Gmyatock aa a 
plan- nf grc*ati!r safety, lie wa« ao IiNbIa 
that bt' bod to be borne in a liltor, and aooa 
after hia arrival tJiere be died early in October, 
bavingeurvitrd hi^ wifeaboulayear. Amaii|[ 
bi»ten L-hildren were Philip. wboeegrandMii, 
Cbarlee Howard (in^VI-lttfU) fq, v.], waa 
mated Farl nf Carlidv in IGfll, and Sir 
Franci* of Corby Cn«llc. ('umbrrlond, a 
roysliat eolone). Tliere in a portrait of bim 
by Oometiui Janiiaen at CaaUe Howard, aoil 
one of hii wife tit Gilling Cattle, Yorkuira. 

in Ilorfley's 'Biitamiia Uomnna.' pp. ^■'M 
nnd Bruw'ii ■ I^pidarinai Srnn'nl tionjil*,' 




[TW IWt of ITowanl has b*«n csMfallr (oU 
hyOf«>tiTtn Ihr Inlniihtttloiitil Ih" HowhoU 

Ihltl itf I T 1"^"- - " i{P— . — c— :-.j.i 

•■ilW Appmllx cnuin* • Dvmberof illu«lni- 
iira doooMMU ; HawMiTii MamonaU «f tin 
Hai—i *■ ; [hkaaf N'orftilk'tMlttioaof thrLiTo* 
«C nilip llttnrd. mrl uf Arundv). unit AiiBt 
EWrw. b>* wif"; QMcbiiuart'* Qutorj-irCnm- 
kftaai, ». ISI. &«.: 8c«u'i> Lay of tho LmI 
IDaaml. *ol«. Uocidal** Oitmme: H. 1^' : 
a't Wodluai si CVimbFrUiid ; Ltvont's 

_ BriunM, ' Ciimlwrlaui].' pi-. 32 nii<l 
4lnla-«ui:Otll<>ir'«DlM(mur/ol tile Eo^uli 

CMteUa^ iii. tM^.l 


HOWARD, Wn,IJAM. VrrtCftcirT 
SttrrotiM IIU-IIM)), nixllfth H)n nfTho- 
MM. '«fl i>f Aninili'l nnd Sarrry [q. v.~. bv hi> 
miU IaJv \laiba* Talt»i. (din) di»g1it«T, 

1014. UKlTutiroii^htupu a Roman calbulir. 
tlr WM Bodif o kni^hi of ib» Hall) at Ibo eoro- 
BMioB af Cliariu* I in Fobrukrr I0SU, and 
nMnii 1 (nar. lie. Binliop of Londoo. I iOct. 
1037>Marr,lbi>da(iirhl«riirtli«IIon. Edwnrd 
SuffWd, and ■i>t«r of Umrr, fifth and \ut 
buvn9ull<ird,wbodic<ilinlft3T. Rog|«rStaf- 
t>f4, th» ImI nwie brir nf the Suffunb. Iiar- 
1^ tMVfi ooiD|KUcd (o aurrf-iiilnr lo ilin kini,' 
^ bamn of StAdor^ l» no fnivillpd diisl 
d 7 Dcr. I(tn9. noward und Uia wir« 

ppoinl In- l«U«I« p«<*i» i>f 12 Spjit. 

1010 Baron on't Ifaroiuiw SUlfiin). wilh re- 
. ta dofatilt of tnolu uaue, to liu/n 
faoal*. A trrant wu •!•» niaid« to tknm 
of th« MtBM nvwdeacu u had bimi anjoftd 
Wtlwaftli BftRW SiAfliird ; but M tfattwa* 
\y MMiilfnd ilUf>), S<aSnrd wm 
nwiMj ViMNiBltl l^taflbtd on 1 1 Nov. 
MMLmmI look bia amt fur tli> fini limv iu 
lb Iloav of Ijgrda oa (he foUowiiif; dajr 
i^mrmmUitfOifno>ttr<tfLtr< I'pon 
lWiJWllir»*> iif !>>■ nvil WBT Stafford rv'irvd 
vitb kM wif* 10 Aatwi-qi, but »ul>«v[iu-tit1v 
Mviwd in ibia coaaitj iSlafe Tnalt, rii. 
UV>. TW (Utenffit in DotU-'s 'DASriitl 
Ihnin 'Hull -Slall^rd uTrint m a viiliin- 
toiria tb* n7«l«rni;i I'di «lMainaix-iiTa(«, 
aa il M ciMtr tbai lir wnx biiTond tli« m** in 
lUa ir*L4Mmio«, //iW. '^RtMli.m. I'tM. 
tr. mO< In Jui» 1"U< n pwi vm (rant<H] 
his !•' rrixm ti> KiiicUiiil, and in Julv I&I7 
h> >ibUiB->l ■"■ri- to tto in FUndiwi tu fi-tcb 
W» m<' and UoiiU'.J'mnmUoflkr //ohwi/ 
£w^ Tin. 3Kt, 11- ^'I7\. In n Mtor 10 tli« 
fllMiHiii. daUd AiUKirrdani. 1 Jan. WA. 
flH4bnl.afti>mMil)'>«iii|[ liis f'lnai^rpelitinn 
■• Ivlwtf of III* tiiqibnr TbutBn*. nrt of 
At— *'l. 'b'pi in (TUell alaTrrr m Padua,' 
«t> tm Mnwitiuw to repair t.i I'nffUnd U 
III— Willi Mil iMrMMUjr mOonwull 'k boiH 
ni. xxntt. 

n«M of fir gratler iIIlpo^tana^ whotjr coDcera- 
■ng y.ait nwiiu jivrMii und BfTnyi^M . . . not 
lilt tountnmiinii-uic trt |>npnr' ( Thurlof StaU 
PufM-r*. I7ii. iv. ^It). Tbougb Stafford 
WM allowml to rpturn, no interrjew be> 
Iwi'i-u him and Croaiwoll nppi^iin ta hxn 
lakcu ulaoF (lA, vi. I3D). Un :M Junu I06D 
an order wait niadf by t,\iv IIoiim of Lorila 
for iIh FMlitution of ^alVord'* ffooAn iJtmr- 
iialt of Ihr tloittr vf Ift'lt, xi, 7!)). A^ 
cording lo Itiirni'l. Slntford (•on»id<T>-il tliAt 
ha liAcTnol brnn n-witrdi'il by C'luirlci U tm 
ha dowrvBd, And (o ' often vot^'d sRniDit ihe 
coun and made grout appticatians always U) 
till- Barl of SliaftsbiiiT KUitS. 1^ hi* o«m 
rtW,ii.2ll2l. la nUMStalfurdpeUtioncdlb* 
kinji, witlioni ■urcM*, O rvMorp \\\* wifn to 
tboiiartdoniof .SiatTml nndbaninyof Novrn- 
hnra nnd Tiinbridtc' lu fully a* tboU|[b bar'.r. Hilornrd, duk>- of Bui^kinitham, had 
iiBf vt\ievn,%\\tun\KA\Val.St'ittPmfr»,X>a\Si. 
\^WA-\, p. Mil). On 18 Jan. KKE6 \» wu 
uleottd a fellow of iht> Itiijal Societj, and 
in lS7i aerrcd a* momtwr of tho ooiuidl of 
tint aodoty. On 3 July 167A h« had an 
■llfKAtion witli thn Karl of Paterborougliln 
thi) lIouM of Lon^ and wa* onjoined bjr Uie 
lord cliAnctrltor ' not to nuvnt AiiTtbine aa 
paidi-d bMtWMn ihain lhi« day ' iJourwA ^ 
iJif Uimtt <tf Ixtrdf, liii. iTTO). 

Iti L'on*»(lil«ncn of the falw informalioD 

of Tint* n«i«« a warrant *raa iisuad br tba 

lonl cbii>f jii*iic». at iho ioatatiM of the 

tpptker, fiirihn npun'lii'nnion of iftnflord and 

(our othi^r cntholir lordi>, nnmaly, (h« Barl 

□f Powia and LonU Arundcll of Wardmur, 

Belaaywe, and rVHru. t)n The following day 

Staffed, baring Hrat inforiD«d ihu Uouaa of 

Lot<liiofiheiMi>«of lb» warrant, wmondtnd 

himMtf. and waa coinniittvd to th« Eil^a 

Bonnh pnnan.wbnntB bvwaji nubanquRDtlyro* 

laoiW lo the Tower. ^Kor ibc nrsliminary 

pmrcvdinKa again** 'ihellwuopiau lonjh'wo 

art. ABOrnBa-t, Hwr«t.l Oii Jl Slav UWO 

Suffard, wbo waaatill Mii(Jn»d to ibaTowvr. 

ira« refuaed bail by tJi* miirt of kii^i bancli 

(LvrrBBI-L, i. 4-7>, and on If) Not. taMamag 

tlielloilMaf ('otnmon* nuoUrd unanimoualj 

to procMd vilb tbi- praaceatioa and loplaM 

Staflbrd on hU triJ fint {JminmtU ^f Uu 

ffotitK QfCmtimmt, u. UfiO). Awording to 

I llmubT, tbe neaaon of ibe aelrrlion wu tliat 

I SialSiri was ' deoncd wediar Uiau iha otbar 

' lorda in ibe Towar tor tha aama etitiM^ and 

< t«aaab1* toUbourhUdabuM'fp. 338). On 

3«l N,iv. 1«80 ihc irjal of Slafl^nl fi>r hi(rli 

troaMH wa* oomanMicad in WMUiiiniI>'r lUL 

It la»l«d aenn dara (m EriLni, Diarv, iL 

(•'■u-4). HHwa^lofd Fliteb, tba laid oban- 

[ eaUor, praaidnl aa bed high ttnnuA. Tba 

Buaagarafor iba ooomoiMmdadedSergaant 



Mcjuanl. Sir Vi Uluuii J notv. Si r Fnnci* Win- 
slngion.MidQeotgoTTvbv. StoRbtd.wbonms 
ouly ullowed to eondulr' liii couobpI when 
poinw of Uw aroM-, ilefmdnl tunuelf with 

EiBlQriibililj'thnnwft«uitici|iated. Dil^tlu, 
tM, bnd 'fiirhcmUn nil bore Mw wiineM 
agunil bin. OsUu dovlanHl ilini hr> hai) (l»li- 
Terad a cmiimiMion to him from thi> po|H> lu 
MjDiaMe^geDisnl of Uwftmiy which * wiu to 
H nimd for ibv promotlne of ibc catbolii? 
interwt ' {fitatr Trialt. vii. IftiS). Dufduli^ 
•ndTurbaniltrbnth «wora that Sisflbrd had 
•ndenroanMl to pi-r*unile< them to munler the 
Idagfi^.Iip. 13IS, 13it3). .StfllTonl vtinlv pro- 
twted lii.i innucvDcr. Tbu legal (ibjectioii 
raiaed bv liim 'toudiiu({ fbi? cwwiuiiTof twn 
wltaetau to evwj ovurt uct m etiilnnco of 
lurii tnuon ' »fl«r th» opinion of (hu judge* 
liM bMii taken upon (lie point wiu ovei^ 
luled (». Pp. IS2fi 33). On 7 Dec. Staf- 
ford wa« lound (fuilty by M lo •tt, and wn- 
t«nc« of death by banging, 'Imwioff, anil 
ouaRwing was pronoiinot J by Finch, who 
uad abown ootuidcrubli.- caurteay and (hir- 
am» to the jin»>>iii.-r during tba trial- Ac- 
oordinK (o Krilyn, StstTorcT' wa« not a nan 
b«1ovrd(M>pi'ciBlly of hi» own CitnUy' (Diary, 
u. 1J>I ). an<] nil liit kiDRurn who took port in 
the trial found him Kuilly witli the cxc^litioii 
of L<ird Muwbrny, nAcrrvtard* vtontli duhn 
ofNorfoUt, .\l Si<ifford'»rH|iit'9i Bntuot nod 
him to the Tower, and to tbum hr wiU-mnly 
pTolMtod bi« innocence. On I b Dec., haTine 
pramited to ditcovai' all thai he knew, gtaf- 
und wo* loItDn before the House of Lordit, 
irheie 'hobe^an witha lone Telmion of their 
flnt conaultationa aft«r the ttnRnnit ion about 
tbemetliodaofbrillring in thdirnliiCion, which 
th^y all agreed could only be bniuf^bt nlioiit 
by toliTrntion. no t'lld llietn of the Enrl of 
liriatorii projnct, and w-ml on to It'll who 
bad undi-rtnlir'n to pfociiiv* the toh'Mlicti fur 
tlirni.und thi-n hunninpd the Knrl of Sh«ft»- 
bun*. Whi'D hv named blm ho wan ordsradto 
wlihdniw, and thv lurdd would hear no mora 
friim him' (HtiRHBT, Jtu/. il. '2T2i aws nUo 
nut. MSS. Cixnm. 11th ll>^p. pu ii. pp, 43^). 
StolToni win liclu'iidi^l nn Tower Hill un 
29 llee. ItlWO, the kiiitt mmillinB ih" other 
barlmrou.* pL-nnlticj. The i]iioslion whi'llier 
thiH ivmitioion liiy in the power of Ihi- kiii^ 
inivt^ riik' In a ^llu^l dclinle m lUe House tf 
Conmirtim (/V/. Hut. iv. lL"iO-l>, While 
onthe'euBbM Slndbrd ri-ud which 
bene'ainpmte/iI.edhisinnocence^^V'rr'- Tnalt, 
rii. U.1'4 -7). He wa« bnried is the (Imix-I "f 
St. PcttTud VineiilninthoToweron l.hewme 
day, but the vTiAa* (pot ix unkiiown. 

StatTord left ihrec aoiu and «> daughters. 
flit widow waa ctcated on 6 Uct. 1688 i 

I OoiutAM of StAlIoid for h«T tilo, and died on 
, IS Jan. lOU. Their etdeat eon, Hemy Staf- 
ford Howard, wm ■lw«nftOct;.1688c»e«t«d 
liarl of Stnlforfl.with remainder in de&ull of 
' ualn iMun to hii h^^bflr*. I'pon thv abdt- 
I cation of JanuMMburfrtiTed to rraDro,wbnt« 
I on S April IHyjbooiamtxl Chtude ChaHott*, 
' the eldest dau|rhler of Philibert, comic de 
' GrammoDi, and died 27 April 1019 witliaDt 
iiwue. On the death of Joliu Paul StaHbrd- 
llowtipd. ihe fourth earl, on 1 April liftS, 
th» •-nrldoni bernmn extinct. 
I On :^7 May lO*^ a hill for rarepnnf Staf- 
' ford't nitnin'di'r wu rvad for tJie flrvt tiaav 
I in \he llutuc of I^rdi. Thougk it poaiaed 
' thruu^h the lur<lH and wa^ rtnd a aecond 
time la tlie Houae of Commniu (A June), it 
wa* dropped npon tli» ontbreak of the Duke 
of Mnnmouth's raballion. In the bngiBBiiw 
of the prceent century aomit abortJTe proceed 
in^wervlalten bi>for« thcconimilteeof prin< 
lefpM hy Sir Willinui Ji'minubam, and tub«e- 

Siieutlybyhtj nun Sir Uturuv William JirnioK^ 
am, deecendantA of Mary Plowden, Blaffwd'a 
grand-daujrh ter < /TotiM afl»Tdif fuptr*. IMS 
No. SO, lArifl Xo. 107, 1612 No. IS). At 
length in l^Vl ' on act for r«verMii(t tbo at* 
taindur of WtUinm, lain viacount Staflesd,' 
waa patfM-d('iGeo.r\', e. 4tl; iiritale act not 
printed). OnA July |m2A ihr HouxeofLerds 
rPnolvedlhalSirOeorge William Jeniinjhain 
lind ediublithed his claim i« the barooy of 
Sufford. created 13 Sent. IRIO {JIoum </ 
/yvrf/ fipi/ifr*,)t*3r.. No. ISA; and i/ouran/j, 
h-ii. U>t)»), nnd on 1 May WH^ he look his 
«ont for tlie linl timu. 

Aportraitof Slall'unI by Vaudvck b«lanfn> 
to the Han)uia of Bute, entered in Lodge's 
' Portraila,* vol. vi. A atRUlar ponrait it in 
the ]ioa»e««lon of the Duke of Norfolk (cf. 
HowAim, tttxnrd Familn.y. He). Slalfaed'a 
town rwidunce wa* Tart Ilnll, ' without tbn 
gniu of St. Jamu** Park' (CrvxiNOiiut, 
JlaHdbot^/DT Lmdon, 1MB, ii. 7»7-y>. 

[StaflbtdV Hemoliee, 1083; Lnttnll's Bnof 
Hiilorleal Belation of Slate Affnir*. IVST. 1. 1 1. 
ia, U. U. AO-eO; Hamel'* Hlw. of h» own 
Time. 1833. i. :», iL 184. 103. Sel~T3. 908-9, 
ri. 277 ; ilemoita and Trarcla of Sir John 
Rerteby, ISIM.ep. 3ia. 24A-T. S>S, 110 ; I>i«r^ 
and CorrupoDdVnce of Jehu Etvlyn. IU7. ii, 
ii-'. )3fl. IAU-4. lib; North's EuTDcn. I74U, 
pp. 3IA-3I ; Csuxton'* Bovard I'npere: Uovdl'a 
SiHii. Trial*. 1810. rii. I3IMA7«: fiUcvbar- 
(uii'ri Hut. ofOieal Britain. 1776. i. S3«-8; 
LingArd'i lliat. (2nd editO. liii. it-*. 2SII-41I. 
xiv. ii-i; Macaulay'a HIM. 184S. i. UO<eo, 
033-3. ii. 178; M(.f'n Ponmitn. ri. 41-7: 
BdII's Notion of the Hinionf Pi^nona bimtd 
in the Chapel of St. Pner ml Viocak. IS77; 
Paper* relative lo the twu DaroniM of SlaSifi). 
lS07:Ocnt. Mac.I7e7.pLli.pp.eS7-70;I>oyle'> 

L l1U-«; IWri><'> RxiinM P«aniii«. I«8e. pp. 
Sti-*. AOI . ¥<KitT-f P<vngr. IBH3, f\>. eAB-9; 
Ptaut** iMilan MutUm Li n m m . p. 71*; 
ChMtaf^ WoUiiwur Abbnr IU(riilats,pp. 333. 
SW-4, 4M ; XoiM M<l 4a«ci«*, TUi Mr. t. 447. ti 

».] u. r. H. a 

HOWARD, WILLIAM, third Loim 
tlontnD »r btcuri <lft:A)Slfi94), Hwod 
■OD uf t^lward, firM tanJ[(),v. .mairiculkUil 
•1 Ciwpnw Cliruti ColUitV, Cwnbridcu, in 
IS40, •»! »ft«r«rud« went to ui inn uf ouurt 
(OLkKOIKir, ItL (Ml). In WA ba wu • 
Ml£«rlaCr(>Hiwair*1i&-]ira>r<lB,iui4a'grMt 1 
nriiKliifr' <4 (hi? >iubip<i>l* iTiitrXLOK, r. ' 
SBSt, bat hu view* witx mptilillpiiD, uid bo < 
tticllputiiitlu-ploliuf lti<'u-4«C'Lim:XIHiX, ; 
■ii. <t»l I- Coininiltcyl to tliv l-'Inl in I0G7, . 

fci Wirfifiillj iiiiTJlit I Hichnnl (-'roniwrii 

br mImm in 1068 iAMil. MS. f>7Ui. t. 18>. 
fa IMO II}d» diMcrib«d lun m aDxioiu ta 
■«t« ttwbBff.UlMljrtolM iBffal uuoD^ tbn 
HCteriw, and >arpnNiifrl7 wrII wqiwinUd 
wiUi rt<c<'nl mT»li»t m-itot intion. ((Var. AVsfc 
frprrr, til. tlM). lip nt for ^Vi□cMllc« in 
tW QOntmtion pailiaaumt, but ia ldT4 w^a 
J h roT M w l in tDcrvi <xirTMpond«iic« with IIol- 
Ind, *pvat Mirunil inonthi in thi'Tiwuf.and 
ir*i>nfilv •»( froi> on making a full mnfeMion 
I ' ' -Vr J. WiUmmKm, Umid. ^ot. ii. 

--ding hi* brother u LonI Ilowurd 
ID H.-i", li* Mt on tlir touts' committcM 
which i-T*dii«l < bi«'* infornnalioa, and for- 
th«nd tbvtriklofhit kinnnMn.I^nlStiifTotd. 
[> 10(*l he «>« a([»in «rtil tu lh>- Tuwer 
«B tha fkUn change {Hvfi-md by Edward 
■■>.* Alfmon SidMY'a influancn procured 
Ilia mImm (F«t>niai7 lllKS)*)id kia adniia- 
ilmtim th* eMuMla of the opposition. Hu 
«M •noMad on the Htm ruinoun of the Mye 
l|a«M bIoi, uil, twniBg informer at Ku*- 
«rfFi trial <J<Jj 1088), nro uMimta of 
■g* •! lluipdM** Mid HdmoU'* botiMN, 
iBMinljrlnltnltaaMU'amnficiinn. His 
M* «iniilarly niiiwd Sidney l Lvi:i.t!(, 
ii. \VD\ )(•■ «u iianliiaKl, Bod di«d in otf 
W«ril* ■! Vorb in April 1081. Ilowftrd wm 
' Mvn-witicd iCi.*iu:XMX), and '• mnn 
ilaaaant enorrnalkio,' bill * r>il<-<I iii<I<>> 
.If,' Mjn llumot, ' both at iIm king nod 
rfaqp.* By hi* wtb Pnima. dkU(hWr of 
ik MHM. and Bi«ci> of 8ir OtUmIo, Bn<l|t- 
mmt, W 1ia«l ait chiMran, iixlinliiiK CharlM, 
faolfc bamai, on wlioap death in ITtA Urn 
tUa bwuia Mtincl. 

Pl«(«n'a Oerpna ChrlMi ObIL OiMbridf* i 
QMo«^ H««ud I^PMv. Vf. Ibt-X. Ital- 
inph'a Xavaln^ i. IS. Sd; Wilba-a Ru*ll 
SpaalMi Orsy'i Rt* IIoiu* Doi. KM; Lu>- 
p>41»DM.a.l)i fiWlinir* RcliitHD . BariMl't 


Hutotyi Kotaa and (tuoriaa. Srd kt. sij. 


HOWARD DB WALDin, Low <179(U 
1868), diplonatiat. (^ Blub, Ciuituii 


HOWARD Bts WiUiEi, Lo«» <l7in- 
17G<7), li<:|.i mnnilial. [Sm Uwrvui (fw- 
loerly Whiiweli.), Joiit 0wiTt5.] 

HOWDEN, Lords. fSce C*iuiw, StK 
JoHi' l-'iiA!C(Ti«, fint Loiui, tytta-isao, gem^ 
ml; CUlUbor, SiK JoBX HoBAkT, atcond 
Loiu>, 17D9 1»73, diplomstiit.' 

of* Devmit Mi.-ditalinn*,'bom in Oloueoctor- 
Bhir» in 1061, was ihinl pod of John Onib> 
liam Hon'*.- uf Lanttar, >'a[tinglu)iuiii«. 
John Gruliliaiu Hone [<j. v.] was bit bro- 
thcf. In Tiiiiih Howtr (pent raurh lime at 
(Tlinrlitf Ilauimrt. Ahoiii 1080 hi' i« taiij 
to have gouB abroad with a near relat ivif who 
bftd beenamiDintad aa b aaaadpr by Jannxi IL 
It ia MAted Ibnt the ainhasMdar (wboae nama 
ia not given) died, and that Howe mioceta- 
fiUly manaffed tbo biHinwa of the ««nbaMy, 
but iWliiied to accept (he office pcrmanpnlh'. 
(In tvtiiming lo Rngland be marnixl Klianor, 
only daughter and buna* of Sir Willinm 
Periritcr, hut., of Omt worth, Noriluuipton- 
»hir?, nnd widow of Sir Henry Deriiifr, Int. 
Bv Lit bu bad Ihrw- loiui and tlireedau^len, 
all of whom, wirh thp ^tmplion of LmnorB 
Maria.whobiviUDi'thn wifi-of IVlFrltatburaC 
uf Claivndon Park, Witlililr-, prvdeceaaed 
their motbvr. Shu died on ITi.lulv li9!N3,atiit 
wa« buried in OreatworUi Chnrcii, where an 
iiucriplioii, oompowd bv bar baaband, re- 
Bain^ Aftarbuwib1adeaUitiiiaM,IIowe 
livi.ll in urcluMoii in the omuibT, chiedy d*> 
ratiiiK liimielf to raljgiuna nwdilation. He 
died on 17 Feb. 1742, and was biirii-d in the 
aame vault wilh hi* wifr and children ia 
Onat worth Chiirab. AmoDumenttbera waa 
ervded to hi« memory by bia inTanddaaghler, 
lipoonen Ttaihiint. 

Jfow<iV welUhnown work, ' Devovt Hedi- 
lationa; or a Coltectioii of Thousfau upon 
R«Ugiou* and Philoeophical Sul^a,' wai 
wrilteafurbiaawnuw. Dr. Kdward Young, 
auilior of 'Ni|iht Tbou^bu,' highly oom- 
mendid it aa a imaatluhk' proof ' of a Hund 
head and aincera bean.' It wsaflrvtDublialwd, 
Doatlionoualy, Ba • by a Penan of llooour,' In 
irni, tofp-thef with Yoaag's eaonendationa. 
The auibor'ii Mme waapMBxad to the aecoiid 
edition, 1762. Ulbrrnlilioniianiilaicd Dub- 
lin, 17&I, reVLHKl brfinnnte MarAulav: 3rd 
edit., iMndoD, I7ul i 4ili «lit., rditod by 
MacAulay. 1772; and Looitoo. lKf4. The 
worii is includnl in John Wealiiy'a 'Clms- 
tian Library,' lMn-27, ifoL M*i,, and in 






lum to Uaj in London. Ho •tbuUteiil for 
leave W sjiend tluwe montlia in Uie yi-nr »i 
Torriniftnn, anil 111 appoint a «ub«ti{utF on 
fiill Kfjin-, Oiii' of ihMe i<ub»tilutM in* 
Incniuw Mnlbnr [i|. v.] Ili>wi> pr<M<b«d 
ORBiDiI r«Diilieiil notionn eiirmnt in Ilif Pra- 
toetur'n court ; Ctomvrull buord viih kniltcd 
braw«, but did not reinonitruli.'. Tbotiffli 
Mxa^ionally enip1t>;t-i-tl id Nrcret dfipnlcLee, 
hn dill not Tnke mrl in HiTnirn of nliiU. iinr 
Msk l« iiJvnni-(i hi* own intcrvit, H<<lij,''i<mii 
man of nil irhnnU foiiad in bim a frivnd at 
court. Sctli Wnnl, aftonnpd*bi*hopof3ali*- 
biirv. wiu indvbiiHl to bin good ofiicot, u w»< 
FiiUvr, tbr cbuivli luAtorinn. 

After Crmuni'll'ti iWlh, Horn* MmoiDcd 
Bt ^\lrn>-hnll u.« cbsplAiu to Kicbunl Cruui- 
wnll. 11" WM [irMont (not as a tnvinber) at 
llip Savoy ronfen-ncp in October 1668, when 
tbi? Waiminatrr ronfiusion wm re-Mtit^xl on 
conf^'fpiti'iiial principlca. Koon nft.nrvardji 
he riaitpd TomnffTan, (tarinK lliiire lill the 
Hjiriiig '^f HiT)!), In ilii' aJvpriiiviiicni of liii 
nnt ]iiiMii^aliuii(n Hrmuii bi^forv parliDuiuut, 
lUAt), no cripv known) b« iii ilracrib«d a» 
'prpjiphnr at \W(niinat«r;' he heW a 1«> 
turmhipnt St.Margnrat'n. Of RicbardCrom- 
viAl'i aliilily, an well iw of bin ]intrioli(in, 
Ilowir -ipoki.' iilw«yii in bigb Irrmii, dufond- 
ing bini warmly Koni tlie cbargi' of <*«n1(- 
nesf. Imnieiliatelr upon Iliobard'i ilrpiii^i- 
tiun (May l(t')!l) Hnn-c^ rt-aumtid tbu ourKO 
of Tiirriii^tuii. For nlk-Kud wditjoa in B*r- 
inonA prPiirbcHi xhvrf on 90Sept. and 14 Oct.. 
1080, 111- was iriwi, ftrrt b»fi>t># \\w ma^or 
(14 Nov.), and again at ttie following apring 
Unie; on neitlwr occarion wiu> (bero nity 
vrldmou to auHlnin th« cbatvn. In 16112 be 
««• ejected from TorTingtonevthi-opisraiion 
<tf rhe Uiiifonnily Act. ^'ilkuM, nftiTwarda 
bi»bo|i iif Cbe'tpr, wnmlurtd at hia noncon- 
formity, &a be (bought bim u man of lali- 
tadc; oa tantmvi tliat bii latitude n>adi> 
him a nonconflwiniRt. To bin own blsliop, 
fail old friend Sutli Wnni (ilinn of Exvlar), 
bi-fori' wbom lu? wb« hioh eiti'd for (irivata 
preBchtun, he apecifinl iIk? requirKmt'nt of 
Iv-ordinatioB u no imuperttbli.' bar to hid 
conforming. Of tlie proceaa agaiusi biu 
Ward look no notice. (Taluny bad Lean] 
t.lini in I6IW Howe wb« imprisoned for two 
nionlh* in tbn Ia1« of St. Mcliolae, ofrPly- 
mouifa ; tbi' Mory may b« doubted. In \f\m 
be took till- onili pnMoribod by Ihc l''ivp 
WiXm Act, wliich came into tdGsct 'i'l Mim'h 
llkm. Ho wiu tliuM tree ta chooK' bia rvsi* 
doTici', and hv\nf, let nlonc by bia biahon 
(nniiher Ward nor Siutrrow ini«rferr4 witn 
bim) be prt«L'h<'d about ot ihe houMw of 
tlin wnntpm gentry, and in I66S publiubpd a 
volnmu of hia Tornngtoa Mnnont. 

In Anril lifiO Ilon-e IcJt Laodott (or Uttlx 
lin to In-come domcaiic ebaplain to John, 
Mcond Tinojiinl MaasorMiie,of AntrimCaatlH. 
While in Btleudanov on Lord Maa(erv«tie at 
hiH Dublin rewil«4ic«, bo fnvached ai llu> pre*- 
bytr.rian in^nting-lumi'p inl'-Tolui Str*i^(. The 
dalo of bin nrrivnl in .Vnirim waa n< leai>t 
luime wccki prior to hi* dwiiciitory IrltcT to 
John L'[rton, dated ■ Aninm. Aiiril VZ, 1671.' 
At Antrim beofficiai<:doii8uiidAyafl«moaiu 
iu the pariah cbnrcb, of wbtch the ^mijjt/^ 
r>an> hftil iiart use, by l.ont MaaMreeae'a per- 
[iiinnion. Ilisbwiknown work.'TlieLinng 
'IVmpIc,' waa written at Antrim. TId wm 
a rarmlHT of (Up Friday confercncdi known 
oa tlir ' Antrim mretintf,' a prpi^unor of the 

tires by leriau otcantBaTioii of the nortJi of 
n^land. In euii^nciinnwilhTbomaaOowan 
[q. v,]be took lome part (iu IfiTfi) i" » Irain- 
iiig ticbool for pr<'*byi'>rian divinf*, pn>1iably 
tesciiing itu'ology. .\t tha md of tbi* year 
lia wa« callod to London to auocvol Ijiurui 
Seaman, U.l>., in tbe c<^pa«torahip of the 
prmbytcrian coii|;rfi|iatioi] in Ilaberdaahera' 
Ilallp Siniuiug Lan«, Wood StTMl, Cheap- 
Mdt'. A t'iait toljonilon ended iii liia ramor- 
tDg tbJtbcT, by way of Livarpool, in 167ft. 

Noxtypar a controvntsy on pradmlination 
aroac out of the publication (1677) of a 
tract writlcn by llowe nt the inataucc of 
lb)bert Itiiylr. TheiipbiluH Gale [a. rj at- 
tacked it in I he cuncludinit part of nu 'Court 
of tbe OeulilcH.' The criticmm waa puniited, 
after Oale'» denlh, bv Tbomaa DonaoB [q.T.] 
Howe wM ilofendecl by Andrew Marmlt. 
Ilia nontion tiaa bM^n inccimvtiy dmcrilind aa 
.\miininn. The protiatant f<>flina- rxcitcd 

' by thi- ao-cnlled ' I'opi.b tilol ' led in ItWO 

to n renewed olfiirt for tlie oomprebmaion 

of nonconform iatfl. Lliml, (ben bishop of 

St, Aaajih, ooiiitulled Howe ab<int I«nns. 

A strone nermon (11 May |I1S(I> •igain^'t 

arbiiim, by Siillin^fwf, linn diinn of St. 

Paul'*, mot witbnrnply from llowp, written, 

I a» Stillinttilect owned, ■ liku a fpintlcmait.' In 

I tbe Nune your occurrrd bin expotrtulalion 

I with Tillotaun, when, accordiug to CaUmy** 

account, baited on }Iowe'» own «tAli>niwnt, 

j Tillotcon wiiD iiiovei! in itnr* 'aa Ihi^ Wfo 

I travellinirnlou^; titfi^'lbcr in biachnriot.' Tba 

pnriod I fU*! -.'i wn* Olio of much anxiety to non- 

[ (ionformi*ta : Ilowe'a lu'Drvra wm« arrtnted, 

und hi" benlib nuAi-rfd from an indoor life, it 

nol beiiitf safe for bim luupiH.-nr in I he Mn-i'la, 

In IftSl biB colleufcnie Daniel Itull [i]. v.] di»- 

frraced himself. In I'Wi Hnwe addrvaml 

an ablf letter (anonymoiisl on tbo pmacou- 

tion of nonronformialc to Tliouaa Barlow 

[q. V.}, biibop of Lincoln. 

In Auguft 1S!*& Howe wi^ni abroad with 
I'liilip, (biuth boron Wharton. Uik joaruey 

«H kept to <faii* tliat hi* ooimrvgatioD did 
not hear of it (ill htt wu ganoi tiv wrolo 
ifcua t £»«w»ll louef froin Uie cuntiiiMit. 
JUW tnwUinf •boot be *eul«) at I'lRchi 
fa IA80. Ho (mk ■ botu» «nil bad bonnUnw, 
u»OBf wham won G«m]^, Bftonnib owl of 
6iitkerlKnd.*ndliueounU<if. WitliMMih«w 
M«*d '■), t.j and tw'> otlieni hu took tunui 
in ]in«i'tiiiig at tlir Hn^linh ebuieli. Gilbert 
BoRwi ^. T.], wlivD in L'trvcht (1067), 
p lW » u li*J»i lliv MBu church. In Ma; IWi| 
•bonly aftt>r Jaiu«e'« iU«litnitiiiii fur lib»nj 
of eoMwieno, How» iMumi"! In hi« Liindun 
0ork, liaTiBjr wriwult«d William of Vraitgv 
i> f<i|knl ta tbi* Mvp. Thoiitili {inMni fay 
J^MM luiBMlf, Uoim rMut«l i^Toi; attf-Ripl 
la fivr BoncosbnUMt Mnclion to tbc myid 
vunif iif ■ diapMudiu ptx*"- Oklftmjr 
M]r» (hat WiUtMB i%i-rIock. tbiMi ma«UT of 
Uw TvtnplH, aakod Ilowo wlmt be would do 
If aSmd tba iBBKt(-nihi[>. Ho replied ibat 
\m vooU take ibc dLwv, bat bana tli« omo- 
hwiwl tolb« IckbI proprietor; wborvupnii 
B fc w ioc lt 'row up frotn hi* iL-at uid em- 
In^d luB.' At tberrvolutioa IIuwubFadcd 
ilk* Lmdon nanconfomiiM uuniBicn in on 
m U nm of w«Icoiim Io WilLatn. Ue Ltd 
' ant bm hop* of a polirj^ of oninprvbeiuioii, 
■nd wo* in coauauiiiuation with ibo «ccli>- 
•iMUral MBUnilaioiieM appoint-'d with tlint 
^mm. Vfbm lakfrttlioinwRa|[Tanli-d^liK«) 
fca nUr — « tJ ■ miiarbUo p«p«r ' to confiw- 
BlMa uid ilisuDlirn,' mconiBioiiditig tnulual 

Ilfi* ■• w«a k leaijiiw ipiril in tbe vtTcFita 
Mpw mmdm taw ill* ■Uka^unalion of tlie pTM- i 
'IgnariaiM ud oowrantiaaiBliiU into one 
Mr- A> rvif U.M72 tbe; Ud eooibkBad { 
■ in flrnabluhioff tb>! stPrdmittT Imaids on ' 
Tnadajr* at Piuni-rs' liall: Ilowv bweamo 
«M of (be Wluren in ItVT", irutti^in^ 
TliOiBB* Hanlon. IKD. [q. r. In 1689 tbn 
bnliM nfig^iiNttKl a coinmoo fund for 
iliiur Mudont* and aiding congrvHa* 
I llowT waa oa« of tbv ptot'ctan. A 
1 nf the twQ bodJM in London wu 
in imO; lbu>bcadi of t^ntmma' 
(pobllshvd IWIt.wlucbwcrpUriiHyllow*'* 
•aril, irwrr acoep^d by all Uit a '(ev t»on- 
[fttioo*liaui,uid formed thrbMit of nirai- 
uninn* tbrooglmil Ibe rountrr. Tliia 
bapfi; aaiam ' wat brolun in l^Mido* by a 
--■-V -.v wiato^ out of tho publicatioa 
Sir woefc oH'obiM Cri»]i. D.D. [n. v.] 
iJ a4h*n had altMIml tba inBuini^' 
of Uii* pulili<«livn in ■ d<<rlBniliau {uik 
' la ibo loliiinr. lUtiiitr at iitici- Mtailad 
i'* anlin-imiiiii laadanry in a paniplilH 
\ IliWr |ifi I tili'il ii|»rii 1)110 tn >Up|m<a«, 
• Ir.if gMI1tlflMI«M 

il'^ I |i]\iug DO approval 



aTOriip'a writing*. Tbia waa done in a di^ 
I claratioo prtilU«d to ' A Blow at tbn Koot/ 
, bj Joliii Plin-'l (ICBOf-lOOl)!;^. vO Crim/a 
rivw^wi-tviiowattackedbrDaiiiol WiUiun]*, 
[ D.I)., in'(iix<]wlTrnlh'<,l()t>l),MiditiFooii- 
. uoTtnj bacamr ganoral, Crifp*a oj^oeul* 
boittf aoeiiaodoj'AnniiiiBnand«von%cinian 
' iMiung*. Amoiw otfaor hcnlinjc mnftsarM 
1 Howe puhliabed (1^31 bis mrnUaiitii' Iw 
lurea on ■ Cbmtian Contcnijon.' Itut in 
' 1693 the common fund waa dividL-d -. in lltD'l 
Williana waa oxoliid«d from tbt luorcUiuita' 
Icctuitohip, anil Ilnwe wilb ilit^t othcn 
withilniw i n ni-v Ucluni waa osublubed a 
:jall«f«' Uall. In Junr 1694 CaUny, who 
I wiabod to be publii^ly ordainrd, uIcrI IIowo 
I to laku pari : after ccituiillrnj{ Lord-ltiwper 
j SonieMbt<di>i;liui-d. Hi9i>oiifrn.-^li>.>n, in De- 
cember l6V)4,rMiiOT#d HOW luovtiiig-liouae 
in SilttT Street, Wood Stn>ei, (tieaMide. 

In Ittpl and ]I]9A llowi- pul>lii>Iii>d on* or 
two ttncta, ortbndox bat cHutiniii>, in ibo 
^ocinian oontiuvi-ny, tlien dying out. Ui« 
ooatmvtny witli Defoe on ' oeeafional oon- 
formitjr'bwau in November ITtiO. Howe 
lud alwaya Men in bTonr of tlie prarlioe ot 
fHendly remrtbynaacaaforaiislaloEliepariab 
cliiirtbi.-k, both fnr wornhip and wotameiita, 
nnd wn* r>]>[>n*ed to the nbortivo bill intnv 
iluccd in tliKlinil Trarof Annc(-t Nov. 1702) 
fDr|irDVi'mJUKs"iitint<>rcti(uigv. SirTliamai 
Abni'j 1 164(>-I722) ii^ v.', a prominent 'oo- 
cuional coiirormi*t ' duriiia Ilia mayoraltj 
in 1701, waa a member of IIowp'b congntn- 
tion. It waa probably in Trferaic* to iW 

nAiou that William UI,»boTtly1)eforeliil 
b, aent for Howe for ' eome nr^ ptinM 
conTMwtion,' b tbu courao oTwluohWil- 
liam ' uk'd him ■ frrutl many i|tt«t«m* about 
bii old matter Ohrcr.' 

Unwr wu now put H-'Vpnty and 'liegan 
to be woai; of living.' In Walta*a tjegy oil 
OraM, wlio died ID Jaouarj ITOO; he awaka 
of Howe a* baTinf aurrired hie eaaal*,*B 
gival but aiiigle name,' and ' r*MT to b* 
sone.' He Ubound undar tonnl d i waa M, 
but in* always ebnirfol, tliau|tk extmndj 
HfiritiTv t« pain ; be renDained in liarneaalo 
till- <-od. In bis ia*t illneaa Ricbard Cram- 
wrll paid him a faivwell riail. ' A Tecy few 
daya before be died ' bo expnaaed ontira oob* 
eurreoce in tlia adian* of nott-aynodkal ■*«•• 
byterianim conUinod in Oalamr'a ' Itefenea 
ot Modrr«U XooconfannitT ' (1701). Ha 
diod, 'quiir woni oat.* on I Aunl I7(U, at 
St. John Sirvrt, SmitbSeld, and waa bvried 
nn 6 April in the churrb of AlUuUlowa, Ilnsd 
Slnvt. On t>A]in1biacollnBpuaJob»K|iad» 
man preached lit* fuaeral aermon. He mar- 
ried, am, on 1 Uarcb 1066, Katbarina^ 
danglilor of OMfgv Hu(ba*,B.I).^<|. r.^iaad 




liad iMUp (I) U«oru«, M.P. [a. wj. i3) John, 
lirinff in 1706 an? marTtwl; (■() Ohtd'iah, 
iMStUod M Torrinfflnn. 21 Ajiril )64!l,ilicil 
b^DM 170fi; (4) I'bilippa. hiii<ti««<l at Tur- 
TinirtOD, 4 Jon. 1806, marTi<.-d Mnllln-n' Col- 
lelt I (6) Junca, a baniiiler itf ili^ MiJdli.' 
Temple, wliu laarrird Mnry SsundiTS, and 
(lied l!£ Ajiril 171'). Ut msirtLil. ««cond)v, 
Mtrgaret (lbi> dst« and nurniunn htp un- 
fcnotrn), who dind at Bnlli txiiw-im '20 and 
26 Vfh. 171.1, luftNl n"«rly 90. 

Howi- iirB4 otlinc pn-w^nei-, uU ondpac^ 
ful, wilb ail airof dim'l}' and n pivrcing «ye. 
HiB portrait, ill luii^ fair wig, eRf^ATed hy 
Janes Caldwnll r>i, v.], rmiii n pnintine t^ 
Sir God&ay Kni'llfT. i» in riilin<'r'i> 'Non- 
COnfornuKt'i MumnrioJ,' flnt iHlilion, 177C. t. 
400; iliB oriftinol painting ii in Dr. \M1- 
lianu'a liibrary. (lurJuii iiijuftre, W,C. An- 
otharpaintiii},'. by JohnRil^y,Hhowiu|;Hnw» 
in hia own dnrh hair, wa« exhibited in tlip 
third exhibition of Nnlifiiial Portrait*, llWSi 
it hu bmrii (ingimvvil by Trotti'T. Tim oarliMt 
«i2nwd potlnut in by White, mproducod bj 
J. rbe, Hnwi? dpliTHn«d bi» fiErmoni with- 
out Iiii nolt't ; Tlioreabj, wbo htard him on 
IH May ItlUii, aara be ' pmched iDcom|iaT- 
nhly.' IIi» wntutSB abow an original mind, 
CoiiK'mphitive rather tban profnund, with 
Can«itli>rnl>1p pnwrr nf ditrnniinalioii, and 
ttaae wnrmih of fnncy. Hi* <pirit !• •npi- 
rior t« hi* (tyin: hin diciiiMt rnrnly riaea tn 
the tdcrvBttim of bin thnutiht : bi.* MiatvDiC(<ii 
aw ne^liffenl, nndhin piincTunlion ««&» cl«- 
Tiaed lor the ruin ot yvnqncuiXy. He ahinea 
at hia heal in his cuunuliilury It'lten (the 
anonTDioufi 'inu m Lady RiiBoidl in Ifi>*3ii 
well Imovnl, vhicli nrc full nf put.hcu and 
CAlm wiaJoin. tlo win nol without humour: 
thcTp i» ihn iFtory of his anlunir u courlirt lo 

Srrmit him tn nwoar tV' ut'xl oalh. On hin 
enlhhr-it lir madv hm Min (ivurge burn all 
bin puprrv.exi.'cpt Berinoii-iiott-s, 'Miteli'd up 
in a multitude of *Dinll vohimi-*.' Fi'w of 
hit UliOT^nr^ preaerTMl ; nioxl nflhi>tr>wiU 
be found in ttogma. An undated Irttcr 
(p. .'.72. iH r^lit.. p. 638. Iflld idit.l. which 
piixili'A IIoKi-ri. rvfi^ntOtbetthiiiniBLicactiun 
of I'liamaR KndUury [q. t.] at Nvwcutlv in 

Howt-'i ' Work*' w»r* <^llected in 1734, 
fol, i toIh. : an cnlaT^[«d adition wn« imu^ 
in |i41i>-32, Hto. 8 voU., bUo IIMK 8vo, 
» vol»„ and 1882-1. U'roo. (i roU. Middlt- 
ton(folloWl^d by Wilji(in)i'numerat<ai thirly- 
thmn of hi> publicationit. bMudea pivEac^a, 
and fire volumes of poathumous iermuns, 

Cited belweeti 17'Jl^iii)d 1744 from ohort- 
d reporla. AmoiiB thi-m am: 1. ' lln 
Maa'a Creation.' &<:., 1000, 4to (nomon no 
1 HAmb. iv. l»). "i. 'A TrcatiiK oo the 

lllo«MdDeMoriheR>ghteoiw,*ftc,, 10O8,dKi. 
3. ' A TrtAliae of Delighting in Ood.'&c.. 
1674. ISmoL 4. 'The Living Twuplr of 
(!od,' ke-, 187^ 8vo. i. 'Tbo ItDcofn.-ilc 
ahleiua* oifOod'a Prcaciimoa,' Jfcc., Itt77, »\'9. 
H. ' AiinDiauonf>.' tie., 1686, fol-, on ihi'tbn« 
Epintles of St. John, in the oontinuation ijf 
Puole'H ' Annulationi.' 7. 'Tlu? ComsliiT 
ofrhrintiaoConlMilioii.'&c. |(H>3,4lo. S.'A 
Calm and ^ber Inquiry coniH-niing [h« poa- 
sihilitvofaTfiniiy, *c.. liia4,4to. 9. 'fkimo 
ConsiiV-ration of a I'ntfnci'toan Inquirvcon- 
owning . . , (icca«onal Conformitt,' &e-, 
1701.410. 10 'ASecond I'oTi of thcLiving 
Temple,' &c., I70S, 8vo |c:riticiM« Sbinotta). 
1 1 . ' A l>it«uarae on Pat jpnte,' Ac, 1 TWl. 8vo. 
rCalamyaltiioinlnDf H-'wiiprvlixtdtoWarka, 
1T*4. alio iHUod Hpaniif Iv. die ilxmainantbo- 
ricy fr-r bia lilt. Ibo Li/r by Hsniy RogMit 
18S6 (ponniiti, ri'priiiiM 18T0. i» nu rapanilMk 
of CalaniT. mlh luldiliioiia tram Howe'ii maav- 
■cnpt l<ll«m ; Iherr an liirp* by HtiDI, pcvfiKJ 
to Worka. 1611). by Dunn. lH3fl.l>yVr*>«V ****' 
and bv Ilrnlstt. pmUxnl tn Woi^, 1819 : Cal, 
State'Pupcn. Dom. te:H-fi. pp. 3H. IIH. 6M, 
&.f. ; SpiiJpmivu'i I'ilncrel!*Bmioo. I TDA ; WooJ'a 
AlhoauOion. (B1im»), iii. THO, N34. ftc. W. bM. 
4c.. l-'a«li. II. 12". 171 i C*lainy» AtTtdf^mani, 

1713. pp.STAK).; CahuDT'i Airooiinl, IT 13. pp. 
■iZ6 *q.. p- 014. CalaniT* Costimuitiun. 1TS7> 
pp. SAO. -^IiT; Calomj't'Oiin Uf.-. ISSO.i. SKI 
tq, 344 aq.. ii. SI to.; K«I«on'* liifv u( Bull. 

1 71 4, pp. 267 K. : Bitdi'a Life of TiltotMn. 1 TM. 
]ip. 03 tq, ; SliddUlAn'a Bloiiiaphia KvannliciL, 
17f*A,iv. lift Id].: Palmar'a Noncui^onni*! * lla- 
muriuJ. 1803. tL SI *q. (portrait ■nerand by 
liidlcyj . Wilaom^ DiaBnlinaCharehta ofLaDdon, 
IBIO.'lil. 11>Mi.: Oraiicvr'»Blaft«pliira>! Hiiiory 
of KneUnd. ISSI. ir. 85; AnnaUong'a Apj^udlx 
to Miirtiimsu'iOtdiniition Sorriee. 1010. p. M: 
Ifui>ii')iruy>*C<'rri<«iondancnof DoddridM.lSM, 
IT. ai2; iTWirk'a NoTiMaformli.y in ChMhin, 
isn-l. p. 332 (letter by Htfve): BeamoDt'* Win< 
wLct. 1S711. p. 78; Wilbewrtf'a Uirt- and Ul. 
MnnorinU of Prwb. In Iraland. 1H7S. i- M; 
Itloxam'ii R«ci«(>t of Ma^nlan. 18SS-8f; 
Ji^rBniv'i Pmbyltrinn Fatid. 1885. p. ia : KiU 
lon ■ lliil. CoHgr, Prfiilj. Chucchinlrelntid. I88II, 
p, Ifl : rxlract* frcm piui'li rpuBtvr at tougb- 
boroiiirh. pcrtin- Hrr. W. 0. D. FloU**r. F.S.A.] 

A. O. 

HOWE, Jilt) N, fourth LoxD Oh BUKiiHrii 
(17"a-lHai|, bom Jl' Aug. 17&1.WU aoo of 
Thomna llowp (d. 1776i, rrctor of Umat 
\^'i?hford and KmgHtou lleverill, Wi|tahit«> 
Ki" moiherwaaFtiuioM,dauBhU'rofT)iotiias 
WhilcnfTnttingnoDe.ncuu'fpswidi, Suffolk. 
Hi* pali-nul trrandfathi'T, John llnwi>, had 
ht^i-u raiii'd to I he piM-mgi' in 1711 a* Ilartai 
Chedworth of Cbi'dworili, liloiic^'ati-rihirp. 

lIowtwDBi-ducnti'd l!r»T iit lliirrow. wht-nt 
he gnve early proof of tib hfi^lons jiredilM- 
tioiifi for the ttage ud the turf, lie matricn- 

Uicd 41 Quoni't CoUtfv, Osfottl. on £9 Oeu 
l~1, but l«A wiihcnt • doKi** ^ftcr three 
tnan' raitdMic«,uiil look up lii* atmile at bit 
nntlMr'* IwaM •! ImwIcIi. Hi* uiollier 
dMd in I7;h. Is I<8I be tucc<H-<twl hi* 
■ael«, ilnorr Fr»(li'ri«k llawc, ihinl baron 
CbwdwnrUi, in hU titU anil rrittn, but be 
MMtinMMl 111 liir in coai|iaraiivi' w«)iuioii, 
nd addon Tuiied hit )Brei-lBiiili.>il|irDpritius 
in niaueMenlkiR aad Wiltoliire. Late iii 
life It* lirvdia ll^houseaf ftturgeon iinmed 
PrDTiet at yunodlli. and d«^ol«d hintwlf 
to ■ nviy of Shakaap«an-. Ho died nn- 
■HuriaJ «t » (M. ISH, and tbc barony 
bMMna Pltinrl. He wan baricd, an b» bad 
dJTvctMl, Ivaide bii moibL-r in Ht. Mallhew'a 
rhurehyaid. Ipawieh. on ibi' fifib day attrr 
hu ilaau. Tbe inp<Ti|)tioa on bU ntouunieDt 
ui 8i Maith»w'> Chiircb d««cnbM hjm aa a 
van •4' iiniwiiaUy cultivatod ta«t4« and of 
vbut a^natbin. 

a* IM||MCl«(l hi* rdalivu* in bwwill, and 
MkaiBClkloburnMidri-iLncir, ill* yamioulb 
w w gBWi with wboiu he mided. Charloi 
Jtnn P«i, 'ibe illiuirioaa ttateauuD and 

■ ■■awlMiml, and larp byadaa y-rv Irft i<i 
Ul auvtilon and tniatew, by trhoin tb« 
Uomr rvlatn is OloUCTalermliitf wer* divided 

Md nld ID 181 1 for 3tlt«,iUl>:. (ledwortJi'a 
iva> va*ui«Ma/iJty diiputi-d bin Kill on 
uad uf iBaanity. To proitip fail Mnitv, 
•ililcd for publitktiou Cbadwonli'a 
I Smaa «]MM Hmm at (he ()b*cur» l^aMfua 
1 8ba fa '^iaf>'» I1bt>; wiih R<>mailii iipon 
B>|ilanal>fi(w aiiit Anirntlmi'nlii of ili« 
Bt«Mr«iB tbnKaiiioiuof IfSfi, 1790, 
I,' London, IKA i M*>ti:(, JUtliiynt/iH' 
Otl^Jawr •/ Bovit fheately PnaM, 
' n, IttI, f. 100). 
fTflTiiinli |iiiMi*bnl in hi* lifeline Iwo 
f ■ptlali. MMMCIirrly BBtillwt ■ Two Ao- 
tiOM btftwmn John llowi^ l->q.. and I). I« 
Din. EMf., irieil by a MeriaJ Jury bffnn 
Lonl Mana&i'lii at ibu Aaaiaaa bohlrii'nt Cror- 
(AwMt ircl.'^hi'lMlit., London. liSl; 
' A Cfcaf)!i> (Ifliirn-d tu ihr GrainlJury 
ha Oawml (juartar Saaaiona of the Vvtv 
• IW Osuniv of flaSblk,' Ipswich [VVS'i. 
MiaalWCliHlwurth'tiliwiba fririid. 
ORiBMfln, piiblialiHl ' I^^len from 
• I-ionl niv-tv<irtb lo ih* K«v. Tboinu 
Qvapton, wnttnn fmm January 17W lo 
May ITW.' l^iMlon. ltW>. 

lOmt. Uaf. lliD4. UitT. lUi-4, IBM. laxvi. 
OlaMr«uri*ir«N<<i«MidQw«tM^i.»l; Borka'* 
OWaaM Bad I^atfaKt PWragM. IU3. p 3M; 
SariavMafa llaams«auJ lawnptkint ia tlw 
VMab of aw XaUhav. IpavUb. pp. IS, 3TS; 

HuHal KauiBtn- of St. Uaiibtv*. Ipwkli ; 
Bni Hd(. CbI. of PriDiad lioota ; Oaal a papar 
(uSiovrll IIouhbihI Haik ill IhaTiwrnnianiiaf 
iba Briflol and UluaocatanbiM AivliavIittlvBl 
BoriMj. 1877-8. ii. 47-M.J ». II. B, 

(1007-17!^^). couiiDoal^ known ■« 'Jack 
llow,' tiolitician, bom in 1U5T, wojt i^rond 
ton of Jiibn Orubbam How of Lanftai*. Not- 
tiDfliBaiabiTe, and tneubcr of parlianii-nt for 
(tlomcMtonhira from KMll lu lO'tf. liia 
mother WBj .\nnabella, third and jnuamM 
iUt^timniF dnuKhliT und coboiPMa (rf En- 
anunl .Seropt. lord Scropo of IMlonand earl 
of Sunderland. Sho waa IceitinuHH] bv net 
of parliaiDcnt in 1009^ died on SO Matvh 
1703-1, and wiu buncd on SO March in 
Stowvll Churob, UloumalMahliv, irh«ni a 
monumi-ni wa» plart>il un Uip north wall uf 
the chnD?<-l to bcrmi'Diory by llowi- Barlv 
to life be ligurrd a* ' B vouiiK BBDomua apa^ 
of (be court.' In 167d lu: broutbt anaccu- 
Mtion agaiiiHI lb« Ducheaa of llicbtaood, 
which on iiivettl^tlon proird tv be falie, 
and Iki wu forbidden lo atl«iid the toiut. 
At thia period be wroU' vercca, and. accovA- 
LiiKio Macaulay.wnanotofiouFforhintavagn 
liuii]>o<rii9. U lib thi' I(<"VoliiTinnh^«nt«rfd 
upon a poliiicat uarccr. He ftt for Cirvii> 
c«a(«riti the Coureotion pari imnent. January 
1689 to Pebriiar>- lOUO, and iii it> lvi> ■iii^ 
twaaora 1(190-6 and IOOA-8. Tie couniy of 
Oloiuaatn rvtnmed biia ia IU(*8, and aijaiii 
ia Januaty ITOI. ,\t tbe aubaniimii deo- 
tian (DrcamhtT 1701) th* wliiga conoen- 
tratedall IbeirrRorTiaitainM biin and i^ectcd 
him from tbe MTDi, iDAnne'tHiiiparliaencnt 
(I70lif\Howe wu rvtnniedfor fotir conatilu- 
Miciea, Bodiain. (■li)uM*t«r city, 01oai<i«trr 
county, and Xewlou in Lancaabiiv ((ruiKT> 
xnr, Porl. Rrpr. •>/ Omntall, f. S^'}, and 
chofM hii old aaai for GfouoHalarabin'. A 

Stitton by Sir John (iniar, hia opponriii tor 
» counlT, BftainM hia ivtiim wa> drfratnl 
by SID toteH (o W, 'a trrent anil •haiwrul 
B>»ority' in the opinion ofspmhrr Oiitlirv, 

Alirr 1 lOTt ha o««Hd lo ait in parli*! it. 

At the bcginninKoT William Ul'i rvifO 
Hnwe utvi^ MtTan iDaaauTm acainal ancli 
noliticiaiu a* Carmarthen and lUlibs, who 
liBil b«Fn idaiitilieii with tlia m*aaurtv uf 
JaniM II. Hv mm than a *tron|( whin, and 
in ]WI> waa amointol VKi>^bamberlain (n 
QuKrn Slai^. Early ia March HBH-'J tbn 
iliKtn di at taaad bim from thnt pi^t. anil ho 
at tbo aaoiM tima Wt ibi> minor ^aiiion of 
k«eperof tbamall. Jnibafollowtiif NoTvm- 
her ba waa auBBonad Wfofu ilw ooun of 
Tvrvv for 'ratling and wowkdinu a aamnt 
of biB in Whiteball,' and cni nhMuWKtlUty 
waa paidoiwd (.UncdDber iHo). Timn- 




foffwatd bu nnkiKl bmang iliu Avkmi of tlie 
loriut. lI«tu<)kuikeliTep«rtanin»t lliimei 
for hit ' Pmhii»I IjMIof,' itnd dpelniniiHl vc- 
faeiDfiilly ocninct ihi' nmwiriition oflbonrar . 
iwdoiitwli^fof Sir Jobn tViiwick. Ili-took 
k *|M>cial plrwure in «crviiu amoiiK l1i(wiTa|>- 
pointud by Uie Uoum of Oimmuni ^^^ britiL' 
lu iL bill on ibc foriWilitd <M(atm in Ireluiit) 
(Decembi^r 1(11)91, aitil itiuii(li*ri!d iii iinrlin- 
ini>Dt ovvT tlitf gnitta lo Williniu'* Piitcli 
IVi^itdaof soRiaiH ihupropeKy. IIowi''ii nt- 
IMk on Ihn purtitinn ln«tv, wbicli lii.' do- 
notinc«lbylhi'titl<?of tln-'JelonioiiBTfiity,' 
■WM no wiVBjf? llini W illiunn-'iclaimrd tbal 
but li>r itieir diBparily of slBtioii bu would 
ham demand m1 tialiitfucticii. Uvtuvarinbly 
denounciMl Toroign tuiilera in IvngUnd nnd 
•Undioa luniiM. Wbon iho vmy wa* re- 
duced (iCOO) hft>iicc«od«d in obtaining bnlf- 
pty fi>r the diabnndud odieom. 

With (jucon Annc'« ncnvnon Howe wu 
onco more u courriiT. nnd in 1702 moveal 
thai H pruriiiion 'jf iOO.OUO/, a ytwr ehould 
b« w^iin-d tu litT cimaurt, rriiicv Omrgn of 
J)«niiisrk. lie ww pivuti-il 11 J'Hvy connciU 
lor iiti i!\ April 170:^, nnd vicn-ndmiml of 
Oloiiftinlcr count V "n" Jnin'. On tlio rciirw 
mraii of liord lEnmOn^li, tlii? (jcwl of puy- 
nniiii'ivsxTneral wiui divided, nnd llowi- wm 
appi>ii:it<.-d puymuti-i of thu f^tards and tfar- 
riauim ul bumu (I Jikn. ITU-i-:!). (in 1 '1 Muy 
1708 lie bominL- joint cImIi lo llw uriry 
flounoUofOroat BninLn. AflurAniicVdi-nih 
biAplaciw WOK tolion from him, nnd liitnnnin 
was left onl nf ih^ lint of piiTy couacillors. 
H<'tlii>nrotir>'d toRrowolI Mmuii>iiiUtDiicva> 
t«i«hiTi>, an Mtatn whiRh ho liul pur^bosuJ, 
and dit-'d ibere in Junu l722,beinK biiHediii 
tbu i.'buDCol of tlie cburch on 14 .liiiu-. Hia 
wife Hua M&ry, dBUghter and ■.■ob"in'« of 
HiimphryBaaker^'illeof P'H'iitryll'i'm Ili-ri" 
fonlsbiTO, and widow of Sir Kdwnrd .Mtir(riin 
of LlanUmun, Monmouthsbire. Ilj» soa 
and hoir, John Howe, wa> tlir Bret Lord 
( 'bitl wort h. All rifi^cmiil uf Sluwull Huum 
nnd I'arb is priiiivd in tlii- ' Trauwictioiu of 
ihu llrifllol and Glouc!t>sti>r Atthieolc^ical 
Socivt.y,' ii, 47-o:.'. IIoh« waa poMcewd of 
BOTDi- vil nnd of Tworoua apMCli, bnt bn 
lackixl judgniKnC. Tuifni mv vonitra by bini 
ID Niciiobia 'Colleviion of I'oolry,' i. 194, 
3tO-lL', and bn in mid lo have written a 
' I'anejmie on King Williatn.' An ouL'cdot<' 
by Sir Tbonuu Lyttellon in i Hunt ration of 
hid Hpceking lalenia ia iu the ' Quntlcoiiui'* 
MafTDiine,' xik, Slt^l-'i, and ha i» introduo-d 
ititoSwills halUd M In the Okbiii of Traffic.' 
A Mtirirnl h|H>ocb of Mcmaicur Joooou (i.e. ' 
Jacli llnw|, jiiirportintc li> bo 'tuadoot the 1 
Itsncml ijunrtcr npiuiutiA lor ibe CL>iiuty of 
— r,' and ridiculing Iliu vauily and Fcvnub 

l«aiiiagN.waaprinin](ntit.Miia.) Macaolw 
apealuofliiniaiiall,tlun, and haggard in look. 
(Hniry Hiary of Charlca U, i. 100- 
132i 111' la Pf7ona'sDi>i7(SurUiH8oc.>4ip.l41. 
313i Kuddcr'a(>loucci<iL*n>iiir*.E>.708; Tharot«D'i 
Notdnghanuihira. i. 305- Colfiiu'a Pbemgo, ed. 
RrydM*. TiilL 110.1 ; L(d{;c'i< Iriili pMnip, vd. 
Arobdall, r. Bl ; Hn«aiil«y'* IIisL paMini Lm- 
ireU* Brief IliM. Hclntiitn. it. 3D0, 396. 6)1. 
BH, fitl. IV. 104. r. 3'iB,338; Bamrt'i Own 
Tiror. Oxford cd. v. 47-8, 49, iS. 62 ; Nieboll'l 
Pwti, viii. SSt-Jl: OloQccaiiiniliira Noim and 
Qiioria.. i- 241-2.) W. P. C. 

HOWE, JOSEPH (lSO.1-1873), colonial 
RUUwnan, bom on 18 Due. ItSUl in acoitafco 
on ibobaaKoftlieNortb-woalAnn at Halifax 
in \ovB St^otia, wm tlia aou of John Howe 
( 1 752-1 Ii5.l), who waa for many year* king's 

Ciut«r I here and poictinniit«r-fVDimO tit tba 
WOT proTincus. llii mothKr, tho dauglitar 
of Captain Edeo, waa biafatbar'aaecoodwifo. 
JoMipti r«oeived iu> regular aducktion. When 
fourteen ho waa amnaUc«d aa a compoaitor 
in Cha ' G«Mttfl^ offloa at Halifax. Ho 
ddvotod many odd faonm to reading, and 
during bin npprcatiomhiji published a pouni 
eall«r ' Mclvilla liland,' doacriptivo of a 
small iiland at tlie Iwad of tliu Nortb-mat 
Arm. In \^T, in nutnenhip with JnmM 
Spike, h* purchaaed the ' Halibx Weekly 
nimtnicl'.',' and oliangtsl ita name (o the 
' .\catlian.' flc b(<came binuelf ita nou-poli- 
liiuil rdilor. I)pfar» the year waa out, how- 
cTer, luxold bin hnlf-vbam 10 hia partner, and 
himsulf brniKbl for 1,060/. in 1^38. from a 
juurnaliat named Voung, a papnr, founded 
tlin« yean prerioualy, called ibo ' Nova Sea- 
tian.' From the ouitei tbe * Nora Scotian,' 
undn' hi* dirMtion aa ita aolu editor and pro- 
prii'Tor.aucciM'dedbt'yondalluspiKiBtioo. In 
It lie nublinhcd iwo iu<rii>a of papera hv bim- 
(flf, tho first called ' Wr«teni and liaatig^J 
Kumblea ' through all ^arta of Ui* Bri^^H 
N'>rih American poisoaMoiu.and tlia rmmB 
eiiiitled • The Club,' a sort of iraniiatUntie 
' Noctus Anihnjdiauffi,' lloirv oUo rsported 
with bin own hand the debates in the .Aa- 
■enibly and tli^ trials in the c<>iirtnor law. 
AmoiigbincollnborateurswasThomaa Qiand- 
li>r liatiburton [q. v.], bctlnt known aa'Sam 
Slick.' for whiiiD, at n bnnvv Ioh In himnelf, 
he publiahod tho now .tunilurd ■ liintory of 
NotB Sootia.' In IH^ Howe became an 
Hr<l<>ni frw-ttttJer, and iu 1630 eonuneiiced 
in hi« journal a ai>riea of remarkable papen 
nntitlad'Legialaiire ReTiewa.' On II Jan. 
IH^S bo opaned, with an inaugural addreca, 
a mechaniu' inaiitiiti- in Halifax. In 18SS 
bia airenuciui oppoiiiion lo (he local goTera- 
meut led lo an action for libel (Tbu King 
V. JoiM-ph Howe), ilc conducted lii« uwn 




', >wl ipake for *ix boiir* onit k b*ir ' Ann, (lio only lUuKhlcr nf C'apUin John 

rilb an floqutTiici' wbidi at once mIb* 
tilili**] Iti- ivixilniioa m an uralor. Ile^ ol>- 
n»d a ipHict or not tfiiilly. uii] m* oou- 
4uM«<lbom*iBtriiini]ib. TliinowoMMblUliikl 

rit «unr foundal ioim froedont of tbo irNM in 
nilnoy. In NoTtmbor 1830 How« wu 
•Im-IoI, tiy a inaiorily of mom than one tliau- 
■Md, aiMnbPT for the count f i>f Halifax in the 
IomI fBtliAiami. On 1 t'rb. 11*37 he miulu 
hia daaldts ffiMdi. Uii Ihu Itlli nf tlial 

SlacNab. hy wbnm |j>> tind ten ctiildreii. 

Il'nitorial rfPullBTtio«iii ; The SfMchu lUid 
Public Ij^ton tit tlia Hon. Jat»]>li Il^vi', mm- 
piWl )>T WilliMni Annnliil to 3 TOln, iiiii>. Sro, 
1M8: Mm nf ihc Time, BU) tJ. p. i\0: Athe 
■uentn. 7 June IH73.1 C. K. 

BOWE, JOSIAS (16UP-170n, dirino, 

bom about 1'}I1, wii4 the son or Thmnaa 

ITowp, rvcior of Oraudoii-Underwood, Buck- 

inirbnniihiTf. Ilowatold Aiibrajthat Sh*^ 

b* iaaugunii*^ Uia agitation fur hb- iicarc ti>i>k tiii idoa nf Dogborry fVom « eon- 

camw lo Nova ^icotia rMpoiitibb mvem- (tabl* of Orendon (Bril. Mun, MS, Add. 

li»MI by laying lir*lvp rwnlutionH l>i'forw tlic 
lawM Douao, and about the Nunc time bcfnui 
Ua Mlvooary of Uic riKhl of ibc cllit-ji of tlie 
B rif ia b coloniea gCBonUlr to munidwl (niri* 
lap*. Fmb April to ^ovembtrr l«ll*, in 
emyuiy with ■ ^am Slick.' lie wai in Europv 
Waflnii Titii.nnil invxIliMl ihrouffli varioiM 
^MM of Inland, IroUnd, Scutlitnd, and t1i<> 
•OMisait M Knropii. Tli« Tyrinn brig in 
vhirh be aaitoil one no* nTtirtoken by lbi> 
Sinoa, which wa* conclodinft iu trial Irip on 
tht flrM *i««nMhip lo carry aiuU nciow the 
AUuuie. Ilowe inlentted hiniMlf in thp 
■attar, and dr*w an tlif l«it«r arldrMMKi 
(M Aaff. IH36) to Lord Gl'««1g, tlion coUinial 
mrntmry, which led to th« cnnlract for ilw 
Mtriage at inaili biTlwrMi SBmucl Ciinord 
[^ j.'j BDiI ibe Eiytuh ([OTumnient. ()u hia 
Mtan bncae he publiidied nn account of hia 
>«n«7 undet the title of 'Tlie Nova Soolian 
In BoitUnil.' 

Ihiriag Rowr'a abwnce in l-^urope the Enrl 
af Ihatuum had mine and fone tut govvrnor- 
■■II" al nf I)rili*li N'nrtb Annrica. Ijord 
Dyriuun'a ' lleport in farour of It^'cnotifibl? 
Oatam iu efit ia the Five I'roiinni idAtnl 
fobrvary ItSU) led to tbu nidiMtian of 
Rifwa'* (iMire fur indepenileDl goveRunent. 
Ia Into Ilowi- WM apjioinlfd n iBembMaf 
tb* eiwiitiVH ctKinoil and ttiowcd grtM aliiU 
aa an actrainktrator. In the Uie antuflui of 
tW fMf li« waa eloetwd apHkcr of tlie Iloun 
af A M ia My. Itnmg IcMr ytan be Mrnd 
•a ptorlwial wcnrtarr nBikr Sir John llat- 
)lr wa* in Eoxlaiid from November 

2ii8», 260). lie woi elcctt'd Rcholnr of 
Trinily ColleRo, Oxford, on IL' Jmie llS.12, 
and nadualed B.A. on It* .lunt' lU-'M. M.A. 
in Ifiafl (Wi>ol).fiwr."Qr»n. i^d. Bliw. ii.Utt- 
87). On 36 May Ifl37 he wb« cliwen fsllnw 
of hi* college, A Hrmnn which he dt^- 
livPTcd bofon tha king nt ChriKt (.linrch on 
Pimlui IT, 7 wBJi. it i« •aid.ordi'rcilbyCbarloe 
lo he priiiti^il ahuut ll!!-! ill red at LicfaGeld'a 
preM at Oifurd. Only ihiny i^upien nru sup- 
powd to hati? Iiwii prinliwl. probnljly without 
B liilivpiip-. Hr«nie, uhu tiurcliaaud a oopj 
ui thi- unln nf Dr. Cliailtlt'i libnuyon 14 Jan. 
17L'-3, hno giToii an iiid-rxfting acconnt of 
it in bis edition of ItolHTt of (!loue«t«r^ 
'Chrorucle' (ii. etill). llowe'a preaching be- 
fon tliu court at Oxford waa much admired, 
and on 10 July 1040 he wa* enuu-d It.D. 
Hnwe waa removed from hi* fetlonahip by 
the parliamentary TiaiTvn in llU8 for ' non- 
apptwuioo' ilt^iiltr. Camd. Soc.. p. -Ai), 
hwi waa rwtored in leiSO, and AM in eollv^ 
on SH Atig. 1701. n« haa eommendatocT 
vertea befon the ' Wnrka' of Thomaa Raa* 
dolph. IflS'i, and before tho 'OoinvdMa, 
Tra^iyimnliii-, and other roemi' of Win. 
Cartwriirhi <l>>nd<in, 1061). 
[AaihoriilBi in ih« titiL] Q, O. 

HOWE. MICIIAF.t. fi:«7-lS18), buab- 
ranger in Taamnnia. wui linni nl Ptmtaftaet 
in l7W. After fTMag fir utmn dmi< on 
board a merchantman, and incurring an r-vil 
IKptilaliuD at home u a poacher, he eotered 
on board a king'* ahip, J>eaertiiig from her 
bewaatriAd at York in 1811 fi-r highway 

laao to Apnl KjI aa a delate from No*a robbery, and wa* tualne^ lo i^iim ycara' 

BeMik, ant] on lbrm> oDcaMoa* aAerwanla 
actari in iW ianthi>r<i'>nniry •* agent far Ih" 
lowpf^n1na4; hicniMT nn ibaOTgaiiiNtlioii 
tttkr nmfit* appeaml iii \>*m. In IH70 he 
lra*apfi»inlAd ■n-flary ofMatnAirlli-iti-pn^ 
TMMaa in ihelVimiiiiiMioff 'noMla; aixl.onihe 
n*|gBatii>ti in May It^r^t-'if 'JHiinral Sir llanl- 
In^p* iMylr, Iw' «■* niiisinnlKl tT'ivmior nf 
XnTsScotia. Il*bad(i«nlh li"ri irihlalleil in 
flScB when hr died niddrnlv at Ilnlilas on 
I J«M IK7a 
In t«M llowH muried Calliariiw 8u*aii 

irauaponation. On hia arrital in Van IHo- 
mea'aLaodhewaaaMugned toa ■ettl''r,fratn 
wliom he ran away into the htuh, and he- 
rami! ihi- iMder of a Urge hand of nifliana. 
I'''if lix ycajs be l«d thi* wild life, tbe terror 
of all difirni peopK Twico lie aiiTrendered 
on iK'H'UniBliDnt of pardon, but on each oc- 
casion n-acaiifleMd to oacnpe and rvtum to tlia 
biiah. One* he wa* apiwbended, and mmiat 
the guard of two mea w«a auuvbed towuda 
tbe tnwn, but killing both biaguardaMcajped 
•fain. At last a nwvd of one Inmdnd 




gufaua WM placed on bit h««d. writh « flra« ' 

iiardun «ndj)MMC0 to EDgUad ifroquiiwd. 
fowe'a poNiion McaiMt desperato ; he hnd 
quBmllvd with hUkMociatw; hsattmnpted 
MfcM hinKi'll*. br nnoihor murdef, fram Uie ' 
nativejlirl whobiidliralwitlibun. Slufled 
and fcuve inronnation of hU hidiag-plauM. 
Witi) luirawuUDcea]ianTaf lhre»men,bent I 
OB obtaimng the hundna piine**, inck«d 
htm , DvenoM him, and aDtlpsvoiimd lo mako ' 
bini ]irlK>ni-r. After a dnipomic rvsiaUuicv 
he wa> killi'd bj a blow ftiim tbc but(-uod of | 
n nuiiket- Ilii bi'iul waieut off and currinl 
into llobart Tunn. In bia knapttick wiu | 
found a p<ickut-book, in which h« had writt>>n 
wilb k*iignr<.>o'a blood BOticM of niiwrabtii 
dreaas, and a liat of Med», TvgriMirt, &c,. ' 
lowing — il wn* thought — au inlntitioB to 
Mttlo aoiDowberc if henutd* good hi> >.-.-cu[>f. ' 

[()uiirl«rlT Revieir, uiii. 73. *n iiiieln I-shhI 
on Sllehail Huwn. thsluiunj wor>iur tlit Buili- . 
tsocan of Van I>jf niFii'i I>ini1, Nitrnvtivi'Of llii' ' 
Obuf AtrontiH eomniitied b; tbii grtnt Mur- ' 
dar*r and lii* Aatorinlo* dntjng a psnod of nx 
Ml*, from Auchvniir wnMM of uronoaliAii, 
HobartTovB. litno. 1SI8. ll i* buiI b^ thu 
QaarMlf Review 10 b« ■ ibe lint «bild of the 
prMt'i'rn •riiiBunW (t(i<wn yoanold ; ' Bonvkk'n 
Th» BiiHhmrnp'rii, lUnWreiinij ihK Enrlj- Dajn of 
Van liicDivni Luml (IBAA), p. 1*. Tli« mmp 
author'ii Alike Have, ibo BiuhniDgar of Van 
JJivmva't Land [ 1873), tbongti a work of flotiau, 
prvft<H«fl to be 'a nimtiTfl cif fncts HH t-i thp 
laftdinii incidvnu ol the biubniDgvc'i rnHcr.'] 

J. K. L. 

HOWE, OBAI)L\H (l«i6?-IC«t), di- 
vinif, boni in LricMttrnlure about Ittltl, wa* 
ibt^ ion ')f AVillium llowf, inciiuibi-DI (>f 
Tatl(.-rvhall, LiuL-ulnsbire iCox, Mm/na Bri- 
enMxi>i,' Lincolnah'ire,'l>, I-M-l). In HI32 ho 
became n membTof Maa;(lftl(^n Hall.nxfortI, 
uidmdnatcd D.A.on ^Sdct. l<a5(VVii(iD, 
JWi Own. od. BliM, i. M»\. M.A. on 2C Mar 
IttSt^ (i£. i. GUI ). At Ibt limtr of th.? battle 
of Winct-bj 1^11143) h« won rvotor of Stiekr)t.-j. 
liiiicioli>alur«.and i* taid to hamanlotaiiied 
the leadeira of ibg wliamcritBrv fotM* iIip 
dajr befoirnlhr^ Bglit (THuMi'giay, lia»- 
tOii,aA.\M6,y\>.\l\-1). llcwua aftcrwnnU 
vicar of IlomciutU' and rtctor of Uednuv, 
Lineolniihirs. At the Realoration lie o^m 
obansed aides, and managnl to obtain tlii> 
TieangaorBoMon(1660). On»Jiil.v lt;741i«. 
aooimiillAled biiidwmu in diriiiilTnt Oxford 
(Wo»i>, /Wi', ii. siA. Mh\. ili> ilird on 
97 Fab. 16K9-3, and wni buried la BoBion 
Church(Tiio»irno!(,j), 777). The wuU-hnown 
John ilowi' (lt^3O-l70C) [q. v.] waa his 
nejihew. BMiMitwoaeraiona,h«iiubliRbed: 
1. ■Th*>Uiiiv«maUat«uminedaiidconTJetod, 
dMtitul« of plaino Saying* of Scripture, or 
ETidontwofttoaaon. InAD(w«rioa IV«aliMi 

entituUd "Tbe UniverMlitv of Ood* frc« 
Onxv in Cbriet to Mankind/'' iborLODdon], 
VAK :.>. -rw I'a^uPreacWiUcaced: or. 
an AnnwfT Ui a 'Oealiao of Mr. Jolm Oood- 
win cntitulwi " Tli» Pagaiu Debt ft Dowry " 
. . . WiUi a \'irrdicl on ihc Com dcpeiKlinf 
botwwii Mr Uoodwin and Mr. IIowp b_v ibo 
li»Tu«d (.ii-orgp Kendal, D-D.,'2pta.Jto,'l 
don. IttQu. (londnin. in ibcr pivfaou to . 
'Triiiinriri'l'llOiLiiiidon. ki-'iti!. uyiiofHt 
■ibai 111- WM II |it'r»OQ of i-onaidi-rnblt' part« 
nnil li'^ming, but tlii>iigbt«omi»l by liiiii»dt.' 

pVwtl'i AthvM* Oxon. (UIIm), it. et-A.| 


HOWE, RUTlIAnn. Ejiri, Howb ( i;3tt- 
1799), admirnl of th» flfi-t, bom in l.oiidoa 
on ^ Mnrcb I7:!A-I1, was Mcond ion of 
Emniunuirl Scrtjpc Howe, locond viaeount 
llijwp la ihu peurtfcof Ireland, and of I 
^I'pliia Charloltr. daughter of ibe Baii 
Kielnianac^p, afl4-rwarda Counteanof 
linglnn. t«crf>p(- l1owo,flmt vboounl Hcrwe 
[q. v.^, wu hii gmndfnther. In 1732 bia 
Eaiber waa appointed aavrmor of Borbadou*, 
whi^ntliediodin March 1736, Itia«tnt«) by 
Mwon thai Ridinrd lli-we wm lent, for iIm 
lime, to acbool at WfHiminsler. According 
lo the W*8lniinMw »cbnri|-li«ie, a boy of th« 
nnnii- of How or How» waa thftrv from 1781 
tu 171tG,biii no christian naini> i» givm, and 
ihr idrntilirntion Is doubtful (infonnatioit t'. KuisellBarka). It labrliptvd 
tbal b<> went lo Eton in or about 173A. On 
III July 1739 ho W1U entered on board the 
Pearl. iLeD cominandHl by the Hon. Edward 
Leg^'v [a. v.], but probably rvmaintd at Eton 
ii\t annilipr yjiar. On 3 July li-WHie joiti»I 
tIic Scvrni, To which I<cgee wa* movml, and 
aciyiaipiiDi''d Anunn osTa railod frnm St. 
Helen* on hia voyage round the world [«« 
AS(WIt,l!EOROB,Lollli '. Tb p Severn, ho woTer, 

Sot a vety eliurl way beyond Ca|>e Horn, being 
riven back in n violent atorui ; and, after n~ 
litlingat KiodeJaneiro.ohenrtumed 14 Eng- 
land, wbi-rp ihe ]iaid ofl*. 24 .lune 1 742. Sir 
Jolin Borrow 1 l.{fe of Eari llouv, p. 7) lay* 
lone itreH on the Hvurity of ibLi iniiintioa 
of young Howv 10 ibe naval nervioe; but il 
apiieur* that fur him the hanlahip* wetw i«- 
diic»ij to tbeniinimnm, if w« may accept th» 
■tiaio[iM>nt of ■ lio'iil" witneM many yew* 
be raeufcdwilh tbi? cnplnin. and Tired in |R» 
caplain'H cabin {An Addrrui lo Ih* JAyiit 

Honourable Ike f\nf Iioril dmrnittiotirr 0/ 
fht A'lnuraU^.hy an Officer. 17nti, p. -J9>, Ou 
IT Atii;. 1 74'J Iiejoined the BurfonI, with Ca|i- 
lAin franklin l.nahington, and wMit in herto 
tho WmI Indiis, wh«n) h« waa prefvnt at 
the attack on La tiDaym on 18 Feb. 1745-3 
[aee ICxowles, Siu CiUBLfle], whan Lofh- 

ifrw w«« norullv wnoackd. IJn lO MMch 
flow* WW iBi}T«(t^ KddvIb* into hu own 
•hip. %h» SuSbtk. On Hi July tw wm Met 
to >1m> Gllbun u aa actintt lin<il«tiMit : liut 
«a t> iJci. anin joined ih« Snlfrjlk iv raiJ- 
•bipouM. if* M***^ hi' QXantiiialinn at An- 
ticMAcn S4 Majr 1744, and r>ii his c»Kifiokta 
il M Matwil that *hr bath conn In ihui upwards 
of •utit joai*.' ftwc of tlicm id (Ik Tliani« 
nvrehani klup, William Marclianr. moalor. 
UoHHrpMUbW hBvi>a[ic»iii]iaiii»dltiaCillier ' 
to tb* WmI Indira ia 17%.', and haro had 
bikiwaw i>atcnd on iha heolu of ilin *liip in 
wkieb tbM7 took tbairfMMfm, but it i]>quit4t 
■rrlain tliat be bad no nhcd MtrioB aji wiu 
npl>"l Tho day after paMOfi be wan fro- 
■Md bj Knowha to M ItetUenaiit of tfau 
OmbM BiMbip, wbldi oune hoina. and wait 
yajd off {n AojiumITU. Ilon'f conimiMirii) 
a* liMtMianl was caiitirniMl oil ib« xtb ; nn 
tho ISth b* w*« apiKMoMd to thi> Rnynl 

Own*: andooK Nov. wt* promoted I--ICOIU- 
■aiiiT tit* Baliimctrr 4Aap vmplrivi-d in ibr 
N'iKlb Si>a and im cli« coait nf >>c-iitlaiid, On 
I Mav l^Jti,llM^ Italtini'HV, in criinpany with 
tfe ib-giai tiigut Oreyboimd aad the Termr 
■lat»t mil in. on the wMt Maat ofSoollnnd, , 
«it£ two larg* F(»ndi pri vnirmt. frtpU)* wT 
3tt and SI ifuna. A brink action Miniwid, bat | 
lb* Kn^itb *bii* wi-n> nviTtiiBtchcd and whb 
baiMBoff.thp mltimonr beiiv iviTroiigblT 
bawUnl.andUowphijav-lfHtcirlvu'oundc'L I 
lU had brfor^ (hi*, 10 Ai>nri;4U, been 
1 to ibe Tritna. which be joiaBd OB liiit 
I to Po*(«n'>iiih. It) tli» foUowiflg year 

W eoatotrd ihi> tn<l« in Lt*boR, wImtc be 
■nlmiM iBtQ til* ILijvitt, IviHiid for tbc 

cnaat. whmrp he rmuuyl in I)arlNi< 
4bw bmI jxioi'il Knowlc* at .Inmaica a few 
4>T*a(t^lltnaiiionntf liaiana. (>ii 390cl. 
iivi h* waa a|ifKiiat«d kv KnowU* aa hii 
1^ ■■plain in IM Cornwall, which, on th« 
Hllaiiiiii oflh* P>«ve, he l)t«Uji;ht to Riif- 
bad. In Hard) I'liO-l hv «•« appoiniMl 
M tW Olory of il kuiu, and arain ami lo thn 
(MaM ooaat, whi-t* br ftioiKl a tott angry 
tmtmg MtiMin^ Wiwivd ilir Kng^luh and 
Dau artUanoBta : thr l>uich aegnt*. it 
wa* mU, had aila<-k«d tbn Esitlufa. ud on 
bulb tUap •omal priMaen had bMn cnadiv 
p> ' tt ot, it would appMr, witliriiii « di*- 
af fafo*— iaduMd llin Dutch (•m-nmor* 
to mndwdB an aoTrieniriil for the 
miioniiion of till- alavea, and thr !•• 
' b> t!iir<>|>i< at ihr malliT* in dilp«te. 
Ilr ibva.u bnfon'. criiuiil In llarbadora aad 
JaBMica, and arriv«d ai S|>llhrwl on :!^ April 
SU. Od S Jump b« wmiBiaManad llw< I)ol- 
I (lri(at*, aad tat lb* dmi two yaan waa 
ia lbi> Hi>ditrmn<>nD, aail taat" 
Uj on ttt* Darbir^' roait. (>u bvr rr- 

tiim to Knglnml in Auiniot )T&i ha naigned 
th« command, and in titf foltowiiiK January 
w<WBppaint«t loihi.- l>iinkirkofBO|rtiiiii. nne 
of ibr ships which miil.'d fur North America 
wilh BosL-awpn in April [hii Bo«i'in'E!<, 
EnwikKD''. On T Jmix tlipv fell in wilh the 
French flp^M 'iff ihc inimifi "f the Si, 
rence, Imt iho fog obaciiriMl il. Tin- not 
mnmin^Thrwiahipa W(in> aiiUin iiiL[hi,iiix<ir 
•even milo* to teoward; the Punkirk hnp> 
pen«d to be the neamat lo tbem, and about 
DOOn came up with the >[tTiuD(nt of them, 
lh« Alcide of tH j^hili. Her captain, the 
CbefsliiT lloc'iiiArl, refiu>ed Howr'n r«iqne«l 
(o *))i>rt<'n (flil nnil wait for Ih'' ndmirnl, nnd 
on a nijcnn] fmm ibi- flngi^hip, 111'' IKinkirk 
opeDod tint. The Alddu wn* cnnght nirooat 
quito unprapared. and wa* ipcMily ovar- 

fnwen^d. The Torbay fbrtunnlely joined the 
lunhirk in lime to tare Hocqiiart'n cmlit 
and pui an end to umIoh alaugltter. One of 
ihootber Fr«iftcli»kipa waaalMtaken. Tba 
•loiy ffOM ihat thani waro mnttl ladia* on 
ihi' Alcidi-'* deck whan tfao Dunkirk hailad 
hrr: that on lloei)iiart'« refbinl lo clone iba 
admiral. Howe warned him Thai )u-wa>)faii)f 
to fire, hut irrantrd a short delay in onW 
that their aafely mij(ht be provided Ibr, Uld 
Ihai I)i>c(|UAn iiiili»«d thi« delay to mak* 
whal pmpamti'in was th*n pnuihie, Soaia 

Ercl i nil luury en vcrsat ionccrlaintytoak pliei^ 
ul the dntaiU of il, hnyond the (brmald^ 
toond to wait in the aclminil,havg bora Tan 
diflcn-nily aad loowly mporied. The inu* 
dent dcriTm Mme importanee fmm the (bet 
of it* being ' ih<> Unt f[uo ' which, accctdivtf 
to thr DukedeMiivpoii, would be oonaidma 
equivalent toadaolarationof war,and whiehf 
in pnint of hct, did imcUnB the actual laciik- 
ninv. He date ia umq fmn from tbe Dnn- 
kirkV Ing. 

Ihirinf^tbo lummerof ITfitt llowe.ittU ia 
thi'Diuikirk, commanded a ajuBilron of anaall 
TnseU appointed for tile defeuot- of (be Obaa- 
nel Island*, which the Prondi w«re prcpanng 
to nilflck. Th«7 bad alraady oooupiod iba 
blaii'l of Chaiwaoy, but on lIowr*ii arrival 
aiimd (o withdraw tn the mainland, and 
ibrirfuTCM Were tmt back loB(t«l. How* 
wa>ihn> able to dial tibntebt**i)uadnn,aad| 
whiU keeping an effeelite walcb on the U- 
amleomnnnw in the eiiinncc (o lb* t'haBiMtl 

! till tbe end i>( die yvar.wben ho rvtumed to 
PlymiHitliiorrGi. l)iirintlbetpKiij|a()7G7 
lu> wa> again crniFiingin the QMUiaei i taMay 
he wat elected mpoabrr nf parBanuat for 
Dartnodth. which be rvprearnted in eiiOP** 

I *ivijparliaiiM'n(>ttlllT'<3,wheah*wuoaU*d 
to the upiii'r lioiiMi ; and on S July ba IniiMd 

I over, wi(b bii whole •fatp'a cdtapanj, lo Out 




Magiumn>« cri 74 gun*, which bail bMO cap- 
t.nwd from ibo Tntnch iii 17-18, «□(! 
lliU titO'.', by for the (incut vp*»nl of hercldM 
in lh*i ICnfflith nary. In h«- lio took part lu 
th« n)i»rlivi.> i-xpedition i^nitut Rocliffon. 
[u-v lltWKii, Rdwikh. LOBDJ.aml being op- 
iinintiHl IoImcI ill agnin^l tli'- bati«ryon tfio 
isIhikI of Aix, riitucud it ■JinoHt uuaiJoJ. 
funbvr, nn<< thn flwt rolurnod to Rag\a,n<i. 

In 17^^ tnioor c.^ppitiiino* axiuatt tlu.- 
I''r«nch cQut were rosolrod on.aiiatlie ooni- 
muiil of tb« covvrin); >quB<lrua wm sJ^'hti Id 
Knwn, miicli to the uiiDujaiKW uf TlRivko. 
lliH i>oEnpUiinI, bowcvvr, wna ft|;iiiiiin lli<- nil- 
mirall V, nol ngsin«t lJow», wilh wlmni bo 
Mema M liov» continuod on (rii-ndlr li-rm*. 
Tli0 Mngnuiimu tmiaii ronnilurfi] li»i Urj^o 
for thp pnrticuUr jervice, Howe movtrd ialo 
the iU-)rnn "biji L^Hi^i, on baunl which he 
lioiatmi n diitiuguiahiuK ])eiinftiii, Imvmg 
nailer liia ordent, wliAI with 60-gun »liip«, 
frigktiw ami i»loDp«, iiii)To-«hipf and ttiins- 
poru, a fleet of upwnnU ot 150 niiL It <m* 
TMoIvad in the nrit itutanec to attack St. 
Main, nnd the rJiTKidition, cuniiatiuK or aumi! 
lA.DOO moll of nJt Brmi, uudvr tli» cnmmiuiil 
nfthcDiilii'orMurllioruut'huud LorilG«or^ 
Snckrillf Bcr Gerniik, Iir/))WE. Vmonnrr 
Sal'ktille], wit^ pill "n sh'iiv in ('ancnln 
nBvour>-4IJiiii'.-,hiii Hftcr burning tli» ntiipii 
in tliuhiirl)"iir itn'l im iV' Moplm, (ivcnibnrliwl 
on ibe Mill. I-'rvini •'4t. Main tlici expedition 
movi-'l linrkwitnls nlon^ Ibn coittt into ('uon 
Uny. T!in w-'nlhiT prurcnted on immi'dinlo 
Unding,and tin.- iti-ni-rnl propcim-cl to uttpuipt 
Chcfbonw. Thyri- nlso the wt.iillii.'r wm 
boil, and MorlboToiub iBiiiatiuntlj rvqueUwI 
nii\v(i to Klurn toSt. Hetena, wb«(«,aocord- 
iaglv, the squmdroTi and it« cattvay anchored 
on i Julv. llowo ix Koid Ui have bocn dis- 
gtuted with Iho coitlr imcn, and to have 
Maoaircd a mrst unfavotimbU opinion of the 
getunb, itciMH^inlly of Snohviltu. which hu 
took nopaiiuio(caic«Bl. According to VVnl- 
nolii ' tb«j ^med to ill, that onp day Lord 
*!(M)r(fi!, jiultiii^ »0T«ml t^gndionii tw Itowo 
and rei.'<?iiiog no nniwnr, niiid, " Mr. Ilown, 
don'l yon licftr mi-? I Imve nilii'd yoii iirvo- 
rul qiiwlionn." Ilowu ivplifd. " I dun't !ovl^ 
qnen(i"n»"'( Mfitwdri tfftJkeJteijm ofGeorj/elJ, 
iii. liirin.) .\fier the two Keuetsb ware put 
on kIuiiv, tht' command of tba traopi wai en- 
tniitcd to Lieiitennnt-g«nen1 Bligli [tii>n 
Buoii. EDw*Rn;, Prineo Edward, nocond 
(Ml of Fn-d'.'riek, prinri^ of WhImi, who now 
eilt«Kd the nnvy, wits wnt. on tiourd tbo 
Ee»ex undiT IIowii'd cmv, and. indeed, at 
I!ow(i'» ch»Tgv. 'IK- cami-,' Howe wrote 
many yiiini iifli-rwards in a pnvaie leiter. 
' not i^y without bed niid linen almost of 


every kind, but I paid oliio tetr hli iinifbmi 
clotliH, wliich I pToridod for hint, with all 
oihiT ni.'cci«riua,at I'ortnnomh* iIUriuiw, 
p. (>8). The expedttioo •ailttl on I Aii(.'- : on 
tli>> 6th it waa before Cli^rbom^, iin<l ihv 
bomb* \sfgatx to play on the town: tbr ii 
daj the troops w^tv landed totiie liittv 
lanCB to iho wMi, and the place won i. 
piml wiihnntoppo«itioa. How* then br<>U|;ht 
the l!fli>t into tlio roivhrtuad, nnd co-ojn-rated 
withBlijib in buruiu); tbu ■bips.ovi'nnmitig' 
the piera. demolidiini' the fort^ and mofia- 
tinf-«, anil dealMyinf; the nrdnance and am' 
munil.i'tn. For neiir fifty y*ut no fttrtlier 
ntirmpr wan innde to conTMt Cherbourg into 
n onvol port. It wa» then FeNolTed lo ulIAck 
St. Mnio, unci nflT lomi' dnlajr cniiwd by 
boialiTonii wpalhor. the flcL't ancfaomd in St. 
Luunire Bny on .'I Soiit: ihu oeit dny th* 
troopDweralandixI. llK^wnalhtT thru t>-T. in 
•tonnv, and llowo moved the llM^I into tlin 
bajr of 8t. Caa, wlwm it waa ali^llen-d from 
tho westerly gale. Knt on shore the r»uai 
of war rwolved that nothing could be di 
cxcDut irct hack to tho ihipn ai quidtljT 
I>OBdibli>. Thr cniintry wnani-'antinierouHd, 
the local militia and armed poaMnta a«- 
aeinbled, tO|:i.-lhi.T wiih ux thousand ivRuhtr 
soldier*. These haninwd the Eii(;liab on cho 
march, slid fell •>» ilie rearguard a» they at- 
ttmpted lo ••nihttrk. The losawas great, and 
an, nnder tli-* heavy Are from ihe French 
ticld-piecii*, the bonta hesitated to approach 
(bn sborv, Ii would have been greater, hut 
for Ihe iicnonal eRbrt* of IIowo, who wm 
fivrrrywhere prcnont MicoursiriniC bin men, 
Tliere wan no ibubt grOM mi.--inanik)tenient, 
but amid much oecrimbation, Howp, whoan 
conduct was highly commended, eren hy 
the land offioers, was held guillleM (Hig't, 
MSS. Comm. flth Ibjp. pt. iii. p. 7.1): but It 
in untnui flint 'the ulnughtor nmonic th* sea- 
meoiwa* very great.' Tlio Kuni hnd on,> man 
killedandone wounded: in tlif wtmle niiih- 
dron the loss waa nine killed and iwmty 
wounded (Tlowe to devland. \i Sunt.) 

By the death of hisridprbn:iTher,Kiltedat 
Ticonderogn on A Julv liOK Howe succeede*! 
to th« title an fonrt'li riwiunl, and lo the 
family ivtntoi: hp had till thr^i been mninlf 
dcpimdtTiit on hi> psj'. Iti \7R9 he tookpart, 
in thu MaguaDime. in Lhi' blockade ofBrMt 
undtT Hiiwhi.-, Ill the brilliant twoop OB 
th-- Trvnch (le>-t. n» it attempted to shelter 
it*.-lf in Qiiibert-ii Bav "ti 20 Not,, die Msg- 
nnnimH wim the leHilinK ahip. nnd alter & 
uliaipnngmc-'mnnl with the Furmidnlilii.whoee 
Bn- nhi? wloiic.'d, ntlecknd thr Th^nie, which 
WTU Slink, t.liough wholhtT from tbi- .MaRna> 
nimu'i firw. or awampcd ihrnn^h Ui-r lower 
dedc porta, ia doubltul. burinjj 1700 and 

tTtll llnwr continiwd iu the Mtifunniinu ut- 
tadHs) |4> llie (iTkntl lift in rbv Uoy of fH*- 
t»y, mmI for Kna«> linu m comui'iOorB in 
Baa^un roiuU. In ITRJ.oti Prini-<- Edwnnl, > 
tlMni Dak* of Y<>rk mul nuir-«iliniritl, hoUt- i 
iaf ia» 6te <ni board tlic IVinciuw Amilia. 
Ha««, •! hu ■pcciil Kquott, wn> anpnintcd 

Aawtia wse jwkl oil at lli<.- ivtec. inj IIoivs 
MeMvd m tr*\ at Ihi^ ailmiraltv iinclrr Lord 
SKMwidi.and aftcnrard* uiiJer Lurd Eg- 
^wtii. uuiil AuffMM 176ft, wlieu h« v>a iip- 

Cislril ircofunr or ibv nAvy, mi oIHw then 
Id tu l* rxtrvmuly luciatiT*^ fWm tEio 
has* *iun* of moDey fasaiiia througli hi* 
laiwliy Utd of vhidi bu hid I.liu iima, Man«> 
thiwi* for uveral yi-an {J\tHianifntarv Pn- 
pm. iral-lrtB, V..I. K. Fouitli U.-p)rt of 
tbi> rummUnonrt* iiipcaiiltil lo inqtiin' iiitu 
J*M ... at PnUicOScM). Tlicjiractk-vns* 
■B-*'"r— ' t^ cottoin, but il i» impliuil lliat 
Ilenn conaiaernl it imtiulor. and n<fuMd to 
■rnftl hj it. and llial * ibf baianci> wai ngu- 
laH» fa(nu|;fal «p ' ( BjUmuw, p. 77). He r»- 
(unird ibn offioB oci bis Droraotion lo tlie niik 
Of n«r-adininil, in 18 Ocl. 1T70. and iu ihe 
faUowinK oxintli, omUMKiRenl on ihc disputf 
irtl)i Spain cnncrminic Itif Fnlklnixl fHUiidH 
[ir« FtKMBB. OlSUBuc], WD* com- 
■diT-iB'cliii-f in tb« Meditrmntian, Th" 
ultDirnl iraa, howrver, annulled on Iho 
ikb auBTTirl licinR {ipncBfully iwltlnd. 
i7lW 177A Hnwp waaprouotcd IoIhi 
ItDirsI ; iu iW lullowinf; Fcbrnarj be 
< appotaied ContBUiler-iii-chl'-f in Norlli 
Tir*. and it«m*ed * coiumiteiou.Juintlv 
hi* y<'UDj[*r brotliM', Oraeral Sir Wtt- 
llnwe, who waa alrtady tbcra in rom- 
Ivf tlwBnnv.'laUvat wirb th>- n-Tollcd 
'mna, and lo uliu mcanur* for tho 
lion of pmM vilb the colonii-*.' Al- 
in 1774, 11oir« liail made tbu no 
JBt*Do« of Frwklin, then midiuf; in 
don, and had cAmi CQinvi>r»iMl with him 
I Uw cohMUta' yrievanctw. It wm tfaere- 
' aupfm vA tbat bo nai pCfulinrlv til lo 
r K poacilwtotj meaaairv. But bn ^id not 
■iriTC inAanin IJU after tbiMWtii ration 
irf iMltfandBDn on 4 Jtdj 1 'TO. from whicb 
fway^i wonld not fo r»A And ithieb \m 
^•MiU iwt aoM^ OfBoikI iM«ociuiioa irat 
NHOtljr mpoMU*, while botb Pnuiklin 
raaluiifttoii nAuod inivatc diacuMion. 
Il Mtly lemaiiiiKt to prowculo ihv war; but 
■* iIm «olo*iiti hftd 

FMTy waa ItnulMl to tapp<irtiii|t and m< 
viih tbt' arm^ rn ibi! rnluclion of 
nd md of NVw York in Augiwt 
Db«rl776i aixl a^ii^in (heratD' 
rof l777,in ih* ntx-dition iiji HirAapMike 
\V^J to t)i« ll»ad of KIk, «h4^> th« amy 

buided for \he capture of Pbiladnlpliia, 

It u-B» aftHnrarfa occupied, durioK October 

ind Xovviiibvr, in tk-aring tiii> paiuufi;i: up 

thu IV-lawnrt', which iho Am>^ric8nK Imd oh- 

ilnii.-ti^'l by jo-coUod ' clicvauK <\« inav' 

framiM of loHd limbor briitlln^ with iron 

Hpikaf, daviniKl, il wu tnli), hy Fmakliii. 

tImbc. flaiikcd b; bunvr luitiiriM on t\\wv, 

provi;d rormidiible obiiiacltM. and ibi- wurk 

(if rumoring \\uim vaa out- of both djificiilly 

and dsu({«r (Bu-noN, v. 1^&, 231-73), Tho 

wHti-r-way oiicu opened, ibi- Atnnr-tihips and 

iranniorta movnd up to Phitnd«1pbin. ntid 

hiV alonnidu the quuvx till tbc nvnriiniion 

cd'thii eitv in the following Junn. Ilown, 

with (vvpral of the aien-of<v,-nr, abo re- 

niAiiii''t at Philadelphia till, on newi of the 

prolinliililj* uf war with Franci.', ^w onlurcd 

tlii^ shipt lo cntWi oil' iliif month of Ihe 

Delawaro; nnd,aftrr trnnaportintc the lrnop« 

aciwu tba riTi'T. hr. witli tbn nhipping, rn- 

turiwd toSandy llnok, vrhcn^hc Ironiod that 

tfao Toulon flef'l had Asilcd undt-r ibu oom- 

mnnd of M. d'RntuiniC. nud ihnt Vin^-aduii- 

nil John Dyrun i\. v. J wa* i-ii hiH wny to juin 

bimwilh a >iiroii^'r'-inri''rci'wnl. On .*i July 

hv bail iiit^dtigt'iiCJ' nfihr- Frtinch Avi'I on tliii 

cuoet of Virtrinin ; on I hi' 1 lib it cainn in nijiht 

and took np a [jruition about four tnilm olT. 

