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Henry II Hindlev 








Henry II Hindley 




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Henry II 

Henry II 

HENEYn(1133-lltfl>i. kiim of Eng- 
knd , wtu ibe sldMt cbi Id of MalikUi, dauglitor 
nf ll-ran- 1, and Gfofltcf IluU^eoot, count 
o/Adjou. CiccillnijrepnMentcdftaniiljrirluch 
ultwosniuiuM liMgrown fnim th«de£niden 
at ibe An^iin aurcli Agiinti DniMDi and 
Boclbnen into ilii* lordt of tli»i« important 
OOtintlWt Aqjoiii Toiirnin". and Majac, and 
frnn dvpendpTicc on ibnduoilLunuKiof Franci* 
inio rivalrr nilh tbe ducal haUM of Nor- 
mandy, nnil thiuu Iwi villi lh« royal bauie 
of EagUiid; and it wae for t lie purpose of «x- 
UngiualuBff tluB rinlrjr. and nrovidiDg Eiw- 
laiul and Nonnandj, after Ilrnn' !*« dvalb, 
with a aoTCteigu in wboni ihi^ blood of tlio 
hiTjii>no bouite tmnri oliould Iw uniUiJ, that 
Ualildn (wImm> dr»t bualNUid, (lie Bmpvror 
Henry V, badlafl bar a cliitdluiH nidow) ira# 
viaa ihieu (Oircv Rftwn— teu yvara TounztT 
tliaa ki.-i wi(is— nndTf nu not 'till 1133 iW 
tlit-ir lint child ii'a« bnni. at !>• Alnna on 
Mid-I^ni i^uiidRy, & Mnrcli ('AcW I'ontif. 
Cenomuin.'c.Sil.'in MAtiiriox, I'l-I. Amttrfta, 
p. ;t2'_' I Kfv.ra liiii vvltj binli. iiiir» a writer 
of tbo iim.'i -ninny Pmpliui lot>Ji«l tu him as 
tl)«'it fmur.' in.iJtfr; anu tbe most important 
|.trM>r Mn dvitioy waa iadicHt«d in llieuame 
It «ru MpUaed.and ilia aitnaae by 
" mo mnunOBly dMCtib«il, ' Ilenr^ 
StuEmfttm.' llewiatMfoioaUtiiingvKinii 
Hanfv'a grmAaon and cboon taeeaitor, do- 
ntinM by Hviiry to eontinui- hi* work of 
bnildinx uji n rI ron^; goTvtnincni ia England. 
TIm En|(liiih witiii were at oncp msd-u Iv 
«weaj' Uim fually o-i his i;niiiJfn[b'.-r'« bvir; 
and tbrfint two yean of bi4 lif-.- w«r<- cliicHy 
HpfflC wiih Ilia Botlwr at her father's court 
in N'onnandf. Tbe itiAg't deatti (IhKvBiber 


1136}, how«i'sr,*«t thu Xorntao and English 
baran* frw to rrpodiat* an ragagemeDt mndo 
under compulsion to a child not y--i. tlirv* 
yean old, ilio diild too of ■ wotDon whom 
ihej warcely knew, and of a mnn whom 
they liabid wiili all tbe afcumiiUt<.>d fonv 
of ibu liaiA ibsl parted Anion fron Nor- 
loAndy ; and Uatif'ln founil ber son'a heri- 
tage, on both cidae of the sea, wrwled fron 
her bj bcr couain Stvpfaen. llifougli Uw 
tenyeoraof wnrlhat foltnwvd, Iboboy'aodu- 
ntionwenion whfn-iuidliow it could. Hi* 
earliest tutorwa^onvMiLatrrlVior of Sainl*«, 
' learned above all hi* cutLlem|iDrui«i in ibi' 
Kienoe of reiw,' who took cliurge of bim br 
hii falhi;7'R diudr* (jlmw. Ckroa., Rer. Gail. 
Scriptt. lii. 1^>, probobly after Ins molber 
went lo Eniiland in I ISff. In 1 143 hU luicle 
Eail Roltt-rt of (iloucnler brouf bt bim ottt 
lo join biT, and for thu next finir yean be 
w&it ' imbued witli lellees and iiulnirtcd in 
good manner* beseem in^ a voiithof hisranh' 
by a oenain Uattlipw in ttotien's house at 
Brirtol. In lUThorvjoined hisfalliar, wbo 
had now conquered Normandy. Shonlyafter 
Ualilda'a rtituRi next year botb ehi- and 
tieolTrey w«m to luve BMKkorer to iht-ir bob 
the claims which tliey bad been holding in 
trait for bim on both Mm of tbe sea (Oiirm. 
£. XtfiM. a. 1149 ; J/uf . Amft/'-. in PtiBlX, JWon. 
Or-rm. Ilitt. XX. A.'fi!,lS33). In 1140 bATea- 
Mirwl upon an exiinditioci to Knglaad, and w*i 
knighted at Cariinli.- on Whitsunday by hi» 
grvat-tuicle, Uuvid bingof Scots- in themm- 
mer of 1 1 Ij I be ivceived from Kms Louii of 
Fnuice iLe inrMtitaie boib of Normandy, 
and of his failier's hereditary dominions: 
and in September Oeoffrey's denih left him 
sole mastorof theniBll. To ibrw terrilorioe 

HU«UliiD(; ^wn tli« Sciminc to tke Loiic uid 
CiOMring tb« wbnln w«tvrn idcLe of tlw roviU 
donlin of Fnmct, Id-nn- in l(a_v I IW sddMl 
tlip KTcatOuch}' of Aquitainv bv bis tiiarrinKi^ 
witti iis duchetu Ek-anor, Ibe divornyl witV' 
«if iho Fn'iicli king. Tbe Toimg 'liihp found 
himMlf slroof enougfa to diKn'^n'^l » citntion 
before ihe royml court (' Gmtn Ludov. K«ir..' 
in Ihiciiwuiit, nut. Iritnf. Seripll. iv. 411 ; 
' IlUt- Liidnv. HcR.,' '*' p-llljilo repel ttcil- 
tukmndu byI^iii4upODNonnaiiil7,lo<7iufa 
n (vbcUion iif his own farotlur GfeirffrPT in 
Anjitu, and to ri»k aiiotber visit lo KnslaiK] 
Kt Epiphany 11 'VI Ninemonthr of flshtinfc 
uid nesoiistion i^ded in tbn trmtj of Wnl- 
UngfoTtt (Hantabn), irbenibv Stc]ibcii and 
Hotrr 4dopbd cucli other m fatlier and *on, 
Hflniy lunnit tho crown to Stephtn for lus 
lifh on ■ ppomiie of iia wvureion at hli d»ath, 
and 8t«piien iiiid«rl*lcing; to i^vern in«an- 
wliUe according to ilenn''8advice; a«Ttog»r 
of Howden exprMw* it,'- the king nadn Uio 
duke joKidar of Kngluid undcv bim, and 
hf lilni all thf affaire of tbn kinfcdom trtm 
Mttlcd.' Tbn diHConTj of a plot amoiv tliu 
kinfr'n Fltiminli troop* to aiaiusinBtu Ilunrv 
draw liim bafk toFnuiCL>earU-in ll&l. Oil 
S4 Oct. St«|>beii di«d. Contrvry winds de- 
tftined Honrr in Normandv till 7 Tlpc. ; biit 
iJm 'tnirklo awe' willi wliicti be wnn alrnuly 
ngardnl in ICnKliuid HiifKccd to kc^p the land 
in peacn during the inlcrrfiinunt ; and on 
Siuw3a7, 19 Dec., lie vru crownvd ut WMt- 
Thew wiM little of regal dignity in the 
I Toung kinff'i look and ways, in Li» aquare- 
Milt, thioK-Ml frame, bis sturdy limbs, his 
buUet-flhaped boad witb ita mau of close- 
CRKpad lawnj kair.lii* ' lion-Iik*' AtMwiLb 
Ita freckled idun, and itaprominont ovot that, 
for all tlicir soft grey colour, could glow lilco 
balk of Gnt wben the demon-spirit of Anjuu 
WM rouaed ; in hJs abeorbiag passion for ibe 
ehaM; in ibe disregard of convent tonal itte« 
Aown by bis coarw glov^leu hHnd^ bis care- 
I«H drMM, hia mii(p-«nd-miuly ii|>«ecb : in 
tbn TMtlivnims which kitpl him on hi* f<«t 
tram moniinB till night, ncotning cvpry »PBt 
^ut the Mddln, grudging evety minute wilb- 
dtawD from aetiTDOOCupatiao, beguiling with 
•erlbbltngor ^ith whifMired talk the enforced 
tvanquillily ereo oftlw nour of iiuus,dtae^iig 
iMa jounuya, oAaa to Um moM unlikely and 
inGOiivauentplaeaa,withoqaa] indiffVrenceto 
thoir comfort and lo hin own ; or in the out- 
brwka of a tvmper which mounted to shcrr 
motneBtaiy madfAaa, when lie would utter 
tli»m«M un accountable blasphemiM, or gnaw 
1 beniobepfrom th« floor and Ue rollinc amor^ 
thtm like ona yoawM e d. Ym alnndy Eng- 

land hod ditcerawl in thia tmcoutli lad nf 
twenty-one the ouipI ulrrngih nf a born riil'-r 
Iff mm. '.\ll folk loved hiio," nays the Edr- 
liili chnwiick-T, nunming up (ho imprcanon 
l«ft by tbL< five numtha which had uUpaed 
hetwiien I ■'■nrr's treaty with Steph«ii and his 
return In NoMwindv. ' for he did good justice 
and BHido pMcc-' .^ nd ' justicw * and ' peec«,' 
in tbo soniw which those worda coaiviiyt<d to 
the men of hia day, wcr« to bo iho main 
cbnract<.'riffti(.-a of hia reign in England. 

^li'iiryVlinit kindly net nstbcianuDgofa 
charttT deeUrin^;, a« the baais of his scheme of 
nf all liU-niiwinchurcb andatateaaaattlmlby 
hi* Knuidfnihrr. Ilonextjiut inforeocattain 
hitherto unfulfilU'd pravinimuofthatrMtjaf . 
1IC3. fur the iMjiLiImcin of Stephon'a Flcmuli j 
mtircenarie*, the damotition of oastlea bnilL ' 
by individual baroBs without roral liootsi) 
and held bv them indajiendently ol^ royal con- 
trol, and tbe restoration of royal fonraasea 
and other rrown propnrty wliich had [uMi<<d 
into ptivnte hnnds durinK'heaiinTiehr. Wil- 
liam of .\umole in Vorkii hire, Hugh of .Mor- 
timer and Koi^'r of (lerefnrd in the weal, 
openlv rmiiled lht*laat decnvi butin Janu- 
ary iia-'i Heni^'a nun approach brought 
William t«re<toreSearl>orou(^; KovKraab- 
miticd in .\pril; and a si(^ of Ilugb'a 
caMtlo of Briitgnorth by tha low in pcnon 
ondod in iti muronder,? July. By the doae 
of the year order waa fairly rc-uitab1iHli«d 
throughout the realm. The old machinery 
of justice, of llTinnci-, of general admiiuMro- 
tion, was at work aj^u ; judffM went on 
circuit through th8country;capahl«&iiniKii'r* 
wen) set over thit various deparunont* of 
•taU businaas; sviui tlio auocsMion to the 
crown had boon tliought of and coicfuUr 
provided for in a council at Wnllingford, 
10 Aori} ll-lu. The port of KcnrvV life- 
work oeqUMthed to him by his EiiglisI) grand- 
father was so well in train that he could 
safely turn hii^ atli'niinn to that other, and 
probably in his fiyc« more important work, 
wliich (ic had inlieritcd from hi< pnlemal 
nnccatot«; the buildingupofanrmpire which, 
as liad boi-n foretold to one of them, wm to 
spread from iha rock of AnKum to the I'ndu 
nftheearth. I tKUread now fi\)mth<> Flemish 
border to the ^reoecA. commaniling the 
whole weetam coast of France, and coTttrins 
more than half the soil whoM nominal hnd 
paiamount wa« King Louia VII of F^ane^ 
But it wnsmndeiipof hvedininct II«fa. with 
claim* of m/erainty over some balf-doniTn 
otbern: all held on differeut tenures, all 
jealous of one another, mid most of them in 
a slate of chnwio disalTfciioii, which J^ouit, 
jealous aa li« naturally was of his formidable 


vmmI Mil riviO, n^t taiilv turn la Ui« own 
sclvMitage; Henrj^ brarh'.T (ieottrtv, too, 
cUiBMl tlii^ Angariii ptlrimoiij, wliicti bio 
Iktbcr'i will liaildniliii--i]forhiia on llnnry'i 
■CCMfUm to thi' Kn^Ii-ih tbrooe. Knrly iiT 
linB.tbnrL-furr.Ueiiijrutunwd toFnccoibe 
rrtiownl bii lionuge to Louis, fouglit titolFrvj 
intoacvvpliiig a mooeT-ecnapeawtioii for lug 
daiou, sad wcandhu bold over Aquiuin*; 
(li-'n IiecMiiobuk(II'^7)t(> enforce tbo (ur- 
r nil r nf n foi* roynl r-iKl!<r« ttill Snld bv tlic 
J'lArliinl'WKmnaad Norfolk; tAdcmaiidaiul 
win firmi bitcaasB U*)c<>bD at Scotl*iid tbe 
bonuKi' diM) fran » Seoitinh to au EnglUb 
kiiig,iiii<lUivK8tomi(Miof iheihrve Buglisb 
ooaD t tvi — N orl hinnbHUml.CninbeTbtnil , antl 
Weetnion'inn'l — grnmMlo SUleolm'n (alhor 
by 8t«pfaen : kriI Io riaini nl ihq nwnTii'* jioint 
Ibo booMK* of tbo prioMB of Wall'*. An- 
(itli«ir vikit to Normiuidjr in I loS miittci) in 
Ilnunr'a HCiiuisition of the county of Nbd1«s 
OD tlicdHntliof itanil«r,Ui«brotliM'Ocoirre>', 
uul KsiiecMtfttl •M«Ttian of liis riglii to ibe 
OTvriQnlalri|i of Briltanji with the Mncxion 
WM n-TW bntrotbnd to Hi-nry't «li!'*l Kin. 
Nvxt T<iirHcnrrv«atiirnltoaiiwrt iiinirifc'ii 
eUtin lu th« ot-CTtunifliip of Toutou««, and 
ivbei) ilie cUim was d'-mvd ynf^rvA to «a- 
Ibrw it wiUi an army consiMmg of Ibe grmt 
bamns of bis iwalni witb tb« ScotlUb king; at 
tketr baad, aail a crowd of nwnniiariea htr«d 
wilh tbopnxMvda of a 'mat *cutag;o,'a but 
loriod Mpon every kiiif[htKf#nihmtiglioiitbi« 
dootitiiona imiteatl oF tiie penctiol «crrics due 
from (bu knifffatB. ThoQuercrwaaconqiwred 
and %bv war carried to t be ga'tui of Toiuouae, 
but wb«n Lovia tbreic bim»('lf into tlu- cttv 
Heanr witbdivw, out of n'mcnoe for tbe 
fmiUl itiquettn whtcb fori>ad« a vaftwl to 
drill «fiain«t bin ovnrlo«d in mmtm. In iimj 
llAOalnicewaainade: in Novitnb«r Hiotry 
MCiUvd bia Nonnaa froailicr by niurryin^hi;! 
ma to Margarat, and tbu« gaining pasamtion 
tit hm dowry, tbi^ Vexin : a triple alliance 
betweonFranci-, It1oi»,an<) Ctiampagnefimud 
to imat from liim tke adnntag* wbich lin 
bud won : and bn was arnn aa vinnn] arbiter 

1 Barop<> io 1162. wbnn bia adh^ 

!' ;«■ Alexiuider III ia hiii ■tmsRl'? 
Willi [lu- i:n|i«nir lunud ll>c itcale in Aicx- 
ftnderV favour, and eonipi.-lIixl Loui*, with 
wbotn iIm pojw bad taken rt'oge, to mak« 
« farainl alUaoM wiih tb» English king in 
Alnandar** prvMOicc. at Cbniuy. 

In the intorval* of hi' coniinnnial VHrfaiv 
Tlmr bod been fbdinc liia iray towardx a 
■nkoM of ndminittntivi' rrfom in England. 
TTi- bm! ecme to bia thronu just whwi (be 
-^iria). inleUMttiaT, and rvligioos 
I! :!« wbich had bdnittirnngibrou^b- 

oui Europe siaoe tbe beginnins of the oantuty 
w«« all at tbeir moat eriticaTatan. AJ m 
tboro, MT« tbo laai, MiNBod to have been 
chackod ia England b; th* troublea of the 
unarcliy, but b» aoonar wa* outward order 
niatored than ibu fores wbieh bilhnrto had 
L«en working in thedaik confronit'd Nmry 
in the light of day. He aaw thnC the mere 
r»««tablubBieDt of the ol'l ndmioistntttve 
routine of bis erand/atlwr's lini* eouU no 
lowir cTiffici- for a cotintjy wbein lh» vsry 
oonFuaion of tbo pnat ninetcMi jpsora, tlia 
looaeninf of accuatomad TMti«titt«,the^b«^ 
ttnonoraocuatoniMl authority, had fbatorcd 
A new ttfitix of ttelf-OHWHion and iudu[i«adi.-nt 
iiiClivilT io biirf;lii-r and veoman and clerk, 
na wi.'11 an in "iirl nn<l irnroD and knight. 
Tbo btvakdownf^rthi? higher judtcatar«,and 
the conBequuuily unehccfcod corruption of , 
tbo luwOT couTta, had giT«n an aHonnoiu^ 
tiiivanTage lotlie reviradcanon law.uf wbich 
Lhu^lc{Q.w«iro till* represent ativi-s and in- 
terpmSnT Tlio n«w t^'lat ions, too, with the 
ccntinant into whirli min wars brought by 
tho nccnvion of ihi-ir Angnrin Ung wer» 
nivning wider M4rt for oonunorcial ontor- 
priur^wbich in its turn itiioiilated the growth 
of induiitiial activity at home, and the intar> 
couiaa with futvicn ohiircbitua and foreuin 
acbolar* was quicKoiied, wheaoe ibe Bnffludi 
clargy, and through ch^on tho Eng liah paople, 
were Itansing to *crutiniw bdoto doaelr and 
criticiso more sharply tho ratations of king 
Kndpcoplp.dmrdiiuiilntat^ Ilnnry aawt.ho 
opportunity wliich iiuch a trannlional atatii 
of aoduLy aflbtded for tho buildicft up of 
ft lutein of flnancinl, judicial, and military 
orgnniMtion in din^ct dppendenee upon the 
king, wbMwa men Mhcmld lind their sureat 
aalbgnord amid thu dan^on tbat btvqt them 
oa every aide in the rapidly ehanning coii- 
ditiona of Iho national life. Only a f«w in* 
ciduota] nolicea unable na to mark aomn of 
hia «ariy at«p* in tbo path of adminiatratiTe 
and legal relomi. At iheoulaet ofliiarcagn 
ho ha<r riMMtahliahnd in working ontor Uw 
old financial machinery of tbeoxclio^uManiy 
till' jodicinl mocbinury of ibe enna nai*. 
In liriSheeauaedtbedriiMAdoainafoef biia 
predocMaor and that which had bMn lUcgalty 
laaued from piiratoioiBtadunnf tbo ananiby 
to b« all alikx auperseded In a new tad . 
uiuform cnrrenCT. Ha fnciliiaiol tlie re- 
moval of luita. trtaa thi- lor*) murM to Ibo 
curia i«|pa; he fiicilitnled llie administration 
of justice in ihA curia r«ia itaelf and in 
ibe proriActal viAiiatioaaoriiaindgea, by in- 
troducing BOW method etfoaoiaan : he gitve 
* new devulopmont to tlia tyalem of inqucet 
by sworn mcognitorw, by apnlyins it to an 
important bnnch of civil biigatioa in a 


Henry II 

Henry II 

' f[TMt •»■»/ whidi Mnrtionml ti>i< iietlt»-| bMlinfi Iw had but laid ■ «t(uaUuig-bl 
nent of dispntM coacaniing land bv titer mto<b hi* mm paih.and bolfanutilroug! 

mrom wrfi« of tw»U-D choMoi kni^liU of 
the dirtrict, iiMlcail or bf otdiFa] of IwttTe 
bvtwono tbu dkimiuiU •> lu^retof>N:^ lie 
bralco dirou^ tlu- depaideaoe of ilie rmwn 
npon iU Emdal Ivnaau (or tbe mpplr of n 
miliUry f»ic«i bv a Mrienoriilritrully planned 
iniiOTatioii*, ciilBiinalinx in ibn iciiUfie of 
1 1 50, whicli. wliito it conlnncd a bf^iffit upca 
llie t«nanU>ui*cluTBl(T' bj exempling tlii«i 
from mrnM btTCod •««, nrept away )li««r 
old nxnoptioti fmn man«T-taxa(ion,anil m- 
' ablei) >h« blnz beniMlbnli to repUco iliQin 
I whenever be chote b^ a paid forcv undnr hi* 
own imnwdieto control. 

Dat the teat*g» touched tntttr fnriifgva 
bMidoa tiMer of tbo tenaata-in-«faiva]rj : ■' 
WM leriiHl not oiilv upun the knigbt'H twt 
the by lurda.but alM, anil more Mriitrenily, 
upon thiMO held undev tbe chBrebae. It wm 
Ibiui llfiirT'afitetsU'niowudatlunnctitioii 
ofaplaii rorbreahincdawntliebernmirhich, 
tinder <V> nanwof clorioal tmmunitirs.lupta 
lajge port of the pr>pttlnltc>ii free of all l^sal 
m»traint tavp thnl of tlip ckikhi lair, and al-| 
topitlipr bi-yond itit- reach of hi^ hiofcl v autho- 
rity and jiisliw. Tin- ehirf ac'-nt ni' ^li'nry'" 
reforms hilherlo bail bt'rn lii! chnnwllor, 
, Thoioan Bcckdl, and it iviia tn n-Tun! for lii» ' 
plans thi> co^pi-nition of Tlmmiu" on n widi-r 
bcalp.aiid in n rjLpofity wliicli would add enot^ 
moiulj In ill vnlu-r nnd usefuluM*, tbat he *>"l 
C»nii1ilutii>nitl tradilioTi, eocletiaUical pro- 

E'ty.BD'l public <:<pinioci all alike at deAance 
nuini; hia brilliniit, worldly rbancellor lo 
primai'v of nil Kna-lnmi (Jane I1S3>. 
Intloiiii nfco-npcrtilion. lii' mi-t from hi* new 
Brchbiiltnli an ilin--oinpru mining Oppoettioii. 
Hi* ntopotalnf u ubnjigr in tliv modi* of levy- 
ing t\clan<t-tai, which voiild have trans- 
forrfd iUi profit* froni ihe *Iierifrs ti the ex- 
eheouvT, was liofeated by Tlioma*'* m»iirtnniv( 
(J>m- 11^3); bi* nllnmplA to brinn eriminnl 
clcrna to jwnicn lirok'" naninrt thf^ »bi*ld of 
the canon law with whicli Thontan KbclUTcd 
the dl^lino,1lW)I> : hitdcmand.mndr in asrot 
eouiioil at Wpttiniiutcr (Oclobor )1(I3). fur 
a pablic acknowlodfiTnent of what be mtled 
tfaH ■ciistonw of hia jjrandfither,' in other 
words, of hi« royal KuprHiBacy ovw all pereons 
and all cBiiant throughout hia Kftloi, va« 
aiuwMtidby lhehIsho]w,nnd«^thqirpriinat'^'< 
■oidance. with a declaration that thoy would 
onl^ ag^ee lO the cnnmn.i ' norini; tlic ri^ht< 
of their oriiiT : ' and n viii^ue vi-rbul promitc 
of aaient whioli bi^ nt lust wrung from thtMH 
vi-a» Ti'Toicnl DS suon as the customs wvreeet 
forth in thu form of vrniren eonniituliona at 
the council of Clarendon (.Tnnuary ll'U). 

wide. InOciobl-r IKtlheinuiunoiMdl _ 

beA>re a eouiteil at Nottbanptoa to anawer 
a atrinr of cbai^ea conoFniii^ bin condiut aa 
dian«^lor aad aa atchbivhop. From tbe 
nui*^ it wAfl plain thai the priaoaie'a eoo- 
dnnnBlioa was a forn^iolie conclusion, fn- 
inlla of nTPTT kind wero boapnl upon him : 
ewcy oflW of compcoiBJao wa* Honifully rw 
jectM or Binde vnm by tbr introduction ot 
auene newand oBexpiwted char^; ibebiahopa 
wereoonptJIedto join with iLelay baiun^tn 
siltiu in jnd^meni on their urimate, (ill a 
prohibition fiiHn TboKias bimMlf, vnfbvwd by 
an apfmil to llomr. acared ibtrni into a pn>- 
Int to which nnnry (bund it twic^atary to 

J'ield ; t he lay lordi. with ' oc-ttain tfacriflii and 
BiaerbaromBnciFnt in daym'wbuin tbckiiu; 
had suaimotwd to join them, werv ready lo 
depoM the archbishop aa a traitor, but he 
diecked the d^UTery of ilieir win'-nrf by 
another nppivl to thn pope, foiigbt hi« way 
out of tbe council, aikd flnetly naeaped over 

"Hlunnaa'd flight ieh Ileary mtfUr of the 
field, nod the eotutitatlona of ClsKndon 
w^i« jiut in forcr at mice. By iheae eon- 
•titntinnji ditpiiieiii about preaentattoBs and 
ad yownwiB * wem tmnnf^rred from thn «rlA- 
nanticnl to the royal court*; appnali to 
Home w ithout Icatv from the kins, and oe- 
iMffRSi of villeina without [r*y* from their 
li»di,were Cnbidd^n: tbtr rijthi of eauictuaty 
was annnlled as regards chattf 1» forfeited to 
the crown ; clerka were made amenable l« 
lay tribunnU; the pTOTUiona of the *gn*t 
aMUMi' wore iqiplied to diapnlee about church 
huida: and an apptal to the witflOMtir t wilTf 
local jaromauramonRd by theabenffwaa in> 
t«nduced to protpct Invnum fiwn injuatioe in 
the Mahopa' court*. ^Vith thane proTiuuna 
lhof>e ' customs ' of tbe Norman kiufrs whicli 
forbade bishops and beneficed cleric* lo quit 
the rpfllm or eXf^ommunicate the ld&g*8 
tcnant>-in-chief without his liceme, and n- 
Kuloted the eUctiflci and the tinnpnml lia- 
Inliiii-s of biiihop«,w*rpnowfoTtbpfif»t time 
coupled loj^rlher in h written code, which 
Ht'ury probably me&ul as the fint iulalmi^l 
I of a mucli wider code, wheraby he hoped to 
' remodel th« euiire le^ and admiuistratife 
system "f tlie country. Two yeara later, in 
fart, hi' biiMly undertook to deal sinab"- 
hnudi-'d, on hi* own aolo fivpooribility, with 
tbe whole qucMion of the ndminiatmtiau of 
iuKtios in all criminal owes whalAoerer. In 
his Maie of OaivniloD (February- 1 160) he 
applied the priDciple of jury-inqueat to uri- 
minal cases by otuaining that in every shite 

iienry mw that in making Thomas arch- ' criminals should be airested aid bfOogto 


Henry !I 

Henry II 

tho Mnporor and tlw nntipopc, pmmisrd his 
doa^litvr'e littld to thv L-mpuror'n cuiuiii, 
Hu&ry Urn Lion, <lulto of Suvouy, siid ilircnt- 
eonl to irithdran- from Ali'Miudi^t tliu «in- 

r* tte stMiiflj and ibo Uineranl jiuticM, 
lo be by Uiom dmtl with aoMrditif to nil«f 
luil down IB tliRintiuiniu.^,1111 tbg pmuinl- 

nsnl of tirclvo (rtanea of i-rnr; bundled, eoni lo witlKlran' troin Ali'x&udi^t tlio «in- 
■nil fmr of emry ii)wn>lik>, bound bj bath riXuiX obedicpcn of iV wlioto Aiigi-viii act- 
in full ■luTp^ourt, lo denWnce all Known 
maleCMtoM iu tbuir diuricli'i and b^ sum- 
tnuil^ wl aude all claims ro I'Xf'inptinn, 
•ilber ftotn mrrim on the jtirio8 or from 

liability lo tlic iatornriiiRn of ihnnifa mnd 
jojiliora, fouiMird on private juriidictions or 
■pccia] ftuictiucs of uiT kind. In four wnj*! 
ftapeciallj H«niy'a luUGF is a landnurk in 
EngUali bulorr. It waa ibu Iir«t alt«tiipl 
nado bj an EiigUsli kiug to put forth a coJe 
of laws, aaduttactfrom a m^ro ivatMrtioo 

(of traditional 'cMtotD.' It wiw iho fint 
Utosi]it to hr«ak down tbn feudal ■ydom nf 
]P>v«rtun«nt bv hrin^ifr it* countlcM indo* 
nemlanl jurit^itlioiiH and irreapmuibt* tn- 
banaJatBlo mibioetioii tooiManiibraiJucticul 
•dminlrtniioa. It re-MiablitJiM) ouco tot 
all, ao &r aa Enelaiid w»» roar«ni«d,ih«i>ld 
T«atanic [innci[ue of iba ri^htaod the dutr 
of a piH>|iU lo ^vorn itMlf,in it* own courta 
■nd bj it* own cnMomarT pratvd^rc. an 
■gwnatibe Itoman Uwnbidiwai CunakinK 
na place in comitannUl Europe; and it OMnM 
«a alauai bonndhiMi ftdd wt lb* ininiug of 
tlM &^uli people la wlAffOTenuneiit, by 
bri^ia; boiiie to Dnrj nan liia aliara in ibo 
«dmiaiatmtianarjaMica and poiio*. About 
tba aann tin* IlotifT MMtna to ban iuaod 
tiw aMia at aaytl (liiiu:ii<in, which rnabliH) 
•njr man diMeiaod of 'hut'frvohfild without 
bnl tenlMKc lo claim within a giv1^n pohod 
iiilMHiiniiai bj a writ from iliv king. Tba 
Ml wIumAij Hcnrr tbui'eaft hiapnXociion 
ia«d« tbn dutiubaomi of 

minioDd. AWcbh warfnniub«dhiiii witb 
■ nwfiuaofvTndti^tliacoiiwquciiCM of these 
pladffM, and of Kaiuia^ • breathing iipace, 
which w»* ninied to lood awoun! Sir iiag- 
Und br thn iHuiug (if Uu awixH of Ctanadon. 
Iu Lent 1 ltIOb« tvcroMvd the Channul to take 
upaf^in t be tb mid*, complicated as thoj' were 
bjr his innbroilmunt. with iha churtJi, of bin 
continental [loliujr; to reopen diplomatic rnla- 
tions wilh all partiet at once: with tlie Har- 
qui* of ftlontf-NTal, whoM tnfluimoc at Itomn 
waa *i«iirad for tb« ro,nl caitw by tbo ollor of 
a daujrbtcT of ICngUnd aa wifa 'for bis sou ; 
wilh the duke anil lh« nobl«D of Britlanj, 
wfaoee heiRus Huorv nai bniit upon wedding 
to his third son, GeolinTj-; with tiouia M 
FruKr, whoM) aswut wnn ni-iilfd for thin 
nrnuinmnit, and alau for the rwc-Jgnition of 
litllulUniyasbetrof XoRDandyaud Ajijuii, 
nnd for tbat of the Mcmid »on, Richaitl, as 
heir of Aquitninn : with tho eniprror on oiw 
hand and witb IiiiLombardfoMon tho other; 
with thai kines of Cactile and Sieilr, who 
propofed to beoono Uenry'i sonain-Uw; 
with ibe diwont<uit«d baiDns of Aqnttainc, 
who wnm proflting by ihe lmubl«s of thsir 
Angi^vin dukn to biwiii loow from bis huieil 
uontrol: u well lu with Thomas nnd Alen- 
sndBr, o'hci wen- pnrpMiitllT thr*«Iening to 
lay lh« En^'liih )(in|[aom linger inlitrdicL nnd 
nucouitnunicato the kins biniatlf. in four 

Cr* tJie work atemiid all but doiw ; Henry 
■ociuwl th« alliance of Oenuaiiy and wT 
Caalila by tli« marriagM of bis two alder 

«nr poiMMiiHi 

•riiin acaiis" of cnimplaint to the kinghim- J dauffbten, .Mnlililn on^ KUanOT (1168-4); 
■cll,' thongh BppariMiui liut > aqtif fd ^jjjjfcj he nad betruth<>d bia youngest duvbt«r, 
ii»ii'BgItaoati»egMMat.nMt , Joanna, tu Giti^' WilIiBinofS)ci)y(]160);Iie 

tmuM Obmrt*, 

To «*rt JHrnt m 
Sahln 8oc.. I. liv). 

At iLd monwni w-h«n limirt- ibiia op«n«d 
• tkrw ora in tbn hhtatf of hjijiliiil] KaT«m< 
B«ail. bo WIS in tbi; botI«t uf bu lignt witb 
ibr rliDrcb. Id tain hod he sought to pr^ 
i>ent thf pope and tht- trvivdi kii^ ttom aa- 
■tMalag tbs oaiMs of Thotnaa : SI i 1 1 more Taialy 
Ml Wdrivev into ^xila ererr man, woman, 
wmS afcBd wboomskl be chargodwiih nny ron of 
nnwailiiimi'iililliiiiiiiiini .l'ii|i ^1 "iiimlii, ' 
niaahacooIdaSotTi it si thiBmomfUl, rinkul 
a braaiib with England bv nweirin^ lliomu 
tunwontldy. LouisolTi-r»daabeliorinl'>«nc'' 
lo Urn and his fellow -t<rifr«T«n, and lleor-. 

''" ' himaalf held up to the gtneral aooiii 

liignatian at orthodox Cliri*teiMloro. | 
I!. —iraSl tn the vagertT-oSvivd alliancu of | 

bad broken the ujijjusition of tbe Bretona in 
thrv<i sucuea^ivt- caiopiugna (116lt'9>, and 
nin<'d lh-< I''nincL king'* formal eaneUon lo 
bid plant for hi* three xins in the trmiy of 
MontiairailtJiinunri- 1169). Id an unlucky 
hutu' he nwolviHl to complete the new aettl^ 
meat of bia dominions ny ihu corunatiun of 
his eldest son, a aohema wnich Li> Ludplaiiued 
*evpn ytwa before, but which bad bmu .^t 
a*id« owing to bis ouarrnl witb Thomas, who 
as metropolitan of all ICnjilnnd wns slonei 
qnaltfied to crown an ICoiiliili king. Now^l 
Mwing no bo}w of agreement with Tbomu^l 
Henry waa t«ib enough to fall buck upnit^ 
-. lif-rnv fw the boy's coronation by Arch- 
I itogiT of York, p^nlwl by Um popo 

;l.i.- yiiarsngOibul since witbdruwn ; aiidj 
at his cammaod Kogrr, ihoiigli rorbiildno ' 
both Tlionta* and Alsundcr under pain 

Henry II * 

•ntpeMioa, crawiwid iliBjxmugkUigal Weet- 

liUMl«r, 14 3ane UTO. 

•' llii* aclion wna tbe gmtMt blunder of 

Kenrr'n life. Tbe Ofownin]? flrf rhr hrit 

duddg hi» fatlwr'a lifrtirac «-*■ in ianovs' 

linn wkotly U variuici! wiih nU GnaUsk , 

nnstitalioul t]i«at7 »ntl pnclii'«, &ua ifat> 

nunntnt mu xioffiUarly ilf-cliMeii for furb 

•n nnpm}ed«ni<M *teji. For flfto'D yvan 

lleniT bod bew d«v«li>|iuig • Kfa^'iun of go- 

-raranwnt irherebj ftll Mpaniio jiirwdictioiu, 

tU local and Mnonal nnviU!^;!!*, wi-k to be 

titDOgbt into dii«et niDJectiait lo tbi- atitlio- 

fity of the CKnro. For »ix yuant be hud bwn 

litonllr, thivughaut liis Bogluh dulIiu at 

leaxt, oVitr all pumuiM and all cauwo xuprcmc. 

and tlii^re had bMn no ipiitwnrii ubilacli^.i 

to hinder lb«> workiiiz of bi> adrDiniiitnitivu 

■nrfUm. It wwkHi, ihd''ed, rr^uiurty auil iu 

twmainatioonwfuUy. buinot witli<)uiagn«i 

dtalofvory iBVpn^fricUuii; aiidtlit-adbr'rimi* 

ofnuxnaawLTi' br from bluing thdotilywH-t inn 

ofUwconuttuaity wliOMwin ili^nry'irpfomiii 

notHuK biit viiirinmi of ivgnl tyranny nnd ex- 

toHion. Tfao Sral vUitaiion of the jud^s 

after tli* awiiM of CUrcndon cairiFd lerror 

and dwoletinn into cvi-ry iJiire, wrkili- it 

braugbt to the trvutuiT an eiionnoua incr^aAO 

of wflBltli from ilii- lini!« of juaiice and iho 

l^iidsaii(li.'buti>.-Uof ihiTriiainalaMndomnod 

under ihe ft>i>ist<. ^carr^Iv mu it ooncludud 

wbflii a vinit.ntion of forp«lii wan hfld in 

llfi7, and ibin ajpiin n*a» fijUowed next ymt 

by t.hf levy of an aid fcir ib«iiiam(^ of the 

king'* i-ldtst dnuffbttr. The p<^l« wrilln^d 

bclpluuty under tb«tw uianifola bntdonn ; 

tba baroua watched in eiillnn nilcncn for 

an opportunity to broak tbn yoko wbioh 

Henc^ WAJ) rivpLtin^morp titfbtly upon tliem 

year by yoar. llonrvV own iwiniw of an Jm- 

n^ndinfc criaU in ^nfflaud, cm bi« return 

thithur in Uarvb 1170, was abown in ibi- 

gweeping nii<aniire by wliii?b li^ Roufbl to 

anticipate it. He ausp^ndt-d fromihcirfnni^- 

ttons all tbe sherifla of tlii* ountii's and nil 

tiw balUffa cifbi* own dnoir-.ines, and appoi tit cd 

a body of apwial commiwiunen In iiuttlute 

duriof tho next Iwo monlha an iiiqutry into 

erery detail of tbe admiuiittralinn, jiiaicial, 

financial, political, of ever? royal offiCCT 

rhrou{[hout tbe counlrj ana of eveir local 

tribunal, no matter (O trbom nMwrlaininjt, 

dorinK lb" laat fonr yoara. Wneo tlw two 

montbi) nxpired, out of twpnty-*«'««i dieriffa 

only iwvrai u-Ktv rriniilaicd in t heir ofG« ; to 

the plaw» tbuii U'ft ta^-anl Henry appointed 

olBccn of tlie exobnjiier whom bu knew and 

tnutod. Three daya later tlie feudal nnhipa, 

irtiawolaima of hormlitnry jnriMltciioii and 

wd^tidiencs ha had tbu* afmih tnunplnd 

underfbot, wen called upon to do homage 

Henry II 

and fealty to a new king, ohowa by Henry 
himeelf lo *hare witb luu in tbe aacred dir- 
nily whirh lill now Iiad bfea exclualvdy but 
own. Thr nalh wn> taken readily enmuh ; 
it* pusiibte nikulta were nnrhapa tmlter Mi»- 
Men by aoOMi of tlione who took it tlian fav 
bimwMdemandedlt. Hnuwbile the wratti 
of primate and |iope at ibe in.*ali to Canier- 
biiry, nnd tbe wratb of the (nn^b king at 
the incnlt to bia dnii2bt<'r. who had not been 
allovTF^ (o abore in bi-r bitaband'f coronation, 
roan lo auch a pitch that in July Hmry waa 
dri»-en to a formal reconci list ion with both 
Louia and Tbonua. But then wu no real 
peaioe with eiih«r. Tlie hing ira.i keeping 
Chrisimaa at Ttnrm, near Bay«ui, when tbe 
Archbiiibopcif York and the bifbopj of London 
and 8ali>butT came to it'll him tnat Thooiu 
on bia rptum to Kni[Und had mfiiwd to nV 
lolve tbem from ibe pupal jwnlrncti under 
which ^cy lay for tbeir aliare in the corooa- 
tiou, and waa Belting Lia royal will at deC- 
ance. ' Wfaal a parcel of foobi and daatanU 
bare I nouriab^d in my boa«e,' he bunt oul, 
' tbul not one of ihMn will avense me ot this 
one upstart clerk!' Knur knignta took hiai 
at bis word, and uu :i9 Dec. 1170 ho waa 
' avenged,' far olberwise than he deairrd. by 
the maKyrdom of Si . Tbomw of Canicrbuiy. 
For tbe moment all aeemed lani. Alex- 
ander threatnnrd to inlerdicl tlie whole An- 
irnvin dominionn nnd eouonilBDuiiTate ifae 
kinH iinleu br would do pMUWcn for (he 
Riumer and Bubmit iincnntntionally to tiili' 
demaudBoflbecliurcb.acdal onco dntpatcbod 
two lei^los (o execute ibe lltrmt. But tb« 
hour of extiwme dangT'r waa alwaya tb« 
hour which llpnrr turned to accoiinl fur 
aomo »pi'piallr dnnn^ piece of work ; and it 
wan at this luoM p>'nloiia crifia of bis life 
fhni be added ■ now renlm to hiadoBoinionib 
As early aa llGiihe had planned tli«conqni>et 
of Ireland, and it iraa aRcm-nrd.n utid tbal hn 
had ohtaineit fWrni Pope Adriun l\ a bull to 
sanclioii flu- eiil.rpri".?; this bull, however, 
bns ncviir bivn found amonr the p^al nr- 
chivna, and it4 jtenninnBea^ in difpnted (ej*. 
Aualeeta Jurit I'onlijki, Mai-Jnia 1883, 
Paria: F. A. GaaauKX ia Dublin JUtirK, 
Srdaer. X.83). Tbe achenui, oppoaed by bia 
uiollter, waa left, in abeyance till at the clnae 
of 1 KMi I)i8rmatt 3Iac Murcbadba, kinit of 
l>nin=Ier, having been driienfrom bialhron*', 
b<»ousbt IlnnryV aid in ref^luiug il, and 
olt'crcd hicn bia bomagv in relimt. Henry 
nccejited ihi! homn(rn, and procJnimed tbaE 

any of bin aubjeiMi who rbnsF might enlixt 
in tbe nervire of the Itinh kin^. A band 
of kiiiglils fruin the }^oiii!i W'cUh border 
availed them^elve^ of the p^rmiBiion; by th« 
end of 1170 they were maaien of Uie ' ' 

Henry II 

coMt from Waurfon] to Dnbl in ; ilieir loder, 
Kieli*(ildeCI&re(i/. llTiI)^q.<.^,wa»iiuL(Tie(l 
ta DIarauil't <Uiigfaii>ri nn l>iarmait'« il*«lh 
(May 1171) br «t liimu'tt' u|i ■■ Knrl of 
I^iiMt«r, unci WM in u fuir ir*T to Ix^cniiiD tbii 
lw«<l of Ml indcpoiHlvnt firutlal i^iilc whow 
ftnwlb inittlil so™ liuvi> ttir«at<!itril EnxUnid 
witb a nvw prri),irili.-(irvbiul nut (iimiu&rily 
lak«1i live iiiaKnr iulo liis uwii bandd. Tli>- 
M|«l l«c|itM WHK Ml tli« point of entering 
NoniwiMy irlwv be BniMiuii«»d to b\f bAnmi 
tbal k« wan Rniuft ■•> [ntlond. Kailj in 
Avguai he Umcd at I'nrtamniitb; a montb 
iUivr be cvM-ivnl iIm aubmiviioti of Earl 
BickanLwhuin lii; badnuiumunDdtaa ra««t- 
iag UD liw Wrleli bonleri bi,' lb-->-ii(l of 8^ 
tvmbi^ be WM at Pembroke, and a 6t« of 
four fauiidr«d tliipa wan eatha^DE tn UilfoH 
HkVM ; uid on 1 1 I li;t. ii« bntUd at W>t«r> 
fenl wilh ruNBti f'>urlb<iUMnd aiMl. lift hod 
l«ft Hirirt or<3pr> both in Nomuuidv and in 
BtigUod tbnt tbi- porta alumld bo cloacd lo 
all cIi-tIu, and ilmi no roan iiliould follow 
him unli-fH 9|>M'iu1Iir summoned ; but more 
etfectual (bail tJiew prvcauliunf wa« ch-- 
atoriBj wind of lb« wii«i«ni >•>«, wliirli for 
naailir nx month* tevwrod all coiumusicat ion 
b«tir«pn Irrliuid and Iho rut of Ib<* world. 
TboM fix month* ttcn falofnl aliki.- lor Irr- 
land and fur Eoslnndt in tlwmwaa laid tbe 
foundation of tralaad's nilgMtioa to ibt- 

\ En^lUbcrowB. Tbflhoaiil«<partie«,wliMli«T 
ol lutiTM or in>'ail«n, all alih« ww iheir 
only bop« in RnbiniukD to Ibe iww cotDM, and 
all alike lakl ihcnuwivna at liU fiwt. Bcfbn: 
Ctiri«lniw 1171 — whiclihckoptat 
k |«Ucu Imili u( wattle* after tbi* biab Caaliiun 
— Watvrfnrd, Wi^xford, I.imvTiek, and Cork 
were in liia liands, and all lb-.' Iritb priiic««> 
excK^t ibe king of OoDiiau^t, baa ^T«n 
biro bodtam and pMDiiiwd tribut«. The 
bialMif* ana elrrjCJ made tboir fonnal *ab- 
■bImmii to bim at On*h«L With the promiao 
of tlieit ipiritiial obndimee tlurtr conquerot 
miclit ho^ lo etnke a bargain wiib lliiov ; 
KDil th0 iidinKs whiob at. liut (March 117^1 
raaehod bim rrom KngUiid mnde him feel 
that Ibft bargain miwi Iv Rtniclc without 
dnlav. What litllo li<- oould dn for Itnland 
•I tan ronmcol budid bt-fiMv be left h«r. U« 
oonip«ll«d Ciarl Kulianl and Us fdlow-ad- 
[NU<c«ll«id iLmii out ifreah as teb to be held 
in obeditace tobiiMrif aaaovxreign; heap* 
poinl«d llnfch d« liacjr to act a» bi» rf^ira- 
MMftti*« and viergiirant : be fortified and 
niriaoBtd tb» eatut tawn!> : and be «laTt«d 
Dublin, ruinr^ u it wait hj tbrau aie{^ ta 
two yeai*. on a im-w can<«r of Mo»penty by 
granting il iotbebur^h>>niof Bri-tollocoln- 
ni»i> and rnisa into a tradioj; miirij at fnr 

Henry II 

and floanfJihicai thcirown mttivecitT. Me 
■ailed fraro Wfrxford on Eatier night ; hy 
the middle of May ha waa ta Noraandj ; 
uu Sundaj 31 Hay he net the l»niM at 
Avnncbes, purgtd hiiDMlf of coraplLRity in 
th(> primaleV doalb, promwrd fipinlion, and 
abjurru] hi« *cu>^t«nu:' tour nontlui liilur be 
rcpuaiod hit aiibmiuiioii, and wu publicly 

It woa no lij^bt nuttfrr tliat bad moved 
the kinit tliux to brvok ulf tlu* work wliicb 
liie had but ju&t begun in In>Ui>d and to aur> 
render the conalitutiona which be had ko 
atubbomly mainUuii«>d fnrnglit ,vi'nr> in the 
teeth of prinutii and popoi it wu the dia- 
cornrv (bat in leavinj; nia eldf»t son ax king 
in his itoid bi> bad piacL-d within rt«f li of hi^ 
foci a wi^apon wluch thty verv quick (o uw> 
agaiimi liim, and wliivb was only too roady 
to lend itwif to lh«ir uko. Kalbar and aon 
no aoon«r met atcnln (ban llio young king 
aswrted hia claim to be ocknuwlt^dgcd aa 
UC1 ual niirr of Knfflatid, or. if nol of England, 
th"n of Normandy and tho Augevin Tnnd«. 
Iloury, bu^oowwithatcbemebr thumor- 
riiuL' of hia youoMtt son John to the hvircw 
of Mnurionne, which wohU have given him 
emniBADd oTfT all th*{iaweaof theAlpa^not 
only^Sti;;^ t^"" flaim bat proposed lopettle 
upon JihnThci'i-"fiht-moit important caatlw 
in Anjou and Touriiine. The youjig king 
bcreu|ion Hed to the court of France, and on 
hi* appearance thi-re a \an conapiracy came 
to light. Til.' Frvncli king, the 'counta of 
Btoi", inaiidiTK, and BouloKnu, the kii^ of 
Scotit, a crowd of barons in Bngluiid, Nor- 
mandy, Aiiuitaine, and the Angeiin land^, 
hit broibi-n Hicbaid •ndOaoffrcv, bia rootber 
Haixn ElMiuir, ranged themaelna at once 
upon bia aide ; and finin bad acarcolv time 
l« forlLiy tbe Norman mmtior, reoali aoiM 
of bia troops liotn Ir«land,andgnthtTftfon)a 
of Brabantinc morconariea at the coat of 
erery pnnny be poouxn], bvfon • general 
war btokc out i^Juiio I ITS). Noimudjr. at- 
tacked on two sidM at onoe, waa aaved by 
the death of Ibe Count of noulognc and by 
a rapid maich of Honty which oroxa Louis 
from Vemniiil; and anothor equnUy rapd 
march upon Dol cnwiKd the revolt m Biit- 
luiy. In a flying tbit lo England (Knox, 
/(in. Ben. II, p. 173> Tlenty, it aoeBW, had 
olrvady concerted men»nr»n for il» aecuxity 
wilh t'ho juaiirinr, Uicbntd de Lucyi hei* 
the actual outbreak hod boendehiyM by the 
abtence of the chief rubel, Eari Robert of 
l^icMlvr; and Leiciwter no aooner landed 
in Snllblk than be wna d«(lMt«d and made 
priaoofM- by tlir royal Ibnwa (17 Oct.) Nwt 
(pnnf-, uliile lli-nry was cruahing out r»» 
bellion iu Aitjnii and A<)uitaine, a Scottish 

Hcnr>' 11 


Henry II 

iBvuran tlimd ii{i a riaiag in the north ; ' 
mmmIt w«ro iJic nenlism nbtda deft»t«d | 
bvi))el(inf:'8illopitinal«*aii0«offiw]r,bi*ba^ i 
elMt at Lincoln, w1i«b Eut AngUk wm orcr- 
run b; ■ \ioti at PUmios* broufclit in by lltr 
tnitor f^rl of NiwfoUi, I lugb Bigod : t lie Lon- 
don citiiciu broku into auarcliy; ibe young 
Idns llinHU«iic<i invMMs frooi rUndicn; uio 
thejnaliidua in drafitir C4ll«cl Hmut to tlti> 
KMiie. f to ctoiwhI ibn •en in k lirrrifin (tortB ' 
■111 T July, ami miulr Mraisbi foi Canlnrbury. 
FMtinKi bon^ffmi, in iiilcrlm'ii n-iinl*, br <.-n- 
t«i«d tne cntliedrai tburcb.and thrjv publit^ly 
to bo aoourgod by all (ue U'vi-niy monks of 
the obxptcr, epending ibe nigbt lu vigil be- 
fore tbe iJirino, Niiil londing il wiib coally 
cifta OM b« tut out nest morning for l/mdooi. 
Four <Uy» UUa a coutirr burnt at midnight 
inlfl tbo king'* beddiambiir, und woki- bim 
Willi tiding* tbst on Ibe very day, almml nt 
tbe vtTT b'lUT, of hia di^artun.' from Ouiler- 
buxT (li« i^uottiabkiurbad bvt>ii madepnaonw 
at Aiuwich(13Jn]y)l71l. Huat^mawbeii 
at 0UG8 upon tba EnaUiJi rebcln, and in threa 
weaka iiuy wor« aU at bia i«at. Then ho 
mwwf'd tb« ■■«, fomtd Loui* (o raiaa cbn 
aia|(a of Ruuun. und br Micbaoloiaii waa in a 
puaitiunlodictatet-.TiDAallrouild. Tbetmna 
wbicli lie impowd on liii aoiia, on tbe Fr«iicb 
king, and on tbo rebel barooa amuunted lo 
liltJii more (ban a rotam to tba tCaItu num 
anit beUmm, Yrilb a pled}{e ofgnnora) anneaty 
and rcfw^iciXiatiam. Tbokinaof 8cota,liow- 
ii>'«r. tvgabod bin Iruwloni only by doing liege 
bonage lo ibu KngUiili king for bia ertiwn 
and ail bis ImwU, and giiinK up fir* of bia 
aiTungMl forlTMaa* in pledge for litH fldi^litjr : 
and Uura waa odd captiro wliom Henry 
irould not T«lcniK! at alL Al (be op'nin^; of 
the rebellion be bad caiigbl b|]>wlf<>,dligni»«d 
in nian'«Bltiiv,atlemplin|f lo follow bur soiu) 
tolbe Ft^ncb court 1 li« bail put bn'inpri'uin 
al oiiw,andibon<,vritli one- brief interval, he 
kept \vrt for ibo rt«l of liis own life. 
' la England hi* trittmpb waa complete 
and final. lie took up again at once bio 
work uJadminiitrativemonn, and cnrrind il 
on thcBivfortb witbout ^eck and witlioui 
braak. In January 1 17A bo iaaiwd tbe aniKv 
of Xorthamplon; ibis waa in eQect a re- 
enncununt of ibe amiu of Clarendon, witb 
impovtant modifiontiona and amendmeiita of 
detail, and witb tbe addition of aororaJ en- 
tirely new obiuam, ono of whieb originatml 
tli» pTO0o*ding known asiho'asaiM of mort 
d'ancmter,' whil« otbers dellu«i] tba pteaa, 
criminal and cinl, wbicb wi>r« to bv noened 
for ibe bearing of the royal ,)u«tic«8, and 
anotber directed tbat evcrr mnninlUert^liii, 
from earl lo ' riinlic,' ebo'ild lake an oalb nf 

leattjr to tha king. In tbo annie jcar be 
WTttngfroon a papal legate a partial aueot to 
tbo coaiatHutMiM of damndoii. wbicb ennbttd 
bim to bring tlerg>- as welt as laity wilbin 
ibe scope oj n great vi«italkon of ibc (bnsM, 
btfid in punishiiient for tbe daJttag« dona in 
t]ie rebellion. Next year li« Ofdared a iMatn 
of all tunementa bcld in cUaf of tbe crown, 
wiib ih« ttamaa of tbe esiiting icnanta and 
tbe aarrint* doe from eaeb. An inauiir 
into tho aevenl iTnbiljtiei of lli« lan^4 
Icnanta-in-cbivolry bad been inatilillad Un 
years bT'Cinv. apporaicly fur Ibe aajuilimt 
uf tbf ai4epvurJSItf mDfier, and on that 0^ 
casion lb« rMumi bod b«iin made by each 
baron for bimwlfi tboinquoatof lirr.bow- 
vver, waa aoauingly dcaigiicd lo be of wiid0r 
aeope and noro eMrcbing ebarai^ier. and waa 
entnutod lo tbe tberiUs and balblfaof lbs 
ditTerentuounties. InllT^IU-nrrreorgiMiiaed 
the curia regis bvrnjirictiagitaliighastftuie- 
tiona to a amalk inner tribunal of Mladcd 
oounsellort, wbicb anvTvardK frrrw into tbn 
court of king'* bench, l-'rom 1176 lo IIW 
bo waa buay wiib a acrica of exnerimenta 
which ended in the virttutl ealahUahsient of 
tbi> ayatem of judgea' circuila familiar lo ua 
now. By bia aaaiM of armn, 1181. be im- 
posed on itven tn» man tbe duty or bearing 
arms for tbe aefeiioe of tli« entmlry ; and by 
•■nacting that each roan's liability iliould tw 
(letermini-d by ib-' aniaUDl, not of hia land, 
but of bia no niial rr venue and movable gooda, 
ha introducvd into ICngiUb finance tbe prin- 
cipUof direct taxMi<.>n on p«rioiialpn>]i>'tiv. 
The EngUab king'a supremacy over tli« 
neigbbour at atM andbisimporlanooin Eiirop« 
at large grvw witb 1 he growtb ol hit powr at 
borne. 'TliTet' Welsh caniiMUgiia(1167, 11113, 
lIGTi), nnd nfmHr.f ni'sntialianaconduolcd 
by Ilenn- in jienou on liii way to and frolD 
Irptaiid, hnd br<iken tbe inde[ienden«i of tlie 
Weltb nrinrei; in the revolt of 117% Itliyi 
DfS.iutii Wiitea opimivd as tba- klng'^ ally, 
nnd al its close David of Nurlb Walea waa . 
bound to him by n mnrringe witb ldsai(t«r. 
Tb^liivnltyof the !^l'(llti*b king waa accuiwl 
in 1 1 7&. and in tlic Kame ymir tbe homage of 
llio king of Connaugbt oomploted Jlenrv'a 
orerlonbhip of InJand. Npsi year iiis 
yoiuigoat daughter Joanna (lll>&-llS)9)rq.v.] 
wna married to the king of Sicily, and w-l- 
oomed in bar new country wirbhnnour* wbieJi 
showed how gnMt wiw the nivrmiee f<-l< by 
it* Norman ruler* Tor the dintnnc suvereivu 
whomlhaywerapnmd to acknowledge aatJie 
bead of tJieir MCA. The kin^ of Castile and 
ntl bi^twevn themsdnain ll77i tho Iting of 
Armgon and tbeCoitntof TniilniiEobud ilono 
tho like aaosrivna 1173, when the latter hod 




•TCn Bulmlttiid la do bomage to Uowi' for 
hia cumtT. In Franee iuvU the l«cii(->nit 
iliAt nged «K>iiiid lU^i (leukliMl of Laura VI I 
aaA tba Ul-«MBmI tknat of U* ^ooag «iw- 
«MKtf, nilip Ao^ioii, wsra dnvMi to ao- 
CPpt, lUT (■> aoUcit, llui noduitioa of rhn 
Ki>|flii>li Vinjc < 1 1 W-2) : and tli« cruwninff- 
poutl of liti frloi^ M«tn«d lo ba nadied bi 
1 IM), whifn, BH head of the AngeTJn kouM, 
li« was iinplored by llxi palriucb of Jeni- 
aalaiB tB p«r*0B lo undi-rtakti tlw dftliver- 
UiM fit the llnlv Luid, vburv Ui* AiifDTill 
dynaaty nod itw^ ChriMian roalB wkicli ihpy 
IimI tieun ilofcndinff for half a oeBtnrr aiiaitwt 
tfat MiMl«ias were both nliliB at tlipir kst 
ga^p. The ' f&iiliful mva ' at the land, kuv- 
«ver, B MM nbtfd ta c»iUK-il at dericvnmll. 
T»Ai*ed t« Mfldion »iidi an tuidetlaking (R. 
Jtunao, ii. 3.% 341; and ilenrT had araplo 
ranaoM fnrjrwlding lo th«ir docuion. 

TliepeKwinaWof Europe roald not lni«p 
WMWB aitwB); bin own sonii. He bad &cc]v 
forpirto th'-ir r*l>Tllt<in, and fullv rciuMtciJ 
all ikTve iu tli« I'lnitioas which iSejr bad 
Tiurpi'clivrljr ixvBped b«Calv it: RicMrd a« 
dujcrnf Aq(iiUhw,tiMflh7 aadakoofBnt- 
UBV. Ilouy aa acknonrlRdgrd hnr to the 
vmrhirdahip of bulk, and In iliron iHire- 
nifnijov>irBi)i([huid,Nurnuad]r, and Anion. 
But lbs bfotben w<!n ImIoiu one of a0ocii«r, 
■ud ibitir nalonaj brolc^ out at last ui gpen 
wai-. In 1183 young llenrc nnd GmoW^ 
jotMHl till- noblca at Annitiunp in n rittug 
■nfaut tbntr fathpr and Itichard, and twice, 
irtii1« bMie|[in(: ihr n-hrU in tlietr boad- 
qiartem at l.uii-^^. H'^ott binuclf nar- 
rawlTMcanvvl wilhliM lifi^. llie jrjungkuu,''!) 
dMih (11 June) emlcd the Mrife for a whUv. 
but it iifnmMl tha way to «lh*>r quan«l«. 
ilaiTj propnmd to tramfir Aquiiaino &oni 
iUclHra. now heir to the cmwn, tn Jnhn. 
wliOMbetrolhal with Aiirtr at MauricniiP had 
arme to nothing, hot fur whom bu hnd in 
Ufa MviUfd tlie rich heritage of Ear) Wil- 
Imob nf <llnao>«t«t, aod wboin in ) 177 he bad 
■aaunat«d IriuK of Imland. It wu to Ire- 
landfMot toAijuitainu, that John wa* at1a»C 
dMpttebed bv hi* lathi^r (USA); but hit 
wimndact ituav fotred IIihitt to rrciUl Kim 
vtthin a f«w iDotitba. Gvaffrey mrwiwhila 
waaplottinf invmn vriih Pbihfi of Fnnw : 
in AiM^t V18ft Ite di«d, and Pbilip rJaimed 
itin k'^mnllMni^iIp of hit infant hotr Arrhar 
ill>-7 l-Hl. ,, r.l TbR tvtatinna or Iliilip 
aiul llrnrr wrm alttadjr rtninnd alnoi>t to 
brcakiafr point ; ttten wM a otaading di>- 
pntv becwiKB then abmil the dower-hmda 
of the joong kiag'a widow ; ihno wen 
n*l^r >lt>i<i<iMa ahotit the ovnlotdalmi of 
A ibnat tbn ownetdtip of mny, 

«T~ I rrnch king'i ngbl of intrrrra- 

. Henry II 

tioB In ft oaaml betweeo Ukhftri and tlw 
UoiBU of To«kiM«, Bsd about PUltp** naur 
Ad^ wbn, •> Bkbud** phgbMd farid^ lud^ 
bc«nfiwfMiirt(«n5wa,armon,inibecaa(4 * 
afllcsrt.aDd wbom he woald pn- np nchi 
to btf both**' nor to Lnr b»imthp<l. '' 
inottTisandibeaiinof Ifmrv'n policy •( I 
junctofv are a* ahacttrc' ti iu now u 
w«i«loRiduudlbeai: Im: itsuntwsidi 
{^T« torn* colour of rcvinn to th* i 
adoplad by Rkbard at l^ilip** (BKiat 
that he waa planning to oun Richard fi 
bia poutioB M bfir, and parrhap* to lob 
tf hia intfndrd wilts ■<> 1^'roiui of JoJin. ( 
feraice aftfTT ooBfeMBoe bltnl to tcaure ' 
pmd undentuidinit of fatlwr and 
«a.tiafy Fliilip, or tofetci> from IlMiry i 
niteaTowalof bii iniraiioiw. Forank 
all diBrivBce* wwn ba«fai-d by lidingt of tlw 
capture of Janualon t ih' >wa king* took 
the rroM logtUicr (dciobpT 1 1(<7). aal Honrf J 
wvnl to Eii^Uid lo an«ng« far the coUm 
tionof lbe*eal*diat>tbr,' a laxof oita-i«nll 
of all tlw noraU* good* ct daif; and la 
wbicb wa* to dafray th* cxpvnaaaof tut i 
mdf. la bia BbMCc an attack made 
lUcbard in Tonlouaa n** Pbilip a vnti..., 
far invadinc Brrnr ; lIouT haeCeoed to itd 
defeoM; Fkilip uugbt and a(goiial«d bjr 
tama with tlii* father Mid tlw mb ; at la»| 
all thrre net in eonfMcnc* at BanaottSna 
tlANov. ll^i; Richard dciMMbd an n< 

S licit r*«opiition w hi^r to all hit fatlurr'a 
CRniniami, ami on thfrrtrftiaalnf hiade 
openly Inuufenvd bia hnnage to ibe P 

Henry wa* left alono, wiiboat ir 
wilbnul anoi-T. without reaonrcM of 
hind, ilu m^miea mw tbeiradnoitag*! 
luwd it rablcwly. They turned a dckf t 
to hi* onrtnica of i«conciUBtiaa, and to tbe 
naDonitnnceaof tbelrttateawbam i1m| 
in l«rr)r fur thr peace of Eorope Uld 
Aucceaa of tbu cnuade, at once de 
■« lua Mpyon ; ibay wonU b« tal 
nolbinr ahon of nncondit ioraal anbiuaakin to 
lh«r dnniandi. lUtlirr than utoop to tliia, 
lU-nry with a bandfol cf followt-ni uui bia- 
self up to await the end in his native i 
Ia.' Moni. Tbe end cane with Martlii^ i 
piilily. tn a w^ek Pbilinand Itichardn 
nwntenof Maine; on IJ June llKltlieyi 
ponrd In auault Lr Alaiu ; i:a dcf<mdiir* 6 
tbr mUirh*; the city it srlf ca tight lire, nnd 
Henry with hit hide bond fled for ihrtr: 
livieatownnlBXuniuiidi, The uiUl wotd* i 
hbuphemy whii-li Gerald d« Barri(/Vi 
iVt'nir. dU't. iii. c. iH) jtuta into tile month < 
the fogiiiTe kin^, if uttered at all. ran onl 
bare bMi nttafwl in the imepoMibli' fmuy 
of detfttir; and a« be lay that night at L^ 

Henry 11 


Henry H 

pNiinyvllrauyiyrnVKivd Ills Mill'Vuntml and 
pUnucd tlio Iwt lulveniurr n'bicli uu to be 
the fitliii^doiwofliiBBdTPUMirau* life. Suul* 
ing Ml liiH fullairera lu Noraaiulj with in- 
»lrucli<iii« for tlie K>lb<»tiiigof m»h btoen 
Bud <he dijipoHt or lliu NornMn cmiImi he 
turrmd hnck almnn ftlon^ ud tUMle his w^y 
thmufrU tlio biuirt of thn roiiqupml land to 
('hiiion. Pfivur-fllriokrn, clf-nib-^IiUikon^ bo 
Lj'theretirnt^auiiiurM'hiliT ThilipuidKich* 
HM atomwd Toura; on I July be drnuigiKl 
liiittMlf, b;a BupKuieeffurt,umeetthanBt 
GolimibUrw. Ho wm forced to pot hinuelf 
nl their mi:ny, to pnnloD and n^lraw tmnn 
Ihvir nllc^iianM all thonr who hiul conn>imd 
Bjpiiiut him, to renew hi* honu^[p to Pbiliti, 
taMllnowI(.•lI[,'<^ Kiohnnl huirToall his huitb. 
Bad logitp him the kiu (>f pmw. The bjiw 
viaagivtn wilb a uiutU-rvd ctrnc ; but it n-it* 
not Richard'* Iranwii thai bn>ke his fdiher'« 
bMit. "Hiat nirbt Henry bade his rinv 
diaiu»llor r«<id him the hat of th« tniton 
who*!) Dntnea ['hilip hiul giTtm up. Thelirvt 
name wui Ihnt of John. 'Enough,' miir- 
mured the king as he turned hii &oe to 
the wall; 'now let ihinRn ff^ wi ihuj may; 
1 can.' no more for oiywif or for the world.' 
I'or two tlnyn lie lay lowing in nuguish and 
dplirium, cuninK hi* iti>n!i nnrl himwlf, miit- 
ttrinp 'Hhamir, rfnuuBoaaronciin-rpd king!' 
til) tlie appnrmch of denth. nnd tlie ti-nd^T 
cai« of iheonerhilcl who had n-moined uiLh 
btm to thelani.hiit illegrit imatvi tioii Oeotfrey, 
brought him hnrk to rwiwn, penilence, anil 
p(«<!r, and on <t July In* pouieif ouietljnwnj. 
Two day* hitor lie wan hurind in the abbvy 
cliunib of Ktmiemiud. wh'^) ihu ohamo- 
toriftic oullinen of the foee to vividly de- 
N;rib«d by bi» euurtiera may stitl be twn iu 
the vS&ify sculptured on his tomb, 

llvnry'* cliitdren br his queen an enam«- 
wtod in the hiognphy of ihpir mother [oee 
EI.UXOX or AqlTiTAini-.]. lie it known to 
have had three illi!(pttmat« son.'i: (ieoHrvy, 
boni probably bi-fun- hia aocrnsion to the 
trown. pofdihly cvnn before bit marriafju 
[sea OwPFREir, arebbiiliop of York] i Moi^ 
gan, wlioae inaih<^ i» uio to hare been tlie 
wife of a knifht called Kalf Illoeth ( Hiit. 
Dunelm. Scri/itt. Trtt, !*iirii>e» Sor„ n. .Vi) : 
and William Lnn n^a word, aft erwanlt tCarl of 
SBtiabury, who niny hnrn hren a cliild of 
Fair Hoaamond, though of tbU there is no 
actual proof. The ronia&tic odjiineis of ilti> 
ItoMmond U>g«Bd[iic« CLiFraim, KosisoNiit] 
hare bMo itwmt away, but its ceninl fiu» 
n^Btaini. Of tn« darker tair about Adela of 
Franco {Ottta ««■., cd. W(iibb»,p. IBU: Om. 
CiiCBB. Dp Imtr. Prine. di*t. lb. C. ii cf. 
lEic. DETUtM, in Itowlelt, liiwi. ^ Strji^en 
tmd Hrvry U, iii. 408) it can only be w^d. 

on the one band, that it imina to hato mated 
on «vidun(« itroBg caoiigh to coavinoe bet 
betrothed hwband Rkhvd aod her brother 
Hiilip AuguMuti and, ou the other, that 
Richard wu only too ready to believe any 
ovil of hia father, white Philip waa eqnally 
ready to feign belief of anythiaa, if it (uiti^ 
bis policy at the mooicnU Still, thou{[li the 
picluRBof llcmry'a ptiTBle chaincICT fpTrn 
uy lampooDM* auch as Genld dc Bam and 
ifalph tlie niack may well be painli^d in need- 
Imuj glaring coloun, we can liardly ri-Biar*i 
tOBOViDont in iia deCiaice ibnn WMstidby 
nao(hcrcont«ffiporary.thai 'hnh>A the palm 
of noe to hia grandfather.' IIU natun w»« 
full orpiuaion; but the ponun waa far fitm 
beinK ull evil, thou^ it waa larlabed toa 

Ol'lenupou lUiworthy objeCla,am0B9dwBI0<t 

iinworthy being, nnhapiiily, hia own ipiQed. 
ill-traineil, miunanaged. but tenderly loved 
toiia. Kxcpt in iheciue of hiachildmn, bow- 
evar, Henry* bestowal nf honour and power 
wa« nevrr dictated by blind partiality to * 
piTMinal favourite. Utapot aa he was, his 
miniiters were no neve tool* of the royal 
citpriee. hut rwponaiblo ttateaaien aucb aa 
the elder Ear) Robert of LeicMter, lUobard 
de Liicy 'th'^ loyal.'aod Richard'* aueoMior, 
tbv grmt Uwyvr Konulf de lilanrillu [n- v.}, 
m«n who wera not a^aid to speak their 
mind* and net upon their conrictions. and to 
whom Henry, on hln pari, waa nol al'raiil to 
eiitrual the wliole admin UtTBt ion of atTaintin 
his own abtenor ftoiu the country. Ilia pur- 
aonal fli'ienda again, from Thomas B»dkw 
up to Sr. Hugh of Lincoln (q. v.], went fiir 
better men than bimtolf ; Ihoy were tu fuel 
among tbii pumt and noblcM. cbaractcn uf 

their lime; and Ihe wore uoUku they Weri- 
to liim, the holier and more UTinorldly wer« 
their lives thfi more loyally and devotedly 
lie clung to tliem, thu mora readOy lie ar- 
ei'pie'l Uieir counsel and thalT Ti^tukaa. and 
ibe mon.'. too, h« aocma to have inapuvl in 
them n corienNMiding warmth of antn'iioii. 
The boll' drolC half pathetic aioriea of hia 
relations with St. Hugh (old in the 'Mogna 
Vila S. llugoiii«' reival glimpses of a sidn 
of hi* charaCKT which if olborwiiui bnrdly 
perMptibIa in hi« career ni nn Kiigliib kiii<^, 
but which ha* len traow to tlita day in tli» 
hume-Iunds of bin race, in tlie great huMiilnU 
wbicli he built at .Ingen and at Le Murif, 
and in tit* remains or tlie records of Tl>« 
laiar-hoiisci which lia endowed in tlie chief 
towns of Normandy, that at (ju/villy, ii^ar 
Kuuen, indeed, being formed onl of a huni- 
ing-wat which be had originally built for 
hi* own enjoynient. 

Ilenri- was a grcal butlder, tliotigb not. 
tike bispred«cc»Mt«,of«kui«he<and sbbry*. 

Henry II 

■ I 

Heury II 

He famded but MTiRa roti^u* boiwni in tbu 
COUTH of hi« life ; ibe erectMio o( tim* of 
ibow wupartof iliflpmance imKioed un Lim 
Alt thedMfbof Sl.TliocDw; imd (hough tbe 
coBUQBBd*^ of Kaig:bis Templars kI Vaa- 
boiir); wni (ixindi'd In 1 17H, nna tlin Cbntttrr- 
bouicof Witlisin in till- following ywir, while 
tlut of Ld! Uiffet la 'rnunvini! ik said I» dUv 
from ItTtf.lbty remtitiirdBQiiui^ilicuiit tliai 
iDUij yen* Ut«rtienld de Barri could al&ci 
M {giMX* tb« T«rv «iid(enc« of two of them, 
Mill MkMnd U tbe nigganllinoM witli which 
llrnry wuwppoMdiO hitT« fiilfl1l4<d hin von* 
at bis prrdeooMan' expniso, by puitiiiii rdoii- 
Ur iiiMMd of McwUr cana«iii tnto llacvtds 
old foundation at Walt bam. and forcij^ nuiu 
ttom PootrvrauJ iDftead of Kiigliidi Biiii^ 
dieting stolen inui tbe aiiciout abbvv of 
AmMburj. H» other r«ligio<is foundalion* 
attciond no givaln f<un«; ihoy w«ra no 
Aiutin pri'iry at l)«aorair in rlormandr, 
ectablinlied before bb aecciaion totlipcniwn; 
K MOOod lUNU' La Flfrdie ui Blaino, fouudi-d 
abotit 1100; a third at Newstead in Sher- 
wood, dating poesibi,? from 1170, more pro- 
bably from rim or nr1i*r; and a tiilborline 
bo«a« at Kcwttaad in Ancliolm. irbirb ciiidit 
Uitoexiatenoobcfar«l]7-'>. linnnbiiillmach 
for hinaalf, and, aa b« bopod, fur hi* iucmw- 
■om; Caen, Rouen, Anf[en, Tours wen- ell 
■dovned witb ronl iwlaou ui liis reign. He 
built yet nior« for his suljeciN and wlule of 
bU palaoea Katnel v ■ fragmeet rmuaias, uve 
Dm raiiu<d nils nt'Olunanwlietvhe died, the 
wat«n of ih« Loin sr« kmt in to thi* day 
hj a great cmbiukmonl orfriA-, tbirtv tnilM 
)OB0. whinh be oa«Mlnict«d u a lafcgiiard 
WUBW <t« frequent and diiontroui fjoodn. 
Tm * Oran<l Pont ' at Aiij;ers aevmi lo have 
bMn built by him, in place of sn earlier bridal 
dMlroyrd by Are ia 11*7. The popular 
Mtonialunent at tlie gn>atn«iw of hi* nrchi- 
iMlural undertaking!, and tbe mpidiij- wiih 
wUch tbey were ftccompliihcd. i* cspreMcd 
in ibe legend of tbe ' I'orl dit I'Aimonain,' n 
Tiaduct owT a ewamp near Cliinon, buill by 
Heory, but locally aaid to bave been t«ared 
br ttie ib^il in a tiaah night at tbe bidding 
or fata an«n>tof Fnlk Nfna, tbe one other 
AngoTin rounc who lirrd, aide by aido with 
Henry FiuEmpm**, in tbe memory of the 
Aniruvin praplL-. 

Tne Knglub people, on ibe olher hand, 
aeetn to hafe i^uichlr coaled in their eathu- 
■iasnfifr lb« kiagwboBi before biaaccMeion 
tVy bad ' all h)v«d ; ' it wm only by alow 
dtjrwin, and niter hr< mm gone, that tbi>y 
twvnod >0 ap]ir<-'c>ale bia real meril* na a 
ntler. Ueury net i<r euiuted popularity. He 
tn no means ahiiiined petBoaal COntaot vith 
tbe multiluilv, ami when Iw did gO fcrthinio 

I ihvirmKUt, he and tWy alike Sungi-ti^iirtte 
to tbi? wind*. Hut bo did not lay faiicM-lf 
out to please them, ai bia grandfalhcr had 
I done, liy a roiil ine, al once familiar and rjilfn- 
did, of daily life lived of eel piiriKwe Ixijorc 
rhiiir very eyM. When ci>uiii*lIore, wur- 
tipra, and epedatonhftdtlm-lwiliogvther from 
far nod ni-nral hin niimmon* for a grmi judi* 
ci«i aod political aR>niiiblT, hv would ibiap- 
pesrut dan u and kii'p ihi-m all vainly uwait- 
itig hi* reluni till ni>;litfall t-ul an vivi tii liiB 
dayVhuiiliTig. Il» boiiMhold wns a by-word 
for oonfualou and diKomfon, to wbirh he 
liirnMlf was nllerly iniiil)>rvnl, nml which 
went on uncbadud while hr vilbdrvwlo bia 
chamber and thirrc buried hiDi*clf in biaown 
purnuito. Chief among the»en-a* ihi- diwiia- 
eion of lilemry nimlions with the eoliolare 
wLo ihrociffed hiA court, aud wbom bo do- 
ligiiled lo honour. lie hod mh«rit«d both 
ftotn hin I'alhnrand JViini tiii malcrtial grand- 
fnthi-r a arrat love "f li-arning; ho wan pro- 
bablv tbe moat, highly ediiealed lovereijiu of 
hia dar, aud amid all hi* buaj, accii e life he 
', nerertiiAi liia iutereet iu literature and ioMl- 
' lectiisl dt^cuwion i be loved reading only le» 
' ilian honliag. and It irai laid fay one of hi« 
I coartMn Ibac his bandi vm luvar «mptr, 
I they alwayi held nthrr a bow or a booK- 
ilv eould (peak, and ajirak well, in al least 
Iwo longiiogi's. Frrncu mid hntin. and if 
aaid to hove known nomethiug of every 
lonctie ' between the Bay of Bi«t'ay and ilir 
Joruan,' a definition which teema to cidudo 
' tb* Knglixh longue. Oftlie' variiiMeraenU, 
Angovin, Norman, and ICngliah, united in 
lIvDty KitaKinpnuii. ihi' lut indeed can 
bartUv bp traord at all iu his niran^>-ly 
couplei chamcli-r. Yet tJie work Ihfit liif 
I dill for England was the onl^ part of hii. 
work that ouilaated hiii own life, and it ha« 
lasted for »e*en eeniuries. It waa under \ 
I bin rule that • the mow of corniuorom aud I 
oan^uoredin ICiiglandfirrt Icoml to feel thai 
they were one. li win by his power that Ktig- ' 
huid, Scot laud, uud Irelaud werr br<>ugbl lo 
lome ratfue aeknowlrdginent of a cotniaon 
tiixerain lorrl. andthe foundalionalaidof the 
: United Kingdom of Or><nr llritnin end Ire- 
' land. It VBi he who abolislied foudulism as 
a >y>Vm of gointrnmeni, and left it little 
! more than a syetem of laud tenure, li was 
bn who deliut-d the relations e«labli»lied be- 
tween church and slate, and decrwd that tn 
England cburchman as well as baron wa* to 
bo neld under the common law, U waa 
be who ptmwmd the tradition* of aelf- 
tcovi-mment which bad bMB handrd down m 
, boivugh and thire-moot from the earliest 
timiia of English bistnry. Ilia reforms «*- 
1 Ubliahicd the judicial ay*t«m irtiOM main 

Itcnry tl 


Henry III 


autliiHM Iwve been preKTTvd to <iiir own 
«lay. It w«siUrDaKhtii<"cc«MtiUilJaaH*'itAil 
b'M " BMiiM" ibu it CUM to put ibac all 
<iViT t li« worlil tliA Kngli»h-itp««kui)|; raeen »ro 

'nvrwA bv Kntilub nod not by liomtm law. 

t WM by bU f(F&iua (or p>mniBeDt thttt 
Ibv wjrvMiU of tliu ruval lioiunfcold Im.>i;4Iiiu i 
tnuufomeil into miuuten of HAle. ll wiw I 
liewbagftva Kngtaml & foiviga jwlicy w)iicli 
dodded our coaiinenul nUiioB* for MTVun 
hiindrad fonk.' ' Indtivctlr nnil oiMxiiiMi- 
■otuljr, hit policy did non (btn that of oil 
liu |M*idM»iMr« to prcfiare KoirUnd for ihs 
unity uid ftuedum which tlie fall of kit lioiue ' 
w to njtoiiL" I 

tKolloi of cMntu ill JltBTj'i lif* IwAira Int 
■noiioa to tli* rrotn iittn onlv )>■ pickwl om 
bm ODil there from ]lul>cr[i of Turufui ((.'lir»- 
OlcIi>. cd. l>«iiilv. Sm. lie- riliit. do Normitiitli* ; , 
Ooatin.Will. jTiRiiJ^cM, in Duclinmr. Hiti. Nora. | 
ScnpU.VUdi. HaaliwlOD. 1. viii (wL Arnold. 
Bolli 8cv.), tliL' Out* Stephiui (»1. Uovleii, iii ' 
Cliroiilelw ord(ophirii,&c..ML iii.}. nnd ibe Isft 
M^ of tba Eiudbli Chnuiido <<a. Tliorpe). 
From his eorMMtivn to tha «laat of liU nimjljgl* 
witb the diDKb iofonnatwa luu to )» exineiMl 
from th( iMlKn oi (itlbatt Fnliot aad John of 
ftili4blir7 iti. Ollm, I'ntr»» Kfi'l»i.i» .^nK!'>»n*) , 
Mid tha *iuil«loni uS M&tcriala frr llial.ijf Arcli- 
lualiup BcokM (nL Roberlwa adidSbciinud), But>< 
blwnwited liy Ralph de DiMo atid UeiTMe «f 
OaatarbatT (nL Siut.l>(). F)<i>m 1169 anwarda 
onr primiuy aiilhorltim are the (it*tu lltariei 
<aT<in^iy axrlWI to Bcuedi«I of I'clcrboroa^l 
and ilnipit of llovtUn (ad. Sitikt*). wbiio B. 
lJio*t«Uof tiit-maad liu[ion«nM. HHory'adaMl- 
laga witli IraUnd uw rMORl»] in OarnU do 
Bani'a RxpogiMlio Hitiamiie (OirX'iuiibr, Opera. 
TOl.v.«d, DliDwkKHad In an Anglo Nnrmuipovai 
(•1, F. liulitl)^ hu dmliiHtt with W'uin, in Qo- 
talJ'a llin. Kanitirin (Dp*ni,Tol.ii, ed. lliaiioek}, 
n*d fa lit* Aiinnltn CAtnbri* and Sral y Tywn- 
oiclon laiL WItliuin* nt. hhf}). Tti« SmUhIi 
«arnf IIT3-t liiuiU«pMiialc)iTOiii«liiriii Jonliui 

" " "*'«i.1iMi,ta'..K.l.iii.) WillumcifNow- 

Kamituiii. Kiiftl. Illnt.Scir.. nnd )I<ii>- 

I ' \'\ i-i], 1.) ia II valuaUu I'mithliul'iT 

U< I * ihn wJiiila reicn. 'Ilm Diaco 

S""" I. Hi.»lrtl, M Mioi^*. <rnl. )i.)w 

..Tl r<«ll> iii«fu1. For l[(«ry'> 

. 'V ii'ilI nivn «•* linri'. I'tmow 

I '' ''liroiiirlo. llii iiwitlaiii^i? of 

' iioffray uC Vifc^i* iLotiba, 

ii x. I.IU,. vul. ii.), ami t»o 

. ■, lli||iinl aixl Williiini of Armorita 

. )l>ii, )'nu)i*, ■■Vripii,, val. v.) Frnm 

iluu lao I.w». «»'! OiiiaM'i l^i liiUnrtinuo Prio- 

alpUM (Aajlllt ninalioim Kv ). lli« wlcrv of ihv 

kiM'a laat lUy* lin* Iwm aorited oM in df>Uil by 

IBanoi' 8iKl>b* In Ut pndiu* to Bag^ UomlMi. 

Tol. I' II"iirt'ii pamn and *biira«t«r ara d«K 

•rni 11 <l>* lii*tr. frinc). W. Map 

(I»i ^ ixim, <hL Wrtito.ft«>il'» Sac.). 

fUlpb Nicer (cd. AndtMbw, Outoo Sot,}, aoil 
IVur of lOol* (Epial<d». ad. diln). Hi* Uild- 
in^ &e. may la traced in Uiii:d.ilci Maaatitfaa. 
!<auile-Mimbi:'« Gallia Chnaliaak, Staplatuo** 
intiadwtioa to tba Normaa Enbafon Roll* 
(Soc Antiqu.). ib« Cbioni<ioM dTAq^on. «ditsd by 
XaMhapiy and Salnaa (SocihA At rDMob* 
da Franee), rbo Chnslairc de ra^pltal Su Jom 
d'Anncr* (wL C. Porl), tba Bvrno da I'Aqto*. 
vol. sll. (l8Tt>. and (hu nasy oa tba Hon* nt 
•mi Angaria Kinm in Gnan'* Stray Stadia*. 
Tb« Traaaia* de Lt^boa AimliM, which paM« 
lutdsr It. Oksrilla'a uaino. tbtovi Ligbt on tha 
kinfc'* l4«*l reform*; tba Pip* Roll* U< lien. II 
M. BiiBlsr) bur* Ueo pablnbad W tba Rword 
OoMBiiaioa, tboMof S-IJ Hni. II by tbaPipi 
Ball tbic.: olbn dormnont* (or the liisiorT of ba 

eterummt an to be fonad ia lt**bMi Stubb*** 
leolCbanen, 0* well aa in OoAb HeB.. K<c. 
Bovden, ]tyB*r'aFiBdn{a,TQl. L.thalilwr Mi|;ir 
Scacoarii {hL Hmtoc). aad tha apptndifB* to 
l«rd tyttpttoa'* Hat. of H«o. U. Lytielion't 
own work i*. in the wcmla of a nore Kunlani aa- 
tboHty, 'a full and tol^ar acmantuf lbs tima.* 
An oiaboratnltincraiTof Uanryll liaabf«oeaa> 
piled b; tba Rer. R. W. Kytou. Dr. Stnbba b« 
dealt with tlie coiiKtitnllonul aida of iba T*i(a im 
Cofl-i ii. Iti«T., chapton >ii liii., and ptnbca M' 
tiuta lltiL, ToL ii. : and wfth it* mora gaaoial 
napecta in Birly PUnta|an«ta. (c ii-v. and ni^ 
fiio*ioIW.H(ivd«[i, Tid.ii. J. R. Oraaa'tHiit, 
of iba O^^iab IVipl*. bk. it. <h. iii. Sborl Hi* 
tory, (h. ii.*ac9.7.B.MidSimyStnilieB.pp. Ul- 
381, aroMudioa of Hanry'i ebaraclar and cawM 
iWaii^ad to feral part of tha groniidwork for a 
hiatOTy of the Ansarie kinf*. Uanry'i clatmata 
a pbc* amonK BiigUab KOEcauon hnro alao baM 
vindicatad Id a nono|i«idi by Hn. Grvao. A 
^aaaral aanunl of tb« raiga appaare in Eoriaal 
nndsT tha Anfarin Kiaga, bj tlie writer of thia 
iirtido.] I K. N. 

HENRY in {1207-13721. calW Hiaiit 
op \Vi3iciiEsTis)i,kin^ of Bn;;1iind. elder *ob 
of Julin [q. v.j hj lua queen Isabella ^'q. v J of 
Angoul»ie,waabaiiiatWiiicheMar(Hi lOct. 
ISOii and wu naawd nft«r Ida graudfathert 
II>^nrvlI(WKMintxR.iii. i!10; Amu. K'tn(4»k 
B. K))' In I^Otl Inn fniW ciiu>od an oath ol 
tMllf lobetakanlobimlliroii^ioutEngUiidi 
Wbwi Jobnlavon hiadeatbhcdat Nevarkia 
OcTiiWr l:flil no ajtnin dncliLrvd him hi* hear, 
nnd alt prvtent; took an oath to bicn. JohnlB 
dtiaili on tbi' It^tli oomplcuJy chaa^ iha 
nuMiioTi of ibe iwo c>4iUaiatng panMe !■ 
Englntid [see under Joiis, lilng\ Thf kiits^ 
adb«n>Dlii niav Ih' wd !» have bocomc tlio 
coiulitutianal pnriy, while iho bariMW of tba 
I nppoiition ceanod to B)>]iuar ax lh<: upUoldon 
at (he iiutioiial cniuu a^ainct on intolenbla 
tyntui, nnd wrTecoii>iiiif.i.'d to an attempt 10 
iKjirivn an innocent cliild of liia luhetilaaM^ 
nnd in placva forri^ priuw.Louiaof Fkanoty 
oatlieihronei. A tunUardiBngiiwuefitetaa 

Henry HI 


In tbe rvlatMmii bvtwwn lb« Ifincd'Kn and ili« 
papacy. Innoci>tiltrT)iBdnwdbis«iif>^nitity 
lo ([uuJi i\\« (Eivflt rh.iftM of libnrluKi ; Hil- 
noniu lllfWholind jriKl mccnHlMl him, wan, 
boand to protert the fctngduni. timilo, ili-r 
popt-'o tenM, Muud Hi;u;r lo be iT<iwii<.-t) 
wiUtout oelk?. Tbe c«mnony took pltttv al 
GloiMMMMonihe^ih.AiKl iiicheRbwncoof 
I L)uif[tan, krrlibialiop nl (::»Dlerhui7, 
Fibf AiclibtiUiopaf Voik, andof thnjtwhnp 
FLondoa.thii crown wan pUc«tl on the kinffn ; 
ktad b,T I^lUx dw Boch«s, hUbof of \Vtn< ' 
duMer, in the nrewnoe of a enuU DumbI^^ ' 
of lMthop« and Mroiu ; ^h« crown umiI waa I 
B pUin biHvp of Rold, th* crown of the iivag- ' 
dan »o dcHibi l>aiiigr out of r«a^h at rhp 
vowiit lAiiH. 48; WvKK»,p. 00; 
VTeSDOvtiR, iv, i). AH pr.>Bnu did homage 
CO the jxivng kiuff, and hv diJ hamate to U* 
mwcain the pop» in I he pewon of the Icytig. 
& oooBoil wa« BiinuiMwd to iue»t at Briitol 
on 11 Nor., and waa Uraoly alleniled by 
bbboiw and bnrnn* nf ibe Ktnr** nnrTj, who 
ewoM r<«lty to him. Thn Inviu enow hs rn- 
lIBBt Wiliiaui Muraliill. I'orl of rranbroltc, 
with tile tiflo of ' r«-lor rrtfia i-t r^gn',' gnvi! 
hitncluTgv ')f iLo kin^^'s pnsun. nnilaaiooialed 
wilb hiR) 114 Iii^ chi-rr oiiiikie'Uiira tliu hg»te 
ud the Pail«'vin tuJiop of Wiiichn<ltfr(L-f. 
9tV*»*, Mfct Oartfr*, ji. Sill ; Cvrutitu- 
tiatal lfirtr,ry, i. 31 1. Ilfmry n'mnlilfd at 
Dritiol until aft<ir I'hmtimi*. imd ihvnca 
want to Ujford, wlien- a cooaril of tiU rany 
WK> Iwld in the middle of Juiiiarr. lie tv- 
e«iv«d tuition fr»in Philip of Albim. wbo 
did h:* duly faithfully t A\ nKiraTF.R, tv. 7i>|. 
< hi SO >U>' ijoain'f amy wa* totally dufvet^l 
by ^^'ilUaMl MarahiUl aad tbn ICnr) of Uhctror 
ai L'TTi^Jn Tbo probability that l,.ivnUwoiiM 
r ifoiieMDMtH from Fmncu vaniabod, 

V'. inlt Iheeiuluf Aiwust Williamof 

Alboii bruu^tHuery new« of the dMi ruction 
of the Frvncii llool by lluliert ih i)ut:|i;h [q. v. 
for »Aixiunl of llir flijht , fiiT wliicli lie o4i*r«d 
lip thniik.-(;>vine. Il<' a<v-~>iii ponied ihor^^ot 
til th'' niTfi- of London. «ndwi-ni with him in 
Kington, wlitn- a pence was rimnKi-d which 
waa tlually sMtled at Lambeth on 11 ^-tii. 
All on tli^ aide of I.oiiia wtn to awtar ftaUy 
■0 flrnrr. aifl all pUoM occttpiad by IM 
FrbcIi, ijHx-inl mmtion hntng made at tbe 
Cliaiinal wla«U, wnrr to be aitmndertd and 
all l»Mti)|r><> wirn' to b« rMiWod (/Infrrii, I. i. 
[4K, ihi- oTticli-nwcri'iioaleilfinit byf}iialo,as 
mprcoenlinK the pope, tlira by tbo kingf.and 
thinll^ b^r the re|p-iit}. A sum of 10,00(V. 
WW pniBiiiacI U> Urnia noimiiiaUv in pavment 
of bla axpmse*, and be almcW immeiiiatelv 
Ml (^n^anii. I'rogreMWumad«in theworV 
of rmloTtng nnl«r. Tbe legntOi the re^nl, 

Henry IH 

aiul the vhitt JiutidUl Ilabcn de Bnrgb 
[o, v.], TITO loyal and capnlil^: ihe WnTc, 
Bltboaith gertav, vratfcod hi'iirtily wiib ^Vil> 
liiidi M anthill (for n liJir«hiv<iitiiiint"ofniinli> 
*■■■ introduction to 7fayn//'rrn-v'd.SliirW». 
Xnuy lords and Alexuiidcr 11 of Scot liind diit 
homage Id lilt ktn^. Henrynpent L'liri'tniiin 
at Nonliampton, whrro tUe vxim'Iihl's of the 
coon WW* borne liyFitlkeAil* Btvaut^'ii. v.i 
In the folkiwiii^aiiiuRinibfi council difcnviJ 
that no chnrlpr or (rrant »bnnld \te Haled to 
hnld Knod lan)[er tnaa the kiii^V minority 
(/•triJrivr. L l>>:.'».Bnd probnbly ol the »ami« 
lime (6 Ntiv.) the king's n^l WM ilr*! uwd H'ar.n.-m). Gualo left England on 
the I'iSrl, una hi* place a< lesato w«« tnken 
by Pnndulf ^wi> under Joux^ n nuvkJlMotn" 
and imperviiu intriKUT, wlio uphnid t.bfl inti-- 
tpfS* of the f(jreij(n pftrtT in the kiajidom. 
Henry »i»ni Chriatmns at Wincbctter, the 
of the cixirl. tn May I'^lll thi' n^ent died, 
after having «i>'ciir<.'<t the kiuf^'a pcwitioo, ■»• 
lablithed ord<'r, an-l civ«8M<rmancn«'ioilift 
lil>MliT«giianiiiiivilinr.h«KrMtchntti.T. No 
one WM appointed exnctly to fill hii place : 
the core ol th^ kin^'f prr»n being in tbe 
bands of Biibop Peter, a biild. clever, and 
uniicriipuloiu man, while the forumoat plam 
in. Ibeeouncil vnn lill<>dhy thtt jiuiiciar. On 
20 Jnly tlio pi>«ci> bxlwi'^n ftnglnnd nod 
Fraiicn wan n-newnd, and on 3 March 1 220 
a iruoe wbi> arrenjied to laot for fxur yi«n 
{Fn-Jtra. i. IBrt, 168). 

In accordance with the popeV itiKciiona 
llenrv was cruvned at WettmiBHer hj' 6le- 
plkrii l^Bg:IOM on Wbitaonday, 17 Slay 1 330, 
111 the preeenceof a laffO numbef of preUtee 
and Iwron'.nnd amin rRp^nlod tlu<i-oti]nation 
I oath ( Waltkk ay Coviixtiiy. ii. 214). Tlii* 
xncond oormaii'm time laimed that tlie kinjt'* 

f>vi-ninirnl wa> fully tutablinbed. In hii 
rencb dominions coiiMaiit quatrelti went on 
btrlween hi» diibjecu and (he rahjecis of 
Philip II, and were apparently fomenled bv 
LoiiiH, In the "firing bla moth<-r lialieltii 
annouiireit to him ber marriagx with lliicb 
of l.iiiLninn, count of LaMalvhe, and nn ibu 
luBD tvfiiatd to Mtiafy a demand which ahe 
andber bwhand mode in roipecc oThHrdoiMv 
from h*t late hualiand, tlie eount made wur 
on aome of llvnrv'e pone*'^io«< in Poiiou 
(Tiqwf Z"''". i. H 2«. !»l, 1-V>: /W^m, 
t. Iw: lli:K.'(*iEonrl.iiioiii3»t. Atrun-wu 
made in ihe autumn. At home tbetv wain 
diviitoo in the council: Hubert de Kui^b 
endeavourt-d to pul tbe eiecutiic. and e«pe- 
ctallTthe cuHouT of cnnllea. in the liaiidn of 
Bntfliabmen, aai waa Njpported by Arch- 
hishop Langton. while Pev-r'de* llorh'^ nod 
the roitevina irere doli'naiiiod to place all 


Henry III 


Henry HI 

offlcw in thu liftndi of foroigiior*. ThMrayal 
oniitlM K«n ill tllA hnnd* of tliir mon whn 
had reoeived tb«in from Jolin, toaaj of (iicni 
tonSgaan, u>d their jutwi-r vniUiif^ivd tlie 
mal autlioritjr (C'onif i'fii/i''<wiJ i/u/. ti, iti'l. 
n(iMrin*eaininuided llul Uie king*! cmIIm 
■nil domniiu aboiild bo mimBdaiM iiUniat 
£f>rfFr*,L121rfi%^)<i>ii'J on tb* day after ihu 
«aKiMiion their boMnr* awon to obcj tbo 
coraasad. llmr^wMUlMiibvliMiroTiimois 
to near* til* Mnvitd«a, ana in tlie course 
of kia vrogTMH met Alnander II oT Scot- 
land at Ynrk on 1 1 June, and agT««<] lu frtte 
liimbUoiiitvrJoaiiinmarnag*. Al Rocking 
tiflRi WllliBniof AiimalareAMHJlogiveujtlii* 
CAKlloi itHsUTrendorwaaainforMdanduinlbpr 
of his casilMwnx taken on Ihe ^fk Mvatj 
thtti w«iU to Caiit(«biii7 and vnu present at 
tlu traaslaiionof St. Tluimasoo 7 July. He 
kept tbo Clitvtmu festival at Oxford in, aa it 
OMoMdiiirodound |>e»cv. William of Aiinalis 
bowDvar.MddMily left tbe court, and bomn a 
nvolt \n making waron hi* bnlobboiitv train 
hMoajtfeat Bihamtn l.inoolnaliirr. &«Tonil 
|MW«rfi)lloTd«iMrrtlyi«nttheuarlli»lp. In 
«oniMn7withlheli-Kate>ndUieEarlorChm- , 
ICT, Uaa/fmarebMl lo ItiLaai.and th«c«atl« 
\yn» tftbtn on 'i Feb, Vi'iX. At mid^uinmiv , 
ba aptnt four dayi^ nr. ^'ork, nnd marrltid hia 
•i«t«r to the Sfotiiili kinp. I.aiif^ain ob- 
tained anromlM) bvra the ptipr? thuinomore 
. h^lM anould be aeni to eoKland during 
llkia life, and Pandiilf wa* t«ca1l*d itt Julv. 
8<Mn BJt«Tward» Veter Ait* Itookaa Wt t£a 
kinRilom on a pilnrinia»:e. The foreo^ 

dy wliicli wna rrpruoenti'd b^ tbe biafcrop 
evidvntlj been d«feat«d, and Hubert do , 
[Sursh gained the abmlniA diroction of tlio 
[mviJ polioy. Ke lind many dilBcultiea to 
face. In Ir*lnnd ike kitijf's power seotns lo . 
Ilaveb(^«n dcc1iDinK>and un tlie Wtilak border ' 
lli«Te wanooiiJitaiii war. AfteraomeaitempU | 
to penniade I.levfelyn ap lorwOTth (q.v.J to 
kemv tbe peace, Henry waa taken* to reliovR 
Itiuilb. in ike pm«nt Breeon, uid a eaaile 
wa* built atMonlRa«neTX(WBn>0TUI,iv.71: < 
»Bd^ra, i. 1<M>. A more eerioui danger aroM 
fKm the innibunli nation of a paitv among 
the baroiMce. and tbetr oonatant ondeaTotua , 
lo thwartUie Jiutitiaf and aet up • stAie of 
ananbr. In the oourae of an inaiirreotion 
niaed In l.ondon in ]v>^2tk«re wer« sign* 
that a larfco body of Ike ciiLieim felt no itt- 
tacliiDciit lo tbe kiii^. nnd voni ready to 
welcome another Tn'ork inruiioDfaee nniler 
Biuun*. y*i.Kw Mil. Ilenr>- held a council 
at London in the aecoEitl week of -lanuarj' 
1333iatw)ucb Langton reouir^tl liiiDtooon* 
fim tba Oreal charter, ana a iliapute aroae 
bMwMD tbearehbitshopand Wiltinmltrewur 
[q, T.] on tbe subject. Tb« king ended tlic 

ecene by deolating bie intentioB in abide br 
ibu elkatter.and sentlMten loall tbeabanA 
commanding them to bold an inqaaM ■■ 
10 the tibeniea cqjoyeit in the dara of Ul 
fttmndfather, and lo ■end ihn n'lurn to Lon- 
don. In April th'' pope, probably in ordct 
lo dt-priw \tif mnlconienl baroaa of all vx- 
cues fof icbdiiun. declared that the king, 
though not at fiiU ago, waa of an age to 
aaKune the goTenneDt , and charged alTiri 
bad (lie cuMody of tlie royal caalMto (* 
llmn np | Reoa/ Letlen, L 490). 

Th<- war wkicb «•* penatnallr going J 
betwrvn Llowptyn and uu) lonU of 
I morclic* now became of more than iiau 
I importance, for tbe Welah princ*- wci-ived 
I iiupuUea bom tbe diirronTent^parlTiii Viaf 
land, aud acted on tbejr nromptiuir. Tha 
, auoceM of I Jewelyn drew ton kine i" Woe- 
oeataf, whar* lie held a gmt couocil. Hit 
army met at Qloucoftor, onterod Wale«,ai«d 
Llewelyn wa« compelled to make peace. At 
thedoMv of thecampaign anat tempt waa m«dt 
hr Itandt^k de B)unde\-ill [a. t\ Mtl of 
OheMer.WjIlUmof Aitmate,andot£Mlandi^ 
to unqiriHe tlioTow.'r of L»ii Jon,(brthay wan 
dcliTtnined to oTerlhraw the jiiaticiar mCdm 
ho could corapf) them to siirrnndcr tlie royal 
cutlea. Unhnarintf that the kin^waaaKir'Aeb- 
iiif; Tlit'v nbaiidoiiMl their ileaign and rMired 
inWHlthuni. Some of them appealed before 
the kin^ and demanded the diAmiMal of tfa* 
Juiticinr. .\lCbrulmaA MiiH Henry hold hi* 
courtal N'orrhamptriii, while the molooBtanta 
aaaenhlrd at I^imiior; llinarchbiahopinta^ 
fared, and by ibroau and perauntiona pr»- 
vailed on thera to make pence with tbe king 
and placB all ifaat they held in charge in hu 
hand (.Ihx. TiunAt. m. m. M). In tbe Sep- 
tember of lbi> rear John of Itrienne, king of 
.leruaalem, ruiled Hmryaiid rrceivtsd man 
rich gifle from tlie kinK nod the nobt««. A 
gi:neml ronlribiition for tlie cruiade waa de- 
manded, but. it in probable that tk" money wm 
not paid. In Jnly I'liilin TI of Franco died, 
and was aLicceeded by bi« i>on Jiooi* VIII.* 
Henry eent ambaaaadon to tho new king to 
demand the reatoratioa of Normandy and tba 
other ancient |io«aeBaion« of bia hooie, app^ 
r»Dlly on the ground that they were eomed 
bv the praviMon for mtiotation of Unda in 
tbrtreaiTofLambeth. Inte|iUI,ooiaaUagad 
aeteml ranuw of grievaneo ( WKHMrnit, iT. 
86) ; and when the tniceenclt'd in May 1224 
invaded I'oiton and Gaacony, and the Bng> 
liah loti nearly all the Prencti provincM. Oa 
16 June Henry held a council at NortJiampton 
lo connidor the eiece of I'oilou. but nothitig 
thi" king waa occupied in besieginit bin caitle 
at Itedford until U Aug. Tho fall of Falkca 

Hctirv III 


Henry II! 

SUBford wn> jniixrvl tiv Wiltlani Mantull, 
Um Kftrl orCli'viii-r. anfl other earlt', wllli a 
]iuit« tbnv. Til'? cQiifi^lcniM Mat to tbo 
kioft iltins&diiig jutii«>-, immiling hUacttOtt 
to tlir jii»li«iar, an<] lii-idin^ him iritli 
tbraau rwioKf thi» fon-«i lili.?riiM. A tonit- 
In^ WM ■nnni[<<d fi>r 1' Aujt- ■! Nt)rtliain]»- 
ton, Uld ihrTf tlir kill? virlJei] li> llifir 

dnundi, wu rwviiicil'Ml to Ricbanl. *nil 
cave bim largv ict^ni'tWcxDOVGU.n. I4I>. 
ilvatj Wl<) lii» Clirisiiniw court tbu y«ir at 
Tori. InAii^ii't l^^^bvariiulliatLlrvralni 
WM bioiwinK ihv t^jitti.- of Mocit|p>iiii»v, bv 
mucbod tbithi^ vritli a imiall tone tuA r^ 
1inT«d it. Hi- Imrut (lie CiBien-iaii abbey ot 
Kerry, whicli lb<? W'rtili u-wd as a pla«« of 
•mui. nod liesaii to build a eaaUe llipr>'- 
W'bilv ili(> v-ork iTM in prog^rMs tbp Vty\A 
utTAck^l liv* Bfa. <l<>w BUHij* of tlium, nnJ 
t'wk A\'illi«m lif Bmow n priwinor. I'ru- 
rieiont failed, and it ii nid tunt many in hu 
anny iroritvcrrtly w•■l]-wi^lIer9 0^Lll!WHlva• 
A( U«t, aftvr waxttug n>.-ar!y tlirtv mnntli-t. 
IImut madf a dugnic«ful 'dmcv. and l»ft 
WiUidiB in lite lismlx of Ilie WvUb. A 
MUtajlH of two tnnrli* «nu InTinl for tlii* 
eampaini' On ilif di^th of Stp^ht-n Luic- 
too III JniT 1 22S, tlic kinit win di.ipttiiaed at 
tliniilfcliou ofWaltrr KyiiBliam by l)i<! inoiika 
c^ Oanlertiury. and aned bis inH'tiuiiM witb 
lixtgmj tX lo g^l it qimiJiod : the pope Tlr- 
tually givTi- tliv Mw lo Itichsrd Grinl [q. v.!, 
and in M'^-* t»)k tfUnntasB of Ijuigton* 
death to dt'msiu! ii t-mtli of aH propnrty (i&. ji, 
201 : Matt. l'.\w«. iii. iLiS : bat Ann. TJ,r«li. 
p. 73, and uib>?r aulboritiea incorrvctly limit 
T.b« di-miuid 10 the ]>rop?rl}' of ttit' clerg^y, 
nep C'tirut. IIUl. u. li). Jlnnrj- h«lil • Coun- 
cil of hi4 l»niinta ia cbirf at \\ Mtmin«t<ir on 
S9 April li'-J!) to<<onsider thcdLTDaiid; tbn 
clctiiTyifl!<!i-'d, tbi'lord»n»i«ted.tboking', to 
whom aUluoknltu i(upDortib«ii) ill rMiaMon, 
kqit utencc, for he biid already agreed to r.\m 
pope's Khmiia En order to get bis wsj' about 
the arebbisbopiic. The popeV collector, 
Stephen, raiffd tlie monerfroni tbo cIi^rKy ; 
aau his exaction* rxcili^jt^anrnlindittnntion. 
"\Viiil.> ll^iiry wu" krcpinit the t'hriMtniin 
of IS^.tilalUxford.ameuuKoK'a* broushC. lo 
him from the noble* of Normandy, Poiioii. 
and otbff puts of tbe former poaMuioti a of I 
the orowo lu Fruuct^. inviting him to inradi.- , 
the kia^om ; but h« deferred action by the 
advice of tbe jutticiar, who wns nlwuri in 
bvoiir of peace. AtMiclui«jmai>hi-^tlipr«l 
hi.i foi««3 at Pottemautb. but on the (mint «f 
nnlmrkine found tJiat he liad mit enoiiih ' 
ships, and Ml into n (rr>-it rBtJ>> with t.Iie 
jusTicisr \*Tr Dcdr'T IlitKuH. lll/UUIT tiuL 
Soon aft«r tbi^ ihi- J>iiku of Brittiivv ■ t 
bin and adviwd bim to put oil' hi" 

lion until Gulrr: be reatoMd to itio duln 
his rifliU in England, netivvd h'u hoaoM, 
aikdgare liini tivu tlioiuaad mrkafbrtlwJo- 
fencaofBrittoiiy. Cbrii(maif]2itO>lMaKaiii 
■wait at York iii coropaov with AlexaaiW 
of Scot land. A (ciiiaffo oi ilinu marks wai 
Ipvird, n Ins WB> Intd Upon thf toirss, attd 
ibe .Icwi bad to pay a lliinl of their gOo4t 
for the vxpcnaoi of the forthcoming cs^aifi- 
tion. llenryenbarkMlat Portsmamti wttka 
Inrg* force on SOApril l:.'3(l.>tiivedtiiOii«rt^ 
H'VOnt! May, and on tli<- :tr<l landed at St. 
yifAn, wlicrr tbp Duko of Dnttany met bin 
I H^yal UIUt'. i. W&, 3lll ». (>n tbo fth lu 
jirooecded to Oinanl uod tlii>nc« to Nant«a, 
wbete lie hoped to auxi Iu< m'rtbcr and tbe^ 
Connlof \m Marche. ScTeral of the moat 
the FWnch crown, aud Henry m\g\A bar^doM 
tnuch roihchii-f if bo bad p cw is SK dany ability, 
military or dip lomBtic. Aaitvnwthiil''r^ne)i 
king marchetl wiih a \n3fv nrmv to An^vn 
in order to ahnt him uui from I'oitou, and, 
while llmry reuiuine'l at Naolea traiting 
for rviiiforcemeiii^, lo Utidon, a castle aboM 
four leacuu distant. Many of the Bivtua 
noblM did homagf to lltnty, whil? fota» 
fnrtilied their rriuiliv Bgnini>t bim. Tfap 
l\iitoi'in Inrdu f[uoi-mIlT did liim homage, 
though thf (-'ounl of La SiIardiB ■bon-od 
8omeh«itiition.audtlie ViMOuatof Tboiianl 
took Tbi_- xi'leof Loiiix. Towards the end of 
.lime, the Freiidi nrmy Iieiiig engaiiwl cl<;e- 
whote, Ilanry mnrcli'><l bv way of Anj<MI( 
taking the cni<lle nf >lio''bi«ii lAto in July, 
into Poitou and thmci- itiIoiiaMXiay,whm 
bf rvcoivedmanylioRiiifp'fl. He tlirn marched 
back lo Briltuny, onil after stayint; for Mt»> 
ral weeks at Nautea, where he bdJ bis lords 
wanted a Tn^t. amount of money tit liixurioaa 
living, hi' rrt|.iimi>d to I^Bland, landiiw M 
rortimoiith on 27 (>cr. 1230, baring leR « 
■mall force undi-r ilic Duke of Briitnny and 
tho [^arl of Chcaivr. to act against thir l-rvneli 
iu Normandy and Brittany tWESiwTBB, iv, 
(■17: Fttrfrrv. i. 107, 196). 

Tlie failure of this expeililion iiici«aaMl 
lloniy'* feeling of alienalinii from tli« jnMt- 
ciar ( Soi/at Lrttm, i. 37^). Aftrt ktwpiag 
(,'hri>tiiia* nt I.nmbotb, where tliv juntieiar 
entertained the court . Uetiry Iwld a council of 
hia lonttnts in ohiff nt Wonmineter ou if7 Jan. 
I:!31, and asked for a scutage of three marks 
fur I lie expedition of the prerious y(*r front 
all f-Mjs lay and clerical. The grant was op- 
poxf"! by Iticliard of Canterbury and tfas 
LitbopK, who dnclaNd that no >cutns« could 
h-- fiTaalvd without tbeir Focuenc. Thcdilfi- 
ciiItT VIM overcome, and the kiiii^ issued 
' '■■ i> patent oSirmins the liberlien of the 
■ (ifc. p. 391), In the spiiiig lleorf 

Henry III 


Henry HI 


JunmlW with tlie Arditiiilinn of Oantcr- 1 uIcmi •nd iai|>tiioiied [too uiidt>r "BtrwfV, 
itry above a firf, and the Bn^hbuhop went^HuBEKT vt\ Willi the fall of l,b» jutticiar 
to RODM [see nixlcr Obaitt, Kk'Hard*. ThiT * Henry 'n own aJministralion of |i()T<>niiiiiini 
bin^ wnH miicli i,^!*-!-!^! At livHring of llii^ lwgiii«,'»tdiliiriii|ilh(-nvxl Iwonlr-aix jrwirt 
dvatliof Willlnni MaivliaU. which lookplaci* Ixi Rtv*- obundiiTii primfs of lii« ■ msiucarily 
ou 15 April lUSl.iiinl .■td«iiiii«!,* Wn*, trn.' utiir iampnciiT ' xCrMil. llUl. ii, VA). 
in mi! I innoi th'- hl(ir.l.>f ill.- 1.1.-i.«n1 rnnrlTr InScuienilior lL'^L'lli''ldn)[lii>)(liiiv»inuiIitt 
llioaiaa fully aicn^-i-il vl ^ ' (M*tt. r*iii». IjunWlli. and obtkiDL^d ibpfinuit of n (orlietli 
■i1. :!01 ). The dentb of i'lu-«ut, wboipiAnleil on all Di(n-««blM, rxctpi <|iirilanliti<», for the 
tbe Weltli border, wus followed bv a fneh F^ynnwt-^rhUdvbl^lnlhiilhikcaf ilrlitnny. 
outbreak of iht> Wvlili- Ueovjr narebed Ai Clin>iimn*hii>i.'')niiil«iiHltli<rcliane" <ntiio 

outbreak or iht> UvLiU. Ueovjr narebed Ai <.-iin>iimn*tiii>i.'')niiil«iiHltb<rciiane" <ntlio^ 
•gmiiut lliirm, lail iliev at onoe retrealMl; ■itmiDiflralinnbrtiiriitngiMit all buKngliBft 
bul on 111* drpoTlnre l.!ew(<lyn inraded th« oflioitni and rrjiliu'-in); ibi'mbyPkritcvina, Hie 

prvdarainuic^ «f tbi- I'oitcnns offended th« 
nobli^i at lioiDT>. and wn* uiiaccdptalile l<i 
Rome, It )<nrtlt eiplitiiu (horonnwfd papal 
interCr^-nri' in Tbi> cWtion to itn- ii«i of 
Cjuiti'rbnrT, whnn.aftfTlhe d«al)i of Uichard 
OniDt.Uiiiio ardibiiihon«t-(<lvct wi-n Mit B»iilc 

' drpoTl 

laiMU of thi- murrlirri, Ili^rr mmmon^ 
liiii foroM to nwvt him nt Oxlbrd iu July, 
and advanced lo Hewford, l.lRW<^lTn's nnoy 
being near M'lTitfniniery. He mirt witb no 
«iicc«^ will! WM decrit'cd and mic-uenu- 
nlled by lli-' Wi-Inb. lie rebuilt hikI cnr- 

riaoned Mniid'< Cnalle in llio jifsent Bad- bv PirpeOi«fforr [hvIIm-mi, .limji le\ By 
noniUrrf, wliici) hnil \xtni de^lroTwi by I be liedoalhofliii'EarloftlLpsti-Tinlli-tiihi'rll/Sl' 
pnemy. Wbili- i!»nr In- wm vi«t*sl by tbc ' 
Dike' of Brittany and lh« ICnrl of (nieater, 
wbolud beenraityin^'Onirtrwi'bLriaitlX, 

tkcbnronBi^ loat tlwir It-atler; his plson wnv 


nnil bad finally ttiade a tlimt venr*' irucc be- 
urMD \])m two kinL-s. WiOi lliem nine 
mdiatil Mandiall, who dained hi* hnxhefi 

talivnliy lCll■hfln!Mnr^llHll,who,in l:.':tl), toli 
lUe kinj; ihnt if In- r\ntiv to \m^r I'nitcrinn 
ae htA adviti-r4 hi' and the noblea guoorally 
would withdraw Anon hi* court. Iffurywrn 
friit1itmi«d and aniwerol m«dtly; bin the 

laniU. Iliinrr rrfu»'<l, ai^l iuv^ufo) him of . Buhop of WinelKvtfr ipoko <nncilT lo Ihi_' 

tt*BcU«rnun di-alin^ wiih tin- Krvneb. Bii; -"' ---''■-—' '-- i..— i «. 

wbiMi lite earl nuHle arTanj:^-Di>-tiii> to take 
forcible po«M^iMi of bill inhcrilnuc. t Iw kinfi 
m^i^rrA him hi* ri(,'bt«. Hunry rvcumed 
ID Hiifftnnil in October \i'i\; he had Mne 
thooDliti nf inarryintt a dat^ittr iif tlte Soot- 

pflrl. and he and bin a*vii'iBtr« Uft in nncfir, 
Elunry fliimrnnniMl bin I'lrtln lo tironnriTai 
Oxfortl on :.'l -Tune, bii) thry n-fuaud to at- 
tend. He wiM violently anm-, anil took 
codbm] with hi* eonttiera. Ili'-Uiryvn ad- 
viaerl that Ibc lonii nboiild be niimmonnl 

tiab xing, hiii won diMuaded by the l*~arl nf tbnw limo*, and o counril waacalled to mei-t 

dtwter, oci thi- icmnnd that tbe jusliciar liad 
alfcailT married ih» cldn- daujihier, and that 
it would nil be aeeml^ for bim to tnkp tlio 
jrouncer. He aprat Chnatraai al WiiiL-Ix-sirr 

wii)i T'.ir.r ,ta« RoctiMiWbo, lalrly n^mi- back 
1 1 i-ade,badquidily rv!:aiiiedbi*ia- 

Ml ' 'liim.ThebreMhberwi'enibeking 

and Ifa" jtimicinr wns widenetl m-.-an while by 
the runionr that Hnbi^rl wa* concenifd in a 
Mrrir* of at taekt undi-on tbi! {WNOins and pro- 
|i«rty of ilw pupal afi.-itlH ami other Itomaii 
clirrh*! for llrar^r wa«devot«d to tbe papacy, 
whieh had hiwn biteartj prolecrtor. Atacoun 



T ■ 

at Wart:intMat«r uQ u July. To Henry 'a dis- 
may the oMOciaied Boblm ret'uani to come ti> 
WeotniMter. By BLihop VvUn'% advice ho 
summoned oil to attend at a oonferaic* on 
14 Au^. on pain of being declared tiaitor*, 
Many cnniH anil wcrii won over bj briW. 
lUchard Mnrahnll and a few others wbn br- 
licred that Ibf kisf; dmif^i'd to reiie them 
•tiivedawav,u.iidii»lhiii;;waaiu.-uM. Henry 
and the biB^icp had, hovef»r, aent for a num- 
ber of fot^^igntroop(l, and determined toeom- 
,'. in-UbelonJ^to'iibntuNinn. The king gatbciPpd 
I- nil military tanant* at (iloueeMeron 17 Aojc. 

ijin>toron7MarL-b12.'!l2lbelbaranH 1233; wn* joined ns Hi-n-ford by tbe Po'i- 

ilfor ibo ^^^■Ubwar, on the plea 1«rin mm-cnarip*, and mvaf^nl tb'e lanili of 

li iH-rvi^din p-ru^n. while the pr»- the auocialnl loi^s obtaining poaaMfioB of 

■••A, beoau>i> %nmr. of Ibeir niim- the earl'maTshal's CMtle (at UakF) by a dia- 

Thf Wnlub n-'W-wrd ibiir ffrBCefuljwece'rfdeoritonSOcl.fWBrDOVitJi. 

too ir. ii»*(S; M»TT, IMu*, iii. Hl-Q). He 

vo-mplainulthatbewaaloo ir. ii»*"S; M»tt, I'iiu*, iii. 241-9). 

I "t the advice of Buhop b»?ld n couiw-il at W«tniinHer on !) (h-t..^^ 

■ ' _-in hUniiiilalers,BDd and ibere all |>nv>-nt bemughl liTin lo makn 

'■' I ibert.towhomlieattri- i>«>aeo with hi" lords, the KnmciKan and 

t< ' dilbcullieii, from th«r jn*tk-inr- Uotntuicnn frian to whom ho nneially paid 

--' < . <ie it to Stepltni Se^vn. Hn d«furetice ur|ii»|r the wrong be wa« doitig 

Imnigltt a -.-rii-ii of .;hitrg*e n^nit Hnbrrl, in thus wuaiitig the landi of noble* wbo 

-wbd RkI 1i> Mriciiinrr, and wa« a/ter a timv htvd not U-on judgt-d br their peer*. Uiahoji 

tl>I.. XITI. V 

Henr>- III 


Henry III 

F(!tor niwwtinsl for him witli tbe uiiioIhbI tv- 
mark llial tbi-rv wuK' do jm'n ia EngUod 4« 
tbtrt- wt^Tu 111 l'nu«e. On tliis tli* bi>hop4 
tliruaUiiieil m excommiiiiicai'' tlie litn^i evil 
, counsellor? byniuiw-. HfnrynijWMwnpiTtK 
Cfiedvd to (HounwtMOD 2 Not„ and mrM«il 
tlia lutdjiof thetftrl-mnntul. Kicbard rv^ 
tnok bk GMtlp, and UmuhIi be would noi 
ftitlit Apiinat ibu Ido;;, Ilia uUini, W«Uli and 
Kiiglisli, dMBoilod tlie rojal ctnp at Onw- 
niout ou 11 Nov. lltiiiiy rot«rn<?d todlou- 
c««ter, and on the ^fitli the mcrci'iiAry <»p- 
taiii wbom hi' left ia mminnnd vin* di-fi'iit«] 
with great low before Monmouth Cmitlc. Ou 
23 Udc. tho ki&tT'^''**-*'^*'^ tvrmiitothi? i^rl with- 
out intuit. A few dafslutirr. whili^hi.- wMeliU 
.at Qlouci»t«r, another body vf Li>< t mops wan 
, ddiMtud bj' iW ciail. Thviviipon b" nnnl to 
Wmc}i«mer, and nitcrvd inln n trui-c with 
ilia cart. At n ronf^pptiM with the miig- 
tiatca whirb hi) hfld at Woslmin»tL-r on 
2 Fob. IL'Si. ibcbinbopj.wilh Edmund KicU. 
thn nrcdibisbup-T'lL-ot o{ Caiitcrbdry, at thuir 
'lM«d, mode a fortnal i-uin plaint to him of 
, fituhup IMvr and hia niber '.vil cniinA.'llora, 
I and or tlw ill-Kor<T?imwiil fif l!i.> kiiie'<ir>ni, 
and declared thai, if ho did not aropiia niBt> 
tMa abonlj, tbr.f would, nhmi ihc nrcb- 
iMidiop vm cooiHictatrd. {irwi^cd to stiiriiunl 
eHUturea. Hv answi-rcd liuitiblr udJ iuIikI 
fer liniH. Then hu wt-ui hv Si. Bdintuid'? \'> 
Btotaliolm topray bcfurvlfichotyero-^thvn.-, 
'■nd a* became'back ihr<)%'h tfuni ingdnii 
di«i aasociated lolda ilred Alcnnhun-, • tow-n 
, iMlomging to Stoplion S«Antvi-. bit chief juh< 
liciar, in th* imrnwiintfl neidbbjurbood. l>n 
AAprilihr anrhbishoij fuiiie l'> I bc! Council 
at Wmlmin.-itt'r. alli-iidcd by hie xuffragaiu, 
negavi- way.^'iil l}ishtipl>Iiirtfihi«dioce»e, 
and diHiiiMwl tlu" bi^hop'ii n.'phi'W, Pnlur d« 
RiATaiilx, fmm ihi- Ir-'rwiirnTship witb pna- 
ainnntr M^roru-lvi. All the I'oili-viiu wen- 
dri»-rn froio the court, nod be scnl lliu arcli- 
bisliop 1u maku terms wiib tb<? iTBil-tiiurtiluiL 
Hi' biid no iiart in tbc wii'kcd plotnhicli k-d 
lu tile pari s dc^lriielion, and nns grieved 
wb^n h'.- bmni •>( hi* dfftlh. He wa» recoii- 
cilod to th* other lords, nnd nmon£r thorn tn 
Hubert do liiirirli, who bml i^fnjird from can. 
fincmciit and joim-d ibt- eurl-murshnl, iind 
bi^ called liis lalL- imnistcrB tu nccuiiiit. im- 
priBoning Prtt^t de Hit'vaidi fur a wUit<? in 
tb« Tower. From tliig time he lilleil the mi- 
nisterial offlcM with men of 8c*reiily higher 
rankthnneU'rks.aiullweamehi* own minister, 
AIlhi>ii|ih he hndBcnt nomrhelp to Peter of 
Drittany in May, whi'n the truce with tVnniH' 
ntdcd lie Tvdtaed to ga to tin kiiccdut, and 
tbn count tliHrefurp willidivw bis humnffc | 
Bud gave up some placM wbicL he h^ld for i 

IleBry to Lunui. Uenn waa wuioua 

peace wttb Pnnois for Louia waa fotr 

'• tium powerful. Tli« Count of La Matche 

I biiid«t«d Ibe amiif emenlc for a triuw br 

I damanding th« lile at t)lfroii. which thn 

, Eaifikb iMblmi would anx allow tbn kmg in 

■urnwdur. Finally tbv matlirr wiUMttMia 

I July 1£U> by tbegiwit uf aa annuity to the 

count in liea lyf tlie island (ibyi/ LtUm, L 

47li).aiid a five year** Irtioe waa mad" intb*> 

following I'Vbfuary (t'o^fa, \. 221), la 

Mav li*3r> llic king iu<nl bin Hitter Iwibelt* 

to be morrini to the nmp«ror Frederic II, 

wbu prominrd to help him againat the French 

kiiij;. A marriaga wa* alMi amui^'d bctn-een^ 

Hi'nry and Joan, daugblcr of Simon d<? Ddic' 

martin, euiut of Poiitliieu, but thougb )b« 

j negotiations wer^ conipleti-d, tbe ooutit wa* 

I pMvuoded hr the Freneli kinv to cll<u>^ bi* 

j n)ind(a.pp,'21G.-.M8: .Matt. TAUUsiiLSSB). 

I Bdcmthjamnichwsi broken affff«iirywrata 

I on !ij Jimc to .Xmndeiu IV. count of Saroy, 

SlDposing Tnamofic with hit niece, Bleoaar^ 
augbtrr of IlavmoiidBwt'iicer IV.couut oT 
Provence r»ee £i.KiitoR or Pbovkjick'. Her 
elder si«ter, Margaret, had lnt*!y ben mnr- 
rifid tfl liiMii* IX. Sill' wan broiit^t oTcr to 
Knsbuid by hoc uncle Witliiun, binbop-^ilMt 
of Vaknee, and was married to the king 
at Canterbury by Arcbbifthop Edmund on 
1 '1 Jon. 1230. Ah buou as tW nHrriufn* festi- 
vitiM in London wttwoTWiUeorv went lo a 
fri«t council held at Merton on tlie SAth, ai 

, which tbe celebmtnl ai!>iw> of Mirtnii ww 
Muwod (STnf. MtFlaii, JO lien. Ill, e. fl, kf. 

I Statute* at liargr., i. ^1 : Stuumb, /.ivfur^^J 
p. 31)1). WiUinm of Vnlencp at once );ninj^^| 
complete influeiiCF over ihe king, and it n^V 
beliei'edtbul brand eleven utbfr!<hHd formni 
tb^iiMvea iiLio a kind of ?^ret conned, anil 
thai the kiiiu; lind sworn In he guided by tfacra 
{Ann. /)un<r. p. l4ISi. Iiiditinnlinn wnxnd m 
hot ibntllenrTrofiksbflier in tbe Tower. Tbe 
noblc«r>-fii»ed font iriid him there. Iletlicn!- 
I'ore rc'Iumed to WeM minster. and cunwnled 
t'j appuiiil u new s?t "!' slirriirs swum li> takv 
111) bribes. Huu el r:r. br inadi* MVeral change! 
in his ho use bold, apparently by the adricie nf 
tlie frtreicn clique, and rwtUleil to court two 
of liii> liilx minister)), 9t«|>hon Sogrsve and 
Itobi'rt Pnui'lew. I^tor in tJic ynar llenty 
went lo Yorli. where on niieinpt waa made to 
settle the clnim of iW King of Soota on the 
NorthumbriaD dislricta. lie uaain want of 
money, and had latvly been forced to pay (he 
em )Hin>r t he port iu4i aMigoed to bnbol la on bar 
maiTinge. Accordingly at a council of noUoi 
and priil.iiiu held nt Wcslminitxr on 13 Jan. 
I:;^', Ills nlerk, Willian: of lUIeigh, miunatcd 
an aid, oflWinit on his behalf that the moouy 
« hen ooUectcd nhijuld bi- paid over to a mkd- 

Henry III 


Henry III 

itUeat taafputim, to bc»]tvnE ftj llit-ai OB iho 
in- fxprnw* of the kingdom. Thr iii> 
yrta ill reci-iv'tt, and the kin); pmintHMl 
willi Mil iMlli thai if 111- obluiivd n lliirlietU 
h» woiilJ ei-ftu- to qiurn'l with or muIeM his 
nnbW; oflV-rwlto Aiiihurix-tlii* escoinmiini- 
datioaof mil who infrinw^ililu'ehsrtMrsi ftad 
took thr™ lords nominnT<xl hr thi* maeiiali'a 
tDio bin rouivi). II'- olitfliii^ tlii- nid, hut 
tinuMi III follow till' ifiiidsDCu o( VVilliam 
ValviKv, and i'> UtinIi gifttf on him and 
(Xbtfr fiMvigtit4«. Furtli<-r affvoc« waa fpmi 
lo the magiMlm, kifl "{lecially to Arcli- 
bUIiup Kdinimd. bv liU inviiiii^ iho uap« lo 
wod tlw li^tplwdainlD tvnglanil. Kilinitiid 
mliukMl liim, but li>< uvni t'.i monl (hlio nn 
landiii);, and kntll Ivforr liim. Ilia brather 
KicbBrd cbid«d Ilim jrvi-My for hi* »ubMti^ 
ieaoe totlii? nop* nndihi- li-^pite, and forlbu 
,Tuar whtrlilM i)bi<n'i^d ti> cifrtaiu uii|)0)>ulmr 
uncilt'in, ftinong irliom was Simon do 
[oolfuTl, 4ar) of lirirPMiT, Oii 14 S>|il. bi- 
ild II cDiinnil at Yorl:. nixl ihen- ljy (be 
^•■liHlinn of LHlio ■ fiani aK^oemont wna 
'u with Al^KBudHrur^^lUiid. who ([ave 
tp hid rlainu on tlir nurtlism diatrictit in 
iDMdMraiion ofrM^ivieg Ptnritb ami ulb-.-r 
iDors ft th" viiliic of •Jin)!, a year, iri 
umborijuiit aivtl I 'uiulwrtaiid, !■> be beld 
Knglkli king by ibt> Avnice of de- 
ft ^bawk (wli ytiar «l Oarlulo 
itie. Tliix ai[T«eineBt wa* carried oiit in 

On ~ Jas. 1^3^ Henry was pfwMnl at the 
Trt marriacv of Siumo, i-arl of Loic«*<«r, 
bt* »i«ter BI«iuiQr. ili<< widowwl couniew 
PaBibroko. Thr wmttli and power which 
M iRnrriaXD g»'<^ un *lii)n, nx !>imoii was, 
' iheanffCToflbumafrnaln.nndKicJiard 
f Cornwall eKain raproacbod llonry for bin 
action in lh» nuttier, and for giving bis ward, 
Ricbardtif Claris, in matTiagu to tbf daughter 
of John d<i Iju-y, oarl of Lincoln, another of lii« 
witbuutai>kin9tli<*8iM«n( ofliwWK 
_._Jtl(pociaIlvby tLorilininaof tendon. 
'1 Itidiard tnolc amu, bnt (bi> kiag wot 
rtiiiwlFii ii> uppoinl a confltrf^ci! fur '1 Feb. 
[v ncrted lt> tubmit lo the reuuintiuns <if 
i/na^ of pnideni c>>iindllon. A achumi* of 
rDforai wa* drtim up, and tw^rtd tli« uMnt 
flftbc Uijtatp and ihr mt of thn tns^ntoc. 
■erer, ondcd in niitbiD)[. broauivi Karl 
dMettodlbecauii- of rrfirm. Wliik- 
ng was at Abingdim on IJ March tlic 
' cauH to bim coanpUtniiig uf thi- troit- 
■'■'•! J ptenants bTUxford Uudento. !!■! 
' <■■ ftiiE an tmi'.'d (oroe lo Oxford lo 
[J. ■ - ;.■ liyino. (>n^.'Ai>Ti1boillow«dtli« 
iiBpcror uf lb-' Klii. Bala«'in TT. who had 
— to BngUnd a^in«t hi? wii.h, to enter 

Irfmdon. lie entiiftaiimlliinni Woodniook. 
nndfcavohiBiI)O0;.(iE. \.S3.%). lleiu>nt riom" 
troo^jH to ht'lp hi" brolher-in-taw, the Km- 
' pvror Fntdoric, in liifl wnr in t(«k, iind wroto 
' Co ibi- pope on thr> cuipvror'ii hvlialf, Tlii» 
■o an;ii'r<?<l tlie pope tliut fnr n wlitle h« 
(toppfd all Kngluih bii"ini.>M in ibi! curia, 
f )n A Sn|)f . n cmtv rlirt, who dnflnr>>il tlinl. 
Ilr win ifii; riijlilfil! kmjt, mnd-'nn nlli'iiipl tn 
kill ll-iiry in liii pnlncu nt Wonditoek. The 
mail dwlartrd tliut be huil bi-i-Q nol. on liy 
c»nniii )i<.-n4rins, iiaminii esjK'ciatU' Willlnm 
di-MikTui'n.wbohad hvvnoiitkvrMbyHi^iiri-, 
atid wa^ livinc n* n piralo on Lundt Islauil. 
Ill- WAi piitliHl limh fnim Itnib by horara tt. 