Elowi- Imcl noniitimi.' bwn buny slalioning 

bin Ritiall forcf' I'l the bval advnutaKi!. Ha 

in piTnonPinroiiit^clthi-'Boimilinn ana studied 

tbi- Ml of the cum-nt» at diliereac tltnM of 

'ibatide. A lini-uf tcTfu ihip* waaanebored. 

with ijirioga on tbi>ir«ahlM,BCTO8« tli«cban- 

' nel.and waaiupport^nt tlinviiiih^mpDdbjr 

a batteiy on the island, and at l!ii> northern 

\ bv thnie Mnallor thipa ciromandinii the bar. 

llw ri'M of liin for™ fomi«l a Ttucnr. VfV.t^ 

tainK'»forci-'Wu vMtlynuporinr.nol wmncb 

, in the iiiimlwr an in lav aiMof hit ibipt: hut 

the EnFcliv-h potiiion «ra« itron^, and d'F*- 

tainff wna eocil* percuadpd ibal tlivr* wa* 

not aiilficient depth of wati'r for hi* lorm 

, ahip#- After lyinir olT Shrcwibut^- iiilol for 

eleivn dayi ho irrishrd anchor ou V^ Julr 

and canH off the cntranci' uf the channel. 

but after (oinr hourt of appaieni indecision, 

I itood DWBV lo lbi.> Auiitbward. [Iij> di'p«Lr- 

I tur« Wat jiisi in time lo allow a tofa en* 

. tnnce to ihi- *callcn>d rrinforceincnt which 

came m Howe wiibin the nest few daya, 

' 8onrvnsth''n«d. Ilowopnl to Oen. boning lo 

, defend Rbodt Iiland. lie wat olT ibe en- 

Innco <» tlie hnrbour on 9 Aue,. but D'Ee- 

I taioff hod ocoupifd it two day* before, and 

nn the lOlb came out with bin' whole fleela« 

ibough lo giiv battle, whirb llowv. with a 

very inferior force, wa« unwilliaj lo ocofit. 

The flei'lK rMnainod in preeeBCe of uncb other 

till Ibe evening of tbe 1 Ithi, wbcn they were 




blevm amain in ■ violiwit g«l«>. Tlie Fr^neli 
wnv eoniplp(i>l7dtafM«ed aod man;r it itinir 
•liip* wkoll.v or partwllj <liinDa*ti"l, in which 

MAt«<"nl«nf thitn.and Mp»MU)r<l'I!>taill|:'> 
flBptii|i. till- Lnnffui'iUic of M) fpiii*, were 
wry piujthl* Immlli'd lij Rnrlith W-pin 
«liipd. Uv tile 2Uth d'KnunD liad ^fathered 
toitetbTT Ilia ii!iait«Te<i floet, Dili. ttt^T ap- 
pcftring ag&in olT Itbudv Inland . w<iDt to Do*- 
Un 10 rcllT. Tliiiliar 1Iow« fnllom^d him, 
■ftM huftil}' fnlitting nt ^fiind; Ilcink; IhiI, 
flading ih<> French ihipn dinnaotled, adiI 
flridonU}^ without any iinm(>diftt« 1 bought of 
ffoiiu to Htt, be went buk in S>nd<r [look. 
AvKUiag faimMlf of tfan admiraliy'is permis- 
tioa to T««i^ ibif eoEainnnd, hi- tumml thn 
■quidron ovur to ll«ar-Nilminil (t«iihi»r, to 
■wut Dyton'a >rTivii],knd Miled for KtiKland 
on 2S Sept. lie hiid iwkwl to Iw rplxpvi-d u 
MrljBO 'Js Nov. 1777, and lliu admiral It had 
jont him the rM[iiiR:d periniuiunun^l'F'iib,, 
At (hu sBini! time ■•zpraMiag a lione in oom- 
plimentary ti-na* ' thai be would ftiid no or- 
eaaion in iivtiil himwlf of it.' Ili- nrrivi^ itt 
Pbrt«inou(h on "i^ Oct. I7rx, and *triiok his 
fls.1; on thn 30lh. 

llL*diiioaot«nl *t:em» to have hern largvW 
dm- to the appoinlmunt of n iu*w coiutni*' 
■ion In aufcoliati-wtlh thv L<iihmi»ti> 1 tb''Twn 
UowM w«)v, indued, aanied u nwinbanofl 
It. hut junior to the Rnrl of Carliata fM* 
Bowiw), FnzDBiarit, RfYli I-^ia nr riit. 
URI>l], witli whom thvy d.^cliwd to net (cf. 
BABROW.p. 1(13). Hi'1int>ir,tri(i, thntilip war ' 
lud burn iiii>iiiniiii4(i-d hy ilip ioii-rfiTpnei- nt 
an incorapciL-Dl mminliT: thai iho nnvv bod 
bom utarvpcl: and be behvvi>d I hat he wa* to 
be niadf tlip luiiiMtpriiil ^.-ajiuvuBl. Hi* pro- 
motion ro be vioe-admiral of the rwl bno. ho 
morravnr conitdered, baen unduly delayed. 
lit* xiipiciont of thr bad faith of the mini*trv 
WITT •<ion cnnlinnml nt honiv. llii conduct, 
liawid in itii> lliiiitc of ('ominonNoii H March 
I77U, hit'l )ic>t'ii arraifnit^ id jiiiuphlrtB nnd 
newqiaper*, writtuu, in uiaay in*tanci-s, by < 
pmoii* in the conlidvncv of miaialorn. lie ! 
okallmiced ihe naoiit teaKbiui; ini|iury into 
lita cononoti ba aaid that be hail hrrn de- 
eoiv*^ into hi« command; ibat, tirni and 

diairiulnd, liP would Iiavr rrrturttL-d m iHHin 
a* be obtaiB(<d tiwic, but be could not think , 
of douic *0 white B diipcrior eoomy ranain^ 
iaibe AmericMi Msa«i and ihat haa w wd the 
Ski opponiinity after Byron't arrival had ' 
cjreB • ilorided anpffioritT to Rritbih amu. ' 
Ha fiiinllv df^linml ' any futiiH" wrrieo *o ^ 
loi^ a* llf pmwnl miniiters rvmained in 
oSn-.' For ihe m-xl thnv rear*, tbough 
MI«Bding occaMonalty in tfie House of 
OwuiMIM, be I«»id<d principallv nl Poner'* 
IiodgeiBCOUittf^Hat near St. .\lb«n>. which 

ho bad |iiiTchMed after the ooneliiNaii of tlia 
•cran yws" war. 

Tbu change of taiiiitlry in rhe «pring ot 
1782 cnllad him again into aolive afrTiea. 
On 9 April ho wm appotntad camiuader- 
in-eluHf in the Uiannttl : on tbu 0«h wna 
' pnHDOIed lo he admiral of the blue ; and on 
I t be :10t b wa« created a pivr of flreat Dritain 
' hy hi) fiinncr title in the peerage of Iieland, 
\ iiuount Howe of Langar in Notttosfaun- 
nbire. li wB« nUo on the 30th tb« be 
hoitted liii flair on board the Victory at Spit- 
head, Biid, ht'inff pptwenilrjoini'd hy Ramng^ 
IodI'mm- B.ittBisoTON. .sVltim].buprocw>diNl 
to t^n Nnrlh Sen. where for *om« weoln ba 
wai employed in keeping wat^ over the 
Dutch in thn TeTel. In June be waa re- 
c^nlled to the ('hnniiil hj thn new* of tb« 
allied French and ^uaiiiiU] fin-t, numbenng 
forty MJI of the lincMTinft citne north fWia 
C«dii, and buving on the way capturnd a 
grv%l part of the trade for Newfoundlaiid. A 
rich conroy was expected from Jamaica, and 
it brcamp lli-.w^'o iliiiy, with only twenty- 
two ubipt, ^1 clfar iIit' wnv for this and to 
keep thi- Cbannpl open. I'he r«al otjnct of 
the allies wu, no doubt, lo prnvKOt tha nrli^ 
ofGtbratlar. But the jealnuiies between ibn 
admtntlK led, toward* the uud of July, to the 
nrlirvmi-Ri of iheir powerfnl fleet, to Cadiz. 

On lA Au)i. Howe aacbored at Spithead, 
wlinn the (li>et waa ordered to mGl with all 
pomiblo ha«te. While tefittine, ihn Iom of 
ibo Koyal rWii^oi'cnrrH[nenI)rKii*»i,SiB 
I'liiui-C.H.C: KBViT.xi'ri.T, ICK-titiiii] nn 
W \ug. tin 11 Sent, ihe d«( Hih-d forOi- 
limicar: it coniisledoftliirly-l'aurtlupiiaf the 
liuribMidenCrigateenud smaller retMla; and, 
what with iranaporte, aiore-ahips, and pri- 
Tat« traders, naiaberf^ allo^ber 183 sail. 
Tbn pAMage was tj>dious ; it was nn| till 
8 Oct. Ihat thf flont H-aiofrCa)ie.St. Vincr>nt, 
and the next day Howr lenrni-d that the 
allied flnrt of *om<' fifty sliipo «f ihe line wa« 
nt anchor off Al([(Ciras. By ii«ou ufihe Utb 
the i*<lieting IKM wa* in ibe Siraits, the 
tnin>port>t and store-ehip« leadlug, the ^bips 
of war following in three divisioi>s, iwdy to 
dmw into line of hattlo. COrdorn, in com- 
mand of thn allied t1ei>t, nwda no aitempi to 
interrupt ibem: but only fonr of The sIor«» 
sbipn gut to BncbiirolFl.librBltar; the ut ben, 
careteasof ordcTTand the force of the current, 
were carried to the eastward tnM the Medj- 
torraDMn. Howe Ibllowed ihtin; bat to 
brinK ibom back wa« a work of difficulty, 
which the eu«my miffht hare rendvnd im- 
ponibla. Uowe had oaly thirty- three ship* 
of ihir line; Cordova had farly-ux, and, bad 
lie brodghl the Enslitli to action, mail nave 
prevenle'l the reliMof the furtresa. On the 




latb h» irot ti«>l«r wijr: hut, ntnaiog (o 
raftm Htid np^1(^clin(I lu ninintitiii lii»tioai- 
tion Det«c-.'n tli-- Rtin-liHli Itwt iiiiii (lie ttoob, 
Iw Kllmred llDm> lo ([«-l to tW WMlwnnl of 
hl», •>> ikat wbnn, on ill" li!ih, ilii' wind 
eam# mas'! in itii* i'mI, llir tijQTor wn* uble 
to flip ia at [ilmaurv.n'bili' thai likip* of witr, 
Ijiu to tb« <a«t of (lie hay, ffoftrdei] aguiwt 
■■r uHampliaii. Bv tlii> lOlb (£e fton* 
SM umpi nad bcm ramluil : when Cbrtora 
ftpfmuod al lliu i-uil'-m unlraiiM of tlie 
»niU, Howi!> w«« HI libvtty \o tslco «e*- 
non to til* wiMtward, And, bjr bugging iho 
Afnnui thora. I«t tbc oapty tniuport* )|«t 
elrar >««t. On the nett momititt. i>0 Oct., 
iba wind WM sortberly, bolli Aveta in lina 
of liailla. iheftlltM •ointf Rv* loairuM lo win'l- 
WmiI: tbrjbBdihtfBdvania^ofboibmimtH'ni 
BmI pOM1ii>iii and with t1ii> Afrlcim thnrv nt 
■ogrwil tliWBw lo t(»wiinl , iht- I'lngl i»li rouM 
not haTo avotd^d action if it Iis4 hri'ii nu»- 
luloljqSbrad. ButthoiuthbyauniclL'unlova'ii 
ftvt itpproacbed thl^ nogliih, hi- iruuld iiot 
altoiBpl a aiuinin-i) ultMih. A dialMit 8n 
fbitr bnvn, wbrii l\w onniMlaiiii' u-finnitcil, 
■Mllban»Udayifai>allii» ]uiMa'd'>iii cifiifthl 
an tbi'ir irajr to Cajlix, Uaviiw Ilawc fn-o lo 
nunnn bb bomiwanl rnnfe. lie Bnchorul at 
»t. llilmtoaUNov. TUiarelinfafOibtaltai', 
in |in>meiM« of a (l»rt i-Dnmioinly Mipvnor in 
nunbrn.Gnllr^l furib p.-nrnil oninini.'iidai ion. 

The kinu of I'niwtia wrMr in hin iinii hnii<) 
M p w ui*); hi* ad»imtinti, am) FV«nchni<'n 
WM SfMBianl* aakiKiTrl«i1g^l ibat thty liad 
bMtt outwitlvd. F»w wurv awaa- of lUu 
1^ wrabMwa of iha Spanidi fltvl, irhicli 
hlid Icwivd <ii> rVirdnra a limtd |><<Ii(ry : anil, 
thoaith till- Kr>'iicli olBcvn tMin|ilai[i-") bil- 
Utif of Ihn lUflhciiTDi-y of iMr *l1ii», T.Mr 
TCpMta vvr* not mad* public k'f. I'll rvtUKH, 
t. IMlj bin Clu-valVT. iliiMiith mil ae- 
MmtMl wilh ilium, ilill cMiiadani tbcopL-rii- 
tKMaaonriif ihi'liiHat in Ihowbnluwar.and 
a* wnrlbT <if pniae a* a victorr (il>. p. Xib). 
It <>■«, VyiMMl qnMlina, a tft^ brillianl 
•ahirrmnnil ; hut w« ivm undcnland th« 
fltaaitiih ahan? in it. Agniii>t a Fivnch fl«vl . 
of «quNl niimbem, oominandod bv a Saimi I 
4f a liiiirli.-n, Howa'i ta«k woali) ba*« ben , 
iBcuni^nililTiiii>r«dil5rull. A*il wai.Lord , 
tl«rvp>,(hi-ra|i(iiiniif ikr Kiiui<(iiiabl«,beinK, 
rt i* mhI, iq ■ tiad buniout al liaving be«a 
■«M mit of Ktijcland iiui at that Una, pub- 
Ualivd a h>it*T rvllncliiiK on llomi'* ooadnct 
t<a MJ Oct. ■ If wr hnd bwn M,' h» wrato, 
' with (lu> «ami> ■pint with wlitrh w« thould 
bat* folkianl. il would hair lui'n a itl'irinu* 
da* f-ir Kuirland.' On ihiii, Mowi- ti-tit liim 
1 Tri"'^t|f ' hui ibi- driiil diit ii"i laki- |>lacit. 
tat, thaafk iha parti** met, llrrriry nude a 

ftt. tXTIIt. 

f^ll Nttaetatioo on tbe around (Btnuow, 
p. 421 ). 

In January 1*83 Ilowe wai appointed 
fiml lord nf tb» adnirally, and, tliougb in 
April ho Kiivi' plac« to Koppiil, he w»* roiii- 
iiinttHl in ibi- onri< in Ili<coiBb«i', and bold it 
till July 17^, when he mu aoocwdod tn 
the l-*arl uf Chatham. Hie pnriod nf hts 
mtniininlnition nan not a iimi- <if ur|{auiitii^ 
fli'i<i«, btit of rvdiiriii;; ■■dlaMiihiui-uu. Th« 
narr wim onit wiirfixiliii(;, and llii-nductioa 
(.'Diild noi he itccnnipli>liixl without injury to 
printa inlnmitii nr iliiiapjininlnii-nt to por- 
soaal expi'<!Utic>niL Mown wa« bitlorly at- 
tacked in parliamunt and in print. In ona 
uaniphlrl. m'jn'llian uiuallT spiteful, bcw«a 
cli«crilH^i)a«'niniin nnityrvaJly acknawledt[«d 
In tw unfisrliii^ in bis nature, tingnciuun in 
hU iDiuin«iT, anil who, upc>ii nil iKcaaioua, 
diicovur* n wonderful aclachmnnl to ihedio- 
tatea of his own pcrvitnw, imiHTni'lrabln difc 
punitiuu ' [Ah AifitrfAi to Ihr itigJit J/^m-ur- 
ahU the Firit Lord Vomtni*tioarr of the Ad- 
Htiruttv uprni Me iMUe derrtviif ^>int, 
fiplrtdour, and DitripUne o/ Me JVniy, by an 
Oflicnf. I7sr). Thn rt-foraw in dockyard 
admin iitmtion and the tvchnical inprav*- 
mi-utJi which Ilan'c introduced (cf.I>]iMUCK, 
Mem/fin <if the Ilatfal .Vdiy, pp. 178-87) 
briMght Dew piieiiiiet luto llw Deld (of. Am 
AJdrm to tit HiijJit /fmraroAfe lie Pint 
Lnrd CbmrnUnonrr fff the Adtninitty Mponlie 
lirmirtotii Modf v/ CnyiirriHii lAe Botlmmt iff 
Kitiy't Sitpi lit /(W ii/ Pracf, IJWl). Iluwo 
['"It ihftt III- w*« not fairly tapporteil by I'in, 
Dud oliiniDiil pormiaHuu to imigii (BaHBow, 
pp, lul-:!). X> as aclRkowlvdraont of bia 
perviow, he wu crMlad Barf Howo and 
Itnrun Ilowe of Lanfar, with an'miuiidur of 
Iho barony to bii eldeat daujihivr ( 19 Aug. 

In Mav 1790, on lb«> ocoaaion of lh« dJa- 

Jule with Spain rolativo lo Nootlct i^oulid, 
[uwp waa appoijiiid in the commarMl of tlw 
llwl in lh« ClianiieL Ue wa* at thia tiin« 
the wnior admiial of ifai- white, and on iaia- 
iaglb«QnM'nCliarlott«wa« ordcrid tonoiat 
ih«unioa>llag at iho luaifl, witb th« lMD|M>T«ry 
rank of ndniind of ibv fleet, in oniiiluiMiil, 
it wnuM •it-m, not onlr to hinu^lf but alao 
to tba aix uxceplionally diMinjiiuihed fla^ 
olliceia |iland umk-r bta nrdum. In Aiif^it 
il waa nported ihat the Spaniah HvtA waa at 
nea, and for a nuknih Ilowa eniiood betweea 
Uibani nod Srilly, with tlurty-IIre tail of iba 
line, which be eicrcun) onulinually, ImhIi ia 
naral arnlutiona and in lbi> new code of 
ngnala, wbicb he had boon alnboratinii for 
aevuralvuan. On U8ept.thaflaat iMumKd 
to Sviiliead, aad oa ibe aeomniodatian of 
th« AnhMnON witb Spain, mott of tlio ahtpi 





werepaid off. lIow«luni(elf itTuok biit flag 1 
in Ili-»tmW. Ua the ditiih at Lord Boduuj, 
May 17ti:I, hi- irot- iiii|X)l[il-.u] v ict^-kiliaira] of ' 
Eu^luid, *nd un 1 Feb. I7ti3 waa afnin or- 
dHivil to tftk* coauDftod of the Chuuiol flnrt, 
witli, M bobra, tho toinpocwy nnk of nd- 
nunlof ihcflMt. Itwa»iiot,howiiT«r,iiIlthe 
sod of Maj t}iB.t tlic tUset wm acCu«11y formnl, 
aad that Howe hoUW the luiiuu-fBg on 
board UieQiueBCIiarloliu. DiiriD^ ili<> reM 
of tbt* you the 0c«i wu preltv oonsiantl; at , 
•ta, th'ougb frvquDDtly obli^'d by itmu of 
WMtliM I'l lakit »1i«llvir hi Torbav. Uncc or | 
tincu llowii li^hind email xquairoiiH of itm ^ 
FWicb, but dC d diiUtoci* nliich ponDtttod | 
Chair M*]r eMitpu. ScurriluitH writen rqir»- . 
Halted him tn Mieudiug liii time in dod^ig ! 
in and out of Torbsj. Ona epgna, an^r 
reciliog bow Otesar liad taltan thne word* to ! 
nlu« hM bnvn dMd*, ooacludad — | 

HowD «iiD nunc brvriiii vwbo v'iRi)il*ct{tur ano, 
FX ' *idi ' noliia otnniii gntu nfi<il. 

With Ilia ahijM n rained by cotitinii&l bad ' 
wuathvr, Howe returned to port in ilie middli.> 
of December, confirmed in tbn opinion whi(-)i 
favbad lonf hold — probably ftcoa ilii- lirouof 
tlwi orduoiu acrriec off llroul iu \7iS ihuL 
the keopin([ the Atvt at i<«a for llKr jiiiqiuit? uf 
wotchins an enemj lying anuglv in pori wan 
k niatjdre (Bajsaw, p. SIS ; ct. Pari. IlUt. 
3HivrchlT7lt.xi.SO-i). Hnwlie before him. 
•• ^i. Viiici-'iit niiA hVlflon alterwnrdB, fauld 
a dilTi^ruuL opinion, and naval «tml4<giats arv 
still dirideil on (hs qUMlion. 

It WM not till tho middle of April 17M 
tbnl thn ihipa wotv n-llllcd and aftnin t*- 
aomblcd ai Hi- lUtuis : on :i!May thi-y, num- 
bering ihirlT-twi) Bail uf iIih Iiuh, put to seu. 
How«, for till- fintl time siiiM tlip bi-f^niiing 
of thn century'. rev"'rt*d to ihi- *cvtntwnth- 
Centiiry prnctir^ of orijuniaini; tlie flix-l in 
Ihn'i! Hiiiiulroni nnd llmir diriaions undnrlbe 
admirali i<> wvnr thi- onrrvaponduig ftag, irr»- 
■ptvrt i Vi- i>f t hi' mast or colouT lo wbioli thi^y 
vi-n.' (.-uiiili-d by tlii-ir commiiuiou {NaMtl 
Chnnielf, i, ^8). Tliin limy Iiavu bM»n siis- 
gw(«d by the uniuual riimibc-r of uvan od- 
minils in ona fiaet, and nUo by tlM ooiad- 
donnt of the eonumuidt^r* in thn aooond and 
third pdirtu IjL-ioff rpaOL-ttivclvadminJaof thi? 
wbilo and of ilxe blub. Off tht Lizard nix 
of tlic flhip« v/vtv det«L-ltei] to Tli«i iioiitbwArd 
in chHi)pi of cotivrtj, iind IIowi^, with the 
nuiainiri^ I wi'n1j'')iix,cniia«d on I ho piirnllnl 
of I'libant, Inokinj; nut for n fliH-l of pmviainii 
■bipa coming lo llnut from Amoriea. To 
ptDtoct (hca« ihi! Ftunch fleet jiut to aea on 
tbu IBthfUndL'r Lhecotnnundaf ItMiHulmiial 
\'iUarvt-Joji.>uM> and tlie delegate of the 

Coavention, Jc«n Hon Sainl-Andrf.wboap- 
pean to bate bt*n — cw*pt in the dnioiU of 
maiKeuvriiic thv iltvi — ihi> trur commandii^ J 
in-chief (cf! Uukvauee, ii. 12". 131). fta 
the lOlli Uuir Milinc was wpmrted to llowc, 
but it waa not till Ui* momln^ of tli« ItBtli 
that the tw« flecta cJimo in flight of eaob I 
olbur. Tbc Gnifliab were dond to luemi^, 
but by thu MBntug iht-ir ran wan up with 
th>.' ^iKfliy'a rvar, and a porliul action maiifd, 
in which itiv three-dech«d «bip It^voluiion* • 
nairp, which clo«»d the French litiv, wai cut J 
off and T0T7 wTervly tiui)l«d. Comiiletvly 
diainaated, with four hundrvd nwa killed or 
wounded, ahe atniek hor colourr. Ni^ht, 
however, waa doaing in ;UowD«if[nallnd ihn 
■hip* to take ibtiir plaw- in the lino; and Ibo 
lUvnlutionnaire made ^oil livr Mcape, and 
pventually goT into Itochelart. The Auda- 
cious, with wliich elw bod bean mon oloiehrl 
enfta([«d,WDa alo diianaa(«d,and being it nabwl 
to reiuin iho floi't bore up for nyroouth. 

On the moruiuK of '^ Mny th« ICnffliab 
w*re atiU to letwanl, and lloiro, imaUe I 
bring on a gi>nernl aciiou, nwulved to force] 
hianay tlirough ih" piieniy'* line. A partial J 
ongHgiiroi'nt n^nin fol lowt^d, end llii^e of th»l 
l-'tvocb ihip*. having luatainod Mmeilamage^ I 
felt to liH-ward. wirrr nurroundod by tbe B^p'l 
lisli, and Keir in iinminuDt danger of beii 
iMipturiMl. To pniicct tliim, VillaTL-t-JoTouj 
bort> ui) with hts whole fl««t,and in to doinf^ 
yii^lili'd the wuut heritage to iJie Enffliah. 

Puriiig th(- neat two days tog*, the neoea- 
nty of n>p«iriiv damocea, and iha distano*] 
to which thn French had withdrawn, psvi 
runted UowD from pualiinfi hii ndvanta^i 
but by the mominfc uf 1 June hi- liul 1 
hi* fleet in lini; of battle <m lhi> cni'my'a 
wentlier beani, and about four niiloa dialaut. 
lie innde the «i^al for each «hi[> to steer for 
tliM ihip oppoiite to Imv, lo past undrr ber 
stern, and, bnulinji to ihn wind, lo engaM-J 
her on the lee aide. I'he aignol was onln 
UBTtially undertlood or acted on. Miinirtl 
however, obuynl tlie mgnal and thoadmirarfl 
I example. A few miuui«t befoni ten thftl 
Queen Charlotte peased under the Item ufihsl 
l-'nnch Hagnhin the Moittainie [aeeBowEX,] 
Jaxw, 17^11 l^SSl.andat a distance ofonlrM 
few feet ^wured in nor broadside with t«nibl* 
pfTect. An she hauled to the wind to emita^ 
to leewurd, the 80-gun ahip Jacobin blocked 
ihe way. Slie thrust heraelf in brlwevn the 
two, *jid for toine minutes the atriu-gl* waa 
T«ry severe, ^^'it1li^ a igiiarter of ail liour th 
t^evn (Tharlotic Idhi Iiat font top-mast, aad 
tho Montaftno eacapod with her ft«Ri and 
quarter itovc In, many of her gaan dia- 
I mounted, and tluve hundred of her men 
I hillad or wounded, but with lier maata and 




tifgingcoaiunlivetj intact. Tlic ^etun or 
tbp liait1<? b; Loutbertraoig, now in ib# 
l%iintr<d Hnll al OrMnwioli, wniii{[ly tliowo 
ihci ijDtwn Cliarl<>1(i> on tl][> MonlngneV Urn ' 
bnw. ' If w- fotild Imvp i^t the old Aijf l 
Ivia thai pMii ion,' Rowon ■■ r«port«<l to litTc ' 
mU en *MUi|r ih* ciclurv, * w« niiut have 
UlcMi lh« FiTFiwIi aatoinL' 

At the mmo time aa the Montigni), tht 
Juftdhm aha mude tail, nnd Howe, BMJng 
otber I^vncb ahips doing ilii- tatnv, matl^ the 
ai^Al for a g«n«i«t chMt^. Tho bnir.Ip iriw 
TiniMlly iron wilhin tirvnij' miniito* from 
■.b* liniv of lha> Qiifn Cliarlcilic'n jiouin^ 
duvugb tbr Fnmch linr, nntl b,v noon nil 
eoooartrd ruwtancp WBi at on t<ncl. Tlit> 
■ftcnioon wM poMcd in ovurwhi-ltniii^ apd 
taUng poMOMiouoftlir bralvn iliipM, .^even 
WMC iBNdH priKw, of vrliii'li oDu, ih« Vengvur, 
• a ^iiit (Mrl of hOTmsn 
ttill on board [M*nA»TiiT..roii}i,1T40-l7M]. 
TliBt fit* or MX mOMWan- nm mptimd was 
rnKfibrd lo ibr undue caution of ihn «nptain 
of llii> lI'Mit, Sir ItnjTrr Curtin [c|. v.], nMn 
wlium di-inlrtd tlw oouiniaiul at tLe critical 
aMUMt, lliiwe bring worn out In' y-»n and 
tba Kirrtiott* vi til*' iin>Tioii» davi ( lUxnow, 
pp. ^>1, 3aS-0,Biid CodringtAR* maninurript , 
wil«o. IlovKHin, i. *i7). Hut tbaUf(ti tiui 
lapw- riKracMd on cooler coiwiilcntiuii from 
thi' brillianco of the rict^n^*, i>opiiIur i-uihu- 
(•Mon ran rrn high, runviallv vrlivn lltimc, 
with llir (float** ]»rt ft the it'L-l, lowi-d Ibu 
dsDrUM into Spitlicad on 13 Jaav. Iii uu- 
■Jral forcv tli« two DmIr had be«n fairly , 
(^oal, and wliai little ilt«panly tht-rc w«» wa« 
in Ikvotir of tlin riietn; ; and of olbnr diffft- 
•oca* 00 account u-no tahi-n. 

Oh 30 Jnna tW kinjr. with thi? i)u««ii and 
thm> itf lliP princnmu, went to l^rtimoiith, 
•mI in Toral jimcviaion nvreil out U> Spit- 
iMut Tom he tiiitnl Iluire aa buard th>' 
QoMB Cliarlotir, prawDbNl him with a dJa- 
Mcaid-biltnl iword, and signified hi* iiiti'n- 
tlaa of eonipTr\ag <m him the urdiT of thn 
G«f1«r. Til* iiM-idfitl nw iiaint(>d tijr H. I'. 
Btter* ■■* an almost hurliTtqiic picturo now 
iB lE» Painleil Hall. UoM cliaiim kftu givt^n 
t« all tlie adminl*. OrarM aud Hood vrere 
cnalMlpMraontbpIriabMtablidimoRl. One 
cimtDutanc* alone narrml tha gnMtal ban- 
Bfaaat^ iluw*. in hi* original ilMpatch, pab> 
balNdiatlM-OaMtto'of 10 Jam, had not 
nrotiowd anjoAMta by namn bxcfjiI liie 
wfiaiii of Un iavt and the captaiD of the 
QsMB Cbariotlf. On aniriuu al S|>iihf«d 
ha waa daajnd hjr the admiralif to M^id in 
* a dxtail of tb" iMril^iriMu aorricca of indi- 
TidaJiL* A fow day* lalor lb« order wb« 
ta^MiML On III* M'tb b- wmto priTat«lr 
10 Lord ChathaiB, diipmrnting the propoMa 

1 1.1 

I. -I r.i 
II riii'il 
nnd Tji: 

I 'l I h I. 

wlection, which he IVarvd ' might b« bDowvd 
by diMgweablu coniwjiitiic». Bui on tlio 
<ird«r being again rcpvntn], liv niit olT a li*t 
«D the 20ui niadu uji liiuliiy, adding a ooIp 
to tlia olTocC tliat it wa« ijicamiil«t«. Howe 
Iiftd dirivt'd the WTcml fl«^.4ilBc«ra to nnd 
aiimraof tboKi' who liad diatinguiab^d 
'Ivii.nnd thcTiiiuppodng th« iTqiainMl 
I"' n nif^rv iiwUaa tona, fillaU it up in 
i-t, |i'-rfuuctory, or canlcM manner, 
iii> ii'iiiibk- nnmw were omtltcd [h.-u 


I I I . I .>'Iid]. Tlie IJat waa, however, 
'I'll iiK , ./' nnd, bat the lionoun which the 
liiutf fw<ilv b<»towod worn reguUtod by it ; 
and Howe wu oocuaod of haTing cast an 
unnierilwl uliiron tbe tvputation of hi* com- 
radea in aranit. 

It i» Mid bvSir F.llwHrdColl^ingtuolB4R- 
Knw,nlnnlllllTlIltn<>Il<,pp.2M),2(l4)tbal llowo 
and tho Marl of ('hatham wctp on bad lonns, 
and thiit I lowii'iirccommDniUl ion* for promo- 
tion uuru not att«ndcdlo. Amorediivcialigbt 
waa oflbrcd by Chatham'* btotber, Uie arano 
miiuft«r, who repr««ani«d lo How« ttwl it 
would be for lh« adrantag« of t)ie public 
vrvice tiial bo tboulil f<iivgo (be hing^ pro- 
auim of lh» OariiT. A* a oompanaation h« 
olTurud him n marnuiwitn, on hi> awn reapon- 
albility, but tUi* Howe coldly daoliiiad {A. 
p. S68). The luug, however, eooGEmd uia 
GaTt«T upon him 2 Junp 1797. 

On 23 Aug. tlowc anilt-d from St. Heloo* 
with a fleet of tbirty-MTon ahipa of the line, 
and criii«ed between Uahaat aad Soitly till 
the and of October, when he waa drivMi by 
atfUB of wasthor into Torbay. On B Nov. 
be again put tonia, andon tbaSftl.b rvtiveod 
I'j Spilbiiid. The statu of hi* brnltb mada 
bun V i-li lo !■< rt.-liev(.>d from tile comtnaail, 
l.iT >.. l.l.Mj > (be king's wiahM he ret«uwd 
II. "j: Im'iii.,' rillowed to be abaent on iMVtt 
liiriTi^' ilir wiiil4'r. In ibe apting of t7H| 
..iiiIk II' waof the Froncb IU*t being ouiibu 
Bfain boi*tcd hi* Dag on board lb* Qumi 
Chorlolte, and put to aea in quc«t of it ; but 
Tuiumed, on the n«wa of ita baring gone back 
lu Drt^i, miicb daoaagad in a gale. He coa> 
tinuml iioininiillv in oommand for two yittn 
longtT, )iui wai during mort of iha tlma at 
Itaili, the fleut bi'ing actually oaaunaadad 
bv Lord Brulport 'lee IIi>ot», AucUkinn, 
Viacom Dnutroaij. Uowc, a* Bridnwt^i 
aenioT and nomlsal oonmaBdcr-bi-cUet bo 
uert«d a dt^n* Ot debnauw wbidi Bridpen 
did not pay, and ihe neglect ollfndad Hows, 
who atlriWrd ibn ill-naling wbkb apfUg 
np to inrjilonta which bad occurred nMra 
than Mteo year* btiforft, while be waa at lb* 
admiralty. He wiot« lo Cnitia on iU Oct. 
17M, that if be rauDcd 'tha cotHmaiid at 





MM ' ha viMilil ntimt lo wrvM iritli Bridpoft 
(|tiii>ii.><i, i>|i ll'l 7), 

til MiirA ITthi, ••II lb* (liotli of Admiral 
t r-.Jomi, 1714 1711! .lliwu 

M . , : < Ih) ktlairal of iIm llml. aixl 

*l llli- »t>i'< (tlllv aMHMIlllMl |{SMM1 of BM- 

rinw ll<- iiiiH'illinjiI}' r»M|fii»<l tlia ofllc* of 
)WV-*ilmiral nf lviif(Ul)i|.«liiclt Hi" t>i<l(ll wm 
«ii(s<ri'if III all iilliiir naval rank ciirpl ihat 
■ r ' ' ' li iiilmiral (IUrwik, |x ^11). In 
^ . I lowi' WHU oflorvil !•• i'lirlatnoiil h 

in|ii < - .11 III (ii><'iiiiri-niiirlinli>ri Vitw-iidiiiiral 

I ..ciiixilli* >->'riiii]iw ti.i.iH. .It II Wili.uhI 

II « HI ttii lu*l Biiliiul xiTtii'i', lliuu((li bii wan 
Mill niiapdiiiil by iliv hiii^'a ii»Ii(iitAli<iiw lo 
iiiiiiii till' ibiniliial oMiimnnil, Tliv t""'''"" 

• I 111*, mill •■villa ii'il ttiily to liHt •■ 
(^■ ■ I ■■ iliri liail ffrliint )iriwmi liiinwilf 
anil llnik|»irl, bill I'l >■■ Uivnlv mjMiiiiiiUii 
Tur Mil •■iridut m'vunviii'iiii i>f lli« *]>riiiK of 
i'\': III Ihi- nm iU«> i-f Mar\-h. >lowi\ 
wliilii at llatli, mnsiTil iwlilion* trvm ilio 
I'timi of •iitmal »f llio ihiiu at Spitli««4l. 
iwavli'ii fi'f 'III* liilcfiHmtinii vrilli lliv vl- 
mtrallj' lu Taoiiir i>f iIm •MIHW bAJnu 
UniilMl all iiirmaM i>f |My ani ntioiii, an>l 
a |ir>vtil->i) li't ilii>ir«ivi« anil hwillu. A* 
l)>i> liiiiiilnnliiiji iif llini-iif ibnn pr<itio«l« 
mat <-l<«iU Itio «nllll^ tl<>wi> iwinprivml lh««ii 
(.< Ihi Ahiiiioiw, ami a> Sir IVt<-r IVrinr, iIm 
|>.ii >i<!iiiiin1. »i(\l I.iinl 11riil|iiV( i'i>iiriirn<<l 
I I ' ii'c n'aa laki-ii ur llinu. 

III •i'ii(nlli>ii l» thai (■lln.'l 
111 l.iHtl S)»ii(-i-r, llti>ii flrai Ii>nl of tlwail> 
■nmlt.v, [liii i>ii lA A]<rillhir wiami'D broke 
(Mil lUlu niwii luiiliiiy, ami tlio)i|[k ihoa {wr- 
•iiiulikl 111 niUini lo itiiiiT ilutt, tlw nulinj 

• 1 ' " ' Mar, Awiarwiily ai 

I I ibir ViiUEitWa^taiinilly 
1-1 ' I . I M '.' iSwtaiiuulb aii<l 
•■"'.> t< .t ks .- i<< 'i^liaufkafewdara 

bvti'o iiu tu>t ■> -■ ilnal nviftiMtioii, 

•kit il had bam aivpiMnl. Atvi>i\liitj[lv, mi 

I I Uv> ^ vullfd Ibo iluu) aad heard Hi* 
(hawuda ut ibw Q*Mi I ou t&r folkiwiu^ da^a 
Ik* (lifiqwuf>r> urr^ arfKiUHil, tkn utUtiMwa 
accvrittid II ' '. Mill ni Ikn inili 
iturHMtui. I. I>,ik,>uf )\.n- 
lani). Itt «■. |>. »IR 

Thia «Hs; - Urtoflkial 

act, iktnub IB lii - bvk-<'aliaiM><lto 

|ak» Ik* liMiBiu iQ uktal aSkun. 

n '»«r. thowk 

•f|Mii. Id 

. -'?*, Ill (iu- abaiQCv of hjM 

.ulvmr. b* n> pamiuiM lo 
' K.l.,' tbeu ifokwi of aa « luU 
'l\. Tbu, it «a» batiatvd, ^T« 
., ibo btad, and with hul a fc i ; 
W 4i«l w a Auf. ITSK II* «M buMd ia 
Um hwlgr mill M Lugar. wWw tW* ia * 



!■ , 


noauuMt tohia marnunj; aBotb** and tarn* 
«plandid moautaail br rUxtnaa wb* vmctcd 
at the psbUe expctuc la Si. Vmal't CatbednL 

N''ilwilli«ta»din)t llo'Ve'B rcty bi^ TC]n>- 
(atioii. iMtli amcmji lua OMiUaipantiM and 
bin ^ucoMaoni, lie can lemnflj ba eonHdnvd 
uciiciaii of tbo flnt ordar, tbo«g|h in wr- 
f<viiii|;aiicln-tiDuiK IbooodvMRglwlahiauft 
Biiowi-rriil iimiriiiiMnu tolboyoangvroSnm 
(cf. NfUcHitii II<i<'0,Mjan.l79&. inNiooui, 
.XVbiuH /AwiMt/(-Ai'>,iii.li3(>1. 1 1 1> vraa abrinit 
i>f )li4 agir, liut >i.'iiriy.'ly in advaom uf it, and 
i-trii OH 1 hitiv 1704 tio fM no fimhtrr than 
furcici); nil iiiiwilling MMony lo olou actkm 
nith »|iih1 iiiiiiihiini: ibovKiotywaanuunlj 
won b;()ii- in>liriduBlini]»riarit)rof tli»Bii»>. 
liiiUiilil)<((cf.('iii;v.tueiL 11.146-8). Aalolu(| 
pi-rsuiinl I'haractFr, bia coiunfre and hia 
Uiniity iir(.Tu alnioit provirTbiil; he wa^ 
pil) <l><<iiTil«>[l tiy ^Valuiib.- u» ' iiudaunli^d 
a rock mxi nm Hili>nt, TIJ* f<MiliirM wp: 
•IKaialv mnrk' •!, iind ibr^r ri)imuion hai 
and lartiiddiiu . hu numm* vat *lir, airk- 
ward, and iui|iradou>> but bia frivnd* found 
him Ubortl, luad, and ^ntle. Un the ntbn 
lund, lboa» wLoae ckina, nut oliraTa well 
fiiundi-d, be fnu unabli.' or lunriltini' to 
t*liaiy, roniiilainml tlml lie wa« ■ liau^tjr, 
murow, bafd-limripd. aiul ilkdexibl(^' fiat 
bgrgvuraleon*"!)! bi- it allnwcd to bar* bMO 
taiD|WrM«, getillr, and indulpnit lo Uw mnt 
nmW bit eominaad, who, oa Omr yan, 
ndoivd bim, whoUier aa caplaia or iii»n«l, 
and n{ipt*«iatM] fat* pin paeiitiariliea. ' I 
tliink we ifaall ban Me t^t i^^aj,' oao ■• 
NtKiruid lo bare Mid on tb» nonuocof 
t JttM: 'tlUckDidibwbMaHuIiD^' tW 
(viB&iUfin' which be had arauirad waa TuUt 
shown in tbi- iiff^i^iatioii* with ibr uutinfan 
at SpitliTsd. It baa htca mH tbu bo wia 
laure to penonal ititwaBCt thu to lyiw j 
but no nuiinj or vnm dMCoalou ««W oo- 
«umd ia an^ diip or ■qnadrcB aadir tia 
eoMauad. Tbaantiaoaaaoddiaartelyeaa- 
duet of tho crow of iba Qa**m ChMottt 
(RusTTOS. XuMi /fj^fwy, L <111) aftor"^ 
virtual PrtinoMnt b diMisetlT atlrib«ind 
Sir Kdwwd OadiiMtoa to t&e Mirtalt— 
IMfcnBM of Sir Ito0rr (Nmia ( 
nMBuacript oalo, a. aOl\ 

How* Bumd. oa tO Vank 1756, iUrj, 
daaffblor of Oolcwl Chinctoa BMMtf 
W*IbT ia LMMMofsbiro, aadbr tHrbal -~ 
tbnoda^btvn. TolbortJ*M octbeaa, ~ 
Clailott*.Mamediat787iaPeB8 ^- 
Cunoa.tbeban«Td«M«aded,lh« B 
rowt* aad taiMaa b«canii^_ 
Rowv'adMih. Th^IriAlillaaiiii If 
bcotbar.SirWilluuD Itowv.aiboAtd «i 




llun PnaCimoi^bom in 1796, niccMsM U* 
paicful rm>dfiitn«T u wcca<I Viicount Cur- 
MMI in Morcti 1820, umuuoI xlue name of 
llowc on 7 July 1^1. aiul on I'l July 1821 
wu cmted KktI IIowp. Un tlio Henlh of 

loUv bamiiy. A jKiitniit r>f IlnnT-liv (iaiiw 
barougb u in iIip pouminn nf the Trinity 
noWB; BiwiiliiT, by (iniiutiuroucli. anil • 
tkinl, utoavmoiu, belong <o the fnmilT. A 
fciiirtb,lnp ^infleioni, i* in tb« NattoiuJ Por- 
tnUt GtQMy. 

[Til* iluidiuil Life of n«v« by Sir John Vu' 
M* is a>M|[r«kiiil iitMcaralai thsmcstVKltutlil> 
|IMI «f it «oiui*l* or •ilracta fnni Howe'* ror- 
MifMidcncii, liut thns arp giicn unmili>riutnTi]y, 
gMMally vitbool eilhcr iktv oi Dame. A Cii]>y 
tf Bam*** Llfxif HuW, riiru-hcd will) Oianu* 
MtitFt DOta try Sir Ktlwsril Cndrigcl^n, ii> in ibo 
BriUah MtuMin (C. ii. d. i'\ brqiimthoi l? 
Oedrfni:*on'* ilaugliter. Lujy Bounhirr. An 
Cedrin^aa wu artinit ii> ><^iinl liDiitonnnl on 
kaard uw QoMiii Chnrlollr iliirinii May iiii<l Jnno 
irBt.bM p«noaal vridi^co ii oT higb aulliorily ^ 
bat mnair of tlia doIm, oritUa on »H>ni)-bnnii 
iaf jTikatiaii. an uot [v Ixi ilvianilMl on. An aT> 
titla ID the QaaitfTly Itrtiew (liii. I ), liaMil ou 
tterroT** lift, >a.un the ■hole. Tor^fairi bclltr 
ikdaad llian Ui> ImuIi liiolf. Th« biber iiii-uioin 
pf lib** are mlnittiniRby in ilrtaiU. they 
BT»: Gritnh Hagaane an>I Bevie*, June liSiS : 
!Ca*a) (Viinick. i I ; Ctumcick'* Itiag. NaT. t. 
447 . halfr'i Nut. lliofT. i. n. Miuon'i Llfa uf 
Iliiiwa. fir fnim good. balwrillBU frnm p^raonal. 
ikMk b«t Inllntlc. knovlttl^ of Dowr, don 
■at akogathFr doarre Barrow* annrtp. 7<>)^ 
Ifciiiiihin'i Life of Codrineirai (rot. i. ciiap. i ) 
ytpan^BCTa tiie nbx*n«c of maar of tlic mnuu' 
MfffC MtM rebrral l« aborr, vita fuller detadi. 
Oc^OT aQorcta of infurinAtii>» uit<: official cqt' 
napoadaacc and 'iibtr ilorumrui* in (h* Public 
Haa^Ofllo; DftiiHiii'tSaT. andMil.MrmoirB^ 
Janiaa'f Naval H'*lury ; Chernlitr'i Ilitt. da U 
Marina fnn^iar i>,)pOndn»I InjituiTr <U I'lud^ 
BMkJaDtw ■mAii'viDc, and (i>.| mu* U {vriiiiin 
jUpaUiqn*. TVv pi«(<h)ei* ptiaiing lo ilie 
amni Mriod* of Ilowa'a oamr ara nnnimiai ; 
•owa of thaaa bare Lean m^alionid la iba lait ; 
anulbir. hoalilc. th'>uh nnc »o a)iu>ir«. n A 
Ltntr 10 ih* Jiiitlii llonoanlile Uiri VntMuit 
B—a oa hit naral tondnM in thn Amtntsa War 
MTTVL wiUi whitli KH ba cbmpirail iba aaor* 
avovnUa Oaftdid anJ Inputijd Namtira of 
iWIVaanetiMwor tho Flart ■ndwth«ComMMd 
at Lm^ Hawa ... by an (Motr ihaa aarriDg in 

UrnN4(i;;ni j. k.l. 

HOVE. SCKOPK. Ann Vi»c«i-)tT Howe 
(HUH-irr.'i. bora ui Nov.-nW \Mi*. wni. 
•Uaal (Oil (if Jobn Orubliam ilowu of Laa- 

tka ■kliinl ilanghtAr of l^Biiii*! STfupr, rarl 
ef Hunileriaa cl lrn>at«d )IJ^7), l'> wbnio wa* 
gimBtad Uic fncvdtotj of mi pari'* It^limati- 

daugblAr 1 Jtmo IMS. JobnOraUuun lloaro 
[ii, v.], CbarlM Ilowe [ij. v. J, tuid Emanuel 
SfTOiw IloWf [q. v.* were ki* brolhera. lie 
wan liiii);liti>d on H .Man'h I86S, and wm 
cnvli-d !U.A. of Cbrial Clinrell, Oxfanl, on 
a Sept. IfieS. From Manb 1073 to Jaljr 
lOtKi he nt in parliament oa M.P. for Not- 
T.iiigliiLmtibirL'. Ilom- woa a (launch and 
uiic>'ini|ir<.>uiiiiiiig whig. Un Ii Doc. III7H 
1)0 cnrrind ap Lho imMnchmi-til of Williain 
Ilovnrdjara Staflinni [ii. v.', to ihp llouscol' 
Lord* (Jeunuilt ^ thr UvHt iff Ifirit, xtii. 
403-4). In Juno IB80 Howe, Urd RuamII, 
and Mhen met tojietlier with a vi«w to deliTW 
a preaetiUMiit to tlio grand i uir of MiddlMax 
againat tlie Diike of York for Wng a nipiat, 
liiii till- juil^ liaving bad nolitw of taeir 
dnaign diamiiwad tliu Jurv b^fow the prMmt- 
■Drue oQiild Iw madi- yliyti, ,VSS. 0>mm. Ttli 
Itup. pi. i. )>. 'I7KI. ()n ^.1 Jnn. 16M ha ap- 
INvuvd before the kiiiir'a bi-ncb and pUadad 
not guilty to on infrinnaiion' ' for apvsktnc 
in(»i t«n«<:tiD|( worda on llie [hilte of Y(>rk? 
Ilowomad^a Initnbteaubtniaaioii.anil ouihe 
following da V tlia indiclmi'til waaKitbdnwa 
<LiTTTiuci.L,t.32d). lli< lopk n i>an inbnug- 
ing about tbe rcvoliitinti, and n-itli tlM> Earl 
la Deromahirc at Noiliuiflinm di-otaml for 
Witliain iu Novi-mbrr ItlNS [Out. .VSS. 
CWrwi. t>tli Kup. nt. ix. p. 400). Un 7 March 
l(Mt he was nioifc a gruum of ihi- bviklioin- 
bvr to '\Villiain III. and held the ]>o*l until 
lli<- kin^'V iWth. Ill lints lir- was iuail« aut^ 
veyor-R»tii.>rol of lli» roada (LrTrHLXL, iii. 
(10). and in the mud* Vf«r iraa nppoinli^, in 
mircuicm (o Klian .\*bnio]i> ^n. v.], conip 
trolli'rt'f tliL-accuunia oftlivcxriM, an cm» 
nbicb bu ajitiifari to bavi- oflrrward* *»14> 
not IU l^rd Irf'itieator'a brulhi-'r. a> LiiltKU 
nlntM ui. Wt). but to l-^Jwaid Pauncfatt 
l^f'aJtniar qf Ti-nuury faper*. 1714-ISVpi. 
21tJ. Howe «■«» cr*ali<<l nnnin (IrnawUjr 
and ViiKviunl llowf in the in-rncr of In.>- 
lond, by lutlcra paTnul datrd )!} Mav 170|, 
but dor« not Rpptnr lo liav« talnn Li* toat 
in ihv Irith Honte uf lyirds. At tbe gKMn) 
elMtJon in (.Mub»f 17)0 be wa* once anin 
n>tum«d fnr NotlinghaisUiirp. lie diea on 
16Jaii.l< t^at l..aniiar, vlirM> Ur waa butiad. 
Howe tnarriiil : lint, in 11174, I^y Xntiir 
Maanera, uxih daufliler of Jolin, aiglitli 
. nrl of Kiitlaod, by wbom be bul one aon, 
i John ScrnjK'. ir JMi iLi-d young, and t wo daugb- 
tert, Annaln'llii and Jlarvan-t: trcondlr, in 
I'HW.ilii* lion. Juliana Alington. dau|rbler 
of Willuwi, lint WiHi Aliogton ofWymonil- 
lov, by wboin Iv liad four children : vii. 
<1^ l^anaet S(m[«, who nccoaded him aa 
lh« atcond «iar«iuiit, akd waa BpfOinlal 
govvnior of Harbadom, when be diad un 
I sn March 1 73&i (i) Uaiy, who waa afipoisitd 





in 1730 ■ aUMl of hxnour to Cnroline, jiriit- 
<MM of WalM, kntl inArrii;(l lir«t. uri IJ Jutie 
17SS, Thomu, »i(^btli enrl ot 1't'mbn>h>- nail 
Ulh of MoKlgomarv, vt^ *ecoii^ly, in Octo- 
W I'K, th« lion,' Jolui MonUunl, bmtlicr 
orOlivlM, fourth «arl of I'oUrborausb, anil 
diad IS S(j>t. 1749; (3) Juditli, who twcAmc! 
Uiewife otTbonuu I'wrof BuitlcMl.-ii.BKl- 
findslitre, bdcI di«d2 July IT (4: aii(l(4) Anne, 
wtiQ rourivd OB 8 Mfty 17^8 ColoiwI Chftrlvo 
Uordaunl. Ilowi-V widow survived him 
tuny jpani, ntid dji^l on IOS"p(. 1747. Thti 
Iiwh tilli-i hiTJimr ftxtinot ujion ibi- dmlb 
of liu maiUaa William, 6tih riacounl ilo vs 
[q. T.J. b 18U. 

[UttiutiV Kri«r lUUUon. ISST, i.<S. 33S, ill. 
to, 5(lt, ir. 428. UtU, V. S8, rt. 000; ItuililiT'ii 
Biiv of Oloupvatcnbire, I77U, [>. 708 ; Lodgo'i 
Pmcmsi of Iiwliuid, 17811, T. BO, ii-i : CvUiiuV 
PcaniKs of KngUnil, l8tS, i. itS : KtlniondKnr* 
Bkron, GkdmI. i. it. r. 43*. vi. S7 : Le Spt«b 
Mouuniciiii AusliciiniL, 170I>-1A (1TIT). p. 2AI : 
'towm*ai'» Cflinlfigua of Kniicliis, IKSX, p. 37 ; 
Ckl«l<:^a <if Uifbnl OnuluatM, ISAI, ji. 339 1 
CbiMttf'i Londoei ManiAff* Lieonoo*, 1SST> 71l>: 
QJoidiiriirTmiiury I'nptn, lta7-16B6l>p.tT4~ 
476.18117-1703 p 419. 1T30-8 p. S77 ; OffieiAl 
Roliirn ot IfiMs of MvmbMV of I'mliiinisnl, pL i. 
pp. ilt, 137. £43. .M». aO». AdT-i^Ta. pi. ii. p.3a.1 

a, F. R. B. 

I6fiC), botonirt, bnrii in I.r.niloii in llJiO. wn* 
■ent to MorclisnlTovWii'Sdn)!]] in 1| Dct. 
H53L'tU'tiil.N!io.v,-W*i'rAun/ Taylor' ttchotil, i. 
\'Ai). llu bi«Bro<! n cuminoot^r ol' ^l. John's 
Collug<> Bl Oxford in I'iSi, v/\\v%\ uightui-u, 
mduntei] n.A. hi 10-11. anil M.A.21 Mftn-li 
1043^. mid onieri^ upon ihi> •tiidj' of medi- 
cini- ( Worm, Fiitti Ojim. t^. Itlii*, ii. 3, 58). 
lie look up nnn* in tXvr king* rauic, nnd for 
hin loyuliv wiv» [irDinuli'il to Ihr (■omround of 
k troop ol liunx.-. Uii thv dL>cliiii> uf thu roynl 
fi)Tlutii» iw rt«iiuiLHl Ills iniHlii'al profuBslun, 
Uid pracli*e(I in London, nt &m liviii(- in 
Si. LiiiWTMK« Lui», and iiftcni'DnIt lu Milk 
Str»(»i,CLRapi>ido, wlipre lio divd, nftpr it few 
woaln' illooHi, an 31 .\ua. 16A6. It; hih own 
dinM:li(in«,li(t wm buriMut tliu left nidi.' of Ilia 
mothsr, in ihu clinrobyard of St. Marfforet'*, 
WentmiiMler, al ten o'clock ut night. Hi» 
will was proved hr liis widow Eliiab«th, lu 
ta\v eXM'Ulri.t, <\n i'i Sopl. of llial yi.'nr. 

ilowepubli^liud : l.'l'liytologitiltntnniiiii'a, 
■UitalM nhibonA Inditrnnnriini ?^liq>itini 
■pout* omergvntiutn,' London, IdAO, nn 
uionTmoiu oetATO of 134 pn^, dret atlri- 
bnitiu to Howe by 0. MiirTult in hie ' I'lnai," 
160(1. It ia ibH wrliwt work on holuuy re- 
Mrictoil to (liH plants of thii iilnnd, niiJ is s 
Tory full r^lnlugiie for lh(> tiIllt^ In its ooin- 
pilatioD bu WM helped by aeverol fyieada. 

a. ' MaiUiiffid^ LoImI Stirjiium illiiairatiooMji] 
jilurinaas i^laborantM innuditiW' |>lanta«, avb-l 
n<[>ittii« Job. Parhiiwini ni)undiiii (nx olioti 
inmluiato) spnr'iiti grav ntn.*. . . . .\cciirant#] 
(Juil. How, Anglo,' London. 16fi5,1lQ. Thai 
latiLT nu o fm^nenl of a loi^ work planned 
by l^bel, and aoiniui lo bavu been publi>b«I 
to diiKrvdit I'brkinaon, who it *iDdicttrelT 
ntlnckMl by the tfdiuir in bii nolc», alihouga 
till had bought the right to um Lobel's ib^j 

[Wood's Atbontt Oson. cd. Bli>4 t'lL 41B-19H 
R. I*Dlt«ai>7'ii SkatdiM. i. 169-73 ; lUg^r^] 
Pr«ba[» ('uurt. London, and 8t. Harg^uMX 
WtFtini niter.] B. D. J. 

HOWEL WILLIAM, fifth Viworsr 
Howi;( 1739-1814), «iiii«Tnl,wnaynuag«r(an 
of l'jniuiiu<1 ScropD IIowd, Mcond viscount 
Howe, by hi> wife- Mnry Sophia, tldi-st daugji- 
tcr of Baron Kirlainwwgjtr. Ilii eldiT bro- 
llu>n wen Ocorpi Auffiutua, third viacousl] 
Howe — killed at Ticondcrogft— and Richard,' 
Karl Howi-, K.O. [q. v.". the admiral. Wil- 
liam llowii waa born no 10 Auc. 1739. Hs 
wu rdncntnd at Kton, and on 18 Svpl. 1746 
waa ap]K)inli>d coraut in the I>ukv of Cum* 
bi-rliuid'* lieht dragooiM (Homf Offiet Mil. 
Entry Hn'ik, xjx. IT. 860-7), iu which ho 
WM mad(! lieutenant on SI Sept. 1747. Tba 
*duke*«dracoon«,'aii the T«g)mcntwa« colled, 
waa fonueil out of the Duke of Kingstoa'c , 
n>|,'iiuenl of borae after the baltlo of CullovJ 
d^n, MTved in Flnnd<<ni in 1747-8. and was i 
ilithnndnd nt lis birthplace, NotlinKhao.early 
in 17-HI. ilfiwd broocnn eaiitnin-liouleuuut 
in Ixird Kury'ii n>;iment liKkli fool) 3 Jao.j 
I'riO, ncd captain on 1 Jnne llie same ye«r.' 
He wm-ed in tlie riyinient until hi* promo- 
lion, Wolfe bciii(; innjor al the lime, and 
afterwitnU Iii.'iit>'nnnl-rolone1 commanding 
the ivginifint. On 4 Jan. 1766 lion,' wna miijor la the newly muL-d OOtbi 
(.^nMrulKer'a I foot.wliifh wiu r.-tiumberefl 
lis tile if>*\\\ fool (now Itl Xorlhamplon) ill 
Febriian* I7A7. HebTH?nnlelie1lt•.>nau^4H>lonfll^ 
ou 17 Dec. 170K and the year afler took ihs^ 
Tvgim^nt ont from Irvland to Amcrini. nnd 
oommandod it at the nqgo and capture at , 
I.ouiabiir((, Oapa Bniton. Wolfe, a perMUMb 
fiiend, wroto aoon afW: ' Our old comndeh 
Howc^ ia at the head of the beat trained 
baltatiDD in all America, and hi.« conduct in 
ibe last L-ampaign oonwponded imlirr-ly nilh 
ibenpinion we had formed of him' (Wbiiiht, 
Lift of Wiil/f, p. 48i*). Howe comninndod : 
a tieht infniilry battalion, formed of picked'f 
aoldivra from ihc lurious nirinients eni^oyed, j 
in the expedition to QuoW under Wt'lfe. | 
He k'd til* forlorn hope of twenty-four men 
ilint forced tb« ciittenobed path Iiy which 
Wolfe's bnw acaled tbc boigbta of Abraham 

Mbn ikwD on IS Sept. I'SS. After (lie 
CkKon of IJuubtc \be liffbt baltalton wne 

awifcm dp, and llawe njcHiii^ ihf '•Hib. hiiiI 
ocNnaand^ it iaiiag tbr di-tvac nftlic c»j 
ia Ow wtitler of lTw-6U. ill- comaandiHt • 
farigidv iJ dotarbiDoiit* uD<li<r Mumj in ihu 
«(pMliti>ni in ITCtO (o Moiilrml. whif li com- 
pIttnH Uir todilimt of Cnnailn. 1!i^ lihuwiM 
eotuunjej > lirig«li» •■ iImi bmuui «i«^ 
nf B«li« liiie, on lhi> ooMt i>f llntian^, id 
Manh-Juno ITSI, Uil wojt Biljtititn1-|{i>ni;rnl 
of llw ariny ni tbn i»tii|UMt of llaTmn* in 
ItOS. WIvo till' war w««ov«riioofllcrT hod 
■ iBim tiiilliiiil r<«onl of *crv!ci?thBnlIow«. 
lb WW apnootiTiMl foloni'l of ihe -Ittdi trtol 
in Inlud m ITUl.aail WKAmadv lii^uiiniBiit- 
nretnor of ibe tal# of Wigfat in 1706 
( Borne OfiM Hil. £Wry Bimk, xxrii. S66). 
Wfam noTp'n dder broibor, llio tbinl vi*- 
sauBl.&UalTiomidRra^iii l768,luiin)a(bor 
iwuiil ail addrwu to Ihn tl-clon of Nolling- 
haiB. fir wbicli the tiicoiuii, Imd bivii iQum- 
W| Mptintt thrir MlfliMM «n bf^balf uf her 
yw m g gt *on. iLi'Dataoflghlingfor liiHi»iiii- 

3 in \tavric». Tlie appeal wm nuccimftil 
HoiuctWAtpoi.t, /Wf-M. ii. 173). lEowo 
rcpvtiti-nlail NottingliBni in ibu wliig intotwt 
until 1780. 

Ill- bfcuan a oujorftpneral in \lTi,tBA 
i% 1774 w«« rniruittd with (h« training of 
mafkiiiaa tulncUHl frcm line rtcuiiBnta at 
IkHM ia ■ new tnlMn or liaht Jrill. Tlib 
■wah«l in th» a|nl>^r■l inttiMui.'Uon of li^t 
iwpirira info Tioc regiment*. After (Tau- 
tag on Saliklntry Plain, tlie oompaiuiw w«ra 
r*riew<v] hv Or^irxp III in lUcbmnncI Park 
Mid Mil bark to ibi'ir rMiH-citvc regiment*. 
Tlia ilnll cnnnrtHl of comnajr nioTMDenta 
<■ fib and fnnsatiant from filei*. 

Wbeti tb« niuiure vrilli the MloaiM oo- 
aantil. Ilowe, who (mndtwiied Um ooodtnt 
«f ili» mvemment, and told iha vlncton of 
?C ot I iD^uuD ( •• th*)r after wwda rametn bcrvd ) 
tfau bv iroiild ddA aeeat a eoounand in 
Aflwriea, was i br Mtnior of the genoni offleen 
aaM out with ibr rvinfoitMiieiiia ftirGMinal 
0«»(iM<)*<iB.T*i<iM*»,l73)-I78r. They 
■mTM at BiMtan, Miu«arlitiM«i*.at'th« ««d 
at Mareb I77A. Tlowp wiUmd to araid 
Beaton, on aoooitnl of tlia kimllv f*«lin([ at 
Um pQTiBrr liwardo lii> Inlr limllivr (a 
moauM''nt (n ihr third viwVKinl wiiH pill up 
to WMiuiioler AbbcT bj the 4talv »f Maa*»- 
ekuMrtlai, and on accouol alto «( hiM dla- 
halirf in ClafB a iSlneaa for the caaunAiid ( Dl 
l''a»tjt![a»,£(/'r^Airy«ww). Ilowaoon* 
■awM the biro- aent out by (fan* to altarJi 
Uw Auiriran [xaition on Cbarliwtoii hritfUl*, 
■Mr Boat'in, wliinh r*«ii1l»l in tlin batlW of 
Bmkar'a Miil.oa I'.lun' I77''i, Floire, with 
ihellltbl Infantrjr.M tlie right eit«>ek on the 

aide next the Blynic. vaA. it i* mid, ww for 
«ome Reconda lenfaloneon tho fiorjr «li>])0, every 
olfiiirr and iniin near him havin(( bM>n shot 
down. Aft<ir mo n-pulws ihv puoitioQ wu 
carried, rhu AmnriraiM uii-r«Iv withdrawing 
to s noinhbouringi height. llnwe became a 
lieutvnuil'aeineral, wa> (ran*fi>rred to the 
colondc7 of th« :?<t[d roral WeUh ftuilicn, 
and was mad« K.B. in tin- aamu year. On 
10 Oct. 1 1 ( he MCOMdfd Maffv in ihreom- 
mandof the Aid ooloniee, with the local rank 
of grnc^ in Americn, the command in 
Canada bning given in Cluy Carlt^tin ''q. T.] 
Howo rnmauicd ahut up in BiiMun during 
tlie wiutiT of 177fi-8. Wnchington having 
tak'.'n up a commandinit tituii.iw on l)oc> 
chiutvr Height*, Ho wi- withdrew to Malifai, 
Nova Scotia, evacuftUas Itocion without 
■nolMlation on 6 Uweh 1770. Learning kt 
Halifax that a eoncantniion of troop* on 
StalcD Uland (for an attach on Xew York) 
wu ID coDtvnplaiion, Howe ntnorvd Itia 
troop* thithur, and awaited reinfototBieata. 
Part of thMo arnT«d in the fleet under hit 
brother, Viaoount (afterwards Earl) Howe, 
tliu nowlf appointed naval comma ndi-r-in- 
chief on tho Atneriean ttation. The n^in- 
fiuwimvnta n^aehad Bocton in Jitne and 8tat en 
Uand in Julr 1778. I^ttvn patent under 
tiiemat aeal bad in the iBuantiinobeaii iaaned, 
on Uaj 1776, appointing Elowa and tut 
brotlier tpecial commiiHonan for gnntiiig 
pardons and toting otber meaaurra for the 
floBolliaiionufthecolottie*. TlieirHlbntwHru 
of no avail (Bunntorr, v. i\\~lA\). With 
■ddilioiul rwnforoementa, incloding a Iaig« 
Dumber of Oannnn mnrccnarie*, Howo'a (brco 
now numbered thirty tboumail men, aiiid bu 
landed nearUttvcht.on Iiong I*lan[l,22 .Vog. 
1770. He dsbaled ihu American forcoa, but 
refuaedtoaUawlhaeainnelunenU at Brook- 
lyn to \m attacked, at InvDlring needlei* 
n*k. The entMnobmentt were abandootd 
bv the .\mnri['an« two day* Later, and on 
15 Sept. Howe captured aiul occupied New 
Yotk. lie defoBtpd Iho r«etDV al Vrliito 
Plain* on a8 Oct. 177i|, ami Immedintptr 
aftvwardt nptunAd Fort Watfaiiigton, wtib 
iia garriion of two iboiuaad man, and Pun 
Lee. Coniw«U>t[*eeCoBXWtLt.t*,CatBLa, 
Snt taarquia], with the advanc/' of tbo army, 
puahed on a* far a* the Drlawan, anil win- 
tered bptwern Ik>dford and .\aib»y, and 
IIowv, with The main body of tbii army, wvU 
into winter ijiiartet* in and around New 
York, whert- TIawe it amuaed nf having 
aet an evil •■inmpl* lo hi* olBcer* of ditaipB- 
lioa and high iitav (Biiiicnorr, v. 477). Ha 
did sot lake \tf Dcl'l afliUD until Juim 1777, 
wbeu the army aiiHmbJH) al Ifaidrord. Bui 
Waabington wai not to be drawn ftgm bit 




mwitim. M Howe, kavinc 01iat4Mi M New 
York, enharknl thv nM m lut annv, witli n 
riew to raining IHrbirara Bay, ana tkinvt^ 
luratnf the AnMvicui poMtioo. Contrary 
wiaiU iMsyixl the «iiic«)>riwt, anA (lio troof* 
did noc mull 1ht>Cbn«piiakii vntil Ute in 
Augnn. A landinttwucScctiH): on II Sept. 
1770 IIon-L- delcktod Uie encisy kl Bnitay- 
wiiiK, and after C tnoMMian of akinniihiis 
took up a potiiion kt GeimaBUnni oa SO Sep*. 
l,ord Coruwmllb. with itw ^iMiadien of uo 
■my, occupied PliiUddpIu* noxt dkj. Un 
4 (X'l. ih* Am«ric«M ttueked OemuitowD, 
but wnp» npulMd. On 17 Oct. BurKOTiie'* 
foVM, kppraachinii from CftDada, «urrFiider«d 
U Sumtoff*. IIowB, who ooraplained thkt 
be wM not ]iroperlv lupporUd si bone, wnt 
ia bia retignotion ihn Mice month. A nuu- 
borofmovemenW followed, hu I [1nirnfult>dto 
brin^ Wealiiogtontoa Kvneml >i-tioQ.andon 
ft Div. 1777 III! WMit into winivr i|uari«n *t 
IliilndrilpbJB, ' Unn;; unwilling to ki|hi»« the 
tniopii Idii^urtutlir wmth^r intliif inclvmenl 
•pniun. withoul Ci^iiT*' ur lHi|Knge for offlcen 
or rnvM.' Bnncrcift nci^iiiuie Hnwn of njii-nd- 
iag tbe winter (l'77-t4) in rhilKili'lpbia iti 
tlifl Mgvr piiniiil nf plimurv, 10 Ilinl, to ibi- 
«itjiriiu> ifnll, nil attack ww mado on Wuh- 
iagtOiiV iiarvinB iroopo in ibvir winter 
quBTtBTn Bt Valler Forge, nltliouarh tbeir 
number* wi-re nt une time rvduceo to )w» 
than live thousand men [ib. vi. 46-7), It 
kliDuld be Mid t.hnl in iho opinion of Sir 
Cli&rlM (af^erwordii fimt VMt\) Gt«t [q. v.], 
one of the nhlml anil mual ciiii^tic oT thv 
Bn^liili |r<'i>''niUpri-HTiit,thcmc«n>uvailAble 
w«n' iii^viT tiittiainnl to juKtifrali allfuipl On 
Valley Kofjtf (Howe, j\'or™firf,p. 42). Howe 
tvcoiviid nolJi.-F that hi« rT<«ipialiiMi wm ac- 
otrpted inMay l'7R H"l'nn>Kiavin(r Amnrirji 
his oflicen, with whom hn wiu n fnToiirili-, 
gave biin a irrand oiiti'ttaiiiniPtit, which thcv 
cnlM a ' iniarhinnu.' il ojitovd with u movll 
loiimnmnnt, in which tvxvn knights of Ihe 
' BlnnHcd IIiiil> ' contended with a like tiuin- 
bor of till? ' Buniiiig MuuDliiii)' for fourteen 
dimiM'li) in TiirhiHJi f&rb, and it onded at 
(Lawn with a iliipky of flreworka, in wluoh 
a dgiii^or Fnme irnclaimod in Icttenof fint, 
■ Thy laUTeU «hall nnver fade.' The wbnlu 
affair iwcitrU much animodveraioii and end- 
l<iH ridiculf. B'^fui'e leaving rhiladi'lphja, 
Utiwoin'mtii-neralGnint [neeOiiA!rr..lA>irB, 
ITl'O lt<0<l^ to iiitcreem Ijifnypll", wlm had 
crtisdtd ihi- Schiiyliilf. following himnL-lf in 
nupjiorr, Ijifayctle clcvurly tludtnl llraiit. 
nnd [tuwii n'Iiim(»l t« I'hitudvlpliiu. He 
i-nilmiki'd U-t UnRlfttid on -U May 1 1 '>*. k-iii(r 
•ucct'L-diHl in (lie oiumand hy Clinton [«■<•■ 
CllJiTOS. !-iK Hfkrt, I7.1R-I71MSI lloraco 
Waljiule epeaki of Ilowe'd viaita, atlut liia 

retun hotne, to tbe jpuat camj» wbicb 
been furmnl in rxpcctatinoi of inraiiion (£«>/- 
Urt. iii. I&4>. He anpean to bare bcvn « 
fiTiqueBt *|i«akeir iu ilie Roiue of CooiniaiM ' 
on ABn-riraB afftin (Pari. Uitt. toU. lix- 
xxL) brty in 1770 llowe and bii broil 
tbe*diiurBl,ihinkint;ihpir conduct bad 1 
unjuatly impugned ^tbe miniitry, obuined' 
a oonuoidw of the wbok bovH to iuinin) 
into th« Miidiict of the war in Aincnn. 
Varioiu witii>«!«* were examined. Imt tbe 
inquiry wa; witboat raault. The mmiBicn, 
could not aubatantiata any chaiwe 
llowe, ami be on hia part failed to ^trovi 
thai he bed not recrived dii« nippon. Thf 
committee adjoumed «'»e die on 30 Jnnol 
1770, and did not niMit a(,-un. llowr tiub. 
liahed a 'Nairatire of Sir A^'illiam llowe 
befare a ('oramiltt* of the Tlouae of 1 
mot)** (Ixindon, 17^0^ -llo), in wbicb 
•oltrmnly dcclaml that, althon^ luvferriii 
their limited puwen to ibo iitmtwt vprgo ol 
tlkfir in«lnictiona, and nei-cr •itffieired their 
rflbrta in the direction of oonoiliatiau to i 
terfcrv with the niilituy opentJOiU; 
appnm to baTr bivn Kurno idea oif reappoint-^ 
ing Howe to tbu Amirican command. In 
\lS'i be waa appoiali'd lieiilonont-tri'iieral of 
the onlnanee, and er t^ido colonel <m wcond 
of the royal aniUexr and trngincen, and id 
];8Awa«tranafemdDoni the ooloiwlcynf tbo 
I 3.1id fiiailien to that of tlie Illth (originally 
iS-IIrd) light dnifcofltM. At (he lime of tbe 
Nootka Bound dinpiito Flnwe «•« nominaied 
for tliF command of ih" to-cnllitl ' Sjiaiiiuh 
armament, '—the foovo imdor ordcri" (or •■ni- 
harkatlMi in Llie event of war Wine (ti>clan>d 
I (ConxwALLta, Cvrrffpondttter, ii. llO). Il» 
j Iwcampafnll funeral on 'itSOcl. 171^3. After 
Iba commenmmpnt of the Frvnoli war be bad 
' cominund of tho northern diiin-icl, with head- 
' quarter* al Newenatlr, anil in ITV'f. coi»- 
manded a force of nint! Ihonund mpn en- 
camped at Whitlpy, near Ncwcaitlo, ib» 
largear camp formed in tlii_- north of Kni^land 
diirinc thn war. I.bI.t, when tbe I'ren^ 
' ormirw linil ovittuii nnllnml, be held the im- 

girlant CDinroand of the onolcni diotriot of 
ngland. vrilli ht-adijuarlen" nl C^lrln^tT. 
' On thi^di-Bih of Eiu-1 Howe, in 1790, Howo 
aiicceeileil tu tlic Irieh title only ob tiftb vi»- 
coiint. He rvMiiiied hih jioH tinder ih? ord^ 
aance, on lu^rvxint of failing health, ill ISOM 
}|i' hiid lipiin Bppoititf^ (Tovemorof Iterwiek-' 
on-Twwd in l.flr), and waa triinrferrfd to 
that of Plrmti'ilh in laiWl. He di-d nt Ilv- 
nioiith, after a lung and painful illncu. onl 
l^.luly 181-1, wherilhe Iriiji.aiidiitinct from' 
tbp ICnglish, lirli- bocami' extinct. 
On -IJune 176'ilic married Fnncea, fourtlt 




^datwhterof ihu Kinht Hoii. Willium ConoUr, 
|AfCMtlt<<)«D, CO, KiliUre,«nt)hi«wife,LM}' 
'juir Wdilwwnb, Tli»r» «'■» nfl iwup. 
pMign«Uj. Ilnvi- ■ma* nx tn-t in bci^ht, 
ouw DBould, anil rxcHHiinHlv dark. H« 
I aa •bl' olBcor, kiUi an cit«iiaivi- knuw- 
' of kU profMaiion ; but nt n blnli'giet 
' hr wk* iiniiUfcMMful. Americjin wntt'n crt- 
Ai\ him mlb an inilolMil (liii|Kikilioii, wbicb 
Prtimea miMvd him lo 1h> bl>iu«>d for th« 
*«rltiMof mtmrdinaini blnwhoiH-ci>ndact 
I did not iraublo to iiu^uii*. 
[I'nUi'* pMMfEo. uiulrr 'H^vni' Collin*'* 
ff^w(Bf*i Itll f^it- <^1< "iii- under 'lliirontM 
0**:' H<nii' Ottcn Militnty Enirr iiook*. ut 
Ipapr*; Wri^iV J.ifi- «r Walic. Kiid'i Niirnt- 
lUn oir tliB Wkf (lyiuduD. ITBS); Parkman'i 
lonlnlm utd Wolfr (I/inilna. I68<), (ol. ii. 
hap. ii'ii., Slum^'a Journnl of the Drfeooc 
[W QurUr. in Fr-r. 111*). Sv. (QusImv. IBTO) ; 
[Cybvm'i t'ailcJ ^Mt. Mnfl. DrcrmliPr IBH and 

■3miiuu7 IHTK. ■cconnt «f iSih fool; Bniiou's' 
[liaT. aad UiL Mfindn. toI*. iii-ri. puBm ; 
Vrllid, "f [)><■ Ueiln! (iialnk. loin. It-tI,; . 
It. t>, U- 1 10. Sn . De I'onlilntiqiir'a Lif- anil 
0[i*>triB» of Rljth' Hnn. J olio B'irgoyno ; IIuwc'* 
Xtmtiiir twfore a S*l(vt C"niniillM of [hv Ht'Uhi 
■f Comaniu (Lonlon. 1780)^ Pul tittl. vdIh. 
imi-ni, ; Iimidoa Gawltn. nudsr j'sm: Illal. 
U19. Cmmh. Rth. eih. »lh. lOth tux nnd ht- ; 
Ibniari; lltb (ir.>-MarauiKTo<ii«hcn<l'* MS8. 
^aad lttb(T.)-Kari oI tXirtmouUi'. >I&3- ' 
Kapinf*; JoQtnal t-f IIoir*'> Annj iu 177^; 
iirtu 3tm. tHP^M yi>*. ff. 1-9: IIo»'» L«U«n 
|t»Oaii«*l naMinmnd.Aildi!. MS^. SITU f. 140. 
ItMT-S. Urotd Amw, 14 i<epl. IM«.J). 112; 
CO<«t.X*(;. IRI«. pi. !>.!<■ 93.J ll.M. C. 

HOWEL ViciiAK. tbnt u, IIdwul iiib 
Lmuc id. >^'5>. W'i'Uli |>rinw, ik Mid to 
a** b«M uin rif ItbiiJn, a rvjiulinl iIf- 
uit uf CiiiKsMa atid kmc "f Owyttold 
rNortbWaU*. Ilui ItUodri di>>(l in71VI,aiid 
|K>tkioi( i* beud of Huv'vl <nr of bit hrotber 
ECfBUiwhom till' tnfilbiTiTniiiry |[m<>nlci(ry of 
IDinin al' Howl liila mukoi ton nf Kbodri. ' 
IBnlil if^rr fifty rears Intrt'. r<i«ibly tbcy 

wvt* Ithndn'B'KraiidHms, who emergt trom 
nUrtinii whiii (hi> downfall of Iw )l«r- ^ 
rdal>i|> ^v(^ WrUb kinca ft betWr '■ 
Miuin ru powM. lu^lStbm-waai 

*ar (xTnirtillowi'lanil hi' h«D(linrCl'n*n,in 

vhirb l<'i«-i'lc-oDi|iii'r«l. It apt* rvniXvariMe 

lonOjnan dricinc Howi>I out of AntilfM'T, 

DilrHuIltd inlti]*r«riin-<(orBlionm^t4, In 

^F'"" t wacagainFXivlM.bul tbeSMtonx 

ti -mrduB and »li*i>' Ctdmi. Thispro- 

^l_>... ..ii^bt llowrnl Wk tgsin. 11^ oiod 1 

I ^S^ Tiv ouiiv ^'yeban eomm tnm ■ Iu* | 

(AkhIm CulrtM 1 Bm j Tr«7»DMai.1 I 

HOWEL pDii, tliat ift, Tlotrin. thk Hooo 
(J. nWI, tilt' mpM fmnriiia iif ilia i><if I v WpUfa 
kiiiKii. was ihii ion of ['ndcll, llio trm at 
Itbodri Mnwr, thmush whom liii ppdipro 
WD» trflcfd bv a tmtWeniury wriliT up to 
CuDi'ddn uid tbcnoc to ' Anue, cousin of tlio 
Kli>F(i.-d Virf,'ia'(pi-di|frt<«ud'OwBiuali'Hawd 
in J' fViHmn)rf(jr, ix. Iflf, from Ifarl. MS. 
»SnP). " Hi# fatbar, C»d»l!,diwl in KOO M«»- 

^ naif* Otmbriir in 1' Cj/miitrvilor, ix. 1(17), 
wbonupon be mu*t btTo taiwitdcil to hia 
doniiiUMi*. Tbc lute aooount in tbnt Hovel 

I •ucc<!«l(M)toC>n'digioo, which wa*bi»rntb«r'« 
portion, whilir bi« iuiel» Annrawd coiiiinued 
to rule over Wulo* iw OTcrkin^. llii* is 

I likoly itiiotigb. a* Howfl'* immndintadcfccnd- 

. anta aiv cvrtainlF found rvii^inir in Ctf* 
diKion and IK-mtl. On AnurnWi dcaib in 
Olfi (i'£, ix. Iddii Howl, it ia (aid. brcame 
ktuKof Owyni-dd.and tbereforaofnll \Vsl«« 
(Ovrtttuin Brut 1/ TywgtBjiion. pp, 17-31, 
Cambrian Arc}inH>1()gicsl AMoointion, 1069). 
Rul tbig mnnrii h- nrovpd.and Idwal,MB of 

' Annrawd. conlinuiid to tvign u a kine until 
hiidc-jith inD4^. Tbi'DOtion tliU Waleawu 
Tc^^krly diri<Ii>d into tluw kui£ilani*,com!- 
(ponding lotfacdialrictaofnwynedd.Powja, 
and UyvLil. in onlv to In- round in quite late 
writcm. Howel la only onoof niAn,v Wi>l*b 
kiug» in eoDlvmportu^ or n««rly contrmpo. 
mrv Kniiffv^ 

!%nliii'ct In j1->belfltrd and hi-r bushuid 
,<)Clbi'lnil, in lbi> ratly {urt of bis iwign, 
Ilow«l bocamo tbi- dirrct aubordinnte of Ed- 
ward tlw Elder on tilt- dpatli of ibr Ijldj of 

the U«TCUU]*. probably in i*lt) [h* Etrih;- 
riBM]. Imint-diaii'lr Ait«rwanla Kdward 
look poMMMoa of MfTi'in, wbitniima tli« 
kinn of iha Nonb WitUb, llowrl, Clitniic 
or Clydoe bi* brotb^r. atid Idwal biacOMtn, 
and all tbtiNorth WrUbrace, aoughl him 10 
be tbeir tunl < /4i^/o>$tj jvn Ckrrni.*. a. ftiS), 
dtlauc'ideatli majbate funfaeralrmglbnitd 
flower* (KMiiiinn. Anyhow four vc«n lattr 
llnwi^t, kiiiK of Ibp W»»t WaUli, i" lb* only 
Wflab princ mcntinnrd aniaag lki< phncM 
ruU'<l nvi-r by .l-lilielftui (A. i^ a. fm) i and 
■agv ID his 'Chronirli',^ drwrribva ibin Ilirwel 
•a-kiugufall tbf Vdib.' TiotWc^l WaW 
moK gcBerally bimum Gomwall. 

The rMlity of ItowDr* dmiandmof i* brat 
attMlrd by tbi> laTif numlwr of in*«liii|tR 
nf tbv witi-na|[rni(il b<- Htli-niM, all«i>liil|C 
choTlcn alnn^ wiLb th» otlwT tnapaaim nif 
ibr Wni-Saxon lorda of DritaiB. It« *nl)- 
wcribcd rhanm drawn «p by tbr wiian at 
lh"foll<iir>tnBdatii!>— all in tlwrri(rnorAiM- 
stan~:il Jnlv Ml (KiutniJi. CWrr JHpio- 
■wttn-s. T. lt«t). 12 Not. fliJl (.ft, ii. IT.t). 
80 Aiw, VS^i (A. r. S08). 16 Dh. VSa (A. ii. 

IM), 8S Uay 931 (0. it. 100). 10 Doo. 034 
(M. r. ^17). anH 1M7 ii6. ii, S()S): mh> hIm 
ibu cliArtvr*. utniinkinJ bv Komblr, dnloil 
1" Juii>^ !W0, 1 Jon. L'l Uwi. 1«G. lA. ii, 
170. V. ti.!. ii. -JiXih Ilnw^l alio ultntnl 
charttT* >lrawn up bv EHtln<il'« wine mcru, 
dtttc^ 1446 niid (tllti ii. ii. :>IH1, JIVJ, :;»ll). He 
luuallr ntjlw himm'lf * llowcl «iibKgulii«,' ■ 
or * Huwal imdi'rcynin)(,' but in ihn later 
diArttin tHiicd nftiT ibi deotb of hi* eoii*in 
Idwol in i»S, it in pcrliapi sioTitllouit thnt | 
he bocoiiMi) >Huwii1 iwuliu, and in tbn 
eLorti-r of M9 be ■• ' fiowri k>.' OlW 
Wdiih n^ili, (neb m Idval and Mornant, 
ftUn altcRlod •omi- of lh«w diarur*. Thd 
(enib-coDtury WriUhnnnnliiitBiidSinMon of 
Durbam C(U.l him ' n-x Briltonum." 

Till- only otbrr clmrl^v attfilcd bet in 
novel's lira i» hia ^ilirnmafpi lo Romo in 
938 (Antattt Cambrttr in 1' (.ymnrxHlor, Ix. 
1B8V. 'ni« kter cbruniden [lUI tbe d«aUi of 
hiswifft Kli>n in th« Mmu vvar. lli« dt^ith ia 
(I'A. ix- ItHi). u>-lt)i which >%BMn of Durliam 
(JVdii. i/iVr. ifnV.p.687),whofixi«itin»Sl, 
is ill uTActifnl ikHTwiraenl. The date ipvett in 
H\e • Bruu,' 1118, 19 pIoinlTtoo eorlj. 

Hovel wu nurried to El«a,the dntighri^ 
of lyoiiniarc(iJ. MK)), tkeaonof H^meid, who 
may porhapi be idfotified with tho II jnieid, 
Idntt of Dyvod, who, in fur of I Iow»r» uocLm 
andfnthnr, bpcnmi) Ili'.> vaMwl of Kin^ Alfnjd 
(Amuh, I'ita .f't/tviti in Mon. Iliit. Brit. 
p, 488). IvIl-o's poditrrtie U traced by ihu 
t«nth-«"Snlury aiinnliitt with Ibi- hudt pai^ 
tieularitj lu thai of bi-r biubaud ibrau^h 
Arthur tiu lo CoBStJuitiii« tbi- Ormt nod his 
mother ifpleiia, «4o is uf couro'' c-laimw) as 
« BritoD (K Cjpnmrodor, ix. 171), How*.| 
bad KTTprril miw, who tttlvr hi* di«tli I'ou^ht 
fit-rci-lT will) the riimii of Idwal lits couhd. 
Uwdiu, tJii' irltli-'Bl »>□, wiwhiiniii-cPCMir.Bnd 
it was duriu^' bin ri:<i)[n tluit the K"iiB"l<VPO* 
and aunale which Bri> no vnlunblu a boutm 
for llowors hlMory wvrc drawi) up, 11ow«]'b 
ot btr sons wpro tlyviiwal, llhodri, aiid Gwyti 
(^Muiw GamtriiK, called Etwis in trul y 

tlowol s ciiiL'f fiuni: ii a* a lawffircr, but 
ibe v«»t coiIp of Wi'lsli lu»r« whicb ycoe* by 
the nam« uf the ' Laws of Howel thi* (tood ' 
onlvMirvivtis lU U)aTiii«i.'rrpt4ufcuu)]>arotivL>ly 
lat^dnto. Th<>re nrw I wo Latin mail uscri [its. 
one nt ihn Brilixli )li]iii:'um of lli« thirlMiiiTb 
ccntiiry (Vutt. AfS. Vi«p. E, 11), nnd jhv 
olher at I'l-niartli. of ibn twelfth century, 
wluli- tile «arli«<t W uUh mnnuAi^ripl of the 
'Dlnckl)uijkuI'C!iir![,'Dlso at I'l-niarlli, is not 
•.<arli>-r tliuiiI'.'Ui.>(iiifunuHtioukiiidlvA<ippl>i!d 
by Mr.J. flwwiDamii Evaus, who'is prejiar- 
inff nn <idition of the 'Chirk Codex' and the 

.ildfwt Latin maniwcript). The prufaco* Con> 
tain an nccount of tlio circanwtanotiB undoF 
wbicb thelawswnrtidrawn up. .Aceordinalo 
(li« oldnt maniwcript of tbn * Nortli W'dib 
Code,' Howttl, ' SMing thai the Welsh were 
lierveniiif- the laws, summoned to bin) six 
men from each cyinmwdof the Principality lo 
thn Wbit* UoiiM OR tbo Titv (y Ty Owyii ar 
Tav, probably WliitJond in iIip niodum Car- 
marthuishirD), four lavmon nnd iwoclurlck tbo 
lattorto pniTcnt tho lamcn from 'an)aiiiiii([ 
anylhinn contrary to holy scriutiini.' They luel 
in l.Liit ' bt^uBuse e^vury one sbuuld be pure at 
that holy lime.' Thettu wisu men Carefiilly ex- 
amined the old laws, rvjeclwl somo, nmondnd 
otbors, and enacted sono nnw oooi. Howid 
thon promulgatnd tbo code tboy druw up, 
and ho and tho wiM nion pronounced the 
curse of all the Welab on tbone wbu sliould 
< not obey tbc laws, aud on all judueH who 
undertook Judicial duties without knowiuff 
the three oolum&s of law and tli>' worth c? 
laine and lire animals, or on any lord who 
oonferred otSco on such a judfce. AfWr this 
Howol wr^t with the bishop* of St. Unvid'a, 
St. .\iAph, and ItniiKor, imd tome othc^rs to 
Itome, whirns tlic Inws were mad before llie 
]>opii,wliagaTetIienitiiiMuiction. *Aud from 
that time to the pir«atmt the lawi^ of Ilowel 
the Good are in force.' Tbc ' llimKliaii' and 
I '(.iweutian' codes, tbo niaau»ciipis of which 
'are lalvr. add it few ndditionaf jiarticiilan 
which nrv of Iiuw aotbority. Gwent wai 
corlatiilv no part of llowol's dominioiu. 

Th« torm io wbicb the laws of Howel 

Dda Duw exist does not profees to preserve 

ihe shape which he gave them. In a few 

I exeuplional cases only ii a law d'-irribad at 

being the law as llowel e«tnl>lUh<>d it («jr. 

i. I-J2, -lUl. 240, 3&2. *c.) The •Cwyncdd 

I Cixle' ftiMiiu'Qtly mfew lo the aroDndmeDtJi 

; mndi< by Hlt-ddyn ab Cynvyn (i. IIW, 'Jut, 

I fvq ed.), who died in 107S, while the 

I ' Uyved Code ' mentions cbaiigos brought 

' about by the Lurd libys ah OruflS'dd ab 

iTewdwr (i. b7*), who died in im. Tlio 

j laws iQnnifeMly conl^ muob primitive cua- 

' torn which may be referred back to Howur* 

time or to an enrlipr date, but it in almost 

impouible (o accurately determine the dates 

of the variouii enactmenta. Some of the de- 

IhiIb of court law show curious trace* of 

early Engliih iitfluenei.', for example in >uuh 

lilies as 'edUng' and ■cdyfIoTi>'(disctbi^). 

Llheolleulycodpfiit IrinTHilieitnpceasion of 

mater tyntnm end method ibnn could really 

have pivvailed. The exisliiit; docu[m.iiT«. mid 

(upeciolly ihoae of later dale, were plainly 

drawn up by pereon* anlioiia to luu^iify the 

departed glor?' of their couiitry.imd lo uphold 

tlie impossible theory of a definite oi^nisa- 

tloB at Wales Into OwyniTiM, IVhr^ubrinh, 
4lti| I'owva 1^12;, i.-'UI t. wii)i lliu ovurlonl a-V 
Abarffraw ■.■xai'iiog (rihuio Irom tfau dupun* 
dmt kiiiXNtboMuli liinm-lf iti-'pundunt on the 
'kiiigori>jii>loo ii.:;3ii|. Tbi- imaiiiolujfvor 
tbv law* 11 nlkinlr tate, I'ort-iuiiiiilHtDmie likti 
•inwyMiM (princvjBnd'IvliufHokst't '|prin~ 
cimliiy ) miK certaliuv potiI-Nornwn,M narliur 
UrlsU rulunaredMeribiKlHkiii^. Nuilhur 
wmU U>« AugUi-Suon motiuch bo diMcribod 
■■ 'kiDg of Ljjndoo' bofara tho ConnuOBl. 
And tlw ffMetoMK nTOfaontittion of tho 
qmoiwilt pMoU to tbe Norman inquwU or 
•mi to Ibn later aggtv([kttoos of ili« ahint 
ivprriBiintatine in partiamont. Othcrwim 
llur Enfliiti HouMOf Comnoiubv Tiion- tlinii 
ihm biwdrMl jmn. Battbe'lawiofllowL-r 
hitfi i1iw«inniiilmriiiimmfmiininiirnrritinil 
aulyai* Ihu tiM; Iiave hitherto receivul. 
Aa tadtnting tbe nUiotiAl len] a^Mem, they 
««r» elitng to with ^reai mtDusiMin b? thn 
Walab DP to tb« tun" "f tho con(|iioel of 
Ow j iwddby Kdwunl I. Tlu'V wen.' loohctl 
aaoawitb nouiiiiatiiraliliiilikr lircliniapioiia 
a BOiv *drBDml Iroal idt-mi likr KdwiirJ I 
I Anhbinhop I'i>ckhnm, who ivntnle J t hum 
BUan to ih« Tvu C[>iiiDianJni«inia {tt^ 
HH AiMf. J. Ftcklutm. \. 77. ii. 4TJ-^ 
i8er) Tbe WoUlilnditinnnljud^ont 
I Honvl vu ih»t h« waa ' Uio wiwift kml 
JMtflit of all til* Writh princM. Kc lovM 
peaer aod juMio?. and foartd Ood, and go* 
TMiwd conocipniioiwlv. Ho was ffniatlj 
1 by all till- WfUh and by many of ihe 
I amoag the Saxons, and on ^llal nn-utuit 
■ eftlledllovvltliv Owid'i Gu^ntum Unit, 

[Tha eoalonpnary or naarlr eonttmpunary 
■MMw an ih* ttBIIi-Mntury Ilarlciaii AniialM 
GmmMk anil ganntoRw*. tlx Ancl^^Suoa 
niuL, and tba MTly Bugtiib cliiutonk The 
BariaUa Cbtonicla i* confiuitd iniJie RoU*8ariM 
■IliMa of Anaalw CanibrI* witli olhar maou- 
•ari|Ka of anwh Uur dat*. Thn fMulogj «f 
Hnel U «mn hi ptaf. p. *. Bui boita chronida 
and aiaJmlw haTo Lpmi iwrafully adit«i by 

,Jlr. c^altoD FhlUinior* to Y Cynnndar. 1(, 
II-M.IH9- TliariiBMianlatiitoloIlcnralam 

_ Iwlobi (band in Omn'tAncivDt l^nand Id- 
«UlatM«f WalDKinlv-ari- The <latM a«Mtnad 
la tb* tail ar* Ih* infarasna of nodara adiion. 
Annalia Uanil-hai (Itnll* adH.) fina Uia later 
Luin rhranwin. H*' alio Brnt y tymiwoffoi 
(Bell. .1.1 I I'' )'iurtn J.OwHiwtrTnKiaiw'a 
atf^Ni -lBcnkorilM]|Mi.TDl.ii.lMO; 

tb* ' U - I ■■■' vniv Sr*tptinlad fruai iaqtM^ 
iMtand U>a aiuowHpt' by iW. Wllliaia Wotton 
ta ITIO In Mlo. «iih Ih* litis -CyhMthjan. (M 

la^ WaliMB RnrliaiadJniMTl (.'iVilon Hoali Booi 
(■•IkmiB pTiarlinin, cam liUorji. lat. n k>iu 
M glcNia.' mJ Io tba (bird Tolunw «f th« Hyry- 

Had Ar«bHio1n£7of Wal». |gi>7. ThoModitiana 

hare boi'fi nil priwdfil !>y A""iiriii 0«i>n"ii Andant 
l«w* and Inttituioi of Wnlm, irit.h an Kngllah 
tranalnliDii of lliu Welihtrst, l/iudon, IBtl.Re- 
firi Comniitaiuu. ) ral. Ml. or 2 *tda. Mm (tho 
SiMrdilinn i> li'n riN-l'l ; tha (mlafUatteal pact 
of the low hai bHri priiilcd fromOnn'a aditioii 
in Iliiddan and :^iuIiL*'a Conncila and Btdo*. 
I'liw i. 300-83; mv kImi F. WalUv'* Dw alta 
Wal«. Uubnrt Iinirui'* Ancl«nt Lna* o( Walaa 
(1880) is a diappoiotlng book.] T. F. T. 

HOWEL An rBc*v,i.rHOWELDDiiwi», 
that in, lloWKi. TiiK Bad {d. QtU), Norlli 
Weltih princu', wu thii nun of luuav, «« aX 
Idwal, who waa imprinotiwl and deprirtd of 
hxitiTritory br his brol bur la^" alio lit {MUlf^n- 
Hnln Camhrtir. but nut in the ivnib-ovlltillT 
MS. A). In 973 UuweI waaoiteofthuWrUli 
kinp who attended Edgar at Chntcr, pnx 
misma to b«> his fnllow-workar br *cfl and 
land (>'IJ)II. Wii*. in .Von. Ili't. Brit. p. 578). 
This KubniiHion pmcund him EuKliah aid 
affninil his uofle Ib|Cii. ttIioiu h» ctore out 
»? hi* kin)^l<'m uf Ltwyuedd. lIeiic«fi>Twmnl 
hi> mtrni-d in lago'a alead. IIowoI olwnyi 
sLuw F(I t hai iityferencw for the fbraignar which 
caufeeil pntriotii' hlalorian* of a much later 
ihpri' !■ nolhiiijt to *bow that he otherwiM 
jiwtiHod the itilo. lago wta talien priaooer 
almui Vf}-A. In H7U Ilowel defe«ted and »Ii'w 
(.'riirnnin, son of laffO, at tJie battk- of Hir- 
barih. Having Keured hia kingdon, now«>l 

g' iin-d his Saxon alliM tn 982, and invaded 
nchuiniug (AmitAht Catnbnm, but cf. 8rvt 
(TyvyaiyMM). In 0M ho w«j hinuelf tloin 
y thu tmaclinry of thu Saxon*. 

|Annal«>C«nibri»(I(«lla8('r.)l Brut y Tyvja- 
ogioo (ItoUiSor.and od. J-Ovsnagrryn tiraat); 
ibn GwcBtiao Itnit (Canbiiu Acrb.Awoc.)adila 
luany, pro)iaMy donbtftil, dalaila.] 

T. F. T. 

HOWBL an Enwin {d. 1IM4). a South 
Wehdi pri ncii, wan »on of Ed win , aon of EiiuKili , 
whowantbi' ruiuof llwain. tbi'cldeat aonand 
«iH«ea«>rufIIowelI>da[q.v.] In 103:3, aflvr 
the dentil d RhjddeETcb. ton of iMtin, rnti-r 
of DeheabMTtli rinM 1(EI3, IlQirel and hii 
brothnr Manrdndd MCOMdad to the gnvam* 
ntcni of 8oulh Walaa ai being of tb« rifftit 
lin.- .>f Ho«rl Dda. Tlic man of llhvdderoh 
Biwni to liav^ rivninii<<l llowvl and liia bro- 
at Hirairlhwr Iwtwmn the riral hoiMoa, tH 
which, if the 'OwuBtian Unit 'e*n be Inialed, 
ibceoBtof Edwinonquemt. Is lOBftMar^ 
dndd wia klain, but bHW thi: nar waa out 
iiqualivil tbi> pomlioa cS tlio conilwtanla. 
Ajlvr a feu- yeara of conpatnlivc wbm 
Howel'twnMeurUf WBacnjitnndbytlielriih 




DuMttlOn. Intlwtcine jvorOruftVddNbj 
IiIpwcIvd [q. T.] W-nniP kinK cif Xortli Wnlo«, 
and itl^ttr devwtalint; IJanlindnrn, dmvi' 
Howclotit of lii» tCTriiory. In 1011 Hnwy.] 
nude an effort I4 van bic'lt )ii!i i!uniiiii<ius, 
but wra* (leredted by '""•nifTvcld iit Pi-Ticadi-r. 
Howi'lV wil'wbficivineOniflViid'ncAiii'u'*, niid 
nubnoquiTiilly tiia rnncitlMni-. 

In ((M^fltnwd, who hiid calli'd tlic Dniiea 
from Irelnnd to Iii» bclp, ivncwmi rhe con- 
flict, uDil wan victory oTer Uniflydd nl 
Pirll [i^Tach, Gnillydd wu tnken fviiuniiT 
by the |)iiMn Darieh but li« soon iweniMd and 
reocciipi'id IIowuV* UTfilory, In UI-HHowel 
OoUoclM t gmr flf«t priiU'vihing ullkv.nnd 
onloiwd tho mouth of the Towy on nngtli'-r 
etTort to win bock ttU own. Tbu fiiul 1mm1<' 
wB« foiijjbl nt tbo rooutli of tbt- riirrlAlwr- 
towy, uontibly CariuutliMi or ■omt-whiTe 
lower down the MT«iini). QiuSj^d trmi • 
compleUi vielorr, and Howel wu alain. 

[AnaalwCuiiIiriiif (Ra]l*Ser.)(lha<Jal««linn> 
bMabikBofroii) tliiieictuiTi-tyl: BruIyTywj»- 
DSJon (RolU Brr. or ed. >. (iwPDogriyD Bran*) ; 
• (i*w addicimnl <tMitII* tnai Ural y Tywrno^oB 
(Camliriiui Arrbvol, Anut.)] T. V. T. 

HOWEL4nOw*ixGwTxi:in»(rf, I17IP), 
warrior nnd po«l, wiik ttin don of fIn-am aI> 
(Jfuirjdd ab C^ynnn, princ of Nortli W'iiIm. 
Pyvag. lliu dniiRliter of iin Irixli noble, was 
liu niolhi^r. 'itnii luuau HrvcLrn ' f.t/yi*. 
ArtA. ii. 720) wroiiglv alat« tbat Uwnin 
married bur in 1130. In I U3, Inkiiif; ad- 
vanta^ of a quarrel between liii^ fntlier nud 
Ilia uncle Ciidwalailr(i/. 117^) [i|. vAlIowel 
Miand aome [xirt of Oemdifrion, nnd burnt hit 
uncIa'acaj>tl«of Aborrwiwiih. Inthu T'llluw- 
iagTcar, in Iho eoiirnr^ of u qunmil wiili Sir 
Hugh d« Mortimer, Duwi'l nnd bin brother 
OJBn^nra^edAbl^^tci(lorCllrdigtlu. In 1145. 
in conjunction with Cud«Il, Boa of OnffVdd 
kb Rhra [q. *■]> |>riiic« of South Waleit, he 
look Cfarainnhi'n Ouile. Id ibn n«n ji-sr, 
howoTor, IIowi'l apputttitly chang«d nde*. 
and joined hiifoToeatotlio«o of tbi' Nonnoiis 
aj^ inat I bo aon* of Oruflydd,wbo bnd ma re1iL>d 
aguiunt the cutltr of Clwyi. Doth «iden in- 
viled bin aid ; but the prumite of ■ mudi pro- 
perly ' SM'ins to have tunieil Ihe «cal(> in 
favour of the Norman nlliaiicp. an"! Hom-nr» 
inlBrvnntion inann-d ihn moci'M of hin tillion 
{Brut y rvuyicyioH.lfolUSiT.p. 17L',MS.1J.'; 
cf. alio nnolbor oacouiit on tht- mine ya/fe). 
In the name year lu^ and hin brother C'vuan 
were piigagvil in a auorrcl with CadwnWlr. 
Tli« brolhen callM out ifae men of Mei- 
rionydd, ' who bad lalcen nifn^ at cbnrchM.* 
matchiMl thence and took tbo caatloofOynvad 
(tS.p.l74). In USOIIoweUuBirradaMriM 
of n-TprsM. Ilir noil* of ttruOydd ab Kby* 
took hii portion oftVrrdigioDiuicepttbe cut l« 

of Pcn^em, and in 1 1fi2 tbat alio Mi Hho 
tli^ir bands. In 1 lATUenry II mnilean elfort 
to aubjugate (iwynedd, and at ibe baillt of 
Itoiingfwnk WBi> d*<fenl«<l by Owaiii and bi« 
«)na, ainonft whom wan llowii|(.lMn. Qinir. 
[I. Jt!, ItolUSer., which jiivcn ihpdnip nnl 148; 
cf.OiR.CiMi<H./f. Oain£ 137,Hn1US(ir.i 
In llu^ Ilowel was enj^nft^d wilh a iiiisad 
force of Pr»nc]i, iN'tirmann, Flemingi, Bn^ 
liibfOnd Welali ngaiiiai Lord Ithy* abGrol- 
fydd, who bad burnt Ibo caatlea'of Drved. 
The px]iinli lion, how«roT, did not aucceed. and 
a truce fnllowcd. 

lluwet'tfatherdiedin IltiO. Accordinfio 
Ibe rei»ion of ' Unit y TrwwiKioti,* printed 
in ibc ' Mvryriau AKhffiofugy,' Dowrl, on 
tlwain'H fft(1e«i non, llier««pon seized the go- 
Ti'txinicnt and kept |)oueAiion of it for two 
ymre. During hiiabmiocp in traland, looking 
sAer cetlnin property which ttant- to him in 
right ofhin mot her and nifr,hiiihrnlh''rnAvid 
m»e up against bim, IIdwitI rrlurni'd.but he 
WR* defeated, wounded in balttv.niid taken to 
Ir«ltind, wbeivbe itMidtohnvedifdin 1170, 
Icnrina hi* Irinh pMf«wion» to bin brother 
Hbirid. Accordinifiotbe' AnnaltaOambriie' 
( p.G^i). Howel wna killed by fai# brol her David 
and bii men in 1171. An nnonymnui poem 
places hin death at lVntrueth(Jn Aiigl'-n'.T^) 
iJUve. ArrS. i. 'J8t). while another. qiio't«d 
by Prini, naraiv Itaot'or aa his buriul-plaee 
( //■«»(« Ct/mi-u, p, fisi), 

of Ilow<>VFp(M!licalwoika the onlv known 
mmainn ar« t-'iptt od«i frlntod ta * Myvynan 
,\rch»o!ogry,' 1. 197-8. 

U A-r. id. : (lir. C^iubr.. It. Cnmbr. toI. ri.; 
Mtt. Arrb., IVnliigh. ISTOrd.: Price's Itanoa 
t>niru.] R. W. 

HOWEL y l-VTALL(jf.l366),or*Itow»l 
of tlip Ilnltl(?-«3e,' WB» a Wi>l«h kniglit and 
befn, According to Yorkn hi* father wan 
Oruflydd ab Ilnwel ab Merrdrdd ah liinion 
ab Gwpjnni {It/jiini Trlhr»o/ Walrt. p, 184). 
Sir John Wynne, hfiweitr, bkvb ibat be wan 
tlietiiiioflCitiiiiii nbGriifI'vdd i,Ui»t.Guyttir 
rirnii/w.pp.2l',-10,7P; ef. table IT-.ti.) Both 
the uccounf* ngrrM- that he wa" dwretided 
from Coll wTii obTauKtio/lord of Kifionydil, 
AtdudwT. atiil part of Llr«n/ llowi-I wan 
nueoflhe Welshmen who fuoght at Poictieni 
in 13M,niid WvIaIi tradition very improbably 
made him out to \* ibe actual captor of the 
French kin^ "cut tiny off hi* homt-'abend at 
onn blow'(r^ ti. ^0 u.) IIoweI uiuloubi<>dly 
Mvmaloharclouahtwell.for he was knight e<I 
hytbe BlaekPrincp.and recnived afterwards 
thr: cona1abl«ahip ofCrieeieth Cast Id, and also 
the rent of Dee MilU at Chester, ' besides 
other gniat thiufs in North Wain* i' and la 
a memorial of fiia aervicea a meH> of meat 





at<l«rad to ba Mmtd Won bii u« in 
ptmtuitf, ibc food heiag aftorwftrdii giren 
to uiejiuor'CiirbuMMiVsiiealtli.' Thiaoftrv- 
H Mid 10 bave been obMrved til] tlie 
[Imlas of QnMii Blinb»tli'a Uiuh, ei^t 
'yaooMii ■ttand*fll« at M. a ilay liairinx 
dwTltnaf tlMeDa«t(,andM.) ■Ilnn-i'l 
waa alio " ntflnt " of AberKlafljn, and died 
b«C<r*>a Mii>Iia«lmiu i and Xho nune time 
fllUdL II.'l(«riiif{ iwD Miu, Mei«<]]rdd,wbo 
Eml in l^iiinnvdd ; and Dtvrdil, who MtcA 
M Ifmblai. EKwr l.lannrit (A. p. 80 and n. ; 

WlULlKUK Emiitenl K'tltktitrtt). 

{ Voffce ■ BoTol Trilw* of Walu. td. WgtiaiM; 

■- Jobs Wjniw'* Iliu. GwjiUr I'lmiU; Wll> 

•'• IwiMat WtUhmoD.] It. W. 

aoWELU FRANCIS ild^-ioni), 
Doritan divine, *i>n of TlK-tnit n>>woH of 
Uwwiir. ('i<iiwit}1, run t fie II lal I'll >t l^iclirr 
(UW^Oxl'ord.on 14 (ir24Julf iat:>,»itli« 
tfUmrnvrntKna. In IM8lMi|traduBtodH.A., 
(aadcT on 10 Au|(. in dial vuar. About 1U60 
lip vai one of tliir indvjwiiduut minislera ap- 

r' lud to preaefa ai Si. MaryViOKford. Uu 
\pril IdB2 be b«miiK- the wniqr |irociar, 
tad In tb« followinir Judi- wa* atnooi^ iho** 
■ bo Ml I Idled parliaiui-'ut for a now vial at ion 
<f Ul» univi'mity. Huwrll iviu ii'imiiuitpJ 
BBeof (li'Tiailoni.aud in I i.Vi I , iiikW a fivih 
•vdiaaom, won tenia placed od iIiv lint. In 
UivaaiBO y«r (L'fi Mairh HU>*> tlie pfofeswr- 
ihip of Dioral p4uUMophj ira* bMtowMl iiuoa 
bun. t'nd«r a proBiae of Cromwell, and to 
tim dilriiiMlit M Jobn llotre, W wat craaUd 
fiwiipal afJMiwCollff:r.nKferd,on ^Om. 
'Er7, and miw^qnitlv racatad in 1(15A liia 
"•kip ai bM old oolkmo. At tli« Ko- 
iod Howell wa< ejtfctaj from ibi» pre* 
eat. ■ml Kliwd to l»udoii, wbent be 
__ rlwl' Willi gnat aeiwpunc^' as aMinanI 
tothp KfT.JohnOilliB'iO.T.lal^Stni'i 
CliapDt. I>avxi| Mil-}', llo 'fii-d nl IWtliiial 
OlHin oil 10 March IRTl'. and wa« bunud al 
BrakUl f-Vld>. 

rWoa)'. rmv. of O.funI (iluwh). t.)1. U. pi. 1 
II. pp. e*<, <U1-1>, M'J, 8TI; Wood* CoIIskm 
ib). )>. ATK, App. p. lis, Itour's Rng;, of 
0(4Uc«. pi>, SI)-70. Sial'i ■■anUiii, ' 
!*d. >T 111: r>tiii(i;'« Nnnniiif. Mum. ISVJ 

1. iU. t'^rnii) • lli.wt, i;:;i. p. It; Wit> ' 
n't [tivaniiuu riiari'lia*, i. 'i'iD. III. 33; B■^ 
Vuti. of Oxford (Jair. (<^l<ll■)fll ftdC-X 
, *Oii. ftM.J W. P. C. 

BOWELU JAMI-IS (1A01F-I6W), au. 

fniinli rlilli) and Mvnnd torn nt 

• Il'iix'll \n » ilnu^-litiT or.lBmriUatiil 

11 o( lluall.' IhiHvIl ttaltw thai hi* 

I and liali'n astabtfrcl baf1«cn, but ' 

iHii«, inoIudiagTbonMaibuliopof Bria- I 

tol fi). v.], and tliriM daiLKbt«n compoMd 
Vhe tamilv nceordinB to ihi- pirdigiri-in Brit. 
SluB. MS; Harl. JlSl.p.aW. The prdigiw 
ill lnc<^d bu4.'h hv modent rvproionlBtivoi to 
Tiidwal niAir (jl. ^78), mii of Khodri ibe 
tiri'iir.. HntTfiU'ii fniher, 'riiniii> of Lhiii;[Bnt< 
marrh.Krerhnocktliin.'.niid nfif^wnriU tvctof 
of Cvuwi] and Alifmant, CartaarlfaenaluK, 
diidin loss, wlirn Jamoi Kcountad hia vir- 
turn in a patlwiic U-tter to Tkeophilu* Fiotd, 
iMBhop of St. Dnvid'i I Fain, £fput. i. { 6, rii.) 
Wood ftatm tliat Jomw wm horn at Aber- 
naal, what* his father wiw ri'viiliu^' iu kllu, 
but, according to FnlLvr, ItnwoU'* idiler bro- 
ther, Thomo*. oiWrwords bjuhiip nf Brisiol 
[q. v.], was bom at the BrTnn, Lkoi^iiin- 
uarch.and HoweU,inhit'L«tt«re,'in«ntioiu 
that iilnco na the ni{d«DC« of his fanilj. 
TlwOxTnnl mm nr 'lint ion re((iftt«r atatoathtl 
bo nn« lixtenn in 1<110; ho wu, t&ontlbK, 
barn about I'AM. In n Wlrr dated ltl4-'i (i. 
(6,60) bevoffiioly apiNtkiiofhiciiwlfa^ronT- 
nine ^n old, but liDweU'i dale* atv umallj 
iii^xaiH. llr wnii«ducaied at Hereford Prw 
School uodt'r ' a kamed though loshins 
taaMor' (&Ut. I. i I, -J). On 16 Jimi' lAlO 
ho matrieDUtod at ' .lammi nowvlU ' of Car- 
mortbenahln) from Jiviia ('nllr^u, Oiford.and 
cTadiuitedB.A.oti 17 line, lill.'t. l>r. F>«dci« 
Prichard, wiih wh»ui ho corru*p(m(I«d later 
00 friendly tenna, look muf )i int<-n->l io bim 
aaan UDd^rgTodualu, tu llI;^beita>i'laH«l, 
Bcoordin^ to hia own atucment, fallow o( 
Jmuk on Sir Eubnlo TbolwaU'a ibiiiidaiion. 
lie luually wrotu of Oxford aa * bia d^ulj 
honoured moth**,' 

Soon after lakinK hit dp|ritH< Howell. ■ 
'pure cadel,' who waa 'doI bcnn lo land, 
l«ia»», bonH. or oificc ' (i. J tl, U. 1, wa* ap- 
pointed bv Sir Itobt-n Mauaell, the undo of 
liiBtiiior. Fianci* Maiiwll, itiewardofaglaa*- 
warir mantifaclniy in Rrmul Stivct. I^ndoiv. 
In Ii3lli he na* avnt bj" hJK rmplaypn to Iba 
ninlineiit 10 obtain loalaTiaU and wnrkmnn. 
A warrant tnm the council eoahlal liitn to 
tranl for thmyewa, provided that hn did 
not riidt nome or 8t. OmeO'. He paaaed 
ibroiifb Holtiuid, France, Spain, aiwl Italj, 
brcanie an accimplitbcd liaguiu, and ea- 
EW*d eovpeleoi worktnon at V*nin> and 
Hiddbbwf . On nrtnming lo I^indnn eUnit 
1693 ba gan up hi* eo«inuctM« with (hi> 
glaaalioiiaii, and, •<«hin);(olBn)fai*lin(rii>«tic 
oapecitT I'l arroiini, nulde a Tain apjilicatioa 
lo join ih<' finlMuy of Sir John Ajrm to 
Onntlanliui^filr Sir Jntn''' Croft, a frvmd of 
bin futha-r. rvr-qniurndi-d him lu tutor lalha 
iHHiK of I.«ril Saiaf[<> ; biil owiii); to hi* eoutb, 
anil to ibi' fact ihai Iin pupiU wen Baaun 
catliolic*, he HlUd the po»t for a TH7 ahoit 

limn. Durinfi 1622 be niRdc- • tour in Fmti(!i! 
with n voung friucd, lUchknl AlthAiu,Non of 
Baron Ailbun.' one of the hopcfuU«al joung 
EDUii oi thtii Icinftili™ l(<r put* ami pmoii. 
Al PoImv llowi'll viiJniip-ivil Ills li-.'n)tli lit 
clow •luav.nni) on ruliiriiiiit.' tn IrtXiilnn wnu 
tttmilnil by Ih'. Himey, ihn grfut D\i\*\cian. 
TownnU ihe oikI of Kt^l' IIoivHI wos u'nt 
to Spain nn n spoRJul niiBnlon to obtuin silti- 
fution for iho soiiun- by tbi- viciTnv "fSur- 
dinltt of a riclily ladvii sliip I'nilcd tlif Viiii— 
nnlf bdoDKiiiy Id tlie Tiirkv]' comiiuiiy. Sir 
CbulM ComnalliB uid Lord I'leby Itnd 
•Ireadv iri»d in vain to obtain rw&w*, but 
Tlonolt'i importiinntc Bp{wnli to thi- Spitniiih 
ninirli'nt lad to thu ap|Kiinlra(.-nt of a cora- 
mittii' of itiTHiigatioti and to a ducUraiion 
in favour of the cnvliMh ownon of ibu cap* 
lurvd Ahip und msrCDaDdiM. Howoll viiiJtMl 
Sardinio and iiiditiMd (liv viceroy lo uffur 
coin (ion Hst ion, but ihe viceroy provpil iiiHoI- 
Tt-jii.nnd llow(<llonlii«r<>lumI(i^t[idrldfbund 
tlii> »ilUHtIon Bltnnitl by llie iirrnrncc tbori- 
of I'rinpo Chnrlc* nnd UiickinKnam. Ootliofr- 
ton, llie priucf's iwcrvliiry, dirrclnd hica lo 
ahttain aoai further icliou, and nflM ibi' iIl^ 
putnn (if thv princi- and lii« siiit^ Qlivarvi 
nado It j>lftin that tiiv Spsnifh govi>nini«'iit 
had DO iiimntion of nidiiiK Uini. Whilqtho 
tvral pnrly wan at Mndriil llowi'll mndi! thn 
iMvjiininlniicr of nrnnv of I'rinci" Chnrli?*'" tv- i 
tnincn!, incliiding Sir Ki'tirlm lli^by and 
Kodymioii I'orifr, nnd viratv homi- «pifit«i 
■ccouuts uf iho ijriutV* coiirtsbin of iho in- 
liuita. Dit;hy rL-hUi-v iJial lluwell irait acci- 
dental!}^ wunndi-d in [.bo himd while in bis 
■ocivtj at Madrid, uid thai hls'tj'niiiathpi'ic 

rowder' worked ilafiivt curoin IlovoU'iicafu: 
rf Lalt Diinmnf, iShS). Howoll rctumnd 
to Enafland at the doio of lG2i in oompntir 
with I'liior WycJi, who wm in cl4arKo of 
tbc ptince'n juwula. Ho made «uil for ru' 
viovmcnt to tbv nll-jiowrrful riuli« of Buek- 
mfiliam, but bin intiinuiv n'laiLon» (accord- 
ing to bia a«u ttory) with I>i^by, earl of 
Bn»lol, nuckinghaiitft vncmj, ruin«d bLi , 
prwpects. A (iiuwtion, which Ilownll a»> 
criW to l.nrd ^nway in 16&6, that h« 
•hould act »s ' moviiig aseat lo tlie kin£ ' in 
it»ly, camit to nothing, MMUM hi* demand 
for 100'. a quarter iraa deemed exorbitant. 
But he waa in tliemme yearappointodtrcre- 
tary (o Einanuel, lonl Scropu (afterwards 
£ar1 uf Sunderlajid'), ivho wa« tlim lord- 

Ei«*iiletit of tlie north. Thn oflicu rc<|uirr-d 
ia r««idonce ni York, nnd in March 1(1:^7 
tbn influvncd of hi* chief led to Liii elsction 
M M.r. for Itichmond, VurhHhtre. Lai^ in 
W'B Wc-utworth tucceeded Sompe aA lonl- 
[Tuidi^ui. llow^lliwina to Iidvp rvmainnl 
private iiai-rt-iarf to the latter until Scropo'c 

ttcBlh in ItiSO, andlivml for lli« I i main comfort. 
' In [tecuinbur 182H ^VVntwortlibMtOir«d an 
him ther^vi-riiioiiorih'! next nttorttoy'* plow 
I wbi^h ohonld fall voimiit at York : butwhnn 
n vncBiicj' otciiired in ltlL'9 Ilowfrli f»old hi* 
illli>n>i.l nnd dent Wentworth (5 May 1«2») 
I an olTuiuve )eit«r of tbanks {Slr^fitrd Let- 
I icri, i. fiO). In I08S be aacompanied, aa 
I swrn-tay, tbo MnhoMf of Hobort Sidney, 
I earl uf L«ic««ter, which wm Mot to tbp court 
of Denmark to oondolc with thn kinfr on thn 
' doath of bia a)ntheT,tb<.'iiuii.-n-<lowD)i:Fr. Ilia 
official Latin speediea made, be telb lu, an 
B3C»ll«at iMpteiaion, and he obtained aone 
I new privilcgM for lb« Eanland company. 
I A abort 'diuium'of the nifluon hj llitwell 
UinBodl. Llbr.Mf^. lUwI.o. 3M. Inlaid 
ha forwarded many newk-U-itow to Sitnflbrd 
from Weal oiinnler, and apenl a few wc«ln in 
the »ami- rear at Orlewie on the hutlaew of 
ReoiKlary Windebnnk. Still dutitul« of nov^ 
larrniploycnent.bsotoawd to Dublin in 1(39, 
waa wt-'lln-ceived by Straflwd, th« loffd-de- 
putv, wa* g^antod a n-wrsion of ii cWkdiip 
uf tlie council^ and wan «-ni by Siraltbrd mi a 
political miMion to Edinburifb and London. 
In London tlie cbief literary inun ircri' 
unnn^ bi« acquaintance*. Ben .Toow^n waa 
fvpocially fni'ndly witb kliii. and in a lelt«r 
dated from Wi»«tininiilrr,li April m^tti.lloweU 
deecribea ' a lolcinn luppnr ' fcifiin by Jon«on, 
at wliicb h» and Corow were pnweot. Un 
Jonson's death in 1637 he •rnl onoUgy to 
l)uppa. who incliidi'd it in hla 'Jonfonui 
\lniiiia.' Lord lleibL-rt of CherburyaadSiF 
Keneliii IKgby were among hi* Tegular cor- 
rorpondenie. In IMObe began hiaowulit»- 
mt7 career witbibc publication of bis'inaiden 
fancy.' a poliliral nllctrory in pniwi dAnline 
with event* b<-tw(<m IfiO-t' nnd 1610. Knlillud 
' ^tvipoXayui : Uodona* Oroie.or the Vorall 
Forviil,' A ' key ' waa added, and with tbo 
second and tliird «<dilioni uf ItUJ and l<54r> 
wur* isiued two jiolitical iracK ' PumUoa 
radcctinii upon tbo Timeo,' and ' Enulond'a 
Toaro*.' A l^tin roraoti wa« nublMbed in 
l(t4(t;aaceondpart appnarmliul6A0. When, 
in tbe j«ar of iii lirn publication, Ilowdl 
wentOD vome dijdomntic buaineu to Franco, 
he corned with him o FVencb tranahttion 
wbiob lw> bad maile of tbe book, and iliii, 
aft«r ranMOB by friend* in Paris, waa pub- 
U*h«d tliMV bftan> he left in the toma jeor. 
On 1 Jiin. 1641 Sh' pr<«cnle<l to the liinf; n 
printed poL-m entitled 'The Vote, or a I'oem 
preaeiitL'd to His Mojwty fur a New Ycar'a 
Gin,' London, -llo, liil/. and ^burtly aft«r> 
wards iaaued bis ent«rtaiiiinK ' Inbir'iictionii 
for Forralne Travel,' with adedicaLion in verse 
to PrinceCliarles. AcconnttofFronce, Spain, 
and Italy nn> tnpplied, to wltich in a new 




(■p to 

rilition of ISM wu addmi nn nfipi-ndix on 
'mTcHinginioTurki'jnnd (In- l-tvonl part*.' 
Tb* worli vim t>-]>riiit<-(! Iit Trof. Atbcr ia 

On 30 Aii|[. 1<(U H'lwuU wan tvtini tu at 
NotiinKkam an clerh of tliv council, bul thv 
cxuling mcoiiCT ciiiiM'<l bj the promoUOli of ! 
SirEdwnn) Nicbolas lo n ancretaryfliip of 
■UM WIS tllfdli^ Sir John Jnrob. and llowrlt 
«M proniMd ibn iiFxt i^lcrkaliip thnt fvll vb- 
eant f f^ttm, cd. Jocoba, Sup|)l, p. (HiT ). Tlii* 
civil «-anrrndef«Il)i«amiii|(uiiifiitTiu^nilary, 
uhI wkile Howell Wit pftfing wIiai ht- in- 
lurfftil (o Iw a iJiorl rimt to l^ndnn iiarly in 
iftW he WM nriw»t*d in tiinchuilbw by o"!'i- 
of tho I>'n^ [iarliiiini>nt,hi*paMnwn>iu?'ii' I 
ud b* iraocoinisiltiHllo tWVl'vt. Accnni- 
liinown account, lii« only uffoncc was 
Injralty. Wood atatiMt tliai ha nan iia- 
ontd u an inaolvtnit debtor, aail in his 
tiMt* from tbi> F1«M be (wioe n-l^n to tht' 
iorUiidobt#l<£.I. { tl. 1r., In.) It i* 
. ibiclliat kiaimpriMinEnpnt wnDprolqngoil 
1 lb* UiKli|ni>ion of bi* crnliion. lu ipiti- 
' bU frrqui-nl politioo* for relcaap, be re- 
1 in (lir tiHi for L'igbt ynn, i.e. till 
n. [■upnvi'd of all oiLercaMiikof liT^li- 
1, li« applinl bicBMlf iriib mmarfcablp in> 
tTj tn liU!n.inre. At first h* eonfUwd 
vtr nuual^ l« political patnplilebMrtiilC. 
__. ) d«inwd tliat bii ' Cuoal I>i«conr»ai and 
' btorlocutioM bstwavn !*atnciu« and Por»- 
gmF touching tha DiatTaotioiM of thr Tiniec * 
J *a* (b<- flnt pnropbli'i u«n«l in deCmce of 

llhr nrTalitl); ■ <H<ciiud parl.cnlitle'l ' A l)i»- 

'voun* ur I'orly coniinued bvlwizt Patricius 

•ad pMvgnBi- iipoii tbiiir laodinfc in France. 

'■"! ibe civill wnw of Knffland and 

' aapeaKd on ^IJiilv IBtS (boih are 

ntH) m tbi> 'IV-olTi-'lVnliw*,' IRdll, 

' IftlH b>- nrnlr bin ' Monmrio* Ilibemica* ' 

'(Itritiol. lfU4,Jto).anacMuiiiorthorrcent 

' hi^riil ituiinvcltoD and miuMCTP iu Ireland,* 

darnl frtin tlHFIn^..'^ April IIMA. Prtiine, 

' , hi« 'l'ni>i»ii H'lyal Fatoiifitc" (l"U4l, r^ 

rnngloIlowi'irHni^ciuint of !*ri iicn Hliar W« 

rt to S]iain in ' IVidona> (inrvu/dnieribi-d 

I a* ' no frii>nd to Bsrliamait aiid a nwlt)C- 

L,' llovoll r*^udi*l«d Um cbam in liw 

rikdiemliom of wme paaMSM rAmIids ukm 

■ - ( IHM). to which be added ■ A Clcwinc 

r ( Iwummcc- i n .Spain al Hit Majeat j ■ 

• tboM,' llowrll ri't limed totbeti^picin 

oeaov aivl r^ditrrri' of ParliamnnU' 

EOMIt rviMiiH 107* ), in irliirh ha dnacribed 

Ttbalionji Darliun.-ni a> 'iW hiftbthrnfdiion 

[wiwffiB iIm' WiHlnm of the wliolaSenueii 

'j«picnaif>HL' I'rynne adhered to hiaorifinal 

t|Caleim-iil in *A mnk-ralr Aiiolon (fUMI 

a invlandnl CaluiBBT,' I^ndim, iBU, ito. 

* KngUiMl'i Tear* for Uw praeMil Warn,' an ap- 

tnuulatod into l<aiin lu ' .Kufflia- ttnspina nt 
LAcrymic,* London. IBJti, and into Dutch in 
mifi (cf. ivprint«d in J/arL Muk. and Strmen 
Traelt). It wa« re;iart«d to Ilowi^ll in 1014 
that Uie kiDf; wu dii«Btiifi«d witJi tomv of hit 
HMwnt ulteraooM on aoeount of tboir 'inilif- 
fi>Tenry nnd liiIi(>warmn*M,'Bnd lie thi-nnpon 
iinni l>yli>tl«r to lb" kiii).' mild auurancu of 
hiiloy^dly.StScpl. lB44<^»>r, ii.hiii.t Dn 
the same day he complciiul ' X ■olwrsiid sea* 
■oualile memorandum vat to rhilip, Karl of 
Pembroke,' with wlioin beclnimeilaitinaoi r»- 
latioimbip r^-e IIeruebt, I'lliurj; nn.lMny 
1 1'.l'i ■ Th^Sway of the Swonl.'n iiucifieaiion 
lit I !i^>rli'a'« claim lo coiilnil ibt-miUriB: and 
uTi :;.". I-Vb, l«4r-« a iWeiiCf of tlie Treaty 

iif the l»le of Wight. In I ftlft Up iMiied. in 
Bn^linh, I'Vench, luid ljitin.('harl'>« [> laleat 
dtvlarstiun ' touclun)* hi* comnnncy in tho 
l^rotetrlAnt, reli^on.' and aUo publiabed an 
aoiuaiaK. if ill-iiMiiriNl, ' Perftfct Deauiiption 
of the l^pla anilOounl rv of Scotland/ whieli 
wan T(>TirinliHl in Nol l^ofWilkcaTa 'North 
Hrilon (Austiit )'*>-)• Bt th« time of the 
afpiBi ion Birninii l^rd Bute. In lt)51 hi- dedi- 
cated to the LoiiK parliament bia 'H.VXf.V. 
A Sune? of the Seignorie of Vmice ' ( (,on« 
don, 1691, fol.) He waaadinitied to bail, and 
rsleaaod from the Fleet in the Mme yeu. 

At aoon a* CrommJ) wa« inatalUd in 
■uprciBP power, [lownll aought bia favourfay 
dedicKtinf to bim a pamphlet entitUd 'Soumi 
(obor Itwpeclioni made into the rarriaoe and 
eotwolta of thr late l.onK rorlinmem, 1»D- 
don, IBSS, l^o, in the forta of a dialoKno 
between Pliil-Aniilu* and Pblvandcr (i«- 
iaivedin 101)0). Ilowell connnenda Cromwell 
for haTinc dealnyed the jxirlinment: oooi- 
|Mim tliH PmtiietartoCliaTCM Martvl ; amiet 
m bvour of rule by ' a "ingla peaon, and 
eondemna 'tbccamiii(ni pooda'ae' a waver- 
ing windy thinji ' and > on Iiumenooio aitd 
CrOM-RTiiiueil animal.' ]hi){dalv, wrllintf 
on 9 Oct. I1I.V1, declared that Howell had 
fpoken in ihi! iraol more boldly of (be par- 
liArofnl ' than nnv man tbat bain wrote ttBCe 
th*T ntr ■ ( Hht\ MSft. Comm. fitb Bap. f. 
IT)'. (>n 2 Oct. ltt.%t Howell addrtMed 'an 
adtnnniiion to my lord Ptotaclor and kia 
CDuncil of their preacnt <lanfr*>r,' in wkicb, 
wlitle urgiiw llie neiil of an hrreilitafy mmif 
ucby, be aJriaed Croiuwi-ll to mnciliale lb* 
nnny by admitiin^K the olfiner* to political in- 
Hnencei and to neiioliatr with CliArtua Hturntt 
• metybT wbicbl'biHetib'nildaaooeadhia 
nnder wull'^leAneil limtatiun*. In I6S7 hw 
ofared lo write for tb* cotUMil of Male 'n 
new tKAtiae on the aotwri mt T of tli« aaaa' 
(aUt. MSS. Qmm. ftth Rbk p. .lUV 
Tbroo^iout ibe Coalman wealtli lluwuH'i pro 




' Conccfning Ui» Surreniler of Diinliirk, that it 
wu (kaw UMU good Kroundi,' Lomdoa, IfiM. 

To pkiluloffy ui<r Uxioognphy HowoU 
eonlribaUd 'MsiMni Tntrmirtotlna, ae mn 
E^itb-FraBCli-Ilslian -Spaninli 1 1 id ioiwry,' 
Lomdoti. lBS9-tW. rol,, with 'A I'articulu 
VocnbuLuy' in tliv four Ungnum of Imh- 
nickl temu, and an npjKqidix (pubtiilied Mf*- 
ntetr inIlUj9)<ifTniv«rtMciroJilSBJMdStm 
ind AducM in ED(;liitb or tht Suon lonipui, 
lulion. Proncli. uidSpuiiiJi: wfacfviuila the 
Britiuli [i.«. WpIhIiI Cor th«T |[r««t •ntiquily 
mil wfijibt nri! fl,il(li.-il.' VVurtliiu)rfon. wht- 
iDK in lii* 'Diary' (Cbellum 8oc. i. ttCtil tti 
AiuuU 1061, Koommonded tie wpwaitr n- 
pnbliutioii of the appHidijc, aod Mpcciollv 
oflbecoIlMtioftofWvldipriavarl)*. Itowct] 
Verlwd and oxptndcd Cot^vo'* * Frvneh ud 
BBriiab INetioiuuy,*l6'iO,fol.(olborcdiiiai» 
ladb aad IB73). uid wrolo ' Nrw Enslifeli 
OiuuDOT ... for Poreignen to l«am bog- 
lith . . ., with * Aaoih(<T Graininar of tli« 
Spanish or CMliUoii lowigi wiili •oraa tpncin] 
nmarli* in tlio FOTtiwnat dioli-ct,' and nonii 
on tnivi'l in J^THun and Portugal 'for tho tcr- 
rico at' Hit MMJuct]r*(in boUi CnglUb ukI 
9paiii«li priuieiT on oppoaitv pi^rN). 1002. 
Aftor H'iwi'II'b drtiih appared 'A Fr-.-nc-li 
Grauitnnr, a l>r)i1'i|riK- i-dnttntiiig iif nil (tnlli- 
elana,n'ilh AildilioDi nf . . . IVivi-rlw.'IRrs. 

nia tmiwIationA inchidi' ' St. rnul'n inti.- 
^Vgreia upon lCarth,'1Bi4,fn>mtbn Italian; 
*A Vcaation Lookin^Kloan . . . louchiug 
tbt pmrnt Oinii-infvn ia EneUnd.' I&i8, 
from till? Unlian 1 ' An fxoM llititory of the 
Utv Itev'iliiliona in NoplM,' IttOO, from ibu 
Italian tit Alexandra GiralG; ''ni^Prori.-M 
and Plc«ilin|n in tbx Poiin. of Spain upon 
tli» dMth of Antonv Aicliani,' from llx- 
Spnniah, lAfil ; Jomptixa'a ' Ilinlon- of tlii.' 
Ji'in,' \6t>i : ' The Nuv^iaU of I't'lrni* and 
Tbetia,' UVii, from tlii^Frviichi ' Parai^lsutt, 
Ub Aurora. ... An alii<> ibe Wiii(^r.,S<<)tiu 
of the Wiso Mfa,' l&'ifl; nonii VaWiinf't 
' TViuraphont OhaJiol of Antimony,' 1661) 
PWMnUui'a ' Arcbidoxis,' 1681. 

Hociditod Cotton'«'PoatUtiniB,' liWiT.witJi 

A &ae ]iiirtrBit oJ lloHrell l«aiiii^ 
a irM. eBmt«d \iy Claiida Ueka of MellaB 
and Abt^iam BtMM, wa> Cm pmtxed lo 
the Frtach iranflatran of fait • Dndona'* 
Otovr,' Iftll. [l rpawieaml in lii» 'Enii- 
hiad'a T«atc<.' lOU. hut'OcinBan Di<i,' 1663, 
hi> ' Londinopolia,' 1667, and lii« ' PitXFrlis, 
1650, and it it itiM-ttrd in maitT othvr of his 
boolia in till- nriti'll Mumob Librarr. An 
oil painting, pixibabiT mndntWim tho i-ttgtw- 
ing, bolon^ to ibx Hi-v. II. Hnvll of itliili*. 
AamallTigiiottcb}- Manball (bna* obc of tha 
nine oonifartiiicnta of ilie ^at« prefixed in 
tlif ' Lptior^' 1«8. 

[N'otH kinijlj' wnl by C £. DuU#. nq.. ooil 
r.n. Ptrlh.™ ; Wo«)VAthnKOxoD.«Ltllia, 
til. "H-it; BJoff. Brit ; Lomulcai ItiH. Hui. 
(d. Bobn: EpirtoW Il«-rl. ad. JuoU. IRDO-I : 
eitni0;«d Litton: Itrit. Um. Add. US. iun. 
p. 37! (Ouatcr"* Cbomi Vatumi i pc<Sgit« lent 
hj J. Ilnienall Evaoa. oq. i curian* inprBBiiana 
and fllloaioDi iD tho Lpllvr* am dia^uw*! in 
Kolaa and QuFrie*. 3rd a4ul dth «r] 9. U 

HOWELL. JUHN il'7l-lt«)). caUed 
loin iH llrwuL, floldipr and Welah Ptwt, 
wna bom in 1 774 lit. Aber^willy.CannarlAeB- 
diirt'.wh'-rr br tvo'ivifl rcrv lillle aebooling. 
Ho wnh Hp|irt-niti'>il tn n wi^vur, bat toon 

f'ninpd ihi' CirmartliiinBliirv nilitia. whore 
u' wiu rmtiloToil in the band a* fi&<iDaior. 
Hi- iwrTiMi with hi» n-ttinnt't in Ireland in 
17W. and rcjoinrd it on R>4iiibodiiDont in 
11^% lli-emplo.irdhUleiiuni in inproTiiu: 
hi* «dnc«tJOD, and van (litdiarged m rc^i- 
m«ntal aehoolmasttr tm 34 JaW 181A, while 
ibe regiment wa» ni RtimoI. Hi- then be- 
came mwtVT "f ibi- nntiiinal acbonl ut Uan* 
dovprv, (^ifmnrthi-naliirc, where he tvoided, 
with fi-w tnti^rmiHitiiii, until hiidi-ath. Tliere 
lifl ptodured oumirroui eotiipaulionii. which 
hi- went to rariims bardic contMM. In \>*'2l 
. he brought out ai CwrfVnldinliyfiubtcriEiiixii 
' a tmal I volume emitka ' lUodaa Pyfnd (pp. 

XV), 4^). containing M!i>ctiona from tlv com- 
po»ition>nf bnrdiof thcdi*trictinlhi-oiut and 
pr«K>nt crnturr, iodtidinK aatav pmauEtionB 
of hi» ono, among wkieh ia a 'Cannartlii-n 
a dodicfttion to Sir Robert Pvr r™ Coiros, M"^**" He pMBMaed aonw Ulenta* a niuw- 
Ba RoBBBT BRrcB]: 'Finftiti Philoxcnis,' f">" "nd teadwT ofpaalmody. Hw WoWi 

Cms bad not louiili flrii or Rubtl* imafnry, 
wctv coniidi'ivd modeUorDurtriccorract- 

1000 [aMFiKin',. Silt Joii!(];'Pnnht!nopcEia, 
or the nislcry of . . . Najilns,' tSIU, pt. i. 
translatcid from Ibn Itnlinn n{ Mai«Ua b^ 
Saapfon Lrnnatd, and pt, ii. compiled by 
Howell fr^m vnriouH Ilulinu writer*. 

Communduturv Tt'nt^ or iKtenihT Howell 
are prefixed to llayunnrft ' Erometia,' 1632: 
Cortwri^ht's ' POTm«,' ItWl ; and other book« 
of tbit lini<<, Mnny «uch pontic pieces are 
Ciill*ct<-il in Ilnwiili'a ' PoamK.' llowull, 
ralbor tbnn John Ilnwit, ia the I. II. who 
prefixed verwM to the SUAv BaffiXwq. • 

new and appiopt^te diction. He died un 
lf4NoT. lASO at Llandod'ry, and was biirirO 
bcaidr tbi' porcb of Llaiidiii^'at Chnrch. 

[WiUiAiD-sEminiint W»Uhm#n: BlodanPrfad 
(Corinnrthan. I«*. Umo}; R-iUm of llie Itoynl 
CnrmiirtliHii Funilien Militia in Public RecopJ 
Officr. London] R. M. C. 

HOWELL, JOHN (1788-1868). poly- 
artiet,bnrn nt Old Ivkuriffton, Edinbitrjih, in 
I78S, WOE apprtinticed to u boukhiudur, but 




Itonrwd* wbn aa uautaDt to Rabrt Kin* 
~a«ar, bDohsoUvr, in FivdoTK-h Sinnt, Edin- 
bittBhiftud >tibwi|iientlT aiwul 6rr vMnvriUi 
llip flrn of Sicrviutm, iiriuicn to tlic nniver- 
^ty, wbeM he vSiiciM impniTtniMiU in tli<> 
art of ftMmtrpinff. Hrinr>il n'tnmoi] to bis 
InMltoTboakbiDdinftnt ii»-ork»hci|iiiiThUtlii 
StiVvl.wu p«tn>Di.ini byScoti. lUDanxotbi^nL, 
>ad utTentetl Ui<^ WHlUkDnwn * plautth ' fur 
enltinit rdge». AnjuninlL-d witli manf odd 
liADdicniftf, be opened a «hop u ounoshj 
d*«ler «nd diinn «nd picture rep&irer at 
99 FMUridc SciMt, whitrc tJv nl)^ oicir thp 
door dcKritied him u a ' jKilyortial.' Tbo 
abop TM not V0T7 moert K ul, uid Ilowull 
rpmuml hiii bunnan to 110 Ra*u Sireel, 
where he died i April 1863. Be wu m&r- 
hed and lirft a {umtif. 

How»l] on on« occaaioa alt»oipt«d tti uM 
• flTiag macbin* in what m now Ibo Wiut 
PrincM Stnot GardMu, but bmlm onv of hia 
leyi in tbo eipuritncDi. At onotbcr tJow, 
having made, at oonsidemlilu expaiue, a 
modelin tiie thape ofa tlab, he ent«Kd the 
Bttoliiae, tried to swim nndor irai«r at Leitb, 
and ma ncariy drown nd. II>> waAinoroauc- 
MmAiI AaanainatviTr ilnelor and dpntut,and 
intrnduMd tlii- mauufix^tUN of Pompeian 
plat«a. Hii wricinK> *tiuw connderabl* dili- 
EeoM. n»pubUBliMli 1. 'An GMBvon rhe 
War-caU»ji of the Ancienta,' Gdinburgh, 
law, 8ra. i. 'Tbe Life and AdventUTM of 
Alcsander Sdkirb,' EtIlnbuMh, lKf9, 12nio. 
3. 'Tb« I.ifeof AlesandOTAIcxander/Kdin- 
batfli. isno. H* kbo aditWI thn ' Jonnul 
of • fMiMft of the 7lM Kcwitni-nt, IflOe 
I8K>,' and tbc 'Lire of Jobn Niibol, the 
ManniT,' and wrote aevntnl of Wilton'* 
•TalM of the Border*.' 

KMiaoMn. « Aliril IHM: Notm aid QuertN^ 

' Mr. IL Ml. til. ID. T». STD. 4lh Mr. ii. X03. 

1 W. A. J. A. 

HOWEIX. LAimKNCE(18MP-l73<l). 

ao^jvnag drnnc, bora «bont letU, ron-ived 

hit tdocalioB at Jeaua Collam, Oainbridg*, 

' I in graduaiiKl n.A. in IflSl and M.A. 

1088. He woji a mtloiu mumbor of I be 

joflllff pu^Tt and I'lubablv led tbr oni- 

BtT n 1C88. In UOH ide lonl auiTOt 

I that tbe Oalh of Atijiiralion ihonld 

I iMibnd to bim. On 3 (tct. 1713 bawaa 

liwd priMt by Reotvn Ilic^kiw [<1. v.], 

nmxan of Thetford, in hit oratory at 

. Andiww'a, Ilolbom- In the \'m, of non- 

I at the and of Kettlevell'ii ' Life ' it ia 

that llowel] va« at the Revolulinn 

tot Out aobool at Kpi>iti)(, and ournl<> of 

' , 8M§illk, but tbi-rvi ii no *uch pnriih 

i toianj, and I-U*ivick, IIiirtfori!«biTC, 

rbtDOUil (iiA.tiTis,Jtut.iifTitt(/crd,«d. 

Ooiwh.p.SB). Decooipowdtbofpowbwhicb 
Williani Paul, a nonjnriof dofff^an, who 
vn* con vicird nf iakinf[ part in Uio rvticllinn, 
ddlivi'ml ot hi» •'XL-cution on IS.tuIy 171'! 
( Diss itt, .Vemoirt 0/ Dr. Si/ket. pp, ;I3, ."M ). 
lie ahn WTciia a pniniiblflt for pnvatv circu- 
lation eutillcd ' 'Pbc Cam of Scbixm iti tlie 
Cburdb of Lniflnnd Irulr iitnird.' Tn ibid 
M^tiou» work I.I>'i>ive 1 WDs dc-Douncvl an 
a tiHiupw, and a)] tbnt hud tiivn doDo in tba 
(■Jiufch,«ub»nqiienllf to A n.-liblihup8aiiDrDft'« 
dopriTition, v/n* condcmmu! a» illt^gal and 
uDcononical. IIowi^ll wra arreted at bi» 
honiH; in Hull Ilcnd Oiurl, JnwinStn^.and 
aboula tboiuandcopieaoftbi^panipblirt were 
wiwi] ihera. A proeeciition tviu fim infili- 
tai«d agniiut ItMoiajrne. the printer, who 
wt« tcatMCwd to ptj a fine of bOOl., to be 
inpriMmed fbrfiva yean, and lorind Mcurity 
Tor bia yaod faebariour for liff. Howell wa* 
tried at tbe Old Bailoj on 28 Feb. 1 7 1 »-l 7 
bdbro ihc knd majror and JiutioM Paw;r* 
and Dormer. The jury found him piiltj, 
■ad two dajv afterwardi he wu MntenoM 
to pa; a fine of AOCU., to be LnprMoned fntr 
three years without bail, toRndlbiirfuretiea 
of 600/. euch, and bimwlf io be bnund in 
I, OOIV. for Ilia good beluriuur during life,nnd 
to b« twice whipped. On bin bully piroteBling 
againit the last iiidignilj on the ground tiiai 
he wu a clurgyniui, tbe court anamriKl that 
he wwi n diit^raca to hia cloth, and tluU liit 
onlinnt ion by tbnao-ctlled buliop of lletfard 
wu illegoL Bjr the eounV direction the 
common execuUoaer tbcruand iheo rougklj 

I lulled hia gowa off hia back. A few dar« 
ater. on hia bumble petition to tbekmu.tb? 
corporal pnniabment waa remittod. tlu died 
in XnwRnte on IP Jnlf 1790. 

Ther*; ii an «nirnivin)r which profwiai to 
be a portrait orhim.biit >'i]hlriuyvlbe[d*I* 
w*a altered fronaporlraitnf Kob'-rt.NVwtoa, 
D.l). (Contiauation <tf Orvi^er. iii. 162). 

Ilowtdl w«« a tuon of lesmiuf; and pnb- 
liabed: L 'S?nopii* Oanonum SS. Apoatolo- 
rum, at Coociliorum tlCctinieniconiB at Pro- 
Tineialinm, nb tkcloni Cifnei noeptOTHBii 
necnon Ctmctlionun U-^umeniDomm at Riv 
Tiadaliua ab Eocleaii Ormd tveeptonm 1 
BMOon OoociHontm, Deci«tonm, et Legium 
BeelMtB Britaniiice et AJM^9-9azonka ; 
uni earn Oonatitutionibuj taps noraicialibua 
(»o. k Slophano Ldttfcton od nearioimf7hich> 
Inum) quiim I.«galuu* Ac. in t'nmpF'ndiutn 
redactia.'Lond. 17W, fob Ilpamc dinlikrd 
Howeir* I^lin.and wid that n dtilieatiun to 
the Earl of Salinbury waa prir)i4nMl. bai not 
aso^ted on the nouad that t)>"*patroniaiDg 
a tioiymorwould be tKk*n ill bv tbegorenv 
ment, 3. 'Synopaia Canonun "KcdwM Lft>j 
tuup, at Docrota : quIOaiionaa ipurii, EpialoIi 





I C«tiIi0raH m laeCB pmfamtnr.M « 
vwi* tc yiiink dSntoaenUv,' Load. I'lO, 
loL U I7I& Um Uurd ud iMtTOloBMorj 

Mice non InuliMl'bT JIcrwpII,ttu- ftm buhq- 
M*^ hcviag bMS borai in iIut Bee whicb 

l7l2fSu-Hoi^Jjt.Aitcd.i.S7t a. 'Tlus 
Onknki CvmMniiicMt, hj my of H«diu- | 
tJoB on Ike Ordvr for ihe AdMUMtnlioa of , 
tk* LonTi Somr,' irJik TifaMiM from Scn^ 
tBi*«aMwU>v J. SuiTt, Lmd. in2, 1714, 
l'3l,l»l,»ra. 4, *A VinwaflbBl-ontifi- 
Otte : FmM it* iMppoaad Bccuuubb to the 
Eb4 of tk* l^iundl of TVcnt, «.». IMS. La 
wWh tl>cfta>t«|itiauaf tbeScriptttnautd 
SvimI Antiqaitj, FavgctiM is ilw Coundb, 
Bad IncroMbtBcmM of Mw Coail of Roi^ on 
lb« dtardi ud Slat*, to •■ffwn Uioir Ia- 
IWDikiUty, Suprmucf, and otbur Modem 
ItoctriDH, art! u't in • Itiie Liftht,' Land. 
1718, Mvo. Tlw wcnod rUimid, I'ltl. u on- 
titled 'Tbi- lliMorr of the Ponlifint*.' 
fi. ' DnideriDi, or l&e Urigiiikl Pilfrim : A 
IKrian DialngiN>. Sbt-wiitg lbs voM com- 
wadlotu Waj to wrivo it tbo Lon of Ood. 
Rondvr'd into KBriith and oxplaia'd with 
I(otM,'Lond.l7l7. fl.'ACaiBpl«MHiMotj 
of ibe Ilotj Bible, in wliicb uu LnMTted oe- 
eiimnce* tbat hapM'd duriDK the moe of 
■boat tow bundmd yr*n frmn llie dajra of 
thoProphet HaImIu lolL(>birlhofour Blowod 
SiTiour,' 3 vols. Loixl. 171*4, hto. witb l-IO 
OiaUby J.$lun:aigaio IT2fi:Gfthmli^ 17^; 
Uid with adiUtiotia and iraprovvinonia by <i. 
Burder, 3 roU. Ixiiul. l-l?0tt-7. 7. A Mpmoir 
of Df. W«lt«r Kak'igb, di-an of Welb, pre- 
Itsed lo It«leigIi*B iteatiM enliiM ' Cmaia 
QiwriM iirDpotcd bj Roiaan Catlioliclo,' 
Load. 17l9. Hi* mMorUaooaa* rolloctiou 
tot a kif torr "f ihn unimrniT of Cambridn 
wo in (li* Boillntii Libran- 1 ICawl. II. 381). 
Tfav 'Medulla Hutorim Anslioinai,' «o<iio- 
tiwH attributed to Howell, ti hj Dr.William 
HowoU ( 1«3H S'-lfliM) [q, ,.-) 

|A'MiLUK.£fl;i,r.aB >•, Momoln ut Uii< Life 
of HMtWw'll, p SSI. A)>p. pp. xxiii. eiti: Hi*- 
torial Rcgiatir for 1'17. p. 1 1 9. anil Chran. Beg. 
tip. It. l3rori;lO(Cllron.l>iar<r). p.20; lM&- 
mirT'ii Koejurun, p. 307 ; LowniM'ii Uitil. Una. 
(Dohn), p. IIS8^ K'dinlVH Lii. Anwil. i. 31. 33, 
S7. 87. 1I7A, IDS. 147.114.703; Uonmc* CoUoe- 
lIo<M,ad.DabU(Otf. UuL Soc.1.,3ft.lOS, 
lU; Pol)ll(*iaialeoJEui«pMii.>W.36t.381, 
xiK. sat, SM; infoiBatioD fpam C. K. Ooble. 
>^.\ T. C. 

HOWELL, rnoMAH { fl. IG«Sh vowb- 
«riT<<r, probably a nuliveof IJun>t■^^ ill Soinur- 
Mt, pub1iah»d in lAOS'Tlie Aiborof Amilie. 
whintBB ia oomptited pUauat Poeou and 

ees *Hrtfc brlhe^ Hvmd,^ 
mk SI Iwn* (BodkMB U> 
Talbot. II«««II afpMw i» fan haM mm-. 

piojFod u tW im« w tW bMNkaU af tW] 
EarioifSkirvitbUT. 'X* 

PaiDphlFtn . . . X™)t I _ 
aad anokded,* tto,wa>beelMed farBaUieaCkal 
in l.yj7-8. AiiiHpc*fKC,aBdtfedeOf7,HB-] 
poaedtofaeimiMcbmMmd iatheCapeO] 
caUactioD (TnBii7CoIb8e.O>Bkndeo)i it i ^ 
ibdieii'd *To bi« amrond Ynii^ Maku 
Htuy l .ji fU .frriitiittaa.' Se'wwtpo— imj 
addTt«d to Jobs Keapcrta SontfMt bwbVi 
•ad BO<nr of Kivpcr* pocmi aiw iaelnded 
uaooK ■ Nvwe SoMtA.' Howrirs Laleot work | 
vu 'H. Die Ptaieea. tat b'l* owne exeniachj 
•adbitPHaadtpleaMi*. Vtantqaipatitar, ] 
lWI,4to,M lfawo,pew>wT«d>nwiig Maloart J 
booka in tbe Bodluaa likafy. 11 aHWII 
frooi tke dixlieaUrj efutfe tbat bo waa aov | 
in tbe afrrioe of tlie Ooantoat of Peiabcoko, i 
■ad that tbe poena we written at WDiomJ 
IloBio'at;dIetbBea. . .to 
jdlanaaae or weeae baijnwae.' " flowell^l 
worba bavo bean ivptint^ ia Dr. Oroaart'il 
'OoeaHoeutl Iuwh.' II* ara« aa aaeoatlll 
writor, and bi> ixwau barx liitln inarit ocj 
inUntC llie besc i> a rustic wooins<«aiw'* 
ia'TbeArtMrof Anittie.' 

(QToMK'a OceaakMllHaM.TCl. rill.; Haa- 
IJU-a Bandbook.] A. D. BL 

HOWELL. THO)fAB, D.D. i l»i^ 1616), . 
bi«li(']>'<f Kn^lol, aonof Tlwiaat IIuwHilbf j 
adaogblOTof JanM tlarid Piiwvll.wa* bom] 
at Brya, in llie {lariah of UaUMamarcb ia I 
Breclinocbalurv. in 1K88. Uu fatlw^r waa 
vicar of Ltaupminarcb, aiul alao of .\bcmuit 
■a Caimatllieniliin!. Janea Uovretl ^4- ▼■] 
waaa roun^ brodter.aadaooMof the'^Kpi- 
biahop.' At (ho m^ ot aiztooa be waa ad-j 
mittad a aeholar of Jr«u* CoIUfo, Oxford, of^ 
which be (obaequonilj becatno Mlow. Ho 
KndoMed B.A. SOFob. 180e-». M.A. I» JuIt 
ItilJ.B.D.andD.D.BJolyimX (>□ Taking 
bolj ordert) hi' gained apvMljr ottlcbrit; a* « 
praacher, and waa appooatad bj Oharlea I oDft| 
of hi* chaplain*. Ho alio roooiVdd the rectory 1 
of Weal Jlotvli'y In Surrey, and ibnt of .^t. 
Stej^ien'*. Wnlbnirili, London, un 13 April 
leSfi. Tb» latter be rOfvned in ItMl. Hu 
waa appointed br the IdaK to n panoury u( 
Winil»nr on 10 >ur. 1636, and ou ihv pru- 
motion of Or. H^iriry King (q. ».] t" the m* 
of ('bicbntuir, rflCDiviid from tho cmwo ibo 
liaeouro rectory of FuLb«in on S5 MoTcblMS. 
Thoiii[h resardAd 'by man^v aa a pnritaa 
prwioW' i \\'iiuu, Atiairr. iv. SOt), no wna 
early marked out for allacli by Ine parlia- 




BOTitArj pftitji wu driven tma hia Lovdon 
nclor;. «w uhMquCBtljr laqiiMloKd for 
iMii-NKiilBnef. umI wm Mprilnl from Wfiit 
llnnlfj. Il« Uvik mrutfB at (hifnrd, uid on 
tbadnalbof Tbomu W«(l6cl<l[q. T.;.biiibop 
ftf BriMql, was nctoctod 1)]^ Llwrlea I lo ■uc<M«d 
kim in Uutt iinpoi1<nt atmiighuld, jiuil rv- 
eerared to the njfai c*iu«, the kitif, we are 
tcU, ' pnnainng hiaadf good tttectt from hk 
fmt cuidottr,Mli<] jud^ent, ■wn't tamper, 
uid th* p>od rapnl* in which li« ww held * 
(A-l He w»t coni^rntnd hy Tiulic'r in Aii- 
vuit ]iH4,an'(l wiM ilic liut binliopFoiupcmlfd 
IB EngUnd fat uxieon jMn. HuwcH'b i^pi- 
Mopaw waa abort and diautrous. Brisiol 
waa •urmidned to l^Lrfax hj Prioce Rupert 
on 10 8^ VM, and all the toyiin eurgy 
wanriolBMlT«'j«ct4id. Tl)»bidopwa<iaiiionc 
iki- rhii'f lutfi-n'm. Ilia polacawns pitlnffiHl. 
Tlir li'*d wu ■tH|'m>d oirtnoroof umlorwhich 
hiii wife lay in cliildbi'd, nnd ibo (■:t|>oaure 
ouaed h«r d(.>ath. Tliu biiJicip Iiimarlf waa 
•o roo^ly liandkd ihal he diisl in the fol- 
lowing jfor, being burial in 1u« calhedrfti, 
on* woril aloiw markioK ihu rpot, ' KxppN 
ginrar.' Ilw citiiriKi i^ Itriitol undertook 
thr rdacaticiD of liii cbildn-D. 'in Kratrful 
memoir of tfaeir monl worthy fnther' (])«>• 
toot, Biitm i/ JiristuI, p. 330 ; Wood, 
^tAm»,p.Mli). Wood r«cord«, with eri<k-nl 
«M)(g«ntioa, tiial while on onterinK on hia 
cviaeopaie b« found but few well att«ct«d lo 
lbs ^ordi, liu left nil hi* ifeath few lU afluclcd 
toil (il.) \U in .ii-iiTitiM hv Llovd (Jtf^ 
waif*, p. 632) a* 'a piTuin nf ^tnt HcMLrtian, 
eaiidour,*ol>dnpM,fw(<olDi-Mi,>nd rlotiuence, 
Willi aa incighl into aUt^ airstn, u welt a* 
Umh et hit own offoe.' Of hi> iinwdiing 
J'kilhr wtiwa : * Bia aamona, like the waien 
of Sloak, aoftty gliJiag on wilh n >>nonlh 
MfMUD, hi* matter, with ■ Inwfiil find land- 
■Ua felony, di<l 'tMl Mcrotly ibo h<«rt* of 
till* Lwvfn.' 

Bjr hi* wile, Honor ItromB^ld of ChuIfTraft, 
HMBMkin. be bail Iwo d»UKht<'ri> <ui<I u( 
aoMglMludinf Jolin, a London mi-n;banl ; 
nonaa, fellow of New Colleice. Oxford; 
Ovono, n.P., r«ctor of Bnohland, Snrivyi 
and Aribur, a 1,nndoa naarclMiic,al ono tinw 
iMfrMoaiHl aa a %\ti« in Turkey. 

m«ara AlbM*. lil. 812. it. «U<: Hpiitala 

~ - ■ ~ fl; Walkaf-B 

PoIUr'* WofthMia, ii. bli 
SnSMnp uf Uie CUnQT. p. S ; LaKnv.i.llS. 
ill. 4«l: Navraart'i RnMflofiam. i. «I0. MB: 
llwl MatlBI. ^2U<Mdl«Fwoftb>BowiU 
family) ] E. T. 

\»\li\ tnlitor of tli'- ' State TriaK' bom in 
Vita, w«a tm of Jiitin lli'woll of Jamwca. 
On 33 Jan. 17^2 be WMailnildxl of Lincoln'* 

I Inn, atiil wat ralM to the bar in I7M (A*- 
' gitler). fin mnlnoulaleil ai 0\funJ from 
I Hiriitt Church on J7 March I7>f4. but -lid not 
, graditale ijt'ofnu. Alumtti (Xivn. ITI1-M, 
11.701). When WiUiam C<)bl>oIC Il^^lj(^olod a 
n»w edition of the " Stale TriaU," lie it««iirrd 
HowpII an ih« eiLlor. Jlowell carried the 
work frtiin the &nl volume (IHWl to the 
twenly-tlnc (ISIfi), tlie rvmaining twelve 
volumo btanr edited by lii» ton, Tbomaa 
Jone« llowetC The not<« am) illiuiratioBS 
aommpanjins each trial are ptr«>1tiint. Ha 
waa r.R.a m Mneb 1801) and K.S.A. lU 
died at PrifilRiaah Puk, n<ar GloucoMor, on 
IS Andl ISI.% (flmf. Mny. ToL Utxt. pt. i. 
p. i7b). 

Howell irai nutbor of * ObaorvBlionn on 
Dr. Stiirf^'d's I'unpbti-t rropecling Non-r»- 
Bi4leti<«of the ClerKy- - .in a l.i'ttfr . . -to 
Mr. Tlaron Uosltm. Theiiei:ond«liiioa,'0m, 
Ixnulon, }m9. 

lIlaMn.TllOMA* Jol>0>H(]rWRLt(<l. Iftfi^lt 

who edited the ■ Siaio Trial* ' (vol*, xxit 
18l(>-u(iiL li^2i>),iFfl«Ndmitt«doriJnoolB'a 
Inn on t> Ndx*. 1814 {ntyutiv). Ife told 
I'rinknath after IMS. lie dli-d at Eaton 
llac- Wmi, London, on i Jtttw 1^^ ( Omt. 
Hay. IM'H, ii. Dft). He wiu twice married 
(in 1817 and I^Jil). 

[Wallnco'n Itoporun^ p. M.] 0, 0. 

HOWELU Wll.LLAM (ia88?-lfl68), 
hirionan, licim about l<t36^ waa aducniml ai 
MapUhme ColUp), i:BmbrMj«a (It.A. liUI, 
M.A. lllfifi), of wUcb be bMame • fellow. 
On 3A Not. 1S61 he waa ereatad doctor of 
civil law, and waa tncorpcnted at Oifonl 
on 6 July 1076. He waj> tutor to Jobn.oarl 
of Mulgmn. On -I Fr-b, li!7t« be wa* ad- 
mitted a civillnn (CotftK, Ei^tM ISnliaiu, 
W-llXll, and bronmr rhiiiioclloT of tho 
iiooMi- of Lincoln. Ue diod in tha htm- 
ningof liUi:i. llv lUaoM dated 3 Aug. ^78 
be marri'd Min* Mary AahfliM of St, Oilrn* 
io-ihe-l-ieldo, I^mdon (CnamtB, Imtdan 
Mamnyr Limtrm, e.1, Koatar, col. riH). Ila 
wrote 'An Inttitriiinn of OMimU UUloar 
. . . from the beginning of tkn Wo«U tiD 
tlia Monarchy of OoBManline ibrllrmt,' fbl., 
I.andon, 1601 (atMlher edition 1002). wbi<>h 
ba trualatad into Latin in 1071 a* ■ Klo. 
■anta iliMorin),* l^mo, ],aadon, for tliu w» 
of Lord Mnlgrara. llie hialory waa aflar- 
ward* binufrbt down 'to the bll of Aiwo*- 
tnlna,' aiwl publiahed in \tlK>, with a di<£ca- 
oaiory Ullor to ,laBiBa II by tbo author'i 
widow, Hary llnw*ll, and a pn&ca bj'Ooti^ 
ton, bifliop of LoBiIiin, and otiMffa. What 
t* Ktylad Ifea ' M«Mid edition ' waa iaMsd is 
three parU, fal., Loodon, lOflO-A. T1ta< 
pilation waa praiaed by tiibben (^i 





^raoty.M. It^. i. 33). IlnwoU wm aba 
nntlior of ' Medulla llintorim AiiKlioiina-. 
BeinE a comptvbvnaivi' lii.ilonr of tliv l.ivM 
null R«igiu 1:^ ilie MoiUTvlui' or EnElsod,' 
witlioiiT liif iiainp. Tli«i MrliratMlilinn Qion- 
Uonnd bv Woml U dated 107H: n twoinb 
oditioQ, trouglit down lo 17M), anpnantd in 
(W«od'aFMl.>Oxon.(lnira).ii.3£fi.] G.O. 

HOWELL, WILLIAM (I«fi6-1-14). di- 
y'lan, wai Ihi- wn "( G. Howoll of nxford, 
who ia ii.Tmed *naU[ier' in ibe Wadham 
'K«^i4ter.' Wood Mjsthat the fatlipr wu 
K tailnr. William Howell mntriuiilated «,» 
a eoTTii'^r from Wadham Oalleg«, llxr^rd, 
in 1670, but »hnrily aft<nrard« rKinnvcd to 
Now Ird Unll. 1Ier« I10 (tf^>i*i<''l i'-^- in 
1073, and viocccdud M.A. in ltt76. Ilniouk 
otdtrra, ana bi»uuDe acboolmiuivr and <.'urat« 
orEw«liii(> iu Oxfordiilui«-. he wan i-urt^nly 
tbe tattiir 111 1684, and here lus wife died in 
1700. IIowi-Il died in 1714. aiul waa buried 
at KwnlmiT on 3:1 Jiui. 17Lt-1J : l1ii<ro ia a 
tablet ti) hu tnumory in the cliurcb. 

llowcll wroto: I. 'Tlir; Commnn-prayrMK 
book tbf ln->'t t'<)uipaiiiuu, &c.,' Uxfonl, li)8U, 
8vo: rvpiiblinliiid wilb addition* at OxConl 
in 1687. 2. ■ The Word of Ood tlw b«rt 
Gnidr ('} nil E'cranns at all "nmes and in nil 
Placpn, Ac.,'()xford, 1880, 6vo. 3. • Pravu" 
in thuClnai;!: for lb« t'*«of all dpvnut Cliri*- 
tiana, 10 be said both Mcimiu^ and Nifihl,' 
Oxford, IB8I^, 8vo, oni; alicint ; alio tn-d ier- 

mona pubtioliad at OaToi^ in 1711 and 1712 

[Wood'a Alhtaat Oxan. ad. Rilat, ir. 7HT ; 
WMd'* Fnati Oicn.«d. Bn«, ii. 331. 3$( -. K. R. 
Oantiaar'o IIi'U, of VViidhMn College. OxftinU 
f.39Ci Bril. Siu. Cat. : iiirurauilioB fruai (ba 
recior of EmIiaa.] W. A. J. A. 

H0WELL8, WILLIAM (I77a-I«»), 

inimAliTr at Long A^^'(Tlul]ll>l, I>oudan,eldMt 
of i.hi- twi'Ir.' cbildivn of^.'^omii-'l Ifnwe11», 
wuH biim iu S«|itomU-T 177«ut Llwynlwlyg, 
a fariabouBF: iii-ar L'owbrid|;ti in Glamonpui. 
Aft«rioiui.> vi-aro' study uudt-r I 111- lii^v. Jubn 
Wal'Aii uf CL'wlirid^', and Dr. Wdliami, 
tli.' miuliT of Cowhridg* atdiool, lie went in 
Atiril \>^t in Woilhuin Colleifr, Olford, and 
laninlWKfwitboutudi-KTPe, AnrUyybvhicii 
on his tutor Walton in 171)7, piibliiJipd in ib'> 
'Oloucwlcr Juumal,' mlniduced tiini Inlbo 
nnlice of RDbcTl Kiiikea [c|. v.^ who ofTnwd 
bim jouninlielic wnrk. At Oxford be waa 
undrrbapiibi iiiflufnceH, but lie waa ordained 
by l>r. WatKoii, biiliop of Llandnff, in Jiui» 
iMM, to the i^uiw^ of Llan^ii, (ilamnrgan. 
Itotli Iw and hia near oecaaiaEicd aoinu com- 

tilaint by prcadiingBt inetbodiRcliapaU. In 
181^ Howdla became cnniir lo tlio nailod 
narialicaofSt.AbdifW-br-thr- Wardrobe and 
St -Anne, BUckfriar*,iaixiiidon,andin I8l7 
liMuw of tile p|ilii?o|uil chapel in Ixng Aure, 
wlKtrv bf i^dually gnlhuivd logvlbtraa ap- 
preciative audiutiLv, UiaatruuglyevaB^tMl 
wriDona were widely popular, and bia (^If- 
donying life,deapit0 nia«cceniriciiiai>,jiarc no 
handle to bii (taomian. Ho di(<d on 16 Nor. 
lUSa (Omf. M19. 1S3S, ii. 668), and waa 
biiriad in a ratili undi-r Uoly Trinlir Church, 
Cloudo«U>T Squati.-, Llin^Ion. In ihpcbiuch 
itaelf a taklM waa placed 10 hia memory. 

Tli« following coll»nio«s of llowalla ter> 
raonn and prnvni appftapfd after hii daath; 
I . ' ItrmaiiiK.^c'dili'a bv Moore, Dublio, 16S3, 
iamo;n»'Wi'd., London, I9S2,8vo, a.'TweWe 
Sennoiii,' London, 1836. Sva. 'A. 'Sermona, 
with a Memoir by Charleti Itowdler,' lji>ni!on, 
ISSft, i Tola, 8VO. 4. 'Twenlv .Sermonc." 
l^ndon, 18«ft, ISmo. S. -Kifty-iwo Scr- 
niona ttinn Xot<«,'by TI. II. White, Londi>n, . 
183lt, SvD. 6. ' IVaycn bnfora and after th« 
SurmoD,' London, a^imo. 7. 'Choice Sen- 
tenon,' «dit«d by tbe Itar. W, Brooa, Lon- 
don. 18W\ IBmo. 

pHinioli* by the R«t. K. Morsaa and CbsrUa 
Ik^lar. fannni wrmua l7itioBev.B*aTy UaU 
rill : Allibonea Diet of Kasl. Ul. i. DOd-l 

W. A. J. A. 

HOWES. KP-MUXn (j». lUOT-IflSl). 
rhmnirlrr, lived in London, and deaiinal--(I 
bimiwlf ■ i[i-ntti-man.* I'ndptrrredby Siow'a 
n«Bli-el, niid du*pi'e the ridicule M hw ac- 

aiiniiitancL-9, he applied hiniaelf on 9Uiwa 
ealh iu 11505 10 eontinuation* of S«ow'a 
'Abridgement' and of his 'Annalo*.' 'rht- 

I formar I ndertook. after diicoverinji (be 

' tolla na) that no one i-lw.- wna likely to per- 
form it. Ilowvs's first L-dilion oi Slow'a 
'Abrid^'mtni. or Sununarieof the English 
Clirouick-,' upiwared in 1407. A dt'dicntion 
to Sir Huurv Howe, the lord mayor, a fi-w 
nolieex of ' nundTy nifniombli' anlitjuilio*,' 
and a continuation of" niHliTu forrvin anddo- 
mtvLicnll' Uilwi-cn 1603 und IiHl", euiisli- 
tute lIowNi'ii contribiitiona. In Itill llowi<a 
iMuedanothCTeditiouof th«-ainp work, vrith 
a further oontinuation to the "od of lUlO, 
and a new dNlicntion addn.wwd to Sir Wil- 
liam Cmvn, lord mayor. 

Hone* iiuriiod io IHIA an expanded version 
of Stow'i wall-known < Annnle^ ur Clinmiclo,' 
with 'an lu>t one-all pre face,' au<t ncnnilnua- 
tion from I'DX), the date of th'- lai.1 edition, 
to 1616. AeeordiriL' to IIoW'ii'* own nceount 
Archbiabop ^^liitgil^ bad •'iRK''-*'t<'d thi.- task 
to him, and be received littU i-ucourugifitieiit 
while ungated on it (Stow, Annaki, Hi^l, 

1 1 owes 



d(4.> InimiMBuUUbfdliUanAlifdi^inor 
tli# 'Annnlns' willi > di-dicnlion toChkrioiI, ! 
Mid a iroiiclu'lins nitdrMjt to llw lord nujor | 
■ud itldaniuv otltondon- Hoirn Uvn roildi 
•UVM on iiuluvu of lrutb,km]lb<.-ilii)icn1tiM 
woMfi] him in hii labotin hy -tiMKHiiau* 
tMiffUM.' In a l«it«r 10 Niohola«, d«t4d 
^Dec^ 1030, be rafera to tlw pww^ of hi* 
worii Uirou^ ibo fn m , mad tDUilioiu Sir 
Robert Pn M B fTM^d {Cat StaU t\tvm, 

umB. leaS'S). p. iiti). Tho lesi vAtuaa 

of ibp ' AnnsUu ' U Uie mwt Tii]iiHb1»of all, 
uk) ItowH'a addittoiu atw nol lliv luMl in- 
tenciinc put at it. 

[NotM owl QuarJM. I« tvt. n. 1V9 ; Hawm* 
ynUca* »M dnlitBlloa*.) S. L. 

HOWES, KUWAIII) ijt. laW), maibe- 
UBtii^Un. iru ninrliritiii law iii 1033 kt tbu 
Inner Tciniile.kiMl uppvonaftvnrardsloliBVe 
rntMMlboljardan. lBlM4Iii>wHainMt«r 
ia thr 'Raldiie Pfree Scbool,' Londoo, and 
tn liUI> i* *ca1W rnctnr of CioldMiclmr [i.^. 
(ioldaii^iTl in V,»ff\.' Howe* vraa i1il> inti- 
nal* fhi-od and fraiuuat oarTeapoiuluat uf 
Jobn Wiiiclirop [u. v.], p>vi.>mor of Maua- 
ebiurlu- In ivA'i. vmting from l,h» Intii>r 
Tanplci be kdi Winilin)]! n iraci wliicb bo 
hftd pvinttd I'>>1iowt1ibI ttii> imrtb- vi«t piv 1 
Mm to ibr I*ikci&' w» proIuihlT ' nol in tlie ' 
fl? or "f (if N. Uliludc. but raihi-r nbuui 
40tb.' * I am Tvrilinpi^mriul'ij of ilial, ibvra ' 
isnlbrr ■ ulrmil ai out lutrrun' sou, or ■ I 
JMilarTBDouiMawHt&omjvu.' Tbetnoi 
li oliad ' or I lir Uireumttranw of the Borlb, 
«r • TraatiM! at ibe Nonh WeaM PuMgv, 

0« d& A«g. 103A lIovM wroio to Win- 
tlffop, 'libinlE I*ball helv 7011 looneof the 
■tapMicall Msinw whicii you and I haT« 
Amimwd of that will a^^ilitte al * dta- 
MBOc* ■ MMi blefonwbadowingoft]ii» modern 
IllMRllBt *)>J ii lU-IO, 'aa fw tlw mair- 
MuMuiMtrami-nt it ia aUooiiyni|wtliiitieall.' 
In toil n«WM ap««kii of TNwiblj; cauUiah- 
inx a Kbool in BoOon, and in vano>iu letlera 
r3en to tbi' wikli of nian,v relisiaua people 
to go lo tbr plnntatiniis. 

la l<V'>t>Ilairwpubli*li«d ' A Sliort Artlh- 
iDHick.iirtbDOId atidTfdioiu wayof Num* 
Wa rvdwwd to a Nfw and Brirf^ Hotbod, 
■ h w b y a n«n Capacity nay i<a«lj attain 
iBaipi^<mi Rhill and Facility.' It i* wvll 
attaDiiTd fnr |ira<-ii<«l iiulruction. At ()iu 
■d « liM adilma* (o I hr KBdur i I owM apoaka 
I'liaring aUo ■'■■-■ tlieorviiL-all iiart Snialwd 
M rMdy lA be piibliohrd, it ilotiiwd.' Xd 
mImit pirt aMtns to bavi- bMii iMn«d. 

lli*i 1^. ColltPiion*. XrA 

. (4*. AM.:* niid 1«Uan 

i4M»— din— tu 1 
feiaLn. ttli aar. 1 

I Winhroii. \<. -K.] 

K. K. A. 

H0WB8, FRANCIS (i;70-ia44),iran»- 
lator, fooftfa UB nf the IE-t. Tbotiiat Howm 
of Itiorainfctbcirpa, Norfolk, bjr Siiiiui,daD^> 
ler of Francis 1inK<-' "^ ^piawonb in tho 
aaiDv county, ws« \MTa in 17iti, and waivdu- 
calod ai till- Niwwicb i^mnmiaT *chuul. Ha 
mtonvl Trinity CoUvuv, Oambnd^, in I'M, 
groduaUid B.A. in I'9h a« <»leTvniIi irnngW, 
and proowdnd M.A. in IW4. In 1700 hoob- 
!ainDdibaaaamb«n*piu*. Ilwdutfcollnm 
friend waa JoJin (aflcrwarda Sir Stibai) Wu* 
Uanu [q. *.], ih« judg«, who aubMqneailjr 
allowed him lOCV. a T«ar. Hi- held Tarioua 
eimcin, and in I^Ia becnn<<- ■ minor oanoB 
of Norwich Oatbadi«l.iifl>^rwiuiUhaldiMth« 
rcictori«aniC0(MV«ly of Aldrrf'inl (from I8S6) 
and of Framinahani I*iffu< ^frotn 18^). IIo 
died at Norwidi in ItSIl, and was liuriod in 
the wMt cloiaterof I hv cat bislnil . He inarTiwl 
mHt Suaan Sauthaoii, hoi) Ipn iwu«-; one 
of m» tiller*, JIargarvt, niKrTi(>d ICdward 
ITawkiiw, and wan tho luolbpr of Kdward 
Hawkin* [q. f .^ provool of UrinL 

tntoEnghihTPTw: l.'MiMelkaeoiit Poetical 
lYuubiionii.' London. 1806^ 9f0. -i. • Thu 
Satitva of I'l-niuii, with Nol«a,' IjOBdnn. 1 tUXt, 
8vo. .1. •Till' Rpode* and Sorular Mdr nf 
lloraoe,' Xorwicn. 1*11, Sro, ptiT»lpljr 
printi'il. 4. "'rhc Firai ISoDkof Huraoe's 8«- 
lirv",' privatclT printed, Xorwioh, ItMi, 8vo. 
Aft*r Wdaat'li biifciD.t'. Ilriwin,publisbi-d 
aeoUactionof biatratinlaiioiii, Iiouilou. IfM, 
8to, 'niiinii-Tit of liiiitransjationa waarwog- 
luaod by L'unington in the pruface to hia rw- 
aion of the taiirw and apiatlo» of Ilenea. 
lIowM eonapoaed witapha forrarioiw naoau- 
menl* in Nnrwifh Carbtdral. 

Tit'iUAK ll<><rK!iUr2l)'leU)wMtliaonl7 
ton of Thomas IIoihci of MorninKThorpr (a 
Hmt coiuin of Fnncia llow«i'n fitlhi'r), by 
Ulijnbeth,daiighlcrof JoknColiuaiiof llind- 
rinf^iam, Norfiilb. HemtemidatClBMHnQ, 
Cambrid^, in 1743, and fnduat«d B.A, in 
171(1. For a time he wa« in Ihi- amiy. but 
quitted it to lake bnlyotdora. After u-Tving 
cmciiH in l^ondon ha huld tfac crown rectory 
of 3lomin([llMrpe, Norfolk, titm \7K unUl 
th(- death of bis father in I771,«benli* wsa 
inilituled to the family tiring of Tbnmdon, 
Sufibtk. Iledied at Nonrirh.unaiarTinl, on 
SB8epCl>4t4. He wa> a friend of I>T. I'arr. 
noweabi^MltapiLhliiibia 177ttliu 'Ontical 
ObaomtioaaaaBoaka,Anc>ent and Modem.' 
four Ttdtiaiea of which appeared hi^forr hia 
dealh. Thia i* now a very rare work. Inrol. 
iiL be printed a aermon ntvached by bim in 
ITSt acaUHl PrieaUej asd Oibbon, to whicb 
Ptieallev replied in an afipendii la tiM ' Let- 
lerato iV nnr>luy,'|>('U>- Howe* ana wervl 
the rtply in hi* fourlli tiiIuubu. 


-jV I tu 1 

'■ V ■■\ 

t> lot" 
r>r lb* tn—l Ua 

■ ^•M IMH. 14 rab.). 

iM 14 1 

W.I.I. r>. <.MMf«,' iMi, 1»I7, 'Waad 

luUrta.' lAM, ■ TWTrae I 

I K' f^r. Aaent ^ ' 

<■ .orh* iit>r» -Th« llnr of Wwc WitUb.' 

... |itiT xWnliinlf'irllmvfMnifat 'iJns- 

ivp [lv>li.' wriitiuT fcrit >n( 

I ' 1.^.' Sk> «iilBl Um ' 

r III* Mmmmm,' tmiilati 

■<<.'.< .'..i,..i, l,,„..|-. i-.', .~>l>o*lMnradi 

I 't ti 'A ■ ■ IWultr llwtoty of tbr L'biIM Swm' 

il Vl,.il.^ (^ tviU, Ktft, mwl • Uu^^ToluDM nnwl 
'.I ralUI-Tli'CiM ofOtM^wTD'tlmlli. Her 

I. i-t iiH » •• iiikclinl •* BUtW, tmuUiur, ar 

... «itnU u/ 110 Mti^*. FmntkB 

..^1. k. ....... 1 \.fi.lauivi>f .'^ocUral«tbatM«ind 

' uumUl- tia 81 Aphl 1H7» tlw wm 
•I • i.itil liai I ■MJM of lOU ft jr«ar. 

-. > iw jwh^ i>rwr ufr ifeiMMd ibf ( ' 

! tlWO. llMiWMvMMX'KiHWaMMKafl 

' ' WW*!- Ui*tLilr'<M<wmNJb*OM4Waf4('i 

. ».. V. 


■ ""." k". 'i j 




Muliilb>TCmitiiTrThiDin.'l8»). 4.'njTniui 
*D<] FinujiU Viit***,* Iftiit, II, ' l[»p<> in, 
Ilojiii ■■vPT. a TaW I^^IO. t\ "Sim* nml 
Tlinrt-.* 1*10. 7. ' Sowinjr ond llmpin;;. or 
■ftlial will eomcoril.'l&JI. t*. ' Work and 
W«,r«. (>T Lifr lu SeiTiiy," ItMS, t'. ' Wliidi 
t* thv WistTp or rMpk AbruC'l.' 184^. 
10. ■l.ittlc<_V.ii.,MapUC(ir.-;itil2. II. 'N^ 
Srnt^ jni.^Ci<«nni<«iSMi»«.."l&l.l. 13. ■ I-nve 
ka'IMowy.'l-H.^ l».<Mjriicli-rli«Clack- 
mtkrr,' iMi. 14. 'Tbi' Two A|iprniitici.'*,' 
ltM4. 16. ' Myown Stury, or tbe Autobii>> 
ft>|Ayor»Cl>iU,'|iMS. l&TmwdeVerMt,' 
laiA. 17. ' BalUdaaod otlwr Poenu.' \S4i. 
IK -Thf: (TliiMreoB Ynr,' 1^7. 19. 'Tli« 
CkildkMdorMarvLwcoiw'l^^. ^0, ' Our 
CtoiuiM IB Oliio,' ]»{». dl. 'Th" EJiiir of 
WMt.WaTl*n,'lWI. 32.-ThrDiiilofl^v.-,' 
ISM. 28. • Itifdn and How.-m and oilmr 
OoHRtfjr Tliinjc«,' l(*05, IM. *Tliw ritluru 
Book for the Youtig/ll^M. ^u. 'M.lluvnu'a 
llliwtnl«al Library for the Vouhk,' 18AHi 
Itn MTMB. 36. • l,illie«W, or Lofi nwl 
Found,' 1661. 27. 'Lit.t.Ix Anlmr'* I^Uitk 
UbbSirtar Man.' IBSl. I'H. -Tbi- I'oot'ii 
ChiUmi,' )SB3^ l». 'Tbi- Storr of LittU' 
Ctiafal.' tHUa. 80. ' Mr. RuddVanuidcbil' 
dim.' lr«t. 31. ■ Talu in ProM for Yuung 
IVipIc' l^et. 82. -M. Rowitt'a Sketche« 
of NaiunJ HUtorr. I«UM. 38. 'Talva ia 
Vmw for I'oung People,' ISttS. M. 'Oiir 
Foar-foo(«d I-Viiuda,' 1867. 80. -JoliiiOriM'o 
8un in l.if«,' 1060. 36. ' IVlurea from 
Natnns' 1609: S7, ■ Vijrnottm of Atnoricna 
IliitotT.' 18fle. 38. 'A I'lt-Miuit Lift-,* 1871. 
mt. 'BiMtaivltlidr NMt«.'lt«7l>. 40. 'Na- 
tural ni*LotT.Stori>.'«;iH7,y 41. 'Talcs for 
all SM^m*,' lAAl. ii. 'Tale* of Ensli*l> 
lih, iiiRliidiB8 Middlaloa and tbe Mi(ldli> 
toM.' I8HI. 

rSUrnuM llovilt'i UK* of Mniy Haaitl. 
1)W. «itb two poftnllai Oood Wonl*. 18SII. pp. 
13. ITl.a30;SM.aO!: Hitl*^ Woman'- R«snd, 
l(M, ifL MP-TOS, witli ponnit; Albfnnum. 
' Tth. IU8. p. 1(8, ■n>l 1 1 Feb. p. IHI : Tima*. 

VnK l««8. p. T. and 7 F«fc. p. 8; Gmphic. 
U Kfb IHSt. p. I6H, wllh ponrtii - AUrr 
Valla'f lir«, ISHf.ii. I'Ifti tio<]«j'>Lnily> l{;K>k, 
MUL air. 130^; isfonaaiion from tin. John 
il: aMllbaaDlhontiMiDODlionsd uadcr 

TujXkH HllVITT.) O, C. It. 


iboni at ll>>nii>ir in IK'rIiitliirt' in 17TO. wiw 

■UMHioofTlioinulIdwitianil l'li(i<li<>TnntuDi. 

U'illiaDi lloniii [q.T.jwiut bisbmlbvr. 11* 

t|i*nr hit T«rli>^ jHiin ai a drut^|iii in Not- 

liBitliani, ■■ lirKt in ]ianii«nliip iriili liin 

<licf William, bst finallv "o lii* own bc> 

•bL Iln wa4 nil anlfnl lovur of lilcraliim, 

BUblUhnd in {Alio a iralumi' of tunm* 

tIrd'AiilvdiluvwnSkMeliM.' TIiwwm 

faifrhly pniiHHlby4Miiu|iot«nt jud^-i,nnd iraa 
fotlowDd in 1S40 by tli»'Ui|i>y King' and 
uih^r novms. Many of Hnwitt'i novou ap- 
pmn-d liral in ' Tail's Moi^anni- and W. 
I )>>anj>'n'i> ' Miwi'Ilany.' Towanlii ibi^ vad of 
lA.ltl Kii'hapl. ill (ujin)ianir wit.b Ids brMlier, 
Dr. <i'>dfn-} Ilowiit. i-mifpii«vl to AustniUs, 
bill ri'tiininj in 1M44, and pnbliiibml htx ax- 

Scriirniini in ' Imiin^wlon* of Aualralia Fidix 
luinK Four Ycara' Itcndcnoe in tbat (^blony, 
Nutwof a VoysK" ■^■>nd the World, Atutra" 
lian I\»in*,' jfcc, 19U>. Thid miKMlLany of 
prow and t^fm i(asdt«(!ribt>d by Li^ij^-b Hunt 
a^'fullofBi-'iiuiii'.' (liolnrwof nntun-, nnimnl*' 
and innninialr.' .Xflcr a Mnr in XiiEtiiij^bnin 
Ilowiit n>(irFdt'>lvdingliTy,?tii1tin)iliainihir», 
aiul published in IWiWn liut volume of vufml 
' W'aiip'n Honey, <-r I'cictii' (!<>ld and GcmHOf 
Poelie Thou^lit.' Elc dipd at Edind^y oa 
A l-%ib. 1^)9, and was buried in itie Fricnda* 
c«m«it«^ u MnnaUald. Chrislopber Noitli 
■nri of'bim, in tbo 'NoctM Ambronuin,' 
' Itichnrd hn' (ruu pontic folding, and no 
nmol! p-wtic power.' 

[TLp Itrliquary. i. and xi.-. Marjf Howiii - an 
Anioliiugniphy.MlltadbyhaTdaiigliiiir. MnrpuDt 
H(.wilt, I9«P. 1, 117. IS1, ill, ii, 100^ NoWiog- 
h-iui Duilf Expnsia. I'ebruarj ISS9: N>jlt.iD|cliiun 
fiooU] R. B. 

HOWITT, SAMI:B[. (I7«R?-|8S»), 
painlitr nnd clrlii'r, a rai'mhrtr of an old Not* 
Tin^biiDiiiliin- quakr-r family, n-aa born Kboat 
[''Ui. lu mrly liff bi-wiu in an indqi«nd«nt 

f||^iliun, iind, rotidtns ar Cbi^'Ldl, Eppin^ 
'itr"'t,<Wutt<ilbiiQs(Jrtotitddf]K)r1*- Finan- 
cial ilifKrulliM cnin]ivll*d him In turn lo art 
oa a profiuaion. ComiBg to lrf>iidcin, hi' w«s 
for a time a dntwing moitM', and aitsnded 
Dr. (ioodenonRb'n bcbJoiot at Ealiuir, In 
I7tt3hceidiihitc<l wilb tlii^K.-citftyof Briliah 
Ani»I« tbrn- 'slnintO dniwings ' of hunting 
«atgect«, and in ITtiTi fir*t *pp««nKl at ibo 
Roral Academy, oniIributinDlwo lanilaoapM i 
in 1703 ho font' Jaquiw aiid thn l>eer' uid 
•A Vox Hunt.' Ho worked botb in oiU aad 
natf^-colout*. confining liimaelf to ■KiTtin([ 
■uUeoi* and illuatrations of nalutid ikliirj, 
wbleli ai» catrfully drawn, noj spiritad ano 
trulliAil. Ilowitt was okiaaly aMooiatod U 
kia art will) Itonlaiidaon, «ilio«p aislw ba 
marriod. and liit work* frpnuavtly paa* for 
tbiMttofbiabmllit-r-iiv-law; liuI.unlikrAltow- 
laadion, hr va> a practical tpoKanMa, and 
hie iucidcnis are nnn Kenratatyd«lillMt«d. 
llv WM a ol«ver and indasttious Htintr, and 
publialMd a gr**! nunbtroT plam Minilar 
in rhaiactrr In hi* drawings, and dalwnlelf 
Mrculcii with n linr n«dk. II* aba pri>- 
duoad a BBtubprof tkrkatNrea in tlio Maonnr 

of Rowluidson. It boa been ai&leil ihai 
Howilt vi«iteil Titdin, bul tliia is nil cnvir ; 
his onlj «iB*i<-rn tiiliJMM wptp tJio ^rswinp 
for Ottptain T. WiUumitnn'ii ' OrixiiUl I-^fld 
Sport*,* leO", nnd tbi-im wtire workml up ia 
l.iu:lnBtl from iiliftclii-'iiIiT\ViUi(«n«)ii, Ullicr 
of lim wiirkd nre - ' MuocllAlleous KlctiiiiES 
or AiiimaU,' uO pisli-o, ItHO:;: -Brili^ FivM 
8wiri".'J0i'ii]inirwilp!iit'«*, lrtj7i'Thi-Anj.'ItT'i) 
Mwiuiil." will. 13 |i1hio», IS08: 'A New Work 
of AnicnalR, principnlly dosigiMid frnm tlip 
FsblMof ji{i(ip,(lBy,Riull'hiidnui,'5ttp!iitni, 
1811; 'Orouptdf Animali.'34iilatw, 1811; 
'The BrilUli SporUman.' 70 pUtw, IBIS: 
•ndmuiT ot tliu drawin^-i fur 'rorL-ij^i Field 
SporU/lSM. Afii^rl'illllowitt ivuppMrvd 
»l die RojaI A?i(cl<.-inyciilj' iii 1814 and IttlA. 
HvdiMlio PonicraTowiiiiilfl22, IlingrenN 
grnnddltii^iit'^r, Mr*, ^nmm'l HnnLmgii, prci- . 
m'39irik a lafRc nilmlxT of hi» worku, iind i-x- 
unplMiTo ID thr> prim nx^m of the British 
Muaeuin vid iL(.':>uiittiK(^nAin)(toti Mimi^iim. 
[JtadiCTani'ii Diet, uf Artiai-: (imvpii'i- I)icl. 
ef AniaUk i;eO-ISSO: UniTvr^il On. o( Boi^kA 
on Alt: ItaminiKcnccaof llcnr; Augnlo. I83Ui 
6ngo'u Rowkodaou; bronnnllan from Itev. S. 
Biwiine--} F. M. O'D. 

HOWITT, \VIU,IAM(1703-187fl),mi#. 
oelUneouflwriii-T, wBabOTtiul lli'micir,r)i--fl>y- 
iliira, IS Ihv. 171)2. Hill fnthcr, Tliotnii* 
Ilowitt. wlu) fsrmi.-'l a tevt nirre* of Iftnd al 
Ilvnnor, jmnvd ibu Suciuty of FriMida on hi* 
mtirriBfrr' wiili Pbii^ljc Tnntiiin, a mi-nibH of 
the wiiiu' #ociHy, with wbom he acquired n 
coiwidprabli' fnrluiw. Willinm Wat a pre- 
cor-ioui child, who nt thn af[« of thirti^n 
wrote ' Au Addnaa ti Hprioir.' which wiut 
iuu-Tiwl in Om 'Monthly Sln^njini'.' From 
l&a to 1806 h« vaa at' ihu Frii-nds' public 
Khool al Aclrworih, Yurkiiliir«i (NoujIL, IM- 
tioj/mjihi/ of Aftwarth fir^h'ml. 1^8(1, pp. 17- 
30^ with porlrnit; If, TmiMi'Miy, Ilirloty ^ 
wud* went to tchool ot Tiimworlli, whrre 
he Mudl«d chumiiilrv and nut iiral philuiopbv. 
Hi! owed hu r«al aducnlioii. hcjwi'vvr, to pri- 
vate Tvoding and his iinluml aptitude for 
Bcquiriiifl; fnrvicn lanpujifps. From liisroulh 
h« wnn lond fiiop^n-nir tpnrlii. Ill 1^1 he 
marri'vi Mnrj- llnthnro's™- IIdwht, Maut]. 
The liroi yi'iirnf thi-irranrrifdlifnwa^ptwpd 
inSliUlbrdshirr,nln.To ihcvcoiijointly wrote, 
the lint of [uuny likf pirxluci iinut, a poetical 
Toliimt- entillifd 'The Forest Minatrel.' In 
18dH they mu'le h jwdeRtrian lour through 
Scotland, nt ilinl dntn an tiiihoard-or nchipve- 
inSRt. On their rv^tiim Howlu look up his 
fMideoice in ihi- Mnrkrt Plac*, Nottinjfhniii, 
M ■ chumint luid drufT^iit. i)u»itiei« did not 
iautrupl hi* litonu^' work, and in 1831 he 

Iiroducpd tbp ' llook ot Ui« ^Pi»>(iiit, 'ir Ca- 
cndarof Nalurn,'in 1833 hlj ■ PoixiUr llio- 
torv of I*ri«leraft in all Ag>» an<I Nniiniw,' 
anil in I^STr bin 'Pantika, or Traditinnp of 
the niofil Ancient Times,' i toU. The ' Rook 
of tlie Bea«on«' wu refiued by four of tha 
prinripnl piihlishin); liouaM, yet wboii takes 
lip hy ('olbum & Bentler rapidly ran 19 
Hvunlnriti; edition*. Ilia * lltoiorvof E*rie«t- 
craiY ' W to hi* olcction ai nfilnrmaii of 
Notlingham. and to aaxxiialinn with Ibo aiv 
live Ubenils nf the day. Finding that public 
I ifp deprived him of leisuru for wrilinft, ha 
in 1*^10 PMiio»»d to Wef I F,nd Cottage, Faher, 
where he rnnidnd ihirlne tlifi next tlir^t' veara. 
Here he wrote ' Kurni I.iff of KiiBlunil,' 

2 vol.., 1836, 'The Bor." fountrv Rook,' 
lese, and the first wrie. of ' Visiii. lo Ilo- 
inarknhl«PlMW.'l8lti. In 1440 he look up 
liiH rciiidenci! at ilvidelherg fur the benefit of 
hiH children's iHlitmtiiin, and in I84'J,beHidet 

fiiblli.hinti' ih'' ni'cnnd ■eni'O of 'Visiu lo 
tvninrkabl'- Ilnce*.' brouglil nut ' Rural and 
Domfatic Life nf limnuhy," a work which, 
according to the ' AllRumcino TiviUtag,' con- 
iBJnwl the mont Bccunt« account of that 
couiitry writt«ii by a foTeijnier. While in 
Oaraany Howitt nnt only improved lUa 
knowlMJp of n«rman literature, but nito 
made n ramplete dudy of Rwixlisb and 
Danifth. Keiurnintc lo Fnglond in 1^13 he 
wttlcdol The K1miL,riaptoii, London, where 
he nlmlied ni(»iiieriim. In April IWti he b»- 
came Coiiiiei'tc^l with tile ' I'eople'i JonniKl,* 
fitiil ai) u contributor, and nfterviunli oa part 
proprietor. A i]iiarrel eiiBuing Hoirittwtth- 
Urr'w.niidin.Iiiniinry l><47«ct uparivaliierio- 
dical cnllfd' Itowilt'iiJonma1,'of which three 
volutm* Bppi'jirpd, hut il wna not. n pecuniary 
sucees*. AmonR other worku from hin pott 
were'HoiucHond HauntcoflhemoA eminent 
Britinh Poel*,' 1847,-The Vear-Book of iho 
Cniiiiirv,' I^Till, nnd'Modnme Durriiigton of 
ill- IW.','<t novel. 18r>l. FYom \%V» to 18&2 
he lived nt I'pptT AvoDue Road, St. John'a 
Wood. In June I8fi3. eccoiDpanicd by hia 
(oiw Al&ed William andCliart ton, he Mt nfl 
for Aiwtratia on a viilt to hii> bmthor Dr. 
Oudfrev Howitt. During the Iwo fcillowin|[ 
Tuarn il-* trnrelled through Victoria, New 
South Walt'D. nnd Tasmania, and had prac- 
ticnl I'lperienc' of working in a KOld-nold. 
Comiiitf biick to Fnglniid in ISIMthii family 
in Ihe rac-nntiron hnving mnoved to the 
Ilermitnge. Ilighgille, he wrote nevernl works 
on Ailbtrrilia ('A Itoy'i Advunturen in 'he 
Wilds <>f Aii»trttliu,' IW-l, 'I..aiid, Labour, 
nnd (iold, or Two Ycaw in Victoris,' \>^i6, 

3 vnig,, ' Tnllnngeitfl, the Scjiialler's Homo/ 
1857, 3 vols., ■ Tho Hinlory of Dincoverv in 
Aiislralia,Ta«mBoiB, nnd NcwiUialajad/lSOfi, 



How land 

S Tob.), bat hi* opinion* on colonial nutter* 

WW* wrvnlj critieiwd. About thU period 

Hoviil utd liii wife become believen in 

- ■panliMiiaai.but.MinihL'ca.'woftbeirfn^n'lB 

[lb. Uti Hra. S. C. Hall, tl»ir rt'^nl for 

die CbriMkn Migiim did not ilimiuixh Ih* 

TJu- tyn-Maginil Sttitv, IBifi r. m. 393, 

*m,&IO, ISSSri. 13, SB; A. W. H, Watw, 

; iVaflMTi o/'fAr Spiritiutl lUfarmation. X^nA. 

' n>. IS7-3:26). SoUlinffBt W«i llill l.«d^, 

IukIimIl-, in ISTi?, Ilowitt coQlinued his in- 

defttit^bte lilprarr Uboiun. and oocupi<<d 

much of Lis l(risiir» in ftmnKiuc atuioM wiUi 

D, P. H<ini» [fl. v.] [.SpiWfun/.Wv.Fobniiurjr 

laeo niid Ocii>Vr ItWJl : EtoiiK. Inrtdnti in 

wfU/f, \e6».f.\>*m. Iloeontribiitcd to tli« 

L'miriiiial Maeuinu' npwnrda of a hundred 

[■fttelw deacribim; hi* pHnonal Hxp^rienoM. 