Oil the dmih of IVter dea Kochn* (0 Juno 
liiStt). Henry made atronuoiw eObrta lo pPi>- 
cun.'llii'uU'Ctiohof i>i>-biahi>]M'Wt nf Valoiuu 
tolti>M'nc>int Ht't^<>f WincliMUT. Thamonkaof 
,Si.Sw-iihnn>rafiMedi beouaslied twoder- 
lion* whirh Ihey nude, uid foronl an aliMi 
prior on Ihi-convrnl. Aji tlinyr>'inaini«l Hrm 
he kept the trv T»cunl. lOfik the reyi-nuci into 
his own hands, undajiefit his ('liriatiaAs Ihoiv. 
At the fmtival he KTuMly iutultpd Oilbert, 
tlie enrl-nmrvhiil, probably oti account of tuine 
auflpicion Ti'lAiing la the aiTcmpi at Wood- 
stock. Tlio <^r1 loft th« mtirt in angor. TnthH 
course of till yenr Ilrnry dimiucMij tiii'Miaii- 
eellor biabop, ItnlpU Novillo, and eoraiDitipd 
the seal to two kivpcr*. In April IlJSti be 
IHikI to pt^minde tlii? bUbop to accept Ihu* 
a«al ag«in, but In- rcfiiwd lo do M. Hu fatiir 
Kdward >.f l^tiwiKii I] wm bom un 17 .Tulj. 
At tbi* qn'pn'i diur>-bins in Aucnst be had 
a itiJdpn and Tioli'nt ijunml wilii Slntnn dti 
his siBler before marrying bcr. and of hav- 
ing lued his imme as the inscurity for the 
paynemi of money as bribes to tbe Roman 
court tojprocure a dis]ien*at)0o for his mar- 
riage. Tlie earl and ronnteat fled to F^nce. 
(In lA July tlnnrr mcpiTic^ another of the 
iiiir.-ns uncli-s. "rtiomiis of Savoy, count of 
rluu'li^r*, and when bu left, gavo him fire 
biindrc'd ninrk*; granted bim A tax On Gng* 
lishwoiil pa»<iii^ ihraugh hit terriioriea, and 
ditmi!*NKl lbs he«pi>T who rvfitsed to aeal Ibe 
writ, Tbp nowa of ihn dontb of lh>' el*ct of 
Valenco on 1 Nor. thrciir him into violent 
tniDDjiorta of pinf, '^ 

Tlieycftra ll'WanJ Wll ahow tittle btside 
i?ont.inu«l waniofulnnMaiid bodROvemnurnl. 
To pay the eipeii^es of tlie war ogaiiuc tbu 
tfmperor iirociira lions were levied ny the le- 
gale, and n nfth of all the gooiu of the 
cler^ wai taken In- iho pope. Henry, aa 
he jMftinlT declarrd, hud neither tho power 
nor the coimKo lo contmdiel tbo popi- in 
anything. ItigbtB of patronage were wt nt 


biwliti Mid in 1S40 Gtvgotj, in order to 
bind lbs Ilomnn ritiBMu to bu sida^ ordtnd 
Ui»t tbree bundrni tlnjilub bonnfieM ibould 
bcDTOvidud for ilulnbiitJi>n«inan|tth>^irMin> 
■Dd niqiliewD. Artliliitiboi) Bdrntind, aflirr 
vainljr Mmonatratinfr vriib the kins, left 
th* kin^oin in denMlr, titid died abroad. 
Fredoric 11 wu tiigfatj di«pl<«4ed at tk» belp 
wbidi the pope ira* altowiMl to r«ew»» frnni 
tha apoU* oltlui ICa|ili«1i rliiircb. On hU 
«id« nuiuy iwiil thi) cliurcli fur iln- iM-rwrlii 
<if bin fercign fikTouriliu. Ai^rr the ilralh of 
ifae et«ct Of Valencv be iritxl to oblain tbe 
•ee of WbiclieMor for anuUicr of bu wife'H 
lUidwi, Ronifnr^ of Savoy [q, v.], ami tihanw- 
fiillyopprwM'dliniconTfTit becatine lli« cbap- 
t«r ptniMdc] in Ibn oli^inn of WillUn of 
Kaloigh. Ho snccoulnl in prorurinti: CaDt«r> 
buT7 fur Boniface ia 1241, aiul tli« wo of 
Hl'n^fl<nl fur uiolber fureti^PT, ftrt wh<>m Iw 
aim iriinl in vain to procure lirnl Uurhagj 
aud tben Lniuloii. Foreinen, cliivllv Pr^' 
vunfab, swwed about tbie eoiui aai lived 
fln tbe ooaMty. Anotlm of ibe queen** 
unclea, Potnr of ^vor, c*ni» nvn- and n- 
ceivad tha earldom of Itichmnm). nnd the 
citiioiM of Loodon wore cotnpi'lk-d to Mtosd 
tbe festivities held in bis boninir. The lio 
puture of Etirbard of Cornwall on a cruude 
KoioTed tbecbtck which hc^badfrom timv'to 
tine put on th« kiciB's doing*. I^nn- auin» of 
meMoy were iquan<W«d, Mid tbp ly>ndoaer« 
wm9 apeciallv irritaiHl by tbs now vofIu 
wbicb wen) ailded totho forUficaiinnii of th« 
Tower. Tlie JewK yrtn compelliMi lo find 
moBty to DKM tbe ro;ral expeuc*. Moau- 
wbile tbe loDg'a iixr«i^ poaMwoiu were 
nc^lcct^id, and la* M ihn rawcf of Louiii. 
Oii*^ Bucei'iu. itic king had. On I.lewvlvn'n 
death lux iicio {Mvidndonled an inilr'|i>.-ui1<^nl 
andhoilile attitude. Htairr ^ammnn.HJ all 
in ibe «unim«<r of \'2l\ ; mnrched to Shrews- 
bury on 'i Aug., aud no oventwfid tho jiriniw 
that without a blow having been atruck he 
<ubiiiilt«d by the end of Ibe inoutb. 

In \24'2 1l«nrT r><reived s mMMge from. 
tb>> Count of 1.R Mnrche iirgins him toeoiM 
to his help with ■ niimoroui fnrci; nnd pro- 
Boiginghim the anintancp oftbn Poil(ivin«,tbe 
Ga«eoina,the kingof Navtmt, and thnOount 
of Toutoute. The kitig nummoned n eoutiril 
of the magnates for in Jan., and lUo.bard of 
Oonnrall came back in lime lo belp faim. A 
Rport of tbe proc»^ii>g«. * tb>^ finft autlio- 
riaed acrount of a parliani^iitarv dBboMi' la 
|murved (Mtrr. PAxto, iv. )8fi ;'Cimst, Bi»L 
li. 68). The kiiift nnt liu mnsmse, r«que»l- 
ing an aid for the recoYrn-of hiil>oiicb]K>*> 
MiwioiB, bv the Earl of (^mwall, tbr> .\n-h- 
UAop of York [see under 0x41, Jokx 1iil\ , 

and tlie wov«at of Boirerifly. In wply i__ 
lordaspoko of ibo aid*, anhaidMa, and «n- 
tWM whirh be had motarnl, of ih* weaJtb 
which h« bad gained by etcbeata aud ward- 
iitu]w. of ibo revonoea of vacsiit leca, and of 
tbe abaMDce of all account*, which made it 
nrobaUe that tbe laiA tbirliMh gnnied in 
1387 wa« Mill in his bands, and rcfuaed to 
make him a frwh grant whitn the truce re- 
mained oneipirtd. (hi th« next dav be 
callnd *<iTi>nl of (hnni into bin prirala ^liatD- 
brr onn after anotlier, talked to them aepa- 
ntnly, with tireat|cmfttnBaa, and so obuined 
bv pcmiosion no amall amount of utoner, 
tfiough iwl nearlv »o mucb ns a genetal aid 
would have j^ettLid. Hating appointed tbo 
ArcliliislMpof York gusnlian of i)m< hingiloia, 
be wiled fiom Portumouth on 13 May 1243 
with thirty cjuikii of uonpy, hia {|iiepa and 
hui»d)vd knt|[blN and. aftt-r bBn|{ obli)red to 
Ewt bnek for n day to wait for a wind, readied 
FiniMerre on Suoday tli« li^th, and on Ibe 
folhiwiiiff Tiiesday landed at Royan at. ibe 
month of tlie Gironde. After ■laying tli«re 
fonie day* he went to I'oni in (ioinlonge, 
wbcTC ho held n ooufctenoe witli Ibe (Tount 
of I^a Mnrchc and oUief loida of bin P*rtT, 
and by their advice ivnit mMKnjgmi to Louia^ 
and, fuilini; to obtain aaljafactioii. decide 
that thf^ truce waa at an end. Tli'.'iioe 
marched lo S«int«ii, whmo, on 8 .Iiinn. 
wrote a dt>cInntTion of war, and so an 
Toniiay, nod on the ■'iOih took up n po*itifl 
outiide Taillebout]t. and to ibe onuth i 
the Cbarente. Meanwhile Loiua [uolt Van 
lenay and many caMko in P<»ioii, and hnvii 
made bimwlfniaatef of thee^unlry northt 
tbe (i'barente, led lua army to TuNlt'b-iur 
whicb wa» iMirrenApiw! to him, though 
lord had nwdf llrnry b^liere that he woi 
irivD up the city to him. On the mornings 
•20 July cbr Kn>r1i>h pmitian was tbreatai 
by l.oiiis. Karl liichord obiainMl • tr 
nntil the fullowiiis; day, and aa aooo aa 1 
ninsel HuiryandbisumivtledtoSainteo. 
ibe 3Jnd Liouk puraned bim. nnd a akir 
W nean theOount of I^ Alarcheand a Vt 
ontmdasiiintot. Twodnri Uler,liii(lin)(tbi 
the king of France wa* likety to attuck hii 
Hinrr reliwited lo I'ouk, nnd Ibeiice 
Barbeiiieux. Theru Ibe Count of La Mar 
who bad raade xwn with Louia, dt«ert« 
after having eo nearly delivenMl the 
bito the bandt of tVi» 'Fri'iirb king, that 1 
Engliah onlv aaved tbrniietTra In- n Ton 
march of a dny and a nijibt lo ItUrc. Tb 
kina neither ate nor slept for nearljr fort» 
i-ipbt hoars, and a jrood part of (be 
train waa lost. At Blaye he remain 

Henry III 


Henry HI 

dayii to ivCnali lumwU ujid bu meii itttmai 
htUftt, ii. 25). itv ili^n relrewtd lo Uor- 
dstnt, wl)pn>, tlii>ii^b m lnic« wu made with 
ynacc in Auril ViVA, Ih rnnMUiifi} ToMinK 
kt* titno nail LU miMiny nsti! 1 Ot^I. A 
«eiitat{B irta pud him by llie baron* who <Ud 
not •eeampuiy him, utd bu tried lo t^vtx 
UioM wbo lefl him ai UonlMiu lo pay a ' 
Sa«. B«i«Mh«ll*<>Ttiin>iuUioolh«dLli,UKl I 
wnuifad iliai Im tfaoaltt \yi Kccivi^ at Win- I 
chMTUir and Lraidon wjih ri'liiriiloiiii pomii. J 

''Tbeuiiriitioiinr ll^rnrj W lo llii" coming 
Into Kngund ai ni»n> of lilt I'oili^riQ rcla< 
Bud lo ■ vuit from hin motbrr-in-Un-, 
r Saockia. Ue Np«at muoU moii^ iu irii- 
_ tlie ouunlwa, lowbum \if jinid f'tur 
iiaanil nurifsayearlurkMiiiiigliixciuili^i 
In Pronncu. Tb^ nurnwo of Sancliin to 
Kirliudorrurnv-all dMacStd th>> o«rl fmin 
tlifi bamniitl inttrnKl, and gnvi' llnnTT a rirh 
and prndi-nl allyfrAiiMf. iti*t ii. tlU). lie 
ncDOunoBDrd liu prrmiiiion of Willitim of 
Ual«igfa, Uahopvlvci of \VinGluutcT, acdwiu 
AatWj mmred by ibriW of tb« bisliofu. 
Witlitun Aed lo Fnuioc, wlierv [bi> king's 
ouadflct wu anTwrvly condMniiinl ; liia cause 
WH ukcn up by liiiKKvnt IV ; bo was l«- 
oallfid, and nn 9 S>pl. Hmry irat niconcllml 
to liim. Th>- ii'iNinil nurrinKi* of Alirxan- 
II lo Mary, dau){lii<-r of Engurmnd d« 
bd to a bn.'ni.-b U'twmn bim and 
[iH umbir Alkiaxiiek IT. Ilniry 
iain«d ibi- Count uf inaudvrs lu lirlp 
ftnd nwrclml toNewciulle with a Iftr^ 
in wbidi wait a rtivng Iriab coniin- 
^'^Fitdrra, i. 3R6). At NvwcairtlnannacR 
lOMi'- l>riiri*n Ike two kinKi. Henry 
icna i^eciBlly willing to nrnid wni tritb l^col- 

fom ; n* tliu Unnt cbart«r wna to ofl.nn 
llrok■^u, a new one embodying tW provwloii* 
was to be fpvniod: four nufpiatua wetu lo 
be chotwn to \m of (be king's council, with 
ilio fnodfl! officeof 'gnHnliansof lilrertieii'to 
«eo tliBt tbn cbarl'T mm obwrvwi ; a jtu- 
ticiar and clianiNillor wcm to bo cLomh by 
ibc (Kiinniaai council ; and ccrtalo judgna 
were aUoto bedecied (Mirr. 1'asib. iv. 3tSS>. 
Finally a sauU|t« wan [frauliKl for tlitt mar' 
Hage t)f (liu kiiitf'aelde«tdatigbtur,but. noaid 
wail granted (Unuf. Ilitl.) Tliu iimguatva 
wi»reaop4«dDy tJi^comingofnpitpl niiudo, 
MaTtin, who mndti enorninufi il"infinil) im tlict 

Srrlntw. KvoR Iltmry, fimiing thai it wm 
ilBcult to gnt mgnRV for liiiiisfilf, wiiii irri- 
tated at IJie muns wWh wtTL- luken from 
the cburcb by ItaUnu rcfliwuuiliwi ; he Mi- 
counted tbe'pruUtes to retust \\w jmuul dv- 
inand^ and for a time cbvcked the levy 'it^ 
money for lbs POf*. AViiil TO Jiinn lii-iW 
Martin camit toliim mmplainingthnt bc>btiil 
n-civod a in«Mfi^ from a ciim{Mny of lord* 
biddiofi bim loare the hiniiduin at once or 
lie woiiid, bfi torn in pieces. 'For ihe 1cit« 
of God, and ibe rvvureiKe of my lotd th» 
pope,' [iravrd Martin. ' grant m«i a eafWon- 
duct.' ' Slar the dsi-il give von a tafo-coii- 
duct lo 11*11 and nil throiig^i il ! ' wan lbs 
ntiiwcr of llio irritiktt'd king. Tin- Kogliib 
iTiiToyii at tlio council of Lynni vainly rupn;* 
H!nt^ th« oriovanoM of tbe kin(;clum, and 
ihrmlvnedlualtlMmibmi^iouvf Jubuabuuld 
be cane piled : und Ueuryt'X[>r»Hed uiiK-h in- 
dignation wlx-u be beard that tbu ifioluigw had 
bnrnprevailniiouto»iyTiThech8rl<.T(>f tribute. 
Ill Sej'l ember I'i^-Ui the king nindi^ nn i']ippdi'w 
lion against the Welsh, nncnmpc^d in tbi-muK''- 
bourhood of Snowdon, nml fcirtilii-dllimnocb 
land, bvcnuao Ihirid, tbt- ion of Llewi-lyii^ ^Cantln. No dociiiTe action took pluce, ibe 

VIM making war on the WeUb border. In a 
inst council held at WMlmfnMcr, probably 
alWih»ittatcbi>f the north, llenrvin perwo 
nqucaiad an aid, on tlt« ground tnai li* bad 
(OMtnctad debt* dnriag Um nxpmlition to 
(iMnay, which had b*M and(«taknn by iho 
ftdrico of tba n^cmitei. Tbi> mn^ulm ap- 
panlad tu eanaiicbr hia iM|ue*1 a oommitlee 
eompiMHl of DTelales and lay birda, wbo 
EomptaJinnl of abiues. and deuiandcd the 
k|no4BUietil of a jiisticiat and chancellor. 
Anor an adjotimmnit ihey promiaed ibat if 
llie king wnuld acTn> lo ibnlr rnjuiMt Ibny 
wMild ncouinpM a Kraut, pmvidnl tfau 
Ibry migfat dirr<ct thai (vxpendimrc of it for 
Uw gnniT at ibn realtB. Iln ttii-d Vf influence 
ih* prrlalH by jiralucinx a letter of Inoo* 
evnt IV, nrfpng Ibem to grant the king aa 
■id. lie uamI penonal influence, nntmilr, 
ud uiiflcD in anilenrouring to win oTer the 
nitiui. A Mtbcmn wat drawn up i^t rr- 

Wulibkccpingout of the wny until thev naw 
nnopportunityof tukiiiglheenii'Uiy u1 aoif«d- 
vonta^.audHeniy'aanny Hiil1'ert'<l fMitnrold 
and ahorlUHM of provisions. lli« Iriib allip* 
rar^Fed AnglsMiy , when C« thr A\' !■ 1 « h obt ai ii cd 
I lieir com, and hi* alio laid wanti.' much euun- 
irr. WhenhTctunied toICnslund lielorbnde 
alt trails with \VBh>j,iuiitB»br-bBJdt'8truyed 
thnmim the Welaii wMwbrOMbl to starva- 
tion. The moiiev for ihu friiitUM tunpniuTi 
waa aupplied by ttlchard ofOorairall on the 
fecority of iIm crown jvwnb, and n acutaae 
of tbrM markK wMobtaiiMd for iltbo follow- 
ing T«nr. Tha dnmandt made by Innocent 
nn til* cUovy in 1 340 vrem exorUtaotly large ; 
ilnnrv forbade tbopretalM lo ooUmI llie re^ 
nuiiv^ »nb*idy, but, a* Rob«rt Urowet«st«7~ 
biabop of Liiieobi, ahowed bim, ibey could 
not refute. At a gmat ooundl hahl in the 
Bpriiig be, in common with men of evitry 
Older in ibe luDgdom, wot a pemofUtTnnc* 

Henry III 


Henry HI 

10 iMOOCCDt conc«nung tlio opprnwdon* of 
the dltti^. Tbr> nniwtY ITM Ti'iM-'ivLiI id a 
gPMt coilnal lii^lil ut U'lni-hi-'iiii-r in July. 
The pnpn urRod lii* alium. Fiirttnliik- llciin- 
forlxule onrthing beinc puiJ ti.< Inm. bill bi- 
grew ttririnwl, liMeuea tu itiu p>rau(i«ioii« of 
Richard of Curiiwall, and piv« wav. In ibii 
ttpliiw Henry Ivri^d « lit<«vy tnlliiK* from 
tli0 Londonm, «lio indieniuiilv ilL-cUrvd 
llutt hvwaslho'lriu with <->-■» tiial pierced 
all tbin)[* ' of Merlia's pruulieoj-. 

A freak prolfil, ill vrlituh thu kingjoiniil, 
•i;iuB«t psuai exaetioim from tlio «l«rgv »'dh 
made in Ue council of 3 Feb. 1347, bui. at. 
die EuUt pnrlinmoiil nt Oxford the oppOM- ^ 
ttoB w*i witlidran-n, and tho dorfir paid an 
iiid of L-levon tlinusond markn. In die cour*a 
• if iJiL- jrcor moro forvigncni axmo to the ccnrt. 
I'oUt of St.fOj brouglil OYBT i«fV«T»l young 
ludien that ike king miglit ^rt ihem in mar- 
ri>K« to lit(nobl«i wards, whi<>l) muck offeiid«d ' 
hii own peopir'. II>-iirv'ii lialf-brotberv.aiix \ 
of Ltudgiun, William daVnlnncCfand Aynwr ' 
dti Valvnea [a. t.'J, and Iiia balf-^inler Aliclu, 
cane orvr bvma luviution, for tlieir motki'T 
bad lHt<*ly ilied, und in Uiiiir train fame a. 
vrowd of [pwdy Poitfvin*, I'or ^VillillIn ki- 
■t oiiC'.' found n rich b.-rrew ; bi* kidf-ciBU-r li'- 
luurriod lo llm jroimg tjirt of WnrreiiTx^, and 
bo gavu ProTonfoJ bridiw to tiro yoiiiiK Kn^- 
liah nobliiii, kin ward), who, it in wiil, irrrf 
uuwiiliii^ to rwoire llitui. He foric^kod nil 
tkrw of kia tirotkar^, providinf* for Aymi-r i 
out of ik>i ri'Tcniipe of tki> rbiirck. ifeforo ' 
long llcnti'iri*, the widowed riiiiiiloM of Pro- 
vonoc. kin niolht^in-kiw, nnd TknmuH of ', 
Savojr, came to roplrjiiih ikt^tr punm' nl hi* f 
McpvoM. Tbi* influx of fon-ijrni-TH, and bin 
lavifth yitt* lo tliuln, o^In olirn-d iiii npniixi-fi 
tioii TO kih nii«riilv ; tbL- (.■oiun^f liad siifkri'dj 
nintilation; robbery and violMioe wcrv rife, 
and tke Iom of (loscony, from vrbii-k a lai^ 
ravenuuwMnceiTcd, Miw«dc«rtaiii. Wl«-n 
Ileni; a«ked iko pnTliammt of Feb^ 134tl ! 
for on aid. ike loiiti rtiirovrd blm I'or bin f\- I 
tnva^iceulid i'\aiiiciiia,cuiDpkiiiili(;cbi(-l)y I 
of iku ulittiiB, <j[ ihe diapanipcni<3it of lua I 
noble wanlv by iiiurriu^'e, and of bis irovoni- , 
t)ig nitliniit a justiciar, diancellor, ur Irm- 
utiPt ap{)ointed bjr ik* couiinon council of 
tke ninliu, Tbi> king; oblaiuod a delii}' uniil 
8 July, iiiul bad ihn coinnirc all«r^ to pr<^ 
vent mulilulion.rllrctiuti tUn eliniigie inmiclt 
a mannfr u» to i-aun- much dJHtmit. INIi-nn- 
wliilo iiicbnrd of Corriwall pieucj liii bn>- 
liinr for poymnnt of )ii» d.'M* tti him. wbic-li 
amounlod lo -JOfilHil.; lli'iiry pufislivd bim 
by farming; the mint to bim. In .Inly b<> 
refua«d to allow tke election of miniali'iM, 
tvlting tk«' nob1«4 ikat tkv'y wen.- try'mf to 
make ■ aunaut of tktrir ]<^. ~" ' 

iiiglv rcAiaed an aid, and he (old b\» plat« 
to Iha I.ondonan. H* natd tliat the rity 
wo* an inniliaiistibic well of ncii»i, exacted 
largo aunis fran the citizens, and o^Kricvi'd 
thiaa iuTariouswaya. Hebtirrowedwbercver 
be cotild. and opprM^wl itie JvVt boavily. 
lakin;; from .Voron of York butweoa 1243 
and I'^'iO tbriH- ifanuwnd nnorkaof HlT«rand 
two kiindrod mnrki of ' qiMon'a gold.* In 
lilM ho mndo n >bort-]iTod effort to rnlbnn 
hi* way* ; on tl Mnrrh he took the crtne and 
uakod pardon of the Londoner* for his op- 
preMUonx. and onlervd thai kin boiuekolil ex- 
ptmAoa akouUl be curlail«l, and iknt Itw 
monev ahould bv «]M-nl on alou and oaiidlea 
for atrineii. At uin NUns tine be nwnl 
iniicli on bin tialf-brolherK, and obiBini<d tk* 
aw nf Winchuier for Armer bypvmonal in- 
torrp*»ioR. (Jaacony bad benii secured by 
Simon de Moulfort. whom be bad aiipoiiitfn 
hid vicegetDui in 124K The earl bad h&rd 
work 10 reduce tke n-bels lo obedicueei nnd 
rt'Oi^iTed moot inmnnicinni mpplie*. Hecamo 
lo n^nry in Janiinrv l-fil and nrgvd him lo 

K'vn him ihc in'<'driil biilp for carrving on 
1 work. The kiiiR iiwore • by Ooil*ii head ' 
thai Simon htut dune kiln good •ervioe, and 
promis^ bim auppliec, tkoiifrh be told liitn 
ihHlther«vrerecomplaint>^«^iii*t bi«gOTem- 
mifiti. Hh effort ni «<coiiomy ni'i-ait to hato 
ended; hi> giflM to bi* forHgn Ti'lali\v«and 
friend* Went on; and lie raifod monsy by 
lonnt and exiortionj, chiefly from churehnicn 
nnd n^IigiouB bodiea. Ohrwtmoa lio kept at 
York, wliero he kut« hie dwiihler ^larKan-t 
in marriage to Alnander 111 uf Mcoiland. 
Alexander did liomnfe for ' Lotbinn,' the 
■■•late* wbioli hn bald in Kngtiuid in virtue 
ol lhf< irentvof 1230,thv(|ue*lion of homago 
{••I Scotland bi^iiitr rnin'd and hud undo. 

Althoii{{b Simon de Montfort wuh doinj[ 
great tliingH for bim in (JaocouT, Henry 
ruodilj linlened lo coinpltiint.s BgainKt kin 
from the diiiAil'i<cied pony ibtre, nnd in May 
ll*5:J bi'Ul a kind of trial, in which li*\ 
confronted tbi; carl and ki* accuun. Hot 
wonU pawad botwoen the kiiiR and Ibe uarl : 
I l^iTV callfld Smou n ' unirper nnd n I raitor,' 
and Till' carl nave bim iho lie. Iticbord oif 
Coniwull and otktr nobles took the eari'a 
purl, and he returned lo GoR-ony and r*- 
uiainod then.- a nhon time longrTr. [n con- 
Hoqucncuof H Irll^r from Innoci'ot lY Horny 
Hhowednucb,probob]yiiinc«ni,inl<'n:il in the 
cninade, and iiirora publicly that he would (p> 
in person in the courweoflhe next three years, 
UnlSUct. l:^>JhelaLd before llie prelatm a 
Iiupol uundatfl reiiuiring them to pay bim a 
lentil of thochiiTebrevenutofonkfvH.' year*, for 
the expenoM of his rruMdi'. l,ed by Itishop 
(Jto«*:|i!atclliey nifiistJ, Henry rba'n^etl hi* 

bNK^ Bad sdiDd for ui aid h a hvoiiT. Tbitjr 
anolto of tbe gcwn-iuicpi o( the cluirrli, anil 
tlwirdaairc to have tbu (iri'iit t-liariuroon- 
flnaed uid a aw une cranti'd. ^^'tll.■u lUnry 
wccived thi-irrMiawor' In? M«oro horribly.' As 
bia enstoro ina, li« appwWd to ewii yer- 
waaSij.hM tonoiiurpaM. OnhisMkingliU 
iMurau lor uont7 Uuifiaid Uiat tlw<y vroiikl bo 
Kuided hf ih« dscirion of iIm pivlnti!*, rrmur Ic- 
ing ooa to snotbvrt&ftt it n-o nbiiinl I'ur liini 
of noitiiil viurcuci. Hi' wim ili?t(<rmLiic-d to 
li-B(l AD army iutuOidcoiiy.uiultb'^r told liiiu 
lliHt tke Ga^'uua vtvre figyn-^ mid r«b>'l», niid 
that Earl Sitnoii had iu:i<il rigliily Towardx 
th«B. He s^n ba<l n<cn\ir*r to rxactini]* 
from tli«i honAoitvrr, and wlirn thn ritiximt 
beat aODM of bin nervantii wlin iDlor>u|)ti-<] 
them at a (piw of qubtaia wllli ahuim nnd 
Tiolenee, he laid a btiarr liuv \iyiia tlwiu. 
In Older to wiu ov«r niclian) iv (.lun- 
{q. V.J, i!«rl of Glnuoeai^r, To hi* tiiv, lio 

EromiMd thai if iImi nnrl'i: Ann would marry 
i« nitM liP (lioold liBin Stv liundml marlui 
wiibhrr. 11^ bad not liu: manny, and tried 
to borrow it fintn ci-rlaiii abbey*, and bUin^ 
in tbu Ini^ lo fi.rci- ilip treasurer of the 
Teaiiple and lb<' Il'H^iinl t-> Itl biiu havu il. 
Sfeaawbilu BnlturH wi-tv ^ingbHdlr infta*- 
eony, cliMily b«»ii*e iiv Ii6l«ii«d to rvbols, 
tbiraileil his viccfinniit fUmon, and failod to 
aund kira n«nlf>i1 mipplii'*. (Jnilon of lUiira 
and odiPr InrdF wtir offi-rinK il"-' '""J '" 
.'VlfiiOMi X of L'-aitiU-, soil nitvr T lie di.-|>iirl un.- 
tif Earl Ijimoai brokv into rr'bvllii.'ti. \(l'-T 
much debate in lL'o3tli(> prulatM attdlaj lords 
1 i«l(l«d in 4»ui«< (leffTM to the kii^a wiahe*. 
'Tbn tptitlis trom im rhnrch irntv promiaed 
whfrn thn cniM'U' lu-litnlly itart'-iL. a ilMnand 
brinfi madr at ibc wmn tiinp for librrity of 
ulecti<iii; the t^nnotH iiicLief (iranu-d ii rcvi- 
ta{|e. Inrclurnlicnryivmlirinud thi>i'l]iirlt.-n>. 
A Mlemn oprrnKinr wu pc'rfonned in WmT- 
iniBMer Ilall ou ^May ll'*V); ibf bis1iop«rx- 
cnnidURiciiUiJ all whn Rbould tmnwroM iho 
«liBJrtcn, tbp original eliartrr nl John wn* 
prodnoed, and at die brila *uiiiidc-d and ibu 
biatra^ ended their >rnt<:ii<i^ bv da;biu|{ ihvir 
candW on lh« i^rountl. ibc kin^ hwuk to 
keep ibH cbaitirrH unbrohi'ii *aft a man, a 
Climtiiui, a kiii^hl, a kitig crownnl tind 
aBotiil«d.' In oriWr lo doiocli AlfoQin fmin, 
lbi> Hid* of tW OaMOOiu, onibaiHadorM wi-rfl 
MBt tn amiiM a na/ria^ bvtv-i-rii bit BinliT 
aod tbo Ida^eUcr aon£dwiiTd,afida marH 
Tiag« waa idw propoaed between Uenry'd 
dauftbter Reaurke and the eld«at ton of tli^ 
kiep of Anf^n. 

Laai'ing ilw ktnfilom under tho cnro of 
lti» oumn and K»r\ Itichftnl, II«iiry mIIim) 
tot (laKOny witb hi* anay from roctamoutb 

on I) Ang. with a fli.«t of tbrvo hundred Inrgii 
and mnny *iniill«r reuuU, and laadwl at Bor- 
dcaiuon tlii.' loth. Ilin ormytooJcBonAlifcw, 
Ln Hfolp.andivvittalotheroaatlMand pliic^*, 
but aultunn] mucb Itom want^ and uiacjc 
Uttl« real progrtM. Tho cawpaiipi wm idi.i- 
mnnaged ; at tuual be waa U'liifnf wbi-n h<' 
^briuld have bven ainrn, nnd al i>il- taiov 
time alio wad histroop* loinfliti much o>.'od- 
Imm liwrl^hip on the pcoplr. mciling up llii'lr 
vinafordji atid buniinii ib<-ir hou»i'»,aiid hi 
alienalini; ilii-m. Oiuion lied to tlu IciMt of 
C^utili'. bill llfDryDL'UiruliMidQaitoQ'aeffijrta 
by Foni'ludini^ th^ niAiTiafp< ttuaCy, and aeni 
fortlivqaeenandbisHti. lie jwrMuudud Eurl 
Sinioii lo oonio to hi* aid, and tbu cmiiin^ -A' 
tllo Miri Wat imoiiiih la reduce ibe pniviiice 
to ordor. )!■■ nUa u'lil to Kngtnnil for riiin- 
foDN-menla and »u{iiilx<u, and ipniit (.'liriHt. 
mru at Itncnf, near 1« lUole. ()a L'0 Jan. 
lu'o'l tbu pri'bitet, while ntfuMng uu aid from 
the civT-fj iiiileas tlte i«nth for the cruosdo 
was ivinillvd or poMpoiw>d, decided to jgranl 
an aid from tlivmimlvaa in coie tlw king of 
(Ja«tile iiivodt'd <iii*rnny, and thn lay lord* 
dr«lar«d thcnmeh <•■ rc-ody in ibat I'Vent. lo ^i 
to Oftacony; bm ihu n-p-ntu Kuthcred ibul 
no |-L-(ignif aid oould begranlvil uiiliuaauoii- 
Letttrt.ii. 101). They i^nlM a council lo 
meet nt WmHl mi inter on iS\ .\pril, wbicli i« 
'nil important landmark in [mrlinroi'nlary hii^ 
lury.' for to il. ureru miramoniHl iwo hiitirbis 
fmin nach shire to grant an aid i Selret t'hnr- 
ttr: p, 3(17 i 0»n*(. Itut. ii. tW). \ttvr n- 
mniniDgni Bortleanx uuul lat« in ibo •lunmer. 
■pending va«L sums and g«4liiig deeply Into 
d^lil, tlunrr and his queen performed a pil- 
nimag* t.n the ilirioi' of St. lUmund, )ircli- 
bi»liopof('aiilurburT,at I'onligny^.Htii- J?ri/- 
f«n.p. 3l'7). On n-coVi'riuKfrora nnhort «p1i- 
acaatlief«, Henry went to Fontcvraud. wh-^n.- 
bo bad lliu body of bii mothtr moved inlo 
ThecliUTcb,wa8mel at Chartreebr Louis IX, 
and accompanied b'liu loPHris.wlicm he wa« 
lodged in tlw t >ld I'i'inplv. Ilo niaynd right 
about 1,000^ llLt-n he went to Boulc^e, 
wliunrv he croited (u Dover, orriTiug in tbe 
Itoi wiM'k ofthe year (lijfit). As toon aa he 
Uiulod b" b^iaan lo g«t moiWT out of tho 
]^a(bnrn>ftnd tluJo«n,andwii«n ihs Jeira 
retaontt rat €kI and aikrd to hn ntUiwod to leam 
the Icinploiu, he snortr ■ In-tiod's head* thai 
hu might fairly net hi.-, debt's at30U,(XI0niaTk>; 
they W4Te indeed S-'iU.OUO marln. 

In April IS-Vih^ t'oraplainedofhisdebtato 
iiaHiamnni, Htnl iLnkml tor an aid, .\« naiml 
no wasmnl by adomRod forolectiwlminittcn, 
irrvmorabl «etn-^ by tb« oommon coun> 
ril. Till* be ajrain refuMd, nnd l«Mrt«l to 

Henry HI 


Henry UI 

feXlni'tiit,{ tli';t<.-iilli from lli>.-i:l>-rgT. ^atlerr- 
WKT^ D'>w entering on b new tAaife. Wh'ili; 
bis wm* in GMony, Ino'icent I\', who was 
MagW'^l in ' "'''"RK''' "'''li Maiifn-d, king of 
Hicily. tli«il]e|ntimati' via (itY,ta]iitTf>i YicA.K' 
rick'll.dlieivl Iftinfy thecro«'nof .Sicilv for 
oiw'iftii.s ftf)n*i,in 'irJ'TtoH^ur'.' iliewt-afihof 
Kngtan'l t'l ft>'i!<t him in hi» *chcmir». lleury 
■Mnpt^I it frjr hi.^ H.-cond bod, Edmund, and 
biiunri liimM-lf to iH'ar ibi- co^t of the war. 
I'qpir Ateiand'^r IV confirmed the ai^reement 
»n hl« mOf-.trvm. Hii'i Ifil.aJiitnH was regarded 
wttli((T««ti]ihii1na:iUn;i[i Kiij^land. In October 
X'iKi tbr- lonl- r^fuwrd Nenr>' an aid for the 
war. and thi; jiopi.-'B envoy (Itiuland) faiteil 
to iiblain m'in'ry frrion the pn-late-. Never- 
ibi.-t'-HM on ih>; li^th I'liimiind waa invested 
with tlie kingilom of Hii'ily hv thn envoy, to 
ill'! grfial j'ty iif hi.« fallit-r, whii promist-d to 
Ifi in p>'rM>n In Apiiha, and was allowed to 
niekoR the wiiraN u f<atihfa(;ti'>n uf hin vow 
of nntxadi'. By lli>; advicn of the Savoyard, 
for wlinm ii't had oblalm.-'l the mH' of liere- 
foril, \u! ohtaincd blank fomtx senled by Home 
(if thn biihopn, and filb.1l them up, with pro- 
mi)!'!* lo pay, end nent them to Itome to 
Mitidfy wim'r of hinllalinn crwlitom. Among 
liiM quarn^Ifi with liin KulijeclH in tliii year 
f 12'i'i) hi; had a fiercir iljepuiewitli the eart- 
nianihal Im.-i- Itiooi), Wftnv.K, fourth I'^ari. of 
NoHl^ii.i], which ended hy hif declaring: 'I ; 
tvill Heiid and liavo your coni threslied out 
and wild, and «o butnbli' your pridf.' To j 
which the earL niiilieil; '.\nd I will send | 
you the headf of the tlin^shers.' In August 
Iliinry man-hed lo -Scolland 10 arrangi^ Hutne 
troubl'-h there >ee A Mixaxtibb lllj. On 
thii afilh hir put rmt a itroclumalion ut New- 
csKtle that he would do nothing to pre- 
jiidicui the tiliertien uf the kingdom (Finhra, , 
1.327), Alejcnnilur wnl hi.i ijiiei'it to meet 
lier father, and Henry wiih at Werk during 
moat of tkptemU'r, fur lAv fell ill while with 
him. lie met Alexander at 1 to x burgh, and 
rikuwd him to change his counbetlurii, and 
took wveral ScottiMh lords under hia protw- 
Ihon (W. p. .'t^J). In l-'ebruary 1:^56 Pope 
Aloiander wmlH that, unless Henry paid 
what he oweil for the war he would renounce 
the Sicilian arran^'ment ; the amount owed 
at Itome about tliuj timi? was l^.TOl marks. 
Henry otjtuined a renpiti'. Ititstajid pressed 
the prulatj.'H, who obtained a eonfirmalion of 
John'* cliart«rof freedom of electionH. but as 
popv and king wi>ru united in a echeme of 
plunder it was of no avail. They refused to 
rontribiite from their baronies. The king 
made many etTortK to obtain money; he op- 

Srewed the Londoners and the Cistercians, 
nod those who neglected to receive kniffht' 
hoods, fined all the sheriHs, and b^gcd, bor- 

row ril. and extorted tuppli-rilruuieveiy quar- 
ter. Ularty in \2'j~ th« pope teat, the Aick- 
biabop of Mes«ina to Hemr- cj^arently to 
get money. The election of fiichiud of Corn- 
wall B.« King of the liomans put an end to 
bis brother'), chance of borrowing fiam him ; 
Iticbard wanted all his money for his own 
Khemes. At Jlid-Lenl llenrT appeared be- 
fore the parliament with Edmund in Apnlian 
costume, de<-lared that he had accepted ihe 
Sicilian crown for him, and/incumjEl a debt 
of l')O,OU0mark£by ihead'jnceof the English 
church, which the bishop* denied ; he aaked 
for a tenth of ecclesiastical revenues for two 
years, and othergrants from thechnrcb. The 
bishops un wil lingly grant ed him 52,000 mails, 
stipulating fi>r the observance of the Great 
charter. Many troubles came on him in this 
year(12.57); he lost adaughter,Katharine — ^ 
dumbbutveryprettT — on^JMay: his Sicilian! 

Eroject looked hopele-vii, and the Welah, who 1 
Bd for some months l>een troublerame, weie | 
laving waste the border under their prince, I 
Llewelyn, the son of Griffith. These morti- 
fications threw him into a dangerous fever 
towards the end of May, and he lay some 
time i^ick at London. In Seplember he 
marched to Chester, and thence to Gannoch, 
when' be stayed about a month, and then, 
having made a discreditable peace with 
Llewelyn, relumed home on IS Oct. and 
levied a heavy scutage for the coat of his ex- 

Iiedition. The pope sent several envoys and 
egutea in succession to try to make Heniy 
pay his debts to him. and the king was even 
t hreatened wit hexcommunication if he failed. 
He met his parliament on 9 April ltfo8;^ 
the nobles were not in a compliant mood, 
for there had been a terrible mmine during 
the winter, and the Welsh were wasting the 
border, and had made alliance with thy 
Scotti.-'h lords. He told them his difficulties, 
and asked for a large ^raut. They answered 
that his difficulties were the result of his 
own folly, and refused his request. Some 
recriminations passed between the king's 
friends and other lords, and the meeting was 
adjourned, Afler trying with only partial 
success to persuade the abbots of some great 
bouses to become sureties for him, he on the 
2Sth announced in parliament that he must 
have a third of all property. On the 30th 
the king was startled hy the appearance before 
him of the barons in armour, their awords, 
however, being left at the door of "West- 
minster Hall. 'What is it, my lordsP' he'. 
cried: 'am I your prisoner i" That Roger 
Bigod deuied, but said that the aliens muett 
be Mnished, and that the king and hia son ' 
must swear that he would be guided b^ a ' 
counci 1 oft wenty-four elected magnates which 

Henry III 


Henry HI 

iboiilO unfiHKv relitmu. ll^oirj' iigmod. uicl 
on U Jnn»Tne(lh«ban>n«»l Oxford. The; i 
r«ii« with Hu^xr mrn uhmU aa for wnr, (-it 
(hPT had hoMi Mnunoiud for an vip«lilii)ii 
inta Wain. Tbc •Mpmblr fjainvil tuv iuuiit< 
of the ' M*d nvliuniMit'' A ectiwlul'* of 
taut Wat ■{■potnted, luilf bv lli« king froin 
hb p«n;^ nod lialf hj tlw< Wnns, to «jrcct 
N&mt in diVRb and ttatv, and a bodj of 
fitWii wai. dii>M>ii by an tairtcati^ [irui-e-8 
dcTund to *pcurc laintna to bolli parliiin to 
bollickinjr'iippnnuwBieouucJL Puliamcnu 
wore to roccl ihrw- 6u«6a j«ar>and vinrr I" 
CHMiiiai of tli» fi(tc«it uid ■ comniticc of 
tvrelve dHMFfi bT tlte batons^, who n-cn- 
to iliKius tbi> pr'>c<'>'(iiiig> of tlie counc-il. 
AMuothm body o( twi-Dty--.nur wob diou-n by 
ilMiMrliamirnt to amuiiip an u<l ( Cmr'. //£»'. 
iL 7i-8: SeUrt l^arUn. jip. a«r leq.) Tlw 
two bodiiu of twmti,'-f<nir wiwe tfroporarr 
iRattlMtioOB : tlwir laisiuiirvwaalo end with 
tk) ptrfn nt ntig of tboir work. A« ft wboli- 
iba adkeiM incuu tba natablUhmcnt nf b 
dirKt cMitTolanr tbo exoeuti*p, and iu clia- 
ract«r w*« ^igBrchie; the nations) oouucit 
ahrnnk (o a Rull comnuttee of ihu Ai^t men 
of tbe kuifploaL A juMidar, trMsuror, nnd 
cbanepUoTwem cbo«««; Iheyaiid ihesliwiit* 
w«i« to bold oAIoe onlv for a yrar, and wtmt 
ib«n lo answer for l)i«ir net* baforo thn kuiK 
and lki» roniicil One of the fint rraolulionB 
of tb* t»v counril wa» ibat the king ahould 
tvaiunrpnNtewiofi of Iboae royal caall*H which 
ba bad alirnatAd, aail (hat bv sboDkl make 
Ibanorerto tbociutodyof nuKrltwn Goglif'h 
hatona. Tlrnry'B a!i>?D r«'lHtii'i-« dedinod to 
obay tbit order, and tnaiiy, Uafintrtkrciturt, 
Btti^ llunueWeb mto ibi- omiln of W'ulve* 
•nMb«n bnld by Ayiusr do I.iui^nn, liinbup 
01 W inGbMt«r, wlio r>rfuH<d lo ildiv«r ih? 
paalla to the barntw. llrnry accom{iaiiivd t be 
baraoial fbrve to besiivr' i lie ensile, which wa« 
aMRciuleivd on '> July I'JtS, and on 6 Jiag. 
ba dedalvd the coancil nf twenty-four ein- 
•ownrad Iu R-fonn lli« ry-alnt. Vnt tbe time 
bmabflpJBMandknewii. Uneaultry July 
day be war oivrtahen OB the Tliamai 1^- u 
ibnndMitorm. tandnl, and loufthl itheltw in 

■ be Duliii|i of bkirbamV hatme (whm [)■<■ 
Addiihi iHnr UanJa). ihi'n uociipinl by Simnn 
Ue Montfort. 1'he ear) i-atu<r out tii mrnt 
Lim. aW Hiiinfl Ibbi ilixlurb^ Awnred him 
ibai ifa« aMriM Wat OTtT. 'I fear thunder 
and HKh*«i'ny«0»t«liiyi*. ''baking answered, 

■ but liy tion baad I ttar thee mort? thsn 
'1 tbi> ibundrr and tigfatning in tbu world' 

l4n. PaIUji. r. 706). On 18 Oct. h* n- 

i hi* aaeat to tlin apiKuntm^iit of ih^ 

ity«Kli>r, in a [inxlnnutiuo psbluliad in 

aa mil »» in I^iin and Fnndi 

liiWwf Ctarfm. p. 887). Wh«a ,_ 

kingof iho Koninitt, landMin JaiuUTf l^-*^^, 
Henry mot him and perauided kim to Tnli>' 
theoalbto ibcpToTisionHof Oxfonl. A Irucu 
wan nufle wiifi the Weltli,and a yt-tcc with 
l.oui> 1 X. which wiuctimpIetFi] during; a visit 
paid Ir) rmtirt- bv lleury. He eto^aed, ac- 
cninpnni«d by ih«" ijtifi'n, on li Not,, »p«Qt 
('fariitmac at I'ftris, and gave ii|i t Uk cUim lo 
Normandy and the ollii^r hcnjiliury poiws> 
■ionBof tlio c^iwn. tvccivin^t ■otni' linTitirii-* 
in Gaitcony whicb hud tmwi lost (I'lrdrra, i, 
3tB, SStf). Although tlie Sicilijuj »thcmf hud 
been qnaahed bv tbu new govemmi-til, be 
wloielotlit'AtffiliiBhopof Meninaon Iti Jan. 
ISSO, nniiouncing: that lie viii#0Tedl thai the 
penCR with France wniild Mialilc him to prn- 
lecuiu it with more onirgy {kni/al letter; 
ii. 147). He w«* Jia-jwait nt the lilinTnl of 
Prince Louis, and on the 22nd niuiried liii 
duuchu-r Bfalricu to John, duke uf ItriMany. 
At Kaiuir he wna at St. umtrt, and imd-^l 
ill Knji^lKnd on ^•tA|irill:j<iO, hiHtntum b«in< 
linH^eiiod by the n'pori That hi« son Edward 
■KM pIotlinK with KrH Simon lo dirthrone 
him. Tbu bn.roiiinl pnrty w dividi'd: one. 
and ibut ihi! mori' nnsi^llUb tection, was 
beaded liy l''url SiiuiiD. with whom Edward 
wiiHfortlie liuiviiiiilliairce: theolht-ran^on. 
whidi Wl oUgun-hicul aim*, wum lw«d«il by 
(•loiiw*i»T, nlio hnil l>evii with the king in 
France, and ww supported by him. 

Ilunri- look up hu lod|nng|i) at Si. Poal'ii, 
eatined (Uoueciier lo remnin within the dty, 
and bad llie {piles closely walcbcd. He was 
reconciled to Edward, and bniudhi accUM- 
lioiu against Earl Simon, probably beTorn 
tbo baroDA nt a mM'.iiir at 8i. Pnal\ Hxin 
flf^or hit return. An nrbilration was di'cid<-d 
on. Diirinii the autumn nf 12Wbn fnrti(i>->l 
■be Tower, and in thf winicr rnoHred a vi»il 
from the luDj); of Sciitland and hi* dauRbter 
the queen, who cntnu to be deli<TTUu iu 
February IJtil of ber child Sfarffarut, an«i^ 
wardi aumn of Norway. Meanwhile, slirrnd 
up by his queen, he woo taking nieasumi to 
t«CDpc from bi» oalb. Itejmrti of hi> ptnn 
were spread ahmitd. and he thought it ad- 
Tikable to shul bimsiilf in the Tower, and on 
14 Mareh iasiii^ a pn<cUmation against thoio 
who Bpmd fulai- rumours. Tie summoned 
a parliament in meet in the Tnw^r, but thn 
lords refused to nllciid, except al Weet- 
minster, nccordinir lo custom (.-liuu. Itivuf. 
n.217: thcdalcof ibis inddetit is uncertain). 
Thrnhewent to \Vind»or,andthellceto\Vin- 
^bestrr, where, as it was his birlbpluce. he 
had a]iooial clatRW om the loyalty of i!ie 
cilii«DS,aMlon94 Apffit dismiaiiedllipbnr.TKi' 
justiciar, and appointed Philip TWwi [q.v. | 
in bis pUc«. Tm government of 12*>d I 

Henry HI 


Henry HI 

f&itod, and ever aincn Ueary'» dtfuttm tar 
Franco lie had beta i«eaiiiing tV gfround < 
nrliicb be hwl lou. Tm pvnoQal quarrel 
l.vtwiwti bim wiJ K«rl SimiMi n-mn rofitrrwd 
■•> till? arhhintiodi of [joiiin tX, aud lu ]><niU 
ITM ann'ilhn^ to act, bi* iiiwe*! acci.'jil<rd (be 
flfica n{ ariiitrDtor, thougu the {loinU wirtv 

•Ctnallf to be ivIllL-d hj tVO COHUuiuicuwrs 
on rltlier u<le, wilh iwo luapJRtt ■omiuatvid 
b}r tbr quevQ. Oa 18 May 1261 Tlenry Ml 
■Irvnic Fiiougb to it^ui^a |>iv>cli(ii>aiinn agsinai 
tbealii-iiHirlKiwnrcbi'iligiiilrviduriHl into ihe . 
kiiis<li)mbyR>rl.Siinon. Ili^mndr IIueIi Bis^iil 
(■/. I301) [q. V." (ti"; up IloTct CiLilk-, which 
)iad biwtl ■■iilnultxt to him by tlii^ twroiis. 
jirohably to prvvi^Dl ntiy lixxipi l».>iii^ luiidnl 
<'SiH.'[Amchtuwere«>ngag;ed bybimwlf. A11 
waarvndvforhiiiBmt atrok«. Oti l-Uunebu 
filubitea bulb tmaitwd fmm AI-ixiitKior IV 
jiiM b«(6n btsde«lh, aheolrinf; hi"> ■>■"' •'vrry 
oii«i frhif tmm thpir Mibs to lln- l)\ford ftt>- I 
vition*- ElavinE done thin be crtiful to Uiu I 
Tnwer, appointna new «hciil)a, ond ordered 
ili« fUTTtnier of coatlia. On 16 Aug- bt 
ifouod a procbmutiini jiutifjriug bi« conduct, 
mid layiiig till ibi- blHuii^ i» llio trniihlex on 
tln' hnrous. Finding tlinl Karl Simon and i 
ibo Earl of nloiuviliT, who wnn* ii^aiii nd- ' 
iriK trt|feihnr, nnd other lord* bad xumuiooed ' 
ihn-"- linigbts from ™cii ahiri' to meet Hi Si. 
AihotiF, lie wrote to tlle nllelifTn (lU II Sept.. ' 
orileriii;t lliat tliif kiiigbls should cum? to 
lii&i lit ^ViIldt•>T iiiileaa oa tbe lliiih. wheiv, 
lir said, lie filiould irvat with bi» nobh-n for 
a i>t<uc(>. Nothing Mniiui to hiiTc bi>rn<^>'i'I<^dj' 
Tap poiincilordon'dhin nht^rilEt to Tiic4te o Hire, 
«nd niipriinl''d »iit»titutca colled wnifdon» of , 
coiintKs. Ilcari* urdeivd his slierilli to cou- i 
liuUff. Un 'J8 Oct.. honever. li-^f;i)liatious j 

Wpn-op<rued at Kiijj^lou.iind un 7 Ikjc. aonie ' 
kind r.f n^-unciUHiion ww nrTiinp?d. On I 
1 Jan. 12ti3 hi> wrotn In ihi- popn foi' a fion- 
SnnatiMi of ilir' abuntmioD granted by bid 
IffCdfCBMor. 'rhc'qui>»tion nbtmtthe nherilla 
wan n-ferred brtbn kioKund the pBriiameiil 
to the l^ins of the lEouidus. who iln'ided in 
favour ofhii btullirr. In .Uid-hent the ab- 
•olation waa rvceited fmm t'rhsn tV, wnt 

rublished in London and laid bi.»foi« tb« ^r>- 
inineDt. Mallert wtm nn the whole going 
welt wilh tbu hJJigt and Marl ^imon irra* 
abaeiit in I-'ranco. Apnnmitlv with the idea 
of winning ovw I^nulii iX lo fci» nide, Henry 
and bin quepii with ibi-ir priva[<^ attendauts 
iTotaed lu KntK.t' in Ju}r< Hfurv wnd tejied 
with a ferer wbii'h enilungervd hix life, and 
<in 30 Sf^it. wroiy to hi* hriilbor frimi Si. 
Qi^rmain>'lh)ti he could only jutt walk a little 
•boot hin room.and had thftntbre been unable 
lo forward the bunincM for which he came 
(flnfc™, i. I'.'I ). lie did uul ri--Tiiru toEog- 

lB]idaitUI0hri*iniaiil312. Hebrnngbtl 
many Ibreisiien with him. 

D<atiaK Hennr'i aWuoe t r«uU«s bad brokei^ 
out OB tbe '\Veliib bontrri lb« Earl arGlo«>^ 
t:««1«r had died, and bii»uccw«ar[Meruuu 
fiti-VEKT DeI bad thrown in bialnt vilfa Emx\\ 
Simon. Henry had Bittde n^ [ironmu Willi | 
Lotiia. and br ilnTrfivx in Janonrj' 1J63 i>- 
newMibiaaiwiit loTbeDxrordprorurioiia. He 
oent urgnnt iRtien to Louiii and hia (juven 
with rvferctiee t>i the eiitabliiibllMnl of peao.- 
»inc>.T«lyansiaua,butwaa informed on ItlFab. 
thai the'oarl had told Louis that, iboii^li ho 
hnlicvod that llw king wiibed w<-Il, ha wai 
imdcr (ba inftutoice of nrnnnelloni who would 
not willingly mo d nxMncilialiuQ, oaid 
iherofore nrhilralionwasfor tbe taveeat i 
liwi [ICou'il Ullrn. ti. iAi). The r«va, 
of the AVeleh Htill continuing, bo antt 
Kdward, lh<<n in Fr^iiee, to coitM and i ' 
tbcm. Whib' ICdward wa« Mnryinf; on I 
lilitiej on thi- \\'cl«h bonier agaitut ■ 
of Ike bnroninl fiiltv who were eride.. 
uetin^ in i-uiu-'eri with l.ttrwclyn. ll>>»ry i 
inaiuedutWeatmiusler; hewaaftlll in we 
htullli, und it was feared that a Itrv wfai« 
broke oiji In the^alkoaanddid mncb mia 
would rwiRrd faia rMovery {Fadrra, p. iS4]j 
In March be rM|nirrd a grn^ral oath of i 
Irgiiicer to Kdwnrd lu hi* wiCC OM Pr 
p. 41'ii). Tbi* brought mAiter* W 
ihe bsrouA demaiidecl that he riiould ai 
to Maud by tbe provisions of Oxford; 
«hnt liimaeu lu (be Tower and itAued. and \ 
ICarf Simon 0P«b1t r«Tv>lt«L On 29 Ji; 
the king of Inn ftonian* was ■ 
mixllatlng n (tuce, wbirli wbj completed i 
16 July: ibe nlit^in were Imninked, aud ill 
kiiig af^et^ thill the bnroiiial jouiciar, Hti 
le iK.-oiienw-r. should hold olGc», pHve up i 
Tow^rlii liiiD.iind n^dirued to \V>«tinijiali 
Anntiempi wanmad«'to»eltlothe>liKpnl«l 
reference (o tliH king of FraiMw, Tbe bara 
iTl'iiBfd to nllow ll.-nry toUiuveihe kingdo 
unli! Lotii* gavi- *ccuriiy for bia 
nrlum. When thU woidune ibe king sail 
on 19 Sepl. : met Earl ^imoii in (h" presen 
of l.tiiiB al Bnulogne On til* i'*.'nd ; and, i 
arrnn>.'emt'ntlH<in|f made, rf^nmndto Hngla 
on 7 (Irt., leaving hi* <|n«en in V'raace. 
\veek Inli-r hf «nd th* lofdi of bis party 1 
n vioii-ni nltiTPntiom wilh Ear! Simon in) 
liaincni. llenrr ilcinnndedibat tb<*appou 
Uii^nC of the ul)it^et!< of the boaai!<hold uioi 
rMtwith himiK'If.audlluil a jiidtciitt in<]iiy 
aluiuld bt^ made as to tbe damng« done 
the baronial puny, lie Mt Went 
and occupied ^VindK■r with tbe oarll 
boTon* who adhered M bim. On 3 IIbc,, i 
company wiili the king of the liuiuoua, I 

Henry III 


Henry HI 

I «»w)>i ■■■ukUnatlcnipt on [toTi-rCulIc.uul 

I baiKg refiui-tl ndmiitanof ni>icli<--(l. <l«-plv 

I AiUM>V«<li lowardA liuoikm. lU iho bupo of 

\ ymimnK llii^ ciiy, bui hia friondii oniong tlu* 

I «tiat!U w^r« nr>i m Mronf; m tbo baroRinl 

' P^rty. ftocl hi> fininil the gMM cIocmI ■^iii>t 

' IiinL Ihi 10 IVc. It wu afrtcd to nubtnit 

I tbn piDTiMoai lo ilii.' Krbicrntlon of LouU, 

MoA in il» lait (lava of li"(i;! Ili'nrr luitvil 

lo WmmdI, nnd idfI llie frMcli ktn^ at 

AiiueB% wlirte on 23 JkB. liNU Loui* auAv 

lii> ■wutL. lif whicli. in wrconluico with rhi> 

paml dMm«, 1m dMUrod tbo proTiuoDii iiiiU 

«nd Tcndi Ui«> rwtlra boM bv vardeni o[>- 

' pomlcd 1^ ibe baroiu wrrv to be di^livimil 

' loUMkhm; b«nnu tobnvolhc appointme'nc 

' of kU nlKcen of ataM, nuftiil onpluy sliniH 

ia tbe work at gortrtu»vM, anA wu to be 

nsKiRd tofull {lOwertiA. t.43:i), Tln-awunl 

waa LiMfiROrJ by I'rban tV.Trhopraniiwd 14 

Mild a )i>g*lo. 

ii«aiT ivIiitbhI to Ktiiilntid on 15 Feb. 

LlM4 with a >tninf| force aiid n ^ood nupplr 

Wnofie^r.Badfuuiid clut Uib bannii Rqetlcd 

ltlte«wuil,ai>dll>al LlifWelya and Earl fumoii 

Iwetv in alliaiicv, and w«K figbiiiig sf;Hiii4t 

EdwsH on t]i0 border. Aboml'iMnrcliIi^tU 

h«Md ■ conierwiwatOxfardvrilh Ibn bamnn 

wbo w«m aMWonblod at Ilrackli.'ri but ttip 

naamiatioinicanictanMKitijr. \\'iiil<ilii-iirft» 

at Oxford b<> diEmim-st the i-on- 

■n]umfp of a ri(<t which baiJ talipn ulacn on 

tUe Itnt Hiundav in [.cut. On M Marrh he 

•lUnoiDiwd lu« lorcM (o nwot tlier« ou tlii- 

30tb, and rnarehfd in nvnou «^dh Norrh- 

I atajfiom, tboa lv)d by i^mnn do Mnnlfnrt th>- 

• jnuaiHti*ltd tnok it on Ti April. Simon nnd 

' ManjrMbmiwi'n.-iiuulu[>riiuncn. ThcniH-Oic 

! war^ifid t'l Lpiovtrr, and on lo N'M liii|thani, 

, wlticb WMiiEliii^rvd uiitobiDi[«m-Bui>oi.i', 

U'illiab], Al^ttiiivkili^ ibel.ond<Menbroki! 


I tia bag'* «idi>, and Muod Ui* myal trvajiiira. 

IlcMryandkiiwitinurrJiBdiKiuih toiluTplii'f 

■«f Itn.'4ia>li.T C'aillr, wbirb nm* bt-ui-m-d br 
Karl l^innn. found Uie aii-'irp niatHr. look 
Todbnil^oti I .May,viBil«d XVinrhvlwa.iuid 
iried lo napcJ xhr I'in^up pit%» to aid bim ; 
tlMBfadin^tpKiTiiiioiu run tliori he marched 
ililD Suaan, and on ibn l-^h took up lii» 
i|URM«at lli«|irvir]rnf Irf-wiv. Thnfcanminl 
•rarvanuafcwiailM dint ant, and tbi- bi>lio|wi 
'■IB and Worrwlt-r. wbo were with 
1 <n,eamB tii thv kinn lo tri-at olioat 
P>!BE>-. and are Mid to bave oIIctmI liAy 
tkinaaiMl marka for the cwlimatioD of tlir 
nroriMuna. In ■■>• batll'? of Lewe* on IJ May ' 
[Mw tndar*kii II tlui kinn founbl in 
•*nm wilb lli- royaT mwfrn, iho dragon, 
dii|iland. Ilia aniir waa nKin' nanprou* 
nftbe baroiu, but the iiopTudvnci' 

I af Edwnnl Mt liiin uxpaaed to tlie ntlaclt of 

I the tariter pari uf tlie viiumy'a forcui. llu 

, diaplayud irrtHt cuiira^t, his char^T was 

I slain iiniiKT biiu. hin anny viu o>uipletcly 

i»iii<«i, nml hi' look *holl«r in the priory. 

in» Kon Wcnmf^ lituiTn^ for him, nnd Tbc 

ni'Xt day nii ngriK^mi'iit, or mue wna niadau 


limy were Id c^liuose L-ounaellani who were 

to be Ku^'li3btiii.-n to direoC the king io all 

matlera, niii! mv that he did iiol live exp«Q- 

eivcly; Kd^'Hrd and hii; coiiaiu Hvary were 

to Ix' hohlfitrca, anii the finxl a)[meincnt lra« 

JO Im miul>* th'^ followina ICnirt«r. 

'I'll*' king now c«nai:d to reign except in 
inninc; be wna virtually the to|)live of Karl 
'^Simuu, whutookeurrto k-ep him ulwnrswitb 
biln.oiid lined biin aimply to give authority to 
liie own acxtt. He vati ltvaE«dwtih ]>«rMnal 
reAiuicI, but Tras ted aboui nl the rarl'ii will, 
and had 10 oeal IcIIt^ whiirh wc.rcRonlrnrylii 
bia intsrviita. (>n 17 May ll'OI lie wn> Iniii-ii 
to Baltic, nnd tlience bv wuy of l^uittTbury 
and Hoeheiiler to Loiiijoii. where bo ttmvi«l 
on L'7 or St^ Mhv. and was ludnid with lh« 
bi»h(>|< Ht St.l'uul's; uii 4 Juue he wai 
enuwil In »'unininu» a jMirlifim'Tii lo iiw«l on 
lh» :J:hi<!, to whirh four kni|ihlii were to be 
M^I]I from each shin:. At Ibui parliament n 
achrmo of ([OTeminent wn« •cltW, hy which 
the kins waa to act in accoRlancu with th'- 
advioe of nine emiun-Uon. An iut^otiwaii 
eipei'ledfKiin Flniiderv. Ilnirv'a queen bad 
fat.lwTedTor thon>)ief of lif^r hu«V>and an army 
whicli bnd been n'infonwd by many of bis ao- 
hfennt* f^im F.iittland, and vra* ready tn 
cmliark at Uomiar. He woa mode to wrilfl 
n-|>Fat(4 letter* lo Ijouii to prnrvent troo]iii 
beiiif; raiacd. Olid ■ummcmed a force to meet 
<in a down near Caultfrbury, whither he waa 
taken bv Siuion in Atigtwt, and remained 
durine depi«mber. Tlie tnva«ioii did nut 
tak«pla«e! thewiitdwajtcontrary,iindSiinrin 
wna careful tohavir the cooii thomutihlv'le* 
fi-ntU'd. On 2 Del. the kins vraa at ^(r»t> 
toiiistf^, and on 18 Nov. at Windaor, wbera 
he wiM nude lo write to the uiieeti, forbid- 
dins her to raise money for bi% eautie bv 
wiling or ]ilwlg;iii(( any of bis l-'rench fiefs 
ay p, 448 f. An aliemjii if the onarrhai* on 
bi'hnlf of Ivdward, aiKl tlieir renawal of tbe 
war with Lli^welpi, mutud Earl Simon to 
dirr'ci iho Vina to mnimon a eonferaiea at 
llxfordotiSONur.: be took llenrr witli bim 
lotitoucriater, and on tU Deo. to WwwMM, 
where crrluiii of the uiarchetH agreed to |t0 
■jiiio exile, While aiWorcettevllwir^Miii 
Ilia wriia for the e«Tl> famona parliament, 
Uliich met in hit nmwnca n( W«miuiMli'r 
irn 30ian. IS8)>, and to which nifiroaantativea 
Wcra mBunoiied from the ahirai, citica, and 

Henr>' HI 


Henry III 

I ffor tbu carl'i goveninuiat , tor luuliir 
.imtSStr, SiMov BB}. Umut at^jtA ai I 
up, ipvinfc b» a^wnc to tlip neirc>>n«lilutian I 
i>[i 11 Murcli. A qiiarn'l liaving iiri*rn br- . 
tweNi iIm' ICtrlt i>ri^ir»trT nod (iloumter, | 

[liewaiiukKiiltTKarlSimnn to?iurtlirtBtpioi>, 
and tliMicp tn Worcnter, (!luuc<itvr, Kiid 
■I lanIard,'wbL-iL> lie wmi during tlivlann-rfwil" 

kof Hay uid Jun« l'^>. Wtilu ni U^fftord i 

I ■ writ irtt iwiifd in hia nsjne to ramnion ait 
army a^iwt bU ton, who had oKaned frnm | 
)iirlSiiiiiii'«cU'tixl_T»I IfRfrford. Whi-Htlw! 
■girl foiiiiil btiniiTif iihui ui Iirliind thr Spvcm 
h« tooh the king to Monmoiitli on -JH Juiur. 
and WW (btvrd lu ivtiiv to llFrvfurd agi^in. 
On 'J Aaf(. liiMiry crMwd tliv Si^ivm with 
the Kvl, anil though Siin^-n «m niixioiis 10 

. |>ran on to Kniiilwonh, .ibtnini^i hi* wiab 
■4 have brenkfuiT befom h<n\jiie tlii' nbUiy 
of ErvKlum mi the ItlL In thi- bnitli* of 
that day be wa« ahoiply wiiuuded on \bv 
•houlder-blMle by hi» hoii'i niMi, who did 
itat know him. Hti<l would hove kilM hiw 
bod he not critii mit, ' I am Hmry of Witi- 
diWl«r,yaurbinK: donotdnTinp.' A lioron 
named Itogt-r of li^pybiimc li uid to hnvii 
»aved him. ICdwoM lipwd bin vmcr. rati 
inwardi him, and hod bim led to a plucv uf ' 
MliKy. )Il> allo-nt-d iht.- mutilated reiuaiua 
i>f Gar) SiinimBnd ihvbudyof hi«ii»nilunry : 
lubtrbtirivdiu thi! abbey ennrcbAl l''vi-iiliniii. 
Ilia Kin'« vicliny rc«Iorei! him lo piiwcr, 
and OB 7 Aug. hn iuuiHl n n~rit nX. Vi'itirritet, 
TovohiiiK nil innntt nadc hy tho lat<- i-nrl 
imdiT bid M'nl kiDCc the linMli' of Li-tm |(A, 
]i. JStfl, On t* }v?pl. hi- hf.-ld a fjvat coiiuciti 
at Wiiichenter. wiicrt" llit> f>>rf*-inirv nf iM 
laiidii of all 111" n'lwl lords w»6 di^crc'-i], TIW 
Londoner* •ubniit.lfi on fi llot, : llriirr im* ' 

iiriconed foim-ofthi'lendrr* i>f ihi-ri-bi"! ]iiirty 
iiraaJion time ni W itidwr. aiid mnde thi- 
t-ity pur ivreuty tUoiisand murlw for |i(ianr. 
NiMnediK'tiiitriil wa<t ft'll Ht hi? rapid diMxRiHl 
of tiieniaieKal fruits of hi« victory; f<trl>'il«(l 
laiuLi w«n' distributed among bin ndhtnvnl^, 
■od largK tiimii w«tv pnid To creditor* in 
I'nnco Oil apcrannt of di'bt* incurred by tlic 
(jiivcn on hi* behalf. At C'linlerliiirv he mt-l 
hi* qtinnn. who tandt-d on I Nov. Wilh hix 
camf tho leRuto Ollobimi. who wan nciil hyf 
Chimt'nt IV lo puuisb ih" !ii*hoj» of tbii 
biiniiiLuI putty, extxnumiini'iiii' iIio«b whd 
slill held out n^ainsl llipltinjr.lrvlp to^'*tllW 
iifder,8n<l pot ihi" iPtilh Ipriiilon t!iecler)r>- 
in tb^ liini;'" band. In ompnny with ihf 
legale lienn-brldnc-ouncil at Nortbampion 
at the <^nd of Hecr'iuber. and ivciptvwl lire 
(uWis-iun of Ibp ^oiinji-'f Simon dc Mont- 
fori [for particular* of the rviluciion of the 

rebeu to >ubmi*ftii>n, »m< undor l^iiw.iKU I ] 

negotuUiona Wetb alki »< an Ibul wilb 
Llewelyn. Althou^ibeTictorrai Evealian 

waa tiut fnlloinnl by any (rxrCilliolu, Ihi 

<nr(»|nnf»ent«iiceal«>n fiscal HID iltoveDaiDf 
of tbe d«if»itt«d party to rwi«»iw*. \ •troaf 
body of tbvm 4iut ilirniteUn' up in Krall- 
worth, did mu^b mixchief to the neighbour- 
ing fiointtry. and >e«it Imek onii of the king** 
inetatngnTB with his band cat oQ'. Aocoml- 
ingly, ou 13 March I26ti, Henry summowd 
hif nilHary ieuaols to iii««t ac Ovford in 
lhn» w«^D ; on it May he was at Norti- 
amploii, probnbly to rompl«t(i hi» iuimM. 
nnd then adran^'ed lo Konilwortb. Duriaf 

the couruT of the negi! be brid B parltanMOl, 

at wLitb on 2i Aug. ibe • ltan«f ki-nil worth' 
was drawu uu r«je under Edwakd I]. Th» 
-i«nn» ad«nd m this artlleneiii w«tw ae- 
ceptod by the (fani*on on 30 Dec. A daa- 
gntiyiiii outbrvaK of rfbidlian in ibn i*!< of 
Gly forced llcnry to hold a oiineil at Burr 
St. Ediuundion^l Feb. IJttT, to summon hit 
fbroe*,aiid(Oinnn^hloCambrtdge. Ileinade 
noliead against tlir robela,and in April hu 
ca11«d away by the news thai tbe Earl of 
(ilnuceater [aM Oubg. Gusrkt db, 124.1 
liBli] had ocrapiad Iioodoii, and was br- 
aicginfi thek^lciutbcTower. HnmarcheJ 
to Windnor, nnd tlience to London, whm 
he waa refused admittance. Alarmed at tha 
height to which matlerH bad Known, be con- 
tented h'lu^df by drlirerinf the l»|rat» tr<im 
tb(i Tower, nnd n-inforring the gHrTi»on,aad 
tbtm feU bach on WeM [lam in F.i»oz, attd 
took up liif quarter* in tint (;i*tewinn abbry 
of Stral ford Langt borne. T<-mi' wi-refinally 
amnged on 18 June, throupb tbe mediation 
of the king of the Romonti, and Ibree day* 
later thf king entered the city. No peiudiiM 
wen' exnrloo, and l[i>tirr remained iImi* 
until 2't Julv. Dnrin); hii iiay the Ula <tf 
lily wn» reduced by Mwiird, and bo 
miued n»flrly nil bin foreign m< 

(WtkES, p. :JOr). Uiffieiilties havuii 

in the ne^itiatioiis with l.lewehTi. he pi*- 
ceeded to Sbrvwebury with the legale, and 
mndn pnjici' with him >it Micbntdmas. 

The country wn* nl 1n>it in n utolo of ordu, 
and on l>'Nov. I26T tli-nrv heldnpaHtamBntt 
at Mnrlboroughjtowhti^b pmhabiy repmtoo-i 
lativei fr(<inlheeDUIitieiwere.>unuiioncd,andl 
in wliich a statute wa.< [■»•«' J enaotiDg maayi 
of the rvfortDS demanded at (he bt-t:inning:of ' 
th« late i.r)ubl««, nnd, aave llint it lefV the 
nppointnidnt of ministers and nberiffs to tha 
kiiift. coneediui; nenily everilbing allied 6W 
in (he ' Mndplr]iunient'< Con/I. Itif[.ii.97}. 
He spent CliriBtmns to comptuiy with the 
legate at ^ViIl<'lm1<7^, the city to which be 
wn* d'-eply atlHched. In the spting of 196B 

The isia <a 
nd bo dH>^ 

h« allowed tho U>ffH<f lo hold B lutiualL 

eoOBCil M Si. Paal'*, M wbieh Uttobonipro- 

mslgstad n nnmbcir of conctilutioDs, and al 

■Mtid— mittcr he beld > ptrlintnanc at Norlb- 

amfiion, nt wliidi Kdwanl anil a crovd of 

nuIili-3 took IliF rro^, iJUobuni lan~EiixlBii<J 

on I A<Lg. Hvnr; WMk^rlikiiMiiit at Witi- 

«bMWr ui NovrmW, in wliicb he oanf«rT«d 

OiT*'n bnnour* ob hi* Km [h-p iidiJit Ei>- 

i>jiMi>ll,*nd JnElulaDdnachroiniiinmirvi'ar 

^r>ilii;ri>'«vDt ChiiiUBaillicrci. I)L-^atili«l 

■ liy Bl«.'iitiM to* »l«tiilg fuibidtlim; 

TuaoquinlMlaiid of tbeir (k'btOfH, 

M > parlikiDenl \tt\d in tjoudoii at Eaxlvr 

V^W lit,) In AiiiiuMki) nsHilea tPhilj with 

lif XcmvaT, c»nt>in'uif; proviiiom. 

..i|i tmdr and ibi: prolpction to hi' 

.accfrdud to ahipwrrcLifl pvrwn* »f cithur 

iflCMiiUT (/'ffdenr. i. i**0). On 13 Oct. br 

belli « gnU. aaKnblr at Watoittutvr, vhicli 

waa aiundcil by all llie preUtM anri mav- 

naiH at hb kin^om, and bv oneD from all 

iIhi nliM and boMaarlu. Ilunng manjr 7*«n> 

hn bftd hrrii mbuilding tfc* abbor chunb oT 

WntDiJiKtvr. It WM at but in a *t«ti! to 

bit oaed tof icnrim, and the goracotu aliTui« 

which be —^ up fur tbp bodTof till-' CDafi!«Mir 

Wine caia^pti-, )ii- caiued lh« «aiu( to b« 

UUMattd and IniJ iviibiu it. Tbec^nnnonj 

WB* pwfonncd with inftgiiifli.'oiMy. 1I(< in-l 

linuli«d to * wear bin crown ' on hiDRii did at 

ilwir Mi««nn l«tivalti in oldrr day^ but 

Oodinji ibal tbiirniraaadi*ti|Ul(- bplnevntbf 

i-itiuna of Lotidoa and of Winchtntec a» to 

tba rigbc irf aiTtiw aa oupbMrera ntv up bis 

dedlSB {Ami. IF MfMi. p. 108 ; LAtr <f« ^it- 

/kftot ZofAu*, p. 117). An<>rth<-ceTfinKHiiM 

WHTf over thn ■Baffiuio* dttcuM^I Uiumqncct 

fur a iwratirih of mnrmblo nnd srasted it. 

A pajliua-iil of numiiair*. whioli met on 

S7 April iLTO.aiMl wki adjouroed until aiW 

■Itowmi T, unn^il tht c'lOectum of thu 

(wi^illrlli, anil wl tb« kink''* miivd at t«40 

■[i«t lo bi-i vow ofmtMulv hj for- 

-'lini to fulfil it. Whili- bi" ira« alill 

'I l:i Mnv hi- nddn-n*rd a 

, ',. aikioff tbi'tn to gtwaf u 

tVUUiKlii, u Uii.- biabopd bad doni.-, for ib>- 

. eniaade, whieb b« doclan^ 1m wa« about lu 

Bmlenabif. ')n 6 Aiif.he took l<«v« of Ed- 

' ward at \ViDrlt!-<i>r. 

In lliK wiot-r bf was TfTy ill ni \V(ut- 
nia«t«r,anil wmli' ir>M<lwiiril on I! fob. 11^ I 
In wy dial bt> iih;*ii>iaiii had no hop<- of liia 
nea*«r)>, and tka't lui tan would do wult tO| 
Mdtrn. Ttr III April hi* liralth had niimd<-il. 
lie H-a* iirii-ird at tbe d^vlb uf lulnanl'M 

Mm Jubn on I \«g. Aftvr (7bri)<imati ■>« 
WW datainni at Wiiicb'^t*<r bv McJcaew, aad 
«M tutablr ti l«aTi> luitil aRar ^inbaBf. 
!■ H«« VJm'J bo wrote to I'hilip 111, ihn u<tw 
£aB^ lanf > nscBtiBg binuclf (roin oaminft 

, to do homa^ for the dnchjr of Aquiuiine, r>n 
tbriiTvxind i>f hrrioiK il!-hna1tli. InAu)(iiM 
h.' wai i-xpcctinfT to croM to Frnncn for ihnt 
jiurpOM, and borrowpd u l«Tfe sum for lii» 
i.-ip«iiM« ftom certain inereliiuitii, li> whom 
be made ortf tbi- &ukb and judicid pTulltdul' 
aix rountie^ for ibvir repayment. A dan- 
il^roiiD riot brfuhin^ out. at Norwich in Uiv 
■iinii' month, h* wi-ni i.hiUior in p'nnn, oixl 
si-vrri'ly |mci»hp<l th« oliimdcr*. tin 4 Nov. 
Iip urdi-'rnl ptvparatiotiJi to bo mndo for hi* 
sMudiny ibr' (-■□suing Cbristmaii ai Win- 
cliMier, but bi> dt«d ou W«dnatdaf lh« 16lli, 
■be day of St. Bdniiind of Oant«rbiu7, ut 

W'tutniinMirrfto .Imn. if'intaii. pA\i; Ann. 
iif It'oivrtlrr. p. 4411 : JotiK or CliKVirnE*, 
p. :M2, and doi^iuri'ly lAirr de Anliq. I^rs. 
p. ) I J ; but, bj a doubU- confusion bntwnra 
liini' and plAOn and b<?tw«en tbt? (no i^ts. 
Ivlmund, RUluutgvr (y. 74) baa at Burr Si. 
KduiiincU). He wa« lu bimiity-Miilli jvarj 
and bud reisned fifty-six jwar* nnil cwiMitirt 
■!a;s. On lae 20tfa faiit coreao, richly drctmU 
and wi-orinit a crown, waa oamr to thi> innv<| 
by bis nobles, and wan burlrd in Wtatmmirti-n 
.\bbfy cbtirch. wliicli br' bad himsvlf builli 
b«iii|; laid in th« lun>b from whicb be luil' 
trau*Iai«d ib« bodv of lb* ConfoMor, before 
llic bijrh nllnr. Edward I ]nvpar«d a mow 
fploiulid lomb for bii father, and had \i'\n 
body plac*<d in it ; tbii tomb MnucU on tlio 
nnrlliiidiroflbi.' altar, and pnrM-uli an <d&g:>-, 
once gilded, ib« work of Willi nm TorDUfirR 
nudcr KlkiNOK op CAfTiLi!]. In iLtC'lhi- 
to the abbeu of l-'»ni(ivrand, lo wftom cIih 
king had nroni'i'd it when h« viiitini lier 
hoiiiw in 1254 (iUanoftiaai, i. ■IIS). Ilia 
qutvn iiirvived hitn 'xre nndcr Klxixor hv 
PnoTESt-e for bii cbildmi]. 

Henry was of middle livijfht, liad ii well- 
knil fVuu»,»uduiudiBnu8UuluratTenKtb; ona 
of hueyelidBdroopedtoaa partly toliidu the 
«y(> ; ihV for«h«ad of hiH im%y ■« much and 
divply linod. lilt bnd a rrGiird mind and 
(tultivBti'd taatm; and wai liberal and Riagni- 
ficptit. The arta and i:lei;aDcc of Somlicm 
Kuro|>e were brought witnin hia nmch by hi* 
iDkrnagp, and hia deliffbt in ihcm bad no 
doubt mucli todowilbhiidi«a«irouaatiaoh- 
I IMnt to his i]unFn*a family. Il«t took int<>r««t 
■, in thoworhof MnMh'iwI'arii.ancl'-nj'tyi'dhia 
, locirty. IlinloVBofart iaexrmplilicdbylho 
order* which be fcnvobr paint iiip- lo br nxc- 
euled al Wcitlmiuster,^ indoor, Wixxiitock, 
and the Tower, iiud in a liigliM dtffteu by 
tlie abb«y oburch of We*tmin«ricr, wliieb hi- 
erected at hi* eole (xmI. The work of pullinic 
down tbnchiin'h of thaConfawoTWaa bvguit 
in 124'). and lh<t n-buiidinK wa« conlinii>°d 
, daring the rctl uf the kinj;'* life. Dtlm nili- 


Her-.ry III p Henry HI 

,— .A.- i:.-,-.:... :. ■-. ■ - •- :■ ..■..■ •.:..-.-- .j- ■.•.':;.'_:■..'.■■'.•.- i;Ei L;:i:, il- h'l'l n" td-n; 

■:■■',• r 1 ■ ■ ■ :. .lT- \\ —■■.:■.. ' - .'- r r i i-.:r.:-Ti": z : '.v. ftS:'-r- '•! *Tatt- hvni' 

-:"',,■ ■ : r. . '■■.■■ A- -■■..;.;..; - :.' rr -.' . '\ ':. i- ;-" -m ,-i-]i polii'j. ani 

- :-. : T '--■:■■.-' .'■/ ■ ' • ■ :'—' 1 _■ - w-r- ■;>zrji>:'i:ly rai'min- 

■ ■■'. i:i; ■--.,:. A -■ fi . ■;^. :; ■ .- .-■ - M -' i \.:- ■:-^^■■:h:- - vz-rc .i| Li- 

■;.~'.. r-. . .'.:■' - i •'.■■:•-.. ' "':,■:,■■_■:■ :;.- ; ■.:■ ■■: "l.^v.-. Ii.iwi'r-?-. 

' :.■.-.■- ■ : • I ■ ■ "- :■ :, ■ - :■ v.- ...■.^_-- w: ! '. -a-.ii iiasiin^ 

.i ;..^.,: . ■ . : - :--..i; :.-.:- :u- . ^-t-:.--; ;:-:•■,-.■■.--:;■;.■; ,-. Ii-b-luii 

I- •-;••-- ,:. - - : i' ■-, : .•.•.''.■.-■ - ' - . ■■ .: i '.- 'r, v.z i:^ ii: J::r !.;IV" tak-n 

I y .:. : i;,^. ■, . '• -■:. :..■•.:■ . '.:.:.- j- :-•'-■.:•■: "I I'i.ii';;-. :inJ vif tb^- 

: I-.: ■- ■ -, ;-- ;■ i' ^\ : . -•■■ r - ■ .7'v---' ;-:■ - ■r. : -:rii_-::!>s «L:oii aci- .ii;- 

N "",-.,!..:., : .■ :. ■; ' ;.•- ii> ■■■ • ■-;'."." : r, s l r.-n ,i.-i[i..-i.;ii, A^ :- 

■ r-.; :■ . . : \ -•■.■■. t "J. i.j - - ■.-' -. :. r- -_■;; '-v i- ;i p--riiv! ■i'iriiij wliii'ii 

I ..:::■■■■ ■. ■ . ■ -'■ " - ■■;.■■;..'■ ' :.-■.--:..■■-;■•': tli^ ni'^nar-liv in Li* 

V • .i : v.. 1 : ■ . ' '. ■ : • ..■-.-■.., I ■■ :.- :".--; ;•. - :. i ■::::- ■ i j.i'K-.-r -rr-iiirtli. y-' 

• :•: H- r . -i *.*- " - "..;—■ ;:. i ' ■■■'.■;.-■■ l- •-.i; -— '..-.! hv iiioli un aM' 

'i ■■.■.■s--,i! ! jj.-—- ■ 1 !..-- ":.■ .. ir ; : "i.-r.-:. - r .■ - ^- I. ■ . : 1 :i'l •::i';;-r Miai tin-y mwliT 

1 Till", 1.". i V :!-';• !:.-'■:.-■'■ 'Tr- i:. '1 .:-■' A- ■- ■ ; ,.:. .; ;. . i jin-.*^,! :iw.iy. 

••■■:•.• I.-— ■'..:■ 'i.:.;-: :.-. i;--::.; .■ .- v--- - 'i'r '-■; ■-•■ .■ --. Hi-', t i. ;■ . wi'i!.- .lialiin: 

•i.-.iii"- ■!-...:.■■ : I, :r;.-i:. 1 ;,--:. •"■'>- i - \; :•-:!;- «.■ . ■ ,. .- ;i--. ■ ■ ; . i>>> :s 'A H. !irv'>[¥ii!J:. 

] -.1- .r.- ;i' : — ; - ': ■ H -.v il. -i in l:.'4r. : • ..'• ■■:. ■■ '. ■ '.■: :.■■<: '■:■.', ■ i '..i~ 'itV. with 

1 rrv.T.. ■;.- r-:.. :i. I:.- :\i. i> ^!i !• !" :n >". ■■'■■- ". -'. ■ ■ ■'.- ' - :••■:. l.-.-i :h.- ^.itth. .mthir'- 

['.. .I'.! . U— -;».■! -■-■. I I;:--. -;■:.■■!■■»■-.■ :.■;- >■■:■ ' ' ': ■----. I'-T t'.:^ .•; .rr. ; v\:-: tl;. 

II l:'.-- }.■:.:: ' ■■ •■- -•■^.-"■■-B.'r);:>'W>r.Jni.-!i:.lS;l. 

!!■■■' -I'l -■■•■ ' ■■ ''' "-' "■'- ■ ■ '■■" '*^" '■'■'•■■•■ i''-ii.'' siMo^! 

il:- ".^--''v'- i'.:-'- :.' :. Ti..- "-.■^,l/'^.'l.■.^,■ '■, ^' " "■. ",.""'" 'i '"i;' ly 'i.^-U}-,. Is7-J. i:n.l 

I.- '..•: - •■ ■;, u ;■.■ J1(.-!.:1it:. whii-.. (.■.■i.t«in-:i 
l; ■ . i .1 ,' ■■■ 'he 1;!:;^. ' 'l' ■■rL' .inlh"- 

I !i-i liii'i I'- ■ I I ■■'■ -- III' l!i'' L!-«" ri-.\:i^i. 

n V.' StT.. arc iiM-fiil. U'l^rr ot 

i.'i.l yi-t liirl II'.; l(;--ii iiiilViii'liil '.r--vii. I- \\,.. ;.,r..--. KL r'-.rul. i'v.(^:^3l.Hi-^S..o...™l• 
H ,i-i -il l:- il-l!:! -irr]ilif.' viM." .N-i-vlln- ,.■ ij,;,-,, ;,„ 1 U ;.., jar ;i- H-nry i- r-mo-raci n 
1-— II-' «:i- iri'iniiii.iV'ly p'xr-uVic-iinr. iiti-l t:'---:;;ii. : ;,'.ii:.-.riiy. fMr.fiiUy s-nTi'n, lioiio-v 
-rjiijiii'i'iri'ii 111.' fiilii-i ■-' iii'.iji'y r'l'kl-'^-ly in .,■■ i ■. i'-p..'^..- ; j- -ho';!'! I.' riMd wirh voli. iii, 
;.mlil'viii.' Iii- ]cii.r- l. !-■•'- iiii'l aiiiljiii'in-. iv. ■r. i r. .." I'r, I,:npr- nuM.' ediii"ii iit' Malt. 
pprjii nil III- |V.r'i;jii r"l:i"iii- uQil lUvi'iurit— . I'lri- r ):■ •'.'.•• f- r.i, f >r Riris in >*Ti'r;il [lacrain- 
I ti.'Hv iin-Kii.'li-!i ill t'->.-lini.'. !i- I' ii '"TM- Wi !i.!. .iv:'V w-rk. na.\ rarrii's it im to 
1,.- -iirn.iiii'l.'] I.v- t'i.ri'i^'11-r-^. !iinl Ii:id i:- '-■"''■■ ilif L'r.nnl.!-: "f all KniiWi. iierhsfu of 

.-Miii-:,iiiv.^i'i,iii''"ii. ■'■I ''"■ '■'■■"""" ;■^,'i■^■ '"''•J'" ■"«"■«■ l^ti* 

Hi- r-lii^i-i, w.,. rLilnr llii.l ..r i, l;<,m^,Ti ""''^' ' '.'l'^ l-v-^j.:!:! aiHn. .,t!ier rnDi'ipal ok.- 

rl,.,i ,.,ii i:i,^ .,,'1 II- .li.l .lot !i...ii..,.,. '■■"■■■^~ -'l: ,"\ '■•'* T'-f- ""■! ";II=^ ■^>"r.l in- 

. . I 1 , ,- ■ . ^.li'iii- wh: 'I' lit' inii-i hiive heinl from Hoiirvi 

I, mjiir.' Ill-' na' iinh. ihiin-li l.y i:iiMl.'mnL; ^,.„ .■ „, ,, ,. ^„„^,_„ 5r„„„„j^.i_ ,,,,, i_V__ 

l,:-li..|.ri.',,iti.l...l..'i-l,.-iielii'.-..,iit.,ri.-iiriiiid- ,,,,„ ,4,.,, iv i-r. L.m.d (Itf.llsS.r.) theAnn. 

^.'iilur.T'. i-iiDRint 111 111.' liiiieiiuji.- 1.1 IliK „fT.«k.'»!!iirV,.-iiiiinBl::B3,;ii'€.^lii.'|iviTilunl.l* 

ijiiijil.'.iiTKl Niilil I'll"' tliL-ir >|iiritiiiil irinil.'-. ,> IJ.W; like ii..".t.>f the momstifplimnii-lerj. 

riiuii-ii'. Ill- H-:,. iiitirni '.I' |iiii'pn-.', rli- wTiler Likes thr ( nj.ulur sidi- ; the Ann. of 

tinil tin il''jii-ii.|i-in I' i-iiiM lip-pliip'il iMniii liim. Hiiitiiii. cii'liii^"!>iii onrortwo pcrKonal 

TIk' iiiii'iii ><r ]H'T':iiiji-i'y iiini wcaiiiii'-'' in ilctiiiN.r.L'. lid ji>">>i.ilI ii1'}Ii-iiry'B)iilgriiniig> Id 

l.i- I'ljiinii'l'-r n'li'l.'ri'l him irriliilili-. Wln'ii I'-iiiliLtiy .md ri-ii rr. I'jiri> in Hot, iind many 

iT.i-iil i.r ill ijilli. iilli"- li-hiid no -•'ll-niin- filuabk- .l...-imj<iH- ; Ann. of Wioohtftcr. espe- 

ni:iii<l|.)ii-li ill ■.rdjiiiirv ^'i^l■(lln^Illil^'.■< li'' liiilly imiiRr:^!"! I'nmi I'.'GT.aml iisfd in the Ann. 

VMi- i»,l ,l..v:.i.i.i|wi'iii-i-Miirl.-v<.l'iiiHuii.'i'. "f ^V«r.H.y. from 121!! to VHiC, nre ■ 

IIi-ii..l.l."^.li.liioir..,'in.rr..-|i.'rt'liim. hiitli- |'|--'-li'""l aatL.ntv of iIil' most ir.ii*twortliy 

r,il H-rvi.'.. „.'V.;-^:.„ iii- urutii.i.!.' : lif «a- ^'"^^ ''"' .'*""■ "* I'•"^'«''l'^ '"/^ " ''■»■ Vf 

1 1 .- 1 ■ II ....I...; .„ .... 'Oiiiii ilt'liiil- »'..rlli noticp ; T. « vkes. oiinon of 

i,i,..l.,lil...,Ual.,i.i:.^li..-l,i-t ,.nd« M'-t iim- „_,,^^. ^^^^..,^^. ,^_., ,,^_, ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^ ^.^ 

i-i'lli,!-.-, iiNd vvn. ulwuy. r-'ndv to'Vi- r„r tli,. fl,-i j.irt ,if liis w.,rl<.Vi.d,iallvl««m,-> 

^liiudiT- :i(;:il»sMli.-ni. I'liysic,,} y l.rovL-. I.i' i,„i<',„.|„li.M. nn.l wholly dpstrta tile nnnid> 

H lis n.iinilly <> .'.jwiird. .'u.-ily lrif,'lifiiv'l. mid ,,„ri„g ,|,e ,„.„,-! of the quarr.'! irith thplMirt.ii.. 

i|ili<'l, 1.1 l.ijin on iilinT.-^ Ii.r i-ujiporl. Sliilly tiikiii!.'.nnrti- llipannaliBt.the Mdp.if thei-t«wn, 

iiiiilliil-.',ln.ini.-t'<iiili<i|i|ii'-^iliiiilwillu'Vii-;ii.ii ,\s he is tniMTurtliy. hit. |i<ililii'al standpoint 

luka* In* «*rK (wuliiri)! iiilorwiiut; bs doivi 
not (nn Uw IdiV' Borr.' L-" — Itr-nrylll. 
ai.6iuiiMf (BoD* Sar.J. : : :: n.w\\ 

BotUib* found *l«*wlMri.-. -j . _'!>»t1uirn 
in <]aaroa7: Sjaar'i fvdm, ml. i,. Record 
OAm ad. RuBkHgtr'i ChroaicI* (Itoll> .Sfr.) 
«a4itina« M»tL P)vr». uid impmn frDin IV29 
Is lutt* tnmiwril •itaniirajv frnn tlw AddhIb of 

H. Tiim (Ks^l. Uiai. t>o«.); l<bhBiig«r'> Cbro- 
OMOia lb Bdli*, a HMtotj nf th» Bkrocn' Wnr 
(ChBd. Soc), bjR e«MMn|Mn>r7 ; (.kiiit. of Orr- 
TMBOjOnt. foondad <M tlw Dortc Ann., (ptdnUf 
w«lUfR»>.O<mucn(Ri>ll«.«flr.) On 
Ibia (enod h>« hIm I\>liiu:al ^nip: o<l. Wiiiclit 
(Ctnd. Soc). HDd LiUrd* AuliqaiM I.(«il'i», oij 
all Uut k tonsMtfil viUi LoaduD (Cnmd. !<oe.) 
Jobn oC Oxmidn (ItolU Ser.) ; Cotton tB»U> 
8*r.) tmia IMS ; Tuftcr * Chron. or Com. '>f 
FlnrMUwnr WDr(w4ar(Kn|il.Hisl.S)c.): Chrun. 
of JfvlfiM* and Oliroo of LBUcrcmt, both cd. 
atn«tiwa(R&>iiuit7iwCliib); WkltprorllomiDi;- 
iMqjfa (Ki^. Hi«I. Sac); I>r«*T l^a0i>l\ (ttolU 
f^r.) : Batwt uf QbnmMBr, «d. Uouiie. For 
Fnmdi noCiot* hw Barnaid of Limogts nml 
Cliraai. of Tnus. BmmU da niitoricn* xviii. 

2sa,»t*.uidMM«i»,scKUad«rH<>4.; i>i>t[d«u'> 

Htmutkion, m* T»lni aodar Umiij III ; VV&I- 

eJoV AnMd. cf P.uDtin-5, i, 3-14; Slimla;'* 
BMoriaU of WeilminMar, tih adiE. iie. 117- 
Ut.J W. H. 

BENBY IV (1S0T-UI3). Iuhr of Kng- 
Ui'i -iiniviii); Mill lit JmIiii of Gaiiiil 

Tq, >on nf H>ln'*nll[|, hv bis flnt 

wilV, liiiiiii lir.ilnagbliriinJ hcin' Ilenrv. 
dulwif IjincuMpr'n.v. ],wru>botnon.t April 
I3H7. tbp d«y of ite ticIott won at Nnjin 
IrtT hi* father asd lii» uiicIl- Kdwnrd tlw 

'Bbek r- ' '-1 v.j <AW*« ow/ Qttrn*t, 

■>Khi*r. \ uiNralheKsciwllcof Bolinj^ 

bmko,ci^. ;-, . .... l.tncoln»bir«<r*i«eii»rE, 
Dr UlaAlhtitu Urnrifi; p. (Wi. Ho wan 
Tnrp KiiiiPiinKa callixl IlcmrY of Boline- 
(WluatK!^ niitr In djiiAIfru' cVi- la 
', (1. I ;!4 1. Cofitcmpunnr't miirr aticn 
Ilim Hxriri of LaouMlvr, \V)it^n aa\y 
yMn i>ld Iw n*s on 'J3 A|>ril ISr? , mad-i- 
ctuifhi (if ill-' niri'T by li>h ^rati<lfMliirr 
Eilwanl m. ihuii llim- niinlhn nft>-r- 
WKida be U>rK tlin print' <7<il hword al tlw- 
offiMnli'in of Iticbaril It < Fa'drra, rii. KM). 
urinnal rdiuoa). lii i:l77 Iil- wok alrcadr 
rtjrW Eari i>f IlKrii*. 

H«>ry'amn(b^>n<^)iiil.S09. In IK'^-bix 
bdHir BiafriMl d<D>taitw of t^itiiil», and 
fBlUal I.I'ri^tf kin*,i <-f ('niilila and I.eon, 
W! Iiinr 1378, Jobn wi-ni Wyond 

•« '. . , ir^ lUiirr ' nrd'-n of ilif rM[B- 

Iltaol IliP paialiHifi-i'iiiilYof I«i»Wrtcr'(£p- 
jmlf-Xrrprr't fiirlyr-iaul Rrport, f. S-iOI. 
AWmI I3M) lli-tiry inHrri'il Mar)' Bohun.tlie 
fMln||«r of ihe two (nli>-ip'->-i« of Ibo IlWv- 
lord (ttrldom, wIiomi rldor ■i>iur was aInadT I 
lie wtfe of hia uiwlf Tboinaa of Woodatoeli 

Iq. v.], aftfln-ard* Uuho of (ilAuw«lor. Boih 
w^re men- cUldran. In 1^1 llniry irat with 
Kiiiifliicliu'din ihfi TowiT when thmii-nnd 
bvt.lni fiillowmuf Wnt TyliT(KsiuHiosin 
'I'w^nnr.S, Drcnn .■wn/i/nriM. e. L'(i*l I. Ill 
lS8i ilia vtife van etill iiiidi-r tlif (sio- :if hr-r 
■uoliiiT. Ibo CountdM of Hcrvfcird ( F-rtt-ra, 
vii. 34'-i). Yi'i on 4 Nov. I;'.h;1 \„- wm bb(,i. 
ciat«'d u-iib hiK fiilhcr, nlr*''Hd_v liriitniiint iii 
Picardy.i'ii d coinmisiion torrent with Man- 
dnra and I'Voiict- nt lA-uiinaben (lA. vii. 4la 
4IS1. Whvn he vrsa leas tlma Iwrntj- Froi*- 
aurt pniiwd hin kiij^litlv skill, mid in IStt'i 
V' dinlingiii'lii'ii liimielf iiMnmr |;iViit jOUHt* 
at London. 

Ill July V.ISO John nf Onunt, when sitiliDgr 
in quest of lii« llirone, wna on-ompnniod by 
Hi-nry ro Plyinotich (K-flomos, r, JISTlsi, ^ \ 
Mi'Utj vn- Sfiaiii »*nrd«i of Iht- Ijnni-aatfr ' ■ 

fnlntinuli', jind mitnrttied flinn-.Ts lii-twiiipn 
Sept. XSr'ti nnd DvmiuWr l.tMM {IMftiiir- 
Keeper tTliirtytteeiadStpor'r,X^f.\.y\i.'XAt' 
301 : Froikurt, xi. 326, «d. Kirmiu. H.> 
prohmbK'cuiitiiiiird in officii unlilliu ^Ihfir'a 
reiiirn m XovpiiiWr 138t». 

Tli« aTTugjc'u Ix^tvTCvn Uiohnrd [I und ttiit 
bomnial oppuiliou bejcau iH llii- iiiirUani<.-nt of 
ttcloticr lSf*tt,wtien H^'Hry wsKimtiif njfwt'j 
nwcivc a >unimi>na. Y« wlwii, jfiiT K»*ter 
i^l. Kicbard withdmw to ^'alti^ lo laki' 
oouu>i-l with IlobiTTt da Vmu, duk« of Itw- 
Innii [q. v.l, Derby wna one of tlic pirffmi* 
nl)noKir>u!> i.) tlip Jtinff and hi* foTourit*'* 
(WAr^lXCiu*H, HUt. Anylie. li. 1(U i. IK-rby 
now dcfiiiitHv joini-d hi; uiich- Ulvui-wtsr, 
[•{, v.j.andTbomaM EtnniiHi amp, varl of War- 
wick i|. T.'( Thomna .Mowbray "o, v.], earl of 
Ni>l.lin3bani and r*rl-mnr»hnl, inllnwi-d hia 
cMiicipU, (hi li; llfi', laKT ihc- fitvr aict ot 
Huntingdon. Thi< lii'aitation of tlu- twoni-w 
ronrnlrmtHi alone |it»?vi'tited ibi- udoptiiiu of 
Arundpr* ptnn toruni iire and di-piiM.' tlii- kinff 
ikot.farL iii.3r«; ,Wa«/'AVj'^hi, p. !:«■). 
llerliy wna Knit in t.h* Held in Tho )io*<lililief- 
(bnl riuui'd. i*n liOUrp, fip blocked ihf way 
of the Ihiki' of In-Unil. wiin wn» advancing 
wiiba wild hordi-of \\V|phaiHlClinihin>aien. 
br ix<-iip» iii(; Ididrul Ilrid)(r m ILvfordsliiri?. 
"Ilip duke i<ii.k Highi (Kirioiiivx, c. aru;i-l>, 
Hrnry nnd Warvrick l«d tbeiai) of tin- Loet 
of th« fk\e Ionia whirh mnrchnl tliroiigli Ox- 
ford 1 AliAX Of I'oK. p. r>>. Toachfd iMidon 
ou id V*rv.. and ramjicd in ih<' firld* nt IHark- 
Fiiircll. The titiiriiB fj'idiy -iiimiid tliMr 
gatijs ftn"-! Ili-nry was ever uftirTwardii tJi^r 
hi'^l, Ricliard wan furMd to give atidi«mce 
in thi- Towi>r to tbe fiv« lotda, and (ucoii- 
i-i-da tlmir dt'niai»(U afltiHt tlii> favouvilm. 
Hniry(«nldncit rvMMihfunwonliyiriuiBpli I 
of ahon-iitg tbe kingthe va»t ibroi^ bMiatth 

Hcnr>- IV 

tluiTnwcr wbIU. IIo («*• le»diiig Jim^ib \ ot Unay* tf 

Ob r^Tl^ b» fclU-wB* OlotKMUr w 
twinring; ih^ diMR* of tr«»«i •»!«« th» 
tM„rit« ( IU>t. Ptirl. iii. 228^ not «ln«i» 
MnUUt ihe •pprlUnW bo •bowed iom' inod»- 

(W*i>ix««*M. ii- I"'*)- „. ti ib (■ » 

IVrliV viat pnwmt in llie Hilarrtiw par- | Bcrtm, Ki7. rvFrintni m BtiUtfr ix. (U««L 
liami-nt 'rf l-"*™ (""'■ ''l"^- '"■ -**>- '^ ii-of HiB«ri«,Srr«)rf»r»«ftnwii«Prt.«»n«f»»i, 
« M«y 13(W Kicliard tlirww od" like IuH-Uhv L«ipii]t. lS61-74>, Dvrb* (wlt-«l Duttif 
of the BuprtUnU; hm on 13 Sepl. IWfcy onlOaailK-'nii^brrs'vti 1' "•>rdnu>- 

nnd ihe ciirl-iBttr*li«l wt-w tlrmly rrrtorcd lunelull, Fng*'1)iard IJn : ifno kit 

loUieWHinciKNM'oW".*'^-'''"!)''^*'"*^'''- ""i"! in tlliaiicv with ^ imi-, rh« nxUcdl 
11). L«ncaBl<-r, now b»ek in England, doubt- rlaimaDt lo Ui« dacbj, «»<! in i^i-cpotBtiM 
Idm ui^ihI mo^M«<« oiwuatw upon kia •«■■ wiih tli#iiw(t«r of ike knghMurilw Swonl 
Foribrm-xt bw.VMraD«farb(>U«I>oof (Vomiaf LiTonk. Tbr cniMder* niii«<l * mn- 
political intri^ruo* Ho (.'"('■Mllr won iMck pUre ricioiT on 2ft Aug., ud th» rniMJui 

itiaenrr of 'I- »'i- i iwyifni IT ijPj» 
««M ThMmmrS iSam. Bm. Om. 4» D^im 
fm riuH «M* mmu fmrt— Pmt. ib R«mmi 
oT tW D11CI17 of [-aBcwtrr, No. xmiL. Inc 
bandK Xo. «, K. O.; «o tirrKty.KMfn'* 
TVrtirtk Rfj^rt.^SH: %*id*itmmmr* hj Iw. 
I'aali Id pp.-IO«-t:or'b« JtfMMMnwAte rfrr 

kichnJJ's fBixiar. »nil WHiflii f«ni>- in ionm«- 
tntlitiBDil ctuwiIm. H" nlti-nJeJ ibe gnni 
MWKlant Sniiit-InirlrT*", b-^lwtn C«lniii.«i"i 
friwlOfnw, in Mareh und April l:a»(>. H..- 
l''T«ncfi •jrtwod lb«l be wm (W be*t of Ibo 
fRBiilifb kniirbt^^ ■wl bi« libpralltT in<T<-«'ed 

iiutntuB* Bckiowbdm tbe mod wmict «f 
' <t(ThMCMm><<n 1nn~\:ut<il "a»d kvarclwn 
IJ01I1XXTO5I' ■ ■ii.^.llfr.PrnMa.ui. 

li*^1: cf, Voir.T.'^^^inir^/'mianu.v.Stlt 
WiiAixfiiiA)!. ii, 1tC->i. i^Tvt (betiMt Bac- 

Uii'lH'P''l"'*'V ' /jTi' AffairU d« Harf^lial liOi Mxoiuit of thn wbol* j>it)ni«7^. Thiy 

d^ Awir^if/r in MlciiirD rl l'iit';<>VI,iT, Ixnatynl Viln«. tbe l.iih-HniaB CBpital, ia 

OtiUvl. 'Ir .Vtmoirft, ii. ^1 ; llclifii"^' -if Strpt«inbi-r. Tbc Engliili wcbi'ra win irrwat 

fl«ittt-TirHvi.\.li'i'';l>or.iHMitn LfJ-'it"^ S^o*T: bol aickncM o*iued the «i>'C»' to W 

Saint- In^bifft, Pormr ('antmtfTain. Van*. ahBiidoood. On 30 Oct. Ilnrli k al 

18ftt: (;ArMniy"'>/<- /trrw in Kmyn'arioitB- K<'>«iic«b^, wli«n: bp rrtnait ' \'A». 

Ultr, «ir. 'IU>-M). lie leturned 10 Kofrlonil 1%1,E(«iiineupa^tval fvMt tf.'.>. n 1 hnig- 

9U\y ill May- "^^ ond Twelfth Night 'iaUirl'tn:li-!i way.' 

Itevolton'td lli» Hitirrli bad alwarii txwn llr rrturn«d to Paniift. ivnaic 'I tlii-ra I'lU 

limditarj in thp l^aiii-actrian boiiiv, and after EaitPft^QlS. nwiringpRMiiu from t])« 

|[pr^.... .....r-.rwt In loin thccTunde of Boiir- ncwhorlnnniliT. KonnKlvrmWiIlr-nnid.and 

born :1-,«iullbnOeB0W«toBvb*rT, irmtiii^ niih Poland for lb* dxlivury of two 

tki'.-i' lajtt nBOOMnl Im alloweil bn njoivi' En|^i4i knishls. Tbe H-Tvnt v of lW 

hro(lierJofanli"aiiror1t'.j[o«]on#. TlwMaH". , wint«rpreveatnlanolhfT'n<j«.' Hcnij br^ 
nuni nf >b" Sninl-Itenja cltfontH^T lliat ' ralBP involitd in nrrimoniona dii]>iitn witb 

\'>i»hy wintnllf Wi!Bt ob UiUcniHidc y(.'he— tbeTnuionickui^Ul* t.lnn. T^omn. p. IOS,iB 

ir^uw, LAW) bio mideil moM lal«r wriicn. firrifit. Tin: rWiM,>.and bin nnctr ()loiicesl« 

ilVit wbol«i)iM«lioaiitdli«nlMdbTJ.DE1.>- ira* piwvnninl from joinini; liim )nr IibiI 

*1LU1 LB Itoru, /d /^VoiMV en OnVnf. Ju- wwiIiit. IIv n<d«aiiB|r raptivra ami piom 

fJSUion* du Mni^JMl 4* tlimdanitt, i. 1 7 tt h [, iilTirrinKabo o^BiuHl (rota Honifiioe IX nlwilu* 

in BWiotAtyuf •!* tdreir Frait^it ifAlMnf. t ion from hia cnuBdiap vow, aad at t L >.- end "€ 

faapir<ilo41. Piirit, IR^.) Il^nnr'aown trva- Mnrrli be uilnl (or Entail, landing at IIdU 

•iirer, iliclinnl KTiic.-«l<in, *|H«ki ia bin ac- li-for* :» AfOfil (CaNXJlTB, Dr III Hmr. p, 

i>i.rik"'iiaKiiimurdinal<imr<nni<pHni« 1K>V ObSXov, be W«* Hi Loiulan aiU-nding 

nrtv' i It'f»lihK**f>r''fTlarttrl>i llrj.^1, ptiHlainc^il , and acting M a trior of p«titiOH 


Bartiar.. . , . , 

n. .V.l, huUM at thn, bowoTfr, lit-nrr 
r|nta«iDin«l to join the TMtonin kniirln* 
r41 an oipidilion into I.llbnania, wliiirli aiill 
rountxl aJ a rr<i»ad<-, alllioiifth tbn I.illiiia- 
niaai ba<l jiut hrconi' Cbriatian. Jnbn of 
«)>nni gavn faint !t.Kini. for hia expiiMea. 
Hhip* fiom Itaiuig w<m^ liired to tramporl 
Mm and Ui* Ifajvo bnadr*^ fulkiwi-n<. On 
SO J11I7 1300 the Hwlition mi nail fr>m 
Bo«tnii. and tlirn" wnoln 1at4>r laadnl al Ito- 

( f^f^t. Part. iii. *M». 

Tn -lull- I^R^ Henry a^ia WBbarfcod U 
Lynn fnraMTnad cniMdc m PtubiSi. Land* 
ingot 1.1-lu in PomeMiu«,li«on1ur«dDBiiij| 
nn IOAu|{. ){■« foUowervkilM a '^nrnnfl 
(J.vos i*o>iLUE in SrnW. Krr. Prut 
and wvre fto diwrdmy thai the 
knigbtf wKn');lnd topic rid of him. llii Uuin 
wi>nt t» Konif^licrff.bnt cBrly in ScDtrmlwr 
, wax bKk in Dnnxig, having pvrn up hi* plan 
■mhtiBiafiinbcrromemaia. Theaccoanlt ^ of a neWrFja'altogaiher. Ilewnt n)o<t of 

Henry IV 


Henry IV 

U)» roUowcta bocne, and oti 23 SW- Mancd 
for ■ pilgnBMgQ to tlie Uoly Svpulduu. 
Biehara Kj^NgMtoa'adxproanroUagviii jav- 
Mma his ttiDcnf7. He atiiyiKl »t Pnfpap 
fruin I .t lo 2!(0c«. 1393, puwd lliTMiUja wii h 
Kinc W>riM«l at his ra«ll« of IMl]»m : spatil 
tbu nrxt four ilav* of N'ovmbiir >t Viiuui, 
moGtiag Aicbdukc AlWi-chi lit »ad Si|tu- 
mUQil of Uuninrv ; ^nd. crauiiif; thi- iivm' 
aMtrine, naclwa Venicv on 'Ji* Nov., axxl «•• 
8pl«nJiJljr enterUiiKd al iho (<xp«w« of tie 
siAtf, which pww . oicd liioi wtlh • fully 
vtiuippix] ipilW (KiAXT, Arriirrr df lOnait 
Laliii, 1 1, ii. 238-10; Cat. Ufa tr Di/yrf, Vrwt. 
i. Nos. IV7-A). Ue ipent CfarltiUDi* day u 
Zara, and aluu l*nd«d at Khodca, wbenc« be 
Mu]«d to Jaffa. llienceliciiiailoaCyivgviail 
to Jeaamiem, ob« dwiki-y onyuig his ]>n>- 
riNon^ and ivturoed by Cypriw (Srvnsr, 
Itttvm om Mfdmt^ anJ Modrrn tliitory, 
p, IIW; Rill": P.ii^nfrma the KurtMrm lie- 
giilm.y. 1 ' ii'Jt Vffoioo towardi" Ihip 

i-aJ «f Mur. .. )n.Tt.' tlw- council voted 

our li'i'i ! I ill'Mt^ 'that he nlif^t n'turu 

biunv I ir.L' ,.r..l iniib u».' After • ro'ioth's 
Mav at liih '•!■! qtiarteri at .San <>ior^'io, he 
travetlKl hr Milan (1.1 May) niid I'avinand 
the Miuit Ccniii to I'ahi, whem he uTtTtd 
«n SS Jun<t (cf. Ll-ck. (Itnmi^tif rf» Qitairt 
JVjnwr* y<ilou, p. 93G. Soe. de riliil. dv 
Fnooe). lie rMchnI London OB o July, 
hftTingj indiwirioiuly vi^i«d cburvbrn and 
oUura^bte t hronghnut lus}uiini«y ( Kr xow- 
Tws*" iwicounln in /anouffr Rtvordt, dass 
\vvtii.6nit IiuwUp Nil. 7;*uiBainriMNl liy Dr. 

I'tlU in Naeiih-rhtrH tWh *r lcimi^Ii<hm 
tl*telUrlt^ft 'Ur Wifentdu^trn tuO'ottityfti, 
N". >>. I'P ;K1»-I0. L-itOiand No. IHG - 
^.Cl^eRATB,/Jc///•wtri:hu //'^ 
T. 101). FroiaMrt'fmiamiM-utthat 

li ' iiiroandSl.OatberiDo'*(XTL]07, 

• : . ) i* wrang. 

I'liT itiu Duxt fpw yoan Hnnry mtDaiMd 
^wctly at liomp, takinfc on noiivi: bul nut a 
ranr eoawicuouii nart Lu Dcilitiaa,andnaii^ 
rally irorxiR; with liis fatlHrr oii Uie ndu of 
the long- In I -tm fat h-t and son atunvUed 
mill Anindi:!, v.h-mi iliiiy MCUiHd of liilw- 
warmniviii in pullinj; down ihn Chnihiro M- 
volt, Ikun' wa» onwnt i» ibi- IJilorylido 
parliojBi-nl of 13^1. llii nli'Duititbor, t^- 
MuiM, and bis wife. Mai; Buhan, diL-d and 
ina« Miriwd with i^nat pomp at ihu end of 
JiMi'at I^R«tb>r(K)cioaTOX,c.^'tl ; W.iu. 
il 2M t- In l.tWi Iinrbj- acted an one of tlie 
Bih) whicli ruled Kii|;laail wliilr lUeluud II 
in In' land (fMf. P. C. i.T>7). He tried 
pi'irTHHis at ili« Wustninsirr parliament 
winch nut in Janiui^ and l-Vbruaiy (^Mot. 
J'tri. iii. '•&>). Till- coocluaioii ofa vnrate 
Owuy of alliance by hi« fatl»«r iind liim- 

aelf with the Unke of Brittuiy, wilboaC re- 
UMialMH of koiK^t* >o Uichard, on 2& Nov., 
is aowetimw m^arM m an atteatpt toeate- 
bltah a aepftnw uitenat froaa that ef the Ud(( 
( WiLLUM»,Pi«faee,pP- uz-xz,of Owwa aiK 
A> A rnr£n)i, EagL lliM. See.) But Uw 
irRaij; WB* niunly cdaioiraed whh a ftmeetad 
mamaffc of Derby'* ddMt aon, Heaiy (ut<»> 
ward* IleniT V ). iuMut, eldeatdaaglitfrof 
John IV, dull- of Ilntiaiiy <l»BISUr, llUt. 
<leAree«Mi,Pre<ifoi,iLr9M). InOotofaw 
iitf at Richard 11 and ChaHee \1 of trance, 
ntvfiotia to the Ka^iih Idnir'a maniisn with 
leabell^Cliariiea'adaurttrr.and inFefanury 
ISK Rjohaid ptopoeed a niarria(,-« between 
Ifctty a«d a lady of the linceige of the king 
oT Fnaoe (iMm, eil SAO). 

Early in 1306 Ilniry waa aoxkiiu to join 
ibe'-spoditioDof William of ]IavBria,caunt of 
Ootterrani, ddct wn of Count Albert of 
llaiBBiiIt and llolluid, BHunrt FtieaUwl, but 
waa forbiddon to tp by liu fiithee (PBotBUBT, 
x-r. '3M-4ti,vi. Kervyn). The ator^ that he 
then went to Hungary and fought with Kii^ 
SieiBUund again*! the Turku at Nkopolu 
(^MSept.) rest* aobily npnn the *iatement of 
the Italian chronicler .Minrrbctti (T*KTnn. 
Rer. Ital. Script, ii. c. 'Mi), ibat aaon of 
Laneaeler (iKMub^ John Itceufurtl waepro- 
aentattke Mltk(aee Dhlitille leRoixx, 
i. Xlff). 

Id the January parliament of 1307 IWby 
wat a tri>T of p«(itiiici« {lit/t. Pari. iiL 337), 
and witDcuMtd a grant to bi* brotht^r, John 
n<>«u£art, now Karl of Ifotnnnwt (.lA.iii. SIS), 
licory hod ionceeoard (o liavo any dealiajpt 
with Oloncnater and hia frienda, and waa 
friendly to Riehanl thtoughout thu great 
■trUMM tlM the king had madn to win 
alisolnte power and reTcngo hiinaelf «■ bla 
old enenuee. 1111 Pnqich authotilies inaii>- 
lain (Tpry improbably) th«t ho waa prMMt 
at the confrrRnce of oon*pijalor» which seli 
acco(din)[ to thorn, at .Arundel, iu J iily { CHro- 
mifue rfe la Trainin. p. 5; Iteliginu de Saint- 
liatftf, ii. 17S). When Olouoortee. Arundel, 
and Warwick were arreated, Ileiiiy took n 
decided |iart agaimt hi* old Meodatea ; but 
bi* avoided the violence of Tfottiaghata.uarl- 
martbal. llewMnolamrtytothomarahal't 
DOW appeal, and had no iWe in the Hatting rid 
of Uk>ocu«ter. But beJMiMidhii Caihcrand . 
the Duke of York after 3h Aug. in ^iitberiiie 
troo|H to protcict the king (JWem, viii. U). 
Wbi-s thu nvw parliaBBunt met on 17 Sept. 
J\tr^ iiL S48). lie attacked Anudel, now 
liii pmonal enemy, who hotly gave bint ibe 
lia<Veiae/£'»»*o«.p.i:i7; On 
the rehcarnal of thu cvrnman* that l>eTl^ aii3> 

Henr>' IV 


Ilcnry IV 


Nottin^tbiun Iwd been * mnocent of malice' 
iQ ilieir former nppeal. ib# kinfc roucliod 
fotlhoir luj-iilij- («nf. Pari, iii, ;iW(). On 
30S«pl. lli!ory'w8>>ni»'!'-nulti><if Uwwford. 
tl)e kmu; hinui^lf ^nliiig him witli hiaiiwora 
and nuitjnif on bm br-ncl (he o«p of hotiour 
{&. M. 35fi). 

Tbu triuinuli of Kiulianl yrtM »a compliW 
that Noltinipiatn, imw Duke of Nurfolb, ha- 
oune nneMjr. H<' c-ontiiled to lU-rvford hi* 
Pparstlidt, Uifliard's Vfng«once wriiiliijull i-x- 
lund lo t'bi'in, nnd, lu-ronlins to ilr'Ti^riinl (I'A. 
iii. 360), dcclorci) tlint. tli(> king wim noi to bo 
tfuatcd oral if hi! ' liit^ sworn on Ciad'a bocSjr.' 
lIcToCbni rvported tliin to liia fnthor; And 
•fttfrwwxU, Hi lliL> kiu(;V cominund, drew up 
• euiemenl (lA. ill. 360). iJn iVi Jan. \W» 
Hereford TfrpoaCei) t]iei:liargvbi>for« ibn (uir- 
liammit roMwniblcd tl Shr«wi> bury, nnd n[f- 
|<eftle<l Norfolk of trmion. Itirlinrd rcfi'rTud 
llio wholo buMiK'M lo Ihn rommillw of jiur- 
liammt, nnd n^inin pnrdonnd Heicford (I'A. 
iiL 887). Uu 4 Fob. n ptrompforj- HUinmoiiii 
was ihumI to Ftorfulk to ajipear bvfor* t-)i^ 
llipff wilbin fiftn-u dajii (Fa'iUra, viii. SH). 

On S3 Fob. Hereford uid Norfolk Ixiib 
came befor* Kieliard at 0»we«TT, nnd Nor- 
folk denounced Il^^vford nan liitr and traitor. 
Betll wnm put under nrrwt , thoURb llc-n-lord 
wn* ri^lcjMi^ undrriun>ii»nflrra timi^.aud 
tile ninilcf w«S finnllv ntrirnvd lo a t-ourt of 
chivnlry at Windsor {hot. F«rL iii. .183), 
wkioli ordered (29 April) ibai tli-? di«piit" 
•lioilld l>i> decided br coinhal on 1(1 Hejil. nt 
Coventry. ]t>-foro ibiH court Norfolk perti- 
nlly edmiltfd hi> indiu'iV'tioii (lA. iii. So!!'). 

Own! prfpnmtionii wi-n- mndii for the dupl. 
Hereford olitninud from Uinn (lalpiuMri Vi»- 
ronti Korao of ikn fnmutu Milan annoiirete, 
wbilo Norfolk Bought hi« horneiiii from the 
■mJUu of Oertnany (FKot§URT, xvi. tfS~Q}. 
The kJQgofFVance emit in vainanwrinlmni- 
«wiger to jirt5vent theoombat (Wilmn, /ft- 
FwHaaAKT.i-d. Kwvvn.xvi. 3ni>r>>. Topulsr 
beltngrOM) bigli. TW [iondon>TibntpdNor- 
folku tliOtnuidatwT of Ulouccnli-r.itud rallied 
round Uwr old famurilp. Bo nironh' «'»!! the 
IMingthat Hicbard'H b<ut frimd« urf^ed bim 
nottoriekthcbiittli). Whtn lUSt-pt.cnw<i,u 
vactOTDwd wiu u.-w-mbli^d at C<)venlry in tbi- 
' Tvrjttroncaud Iargi-"tbi«ln''( Mfnknf Kw»- 
hmn, p. 145), pniparud for tbii dm-l. Whrn, 
afl*r a dUt-^lv ccn-inoninl, tin- pombalmila 
wnro on ibii point of mnctinK, Itirbnrd iil>ippt.>d 
the (Kimbnt. nnd dm^idcd that, to prevent tlie 
diancL- of dishonour to the kine'a kin an<] to 
aeonn ibo peaoe, Hereford ahonld bnlwni«h«l 
tat t«n yean and Norfolk for life, pled^ 
bung raqnirrd that tlicy would iiol hold in- 
tavBonne with noch otbVr or with the exiled 

Ardiliiibop AruodiJ {Bat Part. tU. S831 
The committac ofjeriiamonl confirmed ikw 
judgment. Horafonl iraa now the idol of 
(Jio mull and mated tnnect fully tn tlwkitif, 
who slnuMt Hpaloffieed for hi* ooiuLemtiaiioti, 
nnd, jwriinpf, iv<rticiiil (lie ten yean to tix 
(I''Ki)tiuiicr.xvi.llO). AiienlhiiAMMiecrowil 
blocked thi-Hirivt* of liondnn loeeothepopii- 
larfavuuritc depart, und I 111' mnjor with many 
leadini; citiioiu ntli.>nded him an Tiirn* Dnrt- 
fi'nl. On 3 Onl. lUchatd (rranlrd him pe^ 
miii^iion to remain for aiz week* nt Sondgata 
I'nttJe and e mootb at CaJaii (fizdent, viii. 
48,40). On OOf-T. lo[t«>rauf altomcy wen 
L-uii<>d on hi* Imbalf 1 ilr. viii. 49, !}0 1, wnwiaU; 
pruvidiii/j Ibat bis ntlunuiy* aliiMild ban 
pMWiT lo receive bin hcritofii- in thn cTent 
r.f liJH falbtrs death (Rol. I'arl. iii. 373). 
Twii thouMnd * TMr iraa allowed to bim of 
the king")! mt\ CnxBK, Hmry »'. i. 3Jj, from 
Pril ttmtrdi), lle»>a-m)iti.i have left Enicland 
li^ Ifl Oct. inus (KitoiNUCT. xii. aOkj, ed. 
honyn : Wilib, Ilitt. af Urnty IV, p. 7>. 
Hit ebitdren remained in ICiigUnd. 

Henry proceeded ditvcl to' I>ari> in (pitv 
ofn fresh invitation to joinlbo expedition lo 
Friittlnnd. llewMivr'eivedwitb^ivathonQW, 
nnd ilip Huiel CliMon wu naMgned Ibr liia 
n^aidonro. When it become known thai t)M 
honour:! ibown warv diaplnaaing to King 
Kiebard.monieaatianwBadiiiplayiKL Detaya 
were tliniwn in tliu warnf a orojiowdinateb 
with the daiiffliter of ijie Duke of Berri, faia 
•paoial oonfidani, and ihe Fteack noUaa 
wluepiirod tbnt n •ku^cliter of Fmtce mnal 
xvi, Hl-ftl, fd. Kfinyni. 

Hereford rnnti'roplnli'd ni'W ndvonturei to 
which bin fatbcr r\'fu»«l nscnt. He tlierv- 
(breaUfedut I'aruilill ihudeathof bixfalhnr 
(3 Feb. laeS). Iticbard now threw oflTtlw 
ma*k, revoked on ISMarehthepatevilswhieli 
lind Bnthori«<.'d Henry's nttomeve to rfceive 
liii:inlnTit8nco(Rnf. '/*nr/. iii.StS), batiiiilia] 
him for ever, and oonliiratn] the l.ancast«r 
mtatM. On33ApriI IIfnry'*altomey,neMT 
Itowet fn. v.], woa condemupd on n traitor 
fa&. iii. 38o). Etiobaid nodonlit tbouf[lit that 
\via eoimin wa^ now mined, and on 3tO H^f 
saiM f<ir Ireland. Ii'ating hifi iiicompaUnt 
nnde, Edmund, duke of York [■eeLucotST, 
Ktimrsii op], nigent in Knglond. 

With Herri'* ad virai, Hi'nryniloetnd gaiaCjr,* 
andwithcharaeteriKticlCnglish cunning kapt 
quite ailtint about rei-en^ (' Anglicnna iMua 
a»tuein,' Hfiij/ieiiT de mi'nf-ZVnyi, iL 074), 
yet he conxidervd himwlf now free from hu 
oath. Hewn* joined at Paris by ArdiUahop 
Thomaa Arundel [<]. v.], Thomna Pitcalan, 
earl of Anindol [q. v-l. oon of thn mnrderaa 
earl, who perhapa bruu^llit tlio ncwi of tlw 

Henry IV 


Henry IV 

DBiliinuitahed goodwill of the Laoiluu«n'. Ou 
17 Jane Hennr mult! si E^rUa fermal Ireittv 
of •lliftRfe witli Ijoiui t4 0rl««n8, bnt h«> «tifl 
cAroAillj eoiiCMlfd liis plans, and liiunns lli« 
iOBg lift of thOg»» aiTuaul irlMiCD thi- nllianRi^ 
wiM DUl tnprnTkil wn> llklunl nf Kn^tDintl 
(printi-d in iXiCEr-li'Aiwit, I'iftrt iMitilrt 
nir U riynt dr C*arlfa rj,'h l'>7 HO, Sou. <lc 
I'Hutoite da Fmitv). Very •i»ii nfterwKrds 
fae iirivatfily wii)i(lr>-<i' fn'in Pur'n in ordw lo 
IMli^ a iJi-MViit iiii Ivnk'tniiil. 

Ilnnry nbuirviiltlii' i;1n>wt uiCKCjr, ■« ttiRt 
fi'ry dltl'-Ti'nl Kloriiigot alwMuli* In hU»ub- 
w^uuDt DKirxini-nli. KroUwrtn urroowio* 

2inion UmI Iii' uiIlhI rmm \'Bnii» (■ la'vai 
vit que c« fut I'l Viiiinva,' xti. 1U~-TI) i« 
Xnleil u a (hfi pvhq by Dr. Pauli (f?r- 
AM iwt Eh^I'ih'I, iv. <<A). IIii (i;av0 
out bn vru K">iip k> ^piin, but qiiiialy 
timvrUml noilnwiiriU through .Siiinl-lh.-ii5-s, 
wli«rp he proinUiHl the ahbut to pmcuti} the 
iMtontiiiHi of IKrrrhani, llwn in lay hanilft, 
to thniyiBri-iil.ani] aooa otommI ai Itouloj^na 
with tlii^ \ir\y i>r HiKDc Knt,'li-li UKtrchiaiits 
whom h<i found Xhvrv i lirti'jiftLr lU Samt- 
Dmtift, \L 7W; Auh. Itie. p. '2*2; ()rn!«- 
BOniXIt, p, ■M\ ). ll« ITM ncoMnpiuiiiil hy 
the t wo AruiKUlii, ThoMM Kr]iuigliam,John 
XorliilitirT, anil onlj ftflMu ' lanoes ' (Ait». 

ib'c. p. my. 

WiUtan Ic Scrove. tlie n«w earl of WUl- 
ablpa. waanady fotrkiin at IhniT. Ili-nrv caaA" 
•miatuhinU. ApopuUrwingtWiiiniir, /W. 
&«^, i 3fliUA) ihovt wilh what nniiety he 
wmpxpwlod. Kvi-n ihoiii>Mi<.'»i,'atbi!rMby 
2 tliervKcot York atSt. AlbmuUiuieditlmoiit 
itfeaXj ihat iht-j- would do him no hArm 
(Am. Ke. f. 'M). H« at laot landed Ju a 
OMMtnl pUoe not far eouib of Ilridlington, 
MKrwhvto (bo vilU^ of ttavnocpiir Itad onon 
naod^iA.p.l'U),notbi>fortr4J>ily l.^»9(iA.p. 
944)o>"rhnpi 041 the 16lh ( Mont: '//£mAam, 
p. laS). ITie wbolv couiitrt-flidu Hoi'kcd to 
Uabaiiiier. Ilo oocupi^d liiaown i:avtl« of 
Ftckennt' ntllioat reaiai&ucev He nest took 
KnaMnbon>u^li,aDdpromi«ed<hnt tbHctiuivli 
aliould pay no tnom li-mbti, and iho poopio 
no lanTi; laxi-n (Jliiucito.'CK in Attylia Saem, 
ii. MOy At Uoiwaftef he wai joined bythc 
Earb of Nonknmberlanil aad WBttmop- 
land, Henry PeroT. and many other noblM (>f 
the north. Htirv he h-^M a moticil, and is 
Mid by his tuionit«ii to bavo eolemnly dii^ 
BTOWM dotim* on tbo cniwn. Ho tlxi-.a 
nuuebvd to l^ieMiter at the head of a vn«t 
amy. It>ebatd'( Duaiaten badfUd to !tri»- 
tol. Uenrr ihcnrfot* moTed to Berkeley. 
w)ii-n!, on 'Jt July, Vork himtelf joined hioi. 
I'licli! and nepliew now hurried towania 
Itrutot. fiillowi^l, it was belioved, by ono 
hnadrnj thottwnd troop*. TbegalMofDri*- 

tol CaaU« were tlirawa own, and on i(Q J uly t 
the Borl of WilTsbire. Itustiy, aod Omen ' 
W4>re beheaded. H><nrv now prmaed Qort>b- 
w^rdit through ihi> VVoUh mnrchec, niid afti^r 

Cuuing ihmuffb tilouo-ilitr, Unt*. I Idri't'onJ, 
iidluw, nod hlirew*bury, rrneht'il < 'hr-alor on 
U Aag. Xo fonnidablc resialiUK-i' rrat madit 

n(ennu'hil<.- Richiinl bud arrived in Wulea 
iuidhadbeeadei^ert«db,\hiaarniy. On 1^ Aug. 
be ofTertd (o renign ihecniwii.iind ndvsnceil 
to Flint to mnkii hi* nubiniwian lo tlio cim- 

aiMvmr. On H> Aug. Ilrnn- from 
'heater lo Mini, and had an intnrvicn with 
tlif aiptivi' kill);. Hunry Minted ItiuhHrd 
with all dui- revureaee, and ruiid that he bad t* 
ooine to claim tii« inlK-rilnniw {^Monk iff Era- 
AjtMip.!'!-)), which liicfaiinl jirofeMcd binuelf 
nwdy lo niftore, .Vfter drinking togolber 
Imth riHlu olF t« Clioiilnr. On tho mniH day 
writ* wnm i«micd from Clifnti-f in Iticharda 
namr nummoiiinfl o purlininfiii for TO Scjit. 
uL Ixiiduii, lleurv nan' fllnrli>d for London, 
taking Itichard with him. I.>ii Alondav, 
it •^iit., he arrived at London {Ann. Sic. 
p. '.'Al>. Tlio l':ngliLh chruniclora Bpeak of 
thit ehivalrciu* dcfcmiicc paid by Il«nry to 
tbi' captive king, but the rrvocb writora op* 
powd to LanoasCer nru ftirioiui nl tiie indig- 
uiiiea tu vrbich they ollugri Uichurd waa aub- 
jeolvd. The Londonrrt could iiol Luit^ahown 
more joy, «iiyii Creton, ' if our Lord had come 
among thoin,' It'-iirv vi^iiwl hinfiither'f tomb 
ut St. fanl'i, and Ihm nwnilnj tlic meeting 
well (Obktoh, p. Ibl). 

Ou SttSept, tlie ll!iig,nfl«r coofwrincwfilli 
LanGa»I«ratiJArDhbtAop Arundel, puoUcly 
renounced (Iw crown, udilinu'l but if it njisted 
-witli bim bi> dwin'd liunry as bis succoator 
^^nu. Hie. pp. L>.'>.t tl). Th« good SUIM of 
C'hief-junticeThiniiDgdiaaiiadRd Ueni^frcon 
bii deaiKDof claiming the tlironu by oonqueat 
{Ann. Hear. p. ii^i), and the experienoo of . 
Arundel Migge^led wiaer mi-thudn of proce- 
dure. Next day iiarliamont iu<K-tnbted in 
tlio great boll at Wovuninster ( Iti>t. Part. iii. 
4113, 423). l.ancaaler waa in hi* ntno', and 
the throno wn* left empty. Itusiard'a »- 
aignatina viat ac»'pted, and bin depoaitioit 
voted. Tike duke then read ati Kngli«L decla- 
ration, claiming the crown on ihegrouadauf 
bis hi'ine in the t^ffhl tino of dncrcnt from 
llrurv HI, nod of the niiignvnmmunt of 
Hichiinl 1)2. iii, J^2 3). TlireMntH lbe(«on 
chcuf him TO HU t.hf vncant tbronp. Tbp two 
nrcb din hups Ud bim to the t'lcpty roysl scat, 
.vrturanburangue from Arundel^ andaipepcli 
(roin lli^nry diaclaiming aity rwhl of cnn- 
quual, pnrluimi<nl wns diwolved. to meet 
ogMB under iliu new king'a naoio on 6 Oei. 


Heniy IV 


Henry IV 

On 1 Om. the renunciMioo of Uie lieon^M 
of Ute eetsWa to Rjolurd ccmplvled the ri>- 
TolutioB, whieb cMoblisbed ccoBlituliotMl 
IBOCMkIiv, anil mHorrd ACclaUMtical ortlio- 
doxT. Am Hair tliAt tbn bow Idne ruled. 
Mill* biopvpbar BarVi'iiot ao much Df title 
fat hiooA M 1^ popolir doetion' (CAroatVB. 
' Ik lU. Hfnr. p. 9H). Td a AAast-n titk tj 
OODqniM, Aixl a mfniltcioua iiiiiiiiiationUiM 
Bdmiuid of lAncuit«r was tbe elder brMher 
of Edwtuil I, WMv tbnuglit donnble to ^w 
Ilenrya tliriM-foldhidilMii pmwUr*ll«gunco 
<ClU1'mx, OimplmiKU to Aw I'urtr, t. 22 ; 
et. Vtoftnt in ^V RioKT, TVtV. &n^, L 449). 

Ou00et.1.te»ni;iin-mei hu tint pwlM- 
tnent in WMtmiiult* llall. Il irtt tbvn Ail- 
jMrnci) unlil attor t1i« eorDaaliou. ITenry 
■peut ibp f vpuing of tl Ort. in tli« Towt-r, 
wli^rv, iu tli» (imKaco of Ricliai^ tw oisdo 
mniw tlinn forly onir kntji^tii, indttding hia 
Jbiir MiM iin<l thn younu IC«rl of Arundnl 
{AoiKor tTiu:,)>. M3|. FrmithisMrcinoti}- 
Umi Iim«I<Ih ilntc tIi« foundiinoa of tbo order 
Oflh* Batli ((.'f. FROl!«MRr. xri. ^fOTi). Niut 
mominf Kciirf rM^lbrouub boiuloa in great 
aui« lo WMtiiiin'Wr. I>n 19 Oct. b« mw 
crowBwl witli rxtrnordiniin- iip1«nd<iur b^ 
Aranid^J. Ftmt amonic l-lnnliiJi l[iTi^lii'Wiii> 
had miraouloiuly pran to St. TliDinu iu li!« 
«%\\e, and wbieli hi« enndralhor bad brought 
toEiiffbod {Ann. flmr.pp. 207-300, ta lb 
the wLo1« hi«Torr of tliu niirnole). Pro^liwiM 
of lii» coming gnai dn«U wero MCnfatd to 
our l^v ami tn Ui-rlin. 

On li <>el. pailinmfUt nwMnmbltd, nod 
TttiswiinlHitlinKUDltl IHNoir. Aft«r stormy 
Mwott till- cliiof auppurt*-r3 of Kiag IUob«rd 
vren deprived of IM honours gaineid in 1307. 
The depowd king wm condemned to per- 
potaftl tnpnMumont, tlw acta of 1307 vera 
repealwl, uu> kinft"* friend* wcm romirdod, 
and n fairly tiboral Knnt wu made (Sat. 
Furl. iii. 4:i4'Ji.'i>. Th« Itnii-nn- of the htt^ 
^ proTohed aueh munnuriug amooK bis pu-ti- 


H«tiTT, his «ldeat son, nnd many of Lis 
houaehiMd w^rv now mnittt'ii witli a malady 
Ipnerallj ailribntiMl to |ioi>rtn, lie bad not 
reoOTwred hy Ciirinlmnii. Miwnwhilii tlie de- 
af«d«d lord* «'cri> conapihng to dethrano 
him. On 4 Jnn. 1 100 tbey aatembled troop* 
at Kinnton, hopin); to cut liitn off tmra Lon- 
don) while, on pretoiL-^ of atif iidin); a toui^ 
aanienl('l(id<nBnnnciip«tuoi Angtice Mum- 
njnge,' Olron. OiUt, p. 7), 6 Jan., they 
pTOpoaod to BOt MHMMion of Windmr and 
lIitDryhinwilf. Kutluidbutnij-oil tliHrpIitnn 
(drtm. Oibv, p. 7. ••ya tliai the inuyur of 
l/tnd'm diecnvered the oocwiimoy, aaii rodi? 
.Atni^httoWiad«»towamIIei»7). Uenry 

, »t OMM hurried, alaoat oloae, to loadon, 
■nived tliere Ute «i niglu, and bv Iho next 
aftrmooB had • tar^- force on Ifonndovr 
lIcAtfa. Tbo leading cawpitBion Sod waat- 
warda, but Koit, Salisbury, and UoepotiMr 
were ilain by the mob, and lluutiogdaB wma 
pui lo dtalb by Henry's luoihcMn-law, the 
CouQteaiof llereford.' Ik-ury prowedwl no 
ftuther w(M than Oxford, where lie ordered 
BOre fomal exeeaiiom for the le«M« Initan, 
On Ift Jan. ha waa bark in l.;ondn«i, Moging 
'To Ufnm'forhianclorv. Tlu* failnmwna 
quickly followed by theiUathnf tlwrdrpoaod 
kinjt at PatiiaAnct.eitlwr, as lIcRiy'* thnnda 
nuuntain«d, of ■eir-iiarraUaii, or. u hia one- ' 
nies beliercd, surved or murdered by hi* 
gvokrt. llenty hiniMlf alteaded iht- wlumn 
M^rviueliuldoTorhisrival'sbodyatSi. Paul's, 
ondordorwl alboimind tnaMNali)rther«|ioae 
of hi* MiaL Tn avoid Allure dnncara a night 
watch «na aet about lkt> kins and hi* bou*o> 
hold proridi'd with arm* ( Ord. i'. Ct i. 1 10- 

Hmry'B|;^«l tnrablewas nowfromabroad. 

Iluhod already aeniaB 3) Xor. 13W to trMt 

fiir th« inain^^ of hit eldeat ton n-itb a 

Kr^iiob itfincM*. peohaUy laobolla, l{ich> 

nrdirmridow. Rul tlii- Kri-iK-Jiwiiift looknd 

upon bim a* a a«urpi'r, nnd [imacd for the im- 

mudinte TMlomtioti orluiti?IU and her dower. 

OharlM VI i«fiu«l il^nrj- the title of king of 

England. At biniiiiilicntiontlieScote,who«0 * 

tnm- hud expirt:'! a! Michadaaa, Ibrvw orrry 

obatacla in tlie way nf ii« roii'wnl. But tin 

I defection of GMive Dunbnr, -vrl of Mardi, 

, from the Sooltisb n'ng vtrenffllumed Uenir'a 

pouiionin thonortb. OnOJunelWOIIeiiry 

fummooed hi* Icnanta to naK-inble at Vork to 

proeeed ukinit Scotland ( /■ti/'ri . V j i i . 1 40). 

I Hii march was delayed by want uf money and 

SoottJah offers of negotiation. On 6 Ang. tm 

I nBunonmlKingRoblntoperfanntliohaiBBgv 

I 'diM>9i'er niiice the dayi of 1i(»r!nL\M>B of 

leng<Lho eraiMa the bordiToii 14 Aiif ..and, 
meeting no onpasitioii. miclied l.eith 00 
SJ) Aiig.(iBiviu.l&e). He obtftiiiml a ragiM 
promise that hia denandi should b« con- 
aideved. but was loo weak and ponr to keep 
ttie Held. On 29 Aug. hv wa* bock over ibi) 
bonliT, Some months Infer n ihorl truru vaa 
conrludod. II« nnwhrani nftlip U'tlnli riuing 
iraiunl by O wain nb Oriitlydd's [sec Glbv- 
I>un'EK,Uwi:!(]fi>ud with lCJ.-t;irin1d.liHdGit>y 
uf Itutkin iq. v.] He hurri-M) lo I^icaatoT, 
and on 19 aepl. ■uintuoned tli<i lovios of ten 
■bieM to ioin him in an expedition agunit 
' Ovain. i>wain evadnl hi> allack, and his 
Wi-Ub expedition ended inglnrioiialv within 
a monTlinftcrhR liad penetrated lo T [iiMiliores 
of ibv Mcnai. On 19 Oct. he pnssi.'J llirough 

Henry IV 


Henry IV 

KtMbnni <,iVniX: iif Evaham, p> 17S). Ua i 
tt Kov. Iia WM at WettmlnaiDr gnntinf; ' 
l.)wun'ii ifUtm to hU hvotlier Samimcit, anil 
nn 1:JNt>v, propoiindoil tU» knolty iirobltmu 
in^ulTiHl in ibi> tv->iitulion of Qui-eu IsalwlU 
l/lntpra, viii. 1(M). 

On :ft DtK. 1400 Ilcnn tnut on DUck- ' 
kMtb I be (f K«k «-iii|>i.-nr>r, hlauucl I'AlAicJogiHi, I 
who u,v}tA iwo RKiiilli?, nuundiiiK Chrwtaia* 
with iIhi hioiTBl Klllinin. Tlfur^r i-nlortainix] 
hiin ■ptcftdull)-, und gnv>> him llmi' tliouwnd 
marluat liUil«|innun-,l)iii iv>ulil iiot give him 
nutiUiylivlp kftninil thn Turku. Un iniJiui. 
1-101 iMrliomtiil riAiM-iuUiHl. kniljm) \iy ilo 
peTUIUCTOua Bfmliur, Araiild ^n*^, aoug^t 
Id OMtw wlial it oouUI out nf ttM kin^* 
pomty. HoniT cwild still reject lU iiiiprn- 
M(1«ii1m1 IIi« iWDHud ilial van tvAtvti at 
grinwiOM ulioiilil |infi"l« suppl}'. Ill ihU 

•MMOn *rU IMUIXHi ih'- Mt UMUt lllH lot- 

laida. lieniy » urtbodoxy 1ml liim Vt approvu 
tlw policy of wbicli his wife* iincln, Arch- 
Uabup Aniuik-I, wiu iIk' chief moviT. Tlie 
npfUMivo legislaliou now auctioned hj 
amry ngaiiMt tbe r^bfllioiu WtJnh was in 
Bcoorauaen witli ilia «anie«I ueiitionK of Ihii 
coaDman*. Henry binuwif allowed a moru 
raociliatorv ipiiit bv an almoat geu^ral par- 
doi], iadiml on lU Mny, tbn lB«t d<j of tbu 

At tlw «nd of MaT lluniv ngain ■tartuJ 
upoaanvxpmUiiont'tWulus.ibi' filluf (Viit- 
ynf CaMlo having oitriinl fears uf u Wehik 
invaiiiiii of Kr(^sd(I. Hi- r«a«ht!n] Evi^sbiuu 
un I JuiiL-, iitn4(ly atlrjiilttd \iy n largK army. 
' ' I br departed ihnico forWofoMter 

I A,'nuiAitn.]i. 111). I(»r»lwi«cciv«d 

t-'<r> IK 'in tba tHiuocil inviiif; bia mtum ti> 
LoBdiin, ■« lit* daiigtT liud lH.-1-n vxanptnUnd 
(Orrf. y.Ci.lW). AfHTrwHuwaffiwdaya 
at Won^rolnr lin rrttmitd Ui London on 
liCJuauO'A. i. 113), 

II«iU7 Bllvmlot a oouiidl ihm nry dav oS 
kU arrival. ( hi 27 Jubo iw aaw tM inunt 
(iiivti iMbi'lU bvfore liL-r daparturn for 
tranc*'. Iliii hvTHiinvaderdidllcnrjnoKiwii, ! 
ami left t)ii- Ftvaoh a frwr hand. On I& Aug. 
Ilimr^' mitt n ifrMt council at WeatmiiutHr, 
atron^linnn! by in-in- knight'' fromlheftliimt 
tban K"iw>rnllj atlfmU'd f4rliaiBenl. Tba 
MMHil accepted war wilh bilh l-'nuico and I 
SnAland, and aiii^mpii'd to lupply funds, j 
*, r " - w»« al«i> made to p«l di'iwn tli* I 
irirchy of Ireland by aundin); Tho' j 
1 . 'nft'«»w<)»i]MR,atMrd-lii!ut«iiuii, 

.< I'tiiicw i>r Wales waaonWvd to ad- ' 
I. uhbI On-niii. Km Ilmirf bad now 
I' V i>'li-n(]yiii)pt>piiUr, Tliapaofitooiur- 
I ri|,<iiii«t Itianflicprii.wboMiBedanmditEi 
•11 iiaTinftJbrthemtjfMM. JXMT.p.SST). 
Ili> )a-«i frtead* ooroplBiMd Umi bia reauaa- 

» I'll 
t-' II 

fl NT. 

Bew hwl bn>u);lii about nlnmi s aiaia of 
•narcby,aD(l buconfnsaor, Philip tt(.-pii^[don, 
nildnMaeo) lohiiu an uamoft and pIniit-«pokeji 
Itrtturnfri'monitmBCo (QiuiitxiirOH, Varrt- 
awni<jruiv,i. I&1-4, KalbSnr.) .\l>oiilRH«pl. 
Henry found hidilL-o in bi* Led nn 'iron with 
tbm.' bmncLiv bm sharii thnt u'lion-'Trr tlw 
kin); bad lomud bim it should alay biin '(Car* 
OKAVE, Chrvji. p. '.^78; AnH. Benr. p. 337 i 
Jfon^A/frMA'i'w.p. ITA; Chnm. GHf*,f.2&). 

On i" Si'pl. llfiiry iwutv! from Wmuiuii- 
•inr iiiililanr (umnioiu«>* for 2 Ucl. at latMl 
lo nii-vt at Worceater for a frrah attack upon 
^Valn {I-hdtra, vtiL 325; Chrom. GUei, p. 
SM; the Atimk itf&«tkam, p-l7<I, tmnapoana 
tli«tito«x|ieditioaaof tbiHjtnr). On lUct. 
ho roaobed Woroeater, and ai oucc hurried 
oir into Walee. Tha accounts of tbis L'Ip(^di- 
tion ara conAiBsd and coiilradictory. On 
8 Oct. Hann iwchsd Dangnr and Oamarvon 
(Wtuu, p. 243, fTDQi Set. f'n^. 3S). He ta 
«*id to have made a raid into Cardigandiira, 
tot which, however, there won hurdly I ime, aa 
he wa.H at Mochdre on 130ct. and un l&Oot. 
backaiSliMiw>bury(iA.p.344). lliaiiortbera 
furav ill a hutrlile coiiiitr)' at a wet Liiucofyuar 
14 of ilM'Ifa rmnArkablo fruoT of bisnncivy. 
He wna bock at Wostminator oorly in ho- 
vembar (/urfr/n, riii. S3U-1V 

Korl^ in 1102 Ili^nry met gn»t noundk 
ur |urhauu:uta at Lundon and Coventry, and 
obtained nxtat tuppliea. Tho furei^n outlook 
waa na tlirealaning na ev^r, and llt^nry had 
■Mf Dtwtad a aeriea of niarriiisii« lo iin|wve 
hi* poution. On 31 Jiinit Tu)2 his uMar 
ilauglititr Blancho net oil for (ipTmnny to 
marrv Louis, eldest ion of Kupirrt, ibc count 
palatinir, ni5wly diown king of the Hoinana 
l^acufor mtLrrincu ni*gutiutJona and hereubae- 
qu«iit Liatury BDcKinniox, Qir/iMpi) loMay 
1)0 b«gaa npKOtialiiins to w^ tlie Pri&oeof 
Wa1eatoOatliarini>, gnimluini^ nf Mai^Wtr 
thApOWnrful rubrrnf a iicrwlv onili'd Sniidi- 
nann, and his uioond dau|{bter, l'hilip|)n, 
l-o Kinff Eric Marmret'ii Kraudiiepbew and 
bcir (OEIJlin, Onti/iKh/e i'cAvcrlr'ii, i. IVfi). 
Tbu former propoaal came lo iiotbiiiK: the 
lattvr luarria^ waB«ff«ct4>d ill l4(Xt. Ilenty 
waa aimultiuii-ouiiy aminiring; a marriaco h«- 
twaon hunai^lf and Joiui. widow of Joba IV, 
duke of Itriltany, and dau){htvr uf Charir* 
the Had of Navarre, who siiice Norembur 
1399 bad iteen acting ta tvgvnl fur her sod, 
Dube John V, and on 3 April HO'^ a proxy 
marring wa« olebralrd at Mllbum. Hut 
Meii^ (ailed in his poUliral hupo of tbo 
iiiarnagi\ In Uciobcr the Vakv of Bur- 
^ndr eompdlcd Joan to reawn the toKenejr 
ondtMieuslodyof becaonaiandBiittMi^waa - 
honeefintb amouK Uenjy'a active aniiniet. 

lUoia and outngca now broke out all over 

Henry IV 


Henry IV 

tlie coantrr. A pretended KicbardappboTed 

tlu> Black I*Tuic<; vaa h&ngcd for cunipirao^r. 
FrsQcisi^iiii friurB w«r« the i;tii«f LiniMAriei of 
Roditioii. lullit-t>vl]reummeri>f llOtiwVMvl 
of Xhew vtvtm wvciii^il, ntong witli Mm« 
seCuUr priMU. Tlio frinn boldly avowed 
thint rwolT« to li|thl for KicTinrd, aad reduce 
tlw king t« till dai'.liy of Lnnciult-r (C'unf. 
Kill. Htif.'xii. .tl^-W gireo a curiou* tvjuvpr- 
Mtiun btiwwii dHnTTand Uiu cnpliv* fri»r»). 
Meouwliilu Uu'ttin of Walet cauluKd lEof.'i- 
tuid, lord Ony of Ruiliin [q. v.|, tit 1-eat uitl 
E^intindMortinwriiiJiiiio. Wiiilfi Etur^ndy 
both hf. nnd Ibi^ Count of St. fol itoleiiinlj 
dtfyJiiK lU'iiry, mid prafcMuig to nny ou • 
]iriTnI<r OUT UKiuiut him. 

In tilt MimiuDT Hunry at Ustmadtt ft really 
ntotvDbrl luimtdowntUeWdsli. On27Aiig. 
three gr«at tLrmiM «w« siiiitmoiiod to vf 
mwiblt at Ch«itor,Sluvw:(buTr,uidHoniford 
{Ffnirra.viii.STS^aiidllcniyiniMnoii com- 
mnndcd thi- >ui*t tlmt murcbvd from SWirw- 
bury. Oon bundred lliuuHind men, it was 
belUivud, w«rnij>ourvd into ihu rvvolt>^ din- 
tiict«(Uea,p.j6). Biiltliv^xpuditlonfulpd 
from the amal efMiooia of ttao WaUIi and 
peniat»tit bad w«atbM', Mcribod nt fbo time 
to tho magic nwlU of the- I-Vatidii^Dii^ On 
SSopt.tiljowiiiiublt'wdownlli-nrTs own lent, 
aad tbe kin;; would liuve iM^uutlauibyliiAOWti 
Unce fallini! on biui if bv bnd not fone 10 T««t 
in armour. Witbiii tlirti.' weck^llnnrr tv«» 
Iwch in Etigknd (Anit. Urnr. pp. 34.1-4; 
Chnm. Giltit, p. 2B), Tb«i brilliant i>ui:r.r«ii 
of tho IVieioii iftuiutt iho Scot* nt llunibl<^ 
dno (14 Sept.) relioTcd Henry from dnoireT 
in the nortli, butoontraated sh'nqdr vricbbiB 
own minfortunwi. 

On 30 Sept. 1 402 Heury met hiA parliuneiit 
»t W<»tm>n*WrtA»f-pBr/.iii,4aR-r.21), On 
SO Oct. NoTtbumbnrlnnd purndiii iU« cliiof 
Smitioh priiuinoiii li«feri> king and pnrliamrint 
in ibo Wbiti' Hnll. Henry oomplimuntud 
Murdocb Hlvwurt r»r bin (tallaiilrv, and gni- 
ciouxty ontvrtained ull the cnpliVBa at bin 
own table in thi' I'uinted C'liamlM-r. Un 
25 Nor. ibe MtaiM sciuirnted, iifl'.-r making 
Henry a fairly liberal out grud^'iuL'Iv given 
(TTBat. Ili-tiry Icupt ('hrintnia* at Wind»nr, 
llis prf)miu>'l brid<> at Inst arrived, nnd on 
7 Foil. HIXI lli'nrr wbn married tn lier at 
Windieitprby bin half-brothor.Ilmry Blihu- 
£brt.[q.v.],[ii)wbiiliopuf Lincoln. OnStlFeU, 
Joan was crownt-d at AVe^tminsIer (Ann. 
Uenr. p. %0). Tbe marriage brought llmry 
no Mtvngili abroad, and provtdM a now 
grinitancv at homo in tho qtMon'ii fbrmgn 

(In 1' Sinrch I 103 HilHlOBimnllJiiill 

berbod Uouglan'* i-jUtoa in Rcotlaad, wbidi 
ho ppafijMed to annex to Kn^^liitid (Firdcra, 
yiii.SSB). But the IVrciea were pn>f>nindljdi»- 
OontotiTMl.hotli at ibeuupuHilionof tliocoui^ 
tii-n> to IliKiT sc)ieine«> of patriDcalion (CArom, 
Gilt*, p, 31 ) and at hni ing to b<>ar tb« wlinl* 
burden of till* Scottinb war. Henry now in- 
dited on lliitapur sivingnD tliecaptm IC>rloi' 
Dou^lan to hi.i keeping- lioiKpuroomptanud 

tbat. the kiuK hnd abnndxned MortimOT, wbo 

waatbuH forced lajuin with the WeUfarebeb. 
Tn a utormy inlvniew llunrj- called floUpur 
n IfHilor, and drvw bi» daggtiT upon hm; 
white Ilolapur willidn'w, crying, 'Not liwv, 
but in tho field '{0ml. Eulog.llut. lii. 2»>^ 6; 
cf. WAU«iX,pp.5fi-8). Knpfnal frioiKUbip 
wax nrwn rp.qtorrd : but ok ilnory n«« ania 
ranrcLing lo Scotland he beard at LiohlMil, 
on llJuly<\VTT.iB,p.3M)),that Holxporhad 
mined u ruvolt among King Iticburd'a lurlxi- 
lunl parLlKM In Chwhire.itnd wiu hiin^n|[ 
iviul.htojoiliOw»in, lEr^nrv.witb tlu>ndrioi 
of tbi! Karl of nnnbnr, h^oIvimI to cruih the 
rrbpllion befon- tbe rebels unitod llieirfuroM 
[Ann. Jlenr. p. St&'l], [n a tew dayH bu joined 
bin son Henry nt Sbrewsburj, aurpriaing 
HoUpnT,wbuwna«unanpedouisidetts walla. 
On 21 July a d«ci»ivo battle followed at 
llt'rwiclt, a littlo to tbe north of the town. 
I Ipnry kbnwed gtuat pornonal prowoM. slow, 
it is uiid, thirty men with his own boniu, ana 
whb thrice hurled to the grouud. Bcforo 
niffhtfnll Hotspur wan nlAin. Wureeeler and 
HonrjeBlnliliohetiaclinpelon ihnbnItlo-Aeld 
for the Mini" of tbi' t^lain. Hit thnn hurrifd 
nonhwurdii tn mivii. Nonliumbc-rland, reach* 
iitg i'onti'fmct on 4 \ag. (tn bin approodi 
thuenrl di*brindi-il hii irjitps,iiudon 11 Aug. 
(ubmiiti-d in penHiu at York. Henry coldly 
pcomisud bim bin life, but ordered liioi into 
ciulody {li. p. 37i i OTTEnnnmsn, p. 244). 
On 14 Aug. lleiiry wt« Irnck ni t'oniofract, 
where NorthucnberlNnd iifimed tn givonphi* 
Cftttlw. On^.Sr^i. lli-nn-wii*ot SVorcMler. 
preparing for a A'l'lnh catn^aigii- Aruodel 
prudenllv HupplieJ him with raoutr, hi* 
council liHTing mig^esti^ ptumler of the 
church. AftcranunTV((iM(idex]i"iditiontoCar- 
murth en. where Iw wait 'in 24 S.tpI.(WTi.n, 
p. ;tT6, from Itaf. i'laij. 271. llrntj mtiimrd 
to Hereford, having i>tn<ngTlii'Drd ihceiutlua. 
Thecnnlinl gn^etingtf thv I^ondonon on hia 
TAlurn in ili« winter ilinwed that RUeoeotel 
bad rovived hiK <dd pnpulnrity. 

Dcapiti-- lite ODUiitinl I nicy.', I he P'roiioh were 

CdL'ring the coBflt. It wa* Wlievt-d in 
■ thai t^iio-n Uubi-lla wnnM land nt 
Orwoll. Orleanw wan invading Ouir^nni', and 
lliirgiiniiv threoti'ning ('ainit. Ilifivintont 
come to a bead in ibe Wertminsler porlia- 

Heniy IV 


Henry IV 

tMBt^UJan-iodOMuvlilJOl). TtwciUiua 
wera IBOCW dixpoHHl to drbnic tbu* do buni- 
■MM(*plurs Incuta iiunt,pniii:afuentiit*UiM,' 
Amu. Ufnr. p. 37#). But tliuj pulitiooed ibat 
Ni>riliuiiit»'iUiid <ib4ul<l be ptrdoncd oiit- 
Tig\>X, tliouEli lie liHil uol j«t given up hia 
cftstlco. tW inasriAd on the canniUinn or 
aliuiu and ediinnMics. Tint royil ct]wiuci< 
WM«IilBit«d,an<J Hmii^itu farcnd to pulilisli 
Um tMmM of ibn council in pmlimncnt. Tlie 
lailumof ibokltRUpi liiroiiiw Kss«x, iikIiIih 
isnaniniuiu Oirfivxt of t li>* FnMicli iuTudenBt 
Diirlniouib, fulluweil doM on tlie dUmitsal 
aS partUmi'Di, uud HlrMigtheoed the kins** 
{wation. Ilenn- ivtiimi^ lliiutki for tnJK 
Ai|rn«l viclor^ \i tin- »ltrini^ of tho Confosaor 
{Ann. Ilrnr. p. VSS!i). tiw. D&rlmDiilh pri- 
■onrriiwi'ivuxamiii«dbi-fuiv Wmry iFadera. 
viii. itfittj, And lie boiuted tlmt liu kiii-w nil 
tbe MicrclHorilH.'Fniudi court (Juvi.MAL Bm 
UkcUs, p. 4:fl.l, i u PantJUtm Liftirairr). A 1- 
tlMiigli on 14 June a formnl tnMj wim mndi 
between Onin anil th« froncb, tlie nrci.'*- 
tioa tit Jnbii xhc t'i'nrinu to tbu duchjr at 
Uuigiuulj K>ivirUrIiiiiuiMDtilo;inMit al heuae. 
Houy'ii«ner^dec)in«l. tlrauffvivd diiriii); 
tlii»7iMT from Mrious tU-kiw)tli,&iKl wan ion^ 
in getting <|uit<^ w-t'llagainfBBCKlXDTOK, Oor- 
mfendracf, li. 37il-4). l%is «e<nii» tb« (ir>t 
of ft loi^ t>or>M of illneHM. Ho vinilnl I'on- 
t«d'nwt in JuBKi, wliAM, on thi- I'llh. Nurth- 
lunbcrUnd (Ana. Jlrnr. p. 390) at lust »ur- 
ronderDd liii mmIcs. Ilmr^ aim Hrniiiged a 
oOBttDiutionof tlic tiuof vitli the Scota.anil 
the execntionoTSerle, tlie reputed murdcrvr 
of Tboaiaa of GlaiieMt«r, put a utop to thn 
neorta tliat Itichard wu mill alive. On 
98 Aug. Iwi nrrivnl at l.ielifiold, where be 
held a ffrot Ruani^il, vkidi decided tUai he 
ooold ntit that year gn to Wale*. On HOcl. 
Ilmin- <ipiiFil at ('ov<>Dti7 tb? ' Uuleani«d 
parliaiBi-nt,' from whioli all Inwivre liad besii 
winded hy procluaation. TUf> rvAUinplian 
of fc^al vmnta nncv 1367 and tho njppro- 
pnatinti w the VMir of ibit whoto of the 
(Maporalitiea of the chuirh wftd dJMuated 
and rrjorliMl, and a vttt librral ni|)p1y whh 

EtnX'A. Tlie king kept liis C'liristmaa al 
thuB ((ft. p. 307), where a plot for liiAmur- 
4m oane to notfainc- 

In February 14(1$ Rdinund Mortimer, t lie 
jonn^earl of MarrJi, wm etolen from Wind- 
•ar,bitt WM *aon liroiiffht biuJi. <Id17FcIi., 
At * gTMt council al Vi cat mincer, Ladv l>e- 
•^navr arciiavd bor lirolW (now Duke of 
\<\r\ bv IvImuDduf I.angley'BdiMtblofoom- 
liiirit;' in h» nbductiou ancl in tli» FUtham 
pU>:, Arrlibisbup Amndel liimt^lf woo iiu>- 

C->-ivd, but. to llMirv'i) mat delight, pur^d 
Mtelf. A* Ibit lord* tbowiid no diipooition 
tooooply with ibu kiQgVre^uettatliocauii- 

eil wu moved to St. AllNUi»,whirni l«rd Bar- 
dolf headed a virulent oppcuiliaR. 

Hunrv ptifpnml for anotb»r '-Kpislition to 
WBle«,iuid on SMay waa at Wotwater. lU 
heard there thai Bnnlolf lind joined Noitb- 
umbtrlaiid in an ojifii revolt, and Wat BUp- 
doaihI to liiivi- §uni<iitpd a iT^'nir lietween 
NortliumUirland, Owain, nnd Mxrllnier for 
tile diriiion of KngUnd into 'lircn parlH 
(caroH. (iilm. pp. 3a 4i). An-libi«li(ip 
fscropo of York (hrothiT of the Inli; Karl of 
WikshJrt)) had joined with Tliomun Mow- 
bray, carl of Xotltii^'faam, atyled thu carl- 
inaisbal, Ln miaiiig llie YorkeliireDieu.and had 
pabliah*)] arUolea againat ll^ry. The king 
hnjriod northward*, and on .1 Juno was at 
fontofract. But tbn rebellion had colUpuml 
with ilu.' surrvcdtT of the archbiahop and 
Mowbray to Wenlinorulnnd on 'id Moy nt 
Shiptoii Moor. Ileiirv advanced upuii York, 
wb«ri> the citincna imploTcd bin pardon. 
Il>-nrv >t>-mlv bn4i' lh(<ni n>iuni. On 6 Juno 
the king lodgixl nl Ititliopfthorpo, whera 
S^rope was now n cnptiv! in hia own pnlaco. 
Pbe coiirtiura, bc«di:d by tho Eorl of Arun- 
del und Thumu Beaufort, luged Ilpniy to 
ntalo.' u iL-mble MtonipW of the ireacberoua 

Sn'lntK (KATXAr.pi, Ann. Bcrl. viii. I4<1, ed. 
lanu). .\rchbi*Iinp Arnndcl hurried to 
Hiahcmthorpn to piTtundn llenry In refer tlie 
cnao ofScropoto ponvor pnrlinmrm. White 
Arcbbisliop Arundi-1 iriu ot broakf/uil with 
Henry, after bi« journey, the Knrl of .imo- 
del and Tbomaa Benufon held a liuty and 
irrognliu' trial of thearehbiahopuid Muwbny, 
and executed tbcm on iho t'pnr (Aitn. Hatr. 
pp. 408-fti IUTX« .1i>ij. IWI. viii. U3, 

but ef. ihn dittitreut oreounlk in lilKCOIOKC, 
/.I'ficr l'erirarum,m.22^ B, rd. Ilognrt; Cus> 
M EHT il uanToys, Jtiii.dr Martyni) R.Stn^ 
in Anglia Smra, ii. 3I39-7S j andCXroN.' A'te, 
p. tl,). 

Kverjr one wa« borrifli'd at the de«d, and 
mirvdeeat once atlmled the «uiciiiv of the 
■nnrljrcdnrchbiKhop. (Tho poem in ^KIOIIT, 
PoA'r. iVnu, ii. 1 1 4- IH.wi'll azpraMBfderical 
opiuiou.) Coiiiipioufl ppfhnp* of hi» blunder, 
lloTiry al onoi- bnrrind iiorlbnrd ii^aiust 
Xortbnmberland and llnrdolf, Ilu took 
.Vortbnmborland'i Inat caslleo, Wnikwortli 
and Altiwich, and drove lil* foM into Scot- 
land. .\t ilie end of .\iigiuc ho again in- 
vodod WnloH. Ili( tDoftglorioux-xpToitwa* 
ibe relief of tbu tong-bolongucred oaatle of 
Coyty in Glamorgan- Ue lost hia baggage, 
wagonB, and Inaaure from floods snu early 
in October wai back at Waorveater. leoving 
Cunnnrlhi'n to fall into ihe lianda of Owain 
nnd bia l-'rrnch allin. Ili- noucfat a Author 
su^ily of mauoy IWim thr anSibliitiap and 
opi. .Yruuilul rvsiated what be ncguded 


Henry IV 


Henry IV 

M aKpnliAtion of lUecliuKh.butpioinuied t<> 
Irent with (ho dei^- for additioiiaJ gtmnta. 
Ilconr now rvtumi-d M his uaplul. Tlie 
jtax Lad wii.iiNKil th» eulniiniitton of bis 
iroitlilM, but th") iroFBl crisis wm now over, 
U«iLrT| bowfivitr. como out of hi* difliculticB 
K brolMOi-dnwD aun. It iriin Iwlievixl that 
bo had boen nmiiii-n with k-projiyoiiUiii vi-ry 
diiT uf Soropp'ii'cutwn (Viron. Oiln, p. 
47 : Omt. Enl. IHaI. in. «II6), Bis faeollh 
UM rif^iur ftlMulilr d«cUiied. 

Conspiracv nr. Iiome wu no looMr foT- 
aiidnbl-'. 'rlif WhIrIuumi wera connnMl to 
tlioirownliilii.thc l-'rrach w«niboat«n«t»n, 
waA wnm ntbcrwui! (ircupird. Bdimi Baiit^r 
14CKi Ml Kni^iiih ship bud cn)itiind th(f heir 
to the Scottiob thrum.-, who, uu the detUi of 
Bobert III in April 1 lOU, Wcume Jamet I. 
NorUiombvrliind and ll«(vloir took rofiig^c in 
Watw. Ym livmj WM mor« limn fwv in 
want of monny. 

Nrnrly all 140(1 nns inWi iiji with llm 
debatca of Ui« lo4if(Wt pniliunenL thai had 
lutherto aat (&tdbbb, V<M»t. Hi*!, iii. r>-.'i 
Jfef.jBirf.iii. 607-607). Tlie «tat«-(> met on 
1 March hi liVe«Lmiiuier, and itemandod on 
WMWptanco of tlieir policy and tbo espulkion 
of t£* I)r»toiM, iiidnding two ditught4!M of 
dia quMO (OmiKnouKitH, |k. Sr>9). llcnrj 
on !ia Haj wn^ fcuvi-d to noanioato a oaun- 
cil, which iucludi^d tbu chief parUamcntary 
twden (Hot. Pm-l. iii. S!i; et., liowever, 
Onl. P. C. i. !20a for the cbangw befora tbo 
flttd of (ho rear). Thd council, li-d bv Arun- 
del, rofuMO to tttntt without fulli-r powcn. 
Thn waitoAilii«wi of the kInK unci cuurlierii 
WM fiercely d«ooiuiocd. Thn commcms nvxi 
luged on audit of acoounta, but in ■ ixutoual 
Bigunent Henry, in apite of t. haugiity re- 
fkua). bad to give way. He pasMea Eutor 
at Witidflor, and was detaincid Thnni for n 
long time by nn iit inch, probably, ofHciatirn. 
Hnrciumca to Wi-ttmimtfr bi'forvloiiH, hut 
WM out of hrnlth 0,11 tlip «mimior. IIp «l- 
lendcd a tounmmcnl bMwem Kn^lish and 
Scottish kni^'litH at Loudon, and Huciin<d the 
■pijioinimeat o( hib favuurit«', Itiahup Buwcl 
'q. r.], to York, in Miite of the pojie'* prv- 
'ennce for Kob<?rt ilallftm [q. v.j At nn 
lutiBBii MMion (13 Oct. to Sd Dm.) Honry 
panUd all that wu ukod of bin, includ- 
ing a achoiBc of rvfonn iriiich pl«d|[cd him 
1o i^vum br the ndriee of hia new coun* 
elllora. Unlhelaatdarof UieoBwionHeiiry, 
' of bis own will ana motion,' coinmand«d 
thn couneillora lo ew««r to llio new sriicltM. 
Thn council at once biined ilaelf with tlid 
n-fomi of the bnunohold. Ilcnrjt Iwpt Christ- 
man at Kltham (OrTCKUUIfRIfm, p. £60), bnt 
•oon oftr* wan rccjui-sipd ti ntmovi) to toaiP 
place whore thv n-form of lh« botuehold 


might beet be effected (Ord. i\ C. i. S&6). 
His bank BGC«ptBnc<^ of hia position aa a coo- 
(tiCnlional hing diiniui^bed bin troublM at 
home ; ik civil war raged in tjcmlaDd, and 
an invHRi-in of OuifOitle towifda tbt- i-nd of 
MOR by ]ri>ui> of OrleannKianallv failed. 

Mcnrv'n influnucc deelinnd iriit hia bealtb. 
[|(> st^loum left the nrifrbbourfaood of Ixin- 
don. and nry few jienonni reAnvncM lo hia 
action remain. lie hod little to dowitb the 
diKpiiiM betwiwo the two gTMt par'ii's iu iho 
council. Itut in the great struggle between 
tbo coiirtiere, banded by tbi> iWuforta ud 
the coiutiliitianal pnrty, Inl by Ardibbliop 
Anindi-l, lli'nrv nirnui on tbo whole to lmv« 
token Artmdi-l's sidi' (Stcdbs, V^t. Ilitt, 
Ui. 5"-S). It wae Ilpiuyn policy lo con- 
centrate the great olllocfi of »tntc in hia own 
familv (roRTtVCl'S, Omtrmtnm i^ JSt^btnd, 
111 rliimiuiT n. :t^). Tlie real biuiiieM ttt 

KTcrnmonl IpII riii<>fly into tbo liandaof tli9 
ince of Wnli-n, n-Ito now Imd Um dittiw^ 
tionn from the di^clino of Ihi- WcUh mvolt. 

In tlUr a iKvero blow wiui Aei\\ lo Iho 
Iteaufort* bt Ileary'o eoofimiaTion of tbuir 
clittrti>r of (egiti Illation, with a clause vx- 
eluding ibrm IVom the rucceaaion. Ilenry 
held n pnrliamcnt nt (Iliiirpjiter fW)m 90Ocl- 
toL'Dfli'. Il milt!'' n tilwml grniit, and busied 
itenlf with ibopncilicutionof Walm. It olwi 
eipTi'wityviiidicatudlhL' right nf the ooiiim»iu 
to originate all money graiita (Rot. J'art. 
iii, lX)(t-21 ; Stpbiw. CofUt. Uvt. iii. 60-2). 

Xonhnnitiorland niid Ifamlolf had aou^t 
to rai»e Ynrk'1iir» during thn ^larly montfa* 
of 1-loa Tb'ir dff-Dl and d'-ntb oti Rnun- 
Iiam Moot (19 Feb.) tml an end to oTort 
rebellion for thf n»l ot tho n-'iffti. Henry in 
the hiiininr-r wtnl to Voih.condi'muHl many 
ri'bvis, conliHcnled much laiid,an<t,iv)iatid1en 
orbeni'fii ofidrTi^-, 1ttiiii;ed the abbot of Ilale« 
for laliiiii; a pnrt in n'bellioii. The cs- 
r^ion wn* loo miicb for hid bonlth. Ador 
hi* return hi' wiu unirA with n fit nt Mori- 
lake, and wu for nomu timu thought dead 
(^OrrminouiijiB, p. 303). On hi» recovery bo 
oer'iled hia reviving enei);iea to the aervico 
of thprhtircb and tbo hii|i]ireuioii of bere^. 
Ilntnok a special iiiterMl tn Arundel'aefforla 
to heal lhi< Hcbimi in tlid popncy. He waa 
jireacnt nl nt leant one nf tni' council* wbiob 
tlip art^bbiihop convokiiJ (font, Ekl. HiH. 
iii. 'll^),nupported tho proposal to oonvoko ft 
Kt'iiml council ut I'isa, woe iudigiunt tX 
Oivgory Xl'a brcuvh of faith, and «TOt«bim 
nlftinr.qiioTiMl with admirslion bj Walsiog- 
ham tiluit Angl. ii. i»7(t-*0). V«t be n?- 
ceivpd with coniinlity the nuncio iinnt by 
Oregonr to eieiwn hi* conduct. Hut whon 
the council of Pun n-pndiiliKl iKith rivali, 
and elected Alexander \', Ll> tranafurred bis 

Henry IV 


Henry IV 

alUgiiui«e to ibp ni<tw potw. tn all ihis lin 
MM taooojunciioi) wiUi FranM, wit b whom 
in 1406 ha hadoniu-laiUdathrco jvan'tiaoe 
(WACWIi.p. lift). 

BarlT m MIU Sir ThomM BeaufoM b«- 
euw olwDCollor in Hucnwrioin to Aielibishop 
Anndel. TnJuutrvuf (hAt^MrnnewjMr- 
UuamtusHnUMl.wVK-li venluredtosanMt 
Uwconpleturonfixviionnf iheumpomitioc 
aft1i«cbnrch(W*L(iiSflii*H,ii.2tiSl;but the 
jmrif in ulrriiuoiw i>pcoriilioii' to ho fhtuIu- 
■ionarr a Bclivmi'.wliicli Iklti'd mi Foaijiltloly 
Ibat it lioa lufl DO nri-onl in thi- n>)lB or par- 
lianent. ITi>nrj- Mugbt Ui obiHin from tlitc 
psrltwavnt a r«-veiiii«> f<>r h(«, but bi« pr^- 
poaal WM tint <<iili-nainml tHr. ii. 3Ki). At 
ibc tni of tbi^ M-mion bin councillnrs wurc, 
M WBM now uihbI. nocninati-'i] in pkrliameDt 
(itot. J'arl. iii. (Vil). 

In 1411 Btu^umlj- apjiMUd to llenrf for 
bstp ■gajfisl till- ArniB^Bw. Tfae kln^ * r»- 
laoMnee wm overpowered by tbn prince'* 
•a^miMB (Okjrooxt, Orai. p. lOtt). NV- 
MUtioaa WITT bi^in tar tbo Utter'* mar- 
nw« wild a ibuijlitcT of Hurjnuid f (Qnf. /'. C. 
ii. lO-iH ),at»l iLi- Karl "f Anind*! [see FlW- 
alJiX, Thomas] was wnt wilti a lar^ force to 
Frftsev. Bui ibd-.-nviuD bMweentli» lleau- 
liEitt* and Archbisliop Aruitdvl bad now br- 
OOmOTViTitnat.aml Ilonrr, not unnaiumlly 
jnlovso[biRii'K),anil Ktill clinsing to jKiwcr, 
limfiu bia failitiK h<'altli. made a viiforouB 
MUnptlonhakcoII'tbi.- Uraiirort'* in llu-par' 
liuunt irlucbui«t onSNor.alWpFliuiiiBlor. 
Thmli»*»itat%» raunud by a plot to Torce him 
t«(Mipitli«erown,<irBl least to give ap the 
xrgnmy, to thfi tVincn of Walni. It in not 
t'unu>ne'>nci\n fornix] lioenmi'nltie.g. JlolU 
Iff nriitimrat, ir. l'9f A)i»itb tlio more out- 
tfioluin eriitirntv of thn Rbroniflcra. But it 
MMUackiarthal IlH(in'iiidlginuillydMliu(.il 
lo fiTfl up {Mwvr, tbai after aome «ort of de- 
tnonatratint) of thie numbw of bl* partiMns 
Ibe nriiMT shrank from an npcm conflict wjtb 
hi* utber, and n>tired fir • litnn frnm public 
lift- (I tTTEiinouwtli, p. STl^ CArvn. 0ilr4, 
p.il3; f.»rvii.J>mdwi,p.94: CimtEul.Bitt. 
iii..4Sl;STVBat,Omit.7l>ttAii.«»n.) Thomaa 
IWiifon waa now itoiluci^ hy Arundel U 
dwnerlloT |A Jan.) itenry paid bi» md hie 
■mars of ulary a* a caiuialloF (19 F*b.), 
B»d diacbarpxl liioi frnm furtliPT at trnSancx. 
TboiMui, thn kinaV tm-Tind mid, whu ba'l aiU 
bmd to hi" fatiiiir'n sidi;, woa madti Duke 
nf Clan'nci!. Tlie leing bmkf off fnim the 
tUunci* witb Biiri^injy, and on \>^ May 
aoodDded on* witli lli<i AraiH^uici', bU oltl 
fiacH, who promiufd bim nil AiiiiitaJne (^Ftir- 
4<ra, viii. i3&-t3), Anxiounloaboirlbnt bii 
wa« Still At lo bv kiu^- Hunry undertook a 

|>rogivM ( Clinf. £taJ^ /fu>r.lii.4KI},andeven 
prviji'Mii'd lo command the troope, now eum- 
nioncd lo sail to Aqitiuine (O/rf. P. C. ii. 
29; Orrimnoriixr. p. 270). But ho wajt by 
tbistimi? unnbl'- I o walk, and could borilly 
e\cn ndf, ntid bin f>>iincd pomiadL-d bin to 
send Claiy^ci- rn*<«id. 1'lu- l*rinee of Walea 
was iiow aceuiutd of ifmbvuliiig euma ititnidod 
for the Calaia g&rri*on. Ho aooffbi out bis 
fiitbor, nnd some sort of rMcdiiciliatiaii was 
appnn-ntlv nRViCtod. The cbAr]|M w«rn dls- 
pro»ed (Or-/. /'. C. ii. 54-Jl). 

Tbt- kin g'a exertions in thoiiunnicr hroii^bt 
about a frmb relapae. Fte vrua abl« ti>Iran»- 
act biiKint'M BO lat« as ^1 Oct. (A, ii. 117— tO), 
and in Nov«tuber wae f«vbly oont em plating 
a cnisada. But soon Bftvrwnr<tH hv hnd n 

I Kovera attack, and soinotiinoa*i4iini>il npliinlly 

I duad. lie wn* ablo to e*Iobmtc (.'hriatmiw 
at bis fsToutiic palnoe at Blthan) (OtTB^ 
notrBXS,p, 272). Ilenimmoncd niMtrliBmeilt 
lo meet on S Vvh., bnt was llit'ii unnlilc lo 
tmiiNU'i biiitincss. %\'hile praying befora 
SI, Kilwnnl's sbrino in W(«iminirt«r Abbvjr 
^F*aT*M, p. 57B), b» hnd n fit, was roraorv<l 
in KTeat a^ny to the abbot's bout(% ndlird 

' for a short liino, but could never lie inored. 
and dial in lbt> •Feruaalem Cbaiuber on 
■H) March 1413 ('Bolhleliom Cliamber/ in 
/WA. Songt, ii. Ii2). A dyine spoeeh to Us 
■on M Psponod, full of wise and moos counsol. 
Tbo atorv of ibr PrincK of WaW taking Iho 
crown wScnbi' won lying in one of hi« deatb< 
like inuices i* lint found in Uonitrdei 
iCInvniipiea, ii. 33)<-9, nd- Douot-d'Arofi). 
liis body was oonTM'ul br water to Qravaa- 
end.and Ifaeuoe to C«Dl(-(Vurv, wbcr» ttwas 
buriod on TrinitT Sunday In (lie eslrwne east 
of tbo cnthpdral, In ibe norib of tbo ibrine 
of Si. Tboroon. nnd over n^init the tomb of 
Ibu Black I'riiice. IJueen Jiitiii, wlio died in 
H37, wan iiltimatelj buried by Pu» side. In 
lS3'i his (ouibwat opened, and ibe condition 
of ihe Kiioe rvfiited ibc exaggentfii slnriM of 
th«obroninl«r« a* totheravagfawbicti leprosy 
liad mado in him (ArrAaotaitia, xxvi. 440- 
445). The exarl nature of his diaunici baa 
been muf b diiciuued. The cliranlclers speak 
of l»pray,and lie bad lit* wliiobwvre plainly 

' not of an cpiU'iitic nature, a* some mv. It 
is thought by I>r. Xormui Moorv (wdo has 
kindly iitpptivd ibewriMrwith full nolea on 
this lubjocl) that ho fuffhml from valvular 
diwoiioaf lbitheart,acooiDiinnied by syncope. 

' and thnt bi» ' l*iiro»y' was 'herpes labiak*,* 
with perhupa olber affgra vat Ions. 

fly bis BrtI wife, Aliiry Bobiin, Tlenn had 
foursonii and twodntigbt4-T«: first, ifrary. 
prinee of Waliv, who becamn Henry \'i »0- 
coodly, Tbomiu, duke at CInrrnee J*™ Tito- 
uxa] ; thirdly, Jobo, mode in 1414' iJukv ot 

Henry IV 


mwcT^ IludMB^tfon w'n, flnt, IlUncb* 
ty UK). nuiTM i> I-M2 to Lona, coons 
MlaliM mTUm ItUiwi ud McoadlT, PUioBft 
h.UMm laWkmuiMd ia 1401 to Eoe, 

HmUT «na 'Ol • HMM (UMn,* Imi 'wbO 
poyaWw d aad mvyaM ' (IZux. p. 4S). 
lla «■• Mmor and fcimfawiw. provd of hw 
flood looka <' bMM H'^'UWt,' FsuiaiUIIT, xL 
935( llAKKTau, pi. 370; KuiiUM, in FbiU. 
J\tmt, a \S\t, with niriUr tTtti which 
l>M«4 (ill ilcklb.aikilwewiaf;! tliick nulted 
baud of • dwp niMA eoloor. .Ul Uuoagli 
T li>tlil>)wwMbnif«,Mlin,anlui>kix.ileTaul, , 
' aad nm. Tboo^ • iuwi putiMa fton Mttj , 
^ovth, liB iKOtauivd lodg uhmmIiU to iW 
MftwHOTof tanm«pfri«io«d*driwf«. He 
■««iM to luve bocu ■atmllf mtnilnl and 
irwtAU of hu friaaili. but boi-tcfnpcml. 
UiUvr cx|Mri«M uufbt ktin to be nwmdi, 
■MpleliMu, and upon oeoMioa cnieL Bia 
eminien roMoud bit detanmefftmi wgad 
bin u> bad Mti. Ili« coaaciaBn doM not 
mmm U> liaof bi<nn quir* omt in lua Uur 
jr««n, ait'I p^rbapo «liinulat«d ibo curii>ii> 
mUMt h» *huwi>(l in diienauii); doubiful 
pocaUurnfiiiiliy.nLtch dps**** not«s aa 
hia Ri'Mt dLiiitviutbing chancteriilio (De 
JUwilT. Htnr. b. lOU). lie bad a rvuulive 
HinnoTT, wa* ablv 1o foUow a Lbud Hrmon, 
■Nil datifbtnl in tbt Movenation of nao of 
Iclhta. llii niMv (ban doublnd Chaucsr'a 
panaion, pal nmuedtiower.aod invited CbiM- 
line iln Piian to KnfUnd bMaiwe be wm to 
pIcAMd wilb Im p'wIiT', ScboUn vbo bad 
•i^)uj«d bia bounty ipolu atrongly to Cap- 
gnnof hi* kiMwledigauid ability. Ho kept 
to lb* uul bia powpr of Myin)^ nhxp ibiiia. 
Hi* artivit^ ta allaira of italc u aern by ilia 
aiMwi-riiif; pulitiOM binwvlf, and by |!il> «D' 
donanmita in bia own band on Ria'to pHpen 
^ <Pavi.i. f. 7ft). 

Doaiilm ibn Am cdflgy on bia tonib at 
Oantotburr, iborv it a woll-hnnwn portrait 
«f Ilauiry at Wiiidaor Ca*tb>. A portrait in 
Ha llarl. Xu. 1H1« b fiintml m Doyle'a 
•OlGflid lUmrutK*/ ii. 316. 

[Tlin only uM IiioKraphy of llsnry. Capfrarc'i 
Uollliidril'ua IIrllri<-i^)Tp.US~lll.l«)•olhmlll^rr« 
ami liiBirurnIc Tlii> I'liiif rtiivniolcTW fur hi'nvrly 
hiiaory an: Kniglilon. in Twyid'-n'a DinMoi 
Harlplorn* (lo 1 19A) i Annalai Iliurdi Rcffia. »L 
Rilay. pBMi«linlirilhTn>1(*loirn,&c.(K^I»Sar.)^ 
WaliLiiuliiima Iti't. Aofjlmna. rul, ii.,iinil Yju- 
dinna Naualriw. bnlh \n Rolln Sar.; tho Muak 
of Braibaiu'k Lifa of tlichoid II, od. IteBma (lo 
l4(lS)i Atlnm iiC Unk'n L'lironlclo. «d. Thniniiwui 
{(o 1404); Capftiavi-'* CbranlEla «tf Kiiguisd 
(KoIIn Sct.); OoDtinoaiOT of ibe Enlogiam Hi» 

Henrv' IV 

raLBi rSalkaat;) Tbf^MdlM- 

bMMiH iMfla mk wt. SMMtbr. 

dba ChMifw da b TWm <a Man da 

(B^ BkL S«a.); Cnu^ Mattel 

a ■■ JUckaatoa. vaL zs,; Chwahw 

'nil 1 T 1 iTiiji.f r jiiT 

*w rKM«n «t Frm^ Md Jniaal dM 


M. ao. Karvya aa laliMliwai. artlli 
X. K«(itA Mfiaaa, dtMgh BM ataaj» aeenOi^ 
Boua. TWctiaf ■■aaiwMlarBty'ttJWMdai 
■ad aarty ■luiwwi abraal at* otad ateta. 
Dr. PaalT* taboos a(« k«« of tpaeial nils*. 
Kyve«*U*'a Emaara Kolla. aliaiidy Kbmd 
to, ara atoal tola* pebtiifc*d Igr Iha Ckatdta 
Sodaty b; Mm L. TomUb Santk. Fca- tba 
aaity man «< Baavya Mn Iba chief <lironi«l« 
b tba AaMlM Bambi IT. ad. Btlay («ith 
'Aebalpm), Salb S«r. rifbtty dintbad bj ita 
Bdit«r aa tba ' Boat nlsabl* oi f Mi a l of tha 
Mtiad that wa •»« poaaaak' ITototiiaMcly 
•t **dB IB ItM. tafora vkieb panad Cak. iba 
MoiA of EmbaiB. Fnbatct, and (ha Ptaach 
Dhrondar* of BbhaidW lUI bat* d iMppad. 
For iba laat fev yau* *f tba mtga «• bar* to 
Ckll bMk on tk* ce«antlTaly mttm (hwric lia 
Ch{«RB», Ottcrboona (^ad. Hwraa). aad tba 
InBdi SniMona Ctowneo* An^iB iiig—aia 
Hour. rv. tdiiad In Ur. OIIm 1b IttB amom hia 
Hcriptom )l««aMid. Tb* Ibnin writara. aadi 
da FiBSca),WavlB.ChM«i^pMa, I SM-1112, Rolb 
Sar. (who oovbrtiMtabaaf acanaiadfpaniWail 
nloa). and tht Mask of Saian-Daqn arv. *o ftr 
•a they gQ. «f audi mwc MrriM tban for th* 
•ariMryaaraof tba nt|^ AliitlecBabcglcaoad 
rmn Iba LoodoB ChranirUa, nufa aa Ofaoacy'a 
Lliniaidc, *•!. Oairdorr (0*md«> Seel. aJ tba 
Chranida. I ua»-l «83.pebliabadbTStr B. NtMUa 
lal8ST. Bom*(bb|alfO<aataBi]tfMnWriaht'a 
Pb1lli«Bl Poania*iidSan(a(BolfiS*r.Va*i>MMUy 
from Uovar'a nipattita ChroniDb ia n4. >.. and 
Iha many iuipoinant iudkatioM of oopuUr fatfios 
m toL II. T)i* bi<T wnlan. fuch a* Hall and 
Faliyan, mo only be uatd witb otulinn, bsl Baid- 
ya« i* HiDotiBM* oatfal ftom hi* «onaTCtioa irith 
the Poidea. Tkt cUaf ealUelioiu of doeatneola 
ar» 10 be feond (b ^jtavf* Podwa. Tola. yW. and 
Tiii., orifpnalcditinn ; the Kult»i»( ParliamaBt, 
vol. iii.; Uie Sulatct of the Rvalm.Tol. i.; EUiA 
OriKiaal I^-Knra, vol. L; BarkiiiKloal* Com- 
*panduiJcr(fbilUK<T.I; and, abot^all. Nitola/a 
Procrediiis* Mid OtdinaDrviof ihe Privy Conncit, 
Tiiln. i. nod ii. Thu R«v»l nod Hirtorioil XtMrrt 
dorioe l1i> Ri-iini "f Aanrr IV. I399-H*(. cd. 
ninSHton (Itulla S<-r.}, arv itlwi of primnn in- 
portanta. Of modtm book*. Pauli'a <l«acnichle 
Ton Knubnd. vol. v.. i* the falleat warkiui:-ap 
of thi- wliitlr rrairo. Dr. ^^lu^lul'» Ci.ii»t>tuiiatial 
lliatory. iii' l-T2.Iia*tdu a vimi'l'i* nurvpyof 
tba pnrliuncDtary hblDnr,»i>liiin« latialuclorily 
for th" flnl lino lb* potitia.'n] r^lalioni lUid tb* 
(tmggliuDf pnrtifB. Air, J, II. Vr'ylio't Hiaioiy 

of H«iir)rr7>v«l-i. l)9S-llM,uk»Diioff;ivui 
litdMtryitDd niorit. wbii^li inivniigaUa the «>rlic<r 
ftiM Of Uie ni^ with indcli mbiitennu. Il 
•Mftn, ba««TDr. fnm a aoiacvluit tloft<a(<T« ar- 
nuiTMiiiiiil. and Ikc hw pogi* davotfil to Henry's 
•M& e»rtm w* tnll of Mron-l T. I". T. 

* HENRY V(i:iS7-1JSLn. kinji of En|{- 
Unil, rlduKt MB of Hmuj l^^ by IiU lin>t 
wifp, Jlnrr, nceciul iJaiighler aiid culieirVM of 
Umnnliri-j de Itohun (rf. 137:!), Ijut i<aH uf 
llcverard, whs hmn ai Munmoiilli, arcrinlitij; 
to the matt commonly araepiwl daw, oil 

t. TO, In Vital Illutthtim Virtutim, Uunlc, 
WBj Wirxnic <.»■ WiiMwraa [753]). Tim 
in ■tlppartnt by l!i<' nUUnieiit* tliat he U'lu 
in hit>lwualy^:tlliyrar whi^ii lKrca[ii(< lr> I lie 
thion«,ani)H'Hn Ijumtn Aiigii-f (Hlhii^M, I). 
17: rCT-««*iMv««»'W.:i.V7,r.ii-ui.iuCo[.tfi( 
AfnnoriaU'// /iniy I"). Tlit<Ti> in, lndo(Kl,no 
oincl ^vmlmipornrT nxxircl nf Ittaij't tHTtli, 
bat mnntinniit miu{i;bolho(lli«voiuiKiiriiica 
kodof ihn birthof bia brotborTbunuu intko 
narOrotwexpcmMUof llunr fill Wand tnoltter 
b<!twwn30Se|il.l387ftna 1 OeI. l3»^ITn.KB. 
1. IS). AeeoTdxas to a I<ioaI Inulitiuu llmry 
wki niiraed «i Courtflold, uust Xonmmitli, 
whenaoradlekDcgod tob^' hi* vrn.' Inng prn< 
WFVcd. Ills nilTM wan Jolinnnn Wnrmffito 
wbom, afti-r hi^ Ix-eami' hins, lie (crniitRd on 
onntiiiy of L'O/.tiA. i. 11-U). Tli*- rwonUof 
the dachT of Limciuitvr mention that h« waa 
ill in 13w), and during the next two vear» 
thman iKiticM of tmyroeiitA made fors niini, 
titord, uid book« purrhsmd on hi« twhaii. 
InlflBfi thprfinnn Inlli nf n cnarrinff" bi>twn>n 
fatm knid Nfary, daughter nf John fv.diibi! nf 
flfitlany |LoalM:ii', llUtoire dr Brrtngar, 
I'l*niv<!H, u. 71*I--ti. Tliu trnditioii itiat bit 
waa educated at QiiL-L-n'a C'-ulIe^, Oxford, 
waA*t iliu coK of bin illicit iI<M:iry tWufort, i 
* llwii rhanrellor cf OvfonI,' firm anponps iit 
thn 'Cbrnniflfof John IEniiB'(i>d. iffnnio, p. I 
'Mjy UmafoTt WM chmiMllor in l-'i!*''. and, i 
if tllv (latvRinnl bn comKt, tb« iirint^T'ii rr- ; 
MaoCv at Oxford iniuA have fitUi-D in itiii | 

C. Tliofe ia,hovn;vi-r,nOTeeordr*lutiiinto ' 
ry ar. Qu««aV C-olUve, ■lthi>u|i;li a cbani- 
ber oi«r th<- KVli.-inj facing St. ndmiind'« 
Hall, nnw ilritniy^, wm Hid to hnvo bcion 
ocevpivd by Iiini ( HtTTTKy, Antiq. ftifard in 
JVIfalArM>Tn Hfprmla. p. Ol, Oxf. il»t. Sor.) 
That IWuf>m wai In yoate way cliniirnl with 
biiin«pl)rw'fl cdiicdl ion in cot iniprububtu.aDd 
to thia MiHIiiMTlion Itaaufurl's ^ubimuvnt iu< 
flanKvorerliimi&avbediii-. Ilmnrsmothi^r 
ifiitd in JsDU inM.' When hi« fAlh«r wao 
banitihfdialnffrttlii:' vniingwincnivniainodin 
Rnirlnnil.iuid Kinir Itirbard, wlioltvatdliini 
kindly. tnnk him imdir his own chntv''' (-^ \ 
ti Mandi |3I)P a payment of )(V. wnxmndn tu 

the prince, nit part of AOOt yearly which Ui« 
kioit ttranlrdhun for hiji mBiiit>'niiTicn(D>Vox, 
Jrruettfflkr Eicltrtftier.y.'iVi}), Twoncmtlw 
laiLT KiL'hnrd tnolt Ili-nrv with him to Ire- 
liuid. iiud knigliletl liini t)ipr<! (Ckltox, Hi*' 
tiiirf du Ilojl Uk-A/inl in AivAieitloyui.xi..'JOit), 
Wlic.ii (in AiuriHil tbi- iwwe (bal Hi-'jirv i>f 
LnnciuIfT had Inudftd in Yark«htrv recalled 
lUcbord to Kngland, yonng Ilonry and liiit 
ooii«in. ilumpbtvy of [iloiuv*tcr, wnro neiit 
for tafa custody to tbccantleof tViw. Ottcr- 
bounii* [i. '2M) relalea thot the king com- 
pUinud tu (111- priiiut? of hia fathi-r'a truachar, 
tiut Bcci'pTid t)ii> boj** aMuianci> uf his own 
innoconcc. Probuhly Ileory joined Ilia Aithar 
at ITbeatiT (owardi tlia end of 8«ploloW 
(AlIum or Vax, v. •J»(; Ttlkii, i. -ft). On 
11 Oct- be waaiBKiI'iorinnf tboliiiigbtaof Ihu 
new order of thu llntb. on the I3ib he botw 
tlie ijvrord ■ Curtana ' at bin falliur'ii nwona- 
tioa, and two dnya Iat<-r wa4 criiat«d Karl ol 
ChnMcr, I>uhp of Cnriiwall, and Princo of 
Waliv. Ill- wn* tiftiTWanla dnclarad Dulca 
of Aq nil nine, !■:{ IM., and of Lancaator, 
10 yov.(Jlot. I'arL iii. ItiS-S). <hi S Nov. 
tlie common* iK-titionod tbal 'thi- princu may 
not ]iaM forth Irom the realm,' and m the samu 
month propotali were made to tho Fruntdi 
tliecbild-wifenflUcluirdll. Tomthorvith 
hijt father nnd othi^r* of thu royal houaahold 
Henry ttuilerod from nn illnoaa which wa* at- 
tributed lo puisoD, and th«y wen atill aJlinK 
whon, mrW iu January ]4i>0ta coaapiracv to 
dnlhrono tlic ni>w king was dtMwvelvd. )li« 
Idnfi commit led hi«»onk Iotli<>l(cepngoflhe 
maruc and ciii/rna of l^indnti ((iowiia in 
WitOHT's I'oL tS/mg; i. Vfi, IMU Snr.), but 
lbi> daiifRtr wan aoon over. HImbam ( f tin, p. 
tt)iiiaki.-B the prinoft tokejiart in fb« Scottish 
war ill .lune, but thiH in iintiliely, nod be itKirs 
probahly rf iniiiied nt home a« his fatlier's r«- 

!tv*cntnliv« (cf, Wtl-IC, ii, US; and Kllu, 
Altera, tfiid •i-r. i. l-.S, whuro a IpltcT ftODJ 
LordOreyof Ituibin ianddrnuudlohiiB). 

Hmry accnmpniiied !il» fntlier in S«p1«fiii- 
her on a rapid mid into Walen td ropraM the 
nfliflliun. The king lelV the matvho* in Oc- 
lolwr. and tht- priii04 rvmainedl at Chamnr, 
anpamiitly in a poKition «f authoiitr, fai on 
•SO Nov. nil VWUb mbnl* were ituninonod to 

fmutnl lhcmwlvii*tobimlht!re(/Wi?ro,ifiii, 
It7). On 10. Miircb HUl pardon irat^raulnl 
to varioim rvbi'N nt liis n.i|aMt li'A. viii. \>*\\, 
and 'in 'il Miircb I b>.- council niitboriaed bitn 
not jH-rforme'l ib«ir duty. Tlin Inading meni- 
Imit of tlii» prino"'* o.inin-il wm Mxnryl^aiVT, 
the fatnou.i ' llntipur,' with nhnin hn ad* 
«anoetl into Wulei in April, am! oft*T rv 
coTPring Conway C'oallo on 1'8 Slay, wuurvd 

Henry V a 

Uw •■tbaMioa af ib» eonaiir* of JCsriaaMfc 
Mil Cknanoo. Bat PHej •kmtj «(kar- 
wtfib fenipMd, and U* Aeputtm wu tb» 
•i^iul far ■ (nah mtbrnlk On 3D Aag.ltM 
pimoa w«t anlaw J to ailfwia •nta apttB» 
th* nUb r^'WruK, p. 34S), uhI in Oetolirr 
lb kiag joMMd bin in {>erK>n (Csk, pkllSV 
WM Uek ai ahmnlniT, wtian l» ntai^M 
for tlw aitnuuHntioa of WaIm. llwMtBC* 
wMlobBnAaglnFTsiib l.iMfU.nviyomt 
ef IW enUM or thr Ewl of Much, utd 
Tliniiwii Pany. mH of WoreMbrr, ma •»• 
pMBtMl M bia tBlor <.'<>m. /fou /T, p. 901). 
Ob » Maj' I40:i Elonry g*ra hi* «imuI in 
LoadMi tn a pnifn«iil nMnime beCwMB hii»- 
M>\f and Catbmnc, iuUt of ih« TDOiif Kinff 
Kric of Dmiwuk. On ihi^ UUi hwwa* at 
ileriEbanprtcad. and mi tli- -itith at Tatbinr. 
Mmirtrmr Owen UUiodowor |^<). t.] bad bevo 
gaUtfring atrmgtb v WaJ**. ■ixl a tmsh in- 
TMbnlaec«MiiecMMi7nSep4«mb«r. lleonr 
eonBaailed one of thclbrwitiTistaiu of ibn 
Eariiab annr, but (hi^ KtpnditKiB proved a 
fcifcre(lJsK,p.r8;H«i..tfo<./r,pp.W3 It. 
Ob 7 MaKh 1408 tbe priiuw »»« aiipouitwl 
Mr tliv co«ncU to wpr«^i>t hi* (alber in 
Wain* and tbe naicbtH (^Vifcro, rlii. i9l). 
lie fixed bia hNdqnaitrn at 8hivwftb«i7, 
■adMtlf in MavnKBiii imMlrd Walea. Tm 
WeUi nlirvd Motv liim, btii li* bumvd 
Okndowir'ii fvoidvnrei lit S;>van1i andOljrn* 
dyvid wy , nnd ilpvonraltd the wIioIp cynaivd 

01 Edennioa and part of I'oirv» I /Vw. iVi'ty 
CbnM/.ti.flt -i': a iMiar fram llmrr.iUivd 
SlOTwiibmrT. K. May, clearly bolouinnf lo 
1403, Hc Wtlik, p.»4^). OnaOlhjrb* 
wrotA to th«i coaacil tbat kk troop* wM>n 
eafer tot pnv, that the nbeb wen laliiBg ad- 
vaatwn m hi* dilBoultiea, a«l that be had 
boaBureodto>elllu*owti j'wU to tncui tb» 
moat pKuioK Bet<A» (Pror. I'riiy dirnoV, ii, 

02 S). Un li)Jun«th«>ahrriir»af tbubordm- 
muntiiiti vvn ortieftA Ut aond troopa to hi« 
uaiataaoe (Fordtra, viii. 301), and on 10 July 
lh« \^»g offdcTOii I JXKU. to b« wnt him with 
all apwd, in wU* that lie miglit Ih*]i liU 
t PiKipa togothor ( /Vop. /Vriy OMiBiftV, i, 208-" ). 
MMntlme Olondowor was yiMy active, but 
tbp itrincQ could oSer no TMintanpo. 

Plow* of tbn ooiMpinev of tbo I'ercioa 
rvacbml tlie k!n^ at Licliflplit on 1 1 July 1403, 
aitd h« nt onoe loined hi« »on at Sbnfw»Imry. 
Iloiajiur waa cloto nt hand, nml on the itlsc 
lb«dec>4ivi>bntili>wrul'()U(;ht rtt l{iTwick,twa 
niih« ii..rtli nf thi- tnn-n. 'I'hi- princo foujtbt 
braTt-ly j although wciunili-d in the face with 

Henry V 

an arrow, he ctiarii^'d and brah^ the Opposing 

pp, 3S7-8). Shake- 

i>p(<«r«'i atory that he iikw Ilot»7mrwith hia 

lino iAm. Jim. IV, i>p, mi-«). Shake- 

own hand ia anautbeaticalcd. On tbe king's 

• WaiaatNotlbaaihaiuKltlirpriiiCo 
««* Wft at g fa jBib wj with full pnvrarn to 
deal w^ iha Mbah itt Cbaahire, Lieobigb, 
a^ HiMl ( flrrfow. tiiL Wl; rt ifaf. »*£;. 
37 ifL Wrus, p. 3K, wbra it it BUied that 
•tki lOM* b MMaMe toaoTB'). Ilenfj 
■ ■■ ■ a to iMn bMB afaMM fron tba bonier 
dariaf pan «f th* wjaiar. In the oouncil 
WU al LkifiiM MiSSMid »A«g,the gmUa- 
■e* «f Uetdbcd mvartrd that the priiic« 
•aifhi be tbsBbed for iba good prateetioa 
of tbe eaostT, a«d ai U*e aaoDc tim* bboimt' 
vat fraalcd to paj hit tnam (iVoc. iVny 
CWNrd: i 33ft). IbutBg Dfiober IIcDry 
W aUe to acS with vigoor, anil in Novrm- 
ber, MCMBpubd br bb biMb^r Tbomaj^ at- 
tanpCedlOMlbrcCoTtvCVitle. dalDluch 
l40AbswTei«6iHnflerFfard thai (he r«beb 
batau bwned Oraanonl C«>th> in Mob- 
moutJukint, h« bad mM l»rd Tnlhot aniaat 
then, who bad daAatcd iLeWcbh with he* vj 
loai. but b« doea not aewn to h^n b««a pc»- 
*entinpet«ni<a.t.:}4S-£0; OitU.Eul.Uut. 
iii. 40i>. Ab iittrndnl invanon of WbLm 
by tbo Unf vat delayul, in coos^queoee of 
Scropr'c roupincy, (lU 8«pl«iBb«r, vhm 
OortT {^alla wa» at bngtb retbrad. but 
tbe tKPeditMB wa* otbtrwbe wi«ucic<e«iful. 
Ob S3 Sept. tbe king wtMo fron York that 
be had kft his ' fini-bom unn in Wale* for 
the riftMMient of the rvbela.' 

Earlj in 1406 necjMiatiiina wm« opeiMd 
vitlwut nwutt br a inanria|te botwMa ibo 
prince and obo of the PreacS Unit'* dau^i- 
tin. Un 3 April the cimmoae pmynl th<t 
king to thank the prince for hit •eirieM in 
cbaataiUiig tbe lebek, uid bemd that th« 
conunuid on the Welch tnarchca ehotild bo 
etittusled to hiai i_k<A. J^rl. iii. MO) ; hie 
appoiattnrni h Ivnilviiant in WaUm waa re- 
novod two dajm btvr. Un 7 Jun« Ibo eooi- 
nunu once mon' petitioned thai the prineo 
mij^hl Ih' *cot into Wabe vith all bMto 
(A. iiL G7(t), and ho aecotdJBfflr went them 
■hortly after. Itut in Dns'inbcr bo wwbBCk 
in Londuii. Ilu iijuk part in the pmaaw- 
tiou of tbe grcAt patilion againit ibt- lollarda 
(A. iiL A83-4 i SriraBS, Qnul. llUt iii. »»i>, 
and vaH present in the council on 8 the, 
nnd iLgnin on QH Jan. 1407. In llie siimtner 
ho wo* iH(iiiii in Wiiliv, and caMuied Abo* 
rytiwiili- (ilmdowi'r rvcoTtrmi it b]raiUB> 
taftcro noon uft«r, but on 1 Not. ibe town 
OUM noiv Mlr^:ud(^n<d to thn KngliiJi ( Waia- 
IXOHUi, Hut. An;;!, ii. •_'77: t'mlfra, riii, 
4!fl— 41ff-9 wrong dalp). In NtiTr>mb.ip 
Henrr led an L-xjwiliiiuu into Scotland, in 
eiicli forcv ilini tht- StMta yii-lded witliout 
Dffhting, and ii triii-p wa* made for B year 
(MoxsTBKLrr, Ut. i. c. Sb), lie att«nded 
th« parliamenl al CiloucwtM, wh«» Ue wU 

Henry V 



Uunked for hia MrviOM, uid bora witneM 
in favour o( his coiiniii Kdwud, duko of 
Yatb, wIm van Mill imdnr tufpiooii {Sot. 
Pari. ill. lill-laj. 

Glenilonnr'n noncr wiu mtw ivaaing, uail 
IT^nrv I'Kik litlli- or du furt in nucb wfif&re | 
B« «till wi-nt oil. Hnrly in I'KJfl lie wu made | 
WBidoti or tlir Ciniiue jiurl* nnd cnnMabI* 0^ 
Dover. On SI Jun. UIO Tlioimw Hirnufoti 
fq. v.] berame cliaiKvllor, «id liotdihifOJIici- 
mr n««r1r ivo ^tiri. Durioir ibis liuut it 
In pT(ih«blx thai tbn prince govi^ut^d in bi^ 
httiarV niuiM. Tbekin^wasalniMt t^iiriivlv 
ji«abM lij illiieiM, and in thecouneil, whicli 
(hiqiHaUjr nei in his flbwito', i\\f prinixt'it 
name appMrs in the first ]>Iuwi n jipliiinti 
of Thomas nf LancaMor in Jiiiui IJIO was 
addramd to tbeprinM and council (Pne. 
iViW ChokU, L 3W), and a pMilton gnnlvd 
by tli9 liiiM^ u endoxMtt ' rMtpectuatur fvt 
dominum pnncipem rt oonViliiim' | tot Pari, 
iiL 013). In lt»- parliament wtticb met in 
Januarir l-llU lleuiy rigoroufily oppotnd a 
ptttpoaal In conflKato lb« tompondilwat of tlia 
cburcb. Ilii( itmnjf rslitpouit Utmpcr at tbia 
ttfli* i* fnrilinr illii.Htnti-d bv bin conduct at 
on 1 MareK. Ou 18 Marcli Ilenrv waa made 
opuin <>f OalaiM. At bome,b«side*tb«reli- 
fF>a«a ijucatMiB, tbenr were difficnltiR* a* in 
Uui uDivetaiiy of Oxford. Arundd claioKnl 
the ri^bt of Tixitaiion. and vnu oppouid bv 
ihs cbanoollor, lEicbnnl Courtcnav [i). v.^, 
wbo bad pnviaiulraecuredtheL'ooiltNTriicM 
of Ibo nruwi' ( ^^ lUtXSB, CbnniMi, iii. 3S9 ; 
Olr. ^tlet, ]i. (>S: Mtmimetila Atitdfntita, 
i. 2GI). CiMirtena)' liod to fir* wav, btit 
th« aHair Itl to • brracb botwDcn ll«nry 
and iIm arrli bishop, who h«ncAforth abanntiNl 
Ittowvlf f ram tbt couociJ. Tbumaa of Lau- 
CMtfT aboiil tbu Minp tini« qu&rrcllfd willi 
tliii lU-aiiforta, hoi) as a TMult irit.h bih oblfr 
brother also ( C%r. Oilf. p. 112 ; Ctlfndnv Hoi. 
l\il.y,'il^V Til 1411 ibi> lluki' of IturRundy, 
beins banl i>n-b<id liv tbn Aricuriuio*, ap- 
pUad for help fnim VlaKlnfid: tbo 'Brut' 
•Xprmwl* MTU llial (far nppli cat iun wot made 
to Iho priu™ {Jiarl. MS. mH. t. 478 *; cf. 
ai>o rixBuoBY'it Ciron. p. lOU). Henry over- 
cianuilit*fBibi!r'Bn^luolanec<i'Jt.|. and inStp- 
Inmbvr an DXpeditioo was d>-«pHtrluid lo tbn 
diike'a aMiatacKW under Oilbnrt tJmfrarillc, 
oatl t>r Kf mn, who dnfnatnl thu Orli-nniat!! 
at St. (Houd on !1 Nov. Abuut tile aamv 
(inMi nrwpoMU wliicb camr to notbinii; w«rt- 
aiaih) for tbo prince'* marriap- wilb a di»ig1it<<T 
ofBnrgundy [Proe. Pn'rp Cmn^K iJ- lfl-2*). 
Miwntimi! partiameni m^^t at Wi-aiminttrr 
aii.tNtn-. 1410. iwdlbe king uniLrTAriindd'* 
inflnunM d«t»nDin«J lo f[nt rid of the Beau- 
fort*. On ibc olbcr hand a proposal iraa 

almoit cwtainlj nwd^ pfobab); on tha ttm 
day of the acaaion, to indiico Ihn king to 
reaign hia crown in the princi-'i TaToiir. It 
i» ai|{niflcnnt ibal vtIipd in M^tt Ilnnry 
Bcauforl was cbari.'cd with hui tug conspired 
againat ibe prince, and incitMl biin lo aa> 
aume the crown in lits fatlier'A lifpiinii?, he 
preserved a diarreet aileaoe on \\\e lat^r 
jMtinl [tltit. Pari. ir. ^"98; lUu., p. 133; 
rbr. UUfM. p. 113; Omt. Bui. Hi,l. iti. 431). 
Tile kiDK ■iidik'nantlr refuaod to abdimtn, 
and Du & Jan. 1-tll! Thoonaa Bwufort gBVo 
way to ArnndeL At the tame time tlie 

rriiice willidtvw ftotn the cuuiicil, end un 
r) Fi>b. r>'cen«d pavmeni for bu aervitwa. 
Ilia place wa* i«k*n by bia brotJier ThoiDsa, 
who became Duke of Clamncf; the np|^ 
tiatioiia with UuTKundy VMf dT<ipiN>(l, and 
II IrvatT waa concluded wiib Urlaans in 
Mil v. an a mult of which nu expodition wva 
Kt-iit to Uaienne under Clarenou in Aaiput. 
Tlie Monk of St.-I>{-n7s allcoea tbai llenTjr 
«nditnT(iiiriNt InilnlnybisbrolW'sdepanore, 
nnd onlj yiflded to hii fnTb'.>r')i reprevc-nla- 
tioos ^itel. St.-JJeHifi, ix.xii. .131. HMuya 
liMit of power did nol uiliifr biaent-miiv, wbo 
cbaiK«) hiui B'itli havui),' devoted money 
which was intended for the payment of the 
garrison of Calaia to hi* own tuo. Tho 
HCCtisalinn wan, bowcTnr, almost at onoedis* 
provnd { I'rtx. Priiy Voundl, iL 31 ; MeTnRR, 
I. :.';n SI). In 1412 tbu princr< is luudly 
miTiiic'iiiid. (otcept a* mcejrmg pRjninnl for 
eippiiMTi iucurrad at Calais and in Wales, 
He was in Limdoo in Jolj. and a^iun in 
Septembi-r (CArnn. Zmu/on, pp. 94-^). In 
tliv spring nf 1413 thu king wiu unable, 
owing to failing lu'^allh, to transact any bilai- 
nnw. It ii to thi* tini" ilint. if true, the 
well-known story of tlii^ princv ciiiiuiug ivto 
tbu king's cliambL-r nud laking away the 
crown OH bu lay in a treucu belnnga; tt fliat 
appear* in MoiiHlrrlel (ii. KM-U). 

On ^Marvh 1413 Henry IV <^ied,andli'M 
■on niiociWiMl as king. On Poation Sunday 
<ft April) ho wan crowned at WaMpntnatcr, 
in the nidft of u violent anowslonn. Sotne 
Tegardad tbia aa an omen that the new king 
liad put off the winter of hla riotwia joutk 
(WaLaiKaiUM, //•>(. Angl. u. SM), and Ibe 
incident It made tka oocMion by numaPOua 
rbniiae in M—itt'i' rhrtnift~r-ii bin ■rfKniinn 
to tlic cbronc. Klmbnm >tnle* tbal on the 
night of bin fatbrr'm dnth tba new king 
vinit^d a r#cluaeatWistmiiut4ir, andiohim 
made twnfMsion of hia former life, and pn>- 
mifod amondrnMiI; but tba moat qieoifiG 
cbargni which be brings waintt him ara that 
' bo wan in fai» ynnth a dilip^nt folJQWnr of 
idle practice?, much given to insLrumeula of 

Henr>- V 


Henry V 

inii-ic, anri tirc-d with ih" titrcbes of X'eaiu 
htrnelt" ( f'itij, pp. IJ, I'j I. Anorher fiftet-nlh- 
centuTT account aa.y*: 'la his Tiuth he hod 
l)t>cn wil'l and recklesf, and ^parul nothing 
of his IiLsl* or lie^ire-i, bill a^ fin as he wa.- 
crowued siidilcnlT li>' wn> rhniv.'vd into n 
Dew man. and all bi, inf'-iit was to live vir- 
tuouiilj' (OitI'M. ,W.S'. Cliiiiil. A. viii. f. II ; 
Bee aim 'Wal-mnciiian. u. s. ; Livii'^p. 4: 
Capgkave, dr. p. *>■■•: Hardvno. p. ."J7l': 
FiDIAS, p. .""). It is clear that Heiirv'^ 
conduct a? {irince WO' tnarkeil bv-i'mi^ voiilh- 
fiil foltii-.-^; ■ihc_v wen', howerer. ibe frolics 
of a bi|^h-!ipi riled voiiiii; man. inUiiljr^ in 
the open uir "f thv tiwn an-l camii: not tbe 
deliberate pursuit of vicinus excilemenl in 
the fetid HtmOjpli--ri> of n court' (."-ruBBS, 
Coiut. Iluit. iii. 771. Hi* vouih was spent 
in the batth'-field ami council chamber, and 
the popular tradition ( iiumortalised br 
Sbalie<(peare I nl' his riotous iind di»Jolute 
conduct is not supported bv any contem- 
porary authority. The most strikinfr inci- 
dcDt in tbe tradition, bi^ d>'fiaace of (jas- 
coigne and hid committal bv the judge lo 
prison, firat appears in Sir Thomas Elyot's 
' Goremour,' l-Wi, whence it «as l>orTowed 
in itH main outlined by Hal! i CAiynir/r, p. 4li: 
lIoLiSKHGD, p. 54:f, where it i' made the 
occajiion of tlie prinei-'i- dJsmissiil from the 
council). .Shakt'f^peure nblaineil his know- 
ledge of it from I lull. It i< impossible that 
such a story should luive e*ca]»'il notice for 
over a century, and the addition supplied by 
Sbakespeiire [■Srrinid I'art of JIfiiri/ IJ',iii;1 v. 
8C. 2), lliut the jirinci- on becoming kinir liade 
tbecbief justice' still hear 1 he Iki lance and I he 
Bword,' is contrary to facr. for shortly after 
Henry's accession to the throne on '29 March 
Sir William Ilankford ~i[. v.] wn.s iippointe<l 
ro succeed (iaflCiii(i7(e,«1io naturally vacated 
bis office on the acccasion of a new king [see 
under Gaijcoione, ISik William'. 

So far at h-ast as r^ards hi^i puhlic life, 
Tlenry'a career was consiatent tliroughoiLt. 
In the administration of state atl'airs be had 
always identified himself with tbe policy of 
the Lleaufnrls, as opposed to bis father's fa- 
vourite adviser, Arelibishop Arundel. On the 
day after his accession {21 March) he made 
Henry IleauforC cbancullor : the Earl of 
Anindel was at the same time appointed 
trea-'urcr, no doubt with tbe iatention of 
conciliating his powerful family. 

The parliament which had becnsummoned 
previous to Iho death of ITenry ZV became 
tbe lirst parliament of bis successor, but did 
not meet till Iii May. SapplieB were pro- 
mised to meet the eipenxes of government, 
and complaitit was made of the weakness of 
the late reign (Rot. I'arl. iv, 3-14). Henry 

on his part granted ■ general pardon : nego- 
tiations were opened for laneoming the youag 
heir of tbe Percies from the Scots ; the £ul 
of March was given his liberty, and taken 
into the roval confidence; while the remains 
of Richard II, Henry's earliest benefaclor, 
were pven honourable burial at Westminster 
in Uecember. These judicioua acts showed 
that the enmiiiea of tne past reign were t» 
be forgotten. Tbe first year of the new rngn 
was chleHy remarkable for tbe movemrat 
among the loUnrds. The lollard leader, Sir 
John Uldcastle. on refusing to accept Arch- 
bishop Arundel'scitationiWas arrested by tbe 
king, and brought before ibe archbishop on 
a ^?ept. His ciindemnation. after a longdis- 
cussion.andafniit less interview with the king 
hiaL>i'lf. was almost immediately followed by 
hU e^ape from the Tower (Wauisobak, 
Uitt. Atti/I. ii. :.'Hl-7; see Pauli, GetchiiMe 
Ttni£ny/aiid.y. Sl-7). Allefforta torecapture 
him were unavailing, Ihe threatened lolUrd 
rising began to take a practical shape, and a 
conspiracy was formed to seize Hearv and his 
brot hers while spending Christmas at Elthain. 
This was frustrated by the king's hasty re- 
moval to Westminster. The lollards then 
called a great meeting, to be held in St. Giles's 
Fields on 7 Jan. 1414, but Henry averted the 
danf.Tr by his resolute vigour. The gates of 
London were closed to prevent any diiiaffected 
citi)!enspaj:sini,'ont, while the king in person 
occupied the fields with a strong force. Some 
minor actors in the movement were arrested 
and punishe<l. tJldcastle himself escaped for 
the time, but was capiiirwl and executed 
during the king's absence in France in 1418 
"see under .Ii>K!(, Dikb oe ItEDtOKD, and 
Olkastlb, sik Johs . 

I'he parliament of 1414 met at I^eiceater 
on .'iO April ; its chief measures were a new 
statute against tbe lollards, end the confis- 
cation of tlje alien priories. .Vccording to 
one account, Chicliele, who had succeeded 
a war with France as a means of foiling the 
lollards in their attacks on the church (ILall, 
Chrmi. p. 4il : a similar statement appears in 
Cutt. MS. Claud. A. viii. f. 11 6, whetB, how- 
ever, no date in given, and Cliichele's name 
is not metttioned, but the bishops are alleged 
to have urged the war as a means of divert- 
ing Henry fVom an intended reform of the 
church). Hall's statement is undoubtedly 
inaccurate [see under UmcEtXLB, Heshi], 
but it is probable that the king's claims on 
France were broached, for on 81 Mav the 
bishops of Durham and Norwich, with Ki- 
chard, lord Grey of Oodnor, were accredited 
as ambassadors to negotiate for a peace with 
France {l-'a-dera, ix. 131). Kegotiationa had 

Henry V 


Henry V 

b«ni OMUMd in llw prariou* jrotir, and pro- 
dohIn bmI boon mmde for k ninmft|[« batwcito 
Honrjr tnd Ottboruie, dauffhler of Ch vl«(t V I 
(it. U. »-0, W, efl-9, 9l. 103-6). but ibio 
pmboMy wu ihe first dDfinLle Hr\i tahMi to- 
«r»rda aMerting thr Rngli^li kin^s righl to ' 
the FVsndi thmn«. Th- cUim to the cmwn 
irwislino*t Bl ontvwnivcd without pn^udicr 
lo llmTj'n ritthi*, but tbr ICii|iliii!i nlill de- 
Biitmlnt ,NonBondy,'ri>u«in<%Anjou. Miunf. 
•ad I'onlliicu. Uyi-tti-T with ntf the Inntla 
C«l«l b_v ihr IrmlT of liivtigTi)- iu full nave- 
Kogntv, CBlherines liand in marriage, end a 
lBif« cinwer. TbsM demands weiw loo «xtn- 
ragant fi^r the FVanrb to accept, ■■vcn in ill" 
th«n diatroetf^d condition of ibi>ir countir, 
n-i(b ita nudkinK and tt« ini»liiip fi-uds. l>i>- 
i^iite tbf farioua cmbflKiin wbicU wHnI to 
•nd fru, no aiptx.'nM'iit was a>me to, and llii> 
ininiineiii.-e ot war «-a« tb« occaoion forsuin- 
■Mwins Ibe Mcond jinrlinini>nt of tliri ycnr in 
NoVMnMr. "nieOTIalA* gnint»j lilx-nil mip- 
n|i«», but xofieA ibn klnjc to ptinui' bin <-o- 
doarimn farpHai-t'.ftnJthcniigotiBiioiuiwBi* 
■ooorijinpljr oniinuifd during tli<^ spring of 
1416. Tlu^ Fmicli were koxiuiid lo aiwrl 
ibe VBr.aml iu April a uat* vr»» conclndi^, 
whjrb w»« flft^rnanrda pmlongrd till Ifi July 

J OR tltnv iu^i>tiutir)na nr. ocpofliallv Jlrl, 
•t.'I>fma, xxxt\. Vi. xxxx. :i2, 31, ixivi. 
1-6), Uetirj cluarly Mpi-cU-d t.lio vias to 
bmk out ill lli« eummfr; on 2 Feb. HIO 
nwainiKB urerv lakeii fur the aafe^uardioK 
of t1» AM* and thn maiwlMa of V^lit* and 
ScocUimI dutio^ thq kinf('» abMiDOc (/Vw. 
PrJiyCbuiMv/iii. 140-7); and during ibi-twat 
fcw moBlkM eommiMioiu Wfiru iAiu<>d to maki- 
■U B«M'»«arv propamlionii for thi- iiili-odud 
cxuudilion (Ftrdfrn, \\. WXl, 21."). IJlM, ■JltV-tf, 

■£V<. aW>-3.i»l|. At, a coiincil lipid on 10 
and 17 Apiil lWuri>rt aiinouiiO'd the king'* 
int^^lton lo make nn rxpnlliion for the rt- 
CVmry of bia inlw^itam-c (I'A. ix. ^222 : iVor. 
iVf*jrCb«uic<7, ii. ir>r>), onO Ihi- Duki- oflW- 
fiird wna md» ncvnl in Lia ubwnci'. in 
Jun« Ilpfuy loA ].ondun fur WinchMt«'r, 
iTb«T>.' at |Im> «ni) of tlie lanntli bi- KCi-ited 
final ionfli«tMl pmbawT from ili^ Frwncti 
lunK; ibi' w«ll-knoii'n alikrr of iJin daupbin 
Mddinf; him a barrel of Irniiia bntb nppcnrw 
in conti-nipornry autlionli<ii { lAhrr Mrtriai'. 
c. xii. ; Lt»o*1i; up. (.*ro«. /.onftwi. pp. alO- 
917), bill till- ucoasiua to wbicb it »bould be 
rtCtmd, if iru<i, ia luici-rialii. Save for a 
abort 'iait to I,oniion. Ilvnr^ apcnt Jiil^ on 
Ibe coaft Ripnrinli'oding iho prcpnmtiona, 
ud devoting aDPcial ntiunlion to thr llc?I. 
Almiit ilie midair date oioiiih ■ danKi-roiu 
tniMvinioy was (liacortrwl ; Kiclmrd, tart of 
OaatPiidM, He«uy, lord 1« Scrope, and Sir 
Thevaa Oraj ot iteton luid fon&«d a plot bi 

prockim tbe Karl of March kin^iDimpdiatuly 
on Henrv's dtpnriurp: thi-ir inti-nlion wn« 
ri'vi-ali^d, it \a nnid. by the younK oiirl him* 
ft-lf I Wii'Ris. ii. I7«). Tbi- thnvpnijcipnl 
cmjipimtorB wi-rt' txwuted early in Augiifl. 
but IIi'urY $lio«'ei! no r««i'Dtiii>i«it for bin 
coQida Jlitn-h.n'lioat T.bc nuine limfi rvcrived 
u grnnml pardon (fialera, !\. '■VKl). 

lleiuj pmbnrhM at I^]^■h•'st■■T in n aunll 
ve«iir.-lon7.^u};.lil6: onllii-IOtbh4iw«itan 
b<mnl hif rLip, ihi- Trinily, nnd Di-xt dny ilie 
exiM-'litiou Miilvd from I'orlsmouth iOrtta, 
p. 19; on iheee dates we Nicolas, Aj/ineonrt, 
p. 189). Tlio army conaiM^'l of i'/itK) men- 
nt-arma. with ttirir alTondnnt*, nnd i-ighr 
tbouutid nrclif m; llicn- ronT Imre bwn tbirty 
IbouFinnd mvD oil told; rlie tlii'l nutnbAml 
nliiiut flf^iH-u hundrvd sail (ifr. [<p, 47, 4tl, lUt, 
»3.t-IK)). On lliel3lblli(<*'t)ivd>[ioQ reacted 
tb^ Kpinri, and rn-\t laorain^ tb^ ami}' dis- 
i-robnrk'-d without opjmnition. Ilonry^ flrtl 
■•nr* wn.i lo luut o prnrlyvmnTioii forbidding 
nil violeticu on pnin of dt-uib. Afti>r tbr»ie 
dull «|>iful in nit^iinuoilrinit, liege vnu laid to 
Uorlltriir on tbL- 17tb, llmry taking up lii> 
]<0(<iiioii At Oravill^; ibe lown surrcMMvd, 
nftw ftnobfiiinAt"d(ili!ncc,oni.'!!!epi(Ort«ta, 
pp. 1B-»1: W.itTni![.ii. 11^-4). Onlbe-J»tli 
a Iicrald waa wnt to tbednupbinduillrnging 
bim lo appear witbia <.-igbt daya nnd d(«i<k< 
tbe diiipiilr br singla combat wilb tbo hipg 
{I'aJera, ix. 313. when? it ii dated Itl Sept. : 
bntweNicniJis.<1jFtn^ii/-/.pIi.7l-'^). \Vbun 
tlwi liin«('iplr4<d witlioul any annvrtr.a oiun- 
cil of war wu li^M on '1 llct. Tlie Ciigliali 
bad aiiltrrrd b<-nvily during tbp ai«ce, cli lelly 
from diwflap; tb" mnjority tbanloro uig«d 
■bat Ibe army iboiilil ut nncp n-tum honi« 
by»ea. I]enrT,bowi-Tpr. di'iridcd on tbo bold 
atep uf inarcking to(.'nlBi9 br laniL I'Urvnco 
WM sent back to England in diaisc of llie 
HiM-l and the sick. a parricon wuaMlin llor- 
llmiT, and tht> re[DiUDder,niimbi?ring perliaiiH 
liflivn Ihoumnd men In all ( l'*t>i.t, v. Ill; 
Nicous. Affincourt, pp. 75-6), aiartod on 
tbeir adveiitunma tunroli on 8 i)ct. 

StUjtl soiuu shiriniFbing at Munlivilliera 
aDdF6canip,Arijiiiuwahreacbedonlbe lllb; 
next day uiftv v/oi nn I'lirounler witli ibe 
garrlnon nf Kii. Ilr-orrbad inliin<l«d 10 croM 
thi! Somme al lIlBntbc-laehp, u bis RTnit- 
iinindfiilhpr hnd di>ti» bcfon' Crr^v, but Ix-inf; 
folwlj infonutui thnt Iho Frttncli bcid that. 
poanM Lii foresi, derided to matcb higbtf up 
tlie nvn- (St.-Kiwt, i. -JS2). On tb« IStfi 
ibeRnglialirracbrd AblM't ill*>,biit the bridges 
were nit broken down, and a Mmng force waa 
BaH-mblecI on I benppiisiti' bank ( f/t'tti,^ >1fl). 
llenrT aucoi'dinj;ly marched on hy Amiens 
Mild Dovea lo Corbie, oiitiidu which town 
iherewuasnun ahirmiiJi on the 17tb; on 

f cnry V 

Henry V 

"4 ifaHvlnat 

_>' - - ■■— ib m acBBW. Hie 

Mrtah tafk M ^ A 'VH i nwil 


|. "A la Sglrt. and in- 

l! 'Ina iMa« Iw would 

' -^ U- tbUk.* .„ U, bag'* 

' £t^ t^ Bwuli WW nwimnl 

■^ t'AfMw.. Uw {-iraiA rauriw 

; *nBy ftdtMmd. Oa OwSSnS 

" '' '<4»Ttll>B, and oa tlw 

' wUcii. tha >dn»ond 

— •■—^<AYvA,hritiglVftr- 

™~***1 *»K«I PITW WM no »MlBltr 

■«^aj* (aan in to rqnn ibu tb« 

■«a^ la iMnaaabn (A. 

■■■ hHitii bu (new Mtd 

lAtiAtt, r*fa«kuii: Sir 

uv n«Mb>d Uwt lki>v 

Wl uu»un tlouMid of Uhwr 

u^ Um 44 no work l«-d*r ' 

' ■•«, f. 4"). lUit 

A « iilinnt K((lii- 


I 'IT tba priwMcr* 

' 11 I&kr on 

i:.»ti, A/lil'- 


pMi >ir at 

'U-* wilh 


' ' - iiLiBtan 

to tJtMH dJrialeiW, BMBbniiM M ihn 

' ' ' Tbrjr w«Te iM*B»'il 

'-■hui4 iJie olkrr, in « 

'- I'F iIm> fvoIuIj'io* of wi 

, wtiiU [)wir diflkrullin wnm 

•hummIvv weight ar iJinir 


< rain {icvKiXL do* I'h- 

f^T.-ltiwr. i.a.W). iifill.!' 

. nxHiBtml on ■ ainall icn-r 

'U a nwcBiRo'Rt crown in 

'" (lw> ordivin* of liia Iroofia 

I. -Jll). Tlu- Kii«!ish amjr 

till wivule wi'llh M iha Arid 

n I ill ih« oentn w>4 ilii- kiiiir. 

t ib" Ihiknof York, (in ibn Icfi 

,(i HiH uraluMV, povided wilh 

III a |ialia>d«,w«n> pltcod on thn 

iliii llaiilu wi'tv imitMiad b^ 

.i-M hH <"■ rnulv ifmrj iiU(l« • 

*iN«tktft toitlJBi; Mcnrdincto' 
oDHt W «MdM«d tku • far M l£u 4q iWa ( 

■Bj ■hiiiwiM.mJ wnn] Lounwtni 

, Hm>t (i«w ikw«4ff. 

whlun tm^lT pM*«,lbe Fnnefc *■■ iad>4 
forward to moot tbcaa ; tbe wcbeu b>b«d. 
and pUntinc Ottit *ukM nM tlie FHBcfa 
cBvalr^r wnk • i«UrT nf atraw*. Fnratinf 
a* riMff wvifrin of 'thaif aglana cni' tlu 
PmHrh tba MiTa«iaR«, bat fnanil}- Uuar 
bona* baoRB* BBaiaaagaaMa tkroo^ tba 
INMS rftWir wauiidiL,ana tbeeoufiMUn ww 
wnaplnlad In tba iaam naaa which, |ii«i^H 
an fraabafand. aiadeaU aiUOBiNstonllTtB- 
)KMaibln. 'n«aaatbi>FTeachliiiawsTvt«dlb* 
ankrt* Uuvw Mide Umt bow*, vtd lb* Ei^ 
Iwh. Mrikik); ri^ud Ut witb tbnf cwonfa^ 
SMV T)>i> l»ab* of Atmron. wbo eom- 
ina»d«d iki* di<^ua.*adMraar«lla rMlan a 
ibp day by a furiraia diUfv, is wbicb Iw 
htnka ibp Kwliib lia« and kinuJi dowa 
llnaipbn-TofnioucMter Willi hui own band. 
flnarr nibad farwvd to proUMt hi* bratfanr, 
•t>J b'taualf nOHTDd * Uow wUdi faronxbt 
\um In bia ImsM. AbaMe waa. huwerer, 
f<ir(*d M yiMf and waa alain bribre lleaij 
muld MTV bim. Tlie third divinoti of iba 
Fivnrh rrt noiul ni>d lUibralKa. aad the Eiif- 
luh •'orv firapirinfc to r«aew tW baUU wlifa 
aiwwMffo w«> brought tba**6«hfoinrbwl 
aitadmd tba nar; ui rvalitir it waa atdv a 
•iiiaU badjr nf pMuwiitrT irlio wer« ptimoer- 
iiit'b''Kiirfiibaaip. b"ultb>iUiMrorM,>nnd 
lamini-Bl. anil Himir ordered all ilie prv 
«n>n In br >lkia, (inlj ■ few of Ibv nor* 
illntiTwiw <«ra|iod (hnatbe naMaov, which 
WM Fo«n|ilKi(Kl faaforo th» diMonty of tbo 
mwiako. Thr Fit^ch Hiad« an attrinpt lo 
lakn ailraniapoif ibiaoMtarttmitj-.tJulthuir 
tbini liii* waa fut to Kghx an«r a dBtiillory 
ami dUatgaaiwd fmiiUbw. Tb? victoi; waa 
«iiMip1(««> I thn barila had only la4i«d thiM 
bnura, bill the *laa([1ilrr wa« T«ty $nUk. 
Tlir (nta) Kmirb loM laaj ban raachod t«n 
ttioimnil, in which war* indnded maaj 
pTHHK orMniDrnoii tb«i J>ri*oiwirw wcfw aUo 
nuiDiirDUii. On tlM> Kncluh miIc the loaa ii 
III \\j Hino wri|(«> a* low u fourUea. hf 
.•Itrmy and MoartnlDl ■■ bigb as aixt«<ra 
hundtnd'; llio Dukeor York Mid tlie (Uti of 
KufTnlk wpn> aaiong the tlain (tea Nicnt,u, 
.iyinnmrt, ppi. ISS-JB). 

llnirr ffiuauiml oo lbs fiald till araiung^H 
ho ini)uirr<l tbo naao of tbe neifhbounBg^| 
cwlld or AgineiHirt, and ordMwl thn battle 
to be called aflur il. Tbe Eagliih wen too 


Henry V 


Henry V 

IMtnd 10 Httciiipt ri ptmuit, Mid nc <liuk 

hdimr tfiMn to Maitoiu.'etlm. N^xt tnorn- 
ibujr TMained ihcir nurcb Vi CAlaU, 

Mtli wm» HiBOli*(l on 20OL-t.; tb<'n> llniirr 
tT<laain<>«) till HI Nov., whnn ho crota-d In 
Da*«r. On tW 3%il Ii« vnrvnxl Linitdcm. nnil 
WHi<Koivi>d by i)i>- rititciu with a ffoqfoota 
pagCMil ; hn huniwir n<d'' in Hmplu attire lo 
gir« tb'ului Bt 8t. I'aul'fl &i»l \\ MtmintWr, 
Uiii iriMild not !(■! tliri dviitfd lii^liixa whicli 
be had worn al A^ineourt \jv ■.'xliiliiMd to 
llici pmpti!. r*rluim(-nl lifld nln<n<l^ m'<t 
mMbr IM ivgvBI llndforvl nn 4 N<it., nnd 
naffctd itJl (^itud<' by (["intinR ih» \ixa(f 
Xh» cwrtcmi on wool, and taiiiiaitc uid puuiid- 
Kgc for life, tofTL-tln'r vriili a Ivolli and fif- 
IMMlh (Sot. I-arl. iv. 62). 

Gxrvnt for B (nv WfT-b-i ITenrjr ifaiaiDml in | 
Bittland till July UIT. V&rioiui nutttT* I 
bo«h of h<nno «nd tonign policy mjiiirTd i 
•MtlotncRt ; old otiniittii* wim- boalrd bf tbr- 
final rmtitutioii of tbu heir* of Monlimtr, 
I^ercy, and llollund to tbcir wtalw nud 
faTOiir;anatt«iiiit t')(iHi'irvtbBWeljli bopl-T . 
was made br au}>oiuiiiii; ^ir Oiltivn Talbui > 
to Imt witii lu« lA«t of Glrodowr'R (ujh | 
porters (/Www, ix. XV}) -. Sootlnod wan t>> 
w MCiUvd tnr nrmnging (or t^p n^ll«*u of 
W foanjc hiii((iaiiw9 (it. is. Ili): while 
nufiQliationa wer* opvni-'t »-iili ino»t irf Iho 
C'lnliii^iilal ui>wiir« uiid ii number uf li«atiM 
ooncludedlA.ix.aiU.4l(><i;>). Itut ili«cbi»f 
avMit of llie yi!«r (HI'i) wa» tV vijiI -it 
K^liuniindi king nf tho Itnmnn^. Sigiamund'o . 
miiiD piirpowt WM to coniMTt ni(«iu fur trr- 
minatinfi tin- cchiua in ihu cliiiri--h. With 
thii i-ibjt-pl lli'iiri'waa in ihi- fiillif»l nrni- 
pBiliy.aiid lEi>lH-rt llalliun fi)- v.], ibu bisuup 
of ^iuliabnry, wbu hud bwn ftni at rh<^ i-lii^f 
IWiJi repiwentiitlt* lotlii-cQiincilof Cnn- 

II - in14l4,lui4 bwiii iimnirl'xl to con- 
ii irmty will) SiBifraiind ( I'd. ii. l(i7-8), 
■ml hiul actra In uoimciwilli bim doringthn 
wrtlcr «Mui(ini of Xhr coiuidl in I4N nnd 
nil', Itnt Afjinconrt lud nutile Henry thi- 
■rliiif.-r of tnutrfrn RuNJW, and iIit' Cinnclu' 
*inD of |imov bcln'ei-u Praiu« nnd Eiv,'Jund 
Hefnctl MMntjal t-i a iprminatioti of llii' 
iH'hUin. To pToinnlfi iH-ari' Sig'iuniiiid lind 
t I'nriil in Martfi 1410, nnd wlim bi> 
I' ^1 KnuUixl in tb» follnwinff iiioiiih he 
bfiiaKbl witLbiin an coAtatytrom Ibit b>mcb 
king, On I'T Aj<rilluilaait«dat l)»v«-,aft<rr 
Kqiftaaly d^rlnnng that be claimed no lighla 
M nmperw Iti England. Negotialiona ireni 
It mee ttmrnnnonl, but (here wm no actual 
«Mi*tionof bo»iiliti<'A IVirwt, the Knfflifch 
•OBMudorat Mnrlli-ur.tnndi; araidin March, 
WmI in Hay tbit Fn-m^h rvtalinlnl by plun- 
dMinK thr aoutlii-ni coaal of KngUnd, and 
by Uyiofc ni^nv lo Dortteut. Iltatry bad pro* 

ToL XS'I. 

iH)«.-(l iin'oiiiinaiid tbo PXpeditiiio wbifij 
BedfiM'd rctliuTed Hurflfur and di-f'-nt- ■- ;:.. 
Prencb fle«t in July, but iru diisiiudod by 
•Si^inniiiid. All tbin Itint^, liowvvvr. dd)^- 
li»tirrn* Imil Invn ^ing on ; Williiunof linl- 
liuid I'limr ovrr in Mar To liwi*). ^i)fi>-miiiu) , 
and an vn*r>y of tha Dnhr of ftiirniinity wan 
aim pmtnnl. H^nry woo willing to atcopt 
tbo miNjiniion of Siainiaiind nnd n iriici> for 
tbiiv yuan an »militlon of nrlaiuinK Hnr- 
fl>-iir, liut thenecAiiaiiona prfivnl iiirili-ciuiil 
owing to the tnHii^nco of tJi" CVioni <<f Ar- 
mn^ac (Ilrt.St.-Tintift, iixvili. K~t). I>r>a 
timoa (p. A.12) tayt tlint lb" Fn'orh lin{ipil 
to rrop mare ndTontago from war. Sigi*. 
muud n!«mt«d thoir action and <Icl«miln>'d 
on an Biigliah alliance, wbich Henry readily 
aereed lo. A triialT wa^ BWordin(fty cnii- 
cliidtxlnl Cniit^fbiiry OB 1& Aiifi.. Si^'i^inund 
plodding hiniiipir to luppon Ibo jiut clwmx 
of hi* ni'W Blly( l''rJrTa,\x. .'JTr). Tlictnoi't 
imp'irtttiit fjii'ilt of (bi* oirnvmitnt won that 
it If] din-rllT to tlic^ termination iif I b<-»cUism 
by the election of Martin V; Kir Henry it 
wiu n furtlMT triumph. In.-eau>e it Mpamt«d 
Sigi'i'i^iind front lii« Hocit-iit allianoe, and lo- 
cnri'd htn inilii>mn< in imliiriog tli« Goltoet^ 
to withdrair ibi* nid of thair float frotn the 

/V-iVy tVjimri/, ii, 238). At tboendofAuffiut 
yiKiamiiiid wuDt otm to Calui*, where Henry 
rejuiuvd him on 4 Sep*. The Besot intiiMia 
were onue mor» T«n«wed. anil amDaandon 
irow- il«!ipiit€b«d by ilie I'lvnoh kin^, wbi> 
ronrliidi-d n Iraci' to laM till - I'l'b, 1417 
(Knir/w, ix. 38»-r, 337). Itnrfnimly liiid 
oliMi itpiii Binfaiwuuidors. and on I I let. ar- 
rivi-d in pernon nnd lield a «ecret uonfpreiice 
wiib Ifvnry nnd Sigi^mund. Aa a result 
tonii_- form of irvntv wan agreed tn on A Ocl. 
It wa« ii*»iirt(vl ttni But)iitndy r^icn/ninod 
Tliuiry'a elMima lo tlio t'niiiph ihroti--, nnd 
tbi» wa* no il->iibt what Henry trii'd to oh- 
Inin (i"ft. i^. 3;ill ; but, ibciu^t Ilurinmdy'a 
nrtinu wu rv|{Brd<Hl wilb Riupieion In Fnnco 
{Unurynii iIh Piiri; p. 04d), it doea not ap- 
paiir tlial tbt< diike conaented to anything 
tnt>re tlian a triice for Flandni* and Artoia 
(BdittNTB, iii. IWI. 

On IB Orl- Henry mtiimi-d to I-!n|(Und, 
anil thr>u> dayii lali-r met the tpcond parlia- 
niitnl of thrynrat l,otidon. Tbcchanoellor 
in \\u- ofMiuni; n>ei'>c1i annouDoed tli« failure 
of all Bttrinpta lor peace and the neccMity 
of a decisive antral to tlie aword. The 
common* in ri'ply n^nlnd tiro aidi and 
aulboriwd the mitinjt of n loan aa tbi-ir w> 
ciirity. Hiiring tin- winter Hrtiry wan bu»y 
»upi>rint4!ndinj( the prtpnratioiia for liia te~ 
rand ex|KHtition, men wtrre collected Hnd 
trainee], and proTision wan made for ibe 

Henry V 


Henry V 

vlenuUlDC of th» smy and Ibr the emiif - 
nwnt of • regulM m«(li<«l servioe f TbAraw, 

the navy ; iihipii went btiiti hy IlmiTj'ii dirte- 
lian at iiaaUiaiaplaa and on Ibo Tlianwi, 
w> tluU in F«liruuT UI7 tlio king had nix 
great sliipo, eiirbl burma, aad ten mU^^t* 

\ of Eo^iiih Policyv ' in TM. ■^n^r, Rolb 8er. 
it. 1(IS^301 : a Uiiigi>r1iiii drawn 11)1 in Anguat 
1417 iagivRniDKixin, /'/f rm, Sril wr. i. 7-ti 
cT. altw A. 2nd rat. i. <i7'73}. Tbrw wmv 
Nfal TCtMeU ill ndditiom to Iboae snpnlied bj 
the porta, and ii in from ibia tinm thai thn 
fonndatiODof ihonavy una nut iooairorcu moat 
probably datu8(N]o>LAB.i/u/or3f<//A«jraty, 
vol. !i. rbap. vi.) Funbennora, ordinanoM 
were it^iiid fnr th* flMto and amuM whicb 
entillc Ili-nr; to b* ooiuidtfod tbe fiiander 
of 011/ military, intcniatioiial, ami maritime 
law (r£. ii- I05-8- jlfimvairt, App. p. 31 ; 
SirnM. ton*/. Wu/. Ill 77). On W April 
1417 llrnry rude through Loudun Ui St. 
Pnurd and tooh \m leave of thi- cit'ueiui 
(Cotl. MS. Claud. A. Tiii. f. t,): Ite then 
wpiit li> ^utliamplon and liiisi(<d himself 
vriib thn linal prpporalioni' for dcpnrliirM, 

On 23 .Ixilj 1417 HcEUTT* wcond i-xpi-di- 
tinn Dt-l sail o'llli an orin^M' nearly fifty thoii- 
MQiI men in h fleet, uf aixlecn hundri^d iiliipB 
(PvuEUX, Sih"tf Crtiosp.Sl). On 1 \ag. 
It diatsmbarked on ibe lontb banh uf tbc 
8«ui9 naar TowiMa. Maater of llarflniir and 
tbe nnrtli of theSune,* IfM *kilful general 
iniKht Imrr Ixwn tcmptod to mnrcli nrmii^ht 
tm tCoui-n as tbe capital of nnnbirm Kronen. 
Henry, however, iDapUyed hi* ffenerslihip 
by a vrry differenl plan. TLu fiwt campaign 
vraa devoted lo wcurine tbe town« and 
cactlcB of oMitTol Nnnniuiaj-, by whidi maaiu 
U)e prarincn iru cnt in half, ItriTCouy and 
Atijou (okpA into noutraliiy (Fadtra, \x. 
fil I 13), and Uiu communicalinnii of Itonm 
wilboentnO Fraam (eveivd. Tim cosllon of 
Touque* and IVAuvillara BurrrndLTud eailv 
in August: by a skilful march Henry eut on 
Cam from Ilarfl^ur, Rouen, and I'ui«,aiid by 
ibe 18lfa was able to invoet llie lawn, «hicii 
proiBHwd to •upply luitablo wintor i}Marte««, 
and waatoo in^iortant. to be l«ft uncDjiturnd 
'mh\»n»r(l'vtiiBVX,Si*ffed*0am,f.3Si Itrt. 
^f.ft.-JfrHffi.xxy.vui.M: Livirs.p. 35). On 
4S<;pt.ihr lown was carried by assault, Ilenry 
dirL-GlinBtbeBlluclt in person; tlie ciulle heti] 
out till tliii H)tli. Tbe workofcou'iiieel uru- 
Modod wilbalflrtHngmpidity. Bay«ux,Alan- 
fon, ArgMitan, and many unaUerplaOM wm« 
RurTMideml ufti>r litilu or no itMiManee, no 
■hat by the middle of October ibo wliolo 
province up tu Le Mans visa aucuiied. This 
Muoeaa waa no doubt Malcted by the Sb- 

Mnwioii* atnixic ihe I'rvniili, the ArmigiMOi 
having rwalhif their ui^n-ut-arma to ■mpli^ 
tlictn Bt[Bi&>t lb* Hiirtnin'liaiii ( Rtii.\WK, iii. 
212; St.-Ki»t, L 3JI>. In October lldnry 
went to direct the «ifiiie of Alcnfoa. and ai 
the eod of the month neld a ooofcreooe thrnm 
wilb ibe Duke oT Brittany, who a(x<ordiiif[ 
to one aeeouiit ofleied lo huld Briitany a« 
hia nt**\ (WAijiiNniiiM, Ilut. Anyt'. it, 
826 7: F'r^fm, ii. 605 R. Jill). Towaida 
thonnd of NovwohiirholaHiHffCDtot'aluiw: 
the town aurrandered on 2 Jan. 14 18 and the 
caitle a month later. Eicupi for a abort 
viait to Caen in February-, Iltmry remained 
in the nei^bourhood of Valai^ till ihu bo> 
sinning of Maid) 1418, when he went to 
Ilayeus and cp<*tiT. Prfiaiertliere; fromSl April 
till tbo and of -May he wa« at Caen. Dunng 
thb time ho tonic no ociivo part in tho nr, 
which wv, however, viiramiuily p«Necnt4<d 
by bis liuulvnaola. 01oticu»t«r waa di<*> 

Calclud to ihf Ciili^nlin and IvsiFtfrd Cbc;- 
i)urg in April, Huutinj^mi captured Cuii* 
tancea and Avmnebiu, Warwick beaiwed 
DomftoDt, and Rxi'ter Brroux, while ^a- 
rencfl wn* i-iuployeil in prcpnrinp for tlie 
ndvoQco on Ikiucn.wliidi wan to bftlm main 
feature of the ynar's cninpniKn. Henry, no 
doubt, Knve n fii-ueml (Uporintendaicu wbili' 
oouupied at Caen with civil or^anisutlon and 
prepantioQ for the aivffe of Bouen. 

Al the end of May Ileaijwent Id Beniny 
and joined Clarence, who bad by llii« time 
capliired I.uiieui and mo*l of the fmal\ townn 
of thn Lieunn. The capture of I^mvien, 
22 Juno, woa foUoweil on 20 July by that of 
Pont d«! rArebe, which mado ihe Kn;ili>h 
maatern of the 8(Une above KimeD (cf. IleL 
SI.-Df7ii/i, xxxii. 10). After waiting far 
Warwidi and Solitbuiy to join Itim, lleni^ 
left. Pont de IWrche nti 09 '"Jy- 1""^ march- 
ins by the riglit blink of tbe Seine appeared 
bafom IIquru on thn same day. Ilia fiiat 
twk wna t» provide for the aftfolyofhuarmj 
by tbT conitructioD of niffular fortified linea. 
He hinissif look up hia ulatiun at the Cbar~ 
treuw lie Xotnt Dome de lu Roue, on the 
north of the Seine. Tbe next w<>rk waa to 
cut off Itoiieii from the »ea, ami to secnra 
hl.i on-n comiaunicntions with Ilnrtlxitr. In 
bltwhadinj; th't mouth of th" Seinn hn wan 
osiisrr-d bv a KneT Mini by his kinsman and 
ully ibti kiiyr of I'ortUKiil. Above the town 
he coiiBtructpd a linnly Imilt wooden bridge, 
(1 r<>inarkable work, which naa completed 
with ^T^al rapidity dMpiie fVeqiieiit ntTac3i« 
from llin i-iu>my. Ileniy tbne eeciirxd thn 
position of hia own army, which wns en- 
camped oil both udos of Uie S'ine, while to 
fiutlior obatract the DaviifaUoa heavy cluuiia 
weie nntched aoroaa the atream. Itouen 

wu nUl protoctod by ilie fnrlKAMM of Cau- 
dcbte bclmr and of nc. Catlicnnn hhave tli<s 
town : both w««v f-aptimxl rarlj- in ^ciitrm- 
l>Fr, anil the Etutliili fln-'t was then ablcto 
eoane ft*pl_v up tli*' rivi-r. But un tliu upper 
Sndv tlw Eiwlidii liud itiU DO sliipsi to 
nnitdv tliU<1^ect Hvnrv hiul aerfml vuuds 
broagnloTnrUnd IVocii Muulineaa:! toOriTal, 
a dimuico of nbom thnvmilos. TbeliosUU 
Aoct wan tbnn defcafuJ, aiid U Mm it from 
capture wan dcatrojrnl bjr tbe brakevcl, who 
altlii^ same time bitmt tliur ancouof Cloo- 
aax-Oal^ on tli*; loft baiik of t^u Koino. 
TlioB Rouen waa compleicly inTcBietl. wUilii 
(ispplin rame fr^^ilv o Uiu beaiestrn' giuii[i 
fitiDi (liifclatiil (cf. trLER, it. 224-f). Earlj 
IB Ootobnr (UoucC't«^r nrrivod from Cliur- 
bOMKiand otbcr t^'iiitcirvomoiita ciuna ovur 
ftomEllRUiidatul Ireland. Thn biuii^^I Mill 
defgadad t1i«inaelvi» with licmic obiiiiiiiicy 
in tli« nun hope of «utcoiir, but IturRundiant 
a*d Annagaacs alik» irvrv iatvnt. on tliptr 
private kadt, wliioh had culminated in tliK 
Kunlnr of tlio Count of Annufpiac uiiJ tliu 
Pariaian nuuMcnw ill Jutio and AiiKutit. 
Tliid iiitORiMiini: warCuv bad gnaXW fauili- 
tatiHl tlio Bnriiab advance rarly in tlw y«ar, 
and it now depriTMt llounii of all n*H»tAnco 
tram outciilii. 

Towanla llwi end of Ootobvr an old primt 
Mcapod from Iblui'li. und went to jiIimuI tlie 

flaiiaa of hi* towiiiiini.-n in Paria. liiiif^iindv 
iniHiiMd Id wad an army w>lli all dpr^i^d, 
bal in ila ati-ad di>«nnii-li<id an umbai^y to , 
irMt nilb tbe Enst'^b kioK- A nimilnr ap~ i 
pMJ to th>.> daopliiu bad met wiib u liHR 
toapORM. llvaty mad-f it liis policy lo n<^- 

Eialc with bock paniea, nbilu Ruuen was 
ntr il<m-l.v rrdiiovd bv famlnv. The dau- 
|)liin'a v&voTi camn to .VldOfon, Bur^fundy'a 
to I'lmt du I'Arcbn ; amotig the tatler waa 
the Canliual dcK l.^nioa, whoBn the pope 
bad annt to Ft&no.- to nndcavour toconcliidn 
• |[«nnn»l peao^ (D» tiutxa, p. (>Jti; lUi. 
Sl.-Jinifit, xxxix. 1 : Firdfra, ix. fiSK, fi'S). 
TIm n^xotialioiu vitrt int'ffiwtual; probably 
Henry only inicndnd to itte tbcm as a nuMiiia 
f»T pm VI- nil OK that union of ibe two partii'a 
Bgauiat liitoM-lf wbicb tbK Ihike of IVntlaiiy 
hail alaoat auoc«eded in i>r>(!iirin«; (/&/. .S:^.- 
AmjM, xxxii. Iti). In both cawa the con* 
faranena w«t« aaaed by tbv Kaffliah cnron 
dudariivt that tb«v could not raooKnioo tii» 
■Ntliaritvof tbo other partiea to Itvat (St.- 
Kkht, i. iUS; for tha tnairuolions to liiu 
MbmoJom to tbfl dauphin, tee iVi>c, Priiy 
Cbtuieil. a. OMhH). 

Tlia tUTgDtiationd U-'tnl tit! Ihi-nmhiT, by 
wliicli time Ibe c-ondition of Koucii had bn- 
comn diuperate. Aa a U*t niaourcc, twelro 
tkaoMMl uaokw nouthi— prubably rcfugcoa 

I who liad ll«d to Ituuan on tbo Esgliah np- 

I prooch — wuracxpelledf^ra tbecitv. Ilpury 

I mfuacd tb«nn a pawa^ through bis linoij 

the bdinffcd rcfiucd ibem roMiairy to Ibu 

city; and the poor eroaturca, with only eiich 

I abcltCT or food o-i tfavy obtaiiiLnl from ih« 

mercy of tbi? Encliah soldieii^ vdto left to 

endure all Uii> hardiihiptuf winter and bntne 

bt-noalh ibe walk of Kounn. Aflur an nn> 

■iiccufafiil atlvinpt to broak through iIm Eug- 

liah line, tli« bvaii^god appliad once more to 

Burinindy, wlio pramiaod to come to tbfir 

aid by L-B Dva. (S-v.-KeMK, 1..V.2), Theday 

tiiu(n>il Willi Ibi' pramiu! unfullUtvd, and at 
itigi.ti th<! di'fi-iidt^n of Hoiica ciTeTed to 
tivBt for a capitulation. Henry would bavu 
notbiag bnt unconditional atirrmder, and 
tliodNUbrwiCowaa broken off. Thaboai^od, 
in doajiair, determined to cut their way oiii, 
or {KTiab anna in hand. Thu king, appriwid 
of lhcirint«ntion, allowed the ncRotiatiima 
TO be tvouened, and a oapii it1at ion woji anwd 
to on IS -Tan. 1410. Ilunry markka tlie 
chamctvr nf bin cnooimt by alipulaling for 
a aiUi ou wliicb to nuild n palncfl, and by 
prumiNOg avcunty of property and |Kiniou 
to all who accoptod him as thuir liege lord. 
Nine poraoiu wcru nxcvpted Drum the capi- 

1411); Kia lir»t cam ww to nnmdo food for 
t ho ^larriiifC in ha bit an la, and bo then d(r*otod 
himfii'lf In tlu; ornanitation of the comjuend 
dnchy. The noblca of the ptovinci; were 
aummonedloaaaciinblfat ICuuen, rcnuUliona 
were made for the guv(-riimuut,olIic«n) wora 

S pointed, an exchequer waa ealabluhed at 
icn.and n»oni>y waaatnich with tbo !<igcnd, 
* Ilonricn*, Itfl fntncii'' (cf. lit!. Si.-I>rnyf, 
xl.9). TlwcaDductof tbownrwaientruatcd 
by Henry to bia lioubonanta, who uroieoutcd 
il with «ach vi(toiiT that by the end of March 
onlv five plocua atili held out in Normandy, 
wbili.' tb« Engliah ama bad |Hiu«tmt«d bo- 
1-cind ita bovders to HantM. 