'Ob 19 Juno l^ClS he r««lrt<d n {wmnioM 

I ftoB tlie civil li«t of MW. a p«r. iMwivn 

1M6 Mil] t^fiS tii> ktdC^ Die largp volutniv 

I flf 4 < Populnr lllnlory nf Knj[land' (from 

tb* fttiitn of ICdvard 11) for Mourn. Cta- 

foil, IVfrer, .t Unltiin, wliicb diuhiI through 

•cirn •slitioni, ft wa.i sold oHffiually in 

WMkl* numbern, sud cvticlivd it cirrulatioa 

ofalinndKd thoiiMail. I.orl nT<m)[liBin and 

iHt. ftobait Oiiuiilwn hl|i!ilv rnmni<-iidHl it. 

1(168 to 1870 he Itvi^' nt IV- Orclmrd, 

' Fchpr. In 1870 b» tottloi nt Kome, 

wbere on Itl April 1^1 be eeldmtad hi* 

golden wnldin|i. DiirinKtheiumnu^rht^ lived 

■t Dielveboiai m the Tyrol, rrturuinf: In Roow 

Kir tkn wiatiiruid spriiig. At Kutne Iw tn- 

, Mmicd hioiMlf in the fonnstion of a SoviMj 

fcr the Pn>t«ction of Anin>tU,aad iu a pro- 

liM for planliw ibo Canpapw with tlwi 

E BBMljptut iflobulaii, w«ll known for ita power 

[ flf ilwiwiying malaria. Hi- dinl of brondiili* 

3 March 1871), and waa bDriml is tli* pro- 
l«*tanl ouniili^nr oa fi Mandk 

Among hi« enildr<-n iri-n> AltVnd Williatn 
Howitt, Aiwtralinn travullt, and tbo dia- 
eoittnt at llie tMoaioa ol tlie explurvn 
Unriu and Will*, which tie btnught *•< Mul- 
boume for burial ; lIvrbeH Clurilon Howitt. 
who wan drowni-d wliile MiginnrrtDf a road 
b Srw ZMtland ; Anna hluy llowitt, wifo 
of Alfrvd Alaric Walta, iImi biopabliur of 

hrr fattinr, nod BBlhiiT ct ' Alt Vl OtIc In 
Munii'li.' whci JhhI al flwtoabwB Sit July 
IhM; mid Mnr.-an-i lliiwilt, ihn wnior of 
Ibi' 'i.ifi- iif t-'rr-Jrika Hfmar.' UiJ of Uia 
■■••iBiiir nt b»r own Bi'>tl»^. 

In iviiijiiiii'ti-ui wilh hi* wilt b* wrata or 
Mdiiol tmi()i<* Uui work* in>ntiaaiMl abow i 
1 . ' Tlin [tcwilat inn iif Kraia, and othnr INxniui,' 
UiUT. 3. 'Ilw Utrrmtai* oud KomaB)'i» of 
Kocthnra Knnip-,' IWt. 3. 'Htnnaa of Hnc- 
liiAttnid Fonign Lib,' t«6& 4. 'Ilowiit* 

J'lUnial of I.iiwBluro iind Popular Prq g w afc * 
IM~-«. R. 'The rtoplu'* and Ifowitt^i 
Journal,' 1S49. & ■ Ituinod Abbon and 
CoatUui of tirv-at Britain,' 16Qd, 18&4, two 

Hia principal workH. in addition to thooeal- 
r«ady ntonlion^, wera: 1. ' ColoniHtion and 
ChrialianitT : a lliatonr of ibc InAlment of 
Nnti\-Mbvifnrop««iui,'ieS0. S. 'ThttStiidrat 
Life of UemiaiiT,' bjr Dr. Coni»lia«, Lu. W, 
Howitt, 1641. 3. PetarSohlMnihra'Wun- 
diireaino Ueachicht«,' a tniulatiou. IS43. 

4. ' Wand«rin|r« of a Janrnrytatu Tailor,' 
by P. n. IlitliliBua, a tno»l»iion, llM4. 

5, ■ Thn Lifi) and AdvoniurM of Jack of tbe 
Mill.' 1841. I). 'Qi^rman KxpMiMicet,' IU4. 

7. ' Life in DolRCBrlia,' bv F. Ilr«tn*r, a 
tnLaalalion. l^C). 8 *T1^« Hall and tho 
Hoinlel, or Si^i-ncn of (.'ountrv l.ifo,' 1818, 
Svola. St. -Tlip lli-lorr of SlBpic'hv J. Kn- 
ni'mowT.a traiiaUtiun, Ic^ul,:; voIb. fo, 'Ths 
Man of the Fnople.' 1800, 3 volit. 11. -The 
Himary of thn Sutwmatural in all Amu and 
Naiioiu," 188.1, 2 vol*. 12. ' Woodbum 
Graugu ; a Stdit of Engliah Countrr ]^«,' 
1807, 3 vola. 13. ■ Tbe Northem Uoi^U 
of London, or Uialoricol Aaaoeiationi of 
Hampatcai), Hi([h^l«, Sluawvll Bill, Doni' 
■••V, and laliu^D,' 1060, Svo. 14. 'Th« 
Had Wnr>I'lan«t, and other Poome,* 1871. 
16. 'TboIUlitponofRomD,*l873. 

[A. M. U. Watta'i PtoDcnn of ih< ^dntoal 
(Ulomiallon. IHHa. pp. liJ-ilS , Tho Katnn- 
tiat. Apnl 183», pp. SlW.TS. witii rartiail: Oar- 
ovliot Brown'a KoUiaghaauhirn worthioi, 18S1. 
pp. 3di-40 1 nomo'a Ns« Spirit of iba Ag*^ 
till. L 177-BB ; Wlboa'a .Va«t«a AoibrodaM, 
No. sizlz.KorafaUrlBSS.:to.lri. April IISI; 

8. C, Hair* RstmapeA of a Lone Lifa, ISBS. n. 
110-31 ^ Timoa, 4 llar«h 1S79. p. I«, « Mareh, 
p, 4 ; AIIDrona'* Diet, of Kii||li*h'Tatnre, i. 
DOA.H; S|>tac«T T. Ha1l'« R*aiiuknl4» Praple 
wlion 1 harnkiKiwD, I8TS. pp.)ll-ia; IU<a» 
tfatnl Umdnn Nan. Stt March IH;», pp. 3D7, 
■t»t, wilb pnrtrrUt.] II. C. B. 

HOWLAND, KI('iL\ItI). U.I>. (lUO- 
lUOU), biifaop of PdtorlMWOiiHb, the aon and 
1i«irof Jolin1[owlBnd,senll<:uian,oflhecitj 
of Ixindon, and Aun(> (!rei-BWay of OI07, 
Norfolk, w«a bora at Newport Pond, mat 
Safran WaldoB, K>i*>-i. and bapiiaod 26 Sopt. 
IMX He WMadiaillixIpniuioiirr atCbritt'a 
Iw niiipaird !■' Si. John'* Coll«)(i>, wlivrn be 

Kduatnl ILA. I-'WIOI. iif waa eldolfld a 
ow of i'vtcrlMiue 11 Ni». IM^.andpo- 
errdedH.A.inlCilU. IIUiiiibanuMUdegrMa 
w«» ll.l), ir>70, I>.1>. inra H« wa» in«or^ 
u>ratrdM.A.ofOxf»rdliJuly l.Vt7. la IMS 
be bOoanervctorof Stathnm, l.«oe«l«««kii«, 
on tbe pitsantalion of ttMtBMUraad fellow* 

How land 


How land 

of Potarlioiuo. tn bii eiirlit>ryi>a» HoirUnd 
1003) fq- T.]. nnil tifriiiNl tbe uiMiircw^ul 

Ewtiliou to Utin.'bler m IWI implflrina tliaC 
'nrtwriiilii inii;hl Ix- nllowi-il ro n-lurw lo 
C4iiibri<W (Stiiyi-k, .ln«rt/*, 1. ii. 37'I. II. 
t. 3, 4 IS), Hr iiuliiHjiieiitly clintifcTd bi» 
Opinionft, aiid on n viul«it si^midii living 
nrwichod in 81. Mnrr's by one AlilATii, n 
lullon urChriBtV ill UvouT o( ' tlie antii)i»- 
ci]iIiii&T] fiiflioR, OB I SunilnT momiiig in 
(klobvr IA7it, W nbl^ And nilMrHftllly n»i> 
IrgTBTled ii> innrhin^ on ihr »mc tlay in I lie 
»tm« ]ill«o in tlir Bt^i-Tnoon {SiHVi'ii. If'Ail- 
g&t, L 9S). llowlniiJ i^niiied tlje coiili<t>.-acu 
ofBurghlin'.tliHiiulinTic'' lliir'if iWiitiiv-'nilv, 
who made liim liin oluipliiiii. By llinvhl«y » 
inJIueiite lie wa« appniiitud to ihn iiiiiM>T'hi)> 
of Ma^olpnit Colli^, tliun nlmoit in 11 iinti' 
of banlcnijiicy. in lC7fi-*l. Whfu Wiiii- 

Jift T«u^ud tbo miuli.-rs)iip of 1'riiiity 111 
uno 1677, on hi* Kleftimi lo iIji' nvv <if 
'WuKMlor, be alton^ly rt<cuinnii'iii,l>.-il IIow- 
lAiid, wtio wu lus ppraoDitl rrii>nd, TO Ttiirtili- 
ley, lu bit auoCMMr. Tlii" (jiiwn, bownvnr, 
ha«l alrt'ftdv »eWti^ \h. Srill. the nuutrr 

of Si, .lolrn'*, niid it wiu nrraiii-ydlluil Huw* 
land lihoiild bir inunrirmKl frvm Mngdnk-iitr 
to St. Johu'a an SiIII'h «iK'Cfv<ijr, bt'iii^f 'n 
man of gravilf and niodention. <uid nf 
■uJUitf party or ftction.' tie wm admitted 
mut«r30July II177, the vrlir>!««ociotTof Si. 
Jolui's •ending a ]ett4'r of llianllh tn lliirt;!)- 
ley for 'tlie groat tuodnrotiun iit' tlw qkihI 
wpTlhymMtarM)tOTcrtheiii'(iA. LI53, I&6). 
The colloga had been for Mmu yeari iii»> 
tractod b^ diMOnaioiu buiwi-.-n rW puritau 
■ad anKlioan botiona, to liebl wliit-li a new 
body of itatiit«i« liad lieon given enlnrgin^ 
tlip power of the miwl^r and dpfininp hi» 
authority. Ilowlnndnuccnmfiillyii^vp i>tlisrt 
to the iww •latut«ij) (■'£. U. : Bakcii. Ilitt.of 
8L •TbAn'j Ooll. od. .Mayor, pp. IiUh),) In 
1ft73 ho MTTod the ollice of « ic!t-cliAiioi.'Ilor, 
in vhioh capaeiiy bent tlie b«a<l of tli« uni- 
Tonity, wait«d on the nneoa on tier vi«it to 
Audley End, 37 July ISiS, iind prrai-nti'd hor 
with B Greelc T«stamDntandnpnirofs!c)vi-f. 
makioe a nlitablfi oration (Strii-):. Aimalt, 
n. ii.SiS). In IfiSSlie wiij«!iiiii vicivchnn- 
Gt^lor. Tho foUowinKyeur \VLilgift, bvlhis 
time arehbiahov, recommended bis old friend 
for dther of tlu- vocAnl tece of Rath and 
Well* or of Cliichpst^r, or, fniliiiK tho«o, for 
the (jeanervof relorboroughlSrKrri;, WTul- 
mft, i. 837^, Wbon Biinrbli-v advinpd Elint- 
fcelh to OOnfiT tho drani-rj on bim.ohe ruplifd 
thai hn wn* ' woftbr of a bHtltrr pkcr, and 
in \hiH Horn inn I I'd bim 10 ilie ^ee of Peier- 
boTOU^ on tile tmonluTioTi of Itinho]) Bciim- 
Mer to Norifich. Ilo wn* con»wrnli,'d bv 


niiiltrift at Umboth, 7 F.'ti. I U4-fi i^Krn, 
Anmit, III. i. SS8). The fnllowii lami-utad 
Ilowtand'a de|iartiirv from Si. .lolin'?. al- 
tliougb bia fW>qiienlnlMtt'iic»fromCambridKu 
but eaiuod aome diwnlisfaolion (cf. ih. bk. 11. 
pp. IWt-Tl). Tbncboitvofaauuu'Moribrvnt- 
viied (o iniiolvi) the coI)flf[t> in n licrci' inlonial 
itrugzl« ; to avert ilrife il wa* arranjii'd that 
llowhuid ihoiUld t'untiuiK-' to bold tile inulor- 
•hip vith hie poorly eiidiiwi-(l liinh-furic. Dot 
in Fvbruary IM&-'S ihe »(raiii of tlie double 
Ti«pon«ibility dotoRninisl him 10 m«i^ the 
muir<rr»liip*(*A.vp.642-4). UtiIIiMllvi)iiilling 
j Cnmliridf^'HowUuidobtaiDudBurKul'y'fnnr* 
' miMion to tako mne^oung memuHn of hi* 
I CollefreofaoodbirTbmtblumloPelrrboroujfh 
for health nnd recn^atioii in lb" summef. 
j\ino[i(t ili"«"' WO' tliti Barl of Smthninpl 
Kiirt;h1i-y'a trnuidion, nnd iht- gmndsoii 
Sir .^iithioy Uunnj- yib. p. Sift). 

Mowlnnd plndeil the cauw of bis dii 
npiin^t the exc«Btive tax tor fumiihine light 
bnrMi. K* biitbop he took the fini plac« at 
ihi' fun'iral of Mnrv QiU'eti of .Seol-i iu Peter- 
bfitnujch C'Bt.hprtrnl, Febninrj' lfifl7. The 
fiin«rivl ciirt^Ho mnl at hi* pubuw. nnil nflor a 
gn-nt nuuper ill lii« boll priici'iHb'd to ibo 
ciitbedraL On thi- death ot ArvbhiihopPien 
in 1A91. Howlund wu Mmeally ircom- 
mmdmi (or ihe aec of Vorh hy tba lord pR>- 
■id«ut (Earlof Ilnntingdon), ihiiiifihper'^on- 
allyftatmnaonolum.and liie i-oundl of tile 
north, on thi" miiind rif Arohbighup Wliit- 
sift'n bi(;b opinion of him. lie wrote to 
BuTKliley U-jt^nff' anmoTmltoabiittnraup- 
port." but ItuTghloy decUnpJ hi» iKsistanca 
mill Mattlii.'w Hulton was appointed (A. 
Whit.iifl. ii. 21.1 ; Lttntilonmt MSH. Ixxsvi. 
fi7. 80), Til" dnprivfltion of Ciiwdry, vicnr 
ofHoiitb l.iilfrnhikm. Itntlitnd, for'dnprAving 
the Book of Common I'raviT,' hy llnwlnnd 
ledtoalonfcdLnutcwithtfiui ■ imnraclioablo 
perton ' (ih. Avlmrr, p. 9:1). Uowlnnd wifilo 
bisliop held tile living of Sib«on, Leioe«ter> 
(<hin\ in eommtitdam, and laboiiivd iindi^r 
impiiioiiiimiof hanog imporwislMd hi» hi- 
Uork; A.-C. T.. Ti. ii. 3fi7, 374). He waa 
also the object of the acurriloim ntlacki of 
Miinin Mar-Prelata (J^stlr. v. SW Ho 
died unmarried ut Caaior. near Peterborough. 
3.1 Jiin* 1000, nnd wm oWurely butted in 
bis rnt.hpdnil, without any memorial or epi- 
taph, liti in uid lofanTtrb'U'n 'nvetrlennied 
and worthvman'(.SriiTi"B. Lift of Whitgi/t, 
ii. 213). 

[Klrypn** Annnl*. WhlUflft, Aylmar. 11. oc; 
Wooil'a Athons, ii. B03: Jitydmit Boititatd. it. 
■in : Ifliisd. MSS. alii. He. AS, L 39. lit. as, 
luii. 77. IxiTt. H7. B8. tn, 36; Coopar'a 
Aihonw Cftiiubr ] E. v. 




HOWLET. JOHN (IIMS-I&81)>, JMiut, 
nftc tern ill llwi muntr of I(ulUn<l in IMS. 
lie oiili-rvd at Ijiiricr L'olleiju, Oxfonl, in 
1M4, Mill HntiluAiitl B.\- ill uitX), bwoining 
■ llpllow. lie wfiil nliroad in I'j'O wilh clin 
I of hia colltfgo, intmdiim to trmvcl 
I Ilco«, bat| ml«riiif tlia eoll*)iv of Douay 
'^fai tb« WSM nttr, lia wu in 1671 Mc«(T«d 
into tW) otow of Jtwu« u LoiiTMD. At 
Dmiay bp w>* • ennbrnporary of Cainpion, 
and 'iuttiMl ihi-oloBT. Hi- arti-rwitrfli) taii^ht 
tnaDT iliSeTCiil HuTiji^rtifi, chieflv nt lloiia^r- 
In ib^ he proc«ed«d to Poland to itniK id 
tWTnnayltanian miMion, and di«d at Wilns 
an 17 IW. I'm. 

Ilowloi'f namo wa* well known in Eug- 
laad hirniifr it n-iu> appcndLsl lo the dedica- 
tion 111 (h4> qiiiHTR pni&oed to lh« tract by 
IVrhin> >'DlitlBil. 'A Driuf Dlmoui* eontarn- 
iat! t>-rinvni' rvamiin v\iy Catlialiqiiaa n'fiU'n 
to pi Id Church. WriiiVn by a loamad and 

nrtuoiu man lo a fn-iid nf hi» in England, eonditianarihepaoplCfandfavenilrerilieiaBd 

app«arcd. For John Caley [q.v.] Howlrtt 
xiitif drawing* of about a ihouMno aoati of 
En([ti*b monaatiF and n-ligioiia houMa. Sub- 
aiiqai'nllr lie fi-ll into pecuniar* difllctilliM. 
miul dipd nl Xuwinglaii. IR Dec. \»37. aRM 

J New Moncliljr BUfiiuiDD, Jann 1831; Nolaa 
. Qoarin*. 1*1 tpt. i, S31. nl. 69. Alh aer. it. 
*»i-, KoltpuTo'* Diet of Aituta.) L.C. 

HOWLETT, JOHN (I73I-1WH. noli- 
lical ••riiiiiiiiiin'. wn» doiitillein ion of Jofan 
niiiwli-lt nf It<'<lii'orlh. Warwickahire. Uu 
on 10 Nor. 1749, a«p-d 18, and graduu«d 
li^. tn>m St. John'» CjiIIivd in UHH, M.A. 
in I'dii, and B.U. iD I'm. lli- wan pvv 
Mnt«dtoth« living of Great Uu&mow, Ivmsx, 
ill 1771. and waa alao vicar «f 4if«ai Uadnw. 
lU diod at Balh on 30 Fab. 180(. 

Elowlcit wrotfl muck on the atatialina and 

and T>MltcM«d b^ J. tl. lo ibi; Quccniu raoM 
ex«a1lent Maiaalif,' Douav (n-ally printed at 
London), IJI80, 

[Boua'* Rw. of KxrtBt. pp. 46. 181. 207; 
Wood'a Faiti Oxoo. hI. Bliw, i. I8( ; Wood'* 
AUiaiiv Oaon. «d. Blls. ii. A?: Hoaroo'i Cnll., 
Oaf. Hitrt. Bat.. * Sapc I70t; Beg. Unir. Oion., 
(Oaf lliit. 9or.),vol. ii. pt.ii.|^!0; Htar.Hanw. 
[liu. PnniBdv An^linaB SMietnl in Jmu, i. tv^ 
OUtrr'* K(i^. of Uu> Hamhont of the Soe. of 
Jnm. p. I la : Sontliwoiri Bibl. Seripl. Soe. Jam, 
irf. Homo, I47II. p. 4111 : Folty'i BMOnb of thv 
SacL ProHncv, i. 376 ; Knax'a Dooaj Diariea, 
pp. <. 31 ; Btit. Mu*, <:al.) W. A. J. A. 

BOWLBTT. HAimmUlHEW ( 1707- 
1kl>? ), HraaiihutaBn and rafrraver, bora in 
L»utb in LinMbwhiie in 1707, waa aon, hj 
bi« finl marriuv, of nartlioloranw Ilowlatt, 
a native nf Nor^lh, wlio waa*«ltlf<d at l..oiilli. 
Iltvwtuit. can»f to London and aMxrd aa ap- 
mntioe lo Jamaa Heath fq. t.] tfap enKravcr 
ll» waa nainlv enplojed on topographical 
aodahlk^iianaii wnrka. In 1801 h«en|rrnviKl 
and piihluliecl 'A Selwtion of Vien? in lh« 
Cnunif nr l.incolu,' wilh *eT(«tT-ltve pint"* 
Ima arawin(n bj Girtiii, Nh*Ii, and ollion, 
of which a later edition avpcoml in IHor,. 
lie alait ^iMiitail pUtaa (or VVilkiiiaon'i 
'Londina Illiialnia, Bontbani'i' Iluiory of 
BJr.'Fmtt'* 'Nniin-* at Hull,' Andenon'a 
'I'lan and Viuw> of the Abbay Itoyat of 
St. IVinya,' (be ■ Gentlemaa'a Magmciaa.'aod 
•iiBUaT worlu. In 1817 be mada a nnmbrr 
of drawinga for a pNJactod * Hiatory of <nni>- 
^ta,' of which ona aambar onlv wu pub- 
lialieil. When tba Itojal llropiial of Si. Ka- 
tliiiriai'. Di«r tho Tower, waapiiiliHldown in 
IKW, Howlvit made a nnmUir ofdiswiD^, 
witb a Tiow to a pabUcation, wbldh iMvar 

the th«ori«B and writinn of ]>r. Price. In 
eontmdictiao to Price nu maintabud tliat 
mcloaurea rMiLll«d tfom tbe iocmio in popa> 
lalion. Aa an eoonomiat h« is waniuw in 
originalilT. lli* racnla aaa slatiitician con* 
atft chinBy in iho nuawllaneoua information 
whioh bv brought tognthcr. 

Ria work*, apart firam aepaMtiilvpnbliahad 
BFTmona. arc:!. 'An Gxaninatian of Dr. 
niee'a Ba*By on tbe Population of Kngland 
and WBkii.''l7Hl. S. ' An Kni]uiTT into tho 
Influence which Encloaurea haT* umI upon 
tho Population nt En«]aad,' 1766. & 'An 
HtMT '^n the Pnjiiilation 6t Iraland,* 1766. 
4. ' F.ncloaiinw a caiiae of Improved ADTical- 
lure,' 1787. Thia I* a njoind«T lo tlw n- 
tiowa of bin previous work on •'iicl"*>iirM. 
6. 'The tnauflidenCTof thecnuMs lo vhith 
th« lBcn>a*p of our iWrand tbe l*oor'ii itativ 
haT« bocn g«nera]lj aacribtd,' 1 7t*S. 0. • .\t 
and of Wowl'a Account afShn'w.'biirTUouae 
of Indiutrya OomvpondoaCD with Howleu,' 
17Pn. 7. '.\n Kxaraination of Mr. Pilt'a 
Speecb in the Ilouac of Oonmooaon ISFek 
179(1, ntlalive lo the condition irf tbn Poor,' 
179(i. 8. ' Dispcraion of I be preamt kIooot 
apprebenaiona of bt« rep«at«Uv aunvXad 
br tfaa DaeltM of our Oom Tnda, asd cco- 
cluaiofiaora dinirllyoppoaitalandoBryMta- 
bliihi<(l upon wcU-antlienticatml bri*. To 
which are adikd Ubamaliona upco tb* lint 
lU'port of thr CinnmittM on WaMO IsbAm^ 
171U, 9. -Tlie NotublyRorlswBnravia'wed 
in a l.rttrrl<>lh>>«>' rit<nll«nwii. u^inlinfOUt 
thnir .Minmprvn-iitaiinn* and rallncioau Rcs- 
aoninffi in ibc Aiynunl of tba PuBpkkt.'teL, 
)7V^ 10. 'An Inquiry conearaiBBtlM Iiw 
fluaooeofThkBa upon .\ffricattur«i,'£o. (with 
nowrka <m Anbui Yoang), 1801. 

,MmIs Hu. IMI. nt. I. p. an; FcMM^ 

Ahmnl Oim. -. VUOMaA't Ut. nt PdIIUmI 
Ka.DO«y. Work*.] E. C. R. O. 

l)*TI|, ■iirTi'^r atiil itivi'iiior, iml) (on uf 
hUmivl M'lwlntt of (IriwMihiin'h f^l.n«l, 
I»ii(li>ci, ■ii'l ip^nilitnn n( Ji>Ln llowleli of 
111- tun, r>iltiiui> ii\. Mitrr Ihi- Virpii.Nor- 
fiilh, WM \r'TD im 10 .Iiily l7l»l. Hnpniitrnil 
Uiii turji* of lloyiil MiliUrr Survujriira and 
t>ntaglit)MOB k* culni <>n 'if> Aoff. r806,Aiid 

in* a fatviurilu |>u|>ili>f Julin BonaTCWtte, 
iJin nialhKitiatii'iait [i). r.) Ilnwlcll at th» 
«(l>p of foiirlmri iln-w the Jinffrnnu fnr t]i« 
&iunJi nlition nf floiinyrnnlliinMurliil. On 
hoeninlnir a ennnniiwioivl olliiwr bi- •urvi'fml 
tiii|tb>-li«ii<l<'<( imrU ')f llr'rk>liiri> nn'^ ^viti- 
■h<Tfrr>r)h<'orili]niio**iirii^'. Thii ciirjiii Iwinit 
TiiiluL'i-i] in lHl7, afli'f ll>r [ii-nrir, li<r wnH 'in 
tin1f<|uiir iinlil IM'il, w]ii<ii li" wna ttpjioininl 
■MuttBl, mill ill \><MI rliiiif itiiliinry Mir- 
VHjor and ilraiiKlil'iiuiii l» tin- In mnl <~if '>nl- 
nanon. In iHjIil br ww aa i-\biliiior nl lliit 
K««*l Awlnniy, an'l ill IKJM b<< iiutiliibod 
ui infrnnioim trv«iiM< in ]iiTn<pMtivi>. Aa in- 

Swclor of m'ioiiMflr' inxlniiupnta fnr tli« war 
•jurTiBi'iil bo wru b'll In iiiakn imfirove- 
nitiiu lit lk>' luciiiiilain llnnlm•■l>^r Ami in the 
■lailtiitni'li'r Ihrnniwit nt llw Srhool nf Mut- 
k>tn Hf alKiimviitiidan Anrfnami'Ivr, and 
• tni-tlii'diircniutriict'ion.imwwiili'ljadoplad, 
fbTUr)indnwinj[<baanU,wiih ORiimmuiinni- 
fariMi>MtUN>andtaDi|)oratun'. Hrvoml tmiiiTi 
wrillon lir biin on tliMe inti^CxniK ami nu 
OofnaiH niilijii't* 1WTII p«ibli*b<>d in ilii- ' Vni- 
iWaional INupen of Uia Itajt*! Ki^inaM*.' 

¥tOM narfr naBboud ho apvut Bnaoh time 
iBpfnoiintuigcbunJi Kplioob and in clianlalilii 
work Mnanir tlw pnor. II<f r>-iin«l ni tliM af[o 
tfaaVDMlv-oiMiMu] died at IlrouiW in Ki-ni 
wM Jul 1874. 

ni««)<l«r aon, ibo K«v. tk»ii*J IlowUti, 
BLA t'WiBbff. id. IWIV. WW iBatlirnialiol 
Isotun^r at Uw Ko;»l Military <*<illiv^, Sauid- < 
kunt. Ilia rnuiuar iu<a, Itirliknt lluwtcCt. 
P.SlA., u (ion nf lliu nbtivn of Uic It-ilb 
»ri»a vS CkrunirlM. 

fPrituM lDlbrtiwti<.«.1 W. R. 

HOWUCV, IIKNKY(l7;6r-in8),biab 
iu*iuy*ul, iraa a {icuUiMaitl, and wvnwl m 
ft OUpaMtM iu hu miUt« pUoa, Rowna, 
CD. "nmnuv. Ilvtookpatl iaUm tvlMllHMi 
of ITw <u)J in Kobwt l^ti«H** iiiaumv- 
tUin. WkiW roinciMl in tint Ultw plot b* 
vrai ttiP luti'iuiliW pnipnclof of th« irtiicv in 
TliulUKM Strwl, and li> bin was ais^eil 

Um tMk of bria^nc vf (Iw omkAm bjrnMaa 

of wkiclt ItBMWI wwpwJ to aAgt Ua «■- 
tt%me* iuto IhiUin C^dlv. WVU ^lafgti. 
bgwvtvT, ui carnuif out tbia fan of lb* 

ftaaamm; and u be ma ^mmiv »I * 

Hridf»li>M ScfMl, Bowlny troppd (o inlap- 
fen IB « Maaioa aireFt brawl, whick unfor- 
tunaUlj'MtdadliTbkBliaoUiif Cnloapl l,j^ 
Brawn. CoBmlM tbennpon lo conmli hit 
own minj, Howlnj' li-ft tbc ecmehet to tlmr 
tat* Mid dfsl- To ibU imt'-wsnl accidunt 
linuiMt eliiedT nwribnl thu fulurv of kU plot. 
IfoirUy'* bidloff-plafc waa nbiaqnently Im>- 
injcd by a fvllow^worknian, Antlunj Fin- 
n>nj, to Major Sirr. Iii iheacuHo toMTOM 
hioi llowlav •liol o«i> of ihu major'* himi, 
Bnd cao^td into a bnyloA in Pool Strao^ 
but wn« toon captuml. lie waa cond«*dnM 
Ui (laath hj tpte'ul comnuMiao on 3T Supt. 
1803, eoiil!eM«d lo bavia^ UIM Golotwl 
ItrowD, and net Iiia fst« with (brtitudn. 

[MMdilon'a Uiiil*d Irifhmon. 3nl utr. iii. 141 ; 
8niiiidi>n'iiNiiw>-I,vtt«r. 388(pLl803.j R, D, 

HOWLBY. WILLIAM ii:08-iwe). 
arclihuihDp nf Cantrrbury, the only too of 
I William lluwlt-y, view of ItitbajM Sutton 
I aii<l Koulcy, ilanptbin!. waa born at Konlej 
I on I:; Feb. I '(ifl. n» wa* educated at Win- 
cliMlHr, wlicrv be 2nin»J tlie priie fnr KnjilUb 
I •rmrte in 17W nnd 178.1. On 11 Sept. I78S 
b* mntTieiilatn] at Oxford aa a wbfrfar of New 
<'nll(^ (of whicli be aftvrwBnU beoams n 
follow and tiilorl.nnd gniluatod B.A. 1787, 
H.A. 17BI, 11.11, and D.U. )t<06. ilowte; 
waia|>|H>itii»<liiiiortoUu9 Prince of Oraiij^, 
nftenranU Williiun 11 of UoIUnd, diinng 
bis miili'Dce at Oxford. In 17^1 be wa» 
T'ln'irrl a felloir of WincliMivr College, and 
(Ml -.' May l80l wan iDKlalled a nanon of Cbrirt 
ObiinOi. Oxfoid. Inl8CU[I»«b>rwa«made 
ro^iu ptofMMr of dinnity ai OxloM, an ap- 
pomcnMrt wkich lie migoed npnn bi* rlpn- 
lion to tfaa aiHampd bmck. He waa inait- 
tiitod to the \*icMp of KAam Suiioti on 
>* Ittc. I7W. to tbo vieonga of Andotet on 
■ii Jan. ItNti. Mid to th« nytory of Brwlfocd 
PiiTwrellon j3Mav lall. II* wa* admitted 
lo ihp urir^ cnunal oa fi Oct. Irtl3, and rm 
th* lOUtoftbrMiiiFnkMitk wv coniw«T«t«d 
bukop at LmhIom at I^ubetb PaUoo, in tJia 
ftMCMS of Qmm ChaHolte and two of tb» 
nrinowim. HeloolihiaaMi In tbe llmueof 
LofdaattbeomuRitafparliaBiNitoat Not. 

ISIStAwnwIf^U* AMwMri«g;Mk 

080). UIS30hea«m<iMll£abmDfpui 
•ad Mulliaa nfUaH Qbmh CwofiM IhnB • _ 
moral, c o wa iinitiM n l , sad nligiMM point of 
»iew' (fbrt r — lan hw y iUaltw. hw aer. in. 
inn, and u M—tad lo L*i« Uid it down 
wiib mudi eanphMb'that tb* kiiu could do 
aawTOwrkbrr munJtTorphTWallv' 
brl3(WlM«). OnilMiiMtbc^f 
Maaaan Sottoa in Jnh 160* IIowIt-t «m 
DnadaMd to th* mb olCtaieAiuj, and oa 




I April l^<n) l«l(lieo]iip>Milioii to tlivtirmud 
_ Mmi^ of thv Itoman Ciilbulic ICt>li«'r BiU 
(Btrtmmtnlarv DfAalettaavter. ixl. 68-67), 
but kH kiMvndnent tlini the bill AttaW b» 
i * aacon4 time thAt day six iinniilli* WMi 
d, kfter ■ ilebktc of Utrpo nisbtA, by 
lajimty of lOS. InOctobcr |)<31 llowli^ 
aari the Kcond ruadin); of Uu^ Ht^orn 
t* b«Mu*ebe tbuu^t that it irMini^Liev- 
tin ite teBd«nc>. kuil would b>^ ••vtK'ineiy 
> to tfac fabric of Ui» coGMit.uiioii' 
y'Sti Mr. viii, S03-4); in the fnllowinft 
|>, liawime, ofUt mack bcmtniion, bi' 
1 no furtlMT (^pomtiim to ibc mo^uro. 
1 1833 bL-atiDBKlroppMvdtbp Irish Cltun'li 
T«npo™iitiM Bifl (»*. 3rd ser. xU. &10-8), 
and III tb« mibh Tur tucOMal'ulIy movt'd lbs 
iecti'in of the Jewith Civil DiMbiliiios R«- 
Bill <i6. .-Ird wr. xx. ^i>S-6). tn Jutj 
i Ilawtej' looted A Miriiu of Kix nMlutbnx 
MJajt li<ntl Joint ItuwrllV aducatian 
allied by & luojorHj' at 111, and ibe 
n TOO agK«d to. Ilowl«^ diod it Lsm- 

> PaUm on 11 F«b. |h4^, in ili':' ei^lXT- 

> yMT of hi* a^, nnd vu biiTUH] on tbo 
10tfa of the ntno month at Addingt^o, naoi 

wIbj iraa * a very onlinBiy man ' iu 

OKriUe*! oyiuioa (Jtfonornt, iM 8tr. 1><74, ii. 

' 9). De U Mpd (o bavfl been rvmarkablf for 

t eqiuuiimiiTof hit i«an{>«r,aiiil tat hi* cold 

1 animprawirv cbaneler. He wa* Deilh«r 

,_ lelMiiMitpnacliernoraiirilvctiveipoiLkor. 

tl» too* part in a ([mtt namhi'rof m^ilatK- 

Boaual*. and liixd in cotnidRrnhlr state at 

■betli I'aUcc. AcoQiDpanifd by tlie lucd 

nberiain, hv canied tbe a«m of Wil- 

I IVa death tu Kimiiinetoa Falaov, when 

' bad an inierrieir with the j-ouug qiiMn 

^U Sn in i1m moroinc. 

A portnit of him bv C. R. I^xtio, whic^h 
«■• eagnnd hj IT. fSiwins, and hi* biMt ' 
Irr Chaotrey arc in Ibe poMnHUon of Mr. I 
WilUam Howti-y Kin^runiU of STdmantou ' 
fCoun. KefMcnce is TanAe to n oiimbcr of 
•ngraTed pottraits of ll«wl<^- in Eian«'e 
'ChlalogUM,' and an ^ncrsTing by W. lloll, 
-*-« t& Mvtrait by w. Own, a^eBr* in 
•Mond toIroh of Ji>nlBi)'« ' Nniimul . 
■it Oallerj-.' I 

Howley marrittl. on 39 Aue. 1S05, Moiy 
'nocM, eU«t douffhtcr of John lielti. 
' ELLCLS^ of Soolliampton, by whom he had 
two MM and tlin<« daufbtVn. His v\Avr 
xn. William, wMbonrtoull Oct. 1^10. He < 
tDatricaInt«d M Cbtifl CbuTcb, Oxford, on 
i: Dec I838.2T«dnat>*d Il.A. 1^2,<uid di«d 
iu LanbMb !'BUoancil6Jaii.l8a3L Oeoi^ 
iO«rdaa,lu» vu«in|[MMB,dii^donSSe|it. 1620, 
|«g*d t. Maty Anney bis ddcat dauj^ter, 
TOU xxnii. 

manit'd, on IH June 183'>, G«">nfe Howlnnd 
\ViUoU)iLby Bvaumont of Biiohlaud. Sunvy. 
&ft«riranls a baronet. Anne Juno, tli«' »«oi.>ud 
d&itgbier, became thowib of Willinm KJii|i:»- 
mill of Sydmoiilon ('ourf, ni-nr Nuwhiiry, 
on 16 Mnrch Ir^7. Ilnrriet Kliub'tJi, the 
yoimgoA daiiH'I>'''M'i*nied, on l:;<)cl. liVi'2, 
John Adoliifaus Wrii-lil, rectorofSIt^ntliiua. 
8un«}'. Mrs, Howltir »urvir«d birr huBbnnd 
MVi^rM years, and di«d on 13 Aug. I^ijO, 
age*! 77.* 

Ilnwley pabliihoil ■nT«raI ehoivM and no- 
casinnal (crmooi. IIr nUn publiihcd 'A 
LeitM addr««HKl to tbi- ('iefBy """^ I-ni'y "f 
bis I'rovinue,' London, Islu, Pvn.and in Bnid 
to bare «dited ' SonnelB and Miscultauvous 
Poems fay tbe UteThoniftsttuMell.Fvllow of 
NewCoU^^/Oxfrird. 17Sl>,4to. Hi* corre- 
cpomdeDCe wiili i>r. IC»nn Dickson ilnmjicicn 

iq. T.I, ivifiliTO to thfl oppointmptit of tho 
ntliir to ibn ntjfiao jirDf.Maorsbi]! of divinilv 
in ihi! univiTmity of Oxfonl, pOM^d ihroiigU 
■ercral tdiiiona. Hovlev M^uealbud bis 
library to liis domestic cLapInm, Itmjftrnin 
HHTTiJioii r<|. v.],»nd it now fi-.rms pnrl nf tlio 
llowley-uarrison iibrftty at Cimtorbiiry. 

Srho Remcmbnnec of a doparted Ouiilo and 
erintho Chnnhof God,* CbaTBO by Bcnju- 
mio U.trrtsriii, iirchi)«MCin of MJiidiitonn. IHl)i; 
Gttnt, Mug. 1SI8 new mt. nix. 428-8, 186(1 
DOW Mr. ix. 330: Th« Gmntiaa Era, 1833. i. 
B2i; Aiiiinal lU^aUr. IH4S. App. to Chron. 
p(i.2It-IA: Tima. IK and VI Feb. 1848: 11- 
luntnilrd I-oodon Hawr, 18 Feb, 1818. willi 
rortrarti I^ Nito'h Viati Eccl. .inslic. ISM, 
1. SI, ii, 30K. S2rt, 630. ill. £11 ; K&by'» Win- 
cliGHcr Scholars. 1888, pp. 16, i13; Alumui 
Oxon. pt. ii. p. TOi; Kotea aod QueriM. Ttb 
■»T. ix. 307, 317, xi. U7, 230-7: Brit. Mu*. 
Cat.] 0. F, B. H. 

HOWMAN, JOHN (IfilCP-lSftS), abbot 
of Wtutmiustvr. [See FncicEXaAK, JoKjr 


HOWSON, JOHN (1B57 ?-]e»3), bUhop 
ofDurhnin, bnm in tho paiiabof St. Bride, 
London, nlxiut 1667, wna educated lit St, 
PauVs Scbool. nrbenice be procewJe-l to Chri«t 
Church, Oxf^, Mid was «lecte>I a »tud«nt 
ia 1S77. Uo 11.-08 admitted B.A. on 12 Nov. 
latinK kia degM<es in divinitv ou 17 Dec. 1801 
(ft«.q/'FntP,4^(l//.,<)xtUial.Soc.,vol, ii. 
pt. liu p. 76). On 15 July 1IW7 he wm in- 
at«Ued prebendary uf Urrefurd Calbednil, ■ 
proferment which be cedi-d in 1IXI3(!.iiNbvb, 
Fitfti, «l. Hardy, i. 634); Upamn probHiF- 
dary of Kxcterou 29 Nay lMiL> (ii. i. 421); 
wni instituted one of tho Ticaniuf llanqiton, 
OxforiUbire, on " July 16»S; and waa macle 
chaplnin to the quoon. On 1 April 1001 he 




Obuined tl>« ricanut* nf tin^nt Milton, (>x- 
fcirdiJiirVi was Adroiltcil on ttii> fullowiug 
lA MnT to tbi- irciiiid ]>rt'li.Ti(luI dull at 
Christ Churcli I ih, ii. •'> JU ), nml ri>ci-ivi!il ilurtiig 
tlicaunf V-'U tile TL-i't-riri' erf Bntwvll Skloini-. 
Ulfonlhluiv. Ill llSlViV' waa dt>ct«d vici>- j 
cliBowUor of the uinvereity (i6, iii- 476). | 
Duriiif; liid ronn of office lie Ftrovo to put ^ 
ilona piiritnnicm wilb n high linnO (Wunii, 
Aatifuilir* ftf (hford, vd. tiutcti, vol. ii. 


i|. i. pp. L'71-fi), On Aofcwioiiiky, I'Nov. 

t)02, hv prvaeanA ■ Hermoii at !<t. Mary's, 
Oifuanl, in defuneu of tlif TtinivitiM of tb* 
diiuvli of England, wliieli li(> ^rint«d U the 
end of ihe month (r^nrinUvl tn 1003, and 
inip*rfw;lly ill vol. i. oflwlli nlilinnj' of l^rd 
8aiii«ni'i 'Tract* '). Vtota iho dndintiou lo 
Tboma*, lard Buclchunt, it nfippara ibat tli^ 
Mraon RSTC diro offoiice to Um puritan*, wlio 
acGUMd Homou of prMeliinK &1m doctrine 
(cf. also Cal. Stale Papfrt/Sim. lW)l-3, p. 
390). [InwHoit was nominated nn nrifrinni 
fulloiv nf (tiftltPii Collegv on 8 Mn,v ICIO. 
In 101J he Via* ngnia oenmiMl for bnrinK 
oxprcui'd (liMpprnvnl of tbo UimoTaii anuo- 
tntioiu in niiDtli.T unirtTiity iMinnon fWoon, 
Antiguitiet r.f O^forJ. rul. ii, pt. i. p. 312). 
Tbt> uiii)^. u'li't^e cliuuluiii lie wnd, Rympa- 
tliif^il vvitli him, iiii<T iiittrkoil him nnt Top 
high prnfiirnuuit. II>.' vrni tt^pi'iciiiHy plnas(<d 
by tbii robiutt mny »" whicli IIowboh at- 
tacked popery, and by bin ili-c-lnrntinn that 
fas would loown tlii^ popo fiMm bis choir 
' ihouKh ho wnn> fiwirnod thiTnrto with n t«n- 
peiiny nail.' On V May laiO Hon-Mn wu 
Ctiiui-cmled binliop of Uxfopd (LB NbVS, Ii. 

ti<X>), from wliich see tie was translated va 
that of Ourhniii in >Sppt.^nilwr lfi^8 (t%, iii. 
SEUl^. Hi* nrli'inplf to i.>nfnrci> Ijaiid'* 
deerecw involTi'd bim in much iiiutmmly 
wrangUoswilhhiiiplL'rffy. IIodiedoinfiFfb, 
1031-2, api-d 76, and wm biirinl in &\. 
Pliul'a CalEedral. On 10 Aur. ItiOl he mar- 
ried, at BlackbouHou, O.tfonlBhirL-, Elixa- 
betb Floyd of Tlamiiton (6ili»v ffitmiilon, 
Snd «d., p. 3fi) ; his anughtcr Ann? wn* ninr- 
rind to Tbntnnii Foniahy [a. v.], by wliom uliit 
had wrcrnl thildrcn, anct nftflrwurd« to a 
Mr. Cole of Suffolk. Hi:> portrait is at CImiit 
Chnrdi : it was t-njinivcd by Drouabout. 

Uuwaon vnui aUo author of: t. 'A Si>r- 
moii [ou Matlli. luci. 12, 13] pri-acht'd nt 
Pau]c« Crot*e the 4 of Di'tcmlii-r 1507. 
Whpmin n diMoursed that all buying and 
MfUinK "f *pirituall promotion if iinlntri^ill,' 
4to, London, 1.^; another odition thruimo 
v«<ir. 3. '\ Second Sermon p^^achixl at 
l*aulM CrOMw Uio 21 of May ISOS, upon thy 
31 of Math, tlic 12 and 13 Vcmoi: concbid- 
ing a fi>rinur aermon.' -Ito, Loiidun, ITidH. 
S. * Uxora ditntHa propter foraicatioiiein 

aluni lion licet suporindueer*, Tertia TIum i 
J. HowBoni.'i^vo, Oxford, 1009; onotlior edi> 
tion, * BCci.'Mit vjuMlein ibeBM* defontiio con- 
tm re|>r«lienaionoaT.Pri,*2pca.,4to, Oxford, 
liUMl, with a loiter in tiuglisti on the subjeol 
of i.bwconiroT»r«ybyJ. liniooldisandanoloer 
in Lntin tiy A. li'-ntiti*. 4. * Aniclet tobft] 
itn^uimd of wllhin iho diocra of Oxford in 
ihf lirat visiialion of . . . John, lH»hop of 
Uiford.'Jto, Ihtfotd. I«19. R. ' A Circular' 
to thedc«K>- of hiadiocu«eappeadHl to Arch- 
liishop AbDDt'a * Coppic of b 1«tl«r «hewiiis 
till' . . . reasons wbioli indotwd the King^ 
Majesii«< to prcKcribe ilicm Ibniiar direction* 
for prnndipn,' ito, Oxford, Ifl22. 6. ' Opt- , 
tnino HrrmniiD [on Luki< xii. 41, 42, '^-l 
tnodc ia Ctiford A.D. UIIO, wboniin i* provudj 
that St. Hot^r had no Moiuroliicall Power j 
owT tbo rt-fli of tb« Ap'isiliw.acainsi Bellar^] 
miiM, Sandi.-r», Btuplf^ton, and the rwt of j 
that (iompanif,'4To,|jondon, IA22, published J 
by comtnnnd of 3*mv» I. Tho smnon oal 
l.ukn xii. 41,4^, was reprintod in 1661, 4to.J 

rWood'i. Aihcnic Oxon. rf. Bli«, iLAlT-lOi] 
Cal. Suiu Paper*, Dom. I1BS-Ill33i FnlWi 
VTorthiM, i. !70.I 0. 0. 

HOWSON, JOHN SAin,. IKI>. (ItiUft- 
ISto), .kiiii of Chi-jter, l«im f> May 181« at 
GigffJMwick-iii-Cravi^n,Yiirh»hin!,wa««onof , 
the Rev. John Howson, who for inor\< than , 
forty j«ar« had hewn connected iritli Giicgb.'*- 
wicA gTBHiBinr school, and wa* long iinut^nd* 
nuMtor. John Saul Ix-onmi' a pupil in hi* 
fnlhur'aichool, madiiiR ilurinn bit-r ruFiiiioua 
with Mr. Slec.B marbi-amticianof «uinBfii:i- 
ncncp. livins near t'l!swiiit-r. At the i.'arly 
Bffn of •evyutwn hr i^ittreil Triiiily College, 
CambridfiP. Tb'.'rr he amdii- lifelong friolld- ' 
shi]is Willi cniit«iiipomrii.'4 nf ibo hi^hoab] 
stamp, such atOeorgi- Kdwnrd Lynch CottOB j 

S rj. ».J, the fatiiro bi«liop of Onlputtn, William' 
ohn ConybiMirn [o. v.], and Thotniu Whyt^l 
hi^iul of Si. Johni [q. V.]. Iiis most intimata' 
friend, who nccoinpnnicd Bishop Seliryn to 
NuwZL-alnn<.t,aiidtlii.-dtlieruinls43. Howeon 
graduated B.A. in 1^7, obtainingawrnngler* 
Fihip and a place in the (ir*t ehtts of the 
planMCnl tripos, and pTOCAodod M.A. in lts4L 
nod l).n. in 1S61. He Kfttaed thfi member*' 
l.utin cany prixo two yi-ara in auecessioii 
(is.'n'uncl 1S%), and was Norrisian priaeman 
in l^lt, Uu teDvinLtibeuniver^trhebecaina 
private tiitui- to the Man^uis of Sligo, and 
Mibsequintly lo 'b.- Mitn)iiis of iWoc, tha 
nrrwent dulto of Argyll. In 1*416 bi? jmnod 
his frictnd Conybunm, who had juiil been np- 

tioinind ptiiK-ipnl i>l' th<' l.ireroool Collegiate 
aititntion. rw u-nlor cliuaieal innattT. Ho 
wa.H onloiued deacon in l^lii, and priott iSi 
1B4U. Be Ivll Liverpool for a short tima to] 




btccoi* tutor to tluf prvMiil Duk« of Sutht^r- 
l>D(l, but rutanwdkfinitlin l>U!)loiiRd(-rTsk« 
Uia princiuaUhip of the Iiwiiluiiou, irhioli 
he n-lnionl till 1605. IIi« mumgciovm iru 
■vtn&rh&bly ducoRuful, aod be ira* aUo tlii^ 
meiuM or uaublithing « callese fur ffirU at 
livmiool on iho Mine piinciiAca. Iii l^i 
b» dc^mnd tha nnltuui l«ctarM at Ctn- 
tridgv. fa 1896 Ktbop Huold Browne of 
Kly, who had nc-^tlj ■[i[>oint<id tiim Iiit 
tonmilliDf clwplaiti, ptwoicd him to tlio 
Vtcwigo of WibWIl Iluwaon thrmillKnn 

rwigiml ibe prindjiiiltihiu of tlia LiivirT|)o'>l 
«olMg«L He left nUWh iu 1M17 uo being 
mnnulod doui of CIiMi«r. 

D«riw tbn oixhtooti VMFB bo held tha 
daaot-ry ilowann dnvoln! hi* whol* fowon 
to ihd benefit of lbs enlhi'dnil and city of 
Ctiett«r. He found hi* cathodn) vxtoroally 
cnmbliiu (o dt'eaj' Bad in aocae {ibk* in 
dugar of Bbaalal0ilawiifjil],ftiid ila inlvriur 
gMumllj fqiulid uid ilnwry. lIowMn at 
in the loniTHliiiujod nA*«. TluwDrkofraKo- 
ration of the fabric, vfaieh bad boon altondr 
liegun, hu look up and earned Uiroiuiti vita 
Daror-relAiiBK vi|;oar. ThecatJiedmlwunf 
OMiied on 1^ Jan. ItfTi, after tbe Gxpi!n<liture 
oftMarty 100,OOCML, diicAjTaJMNl bfhisnir- 
Mnal exirrlionj, Otlivr work* aucceeded for 
tbo adoRiBiont and oonplvtion of tho fabric. 
In iM'bilfnr tbi- dtT of (^ii-aiiT ItoinMi waa 
ltiL> cliii'f iaMrnmoat la thr bmlilin^ and «n- 
dowinft of the Ktni[*a School, nnil m ita n>- 
orEauintion od a urondor baMU, onm to all 
ennla Mid ranb, and of tlia Uueeifs Scboul. 
fbr tlio btfflwr uducUlon of ctrli. He eon- 
tribated uagiij to tlie building and organ- 
uiag of tlw new mnteaa, and took a keen ta- 
tMWt in tfceaobool of art,ofwtiiob formany 
jean he ma piwideat. Ha triad to nptm* 
the arSb Meonpanjing the ' race nrooft ' at 
CheMM (af. KumHJR^ J^ anJ Itttert, ii. 
360), ajid Matted a aeriea of abort P«pen on 
the auljwt, to wbidi, al hii rvoueM, Cliari«t 
Kingilur r<l- v.], who in 1^0 dad beoone a 
caaa>noiCliMter,eontribiili-<l 1ii> witlUknown 
letter on ' Betting.' I)c«iiiii: ll«ir(on*< yry- 
.^tdioe eftaiiM broad cbsidimun, hu oni) 
Kingilej were am verr cordial tvnm during 
Kiflgil^a time jroara' eUyjU Cheater. lu 
the oottvocatkiB of York Howaon took aa 
iCtin partj vjaoiaDj omonagtbe releBtino 
of the Alhm—B Oread la tho public torvioM 
of tbe dinreb. He wn* a ftmioaiit pmaclwv 
in th(^ uaivcnilv piilfiiU nf CunbrMg* aad 
Uz&wd, and al Bi. Taul'a and Weatminiter 
Abbari awl anlveljraaiiaiedattbemeetinKa 
of ibnehurFh eaagrcw. He ooatribuled as 
artiela in Hie '(Joarirrtj Koview,' 18«II, '<« 
' UeacuaeiiBi in the OhuMh of England,' pub- 

luhed wparafely aa 'The OScIal Help of 
Women in Parocbinl Work and in CbBnlalile 
InstiCulion* ' (1)^^), and tliit pnblkalion, 
with Ilia *peech at tho cburth congrew at 
Yoric in IwO, gate an impube to tbe ravival 
of a iTiiviualiAMl miiiisit; of women in tbo 
chiiTcli. HowKiu <lii>d at Boumcmoulb, in 
tbe eonntioth T«ar of hiit am. lA Dee:. ItSSS. 
Ue wia buried 19 Dec. in uw cloietcv garth 
oftheoathodnl. Wbilo in Liverpool he mar- 
ried M arr, danghttir of John Cromer of Dii^e 
Boak] e1ieonryeuTTiredbimafowdan,and 
waa buried in Uu9 Mine grave. HoleRthne 
«OM and two daugbi«n, 

llowvon'* chnr«ciur wna one of unaffMied 
nmplicit^and trAiwparniii truthfulniMt. Uia 
lympathio* worn more with pTungelicala (ban 
with hifth chuidiinun i but hu wiu wideljr 
tolirnnt in hit ehureh view*. He trar«IIud 
miieh abroad, and twiw riuteil Auvriea 
(ia;i and 1^). 

lloweom'a icbolarvhip waa aoand, and hte 
reading oxtonstviCL Aa a proacbor, if not elo- 
([Uicnt, ba wai alwayi intcrartiug. Uia moct 
liBponaut work, prejinn-d while ha wae at 
Ijreitioot, ia 'Tli« Li/t- luid tlpiailcv of St. 
Paul, of which hu u-a8 ibu juiuL author with 
hU (Vtend, the R«t. W. J. Oonjbeate. Tbe 
n^or portion, inclnding the deacriplirei, gM- 
graphica), and hlxtoHcnl porlionD. lo which 
ite popolariiT i* cbicHy doe, was written by 
IlowoMi. 'llio work waa publiahed in parta, 
tho c-iinplotn rdilion Iwing ianiud tn ISQfi, 
It bai irnniT ihn>u(th naor ediliona, and b 
ttill ■ stondiml work of nfmBeeu llowaoa 
punned the Mty<«i of the lib of the icreal 
epoatle in tbe Iliiliwan lecturea delivereil in 
188^ on ' Tli« Chaneter of St. FWul/ which 
teacLndafminb ixlitioa inlSSti ia'Soenn 
from, the Life nf St. Paul,' 1800; in lb* 

■ If otaphon of St. Paul.' I'^tH ; and In ■ Tbe 
ConBanionaafSl. l>aiiL' 1674. Ilii > Hone 
PcUtes, or Sludiea hi the Life of !l>i. IVter.' 
1883,iaaaligfaterwi>rk. The llohlvn loci un>e 
OB 'The Bndeotial Value of the AoU nfthe 
Apml]n«,' doLivenwl at rhilailelptua (1^80), 
travavw rimilnr jiround. IK hii nunirrnaa 
mnlributioni la wrioilical liti-raturr, which 
DOM iniportaiil wn- bii ' (juartvilj' Ruriew ' 
articlce on * Oret«e,' ■ Krwch Algeria.' ■ The 
Oeogiftpbj and Dic^phv of the OU Teeta- 
iiM-ul.* Ac, and hie ooninbutiona to Sntilh'a 

■ IHctitiDirv of tho Bible.' For 11m exeglMI 
of the NrwTiufaiBunt be wrote oaminenuriea 
OD the 'Kpiitle to the Oalatiana' in the 
'Speaker'* Conaientarr,' 188t; on that to 
'ntUBiiiihe'PulpitCoaiBianlu7,'1SM: aad 
on tbe A«la of Uka ApoatW in Dr. ScMfTa 
'PutiuUrCamiDMitarjr/IMQ, InmntraTor- 
tial literatnre, be waa the aulbor of ' Uvbra 

tlii-Tablc.'kBd Ibe' PontioBof theCoMiruit 
during CoiuMntioii,'o^|KMUgthE'i!BMw>rd 
potiiion.' (Ii« iiiiroiluciwB of wluch into hU 
otdnNtnl be aironglj' depTMatcd. Hewutko 
aatborof aevi>rm] toposmphjf*! siul nrrhso- 
lopoal work*, such •• iV * EoclMiMticBl An- 
tMoilua of AfvyllthuQ ' in thi 'Tnnmetiona ' 
oT tbn Ounbridt[D CMmdiTnSociMy:'CliB>i«r 
iutt.wM,'lH7:!; 'Tbi'lUrcrll«w: iuAsptct 
and Hillary,' 1S75; and on hitMiiul uid 
aicliiieciuw gvide to hb own mtbi^dnil 
cburch. Ilowfoo kbo pulilUlud «oiBcdaT<v 
tioool booki and naay separate cermoiu^ 

pVaauI kncnrlvilgo ; prirate iuTominlimi -, 
obiMurj Dotiov.] E. V. 

HOWTH. t,oiin*, [Sw Pt. I.Aviuntcn, 
CiiiuatvfHiiu, NiviiuLiii, Knd IbintitT.J 

ROY.THOJIAS (1659 171S>.pbT«u^nB 
and poet, barn on l:f Dec. 1 l]a» ( 6'rAiw/ A^.), 
msMiiiof Clemml Hoyof Londou. Tlt^wos 
admittod into Mcrclinnt Tajrlorti* Sc)iuo>l in 
1873, and wnn plocti'd a iirobaliooian' fellow 
of Si. JnhQ'a(^llffitu. Ovfon). in 1*^^. Ho 
(TTadimttHl RA. IStKt, M.A. ms4. M.B. 1886, 
and M.D. 1669. Hn wu apiiumU'd rectus 
pmfauororpliydieBiOxfurdiul'lli^. IIrttni», 
who«eopitiionof 'n ranirk lowchurdi wliies* 
is not nki'ljr to bi< Jtnpnrlial, tays tliot tie 
ownd hU niipoiiitinant in iho hlllnenca of I>r. 
Gibbonn nriih Lord Smnera, and ibat be 
(candalouilf nivlnciodthodDtiMofhiaolRw. 
Aeoording to Wood b« ptnctiinl m a nlit- 
tixMa ' in and near the aotiont Uoroutf)! of 
WBTwick/ I)Ut in IBnS Eveljn, wriiinB (rnm 
Wot ion, Bpi-ak* of Dr. Ho v on ' a vi-ry li-ivnicd, 
ounuus, aiid iiif^unioim pvnun.ncd iiur ni^it;!)- 
bour in Siirn-y.' )1>^ <li<.-d. it ib wiid, iu Ja- 
tiUucBinnrnli<iilt ITlr^. Itt^iiiilMCOiitriljuIinK 
to till- Imnslnlions of Pljitnrcli't ' MomU, 
Id&l, of ComeliuR Nepnx, 16^, and of Smv 
loDiiu'a * Lib of Tilicriii*,' lt(8R, Lo ptitx 
liihed: 1. Two CMny*. thv foron-r 'Urid do 
arlL' Amandi, or ibc Art of Lnvp,' hook i. ; 
tliD lotttT 'llbround Leaiidi'rot'Miun.-uiifrom 
the (^Irveh,' Lcrndon, i6S2. ii. ' Affathoolt*, 
the Sicilian Usuqier;' apoeni, Lonaon, ISSS, 

[ilavlinian HS. S33i Uuok'a Cull, of Ph;>. 
1. 460^ Woodi AtlniiXi Oiion. «L Bliw, ir. 712; 
UdinioV CUwiioni.. i. 380. 323, &«. ; Erdjii's 
Diiitj; KabiiiBoD'a Keg. of Mtrrluuit Tajlon' 
Scliool, i. 277.] C. J. R. 

HOYLAND, FUANCIS (/. l7«.Sl,pool, 
tbu son of JamnH llovlnndofC'iulb Howard 
in tile county of York, wna bom in 1727. 
He wait educHiwl in a scliool at Halifax, nnd 
on IB Junu ITU niatrit-'utated at Magda- 
lene OoUege, Canibridgu, wlierc be graduated 

B_A. in 1748. Soon aftvrwaria be Menu 1 
liave made a voyag« to ibo Weat bdiea t 
n«ruit bit bi-al'rh (et bii Oit tv S^Mik^ 
He took boir otdera, wma ibo friend of Wil- ' 
liam Maxn [i}.r.3, and waa intradncad, pro- 
bably by Maaon, to Horaee Walpolc, wfai»; 
cinrtnl liiBN,df on luD bebalf, and printed I ~ 
poonwat th* Strawberry HiU preea in 17d9Lj 
From HoflaaiTN wov k> it may be i_ ~ 
that bo wa« manied and poor. Tba date 
hia deaib U unoettaiB. In 1768 1m waa 
very ill, and bis iUii««a pterentad faim bvta, 
aoceptia; an ofGtr of a Uring in South T 
lino. Howroto: l.'PMinaandTrmni' 
IxNodon, 1783, 4to, conlainii^ Uiree : 
Tenimu of paalnaa b* J. Caley. 'i. ' Foenu/1 
anothrr edition, aUgntlT aliaivd, StrawbettwJ 
Hill, 1768, 8ro. Two improaaiana witb ditl 
feruDi litlMweea aspeared the aame yoar^ 
&'Odw;Edinburrii,1763. Hiapaen*^ 
repfinieil in vol. xli. of the 'Brititli Foeta'' 
(ed. Tbomss Park), 1806, 8vo, and In tli» 
' nritisli Poetd,' 1R33, roL baiii. 8vo. 

(HoylaDd'aWorki; Wal [«)■'* LtttMa, ad. Con- 
nioirbiun, v. ib*, IM; lattinnatios from P. PM- 
triek, Mq.] W. A. J. A. 

HOYLAND, JOHN {17Sa-lS37),ontBn. 
ist andcorapMt-r.tbeKinofaSfaelEeldcuilur, 
wa« bora in 17S3. From his childhood ' 
nrincod an aptitude for niiisic, which htl 
(tudied, for putpoaea of recreation, uadtt] 
William Mather, organist toSt. Jaraes'i^Siui^ 
field. Uwing to peeuniArr Iosms, Hoylaaf , 
turned to hi* art (or a liveliliood, and deTot«d j 
hinwolf to teaching music, with groat snocMB. ' 
In 1808 he niccooded Mather m atganiit M 
St. Jamea'a, and elttven yean )al«r remorad.] 
to I^utb, Li noolnaliire, where be waabebrt) 
Inng appointed organist of the patish ohuiek, ! 
He die'l on 18 Jan. 18^7. His sun Willian 
was orvnnist of Si. Jaues'a from IS^ to' 

Uorland oomnoaed •eTvral ontlifMus and 
aacreJ pieces, aim iiianoforte studies and 
■out's. He IB cliieSy ramumbcred by his 
seltin£ of the KiOth FfaUn and a versiMi of 
'TlielAiiilo'the Leal." 

[GroTo'a Diet, of Ua*i& i. JW; Bruwn'ii Biog, 
Diet, of Music, p. 33t: in'nroistiiiH tmin Mn. 
Oakei, Ueyland's daiu^htcr] K. ¥. ^t. 

HOYLAND, JOHN (1:60-1831), writer 
on the GipatM, ia Tarioualy dealgnated as ' of 
Shaffiold, Yonahira,' and as 'formerly of 
York.' It was, however, in the couuLiL>a of 
NorLbamnton, Bedford, and Huriford tliat ha 
' Inquenll^ hud opportunity orohaerviiut the 
very diutitule and abject condition of the 
Gipsy race,' whom he bcean to stndy in the 
suininer ^ 1B14. HoborongsdlotleqaakBr 


bodjr, Htd altlioufii ' it mow tin* duanitml 
from iho Mcinty vTM nftcTwaH* niiutabid 
into mMnboraliip.' Hi* Mpuntion mmj liAns 
been due ta hia falling in ■ lore writli a titftch- 
«}«(1 ippty jpri ' (.Vor«* aim/ Qufrin, ^ivd Mrr. 
ti 360) ; but UttfB ta nolbing to warrMit Mr. 
SoMCn^ MBeliuion ' tlwt til* qiiBk«r R»rri4d 
tbafftp»jgiri'(StHm!t, llUl.i^tht Gipua, 
106$, p. W n.) 1I« diodalXorthuniitoa 
90 Aw. lf<3l. ilia ' Kpitomc of ihu Ilutoir 
of tho Wiirld frnm ihu Cniation to the Ad- 
THit of Uie Mnuioh,' finrt publi«Ii(.'4 aaoajr- 
moud7<Londoa, IUnio,18l!f>,reM:lMdktbiril 
edition tuulcr tli* tItU of ' Tli* FulHlnMitit of 
Seriptun Proptuwy' (Svo, 1>^). It U a 
•olwaiariatie work, wli«m EUjoli ■■ the pro- 
totjrpe of FliMtoB, Jephtliaa <]iwgb(«r of 
Ip^mia. 'A UMtoiioalSurrejof thcO**- 
tOBiai, 1 Ubit«, uil PmMit Stat« et tiiM On- 
«!«■' iVork.Bvo. 1810). liu aitll soiiM VRlvo, 
titou^ it is mainly bund on [Up«r'ii tr«iM- 
ktlon of Orsllmnnn'* ' Ziiprmiec.' 

TJoMfJt Smitli'* UneripUts CaUtogW of 
fmw Book*, 11167: AudomI D4«iat«r. 18)1, 
p. UT.] P. B. O. 

HOYLE, EI)M0!JDp«''2-lT<»). wriw 
on nliiii, wm liora in 1472. The stAtameDU 
tbiii VorkiluTL- ^n» tbo count}- of bii biitli 

iAWw md OwriM, ard mf. vii. STf^, that 
le m* r«tii«tr*r of the preragstin court of 
Dulilln in 17 li\ nnd that Iw brid property 
in Dublin (OVnt. M«si. DM«mb«r I74S,p.efi0; 
JVntM mrf Queriet, 4lb tor. v. 3A9), npplj- to 
uiMliW ponon. Iloi-U i* aoid lo baro mob 
mUwI to tbo bur. In 17-11 1m waa Uvinf in 
Qmw Squarti, Lanilon, anil gave Icmobi on 
w1ii*t-playiiiff. Ho also ciroiiUlMl a manii- 
icri|i( biuidbaob, wliieb dcvfilopiit into liia 
faTno»4'8h'irlTn-(itwoBth0()*Deof Wbiat,* 
flr^t |>riiii»l ill 1'43. In tho oarl^ editioa* 
iho auibur ollvr* for a ffiuBita lo dweloM tbe 
•fcmt of kia'aitifieial nMDOi; wliicb A(nm 
not lalcaoff jour Atlvntlon (torn joar Gaae.' 
TfcOMCMMofblafint bookenoourap^lfojrla 
to brnwmit siniilar maiinala on ' JIaclipMi* 
mon,* * Piini-.'t.' ' QiMdrilliT,' and ' Urag-' An 
HtitiMd tbo loaehor aiul bU puinU. ond *1- 
Inilrd Co t^ dimav «f kharpcm who fouDd 
ihtir irertla mada Lnmn |CiTEXtiuiin>«<> i 
U. Josnl Lawn and I'ri^t^ ^ W%M, i 
leiliadil.teM.p.'UV-S). Aladr.v&rortunaie 
M bras, wroi* to die ■ Banilifer' o«i i* H^j I 
I'SO.ibat ' Mr. lloykiwbm bv b«d not ^vi-n . 
ao atwT* fortr loaaona, said 1 wm ona of hia 
b«t •diolan.''^ Iloyb umI U« leacUnc nn- , 
nohflB of tn tb* ^OaBlltnuui'i Maeuin',' 
Fabwy 17m, p. 7ft, ia l^clding'a ■ Tom 
Jonca' {bk. liii. i^. •''). in Almtnilnr Thoi»- 
ma's poan OB * Wbut ' (17U), Md in BTTon^i 

■ Don Juan' (unto itl t. sc), wbieb firat 
I oppMrod in It^l. 

HoyU diod ^ \ng. ]7ft» at Welbeck 
StTuel, CaruiMli^ tsjiwrr. B^-i-d RT (Gmt. 
.Vd^. 170U.p.JU3: CiuNiiKtm. Aootn/A^r, 
^ ftM. }Uf irill, 'Ittlcd M i!eu|. I7B1, wu 
jjrovtfd in Ixindon on U Si-pt. I7W; tliecz»> 
cuton WMw liM ciat^r Rloanof, a apintiar, 
tuid ICobort Criajiin {Xttrt and Qtrrrut, 7tfa 
Mr. vii. J81-:!). Nn aatbitmic p"nnut ia 
Iraovrni lb« pii'luiv by )l<^[mnli, f'KbiliilOil 
at tba CiTstal Palaoe in 1670^ fopnaenia ft 
Yorkshira n^yle, 

IIovl« wu the flnt lo writo tcienliflcal>;r 
im wniM, or indeed any card game, llia 
' ' Sbort Traatiae' aoon bacamt pomlair. Ha 
wu a carvloM editor, but potaaoeJ a vigaou 
stylo of writing and much nrigiaalitr. H« 
t««mH tu hive ptoHIihI I>t IIih i iimmiimi of 
the beat playen of Uie ilar, and intiodncad 
many improrementa in kw •uoee*aiTo adi- 
ttona. Trid 'Sluiri TN<Aii«e' wu voTLTvd at 
SUtionoT*' Hall on 17 Nor. 174:i by tbn 
aulbor, us «)lc propriflir of tin? ropyrigliL 
lt« full lilli- u ■ A Slidrt Tn>niiai> on tbn 
Oame of \Vlii<t,COBlaining tbo I>aw«of llw 
Game ; And alio aone Riuu wlumby a B*- 
^An«r may, with duo attention to ibam, 
attain lo tbo Placing it w«ll. CalcuUiiotu 
for thow who wilt llct the Odda on nnr 
Point of tb* SeoMof iheOame tbm jiWing 
and depending. Oaaaa alalod, to ihi^w wbat 
may bo oflectMt bv a wry gooA Player in 
Cntical Pari* oS Uio Uamo. ReferenoM u 
OuM, vli. ai the Gad of the Ilnlo von ar« 
dif«oi«dliowtoQndih>!tn. Cklculaliau.dt- 
reetinf with moral C«rtainty, how to play 
vdl any Hand or Oanws by abewtn^ tbo 
Chanea of your I'artnrr'a barins I, tf, or 3 
oottain Oanb. With Varimy of <%mi added 
b tb« Afpndii,' Lnndnn. nrinicd by Jojm 
Watta for th« Amlwr, 17L', 12mo. The 
copy in the Bodlciou l.ibnuy i* tbu only ooa 
known of tlui flnt edition: aeveml or tho 
othar earijr vdatMna aiv only p t aa oi nd in 
■ingto eopii<a. Thu pHco, on« giilncft, gtrt 
riao to pinuu*, of which ibn Arat append 
io I7't3. llnvli-'*ownai'ranili?ditian07J3), 
with adJitiaiu. wu aold nc 2t. ' in a nuat 
pocket «M,' The third xnd fourth rdiliona 
wen Mbliahed In 1743; in iIif fourth nli- 
tJon the laws were rfdnced to in<iiiiv-four, 
and ao raaiaiiaed until the Iwrlfth txlition, 
when tbo law« of ITBO wtifo given. J-'ifth 
iHlitiim (1744), •iilh (1740), aenntli (no 
FOpy known). In ibe aiffhth adition (1719) 
tlutteen new euea an added, tage<b<-r wiifa 
iliu tnatiave on <]nadr4n*, ptqiaet, and bark- 
garamoo. Tlir ninth <<(liiio«i 1174^) apptwrrd 
u 'Tlie A««tiralv UMneaior** Companion.' 

Iho iMib tiTiiion (ITCOaad IT&d) bmr* tliv 
Mmr litlH w Un t-igliUi, witb which it U 
IdoBtiml. TliB rlemilli •diiion i* undatnl : 
•Mr. llnrb'* (Uium of Wbkt, QuwfailK 
l'w)upt,Clii'*, ftDiI Bockiiamaiaii, <^r>leiF.' 
Th" iwrtftb wbtioti u d1k> undftUid (l7tll>. 
witti IliK Mmo liilr; also rebmcd 'vritli 
twii Dt-w c*«m' U Ediabuivli, 1761. Ttv^ 
t]iiM*«nih t^tioB is inMlate(r(l'Sa), u well 
M tfcx fmutMBtb «ad tbe Bft«mib (1770). 
Yor Buay jwuttnmj gmidat copy yxirr ihf 
•igiMiBM M no]ile. In tbe IfteoBtli iiliiioo 
it t* rriifr«lur«] frmi ■ wood block. HnlvB 
lawtif I7»0, ravUed bf memben of Whiu'it ' 
•ail Satmdtn'*, ruled wliJM nmil Irvil, wbfo 
t^j ir«n H<p«n«<led hj Ihe cj(l« itraim iiu 
b* lb* Arlinjir1"B (now TurO ond rortliuiil 
elBla iCitKIiPUN, ]>. CI). After Ko^rli''* 
daatli C. JoM* nviMd nunf rdiiiniiK. TIk | 
hook bM brvn fr*qu»Btlj nmintod down lo 

nevTll lisii'A. 7119 TOM 'llnj-le' cumi- to 
h# iiHvl w ropMmtalivir of put bouk r>ii 
KUOM. An 'Alnericau Iliivlu wiu iiub- 
QdlMl ■bout 1HX>. 'A IJiiii<)boukofnhii>l 
an UtaTnt ot IIojlii' wm publi»liixl hy G. I-'. 
Paidon In IWI, and 'lloyl*'* (}uiim Mo- 
fbmltmi; by (h» mom editor, in 1663, 1870, 
aiMl K2. 'TlivSuaitiinl HoTlL'.aconipIcI* 
(diHlf iinon all (temca ori1inuFL>,'BppeM«d 
At St-w \otk, 1887. A Fr«4icb iranMRiton, 
'TraiU ■brtff'' de Ji'ii di> Whi«t,' won itmiiil 
in I'lU, 170o, and ITitl, I^o,m «-»U a* in 
llw 'Acad^D]i« ITnii'iTrwllo dm JcQX,' I7S0i 
iSmn. A (ii-niian lniniilBtioii,'An'iri.'inmi[ 
■tim WliiMtfiirl,' wni printed at Ootba. 1768, 
ISmow '(.^fculnticniii, CastionB, and OUer- 
TatioainiUliiiK "> tberafiouaGanMa played 
wHliOan)*'(17AI>,b;'EdDioiid tingle, jun., 
UaiAmplilMafpiiiwtcarl-plajing; tbenanw 
wa* apfWVBllj adoMwl a* a pMudonrm. 
IfojrwaoUiarwanuaN: ].'SboTtTr*atite 

<m t Le Gam* of Pafknammon,' lyxidon, 1748. 
IStBi) (lilcdil. nolil1«: Aid islit. I'-I'j: 3rd 
•dtt. I?-!!*, in Mb «lil. of Vliitt '). H. • Sliort 
1V(«Um m tliaflaiDeof PiquM, to wliich ar* 
•^led tomt Ralw and Oba^al imu ror nlay- 
ing wvll at CliMa,' Loodfw, 1744, ISno 
(!tnd rdit. 1746; 8rd edit. 1748, in 8tb ediL 
of'Wbiirt'). S.'Bbartl^utiwMitlieGaaw 
of QuadriUu, to wUdi la added the Laws of 
tba Oune,' London, I74S, ISnw (2nd •dil. 
174».i>«ll>'Wbi«t;' 'A brief and 
mcnawrr Pnrji l-mrnt (oatlfomerlVMtiMa 
on QtuAiin-; ir&4. ii fion anoUMT hand). 
4. •SbottTn-atiwof tbeOanwofBng.ooB- 
Uisin; Ik i«vt of ib« Game; alao Cal- 
*^>.tL-i., abeviDg tb« Oddf of winning or 
loring certain Uand* drali,' 1.ondoi), l>'i1. ' 
ISmo. C. ' An Kmt Townrd* nakuif iba 
DectfiM of CbaataaEan-ta tboae wlio nad*!^ 
Mod V«J(w AntkBOtKk onlf, To wlticb ia , 

add«t, Some Uacful Tables on AnnaiiiM for 
Lix'M,' bondoo, 1764, Una, new edit. 1701. 
Tbe book WW aaaoonoed in the ' l*ubtie Ad- 
lenifvr.'l^andSI Jan. 17M.iobeDubii»ked 
al bnlf agiitOM. Il apjNnrvd about l{ii> middle 
of ibe ftar. ' Wbm tlwi iamianal Edoimid 
llrivb- cooaolidatad tbo miM,' aara Pr, I\>1« 

I H;i^.^y ,/ H-kitt, \eeo, ^ «E), • be paid 
jiarticuur attention ' to the ealculiu of ftih- ' 
InbilitM. Tb« book expkint the modea of ' 
MlculatioB of varioiu Droblema letEnins to ' 
pa^uol, allfoun, wbiatf aioe^ lot terioa, andan- 
nuitiea. 6. ' An Eiaaf Towmrda naidng the 
GanM> of Cb4Mi KuOv learned Ky tbot* nbo 
know ibo AfoTM onV> ^tlioiii ili« Aaaial- 
anoe of a Maitir,' l>aiduti, I7iil, l^o (••« 
alio No. !i^. Italian tninalatioD* appMivdin 
171X1 and IKK): iii ia)8 waa piibluAed 'Mr. 
llojrle*! Clame of Cbuu>, iuclnding hi* Cbcaa 

[All lh« known facta rdntitig lo lloylo bate 
t<tcn i-rjllcettd bf Hr. Ilmij Joiim, ' CaTMdi*h,' 
•e* EnrjolopMdia Btitaaniea, 
WliiM. nuil CaTen(li«h'i Lawi and PriaeipteB oif 
Whin, IStb edit. IHH. and io gmMr delafl bf 
Mr. Jolbin Mainhnll. with an iat«r«MinB UbUa- 
(tmpliieal account of the tm.tlx editiopt, in KoUa 
Biul Quurin. Tth wr. rii. 4B1-3. Tiii. 3. 42, 83, 
144. 201. S02. »43, 404. 4113, U. 2«. 143. A. 
TBU dcr Linda's Oeeehichl* dea Sduehatnah^ ii. 
61 -A.] H. k. T. 

HOTLE, JOU>' (rf. 1797 P), wna aubor 
of a dietionarj- of miuical (unna entillad 
'Didioiiariiim Muitca [me]; he'ing a com* 

Silete Pictionary or T^^nsiir^ of ftduie.' Lon- 
lo4i, 1770; rrnubliiboil, with a new liile, In 
1 7M) and MVI. Tho work waa praaotinGed 
'abort and incomplete* by rhc 'Criiinil Re- 
Tiew* tot Ftrbruarr liOl. llojlo i» aaid to 
have died in 17117: 

[Gtorc'a Diet, of Miuv. i. 7M.] B. ¥. S. 

HOYLE, .tOSIIlA.n.n.lrf. 165-1), potT- 
tan iliiiur, was Ikihi at Sywi-rby, ni-ar Mali- 
fai, YotkfJiirr, and eductUed at Ma:;Jnlrn 
Hall, Ltxford. lleinB invilod tn Dubliu, 
probably br rvlat ivw ( Z'atiUosi'et^OrttJiiaUM 
m Umiyrily r/ Duiiai, p. 3^\ be brcUBe 

fellow of TnniljCoUttfe.Bpparcotlj in 1900^ 
r*<ciTcd hi* dodnr'a (WgrWi and wai made 
pQfBWorafdtTinitjrinthfluniwraitj. Wood 
deacribea the learains of bit laotniea sad 
kla aemona. In 1641. on the liNakitig oat 
oftherefaeUion, lie took reftun in Loaden, 
«W» be waa nade ricar of Stepney. Hi* 
pnccbinff waa band 'loo tcbolaMical ' lor 
bi« London eoD|i«gatioa. In 1043 be be- 
came a member of the ''^"Hiffiniliii ftaaaiililj 
of PiviiMw, and itgolariy attandad im neet- 
inx*. lie waa pnaenlM to the litin; of 
ijinnniiuter M«».h.iij DoiMti^iie, hf the 



H ubbard 

UmiM «r Cotmuoa* in K^^inmry 1IU2-3 
(Jmanab nf tJkr Utrntt <ff Commotu, ii- 1)73). 
Hu gkTB evidence «fiuii*t l^ad Ha to hU 
mUct wim otunMllor of Uublin UnicorHty 
(ef. I^iTD, Work*, Iv. 2i>T; Pkixxb, Cbi^ 
ArfainM Dtiim*, Sic, pp. IiA, .-t,*«>. In 
1644, liBTiiiK bcciia for aono timi- cmnloyinl 
bjr tli* commiiti>i> (if pnrlikai'bt for itio nw 
CbniHiion of iho univi-nity of Uxford. Ii« 
mt tppoinud nuiler of L'oivi-mitj CoUt!g« 
ud rapw profeMor of dii iuitj. A oiniwi^ 
of Chnit Cbnrdi.wfaicli liad bwn ap|in>priatpa 
for tlio Mpport of ibu praAMMnki]!. irni iw- 
Ngniid to MioUiM bdon Horlo'* atipninl- 
Bwnt, mnd, ciiico Uio moome of the muter of 
UnJTOvitjr Oollag* wa« very *ruU, Uoylu 
eoaipl>iii<HlwitliniMOiior«nittfiU!-d meaiu. 
He ai«<l on t! 1 icr. 10&1, and wm buried in 
(ill* bid ehaiwl of Dnirenity Col1«g<'- 

DofleV iMRiinf wu vMMiaod bv Areli- 
buLop t'Mbtr, in wboM riodicatton £o wrote 
' A Ibjoj^ilw toMMtarUnlone** Knplycon- 
onoiiif KmU PicMnm.' Dublin, imi, -llo. 
AMmoaiiPMcbedbjJ. Il..iiniiit>d in l<M£ 
witli llu- till« 'JohojailM Juiitic« ngaiuftt 
Urtiiaii, Ittu]'* Prirai, He., it aliiiliuled lo 

[Wooiri Athan* Oion. (BUmI. iii. I8X, AOr. 
1140, Et. a»S ; Bn»k* PnitLuu, liL 338 ; SmI'i 
HiM. of Mat Parium, iii. »>; Rtcburvf iho ' 
Tinton •! th« Um*. of Oifoid. lUT-U. td. 
PnAmot Itnrrami (CuhIob Sac.)] B- B. 

HOYLE; Wn.UIAM 0*«I-1*»»). tew- 
WBaboni in tlwrallwyof UoHinidak), Ijoncn* 
tfaim, in 1831. &*MiutM)t and uverv labour 
h* lUMMdad in iSTi] iu HraxtiDs ft buabaM 
M > ootton-qiiiuior in peiiiwnSip with hi* 
frthM- at nm)kabotUia. mat Bu^, I^nca- 
•hirt-. iBteCObe niuned,BDd ronond to 
TMtiwion,wlieTvaUrsi>mill wMbullt. lip 
dM cn iJfl Fob. JSAR. 

OnnMchioEan indcpendunt (lOHlioa Iloyle 
throw liimaalfiritli grtat enem into t lie tein- 
p«rui«9 iBovaiBnit. Id IMOlie publUbed n 
pUDphtpi br ' A CoitoD Mauufactiirvr,* <■»- 
titlod 'An tniiiiiry into tbr lonc-conticiMvl 
HepwnioB b the Cotton TnuW "lu<:h, r*- 
viafd and wiUi^ into a book, wa* publialwd 
in ItJiTl •« 'Our National KaMMrMBi and bow 
tlipy ani wanted,' bra. Tliii Totiuno mado 
llajrl* at onee a tecogniMd auilmritr on ibi> 
■taliatie* of the drinli qiiuktioii. He lollowwl 
it up by m*o J ebon ]>ablkatMBi, and by an 
annual lellvrtothe "nmea' on ibv 'drink 
bill* of auaeaMin TMm. In IWOnpixarrd 
'Crini* in &lgUM nml WaW in III'- Niitr- , 
teenth Omtit^.' Hoylv wa> an aidenl (up- 
poftar of the polier uiil pracndiun of tM 
llnitvd Kiagdam JUlnnoa, nnd uteiMtad 

Unweilf bJim in the introduction inin Unjiland 
j of Oood Tt'iu|i1aiiBn. la coiiiK-oliua wit4| 
thnworgauinulioniliiff wrote ninni [ifltnphlctMl 
and lettvr*. His ' Ujmiu auil 8aoi,i fori 
Tcmponanee SocJeiJMi and tUnds of Hope ' ] 
IiavK hftd n lai^ circulation. 

[MaiiehMter Onanlinn. I Mnrvb I88S, p.t; 
Cti. orEngl. T>m[MnncoCliAM.« Marcfa ISSBf-j 
I Temp^ranov Itooard, * Mnroh IS8a.| R. B. ' 

(ir>i l.i>iin Ai>iiix«TOH (I8(tt-ltius9). boni SI 
Mnrrh IMOvwaaoldotl HDof Jolui Hulibanl 1 
<•/. 1847), Rnmia nrrrliani. of .Slmtfonl ' 
iirovi', Emvx, by .Marion ^J. I K-M ), dBiiKbl«r 
^ of Jolin Mo^^tui of ItrttiuHflil I'laoi'. Flirit- 
1 fordiiliiw. llu ir»s ediicaliHl [irivuti'ly, and, 
I his ImhUIi )M-ii)|tdiflioiilu,lu< wiutirnt in lt*16 
I la a kIiooI at Itord^itux, wh«n> he tvuained ' 
forfouryvAnL In 1>'21 li*ont«r*dhi«faihcr'a 
I eounting-hou«u,Hndwna»oonconnueledwilli 
I many iinpn«tnnt coniniRvial undsrtaldDi^ 
' Hu vBBis iNtHflerlvdadirvi^iirnrtliff Bank 
of England. From IKJ^I nnlil hit di-atli bn 
waa oliairman of tbu public wurliH loan com- 
tniMlon. Hubbaid«4iTon>dili«Hoi>ioofC*am- 
mona in 1M0 in th* conwrval^vo iatM«at,aa 
tni-mbcr for Hndtm^um. IIo waa not t»- 
i!lccl«din 1808. bntaatfertlif- city of l»ndon i 
from 1674 until 23 July IW7, shcn h* wai i, 
miaed lo tlie pMoVffe ua llaroo AdOintrton of 
Addinjifton in the oouniy of Surrey. (>n 
6 Au({. 1^7-1 linwaaawomof ihfpnvycoundl. 
In tlie UouM! of OHnmona Hubbard «nu a n- 
cogntMd auihorit^ on financial quMliuua. Tho 
iaoonotaxwaahiaapwiBUiudy. Ui-wToii'Dn 
it ■rvural panphlcla, includiD;; ' Itnur ■hiiubl 
anInoamaTaxboUinod>"(lK^i>). Inl^ttl, 
in apito of iba opporitJon i«f .Mr. (iUtUtonr, 
tWn chancelloroTthntuBBhequer, bueaTriuda 
motion br a aelect mntmitiee to inqniro into 
tli»aMnwnicintofth«>tax. Ilnbbanl*«elieiaN 
involvitl tboatiplicaiion lo imperial lajutJon 
of thu principle now |p>Tvr)iin^ load ratine, 
and itiev wtTV afliirwxnU Urxciv adoptad. 
HuliharaaUoaiioltvniiO irnttt' on tlie coinage, 
(«c]e*ia«ticaldilficullK«, iiiiili-diiiiilion. Hu 
built and MUlowed St. Allmn's Cliiireb, Hul- 
bora, wliioh wna eonaeerated :A1 Fob. IMS, 
wrtain niunliaiie pmciic>v of wbirli, tUMigh 
a lu|tl> cliurrrlimaii. he did not approvu [mo 
undi-r .MackiiK'K'kik. Albxaxdku llEUiar]. 
Addin^on «poko W llie laal lime in tna 
lIouH 04 La«^ on the ibnd roadin^ of tha i 
CnMoma and Inland l(eTOBiM< Hill, V* Bhy 
1860, and diad at A>tdinirtoo MaiKir J8 Alls. 
IMC. H* was liuriinl in ibr pari»li rliiirvli- 
nrd. II« mnmi'il, li> May 1>i^7, Maria 
lUifaiM, oldol daugblvr of AVdham Jolm. 




cngUth lord Ktmur, and by Iier liod tiro »i>ds 
mad four AiugatMh Ho nss enccoedtMl bir 
lua tild«at too, EgifftOD, Uio prvtmnc Lord 

[lalorniatlon from Ilia Hon. A. R. Ilobbonl: 
MtnofthaTlnio.txLlSS;; Tim**. 20 July ISSH 
■iiiiS9Mid3l Ana. IHSU^ Church TimiH,8S*i>l. 
1S8B; Huunrd'* PhtU Oolmloa; A. tt. Muko- 
no^»,«dii. mnO, Bamni of Mrnib. of rul.] 

W. A. 3. A. 

hiHluTiiui of Ni-w KngtoiiiJ, born in KV21 or 
leaS, WM thn el(l«Bl Bcm of Wlllku llnb- 
bard, liiiibuictRi«i,of Tt-ndring. Empx, by bin 
yriSit, Juditli, dnughl^T of Jcihn nnd Mnrtlin 
(BloaMi) Knnnp of Imw-ich, S'iffotk ( I'irila- 
titm </ Suffhik, vd. iletenlT, 18S2, p. 1 lU). 
He aceom|uuiiod hi* fatlicr to Nvw Enftlnnd 
in July IffiSG, knd gnduated at Harvard in 
1(M3 (SArioB. Oawtto^Kal D\<f. ii. 4^)-:). 
On ]i Nov. 1058 he wt» ordained, ivit>.l hty 
euDD first BHietant, and Hibi-<(|ii4-i>Uv fiMT'^r, 
of tlio conjcn^ipitiaiul cbuivh in liMwirh, 
M'ff "'■""'"', w-hioh po>l lit Wit until 
dMijircKI. DuHnfi tils abMncK) of Incrvoiu 
Mathc^r ia Hii^'IdqiI in 1668 bewu appointed 
1^ Sir Edmund Aiidro* to not U prMidL>Dt 
ci Hirmrd. He died ni I|i4wich, Momb- 
clnuetu, on U Sopt. 1704. n^-od 83. He 
■aairivd Urn MiirT (not MnrKimt). only 
daughter of tiw liuT. Nntbnniitl Ri>gem of 
IplwicluUaHiRcbuMt1f.))^wlirini1i»)ind two 
MD* nnd n dnngbtcr. llu f>'rand mnrriofcc, 
in 1601, to Mary, widow of Sunuol I'enroo, 
wbo aurrivLiI bim witboul imuo, gave offiniM 
t4> liii coTiLivgution on amount of bur tup- 
poMtd Riwial infL-riurity. During John Dun- 
tm'a Bl«T in Ipfwicb be wm eot«nain»d by 
HtUibuu, of whone leiuning and virtiiM Iw 
bu l«ft an ocer>ntrir. ncMunt (T^/f and 
Errart, ii. lUJ, A mnniisiript coiiy of liin 
'Uiatorv of >pw EnKlond,' for which the 
M*t« of Maatocbuaeltd promiK-d, but pr<» 
btbly did not pay biui, oO/., i* bL-lieiud to 
have been reooucd from the tlaine« by l>r. 
Andrew Rliot in the attack on (lot-emnr 
Thomaa llntduncon's hoiuw by ih« mnb in 
Auguit ]766y and proaratcd m KlioiV non 
John to the Moanwhuiritls ifiitoriirol !So> 
netj, by whom it wna wrulcLedly printed in 
1816. Another <>diti<iu oppuiired in 1)<IS, 
JbimluK vola. V'Vi.of the «ucoud wrii-«uf thu 
■ooiet^a ' Hifitorical ColIwtiotiD ; ' a few 

IMpiea wan alto ii.mck ofl* eppnriit»ly. 
Ilubbard wm also author of: I. 'Th^ 
lUppintM of a Pooflv in tha witdomn of 
thmi mlcm dircctinjr, and in the obodicnco 
of thoir bruthron nttL-ndinR. anto what Ismal 
ought to do : recomra ended in n Seruiuii [ou 
1 Cur. xii. .^] . . , urencLpd at BoRlon,'4to, 
Boston, 107U. ^.'A^amliveofiheTroublo* 

wiU) Uii! Indiana in New Enffknd. fmin . . , 
11107 to . . . 1077. ... To wbiL-h is added 
in . . . 1687. (A Po»tacnpt,di«.) (^Witbi 
Mop of Now-r.n){land, b«Lnf the firat tlwl' 
war wan ht'mciitj,'2ptii.,4lo, llonton, 1677; 
another edition, under the tilkof "Tbo I'ro- 
•cat Stale <iC Sair Kngbind,' &C-, 'J pis., 4to, 
liondou, 1077. Tbu Ameiican tdirimiB in 
8vo nnd liJmo aw worildMi. A beautifully 
prinltd oditiuti, with a lif«of ihoouthor and 
not«a by Sninuol G. Dralte, waa tMued aa 
No*, iii. nnd i». of W. E. Wondwnid'a ' Ilin- 
toricnl Serien,' 4lo, Roxbury, Mhu., tt<6& 
IhiringlBdS Hubhard di-liveredn 'Fm* Ser- 
mon 'and a * t'unerid UUcoune 'on tbtf death 
of Ooneml Daniel lienimn. 'i'be«e, it idaoid, 
were alio printed. 

[H. F. Wal<n'« Otamlojcieal GInninip la. 
Englnnd, val. i. pt. ii. p. 32B : Hil.Ui-'a Bamid | 
GnvinAlt*. i. .U-U'J ; Dnk*'* lib rtierred to.] 


Itii'iif ), ijiiiik>>r vrrilnr. only fon of Jolin llub- 
bnrlhorri, n v^oninn, wn» born nl Yt'jiland* 
KHlmnyne. m ibi- pnriih of Warton, near 
Camfortli,I.anen.i|iirr,anrl bnptim'd nt Wor- 
Um ou b June Ufit^. He waa brau^t up in 
puritan jirinopkti, bevame on oSici-T in ihu 
parliatnentnrrftmiy.Andpreachedtohls troop. ^ 
lie left, tile nrmj on l<econiiiiir a qiiakvr to- ' 
wardu Ihe end of 164«l. In Wi2 be devoted 
bimiiplf lo the work of the qunkiT mimniy, 
btin^onoof thnenrliimt of n«org« Vox'* tiii> 
TeUuiR preacher*. Ho accompaninl Vax in 
bif I.anuaihire joumoj*. and bad a hand 
(ItUiS) iu one of bia pnblicationa. In 1II54 
he went iritb G»arg» Wliitehoad on a mia- 
aion to Norwieh : nexi year he travelled j 
with Fox in tJw caaiem counliek It np- 

K-an from hi* raport to Maignrot Fell 
.v.l that ho waa aometimM permitted la 
Bpenk ' in the »teople-home.' Sorwirb waji 
nlill bis heatlqiiaTtpra in IHGO. He ciiine 
with I'ox to Lond'm in IfHXI, and hod iin 
audietifu of CIiarle« II fl«m after his rvntora- 
tion. A ininiit« acromit of the iuierfieir 
waa jiubU*hpil, nnd ia siTon in Sew el. 
Cliarlea pr"Uii>cd ilmt qunliPT* ' abould not . 
anffer for ihcir opinion or religion." In ltHl2, . 
duriu); reoi^'ed penucution. Fox and Ilub- 
berlliorn divw up a *pirited Iptti-rlu I'barles. 
Hiibberili'ini waa arrmi^d nl Ilulland .Mouth 
mixxing in Juna 1682, and committed tO' 
New^rnie by Ald(<rman Richard Brown. He 
diud in Nnwicata of saol fofer on 17 Aur. 

Adorn Martindole deaeribua bim oa ' the 
moitt intionnl, calm-«plrited man of bia judga i 
ineni that 1 wo* ertr publicly engaged 
ag^iat.' He ia an etoslleut aajnple of tha 1 




nrlvqaalier, «t lUc irpo •niorior lo llurcLaj^ 

' and Aaa, without tlii> imotiowl ^nins, at 

tlu Mmo titnu wil^mit thu aritbaUnoHl 

■j«tici*iii of Juiea NhvIlt [q. x.'], in con- 
junction witli wfaotn hv wrote Iwa ttnct*. 
HiK «,-Titing* ar* almoat all contnn'ersial, 
and rbeir Iod0 m mora moderate iban tbat 
of MOM oT liin cnnioBMniiM. Ilia vrorka 
an eoBtaiiM^ in ■ A C^IUetiou of Ida mr** 
nl Book* and Writin|r> nf . . . Itichard 
niilibrrtliocm,')>HI3. Ito. Smith en umon lei 
ihemiMt importaniuv: I. 'Tnitli'aDeflniee,' 
Ac. 1003,4)0 (nanlf ly Fox). 9. 'Tha Im- 
madinla 0*11,' &c„ l(i&4i 4to (pan br Jamw 
Farn«l). S. >T)it) Real CniiM of tho S'atioEi'i 
Bondan,' &e., 1660, 4to. 4. 'Tb* Lifiht of 
Chriat ^^'itbin,' ftc, 1660, 4ia. 6. 'An Ac- 
ronnt from lh« ChiUpen nf Liffht,' &c., IWO, 
4lo (part bj- Najlvr). 6. • libcrt}- of Coo- 
acMnw aaacrttKli' &«., 10(11, 4lo (pana bj 
^ Crooli, Fitber, and Ilowgill. 

ITMr* Jonml. lent, pfk 6^-SS9■, Soval'i 
HiK. of Qiukm. i;34. ph 87 aq- 3*4 w^ 
3U: Llfo of Ad*Ri Uaniadalo (Chnhaa Soc). 
1M«. p. 116: Wal>l.-. Prtb of Swanbtnoor. 
1 Ur. pp. US •!.: Smitb'a Cat. ofyrieodW Ucub. 
IMT. i. I«I0 u.i DafcUT* lonor Lif^ IBTS, 
f^ 3Mi ntnct ft«m baptUmal ngirtar cf War- 
(M. pr Rwt. T. U. Ptiin.] A. O. 

HUBBOCK. wrLLLlM (Jl. 1606), di- 
Tina,)'>ni in I'ltWi in ibc oonntvof Duitiam; 
nairic-tilatnl at MiwilaUn Hall, Oxford, on 
IS April ISMiagod Id: proMtvIM It.A. from 
Uutaatna Colkcn mlAj in 1681 ; anil vna 
in IjSHS adiaitted Dt.A. from Corpus Chriati 
Oallegv, where b« n-ui elMrtcd ajprobnlionET- 
ftllmv^Ff. O^ Tntr. Nry., iftf. 11 int. Soo., tl. 
li. HI, ill. 9!i). He ira* incorporali^l in tb« 
dt^crv of 34.A. nl Cunbdilgw in IWS. Hit 
: opsion* w<^> puriianinl, snd ba wii <nt«d 
' balbni tbo Arc1ibiibo|i of CanU'rbun' for a 
Mrmon pKacbnl about ISIM (cf. Ltiat/lovnt 
US. bTiiu 77; Srim-n, H'Ailf^. ii. SlM). 
lis btcajaeGbapininai tlH'Tovinof Louilon, 
•ltd on llJuly lUM wnaio to IliuuliIuyciotD- 
I plaininR (Imt bta )o(l||inf at the Towi>r waa 
ni ft tiivi-; hr waa ill at tbe timo, and tfaliNl 
that bi« wlarr wna but iitmiit BobUa (uft. 
IxEvil. 4b). In IMM ha niiUiabud atomMB 
■ Mllllod * An Apolofi' of Infanta,' a work in* 
Itandad to prar* 'Uiat ohildmi ])r>ri-ent«d 
' br dwtb M tbnir Biptinaa b^ Ood'a Ble»- 
ifiHi iM^ bo Hvc^.'^ fin fl Fab. llM-7 
ha waa Bppabl*<l Irctimr at Si. [lotolph'a 
WiilKMt, Akigraiv, and nr^ii'il Iwiea en 
Sundaya. Wban irnmtn 1 vuilad tbw Towar 
In llan-h 1601 on hia way to hia Mmnation, 
Hubbock eofopowd and dplireml to tbe kiB|r 
■ aoatn,la\atorr aildrtw which, ntlli'ii^b in 
Latin, waa poblnbad witb an KngLiih tilla. 

'ABUraiJongratiilalot7,'fto.,at Oxfbrd.'by 
bit bigfaDMae apacial sommiuid.' It was rn- 
printwl, with tfrntulation, in Nicbob'a ' l>ro- 
gTvmm of Jamiw I,' i. S'J.'i*. 

Atioat I6(XI hoelnimoil in a ]N>tilion lotba 
kinf;tlii.'coniiiahl«*t todguifri is tiwTowcraa 
a T«aidi-un! ; ih« Mthion waa forwnrdvd to 
Sir '^'iilintn Waaa, ItAUlennnl of ibf Tower, 
who rejxirifil a^lveraely. Thu mini (accord- 
incr t" Wnad ) waa th« uaiinl rMid^nci' >if the 
chnplainwh«n bii had nol'n wife niiil family 
aa Uiia man batli.* Woatl aUn *iale* that 
when he camo to Ihio Towrr iIuhl>ock wna 
raaident at n bitii^flcc in LcmmC'nbirv, and 
pmridvcl 'Ifndmibatiluloi'at tbnTowar. !■ 
an uudaiL-d 1<-M«r to ButKbln Hubbock urged 
biin !» provide btfned miaislera, and d&- 
acribad himaelf aa ' a poore extto.' 

[Wood'a Aibwutt Oson. ad. BUm. t. Tt2-S ; 
Coopw'aAthaDie Cantabr. it. 018-9: Bodl. Libr., 
U9. BawL O. TDS.] W. J. U-r. 