Uean time Honey had one* nor« buon buay 
nttb nniplinlirinf. The fall of Rouun in- 
duced both Iturgutidy and tha jHU|ihin to 
Knew their propoaola for yetjx. Ou 1*2 Feb. 
a truoe waa agivud apoa and a mNtinx ar- 
ranfred to lakeplac« botwwn Henry and tha 
dauphin m-ar hvrwux onl'ii Murrh {Fitden,^ri). r<iri)iL«purpn».-. Ilciirr lefl Ilouen 
fur Evn?ux on 2& March, but the dauphin 
failed to put in an appearance ( Elli«, Letttrt, 
2nd iifi. i. 7H-8). Bur^iidy had alao ai-nt 
cuiToya to Itoum without. eRect, and ilio 
Diikc of Brittany Iiad come there iiarly in 
March to ooBclado a truce on hia own ho> 
halfond to endeavour to mediate foraeancral 
peacu. FVoiD Eviviu Ilauy prooc<3ed to 

Henry V ; 

Vornoti'sur-^ne, wbcn: bo kept Ew>ti>r; 
«hi1t> tbi-m ncKOtintioiiii were ivopcnnd wiih 
BuT)[und; wluch urt^ntuftlly kd In « IruCo 
>n(lacoiir>^rie4ice,wliitb vruAmiigcd ti»lak<> 
plui-i? bi'iveeii M&iiivsuid PoDtoiae al tlio 
.'■1.1 of M.iy (/Wcro. ijc. 717, 7.'M-H, 747 -A3'). 
ll>>nn,- rtccnrdiuljr Uft Vomnn for Mnnti<4 
on itiu 2t^th. ukI nnxt ikj met ItiirKUnity, 
t hr ^urcn of Knuici-, and her dnuslittrr Cnt lit- 
rine. Thu fint mertin); was BUnotil punl;,* 
ronnnl, ftud 6fvi-u utbi^r confurenoet w^rv ; 
kdij in Jiini^ nriihiHiT eHlect. ItMiry <lo- 
maiul«i1 Ci>t1ii>rinn> hAii<l tn i»iirri«g<s to- 
getliervritli tliv ■•■rritnrynK'imid by llintn^ty i 
af BrMigBT, Norniondy, itiid liia other coti- 
qUMM in [uU >avemiint.T; ho was rnidy to 
rvBounco lu< cUiiu on tUe ilironc of Franc^v 
lii. Ix. T«2-3; Dm L'lUtttti, pp. M!>-r.I). 
Wbella MtdMrounid to work ou his fevliii^ 
bjr rafuMDf him a micoikI inlerricw with lii"r 
(Wiwhtw. ileniy,hovrovi>r,prov<i<li[i11ixiblc; 
pninbly ho WM awkn of Uu- iiuiniii-ritT of . 
ihu Frencb. BurfriindT hiul nil tlia tiiDi- ' 
bcun iotriifuing wilh tlie dau|)liin, uiid on 
il Julviwhim n uiiitli ci^iifvriinL'i.- n u to hurt.' 
bMO lielil, both qii(«ii ant] <Juk» failed to 
appMT. Right dnj* Ulcr ttiiririindj nxit ltt« I 
dauphin ni^r Mi-liin,aiida.[m'i] ii|ionnp«iiiCc, | 
which WDii publicly pri>clnimi;d on tim S9tJi i 
(tut. St.-l)rn</»,xCl'>). Urnry reiniiintd at | 
Manlm ihrougtiuut July, and, us suun aa ltic> < 
trmw expired, planned a skilful Mupriao on I 
PontoiHe-, wliicb m« auocMsfully «xmuI«m1 j 
.to July. Thn full of ihi* town nmini-d tbn 
vrny I'l I'nriit. Tlie kinu wrotn tiint it wnt j 
hi* mi»t imporlact cuplure since the l«'ffiii- | 
uinff <if lilt.- wrar. FnnuMantM lli'iirfwirnl 
teOK to RuiiHu. and llienou (odin-i*l the Qniil ; 
OMntioas befura Gimts, which Kiinvudt^rt-d, 
nn«V • «ii months linjf. on XL' Wi«pl, , 

Mnanlrhiln ihi! fall of I'onloiv, whioh 
Mmn, without iiiilioi'. n»cril»'>l In in-nchcry ' 
on tho partof Itiirfiuody, llad^l^tlck iisevcru < 
blow at the ii^nvinMit botwucn tlic two 
F^ch pattim (lA. xl. H and 11 ; Sr.-RBMT, ' 
i.306). Tli«dAuphiQ'#su]^rTjn»d«>t«rminMl 
10 rid thenis^tvt* of their riva], and ihe diik<> 
vru trMChMOUily BiutdoriHl during a rnn- 
f4'r»m(V'at Montitpnnuon II Snai. Thoimion 
of Hpnrv'ii oiipooiTnl* wiw ihu» »hiitli^ti-tl, 
and Pkiltp, too new dukp ot liurifundy, at 
once begna to treat for an Enplinh alliaoo^. | 
It waa not, however, till 2 Due. that ui i 
■gK«nwRt wait made, nnder which Philip 
n>COgnifod lliTntT' M hnirof France, and n m- 
miandtnuwhiainQticnci-in prociiriiieforiiitn 
the bund of ibo Princnw Cntbcrinp ( Fadem, 
in. 81(1). ItuDjuiidv'i adbeaion did not go 
aluD«, fur (he city o^ Paris, aft«r the murder 
of Duke John, had sent en tots to tKAtwiUi 
Ilenry (it. ix. 797), and ImMU, who coa- 

( Hcnrj' V 

tn>Il4id her mad hatbnod, foil no aytnpatltj' 
for biT wm thi- dauphin. A ^cnl trace, 
from wliicb the dauphin wnn rxcirpli-d, w»* 
Contludt^d on 21 Dec.., and wasn-nt'wnj from 
time lu time liA, ix. SI*'. ^i7. H^W. Th-^ 
ne([i)1iu(ioii» «er>' \vn pniliiiipi'l, and ill" 
pniliiniiniri'.'x for ih<' Trviitv "I pi4«>' wrrr 
n..l »iaii.-d till il .\pril 1420 (t*. ix. 877). 
M<!aii[imi'. howrV'T, the wnf wMpmnBeiili-d 
wilh ttctivilT lui'l Biin^i-M by lb* En|{tijh 
and ItrirEuiullnus aclin^ in nm«>n ajrainHl 
the da up hill. (.>n lliuoth' Knuli^b 
tlwt wa» d--fe«t-<l oil' \a Roi-hrit" by lb* 
tK'inbintil forci>^ 'if tlm f^pnninnlo niid Fr>iicb 
(DiH riI»[N^ p. TiAlt). llnnry bimMlf Iv 
mninrd at Hoiirn frniu tbii bvfiitininit of I>o 
cemb.T Hmiill 18 AprU 1130, when he 
|i>(l li>r MnnlpH on bia way to Ibe Anal con- 
lerenci? at TnDVDB. At Ihu bei^inniTii; "f Muy 
h" was III I'uiitoiiie ; thetico be miin'ti'sl, by 
way of Rrie, Cbnri'ntoii,PtoTint,BndNopwil, 
to Troyoc, whdrr ha urlvvd on 30 May with 
bin hroT bora Clnt^nc nnd (lloueailcraiMl • 
foriM' of si-vpu tlioufurid mi^n. Tlie betn>tbttl 
of IlniiryandOalhcriiiotaukplawCunbwItli, 
aud next duribe Irvaty ofTroyiawu tom- 
ally mifled; by \\' Ivrma ITenrf wm rw- 
copniti^d a* lietr <'■ ibit Fmnch kinf^nm on 
t)ie deulh ofrlinrl'iiVI and annigcnldimnii 
thn kintf* lifi'; he won to Korem witli ibe 
aid of ncDuncil ofnativenaiid topniMrveBU 
ancient ciutonu ; bi' undertook to r«eover 
forCharleaall the lerrilorjtlieBlield by tbo 
ilauphin ; Norinendy wn« to be hui in full 
Kivemipity, Inn on bin aocMwion to lbs 
l-'n-neh llirone wnji to be n-joiiwd to Fruion ; 
duriiiK th» life of Chiirh't bla title waa to b<- 
' HFiitieuB rps AnRliip rt hn-rea Fmnciai.' 
(hi lli<> Miuc dnv Itur^mly i«newed bio al- 
linnee with the 'En^linh hiiij^ (»MlnMiliee in 
F-rdfra. in. «l.".; }M. fil.-Dmii; xli. 1-31. 

Henry and nalhenni' wen> marnnd in ifan 
churdinfSt. Jrilin M Tfoy™ OU lYinity Siui' 
dny, 2 June (Jnartml tfun Itontyrau, p. 8W; 
C&ran. /MniL |i. lOB; /'tr'/'i-a. ix.OlU). Only 
two dap IhIlt lU-nry was on bin way with 
Burgundy to lay ciege lo Sen«, wbii^ was 
captured ntldT a »horl resUtance; tluoic* ibv 
alliwwent iji Monli>n>an.whiriiiinrTV'nd''mI 
23 June, ihoiigh iho rnttlo hnld nut ii litfli- 
loneor. Ilndfotd now came tajoin hif brot hvr 
with n>infuroeniont*, and Olouoeater waa wnt 
bach to act oa iwent in Enfrland. Eariy in 
July ai«e8 was laid to Mi-lun ; th« town wna 
rtoutly defended, nnd ll<>nry not <mly <li- 
rvctecl the operationn biinu'lf, but took a 
practical part in thi''etingiln'Kiivnnior, 
theSitiidnltitrbnun.innniileconibat. MpIuq 
reBiatctl lill IB Nor. ; tboae of ita def-ndera 
who hod been concerned in the murdnr of 
Jolui of Burgundy were exoqited frum the 

Henry V 

tumaHet, Wgctlier witU a niunbcr of ScoU* 
vrliom UtuuT b«d executed u tiaiure to 
tlMir j-(Mn|r king, tlien irnoeut in liisown 
Map. (>n iMving Molun, Flt'iir;' joitivd tIm 
FVewih eouil at C^rbcil, nml an 1 Ttvc, •>••- 
cnnrptuiiod by Cbarii'ii anJ !(ur)fiinils',-'ntorrd 
fWw in Irianipb (Joumat rfun floury/coii, 
pp.OaS>. The Preiich liitntLi tind biMitiiuin- 
mawNl tu nii^i-t ilii^rp, wid tbo Inwtj of 
Tki;«« «ru public] V miHiH) before ilietn, and 
HtfBiywMMiknowle(l^iyla«)ii.'>r. CbriatmiM 
wu itvyt bj tlw Englixb king nt tbe LouvTw 
to (!w«l 8UHi>, luid oa -T Die- (t*. p. ti68) lia 
Inft *ilb bin (]i)iNtii for Kn^luid, in aannr 
to an iirt^tit requi»t fnHiitlieGORiiiiaaui(iFof. 
ft»W, iv. li'ti). AAi.Tiiicioum arMtmedaTtt 
U KoKUB. arbpRi oKlinaiic«« were mode lor 
tlw goT«mnHQi of Normandy ftod to pMvetii 
HBdue apprwwion of tim ooDtiuerMl wopk 
<JMm(, X. 3A-WX llMiiy and CMbmiM 
OTattd omr from Caku M Dover on 3 Fnb. 
(HomntALKT, IJv. L ei\ l^-<>}. During 
UcnrVii loDB abwnoe the couuirj luul been 
tpietif and elficidilly governed, and littler 
of uaponaiK»badoccDrnduve8om<>tn>uU9 
wiih Scotland and ibe obacum intri^uoa of 
bii stopnotliRr, who vm wciiM'-d in 141tt oT 
uxing MKvrr nfcainjt the king [kk undL-r 
ioiini* or NtVABitB]. 

minatt-r, and a gniit {mat and pageant mu 
held in huDour of (be «vent ((Anm. /laait. 
ji. 106 i cf. Firdtfv, X. 63). The court oonr 
made a proma* tbrougb Kn^Und, vititinfi 
(.'•nroBtfy, Knnilvonb, and LiHcwInr, whnni 
tlirr bf4it>t«r. From Ldcwter tlii^y went 
to \a!K, but buCin- runcbing tbi- no'rth«TB 
capital tbf fwiivitiM n^ro cut abort by the 
Mwa of ibe deAat and d<«th of Ctan'iK^e nt 
Beau^l^. Afterapilgrinia^ iollcT(<rlnyBnd 
Bridlinston, llmry camo noutb lowardo tbn 
■fixl of April to moot luajiarliamcul andnrp- 
Mmfor biiibirdiiipiHliCimi toFcuDOv. Pnr- 
liamenl uwmtilnt :J May l-l:.'! ; ihi' conunonn 
WDfv in ■ ftvnerous niMid, and bn>idiiagnuling 
a ftft«Bnth, »liiiwml tbeir confidence in Ibe 
kiag by empowetir^ thi* oonitci) to ^ve him 
wrortty for all debt« contracted on accoimi. 
til lh« inlcnikd oxprdition. In tbi- midM 
•if III* prapantioa* ll>^ry found tintc to di' 
reel a reform of ibu ItutH^irliiie monAitorii-* 
(WtiMireHiH, lli/t. Atutl. IL 337-iS). llo 
alKi pfidMTomvd lo ksiuiv peace witb Scut* 
land liy u'oding bark ibe yoking King JaniM 
witli an Kngtiah bride. 

Un 10 June Ifcnry left HnKtaiid for tbc 
|a>4 tinu'. and laiidal •< (^alaia witb a lurc<^ 
Ibraa. TwhItb hundnsi men were hii*r.ily 
JlMfiati tiiiil (O lelim- Exeter, wlio wad liuril 
BRMod at Paris, wbike Ilennr binMelf ful- 
Imil at groUM* loi«iui*, ami reached the 


Henry V 

oapit«l on 4 July (Uuuih^n'Aim, CSvixJt 
p&efmtdilei,toe.AA\fi). Tboiicub«inMivbod 
OB (lie ^(li to rvlieve Clinrtraa, nhich waa 
boHuged by ifau danpbin. The Ftvncb (ell 
back acroM tha Loiiv, whilliM Ilcar}-, aft«r 
CBptnriftg Droux (30 Aiig.>, VendAme, and 
Bemwncy, foUowvd tJl■^m ; bui (bn king fell 
that nuuTHUB WDit ton iciDog for an immi^iate 
Ulack, and coulvuled bln»idr witb ravagii^ 
lie coutstry, after wbicb he witlidn.-w to 
.Stnl!>t,aiid]ir^nred tobemegv Miwux. Thin 
town was isTMtedonOOct., bill wfumloutly 
drfcnilwl by iiK nkilfii] tlioiigb crual cocn- 
inaniler.thQllaHtunliit'Vauriiit. 11i«pr««iiirt 
of the war waa bi^finnin^ lo t«U on IfngliJi 
reaouiTO), and Henry bad to apply to bin 
allies in Germany and I'urtucal lor aaaict- 
ancp ill im-n-al-nrnu and ureber« {Faitrft, 
X. IBS; cf. ICat. P«fi. i«, 1.11. IW-G; GVB- 
eoUT, Chroa. f. 142). l>uriof( tliu winter 
Ueniy was coniitnntly at I'anx, buiv with 
eiril matti-r? and wiili ut-Rolinlioiu < Itrdtm, 
X. ie.V!M), Meaiu pauitulnted aftT o 6erea 
nasaull on 1 1 May Wii, and the DaHlard of 
VauTiis was hnngvd. At tlie end of tlus 
moniJi ilnnry waa joined at Paris by Ills 
quorn witb li«« infant *on, bom at Windaor 
on ft l>uc. I'Uil. After a abort ftay in <Im 
capital the court went to S>'nliii on SL' June, 
ana ibence to Coinpi^ne. Xewa of n con< 
■piracy to eurrendnr Pari* to the douphin 
■ooD recalled Hmiy to the Ga]>i<al,but attet 
a ahorl viait be want ba^ to SenlitL Cone- 
sur-Wr« was nt thin lime beaiemd by the 
duupbiii, and llnrKimdy appaaleo to uonry 
for ai«iat«DOc. Tbf king pramiMd to ooma 
to hi* aid in pFriKiti.iilibMiitrli Iii* hiuiltbwDn 
luiaifeatly failitifi; iiiil1,di-;-|iiie {.Tml weak* 
■teas, he rode im far aa .Meluii, but tbf re bad 
to take to n liltor,uid at la«l wati compel b-il 
to abandon tbo comsinnd lo Bfdford. IIo 
waa carried to Boia df> VinceiuiM, wlioro it, 
soon became evidmit ibnl bis iltnitsa would 
pniveblal. Tbediaonnewnnprobablydyaai* 
lery, afrgniTated no doubt by tbe banubipd 
lit war. Bauel. bis cliain1«rluiii, culU i1 a 
ivleurttyjUAtiTp.ll."): *t»tJoonwi»,p.3.')7). 
tli-nryii IkeI daya wuro ninnt in arranging 
for ihV Rovemment after his duatb, and for 
ibe cducniiiHi of his infant Mn. Aa tbo cod 
drvw nisb tbe plirucians waTiMd hun that 
be liad out two tonra (o live, and Henry, 
devout 10 ibe lojti, after ritt^vinic the aacrai- 
ment, bad' bis conf»Mor> tvnil the pooilenlial 
paalmi. When tli«y eanut lo tli« worda 
* lluild iliou tbe walls of JeruMlenn,' tbo kuig 
inlerropied ibrm saying, ' (.tood LiMd, Tbou 
ImawMtlbat mine intent bat b bean, and yet 
ii, if I laiulil live, to Te-edify the walla of 
SmiMiem^i<Mt. MS. Claud. A . viii. f. 10t>. 
Tlum ai tbe priett* contiuocd ibeir prayvra 

br brMllHd Us tut about two o'clock on 
the nMrning of .11 Aug. U^. The bod; 
WM (qnlaJinp'), kiul oAar ■ ooloma cvrrien at 
Pluu WW ramrtd to i£Bgliui<l. Tfap fvaml 
praeMBKm wm Tcty ■uumficcat, and paned 
■towljUiiwighFnuiPc.iitJyrcochhig London 
on 11 Not. Hhut}- wu buried in liw chapd 
of tbe CoiifMsor kl W««tniii«t«r Abbe^. A 
diaati; w«# touloweil ia kis boDOur, uid on 
hi* iMnb wu pkcodk ncnnboBl cSgy csrrcd 
IB oak, and covcttd with tnlnfiigih, tb» bead 
botnjr or «oItd nlror. "Hut pncioo* BMtal 
WBs Btolim ill IM'h ajad tlu^ figtm now i«- 
fUAinn (»tv and lundJeaa (Sniw, Ait»mU, 

unv Mr. i. ItJi^). Above il bug itw «b>eM, 
betnet, ond ud(Il>-, whicb were part of tbe 
oriKlxal funrnil pquijimnDt. 
^^ Hcniy WM dcMffredtr mora loved by bu 
'%ub}cet« Iban any £ii|{luib king before or 
■Boe. Alt writen. wbelbtr b'Vcncb or Kng- 
lidh, «t« Hi^^Brlv united in tiii prabe. bi 

K'val« lif« Iw wat> tcvptnie, A»jM, and 
gal ; nacere and coMUlent ia bib devo- 
tioBii, g^eiMtraa* utd canfleam ia biad«aliBg« 
witb otbtrni, makiajl it a ixnat of bonnnr in 
be a&bln to oil tavn. ito mok« little, but 
when bs did niniKhtforwaraljr and to thu 
point, nevur giving anr aoiwvr but ' It is 
Impoauble,' or 'II abalf be dono.' Dvepii^! 
bis early nnlry into public life, bis educfttion 
had not b««ii lugloctnd. He wm fouil of 
BAuaicand r«adici{r. In noticoa of books lent 
to tbo luBg oetcur tbe ' ttnnanco of Ouvron 
I« Cotutoiit,' ' Tbe CbrooiulF* ot Junualem,' 
|[0^a'W<irkt."(/?ii/*™.i.vr^'.',s;.3l7>. He 
r«uid to hiiT<' b>-i'ii tli<' trivni at Oxford and 
painin in Inior lifn of Jobn Carpenter [q. v.]. 
tKsbop i>f AV'nrri', nnd Thomas Ruiiboni 
[<|. T.J, winlun of Mfirton CoUc^ and ia 
m^tiM witbthcwiib tofatmd *)[raiteolt(<frn 
at Oiford (itous. p. 1!08). Tbin inlent ion wiui 
fnulialMl by bix deutli. and bis wily fuundtt- 
tiooa were tbe ibree reltj^iotu liousus erected 
at Sheen early in hiK ruiea. LydgaM truis- 1 
lated (iie 'Si^ of Troy at bis rei]^iieet, and | 
Hocclere dedicated hi«'De Ilegimine Win- 
eipnm'to him. Hpury'ii own Icttwiarr good 
•pecimnns of the Hajitisb of tbe timet an 
■ntoBTftpb written in a line I'lear bund i» m 
Colton. MS. Vesp. 1'". iii. f. Ti. 

A* a ruWf be ebietlv iniprcesed tiia con- 
f i-mpnrarii'* wil1i bin iiitliiiifiic jiinlicti. No 
liinjf hud • highiT ronci^plion of hi» righln, or 
wan more nlcrn in their enlbriremc-nl, but ho 
abowedat ibesomt' time acntpulousrirHard for 
thoee of all cIuMt>H amuug Iiih subjuoln. Hin 
treatment of tbi' lolUrds and of mcb Frcnob- 
nOH M offipred him n ntublKim rMitilaiice may 
•Mm to bare vrcvd ua the tide of barthnets. 

Bu Uw defaioe of the catbalk raUgioa ud 
tbe niBintenanee ot ha cUinu oa tli« Fnatb 
t brone wore to Heny taait en of «acr«d d my ; 
l>cw«*naniriiredtM»lyrraD!,nordid bead 
out of a mere wish for reT<nif[e. In war he 
waafiiU of ooaMdnaliocifav lui>iK)ldier>,and 
was BieitiAiI toward! defenoeleu opponenta; 
all plnaderine and vioWce lo women wei 
atri«t|y fortiiHeB, and aa Wemly puiiisb 
<«<•, for HUD« tTiDarbable iaMaace«. LiTtr 
p. IS.Bcd Mux-rTKra.Kr.i.e.SSR). Asa gen*'] 
ral he far fiirpiuued all of hk awn time ; h^ 
plana were laid witb care and fbrcCbought^ 
and eKecatedwi lb patient slrategyorbrillti 
darinpaatlieoocaHOBIvutiired: nodflaili 
toodlgfalforbiiMmaaaleuperinteudmue _ 
Linn, pp. 10, ffiS; ELtauu. pp. -Hi, lu3, 
)36, leOi Prer. /'nVy Qnauil, xi. 2!M). He 
flbared all tho hantihipii of bu Kildiir*, ani 
«ncoiiragcd them by tbr exnmple of cc 
vmcuooa valonr. An a dtplotnatiat ho w. 
able, firm, but conciliaturr, and even in 
niidit of hie bu^warfareRMndttinelo ' 
and nanitain a eysteai of alliaaoee < 
included alaioet alt thi> Mate* of Wi 
Kun^, and of which he waa bita*^ 
FunlrF- In the work of civil ndminiatntioa 
be was leaa engaged, vet in England be Imlcd 
the animoaities wbic^ haddiamwled the two 
pi«Tii>ii« reigna. and eveo wbeo abroad gan 
cooetani attention totbe affairs of tbe r«aIiBi 
fmjueiitly corresponding wilh biirepreaenl 
tirta at booe : wliiln in Krano! bn want 
tu rvcoociic the people to bis rate by the e 
trast between tlaojntticp and linnnosi of Ua.) 

Eivemmitat ami tlie lorboloul violence wbicb 
id gone before {Fsxvt, pp. liii, 1»7 ; D» 
riDii!!*, p. fMJT). 

CK Henry'* plana it ia not allogellier e««y 
to 9^>r«k. Ilii tm;at war, although iinpro- 
Tokrdand unjuMiliab!«,WB»Bnd*nahen from 
B firm eooviciinn of bin own riffbtn. It wa* 
DDt a war of idle oonqacat, lleurj*'* fiml- 
aiin iDM' inibvd liave been to provide an 
outlet for tbn turbulent spirits vrbicb bad 
med bia father'* reign, or lo eeriire in Nor- 
mandy a refuge for bia own fumtly. Some 
colour il giren to tlif iatlrt ibnirr by bis 
apeviat attenlion tr> Normandy; but mem 
probably this wa« due to thtr fact tbat tt wan 
the only L-ODqu#Hl which be had ntlemplMt 
to organiee lnnrou;t;Ii]y. Hie iiiducementa 
held out to Kngliahmen who would aMtle 
at tlarflour, Cam, llnntlniir, nnd Cbeibourg 
AtS. CUud. .\.viii. fl". -2 6. 3; Lkijko, cm. 
ii. 48~)uuly uimedat aecuring iliesr points of 
entry, and liiere were so further altemptaal 
anything like auEiigliali»elTteiueul. At ibe 
aamr tim" it i» clear ihnl llenry would at 
fint have been content witb very DBucb leaa 


than tile tknna of Ftaaon (t'ltJera, voL ix. 
->. The rtMlitv «f Hrnry'it inunlian, 
miurias pnce in Franco, to uiu)etUk>> 
« IW.W OTDHide, b IwfoiMl iluabt. A fthort 
liiM Won luB (ItAih b« (lM{Mi«]ied nilbert 
d» UtaiMjr, • Bui^niliin kniiifit, to inquim 
into llio «UI« of ibn K>«l anil ilif pmriio- 
bUitv of > wu for \\w nxarny ol llie llnly 
Lmmm (Iabhot'i rnfmrt in prinlwl la ArrAtrtf 
toyiUj xxl 231 -M: cf. 0>lt. MS. t't»uL 
A. viii. f. il>. Sucb • L-nutad<- oould otil* 
liATc U«4i Biitrmptcd by Ileiirj a« ilio li-wa 
uf lli(> utiiini wral,uiilloeffiKI6iichk union 
Mvtno li> bsvi- Uwn lk« object »t liin ii;*loin 
r>f allianm. TIiq ti>nniD>liaD of Ibn (chin m 
(>>rnii^ an nvnlial tralurv in aucb ■ pulii^ 
( cf. bii Irt t<'f np. fl»/. * /*.- /J^y», xxxxi tl ). 
Later no in 1 11:4 ho irritiv uf hin itarB wilb 
Know, !^t>>in,uulSfMluul,lh«tbrwtpowvnt 
whicb bad (u|i(urtc:d tlii> whism, »* uad«r- 
tnlfen in Tho intitnMt of lb« pope (Qoon- 
wix, pp. 2(Xi-iO|. WiUi tli» oihw f««t»ii of 
WoatAni Kuropr l)<nrir MUibUiihcd friendly 
wiMiflBB, uid wbfo be dii-d it appenrod u tf 
tban tbrar ilaa WM« on the point otaumog 
uiMle*' hU taSumoE. But wbiii^T«r Hmr; ■ 
nUilwUa Amgat nu; btie bMU, llii> mn- 
uptlon *nd Uo powM of e»cutioQ alike 
1 Willi liim. 

/» pomonkl •ppMmuw wm Mmolr ; 
r WM oral, wiu * Umic Rtnight dum. 
Gomplexioa, dark mnnoth h*ir, ami 
it ajM, mild u a dotvV wben uapro- 
rl,but Uonlikeinwnlh. lliifmnimii 
•bndCT.bul bis limb* well pnjportMBod and 
Moatly knit, IH> Uial he vaa totj aotive, and 
tnnk • k>«B ploaitm m aU manly aKnta 

t f'rrriU.ltJti/tiiitia,ff..fXt--M,¥.tJtlHM,yi(ll, 
11. I2i. Ill- f ar? fi<irtnul* of Hrory V in thn 
LaJl at VuiH^n'* ColIiyD, UxfunI, in tbu Na- 
tioiMl Portrait Onll<'t>-,atBloiiOaUMCv«>d 
■iWiniWir. TbflUai tsenjinTMlMa&iaailia- 
piFO- to rbn fljnrt voIuibh of TjWa ' Hmdo- 
rialkuf UenrfV.' Ap[>nrait mntaiiwd ina 
WMMBponir;' ■Uial, noiw at Cotpii* Oliruti 
QplWayCntiihriiifc.iidcocribed in ' Arrbiro- 
Iflffis, '^ IM< .\nolbar|ianrait,whK-Jidat« 
ben 1430, in m C'oiloa. US. Julio* 1^. ir. 

[Of tta autj liTM of Ilanr; V. bv far tb« Boat 
tapvtam i* tbc Grata ilMinri Qninli (En^ 
BM. Hiie.). vriiun b;r a P^cacb clw^o— pro- 
tatto JaaadtBurlia- wbi)MninF«n>nl Huory 
ta Uaflnl mapai^ ; tl unljt dilsntla (» HIS. 
balMbv a* It soeaiipvriinpaUia NKmI (alaabl^ 
•MbMltj: ilia Life whidi pnMSi andanha nania 
Hf TliaHaJt Kl»hain (el. Umna) ii full, but 
M— Jfluqai^t. aaid aunwlimo* ambignoni i it it, 
tumwf»,»uittlj cfiMtmfotmry ; a matncAlfomi 
aatato m Ike LlW llxncn iCola.MMBarinbiuf 
ttmirj V, BoQ* (Wr.) ; tlw UU bj Tttai Linn* 


Henry V 

Farojaliall■u^ an Italian lu tils mrrua of 
RnmphrojurUlanMstgr, is laranl j d«riTad from 
UiannDDtoumsai )vlni}uitD'i, Eol ia niiicli mort> 
Condfe; Capgraiir'a Lifs in tbii Dii IlluiAribu 
Ueoricia (Rtilb t<«r.)i*of DOitrMtTnlui-; ttJai- 
Kiui* (Cula, UoiiKitiali. Sin.} bw Hinia iatpccai 
■« ft'Tiiig Uu Tinw bdd a c<«tnc7 laiar. N<in« 
of tncrn livM traat inotv tbsa raty brleD; ou 
ntBiT'> Mil J 7i«n, fur Uie anthuritira on which 
poriod »e uador Uiaur IV, Of olhec Epsliih 
aDtbontM* va haio WaUinf ham'* IliMork An- 
citeana, and Yi^digiBa SaMtriw in Hie tUilla 
Set. — lacBOm John Ilaidjns'a Cbtoaidcw witb 
Iha Ea^idi ChmiiieU •ditMTbjr th* R«*. J. A. 
IMrioa Air tlw Camd. Sac, which la a fonn of 
tha ' Bnit' (•iiaoi in manj iiianBwripts, u.g. 
Ilarl. ?M. 3246. ii^e), ahonlil l>« joinnl ihe ia- 
tMpAicj; Bi«oi7 of Uonry V in Cott. M S, Claud. 
A. *iii. : tba (Jhronicla o( I>iiiiI»d {ltd. Sw>\iut, 
ISSTji Patta'a poam. TW t>i«^ of Kouen, and 
Cin^rjr'a Cbronick in CoUtvtxnu of ■ Lmdon 
t^tiau (auoden Sm.)-. and Wrigbl'* Political 
Songa (Rolla Sar.) Of Prvncli anlliiirilint lli« 
(falof ara MoTiRtreltC (ed. Doaut-d'Amj. Soc. da 
I'Qitt, da fraDDo): Waarina CbloDiqiKB (Kolla 
Sor.)itlicCliruDii|ii«aiU* ItaliiciaBXdaSt. litn 
(DocanwtMain4>lila*iirl1liatcili«d*FlBttc« "" 
T. vi.) ; tha aoconnt of Jaaa U F«<m do 6L-\ 
(Soc. da VHiat. de FrnnM), vblcb arowcdljt c 
mneh to MoDnIrdst, hut ii toit ralualtU Tor i 
ounpaii^n of AKioraan, in wbKh tha vritar a^-i 
tampiuiicd Iha liEnnliili army; I'icirRideFc9in,>&., 
and JuTinnl doa UNin* (Mii^biud M Po^aulu'a 
Collaction do* Mlmolr*a, m Mr. Tol. ii.) UnM 
of lliraa will h]<0 b* (band in the Bmtlitoo Litt^ 
nir*. Tba Jounal d'uc Bouif^eoi* da PwIk 
(Michaud << PdojohUi. n.i |, uud tlu- Craniqnada 
nonnaiidia (printed ni tliH vnd nf Ui« Owta) ara 
omaiouallT uwful. Tb* later wrilon. F»b)aa, 
Ball, and UoUuhnl. ar« of aomc Taluu, a* a«n- 
doeaU J pnatrriag popular tradition. In dcvu- 
BMnta^ aridtaca thv |«rtc"l in upNistly rich ; 
ter Kjmtr'a Fmdera. vol*, viii-i, orig. cd, ; Si- 
eolM'i PpDuadtiig* and Oidioaacea of the Privy 
Council, i«lt.i.aodii.: Ellis'a Original L«t«r«i 
Deljni'a Collrrlion d«a Docnnanta Fnu^nia an 
Aiulat«rrr. Bol)*ofFBtU«iiicEDt.Tal(.lii.uid ir.; 
Calaodu' of Palant Roll* ; Roll* of Fmn» Ifid 
44th Birporta. Of Iha m<idcrn nutlioritiM Oiiod- 
iria'i liiit. of Ih* Reign of Ilean V (a wry 
Tuloabtt compiliitiiin) aud Tiicr'i Moroorialaof 
Banry V {mutt. u«vt'i>! f»r thn (iirlltr ynua) da- 
aanethaBni place; but th* b»t briaf ooeownla 
will be found in Pauli'* Qcachichlo ton England, 
to). T-, and Huliba'* Comlilut ionitl Ui*lDrj, iii. 
1-94, t'orthi-WfMioiinpoiKrudijirtitoKM*** 
Wylio'i Bi*t. tit Uenrr IV, tdI, i.. and lor tba 
French wur N'milu* llntllc of AJ^ioeourt, and 
M. I^'in l^iiM>ua'ii vHltiabIa Si^ at Fiia* de 
(^n. Ki-'-grvt i'nvfxlr Honm.and L'£iniKralioo 
FiorniaiidflH laOol(*ni*dtiunABglaiaa; Baraatv'* 
Hilt. dc> Dan d* l)i>»r|p>yiis, Atb cdil. vol*, iii, 
and IT. nmyalaci im ci'neultfd. Tha DMOMatloaa 
viih ^igitmupd ore treatad bj hm ui Kteig 

Henry VI 


Henry VI 

nad Hfinrkb d« FwCtv. Hmirf'* 

t u ditciMed ia LadMi ■ QuMdw of 

D17 V whu Prion of WalM, V. Sa\Xj FkoT* 


Mch miMb n««M iitfurMtipn on Haofy'i 

r liAii eollaettd; Irnt lb ctoidaiicttuln 

iwj'i nligloa* Ti*wi awnui viiaroMtiiUe)^ aod 

I SufDnTa EtfimcUa of tba Eogti Ji Kinp.] 

0. lTe. 

HBHRT VI (Itil-Uri), kiiifl of Eru- 

UndftkeoalyMnof Ileni^X aadCnUiiesuio 

of rruice, ««« bom at WiwlMi' on 81. 

uiiciMilu <Iav, a Iliic. 14:!!. He w*a bp- 

KiMxl br ATvibiftlioi' Cliicliele, bis gwlpamns 

"If nin tuicli- Jolin, dulin of lli^ford ; hU 

ivunelc llL-niv linauforl [ij. v.j, bishop 

^f WiiicliMlcr; and Jac(|aoliiie,COa>lt<M M 

lolkuJ ^W*ui»oiiAii. ItiMt. Ai^fSma, ii. 

iiy. Ilu &Uiur'H Aenih od 31 Auk. M^ 

bini bine of £iif;lauil wben only nini; 

''■Dontb* old. nis iwigii wa« ncboned as be- 

nBniuft on 1 S«f>l. {Onliname** »f P. Cw. 3 ; 

niCOLAS, i'ttnnutlogge^nUlotv, pti.!K4, Z^). 

Oa 21 ()i-t. Kill ^nuidliuhcT, Chtrlci VI, died, 

l«B(l biB in» at unci! procUiinal kiiitt of t'tancs. 

Umxj Va lut dinctionBireru ifnonxLuid 

ilwmeiit gnutwl the prounriomiip of the 

tU king; In his eldeM uncle, John, duke of 

Radford, oiid, d 11 ringf John's ■bseDCa is FVuutf, 

to bia rouiiKor brolbnr, Iliimphivj, diikn of 

Uloucntcr (Jlot.J'arl.iv. 174). liut thonal 

gOTCriimtrnI rei<l«l wilh the couaril, nnd all 

writs Slid pcur.'i.fdiu)^ vurc issued in IlMiry'a 

taMUh ^\VfilivrIlting«rfcirid{q.v.~j.iirholi'ad 

bMD appoini'?!) I>v UetUY V to attend ud UIh 

Bon, WM on 16 Ftib. 1433 exciucd from bis 

office ( Ord. P. C iii . ;!' ), sud I l-'ur^' n'mainod 

i_iuder bia molbur'* cai«. On Mi Not. 143.1 

iraa btnulit from WindKir' axiA abown 

■ iheMseilialed parliuiiMiCat Wntminntcr. 

1 1 6 Jan. 1 434 Juau, w Mv of Tliomu AfltlDV, 

Ims appointed bin nunH.-, with u talatj of 4(V. 

K yoar, m Ur^n *f that of a prity cuuoi-tllor 

{A. iii. 131 ). ()n 21 IVb. Dnmo Allt-D Duller 

WH taloctml ti) ailcml hiji iwnion, wiih Hiyaiiin 

'toeliUtiM! ua muoiinbli,' from timi> lotimit' 

Jib. iii. 113), and with tlin nmo salary m 
Ottn Aolli-j ( •&. iii. 1 iU ), nnerwardu inet«iwcd 
bj forty inarki. lu Jiini.' 1125 thu coimcil 
'wed (hilt ihe hvini ol' nil hamnios and 
^her dirailiM tht-n in iho crowu'a ward- 
■hip sliould be broughl up at oourt about 
tb« king's per>oii, i^acb 04ie bviiig proiidrd 
with a nift>ti.'r iit ihd stftta'* chnrsa \ib. in. 
|-170>, »o t.hnt thff paloen bpnotJinln becnmc 
1 'academy fur tbo yoiinK oobility" (cf. 
OBTBSPITB. D* iMtutitiu /((jriiM Angliie, in 
Worit, i. ma, ed. ]jorl CiMmout). 

llic cnnncil forced thi' king to t«)n> ft por- 
■onftl part in miblii- fandioiMi befoM hi- wna 
four yi-nn old. In April 14Sft ha nppcnmd 

at St. PaaTa, • led upoa bia IM bMwMffl I 
Uai ptoleetor aad (W IhUug of BzeUr 1 
tbn rlioir, wlwacs be wiu bonie I« iJha I 
altar.' AiWwards be wu ' set iippn a I 
rouncr aad h> conT«yi>ii through Cbspo ui 
theutherst rrrt* of t hr city '( F*it»*l( , Cbttonf* 
amrr './ llulorie*. p. r>»t,od. 1811), UntinfC 
tbn partiami-nt Ihut (ben aanimMBd Houy 
««f •■undry timncoiivfryed to WratMliiMtrfi 
and wilbtn tb« parliunciit dwartwr hefit hi* 
royal *t«t«'(th|i.SM: Watnax, r<t/vjn^j, 
US'! .11, p. IM; Hut. Fart. ix. ii&\y lU 
knpl bin (^riatmaji nod Now^yoai^a cotnt ia 
I4W 7 at Elihara, lemving anoim bia |a»> 
H-nlsMimucorallndii (hot bud oiu»bcIa^ttd 
to King Edward, and waa amu!H.>d by the 
guaea and inierludm of Jack Tmraill aad 
his ooopauiouH and by 'porlahle omaa' 
(Fmfmi, X. 387-6). Tu February WiA h- 
oponod tW'pM'lianMqit of l)at>.~ nt I.oic«Mar. 
vbore Bodfbnl MUght (o oppmuo tbn fisMe 
diasMiaiaau bctWRPii GlouoMior aad Biiban 
BtaufoTt. Un Whitimnday Bnlford dnbbtd 
his nephew a lui%lit,a large numlH-r of yooag 
nofalM aftfirwarcu TMnring huii^htliood from 
th« ' gracioiia hands' of ibe liiilo king (Oi^ 
/•- C ui. 233; Okboobt, p. 160). 

In Mnv I43H Itichanl Rcaacnainp, ««rl c/ 
Wamicif [q. r.j, l< diucrib«d a« tbn king*! 
■mHKlL-r ' ( Ord. P. V. iii. 294'), ■ injt for which 
lie bad perhaps boen oomisalpo by Henry V 
riew IVooi Wirun, Cknmiquft, l^Ud-i I-l'. 
p.42.1( nndMo!C«nB.Er, ClbviwniM, iv. IIU; 
Gttta //m. QniWt,p. I fW^na Warwick «i(b 
tbctwolWiiforts; hot cf for a diflTerfiRt «iew 
RumAM, p.33.1,«d. ll«anio; ami HAKIiTXe, 
pp.387.:it^l, wfaoayiitbat Kinttr ar^Ml llrKt 
and Wurwic'k after bin dnath in 1427, «« 
Beacfdst.Tuomah). .\ body of knigbu and 
squires n as appoinlMl tonMdeaboul the kiiv, 
and thi> csMUitof Walliiigfotdand llertfi»d 
voT>: fliii) fnr liix tciiiiiiu^r iiabllatioD, and 
\\'iiidiKir and !i'Tktiiimiiit''indrorhi*n<stdMoa 
in winter | Onf. /'. C. iii. 2I)A). On 1 Jaaa 
Warwick waaordcrHl'lo bonboiit Iha king's 
puntoti.' and din>c(i<d to ' tench hitn to loYv, 
iromhip, and dmd God. draw him to virtiw 
bv way« and mtitiiB ci>ti\ enuble, Ijrjiji beftin* 
bimoxamplesof (lod'ngtncelo virtii»ii(ikin)i> 
and the contrary furl 11 tie if king»»f tb* coo- 
Irar^' di>i|K«ition, l>-ni'h him nnrlun*, litota* 
turv, langiiofio, ondolbnr mniuicrof runiun(f 
lu chnstiae bim whrn ha dotb amua, and (O 
Ti.'mo>i' purwinji not behnvvfiil] nor uxpedic 
from hix ortwuct' * (1*. iii. 2W-S0O ; ct ." 
dfm.n. .mt>. 

patvd th^downfstl of th-' Anglo-F 
power ill Frjiiioe. Tlii> l''pi'nchfOUnril 
rorthecoronulionof IloitrTasacoiuiK 

Uenry VI 


Henry VI 


to Um eoroiutinn of tluuka VII u. lUirtrnx i 
OS 17 Julr li:.t>. Tbc Boffliib cuunril wu 
slaid to ha If *a ujiportanitir lo dimiuiali iJuke 
TlaMpbn-v'a ojiivt, uti 6u li Nov. Hiiit, 'n 
climjr Hfiil bfifllic <i&y,' Henry wu crovm«<i ti 
W«*tmiiul«r io tlio pT«neiK« of p4rlisBii>nt. 
Warwick Led him to tW ' lti|[li ncnlTold *«t 
sp in ibe Abbrf ,* when h« nt - bclioldinfc tho 
pMJplD all about Milly and wiwly ,' anil )i£aw- 
tog fptst ' hnoiiUtr luid (teToiioo.' Thv 
funeitm ended witk 'an honourBblu feuai in 
({TMt htU, wboe the king, liltiog in lii» 

it«, w«« *en«d witli ihr«« courwn' (Fi- i 

U>, n. fi60; GiLMWkr, CXrmu^, pp. 16-V 
170; WuaHr, iUiVi'tw/ Ssnyf, ii. UO t>l. 
Pariiamttnt at onoc rMolvud that OluULvitrT'i 
nroMelontup waa at an end {Hoi. I'arl. iv. i 
337)( aul prvctamatioa waa made- that the ! 
fcmc woalJ fofiliwitli visit, kitt FKOcb do- 
■uuoM (0>yf. P. C iv. lO-ll). I 

On 24 Feb. 1 1.% iha king, n(i«qr aorvim at 
St-i'auJ'ii.rrinovrd rnm Luidnn to Kaiinin^< 
ttm. Tkmcv on I'alai Sunday bi: wl-dI to 
Caatabor;, where be KfDaianl Tor Kaitrr 
UaApnl). OnSt.Oeotwe'adar.rl^iAprLJ.Lv 
^WMMmm DoitttTto OuaugWooKipaiuwl, il 
w«a beliavod, bv i^n thouaanilmldiont/fnn. 
B. AOm. i. M*-51 ; cf. Orrf. f. P. iv. x.), 
and eonductid by t.'anlinal Hcaiifort. iln 
landed at Calau at nbntit Irn in ibn mornitiK, 
and rods at onm on lionuback to bigb msm 
at 8t. Nicbflaa's Cliardi (MoNnnELL-i, ic. 
86U; Wiiutiix.p.aA)). On I'Julvbupro- 
nadad lo ICoai>a ( Ann. S. AOnn. t. !/£), ibo 
^»n of th« Maiil tS Orlvana on 2>t Slaj 
prohahly making tbo jonmoy loMdangcfnuii. 
wrt the E(i|[Uab caaao had now mink to low 
tbai BaniT waa kept nany uMntba at Roucoi, 
whila vimtMu, tluiuub iuia«oe«ai£a)( eSbcta 
anr» tnaSa to elMr Uii^ wav lo Rhviau tor 
hi* (aronataoB. Ha waa at llouen during th># 
naitvriioai of tlw Maid of ( h-lciaiu, . 
IIS pt*9iial (iurin|[ X,\i« prUKiixHan 
Blai, Ihwit Jr Jianar <f .^ re. ii. -iA, 
i]friiiKloavii>>Kfanri!>,ibiHif;lilti?ill'anJ, ' 
a* a rutf, kept bim diiitri-vtly in ilit^ buclf I 
gnaaiL I 

OMpwring of appcwiching lUitiHw, Bad- I 
talA bad lo coDiniii binwvlf with rmwnlng ' 
Ua BRihHW mt raria. Dn AdTml SiimUv, 
Sllrr.,llaftrytaai)rbiilriunphant rnlrvinto i 
I'arl* br tl» I'orti- Saitil-I>rtiia. Tile ciiy was 
puly aibinieil, and touiiicipality, univi^miy, 
and pi)fnilaaebearillv>>'elcoiMedliiBi(J'j«i/iKi/ 
^am ll-^-^" I' /b^,pp.iaO-4l,«d.ttuchou, 
Raaci , i. Wv Bocda I'lliDioirv de 

¥tw- . ' tUirtWLi.I3U,lSI,<^.Val- 

!•' <)~ \in*ill«i; MoSHinrtXT, t. 1-4, ed. 
Ihiiiri'd'Ami). Hrnrr viaii*d kia srand- 
r at tlu; liuicl ^ini>lV>l. ik- waa 
a( Mnomnna till two days befura tke 

cuTOuatioD. lU wa* crownod on IS line, 
(uoi I7ib, Bs8tu)lbsBIldl'BLltiIlar)atXatra- 
l>anlu by Cardinal Btiufort. I'iiL- amn^ 
nierils wera Iwdl; maiiagi.'d. Tlu; Knj(li>h 
moitn tbamsotna too |in>mint'iit, and tbe 
n-itbholdinif or tho cunamnry lurpKH-H and 
pordoDa di({(uM4d tbn rariaian* ( ll-air'/nii* 
dt Jtirit, pp. 434-6}. On 21 l><i<^ ll'ciiry 
M«ttd«d at a gK»l council. On 26 Dvc. hu 
Uh fans for Bouen. Landiii^ at Dover ou 
29 liui. (fliuwolir, p. 178>be eiili-rvd Liiudim 
on 14 Feb. (ii. p. 173 i other aulhoriliva 
maku the fUtca BV«h., ifll-'ub., aud 21 Feb., 
aiv l*.\L'x.i, T. 228). l.ydgaTc ci'lcliratad Lis 
rttum by a poem, and liie ],i>ndnniirH wvl- 
cucDed bun vitb ffTuat nlate. A dtruiffu of 
niiUBtera followed. On 12 May ll32iri!Dry 
oMtiodparliamMit in per«»n. Hiilm^ tbruuh-ii 
tfcn Sary dobalas arising from IK-nry Kitiu- 
fatt'*cbnUoi)f(Dof bitaccu»vn,anil tiuully di^ 
claring in favour of biagrcal-unclnV Invnlry. 

Warwick nunnwbilc found that Itcnry 
waa ' crown in yuan, in alnture of bia puncm, 
and alio is couc<^it and knowledge uf bia 
rora] Mlate, tbe wliioli «auaa bini to gruilj;u 
wilb chnatiaing,' wbil« in privato speech ' \u> 
hath boon atirrml by aonin IVom hia learning, 
and spoki^n to uf divert ninlti^ra not beboviv 
full.' Jli^ tiicri-fonMibtnini'd fromthfi poiineil 
fiiWn poweni for tln' ri-siilution of thn hoin.-- 
bold, iLe prubibiliun of unuutboriA'd pcrvoiia 
from acceaii to l)ii- king, iitid uulburity tu rir* 
novo tho king julo Niindry placiti ' for Iho 
bualtbof bia bodyand iImi iiin.'! v uf Lis jK-rwiii.' 
On tlieking'iiw^t viait to l.on<^<>ii thacoiintjl 
anpntrul livfure him and adnioniabdd liini to 
obry W'arwitk'a preopiitx (Paiton I^tlrrf, i. 
'til--'t, I'd. Uairdiier). N't»t year the return 
of Iteilf.wl gave aomu proipecl of atrangvr 

Ilonry cclobiaied ibeCbrictniBaof 1433 at 
Bury iiL Edmnnd*, raniaining lb«ro or at 
HmaweJl luitii after I-jmIvt f^." March) 
{ArrMtreU^, xv. 66-71, giTts a long ac<KHiDt 
of ihia viait. rvpriniL'din.Vonari*rDH,iii. IIS- 
Il4ied. Bllis, Xc, when! iaapiL*tiin<uf IK-nry 
|iravin2bdbr»St.EdtDund'aalmiie, from the 
7.tfr of St. Ednmad, the vwy beatttiful Ilnrl. 
.M.S. 22714, vrliirb l.ydgali', the antbor, pr»- 
ai-nted to IIiMiryl. On tliia occnalon Henry 
wan admitted to the rntirnitr of tho abbey, 
which beniNtturtb bceiiniT- a arourile tvaort 
wilb bin). 4>n l.'IV.\|>iil IIK4 Henry pnaided 
Bt a gnral t-outii-il, wlwrv peace betw««nGluu- 
r>«1er au<l IbiKonI waa only tacarad through 
bia nemioal midiaiiun i^maiH^ Onarf. tli/t. 
iii. I2U; Ord. P. (.'. iv. 210aq.) Sonti nffr 
Kcdford left Enftand for tha laat linio. 
I lenry'a Micceu aa a piMcoMBakrr kd liioi to 
furtlipr action in ttate alFaira. in wliicb be 
4liowvil ■ prooociouD and unhealtby interetit. 

Henry VI 


Henry- VI 

0)oacMt«r«iieoun|Cod hia iiit«TfeKBoe, wliite 
I)c««l6rt aad W«ru-ic)i wore fur lipeulnc him 
under rcstnint. Tliuir iiifliii?nc«pn>Mbly 1^ 
ibi: cotincil no 1 2 Nov . 1 4,14 to wiomtkly warn 
lU-nrT tliat Iv wno imi rf<l nndownd witb fo 
great kiiowIoiIk'' boi^ dimctiom w to b« rIiIo 
to cbooM in mnili-M of diScultj, or dxKUfi 
tiw gOTpmuicc tlut b*(l been appnintivl for 
liif tonder ftge. Erm if vn^ rojccc as iDei>.< 
flattorythnaMiircnoooftbccoiiiicil thai '(toil 
had ondovreil hia ^rMv with hh gri'fli iirnli-r- 
Mtadins >ni) feollnff »* hot princiT orprwin of 
hitmgt {OrJ. P. Ci». 3B7>,ini.-h pirmm iirc 
fclrugi^ing for pow«r n-futcs llnrdvns' nlory 
■likl Hcnr^' BTow iip atiDiKii &□ idiot. uniiliU' 
todi*tin^iiIibetiKn-nridit B.Dd vnUK- ^'0' 
VTM liin eduuili'iii I' lined to aRairs of 
MoUb Warwick tuught him tlieuseof arme. 
An exiaet inrenloiy mmtioa* ihn iiwnrdt, 
' Mnie greatn mkI aome anatUr, for lo Imrn 
the kinr to pinjr in bin lendpr itge..' nitd tliv 
■ littl« banuM that tho VatI of Warwick 
Iliads for tb« kin;; i-ru he irent oi'er ibe nea, 
nmUliiil with ffold' (I'avli, Oftrkicktr mn 
JAiglanil. V, -JfiS}. tili>ui:Mter watched owr 
hia liuvmnr ediustioii. 

In 1436Bod/iml died and Itnrgund^ An. 
•»n«d the Hngliah aUianc^ Iletirr wi^|>t 
bitl«Tlr at UiLTfrnndr*!' tmielierj. tn Jnou- 
ury 143" HL-arvlonl his mother, IhoiiKb her 
wcrvt sIliiiDiv with Uwain Tudor liau long 
dfpriTed her uf any iiilliiirncu witb the coun- 
cil oT coniKil ovvr biT sun'a educjiiioti. In 
July 1437 Ileiiiy lost • exal trwnd by War- 
wiclcV ninnral from l»a pirooaiiionihip to 
ludcrialin tbc re^nnr of Francd (Fadfra, 
X. 674). Thia markn a *(a^ in the kiojf'a 
cmancipaliua, since no nuocMc«>r secins 10 
haw been appointed. Hvnrj had now fur 
(om#liineri<|{iilurlyattcn<)i>d ibemeelingsof 
tbeoouiioil (cl;. Of/. I'. V, V, 1-16). Agr«at 
eouneitwn*Wl(i in NovmlHTnt Olwkmwcll * 
Priory,wll«r»inIi'iirv'» pn-wnei-n new privy j 
council waa appoiniii^, ineludlnir nil thf olil 
and aomo dgw mcmbm.u-it b the same piiwen* 
wbich parLiamcnt had nuiferred on 1 he counei] ; 
ofHMirylV(i'J, v.TI). Itut Henry was now 
admitiMl into a share of the goremineiit , 
cliart«n> uf pardon. the collaliou of boneficoa 
and oflicee and ' other thing* that atsnd in 
ffracif ' Iw-ine reacrvod in him ' fur to do and 
diapou) UK bim good ^n'melh.' In maIt(T]> of 
gPMt wirighi the eoDUcil wan din«li!d not ti> 
conduide without the i(mg'» adrice, and if 
ibutParoaedifleTencvof o|>itiioo,aa']>«nidren' 
ture lialf a^innt half or two ]ianiea against 
llw tbinl,' tbe king had power ' To ooncludt^ 
uidtocliapoaoaft«r biagood [>lnaeiiT>^' (p'A. vi. 
AIS-IS). Bat Iho hin^e'ietviu'd bia pniora 
an Tnrk1e«i|y, that !<-« thiin three munths 
•ncrwarda the council warned bim that hn 

va* KTanting |iower ■ 10 hta ftraat di«avail,' 
and ihnt hit nwit of the nleirardxbip of 
Chirk involveda Im« of a tboiuand marks 
to bill •ttMv\y dinlrm;^ reicniim (ifr.pp. tjl^ 
90>. In U^li'Ili-nn' befranhi^ foiindaiiotu at 
Eton and C'amhnciCee. 

Tlut di'faction at linretiadf and tli* loaa 
of Pari* 1 143(t) modi' the Knglitfa caaao ia 
I-'nncv h'lpirlnn. The de«tn of Bedford 
bmughl Conliniil Uenufort into (pvater pro- 
BBinmce. Beaufort. tv»olv«d on t be Kittaration 
of poaoe, tliou^lii to Mtvn^bfn Kn^luid'a 
Ibrewn n-laiions by arran^ng a marria^ 
for tM kini;. Ilui hii. firm; cllbrta vera utt«r 
failure!. Alrradf in 1-lSI the noiiiiril bad 
■<>)n|e«)e(l that peace coald bent be eSeCtfil 
■with Scotland ' by way of the marriagt) of 
the Vxiig with one of tbe daught«ra of tli» 
hiiiir of Scota,' but, fearins to incur re- 
ft liunnibility, tbey r^fpnvd tim matter lo a 
ereat council, and nnthiiifC further came of 
It (A. iv. 11)1 i of. I'nC pp. \x, Ixii). Afpun, 
in IlSf), durinit the n<^|i>tiatioiu nt Amu^ 
it hiLil been mgnBtl^d that Uaiuy aboutd 
marry the eldwi <laugbi«r of OharlM VU 
{FadtnyX.6i3-i), hut the French Inid the 
prapoaal ao lightW bj tliat the Kn^iah wor» 
ollended (Ortf. P. C. v. Stfl), and tha rap> 
tumofth* wholanng^tiatJontfolkwocL (JtH 
abla to cMabliih new liiv, the council, with 
aimibir wnnt of hucmm. aouyht in 14S8 to 
ilrenKlbun old onee, by tnarryin^' llenrv to a 
dBUf(htvr of thf new em ptiror Albion ^I.'tt 
tb» cmpeTOT will condeicead to DMrriafo' 
(A. V. m. tW, 9T J cf. Ptrf. pp. jnrii-»M). 

An Ilf'iiry en-w iiiinri'.r manhood ha 
bcnrtily vcnndird IliMiurort'ii plans. In 1490 
the cai^linul and th<' Uuchcw of Hurgiuidy. 
his niece, held, bt'lween GrarvliiWis and 
C'alaia, lon^ oourercucea lo pnicure a Iruoa. 
Tfa# negotiationa witb I'raiiei.- failed, and 
the Engliib refuted to emiMinin any^an 
for minrin; Hsnrj to a dauglitflr of hi* 
'advnrBBrv of 1/^uicb' until a sure peaco 
had bfl.-ii' establiBhed (li. v. 361). But a 
truce was agreed on with Burj^undy, aad 
commercial iwlatioua renuwed with the Low 

Belter pro^tecU for England now aroao 
from a freab eotataDation of the fioidal prinoM 
of Franoo in a new prtn^rurv a^insl tlin in- 
cwMingT'owerof cWKt. VII ((). Ub Btuf- 
COVKr,Jlitl. d* CkarU* VU, vol. iii. chap!i. 
vLand viii.) If England would n'nounce llie 
vain claim 10 the Fmicb throne. Burgundy 
and Briltatiy nouM have welcometl h#rai4, 
and left Normandy and Quwnne in Knpli»h 
liandH. tieauforl. fell in with the plnn. and 
pmc-nred io M40lhar«leaMof Oharlc-Siduke 
of Ork-anx (a prisoner ainoe Aipncourt ), who 
vigorously supported tbe faioalUla. Ulou- 

Henry VI 


Henry VI 

cettor violenlljr prvtMliil afniiui OrUaiu' rv- 
leow, RBcl ma MswMr*! br ibo coancll that 
it. VIM 0» tneeiiO dwin; of thn king ud ibu 
Ih-*! v»j or Miciirin); pciiM». About 1441 
llrixanjr, (Irkaiin. nnj AU'n^n proposed n 
iuBrriii«c Iwln-eeu Henn- \'I aad n da«glit*r 
of Jolin IV, cmmt of Artnagmc, who hiacf 
1-137 li*d bwn od gooil lomie will) tUn Ifn^' 
luh. thiviigh Uw foar of Chnrlm VII (Ittii'K- 
IHRTOX, ( Vrwfponiirn(V, il. 300; Ord.i'.V. 
v.Vi). Uai!8Juii(i 1441 ninlMMMdoRi (torn 
Anu*^DC rrcG)Trd ibvir Mfe<eudnct Uit 
EngUnd to pracKUL- ilie niHtcli (De Qbaf- 
OorxT, ill. VSl, [rom Brmuigujr's collMtion : 
Fadera. xi. 41, d«lM H Mle-condiict l!l Mav 
144^, vhKli is pltiiily too I*t4>). Do L>8 May 
I44U Sir Robort ttonn nnd ItcrkinKton. ttio 
kliir'« mctvUtxyttntT' ecnpomnKt to Jltncc<^d 
to uuitntia to livat for the nurriogu wiili 
oDi' of ArnMfrnac's tliree d«aght«n i^a-drra, 
xl. 7). Urori*. wbiu ibuwuil Itut kwBiitt inle- 
mt in tlie btuiiauss, Miit aft«r them k lelt«r 
* Bigntsl ot our own hand, tlie wbicb, nn yt' 
wo* well, in b« not much accii'iomid for to 
do in other ca«f,' nnd dirrrClnBt bom lomnkr 
|]Mt<Ht,ii. 181). A jwitit-rr Duinc-d IliuiBwiui 
ii1k> Knt out la'porlny tbc< Tbn.<t- daugltlen 
in ibeJT kirllm simpl<^ aod ibeir vifagM' (£k 
ii. IHI). But on arririas at Itord^wux ibe 
ftmbauadors found ilut CIwtIm Vtl'ii int*- 
•ion of Oiui-»n« bad frifbt'incd Annagtiar-, 
■nd bi* mind waodiiuignd. Tbcy waited from 
Jotjr UtS In Jnnaary 144.1. but could not 
I'VonfTri tbi'picl urea off brkdiis.biwauM-ibii 
MTWc frwc bad froMD tbi> aniAt'a colours, 
Mid wmt boneenptr-baadcd. TbeproApMl 
of the Annagsac alliance waa Snallr de- 
*.\niy^ k year Intor by ibo dauphin Loni*' 
ini-MiuD and ronquoi't of Amui^ae (I)ktk- 
timux, Journal, printnl aocuratoly in Ibc 
AppMidix to vol. ii. of tlifl Bec'Rixarox. Cor~ 
n m ndfuce, and Imh aci-unlely in Sir II. Ni- 
CoW* EairliiJi in^n uublttbMl in 1828,and 
partly irantiliil<<dti>in tr-iiohby O. Brunet in 
the Afttai Jf fAKudtmir Tl'iyiiltde hor4*mLi; 
witli TaliuHli* nnlw by tlic itlitor; olhtr lot- 
t<T»of Ilflckinitloin afr in I^tlrrtnf MaryaFct 
of A<fjou.V*a>A.iir>c.: I>E IfKiicoi la, /fW. 
•Ir Vharlf Vll, vol iii. t'liap. ix. ; and Kl- 
n^DIEC, la (.bajv^e Jf OHyvnw par 
Im Anfflat*, trr- ilie bME nMKl««n aoMiints). 

On <( rii«. 1442 tlosiy niictitd liia lt«nl 
mMiirily. Unaufort'n innuen«t wa« ondimi- 
hMumI, and b» nud-' a naw nffort lojnraritm 
poetL TbrauHb tb« pwd offic«a of rrAncis, 
iha nvw duk« of Jiriltany, nqptiations began 
about tbu «nduf 114.1. In F<^hriiary 1444 
a atroDi; eaibatoy, braibrd by 'Williiim de la 
Volv, nrl of SaHbllt, war iwnt to Oaoce. 
A |«nial truce wat ligned on 8 April at La 

MniiM.iirlivim'f'iifl'olkwMitto Toun, wbei>> I li« 
kill); and t>ii-cbit-f nttbiliiy ofPranoa vera R«- 
ei-mbb'd. .K d'flnili'pi>Bc<?mitriilloot oftbo 
qumlioo, nnd ('barlps VII rt-jn-trH all pro. 
uomU to tDom- Hi'iirv i-i raii- irf hi> dnntrbli-ni 
(BiBis.i. IBl-tij, Yft onl'VMaj Il43ll.e 
£DflisheoDcludiHlatn.-aiy villi Cliu'les Vila 
bn:iMi«T-iii-Inw, HunG of Anjou, titular king 
of i>ii-ilv and actiio) diiki' of Lorn) im- and 
count of pTovfiic'!, fortlm mfirrinit* of Honry 
to Kcnfs dnii^bi'T Mntjiori'l. On 24 Mny 
the ■nlrnui bcIMthul WM celcbratod hi^fQre 
Ihc pnpnl li-(t»lp ( Ue Bmt'inrKr, iii. 278-7; 
Ldtot db u Makchk, i<r Itni Ilm(,'\i. jr>| - 
SA7;HiidVALLeTDBVlutTii.l.E, fj&ar/(v Vll, 
it. 408-l>, On 38 Mny tlie Irealy of Tour* 
wns signwt.wbii-h wwupwl a truce fi>rn*«rly 
two yqjirs ( AWi-rd, li, I^S7, pv«* a Ijatin 
t«it, Btid ConMiAiT, Let (iranili Trait** de 
In Ouerrr de fJmi An*, pp. ir>l-7l, a mon.- 
Hcuumlp KrencI) Tonnoii fruui tlie ArcliiTpa 
NaCionnlcs: M.iyEwnrcHT, t«I. iii. i'i>OM 
>/K>f^((a(t'r(M,Soc.dfri!iat.del-'mii(v), Tli>» 
waathe^real trmmphof ihi- Ik'niirurl policy, 
with Tliich the yonn^ king had identified 
h i nisrlf. 

TMtent to lji>rriuDi.- to rrlcb Murgnivl. Kinf; 
Kieat hi'ld cn-at fuanls at Nancy, iii tbe ptt^- 
eence of ihu kiugand quwnof Frniici>,io ceU^ 
brale tlii> Biorna^'e, wliicb vnajierfonnnl br 
pfoxrbf tbebisbnporToulin l-i-bnwrv 1445 
(l)KllKACC0lrKT,iT.9.S; llmiNT, lUijd'AriDM, 
n.4:iB,innoiiia-iioT.Ofir/fii t'll) OulApril 
MaTKarpt landed ot I'otchester orrort^moutb 
(OBBOOBt,p.l(M),eacortMltnr8utrolk,biii ait 
attack of small-pox Matpon^d her wodding. 
At la«t llciiry and MarEnrwt wer* marriM 
by tiishnn .Vy»roil^b at Tili-litidld Abbey, 
nivar Fariiliain, on :.''.' April ( ICI April OfUH 
ooHt, p. l»a>. Henry wt in lb'- wyddinu* 
ring a niby ;{ivi>n bim by Beaufort tlie day 
ht! Wafl crownud at I'&ris I^K/rdrrn, xi. 7l}>. 

On ^ Mav thi' riiyal {uit <-nten-d Limdon 
in triunpfi, and on 3U May Mar^rrt wa* 
crowned by Arcbbialiop Stafl'ord. MaoiuS* 
ntnt 1oumun»Mil* (vmt-ludi'il tbo wedding 
fotivilio* (Wiw-nm:!!, p. 7BI). Lydgste 
(ttlobrat«d iJie cvi-nt by u Immbniitic jioem. 

QlouCMtPTs intlui-no.- vita now at an end. 
HeniyeuaMCtad bi« uncb^uf t[<iaM>iiabl»dn- 
aipUiand DardlyailmittedliimU)hiapn)«(iicc 
or trrnti'd bin wiili civilitv (tVw. Wm, 
p. KI ; WiiRTiiAtitrrBDK, i. l'7»; SnwKOTOH, 

H'ano/nHffU'MiH Ftanrr, i.Wiy BeaufoH.'a 
ptwit age ibiia threw thr dirootion of aOairs 
! into tbe hands of SuHbUi, kIiu wu warmly 
I «iip|Hirtvil by kinff and oueen alike. In July 
I l<14AlbeAr<;hbiiibopoflUi«iiuaadihel~''Ount 
I of VendAne arrired in London on a Kolrmu 
Mnbuef from Fnuics. On 16 July Ilcniy 

Henry VI 



gkn them audtcnoD. The Frracb Lord* wro 
mudi impcMMtl livliia friL-adltoMaMid bonusi 
doMra fat p«M«; Vat h bLoh uraUuisatiou of 
tba Irnci! Vhs bU thai n-vnltM. A protioMl 
that ilunry (dioiiM ^\M Fnnratuid holii an 
inurriaw wilb Uiniifai \'[I wa* mM>lcil,aD[l 
WM mudi difcoMod during the nrJit few 
j^iAi*, bntaunotunotluDBlfbcafallacimtuit 
of tbinr vnlMW. which iUuMiMm llMiry'ii 

hi* apfianMico wm followod bv a 

tba tmoe with Sontluid, whlcJi tmniid 
badly for the BuUsh {CAni. fiila, ]>. Xi). 
Sulfblk'a atBDa&aer uror 1 1 enrv n-w aritlKf 
uarhallenndBOrof luDgdtinitiuD. Kv«nia 
tbo oouikcil bia p(uiti<in grvw duubiful. He 
had aroiuedllutji^aloaxyof the lt¥auforti.«al 
qunmlledwitbCntdiiiiJ KQinpr(|.v.],wtMM 
tiiepbnir,T1ioan«*Km]p,bn Kongtit tp dentin 

capacitv for poUtict, ma Stgnstos, fl'art of the hUliowic o( l>iadiin, coBfnma Vt 
EmIj ia 1447 ptriiameiit in* «iiiumonnl 

ti> pnividn fumU fof iko propaHHl 'jHinicmal 
raanrnlion' of ih-nry and Vharl'-i. It ini-t 
oa Id l-'cb. at liiiry St. E4iiiund*.a piMw |wr- 
•oiiaUv acw^plablu to Heiuj, anil politically 
Mfw than Lrowlou bwBuaB of Siiffallf's in- 
lueoe^ UvitryirweMon«d by a great num- 
ber of amed men on bis joBni«T tlirou^i 
ltoy«toD,Cainbridff«, and Ntiwiaarktil, to pro- 
tect him from ThMt liiimphri-y (jTAw >!/- 
ttmth^erulury CironivU*, p. ijltl. He or- 
dnrcd bia utirlc'n anval ns soan on Ibn duki? 
arnvivl on l>* I'l'b. On 1^^ Feb. Oluooailer 
mta dead, pnibalily by ■ natural doalli, for 
Sulfulk, tbmiKbfn^Hlyarcusnluf lli« niurdtn', 
was never Kirmallv cbar|^ with it, and 
ll«niry niny br wif-'iy aoqiiittiHl of cranpllcity 
in »uch a ilivd. '1 li>i nnrliamnnl irac di«- 
miiwed wilbiml n itrant Wojicvcu oslu^d for, 
and in Marcli Heiin- litft Bury far Cantfr- 
bury. On 1 1 April t lie diMitli of Ottilinal 
Beaufort rvrrioveJ llic utiii>r cliief Malmmaii 
DtllmiTj'* iJiiiiorily. His t<xectitoi« offenvd 
llcniy 2,O0«U. from I !i« bitiliop'e pwal wealth, 
wbicQ ho di^lmpil with niI«ci<ionat« Mpni*- 
noniiaf n^nrd for hi.f uncle'* maanoiT (Biax- 
K«K, ' Du \'inutibiiii M Mimculia Hitn. VI,' 
iu OrrmujorRsi:, ud. llmmi-. \>. 'J'M). 

Tbv folluH'iritf yean vim jierliap* tlie 
happCMi '>t l[t-rtry'« life. II*' was buppy iu 
kiauomuKiic life, and bin t'diiciitionHl fuuiidn- 
■ion«ai Kirm nndCaiabridKn were completed. 
ThcoldfnctinnRMiMnedeadnd. ThnpraooiK^ 
gOtiatioiM WMit on, and iu -March 1 148 Maino 

' wamuncodrtrd ill rot urn for u I woyeaw' pr»- 
longntionof tbelruce. But thr Froocli wure 
1149 earnrat iTinii Henry ami ^! iitfolk. and 
tilers sermt'd little pTUKj>vet iff tlii' defiuilive 
treaty fur wliii'li l-,duiuiLil H'lauforl (Uuki- 
of Sou«nHt iu March 114^) and ItitJiop 
Mblejna w«re now nt^rintinn- lo Jnne 
Hvniv niadn SiilTnlh a diikn. On tiiin tho 
whold Widfun.' of ihn irtfttr now rcaled. 

' IhiriDR thete yeanUetiry wu comiuntly on 
prugTUM. In the BUmiuer of 1410 lie niad« 
a lour of varioiu mnuaslvriei^, Tisitiri^- aiiiuii^' 
«thrr plncea tli* Anal in frinn'nl Lynn (C*r- 
AKivii. tJt tUuAtr. Jlfn. n.' IS.1: pf. f!<mt. 
Crt^lattd Vhron. p. CW). In the cuniinifr of 
1446 he weni nurtlius tiirm Uiitbum, wheri; 

papal prOTisiun at Ilenrv'n xpcciol (nqoM 
(-Jl Au|(. 14481. Tlip weak binK wai (Meed 

to derlam to the pop* thai tl»< Letlun rf 
mqiuwlibrKvanp nciT' forv>id, mid ii>bicfi>t 
tbn tmDalatioB of BiiJirip Liimlev of CaHtJ* 
tu tht) vacant ace^ Henry reoniTnd a well- 
merilud nrhukc ttvta l^aKmiua IV (Bmt- 
UinoK, ^'irrfup'/mlmf*. \. IfiS 9). 

Early in 1441) l-Vaiwiv V^TThganoit broke 
ibe truce with France by thewanlon caplutc 
of FougAri?. "Xhr Fmnrb, who w*!n Mgwly 
WBiting ('" 'he pretiixl, at odm tfnfftm 
tbewor. Nunnaudyii-aATaiadlyconqMnd; 
Edmund Benufort, dnko of SomcriMt [<}. x.\ 
t\iatteiS^itemv t>eaiuanMa,wliich wa» nals- 
rally aM down 1« U«acfafiry. A urliamraA 
wiu nunnraed in February to Wut»iD- 
■lor, which made 1ib«'ial gisat«. But plagm 
dioT« kin^ and ectaiea to hold tbeir man- 
mer aewion at Winchnt«r. Iti Oeiok* 
Hi'nrv Tinted the WcUh marnbcn (JWia 
LetUn, iii. 174. Th<i year is Mr. Uairdner'l 
coiyecUire). lie wa« back in London b«f<it« 
(t N nv. 1 449, on which dale a new pwliaafBt 
aiui-mliM. It wae pKwof^ad OT«r CliMi- 
iDu. whieli ilmry and Marputtt ealebnl'd 
at W'iiul.tor ( WvHCBni:!, n. 706). At Ep- 
uhonr-i'":le ibe sailon at Portmnonth miu- 
aeiM llinbiip .Molpym. kwiwr of tbo pri»y 
eeal. Ou IU Jon. I %!*> Ileury retuniiDd to 
Woi<tnrmiil«r, whet« parliament rvanMinhM 
on -"i Jan. Tbo outcry afcatiwt Suffolk «M 
now at ita halght. Thn commona at omi 
drew up dabonite nrtictiw of impeach OMat^ 
and tli« lords neni ihi- duke to tha lower. 
The ftriTet sinip-Mt of kiitft and ooartieri w»a 
of no avail, ami an inf^nioua inetbivl wu 
devimd of i<«iidfyin{; claniour without «m- 
detnnin^ ihp favnurite. On 17 Murufa SaffDlIi 
wru brniiehl brJoTdthn kinj; nndall thelwdt 
tbfU in lown. The duke aubniittiNl hlBUall 
to the kiDg. and Ilunry, throuf[h the chaoi- 
cellur. deolaird thechargM 'imtbFTdcdBnil 
nor charged,' and. ' not reporting him to the 
advice of hie lorOo, nor by way of ]ud|nBt4it, 
ordertd bim into 6re yoan.' exil*." On bi» 
wav to till' mnlincTnt Suffolk wan ntunlen^ 

.Wkbisliop Kemp, the fnithftil follown 
of I)i'auf&r1, wiLi now Hpiut-'i fXutd aupport. 
In April pniliniiiHUt reaMunUed at IjeicoMT 
becniitir London was nnbealthv, and di»-_ 

Henry VI 


cmod pUiu for an incoinu tux ■nil tlio r^ I 
■unptioa of tJio to^I donuln. Ai Wliit' ' 
mntidfr UGU K«ii( roM under Jftck Cade. 
Oa V Jubv HviiTT wvni to Lonilon lo nu^n 
ilic ilanK<-r. lolgins >i <Ttorkuaii'Hll [it. p. 
7U7l. On II Jiiiir nn nuMitfd lliRiiirii Ijwi- ' 
doB, ' >mi>i(i at nil pioc«*.' and nl the head i 
Af a larRn form to BWkbr«lb ((iBB'ioii)', I 
p. ion. AI llii Imlding tti-^ rabrlii n-tirvil. , 
TlutI tuKbt lui i)U'|it at (irminwiob I but th-> ' 
n-bub rame l>a«b Ui lllackb»«lb an<>r tlii>ir | 
Tirt<iry at Sevmoakx ( 1 H May ). Panic aiul I 
inuliiiy »pn>ad amnnt; Honry'* tronpi, aitd I 
he buiri'-il hxek to l^ioilnti by water. Hal 
vainly aoiiiifat lo im>{iiliiit(' public opioicia | 
hv M<n<liti)t Lord Hay lo th« Tovrrr. But' 
Ileary himwlf sbarcJ rlie provailitif; ptuitc. i 
Tlw mayr>r nivrl council b<i*otisbt hini to lany 
in thi- city, oHitrinE to din lor bim, and to 

Ky balf till) MWt of hia liouiclinld. Biit he 
d lo Krnilwortb ( Ttrfr Mftfff^-fitwy 
Clirwiie.'er. p. 8" ). I i is <iL«ord»'Tlj- irnop* di*- 
ptncd. But Kemp aii'l WBjullcti' rtniLainvd, 
•nil btvke tb« back i>f itie riding. \S'beB 
ths danger wai over ll«nry niitde a progreM 
lliroM^i K«ni and SaMWc.aitttnK aiOanidr^ 
biny la jnitgniMit or Ibo rebrU, and pitaa- 
fi« w^itfTic™ of iffiit W!»Trily (ift. p. OS; 
Olrtui. (iii't. p. W }. A ft*T a t'r>'nt ' liaireHl 
of beads' be wi'ot on ti) Suli^htirv, 

In S(f ttfoibur Wi» Iti.-lmnl.dulieorVork, 
etmt back from In'laod, posing; sv thn raC' 
oeem of Glniicnatflr, IIm aaTJinir cf Knirland 
from uiarcbr, awl ihc nvi>nB« nf Nornmndy, 
11«> finwd bintv^ir into lli-iiry't pfvt^iic-', 
oomplaillinj; bitterly oi lliuouurtii-rWiWhudv- 
clari'dtbntbeirft^anacciNnpliceiif JackOade. 
llmTypmnouiio^lliirn'otir tnt^aodfailbful 
mibiMl,Mid our failbfol c<>uvin,'aiid i><n'ivi>d 
bim and lu« iMulinx foUowi-ni '-wilb ircnl 
cheef ' il'a'tctt Lrttrn, i. im, i^Llinitdnirr). 
and WTi» f.>frr.l iii appiiiiii a new council, of 
whicli Viwk waji a lueuiber. But t^omeravt, 
nnw bai-k frtim FWiici^. tiiriiit)(led tngvrly lo 
rrtflin bit ixMittiHi. On Nut'. pnrlinin«jii 
ta't, cappfiilly (lackcd fcilb VorkV pATlitani^, 
and ibn commona attntod that York nbnuUJ br: 
dwUrvd hrir lotbolhrMic ^ (Arm. /ynufun. 
p. 137), Soco'Twct YfMarruKMl.oiiddiionlfr 
MB1 KO bi;;b that all parties uniltxl ti> put it 
down. lln%l>WLlluaiTwa«pT>d4<d tbruuffli 
London wiili hia lonw, all ui full amour. 
During ibf n.>nnwSomnm-l waa made captain 
of Cnlaiv tritrly in I t5l Il<>nry ^■fua«a tba 
comnMini' fn{u«c to ruiBom him from court. 
Tb« diuolutioii of parlianarnl m the aarly 
Kummfr loft bim ao rlrxng aa et«r. n«Bry 
laboarnd bard, aa tbe FeMloo con««]Mnd(-nc« 
aha<*>, to heap up hia hiiMmsu's local in- 
flaenee. * All i* nougbt, or will be MUgbt,' 
wTotoacontMuporary. ' Thn king borro w Ob 

Henry VI 

luavxpmsa* for Cbrittmaa.' Mathiafi D'Ea- 
ooudh; ■•;• tbit on Twelfth Niitbt th-kinx 
Uid queen could K^t do dinner, on Ihxy liul 
ni-ltber mane;; nor crwiit {i. KM). Itulil, in- 
di«iKioii> anil faction bad paralysed th« ku- 
vi'nimvnl. In MAI (inv^un^ wnia loaT- aa 
roMily and iitKlorinutly an Normondf. 

lu I'Vbniary 14'i2 York nfn>in marelied 
to London wilb an annr fruin tin- WdFb 
mnrcti?--. lU-nry armed bim, anil 
btocki-d tlif rmd'to tlie capital, Yiwk tiiro'-d 
Afido, cron^'d the TbnMM nt Kin)(stoii. and 
oncamiHil nl IhirtforJ. Heniy'a army pii- 
campHl CD Blnrhlienth on 1 Marrb. A nvat 
buttle sw'ini.iiinrTiiuble. Birt Bi>bopW«yn- 
fleto and Nomc' of Henry's I'Tds iv^fotiat^^ a 
oompromuo. Htvo on Ilenrv'a *id« vubj 
wwro nnxioiia for llie rMnovaJ of Somenet. 
Ilrary plixiged bimaelf to ki-rp SoniMvet 
under nrn-n. ^'ork dii>bandi<<l hiiarcuy, biit 
nn vuitini;tliekiii|if*lrnt bo found Somnraet 
Klillni Inrp'.nnd Heary'iipresunrr'didnotpr^ 
vt'nl a fierte nllerculioii. York found that Lit 
wua jiractically a Driaouvr. But foar of tliB 
niiim>in<^n »uv<m1 him IWiin iLe Tower, and 
on 10 MareK be vra* raliiiMvl afler a Mlemu 

I di'clanilion of loyally. An I'lfori vraa now 

I mado to put Cjilaia in a proper atat^f of 
defpiicw and improve the navy. On Oood 

I Friday Henry laiiiKlit lo make ererylbins 
■naoolb by iinrrloiiliij; all persons Ruilty « 
di*lnyi(larIi:(\ViiKTiuiiHiBni!, i, 8&), andon 
that n-rr liny 114 utilml |inr(loiuiifru iaau^ 
rmni hi* cliaiicry. 

I Anarchy ulill pnimiled, and llrurytrn- 

I vetlud about ibe conntfy in the vain hope 

I LitaL Iiiaj>raaenci>< wiiuld pcuvun- more n-vpcct 
for the law. In April or Aluy he probably 
vi4it.ll Norfolk (/Wfun LfUrr: i. 231. 238, 

' hut ef, I*r«Tf«cn, p. Ixxiiii). In Julv he eer- 
tiiiiily wi-nt on pro^rru tbroiiKb l\>f we«t. 
Ilewiu nl tlxelvr on IH Jidy, and tbpiwN< 
procvediil lbrou;.'h ^Vella, OlouotstiT, Alon- 

I month, and lltrelord lo Lodlow, where be 
nrrivvO on li Aug., (bowing by* bla vinl to 
^'•irh'* giwl stronghold tbal old feuda w«iv 
at "nd- He (him trarrilnl ibrougb Koiil- 
vonb and WotHUtuck lo Elthaoi, which he 
muJicd ently in September. In Octobac ■ 
tJiird pTogn-iawni mode tImMiKb th«taat«ni 
midlanda, duiinf; wbi«b Stamford, pM«>r- 
liorouith. and Cambridge w«n- visited I ( i «iHit- 

' SKK. Prvf, to Pattim Mtm, i. luxvi). B«- 
fombe md of t bo yanr Shnivrtbiuj h«d won 

' Iiackmoat nfOuiitiBB. SncoraaobnedMMiwd 
(4 follow the rwtoraiion of amity ol home. 
Ill Mairh l-tliSa new |Mrliameat oaactubled 

I 111 Ittwling. That (own waadiown in m- 
fcrviicc lo London hecauae of the YwKiK 
STiBpaihiaeof rhi< Ixiadon populatei. Somer- 

Henry VI 


Henry VI 


fortlin liKtiiiiiHferatAttyftAratlMCotninatis 
ud tb« oouBoit w«ra ■( on*. AA«r l{(Mt«r 

rirluBieBt TUMaembln) nt WmtmiiMrcr. Un 
July Henry Uiuikod the ooBuncou in p«r- 
MB for lEwir liberal rt»bU, kod proromed 
th« MM>oa till NoremW. Dm 1I10 boUow- 
ncM of tlin Mcificatiim at Imedc Rod ttin un- 
niOtty of tfie lut vthn of FlngUnil •hrooil 
wprv moom ftppuvni. 

Hcnr^ pmpMed to dprou ibo *umnior to 
Ui esU-D(lwl nrq^TVM. Ilu Inft Landoii far 
CUrvoikin, ■■ nuiiiins mat in thv Xi^w FotvtK. 
TitfW hr whm •addeiiW f Wixobktkk, Ji. T'l) 
oraitton with an illooui tliat inadv bim equally 
impntml in miDil aiiil body (Chntti. GUf*, 
p. 41, My* fail illDMS l>«^n on 6 July. A 
COBt«Biponry almaiuc quoted by Oainliiw, 
PatiimjUtltn. i. icvij, dntra it m 10 Ang-.i 
BcaiilM tbe absoliitn lou of bin noww and 
memory, be could neither walk, movu, nor 


In July Slmnrabury waa alaiii at Ga*itlloii, 
and bafofo tho ttid of lb« yvar all Outeuiio 
wan bopeliudlv loot. On l.t Oct. iliaqtu«a 
gam lHt*li tuWr only ann, Kdvard. 

n>e lOM of GuiMini! «-a* a liunl bluw 
tlwinSiwnee of Somenet. TIk birth uf ilii 
Iivir etit off Vorlt'a pnMpi'OU of a jMi-uful 
aiiei*H«»ion In tho tbnina, and oecaaiaD«d all 
aorlaof ■JaiideniBgaiiu>llbt>qu«i>n. Hwiry"* 
illoiiu inraUnl a t«g««irT, and MarKar>>1 and 
Vork wvTv rivals for thi- pwitioii. Kor n 
tinH) the Miuiivtl wntit on an in ihi' dnyi of 
tbe minority, povKrtiinjr, "r tryinH to ftoicm, 
in Honry'a nainr. Hut i-ivii *bv t-'xistin^ 
ptirlianii^i. wbir.h rvaKaembM ul W(>«iniin- 
ft*i in l-'nbniary 14&I. via» now frienitly tJ> 
York, nhfl. &« ting*a lieulunant, o[>'niid tlin 
rrrrinit SomMflM lia<l bi^a in ciiatody aineo 
DcMunbw, whilo Marjinpnt** claim to be re- 
p.-iit ira«qiiiotiy put aside. Thu commoiu 
prtuMtMl for ft twiw council. 

Honiy WBM nciw at Windsor, a ]iopvl*^4e 
idiot., ignorant t-ren of thu birlL of hit aoti. 
tn January MJU Bucli'ii^amandltii<qiiMn 
pnifnDti>d thi' child to him, but ha fravo no 
On 1'> Slarcb itio council ordered u cam* 
nuaaion to be iunod to thieo (^yaiciant and 
twrnnimoiM •mpowucinfc tliMU U admlniitw 
m foruMahln lial of mMliciiiM to tbe kinff 
(Ord. P. C. vi. 160 7). But on K Marcli 
tho iknib of LUrdinul KMnp brou^rht oinLlTr* 
to a criaia. A rumoor aprvad ahraad that 
tfcp Itinji waa prtline hrttor (I'ailan Lfttrra, 
i. !t7<'). 'Th^■ noul ilay a commiltPc of lorda 
waa HMit to Windnnr to tirnort on Ilia healtb. 
They rvacbfrl Wiiidnur ailvr the Miaig had 
dined, and found hiiu very weak and qiiito 
e|»oechl»»(/forJ'oi-/.v.340-l). Oni'T.Marcli 
lorda titdvd th« critia hy (tl«cting York 


Iwotacior tutil tbo prinea camo of ago or aa 
on^ aa the lunr ploMad. York IcaptSomef 
aH III prwn, vI^Moiuly endcavourod to iini 
down prirata war.aad Mooopdcd in dofaadtng 
Calaia aad Jtner ttnat Fmirh attack. 

About CbriatuaMimo lU-nry U-gan to 
•how aign of ntureing tAaitr. < >n ^ IVc 
he aent olTurinffa to the diarcliaa of Cantor- 
bwy and Wcitmimtor. On 30 Dec tbe 

Jueen brought the IVincc of Waltw to lum, 
^ Iniry roc^n""^ Ibem. and di-clarrd that 
aincs hu illaoaa bc^an he had nut undciMood 
anything that waa aaid to biia till ikat tima 
(PoafoN Letter*, \. 31S>. On 7 Jan. Biaboo 
Waynflelv and the priorofSt. Jobtt'iTiaitea 
' him, and found liim quite wtOBbla and able 
to *ugBg« in hii pioua exvraaaa. 

Ilmry'a rataration to iontty waa a ca- 
UmitT. Tho taat bopn uf ^md govMiuDont 
wan ditatroyad by tlie teraunatioa of VorVa 

Ctcci orate. Somemt waa raleaaed in F«> 
ary 1 \a&, and rMtorad to hia old oBoe*. 
The miniiiteri wen ebangad, and Yofk 
excluded from the oouticil. MargarM and 
Somnvt bad Icamt outbinft from adversity, 
and th>< kinn Hiiniily t^-viurrei) their will. 

York and ibi- \',<viir^ Tattijd an army in 
thi- novtii, and marvhuil on I^oiMlon. On 
21 .May Duke lUi^hnrdiwnt from WarvniMter 
to (lfnrT|irolBtint( bii loyalty (WuBTfiaii- 
6TRIIE. i. 181-6). but Somcript intToajii^d it 
bufurp It rtiiclipd ihu kinji. Uti the aanie day 
Kt'nrv wt out fr«[n Liitidou at the hoad of 
two thouiiand raeii. ami niTnl for the night 
at Watford. ICarlyoii lli"2v'iul tbvtwoboata 
marched from Wani and Watford (uapecttToly 
Id St. Albani. Ilioiiy occupied St. Peten 
Strait, whilo York lay ontaido thi* town. 
For thrco hourt the bo»t» faced i-uch olbtT, 
York detnandiiiic in vain an ioli-rvirw wilh 
ficnry. But lliiiry awotw by St. Hiluaid 
he would Hlay nil Irailom. About ooun tlin 
Yorkiala attacked and oaHty carried the town. 
SoiBenwt waa aUii, and Uenry, woiind«d in 
tlio ni-iik by an arrow, waa captured in a 
tanner's cotloitG. York look liini to St. 
AlliNu'a ahrine, and then to bii roam. But 
tht^ victiirioiiit earli l«ll un their kneua and 
dcdanid ihcm^elvM lleiiiy's true litsemen. 
Henry c-haoiced bl« (one with bia adviaert. 
NrJit dav he wan takwi to London 'aa a 
Ving ana not m* a priaonor' (OwKOOKI, p. 
Idt^i, 'Thr^re be kept maidonco with joy and 
frdi-mnity ' iPanlon iMIrrt, L S97 A*, and 
WiiVTHaMsrEDE, L 187-71, gire the b««l 
accounhi of the battle). 

York waa now aupinna. Henry liad not 
boon aerioualy hurl by hia woiin'd (i^ufon 
Letter*, i. 334), but waa much afitatud. In 
June lie wan aflnin InbDiiriii^ ' under siokuetu 
and inliriniiy,' und biaphyaiciaiiaworacdlled 

Henry VI 


ttenry VI 

in {Firitfin, xL WW). He witlidiBW wiib ihn 
qiKwn ■ncipriuoetulU-nrunl t JWton Letltn, 
i. S&j). B«wDa baoli iu l-oniioii to open 
Mili&iD<<iii <M 9 JuIj.aaO to (]v«lBn>bi*c«a- 
fldmcv in Ibe loynlty i>f York, Wnrwicli, •ncl 
SAli«btiry. In n^urn, ibn Inrdu tl'SuwiiI 
tlieir iMtu 0^ Dlle)(iBDRi to Uitnry. PorlU- 
TBUtt wa* pcoroKWtd on Jtl July, aiid lUnry 
wont bock la llerlfonl, wlivre lia Ktnniiti'a 
till <)(!io1ivr. B^fon) till! month eo<l«H itwiw 
wbinp«ml tliat lio bad a^tin lo«t 1u« rooMin 
(rt, 1. a:,j). 

Oil 1^ S'oT. 1-)-15 York np-'Oi-il pnrliamMit 
an llfnry'* limtmant. >ad nu aKtin miulv 

Sotccior. But H'inn-'« illuisH waa oT a 
fr<mnt flmrapti.T from iLa al>«oliit« iirm- 
ti«tio«i of liLi firal attack. He wiu nblti 
to Uuiaact a Itttia buaJneM. Il« jwnonallv 
«x»iuiulted tlie povMrnmoiit to bw miuidl, 
r«}ueM)ng that tbnv abotild tnfonn bun of 
all mMlwv conc(irni]iRhtBperaoii(Ji^>(. Air'. 
V. 385-71. N'i'xl Fi'bruuiy Heiuy Vfaa well 
anitt. U« wa.1 willint; to continue York a« 
cuirf (vMiQi^lloribul Margareti ovoqwrauadad 
him. anil York wm Tviucn'«l IVom olBoa on 
i& Feb. 14A6. 

I'm tbonaxt twoj^iana hollow peace was 
mainlaiDod. In Uie abMOOV of uiiy nowvrfuL 
anppoTti'r to lake So«ii«net'a plaw, Ilia quevn 
traa fuivvd to allow York 10 retain «ome iiiHu- 
<nuieaDda plaoa to tbv council, and Bncking- 
bam. uow tM stnni^ royaliat InnI, faTOiin^ 
a ttfmpoTJaing policy. Ilenry iilr>vi> hard to 
Imt^i aoiao Mrt of iM-acn, and travulled <tili- 
ji!>>ritly abool the oiuulrv. Uia pmeaoo did 
MHiif koimI io ihn iintnediata neighbourbood. 
but tbf oiuiilry an a whole waa banlly igo- 
tbtiuhI at all, Ei'«rynobleDiflii had hi* train 
of ann«d altcadanM, sTvn wlwn nMnndiag 
bkM oonacils. Pfirnto wnra wnn- rflntmoii. 
Wlu>n Jan»M n of Scotland thn-iitMicd to 
btaaktbir truectoaTPtiftchiitiavli' Somonwl. 
Y'ork look ap ibu cbiillMigv iu the kiu^s 
naiBu ; hot Boun afti-r Hi»ty rupudtated Iu8 
a«lion, ihootth thv court r««ped ItttUi good 
fintn ita friuod^hiti with tltu^oot*. UarfCk* 
ret, llnnn, aad York dwnlt int llio mont 
part at loBft dinaiieai from tnch other. 
ih.'nry'litvpaiMion from (fai! <|iiwa may pc^ 
baMb«K(irniGr«t)l. nuriii^^thirvailyaumnier 
of MM lU-orv was in thr noigfabourhood of 
l»iidoit, moMly at Sheca and Windsor. On 
It) Aug. he wa« ai WycoiDb»,on ibe 34thnt 
Kill i I worth, and on tbn S9th at Lichtii^ld. 
Idiruig Sr^itiMnbiTr bi* Aovad alioiit hetwiim 
idHilUld, (^vuniry. and Lr'in'iter ((Uliiu- 
XBS in l'a*to« if«sr<,i. ccMviii). On 7 Oct. 
lit' t>r*«id<Hl at a gt»at council at Corvnt^. 
Till- miBialnawvvecliaQMdfoT noredwKiM 
ftMiida of llio king, Wa^lWte hemmiug 
clMnMUortniuooHwontououKhiar. Y'ork, 

wka Ut«nded tho couurd, wa« now ' in right 
good eonowt with tho king, but not in graat 
cnnceil with the nuemi * (<A. L 406). Buok- 
inebiuu prvvenied an oi>en ruptiiru. 

Far ihn next year the court rMnaiueil iu 
thv midlanda, nuwtly ad 0>vaoIry, lliougli 
StaRbrd, ColualiUI, Chnalvr, Sbnwaliury, 
Iri^iuHBlcr, Kiiailwortb, and llnrcfotd were 
alhO vieitt^d (lA. i. cxxtxt. Wbcti lluiuy 
wiix ad lli^reforl in April and May dh<? bur- 
gvuea and mntry ralhixl loyally r>Miti<l him, 
kadforwdmepowcrrul.SirWitliitm llBrTwrt, 
afterward* earl of l*iinilimki>(>/. Uitlt)[i], v.], 
and his wild alli« to iin accnuat (iVi. i.4l7j. 
But tbi: ' lack of gnvKniitneo' itxpoaod tho 
ouaata to FruBch iutiuiuun, and Margaret 
(wrluipB waa reapouhitilc for tb« aaok of Siuid* 
wich, fooliaklr hoping ui weaken York's 
puwor by thn help of l^n'igDHn. 

llcnry now mtiinntd to tbi.> neighbourhood 
of LoDOon. lie WBA at CoTcntn- Into in 
a-ptembor U57 {Ord. P. C. »i, ^90), and at 
Cbertaey in October. In Nnvcmbrr he paaaed 
throiigb 8t. Albaita on hia wav back from 
th" nnrr.h (\VltKTUail*r81>E, /. HWj. In 
Janiiarr 146it ha bold a gread cuuncil, I'> 
which iho lord* camo armed. The Yorlti«[« 
OOOupied the friendly city, whili! (liu Lanca*- 
criaaa encamped outaide, and Ihv armixl LoD- 
doitera auove to act aa poliou. Civil war 
aoiniied inevitable. Ilanr^i after aolemn ap- 
poali forooDcoid, withdrew to Beikhampatead 
la. pp. 1>96-30S: Plubm iMten, i. 426^. 
Itut Archbiahop Bourcluor ancondod bia 
tffToTta, and a pcaci> which lutird a yuar waa 
agreed upon. Ou I^adyday llonrv nurobed 
with thi- crown on hia liaad to St. Faul'n, 
Y'orU follnniiig with the queen on hia am, 
and die rival lord* auoceecuag arm in atm. 

IlHtiry upent pan of Lent ai Covaatry. 
No pitoohcr wan allownd to proacb bolbiv 
liim until hii acrmon had been piU)iod by % 
citUBor of all policicB) alluiiioiiii (^OBBiioKr, p. 
208). lie apeai Esat«r at St. .\l bnim ( W ii lt- 
iiaii«nuii, L 333-6), and gavi- hia b<!ftt red 
robs tothaabbey. Itutthetrvaaiirer, Hading 
it thi! only garment in hiapoMuaaiontbnt be- 
came llenrr'a rnyaliitnt«,twlaamed it. Wai>' 
wick Kaiiiinl a gTi«i naval victory ovi^r tha 
FiMicb OD Triniiy Sunday ; bul in Novwnbur, 
■fker a fray bvlwiwn hu st-rvautd and thoso 
of the court, ba widhdt«w to Calaia, leaving 
Margaitil auproine. 

War brok«oiit ag»nin 14A9. On33Scpi. 
Salisbury diilcatod Lord Audlcy at Dlore 
Mtttlh. York and Wanvick joined him at 
l.iidlow. Henry now (howcduawnutAd ac- 
tivity, kwping the tield for moiv (ban a 
ttioiiih, iii^vcr nwtiiig two night* in theaama 
spnlr and oncataping in late autumn in the 
c^wn field, tie marchud from Wom-ater 



Henry VI 

agMtnitXaPffy In. ilw ht*it at tiM Morti- 
nti'n'cannlfrtKndlimki^ upthv Yorki«t ormf 
|)y hi" linw'lv cifrcrt.of i-li'iw-ncy. On ISI'ct. 
th«i lluT" iHirU fli^i hufotv ill- roTtil foivi'", 
tint «vi^ rickiiffi nn i-npL^-'mnnl. York t) 
to Ireland, una Wurwiclj nnd Siiliitmry to 
(JitljitA. AU Knjrl'inil (I'lv "Ik-imI llciuy. 

On ilO Nov. li.'iS* llcufv ojit'iieil a t'*'''^^ 
pArlialDMii' at Covcntrr. wliitli strAinI«<] all 
(lie Yorkuit IraiiiiTt. Km lii« ii«w-fouTi(l ' 
tncTgJ wftrtoi Bwuy brfiirp nor»aty, di»- 
onlor, uid si.-lti>b fnciioii. 'Tbfi rnnln ot 
KliKUihI '"*' <W '>' "'1 K"™1 Jtovcrnnnoc, for 
tlie liillf; WM Mtnjile iind led by ruvrlouH 
c^iuniwl lUid uvetl mnrv than he v>-as wurlli.' 
• i^i)r tkaM mi«gnvoniiu)ri-« the Warts of llit^ 
fwiiple werf tumml ■wii;r f>^"> lt>"Bi timt hnd 
I |i» land in goTernaiufi!.' Thr pnjinl l*pktv, 
frniiceMXi Co|i]iiiii, liiBh't]) of 'Ii'mi, MtRt by 
Fill* tl to urge on llrnry (■iiicriiudouniDH 
thi! Turks, lciiKtit;Ia.iid Ml di!i|juit, Mid jmnbd 
lb* Vorkiils it f«luis. 

Henry ki^t Ctirij^tniatal L(>)cM>er(WrB- 
cBnEii, p- Til). At llieeniluf JsM^iftr; I4(t(> 
bo WROi to London. In I^^it lie 'p«iii llir«« 
d»y» «t ('t"*!!!!!!!, (irnyinp nt the «hrin« of 
Si. (iaitilar {VtMl. f.'rt^liinit fki^m. puASO). 
I1<> wnM nt tiU r«TOunUi Ooirntry whi-n Im 
li-nmi tlu» tli<' liHib HI C«UU bad croBwd 
iiiti) Rvrit 1111 'Jit Mnrcli. Tli^y (i«iired ihm- 
Hnwion (•ri'Cii>d>)n 011 '.> Jiity. On 10 July 
tb«j rvnclii-ii >'i)nlnunpt<in,ir|ifM.nont7iK»il 
Iiis nrmr liad on" mrivi-d ™i t li'-ir march lo 
ihn •oiilli. Tliripi- \Vnrwii"k wiuslit ub in- 
lirrvii-w will) limiry, btii ltnrkiti)<!i«in prv 
v<-ui«d llfury ftniu mtkiiif.' any F<i>n[>i«tni«i- 
In <)io atWnuon a bailli- wa« f^uulit, tti'? 
S'orki»t#|punin8tlie viel'wy. H'lirjliiij l<«ft 
Margaret wiJ tl* prinw Imliind kI rot*.nlry 
(Ghwiobt, p. ^'K'). lie wn« himwir (nkrn 
priMincr in hi'- '>'"' {i'"9l- *'*'•■•>- p. H": 
VSro- /iflr*w/*-(rn/iiry it'An«iiWw, p. 7-) : 
WtiSTHAHMCiii;, i. S74-i>). TliJF old protcM- 
lAtiona of loyally were ninvw«d. • wliereai 
llii- kinif wax ([ivatlT PomfiHiod.' flo w*« 
k^it llin-n day* at Nonlinni]il''jn and then 
Ukun 10 louion, wUmw hn wa» lr>d|md in 
Uii> bUJioiiV pulace by Si, I^aul" < /&>,?/. f .^ftnnr. 
n. 9f^), Up was niM put in ibe Tower ok a 
uriwiB«r, as wiiB b-'liM-cd abroad (iB&sOaAS- 
jljiH, Ui. \'2A. «l- Valltrt A« Viriville), H*> 
marclin) ihnxigli l»ndoa on lit Jalr * witli 
murli rorallv,' Warwirk, bartJieadod, enrry- 
lnKilit'S"i'niof ala'fVf<T"liini(f.V»tr. tVoy 
land Ckr-Hi. p. ttW). MarnBrrt had IW (o 
Stvitlonil. ' 

f*arli*i[»«ni wv«uinmoocilbyHMiTT'e vrit 1 
for (t<-ir>b<'r. U«iiry aniuvd bimielf irJtU ' 
hunliui; ni EllKan and OmMiwivb, ' bidins ' 
lb.-i«iilinBienl'(i1«*f™7Wte-*,i.ft2i>). York 
ID' otiBT hack fnitn Irvland to Lniidon, 

'bnakinK of>rn lb« Aaan ni ibuki&fi'adiain- 
b*T,' M) tunt llmry, ' bunriug ibc rrvai naiMi 
and iMinmir of ibe pfoplu, ^r« bta pUco 
and look anntlii.-r elmmbflr ' ( Eityt. (.Arent. p. 
8"; cf. rAfw {■'i/ti^»fM-<niTuiy('^mn'ela,p. 
I'U.and WMi,ttu>««rLHi:, i.37r>. HnlflOct. 
V«rk fonnally cloiined iho iliron*. Tb* lords 
bcMugfat the king to find ohinetioni to bi« 
rluBi, ■ iiiManticli W your b>);hDivM hiM mmi 
aadundirratooddiimrliTntitf'lM'f Am. PhH. 
v.37fr-<l), 'nii>jndj:>>> diirkod iled<l>'-L - 
{rrare a iiMtt«r. \l Inal tlm lonl* pi 1 I 
lip c«untgi> to riTJPCl Y'otli'a daitn; biii, a- 
powrT wai in bii linnd*, a compromiM waa 
nrraaifed, to Khicb Ileni^*, KMrdleM of liii 
ton's rigbu, readilv agrr^l, ' (or a nuui that 
Iwih little wii,' tail') (itvgory I fXrun. p.:AJH|, 
' will wMMi ba CMnwl itf d«iih.' II(> waa 10 
kmp bit tliion* for Ufo, aod York wa» to be 
liii luocuHwr. 

Hfdit went in proeMaim to St. I^oT* 
with York as a tiga of Miword. and Yott: 
mtft np bie qtinrtors in the palace, vcben- 
llmty anin botv nvray ((.\ait. OojftitnS 
t])nm.p,MO). Th>>YoTki(.t*biiii!ii>Hlll)at1iP 
WiUi'exi;nllenttTdiiipOa*<d'(r'n/.4/iT/i- Ptpfim. 
Veiiel.lSOS-l.'ilJPSl. pp.9(.«(l). Il..aitacW 
himself jiartieulBrly lo Wanrick. n-boiu he 
'k»pl all to biinwlf' (ffr. [>.lir>|, Wben York 
R)arclii.>d out ogaintt Mar^nrM, wliu n-a* now 
in arms in the niirib i<> nininlaia b«r mn'i 
riffliti, Ilt^r;!' mmniniil in lionilon with 
Warwirk, tie.pinf! tlir Cbriilma* foasl witli 
him nl tbe bwbopV palann near St. I'aiilV 
(WntfBffraK.p.TioX (hiVtl Dor. Mar)tat«t 
anf«at«d and tleii' York al \\'ahetield, a»d 
mnri-hed Miutli to n>lea><eliw hiubaiiil. }tnt 
on -2 Feb. l-tnl Kdward, tli<^ n«w duke of 
Y'ork.won ill' t<nitlenfM(ieiim«r'R Crow. On 
]:iFeb. Henry irni taken nortbwardu to fight 
aKaind biii wifi-. nod rmled nt St, Alliaiw. 
Un 17 Feb. Mie •w.-iid bnlllu of Kl. Alban* 
tv«<il'«il in H cr>nipleli> tii^ioit fiir ibe norlli- 
rrDen. -Tbe kin|; look tbe' Bold at Sand- 
ridei', nnd iben- hi> >nB' Iiib p*>op]« rIoui on 
i»itb »['!<■*■ tJ^/l. I'Aron. mi. lCC-8). On 
ibe Vorki»t»' retreni he win Infl to bU fate. 
Lord Lli'iivilte and Sir Tbontai Kyriel alonr 
TCinninin)* uilL him.l.ruiiiD)* lo Henry's iin>> 
miiiclbal tlu*vKli<>iild n-rrive no hann (Kof. 
Purl. v.i77{ Kngl. CA/vn. p. 106; Wjiki- 
11 otirrciti:, i. 3P3). Sumo nort.bnv lord* 
li-d Ihc kintr to Lord CliAord'a l«nt, wlwra 
Henry, wbn wa* vary mucb afiiM(<d, nwt 
Maritarut and bur >on. Ha blonaod Kdwaid 
»r>1.-(iiNlv,iinddiibbed himlcniflfat (UHnooxT. 
p. 214: \ViiCTnjLlmBDi!. i.3B4). Butnnillirr 
his pliehiitl wiyT<i e'>T )ii!< Miireatiei could 
save Iliinvillr' and Kyriid from Utrgvrt's 
ve^ijtcnnre ( CbI. Stair Paptrt, Vcn«t. p. W). 
Ui> penonal action b««aatu« t«w and Ism 

Henry VI 


Henry VI 

importnol. Tlw Yi'ikmlii ilvnuutiruil kitii a« 

TIk- qiimn'A armjr nilrkncvrl as nmr London 
so Damot, liul ili*ii wilhilivw to DiinaUblc. 
Ttiis b^lniioii to niJvniii'ti n-nii Intiil to tbirir 
caiDm. Tlw viptijT-ol" Moitinior's Chim ihiw 
joinrd WMwiiik, ■nd nu 4 MnnJi UOl Kil- 
wanl w** pnJcUiiiiMl ri)jli1ful kinfi in Loii- 
ilim, (vilbout i-mi iir,iiiiii|{ f«r purliuiui-iit. 
Hunry aiiJ Matpirw fv(tv«l'>d 1o Yurk wilh 
(Iwir 'iionJiern roblx'r*' tT/irrr /V/fftTtfA- 
fmtfwry ('AnwiV/f >, pp. 17-'-{j.«'Tiit^ltvdiivii>- 
MlinjC tlui coiinTrv thny ImvorMKl. Kil- 
wanl IV hurrufl Ld puriiuil, and vruu oii 
IVIm Sunday, IS' -Mnreli, tko Ouciisivi' tinlttv 
of Tuwton. Jlrnrr vnu iiol. an Iht- llv-t'l, 
prvferri 11^ l<r ]iu»' M> krily n day III pruyor 
ai Y<ifk(Pin., Vr-M-iii,. p," 1 10, Caiod. Sop.; 
IliclX, i. 1^99). Iln Am! unrtlivnird* in panic 
tlitckt. Il wa> Mid in IjodiIoii tkal be wiu 
tN-aioipHJ ■ in a jiUck in Yorkidiiro CbIIpJ 
Com nil)c, inch anuiuc it lulk or muirli likp.' 
bill Moliravniir 'hI h liltlvponlvni rin UiQ hnck- 
mie' {itulun Lr/(rrf,ii,' ). ll iiiiiion' cenAiTt 
ihat ll* fl"i llirtioirii N*vi<:iMllct lo HcrwicV. 
11« wcurod * Kooil n-coptinn in Soorland by 
■urromWinii ihvwli-k to ibv s<!<ii.« < 7'Arri- 

Fifl*rutA-tviUun/ CJiroaifte; pp. 7" ><l, Ac- 
I'oiiipiuiiud by }iar){atvL and itiu Prince of 
Wa(«h Iio u<iw croued tbr^ liuntor. 'full uf 
MtTUw anil li«Bnnma' lUmmMRi, p. HI'). 
In Novnnbvr Kilvrard IV'« pnrl lament nt- 
taiat«<i faint. lIi* I* himn-fotth cl>-w-rilHTd by 
Uip YorkiRta a* ' lli>nry Istr in dn-d but nul 
at ri^bt king of Knybuu).' 

Ilcauy'aniDMquMit ntorvioi-ntHttTedifliuuli 
Ui IraOi-. Tbv riiuivur ihal hn took rofiitfu 
in WaUi (Oi/. Slittt Pnpf.', \«ael. VXS- 
IfiOO, p. Ill; MoN'riiiiLrrr. iii, IMS, nut« it ■ 
lil(1« Ittt^r) if iii>utr>'tilly of Flmiifili oriKio, 
Mid ■■ tiDBrobatlr, tbuuiili ai-cnptnl liv l>r. 
Linipird {Jlitt. Enyl. iv. 73) and Ur. I'm!)! 
{tIritkiekU vmt Eiigtnnd, r, 3Ui). it is 
more |avbabl(^ that Ili-nry uerur left Scotland 
nr its n^ghboiirhood, b« ihu Cruwiaiid con- 
liiinatoT «nvB, fur tho nnxl four j<«ni (CWf. 
Ouytond ^roii. |i.A!t.'t>. In tlir namniRr »f 
I4<(| III- irn myonoA lo \«- at Kirkcudbri^rbt 
■ with fiMir lOnn and ii cluld.' wlul« )lnr)^rvl 
and tViiU-'i' lulunnt weiv at Edinburgb 
{ jf^KfiM Ijiliftn. ii. 411 1. But hvioTt F-bniary 
\i>ii Linlithjk^iw I'ulnce waa ptvpnnid fnr 
bin twjoplioii \K'<)H^itfr IMU of •Srvlland, 
»ii. 41')- SuniB ww« aim Bponi for bi> on- 
Inrlaiuiaoiil al Uiiriwbvr and 1.aiiiirk (ib. 

(i.BOl Jlpf'*r>' July 1 1ft) food vru provided 
[ir liim al tidiiibur^b al tlie liuusu of l.h>- 
HIairk Fnim t A. |k li'i), and tbe accoiinta 
of ibu F>lmbiin,'b cuttiiinnra for the year 
Jiity I4IU I'l July 14tS.1 iix'liido other ox- 
pMi»e« on tii> bnb«ir {H. p. 31 1 1. AdirRArct 

waa forced to plcdire a gold cup to bur un- 
t«rtaini!ra, and in Januanr 1401 Hi-nrv j^ttvc 
n dianm to I'vdinbur^ti, allowing t-lw giIimdh 
1(1 IraiU witli Kn)(lnnd on iMLjincnt of oi> 
bighor dn«i tbun ibn Londonuni paid iib. 
I'ruf.D.KKvi; t'.Aartm<'/Ji.Unfiur<r\,f.HO, 
BuretilWordBSocii-ly), lie bad phiviounly 
(ought lo vriii ui'er llic l<!nrl of Aiii^ui by on 
Kn^li>-b diik'.-ilom, Itui olht-rintluviic.'inwi.'n 
at u-ark. CbiirliM Vll'* d-.-nib wiio n f.'rut 
blow III H--nrv'* luiiiu', wbilv ih[> Lonlortli>> 
Ik1i« mid llriiixtii.<< t'igai'A n Ininry with lOd- 
wnrd I\" {I'liilera, xi. I"'i. 4l*4, 4*17). 

SVLilu Heury rwilwl inoctiro in Scotlatid, 
Marfj-nrpl Tigun>UBly upln-ld thu Laocuairiiui 
rnii^o, tboiioli lier iiuw open a.'viocialioii wilb 
Franc* ajidSpoi Uivl cut oil' ihi.- laAt liopu of 
ECuglifth ■yin|>iilliv. cxcRpt in ih<> irilil uiirtb, 
wbui« thu irnditioQnl di'otion lo lb*- boiii* 
'if LBiicaHtBrmiiiiiru-.l itTong, Sbnurwnt tb« 
auiDincr of l-lti:^ nbmiHl. ci<iutii)r bnck in Oo> 
tubtrrnitli Pievn-di* Itrvxf-aiidn mini) Frt-iich 

fufC". Uy NritenibvrAliiiiii.-'k.rhiiisiunbitrfih, 
and Itumbur^b wiiro in her banrU, lli'urv 
liiminlf AcoompitnTing linrariBy. Itiiton FA- 
wardV approach Ilonry rotlrrid lo .Scntlnnij. 
Ih^forv tbo Mid of tbejroar I)unitiuibur%li and 
Ituiuburub vier* ajiata losl. .Vlnv-irk siii- 
n.-nil«'rvil in January I4IK), ibouKb Ih.* \irrti 
rtniuloitaliirlp, LM-.-rin lbi?yrarn8(Mttiidi 
fore, tfji^otli'T »iib Ili-nr^ and tin- i^cnTiisb 
q ii'-iiii-ilowiifl-T. np|M-inwl on ilie b<>nli>r aod 
l)i>Bi,ir.'d Xiirhnrai<)ni>»>HT. p. J-JOt. Iluion 
Wnrwitk'supiirvint'btbuyflreat^d. MargarrI 
uowinilfd for Flniidtn witb bcrHin. liiariiig 
Hr-nryin 8i:'i.>llajid,*aot without ifti*l gtia' 
(B«sl!l. ii. 50). 

In thp apring ol 1484 tlie BoHb ugaia 
rofn in favour of Ilcniy. llctir; kiini>d thu 
rrbebt. Jtut Montagiie'ar)Rt<niMai Ilnltfl^ 
Moor (:;r> A|>nh and lloibam (8 iUff] 
cruiibrd th» riaini,'. llriiry narrowly McapM 
capture iu ibe hot puniiit that liillnwHl 
Uii- laltvr battle, hi* jiaj^v. clad in blu» 
Hinmi'l, and hi* md of AlaTv fiillitij; ijrt« 
?kli>iila|fii*'i> blind*. In June lli>> SoiiU onn- 
cludeil a iruci? for fifteen ywtrt iriib Rilwan). 
and nboiiJoui-Hl lUnry {Firdrnt, \t. MR). 
IJut ihf pi'UMintry and' fatty of the north 
r>till pruvnl tailhfiil, anid for a oholi! yt«r 
Ili^nry turbeil in diipiise iu the wild hill 
muntry thai wparal«« Iiancaahirv ami Yurk- 
«hir«. It wn* tvported abroad that be took 
rufngF in a inonrial*ry, difgiiiu-d in noiinolic 
)pirb(Uiiitx, IIvwiM more than oiie<> 
vulertainrd at Cmekenlburpe, nciir AppUdiy 
in VVf^tuiDrrliuid. at the boiue of John 

Machull (F'rdffii, xi. ^74), AtuieiherliBatt 
he wu hidi iig in the FumcM Fella (OlMORT, 

C p. 333-^1). HuihiiifavouriMrefiiininenislo 
ave bwB Uppirr IUbhl4«ilal«, and ttndilioiw< 

Iknry VI 6'i Henn- VI 

• ■ . . i-.t; -■ 11 - T-ii'.' .,\ U'ii'"ii W. -; liv l.r.iiiil k- ]--r>. m- 1 ■■n'.r l,y ihv ni^rk 

\\ ■ L-i. .'/■■ /' ■■ r. .]i.l:.':"..-t,l-7>i. r'-i-ii.iT-.-r.T. ..:!inii.l!'.ir-i,.'.tli,'T'^dofpii'ly 

\'. ..■■ . -■■ .- - ; I ^ ..;;.■!.!.■■:' \liii;i.'- ■ i -;r.i'- n liiiij ;.Ti :iii— 1 iliiii' 1 1'-. p. 30:!i, 

..:.-.• ,-,■ . ■ '1 .!• -iv':;^ .:■ -i'li!:' r 1'...; :i- '. -w^ ;i- l'r;i:.-r- lldwa-i Iiv.*l i: w,is 

;.- W .■ ■ II. ■■. l:,-.'.:.-i:.;-.;. -: ■;- r.!->v;,r.nVV ..!.vi-.:i- :!;tt^«: lok-'plI-'Urr 

-,■ - ■ \N i-.i."'iitii. '■■'■ ■.■■.'■.;■. ulii- , 

' ... -■■:■;■ ^ -i '. ^ li. !- ;; ,V ?- ■ ■■ ' A;:- r ii; t- :!;ar.:itvy-n7^..f impri'-nni-r:! 

, - .-.'.'.■■ Il-'ir\ .i;i ■.!';■ \i-- ■■!:■;-■ i"->l;'! ■:'. TV ?■ ■r;:' : Ilrr.-r M 

..,:... ■ ■ . ■■.■ ■ .- ■■<■-..' ■-.-.'- .- 'i ■).:■ :••.- ■.:■■- i.':;-:!-. a:id yi^r- 

•..:.• ■■ .. U .;.!.-. l-'lir:-.- ;:.r. ■ : -l.-; ;, :-..^ :. - ;^i:-T K-Iwarl IV. 

;. ; -■ ■■- -. !■ ::-,..- !',.■■■ : w' •'■■-. ■ -■: " : : 17" : ■ Fiirii-r^. iW 

;..■-.. -, .- .. 1 ■;:' <.-,l.:::-- '■ ■ i- - : 'K;-:.-'; W^v-:^^-.- ..r-i .\r^Mii-!i-:. 

I;- - -■ . - ..:-.,-. ■- N. . ::■. ■V\"r,T-.v:".i;'- !■- -!.-r. -^-:.: ,:.iwr. ■■. 

■:■•.■ ■.■.}'-■■.'..-■,■■ ■:.. T v,.r. i:.,-^' .•_• n-n-y ■::-.- ^^7l^^:- 

K ■ ■ . ■ - A ■ '•■■•..'■..'■.-•■. -■,.;;,■.. ..7~.i"^ r. T i- ,'.- ..~'.r V-;: .iS 

.■ ■ ■.-. ■ ..■. ..-.ri..\- \Vv-... ,■ ,.'■--■■....';.:,:-.:-.■ H- trs- v'-ni-d, 

'■ :. , : ■ - '■■-■>■■■•:. ■ .-. • ■ •■ ■ ■:.'-.: .-•'.■ "iy-- •.'•'T vru-i- 

• ■:- . ~ ■- -Nr 1- ■ 
. . ,_- V ■VL-;, -v\ - 

... : „—- iiL.; - ■ 

■1 -J.--' --.■- 

^ ■ ■ II. '1 Tjir-r 

■■:■ » > ■.-.■^■■- ml 

" ,■!■.- 

Henry VI 


Heury VI 

I4 Xaj 1471 wu dafctud ud capuirrdat 

[ Tfiwkrsbiin , Mid Kdvard bor won wi« Hliun. 

' ihiS) Mkt bdwsnl IVuoUfcdLcndiMiiii tri- 

umjiti. 'n)Btl«tliiirilK.-prituudiutr<>yvd()ii' 

luloiMive for kivpint* Uetiry sliin;- Tbi-ia* 
•UfTMtioD of t)i<- IU-r*nJ r>f FaucoutwrvrsiN! 
F&rnUfBKM. ThiiHii' in K-b1 l>llowinjbow 
tUapTODg II«nn- mi^Iit Uvnnwt. |{ii wm 
tlw^lbr* klamtbi- vi^ nigtitof h^lw>rd'a»r^ 
rivml. It iru fricAii <>ui i£aL he died 'of piini 
dUpl(«*un? tuid meUnchol y,' liui botti in cag- 
l«ad uul *bra*d llicliBrd of (ilouorstur wtu 
loolUsdwpaDaaliuiMurdvKr. Even 1 lie Yurkut 
obraBiclerofCrawlAiKl (o.KO)^!!'--^ iiutdunj 
Utkt ilparycsmi-ioavBOMiil di^Aih. TKt> inoM 
cirrHMnnantikl ■ccmnt tvlutc* bitw llrairj 
diad "cm ■ Tooidty niabu I'l May, betvixt 
xiuid xiiariliiiclo«k,|jbcl>iiki;uf (Ilniuwti-r 
beioK ibtm ■( the Tower Had uLinr otben' 
I WAXuroitrii, p. ^1 1. Svxt lUy kin body 
St. Paul'*, 'and hu facmraa 

I tixpowd in at. Fall]'*, 
ofMB thai ^vi>ry nun miglil h« kiin, »ttA Ld 
hu lyine 1m bl«d.' 1 1 in bndy «ru ftfii>rmnlt 
I'jcpiMrsi at tbe Black Frian, end tfapD von- 
Trynl in • haive to Chietitfr. when; it wa» 
Uuird in ibR ludy cliapti at Ibr itbbej (A. 
|L^I). UllicialTvcL'nlidiuwtUal hiiiutiKM)uiH 
I weradiviMitlv pcfffittnwdCDcToK, pp. 400-7: 


Tiie Vixrkulutwn wnrabippad Ilpnry aa a 
ainl and nurlfr. aod many rainrln atintcd 
bt> iMlinm | Klaemax ; J-nMc H-M' of i'ltrk 
.V™rfiT,itp.iSi,208-I".Surtm-jS)C-» iVayiirii 
WMV <vni|nMd l« liim 1 TrntlifaH I'lprrt, 
, If. 63-00, Panfl. 84c. ), Hud sliort l^tin 
, «njrw> allribiitnl ti llmrj- wwn rvi^ivnlly 
U&dml dilim; ib^ nliiiotw of rbn 'Sanim 
Uinm* between tlii- eotl of tbc cnnliiry and 
t&SlflonUup butJt mint o\ynyvn{Xi/UM and 
ifwr^itad Mr. ■.«»>. Hvkty VU Miwlit 
for hik fonnal mxHiiaatian rmn Juliiu IT, 
asd lUakvliiii, hi'' ■>1d rlia^luin, coHi-ftnl tlu' 
vfiijBScMiirliiiiiianclily. Itiit notbingidoftnite 
csmaof it. IIaII nyi lliat Idmr^ VII T'liind 
(bit irt% iiwM*i»dpd at [Innur tn fircal ibai h« 
pwl|t«d tint naoEj. UmIct Biclian) 111 
Ratrjr'a Mf waa remOTcd Ooui (1icri«y 
in 'UmiUiir, wluvt' H<-nn- Vll planiio) tliL- 
■mcuon <^ a irrv«i cIui[m1 for tlie wctvd 
ooTp*. bat tiM iii"nksirf UlMrtwr prtjijoiml 
Ibr lu Tviuni 1 ^V(HuaiM>Clr Abbey alM put 

ta a d*itn 

.. .>, — .,.^ „f II"Dfy'il OWD 1 


' all t )ii> arKWDiTnu, , 

1 (...-, \ 

. . WiutmiiKti-r iiliit. 

; p.lC: f5T*.SM;r,itf«B«i>- j 

r .JUrv. p& 15S-" nod 
lint dcsipn -.'f Uiu ttlruclnre 1 

i\- VII'n ('1i:iii..>| ira« to mak* > 

It Xhm tit 

1 king, llat 
'l>4wd itsnaU- 


tii>n ms effected, and Jl ia ngl dutt« oertaia 
wbotbnr Ilrnrv V)'* retnaina still rMt in ilie 
toutbaitlrof ^1. Cifoi^eClupelal Wiadwir 
ur WFTe prii-ai4.'ly rRDntrnd Co an obnciiro and 
unmarki>d tomb al WiHtminatcr. 

Kram 111* Lanoutrion aiMX<U«s Henry in- 
berited a vr«akly bodr. and frvn Cbarliu VI 
an impaiivd mtnd. 1I9 tft daacibod aa 'tall 
of KUtont an<l aknder of bod^, wbereuuto 
all Ilia mombon wn« proportionately eor- 
r««paiid«at, of oanaoly viaafi^., wbentm did 
gliatan hta birantifulnBW of dispoaition ' 
(PoLTBOKS Vbediu pp. l'iti-7. Ctuodun So- 
ciety; Hall, EJicard It', ful. jiKxiii, ori* 
lliniu <idilwaV Then are Ofifilnal picltirm 
of bim prMMrrtd al Eton and in the Na- 
tional I'ortrait (iolkn', wbidi barn bevn 
Drt«u aiKTwisl. l^ockintt roKiluUon, and 
wilbotit knowl«l^> of mi-a, ba wai nlwayit 
uudvr tlii^ iiiUui^uo.' uf a Btruni^r mind, tiad, 
ibough aiupieioiu, liable to be deceived. In 
tlie latter fan of bU roi^ be waa the puppet 
of ntvry ^cliou; tiM kingdom diiflml into 
anarchy, and hi* mind bmko down bpniuilli 
bii trouUea. Vol Uvnry waa du dullard. 
Hull i> probably ligbt in dncrifatt^ tiim oa 
■MiUierafuolnurTeff/wiK.' Bui, alihougli 
ha recogniaed hia pOMtion w a conatilndoiul 
aavereiKn and had fom«aouiid political vi«>w*, 
bia boATl was iiofRr in buaimv*. il4> mt 
v«ll (idacaCod, knowing FiMk-b and LaUii, 
and wreU vtateA in biatorr, wliii^b, afUr ibe 
u-Tipliwa, waa liia favourile Htudy. Tbo de- 
bdUM of ibe councit of Htael kMuljr inletqned 
bin). Il« bitterly 1iun«al«d th* sduam b»- 
tweTn thn conncil and the papary, and i«- 
joiiMxl in I'qm EuKnaiim'* cAortii la nnlore 
ihit unity of ICaaiem and Wmliini (Jhritten- 
don> ^Itu'KiSiiiu.v, ii. iS, tu.ji. IXin |ii« wa* 
that of a sobuLar and piDun rBcluav, not oariay 
for amunementa, ibiMgh dirertiny bimaelfat 
timee with bawkinj- and lioutiag, deepuiiig 
pomp, auil alirayi) prnctiKing excoHivo hu- 
tnilitj. It«dn<i>wd xt!ry Nmply, wilba Ions 
ckiok and rmind c«tM ' like a townaoMn? 
R«;aTdleH* of ibi? tiiif; pointed idioM of 
fauitun, be Ltitutanlly woi« ' ruand slioM 
like a ruBtic.' Uii (;n«l da^ bo would wear 
a hair ebiri andutaeatii Lm sorgaona robes, 
lie WHO MaidiMua in attondiuicit at diyjno 
wnrahip, paid hia litlm with oxirmplorr 
roBiilnnty.ttnd adntinirtcitMl wiibaerupnloua 
coh' hi* diureh patronace. Ii« Mid gnoa 
Mturi moala 'ldi« a iBuali,' and always bud 
on ibu table a diiib mpfMuntii^' tlie five 
woiindaofChriat. He avoided gua»p,t)i(mt{k 
fond of eennoniaifl^ boib in speech and let- 
ters. Iln wna iip«tally devoted to Kngliah 
Miinta, pTot^umd ihn caiioninatinci of St. ()•• 
miind, and aoctght lo obtain for .\lfn.'d tUa 
honoora of aaactity (A. L 119)- 



Henry VI 


IIenr>- VI 

Ilecif^'i piMy wan iio mora form. "Divtv 
was not in tho world b nan pure, mora 
lioiMxl, and morv bolj crrsttire ' (Poltdobs 
VrrutiL, p. TO, Cnnilrii Soc.) SirongU ••- 
larbuil to liig bmily. niiil uiMwervingl j milh- 
ln\ to bb (jueeri, wlio from ibe lit«t cxwcimd 
coiaDMading inSiHiitO' orvf him, h* cnre- 
fiilljr «M«li«d Dvnr tlui oduoilion of hi> half- 
liroiber*, JMfMTuid Edmund Tnitor, and wuh 
morfaidlr uixioiLi niKrat thi.- monU of bi« 
IhpimwIioU. Yi-t hi? prti<r iiiijuisiurial naya 
dill nol iHVvtiit him from mupiringrMl diivi>- 
lion among liuiilonie»4iM. IIi-w»j> »n libirftl 
tbat bu alienaltd bin dnniAinn anil wwIihI hii 
i. 24>*-S2) ; BO meriTiful Ihnt il wnn hard lo 
pcrtitadi! kim tbai r<blM-t»aai] Imitonoiight 
not to ftj tcol'bvt. Hia M:r(<uire ^vimm 
and romlaUv uimetimw t«rsed toward* the 
ludierotw. lIi8slroiigeirl««pletireira»'For- 
aooth and for*o"ili,' ihduirli wh™ very em- 
phatic bo would •wnar ' !ly Ht. JdIid t lie 
naliid crapllv nuA Imirnt punitbmL-oU, and 
ir» often plunijncl inlo (its of »ilvnM and 
««clatic viainni in wbicti th« %g» (lisoemed 
Mmvtlitnff miraoulouH (Blaxiuv, * De Virt ii- 
«J, lidanii-, ti|>. SSO-.iOr^, onlBin* iti- fullwt 
aci'ouni nf llenn''* txTMonnl rkamctrmtica). 

IlimrrV! Iiaif imbibi'd Diikii Uumphreya 
nnlfiit f'ltv of IrtliTB nnd liboral jwlroaaAe 
of UianiinjF. Hc»h<iwi.-d ihi- kevticM inti-ral 
ill till! miiveraiii(M>. mill <)itijilHv,<<l «nni>- in- 
f^iitlj' in bio tflori- to *iiri.->i d/v<t f>nndn- 
l^on^^ni iilt WJinly n-M)Uiv>-». lip 1aini>ali^ 
(lie decline of Ox flint, nnd urjrrd tli' liinhnpt 
10 promcili- (iradiiiiii'i m tlu- Uit wny of 
mwurBftiiK "ludtiiij ( IJi;c«i»uro!«. i. Oij). 
lit- wntclir'l willi iiitcn-rt (liu iinirerBltv 
of Caea, fouotk-d in )ii« bayboo<l by iW- 
furd (ib. i. 133), and pitntvd a clmrlpr in 
Hm to Obicbebi'K now foundation of All 
Konln. Bui bn mrlr cihicrhI rated hia cliicf 
onrniiM on hi* twoKild (oundntion at liton 
and (^imbrid)(«, in w hioli )i» iraught to rnpro- 
ducii on n gnuidiT »-.>l<? Wyhrbam'a two ool* 
logi-B of St, Mary nl Wincb-wtM and OxfortL 
Hit i-havliiin, JoliH lAngf/in, master of Pem- 
lirohi' llnll, C*iBl>TidK<>, Unt intpinid fiini 
Willi thi* i<!<*n. In 14.iI> hn look tbc; pn>limi. 
nury ili-p'if p^iciirinc tlu- aiWiWHin of tho 
fvc^tirT'-r Klin. In Jul? 1 1 10 lie jn-nKinnlly 
iliii|iM-l<-d Wiiiflit-Ktitr C'olIcKi^ On 11 Dei. 
111(1 bi! iisucd till- vhun«r of foundation of 
llm ' Kinc'ii Colk-Bi- nf "iir l.wlyof Kton Iw- 
K*\r Windsor.' 'flif jiftrish •■liurok of Kloa 
WW bf it pitiTiilod int" n cdllogn iindtrr • 
{■roToalt aiul f>Jlowi. wtih ubidi worn nj»o- 
nnlfd n (diiMl and on nlmalioiut-. llnury 
mad" William of Waynllvle. tben niuliv of 
'Wiiicbiuler.MicCHH'ivi'ly uiutittrand profoit. 

^ For many yiiais b> wni<-li«d tlw fnnndatioD 

' with lb* cInaMi altoDtioB. connlnut !y nlter- 

ing and vnlaipni; bin icbemi^ ncd f^^idiinlly 

' dnvploping t1i6 Htkool at tlir cxpi-'iuf of tliV 

I alID■bIlUM^ lie jtrocun'd l>olb pajiiil nnd 

parliammtAr; ■auction for bia plan*, and 

moitly cmjilojivd ib<- mvpoum A ibo aop- 

prnowl nlicn priorin tor ulidownmta. He 

' laidhimiL-ll'ilic^rniindation^loni'oflWelmM) 

(CAPaSAVE, /At llloAtrilitu Uenrini, p. 133), 

tboush want of fundi ni«dr il^ nro^T'a* alow. 

I Ilif ftnal pliifld for tbe rlia|N>l (' tlie king'a 

I own BTyt«')eoiiidDp1nt«d a buildW nn a 

oolfliMil Kalu, but till* iinvo wat nin-«rMitttB, 

and ilie chinr not i^mplci«d nstil long after 

llmtj'sdeatb. Ill' iiliowtul minute care In 

burmg up lillli> Krupi of property round tli« 

Golleige to allow for ii<i cxicnikin. lit dia> 

playiul ibp kwiKH iuivrmt in kit Eton boyv, 

with wliom be xcv bmu^ht into cuniitaat 

intrraonniothrauRhhisfKquenl remdenceat 

Windior. Ha d^igtitcd in dving tbem pi«- 

(cnta and good ndricc. Ilii uaed to cbooae 

Ibu maaiGCB wiib ihr> ffn-aii^nt auv, Mjiaf 

that it mailerrd litiltt if ilw mnnc in dmpd 

w«rv indiflNml m lung ai bin MikoUra grow 

in wiidom andjiietv |Dlikhas, n. StHlJ. 

Hi-nryoi^rupiKd liii&»iiif witk aLnoBtM|ul 
nal in th'! foiindntiiin of tli? MippliimCBlary 
coUpkb at fnmbridgv:. Ilin fir>t cKarifTio 
tbe * Killer Colle|[« of our Iwid.V aitd St. 
NtchoU.i' wax iKiiied on 1:; F>-h. 1441. On 
2 April 1441 Hciiry laid tbe first stono of 
liii cilli^. Hi-re, a* at h^ton. th« otiginaJ 

Clnnx for n ■mall coll«|n> were gtBdaaUr en> 
irvud, Tki> pmii'iit i-«st chapel of Ung'a 
Coll('zi% tboiigk not oompli>i«d until locig 
after Henry's time, t« the only pnri of tli« 
exLitin^ etruclunr nbicb cnrreBfionds lo bi» 
inssnillcvnt <le*i^i». lie laid ()■•? firnt slorn* 
of it on I'ft July N4<i Belwtia UlAnnd 
14&.i Ilnnry mndi- coiiHunt visits to Cara- 
bridp' to wnlcli ovfr llw girui^twtt of bia 
foundutioiu, itayinK moMlv iit ibi- Kiar** 
Hall.acollef^e now uliwib>-ii in Trinity, "nut 
founilatioD of (J.tii-vna' Collppn, rninbridgv, 
by Margaret of Anjou (lllS) must Unttri- 
biitinl inainljui llenry'ii inDiiFHi'e. Hrnrr'a 
iini\ur>ity policy fottan a coniii-etiDU link 
h'tWt-cn that nf VVykebiun nnd Itiat of 
WdW'V. Hi* eooTiinJon of foTwigB monna- 
leriivi into Hnglinh nn-iilar eolli'SM, and his 
dikplucvmeiit of refoilar cinrgy liy achoUrv 
anIiripBtes an tm[HirtDnt iiiipii-t of t1i« lti> 
(ormatiou. The whole ai>lieme and nearly 
eVMy detail of it ia plainly lUc mtuli of 
llenry*! periuMial ellbrts (Lyik, HUlorfi iff 
t't/m QJt^; Wii.ui nnd Tlark, ArvAr- 
Ittlurat Hijitor}iaf(innbriitgf. Mvi.UXoER, 
ilutury Iff tkt I'niivrtilf/ of f'aatM/fy* nrv 
ibe beat occounta of llruty'* foiindatiOKS. 


Ilcnry VII 


Ileno' VII 

Tbe Eton trail* and ohuwn an ptinud m 
Bci'hiXutux, Cr/rrfjxiH/lfnrr, ii. ^0-311, 
•nil in IlKivtixiD sikI WuinilT, S(atnlni n/ 
AVny'^ C'Mf^, l^mfiridyr, amt Blott CalUfff.. 
KEi'SIS'-IuS'ii 0>rrriipirtdfnff fully illvw- 
tmt«9 eVBfy *id* of nvaty't, int<m>it ui lliu 

ICkiiKinTv'ii Mtuempomrjr lifa of Il«Br7. D» 
UluiUii'uo Hfarids. pp. i:«-30 (B«IU Sor.). 
cMlnini liltlu Iml pioo* ajafuktioiw. Tho onlj 
fbU p«i*uiul diAnutctintioii m tliat of Ulikniiin 
IB Uain>t'*-(.HIi'rfcuiinia. Tlin Goglitbchraairln 
or tii» niga w« mmgn Mid tiiiHitiifiifiorj. 
t^rmriuK liitJo liRht am H«iiry'ii iitwiiii) lirn. 
dmolelM roii|!li iliAn-w. piiliU9h«iiiiSieTvnfon'i 
Wuior Uosluli in Knuicv, |ii. iLp|i. 713- 
7SS; ibe xtm^^aiBBltrt Knglish Clirooicla pnb- 
liahn) w a np^emvDl Ui llautin't Sprut ; an 
Sot.) ; WarkwuRh'R Cbruiiiilx (Cnmd. Soc); Iho 
two matianatioiM of th* Crovluiil Cbronlclr la 
1'«iri> SrtiHomt, Tol. i.. 16ST : John Bona or 
BoOT.Hi>t.[twiiaAiigli».*d.r[«uiiei Clinoiiclo 
lA LaiuhNt. «a. Mieolaa, 18S; : OK«on*» Col- 
In-Uoai (if a LoodM (^timi; Thiwn FiflMRtli- 
MBCar; CliruoietM O''*** ^'^ ^"^^ ctlilol b}r 
J. Oaintncr tit tlje Ckmi). 80c.) ; Chroaiton In- 
MVli^^ptorii.MLtiile*: Abbot WbdtlisnilHlf'B 
R*«>b>r (Roll* Sur.) (impamuit betuccn )(6fi 
aadXAQ): ihsRalonliotiof Edward IT (Chmd. 
8ot) &)iiie of th" diivnklM an miTcniuutl^ 
mUmUiI. thMwh ill »-liioil, ia Gitra'* Chionicla 
of Uia Wlirlo It<»r. Tho laltr wriloni, iru«h aa 
TftiijAan V«r):il. Hall, nod Fnb^ao. ace lomo- 
tJBMnnwilkl. Th»iuo>l iiajtwUiit Pn nch audit ur- 
■Bodiaairritenru^Moiuitnltit,*-!, lh>u^t<J'Anij, , 
Gmudw, <d- Daponl. MalbUu t>'i-:«otii;lnr, aoJ 
TJaBD,alliniloc.dflrHt(toic*dcFniDoa. Othcm 
apo in Ooirfroj'g Cullvctioii. Jmu Cbiirtiitr 
M qnnttd from Valtct dr Vinvillu* nlltiun, 
niblHilhlviuo r.liMri«DiiD. Wright'B I'ulitical 
fluBip, LjijieiU''> I'ui'Uii. nnd ihc hiii^> culloclcil 
iuAnJimkiKia.Kxxii. HIS- tT.iliiihlnil" another ' 
uKt of tb( rsiga. Brrki^cloii'i Cormpuuditiic^ 
(BoU> Sn-.). SlETMKm'a Wan of ih« Kiigliili in 
PnuKo (itotb fl*r.). aad Si«>ln«'» Pnxenlioga 
*oJOnlii«iaotof ibefrivyl"ui-:il,Ti>l«, \ii vi,. 
an thii vuMl •■■Dlial tulleclioaB of docununt*, 
aloog viii. Hyin*r'« Vwittm, vol*, x-xii., orig. 
(dii., nn-t l>4l-< nf ParliMnaU. Toti. It. aid v. 
Tlw I'l ■ ' -* »IB M«)r inponnot. Mr. 
(lairili.i tirMi*lhKivmiKhligb(.un tlir 

wbole pr. u 1 licy ovii'lilalr, with StubWa 
Cow'. itiK. rol. !ii„ Aul I'luliV < lt«#bi(bl« too 
Kimtatwl. ToL T., iW I0M mnlorn noramita -A lh« 
nipi. O. Ifu Fnaiin >lc Ruiuoun'* Itiai. do 
CbvlaiVll I* • enJul >Diid#rii nnXboAXy Ita Ihr 
Pencil itiU-.j T- F. T. 

UETmY Vn |U6;-1K»). libir of Kiig. 
t'. 'ii* vii iif l-^niuiid 'I'udor, i-ail of 

):. >,y bin lUkmacp vritli Mu];an)t. 

I;. I T.T.unlydaiifililci I'f Jobii.dake 

L.1 , BD(t iiiiiloubtuil hciivia uf JoLui 

of daunt f(). v.] Ilifl miulfntluq-, S 
Tudor, wii» B WiiUIi hnii^lit, who 

Sr OwuB 
Cntli'-ritio, widoir of Iliwirv V, atiil tTncod 
bach liu iImCuiiI In ( WirullniW alid tbc old 
llriiinb kiiin. Ilonry wan bnrn at IVmlroln 
Cn«lbr Oil ibf fpfut of St. Af[ii<^a tlio Scoiiid 
(1*8 Jan. I'toT ). Ilin father bail ilini luorv tlioii 
Iwo iBOnlbo bi'fure, and liiit niutbrir wtu i>ut 
qnito fanrbum jroara old wlien •fa" gnvr biitli 
to hJiD. Boin^ an only Mil hti wa« Karl of 
IticluDond from hiii binb. flo wan brougbt 
up ill Waki luidi-r tb-- caw- of bw ODole, 
Juper Tudor, i-iul of I'trmbroka; fur tbou(;U 
I'^irard TV obtaiii<.>d ibt- cn)wn wbr^i Uelirv 
van four jvaraold, till- I^ancutriaJi^rly still 
bolil pomoMion of rarimia AVi-Uh i:«u«tlt»t nniil 
tho aumuidBr of llarli-rh in 146r4. Voutik 
lluDnr (Mm* to liavp Wva takim [iriioncr in 
thai furtn.'iM wbrn it ■v.a* won )iv Witlinin, 
lunl Hi.-rUfrt. who wils cn-nUd lUrl uf I'oin- 
brokv {il. UtUh ^|. V.J Pvmlirohi: biicami! 
llrriirj-'ri (^iiiriliaii, nnd diMJrtd 10 Barry hina 
to lliu <!aii|ibtiir ^laii<l. In 1470 Kilward IV 
WOK drivm from liia throov, and Ili-Drr VI 
nwliMvd. llriiry wn» iiaw ti^claiiucJ by 
hia uiiclu Jiiapvr, w)ia iinik liim up to Lcii>> 
doii uiid pTvMnied )iim 10 Kmx H^my. Ao- 
cordiog to a tradition prvH^rvi^d iii Slialfo- 
■prmni, tlin kin^, hlruck ivitb hia inleUi^-ol 
Inoln. rnnarlwd: ■ I^ iiir«1y this la lie to 
whom both wpand our advnrMini'i shall bvrr- 
afl"-T Bici.' pliici'.' 

IIf wn.4 now in hi* ft>ur1««ntli yuar. Uia 
cbildliood bad bti-ii iLelicAie, oiid he bad lii-un 
QDOvml nbciut iti \\'al« a |,'ood iLntl fur ibi- 
>aki' of hit lii'nlcli. UrifOt caiv, huw«T«T, liad 
[>i<»Tiliikraii'iih biii(Kliii:niinii,aiidoit*of Ilia 
t utoN, Andruw Scot 111, Tv<|Nwi«d In aflrr y*»r» 
to Bcnuud AndrOM .q. v. that ln' bad iwvcr 
mxn a bur of ao nui-li quickima in IcamiftR. 

In 1471 Ediriud U' ncovured bi» tbroW!. 
It wa« no lon^ taie tor Hi-iir^- 10 rvnaiu ia 
WaUa, and bia luicle Ju^prr t<H>k bim wrom 
tliiisnt,iDi'aiiini;lo<vnrevIiiin 10 France. Tlie 
buiy,irbiM«lhoy found iiiiiuyliiin with Duko 
Fmiicin II- Tliedmthaf llfiirv VI nnd of bin 
nu PriiiCB EdwDid bud iiikdr Ilt-'orr tbi.> biod 
of ili«i li4iiM> of Lancaxt^r, ami an objcui of 
jiialou'v to Inward W. Rdvrard ajipliDd 
for him lo t)io Diiku of niiltaciT, prolnHing 
tfut bo did not idIitimI (o kotp him m a pn- 
Minor, but lu marry him ■■• one of fair own 
daucbicTi. Tbo duki- ai oou ttcnu had ac- 
tually delii'orvd bim up ti> an Ep|;liah un- 
, baiay, wlii^ti ho wa« prr;tin(](M) to revolto Iba 
. onlrr.aad Ill-cry wiw rvl>«->«l. llr rcmaini'd 
' in Itriltany during ibv wbolo of l^lward's 
I n>i)[o. Itiii IMwanfn dralb in 14^ftnd tli* 
I murdurofbistwoionabytlifiuurporlticluiil, 
rviDOTcd firota tliu ficbl al»iwl evi»y rival 

Hetirv- VII 


piil- Iii- ]ir>'t •>[!,- inns ,-o ili^i: Ir- iKf.ini-- lli'- 
niiniral I^I'I'T ol' ::uy mnv'-in-ii; i" r-li-vi- 
Enirl:iii'l I'n-ni Uii'liiir.!'- fyrr.iim. Tin- «"»- 
Bi!mil'-.i hv H>-nrv Malt^inl. iliiii- ••( lliirk- 
injrl'iiiii- v;hr, w,] or lii'i-wi-i- ii;L\" ii-jiip'! 
t" ih" criiivii l.iTii— ll, in i'hiivit-.ii'oii wiili 
bi' [iri-iju-r, .li>l;ii .Mprr(Mii,lii.-.||.i|. ni' i;iv : tli>- 
(liili" 111-"' ili-i'liir-rl liitii->'ll Milliiiu 111 .1"■;^' 
til-' V.,iA iif l!irliiii'>ii>r-- i-lni:ii i1' li-- WKiiM 
eni'iiL"'.' to ninTi l!l!iili.ili. ■-M-.-; pJiiiiulit'T 
of I'Mwtirl l\'.':ii!l -o 111,1:- rl.- t'fV- •■( 

York mill L;ini i-t'-''. :,; ..n iiipr--'i 

eu'.'-'Hv inro tin- |>ri ij--ci . nmi li..i]i- il 'li'- i|iik- 
!:> iirj.ini--' in — .T'-i :i vi-ls'lU'iii :i^iiiii-' l!i- 
t-li-lni. wlij.-li iiM- t.i !.■■ .'li'l-'il l.y ill- liiniiiiu- 
of liii''imoii'l wi'li i-ii'ip- I'riUTi liritr^inr. A 
piiiiiiluiii.ri.i-i ri-^Liii ii'-tiiiiliy 'nok |'hi(--'. Ji- 

apT-'"rl. .Ill l-i "U--, U<! ;lli o\->T ill'- >ouT|i 

of Kiiirliiii'l liiir-kinjIiiiNi rai-'-il lii- -tmi- 
flanl iif lif tkiinrii: Imt a rrr-iif H'""l in lli- 
Si-v>-ni pp v-tit'-l l.iiii Iri'iii ji'iiilniT hi- iilli-*, 
Bn'l ]l'-nrv'i= (.■v|)'.-i.liiioii.tli'"i'j!i niiU'l livtli" 
IJiik" 111' iirin.iTiy Willi Mt*(---r: -iiiiji- !ii»l ;i 
forci' iif tiv>- ilifiii-itiil Br-'iiin-i. wii- ili-p-r— J 
by II -liirni n*. -I'li. Il'-nry's own v- -i-1 Uid 
iniW'l iiiipr.^id! I'lHili.hiit ili.-i- n^twu-liiii^l 
wirli iirm»-'l m'^ii.wlii»^"ji[iilvHiiil"rn-i'iitr»'Hl to 
lll^■ him a-linr- hy pr-i ■■»(!! ml' to li.- t'rii-niN ol' 
JJiii'kin;.'hiim. Ilf r-H-ni— "il tli-- ( 'li.ilirii-l to 
KoMtiiiM'ly, Hiiil ill'" -r rliroi- day- r'-tiirii-il l)y 
Inii'l tii liriiiiitiy. 

U'.- nr-' tiil'l li\- l".ily^lor<- \'i.-ri;il miil ill'- 

cliriniili.-r-i tlini 1 iii lo l'li:irip -j \ III for 

■ s,i1''--''c>nilnc-1, in p-\p--i'l:iiiMii of wiiii-li hi- 
flpii' hipiiii' lli.-- .--Iiiii- mil! iB-ifiiu hi- jpiui-iip-y-. 
still ihiii lli- m— ..nj-r- jp..!!! r--! uni'-pi. Iiriii;:- 

inp li-llll llir- -:it'>-ripllilll''l ulld lUollp'y lor lii-« 

fxi«-ii"-'. ill- li;ii| ulri-pi'ly iirrivp-i! iti itril- 
tfliiv liy iWI ' )i-l,. on wliii-ii diiy In' piv" ili-' 
l>iiki< iif liriitiiiiv n ri'('''i]il f'lr ii loiiii ul' ti-ii 
tlipiii-iiinil i-i'piMii- of iTPiliI, d;it.-il lit I'liiir.pi!. 
n..p;.r Hn-Iiat. iA-''hf. M\ IMIH, I'. :'.:i, llrii. 
Mii^.j lie (Mill') Ii^h-pIIv lini '- kuouii ni ilmi 
tini'p 'll' tltf coiii]i|p tp> liiiliiri' nf ilip- rp-U-llinn 
in Knirhind. Cn-nlly. Imwi-ver. iii- lii-urd 
tliiiT TliotTinR <>ri-y. iiiiii'i]iii> of 1)01-1*1 ij, v. '. 
mill (iilitT fririid- !i;iil i-'i-.-ipi--l Uh'' liimWl' to 
Hrittniiy.nnd wi-i-i'iii \'nrinc^. Eli'siiimiii"i..-il 
tli'-iii 1" n rfniiiii! Ill Itiiirit-i-. vvlnTi- it wii- 
il'Pi'idMl fii miik'p iiiiiitii>-r iilt"nipt nii 11 fii- 
Viiiriilrlf op]hirl unity-, niul on I'liri-lnnis ilay 
tlii;v nil lujiinil tlip'ui".4v.>> to «idi otli-pr mid 
to tlf^nry lit liF-nni'.- I 'iilli'-dol, b>- itiukiii;; 
wl'ptiiii oiilli to niHrry tlii' l'rini'i'-.-= iUiiiiU-tli 
iilli-r (ilitaininK tlie i-niw-n, il-' nl-io tnnk 
Coitn"-! willi till- link'', wlin pnimi-ifd liiiu 
futiiri' niil, 

Kritlaiiy. Iiowevi-i-, ivns |>ri)fi',ii<i-dly on 
fri^ndlyt'prms witLKnL'lnud.anJ liii-hiird III 
Bent to I hi' (Juki; to di-matiil Ilcnrv'sdt'liverv. 

'I'lit- I'nki:, ivhn i-utier":-! ■«.-! .1.?;- :ialiy :p.-;n 
m>-nt;il rl.imn2i--mi'nt. rouM rran-act ni.' bu.-i- 
n«>*, ani) his nniBipiiLir mini-ler, Pienv Lah- 
<]■•]•. wniild liiiV'- L'iv^n [|p th-^ r-fuzf— . B-it 
I!i-lipip Miirti)". ii-i>a;rh'- 1 C!;ri.-foph>-r I'r— 
« ick it:ipi liritrHtiy r-> aiv-.p H-nrr warning. 
lli-iiry lit ppii.-.. dirpi'i'"! !ii* iini-ls J.■p<;>^r. tiarl 
of i'- iiihr-k-. I" i-.p11'V; -^ Ikw of lli* frien.Li 
iin.l -i'.-.-r>--ly mak'' hi- wav wit!; tb'-m in'i 
rrani-'-. II" him->'Ii". «i'i>-r i-iiini-yin;; I-t 
ziiTitTi.' rii'ii— ■■' :iv"iii pursuit, j'pir.-d thpni 
in Atri'ii. II'- liUi' wa* Hiif 'li-c.- ner«<l fir 
riiiii- rim'', '1- ti.-'r-'ivi'ri' iilviiif thre-.' h'lJi.lri-ii 
I-'.ii.'IL-hm-i: -till in Vanii-'-; who wer" ni>! 
privy til hi- T.ii-iio-.- ; hir it i- 'iii'.l L- hsd 
only ] 1:1 --.'.; rli- t'r 'n;i-r in ili-^^iiii,-"- -'n^ hour 
["-I'lr.- I 111- iirri\iil ••( th- lii-ir-t-rai''! '•-n' ia 
pursuit 1' !ii;:i. Th. 1 'iik.'.>f Brirrmiy aft-r- 
iv:irii-i ii.-*i-i'- ■! M'-nry's ntliir I'rii-iid-i tij join 
him ill l-'rini-i , 

H-iirt m- iiin i.ih- Tvpiiiri'dtn I 'harlv-; VIII 
m l,iin:;--:i:-i. .ru! Ii-'ii^ ■ ncininiurJ by the 
I'p-ni'li (-'"ini.'ll 1 f-!rt'hnrl''^«"iii llien a minorl 
10 iH'k fnrt'piriM'r-iipp'in. fjlion-eclrh.i'edurr 
i.p Mon;:irji>. and nfiLTwiinli m i'uris. In 
Kii;.'l;ini|. t;"w-i.-r. I'iclinrd III -iiircewii^l 
ill (piT-'in'iine ih» ■inp-'-ii-don-.-i^-r Klizaheth 
Widvil'i' pir \VippnlvilU> Ip> iMiU" oiu .jf mbc- 
"iiiiry v.- It h lip'r l^lll!!ht^■^-. Uii-hiinlV ijueeii 
di'-i| Pin |ii Miircli I l*"i. and il ivn-^ riiinp>iinsl 
tli:ii Kii-'M-i i'-'p'iid..dl''m:irri-|-lli?al>eili. iii? 
''ldi."r ni>-i'e, Ili'nry l>":nin -^'TiimMy to think 
of aii'pili'-rniai.-li I'lrhiio^flt'.hut Kii'lianl wa.' 
ciHnp'dlp/d by piiblii' i-laniniir to di^iiwn the 
dt'.-ij-n !iiipiil--'l |i) liim. Mfauwliib- Ileury 
and liy tlu' l-';irl 0;" Oxt'iiril. wIm hail been a 

Iiri-oii'-r in Ihinitno* Ca.-tlo. Tlie caiitiiinaf 
laninip- nnl nnly r-'I-a-t-ii him. but (Wlared 
("pir tlip' l-'.iirl of llTi'hiiippiiil, The I'li.-i l.\ how- 
evi-r, was l"--ifL''' dill !'■ Ill -'■'([ii-'ni't by tb«p whole 
Lj-.irr'-ippnof r.ilal-.und i'piin]ii'lbHilo#iuTfnder. 
■\Viili tin' aid of ;|i'' llni,'li-li refu^rw* snd 
H biiriy of ti-'iops i;iv>-n him by the J-'rvnch 
kinff. Ifi'iiry- at h^iiilb ■'mbark-'il nt Hartleur, 
1 Aiic. 14>"). aii'l within n -iveek landed at 
Milfpird Jiav.-n. lli- o'm)iniiy only numbered 
twii thoii-aiid men. bnt he relied {ireatlv on 
hi* W'-l-h eniintrynien. very mnnv of wiiom 
joiiii-ii him on his »-ny lo Shrew^unry. lie 
iilwi •'imimon^d to hi? aid Ijord Stanley and 
his bpilhi'V Sir William, w-ho were powerliil 
in f 'he~l]ire ulld l.nneiiiihire. Iiord i^tanler 
wa.-i hi- iiiepfH(bf-r, bnvinir rei'enlly uliinied 
bi> niiiih.-r. the I^iidy Miirjrarol, 'The latter, 
1 houjih di-prived of her Iond# by liiclinrd for 
eonspirinjr in ln-r silnV fsviiiir. wiia allowed 
!•> live in si-elu-ion. her liinbiind bi'ing se- 
ciirily f ir h>Tpmd (hdiariour. \Mtd Stanley 
wn.Jiitriiid tijjiiin Henrv, ns he had receired k 
■limilnr.summou.s from Uiohard.and had been 

Henry VIl 


Hcnrv VII 

otilievil U> li«m bt* wMi LunI tSireiifcL- in 
Kiciiiml'a huicU. Sir William t<taiil<rt- oIko 
l«Bip<Mri»»iL Maoyniliiiritomi.-eirrtolUiir;, 
kIii) >( laU took U(i M [KiMliun liiwr Itoswurlli 
ill l^<PWt«r»liir«, wlii-rp nith flv« UioiimiuI 
■nun, |iral«vle(i Uv b rivulw on llii» kft an<l i» 
norKM nn th*' rifflii siid in friiTit of liim, If 
•wnidxl till' arm^-b I:.'-' All);.) Ahrr n1«nt 
two liuiirV li{flitiiij[ Iticlianl i-niliuiTuutvd lo 
•injtli- uiii 111* rnirmy, wlu-ii Sir Willinm 
Sianli^}', irbo boil ticni'J tlic a<rli(ni from n 
iii-iclilwiiring hill. br<u^,'lil liia mvii into tllt^ 
nnlaloflenn-'aaiil. Uicliftnl wMitiirrvuiuli^ 
and killfxl. ili- li«cl kudo into baiil^ wcnriiif; 
tiucrnini iiiHui fain Iwod. Tliitwo^nfiiTwiinlii 
fuiiiid anU H't Upon' Ileniy'ii lu'O'l >>y l^innl 

tiiivinj; M-ul Sir Itolwft \Villou;>liliT t't 
Sheriir Ifiitlon iii yvrknliin-, tu briug ii]>lh<> 
I'riiMMS Eliznlwih nmt lli« voiin^ Fiarl of 
liimu'If, aiwl riil'n'il lb'; dtv oli Solnitliiv, ' 
a Si-j.!. < Harl. MS. .-ill. ftj. a (wVPrA 
visitiiiion vt iIjo >.ivi-iitiii]( iiif knrjn ik-lnrfil 
ThMo d«yj bcfijw tin made iwolvi- kuiKli<^ 
banncrvtd at ibeTonrar; pronuUd his iiuc|i7 ' 
Jofprr. rail '4 Pniilm>ht>. to Uie iliikeilutii I 
of Bi'dfurd : m^led hin iit«iifath-'r, LnrJ ' 
t*UntcT. l-iiil of nurt'y: lUiJ Sir l->lwnw! 
fViurli'nav, Mnil of I>fv»ii. iln nliui inMi- 
|ii1>>(l a (Hxlyi^uanl l» allrnd hini-n iiitw 
iu^iliitMn afitr ■ Frrrtpli niudd. I'arlia- 
BiMit luvt ID Xovi-mljeT foUoniiig mvl i'imi- 
flrmi^UiBticW to lli-- rmvrii. Oa 10 Dt<c, 
brxti li'>ii«e« |>Milioii'-d i)io king to fulDI hid 
pmiiii»>> (o marry ili« I'riiMwu KliMboth, 
nbirh Im aroirdiak'ty iliil on 1)4 Jan. 14t^. 
Ill Man-li Im U'ft l/iaiton wtlhiMit hw qiii'in 
on a prri|rrBa> thrmigli thi> eiutiTii couolim 
to York. Yriicm hi' w«> n^vpivi-d niili ac- 
claniiilioiia; but bi^ wuh warTml of danj^rr 
on llic toad, and vaa nviirly cnplOKd in 
York iisolf by a roiiapirBcy vl li<ifd l^vull 
•ml llumpliTi'v and Tbomai* ^talfun), wlio 
•iaou ibii (latlV of Ihun'iirlb Itail liri^ in j 
•nnetuarr ai >' ' ' Ijor) I<->vi-I1 rat- 

Mpnd tolrfinn. ;jhrvy ^liiirinl wan 1 

baagvd nl Tvl-nn^ nm, luh youii(,i'r bniiber ' 
Tlinnaaa wa» iMinl"n<-'d. Hmrj wi-nt on lo ' 
WoroeBtpr, Vfb-Tii'lliplioii Alrin-l I'n.-achwl ' 
bafcn Inri on Wbit-dimdnv, aiul afi--i iIk' ' 
■unwiiB ilrdansil wMniu biirt" n-iNiivi-d from I 
ItomH in ninfirmaii-in of lhi> liini;'!! titt<> aiul ' 
of hi> mnrriag?. TSn kini; ibcn viiitnl IIri>- ' 
lot aiwl p-tiimAd lo lionilon 19 Junn. Ilr 
kikIviI by i''iiiiin(i from ^iwvii In VViilniinstFr 
fay RB'rr, aDtl wnn ac(uiii)mii«l fruoi Piitii<*y 
dowiiviiinl by thu lofxl umyuraiul ciltMRK in 
faugn, tibonly sflvrunnbi hi- want itmI- | 
«Mil again hunting, nn-i took hut qtti<oii lo 1 

WiuohMtur, wliunon :M)So|il. aim guva birth 

Ion aon, who WB* chriirtonvd Anhnr (IISO- 

ir,1>2) ■,,, v.j 

Next yi<ar tuak pluev tbu iiiipualarn of , 

I I.ambrrt SimaMl iwnuinatin^; Bituurd < 14'^- 

IJliH) In. r.], ibe yuiiiiif ™ri of Wurwick, 

I oldtMtbuiol'lifvr^, diiki'of (.'larmiiT. n-lium 

; Ilrnry bail iJiui up in tbi> Towiir, r^iinuul. 

mrl, with t-xinionliiiurj »uor«»** in Ireluiitr, 

whcn> lie wnn miwiir"! iv Ktlward Vl, nad in- 


'.•iiH i>( luldiin- [ij.v.]. and a niiiiili<-r of Irinb 

f'lllowcrv, uud iL band of (.iirriiuni mipnliod 

by Mnripin-I, dnchrvM of Itiiixiui'lv, Vihoto 

ho*cJlily lo Ilviiry ■.-iiiiiie'l b^r lo Ur coJIihI 

hi* Jiinn. Oil ilv^ fitxl iii-«* iif ibu oousiii- 

nu-y, Ilitnry ciill''J a oouuctl ai SLtvti atul 

ciiiiHil 1I1C n-al Warvick lo bn lab^ii nut 

of lbs Towtr «n<l -ibowii in tiio rtni't». Ha 

alv) took a sirbD^'p rrsuliilKin lo liuiirivf hia 

own motbrr-in-liiw, ElLiBlH.-|.h Widville or 

■ WofKlvill'!' [i|. v.], of hi-r joijilun- 1bd<1s, for 

' K'lmi* unknown tiidii^cr^linn. vi ihat Nbe r«- 

firwd lo llcnnondwy A1>Iji'v for tb-.- rrot of 

lu-T diiyi. Iliif 111' I'oiifi-m'if hiT InoiUon tlio 

imiTii, liL-r diiiiKbicr. Tho rebuU lundcd in 

' 'LunciLNliin.- and i-iid^avnurcd M raJK' York- 

I abirv', but tULt-tinj' with lillli'miyiurncvnu-'nt, 

' ndvano>-diu>iilb»'nnI» lovarda Nvwark; tliey 

w<>n- qUitIv ilcfi-ik'i'it by iIm< kiof,' hiuui-lf at . 

Stokn-iiiion'-Trwni (l*lj'un«' IW"). Kildara ' 

Dill) Simnid WRfii takun priooiMny : not one of 

tJiir»iWI(«drMwaji*ociialivnaAtc llvary 

wi'nlou to Ljncoln.n'hrn- tic onluml tbaoka- 

fliviiif; firlhic viclury. and ff)!!! ibiTc li> York 

and Newcutl>% causing slrict in<)uiry tu bo 

Biado «» h» wMtt along f'-r )<vrM>nn i^dillr 

ol ancoiiraHriiii; or oriio fy>Ti|uilhiMii|; witli 

ill'' ivlH'la. Ifo ]iuniahi-d tbo m^ppci'vl iN-r* 

ti/a* (I't Ibr most part by 6nvf,biit in frrnoiia 

ca*--* wilb di-atb. from Nvwciwtic Iwauat 

hi^fiulhfiilfriuud itii^ord t'oxprij.v.], whoui 

he hud luuilf bipboji of Exi^^r, and Sir Hi' 

alianl Kibi'iiinbp <<{, lIMii ^ij. T.j on an etn- 

iMUiy lo Jaait» HI of So(>tlanil in i>rolaiig 

ibatainisgtruwnndnrniii^-iiDBK.' uiimiaffM 

bi)twoi-n lh» tno roynl faniilii-s. llitt iUmu 

iinycctii WL-re roiu|)li.'ii'lv fruilniinl iirit ycqr 

by ihr ovvrlbniw and iliilb irf tlu> Scottuh 

lun^ ill a rc'bi^llioii of bi« miblif. 

In tb<< autumn lio r>!l}im«d fouthwardt, 
luid via* at Ia^-^Ivt wli«n li« fvcnivod an 
Rmbany fram I'hnrliv VIII, »rnt to unluii 
tliF rt«*iuii of ibr l''ri'npb kiiiK'' altjiclc on 
(birditchyof Driiiflny. IlL-arrii«lin London 
rtNoi . llHr,nndn-ABrFCfivi>dlik''ar(>ni|Ut-ror. 
Parlianii-nt met 1111 tbt: tnb. and ibi- iiiiM>n 
>t'nncTuwnmloiiih0jr>tliiiilb|fn-iil splrnibnir 
nl WeotliiiMtrr. Tliit piiliamviil, bnxidiv 
taking mnuuRK for tW i^ircMion of rrima 
■nd puniihmunl of rebellion, may utaoal bo 

Henry VII 


Henry V 11 

in hat- tarthutMl Uh eoim of Stu- 
I" a\i> Tu«»d ■ (iibviily, which w»* 
nili tn If alt ibc laorn n»onu>Etr}' u 

MiaUi*b«<l a ctMiBcQ for the gomiuMiil at 

iiu Docth iindvr Surrey. 

Hnwwlin# lb# Fn'iwli liad ial(«B leviinl 
mi^i Min Iw oaU«) om lo uIm pUrMinBriiiBiiv.iuiiiu-oiilillinvKroiiquuivd 
__ [_ .:j .» ii_.. .... *. _ .1.. It B^ti^iy ifli, f,,r ,(,„ luij ,,,„( ,o (1,^ Jufjij 

by Knglaiul uiil tlio bmtllo ortion of Mui* ' 
niliu aul FMiBBml of Spain. Snrvral 
fettivurt nwn pot iato tlie banib ol ikw 
Raglisli to gtikraniet! tcfajnuntof expeiUM. 
IlMirrd*««^nt timps inth«>La«CnaBtri«» 
tnaiJ of MRiimilJaiiH^Btiuit ilwi Frvocb. Hh 
thill mmecllivl tin* lalli-r to rniw tlu> «itf o 
of IKxngode.wliMi'llmriuoei'H would hat« 

mU»» Mm Ln aid of Untlanj ; for the 
^mdl Iml htnded Ui« doch; ud that ap 
*m4ak» tat ■ tuiw in Nuit<a— action irliiob 

■O •»■" r-i-i-.- ■- Fr-hni!, In 
»([»)■ '. lvill«or 

■ilhr^miLi ...J !i. i...,l\^ ."nirilk. 

!»'• (uii^kibMnf Kovanurnf Uw Woof 

t( «ifnt oviFT dMiMtlioTMad wilb a band 

I in aid of tbn dukn. UMiry «■)• 

fMl til puMiH ■ iH^rtrful amn^ anil ! i-i>diuis«rMl LUlau. Cbvlif VIII fnnod it 

I ftfiljF nHHidiatod Lofl WifnlritleV aci, bill 
UfOit^l fnTfrnnyaar ihi'lTupewitLFrari*^-, 
i*»>i'«pin-d in Janunrv 14*^. 
ii|(tii t'larlnsmedlAtflr. But 
" 'tilirmnewalof tivinici! 
^mKhiiv waa completely 
..f St'. Anhin, 1» Jiilv 
\ iindvilti' ii'u nUin wilii 
Til.; Ifiilii' of KridftiiJ' 

"11 ini)fiii /i-writh FnincB.aiidiiiwi 

IitIiii) ll.r.i .... . 


adilsiiblv lomakca w{i>nileponi.*i.'<>*ilh MB.\i- 
iiiiliutt, whirli he ^nn aft«f ci>iii|m-II«1 tUe 
I'lwIiUMof Uriiinnv loarMuI. Hi- alto Mat 
lVv<{iirat lunlowii'* U* KngUltd toiM.'rMiade 
Eldirytii «^itll'l^■^lv hit tranfA rnua tfv dtieliy 
iLndniakepiiici'iriililiiio: but ticncymhui-if, 
tin liivjinilcclioii. ChivrcfT^lo. binliopof Coa- 
uontia, ibt! pnpnl duimiio in Vniiicv. nov vt«pt 
t«En^Undiuia>.ili8t'-r(14t>lt|,bul failnl to 
M^nfl mntiTt, lli'nry.ntilifiiigh Imi IimI no 
[liwirptognliiwarwilli FniDnn,«lVKN)ou^ie«tl, 
rv»ilHMiwli'|"iiii!i>ii('<Hif llii'diicliv.whirli . not onlf ti> llriliunv nnd to Mnximilian, but 


lUiw di<ui>iul(T>l (o til" Uli' dukr'n daughter 
Ahihi, n itirl i>f twi'lTr, VaHoua marring'' 
pviy«<>is w"ri> iilrvwily fiiriiiwl for Iipt by ln-r 
guanliin, M«r>l«ldi- ItiK'u.williarii-wTriaD 

IBllianH> iwniiitt I'mm-r, llrriry K-iit mrii in 
Bl^i'tlh'idiu-liy.liun'U farii-'ltii-ivi' |iiir]u>-o» 
toliintfaa lli>llr■lo>^'iiinHl.tioWi-viT, 
pt niiii''t |>rti|inriri|{ liiniwlr W illinim'* with 
DtWr |iiiwi<ni, in ninhi' nar on I'mlirv if nif 
piitatrv ■> rHMiii !!■ •' '■xtHnal. 
In S»v<'iii>>rr tli^ lli'tiry i-otli'd a pmit 
rullllful al \V<-alniintlrT, and iitinx.ilinT'-tv 

■aftufw ardi 1 1 1 III"'. l»»-iil<iinl«»^>'i<--i'il''mnri', 
Btitlany, Itiiru'i'i'l.t . M'liiTiiili.m.kingnf llir 
Itdniniii. KrrOitikuil mid ImIh'IIm ••( Spnin, 
atidJohii [1 of l'iiriu^i,iill •11 till' siimeiluy. 
In JniHii.fT I 1^'' 1 ii>'W t*rlialtii>iil im-l, nnd 
r milHidy fur a forci of 
lor 'Ififcnoi'of ilw kinp- 
bMiii V\ ), rniA«vui<-r< iH'iptn to !«vv 

in Y"f'- ■ wi'iT oipi'nly n-iiiil)"!, 

tfl.) I ■ ' i: I'li-rUnd, wliti cflliip 

'y, »'«» nloiii on 
iviii>na» IlifH at ll«l- 
'-•ii>*, lir>t ni'nl a),'nin>-t 
il." i.fd.ciirl iif Siirti'V, vrlirtin 
nlly librnilcl Irrnii lliti T'lwrr, 
:l Im^ii iin].'i-. itiivl .inii. jloiwortli 
|vf<>tl•l^^"| ..J:.'Mnv. Tlir 

III Wd' )■'■'■■'■ - ■' vfliil'' iiiidiT 

Hr Ji'llll ' : ali<l .hiiin ii <'liiiiiiln:r 

V '', In' I it ii-iri IW tn Flund-ra, 

~ -ri'v'ii liatMU. Tlwi 

' miuiliia'ard* aiul 

also 111 I^pain.wbicliliad Ihk-ii uiyinsawnrliko 
piilky upon tiim frnai tlitrfinl. Thi' l>iicbi-«* 
Anne nuirn rvlicvi-cl him of bis dilHciiltv ri— 
KpM'liii^ Itritlnuy by mitn-yiiig l.'LurW VlII 
and bMoiiiini^ >[ii(ii-ii of Fmnt^fr! IVc. liOl), 
llo'nry, hoHTvnr, wiib alrundj pn>pario|(i 
in fullilmf^i of lii< tiIiiIch, lo niako vnt on 
l''ninci', in oino'rt with .SdisimiliaQ auil Fnr* 
dinand and Imbi-Ua nf Spain. Hiji ■vtgi'CiA \ 
mirmty (iyni|iiilbi-i.-d in tWobWc.andhe wita 
ublr' (u ni)w^ a ' iKne\-'Uticv' tor \hf parpoM, 
iili)i'iii^h thni kind cif ''XiKilion liadbr^n abo- 
lulitJbv ft *tnli]t.-i>f Itirbnr'l III, IT-- nlno 
i>blaim<d n riirttii-r j^nt from pnTliiiiui'nl, 
In (h'tobi-r lltlj, ibonsli hi* nllii'i «-<•»■ no- 
r«idy, and be bud allowLiI the bi-al part of 
I h<! yiir to |>ai«, hi- rnuMd tli« «« and laid 
HH-gp lu Ihmliii^B. The town had liivn WP'll 
r«riifli.-di the IwtH^ger* only wnhtnl ibeir 
oDVrt's iind offvT* irvn mmlc to iIimd hy ibo 
l''n-ni-b bill); for ppoco. Cliiitln agnnd to 

Kr till- whiili' of ihi" '■xp'-oww whii'E II«iry 
I iiKiiHTT'd for tbfdrfroii'of Kriiiiiny.nnd 
t.wni-nani'arT«ir» ■•(» pMi>ii>(i dtic i<> KiuHand 
b^- tfir Innilt of .\ni)t'na. ut thv mtv of My 
ifiuiiiHind tnav* a y«>r. A iraniy i>i tbi* 
i-Hn-t WBvaiipwd at Etft|4i-*,ft Nov., and lh« 
army T*4nnK*d lo Knglnnd. in ihr diiftan 
of many u-lio had linnlio.-d ilmir (-italivloj 
piMviilr tli<- tnmii* for thit almo^il bluodlotw 

Id Fubriisry \i92 Pirtkia Warbeck land«<l 
ill InOund, iLwrtinjf him-vlf to U* KicbnidJ 
duka ut Vork,>udi.-liii4aiug ibwufumtcf ."" 


Henry VII 


Henry VII 

had bevii invited from Irolnnil lo ib<' l-'rMicb I 
court juM b^on> the wnr brokr out j but by ' 
ibc pnacn of Ktiijl!™ l.'hnrli-i. vita catn\^\M 
to forbid liinrcmainitif; ill France, BDil h- t'"ik 
nsfiwe in tbc Luw Coutilriw nif b Mar^ivT, 
duenewof itutguiulyiwho niy'iv^l him us Iu-t 
nepli«w, TliMre hf lemiiiii^d for tim ymrik, i 
dnwii^ lowMxIs bim n numbnr nf diralfoc^ti-d 
TorkiUa ant of Ktigrlnnd ; luid Hptirr iti vain 
rMjUMl«d tbo rqundl of Chilip. atvhduhi? of 
Aurtrin, who, lu duke <•( Biirj-undy. wu» tbe 
nosninol nilrr of those pnrls, lo g\\v Iiim up 
orbanidi him. Tlie arubdiilii.-'- rauiicil r>-[iUnl 
ibat ilicj bnd no povur to ittl«rfera vriili 
Mar^rH Jii the Innd* of br<r jointiiro ; and 
nimry, «miiig iv> odier moanH of mlr«H«, m- 
^Wvoiirtxl, In iba irriliilion of thn Loiido«i 
JIuMO ■ncrchniili, to (top tbr tradu bctvreen 
lEnglBMl and niindi'ni and !« iti-t up a mart 
llir I-^iKliiib clolh al ChIhih. llv «U'> k«i>t 
Viuvfiil wnlcb a|,-aiiiKt i-i>Ti«)>irnn>^ and ob- 
fornoil by ih* yi>Tliiti«.fcoiQ in F.ii([tim'iiiiil 
in iba Ixiw roiintrm^ Sir iloWt <'tiir<ird 
»-4inl into MandiiTK «ii n Vorhiil, mid won tlii- ' 
Mmfidmci.- of tbo inlriBiwrii. t>ii liis rrtuni ^ 
to Bn^and lie impiiciitHl. umon^; 'itlii'm. 
Sir NVillinni Sloidi-r.'i- «<m^liow iti<riiicHi<^it 
intbeplut. Just hri',I/'«l Fitxwalli'r.Sir | 
8im<in M'Mitfnrt. and ii nuinbr^r of llic ocIkt 
intri|^i>niin Engtnndwppfmddenly nfn'«li'd, 
tri«<l, andcnndi-mni^for tti-naoit. *hily fmir I 
w<-n> afnt t(i I lie blurk.niid rilznulter would 
have born Hjiiircd bnt forliiiullvaijii Mntcapi?. 
Slan1(-y nun beheaded <m \-l 1-Vb. lM!f>. 

TlitN- nrrv'-ld and cXTdlioii* di^roiiciTliid 
ibo l'«rlii»!H und ddUyiTj I'nrkiii'* pnijuciiii 
int-aitoti of KtvUnd lill Julr,11H5, whrn 
IVrlrin. wilh • liilln ll™t sup|iiied i» Iiim by 
Mux! Ill ill an iind Marmrvt of JliirgMndv. a|>- 
nomHl nil* IK-al mid tanilnl boui' nf bis f'M- 
InniTB. Itiit tlit-c<iuiilry[H«iplcsitii',-ki.'di)ii>tn 
wiili h'-iri V ..-iHittwiU, tintk many of ibfniiiri- 
aor' ' <vc lbi> nvl hnrk lo Tlii'irvlii|M. 

Prrl >il»ltoIn-Uncl. EtiJiiM lirorj- I 

hnd ■'ini ini'itir Sir fMward l'oyniiif(i luia I 
, a Mulfof l'^>i;li-iti "tliiL lulr, who spDl priMiiM-r ' 
into Kn/tmiil r^PrnlH Fili|,'enld (it. I'llH) ' 
[<[, T,\ ih-- i"™<'rful Karl «f KiMnr«, nn-l i 
fit- ' liTvliil I'oyningdaw, by which ' 

lli< ■ ■■■ID of ii'i^-'ii'tifiit alwl l''i(i«l»- ' 

tinti Mi I '■m.dii iinilrr the oonirol 

oftlixK' , il. IVrkiii tberefnre fiiund 

' ■■' I |>" I 111 i:''taiid. uiid tailed lo Seril- 
.■« Iirn-aa mJ I !*>■«■ lyr'l bv Jaaiu* tV. 
J. .:..',i'd I>""rl. la,. ■,, ,r. :■ tl ., S-'Ottiiih I 

«inri,niHl iu>.r i.dy, I 

Id Srjilntnt- f .1 I I „!in(i I 

iiloa;r Willi hii»i HI "'ijijMiii of hill |)r"lPinKmt. j 
Itiii llii"V''' ^^''■tl"-<'i( I'lii forib n |ir<>rtiuna- 

tioo aa Kttig Kicbard JV. tiif npvdllkiD 
pMivrd n brief and iii»i|intllcant bofdfir mid.. 
In lJt«l llriiT}r, nftrr miMib ».>liciti»li<™,. 
«(ioirin]ly on ihe piirt i>f S|ittiii, joiiHul ihel 
Holy li-nirii'' for ktfpiof; ili« l-'nmi'h out ot) 
Italy. Firrilinnii'r nnd lnalH'lln. niixioui^ Hit 
hisoctiv^co-opemtion, ^iiiiiehl. to wlicvt' him 
from Ihe hmrdily cf StotlnnU bv wmlinit 
ihillii^ an •('<'(iinpliih>'i] ilililoRint.iat nnic'l 
lion I'ndro lie Aynln, whjw nfforl* hril^jisl 
touch to milignto old |iiviudiei» beiwri'U 
En^Innd uid ScolUnd anil to jiroinote ul- 
liauL'f and friendihip. ilt'iiry binisclf i>s4 
mlirv<ly ilisjiuied liiwnrda jieat'e, and was 
willini; to \^in< bi« eldrnt dntiphtcr Mnrg'BrvC 
lothi'Srotlifbliiiii!. AralnwiirmlyprinnoTrtl 
Ihp^ »i!h"mi>; hill Hi"nry mnde th" inim>nd*>r 
of Woibfck, who Wat Mill in Hdoilani), a 
neveKnry eoaditiiiuoranrpt*oc. At h^iifilh, 
in Jnly 1197, Jivm--ndttnil>Mabi*Kurst, who 
t<iok iihtpping at Ayr for ^nrlnud. SeiT- 
tli^h-M Janitw iimniiliuti'li iiflt-ru'nrdi) mndo 
niiriihiT raid iiiin Mtigbiid and b(w«fed Nor- 
hum. Til'' plan- wna strongly tinrrifonvd, and 
l-liiKlivitd Willi w>-tl jiin'pnrnd forwar. In tlio 
tK^^niiinc of thf yi'iir jKirliament bad ^ntvd 
(he hiii|; a labii'dy for di-fonce afniilMt Ibo 
St'ol9. and thi^ council hnd afrrveil to hia rait- 
ing u liiuii iK-HdM. The EatI of Suirey, al 
(he hfail of a lai^- army, drore .laai«t> into 
Siiilliiiid, anil nl Avion on !in Svpt. oonprlliid 
him to ajri"' to n "nvOTi y^ivr*' truoi". 

Tbe levyitiKof thin loiin iiwl ■iihndT bail 
af^ain crmled di^rontenl. The (^miahmuii' 
rose iu reiolt iiTiderTliomaH Klammotk [q. t.], 
a lawyer.and Miohaid Jowpb, a bloekamith- 
Jiiniiw Tlichfil, lord Aiidli-y ]i[. v.]. led t.hfiii 
to niiickhi^iklh. Til* kinit wit laki^i by •or- 
jirif, and h>' hiid lo n>call a forri' i hal he wnn 
si'iijjiijf npiiiut the SnolA luid-ir fiih*, lord 
Dauheni-y 1 1|. v. . ivhilelii?hinisi-lf Wi'ut west- 
ward aa fur as \Vuodflli)i.'li. .Vt HlnrkbeJilh 
I<ord 'Kaiilvttcy trained n I'cioijilele vielory 
overilii»r^WU"n I'Jnui.-M'.'". Lunl AodUiv 
anil tlip Iwoolbpr rin{(1ead(m vren- (tX(«uiM. 
but ibuotbiTKiiririvortaf till.' intiirgviitJi w<'ro 

Abont a nmitb Ulvr Warbwk latnlnl in 
Jivlnnd, bi^Jbiw, be made htfli' ]<ro- 
Cfri'. Hut (hi' lenil^«buwi>bvlbel(iiif,'nfti!r 
Itlai?k!u-ai b >>tiix>iini^*l dUnflei-li'm, and tlii 
impiiHor lnnd<-d in Connvall in Si-pti-inl 
He »oon fmlid himirlf at ihi' briid of lb 
tboaaiMl men, and laid iiie|[i< lo Mii'twr; I 
lwttriii|r tlmt troopi wi-recoiaitijt agiiiiBl hi 
lui took aaiictnnri' al Denuben Ahhty iii 
Mam[abir«. Ileni^- paMi.-^ un to BxHvr, 
when be wu nwuivixl with jar. and pT<>- 
*aBt*d Ilia own awnn) to iIm> major in ar- 
ktinwlnilgineutoftbeeityV loyally. Perkilt't 
wifen-an taken al Kl. ilictin«l'» Mount, aad 

Henry VII 


Heno' VII 

^iMiwxl Imr la W well tnwl«id and aent 
iu*m. Til" KilvuntiitVT himauir, iN^ing 
I of hi* lifn, MinMidi'rvd and ni«l« k f nli 
briniirhiniTii|Kiiiluival Loiidun. llenrv 
>|ailii(nl n>iniu>Hin«ii-r<< to iintinti- liiifV ou 
ill wim linil ill miv wov ni-l'-'l ill* rvbirilioii. 
nrhln nuulmi riii>[i>ti niii'i»|>l nt Mcapp, and 
' ' 'i' Tiiwiir. Hul n ii*w prrtiiidnr, 
'I'd art'T frwniAliil flip Earl 
. ill 11 hi I^ii in l'«l)rii«rjf 
Jim, Aiiil.wtx' .mill;; tot liespn.'- 

«IhI Voibinl I', i . i.T 111 -i.iiit'itnrlirr 

Piniltffalu I'f Ilia iiii'ii. It u'n r. im:I. I ~ mii 
■ |S"| llniirr hnil roller 'i -"' ■. i"iiily 
' ntllilii * runiiiolit. Ali-wmimlli* 
<• foiiTifl llui n MT^irfk IiikI Iwi-ll 
'.■noli'n, Mtil bnil Iwim 
111 W«rwii'li »n<l druw 
Hit" ir )il'ii li-r Itt" lllMTiili'^n "f U'ltli i>f 
IJii'tii (I'lin lliw T"Wi-r, Hiir«n]MMi Prrliin 

t ■ t I ii:.'.'lN.)v. WMwiik, 

■■■11 «ii'l IwIiomW ; •"i 
Ij , 11 i-tin irii", B l_vr*iiiii(iil 

!■ Ill ■■■ ■■ til tlU !><'•' "'' 1»W- 

\\ -. .;■■ I. - ,.,.,,; j-.411i;-lK .ll! nllUI).' tui'l l*1'n 

Jutl, ItiK wJOi Mxinilli Ihn mnlu line oi 

kii l«>iiiiii>rViirk WMi-xliiirl.aml lleiirj' IihcI 

iVi'iii itiit rival faction. 

».| Miili fur liinMi>4f, «T iwid Dii^ 

I'lilt 111 liuiM for lilni,a*iiml>(iioii> 

I tli«.'ni«iiii">,ii»ini.nlShi>rii Palwv, 

LOiiril'T'imlilHH'iii"*".""-! !'•■'■. 

nliiKHl to Ibi' enniiiO. It wn3 

I' Willi K*!*"'**' iiii><ni<i''^''><-i' il>i») 

lliKirv llirii calI'Ml it Itii'hDUinil, 

,^!nl'll lif lind himi- Mart- hi- 
I I lit itmnn 111" |itw ti» Iv-i'D 

p -I lam, 

i|Tili|i of Hll^ ■)»■ kiiiK Willi, nt 

wlini n tinn-tii'dl V"**' ''«H''''>'<1 

Ily Itir liitijf'" ''ihnrliilii'O lie 

i1 111' f'f'aii' !■-''■"' Iii" ilfnlll, 

III .ilil iliniHii'li*. 'hi'flrat* 

■ !f\:tr. MS, Vilflll. A. xvi. 

,p, H7V 

Aiih Sootlaml wna 

h.i i;wMWiiilaiV>cIli* 

in' N'»Tliiiiuia14flp, 

' .>f •oiui' SiMitlinh 

I t'lir n\'\r». .Inlili'H 

I .1 ■.Hlypwifli^l 

' '<rn ; hill hv 

< t ir Hii-liaril 

I nlilllvvl tlilU 

. nii'l imiln^ 

I <i( lili tnnr> 

iivitvi. In 


< Ikt ilantra or 

Hiiil tuf oini Vi'of nftpT 

till tt a*|.U ii>llow- 







II 4 1 

r 1" 



.1 .. 

iiig F<ap aucwwdtd in ntgotlaliiif i]ie nnr- 

In lAQO.wUilv a nlocu" «v msiBt i* ilif- 
, li'mit (nan* of l\ii|iu<»l> Urtuy « '■> 

Cnlnif, wliiTv,afli'r«iiTur iHMatt)-. ~l 

' Imlwwai litmM»d tW Ardidukp I'lmiji, ;l^">- 
' Und a psMoal iaiprip-w jiml iniinile Ihi? 
(own, and ^n<t^ la coiillrm old ueatiiv ami 
w-nn>ir» nwiTirtitrtix on is>cnrM-rea between 
Kiislaml •!»(] Ilir Iiov Uoiuilniik Tvm rrnm 
iniimaiCM tntv ti»a amnccd bviwifi'ti (li*ir 
rliildn-n. iwrillirr of wlikE cunt t" f*lly*t, 
lliiiiilfLoiic waa «till io tniaty for lomr yt-'on 
nfivT HiMirvV deatli. Tlit' waa tbo _n«r at 
jiiliil^ ut ftinnr. in wliii:!) ilwllllKt'lMwn Wl-M 
jtivni to nil vrlio vUilml ihc Imlv t**. Bol 
lli^ |HifK> likAwiui u>nt In Knfllnii^ n rmuint*- 
■innrr nn(ni>il JanH't I'on* in diiiK'nui tlir 
luimp fnvour* to tliiB*' wlio v,vcf williiiK lo 
cu«i|H)imil fur lb*- juxinii^v liy o piiyui>ii1. 
Thi >iiml ibiu coll»i!l<.''l iTt>rv to Vv applinl 
li> n cniMd« ofiainM lU* Turks wlio n-zr^- n 
weriou* dati;^ to liitty.iind ll-<iir} nai even 
' aiik*d liy ihi- ]iriiH< lo join ilii- i>i|M'dilion in 
iMmwii. Ill* inndf a •■iirioiia ti'ply .'ii''iiio(( 
. Iiimnilf by ili^ rrmoiiTiiiB of Iv, r.i 

Tarkiiyj tint b« ultiiiiaioly ({"'' " "■ i" 
iJOmf., afliT c»TTw<|)Oniiiii)! irilb l-VnlinBtuI 
nf Spuiii an ii> till-' liiiii (ni«n> of iiD-vonll)^ 

bit IwiliuMs fmiil tiiii*|t[ilyini' ihi- niriii'-y. 

In nrt.ub>>r It'iOl cnuiii to I^nglniid l'allii~- 
riiii^nr ArrnpMi (n. v. ],daiijilili-TortVt\liaaiid 
and iMlx'lIn nf Sjuiln, wb'ui- tnnm>tir> niih 
tlid bine'" rldi-»t M>ii. Artbur, lia«! bust for 
tnntiy yeun n mihicct iif iH'2i)tinlii>il. It took 
]>lni^<al 8l. I'aulV on 14 Nuv.,nii>l l)ii.i,«otin)f 
oiuplc wi'iv nftrr a lin>c iinii ilovn tolM 
Iwipdrr* of \\'ali«, whi'iv. on 2 Ajiril fillov 
inir.tlip briilrgpooiE diiil. Niniycnrill Fill. 
IWi:!) Il.'nrr nUo Imt )it> ijimvii ib rhildtindl 
hill ill Jiiti>'lii1lo<iTiii|;li<-raiHliii*it:d bimlaiiirli- 
Icr MflTptri'l fn>ni Iticliwouil to hin molliiVa 
ri-nidi-DOP, Coltywi-rtoii ill N<iTlhnni|ilii<»1iire, 
oil birr way To Sruilnml, whi-iv tli* wu tuar- 
rii'cl to .lanii" IV ■ni S \ag. 

loJiil^ 1411!) Ilnnty Imd In.-i!R diM|ui(>litl 
by ibi" lliirlit of I'jimunil de ta I'oU, nirl of 
(tiiffotk [i], \:\ to Calaia. AttvT Worwick, 
SiitfoIIi vraa ihu lineal hvir to tli« jirvtmiiioM 
of tin- bniuu of York, and hi* »|.i.'r brntliw, 
till- 1>itI ft Lincoln'. Imd fciijtit fiir l«i»lii>rt 
SiUliii'l. I'JhiiiiliJ. liowi-viT, lind dono piod 
Hortiii' at Ulnrklinitli, nnd had >■—■•• •"-■.■-•I 
with favour; bill in Uiwhcw*!!! r 

iHiniir.idc in the kiit^'i bi-neb,lui'. n 

, man in a jhvuIod, and, tliuuf-li b<- - ' ." 

king'ijiBMon. Ill- pppn>? toliawp n i — 

an'rotiriJ, Till? kiiiL',wbefi -ending Sir Kii-liartl 
Ouildfottl nnd liicbanl Ualtoii lo tbc arrb- 
diik?. insi ruruti th<-iu to mm> ^<lll!'»lh on llMiir 
way.aadUwy induccil liim luroluni toE&f- 

Henry VII 


Henry VII 

linil, Kill in I5UI ho aRkin abnipity \v{t 
1iag\andaad Utd to ibn BmiwrorMa^tiiniliuJi, 
wivi lind proniMd • friund of hia to aiiJ tiiui 
lu oblkin lbs crown, lip wiu m-cloinMl hj 
Jdnximilun ill ih" Tyrol, Ifiil nil ^)Juiu<ir>(tt 
a tri-niirw*ft inmlp linr*"^ llniiryaiid Mn.xi- 
miliari.nndcinflrBii^ ln'tlii^tiiII<'roii J!<Julr. 
by vrbich llpnryirnvliiTUiiwmr 10.01)11/. in 
ud uninW ibi^ Tiirkii. ami ibi- <riii|><Tnir iiro- 
nitDd BOt til rvori*'* Kiiijlinh ivticU of irluil- 

rnr nnk. Sull-illi B<v>iTiliii|>lr )iiul to nvk 
(irliBrproiccton.biit lldirTliiulx) litany ttllio" 
ll|KMi tli« (ODiiiwtiit ibnt (uirdlv &iiy coiimn' 
nmr vru gtte for liim. Iii 1A04 iix wiii>iiuilft 

IintauT by llw l)iiki'i>((lii>-Mti's,wholuuidiMl 
liia ovi^r in l-S<K'> ii> I'liilij). uclidukn ot 
AiMthii, thm kins of L'lutiti-. 

f.hi tbn At»lh of IVini't- .Aniiiir in Uiiyj tli« 

8]Niiiuli MT»rvi);n- <l-*iiiau<li.''l rKliUiti'xi of 

IBP dowTT that ("dtlwriii'.' liroiight wild bor 

to Kl^Biid ; but lo l.!iU Ibmrv <*"ii*i>li-rrcl 

lilmwll in ■ii>v'i»' Imund. TlirnpntiishBnvo 

reignt wttro n-ndr, howirvitr, in witl« Ihn 

dicpulv by marrvmK (^llnrinr ti' -Anlitir'* 

j4Sii|(«f lirotbrr lluiiry u'ben hi- rlioiilil iwuip 

of ■(Te. To lllta in ila>rtf M«<nrv wnn nut il) 

itir1i]i«l, but hi- wiui <li'(i>mittii-il nul lo ate"'-'' 

to il until Ibu SpSBMli eoi'irrviKi" nxpriv^lv 

n>n'>iiii«*<l til fliim in any c^-mt ti> the r>» 

elilution oi ill'' dnwry. While tbinipi wm- 

ta tbu itHii- It'-nri' becHtno ft vndawer, nnii 

imfimjitlKly inniU- * DioiiMtrous i<t«]>aMl tai 

nurTTliiiouii itmi^liiur-iii-liiw himself, lltr 

miiihW ImIwIU WW i^rtiatly allocked, und 

wrote TO liMAinbatuiadarnot lo pn-.<t ilif iliv 

nuiii'l f'lr reMiiiiiifln of ili<i dnwry, Itut to «-t 

(.'ntliT'iiii-' by nil mmn* Imrk lt> Sj'oiti. 'Im- 

lt«ii!l •KM till" >• I.', .tv «n imnK-dittcly 

otirinH toin l-'ii rirx-'i niamji{tir 

wiib bvr Uii^ 'I : r.wiib nn pk- 

jm-M rvnuncin I loii by K'nlmniKlMid iMbella 

of nil i-lntm to iviiiiiiilioa of (b« dowiy, and 

t liy mfli of till- Simtibh vitv- 

!y iii ibi-folluwiniiSi-plombpr. 

In I-'>i>l [iiihiOlii of CnntiU- ilii-il. and b» 

IllujrilnlB di-^o'iiik-d hv inbi-nluiii-F to hix 

.J'liiiiit >n<l .IiianiuV hu^bniid, tlii^ 

Itiilip. Ili'nry WBh lii-vjily in- 

< ' r ivr liow luiwb iitilliorily oi-wr 

' Mid Hlill iMVMiuini af ftnvirrnor 

,i' r),,. .,,.y, kintr and >|ii«i'D, 

/I'liili'mi'ii I'l S\mtx 

1,. ; . .l.;ifCt,tll<>nKil'Wl4."ll- 

Mbly to olfi-r iiTDiB tiiT nti ■Itiiinn- u^uinit 
|'niim> to wbivli hi- liad biM.-ti uiikIi H<>licit<^. 
T)u',* m'rv ulKi iDfltticIcd to visit ^'•l•nl<■i>l, 
and diiri|;ht-Tt) ht"l. and to ■iinkr> CNti'fiilol^ 
•prvnii'mH, in t"|<U' to a n-t^i1iir urt uf qinw- 
tioiif by no mi>«i« iWU*!--. of thv xluluri-, 
CompksiiKi, Olid {•r-r^niil iiiialitti-i) ^i^nrralty 

I of llie youn|{i<r ludjr, «rhu hod biH-n MiM;t«tiid 

' byQiivi-n Itabi-llii a* a iKKM>Dd wifi- In flrnry 

' t(< divrrt littn froiutbe thi>u|ihl of Lit daugli- 

Icr. Tbu iin^mriif on thin lirad vi'ivwliifiii- 

t"»y,(>»ce|)t (i-i>[m".'''i'"'yo"i>f'|"'-''-n'»j"in- 

linv. At- If |-'i<iiliiiAnd'>i iMutrtiiiii in (riiAltk-. 
ill iiry'n a|ti'oi> iuiii-!i>-<l bim ikal rlir imbln 
llii-ti- Wltt- anximi" for I'liilijiV <-i>iniDg to 
miAncii|iDtc ihMii froiii bis i-untnil. 

In Jiinuii(7 loUil I'bilijinnd JounDiiucliwlly 
stt rail for ibciT iHvr hiiigilom i but iu<'<>titi]i 
w'llb a liolpnt Monn on ifae way ib<^y wm 
oblii^l t^ Und in Iior^-lxliirr. Ilimry aK 
oiicK iiivileii ibiTiB to Wimliuir, wbvn- lie 
»ltow«l ibi'iQ I'VrTT htlunlioii. iniidi> I'failip a 
kniybt of tlii> ('arii'r, and W bim to nif^a a 
Irraly of allianct- whicb involvnl ibi- mit^ 
ivndfTof Siillblk. A Innty of Fotniurrpp wu 
aUunmuigrd bctmim Ku^laud and llit^ liov 
OoiuilnM, wbicb ili« tlviniiu.'BCiilk-dilifi /k- 
Ifrrurnn Mttlur, M it was M luncb in fftVMir 
of till' Kii^liBb merclMBtii. SiilTolk wn* 
faroncbt (o l-jinUnd JoM ttttM I'bilip'r do- 
ptrlurv. and 'liroum into t!u- T»Hi-r. lli-niy 
pranii.-cd I'liitip to afttiv bin lili-, (Uld did ao, 
tli'^ii):h li« WD» put to dmtii by Heiurr Vlll 
>n ir.i:L 

riiilip .Jifil in Spiin in Se|i|i.'mln'r lOOtl, 
nnd llmrv imaii>dint(<ly oflifrpn lo marry Iih 
widow, witb a iSimt lit bivomini; in&tt<-r of 
Caililu. TliF lady was in>ll>ll^ in llTiry 
kiM-vr,aii<l ber falbir KivrdirinticI c<-rTainly did 
not wi.»b bim forn rival in ilivpciiiuiiulai bul 
Ki-rdinaiid ptTmii>eii, if thv could be indiicvd 
lo Ibit'ti lo any jircjecl of mnrriaci:, tlial alio 
tlioiild bftve no o«Iht biiolmnd tlmn llnirr. 
Tlic ■rlii-W'-, liowwviT, WB* iiiK iwrimiilj wn- 
li'rTainrd on .-ilhiir iiidt-. nitil Ib-nrv I'nilca- 
voiirrdiontlain biiubii-L'1 ul bi-rwiM- Ijytniirn'- 
inf! bttdna);kt('r Mnry Id I'bilipa sun I 'liariiw^ 
<ut«ritBnlalliPi.'inp>'tvTCIinrImV ),wbickvfns 
OB* of tbt-inalcbf |■^•^>06l1l at tlic ioIi-tvb-w 
bclwifn him and Fliiliji at Cnlaio. nlllMiicli 
ibr ]iani» n-i<n> Mill uiiTi.' rbildn-n. Ikb- 
tioiK niTi- biToraint: MrniiMtl bi-fw.i-n llotiry 
and I'urdinand. ni)d il in* uiiil in .Sjiiiin ibat 
Ilrnn' was coIIitI in;- a fli-cl In inixdrCoKltlr. 
M lit liTR went DOfiirtbor.'liovirvi-r. ihan n wnr 
lit itiplnmnry. Fi'r<liiiandiiin'Ii> alliaitci-wiik 
l-'nvnci'. wbicb dniin-i-d liim into ilii>1i^a)tiiBol' 
<^mbmy nifniiim Vnnioo; wbilv lli-nry inadp 
tmliin witb Miuiiuitlan, and cndcnvmirMl 
lo iiqtntiiil'- for hitnvlf a inarriiiK<! wi'b ilii- 
vDiprror'sdDiifihli'T.MaiYBn'' iil'Sntny, uliirb 
would haw placi7dtlii-;;ovcninii-nT of ihi- Low 
Coninrifw in his liABili. 

A gTft osiliaMiy cam* over from FIfinderA 
townrd* thi- i-biw of IfiOK and llii? oiarniiir"* 
of Mary to IVini'i-t^inil'm of Cnsiilii wncivlc- 
ImliHl by proxy on 17 Ili-i-. Hut thi' kiii^V 

Henry VIII 


Henry VIII 

lalnutiM. He diiKharRnl tW MiU ot all 
pciaoiMT* in l^iatk>ii<!oiBiiiitt«dfaT«uiiu under 
tUi,, and rtptiKwd mnone fortbeelCOrUoas 

CM I li.irilr bvllw nol'ifiuus 

I i/nii'l Hdmutxl \hnl- 

irj II t. . mil "■•■•_: ii'-itrtLeltwB eiiiitinu'il 
liU ku d««tk. llv '!wl •! RiclininiKl ixi 
31 A|iril IWtt. Out of n fmiiily of wvra, oim! | 
Mm bikI two ilauj^litrT* hunivwlliiin. [ 

lUntT «»*'->lli-il'l!i'S(il(irooniif lOiifiluml, ; 
btiiif Kococi !' <lii- vrihTtil [iriucw of 

killilM>< )>'< ' : I ■ itiploiuacy (uf wllirli 

«« Iwnr ai'ifi' than of liu privnti- lifti) llii; 
fMOtda ■JB vcr^ wanly ■> boiii>s Our Viiow- 
Ms«, btrveter, hu bwn loimljr incriwk'--il of 
tw ffrt hy mM«KbM in foreign niwliiien, 
(•I ' -TDlbngrnrTaHD}rtntirii>ll([ivoUof ' 

it liiir|(iry. ('hurclimun Mid luw- 

Cf» Wfi" llfitrr'' priiiti|«l nt^iiis. Tht* 
li"r wrf ili»- fliii-f iiiilriirafiilBof liia ex- 
Inrl •"■>*, wliWIi wivu tli« |>riut'i[al bl'<( on hi* 
roWn. llo wtin K p^«< pilroii •.>1' cummerrn, 
•Bri iitiilnr till imisiurntfuinHiil tlir ('nbolxdU- 
«n»ntl Novtiiiiiulliuid. Lirnralmv nW in- 
ItirMliHl liiin, mill h« rnnimmnnil'd (,'nxlim lu 
tfantlalv »ii<I t-litil'l'ln' li'mtanf Atuii^b iiiid 
Cliivntn.' I>riiunin;niili(viii.'i! in building llie 
uhapfl w)iio)i iH-ftm liix iiiunaBt WMUninelor 
ivniniiM n wilrivn. It was deeded ns a 
■faritii- fur lli-tirr VI. 

I'birti-en |i<>i'ir«ils ki»4 tno mininlurHi of 
Henry wi-re «liawii >o tho Tiidw Kshibition. 
IMNliiHvraUluirui'). Thiiy iiidudcil two by 
JnJi du )l«l>iiBi,Wt !iy ('aptnia J. Itsffut toil 
Earl IJrawuIuw. A pniniiti^-of hl» nianria^ 
liv tlietiaUBii artiftl wus lent by Mrs. I>ciil of' 
NideUv; till" w»* fonnprlyiiiib.'Sirairb-rry 
HiU <«)l«irtioii. Tliorw an- |HifiniiI»«tTiiiiity 
Cotlfftni < 'ambri(l|ci>, nnd at <^riiit Ctmrch. 
Oxfnnt. Ai Wiiidmr tlwri- in a jiuiniitif; uf 
lliinrT \"1I nnd bin fnnilly willi Sl.()n«(;i' 
aiiit t(><- l>rn(^>li ((.■iipravFd in ' ATclu"iloi,'in,' 
xlix. 'JWi, and alHr) a oiiitiiituri.' ux«vutod by 
NicboU^ IlilHiM -11 l.'rfXI. A cnrloon •»! 
noaryVtl « ' VIIl,uind>iby ilolkin 

in 1137 f'lr I'ljiiiintt '" ''"■ I'"'"'' 

rJiamU'r iit \\ Ir.. Iml. Mlr--in ■»■■■.! l-i lui'- .. n 

intli''|""j^*'i«(i*iii.<l 'hi- Miirifin- !■] ^llrt:rL,■■'^tl- 

- Srt,); Irfl- 
1. I llnnrv VU 

(I. ■■' ■ •; 


ijf Mpi, L't.i> i. 1 .iiiirjtax iit liu'luHWtil uittl lJ«rl>y , 
tUi-'H^,' !!i.!.:-.B, pji. M-Ui-i / ,1, It. 

HENRY Vin (if^ l.'.l7),lfinp.,f KnR- 
Und.wiLilbR fcwoiid pwn "f Hi-nrv VII, hr 
hiHtjgoon. Klirjl'-iliif York \i\. v. [ Hi- viwt 
biinial (<ri.-tnn'ii-]i>>ii I'f Junu 14III. Wlioii 

Ihik mnif tbu thfw jwni of «gB lut vm^ 
IS Si-fi. UI>I, appoonli>d liaui>^ant of Irt"' 
Und, wiih rn^vmngx lu hii di'buly. On 
nf the llntb, and ncxi lUy crpaii^l him Ihiku 
i>f Vurh- In lltfS be wi^ admiltiMl iuln iha 
onl«Ti>f tlii.-<iaTttfr, hiidiMtAlledon IT .Muy. 
In 1601 s marrikM- wm prQwiwd L«4«wn 
him and Rli-wiav, ilaiif[lit*r of ih« Atttbiluha 
I'hilip, but tlw pnijii-l wiw KKiii (biiMiMJ. 
A(trr 111' death M bin bmili<!r Attbur (I (1^4- 
l.'iiil'i [•]. v.]li«vnucn!ai«l Priflfaaof NValva 
on I'* I'ub, luOiL, nnd Hion afliT cinlracled 
to bin bralbpKs widow, CslbcriiK! of Armi;an 
[i). T.' A din^icnsitiiin «'«!> (iraiited for tbe 
Rutcli bv Juliu* 11 on:i$ni.>c, lOO'liaiwlwu 
f'tit by rVrdinond of Spain In Kngbind in 
I/MM. Hut on Sr June lSft\ bi-in(( ibencUne 
upon tlipinfof pubrrty.hoprolrtti-dth*! iho 
Iii( mind, nnd tlipit he would not nlifv it 
iCoiXlut, E<vt. /Iitt..vd.l>^M,ix.Od). Tlii-S 
howurer, wm men-ly n di^vicv of bi« fatlier 
I lu k4«|> binui.df frt>> fron nny •'ngaff<q»eiil to 
Ferdintind iinitl lh(i )ult4'r ahuuld M-nd to 
Kn^tnnd Calherinr't atipuUiltid dmrajr, only 
nnn of wliirb lind bicn paid [*«e under 
llexnr VII]. OwioK t«iliedi>|>ut(.>i>ii ''■" 
subjcci, llt-nr^- VII lo tb* close of bi» Mt-n 
would nolalinn' his »"0 to proni^lotlMiMm- ' 

Elutioii of tltiM nnrrMki'. nnd ^mtie ll'-it'y 
initvlf wiw not iiuptiiiMit for ii. Kiimmini 
ivt'r» "ven npn'iid tlial lit* futbi^ iiilcid'-d 
■to nmrrr him to Mnrunri'l, mrtor of Franriii, 
cniint d'.VnBoulrnx-. aflorwan)* Fruncia I, a 
tnntcli lir>i tuei^-aled by Cardinal d'Ainboirv. 
In Io06 lliifip, kin;; or ('ii^liU. wlu) «n« 
driit'ii by -lurnH (o IbmI in KncUni] en bin 
way triim Thr NtitJi^l*ivd>i|oSjinin,cr>nfiTriMl 
iiiM>n }f>vtig Hcnrj- ili» order of tin- Tiiixja 

Frioi Ilia nrtiatl boyhood lio WKi nrefully 
ediii-iited. Eiwubui, who tinted lh« rojal 
bi-uwhold wbm hi' nu nine (or mi-rr'Vnv 
WUy Milt I'ifihl ) ytmrt »ld, wo* -' 
then with « Wirt of tuyal i>nyn<-iti 
whidi Im' I'otnbined vriili a bi};)ily p:jlLsli«d 
tnanner. Boy a* h« wt^m. Iw wrote dnrinit 
dmnf n n»t« 111 thi* ^r: . ' .i . ii ■ r.' 

lob('faioun-dnItbiiiNii< ■ i. 

which EnLsiaiii (!»\t him ii-i-'<' •\n\ ^ .ill'-r iii 
ibt' f':>nn of n LaIiii poen (iV'fnEorr vpi^le 
10 Ilotxii-iiii, I'u Otfiltm Uratni tjuaibra- 
liunum, \\a*\i', I'lj^l, Nor Wnl Imi Xnm iii<- 
vol«t (obmlily (ban toisenlnl rtrrvi»e«. ,\t 
Wrnleco be v^hm daily to be Aeen titling «t 
the rimi; wiih friendly rivola. Ai Iw^ntj- 
niDifl, vrlim lii? lind bwn wiine year* 1(>B|(, and 
wn.1 i\tv bandanoMt |irinc«i in Ruropu. be 
toiild liiy oui eight or iru hovwa in tlwooucM 
of u day'tj bunting, twniBtinit eodi niccet- 

drelv utUa t>^ wiu nxIiAiwlm]. IIU tvnnu | 
pUt'uic aUo «tcilod tbi- ■dmimtion ot ibu i 
Vi'iioiian ■mbwMtloT Gmitiiiiiiui. Adilacl to 
t' '' wu a t^rvnt lUUfcht is nuhir, Biiil 

r. iiM-TTaiKT- rif n-1igiuit« UTiliiiflncw. 

Mil _j Ajinl I'M.''.* li-- wnt c»llwl li> Ih" 

Uiratie l>f liL) fatlior'a iWlli. ami on 1 1 Jam! 

f^'.i. ,_..,.. 1 inrrinl liilWrim- of Arni([«i», 

I I. crowiMsl Intp-tlirr il Wi-Bl- 

ill... .. L.ii 2I1I1. Ilia l'»lLi-r lind been 

on til tenni witli liin faiL«r-in-liiw fi'>r miuio 
tunc bcfoTv liintl^nlh. Bui mm laoiiy tiling* 
wt-ro cluuicifil, A gMieral .[lariloi) liixl biM*;) 

]in>rlaiiur<l ftl bte •cC«''wiii>n ; iiuiij Urblnra 
of tile crown wotyi mtnaMKl ttma llxrit 1-117 
ngvnkonio; Rmfiwinaiid Dudley w*n'lhmwti 
lalo llii- Tow-i'f, and wi-tt ntxl vmr )ii'li<n<li.>d. , 
VoiinK ll>>nrj<t«*nl gmaiwiritiiall iht-n'Orld, 
■n't In" 6rfi iiro yMfti "f hit tl-Ikti wunh 
nfrrik in iw^Traiil^ aod ff^liTitii^i^. On IJnn. 
lul I a prinuv irth bnm, in wliijcu' bnnniir a 
laKnwneBt wm hnld on 1^ VAt. ; hul on 
SSFtih.lwirMdiiaiL [ti Mnrclillenr;r,liavui|[ | 
ftvnlvRil la itid lii* fnibRr-(i>-law ag«inat this | 
Muin in Barbarr, ■pixMnli.'d TbumaM, lord , 
Ilarcj'i), v.'.l'i takt7 tlir L-umoMudof lha«x- 

Gilitiun. Ill Jiiljrtlii^ kiii^,!! ibfiK^DOsTof^ 
BipirM ofSevoy. n<g«4ii att}» Xi'ifiprliindp, | 
tj-n! a kn'tyi/ fintwa bmulrnl nn-Jinni Id Iiit . 
■ Uin>Jdrr»./<tn 1;(Nt.v. Urnryca- 
r rnKiw^cf'^i-'udni 4(MI- liyl'opuju- 

liii,iil,lVr<liniiiiil, 1111(1 ibi- Vein.-(iiitiBa;j"iun»t 
Fnara, and a r<|»:inl Imit wiib Kcrdinniid 
WW ftignwl at \\ < -'iiMii~i''r in 17 Nix., ar- 
nnir'tucnn»»i*ir"' 1 -.*- fora JimiiI hMw^Ii 

r'-P----'- ■ -|~itii-ii rnHitiortniwovi-j 

' i>f Kiitilanil. Mnrly in 

' n r'lTiM'WiMiln'tialctjnd 
rwk-r Tliouw* "KV, fie- ' 
1 .. . .;i— , ■::■-( ,(|.v.'). anil laiMbMlin 

Itixray on 1 Jiinu. Htii no iirovinion livl bMrn 
nuulr for tlit-ir arrival. 'IV' lrwi>|» \»gu> to ^ 
tiiiiiitiy, and ai a cnuntiil of not on it* Auc. , 
llii- »niivr»«ilTod lo twluni hnmr itrcn flritli- 1 
Ilnnty wati intitnc'ly angry at 
" 11 li(«iuiwbili- (Kiini- iiolab!.' lural 

■ ■ ■' iimln Ailmiral tSir Kdwnrd ' 

off llrilluny and lii* rldur i 
' n] tlHimns lli.iwntd, ihird dniraor: 

-. T.I Tb« Utt<^r in IMI defMlcd 

■ !t r .\iidr"w Itnrlnn [q. T.\(ln> 

Il nainJ olHrir, In nn action 
II' fiirmrrolf Itn-itnn lU Aus. 
)i ibip K<--){<'iii wa* IxirnM. 
i-< <t '•! tn built 
-■- vwwpI 

III tlVff 

't cnni- 
I.»iiih •■nrl of 
Lord IlnrUirt, 


which, after making a rfunr of naieliiBg 
Ojuon HoulojfiM. ut Sawti bt-tbrc Tbftmiionne. 
Tlie kinf' moaa foHoind. Afoompmird \fj 
ib<- •jiin.-n hi! Iirft lirecnurich <mi l-'i Junf, 
nnil liy nliort j(iiinii!jT> n!ncb-!>l JlOTrr. On 
tbi- fllHli he uriird'nt Calni> On 5 Jul* 
111' mtiHrd torn* arlicli.'" of a|;n>omi>n1 witli 
thi> i-mjinror in St. llary'i" Oiiircb ilivrv, 
and for wnio dnyn ira« ocrnpiwl in tvi'iiiv* 
in^ CnibiiiLiiM. On iIip lllnl be liifl C'alni» 
wilh II mHpiillf--iiI nrmr, auipiiFiitcd by <-l)(hl 
T-ll->lu<niiil I it'nnnn mtcvi-fiarlM, IIi!Hvj' rnliia 
f<>]| ibiii nfli^ntoun and nighl, and Ihu tmu 
wnw worecly a ipniiwiifin. Thu king did 
nol jiul off hi* cloltii'i, liut rgilr iilioiit tlio 
cniii]! at tbiyir- ifflhp imiriiinH comr'ntin^; th« 
watpli. On the iTrtb hi? i-nti-rtd ih<- l-Vpncb 
Ivrriiory neni .\rdtv«. and had eoa^ innat .'kir- 
minhm with tht! Fiit-my til] -I -Xiw., nhtsa bv 
joiiMd thi'l»'MtvinL'iirinjb(!ri)n>Tn6ramnlM. 
tU hail n iiiiibor)imi<^'iAiih an iron rliinmej', 
' and for liia otliir 1(iili;ini; hr brnl n^iat nail 
aoodlf ti'iil* ' Itj^fiiil l(in>r. (>nlh«lllli,ltiP 
Emperor Maxiinilisn hnrintc rotni- to .\in', 
HiMuy mrl him bL-twnti thnl fjiwn and Tb6- 
r»tinnnH< but had i>nly a briH' inirrt ivn on 
kcotmnt of till* tod wmlher. Unxiniitinn 
andliiscompiinyihowiwi-rilooksfrrviuH luiti^r 
Henry, and arcnpiod wnffii«< fri>ni lilm in lUi' 
Mar. Kiuct rT«ni[ia a tn-tnld d*'1i>f'i'>'<l a 
IrtlM from JaniTi IV of Snntland (dati'd 
l.'il July), ihniil.ininB wiira|piinit Hi-nry if 
he Jill uM d-^nini fti'ni tht! inviwi'io of FratiCiv 
Un ihv hub took plon'lheliatlli! of Spun,' 
vrhf-u tilt' kiii^.huaring of a Inrpi'fuTcp conung 
to tii-tiinl Thfroiinnno. rriii"ti.->l hi» camp to 
I >iiii)''(pii''.->. puniHid ihir ri<li<<iin^ forci- fix 
■niliv,uiidt'iiik |iriu>ii>'r* tin- I'lik'^of !intt|{u^ 
villi- Bild olIiiT tli't iiiijuiih-Ti pi'noHit. On 
ibc ;;2nJ Th*rouannt' n(rri»'d lo fiim-iicW; 
ibi- gnrruon left oi!\l daj, and thr kiiiK and 
•^mnt-ror marchi-d in on llu- L'llb. On Ihu 
^iiihth«iy U'A ajnin.and thi^ kiuff rauwd ihi> 
roTtifii^aiion' KiW lUmolitlicd. On \'J Svpf. 
hfomTnd at I .i lln, wbnro hn piiid alhrri^dajV 
vifil I'l Maruarel of Savoy and yoiinj; I'nncc 
< 'hiirlcaof CaMilu. Dntbel'ilb Itecninoberore 
T'lumay.n'bpri'bsrvot'iml lU'w-si^flbedeGMl 
aii<l dciath of .lunws IV nt Floddeo on div 
Htb. Aflvr about ■ w»ok'* *i«t(v Touniaj 
KiirT<'iwl*red, and hn mlmKl it on tlw SAtlt. 
Till! luatmr and ciiixnn* usii' beforv hiai. and 
sn-ore ntlpfnaiwp lu bito in hi* tent on If^^^ppL 
f.>n 1 1 0i-l.hi.>r<H.viv<.il I'rincL'CliarK-MiuilMir- 
(fnr.i ■>r ."vivoy in tLu city, and on \Ue \ii\ii 
ti 111 tonrnamoni before tbi-ie. They 

t < i<n llu.- ^fOth, niid »oon nftw ibe 

kiiii; liiiii«i'lf di>piiTtrd. Iraviojiihp rily iindrr 
Cbi! I'onimaodofSir IvdivaM I'oycin^ Ilia 
cooqiwit Ix'init acciin' for ibn winlT. be n— 
luitiL-d to CaUi», anil crouid to I'loiitanil in 


thiifud iif (.k'to>iiT, but. mil birfuM his am- 

Imssiiiliirt hnil ciincliiduil i<i Lilli- r 17 (M, t a 
lifw iri'Uly with Miiximlliiiri iiiul I-Vnliniiml 
cif S]iain fir u jiiiir iiiva.'imi ••( t'raiic« iit 
\]u: fiilliiwiinr vi-iir. 

+ F>^rUiii:iiu! lincl il^irivi-d hliln -ati-fiifdun 
frnm thi! siit-cr'sjcs nf hi.^ ^rtii-iii-!aw. Hthjiii 
miiilf a Fi'pilruti: irucf willi FriiiiL"!' n* early 
11- 1 Ajiril, mill iiiini'diiili'ly al'i'Twnrd^ sent 
hi< wfiviiirv l^iiiiitiiTia ihiilivr on ii ^i.-prci 
mi«:ioii ii> I'liiiviTi it into h jn'iict;: but m 
KiJiJii n-i 111' ^ilw llnit lli'jirv wiiji lilii-Iy Hi 
will vii-t'Ji'ii'.'' wiilioiLt hi-j aid hi- f^i-iil a «[ii'(-iiLl 
umbuKsiict'ir ti.1 him to <>\i!il~>' hid I'liudiii/t, 
and til furtliiT eithi-r n wnr or ii ])p'!ii"i' |Miiicv 
ui'cvrdintr lo thi' I'Vout. IIi' diTliui'd. hi>«- 
cv.T, to riitily ih-' tri'Wy of I.iUr without 
sjmi' inodilifalioii'i, and wiis ■■virli'iiilv will- 
iilfl tliiit llfnry cluiuld snstiiin ihr' Ijiirdiii 
of a little mort; li^rhtiiiir siiii;h-h:imh'd, whib' 
he Kin onci; inoru 5i'cr>'lly iLi';roliiitiiL(r with 
t'rfLiiCi'. ilenry -aw (lii-niu'h all tliirt dupli- 
cily, and I'oiiud iu>';iiis eri' Iotil' (a nijiiili' it. 
TLf wur Wiifl ri'«iimi'd by M-a in ihi: spriiii; 
of tli>- I'dliowiiii; yi'iir. Mi'itnwliilo a sword 
and a ca]) of iiiainlvniLiiC'. sent hy ilic ne.v 

fmjii' I.fii X to the kiiiL', Wi'it' n-ot'lviil in 
jiindon IS' ilav I.")! l.aiid jire^iTircd on Sun- 
duv lb' -JXr-i in St. I'ltiil's t';il hi'dral. 

Aftt'r a i'litili' attumjit in .liiiii' lo ryeovpT 
pround in I'ii-ardy, ili.' FiviiiOl ni.idf sii'Vit 
overt iiivn lor ]H'!ici-, to which Hi'iiry ivaa all 
ihi; more williii:; to listen bin':in.=i' lioih l-'er- 
diniiiii! nild .Ma^iinilian bad di-si'rtL-d hiin. 
In Kehniary he had sent over ji eomini.-sinn 
. to I'lunders to lew men In ihe enijH'Mr'- do- 
minions aceiiidiiii; to treaty. He liad an at- 
l4ii-k of ,cniall-iiu\ at the lime, from whieh 
he jioon rL'('o\ered. I'a^rer fi« evei- to (.'ontinno 
thi^ war. Suon alier be iiolilied to ihe louii- 
cil of I'liiiider.i lii?. readiiie.s.-; lo fiiUil the 

l(m[;->tundinL' niarriai.'' nlrnct of liia (ijilcr 

Mary nnd Charlen, prince n{ Cn-tile, and 
tu'-nd tlie IVinner over to the Low Coantries. 
lie was met hv I'X'eiisi'S and delay,-! on both 
aulijacls. Tb" alliance asainKl Kninee bail . 
in fact already hrvn hroki'ii a|i liy FerdiuiituVrt 
Biibtlu (Kiliey, and Henry wui loud in Ills in- 
dipiuiioii. lint rniiiee wa.^ now willing: to 
oomc 111 lerin.'i with him, and Jjoiiis XFI, 
now a widower, Inninii iniide an iiUVi- for' 
Man's liHiid. the cunt met wilb (''karliv was , 
brolieiiidf Tlicl'alieof l.eiiirnevillc, Ilenry 'a ' 
prii-oniT of wiir, n.^>islcd in the iieL'vitialion.j, i 
and helorc KerdJniinJ or .^laxiiuilian were I 
BWare of what was poina on ]ii-iick wn^ ]irO- 
elainicd in Liiiidiju on 7 Aiif;. Ne\l month j 
Ileiiry conducted hi.-i Bii-ter to [lover on her ' 
way to I'ranee, iiiid sdie w«s married to 
l^iiis XTI (it, Ablwville 9 (let. The cor- I 
'ity of lliu uniou between the two ruccut I 


Henry VIII 

enemies iistonislied theworld. Butthe world 
did not know bow iicurly it bud become an 
offensive alliance apuinst Ferdinand ; tor 
Henry uctiialiy mnile Becrtl overturta to 
].oiiis to drive Ferdinand out of Navarre. 
fc^joiiis died on I Jan. followiiijT (liil-'i). 
Immediately aftiTwiirds the Diiko of Suffolk 
Faec ItltWiioN", C'KAHLFjii was .-flit over to 
I'liris to congrotulHtc the quw kiiiji (Fran- 
cis I> on bi-i accession. Henry knew that 
Sdll'olk h:id IovihI his sister Mury l'^■^■n bufora 
she married l.oiii- XII, and wa.s now wi^ 
linu that be should marry her: but the 
yonnj: cniiplp were so precii>>CBtt> that they 
wi-ri' -I'eretly married betiiri! they left Purii 
Henry's indik'tiafion wan only aiipeased by 
the fxifi of bis sister's plate mid jewels uii^ 
ihi'^iiiTeiiderof her dow-ry. Franti)', having 
-•■cinvd ]ieui».' with Fnplnnd by a ncwtreaty 
(-1 April), wiilioiil carini; to nejioliate for 
the rijst it ntion of Toiirnav. startoil off on bis 
fir>i Italian euuipniqii, and won the battle of 
Mari^niHiio in September. I lenry would not 
at tir-t liidieve the tidiiitrji, and when he n- 
ceiml letters confirtninp it bud j,'reat ditfi- 
calty in iinpiires>inpr tears. 

lielin-e till' iinpb-a.>^anl news be bad been 
,-|ieiidiii<r the summer ai.Tveahly in the we^t 
of lOntrland. * i.-^it iiift towns and ca.'tlk's, hear- 
ing; the I'lntplaints of tbe )H-opk', huutin^, 
and sendini; presi'nts of veni.son. He was 
1ii(.'liiv popnbir. not a little vuln of his]>eriim, 
and ]>leiised to lenm from the \'eni;tian am- 
Ims^iiidor tbut. tboii<rb I''miici.'< was about a» 
tall as liiin.'elf. bis Ici^" were thin, and could 
not ninipiiri- for a moment wilb bi^ own 
stanlv ealvis. He bud ri.-tnmed from his 
]irojjress and was at Wokiitf.' in Se]jtembfr 
l.")!-"!, when Wol.sey hroiifibt him the news 
of bis own elevation lo ibe cardinalate, 
which the pojie had concided at Henry'ii ur^ 
cent rcf[ I'nrliament met in Xovembcr, 
and thrive days later llw but was ni'eived 
from Home. Jlurinjt the war with FmncB 
Henry had Ix'cn indelited to Wolsey more 
than to all bis other conncillorK for his prai'- 
tical sa};acity and qnalilieationd for busimiM. 
He now lundi: hiin lord cliancelior, and wa* 
beiiccforthpuided by his sob> advice: thoti;^ 
not without difa-nssinB questions na they arose 
and buviiiK n very clear i;once]ition of the 
policy to which be (jiive his sanction. 

Ilicbitri! Pace was sent over to Switier- 
land to ('n;raae Swisa mercenari'M to serve 
aft^ Ibe French, in uonjunction, it wu 
hoped, with Maximilian, wDnse interests in 
Italy bad been aerionsly imjuiirud by the 
success of Francis, Galeaizo Sforaa waa to 
lead those liiinds, and Eni^Iand'^ hand in the 
iiinl ter was to be ignored. In a few months 
uU was uiTanL'ed. In March lojfi Swi«a 

Henry VII r 


Henry VIII 

uid imperialists were mtirchinK steadily upon - 
HiUn, nnil tlie Frencli ehut the gstus in 
alarm. But the needy MuiimilLiui, who had 
been trying to gi'l the yay of t)ie Swiaa into 
hiH own handn, plainly told tlio Engliab aj<;enta, 
IWe and Wingfii'ld, on I'inater Tu<;sdHy 
('26 Mureh), tliat he mu^t deaist fn>m the 
enterprist^, as he could not pive the Swiss 
in his own service their stipukted pay until 
the king's money Hlimild come, Kepirdles.-t 
of his honour he recrossed the Addii and re- 
tired lownrds liemiany, still iiretendinR the 
utmost desire to prosecute the war, and even 
exturtinR BiXly thousand florins from Pace on 
thre&t Ihat he would othenvise ho driven to 
m&ke terms with France. The kinff, liow- 
ei\T, by Wolsey's udvioe, determined to ovei'- 
look these irre);uliirities aud kee|> .Miiximiliuii 
still his friend without allowing him to di.'«- 
pose of his money further. 

On 18 Fell. lolU was born 5[ary, tho only 
child of Henry's first marriajfe who sur- 
' vived infancy. On 'S May he met his sister 
Margaret, (|Ueen of Scots, at Tottenham, 
when she came to seek refuge at his court, 
after hsvine be<!n driven out of Scotland. 
She remained in Mnglaud till Jfay following, 
when an arronjri.-meiit was made for her re- 
turn to Scuthind on ccmdition that she took 
no pail in the goveniment. 

In the same year ( 1.5111) Chflrles, priueo of 
Oaatile.had lieeome king of iSpaiti by tho death 
of Ferdinand, and. tlLoui;h anxious to keep on 
the best possible li'rmH with Eiijfhind, nego- 
tiated secretly willi Francis the treaty of 
Xoyon. Maximilian in uilhis intercourse with 
England ha<l piofessiKl himself anxious to 
avert this result, and ID make his grandi^m 
Charles a party to the league against France. 
For this purpose he promised to eome down 
to the Low Countries utnl remove the evil 
eounpillors who wen! leading his fjrandson 
Charles astray. Ue would uuft Hniry there 
and do everythintr to satisfy him ; he would 
even resign thi> imjierinl crown to him ( he hail 
previously otTered him the duchy of Milan t ; 
only he must have a little money for his Jour- 
ney. Henrv cared little lor these wild pro- 
poaals, and he had not intended 'o give tile 
emperor any money ; lint the lalter, by acting 
on the weakness of the Kiiglisli ambassador 
Wiugfield, contrived to divert to his own use 
some that hud been destined fur the Swiss. 
I [enrj-, however, felt it important still to keep 
him ingoodburaour,aud even after the Iri'aly 
of Noyon was concluded gave a willing recep- . 
tion to the cardinal of Sion, whom .Maxi- 
milian sent to England in IJctobcr, tJiough 
the object of his mi»»ion was evidently to ex- 
tracl (iirthercontrihutionslest Veronashould 
fall into the hands of the French, Sion's uu- 

bl ushinfi e firoDlery seems, once at least, to have 
made Wolsey intensely angry, hut ho was 
successful in obtaining forty thousand crowns 
for his muster. J)y this Maxiotilian and Mar- 
garet of Savoy wei-e so encouraged that they 
milde yet further uttempls on Henry's pocket 
later in the year, even when Maximilian him- 
self had accepted the tn'uty of Noyon, anil 
had surrendered Verona to the French for 
two hundred thousand ducats. But. Henry 
was not HO much deceived as he appeared to 
he. He accepted Maximilian's threodbaru 
excuses, and appeared still to be on the best 
of terms with him, with the result that ha 
brought the emperor into suspicion with hia 
new ally Francis, and into contempt with 
the councillors of his grandson, Charhia of 
Castile, who soon learned to look on Henry 
rather than Francis us iheir friend, and were 
able next year through his aid to secure their 
master in i>ea<:eful po.ssession of his new king- 

In lol7 occurred the riot of Evil Mav-day 
in London. Henry was much displeaiied that, 
none of the more substantial men of the city 
had interfered to stop the violence done to 
foreigners, and severely censured the city 
authorities for their remissness, while, at tliii 
same time, he pardiined all the rioters excetit 
one. Till! prisi)uers, over four hundred la 
number, were brought before him in West^ 
minster Hall, with halters round iheir necks, 
and were told byWoisey that they had merited 
di'ttth, but ihe lords interceded for them and 
they weru pardoned. In the folliiwing sum- 
nier the eoimtry suft'ered severely from tho 
r.i vages of tlie sweating sickness, and the king 
[Hissed about from phice to place with few at- 1^ 
tendanta toesciiiw the danger. ttt"^ 

In lolfj the pope sent Cardinal Campeggi(J+-H 
to Koglund as legate with a view to raisiu|f 
coni ribut ions for a crusade ago ins t the Turks. 
He was nut admitted into the kingdom, how- 
ever, until the pope had made Wolsey joint, 
legate wilU him, after which he was received 
in great state. In September a greut em- 
bassy arrived from I'rance, und a peace woa 
arranged with proi'isioua for the re-delivery of 
Toumay, and for the marriage nf the dauphin 
and the Princess Mary. Again the most cor- 
dial relations were established with I'raiice, 
and the renewal of thi- amity was celebrated 
■with banqnctings and rejoicings. For two 
years or more the two kings were to all ap- 
pearance very good friends. 

There was none the less a wide diversity 
of aim between them in European politics. 
The Emperor Maximilian died in .lanuary 
1519, and his grandson, ('harles of Castile, 
became at once a caudiilute for the suc- 
cession. But Francis I was a formidable 

Henrv VIII 


Ilcnry VTIT 

eo«l>clilor, &ii<i Uviirj' VIll, lislctiiuguQllito 
■NXMiiua tp Rit'tmnl Pan- ralli«T (liAii lo 
Wolwjr, beckne cwn*! It n i^nniJitUte aim, of 
o(itirM«aiije«ixiuriiic;i')ltii^ iiltnuAl Uicottatei^ 
net (ltd <liTM)nu nnJ outbid tin- ollrr* of bii> 
(illj ill (ItTiusny. Chniici, howripr, vub 
oI<i(1Iih1 tm 2» Juiii-. awl Fniiiri-. iil[lii>U|(li 
CPcri*l]T iodignniil al llt'iin'a )K'ril<ty, cniltl 
not uHunl loqaiirrel witli hiu. T« outwitnl 
wraling tli« two kin^n w-rrv ini>r« conlinl in 
tlwir relation* with tmeh otKi-r tliuii i-viTr, 
Nil] propn*nU Wi'm fuvourablv rjit«nainiHl 
on both Kidc* for a personnl JTitcrrii-n' wliivli 
sliould diuuk- ttii-- v\vB uf lliL- wufid \>y il» 
■nimnilio^tici- and f\uce ibvir fncii'dHliiji be- 
j-oad uUiju-nliiin. Vul it M-ifiiif that Fn-iKh 
Biiiiiui.-ni at rvun vn^rv not BpiiroTr.;! of by 
tliu luare lotwr cnuiiciUni-*, and iirliii|i oil 
tbnir aidvice Hcvtry in Mnv l/ilS dUtnuMcd 
• tinmbnr of favoiiritiu, who lunl Instil In 
Fruicn, and n*lio»»- "HT-fniuiliarily witli Lim- 
»ulf w»» f'lbJMi of wimpkiiil. Wben tli« 
di|tu)t]r of liiB crown wu? onccniuti lli^nry 
Vioa Oliver indilTijn'nt, In NoTi'iiiV-r bo 
Mivrvly rubiiki-d Sir WilUum lluluwr, whd 
wtu btuughl b('far« liim in ih': Sini-chikinbiT 
for luvini^ darviil to t'ornakr bU M-rvii'e imA 
mtn tlial of itiR IhiVe of titickirifrbaiu : but 
•AiTftlui ntfi-iidnr hiid iviuaiiml fur a \ong 
liniR on hit kim-a witlioul any our durinft tii 
iiiti'rixilc for bim. }iu al It-iiglb ruTi^vp litin. 
Tbu j-niul inlcrvien «l li'li^h toi>k liliici" 
at tlie Fii-ld <if TJif< Clntli of Hold iii iuaa 
IfiaO. 'Twi^l <liivnrj. and Ardc' tb« two 
liinK* inct. and I'lchnnnnl tlin idoi-t t<lnl)orril<-< 
n>iirliiai<Ti in n hti-iiv of «)ili:iidoiir nll-ii,'t^bvr 
iiiimiqmtK'd. \vl ii vni> <.-iM'iiTially in^iiicitv, 
eBOci'lally mi tb-- Mdrof lli-nry . For tnonlbe 
b(<l<irv hu bad b'i'Ei mi-nrllj' iirKOtiHiioi.' wi|li 
llwi m-w-inadt- ■-nippfor snmln'C iiliiiiiui-, not i 
ind«-d dir'iclly boiiiili' to Fmnc", b'll iiicom- 
patiUi- wild oi» prpvion^ rncniciiuiiil*, id- 
ivBiurli Hit it ini'ilvi-"! tli" tranifiTcnw of 
Miifj's blind from Knini-iii loClinflri V. This 
WHD n mm- iiioTr iti tbf f^aiut. Bii|iiirrritly in- . 
Ivadud to pn-rpnl Cimr!™ iVooi lomwiltinff 
hiiiuH-lf li> till? i>ro)ii>KLl of ft Kn^ii-ti wir>-. idiI 
Clurl<rs uodt'rtt^iod il« raliiv. II'' in like 
miuinnr waf afraid <il n Coo ciotr alliaoc bi^- 
twvon Fninccand Kni;bind.anit wlimlioiAwr 
tbiU tbn inlnnidW cif Ibr tiro ktuf^ vnu to 
Imk-ooii: a Eaut hii trw mont niixiua-' ibaL 
■n iiiti.'n'i<.'w bi-tweon llmrr and biuiHi'ir 
ab>>illd liilc |s|ju:t< brfuiL-il. il>' 9*;m.-d to Umt 
on (bTl->i^li>b rtiaft<inb*inij"fn>ni^i'nin to 
Hmn' contrivnl »lit;blly lodi^tav tbn trpucit 
lo rt<«iirD Ibi- l.-ul|•''^>^ in tho <nd uf May. 
CIiotIm laadcd on tbr :.'i;tli al Uorer, nrhera 
Htnrjr cuae to meet hiw ami condncted bini 

next day lo Citiilorburv to mm! tbr qui>an, liia 
nual. Oil the Ulst [>u took luatv of ttwl 
king, uiid vnnbarkiHl s' Satvdwicb fur FUodi-Eif 
till- Muni" day tlini Henry cnwwcd in ('alaix.1 
AnatlwrT intervir-ir nu* iirninifrd lo laki- jiIul's] 
■I (Imvi'linw afti-r ibp ni'iriiuj; wiib Fnmeiii, , 
and Dl l>run'lini-iaccardiii)[ly llrnry oif't iIm> 
cia^mr on 10 July, XfM day tli" »inponir 
n-diriii^iricbhiiD lot'atai3.Bi.d clu.-o?anlb« 
I lib tbi- two princvH ii;,ii>-d a Kcret iivaiy 
by wliicb iiarh of ibcm unipif:>-d not to makp 
Any cloMr olliai w nilb Ftnncu iliiin bo had 
douo nlmdy. 

In t be nprinjt of IoLM tbi- world wm atartlod 
bvlbrarrust, trinl. andf^xucutiooill Mayiof 
Ifao Duhvof Buckin^batii for Ircaaon. A> tile 
nitiir impulfd tobiiii.rveiiinllw indict m«nl, 
wa« niainlv (but h-- Ii:^li-tii.'d in ^npIiAciiU •>[ 
t lii> kin|['( dwtb atid bu- own nuccci^ioii to tfad 
crown, hU fate provittl tbu kin^'r kiohuv* 

{'[■•loiuyand ]iowi-r. From tbiit iLiy tbw no- 
lility won.- eomiilcU-Iv cowcd, 

I >|i(-n war uon' liniku out bctwran Fraocia 
mid tbv i:iii]i('i>?r. on wbicli tbr hi»|f olfvtvd 
bi> HTi ic>f tiiboili iiorlii-* OK a tui^iitiir, with 
what nnci'riiy ii it luit dilRculi lo yu\gv. 
Stmnfrn to wv, aflitr lonu' diplomacy tbir-y 
wutt ui-ei-plfd by Iiolb, mid WoWv waa 
dtimicbi-d to t'oliiii In bmr rnmplainta on 

tiolb sides, witb jKiwi-r lu Hlllc ibrm at 
arbilralur. Itiii Ili-iirvV iiili-ntiun from tliti 
flratnft^lhnl \Vid4>-v *liiiiild Dud no orrange- 
mi'nt )><iuibli>. mi<l tW ilu'r^-iipoTi lieaboold 
n-itbdriiir to llioriniHTorinidlival alMTl wilk 
him. Wolncy Innd'-d nl Calnii i-n 1! Aijjr-l''i[h 
n-itanitc o'lmmi^iioii* to-'M'Ulc tbi*dilTun?nciw 
of lb" belli^crtnts, lo condadr ilip niarriaftr 
of Mary to the cmli^ror, and to mnku a new 
U«Cii-.' with llw eiii|i>!t>>ra|,-unfl Franct-. 1I«? 
bad alto ilcnigniidlv illuiiory onuixii^'ioiH tor 
a clnuT aniily with ibii I-'V«irl4 kinjr, and for 
a BcniTal cinifi-dTBlion of I In- IK'p'-. ihc rtn- 
fcM, mid Franri*. Wol.-py pt'ifcimwd bia 
pnri with no buuiII di>xl<'riiy, and ivncludrd 
ibi! Dcin atliBiicc vrilb tb(.Tiii[K'roTa( Ilnigi!^ 
IIf cuutiuiiKl till- cunfurtfiiiv? till Novuin- 
bi»r, when he rMut«i>d lu lui^laiul. the war 
incaan-bite niniiiitiing in ClmeBpagBii and 
^IIitbi*no Fnncia lud tvallv br«i uuttoti* 
toptwrvi'Ciaieewiib Knffbutd. Deliadi'Vi-n 
U!iodbiBiiiflucni«iukn--pSci>t land quid, anil 
bad l^iTMl ■ eifCrM under; akiiij; to ilclain tbu 
n'g«iil, Jolui Stewart, MCunddukvof A llxuiy, 
in FhtiMv. Now Albany »»* nllowiil to r*- 
luni. Mill niM'IwJ Scoiliind in Nonaiber ; 
•lul allhoii;;b b-' ]<roli>jitkid tlinl lie cflinn for 

fi'aci- mid di-'irwi u pMliifiHalionof lh>-lrii(v, 
Ii-nrrwn' a nn-sta,-!- to tbeortatm of .Scot- 
land id«ii<rnHl » Feb. 16^^) ihnt h« would 
liilrutonosncb {m'lioMl until ibeduks left 

enrv Vlir 

Henry VriT 

llic roliiiln'. Till' loT'l- r<')ilt 
COnii**t tl^r mritfiCrm. utii! thiil tboj' woiilJ 
Maml ti<r lun lo llto •Jnlh. .NviIUlt ynTlj. 
bowutrr, wan preuiirai lu pfis^ii'T- wiir m 
Mrncat, aiul thir ciiU'rviR-ct. as rvusnl^ ^"K' 
I«mI, of AJban;'* return wu to pvi^ Hiiiiri 
OB0 lli^lil Ml<li(ion to tiU fliniM^ imivil* of 
eamplAiiic agwini't ]**nuiri-. In ^lun'h, liow- 
loWnim<iitodallkinla»ux,mnilniililit'Id tin- 
kiiDual pviuions that be livl liitlmrlo iiuic) lo 
EiiKUud. ClaPCnCMUt w»» acunwliiigiy .lee- 
IMMtlwd to Fnnn-, hdiI on 2it Mny iiiiiiimled 
10 llie I'Nficls kinj; nt l.v(-ii«ilml tli'nry nnb 
hU tnnrtal niifanj'. Jiut >lI tli tl licw! llin i-jii* 

riTtnr was (layiiiK a mcodiI vitii to Ivniiliiiii). 
le rwciii-J UovBt on the Ji'tli, aiiO tlii- 
king aooii aftvr ponJufted liiiii lo liuujun. 
(.Hi |Iw> wa,v |Ii Jiiii«) llie)* rvc>-iT<>iJ tiuw« of 
CUreiiMUx'it tUlinnce of l.lir Kiviicili king. 
OnihelMli l»itnail«i<miw tn»RtyKiihIIimri' 
BgaiiMI l-'rnni:i- a( Wiii^lwir, unil ,\Ct--t linviiiK 
fully nrrnnsnt with him n |ilim iif jfijai h>B- 
(or Sfwin. 

Th* Earl of Surrvr va» •l<.->j)H'rlit-(l lo m» 
willi a Aiiiiadiviit, a4 if lo Hi:i.-<jrii|>iinv ih>- cin- 

Kfa aiiO fi'diri' hi" uifxly i !>"' !■•■ mni)" for 
itdiiiT, uickRitthplowQiif MorlniT. nmlurt 
itniiiIilM!>hi|>piiiKonfirp- SIiorilvnfl«rwiuxU 
llip kiiijr «-i"l liiin vnlli an iitmy lo rnvnae 
I'icaHj'. To aupport thwv npirraliudt Ibi- 
fcing oallei) upon hi* «utije<.-i>> for ii loan, 
■aseMCil tij cocn(iUMioiiM» t hrDii^clioiit iIif 
Maniry. of ono-l-'nth of oacli man'* jnooniif. 
A few m-'iitlu lairf, wbnn lartiamviil nwl 
(iB Apnl lo^S), tUii WDi Aut^ilrinnnlrid hy a 
HWr yi'nni' subiidy, inii<li- uii of a (^ailualnl 
[ncomi' slid projivity lux, whifli pivMcd nilli 
utn^xamplvdkvft'rily.niMl wnsvolfl wilh (■\- 
IrriBn rnliictanw, TIih war (hi^ii w.'iii on 
minv Ti;ton>ii.<ly ihau rvrr, Ixktli w iih t'raivcv 
anit Sriiiliinil. Siirh-y wb;> itixv ti-nl nf-iiiii#t 
lli-> Initio eoiiultv, wliili: SulKilk Iteik hi* 
\Aaev III tVaniHi. 

Itiil JIviiit'a |(«iUTalk «|N.-nl hi) Irviuiiirr 
ttilhiiut ]it»l!t, anil it U-cdiiio niaftifi'«t ilint 
ih« vt»;>rnif, wliu aluiw <lerivi-(l IwnpHi from 
ibiuix iipiTalioiu. ifiiTv iKi t^y cneTK"! ic n'- 
liManvi'. t'raiwia v/ta not drti-m-d from in* 
\'nditi|i Italy li> Hfriin! (Iix diicliy of MiUii, 
bill ill F*lifimrj' lr>:/') wu hitU'U'lf Ukvn pri- 
*»n^r at i'nvin, ll wnn al 04>c« •ihvious that 
till? i^lS|" r.iitrd all Ihil h<> ooiltJ 

Imwibly !i -DOI wnr, nnd timi t-'Mji- 

anii ■ riitvli. Wihl-i'v liml, 

ivf' ■ ii'vidrtliiKni'i'i ■■n*:i 

nui'li ■•<• ■ u t!ii« liy iiiidiT- 

linnd ni't: ■ ■ tbiiiv, whirh iiii|;lii 

(•Itlicr tcri- ..;.-. ,1 .]. . i^in|K'mr in ch<.vk,-<r 
ItE iliaaif imllf lUTMiajj, Aniiwjirn tiiviRi- 

J ifinl h>' lind UPtial iulib&*H 

uptial luiilmiH'lor'ii >iui|>icioiiii vrvn arouaed, 
Wolaiiy with mblimi- audacity riiiiM>J kja 
■liDpalcheaiolv inli-nHrptpd.aiiil huriuii"^ 
(hair conleiilf (.rxjirendtuf; a nlmii;; opinion 
of hi« own diiiilii-Lty I, nut ihir king to writ« 
with hill f.nn liaivl lo llii! i-inpi-ror ik'iiiaiid- 
iuflthi-fiuniiiliiiKTii of III) ii^viit wbo bnil vx- 
prvun] ii-niimcriti *ii diirtructiro of n icood 
luidi'ritaiidiii/ bi-twni?n ulU«d priacu*. TTii» 
waajiii-i Ix'fori' thi- ciipiurvof Vmncii. Bui, 
uiioptct.ts) U wan liu Kood furtiini.', tlw ntn. 
iwrar could not artbrdtoquarr^Wiihl'loKliuiiJ. 
tlcwnoalhiid llinc l[ie«^crel iMcutiaiiou b^ 
it aiilwiiiMaitly did) inio an alliance n^iiiat 

Tin- capiiirv of Kmncit^ if tbu empuror 
bad ini-unt ik ktir|i fiiith with his oily, ptv- 
'vtilt'ilanexci:llHnl o)ipi>rt unity fur ^xtortitig 
front I'Vaiici- I'lmci-wioim of ■(■rrilin-v alike to 
tlii> t'lap-ror mid lo ICiiiflaiid. lli>niy bc< 
I'ordiDirly mati" olfnn' for ii Joint invasion, 
dcclnriiiK :hul bi* anny was r«idy, and h« 
hlnuelf would lirndit oiiTiQ [WMOU; tbul bii 
(][]wi.-ti!d, afl'-r a Iriuinpbiiiil canipaini, lo 
ac'iv laipaiiy ilif r-tain-rur ■■> ICoiikr; biiiI tbat 
Clmrlw, with 111- iifiijiBctivu marria^'^ tolli« 
I'rinwsi Mnrj, iroiild then be ihmUt of all 
{'hnaii-iidiin). C'harlii iu reply wa* olilifttd 
loronfru thatbi'wiiiiiiiioconaitiontoprMw. 
culf llimnr.and ihat nnli»i Mary wrnm-nt 
otfr to Sgjiiia ai onoi- with a dowrr of four 
biiii>Jrt>l thoiiwinil dticaiii, and itniry (lu 
nluiiii Iv" With drfjil) III ilrbl alrvailyl would 
tonlrihulclttif as iniicli again ioilii-i'X|i<'n«i» 
of till' war, lir wn> not pr«i'*ri'd lo tnki-iK-tinti, 
TlwMi dcaiiind* uvn? only inii-ml'.il lo cotw 
tbt- vmpffor':. Mv rul piiqimi- lo bn-nk off hi* 
•■iicagt'iufnl with Mary, marry laaWlIa of 
Porlugal, ami Ivavi' Ht'iirf ti> iitakf war nn 
his own ar^oiiiil. pn a*l<i nihiiiici.' thf.> l<fnn* 
lir bjowvlf Biiifhi ■nnvt fnun l-'rumiti for a 
ifptniiv p««». \\'(iliwy, howi-vnr, iioi only 
!>aiv ihmiicb ilii* policy, bill told thi- im- 
jH'rinl Bt^nii in Rniilaud plainly ibat li« 
■-•»iM cbi-cIiMiiilr ih« unperor by olllFTinji 
Man !<■ lb'- l>.in]ihiij. nnd allyini; Klijtlanil 
1101 :inly viih I M'liwilh llii>Tnrk. 

Till- wiir nii'L' !■ .Ji;d. '^A .vs— 

>1- ■ iimil" in I 

iba! ! . . . I 1 >llyin<«I> 

mill a- lt>in ''■U' jiniulaud lOMili ihv It^titioit 
dc.'n^ -Mla-dii-iir.fiiMniMiniiK wen- H-nl nil! 
ill Ml'- 1 11 tb(< kiiiciliiiii ili-iiiniu'incan 

iiiiiiii rii'i' of moii'*y tn ihi> kiti^c at 

'i ■ I'', in ilir pound on ihc hi^i-r 

'I r ' - l:i>i; to ibr viiliiaiionn alntady 

I'll -iKiillrriufiiUM-i al luwi-rrair*. 
iiiiliHili tht^naliiii byaurpriM-. In 

....... .:n it wa^eriidifinglycoiicvilnl; cli>6< 

wberi' It m» ry^i^ttd as intolmblv. Tbu 

Henry VI 11 


Henry VIIT 



elolhwrk'.-m of Ihr ntitfm etmnl*.-" 

DOliUn' i>p|iom it,wi:n;,ho»vteT. iiWiti'il t" nuLitrnlit,T.(!V<-iiwliaii llin lEppi'Kal 

dWBiiw llwir rot-a, ti'llttii: iIh-iii ili^y liiul im ii1iv»l\' miu\<! n traci.' with ihi! po]>v, 

longnr mnai'y lo fit}' their w>f;"s. StIou' lliliuu/lT swoopt'il duwn tipma l!onw. 
riot* liKih r>lim in iMi]^ii»'Mit'>-, nhii'li lli'.> Bnl KiifiLinil m'AI <lrrw ni'imr to I'nuiiv, 

Dnkivi of Xorfiillc ■tul Sullblk >iii>l gn**.! '>r,il nitKlx niTli«r be (UJil.conlrivml tudmw 

difflvnll)' in $iip)>muiti{[, lltit lli-opjHic'itinn I''nuicii m-ariT tn li^r#i.-ll'. 7^i<.> ^runt 'tl^iiCl 

nistil in t'l" I'll V of l/in<lnn muwi) ihi> iiUi- of KmiicU now wiw T»si'cur<^'li<'(li'livi<riUm; 

BMiv.willidfnwiO •>rih<tJ--iiinnil. OnlfbApri) at liii soni on a> cuv ii-rm* lu |tauiUi-, and 

lfi2.^\Vo!»rj-i.-nt fnrtlii«ni«v(irand«IdtTiin-ii. tlii- linrd condiiioiu of lUi- irt-nu-of Madrid 

nnd iiifortii'-'d tliinn thut ihu king vroiild bi> muld r>nly hf iiiilii^tMl bv ihv IiiIIimucp uf 

MtittitHl wiTh^'Iui lliiij' wun^ pleiM^ l»|i<^'t' 1'>tigl>iiid, or tij- u ii<-'H'iiTi-Aii;,-(Tii]vnl wilL tli'* 

i}( tln-ir <twii fu-ri'-iiikincr. (lul pern tlii» Hmpcnir, iiioJudmi.' til' "Wii ranrHsf,-« willi 
vfiia Dbjeci'Hi lo B» rtiHiniry iii itin #(aiui» of tin' i'ifapmiir'« ni'ti-r ICIomnn'. To nrfvoat hi* 

Itlehnra III, liy whinh Im'iwviIi'iici''. w^rv lo" «i«r iidoplion of iliu Intli-r Bllnnintivi', 

•bolinlirtj, «nd liiLilly it wm l^fl <<• •■vi-rv Woln-y liiiil born oui-ful to tuifgp*! lo him 

mnn (■■■KTiiiit privilj- wbut liv wiwM,' willi- thnt Uu^ilniid tvmld ulll-t him a VDunHi<T ajid 

oui Ix-int! fiillfl tf.'fure •Ldormvit or oiMBitH- toon- •nraciivt bride in thu I'nnrwti Mniv. 

•iuTiiir* i>f niiv hiriil. The )Kiuibility of micL uii ullinrior wiu > 

lu1li>-i:<'>iirst-'>t'lhi'i<iiiiiiiU'ri' via-iiitimnlvd quite MinU-ii-ni liin> ludrivi' lliv Fivnch into 

tbn' tbi; king lud Tt'ci-ix-^l foiin I-'wikv very ralli'.-r 1"ngiUv ni!ipiii»li'iiih,«nd n utvM i>hi- 

iidvmitngtixis olfpT' for fuiKv, whirli wonld Iirmj wimtrit ovrr M l'.iij;lniid in lhi> vad of 

jimIiitUv mnk4> lb" propowil •'xjHiliiiim mi- Fubruiiry 1^27. I'mlnr \V(>Wy'*. (hilfnl d>- 

uii^^'arv. In fiii-i.tin |:t .lutvn fctrly dny»' tilomnrv t'mnocwiuoompi-lW to offer ntwrr 

irtiri' u-jii uf;n.-L>il to witb tbe rrrncb eiivuv. ui;;b prioi' fi'r I be fupputt iif Hn;; land, in IM 
l>it Vniii. Hiid iiimi'.>ili:il(>ly uft^r Itrion itr- . slupi- uf p'-ntiiinn nnd liibuti-: but when ll 

riv«d ill Li.i'iili'it <niib 11 MimniifMioii fruiti wiw d^-irtMl ibnl Marv ^!i<><ild lji> teat avtt 

l>niU'.' ^f Sivi'V, Tr-(''iil nf Fmni,''- during th'- 
iTii|M'i'Mtini''iii ■if b'T «in, I'mnci* 1. It'^iry 
iioiiiiv"! !o tbi- irinpiMwr tbut, u bi- «■«* iin- 
nbl" to co-offrtlo wilb biio in ibc wnr, Uv 

loKniii>,<<- n* mvnrilvlor IIiL-mnrriup.- taking 
cfl'-M w li^n •b() rnni<> of «n? (for olhiTwiwi 
Fmnc-i* Ml it vrould bu imniiiimblr to g\\n 
up KlL-Hiiori. tbi- rciiuoit wn* (*fu»ni. nnd it 

■ hmi^dil it nnndviiuhtu t'l rrit-cl the iiTy wuMin^vMi-d ibar Slury'i mnrrmfp^K-iih ihf 

fdti-iurnbli? oiYvn of tb-? Ftvndi. find bi-f'n"* iocniid -"ii of [''ruric'i- wotitd d'l tiqunllj well 

ihv L'liiiH.T'.ir coiil'l Ti.ipty n n»w iillinii(!>- niu ii#H-.'iiiiraiitw fnrib^nllianct', Tbii--tb«iliail 

formulty ^ignoil on 'U> \'ig. at MiHir in ll-Trt- WM wiibdrnwn forthi'Mktt of whlcb FraMua 

lonUbiiv. On H S-^jti. it wh" pni'lkiniol in Imd ulri-ndy nindc Tfir lar^ roiii'<<ui'ini. 
]»ndiiii. IW |iii|i<; iind i>lhi;r princn' nry^Tln' todt of IkimC bv llio impArinl IrMms 

Italy ni oucv bailud ii us a vi^y diuimblc in U>t l&^T oulir iidi|i.<il iilNnKib to tLc 

<'minti>r|iDi.w to tbi' gmwini; jxini-r of llu; Aiiglo-Freiicb ullinimv It nu doubt ci>wnl 

vCDprror; bqt tlip rntiflcnlion -if Fmni-ts ihv jiope, nnd broke up Ibe Itulinii l«nguo, 

L'omd nut bv oblHtiiT>l >■" lone nit br viitu ii bill it «-\»<p«'mt?il l-VnnuiH njraiiiM ikn Ani- 

pisonpr. Olurti-", on Ib.^ (•ibnr hnnd, wim 

In K posttin- 
UJnn, 1.'.-' 

l',,. ..-.-..v. I 

IJ 'I 

l;i I I. ... - 

pi'nir, and tb>'W bini tni'rv iban "vnr into 
l.liir aniitfif ICn^'Und, I li-nn-, too, bud n-aran* 
of hi* own, ijuiti.- npnri frnrn ihi* political 
ndtuniii^"! of tnrb nn allinni'i^ — whicb in 
tbi-iiiiii.dvi-.ji Rorv vfry tro*"! indivd — hr dc- 

bi« owTi Icrni-'. I tn 
'-h:t wn« (irivTO lo iii(rn 
:. ;^ ivinp up Milan, NaplcjL. 
-nd imich •■Uv U-nid.-i. r»-i> 

^L' WHf rvMurvd to bis kiiiu- siriti;; lo mukc us inuirb of il nn pon-ibli'; 

. ., ^, bi.i iw-i ■<rti» ns hflMaiKii i» and in Jiilv hi- ».-ni VVolx^ otur to Franc*-, 

-Spiin. ItuI irltcB pr<-AU>i io ronfSrm tlM wilb ■■ ht>[<.-ndid Irnin, >i \ia lituli^DBnt, lo 

Iwatr of Madrid Iw duclini-d, dnilnrinn tlint i-*on"nl tlm new nllianci- by nrmnging witU 

It hod b«»»ii wninK frnm bim by romimUion, rrniicL'lbotiTnii)tob>»trvrt>dtollie<ia|N'rnr, 

III- witii4'noiunignlbytbe]»|H.>.tlwV''n>--<iiin9^ and lymininnienlinK lo bim d wit prpriatut 

and ■.ihnr Ilaliun iwwem. who immiJiiii'ly iM-n-f— tbn fviuibility of the kii^a difgrce 

rdnunlnlat^i-vilh bim iit tViirnuo (I'i Mnyt fn>ni Cntlii-nnr i>f Amgoo. 
lo protKCt ihirin.'W.-lveniii^iiHI CbitrW.wbicb llenrv bud carlninly not beua devatxl 

T!<'tiry wu oMnoMl.v M>lk-it«d to join. Ttiit bnitiaiiil. Ti^u vvnrs aftor Ilia maxrinfi* lie 

I'jii/h glad lo«««»a mack Oppomtiott 10 Ibu lutd a cbild by Elinbi-i4i lUminl.nM^ ilie 

•■lup^nir, Hrnnr had no oocanon to ■•ntor qii'<vo't wail ins- wdbkir, n Ud cslkwl llvnry 
iota war in U-hulf of tbi- confcdrmlc*. nnd i Filzrov (l-*i1B-lKM() [ij. t.\ wIioib io I6SA) 
Mcfemid lo offur bin h^ticw as • nii>diut«r. I wIihi hi- iraa onlv lux yron old. lie crKaiMl 

Nor did liissympolliy wilb ihe Italian ]>uu-i-r< IhUccofKicbmond. Altheiotnclimclionoura 

Henry VUt 

Hcnr>' VIII 

began lo be dliowMM) npoiiilivBoIoviifiiniilT. ' 
ItwMonly, liowevpr.«t (lip tiio«"»f Wolw-y's i 
mdWmj Io Fnuici^,iii lo?7,tI»t tlif rumour 
frot alinMul of n ilivonx* Ixnn^ in iwDti-tujiU- 
Uon,andwlii!ait lint nrvui-it wiujc.iuiliciiUy 
d«iii«<I. Tlw kinit, it wiu iicliuiM>.>il. Iiuil Ih-vii 
Itwl (o entcTlniii twiuc iloubls i» (<■ ihi' U.>- | 
nlitr of liiti untrnHfTr', i]<>ubt>H wliich, iis bo | 
blMT preMixM, bad boon iniiiniinl>'>i l>y Ib-T 
FrMicIa unbaMsdnr, RDil whirli bchimsi'lf wo* 
aniiou* to Mio ri'inovi'd. Hut inimlbtlifkiiift 
Iiii4 aln-ndTiiD Muy l."i-i7. nuxilf taw i-IKwi lo 
ttvt rid'if Otlht-riiie bvn ojlliwivuMiil Wrud 
III Micivl befuro WuIm^v i Hud ihuiifib llii» 

tiruo.'w in» HboRl;^ aClVr laid iwirli-. U<< novHf 
n«n IIiAl time (l««i«t«d fraui ih>- Atlt'iupt i'> 
eet bis iiurTtA^ divbind inviiliil. nt- hnviiifc 
iijn rontrarlifl witb bi" dwimwl bmtbcr'i 
vri(n. I Kuril tiif-wdt-lBiltjI BCfouiiliirtbe di- 
totcvijiinilioii svuCatiikkikkoi' Aruaron.] 