HUBERT, Sir FRANCIS (rf.l«L'0),poH, 
wna probably hod of Kdwanl HuUrt, one of 
tiM alx cinka in choncvrv. UuIiltI, wlio 
appear* to havi- been a meuber of tbe M iiUIla 
lumple, waa anpabled clefk in oliancrry 
(I Manrh 1001 (UKnbr, CiitabaM </ Ckan' 
ail->rf. lie. p. 100). lie waa buiwd at S*. 
Au'Irvw'a, llolboni.onlsncc. 16^. .\poi>in 
ti\ IluWrl oatitU'd'Thc Hialorie of Edward 
ita Second, auraaaed Carnarvon, one nf oor 
Engliah Kilwa : togathrr willi tlm falall 
T>i>wiifall of hU two Vnforlunate l-'aTurila% 
r^avitfton and Upvacrt,' n«i cumplrlnl iti the 
raffn of Eliubetk, bat owing to the frtrdooi 
wiili which it Ua«t«d fcin«(, &*ourit«t. and 
atbin of atate, a Ucenie for Ita publication 
waa nfiwid. A aunvptitioiia and incorrect 
vdilioo appaand in 16:J8, and is tb* follow- 
uij^ ^car tlnbact itauad tba Srat autbi^tie 
oditjon. 6ro, Ixindon, l6tSI foUwr edilionai 
1031 and 17:11). with portrait of Ibu auiliur. 
Nasuwripi copiua an in the Iliukion MSS., 
Noa. SA8 aiu] 3S0S, tba former in the hand- 
wrilingnrKalnhSlarkie^ Tlnbert alao^ib- 
litbrd ' Eg^ptN Faioriln. Tbe IliMon* at 
Jowph.diviaed inio foatr port* . . . ToiMhar 
witb Okl latMla mogn>we into ib« taad of 
Ooah*ii,' Hn, London. 1631. 

JAddit. MS. >lltM>. If. :I7(I-1 i QfttL Uaf. 
«1t. pt. ii. m 11-3: BrydfWa Raitilnta, 
i.Dl: IavihIm* UltiL Mao. (Boko), )>. IIU: 
SriL Mna. CU.] G. O. 

HUBERT WALTER (if. 1S05). arcb- 
Uabop -if I'anierbiiTT, waa a aon of lirrrajr 
Waller and Matilda da ValogiMa, whoao 
«lal«r Bartfaa wa* married lo Ranulf dv (>la»- 
viUofn.T.I f.V«w<f. Angt. vi. 3WI, US'*). 
Tbw *)Iul>eri Waiipr' meiitioneil in tba 
■ Pipe ttotr of 1 108. p. 90^ waa probably hb 




unoLe or hi* vnudfulwir. Uia luraam* ia 
lUDOlljKivm bvLnlin writi'nita ' Wnlt«d;* 
but ill somu cuii<t!iii|i'>rarv i]t>fiiiii(.-iiM il i* 
foiuii^ kLTUt-ttiu in (4^- wilti the cliriilian 
nnuii<(''U< flLiScri" Wali"ro,'/*'/ip Wo/AI.c.)- 
aiwl wi< )inv<> no clii" l'> it« nriiiin. llijb«rt'ii 
Gtmil.v livpil in tiuirolk or Norfolk Uv is 
said lo hnvo boon born ut WmI Ili-n^hmu 
(Ta\XI:ii, .Vo(, Monatt., Norfolk, it»i.| Hp 
tuid Ilia WthurH (uutf of urhooi Iicimudp nci- 
oeuor of tli« Biiilt-M of Orm»n>lo [inw Uttr- 
lAB, THBonALn]) Miem lo Imve Ih'4'ii hmught 
up in ftlanvilK* houMliold ( -Vma. Amii. xi. 
wO) : tin bociuaa ona of GlnnvilkV cbnp- 
liiinii or i-lctrkt, ajul wiu >>» miicli in hu cuu- 
Bdnici' (lint lie wnn Hfli-rwntiU uiil to Imve 
'•liorixl with him in lliL'trovcnuuc^iit of Biif;- 
land' (Gehv. Curr. ii. 4(M). hi HM ntid 
IIM lit' lllllIt^ani a« n bnnin of t]ii- i-xch^^urr 
(Mikiioi, //(>(. £ivA. c. vi, Mv. iii.; /W7«. 
^n^/, p. ^17); and ill IIM bi-wiu oniiof lix 
onvoyii I'.mplfiji'd by Unnry II toni'jtoliuU- 
Vfitli»inicmk»of rjinti-rliurynbout Ihitduc- 
tion of II primuii'. Next yi^ar li« wu m»Ae 
Ueiui uf \ur1i. uiid in 8upttinbcr waa oiie of 
Dvi.* ptTMiii u'imiiialeil by the York chapter 
for tlw rufAiil »eL>; iIk' kiiiK. howp»»r, i»- 
|«Ct«d all flT«. Ill A]<ril IIRtt llubi<rt n]!- 
pwm V njiiRtico of ihi^ curio r<'(,'i*nt Wi^tt- 
miniilrit ( Finft, oil. Hunter, i. pcpf, s\iii) : 
II litlli" Int<T ho »wiaii to [invf buwi nctioK "* 

Stoloootory, or vici>chiiiici-llnr, lo llrmry in 
Ittini-; in HiiptcmbLT llioni-wkiufr. IticiiunJ, 
nppuinti-il liicalbiiliopofSalisbiin''; and An:h- 
kisbop Rnldivin I'lmwiTali-d tiiin on J^Oot. 
lu February IUI<J Riohiird •■uuiniincd bim 
to Xomundj, and b» iicciunjnuiicil liine 
And primiit<> lo tb'.< Holy I^nd. Tbi'rv bi- 
won nnivniMil luttu-iu by bin xoal and I'durRy 
inmlicviojttlicwiiniiof ib«poon.'rcn»»Bder». 
AfU-r lialdvrini di-oili ho becune tlie ului'f 
•tiiritiint iiul.liurilr in tbu lioit; uid Iih waa 
slsu ItioliiirdV (-liiof a;^ut in uog^itiation 
with 8iilii'liu, An Itit'lmrd'A n-prmnntntivo 
b<> bMiilixl llio tint body nf pil^m* whom 
the Turks ndmitli'd to iliu Hiimletim, ontl 
nftcr Itirhnrd'n dnnnrluro bi-> li'd back ibc 
J-^nalioli bout from Pnlwlinc lo Sicily. Tlion.' 
I hrdrd of tlio kin^'ii onjilivity : Li' ul uuct! 
at to rinit him. mid l'iuiil- buck to Eii^lnnd 
I April 1 liiS cliarB«d m act a# one of tbn 
OOlouiiMiimere for tlie cnlli-cliin of tlnj rnn- 
Mm, and clowly fnlliiwml liy n roynl mnn- 
d>fa> for hinoUctionto tbi'KioofCnntt'rbHfy, 
EUr.l«d by ths dinpivr^ tho hiahop* 
nsxt dnv, bowa««iithranrd and rnri-ived bis 
poll? Not. At theHowof ihu year Itiuliard 
oppoiuird bim justicinr; in tilin I'ttp^ity be 
fjuk II Itijulini,' jmrt in the siipiirBMion of 
Jolid'- ntti-mpi at tvvoh ; h> nrvnbii^hop hn 
officialod at lUchanra Mcond croirniiig ot 

WincbMtttr,t7 April 1IM; aadb M*^ ib^ 
kin^e d^parturi- ovor urn. toft hint Tirlual 
ruler of Enfjluid. 

To keep the countrr ia olwdienco and to 
eupplvIiicliAfdVi;«a»eleMdeniandifa«' money 
WM HuK-rt'n tJi»k during llirnett fouryeBn, 
and tlie credit of the ccnMitulional nnd «d- 
iiiiniitratiTo pmen'ia ainil(> in ihow years IB 
wholly due to KiiD. Hi* jKilicy wuImmJ 
bii the principW which hu bncl ti-«n pot in 
I nctiuu hv Gluurillu under the inipirntion of 
j tTenri iT. Siiiee April llUit ho hod bcuu 
t^gneod, coiijointiv with the other iiMJoiiua , r)ii«in^tlieiOO,00(U> 
. ni]uirni for l{iclinrir» rnnwini. Porlbe mea- 
mirvi tttki-n on (bi.* oiipiuion lie oidy atiAnxI 
the hiuff himnoU: but Lbt^y were probably 
clue lo his initiative. The domuda inado 
uprin the coiiiilry wer? a sculoco tinta iho 
corurnln fn)m t.)i(i sooa^ tenants, a htunli 
of psnonni pronftrty fr«m nrery 6w! nail, 
the year'i wool from tba Ciiilrrciatl* •nil 
OilberiiiuM, and ibe treonnnv of tJiie groat 
churcIiM. The linit wm* maiu-r of ooum; . 
■he la«t wa« wholly exceplion&l, ocuwd bf 
oxmpiional no»d: the semiid waa In effect » 
rcTival of th* Ilanee'^M under tli« IfiWoffMi- 
■ivi; oumi^ of ' biiln^ium ' or ' nuKilium caru- 
cnlonim' (Mauux, Ilitt. KivA. c. xv. tit, 
iv.) : the Ibird iniirkrd iin inijHirlunt ndvuic* 
ia the dirptl tiixuiion of pntoint! proportjaa 
introducw-l by Henn; 11; and Uic fourth, 
coinniuled for a moiier-piiynieiit, wns 'uii 
iraporliinlpr«ci}i)eulforlberaiinn{;uf reT«iiiii> 
on nnd through the staple article (if EngliiKh 
produption.' To ihme Iviw »m addi>d a. 
tMofp' on lhi> toima and roynl drmfNincii, 
aweawd a* uaunl by ihn jiviici^i itinerant 
whom Hobcrt nuoi out. oltor Kiclmrd'i di- 
parturv.oD thi-ir annual viaiuiian lour, with 
a commiMiuu which lij iu ext^naion nnd 
dc6nilioii of the plMa of the crown, tU ap- 
pointment of t'U«ure olHcer» (who grew into 
tho mndrra coroncm) to Vmp tliow ^ou la 
every shire, und ils clabomtv TOgtilotJoau for 
the elct^tion of ibe juries nf preaen tm eiit, 
forms a landmark iu tho developrnpnt of 
Henry^ll's plannof reform. Nexty<iar|]l95) 
ITiihi>rl iMiied an edict n.>qiiirin^' er«vy man 
above the ng« of f)n«vnyearatot«kenn onth 
for ibe inninlniiniico of public poaco, bpfi>rv 
kuiKht.* np]ininled for iho purpoM in otvij 
nhire; fiMin thi« »pmnR I Iw office firrt afoon« ; 
aeri'nlors, ontl lnlt>r, of jurtices of the pMWe. 
At ihe ('lo?L' of tliiT yeur he ne);otiiiteii wKh 
^'illinui, kiiiif of Scols. a Irmly nf marriage 
Ix-iuet'ii Willinin'n rlde^C ilau^dit«T, and 
Iticlinrd'g nephew Oitn, which waa nsver car- 
ried QUI, but avrveil the good puifOM of 




J pesco b«tw««o Engluiil and 8cot Unil 


lnll06Hub«nt'Btroubl«Bb«gui. At Blid* 
lii'nl (lin l/>n<1nTi cmftnnen. <liiiMtiiifiiMl with 
itu' Eiiixic in whidi tlic loo^l (oxalioii wan 
mnwil br ihe civic ruK-n, wvrv on tlie 
TVg*) of • riniii);. wliich lliu jtuliciiu' ulroTe 
to pfvvutil liv itio lUTi-dt of I tieir li-ailcr, Wil- 
liaoi Fitt'.iefjetl ji r.] Williitiii link mhc- 
lukry til tba cbureji of St. Unrir-al-llow : 
HubMt cMiMd (h» cburcli to be Hnxl, and 
WiUiam, tbua driren out, waa niwd, uM, 
coodpnuiKl, nnd huipMl witb •onui of bia 
fDllowcr*. Tlio rut »ubimitt«l lit oact! i but 
tlie cnmuioii {>voplu p^rubltid in boiiourina; 
\VilUaiii OS ■ martyr : Uir cli-wj itctv bom- 
Cad at tlw firing m a churcti by nn aidi- 
hUwpi and HuMrt'a own cbtiptfT, wiili 
wbOB bo bnil lonabocnat foud.wiTrrJoubly 
ntriotu, bocnuiw Ibi-chuKhbdonitrdioibL-m, 
and KloBipdoTcrtlic wcril«|pi a> a orawiiiot,' 
cbnij;!! iu tbo iiidictiaent wbicb ihuj vtvrr 
frvf»hng Ui bringnMiiut biiu at Ronii». At 
ihp lUtnu raumi'iil Kicliard JosiiIunI bit jnt- 
ticUr liy wnOiniroTpr thn abbnt of Cam vith 
nnllionlTto oxumiiiK tli<' a<«nunl» of all tba 
roynlolbccninllii^lBod. TTinuii)! thoalibol'i 
Mtb put ao end to tliii praji-ct, and wu 
(allflwn) hj a baUHk|)olofC]r from ifau lung, 
HiibFri ihnrw upibujtiiiticianlupiKdiinat: 
be wai,bt>vri-Ter,L'iuultiiidiie«dtOWitlianw 
bin r<-«ffua<>oii. In 1197 keiatnad mi aaiiw 
of iui-n<iire*, wlitL'h M«aB MTcr to hat* bwn 
(ofomd, and was nft«ni'ar(la ( 1303) aan uid« 
bjr llw joftieaa. In Juno h« wont to Nor> 
taandT: tlian bo naf^intnl fir Kichord a 
parilicntion of bi* quarrvl wilb the Arch- 
biabcn of Rtnen, a Inatr xf allinnci.- nitb 
FlaBMn^aBda truer wilb Pbilip of P'ntimr. 

Siartlj after luiRtum (November) Ricbnrd 
•ent overadfloiand tor titbtr tbrM koBdiwl 
Inisbta to «vn« for iwrlrv month* afaiut 
Phnip, or mmtay onoujifa to bira tkroo hitn- 
dicdmcreenaricBfOTtbDaaaiepariod. Hubert 
ealkd tb» bisbop* aail baraaa u a«MMi1 at 
Oxfovd, 7 EIm., and iherapofoaed tlutthejr 
alioiild ftimiah among iJicaiadvea tbe reqnlrwt 
knighta i iba bukopa of Uaeoln and Kalia- 
burf oppoaed tba aehama coi evnftiiuiKinal 
KToiuida, and tb«r omraiiiioa brouRlit it to 
mongta (M^jpui l'itaS.nmfim»t,rf.'i*9-K): 
OntT. Cact. i. mO; Itoa. HoTunr, iv. 40). 
Tba iurticiar wna naxt eallml awajr to tbo 
Walak marahaa, wkara be irtilrd a diaptii«< 
about tlw MKcaaalDa fai Soulb Wain, and 
forlilliMl tbv bordor eoctln for ibo Ida;. In 
tfaa«priag(llW) bo nnlund upon anotliur 
fraaladauniMntiva nparimaat. IIu l<'*inl 
alas of Sto lUlLiBoa par cniwaia on all lU' 
arakla land, Mva tbM bald hy aarinntT, or 
kaloaftof to tka faritfa ckBrdioa ; M decreed 

that till- cnriicnlo, hitherto a tarinblequDntity, 
I tboiild bt-Rtr^onh couhiHt of one boBdiMl 
acTM, and to ikMCi'iiain tli>» numbar of tlieae 
iwir carucatca lii» orclrrvd a iiurvvj tn Iw made 
by mcona of an inijiwat takan br two royal 
' conunMionen in engnnction witJi tin' ■Jn-rid' 
of aacb count J, and cetlnin ehoacn Imifcbtn, 
I DO tbi' awora preavntmeut of the local land* 
owncnor their uovrarda, and of duly ducted 
I ropivamlattTiia, fiw and lillein, of ervrv 
towiwbi)! and hundred in tlM- nhirif. Tim 
I application of tbv pTiiicii<li' nf rrpmtra lotion 
' li>tliea«HiMiiicnT.oftaxaiinnoTi mUpii>|irTty 
I iraa a roarkt'd ttep in tlii? dirMlimi of con- 
stitutional aritmrnnment. liui nltilc th» 
coinniiMlon waaln pogruu itsork-iiiutor waa 
, toli*rin(> to his fait. Innooetit lU vnu no 
, raoner poiw (January 1l96)than he rcniewLsl 
the old dacraae agaiiwt tba tenim of aueuior 
officvby tri««t(,uidMp«ciallvurgodtlie di*- 
mimal ofthe Arehbisliup of ( ontrrbDiy tiata 
I ibejiuticiarrbp.nliiclilliilK'ft ibeitiupoanf 
, aigii«d i iu SfpiFinbcr lii* joined tbe Ung io 
, NormaDdri Uii^r^ he ajipnnntlr raiaauied 
till al\4T Itichnr(l'adaatb(April IlWVwIi'^ 
John M-nl him liome U form niih Willinm 
I BJarihalandtluinawjuatieiar.ficolIray Mie- 
Peter, a council of regency, wboae energetic 
Kctiuu kepi England at peace till John's own 
arrival. Un S7 May Ilubert croirnad llie 
I aetr biog, alter unkinff the foinoua ipeech in 
, which the old English theory of i'lt«tiou to 
the crown wan publicly for the 
; laM ItmelM. Piur, CJin-n. .V«J. ii. {■'i4-''0. 
KendaytMsi't papal pnJiibilioa*, conMilii- 
tional piMWdrnt*, and ihr wnminj^ofan old 
! odtewoo all alilir at di-finiici' by iiudurtakiii)! 
the office of dmnoellor; nn((nMtioiinbIy fur 
tfaecouBiiT'sgDod,aahiew>«tlie mlT perann 
irbo could aM as a check upon Jonn. Ui- 
rrowncd (be king and nneen togelber at 
Wuttminatae, SUei. ISOO: be waajireaMit 
al Ika Sooltiah king'* hooaage w Joba at 
linooln, SS Nor, and at ilin burial of St, 
, Ungli tiro day* Inirr : be crowned John and 
laabel acain at CanK'rbuiy on Eaater day 
1301. la December John nunmoned him to 
Xormandy, anil tkonm not htm to Fmnce 
on a dipMisaiic roiivion, wbicb failfl, Imt 
thrvngbDofaiiltof lEubort'a: and in-il year 
I llut archbiahop retarncd bona, ' that, a* 
' matters bvytmu aea were now olmoat deapv- 
' rate.bemigbtatlenstkeepBnglaitdinpenDe,' 
ill which ne aueeceded well enough wIjIIo 
Jolin wu out of the way. In ika wring of 
I 1S03 be went with aomu other prelotea on 
' aiiothoehopetaaa m iiioHtoPbPipiatChri*- 
maa ke entetlained John at CanierlMify. It 
may liaee been in tba following yaar, wliea 
kiiu[ and minister n-ere brou^t Into deaer 
and mora ftv^nent contact tliu nioal by tlia 




fonnor'* reaidciu^H in Cnfliuirl, tliat • qiuiriwl 
took ploci^ whicli ]irovok«d Ji^m for h can- 
mmt todciprivu HubcrtoftlwMi&K'but ilw 
udllnaliop bv li>8 Mlniimtiln nrudooM aaoii 
raniite'l uio Ktaa;'* rnvnur ' ( c'suv. Cixt. ii. 
4H>). llUtiut pnliticnl BppL-Drance wbb nt 
WhiWuntiii.' UWi, wht-u fi'r in SHIil lo liBVO 
joinod with VViUium MnrFbol in diuimiliiii; 
the kinc from bu vxjwtlirion ii|iniiu< l-'miicf. 
On 10 July, on lii» w&y from Caatcrbury Ui 
Boxlqr 10 compoM n qnarral bohnnn ihe 
liocbMUr raociK* anil tlicir bubop, ki» wu 
atlnckml by n fi-Trf nnd » Cirbuiicle; Uu 
(umoiJ nii'lrr In Timlin m.ntid tbcre, lliivtf dayt 
latTT, bi' iItiiL In JIareli l(-IX) n (onb at- 
teobc'dlolbi.iAOuCb wnll'if C(lQt4•^buIycAtb■^- 
dr»l, clow 10 it« (NUtern i;ncl, wni npitnt-d 
and biuod to conlain romniiu wtiidi bavit 
ainco bum idcntifii'd n* thiMu of Hubert 
Wallor (Antigmry, Juno It&H). 12tl<KX». 

'Now.foT lUD liMt lime,' toiid Jriliit, irlipn 
lio heard ilip lidingn, "nm I inilv kina of 
England' (M. PaWf, //•:.(. J».v'. >>■ 104)- 
Oomiag from Joha.t bv worda formrholuicb«it 
poMible tribnt«> 10 tliiWrt'n c-baract^r ua a 
•UUBTOan. T» bin rbnrncti-r u iUtr«inaii, 
mdood, Iliibi-rt in bii own daj irai nCFU»«d 
of Hicrilicing bis pliarart*r as an-bbiHhop. 
But llai.-dinrK<^isn'>tnliogelberjii«l. IhirinK 
the lint livu jiivni ofbi* fkintiificntfl bs wna 
huopenxl hy aquarnd with bis ova cbaplcr 
about, a coll^> lor wcuUr prii-ita wliich bia 
friend ArubbisbopBaldwin [q.v.] had founded 
at LaoibMli out of tbo stigwrfluuiin wi-altb of 
the matiopoLitaii HK',nn'l<>'bi:^b Ktibcn wna 
most anxmiu to maintain, but wbicit Ibo 
moakoironjt'yi'P"*'-''' ■ tbeyearriccltliKday, 
aiidtnlI9ijaupulbriL-ff<>rced Hubert to puU 
down the ooUtu^ Appointed li«ato in March 
1196, he bail in that yosr mado a viiitation 
of the northern prorioCD, and bulJ n cburdi 
eouiicil at Vnrh : in Scplamlwr ILIK) be bold 
nii'ilhpriviuncil in Londcm, in the tiwthnf a 
prohibition from tbp jiut leiiir ; at both conn- 
aUt some useful canoiia v.vrv poMCiI. ttn wa< 
eatoful of thd tempuml inlt-ivu^ of bis m : 
he leoorered for it the manonv of lij-tbt und 
8altwood, and the CMll«t nf Iioebf9l4.T an<l 
Tiuibriil^iwhichii bad lo»t undi-r Uf nrj' TI; 
he kept the buildinsi nl Chriit Churcb and 
OB th» orebieniitcopal manora iu i,-oi.'>'l n-pnir ; 
]» obtainwi «om Kiohnnl a rvnewal, nStet* 
tnrd* confirmed by John, of tliu lotiK-lort 
priTilo^or tha nrcbbiftbopsto coinmonojal 

ii, 1^1): lie exurciBul n ipU'udid bufi|iiiality 
during his life, nn>l b» bnim-ntbtil a mas* of 
IreajmnjstnbUciitbcdrnlcUurehal bisdenlh, 
as wi'll as t ho bnu.-liw n( Hal^ilow, whiwo re- 
venuaahodimctid to Iw Bpuropriatwl to the 
procvnlor ' fair the repair of the hooka,' i. «. 

Uie ««rvii»-bDolu tiaed in the choir. ^Vlien 
dtinn of Vork he liad founded a PrMnonsira- 
trasian priory at Weet nenbuu (Tixxcn, 
Xot. Mimatt., Norfolk, xxi.; PvaDALB, Mom, 
Angt. vi. 909); a* cbapluia-gonvral of tlie 
Cruaade, he acDnu to bare originated at 
orcaniaed the bmiae of oiuiona i«)[ular Bt> 
tacbvdio the chapel and M'inetety (brpilirrimi 
at Aor0, founded bv a clerk named William 
iu UDO (It. DtCI^, ii. Ml : Ann. Dmttt. a. 
U'3I); and Blwut 1304 ho bvgan tmiiifonn- 
ing into a Oittercian moDftal4«y a u'cuUl 
college at Wolrurbampton which hod been 
*lUTOld■^^ed to bim for tb«l purpose ; thia 
j projtd, however, eipired with dim ^Tasctek, 
yof. AiofM4l., Sianijrdshire, sxxi. : M'm, 
Ai^l. vi. 1443: ' I'iiw lioir Siatlbnidiire, 
ff .T;>h.. in Salt Ankmol. CoIL i. 1 1», 1 2!i). 

0«ralil of WnUsmooks nt Ilnbort'i'impnr- 
f»iCl»cholBnihip(Olli.C*aiiB. 0;)r/w, ii.311- 
Slft) ; tint he had, biJWfVPf, noroi- •clmlnfly 
Kvmputluua i* ahown by liia icnl for tlie 
Cnmlwtb FoUogv. planned avovredly for the 
uncuuni^>tni.'m of lenmiiiff. Wliea once their 
great quorrvl waa coded, bo and bia mooka , 
werv the bo«t of firionds ; a week before lui< 
d(tatb bn TCaa nt Cantorbiiry, expTMtinc f3i»'^ 
' wnrmmt intenxt in thoir vrelfate, and pio^l 
minng itoon to return and 'irtar nitb tiuun ' 
Ionp.-r than usual,' a promiiM fulGllcd by Ilia 
burial in tbi-ir midst. One of tbem dtWibea 
bim as' toll ufstaturv, wary of counsel, subtle 
of wit, though not «loqo«nt of speech,' and 
says that JMirhii'tlT nrrrd inWdintcl'i" readr 
an car to (letfnctor*. It mnr hnva bfon thia 
failingw-bichtiHl liim to iisuW occli-iiniitifflit 
influonoe and atroiu hit. tempimil Buihrjrin' 
to the utturmoM iu order to drive otit and 
km^ oat of the realm a man of whom be vae 
I sotnewbal uareasonably joalous, lus fellow- 
j primatii of York [ma Qbottist, arirhbinhnp 
I (if York]. Thia. hovrevDr, it the only in- 
slanoo in which hi* political action B|>paan , 
I to have bi»!9 influenead by pvnonal rootirea. ' 
In bl* (irufTKlu with Getnlil [icc ISiB-iLutrs 
; CualiiEF.N'H^lhe was unque«lionab1y Ambling 
Canli-Hmry'ii and Rnirtnnd'* baltb-*. nilber 
than bis own. Gt-diI'I wm llie only |)vr<Ma 
who everbrou^bt nny ■cnouscbarxeiigainat j 
j tliearchhiahop'*bon»iir,nndthaiw>uiBig««bs1 
I ofterwarda rutincicd (O/imi, i. 438). 

I [(HitA Renrici ot Btcanll ; Rdhvt of Hovo- 
d(-B. vols. iii. and (r.: Oervato of Caniarbur^; 

' Itolpb da Piccto, vol. ii. ; Willimn ofNeirburgh 
BAd Richard of Derini's (Chronid™ of Stnphon 
And U*nry II, vnln. l^iii,); Epiflcln CaDCuari- 
coaa>: Ri^r of Wnndonr, rot. I.: Balpb of 
CittgHbal]. bU in Roll* Ser. ; SlubbaV Conrti-| 
lutlonal HiaioiT. i^. i.. and praBwea to Regvr ofj 
Uoraden. vol. ir., and F.pji. Ointuar. ; Foa^ 
Judge*; Hook'sAiehbishopB, ii.] K. K. 




BUCK. ItlCHARD (1790-1780^ doeur 
of nocUciiia: [Soo SAWkBU, RtoR«iii> 

MdofnionuLsliuckvU, btUftMof Strauonl- 
UMD-Aron, wm Uptuedlharo 30 D«c 1739. 
He uudiod ml tbo gx»mtaar (cbool of Sti&t- 
fodl, mnlrlculnlrd nl MoKiUlen llnll.OtTonl, 
on f* April 1717, procowlcd U.A, II Usroh 
I'AI, ani 'vnu pruMntiH) Ui ihe caraojr of 
Ilotiiulow in MiddlcMX, niifl 1 11" cfanpel *Und- 
ing oa tbu oonAiiM of lwd [oimIkw, II«ainn 
ua kUnrortli.' Ilo redilod in ihc Iniior 
nlMW (]irefac# t« ^ran),nnd on hUdiath wu 
buriei) ib«n>, SOSupt. 1771. DmcIuJI wrote; 
1. 'At^a; A Pdvh), ia tUrce porU.' Tb» 
flrn edition mu publi*tlt^l in lirM^, ' b«iag 
printed iu qnarto nt Itirniinghiun in lui 
victfant manner bv tbe cclobr«i«i) UmIhv- 
rilk-' l|iri-f«coW^rion)- A n«wmUtionwM 

Sublifki^l nt Slmtfonl'iinini-Avon in l^ll. 
_. *An t-'pidlc to PiiTid (ianick. Kui-, an 
hu bvins piMcniiKl with the PVMdoni of 
Stnllbrd-upoD-ATnn ; and on tbo Jublleo 
htU Iban to th* AI<?niorf of SbnlnMneuv in 
BMteoibaT 1789' ((>>»/. Xfa^. April 1813, p. 

p'Mtsr'a Alnmid Ono. u. 791 ; p«t&M to 
•Atoo.' ISII odidon: 0«dI. Kag. IJaS p. £81. 
1«1S Bl.i. p.313: NolM ud Qiurlw, lad VM. 
Til. 91] F. W-T. 

HVDDABT, J(^F,rH (1741-1816), hj- 
dro|iT«plMT uid manufiiciim'r, wm bnra on 
11 Jim. I'-tO'l at Allfinby in UumbcrUnd, 
wbm> bin f*t hiT WM n ibovnnkuc nad fanner. 
Bi> inu i<ducni«l at a mIiooI Inmt by tbe 
clnyymmn of llie uriab, and ii mm to hare 
iliown npUMda tar mthmmsltt ud lac- 
dMnicn. to hnv* oonalnict«d tbo Modnl of • 
mill, nod 10 barn built a miniature 71-KDn 
^ip fton tbo dMcriMina In a work on nai-al 
■Niui>«tuT«. t>B leaTiag wbool Ilnddart 
waawnt to wn in the toUnMaof a floh-curing 
bmimii ia wblob liW feibtr had wigagtd. On 
^ tba dotlh of Ua &ther in 1763 bo Mooeided 

^^K to a uluw in tba buitiiMi, and took eonunand 
^^m of a (mall brig bJoiuruiK to it, limdmff princi* 
^H pallrtolrvland. In l76§h«lHultanat)Mrfari^ 
^^P tnaiolr with bia awn handa, and wlul« oo«i»> 
^^* luuiduiic tbeaadnotad much of hi* lelaitre to 
W thaatn^ of navbpUion and to tii* aurvej of 

I tlw mrU be limd. In 17T1 b« w«nt to 

I LoodononaviaUtoa hnMbwoTlui bibnr, 

I 4(Mtrib«d aa a wnallbv cmdaainaii in WrM- 

I minatar. wboM daiigbti-m liad married Sir 

I ilichatdllotliamaBd Mr.Ui»frwaU,boUiahii^ 

I owMcrttaad buklamof Gait IjuUaatoek. On 

I tlw introdactwa of theao fMnena bo (at«rod 

I tbaaarricoofthaEulIndaaConipanj.Bndln 

V 1778 wBi appointad comiiifaff ot iho ihip 

Uojral Admiral, in wliieh he nuwl* toot roy* 
a^ to tbo l-jut. Mfanwhile bo occui>iod 
lumaelf wiib tbo ■iirrvv of tbo cnuta and 
l>on« that cnmo imdor [lin ^olicI^. and oob- 
atriicted elinrta of Sumaint and tliu ooaA nf 
India ftom Dotobaj to ifaeniDntli of iIil- Hod* 
vnry, aa wyll oh — al hotat — of St, ( IrarKf'a 
Cliannnl. In 17H8 hu rMired IVnm tliv cont- 
pany's wrriiTv, and aMBW to hnvu Imi-b em- 
ployed for 1 ho iM«t thr«' yiiof* in aiiTTay" 
amouirihc^lli'brid^. In I7!>l livwaaolto 
an cliiur bmiber of tbe Trinilj' lloo**^ 
aUo a F.ltJS. Srvrral vcora Wow, iIii- nc- 
cidi>n( ofncahlu jiarlinjtbuilliimi-d liti alien- 
lion lo t hn fnnlty maau&cture of rojw, and li« 
of tbe Mnutm upon tbo jnriu.' IIi> now 
cnli'n.'d into buiaiua for tb^ manii&ciurr ot 
COfdageoB ttiiapnnnplv.iti wluchbcroaliaod 
a haadMrno fartunu. He died in Londonon 
19 Auk. 1810, and n-aa biiried in a rault 
nndor tlw church of !l!t.UaKin'»-in-th»-I''MUa. 
Ilo mnrrifd in 1763 and had tune Are 
of whom one only aurrirod hinu Hti 
Init, bj- Hoppdor, ia in tbo InMitutioB 
Ciiil Enti-inurpt, 

IMomotnof tbf l>te CapiMn JoMfibnnddait, 
F.R3., by hi* wn JoMTi'b UuJiUrt (for primt 
(irenbitiao, lSIl,4io>; A hrii4 Mrmdrot V 
lata Captain feaaph B«iUart.andMiAMDuat 
hia InTDationa in tba Mananielura of ConhM 
fwilh pottnil aAar HoppaarV I'T W. Gallon; 
Knnariiaon P«KM IttgiMatvl 6vdag*, ISOajto} 
Rcporia at Warm Re^lMnl Oordmn nusufiw- 
luK.1 by Iluddan A Co.. IBlfi.j J. K. U 

HUDDESFORD, liEURGi; (1749- 
180S), aattrical poet, vnu bapciwd at Su 
Mafjr Magdalen, Usfurd, on 7 Ucv. 17i9b 
ht-'iag the youBceai nn of Oeotgo Huddi 
ford, I>,D„ pftnTdent of TVinitir <\>11(V«k ' 
ford. Williiun lliiddetford ;q. v.] wn* nn 
rider broibvr. Ilu waa eleotad adiolar of 
Wiochiaiei CtiUr^ in 1764, and niatriea- 
laitMl at Trinitv CoUnga^ Oifoml, OB IS Jan. 
1708. He aoon migralod to New O0U4 
Oa 8 Slay 1740 be waa clcctvd one of 
tcholanandbecame a fcUowoBH^Iair 1771. 
tl* (cmdnatad B.A. ia 1770 and M,A. ia 
1780. llonoatad hia fdlowdiipfay 
in AuguM 177^,and a nolo acunat hia 
in a lui of the membora of the eollaga addi r 
■ Aoaatrfcam Iioadini jutcnili amofw corrvp- 
tuapncttnpan duxit,* In vaHy tib Ilnddua- , 
foni dnohlad in paiatlag. aixl wan a iinptl of] 
Sir Joahaa Ro^iiolda. tir I77<* be liad r>- 
luUlad thiM pietUTM at tha Acadamy rxbi- 
bitkn, and ia the ilodlwan Pielum flnlk'n- i> 
a paintioj! br him in 17, 1 of tlii' Kari al 
Lic4lileld,cliaa»'llur of the UnilnTMlT. Itej^ 

nokUpalated in I77t!^fl a portnut.'ao 

tbo Naiiooal OaU«iy, of HuddMfanl 

1 1 uddesford 


H uddesford 

J, C. BatnpfyUo [q. T.3, whL-n tin? furmw 
WM twi'nly-i'i((hf. An ciifcnving appparwl 
iiilliv'£iif(liiiliniuhlrHtMl Alnpniin^ VLJi.7£. 
Till- prki- '>f iJie picmre wan lO-'t/. Ri-j-roliU 
uUij jjniji'c<l a likwn'*! of Mn>. ItiitldioJonl, 
Mill lU liHir-pflvni<>n1 tK nntiin-'d in Ihu artUt'it 
b»o)is a* 17/. /«. With niaiiT and iafluan* 
tinl onimcctinon in ibo churcD HitddiiafonI 
took holy ordan^ [It- irra« pivomiled by the 
lord Dbanocltor to the ricnrai^ of Loxluy 
in Wurwkbflhim on ^t Ocl. lAO-l, ■ui'l wm 
ini.-uu]lfi>ut of Sir ()«oi;g« WlialcKe Chapel, 
Bjiirnl Square. l.andon. Ho dlod in London 
at 1I10 and of leOO. 

Hiiildwford'KfifstprcKluuiioiiwiu: l.'Wsr- 
Ipy, ft Satire' (onoiM.pmt i., UctohHr 17*8; 
part ii., NuTitmbLT 17*^1, which ndiculed the 
mililiuy revivu-a at Warley in Enwx. A» 
it ins dodicalvd to ICuyiiolJ«, il. onon cnmii 
uiiiler rlie nolio.> of hMfnond*, nml I'luinv 
]]ariii>y wns niiich di»trp»r^ nt tlip juration 
of li<^r nnmc n» 'diair litilo Biirnty'[/JiVmM, 
i. 17T-8; fiirl!/ Diary, ii. :;ua-7U>. Uif 
editul, and wa> thu priiid|Ml conUributor 
t« : 2. ' dulma^undi : a Miscellaneous C01&- 
binaiioa of Onifinal Poptrv ' fnnon.)! I'^l i 
n«w edition, 170^: ivliicii wiu dodicat^ul 
to Richan] Wynit ofMUtoa I'looa, Surny, 
and nmiiily cnmixicd of oi)i'> and olegiM 
with Mpmn biiiuoiMiu v-ru'*. After thia he 
attacked l-'ranciu and ita leading met) in: 
S. ' Topiy Tiin7 ; with AnecdotM and Ob- : 
MTvationf illustrative of the Preaeni Oo- 1 
Temmiml of Fmuce' lniioii.\ 171)3: tivo 
editioaa, 4. 'Bubblf niul .SqmuiU: n (Snlli- 
maufry of British Bi>ff wiih" ChoppM 
Cnbbo^ of Gallic lliilnui^ihy and Itaclical 
It«ronii' (anon.), 17iM(. 1. '('niwtn- ltupi>- 
ttta,o3ooond Coutm of Hubble and Si|Ln.'a]c' 
(Mnon.\ I7D9. 6, ' I^-ti Champ isuiiua du 
Piablt, or IniptTittt Muslmionu,' 180&. A 
ooUecied «diti<iii of Iiih worlos including 
' Salmatfundi,' ' Toi«y Tiirrj-,' ' Itiibhln and 
Sqiieolc, nod 'CmmUt II»piilita,' apponrcd in 
two voliinKia in lil*OI with a dpdicnliiin to 
Lord Loujibboroufth, ' in ffnitilude for fo- 
vours "iHiiiiaiiHoiwly conlorml." In IhisisauH 
lliceontribiitionBoTothur Tiriters lo'Salnia- 

!;undi ' yrerti marked by »!il*ri"k». Huddi*- 
ord aubsetjiiently (iubtiidi(iii twn Mtiiva on 
the Middleaox vli'Ction in \if)2 and tho tliilis 
ofNortbuniborlniid'Bti.^ulriiliiy.vit.: 8, 'The 
Scum I'ppiirmort whi=n the Middlun^ I'or- 
ridgi>>pot IkiiU Over : an Heroic Election 
HnnnJ; 1802 ; two editions. 9. ' Wood and 
Stone, or a [tial'igue ln>twe<.-n a Wooden 
Duke lof Norlbiimbfrland] and Stone Lino 
[over tiis house at CliariDs Crowi 1<»ndnu],' 
n.p.ord.[!'^(li]. In 1801 M aditfd a Tolume 
of pocmi writt<-n by boy* who were bii eon* 1 
tomporarici at Wincliestur, which lie called ' 

Iha' WiccamicAlCliaplel.* He ia alio credited 
with tlu authonliip of ' Bonaparl* : ao lleroia j 
Ballad.' ' 

[Foaur* Alumni Oxoa.; Oeot. AUtt. ieOt„j 
pt. ii. p. M3ii Noll* and Qaariu, Elh mf.J 
si. I9S: Kiibv'* WlncliMtw Scholar*, p. ■i&'3; 
Wood'. Oxforl Giy. od. PMhaU. p. asS: C.iok'i 
Katiuial Oallery, p.4»!; TlMlor* Sir J. Bay. 
nalds. n. 124. 231, 828.1 W. P. a 

177J), niititjunrv, nii/. bitpii6«d on Iu.\iia| 
17%; at Si. tiittn Mni»tnlen, Oxford, uid I 
wax aon of Ounrgi^ lludiliuifori.1, prwidetit of J 
Tiinity Colluife, Oxford. Qgorgo Huddeft-T 
ford ^q. T.] woa liiii ^unmt brotW. Ho ' 
matTumlated at Triuty (^Uette «n SO Oct. 
IT40, WM alect«d lolioUr in 17uO and follow 
in 17B7. He graduatwl B.A. in 17S3, M-.V. 
in I7.^ff, and II.D. in 17ii7, and he wiia pruo 
torof tbn iinitTTwty in 17i5'i, In 17'Whe 
wan onlained, and hi'ld fmm IT.'iA until his 
death tho keupiii^ihiii of tba Aibmoliuin Mu- 
WTum al ilxfiinl. lie \viu appointed in I7SI 
viear of Bidhop'n Tacbbruotc. V^'arwidodiiro. 
nuddi^Kford died unexpcctedlv at Oxford on 
« Oct. 1772. 

Diirini; hi»»hr>rt lifii ho wrirkcd vjgoroualy. 
Ilo ntiblii^bed : I. ' Kdvnrdi Ltiidii . . . litho- ' 

fliTlneii ilrilanniei icbnojiraphin,' Oxford, 
760, a new edition of the treatiac of KiU 
ward Lhuyd [u.v.l. wh(»efo«il»wefv under 
his charge at llie Ai-hniDleun. Il containoi] 
■ome new ii1nte« and the anlhor'a dincoima 
on theBea-tui'IUoftli^ltritish ocean. S.'Mar- 
tiiii LiatcT, M.I)., Itieiorin), sive Synopsis 
)Iethodicn> Conchy I io mm ct TahulnriiDi 
.\nHloniiMniiu cditio altcnt,' Oxford, 17i!Q. 
The platai in tbi« editiun were cspeciiiHy 
Bne. Two indicea are added, one for the 
shells in Liiii4.'r'9 arran^'vmenl, the other for 
thai of LiiiiiMus. The Intier is in huih Latin 
and Knglinh. 8. < Oataloviis lihromtQ )Ianu- 
■CTiptoriim Antonii k Wood,' ITOl, n new 
edilii>n of which wn* ulnii^'k ofl'by SirTlminn* 
IMiillipps at the Miclrllcliill pttua in 1>'24. 
i. 'An AddiecB to the Freemen ond olhff 
Iiihubitantaof the Citr of Oxford.' 17ill, an 
aiinnytnoiia address playfully d«scrlbe<l mt 
prini<<d at.' Liiccm farAbraliaio Lighihulder.' 
In 1772 Joieph Poi«, bookseller nt Kton, 

rublinhod in two volume* the livo* of L>'lBnd, 
[earac, and Anthony ft Wood, and in the 
hut two memoir* obtained some aid from 
Uuddosford. At the lime of his death Hud- 
deaford had many works in view, includinf; 
acolleClionofcunosilieslVoro tlieUIOpooket- 
lKinli^nf Ueami>,and he hnd collccloQ mat«- 
riaU for tlic live* of two Wclih anciqualiot, 
Iliimpbry and ICdword Lhuyd. ilisJeoci^p- 
ilon of Omcy Abbey ii in the 'Oontlonuwa 




(,' 1771. lip. IBS, 304; liit chawptLT 

hof Wood t> in Ittio'i ' AUieiun Oxemicniv*,' 

i. ISfr-SfiotrvxI.): Kndliiiiiloinoirdf thi! Kev. 

ik Wiw, B.D., i» inMncd iu NichoIVi 

_*]llMttMla(iiorLi(emluK,'iv. 4;&-«a A 

C)ij OB Cftto'i Aotiloqiiy in ' Gnn^r't 
ten,' Am. lip. 11-12, ii ioiiMtiv«l<r ««- 
cribod to liuddoubrd, nnd in tliw Mino work 
<p|t. 1%-fil) u« niunerou* letlan by him. ' 
Mnny k'lun to uiid tttna him ore priatL-d in 
NkiluiU** ' IlWtitttioiu of Litem tun.' ir. 
46^-80, r. 664, Micl a Tolume of liin oom- 

SoodMico ii kiaoii^ ilit> Aslimolo MSS. in 
t> DodleiM) Libmj. IIU lihrnry wnia riAA 
t^JuBM H«tch*u- k Son at Otfonl in 1~7I. 

rFoalM'ii Alumni Oxon.; Oeau Ma^c. I'dl F^ 
431. ITTi F *^i Nictiolj't Lit. Anccdoin. 
ni.lI"7.«l-I.T.*»I.»lii.e0O; ^'i.^hol.■. lllurtr. 
nflit. i<i. Oil*, Ti 4T8-S; Wood'a Oxrord Cil;. 
ed. I'rdiiill, p. 237.1 *'■ P- f . 


JOHN (ItlU^-IIUlK), ItmiMlictiiir mnnlt, b"ni 
kl Fariiifrloo Hntl, ni^nr i'n-ilon. I.ani3i>iliir«. 
iiilOOB,*a!itlieM<('>n.)«>>nr'rJo*«^ih IIm'Hc*- 
t<ni.Mq..of Fariiiiftnii Hall ami IIiiitdh John, 
Cnmberlnnil, bv Klpanor. i«yy>n<l dnuglii.T nf 
CuUbcrt .Siftniii, Mn., of Kirkbamiir, \Vi'»t- 

iii.46iS). Heaerrodin tfaoroyuanny.iitiidii-il 
■t tho Enftliab College at Douay. an<l after 
bMSB onkined primt waa omiI bock to lh<- 
Enffliili mission. Tli(-i>*i*a tradilion tIibI n1 
oni.' pHTio<l hi) waa cliaptain al Orovi- lloiut-, 
Weulardal^. Yorkihm ( lt.iKKFK. 7V 'nitr 
£tMi>^H>nWwiArlr,p.06l. In KV.I li»ira* 
iwldiiigin tbpnmil*of Tbotniu U1iilKrav.\ 
Mq., at Mo«pl«y, StaSbrdahir*, nnd iia^l under 
lii>iuiii'>n tbreoxoun9in>nt1uiiH)ii--Sir John 
[Vh 1041, Fraoct* KeTnolda, and Tliaaiaa 1'ali n , 
lb> two larm Iwinn Whiipratif'a iwphcwv. 
CIuuIm II, afttr lii* ibrfcal at tli^ battle of 
Worcealer, 3 Sent. \*Vi], vtA t^ndin:!^ Iit 
OoIomI CbarlM nylf>r<l t n Whiti>la<lii-*, anil, 
dui[ui>»'<l an a proMnt and alti^ndiiil liT J'>hn 
Aniili-ndl, b« ri'mnTpi! to JJoH'Iry on t SitM. 
In onkr to ftwrd n^init a turpriac, Uiidlo- 
Mon WM in canataat attradanoe oa ilio kinfc : 
Wh!l|{TaTe oocMMDelly left the hotatv (o 
obtarve what p«Mi>(l oiilaida. and tbo Ihrvo 
pupils ironi •tationed oa aantin»l* at f bo ear- 
Ktwtndowf. Oiiouocowioa.aa^\*liii(:ravi- 
Kod HwllettoH wnv ^utHttg ntar a nin- 
dow, tb»y WBK aknni^ by a err of ' Sol<lisni I ' 
ThaUairwaahBiTiedlr ibut npiotbrprimt'* 
kidini^fiUce, and Whiigrair, detoniding, 
wwnt to meet llw troopa, who neiifd bin a< 
a fiifrilive cavalier fVom WnrCMter, bat be 
coat'ino^I tbem tbai for wrOTal wwk« lir 
liad aiA qiiillrit Mowli-T.and |M-niiailld tlwail 
to d«pan witbuot M-arebinc tb« audoo. 

Tbat niKbt lb» kio^ pmcunli^l to lleorlvj, 
alXer pramiBLim lo bufncmi HuiII«Ioq. 

Some Lime after this lludlmlou joined 
the BenediotinM of th'.' SiHUiinb eoiipvga- 
tion,nnd wna profnMei) Trbili- oiilbe miiainn. 
Al tba Rvatonilinn CluirW ft ftilfllled bis 
promlav bv invilinz biin to lake up bin rp*\- 
I denoo in Somenu-I Itnuu', whim', nnder tbn 

ftoieelion of the iiueen-flownipT, bo cyiuld 
ire wttbont dulitrbance on necount of lua 
tncerdolatcbarnrier. At ibciliirteeDibchap- 
lor of ihe Eiijtlif'b IteneilioiinM, beld u, 
Donny is IIKll, br wm elected to ib« IJtu- 
lar difrnity of cnThedrst ^or of Wni«e(tor 
(Welbos', Chronidf, p. 19?). lln actwl n* 
secretary of the oexl cbnptrr. held at l\>nny 
in lIMJil. Shiirtlv after tliodoatli of lleariettn 
Maria in UM) tie was appointed cbnpUin to 
lout., btaidua a poiuton of a atmilar amount. 
Iti 1IV71 ha and Vincent .Sadler, anotlier 
llenfdietin<^ m>ink, viiiied Dxford to Me the 
nnluninity of the ' act,' and nn tb«t occaaion 
Anthonji Wood mado tlietr acanaintanee. 
PuriiiK tlie excitemODt ptodttCM by Titua 
Onie*'i pn>t><niM reitlatloiia, the lonb, bj 
tlwir vote on 7 Dec ]078,ordet«d thai Hudle- 
■tr>n, 'rbomni Whllffrave, Iho hrotliera Pen- 
derrll, and others irhn ■vmrc iimlninieatal in 
ihu nreoFTTalioaaf bii mnJMiyV perHinafta-r 

' thu battle iif Wurcealer. should for tbeir Mid 
lurvice live a* freely n* nor of ilia king"* 
pmteatanl aubjecta, witboui beinft liable to 
the penaltiea of any of ibu law* relatias to 

I poiHsh reoiimni*-, nnO ihst a bill tlioujil be 
inirodoood for that pummeiZM^'JouniaU, 

I xiiLlW; etltoiui>mOasttff,2i Nov. lOiH). 
lisrilloa and nurtiet antnt tbnt UudlMioii 
wns exoriited onl of all the uct» of |wrlia- 
ment made oirninst prie*tf,bnl thi* i* n mi»> 
labe^ When Cbarlefi II layon hii deaibbnt 
llie Duke of York bnniubl Iludlutou into 
hi* pMMiK* (S Feb. 16M-I>>, layiiw, ' Sir, 
flu* food mn once Mtedroor life. Iloiiow 
eomra to oaTw your toul. Ilndle^ton then 
benrtl tlip drrnK kinc** cotifmainn, renmriliHl 
him to the koman dioreb.and adniinietersd 
the iMt lacixinenta. Iludleitan continaed 
to reaide with th» iineen -downier al Sotne^ 
«■■! llfnite iinlil hi< d«alh in ^vpiembrr 1131)8 
( M.\<-Ai, Hilt. 1/ Englantl, lit. m). All 
wiUi r<np>-ct 'xtyM MacanUy.wbo <laacujb«a 
him aa an baoMt but illilerale moiUu 

llDdleaion mlited tbo'Shortnnd Plain W» 
In ill* Kailb and Cburrh,' eomfOttd hy hit 
uncle, Itiobanl lladlm>>n [q. r.1, London, 
itlHM, 4lo, loawlhor wiib ■ lliarlealTa iVfiera 
frMiDriin kiaClowt aftprlii«Uc(«aae'{wbicli 
had bn-n alrmdy pablialied in *Cope« nfTwo 
Paiwra,' liWl, ami |a*e riae to nncltCDa- 




txowtsf), nod * A lici'if Account of wbnt tiC' 
flurrvd on'ClmrlM'* «lcnilib<!il. At tlie end 
of tbo work U, with aqiontv titk-page, * A 
Sasunvx of 0ccun«nc<^9 r«luiiii£ to ilu 
Mimouloiu PreM-rvniiiHi of . . . CliArlM II 
■ftt-r llie DeftMt o( liix Anay U WorotAtor 
in IM1. raithriiUf inkpn from tba cxpnw 

tnrwiial t4«tlniriiiy of tliOM two wortbj 
tc.mnn Cntbaliof. Tlinmiu WliilirniTe , . , 
Biid Mr. .Tobii Hudlwloii, priail.' TLin i* 
rraruilod in Fi>Iot"» ' Iluourdii,' v. 430-46, 
HuiUhIoii'* brioi acconnt of Chftrl'w n'» 
dvatlibi'il i* r»iinnt(-d in the 'Stnto Tmci*,' 
LouikjD, 1692-i. Ii« facta TCcfifcnnfiniu'd by 
A CurioiM broniUidi'i cnlitlcd ' A trun Ki'lation 
of ihe UtD Kin^'* Dnntli,' odc> folii) balf-nliml, 
W ' P[irc] Mi'nnmirtu^, A CftjiiwliiB] F[riiir], 
CwifiMaor to till! lliiKi.-.' 

A KDod pit^iiTL- of IftidU'«toii was for- 
ner^ in tin.' poHM<4»ii)ii o( Kt*. OuRt nt 
Oarliak (Peicnint, Tour intn ScottaatI and 
Vtiyag* to Ihr IIrl>nrl<v, 1774, p. GU). Hi* 
portTUt, t'Ufravod fmin tbu iinuinol in tbu 
MWOMion of It. t luddlL-nlon ofSiiwnton Uall, 
CunbridfTCBbirp.vriLi publinbrii in I Li- 'Laity's 
DiiectoTf' fi>r l^ltt. Azi oriiciiisl ]i»rirail 
by lloitfcnaii. \&i<>, ' aauli^ biioi anno 7^,' i» 
Hi HuttOD Joliu. 

[Addlt. MS. AHTI.f. STA; Baniol'* Uiit. of 
hi* own 'riinr, I. (107; Cnii Vlnilicin (Rcsnio), 
>L des 1 Oitholir; AEnipiiiiiv niiit Uorlw, t. 3Ki- 
Zi\ ; CUr»[i(1oD'ii Hi It . of 1 hv ItelidlioD ( Moeraj), 
Ub.iiii.jSeT.M: I)aM'i.Ctiun')i Hii.i. iii. i9il; 
Eehard't Hi»t. of Kni^land, 3nt iKliliuii, ii, 6Qi, 
603, lOtS. IO<SI ; FalDy>RMordi.T.130,«83ii., 
fiOl a.i HiHKWu'* ROTnarki on BurnDl'* tlui. or 
bi> nvD Time. Snil Ci^ili>:in, p. 3*0 : 1.inpnnl * Hint, 
of Koglnud, IM19. riii. 32.1. z. IDd ; Mjicaulnv'* 
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BeliaioH in Cuniinill. p, 618 i Wabion'a Cbr"- 
nids. pp. 18S. 190. 108, 3SA. 13S, App, f. 0: 
Woofl'i .lutobiog. (BIib), p. Ixii.] T. C. 

JOHN i.!"'**' I7CKJ), jwauit. [Sw |)ii)iMi:»i.i 


il816-l8»01, juil(^', oldrat. aaa of Tbrnciu 
lii'ldW»n,aipt«ia ill the incrchanl iMriTice, 
by AlatliM, daugbler of If. Hicb^ni of St. 
I\-«, Cornwall, waa born at Dublin on 8 Sopi, 
IBIfi. Ilr wna MliicatiKl in Tr«biiid,and ina- 
tj-icubitpd. but look no ilepri?p,nt Trinity CoU 
It^c, Dublin. Al^r wnm timopeni ns uaher 
in a sohuol ia ontaMiJ Oray's Inn 
on lt> April 1^1(1, and waa ttaUed to Uic bar 
bytbat »nci"lyon7May H*39. Ui^wvut tbe 
dxfiird ciriruit. nnJ iitleiided tbe Worc«*tt>r 
•ml t^tnlTiriUUiri! wfnioDs. He alao practiwd 
at. thi' Midrlt(.-9i-x «>.'Aiioi)s,whor»li9 chiefly 
nrRiii-'d poor-law oasMi, and nt ib(- Old Dailny. 
TkeK oud on circuit bo p^dually ocquimd 

au lexlcnaivo criminal practice. H« iltifendpd 
Culty ihe pharli*! in 18*8, and nwored the 
acyiilttnlof Mi-rcy t'niheriuoNowloo,onl»*r 
tbird trial fm' uiAlrii'id«, in 18a9. Ilr irft» 
wit li Cockbum iu I he Bufpk-y poiauuing cum-, 
and waa m^agod in many o'lnet ooiuu efU- 
br*», in whioli li» distingwahed himadT ia 
CToaa-«xami un tinn , and by tho lucidity and 
addri'Mi witli wliidi hu biji pninta 
Iu ilie inn-. He look tiUt in l.S-V. and waa 
clectM a beuclii.-i- of Ilia inn, of wliicb ho wsk 
treuuror in 18>'>{' and i&SH. 

A ft«r uwnccMafuIly contMiii^-iK-icnilvoti- 
«lilu<Htoiai,li*WBamurm'il to purlin tn-iit for 
Cnntvrburv, in tbii cum^rvntivo inl^tft. in 
16(1'), and in tho followinK vnr o-nrricii 
tbrousb tbti nou»» tbe Hop I'mdK Itill, a 
iiavfiif nMwun iniandLnl lo prvtont itii- .m- 

SlnyoKinl of AMudllleul inarhii in tbnt iii- 
lutry. irniwat«d at thi' i-k-L'tiMo of I'^tl'S. lie 
contvitod Norwich utuuccMAfuUy in 1870, 
and tuoooaifully in 1H74. Ha waa iudge-ad- 
vomKi of the FiL-vt from 186S to 1^74, when 
{i'2 P'uL) be waa catlod ta tbo dagno of 
»i>ijeanl-ac-Iiiw, rdaed to the bonoh of tbo 
commnn ]iU>aa, and krii(;hl(<d. On 1:1 May 
bu wu tranrfVrrinltollii'picboqupr. Oiitbi.- 
patainK of thu Jiidicatnre Act of IkTu ibe 
court of I'xcbniiu'r bnc«liii> tlie «x(liMjii-.'r di- 
viaion of tliehi«b court of juMici?,nnd it waa 
dedded ibal tin- iilyle of hnmn of tbo *■!- 
cbequ«r abould Iinui.' on thii ilnnlh of thti 
exiatiiig boldtrra of the titlu. Iliiddlmlona 
patent woa ibe laat inailtid, and bv wan no> 
cu»1om(>d on tliat account lui-allliimwir'thL- 
but of thg barons.' On lliv cunnul illation of 
in 1880, no liecatoo a jiid^ of tbo Ult«r 
division, nlil I, bowi'TiT, mlnininir tb« bI.jIc of 
barou. He wni(p«at«r on nii advocate tbanaa 
a liid^\ but bia diarfpiii waxe alwnya model* 
01 lucidity. During (lir lant tun yean of has 
lifo bo BUlIbriid from a obrcjiiia nud painful 
diseaao, tnd hMvy caaiw, like the libel aolion 
of B«lt V. Lnwiia in 1S82, soraroly tried his 
powcn. lie died at hi* town hoii«>.',4ll Kn- 
iiLimorpGnrdcaK.S{iut]i K«nJnogtoo,onADao. 
181N), u»>l was by bia own diniction cromatod 
at Wuliiuij ceini-tcn,- on the 12th. 

Hiidillvston wnsiui nccompliibcd man. and 
well riMiii in French literature. He abn «;Kike 
Frandi witb OMO uid gnici'.atid in tbnt btn- 
piian* miuU in 1668, a* ib^ rvpnv>eolnTive of 
tlxi l{iif[liah bur, a >pi<pcb nt Pitris over lb« 
bier of tlw uri-at Krench ndvocalv, Pierre 
.\n1oiiie llurrver. We wa» nflom-nrd* un-' 
liiinaiiiwl by M. Grfvy and mcmlwrit of the 
Frvncb bar at a laurjuet nt iht- llrand IliSiel. 
Hiiddl^lOQ wo* ul»i a brilllaut coiivenuitJuu- 
al ill. a lover of tlie tlieiilrr. and an autb'iritv 
oniurf in niters. lie iunrri^,ijn \>* Uei;. 1h75, 




LMly DiMi* l)*V<ir« B«auclHr)c. dautrkwr of 
tbi' nintb Duke of 81. Albuu, who rnrrii-M 
Uiui. inn widow prMFiiUxl Iwa |>aTtniUCif 
litni in Mnv IMtl "> ■'■■' jud|p>i<' TamiUMi 
room ftt tlw Roynl Court* of Jiuttco. 

(TimM <. ». luiil II Dm. IMO; Law Timn*. 
MDm. la&O: Men at thoTlm*, lOlbwIit, ; Utu 
of CodM Oil. 1BT8: Ann. Bag. IB«lt. Cbtoa. \ 
p. ISt i \«M, China. \>. 30; B«w Mr. ISfitf. I 
IIiwiil'i Pwl. Ocbatra. 3rd mt. clmii. 18A1 ; | 
Bnrka'i Pc«m». St. AlWw; Ihlliuitliio'* Somo ' 
ExperieD«acir*llarTii>tcr'iLifo,eiL18P0.p SQ.) 

J. 11. B. I 

horn in l^'<i ni KnriiiKiO" U^U. ""«' Pw*- 
Ino. lAncfuliiiv, wm the ifoiiii«i-»t »on of j 
.\n<lr<-ir Uiiilloflou. Mq.iOfl-'arintctin Hull, 
brMwr, tliird duugbtw of Cuthbu-H Uuiiou 1 
of lluiluii Jolin, Ciimbi'rland. Il« Bliidi«d 
uudrr Thouiiui ^onimuti>, n cAtholiv Bobuul- 
mM(«r (it (ir»nip'-OTor-t*nnOB, ljiiiwi*hiri>, 
and wu nnbimiui-Dllr icnl lo t.b>> F.iitiliab 
CoUogc >I D'luaT. .\fti^rwknli> lie «tii<JiiHl 
j^ooopliv and divinitv for rtiaiii ri-an in 
lh« Encluib Collofre U Itamo. Kfliumlni; 
to DoMiT he WM oraiitud prieat iu I iJO;. und 
BiMiao. Anm tinting luljr be wu pn>- 
fimtd Mk ItoDcdicttDe monh at Mania Cae- 
riBO. In IQIO h« MID'- bnclt to thu mi»- 
lioOi and ira* initrumi'utal in cooTMlinff 
muivnf ihocbieffamiliMinl^ncatbirvand | 
Ynrlnbini In (hu Itomati caLbotic fnitli. Ila i 
died at ^rtockcld l'ark.tb« watoflboUid- 
dUumi, on M Nov. lOU. 

Be left nvural picCM in Duuiuicriiil, nrbicb 
Biip««T lo bavii Iwen loal.and a 'SUorl and 
nain Wav ta tbr Faitb and Cbiiivh,' pul^ 
liahod byiiiii ncnbew, Fatlier JoUn Hudle- 
•ton [<]•*.]< liOodiiD, I6S(I, <lli>: rvnriuled in 
llie 'hnftbiti Catliulic Llbrarv.' vnl. ii., l»n- 
doa, ItMi, >>V(>, uiidvf ibii a^it'>rinl car» of 
the R«r. Mark Alowiii* Tifmrv: nod i^emd, 
London, l^TiQ, 6vn. (.'hArlm Tl, irliilo con- 
Mai^ at Mowlev aftirr tho di'fi^at ut Wot- 
CiMlvr, noruiwd itiis tnaliH.' in miuiuicnpt, 
•addcdandlihat bobnd Mvunotbingclwer 
vpan Uw Ht^i. [I'ot appundieta to tbu 
printed mpr we HVDi.srrox, Jonx.] 'An 
Aninrer to FatliiT IlnddlMton'* Short and 
PUb W«7' waa publMbrcl bf an atnonyowM 
wriiart IM at a later period anotber ■ An* 
iwer.' bj Samuel Oraaoanie [q. v.^ appeanut 
at l^ondoB, 17M, Svoj ITIS, 8to. 

rDaiU'*arar«b Bleu Ii. lit; P-tin't Kti,r<it. 
r. tMw M4e., W7-»l^ Oillow* Bibl. Diet, g 
OUnr'a OOlHiUe Belipon in Connll, p. AIT; 
Bava'e Vaoelofr, p^ U; Wnldoa'* OoMiicWi 
p. IM, App. p. «.] T. C 

Toi_ zxnii. 

HUDBON, OEURGE ( lfKK)-1«71 >, tbv 
■ railway kinff,' eon of a tanner and constable, 
wbo died in IffiO^ wa* bom at Uowabam, a 
viUaoe twar York, in Marcb It^OU, and afli-r 
an Miication at local •chouli woi m IHIA 
■ippi«nlic«l to Ilnll & Nii^bulMn, drap«t«, 
CollegB ijtTeet, Viirh. Ilia •priri'ntici.-idiip 
over, M rMeived n tban^ In ini> buainMie. 
Bell M>cm aflerwardarMin-d, nnd llin firm b** 
came Niobolecm & liuilton (Ilichnrd NicboU 
«on wae found drownifd in tbe Uua« at Yotk 
mi t* Mar IMfl. uad M). At ibe npi> of 
twentv-wvuti lludaon, altendj a wtntlby 
moil, rpccivcd from a dietaat nlaiivc, Mal- 
i)i<.>vBr>i(ri]l,ab«]neilor30u000/., whji-bbe 
invrntdl in Kortb ItCiiUand Rallwaj ■linmi. 
In Ircm b« bud rihen to bi< tbe bpod of tbe 
conwrvftliT* pnrty in Vnrk. In l»35bci«-a«B 
towneoiiiicilkir. in January llOUBUiiIdmuaiit 
and in Novcaib>?r IS37 lurd mayor. Ilewae 
the ori^iiiaior of thu Vork Itankiiig Company 
in )633,and na inatj&g«<r f^ir Mioif- liinti aftor> 
wanla made tt a permanent euccoM. In lIViA 
niN lie spoke nt a mMtinx held to coneider 
ilie conetriu:tion of a railway from York to 
cnitoin portions of ibi' Wisi ltidinit,aiid>ub- 
Niribod for live bundrtd vlianiii. Tbe aobemo 
wa* not oarriiid out till ld87, wIimi a capilal 
of 448,680/. waa raiaed under an act of pnrw 
lianienl, and llndeon waa apjiointmlcliairman 
of the company— a joint uwociatioci known 
a* the York aad Norib Midland. By grtoiX 
management the rnJIwnv wuo mrtdo at a mo- 
derate co«t, and WMowmedon ^ May iHSi). 
Ilndeon wan peeenntea on the occaaion wiib 
n tmimoninl. Hi* neit onieiprije wm to 
OMiit tlie (irrflt Nonb of England OmiMay 
ti>c«tapl«t4.' their line to Newcatlle. In1K4l 
be vigomualy •iipportcd the plan of npmioi; 
an eaaieni comrounicntion with Edinburali 
by way of Ncwcaollraod Darlinfrton, nnd be 
waaBlodad chninonn of 1 be oumpany formed 
to earrv oat ibid pnijcct in June IMli, II* 
aubecrAwd live timus ah muob aa onv othftr 
dii«c(ar,and punonallv irtinranlMil tbe [wy- 
ment of mx per cent, dividi-ml. To obviate 
the tnoORTmieuce nf trauafatnBir paaaenfpita 
and freisht lioiB one train loanolheratjun^ 
tion(,midaon«iig|rQelndtliL- railway clearing 
•yvtem, orinaally deriaml by ^Ir. MorriaoB >b 
IS41. It Unt oame into uperalian on two 
roadi in Jaaoai; 184^. Tlirw eompeling 
tinea wen at tbe time apprvoohinn Iterbj. 
Hodaon nndertook to coiintvract ib« fetal 
' prinmple at com)>«riilian by otnaliraBiitinif 
I tbe three (chrmGa. Thi> bo tuccesafully ao- 
' coiBplUted, briuii^ logntbur a capital of 
'AflOOflOOt., and benme diaiiman of tlie 
amalRsnated direotwr of what icon baoama 
tho Midland Itailway&impany. InronjuUL'- 
lion with Ueorge StepiMtuon m then planned 




ttAAdiiiRlho Midkncl's tdiul i<i N'cwcn.iili.', 
and to ihut town Ili« linu wns (ipi'Dul 18 Jime 
IB-U. lu tlir ratav vi-nT W dCtiTrly rMt«t«d 
the Mh^mo of briii^mg tbe railways tinder 
govern THMit supi-rviition. 

Tlin mgp for niilw«j- Enndilnlinn vran in 
1W4 npjirviaclimK itji icnilli. 1,018 mili^ af 
rem! WfW ni Ihi-thiie liirp'ly iiniJiT Hndson's 
Control ; ull lii> CDmimiiii'a wt-rv euccesiful in 
devdopiat; IralFir und lu pajing iliviiWd*. 
In h jmrliiim'-nliiry rvliirn mail« in 1845 of 
Ike luiBii* of 6iiWribL>r4 10 nilwav »cli<>iiia«i 
wliicti werp woking aiil.horiMlion from |»«r- 
liamnnt, i1i<- totnl omnunt of lliidmn'i >ub- 
(icri]ilion« npwtrini an 3I9.8;«i;., 20*V>"<>/- of 
wliich he hi'lcl in iliaru in tlic Newciui lu and 
nL-r«*ii^k Unilwny. Hiit inHurnoi! waa un- 
pa.riilMi-d. anil 1i<? ncquicvd (hu iiijbri(|iiet of 
tbe ' till il way Kinff.' nc Dumbored tli» prince 
coiuurt. atuotiL' 1ii« ncquiiini«no«i», anil t.lwi 
arintocrnr'y of I.nndon <T(in-dpd hi« pnrtioR«t, 
Albert ('Kin, KnighlsbridKr- Hi* •ilmimra 
prpiwntfid liim willi iB,0(X)/. nn n ti-Mimony 
of tlii'ir iy»pECt. Hi.' piirdlin*ed l^ndi-*- 
1)or()iiH'U ri^tiilo, Yorkshire, from tbi? DaUe of 
Drvnn.'birclo previ-nl it fallinftiutothL'bnnds 
of till! MauclieatiT and Ln^dK linilwav Com- 
pany, and be became lb« ovrn<'r (if Vi-wby 
riaft, ll>> wft«nppfiiniBda'l"piiiT-lieii[('iianr 
of Itiirlidm 11m! a ninir'»'ni(^ tor ihnt poiinry, 
andforThe Kml ondNnrlli Itidin^nnf York- 
shire. tlewM cl«Ct«d M.I*, in tbp con»i>rva- 
livouii«ironfor Sunderland on 1R Aug. IRk^i, 
Us oppornpnt. Colnnd I'lrrroni^ 'lliarapaon. 
tii9 Anti-Comlow Li-airuer. bi^in^defented bjr 
ISP vot«a, altliouifli Cobdvu and Bright botli 
ncltvely nwiatMl him. Tliv (.-vvnl waade<'mi^l 
of ao iDticli public interest tbat tlie ' Tiiuf.>« ' 
DfrW8pBpcrcl<snt'n-dAa|H>cial train to cmvoy 
tb§ nevj lo London, and thn HOH milea nvri' 
«ov«rod in I'ijiht lionr*. part of tin- ionmcy 
boinfc performed by po»l liorw*. lIiid»on 
pmlMbW nwffd his !iiice(M lit tho pall to bin 
influence a* chairman of the Sutideriand Dock 
Coinpaity. In the aueoMdiny ycnr (|S4'l)lie 
again t»rv«d m lord mayor of Ynrk. Uo 
continued to mprnwitt Siindcrlnm) until l.hi> 
ItMiBTal election of 1 8fi9, whon ho wan dcifonli-d 
by Willinin S. l.indaay.tbe abipowner. Hud- 
«on, who rnpidlr obtauied a position in llie 
Ilnuic of Commons, dr<oline<1 to fullow ?>ir 
Itobert ['eel in bis rununciailun of prot4.'C- 

TIudiioTi'i htisinem Irannertions irrew very 
quMlionable a* hi? operations extended. On 
the amaliramnlion of thnNpwcnatle andRcr- 
wicU Railway Cotnpnny with ihe Newcasllo 
and North Shielda lit? incrfaied tbi' authorised 
iafuc of aliorw from forty-tvro Tlionsdnd 10 
lifly-4ix thousand, and made no entry of ih" 
Ikct in the account-boolta. Of iheao shares 

he appmprintf'd B,0.t6, oh wliirli lie probably 
made ahoul 145,000/. similar IninaactioiUI 
followe<l, and he not iinfr«inentl_v MicpiTed 
large prwunta of shares from the diti^clnral 
bunnlsof wliich he was lacmber. llis s|HHiclina 
St iheannualmeL'Tin^ were always plausible, 
and tip vnu nan^iiine a; (•> future dii idrnds. 
lie enriched piiwonal fri-iid* by early Infor- 
moiion and the allotment of ihnn^, Jii IM'i. 
as chiiirtnan of Ihi' Newcaitl"? and Ilarling- 
ton Company, ho purcbiLii'd. by Ihn nilvire 
of Cleurife Stopbeiisou, the lirval N'lrth of 
Elif-Ialid Itailwav, i.e. the York and Darling-^ ' 
ton, on mcW ruinnua lerau ; bm \,\ii- pric« 
of athan-nt onco KM* ftflin 200/ 10 i.V./. 
.\bnut tlvi namo tim* the Gaitcrn (.'oiinliea , 
I{eilv,-nv enlleil on him to take tha maium 
mmt of ibc'ir afl'ain. which were in ■ depb 
rible cmdilion. He aeceptod the coll, Diit 
even bis shill wa«powerl«s!,aiid in deaperalu 
circntii*tniic>>« b-' paid a dividend out of. 
capital, and lliin in three yenri) a sum of] 
SiM,<)O0/. vtiw nnjuBtly charftml to capital a&-l 
count. Toward* Ihe close of ISIT llie TalUM 

of railway t)roporty IVU rapidly. Tlio depre>i 
cialion in the aliorea of the tvn leading miU j 
way companieawaa calculated at Tf.O00,O0(M,i 
In the fnlluwing year atormv uwetiuga imti 
held, and l>etweeR S» Fel>. aiid 17 May }t»9 
nud*on wna forced to T<->i^i bin p'ltitinn n* 
chairman of the Eastern Conniii-f, Midland, 
York, N«'«cnslli' and Hfirwick, and York and 
JJortli Midland Itailway ('iimpaniiis. Cnm- 
niittiva of invi'itijTniion wer^ iippiinteil in 
caeh ejuin, and tlier niporli-cl iha' he wim per- 
sonally indebted in VL'rv IaD(i? aumK lo the 
vorioua companies. Iludsou at once admitted 
these debta, nud made anangementa forpa^- 
iu^ them off by iiMlalmeDla. In hi* jdace in 
parliament on 17 May he irirf toMqdainhia 
]UHil ton, but wna heard inulenc*. Kortwi'niv 
yeart lie wan involved in a chancer!' suit witli 
the N'irlh-KBSiem Itjiilway C(im]mnr. who 
souRbl to fiiroclosB bis inturest in (he n hit by 
estate and in the Knndertand Docks m Mitis- 
faclti^i of Ibyir claims upon him. AIUt IHtB 
he lived much abroad, and triod to operaI« 
in eontinrnta! finance, but without iuccgmi, 
< In 10 ,Iu1y I J^M he was committed lo )'ork 
Cnatlefor contempt of the con rl of excbisjiier 
in not jnayinir a large dvhl. bnt was rtlcaaed 
on 10 net. following, tn ISfW aome former 
friends raided by enbacription 4300/., with 
which wan pnrchaand an annuity for his Iwni^ 
fit. In the following yearhe wnsentertainwl 
nt n l.iiniiief in SuiuJerland, ' in n-cognilion 
of his punl Btn'ic&s In ihe town and port.' 
'Ciirlvle, in hi*'l,(illor Uny Pamphlets,' calls 
I[iid»un ' the big iwol ten gambler.' He died 
St his re'id-'nei', -I" Churlon Street, neljjrnva 
Rond, London, on H Pec lfi71, and was 




barimi in BenrinKhitin chiiivliTanl, York< 
nhirp.on 21 Dw, n>- tiiftrnrd in l^'I^EIita- 
1w-i)i, ilaiieltliTof .lamM Nicliolaoii, liv wlioni 
hr bad ■ btrgf fiunllj. 

irnM-ra Maff. Aucud IS17. pp. 3IA-33; 
Tait'a Rdinbnrgli Mn^'. iM9. pp. 3IV-34 ; Pun«lt, 
IM49, ivi. 191 : RiehiiniMn'* Mjiterca* of ilvd- 
•iin'* RjiilwHT Fniu'lii. IHM: Rroottof Rridcoia 
orUu<]!iLia>]u'Tri(U Hirhnnlirin tr.Woixlinn.l8M; 
Buik«i»'Uiu[. Dc«ambcr 1 8£ I .pp. TKI-S4 1 Hnnt'ft 
Mntfcut*' She. Ntv Yorli. JuIt 18,13, p^i^ 3S. 
W: Bt«m'* I'Wuk. Failum*. kad Fniirt. IttAtt, 
pILt-TS; TinH«.le Dim- I»;i. p.P.'iul H Vot. 

C. S; lord W. P. Lf-nnoi'i Cel«l«^ii'« I hnvF 
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Willianui'* Mi-llHn<l Kul«nr. 1877. pp. 99-124. 
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O. CB. 

HUDSON, HKNItY («r. 1611 ), nnrientor, 
WM not imiirobRblv, » hna bam ciimMtuml, 
tho ^nibon o( llunrr IIudMin or Ilcrdion, 
kJdeniuui of 1iiind')n, wlio liclped to found 
tlu HoMOV; Ciilnpiiij in \'i!irt. and died in 
ihe tms jtkt. Tliu'oldvr Ilvnn- llurLtuu 
left BMny MM aiul litMineB, whbw iiu&m 
•nmetiinM appear u Iloddeidon uid llage- 
•omuiid wboallH«mloh4r«li«raliit«K«t(d 
in or cranected with ih» MuscoryCempany. 
tlud«iii, Ui* lumjpitor, Ib llrat nwDtiniied ■• 
•piHuntM in 1607 to cooBBiuid tint llopvfiil 
in k vojmge ••^t fortb br ibu unmu rnrapimv 
* l« diaeoivr ibp pole.' On IS April hu ttiid 
|]|« etvw at tha Hopeful. IweUe men nl) 
tnld, coiminiiDical«id IOf(vth«r in th« cliur^li 
of St. Etbelburgvin Kalioptpit*, 'purycMing 
lo^totMifotirdmkfttf? On*artluilii|]* 
BKKT «rk> (Inilion^ MB John, who Hwmii in 

tiny >H^ iboD ft hid of «ilt*i-n nr riglirn,]! i 

fnnn wliirh it may bojudpid tluit Iladtou 
wniilMrn befof«rulurUianKflnrlA70. Tbu 
cliH^aJDi of ihta TDjwfiv w*i. in nccordono; 
wilh th« propoM] raaile bj ItolifrT Thnme 
[q. v.] «i^tit7 f«*ri boforo, lo Mil iwr<iH llii* 
pole (•> iho 'uUndit oT apiony.' Hailtnn 
akilod from (imviupml nn 1 Ma^, Mid ftiudi 
Uwi ea«i vtmut o( Oru-nlnnd in Uu 0(>*-70*, 
Ml 13 June: then ouDiinuinK ■ nottlMrljr 
ceUTMihe rngvo <iAhl«l the coMl inlaLiS*, 
ud ■ucd the land Otpo Hold wiib Uof*. 
FMwd tutwapJ* hw the enitiavoa* ie^ bar- 
rur bi t W MM (irM-BUnil tad ^tttbotgan, be 

Mlowod tliclinnnrtbHbUTWraBd niMOtt 
tbf 98tb to Prinn* OiwIm Iiluid ; lb«M« 
be iponM bin wbt lo lk» nofthvard and 
alow iWroAiil'if dnitab(>n(Mi,iuniiii|i Ilak- 
lajt^Uudknd atlM pwd. On 13 July 

I be wM,1iTob*er<nilion.iaUl.iW°33'. AAor 

Mrugglin^ lowarila the north for tJirao day* ' 

' lon^iir.i^nonini that h<>wa«bvinjrm'nDi back 

I by n ■oiiihirly riiTrwnt,b«dMcrmd tholsod i 

' ntrfailinntnrtotbmnvnbhojoai^. Ulil ' 

I ramark in a leai of tht^ error in bin rockonin^, 

! forthcnKiBt nortlierlvlandinlbe8pi((barf[rn 

OToup U in M/* i5'. He Mliified liimKlf, 

I hotfwer. tbst iht-rv «u in rhat quarlvr no 

poMa^cL- lo (he imIp : •», after s^in trj'ine 

tho Ice barrier, lu> turned la-iulbwardd, and 

difcavnrinir "n hi* wny nn ifJaiid tlianDaBad 

' 'HiidK-n'iToiicbi!).' but nncoidantiflad with 

Jan Maycn, hu anivud in lbs Thamoa on 

!■"> Sept, 

Tliome'i idieme fur a ahort and mnv puf 
«agr iiCK>M tlw north pole beinc ihu* jiroved 
ioipmrlicabln, llndKHii in the following venr, 
andatill ill tlw aMTlM of ibeMtucovy Con- 
ponr, rvpoalod th* atloinpt whicli had bam 
■nacle bj Willoufthby. HnnrMi. uid otlura of 
; leM nolH, to Hnd n ]ia«ui(("bTllienart]i-«aal. 
; On it! Apnl ItiW. with a ci^w of llftMn all 
uAi, inclu'lin); hitnsrlf ami his e«o John, he 
dropped down tlie river, and rounded the 
NoruiCapeanS Jane. AfUr c««Min)i; along 
tli« IM in lal. 74* 7fi" till tho S4tb. in hone 
ofpuains lr> th<-nnrtl]af NomvaZrmlya,!)'' 
Iurue<l to the •oiilh-ujul, and on I bu :26th 
CniKu Hit idea wat now lo paM by the 
Wninli or Kam Stmii. and to double ' Uw 
northape ol'Tartaria.'wben,aaheiuppoMd, 
be would find bimeelf within eaajr aaUmg of 
tbe Pacillc. The Weintc wu,boweir«r,iin< 
tiiuHable, oni) on 6 Jiujr, attrr riding out a 
liuaTf pilu at andiOT. 'wo woiKbnl/hi' •ajra, 
'and a^t aail and itood lo tlia wotward, 
beinK oul of hope lo find paMe^> by the 
nort«-«aiit.' For a few dajra longer ho eo- 
deamured to examine WilloughbT Land [aee 
Wii.ioroKBT, SiK Hcan], but tV d'aicrip- 
tion and pcxitioi) of it wcrE too ra^ie lo jmt- 
mllenyoortom identifioationof it,eitbertlieB 
tit IMW. On ibe l;flh be Ftowl airar tu the 
weuward; on tlie |Nib wa« ngaiu off ihe 
Nortb Cape, and anchored off Oraveaaiid on 

PuriDg tho following winter Hndaan en- 
lenvl into nogotiationa wiifa tbu l>ut«hEaat 
Indin CompuiT, and inllieiracrvicebenilad 
from AmnlcnUm on \i'i March lUOO with 
two >hi|M. the Good Ilopir and Half Moon, 
he bimielf tu ibelaller. HU priiuarr inten- 
tion was again loalttvipCtbopaHagi'througli 
tbe Waigati aa in ibe Connor year ; but off 
tbe eoaet of Noraya Keoljn hia cr»w, con- 
rirtisg 1MWII7 of iVmcbiiMn, nAMod to go on, 
and eompelUd lun to tiani boob : ibe f food 
llopoit Mardof numoreandwould apemto 
' hni« mftde Mnught br llolUnd, while Uud- 




aoD, in tbu Half 5Icx>d, Nirvtchod aera« tluf 
AUftntJc to tliP eowt ut' Xavn Scoiin. and 
tlienoe aoulhwuda nn fur n* lut. 36" : fn>[n 
wliirli liim!ii^ iinrlti wards lii.- cnn't'iilK ••*,• 
nniiui-r! [Ii^ riMiH, looking into {'lii-wiw-fik" 
KOd t li'litwani IIiijrK aiiit ivnctiiiitr i^Aiidv Ilriok 
on S S«pt. Tli^slirj' of n iirnil ilimiigh t.ho 
eoiitini-nt in or qlmut Itit. 40' lind bm-u limit 
aiucv discredit I'd, but lisd InU'lr buon rovircd, 
•ppiin-iitly hy Iiidinu rvporia of the grM, 
cuinoflsKM: iuidlIiidMia,liaviri(;iiuw*aTi»- 
li«dhiiii«f>lforit«fnW1iood,d<'Vot«l till' next 
mnnth to uii c.inm'miilinn ortlwi river wbidi 
luM aitico bonie hix iininf, luid irhicli hiT iw 
mndiid to nuar ilu- uoriiion of tlic pf™.'iil 
AlbftOJ. Ou •! Ucl. 111? omu ftgiiio iiilo ilie 
•e&,uid rMurnrd Ut Enfiiiuid uu 7 Nov. Tlia 
wu Uie Mid of HiidMiii's Dutcli ccnini-ciiou, 
niid on 17 April IHIO Ii«t «nil«i) fraiti InMidon 
in iho Dispnvprr, t!li<<d outfit lliii con of Sir 
Tlioinru Sinytlio, Sir Dudl.-y DIksor, nnd 
Jolin Wolsti-nliriimf. to nltnmpt tiio north* 
wtflt ]i»*Mi,i.-. By the uod of Junu lie tind 
erojied his way into ili« »tniit aince known 
iiy ti« iintiif : on 3 Aug. W pMsed out of it, 
bi'twwn Digevx Uhind iinil Cope Wol*t*n- 
holm», into tbi? liny Wyond, and i>p<<nt tbu 
next ihrui! monlhu'ln n labyrinth witlioiil 
BOd,' «p]iHrtiilly in tbu eiowinniion of thn 
MUtorn «b'.tTt> uiid the- udin(.'uul inlandii. Ity 
Uia end of OttolHir tl«> IiiBcovery was in ibu 
extrenifr wiulh of Jiiinw liny, and on 1 Ntiv. 
WM bniitoil aground in a |>lacujiidt-«<l (iltiiif; 
to wintnr in, [lOMilily near Moose Fort ; on 
tliR lUth ibo viix frcai'n in. Tbe winter 
poMwl miliL-rabiT i-iioiaj;b : |irovirion» wern 
not too plontifuf, nnd llic tujiijly of gnnn- or 
flah WM iM:]intv. Sumi.- mouT bn livforp llud- 
aoalindqiiarrelUKl wit bliiemiiit'.Jii<.-t, whom 
ho di*pWed, n^poiniinj! UoWrl Dylot [tj. v.] 
in bi» ttnail. Tlinrvti-airotis-'iiiiedlly on ill- 
feelin^rin thii iibip whif b ibfiriniorbiinUhips 
did not IcMvn. ttmay wrtlbi' that Iliidton'a 
letnptT btniitiu moruae and mnpioioiw : lie 
¥ras Hi'UiDu^d of raTotiritinm, and of unfairly 
dijTribiitiKff iheproviiiiiitis. lie bad a vioWt 

!|anrr«l wiUioneofUii>fiivoarii>^. adtotoluii' 
ellnw named Grcvn, wlio nrl^ a* hie clt'rk, 
and now revil«d liia in tbn utronEMt lerma. 
Finally, iia Ihuj broke out of tha ic«, ho di*- 

(ilajjud By lut . and appointed ooe Ring to do 
lia duty'. Thin iiePuiB to luTe turned the 
scale. It i« impoMiible loajwak of tlio deloiU, 
fortheacouuntsan very n^uofrre and all FoiDc 
through n •iisnlrioiiR cliannel. It is. liow- 
tmr, crtain llial in 2-1 June IRII Hiiilson 
wu *ci]>i<d. bound, and put into thu fnioll 
boot or alinllap : iritli liim eitrbl olhitn, in- 
cIuilinK -lobu. Ilia ten. and Kiajj thn ncir 
mate, ahcr a filinrp ttruKK'c, in wbicli four 
faea vrtte hilled, wt'Cv jiut iuiu tliu boati it 

waa I hen out adrift uid atrtr aoai i^a- 
Thnt Iludjf)nBadaUhiacomMnian#per«aliadJ 
miserably caniioi ba doubled. Ua board thtti 
IfiiT'ivcry llylot wa» el(«Ied maater: pn>- 
viiiooi^ H'i>r>' vnry aliorC,andinond«an>uriiig 
lo kill ttinm dvor llimrpanywaKaltMllodbj 
I be Ivikimo*, ud Onon with four othartj 
ahiin. (>n th« pUMfubomoJuct end atliota 
died. Only a miMtaele rttnmanlaurviTcdto 
rcAoh England, and tliow altU'wl apeiit with 
famine and aickness. They were tbruivn into 
priiwa, but would nceni U> haif been very 
■bortly rvloBwKt and admttiM lo fiirtbor em- ; 

S>Ioviaont and conlldRnct-. Itylot iail«d iht ' 
uUuwingycBrin Button's voyai(eia I judaon't 
Bar JBiM! BiTinN, Sin TiioMdi^. It it pro* 
bable that tliu dwith of Jiii-t, and still moru 
of (in<en, ttfiiKl the mutiiiwr* in gooA 6lead : 
the wliolo blame of tlie murder of lliidaon 
iind hia companiona waa laid on ihcnn, nnd ' 
lhi»e who came homo were oerhaja judtcod 
lo buif expiated tlioir crime uy ihctir auffor- 

Iluclson's uenonalily ia ahadowr ia tke 
Mtn^me, andlitancliiereaienta tiavelieentlio 
■ul^oci of mnch Maggwration and tniarepre- 

' aonlation. Tfaa river, the »trait, the bay, and 
the vast tract of land which bear bin nam* 

' have hept liia memory alivL-: but in point of 
fact not uneof tbette waa diaoovered by llud- 
•on. All ihnt can be serioualy claimed for 
biin id ibaT liepuabedluauxplurationafurtlicr 
than biA]ir.'ileceBtors,aiidlenoribeinamors 
dUtinct liui atill iniiierfect nKord. Il liaa 
been coDcluaivoly aliown by I>r. jVali«r that 
the river, the strait, and thn bay wnryi all 
marked in luupa maiiy years bofcire the tiniM 
of IIucImjii, What lludaon rcallv did weu to 
nU'jw, in fijiir Bovenil vuiifea, Ihiit the pa»< 
fjijtf 10 C'hibav wa* corlainly not the aimple 
thing that it fiad bi'eti n.'preftent«<l liyTliorne 
and others; ihnt ihiri- wan no •Irnil Ihron^h 
the continent of North Amtrricn in a low 
latitude, and that if there wa* one in a high 
latitude it could scarcely be of any practieal 
value, lie tried in fuel all the routw that 
bad been augoeated, and Iheau havinj^ all 
failvd, tb«ni ia little doubt that had he lived 

I ho would hnvncJftmined beyond DaniiStrail 

I Mid hnvr nntii^ipati'd liaHin** diMovuries of 
af«wyeani later ^icc IlAn'iK,^Vlt.l.tAil\ lie 
waa a bold, enerjfetic, and able man, Roaloua 
in the eauae to which he bad dovolod him- 
self, though prevented by cruel fortune from 
achievinganydislinetaucoeM. Hudaon'saon 

Jolin, the cnmpanion of all bin hiatorical 
voyn^iiii, ponshed with him. In April IttU 
lii* widow applied to tho Ran IndiaCoanuwy 
for somn employment for Another wn, ' aliB 
buinKlHlvciVpoor.' Tliecompany i^onsidawl 
thai the bojr bad a jual claim on thum, oa liia 


■ 49 


fcdwrlu2'|i«Tij|K-<l inihi-urTimofilioociin- 
monwMlili:' tlu^aMonliiiftlrplMvdfaiiiifor 
nantieol iiuiTuctioa in iba tJAnuuiton, uid 
inn hi. towaid< liit outfll. 

[Aibpr* llonr; Iluiun rh* Kkrlettor. mlited. 
trilh an Inlcoliirtion, for Ihe }litlla]rl SvAvty, 
Mtfi. iaan ■]»■»( cshAuUireiucoDntot aU Uul 
la kniywii of nud*>n'* ouMr, and ifteladaa the 
«arli«at nvcounu cif h!a roytm a* pntllihod in 
"-|['">^ br Punrhiviin ItfUtandin lloHnnil by 
niwVl Bgnu in IGI^'13, bgrTMi McTrmi in 
1014. aud bj Dc Ia<( la IfllA, a* voll a« Uiar 
WlieM. K f'v in1'-i''*(inf fii«U filliOfniiuK tho 
Uat rajragD and i he niutinj ha** htm mtpphtA 
bj W. J. Hardy fSl. Jamaa'i Gaultr. 90 April 
IBST). In ua H>»l«r>(nl Inquiry tanciTaiaB 
Uanij Uuilaon. IBflO. J. M. Kmil hiwallampud 
(o im«a HndMn'* hmilj, hat in Uw abMDoa of 
•TidMo* lia gff^ aalhing lii^oDd ingBDianaaiid 
pI*>b«UaoM|j«<1ur«. A fntlUbliogniehraf tliD 
■qtJMt i( gtT«n by Ajhar. p. 391] J. K. L. 

BuuMtint en^imTer, nuEnfcd a few good 

tktei^ AtDOng tlw> pdnraita vngnivea by 
im w«M Vitoount Hacaitnay «nd I^td 
IiiOugbborDUch aftar Uatlior Itrawn, Sir Wil- 
liam llsmilton afti-r 8ir Joahiia IWnoUU, 
Fnnnn mid Kmma Hinrhlifli-, na 'Muaic. 
afirr W. PeUrt, Admiral ICoddaoi atler h. F. 
Abbott, and otiianL Aaunm otht>r picturea 
irhidi be cngrarad hvk ' ladiulrT' and 
' IdlMcaa ' aflcr Goorite Morlond , ' A llaaciia 
ftomaii Allittalor'alVvrJ. !lcni[iii<'r, ' David 
and ItnthiJitlia ' nflir Vnl'-rin Caitrlli, ' B«l- 
alianar'n Knui 'mftrt Hrmhniuh.&ir. Hninr 
of liii )ninta WDK pulilinlird at IS GttaI Kiw- 
*ell Blnvl. Bluamtbnri*, but niir'. a partrnit 
of Andtvw WilkLnaon after \V. Tote, was 
publlahfd at Palcnham. 

(tJOild't tntntiirnpt ttniory of Kngliih En- 

KTsrt (Itrii. Mm. A<Mii. lis. 33103): nialoD«r 
illl'l ilntiah Mat»)t>aU> Ponfaili.] L. C. 

HUD0O1V, 8iB JAMBS (l»IO-l(i««), 
di|tlanal>»(, iOD of llarriniftiin IIiidMn of 
BaaMH^qr JlaU. IVidlin^cxi. Vorktbirv, bj 
Antiu. dau^i*r ot tbu iSni Manium Tawtu^ 
hvnd, waa bora in )>'1(>, and ■'<liicat>id at 
Rilfltpj and Wcatminntrr. and in I'an* and 
Komo. Il<-wiii{ia|,'i- todmrv-'llliuid Wil- 
liam IV, and aid) awUtali* ptivat* aaovUiy 
to ihu Iaii4:r k inf. and pmlnaut vahar to 
QuaoB Adolaida. tlv waa tli* meatangvr who 
m» tant to •naaon PmI Imido on tbo dt*> 
■JMd of Molbounu in 1834 («« (.VuAnr 
J^tptrw, U. Hit ToRmn, /^' </ /.«n< 
JTrOMirm. iL 4ft). Pnm IhMM'U'a d»- 
acfiptioR, ' Tlie hiurtDd UndcMi raabad into 
tlia chanban nf iha Vatican,' ha waa nick- 
Baaiad * Ilnrrir tluil*«n.' Ha than ontati^ 
til* dipkunuic KiTicc, aail wu ncooMvdjr 

aactwtarvuf lafiation at W»ifaiii|iton in 1830, 
at ihp na#»« in ItUS, and at Rtu Jiumiro 
in IKtRi, lli> iraa promiit«<l to hv vavor nl 
Kio Janeiro in IfiAO. In 1^'Sl bo waa'ap-j 
pointrd t?nrnTI(i tlieCirnnd UukvofTtucany, 
but bufoiv pr(K!i>vdinfi to Floivncc wna pro- 
moted to till' lection at Turin, wla-re be ro« 
Riaiiii'il until ItHSS, Ueatrtui^lyn/mpathiMd • 
with ihc rnuac of Italian unity and indepco- j 
di-nci>, and If^t \x mat aaaisrance. He re- 
cifivcd tlip urdi^nr tbo IBalh in I89r>, wlion 
ibf Snnlininn Ipicipa arrivm! in fho (*nnu>B, 
AudiIi<-UrantlCr«uufcli<.-IIaibinlS<Vl. Ilia 
sfnipatliv with tbt^ Italian pnlrioia almuat 
IMUM<(1 tlie limita of dEplomatic diu'rotion. 
ilawaaaumnioncid bonainApnl IST)!!, 'and 
cnmt,' .Miy» Ijinl Mnlincsburj', ' in a Male of ] 
grettt alarm, i'ntrinK lie migbt nut bo allowad 
to ivium to Turin ai miniilor.and tookloav* 
of Uavuur, tariuK it wu doubtfiil wbotber ' 
li» would M-i' liimaj^in. Tlipfart ia that hu 
i> moiv linlian ibnn t)i» Italiann ihenuvhv^, 
and ho liTtis alntoal iintirvlj wilb llie ullta* 
of that cauao. I hnd ntancni to cooiplain of ' 
Ilia aiU'nW'. and ij^uili' iindcnilaad bow dia* 
i%-n«iibli> lo him it mual liava been to aid, 
liowever indinctl V, in prvntiunr a wot which 
ha tliought wouli\ bting about bii favourite 
otgoct, Daauly, Ibe uniflcniion of llalj' (jlf^- 
ino»» a/ m Kr^Minutfi; ii, UW). Tlia 
"nmM aaid of him that he liod diiubeyed 
tho inatrueciona of two aucoeaaire ^nra- 
nMnta, and act«d accordinff to the wiahm of J 
the people of England. Whon thn Italian 
kiii|[duiD waa oon«otidat«d in IrMM, Iludaun 
found biaeipanaBaaaniiiuaterfaat incTMaing, 
and altlwnigli Lord Jolm RoaKll whan at 
lht> fonii^ office nii«ml bi<« tnlarr (hun , 
9.0001. t.. 4,O00A. and in iHtll to r>,Ob(M., h» , 
found il iiuuflicicBt to rovar bia expanata, . 
In ImKI Liirtl John offVrad bim ilta tnlMu^ 
at Ciinalanlinopltr. but tlud*ofi pn-futml to 
ranaaln ni Turin until lie biicBmu rnlilUJ to 
hia Br«l-claM penuuu Utor in tbe jeor. Ua 
Ilia rwi^ation Lord Jolia Kaaaen waa na- 
fairly diarffitl with JoIiIhvt In rcaiovini^ bin 
to make way fur llmr;- I'^Uini, a cvlalivo of 
Ilia own (rf <i. Ki.lJuT''->))flniphlet,>V(>yinaM 
Ifufht^n an4 Harl Jtiu^ll. I^jndon, INM: 
^^'lt.p«I.F;. Ij,rd J-Jin kiuttlt, ii. -PS). Vnm 
IWU until lM''>.^irJaoii.'4liv<?diBnitimneiit 
iirinrinaltv in [talv. Ilfi (li«d at Straaburg on 
I'D Srpt. iMfiu ' 

ITlmia. n Sept. 1*89, For tbe cnnifov«ar 1 
apon ht< rMinmant ■aaHinn.lA.IS.andUAai. ' 
aa-lllK-pL 1HII3-) J. A. 0, 

HUDSON, JErFEltY (10l»-|{m), 
dwarf, wni bom at dakliam, Ituilnnd, in 
KItfl. Ui> fallirr waa a butcher, who keal 
and baited bull* fnr(l*orip' Vlltttiv.fint dulta 
of ilocUnghAm. Nwithnr of hU paniM] 





IIS 19 llie DMkM 4l 

took In iMo W «rriN. 


"•KfMmg la Fall«, • wtUoM en 

trtMfflrBriiiifiiimlii.' 3Wih 

ffiiiWil ■■itir ■ 


P"T „, 

caaw a mnii &< oorilc In lOO W 
intoKnna- to fach« wiJwifc fcr iW^w—'t 
■PproKhiii^ eottfiBMMM. hrt, ■« W «•» n^- 
timuag Tiili ibe wimatm nil tlw ^aw*'* 
^ndi^ umt<et, tkor ahip wv f|«f>J hj 
m Fbonidi pinte, and all wi'n takcat»D^»> 
kirii. By tin* iniaCwtitiM U«dMa kwt, it ■■ 

• cooue poMi viiMMd in 1098 witk ■ Ibte- 
fuov, to oMMnt* QndMi'a 


In ISaS ippEand ■ vpit ■bbU rol' 
writien in hommr t4 IIudMa, oDrd 'TW 
Newp Yrar'n Oift,' whieb bad a cvflimaiic 
deilicaiion <» ITiMMrB, M)d >■ Migm«d por- 
trait of him b^ J. DroMboMt: «n4iIuT «di- 
tioa*|>p«anxl lolOa^ When tile Plisc* of 
QTMigo braiopid Itrcda ta 1637. Lhbgow rv- 
porteih*! ibodwuf, ' StiMinoiM JaA^,' wu 
mtba prinoo'* etmp in oonpu^ witb tlw 
Earl* of Wanridc ami NottbanptiMi, wbo 
were tnluntpcrnin tlii-UntcbMOTttt. Ouring 
tliedvil won lur in uid lobavc been ■ caulain 
of liorte: it i* certain tliM be Iblloww iLe 

Jii«i-n, u lip wvt with ber in tbe Kigbi lo 
'enili:niiii>C'aj>lIi.- iti Jiin« IftU.and vrat wilb 
her to l'iirli>. n<-iraf,aanFu1li.-f, 'tliouffba 
dwarf, noiUiiUtd rarRanlin^ljiWhao iuollMl 
bj Cnifls at I'at'u about }(>i9, he ibat bim 
dead with a uiitol in a dueL CWta had 
rubl; armwl himKlf wilb a squirt only. In 
eouequence TIiidiKin bad lo leave ^arii., 
thpuifti nrarii'Tia Maria tt«m» lo have wvi-d 
him frnm tho impriMnioenl which hn it often 
•tated to Iiavu undprgone. But oi n-a he wu 
captUTvJ bjr a Turkiih roTct. carried U> Bar- 
banr, sod told a* a Blsre. Hi* niierie*. at.- 
ooraing to Iii* own account, made him arnw 
taller. HeDUUiacnl to cei bark to HnRlaad. 
protmblj boToro luStt, when Ilfuili adilrvteed 
■ome liniv to him in hi" 'ClanuttfllB.' After 
tbe Reaturatiou Hudson liied quietly in Ihu 
001)11117 for aonie jmu* mi n ^vnalon iiib- 
■ailMf] hy (he Duke of Ituddnf^iam and 
otiii^rs i but cuminii up to London to [)U*h hiit 
forluiiM nt L'ourt lit- wan. aa a Itnmon ontlin- 
lio, aiiipvulvd of comjilicltjr in the [Hipitti 




UO (WMt ef Oadaa t,«ea am4 iB nfiif 
im tb ««B a«w ftiMbiMi f>ail ViwaiHa 

" -l-Tf-nbrnnMrohHTtifim 

t3f lb* «;■ «f « Adpi, ta ■liiiiaa to tb« 
cwratiwiaiba'^awcTew'affift.* whkfc 
bM ha*s MmlMda CtaMelA^Mewto 
ct BM«dBaUeIVnBM,'^»tbe*EeMD- 
trie )la^n< tban M a pwttiBg of Hadaea 
Iq- Mjttm at lUfiaa CMft, • mew ef 
wbkfc b U HahnadT^Mtbv m^ br 
SCtUm WM ia Ibe Mii^MB oTSr Rahii 
WoetfM : tUa «« «Mn«d br O. P. IUi4- 
i«cfartb»'8fagii^k£^Mimr.* Ileafa» 
apprwi 01 ibepowwii <f Hifwwi Ifikby 
\ aarljrck at Atwoftb. WaJrole MMiea* 
anatbrr turtrait ia bb day, in imiaieliw of 
Lord MiROB. H iid«qn'» w»it<oa», hewcbai, 
aad eMcfcian ai« in t he AabnKtkan MaMmi, 

[TalWi Wunbin. ei. NKhnb. ii. SI'S ; eent. 
Ua^. 1732. B.ll.iOi t'airfaoll* lUoiartaUa aarf 
EMuitnc Quuacten, p. AS ; Wiigbt'a RetlaNl. 
<d. tMi. p. IMi IW N'a« Yora OiA- Uth- 
gow'i Tn* . . . Dfaeowae neoo . . . ifaia Ib« 
>i^ ef Bnda, IMT, p, U: Atmnaa'a XoMja 
tecfirwlanilpaidfaratCTtt jtr r ku aof ChwUall 
mi JamHll (QmuLSocVptL II. » ; WaWo'* 
ADMd. o( P^intiiijc. •). WornoB. Tut. il.; uv'a 
Cat. fif Picliirro a; UamplooCovrt iSilact^ HI; 
Oraa;l(r'i Bincr. Hiit. of EogUDd. U. 404 ; Moa 
StritUoDd'a Lira of tbe ttaec** of Ke^lacd, r, 
Sin. 317; .^r Wallor Ibott* Purril i>f the 
P«ak ; Biemle^'a Cal> ef Enfrand Puctrut*. Dl 
!«».} W.A. J.A. 