Till? KTvnt nlliiiiic« witb l-'ruiiCf, of ubicb . 
Wolapvluwl bwii tb-- fUi.l' j'fotaolor.wHS «•- 
ganle<r by iIim kiiiu a* nu impoiliuit rni'imn 
(if Dtl^UDlllg bit own olgiyix In thU miktlnrbf 
luw|iiiii;.thn ■•iiipi-mr in ehi^di. III.- mvnsiTrr 
ilioii^Ht bt> c<iul<l uh^ ndrauldtr^ of i bo uupc's 
iintii">o'Di^ot by MTiHlinc n i-inifidHiilial loot- 
tmir '■ '" while W oliwy wn* lU Fmnn-, 

u'l' "■iiA tu whiub iIm cnMiniil wa- 

Diil [iTi> < . 1 i-.'tu. bun'ev>-r.hi'<<a|:>>mi'M Iniido 
liim ui]il(irf*iiiiiii!<< <liIIi(!<iUi>ii. \h. Kiitsbl, 
ibr B^'tit ill •|iii|hlii>ii. jiut niAcbod Ittuio 
Kltd, t>iinuiiiii broi itulhra. Aatloi«il himnulf 
•oaii Bflcrlliul be bii-1 pipcund b^- n litllv 
pnniiiin- rri'in bi* U-Aiaiwt n «ul6ci>Mit i.i:>i>i- 
HlkuioiirorWnltiiyiiib'iir Ib'fniiu'.iiidadii- 
|iFMallon for ll''iiry lo miirry Ami*'' lti>loyii 
■ft«r ibr wniLtire. Tb^ docunirniji in Cict 
lumixl iHil Io be wortbliT^ (or tho drafU 
(Inwi) il|i in &i^and bad bwii Hruiiii<.>d by 
lb« pnclueil nys of lulinn dig>loiriiii iM^ mid 
omvinl •!> nn to \it< mn<ln ijuiti- iiiiii.n-iiom. 
Tbi- |>otm wiw flulj pui ,iiiHui bia Kiianl, and 
111,. 1- - ■■■ .V.j,.et «n» (uttM ('*i' t\i.\i\ b>'f<in'. 
Kji . , iiccordiiigW.Tdw.irii l-'uxo.lbi- 

kill, ..,^...,i;r, and 8li.-^i--ii I iantiiw-r, ilu-Q 
Wobwj'B »«;rvtarT. «i:T»' ni'iil lu Itiiuii.- 1« P-- 
|wir llir Hiinii«T. iJiil lbtiirili|J')iinili<abilily 
Dii'.' d in I'll 'twill ill )< 4iuii!iiTi'<'i»inir- 

ilii'i: jii'rjntiofi.whif li.ili'iii^li i-fi'pniiif 

in timu< ni|>vrl9.. (lid not nii|ipK' iivrrylbins 
llial «u wBotii). Tbt- cviuiiuiidion van lo 
Wntn-y Olid ('nni)>>'Kgio lo bear ibe oaiue 
|«r)rfilh'<r in Mnt'1n»<l, 

^' ' ■ ■ .11 l.'^h n Fwtncb bui) 

an I'l-il n jiiiiit d-'iimtiv 

to Ml.' ■ injn ^.f II i>ir>;(i». Hut warviilb tb'' 
«n>[r<ri'rw<i> nduiiiHt lilibi! (tnilitiuniiof Kiii'- 
liih policy, Rud WM i-xo<wbo^ty unpo^iuUr. 
Tbo li>lnrtu|it)on of coiuinmre et-ni iritli 

^Iiniti wn« M-rioos : irritb tile N«lberliind« it 
Wiu intolombln. A rr!ei« toiik nlacv at boms; 
ihu cIot)ii<'r> iti .Siitl'ilK iiifiiiii fnund it iit^eca- 
larT to diiolmrni" tln-ir wurknirn irbcti they 
b^ uo vent for tboir cinlh* in tlip Ddgiiiii 
innrWa. N<irdid tbo Mriuiui,-!! on tbeit «d« 
«ulfur left) inedtiitfiiienou. An eipbt nontlw' 
IrxiO! witb tbp Ooinitrm via pnuentlv 
ngnvvl IO, whib' tbr wnr n'ttb8^uiii cuntioue^. 
Ab<>iit tb>' *unii; Tinii'tbp «vr«iLtiii^»iekiieu 
i>-Bi>|»iii>:d in ICrijiland iTiib)fn'ntPrvinil«Dci> 
itiBD btifiin-. Auni- liolnyii cnuttbl Ibo in- 
frctiiiii. Ili-nry k«pt motinir iibcmi wilb 
few Bllelldiinl*, niAilv bil will, und look (bi- 
•ncriiiiicnl in fi-BrofdeBib. wbili? wntingLbe 
mtwl lendpr Uuer^lo Anil'' Ilolcyii. He wai 
roinl ■olirilixia iil"' (ir tbo prMariiition of 
WciUvy'* hi'idlh. A> l*niupL-)i)2i« wu oil iImi 
way lo Kiiglnnd In- luem" lo bnve tjrrHindod 
biliiwlf ibal budivoTM' and neoohd iiurrinKn 
were now on ibe "V^ iif HL'eoDinliibnii^t. 
<*nin|R'u)fiodid not, nn-ing lo bi» lU-limltb, 
arrive in Kimluod till Octobr. Soun after 
lIunrvKnTc Atuie apart tar ni* in bit paloc* 
bI lin'Ciiwicli iic[)iiinte from ihciM of lli* 
(|il<*eu, with U'biim hv u[j|>eiired Io b<i utill 
liiiiifC on (lie utdinnry ii^niie of oinrricd lift. 
Hut iliii trial b-'fore tbe le^-nln wna for a 
Ionic timi' dcrrrnil. I'ftiapnfn^" in tb« liiM 
plucu vainly *Ipivi> Io indtio- CnlberiiMr to 
I I'nlcr a niinimry. Aflnm-nrdx ibo kini; liim- 
I Klf fentui 1(1 pnietied ido bnnlilv, loartiin^ 
' tliat tberenai u nfC.'nd brief of illstiMntWn 
in Sjnin n bieb be bnd nol knovrn about, Al 
laitL tbe courl wn" o|n-ixt>d on 31 .^liiy |iiL>U, 
and, ntXiT Ii('nriii|E iniiib et iileix-e aa lo Cn- 
ibrrinAK eobiibitation wilb Arlbnr, wan mi 
:j:tJnly*iu[ii.'iided byCBiniieKKioltllllriuber, 
in aooordoncv witb tbu Itonun pnioiiee of 
knrping Biuniaer iKiliilayii. M«nQirbiIe tliv 
piim.' lisd rvtokvd the euiine IO Itome, wh(-ri\ 
Kb Ileiiry kn»w i<-ry w*!!. ii was abaululvlj 
iMCiflcM lo lonii for a d>>ci*iun in liis bvoiir. 
Tbi> in I'V ill I lie (vintH-iiiiriieiT wii» tbe fall uf 
\Yi>lwy,wbo badseunBll nlonji ibai biionly 
cbanoa of aafety lay in n d>v|>-ntle qffan to 
uli^ly tbe kind's tiiflbes. His faiUm hall 
brrii nntiei])itt''d by many enemiea. wba bad 
nlreaily [ireparednnnlDWrof ('liuqn«B)(«inirt 
bim wbidi lltry could duw brini; ri:im*anl 
wilb Hifi^y. 1)n 17 0i'l. be n-Ai deprived of 
llw RiTitl ■ual. and on llic- I'olb Mir 'llonas 
Morewaa niude uhano-llor in tiia plneo. Thv 
kin)c'acbi«>f ndviaen now were llw Duke* of 
Norfolk and Suffolk and ibe IloieyuB: Lul 
iher mn «oon aupcriwdnl by Tbomaa Ciwn-' 
THiU [([, v.j *■ 

rarliBioent mei on 3 Nut. IASII, "Hite itn- 
mi^iale object ihv kiiitf bnd in vii'n- in kiitn- 
inoutnt' il awniH to bate btwi to |;et biiuaelf 
exuBcnilMl from nrpayniMil of llie foned loan 


Henry VI n 


Hcnr>- VIU 

ImM m frw j¥T» Mbnr. Aa act for iliii 
jxirpoX'i h* toocofataiBnl fiMnallaiueofCon- 
moiM wba wcM hia own nuaniMe% for i1ih« 
wuBofrenloaKifelecliofiinkitikj. Tbpoxn- 
moM, boveter. w(4e nncoun^ccd to oawplaht 
fhwiv of Biiv kind of eiiortinn axeept the 
Idva, <u»d tlMiyatlMknl tt>o *piriliMl cnuna 
W wrytng nxnrbilani fimv on probatn, aad 
ilw eWnn (or nuinuatin*, lac |ilui»litieM aail 
BOW r— loencc, and Tor ucmnine gTaxiu^r 
tumt. Ada were faawrl on all thaae nb- 
j>«u, not wiihovl a naumMraaM in the 
llniuM of Lorda ftooi Bwliop Fidier, wbu 
IimI alrvadjr tii«iimd t h« kins t di^ltMWv br 
daring InopfMW him on ihrdivoivt-qtMalicm. 
J' lluiMthingawaKWabini foraaludtfwliigotr 
\ llw irtt«I rvTolMtioB ttiia putiunMt tlttft^ 
^ jntatrrteuionainilierelatiiouofrhiirthaixl 
•tale; bill tlirj bum fruit at oik* in diinui-'* 
liei «'ii<ii t b" I wo bmiiv* ( MitoimkKnl no JoiitiC 
bf Ibe kiiu-'aa^nr<it, iDw-hirhllii- kingliitii- 
Mlf wsa rsllfil in to kr1)itn>tc. 
^ Aawhinprojxii^divoroiiHemy WB»ni>w 
piinRiiBC ine foUej tufc^lMl b; Cn&mer 
^q. vi] of laluiig tW i^uiiMia of univoreili» 
on t)ii: validilj" of biit inarria««- A judicint 
■laciiiixi waa not aerMMTj if li» could only 
pYKiiru outnioDR ill bin fnvnur of (olfificnt 
wiHitbt. Vor tbii [mqH»c briU^ and int imi- 
't'Ti.iii wn Dixwuan' ucrn in \h-: et»e of 
• ill iilip- fliid I >xtoni. and n lillli? cajolory 
ir~->-l'-J^ Hut lUeopinioiuof rofv>;^ii liniTi-r- 
»itim were moro aonehl afl<-r. n" Mvraingly 
tnoni impartial, and llanryV <-bi'-f n-limicc 
wa« upon Frtaco, wlirto Fmirin. Invinu m.w 
iMlMniMt iiuc)iildfi« ■ftermakiQC ])••&(« w iili 
tb(> «<np«rnr at Canibmv, wan quite willing In 
htour Ilia nolicv nrnJirhnnd. Ilenrr w^l 
of lIx-S'iitxivnri.aiKliii tli^)i|-nn|rRnd«tilnin«T 
(if lA-'tOolhur adunlit wrnt biiay cnrnipting 
tlie iinivifntlJMor n»rtb"m llalr. Inthi<i>n<) 
lliii kini; i>l>iaitii<<I,bnii()i'*nmuIlituil''ofiiuli- 
viil'lnl oi'iniiiiii.iWi fiiwrr ibancitflit ilirri.iiaiui 
tiddiT till- tvnU of i»»rnnl coTporntimiri ifi 
Fralwv iDil Ilnlr air*in>l lb; rali'litv '<t in«r- 
riafli- wilb a brottuir'* wif", and a^inst tliv 
raraprtxiu'y uf llie jtopt to diKpciue in aiicli 
a nm'. At Th« Miin« tiuiti ht> ir<>t ■ Innn' 
DUinW of Ibu perr» i>f bin own n-iiltn, in- 
rlii<iiiiif \V"Wy, Arrliliintmp Warbmn, and 
fourntlii'f bi'>ll'>|i»,iillJlHiiiltj--Ii>xi«bl)oU. to 
jiiiii in B iiwin'iriBl In ili.r ii'tiw iirtrino him tc 
Dfimply. wilb»iit further d«lu,v, wilb liia i*- 
ipiMl for a iliuuilulloii of IliK iiiitrrmp^. 

'nin opinioiu irf tlie f-irviirti iiJiiveTfiii--* 
wrr^niadin till' Hou*'<>ftViiHTinn>.30Miiri'b 
Kiitl, at till! eloMi of ibo pnrliiimitnlnry ■m'- 
aioii. anil ' iiIiovq an bundtv^d )ii>ol» dmwn liy 
dnct"" oC ulratijt* rruiniu ' worn itxbibitrd («> 
tUn iikti rll<-cl ; iifl'T wkicli Mfiiv, nR lord 

cbaDrrllur, bad lb* nnj^ralrfkl taafc ilB|aMd 
■toon hiai of telling the maiataw lo tvport bi 
tbrtr oMMliineatin utet Omy had m«ii and 
baard, to ibai a tnjgbt afnart&at itMUag** 
pnraadine* warn dtae bmcW tooaaaoMtMHu 
•cmnlM. M*«BwItil« Un kiB('aupnU*r«n 
wai^ny lbreMiaaalBoB«,nd DcntjwM 
ptciiriiiK furtbor opiniona tnm v»rio«* uni- 
viniliM to abow tliat hi- wna ao( boond to 
obff ihcpope'a dtation. Ho tw) pmcntvd 
opnioiM III Kone itwlf dMlariiiii ibal Itono 
watant a mIb place inmbich todidinrjudg- 
WBQt- On -11 Mbv, br bis dimrtinn, more 
tban tbtrtT lord* waitpil aikin the ijunii at 
Ltrnnwicb, and infotfniod bvt that be was 
dlaplenaed wrtb berfor baring canacd biin to 
b* cited to Borne. Tbelofdnat th^Mtne time 
Dr|:rd Im to allow ibr inattt^r brcwr«^ tbena 
to (■• vttkvl by arbitration. Tbta aplieal 
nu incffnclual, and in July fullnwiiis Umry 
finiiUr parted rampany witli ber. leaTnu[ her 
at WiimIbot wiibout Mriag adieu widle he 
went on to WooiUtock- 

lakni pUfv in ihal nitlinff nf ptrliaiBpat ( J»> 
niiJtry-Marrli ITiSI ) iu wbidi tbe opiuiixi* of 
tbo unit -Tiilin ireri> ri-od, Itefifiv lhi> opro* 
inirofthu Kaiion tbo altcrTi"i -viicral bail 
liei^in lo take action aicBinn lti<- binliofH, on 
the ground lliat tlicwbnlobHlyof iberli^y 
bad iaeiimd the pennlliaiaf prvmunir^ by 
acknovrledciM llu leRiktinv juritaUctiiui of 
Cardinal WoImj. [i oMmed Kirange to 

Eiinith tlinH>nibiaiMiT«Bliee|>wbeD l)i<-kin|f 
iiuwlflind ••■1)1 Trir anulbnrlegate from Itunii.- 
on lii« owTi iini<('iiil biLHDtvs. l.ogiral1y, Icj, 
it waa aMti that ■ boH of layoira who bad 
brought or TVf(iaad«d to miita in llw I*|i«tiii* 
c"Urt werojofll ai amenablr Intbc ttatiitna* 
ibe clirrgT. Tlip Iitirr. buiit-iibT, it wu rx- 
p>cted, would for |ieac« Mke bv slad to tviia- 
l>oiiiid for ibeir olEmcM, and tli« coiQiaofia 
wi>n- lo ffivi' tlieir a^Aialance to briiir lliwn 
to ihiiir knHw. Tlu' oniocKnon of Oanter- 
biirydid, incfl«-l, oRi-rnokiu than 100.000/. 
< to ih<- kiiib* unilur the munc of a fm- gtA, in 
the liojie that Iii! would day pmcecditijfi. 
Tlie Vtuf: intiniiili'd tluil he woutdaeoopCtlte 
{ttfl. and irmiii ibem a pardon of ibe prw- 
miiiiin' only on condition Ibnl iliey ■rknow- 
li-i1l[»rl biin RD «upr«ni« lieikd of llii? rhiircb of 
Kntttiitid. ThcftiTjiy ntonc^ withdrew lbi>ir 
oli'er. Afli'r louji di-bate*. bowpvi-r. and fr^ 
I ijitent maaMifii'tfrini (li<-IiiDK, lb<-y at Ivn^lb 
I nffrenl loacH'p) a pnrdon with iii<- acltnow- 
IciRiniriit n?i|niri'ii, ijuulifyini'. liowervr, ibe 
title of 'supreme brid ' by tlie wiiol* ' quan- 
tum pi>rChrUtil*f|cvin licet.' IVrlirtio'inl wriM 
thon afkcd to cnnQrm ifae pant'^i ; but tbp 
coatmoD* (onk alnmi al nmlini.' tlint (Ito 
Rpiritunlty were panlcmr'd niid ibc Inity ttill 

Henry VIII 


Henry VIII 

tiaUc li> pcnall)-. The sjxNtkvr w a* anil to 
nittlie Btrcmg rcaoanalraiicM to i\» king, wlio 
it^liixl ttul be miald not be (liciikt«a to, m 
fan Biif(i( ban juudoMd ilw clnrgy fainuvlf 
witbnatcoaMuliingilMdii. TbnkiiixpnjM.-nl1ir 
4ipP««M<l tlw! fcrmdiil by m-iidttij; n iii!pant« 
'{Wtloii f« the luilr. ^■ 
^Tlw cwnocnliou of York eat h little l»U'r, 
Add with mucli rtluciiuici! affreed lu hiiv tUo 
hiiif't pardon anil i<> ivco^i^o IiU lir\>ii>hi]> 
in the OMne DMCnrurmt thiil of (Aiilirliun: 
bBddoo»,ibo»glii>nlhi^litti<-r«ubjn'i Ituhoy 
Tttnuall of Ihirluin pmU'ni'il, at limit lu to 
Ihw niDbiRUit V of lllu lifk. h-al il oliiUllJ bt- 
■uppdfcd lu i-oiifcr siiiiiluul Jurisdictiim (in 
tlie kii^;- llenry tooK thiii n'iii«n*erun(H' iti 
good pan, sikI wrul«i to TmiMsll in niiiirrr 
W hi» objtKtiofi", hintiug, hovry-vitr, ihat ihi- 
bUbop, wboon thoMil^ocI of thedivoroTliiul 
adviiou him lo confonn hi* f on>ci«iiL-L- to I hai 
of thf majorit;, ini(;bt on the huiui' inincipti^ 
Ii»v<i flcquioBCFi) in thf- riwoluliouof thpcun- 
i'ociitioii of Canlerbuiy. It wtun'hurnrtin'iHlii:' 
of Hi'nn- ilicis lo UKi-t ur);iim>-iii by nr^ii- 
nkeiUj/liui hi»i int'tiiiiiii wm Iu xuljdun nil 
jtpmt of rrsiiirniiri- in thii rbiircli, and it nan 
^bv Ilia *rcn-t inilig^lion ii<-sl yvat Ihut tfai' 
iToitM of Common* n^rv onctmratjwl lo jin- 
ftr lo litm (licir L-cicbrati'd 'BU|Ji)licatioii 
■^oai tbi' (irjinarit^.' 

Tbia yrab a «amplatnl of th«i mr>d« of pto- 
wdiirv ill «piriuial ooun», of t\\f cicnMivi; 
fr<'* laki^ii for prohalMi, and of tlii' uiteliarit- 
■bji- dnntraiwur of kooii.' of l!iir bishop*, with 
• pilitioji ihnl llii'v ihould Ih.' mailu lo diib- 
IHil iboii Iawb I" (lie kin;,' nml obW his ttaeal 
to ibein. It WH3 i<t«nni(('d lo (h« liiiiK uii 
|K Slairb IA3^, ncixiniiiunioil b,v ani>tli«r 
petilioa. wkU'h wiin luiich nior>' gKniiiiii* ami 
spnnlani^do, ilmlrine ibal lie u'oiilil now di»> 
lujliv jmilinnicni olid Itl thi; mi-tnlwri Mvini 
lo tli«r own b'liii's. Till- kinn mpliod 
IpmfotT ibnl on rhi.- ijiir-itiun b^twcfn them 
ftod Ibu |)rvUl«i bi> vi'iiiild hina botli sitK-x; 
btit it was v<>rv incixiMM^-ul lo H«h f-v im- 
mioliuir wl«*i^ mVn ilii-r w^rti pnlitioniitk; 
for Tr>.lrr«i nf ifTinvnni'Ri. MonxiTW, he lind 
ai-iil tlinii • IhII i-<>iic>'niiiiK v-nrdo nml primet 
unHti, lo tvili/iil<^ thv loteof f<iidat (tili-<> viif^ 
lain"l by ibi- rruwn ihroiif^li thi' l<'pil ilcvicc 
call«d ' lini-6 ' for n illin;; nuay laiiOn, which 
hill 111- l.■.\7"l^(x! ibiim to j.u-a, o^hi^rwi^ Lh 
wiMild ' ft«n;l] ouf Ih'- rxlr-nnily of tlie law,' 
■ixl'llQl '>t1rr again in fiivoAMbtn a compro> 
•<i<i,> \-, .!-ii,- uf iliii thn-at ihi' cotnnion* 
■ 11, Tlwy wvrc,howi;vor.eoiii- 
1 ";,iiin aftri ICaaltfT, nhilu Ilwiry 

nfffmil tbnr '•unptkalioii' to ibu bishopi 
in rciB vocal win, nbo T«li>ni«d a verr Ivin^ie- 
mlu ri-iily. I'arliaitinDl was nl the Mmeliinyi 
Belu?<l lor nid to f'itiitj llir U'riliirb imniiwt 

, ibi- Scot*, on which tn'o tnooibFni gui<> ex- 
prminoa to the ifi-ncml iliscont«nl, Glaring 
lliu tliv Si'ol* could do no harm without 
forvi^ aid, uid that if ihv kins "'"aid lako 
back his wifeiindciiltiviiii>frii'iid!y n'laiioiu 
with ih«? MniHimr tlw pt-uri- of tbe country 
•una Mxnie. Iluinr no-i uiiifh dUplfaara, 
n^bnUnd iho cjiniudUN for niriJdling with Ilie 
tlirorcv i^iicslion. n-hicb wot [iiircly a nmttw 
of i-cclimiiitticnl law, mtd tiiiiK'd timl il di«- 
pi,-i»kd iijiiin him lo n'dni*'' llii-ir grii'YHiicfii 
ni-aiaai llif cbiifi'h. On .10 April In- u'ni for 
I tic sp«lu--r, and huodud hitn Iho Muwer of 
t be bishoiu for I bu boii«! to coiwidn', aav- 
inir tliat he tliou^lit it would lurdly aatiiiy 

lln II Mmy U- tignin «i<iil for the *peiO(er 
nnd iwvlvi* of tbc cmimmi, und i'xpoiiiii)i<d 
to Ibi-U) n ui-w gricvoiifi' be bud diacotviwl 
ii(;niiMt Che rburcb. Spiritiiul uii.-ii wcm but 
Lnlf hii subjii'ls ; ihi'V took aiKiolli of obcA 
dit^aci- to lilt' pupo a^ ntdl as To liimMilf, oiidi 
the two i>ath« were iiicoiiuetont wilb cacl^' 
oibor. ilii bud uln-udi' lakcti oaie M«p ib>> 

i dav bnfoni In n'mcdy ihi> mnllcr by laying 
In-fore tlieconT'M'alion of I'antcrburv certain 
articlodtai^L-dlodi-'privi' the church tbouM- 
I'orih of nil (lowcrof ayiMdical urlton wilboat 
hin i-xpmM pcrmiuion. Aud us tbo Uooie 
of Coin tii oils wA« ibmiaatigated to inivrfcN 
with Ili(>>r Hlu'rli''4lhoc1cnTaawi1iat it vaa 
iiM'litu to n^iai. On ibe Kiih ilx'y nindc a 
full tnbmiuion, anil ibui lb<- fryiiloni iff ibo 
church of Knsliind cnini.' to an I'lid. .Mon>, 
whohad long Wnilia«nili.Kpd with iholiinji'a 
pronwdiu^H. sIniiKblwny iVMKnrd Ibu )(wut 
wnl oiidriptiTcd frtitu imbliv lifr. 

A laonTli lM-fot%.' this Friar Telo had 
|>nniiicbi.ul U'forc lli-nri dt f tr««nwicb, waru- 
to]! him thnt be wiu iimvrilling Iii^ cmirii 
bv piltlinj; ilwiT tiU wi(i> and rnd<nvoimn(( 
to raariT Anno ll..>loyn. To corrrrl tbf mi«- 
rbicf onr of ibi- royal i-fauplnin* wua scl iu 
pivflch in ibr name placv next Hundny, ntid 
uau'twlirlei) Pt-lo. Oa this anolbtfr ttint 
jiani-il Kl'iowvi at Olio- implied in rolo'4 
lii^inlf, nnd in II<-arvV pirwnre ib'nii-d tlw 
ilnli'iQiinl tlial nil thi> iuiiYrr«ilini were in 
fa^Tour of bis ditoroe. Hi-nrj- wna iiileniiely 
aiik'ry. and had U>lhth<.- friars nnvtitrd. Bill 
although he bad hiBuwDpn-Hicbemlo r*i forth 
ibcnultity of marriagcwitbabrol tier' ti willow, 
h(> dill not convert ibe peojile to hia liewa, 
^^'bcD h* moTci] about tluiv imuld clasniv- 
•tii»lT uifio bin to taha bat-lc Cnilwritii>, mid 
ih'iwiimetKpoiiuiDMilliniily of Anix- llolryn. 
Thi-- pop«, too, wa» lakin); notice of hin mwo- 
daloiu procei'diiij's and, iiol content wii li t wo 
brief* alrtodv iM»«l lo rt'itrain him from ■ 
second BiarrtK(K' whilv bU 'uil Mmained un- 

[ ilccided, cioiit him yrt a lhiid,djili<d lb Nor. 

Henry VIII 


Henry VIII 

1IUC.*, cnmniKDilitiir kim l» <k»»> fnun en- ' 
ktbiiintt with Anm-, ** !>•< wiw lli<-n cloine. 

Mil! to tticf Wk Cndurrinf, on |ain of fX- 
manititiiation, Itul niMir_v,vri»)iiiiKli •!>'"' 
tb» pnpe (list In- li*il ■ klruii^ n]l,v in FrniicU, 
•nanc"! for mi iiitirvicw ni CnUi* iii»1 IWi- j 
logniMii OcIoIht, anil wlii^ tli^-y m>>!, KmicU 
Ngri'iid I" mii-iDiInli) nllli lii> hnliiirxt. | 
^oe Bolnvn, Im, now m'tilfd Mntvliioti'-u i 
oS PoBobroko, wvi «| tliia inU'n'ii.-n*. nii'l it I 
w«a Chr4 b^ Mine thnt llvnn* wnuld haw.- ' 
mMTiitA htr ni nare. ' 

•^ Till' dmiU of AivlibiHlinii Waihuni in j 
Aii£iii>l IM-J lutl,ini]nr(l,niit<irllKnrT'<nl>ir<'t ] 
■omcwbiil •'a'i'T of ntlfliniudiit. The kicik , 
iKiminnlnl n i>linl)l'-«iiPfi:«of,i'fnnnn'r,i>n'l, | 
uiKj'iluuf llii.-iliiin-^ntnllii.>liuclyti iH-rsialcDUy | 
tliuwil f(jt rh<- hulv »i-e, roiilun-a In nuui-nt ' 
the pa]H> Id pftu tlui new ■rctibisli"p'i- uliIIh ' 
irilhoiit iniiMinfrupoii pymviitof fmt-fniitn. 
Ill' IimI, howi-rcr, n prMMical iir]iumi>iil in ' 
broiir of ilii- r«|ivi"t, whicli wnnnf «in*ldrf- ' 
Ml! ■wrislil. I'nrlinmrnt hnii nlr«/!y <i»ciy»-il 
tbnt al) jinymuni of (int-friiltn lo Itoniv 
thiMild rvMsr. Tlii" WHi ■ nii.-iinuru piuwil 
oM^Di-ititj in the iulviwts ofilii^ biHli(i|i« mxl 
cleivy, lo ivIteTvilirai from tiii-vDiia inii>»»i- 
tioa* at ibc Twrr time wlico oiher nuact- 
noDlK wcrxi mmihI io rvolmin their libfrtitui. 
It w-rnl pmuly tlrniiiffli ilin lordu, bm wii» ', 
atroiiftlj- oliji-cUtl In in Ihii oommooi, wln-rc 
It naminly (Maped ibipTrrecIc, llioii^li tlii! 
DuIm <i( S'trtatk taii»ToaroA 1o jn-rnuatlv 
ibc pafxl iiiiiirio tlini it lia<l l)cuu |iuwc] 
I'litirply bc^inM tli<- hint;** will, To jnVTeiit ■ 
nUM of tri-amin' piing yuiilly out of llip 
Toclm. liii ii[or«iion, liowovnr, wm" to h- 

tiuprnileil ilurinj- ihr kingS plcamiv, iillil H 
cant til tijuici' r'f itc puttiinil oiitrbt still bi- 

tonilittnl if tin.' jxiih.-'m C'lmlncl gnvi- tliu 
in|;Wt*farlioii, llimryViir-ntiiEiilwiieiuitch 
dnMli-d ill tlx' pni'Dl i-oiirl ; lint «t Ipii^ttli 
(33 bVb, l-''i,t») ihi> bull* witv »]m-i1 in ibe 
w«v tlmi li" iltiitid. 
Jiini In'foiv ibiK, on iTi Jnn., Henrv h«/l 

•ecrvlly nmu> Uiruuf;li tli n-tnony iiriiiar> 

ri«ei' «illi Amip Uol.rTti, ii fiwl wliich «■*• 
notditulc*"! till l'^al^r.wli0>i shr wu knovm 
to be witTi I'liil'l, On A A)int n ilM-iiifio w«s I 
oblninoil in onvuPAiioii hmi mrrif^d. Ww- 
onw.witboiit •omi' <lift»>'iii la^'Biii'-i tli" power 
of iltHpirntin;; for mmriayvwitli n lirollier"* 
wiiiriu'. I'lirliuinmt wi« nUi. iniliif-'J, nfli-r 
ilig np|M-nl» to Ibffniin of linmi'. Thcrotii' 
- mom wer>> afrnid if t)ii^ klnuitoin wcrr Uid 
_lindi't intoTiHcl tliel ttie wool tnidwitli tin.- 
Low Counlrii-t would b« Slojiwd; but llii-ir | 
Brnipli.-* wrn- pot ovof, ■nil tner puiued ibe 
bill. (.^nuiHirf thi-a, im (irvli!>i«lirt]i, obtjiiniHl 
Inve to lUlennine llie kiDg'" nuilrimoninl I 

uau^. «tKl Dti Ua 3I>.T at Dumtablv In- di- 
i^lkrcv) llf-nrr* nurriitj^f vith [Vlhi-rini- intia 
in\itlid. Firr dnii Lnmln-lli, lie pivp 
t^llnict- 1 lint tlwtnarriafFaln-adyn'Dlracleil 
lii'Tu'nin thi.' kiiiR and Ann'.- Boii-tii wn* 
valid. .Kill)" HA* iIm-11 cmwiiiid a" i|ii^>n 
oil WhiliniMlay, 1 Jobp. Thi'n'Upwi lun- 
ti'iicr tifi'^mmmuniciitinn wat nuwcdaptiait 
Henry at Itotoe, 1 1 July. wtiiU be. bavins 
[I'Tilliini; uixn- to i'\]h.-cI frxm tbo pope, Km 
lirii <!ai- IjL-foTr ■.' lli«acl bMiIikIiIb]* 
aiiiinl--? by ivitvrx pnli-nl. lit! iiuiriroi-er 
mii^ihI noniii-r lo iiiiimaie to ht« lioliwiv. 
nlio vnu lli>^ in France, an anpiiat lo ibn 
next fti-ni'nilrixineil.althiKiKb 111* bad liilbntto 
lr<«i<Hlu*ilti<y>nti-mpI Ihepopr'nowninliiiM- 
tinn of aiicb acoiiiieil. Ilccnlleil CatberiiK 
' IVineem-dolraf^-lof Wutea.'and wlimAnM 
IVilAya, iti St-nleinlvfigni^- binlitoadauah- 
ler (■flom nrdii Queen Kliwlwtli), hr ne- 
privi-d hi* ••ibfT iliiiiiiliTi'r, Unrr. of the title 
cf jirinrf**. tri'iirinK '■•*r n* a banlnriL In 
Xoii.mhpr ln'caiiird KtiDiU-iliHnrton'ii.T.], 
tlie *Niiii of Kent,' an shi- wnii nnprilnrly 
luiiueil. to be armted. alnni,' witli Kcvrral 
■■tben wbubad ti^t^xHl Ioli"t(IvniinL'intioiis 
of 111* conduit t'.>wiinl» Ciiilicrine atid l»^ 
boslili^ [inipli«et<-< : hiuI tlioii^li bit own 
juilp-t itfclin(-d toflDil llicii] ((iiiltir of trcojton, 
he liad an net nf nttninilrr piiMcd af^nat 
thi'in in jmrlinnicnl wirly next yeor. 

Atilicipatinjt non an aOv«rsn decition at. 
iConii- in iboli>n)^pi'iiJiiii;<liv(<roe#iiil.lIenry 
««idu«roun.'d to tieiitmli"- it* "•(Tv^t Worv"- 
luuid l>y [I'piidint inic tite aiilhoril.y from which 
it rame. llin enumnl ilticniul ibat Iimio*- 
fnnh thi' jiopc abi'iild hr mlledonly 'biiLnii 
of Itotiio.'ntidpnriiniiK'ni.baTinjtrecLawnblMl 
in .Iniiiiflry l.'iKl.amiiHn) ■ new (cbeOM for 
tln-iip|ioitiiuirni ofbinli-'ps wiilimii Tcfrn-ncii 
til tlii-liolrfti-.lop'ilu'r wiih«ii<^w*yM^inof 
welcjiiiMirnl np[»oil-. whifii w^ri'lo bi' ht'iinl 
ill Ibe Idst iintniM* by tb'- co.irlof diiincc-ry 
or onimimiotirtit acnmiiiled under ihe gf^at 
nenl. Iltlirr iicls billowed for the iiWilJon 
of nil imjKiil.i Icvtnl by the wv of Ifoine unil 
for til* comj>!el'- abrrifpitioii of the ixjik''* 
uulhurily. Tbi'lnHi of ibeM* •'tmirliiii'nl^ find 
It'll vt-i piMM'd ibi- llou*!.' iif Iiordn when tin* 
|K>pi' on '':l Marrb at lent^h pn->noiinred lb" 
innrriairi- with C'ath<-riD« Tn lid, and all tlii* 
protvrdinei bofon- Cranmrr null. But tin- 
»enlcoce caihk Ion Intr to nfieel eilbt-r leifi»- 
Inlioii or jtidirinl (ids in Kn^'Und. Another 
nioti ini|Hirlaiit tilnMilt- pn^■ed wtu the act 
• if tiiccewioK, rntailinfi: inn crown npon th* 
children of )l<>nry and Anne TloWn. and 
coTujii'llinii nil thi> kinft** lubji-cta to iwntr 
to it* lenoiir. Aboil! a forlnichl after ila 
ennclnimt thitnntb wiun'fWM-'l by Mon- and 
Fieher,wh<iwi-rvtb«TeU]Macotiinii1ltd totlitr 

Henry VI 11 


Henr> Vm 

TowOT, till- lartrT liAvitiErJiiMlwruir' botiii ul- 
uinli^i b;r lurUnrDfiil <>1 miapritioii in con* 
ni-ctiiin irilh rhi> Nun of Kviil. Aloiijc Willi 
ibeni also n-na impruoni-d Ifr. Nu-liolu Wil- 
soti, fonoi-rlT thi' kiii(('" corift-aKir. 

UtTU TM tlip Mr>TTimi:i- from IEimiu- wiu 
BOKXIIDplvIe.aiiJtK'rorv Ibi-nuwraul'tlip |iupul 
sentPiMV arriiTil a drBiivntli- vffori in'm* In 
liBvo bi^n milr in [la/liumr^it lo Liuliii-e tlir 
|i'>;>niiii|I fiirlh«r to differ ii' 'if«tti-. All (lie 
rnnrlmnnt* Hg»inft ih" jinjiiil sutli'.niy woro 
(II li- proi inloniil. tm Tar iIiaI rlir kinc nilitlil 
lUiiiuI <ir luodify itH-ai hdfnni Mi<iMimini^r 
lUv if iImi \io]k iliii whnt wiu di-irrd nf liiui. 
W It)) tills pnivim piLrliii luciit wiw pn)iiii;iiiHl 
oil SCtMarcli lo rnvt-t niraiii in .NovvnilnTnaJ 
C'lmnU'lii lilt- work. McnnuHitc tllv hiutf 
dill bU timt 1" flrvnyllirii liib nlliiuio* "'ilfi ' 
l''tuiict, iinii loKlrik" li'iTor iulo hi< •ulijriTlii 
•t liiiiiiL- Uy ih" «x»i:uiion of tb>- Nun iiml 
hvT a<ttiifivuts (Ltt Ai-rill. Km-h llis|in|B 
Utniinpr niiil 'I'untTnll mid Arclibulioii I,re 
<IX|»vtiHl to U- i''^iilIiiTtt<d to Ihi? TowiT. 
I'n*ni-lnr4 mvn" ijjjioiiiU'il lo revila lliu jnj|«- 
and 'Villi ill" kinir's mu>«-, aai alt oiliei' 
pi>lilir4] ]in-in'fiiii|i; viiit siU'lu.'iii, whilr vv.'rv 
cli^r^rtDiin inllic timdand nvvry monknilhin 
bin iiioiUJiFTT ynu rntnpntln) In »iBii a il^ 
elnmiioii lliut ihu ' bULopot' Itumi.' ' luul no 
auTt! aiilliufity in l-jit;Uiid ihiin any nllii'i 
foraifcll lli«)Mp, And li-Al llicrrlih'ionM'Tttrrt, 
wbOH nenlH-n'luid ii#llittii; tu Id"''. fWiliL 
praninitmciabV.nll ibi- Toiiranlcriiof rrian 
w«tu placed b}' royal authnrity iinJiir iln' 
MDlruil of two awn wh'i i^imlil be d<-[H-nii<xl 
ait aa vuilnn. Dr. (JmrRw lirwwnii , ij. \. ', jirior 
oT Uie Au^Minitto lii-nnit.i. niiil Ilr. .lulin 
Ilitti'V ~<t' *'''• ptvivlncinl of (lit' BWk I'Viiin. 

Jlmi BinNiin niid -Ojiliislry, Imvfi-n-r.wi-n? 
nol HiMiu;;!!. Iii.Iiiii(>!wi> (-iirl-!<~«id-'i>r fViHrn 
vrrift |iikrk»il iff lo lli" Ti)W*t, mid liilur in 
Ibi! ycnr it vnu found odvinablc In itipprr** 
<iBe ordi-r of frian ciitiridy, iIm- n.-f<inDi-<l 
oHerof I'nuiciKiino cnllvd tbu Uljwi\*iii< 
Tliit rrciiMiita wrn- tnosfenvd it> uibvr 
houai^ lockud lip M priKinere, and ]ilac«] 
1b ohtiiM. Ev«n Qiiiva Cnili*4'iiii> ond ll»- 
Princ*M Msrv were wanii^ Ibnt lbi>j HintKl 
IB ilatig^of dimlb if llii'y n-ftiwd dinrknnw- 
alMl ihu oiliiT a baolanJ i but Dcitlu'r noiild 
obey, ud niriiiiai ili<-t>i at lua*! tbo kiiiR diil 
nottUiv carrj: out bin ihrvnia. In Novi-mber 

CltMUMt fliet flgain, aud first of ail roo- 
inl tho act of coBroOBlioo ^MtUriiis lbi> 
km^ •iiprpmo bi-ad of iImi cbiircli, n iiiti' 
viliich ir» iin I'l Jan. follflwin)! fmnnally 
■d>l'-il to tlic ruyil alylr. Tlio oath Inkfii to 
ibi' Mircvwiun act vnurali(i«l.«oil|HiiMltiEs 
iiilltrtol <ia rrfiiHal. TbOM> firM-fruil« and 
tvnibs of bvovliow wbicli buiil b«i^B vritlibcld 

fruin tbe |kim> mm granted to llut king, 

■ad a cnwplute laltuilioii of w-cluMUiitnl 

pnfotty WM onh'rpd to Mvnr^> ilivir dii« 

I rxd(tion. .V very h-tctk lair waA poMed 

. a|[aia»l livnion, wbicb wu made to inuluife 

' ciiDins tbv kinu li'-rvlic, nDcl own wishinit to 

il-'l>rivi.- biiuor Anix) Ibileinur ihcir bi-ira 

I 111' tl>>' roi«l di^nilv. lErnry Vfu,> ut<o Viilnl 

II Mfw >jt>it<ly. iiii<l UlU of itlaind'-i' ii^'mnat 

l''i»bi-r,MoTv, 1(11^1 tltolvurlnf Kildnri' liocaaiv 

I liiw. 

Ni'Xttntrl IKt.^Jnll Ibi* l*«iii|nlivi> tyranny 
L'liiiif mill fiil! oppiatioa. So inmpjiorliiblo 
ita.' ibf |>nvitii¥t ihut iKWTvl ini>»ivH wen- 
t>-tit. Iiy Wifmi; uoblfini-ii tn th<> lOipfrinl 
MBibaudiluM" I til bull tlint tbuii«indii would 
mvlcoiiU' iin ints-ioo by tli<f i-nipefor to nr- 
< lii'vi- tlwcioiiiry fri'is opiiivcioti. TiMen- 
Ivror. boH-cfr, dill ika huh bU vmy lo inl^tr- 
I'rri', and in April ll>r lirtr judicial nmco»d- 
injfs wun- iiikirn uKainil lienipr* of ilw royal 
BUpreiDHC}'. I'nor lluuf;'''*"' "' ''"^ XiOnoon 
<*linri<>rli->u«-, nilb ibv h<-nd«Oif iwo otber 
bdiiM-k of ibi^ *iiuii- nnltT. II monk of Sion 
iinniial Dr. ICryo-iUU, ami Jnlin Ilal^', vicnr 
I'f Ifl-'wonb, nirn- <vD<li-niiu-d mid biiicbt>r^ 
vi-iibn bniialityrvi'nbnynndlbatnfurdiDary 
cUvcuiiutu fir inniMin. A ftiw wwk* wuri- 

■lluWi-d to •.-lupM.' to tnr vilmt itnpnvnOn 
ibi'ir foi'- woulil maki^ uin Fiibcr and Mora 
uiid lb>' Killer ni<iii)w uf ibi.- L.>>iidon lliarlirr- 
lioijM-, Tlif two fornirr wi'r*- ijiipcikiMid in 
tliF Tovi-i'r vlirihrr tliroy wouIil nori'itt tba 
tiiynl siipn'miicy. itnd won- iirniiin"-d for r«- 
fii-iiiB. TbriT of Ihi- I'liHrii-plioiuw moiLka 

trit'il alon.- Wilb |-'inb<'r wrn- bntiRi-d und 
ipiurlt'ri^l on 11* Jiinir; Finlici liimwlf WM 
U-liruil"d >'ii i'i and JIuiv on II July. Tll» 
lii>bi<iiii wvri' ai llii- MiiiK> lull-.' mjuined lo 
prmrli lbi> mynl •iiprf'iu»-t <<tpry ^unilay 
and fi-ot iliiy anil m tauii' rb>- |it>pi>''' uainii 
1(1 I < craH-d Itmn liookii of I'lrij kind. 

Fivlicrbatl U-vn civottd n iwnliiial by tlio 
IK'W iwp^. I'aul IK.nliortty U.-fur« bUduatlti 
and 111* i-.\<:citi ion wiu llif notiit alTroiit 
Jlii-nr) bnd i:ii>ni to tliu boty ^w. Tlii.' pupo 
iniiur-liil-'lT wrcitir to ihf diiri-rvni princ«e of 
KiirojH' intimating bi* inli<iil.inn to dvprivo 
llpnry of liia kingdom, and ukinu tliRir aid 
Im )^tti dITccI to llir wnli-br(>. Ili( onjCflt 
ho"i-»*-r. wa» Ml "■ l-'rancif I fully 

ackiKin li^df'rd \' irtyniid iMUbnntr, 

but cvuld nut Bti'ii'i i>< ^iiv up ml«b Ml idly 
iintd Iv luulrtcotvrrd AlilaB. TliooDtPMor, 
ibin rDeasii) in t b*> ronqitnl of Tutiifiknaw 
. tiMi ni'll ibal any nclion on bin \»M would 
Qioki' IvnsUul I'unibiiif wtlb l''niUM ai^oat. 
biiB. llcDtT. ub'iv diploiiiacy had lauctit 

Inxb pritirr:' !■> trroftmiw tll« BM<d of ■!• 
fnviidship. wB-t mi'nnwbdi? aniiouc to win 
<iivr til* proli'TiABinof (IpTiuaay.and iniitod 

Henry VIM 


Henry VIII 

Jieluiclliun lo HdkImiiI. Ue would eer- 
lAinlf tiHi i> (»iuf , R« l.iitl»?r adnaed liun to 
do, notwiihfiniiding tIi-^ •jjainut wilb wlMcb 
OTen pnii4atnnt» rv^ardnd H<tiiTT'« mM, hiit 
bn woi furbiddwi liy ihn irlm-tor of Soxour. 
Ilrury BrwJrdinglr iifiii fn*.-rdivinM to r!«^ 
mniiv to nre bow hr iinilcd nt'tiiin was foa- 
■ibb* on iiiallen "f religion i»:i wr^n liiiii nnil 
t\» Snulctldir l^-n^iiv. l:nTit-, ImnKiver. 
in tbe cixiTu* "f u ft}ir mn:iili<i <fii3l>lisl him 
lo diBm»iu> tiiili thfir ats.imnni'i'. 

]>iiriii|( t !tR liittiT Imlf ')f l'»3-> i irtxry vimli- 
catml biini^wviprvmnrvorrr Ibf diurcli by 
■pi^nlins & royal Tiu<itlinn''<f ilip diuiius- 
UTiMrOrtuv univ-.TKitim.undof ibt-clmivli hI 
liug«,iabibiting Ihv bisbo^ai tli*' ftani- rimp 
frome.TerciwiiKlln'irfiniciiiwiiniil pncbbnd 
obtdinfid fTomhim&tiC'Ki'IoiIiDcluiracllirm. 
TTin fliidiof nt Oxford nnd ('nmbridci! wcm.' n.- 
modidlf d, nnd n mwaiof infirniutinii.of »try 
doubtful rrvdibilllr, wm roUii'titi {in to lb-- 
tUlbyund nbomiimblL- liTm i>f lhi> iiimit-^orti 
lKTg«iiuiiilH-ri>f Ibi! muuHHterim.ns'fl't'llH* ibo 
«dpt'rptiti(iii»wVii<Jilbiiy ijiii-oiirfipv.!. Strict 
injunclioiii^. niiil<> IniiuHuiliU' •'( oIiutthikt, 
HNO »1m> laid dotvii hy tlio vixilinn i whoiw 
own chnmcfMi" wonld not bmr ninch in- 
•pection) for tliu future n-inilation of ibtw! 
boa»e*,wilbiliei>x|irmtitijpct of compuUiii): 
euplicBlions lo TliomtiM dmuw^'lt 'ij. T.J. <u 
Ibp biiu,''a vi(^t^tvut, for dispciiMlWiM. In 
the following- «priiigl)i« ]«rliiim''nt, wbirh 
hod lir«l law ninrv thnii lix yriirK Itrforr, 
NgtinliMHl its Iwt HcsciciR by friving iho Irinit 
tbc poiucfiiioiu' of every luonnnlnry wliii^b did 
UOt priiiiniii u rrriTiiue of 'JOtM. n T«ar, 

Oa 8 Jail. lo^tOCalhi-riiiEof Arnwoii died. 
)iiid llmry. wbu bud li>%a sorioufly afi^aid 
IfiMt iln' ■.■mMrar would malie w*r un Knfc- 
luni! in hi'r imbnlf, expmunl bis dolijibt ni 
llic nvfnl bv divHing in yi'How. Anne 
Ibilnndid li!niwi»c. K<i»™ wem now i-otcr- 
tnim-d for the I'rinpeM Mnry.whownn bntiul 
bv jViiuf JiuU-yn. IhuicIhi btini; in dttn^rr of 
Uie U.W for rvfiuiiig to Bckiiowl«d^ tlir 
tiUliitr wli»r*'liy h\» vriL« inad^ k bnritard; 
nnd (vcr^i jiIud« wrv laid by ilie iiii[ierial 
ambMHidor, in cnticrt wilii [>er*<>nii iii tb>' 
on thr wan*-. t)n 2 liny ahc wns BrrBitw, 
nnd njiiry of pttir* found ber jniJUyif inceni 
■wilb Iier 'iwu brother nnd vrimuwl iiilt-r- 
cuiirM n'iih otbpr courtfere. Sbe was bo- 
beaded on tbe lOth. a[id li«r mppo»ed ao 
oomplicw two day* bvfon- [*w AsxB,l WT- 
189o|. ll(ir removal wa^i i-uppci^d to lend 
111 Ibn rpitnrntion of thi> IVinw** Mnry to 
ber pbicp in ibc unecnuion. On the day 
(20 Slny) nfier Aneti's rxopulioii the kinjt 
was furuiolly bvtrotbed toJonu Beymour; 

tlie imcria^ wb« ptimtlely perbnaiid ti 
d«JS lotW. As for ibfl PrinMAs Blary. tl 
king tgr w d to take ber a^^in into fnv: 
onh OB condition tbat »li(> would acknoa 
|pd;;e iliv nidlily of bin marTiai^ to 
nolber.Dndailibiii pardon hurabty forliuvill 
«■ looj; witlisloixl bim. Tlicw rrpulaiv.-col 
dilionn tbr II n hnppy youtif; woman fflt roo 
p-li'.-d li>si«xriil. 

OtiK.liin,'* n>'W mrltamenl mH andlinud 
nxlinRuiahwl (mpnl autbnrily uiED;.'laijd. 
m;w nc'i of aurreuion wait also pmachI , dwlarii 
I lie isitienf hoib llrnrT'i" fnniwr ijiihi^ds illi 
ptiniiili', nnd '-ntailinfr tbi- rmwit upon b 
iMni^ In'.loTh- AeyuHiiir. A miKil tuiiuiial pn 
viHinn nng »ddi-d, <'nil>linB ibe bing himwli 
in default of •iiidiiMU«,t4dM[MHvoftLveron 
by will, and il wa« said that be iulead 
puttinff bin bntt^rd »i>n, th« Duke of Jtie 
mond.into Ihi' raeenmion brfoiw Marv. TL 
duhr, buweOT. died on 2S Jalv M^K, fli, 
■tap- after lliol brief parlinoii-nt bad bomdiiri 
Milvi'd. Cvn^ouiiioQ at ibciHune liitMdnnl 
np n (•■! of nrt wIm of ivli^^'ioa, nud declared 
at^inut ibi- rif;bt of ibo popv to santmon « 
Itf-neral pounnl wiibouc tbo aHOBt of Oluia- 
tinn princes. 

In the beRinninfi of Umober l.VtS a rein 
liini broke mil in Linoolnnliiriv wbrn ll 
cutumiMioiierH for Itrvyin^ ibe nubiidy came 
lo Oaiaior. Ilalml of tn'prt-Hiive taxation 
wnsjoinwl to di(.)ik<i of lunovatiori in relf" 
ginii nnd nf tbf *iippiv«^i<in of inonaBlen.«[ 
wblch bad nlri'itdy madoMBie pronnw. H 
Duke i)f SuUblk uuj< KMit down in liaslot 
Ijiicrddnliire, wbil« the Karl ofi^brvwVbar 
niitiri[uiii[i(: ibe kilifr'i eommaBdji, ordomd 
loi al subject* to nicvt bin at Noitinttban and 
inarcli sfaiiMt tli? rvbels, llie king btDMclf 
al«" nrnpowd to tak* the Sold. Tli* nM 
nfti'rWmgwnmsd by Ijinotaii^rbtratdlui 
bund, alio wi'd n diMioaiiinn intnbmii.aiid 11 
niuitrr nbteh )hc uinir bad inlendnl to takn 
ntAmptluIlIiiidUi-nalrendf rxiunlemiandnl, 
wliMi It iraif'<und lliat tbe uuumtctian, now 
oall'-d ' lli*i Pilcriuia^^- r?f Ciraee,' bad cpread 
in n niopi> ibivftlf-iiing Atuvf !•> Yi.irkahini [iC~ 
Am r„ Hoiimit]. The Dnke of Norfolk, wl 
had b.'en lenl norlbnard*, f<ll it n..-t« 
to make lenus with the reWU on 27 
and promiBf them a luariti^ for thiiriMn 
plniiits on th'-ir senduifc up two d'<puli» i 
tbe kind. Henry received ibeae men, ai 
aArr much delay di«niiswd ibem wilb 
diplomatic annwer, and a cooferciMei 
If>id-<r« on both eideowaa arraii]^ 
cn*1cr for R Idv. Tliera alto llw no 
ciMvy aiHomblRd in n nort of conTticntion ' 
conrndrr the stale «f reJi^n. The kinji w| 
wamad both by Norfolk and Suffolk tlint it 
wonld be abiolutcty tteertiauj to gruii a 

Henry VIII 


Henry VIII 

gMi-nU jMrduii, and wlille lie LMmiilAiiKHl at 
their linitil roiini'-ls. ht atithntin-A ilivm 10 
urucUun oiie. Ili> al*n iii\iiiHl A»kt' toron- 
W u'iih liitn. 

Afkv rniiii> to eoiin 011 aiwiiniiwr nf jwrdou, 
■nd t<n rc|in-«.-iitiDf;l" *'■■-' Iiiti|{tliu<?nuwiior 
tlitfuiili-cl, wiiii(IUiuiM«l witIi II [itMiuiw (hut 
lleiirr wuiililji^i iliiwn I') tIk.- iiurlb. huvc ili<* 
<|iimii i-ruvriiei] ai Yoih. mill chiiiii> n fri"' 

KiilinniMit (<> b(i bold«n> iti \\'liit*Uiili<le 
T iti« r*Jmw of i[ri«%'iincm, vhilo convoco- 
lioiinliniilil'it al tlwHilortiliK^lo n-tllcquu- 
tjim<alfrrli[i|ilbi-fliurt'li. U'iClitlliaillOMaige 
A<l!i-t'mltnv'nir<-<lioi)iicil'rtliL'i«.'uplf. Tliej, 
liowevi-r. liaJ uravi- uuubi* of tlip kiDg'sKOOd 
fiulli,and inJsiiuan' l*iIt7Sir Fnuicia Bicod 
In- V.I \ixA Jolm nullum la. v.] coDApiiva t-ci 
neiM'Imth Hull nnd SciiTBgnmnli. Tlin al- 
t«liipt wiui n fniliin-, but avir cnminutionH 
bn>ki> out in Wi-rtmort-Iiiiid. Tlnut- disiurk- 
nncMi wliicb vrrri' i-ruiili-^ oul unu by oni*. 
gaTi> the \tiag hii cxciiim for rvi-alliiig hi« 
iiAmmI )«rdi)n,«iid very many wi'iw rj(«i-iit«il, 
I]«itr7 Mid biflOJiuicilihiMi draw uimtclicmc 
forWninirtli'' border* inn«ithc>r<>ii([lilyun<lor 
caiilr<il,iiiiil(iiviTi{; jariiiirmilomi-tin'liiimiKti' 
Ih; (riu'«l til n'prvsi ilLiiiiiWrit. Norfcilk wna 
sbncliiHl I't liiid mi tlit lisi ilie iiuiunof »utiw 
iui*'rri<nia tliir?vt» niid iiiiiiilurien^ ; but I19 re- 
cvit>yl II rF|<ri[iiaiid for lii-> wruplee from lliu 
Itinii'i "'bo M><1 Iwr wnti ttir|>rifird ihn iliiki.' 
woH raorv oji^^im) to ibievw nnd tnurdoKra 
iImii I« iTnirom wbuii tlio foriiMT luul douu 
)[i»d am in- in iliii kii)i;. 

In Ki-liiunry Tli'-iuui* Kit(f[enild,lenlb«iirl 
nf Kildnrp ~i|, v.l. aiii! hie live Linclta, lalteii 
in IreUnd, nerv liniiyd l-iiri'llii-r itx Tvbiitii, 
Mid ill t\sf niiir>ir "f llx' vi-nr Xiiifolh ■ lini- 
(WlTiiuini* Honani di-Tl in Ibr Tower <if 
Lundnn, (o nhicli b-~ iind bnMi comiHitli-tl 
for havinK mn<l'- 11 sccn'l •'■•ntractoruMrriiiKu 
iffiili ilii- Viii(j"» iiieff, Kiiitv MiLigaret lh>iigk». 
■fIvrwunU lli>' nMllier of Itarolej. 

ilu VI Ui'l. tJiHvii Jam- !Ciir« binli to 11 
jiricioii. nfternanlB Kd««nl Vl.iiiid dii'il 011 
lSi> L;4lb At ilniiiitim (!oiirI. Hiiiirr re* 
iiMiiiPi) ■ widourr jar llin iiniiniul (lerKii uf 
nrnri- llian two vron, bill nin willioiil fti- 
uHi'Dt talk iif niarrvitiK a fniirlli nifv. At 
nnt be teeoivd ■iixioUH lo wed Uary of 
lluiw, and wan Angrv ulien b« wa* tiiltl tlinl 
tlie lind bvea alnvilv ^ivin iii hi* nvjilirw. 
Jail ' ^ *' SfiiTlaiul. AftiinKnnl* lu- bad 
•»■> I of Cbriitiiiii. d<iebi-» ■>{ Mi- 
lan, i.; ,- .'rait li'-r'immiailininl ll»lb<-iii 

III faiiit fur lulu. lli< k-. JiowenT, woro but 
luJllLral ilirii:!'* to jiriuerve iIm< baUlMW of 

1H>wvrl>(i(ne<!ii llu' <nii m aU, CharteH V Hiid 
''taiit-x [, l(«1 tbi-v thoiilil i-omlHiie uiib ilie 
pope ag«Iti><l bin. Tb<- (tale nf biji iMullb. 
wbitb M lliaU m llu- i-liriutr uf liht" vtii* 

nln«d,v aeriiKiK, mittht have uOnnled sulE- 
rinni rvnBKn for nioiiling nnolbtr ninrnige. 
lir biul A li'tiilii iit line I«k, lii« fiur at liinea 

f;rr>Vi iDK ijuitt< bluuk nml bi' hitiiH-lf Mpeucli- 
!•»• fniiD imiii, Hi' illne**. n" dmibt, wnn 
i>t';i-ruvDlL-d by im^ii-iii^ Imth domejiiie and 

■ fiiri'ifrii; (•>ri( oiln-rpriitct-niibimldbp bonded 

, nuaiiitil bini tbi- lnyiiltv i>f bis own mil^wia 
tilth ii"! lu be de|i<'n<lL-^l uii, .\i)d l-'nuicia I 

, itnd L'bBrlu*. V w.rr nl tbnl lery inumenl 
dtnninit InwiinU ''jicb oili'T Ity ihe inedia- 

' liciaol' I ho p»)w tbi'y iiinde n Ion jiiim'iruco 

I toKclW ill -luitu Io3S.iuidluidn]M-n(iiiiiIin> 

] lerview in tUv fiillowiiiK inoutb. 

Wbtilevcr be tni.sliC do to inetrl lliedanffvT, 
II«nry L-i'r(aiuly liiid no tUou^ht of eudM- 
voiirin^ lo propitinte ll)e »ee of Rume. IJa 
cntUFd iiQBi^ mid 4!irine» o»*r;wbece to be 
ilemuliibed and pilKrlniiifre^ to bi' aiipjiri'Hwd. 

I IlemonMitErnvniui'd [brnorkof ilismlvinit 
tlie nicinaattTiPs, wUii^b lie had tin diliieully 
ill nrryii)^' bLnoiid tbe timil anlliorLsed by 
pnrlutnieDl. l-vrB uiuuu-nt, l'>i>. he AlKTwed 
iiltnin nime im-Iiniiiimi to nn nllimire wiib iho 
(iermnnprutnitani*. wb<i>i< ufefiilni-M incaM 
1 be emperor abould think uf ntlnckiog bitn 
Iras erideul. Mid ■omo af their diviii«a cone 
lu Kii^'land in tbe lunmiFr ou bin mvitation, 
l» ill4i-iira inaltptn uf Cilitb with a 1 lew tO ft 
I'Oinmon at,-T«»tnrnt. Itut nolbing came of 
llieie ennfer^UHM, and Henry Fliinved biniMlf 

, nvi-rv diiT inoiv n-al-et* fur aiiciuni doctrino. 

I III Novi^uiber lAltT lit> iivui'd n nnKlama- 
tion fur aiutbaptitt* la ()iiil tbe lcin|{dom. 

I In tbt: same monlh lie M|riiallv illuilmted 

I bi» pwiiliun HH Iwad of llie ebiinrh bv bcariiiK 
|H<nciiially an apiieal Tdui thi- AnlitjiKlicp of 
Ciinterbiirv bv 11 bi!ivrie naineil John Ijitii- 
liert [ij. V, , oib^rwiur enll'i! Nieleilnun, who 
denial (be cnrp'irail pri-JM'iire in Tbi- Siiora- 
iiiiMit. from tlie oecimni ol'nni-y---ivitne«i, 
I'feeerveiJ, and e<-iiiiinlir not ni'iitiem-d in 
elTM'I, by iHe/i anrt j\lunBment», rA. 
Townsend, IKW, v ■,';!0-tJ), be wax* to bote 
ihiiiiiofully br>'iwbr-gt the aei-uanl. Croot- 
•KfW, ou tlie .iibf-t litiinl. ill II conlnnpo- 
niry dei|iatel>, n-priim wiib iidniimlioii ' bow 
{■■iiifTilr bis liniee •iuny>'d lo eonvcrt tli* 
iniBCrableniair(L''ii.uilK,iinr/. //M(.,cd. 18o3. 
11'. 4^). NHitbrr report can lie rc^!iuil«l ka 
iillotr«<ber tnihln-iiribv. Ttie lMianiif( Ualed 
live bouts, and leirrnl uf lite bi»lio|)« arsiwd 
>iiib lbi< ureiiin! fnini iinim till I'lu d«Mile 
I'tiMeil bv tiin'hli)fbi. At lain ibe king; bad* 
IVouiwell. an bin vic<vemit. pnioiMincn wn- 
leniT, and within a fen dnya ibe man ««• 
biini«iJ in SinilbliT'td. 

Towftrda tbr tb.wi of tbe yvu Umrr'a 
anxiftiM iiicravH-d, The ■jmfiatiiHi of the 
rirh »lirlito nf St. TbiiuM orCnntvrburr bod 
rvnvweO Ibc iiH]i)(iiiiliuii felt agttinal Iiini at 

Henry VHI 




llwi, md Ckfka V abd F^ruri* 1 bona 
SAW ■! (HHtJ.tJM poprat krsjphfafaniiwml. 
tir 4t all «*C«U aiglMd, Ibe •mlcncv of ei- 

nomtmcalian Kpiart bini.wUdi l>adb««a 
thtmpmn wny *■ JtdU/Hwiry. biwcTCV. bad 
al w i JV tafcKB Di>a«ttn« in aniicipatiea of 
thi* MifW Ui amur taoxrlf ^cu»t mcb of 
liaftWB aabftrMB* nricbt f><- t >it in 

lii»flM»if£ai*cr*<kfnml Jam. 

n«f7Pale, Imrt " , *- Kf-iMlaiia 

Mid aUiM npn- r Gears*, daks 

of 'T>H.«~ (1(11.. ■. ..-^i-aar, uftiqnu of 
F ' wu> a tTWidHOO oi Cdwsnl tW 

Til', '--(h mTv-ptftl: AmbA guilty of 

twaiM lljr a jdrr of ihuir pro fnr barinc 
euiiiapaoiM with HiDtn^'n bxitticr, I'v- 
diaal ileriaatil ['ali? tfj. c.1. and urcrri! be- 
Im»<M 19 Itff. I'-Wf" Stf tivotbvj Folv, 
•AMhrr bfiitlitrr (i( Monlai-iir's. atM) ihPDiWB 
intA^irunD.liinitclii hit pnrtTon brannifcMian 

wli '■■-j 111" f«ITlt!v. Thi' CoflMMt 

of , I^>ril Mi>ii>ai,'u>-'fi mottiHr, wa# 

Uiniwn iri"i tltiiT'>w<T. louwlnifo tiro Vi«fs 
binr a liartiamu« rxrcutinn. (iir NklioU* 
Calwwj),). waiatoi nrmliHl, uiidi<-a>exe> 
(Mbnt no .1 Man'h \r,3it. ■■atliasBi-ot. wkidl 
IDM t<n HI* \pfyl. nutai fotloweil Bp thMw 
irni'Iitra by n Bundling act i>f allainder 
■gaia*! nunj i>( W twnwiiM. 

Thn hiiMT *''" ''''' f"' fri^m Mviirr, alxl 
onNroil all puxilil" tiivcaolianary tuituun-i' 
ilfain*!; iiiTa«i<in. Thr in-opli-. mi tlii' other 
unit, wre aMiirHl ihnt old priiu-ipli'« of t»- 
l^Tfon •«>">l inliltl(-ilan):t^r. wlwupartiauwnl 
tn DiBiciUiii llviii jiaiwl iht^ Mivra )<enal 
•latuio t'{ till* Six Anirko, nbidi CSMwd 
Lalintur iinil ijhaxiiHi I'l rmiffii llxiir bidoi^ 
rira. Hut Cramn-irll unn alniaily planiiinn * 
new way to •wiirr Ibu kin;:, <>■>' b> tlir piv— 
anrvattnn uf old jirinFijiid i-f rpl>t!H'0. but by 
llsnry'i marrta^' to Aiiiir of L'trvun 'i). i.J 
Allbai^[ti n tbwilu)cical Hinvwox^nt witb tli« 
GtftaaBpn>to>'uiiI(bn<ln<>tbrYii i^inblielwd, 
a polilinal allifDi-o l>irrii'-i<ii Ibi-m and (hn 
kisi; of Hnt;taiiil (iiviiniHvl nilvnDl«|.-i- in botli 
ndra «■ a iBraii* •'( lu>l'l<i<ti tlti' i-mpi-nir iit 
clieck, and ihi- match with Aiuie iir I'Uvi-h 
was bv ifcnni't own iv-nfiisiaii iirn-ptcfl by 
hlniMlni]ilyandM>li-lyi'ii)pr<«i tli«ilii«ain)ea 
mmbliution nninM liini. 

111!' Ifc^ty lor ibii miinifl|{<- wnh Hi|[n<^l nt 
WindKirLMS.!)!. l-ViSl. Tliv ln*t MmnnluiUU 
nt ]>at>*l aiillxiriiy within ilii- n-jilm «»■«■ m 
lew or thu rvtumnin^ miniiiKl-'ri-'i. iiml ibi-ir 
tuu|)nHHoii nnH nvnrly rumiilvtxl, Ouriiig 
iKISaiid I.Vtlt nliiii^i all tin- (.Trnt ul>bvy« 
aarri'itilrrml, atid early in l-VlOnot n tioet" 
lannflnli-ry rfinniiuil. Aiiiifiol' Pli>vr» linKliii 
at Ilnal (>'ii:.TIh?r. I'i;«l, and lIi-nrT with fivi- 
(if liiH i>rivr r)iniiibi-r cnin*' to *■•'' lu'r nl Un* 
clmtHf on Xi'n-ysni'* duy, t">lO, Tbi'V wi-rw 

km tka ki^ abovvd ha ■ 
■ilf aad teak a fint raibnoe. 

an M. 

tic ii»ai»iiil wkk ker tkat day aad till tliif 
faOawiag aftcnodK, «ba b«' rMQinfd by 
Craif iJda«dlhepw*a<»rg»nwifb. »hert' 
ikc cnima^ l^Ji pkarroa 6 Jan. C'barlfiaV 
wsii ai tkai t««y Tiim ibc gna w of Fraoici* I 
at I^ms bol tW«apm* MMd now quite lu 
nack iafaaruf aft«tB>am alliance atfainal 
kinaa UaafT kaddaaaof acatkaUc alUaaFe 
agaiitri EMlaal. Nar wwikl ll«nn p«>^ 
hajM harp dose Tk la duftfl) ihe w-tat ioii» 
benrnrtt CbaHM and FiaArwbr amiasianaf 
iV Ihikr of N«foU to Krurv' tmiBc>dial«ly 

aftvr, but lliai ibr wane tor. baTiDS (vacbeil 
bii own rouni rvr*. rvpaiUalrd inKr fmnrtanl 
ptrd^i* ti> lioally and wnn ibi- [ri<9iii>hip nf 
ikr iKikr !>/ (Irm Iit <>lT<-ria): biin lb» 
IhukeMiifUilaDiD laarrnp. Tkn* Henry'* 
pst otgrr-l of kirirpui^ tb« IwvriTaU on Uiu 
Mntinmtat larianc^^wa^ attain'^ onoanon-, 
thv policy of I'r'itBwi-ll wat no lonj^r *t* 
tirrablp.aiid ujibin tln^taml iivlf atalliolic 

traclino tfH-W :<lrnBf[rT rTrtv dnv. 

Tbir final rraalta wi-r the arrnt anil 
vxcmlionof TboDuufTriiuurllani) the king'* 
diTORK fraiii Anno of CleiM. Itolli evml* 
look \'iMx in July. LlniheWilialKiRobnt 
IUT»i-*,l>.!>.;(i, v. .J^-Pooii-.aiidOairafdweni 
biirnrd ivbi-rrtirtai Smiibflvld for their Lu> 
thuTaii iKDdp«ri«ii,whili.>ThoiBa«AbdlI([.r.~]. 
lUolianl h'rtlicijtooe n. v.", and I'wwi-ll nvt*' 
baiijinl. diivuibon-Fllnl. nod qnartenil in tlii< 
nnii- plnt'e liir I lur old uirviH*> of oiaialaiauig 
tbe validity uf thr kiii|c'« Snt niami^. Tku 

Criianwnt whkb •ni.anvriimrofntion from 
)t yoar, froiQ IJ Aj'ril in :;4 July, bail at* 
lainiml all tki->ii. Iiirhirf biL^iiniwibraidet 
waa to frrant lli« kintt, i>iitwith>taDdiB|t all 
tbnranliicBTiiiaiiof miaifliiiM ptnpertj'. a very 
livavy -nlMtily. wbicb it did with nuck r*- 

II»nry iImi iBarri4>Ll Catheriac llowani 
\i. v.], who wan ikown n* quiwn <in ^ Aug- 
IWO. Ml' winnow frrofmm MTi"iii»aa\i<'tiiw, 
niid bin biiovafll iiinrilKn'tiinit^. He udo]>li-d 
n nrw tiilu (if life, TJsiiiK rim in winter 
iK-lnrtn livi> awl m< h>4riii); lanw at 4<!ivii, 
nud ridioK aWit on honefaarh till iMi, by 
wlilrli 111- fiMinil bim^f miwli bmatitn) in 
liviillh. In iliebrf inning of Man-b fnIlDwia4e 
(l-'iJI )hi> waK«a'ili.-d wilba tciiianrmiT. nnd 
the old tiilllln ill bi> I«-j rAn*nl biin M>nie 
trouble, but heaonii crew belti'tand nppi-nml 
niir-biiKt iLiuiiinl. Ilu(|iiril9. huweier.wem 
depn'!»ed by tbe dijooirri uf a<v.>iMjiinicy for 
s iirw iiivuiTi'cl Inn in I tie iiiirib. "rjTnniiiil by 
.Sir J.ihiiNevill. lie di-rlorfd that lir linHaii 
iinhnp|ir pi-oply- tii piii^ii, nhoin if her^mld 
lui.,wniiid rinliinf lo uncb poveny ilial tlipy 
I ahoiili) ncit bcablrlori-ticl. ^ntucuftliomn- 

Henry Vni 


Henry VIII 



oinlblord Ilni'n.-rtf lbi-^iuth[<i,v.] 
witwncr. Joliti Uii'llcv. loni l^iMt-, ai 

■1 -' Tjbaniin LT Mny, 
da^lMili'i ii-'fower. Sir .lohn 

NMnllwuMOil itoirii loVork insiifn-rllw-rr. 

I'Mfllj will) «iii!W In [illnyiiiB tnlilicin I>t 
lus pnjs«fiM kMl pAiil.v in ibi.' Iiopp of m<«t- 
bg Janiw V of gci>llnii<l, whum >lv lintl in- 
Tned to nil imm iew nl V^rli. Henry now 
umn^ln piv^n-»i intmhi- iionli. Hut b^lom 
be *n [Hit llii> TaM(<r wv^ riMirfil oi it^ 
priMDi<ni, niiil ■ niiinbnr'if rutilicrnxi'^itioiiii 
Mok llllll■I^ ■inutiu till- vii-i'io br-lni; Lnrrl 
LrOMrd (ilvv ((|- v.; iind 'nimiim I-Vnni-i, 


_.. - . - .. __ . ., aiicmnpds 

duke (rf NiwihumUriitnl ["l- ''■-• '■'* <i'-p"ty 
of Calkini o'Rii pnnloii'd. Tlic Fmnrli nm- 
kaaMdor, wriliri); of thU linii' nf t,vniiiiiy, 
aya th»t iDPti kni'w not of wliat ilicy mtdM 
be uoiamI; tliry wi-rv i'oiuli'iniii.i! tiiihriinl : 
Mil iu III VII I liail virludlly lunJp ovrr all il« 
|>l04lnl afjiiinM r>acli oltinr 

ncnrv wl <Hii in UU pniijn"» on 30 .Itinr. 
It wax udnyiHlbT RcKHlsiii I.incriliiiihirr.nnil 
he only reocliLs] \otk tii Si-pli-mbcr. Tlir 
■Jiffervlit towns 'in bi- o'nv t i<.-il uilh i-iii*Ii 
Mlitrr in ofleriDi- liini p^H mid ilei^laniie 
ih«r l(ivttlty. But ili>' Scoiti-ili Mug wry 
(iniditnllT iWlinM In tnoul him. <M nin n-- 
tumlo Uarafilnti C'otirl in Ni>vKnil<<« liowiu 
ahorki-d to li-nm lliat lli*' t^uccn hnd not bi-i-n 
RbwiiT U'lnrc iJio tniirri'i! liini. oii'i tlul »li" 
hai] aince been untnip to him rwn ilurln;; 
tlie jinigTt«f. Hit iiccotiij>ii<w< v/i-rv (riol 
and <>X4«iil<il bi-ft<r<F' li^ 111 Oiri'inber, suit 
(Ji*i IwTM'lf Iras t>roii|i)i( Id t)i» Mock on 
13 I'Vb. f.iUf.«ii.c ( IRl-j). 

rarluiB<-nt inritniiibili' lind nuu'inbliHl. niiil 
anons olbcr tbinpi ninrtcd tbnt lt(^1nIl<l 
ahoulij h* bfn'*fOTtIi « hineiiom. Hi-npi* 
w»* nconltnt'ly iimdiiiimii! kin^; of In'lnnii 
uwi'll u'of Kn^-Iaii'l "II i"! Jiiii, Tlie isliuid 
kiwi by tkiHiinK* )Hwn liroiiRliI into fniilyci'iii' 

flirt'' >iifij)>r(it>n.»Iin(iM .ill iWIriiili fhi<ft«in' 
invin^ modi' fnrniul miliiiiiviion In thi- kiag. 
•OBBii (M thpm in ICngliiml in ihr kine'" "^rn 
prmmc*. Willi all l!ii« mici;-'*>, liowi-vrr, 
Hvar^ I'll nt in oil I to iI-'ni«iMl rxn-viivp siibHi- 
dica or i-xlortiuiintF k-aii". lit- liad nlso bfrn 
Dsnlnff a onarrtl wiib Stvitlniitl Mnc^ th'- 
NAUMTof Jiuatu 111 nii'it liim al Ynrk, anil 
tbinga w*n> t4>nilini; to wiir iwiti witb Ihnt 
Kmatry and n-itli J<'nini^i'. Dininrlionn'* cm 
tlin StolliAli Mnt.'n" tiriHiKbl tnalt'-m (a n 
pninl; anil Iliiirr. i«uinit a lorif- innnifiiatu. 
itinhlcli h(^ rvvivv'l ilt-r rjaimof fpn(lulau|M-- 
riorilyovtr tlw iiortWni kiiii^om, 4eni Niir- 
felk lo invnd" it. Xorf.ilk rnweil tli.-Tw.^i, 
Jl (Vt-.nnd Ukl wiKtc tlxi rvi(inlrytit)b<> wa<i 
CDinin,'ll«d forwantuf provMi'iD' to rrium to 

Roivirk. N*xt UMHtth (Li* 8cotn wvrvrouTiMl 
>| tlii'Silwiiy MoMiBad Jaii»-n V di''(t liriiki'ii- 
Irr Miiry tii'in-iii of ibii hinifilnni. 

Tbr in-iion'-n Inki-n at iVph Kalway Mom, 
MVi-rol tif llicni iiiiblrmun of hii^li .inniliiig, 
Vfirv u-nt lip to Ij>n(liiiiimil{inru< tbroii|;li 
till? (■tfvHii IWini lliMlii'iKi^ntT- t" The Tiiwer. 
Itiil on ihi- n'Wfc lit King Jnin<:«'» ilf-nth 
Hrnrr drti^rminiil to tniikii iitv of tlii'tn fi< 
fiit»liM^ II ni'w jmlicy in Si^iitlaiid. Hi' prt)- 
p.xnJ ■'> unite tlut routitry to thi- Knclisb 
i-roun bv ninrrTiin," Iiif ^on Kdward In lk«" 
iiifnnT Xlary hh ^iion im tin- pnitiii *honli) be 
I'f ^iirtirionl ng^. Tlif iiri'i-ijcr^ u-nv nci;i»nU 
in);ly tniili-'l with kimtni'u, nnil allournd 10 
Ti'luni to llii'ir ivinTilTy on n folumo "itgnKo- 
mmi lo fiiToiirtlifl tn-ntv and lotiC<M:ur* tli* 
iWiciTTof Miirv into nunry"* handi lo Tie 
liri'tiffhl lip in h'n/lnnil. ur. if the Si.->ill!!ili 
purl ill ni'iif r>-fii*edtlii«,toiiitMHr Hniry iiiMib- 
jii^-iitiiiji tlifir iiwH ei>Hiilry. or el?*- to r>-tiim 
In ivi[>tivilT. At till* Sinn-' tiriii' tbr lOirl of 
Aii)(iii> nnit Sir llrorif li'>>i|;k(. wt>ii bad 
b.n-11 many yi-nr* tvnidvnl in Knaknil, liHTiiiic 
iMvn huiti!ihi'(l fmiu Scotlund nt n'lH'U, ri^ 
liinu'il tkithur plr^lpt-d t'.i pruinulr ibt- intiip 
olijiTl. IliK ih<' Scotii«li purtiurDi-nl. whilr 
iilini'iiiu to ihi' Qiuirin^.'. ri/fu^^d lo illiiw 
tliHr ■(111-V11 to li« bniiight np Iti Kiiftland. 
Ily tkr iikill nf Sir (ii-orei' Ilnnslaa a i'ntn> 
prnmiii-- wiin I'llrftod. ani! trt-atiw wnn- nc- 
Iiially ilmun up ud I July 1<k|:{ finr ihi* 
pc4cv aiiil mnrnnKP i>n tvnutoati-nsibly much 
mwf fnVo'iniMc lo th*'Si.'ot«. But Scotland 
tras nnhaiipilt ri'nl by faction, niid by lb" in- 
flin-nci* of Cardinnl Bnjiion and thi.- Kr>'»cb 
^rtv the tr<'nii«» wi^ri' mtin wl ariidt<. 

-M'tiinw hill' lli-nry Iiiid nn II IVb, 1643 
I'Orii-ludnl uii nlliatirf with tlui cmpvror 
iifiairikl Kmiioi.-. U<.-rvtiF o' h» n*!!*. and eX' 
iMiTimtmirJilfil liy t\u- \«ijf, Itoib Charlm end 
Kiiitiri' liftii, ciiT #inc>- L'finnvn'ir* fall, <!■'■ 
•invl luK frii'niithip, i-ni'b ngainiil t1ii> oih*^; 
•rd ihoiigU it had bri-n appan^nl fur yciirn 
iliut h-' n*i inclining to tlii- iirai*ror ralbcr 
than to l-'niiiri>. yet until tbi! i-mpi-mr vcan 
willini; lo maki- n satinfartory Blliano.' irilb 
kis) be hnil •) iidioiii'Kalli'rtf-il frifnilnbipn illi 
ibe I''n?nch. ami pppteiidi'd lo lip mwlr to 
mnrry ihn ritncr'M Mnry to tbf Iliiki- or ftp- 
Icann. H'liry, bnwoTi-f, now w-iikdrew hb 
iirabar-ailon from Fratifr, and Intvr in the 
VL-iir rtiii a detach inpitl uDdrr.SirJi>)iriWallo]> 
III ntd of ilif t-miiGrcf, m tlint in ibv latti-r 
jMiri of l*i4II bi> iiMtnil kimwlf otifv mom nt 
war iHktb with Scotland and Franm; and 
HI war w'ilb boih nf Ihrm in ri'inniiiod till 
wilbin n fi'V tnontba nf hiii iWlti. 

[n a Itrii-f intrrral of pentr, bowvver. lu' 
married, ll' July 1-rtS,hil liut «ifi>,CBth>'riiit> 

I w tVJOiL 


(«■law^ • r ^ t^mdnw villi 
• 6«|Mn kMwuAm ■•kaova. (&»T evcii- 
^^Mixammmt jmrt wiihlittlr)tf>d|ri*f- 
7b UM^MovMinr. Kkiptdd 'vw V ihB wont 

: of lfa» txnnt^.aa ml vfcieh wm« 

i»< wi i l i J iillifceJtt.'rfQBeWi El in b rtt. loai 
■wliAlyyviiBllriben. IWi be abo corned mw 
Ilia pkt« aaJ Botifairal km <k«m* to bwM oh 
Uw riigtana* of ■ war wlndk i« iws fMr* 
eotf kMD 1,300jDOOL England, kxnnr, «u 
bmU* U Mrik* an «Arti«v Unw at btrMMin; : 
a«4(NMnrb«rfo»< v»»T, iV MurRoee, 

Mok bjr aeeUeicl I . ^iVPana- 

Momh lUHfer lh« t .. -, whale lh« 

F(c«oh, alaiMt ilut veij ilaT, Bad« ffuod a 
t<qn|Kirat7 iBMUag bi tW i«l« of Wkht. 
Ihii, '« til* wholr, nathias wn* ^-BlRnl In- 
«ilwr 4ad*, end on 7 June l.'(Jt!Frmoct»,i;twJ 
la Make peao" with tlncUitd. UsTin^ bur in 
pcNaaahM of UoalnKnif mi ciflbt jcni* taa)-'/ , 
Mill mnalOK lo par a Uige Mia for arrraN 
of MM pMMiom aail war expenue. 

A* for 8cotJiuid. t]ie ona oomlant mmbv 
al tlenrj't poltey in that ooirotrjr wan Cw 
dinal IImIiMi and n<fB(7 favoitml tJw Dlot 
wlildi iMUlMd In lit* aaMswnatinn. Id \lav 
ir»U an Eb|[]UIi fonv under ili<- I-Url (if 
lliirlfinl, KipfTirii'J bra flii.-l in lbs Firtb 
i>r Forlli, b<in»-l iinlli nnd Ettiubiircb. tin'l 
lay wanii' ilir tirt)(libuuri&^ oountry. tlut 
lliia dill iiol If^iit] l« uiaki! tbe SraU iiioth 
iraclabln, •iii'liii llw rarivpart of lU-Sa raid 
by Lrinl F.irr* no (Iin SctiUish bonier, in 
HI MalnMi-. wnn T>;< <'ii^i.>() br tbe awno] dufMl 
tiT'\ < ' '•■I AncriiinMtiir(^FHlj.) Iii 
A)!' I < , ilimiidli t!ir I'iikrl uf C^'ailc'. 

ef I 'n| lO l]i<!lRl# N pHII»i lO ill* 

(i I ., but hill lonni wew n-itrtrtl. 

ati'. ,..i,..r ■I'-'iford Ifliil wanto ibc 

t>< I K lili'l M>'lr»»r. At 

!*■ : I ' < li '. I 'inhnul Itnilim WHS 

■i' III ihiT oatlli- uf Si. Aii<]r>^w» 

mi' ' i.'jiirator" iii l.<«ipii> wiib l^n^- 
1a III I ; bikI in ihia K"^*' il>'nrv'« jiottv Inn 

conmmtiJiif • tntiiorl lUiJ a >>trt>iigcii't^i!, Iiv 

Macev ^ !■■ aiBf a ■^■■a ; ^ *****, bawWfvr, 
« WFMM be WW a|an««d to aaemae with 
•^w npBtd fa Uk Hicnata ef idigioa and 
I'WBiMe. "1 tlrTrtiailf ■■iImMiiiiI ihii 
Hai>«T,~a« W liillMiriaial knMlfiii a 
•r-*«k«nA wlurl W daHl tW Mak» <n 
^ IW. IM^ a»d U tbkbd iImb fbr (nek 
a— tadm— JMaflfcairwMeniea^ He 
ikca aMed uu W eaild ant Wl ftieiv tliu 

Mwanb kiMMl( wm sm is dnritf will 
bar, tot tW MMM kntir, aaabap- 
tiK. |>|«I, hnoerila, and Wiiriaaa wmv 
fi*el* laaJid abewi, anl b* mw tbem a 
aert ef aatmn w tba tfciRnsU dntptcr of 
ibe tat ifMtli ta tbe Onalhiaiia, lugbig 
tl^ ta aBoadncai. Abore all tbif^r mua 
Bot jwdfe tbeir «w« taaaea, or rail ai biabm, 
bat if ibe; kww ibat « baabon or fiPMOnr 
tawfht LiaiandaBliMe, 'eoMe^beid.'aiid 
ibxlara it lo aane of our coiumI. or u> iu ta 
sluim ia (loamllBd bv Ooi ibit b%b aalbo- 
nlT (Q trf-'ffia and otJcr anch taua«a.' 

suna donbl miiiM to he tbrowii un tint 
aBthealtcity of ibis spoevb bv ibe bet ibat 
it la not Kconlri! in ib^ * Jouraab of the 
lliHtie of I^opda ; ' but it mnr* (mm llall'a 
* Cbnaidr,' a aotircf wUicb rwi cnDorall; be 
raliad OS. It wa* Henrr'a lul apivcb in 
fwrliameiil, uborr be ovvif axain a|ip«M«d 
in puraca, and ii atvnu (ua *Itikin|{ and 
ciiaract eristic to be an innntioa : bul iti niiv 
oatt ti afliniU eiiifinlar erldenco of tbe uitnr 
inedicaeiU7 of tile ttvtn act of tbu Six Ar< 
tidM io ftBeet ii« arowed purnow of ■ abo- 
Ittbin^ dirrrt'ittM i>f o^iiiiiiiu.* Ti'rarculiaiui 
and bumiait* fnr Iwrri^y irem frrqucnt durinf 
tile ni-il «Tar. llie lut of Uenrj'a idgn [a. 

^Ilenrj'a inlirmitiea ircn.- now inciMtiii^. 

, Ileavj and uiiwii-Idvi be muld no longer 
walk or ttandt and tbe (iai nU in hi* log bid 

I baconw Bcn acrioua. All wlui alood near 
tb<> tlimni- forrwwhia «pc<>d_vd(nlb ami lb(> 
bormra of n inionrity, and vvrv QBliirallT 
anii-Mi nbou' llicir airii paiilion in tbu 
Ciimiii^ ivicn. Sudili-tiH. Oil IL' Dvc. IMR, tbo 
1>iih'!'Of Norfiilk uudhiBSOii H>-iir>' llovard, 

I oar) nrSiurev, the pool, were wadrptifaaurraL 

' ICvUluaco had boi-ii collected ngainal tfacm 

Ilenrv VIH 


Henry VIII 

beTonliuKl tliM thny wvre <t{>enilnting iitran 
m M^ficy, Uid ^iillimii-ii vrTf dcipFklcttisd 
into Nnnblk brforii liin u|7tin-himsic>n got 
win^l to take poaMWioo nf ike duke's Iioiuit- 
ut KrnMumlial), Mid lo cximiinc liis fririifls 
tlwtv. TUetlubpc^nfMMkl ilmt )M-ivii«f:r<''li>' 
at Wsl of t«clinii^al liviiion. ^sii.'cinilv- in 
IKPl bftviiiii; wvi'nW Xkf omiliitrt of hi* "in, 
who lioil nll«T<Jtli-> c|iinTli!riiisii i>f lu* iliiiilil 
in BtuKimrr iniital>1r only t->Nii licir-aitjiuivut 
of thn crown- itut a fnr ni'ir>- liiil^ius rlia^if" 
iTki broaglit ugaiiLit Surrry liim>L<lf— thnT 
lis hod rMVfinm'.'iidfO hU 'iwn plater, tliv 
DudiCM of Itioltinon<], \\v- widow t}( fC? 
kln^a son, lo bieenmp ih« Tiiii^ilninir***. 
bf wfiieli *liu miglii i>blniit nn indiiniK'i.- in 
politicnl mnlli-n iimiJnr lo that nf .MIuInml^ 
i}'£lnnip<Mi in tin- court irf {''ninris I. Tlii» 
ckarKo Mvoih lo bii<e bi^fTii coiitirrnvJ \>y Iho 
iludiuM luq^dlf, Bud U by no mt-mii tlt<^ •nil)* 
erldvnni of tli« dwp d'-praiilj of tin* eaan 
at Henry VIII. I'nrlif.niont wiui '(itnm<kiii-d 
tomiHil in Janiuri' I'll? flirt li<'pui'|insK,amr>n); 
othef lliings, »r pnnuni; an net iif alliiiiidcr 
Oglintt N»rfi>lk, OnlliP LHiluilifday befon.- 
it mtt, Surn>T wiu trJKl liy u f|ii-i:iiit I'mu- 
nuMion at iIm> Ouitilliull. and. Iwinj,- fonn-l 
aa\Uj,ytti belieadud t wu davd Inter on Ton vr 
llill. Againi'l Notf'ilk ll»i bill i>f nltainilnr 
]inHu>d both liouf^s on lti<^ !!Tlh. nnd wn* 
nwniiin^lhnroral wMnit nbrii tl»- kins died 
nlWi-dmiiutwKttnidniKblOTi^K.Iaii. IK-ntr, 
F<>X<'lidliiiia,bMlbc«ii'lalh tob«oriinvnien- 
ttonuldMtb.' Aiibeliut SirAiitb>iiivl>Fniiy 
ollUlned jtemiwioiTi to ta^id fr>r < '[mihik'T, but 
wh«ii the arctibi'hnii nrrivw! tb.' Liiiji wiu 
cpporlilpiw. Hrnnnifr aiknd bim t-> tfivi^ *onii* 
loknn nf lii* tnitt in I'lirinl, and i\i<f Ayiag 
ninn prrwH-d bii liand. fli-nrv wdb buried at 

Ucnr^'A unlqiifT ptMJlLi'n iiiuim;; Kn^litJi 
kings i* gwiHitoiliei-\lra<in!iiun-d(if[r»«-of 
poraanal wei^lil ibat Iik w(i» nbl<> tn ihmw 
IBtO (be govcmntrnl of ibn rvnlm. Ktriirlly 
fpokliiRK ^ wn« nil nil iinrimititiilional 
■on«vi(|ii; nil hiKdoin([B wi-rv rlotbiit witb 
tb* form of If^tity. Ibit tbi! wli'-'li! mn- 
diiixnT of ilaltT, lioth I«;;Utaiii't? mill ■■xt-cii- 
tivtr, morrd !iiin|ilv iii a'v-i .r.Unii' with hie 

IiliiMiir*', niwl. b>iwi<v><r nii|Hi^>tilnr mlifbl bn 
■in govitisiueDl >t hnmn nr bit pnliov ii)>r'-«il. 
110 onn otiild nmtiirn to irapueii I"" icts "f 
could dnnbt bin coiuummiil" ltiit«>miiiiftliip. 
lie WKtimi'nt nf lovnlty. moreover, wbirn 
wu held to bv «u|H^ii3r to all tJM of antunil 
aSbrli'in. vm mucli olpinger in lliiMe lU^ 
than it ba« bctni in later iinao«. 

BriidM till- twn InadinK actani'tlii- ISrfoi^ 
niAlHin, the ■.■Ktabliiliiacntof tlii-myat Mipn.- 
manyand the lappi wi BP of t Ito iuon*iit-rig^, 
Henry wu lec^ontibk for MtMr umalU'r 

Aangtf wIm** tMulta wvrt pemoneDt- On 
Wojjcy't Gtll bi» neiiEfil into hi» own hnncU 
the rndowni^iw nf ib* oardiiinV* proJL-L-ted 
eoUefpe* al IjKwicb and Dxfoivl, cv.mpletvrl 
tbo wl(«r on a IcHniiniiFiiNL'nlicnli- ibnn wk* 
d(«ign«H fcrii.nnd Ihi-nauunird Ibi-bonoim 
ofa fouiid^^r. callinjj it Henry Villi IVjII'-ri" 
iintiwid nf Cimlinnl'* C'llb-py!. It in now 
known as Cbnui Obnrili, Hetwu-ii lr>k>and 
I'jl^ hf i-rrcl"'il tin n«'W binliOLiriit ( WiMl- 
Tuinhter-Onfitd, IVrpTb»rnu^h,]lrihlol.01iiu- 
w*t--i', iind C'hf^ii-r) out of •orai- of iliu 
■iidoWDii>nt4 of tbi- >upprc»u.'d inonnmrina. 
Tile fir-i of ibi-w biHbojirii'acontiiiuivl nnty for 
ten yrorj, nod wivt diiwitvcd by Kdwjird VI, 
HraUndnrw njin H'ticnie, ib^ilrnft of whi,-1i 
rvmnin.- in Iiiii fiwn h/imlwriliti^' { MS, O-lfrii. 
Cli'i'jwlni, K. iv.t, foi'ii ntill furthT inor-*^'- 
rf [b^ epi-i-oiiBti", and bo obtBin--d nn ncl "f 
pnrlinmi'iit in hVHIfor CtrtftbliiJiinKn nurobpr 
of joffripiiii. In I'VII tlcbt^gan,fo^IlK|^^nt)- 
Iinlionuf Ann>' )liiI"yn,io1av uutSl.Jaiucd'* 
Purk.w'bii-b iin »p|>nnirh"il by a l^ini^ yallery 
•(■ri>i*ibi'«>n>.-l fr>iniWbii.linil. Thi>>»iip«ara 
t'l b*\ ■' ii&va •loai- mainly by nn Piuhnnjw of 
lindji witli tb,? abbey of U'ccttninilor nnd 
liton Cilleiw; liiii niimbm of boiiw-o wi-ri- 
il(-iui>li<bod for rlii- piirtiiMi! witbotit adwuLntn 
compeiisnliim to tbr own^rm 

Aann aalh'ir ItL-nry wns by no mt-an^ con- 
letn|itlb1e. Ilin bmili njininM l.utVr (' A«- 
■erli'i ifeplt'in Surra in en Id mm.' puMi^bed tti 
\m I wn* a'cbola-tictierformaneeofn mlhcr 
conventional lT]Hi: biti il wii« ihccoinujt^of 
hia ow-n brain, ami bo bulditeiifMud iltoij^i- 
tnenti. in I bi- projpvu of tbe w.vrk.liotb nitb 
Wolr^y and nilli More. It Hf«in»i], tn^re- 
] over, to l.iitber biinu-lf ■>f sulEeirnl weigiht 
I lo drnw fri'in bnn n .-oiut'wbat nn^cryllioiifili 
contfin|<ii[i>iii r-Jiwnder. Uf lyiiiiv. in lb" 
cotntHxiti.-ii 'if ludi n tn-aii'e Henn* ooiild 
voiiily (vmmiinJ Ibe aid ol li.v beM aebolar- 
flbin of ihr day. ill all rvenli lo inipraTr tlie 
eiyU. To what exiuni b<- wn> ihiL* aided 
w<- I'nno'it IfII. Itut we Imvi- tbe ii>«iin>ony 
of t''ni<iiii» tii bi> own fueilily in Ijilin com- 
IKwiiion: and it i< ijiiitr cerlaiii thai in Uu! 
nuuieroui b-ltem. oiniiirtuloo, and tn-atiMa, 
bo)b Ijilin nnd l-njiliili, put furib in hiiinflm^ 
durinf- bi? r-'ifjn. In* own band i# iwrv oftpn 
tmcealile. llisfihill inlbi>e)loKicnliiul>tli>iie», i 
no l«MtliBli in tbrvadirij; t!i<t maicaof dipio* ' 
tsaer.mabtfd bim to take up a noMlioa llial 
poold ni>l U- lucueiuifiilly cfaallniKHl, nni! 
toi'iin- liiuiHilf alik<> apiin*! |>opM, empprurs. 
and kin;> in tbt- midni of a iUne<.>roiu reni- 
liilicn -lirrnl mainly by bimoolf. Hie fini 
articlea uf tY'li^ion wi-w printrd is IfiSS ■» 
■Arli«leM drviM^l by tbe Klnjc* MnJMty.' 
Next yHir appoanal a Bcrr clnbomli' tn-alw 
ciilitl'd 'Ttielnslitiilian iif a C'bnstian Uao,' 


- .ni' "k . 

1 -. ■■■ ;- - :r- <.■- 
.> ■ ' .liT.i.;!'. -t . . 

■>"..~ ■ -.. ;u ■ ■ I " " 

-■ ■ - ■ ;i ■!-, l; - ■ ■ 





•Ion be iiToutil hnvn Ihn nUuiw >>f )tatildti iin<] , 

herwnlitirij-ini^ialiiaciiiirt bi-fcirv lH.-Mt>w- 

iiiK il oil au,v otlKTcIaitDoiit. Kiii rufuial of < 

ndcmunt] luack bv llavidal ihv vhirr <i{ 1 1^7 

Ibr Ili^nrvH immtdiulv iiivi.-Btitur>! ub I'-Hrl 

of NiM-llmniberlaod was ofi<> of Uw groiimit 

<if i>B\-i(!l'« an*l vi[H'<liii-iii iotO_Y'>rki'bifit in i 

1 l:(H, whicli vnilixt in iIi>t roiil of lh« Scotn ' 

M ibp bnlltn of tlip Stamlnnl t:I:J AuK-). 

Al the oDMiinR <if ll»! butllf Ht-nrv com- 

nuiKli'd lAc men of (.'umlirrlDiid mid Turiol- 

dlili', wlii> formud tlii.- ixKund divinioti ■>( Uii> 

Kmduli hMl ; Ht it4 clorv )■•• liul l)i« nmi- 

lutnt uf liU fnllunrV bodvKU'trd iii n tn»t du- 

piirsle olinnii-. aiid lutrrltj- im'sfi-'il wilh his 

lilt! to rrjoin bU fntli'-r nt I'nrlJEle. . 

Hiring Sii^lwn md llaviti iiuidpjioace, uiitl 

Nnrlhiimtii-ilnnd u'niiKranlfHl to Itriirv. 11? 

uftitrwiuda iicoo«i|iiiiiic(l Slc^liuu X" lli'- bivHP' 

of LihIIow. whi-T^ hv wa8(-Hiii;li1 mid tt>:irly 

(InurR'^ '>*r I'i^ hiwiw by h irra|iplmt;-in:.!i, 

mill "aIt rtMCUml by th^xlrciiffl 1i nnd bmivry 

of SIviiImiii. llunUfTthU nojoiim la Kiigla&d 

hi- h\\ in Invn with nnd inarricd Ada or 

Adrlln*. dou/thicT uf WilliAm de Wurren, 

r»r\ uf Siirniir (Uhdericuh Vir.iUit, vA. Ihi- 

di'BUf, lli/f. A'urtn. ■SrHfill. !'lH H; fArviw. 

Miuln>;n. I LIS'), Nvxt yi^iir,i>naiiolhnrvi*ir 

to ill" IvniflikhcoiiTl, bixtirie vninKiiin indnn- 

g^.lbia limo from (h» ji'uloiiuy of Mnil ilanulf 

lif Clii;i-t(tf, who cUini«] bin fjrld.ira of l.'rir- 

liOn. Iliidii-don I'i Jlihi' W'ri {f'imt. S. 

fViHui^i'iA. |>. 31, Itniiiiatynt.- Club). £n^'- 

luti and So>tti«h wnlcra w itb nii<^ nriniril 

TniM a lanii-nuiii-ii ovi^r bi^ iiiitimi'lyiVaih, 

■nil )ii<-lurv bim w n modol nf alt tbiit t* n^- 

cvlWl ill a ltnii;ht. II pniKi'.nn'l anuii. Two 

of bill mnii, Miiloilm mid Willmni. liiKULmi! 

MicviiMivnlT kiii|j» of SiMil* : fniiu ihi? ihird, 

I)>ri<I. run of ) luutiiiKilnii. thi.- b'tu^M uf 

ltn>i<ualid Ihilbu) mbvTitt-d in tb'? f'.'miili) line 

Un-if I'Uiiii't to tbf cr.iwn "f f-cMlimd. 

(Hviirv << HuiitiiiKibai. "I. AniuM (Itiill* 
Hfr.>. Itifbiinl iitiil J'lbii •■4 Ui^xham. cl. ll^inn 
(Xurlmi Rr^.l; .lilb'lr.^ of Ki-vfliii'> ItcUiio do 
BpIIo tttoivlvxli. ill lli't, .Kne\. S'lijiii. linvni. 
oil. T"■>-^ I".' ■I",. wiiJi Iticbanl of II(iih»m. 
in I I knd tlentj II. Tul. iii, nl, 

n<." • ■ .i| K.K. 

UKNRY <lir>:>-lli^;i|, >.H-.iiid «oa of 
llnirr II autl Kb.-iinor nl Aitiiilaimt, was 
bom ID Ijiiim1/>ii oil '^ Fob. Il-Vi, iinil <m 
10 Afiril wiM rviT<ui>Li>cil lu tv'ir li> thi^cniwii 
ill rAAc of bin lifulhrr'ndi-atli, an fiVi>n[ which 
Uok jiUi"'* 1—I1 Trtir, Hill liHriiib.ll to S!ni^ 
|[Wi-t. it ■ F ,111111 \ II of I-'ranti?. will 

|iru|>iiii. I I dralilinl intittolMrrllfX), 

wbdl) br >U:1 tuJi:.ri;;r ti.< lyiUifi for Norinimly ; 
anil iw) '.' Nuv. Kiii^ ilrnry enui'-d tb<^ two 
oliildnm to bn marrivd at \*«ail>ourg. 1'lu' 
t)oy'« MlomtKia wm eatniurd to bii bibnr'ii 

uhoncullor, I'lioma* Itorl^ol, wlio took hica 
Vi lire in hi* lioUM. nnd trnntn) him m on 
adoplire tan. Early in 1 1(!~.' Hmitt II di'- 
t<-rniin«l lo M>ciin!. a> far •• ii'Mtibli', thi- 
iiiiL'Eir4iiori -tf hii beir by tint iii|{ iiim rrunnud 
hin^' ; iiiidi^r tlip catv of 'nioiniu, tbrn^forv, 
l.hi- cliild wim ».>til to Kiifc'lnnJ, nnd tltvtt nv 
(^■^(■(l t.b«frii1ty orihi<bor<rin»<, Tlif imikinu 
of It criiwti fur hiiD win- mm put In hand 
l}"!/,!! JMt, 8 Hi-ur>- l[. !■. J.I); hnt bio i-oro. 
iiation wj* dt-lay«l by tbi- vncniii-y of tha 
tve of t'uiilfrbunf. to which thi" riBht of 
cn^wniiii; uTiKiijelinb hinptiMvinllvbL'lorijCt'i); 
anil Ibi- lining of thi- vncmicy by llip nnpoint- 
niPiii of Tliomiie lliii'het i.liino \\(\2) una 
foUowodby II cliunjp' m ihi.Ti'l«tion(ib>'i«'i>i'o 
Thomunnnd ihr kin;;, which com iMllnl I Irnry 
lo |>(Mt]ionir i-till furlhiT Ihi- n-aliMition of 
bin tL'bt'in--. )ti-f(ifr Ihu cl<uc uf 11(1^1 Ihu 
Ih-iV Vint ti>m<»'ifd fruiD Tboiaaft'» bnuii--h'>ld, 
iLiid tu Jouiiary 1 litl hi> wa» with bin bitlvrr 
nl the iMiincilof (Inmidoii. l]iiiH|:]ietnuico 
Uifn> unu jimbnbly inli'ndfd il« n mniiifw- 
Inliim of lii« incboattr tiKhl to a ilinf" in his 
fulLuri) R^il di){iiit]r, which had slm*dv 
liMU arkiiOH Irdp:'!) in the boinagv r<«di.-T<d 
t/i him hr thv VWInh )>riiii.VT- and ihi' Scot 
king at SVnoiUlork in .luly 1 lO-t. At tlio 
iKnci* of MoiiTiQirail in Janiinry 1 llHfl hi^ WM 
lETi^slf'il by J.onis \ II witb Anjon, Mniiu', 
niid BritUmy : nlioHly nf('TWnrd». «» ('ount 
of .\nj(iii, he offifiulrxl in rutin n» m-ncuchal 
to till* Fri'Ucb kint,' • ^"^ aliio did bomugo to 
l,>iui*'>> Mil. I'hiliji Aiiffiiitun, nnd n.Tt'ivi!d 
t.liti hoinn^f iif hi* onii bnither Giii'irn.-y for 
Ilritiiiny. wliii'b tii:ciirr*"V n'a* I'l bold under 
biin. At laiit, on 14 Jii>ii< IITO, Un wm 
rniwacd at Wrtiinuintir by ihi- Archbishcip 
of York ; au<l on IT Aiia. 1 1 72 hi« um! Mni^ 
irnivt «vre, lo sui uft l.oiiix. i-niwn<>d l.o- 

5ttihi-r nt. ^^'inl!llMt(■r'by ibi' Airbbiibop of 
toiK-n. niiiiii^ tbc laifi iwu viatH tbeab- 
Hi'iirp of llmry U, firm in Noriuundv aiKl 
ibi'n iu In-biixl. bud b'ft tlif ' vount; kitij; ' — 
ac bin ii>[i i> bi'iio'fortli eHllni^.*o)i' wtknT 
of the crown in UnfiliiiHl i hiii ibi- ntol potivr* 
nf f^viTniui'iil n-uiuioi^d with the jiiilieiarT. 
Tb«< di'ctnlFntr't biimi> bud doiii.' ibi-ir n(- 
oioHl to *'XL-iiu yoiiiijt IIifnrT* r>--*'iit m-jnl at 
, tbU mithbolduif of ibr n>^l aiiiboritj to 
I which lt» dimnuid bini<ii-lf initiihid by bit 
I i-oronution: llicir ■ii)r(i<')>tioii> wvm boekod 
by ihoor of LouiN whom he riuitpd in So- 
vcmbt-r 117:*; and on hii return h« calUd 
I iil>on bin fuib-^Tliiuivo Uim fnll jMaiUMian i>f 
itoRiii ]inrl of till- IntlOh which fell to hitn. 
Hi' druinnd n'ai n'fiiHnl. In ii|in(«lt.ioo lo 
bin fntlirr be nlni ncfiwly mii4t-'d ihc ^1«c- 
lion oritichard, prior of Ihivi-r. artur lircket's 
dcntb (o ibi' M<e of Caiili-rhury (!'■'*< <MtJ in, 
Jani dr .SalMury, jip, iKi h{,) l*ii"r tho 


aag \6ng reftuH-J lu ratify » rnnl "{ land* 
hiH (iroluer Johii, aail flrtil by night from 
kiafalberH court to thiit nfliinfMlMnr-in-Uw. 
ilH rOMivml hint flj> Kile Uwful kioft of 
' llin Knglinh.aiid all Henry'* coumim broki- 
■1 oiue into war. The roung king joine'l the 
CoBMt af FUiidifrB iu nn-panng a ttM4 for 
th« iDnaiun of KiigUiuli but the fleot narnr 
•)iil«d,llwlMin>iv<nvr^crn«hM;youB|rI lenry*! 
•llt'inp* t-jihwHTi hU&tbiT'i irith«i n><pciM- 
jng ihe a]>i>»iiitiiwnit of • lu-w primalu by nii 
[•ppml I" Kimioonly raiulti-din theconWfoni* 
ttuia af thn i-lctcr kiDfi'i lavourcrlcaii'lidBli! by 
[ibe |)r>p<> hinisclf ; auJ in thi- lutiiun ■>f IIT J 
i&lber nnd wii made p^Mr>r. t'i>T nenrly lix 
i»nToun(;U««irjkeplqtiint. OnAliStitii*' 
ay I lT9 he wm prstnot al thi' rnronalion of 
Fliilip Ailifii>nu> at lUami, and ni UiikL- of 
Nonnandy oirrinl the cmwn in tlu? pracc*- 
BMi. IIm tonure of tbi' dnuliy wu, how- 
nwr, merely noainal. antl he ttill failed to 
ynilent«nd that hit fatber, in keeping him 
tJiuBin dep»iideao»iit lti**iilc. van nully n>- 
i>wviuff hint tw highfirthinttxlhanhii hrolhnr 
iKicUaM, of irluwi indn^iidvuc pOficion ■* 
ractDal ml<'r of Aquilanip he was bitteriy 
joalftUM. Tbn barotuof AuiiiUiii«,Hlriig|{liiu; 
unauMiMifaUr aninnt Itichanl's conTtoI, 
WTOugbt upon thin jenlou-y for Uteir oifd 
ends: Itichanl hiiii4>>!f incntatrd it by All ni- 
croacli III tilt ujKxi l.i>i<l shii^h IJic vnuB); 
kiiiif uUimo'l If pjirt of hu .^{^■vin hcri- 
logir; and at ihi; i-ml of June ltS:i joun^ 
IlRnryjoinixlihrn^beUatliUnaffea. TbeelcM' 
king'* appi-OTiinte onthesceDc!, ii»wev<-r. was 
foIlonriRJ bv an imnadiau iMtcirit-atioii, and 
ihti again iiy * fn"*h d>-mnnil froio his «lint.t 
tan to be ]>iii in pouiv.<ir>ii nf hit Iwritjigp, 
a fniiU n'fiiniliaiiolhL-r dight of ibo yaung 
king lo l''mai:i-, nnd Ilia return on tlw pn>- 
miiifi of un increaied aUoiraocv in qiuiu^t. 
At Ohrigttiiii^itii'hiird'srefuMlludo honiase 
to bin ddcr brotlit'f caii^ nnotbtr iiiiArnJ i 
Iheyoimi' kin;^uiiiHii.v)l1'rt>y followed ItirhAnl 
into Autiitaiiir, uniliir pn-wnce of '»ubdiiing 
hi» pride ' ac<ri>rdin); to their fatber't onUm, 
hilt in ivatilr In hi'iid b rixiug of tlio whole 
coiintrj- nitnnut lioth Itithnm imd Ilcnrv. 
l-'or *\x wuck» Ilrliry II l>f«i «!•.-' I tlir rrlitu 
in l.imofiiM: twicf big «lilMt Min ciuiiq I« 
him wilb offen of ^ubmisfion, buteuch tioae 
llif uffl-T w«Jt a feint ; .iT liwt yoimg llmry's 
■luuuulaupl iiuder of tllcloivDifnlii.iuitiof iho 
shrine of theirpntron^t. Martin l,opi!ncdlh'-ir 
eyvH ro hi* roiu chantcli^r, and on hi« rotum ' 
from anf'ipndilion toAuffouWni* thuydrov* 
biinbnckn*ilLinMi[T-ifn>ui lheirgaTo». Intlu' i 
midst (if a. plumlrring mid uiiok the moiiait- I 
Ipry of Oniiidnioiit iinil the *lirinp« of Koon- 
modour. lip itn! Htnick down by fiivor ; lut 
took refuge al Mftrt4-1 ' in thchuuieofStoplim. 


MinuniHl tbf Smith.' and ibi-ni-i- wjii a ; 
t^v iui|i(orin)( h>i fallurr to nunc and : 
with him oocetnofv. Ttiefriend^ofJlriinri 
Riirpnriing iivacberr, persaaded him not) 
go. biit only to •vnil a pntrioiu ring ia lukt 
of bis forgivrneuu 'fin.' Toan^ king had al- 
tvnily lai'lc opm roofpHMin of bis «in«; Ik 
now diclalvl ii IcUrr to bin faibsr, liiiwiiuhiiul 
him Ui (Kird'tii all his ffllow-rebdii, to make 
atonuDieni fur (lie ueril^M which be bajd 
rouuuiltiit, and to bury hin id thu catUrdnt 
chart-Ji of Itoann. Karly on II Jiui« IISS, 
after repeating bin confoHiion, ba h c gggd to 
be impped uace more ia hi* doak narkNl 
wilb the tRMM, which, ralher in poCulaMti 
than inpMly, hehaduheuat LiinajR*; ibnn 
he gan- il to bia ftiend Williaai llanbal, 
etiarging him to hmr it la ih* bolt tepnl* 
ehre in bit (trad. IIr next bod* hiawlliwan 
(Ingi himof hiJ tofi mimeot,clothe fatin in a 
hair-«tiirt. drag hiin out of btnl by • rope 
round hi« neck, and lay him no a bed of 
a&hiiii lliprehv n«MTnlihe taM Mcrataenla, 
and tbrre, hiuing hi« fnilii-r'h ring, he died. 
In Ibi- M^i&<h, fnithlnn, nnimnrinW vbnm(>- 
Ifc ilisphiyeil thn>ii(tbou( young Henry's lii' 
rwiArmed though it was by his dnatlit 
rv^itaiKv, it ia diflieuU |i> diM.>over thn i 
crel of tli« Ktlniction irhicb w-m liim 
friend*!iii>'>f iiidiaioHna* Wdlium M>nli_ 
ft ill bard to iinderttHnd ihe grwindd evvod 
bia gimrral pojiulariry, lo whirh all ihe h 
torioai of the time brnr nritncw, and wlii 
WBscurioiuIy illmt rated by aijuarrvl fcir(( 
uoAMtoioii of hi!i ourpKi T^e pmpli.' of 
Mans Mtteii it ini iia way to Normnnily i 
buried it in tbeir ovm nlbedral diu 
wlierciipon i1h< ciliKcnn of lloiten throat 
to cotnr nnd tvclnini il byfoirre.aiul Ili-tiry] 
vta* oblifCnl to ordiT ii to be dininlirmi in 
conveyed to Koueu fm re-hurial Bc™rdia 
to hin !N>n'B la«l i«<)ii«il. To (be Dnthiiihiji 
multitude the t'ouug king's clinnu [inibcb 
lay in a *tniely, haadiin>M> peraon. u grut^io 
manner, and ait'mMrwhoHAaiyiihiiilowiie 
contriul^nl their nyru, with tl 
terrible Hiraeitneaii of Uichnrd. llcnry ng 
Margaret btd but one child, wbo waa I 
and died in 1 177. 

[Oiala ItngU Htnrici. ItoM ot Honda 
Bslpli il* Diffti), OvmiM uf tiantnbnrT, 
SlnSU; Uateri.ils for IIiMory of BedtM. 
Itabortaon ; Thumns Aguellua, De Uort« Ho- 
riri tt»Ki» Juhiuria, in Stu Mtfon'n wliliao of 
RnIpiiofl''ii:^'mhal].all in Itolla Serin; RuheH 
of Tocigny, «L JJdisle (Sue. do I'lliat. d* K« 
iiiaodi*); iivaffniy ot Vigtoit, \n LaIiIhi'k No 
UiUiotliwa KLS'^.LibivniRi, tuI. ii,] K. M, 

HENRY oy ORNWALt (1285-1371 

more gfiinrally rAlb'd, fnim bin fatkil'a I 





eliW«t tonof Richard, •otI of Cornwall, aftor- 
wardt king of ifaf llfininnt, by hi> firat wif^, 
lMl>>-]lii,dsiif[burof WiliiiiiuMurslmli.ihinl 

Mfl of IVmlirollP, MDll widrjiv of <^lillH.Tl. of 

Clww. >i!Vi.-i)l k cfirl of UlauMuIi^ [q, t.] Hv 
WW Ihjni on 1 Nov, 1^35 (Anu, Tru-Ji. la 
Ahk. M'm. i. 9M), tuid WM liaptiMd bI iiiti 
btliPT'4 tifouriu- iwst ■! Ilnvif*, ni-or Winch- 
oomb in GloitrMternhirr, by Itnlph nf .Moid- 
ftoop, bishop of Ilcri'fonl. in llMO hi* 
inotlwrdied.iuiil wlicfnhinl'nthiri iii ilifiamt; 
ytu Wunt on iTiiwule touh^ lir'iirv wuh left 
to lh>^ mm of 111- uii(.')<\ Ili'ary ill (Miir. i 
Pahjk, iv. -14). Ill lii7 hi- accnrnpamed Iii» ' 
falber oii hi» j(iiini''y to I'miici-, wUltili in- ' 
cllid<Hl an iiitnri'i'iw with St. lioiiii uml n 
pil((rinUi^ ti> I'ontipij* tib. iv. Stu-Qy, In I 
l'2!M he kiwi wmt with hi* fnthrr and Me|>- 
inaUiur, {JoacJiiB, in thsir niyAtcridus (uid 
mMpilflfiilit piiinn III <htT>ii);huut Froiii-i^, and 
TtHl«<l InnomnilVat l.yoii«(i/A v.t>7|. ilf 
•Im neconipiinii^l hi" ImIu^ an the Lilti^ri 
visit to (■•irainny to nH>iivo iho (iormRn 
Ctown. Thi! pnriy nnbarlied ft\)m Ynrmaiilli 
un 37 April I2'>r, nnd Innded at Dordrecht 
on I M*y (Liirr de Ant. Ijy. p. M). On 
AaMMJoN day 0' M"y) Hpiirj witnessed I 
bia Culi^a oorouatioii at AticliMi, and next 
iltTwa* •oledintjr ltnij;lil«d by hiiifnthi'r, nni) 
« buMjtw* pTNi in his bonoiirof Mich uplon- 
daitr u to rini thn ooroiiatjon (out (hatt, ' 
P*Kt>.r.ail.vL366). Ili> ridnnut odrivn 

riititrd out tba tmpoUcy of hi* «iDTOundin(i 
imwir with BO many EngliUiniiMi, and Ki'i^ 
Kicharil ncnt Honry Doae tibout Miclio^ltn <- 
along with the ro^ontjr of his Kngliah i"l- 
lowrni ItA. r. tVA ; Ann. Ituiut. p. 30:1). : 
Tlmr^'" political ramtr Imftin* with hi* !*• { 
Wn Ui Eiif land, wlirro hi* fitthor bad now 
limnU'd him KDar«il>omBf;h and tonie othrr 

pMiMUinmi (JoHS or WiLLIKtffnRn iii Mon. 
(irrm. tirfiplt. xxviii. '>l t ). Al thi^ parlio- 
noulof Oxford ill JuiiH I'^JiSbe waaon^oflhe 
I wifh e (or rat hpr ■'I'-vuB ) sleeted on the king's 
(idit to draw up wilb tii«1v<: baronial ropn-- 
MRUlivi'* th<>MonHonal c«n*titulioii(/li«ii. 
Purtrm. p. ■HrV Yi'l nftprlh" hing nnd hi< 
wm Lldwikril \iaA nwura lo ihr pri>vinir>n.4 of 
UxronJwliicbthevitn!Wtip,lI(nirT joined ibi! 
liUMKnaua in an aiMitiiial«o[^KiHlioii to ihMn. 
IT<» Old not, bow«ver, ocMinpaRy the kin^i's 
half-brollien on llx-Ir *i>nu(ion io ^^'mcl1P•- 
liir, hill eontimlid himsiiir with rnfuiiiiK to 
tnki' th" oath to thi- proviiiiini until Iv liml 
flit Ibi> p«rmi^n« oThia fathvr.uii irhttiu ln' 
wuMiiirt>ly di-prndi-Dt (M ati. PiBis. v. PIVfi ). 
Pony dBy'<iwi-n> i;ivi-n him locoimiill Kiii;; 
KiclMrd {Ann. Burton, p. 444). Uf niiisl 
hitv» ftnallv givfo w«j, and noon bi^n to 
iMliBn to tbiT piipuUr pirtv. 

On St, r;d«-ard'> dny 1200 Henry aetnl a« 

Toi.. »tvi. 

prosy far Iioice*t«'r a« M>nn>(^llal at ihu royal 
i'i>aal ut Wnitminit<<r (FiT'lm, i. 402). In 
ll'ti^Ui'itartcilnfrnin with hisfnlhi'rfortii'r- 
nuuiy, but loon chuh? buck ncri>inpnni(^d by 
hia Itqifaeir Oilberl, ibr nrw ewl of (Hon- 
0Mt«r lOmt. GuKTiKr., li. ^IG. -iXH). \U 
aim bMi-nnic a r^ituUr narlibait uf Monlfurt'* 
iBfrxosTT, SiinoH itf Minf/ort, p. lOU), luid 
mw looknl npiin by Kimnn m n ynulb of au- 
iiBUftl pi^miic- In Orlober In wns in Etiff- 
laiid. and tlii- jiulioiar, l'hiti(» HiLw-t [a. v.i, 
wns ibn.'cted to work with him in di'incitlii); 
the ilwigm of llontfurt; but. pL'tliap* by 
way of preoaaiion, Henry wna hunW'lf num- 
moitwd to atimd ih" Vmg m Paris in No* 
nmbor, and n ^(i of > hiiiidn<d morka for 
hi< c-]q)Bn*«* WB* otfotvd if bv c«nio ( Fa^rv, 
i. 1^2). On 10 Match ISIU bo wiw back in 
Kngbind along with HnrI Warcoan and 
IlMiry d(^ Muntfort (CVnf. Gbbvus, ii. 2I&), 
In April he «'a>- at a council of baroo* at 
l,<)n>Ion(\VTKIw, p. 1^3; Ann. I>wut,tAy 
iiiford, but cf. IlKiinx?, p. 199), and ttwn 
joiniHl in cnoiUng the mtaliv of IViter of 
Aisimbtiinclii', tlu foruon biiiiop of tlotv- 
fonl. In JunfbcnuTJni<dJoliaM*pael[n.r.] 
on lii» lliifhi to Iriiuw, and waa amMod at 
i: III... :i.< and imprisoned by Ingdntm da 
I u tJie fiineMioa of JIansul (Cb«r. 
iTiii AHi:, ii. '222), Till* nngvrvd the baron* 
Knully, nnd Simon dr Montforf iiwutvd on 
Iii- r-' :i r-indilion of thi> poaCO UlMI 

> .1 II<-nry III oifnwdto tkb, 

:iii.! 'kliiiiiiii«, rcli-awd throu|[fa thr 

^.' I "^t. Ijoui9.rvtiimi.-dt.o l-IngUiul 

III i,-.-.'.!). Ou 10 July King III. 

chArdthaiik-HJ hiabroll^TforbuexerlMBSon 
Hpnry'" brhalf (/■5wi-r«, 1. 437 ). On 23 An*. 
Ilf^ry wnn nxain in KniiUnd. and (vqil wiili 
Simon and Walter dcl^'ant«'luiiH:ii.T.},biftlio]i 
of Winclie«t«r. to tiriat with t.Wvlyn ol 
WbIm la. i. 4901. In Seplcubn- he wm 
n)(«in M'lit to F'raorat Ow(f.*<tSBrASB, ii. !&l). 
lnOcloberhi> wasprownt at ihs^TMi moM- 
iiiKoflho partisanaof both tide* at nouIo^Tio 
(Otran. Dortr, VS. Gotton, Julinn ll. V., in 
tlRiivuK, ii. 225). 

Ilcnrv now bc^pin to wnvi-r. ll<' told bt> 
uncle 8imoa thni he coold no longvr lluht on 
hi* Mdo against hin fiiih«r and iin<'le tlip 
kin|[, Iwt aaid tliai !■«' had raoI*«d ni-ivr lo 
tnkt-upnrm"again>ihim. Trfiici'MTaiKWertvl 
that h» fennvl Kin inrontlanry loiifv than hia 
■nm I Itisii A.tOKH. Chrotiiflt. pp. ll> -13, ICnlU 
Sit-: cf, KL->iiA\uKii./>/Jr//w,p.l7.(.'amdMi 
Sifl-.i Yft after bia retuni I'rum Itonlognc 
Hi-nr>* sctii^ly joined Ed wurd, under wboac 
Mroiifi mlluMic« hit remained for ibe rati of 
the war againM ljeice»ter. lUreotivvd from 
BdwardamntofthoinanorofTickbill. IIo 
WMWiUi Rdw4nl«faitnh« attempted in vain 



to III- 

his I' ' 
th<' i 
ex - 










iibetwrlvBiorBiiifforPhiliij, l8MnKli1J71 
(\-2 .MmvV, Attn, irtntwn. p. 110), Hie liiti^s 
of i''nuio(> inJ XnplM woTO ri niS5« in tlio 
ohurcli of tbr FnaciKftiu. llonrr wm alea 
UleniIiiijt«crvicRntan«nf thnporUlichurcliva 
td tlut iiiwn siluulvd oppoutc hU ludginsis 

tAH/.frn,i. o0I,-FT00UinuPap»C0Dtr«O.d« 
loni^fnf tr '). Til a WM probuU^ Ih* i-Uurch 
of San Silvi'«iro(^Hn. Wmtvit.; OXEXEHw, 
!■.:!»>; /Tfl/vj //M/or.Wur«. j. il.V), oil. I.'i70, 
uid Cbn/. JoHS i>i:Tatki):i(, I.txDiK". ViiLU- 
TBLtAl. Bui Kimr outhoritii'iiu-nil li^^nr^■to 
«htircli in tbs calhwlml of H. [Mtvtxia i Ki9- 

BlXtiER, TlU\BT, GuiLUITMi: VB NiXtiW, 

PaiKAT). WykM m&kra it tJw cbutch uf 
ibe oonfraiomily of S. BJa^o (see for lllC•M^ 
tixtvKhnKrtsijIttona'ti I'llrrio). Tlicino^i 
KUtboniAtitT iKiuKr'« iTKttk very vnffunly of 
'» mrtain c.hiireh or cbanor {«.g. liTltrr of 
I'bilifj t[( [□ tbo IriBKoi'tWltoinDiii in /ji'£. 
Je A«ti'init Ltgibu*. p. 133 : Wtkbs, p. 'IS! : 
Ann. O'nry, p. '^Vi ; HEMiNOBrnfiit, i. 331 ; 
G. VlMJiKli OnEliTl Stixoom, &<?., Ann. 

Hvnry n-os kiicpling at pnynr Ixiforo the 
lu^li allur wh<!ti a hand of uroiml mitn bunt 
Tifrlcnlly into lhi> eliurcli. At thrir li«n(l irai 
Otij* ile'Mootfort, who m Ik.- (micrul t:ni<d 
iNtt in ■ loud *oiiie, ' Tniilor. Hoiiry of Al- 
aatiie, then sha]t iiol t^wnpu' (/ccclrra, i. 
SOI). llDwufollnTodbjIiisbTOtlierSiinou 
ukI hi> fnth'-f-in.lnu- lloMo. T&keii ultwly 
by MirpiiH! ilf'tirv imi iwiwd with ■ «tid(lpii 
panic, nnd nulicJ for tanotujiry lo tlio altnr, 
eliii){iug lu iL iritk hi* bnnil*, and crying for 
menj. ITe wa« fiurc«t^ uttached, and won 
dupklcbeil with » iuultitu<l« of woondtt tbo 
fiBf;««* of til" hinil that wm cluiehiBg the 
nlt&r bwnjT iiforlj cut off. Twoflwhs w«e 
alto wnundcdin tliiiconruaion. 'I have hod 
By Rvvof^-,' critfd Quy, h lie burri«d from 
thi* diurah. ' How no,' rnplind ono of kin 
kfiightF, 'yotiT father wiu dnsffod about' 
(G.Viu.«xi in MVRATOBi.xiii.Sdl.ipi'cHthc.- 
very wordt in FrMicb in the mid9l of hU 
Itaiinn nnrrntivi-). Gut tL«a tV'ttirnMl to 
ibn churrli, and dniaigvd Uwbody of luacouhin 
1)^ llii.- Iiair right tbrongb the dinrdi to the 
pMOA opfMHatv. wli^Tit it m^t nitli bnrtinraiw 
iIl>lratltniMt. Thi-niunlpftinithpHI'iolihoriu', 
U»d found ■ tvtuge in Koisu'i conlli- in the 
Uarecniaa ( ' in Monli-mfiwouum.' .-Inn. Pla- 
ttmtitii GiMAii; Atan. Orrm. Seriull. svid. 


'rtilarolil-blondad tnnn1nr«nccJteduiUT«rMkl 
borror, the luoiv m> v l!''iirv waa not et<qi 
pravDI ut the death of t^rl Simon, ud hatl 
UboilTwl for th^ rMniutilintiinn and rr^um of 
kk aoma (Am. Xfrm. in ilf™. (irrm. Scriplt. 
XxtI. &17). It ir«K lo little purnoac that 
I'hilip of FraiMo WTot« in [fnas at duop sym- 

pnthvioKing t[i«hanl,aixl(,1inrIeaor AnJoQ 
■uiuglit to ■■-iciilniiifi )iim«-1f with Ivdward 
from the mitdi-nan of liin vicar {Lib. Jf Ant, 
I^. ppL 133-4 ; Firdefa, i. It''^), Mm (^n»- 
rally nuun«l ihtrm for ilioir wimkneMOrthair 
>lii|^hnew. ll was not nutil Edward, nmv 
king of England, apptwtvd in Itnly that 
■trong mino«iirv« vmiv Ttiki-n by (irw'WT X 
ngiLintt. the niilnliTiT* ( Fa-dfra, i. liOl ). llut 
Simon WOK ulroLdy di^ml, thoiigb (iuy al'iooJ 
for hid erim" by ii Xotin impriiioitmnnl nod a 
miWTabli! uiid, iJanteputhim in tboKVi^nth 
fircle of hi'lt, ^urrtmnded by a rivurof boiling 
hlnml (/i(/rr«o,xii, IH-iO; cf. C'OinaivntaTy 
of fbiuviimiio of Imnlu in MritATOHi, Antiq, 
Ital. i. 1050 It). Thu inon of Vit^'rbo i-aii8»d 
tbn nloiT of tbu iilnu^trT to be ]iniRi>-d on 
the wall, and a copy of Lntin vcrmui inspired 
liT iha piclur* in pruwrvcd (UlMIJUtiiBi, n. 
«t, HolIsSHr.) 

Henry of AlmMoe waa a good Mldii>r nnd 
a man ofabillTyithouglilcniiewhat fiukli^aod 
ini'oniilaiil. tli> t^hflrnct'^ wn^ k> aliriu.'t.iTe 
thni both Simon do Montfort and ICdward I 
liB<l coucuived tbv hij{htttt liop» of him. Tha 
vauTv pel'iHhubli! paria of liia body wptv buriod 
at Viterho'betirt'i'ii twopop«i'(vlHii. //ai&M 
in iV«rt. Qtrm. Srripil. hy'i, 4%H). iliobouu 
in London on 1& May. Tho Iienrl, «iica»ed 
in a eoatly viuc, was dL>po«itud in Vr'ettuiin- 
»ter Abhvy, ui-ar t he vlinne of the PniifiiMiHi, 
where il b«'M[nv nn object of popular VWI^ 
ration. Later Italian wriUn, miaundor* 
stnndiiig Dante'a referaiice (■ Lo cnior cbo 'n 
aul Tnmigi aaCOT si cola '), liave ludicroualy 
infiTTcdthat itvtuputon liielopofacolunui 
oTvT l<ondon Bridfup. EIunry>b<inM'Wi-r«,bj 
KinK nichnrd'n cUrrrtion, buried on ^1 Sln^ 
at llalliw, his birUipIno?, aexl tliooD of lua 
■tfjimotbiT. SoDi:hin, iii ibu noble Ciat«ieuui 
abbey which hiitralh«rbudnow erected thore. 
The obsequica wr«re uarried ont by thu Lan> 
don Fntndicans (£A. ife Ant. Lty. p. \S4). 

[Uatlhe* Pari", ChroiiimMiyorii. cd. Lsard ; 

Annolcs Hoiuuiici, taixvialtyTawkiMibur)', Dun- 

■tsblc. Warnrli-y, Wlncbmtcr, and Wyk«i Ria- 

hanger^ Rob«rt of OloDfcaler, Couliniuiioii of 

GerrlMi and Shirley'ii Royal Lcltan (all ihwo in 

HoMk S<irt<'iih KithiiiiKAr. D*Billia,aadLib«Td* 

A>it>'|u» I.«^iliD* (Okuuirn 8oc.); Rymar'a P<b> 

dsra, rol. i. {RMord nllt.) ; notninebntgh and 

, Trivet (Knd. Hut. Soc) : Chron. d« I«narMai 

I (Maiiland Club). The nu^jority of (h« t«xla cf 

I tba Koicliab writon arr c(Jleet«d by Panit and 

I Liebamuao in vol*, uvii. and xinii. of Psiu'a 

Uonomanta Otmian'ut. Scriploroa, Including os- 

tracta fmtn Mwral minor «rit*n not otberwita 

(B«W (ifcaanbls : in Uis aame vay toL uvi. of 

lb« MonmasntaOennaniiBFonlaiaathGehitt paa- 

miip* ttom the French writcn, nf which OttilUnne 

d* Nangis, alio in Socittide llIialoiN da FMiim^ 





b UBporUnl frf Ibc mwdrr ; in toL (riii. of tk« 
MOM f>Ml tolUeiios an iBBMUK nbrciMM 
bum Iialiu AMMk. or vhlt£ OlwrtI 

^ Ana. JMnMB)^ d».M«-7T,Adb. PhORtini Oi- 


iMl,u« tiMnoKiBpaRiuit vith U. VtUaiti ia 

ri. fUrvm lulkafuni S<n pUinH. aiii. itl. 

t modem boob the BKiot iiik4iiI ars 0«baa*r'ii 

H*(ra BKbanb «nr4lilMa roauMhioi 

■]wn, Lmmw, I7*i. whklt. iKnrtfar, auMt 

■ap b« (l«»aiM ap». BUksw'* Buran*' 

Fw, MMind Mitk*. (■pMwlljt «i. SSt.43 ; aad 

nt'i Mbkhi da Hontlort. »\itfiit tajngr*' 

I iadirMtoii* e«B ba obUlMil ftea Ihuii'a 

idi Vit«riio{Itana. 1*43), aad MiraiNfii'a 

[Sfabftid *«ra Coinnllif and aMn r«Uikan 

' KrfmiftUdt AacbcD (Bcna. IBS^Xl 

HENRY or LiXcmsK. GtRL nr Lut- 
euTEB ( 12dl ^- 1 ^>>'f l.aMwutl Mn of Hdmnad, 
of Iitnoui'T. nUed Cronchbacfc [••« 
ixciFTRR, KnMi.'XD. RtKL or], Uio utevnd 
I of Iti-nry III, wnn bora abniit 1381, hit 

ImotbRrbnng ICdmutid'ufcotid «ifp, BIuiclii? 
f Aitoiii.quecB-dowagcri>f N'avanv. Inlhv 

f 'Winlcr of 1 J02-d Iw and bis ^likr bn>lli««, 
a, «*ri of LuHSMt«r [>M TnoxA*, 1^)^ 

^1SS2^ weM th* eoBKAiit cotDMRJoiw of John 
of Brahnnt ((in«r«orda dukn), vbo w thrn 
nuidinK in Idijiliinil, On tlv drath of his 
fiithnr ill J^tWliE inliPTitnl tlit^ caBlle* and 

) |prilstiip« of Monmouth, Kidwellj, and Car- 
wathbui, Uwetber with all tlinl Kis fatlwr 
liold on thn WoUh aide nf (li«r Savont. Up 
•nrvndwithFdwrtrdliaFlondi'rBin 1307 ftnd 
1308, and wiw aiMpIain in lln; third dirision 
of ihu armr wliiuli innulvd Sootlaiul in tll>^ 
aonuiMr or 1208, being than & hiiiglit. Al 
Falkirk li« rodo a hore* given liitn bj tli« 
king. On lii> rrturn from tlii> vspfditlon lio 
numnl Maud, daiif[ht«v and bcircia of Sir 
Patrick ('hmrortli. He waa aummunLsl to 
mrliaiDL-nl as barou in Ffbruarv I'2d9. and 
ia that year, in 1.100. I.iai. «iid Isfir. aorvt^.l 
is SootUitd, Tn tbo li'ilT if th<i hiirons to 
nontfiMW VIII in IWI ha indi-icribi'd at Lord 
of Moomouib. .\t tbr coronntion nf lid- 
wanl U on 35 I'vb. Kti^ lie CHrrii'd llie rod 
with tbedove, In l-ll'' Hp, incr.mmon witli 
tho atboF lord* of thr WcUh maroliiiii. joined 
till* ICiifl of Ilrrpford in |jutfin(f down tbo 
rebplliou of LI»v,'i-It n Ilreu, and in !.'il8 irni 
ordviitid to bring bis Wslsb relaiiHMH lo New- 
caalln to Mtrre ngninat. thn ScnU- D^ wm 
oppoMtd t« Ihn IWpcniHin, for thi- (pvi^dinna' 
oftti« youugcr (hrctiteiied the tonLt mnrcbor* 
gwnatnllv; bill lio does not sooin l'> tmrv bad 
•nj riofcnt fcolin|[a aKninct tiko king, and 
wt« not iDvolved in ui« brother's i.rnajinn, 
In ISM ho was created Earl of t.nncn^ii'r. 
Earl of tieica«t«T, and nt^wnrd of Gnj^Iaiid, 
£if;mtiu which had bii-n hi^ld bv hi» brother. 

It ia oridoit tiut be was indijpunt at his 
hratlM('*&lc. aadwaanwolvMl (o Briuig(> il, 
and wu not ijipi—i'd bj thaw hoooitta. Iln 
aaMMed Om anna of lua bratfaef tnneod of 
lik<nni,u tbowli.Mtk« kiiw'tfmada aoid. 
ba dmiod Umi tli»y w«M> eowMmiMd brthe 
lati* Mtfa BltaindM'. Mnrto v tf, be built a 
croa* br hia btotbw'* aoul ont«Mle ibe towb 
a( Liei«a«ti-r. Tbc Bkbop of Herrford [aw 
Amm or Okltos j wrota to ask turn lo nwad 
fot kim wiib tbi! king, and ha npliad in a 
lelur full of lympaUiy and oneoantfonieBt. 
Tfcia bName knoTm to the king. vtho. in M»y 
1S24,inui ansinut to convict him of IroaiMi, 
and call«d on bim to aanrcrbt (faetw uffiuioM. 
He dcfbndad kinuelf nKnaafhillj. and lb* 
nw»«r ma dropptd, for be waa ngaidod ■• 
the fonmoct nan in tb* kingdom. WbM 
the qneen (Iwbella) landnd with an amfd 
force in SeptMalm instt br at omce Hnned 
bar, marcheid witb bar to Hriatol, tooli pan 
in drdti^ng Ibe king* mo ^onlian of iba 
kiiwdiiin, and on tbe ni-'xi daj |27 Oct.) Ht 
in judginait on and condvinued the nldar 
Da^pcaaer. He iraa tlian Mot into Wain to 
purmie tlie king, and took him and tba 
vnaagw Deaponwr [>»• under How akd II}. 
tl« awnlnl at thi' trial of Dopenwrat Hen- 
ford on '14 Nov.. and. having been dbarg«d 
with the cuitodvof tbr luof , lOok lum to 
Kpniin-urtli. turbe waa appMntcd cotwtabla 
of lb« casUe on 27 Nor. Othfv caatlaa and 
hoiMinn, fbnnerly beld hy Karl Thomna, wcfe 

Kt in kin char^ bnfbiv the irnd »f tbe raar. 
■ wai one of the eommiawoner* H-ni to in- 
form tlu? kinjjuf bis depooitiaa. Edirard r»- 
nuinedin hia keeping until & Api^l 13£7>and 
found bim a bamane gnnlor. 

Lanca»t<T knighted the vnung l^ini; at hi* 
doronntinn, nan hia nominal guardian, and 
tb« chief member of the oouni'il of p>veni- 
ment. On 2S April he obtained a wril 
acknowledging tliat tbe king bad ne<irfd 
luB homigc for all the land* held by the UU 
niLrl, and ordering tliv panncmt to bim of 
certain bock njnta (I-'indtra, u. 701). In tbr 
Seoitiah wnrof thia jmr Liancaatcrwaaacnt 
with th? Earl of Kent and other lofd* l« 
NewcftMlo to sttongthaa tbe border. Ilwf 
wrc unahlci In check the raragca of Don- 
elm, and noiv forced Ki ri-main iuBC<iv»whitt 
lie wiistud tb< criiintrralmoiil lo thewalbof 
t.lie t<>wn. LuDriulrr attended tbe patrba- 
nionl Ii'>ld at Lviomtcr ia November, anJ 
pmvftiWl on the clergy in oonrucntiaa to 
make o gmnt. lu spit« of the hi^h plaM 
wliicli he bflil in ibncounci] aad at guardian 
of the king, ho found himself without power, 
nnd was deniMl acoeaa to the king b; thn 
queonnlowa^r and Mortimer. The laltar"* 
conduct wasDringingdisgraoe on the counby, 

Salisbury in (letobcTlS:!8,hr nnd s'nneoUier 
lord* tii<4 in •niut at WiachiuiteT nod refiUMi 
U Utmd. Uf tlii-n n-lirf) to WBltLdm. 
At iliia ccuu AoboTt UoIUikI, ■ fAvouriU' 
with tlir qawB Jbwmwt wid Hortiaii>r, who 
bad bdnyed EstI ftooiM, mkI hnd done 
BracA duauo to Esri IIioitt'* IhtitIii, full into 
Uw buda of lii* oiM-raia>. anil w bcbcmlfid 
hf Ui» captor. IIu bcM ww tent to Laa- 

Ubdj lodU BppTOtt<d of iMaaaner'a at- 
iHDpl lo oTenhntw Moortinaur, aaci chii>f 
■hkmr iImub WMW tbe kiag'BiuiclM^th* Ear] 
flf Kmi uid TImnm*, mH of Norfolk, ihn 
nanlial. A in*fting of bufaou nnd Mion* 
in« Md in St. Taiir* on 19 U«c. At the 
tinw Hut kiag and Mortini«r wcr« ravagini; 
tbo lands of bubcuter and bis iMtrtjr.and wi-ni 
«atbe point of dnolarins war tgainat them. A 
^ wat ttMorufbre moI t« tliBUnjti|«r- 
tc demt. LaiMWttr nanuiM al 
1 until I Jan. I •ti'O, wIimi Iw wont up 
Jon, lieM ■ |iark_T with tbe diacon- 
1 biihopi and MKitu a( St, I'aul'ii. anil 

I th* manba], who waa lodcing nt Bluuk- 

friaM, and wan iMOnciUd lo Lim, for there 
lud bopn mmitjr b«(w««n thi-ui oo acco>iTit 
of IlolUnd'a death and other imLlt^ri!, The 
wui day LancMtor fornHd a confndrrncv of 
nncnabH and of •omc of the chirf atiEcn* nt 
St-'WuTa, and a (cfaodulc of ccnnpUinti unci 
4r"n-*7 w*» drawn tip. On the llh, huw- 
trrrr, ttn* laral armr i^nieRd LficvBtcr. which 
bolwucd to tlw coiL and laid waslu The mir- 
nmnniin eoaatrjr. Lancaurr and «omo of 
kbpUlT, includiitg six buBdrnd I^ndcmen, 
vawM 10 niMC it, and advancod a» fnr an 
PwIImiI Tbm>bcrawMl,howor(T,that thn 
bria nf Kriti aai Norfolk had mudf tlu-ir 
«necwHth MortisiET, and aa bin troo|iH vviv 
iiteiricrlj he oould not vcninr« (« ffleet tli« 
Inn^'* annr. ^Vrchbahop Mepeban inlor- 
«MiU for hiM, and on iha 11th or 12th the 
Uag arOrpled liil fabmiwrion, infUrlinft on 
Um afinsof ll>)0(W.,whidi wac n^vorpiid. 
In llif followiiur Ihxicmbtr bn wa< ai-nt on 
Ml mfaaMT lo rtwice in i-ompao}' with the 
BtAof of Nororii^b, ami noti tlinre' until aflvr 
fi Vmb. 13% <A- m- T'ii, 7*91. About this 
tina a biluiv in hU si)rbl, wbicb had btvo 
tiuohliiaoiw in in^'9, vnil'din )>lindniiu,and 
■n Wh lj on arcoaul nf ihi.* iofirmity he i* 
Ami I ihiiil aa alnailv in old mun (QnorniKt 
U Bakkk, fp- JS. 40). NtfTcrtheldi he nt- 
mdad tb» puLiantrnt held at Xaliin;;biuu 
on to t*ct. i bn had brought E^iwanl lu nee 
Um o-r«Mil5 at ridding binii'lf o1 the iato- 
im^ «f MorliBMrr ; lilind a» he v»n bo »vi- 
4eallj toob pari in dnrining the meant hj 

which MoPtimer wu lo be wited, nnd the 
n«xt marninK when hi> hoitrd thai hi« «atmy 
wu» tnlti-n Bltoutcd for joy. Mortimor'n ovn^ 
throw wua followed ou 12 iJec. bvthe grant 
of H full iNirilon lo LaiiesMer and bin nom- 
pftiiionH lt>r their expedition to Bwlford 
[^Firdrm, ii. WW). TTw earVe bliiidneaa, wliich 
he bom with pntii^nci", foiwd him to retire 
from active hfr: h'- Rnvc liimni^lf wholly to 
devotion, and in \S2Q hi-gnn to build n no>i- 
y\(a\ near the casllu ut Lriecntiir, in honour 
of the niiuuncintiou.for (ifty iiifirm old icnn, 
a ina«ler, cbaplaiiui, uud clirkd. Ilia founda- 
tion wu conipleud on » gn,iu\ vcalv by bin iKin 
[•on IIkxiit. l>i'KE nr I,*xc*>rrBR]. He utso 
f(avc nn lUifiTl nf I lir «al ut nt. ion to W al sijigbnm , 
wliichwnaniud to bnnfthn value of four biiD- 
dredmarka, Ilii nnmoac^imintonw public 
dociuD«nta of a Inter dal«, for he «i1I held 
ibe office of steward of Ennland. But it in 
unltkdv that he took anr perHoital pnrt in 
affair. \it>. llift;!, lOM ; Froismkt. i. 317, 
SiiO, rvidcntjj confiMu him with bin sou). 
]Iedi(!douS2Scrpt. I^i5, nnd waaburiod on 
ihenurth side of the hi^b altiurof tbocbuTch 
of luB hunpilul : tile efligy oti Ilia bomb had no 
corunet, Luiieaslvr vroA ouurlcoiu and kind- 
henrted, of »niiiid judfpneDt, reli^otui, and 
nppnmntly of high principle. 

By hi* wifo ]^ud ho had a son, Henry of 
Ijincaiilcr [i|. v.;, who «iiccocd«d biia, and 
up(«rpntly two othiTsonn whoiiiodiuchild- 
huiNl.Mudiii dnughlers: Maiui.who married 
first Willittiii de lliirflh, cnr! iif l"l«t«ir [q.v.] 
('/, iaH-J),una H«-.jmliv.IUIphde i;Q(ttd,hcir 
of ItobiTt, "flrl fif Siiil'ulli id. ISlfl), whom 
idle mirTivcd ; Itlnnehe, iiinvrit'd Thiiioiiji. lord 
Wiike of LydcU ; Jnnr, niiirrieO John, lord 
Mowbrny; Isiilx'l. ]jrioivs* nf Atnesbury ; 
EleHiior, miirried iirst John, Inni it-*Mum<iiit 
{'I I34:;i. 1111(1 j>wondly, in 1.14ti, Richard, 
enrlof Aruudel; Mury, morried Hearv, lord 

(Ann. Faalini. i. SIT, SIff, S43-4. (I<«U 
Bd». lU. ii. D9. Vit« Edw. II, ii 280-1, Viln 
M Bfot« Ki^. II. ii. 308. 3IS. 31ft. all in Cbro- 
oJduKdv.l uiilEdv.Il.!i<i!liS«T.; ExpvnMlJ 
ofJohnof Bnliaui. CanultnldiM'^ii. loiig.fCam^ 
d*a Sot'.) ; SfnUerr.mcH, yf. t63. MS (Mankind 
Club); UcwfrnjlF IfciVtr, pp. il, SA, 1!J. 2B,*a, 
tl.'; Knighton, ro1«.3&ie, 
lA.Vi-l (Twjtdfn); Mariinuth, fip. it. t9, St 
(Koitl. llitt. Sx-.); Rrni^rii Ir'odcrs. ii. M. 7JI, 
TTfi. 779, B03. 108), iii. dO. DA. gl. Rraord ot ; 
Stnbba'a Oout. niit. ti. IfiH. 3A9.73 : IhigdnlVa 
BarooNK*, p. 783; IlnyU'* Ontdal Bann^^. iL 
311; Leluil's Itin. i. 17; Niebolt'i I,rwa>trr- 
ahirv. t. ii. tI9.] W. H. 

HENRY or L*xc*»ti:k, fint Dvke or 
LiXcisiEB < iL-ftSl ?-I.'«iI ), «wi of Hwirj, enrl 
of Uncaatur lU'bl M34Ji) [q.r.l, and hb 




CountMB Maud, wm barn abont 1390, and 
wu called 'of Ocv«niont.' pnHibl;c from Qiv 
fiaco of bi« birtb. ill) U wid to ha,w goM 
irhiln a y«iinK mnn lu Gf(lit a.'' b cniBudn in 
Pniuin, Hhodoi, Crprua. udA (inuiada, 1o 
bavu btvu ■!> n.-ounuwliii'ft[itaLiitlial bo itm 
known nn ' tli« Tatber of to1di«iTs' Mi^ tba 
bo^iImI youllis of Ftsboo and Spain wnre 
■uiotu to learn vrnr under bUfcannrr(C4P- 
OBATi:, n. 161). ItRMTVod wilb diktinclioii 
in thnf^niiih warof lS!l3,eqicciaU7al the 
Ukiaf[afllnIkiuUi. In 1334 lu* falli«r nude 
oviT to him till.' ltiwniiaud<'a*TlMof Kidwelly 
and CarwatbtaN, will) olhorlnntU in Woliv, 
and ou S F<>b. followipji hi- vnn aummonod 
to parliament an llnnn' lU- lioncantT. (hi 
15 Ajiril I3»li Kdnrard 111, who vaa hia 
cnu^in, appointed him tn ucnimaiid an army 
n([niiiflt thp Scots (/Vf/cra, ii-SKltl); theliing 
wont (ci St-ollund in pemrjn, uiid Henry, who 
was iheii a kiii[j;lil-lMiiii[<>rel , was wilb him 
al I't'rth, iiinl i>ri !• Dec. wns niiimiJ iw a 
(.■i>uiiDi-»ion>'r for ilw drfcimr •>f Kiijjlrind 
a^tnitiMl. the l'"n'nfh {14.(1.9^1, On l(i Miirch 
|;i;i7 ICiiwaril en-nlod liirn Kiirlof iK-rhr. oiif 
of thn tillo* lnnTii- by hU fnllirr, wbo was 
•till livina, lu tlw ht-ir uf Earl Tbuuiac, aud 
a«igiicd liim a y<.-arly pvuMon frint tbo 
cuatouiB. lu Noi«<mlwr lh> wn« ^nl, nlonj; 
wilb Sir Wait'-r Jtminv, to niinck thi- pir- 
ri«on of lb>' Count of rlnndpr* in L'uil.»nnl. 
There ho showrd biinai'lf a tfallant knight, 
for on Inndins Iw adtTuiPiiJ mt UL-or to Ihe 
fortiliuatjona that hi.- was nlmck lioit'U. Sir 
Walter Manny t>aw hi« du rigt-r. and shout- 
ing, ' LHm'<i?Ii.'r fur thu Knri of Pnrhy!' 
rB«cueilhim(FBoi»s*RT, i. 137,140). When 
the kingmilixi frnm ihi- llrK-fU for Anlwi-rp 
in July l:i3t*. DctHt luiih-d from (irrBl Yar- 
mouth io cntnmiini of tli-- Iroops conveyed 
bv the norlh>-ru ilL-el, and joiiifd the kiii|i"« 
auipB in Iht' Chnnni'l ( Fnilerii, li, iWiO). He 
remuiiied with thukiiij.', iirid in 'letolx-r laSB 
COlliiitHuJ'.'ti, illuliir Eilwiinl io pi-rnnn, tb(- 
thinl bat till ion of the anoTni I.n I'lnm^npio 
or Vircnfiw*!' [s-'iMindrr Kuwaiiij [11], Kd- 
ward was novioiin to bi> iijtiiin in Knjflnnd. 
and In Di-cembfr oHi-rud to Icnii- Oerby in 
I-"londc-r> Of n hostu^e fur bin n-lani,forlii' 
was dcfjjly in debt. However, the earl ac- 
oomiiacied bitn to Kof^lnod iu lli« following 
Frbroarj- (ift. |i]), I |fl"l, 1 1 1 Ti ), unil on 24 June 
tooli iiarl In I lie wn-tiybt butbrcShiyswlin'^ 
li*bi?li»ved ivitli luoHiifnIliiotri- 1 (■'BoisBjitT, 
li. 37). When ICdwiinl returned to KnRtnnd 
on 30 Nov. b« Inft thr mrl in piiion in 
Flandcn as a •i-curily for \m debt*, and took 
neawuica to proo'ire his n-lnut- tbrou^ the 
iuWrrentiouoftheLeopardtCouipauy. Derby 
wMdetainrd forborne iuo>ilh'',iini1lind more- 
VIVt lont Iho king his jewel", which wer» 


^odjrod for 3,100/. (Am/^io, pp. 1143, 1 
117(1). Chi 10 (Irt. ISil he wm appoin 
caplai[)*0cnenlortbearmva^ini; the Sen . 
The Kngliili bad bv tlii* Iidk- lott nearly ibu 
whole coUBtiy, anJ this expedition foili-d la 
check Ihe pragTMa of the rKonquetfl ; Slir- 
ling had already bn-u Io6l, ami Edinbur^ 
Cantlo wac soon lou alw. A iruc» for six 
month* wail made in DKMiilMr. TIia mtI 
spent Chrialnaii at 1tax]Htr]ih,andwbnatlwc« 
raalluiwed Sir Wi]!iam Dou^as, ihe knight 
of Lidd«dat<i fq. v.], to tilt with him: Itou- 
elaa wa« vaacguislied. He alao p«nuwl«d Sir 
Alexander ItauiMy of Dalboiuie to aootfit 
Ilia cballenOT to j'>nst, twenty a i>ide, and in 
all Ilia ex[^ndis gaiikpd glory and honour. 
4)n 3 .\|iril 1313 he wan apiiiointed alon« with 
others to arrange a jwaw or a truee with tli« 
8cots. In Oclolwt Ih?rby aiCoonipatiiird the 
kinj* ou lii« fniitlua expvdilion Io Driltany. 
In the spriu^' of IMAIivwaH acnl on emt- 
bH«ie» to Clement VI at. ATignon. and lo 
Alfouao XI of ('a>li1e. ^VhiU in ^patB bo 
and Ilia fcllow-nmbouAdiMr, the Karl of Salis- 
bury, did H^odKiricp afiainit the Moomatt 
siege of AJgecirns ( Chrmtietf itfAI/»nto .V 
Ou bis rvlum to England, about I Kot., 
n-(-»t north warik !<.< riegi>iiale with the SooU. 
At the fnnioog inurnamvnl held by the king 
at. Windnor in Fi-bniarv 1S44 bo performed 
the port of ati-wnnl of Kii);Und. bin fathi»T> 
o(Ikv,nndjoincdin thfl oath for the nitahlijh- 
ment of u - ruund table.' In March be re- 
ueived full powers to treat with the king* 
of C'n^iil''.Poriu);al.aiid Arragon.incoiguno- 
tion Willi Iticharil, earl of Arundel (F<i 
iii. H). 

On 1» May 134.1 Ih-rby waa appoin' 
linuli-niini nnci ™p(!iin of .\guitain(^. anof 
which he held tinti! t Feb. 1317. and 
32 Sept. Buceewlfd hia father a.-. Earl of 
liancastrf and of I^icMier, and 4t««iinl of 
Bngland, lie Mil-.-il from Souibauiptoii for 
(iR«cony, probably in the middle of Juii^ in 
eoDipnny with Sir Walt*>r Maiiny> and with 
a forcp of livo bundn^d knigbia and niquim^ 
and two tbouinnd archer*. Hi* ankrawefr 

I to defnid tiuicniir'. and if he llioiuglrt wu^ 
lo attack I'^rigurd and Sainiognc. Haviaf 
landed ai Itovoune, aiul spent about a wi 

, therv and fifte>.-n days st Itonleaiu, he 
out lownrds llerjji'nic, wlii^re a number of 

I lordaontlie French kinn'taidnirm-ameinfali 
under the count of l.iI1o-.Toiirdain to ketp 
pBHinge of the Dodlogni). I>rrEiintt on, I. 
easier gained ibc »ubiirl»i of the town a' 
a Aliarp struggle, and thf next day. 31 Auj 
look lue place by aawul^ He then captnr 
many towns andfonn«M« ill Upper fiajicoD; 
failing, however, to laka Pfirigueni. in spi 
of a plot to deliver il to him. .ViibtTocI 




K'il Imui a blow, and Hiv earl ad- 
Ijliminw-, irliicb llwii Wlfin^'<\l 
to lbi> t'ngluili (M. I<ac« has poiiilnl oiil 
P(OM—rt'» ormr on ihix mitcr). llniriiig 
that tfae Count of I.Uli-^ounlBin and alt I liu 
Oaacan lord* of tlie Frvnck puly wurv hv- 
■iwginp tlie eb"uop which lu- had li^f) in 
AuMtoche.lMliaHKtied ihiili^rvitliuui n'aii- 
iaf Ut b* fMsftimd \ij Hm 1'^rl of Pt'inbn ik*^, 
wMwaatBgarriaimal Ber^Ttc, oiiO, tlioii^h 
Ua Ion* rotMiflod onlv of nlxiui llinsi litin- 
drpd Ujicm anil lii LundrMl nrrlK-m. Kitvi! 
bati)« na il 4)«. lo Uie Frrncli lords, wbd 
•re laid lu bavp bad iDure lluxii ten ibousuiid 
■BL-n. ilpwuHstplciididTictory.andtn.'atrd 
kilt maiiv priannera witk cuurtmj (FSQIMABrr, 
iii. tt'-*3, SftJ-T.). 11" aft«wftnl« ^m^mt, \a 
b*Tr divided lii^fnTc^i inlDlwobodicOivliicb 
•c<*d at nn«* 0(1 tbo (iaroniK' and titc I.ol, 
oecupjing AwvUlan, and taltitit; Mdlbuo. 
Honiwinu', Ia mole, whidi oir<-rL>d a itoui ar- 
MUnce. Caaii-littacDn, and VillefniiicliL- (id. 
pp. 91. 92). Tbe king ordund that tb»>lu- 

Ep far I b«a0 guetiMaw «lioii]d be niad«< in 
tad in May l^M. Th* coming of ih>' 
of Xormiad;' wilh n lai^v nrmj into 
Gaacan; pnrEnlrd tlic rni\ from mnkin;; fur- 
tbaradTUMn^ and he wa> folly ociruptpd fi>r 
tatmt moiiibi in •vndioK hcl|i to Ai|{uilli>n, , 
to«liichllijpduk?liiidqirg«b«fl>nlbeuiiddUT | 
of Aphl,iiieuitiii^'oiTihi*bwieg(ai*supplii«, 
and III MicL oibpr ojieraiioiu •« the nnall 
fenvai biadicpoialntndvradpOMubW. Wbiui 
thfdulwfcnvwlbatKinti Kdvardhod loudixl 
■B NaRa*iidT,bewa«anx)'iu[toiniiki'a truci' 
with tkv tan, a»d •< thi» wu n'ruw-d raiBud 
the mtn oT AiKuiltuo un 'JO Aiu. 1 Aiicaattrr j 
WmUmu lid of tbeduLv'i ariuy ti)aMh«l | 
iatoAcanwB, look Villcrfal aiid other loons 
■ad ewUMi,(icenptnd AigniUon, aad nt naijnh- 
•nail ihi- TdiI i&oalinnt. MaivJiiDi[ afiiiin lo 
La ICMo, hn tritbi'ml the tiaicoil ionli of 
tba Kagliib inrtT, and nfti-T dividiii|{ bis 
liavKsiBinifam-bwlji^lnloiifiaioKiiiniufifna, I 
and on )V Srpi. occupirvl $aui«(«R«, uiid a i 
tnA laO-r arriied at CliAloauBeut ou tbn I 
CkareBie,and unngtbeiKd iknbridgelliMw, i 
tadthfti advaacad toSt.JcNid'AnirAiyand 
laafcit. Ilarins^mmralLiuifrnanbyaMaiilt, 
ba mdwinan] roittpm on 1 <>rl., and hia 
bniait tvjwTicil *larni«d tbu town: 
niadp a f[n>i «laiight«r, aparinit 
voMen nor children, and lM>k na 
_ rich boul7 ilix it was laid that tli«'\' 
\m no •oraiml of aaj raimont mvp rloio 
old fir tiUrr and plumen. Aftir utavinf; 
I daT> at PnilifrvbordtiimHl to Kt.Jmn 
U ( Lcuur bom Lojieartcr, A VHUVMr, r 
|ip. sin 0|, Kbnre be ciUortainiid iko ladiw | 
nflmtdiHy. Tbe nunpiimi «nd<<d, and ha tv- 
tniiMltoLoadanonl8Jan.i:tl7. Towards 


ihp piid of May he took oxvr Bujiptifii and rc- 
iiif<>n>'ui(rnlA tii thv kiii^;, n'bu wus busieginK 
t'ttUi.', and o-iuHiEir^il ibi-wi duriny tin.' tvel. of 
ihe t.k<g^ with « following of oiglu huu'ln.'d 
mrn-nt-ArQinandCwothnuuindnrcliTt. Wli><n 
KiajT I'hilip ott'^mpti'd to mi'i- tlm »iiigp in 
tilt InsI duysof July, tbi- carl brIdlliebridKo 
of Ni«ulcy over ihi- IK-m, lo thif lloutb-w^^plt 
of tlu^ town, BO that tbe Vn^nch could not 
gvl to tbt- Etiglifh camp wcvpt by ibu 
iiiAT*lit>> on thr San^siv side, and while 
■ifcupiod on this swticd hp was one of tbe 
cnmmitiiionm nppninli-d to taret tbo two 
cnrdinnU who tn^d to arrangp n ]>fnc" {ib. 

5. fflJ3; FnoiutKT, iv. fil). "Hif Mpi-iiiie* 
uring ihi- wego aoioimtnl to about 109 mark* 
a day, and iu r^luni iht kin^ gruutiid him 
th* town and en-xXv of Bery>.-rftc, wiili tlio 
rislit of coinage, aail gavi' liim tht< ^nmrmn 
of war tbcii at Su Jean d'An^My. 

Lancut«r look n |iroralni>nt part in tbn 
tounumenta andoibrr ftstlTitif%ivliic:li wi^ru 
h«dd aflur tho kioH's return to Euglund, mid 
irai oiu' of till? originul kuigbta ur fuiiudtTs 
of the order of ihi- tiarUT [(n-e iindt-r Eb- 
WiBD in]. On iiti Si-pl. 134>' ho rw^ivwl 
full pow^ra lotreat with \\w frvncli nt ('nlnit 
about tbn Inio', and on 1 1 Oct. to trrat with 
the Count of t'1and«r>,andirn>witb Ibu bine 
al Calaia in November, nbtui the truce witli 
FraDDtmaproloased.BiidB irmly wus uiid« 
with Louin dc Mak-. Hi- wa« «ngaf{ed In 
funbor ui^Koliaiions with Fninoe durmg the 
»printf of 1349 {FavUra, iii- IT-T. I7C, 178, 
1K^;Tinoi-met ix. ILtKi:n,]>p.9»SlO-J). On 
2t> Aqit. tliR king cmalrd him Earl of Lin- 
coln, on tbi! ^Ut appointed bjm captain uud 
vieeai'trnt of the ducb^ of Oiucony, and ou 
'M Oct, captain and vicvgetent of Puilou, 
givic); him a monopoly of iho tale of tht'sult 
of th* bay and of Poiiou cenirally {Finl^a, 
iii, lt>'i*, \ilO). In Nov^rabrr li« croF«(id OTi'r 
to ftkKMiy irilb I.Ard SlntTonl aiitl other* to 
■tmnKthon tbe proviiirr a^ninit Iho altnidta 
of John of Francv. He look jmri in iIh- via.' 
lit{bt oal)«d ' Eapajrnohf-aup-met' in August 
tSSO [aee undrr KDViBit 111], and ry-wiiod 
tlw> ahip of Hit Priooo of WkIm, attacking 
the lingp Spaniah *bip vitb which nbn waa 
r<DKti^M. On 6 Mircli l^i'il Ik- wit> tnada 
thiki- of 1.anna>rrr, and bin nrldom of Lau- 
canliTWUB mudt'piUlinr.lbccarlii.-Bt inalaucu 
of Ibi! (itoution of a pntutinc parldoui under 
tliBi Dami!. Tbir only diicnl orealion befora 
this had \i^n lliat of lh» Prince of Walaa a» 
Ilukv' of Ciirnniitl, Tw<> dayn latir Laa* 
va>ter wno njiixiinted cnpluin and admiral of 
tlie tre«tt<Tn Utift (Coi'iiTiioi'i:; I'irdmij&u 
SIS). Abf>ut I'juiti-r b'T tnadn a raid Iroon 
Calais, alluckrd Hoiilo(iiiP,hut w«» uiiatiie tO 
lake it bccuuii-' lui scaliiiK-laddrrB won too 



rr 'I'n WUafeMSiM teal 

thmt B Iran hsl been wOt 
(Viai— Mri iW 
■xfck wiA the kMg of P«lMd (I 
G)w)Wi -^ - - 

■mi 0« « Ifar. ISU ' 


m ia , in. Sa^, S71V Ok » Amm. ka 
■^•w'cMrfrf— ■■tiiiij. «lS* iMteM tka 
rT !Ce*«dh ttd dM Biil of AnaU, 

pn Ui • cgufcPM Bi itbn tma^ 

■ J i i f B L i e' taw c M iBig- 

■4ia&Mlaal dtor&— •' ■■ m ■rwa.MJwfcifceimtwitfATigif 
■Awnrdu mmed • dW- ! ■ ~ ' 

Imm froB Ono, MB of tW Daka or 
Ui vaj tn ik« ooMda k tad bwa 

fahop M d a hJ iittwB lt w — wi 
i m gwt ■ fTOwd — ■MuJ to 


Im ttet WeoHUMnedj 


■1 r'liliMiiii lliil TTimhiil wyiintlo ■■jhj wt;- MMM the IvidfOL HaRnaiaedi 
UMMdddinrUstoKi^MB. On ttu wadn at ArtpMn, ud Aaing all that tiim 
ictanloCDleaMheMaadaawdafOuo'iia- wbaenrea»etoM*i|«aitcainalibcnIlTr^ 
teodad MladiMbn tlw%»rft «r JiOim gaM wak B»<»taiddfiBk,«>rh»lMdcanMd 
aBdMHjrknrdcaadMbcn. Onoifciyawyiilafc—fcri eaJaof wawiafa placadia tb» 
■ant him a Uttat, gtviag tarn Cha li*^ ifi ' mHaraririiTT Vi n — rrr WitktbapMeand 
dKriuttoBBMhuastCJainNtflrvlMirbM*, ik« caiduwl* ha wm rorjr Bopdar (kxMR- 
aa thancBehhtmdwaldappaiat. Uarinc ' tox.coL 3606; Bixaxp-lSl). AtATignon 
aecHitad the dhallmirF, taA proeutvd * •■&• Chariaa of ?>afaiT«,^rhi> had bmi fonvd lo 

CCTiArt fiWM tlw FrMuh kmg. he croHed lo 
Cahl« a fortB^hi befote CbntbaM ISGS wiifa 
ttty Hw Bt-aMj aad a Mrang eowpoaj of 
fiMt. a^d a* be waa marchio^ (o GuiflikM irai 
flMt bf the MBfihal of FnDC)<, who oovdiMied 
Untollaadia. Then bawas mat bfJamm, 
■on of Lonia, duke of BooriMii, with a TaHaat 
ooKfrnaj, who aMontpaBind Ub to Pan*, 
whf w hg waa tMku ai a al toi ll y ww i ttd. Kin); 
John naalad Ua mcwwlr. and he lodjud 
withhMhiiMBan,lbakiiwtf Natam. The 

flw thither by thr Frendi king. M4aeUis«d 
of kit tnomp. avMiine that he would wilU 
iaidlv caur into «a alliancw with the king 
of^^UsdagaiBflttkekineof Fruue. Lan- 
caatar proMiaed that, if ibn Utig wouJcl, Ihe 
aOiaace ihoaU he aaadn, and that he would 
•end troooB BJtdahipalotJMrnoejandJtEraey 
tobclpktH. Wk(nlke«anfin«Mewa80T«v 
LaaoHtor rttmad homa, nol without aoue 
danger froan the nmck. Wilk I>dwaH'a 
appcoval ha BtW mii k Boot of tkirtv-oicbt 

daybelaRtheMiBfaatthaF^aackBoUMntada la^ dupa at Kotherhithe, each with hi* 
a frvHIeaa cndcavoor to arranfp the qiumL ntrMJOcr, and hariii|t on boaid the Ung"* 

Hk Um« wore arooaited in the pnacncE of t be 
kiw and hia Wli, *ad «eck coBibataat Bwoie 
on die aacraiMnt to the tratk at Uii <&iue. 
Bat after tha^ naoonled their chareMa Ouo 
tnnUed lo TMtenllr that k' could not put 
oahdahaltnMorwicila hioprar.andat lut by 
qtiajrel, and anfaiBittnl hiiB»1f lo ihr kind's 
ordeta. Tbe dabe inMoted iW.tlioucli br 
wooM have beea rvccndlod beiino be vuteml 
Ike 1i«ta> he now would notliMio loanypro- 
pOMla. Otto, kowerer, wobM not ilf hi, and 
tbi- kinj(, afW dtakin^ him mtnri his wordi, 
held B ttatt at which be eaaied the two 

•oiia,LioiiidorAntwapaiid John of OawHi 
and three earia. Oa 10 J«)y thv kine went 
on board, and the eqaadron aaUed to Grero- 
wtch- Contrary winda deland tb« f^^ 
diiiou until new* c*n>« that CbarU'a of na* 
\'arn> na* moonraled lo the French king [mo 
tindiT KcwAitn UI]. l^aeaatcr crojaaifwitb 
the kinjc to Catais, and in NorMobes' 1 
port in UiL' raid wbich Edward made in . 
UHaand Pintd*. He nMuraed with ikel 
when ihpy lieard of lh» taking of 1 
and PMTid in ihr irintrr camnai^ in I 
land, appan-Tiily InutinR a dctadunent of 
troop* in ndvancr of tbe main body, and pnw^ 
tnling further into ihe coontry. " 

Mwauiea to be ivconciled. The doke refiiaed 

the king's oflSer of tick trMasHa. and Moept- ' May ISSO kr col Wl«d a font- to I 
ing bot a ihorn frrMii ike StTioiir'* crown of kins of Navartv, who wajt again at 
Ibonu, which li<i took bnrlc with liim for htr willi the Fraocli king. Iliianny a«8Aro 
«oll(friat«c)inirb at Ijdcoiti-r. He rrtiimed at SouibamptOD, and part oftbntivopetMi! 
to Eiigland, uid went to St. Albaor, where , on I Juno ; it waa ibongbt a tnarvalloua 

tfaiDg tliat llie <J>ip* IbuiM Ibsn at La | 
HoguB Mid wnvlMi.^ ai Soiitbtmptoasg&iD 
inflT*d«;«. IncuniinnT w)ihJ<'liii«f Uont- | 
n, iha youibfiil (-laiinuit of lli^ iliidiy nf 
-iiUnr, the liiiki- mini for Im llo^ii! and 
' Undnl on tbe Ifiib. At OK-rUnn^ Uv wid 
joinrd by Philip of Nmanv ■nd *'<voSrty 
UMtnurt; tlmiT ujiitml lorvw numbeivil uinu 
k<nidnd men-ai-amH kiid fMirieeii hiiodwd 
■roiMn. Tlim' MiHrdieil to Mantvbonrr, nitd 
llwiuix on tha '22nd lo <'HT«nlaii, bj ^t. l>i 
lo TorijTtiy OB tlip J4lli, hy KvmcT to I.iiioux 
on the 'Ji^b, and on ifau nc.\t day lo I'oal 
A uderapr, for a n^-ial •>lijcct of I Iw caaiiuigu 
wa< lo relieve that and utlier lowD* buoug- 
ii>K lo tlx! kintf of Navanv wLkk v«t« lie- 
■i ^ o d bj the formM of ibe l''n-acl> kiiig. Ob 
i1m> «|iprawb t4 the iakf'* army ibn »\itgi> 
lo •irp|>((tl«-n til.- forlificationi : hr nial 
■ucbed lo Itrc Hi'tlrwin, and tbtuice by 
OosdlW, wbvrv lie tind tba cartte, to Dtp- 
taoffl, and to to Vi>nivuil. wlivt* lip i(id ioum 
iUMge. llfarinii iliiti i )io l-'retich king was 
MMiitiir af(ui»1 liim vit!) fl Uivoarmy Im n>- 
trr«ii^ lo Laiu'liMjDllicMli.aiMwIirahi'rBlda 
cstni- to bun bnuzinfT bim a cliallengr to 
battle frotn Kins JiuinWriTfiliiHl tbat hcu-ai 
n^y to ig\a ii tbp kinfr iniT'miptcd bim. ' 
He ronlinatid hia rMn-al by Arfp;uliin and ' 
Torigny, and iMurned lo Iklonlt'lMiuie on ih« I 
18Ul with Ini^ bonly and liro tnnuMnd | 
hwa w L, Vf hicli til' had loiiru firtm tbn Frraicli I 

5Aii»BiHi.|>]i.Jtll'-'>: KsioMiosi.rol.JBiai. 
le nrxt niardbixl lowarda Itriitany. Imvin^; 
an3Aii(r.beeaappuin1«tcs)itaiaoflbrdudiy j 
hf Uw iiag, wi I ■ lilt' FOaeamiMV of Jobs M ' 
Ma MJ an {fadtra, iii. Rn&). Ilo tnade an 
■ttanmt In tCaet a jnnctt'Hi witb ih<t I'rincv 
af WajMin thalatlAt [art of llui moaltt.biil. , 
wa» ■ul*iiuiurut-mi ai l.m I'onin Af (!6, . 
■aar Anfcn —tr under Kowiui iImi )1i-(ck 
pMUt'B .. In bii'tony be iruniiiilfinM nuv 
oan^Uly on Lrbalf of tlM> widoned duclieiB I 
and b#r aua, and on 'A (V<. foriiwd ili« aujp i 
of Rmumv, «hii.-li WM di>l4<nd»] bv ibe Vi»- | 
«QaBt d<> Rohan aait i>thcf InnU (or niarlm i 
arflUnU. Tlwaifici-laard uniU-IJuly I.Vi7, < 
•bra iIm dnka wai rdurlantly forced to 
alandaail iBMoaaqaBnoPuf Blruce. Ihuiag 
law and a larir^part of tVi!:iLH»cai>tvriraii 
■nhaMy tniwli in l^nntiiiid, bui li« aviit Sir 
IblMt Ki>»l]'M and ntlii>r(-n]|ilnini to njibold 
llwiwluwofthgkinflof Navam' in Nomiandy. 
Oa « A|inl I.V>» Ihivid 11 of .-icntlnnd [*i*. 
fiwicB, [Uii:i~ emli-d hitu tUrl of Mumy. 
Afcoiit I Mrl. Kdmrd nPiit lb* dnke to 
CUaii to bpei> ofOir moai; tlie rnbbh- of, 
•AWBUirtTpiMli" w-'rv|[iiih*T><dtl>c-n>t"*n^i( 
thr Vinj:'* irriToJaad tli>'b*(jriiininKof a now 
n|a>fu. In iiidvr i» Vfv\% iha-nrnnploTod 

tbn duke lud ihi-ni on a raid. Il« marclied 
past St. HmT, r>-mRincd four iLiya al ibe 
abbey of Kt. i'.\'^w, turaod lovHriU I'tToune, 
marched Iriiiirrly nlon^ tlic valley of th« 
tjumine, bu follovrew wa>ting ibr conatry ; 
altacbed the town uf Itrnr, but bih-d to \.bm<> 
it, and U-H9 a1 Tomaaiiit when lie beard of 
ibn kiBg« arrival at ('alait. He Ird his hunt 
In taci>( tbe kiBg.aooHipaiiied liiui loRbKims, 
and while tho army lay bi<n>n> ibal city on 
'£i \^IX. led a parly n;!iiinvi r--rnny,aba(il. Plght 
leauuci diitaul, took ihn tovn and liumt it, 
and after doinc (lamagc to other pineeh in tho 
district ivCunied to tbe camp. When Kd- 
ward doteriniiied afbr Easier ISIHI to leave 
tli« neigbbourhood of Parts and Ie»d his army 
into tlie lir>in> country, he appointed Lau- 
caslrr nnd tiro othiin lo comnHDil llie finc 
diviuon. At (liortm* the diikn ppn,uadnd 
hiui lo listiTO favourably to th« Frmdi pro- 
poaalsfor piacr, nnd took the leading; piirt 
In amntiinu llif ttenty of Ilreligni, wliicb 
wmi C'linfliided in lii>pnv«iice unt^Mtiy. At 
Ihu fnnikt tt'bicb foUowtd li« and IIm King's 
(onuandolbvr lordmurvrd tbektncaof Htiff- 
lund and Francs bari'linadid. On S July na 
joined the I*riiicr of Wales in condartinit 
I he French kiuj{ t'< tl'ilniii : on '2'2 Aug. he was 
ap]>oinled KdnnnVe cuminiHioucr in Frnuce, 
and on iA (h't. wio> at Calais when the treaty 
ira« ratitlnt. Mr died at LeioMtpr of the 
|wiililcnc4t on 13 Muy 1361. He wa* buried 
withmtieh |>i>ni]iontbrsi>ulhMd«nf iho hi|rh 
■liar of bii ['ollc');inii> cliuivh at Lciocaler, id 
ibe priwnciiof the kinR and many pn-1ntM 
■lid noblef. for bin dealb ms Mt to be a 
nalionul caluiuity. I)v liia n ife lMb«l,daiigb- 
l>>r of llt-nry. lord fkiitinunr, he had two 
ilaujihton : ,Mnnd (if. IIW^I, who married 
lint Italnh. •IiUaI hib of lUlph, earl of 8l«f^ 
ford, nnil ■■•ramily, in XXti, irith the kinir'il 
approval, during her fiilh<!r'» aliiamcc in Po- 
land, ^Villiuin, (Muiil of HoUnnd. son of the 
Etnjidor Lewis of Ilnvarra: luid Blancbe, 
who marriKl John of finunt 'i\. v.l 

Henry of Ijonnuler wiih •titrfined throiigh- 
oui Wiii-TD Kimip" a» n ]»-rfivt knl)[bt ; hp 
wos braTe, rouitmiu, charitable.jiist.andat 
oiioE miuruiNeeni and perMnally leinporate 
in hialuibil*. llehAdBiborough hiiowlodpi 
of public albirs, was a wise cnunncllor, and 
was loved and Iru^Ird by Etlwartl 11) beyond 
any other of bin lordt. Ijke hii falliT, Karl 
Mrnn", be wu r^litfious and during hit laot 
diiysi< inid loh«v<ib<Tn much given toi^ayer 
nnd ifood iTorki.and to luvi.- whitrn aliouk of 
deroliotK (-^lli-d ' Mercy linnnrrry.' In this 
be set down Arst all the fiiu which he cuuld 
mn«i]ilN'r to liavo mnimiite'l, a«l(iiig Ouil's 
merry im seeouiit of lbi>m, and ibea all ibo 
good tbiiigi nhirh Ire bad nvtiltd, adding a 




tliiuiWi\ \ag tni ibrm. To (lie bomiiUl ' 
founik^ bv bin &tfacr at I^iucwter be aodcJ i 
• colliwu witli • dealt uid CMiaa*, called 
Neirani (CoU«gi«a novi operii), or tlie col' 
ki[gi«i« ehvreh of ScMatylheunialer. He 
•uoca ve araiBieBts li) I b« valau of four hiui- 
dn<3 BDorlra to ^VaUiiitthun, H« raided in 
London at ilw> h«voT, w>iirh be intiprit«d, and 
tli«n b«Ut « «UUl J luiUf at a COM of Afty- 
twa thoeuond nuTkii, gMim^ during lu« ont- 
oaigB of imH, A purtnut of him from tbu 
HwttDM bnu Bl Elsiiig, Nariblk, in eivcn 
!■ DojWa • Offldal fiaroiwg«,' it. 3U. 

(OmA^ le Biker, od. Thooinon ; Knighlon, 
•d. TVmdeni Mchmulfa and Robort of An*- 
IHI17. M. Ttumpoeo (Rolli Ser.) ; Capffnrc, Da 
lllnilr. Htarici* (BoUa Scv.) : Waliingluun.Tol. 
i. (RotU Scr.) ; PraiawK. i~r. ad. Lnea (SotUtt 
ds rHiHtolrtdrKianor); Jahao UBel,cd.l^Oilainl 
Crosio dil nr Don AUoom) b1 Onceno. w. SOT. 
1(98, 3441, b (mnicoa y Hcmoriiui, <ii. Ail. SIS, 
614, ad. 1767 i Ryniar'ii FiaJms, 11. ii. in. i., 
Baond ad. ; Nicola*'* Hiu. of lb* Kavj. tdL iu ; 
Longnaa'a Gdwud III ; DngdAle'a Honutioon, 
*t, 1397; DiigdaV* BaroiuHta. n>- 784-90; 
bojW» UfficlKl llHiiiiumn, ii. 31 1; Nn-holn'e Lei- 
c«*t«rsbire, 1. ii. 3'if.JI, Ayp. Mo. IB, pp. 100- 
1 1» ; I«UDd'. lUn. L 17.1 W, H. 

Wales i ITniVl-Ktl:!), eldest nan uf Jauiea VI 
of Scutluiiil {l of EnglandlL bv hid qiievn, 
Auu^, M«i>nd dauslit«r of rrMPiick II and 
biMt of Chrisiian IV of Dpnmark.waa bom 
in tha cHKt.ln nf Sliriing, bolwrm twn and 
tUftf in th(! momitiR of ID Feb. iriSi.l— 1. 
Tbi! birtli of au livir l<i ibtr tliruuu (miibmI 
•pccial njuicin)!: ihroiigliuul Scut laud, and 
bu baptMin look placv on -fO Aug. with 
nuch ponp nnd cerpmnny. Ili' wnii crenti'd 
DulnorKot.hc'uij'iirTofit tt<-wiird nnd prince nf 
Spitilaocl,onSOAiig. l.'iB4. (inL't^ Jon. 1594- 
Jfi95 ' .Marynrpl MttJicrioiin, mnLiires nuroU 
to the l'nn»!,' twa'tred Ucr tertitipate of 
dliwhwso (JUy. P. C. Sn.(l. v. iOO). and 
iihortlv aft^TWHtds th" iirincf vsa« eiitniNled 
to llii- b'.'reiUfHrj f,'iiiirdiiin*!iip r.f the I-Url 
of Mar, Amh"llii, pnnniiM^nwnpT of Mar, 
wb"> bad hnd ihi- rhtirKP of ihr- kinjj him- 
Mlf, being dpiTinlly rntiunlrd wilh his keep- 
ing. Thf nrrnn(rciU''nl wiui diflplMuiiij; to 
tbe quifn, who. inlliiFne<>d it nan suppt.ui.'d 
bTthuCliani'i-llorMailluuil, Lerd TbirlMane, 
ciidwivourtd 10 Lave ihe priiici- intnsfprred 
(0 EJiiibdrgI], under ih" cliargo of Scoll of 
Bucch'ii^'h. 'I'bia llin king rrt'iiM'd, and at 
la«t the quem n«iwd to c-hnngc brr rpsidciipe 
fnta Kdmburgh to Stirling, to ns to ba nt-ac 
Um priuco. On 24 Jtilv 1695 ihf kinjt giTi- 
Mar u wnmiiit, in which be atnli-d : ' In casH 
God cftU inv at any time. 8iv tbal ncitbor 
for the (juM'ii nor eHlAtiv; ibi-ir plea«nT« you 

d<tlivpr him'llbeiiriaoe)' UUbe bei 
jrart nf agisaiKl tnal be CMnniand ymt 
»clf ■ < lliKTH, Prinfr Ueniy. p. 18).' A 
July lfi98 ihp priaco was tnaefened A 
tile oatv of tbcCoiint«M of Mai<— deacri' 
ua ■ wasle and extenval by bur finaur 
\u»\lltg. f. C. SeotLvi. 18)-«i»d |>hcrd 
under Ibe tutornhip ot Adam Newton; at- 
tmidanl^ of rank, ibe chief of whom was 
th« Karl of Mar, wcro nUo aaaignnl him. 
The Ntmc rnar the k-inv printed hta ' Ba«ili- 
con IJnfon,' whidi h« bad conpoacd for ihn 
npecial inclractioti of tbi> princa. Tbn narlv' 
letti-n of the nrinoe cannot be acntptnl u a 
nuiiet lest of bis pruffreas in vducatMin or of 
Ilia n»ent«l ubilitv, except in Rgard tojpM- 
maniJiip) which U r«uat1(abl,r Kood. Aw; 
hear iiUMiial eridcnc* of liaving hwn tiupiiM 
bj tat tutor ; akd tha king hinmalf exprwie n d 
adeairc tofanvc a letter tbal mavbr ■ wbollr 
T<iur«.a<weU matter ai Ibnti. as well formi 
by yiar mind on dravm b)' tout liii)^>r 
(Birch, PrtWeifcirfy, Ik %». Sburtlj^htf. 
the dMth of Qween Blkaberli, Pope CI 
Bioni Vtn offered, ob eanditioii tlmt Jant 
would tnwffHr thn nducalion of i!i>< prineif 
* to ha* appointment,' to nwut him with nuch 
■um* ot aamrv a* would mcqri hu i-j^tahlitb* 
m«nl on the ba^ail) Unone, bat Jniui's de- 
cUued llw propouL. On the death ol Kliia- 
bi*tk James wrote the tirmor, who Duw becamd 
I>iike of Cornwall, a letter adi'taiii^ bin not 
lolettlii' nnntmake him'piroNdor insoLent; 
for,' uid hi-, 'a king\ mni and bnir were jft 
befr>n', and no moi* arc yc now." 

Whi-n the king net out for KajtUnd 
•I April ItiCKt. he ontered iLequeen to folj 
biui » ithin aboul twenty davB. and to lea' 
tlipj.rinw mrnawbiteal iStirling. Theqni 
nnxiouK not to Irt »Iip poisaibly her bur. 

Krtiinity of ertliiig ilir princ out of t 
ndii of the boiue of .Mnr, proceediid. b< 
ever, immedintelv to SliriillR, so as to « 
ibe prince with 'hi-r to England. Thow til 
char^i^, niliiOfti! of IIm king'a former war> 
mni to Mnr, ' ^vt a Hal denial * to ber r«* 

iHLoM (('Ai.Dtiiwnuii, Hint. CiurvA 0/ i%a4- 
o»rf, vi. 2;i0). Tlii* offiwionM tbo niiecn 
suehbilterdiMippoititincnt thaiidu'feJIuitoa 
fever, which citiifM>d u uiiscurriage. On l-sim- 
ing what bud liappeiieil Juinea deeuutched 
Mar to bring the queen Ut England, out »ilin 
reftiwd to hime iitilew accntiipsniod bv tha 

trince, whnri-iipon ibe king smt. t)ii" T>ukA 
,ennox with n wnrrniit to Mnr In ririivitr 
Ibe princ-r to the diiko.wbo again wwt lo 
liver him lip to llic couoril. The coiini 
' tu pleasure the queen.' then gave bim 
her lo be bruught into England, O 
nnbli'meii — of whom Marwas not one — 1 
appointed to ni lend iipon hot on the journey. 



I Icniy 

Ob 1 Judo ihtj wl uul for Kiiftland. asi) ou 
Uivlant (layof lhiiB»iDtliUTivF<l>t ^Vindw)^. 
Al t lH^ ct^U-linticHi •.•f iKe fiiMI of S(. iioir^al 
WinilMr.on 2 Juljitbe prince ir«ii iitTMlMi 
witli llw owlw of ill"' (•■ncT.on whU-li occa- 
aga UMEugUiili court urfxinr Mid lo bnva bccD 
qwf iailj infircfacd by bin ' qnick, winy on- 
twwn, prtaovlj carriage, and Kvcniiil ab^»- 
■■c« at tbo altar.' On account of tlw lii- 
I iwiii of the plagw! tfai> ^rinjM vaa the tame 
aotttli tTDKiTMl frmii A\ iri<)u>r li> OslUiitlit, 
SoRaTi wlwre • he li>>k hi>ni^ In liimwlf.' 
!!• alN ocCMtonall.? rm<iilnl at llnmMon 
Couft. IhffiitK the vwil of Ihi^ (.'aiutabln of 
OaatiUi to Eti^and in 10(M a ptopn«l was 
Diad^ at ibu inManM of Uie quvuD, fur lli« 
nwRwn of the priucv to ilio Inlkiila ADne. 
ctdeat Mugbtn of Philip lit, uud al thai 
tine hairtM lo (he Spanuh tfaroiw; biit tlia 
Ung of Spain denuuiiiod t1i«t h« should bo 
Mnt to Spin to be oducktnl m a cntlmlic, 
tad tbo Bigotialioiia proTcd fuiiU-. Tbi^y 
««fa rtnowcd main in 1006, and aLtuiu liJOT, 
httt without any ikSnit* rwult. In Au^utl 
lew tile prince Enatrieiilal^d at Magdalen 
College. Oifi>rd (Wood, FoaH, i. »ld>. 

In a Ml«r of S\ (MH. IflOU ■).> la Ilodnric, 
lb* FrcMckainbMMdar.writaiofthA prince: 
■ Nono of hi* pleasure* mvour (be lewt of 
n child. lie in a particular lorer of lionmt 
•ad ohat bdonn lo ibem, but in nol foaid 
of btuling: and when be ooea to it it i* 
ntberforlhr pleaMUCof galloping (ban thai 
wbidi the dogs five him. He pU;« willingl;r 
mniwli at tauia, and at anolhnr Scot* di- 
mcMon rnr like null (golf, no doubtj; but 
dlie alvaii wilb pcnom oldi-r llian )um«lf, 
M if he tuspiird (hoM! uf hi* uun a^, Ili> 
elBdiaa two boun. aod eioploys 1 bv reft of 
Ue ttDM in toninf <hu |>ike, or leaping, or 
ihoni jn|[ Willi the bow, nr ilin>wiiif the bar, 
or nahbif , or toin* oili>>r 4>XiKrci*o of tbat 
tamii andbr U ne^vridle'iquotcdinBliii'K. 
PP.7S-6). Tbc pfincp wa* cli-arly fonder uf 
oWdonr exctciNt than of *t«ily. Tbu am- 
liiaMiliii add* : ' He it alitwdy fniivd by tboM 
who baiii th» nianageiii'-nt of HiTiiin*, hikI 
ipaeiaUy llw Earl of !>ati>hiirv, whi> niifican. 
•■ bo (toallv BMireheuxire nf the pnius'a 
wnaodanl: ai lb* prince, on the other hand, 
dkown Ultle Mtenna for hi* lonbhtp.' The 
prinv iwd tliD tl>e mpuutioB of being vt-ry 
■Merana ib hia behaviour, itirici in hia at- 
l^lbacii ON public wunliip, and nwictiltaiaa 
ii ngnrd to ibe nuuinitn of all thoae in a[- 
tmiaaK» en bim or in his aMrice. Il<t o(^ 
iitwd boaea at hu tpiMal hooen, 'caoung 
allilKMe whodidewear in bieb«ating topay 
ifiij to tbo aami, trhieh wcee after duly 
pnm la lb* pt>or*(OcixxwtLLiB. A<mviil 0/ 
Mnm Utnry, 1701 edit. p. Si), lie Uwk a 

npecial intrmt both in naval and miliUry 
alTair-. endenvoiirinjt tboTOU{[ti]y to master 
(hearl of warm all ita bmiichee. On lUJiin-.- 
I60T he waa admitted a mumlM^r of Ihc 
{.andon Merchant Taylorg' Compflny. fn 
lfi08,wfaen the prince* Mrranl and friend 
l*hin(ai IVtt wx> nccuiwl of raladenieaDon 
inconnectinnnilb (hi- envy, thn prince atood 
by him durinte t Ik inquiry, and on hia Ixiini; 
declansl innoci-ut eijireaaed iho opinion tliut , 
hi8 ac(.'wvrs ' worthily dcHervcd Lunging,** 
Tbu priiieo was vquallr out«ptikeii in re^vrdl 
to llie trcalmfiit of fiii* IViend Sir VVnltwr 
Itnliiigli, dcflnring, in mfprtinm to linlcigh'* 
impri«oiinn'iil, that no mnn but. hix futhor 
would lii>i>p jiiidi 11 bird in "iirli n cn([e. 

On ■! June liilOHenrv wiu creuted i'Jurl of 
Ch<-«rpr uml I'rinte ol' Wakvi.aflurwliidi he 
liwld bis I'Ourl at. St, Jumeo'o, which whs set. 
epart r<>rbisr»>iden<.'e. Itsnon beoirapniiiph:! 
inon> fn>qurtit4<d than lliHt iif hin filLinr. who ' 
i^ (aid to hiiviT pnevinhly ■•xrhiinicd. in rercc* 
ence to hi* «iiui popiilnrity. ' Will lie bury, 
wealJTe!"' luAprillflll iinaiipiii-'aiJon w« 
made to the Icis^ of BiiglaJid ou behalf < 
tlie Prini-e uf I'ledmoul. eldest eon et tb 
Duki^ of Savoy, for the huid of tlie Princ 
BUiabetli, on condition thnt a mnrringp wrre 
al*a arranged between th>' 1'rinrn of ^^'u1c■ 
and iho nld«iiit daughter of the duke; but 
the proiMMwIwae mceived coldly iu EtigUud. 
Sir Waltfrr l{ftlrif[U wrote iu opposition to it. 
It iru not dmuvd by the prince hims«lf, 
althoufch b<! veUed bid diaiui-lination to it to 
avoid trritntiug his father. Latderly, on a 
eboi(!e being aubmitted to him between the 
SaToy»nl prinnim and t.lui xldeit daughter of 
the mgent of Kronen, hifiavi- an undecided an- 
nwcr. hintinff that hi- »fou!d prdM not to be 
bound to either. All the while he nouriihed 
a aeotM plan of aooompanyiui; lii^ eieter to 
Oennaiiy.trhei^vitwaa his intention tochooM 
ft w iCe for himielf. Matter*. Iiowevw, were 
■Ir^tined tO go no fnrlher ; for on 10 Oct. 
1012 hr waa edled with a levinv illneee. 
During the autumn b« had bueo alHicted 
will) laiuilirdf'. andocriuiiouully MMere head> 
•oIh'n but Hpimrrnlly |pn"i' in-iiHicieJit heed 
10 these aymploma. hicn aftiir being eori- 
ouftly ill he played at t4-iini' in chilly wcaiber 
with intnfficient clothlns. Next day he was 
unable to rii* from liii b«l, and ufler various 
llucttiationi be ■uct;uiub<>d on « Nov. (ef. for 
narrative of ilietlIneMiCoRswM.u«,-<i^'unf, 
estnoie from which aiv printed in I'UIK, 
DniUivHii and aL>o T. T. Mxykkxi:, Opera 
.tfeifira, ITOi : a tmn-lati^.n of Mnyetne'a 
oooount i* inrlndnl in l)r. NViraion Muon>'a 
pompblrt). He wa* buried in \VeMmiuiil>-r 
Abbey S Nnv. Tlie courw of llie illntw 
punled the phyMcialU, who, beyond JecUrintt 



it to br fever, irrrv uiubte furtliei la dclT- 

minc its aat an. \ (ivnonl opinioa prevaiM 

itut be bad bven biiwat^l.MEDvevmhmluig 

ihat lie owed liUd^uili u>ib(> kilty's Jealotuv 


* to SomaraM, wfeo wu Mul 10 liavi> bMD • rivitl 

with iluppriiio- for tlw Bficliofw of tb* t^y 

Eutcx. TnufcnirmUocliaTiilMenitMatrwt br 

tliu pMapblrt of Dr. XormBo Moore 'On tbe 

'. ClnMtiiAd D(«lliofIItMir\'. Prlnccof W«J^ 

in whkb it ia eonclusii'tly deiWMumtnl 

ibat ibe CMe wte one afiTpliMil tent. 

Tb« siidilnn illnnu and dnath of Bildi a pro- 
nDunirand popiilu bHr to iti» tbraMCBoiwd 
a proToiuid MuiMiioa tLroimboDt tbi- king* 
(loni, ntic( ooeinaned an extraonliiMrv num* 
bi-r of tti^ini and lameBtatioiui, in ftvte am] 
wne (*M! list in Ntciiou, Pr^rtaet iff 
•r<tni««/,pp.S01-12). 'TbelauientalioiiDtade 
r for bini wan to gienvnU,' irmi<i Sir Simonds 
' I>'ICwnB, ' lu niMi, womi^i and diildrtm par- 
tank of it.' Hncnn di^cribnd bim a« alow of ; 
rcb, perticrcl in hit i|iicinirm«, patitmt in 

iAiAmiQK'""'''^'^"'''<!i'"''<^"''iii3i''(t' Bishop 
EG«odiDiiu, in lris'lllarv'(«l. Br«wpr,i. :!G0- 
S&1\ DtatM that ' lia O'ld itoin«lim»t pry iiilo 
the king's ftctjoit', and a HllU diF<likv tlit^m, 
. . . and Inily I tliiiik hi- wa« a Utile btU- 
willed.' Iloiin- iriit at Inant lioncwt and 
cnuntcroiii. IV>lMbly bia&bilitia wnrv con- 
aidurnhlj (frcalur than tbOM of hia bvothcr 
Cbarlcs; but be wiu<qiMH5be«d»tnni);, and 
then i« etrety fnaon to 8upp<i«» i bat hr po^ 
■ wed quite aa uric! ana Mem notions in 

Portrait* 1^ Mii-mvSt, C. JoiiBtin.O. Hon- 

ihortt, I'aul Van Snmer, nnd tt. JnmemM I 
were p\hibi|pd nl the Smart Kxhihilion in 
18MI. lopplii-rr with tnc niininloro.i and a 

Eintiug of th« priiiFu itud Auiivuf Uuiunnrk 
au uuhtiuwii ariiit i CuCnl'-'/nf, pp. 1^4. 
-8, 82, 70), A it-irtrait l>y Myl-'n« Ibi-q- 
pttTPd in lloj'In'p* 'Otlicifti Hiinjtiiigi?,' and a 
•ornnd pnnmil by Vnn Somir it in ihn Xa- 
tirtnivl (inllm": nt Windmr ihi-re it n minia- 
tntv by Isnni- Olivor. which hiui U-i-ncngmvi'd 
br Houhrnln'n. Thi-re nrv othtr luiuieniun 
enKnivift p^itniita (Uronlet, Calaiaifue of 
Engratt'l J'orlraila, [il 47). 

[An Aceouiil of the Baptiitni. Ijfti, Otntb. und 
Fun(4»l of the most inwjmra™ble IViu«n Henrr 
Pradsrlnk, Prince of Wnlca.brSirClurlca Com> 
MilDii, fciit., li'r* IliichiiHu'ii iNiuurfr, nprintKl 
17*1 ; BiwliV Life of H.-nry. l'riuc« of WalM. 
1700; \}o-}\e> OlSciiil KsroiuiK', %.t. 'Corn* 
vail;' Sir Juinn' Uulviltv'i ManinJT (Bntiiut- 
ITD« CloM; I)'K««> JouroMl, (H. Hnlliwril ; 
UoyK*'* Mriiii'tni (B<itiaa.lyi» Club] ; Cokr'ri 
Detnlicn ; (loodiuiin* Coiirl of Jnmc* I, oJ. 
Bltwrr; Oliornd'* S<>tdI IliiC iif Jnni** I; 
hota^a IVopncon cf Jamw i : Caldarwoud'a 

HiM.Ckunbnfj^illiiBd; ICrgiftcr frlty UniB«il 

I of Secaiaml ; r«lend>» of gvit P*pen dsriw 

j ralgB of Jawca I; Or. Norman Moar«'i IUdm* 

I «d OMh of H«i7. Vrinc of Wnlw, in I«1S, 

lanbiatariealtauaufTjphoidFeTcr, lSe3;B«r- 

IM'a Hlai. of ScMUad ; GanUn^rs Hist. of Ew- 

Und \ Jme's Htonoin of tb« Co«K of Ewland 

darine the Tiiun of lb* Htuaits.} T. fIo. 

H^3ltY, I>rKB OF (itorCRKTEK (1630- 
]t)W),i-iylrd«oGfti-(iinaiHKXRTar Oiti.utii^ 
Ihird urn of Chariw I of Bn^Uod and Hta- 
nella 3lana, wa» bom Hi UalUodt, Surrey, 
40 t< Jnlr l<t3I>. In hiiinfuiuy be wa400M- 
mitli-d lu thenrvof ihcCounteaaorUaraM, 
hut on Ihv aarrendoriif tb«i catv of OxfoM in 
April l«46, he was ulaoMl, along with bi* 
brnthn- i]i« Duke of York and bta elMer the 
PritKMs KliinMfa, nwler the charge of the 
EaH of NoTthuBifaerland (Ciuitiudiox, ffW. 
■/ fAf lUMiitm, nd. t8l!», iii. Oi\ They 
*r«B aoit to the cnrf'ii bouae nl Sion, and 
I wbiTi till king (bcirfatbor cane to Hanipion 
Onirt, had liberty to attend 00 him when he 
plca«td(A.p.IUtJ'l. TUeUakoofGloua'fliet, 
tbe yonngvai of the tbree^ wa* iipecinlly eu- 
jotnrd by tli4ikin|c'nereTloboMrsaadc«iur 
(hnvienud oni of ihe religion '(i&>, but it i» 
uncertain wltrtlier (liarl^ f(w«d that the 
piiritana or tin- cniholicv wntdd aeek to con- 
rerthim. TbckiuKalionnirtnied bint'iwver 
to accept or anffer himirir to be made king 
whilrt either of hia brotbera lived, in what 
port KwT« of tti" world they mizht be ' (A 
p^ IIQ). Afler tli» ewapi- of t&> Duke of 
York, while tindi-r (Iia cirw of th« ^il of 
North u(nlN.-rlund,(iUiui'r«tt-r»nd the Priaeew 
Ktiiabt'lb wen- trwufrrmd to tlw kecfang of 
the I'onnl^Miof Lettnter. Tlie two hod a 
lust inltrii^w u'iili their father on tlie day 

iire<^-iUni;lii«('xi'eiiT>oii(2^Jaa. IA18^) few 
:_UiiBKrli.lli3.Vlil5ir| iUemkiit, Tm>bttt 
IVnri t^ CAarltr f). In jiui.- fuilowinc they 
WKtv sent to r™shiir»t, n Stat of tfaa &rl of 
1 nicest i.-r i Q Ki-nl . orders beinggi VCD by parlia* 
iRi>ni ■ I tiK 1 1 he V »huu!d bo treated wittiiMit any 
odditinn of ntW*,aiid that tbeviihoidd ait at 
their went n» Ihe i-hildrenof tlie femily did.' 
nU.> p(tmiilt<>r) to bo Itlouceiiter's lulOT. and 
accoiiijiauied liim nlso to CariiihrDako Oialh 
in the Ide of Wijtht, irhitbrr tlie ehildrea 
wnreiwutin Atiftiut l&iO. Klirabeth dind at 
Carixbrnoke (B .'^■■pt, IflTiD); GlouoMter re- 
mained them till the doM of 1082, wben 
Cromwell gnre hiu punniMon to go Bbn*d, 
HH)f, beinji granl.-d to defrar Ibenxpenmof 
the jounic-y. lln get enil lor Hollnnd, and 

joiiii'd iK'rinl'uri'. When liis el d>-r brother, 
(.'hniltw, left IVrii fur 'inrmany in I6.i3, be 
proposed to take Uloticei4«r With bim, but 

the ^ncon iiimd the ndTKnUgc* of PkHs in 
Mrfocting bw education afler liin laog ron- 
tbwoMiit in BnglatM], aud Cliuilm sIIowih) 
him lo remain, oil tlu>»xprBM cond>[i'>n that 
no Bttviii|it witn^ iniide toiwrverl him IVtim 
hi» Tvligion. About thtt u«(niiiiin^ of UiM 
OloucMtM WS4, Lnwpi-or, coininitt<'<l l>,r tlii? 
ouonn to Ibn caro of Iict slmnni-r. tlx' .KMit 
iSoM»i(ue, At Lii ■btxrjr uiar ruiiti>i<ti:, and 
during tliv t«mpunuy ulni-nc.' of his tut-yr 
I.ovi-1 li«YrUDTeUed b^v thfHb)i(> to c<ji^bid<-r 
tIi«d&imsort]i«CBtlinlictvli|^i(>ti, Ciloiui-iti-r 
dMJiljr reBKit«d tlii* 'ino<uiiimlilidin^iiiiaii» 
action.' Soon nflcrwnnlt th*< qurrn nvowcJ 
her KspoDnibtlity. and jiiinrd W pntrcniics 
to thotc of MuDtogui'. (iloiiCLvlt-r irni< i>b- 
darate. and it wad rv^olvt^d to teud liiiu to a 
JMuita' cnllpfie, Th'- II1.-WB renolii-d ChnrlcB, 
who il«>»»«tched tlic Mnnjiii* i>f Oniinmle to 
Paiis to Winfc ( iloiicMf r to him ur O)]o|cn>', 
Drmondn «nnhli>d him to rm-ovor hi* Ulipriy 
and to r"'iiirn li) iVti-i. (ilouw.itor ihun 
uuiitihI (111- nawn llm' hs ut all 
haunLi to nJliriv tu l he bnitCHlAnt nli^-iuii, 
■lid Hlie iKKJH liim 'M-e W face DO more' 

iOiVTB, Lift 'if Orm'/tiJr. iii. 041). Ili« 
0IM8 wviv tiirnod "ut of Urr alnhli>>, lli* 
■llMUwi<Tr torn from hi* bod, foiul ira* d«ninl 
Un, and hn ir» ihiu driven from tlin palace, 
lie went to Lonl Ilnitira'i limuo fur two 
moDBj lo carry ihetn lo Cologne (M.p. WW). 
OIoac««1«Treiaa>u«dHlC«lopt«with CharlM 
ttti 1G36, when they rfiuoTtvl lo I)ru)te». 
Tlicrr GkiUMster iriii> ndmiito't n membnr of 
Iho confhitcraily of Areher* of St, (inorKo. 
In Dtcemtber h« bi<Rame colonel of 'tboOld' 
Bnglbb regiment of foot in the Hpininh nnnv, 
and Toluiuecri-d fur anliTo iw-rvicv with the 
Spaniards in 1tV>7 in the l^m- CoMiitrie^, 
Ho Cbneht wile hv ti<K> wjih hi* bruth^T itip 
Duk« oF York at Ihmkirk ( 1 7 3w^ WA ). 
wbcre botbdiifiLijvd jirrat ^alUnlry. \\*li<'ti 
Dunkirk feU.boeMnpulcnpiiinrbycolli'ctiii); 
Bonti of the KraltFTed tn>oi<)i, and made a 
Bov, Hut. <if tJif HfMlittt.vii. Isi'y, iii.-S-'iti). 
Glouonler had hix twonl Hirnck out of bin 
banil, and white \'illen4'uve, mn>i|«r of liorM 
to the rrincn die J.igne, nliffhled from hi* 
hone and recoteriHl il, (ilouoiwter covered 
him with hia piitol. Chailn kni|flit«d bim, 
3ti Feb, 1UilT-{*: made Mm a privy i<nun> 
cilW, LT Oct. 1068. und cniited hini l-:arl 
of Cambridge and Diilu< of (i louoeiiter, 1 3 May 
I6ne, although h* had borne the lattrr liik- 
(roan bi* birth. At tho Rfwlorati'io h" ao 
eompaninl CbarlH lo l'Iii){Uml,o,noo/. l»'ing 
v«i«d liim br parliament lo delVay )ii« »x- 
p«nsM. On IS June l(M>l \v wan mud-' high 
•t«ward of G1ouc«M«r, oiid on S July ranker 

of nvd« I'atk. SfaortW aflerwnrcU he vint 
wixea wlthMiiall-uux,lh'en|)revatem in I.nii- 
doD, and died on 13 Sept. UtIH). On the ^1*1 
hU body 'wM brought down in Somucwl 
Itiaiy}. lie u-as biiried in the miiu< vault 
aa MairQuuiniof^eotsaiidAmltellR Stuart, 
Claretidan wruteenthu-iiuIicBlly of him aii 
the fiuBfft vouth. 'of the l^o^l manly under- 
standing ilist 1 liavv ••ver known' [C/uren- 
dun Statr PajHTt, vol. ii.), And nn " a jirincBijf 
exlrnorrliiijiry hopet'. both fnitii ilie comeli> 
ne*s nii'l ijriii->-fiiln««» of hi* jiiTtoii otid the 
vivBi-ilT und vi|[<>iir of hi' wil and under- 
slundin^'lCLABt-tUoK, //iVr. iii.TtKI). H'lr- 
\wl *av» ■ h« was of a. temper diU'crent fniin 
that oi' hid two brother^', lie wuiueiii-riind 
lo^e>l buhineM, wn* apt to havr ]Diniciiliir 
friiiiid><hi[M>, and hml nn iniiniintillic lemuFr, 
wliich wnn genernily »eiy ni-eeptahle ' ( Oiin 
Timi; ed. ISiIB, p. llOi. Itermby meniiim* 
thai hv wn« 'for from innennihlo to fi<mnli> 
oLarma.' * Hio death,' arcordiiif; lu BurerC, 
' waa much lamented bv ol), but mure ptir- 
, ticularly by the king, wtio vra# neivr in hl> 
wlioh' lif<> oeKii ut luiirh troubled m he waa 
I on thai ocraiioii.* Sir John l>eiihnm grondi- 
I U)({iii'ni1y npo^rophitra hiin n« * more tlion 
hiunan (ilouce-(et.' 

A porlrnil (in unnoiir). hv Willlnni Dob- 
son, Wlungi tut he lion, X. llulland llibberi : 
anoilher, hy Lcly, to the Duke of Nvrihum- 
beiUnd. A portrait of him M a boy attnm 
U-n to twelve, with hi* tiitor .M. l^rel, is in 
poaWHian of the widow of the late Arch- 
doacoo GrnoiiK.- at the Manor llouie. I'nkcii- 
ham, Hnry tit. Edinunda. A nketeh of the 
M,inepi)rtrBit id in tlieBoillcinn. Apuinting 
by l.iitlLchuys waa engraitd by C. v. Dolcn. 
j<iii., and by I'althome. Other ei^fravingii 
or*- ailiibiil*'i) lo (injwood, CoopiT, IfolhU', 
ViiQshaii, ^Vrtne, anil Whitiiu 

(rb>reud<ia'KHl*l. artbcltoWltlun; CU. Ob- 
ri'niJori !>liitf Papcra ; UtHa't I.ifo of Ormoade : 
Kurnrl'ii Own Time; iJinriwof rspjiand Enlyii, 
RuK»liy'i Meiiiain,. »d. CirtTriglil; M(m>oir» of 
Jnlriri- II ; littii* Sttiiioir* of tho Court uf Ijng- 
Uii't during the Tims of th*8luBrt>.] T. F. 11. 


boim JTOft. iri'>,vrMf'iurth*onof Fredericli, 

frinco of AVaUi*, hy Augufla, daughter of 
'reilerii^k I!, duke of.Soxe-Gothn.and thtw- 
forv grandson of (ieirr([e II and hrolbur of 
n("]t]{o 111. He wai educated bvhii mother, 
who allowed him lo mix with no sort of 
■ociely aarv that of draendenis, and when 
ri'leaii'«d trom her coatrolbe beeam» noioriouii 
for exii-Mtit. In 1700, on tlie death of his 
uiitW, the weii-kiiown Duke of f^imbcrlami, 
Ot!Ot^[e 111 made Prince Henry ranger of 




WioiIkt llnai Cnrl;; m ii IT6B, 

Wnltain-il tii*inftjonty,li' ". i U'-d Dukr 
<if Ciimbi'rlniid unci Hirntbenrii unci 1^1 <if 
Dublin. In jlmyi^urT'iliowini- lit win uumi* 
n)it*d n privy cimncitlor hikI K.O. 

lliflifi' wii9ftlv>ay«invKiiliir. In IT'Oliu 
bmlhviv liBi] (nM>Ulliimin finiling IO,00(U., 
[q, v.], r«cni'<'n>il bk^i*' ^'^ fw I>nving 
ortminal conrrrution wilb tliu CuuntiiM 
QrosTOTwr. !n177l buoompletaly ttlica«li.-il 
ib« kUifC by nurryiug Anne, dau^liu-r of 
liord Imliam (nAerwaids Fnrl of Onrbainp- 
lAn>uidwi(l(in-<if Amlmw Ilonnn of Cation 
in Derbyshire, clundiulinnlT nl the bride's 
liouso iu Stayfiiir. MriL llofton wa« t!ic 
Hixlurof LJi'iili'nnni-roloin.'l Liit trull, itii- oti- 
puncrit nf Wilkr-f. «n<l ihc imlOTirly of tue 
aflair indiiccd Juiiitu, if (lif leit-^r ^if^ncd 
' CiimbriPiuis ' tw Lib, to cnngmtulalu lli* 
pnrtlna concerned in no vnrr <lali<'iit<> Innns. 
It in not abwilulcly "Ttnin that [.hii> mir- 
ria^c w»s ibe firul he. Iinil contnu-'tni, lu a 
lady namud Olivt Wilraoi «•«.» iil1i>i,ir<I lo be 
ilia wife, nnd n claim (o ibt- dignity o( a 
nriiifieiM wiw ndvonwd in )dtt8 by aii Olivu 
Wilniol, n mippowd d»K«ndAnt of tlifi inar- 
ri«av, bui. ibu null wd" not pixiM>>ded wjili. 
Til'' l>tiki' of Ciinibiirlnmr* inarriiiiti>. «nn- 
bioKd uilli t1».' Niiddi'n iu'kiiowIi>d£iius)t in 
I ""L' bv bio bMiliiT. till' Duke of OlouoMlvr, 
that be hftd lv"'n mnrrii-d lu the Dowafrer 
Countow of WftUli-nTHn- ninci' l7lW, liJ tbo 
Vmg to plnn ilw Itoyal MarriMtw Aol, whleb 
WMc-ftmed in 177^. 

Onmlffirbind. bi-tiWirortli avoidi<d bv tlie 
iltinK'N frieiidn, bad to foil biurM uiiqd tfin •n- 
■eiety of bis wiffi"* pclatioiiB. ilin motht-ir, 
yriivji dying, winhcd 1o retoncilo tbf bpi'lhcrn, 
but ti^'ore*' 111 would uMt give nt>y, mid (lie 
t diikp,iiPci>tdiuatoWdl|K)ie,wa* notalbiwed 
Vto w bnr, HowevtT, tbo duk«*K inflnoDcc 
over the Ttmng Prince of Wnl™ (nftnnpanin 
0«argcrt')wa«!Winftrki-dlliat Ihc^liinRlrir-d 
I to beeoat' more intimntc; biit in I7t^l lip 
.omplainvd lo Duke of (ll'iucejter ituit 
^'when lie went hunting with the dukv and 
t&e TOUAff )>rini>r, ni'ithtT "{ tbcin would 
•p«aK tonim. Cumberland di<<d, witbont 
i88ii>i. IS Srpt. 17!H.t, at Curabflvliind IIoiiu>, 
Pall Mull. JUb body Iny in italn nnd wan 
buriid i« the roj^al vnult in llunty VH'a 
ChnmJ It Wt'stroitiBlnr. Hi* widow lived 
until 1803. and was ollowed bv lliu king to 
keep Cuiiiijorlnnd Lodgir iu \Viiid-or Piirk 
niitil hor d(>nth, I'ortrails of Ibft diikp and 
^n^hoM by (i«iiiaUjrui.n.'b are in thr> dining- 
room M Itiickiughiuu Palncn. I 

Althou([b coarse and bnitnl in his I'Vety- 
day life, tJi« Dnke of Cumb^^laiid was not 
wiilioui taste. Il« wai fund of muaie, and 

a pattiMi of Mm. Billinglnaj af^er hU dentil, 
bolli hia colleeliuQ uf muMcal tDMrafli«nt< 
nnd library were mUI by auction. 

[l^ut JournaU it ItnTM* Walpql^, j. m. 29, 
ftc ; Wiil|>ol,>'» L*>ti>rf . V. 317 ; FtM^i PMn(«, 
1883, vol. xtix. ; Wru.ill's itmnfim. W. Stl ; 
JnB«*s> of tbf tir* uid Rvgh of 
Otoret ni, punn; Pnptndifks Court iiad 
PrinMa I.if" iii ifc* Time of 41umii Chnrl'itt*. 
Air., 0<1. 1887. ii. 139, &r.: I.-u«n of Jamais 
ol. Wiidc. ii. 3)17. l-K-kTi. H^i. o( Kngl. in lb« 
Eig)iTcn>th l>iil. : .M;<>'AuInT'ii Kvnyi, tiL ISU. 
Jj. TT'J ; J«nir»on> Prreale Helora Gall«h«h 
p 70 : London Guttlr. WSD, m. GTS. AM. aP7: 
, Era. 1!.ldy 1M6«. p 6.] W. .*. J.A. 

MENT, ("ardi.vjl ViiUK, kiyl^ by tbc Ja* 
Ctbilcn llByev IX (I71'5-1W7), BMund am 
of llif tli'.-iftli^T dt? St. r!ircnirp,rtyli-d bv hb 
adhurwitA JainM HI [q. v.^. and o'f the l*ria- 
ciM* ('Ii-mcntitiB, a dan^-blTT of l*iino« JanM 
Sobtiuki, wan bom ai Konw about aliivini 
o'clock iif 'i Slnrrh 173,'> (lodkhBrt Flc^itrt, 
ii.lJ^t. At nn csHy Rg«> be took ordrn in 
llie Itoman church, but w«« luaow-n to tiM 
JacoliilMaiiDukt<of York. fleUrel^mdlo 
by Gray Uw poet in I7W ( ffVib, u. 89) «« 
' having more spirit tlutn hi* oldwr bnthn',' 
trhnd'-* Ktlwitn! 'q, t.', who bimaclf aaid oif 
bim : ' I know him lobe a little livoly, not 
much loving to hn com r»dict«L.* Ilo voit 
lo Dunkirk in I7[rttojninllii* troops aB«ai- 
bling in bi< brolbcr*!! nipport. ' .V GiTniiine 
int^rcMit"-"! l.^.-itn- from Father Pairiok fin- 
liDRi, Almond and Conjiwior to ib>^ Pre- 
timtlr;'* trm in Scotland, to Fnlbcr Tlen>-dicl 
Vorko. Titnlnr liiihnp of St. Dnvid'a at Bnrli,' 
wnn publiibi'd by aiilborilv inlbi- xamnri-ni, 
and ibows thiit llrnry Benedict cnni'o ti 
Kngland to take part in ibe rv'bf'llion (rt. 
.Vo/m ami Otifritt. Ut anr. x'u 47"). Soon 
reluming lo Italy, lie wn» inad« bUbop of 
Oitin, Vpll-'tro, and FraocaU, vinn-cbauci.'llor 
of tlic Koinsn chuivh. arcbpripit. of llie 
Iksilipn of tUf Vatican, aad pr^fiTfri of the 
Fabric of St, PptiTfi. OaS.Tulv!747hi'mu 
creali-d cardinnl by fttioedJct Xl\. nn cvnnl 
wliicb bad a pn-judicial affittton ibccuppoTt 
accorded lo iho JacoUlo caiiM in England 
and Scotland. Iloraci- Mann r(\1nte« tbat lb* 
(;nnr!inal York, or of York (a» he wm calliid 
from hi* titular dukedom). ' prelonds to wear 
ermine- on bit cnppa a« a sign of roraltT. and 
eoluixiumrly to tnk*i pla<>e uf Cardinal Riiffn 
add all llie other nvrdinals by whum he in* 
nista oil being viaitod' rDoRlit, Mann and 
.Wt«w-/-.. i. -jaai. On 19 Nor. 1759 ho wnj 
mnd" airhbiHbopQfCorintbbyn«ritient XI 
nnd on t:i .Inly 1761 waa trnnift-rred lo i 
biiUoprin of Tiuculnm. Prom thin lime , 
fkvouFito midunm waa llie Tilln Mull 




TVwuti. WLvii ih^ CoiiniM* (if AIIhuiv in 
1777 »ep*nitiNl fmin hi* hwlbncC^nrli-T Ed- 
WHni,>D<l look ri'fiigi' ill ucoiivfiil in llonii', 
sIm wm hindl^ (wult-J b_v Ihr curdinal, vrli<7 
fnorivHl licr into liis lioiLr>f, uuil ■IIkwi.-J li<>i' 
loTCT, Alfii-ri. to ha^t nvcven l<> b>rT. On 
hi* &tli«'rV il^iiib cm 1 Jfin. 1700, bo boil * 
invdAl atnick with ibn inwriplioa, ' iluiirit^iw 
UTapiua] DJecaniiii] Kp. IVic. Chnl. lUiv. 
^nr. (.r.v.T. Cuic-' On iki? (I«ath of his 
braclwr — who hnd ncT«r been tvcoKniwi) ua 
Iriu of Enflntid by tli« papal aulhuritie*— 
flu 31 Jul- I'K-^. till.- CHTiliuultmuK'd u m^dfll 
to be struck witli t.Ii«< iti^criplioii, ' IIenricu« 
Nonua Ua^ta Itrituuitw Itox * on ihn (>n« 
aide. Milan tlM (wvorM * Non Toliuiiair liomi- 
mun wd Iloi Antia.' Annthrr mciliil, «1u> 
d*t«d I7S8, bran on tli" obTeme: ' Ht'a. IX. 
Hag. Brii. Fr. ft Hit. lUx. FiJ. Def. 
Om. Kp, Tutc. :' iui<l oil ilii.' reventi! * noil 
«tMiderit« li<iiiiinuni ivd viilunialu Dej, An. 

On llw ouibivnh of ihe French reTolutinn 
ibm rifMiniiM* of llw> rnrdiiul vvtr f:mitl>- 
umowrd by the l"« of two rich livinmi— 
the nbbeyB of St, ALichin ond St. .\inuu(l — 
wkich ibu king of t>aD<xi luU ifraiitcd him. 
Bad iIm i>f thv pjatiiou which had tKVii con- 
ferred on bim dy tli0 eourt of Spnin. Hut 
h» willingljr mcriliced thf remnina of hia 
fonana to cnabln I'opa IHun VI to mrat th« 
tribuln dcnmndml br N'a{>oleon. parlinffurith 
the |{m»ter purl of the rnmily jcwpIh, in- 
tJuilui; n ruby i-alti«d at WfiOOt. Cripuled 
in fortiui*', hJ raiiiinuitd ta residi« at Fna- 
eati. In IfKi lii^ rMtdenco wm ««lted by 
ibe Frvnch, all bi« properly Miiied, aiiil bo 
■wrrawly nfcnpo<l witli hin lifir. Old and 
infimi, hr flnl to I'uliia.aiid l.hrnwi to Wnice, 
aupf»n iiiK hiinipl f by t ho prnnx^d* ofhisiilrer 

r late until n-ilucrd tothpVLTgvofdi-stiT.titioii. 
a lltMU circuiustancw the Oardiiiu) Itorgia 
inditMvl Sir John lIippi»I«yto lay liisL-am 
privaivly hafoTH tint Kiiglish ^r*ntinent,Bnd 
li*orir<> III at onw u'nt bim 3,000/., In bn 
n-nnwnl nitkin *ix innnth< 'nhniild hn coii- 
tioue dupowil to oc^crpt It.' Thi- iiif^ wui 
miefnlly acknowlodnvd by the rardinal, 
8ab«mne«it)v be Tetnra«d lo FVntmli, wlirre 
be died, I^/iily IdJ?. Bybiadmlb lb» line 
of JaiDo* n Atine lo an end, To the Prince 
nf WB]iv,afi>>rirard*0«org«< IV, iho cardinal 
bnncaEhird iImi Cfown jewel* which Jamca II 
hadconied wilbhlm toFninci-in IflAr'. The 
«nniMpaind«ocn of thu «xil>'d Stnan fnmilv, 
fornwriy in ih« i>o«M!asinti o(l.'«rdinal Voilt. 
wu pnrclMMd by Oeorftu IV for tb« Itoral 
l.ibntr^, fVbdMr. In l§l9tliepTini<eKg«nl 
MmnsHMiMied Canova to dMiga the well- 
known innniinii>ti( for the chapel nf the VIn 
ffin at Si. I'vlrr'a, Roicn, with bnir-Irnirtb 

poTtnita in m<ino-T«lim'a of thi? cardinal 
tLiid of lh<> csnlinol's fntlier and hrt>lhcr. 
Tliongh <i*fiei<iiii ill ferce ■>f olinrjifier, ilin 
earditial aj.]i.'nr» lo hnve pn**."**!!! niorH tact 
find pnidfMiri' ihiiii citbor hi* fill her or bro- 
ther. Ilia dinpoiiitlon u-nii (ri-ninl luiil aminhli;, 
nnd, if not hif{lily cullun-d. bi* tuitc* wrra 
i^levali'd. II u formed > spti-mlid cull<:<etiou 
ofarl tKMUrMBiid n valuuble library. 

A vrhole4eneih llf>'".i«(< imrtraJT of the 
onrdinsl as n boy Iwloiiy-, t-. ib.i 1-"iirl of Or- 
fnrd. Seven! mlninlum -if iiihiiv minnhpra 
ofhi* ramily, Includln^nncurbiinii'if, baloag 
1,« thn Karl or Onllow-ny. Other norlruta 
belong to iho iKihrof Hamilton and to Lord 
Broye. Afifthisot BlairH OoUtfrc, AU-r- 
t1.M>ii (Cat. fy'lunil KrUhitt'on, 1089, pp. S8, 
iV),H-2}. OnvinHiiinlUon(l7aO-17Q7)[q.T.] 

fainted a |»ortrflil wliieh belon^ied to Mr. 
'riimmnnd of I''dlnbiirt;h < Notrt aa-l QtMnM, 
4lh air. iii. 41^^. In the National Galierr 
tbrrr are ihrr'- pijiir»il!i n-'jx'Ctivcly \iy N. 
I^niilliun?, I'oiupi^o Itatoui, and Citmcra 

(lifo appnidnj lu Onunaiie per la Xotie dl 

I'lnrio CarJiniilfl |iim do York, dn D. Mano 

ISIastruflni. Itomc. \WI -. Colltvtian of Mitcol* 

lAnooni Paper* on the Citrdiu»l York, honnd in 

ona ToL In lit,- Ttritnh Miiinuin; I,i>U erf from 

, the Cardinal Borgia nnii ibe Oudiniil York. 

I ITSft-lSOO: Comn'a liana aod Maniien nt tha 

I Court of Floranee; Runiro Wa]pi>la'* Lrlten; 

.)mm>'< The Prfletxlen and iheir Adharenta; 

Olrphant's Jn«ihit« Loirdii of Hack.] T. F. 0. 

' HENTlY,SiiyT(jf.ll.'iO).BnKn((liJiman 
liv birth, WB« blsliop of UbniId in Ihe r^iipi 
ufSaiiil Eric <IX), king otSwcd.-n |1 !■''(>!>- 
])tK)). Tb» MAIetui'Ulaof «ome ^WHlinh hi>> 
torinns.that be went. In Sweileii iu the train 
of hia frltnw-cxitiiryiniiM, Nicholaji Broak- 
■pMir, wlioio IVipn Kiiireiio III«j>ni ai legate 
toikandinavinin II th,nrid that bowaaooii- 
oecmtod by Nicolas in 114'^ or 11-^3, derm 10 
ba merecoigcclunm; hli. piirlieat, biofrrapher 
simply aaya thai Iw and the kicitr were tbo 
two ^ruat light* wlio li^'htfd Ihdr people tn 
ttic way of trao reli^nn, ngliteotuiieaa, and 
pi^ncf) : ilul he ruwiMrd Fric ia Ills refortos, 
Wb secular nnd rccleniojiiicnl : that lie nc- 
CMOipsitied liim in an i-\|HslItioii ■^inil the 
heaUieD FinoB, which n»ulivd in tlnTir total 
d«fi!at and suttjection, in tlie bsptiam of many 
cottveria, 4iid the foundation or cburcbu in 
Finland: that when tbo hing returned boma 
in (riiueph the binhop remained lowatertbe 

need which he bad thua aoWD, llll his nal IB 
Finforclug the tbiireb'i penitmitial dlMuplino 
won tim the crown of mnrtTTdoin nt t.ho 
lionda of a nan wliom he hod laid under 
e«clauwt)eal ocauuro for bomicidn. Kric'a 
oonqnoK of I'inland is phce<l K difTcrvnt 

■aUiantin at date* r. iag from 1160 lo 
1IS7; tlic ditf of H«nn rfnunjmilom, tlwiv* 
IciK.niinMUU ill* like UBMTtainty. Tluin&nM 
«f bis tUjtT. ImKi, wH-mt tn bn'pwitcn-Ml in 
■ FlnnwIijitDvrriifSfTt^i/f. Urr.fiirm. YoLii. 
pt. I. p. £!;£). .No DUtlioritT is kDOvn fur 
lliL- utAianoit of V&siuviiu (lui S(. UeiiTy 
wu caiiuniwd by Ailritn IV in ll'i^; Imii 
ht wa« undoubtcilly TCMnMed in iliv foiir- 
tMDtb century, if not wriW, u tbn n|Ki*tU 
of I-liiUnd, *nd ono of ih' pnlmn iwiniD of 
Smtdi-n. 'I'wo fraiiiBJi> wnrc kept in hi* 
hooour, Ibot of liu nwrtjutlom aa I^ Jan., 
and thai of bit tTWwIUiaa on IH Jun^; tbe 
latUir oomniMaonud Ibe rKiaovtl of tin 
mUo* ttvm thm oriaiml burial-ulace at 
HoiMM, Bear Alio,lo tb> tatlimlral ^urcb of 
Abo itiwir, biiilt aftrr ihp foiindstinn of > 
biabopric in that town, a.D. 130U, and di-di- 
Gated to St. Uonty. The lejiot, endoMd in 
■n uva chMt wbteh liad replsMd the nlrw 
tbriBH made for ib^ni hy tliv flr*t bwbop of 
Aim, wen Mill then in th^ middle of ihm 
laTfnlociitb oenliirr. 

}Out Mrtioat dtaat ■utlioritj' >b Uib Vita tt 
Minrahi S. Honrtfi, «hi«b cMmot bar* been 
wriUra till MudMintdJUorthathlnMnthcin- 
ttuT; itia printed in VaMoriiu'* Vitii Aiinilonia 
and ia tbs Acta Sanetomiti. lu Jan, ii. 013--U, 
and alM^ from nn-HhermiLQnacript. in Ilcnaoliiu'* 
Honwaotonitn vrtrriini KmIm* SvM|tolhicN 
Fralagoowna, irnd iu StriptowB Banm 8T»ei- 
canun. rd. Fiuii. &o.. toI. ii. pt. t. Tb« iMt- 
mantiniied uditun hnw raltwted Knto tradiuon* 
nlatbis to the Kunt ; •fihfT scn«nt» of htm at* 
anmmariacd and (ift«l in H. O. PntUiBa'a imIm 
to P. Jnufton*) CbionioMi EpiMOpomM Flnlaa- 
dMuiuiD.] K. N. 

HENRT OF Anuxiiox (d. WC7\ wanlen 
of M»rton Co)l«Ke, OKford, vwi pmnmabl.v 
a nAtiv«i of A^ntidon. IVrkibirc. IIii was 
d«Clodr«Jlt>wof McTl'>n (V>1Uvi>Mn l^&^l 
ww> ordninad daoecin '2'2 VfK \:&^ by Itobert 
At: llraTbrolw, biabnp uf l^mdnn. Up waa 
Biigucntetl I<> tlic living of \V«tun ZuylaaiL 
Somenwl, in t HU. Hv bMaa>< a doctor of 
diTini^. Biid in UU ««« ont of tbe deh;- 
ni«s mm tb» uni*«d»iw to thv connctl of 
Onulaac«, w1im« Ii« deranded tbo claim of 
Oxfod Ul priorily Otrt Snlnmani^n and of 
England Orw Spain, in th(t Intti'f riuw with 

of Ucitoo Collegift. Duriim bii wardt-iuhip 
the cbapnl wu comptetvd in 1 1^'> by the 
addition of thi! lowiT anil Iraimptit; anew 
pcal of five bclU was ^ao pcorided, parUy 
at bis expend.-, and his uuMwaa put on tbe 
teuor or ^mi betl: ibe peat wa« recast in 
ISU (AxTKoxr X Woai», <Life,' p. zzvit, in 
BliN'teditiotiof tbevlfAm«). tn December ! 
im be receired peniii«sian to go to the ' 

Miunril of Ba«)ea8on«orili« rvpro^qitatire* 
of ibn eU»gy {JW»™, i-liSpOirij-. «L1 He 
irai a ptnbMidiujr of WnlU. anil in l-i:^ fv- 
«nredthRricara((eaf Wi-c MaDl[ion,.S7Ri#r- 
>et. ]Ipdiedloia-ardj>tbe«ndof 14^{7. Tanner 
eitM Wood UH bi* aulbority for aarribioji IA 
hiao ' QuaH'MDM In primnm librum t^entcn- 
tianBi;' a 'Replicattn priini libH S«aicnli> 
nniiB OOMtM Dna([i#(Tnn:i HimricuRi tk> Abjn- 
doa d« CoUi^o Mirlnn ' it> pxtant ( C C. C 
Orfiard. VS. i\t^\ .\bMidaawBatbedoinarof 
Mi-non ('<'>lli>(re M^. 131. which coBtainn tbn 
ooamieaiatj of Uugb deSt. CaraonEoeleMa- 
iMiH and a tRMiae on eow towi ow uul aW> 
Iniion ; ha directed it to be chained in the 
librafj- for Uia tuw of ibo icboUn. 

[TUdbt. Bn>l. BriU-llib. [>. »!H ; Wmtw** 
Saniar«Mpn««>nb>nU: II.-olHrk'x MtmoriUi«r 
MrnoB CoUitt* (Oaf. Hiit. Soc.) ; Caxe'a CU. 
Uas. OsO. Aiili>itM OxoD. L «(.l C. I. K. 

HEHRY or Buu <</. 1171), b>>hop of 
WioEhiMi^r, fourth iton uf ^rpbrii. oouiit of 
Bluis. and .Vdela, daughler of \%'illiain lb* 
Coaqueror, and brother oflleobald.rountnf 
Bloi^and Chsmpa^e,and of King Strpbtti. 
vaabrau^lnpfronchildbond iu tliemotia^ 
tery of (^iwny, and vni in 1 1X invited t<> 
KnaUnd by liis uncle, llmrr I, who procured 
fornim iheabbary of (itasionburv. In Oc- 
tober 11^, whefi hp cuiitd not ^ra baM 
mora than twrniy-eight, he waa okotod to 
tbe *n(> of ^Vinclieeler, ami waa oonaeeratod 
at Cantntiiirr no 17 Not-. From butb the 
pom and tli-,<\in8 he mcoivcd KnaiMion (a 
nold his abbey akinx with hif binliopric. anJ 
faeoontiniK-dtodoKOuntilbiiideath. I'liring 
kiaforty-fiTeyeaia'adniintatnitioo ni (iliuion- 
bwy be tihowed hiniaelf on active and ex- 
euplary ruler; he maintained dinriplinr. ■ 
inorMued the pcocpenly of tbe ntibcv, 
covorinc for il Mvnml ii^iatM whict 1: 
fallMi into olbiT handi. Ilo built ihetv 
palace called the Ck*Ue, a gat^iray, 
cloietcr, ibe refectory, and tbn iwt of 
domestic buildinos, betidea the bnll-towr^ 
Ibe ehurcli, which aeeoH in ulher rupoctila 
hare almiHl Ven cnmpleled bv hia two jm- 
decetmn. AtWinrhHM,TKndmijtherplaw* 
in hia diocOf bn aUo built niiicli mid suImi- 
didlv. Sniikiontly Irstnnl. n^iblo, ric.b, li- 
beral, and maKniGeeni, be noon bncwuii Cn 
most poworfulottb)) Knylirfi hiabnp*. Lik" 
bis uncle. King Hentv, he wailiMid ntxonlivf, 
and Canned a collection of bttMn and luM>, 
some of them of curious Irinib. Ilia t^cjpc 
was calm and his will r>'*o1at«; he was n«- 
quent and cqumsvou!. Thrmighoui hit h(t 
hi* policy was jetanninnd by nla Ami* W 
promote what be bald to m the intaKai 
of tbn chnrch ; bn waa thorooghlr imbuol 
with tha Clag^niac spirit, and UMd the tM 

-tV 1 \ 




powvr wliiob 1i« acquired lo iipbolil and 
tugatfy lli« jKitiiltoii of ihp cUiTgy. Ha wiw 
UnUUoiis r<:ir lutnwtlf, and did not b»il«k- 
to Mitplov ircirlillv ini«nH in iho pursuit or 
hii niatt ; like otW pn-'lnim uf his liinid, be 
WM, il WON (Old, lidlf mot\k liAlf knigUt 
(Ik CiMltmptm MuMii, p. '^\h). Yet be wm 
UgUj e»t«amed by tuob men a» Ponn- the 
Vcnenble *iul Aicfabubop nnirJo-t : bi« lifi- 
wia pure, kod Jobn of ^nli^bury K|)i;ak* 
vnumV of his uiurctml libnnililv toward* 
tbocliiin^b (Kp. ii. ItU). 

On Iho dcolb of Hoiiry I. Henry of Blois 
iMifai atnaiuolu bul fruitlviu elTorlH to per- 
■iud«WiUiauir>f I'uiii I'Art-ho, Ibe ireMiirer 
at Wiiicb-mt-^r, to giu' liim u|i thooutlo, iii 
order tliai lie ini);lii i>is;uri> ihit roynl tmMiim 
for ^Ivphen. KliTph<>Q, whono meecM dc- 
peudud Inrfiirlv' on hi* brolhor'* iofluancir, 
innt*toRc<! to WiuohoMer after bUvIeoliofi 
in LoBdon. IlcDry met him at ili-? )i('i\J uf 

tlie priiici[Mil citizens, und ri^i-ii'.' 'i ' mt 

kJnc- Wbea Willi«niofCorbeiiil.ii'i lil..-l..>p 
Ol Qtnterbary, heMlAl4<d ii> [•erlorni lhnGan>> 
nation rito, bo offerHl bimnelf an tUKty tbnt 
bi« brotbor woiUd pmaerveibc libiTrtjof tbe 
church, and ao pcDOiired bim ibeeruwiL Ho 
joinud Slirpben at ibe aiege of Exot^r. aud 
periuudetl liim to Tvjeot tlwi temu offered by 
Uie b«aiet(ed,for iMMwbyiliC'irwBBtoil focriw 
tliat ibey would soon be forced in «unvnd«T 
at diwrrtioR [■(■» under H«i.dwi\ uii Kkv- 
VxbO. Oulbodeatbof Arr.bbiiili(ip Willintn 
in lfS6 be bcipn) to •ucccikI lo the mm- of 
C'-aatMbunr, Olid in mid I'l baw actually bei'ii 
ekrtvd fOaPERU", p. WW), iu Advent, be 
left Bnglaiid to obtain the pa{iat Minction to 
hit unnelalioii, tent DieMenaon to Iiuio- 
CQBt [(, and spent tho rml of tbn winter in 
nortbnm Fraitc-. Innaniit rofui«d bii con- 
aent, and Tbrabold woa oUcIod in llvccmbvr 
1I3S, Henry wan deeply mortified: it in 
said thai tb6 pope's retuul vnu du* to tbu 
inHuenotf of Sl«pben and bi« queen, and 
that Uentj'a later de*i>rf ion of biH broibor'a 
Gan«^ wa« due to hi* niijpTr nl tbi^ir ini"r- 
fenoC". It i* prohnbb- that l>tcpben won 
unirilliaft to mv him gurkjiiin) |[nwt«r ]H>WL-r. 
but bin cbiuitpt of itdni wiu decided by oLlii^ 
canara. Tbe pope tliougbt bidily of biui. 
and on L Marcn 1I3H appointed bun legate 
In Bngiand. Tliit appoinlRietii, which h« 
did not at once make Known, woo grratly to 
tha pngodici' of tin- uv of Onniivrbar^-, for it 
gam bim higher milburily than thi' mi-tKi- 
politan. Oni! of bin iiarlv acta aa legate 
wa* to M^nd back li> tJicir olil houae the body 
ofcaaonii wlueh ibecouventof Cbristcbutcb 
had planted ai IXivm', Hebndroraonii'time 
btaa««i«^«d inbtuldiiig. In 1 138 bnpull<d 
down tiio palaon of tk« ('onqufj»r, which 


nlood nenr bihchiii '.and with the nuleriala 
built thii ilriin^ cj .,fn known •• Wolvewy 
{ [oiise, oud fnrtbiT built tb-' coitlMi of l''ani- 
ham, Murdon, Witlllintn, Iliinton, and Taun- 
LOQ. Ill- nliiu bc^n till' hospital uf Kt. Crow 
ouldidc ^VincllI.-3t■!^. 

Tbe itupn.-oiimi^nl of Tb? bishopt of Satii- 
burv and Klv fudted hi«Mn>ni;dLPnjipruviiL 
If V»v had done wrung, ihey thould. hi* naid, 
liava Mnn jud^od accordin^c to the cauunti, 
nor ahould their pouauion* hitvelieen feited 
without the KUtuucc of an rcclminilical 
OounoiL Inoampaiiywilb ihrarchbiohopbe 
imptored Slaphni not tu makp a bruu-.b bu- 
tweentbacrown and iheebureh. As It^tK, 
be called a council of ihi- chtiT'ch to meet at 
WincbiiCTfr on S9 Aug.. and oiiuiiiandi-d tliu 
ntt«ndanccof thi> kiiij;- II'' was looked iijion 
aitbo'lordof t:iixliind'<liiiuvuii:, i. 100). 
After the coiuicil Imd Iivenl bii coramininn 
as legate read, be chiir[^-d Stuplicn. who 
appeared by prouton, with treacbenr and 
aacrilege.aiid bade tliearrhbiahopatid biahopa 
diJibernte on the mniliTr.nddiiif ibatiMtther 
bin rvlntinniihip <ii the kinjc nnr the risk of 
loiing land* or lifer nhnuld bindt-r him from 
carrying out Iht'ir Briiteiice. Sluphrn waa 
compvUed to apiHur in peraon and roodva 
tbe rebuke of i-Lureb. Tbe council wna 
diMulredonlSepl. liumndialel^irafletwnrda 
the U^atjiwithamgo body of knizhta joined 
hi* brother, who WM braiiggine the finprnu 
in Anmdol Oiatla. It wan wid thni h" biul 
nlri-ndy mode t«mii witJi tlic Knrt of Ulou- 
ciwtrr, the chief oupporter uf llip empitM^ 
but this waa probablv unl rue (6'm/ii Sleplbtm, 
p. bti). He adviieif tli« hiii^ lo let tba am- 
pm» join the earl at Itrinol,K)tliai ke tnieht 
act a^iiiit bolhat tbaaama tiwe; Ilia ad- 
vice w uid (without ptoofi to bare bMO 
tn-neliyroiiB. Mli-pliMiaf(rw'il,nndlbn Icjiats 
and ilie Coiuii of Mrulnn witd x'nt to ooo- 
(luct Matilda in eafetv. At UbristtuoB Uunrr 
vreiit lo the otiirt Iheld at Sniiabury, aud 
Clieru ur^odliUu appoint nii'ni of Itenry.aoiiof 
hit rjdeal brother, William d/- ."stilly, lo Cli» 
vacant ie» of 8hU»bury. lli> m-onunrnda- 
tioD wai n-iirrctHl. and be left tlii.- rourt in 
niLUer (Ukurrii', p. iHO). 8cKin aftor W'hit- 
9uutidi± 1140 h-f arraiitfeil ne^tinlionB Ibr 
))>^ac«, and went lo Itato, wb<-re, in company 
with tlia archbiabop and lliii quivn. he ap- 
peiUvd tut Stopbon. I'eace WkU not made, 
und the declamlion of the nprmonlatiT'eaof 
thi' iimprt-H tlial olu; would nibmit. Iiur cbom 
to the jud^fmiMit uf the church, while the 
king waa unwilline lo adnpl (iii<ih a course, 
probably incrMMiI Ibe Iqrate'a alicDBtiim 
from hi* brother. Tn Suiitember be crowed 
to Fwnc, and conrprfiil with lAiiia \TI, 
with liiii brother. Count Thtiobald, and with 






OUHT moiafann of the oaonutie otden nil ' 
Enffiiah affain*, Ktitminit aUmt ibe «nd of 
Nov^^iIht wiih f>irtJi<-r jirapoMb for pMe«< 
w)ii(!li in favuur of tli* myn» Mtlior 
tlian oJ ilw kinK- Wni«Ti Si»|)iiwi nvjnctvd 
tliitn, Iir> prnlxililj:' (Irridnl lo jotn til* vta- 

Sirtw'* ]i«rt7 M KMM w kf^DM opportunity 

AAvr lli« Inltlt uf LiiiFoln ihi! tMiijirpM 
teat prrMioMlH lu him on 16 Fob. 1t'll,Kn>] 
on StitKUiT I Uiirrh 1i« wvnt, ««r«nIiti|E lo 
unwment, to mnfer iritli her mitHil'^ Wtn> . 
obMUT. 8li« nir<'ri''t thai, if liin wcmlii rncpiTo 
lii'r noil bn fkilhrul to hrr, Hbc would be 
guidod by liin in nil tli« gnwlrr afiain of 
lh« mlm, and cap^ally in at) urpferuvnils 
Id biahoprics ■nil abbscit*. and tW cbUf 
men of nn party ftunnl<K<d ibaX Ae ihiMiM 
fcsM) this «ngagMiuMit. On (hU bn twoiv , 
fealty (o bnr, and ttf n/int Jay Ind her lo i 
tbi- ntlbi<(lml,irliiFrc>h>^waari>criviKl t^ bitn ' 
Uiil other Mabopc wilh mucli lolonuiily, na 
Ibollffb (be was about to nswivv coronation, 
tbo Uftnte pruiounciag a bleHuie mi hur 
frituida and uxooumantcsllon agaJnat her 
cnemiei. On 7 Apfil lie MS a coiinril at 
b*Hal1 ihnlnriiDpa.nndmanyabbota. With 
lliom liv liul pvivatQ onnfervoc«a, and tL« 
ni-it (lay tnadu a nM<«cli in wbicfa \ie adv(^ 
calml ih'n rlnini of tbc rui|irM», declared tbftt 
8i<-pbm liad bTok«n bispromiM lo booaur 
thii cbiirvh, cl««h on hia bad admitiifitraliuB 
knd bii> violBBon low^rdi ibn 1ii>hop«, end 
MinoiuiRod tliat (inlhepruTiouailay llindti^y, 
lo wbocn it obi(4lv ptirl«ined to cUet. and 
cnnwonlc ibvir iirincc, had choaen Mntilctn 
•• lady uf EjiftLLriil untl Normandy. All 
DtUMitMlber applaud'^ or at l<VL«t r^rauu.'d 
itam diMent, and Iw tli^n tuliournod ibeetw- 
alon until Ibc arrival nf ilin rilitcn* of Lon- 
don on tbK foUowinfc day. Wlim tboyramo 
they prmyod that Stf^hcii niipbl he r«]ca:>n(l 
ftomon^ivily. Henry n-pi.-iil t"l hU (irulian 
of till any befun-, end eddoil Ibal it did 
not became tbirai to favour Sti>pli«4i'8 pBrtv. 
A clerk tlion liandnrl bim n pntilion from (lie 
qucea oaber bu^banil'it bchnlf, IlinWlered 
It imllt lo bo rend, bill I hi.- clcirk r>'n<l it, nnd 
by aiiaWTiraJ bim lui he lind nnswiTrd the 
Ixindonen. Matililu anon otfi^ndi'd him by 
r--fiisintt (o allow hia neoliew, Gtuiafi^, tlir- 
contini'nin] poi oo i to ne of Stephen. Hu Ic^ft 
hor (Viiirt: bad an informal interview with 
hia »i»t«rr-in-law, Ihn (nmcn, ot ndldford ; 
virMi-rl i.> hf rtiin'Btii'j, and, without coii- 
-iilliiiji; thi-nthiT liUhopt, ob»oli-<xl Slnphnn'* 
ii'T'i fA>m oxroiamunioation. and dmlaivd 
'liLit hi" wotild do bit b»*t to prooura the 
biiii^'f. iibotfttioiL The Earl of Olouomtor 
ifont to WlnobeMur, Mid vainly ir'iod to 

•rrantiv tbi? tiuarrFl. and the cmpeoaniarrbcd 
•t onoe to Wincbuater. A» olie csteRd llie 
citr ibp blsbajp leapt on hi* horae and rode 
tnbaaii- Into WolrMeyGMllr. Theempnw 
inTiin] hitn ti <vitn<> and tpeak with hnr; bu 
rHumnl aiMwi-!'. ■ I will makniniMiir tr»dv,' 
and Bcni to tiinunon all tbw Idag* party to 
bu aid. Mfvon-hili- tlu? emprc« boueftM] 
hii paLaM and bit nev forltiHa nith a large 
army, in vbifb wura Daiid, IbnKof Scdlanil, 
ItolMn of Oloiii-efltcr, and othrr earla and 
beion*. [Vfort- lon^ Sttphi^n'a Ionia came 
to bijtaid, and with tli«ni tbftiuevn.aodUie 
I1<-uii>li niprr>-iiari-ii, and a force at Lon- 
doner*. TbiTu, in lorn, tbc biibnp and hti 
■Ibm bencitrd ibi- bciufjjit", Ihitaide Win- 
clieHli:r lh» qunn 'with all ber Mtength' 
laid waste tb^ country, and intercepted pfO- 
vi«iuri!i, to that ' ibf-tv «'b4 gnM liunRar 
ifci'tviii' ( Atijjh-Snjiin nrr,/i. u, llWi.wbib- 
fn>ni \Vtilv>u('y Tow't buminji miujUn witb, 
by tbr bifbopV onliTrt, aliot down on the 
hoiupii nf the biir;rbi^ri. who wrn- on tbe 
■ideof the ompruHL 'Flii' ciiy was (Ired, tbe 
'Niina' eainoter was burnt, and even Hfdn 
Abbev beyond Ibewallawaedenroyed. riro 
and inline brought ifae en|iMu'» amy to 
deopair. Itobort^nioucMtfrprvpanidtor^ 
ttnat,andon the rivningof 14 iMpt. thebuhop 
ordfirod that peace ahould bu proclaimed and 
the jinto* opened, llio ompmui nmaped. but 
oa Enri Uohirt waa ueuinfi from tbe oily with 
hia force, tb-' biibup^ve tbeugnjtlforalinrli, 
end bu n-aa oveqiowered nnd token prinonor. 
Winchraier we* Mched by ibn Landonm 
and otbtim of the kini^» patty, apparenily 
wilbtbnhi»liop'«B(vidKill(tWV.Fl«a. Wio. 
ii. I,ln. Sino- hi-b<<cnmebikhi^faebiidbeeB 
on bod t4smi» with tlie Hyde CDnnal, and 
bu ordered ihu IroiiiiTv of ihe lionae which 
<.'0u1d besntlimdaft>?rtb(; Hmlo bu bTouglit 
lo Iiim. A faiiioiiE erne*, with ihu imoM of 
tlii^ I/ird WTOuglit. n-iib maeh golil. silvert 
and pncioua ftooe.', nnd friwa to tlie churob 
by rnnittu \q. r.]. wm melted, end tlip mulol 
bmiijibt toiliu binliopwiuputai luiiypoundi 
of silroT and fifteen ponnd* of Kolu. Un 
7 Dw. tbe l"f;Bt« held UBOlher eonncil at 
WoiUiiiuAtifr, nt wbicb the kin(t wu prneent. 
He sleted tliat be had n-ci'ivod (be empraH 
nndnr i^mpnliiioii, nnd liial obe bad naoe 
infrinin^ ihu riKhtii of tbe church and had 
plattod aHttinil liim : bo cimnwndiid all to 
obuy the kiiiji;. and denounced all who upheld 
thr.- Aiiserin connteaa »* eieommunicate. 
Fitlit^r f-ar or rvvpraneo kept all tbe olevcy 
"ib-ni, burn layman trntliTtfiecnnpreea^lia 
tbajn|{atotabisfDcu. Qeniykcfilkiataapar, 
and would not givu n-av. 
Henry'a power largely rrcted on lu» lega* 




tine oIBm, wlucb irouUI terminU* with tb« 
life of thu pope. Aaxinuii to pinto il on a 
Aran bMit, DO ronncd ■ «>lii.-inv Ibr ihu 
«»iiutinii of hu biiiluipr!t> lo IDL-Imwiliun 
Twik. W« aoet l.^alUburj'. KxtliT. Welln, 
Cliii;bi»iFr. IlenrfMnt, and Viotnalvr) itoim 
ro In' wiilittrawn from ibe provincv of Cui< 
tnrbuiy i » M-ivciili Hiiffnigaa won lo liavL> 
lib toe 111 llyd* Abtf-y; awl llt« u-'vita »«.■» 
mivlnrnrniB ni-w^ruvinocundurlutn. It is 
^obtrulty Miid 'but liv wvnl lu Boni« OnUiU 
BiallEf (cf- An/ialei dr Witt-m, p. 83), OUil 
tliM in lit:} tbviioiia actually iMiil mm a 

rtU (IUlph dk Dtcmo, j. JAA). In l^c^t 
liU tlw legale lidil ■ [ in l.ondi>ii, in 
whicli (Ui Rttoinpl WRi miutu lo clicck the 
«viU of Um nivil war. A cauou ww pub- 
liilifld (briiiddinjt any riulutiuu of tbd right 
of atnoluary in u churcli or cbupchjnrd or 
ftDf TJoleniW i» a clerh w monk luidor a 
ipii ill penalty, aii<) declaring tlutt th« bua- 
. Wnilmfm ami' liis plou^b wan ovwrywbore 
to be M Mfe ax ILou^h in a chureli. In tlie 
aiunimr of 1)43 IIriitj Jointil bLi brothtT in 
tar»in(ttii«niinni!t7ai Wilton iiitu a fortrUM 
to he a rbttck on ^Hli^biirj, wliiub traa ou 
thr iid<f uf ili« emprew. On I July Earl 
Itobi^rl lirvfl the town and routed the Iciag-** 
tiuniw, Ml tlutt ho and ibobitbopbanlytnado 
pm thair aMapo. 

Henry alio bicIinI with liia broth«T in the 
BHlMr of th« arcbbinlioprio uf York. Oii 
llw death of Archbisliou Thuntaa in II M bo 
proBoliNl ihu eb-ction of hi« iu>|>bHW I letiry il« 
SuUyithen ibboi i>f F6raiap,bul th«i «l«ctioii 
msqnaalwd by thm pope iHiraiisn thn abbot 
WOulttBOtil^ve BphiamoDMtmj. Anoth<irof 
tlw lafila'a nnpoim. William Fiubitrbvrt 
iq.v A ton of hi* airtcr Knmn. wa> thenchoam, 
■ndlM l'ffa<<'*^t him lo Itome fur oontirma- 
tion. AMranjiEHrtv in th«Yorkchap(«rpi» 
iMtttl BKaiii»t tLi>'in. N»vert1i«li^M tb« 
|«|Mr hikd hi' vril! ; bi> Md n oonnril at Win- 
chiatdr in 8<>ptitaiU;T 1 14-1, nr which a lii«bop 
and IwoiilibotA took anoalhtliatthvcliiclion 
was ttor and canonical, and on ibn iHilh ho 
canMCnt«d hi* oophow, the ArrlibiiLuii of 
OanUTduTTrttfuunffhiiiaaaeitt. Tvodnys pre- 
Tiouily InDoeenI II diL>d,ai>d with hia d«alh 
Elunn>''< Itfntiau commitsion cani<i to an end. 
ll« Mt out for Itoisn in tlii> hope of ohtain- 
luf aMfiowalof it from thanawpop«.C<Bli*- 
tiaoll. lie pou.howuTer, nppamtpd.itcb- 
biabopTlieobald.aiKl i[imrr>qM.-nt thewintor 
in Ntinramt in Lih uUI aotiulury al Cluj(ny. 
(MHtitMdied in the fulluwinor aprin^. and 
Htmty weaii in itonM lo apply tor tli« I<^t<<- 
aliip 1" Liiciua ri. Thn eaaft^ai inaii repm- 
sim1ali><-* lo oMow. iMciiw iwt aiidn ihn 
ehanaawliich tVybrMiKbl ainunit him, but 
(UdHiail tu makv kiai Iqtatv. Ii it suiJ that 

while bn buld thw luyalina oUiow hu iaUo- 
<)i>cod the ruiitoiri of appeal* U> Roma; but 
sMinu Co Tvtur to appmli to bimtelf aa li>gata 
(Hgskt op Ui-NTiNUDOK. II. ■JSiy AdjimU 
to Itiinii- wi-f- inadp in narlier limea, thou^b 
tbny o-rtaiiily hecainci innre frmiuqit duiing 
tbi' n-iKii of i^lopbca (Vaiut. tliit. iii. 349>. 
Ilcnrr ciintiiiui>d to uphold thi> riehl i-f bii 
nrphuw William lolboarcbbiiliopricof York, 
whii-fa wai viAOTOualy diipuicd, and a(i«r 
Willuoi waa depoMid in XM'i took him into 
Ilia biiuw and tn-ni«l bimasarohbiahop. Hi* 
tiLtlii>-iio< at Romi> wkh wholly *■ an end, for 
Hiii^oniiiii lit and lliirnnril, HblNit of C1air> 
vnui. bvimn'd An:h1kiidiDp Theobald, and 
trvoiud till! biihou's I'llortA in behalf of his 
iieplMW aa part of ibi' ijuirrel abiiiit the l(^ 
cntioii, while, as the atti-mpt to eatablUb 
Witliam at ^'ork waa bitterly nppoeeil br 
tliii Uiatocian hoiinGis in tho north, Ilenrr'a 
policy WM ipMtally (]iii|)lea«ing to the CSa- 
iwoiao popa and hi* great ^vi»pr. Tho 
tnonka df Hyde Abbey anpealfd to Itomo 
ogainat him on account of the ((oncral iu- 
jiirie* which he hod done thetr houie and of 
the dcAiriiction of their emw, and B«niard 
uphold ih«ir caii'4'. In IM^ Ht'oryadfiwd 
8(>.>i>li<>n tri forbid Archhiiiboii ThHofaald to 
altvnd the papal council at llhoimi oo 
21 March, and ha waa Ihorfifom ouxiMmdad. 
The Uxiiit of Bloii^ howevor, intowrdcd foe 
him. and tliu Kntenoe waa relaxed on con- 
dition of his appearing at ftoae within six 
months ; tliift bu hiled to do, and wna tliera- 
fi>r«> under ilwi npal aentonce. TheobaM 
r^'lumod (o luigluid,Wld al the king's r*- 
i)iic«t «a« mcoaciUd to Ilnnry, who in 1 151 
wvnt lo Koonc, travdlinK in much •tatn. At 
Itoaoe ho had to muvt tho pbnnrn> brought 
a^ifnindt him by the Abtnl ItiTnnrd. br tli« 
monks of Hyile, and many otbcn. He ob- 
taineil abenfutioa, not, it iw aaid, witboul 
payment of a taree anm, and aOorta wera 
made hy hia friend* to prorail on tha fnpa 
to Ktant him either a li^iitina oomnuMom or 
the ciemplion of his lec from motropolitan 
jitri«diotion : but Euf^oius ntfitand, for it 
wa« believed, tbourii nnjiutly, that he had 
ptompted hi* hrolhi-r a^iiist tbo church. 
Still at hia rvquntt l^ujtcniu* lank flenry 
Murdnc, who wu Unm in poMMiifln of tM 
Mw nf York, abaolvc Iliicli of Puiirt, th* 
tr««*urer of York and lhi> binliop'a nephew, 
who wai doinK Rood aeirTicn fur hi* UBcle by 

S larding his caalloi in his ahionoo. Bitbop 
vnn' piirchawd lUttutTT in Italy for Us 
hoit»> at Winchei««ri he had ouUirstad 
taoi'^ and liked tbe society of leaned men. 
IIi> cniii(> hock by sea wiih hin pnrrliawM, 
I and on his wsy stopped to vliil ibc liinneof 







St- JainM nl Cnmpaitifllniand did notarrivu 
in Englond unlilftfliTScptpmberllW. Thf 
civil war wis dying out, and lit- aiiicervty 
repimied of Ui^ pari whidi bu bod had in 
foowiiiting it. Accordingly he did all in lii^ 
power ti> jiromotii po«»vftn^ "S" "ftivp in 
fonritrdinK ilii^ Imuly mndn b«tminn Sli'i'lii'n 
Klid Itukf [Iran- nt Wnllingford, nnd viia- 
dudud in NovL-mbiT 1163 ut \Vinnh«iiT, 
wlifK li? rectivtrd tlip dutir wllli Loiioiir, 
At ^be fulluwiiiK l*Wti>r br t-utt-rtsinvd hut 
nepbfwf, Archlii^liop William, nt WiiichcWcr 
on bis rotum from llrtine Iwforv going to h'm 
province, for Hnnri' Mtirdnc wnit ibeii dond. 
Sti-pbon dird on 25 Ool., nnd on 19 Ilcir. 
IIonrj*ttB»ijIecl»ttliiTorDnnIionof Unity II. 
Hu in iiaid to liavu rL-c»miiii>rideJ Tliomu 
Bwkot (oiliekiiiiifoTtbf offici- of cliuiicidl'ir. 
Inll'jribp It'fl Knglimd witbout llie kilig'tt 

ErniiA«'ioii,hnvinj;'entoii1iia troMiim MCratJy 
fore him. HcnrjitH^iiHid on biurndlH, pulled 
down Ihct tow'T of WolvMi]^, onil di'ttPoyed 
tbcciuiW DtMordon nnd IIwIiopR Wulthflm. 
TU(^ liiiij^'i intention of taking his CBBlIni fmin 
bim wiu uo doubt tliecnuneoifbia leaving the 
kiuf^oai. Up Kiaved a weloomv guiwt at 
IlinAVnornbl", l.h"t[r*uil(Mt benc<factor ibst tli« 
houBi" cvrr hud ; tor, nt the roqud*! of Popi.' 
lIndrisnIV,hRpiud olTthowhoIndi'bl whirli 
WW ibcii pn'Ming on tUi- convpni and nop- , 
ported tjio -100 luonltB for n VBar. Up wim 
urged to rotum by Arohbinliop Tiieobiild. I 
probnbtv in lirj, uid wu back iii EriglanJ I 
inrhncpringor I Ifift, but returned loC'liit^iVr 
and wan there in the wirly part of IllQ. On 
8 Juno he conipcreltid Tliomiu on arvhbinhQp 
ofCnnt«rbunr.nndbi;farcthi!Ci:ti!nic>nybr')(an | 
demanded ftnd obtained from ibo Ving's u-- 
pKaenlativi- a full relmM from all cluinu 
wliicli niijjht b« mad<^ on ThomiH in con- 
iwction n-ith the cbanoellorsbip. This i» 

Soriiap* the- ori^n of tlie ihcoi^' lolO by Oiml- 
iiR tbnt hp *et bt^fon- Tliomaa the noci>>utly 
of cboouD^ wlii-thrr he irould aorvn oii 
tuirtbly or n bfai-puly king. Ho wa» prwicnL 
at the council of Cian-iiduu in Jnnuary 1 1fH, 
and aHer the council muM bavt- bad con- 
vene vritli t\» arcbbiabop, who withdrew fur 
• wbilo t« Wind)e«t«r. At tb>- couiicii of 
Nortlumpton in October tin wu n'liirlnntly 
obliged to pronounco Judgnwnt ngninil. Tho- 
ma* in tbo (uit of John the Marthal, and 
whiin (he king proceeded to demand n Htntir- 
m«nt of ThoniaB*fl aooounta aa cbanoL-ll'ir 
boldiv opposed tho d*miiiid. Tliv m-xl day 
be ajiisea Tbomaa sot to listen to lbo«e 
who wot« tvoommoading bim to make an 
abmlutn submiiwon. Such a coureo would, 
he uigedfinit tlic church undrr th» arbitrary 
control of the crovm, and he further pointed 

out tlial Tliomns had been rali>nMid from all 
wculnr claiiDi nl bis ronjocmlion. When, 
on II lut->r day of ihest-Mioiiitbc bitliopt tried 
to pptfuadi.' the an-hbiithoD to yield, Honir 
appuan to have shown liiui same apaciu 
mark nf fH^ndahip : ha nfterwarda declared 
that Tbiiiun< bml a rigbi. to carry his crosa 
when rntcrin^ tbo IdnK* hall, anil wh«n ho 
board that tbcarehbiahop had left thaoountnr 
wished bim Uod'a bloning. Moon after thia 
be teems to lulV(^ iiWB under the Uiuff* dis- 
pl»Mur«, and Pope Alexaiidi^r 111 Ym>I« to 
Thomas that b^ hi'iml that it was probablo 
Horny would ntfign hi* bi'bopricoa aocouat 
of Iho injuri™ whit^h he had nswivod from 
tbehine. Thomas wroieto lIpnryalBttcrof 
ftymput hy in wbivli b« blamed him for having 
rt-moved u eroH<. Tbis waa probably the 
Hyde oros* which llviiry (wrtored in 1107. 
Ilr did not apiinne of tbe line taken by llie 
arcbbiihnp while in imilc, joined in ihn 
biibopi' iWenee of tbo king in IIIMl. and 

appMlod B^nni bim befora tbo Ugatsa ia 
ISoruubiT 11(17. NrvortluJcM hfl rMainsd 
hh loyalty towards him ; he Mnt him asnat- 
anci', Meadfastly r«hiiMNl tn liold communion 
with tboM> whoin lie o.ioummunieatiHl, and 
waa n^rdnd by him an 'a wall of the boUM 
of I>mel.' Ihiring tbeae hii. Intnr yrats ho 
was bumble and ri^lijiiouA. and about 1168 

f;a>e away nil hi« goodn in cburilv. learing 
limsclf and his boiiKehold bam meaiia of 
eub«i»>t<'U(v, and devoTiiu.' himarif to prayer 
and nets of penii.eni^e. Turev ^Tories are told 
of hilt diiNNuan g0T<>mmoiil. One. whioh 
apparently bdong* to nlmut llAO, nialoa 
how, after ho had vainly trird tn mako hia 
clergy use ailm- in.ilead of powlor choliMS, 
he OvercaTiii- tli^r niL-nnneaa by makiilgtlieB 
pretent tb«ir i-on<nbutionn to him in retpoot 
of an aid in silver cbalicM which ha gavft 
back lo them ; while nt anocbnr tim*, whan 
otherbithop* wor*" levying money from their 
clergy, be gntliored bio togctbrr and, lulling 
them that be did not earn to inciWiB hu 
lioard. demooilej only prnyen and naaiea. 
The third story repivsetits bim afi merciful 
towafl* the erriiiff (QuiAUtiv* CA>lnHKNsl^ 
viL 47 -fi). Whr<n hn h'.'an] of thaanurtyrdom 
of Arcbbiihop Thnmn*, be grieved tliat he^ 
thousb no inueh nlder.WB* utill Irtfi on ««rtb. 
Biabop Henry wnii dying when ibe king r»- 
tunied (o England on tt A ug. 1171. Tbs liiaff 
at anise viaited him. and bishop robuked 
him aereraly for the archbisliop'i* d««th. On 
the Slh ko died, 'full of days' (Diono, 
i. 347), Tbora sncin* no rcoMn to doubt 
that he war buried in front of ibo high attar 
of his cathedral church, where the remains 
of a bishop with a croiior and nuf; were dis- 
covered some yuan ago. During lu» li^l^tim» 




_^ f thn VenioM* hti written to mk him 
> order tlui he ahould bn burled u Clngny, 
«mI, t» th«K doea not appear to be any r«- 
eord of bis burial, some liave tnpposed th«t 
(his wa« Aoav; but t)ior« ia no remon W 
doubt that thn boniui Tound at Winchtiatfr 
WV thn mlimof tli« hinhop. lUfoandndthe 
fantpital of At. Cram, miir WinchwtM', for 
thirlccn >ged men and for providing u liiui- 
<hed |>oor penona with a daily dinner. l[i« 
fcWDtUtioD wad eul&Fg»d by Oarditial Henry 
fiaaufoTt fq. V.I He vaiinliin n bi'iii'fne'<'>r 
to l^unlon Priory, foiindtwi bv hi> priMli?- 
CMMir, VVillinm 49il)ard [q. T.j (Uiiuo, Jli'f. 
Tamlon I'riiry, |>. It. In hia caihedrul 
Huon- biiill B tfvtt«iirtt-bou»o and enrichwl 
the ODUTch with mauy r«Jica, and iirobablv 
•Im gave the richly carved font wIih^U «iill 
•xiata. H« also eoUeot«d tho bone* at tho 
RMt parsoaa buried in tha church and plncnJ 
&(nn in painted chml^. 

I For ■ fmounible visw of Hpiiry's (liHrKlpr 
WD John of iluhnm. «L liainv. p. H9 (Simta 
8or.) ; Chron. Pricrii. Vdiiwikit, L>I.U. Bihl. Nor. 
li.SOtP; IVlfvlhr VoiicTibk.MiitnaclKxxli.SOI. 
3n, SO. 377 ; OiraJdiu Cumbr, Viru 8. KvmiKii. 
«. 27. od. Braufr. lii. 4a-» (Itoll* Set.} : Ann. 
Wlntou, «l. Luanl, |i, 00 ^linlli, Snr); lud for 
eithf>r«iil**K,vdH, Iiiin»l,Hii>Jiiiu«im. Au 
«n«U«nt ctf inala in Noi|pite'iiAn«viii KiiiBa, i. 
M7 mf\. ; and I«m fmrmiMbla in Kitcliiii'i Win- 
A«MI*r,p-llA<ltbRari«TowniSar.) Forworkat 
OlMtoiibiirj. JoliD at Olattuabury, j'p. ISO.TO, 
•d. HtnniF. Ordoric, pp. 008, 920. Duphnno ; 
GtnaM; Ralph ilaDimto; Ilnii.of HunlicsdoQ 
fall Roll* Su-.); Williiun of MnlmMbni?, tlixt. 
KoT.; F1ot. of Wore. Cont.: Uaota Sltiphani; 
Will, of Niiwbureh (nU EngL Hirt. Soc): riu 
Abb. Ktrc. Gill* ■ UuiAnnc. L 33ft-9 : John (if 
lfUiabiir:r. >i)' l64,*d.UilM. Furroliiiion* viih 
ATchb>iAo|i ThaoiB*, m» Holeriali for Lifi at 
Beck«t [HclU Ser.) ; kad Rwcially Wilt, of Cnn- 
iMhury.i.S; Alan of Tnwknlmiy.ii-ll:!;; Will 
VlU-i:>tf |>hui>. lii. 6ll : H«rU uf H">biiiii, iil. 3aS, 
anil Lmtcn. r.71. 2M. li. 46. 138. '27:^; Gnmior, 
pp. IB. At. tiL Bippoin.] W. B. 

HSNBY opEAaTBT (<f. 1331). prior of 
Chrlat Ohwch, Cutierbury, doubtlcM came 
from th» Tlllaav of Baatry, bMween Canlflr- 
hai7 and Sandwioh,tho manor of which b»- 
lon^od to tlin monh* of Chriat Hiurclu and 
which arul a ronataet mipplv of mcruita to 
that hoiMV. Tlic Urnry of Ba«trj wlio in 
1379 waaprvoeiitt^ lo the virar«f>e of Little* 
hoonie. KenT,bytl><-alibut ufSt. Aufpwtine'a 
U noti however, lik«ly to hav» been a monk 
of a riifll fiMiiidation lih» Christ Cliiirch 
^Phc'xiiam, I^tUr; iLi. 1001, lOlQ). Tho | 
ntum prior bncami- a monh in enily ynuth, ' 
andwM r^morkabbtfur lii*iealfoTW3ip(uriil 
learning. In S(!piiCTnber 1^86 thetctinsnient 
«t Prior Tliomaa Kiogmer, who having i)uai- 

r^ed witJi the (Jliiiai Church tnoulo tought 
n ulrictw rule in th« C(frt«niiau huuae of 
Ueaulinii, wa» followud by the election of 
Bnntry liimndf uo iirior on 10 Apr^I 1^08 
( CoU. MS. V,vlUv 1-.. iv. f. :v,b). 