Hm>SON, JOHN (tfl»^ina>, dajakd 

whi'Inr, iKirii at Widehopei n*«r Oocjiei^ 
mouth. Cumborlond, in 168^ wiu the eon of 
Jainen HudMn. In 1676 ha enlertd Quwn'a 
College, Oxford, a« n Hrritor, but wna nub- 
■equontly eIocl«d a tabatder. He ([nuluaii'd 
B.A. on 5Jnly l(B|,«iid M.A. on 12 Feb. 
166-1. Un 29Man;h HlHtl }„• becaae fellow 
and tutor of L'liiwrsiiy t'nllego. Forihs hm 
n{ bi* [iiipiU h(< ]>rivBtel; printed a compile 
lion from Ilinlioji ni>v<.>ndfi»'« trealiao, with 
llif lirU-'lnrradxirtioadnimnolodrinm: bl« 
\tt Clirotiolugii-u iu epilomeii ivJacta,* 8vo^ 




Oxford, 1 001 1 uid at tbe rvijuMi of Art liar 
ChBTlvri[q^T.jLiiiMt«Oif t.'iuv«n»iiyQull«|tc, 
faf iditi-d ' VuUsiiw ftl«ircu](u,' 8vi>, Oir<.inl, 
l(!(k3.whicb CiMrtelt dutribntod 4* |>n'*>Mit« 
on New-yi!»r'» Jay. A MCand edition v.-a» 
iwuad in 1711. I]" atxi pnMrvd a * Hu- 
tfc^iu* n-ith ihi' tirok pnmpDnuc of !'■>• 
■niiw, but bfCOlnillR ahsorbnl in bii V'Jiliou 
af * Tbuc!y(tUIi.-<i' iifirliet.-i«il I'f pniil it. lliid- 
•on WW at oocliiUH a.lacobitc iif tlw CHtttiouii 
t]rpe. Hi* |Hililicn intprf«ri-(l willi lii» it1>»c- 
tion to thu uasunhip of hUcolUifuiii 1G(I1, 
Uimigh ra ibo followiag yon ha bod aulli- 
ci«ni influoDoa Id Moun dio pott for Uhor* 
iMt. III? would, it is will, hare iiueMdHt 
TV'iUUm l^'tiui iu Uii- nfriua profeMonliip 
of Unek in lOW liad uot Bisliup ltunii.-t 
infamcd the Itlii^ iliai llumiihray Tlixly 

itiie auDoewAil c«ndiJa(«| b*d writli'n in 
avmirof ths^iframnnl, whun'M Hudson 
wax ralhor «iuipMt*d of b«ing 0{r]HN>n] to it. 
Ilo found it to bia •draiiiago tu laodify bi* 
•ipmiotw, but he failed to obtain any cUurcb 
lircfumMut. InAori) liOl.ontbonMignalioii 
<tt Dr. Tbomu Hyde fq. tX he wa« alecl«d 
Dodley'a libmiian, and on o June fbllowiiig 
III* acmmulalvd his degraea iit diiiaity. He 
bad given in lflt)&-8 M«Mity boolw to the 
library, and in 170fi-tO ho added nearly aix 
linndnid. IiDiDi-diaiirly iijion hiiieWiioaho 
a]i|inintcd Tliomiu Ili'umi'^if.v.' au OMiiiiliuit 
lil)rarian. Ilvarncliodprri^iuiiiily ourdmucb 
to Lin kindni-u. Hi- cotnc, bowt^vt-r, to de- 
IMt Hndaon for having dtw-'rli-d lli« Jniiil>i((< 
CMIMtMid WTMein billrr terms <if Iii 111 in bin 
iliariM. lIudMD vra* iiul a iiimli*! librnriiui; 
liM ia even taid to bavc tbrmrn from lb« 
ab*lv«* till' copy of MilTon'a ' i'lmna' |>ro- 
■mli'd by (bit jKH-t bimnclf in 1Ut7, whicb 
wa« wvi-d by invrv chnoi?p. TIibI bu iras 
cInM-Aalwl !■ clear fmm bin conlributini; 
only ten tbillinn toirarUa tbu rulief of Sit 
Tlvima* BudU^a imponriolwdreUliana. In 
1711 Hudann ntfuaM the piincijialiliip of 
(i\iHicr*\ri Ilall, but in ib<' following xt*r 
wan clfclird, Ib^lugh til" inirmt uf Dr. tUd' 
cUfle,talIutaf tjt. )lar>- llnll. lie built the 

?t«aaM ludHiagafor tbe|irii>ciiial at St. Mary 
UII on tb« *ile of ibi! old rclKi-Tory ( Wood, 

llr ilivd of dropav on :fi Xov. I'lU, and wa* 
burii'd on 1 Ike. in (bi- chanc*l of St. Marr'a 
(liurcli, Oxford. Shortly bafora biadaathli* 
iH-nt for lI>«rao, ooouuMided hi* edition of 
W'illiaiB of >'ovrboroii|^'» 'Uirtorjr,' ibra 
paaainK ibrou^b iba nreaa, and gava htm vtam 
noKw hr it. lie left an eaUU M Horaapatli, 
n««r Oxford, and (ao HcariM waa told) abov* 
7,000/. in moniry. lUaboobaworabMiWMthxd 
loUlUTcntlyC^llcfolillrary. Hi' 
y April 1710^ SlugaM, widow of a ItarriMer 

and commoner of UniT««ily CotWe, named 
Enapp.siidonlyibiiisbtn'orSirltoWrt Har- 
riwM,nil.,alduTiuan and mercer of Oxford, by 
whom be had one daughter, Margaret , bom on 
21 July 1711, ami maniMl oo 2»Julv 1731 
to John B>»ce,r<ciororSaintbaiT,QEoucQa- 
ivrvhire. Sin. Hudion married oa bar third 
bunbuiid Dr. .Anthony Uall [q. v.J.and dvinff 
ill .S-jilenibi^r 17:tl was buned on the sStE 
of tbat iiionlb in (he cbuicol of St. Huy'a 
Cliurcb, Oxford. Haame.boweTM'.inainiialw 
that Eluilion hivl been previouely mnrried 10 
a Miulti<-*li'y. In t be Bodleian Library its 
porlruit of Iliidton by W.Sonmana, iImt gift 
of luit widow ( Wooi>, AHtig. </ OijT ed. 
(Jhitcb, vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 9o3), from wlucli S. 
(Jribvlin uuf^vrd a futio plate, 

llud»on'tiMtburuublicitliou<are: l.'ThiUT- 
didin de Bello reloponne«iac<i libri ocio^' 
with the I^lin Yemton (wviaod) of /l-jnilitis 
Portua, and brief notM, fol., Oxford, 1(196; 
MTcral other (njiiinDu in 4lo and Svo. 
'i. ' Oeogrnphii* vi-ieriB Scripton-* Oiwci 
minorw. Cum inirrpntatioiie Latina [of 
Uudaou Bud utbcn^. diaMrrtBtiunibuB (U. 
Dodwalli), ac an Dotal ionibu»,' 4 vols, ^vo, 
Oxford, li(H8-lTJ2. 3. 'Wnnynii llalira^ 
naaevnna .VntiquiiaiuiD Roi&aiiBruiD libri 

Juotouot lUpcrnunli'GrnellBndljatiniSmLi. 
oL, Oxford. 1701. 4. ' IJionvaii Lcfigini do 
Sublimitaic libellnf,ciun pmrfatioae . . . notM 
. . . ut variin Icirtinnibuii, (ini'k end Latia, 
S™, (hifor<l. 1711); onntlicr <.-dition, 1718. 
•'■, ' )l»rlB .'\tticiita iIf vocibiii Atlifil et 
llcllenicia. (ire^.>nusMarliiitiKili'(iner«rum 
lileramtn pronuiici)itioui','i'pi*.NT<>, Oxford, 
171S. 0. 'Fabulanini ,-1'><ipii'nriini ('oltaO* 
tin, qnnlquol (inrce roporiuntiir. Aooedit 
lni*TprolAiic> Latina,' Svo, Oxfiml, 1710. 
7. ' I'loni JiitHfphi Opera nun rvperiri potue- 
runi •'inniD,' 2 vola. [oL, Oxford, I7M (aleo 
17:Ml. piibliiibn] at Wa iring tujueel by hie 
friend Antliuuv JIalL IIu<1b->ii lind a'niM- 
tared l>r, JobnWillHor WilU*V -Two Di*. 
cmini-* iipmi JoH^hu^,' preftxo>I In ^ir Koklt 
l.'Ktt range'* irannlalion of that hiit'xiaJl, 
fd. l»iidon, 170:!. H. ' \'*ltrii I'alvrculi qua 
■upemint,' IJvo, 1711. 9. ■ Kthior* Compni- 
dium a O. LaaglNenio. AccedJt Metliodna 
A^pmentandi Arifltotdica ad irtMHttf ma^ 
tbematicamredacta. Diapo«uit«t liniavil J. 
Iludtoiitui,' l:linn,I<i3indon,1721. It iidoubl- 
fol, however, whetliar llndaon had anr ahaitt 
in (hi* work. He aacounfcd Leonard Ll^ 
field, the Oxford printer, to pubtiab in 1608 
Eraunun'ii'lJialoguBCScerooiauu*,* lowluch 
he added tbe epiatlM ot Eraamiu and otbna 
raUting to the euljact and an index. By Ida 
wo* viiaUed to bring out BBBoruiate'luiclid 
in 1700, a«d llnriM a crKdiiable * Ltvy ' in 




WHinet lu Jmni-s Vl'a ' EaMn of a l*i«iiiiH.',' 
I'jlinbiiriili, I5B."). In "Tli'.- iCvtum from I'nr- 
uuiidUH*(i>lsvi.'iInt C'ambriil^-i' ID IWU;, lliitl- 
noii niiJ Mi'Ciri I>oc3l. or Loh, kto ftdvi«eil Ut 
IhI tliuir' book* liaiDwiiaunld nook* nnioDgsl 
old boota niid ■hoc*,' In kvaid th« Miliritrt'i 
MOIUTa. Hawkiiu liiuljly infer* ( (tri'jin nj 
tht Eh^IM Vrama, ii. 214) Uint Iludion uiil 
I.okmre tlie Daviiut niid Mn-viiu of tliwr 
Mfpi. HudMn'it(-nbr«tir«tievvrcuiiteiniiliblH, 
Mid Sir Julin llnrriii^ixi [in bi« notf? 1o 
Or^mu/it Airiiuii, bk. ixxv.) (■hnrHctpri'c* tlip 
'JudiUi' U writtiMi ill ' Toriogiiod nnil rwuol 
Eimll*h Tonc.* 

[Aulhorilini m text; Adilit. MS. S4(88, p. 
411; Rition'* BiU. Pact.; Imu^'s Lira ett 
BcoiirIi PufU aud IliK. uf 8«tniili Poetrj; 
I>Tiiinnioi;d'* C'oiwi.<rMiien« with Joumou (i^tialw- 
>pcnroSac.).[>-^l-} T. B. 

truit-iHiini'T, II iinliv* of rfvoiwhiri", (wrhspe 
of Ui'l-'ford, wn> tiorii in 1701. II* waa a 
]iupilof Jonuthnii lUcliartUou (lie cldor^q.v.J, 
and ihcTo in an inu-n'niiuR jiortrait of llud- 
Mti. drawn bv itlf^hurdiioN vrbilc lltidnon waa 
ntudyin^ witli )iim, in ibi- print nioiu ut the 
Britieli MiiHmim. HtidMii niailu a runaway 
mnicli Willi Ilia ma«ter~» daufhier, by whom 
\u' bad our dauebior who diofl young. Adupl- 
ing ihn prolVuion of n jiortrait-pninter, lie 
ntliiinMl to oiiK'h auooew llial ha lucceedud 
Ji.>rvni> aiiil Iticbardioii ai the moat, fashion- 
abli'p'>nruii-)iBiiit«rof Uioday. Hi- painted 
ionuuitrnlilL- portnuti of Ilii' p.-nlry uad 
celebritiea of hia tiuui. Aa a purtruit-yainter 
nudaoii fully dijwrv<>il liisoinintmce.tliougli 
the uuintwrnling cliarauler of costume niid 

KM Uwa in TOfua haapivventod full iualic« 
mf- done to ni« work. \\v aliow«>d lirni- 
m-iuundiiolidily in lii* dntwin^c, wan plr'aiing 
111 hia colour, and Iniit and raitliTul in liia 
liktMiettuia, but \w woa wlllioul tlir nei^uuiry 
tottdi of guniiit til 8(ii-iirt' jieTinuiiunt funie. 
I]ia portpniia Imvi? oftcu bwii iiultd for 
tho asmllonco Hbown in lbt< jininling of 
wliiti>Hilinand oibiTiHirtionsof thodramry, 
tboufib Ibis Is pLTliaps duu to tbc ikill of 
Joit-ph \'n.a Hai^cki-n [q. v.], wb« witli Ilia 
brotb(!r was birgtity eiujiluviid by lliidaon, 
RamMv, and uthe'ra to a<Id tlii^ dm)>erii.<B 
in ihi-ir iwrlrnil^'. In I74ii llLti1»»ti, wbo 
WB» n fn?4pirnT viailnr nt ilidvfurd, caiqu 
Hcma* ihiT yniilbful Jonhiia It'-ynoldR [ij. v.] 
by liiii nanntii to IhuUim, wbo»L> studio hn 
i^hrTud aa nssialant and pupil, lludion'a 
tuition could liiirdly havoinil'id to bv of lift- 
ing benirjit to It-.-ynultlK, but iliu sujMrior 
gvnitu of tliu lultvc fuon bli'iwi-d itwll'. nnj , 
after two year* lii.- ipiitlt'd, or wait Ji«iiiiHwd i 

\ry, Hudson tliTUU^Ii m>iii<» alight diMonw- 
tn-ni. Willi ilif nw of lt«yiiold« Ui fania 
and prosptTiiv lludtonV aupramaey came 
li> an fiid, and hu cvenluiilly Klired ctia- 
timtedly,ivmaiDin{[ on good Uraia with l!(.-j« 
Holds fur till! n^niiuudtn' of hia lifo. Hudjoa J 
livL-d fur inniiy vcarti in Great (Juce-ii Stivotv] 
Lint.-(.<ln'B Inn fieldn; in lau-r lifi' ht> built | 
ftirbiuiaelfa rillantTwickMibum.nrai Poni't, 
Villa, and niadoaavcond marriaffi-'WiihMnL 
I'icnnn*, a widow with a p>oA liwluut. la 
IT4H lludaon accompAniod lluipirtb, liny- 
nian,andotliers,oiia tour on tbt.- ouotini?iit.l 
lludnon and aome of Uie party litiied ihaf 
n«Bt aniata and flkmoua collection* iaj 
Ftand»r«aiid Holland. Hudaon'a bcvt work* 
\» Ihf fnioily LToiipof Charl«a,dul(oofMa^l• 
borough, at Itlimboiail'alarj', 'executed in a 
moKt roiiniHl manner, Iiigldy linisbL>d, and in 
a very dulicnte »ilv«ry tont-' (Schakf, Cat, 
uf IHftilirim ColUctio/i), III ibu National 
I'ortmit OalWy them arc portrailH bv himl 
of llandcl. Sir'Jiihn Willw, Owrg" ll, audi 
Maltliuw Prior |lbo Intivr ii ciTy aftcrJ 
Richardson). (Hlwr portrait* by Hudson of 
itaiidul ani in the Bodleian l.ibrarr nt Ox' 
ford and in the collectun of Earl ^liiwu at 
Oopanll, Loicoalj'rshiri'. A good porlniit by 
Hudion of Saiuunl Scoti [ii. v.] thi- marine 
puinli^r » in tlir National Qallury. .VnitlliDri 
Wfll-kmrwn uitlure by Hudaon i» thn »o«[ 
C«lli'd 'llunua Club of Aldcrmfn' in Uold^l 
smitha' Hall. Iliulann Mihibitnd with th»| 
Socioty of jVrtiala in 17(11, and on llie diri- 
aion of aocifltie* joiiwd Ilii- Ini-'orporali.-d So- 
ciety of .\rtisti. HuwasBgiviil collvctorof 
drawings— miinv of nhicb bu aci|uired at tli* | 
aale of ihu i-oltetrliuu of lii* fathrr-in-law, 
Uicbardsou^priiit*, and othpr work* of art. 
HawBaeBtri)Dii!<lar()iiip4'l<'n1j nd^ju n ( matt'.- ra 
(lonii^cteil with thoir study and criticisro,! 
though a well-known Mory i» told bow li« ' 
waa ciinvii^ii'ii by llinijumiii Wilson [a. v.] 
of having mistak'-n an L-tcliini; by tho latlur 
for a rnri- cicbing by Iti-inbniniil (see .1. T, 
Smith, yollckmn and bis Timr; li, 224). 
Iliidsuu dii-d al Tvi'iokt'iihatn £C .Tun. 1779, 
and hitculleoliuua wor<rdiiiper«i'dby uuclioQ 
in Mnrcli following. 

[I((JKmT*'s Dirl, of AttiaU: Liwlli- and 
TajlirsLireandTimBxnfair Jmhan Rnynolda; 
W»l|iol(i'a Aatiodotea of Paiiiiinu, ''li. Wi.rniinij 
V'ariac'a M-SS. (fitit. Uuh A.I.Ut. MSS. ■13079, 
330781; Savior** Diet, of Painton; CliaJonar 
8iiiitbi> British MrooLiali] Porlmiu; iafbrma^ 
tioii fiMm Goorgo !kl\nrf. C.B.. I-'.S.A.) L. C. 

HUDSON. WILLIAM (J.lisar.l, lawj-cr, 
Wat adniillt'd in UIOI a member of Uray'a 
Inn, wbi-rv hw wa* cal W Ui I Uu bar in lllUB, 
bi<ciini<- an auci'.'nt in Xati, a bencher in 
1623, and roadi-r iti LenI Xti'l*. Wa lirai>- 





iiMd in llii; 8lar«Iiaiulx-r, and wno oni- uf 
tlic tubfcrilwrii of tlif in formal ion <ixliibii«J 
intliat court on 7 Mar I'l^ltaunlot'l-^ir Joha 
Kliot In. T.j, Iknii] flolKii jj. T.J, nnil llic 
Othar ineniMini of ihe lloiuo nf Couimon* 
■who bed be«n omceniti) in ilir tumultuoui 
proeanlliiKs wbieU pncedeij the r«(«iitdi«- 
•olulion. Ill FtibriiAFT 1if>)2-31ii-u^niyIllio 
caw uftB'oM Pn-iiiiii iiii Iii* itSdlfiir lliu pub- 
lication of ' llialrioniBMis.' lU died in or 
bebtnltUiS. lludwmmamad twice. Ili«*i<- 
oond wife, wham he mnrricij at IdinKtnn hy 
Itecnii'i iLitii] a AiirJ l<iI3, wim Antii?. oidoir 
of William .St Mdi-rd ufSl, Mithiiel-Ii^ljiitrme, 
London, fikiuntT. Id- It^l^ in uiiuiuncript a 
iMniiil nod lucid 'TrT«li«e of llii- Court of 
Star Chamber." ft popy of whicli waa sinMi 
birht*»oii ('lirijilopht'riotAird-kclJwrFincb. 
nuMiid into the llarlciaii collodion (Hurl. 
\lS,IJL>tl|, and wiui printdd by IlargrBTn in 
*L'uULi.-tiui«a Juridica,' Xxoidoi), 1T!^1>, Sro. 

[DouUmlta* Grarlalno. p.fiS: Cuaaiatha 
ConAotHUr Cbunbvr | C«nia. Soe.) : C'nbbprt't 
State TrlAlii. iii. 311, S<S2; Chnter* London 
BUrri«4ta Lievnua; LV. Kttia Faiwr*. l>um. 
I«S8~». ^ £10.) J. M. R. 

HTn)SON, WILLIAM (i::tOF-i:93). 
bouiuix, wn* bnrn nl tlii> Wliiii- Lion Inn, 
Kandal, which vim kp]i( by hi* follier, be- 
twooo 1730 and 17:9J. Ilo uru odiicMod at 
Krodal j^mmiu' wliml, and ni'prnnliopd tn 
a Ijondoo upiit hi^cury. lli' utiiaincd tho miio 
for boioDf iprcn br ihu Apotbc^cariti*' Com- 
in t)»- Bnti*Ii UiiaouQii but he alao paid at- 
lvuli»DlOBiolln»caaiidiuM.>ci». InPenuaiit'a 
'Briti*h Zoology 'hi> i« mcutionod »• ibvdia- 
connrof Treeitu ferivtrit. Frwiu 1757 lo 
17fi8 lltidaon wna rcaidont •ub-Iibrarian of 
ihu Itriiiah Miwriun, anil bis atudica in tlia | 
Sloanu Uerbarilun enablR] him tn adopt the 
LiuuMn itoinimc1aiur>? to tliv idniit* iIh- 
■cribed bjr Itajr far murr- ii«eiirat>.-iy ibun did ! 
SirJohn Ilill'a.v.J iiibi« 'Kloni Ilriiannica' 
of I760L In I7iu tludnon natolo^ml n f<dlow 
of tbn Itoral Socintj, am] in ihn following , 

year apprarrd tbp fint edilion of hin ■ Flora 
AnaLicn,' wbicli, an-ordini; lo I'ullency Mid ' 
SitJ. K. Smith, 'marlu iliLTtflnUinliinml of 
Linnn-ikii jiriiiciplM of botonj^ in England.' 
Suii'b wriln- that tlii> work wa* ' otitnjniacd 
■iid«>r the auniiciw and odvin) of flMyarain 
SUIUiikIImM. lludMiD,>ttlutiBioofitfl|inb. . 
lication, waa ptnrtiung aa an apotbccarf in 
I'anlon Kirivi, llaymark««, anJ finni I7I1A 
lo 1771 acini aa 'pr»l«ctiia borti' to ibe 
ApMbKarwa' f>impui^ at ClMla««. A ran- 
•IdaraU^ unlarncd nlition of tlw * Flora ' aju- 

Knd IB I'Tn; but in li8-1 llio author* 
•a la Pwtoii Htiwt look An, Uia colloc- _ 

tiunn ofinH^Cla and many of Li* ptaniii niire 
ilMlfjTrd, otld tbcilinialci nnrrowly rx-apcd 
with tbeir lir™. Huditau n-lirvd lo Jumiyn 
Stiwrt. In I7D1 he joint'd the newly uita- 
blialiiHl IjuntAu Society. He died inJcrmjn 
Stretii from pojaljaiaoiiSSMaT l79.'i,Win^, 
according lo t)i*< ' GeoiIeiDan'a Mnfruinv,' in 
bib aixtieth vmr. Ilo braunathi'd tli<i n>- 
niaiuB of bin bofbariiun lo tlie Apotbi-cnriiv' 
Cotiinany. I.iniiivu* |(iiTa t hu tiniuu lludMotiit 
lo a Norlh Anierican |{eiiua of f'itlamr. A 
|iorlmil uf IIudiMiu niu <?ugruvi-d. 

[ Rea*a Cyrlopwdlii. art u'la >■}' Si r J. B. Smltli ; 
Cumdiun Nicholsoa'a Annul* of Kmdal. p. 348; 
OeoL Has. l'U3. 1. 48d ; V'nAA and SempUV 
Hainoin of the Bulnnic Garden at ClwtaM, p. SS i 
Trin«i] an) Dytv'a Flc-ia of Kiddlaaas.jti, SSI; 
Pultenoy'a Shatche* of the Prnsma of Botnay, 
ii.Ml;BromUy'BCac.orPoniaita.] O.S.B. 

HUEFTER, FRANCIS (more corrfctly 
Fbami Hi ri run iKlfi IKSO), roiwical crilio. 
jtii*. born rin 1':.' Mny I61& nl MunataT, wbara 
hinfnlli'-rhrldvarioiiatnunicipalolEcaa. Aftar 
nil I'll dill); iho lyccuin and academy of lua 
natiri^ place, be atndiAd pbiloIoffTat LeiBujt 
in It^ijil. and at Berlin irom xSSi to IwB. 
IIf lock tb« decree of I'h.1'. at i.hit uni?ermty 
of Liiiitiiigen tn July 1801*. wlico bta dia- 
*i>nat<oii on tha troobadour, Guillom da 
Cabcalanh, altnclod faroumblc DOtico. Il 
waaaiiba«|iii'ntly pubrnilii>il nt IVrlis (1869). 
Whila at HitHii he found lime to dcrot* 
tnudi allantion to moiic, for trliich he bad 
a natnial prrdilection, and joined the iben 
vury limiti^d numbor of ardent aduiiren uf 
Waf,-iiur. In llW9 be came to l>oiidnii, and 
soou ongsj^ed in Ulcnn work. Ilia 6nt 
otaaya appeared in tlie ■ Nortb DriUoli R^ 
vivw,' tbp M-onnighily lUviow,' and tbo 
' Auidt'iuy.' Ill- iMMTHtau auiatant editor of 
tlio loat about 1S7I, and io that year bia 
a]>[nvciative critique in the 'Acndctny* of 
mttch alMUion. In IS74 the iniblii-at'iou of 
hia n<iaNTkabli> book, ' RicbanI Wagner and 
tbn Miuic I if I bo Fntuni* (n^rinlrd from 
tbu ' I-'ortniabtty lUviaw '), jilaced him in a 
(orcnioat plaeo among rotiaiciana of adianeid 
new*, Sonw fire y«an laicr lie aiiGweded 
Mr. O. J. F. Oranfunl aa nlilor of tlia * Now 
(Jaartorly Ma^xinf,' to which bo bad boea 
a frvqiicni cnoiributor. A V>iit ibo aano liiwi 
bik I'oniiectinn with thai 'Timaa' bewail, omI 
in (ba autumn of 1871^ In: riiccenM J- W, 
Daviaoa ^q. tJ aa muMcal critic to ibal 
joomal. In lS7t^a[<peam]bitli<amf-dtn'nliM 
oai IVoTrnfal lili'faiure, enlilltpil 'TbcTmu- 
faailoura ; a Ihtturr of rruv«n;al l^o and«ratur«! io iba MiddU A^.'wliieb Ivdio 
kia nlMTlion to tile ' Fvlibn(»' aocirty, and 




he deUvewd li-ciurM on llio Mn« «ilj«rt at 
the Kuynl Inttitiitioii in 1H80. II" wiis nn- 
tumllMil in Jftuiinrir 1W^2 i Parliamj^nlary 

HueliVr ^itril n iwHoa nf biOfrrnpliiiM of 
' Til" Gnint .Muucintis,' wrilinfi for it u life of 
WnKiHT. wliioli forniwJ the om-uiii;,' volume 
QK-il I •2nd oilit. 181*3), lu ltw:i lie wrote 
the libretto for Dr. Mdfkenxiij'B ' Colombn ; ' 
iu I88G tlie wordH for Mr. !■'. I!. ('ovfem'» 
cr»olnlii, 'Tlie Sleoiiliiff ll«>n>iry ;' ihc librrtlo 
for Or. Mnckeniie* 'Tniubmiouf ' in lt***ti; 
•nJ Ik 'kilfu! trnnilation of Uoito's ■ Utellu' 
(for Vnnii'ii niiuic) in 1»*87, He wa* kIm 
for fonxT tiDK-' carratpODtlmit of Uie frencli 
isiuical puiiLT, 'Le Meneatn*!,* itnd wrota 
Tari(.>u*«fticl«*inGrovB'»M)icli(innry,' Mi-n- 
d^lV' Mii>uk-CORv«reaii<>nf^l<''xir'iii,' uuJ Itiu 
CArlior piirt of till- ' Kncvcloprvilin Britnn* 
nicii ■ (Btli pdit.) In IW^y'lwcdilod nsliorl- 
llf cd maaiuiou enlled'Thi'Miuii-ulRvVK^w,' 
ondin iSKt'Tlit-Muiiicnl W.,rlil.' IK-iliwl 
aftvrB ahort illii««iDn 10 .Inn. l-Si^tnad wn« 
Eut Finclilay. Ilo mnxrlod in M(7S Ouho- 
tltWryo>uiRB'<l>u^t^i'''^0'^ ^■^'lox Brown, 

IlMidca tlitwDTln mention«l iibov>- faa jiub- 
linlicd: 1.* Musical Simlies.'eollecWdeMiiys 
from tli6 'TimM' nnd elite wlx'iv, ll^W; an 
ItftliaiilniiDilalioiiappeiuvdat Mitiuiin l^S.1. 
•2. ■Ilnlian ftuJ olhorAtmliw.' ISM. :i. 'Hnlf 
u Cfiitury of Iviiglish Miimc,' IftSIl ( piihli«hud 
poailitiitioiinlj). Ilo nUo wrolo cniical rav 
moint for tli«Taiicliiutt edit lonaofftoiuetti'a 
■ Foamii,' 1873, nnd hi.i' BulliuU iind Sonnda,' 
1862: edited 'Tile Dwulc Blmh' nml uthiT 
lit«reiy rciniiins nf (Hiv,T Mudon-llwwii, 
vrith memoir (in oolluboniliun willi W. M. 
RoMetti), l>^7<1: mid i.rniiilnlrd Unlil nnd 
Koner'* " Life of lli" Gri.'nliB nnd Itotnnna,* 
187*1. nnd ' The CufTvjrpondcnco of Wnjrner 
and Lira!.' I8SS. 

Like Wnjrnur, lio wiw nn nrilent disciple of 

Jtopenbauer, and Lis purely lilenrr work* 

lOtr & good denl 'if tlie phil<r«opliieiij spirit. 
Am a muflicnl criLi-.-. u!ihnii);li li^ wroie in b 
Unpiuee nut bis nwn, nnd t-n n •uhjuct for 
wliicli no bad no McniJtional nntiiriil ijunlifi- 
['jit!nn!?,hp yet fllli<da po*t of trn^nl ri-npnnsi* 
biliTV with *iicri>», if not with dimiiictioii, 
jind %" cxert^l nn cU-vntinR inllucnce on the 
art of his time. 

[GrDro's Diet, of llusie nad Muiicixni. iv. 
(580, BIO; Timf».2I nnd aft Jan. IS8U ; infnrm*- 
tion fmiii W, M. Itoiwlti. aii],. Mm. IluutTur. nnd 
Profcnor HiTRiiinu BiilHir of Konn ; iKifniunl 
knowlmlai'.] J. A. 1'. M 

HUES. ROBKliT (15fi3?-18;tJ), miiTl.- 
mKliriiiiinndB>'ogriiplic'r, burn oi I.iitleHt'fv— 
fonl about l.')53,ciitoftd Brniunoni C'oUejfu, 

Oxford, u a servitor in 1571, or perhaps 
Inter. HesiilMMiuentlyremoved toMagdolen 
Hall, from whicn be^raduatcd B.A. na *R»- 
bc« llugtins'on ISJuly lA*8(ifts.</P»,X 
^ O.rf.. Oif. Hint. Soc., *o|. ii. pU iil, p. 
7lt). Ilie»iki1l osnsciontiliejtcagTaplisr ccnu- 
ueiidrd him to tbe notteo ofTbomu Cann- 
dish[q. r.],tbevnynger,with whum he tailed 
at l««4t once imind t1i« world. Ilia Kciety 
woA ■oii^ht, 100, bv TboiusH, lord (Iwy m 
Wilton. wlMin he Rwiiicntly visited irbw 
e>infini-d in the Toww. jXftcr Lord (irey's 
death, on (IJuly IftU, llunii wo* paln-inioi'd 
by Heury, t«rl of Niirthumlicrinnd, nnd Im- 
cain« tutor tn bii son .\ljfemon when tb« 
lallerwan At Clirisl Clmrcli, The earl allowed 
bini nn aiitiiiily. llu«« is meutiutied by 
TbtimnHC'lmpinan'q. v.] in Ihuprefnct^ to bia 
' Homer,' KI1 1, a« on« of the learned ud 
ruined friends tn whoK> adviov he wa« in- 
debtinl. He died unmarriiHl at Kidlinif 
Ion, < Hfordshuv, on S4 May IS32, nceil 7«. 
and was buried in the dirinilv i^biipel at 
Clirisl Cliuroh (eintapb in Wonn, Volitifet 
anit Hall*, ed. Ouich.p. 'lO-t}. He i« author 
of 'Tractntue dp (ilohia ei ooriitn Tsn, ne- 
commodatus iis qui Londini ndiii nint anno 
IGtU, sum[>Iibus Guliolmi Sandonmni civi* 
!,.ondineusiB.'8vo, London, l>)t'l,di<(licatod to 
SirWallerltalcigb. Other editions were pub- 
lished nt .VmM4<rd)im in 1<>1I and ltt',JI (thu 
latter with notes and illusttatioiiu bv J. I. 
PflntnnUf), and nt lletdelbeiv in )C1:1. An 
l'*ntrli'h trnnilaCion bv .1. (Tbilnfod was is- 
sued at London in lAtW. The tn^BtiM woa 
written for the (jiecijil pnrpownf boini uwid 
iu connection with n set of ([tobia by Emory 
Molyiieux, now in the library of tlie Middle 
Ti>niple. Chilinend's l'!ui-ti«h rereiun was re< 
issued in I8SH by t hi- Hakliiyt Society, underj 
tiie oditonhip of Ch'mont's R. Markhaa.' 
Wood monlinn' ns another work of Iliiat m 
trcnlioe entiilwl 'Hreviarium toiiu» Orbis,' 
wliicb he »iiy« wns U'vernl time>i printed; 
this is most probably ideulicnl with tbe 
■ lireviarium llrbis Terrariini," slnltHl by 
Watt t" have bevn printed at Oxford in 1tK>l 
{Bibt. /Ml. i.!y2S). 

[Wiwl'ii AlliiDii- Oion. eil. Blim, it. a34',1 j 
Wurtuii'- lliht of Kticl. Cwtrv. ivl. Iliuhti, Ir. 
SIT: Will rvRisKirsd in P. C. C. 80. KumrllO 

HUET or HUETT. T1I()M.\S (rf. IMI), 
Wi'lMhbiblirftl*cholnr,wu« nnnliveof Wolej, 
nnd in I'liJ umemberoi't'or|iiL(i I'lirisli Uol- 
leite. C'amlirid(;e (B.A. l-jUi;). He became 
muster of the col!ep> iif ibi- Holy Trinity at 
I'ont L'fnici ,11 nd whi-n it wni" dis«ol veil recei ved 
n p"n»ion. wbii'h h" wns in ti-ceipt of in 1B,'>S. 
Oil It) .\ov. loCU the ijucen jpivu him the 

or J 




I luggarde 

of IMbriwys In SIontgniMiTvliin. 
From IftaS to IMW Ik' win pn-ccnlor of St. 
Uatid's CaUudmL Hiixi wn* n ulranKjin)- 
tntont. Uo Bjcnoi] tliv 'I'liirty-nuii? ArticW 
in the canvDCAtian of lu(I:;-3, iui<I in 1071 

iliiimiwiiil il iliiiiliil II i[ III Ki Si.Dnvid'n 

Ibr ooncealiiitf iio»isti msM-lxKikH. T1ii<n> 
booka lie publicly burn od. Iticlinnl Davits 
[q. v.], bishop 171 St, David't, mvunmondiKl 
tum m ISA'S for Ibn bisbopHr if Bnntiar, liut 
bo tailed tu H-ciiri' il, tlioiiah iiuiipnrli'd nt 
ftratbyPuker. liowovi!C,hun.i'fiv«iiiiBr«c- 
toritt'of CsfiiUja and DLtwrth in KadDor- 
•Kin, and aa Tarktir utia hlui IV-ctor Huctt, 
be probably at. tomv timp prxioocdt'd W the 
d(«m of D.I). Itnot died on ID Ana. 
I.'i^l. Bnrl niu biiri'-d in l.lanitTnn Chnrcb, 
BnM'knocluliiri'. ilo wm married, llu 
dn^btcc waa wifa of Jnmc* Vycbnn, ■ pfli- 
Uanni of Pembralwaliirv. 

Haut eo-ouent«d with Dn\'i«i« and W, 
SalMbuT7 in Uieiraiislalioii cif tbu N«wTMta- 
Bwiil into Webb, he andortakiug the book 
of RevaUtioa. Tbo flnt udition ww pub- 
tillwd in 16S7, toadon, fol. 

[Coopcv'aAtlMaa-CknUbr. ii, 101 ; Williami* 
Bminpot WeUhmen. p, 2H : BriT. Mu«. M8S. 
Land. riii. 7S. <0: Ownii'n llcnild. Via. of 
WalM, i.lSS. 1»3: Uri(.^u«.CM. RuljPi^uud 
BookiL] W. A. J. A. 


17781, pttiater, was buru a( Kiulinli porrnla 
■t FlonBOa in 1703. Ili> iiludied imiiitio^ 

under Anton Domsnico Gabbiuni, and «\na- 
. nuUj btoama • pointor of tome repulo in 
Fbmauw, tlionglt lii« pjiiminoR had no n»l 
narit. Be pointed a 'St. KanbaBl' aa an 
■barpiMe tor the ehateh of ». tVlioilA in 
Flotenoo, Toriou imall picturiu for I he gnind 
diiiiisaiid *Oiin« forlLfl luouBntvi^'of Vallom- 
bnMH nl Fotii. Ilii|[bn) h&< bctlvr claim lo 
rupiit4> aa an OR nili« and rxpen, and a« a 
t4.'acb('r in tbo B<wli>iny of Si. I.ako at 
Flonnce. Amow bin jiumt* wn> 1'. Elatto- 
Icat, ILA. r^' V.J ilu|i^ord publliihed in 
17)1:1 'ItoccDlta di wnto IViuiori dirDrsi tli 
AulDn iJOBn-DJm GabbianJ, I'illor Finn-n- 
ttno,' which contain* one piekin{( by Huff- 
ford blBKlf. tie di«d at Florauco in 1778, 

BvoMxii. I^xBixkXDo Exnico (IflOii 
DainiiiiK. hut PTcntuallv bMomo a monk at 
VallombroMt. Father if af[ford i» irell known 
aa one of iho oluef promolvra of the aK of 
I ao^iola, wliich he learnt from a monk of 
[ tlw Bbb«7 of S. lte]>«r>ta di M>m<U. Ho 
Itougbl Utia an lo iho biKluwt pilch of i>x- 
(vUi'ncr which it altainod. Hi* beat pupil 
WM lAinbarlo Gori, who learnt drawing 

I fivm IffiiuioIIu^i^rd. Father IlugfonJ died 
in 1771. 

[RoMni'n Storia dell* PSllam: Ptlklnjpon's 
, Diet, of I^iinler* ; Znoi* Cn«IcIopedli> ; Tobt'* 
. Biutolonl nnd bia Woikv] L. C. 

(4. l-'^n~),poi<i nml ripptnimt of the iUfiroia- 

I limi, in (tntod In hnvi- bri^ a alMoinnkrr or 
boMi>rin lyjiidiai.atid ihu firnt wriCerfortho 

! catholic cniiH- who had iiol rcccirnl a monaa- 
tical rr ut^adrniicul ediiculion. lit' dwelt 
in Fudititu; Lunu, a circunalaaci! which oo- 
maioiifd Tliotii*« nitiikM, a jEi-utlnmnn of 
Keiil, to ti)ll him in n diapiiliiti'^n al Riahop 
Ilonnnr'a hoiiar, ' \<r cnn Iwttor akilli- ti> <nil« 
D pudding and make a hoee ihon in acripturv 

, eyther to auuawerc or epiiose ' (FoxB, Art* 

' md MoH., tA. Townienil, vii. Ill, TM). 

I Biehop Bale oall* him ' iiiMniw Porcariiu* 

I and ' Nlili) Powariiis r»l lIoKgordii*, wrvo- 
rna l>»i mnligniii pmdilnr,' and ridicutea 
him for endiwTourinff to prove the netWMitT 
of faatinft from VirKiJ'a'.Kniiid'andCiwTna 
'Tuaeulan Queitious.' 8iryp« also ■{Wftlw of 
bimdiepiuaipiifly, nuuirkiiigtliai 'bewl him 
oulf to oppoee Bad abuM- ihe^ocpell««»,beiBg 
act on and encouraged by pncate and maaa 
mongen, wi th wham be much Moaorted. and 
lioroeliaua with thim at Biah»p Honner'a 

hoiuo.' It ie plain, hnwcvvr, that ]Iuj(gardo 
woi noticed hy lending mon on the prataa- 
tant aids, and that he waa onn of tho molt 
indi'fatipiMo apjK)Ti(.-nl« of the Iti-fonnalian. 
Tbi> writi-n uKainal lum incluiivd LaaKoce 
lluuijihivy, Rolmt Crowley, William Ketb, 
and John Plough, llu waa living tn the laat 
year of Mair'a ivign. and in tlie titl»-]iagae 
of eeToral of hi* worka he doecribM himMf 
a* ■ HTraat lo the Queoau'* nuMi exeeUent 

ni* worln ore: I. 'The Ahuee of th* 
ItlMsnl Sacrament of ibe Atiltai*,' a poem, 

riiblinlivd tuwarde the cloee of the reign of 
tenry VIM. Robert Crowlev'n. t.] wroloa 
'Counitnl ion.' London, l5«,ftro, with which 
the whoir of I[a|^[nrdeiipt>omwa*nTprinted. 
2. 'TliuAuaultofibe Sacrament of the Altari 
eootainynicoa well tix eenmill AMaultn, mada 
frnm lyme to tyme, agaioot the aaid bletacd 
Sacmment ; aa alto Ihe name* and oplnione 
■if nil tlie hm-iicatl Caplaina of the tatna 

, Aaaault*. Written in... MA9. by Hyloa 
Ilogganle, and dadinifd to th»'(^i*«iei 
moM picvllmt ^taipitii-, Iwins then Ladie 
Slario ; in whichf lytnc ( bon'MO then roin- 
inK) it could take nu plaou,' London, IGMi 
•Ito: horetMb & 'A new treatyw In naner 
of a tHaloire, wbidi ahewelh the exoelleney 
of Daflee naiiin', in iliat he U meile to Iha 

I im^ dS Owl,' Lundon, I'mO, 4ta, bUck lei- 




doiu brouchl by ICogt.>r of MoncininOTy u«3 
' is wifo MnlM'l. 1I<> w'n» rvcalti-d, was one 
rUlO iniiPr miinril cnmullml bv t.hi' dulieU 
''to an inviuion of EnffUnd, iinil tcwili piirt in 
liabottipof UMiinitsiiA, p. Mil. Whyii ilit- 
Connucror vimteii NormniKly in 1007, IIii|{li 
wu li>ft in I'liiiiTiiiind of I[Hii]|i!-)iirf. He waa 
■pjKiiiited sIiuriA' •^{ l.uiet->iii.-r«liir^, nnd tv 
eiMt'ed many rnmi* of Unil*. chi«tfl,v in Im- 
(y^terakiro, w h^tv hi> Knid M»j->m-ci> umno n, 
mid in NotliiiKhniDftiiri', wkoTu be huti 
tWfntv. Ilinwifc, Adulaiilc,dau|^t«r<irivu 
of Boiiumunt, wmi vi^rr bandwuno. nnd li« 
Ktuntud (o NctrmiLiiJjr in l(i^, In onl«r, it 
b uid, to prifvuut lii^r ),'«tlln^ into nuKbief 
(A.p.SI3). Tnoof hin'ons.lTonml Alboric, 
WBtv cnnccmiil in ihn n>l>iillirin of |{obiTl in 
1077 [«t'e iindiir ll):!cjir I ', nnd in conjuntv 
tjon with o(l»T Nomiao !c>r<U \xr prvvail«l 

on th* Cnm|iirr«r la f<>r([ivi? ItntnTl. Hi' 
joined in tbu n-bultionn^'uiiLHt Itufux in 1 0AM, 
and coDimitli-d rnva^pMin Iivid^nl^'Mbiiv nnd 
Norlhamptiniiihin', In .iHiiiiiiry 1U9I bit 
bulped Itiuliard nf Courer, whn»ni «iii Hobi?rt 
bad nutiried bJR dniiglitnr Kobr*ia, asainiFt 
Robnt of Itfllr'niti fq. V.}, nnd llobtrt * lonl 
and all^, IJuki! UobLTl, who vtaa bMicfflnif 
Oou7C]r,nnd tliauffh ibuu luould to wmrlinT- 
noM gnre Iiib frir^nda mui'b iiM^fiil nilvicp. 
Hia (On Ivo wiu t.akt^n niid iniprixim-J l>j|hi< 
dukc^ to whom Hn^b wnl nn in<lii.iiniit ri'- 
monslTUice, ftTDindint; liim Unw fuitlifully bo 
bad aeiiriid bim, bij (alhur, nnd bin grand* 
fatlier, nnd rpiiniMiling lo Ih> nllnwrd In dcnl 
wiib Itoben ot Ilcllr'nif without inioiA-rwice, 
A* far a* Hugh wot concurnud ihe airitnl 
of Kiifus in Nnrmandf mutt bavo brougbi 
nnlU^rs I" a sntiafactory concluMon. He ivns 
in Ivnf-Lkiid, wben in 10<M, worn ont by old 
agi; be fi^lt. d«atb ii^nr, nnd ni^-iirdin);!^ tL>> 
aiuned the mmiaxtic habit wbiirb bnd Uim 
(«at aomo timr bnfont from Kvrv-iul fur that 
purpose. Elu diud on ibo nxlb daj ii(W no 
doin^, 33 Fi'b. Hia bnlf vma ullixl, cara- 
ftillyf'^wi'dtiuin nnox-aUin.and conveyed to 
St. Evroul, wiii^iv it WM UonournUy biimd. 
Ordinic. a tuonk of the hoiife, wmio nnd ?«• 
corded hia epitaph (A. p. 71SV By bi« wifb 
Adel^de tiu had five nana ana fiveduiwblvrs 
who grew up, nnd n|>pDrcntl3ra «an andaaueb- 
ter who ilind in iiibuiof (ooinp. A. pp. <S2, 
717). <lf hiiinniliixilaNt, Ituben, who in- 
Iipritvd bis Norman estatM, obmi' wa» lonii;- 
Itvcd: bu lnlt^ri(^d thrici?, and dird in 1lJ2 
■vrilhout li>Bviti|; children. Hi* si-cond smi, 
Williotn, married MR>iiO,dniiiibl«ror U»bHrt 
GuiM^a^d, nnd hi« third, Ivo, who iuhrrited 
hi« fthiiriffdnm nnd bin Iin|{li.*h I'sIuK-n, a 
datiffbtiT of Ciilburt ol'Oliciil (ilu fiitml), lord 
of !■ olkiQKbiim and nlber lundh in l.iticoln- 
■birv. Tbrvo of Hugh'^ ftoiu, Willinni, Ivu, 

and Alboric, wmc on the lint cnunde, i 
wvre oinoDg tile ' rope-da nc«n ' of Antiocb^ 
(WtLLUH or Tnui, rj. 4, ap. Oetta Dei 

prr ftrtnnw. p. 716.i OXDBIUC, p. 80fl; for 
vX|ilumLii<>n of the term MvGiJinoK, v. 2^). 
Tour of Hugh's dnaxhlt-m were married 
[OUIBIC, u. (t<.i:>i. 

Ivo in 1101, after hi» return to England, 
Wind privnto n-nr on hj» neif Lboum, was ( 
(riinl, nnd made an arran^iiiiMit «-itb Kohott i 
of Mvukn, by nbicJi )ii^ t>i'ciiT(>d Itnberl'a ' 
good officL'i witli thi- king, but wo* f<:iro<<d 10 ' 
ogTM to a morria^' bvlwuim biit yoiinii Kin 
Ivo and lioburt't aidCv. He diod on hi* pil- 

[A* a monk of 9i~ Bmul, Ordede natunUIj ' 
sir** manj |>»rtieuhr« aboDi Hoi-li kriI hii hooM, ' 
And m* (if ooUTM wall infiimiHl ; rcfonnca* lo | 
Dueiiumn'ii Hiat. Norm. SS. ; Will, of Jnini^flM^ 
Tii. 4. 10 (Dorhfxna) -. Anglo-SnxoD Chrun. an..! 
1038 (Rn!U Svr.) -. Will, of Mnlmubury. ir. 4M ( 
(Kngl.Uiw.^iK'.}; Will, of T.Tn). Ooila D*i pfrl 
FraD«l^ p. 71A ; RIlis'* Inin<i]. to Domiwiay, i, 
*M ; Ffooman'* Xonurin Conu. il S8.1. iiL 1S3, 
187, It. pmim. and William UDfai^ i. pnuim; 
Oihlwn^ DnUdd nod Fnll, v. 22U, «1. Amlih. 
I882.J W, H. 

HUOU (if. 1096), colled otr .MusrooaiiKr, 
E.iKL OF .SiiRKmai.'Kr ajid Aui-\iiki_ h>- 
ctiiid gon of Itoger uf Monlffuini-TV [q. v. J. by 
Mnbi'I, dnn^chter of William Tafvu-, lord of 
Ikll^e, and roun^r bruthi-r of Itubort of 
BolUme [q^ v.j, bald dnriiiK bis fuihcrs lifp- 
timA the mnnor of Vorfleld in Shropt>hir«, 
nnd wo.s di*tinguiiihi?il n> n lender ngninut tli(- 
Wt'lsh, lin icK Wiutc l.Vn-diiiion (Cnrdij^i- 
ahin-). iinil i.-vcn ]Jyfi.>d (Pooibrnki-jJiin-), in 
1071 nndlbi!fLilIowiiii")-i.'ura. Buiagat Bun» 
in Xominiidy when liismulberwatmiudered 
lbun> in iho winter of 108:^, he inuaued bor 
murdcnvrn with i<ixt««iknigbt«,buC waaun- 
ablr tonirrtalir them. In ooi^ unction with 
bii brolht-nt Itolwrt nnd ItcigM of I'oitoii, ho 
joiuL-d ibe rubL-llitin ajiiuni<I Itufu> in lOSf, 
and helped lobold KocbMiiT (.'ostli! nitainat 
the kio^. Ho aucotedKl bin futht^r in Enj^ 
Iniid in 1004, bi^coniing End of Shrewaburj 
ond Arundel (for lb" Ariiiidi<l title tee under 
KouUB Of MuNTcioutiii nnd Si-iyinii Jyrrtfff 
JUp-rt. pp. lUti-:;a). He was sUflwcted of 
bt-ing concuruicd in ploie n^inst itufiu in 
lOnO, and alter tli« kinjt's triumpb privntdy 

furclinned his laTour with a prvaeot of S,OIXM, 
■innlnntly enffa^'d in wnr with the WuUb, 
be won probnldy ^jHicially concerned in the 
innuion and occupation of Oarvdigion and 
Drfrd in lODS. iJrtlie Wul^hnwoscalltd 
tbu tU-d, by tbi! Soandinnviiins apparently 
the Itravu urtli« Proud. In 1U!M tlic Weldi 
ni«e ajfaiiut bim and llieotbL-rXorninnlordat 
and (bough!u-uiad«warupuiith<>ai iuNonh 




WalM, ami pul MTvnl htuuli to fli^t ba 
VIA bm ■U» to K[w thair mtc^m i M 
MkliM-biwalOUtliM took MoBtgoaury and 
•Ibw kll ti« ia«n t£uwwnr in ttw nfllc 
Early in IDDS ho Joinod forcM with llufcb, 
•ari of CfaMtcr Fq. tA and made war in 
Jiagletey, tor the WetMbwl madsan nlLianc<^ 
witb ilw NortbniMi of Inlaiid. Tlie wla 
irmttHl the Welah witli gnat crudtj [aM 
luulvr )lu«ii, EARt.nrCHatnn'l Wuntiw 
tkaM or tlio Norw«Kiv> kioKi M^niu Barv- 
foat,appMrod, the two cant iboI at Dwj- 
AOWT on tbo tooinUml, llu|ih nf Shrawa- 
biuy Mine Gnt on tin- ipot >n<l w&itiiigwme 
da;a liir Eu allv. Ther cntaufd orer iato 
AmeIcmJi and whcaiheBMl draw n«arllagh 
of SlmwibiiTT radealoiwth«>hon>,ii]iuiTing 
lua himi*, for b« wm in oaclo to roarihal bin 
am laat t]i» Ngrthnirii shoulil tnnd boibiv 
tbaf wan dnwn up in Imttla »my. A* b« 
did ao tlie slitpi eami- williiu boir-aliot df 
him, and MauniiB mid ono of hit iikmi both 
•hot HI hii tnfv, for thu iMt of liitn waa 
C0T«rvd with mail. Tlio kiiiff's arrow pinrecd 
Itia ayi) nndldll^ bim. Ilii bod}> wan Durind 
in tbn doittar of Klirrwubriry Abb«rf, wbid i 
had btvB boilt \iy bi» fatbor and Siuiilied by | 
htmaeU. Hwdcatb wB*miMhUmtiiit«L lie 
wa< a valiant warrior, and, aare for lu> cru<rl- 
liM to Uw Wubfa.wBBpeiitle in maiuur and j 
aniablo in dtapoiitien. Ha doea nix apnear ' 
Id hara bam mairioJ. and waa micc)<od«d by , 
Ilia brMhev Robert of B«lltoii>. 

(OkMa pp. 879. «l. 708 (Doehtnw) ; Ann. j 
Oanbr. p. M (Rolh 8*r,)i Brat jr TjrwjMJM. ' 
pp-dl, n.M(Rolla8w.): An^o^aaon CEnn. ' 
ana. lM4.IM8(B<ilkS>r.1j ncmiiMu an. 1«M 
f1!i«Lntai.8oe.\: WiU.otMslmabnry^OaMa 
K< rovd'nCandor, p. IifiiI«lBjt'a 
Ihi^kriwU, it, M. nJ. AndarvMii Oinlda* 
Cmnhr. Ilia. Ktnbr. iL 7. Op. tii. I3». fit 
(RolliSw.); Dusikla'dlnroiMft^p. 2e. Moiuw 
timn. ill. 5W ; Frwmaa** KomMn Covn. v- 1 1 S ; 
FnMun'* WillUm RafitM. u ST. «T3, i>. da. 
l»-t7.] w. n. 

HUOH (if. 1101). calkxl or AntAxniix. 
Easi. or CMBtm, aon of Ri<'liard, collnl (9nt, 
riKoitnl of ATrancba*, U mid to Iinvn bwn a 
■tfbvw of W illinm I Iw Cooq ueror, hia mo' bor. 
10 wbom the namv of I^mnM ia ginsi bcjag 
a daif^or of Uarlova (Ouruo* i Doru) : 
but tv tbla than aaana to ha so aoiliori^ 
•atUor tbaa Iba fcarlemtb watiirv. Ill* 
blW, Ridianl, wm Iha aon of tlnmtaB 
OMilotd i)irHiBniiiw,Mairf'Aiufnd,B llanu. 
Tbnratan waa luifuiliful i<> Ihikn William in 
IIMO^ and balDcd Hunn, hiiut nf Francw, in 
hia iavMloaot Nonnancly. UisMn lUchatd 
TMudaad toral and nada hi* faihrr'* pMo« 
with tho diiko. Whta tha dnko waa about 
(o iniad* Knf land, lli^li. who bad bj tbat 

linaaiimwdfd toUalbtlwr'aTiaeotiittT.i _ 
onrofhiji chifrcoiitirillon'.and eoninbutrd 
»KtTi>biiHtntlM>invDilintcfliHit (\ViLU«Kop 
I'oittemi, ap. (/rtta WilUlmi /, p. I jl, mo 
aUo p^ 321- IK' was richtr nwitrtliil witb 
grraaia of Eu^'lisli land. \(ben Utirltod, mfI 
ofChaaier, Ifft EiifUad in 1071,tbu Coa> 
qnaror btatowL-d bit oarldooi on Uugb, who 
waa iitvoalad with aingiilar pow*r, lor ho waa 
ovoriord of all Iba land in hia ntrklom aaro 
wbat bdon^rd to tbe lii«bnp, bn lind ncoiirt 
of )ui barons or i^-ainr i^'nant* in ehiiif, 
ofTMiCfla w«» cmnmilli'd af[sir».t bU praof 
not agaiiut tb« kinji's, and writa run in hi* 
aama. Tbcw diaracicriniea bircaflw raow> 
oisodaaconaliUitinirapalaiiBHMtMaiB. Tha 
MMiittnanI power wbicli li^hoM waadcaigned 
to straogtluinbitD offainM tha WoUi, ai^Mt 
whom lie carried on fr«i|iunt and Mn^uinary 
war* in coiytiDction (upecially with Robert 
of Kliiiddlan [q, r.l and bti own bainaial 
Icuant Robrrt of Ualpna : br fmi|{ht anccwa- 
fiilW it) North Walrn, invadod .\ngkaoj, and 
bnilt thacaatlnof Abt^Uataiof on tiwaaMora 
coaat of tlio uland. DoaidM bta earldon be 
bald lands in iwsnty abirra. 

EstraTafcnat without bdngltbrmlhtilond 
abow, wHH always rwiity forwar.aad krptaa 
army ratlivr tbao n bowcbold. An inoidi* 
Bate craftnu for apott led him lo lay wattr 
biaowB laMa ibntbomisbt bnvumonraparcr 
for IiimtinKand hawking;. We wiuRliiiton- 
oiiii and BHiaual, bocaae aounwivldvtboi htr 
Ilwb tba nt ; b« bad tnaRy ohildn-n hr 
dtflrrantnuMroMiii. IliKwarawithih4>W«]«k 
wore earned on wiili n ainf;.- fi-mriiy.wliieh 
nakM iba naiBK \\ ulf (Lu)>u«) Uaiowod oit 
Ilia) inlaierdn^-aanapprapmie deaj^nalion. 
At the •anu> tim* ho waa a wiio eaui)«lk)r, a 
loyal MilyMt, and not wilbnnt *tf«iiff reli^ 
oiufoalin^: hiahoiMfhoIdconiaineifaercnl 
hmh of higb charMrtor, bii ebaplain iia> a 
ImuiUfd and boly man, and l«lb (hu warl nnil 
hi* oouulea*. EnBenlnide,dai^tarof llugll 
of OInn.mnal, ooiinl uf llvanraia, wna frian« 
and a>luiirii>r< of Anaf-lm (ORDiair, pp. KSS, 
Gi<M BiHHnt, IfulerU ym-nmm, li. 383). 
When in KIR'.' Ittiliop Chin waa pbinniag an 
Mtpadition ■» lialv, lliif;b prapiirad to a«- 
rocDpany bim, bill itxtacboBecainvtnnatbtnit. 
In tlio ntbcllion of lOM benmainnl (ailhfiil 
to WiUiaa IldfiM. Aavlaoo«Rtof Arrwidiaa 
I ha apheld tbo oauw of bla «oitnl UatirrTaaa 
I HB)lBTl],ttMiMb whan both RnAuaadlnkB 
Robartmarchadafaiwttbaooualin 1001, ho 
1iarraiid«fadbba»ai1niothifn. Tho Xory that 
ilwm*bv1iiaail*iculhal IIi-nrToacvpMxlllaRt 
9*. Uidii-i ia prohahlv wiih'oat foaadlatiMl 
(Wms,L14«Mi PBsinax, d'iffaam M0u, 
li. 630). lit 1003 be d«ai|^ to turn nni 




and oiuUik ni tfcnr plM* • Mj af I 


to Audm, thM ObK of Bi^ wka ifsb if , MB 





■M* atfiac Ub M con* 
«^ \jSralkii4M 

» I^Mk. Hvb f^taat tk 




■oatow. ■•d w iwi Bim lia tka fM<l> af 
81. JwvM M tb* BMvraaia tk* fOMk •fib 
vMUtakfc, H U* fcdw bl >ii«Wbw Urn, 
Ob 91 UN. b* «M wiwwd kj Rate lo 

iiwiiti 1 !■ 1 rBifcf mifftriM— i 
totbiwwXt*— ^TtWWihfciilafliilt 
Om^ ianinl mJ wmmI (-«MUm,tMk iW 

MT. ltunMtb«««l«a(tW*«mkfWf«M> 

Nmik W>l*«.witk«UAtk«HlBwtWv» 

In JuiMrr lOM tw «u at lk» Um'* cmim 
al Saliabury, wluK* In* adviMd ikai n iUiaiB 
»f Ktt. wbx bd hMtt ariWiwI w jwbdat 
COM U I . •ImuU h> waOUMdl. fbr Win m kad 
matriMt Uw vari** fMM* aad kad kaaa «»- 
tallhfkl tP kn-. In lOMtUJoiMil llMkof 
MoulsuiBciy [•!' *0< **'! <^ aa 
{anNkii o' Am(Um«v ; thnty bnbml ik» N<N«a 
jiIkim (Kiw IivUm. wkii w«fv i« altiaae* 
wiilk ilic Wtttk, tu b«lr tbvM to <«wr tka 

(iMtitflitrri-il luitv nnaibN^ ami miilalaii 
Ikvir t-Mi<iiip>. Avoid pplMt mvmI CoRnd, 
vtka luw fiTira «ouiurt lo thr WriAh, was 
dnnail out of <(iurck, and attrr bn had ntf- 
IhMu othv* aiiililalioaa hi* tompM was rut 
Dut. Mix* iluiu a noHiu? awT • kalf latw 
Ii wa« r<iainioal<r kaliand that thv Karl of 
<1w*lvr (»r nrka^kii IUIow>«arO ImnnieUed 
bi* hminilt Vr • ttiKhl in iba cbuck ot St. 
ISinito)-. aixl ilii< ni-n taunuag (omaA tkam 
aDuu'l UlivBikoIkwtofJiI^TiwBawfoot, 
kiiw Kif N'oinray, appoand off (he iaUiid, ika 
MTU Inl a Utv» forcv to pMTcat tbo Nartif 
tuan tntui Uni>liiig. Tkn narl of Slirvnburj 
wa« tlaiii, and ^Htirniu nada poafi' with lh« 
Karl of Chnii-T. ilwlnriDC ihal lie niMUit no 
barm lo Co^lnni), ami had como lo take 
DomatioB of lliu Ulnadt whic^li belonfod lo 
aia. Hu(hGoiDi>let«dthacoaqiiMtorABgl»- 


tka laq«r part of Xartk 
BewaaiB Hafaadr *fcM be lieanl 
«r tb «Mk .if Bote b 1 1<» ; ka cnmd at 
M Em^mi aadwaa MM of the principal 
af Bmt. TkwMXtfMrfaufoll 
M^awnad dU ftwiCeiMi kakU at Si. 
W<tbaqAX a^ Ikna d^a alfaffwaid* died 
«KS7Jdj. Biahad^waafntkariBditithe 
o^Htan' af tka iMny, aad wa« afttrwanb 
iM^iikr Mi MffcwBaMK tariff Oica- 
M; cdMhi Itiiikia ff lU5'r),u)to ibe 
1W man tbai his rMuains 
« l»l aaoM dtmbtful (Ob- 

■f kiawiit BnaMKtti* ka had new md, 
BaEMed,«ko aaeeaadad kia, iwnruia m- 
iii<irMiarifaMrifc»ak<i« 1107. Richaid, 
Wval, aad amiable^ mar- 
'«< Stafkaa, ombA of 
Mtt mi diownaq 
««tkhia vfJbwhMlki «UCeSk>pfc«adMtd 
M3rX««. AlMiaaUdThThnariA 
Hwk k«d » daMklw Mwd tiiTa. who i 
MMnad Oa<)e^^&diU,lofd of Wiutfiiig, 
NattkaaMaaahirat OM of IlaaiVli iutiaM, 
•■d aAar bar kariiand «aa dru p u a J ia tha 
Wkilx :Ab CMsded th« Beatdictuw ptiaiT' 
af CkairalL etaSmUiu* (Moiuatiam, iv. 
IM: TAvnoi, JiWifM. v. 496). 

Of Ua iQegiiiauw rhildnui. Roben b^ 
«aaM a Book of Sc EtTiMil\ and was io 
1100 wnogftJlr mada abbot of St. Ed- 
mmmT*, whaiiea ka ira* r^moradbr AsMda'a 
aMlwriiv (Ok»imc. vf. m*, 783; Liranu 
MUfS. JaMfa y .SY. £iaMi>d'«, p. ISO: 9i. 
A»mut,^p. <v. HKaadOlbtn iiwtntor 
to tb» MM of Uearr I aad waa drairiieil in 
tka Wliile Skipi. 

[Ocdarla. tif>. U3. <>9.«03,7«1.76S.7U.T87, 
BTO (DwteaM) : Williaa <rf Puilicnv OMta Wtt> 
<hL«.nU. i(Diu4iMi«)i Aacb>-S*s.Chno.aBk. , 

lOM. loaS; tloTMic* of WoiT. ii. 42 (BagL . 
Hiat-Soe.); WaLof Mklawclnir^'sOtalalUrM, 
ir. S>9<EncL.IIi<«. ^OA.); n«o.orQiiMiii^ni, 
Hi*, ^3t2. Da UoolamMD Uuadi. p. 3M (KoUa 
Sw.}. Vmimw* UkL Kor. pp. IM. 968. and 
Avtlni Vipf. rt. 14, 81 {Uiga*} : Liabanaaan^ 
U njctdraekM ABelo-Noni»oa.CaMliMhla)ncUiib 
p. IMi Vra(.-( Rowudf Rm.1. 14«H>).: Am. 
Caathrw. an. IOM.aBdBnit j TyvjMaian. aon. 
lOM (10(M), 1OD0 (IMS), bgtil Roll* .'^M-. : 
IaIoo'* Httm^kri^tU. ■!<• IM-Sa; Uiraldi 
C)iaibr. Itis. Eanibr. ii. T, Op. n. ISS, ISS 

RolU^rO^Fmman'iNcinniiaOiMii. It. pawini. 

ritl. I:ufu^ i. II. pun*: StnbbA Cba*!. Hbu Hllif'n InuoJ. to I>oia(adij,i.437; 
Oraciol'* IliTi.of <.'hMli!». i. II. 12. 123. 121. 
2ISi U>>7U'>OlEi'inlII)ir<]DaK*.i-8S3: Dutti^^le'i 
UottiMtiwn, ii. S71 nq. JT. 104 ; Tsaner'* iNulitja, 
p 4«,] w. a. 






or C^iTBiPrr, clironirlur, wru frotn mrly Imit- 
liood a tnonk of Pctwhornugti, liavin^ lN<«n 
brooflit inio t\a> bmiliorlnvKl tnr liu eWe* 
af lh«>n>oiiftiEliT>-, in thoIJiooDif Abbol Grnulf, 
wlioralcdihelwiwu between 1107 and 1114. 
Hugh wmt ■ rtrj lidiW child, and dioiiKh 
he UrtA to m sood ago, fic wm atver vtrni^. 

n» wu OlUod 'llui^) Albii'.' fromi ihc |inli'- 
IMM and bnuEy or )ii^ rnnnli'iinn<-i>. I Jtlnr 
wriltT* bAr<> caU>-il hiiD ' IIu^ Candidu*,' 
whiVU LrlniKl trsa*InI<H na if tt wck a *ttr- 

e, -HllRh Wlljli-.' 

Ilii;rl>'* diMf ivnL-li''n wrfi? Abbot ErnulT 
biH lin'it.liT^ lii^in.ild, of both iif whom 
he *]HMiks in tMiD* nf warm aAMiii^n. Ili> | 
reroniiwdnmonkdnriiigthoahbacifiiif John, , 
Ilcnn-, Martin of Uk, nnd William of Wiil- 
(srviflr. lIcwnnllvBAi-otioii. boilimijiiutor , 
and iwiuor, of the moiilw aii4 abbuta, aiul wsa 
equally pojiaUr in nciglibouriuBmuiiaAtcriM 
ud in tbo ciMititTy aroiind. iTo was cis- 
^jrcd bietmj braiMli of ih^ bouoMa of 1I10 
motiuurr, both iatefnal nnd rxtvmnl. In 
Abhot Mania'K (iiDu (^llS-l-ATi) Iw wm , 
til*ct«d (iib-prinr. Hi- vnu prnvnl whim the 
chiirrh vu burnt in 1 lilt, and at tlur inbn^ j 
quent rcfoniKcrai win br Rtaboii Aloxamler 
of Lincoln, in LmT flSd, he IPHed and 
wailied ibe rigbi arm uf St. OamU, lli« 
mon ptvciou* of ibi' Puiurbomugb relica, ' 
and boK tariiuMny ilul ilif flmh and *bin 
wat Mill irhol«.iaaciMrdaiio» with St. Aidaii'* 
PfMbaey. Oaihcvnydayof Manin'i>di<aili ! 
(2 Jan. ll&S) Ivi wn* a)>pojol4.>d with I'lfmi 
Mber astiior nutUo, nil ^r wliom wifdjonior 
to bira, M ■ «<i(BtBitl«« for the oImTiou of , 
tb« iM.'w ablxjt, aofl tbc;r Eboae ^'illiam of ' 
WaltmilUi, oMi of ibeir own houM. Nmi ' 
daf Hugh wa« aeat with ibe prior, Keinald, 
to aiuioanrc th>- HiTlinn to Hnnry H, vbocn 
thar foiinil at l>If>^l niih ArrhbntbiipThiio- 
halil, Ilriiri' ronlinci^ tbc i-Wtion. 

Hufb wr<-iiii in Latia a biaiorv of tlie 
•bboy of I'l-trTbumugb up tn tbu eWliou of 
AbbM WalliTvillr, \ Inlcr luiid liaa in- 
taqMbt«d iHiiDi.- rt-frtmoM to Tlucfa'* own 
death anil a ihon acoouui of ihv do{aMi(ion 
ofWall<TTilI<<tnll7&. IliiconJMTtarrdtluil | 
nagh dinlaoon after tlipeJaClion of Wnllfir- j 
Tille. Il ia (omMiiiM* ibouchi Ihni Hush | 
wtolo tbe cone) lid! iiK pnrtiiHiii cif tliv Pntar* . 
boroiMb Englixb 'fbrnniclc,' which, likti hk 
local hiitorr. ooi»oa nbru{>t1y >'■ an mil with ) 
Abbot Waltemlle** ol>c(i'<a. Mr. Wrifrbt 

Eint* out, bowvvrr, lliat lliiifli ntnd thit 
leli'b *Cbranirlr'inco(n]iiling liit liiriory, 
atlil tbni hi> ini*tr«(ulat«« aune of iba En|i' 
liah iinrAi in a waT that ihowe Uule fnnii- 
liarilj wilk ibi- KnglUk loo^pio. Hit*, Lf| 

wlHtanttaiuI. won!d be concliulva againet 
hi» authiirnbiu of (lii> Hmiti-r work. 

II tlgllV ' ) I irlury of Puterburaugb ' Wn« pub- 

lidii.ll in 17^ by JoMphSparkr in bin'Ilie- 
torini.Xn^lioann $rripion>«VariB,*n|i. 1-94, 
AnabridfivdtniulalionnfpnrtAinloNornian' J 
FnnidiversviipriatiHl in iliMUiiiiUHil lection, 
n» well a* a coniinujitinn, up to I'it'i, by 
iinotlier noolc, Itobu-i of SwnlThniii, fmm 
wlioni Th« cliief muiuacript, (till nrreerved 
nt [\>(«irborough, ia cnllelt iho 'Ijihar da 

[Tbo aolo euhority fur Hngh'a lifo b h<* own 
aomiuit of hioiMlf in hi* llittoria Cnnobli Itur- 
gicii*. pp. at. 68. «J. 08-70, CO. iho chronaloey ' 
of whieh oia be a4jiul*d hj rrfi-rrne* to t£e 
PMeitorov^ClimnioIff: Uantun'a llm. of t)ia 

.\ni(l'vNominn Ponnd. pp. 174-8; Ksplr'i Il»- 
•rripTira OaL <•{ MS, 3Ui«rliU for British lEa- 
1077. ii. 411-13.) T. F.T. 

HTTOH id. IIS4), abbot of R<-nding and 
arcJibisbop of Itonan, wb« bora in Leon late 
in tbe nlevonlli cABtuiT. He bolongeil la lUl 
probability to tbo noble liunily of BoTce, a 
thMiry to which hi* arm* (an ox MMant) 
giie auwon. He waa oduoUed at Laon ia 
the celebrated echool of Aaaeltn and Ralph, ', 
and became a monk ofCluay. A bwyean 
after hi« teceDtioB the abbot nuul« Una prior 
of Limoges, hut howvnt 10 Knglanil alwut 
tJie aARln liaw, and bM«mp for a ahort time 
prior of litvm, wfannc ho wm iransfciT^d 
10 lISKto thn abU-rnf Itoadingithea newlv 
founded. While iTavdling abivod in 11^ 
be waa elvcted to the archUaliopnc of Itounn 
and eontectatdl 14 Sent. IISO. At thia 
tine he (buiuleil tlie aboej of St. SUrtia of 
Anmale. In bia prm'ince be wa* vigoroue 
and itrict. and triixl for eomo lime in vain to ■ 
bring ilin f^wcrful abboU under hia control, 
lie took part wilh Pon« Innocent II againM 
.\iiac1etu«. rpcei\i.-d tnooeenl nt Itoaen in 
1131, aod rvj»iue<l bin at the council of 
Rheima in the Mneyear, bringing tuB letten 1 
in whicli tb^ kiflffoi Rn^aaJ recognJaed him 
n« lawftil nopo. Ileiuyll had taken < lie Bide 
of Iho ablnta in thdr twent ttnig)[)o with 
Hugh, and be wna now flirtlier incffued hf 
llugh'a rvfuni 10 coniwcrale Ridtard, aittl- 
ml ann of the Earl of OloiiCT«ler, biabop of , 
Dnvvui on aocinnt of hi* illegitinuite birtli. 
Tfata diRlciilly waa got over hr a ■ptclal dW 
pivuaijon from the P<^> but llugn tboualtt 
It prudent to p* in 1 IM lo Uieoouncil of I'ttia, 
an<l on iu crmclianoa to mmain in Italy no 
li'tialiu'' bujin— I lor (Ometime. Iln waa n^ 
cnlliol, bowonr, bj the niunnuriiii; of ibe 
n<>M<-*of blapoviiwannd the per>uual com- 
pUintx of flearj, and nilumed in llSttin 
time, occnedlng to a leltor preeertnl in tbu 





• llitiorw XoTrik' of WilU«m of MkImim- I 
biuy, tu atliiBil tlic kiiw, who limd alw^n ' 
n*nM!l«lbim,<iBliudeiilbbedatOolombitoa». ' 
In liaOliewMbackkt Rtraen. | 

Hngli WM • BtBunck ■iipeortn nt King 
Stephea. uid (lUMd mucli time in Enslana 
■limug tbe civil war*. G«Hv tn linT StMdm ' 
wnit lo Non&tndy, anil wbco bo bad uiLdd 
lAcnpiiirf th' ICarlnf [ilnucator.IliMtiirM 
009 of liif Minrlits that bu mala do EtotiMt 
no furlbcr iojiiiy. Il iras bj liit inwrtvu- 
t\tm ■faal' thf tli!i>ut« belwetni the llitig and 
tlic bisbupa Kgirdi&g ibe etwtodj oTcaatloa 
iru Mttled at \\ve council of Oibnj in 1 190, 
wblcb Wtaaj »t Dloia fq. v.] bad KimuiMMd. 
lliigb also iTCaDdlwl Ibo batl of (llounntter 
kndtti«('Ount of Boulogne. As tbr relwUiouH 
abboU of iat tirovincd wi-re now without 
royal aapport, oe ira* ahfe to con; out l.fao 
deoinon oT lliu coiuicil of RlieiiM, and 10 ox- 
act an oalb of obediencu; amoaig tlioM wlioim 
he forced to trailer it wm Tblobold, aft«r- 
WKrds aielibiubnii nf Onnlprhurv, rhMi nowlr 
«l«ct(.il nbltol nt Iter. In 114*7 IIorIi took 
put in til* cootroTm)? wilb tlilhcrl Ae la 
Fmrto. In lI'iO II>'1ut. print* 'if Wnkis, 
bonntonile in Normandy, oiid 1Iiif;;hfoun(l 
in nlni astmo); lupjiorlvr. Hrdii'dll Xov. 
IIAI, and irat bunt>d in (ho cntli'>dntl at. 
Roui^n, wlipn' iIiitp is nn i>|ntapb compowd 
I1V Arnold ft t>iBii>Lix. 
' Hiicb irroi« : 1. 'DialogidaSummoBono,' 
WTHQ booh* nf ilialci^M, six of which vn.-re 
cQiiipc(»«d irli«a bo was at Reodinjt. and i«- 
viwd, with tlu addltian of a atrvcnth, nt 
Roui^n. 2. ' Ih; ITcrMiliui tui TrniiKiria,' 
tlirtv bookn npon tlio oliurch and it« minis- 
lora, directtnl H|^in«l certain livt^oii^B in nrit- 
tAuy. It -vifu- ilinlicnltil t" Cnnlinal AlWric 
8. ' In Lniidt'm McmoKiP ' nnd ' Tl.- I'i'li- (\- 
tliolica et Omiiono Pominicn ' I ■ I > Tr."- 
tiono noriim.' T IIw ' ll'-inni' r n Tlii' 
maniuicript of thi» work pa««i-d I" < ii.' m^ 
nnd tlimcp to tlio lii)rurj^ at Trov.^ 1 j I -' "■ i. 
6. ' Vilftftineti AdjiiloriH.'lhfliiu of a iii'jiili 
of Tiran. All iLmv liuvi' br'i-n prtntt-d in 
Mient-''* ' Patrologio! Cnrtiie.* I^tin ««r., \t\\. 
cxcii., where raeniifm will If fnuml a( tlip 
prerioiw csUtiooi of Mnrtin" nnd d'Achni^. 
BOine of Hueli'fi Irtt'Tii nn* to \w found in 
Migna, nni3 nonx- in William of Mnliai'ibiir;** 
Obronicl''. Two »■■■«■ forrairrly in llii- library 
of Chri«t Church, ("unicrbury. 

el lift In the NouTellc Biographic Otnkn,\a 
llHiirinu. nnd atiprhtili-t thni. tii iho Qln- 
toirn LilliRiim; Cu". of rlio Di'pnrt. Libr. of 
PranM : MurlAdu'* Thomuru.i uo*ub Ancqdoto 
rum, torn. V,,- M^irt^nii itiid Dunind'i dllociio 
Velerom i^criptiiniui. lom, \\.. Fm^h. 1733; 
Gallia Chriiiiann. loni. ii. ; Ordoripna Vitalin, 
K!«. GocIm.; Will, or MolioiDli. niit. Korolla, 

bk. il. 1 VUgm't hnolegiai Cnnoa. L>l wr. 
TOl.exdi.] J. G. F. 

HUGH Id. IISI), caUed llron ov Cr- 

TElUmi. jaluline E.iKL orCBBREH, WU tbe 

toDof It&nulf U, caH uf CttaatarFq.T.'.and 
of bia wife Matilda, dau^tttof Earl HolHrrt 
af(iliouoTClar,tbciU«ffTtimat«tanof Uunirl, 
Hu il MCBvtiaM calM 1I<^ of Cyiviluifi 
bucaoM', accotdiBfC lo a laU writM, b« wa» 
bora in ibat dtMrtet of Wolea I Tun 1:1, Itut. 
y Cambria, p. ^65). Hie fatluT diinl on 
I61W. Uo3,wliM«npoa,lwiBg|>rotMbl,TttiU 
under otfu, ho Buceeeoed to kiapoaaetaiouaoH 
both aiiiea of tbe Cliannul. TliMe Included 
ibe benditafjp viscoumiM nf Arruicbm and 
Ilaymis. Iln^ wnipniHiut at tlwciwncil of 
Ctanuidon in Januatr I ItU wliicb drww up 
thvaaniDof Olarvadou iSirBHB, Select Char' 
ten, p, 13** >, In 1 l"l lie -wnn in Nomuodj 
(Enojf, Itinensiy <if tfnirjf 11. p. 168). 

Hugh Joined the gT««l feudal revolt acaimt 
Henry llin llfS. Aidnl by Ralph of Fo«- 
gAm>, hn utilijied bin trrml influmcv on tbt 
north^vaalern marcbi'i of UHttany to exeat* 
tfav Umoni t(i rvTolt. llmry II dcspalcbed 
an army of Bmbant mtrcimtriea afpunat 
tbuoi. The lebela wei«dereBi<.d in a battle, 
and uu 90 Aog. wen abut up in tbv eastle 
of Dol, wliicb they bad captured by fraiul 
not long before^ On 9S Aug. Flpury II ar- 
rived tn condiirt the Hieiro in person (IIotb- 
DEJC, ii.AI ). Ilugb and hu> omrailw had no 
profiHOUnlJoKDAX FixfiHiii: in TTowi.rt, 
CAnn*. 0/ Stephra, Hninf 11, Had IHeJtanl 1, 
Vu.'iil). They were thfrcfore fo«t*d to HUP- 
runder on 111 Aug. ou a pronuae thui Uieir 
lives and liniliH irould be taied (W, New- 
BiTBeK in HowLETT, i. I'll). Poiincoie 
Idiit'Iii- *(iiTDivWiid will] ihom (DtORTO, i. 
;;?- I, llui;h wiw Iri'ati'd v*iry leniently by 
lliTiri,-, and wo* ronlini'd a1 l**alaiiw, whilbcr 
lh<t tjirl and Counttvi of Lniciwtvr wen- also 
»oon liroujjhl lu priioner*. Whirn Uiruryll 
rrtuniud to Enfrland. lie to<ik the iwi> uarU 
with him. Thi^y w'eiv FOnreved frumltaTfleur ' 
to Southampton on 8 July llT-1, Hu^i woa 
Dfobably anerwardh inipriiiLiiied nt Deviteft 
(ErroK, p. 1B0>. On ^ Aug., however, bo 
wa* iah*n back fVom rorifninnth lo Itnrllciir, 
whon Ili'Hry II wonl back lo Xn*mnndy. He 
WM now iinjiriMned iit fnco, whence Ue was 
n^movcd t'l t'utaiBe. He iru* ndmilled tO 
lenni with HL-nry brrfore Ibe j^'nerul poaoe, 
and wilneMed tliep^aceof Fnlaiheun 11 Got, 
{Fintrra, i. 31 ). 

Ilugli >«eio» to havo n-mnini'd ■omo timw 
longer without oompleMriMtoml ion. .\tUai., 
at the council of Northumplon on 13 Jan. 
1 177, bo ntoeiTed (frant of the Inuds on botli 
■idea of the «ea wLieh he had Jield fiftc«a 


MM* btfonitlw war broke MiKBRSBAlCTts, 
L 133: IlOTKDSK, ii. 1)8). In March \k 
w iti wwd tUo Spuuili anard. Iii May, al 
iho Miuiicit al Windagr, Uitaiy II rMtorvd 
bun liiioaMUn.aiulmjDinilhini loDntolre- 
Uliil,alamnitl> Willinm FiiioldlMUB [<)'*.] 
aail mW», tu pn'pant tliu nar for tbo laag'a 
MB JobnlBEXKOICTC*,)' 1UI>- Buluo(7tnr 
gntnte ot rriali land Wi-ro coufunvil oa hiin, 
mill bo look nn |>rniiiin«iil pnrl in tli« Iritli 
ompoiftiu. He dill) at [Ut^k in ^ulTonl* 
abim oh 30 Jurn.' llr^l (iA. i. 277; .Voim^ 
(linni, iii. lit^: UkUEIIiaii, <%r^{n-, i. 20). 
lie wa» burinl nitit liit lallier on ibo MUti 
aldo otthm chopiur-lwuM of St. W«rbin]{h*(, 
diMlcr. ROW tli« uaibedral. 

Ilu^'a Ub«r»lity to ibt dbiudi was not ao 
gn*t t Uut or lit* pn<d«eMM>ra, Ko matvd 
•ome land* in Wirral to Si. WorbuTKli'ii uid 
b«r cliarten of hU, to IJtanlaw, St. .Mutt'*, 
Oorait rv. tbu nuiu of BalUnotoa oni! Ornm* 
tMd,art'i»rinivdbirOniwnd(i.:f7>. lle&Uo 
amftrsiiMl bia moUwr'a gnnia to bur fouiida- 
tian of AiHlin Caaotia at Ctlk*, [ii-rbj-'faire, 
■ad thoMofUibUurtaliboonTcaii of tlw 
BratdidiBoniniaof St. 3lan;'(,ChMl«r{iVo- 
Malum,TLSW, iv. 3U). In 1171 lie hs<l 
mnfimwd th* nanTa uf Ilanulf tu ibi- abbvr 
of St. Stepheua in tlie (lioc««r of IJajtiu 
(EnoF, f. \6d). Mora MibscaDiial wctv liia 
mnU or BtctWord Cluutili to Trenibam 
FrioiT, utd of Cotnbe In GlouoMtenliin! u 
llw Mty of Donbalex, Warwickabin (.W«- 

Mi»rinnt, ri. aw, T. 4ur). 

Ilufifa marrinl bc-rofi- 1171 Bprtnula, lb* 
d>UKbl«r of Sitnnii III, tnmanMvl tlia BaUl, 
OMBt of Citeui and Monlfbrt. lie ««• 
llMruftm b«ailiefHS-Uw i» Simoa of Uont- 
foit, ibn Minqnnar of tbo .VIbiMiiaoa, and 
nnrlo nf llw Karl "f l>«it>Mt«r. fib onlj 1«- 
jntinuii- xKi, lEauulf III, lOoCMdnl blm aa 
EatI orCbwoo- [an IkiMtiiTiu, lUxBrLr 
m}. II«alwt*nlMif<tnu|:hl«ri>l>T luKwifr, 
who baotacv oa ihaii bciibi-ra tUath, co- 
WnaMaaflhaClwfltfwtldon. Tlmrwere: 
<l) Mauil,wha«ameilD>VKl.<«rlof lUat- 
mgdoa, ud boeaiBB tba nwUiar or Jobn tbo 
6cM. Mri of CbMlar ttom liU!! to IfJi;. on 
irhoMdMibibalisfiif Ihifbof .Vvnuclii* 
tHcnnu ailincti (31 Mabvl, who tnniTMMl 
William tf Albtni, Karl uf Arumlcl l«f. 121*1 ) 
[a.*.] I (31 AtfiMa.tlH'wifoiof Willta»,mri 
Vtmwnot ihriiTi and (4 >IIaHriM^ who mar- 
rinl ItolwR ila Quincv, tun of Saar da ijiuMij, 
«ariof Winehaalcr. (liuihwaaalaolbrfatlicr 
of •vTOfU batUn)*, iacliidii^ I'^nn. linl 'if 
initom Koff": Atnitwi who OHmnl Italiifa 
llain WATuw, jiMtiot of Clitalv t and aiinl iMr 
4twrfii«r wtKt nurriad H. Baeon. tba (ombiUt 
of Ko«eaHsr (OuRBok i, 3^}. A gn*t 
owiTotangr ««« cwriw oa batwrMO Sir 

P#t«rL«ycMtDrandSirTbanuia!dMa«arii „ 
.Vmii-c's rrputod detccadant, a« to wliMhtf 
thai loUjr waa Icffitimalo iif aot. Fiflava 
panpldcta and amall traatiaM on tlia mb- 
joet, publiah«d belwoBii 10T3 ond 10711, wtn 
npfiniad in ibopuUioitioiiftoribe Chatham 
S(H!u<j, roll. Uxiij. Ixxix.kiid Uxx. .tloiu- 
ytannir wai tba chamnion of bet l^iinaary. 
which Lfvcvuarliadiioiuudinlm'niia'iriGnl 
Anliouiiiea.' Uagdalo belioTvd tliat .tmici 
waa tbu <lauf[fat«r of a formL-r wife of Hugh, 
of wboMcxiatcnici'. liuwwur, tbere i* ao nn 
mid. A flaoaealof Ivnrl Huxb'ataangnred 
in Onnvtod'a ' ClMshira,' i. S. 

*d. fUvbht in Roll* Bar.) ; B«wMt'a CbRoielM 
oTSivpIi-n, Ucarj ll.aai Richiudl (BotbSor.): 
EiioTi'* luiiuntTof Ben. 11 ; Onaaroa'aCbMhliai 
i.ll»^2: Dutftalv'K liiron>««, i. 40-1 ; I>a(daU1a 
MooaMioso, •!. Kilia, Cain, and Bandlnol; 
I'QjU'i Ofltial Batunn(fa, i. iii ; Bcattont'a in* 
ttodoMion to tba Amieia 'I'nuu, ChvUiank 8m.] 

T. P. T. 

HOOH (11»F-I90Q), SiiXT, bi»bop of 
linooln, waa horn at .\nloii, luair Pbul- 
cbarra in Bui^iundv, dnw lo the Samj fron- 
tier, probaLlr in ll35. Uv cami' of a aoblfj 
family. Hit btbw wBs William, lord 
Avalon ; bia mother* natao wa* Anna. Tl 
fatJiw ddfinnc it duTols liimarif to a nli- 
fimi» life look bis ran of tti^bt Tsart old 
with liim 11 llii' doifiTrr wlucb aa badaa- 
li<cli<d rorhiciM>ir,«priiirTorK«piLarCHninia 
at V'ilhtrbonoit, whidi wan in imm«iliatfi 
cnnni.'ClinD with the cliureh i>f (in-nobU^ 
Hun- ibi! yoiinfc Ua;ili waa put to acbuol, 
lu^i^thirr wilb manj otliur rliitdrai of nobU 
familiH*. He u taid to haw aliown gicat 
prollcimcrinbiainudiM, aadluhaTafaaaama 
vat> akilful in tinfin^ ib« varioua monaatio 
aarriiwh Al the agv of mu«t«ra b> wa* o^ 
daincd ikaMm tm ^^ Bmhop of OranoUv, 
and a few Tnara ■iWwarda, laoM probabtf in 
llniU, waa appninted, lofnthac with an agod 

SriMt, to tbe cell or mtuiim chapel of St. 
Eaximin, wbvra he loaluaalv iwrforiami 
miaiatarial dattiw far llio paoplu. Hut Im- 
rauiia)(i>anM«tl|'d(<iiiraiMof ihidicaliiii; him- 
odf to a niorvripilly uici'i ioliti* b» paiil ■ riail 
to tbo nMnaslcry of iLr (iraiml* ( litrth-UH-. 
Hara Iw waa MiamoiirMl of tbo dnqi wrlu- 
■ioo and itrict lifo uf iho laetabara of ilia 
moiuuiery, and waa aniioua to join lh«n. 
Ilia prior, foahag ibi*. eauM«l lla^i to lako 
ail oaih not to rUvr tb* Cartbuaiaii <>rdvf. 
In npilo of tbia, bowctaw, ba «oon eoolntrd 
lo racapoto tlw fa«ia>a* monaittry. wlx-r* Im 
toolc tba Tom not maeh laiar'thnn lUt'i. 
Ha booame maarkabU hr kia diluuat 
Undiaa ami oitrvmn aualatitiaa. and tn IITti 
waa ap]ioini«d proeuiator or aunar of iba 

wnwamUiwa with 

tlw amUr 

W MwnQr buiwn. flrnirj II, knK v^ 

ttwpn^, Iw4 fniit>d*4 • MOsU OwlllllBiM 
MMMtMT at Wiilimn h Sanmet, whifb. 
briN( Wily nian»t[«l, «u <m Uw poisi o^ 
iwlUlMi. Wtini k DoUe nf MamauM m^ 
|[aiad to Ilvnrjr ■ wn of mtim it bT f*^ 
e«rlB( lb" ■*nicn of Uiwb as Anua m 
prinr. Tlir kii'i; M«anling)^ Mat a iRtwo- 
ti*! tmtmiHj ic ((nsohb la toUek llw gnat 
of ilii* (■iD'iii' noMk. AA«r VMjrgrcM diA- 
KuUj iIh> fcnini ir^ oUsiHttl hj the aU of 
ill* Afditx'hnp of' Jimiobte. tlttKhoaiBe bi 
KflcUiwI Hi iba IUmc ia 1 I7R, anS prohabtj 
in llfA; on anivinfi ■! Wtlhan be foanil 
i>T*T^bili|; tn a mial laurvabti- ■tala. Bjr hi* 
•with; anal ucl b» ImMwIit nulir-r* to a 
liMlav conilitiua, aod waa aMe in an inti<r- 
rlww with the Uwt to tlmw him the neoc*- 

_J.^ .t J-?^_ _Zi f .L . I 

hia eianagi ' lli^'* w j h a w wm ai Htow, abeot t«<l(* 
tf wvrM, a«| ■ilMfrDwIiMalf.aaAitiawkhihiifbac 
laet tmm» Ut , tkat tWliaiih tijim &■•■• raaa, «hk& 

danlajwdM^attaaidbwrafcctaatailw , 

tba adMBiMfMm of Ui Jiaww Blfli WM 
ooB&<)al«i] with the t j i rok al lima kwa, 
ami tb* vaxatM* iimuA t»ii ■■€!»(> 
nana of Iha kisK'a f o wf ». Tbcae li« i^ 
tarsuttflil al ooot f* rtirflr Ua tncoBHa" 
ncalcd tba cbiaf bucatcr for acae O ti f na 
aire aft, and th m. fcy iMVtnd th» wnlh of 

th» kinff. Till* WM Mack J K CtWWJ b^ lb» 

bttlinp'a dinrt tefnial to bMowft BMhMid in 
bii ^onlt OD aooartiarraeoMMaMad hf tha 
king. Dauy, who had fhUUj anctad 
as obaitiaal rad a woMinJ aliog pwhl u !■ 
Hugh, waa gnNtlr mwed. Tb bWup. 
wliiHi iwtiraj^ wu hiffk, dctcmiiicd la 
have a jierauoil intmiew with bin to brinf 
about an eit'l^aatiafi. Ite fitund tb« \aag 

Mt7 of doii^ «an fcr tha wooaaUf;. A ' iii WoMluorlc Chaaa, reatia^ fnan hoBti&g, 

CMradahip now tfnag up bMwtwii 
' llniiT and tlia prior. HivUT made 
fn.r[i: - - ■-■■• lo ihr mMuudfj in h>» huw- 
iiiv I" in S-Iw'xkI Knmt. IItoii- 

«l^^■.. 11'..^ nboul Ilia aAaira of iUIe, and 
daKffain^ la pronoie bim u> the inportant 
•ao of lintviln, wkicb had now btMi iwi> 
Tmr* lu-ani. Is Maj 11^4, at a eotincil 
Lokl al KiD'lioin, npar Oxford, bu acnt fur 
tha rau'nia <>f Linrnla, and duwtad them to 
Db<ct a* ilwir liah'iti IluKb Um Buq^amdiaa. 
Sana of ihMn vu^tu, mm at conaidanbU 
amiooBM and RTxal wtiatlh, nU«ci«d lo lla^ 
■a u> ohaciin- foniiitn iiionh, but iht-T wi-re 
fonwd to fipld to till' kii>)(, VVIuni, howi^vifr. 
hi* alaollon wm n<iiiBi?il t>> ll4gb,lMKriiaM 
to aMvpl it. Ill' woiilil baV4> nothing lo do 
with any rnmlninoil ebuica, nor woalil Ii« 
rooMBi lo b* madi' bialiop aava by lliv ri- 
pTw* )H'nniMion ofilii' lirwl if bia onlur,tlM 
pri'ir of ibo Grande (.'liart r>'»w.-. The oanona 
iiiKni iliia offNin rlrvrlvil liiin uiiiuiiiBOiuly in 
Ifai'lr cliA|ii>-r. tinil an otnban^ baviag been 
Joipatrliril lo ihi' Ctiartr*iiiM> ibr prior* con- 
Mnt wn* oliI*in<il. 

Iliilth Wit* r'iHH<omlo(l hjaliop at Lincoln 
in iliacIin|H<l of tlii> iiivnli'l immk* at Wml' 
iiiinnli-riin Si. .Mnllli"w'ii iUt.1'1 ■'^•pl. ilMI 
< lliv Maffnn Vita iiicirrKi'll)' iui)>lii.>* tbnt it 
wiM in I !>*'' ; ai'ii Diinimh'a yu^e/f, pp. ur- 
zaix). 'rill- kind Uin- all lhi> •'niicnaii ut- 
Idulanl iiiMiii tli« Liniiu^niliiiii nii'l lliu «nli- 
•«i)iii'nl "nlliroiiiuilioii al Lincoln, wbich 
look pini'i- I'll Hi'i'l. 'nio nvw biabnp or- 
ilaivd a tiiTK" riiitnlHT of t)ii> iWr in hi* 
WfJlnilot'k'-il |iiirl[ nf Slow to Iw •IniiRJiIi'Mvl 
tn fam! tin- ]>iii'r of lii* cntlitvlml cilv. He 
niau nl oiirn ptililialicd crlnin 'trrreta In 
maat loaia <>r llie nbaiaa tbon |ir«i'nleul. 

with nanreouttJMiaboat him. H« < 
coivid ia MlcocaaadwHb •vidsMca of pbtb 
diml<ainrr ; bat tbo cool oonfidencv M tlw 
biMoji and bia jmmlar nnnark* turned tlw 
tide la bb fa%-osr, and th« tiUvniaw endad 
br HcQTT apntoving iha auaoUBunieaiioti 
of bk cUef IaraM«r and the nfioaal of lb* 
piT«b«nd to hi* noiatnoF. Tie biahof aoon 
Mcainc cooapicuoua br hu walon* ptribm- 
aaoe of hta diiiiM, and ta])«ciallT br bit nn- 
benndadeluvilf. Tlii waa i-minoum •bawn 
bv hia tnalBMHit of cbo aabanj ]mrt then 
aboundii^ in Kan Ai^^ia. fie deuf bled to 
tiind theia auSincn wilb hia own band*, and 
ilid not <lirink from eating out of tba lanw 
Ti-l »iTb them. He waa alao nmarkaUv 
r I iitetitioa wUdi he afaowad andcn* 
i<im-ii tm otliata to tba due wtfennance of 
tbe rile* (or iha burial of tbi; d«*d, then 
Bucb iifglcclod. Tbe hiabop »to«l Bingnlarir 
apoit from Ibu men of hii lune in hia appt»- 
fuaiiou of atleitnl mirael*!*. ITu dMiiod 
nentlicr to bear abMit tli«ni a« attrilmifd to 
Dtliera, nor would hf allow ilinn to bo im- 
putad to himtetr. Hiigh'* diaapUaar;- pro- 
cMdingi afainal eril-dwrn wtr. ruiy •cii-n;, 
and hia a&aibi'mn wa* m much dreaided that 
it wna rvgardod a* c^uivnlvot to n «eail<nc« 
of deatb. Il WHS the b'uliop a pnctioe to i»- 
tim itvuiy year nT baneal-limei to hi* old 
inoiufltMT at Withani, ubere be could prac- 
tise \,\iv diM'iiiliiif whicli lia to tnucb loTied, 
iitiilialurlioil h}' tbeaibii* of biahiw: I'iocc*^- 
Ilia cliaraciiT waa a ainguUr oombination of 
ku'R worldljr witdom and tact with the 
di>i>pi.iit aacvtic duvoliio. IJis most ttriking 
cUamclirintic wa* pciLape Ilia ivrfvct moral 
In Jul; 1168 Ilugli Went on an amboaaj 

to tho Pniacb kiiv, kiMl liu wm in Fmiw at 
lliD iiit)L> of UrDiT li'iitmili, bill n.-ianicd 
lu IwiuUihI in Au|{iul llt>U,nui| wu prawnl 
•t KioiiMif • oaroMtian, and nl llw coiiiidU 
of fikilbem uul l*ip<nr«<li. l>uriiig 1 till lie 
took put in lihu uppoHtion to ti«ii((ebHRi]i, 
wboH oomntuida dh nfuMd 1» uxrciiit-. 
About till' Muiw lini(> nUti hK nfilciT'd ttn' n^ 
mauw of I'nir llnnuDiinJ to Im n>nioviil fnim 
(hxUtow IVioty. Hiiiili '*'* cincenml in 
tliodjtpute brtweruiliccliaplFruf Yurk and 
ArcbbuJiop Oaaffny in Ituj-u, and iu tliu 
lati«r jtmt rrfuwd to MqNintl (iMlTriey, de- 
cWintflw wmilii ratber be siiNp«ti<bMJ liim- 
mIT Hugh liaid supiiorlcd liicliaril aintlniil 
John, wboBi ha oicominanicatad iii t'obruani' 
UlU, but wlii'Q lhi> nccfuioii eomc wiu fcai^ 
IcM in hiioppoMlion tnlbo kinc. Inncuun- 
eil bttld at Oifiinl coily in llUt<, Hubert 
Wtller o^kud for a gnuit in aul of tliv king^ 
wan; Hugk, logMUr with Itithop llnbert- 
ofSilisburv.oppoMilhlin.aDd ibe Archbi»hop 
had to yMld. BUIwp Stubb* dmvribn thu 
u ' a lAiidamrk in RonttiiiitionnMiiatory.tli? 
lint clfor c«No of wIiimI of a wourj (crant 
dctnandoddiKctlybjtlio crown' (IIotbuux, 
vnl. iv. pTebc«, p. xci). RiebanU in turj at 
tbi* otiprwition ('> bio dmnonilt, ordnvd the 
imnM<luI>?conl!Ktil»u of ihv bi»h'>|i'!> |^)'>da, 
Hugh wi-nl to htm iii NnniintiiU , ili'ti'miineil 
to mdK biin rctnct Uie M-nii-niM>. Tli<; in- 
terriew betvMn ihi-u took plaec in the 
ehapel of Roclw d'Andeli. Tho buho|i*ii iin- 
Binchlnp canmn va* comflcinlr *iirri-uriil, 
aiMl#iciU>dtli»kin(['i>dmtrntioti. Xoi Iouk 
aderword* W wiu invnlml in ai»i(bi>rqiMr< 
Ti>l with Tlicbard, wbo bnd inadv ■ buavt 
dMiwnd OB Uie cauoiia of Lincoln. Iluftti 
ngaia wmt nbioad to Mit1« □iniii.-r*, mid 
■mT«d jtui h«fotv Ihc dntlh (if Itirhan). 
BJa looB part in tlie fuminl Hii>a of tlie 
king at Foalc^ntiill.aml imniwliitliily after- 
¥wd« hod Bony r«ll-ii|iii<-*' wiib John, irhn 
was voi; alixtou* to umuni Uiv Kivat in- 
thiMic* of Hugh in bU npport. Tu* biahop 
■ppoars to have thiKOMjiiily iraiicml Jakni 
irorlhli'M character, nnd a)Htki> t«ry plainly 
lo bim. 

Iliil^h n-ianiml lo Fo^bml, anil wm« pr»- 
•■•ntai Jolinaootmiationon^ May llW.liut 
li» wna MMii acain in I'miirv, tiiioiuKOrd by 
tbo kii^t to aid tu affoin of ttalr. II<- now 
feraod tba fi<W«l of paTi'Mt a fiul t<i th^ 
atVMaf Ui«tni«r lifoilli* ■umaMerv ofilw 
Orvndr nioHtvuw.andi-arl) ill JaiM lHJOhm 
quillml I'arit In uukr ttiit j'>iirni*y. BtWJ- 
wbaf* he WM mrt'ivpil niib llic maloU 
boaaiv, and on it«rbiii)rilr<Tn»bl«,wliM«lb« 
city waa •slmdidly dHximiRl fnt bt* nvotb 
tion, brcoMnatodmoAiinci'iiipanyiTith tbe 
andibiabopiUid bad ibv plvMUivof gtrnting 

bit riAoT bn>th«r Willtaw, lodl of AvaJofi, 
and hja brothor'n vnuiin ^on, wbu was bap- 
tiard by liim. "(}>•■ aexl duv lh« bisbogt 
and hiiiiHirtj vtiit«t IbeOranil'- riiann'UN', 
v'ht'iv Ihuy wnt reoMTi'd wilb ibu bii[bitit 
honour. Ou his rptum journi-y tliebiibopi 
full ill n( a low inli-miittciit fi-vur, and bvbig' < 
unikilfiillt tronted he landi-d in Hiipland in 
n atnin <-f |^>at cxluiiatioo, and wa* with 
difficully cnnTwyi^ to I^midin. wliirr^, in ihi> 
old TclDjili', IbirlioiiiM- nf ihi- b^i.hit|iii of 
toln, he Iny lint^Kii^ fnr sonii- tuikiitliis ixli- 
fvin^; nil liii alfndnnli by bin pn(i>-nc<i aiul 
irreat detolion, lill at l«ii(;'th on Itl Nov. the 
i'T»l ciimt% Hia IxkIt wun ouuveyMl (o 
coln in V iiiii.rni) "in thv cathedral, which 
huluiitbn>nL'hi"ny iti>iruni'.'nlnl in ivbiiitdiag 
oftiT ill! liartioJ divlriiclinn by tli^ (rraat 
tianhqaaki) of 118S. Thi-oliu^iiiirjiaf Iinjih 
weravery rtnnarkablc. Kiii^ .Itihii, v,-h>in'a4 
then boluioi; a council al Lincoln, I'lok {url 
in earning; llie collin. The iK^hop wm in- 
tinred in the cbap(<l at Si. John Baptikl io 
iho norih-oMitcm imnirqit of tbt> cnili«dral, 
24 Nov. 1300. WonJiip at lh"toinb i[nnii>- 
illnt'lv coDioii.'ncpd. In 1220 iluf;h viui 
cnnoniMHl a* a rajnc lir thu Itomou church, 
and Ilia liody wn* Iraiulated to a place in I li« 
cIiuTch raoiv convenient for the crowd* of 
ironh!|iponi. iJLitj yi-am later 1 1^K>>, upriii 
thn couiplciioii of tHc uiigela' ohoir, it wna 
ugiua t rail 411 ii*!, and n (liiinc, taiA to bar* , 
bM-n of pure gold, wa< cracted orvr it. Th* 
tran«Ulion look plan- in thv prr»<Rict> of Kd- 
wanl I and bia qtif-n anil a kt*«i (nnwuno 
of twfala pMVona. Tlic Tiinhip of St. Ilugb 
MOn MMfliud almoM a* |rn-ut propnninn* IB 
the north aa thnt -rf Si. Tliouu nf ("aiiti'i*- 
burrdidiu thoviiitbof Eii|;la»cl. St. llii^i'a 
church is held to beiine of ihc 1>mi »xnmptaa 
of ihu fully d«VDlopail pointed aicbitoeiuiv. 
ric all") built, or nt aay r«l»ccaiia»Fncnl,(lio 
Kraal hal I in ihr -iiiaoopiia or Uriiop'a hoiiM ' 
niljoinin^ tliv cathodra). To aid tn tlw*» ' 
vMh* hr CKtablidin] tbu nild of St. Maiy, 
tW tnvoibnra of which alllwand tlii-UMliM 
to mnlributo a certain Mini for tlif liuildina 
of iIm) eatbodrul. The cwniml t<iw*T and 
nav<9 aa ihcy now Maud am of ■onaewhat 
lot<T dale i ibi- <-nd of St. Uugh'a work OMy 
b« i«Mly ncnfniiM<(l in lb* rvicm wallt Ot 
tli« w«tt«n) iraiwpta. 

(KwM Vita H. lIoBunH Kpiicopl. ad. Diniork, 
London. IMI; MHrtml [Jfr at Ht. Hunk id. 
t>liiwk. I.<ae. I MO; Oirol.Iv t^m^mwit. rol. 
II1..KI. Pitt'A-k, Iiiiiiliio. laT7, fttv^<i*Ho**> 
dn )li>l'-na. xl. HlnbU. I/>ii>l<iii, ISiO. B*M»* 
dini (l**la Rrzia Hcnriri S<xa»li. ■). i4«bl^ 

Londv*. IIW7. Lf* uf 8t. Iluuh of Anion 
by IW prraint wriltr, LundDO. IViS 1 

' "^ 6.0. p. 




HUGH (rf. IS»G),ciU)c<I llcau op Wells, ' 
Utluif ot Lincoln, vnie llI(^ vliltHl m» or Eil- 1 
ward of Wfllt, a lar^i- Uiuk-d pro|irieii>r at 
LancliMiir, Iwn niiuU aouili-wMt of Wolts. 
Tb« Aunily Tinnii> njifwnn lo ban bean Tcnt- 
UHti. Jowdinti Pq. *.;. lii*hop of Itath and 
Wolls, vaiHuotli* voiuiiffTbrDthar. On liii 
bj King Jobs in tlie potaaajon of hia uianora^ 
inclaillnK AkbvlilgeandCluddar. HJa nama 
appear* tf^ii-.-tir ly iti iln> toHb of John'* rrign, 
mwcJallj in tli» clinrU'r rollii from 1:200 to 
ISw, aa 'drriciv r*gi».' Ji* drputj to tbo 
chanoellor, Walter da(}Ny.afiertrani« uvb* 
biabop of York [■). v. J, atul 'utcnileT ivfna' 
(AimaUiff lf''/m'«/«r,iv.3dT),h(!ii'alMl royal 
lutleav-paicni And utlivr {lublic doi-iini«nta 
(Rmbe, F'lv/'M.i. 100, US: /fof. /,!>. ftr. 
p, 60) in liic own nnmc, widrli liiu> lad Won- 
dovof {iii. -^^ ), Sciinllry ( GintM. C'lmfr. vii. 
iOS), and oitiur* inio tlic i-rrr^ nf italjne 
iba' 111' was nftuully cluinc«l|r.r. Iliisn 
lirst app-:«ni in tbi- rolln la Arclidvacnn of 
W«I1h on I May ll-'UI. iiixk-r n<r<b.>p Sa- 
taric. n<r belli olher I'rif'f-Tiiiiiiilc, micb iw 
the pmlKnil ol' liDU'li ici Liiirnln ('fllh>>ilni1, 
towblcb )ii> wiw jirniu'nliHl br John in Uarcli 
I lira ( Hot. Lit. PhI. p. ■Si), and thu roctoty i>f 
AlJpfriib ill Nf.rrolk, wbern bi* M-oraa to hare 
buill a iivw cburcbdi-difulcd I'l St. Nicholn>i 
yh-if. Ut. (V'jw.p, \:m- In ll'Ol) .lobii ptvj- 
ciired ili>- i.-luL'tliin of Hii(.'b to lbi> av of Lin- 
cutn, whioli liud lain vutiint ^incvt lira dunlb 

of wiiiimii <]«. iiiois, 10 >ur litua. 

Ilujib <!<'clin(>d lo bi^mmi! a pliablt- inxtrii- 
tncnl III J I'll nV hand*. TbiTcotintrywnitbon 
under ihu i)a)iiil Inlrnlirl. The kinji ihsra- 
fon.' tvMX lIuKb (n Nomuiotlv, to U- ponn- 
vrated by t!iuAr<^bbiiih<)pi>rituit<m; bill llu|-b 
disregacdi-'d tbr kin^'n injuncliuiui. nod pru- 
OMded to Mulun, n bt-n- Arrhbihb'jp Siqilicn 
Lfti^tlon Mt» ill baninhint'ut, n.i-'^rtHJ coii- 
wcntion at. Id* bandit, and awnr« caaonicnl 
oboilinrii^n to bini, on ^ Otic. 1^01^ Jdin 
lelalial.i^ bvsi-iiinK tlm rcvi-mi™ of tlio •»•, 
and Hoch rfmaiocd in Mih. tojtothpr wiib 
liis brolinT JojCL'liuc, wbo hud nliio tiirutxl 
a^iiidt ibi* hinj;, and \\w otlirr pnrliMiiii of 
LoDSMiL Un Ift Nov. U'll llo^-h nod bit 
brotbsrwani miding at 8t. Manin dc 6ii- 
a atill «itnnt will, in nbicli h'l b«qn«athcd 
tJire« bundml roarki t« ihi' biiililic^ of tbs 
catbcidrul of Wi-lU, live biindrad mark* to 
tlial of Lincolu, tha huudnd raarlu for tbn 
foundnliociof alictiiii'nl of Si. Jubn tbc- l!iip- 
tiat atWe1l»,andntrii.-rli-gafii.iif(irtIn.'L'iinou» 
andvicnrn of Iboraib^nil ihctvaiid at Lin- 
coln {Jlrpiirt of Hut. .VfiS. CummU'iun im 
MSS. of WfiU iUMfdral, m. it!,lt-7 : Lia- 
eoliuAinyotewaHd(iumet,h.l73 Q). Jobn'i 

cbarwr of aiibmtMioat ^ven at Dover ca 
\3 May 1^13, aiiihoriwd Tlugb, Langton, 
Jiwc«!tnr, and tbi> oi!i<<r bnniihod lntbo(* lo 
fulfil till* dutio* of tbuir olEce, andraatitulKin 
of tbrr(iv<'nuHorbi*M«,Binouii1mglo7G0f.. 
wa* tnadi- to 1 1 ot^h ( Marr. CjLXia, OInm. M^'. 
ii.&'ll')- ll<- tiiiiilul ui iJoTi-Twiib tbe Other 
biabopa ou 10 .luly in tbc latnp 7.^^' '^ 
thcv wvK rvceii'od by John at ^^ inchMtcr 
anaoJulj'lilft.pp.MS-.S,;^:^). Alari^aaMi 
of money wa* aanaMd on ibn iv),val revnoue 
a* a eompMiaatioB to the dioLvan of Lincoln, 
of wbjch liflwn thoiuand mark* wrv paid 
{Sof, tit.i'at.^. lOU). Tbeniit uftlipfnir 
at Stow Pkrk was remilled, and tbu naaor 
of n'iktborpt? wan^ivni fur the VMrlr rvat 
o(-iXyi.iAnmtUf^fhiivta>4f,w^~'*- IWian 
di> Iniiiila vna nriWrrid to foTni"b Hugh wilb 
thn-i- bundrcd naz* for Slow Park, liugb 
■boiri'd bi* iimtituditfor theac royal favours 
by lidin;; uiib the kiOK anainat tlw baroiu 
nl Uunnyoifdi.- in 1:.'lu. and hia name alaiiila 
in ibr iiit niduL-i ion in Ma^naCliana(MftTT. 
I'liil*. ti-. ii. .V*y-!X>: WrMmmit, iii. IIQ2). 
Yi-t afti-r ilic di.*ili of Jobii bi.> »iip[Hin<id 
lhi> cnu*c> of I.iOui« tbo DauphiD and the 
bamni. Ilo vaa abwnt fmm England nbeii 
till! fnri^ijrn forwTt wi-n.- drfimtvil ai Lin- 
coln on lit Mav 1^17, and on bin (vtiim Im 
was conijMillt-d to iiay oni- tbouaand niark*. 
■ad opiiH doniiiii Pn'na!,' lo rvoovcrr bia bi> 
iiliripric. and oni- btindtvil markft to ^tia iliv 
favour of filial o tlw l«(ate (M*Tr. l*;iKINiii. 
32; Wbxhuvkii, iv.nd). Tlii''iiiiu' yi-ar Ibo 
biahop'n cjuilb' at Niiwark wn* m-idnl by 
liobort do (taugi, one of \\in frmlMMrtera of 
tbal lawluM timv.wbobi-ld it for tbi.' larona. 
It WAS invnated bv Willinm !l|arabal, and 
aflur an i-if;ht duyi aicvc it capitulated, tbe 
biBliop pviiig ICiibert I0(V. »tvrlinf for tlia 

IifOvifli'-Hi) i!lOTl.'d ill tbi! CaMlo(MATT. PllUlt, 

lii. 3.1-4 : Wi^MHiTKK, IT. »&). In 1319 he 
nctrd an a jumii-K itini>nint (Kof. Lit. CUnu. 
pp. 3t<:, -10;i, 40.'.). 

Uu ih» nlabliabmcnt ofpoaoe Hutfh waa 
wbich btf fuliUlcd l» die bvn*^flt not onlr 
of bis nwii di^Cl.•w^, but of tlio wliolo cbnrcti 
of Ivti);lniicl. Ili« gr«M work waa tbs or- 
dinniion of viram^w in tboap pariahea tba 
litlii'i of whieb bnd been nppnjnalad to 
monuwio tKitlii-n. A duliniti' portion nf the 
n^vi-niiL'.-i of till- piiriih cburcb — uaiially 
fixed In* llu);b ut ont^-tliird of I be income 
of ihf W'liT^Iici-, togi-tlior wilb a hniia«< and 
aiimu |.'lvbi' ' — was tliiia aaai^ed to tba 
vicar wbo bad tli« cure of \h» pKriahionan' 
mule. Ho wa* no longer treated aaUiacinat« 
of the convent, renovnbU at tlia conrent^a 
will, nod mo-ii-ine wbatPi-crirtiprntl thccon- 
vuoiniigbl cboow to allot. Xvarly lbr«L- bun- 




MMOf LiBCOln Wfum iL'l", vli>ii<lii- ' Litvr 
Aitliqani da (>nli lull ioni bill Vifnrianim ' «ra« 
ilmn-n np: nnil the wotU wiu oi>mi«tic*Uy 
nru«viil«lbTllugblolbB«iidoflualife. tho 
lurtOMutfof i Iw d»T, 11i««dmI vm iuiu II V aeDf 
ben of ooBventiwl «Mabliahiaeni*, biUtvW 
dcfimuiM'l Iliieh'* pniifcwonb}-|)o)icT. lu 
IB MjM by Maiih''ir Pnriji * tnonocliorom 
p«rM«ut«r: csnoniccinuti.MiictiaiiMualitiiuiTi 
aB)aiiiiuiudlli!«un)ligiaMiriini'(MAn, I'lms, 
Onm.Mv- "i- 30(1; llitit. Anyt. ». ;t76). 

IJughcoii»(<crai«<] tli>?cliiircborUiiniiiabl« 
18 Oct. li>13, aiid Iivlil • Titdtalion tlivrr in 
l^JO in p«non, lUid b^q by bin official, 
GntMuUnU), (bun mrvlidiwcon of Lincoln, iu 
ISaS (AmaU 1/ DviulnUr, iii. J^. u7. I3:i). 
II* bIm nude ■ tuiliilion o( bis Khole dio- 
ceee. iiMdov «nic)ei of ii)quir>- to be made 
bjliu ■rehaWMns, nblcli present as inteiMt- 
ingpieuirvftrtbestatvoTlliecbarchai tbftt 
period (WiLxixK, OinCT7^,i.B37~i»>. Wbtn 
■n uicti'iniu nx ljnoi''ifT prnfoiMd lo live 
wiilxiui f"o>l, llujih at lin>l nruwd all cra- 
denctlotli«t«le, bui luriua lind her mtcbed 
tar e fort]ti(tlii, and (here Mag no evideitce | 
o( biT bnving tekuu eiij ■uUeomnee, Ii« n»- ' 
cupipil ibr ttoTT (Matt. Ptiia, Otm. iVn/. 
■ii. 101). Ilmiat ouacomiBM<iait, tci2v(lii.-r 
with BTcbbiali'ip [.Ansloii and bin l>p)tlii:r I 
JoeedlM o( \\'«U«, eud olht^ in WurcnliT . 
«h«pl«l4atiM,SUcl. I^M.IuimltlcdiirtTrvDOM 
bt l i w entbahiahnpandtlip coovt-pl {AitnaU 
</ HbroMfpr, ir. tlU), In l^:^'l bv witnMMHl | 
tlie conlirrnalioii of Ma^-nn Clirtria (ylnun/' 
tffOurlait, i. 3SI>. lie ««• nnimig tbc KrW 
lo rFdo^iM ili« fx>iniuanding ^eniiu of 
nmwitiiili , and vru on* of bi< oarlirtt , 
fMlroae. (ituui-(n>tcin bin* l^ltor*' apealii ^ 
of hiauBlf u ilujib'* 'allvr ilW willi wbotn I 
tl>pn> n<' one li«iTt ami Mil! mind' (Gnons- 
TBarTK, I^iiiiol^, \i, liWI). Hiigli refnanil ' 
GroMeteMejiemiiMion o undvnak* a jiil- 
ffrinia^ in 1291-^, on aceouiii at tlw rvLka 
be would nm of (ailing inlQ tbe bond* if tite 
ItoBUia (0. pp. xxsr.. L^i). Il<> iratledtlM 
JeweofbiediocuH! witbrTTMl •t*nUMM,)oln- 
initwith Arelibisluip^toD in ISSVtn a 
imfailMiMin to Cbrittian*. under pain M ex- 
oovmiintnti'in, to n>U violnale to tlieat — on 
ofd«Te|i«dilyr»vi.'rwdbTllw rural aulborily. ; 
Tbekin^a clvmnnry bad aim ■<> bcuslunded 
10 nrwaaen in Ibe bufain'e priwina ( Kul. LiU ' ' 
Ctnw. m. Ul, JMS, 507). He aadunelj e»- 
aper«t«d witk liw farmW JoecoUnx In tlia 
buihbnir and reornniMt iunofUieoatbodnlof 
WelU,andJ>»Bed iritlihint in tliefaundetiiM 
of tbehnmnalof 81. J.-Un tlm BaptiM at Ibal 
ctlTtlflfeti. tS:K> :!ll. Tbi'MTvafbieown 
cntlintntl iti Lincoln im in boUdinf durtutf 

of SU PMar. hi ilio touib arm of Ui« uaatom 
trueepi, and ibe ' Mvtricnl l.tfeorSkHttgh* 
luntoMatliatbocoQijil'i'd iborliutei-liauee. 
l(j nil will \\o Ikv| [|'-al IihI one liunoivd marfca 
out hie epitco^iol eatatca, to bo rodepiucd by 
Ilia aiiMeeMr ^OrotHoteeK?) fur fiftv muk* if 
bttthooglil rood, lie built the kiich«ii and 
r(iinplet<<d Ilic ball beguu by St. lliigb al 
tbu epiieopel palace ni Luio^ln, toward* 
irbicli (bo kin^ i^rantcd him forty trunlcaof 
IrecefrooiSbenroodFonwt^Airf.'/if. Claut. 
p. SOU): and alio a ball at Tluimr, and a 
rasnnr-liotiseat Buckdiiii,wlucfaaube^iM)nllj' 
bivniiiv tile Hilv e])iMOpal palace. !£• lal«r 
vrill.irhicbcunininei&nnyi nteveeting pert icu- 
lam, dntfil nt Si.iw Pnrk I June Ij:l3, ia 

f<rint«l in tbn Ifolta otiiiinn of '(iiralilut 
kmbrenu* ' y\<A. vii. .\|i]i>>ndix Ii, pji. 
i^-iV\), and nbly co«inM-nt«l on by Mr. 
l-'tweman {ib. pp. xc-ic*), lie died 7 I'cb. 
IS&i-A, nnd ira* buried in tlie nortb choir 
aislpofbit cnCbedraL 

{Miutiralngigm of J«ba of Schalby, HIisl^ 
Camb. Til. 203, xc anv. ; Klatl I*arit'* I'bKin. 
Unj. ii. 63t. i^. 643, hif>. 6t» n\. S'JH. ]l>l. 
3O0; HiM. AngL i>. IM, ISS. 314, -W. US, 
37£: Waodonr. iii. SO!!, it. 3S, U; (ttvwe- 
tulc'a Ldun. aur. IS. ISO, 190: ItjMrr'a 
F«J*ea. i. 1(3. U«. ISI : AnaeUs MoDiutki, 
i. SSI. iii. 37. 43, A7. 133. ir. SII7; Canon 
pMry"* Biecraphy. •)<> Lib. Antjq. Dag. da 
W»l]. (ed. by A. Oibbona).] t V. 

HUGH (l-J4(Jf-12M), cnllud lluoii or 
Liscui.3(, Sai>t, woa aou of a woiuau of Liu- 
coin naniM] IWairice. It ia aaid that after 
bavtnc haan miMiiit; fran hu borne for aonM- 
dnya,1ire wae foand itiwl in a wHI ln-lqng- 
iog 10 tbe bome of a Jew iumo<l t'optn, 
aboiil S9 June (Matt. Pinu), or mont 
probably oil if> Aug. \'i^ (AmaU t(f Bur* 
ton). The neigUboufa belie^-ed that tan bad 
bofi crueifird by the Jew* at the city, who 
wuie Kiidtr the t«k of a mbbi nnmtid J^ay- 
(itia tlie Oteat, and it ia aiierted tkat hU 
bcidy bora the msrhe of oraeiftxion. In ita 
full foem iliu iiory 1* that Oopn untioed th0 
boy, who wn^riiibt or nine yeMofogPiJptQ 
hie hoiue when at pUv wilb lain coni[ieil£tia, 
that tJie Jews tortuml bim diiryi^ ten dayV, 
ka«fing up hU Mrvi^itli by fiwdiag liiia widl, 
or, •OMnfing 10 anoiber'mmioD, (bat tbny 
alnoat aiartnl fain f-ir twi!ntT-«it iIiIth, anil 
•enl nMianvrhil' lo ll>e otiier jewrira in Buk- 
land lo niber tbp Jews tognthi-r, Many in 
aaid toTiataaaapnUed, and on 'iti Aug. the 
boyiaMabd to have bentried bofnn amna 
acting t hi |>nn if l'ital«vl«h>VwbNBioa«n«d, 
crctwniHl nit U tbi>nu,and erndflad in tnooMj 
of thodi-albantlmMuanof JoMiaCbtML Tba 
Jew* acomited Mr ilw ftmmm of >o many 




oT tkil r p«Ofik w tbecit^bT u;iii|rtlMttli«y 
]imI oimu III aili-ad > utrtlitinir. It in Mid 
lliRl tbflT IrteJ lo Mnk lli? Uiy* body in ibo 

tiy*r, ihni iIih «r>ti.'r would not hule 11, tlist 
irbcn tbov iKirietl it lliu oirtli rvfnuil va 
tvBuua •00T» il, Biid lliiil llivy tlirrrrore 
tliMW it into Iliv wi-ll. I.atf<r ilun mi{{hl 
hBTvlKim oxiH-ctatl lIujiliV plaTfi-Uuirs ti>l<l 
lii« mother vihcu and wbcrr tlii'T had Imi 
MMi liin : *lic wmt Iq Copin'a lioaw, aiid 
tlio bodf wu duMvered. Jolui of Lexing- 
ton, nni- of llw odiranof Heaur III, bweg 
ni Lincoln, tlw pcojiU broii^t Cofi!ii bofbtv 
Lim, Bsd chugod bira with ibo miinlcr. 
Lninftton ii rcarawntnl lu rncoun^iut tins 
ocmaen: he tlipiatvacd tbi> Jew witu in- 
Htant Mi-ciition. proiBUini;, howL-vrr, tbni liv 
Mliould Ih! Mved Aon death nnd mulilntioo 
if liv noiild tDoki' a full cunfvw'Mi. Cojiin 
CMifi'«)wd llie criiDtr, and U ivuii4t«d lo b>T« 
nid Umc tbo Jews orucifi«d a hoy id the tune 
mMUMirvvMyjFwr. LoxiauioDeanMdhimto 
Vki-pt inpruon. MniuiwIiili'aUiiiiln'uiiiBi) 
who wuclicd Jlu^i'a boily i* italud fo liaip 
tvoeivHl "^lit, and otbi-c nuraden ajv f~ 
poTted. Hmriii; tlib ilie denn cpf Linoclu, 
BicliAnl of GnvMMidi •ft«rw«n]s biehop, and 
lbs GADOIW of tbi» mbrdrnl diurch bi^ari'd 
to biini lb" body, and, in apile of tlia oppi>' 
ntinn of rhi- parfon of tlio pomli to wluch 
llujib ln!liiiir<-il, burii'd it wilh enU state in 
Uwir churrJi nest to the lioilj' of Bi»ln>li 
Itoliert I.I rontvtMiv. A moDumuiit hta wtili- 
out BuAicitiiit FMUHiu btwii odcribMl lo IIdkU. 
Bi« uotli«T wi-ni lu lunt tli-_- king on bi* 
niuni from lb(> norih, ttiul laid bor com- 
tdnint bnforn him. Iftmrjr at once ordarcd 
Copin lo bi' dmirn nl a hone'* Ini] IIumuhIi 
thualKi'is of Lincoln mid tbcn Lnnf:«J; llie 
ordiT w>4 L-xecuIol wiili grval barbarily. 
rcjlivin ibo (imt iwa)ii-d; i>ietit«vn Jeiri 
veK baug«d on 2ti Nov., fiiiiT ninety-one 
were imjiriAoned in I^milon. On 7 Jan. 
1SA6 flimry iatiipd n wrii to tbi> ulirrifl'nf 
Lincoln comtnondlnir him to mil a jury of 
Iwenty-foiir knighia and biirfiUoni ior the 
trial of lliu Jew* oonfinvd iu llif Toner, who 
hod [lut ihemeelTce on tIii> county, and tent 
commiMiuiiun lo Lincoln iv hold nn iniRii««t 
on ihH ea^i.' in Murcli. Thii .Ic!w« wirv found 
gkiilly nnd conilpmni^d lo doatJi. Tboy por- 
MUadwl thr l''rnnei>cnn>(.MATT. PAHlti, or tbu 
Dominican », AuhuU 0/ llurion) to plead fur 
thtim, but in vain. In t'oniiidumtion of a 
large «iim Kii-lianl, vurl of Cuninall, intM^ 
feredon ilicir l>-*biilf, mill lliej* Klfiwed 
on 15 Mtij. Th* Dianjnloni of Ilnjih wiw 
madi- tbo sulgpcl of n rrvn^h IniIIihI In'fciiv 
tliR nnd at llirnri''* M<iin<i nnd in Iii1i-r liiiiiw 
rcouinL>(l a tKipulnr tli.'nio for biillad jmi'trT 
(UlOHKL, iiugiu* de Lineoln). KeStfeuov is 

maJe to It Vy Chaaeier in tbo TriocMdl 
Tale.' and by Mar)ou-u in hia ' Jew of Malta,* 
act iii. 

S«U)b acvHMtimu aguiitt tbe Jewa wen 
cotniuoiily QW1I for tba parpow of extorttu 
money, and wera. ibotelbre^ oncoitngvd ' 
tlie roy«] oJlio«>> But iba tfceory that tli 
vren; tnTented in order lo cvplenuli the ex'-' 
cbeqaer ie iimillkiMil. TbDV were mainly 
the oulnxne of popolor maUM, if^oimacc, 
and (upemilioB^ ai»d vt-te otivn turned to 
tlie advantage of local cliiinrliM. InEuglanil 
tbe Knt CBWr of tbo kind watt to linvs 
bopiienod in tht^ rngn of Sti>pli*9i, wbpn ibc 
Join cif Norn icb an> Mid lo bnvu boasbl a 
boT uouii-hI W i 11 inm, nnil, hat inv tort iircd bi ni^ 
lo liarr I'nicilifd bim on (iooii Friday, 
monk* buriml biui iu ibuir church, : 
followed, and hr wii« veuerattO as a taint 
{^AmiUfSaitm ('Article, on. IM?; lioBESt 
DB Moirni, ml. 4-'>fl ). A nuw of tbo auae ion 
iauid lobnvu taki-n pln«c nl OIoue««t«rin 111* 
neit rviKH (Thii n-. p. IM|. On 10 Juno 1 1Bt 
a buy iinnml Robrrt ii ■uppaMd to have bc<-n 
luurdeivdby ibeJewisat Ituri'; heiroj buriiKl 
in St. EdniuiidV Abbey, nnni rnnny luiraclM 
wiwwTougbt (Joirs UK TAXsnni'ap. Criit. 
FuiiL Will. ii. 1.'.',; nr.niAai:, i. 2f)6), which 
irfn;n«cordodby J™;>-lindi'Hnikclond(Joci> 
LIS, p. 1:;), In IIW:; a Jew of WinuhivtfT 
niu occiitL-d of crucifying n \ioy ; no compr- 
lunt witnouM appealed agiuiin hicn. In- paid 
s tiuiu of raoner, and the ooee full llirou);b 
(Riohabu or DsrucB^ pp. lid-«M). It waa 
cumnionlvbeUered at iho lime thai the Juw« 
wi>n.- in lb" habit nf hiiyiiiji!' CIiriMian chil- 
dtvn in order In crucify ih^'ni in mocknty of 
the dralh of Christ (Coooisiiall, p. "iS). 
ivyrnn Jen-i of Norwich wore occumhI befoiv 
Henrt* III. at Cbrialmas 1£H, of haviiif; 
stolen Olid t'ircumciRULl a boy, iuUndiiiK to 
crucify him ihi^ follow iug Koater; •omt'wvra 
ext«iii4'd (Wui(iMnnx,iv..*fc!4). AllthcJcwa 
nf iliM Norwich Jewry wuro arTe«t4<d on n 
aimiliir clinrgii liv order of Itiiboii Willinm 
lluk-fih in I^IO: four yrvtv put to dfuth 
(Mirr. I'aris. iv. 30t. In l:Mi tV corpsf ofn 
bov «'»!• fiiiind ill London tuttooGil with marks 
laid to bv Jt^wi»h cbarBctemi it was beli<!i-ed 
thiti ibi^ Je\v« Iind ImiuuIiI iIiu buy and tor- 
turi'd him, nnd that he lind di»d before tboy 
could crucify him; tbo bodv wu bnriod in 
St. I'niila bv the canoni (lb. n. S77). (hi 
14 So|il. lary, «)on an«r Kdward I had 
heavily puttishc^d the .leu's for abuniui; llie 
coin, a boy is euid lo have been crucili«d »l 
Noribniupt>>u, but survirt^. On ihif ncca- 
MOD many Jew* weT« i^m up lolKiudon ami 
ilii-rcpiil iodi'ath('nury<.'hivnicli'' np. C'jiit. 
I F1.1111. Wiii. ii. 222). 

A belief in the guilt of lh« Jevr* hot pre- 

lianoslChnMinii landtiiilEiiMHorigilo- 
naee nint fanatlcMiii tincv tliu finii ci-ntiii^. 
In 1'^ an niiork wn* mitile iiji'iti tliv.t<.'tr« in 
Mivitar, in the togioii afCliMou, for crucify- 
ing n boT, and many won ■ftnrwnnl^punikht'd 
Ij' li^l MniBDci' tSuctUkTRt, lliilorin, \u. 

e, 1(1; CABUOtK'Hi-'ii, llirturia Tn'fKirlila.xi. 
c. IS). 8«vbnJ cun* are iw|Hiri«i m FmiKw 
in \i<t tweUlk c«Dtunr, in Ui<nu)in< in lliv 
tUnmmtli and two rouowring i-i-nturiM, and 
ia Spain in tlio flft*«atli (.viuitn, A liko 
rriiDr il paid to bavebwii commit ii'dal ('oii> 
■Inn tit) '>]>!<■ in I&69, and oa 17 April l-V<S 
a boy iiBmitl Alboit vnu luppiwi^l lo tiave 
Ihwii criicitiRl in Poliuid {Aeta SS. xi, ^3i). 
In It-UI till? old HniwrBiiiiou was n-i'ivi>d al 
llainnMUA auil at Uliod--s nnd iii l^'J si 
TWartxlnr, nonr T<>kiy, in Iliineiir;. In itii» 
titat ca>* thf iiinori'ncti of >li^ Jrwi va» coo- 
diuiviOy jinJifil by Icgnl pmca-dinjiii. 

[Fur liiD Rlorj gf St. IIdkIi tito niiil«iDpaTU7 
MotburiilM or* Matt. Pam, v. filO-tO. SM, Ul 
(ftalli ^r); AnualwMoDul.iAnnaUof Ilarton, 
I. SIO t^., 118, III. and of WaTnrley. u. SiO 

, (AolU Su.)-, Itoyal L«tl«ni, Drarv 111,11. 110 
(RoU*!<«r.): F<nln>. i. S36. 314 (K^oiinl Off.); 
mUwI ill Ft. Mieliari Hagnn do Lincoln i ihirv 
are many laier oolicH ^ tba tuarji mb al» 
Torej'* AnnbH JuiIhIci, |;^>. 13m-M: Aroluio- 
lo^m. i. 10 : Pipsn at AM[I'>-Ja>'<'li Hxhilriliinr 
of IB87, p. lid ; Qnmo'i pipir in Lirerpaol Lit, 
asd Pbilo*. Sac.'* Proe.ol 13 Kvt. 1SJ«, ami 
aritiriMB upon it ia Alliciunuu of 16 Dte. ISIS; 
OhaDOFt'i Cut X*.ia». Priof*«~* Tulo. p. 1D2. 

, ad.TjTwhilt. U*rlo«e'a Je* at llnlU, act iii. 

t. tes.»d. I'yoir: lAlUda in Mlrhri'aBn^und* 
lotfolD from oollMtioiu oS Oilrhriil. i. SIO, 
Jainie*nn. I. 139, PinkoMon. i. Iti, Mutborvall, 

f. (I, and Brjdn, L Zit ; Ptrej'a Rolionaa, 1, 
M-40, od. WhaaUqr, FarpiRukrarauatio&ata 
Backiid, AmIo-SUoh Chron. an. 1117 (Rolb 

I 8tr.) ; Rob. da Mssto <lIi|Ba). col. 4M; Tritvt, 

; »L U (F^l. llkt. 8dc.>; two Coau. «if Hot. of 

' VTore. li. IM. 3»(t':u«l. Uiit. Soe.); OanaM 

6f CaabL SPU(Boll*Ser.);aiion.arjoMlindo 

Bnkeloiid. pp. 13. Ill, 141 {CUadan Son.); Rie. 

of OMina. ff. M-Oi (Bnict. HiM. 8ae.ti Wak. 

•f O«0ahd1. p. KS (Sulk Str.) : Itonr of 

tVndenr.iT.IU: Matt. Painkhr.KP.3T7.ii.*>; 

JfB Ftaaea, I«Mbart VatmlM, m. 1 103. Kob. da 

IMmU. Mm. IIJI. 1 ITT lo llteodl <!*• HiMorian*. 

pXiil. 315, >I0.S30.aad ffigaRl.aa. lltll.WilLaf 

Annan<a.KO. lltM,aadC&.4BSi. Uaania^ti. 

37, 7I> 377. PoTiucouDtiof •icniiiir oWpafai 

oUiar Undo, *a* SomtM. HiM. Kraloh ril. c. IK 

^ffa-Paii*}; Ouaiodonu'illi<uTri|wrt.S).o.lS. 

0|>.p- 31](fi>. V*nict)i>')iniryBllMt. duCkn»- 

lianMiiiP, I. flS, 0. lO, (•!. Vianl. i. 009 ; Omnta'ii 

OH(ii«hU dar Jmlan. foU. vL iii. raMsm; Fr, 

LJil«fc*r*UBKMd«Li>«DlD.ii>.; Aeu8S.Bat< 

UMd. si. Ml. t»i-m. aS2. »» ; erftit Aanab. 

1 80. xtL SI : Aanab PIkmm.. Baram IlaL 

u. tola. M4-& (Hnnturi); II. SUra. an. 

ISM, iUmn Owm. SS. i. ATI (Pnte); Pore/* 

lUliqaa*, ua.; Dr. Laa'* Rall^u* llitt. of 
Spain, pp. lITaq.i Ann. H«Diri«r,*«L<xnr.n»r 
ISei, p. Hi.} W. D. 

HUQH or Evisiiu (d. I«^>,ear<linal. 
' [So« Rtmiuu.] 

' BUOH OP BuMiua (</. 138n>, biibop of 
ray ini<i f'limifcr of I'MerfaotUr, CwnbridtK. 

HUOH. WILLIAM (rf. IS-Itt), divin.;. 
burn 111 \rtrk»birn, wm, ocoordintt I" Wood, 
mlucntHl at Clirut L'burch. Ilifonl. but 
BTnitimloil B.A. in Ajml MiiiS, tad prucniM 
3i.\. It Juna I&43, [ram CorjiUii Ctirisli CoU 
Wpt. llo pncag«d iii ttorluti^- at Oxtvvi, 
but Bn<-rwnrdi> bor-anie chadliun to l.aily 
ItMiny. ilo di'xl at Oofpua ClirisU Colics* 
in IMV. Huf^i jiuUiihiid 'Tliu Tmublod 

' Hana 3l«diciu«,' I^ondon, 154(1, n rdi^^u* 
work. Mill in tbc pri*fDCe lu hnri' lui-n imltca 

I A MCond part, t-niiilMl ' A Swutv Coiuula- 

' lioD, and till- .Socond Boke of tho TraubUd 
Man* Modicinr,* Ac, Iioji a wpaivti) titl^ 
pnKo, a di-dii-ation In Lndy Hunny, and a 
ciirioiu &oiiliiipiuoe. .\nolbi'r«lilion iadalnl 

' 1CIIT,8to. Tlif wholu wu tvpriiiti'd in 1831 
amuDi; tlit< nurbs of 'Itritinh lUf'jnnen).' 
Hrigb is aUocmlitnl wilh: I. 'A Boke of 
Ih'rtrun lh« Primi in trMiTineiif tb« Bodv and 
lllood of ChriAtV l.'mdon. I&ID. ^\n. f ■>»». 
Thia wan corrfclcd by Tliomiu Wili^n'k*, and 
rrjiriati'd in 1Am2, nnd nffoin in ItMiv-ith 
furtbrr com-ciionn and oildilioiu. 'i. * l)n 
Infautibua abaijui- Itniitiuna difC(>d»ulibM<i,' 
>l«lical«d 1(1 (JueoD CalburiiM IVrr. 

[WMd'a Alh«l» Oson. ad. Illiia, i. 163 1 
Wood'aFaali Oion.i. ICIV, llS;Itcg. t'niv.OxT. 
fOit. HiaL Six.), td. Bcwa, L leO; Ano'* 
Y>]iarr. Aoua. ( IlarUrt), lip, AI9,87fl; Taamr'a 
BtblTiriL] W.A.J.A. 

HUGHES, nAVID(lB]S l))7:>),induDMi- 
dcBt iititu*ler, waa bom at CafiHiteliaf, Llaa- 
ddeiaitdui, Ckranrronabirei bvcaaw nanbor 
of Botlid indcpnidMii churcb. Arfoai, al an 
early a^ i and oucuTilicd with iIm rMtiw«t of 
theoonsTecalioii to Mgrin pixwcbing in IS3S, 
ll«aludi«d at llaclnioy Oollam, and aAvr- 
wvdaal tb« uiiivtnitT of Olaacow, wbaro 
Im mduati-il and rtad ttmokjff undor Dr. 
Wardlaw. 11> waa ordainedoa U Sopi. 



itioni in l'1inl*hire. In 1^4£ hv rMDOTtd 
lodt. A>wpb, wbMH !i« became part editor of 
tbv ■ n^rnu'liir,' and pK!Jact«d Li* cfaivf 
i. i>. * A Script uml and Tbi-olufpcal Diclionary,' 
oflkia wurk upIHand. tol.i lorjptk.lnlSTOt 
edited by ibc Itvt. Jolin IVtcr, aind toL 1L 

i006p|i.,lu 187t>, •>dil«il by tli« KoT. TluitDu 
Lotriit. TIk) wgrk colilainsB largi- numlwr of 
Uocrnphin. Hujili^reaiovi^dloMaiiehuslL'r 
in ISlli, and sliodlj nOcnfnrda to Boufptr, 
wlipfu lit' rvmntncd nine j-l-im. On I Nor. 
1S5& be srttKil ftl Truilcgar in Mmimoiicli- 
^iro, nnil Kionin^d i)ii-rv till hu tWilion 
3 Jnoe l^'i. llu^lio* vu a Inrve CMitri- 
butorlolIwi'OwTd'ioniiuliir.'or ' WnUtCy- 
olopnidia,' anil oJitixl and vnlnr^Hl tlio I''iifr> 
li«k and Welub dietionor^r of Citi-riallwch 
[»e« Eunriiuia, TitoKis], He brfiun. witU 
tUc uulbur's saiivtiou, a Wtrtali iilitlon of 
Huni«'« * ]iiiroiliii.-cion lo th« Jlibk',' but it 
woB not. i)noiplot«il. 

[(i«iriniliir llui;bw. C;fri>l ii.] B. J. i. 

lT?l)i tt'liuirul, itaa hira ■■ llvrtfoml about 
17:^>. Ilia fatlivr ii nail] bf Iiis biograplie ra 
to bave beeii iiUlcrniitH and tovvral limu* 
marar of llwrtlbrd, but die Ifiol liidorlco 
liiil to corrobnmta ibu otnlcaicnt. He m- 
Cvnxl ibi; HRTf on4 Jon. ]731-fion boun] tkv 
(rV. 1737), cnmmodorvou \\iv .InmoiL-usliiiioti. 
From tlm linukirk be was mmiiJ in ^u|;I«'id- 
ber 173C to thi- Kindle nn iha mmo fttatinti, 
anda^Rjiu Jutj' 173)4, to the Diamond witli 
Ctfitsin KDOirlM.and in hpr wu nrcM<nt nt 
tliv ndoctioa of Porto UcUa in N'oTcmbcr 
I730[mioKxowi.K!>,8ikCiiaui:*; Vkrxok, 
Bbvaxd]. Ill Ul•^ following Pobrunrj- In- wn* 
moT«d into tbrt Durford, Vi-rnon's 'flnft>hip, 
klid on '2a Aug. vrus urntQ0l«l to bt- lii-uten- 
AU1 oflliL'OulillH-rlaDd tin-«blji. On (I Murcb 
1710-1 bu wiw tninh-fern.'d lo llie Stitlblk 
will) Capinin I>jivi>k, iind in tier took pHri in 
tbs UDtucnutifiil oprmlinn* ngniniil (^nTliii- 
(OiM in Miiri'b nnd April 1741. In Juno bo 
ma appninlHl to tlu? Dunkirk, and in bur 
«'itite»i--(l llii- ttMion oir Toulon on 11 I''ub. 
1713-1. but nilhoul laliin); any pnrt in it, 
tliti Dunkirk buiiig in tbi* ivai' ol tbu Uctt 
under tin- iuiuii'ilmtc comiiiiuid ot L«atock 
[we Li;ciocE, IttcitARDJ. In tlia Colbir- 
in^ July 1Iiiji;bitf wm mnrad into t ho Stir- 
ling Canlln, nnd in October 1740 into tho 
ilatUiarongh, in w-hieh in I7Jtt bo n>iuni':d 
to EnKliLid. It) June 1717 b« joiniHl ilie 
Warwick lui a iiupLTniun<^rur>' for a pusiia^ 
toNoTtli Amtiricfl ami ibu ^\Mt IndiM. Un 
Uie way tbe Warwick, witb tbe Lark in 
company, met tlie Spaoitb ~0-guii atup 
ObnofO. AfVor «, iJinrp tmgntcoment, tho 
WitTWick, Iwinff imiiinEiortRd by tliu I.nrk, 
wiudi*ablcd, aiidtlii.'(iIana«OMca[Kid. John 
OrookKlianlui [q. v.], cnptAin of tlie Lurk, won 
condiqnncd by court-martial fur bis coiidui-t 
on Ibu (icuiuiau. IfuKhw wu promuiad ta 
tbe vsckncy, U Feb. 1 , 47-8, 

Ilugbra continue in conuaond of tlie 
Lark till July lioO, wlicn, on her payii^ 
off, be wa* placii^d on lutlf-pay. In January 
I7r,tl hv comniiMioned tho Dual Uantli-. la 
July 17ii7 be WON appoimed to the Somer- 
*^\ of tH guuit, ill whicli Im Joined Vicn- 
u'tmiml llcdbiinw at Halifax. In 17'>8tli« 
Somnrwt fonD«d part of tlio flavt under Do*- 
cawon at th* reduction of I^uinbourg, and 
in 1760 under SniindEi* at tbe reduction ot 
(Quebec. Saunden aflcrwnnU boiMnl faU 
tloKon board li«rand sailed fbr England with 

Crt of tlie llwi. but bi>«rinc of tlie Preneli 
Inc at BMS, lia^t'.'Ui>d to rMoforce Ifawliv 
off Ilfwt, loo Iftt", howovvr, to «hare in tlie 
|lori(-s of (Juiliurvin liar fieu SiCxnuRit. 9ib 
UhaklkhJ. In ibafoUonmffyuartbp Corner* 
iMwent to tbi' .Mc<iitiimiai-'unwiihSnund«», 
wlio in Suplviiibi.-r 17t!:i inorcd lluj'bfi inlo 
bis own Bliip. tbe llleniiuim, in whicb li« re- 
turnnl l^ Eit|fUnd in April L7U3. Ai^er 
aiiotber »p<-ll of bn1f-|>ny, Iluglie* i«com- 
miMoonod the f^ome rwl in Jnniinry 1771, and 
RommandiHl brr n> n iru.iivliibip nl l'ori*> 
mOiiT.b till, in Seiitural>'r 177:1, li* waa ajH 
pivmied coionuuider-iu-ebief in tho Eaat 
tiidiea, witli a brood p>>uuanL in tlie fiO-tfun 
sliiu Salisbury. He returned liome in li7', 
and on 3S Jan. 1778 was iiromoted to tbe 
rank of nittwidmiTal of tli« oliio. 

loJulf liewMBgaionppointodcotamatidor- 
iii-chixr in t.hi> i'.ati Indiiu.tbnuirb Ill-did nnc 
Hftil lill tbe folloniiifli »prinK, lo'int; diTtoinc-d, 
partly bv ihe dilflcuTty of fittins but in Iha 
dtpletiif condition of tbe dodcvanls, ond 
purlly to do ihedutvorconiinaiidrr-in-cbief 
Dt PdTisniouih, wbile Sir Tliotiia^' I'ye was 
urt-sidiiig- over ibetioart-inaTtial on Admiral 
KeMwl. He wiu meaatiitiaeroat«dalcRi|^lit 
of till- Itaib. Wbcn finally Iio put to Mia, bu 
had iindur lii* conmniid a s<iiiadran of us 
fihipB of tbu Lne, including bU own flaf- 
•bip, (lie !^uperb of 74 (fun*, and witli 
tbuK on the way out be liad no dUTicutiy in 
iH«pfflttfiiwil>E tlie Freacb, who Imd lately 
aeiied on the English (otllpmt'iit of (tor««. 
In tiidin hi« force wna for in eiceu of any- 
thing itiu enemy could miutcr in cniti^m 
wsti-n, and for tbe next two yusr* be hod 
little to do. InDMenib«rl7H0hedet>lroyed 
at Maag&lore & aucalicr of armed vmwIs 
fitted out by tlyder All to prey du Eiifiliab 
I cotnmerce. On SB Sept. 1'80 li« wns ad- 
vanctd to be vico-odnnrnl of tlio blue. In 
XoTpmbw ir^^cr ri-reivins intclliffonce 
nf tho imrwilh Uolinnd, buco-opemtecfwiiU 
the trooiw under Sir Hocaor Munro in r 
' dueinft Ne^iipiilnam. He then, tnhinffsofl 
lire hundred MOdieritoti boardhia ships, W6 
to Ttintoinnic", wbcru lio nrriv^ on 
enming of 4 Jan, 178^. Tbo plaoo wat i 


candirioii to oHer aflectiTo rotuUBc«. 
Ituwnatiil r lie lowiT f'>rt werwoccupWon 


PiMikral i'ms w»ri> isiiiic<]inI»lT nuiclr< forrc- 

■tiKinc lbi« fort, *Dd on th* Oiii lluf{1i«i Mriit 

in • Mmul ausiaioiis na well as ■ priTBU 

ktur lo the Kcn'Draor, witli whnm lie tiul 

I Imnorlv been on tvniu •it fritii'tlviu:i|UAiiit- 

Micv. Thu MUniDoii* wu niTiiiieJ. sad tho 

pUcw w&i UliM) bjr tKirni ou tbo morninit of 

tbe lltli,ikaloMOii oftch ridv being Kcnnll. 

tiHo^Hi proridMl for it« doToncv nn well w 

:'llw TOKiii at liin dupoMil pmnilted, uid t»- 

tumod to Nsrlniii, vr)iL-rp he- nucbareil on 

8 Fob. Ili'tv 111' iriiiijuitltd n fuw dnvd later 

bv llim- ■luji* nswly arrivcJ from l^gloiid, 

■nd liavine >nti'llig«nci> of the Fn-ncli h-ing 

, OB tfae coaM in Hiiiiennr forco, h* took up a 

. dtfciuiTt) po«ilioii iiiidiT (ha battcritis. 

Od iliv lOlb tb* l''n-nch tqiiadron under 
M. dr KliiAnm nmo in niihl, but ihou^ 
•ujH'rinr is tortp in tbo r«tio of twelve thipa 
ti> nini-of ••ninllL-ravmf^BtMnRlh,Sul&CD 
ooBMdMwl that tliu piHiitJon of tlie EogUrii 
vMiuiaiuilftUe,uid made Mil totheuittb- 
wanL Be traa inuiMdt«t«lT followwl bj 
Hogliaa. wlio during t1i» night •linpi-d pturt 
him, and on ibp monung at tli« (<ih wp- 
lurvil a iiiuDhv nf Ihi' murrbiuiTaM-n to coo- 
Tov aiid a trnniqiort laJun willi military 
M4>n». Saflron bonti'iinl in lliv roKue, while 
llughaa, baring luicuml liis priiu*. ]iiir]iaJred 
todobadlhum. IIuI thi-fltfiilaudgiutjwiiul 
■nsdia bit tine vcir inv^^ilar, and nlxnit four 
oUodi in tb« afternoon ihv F>eDiib,laraiuMd 
bf a Maaing aqiiaU, w«i» ablo lo attAck bin 
roar divbion, wlurb, by tha nccid«Dt* of ilw 
wmtW, wu Hparatcd from tliu tbd. Tbeo- 
nticallr, th<t Kngiiah rear wan coniplvlclv 
otwrpowrffd ; bul [imcliciilly it faetd ita own 
in a rury «iTen.- *tnia;lu, centring round 

\\w SiijH'Vl) and l'^ut«r[MeKlSG,Sllil{liril- 
1K», l.30-lHJI»j,liU uoUwr gu-l l-TinilU-d 
llie loBr aluM or iIm van toeoim- toiiiindiiif. 
On dib SnSron dtvw off to Tofbtta bia line, uid 
Uie Hgbl waji iinl mioviid. During ihn niglil 
Ilia tm\» f>-parati'd: bolk bad tualaiiMsl coa- 
Mtarablo daaia|p) ; tha Fmuh drew bnclc lo 
PufulidiORT and Ilughaa went to Trinco- 
mi]M 10 r^l. H» th»n ntuTn«d to Madna, 
ninfercenesl lor tbp gnmuin and a qtuuility 
of Morw, wbcn, on April, a* Iw wa« on- 
KOacluU hi* {ml, be ac^in (ell in with tlie 
naaefa flaat. Hi! bad ibe ■dvaatage of the 
windibnt bvingnniiuuH to land bbcnrigo bo- 
Can «D|Mring. and OMiiM-ivitig, jirobablj, that 
lb* Ptraacb with only a iriAing uipanoiitj 
nf tatt» wnuld not rmitunt in allMik him, 
he pl(r»ued lii* way,lhui<allawinglh«9n«my 

lo take the w«aih«r gnxo: ao that on tbp 
lihh he luoad hiaiMU on a l«w *bon<, witli 
SuDVvB oatalde pnwaring to cnKsgc. Tlu* 
bo i!id about two odoclc, in n mnnnrr cou- 
inirj- to oil i'i|)orii'BCo,andL'ono-iitratint: liii 
nitiick on till' Kngli^ ccntrw, nUtwd it for a 
time in n Diailioa of ^IMt oengpr. Tho 
batlltr rafCrJ with rxcr^linnalu-nrit^ round 
theSuperbniidMimmoiiili .mh< Almh.JjliuiI 
till' latter of u'liK-li wflB ivdiin-il to a wT*<ctk, 
and in Ixiih llin ti"*- M ni'-ii wun vrrv go^et ; 
OD board iln> Siip'.'rl Ihpiv vivrv (ifty>uiiM' 
hilliMl nnd ninety-iix woniidi>d. About four 
o'clock Ilughca mniln tlm nlgnal to «renr, and 
in nfonstng bi.i lino ■iiccvrdnj in placapg 
the tittle Slomnoutb in compnnitivK aafelj 
lo leewnid- Tliu tight then conttnaiHl on 
moTO equal li-rms tdl ab-jut btilf-|iDii Bre, 
wbcn, III a violent niin-«i]un1l. ihi' dwia 
Maratwl, nnd anchored for th>- night r'D' tbe 
i<lnt nf I'mvidinn. Tlii' uiixl. day Iluglwe 
gnt Ills flifl into Iietirr ixnUr , bul, Inmlwnd 
up as his ihips won, ho rcfumd to am-pt 
till' biittb which SafflranoOnreil, end rvmainrO 
at anchor till the Freaob withdraw. It wat 
during thia time that SuSVca piopoMd an 
wrnngMient for the axabaoge of priMMiata, 
wliich Hughe* doolinaal, alleging tliat Iwilind 
not Ihi' mtuialto aiitboHly. At, hnwerer, 
ibu eammendrr-in-chirr nn a dialiinc tiation 
hainecMmrily n ptval deal nf <liwn>(ioflBry 
piwirr, ii i* not iinprobablo that be judged 
tbo ojichantii-- nnuld bo mora to iheadrantagu 
of the Fn-ncli, wbcu« ro«niTeo», at Kuch a 
diatancT from ibi-ir bas« at Mauritin*, wero 
vpry limited. Sutfraa ae t ma to Iibvl- regarded 
ihi* na llie rml ratooa.aiid Cirtbwiih handed 
all hi* priaOBeni over lo Ilydvr Ali. 

Kugdof had muanttma n>Bit«d bit fleet at 
Trincomotcu, and by tbu end nf June look 
uji a posit ion bi-fcirc Nrgapilnam, which he 
unileratoud tbi-l'ivuch yrero preparing to at- 
lark by land and aoa. He «rai> itiU ihco* 
whun ibe Ffench AeM oiDe in tight on 
A July, and SnftMi ptopoaad to atlack hia 
at anchor. A* he waa atandiag in, bowwTvrt 
one of bis ihi|ni wki partially ilimnaMnl In 
• aquoll. luid in ibo d<Onr Ihnt ihia otca- 
fioiMd, ilughet weigfaed, iiut wnulil not hr 
lempleil in teaward leM be tbouhl giro an 
opporluniiT to the Prancb tn girt between 
bim an<l Ihi- thote, and oo land Ibe troof* 
wlucb thi-r liad on board. The nnxt mont- 
iiiff, 6 July, on SulTivn again tiatiding in, 
Ilucbet, baling tbu adTOBiogiv of the wind, 
mads the tifnal lo engagv tan m mn, linu 
lo line. In the manner pr^'wribed by the 
'Fighting Inatructtoot;' be tbu*, noiirilb- 
■tanding bit encuny*! (eocbim, wailad bU 
ttrangtb in • di«p«i*ed tiiark along tlie 
whole line, *ud ibe ntnlt waa, m alwsp, 



H ughes 

init«(nnf«. AAer & bloorfj but utelou 
lUucrie of rattier over two lioiin' ilaratioB, 
sniaAenBluft orvrmd thivw botli lia<« into 
eonRli<loii; tad *» thi^y ■"piirnli'd.Thi'ilninngn 
on uHb aidv bvine fiiirly i-iiiiiil. Thr I'-ii|h'- 
lioli tonk up tliejr formi-c piwiiioo nil" Nt-gB- 
pittnntn, nnd llie Fiviic.'li. Iii-in^r uuoble to 
dTxct tlwir jiuipowi liuiiliiifi, con'ivtl tbi-ir 
trmips bock 1<) Cu(l<litl<>rv. I in I Aiiff. tliey 
mUmI fur C<>TUin, while HiigbM Injr nt, 
Hadra;) Kfltiing. Tlie ((nvomor Mnt him 
voM lliiit T.ho I'VcncIi btd Mt CuilJalorv 
«nilznn>-tatbii>oatliwi>rcl; IIuKim nnsvi-ivi) 
thnt hi- xviu not tvupoiuilila t<i tin- Kurvruin' 
tar till! tniinii)tt.-mi>nt oftlic flwt. Tl wbb not 
till iluiltHli ihni.oii« itlhh iiwn fri),'ato*, rhe 
Covi^nTrv, ouofirnwd tbo Dews. TlioD, indcoil, 
be tvaU'tvil thnt Trincomnln' mi^lit bo la 
dinger, nil') piii loti'ntlionr-xt day, SO Aug. ; 
but tlie wlniiit wnh- iiiifnvoiirDblc,Bii<J it wiw 
not till till' utviiinH of 2 Hvpt. ihat lie wiu 
offtliR port, ll bad fcUen in the Fwntli two 
dftys boToTti, nnd tlie Il<^Xt tnoniin)*, nhtiu 
QuffliM mu (rtoudiiig in lowAnls iIil' mnuth 
of tue IiArboiir, bo wm diutfreeiilily mirnnmul 
Ukc llioFrvncbflagBUddonlyhiMMful. lli> 
nacvHiirily droir budc, And Suflin-n, who 
now bnd fiflocn •hipa iwaitut ihv Inclru 
wilb llutrbea, at once folli>in.>d, bopiuK to 
CoiDplfd? biji vitton" lir llii! deBtructitin of 
till? Kn(;liiih lWe4.. Ili'ft ord<.-n>, tu be gaw 
thtm out, foruulnted tlii_' taot.icH wliicli lind 

? roved so dkiiji^roiis nn 17 Feb. and on 
2 April; ilie wrliole of bin ^upwioriiy wan 
to be ibrown on tbe KnRtidi ivmit, Ityivine n 
borely wpinl (nT(^a t" bold tho vnii in crlipck. 
F'"riiiniii>'ly, hownver, mniiT of tin- Fmicli 
CH|itainn wow nverH- In the tusk not boroK 
thpni : nnd I hi.- ill-will of luinc!. tliL' iiniH.-a- 
mnnllkf t^nntbicl of olhi'i^, i>in)plet^-ly tnut- 
triiti.ll .SuflVim'B ndiiiinibli' plnTi. Tbu My* 
vuf^vil in an i»otnt^<d nianticr, nii't nfler a 
dMulloiy (ictinn of ibrc boiira, tlin lWt» 
iejinmlra, thi> Krpnch raaUiii); ihoirwnybnck 
lo Trinc^ninliv, and the Knaliib lo Mndma. 
(tn 1 Nov. a Imiriconc, wliicb *^"yit orrr 
tlwi iMtidMend, forci'd ibi-in to bch. Tbu Sii* 
pnrb nnd EJd'ter wltb diBiniiBteil, anil nil 
wi-rL-moru or Icsa <laniii}.'ed ; I1ui;1im ihiftei] 
his Oiui to thi' Siilinii, mid b^* «l'>w dosTCM 
Uia fleet gatliered togctliorntbombov. Hfro 
El was rai nfonwil b v n at rana ft) uadron brought 
out from Knjrlnnd by Sirltichnrd Birkcrion 
[q.T.j.find wbi'n.Kitnrnit'titbii Inter, I!upli« 
Wturai'd to tliQ oiist coaBl. be had, for the 
flnit timtr, n numerical aupriority to the 
Fronoh, and wan able, in June 1'^, to qo- 
opernte witli ihe atTny in the aicKC of Cuit- 
dalofti. On t1ie I4(li t1ie Fr«'nrli fli>ct ap- 
pealed in tlie'>fIinf2,nTid'~'n the 17lhiiirc«r'dod 
Eb pauing insidv of ibn Knglinh, and in «ata- 

bliahing a freu communication with ibe »him>. 
The FrMKtb abips were viny ihorl-hund«d, 
and took on board some tirielve Luiidrod 
mpii from ib^trtrrisun, {irvrioiM (oenpiiBiii^ 
thn Kri).'U*h Hi<itt oiii«ide. It was ontli-' 2U((i 
that tlur two riinmii'K again m«t; bui tJunigh 
SiiHreo hod tlii> ]H>sitiain to windward, and 
thouj^h hif lioil. Wore IparinitTrincoinnlf*, 

f;iveii out a detailed order for uoiioeiitniting 
ii» attack on iht Fn;-Ii«Ii rear, be muile no 
nllpmiit ii> carry out ibe wlienie. nnd |wr> 
mttti'd a dicptinml iiltofk along ilie whole 
line. Tho rf*iill nn* the iitclcM fJaiithier <)f 
ahmidn-diUPii on nach licjp, but the Mnili-.'ic 
advaiilnfrcrpmnicedw^ithlUpFrencli. HiitfliPA 
raim'd tile blockade and witbilfew to Madroi, 
wliert" lie wUin ivceive'! n-fWS of the peacu. 

There iM iiooiher instance in naval hisloi7 
of two fleet* thus" five batilt<^ within 
little more thnn a v^r I (onr of thi>io williin 
sfveii ntontlis) with no vorr clour nilviintiimi 
in eiflier side. Krench writer* «|ii'nk oftiin 
file hacllcwas fivE'gloriiMU vicloriea,' but in 
reality they wei* twr eranly bolancnl in 
point of finitia^i white, as to iTrnlegic re- 
tiiliit, the English bail n slight ailviiiitaw 
from tbo firat thnw, th* I'rvncb fMin tlia 
ln»l Iwn. Th« tarliral ndvaninBi-, liiiwevpTj 
comtnonly biy wilL the I-'rench, and thi-y 
were prettntfrd from reapiuK thf Lenp6t of 
il solelv by the mtilionus or coimrdly con- 
duct of the Frrnch tuptuinn on lbc> one Iinnd. 
and, OQ th«^ other, hy the iH-unjuiilike akill 
anil courag« of Ilugliex nnd bi^ cumnulirH. 

On iJw peace Hnghee rotiirrni! in Kii|,'lnnd 
and liod no fiirthor ciimmnnd, iboiiith nd- 
vancad in due roiinti! on 1 Feb. 171'^ lo Im 
admiral of thv blue, llu a«c|ujn.>d in Imtia 
' a moat princely fortune,' «al imul'^d nt <iv<-r 
-lO/XK)^, n Tf^r. which, it iit Mid, lie kriiely 
distributed in iinotii-iitatioii* acts of beoe^n- 
louce (C'lUBKocK). lie di«d at hi* wat at 
I.tixlmr^iijfh in Fswx on 17 Feb. 1704. A 
jiortrnit of Sir Kdwrtid IIiiRhin, by Rpy- 
nolda, thn l»>(|iie«t of the admiml himwlf, ii 
in the Puintcd Mail iil Oreenwich. 

Hughen married Itulb, widow of Cuntain 
Ball, R.N.; she died «() Sept, 18tlO(ftr«f. 
Mng. IHIOO, pt. ii p. lOrt^). Ihifihe* Inft ntr 
iMue, nnd hw wvnlth dru>cen<lod lo ■ Kim of 
Onplnin Hnll, ]{,N,,his wifi-'n ton byborGrrt 
mnrrinen, F.ownHn TliuHM IIau.' lltTQHM 
(i/. 18ti3),o locial celebrity of the early pnrt 
of ihu prnent oMiturv. wlien be was fanii- 
linrly known as the ■ Ooldefl Bait,' tii IftlO 
Ball took the additional nmno nf Hii|;lips, 
mnrrieil MdU^ Metcandotli, a celBbrntcd 
Spanish dancer, in 1823, nnd, having bv 
gambling and riirlclowexprinditur^ diisi|«tGd 
grnnr pnrt of hia fortune, removed to St. llcr- 
moint, near I'nris, nberu ho diud in lUtiti 

II ughes 



18MI, ki. Ml; fiiitim.i^T IlrRKRMcr. Afinrnt*- 

rwnnu; |). itt.ii'KHAMl.t: (M.>. C. M, WkR- 
UtrcTTt, Kiffluii Hpu, l*^!>, naMim, with 
pint" of 'Tlw KanliMi (^n nouB?," br l[. 
CnululMnk, conUiiuw porlniil* of A*U- 
Uughei ud bis wife j Ltmsh, ^ppi. p. 346 [ 
Ortti. Mms- I^% pt- 1- pp- &S3-^). 

[Ofllculdocniupau in lliu Pubhc ReraH Offlo*: 
Chtrnoak'* lfi(w.NiiT.Tl.t-(; Rnlfr'* Not. Riiff. 
t, IS* ; K>tnl Ohmnicl*, ii. fU ; BntjHin'* N^r. 
noit Mil. Uvrooiriv r. Ml-flld . Kkirt*'* Kninl 
HkttiM<>f linui Itriuiii, I'll. ISd-tlN^ lAiiehUio'i 
HlwIW in Nantl llitior?. pp. Il0.4t1^ CiMnt- 
licr'* llMloir* de U Uninii nnn^UM peniUnt U 
Owm lU rindiptodniM MDJnaJMv ppL 3SM- 
404 ; Cuiui'* niuatro du Btiltl da Baffin. i«>- 
•iui - TrnbliA'* Hi*, ds In Cunpune lU I'lii'l* 

Er Th^ihIm nrsncuae mw ta* eMm lU M. tc 
illi lie Sna^ii.] J. K. L. 

mrOHES, GEORGE (liX>»-tW7). ptiri- 
lan'liviiWibrraof hiuDblqpnri'nlaK^ini^'iitli- 
H'krkiiiinO.t, wvaornC InCnrpiuiniriiliCol- 
lc|[c, Osfml, ill fliP U-Bitining nf IBI9. Hp 
wu aJnitiM B.A. uu Ivi Fi-h. 1iU->~». ■nil 
pncewM M.A. on S3 Junf Idl'o ki a fellow 
of PMnbrake Colbfc (Oj/l TiuV. A.^., Oxf. 
Hut. Soc, vol. ii. m. iii. p. 4I7>. About 
1638 li« ira* onl>uii>d, urn], afiiir lerrinit cunt- 
rirs in ntid aem Oifonl, hg irna C'linufii iii 
16.^1 Iwtun-T «t All Ilnllou,-*, Hrcnd Stm-t, 
Loikdan, wlipje he mob obtainnd popiiluritT 
»»%mt%Am. Hb comnuflccd ILD.oo lOJalj- 
16S^ For hit kAuhI to comply wiiU iho 
rubric* hit w*« wup ca dtd bi,- l^u'liaiKl would 
have Mttu:ni«d to Ammicu liail \\v nnt Wd 
illlwiii1< n bjr John Ded [q. v.% on whose r»- 
eoiHBMiikdatKM bo wm ■puoiiiKd chupUin to 
LotdBrookvAtWarwicHCMitb. Durinx faU 
Mndon^ ibeni be mBrrird a Cavi'titr^ IiuIt. 
t'ltimAlplj tbp moitttT of Solvent Murivinl 

1ir«\'Hil<:<l on thu Barl of lletlfiinl to odinin 
or (lira tlii> ivcio^ of l^viMAck in IVi'to* 
•hirr, •(!') tlio f*rl «1m> mule liim biri eliap- 
Uin. Tb«' outbtt«k "f Xhv rivil wbt ohli^l 
tiin toretnoTr to Kxfirr, wlim' liin wifv ilii^l- 
IIrrrho nvntlbocMtwinof I'rinc" lEuprrt nnil 
lii> iiaJT. wlio fVeqvuitlj limnl him prnarh. 
On hi* J'-y-iilind to Xtvn tlw city ihi- ptincv 
proiidin) Iiim wiih •nfci'undiirl a, wliich ua> 
■bl«d bitn I'l travel in peace ti>Cnvi>nirv. Ob 
21 Ort. 1«W the cnrporatiOD ff I'lviiioiDh 
*]acir<l liim ricnr of Hi. Anilrow** tburcL 
H« dwliatfad l'> the rotporMion hi* 'Drjr 
Rod UoomUiK *i»it fruil-bearinir: f a Iraa- 
twenf tliv |Min, j[*in,nn(l tuenfcluutcnincii I 
pr<«eli'<l railly in Miirerall H'nnoini W Ki-br. 
xii. ll-liT, but noircampilnl moi^e imlerlv 
and Aillf, 4ta. I<onilnB, IA44. llATt«Tcod- 
•iibnd It (Jie beat work of tl» kind. In 
1947 hs waa appointed t» |>rocJi befora 

thi! Uoow of Commanf, and r*c«i*i^ a TOtv 
of tlianlfs. Hi* wrmon nrai prinl*d with 
tbo litl" ' Vu^-eiicc-liiha: ot iV- WoJoy- 
Trampcl, Sniin<linc tli" third nnd en-ntnt 
wno to tbo Anti<hriiitiin Warlit, Imt the 
litMaadkiit Jot lathoChurrh ofihi-Siiiul*,' 
44Q, London 1^7. Th<i following y<«r W 
•aMcrilied with levontT-luo othT miniMifra 
'The joint teuimoniu' of thi- Miiiitt«ia of 
D^Trni . . . with . . . the MinistL-r* of Ibo 
prnvinot of I^ondon unto tile truth i>f Jcaiu 
... in piitmanc" of the aolemu Lowiie and 
CorvDonl of (liu tbrt* natiooa,' 4to, London, 
ltU8. In 1661 h« wim mad* one of ibe iw- 
Ki«tnu'« to tile comniatianwra nf Di'voiishire. 
Thiiiif;)) expelled from bi.i livioK ia Aupurt 
\*Wi, lie eoutinned to nuiilc at I'lytnoiilb. 
For boMJD^ atfvice* in ite«ret he woi arretipil 
in I66fi and, with lilf lirallier-in-Uw nnd 
waistant Tliotuw Uanjn, confined at Si, 
Nicholnii Iilonil. near the town, where he 
remoint^i] nboul nine monthi. If* found ne- 
oii|<ationin writing a reply to Jolin HcriiMiit'* 
'Siire-f-^tlin); in Chruriouitr.' llMU, whieh ap- 
nonrednfti-rliiiidenlhiindeTthetilk-of '^^orr^ 
loutioK in Ohrialianiiv examined,' Sto, Lo«> 
iW liUlB. .Miuinwhili< hi* lienlch vru fa*t 
(ailing. Ilia friends maan^ lo iiroenre hi* 
relea«e by ipvinx heavy aneuriry ; hut \\i wa* 
(hrliidilen to live within Inrnly mibiof Plv 
month, lie acrrirdiiiftlT tuok up liii ahrvii- 
at Kiunbridse, Ik>Touiliin.>. wtwrp be dierl 
on 4 Jnly I'Ktf, ami uao liuriul in the cbutcb. 
A memorial tabh-t was ervcted to him about 
1670 by Thoma*Cti«pin,foTwhiehIlufflM«'a 
Mi»-iB4aw, tbo weimmown noiiiyinforraiat 
divine, John Howe [(|. v.', wmie n l.atia in- 
itcription- TIiptb in a imnrait of him in Pul- 
merc ' Xoneonformiji » Menmtial,' Ilia Mn 
Oliadlali (l(MU-1701) wan graailfnihi-r of 
OWIiak Illlgbet (I0li(>'l7fil> (q. V.] 

ilia niher wriiinf;* ore, lieawea Mmaotia 

ttvaehncl nt the fiini-raU 'of . . . Otpiainn 
It'on- Waller,' tin, l.oniUiii, 16113, aiul 'of 
Mnalrr Wiltiiun L>nnipton . . . pMtar of 
Lanctiiton, Cornwall.* 4lo, London, 164S: 
I. *ApbariRn*,«rSdM!t PropwitionaDf tha 
Srriptiin, afaortly dat«rmlnin(rths Dooujna 
of the Sabhatli' (edited bv O. Tlufcba*), 8ni, 
Ixindon, 1670. 3. 'An Annlyiteal Kxpoai- 
lion nf . . . GeiMiiii nnd of twx. chap, of 
Hswliin.' fut.. Amaturdatn, 107^. He al*o 
edittsl II. IlHur* ''rbm'fnld Cord (o Uiutv 
8oiil<* for ever unto Ood,' 4lo, IIM7. 

riNJmor'* Nonranf. Mem i\. 4S'C1 ; ^ooi^ 
A0i«nMOxoa.<Mi*a). i;i.;77-aO; ItoWaKMil. 
Hu1.ofOI.iri;Boalb.ii.ST-».) 0.0. 

HVOHES, (ililFFITH (^ 17fiO>. na- 
tunli*t, wn< perliajM the ton of Kdwanl 
lln|[h«<« i)f Towyn, Stnionethabiro, who wai 




bora oboDt 1707, mninrulnli'il ai Si. JoUn'n 
OoIUm, Thifonl, in Vif*. nn'l i:rni]iul«d ILA. 
and il.A. in \74S. Il» wn* n<cli>r of 8L 
IjIICtvV IlatbwloiNi, nni} rnlinn nf thu l(ay&I 
8ol'ii-tv in I7"i0, wlum lir juiMitlirr] • 'Sii- 
tiirnl liiiiory of Barlindon,' 'I'll'.' work, a folio 
of :il4 ]H^^'*, with n mni) iiii>.l twiiniy-aiiw 
|ilalv-, nKitlvbvKlirvI.wiLSi'uMiiiliiMlDyRulH 
Mriiicioii. IIdiiIih nUo i-nriiriliiili"! n pa]ii>r 
'(►in Zooplivlfru ni»ii!nKlinB llic Hciwi-rof 
tlir .Marwolil' lu Uic ' I'liilotopliieol Tmo*- 
srti-HiH' lor 1743, xlii. GOO. 

[FoaUr'n Aluniai Oi»iilnv«*.] U, 9. B. 

187- )< Iriihitiilur, bnm In Ilutilin in 22 Aug. 
1810, witK fl'li'it •on "f Janii's IIii;,'hu«,«o 
lidtor. «r IluMiii, by liid wifi- .Mormnt, 
douifhlvr orTivviir Slamiit^ Mirrloii of Ditb> 
Un. «>11i?itor. lliiglii-f reM'ivi'il liia i>iirlv i-<lu- 
nlioii Dt n ]<rivnli> «i'Ivh>] in .Icriin $]n.-«l, 
Dublin, and tiilititqiii'iitly cnl>-r«il Tniiilj 
Collpgv, but ilid Dill {m>c<-<-fl ifl n HuKroo. In 
IliLiry ti-rm Inrltl Ik' wnsnilmitlnlnMiulvnt 
1^2 of (irnv'x Ion. I^iodon: hi- wm i^nllcd 
Ui Ihit Iriili tar in Jlicliiifliunt tcnu IbSl. 

to I be clmno'rv I'-xirl-i.nuil in 1^^7 publiibrf] 
n "Clinnci'fv IVni-lwi-.'wIiiiOi bnilncminldi-r- 
ftW*- »iicc-». lli-riniiitlyo''qiiir.J br Piien- 
sivi' pntdicn, nnd wn<^ ^lu'cinllT known for 
bb rnnipl^'ii' QiuirrT t>I nil ibr dolail* of 
cbnucvtr procnliiTir. tLt-ii luucli roan compU- 
Otiid tliMi nt prviinil. In ItSU lie twilc ulll, 
•ailMa iMittrraniinnvd iuenjo;r a Tun Utm 
BtMt«M,««}Mcia!tv in ibc roDiicoiirl. In 1850 
newuBpi>otni<<(ll>v I>iH JofanltujifdlMlioi- 
lor^pHieral for IrvUnd. an<J bvld tliat odKcv 
till tb« fnll of Iinrd Jobn'* ffonmiiDoiil in 
lOfifi, Ilurinf tbi* pvrioil ihi- licclwiaitJCBl 
ntholie mennvd «oiii« unpO|in]Briif witb tbe 
mora iMloufl of hb oo-rMfpoeiMa from hia 
ooBDedion with tlic ^oversBieBt. Flfl niivor- 
tbeleM rwccived ibo svpfKirt vt iba RonwD 
oatliolic bishop and clM^wbnnlip unsntvM*- 
ftilly DoatafitMl CaTaa in D^&Ti. In l-Cd bi.- 
wuntnTncdfovLoiigfoHibtit itiilnot «i>curv 
n dtdion at thu gcnenl eky^iunof IduT. 
In 1668 he was again •olieitor-fj'vni^ral for 
Inland in Lord rahiMmaB'aadDuaHtratiOB, 
anid in lt^*>0. on tb* tvtvn of hard Palawr- 
Bton to pow«r, waa afpotntod • baron of tbn 
otHirt of (ikduqiMT m •iMoeMton to Baron 
RidiaHa. On tbe bondi HugbM irai one 
of Iba ran inriancM of a cbanc^-rr lawvtfT 
DUiicinc a «urwfd ooamon law jndge^ Hs 
ooniiniud a nembcr of th» coort of axminar 
till hi- deatb on 93 Jnlf 1«73. 

In ISSBbamarTiMlSarablMbi'lla, dough* 

tar of Major Frandi L'Eatrnntro, Two 
daugbt«r« auTriTMl him, ihr ^Idnr now tfao 
wifo of Li)nl Mooria iIdM of Bpu'ii!); iho 
jounirer lli«i viify nf Mr. EJwanl l-'iltKi'iald 
uf KiixWilliam Placi', Dablin. 

[.Vnniul Rett'*'*'- Wi; Life of FndMick 
lACnt, loadoD. IS8C. ti, VV7 ; bfcvmniicm turn 
tba bmit^.] J. 1). f, 

BUOUGS, m'<^ai (r Rakod Coch) 
ni»S-l77«), Wi-l.h port, hm on 22 MurcU ■ 
I0B3, was MB of Gniuydd Hus^uf, who de-l 
livad bi* linvaci'. nocordini; ru ibo \\'i>Uh- 

Enoolni^ii-c, Tt'ijvryn ab Corwrd. ihn 
rd of Twriwlyn. H" wna chielly N!lf-><(lii- 
cat«d. Ill- n-«<ir>d cbipflv on biM Mate at 
Uwrdiartb tliffob.nmr I.lan<«rbyin*<)d, Ab- 

fleeea. Hp ditd on « .\pril I7"«, ituA w»a| 
un^ in l]<ilrbi-nd rkurchyard. IltiKho*'* 
wi»*» w(Trv lield in high wil«-m by I lornnv 
(hvpn. llt>i«ont-nf ilie tbrvt- AnL-k-M-B poob 
vrhatc worku an- f.iiin'i in t!»t^ ' PiJilunwdi 
Ti'uhinidd nvu wnitk Id-inid Mr)ti ' |I.<>i>dnii, 
17113; $ndoi!ition.('ar>iar\-on. MIT; -tr-U-ili-- 
tion, LiviTjtiol. lsri>). '•ib'-f poi>m* by tiimi 
occur iu tbr ' Blo'lcii^Tdii,' ' Ihddaiin-i-li i'vrl 
Foddianrild' <l>ubliii, 1773). nnd 'IVn-itolJ 
naniadnii.' Ilii^h^t aU'> ptibliahcU ' I)ia 
.\liai,' ■ Ihvldfan AIrM«nM(<h,' and ' Rbeotao 
Kyuyd Hi-noniliibtin, l774i,AlltbK«pur< 

forlini-lotx' tranilntionifmni English wnrkSiL 
1*1 tuft bi'tiiiid liim M.>»Tral valun)il<> manil-' 
iicripta coniainio^ povmn, Iran^InrinQS Tnl<v, 
and bioerapliiML Most of Ihuc cntni' inln 
tbe poia wii on of Ida ton, wbo nieoMdcd to 
tbn o«Ut«,aad manrhareanic^ tevn lost, but 
a few on pTMprrfvl at ibo BrittiJi Mawnin. 

[Infannsiion fnm the Rcr. R. Jcnkio Joum; 
biacEBphitn] Attch prtAisd to Diddnnnh 
Tonluaidd. rd. 1817; RomlacdnV LlTfTyddiaetb. 
■■■. 1 763 ; Workt of Ooqmwr Ovm. td. Joan, 
i. 80.J I). JjL. T. 

HUGHES, HUGH fI790?-IM.'H.a«« 
bora at IVIlrgwicbiad, ni?ar Ltnndudiia, «o 
of Tboniai llnsliaa, bj Janp, bis wtfi>. wa>] 
bdjituvd nt Llaodudno^ aoeordtng lo I bic panibl 
rufptipr, :XI Feb. I7B0. Ho IrMt bidpannHI 
In cbildbood, and wan cdurnird by bk ni_ 
t(>ma] mnilCklber, llntili ^^'ilUaIlls of Mfd-' 
diant Fami, Lbuaantflraid Glan C»nw}-, 
IKtobi^Miin^ In doe linMHufifawwn* aj>- 
proDtiondto aoengnnrat Liveipool. Ffobm 
Livorpool he rtmoTcd lo London a» an ioB-^ 
prorer.aodiook kMonKiiioil-[>*iiitin^. Tbe 
i>arlieat known apeeimtn of kU handiwork ii. 
a portrait (dated 161i) of tbo Rev. JoliB. 
Grana <l7:;3-1817>or Bala, wbicb waa an-1 
gni(«d in roL iiL of tba ' tkjvxtt.' He 
apoai tbfw fMia (ISIB-^} at Moddiani 
I\rm, worlmift at bU ' BnntiM of Cambria.' 
bis bnt-known worii. Hnghi* T«tiim«d to 




Liondon tttvr 1833. Il« vtm * ndical in ' 
rdiffion and poliI)ct,uid n^rd o pftitiou 
in riTOnr of the pftHnf; of ilii.' Catliolic ' 
EnmnrriMtian Bill abuiil IHV^ Tfau Loii- 
iloD iMdrn of tlii- Wi^kIi Calviiiulto bodv, 
to which lie belonged, i.bneupon oxptlUd 
him IWiB tlwir commUDioa. na^iM d>- 
nooiiood tlu* Mt of iaioUnuBCo tn nianj 
nunlilau and in lolt«r> to * Sorcn (rnmer' 
(18ife-a0) with aueh ettvvt thnt at • nuoUnK 

of delcBBtm cif lilt- Calvininlio motliOtlUU 

held M Bala in ItSSI b nMluii'iiin-aapaaMd 
dmmlin^ inlerfi-rvnce with ifaeezereiM of 
pdNlical ngbta. Huf boa wu noi, IinwoTvr, 
miMtated u mMBlMr of tba draoniinntioD. 
Aft«r ft tino Im wunt aw ta tba iudi-]ion- 
danta, and later to Ibu Ilrnuuth Itrt-ihrvn. 
Ib lS3i he wrotv mudi,unilirr lli(> (iseudouvm 
'Cnalion,' on chtirch Mtaliliihinoiila and 
titbea in oonirovnnv with Ui'? Kvv. Bviin 
£TaiiBriei)uiGUnCft«rionTdd)i Hediodat 
OrMtMalverall March 18a3,andwB«buRed 
iathec«m«t4>ntheTt>. HnmiirriodftltolBSa 
a daugfatar of tho \Ut. Dnrid Charlei of 
Owmartben. Mn. llusbca died at AberTct- 
wyUi 38 Dec. 1873. Ttieu- thrcv chitdnm died 

Hn^bee'a obieT vooJcuM appear iit bit 
• BeautiM of Cambria,' Cnnnanli«ii. 1S£1, in 
which all tlie view* wen> i^ngnivod by hiu- 
u-lf, flftf-eittbt Aon hi* o«m dnwing*. In 
hia knowladn of natural form and natterl; 
fuiniUingof die graver llughwliaii been oom- 
farcd ii> Bewick. Ilia itnatnuaii of natural 
obj*ct« wtL* nidiiilic, niinuic. and labonoua, 
B» alao mue many lithcwraph* of WeUi 
mnerf. Oarieatwea bjr Sim of tlie oom- 
miMiMMteof eduMtioB aeni dowa to Wahu 
(lftlS-7) are viwy rtm»ct>rri«ie, Spi^ml nf 
bi* (ki'tcbu*, inrludinff a map nf Xortli Wnliw 
tuider the namu * Uamf \'i-aulotia,' ' I'itl's 
Hod' near Beddgdi-n, and other* of thi- 
Bafaritfaoitrfaood of Snow'loo, vcrv published 
■I Quturvnn. Tliii *korcb of Pirllh«'li aiid 
Sl.TudwallV Itoatt'uiiilliuahhrviy'*' Hook 
of Vicm.' Many tneciiBma of hia work are 
in eonntr; boowe about Cknamm. 

Hu^aa abo publidied: I. * flynaSoa 
Cjmnig,' a work on WeUh aoliauitlM, Car- 
rautben, 1833, Srot 9. ' Y TWfiirddion aV 
na>7ddk>i>'18X8(e>. 3. LeoiiiiwdeliveMd 
bcfcm tho London CTminrodorion in ' Settti 
Goner,' I8SI. I. ' Y l>apur Nnvydd C:nn- 
reig,' 189S (a WeUi n«wapaper)l wnaglT 
aaeribod to aaoUiM in ' Cardiff Eieteddlbd 
IHuMtiaBa,* 1883. 6. ■ V Ihvh i Ihhwelv 
pufdefa BTwjd.* 1846. fl. • Th> OaitMbn,' 
■ oroutwi polit*Ml pamplilei. 7. ' Yr Eg- 
Iwya rn jr Aim,' en «»mt In "Ttaeiho- 
dj^/l8&». H; alM edited three eoJonea 

Tot. zxnn. 

of BM1B0IW bjr hid bther-in-1a«, l>aTid 
Cliarlns; tlmt iiiililiahrd in \Siti eontoiant 
a mumoir, eacf pr<iji'ct«d n reiirint of th» 
' Brill ' in twonljr number*, of whiob only on* 

[Ur. T. n. TlioniM In ({MlUni«oa.U«j ISH7; 
'(^ru ('u 'column in Wookly Mnil: 8*r*u 
Oomar, IR8-S2; YmotyDjdd. 18)10; jirinte 
iofonnatioa.] R. J. J. 

HUGHES, HrnfI(Tnnu)(180&-l»«4), 
Woljibpoei, wtw iKini in ihv bbibII Tillage of 
Cilireraint, 1.1anil(>c:ni, (.'timarvDnBhini, in 
l&Xt. Mm faihuT woji n deiicijn of the in- 
dcpvodcot church nt Cororinn, niid dislrict 
prmideat of ibu Briiinh unci l-'tirw^ Bihl(> 
Sociuly. Hui^h derircd all hisoluMtion from 
■ SiiiidHV mlioot. ^^'ht■n Ihi- indf<p<-ndoiil 
church to wbicli hU family belongi-d wnj> 
clofml, he joined the Weeleyane, hut nubno- 
quanlty rmumiHl (o ihi* iriiIit|M>iiiI('nts, and 
bccaiii<->wi.'il known intbt'diitnct ilna power- 
fill pteocbur. Howa* nrcvailed upon toitJce 
clurKe euoeeaalvelr os diurcliee at Rho»f - 
Ian, Tabor, and Uanyeiiundwr, at JodcaoD 
Sir(«i, MftDClieater.anJ nt CepolWmOiw^ 
loff, and Aberercb in CnmarYaneture. At 
Aben-rch he iwt up e prliiTing-preea, end 
ndited ' Yr Arwcinydd,' a pmaj nonthly. 
Cor nuiur yuors. In 1660 m remored to 
Aberditn.', nhL>i« bu took charge of tlie neir 
chiuvh at IletlieJ, and gathervd a largo con- 
Braguion. lIugbeewaaArminianntthortbaa 
Oelrinietic. but in hi* Tiowe of chiucb ot^ 
Mnitation ua wa* a pronounced indvpendent, 
Holding that <ai-h cburcti ehoutd iinvo the 
aolo BaiMffi'innnl nf ite own affain. llv Inel 
■Donef by hie public«li>an«, and a public cub- 
u^ription wa* raiaed lor him liy frienda during 
thu lart year of hi* life, but he died, 8 Dwt. 
184M, bvlun thu teMimoiiinl iiiei [mMHIiKil. 

Rughce waj morw voluminoue a* a writer 
than any WeUhmiui of hi* day. He CMitti- 
buted urnly to the eurrMit raegaaineK In 
early hO he competed freqnuntly and ■uecce^ 
fully at Hi«t«ddfbdau,andWerofUiB acted m 
an adjudicator. Hia principal work* are: 
l.'lth«eynM«*(Iofpc),Wrrsbam,18S6. 3.'Y 
l>iTdLsld(>ruchwylie(ilb'(Tbe Third Dupen- 
•erioiij, PoDtypryild, l^fifl. 3. 'dranunad^ 
llarddoniaotb,' Carnarvon, 18(12. *. • loan 

Jn Ynye Pnimoa' (Awdl) — *n 'k1« on St. 
dim in tbo lel* of fVtnoa, Abardare, 1804. 
A. '(iTunmadeg AUiroByddol,' aMrraiyped 
afkiir4thed. 6. -YrYigtifeUOjBreig.'tkrae 
edition^ Wrasliam, 7. 'Crynodeli o lUn* 
nudeg Oymraeg.' i.e. introdnciioa to Webb 
OruBBUT, CWiiarron. H. 'Cat«eU« nt 
WeUb Orannar,' Camanon. S; 'Agoriad 
0«7bodM4b'(anecfiii>aMtJon). Ift'Iteriew 
of Cole, and an Saay w DiTine Ooveraaaai,' 





Omuvon. Dr. HudIim (CowI;-i1) nvHlhiii I 

llie AVmIsjtuUi vid f iL])pliiv n full nfi^Diint nt 
his nili^oua wwn. II.- Ilwriid y Biinld ' , 
(tL« flnt )iu1>lli>hvd oolUctbn of liia po«tioal , 
worlcul. Vi. 'Eaiay un liitlen«iid«uo>'.' 1 
13. 'UljniiaatfaApiMUliudd.' U.-Moswanil 
OokiiM.' 15. 'Cydwjrlod.' 16. 'IJedydd j 
Criitlt^iiogol.' 17. ' Deddf. recliml, a. Onu.' 
la-YdrydeddOnichwrliiwUi.* IB. -Co&uit 
3..toa»,Ttd*un.' 30. ■ Cwwlind o Kmyiwu.' 
Sl-'Tolj™ y SoinI,' 

SJ. T. Johm'* Gciriwlnr Byvura^ddol, 1. 
~I0 . llirM urtielM in Y Ovninvn, TaSi).] 


HUGHES. .lAIihlZ (ICSri:--1731).inin&. 

Uiior, joimtfL-rbroihtrcjf JijhnllugbMi.l't'"- 

1720) [q, v.], was fur aome yvun our of tUe 
rvci-ivi-'rs i!k-rk4 in ilit- MampoiBi^u, II(MliL>d 
ou 17 Jan. I7^l,iu []ii> ToMy-tiixth yi<)ir«f liiii 
ag^, k-iiviiig n willow, who Biif-(itnjiiinii.'d lUe 
vifF- of GoviTiior llyng ii nnrlimloDn, onil 
di<>il itiiri.- Ill I7-II). nnd nti only ctnutrhlnr. , 
lliiebrv tmiiiiliitocl 'Till- lCni»' of I'riwer- 

Sinif, ftnm (;ittu<liBii, in 1 lirui- Itooks, wilh llii- 
lory Iff ^ituii and Kriclitlio fruiii l,ui;iin'!i 
PbanaUa, book <t' (ly)ii<Ioii, 1714, Vvo; nn- 
otlier edition, ctnTt-ctt'd nnd eiitiirj,"*"!, wiili 
now*. Iig3, 12mn): .Siiottiniiis'ii ' l.ivM of 
the xn Cmnn,' wiih nnt»»(l/iiiil(ni. 1717, 
lirmi, 2 voIb.) : nnd mvtml ncivnU from i.Ui- 
^jHinith of [Jptvnntoii, nhidi Tri^ri' niibli«hod 
nnoiiynioii»ly ia Hnmiiel L'ro\iill» 'Sulcct 
(Vlk-clion of NovfU nud Hisicirk-*" (M-cond 
edition. London, 1"'JS*, l^'mo, six volii.) Hi* 
*7tliA0HlliUii«8 ill Wr*! and Prose ' wore col- 
l«cit«d liy liig broihcr-in-law, Williaui Dun- 
oombe [([. v.], nnd publihitvd for ilie boiieitt 
of hig widow in 17S7 (London, 6vo). Tlie 
dodicniioti to ihcf ])udii'« of Hodfori, tliouffl) 
nifHU^d bv liU widow, 'Sanvh HiikIim,' wns 
wrillixi by .loUii CoppIiiK. dntn of ('l»Klior 
(SlCHOLs, Literari/ Anerdole*, 1^14. viii. 
S08). Two shorl jiicei:" written by lluztiii 
■re giren in Jol>n N'ichnln's • St^lwt CoTlea- 
lion of Ponnw* (17«0I. vi. ^>-V). 

[FtcfiuM to HuiiliM'* llitcflltatiica in Verso 
Ufa Prone, IT"* 1 Jobn Duncombt'ii Lfttor* hy 
^^^ SoramI Kniiiiont Ptnun* Ih-Mand (3nd eilit. 

^^B I7T3). i. 160; OUninj and Palmcr'i NoDcoiifoT- 

^^f miit'i MiiinorinJ, ISOS, iii. SOd-7; ltri(. Miih. 

W Cnt.l 0. V. K. B. 

L " 

HUOHES, JAMES (Uao TBitiinuo) 
(177»-ld4-l), Wvlflli CnlviniMie uethodiit 
mini«ti^, wns bom st Noiisdd-ddu, in the 
pBriihofl^jlinuAcron, ntTlwfMtofTriclinip: 
MounLKin, Uardignnsbir^. in 177&. At the 
>ga of twentj-ooe lie aetllcd in I.ondon. llu 
was tOOB aftervuds expuUcd fmni tbe btxly 

of Cnlviniiitic mHtliodiata with whioU he htA 
boen in mminutiioD. In 18U(> lu- rri<iniL>d 
under th(i influpiice of llio It4-v. Ji>bn Eliun. 
nndfouryeanlatorbs^inprMiiiliijig. Iiil8ltl 
hv won ordainwd nt LUngwtho, uuieoniinneil 
a twoful minister till bii dcAlh, vhich took 

fUo« at Roitii.-rluthi! in London on 2 Nov. 
M4. Be wan buriwi in Bunhill Fielda. lie 
wa«i)opuUr4U a poet, and oontribuied bn^ly 
to WoUh periodicals. 

Blair'* 'Qravo'atw well vxocuted; hut bis 
cfaiof lilrmry vmrk vra* bin ' Ni-w Tvatanwiiil 
Eipoiiior,' baled on I'uole, IJnddriilar, Scott, 
Henry, &c. It wan iK-gnii in lH2I' nnd com- 
plet«clm lti^'>,in2 voln. l^mo, audpubliilwd 
at Wydd^ig ; B»eoond edition wn«i«uedat 
tlolj-wvllin \94fi. A similar work on i^ 
Old Tnttamemt waa loft incoinplMe at bis 

[.T, T. Joni^V Goiritidiir Bywe™fl>iidol,i. SIB- 
5Sfl.] K. J.J. 

at MarlboTousb, W'ilteliirc, on SI* .Inn. 1*577, 

win eldur son of Jolrn Ilufibea, cirrk in the 
Hnnd-in-Hand Fin- OlHce. Sn'iW Hill, Lun- 
don, by his wife Amu.-, dan^liler of Iwuu: 
Itiirf ■* of Wili*hir«. His erandfittlier, Wil- 
liam Hii^hni, irnuluatf'il at N«w Tnn Hull. 
Oxford, in ISiSS, waa (ij«ct9d from bin lii-inK 
at Marlborough in 188S, and diivl 14 Fob. 
l<U^(Pti.VKK.A''>n<wn/,J/#m.iii.a^; PmS, 
Vend, Cur.) JnVvx Hueht«rq.T.]inuJohn'a 

younjrpT bmlher. .loimlluKlie* wnniMucated 
at n diiaenliu); acadi'inr. ajipiLn-iilly in Litllo 
nriliiiii, Ijuudou, under Tbomu* Kuwe, where 
he wa» tlio oniemporart' of Itiiae Wntta. 
Husliox fhnwixl n tasir- for tit<'niinTfr nl an 
rarty npx>, nnd nl ninctci'li wrot-' a tTnjt^dy 
cntiiL-d ' .\mnlaiiont. tjurnn of thu Ciothn,' 
which wa» never acted, and atill renwinii in 
■unDUMripl (Xote> and (/urnm, lat ter. x. 
'M\, 41.1). He oblained a pliM'e in tbe ord- 
nance office, and acrri iw ^.-creinir to eev»- 
ml coRimJMions for lite jinrchftM' nl* Innds for 
thn royal dnckynrdx. In 170r> br< collitcted 
r tkomalcrialu for tbn Rrvt tn-o volumi-* of ',\ 
I Oomiilut« Hiitoiy of En(tliind , , . to thu 
dwilh of , . . Kiug Willism III ' (I-ondfw. 
171X1, foL. S *oU,; 2nd edit. bMidoii, 1710, 
fot., » void,), and Imuslaleil -Tbe Lifi» of 
(iiiwn Mary, written in t.ntin by FrancJ» 
(iodwin, Ijord Hiiliop of Htrufai^,' which 
niipcnr* in lb" upcond volume. Tho thini 
voliimo WQ.i written by While Konnett [q.v.l, 
bixhop of I'eterbnrough, by wboio noroe ibia 
historr is peuuniUy known. In 1708 HugliM 
tmbliiibed hi* translation, made eome aix 
yeAn previously, of F<Hil0ne1]e'« 'IKaloiniea 
of till? Dooil. . . . With II Reply to some Re- 
marks in a Critique call'd ibe Jud^ent of 

Plitl«,Jte.,Mdlw«annMlDU1t^M,'L»a-]Svift, in ■ iMter u Pii^, lUud 3 Sept. 

don, ^vo (the MCOad cdilioo, lionilon. 1730, 
llSno; an0Wodition,GU>gaw,17M,12ino). 
Bugtw*. ' tliODffh not onlv an lionnt but n 
pM>IUinwi*{£*r0i)^t4e AitO, ii. IKI),0«Ii- 
«U«d tho book U Uie Ear) of Wharton, who. 
upon hb KmolnimeDt u 1(ml-licut<!iuut of 
Inland in iae fottowitiffTear,ofr««d to lakn 
Ilugliaawitkliini. Hu^iM,homTM,twlTiiii( 
upon tbo proraioM nf nnolluir patron, which 
wom Dover rvalttcd, di<clino(l Uin offvr, anil 
tliiu lost Iho chance of praTcnniuiI. In t7IS 
hb op«nt of * Caljpio aiu Telemoebiis ' (Lim- 
<lna,]7l!{,8TOi woindeditiea, London, 1717, 

173A, HirK : ■ Ilu^N ii loo gr*v» a poM for 
me, BDcl I think omon^ tho aodiocribu* in 
ppoio an wi'll u Trffe.' To which IVpi) t»- 
Dli«d ; ' To BOiwcc four ^niition u to Mr. 
lIughM ; irhat hi- wniiitHl in t^niiu k« made 
up a* ■ BOlUBl mau ; hut hr wiu of tU« dOM 
you tkiBkhim'i^wriPT, W-ffkt, IS14, x\'ui. 
40-2-a^. Stmtte itevolod th<> HftMulh iiiimbtT 
nf ' Too llieath) ' to a pniifUTTic nf Hii(Eho>, 
and doclarad that * hi* hiuid, bnnd, or h«irt 
WM olwaja emplov'd in *»ini-thini: vorth^ 
imitation; hiit pi.-iici), his buv-nirini:, or hu 
pni, «aoh nt whidi h« iid'd in a miulorlT 

dro: another Mliiion. Londoiit IT^I, t>vi>), uiiuinor. w«rH alw»ja diivcted to raiw anil 
tlui miuic for wbicli was cMnpoaed br Jolin eniertnin hi< own mind, nrihal of oth^ra, to 
EnuNtOitllinrd.wnaporfonnediUtlioQiwan't '. a mora cbavrful proMCution of what waa 

Tboativ in tha FlajBiarkot, in «pit« of tba 
MfMaouii iifporition of mnai of thn Itnlian 
Mrfonnon to n mutical cuicriainmnnl in ihc 
Kogliab luigUM. In l7lo ho imbliBhed 
•T£« Worka oTMr. Edmund Spi.-i)Srr . . . 
willi a (iloMar^ itzplainiag the old aad ob- 
•cvo woTd«'(LiO>idon.0vo,6ToU.; anotliar 
«dJiion,I.aiidon.]7S0,lSmo,flrola.) Iliigbn 

Crt of hia life waa in aairow ciicunutancM. 
1717,how«*er, lie waaappaiBledby Lord- 
chanoallor Cowper aMrMarj lo ibe oomnib- 
alona of the peace in ibe court of obaaoery, a 
poet which pcoeured him IndeMndenoe for 
tiw renainder of lit* lif*. Ilia Inoly written 
and raooeaiAil trafmly, 'The 8ieg« of Dn- 
maMW,' waa kia beat, ai wvll ■* hit 1a« work 
(London, 1 T!0, fvo ; oUior oditioiu, London, 
1770, Idwo. nn-i 1»ndnD. 177fl, 8vo; r»- 
printed in Boll'* ' Itritiib 'Hii'aini,' vol. i.. 

aoblo end vinuoua.' Iliighes contribuledta 
iho ■ Tatlvr,' ' SpncUtor/ and ' Guardian,' and 
with Sir Itichard Ittuckmore [i|. r.] vrrolo 
'Thi' Lftv Monk,' aaetieaof fort.v»uy>, tho 
fint'jf which mapubtiahedon III Nov. 1713, 
and the Ian on la Feb. 1713-1 1. A temnd 
wlition of thMi> mean WMipuhliflml in 1714 
und«r iho title of ' Tho Ijtj Monailaij',' &c., 
l^ndoo. ISmo. (For liaUDf UwMOoBCribi**. 
tiona MM) DviK<MKt,Lttlrr*ty SreeralSmi' 
nent I^*oa* Dteeatal, L n-xii, lSS-4, I4S- 
144 ; and Ckalxiim, Brituk Sooj/itU. i. 
lix-ixjd. v. li'liii, xiii. XXI, xlv-xlvL) 
Seven] of bu traiialatiuoa apuearvd in a 
jioriodical publication called 'lie Mantbly 
AinuMmont.' Tlu^liee jienuaded Addiaon 
lo tiiii Ilia ' Onto ' on (lie aia^ and midar- : 
tooK at hit r(i)UO*t to lopply the flftb act, 
wliich waa, however, ullinatolj' writlfii by 
Addiaon hinuulf. Uughtw withdraw m^iit ut 

London. 177U, tiro, and wrvnd otlwr coUco- i hia eonlributioiiii to Sl«cle'a ' I'octical Mia- 

tiana of playa ; tnuilaifld into French in ' Le 
The play, Uw plot of wliich waa obrioualy 
waa dedicated to I,otd Ovptr, and wu nn^ 
dneed at Drur^ Lam Thoatrv on 17 Feb. 
1790, aad nseeirod vrith RiMt applanae. 
Hnghea, who had been lou Ul to attrad tli« 
reheanali^ ditd of coaiiimptiun on the lanw 
night a few boiin after iii production, and 
waa burinl in tli« vault under the chancvl of 
St. Aitdmwa, Ilolbom. IIih onlv Mil«r, 
Eliiabet)i,Barnpd W'illiniu Duncrxn'bif ^q, v.] 
1 Sept. 1790, and itiM in ir.'K K. Ilii por* 
trait -m* painiwl liy ijir Qodfnty Knelter in 
1716. and waa itivan by llnKlwa *bonly be- 
fo«w iiii deatli lo I.onICawp«r(Dtriccoiinv, 
Ltttrr*, &«., i. iW), An en^nring of thia 
pottnut by nvrard VaBderfptckt ia pra&ud 
to the tint volunw of llu^wa'a * Poeaa oa 
Bereeal OewiiwH,' fte. 

Johnaoa, in hU ' LUe of Iltwbei,' doM 
not enter bite any critidaiR of lue worit*. 

oellnniea' (London, 1714, 6ro) upon beariiif 
that Pope'* ' Wife of Itatb, her Pnkuw. frooa 1 
Chaucw.' and aome other piecea^ which were j 
iuoona'iMont with hia id«*i of propiioty. wei* 
to be indadod, 'and would only allow two 
■mall poem*, and thoaa without a imaur, to 
app*M tlirn.-' I Di'xcoMDi!, f^tlen, i. xiii). 

Adoiii*,' and ivveral other cnntaia*, witd Mt ] 
lo iBiuic by Iliuidel. Pepiiwli and IlayniJ 
alaooompoocd taD*ic f«r Iii> p(M>ttcal piecae. i 
A coUeclioo irf hi* 'roeinion Several C^l 
CMuna, with BODH Select Eatay* in i*roM^' I 
ftc edited by kla brotheriu-Iaw, waa ptib*j 
Uiliedin i;3li(1yHid<iB,ISmo.$Vo1a.) IIIl] 
pnMua are inelndod in the tenth Toliime of I 
ChAlmen'a • Worln of the RHliah Pbeia'] 
Ilia (viiTMpondOBoe, ' with aooM niece* by 
Mr. tliitfliM never befara pHhluhei, and ihie 
originni plan of the Sege of Daaaacua,' will 




Chnarvon. Dr. IloeliM (Cowlvd} wts this 
iathsbeetipQCimfinof nuLtoningiii I lie WnUh 
Itn|fnn^. It wiu nTiMPii wbrii lliijEhfis left 
tho Wmleyiins and >a|)pliiM n taU ncvount of 
bin rcligioui riuw», 1 1. ' Dwtdcl y Bnrdd ' 
(tbn lint (jubliiilivil collectiun of hia poiHical 
works). 1'2. 'Eusy on Iucj«pend«iicy.' 
13. ' Apa^CoiAiilc!.' 14. 'Mosw nii<l 
OalpDsa.' I-V ■t^ydwibod." 16. 'Dodvdd 
Cri»t<'int)(rol.' 17. ' LWdf, I'ochfid, • Orioi.' 
18, -Yilrydwld (Jruciiwjliiwtli." 19, 'Co&wt 
J.Jonu>,TalurD-' 20. * Cntfgliad u Binjnitu.' 
21, 'Telyn y Saint,' 

\1. T. Jonc^i Oiirindur Bjincrkl^ildol, i, 
DfiT-TO. thieo nrticlo* in Y Geoioeii, IHSU,] 

R.J. J. 

HUOHES, JABEZ (IfiSG ?-173I), tT»ii»- 
Utor.youiigHrbTOtlierof Jo1ialIiigbtw(ltif 7- 
1720} [a. v7], was for »oin« years 0110 of ihc 
rtOfiveft clerVnin ilia Aatrip office. Tip died 
oalTJan. 17>1I.iiilhc rart_v-«ittli yRiirofliif 
Uo, Icnvinfc ■ widow, who arcaatianii-d tin.- 
wife of QaveriKT ll.vnit to Itarliaduvs. aud 
died there in 1740. aud un only daughter. 

Huehea lraiulat«d "Tlit Riipe of Pri>tor- 
uiiii!, Frorn Clauilian, in tlir«i bnnke, with th* 
tilory of Sexlus niul ICrichtho frnm l.ucnn's 
Pltonnlin, hnok R' ([ymdaa. 171-t, Svci; an- 
other edition, corrvetod luid pnlnrgL-d, with 
tiolcs, 17'J^, I^mu): Sui-tmiiii»'ii 'LjtcM of 
the Ml Cic«it»," with QutLTi I London, 1717, 
12ma, 'i vdIb.): and tcrtml nutL-tn trum ibr 
SpttnMli uf Curriuilvs, whicli wt<rF publish wl 
(Liionymouatv in Samuel CruTulIs 'Sulecl 
Colloctioii of Xovnl* niid Histories' (MCoiid 
edition. l»ndon, 17:^0, 13ddo, six ToU.) ilii> 
''Tklixsollnnim in Vi-inc uid Pw*o' w«n> col- 
ieatvi hj liii brnthtir-in-liiw, William Lhin- 
combo [ij. v.], and jmbliotifd fcir the bonitlii 
of hiH widow iu 1(87 (LoudoD, 8»o). The 
dediontioumtliu I>ucbMSof BnUotd, (boturlt 
eigitir'd bv bi4 vridow, ■ Samb nughen.' ' 
wrii.toit liT .lolin Copping^, desn St Cln, 
(Nichols, Litrraiy Antrilote», 1814, ■ 
2B8). Two short yiin:i>ii writton by lln, 
nrcjciven in ,lohn Nicholas ' [Woet Coll"»;' 
tioii of PoLins ■ (17«)), ti. 31M0. 

SPrttnet to HnjthW* Itliwclliuiic* 1 
IViiv, IT3T: John Duncombo'i ! 
Scvenl Emiatnt Ponatu Dccauwl i.Ti.i . 
i;73),t.inO; QslMnyuidPftlBKir'iKowT!. . 
tniM'i* UcfnoiiHl. leOS, iii. I6i~j ; Tt^- ' 
Cat.] G- I 

mrOHES, JAMES (TiTr ^ 
(177«-18ll), Wi'lsh IMrir.: 
nuniMer, iraa bom al Np(^>< 

BriAof Ciliaii AeroiL at.ihi- i 
ouni<in, CnrdigMuUn-. in .. 
tga nf twcnt.T'Oiin b* seltW in 
( Mon afteFwards oxpvlli^l 

of Calnni«tic metliO(ti«t« « 
been in cotuinuiiiau. In 
undra tlie intluviMW of th' 
and iaiipyo«i« Uler hapa. 
hewajtorduiiMMiot Llniip 
B uwfut minialcr tilt hi< 

flace at Itoih««hitba ii 
3*4. He woa huriod ir 
to Weisli periodji:*].'. 
BUir'* ' Omvi- " ll^•■ 
eh)i>f liiL-rarr ircu'i 
E.ipoailur,' bnau! . 
Henry, fti. It v. 
at Wyd<^nig : • 
HolTwollin li~ 




wtft elder 

lUnd-iB-l ^ 

dom, *■■■ ' 

liani I 

■ of 


a! M 

V»>l 1 1 . 

itti> ! 


1. ,«k. 

■I'lnn, L<a- 

I , Ijoodna, 

■ •':•. l^mo; 

., irber 

I III- ' iMitpli- 

».'i7ii^. Ais 

V but wo* IIOl 

' *u printad 

^^■» t» > ixi«l 1 Jnd 

_ -^ T* tie Kuglioh 

■ '■•••«. Btn. 

- .^ni Uujq. h>A. 

7 iT-ri: BimA'> m^ 

. -^UMy aad ftlwttV 
.^mi, ISM. ill. I«a-T: 
iiMy of JlniM, ISIS. ii. 

— «ll; Baler'* Ib(«. 

^T^^; Ni«ho(iV 

— -I.i, i. 396. T.Sdf. viiL, 
«t: The GeorgioB Era, 

-0» GlItiHCI, UaO, TDl. T. 

&>!. M*«. );T9, xlis. 

-si Qaaia, Tih ler. x. 108, 

41, adbrU uii! laJMs 

_'«ad. Lil. 1RS3-8; B^ 


(irTe-i^s), di.iae 

- lid clild of William 

r vifr,K]iiAbr(h,dMigli- 

-=£iaa Tbooiai: of [.«ny- 

^ 3t»y 177*1 nt Brwon, 

^ -m * Tv«fir«tablp tradnb 

.^r^ei a: Ibr CoUcf[D jcnm- 

Ijf In 1790 he met John 

.^ wHaitf niwthwnrd? fnm 

■ i lili l tlte ^^'i.'->tvvtin8. 

^S^mAa. Wum 

Mill ami <'n^^»<! iti 

t Vwl citcnils unlll 

1m snperintFind 

-'m b LiT«r|KK>l, snd to 

pay monthly vwit* to ManelMaler. At Mu>- 
diMt«r lie node the wqiiBiiiinnce of Dr. 
AduD Clarlw [q. v.1 In IbS:,' IIu^hM hti- 
c«iDe a uiperaumeniT, uid wiLtmI (>> K Dill*- 
fonl in CfiMliire.«tiora be died 16 Mny IBJ3. 
In ISUhfinHiriod n>-tb«r,(>UloKdanghtcrDf 
Ktlw&nl (Inrkr of KooUfood, who •urvivnl 

lliigtio* publUht<d, bc«d« miallw worb : 
I. 'A PI« for Keli^u* Liliurtj,' 18rj. 
91 * Uura> Dntaunicfl!, ur StudiM in AnriuiU 
Drilitili llinlury.' i vol*. Lomloii, 18I^1I>, 
Bra; a wnrk liiglilv tpofcnn of by lUnliop Biir- 
gMiamlSIinranTuni«r. a'Tlipolo^cnl K«- 
•^ja and DitcaunMon the Naturv and Oblt- 

EeJoiiaofPubIicW(ir*hip,.'Cr.,'l)41H. 4.*Ao 
siiT on the Aocimt and I'lWfnl SutL* of 
tliu Wi'Ub Ijuifoiofi'^'' LuDiluo, l^;!3, 8vi>. fur 
wliiuli, M for (wu uihur <.-*aay*i be obtaiunl 
a mvda] from I bu Caiabrlan •ociwtT. 6. ' Mo- 
aoir of M'ua Podmon of KnuUlord,' 1^'. 
6. ' Memoir and Raouiiw of tlio l(rv. Mr. 
FuMfll, Wulryan Minutiir,' I84a U<- ^ f- 
Ell manuacripi (I) a corrrClod copy "!' Ii 
Mill (3) ■ HiMorwa1Tn*da, Mnnoriali 
muuble Penou and OccamncM » < .. 
(Im Cynij.' Thf- IajiI, wliidi u an aani>- i 
latad tnadaiicu from ibe W»il>di, U now in 
the tkitiak SItiwuM. A WrUb tnuinlnttnn 
of hit friand Dr. Coke'* ' Comuiintnrv od I li< 
Ni'irTwtament * va« b»gun b]' bini,lnit wb» 
nol roDiplitlod, 

[WUlia«i'a Kmiiwnt Woltlinuii. pi 339 ; Wa>- 
Inyui Math. Mbk. lxx. i. SOB.) V. A. J. A 

HtJOHEB. .ICIIIN (1790-ieA7>, autlior, 
boru 3 Jan. 17W, iraa the only cbild of . 
Tbonaa IlughM, D.D., clurb i>t vie do«ct to 
Oeom in asd G«orgc IV, tii-ar of Ufling- 
ton, B«vkabire,ai)doDno(iof 8l. PltiiJ'a Catlw- 
dral, by bia mfi> Mary Anno, daaaiil«r of 
th* Bav. Oooqcv Watu, ricar of L'lBiiftton. 
*C1«Tor, aetiva Mt*. Ilugbai' was an oarly 
IViwd of Sir Walter Soott. wbon alie Titiiud 
Mriibhorbuabuid in l^t (Lockiurt, I^/r of 
SntI, p. &S4, 1 to). wI.. IMQ). Jolin llnghM 
wiu nliicaUd at A\'f<1 mi utter Sdiool and at 
Oriol Colldp.', Oifvrd, vrli«n> bo gradiiAtod 
B.A. IH12 and M.A. 18)^, lln nim-d ib« 
priie for Latin vi-rw, and moilfd an 1^^ 
liab od« vhrii Wi'Uin^« and the aMtnl 
lonnigtm Tititiil Oxford in 1^14. Hn waa 
Uw aulbur of tbi' mncnrnoif Ortrl gne»- 
CHDiCtu;, ■Kxiill't uiat«r Oriol' IAWm md 
Qmrrim, »d tt. iii. «m'. Aboul 1»<:W 
Httthaa want lolivi-at I'flbiiftan.liut o«iilio 
dawi of bU tkther, tbiriiTO vi-an later, r»- 
tnorad to Iloaabifrion I'rinn.lli-rkabiiw. Ilo 
died al Dmnirion i>n l-t I^x. l>*!ii, II<> mar- 
m<),14 IVv. iH^Jdaigan-t MliuU-Ui, wmnd 

dausliter of Thoma* W illdnion, «ai|., ofSlolua* 

7HaU, Yorkidure, and had hy ber a fiunily 
six MiM and one daughter.' Au account 
of the eldeat tan, Oeorge Edward Ilusfaet of 
DonnJngioB Priorri h givvn in tba ' Hnnoir 
of a BrMhor,' b^ ( lie hKOiu} ma, M r. Tbooiaa 
lI»glioa,Q.C.,judgi; of county court, who m 
the weU-kiiawn author of *Toni Urown'a 

I llughei wan a good (cbolai and Ungual 
, rUiver ilraiigbtaaian and wood-carvar (ef 
, Mm MiTTOiu, KtfKJtmtirnu, IKW, diap.^ 
I sjixrii.) Soni« forrlbly writti'ii l^lti-mtik hi* 
HOD* when boyn and young own nn> jirinli>il 
in thu ■ Memoir of n Brolber.' Ill* cliior 
IxifalicitiioDs wuro: 'An liinuni; of Pro- 
vence and the Rboui.- inndo darinn tbo year 
1^19,' with etcbio^ by llieaulbur, Limilon, 
ltt2^, 8vo, n work praised br 8coii in the 
pn-fnee to'QiwuicinDiirwanl, andaaedilioB 
I. r 'Till- [!ii*iY>b«>l Tmci*,* Klinburgh and 
l.'i: I'll. 1<^1, fvo; ^<lcilii. Kdinbur^and 
L'lil'n. I^.',r, )«ro. IlL-aliopublinhrid'lAnj 
I 1 I'liii I>»yj,' IPriO, llSmo; an ode reeilod iM 

n>. .tr> ii.^..r<l. 1^14:and'l'otni>Hi'<ain 

■Vn'w) ill tlie South of 

. i„E-.n>Hl by Witliam Ik'mard 

t'ookc [ii.T._, .vc.,'|H:*\ri~>l..roniaiMidillD»- 

tnvliini friin nktricbi-* mnde by Hugliea. 

_ )8a8,3rdHc. tT.SU:Busha 

'<i \:t.:\l.T-. Mia MitJbnf* BocoUn^ 

ti<. ^^10Dnt^y.lHa8.■.T.■^l^llM 

oil. /y ; ' Biit, Mn*. CatJ 

HCQHSS, JOHN <t7e7--18n(>>, arch. 
doaenn of Cardiran, »on and hoir of Jobn 
Iliigbea, raq., iif Llwyn Olaa, Llaaflhaag«lj 
Ome*i'r(llya, nnr Abemlwyili.wM bom I 
1787. AftirraUeuding tfi*0ramiBararhool( 
YMrnilni'iiriii:, lie U>Ranie rUaucal maattf ■ , 
alarfcofchoolal Putney. l/>ndnn,whenib«Mi1 
uaiiwd about eightooitinantha. Aan lad hftf 
a«pirml to boMme a pmacber. IlMumiujt ta ' 
'\\aUabc wa« onUined by Ibe ])iih'>p ofSl, 
Aaaph in 1811. He wsj curate Srvl for six 
yeartal I.taudrilt'iTn Itb-'u, ni«rCotiwny,and 
anervanli at Fi>lenbill. near ('•^vriilry. At 
FolMhilllwbecBRieTrrj |M>pulari Imt when 
tliaricardie' lH:.'^,|y>rd-diancllor l-:Mon 
tvftiaod the petition of iho Mrithionon to 
hvaiow the nvhift on bim. lliiKbna therxfora J 
loA, and tettlod al l^ddin^pon, near Oxford.] 
Hi>n> Bifain hi* fame aa a frmehtTMOti Blkd] 
the cburoli, and ttudenu fKim Oxlbrd wero ' 
often among hU hMrera. Ho btcann in 18>t7 
riear of Abemiwyth and ourala at IJanb*- , 
damFawr. In li^^l itu'livinf of tbaaodiarj 
oburcb of IJanhadnm wa&oonft«TMl on hbn,' 
witbnpn'hi-iidnUtall in llu>colla|palachurcli' 
of Dm-oii, and in \»X> BUbop Tliirlwalt (an 

lum lh<> iircbdNCOiujp or Cudisiui. Iii ilic 
oouno of tbfti yoaX bo visitod righti- pnriihn*. 
protdunic in c*eli. He ditKl tw 1 i\'i\: IStK), 
ogpd 73> n» VTB* for many ytntn tliv raont. 
Mpulupmclierof tke«sulilui1inlcburehin 

He publiabcd in 'U'cUli, beBidw M-rnion*, 
trmnnlAlinni of Ili>nrT nnd Scott'c '(^m- 
mcnlarv,' u for as Ili-ulironomr, IS-it, nf 
IUH'k ■ Mnlitnlions,' ui<l ' Y Nnbl ' (i.e. thu 
Pkolterj), a collection of WcUli pulma and 

Hii Gngliah piiblicAiiona inclwli^, bwiilM 
Mnoons: 1. 'Tbo I>oino«ttc Ituk-rV Motii- 
lor,' 1821. ». 'IVioml Vi.iioiion,' IftK. 
3. ■ E*tlii-r uid IiT I><-opU',' inas. i. ' Itulh 
ind her Kin(ln.-d,' ItlSB. fi. 'Tlio Solf- 
Seandier.' 6. ■ Psnlms &n<l Uynuui for ibe 
UM of dicCliureb at AU.TTvtwj'ib.' 7. 'TliB 
tTvatliAii't Apjio*!.' \ Toliuns of sereaotu, 
with Ifioj^phy by bis Mn, the Rev. R. 
nnghBh BiipfiaTi'il at l.irupool in 1864. 

[Foulku'i Geirlrfr Bjrwgmffin'lol ; Liosmphj 
by Iho Rav, It. llugbe), I'mniod tn iiiirn)i)i». 

^M*.) H. J. J. 

HU0HE8. JOnS (irftV-lNWI.Oftlvin- 
iilic uivlboilitt, nubcini al A<lwv'r tlnwild, 
oi-ar Wn-xhnm.oii II I-V'h,l"l**!, l!i"ii(iiniiM 
wn Ilii^li nnd Mnry Ihi|2bi->. Eli* falhcr 
WW! a cnrpt-ntpr, nnd ho hiiiwi-lf roilovfi-d tlio 
tiamoorctlpalion till In- vrn» iiin"tppn. Whrn 
alad of IW'lvc b" joini-d ibn Siiiid»y-4cbcinl 
whirb wn» ibcii inlrodiicii) inio Ibi; ni-iBb- 
btiurlioiid, and iniidL- ^n?a( pn'^ivna. In 1S1U 
bu JaiiK-d ibc-Cnlviillif ic lUflbudiiitchurcb at 
A(rwv,nQ<l(bri:'f vi.-iii'vlnier bfgnn |iKqifliiiig. 
On iSSppI. Ifil.'i'biM.jit.neJ n school at CroM 
Sln>«t,nnnr Mcip>-, Flinlaliiiv, but in Aiif[u«t 
Iftl" be went (o tcbool himivlf to icnm Lntiii 
And (Jrpek. .\lt'-r a lime bn opetipd n ni^w 
Kchoiil at \Vrf%liutii. uiid pn-univd manv 
young mt^n for tha pitlpil. Ilv pivncbvcl 
6Y*rj Sunday, In ri-hruarv l(«2l he wnn 
antIinrihfM.1 nn nynlar pivnoliur lo vibit all 
iinri* of li\'nb>«, nnd in l^'i'l' liP prwicliwl 
bofoivibf Sf"lIii)Ji<t..\Moi'uiiion. ()nI7 Jiini' 
lft2llh''n-n»nrdiiincd nt Jlnla. InIR.t6,owin|t 
to bad hi-nltb, bi- (iivl- upUis sclionl.imd hp- 
cntne n Aaiir ini^rcbnnl. in pFLrtiit^r<hLp wllb 
a brntbi-r. In ifiW In- weul to hivi-qjoul, 
altnjnud conniiI<-rabItr e!Uiln'>nci> tliurc ur a 
preacbM, nni! bi-rann' cir-p(i»lr»r witb Ili-tiry 
Ri*« [q. v.] of tl»i Wi'lsb Cnlvitiiitic cbnn'lii's 
of Liverpool. Up tiit'd on n viiil t" Abcr* 
grcle >* \ug. IftflO. Ill' wn« twicn married. 

IluebiwV cbii'f work i* hi» ' History of 
Wi'Ub I'nlnnijtic Slclbfuliim.' in tliTM lorfp.- 
Tolumi'i(Wrr-vbttm,"rol. i. IS'il, voL ii. ISM, 
Tol. iii. ItSTitl). .\ votiiuiucnnlniniii)ttwcnlv- 
iwo sfrmoiu, icgcthtfrwiib n iii«'iiic>ir by l&i> 

Ki-r. It. Kdnrardsond lliu Rev. John nualiM 
at EvcTton. utA a portnil, ippraml in 183?.' 
Other works Ull in Wubli, and nMrly all 

iiubliahcd at wri-xlinm wirhoui lUlf) are : 
. * Campanion t<> Scriptim'.' tf. 'iiiirmot 
Pmnbacy' (nvii-wfd in * Prvwrf*,' Mnrcli 
IftJtt). 8. 'Tbo Scriwnr.. T.«,' 4. 'Carn- 
cbiam of RcHptiitv llinoty* (T«r\Mnrad iti 
'UfyRorfn; January 1850). S. • rrotvatont- 
inn in tii-niiany,' Loadoo, 1M7. 6. 'An 
bnyon UisSabbnth,' 1^39. IIu alio trajw- 
lBt«d aeTenl woirka for tlu; Rclijpotu T^act 

[Fonlkoi*! OvirlTfr BywgnlSadat; Ociriadsr 
Ilu)tli« ; M*mo!r.] E. J. J. 

ISsri.Webihpoet.youiiKertrliild of Itidiard 
and rbwbe Hnghm, waa bom in tlie old 

trscvd bis ptMigTM lo lUnddyn ab Cyni-^n, 
prirKwofOwrnnldHndPoimiiilOTS. A^cr 
nttvndinff ocnool at Nani-y-Uloft, be took un- 
willinjily to aiiTioullurvl pursuits. Ho wat 
atwnya reading, and it aoon ln-caEDii I'ridUdt 
that fnrmin)! was not hisTocaiion, In IS48 
lio »p»nt ibrfc mnnllis ill h prititi-r's office 
nt Ikwrslry, and in ]"41) obtained cmploy- 
tnrnt nitbatrmiTprat Mancbrairribntsluirtly 
aftrmrnrd* biH-itmi- n dprk in n lnrgi> plar* of 
liusincisa in I^ndoQ Itond, M<iiii-brst<>r, wlnm 
be romaini-d sixli-un yuare. l^avin); Jinn- 
cbmliT in IfW, Ci-iriojt wiia appoint^ *ta> 
tioiiniu«<tr, first on tbu Cainbrinn mitwnr nt 
Llauidlow, tbf^ in Ib'O nl Toiryti, in (ffil 
atTrefc^Iwyn.and ibo oame Tt<arnt CH<rr%wii, 
H» iippenrpd inpublicforilii- last time nt tbu 
KolbomTownflnll on II Xnv, l*^B in con- 
nect ion with I be London NntionnlEiat.'ddfod. 
He waj then in bad benlth, nnd died on 
:^<t April It^'. ii^ed III. His remain* wptb 
interred in tb« parish cburcbpinl of Llnuvnufc, 
two milled from Cneravs, MoniguiDcmlun. 
On n F4'b. lAdl be uarneid Miss Robarta of 
the Lodan, Dyffryn Ceiriop, by whom lie bad 
fnur cbildron, two sonn nnd tVo danghtcn. 

Ilia Bmi priio for jpontry waa won at a 
liierarv tonmiimcnt m Groavanor Sqiiara 
Chapel, Mnnobedler. In \^'i he won a 
prit>- Hi Nnnlf'Iyn. Dt^nbifthMilre. for the 
beat poum iti inuniijry ofDr. ^V. O, I'u^Iie. 
In tlia London Kisiadilfod of l^^oO ho woti 
n nrim for tbp bwt nil *tanf!a« on the Rev. 
John Klinn < 1774-1>^II ), and nnolbnr for a 
poem in meinoiy of tin- heir of Nanboran. 
About tlipsnme time be published tho'Ba^ 
ddonindur,' nnd il» t>lrii'tnn« on Caledliyiii 
tbi> greati.'i'i WeUbL-iiticoftbedav.attracteu 
ntlcniion in Wale«. In 1856-0 Ceirlog pub- 

lUieil hit firal fotirie Tor*** in * Yr Ar- 
iaO&-ia(Ul «M editor. ' In IMS he won a 
Mbe of IW. for hit pMtcnl poem ■ Onrain 
Wjn,' wlinh iinmr TeccffBi«<d lut t liL- but p«»> 
ton! in tbt) lu^UM»,«lthoagb il tiuiled to irin 
■ priw U aa ouMiUixl tb« yiotr hetore. At 
iIm IjtaairollaB tUxladdrod in iHAg b« Hcand 
kim to tlie lint nnk vaoaf WoUh bardii. 
IIi> lim foliune or iKHitrv, 'Oriau'r Hw^r' 
(Kvi.-fiiiig Houra). «-»« pablisbvd in IMU, 
Rnlli^, 3n<t nlit. Ixtll ; lUA wu paid kim 
fdir t^u C0|i;riglit. lli« biogra|t)ii>r mj* lliat 
bftWMii tWDB^-flv* llioukaiul nntl tliirljr 
thoiuMid oopiM wvivaoli). lu ih» wii>ey<->r 
be wMi Mreti prixiv al the Merlliyr Kintodd- 
fod for wren i<titipi-nnc« MDfi. Hi* M«ond 
rolum# of potWT, -OriiiHr Bora'(llorninK 
Hour*), sp]ieu«d in ISfi, Wnxuun ; hu 
tbird, ' Cint o Ou«uon '( A Hundred Sonjn ), 
in 1863j •ftenld s'r CVrddor, gyda Hun 
VitnMB ui (Unynt,' and '(ii-mntrr Ad- 
roddwr' toon stWrtranU : 'Chinu KniiU' 
(Other Houra) in IWIh; 'Hrlnu'r Hrif 
(SumoMr Houra), in l'«70; 'l>riau OUf 
('I^«i Honrt) poaUiuiDouily, edii«l brluine 
fioulkiMsinlSw. The toIiuiim pu>>lj>lie(l in 
b>« liCrtinui contain abonit fix hundnitt tatiga. 
0( Ihrav a bnnilrDd U« MkfUcd to Mdcr 

U'ridi Rim, and nuidcm coiniioasr* hav* mI 
ibo ml In iDiui& Ha alao ¥rrot« fifty aonga 
Girllrinlcy Kii-JiardVa 'Song* of Walti*.' Lon- 
don, 1S<£ and cumpoacd iwi-uiy-firi) ucrod 
KMgs at iIm rtuut«( of leunn tiwryllt and 
Owkiii Alaw. Cvirioff Wat the author of tba 
orifiiial wmir for which Brinlvy Richard* 
wrotv thnpopntarvr 'Go<l hlMa'lhu IViuo^ 
nf WaIps. )Ianv of ih^ artirlM in ilie ' 
wriuaa by him, niAably that oo I)af<rdd nli 
Owilnn, and be contributed four attiek* to ' 
the *Tnwthodvdd ' ( WeUfa (|iiaR(Tly). Ho 
alao wrote w««klj fur tbu ' Ranvr ' for t wtnly- 
•vnn you*, at fitat a* Mauubawr con»- 

CmriOK ia ihm hiwt lyric povt that Wattu 
haa ptmluced. Ub rnttr u alwayii Iniv to 
nature, al way a purv, alwat*iiiin]ilo. tWling 
(bal hit dwhI miicb to iha cialinldfod, Im> 
Ttgoroiialy Mpportod tba inrtitatiMi to Um 
la*t, and lwl|Nd la inproro iia noaltion tn 
iwbiio MtimMioik. Him* w«« hardly anr 
■itteddMof hnporUaooinrKcrni TMrawith 
wUdi bi* ■une wa« no« aaKwial^il ntli«r a« 
conpethor oradjndieatoc. HU NiitjudiraiioiM 
wan aa a nilo earefUUy nrittva out, and an 
•till frtUly raliMd (•«* Ckrdff IXtbstffbd 
TIrmuuetiinu, 1883, pp. IM-lfi». 

(H«Mir by - LlyMcyf,- 1*. Imc PbslknL 
Unvpool : fcnr papm ' Ar Fywyd at Atkiy 

lllb Ctitioff.' in V GDnirnm. 1807-9. by -LIvw 
Llwyfo:' Prtb^eiolIrinlayBithanUVoMgiati 
Wnloa, ill; fainauaj tiyUis K«(. Dmltiinaj 
In Wraxhnm I^Ult<Id(>Hl Tnina. ISSS.) R, J. J. 
HUGHES, JOSIIVA <]8O;-18e0},< 
: biahnjinf Nc. AM|>h, »on of C. Iltighea, Mq,, 
I of Nuwpon, I'cinbrokiiadiiiv, waa born at 
NeTttn, I'flmbrohnhin?, in IW7. ]U wa« 
#diicated ul Yslmiliiiuitrifr Hnntniar acho>J, 
and ai Si. David'aCoUuge, Lanipater ; at both 
liin pi'ribmtanoM gave pronlM of hitur« ili» 
liuciion. Wiib two brothnv, HiishM took 
orduts in ihti cliiircb of Biif land, Dviuc Ot-| 
doined dooton in 1S30, and pritvt in \fiS\. 
Hi* fitvt curacy niia at AboryKlwilh. w)»'nc« 
hi* paaaiid to lit. IMvid's, Carman bcii, and lo 
Aburgwilly. At Abergwilly ha fimc atiioy^d 
tha iiiliioaoy of I1iabo)i TfairtwuU, wboae ia- 
flui-nc'> l«ft <t« mark upou bis charnclLT. Afi 
AbfT^illvHugfaan worked wit hci/nauicuoM 
j aeal until ISIO, whim bs waa prMMiied to the 
I TioMigvof Llandorcry. Foribo twi-niy-four 
y«*nof hi* RatdonnT Ihcre Huglin wiu imu 
of the noat laborioun of Wclih clergy. Ha 
thoufbt little of ridingtwi?utv-five niilta oa 
•Snnoajr in onler to conduct tuur McrTictia in . 
liitpimch. Hi«bi>hc>iinindt' him ruraldmn, 
and bia Mlow cli'ivy timt him lo c.iiiTOCi 
, tiou. In 1870 Mr. Uladatono, nt tlia iu|r- 
I grfiian. it is (aid, of Dr. Thirlwall, ofi*Tod 
, thi' Taront bidiopric of St. Ai>a|ih to th* 
I Wolab^peolditf; vicar of I.IandoTMT. Tha 
apfiointinMil was criticiacd aomcwliat ad* 
VBiaelj beOMUe HushcH woa out a uniTcnttjr 
man, waa pnctitvily iinlmown outsida tba 
lViiici|iatitj, aad liad had taccluaively pan- 
rbial iix|i«n«iic«. Rrwit* juatiSod the cboieo, 
[lugfac* (who waa mad* U.D. by the Aiclk- 
faiahop of CABtorbuty) administortd bit dii>- 
oeav with riKour and impartiality. ItxacUi^ 
a high alandBrd from candiduUv for holj 
orden, and airentaoualT upholding ibo pra* 
rt^tiTM (if the church, Iw stiU cultivated 
friondtj ralotioaa with nonoosfonniiy. Hu 
(BTOond all nMonaUe laeaainrM of Vhuirh 
ntarm; lafaoitrtd hard to aacora Wdah- 
•jMwkiog cliir](y for Wriah and ba-liiifual 
parialid* i nniBiiitnl ihr prorijiion of •vmcoa 
in Welah for Wubb reaMmto in BoaliWi 
itiwna I and waa one of the SiM m well m 
warmatt anfportan of die ■ummmt for pro- 
mMbcklMaridMeatMininWalaa. InAiuiiat 
188(1 nnjunea w«a atriicli with praly>.ii< whilo 
at Criaff in IVnbahini- lie iwyit ralliwl, 
and diail thM« on I'l Jan. IttMt. Ui^aa 
nariM in 16S3 Mar^tanrt, daughter Of Sir 
Thofnaa HoKenny, and widow of Captain 
Otin, fay whom he had threa ton* aiul life 

Ilttghaawa* tJia aaiborof t«*«mtduu||M^ 
amnooa, and pamplilMa. (Aw of tim latter' 





on 'TheUiiivatrityol Bmekac«k'(iLd.f 18«6, 
■nd tigved ' Veritu'), wu much diwnUMd. 
[RMord. 2d Jiui. Ift89 ; Koith Vfulm Ouu- 
diim, i6 JkQ. 16)10 ; Moiiixonoo *'''"' Kxp^**^ 
39 Jan. 1889; iufurnialJOD Eram Itjo tie*. J. 
PriUhiml IlngbH.) A. It. B. 

HUGHES, LKWIS ijl. 16201. ch«pUin 
U Cli» lionnnilw, a Wi'l*liman, who aocaat 
U) haT« Ukcn bolv orduni in KnRUnd, ww 
one of the ouUmI Baitlisli wiilcrii in tb(^ 
BBrQluda«,aildpr<>bolil]r arrived in ihu iaUiitl 
on 1 1 July 1012. Tba plAiiuiion wai U tlie 
time in ib>- lnuidsof tb(> Virginia Coiiii|iuiy. 
llugliM took a )in>inini.-iil fitrt in tho Bl&in 
of ths colonv, and t'it|(a^iid in cORimare* 
tbnn. In I'si'i, after thi> lir*t ^rernar 
(Moon) left ibe iiUndi, biii autlidrilv full 
inW ihu bonda of llinn! deputy nivisiion,t«ob 
acting for a nonih in inrn. nnd. W Hugbea'a 
divusi, nucb diMnlvr and druiik«nii«MjiTe- 
niled <cf. Api>- ■■- ^tl> IC^P' ^r^' Kf*p. Putt. 
Xteorilt, p, 1-Ul, IIiig)ii>Kr-kiirnTvd tn dpfnit 
on at tempi nfthi-flcpiitinicii rnulinucinnffici; 
■ix luoniUi nftcf Uui nuw gnrpmor abould 
arrivu. When Hughe* uxplained bU action 
from liifl pulpit, tlii>n*wiu s uodo in ohuroh, 
and be wa^aTOMted: lie wasreltirueilobiinl^ 
aftprwardii, but iiuarr«ll«d with Kviib, Iiik 
fvllnn' miiiinliT, wli'i bnd titknn the doputiiw' 
■idf, and wa* iinprincimid a^[niQ for • abort 

On S9 Juno IBlftibc charter incorpoinitinfi 
tlio BormudM Coaapan; wa« Rmnlvd hj 
JamealiOnd Uie iu»<r jroTcraor (Tncki-r) was 
iiieUruet«d 10 ulmil nutflwa to hia council. 
in ■ flerco qumnvl with Iiu([1im. IlugbM 
dmouacwl Tuckev forbuildins Cw gov«rnor'< 
honM hy bread Ubour, and tbo sovomor, oc- 
oordinfftolluffhaiinwly ill-uiwd bim. Oc- 
MiiooMtT liign woraa puMid biTtwwu tlu^in 
ia <AlUi^, U «rb«n ' t hi) pTvaebiT repntui-ini^ 
. . > aome of lua audi lory forgavrin^ Tpon tbe 
women,** And why not, I pruy, art (cryM 
outlliegouwmoar in nublich) Arv ihp^ not 
God> cnMlurMF'" IIugh«« nl«o lind difli- 
C^tiiw about tlM cburoh *(irvici), aud drew 
UD a form for the um of hli cniiKn-gulion, 
Ot wbicii n uuuiuacripl copy i* in tbo poa- 
Muiun uf tbr Vaike of MaDf^bciil<.T (_&. pp. 
7, SI, S3). Turki^r afli-rwanls cbai^i-d him 
Willi uoiiconfomiiij. In an inT^-rval Iki- 
tw*«n Tudler'a depurluro and tli<.' nrrivnl 
of bis mccuNHir, BiilW, in lAlH, ivinfuiinn 
ofrnin prt'vailiHl. A didoyal faiCtion, mcor- 
niuufi llut[h«'* ioAii'-nci^, tritd bnH to win 
bia aupport, but ' lii> itilf rvfunJl and mtimM. 
protestaljon nKTiiiul it navi! a main blow to 
tlieir mutiuDus and cunfuwd proiMto.* 
Uugfaui came to Englaud iit IQH) to secure 

more miuMoa, utd to givs Uie compuj aa 
■ocouDt of tbe i^vaiicM of tlia pcoph. 
to accuM hiin of niilina agaiaM biibopa, tbo 
church, and ibo bnok of common prayw, and 
llughi<a mana^icd loaniwertJic cnarft^, but 
thvcompanrdeclincd taeonlribuioto biiux- 
pcDMa in coaning over. In 16:fl ha n.-tunied 
to lb« BvruiuiluA, and in Itl^'J woa appointed 
emu of the jjovi'niing bodv which (KiTMUOr 
Butler Dumiiialed on bin <U-partiiiv. About 
li3£.'ib>> finally came bAckt^Ki^tlnnd. Intbftt 
yonrhcpt-titinnod tbe privy council for arrcAfa 
nf hi* (olary. Ita waa iimbablv liic Lewi* 
II uffbvs who wa« ejected trom thu cbaptoinCT 
of tlic White Lion fi«ol, SoutbwAik.u) IflSr 
for nonconfannity, and i«cetT«d in 1(HA tho 
•vqucoitrred r«ctory of Wmlbounus Sumuk, 
but n<u^ed it bf-fon! I May 1M7 (App. to 
(lib ftep. A.'l llugliea married for ih« w- 
cond uiae, at Si. tiror^'n, Dotolpb Lano, 
bvltoouoduod 16 July Id^, Anao, widow 
of Jdm Rnutli, dra]icr, of Iiondon. lliaflnt 
wifu Komnio hnrv n-maincd in Eneloiid wUla 

he wiL.- in ihr R'Tmiiilui. In \li^'< Ttii^hM 

BpKiil -.ill! ill.' I I i.-ke,' 

n.iL:iii - i.iii.i'-i,. .: I VI ■ ■ -. I i into 
EnBland froiu tbi- .Soiiiiin 1 I l.i.i I -, l.iJiidnn, 
I6lS,-ltn. 2. '.\ riniii. lu.; in, l:.-bitioD 
of the (iDadiics of (lod toBunii tbv Soinmur 
Hands, written by way of Exhurlalion . , ,' 
Iiondon, 1G91. 4lo, 3. 'f'crtnini- (Irii^vanciw 
well worthy the sprioua Cons Idfrat ion of lh« 
. . .Parliomnil,' I'JIO, >Uo. u piimphlul di- 
rected t^ntt thcfbiiroh ncrvicv. Anollier 
edition waa piiblitib>fd b«^'•^.■ ihv jvax was 
out. 4. •C<'rlainefiricvftiioi'f,iirlhi> Krrour* 
of thp Swrviw Ilookp, . . .■ 1»HI, 4io, tttt 
■imilnr in maihir to tlu' prcrodin);. iu Ibe 
form of a dinloj^in. An aiuwtr njipLiuvd in 
the iiamL' yi-ar, nod another edition of the 
dialuifue ill m^l2, mid to be the fifth im- 
priMnoa, G, 'SiKmi from ll«aven of tha 
WralhuidJudfcement*ofGoilr«adyiocoaD« 1 
upon tha Entmiea and ParMcutoni nf tbe 1 
Tniib : whdvunio are annrJiMl Kxamplaa 1 
of moat Guuful JiulKumanta of Gocl, upon 
Cburcheaintimnof I>JTinaSerTioe, and upon 
^hbath BrMiktrrn, and upon auch as have 
revilisl the I'roluiianla. . ., calling thtim 
Ruundlii'odB, in rrurauch and dtmlou,' Lon- 
don, 1(H^, 'llo. Uuoh of thin appear* agaiB ' 
in 0. * A Loukiiig-Klaase for all true hearted 
ChriniiniM . . .' |j>ndon, 1(MS, Bto. 7. X 
printnl copv of Hughfw'* Pol.itiouof 1625 to 
the Vtx-ry Council, giTinj; an Dfcount of bia 
monv traublua, i« in Itnl. Miu. Add. MS. 

[Notea and Queries Ath (er. ix. IBS. lil 3IS, 
AISi Haabu'a Worka. Mpticlully hi" I^tlicion; 
ChMa^iLondoa 3Urriii{^ IJceiisu; Cnl. State 




Pfvtw. CdIod. Scr^ AncTiM uai the W«at In- 
dia>, lait- leeo. 1Sfl2 ; CliL Sikle pHMn. Dom. 
IMI-4 t>. 362. IBOl p. 3A8; Iarroy*M«nDri^* 
of ih« linrmu'lAa; Smith'i Uiiurv irf Vli^inm; 
Hul. of tb* nonaodiu, atlribaliJ to Sniilli. d. 
UfcoyflUkliiylKoe.l; S..!r» lli«i. of iho Vir- 

SniB Compknj'; Nrrll'K Kci^-liuli r.iltinlMllou of 
utaiM ^uriBg the ^icniceDLb Century.) 

W. A. J. A. 

HVOHBB, MAROAIIET {d. 171fl). ar- 
tnm tai aiarm* t« t'rmcpH IIuu«t, liiu 
OOBtntod with Mary Itoltertim lli^ ponj- 
tiiNi of the e«rti«Bt BCtTuW i)n llif Engliirh 
•togc, irkich in fut bdongo lo iivilhcr. Ax 
K laeBibt'r <.'( iho king's compuiv )>lnTin|; 
•t iIm Tkwtiv KojtA, Riil»«qu«iitly Uriin- 
Lwo, ah« iru, ID 1G83, llio flnt tvcnrdod 
npnwnUtirn of Dwdomonn. AccoirdiD); 
to Downri I AoiaW Anfftioanu*, p. 8) she 
WM the oriKinal ThL>odnaia id I>ry(]«ii'a 
'BTrainff'i Lave, or iho Mock A(.irolo»r>'r.' 
21 Jiuie 1l3(W. !>\ue hImi iilat'«il Pncxiini in 
t]w ' blantl IViiicara ' of pl«fcli*r nn it* n>- 
vivkl, 7 Jan. 1069. Aftmr tbi» tini" alie 
diMpnctn from iba Atago of thi- Tlicntn 
lEoyaliOnivd ofrnnmniably by I'rincr.- Hu- 
pan. Ilomilton^ wonU ooucunung thU 
tnHMetion uu : ' Prince Rupert bad found 
HaghM. wbu braushl down aod (n^tly ^ 
■QMiied his naiut«rficrcMi«a»'(Jtfirmo(r«^' 
OMiiiiiM>n/,p.:i<t».«<]. IMI1). InlUTSalivn- 
tnmed to tbtslngv Kiidjuint-'l ilii> Ditk***00m- , 
pRsr. plavini; nT Dor^«t Gtrdcn Cordidik in 
D'L^rtriy'i 'I'onil llii«baii(l,*licaD*cd IS Juno I 
I67S: Uctavi* in llnviinieiaft'ii * Wranjt- 
line Lavm,' liecnwd 3S Sept. 1U7U : Mn. 
MonjrloTO in 'Tom KMcnce, or tb» ^ioiluib 
Wifc," by lUwIin*. MeeoMA 4 Nov. llir«; 
Channiuii {tie} in Sir Charlw Stdley"* ■ An- 
IODrutdCtc<^ira,'liMiiMdM ^^' "*'' = 
VBli-rtaiii3Ir*.B«bn'«'R<nw,ortIiirBuu«b«d , 
r^iali«n,'lio)(u*d2Jii1vlfl77iUidL«ono» | 
IVinci- KuiK'rt hoii|;!ii forbrr in IB63 the fine 
•Ml iHor HamnenmilhufriirNicholuCriip 
fq. r.\ mbMqaaail; ocvnpicd by Prinoow 
nroHiiB, wkoMoun^ I lie wife of Oeom IT, 
and known aa Bninilaiiburc Iloaw. Bv tbe 
prin« ab* had a daiighim lfiipfrt«, bom 1678, 
wlw marrird Emanivl Scri>iH> Ilnwo [q. v.\ 
diwl at SaBiTvt IloDw nboQt 1710, anil bad 
a iltugliirT, Hojihia lli>H*<', u'bi> wa* niaiil of 
honoiir lo l.'nr>bnr. princnw of WiIm. Ao- i 
mrdinf; to Ibe buna) rvfiiiem of Ijtm in 
Knit, copied by LyMB*, *Mn. MafgartC 
HowM frocn Rttliam' wan hnirlpil llwrc nn 
ISOcLinn. TIv bin will. Hatnll lln:. KI82, 
Priae* Hiipvrt li'ft all bi* goodt. cbaiii'li, 
MtalM, ftc, lo William, eari of Cnvon, in , 

tnut for tbi» usp anJ behuof of ' HmrKurt 
IIqwm and of Kupcrln. my nntumU dniiKh- 
l«r b«eott«n on int.- boJiir Ki( the uid )lar< 
fAi« Flfwea, in equal BuneliM* ( WilU/rvn 
Ihirbin Gimmatu, CnmdtU) Soc.t He oltO 
bndn HuiHTln b« ilnlifiil nii,l iib''dit<nl to Ler , 
inotbDr, and not diijiiui' of bi-nu'lf ill mamuv^ 
witlioiit bcr conauDt and tbc- ndvicu of tno 
Earl of Craipii. Id tbesoamlaloua ' I^'Itvn 
from (bv l>t'uil to tbe Liring* ufTuai Bniwn 
arraijini' ' P[«',|I irtig'Jica' for Lftt'mg woalvd 
orct rnriU iithI illrii tliv rsoni-}' i<lii> rvc>-ivi.>d 
from I'riuivt Ifujwrt, In tha niimrrvr, nhicli, i 
lil» tile Bttnrli. ii, of coufM', iinntciiiHrjr, tbs '. 
cbargi! IB admit ti'J. In a bunk oriiMountaat 
OMmbe Abbey i« n docunn-ut BijjTifd by Mr*. 
Jtupfirt, iii. liSS). Aa irict'll<>iit porlrait of j 
Ma(gar*tiIuBhM,brL*ly,i§at UirHJntey'a' 
bouM, ?klii1[tlrton Park, imr Itii'tuicr, ItX' 
fordkliire, and n futl-lcnetb of liujintta by 
Kncllcrifnl l^nlSanJnicb'ahouneatilincli* 
inbrcHtk, Jliiiiliiigdonsbin-. 

( itcmli.i aiiil pUy* oltid , Qanaat'i ApoouoI of , 
ilx- RugtUii Stni^i Ilowna*'* Hovni* Angli- 
i-aiiu«, td. WnldiMu; Jiotvaanil QaBri«;2iid wr. 
iii. 7] J. K. 

mrOHES, i>R.\|tlATI. n.D. nOOB-i 
1741), pmbyicrioii uiinJM<^, tou of Omtfa 
Ilnghea (of. Xavnmbcr I'lVI), minialt-r at 
CanturbuTf, waa born in ItlDJi. IlisfailMr 

■ ■iuduntdhipatL'hriitCbiirrh,<)xfiifd.bofor« 
Inking bis d«gms rwrit«l prrabylurian ordi* 
nation on B Mnrcli 1)>'U *i Itirniouib, and 
mini*t«n<c1 from .V|-ril 1*171 in l^indon, and 
aftorwonbi at KiificM ibU p>nrail, by Dob-^ 
•on, mijnvvi-d by J. Caldwall, i» giTMi in 
PiLXKIC, iVon^n/ormuf* Mmntriai, 17T&. 
i. 8)ti; an iiUvtiDr imtn«vin{t it in tbc 2nil 
«dil., I80S, iL tHh Obuduh lluitliM Ifao 
yoiingor waa •dncMcl at a .S<<irtiBb inii- 
venhj (not Edinburgh). In 171*:^ Kiag^ 
CollowtOkl Abrrd«*a,iinil him ibi' diploana 
of D.D. Ilnvinit ai'ti'd for Mine (inn aa A 
dOBuMiecbnnUin.bowiuioiiUinedoB 11 Jail. 
1721 at tbi- nil] J<'wn'.b«i tilt ikanawataattq 
Joa1iua(ll<IhvM. IM> Maid Lan^8afltli• 
wark. Tlwiuiib a noii-«iibacrib«r at Sallora' 
llall in I71tl,b««ft*iuirviiiict<'lii-n1 iin-ncbi-r, 
Wiib lAidoff and otb<T* )io nublialinl * 
TuHKlayatwnii^lMianBi tltpC)ld.[iiwcvi bo 
brlonKMlalKi, wiib Jf-miiinb Hunt ^|. fi^iitiil 
otlii-ni,(OBtnini-i<'r>'rt<i)>ii'birb ni'-t *t('bi'w'* 
rair<*-bniu*. Ib^itLaur. Iln <>ldl)itlil'*<Unlb 
on KNiiv. 17^ li« b(«ainc airlv pnntnr at Moid 
Lanu.aad «bi at uiice dci'lnl Uldli'ld'a auo- 

H ughes 



etatoT t* tnuWv of Dr. Daniel \VitU*iiii>V 
foundAtiou*. IIi> wdk put in 1734 in the 
couran of MmoiM ngainn poptry Hi Biilt»-r«' 
Halt From VH^ to 17A0 bo wn* uvresaty 
to Um prMbi^tvrinn bonn). In ir'!.*) Li! sue- 
owdfld Sunual Sar ai Li>iiff Dilch tnovt 
Prince* Stjvel), \Vf»lDiiii»tr[. lie bconint.- 
oni' of Ihi' Salters' HbU Iwtun-M in l"4tl. 
His limlih failed liim whiU atill in hiitpriinv, 
and lie OimI oil 10 Pvc. irAI. Kunnnu Mir- 
tnons yrvK pr*i»cli*il by Snniii«I l.nwiicticu, 
P.P., of MonkwcU tiUwil, nnd John Allen, 
M.n., lit Xvw Bpood Street; that by tUe 
UltoTwiupiibliihed. lIutcbM macried n siM«r 
of Sir JoUn Flyer, bftrt., oue of th« prwby- 
torijin ffi'niiy, who WSA loni mayor of LoBilon 
in 17:11. Hi- adopted Lit wife'n niect', Dpiiaa 
Fryer, who ui&rriiM] JosIiim livmon^r, nnd 
(lif^l ill DMvmber 1744. 

li^'ilsoii givtm a list of fourluon Kipiuiit« 
Bsrmaiu by IIu(^k« pabltGhml betvcen I7:IU 
wtd 1749, nffht of them buinefuneralaeTtDOuii, 
including thaw for Otdfic-ld and Bty. To 
thaw may Iw added: 1. *A Ssrmoii ou Tbe 
Aunivcmry of Kiue Gitorg*<'x Cdronalion,' 
*C., ITiifi. 8to. 3. -The SnUalion of (iod'n 
PeopK' *c., 1745, Rvn. 3. ' I'naco attonduil 
with Bpfurmntion.' &c., 1749, Jlo. 

A nnplii-w, Obndinli |]u){lii.-fi. son of John 
[Inebns, minititoroi Wuru, |-li.-rlford»liir^ <rf. 
iri'f', hrolhorof tliefijret,n>ini"), wofrnfclliiw- 
(liidRiii with Unddridiffiit Kibwurtb,aiAi8Ii>d 
hill I'ntlier nt ^^'ILn.•, and was al^erwarda 
miniatcr nl SiHptuhiintt , Ki'nI. 

( Sormnii by Allen, IT62j CWamy's 
Aooiiuiit, ITIH. p. S3i; Calamy'ii Continiuitiaii, 
1737, i. 24* : CnUmy'a Own Life, 18S0, ii. 614 ; 
I>K>MUnt Diwntrr'i Tttug., ITOe. p. II ; Wft- 
Mo'a DianiiiiK)! OiurohM of Loodod. 1811. 
ir, SA *q. ; JfrcmyS Priwbjli'riiin FunJ. lMll^ 
pp. 122. lausqj A. O. 

HU0HE8. Sin RICHART* (172B^- 
ISm). ndinirni, in Miid lo liiivn br<rn imm in 
I730(Fi'*TKll, flnroni'tnije). Hi" BTnlidfnthcr, 
Captain Uii'liiini IIiikIii-> yd. 17o(i|, und liii 
ftl1u<r. Sir liicbnrd HiikIk-i, firal buroiiL-I {il, 
23 Si'pt. 1780), wi-i-B both 111 turn for many 
ycnra cotnmiiuiuuoni iif tli? iiai'v at Pon«- 
Btouth. It«iu>«dmiral KoWrt Hughes (of. 
17M), whoM wm mother of Ad- 
miral Sir Itobort r(ildpr[Q, v.JBonmn to hnv* 
Wn bin ^rnndtlndc (cf. C)lAU!<oCK.iii. IdS, 
at?. V. 4.1. J»3). 

In 17.19 Hucbea waBMiIt-rvdal tbuUuyiil 
Academy at rortamoiitb, and tliMw VL-an 
later joinod lbi> Fi-vi-rtlinin, rnmni* tided by 
1ii§ fslbi^r. On 1 April 174-i, whilo acting- 
liciitenHQl of thp niiribrd in ihi' Mrditi'i-- 
mnvjin, bn posn'd hi» exmninaii"!!, nnd wiu 
doeI«r*>d in Iho cortiScntc to \yv ' iipwnrdu iif 
SI. The uirxt day lie vroa pmmoted by 


Vi«^-■dmirBl l{owl«y to be lieutOBaat of 
ih(^ 8tiiliii)i Ca*lli^, and CMitinuMl Mrvinj; 
in lice till ibe \nvie«. In Vibi ba wkt ap- 
poioied loThii AdricoigoiDgouito theWtwtJ 
lodir* wit h I bo broad {H^nant of CoaimodoroJ 
I'ye ; in li*r he loat tho >i)rht of on* of hi* 
ryra, whieh «u accidentally pii'rv4-d hv a 
lablt^fork. OnilFeb. I'littbewmpromuieil 
li> )k' cciiiimunJer of tbo Spv,and wiu posted 
lu ili« Hind on 10 Nov. In Jauu&ry 17'i8 
h« was appoiaiiHl to thi.> Active, one of tho 

aaadron innpUiyvd diinnx tlii> «iiii)ni«r nn 
• coaat of nancs ■lnd1^T Cotnmodnn' 1 lown 
[•cu UoWR, RlCKAXD, V.xkl\ ; and in Febru* 
ary 1769 to the Fnlmoutli, oiui of the ahipa 
mnt out under BivirHidmiral Samuel OomUkJ 
q. v.] to join Vici'-aduiiral I^xwrk in tbft] 
^ut IndiM. In the folluwinfc JHnu&ry Im^ 
vas mnvi>i) into the York, and in har patti- 
cipBU^d in ibi! rediiirlion of PWld'tolURy in 
l7fV>-l. Hnwn* »borily nftnrwanLioUuMlj 
hv ill-hraltli lo rt-inrn lo Kiij^laiid, anf iu 
Novi-mbcr 1761 be wna appoinled lo thtt 
Portland, for nervipe qu tlu! bome atalioB; 
in liM, in tlie following aiiuimer, he cwried 
the Earl uf nuchinghumshire.aaaDDbuaa^ 
to Rniwifi, ti Croti»t(tdi. In April 1763 
wn» IntnnfiTTvd lo ibe Itortmt fiigabt i 
ocniionnl Ri-rvico, including tli* convorin 
irori^ii to Uorwe in thonprin^of 17tlU. t-rum 
May 1707 to SIny 1770 he oommtnded the 
Hrm ^mrdihiji nl I'iymiiulli, and tbe Wor- 
cuater|{u>i''l*hip"< I'ortiinoiitb from January 
1771 to Joiinary 1774. In 1777 be na- dji- , 
puinlitd to the Ceniaur, atid in Jimu l~>d| 
wnaaeui nut aarMidentcommiMioDerof lb*] 
nnvy nt Halifiix, and alao, in «X|iI«« tnraUr^l 
* efiromniidn^iii-cbipf of bin Mnjmty'* ahipa 
nnd ve»oU wbieb •lull friim tini« to tiniK 
be at llalifux, when there »lmU lie no lliijj 
olEcvr or senior oflieer prL-noul.' Tliis ulUcAi 
b« Ix^td till -Hi Sept. 1760, when be ""^^A 
promut<>*l to )k> renr-adminil of tlii; blu« : ini 
ihH pn*viou« April he had aiiwondcd to tW" 
Imrnni-ley, on tbo ilcnlli of hia fathpr. In 
MUX ho wna commnndcr-in-FbiRf of tlia 
«|UBdron in the Down*, ond in 1782, vritli 
bu flup ill the Pritiet-u Amulia. commanded 
a division in the grand llevt under Lord 
Howi> ul iliu tvlief of Gibraltar, and th<>Mi- 
connlFT with the allle* olT Cape Sporlvl., 
Up was Dft<irTCard8 Bpnt nut lo tbo Wotbl 
Indien lo reinforce .\dinirnl Plgot, and oil 
Pigot's reluniinfl: to Hnelnncl rruiaini'd on 
comroondei^in-cliief, with Im Wag in Ibe 
Lt'under, und'nr'U in tho Adnmnnt, 
tlip liii^r "hips beiiifi -rrderyd homf. 

Tlie pcriwl of bi* rotnnitiiid wua mark«dJ 
bv two iiieidi'm* of in1iTi?Bi, mainlv frooM 
ificir ronnrRtion with tha car«ar of fi«lBOB>j 
In 1783 lluybiA, on the rvprtMUttationi i 




_ I mmcluuita, hai! betui iniluoed to vrait-e 

tbe mforeODMit uf Ibu narijtatiou Un-* nitll 

in the WmI lndie«. Bill N«<l60ii poiiiioa 
out to lum lliBi th" ffiu]>t-n«Ion nf ihir oet 
tOGeMdoil Kin Ii^l ^wtT, ruid IIukI»!*i 
BOOvplinK NVliKid'i Tii'ir. irnn aftonimrda 
tbuucixl by iliL> truuiiiy for bin uciiou. (o 
the Bnnitvnni'F of Xulton. wUo I'diiiidt-riil 
thu th« iliunbd irrrv diir to liimwlf alone, 
and Uini lliigli>.>« liatl mtliiT dt-itHnod n i>>- 
primniid ( l,ii:eilTOS, Let Irr to/ Lard AW«jb, 
p. 2S). Till' oiher incidont kkmu out of thn 
■dmirnrn ifiving Captain Moutray.Ilienarol 
CQBBiMionor at Aniifiiia, nn ordiT in net os 
conrniandta-in-cliiuf of llie kHIju Uit-rg ia ibo 
abftmcvnf au'DiorofficLT. IlugliM mu pro- 
bably minlcd bjr (bi? rrnns ttf his ovni com- 
miMion at Itnlifax a f'-w j^art bcfuiv: but 
M Moutmv wiu on liulf-pn)', nilli no i-jl^- 
cntlTn HUtliorily fmni thi> ndmimlty, ih* 
ovdpr wan irrvtrular, and NiOd^an rGfunKl to 
ab»j it, iltiu drawxne on himwlf an olEcial 
•dinonitiun (i6. p. 31). BbkImb appi'nrs 10 
have Imtti nn umioblv, MS^temiwri'tl lunn, 
without mill.')) i-ntrgy or fore« of charnotvr. 
'Kr Richard lltiguea,' Nvlaon wrol<', ' it n 
fliMlMi tbanfoni, a* hi* time i« taken up 
tniiiiif[ that inatnunitnt, . . . thu iqiindroii 
i> cunicdljoiitof tunc. He livminn biiord- 
in^bouK Al Itnrbadop*, not much in ibu 
atyle nf B Itritiih admiral. Ilv ha-iont ibat 
Ofiinion of hi* own luiui! that be dlikIiI 10 
llare: hv do«« not girc bimMilf that irvigbt 
tLat 1 Ibinll an English admiral ought 10 
do'(iA. pp.3S, »). 

In lbs •ammm' of ITi^S Hugh** rrtumed 
ta r'nglond, and in I'lW, aKniii in ihn Ada- 
muni. wvnt out aa comma ndvr-in-chiuf at 
lUlifu, from which ho nriumul iu May 
I7H3. He becomt? a vicvudminil on 'i\ S«pl. 
\7W>, anil admiral on U Sept. I'M, biii 
bod no furtlMr acrriee, and diMftJNv.1913. 
Ha married Jane, dnagbfar of William 
flfrnBt. Dvphow nf Sir 1 1 an* Sloonc, and bad 
iMiM two aon*, wbo died bofnre liim, and a 
(laiixfatiT. The baronolcypaaeM! to hU bro- 
ther Itnbert, in whoan line it ia Mill vTlont 
[•M Hml-^T IfcoBu. Wirxiu. l^i»-lH(ir. 

(Charnod'* Tliuft Nat. ri. ISO ; alTiciiil Ucien 
aau othor documMt* ia th« Public RKotd 
OCn.) J. K. L. 

HUGHES, 1t< iltKIlT (Itonnt Vvv u Fos> 
(ITMf-IT^Ti), W«UhiraU,«raabonatCaint 
Bacli, in thupariabof PeuDTimU in An^«- 
Mf about 1744. AftMrewiTingagMdMu- 
eatioo noder ibe c«re of tim Tictr of iIm 
panjib,li*bocaaaa«oboolma«>wat Amtwdi. 
and aniTirnnU iipvnt Hrvnlj vcor* in Loo* 
don M barriaUir* el*rk. llltimatol}' lus 

; beolih foiled; liH retumwl io WaU*, acWt 
as a tchoolmoMer at CBniarron,uulilnnf[or 
cnnaumptiiHi £7 Feb. 1786, aged 41, yru 
buried in the I'arif^hchiircliyard or I^taitbehlig, 
CnRULrraiubin', YfliiT* iImi Society offiwy- 
nL-ddjgion,of wluchh<> wit»a founder, urwM>il 
a manumait to hia mumory. \ portrait nf 
him wai oifnnvnl. 

llughmV ' C'ywvdd MoUwd Mon,' and a 
CDUplf uf En^lynion npjwurud irilh a brief 
biogruphical iiolic'by the vicar of LlnnllTfni, 
CamnnnNAhiri', in ihe •Diiidntmch Teii- 
luaidd," l*>i: (pp. x\\, \i\i, 2.H, I'aO). In 
the 'Itryihon,' ui. ;ir*l, apiirnn bin '(.VTydd 
Myfyrdod y Uordd am ei tlotiad, pan oudd hi 
yn murdwyo •> Fon i Faiiaw: mc'wn cwcb a 
elwid "Tarvr," i.e. 'The bard's mi.-di[ation 
onbiaaweethenrraMltiDgauil frum Angliwey 
totlm Uleof Man in a boat colled tlieTaunio.* 
Thia isdatH 1763. Tbfrc \» a 'Cywydd y 
Byd ' hy him in lUackwcIl'* ' ('vlHiKTnwn,' 
i. Sfl6, 1834. and a ■ Krddar^pli' (epifapb) 
oonaiMing of tbnv Euulynion in tho ' tireal ' 
(Londuu, 16fJ-'i), p. 7il. Nine of luMpovma 
are niibli^ied in 'CyfrMjCViuion.'LivetpiMl, 
lR*g. Drit. Uiu. Addit. MS. 14903 con- 
tain* UDpubtidiiHl pneiDs by llugboa dating 
from 1 7tt> to 1 7*^ in bis own handwriting. 
TbfHiatfmrnt that thi^rDanpoemaby Hujghna 
iu the 'DeiviiHil llaniodau'i* crroneouB. 

ilafonoation from tbo Kar. 11, !<^IvaD Krana 
ProfMMr Povtl : WiUiotna'* Eminent WoUh 
men : Brit. JSvk Cm.] R. J. J. 

HUGHES ltOBF.ItTBAI.L(ia)ft<im8), 
sculptor, bont iu Londoa on Id Jan- 1806, 
waa jirobably oon of Captain Ball, ILN., 
wlirwe mottior'* second husband was Admi- 
ral Sir toward Uugbo^ and wboae oon Ed- 
ward, tbo Mlmiiml'a heir, oasumwd Uu aur- 
name of Ilngbo* in 1819 [aon Hpom^ Sim 
Ecwx&o. adjin.'^ Robnrt workod tor mvfh 
yean ia tlie vluili" of H. II. Bnily, ICA., ami 
wosaMudMit at the Royal Acadirmy. TImv, 
in I *''i!i, h" irnined iho gold medal for a ba»- 
thaa*.' which wan Pibihitnd at the Acadomy 
in the foUowiiiK ymr. In 183S be exliibitea 
a aUtno of AcbiUBcin ISM buota of iboEhib* 
of SaaMX aad the Duke of WdliniiCan, and 
in 18SA • A Shq)herd Boy.' In IfSdIInithM 
UA KngUnd.and poMod ibe rcmaimlivof hia 
lif« in lbs ITnitad 8tnt«& His most impoi^ 
■ant Amoriean woria wero^ the KAtna of 
Atennder Itamtllon for tbp MpreJianU' Bx- 
cbange.New York,deirlniyedhr Grein 168fit 
ib« bronu ataiue of Nntbanlul Bnwdiidi, 
now W Mount Auburn : an'l the moniim*iil 
to Diohop Ilobart io Trinity Clitirch. NVw 
York. In IWil be «*nl over to lb« inlnr- 
oaliuna) vibibattoD in London ■ itotiw of 


1 88 


OliiKr Twiit. Tlie Baser,!! Atbtnueum do** 
■cMCBuoviTklBpucuBtauufliuirark. Ilodi«d 
U BoMon. L'^A., 6 Ukrcfa 180^. 

[Art ioBTial, IMS: Cl«aat mi»l Horcm'* 
Anitfa of th* Kiooumth Ctetny. ) S70 ; I>r>k«'s 
ABuicBn Binitnpby.] F. )L O'U. 

HUGHES. THOMAS O*. loe7>, dwiM- 
tiit. n tialivi.- vf Ctusliin;, wu iutne»lal«il 
ai (juMnw' CoUen, CambniJM, in Noniiibrr 
l5TI,pmnttl(dB.A. ll}7&-«.«nilanHSrpt. 
I ST9 WM elec1«d • fetlow of hi* colli^ under 
a roTVl iBaniUl4% ()n IfsTinirtkmhndffe be 
txanv n m*-mbiTor(imj-'« Inn. iK- had the 
cbiof«lurc in tlv naib'-niup of 'The ilis- 
forUuHs of Arthur, rwjuced inlo TrajnCkl 
XobM t>v T. U.,' a I>L>}' iH-rfurmeJ b^nra 
Qurai Clirabirtli al unWDwicli on S FVb. 
lii^-H, by meinbtn of On/* Ian, and 
' printed wiUi lbs gMvnl titla'of ' Ctnaiue 
De*i*w and 8b«wM pCMentad tober HnJMtie 
br th« tiMtltfnMi of Qrave^iliuie at ber 
llioluMwwCoart in Ureenwich,' &&. Robert 
Itokinasro, IKST, bU 8ro f Brit. M lUMua and 
Uuke uf Di-Tooiihirt'i Ijiirari'), Tlii« plaj 
wan rv|iri[it^ in C-oilivr's %ufpli^inooT t>> 
•SodOer.'and i« include*) in Mr. Hulilt'* 
edition of Tlnd^lnj^ii colkction. Il i» ooir of 
tlie MrliMt |>Ut* in vrtiicb UbbIc vrrw wa* 
•DBplojrod, and Vnaai Baooo bi.'l|K-d to 
■nrn^e tbe damb-iliuws. 

[OotMt'i AtIt«iutC*nUt< M.SIX; KdEtr'a 
Km. I>rBRi. IB13, tii. 46-7: I>c4tl«v'i OM 
Fl^. «l Hniliti. JY. 3^1, &«.] A. H. a 

ltM7), hiiUirita, bom at Numnt^m, ^^'nr- 
iHck<iiirp. on So Aujr- I'tWy was ihe rldesi 
■twivin^ oon of Diifib Ilu^bn, curalv of 
Nuncaloci, and reclor of Hardwick. Xorlh- 
amplookliin*. He Mceived Itia early r<]»- 
caltOD from tbe I{*v. J. S- Col>b"i!i!. •>- 
at NuQi'alon ^Tnmmnr nchnol. am! ji1'< - 
irards a« atniTala piujiil at Wilby in Sut- 
folk. In 1801 bo «M imnt lo .Shrewsbury 
School, tbnn undertbe b«ad>inniit<-r!)liipof J>r. 
Samod Butler, and in (Jct'iber lf>i3 wiu 
cntcrod at a penaloner at St. Juhu'* L!ulWt', 
OambridgCL QU iinimaity career wa« din- 
tingubbM. BMidoacoll^:* piiaea lieitaiiKil 
tlie Itronii« ini*ilnla for thn Liilinodc^*Mi>r« 
Nelsoni,' in ISOfi,and for ihn (Jn-itk ode, 'In 
Obilum Ouliclmi I^tl,' in 1>*07. Mn icni- 
dnnttid U.A. in ItW ai fotirtwnlli >ci<ior 
optimc'. nndpruci.i'di.-d M.A. in It- 1 1 audlJ.lX 
in MIS. atohtaiavAlhtr mvai\ivrHiyTij:v(oT 
thALatiaeiMjiii ]8U0nnd ItilO. Thi-lari«T 
eaaay, a dlacuiMoiiof tbHnierii«ofCi<;eroai>d 
Clarvndon. irn* jiriiilod in vol. Tvii. of tbo 
'rlftwicnl .loiimnl,' IfilS. HiikIich Wfti n(»- 

rnintnl in 1809 1« on a«n*I«ut-tanstor>Iiip nt 
Urron'.undrrDr.OMTge Butler, but finding ' 

tlw IKwitioii itfctom bi? ret uraed lo L*iiiDfarid|:c 
in IbU. In tint »meyi»z IwwaaelL-cltd to 
a fbnndation felkmiiipal 9LJobn'«, and in 
DiKEinbcr ISIS acoaptad Um MM of trari-l- 
liag tnwr lo Itobnrt Toini]«7 Parker of 
CaurdcD Uoll, L*nca«birc. During a tonr 
of about two jrftn be riaitcd Spain, Italy, 
SicPj, Orwo«, and Albania. Tbe t»uU of 
bu (MtwrratHiB* be publiabed u * TrareU in 
Sicily, Grmoe, and Albania,' 2 tuU. tui, 
l^'Xi SnA «<i1it., partly ecdai^ and partly 
abridttrd, i' roU, Sio," 1830. The moA. u 
iUiutratal wilb platH txom tha dravuui of 
C. K CockrrcU. In Septombar li^lA he wm 
otdained deacon. He wax appninlnd aMLt- 
lant-lntor at his (.■ollefr', but immniiatolj 
Koignfid and aooeulrd a ffUuwibip and 
tDiorshipai Trinlti Ilall, thus maierially in- 
juring hi* prwjHx-lV. In lisl~ be accepted a 
EeUowahipat hmiBanuclrK>Ueg«<,WB8<)etted 
junior proctor, and won thv Sealonian ptue 
paemon 'BeUiBsar'i Feaii.' Hie v«i!«*ii>- 
apred Jolin Martin'* well-known painliBR 
OB tbat BublMt. In ISlif be waa appointed 
h^ Marsb, biakop of Petecbart>n)ib, dono^ 
tio and eTanining cbmlain. He rcmaiMd 
at Kminanuol, trhcre be becaHe dean and 
Grrc-k Iretuimr. In 183S bejniblialied -An 
Addrow to th« iV^ of nieland in the 
cauH- of tbe Umka. oeeaaioned by ibo lalo 
inhuman moasacica m the lala of Scio,' and 
ia 182S 'Coaaiiltimiioai upon tbo Gnrk lln- 
volulion, with a VindtcntMn of the autbori 
"AddreM" . . . fiocn tbe attack* of C. B. 
SlKridan.' At Cbrtttaiu l^ii be va* ap- 
]io(nto(l ChriuJan advocate. On bianMrntge 
m .\uril 182^ he h«cani« cnrate al dieuer- 
ton, but two year* Iat<T relumed to Oun- 
bridgT!, wbero he livod until about a y«ar 
tvRini luD death. llii ownpaltoa* w«rs 
I ' i ill litrrart.allhoogb be not imfrtijurtitlr 
->!»•:!' I'lrrical duty. He was oneuf tbe 
If* for tbe'oeirdaaiMuil iripo* of 
1 ' ■'■■« whicb he aniii Blled in laStl 

uu.. i.-j.-. On "6 Feb. Iw?? be was collated 
t"irn.-ti'!.i: Ni:vi:, /&rt>,«d. Hardy, ii. IVM). 
Iti 1 1|. ■ ■! '■ yr^rbirwiuianuimwcciifulrnnili- 
'l"! '■ ■ ■ ■■ -i'':iii-mn»t«r»hipofKugbySthooL 
I" ' -look an edition of ihe¥frit- 

ii>:.' "I -'i:ii ' : lilt' ^TtMt divines of tbe Euf- 
liib t^nrch in n ch.^'ii]) niul popular form, with 
a biograidiical mtiniriir of eHcli wril«f, and a 
siimmarv in the form of nn nnnljiiia pndxad 
to each of their work"; Iwfiitv-two TolnniM 
of ihii collection upjK'iired. fn 18,t2 be wan 
pTMented by tlie dean and chapter of ViXtr- 
borough to tWreviOTj' of Fiakerton, Lincoln- 
•biiv, and in t1h> eame y«ftr aticoeeded lo the 
family living of llardwick. Hie chief work, 
Ibo continuation of Hume aad SinolletlB 



II ughes 

'Iluturyj^ En£l>ii(l' fnMD iho iccwion of 
QMNIgf in, was undiMtakcn in IHfM, at (bi? 
nqUMt of A. J. V«li)y. It. wan BTiticn. in 
tfe»fiT«t inMnnCP, willigrrnt mpiclily.tu niMil 
tlw tiv|uiri>in(-Tit> nf n dican mocitulv imu^; 
bal Ihigfan slivtllr rtrnik-dliiiniwU'of a »«W 
M<jucnt opporluTiit; of publinliiuu il with 
conaiilenble cMivctioiui, antl wiih n Irf^p 
poitlon kctuallv rewritr«ii. A rMnl I'llitina 
mt iMiMd til f840 in Miv«>ii oclavn voluDioa. 
OUwr projwcw WOTP «nt*niuniil, wch nn an 
Dr. Jnlin Loo nnd Mr.AhLTmiiii, •nil a c-in- 
pIUiioH of oammoDtkriai <ia the Bibli- ; biiT 
tic difl nM lira to exMUte tJiom. In Mnj 
liM'J lii^ wagp uwit fd to iheperpetiial canvj 
of Edgvare, MidiltMt-x.lty Dr. L««. llugli(« 
died on H An^. 1^7, harine nuuried April 
1^03 Ann KEnmiidBu^hlcr or thn Rev. John 
Fortur nf Onutt Yanooulb, nhn aurvii-vd 
mUl A April 16S0. 

WM aUo aiitbor of: I. 'A Defuneo of the 
ApoMle St. I'aul n^inni llie actuHtion nf 
OuiMliot Smidi, 1vm^> [1.0. Jeromy npnttinml, 
io ft Ptcont nnblication «iititl«d " Not I'nul 
but Jiaw.'" Part I.,' Avo, 18*4. Part ii., pub. 
linhwl tho Hima Tc«r, wa» untitled ' On tlw 
Miraclfi of S«. I'nuL' 2. ' .A Lwior lo (iotl- 
fivT lligi^iu UD lbi> (Ubji-ct of Ilia " Horn ' 
S«bbaliAi>,~'Sro, ISriO. £ 'Tbe Doctrine of, 
8t. Paul rufrnrdins tbe DivinvNatun-of Jmiii 
ChH«c congidurrd; morv jiadiciilnrly in an- , 
»wi<r t<> • pamphlet !«■ Ilviijnniin Mardort, in- 
litlwl"'niP A|H«lk'l'nuliin rnitftriiiii,"8TO, 
1837. 4. •AnRmminniinnnf.St. PAiilVDnc- 
triiM iMpivtine Ihi- IHvinilT of Ohri>t, in 
wUoh am notiwd •.inio .if Mr. Hl-IhIiuio'i 
■munesla in hL* tramUtiim niiilr'X|>ositiuu 
taSt. Paul'it EpimliM,' t<vi). IH'JS. u. 'Au 
Em*; od tJie Poiii ii-al S^tvn of Eumpo . , , 
with a iMnwir and Kirtmit,* ^m, ISftO ; !l 
b«d Uva dbo ptoflxcJ to l)i<- Tliir.1 i<ditinn of 
Ilia * lltftan,' I6J6. 6. • lii'miirk* on " An 
BMaj[ na the i:t/mit}- of the World, hy a 
OemtK," ibi' MVcind oditjon of which van 
nbUiliiMl ill vol. iiTi.of'Thu PamphWcer.* 
Bra, 1813, Ac. His litFraiy and atilaiiceol- 
laetiuM WM« aold bv Saifaebjr in January 
wd P^bnnrj 1K4& 

(Uaoioir rofamd t«: 0<nt. Hag. IMS, pL i- 

sio-ii.l 0.0. 

of 3t. AMiph, waa ibo aon of Hugh ap 
K^nric of Cnmarvonabin.'. &iul Owenllian, 
iitiAUT of Juhu \'jDhan ab John th Graf- 
tjii ab OwMi l^colt. On hiia fhth«r'a aide 
Im ■■ **id to lw<ra bHn deKendod from one 
of tbo nniwB tribn of Qwpwdd (Rowi^Axnn, 
OtmihmRiUiofrtipAy.f.iQ). Acoor>lin|( l« 

Wood li« wn At llr»t educated at Oxhrd, 
' nftorwanb r«tirin|t to CfariM'i College, Cam- 
bridffv.' Strj^ rofm to hiiD a* *80ffi«<ini» 
at uxAird.' nia coiincetion with Oxford 
huH. Luwi-iFr. livED doubted, and it is cer- 
uiti that h»> inatrici.ilut<^ aiiar nf Qnewu' 
C'llUijie, Cambridgi-, in ^^.lv.^uW IfiSI; took 
hi* n.,\. ili-irrw ill 1 '>(l(l-7, bpfome CbUow of 
[-hri>l'* 11^57. .M.A. V,m. It.H. I.ViT.. and 
thai in the liuil-nniiii.Hl yi-nr hniviui api>i) 
Liiity .MarRnrpi preaobi'r. .\boiii lAiHi lur 
hccnin? clinjiUiu to Thomaa Howiinl, fniirtli 
dlik" of Xorfblk [q, T.J AtlvocliuR bii pnt ron 
10 Oxford in be wot on 19 .\pril innoN 
[mrnlml D.l). nf ibnt iinirfraitv 'aa hu iCood 
nl rnnibndgp,' nnd in lATO, tlinnigh the in- 
llucncr of ilic duke, he wu alltiwed to un^ 
c.«d IS.V. 

In l«"i07 Iliipbcf pri-nchrd nt I.i'ieiwtf-r, and 
g'ftve oll't-nce by liin rspoiilicin of ihr nrticlo 
• Pi- DMii"n»ii Chrirti ad Infurua.' A com- 

I'biini wu* made 10 th>' uiiivonity. OD7Jiily 
M7 a dcoTM of till' M-nBt« wait iMned Kforrink 
by it* deciainn without appeal. In tho aatDu 
luonThnTiKibiTi^omplaint wan *ontihti>U(cb till- 
Earl of Lt'Li'i'strr of UuebuaV 'innnenrv and 
nn«ound dortnne»of Mipon.' At the earl'* 
nuecMtion ibe matter waa leA to him. Sir 
Wninm Cwil. thrn cliancvUor of thu nni* 
venilv, and .Vrchbiihop Parker. Parker 
advimd lUnr bir uliould be FMlrainnl fmAn 
ptencliiu^: bui ilir only vioible result waa an 
otd<T of the chancellor* that no manner of 
ppTvin tboTL- should io any aixmon, o|>en di»- 

S Dial LOU. "r rvadiii^ more any i|U«)lion or 
nubl upon the article "|le DuiccniinChriali 
■d InfiTo-,"' 

l-'r>ni 1 5fi7 To hi« dnntli llughi* waa rector 
of LlytvAon in hia nnlivneouiily. lie wnaalaa 
rector of Iii'tiiiinKion. Hulfolk, bin reaiinied 
Ihe benefice l.rf.>ni lU Ik-c i:.7X On .in J,,,. 
Ifilt.) Tliali'ip Itichard Daric* [q. v.] of gi. 
Dnvid'e wtntt- to Cecil with rcteronev to a 
vacancy in iheaeoofUandalf: 'Ihavubeaid 
thai Olio Mr, Doghea aueih for Llandaff; > 
man to me uaknnim, but br diirra I haw 
heard of him thai bo ia uttorly unlunrned to 
dirinity, and not ablo to render raaaoa of bia 
faiik' lultecember |J>7SlIiifhM waamde 
hiithopof .St. Auiph. 

In tbeHdEniui-lrnlionofhiadioceaelli^ee 
HTM not aitcce«*fu1. fiiiilty of gT««t ahiuw 
UatMlf, ha Ulcd tncDrrvct ibe bulla of hia 
ctergy. liUmnladminiMniiinnatUilbeaun* 
tliAaut^i'el of n iiieciAl iD<|uiry. Hieroport, 
'cndorvud bv the L^rd Treaiufcr'a own liaiiiL* 
dated S4 Feb. tb^. <leMribttl tlie bbbop m 
holding in tommeitilam (beddcs the areli- 
ili«conrr end the rocioiy of Ll;eta««i. which 

_ (ifcofl kaviiig in liU banda uiiw 
living* MWi fttnt •nd inviin «ne cti/hl auii 
Uiongli six liAid bw>n nwiffiicxl by liim, il wss 
only 'upon linvlng ofllin ImUtr.' Ilo Imil 
ImMidouT '■livrritiam''tB'«fl)iflii9boprtC,' lo 
Ibuhindmnooorhi!! BUccmiDon.' lu lliofDMnof 
lonbliip*, ninnan, anil gooil rmtoriiMt. The 
bishop ma fuTtlii-r oliai^ with lUEtOTting 
mooej fruin liiit clur^ on lii* viiitAtioiu 
'uvrrr and nboi« ib'- pmciimtiuna itppuint^d 
b}' Inir.' and witli courniUiuKorovurWfaiQg 
Ollii-r iolVingnmuauof tilt? Inie c&noni. Tli« 
necoiuil miLy he exaj^meil, but Hit diSTg« 
of plinnliniD \» not rwlntible w ' «xc»Mivn 
tat^Rn^nir.' The report dwdla on tbtt 
nmnlwr in kimimiiU in tlia diocoao, but 
Hititbcs in l«tt#rtn WUilitift.d*!^! 4 Nov, 
mrr, mja thm •ihum m* no (n-rmmj) wiihiii 
bis dicic«w> TofiiunK or Dv((lectiiig to coniH lo 
churcli," lliijtli" wiu in fnrt not dto^her 
iicgl«ctful of tbf iiituruAl* of bin diocow. 
In tiu caM of Albnoy i: Tbc Tliihnp of St. 
Aiwph(Cbaum>ni'/riM, ^7 VMi.) nno of tlie 
bi*liop'e replie* lo tbi« aanrf impntit wun 
tim be bad reftuod to uurtituii- Mr. Biw- 
•imw, 'a MiiM«r of ArU mid prwioher al- 
Iiwed,' to th» liviojtof WbiitinjrtonbecauMr 
he did not undDniaud Wdsb, rliH pnrinb- 
ion«l«b«nj'holiiinM Wsllici, VVnlliuatn lo- 

by tha lonn of booka and uamlnoiinn of tlie 

outrMultlotrnnaInre)umtoBx«<«r. IiiOolo- 
thi'cnthnJrnI,' wit bout iniKriplion or monu- 
ment.' llvhi»ivif'.- l,iirin,d(iii(rlilnrof Itobert 
Knpuvi-duy of UfubiKb'hin'. \"^ Ifft n "on, 
\Vil!iam,ftnd a daugbiif. Anne, who mnrrii'd 
Tb'imaa, Touiifliwrt "on of Sir Tb'imnH MoBt_yn. 
BybiiwUI, diii.-dlBOpt. iind provt'd DNov. 
IflOO, hp lofl hi* rMute to bin dnugliter uid 
her bi-im, in drfnult of hi'ir« the proporty lo 
an InwHTiU foumliti); n whool iit9t. Aupb; 
bill n« Anne had hv'm tlip whool wm not 
founded. Hi- ulio lufl- 20/. to boild a libmry 
for public iiHf. his own Id*!*"; boitift \w 

Jueotbed 10 fonn a niicleiui. This b«|tii.-!it 
rwB not wemlohnTP taken effect. lIiijihBs 
vms the nuihor of noinc ' Xole» innd-' [iii thv 
aiitiinrily i>f Scriplurennd the Fiitb'.-rn " 
Chur^ rplntivclo the desciit of riiriil into 
hi>U,' pronun'ed in the Itecortl (>ffioi>, and n 
Willis. Survr;/ ••/ Sf. Aiaph, ed. Kdwnrdu, 
vol, ii. App. i. pp. fi. 7). 

(Wonl'ii .^thenv Oxoii. Bd. HliM. !i. 8f < ; 
Coopfr* AUivnip Cantnhr. ii. Sa9:R(b'i<t. Unir. 
Oviin. «L Boue. rul. I. <0xfl3fd I[i>[. Soc.); 

Sirjp*'* Aiuiabof tbv Ki'farniJi'.ioii and Livcaof 
PnrlmiiDd Whiigifi; R7mDr'BF«d«ra.vol. xr.; 
Qd. Stale Pdpeta. Don. So-. IMT-W, l«SI -SO. 
iaO*-7: ThomiM* Hitt.of i^. Amph. np.SO-S; 
WilliaiDii'* Gmini-nt Welahmen ; Llownljn'a A«> 
cooiit of Uiu Briliili or W#Uh V«rMoa* of th> 
Bibl«.p. 107; MorKaii'i Wvltdi ItibiN 1A68 «d^ 
Prefaco; I^fonnnrr Ki'iurt* of Law Oua*, C^ 
!l>.| R. W. 

HUOHES, WILLIAM (^. lfW&-HtS3), 
horticullunil writor. «lti*ixU aecordiiiK to hii 
owii aceouut, on Imurd a vihmuI vu^iifft'd on 
nftlibiMtcriiigexpediliou in tbe We^t Inttiet, 
n« tbon viait«d, amonf other iikoe*. Unrba- 
doviL, St. Kilt*, Ilinpaniola, JftRifiica. and V\»-i 
rida. After bis mturn, about IfVi^, bi t"ok< 
•erviou, nmiattiutly a* aardcnw, undur iba 
Itavrager ViBcoun'ltm Convrny at Ibiuh-y. 
Willie in IhJsntiiatioabebroutfht oul'Tbe 
Complete Vinerard. or an exMllenl -waj for 
till) Planting of VJiiM,' Ac, London, llMlfi; 
tbi« raaobod a tbird edition in Ifii^. Hia 
naxi ToDturw was ' Tbo Flower-fiarden en- 
larvvd/ London, IB'I : third and last rditinn 
lt!K3; and Gnallv a third duodecimo in Itt'S, 
' The American ^hytitisn, ora TRrstiae of tlu 
Roots, Plants, Ttkm . . . )^wing in tUe En^ 
lisb rtnntniinns in Aintirico,' &l-., in vlucll 
bo nvounti bis ex|>i<rience of Weist Indian 

[Wofka; Primul's Thea. Lit. Hot. 1*1 cd. p. 
127.] B. D. J, 

HUGHES, WILLI.VM (d. 179S), writwj 
oumunic.wuBpnsMblyioiior Wiliinmllu^Wil 
li'ho becuiiirr minor conoa of Wurcwitar in 
1718, and iu 17^1 waajprMentvd to theTicnt- 
agi? of Old .Sodhury. GloucMieHbire, wLidt, 
br'heldiiniilhiA>lf<iithin I7fi!^. Tli^rou 
William lliighi'i wiw, on S-V Nov. Ii41,i 
mitied n loinoroanon of Wnrowter Cath^J 
dral, an uppnintmcnl ba licld for upwardai 
forty yean. When udraitiod, hn appnrentlj) 
bad no degree, but in 17fi7, when, on i 
ing tho rector? of Bredicot« anil cunu-y of ftt. 
Dlomcnt'*, WorcMter, he was jw«»>-iitiMl hy 
tho chivptnr to the vicarage of Si, Peter's ia^ 
that city, ho is d««cribMl in ibo cbspier-l 
house mmutvs as M..'\. nennn be niny linvn 
been tbe William IluRhns who grail"al"'d 
B.A. at Liueoln CoUfife, Oxford, iu 174i), 
nnd proMe'led M..\, in I7.j3. Up died at 
Lpomiiiaier im 31. 1 illy I71W, U^oiiedlbiiig hi« 
ppoimrir to the Worc'Wer Infirrosrc nii] 
rlieorful disnoiition mado bim n irrvnt fn-j 
vouriie in Woroostef. Aeoordins to an '-pi"! 
tajjh upon bim written by a coniempomtj j 
wit, *Great was his iri?uiu«, iinaU bis preb^l 
iiuint. The Ontclt' of a ooffeo-botuc, hfll 
wishod not lo ».hine in n motw exftlled (■phere^ ] 
He langbod tlirou^'h life, and Lis buu oiadftj 

«lliaM liagb too; not that it wmt inrtieU:> 
Urlv conic, but liulienKult' Miiona.' 

ItagllM wu graernllj int«Tt9(t«i] in miuic, 
■hhowli ho Duolialtnl nu c»nip<Mllloiu. Hi- 
WH t£> •DtAOr of ' It^m&rlis niMin Chuivli 
3I1IHC, to wliicb aro tiJd^ fOTtrriil nli#>>rvn> 
tioacon Mr. ElanikraOntorioii,' Worvi^trr, 
1763t UidpabluhtH) lwciiirrTnonii,oiictH.-iDii 
* On the EfflcacT and Ituportnaai of Musii-,' 
nrMcbMl It tbi> mtwtiiig i>f ihu Tbrve Cboit*, 
13 64]it. 1741). 

(Oonu U««. ITBH. jC. ii. p. 7SS ; Chunban't 
BMg. IlloalfMioDt of WoKurtmbin. p. 440 ; 
tafonaiuion frotn iba Bbbop of PiUrboroogh.) 

R F.8. 

HU0HB8. WILLIAM 11T«J-1835). 
VooA^ngnvcr, wiu biim in \iVH in I.ivt^r- 
'Mol, wltm ha WW an •i^prvnlica tq Kvnry 
nowrg.v.] Someof liui(iirnciicwoTk«illu»> 
tnt* On^Ms'* ' Fntgnumta nf l..uiciulurp.' 
Jfll7. Thore an a few woodeula bj liira in 
Rnlttrr't'OelinnitiDnBof Pont hill.' i-xcvllMlt 
in muinvrnndrarpfullTr'ti-i'iit-^']. S|H>ciTnms 
of liii work *r* to bv found also in liilidtn's 
* DcCAmrroB,' Iril^.-InliaKai's'TTpographia.' 
1S04,«im1 (Ktl-'v'ii' ll'uHntj of Knirravintr.' 
Piieklc'i' Club," 1SI7, (Hintnin* lliiw brnuli- 
rnllT liuubeil b^ad-piocai nni) live oil-pii-Tci 
br UiubtM^ Some eapitnl cuts W him an? 
in BviWa * ItcfaUM,' I'^l.T. in ' >(uniiii|.t iu 
Ikiw fi%net,' 11^34 (ttler (^raikuliuik), and 
in WMkiiiBion IrniiB''> ' KaiokerbncJcsr'* 
UictOfTotKaw York, about llut man- ilalv. 
IiOm hit BiMtM*. Hole, h» cn^v«d muuh >u 
tlM Mj^l* of Tliiiralon, «biI Iiio nnmi' i> i^nly 
foaild en piod and cnn-hil work. II-' ilii-il »i 
Lmbcth, tMtidoa, on 1 1 I-vb. l«2r>. Kjiii] S2. 

JRfdarnrti'a Dim. of ArliM« of the Eu^litb 
oolifinu^Diccaif Paini«naailBiicn»n; ' 
LiateMli UaNan of Wood easnTiiw. ItW.p. 
I»T.) A. N. 

RD0HE8, WILLIAM! 1»)3-tMl),l««a) 

writer, bm at MiUterricoragij^ Cornwall, on 
'I Marob 1K)S. wwi fonrtli nn of Sir Robert 
lliutiwt, ihiid baronet, by tiia Mcond wifi', 
Ifatfaia, dugbtor of lionu Hiariiti, and 
WM Mfliirw of Adniinl 8w Richartl 1 1 u^hi-n 
h. V,] III* bthn' iBatriealatnl fromTrinilr 
t^Dfgia, Osferd. on 80 Maidi I7A7, air>d if. 
wu a deuiv of Mafldolon Collese 17,V-tl7. 
n.A. I'lll.M.A. lifts, nctor of Frimlv^ St. 
llarv and Wmou, SulTolk. tmm |;<KI unUl 
bU iWlb, mi] wn* bnrtMl on 1 Jonu 1^14. 
Wr'miMa WM adnilin) lo ih* bar nt (inf* 
Ina oa II Jitn* IA3S, and pimciitMl oa n 
oatiV«nn(WT on (hi- woolarai circuit, wbanr 
b* KM alvi auditor nf llii> |iooT>law union 
diairict "f Cornirall and Dovondiire. fir 
tliiiliii Millli«y<irnvi',l'ltrmoitth,onSOAiix. 
IMl. IId aarriml Jan<> CoroUiw^ dongbtar 

of Edward Kiiapmon ot BidcAnl, bj whom 
he had flto chilli rm. 

HuiihnaVchi^writinsswCTv; l.'l'rtuitical 
l>irectioni< fnr takiair Innlriictjom fnr. niid 
drawing Willi.' \fHS. i. • Thi- Tnicliral 
ADsler. Byi'i»c«i-.r.'lM3. a.'Fuli, How 
to CbooM!, and lluw to Dreu. Hv l'i«?a- 
tor,* Ifi43; and edit.. 1N.-,1, untitled 'Al'tw- 
tiral TicntlH- un tbu Choice and Uookt-rv of' 
f»h.' 4, ■Tll«I■^lctiopof8aleaofn«ll^^)- 

fetxy,with an AppMidixofPrtcedenla,' IM6- 
M', :! v.>l«.: -hid .xlii., lAIO-fiO, 2 voU. 
fi. 'TliP Tlirw! Stiidi-nta of flmy'ii Inn: n 
novel,' I81t1. S. 'Thu I'nuMice of Mnnpiirca 
of UmI and P<?nonal Bstatv.' )Klft.», ■> toU. 
7. ' Thv Suw .Staniii Act.' !««). f. • Cunciso 
I'roocd^nt* iti Modern ConvfTuncinf;,' IMO- 
185.% .-i vol..: -inA iili'.. I'sf^V?. 3 voU 
9. ' X Tnlil" nf llin ^lnin]i l>iili«ai pnvnlil« in 
Oruat Britain and Irulnnd,' IsnO. ' |0. 'It 
ia oU for the beat: a Cimij>h Tnln,* 1863. 
II. 'The I*nwtaoe of Convi-nndne,' IMS. 
IM7, i voIfL 

fBoMN aud Conruiar'a Ifibl. OomnbL i. SSB.} 

Q. aK 

IK.'i'). tmnilntiir, win of Willinm llii^hM, 
liy .Mnrearci Acbivnoi.woa bum at Dublin ta 
IMl'L*. lilt ii.-'tlrd in I'liria.Bnd liccnmu chief 
cleric in thi> for^iirn pr«M doportmAfil if tlu? 
minisiiT i>f ibo inipnar. Betwaen ISM and 
IM^ he puliUiilied a number of Ftvneh Bita]>- 
Thacki^ray. Pue. Furwlny. llablietlou. and 
Mark Twain. [!<■ wo* a oollMior of worha 
in all InnKKofm on ShakM]N«i«. lledivdal 
l>ariiion 6 Jon. \f^. 

tfUKiMM- of death. Rghth Arrand.. Pari*; 
LibartiklSJan. IHM;:l«ren('iCaLdi>ULitiMitie 
Frantaiae: llni. Uui.- Can.] J. O. A. 

I HUOO, THOMAS (18SD-IW8), ihe B«- 
, wick (ollwtor, eldMl *on of Cliarlea Uuffo, 
M.P., was bora at Taunton in l>^\ niatri- 
mlaled from Wametvr UollNtVi <'xf<ifil, on 
•*>* Fob. 1039. and mdiMtwl D.A. in IMS. 
Ho wna mccwvolT rurat* of Waliuu-lo> 
ItalclKll^-t. (-Lild«i,l1 Irstl ILlturv IHtd- 
InrjO, niid liciir '.f llalliwell iN'ili j (all in 
l.ancn*hii>-l. Fn^in IttSStolSbBbewaaiicar 
nf .Si. |lr>iiil|i!i'ii, ItiUin^Mfiata. LoBd'in, fniai 
i lK>tolW^|«q>-iunli-unit(<«rAIISiiinl*,Ui-< 

■bop*|{Bti>, mill iwtor of WtMt lla^kni'V fttMB 
|H>> III hii dnili. Hit waa aim rhaulain e' 
tlw' It[-n..\rtilU>rj'l'»iii)>auv and "flan i«da 
of at, Jolin of JentaoleiD. ' Ue bolongad u 1 
tkn nrtmM ki||h dinirh party, and waa « J 
popular pr<«(lior. On M Frii. IMS he ' 
•■Uciadnfi>Ilowof ibeSooirtyof Antiiiiiariaa, 
I and wa* an oottia Bonbar ftir nuny yoora. 




Of ihv London and Miildlenx Are)iii>oU>B'iciil 
Society li# wnH tin- iv('iil«l foiiiiHi-r, nniTviw 
B»ii[iporTMnfl,b("RoyiilSnpipiy nf IjiiernlutT, 
the iJiinnnn Sncinly, nrnl tlii' (lenenlogical 
StK'uftj of iirunt Hrilaio. Uis apueinl pro- 
vincD in lilaratur^ wh» m hinlurinii of irli- 
poiu hoiwn* in t1» ni-it (if Euglnnd, the 
original lourcM fur wliotie liinlory he waa 
the firat 10 Mudy tlioruuf^lily. Ilf wa* olao 
tJii! irriler of Mvpm] dmnai-. but liv wu 
t>Mt IinoiTii for hi* nli-nniti- collci^tiiin (if 
thp work" tf ihc liriitlu-ri Id-ivirk of New- 
CMtl<-, wliicb iocludcil miiiiv of llii- orlKinnl 
woinI-bloL-k.. Ilullin.'!.- works, IHOO, l>Wrt, 
and lt<7li,(>M till- wood-outs and wood-Iiloi-lM 
of T. aud J. Iti^wiok are iHtliaiutiv« at all 
poiatA. A<- 1, uiURicinn lio visa a tncl\t wnl«r, 
and conlribulMl ^-frcnil jiiwi-i to 'Jlymna 
Anoistit am) Mor!i*ni.' lie died oftcrnnhort 
illSMe al Wf*l Hackocy tveloiy, ob 31 Due, 
1876, and van buriod la Htt{hEat? oHiictny 
on tl Jan. IbTT, oKL'd ouly 'Ai. II1« wifi.>, 
Aniea Jane, ditid on 1 1 Oct. I f^^l . 

■ddlcaiM, ATv : I . ' A Cour»i' of Scrmonn on 
the Lord". Prnyir,' IfAl. 1'. *Thi' DiBn'tyof 
thenunuiii Iliidv.and tlic Uiilr ofitu Ciirc,'