Ea*lty reinaiuMl prior of Cimtnrbury for 
forty-«ui j«arB. Ho wm r««pcc(ei) by th« 
moiihs a» a lucful and prudent bend. Il« 
mlipvod the convent from the crushing bur- 
den of thrm thousand marks i>f debt, awl 
luid Dill v'.-ry la^e anniH on impniving the 
t«liit«i Hud ornamenting t.hncalh«dral. U« 
n<li'rui?d tlie trhoirof Christ I'hnn'h W 'very 
lM'niiliriil«ti>iiT^wurk subtly corred.' Hognve 
hi* rhiireb motiy inwaonBvaiimcntaand omo- 
mi^nTs. He repaired the cbapt«r-houic, re* 
built or rc^niri'd lh» chapcU on mual of the 
manum of iho am, and added lar;^ reau, 
lands, and woods to lis nwiuri'i's, M'hile eu- 
riclitug thf library wilhcimlly hoolit trrAtili^ 
of a great vorit^y of (iib)ii.-tii. A lint of hi« 
numaroiis budding and nrpairingu is jiivrn 
in hii ' AlqmoHaU* {ib. i>., 'nova opnm in 
pcdusia ot in cufin,* f. 101 : ' imi-a oiicra in 
maueciis,' f. 103 A). Hikii-nlfor lh» rifjhtd uf 
his church led liinili) (Ivnvrh'.'cmwn'itnghl to 
tlie ciivtodv ufthu cbiircli duriufi a Tacanoj. 
I£» revived llje old clninu of diu priora to 
iTXencisa spiritual jurisdiuiion oror the pro- 
vinco of f'ant(irbni7 diiTing vocanfiui in tho 
nrchbidiopHc. Ho qnamdled wilL tlio citi- 
■cuBof Canterbury and with t )i*.' rival uhbote 
of St. Auipudinr'. snd oini'' prellv nvU out 
of both cmitmls. Ho had mnn< difficultJeo 
in Iht- poiimu of a bitter ijiumd willi a fac- 
tion of bl* tnonhs (llitt. MiSS. Ctrnun. Sih 
lUrf. I. JSK). Hu oblained from ' Baaiinnnii 
of Milan, conn I -palatine of the empire,' a 
irrant of tho right lo appoint lUrLi* impcnnl 
DOlarim of fai* own nominal ion . Hut the 
crown forhadi- such cxMcio- of jwiwer on the 
ground that the I'mpL-ror liiid no jurisdiction 
in KuKlnnd(SoX!(i!R..-l'»/ra. App. 
lii.a.h. c) III 1^(17 hu foltowi-d Archtoahop 
WinchelMy in roAanng to pay Edward I^ 
laxoa, bnt Edward look poseMuon of the 
monasteiy, waled up t he tn'nnariwand Morte, 
Bad atarved Eosirv umi his bwthivn into 
■nbmission (2fiX. itSS. Cbmm. Glh Itep. t. 
433). EutTv nimain«d on fMendly ti-rm* 
with WiocholiiCT, who. bufore rMiirninit to 
1{ngland after his rxile, ap]M>int«d him bis 

GostTj'a n-Iations to tba weak and in- 
competent Archbishop ltc^-nnld« gnT4> him 
peciiliar political impuriaiice. Bwlry wna 
reputed to bv a man of ttrvnt wisdom and 
fon>«ij;hi, and Iiu «-*« fonaulted fay Itiiya 
noldn in his chief ililli cult JM. Hi* lelleta tO' 
Itcynolds form a largo and the moM impnc^ 
lant jmrt of tho lirat volime of the 'Litem 




m 'l^VMr Banc* m CbnH 

KmIit Ma nfaMdHO^ m Bi«. H6S. 
.'■SAKcfLLMT. Ik (MMt iafdf- 
L U«r M (h» anAMafT* om4m «vb« 
ikaUM yaU of IW iP^ of Eiwud n. 
r«wil (**• Ub JwtiwMi, if nfM Hid 
vathDr ^tme. PrafaaU* &«tt wm ma 
wvpwt rrMd«rtkldwV,brnl3»lM! 
hM( wnun to Banr gf L«KWlcr<l981 r- 
UUf Tii.T.' ntpx Um (oooWiBM lfa«(Aift> 
wte4 hb WbH EmI TbcMi l»d Bwk 

Um of ArriibUbop WbKhdM7 </i'/. nn- 
(M0'. i. 71 ). Emcft omIiI ■OMttinin \f 
libf Bill III, for m I32& Iw tfivaKlv nrs"^ 
RbtboU* load (be mwdaJ wMdl'ibpsB- 
mmM •tale «r Wtodwlanr'* aMMs twWw 
jMn tfttr Ua dMtli waa ranting UBOmg tlM 
MOfla (A L ISfi). flui in Uw gnat qaea- 
ikM ho lamoruad, and (bowad a mmHai 
Muuljr tliallib tnttfn should be bnrat wlicn 
fowl aM ili'iiiim 'n no otw b«t their ncipicnt. 
In Fcbruarr X^'ih \u- aiiitgatcd tn ItrjooMa 
a pl&uaibU ttxctiw lot not ■r«im[«iiTin^ thp 

?1IMB mi lier ill--iini-npH joumi^j' t" Fmnce 
ib. x. 137), Me voiild lUM tay whMbtr li» 
tbmigbt tlifr kinc "^ bin Aoa owht t» irnortir 
toFnuic«lodahoiliaf<> (A, i.l4S|. 1Uhi[>- 
pUed ibe arebbubap with oarlv »■•«> of what 
waa KoiiiK "*i abnMd <|A. i. IBI), btii lii« 

Citcal onxMf at llie rimi; aMnu to baT« 
n lu g«t ridof tbostpHiMof kwMuthe 
qnn-n'x pack nf hoiuida wbMi tbo nad left 
at Caiil«rtiun'. to i^am-p whtcb bo biunUj' 

beooilgbl thx'ralourof lt>i> Dmmmm* U iKo 
tbac wbfii bn WB« liintins iMt x\» arcb- 
bUhop should bniak with the quMc'i party. 
Ha sbrank oa prttext nf iIIimm from an in- 
tcrriew with KejaoWa (1*. i. 1W)>. whcon 
be utK«d not to ftKfat on Ednnl't bvbalf, 
but nIbcT til mnluili-, and aim at a wmpro- 
miw. If I'Mwaril penJHiiil in flehtin|> he 
advivd It«Tiiold> to takfi refug« is bUoathA- 
dral (ih. i. 190). nut a* *oon a* lh« part; 
of Itiit qw*^ (cnt the upiKtr hand hn wmtr 
to bor wuhins bnr * )f«oa and Ioor lifo and 
mci) on i-arlh. nnd Rlory in hpnTMi' (A. i. 
197>. Hr iimclicaHj' corominKliii Kevnold* 
for bin *(K-r<ly dm-rtlon (o Ibe qiUWB. tlinuKh 
vxcutiing hiintelf IVi>iii personal alt«iidaiioe 
at the iHirliniiiifni whicn depoiied Edwatd 
(ft. i, yWl, \\r, hnw^t-nr.tngvMlcd to HpJT- 
tioldi thi- Rdrifability of (fniTinfc a mlcran 
depuUliin iif th<>(hrrri4iativ to Kcnilwortti 
io bdiKv (hp impTiwituKl king to fun.' hia 
parlUtnoni (A, i. liOIi), Thia measura wa« 
■abtequently adopted, duubtlwa on Key- 
noldas propuM). Raatry mn accnfed D;^ 
•out ofthoarchbishnp'sbouwboldnf betray- 

bM ii^iml 

«iat« to tb* wxt 

wtvcfWB^flft ni nM 

«M picked ■»<■ Eanr 
Wl«» w h^l Ipf lis ^^__ 

' • -- -" J 1 — ii - 

tmlf mmIoM ()k L JM-fiX 

EMtir b^ iMSMand fioa lb» 
tintafaM. biliH be bqnd R*naUs to 

•now ibe Mbfrier teadSboB (^ i U7L 
tb«^ fooK abr a aUlM 4aeKrrat«d bte 
(*IlLI»>. UiaSBpsM in tberidapn- 

nuad biM frnn ndiw. aad m laSB b* «^ 
taincd bi^ Flaadm'alittk »aii iiaaawala 
DM tan and bw' \Am. IK^ 3^ la 1339 
and again ui ISSI be wawwtwljgwer 10 ap- 
pail a gM wa l ailw«y <*. L Wl. »&> n* 
di«d Mddealj tm 9 Anil ISI wbOa cal»- 
bwringiaaeo. Hawaabtieradlio I»mm(^ 
tr o j ia ac Kdd. Brwnsccnainl^aMilTaMb^. 
Eastfy* Bial fcr tbe mtotwU of bia bonB 
otwed bim to pp i e nw the iiiaiaiaaliiiii. mi 
dorxnMiit, aad anancaantt of all Uia an- 
cient chaiten and vimiiiiMil* of OtriNL 
ChuTcfa iBift.MSS. Ornm. hth Rep. i. AST). 
Tbe sariJef exlMiiw rffinenof tbaooswat 
wim alao etmfArd in tbair p w ont fbra 
It i« fraa hi> own rapnue tbat Dr. SbatTan) 
ba* dnwn hi* rieb mpHt of FbrlTj** ootT»- 
■mmdenee. Tbere U atio p ea tjwid bi tbe 
, BtitMbMnaeunalargvaadhandanaemBBa- 
aenpt called tbe ' MoBotnle llanrici nriofii* 
ukd deaoribed in tbe catalog aa a rmrtar 
' of Ea^r/si Ihoufb tbe ngutvr pnfi S t j to 
' caJlediaof coafwaiOaBternRT- It eontaina 
a f;mtl nkrintjrofdiflinvnt ■utters, iodndiif 
taanT rhartrn and documeota of gvneral or 
locaf intPTHt, rpcfmlB of the pOMMsiona of 
Chrial Chtirrh bdiI of tbe wnrfc of Easit? as 
priiiT, and * rariotta oonMBoaplarM nvnc>-nui^ 
ransctenee, phyMognoni^,aad maiiv cbaMen 
of tanvd and pbiloeophical atgumcnt ' (Ott- 
ton. MS. fialW K. it.) 

[LilfTK l^lannrom. Tnl. i. nth Dr. $bep- 

Iiuvl'i IncroJortion ; lib. Dtb, and Mh Bepa. 
IJKt. ms*. Ctmrn.; WhoflM* AMgllt SMm, 
■HiM. Prionim KcoIim* Oi»4Bar.,' i. 141; 
SMnner'* Antiquilie* of Ointsrburir. i. M<-7. 
Afp, lii. lir.: ficTpu>'» Rut. of .\ndaii Abheyi^ 
tee., i. 381 : DuK'liile'* Mflnaiitlron, !. 8$. I II. od. 
Caler; Martin'* IIf«i<<"<»> Kpitt. J. ftcUiaa 

^■11* tter.); Roffiatrntn utt Al«in(#iala B«nri«i 
oriN Moniwt. l^rtui Cuiiuar. in Cctioo. MS. 
Oalta K. i». IT. 1-188,) T. F. T. 

HKNRYoc llnmsoijosi (ll«4?-1IM), 
hihlorian, WB* bnm b<>lw<vqi 1080 and lOBta 
tlio *on of Nidioliu. n rhiirebniaii, irliom b* 
slyU* ' uti-lln cIiTi," and who nia/ powibly 




bATe been tlie urlxlvaruii -ii ItuiiiUigiloa 
■whoiUedinUUU Iliel. Axylvr. liuil). Ilia 
koftwlcil^ie of llii' fell roiiiilrv makt^ it pro- 
twblelhnl ii «&>i tlii-ro itini )ti- w»» bom.onil 
ulia«|Nuk'i>f AUIwiti, Mm of ItaiDMj.o^ 
' dotniaiw moiu,' it liu' lie--n jrarmiotd tliar 
bo WM hoim INI torn* pur nf the abbatinl | 
duaiain(A8IiuLD,/>i/mJiii/Kui.ii.xiii), His 
early yeaw w«w cwtniuK t\>vM «i Lincoln 
(ba Bpaa h i o( lb*- <lioL-vT-^ u» ■ t^Ucifialiu 
nMter'),Bni) liidownwordtt/^iMriWi'JrCbn- 1 
ttmpli .Vunili. {!) givr iliti Idea tlint lii> who I 
bnM|ihl up ill ihi) hniKrhold nf liab.-i-t Jtlwt 
f<i. v.'I, bt*b<>ii lit' Lincoln from 1093 t« Ll:i:i. j 
Hi> mvuTi'mn on« Albimia ><f AiiLi-n (lA. ( 3) 
■n liiii mntilcr. TIip urn trv nf I'ilv u'lU lukoil 

oiitof iliBi of LiiicoliMii I I"l),BD<] imtiiiinr ' 
Ui» following ytor h'- ««» m«il>' arcliil<*con I 
of lIuntingdiMi, iin i>tlifr Ih' pmbabW lii-ld till 
hi* doatli. In li:ill lut ai^cinDpntucd Arrb- 
biahop Tboubalii on biajoumrv (o llonir for 
ibepall; onhiswitv !"■ riniirJ ihi-munuiliTy 
of Bee, Mill thun li<- uihiIe Ibi- ucqtiuinlniio- 
of Rmn d» MoBli- (il" Turif-iivj. tli« Nor- 
nuo hiMonan, tliMi n taouls ai l\er (Koiicerr 
BH TtmiOKT, i. (Ml. nr, nj, it|rli»I<<1. ThmiiKh 
bitn b« bvcnnii' ai'<iiinintpij n itii tlid ' liiiliirin 
Britonum' of (irotTivy i>f Jloitinoutb. 

At tbe m{uts( of AlFXuii'Jirr '11. v. . butiu|i 
oTLiMOlii from 11^3 lo 11-17 Oli't. A/iffhr. 
JVfltoy.), bi^ iinil-^<H>k *i\ VAigYvib biilorr. 
foUnving B*di> br lbi> biiboo'it advjcr, uid 
Ntnctiv from citli«r dirooiclnn. Tbf-finl 
«dil KiB oflbu vork imu carrii'il dinKn to 1 1 -29, 
andbncontinui^ltDAddtoit at vbtJouh tinim, 
tbolMt Rtiliub bi-in|;bri.>ut,'bt down to IKil, 
tfeu yraxoS Sl4'|ibHii'ii di^atb, nibioli could not 
long bavH pvtfoediHl bi" •iwii, n* we Itivd a 
iww ucliileaooa of lliiiititi^l'^n in I ]<'>■'>. 

Hiavvriy portin«o[||i*nn''>'lliMi]iiii An- 
vloram' i« liUii-ti fratn rbn luual wium-h tbr' 
' lliMoria Mincolln,' ' Aur>'liiiii Victor,' ' Nmi- 
nin*,' ' B«Ji',' nnd tbr ■ A Ofilo-Saxon Cbnf 
nich«;' b<'i'aUT]p>t partly Irotiionil tradition 
4m in tlie (lotrir of Cnii't and tbi- Mia>, and 
partly fnxn bU own invnition, AlWr II^T 
M ic pobably original, nnd bl* narraliTP in 
wriUao coiilMlipoiWMKiujUT tritb tin* rvrntii 
b^ dcaeribci. 

Tbp tBtPT«liiion< of tlic work contain two 
addilinnal booli*. * Ih- Miraculin.' an arcoiiiil 
nf till? niiracks of iiim-liwii sniiiis from 81. 
Oswald lo .Si. Wilfrid, aixl ■ Pu Summi- 
tUibua,' comtintiiij; of llto cplogUP to biff 
bialMT. witb ibrrw (^i*llci; ono ftddmund 
pTDbably in 1131 InllRnrT- I'Dn nfrioRftum 
DotoniuaiDiorum iiiii per orbein ttrrarutn 
liPCUH|ue fuerunt:' tti« Kcond to WartoH 
' D» K^ibitt RritoniuD,' fri^«n bjr Robvtt d(> 
Mo<it« <i. A7-1 1 1, I>eli4»). and tliv ibjrd to 
Waller (abbal of ltiuBM>}' according to 1^- 

latid),'!)* CAulviapin MiUKli, m« da efii- 
BrupUt-l tirlnilliulnbiis.'irhKcn probaUj in 
1 I4n, Actxifdio)- lu l>etiiTid (Zfr icrhitontnu 
tirituHitkif. ]i. \W) III- *\nt virnxr eigni book* 
of ppitimnL-, riifbi l)ooki< *lv> Amoni,' and 
pifllit 1)Ooki> ' IV llirrbiit,' ' Ih' Ammutibuji,' 
* l)i.-(ii;tDmir,'uid n work 'Uv Li-^' Domitii,' 
uldraavd to tbu I'ulorboroiijtb tntnik*. Two 
book* of I't'iKranin bvlltniran- found a' tbe 
dotteof ft l.tinbi!lbMB.of Till* Hist ury,' but 
tiolbinB i« koowB of the otber vorlcs mea- 
iic>ii«i1 by Lelaiid. 

Ilonry of ItiiiilingilonV biilorr waa Rnt 
niibliidii'd in Sin ib-V ' Scripiotvii po»t Ilddani,' 
London, lAStJ; tliu tro* niirioti-d at Frank' 
fort in lt)OI,iuid BfiBtu iu Miiriii.-'j 'I'atro- 
logiu ' in IH'vl (vol. I'icr.) Tb^ portiiL-n a* 
far af' lUtHI ((-xrliidin^' lb>.- Ibira br->k di 
luhirn from Bi?iiH) v'lii- iiicliidi.fl bv Wt. IVlrir 
In tbi> ' Mounmonta Ilititarica lirilamiica,' 
llicri! in a compli^tc ndilinn by ilt. 1'bomaa 
Arnold in tho HuUi Slti.'. < 1 y7»). Tbu ' Kni- 
stotn ad WdIIituiii Ac Cunli^mptu Mundi n 

fivi-ii by Wbarton. ' Anglin Sa<-ni,' ii. UM ; 
)'Afbi>ry, 'Spti'ili^putn,' viii. 17^= iii. lil^; 
Mipii-V ' Patruloitia,' tol. mct, j and in Ar- 
nnlil'* vdilioii of ibo ' IlUtnria,' AppsndLx, 
p. I'll?. One of IbolirnnstanI bookaitf'Epi- 
arnmnitita' i* priuleii in Wrigbt'a ' Anglo- 
Lulin Satirical IVwIaiuid Riiigrammatitla of 
tbe Twulfth Ci-nlury ' (Koll^ Sfhrt, Iffi), 
u. 1B3-7-1. 

|I>*laiid'>[taStfri|itoriLiiiiBritiinniei*; tlardj^a 
[ntrndotiion (o ihr Mnuumiiita Ilnlunta Bri- 
taimim. whure will b* fuaaiJ ■ full -liMuiMDn uf 
HaDtingdoii'* Chronulotn. Linliennanii'ii Ilein- 
rifb TOD Uuiitingdon. j'tov^umtB xur Denl- 
Huli-n 0«*cbirh(»,Oi>iil(ieini. IH7t. p. 365; .Mr. 
Arnold'* Inlniduclioii 10 his nliiiou iii Ibv Kolb 
Suri'o. whetw the (lnt» nnd v hnniFtflritiia of ibe 
diffinml t<)ilioi]« iirr l'»1l;r dl*i^uu«tl Ca|i|;nvo'a 
Life iu tlm Libcr tl« 11lup<lril<ii* Ilvnridii (Roll* 
Serin) i< vorthlo*.! H. R. L. 

HENRY or MinLMKoi'isn or Mnrlobnrgfa 
|j(. 14301, annalivt. wn*. fmiu bin niinii'. con- 
jiwtnrod In' Kir Jamni Waiv to bnvo been a 
native of Slarlborouih in Willibirr. Ilirnry 
olfii'ialiHl as a cbaplaia in I'ubliu and its 
ncuiity in tbr n-ign of Iticbuid IL In tbo 
c«rly part of tbi.- tiftr«itb ci-iiiury bo wm* 
coniiwtcti with ttii' jiriorv of t bi» ILily Trinity, 
DOW CbriM. DitiTcn, Dublin, t'odor it no 
bvid Ibo TicantKi-* if ItaUcnddau and lloaa- 
bato iu ihu county 'if Dublin. Two Latin 
dmk. crtncrminR hoiuc pruwrty in Dublin, 
mrv executed Ity llniiry of MarMiuivb U 
l>ublin. 6 Junu WiA. Tlio origina] docn- 
mvota in nvllnin aro in ilu.> |ioM>(<u>ioa of 
tbewrilur of tbv iiri'xuic nntic*. ToibumaR 
atlBcbi^l ibi' >i'aJ of Itciirj of Mulcbunb, 
with bif isitialu, and tbc oflicial m«I of UM 




Dublin nayordry. Harlebu^ compilMl 
aanals of I'ngliuid and ImUnd in Ijitin (in 
WveB book^ RitcndiD^ rrom 1133toM^l), 
nad«r tlui title of ' Crotuca exeerpU do medulla 
dinnanun cronioorum, ^nodpiw RM«lplU, 
monacUi C««treiisi», «cripu p«r IlMiricuiD 
de UarlebuKlie, vicariiim lic ItalUchadut, 
unacum qutbtiitdfiui i-Apituliif, d« craaicia 
llib«niiie: Inwptn amici Ihnomi 1408, nvia 
llenmiqiinTtijHuifiiiiqURKtiiniNqiumo.' Tltu 
llr*! imrl i* mninly " tranw-Tipl frum previotw 
ICngliEli writen tuiil AauUr-lrish miiiulUtu ; 
tliii lalli^r uid oiorv uriguul portioiu of the 
BDiub, HI uriutiMJ, cLiefly dwTwilh alGun of 
thu KndiitB o'ltlera tn Ireland. Excwpu in 
l^tin frutii ^Iiirlehuriiih'ii oomniUtion Mgin- 
rung in 19TS vnm puMinhnl bv ('nmilan iw 
* DMnripta " cbronirin munuscnptiii llcnrici 
ditHiurleburffh'<ltlU7). Archbinliop Uulivr 
Tftfoncd to llcnrr"* suunlti. Sir Jnmt-s Warir, 
mcli' lit' livliiri<).'f'.<l,, mill it. was reprinted at 

Uiibliii in iKK'iHto. MftHflbuvh S (Wth is 
rwiinli'iJ ill tW "Id'ibitiiftiy ofUieconKiWjni- 
unilHr dnii' of 1'.' Mn^, but without mtrntion 
of til" j-nar. MiinuiCTipl copicii of Mnrle- 
bnrgh'ii lumiilii Kn> i^xtuiil iu thu KodlfiiLii 
(cxccrplsby Wui^iii M^LltawliuBOu, lt.-187), 
ItrilLili MiiiHTUui (US. Cott. Vttelliu», E. v. 
iy"|. BUtt ill tli<? librory of Trinity Cullpfr*', 
Angfl. et lUb.*) 

Ipjiienl ItolU. Phnncwy, Irelnnd, Ricb&cd II, 
Utary IV.khA llfiiiry V; Dn Scrijiluriliii* ili- 
bcrniic. lUSti: Uisioricnl VH'mrf. br Nirlio1*un, 
i;a^; Wrilon. of Iralanil, IT<«; MuHypoli^y 
of Clirml (liUKh. Dublili. 1B«4 ; Unahdr"* Worlu, 
IMS.) J. T. G, 

HENB V ilii- >t iKimiKL. or Buxu Hakry 
or H*ii* (J*. U70 UM), Scntlinh |K»t, wiu 
aulbornf npciitm on Willium Wulliu-n [i|- v.], 
fbrTiuiatcly nn-j^i-rtcd in n cumpk-tc miuiu- 
DCript (duiiii IIW<)t)o«- in tlit^ Advoout^a' 
liibroiy, E<liiiburgli. Tlia copyist wa« John 
Itiuni>ByofL(><;)iitinl"tii>-, inlliopuithof Kil- 
nmnyiii Fiftiftbirc- Thi" hiograpliical fncU of 
H'-nry'd life niv only known froiD a briirf 
iii'-iicr-in John Mnjor'a hintory {\ti2\), nnd 
a r-w ontri«i in the ' AiwountJt of tin- Lord 
Hixh Troinurpr ' ( MlKI-a). Major sUlm ihut 
'Il'inn', II mull bliiid from lilo birili, uoin- 
pim-d llii- w'hul* book of WiUinni Wnllnce 
in ilii- lini« of my infnnry, mid wiUi'Mi'd tlip 
popiiliir triiililion' in a poom In llii^ viilgnr 
tnnoiii', in wbic-h bn w«« nkillftJ.' Itn add*, 
in thi- i|'irit of u rritical biMoriiin: "I ppuillt 
■urh wntinir-onlr inpBrl,bntlliepoirt byrir- 
fowl and I'lutliinf;, of which he waa worthy.' 
Ah Juliu Major [ij. v.] died in old age in IMO- 

I5fi0,hi» infancy truatdfalt within Uia pOTiod 
bptwo«n 1470 and 1480, or ptuviblr a liitJa 
carUur. The utatararnl of liticbaoaa, in the 
b^nent of hia own life, that Major wiia in 
eiDtme old tn as itirly an 1 •''H ii not OOb- 
■iatent with the kouvn fa«ta oS Major's Uib, 
The ' Treatnirpr'ii Acvounta' firt>1 rvfer to 
Blind IIarT7 on 3« April 1400, nhi-n ha 
Tooeivod 1K(. l.y Tlii>kin^f>coiDinaBdat Stir- 
lins. ijiinilar paya»mti> wprvniade OU I Jon. 
and 14 Sept. 14&l,cndiii^ wilhonaenSJaa. 
U92 at Iiioiitlifcov. His ia the bit men- 
tion of his nami', and. na Janrn IV nsuallj 
continued till thuirdtatha the aoniul paj- 
menia lo tlie niinMr»bi who attended hia 
rourt, it i* probable ibo poet died b«fara 
Janunry 14&,t. H>> in mraitioned bf William 
Uiuibnr in ibn 'Lament for tho MaJiaria' 
■Jouftn'itbSiuidyl'TBill.uithflt hcmusthava 
bei'u di-sd whvu that puctu wan wriltvO in 
I'lUT or l-'rOH. Uiii uim jKMin waa probably 
cooipa«ed iti the rei^i of Jauei III, aa it waa 
InuiMribed bv Ramxny in the T««r when 
JamM «u li^IWd ni Saiirhi<< (U JuI/1488). 
ThepoainHialmiii hiiownprnnnatilarloH^ 
and mil}- Gavn diciutcd it to thu trameribnr. 
llii vivid deapriritionn hovo ln.«n thotigbl by 
nome inoompiitililo with total hlindnrat. bit 
Majiir'H Blatemi-nt. till' Ixiat evidc^nce DO the 

Eoinc, woiildbecanllRnedbyhisufeinganoihcr 
and To writ« his poem. Ilis siiTname is ua- 
knnwii, having tixen ■■rlipMd by th<> familinr 
Unrry, proving him, likn Sandy Traill, DoTy 
Lindaay, and otl;rr Scolti»h pacts, to bare 
becoa popular favimrilc in liiahfH.tmc. Ha 

fiTobably lM.Oou),-«(l lu Loiiiino, for oihenrite 
le would not liiivi* been known lo U^or in hia 
infancy, which waB pna><'d in thr ni-ighboiir- 
hood of North BrM-if k. 'fhn dial'<ci of hia 
Tvnoia i> ibat of Lrtihinn, tbi- bc*t Scotch of 
that poririd, w-birli bad bcm adopted bv the 
court und cultivBtr-d by corlit-r poets. There 
is littleorpirnonal alluitionin t hi.' {Xiem, which 
ieenlirely devolvdtolhe dwrription of Wal- 
lace, but a few infer«ncea aeem legitimate. 

From the line* 

For my Iniilioiir ne mnn hiwht. mo Toward. 

No oltiir]i« I hiid -J king ur olhsr lord 

(bk. xi. I. trUl, be apncan to linve com- 
posed thu poem before lie begun to reoeive 
FTTutuiiiM or i>eo^aiis either from the nobl«s 
or i]w Wiag, 

llie ft»nii«nt raCerencefl to bi« 'Autor' ar« 
pxplainni by tbr linM! 

Eftyr the Pniff aetyo fm tho iBtio Buk. 
Qiibllk Maii>r.(<i' Bl.HT in Li* iitdb utulacink. 

,1ahn lllair (q. v.] wna a chaplain of Wallace; 
Sir Tbomaa Omy, paraon of Liberton, nnd 
tttlled bv llarTT'prienl to Wallace,' waa also 
among liia autioritiet. Beth were oontemr 





poniiMof WaIIbcu (bit. xi. I. I4S4). An- 
dicir ^^'ynI01lIl alludM to manT book* on 
Wallace hiiriii)r bMtti wKll^n boforp Iiih time, 
«U now uiifoTi unnti'lT In^t.iiul nuir'* wm 
ilotibUeM OHO i)f thfm. ItiiliDp Siiielnir of 
I>iiiikii!(l, vhUr^ < Itnicp'* l>>>iho|i,' obiAuird 
John [lUir'i Ijitin bunk, m^'rintiu^ to Blind 
JiBrry.wilh u viuw ofiMTntlirLj' it t»(he|iopi% 
flin<l rontirmnl lliv Initliof i<acoii(<.-i]t8(bll.3li. 
1.H17I. ! 

Tb" jKH'i HpolopwH tor (!viiM(iii]i on one 
point iVriiu lllftir (hk. xi. I. I-Ui^^ and ihn 
T«>d«r it ■•■mihir tbroUiitiont iliiit tlif pmrt 
it tranitniinti ntthrr tlinn iirodui'ini; uriiriiia) 
■nollpr Wliile be inodtwtiv slvlw bin work 
n'Jtunil Drl'|i.«.poinn)iintl bimni-lfii'Run?! 
au/oreoiiul ryman , he wha fs r f n 'm i 1 1 i ti.'nit e. 
BnUee a knnirlfdm of lAtiii W tiuivii n>i 
M!(|ii>>inianct> with uinhialnririil mniniicf* itl 
TVoY, Alrii:uniW iho (inMt nnd Arthur, and 
wiitthp lit ronoiuy ">f hilt timi'. Il« n\*n hiu 
a viTV [irrriti- kntiwIi^tKi.' of Scoiiiah topo- 

Sphj. ill- probably luiil bwn Fdurii>i.>d in 
Mhool of wine iu>>iiiM1i>TV. Hrni aimrt 
from faiM bliiidni'w, wbirh iiiukcu. liia ptH-m u 
Wondnrfiil effort nf m'-nir-.rv, it in ini]Hw<iljli> 
tA »»»(Tp[ Mr. 'IVllfir'n ilrsprijitinn of him an 
'»li ignomnt man, who wm yel iji f iHiisuinn 
of kuihirnlic and vnlunbic mntprinli* (AVvif- 
titA H'ortliiet. iii. 'JSii). So doubt hv ndinA 
be poMwgwd. But ibe inulitioii of iivarly 
two eenlnrJM ntiut bnT*- nlr»a(l,v '■unnndeil 
Bliur'* nnrmtivn. Thi- tato ihni th<i RnKti'h 
qucpti f«]l in lovn with X'i'nlhicr ni\<l of bio 
conflict with n lion in Fninfr nr.- ■■x^inph's 
of •neb ■dditiim^. Tbu biiiliirii'iil mviiracy 
of ihe poem haa been im|iugni^ bjr Iviril 
HaUee and ollitr*, yel nn *om« uoiute it h«« 
bcid corrohoratml br ri>onril« or nistone« Ah- 
covarad or publi«hnl Mncn it waa writim.n* 
bw. *«rl of March ^q, v. '. ut tin- «<■(;■• of llr-r- 
wlcki ibv nnrrntire orTlu> taking of Iltinbnr, 
*B)I t^ Tint of Wallace to Fmncp. On tbi? 
otlier hand the chronology ia ofl^i impoe- 
■iblek Hixtoriralkno'wtfid^of Wallnc^apan 
from Blind Hnrrr, ia limited in ibn pi>riod 
from lb" ■prinn of 1^7, when hi' ali-w 
II«n<lrij;ir. abnriff of Ayr. tn ihi) batti* of 
Falkirk <in i2 July 1^**, with n f.-w inci- 
alroU otf the pm-illa n-ar he eiirried on after 
his retnm tmra l''ranp", hi« bvtn^al by Mvn- 
Icitli. ■&! htN i-xw-iitioii at I^mW in ISOli. i 
Bill Itlind Harry i-rowda tho early life nthh i 
hcrowilbdrnlinf darinffotbrm-ianimkiinirn, j 
lb<iuirh i' i»iiBpoit>ibli!to jov llul ihi-y anratl 
nnaniliMn'ie. lie liiwrtH. howurpT, a battle 
nt tliKk'ar, wh>rre Wnltace i« tnadv t-i di-fnil 
Fdwanl b^f.-re the but (!■• of Stir) inc. itf ihi- 
tbere 1*00 irate in bi>>tiiry, and ICaward wn4 

not at tlutt time in Scotland. I'oMibly it is 
n«onfiifion with The battle of Koalin in 1303, 
hut (Iktv ia no proof that Wallaec wai pf»> 
mint nt ibnt bnttle. 

AI)niiit1i>';ioclIcmeTil«orilie poem opinion* 
have widi-ly diflVrpd, ■omo critic> pla^^inp it 
ubov.' ItaTboiir'a ' Ilnicp,' and oilicra IroaiinB 
il as chirfly valunMe for llio ardrni Invc o? 
liljerty it disfdnyn. If Blind llarry had 
II--II hi^'h jKK'iioul iiitli hf had 11 tii<>di-st. und 
■impli- atylf. aiul n milumi eliniii<^nce more 
trllinf; lui'niiap ii"VKr ovi'taimin-.-iJ. Like 
Itarbour, whii in ihia h« nrobniily followed, 
liifpoirm 1.1 nn early I'XatnploofThymiidhproia 
metre, and in ningubiriy fr™ from alliteralian. 
Tlift iiH'ett of it« uopularitv can mainv'lT bo 
overHU.liiniil.Ht, Scxt to the deBtls of tlicir 
hpmiu<ili'-]Hti<ii>« of Bnrbour anil Blind llnrry 
i?n-ut(<(l Heotiiah itaiinnnlity, mid «nread 
tbrnuKhallelnuFMiho «|>irit (U indi'pf'nilHnro. 

Tin- priiili^ledjliani of the poi-ni on Wnl- 
Inop nrv iii'ire numerous Ibnu of any other 
old Scottish book, Mr. II. l.jun|t menlionn 
in biapr«rnrf lo'noloerMand G*wun' kav- 
iii]I iwTi fnmniniila of on* pHnteil by Chep- 
man it .Uyltar, but thvM> an- not knoHti to 
fXiHt. 'ilif c-arlirat nxtont edition ia that 

iirinlqd by l.eliprevik at lhi-expc<li»'of It^nry 
.ijixtterin in l'>70. Charterii hiinu-1f rn> 
Iirintiul il in \'i'^ and IHOl, and .indro 
Urt in mil nn<] ltL>0. Thomas Find lay. 
Kon, on the HHiimplimi tli*l tliey had b«v«t 
\ong out of print, gn% an excluaiv* nriri- 
lept fortWMttvyntni t" print ■■Flic Wallnce/ 
iiloiig wiib'Tbe Book of KioR IbiU'n tho 
1 truce' and 'The Bonk of the ^<evi-n Snf[iw' 
( .irtt »/ /Vity CoMneil. ItilO-li). A printer 
in Aberdwn tuneil an edition in liiSO.aiKl tho 
local prrue* of IVrtli nnil .\yr piibliitbtd it in 
Iho followina rmiiiirv. Ijiiit ^litioiia am 
numerou*. Tht- inoifcm Scottiah T<tf(MB t>( 
I72:f, by William Hamilton of Gilbertfliild 
' q. T. \ though deHcribnl by Irvin;! aa nn 'in- 
juiliciiiKa and a n'-l'w work," wbb reprinted 
Ihinecn'l iH-caniemore familiar I bnn 
Idle orijiinnl. Of Ihiaedilion and arliaji-bijok 
' Life of llMiinibiil ■ Hunia uaya ■ tliey yri-rv 
the fir-l book* I ever md in priiate, and 

rice me more pleiuure than any two book* 
have rend *iiiee.' Tlie beet etfition of the 
itriginnl w»* till f><vtiily that of Dr. Jamie- 
■an, isai, bill n more accurate te*:t has been 
publiibedfor the Sentliab T(«l Sociely by 
Mr. Moir of Abertlocn, 18S5-6. 

[.^eeoiinla oftlw Lord lli|{h TiTa'un-T. H74- 
I 4Fi1i, ivroltlih Itaecmli ; Life«f Wnl Inn- by John 
Oiiri-^k. ISSO i Jarainaon'a Ptvfare to edition of 
Thr Wnllnte: A Critkal Stody of Blind Rwry, 
>JT -liUM* Moir. Abeidnn, 1888: Annala of 
^eritti'h Fvliuiiig. by DicfcMD and Ed*nii>C 




HKNBY or &*UTiun tjt. 1150) yn» m 
CbtMtnui monk ■! S«ltiy<y or S>ini«« ra 

HunlilU^OmlkUV. * )i<iubu fmindiil in l\M 
to* innnK* broii^titt trvai VX'nnliMi Atili^v. 
lie WW n ttinaA of Gilbert i>f l^ulh [a. v.], 
from whomi lwW«tittlif Hi.xynf (Iwalli-nMl ' 
d«M«nI at th» kiiiiflit (twni i.i |Hiri;iil«ry. ' 
Tki« tiory llenrr c»iamitl<Hl lo wntin^ in a 
itiirtmliv<> MvIih! ' IVitnliitiuiu r^nrii IV 
lnrii.'«n(l aiMmuol ilir tnaliw Wi Iliptirr. 
■ Alik«f <)<■ Sartis ' <i,u. of Wudon in Itri)- 
fi>nUtiir<>\. TIm> ' I'ut^ioriiim Swicti !'•• 
tricit' bfiniiU' l^\ln•IU41|y iMipulBr, aitd iiii- 
liKT'iUt manafcriiilH rxitt : il imu Mnbudi^ 
br Maidicw I'nrm in liis * ClimnKUi Mk)nn' 
(Idillji Sit), ii- llll'-l*U3, Tlirtvi-arly atvXri- 
nl trftlwlitiaiu miu h'rnnidi Km extaut ; iW 
Ant of UiMo, mada by Muiu dn Fmmm mtI^ 
In th» lliitt«MiUi nnluTy, i» ^nl«d mbob^ 
hnr |MWn»(«d.ltaqiwfun. vol.ii.l; ilm other 
iwra rMvioni vo iw«rif ■ cwiturr Utt-r, uid 
wre I'xiut in iBMiuanni <C«u. ^I8. Uomit. 
A. il'. f. St». mi lUrUy MS. lT.I. f. 191 &>- 
In Kiiiiliali litnn* KHt twi>t-or)uunii,uudi!r tb» 
■km" iif 'Owayiit- MilnT (1| in itin Am- 
fjkMil'H'k MS, Hi Kilintiiir)(li, wlitdi I* pro- 
btbly ■ tnin-laiioii ■>f itiio of tlis FtmicIivop- 
•ioiu, uiiii wu mlitnt by Tiiriiliull nml IjUng 
in tlifir riil1iic(i.-Ti <if nirly n-lij^oui pMima 
in IMitT imily lUirlv-iwn coum* print«cl); 
(«)Coii. Mii. c«l. A. n. f. eS, a &nM«itli- 
ci>ntiirv vrni'iii. IViini wliicli extnoU ■!« 
priiil-Hl It) Wrijilit'* -St. I'slriok^ Purgs- 
lory,' fn. iH-'H. Tim I.ntin original ia 
priliiiifln NBMin|{lwm>'l''lorilui[iainiiMuliD 
oiiiivlonim IlihrrniRs' I'^rM, 1W4, m. tU, 
\Q0; ill Criljlaii'ii 'Triiu 'niniimnlunril (llie 
woonil voliinii' <<f hi* ' .\cln SaiiotoriUD,* 
I/iuToiii. mi'}, Ap]!. vi. «il KTlii S. I'dtricii : 
wid in Miffiii''* ' I'ai rolryin.' I'Uxx. 074 cqq. 
A Fninnli vimiion wm nriniiul without <kla 
<irnAiDi>arpUn> in4ta, tut ]irol>nhly >l IVri* 
by Ji<itn 'IViiiimil : a HHwudiHlilion whioh vp- 
iM>«n<l >i l'iirii>,n.i).,HTu,wM[iwli«p« printed 

jiilirnlititiri* niiinvnid M IVU l&48,liKd at 

Uboim* |H1^, IVo manniicrinls at Itonw 
O'atkMUi H8. llarbrriTii i::u, II'. !-:») and 
na*)p(C< App.A, f.' I(ri>tirltm FifJ*ra, 
|>. :^.1) a<i-ribi. iko ■iillinrntiiii of ihn ■ I'lirKa- 
tarium' toUilbnrtor l.nutli, but tlii>a|>pi«tx 
to b(< due >n a miwinpCKhMUDOn. Ilie aiate- 
flH^it of [tttln and IMii tlial IIphtt alxi wroie 
ftl)ook,*l>» pcmt* puTgatorii,' imraaeoue, 
M tliv i01i^[M openinfi wonU nbuw. 

fBale.ii. 77; I^MpSOS. TaiiofrVBiU BriL- 
Hib, p. SOT ; Vi«i!h'» KM Ci»l, Deony. 16»T ; 
Mlirnf'> Pruralti)ria, dszx. col, PTUi : Wright's 
Hlfljl, »ril. UOl. Ml ; Wrifihi'. Si, FWriilc'a 
FiU!KaU<TT : OmMMfi'i Trraor M LiTTt*, t. &I I ; 
BniDrfl'* fflnnacldu Libnira.tT. 990.] C. L. K. 

leholat and phyvdan, hnen in iKihlia on 
l:t Dec. I79K, «ra« the rlAm mu ot Itobrrt 
llcnryiwauUmdrapn-, Ci>l!>v' < ' rr«u, 
by hu vife Katlivrine Utirin, wbov 
name wbj> Kld«r. He «iai Mlucated 
HalKiii. a lUiiUTian, and by Mr. 
liun-Di-s. uid uroetmditti to Thiiily CoUif*, 
Dublin, whi^tv n«bec>iHo (rlioUr. I(tl7: cU^ 
tiraU->Umeilalli«t. leitj; )t.A.I(«l1l: SLA. 
and M.n. lUSi; M.D. NoT«fDb<r lo32. Hia 
iutorai(«LI«ff«itasDr.Moon«T. l^nicnnaUi* 
mnliral pro^-wjon, llonrj* oblBiiip>l a uagt 

Eraclkw M* a [diyiuFuii iu Dublin, ia fpil* of 
is un(ionvi!nt>nnal irayi nod ivlig'ious Kn^ 
tirian. Itr Kiuollun cn^fngn) io prorpwiMnaJ 
contra venioL lie aaid no dootor'a gpinion 
was von b a EviiMa. md onlj charged a fii-»- 
ehUttii)( fpe, wtikh bad lo Iw n*d in ulirer, 
a< he wnvbl not cacry about eliangie for gold. 
lie nadd DO rtinrp- tar niedicin«a, and n>p( 
anapnUwMrynt lU</.ar<'arioj>;f^)iLr«UiMil- 
lle ^Te ap bin I'rofi-iiiian in 1A45, bating 
ai^qtiiri-d ■otnc foniuie in addition to a lajga 
Umft. Ilenrr be^an tbn aMioui iitudj of 
VupTa'^neKl' about 1)^1. Wh^iBbf^of 
vl«r»a h» liad bou|[ht a Viri-il fuf half-«- 
rrovm, antl tbi« r«]ir he long after carried 
about in hi> left-hand brnaft pockM. Vtom 
IMl the itudv at Virifit bncatae tha abaorb- 
tag ohi«c4 of Eiii U&. About 1^0 bo bc«u 
to nlk ibroueb Europv wisb hia vife and 
bb dau^itw, Katberin« Oliiiu. making Vir- 
ciliaB natATclMa. Hi!' wifi' di<>d at Aico, 
Tyto\, but be conlinuM ro Irarcj vritli ki* 
daufiblor, who bad laativ like luv &ihor, 
and wbu aniirted bim with doTOtian in col- 
Latii<ttnndotberUtcnrylnboiir>. Ilitvinui- 
det«d on fool through all parts of boiofo, 
hunting for masiuedprB ami rare ediUOM 
of Viipt. Tlier naited tli« librarica ot Drw- 
don, lonn-nco, l]eid«lb«fg. Legfaorm ftc^aad 
iTONwd the Alp* ««*MiiaM limasaomatiBiM 
in toow. In NoTMulMr IStt llatuyud tua 
dln)fhl«r leh Italy for Draaden,lMnn|rma& 
their laai roUaiio'n of tbv Vatican atid 1,au- 
rentian USiS. The daughter (bom 2U Nor. 
1890) died auddenly on 7 D«c 1H7^ in rbo 
icr^al gripf of ber ntlieir, wbo spent tli« Uat 
fi-w r>«ni of lua life ia Dublin, chi^Q^worio 
iog at Vifgil in (br library of Trinity Col- 
leKv. Ilciirv di*d nl tho n>icl«nco of bia 
broltior, l)nll(<«E' l<odK(>, Ualkcy.iwar Dublin, 
on 14 July IH76. Iliihrnlih wiu unimpaired 
till he liad a »troki?'>r]iaralvHts ihn* montha 
beforvhitdcatli. In bu codlii wutw d«poalt«d 
the BiliN of bia wib, whoav body n» had 
htvn CMDpelled,Bgainat bit wUb, to omnaca 
in thfl Tj?Tol. 

Tbeti> i> an mimiTvid portrait of Ilonrriii 
Itia' I'ootna, chiefly pluIoao|ihica]' (DrtaoMi, 






18W). 1lis*lanj[wluicli)clnuii] hisiMMne- 
irbU flmUMicdreHt . . . vrerViMimUiii^il witli 
gnu biMUljr Kiwi vivacity of <X)un limn nee, 
ftnd It rare g«niiililj ftixl vipoiir nf (liwoiirn;, 
Tbnv ifiui d mrimii> combinalliui nf riiilnluw 
and kindnrx* . . .of BrvKriiy nnd •oflnoH in 
him.' lli-tirymmrricdiBbout 1><^I,Aiiii«Jbiic 
T^iey had Iwodmi^'lilcnt wliuillvd in iiir»iicy. 
KatDeriiM Oliiin buh IIi« lliird. 

A* a Virftilun Miramenlitiar iloiii'y viu. 
acut4>, oiri^^nl, nnd profimndly lalMtTii>iu>. 
0<»iing1<iBf IrnfiV, it, }i, \iii,4tli ■■(lit. t.itnioiitl 
otbnr •ebaknt, iiml*o> hiiu liijibly, nod t'tv- 
quvnllr quotm iiu iiolw. llniTj pxamiiwd 
CT«I7 VirgilianuuBUMriMof auyimpurlaiici.-. 
attd cuoe to bellpvv in (be good prtaervitti'm 
of the l«sl, obj>^inK <o ODiandationt^ lip 
prinli>d nriTal<itv' at iln«idrn in IMK, Rro, 
in the fint nix book* of tlio Kncis,' and in 
167^ roLi.tpt.L), London, of hill' jittu-'idca' 
(cntieaJ, ex«^Mic(j. and awltitiical KmaTkii 
on Ibo *Xne»ii,' with t mllalion of all (lit 
nrinripnl editions, ftc.) Vol. i. (ootitinued), 
Dablin, Mi'J, and vol. ii. D>iblin. WH Bad 
18'1>, WITT jiublUbod bv hio liKitiiry r<iii>> 
euior, I'mfiMwr J. V. Ilavi«>. llen^ bad 
l«n hii rcfnarkable cmuiK^lary cnnplrU- in 
inaiiuiicri|i(,aiul tberviuuiniiig portioii is nuw 
■B courw of publication by I'rufi-ewir raluiCT 
and >Ir. Fitrs^ir, follovr^ of Trinity C'cUfge. 
Dubtia. Nearly all Hi-nn-V writinn iterv 
privatailypniilcd. Ilir romjHuv'd miicli itrrte 
— ^onMiofitdutinctlyorifriiul— and wrnt ihi' 
uUiov of T*ri<)Us rixnnxuitljr writu-ti piiii- 
pUeU, of whicli (be moat bnlLinnt in-Siric- 
tORaoa (be Autofaiompfaf of Dr. Cbuj^ne' 
[ne Chbthr, JomJ, In which he atMila ihu 
'fluhiooBblejihysinans'of bi« day. Among 
bia otli*r writing:* mnybxin'-iitlonQd: 'The 
Entu, boofca i. anid ii., ivndirrcfl into Kngliah 
blank lanbic,' l»Mfi, 8ro; 'Milinria araur*' 
tiiMilaaeripU'n>ubliii, l(<Ki>].8vo; •l^>nlla, 
oUbIIt pbfflO0CFp)iioal, i» mntinua(ioa of mr 
BooknBB3]aiul A If alf-vMr'i Po«ni» ' [ IHUVI ]. 
OnadM. In5&.8to: 'TKnIin pHUmita. a font 
joanwjF froni OaTl«rulM> to lliiAmn<%' (verwl, 
I)raidMi,1)l&0,^vo; ■ Unrip- Windfiill«'(f»««e 
and vcim), UuMin, KUili^vi. |Sv nlio tli« 
liat of bi* vorbn in the Amdrmu, M Anfc. 
187W, p. ItB. and Brit. M«: ^.^al^ 
[OHhuiry in the Aaidraoy. Vl Aug. IS7G, 

K. IS3, IM. \n PvoCBMnr J. P. .MnliAlTy : in- 
vtalloa kiadfy laprtlad l>y I>t. Hnrj't rrln- 
tiTa. Hiu Kmily >ulon*, from berown know- 
Mgv. and from thai of friroila and tsloiiuii*: 
HftirjV \Vork.; Brii. Mm. Cut.] W. W. 

HEXBY, M.\TTnKW(ie8iH714>,noi»- 
confonnial ilirini* and ooinin<>niBtor, nocoud 
aon of I'bilip llcai; [q. T.j,wna bom piama- 

tunl; mi IS I lot. Jim:; at llrasd Oak, in the 
dtnpolry of Isi-oyd. l-'lintBhirv. A» a chiJd 
be wa* sickly, bat ■onl<^wtlUI prccocioux in 
Ii-arnin(f. lliklini iMlorwasWilliamTuniiT: 
but bi- nwod mo«t of bii> varXr education to 
bis father. On 21 July ]•(»(> \i(- t-nlt-n-il the 
nrndtniy oTTbomoi Dnnliiilt' '"ij, v.j, tl»n at 
laliiigloo, and r«ii>ai ntd thora tiU Iti^. Ifu 
aUOei. ltttKS,*faoTttj after hi* comluK of nge, 
be onleml on the estate of Btoninnlon, 
Plinubiiv. inb«Tit«d from Ltanivl Ustlhewa, 
bi* mai^mal grandfathtr, i>a the adrict of 
Kowkiul Hunt nf ltor>^lton, Shroiwhirt-. bu 
bi^(BD to (tndy law, and wa* adiuitti<(l si 
Gray'i Inn on ti Mn^ lets'i. In June I6«tl ho 
bfyantij pri'aoh in bin (atlipr'H uriirbbouHiood. 
Btisini-ie (uok liim in (.'boaivr in Jnnunry 
16A7. Wbib^ ibiira In- prvaubcd in privuto 
bnuwf, and waa a&hed to aettle as a tninuitpr. 
Ili> gaTT a conditional aasonl. and r^turiMd 
to fimy'i Inn. On fl Uay Ui87 bi> wn* yn- 
vAielr ordainn] in lyindon by *ix mini*- 
t«r» Bt thp boiuo of Itiebonl Stui.-I. lli-nnr 
bf^^nii binniiniatrrat C'li»lT:roii :! Jutiu Itwf. 
In a fuw yean bi* ooconiuuii-anU uumlwred 
2Sa In Ssptombor 1087 Jamot U TtHted 
(;hii«(M, whu tha nanconfonuitfa prMent«d 
an addrcHof thanlo ' forllwraao and libnrly 
tUfj thpii mjoycd under liia trnxcction,' A 
newcbarlLT wnn )^nl(>d lo ilii- cily <lho old 
out- bavin).' bn-nsurrundercdiu lOKlf.f^viug 
povrrr lo tli« cron'n to diirpUce and appuint 
iniiKiitlr«tJ«>. AImui Augtiat lU8t) lleiiiy wu 
applied lo bj ilir kiiig^ nimwengar to nomi- 
nttto mofiKUalca. (la diiGlinMl to do (o. 
Tbe new charter -wAt cftncollad by aoobbn, 
in wbicb (linnani<« of all tbopraminBiitnan* 
oonformiiits were plncwt upon tbe rotpon^ 
tton. Tb«y rrfiiMHl to mtic, anct demanded 
tUa rtHtluralion of ihu urigiual disrto', irbidi 
waa at Uii^b obtained. 

A ineetin(F-haiw)> waa ctvctad for Ilaniy 
in Crook L«ne (now caUe<l C'rook SlraatJ. 
It <in* bfftunin SqvtFmliLT lB9U,andoipennl 
uti 8 Aug, ITOU. In I'Ult d gnllerr wbi 
vrectftl fiir ibc BC4M)moiO(latioii of anulher 
mnfT»)(ation wbirli united witli Ili^iiry'a. 
Thn oonmnDioniiia now tnw to SAO. lu iul- 
ditioB to hill congn-untionnl work | including 
a weekly b«IUTL-) be held motitlily ■ertiooa 
at five neiRbbourinff villogt*. and regolarlj 
preached M i be priaonura in tbeoaail*. lie 
was an enuricvtio member of the C'b«»hire 
meeting or luiiicil miniMiTr. I<>iinded at 
Mncclmtiuld in Marrb ItiDI, nn tbe boMt of 
tb* London * happy union.' He found timo 
also tot bi» laboun as a commentator, which 
originated in hia (ystrai of expiuitnry pctocb- 
inf. tlia uudy *rnaa two-aloreyed ranune^ 
bnn*f, Rlill Ualuliilfr, to the rear of bin nr- 
iddnico in IIoIUikI Court, Whii« Frion, 




Chnttf. llvdiwlineil oTMtnm from Loudon 
COnniNnitiflDM nt ilnckuny luid KalK're' Hull 
in fOra Biiil 170^ tyapvctii «ly, fn>in Mnn- 
duwtCT in ITOii, and Trum Silver Strort luid 
Old Jewiy, LoudoD. in I7U8, tn I7IU lio 
waa again iavitud to llackiK.7, und Mgnwd 
to nmove, thuuuh luil at. oiici^. Uii 3 June 
1711 he was in London, Wtn^ tin- tint, suun- 
nont day on whidi ha hml Ixfiii •Iwf-m truta 
Chalet ktr twratj-fbar yniirt. Ihinicl Wil- 
liania, IKV., vtbasr will U (UIimI 'JQ Jiuiii 
I7II1 named bim fti uncr uf thu nriKinal 
IruHleud of liiB i^Jiii'aliuuul rciuudulion*, but 
Li'diduut iturvivi?luvuti<T on tlii^ trust. Ilv 

rrvached \ua furcw^l! gemioti h\ Cluiitet ou 
1 Mny 1712, His niiiiiilrv iii Mnro Stri'i-t, 
Hac-hni:;*, bi'tfun nii lr( Mny 171l'. la Muy 
1714 lie revijitM tlwiJiirp. Hr ditd of npo- 
pliuty nl Nntilwicli. iii iho Iiuuk of ihii 
nouconfonnial uiiDinli-r, Joaupli MiilUtrftlii^ul 
[(|. \.\ on ^'/ JuuH IT 14, nuiI wax buricid in 
till! [-Iiunoi-I iif Triiiitv Church, Cli<<Bter, iliu 
funiTat Ijt^intc iiliiMidi'd liy <<ighl of ili« cilj 
cli'ivy. I'lincnil m'nnoni" wrro pn^ched M 
("hiuii-r by IVirr Wilhiiioton ond John 
<UnlucTr; in I«ti<loii by thitiii4 WilHamx, 
Willium Tun)-, liinuc llattu, uiid John Key- 
nolds; tli^ IhbI four wi<rv ii((btli>lit.'d. Aftvr 
hiadmitliluA Muckiieycongr«).'»lioii(v|iara1.t<J 
inlotwo. H«nmrri»d, flr*(,(iii llUiily ltt87, 
KitlJiertn<t, only dnuahlnr of ^inuid Hiu-d- 
wnrn nf IlroinbiinmKU, C'hethin; «ho diixl in 
rhildln-dmi 11 l-Vb. 1080,iiB«d 2fi, loavinau 
MHTyiiluiigbtt-rul' ItoWrl Warburlon ofilef- 
by liar li* hud nnn *rm, I'hilip (4, 1700, who 
tonk tlip numi- rif Wurbuplon, was ,M.l', for 
Chi-"ti)r fnim I't:^, mxl dit-d uiiiniirTied on 
10 Au^. 1700), and .tigfit diiuh-blftii.tbny of 
wbon died in iiifuucy. llitdauKhli.-r Kdliifr 
{(. 1604) VIM niothi.'r of tlliarlm Dulkk'r 
fi^. v.] Ilfiin'* poTlnit iaiu Dr. Williamsa 
LiliMrr, Honlon Sifunrt-, iKwdnn, and wa« 
vaitcmvfld liy .1. Jriik^n* (lt*JK|: lh»i<npiiring 
by\'f^in' U fiviiii II prD-nud-ink *IidIcu, tnllni 
■I niitiipnl-.i'ii lu'Iind bccomi- 1 mrcorpiilunt. 
Ilia w.-rviiT« lo rvlinlLiii have bMD ooknow* 
Inll^ol '111 111) liundni ' i he vi-ry ohimhinm 
Vrv« hiiti,' n'ritm 'John Diint-in. A imblic 
in < t.crftf . 

ir.'j-v'. ' r\^iiion of lliinOld and Nnw 
1 I'll for iirBClicnl iirm has ant 

1 i, WHS b«giin in Xovmnber 

ITt^l. i'Ue Unl lolanw was pubtithwl iii 
IT<W. fnl. ; i^rt mid four ol.h^r vi>litmt<*, 
' o thi> ••ltd of the Kn«p«lii. 

11 txlilioQ in 1710, fo). 
"lull. I lit !i" oomnlMrd iho ApU 

T III ' iihI ni.llli toliuno After bis 

deiklii U19 Kni«tloa nnd [t«veIaiion trero pr^ 
pored by tnirtocn RonconfnrmJal divinai, 
whoaenamviiMn^virn by John Evium (1787- 
la^) [<|, v.l in tlip 'ProtMtnDt UiBaeDUO^ 
Maroziue,' l<!n', p. 471*, from a mninomidiua 
by Iwao Watts. The eomplaM edition of 
1811, 4io, 6 vola., oditrd by Qtta^ Bindar 
[l- t] Aiid .luhu llughea, ha« addttianBl 
niRtt.^ fnun Hi?nry"» nwanacripta. Honrr'a 
' Knicuilinn' Iiiih nf>«n boen abridged; we 
sdiiion of G. Smkr'n, IrtBl-Ji, vola. ftva, 
nim bines with it thi.> f!lrongorCnlTinifincot>- 
t.Hiii>-f)inihi.'iioti>jiafTliiMaaa Scott. Antotw 
hisuthi^; l.'A- 
Hrii'f Inquiry into . . . Scbjam,' kc, 168^ 
Hvo(iinnii.^:"rT'print4.'d, 1490, 8ro, 1717. Svo. 
■2. • Mpraoim of . . . Philip llrtiry.'4o., IfllW, 
Bvft. a • .\ Srripiii«> ('iit«'^hi4ia,' 4c,, 1703, 
4. • Pnmik ll^-iiin-,' Ac. 1702,8m, 5. 'A 
Plain Cwti-cbi"™.' ic. 1703, Sm. 8. 'Tbo 
Couimuuir^ant't Companion,' kc^ 1704, 8»a. 
7. • Four l>iwnur»«>, Ac. 1705. Svo. 8. 'A. 
Mplh'xirorPniyiT.'&c,, 1710,aro; repriiitt*!, 
I7«l. I-Jmo; IMinb.. 1818, iL'mo. 9. 'Dirse- 
liona for nailv Communion,' Ac, 171^, $vo. 
10. 'A Short Account of tlie Life . . . ofLien- 
tvnnnt Illid^.'&c, 1714, I2nio (anon.) Hit 
'Works' worn «iU«t«d, I72fl, fol.; *Mis- 
o-^llnuwiuB Writings,' IS09, 4lo, wptp edited 
hy 8amuul I'vliiirr and n.'-«ditH]. \'*S0, 8to, 
by Sir J. It, Williams, n-ith ailditiunal mt- 
mons from miiiiiiflerijit*. 

iPmii'Kil ft'i-nimi* tij ^Vitliama. Tonp. Bitt«^, 
fUynulds, 1714: Tong's AenrntktorthcLifr, 
lie., 17 Ifi; Piilni.T'" Memoir, nroflxvd to MikhiI- 
UuKoiis Writing*; Mvmoir*, by Sir J. B, Wil- 
lUni-, 1818 (raluaMo for its an of Hritry'A 
clisriM] , OrineriKl't. ChMbita. 181B, ii. HJ iq.; 
IjwTeup»"« ItMfMnlii(H> of Pliilip Hsnry, 18i4 ; 
tlrwii-k'n Nauru iiiroimilyiaOhnihir*, 1S«,pp.30 
iv}.. MOnq,-. N'lnmiifarmisl II(i(;isl(T(Hrj^irtia<rs 
sod Diduiuan'al. IHSl. p. U44; Lot's l>isriM 
unil Ltiign <>( Philip HuBry, 1682: Jeramy*! 
Prr*)'yii>riHn Hand. 1885, p. loa.j A. O. 

intNRY, PHILir ( Ift-H-iaoa), noncon- 
formist divin'- Mild dinrist.olitntson of John 
Hcnrjr. kii-pT of tbi; orp-hard at Whitehall, 
wad born nt Wbitvbnil on it Aag. }6S\. 
lliafatlipT, vm of Ht'urr Williams, was linm 
at Briton Ktrrry, niiiitN(i.''in>hiii-. on lO.luly 
inno, and 'took hi» fathur's Chrisl«D-nune 
for his Sir-nomci. aftvr tli» Wdak moBiMri' 
bra row to be [>ng» nf tbi> haekatairs to tfaa 
Uuliu of York, nhd was burii-d ni St. Mar- 
piToi's. Wmiminsier. on 'J Msrch ltio'2. Ilia 
mothi-r, Mn^ali-li, dniiKhlvrnfllFtiTy llooh- 
dal«, was Impli-eil al St. Uartin's-iii-thn- 
V'kUU on 19 (Int. IA99, and diedon 6 March 
1Str>. Pliiliji lli-rlMTt, foxjtb «iiH of Pem- 
broke [(|. v.), in whoso t^irvicw his fatiier bad 
bcun, WBshii tcodfaihiT. As a child ho waa 

plavuftU to Lbe priiicM CliKrlw luid Jaoim, 
kiid kept to lusdruig dny abook givon him bj 
tbe latter. ArcliliUliop Luud look nntii'c of 
hin for bia trodinnu in oponiiig tlic wat«i^ 
gUA wben L»ud 'came latu from aouneit' lu 
craw to LunbetU. UurulhoriookhiiDloBM 
Loud in priMBi wlim the ATchbiAbup ' gni-e bim 
•oma now tnonej'.' Aftnr preliininarjr ne-hool- 
inr hewwatliiiiitvd ill Iiu:ti<i WoMmiimii-r 
Sdioot, aD(t bocnao » tovourita pupil of Hi* 
cban) Bimh^ [q. v.], who trealocl bitn vi^^ 
kindly, ilia mother, • nuilous puritau, gut 
ban for bim to nttcoid tliu pari}- lecture kt 
WMtmiaBier Abbejr.bui lo Du»tiy'sdiligVDce 
Id ptvfMriiu; him lor lhr> cotuniunioii bn ■»• 
cribM hi* ^finit* Bdoption of a ndiaioun lifo 
on ' April 14 (nr ynr. nbouU) l&t7. In tbi- 
mciun'of lliiiibyitiilu-hiill iif Cbrinl Church, 
Oxford, llcnrj w iiilroduct-d by hin nidi; (iii 
the'OaUluKiuof tbi^Fir^t lvi:b'ibitioii of Nn- 
tional Portrait^,' l>:>l)ti, Nu, ;ii:j, rile younger 
figure is Mid to bo Msi.i lie'W Elenry). 

in Mitj Itl47 lltniry u-iu vlw1«id to it 
atodeBMhip at 1.7hri*t Obiirrh, Onfonl. ruid 
went into miidcDco on l'> IIih:. He nun cd- 
mitUdaluiteotou -Ji yUrvh llMt*, jiiol before 
the pu'Uami.-nlarr vi'<iltitit>ti, u'hii'b lo his 
rcffTei tviDoved UiiiterW'-o<l. hi- tutor, «ub- 
atitaiiag William l'iiim<irt<(afii<ru-Rrtl0arcb- 
d«acon of Cbix^er), ' n porwn nbln ■■nouKb, 
bat not williiiK*' Whilii at liomir on Ivavu 
!it JaitiiAiT 1)149 he haw dutrlM 1, wbv 
' went bv imr doot ou fotii vaeti dar ' lo lua 
trial, 's oiici- he« «paki< to my biher ft 
Myd Art thou alive yet I ' Of CharWa aio- 
eutioa ho ipvw ilin invphic acconnt of m eor- 
rowtBg eye-witiM««. }(■> graduated It.A. in 
1649*ndM.A. on lOIW. IMS. Ilii>&lhi>r* 
d«Mh loft thi! familv in fcmnt Mmita, whii^b 
wsrs relivritd by tuo oecMdional bouiiiy of 

Ileiiiy pn«cbMl hia fint M-rmuii at 8oulb 
llitikstv. '>xfyr>Uhirp, mi OJan. 1663. On 
tlie iutrmliK'.i'iu of I''mii««8 Palmar, nlWr- 
warda profeMor of monil philoaophy, hn wm 
«ng«fiM(!nSvpt.)br Jnbn Pul«aloai,ju*tici> 
of tliH common plvo*. m tutor to bin mids nt 
Kmml, Fliat«lurv,and prvnrlier bI Wurtbf ii- 
biiry(*bapp|, in the pnmh of Banip>^-iB-<0«d, 
•allll^ couiily, In yiM he waa with bis 
popiU at Oxford ; fruni I69ft hm wa» oon- 
•tanily at Wonbi-nbuty. The rector of 
Banvor wu Ilvory RridgnmBa [a. v.\ but 
the living bad band oecjuaitcrM in tlUBi. 
Hobart Vogg, ibn pAiliameniary incumbtot, 
patifiaaaTOt(l'IS?pl. IiiriT)at.'aiiutTIriiry'ii 
OidiiMtloin aa miiiiMer of \V<ir(lH^nburv, but 
afUrwardu witlidrew it. Acvoidingly.h'aviiw 
undergDne a lencthv but rnlliiT nupnTllciil 
■nmiiLatian br (be rourth Slimfiitiin! clama 
(cMutbituted by parliament, A|iTil ltU7), lie 

wni<ordaine<l withHvi^utJiMwat PrMs,>Shrun- 
aliirv, on 16 Sept, l(t.'i7. No tnciition ia miMe 
of lux iiub9crII>inK ihi' ' litaein- nn<l ri>vi>naut,' 
as ordr-Ti-d byparliami^at; licmndpntimngly 
Calvinialic conft'viion,biil Miid tiutbingiiliimt 
oburoh guvHrnmi-dl. \3i» idi'iil wa* a modi- 
fled episcopacy on UwhcrV HTiiti-in. In 16^^ 
n cominiMion of (■cclc;'ta«t>i:ii] proiuiitions 
took Worthiinbiiry Ctiiitiel om, of It&iiKnr 
pnriih, nukinfi ittvilh WnrtJit'ubtiry L'burcU 
(B donnlir*)o m-w pnriili, of wbioa Ilyiirv 
vrns iiiuiinibi-nl. Ik' UotlinwJ tlt« vicumuft' 
of WreJLhmn. l>uiibif:h*lun', A SlBrcb IIIW. 
refu^iii); Hburtlv aflerwnrdrt ■ coQ«<lanbli> 
liviag n«Mr Lobdou. lIl^ appean to bavi- 
•ympathiaed with tlie ruyali»t riiuug iindi-r 
Kir Qnorg* Bo^h in Augmt 16<U>. Mn. 
l*iilestan died iu lOfitt, and thi> jiidgi- on 
r> Sirpt, IB6». Uu(ter I'ulHlon, ihrir elde«i 
nan, bnd no tovu for his tutor; ibt-ybad evoit 
cuniL- lo blon> (Iti 8i-pl. lUo4i). 

At. i.b^ Ttesloratinn, whioh Iltiiry. llion 
n«wlv mnirii'il, wvluoued a» ' a pubUck im- 
tlnnnl mRrry.'ltrid^atnail mumod the rectory 
of Iknfior, niid IIeiLry*apouliain wu aiinplV 
that of bis curoii? at \^ ortlieubury Cliapul. 
luSeptcinbiT llMH)brw«« iirenontedat b'lint. 
uaaicM with h'oiig and Kiirhnnl Steel for not 
reading till- I'oniniou prav<^r,and again at ib^ 
»UTin^Biuii:''>>, witboul rll'cl. He had tflk«u 
ln« onlh of alldKiiino-, but rofuoinji; rvorilina- 
tion br wnn iTtcnpnlilo of |>r>'fi>ni>niit'. On 
24 Ott. 1661 ittidKvman. burinE failrd to nr- 
range inatler>i,Mm» to Wort briibury nnd rood 
Heary*s diiwhaiet! 'before n mbW limry 
allowed Rome bN<liiif-, but wu* aUowi'd tu 

tirvnch f*n>voll aeriDOoa ou ^ (Jcl. Tbv 
JniformilyAct.whIrb look fiffiitrt on '^il Aug. 
ISGJ, ' bviiiK ibi' day of tbi> yarou whicli I 
wai bora . . . nnd nlw Ibuday of th* year 
onwhii;b bylaw lilivil,'maitFbimD*Kil«aicod 
ininiali'T.' He unrreDdered bin houM and 
annuity for lOOf.. to avoid litigation, and left 
Worlhenbury for Ittvad Oak. FlinlshLm, a 
pfotwrty aet.llfd iiixin bin wife. 

Biialiy oiikiHl him »omi' timi> aflarwards, 
' l'ry*tbco, child, what mada iboo a iioiioon- 
firmisl y Hit nnnwcrwM,' Truly, Sir,^ou 
made me one, fnT rou taufthl mi' Iuo*p tbinirt 
Iliat hindeied me from -conforininft.' Tbia 
rofi.'ra to principles of conici-riioe, nut to 
doloiU of »(-rupli>. lie onfiult«(l John Pell, 
I). I). [ q. T.j. then dmn of Obrisi llinrch, nbqui 
hia dilucultiu. Hin luain objoclion wnn to* 
ordination, which be rookaaea aimonr. On 
10 Oct. 1663 he wM ■ppr«b«taded with thir- 
iin^u others and impriuned for four daya at 
Haumer, Flint«biiv, on suspicion of aa in- 
anrruclionary plot. On 1-1 Marcli I^IG he 
wa« cilfd lo Malpiia, Chealiinv for bnpliMPg 
onv of his own diildnm ; at l)ie end of iho 





month l>" wn* inyiind lut a UrmaM. Hnd ««< 
tnjiile oaWolWtoir of MX for Chp fm-niiliin 
of Wofl 'I'hf r.v<- Mil" Acf ot IrtlW 

SUn-d liMB in ■ ilitTivullT, llnHid link lwin|( 
)i)r n^Kil'.il luittu fiuui Wiirtli'mhiirrt rm 
ACtiuil tt)i<s>iirMiiMii it nail diiind T» bi> mxtv 
j«rd> nrar ibo fiva tnilM. Ilowwer. Iw> re- 
moved for* fOMOn la Whiirburch, Mhrop- 
nhirvi. All thi* liiDfl li-> win a (yi,iilnr »t- 
tMldojIt *l t\u- airi«h rliumbii*. Kin hibJL 
brintr to stand tlin>uf;liOTii tho wrvia*: h« 
forb">rii'»niiniiiiii'aiiri(;(inijil>-oin tlifBmoml 
.)f ill" Nn't'lmi,' jtijstutv. In F'-lwiiBry IH68 
li'.> tiri'li'lti't! tiy n«:m'-«t in the jnriali cliiinrh 
of iWlcVi bliilfiTiUliiiv, A vireutBdancn of i 
whtrh J'lBt'irtw! iifciiiint" w*«' KpaniKl in 

ihi; Iloiine i>rC»iiii i". Not tit] ihe *bort- 

iiv'il indiilpftii:'- i>f IW:.' ilid !"• r<«iimn liii 
pulilk- miniMry in lii* liCTtiiwd hnun-, aiill 
•T»i<UliC I lilt" Jnhii Wnlny) ■-ormcicliinltt 

im L'liurdi li'wr*. (hi tlii-witlidrewBlif ihr 
iiiiliilj,ieric<', liii ontinai'd l.> ptvncli wilhinit 
■noltvirnlinit lill IfWl, wli^ii hv wa« fiii^^d fur 
kecninir iiMivi-nlinlc*. In l>lf*i' Ik hud n 
[lublii^ dUciiuioii with (|mik>'r<»i l.1ni)fjllli), 
iIniitj(fmirrT»lim', niid «»* lirtiwQ iiiii ndi*- 
Iwir OH onliiiHtion •! (>«Vf«lry, Sli[»|i»hin', 
wiiU Williniii l.ldTd, llii^n bixliop of St. 
At<i)>li. and H"iirv t'toclw<'l! tlw eld'-r [«|. v.] 
Ai tV' limn of tlir MoiiiiKiiilh n-bvlliun lie 
wkt i^nSnod in <>lii-Bli.-r Castle for tluve 
wnrk* (Jiily Hi^'A under n giinnrnl nrdt^r 
from i.lip lord-li('iii«'iinni. Hi- join-il in • 
caulioiuly won!"l »uldrM» ( SuptnmbiT ltW7 ) 
to JamiM Tl. til Miiy IBi'Wiwvnui plnpcdon 
iJi» ccuntnimion of tlw pL-npi> for KlintHhiro, 
bul d<idiii«I lo qimlify. At tliif revolution 
hi! hitd fpvnt IioiHM of ' oompn)bi>n«inii,' Tho 
t4>Tiui lyf tliuToIi^nitioii Act Im srpppljwl; Il« 
wmilil IiBve pri-Ct-rtvil a lol'-nilioii wiilinitl 
tubwrifriioii; llwn' weire pninln in ilw ai-- 
tii'lrt wliirli.'n-itlioiii amndld noDrtmcl.ioii, 
would •oiii^whnt iwmplfi mco, m would tiin 
Bibl4 iiN. lilririlf Inkra ft in tlie letter, in 
tho»e ploco* which 'vnnx poutrndictdTT'. wi'm 
ilnol loriuchsn inl-Miiiviiition.' lii.-rwiflut 
he miiiintJTivl nl Hroad (.Mk 'ai piililick 
timM,' in nn ontbuiidinfl «e«r liis Loiih*. 

Mio lavt v^ro wen •■im-M iii auiduous 
niwtoml Inliijiin. in •pit'- of wiiTiingstrongtb. 
nlid itonc, nil *Jl J'lm? ItlWI, Mid wii« buried 
on 'J7 Jnne in Wliilchiiivh Clinch, Trhin' > 
nurbli? intilH won rrrrliHl to hi* mitnary, 
bttriiift ■ l.iitin inwriptirm WJohnTyMoii, 
M.n., Uip coa-in-lnw. In ITlL'. whi-n iho 
chiitvh wn* ivhiiilr, lii«bodT wait removed t« 
Uin churchyiml. nnd tlie monument, lo 'He 
porch. In If 1*1 a t«bl<^t bxarint' "" Kngliah 
venionof the epiiB|>h wan placid in ih>- north 
«Ue of tbe church, iha originnl monunx^nl 

bvutfi tmulerrxd lo ^MlitTWl>l) C1m|wI, star 
llniadOalr. Fiuwral uriooniiri-re (■rea'iied 
at Bread Dak by fnttrif Till'iiTnof Sbnwa- 
biinr. JamioOimnnflhwi-ntrT, andMatlltcv 
ll'im'. ll>-nr>-V ix'nrmii, in ihwyBawaaiin 
|l«A:,'|of Mr*. Wiilip llpiiry I^-.-. -Ii""!* 
plainlivM <yiuuimBii«r, with pu 
o«^ and band: niiMiirnivia^ in tl^ :i 
' Ijife ' hy liiJi aoci. He mairira, on '.'<> A 
1000, at \Vhitdr.dl Uhaprl. Kalhariau 
■J* March IfKlt. if. j:-, Mnv 1707). only cl 
oi IMniel .MnlihrHn of Itrimington, Fli 
■hir*. and had two sona, John (A. 3 Ma*' 
lani, <l. 12 ApHI IISUTkand MnttUw [q. r.X 
and foiLT dsiiirbiMA, all of whom awrrifA. 
A itcBi«Ioey of bis dsaooadanta, to IS44, 
Wat publii4icd by Uim Sarah Ijawnnee of 

I'nlaM wpronnt a pa|p of niapociaMe l^iio 
iambics oanln)>iili.>d to 'MiBnniin Oionien- 
tiiim 'FXnn^iyta.' kc. IKfonl. Ill*>l, 410, 
ll<'iiry oriblinlinl nothins;. Sir .lolin flic)c«r> 
Ion WilliaiiiJipiiblUhei) rmm llcnry"* mana- 
icripl^i 1.'Ki|;htm-nS»nDo<iii,'Jlcc.. I)tl6,8ti). 
•i. ■ SkolntoDi of K«mon.i,' Stv, IKM. Iftno. 
'X 'Hxponiiion . . , upon llie firat <il«rea 
rhaixrrn of . . . GciMni*,' ftc, \SSS, ISma 
4. 'Hemaittv.' Jec, 1818. Ijmo. A. Tlia 
diarieo for tw«iiir-lw"vear*( written in inl<Tk 
WmJ tioli(«mi(!ii'* Afinanaca, with n rjrow- 
i|uiU)wrn'piihliHhMliBlS82. Like h in man (i> 
«FTipls for tliB pulpit, th^v oonusc oi farwf 
noCcoand memorandn, invnlmible fortbe ti0A 
they threw on the inner life of tbe ««nwr 
noni^oufnTmily. Tliey v.thibil no hiiBioiir, 
little evidenc>> of Wrnin); or liictaiure, but 
much ciirii^ity mImiui niiTiintI wondi'n. In 
IttAS ho boofliil N library frrmt a minitter^ 
widow for 10/., nnd added few Imokii t^ it. 
Ho bdi«VL-d ill Kjjocinl pnividenc**, and ia- 
rarinbly naw a divinu judgnimt In th^ mi<'- 
foTtiinu of an miemv uf nunconfonaily. Tbn 
Teu«rati<iD which fiallowt hit memory ii a 
tribute lo his piirily of *pirit ud traoi- 
pnrHncy of oliAfacter. 

IMomain (rf tbo Life. &«., by Uauh^w Heniy, 
1«9S; <nrTcot«d and •nUrKcid brStr J. B. Wil- 
liamii, IK3S [aim in Wordtnrarth'a EccIm. Bmk. 
Tol. vi. 1818): I^ililie ClinniMm* of i8<ll)-l, p. 
139: Lm> OiariwiLTid ti)iiprR<rf P. Efanry. IB$> 
(•Malnrhriaiiaal^fr. ISHS. pp.iniaq.): Liw- 
rraor'a Uracmidantii of P. Hanry. 11M4: Sk*l«h 
by C. Wickitood in ChriaUnn Raformar, tStlS. 
p|i. etlf).] A.O. 

HENRY. IIOBERT (1718^17901. hirto. 
linn, mn of Jamtv Henrr, farmM'. of Aliiir- 
Ion, prixh of 8t.. Ninfan'*. Stirliiu«hii«, 
and .lenn fnilloway. vra* bom nn 1H Feb. 
17ie. Aft-tT ali^mlin^ th» pariah adiuol of 
SI. Niniau'a aodihefttniiitnarwhool nf &(ir- 
Un£, hi' entered the luiirpratyofBdinbuigli 

irilh Uie Tiew of Mmlviiw (or >l>a diardi. ' 
Ob DMnplMiiift Itis flnifivs m bnousR caantvr 
of tbn KmnniaT kImoI nl Aniuui. lie- wtu 
lirpRwd (o pr*wli on '27 Marrli 1740, and iu 
SOTrmbrr I74tf wait ordniiiwl mwidter of a 
cuntfTQipit iun of pT<»byt'-ri>n dusMitfim nl 
Cnrliale. Iu Xuvi-iabw ]7(iOhi.'l>of*rrn' poHlor 
of ibe *lii).'li MiMliiif-lioiiKC,' Hcrwirk-on- 
Tw w d. H" liaJ cnninir'nri-il bis ' Ilintnrv of 
Etuluidna > New I'lan'in 170:1^ but fmtnd 
rMidMiCP in Hnrwick nn klmuHl iiiKii|H.-nibl'! 
obrtncln to tbn fropiT jircoinplL.-limi'nl uf 
Rudi a work. IIudiRkiiltiM iivk, br)w«Ter, 
renoTsd bji Iu* bt-iiiff apuoiotMl in KovamW 
171W ioiiii*l*T of >■'« Uivj Friaw ('hurcb, 
Edinliurnh, thr»iii;fli thd inllilnnca of IxiriJ- 
proTo*! (^nrii- of f^inbiir^h, wbo had nur- 
fiirf hi* cintur. In 1771 br nircivrd tbe ile[[re« 
of i».D. ttnm thr univcwilj of KdinbUTf;li, 
And iu 1771 wBB cliowu modPTBtor of ibi' 

feacml AkwuUv. Uc wtu Tran»ri>rn>d in 
r7<l <o (be colWisU ohargu of Old Orpy 
I^ars t'biiivh, wuare Ii* ntaninnl till bin 
donlb. :.'4 Not. 1700. lUwwi buriwl in tb- 
cllurcbyn^l al I'otinoint, irhtiri! e, m<miimi-at 
vtu iini'Uil. 

'Oil- lii^i votume of !Iciir/» ' [lUtODrr of 
EbkUimI' M[i|>tfar<^<) ia 1771, r.h« •Nond iu 
1774, TJie tliird iu 1777, Ihe fdurtli in 17^1, 
tlw uAh ill \7M. atid tlio nixlh, wilted hf 
J^ag, fwtbnmoiMily in I7lt-1. 1'br< work 
enibiniisulbnpRrinil 'fnvm ibn invmiimof tli« 
llomtn- lill ihr d-fllh of Hruiy ^'UI, and 
It divided iiilo (WTlmlii, tliu lu«lorv of whidi 
ia mated hdiIft oewa smnU Iieadioi^— 
drU and militsrv bi«ioij, faMlor^ of religion, 
biUonr of tli>> onhtitiiiioii, Bnrwiimeiit, tiiid 
lawn anil oourl* of iiialifv, bietory nf Itiani- 
lan, biMorr nf arl^, biitorr of rommorcc, and 
Iiittorr n{ taannet*. An citmirditmry al- 
lompl wanniailr bl' l)r. (SilbrM,Stiliinf(|. v.], 
■p]Hinmtly from mnrc moliroe of Wloiuy, 
to dtuno^ the rqnitstioiu of the ioek aiid 
ftofi it« aale, b* ooiif«dM!dIir uuaorunHlous 
crilirinm. notiiiM f>*nriiii|; a acandMonsly 
unbir rnvii'ir in th>i ' t'^linbiugb Mtgacinn,* 
li" rndiwvoumd (o mt n hmi n favnanblo iiOtiOM 
of it in •• iMBTnf tbi' l^mdon pvriodicaU 
a* poMJbl* <•»■ Irtitn in Huhabli. Calam*- 
lira «^ Aufion}. 'Fbc disivputabtc ulTurt 
pmolKially fnitwl, llenrjr bnnnii: before his 
deatli drawn an nacb m H,S00I. from tho «ilo 
of tbn vork. A« a populnr and coinpr»- 
boiwirr hiilorr it biu tnnch meril, but it 
Ini-ti 'ntjiniil rvaonrnh, wliiln its itvl* and 
iTi ' rnd froin its lil'T.krv valao. In 

r< I <if bia labours lli-nn'. on tbu n>- 

■:'>uuiciidaiion of the Earl of itaiufield, iv- 
wii-vd fnun Gtom IU, on 36 Maj 1781, a 

SsnoDOflOCV. Ill* biniorj naa traoalaled 
A Ptvtieb in l<>W'Ue, and |<nEtod oIm into 

•oToral Kn^Ii^li editiumi. Hi* book* wor* 
bnuuiiutliail to the mogiatratn uf LinlitligOKr, 
In fann ihn niicli'iu of a public library. 

(Lifi; b^ MalcnliD Lais^ . in Llie tliird (dition 
of Ibn LQi!;r<'lnp>rdia Bntaoiiie*i rsgiriiitKl in 
SmU Ha;n>'iiip, liii. 3d5-T0, nud in ^•rrfaco to 
tol. (i.uf lli-nni tlitlor;; llanWi'tCdliiunliA* 
of Awhon. nicboia'it Lit. Aiwol. vi». 3i9, i\. 
6TP; Kichul"'* lltui'lratiunii "f Lilt^Mnre. viii, 
329~.1I : Ctumbi-n't B\o^. Din. >.f EminoDt 
l<coUni*ii; Kow.ScnU'aFuti &clua.Su>ul. la, 
71.1 . T. K. 11. 

HENRY, TIIO.MAS (173I-1&18). cbf- 
i&iel.n-a? bom a1 VVrf.\liam oti^WUct. I7%l, 
and edueaied at tli'! grammar ticbool tbt-TC. 
IIi«> fatlier IimI com-- to WaUu from Antrim, 
and lii-pl a bnanlimc-^oliool nt ^^'n-xlmm. 
On b-nvinj; atrbnol Tuomii^ wiw ngijin-tiiic^id 
at Wntxbam to lui ApotlMicary, "ii nlinno 
dmlbbo oom]ilrt«d bia term at Ivnnlif^ml, 
CliwJiirp. ^V^lca liia nppimticiuliip tefini- 
nnti.-d hv bpL'nmc itBuiTant 10 an apothooaty 
rmiiiLiI Mallxm at Oxford. Wbile tlierc lift 
ill ihi'IimI aiisl'voicnl lectiirM. Iti-tumlng to 
Knuiaford in I'ttV, hn began biuineM on bit 
own account, and snon afl4>rwiirdii iiiarri*d 
.Mary Kiniey of Uiat town, lis n-A)ovi>d tivo 
year* lat«r to Uanobenit-r, uid siiCL'Hidt'd lo 
the buaineM of a iiusvon-ajiolhecnn' iu SI. 
Anne'* Siiiiat«. 

He bad alranly manifMled a taoto tot 
ch/onialry. and now ent't^llcallT devoted 
biniiwlf io tbal Miidy. tn 1771 In- linntlnu- 
nicnxvd to ibc- ICoyal CoUu^ of rbvaiciflii* 
'Anlnipn}vi>d .Mi-tliod of ProynrinRSfnKtii-Biu 
Alba,' wbifb vnu piibtidbul in tticir 'Trun»- 
aclioiiH' (vol. ii.]>and aflurwikid)i rvpriiiliiHl 
in 1773 with ot-ber i-Mar*. entitl.-d ' Kxp^ri- 
(n«nta and OlwiTva lions' &c. tlia procou 
of pvopnriiig rAloiui^l nuij[ni<aia vim coumtl- 
nicatod to tb" tfayal ('alln^ of I'bynidana 
witliont any n-vrvation: but at tbo aui^- 
l^mlicin of ihe prvsidnit of l^u colJt!|[e and 
otbtr liiulinj; inislical iiicii hv look out a 
psti^ul and ]>rvi>ut«d it for Bale. It becamo 
a liieraiiv«? prop«rtiy. 

ilu wot ailmittnJ a fiOloir of Ibd Roynl 
Sociriy in I77fi. on tbo tvomnmendatiaa of 
Sir Jobn I'rinKlv and Ur. PriMtley. Sons 
ytutra later he waa vlwli-d a member of tlia 
American PhilrxinpbiL-nl Society nt tJio in- 
alAnce uf Dr. Fmnklin. About ibn •aion 
time ho pnblLihed a |iap«r*On the Acrioo of 
liinwand Marl an Mamiraii,' whirh wnn ro- 
printcdin Hunti^r'n'ltmrRiral E«*jijii.' IbOS, 
li. 47. In 1776 he trnDtlatnl aomeof I^Toi- 
tict't work* (' E«*ay>i. Phyiiical and Oliemi- 
ooJ'), and in 1783 a fuiUier eeleclion of llio 
samv writor's 'Chemical BsMy*.' lie flrwl 
obierved that a mrtain amonni of carbonic 
acid in the nir in favonrebb- to lb* grawi li of 




plant*. iRlTnl be MMwd ' An Aocount of 
■ Mfnbod nS Vn-ertiMg Wawr u S**,' in 
wbicli b? (irupaBMl iIm> uM of luM toprc«iMit 

On ilie otnnuatioai of lb« Uanclml'^r 
LiU>rw7 and I'hilmwplucal Soci<rt,<r in 17)^1 
1m wa« aMioiiit«(l oav ot iu iwcivUiriu. He 
btCTw lU preuilenl Id ItHJT, anil relain^ 
tbe paaicion dnnu^ Un* rMi of his life, Hanjr 
papen went raail br bin b«rore tbe todetj, 
aau HNiw am prinm in its ' .Mnnoirs.' Tlinw 
mspriaa MM^aoii tbn ■ Ailranla|i» [>r Litc- 
ratum and niUmrpbj,' * Fenoitota nnd Kcr- 
nafnlatioa,' * Ofaiervatiufu on ilip HilU of 
Morlalit; of MnnohuMctr and HaXtord,' > Tlif 
Nature <if Wool, Silk, and Goilun aa otneci> 
ot the Art <if itrving,' and a ' Memoir <tf Dr. 
CbartM Whitv/ In 17W) Iw piiUiab«d ■ Mir- 
moin <>f Albnii do tlallcr,' and holftd t« 
Mtabliah in UaiM:b«atcr a OoUitgp a( Ana 
■nd Bniancm, in coanuctioii witii wfaitih Itu 
dnlivBrnd wivml counotof leMuna on ch^ 
miory. In ihuw Imtuitm fae waa a»bt«d 
bjr kid aoB. Tbomas Henrj, lun., a routb or 
pmnik*, who died ^ung. Ilo alMlMtarcKl 
on lil«*du>V. d^ngr, nnd calico-printing. 
Henry waa drar-huuind. rvady. uid prac- 
tical. Altlioiifcli hia ipPciBl aluajr wa« pur- 
ioed amid tlic anxivtitt of buaincM, be ociw- 
aionaUjrcouicibui-.-d i'> medical Jounials»aaiI 
InunHted hiuiwlf iti tbr Iii<'nttiire and polt- 
tiea of M)>^ dity. Heintnan mHv member nf 
one Oif liiH fit>1 Kocietioi for thn abalitioo of 
the African alavit trade About inlcUlli! life 
III! Ii-ft th'i cbuTohuf Ituglandnndjuinod the 

lli.'<li.?il nil IMJiinH l^lci, Hg|ed>*l,aDd waa 
Imrinil nt thii (^row Slpwt UnKarian Cliapel, 
MnncbMli>r, Hi* «aii William in *i>narat<'ly 
nolit^d. Hi' portmit, bv .loiwpli Allnn, bi>- 
lonRH to the Maaeheder Liti-nuy and i'hi* 
loaopliicul f^ivty. 

[Willimn Uenr)''* iribnca iJi Ilia blhor't mo 
niory, ia Mi^moin of MaaehutAr Lit. and I'hil, 
Soi., 'Jiid wr. ill. SO*, rterlnud. witb luusnl 
aaniioD (it J. U. koKbenl^ 1818; It. Angiia 
Smith'* Cetitrairy of Sciapcs in UaDchwtar. 
1883, Pl 1(M ; Roj-nl .Sodotj'a Cat. of .Sr.inntitl.: 
S^pan; WattVBilil. FIril. ; catnmaninitiDn (vaa 
Dr. W. C. Hoarj] C. W, S. 

HENRY. StH THOMAS (1807-1876), 
polic« mn^iitMTi', nldmt ton of David Henry 
of 8t. Sidiilutn'ii tironn, Dublin, head nf the 
firm of Ilcnry, Mullinv, & MacAIalion, go- 
vuminent contrncton, vnu bora iu Dublin in 
I8VT. He waa educatnl at Von Fuinafiio'it 
Bcbool in thai cily miil ul Trinity College, 
where he Kraduated D.A. 18^4, and M.A. 
1K37. On-J»Jan.182»lu<wa«Mll(>dlolhe 
bar at the M iddic Tcmpla^ wont the nortlierti 
circuit, and attended tlie WmI Itiding of 

Yorluliin- imn He 

tbe I-ambeth Scrwt poUec-eoart, 
, cbapel. fron April ISIO till IMC^ wka 
WW tnuubnad to Bow Strert. baoune 
maififtrate than 6 JuW IMI. and waa 
kni^ilnl on 3U Nov. Ilr dtidwrged bia 
duties with nnet«l B|^n>i>ral. To lun '' 
\«T<f largely dike the eiutii^ law of 
ditM«; Ibi-' Ivxtradition .\ct and tbe 
tnatiea raann-i'<) tberpwitb beiw«if 
land and fbtpign powen wen in aadi caia 
drawn by him. He waa for wtaj yeftia the 
clii«f adviaerof tbe soremiBnit on all quea- 
liona ot adminintrattTe and corractiowal 
p4>«*, and hi* opinion waa acted apaa in the 
variuuR lirimincliQlBitbebettiiq; aela,S<iB- 
day trailiiiK k<KtMatian,aftd aimil^ meaaurea. 
Hi> RBVf evidence befura tbe COBiinitte« oo 
theatrical liociwis, and pointed out witb 
great prectuon tbe poaitMn of munc-balU 
and oaiinoa as pkcaa of amHcnent, and tbe 
do^w of ooltea aitpereWoB to whieh it i« 
datamblo tbattbarAoaldbaaubJNted (Ae- 
port an TAMtnmi Liettutt, ISW, pp. »l>-tl|. 
lie died at hit reaideDCo, 33 IlaBOVerSoDare, 
tendon, IU June 1876, and wan bnried in 
ilie gruund of Su TlionMa'a llomn catholic 
churob. FiiUiam,oa il June. 

(Tiaw. 17 Jane 1870, p. 10. 3t Jane p. i; 
I«v TiiKN. I July 1876. p. IS7; tjrapbie. tl Jane 
ISTO. pP- OM, S18.witb ponraiii llluMrwted 
LcinJua >'awii. 14 Mutb 1848 |>. 17!. with por> 
(nil. :4 JuHK 1878 p. B3S. 1 Jaly pp. 8. 4, witb 
portrait-) O. C. IL 

I HENRY. WILLIAM, D.l). {d. I 
' dean of Kitlolue, wan pn^bly a natiTe 
Glouceaterabiiv, and was educated at 
itniTemity of Dublin. Hii eatnuiee and 
I of bia I).A. degree are not r»corde>l. but h 

Eroceoded M.A. euniU 17-1», aii-l B.D. and 
i.D. vnmiii IT-W. lli-nty wa- ibo friend 
and cboplaln to Dr. Joaioli Mort ~q, v.],wbo 
WB« eoniecrutcd to the k>o of Feme in 1731, 
und WHS tmiatuTfd Co Kilmore in 17^7, and 
to Tuam in 1741. By thitpnlato bo waa 
co]lnte<l to tb« beneliee of Killeaher, dioeeae 
of Kilmore, co. FenBaoagb, I Oot. 1T3L 
lli^nry becnmo iwctor of Urney, dioevae 
Deny, ay, l^rone, in li^tl, and dean of KH' 
loloc 20 Nov. 17B1. He died in Dublin oi 
13 Feb. 1768,andwiuinterrwlat tjt. Anne' 
in that cily. llii wife aiuTiTed liiin, and 
remarrying with Surgeon Doyl« of OiibUn 
(whom'abe tlt-j survived ), died in February 
or March 1793. Henry waa n tHipular 
prcM^hi-r, a Imeu o)i<«rver of iiotBral tiiiiaty 
and phKtiompnn, nnd an uaraMt idrooate 
boiU for ti'inpenincc and for civil and mli> 

f!0U8 liberty. He wiw elected K.H-8. 
.oiidun 20 Feb. 17C6. At leant twelw 
his single tenaona were printed, and 








of liui iHfitTi^ mill Iwfiirr thx Ifojitl iiouiuty, 
appear in tbtf ■ i'hilotopliicnl TranMCtiiHiB.' 

fnitn liid ueu, ninikiiiB ill muniueript in th« 
library of the British Hue^iai. A<ld. US. 
4436, and Letter* to the Diik« of Nr-woutln 
U-twwn 1761 and 1768 un in Add. HSU- 

[ToddV Cm. of Ofiid. Unir. Dabl.; Cotton's 
Foini KuIm. Ilib. : Pu*'* OcourrunciA. 30 Fab. 
17«8. Dnblin ; Walktr** Hit>. H»«. : Cat. tteira- , 
tiflo Papon I Finl-EiutU lloturo*. Public Raconl 
Office. Dublin.] W. lUt. 

HEMBY, WILLIAM (1774-IM36),di». 
nut, MM) nf TlKimnn lltrnrT, F.It.S.Jq. v.}, 
b-im at .\iancli<^lrr on !■_' Dec 17<4, wan 
<ducKl«d m %he >limphr»l«-r ncodoiDr uadcr 
the Bev. Katph llnnison (q. v.] Ah«rliv« 
jflua spent wiili l>r, TluimM IVrcival bo lu- , 
mnv«l, in Uie vuitvr of 179A-6, lo tlio uui- ' 
votnlty of liiJinburgh, whfTe h<i attcnd«d, j 
uuoDff oUiM Udiinw, Ibnac of l>r. Itlnrli on ^ 
ehooBUtTT. Ho nfttmrudii auinli^ hi.* hthpt 1 
inf>viivr>liun]ii~al]inifticeutMatichi-vli-r,but I 
n.-tuni«l lo i^dinburpli in lrH)'>. iind took the ' 
dt^we of 3J.b. in ISO!, du' lilli- uf liis in- , 
■ogunl diwenaliou b^ing * I>» Acido Urico ' 
ct Morbu B Buuia qus M«r«lione orlia.' 
Moanwhihr li» had ooBiinanicBtod lo tlie 
Itnjral Sot^jecv a iuip«r on carixinatHl hydro- ' 
ffeaoua fpu I )■ UT I, another on niuriatio acid 
I IHOU), and tlii.* rMtults of impmliuit «Ji]Kn' 
mi^nt4 M bad carried on wiib regard to iha 
ijuanlit7 of gMi>« abtorbed by watvT at dif- 
Uimat tfrmpnrnturra and undfr dilKfcnt pn*- 
niiH (1803). OtlttT contributions on tho I 
rasulla of invMlij^ition* iiilo the chumiiilrjr 
uf lu-rilnnti bodiM wt-n- i<ub»«]ui'nily niwlo 
in the MBi« KKuety uji to 1KM, U wl aa lo 
the MancbMWr Literary and PtuhMOphical 
Sncioty. In I79I> li«r delinked a courte of 
)n(uivso« rhniui'l rv at MAIichMtor,aDd puh- 
IUIkhI'A Ocncrel Vipw of tlio Nalurr and 
Ob^eCtaofChrtnijitrT.nndof ilaapollciilioiUn 
Artii and Uaoufacturi'^.' In Iwl bu umied 
'An Bptom«of ni(.-iniiitn-'<4th <;dit. I:^JI>, 
Svo,t% n*2A). Thifttra? aft'trwards mneh i^\- 
pnnili-i). Riiil ibo litK- cbati^il lo *Tlie E1>.>- 
iiii'nii of Hip-'rinii-nial Chiiinislrv.' It went 
tjiroiiah vlnvvn rdilioit*. the Ivt piihlinhnl 
in Itsfu, in two larf;!! volumiii (nilnvo. To 
umlical nciencr booanlribulivl tovcrnl iwpcM 
on calriiti, diat'Ole*i, &c., ah well nn obstn •- 
tioM on CMM which fell under hia notice 
t* phriiciali to <Im> MiwicbesliT iTiflrmari-. 
Alt eubonta r«'port on cholera from bin 
pea kppHund in iImi report of thv llrilii.h 
Aaaociiliow fi>r IMM. lUwan ndmitiod a 
frilflir of tliK I l<«)t'i|rica) !!^]cinty of lAudoai 


hoon oIUt it» fommlion. In IKW Lb was 
elected*., and wu* awarded the Copb'y 
ipld niedaJ. IIuwrotowtErallilanTfMMy*, 
inoludiiw one colled '('uraory Itomnrln on 
I Muaie'f'EdinhiirKh Monthly Ma,Eiuine'),ba- 
RiduH ablv and f^wful bio;^pliii-id nolictM 
of Davjr, Wollaatun, and oiben. Ilia etiti- 
tnnti' ol Priwllcy was rend at 1)10 firat meet' 
iti); of the Uriliab AMocintian at York in 
iKIl. ltd ciillfM!t«'l mntTiul* for n hinlory 
of chemical discovery, but did not liro to 
carry out. ihe projrct. 

A M!vere uu'ideiit in bovhood stoppxd lii* 
growth. Ill Uleryi'arx ill•l»^ullLculUI'd him 
to n>lin[|iii>h lb-;! mt;d>cnl prvfauiun, and to 
dovoi>> himnnlf imrlly to wionoe and (lartly 
lo hifl father* lucnilivi' ctieniictl biiKiuiiw. 
K«&nrd in miuuicr arid I'ioiiib'iil in njicncli. 
hia locieir wm much coiirt'«!. ' lIi- wa* an 
Mcoumplialifd and original man ; one who 
advanci^d *CIellC'C^, and tooh a protntiient pliicc 
among ihn cJitMiiiirl^ uf lli«' agu' (Sxith). 

lie died on i 8(ipi. IK'tIi, and wa« biirii'd 
at: the CroM Stnuit Unilnrian Cbaiwl. Miui- 
obeMor. He nurriod, ob '.'7 Juoi- li^, Maiy, 
daughter of Thoman Buylfy of AlitiioheMi-r. 
Sill* di«d in IM7. The Stancbenler LiCf^rnry 
and Philooophical Society puisuuini a bunl <>f 
llfnTT by ChsDtTey and a porlmit by Jankca 
Louadal*. TlMlattorwsBenp«vodbyiIcBt7 
Coaauu in 183a. 

fUio^ntphinil notice by hi* mm, William 
ChiLtIm Itrriiy. MU^in Ucmoira of UaOchMtW 
Lit.andrhil, rv»-. 3iiilii*r.n>!.Tl. ; JobnUariM'a 
Sketch ut)iiii(.'hanrt«r. 18^6; R. Aai^Smilh's 
Oolfoinr it Seionce in HaacheMer, 1U3, p. 
I2S: Baior'cJIunioFiiilii of ■ DiivntlDKChnpcl. 
p. 90; Rncyrl. Brit nth edit. xi. t7T . Kojal 
tHWitty'ii Ctt- n( Scientific Pap««. coiitAiaiDK 
li^lu of ihirty-niao papen bybim; commnnitn- 
tion fmm Dr. W, C. diiary.] C. Vf. S. 

HENBYSON, F-UW All l){ I HO?- 1 690 P>. 
Sooliipli judfTf, wan bom about 161U. He 
stiidieil Rixnaa law at ibe iiiiivemity of 
DouiVM, where li« gradaatcd. lliii ^lufeMur 
WBN nqiiinnr Itaron, a wdl-knawn juH^i, lo 
wbcim he bwnmo muHi attached, anil hv 
whom hi- w».i introduced to l.'Iric Fiigifrr of 
Ivirchbflisaod WeittMnhotao in 
ardi_iiL coUmIot of hooka and ancient mana- 
ncripts, whagav«himapcnfliiOa,andin whcoe 
house he found n home and a oongenial occa- 
patioo in collM-iing uid translating iiI«ii<ioal 
t«st*. Ilrlbfn' l.ranilati'dint.oLntin tlntiinm. 
mrnlary of I'liilnrrh nn ihi' Moic phili»npli\-, 
which wa* piihlinhnl at l.i<rdnn in liiaK. li 
ianamalldiKidrcima volume withau appendix 
containing i-neTiditi una of iluubtful rcadinpt 
in the oriRinal ( iri-ek text. He ia aUo aaid to 
have Iranalatii] the ' Enchiridion ' of Enic- 
t«tui and ihc ' OomiDnilsfiM ' of Aman, 





I l.,.%! 


\:. .,.■ ■ 
I..:. L 1 ;: 

M :.<■ 

h. \"^ 

> T llliVi 
,.7ii".. : 

:.: \ •. • S. N : - ^ . J • S, V 

;iiiii hi- i? p-Utiil 111 t!if Furdi'l laraily. 
Hi^ uftuif i- ti'-i KD the univerfily ivRiDti-r 
•; I'iibiT St. And^■ws ur OUs^ow, the imly 
■«.■■ Liuii -T^itv ii-a'.f tiitii in Scotbnd ; and 
l<r. 1^1. itj. in t!.>" mnvxluctiun to hiJ' cntn- 
]:'.-"i- rt!::ik'n ^|^ Hi'nry*-in's ' PcH'ms nnrt 
luli:--," ■'^ i: likely that be may Lave 
.■ ■a.:;' ;■' ; hi.- piuJie.i snj craduatHd almad. 
Hi- [■■ainj'n appllatinn, 'Master JluU-rt 
ii-l,ri-- -r..' indiioJci liiat li>- ■was a master 
.: i.ri-. WhfTL hr WBJ odmittvil. l<i J?.-[it. 
.-i-r. u' ii m-niU-r of the recvntly fnundnl 
■ .,.^_ -' l';.:! rr-;:y, be wil- riilieil 'ihe 
\ ■ :,- -■ '.- M-'t' r lliib-rt Henry june. I.icen- 
.;. .\r-- .-lE : l^al.■b^■l■•^ in I Wrvvs.' .\1- 
■■-■.;.. ::.r- - jar., it .in-iU i March 1477-* 
;.; . .Iv '.i~'' jTsi:>-.l by the ahbnt of 
'.'.:.: n:. "..!.-. h- is >?v-cribeii at "Mairi^trr 
;. ■. ?■ .- H- ;.?.-:;, ti'tariiis publieiis. As 

■ - rt:- ;. ■j,--? wrrv t\iinmoalytler(.7- 

:; -. ;i- ;.n-> :. ira- j-t/IuMt id orders, and 

.. ■ -;. ■ -.—J'-.l:: ,-fib- -tables" of l-)7(i 

- .V* -vi-"!. 1.. 1: Moral/ Fable. 

L : ■ .f . ;..!".l u *c!; •■ imasrvr. ii is pro- 

■..- :.:Ii a ,-!vr;i-3l »mK>inttnont 

-. ■ ■ .' .!.■■ r:;'.^;- AJ-l-ry. The abbots 

:-■ •■.'L.-.-'.zEjiK-r ■'■{ ihe craramnr 

- . . f :..'; -wa.' -B-;:;.:!! the prei'incis of 

-. ■ . riir Eisv been Ilonrr- 

^ : - ■ -- . -i Hi.:~ ..1..iiW,/ S^ltf'/t 

S ■ L '■ > J'T"'*''*- '-^- ■Si-^^ '■■' ''"^'e b-tH 

: — :■ - -j.-^. in'.iiE Benedictine 

1 : ■ -■j.ltl : 'L- j.r.:!o?iie to hi* 

- . ■ .'t~- ■ ^ " H- -TT.iin calls liiin- 

-. ■ t.^! . -E^ I',;-\"ar".- rvferencK 

-■ ■ :.,- ■ 1jl=:-e: : rihi' Makiiri?' 

■ ■-. ■ - "\h- i — n;> : I indiciie lliHl 

■ ■. .- =.:.:.----.T-> rr>-tni. T!i->re 

— i.~r 1.5; - -;.e moUadioiy 
..T^ X-T.i-ly, -who ■ in pi'vnl 

- - - ■ 1- '.- : 7-.hable tliit 
■-■■-- .■ :.- - s. i.T. : ■}-m^ if \i- Aid 

■ f :he *ixiT-?inh 

. ■ -■-; !:■• .= th* til'ttvntli. 

> ■ - ■ - r. -■ : _ 1 ". » L I alout U'A'i 

• ~ - : -T-T-ix-t;;'; ■arhytned 

^ ■ . '',; j.v: - ■ Tt rLaS.'eiBbi'died 

- ■ - ir, I mi^l." "'— ■.ieriv>-d from 

^ _ -i . ■ "«- ■ :;t ?.- vish naiioo,' 

- »-v. ■■ M- tl-ixn Hen- 

-» - ■ - - ■■ >;-i-i"i:r-nia*Ier in 

■^ . -T^"::"':-. -.J-iniaTery 

- - ■ ■<'.■■.■ ;■:« Hemrson 
.■ TSy.r :,.r!he l"'e*t' 

■r v-r bs ■ I irandiKue," 
4 ~. ;■"-; ;i-,-r^ is no- 

. • - - -n.;- ' llE^CVEBHa, 

■ — ■':.!; h* was oat rf 

- ^ -. .- <■ ITS. l.y [he buT^ 
■ . -^- ■ ■ r.-i-rwUnc to l**!*. 

ii tlie noa ClMucerian of tli^ 
bit'makam.' Tliv ' Talc of OivIkiu ' 
iM'TetiMMDlof CraMrid'nlomeunplf 

efy thin. Th« Uttnr, intUcd, ilnpite 
is'* IvlinlMritb edition or lat)3, wu 
Cbaiiccr'i, ^odz with itie ' Trojlai,' 
nj (tisUmawliMl It *a Urtitjwu't in 
ioaof!!. Iih deecripttT* 
ia vigoMiu, and il ku paaMge* of 
It iBip«(«ioB«d vvrae, tbn oompJoint 
le(rwu CnMni), in ptrtiealw, beinx 
and imcnaNrr ouibutnl. UenijMn 
nf Uic culture of liii tine, sod 
nMmUn (bolb in tlw ' PiUm ' uid 
bical lyrm) ud th«i troithlnsof 
lerUnd. n.» ■AbhPT Wiak,"(i»p. 
Ladei*,' ' lEemming betwixt 
' i,'»d ibtt lilM, aboir him sa 
ic pliIlowifih«r and Cfarictian 
llr i> ill'' fint pan Ijriit amuns 
ponta- ilii ioftetuuiu rliypHM and 
^tfirt uf ptMBs and <Bd>'oc», aa acan. , 
tlv quatnin of tlw ' (larakond ' and 
vp of ilie ' AbtwT Walk' and ' Ito- 
MakjPiia^' btwlKni a <nm«t and 
wr. ItwdM ({iTinx apecial ili- 
14 tlia ballad, llenrywiti iiitnidaivd 
laairaw' tlw tnonil &U« aod lUe 
, ffiinjladjr t<crk; ' Momll Fablefl 
R tJie rhrTRian,* and ' Robone aail 
' an: all diatiucl aoil vulunblc add»> 
Engtisli poettf. Da«piia Um i«> , 
of wliicb I^ril ITaUa* and otbars 
, tlii>ri> are no bxtpr Etbln in tbc 
than til- ibirtccn wrltli^n h\ liennr- 
hia |BJMan] lhr> iovo ttory of a 
tad and Uw, wHb ita wayward tittin 
ba bappTdialutrOe, aiul iU erili- 
Id* a uniqui! pMtiiion. 
'iW oalluctimiK iiM-liidn jKicint 
■aracw: Tli» A*ioiin M.S. ofl^'iift.ihe 
iniwM.S. nf l-VIH. lb« MniUnnd MB. 
H, til- lUrklan M.S. .-MUi, and ibe 
■Uocb )IS. in Dr. l^ioK'a coU«tion. I 
Flrphaua'aiipurwl in ibi- ininDtJIaiiv of ' 
aan It UjlUr, luUH. In ISSB tlcnnr ' 
pristcd in 4ti)ai Ediiibarnh'Tha 
«rCtaMf*d,nHnpylii b« M. lUibrrt 
u . .1 . . .,„, j^ l>unfcnnidi^/ 
ndm i in It^l.l'rinti-'diiiSro 

inbiu-Ei- il- .iUndl Fabliia of BaopP 
lujrgiait, onnpflnH into eloqaunt and 
Mini II tl UeBti-r, br Uiiliril itenrifniin, 
Inmwtjvor UiimfcrnKflini;.' Hr, Nntt 
lainl that Sir Tbuoiaa Wralt 0^'^- 
migbl bavii bean iwkbted' to llonnr- 
Taill of tha uponUadia Ainu* and (bo 
> Uoaa ' Tor tha idan of bia Stat Mitra, 
• thfitvfon) i|U4tad tbo bbic from tbo 
ian iiA. in an aupHidix la bia mlitioo 
rati* ■ Poeina.' [icntjaoin ia fairly well 

rvpraaenlad hi Lord Ilailoa'a * AnciMil Scot- 
Ilaniialfn^'l770; in Ptnhnnoo'a ' Auciaait 
BcotiiOi Pbema,' ViSA. and 'tkotisb IVicma 
ivptinli.'d fnun acarep f^tiona,* W^'i; and 
in Sibbald'a > CbronicJi! of Sootiab I'tMlry,' 
voL i., l^OS. <J«ois« Cbaliai-tgrq.v.JadittKl 
and pivaented lo tbe Danoa^m Club in 18^4 
aqiiarto volune, containing ' llobane and Ma- 
kyne ' and ttw * Tuataiii«al of Crvaiwid ; ' and 
tbo Maillonil (Hub puhtiilud in 4lo, 1833, 
• 'ITir .Moral t'iibt<3, rrjirinti-d ham Andro 
ilan and uiliinl bv Dr. Irving;. Dr. David 
i^i^.in ttW.'>.i>ubli><li«d, in 1 voI.Sto.'TIm 
I'oemB and Fablea uf Itobert Ilenirioa, n«w 
Ht«t col]»ct«d, with No4«a and a SI«tnoir of 
Ilia liifi),' and ihia aatou lilialy to bn tbo 
itoadard edition. 

[Dr.L«in)t'ii roluma, aa abttra; Irvinjt'a Intf»- 
tliKlion t<> thtt Muni FaU(«, and hia LltM of 
the Seoiish PMUand Uuiunaf Scotiih I'Mtir.] 

T. B. 

THOMAS. lxiRu(;ti»TT:n<(<;. 1638), judffr, 
wii* ann 'if Kilwnrd Heniraon [ij. v.] Bo- 
foiv lISOl Iwi wiia oni- of tiiit mmmiaaionera 
nf EdiaburKb, and waa advocatip4«put« in 
certain prooe nic a of forff'iturH btsfom [»rUa- 
menlinlom. Onft Jui>^ |it:>2Iiv tiiicce«><l»d 
Sir Lewia Oai^ of WrinliUljiml* as an ordi- 
nary lord of anwon, ™iih rhc tiilo of l^orrl 
GliMt«ra, and waa kni)[ht<Hl. promotion which 
h« owmj to bia ainunch itiuiL-opfilianiun and 
ibn&Tour nJthe nrimati! Snotuwuod. Thia 
«IEm ho bold till Ki37, wbun bo reaiipidd 
awini to inUisiiliea, rMainiuff liii title and 
privilegH. In 1633 ha had (NMn a oommta- 
aioacr lor reriains the lawa and mllactin^ 
hwal ennoma. He diod S Feb^ 1 638. 

JBranton and Uws** Sanalora nf tha Roral 
l(^ of Jiwti«e; Booka of Scdtrant i Hon- 
tMth'a ThaitM,p>.U; AetaSeela Bart. ir. IM, 
M7.1 J. A. H. 

Froneh sin', wan b»ni at Kihlnrx in Iratand 
about- 1714. When nry young bo enmo to 
Boelaiid, and on 18 Oct. 1746 cntond aa a 
acndent of nedKinf^ at I^ydfn, where Im 
fiaduatod M,I>. ( Iifyden StuHrnU, u. 48, 
Indax Sod«1y). He aflorwardii ln*trlt«d in 
^witsMrUnid, Italy, Fottuf^t.aad Spain, and 
becnmn prolld«at in tlio langnagoa of tbe 
L-oantriea Iw vtNtod. Ho Ibnn (><4tlnl a,l 
Paris, wh«ni for comn yoara he pnctiied aa 
a pfavMcian, ami whore he loatst to apeak 
Oench floently. Finally ba romoM to 
On tbn ontbraak of th« aerun y««Lrv' war in 
'\lht\, llmaey openod a cnrrMpondenoa with 
an old frlluw-aliidantwliowaatlianencaifad 




mitlNr <4 nkkli «>■ MUMfced. In I'VU 
b« nivnad to SeMlukd, aail «pf(«n to hav* 
pmctitnl for ft ahnrt tine m an adToaur 
m GdinlMi^u IIktuw u;»in ntiusod u> 
tliE oonttnrent. In; wo* la !£&( aUcttd fro- 
feaor of ItMnu law in Um ■■ifMaitr of 
flonnM. Abcnit Uii* timr • treatitt foh- 
lUbad b7 fitraa oa ihe law of joriidietiaa 
wMaliKkwJbyUi«jiinM(JoT«a. Uew7«aa 
wkAb b l^tin tvfij la dffeace of Bana, dc- 
(lioled to Fuftgvr. la IRM lia pabliahadaa- 
Mbtv work nn llamaa Uw,*CoUBHil>tkiia 
TiL I. Libn Socundi IiwtilatiiiaDB A" Tw- 
buncntia Onjiiuuiilia,' whidi vu dedicated 
to Midiael d« rH6pit«t, chanMltor of t'nuioe^ 
Botli thMe WDtki ue ladudcd in Mawaiaa'a 
'ThMaunut.' II«a(7MiirMeiTed bighpraiaa 
fron wriun on RoHMB law <m Ibe Goauaent. 
fkaoptcr eallM hioa ' SoUa Papiaaaia in juri» 
oogniliona iafarior,' and »M» tlut Ili-itryjun 
waa mD«aibcrcd fifty Tran alUir in tli^ noi- 
versilj' of Bonrgm m a man in tbc highoal 
deffiM vamxl in clauical Ltentim. 

Ilariag naigDnl \ua profoasonibiii ai 
1)oiiT)(ta tie reUini«d to ScMhnd, wberv in 
lliK Im) wb* appointed eounael for tlie poor. 
In I'^a hp viht namad to the afies of eon- 
mliMrT, and Dirce ^oam aftar ho bttuao an 
«xtniordinarj lord of mnion. In IfiStt ba 
waa nonxid i>ae at a ivinimiMiion to mriae, 
cumct, anil print tbi> Ibvb and acia of par- 
Uaaieat from 14^4 to IMt. Tbe work wu 
Mmpleted ia about us uantha. Uen>7aaa 
wna tiie oMonaibla adilOT, and wrote ike pa»- 
Ikea 10 it. Up nblaiiwd an axcluiiva p^TI- 
Inirn to print and diipnim of tho wvrk Mr a 
period M t«Ti yi«ni fmm Ihi; dain of publica- 
tion. In 1 'II '"^ hv Vina «nc of t lir iiroruratoas 
(iirtli* Hiurcli. In \'?TV Lord I'orbiw peli- 
llonvd pnrlinmfint ihtl lI«[iryiMiti mi|;ilt Im.' 
a ppni nl<diin'''>/tb»'t«mmi -tiiunwn fur m U li ng 
llindiapuliu b^twis^nthn t'orbMandtliirGar- 
d'liM. Ho mnrTi«l Ii>-1i-n Swinton, eld««l 
dniiffbI«F of John Swiiiinn nf Swintom, and 
Wtlwoaunann'l aduuKhtiT. llodied about 
1''i1MI. Hill won Tlioinu in lopamlrlynolic^d. 

[li«mp-ter'i ]li«t. I^W. Orsi. Smc. ; M»i<- 
iiiiin'* Tnciiiiiru« Jurin ririlia nt OuMuiDi, voi. 
Iti, ; llnarfiuii'ii Plutarchi rommnilariam Stoi- 
<i<rum ConCnuioniiD.LojiLFii. ld6A ; Ilrntitoii and 
lloiu'* IliaT.ofCoD.of Jii*ti».l J. ». F. 

IlKUT iM30!'~lWt(h, SfotliJih poet, wa» 
|iri>))nl)lir Ixjrii bi'twmn 11:^ anil 14B0, but 
Mcitlx'T >I>" rmiiilr 10 n'liirli lie belon){a nor 
lliB plai'j'of Lie hirih liM l"!i-n ili»erivm*d. 
Sibtialil'* Kiirmisn {Chrmiirlri uf Sftttii'h 
IS'iHry, \. fW) tlinl Im wiw IIi-nrTaoa of For- 
ili-t, Vifi'iiliiro, TaiIict iif ilii- }iiitto»«laTl(, 
Jnmct Ilvnri'Min, wliu fi'll itl Kfoddan,U ant 
■appurlwl b^ evidenev, nor ia thurv anj^ proof 

l^at fa> la tvtalad to tW 1 ocvkl fainilv. 
R»aa«a it aui <« ibe aoittmtr n^UT 
rfaitWSL Aadnrwa or GImkow^ liie ontr 
two aainnitj aata than ia felUad ; and 
Dr. Lanf. ta the intrDdoctioo \o \o» con- 
Blet« edtttoa of Heaiyaoa'a ' Poasui and 
FaUca,' tlrab h likely tfaai he laav bava 
BB fh l i i Ua atadica and giadnatvd abroad. 
Hia *«—" a^Ilaiioa, ' Majtn Kobort 
llaasyfO*,' iadieal«a tbu b* vu a awtflor 
of afta> WLaa h« waa adaitti«d, 10 Som. 
14SS, aa a mamber of tlia lacantlj- buaJed 
Olaafow UnivcnHr, be wai callod ' tba 
Vennabl^ 3tart(T Kobcrt Hearjaonr, lieon- 
tiauin AnaandBafluliK'iaDecrMs.* At- 
teniw ihrM ■«parata deadi ( Marvh 1477-$ 
and JiUr 1470) ^naicd b>' tbe abbot of 
DanfcniUiiMi, ba m daMriba<l aa * MamWr 
Koborlua tloariMo, noUriaa pnbBcaa. Aa 
ai ibai tine notarica WBROonaianlvclft^- 
mcn, lIpDrncn waa ptobablr in oroBm, and 
as ontlwtitle-paMaflbp'FBblea'of lo70 
IHaHfimn JUS. %6S, p. 1 1 .Vonll FabU,, 
14^1 ) be is calUd a aoltooliaMi«r, it it pn>- 
babte ibat ba bald a datical apuaiatauait 
Kitbin Dunicrmliae Abbny. Tm aUwta 
elentad Ibe acboolBacii-r of tbo gramniar 
adhoot, wKi^ waa nitLia tbc p«t«incta of 
llle abbey, and tliii ma; linvf licvn Hontr- 
aou'a poat. Ixird IlaitM (AiirirMt ScottuA 
i^tmw, p. 27 8) auppoaea hia offim to ban been 
'tLatoTprceaiitororvotitliiD tbe Benedietine 
cOKTant ai Dunfcrmlina.' 

In tbc Gftb (lAiua ot tbe prologna to bia 
'Ta*iaDH-nt of Cruaawd ' Hwuyaoo calla bim- 
aelf ■ a niiui of ago,' and DunWr'a nffcmnea 
to bii dMth in Ilia * Lanaent tor ibe Maknns * 
(written befora IfiM) aeMBa to indiL-at^i tbat 
tbn iiTvnt waa cotnparatinJy iwcnl. Thera 
aru only thnn aftur bim on rbo mulancboly 
roll (not including K(.-nuedy, who ' in pOTOl 
of dcdo lyii viTiily'). Il ii urobaUu tnat 
Dunbar kufw Hi-un-soii, and i.lial if liv Sid 
not tivc into rlic bii^inniii^ 'if the •i.\U-viilb 
CMitarir, hi- died \fTy late in the HftM-nih. 
Sir Fmni-in Kimwloii [?■»'■]■■ wl"> olwut UJ3S 
in hi* introduL'tion a tradition, dcritn] from 
' diviTH tu^d ocWlurH (if tlK^Soutliib nalioo,' 
that l\ie autliur wus ' otii? Mr. lioberl Ilon- 
drraun. aoinMiaioa chiefn fclioolo-ii)Bai«r in 
Dninfi^rinlinD,' adding that ba di«id nt a very 
gT«m agt. ft i« ijiiit.' pmuiMi- that Hnimon 
wrote nia poi'in ' Adl- Prayi-r for tJie Part ' 
whi-n the iiliiftiic. Unuwn a* 'llnndgon],' 
will in EilitiburKb in 111?, btit tbnru ia no* 
ttitu^ to dupiiort tilt.- aiinnliui (HmtDBBaoK, 
Annah if Z)KH/rrM/nir'l tlint he wn« one of 
i(« victinu, nbiii, na abown by t]i«i buigh 
rworda, it ni^ in DunfiTrmlina in 1409L 





llciuyHRi iR tlia iDO«l ChaucpruB of the 
Seottwli ' BiokuiN.' TIk- ' Tnli' <>f (>rplie«ui ' 
Mill tlic'Toi-UiiinDt of CtvHi^id ' klonc unptj 
i-xrmptiry thu. The latu-r, inilaed, ilv^iW 
t'harlcrii'a I-^linlwnh edition oT IfiOS, Wm 

miliBg ■• vigoraiu, And it ha* piMo^^ of 
•tnuaoun unpw*iaii*d t-tOKci, tho «ximpl«iiit 
of tbi> l<-)m>"* (.Vittwiil, in [urtioiilBT, oetng 
a miihI aiiO impnnnre uulbunl. tluar^MD 
in iibnnvit oS tlie oullure of liia (imi-, luid 
loftily inuniliiwa (bolb in tbt- ' Fablw ' and 
Uie ptitlosofihii^ lyrid) nn the irnubWof 
bis ttthorlnnd. IIh • Abbny Wnlk,' ' (int- 
noiid of <)tld■^ l^oia,' * ItoMODiiiK botirijtt 
Aittf nnd Yowth/asd thv biw, aboir him lut 
■ (Irirt didactic uliilfwopUer sad ChriMian 
upiimiit. lit? i( the finl puw lyrwt smonc 
Scotiiih poelA. Hi* ingviuouft rtiymM sm 
his iiuMUT^ of psQM aad cmImics, sa bmd, r 
e.g.i IB ihp qiutrsin of ilii) ' Gsnnond ' snd 
Uia octnvi> of tlif ' AMm-t Walk' uiid * Ki>- 
baiM and Mskynir,' betokon s correct snd 
dinrfiplinnl («r. Bnides giriny »p«ciiLl di- 
nrciiun t<i tfaR balUil. HenTTMii inlrodooed 
ialo thi^ lanjrusfv th« morsl fible and i1i« 
pMtonil. EIio ■ Itludy ^-rk; ■ ■tlomll Fablns 
of E«ap« the PhtTgiiui.' and ■ Hnb^nr and 
MnVvbp ' SI* sll dulinci nnd valuatilr nddi- 
tioiU to Kn)tlii>h )x>-;tT^. IJncpili' the te- 
Hoiunetn of which I.nrd liailc* snd othfrs 
comptniii, ibi^iv are no bdliT fubU'* in the 
Isniriiittfethiiii ili<-' ihirtvcn wTitiuubirlI«nrr- 
ROa, and kiit pailuntl — the tuvo dtorr of s 
tkolttth Ud and la«8, with il« wayward fivnki 
and ftiaci(«, iw li«|i|>y dinlog'Ai^. and ita criti- 
cal i-lo«e b old» • imiqDi- pixilioit. 

Thn following eoUuctionn inrliidu pucibb 
br ll'iirv-iio: Tim Ajilnon MS. of l,il.1,the 
lUnnmviK.- M^of 15tl>^, Ihu Maillaud MS. 
of l&tUi. Ill" llnrUIan M& StMM, and ih* 
Msltcallnch MS. in l>r. Lain^'s oolWtioo. 
TIm ' (>rplieu« ' aiifraiwl iii tb» iui*(w11nnv of 
Ctiepmsa & Myilar. IAfl6. In 1!>EI3 lloirj- 
durtafia printed in 4to nt ICdinhuivh '"Hie 
l^«Wn■Bt i>f CMMaid,cnmpylit boH.Kobert 
lliinrykin, Spnlcnisiiiliir iii Dunfvnnelintc,' 
snd An'!mHarir<|.vr',in l'Jl'l.j>riui>'ilinSvn 
St ICdinlHirgli 'TliQ .Vlonfll Fubln* of 1-Uiopp 
the Phryirion, coinjiyltsl into i^oaunnt and 
ORUUM'nUill MePt<T. hv llobrrt lli-nrisauD, 
SehMteiMMinr of Docni'^rnwtlinir.' I>r. Xolt 
MMdmnd lli&t Sir Thomaa Wjall (IMM- , 
IStat raichi ham Uwa imk-bii-d to llyiinr- 
aoa'a ' Tail! of the niKinluiidis Moii» aii'l tOB 
bnriiPfi Huat ' tta lliu idea of hi« lint MtiM, 
sad hi- ibfrvfofp ([noted tb« faUo (ram tbe 
HsrteiAn M.S. in an sppsndix to hia odilion 
at Wj-ail'f ■ i'wiiu.' IiMiryaoa ia Eaitlj well 

rapTt-aented in Lord HmIim'm * Ancirai Scot- 
tiah PopiB*, publiaUd friim thoMS^ofUeoilg* 
Uaansljmc, 1770: in I'inhcrloa'a ' Anoictit 
Scotiati POMOa,' i;tW, and '^cotiab Pouma 
Kprinl«d JhHO aoarcv cdiliona,' lidi; and 
in Sibbnid'a ' CVouido of Sootiali iWf;.' 
vol. )., 1803. George Chalwenri|.v.}«dito<l 
and prMmtod to (ho lluilis^nie Club m l(tJ4 
Biiunnovoltim(>,0[jataiaiiig*ltobwaSBd Mit- 
kyne'iuid thu ' Toatamnnt of Crfieid ; ' and 
tiio Maitlund Ulub publitliMl in 4io, 1833, 
' Tha Mural l-'nbla, r<r]irialL>d from Andro 
llart and edii«d b* Dr. Irving. Dr. David 
l<ainf,tit 186r),nabli»hed. in I vol.8vo,'Tho 
Po«nu vid Foblrit »( Rob"rl lli'nniu>n, now 
Hnt colIiKIod, with Sotf* anil a .Mi-moir of 
hia Lift*,' nnd thin Motna likulj lo be tiio 
nLondard edition. 

[Dr.LaiaB** votam*,aiaboTa: Irrin^'i Intro- 
dnelion to ibv Uoi«l Faljlf*. anil hin I.<v*a ut 
tlM Seotiah Poala and Ubturr of Scotiih I'Mlry.l 

T. B. 


THOMAS. L/iuniiB<niiii(<i: I63S>,judsc, 
was fin of lidward Ounrvion fq. t.J Bo- 
fori' ItKK) hv wan onu of th« comtsiAaonen 
of l'MinUirf;h, and wu advocat»^|iut« in 
rvrioia praivaat* of fbrfMlore beloM parlia- 
■n^'iil in lUCW. On*l Jun* \Q2ih« «u{vofdod 
Sir I.uwia Cfsig of Wri^jhtnlnnda na on ordi- 
nnr^' lord cf aMiriotl, with the title of l>ird 
4)bi->.tnra. nod was kni)(fated. promotion wliich 
lie owiil to Ilia atnunoh cpisoopalisniam and 
ttic GtTour of the priuialu Spolttwood. Thia 
olBoe he lield till IVSi, when he retagaod 
ovriaff to ioflrmiti«s, reuiamc b!a title sad 
pririlegei. In 1093 ho had bMn a eomnia- 
tioDsr for ittvianx ibn lawa and I'olloctinit 
local ciubima. II>? iliid 3 Feb. hue*. 

Ktruoton and Datit'* SanaloMof ih« Rojal 
e^ of JoMica; Book* «f Sodfnial ; lla*- 
toith'a TbnSU*, p. 86 ; AdIb Scoto Pari. it. ISI, 
277! J.JLH. 

HEN8ET. FLORKSCR (j*. 1768), 
n«ooh tft, wna bnm at Kildam in IivUnd 
sbont 1714. When vury jonnjt he osmo lo 
tinffland. and on \S Oct. 1718 i.-nt<>f«d u a 
•tuooit 'if mudii-ini- ai L«ydeB, whnu Itu 
frndoab-d M.D. (Ui/Jn Slu4n>t», a. 48, 
Indftx Society V ill' aft«rwnrda tTnT4>lledia 
Switanrlnnd, Italy, I'orti^al.snd Spain, and 
iMtcninu protkiont in the Ungoagn of thq 
pountTM* bo Tinted. He Uun ik-iiIhI at 
I'arM, where for eonie jtm be practimd as 
a pbyaieiao, and vrliere lie luami to tneak 
I'Yench lluenily. Fioally lie mtnovoa to 
&iglsi»d,sad comnencadpttctiesin Londoik. 
Oa ilie oatbnak of tbe M<r»a jean' war in 
1 700. npu»x opened s eoRMtpondeaoe with 
on old fcllowatudHawho wae then owe^ 





IB tbe l-'rFticli forvifpi ot&ae. Aa a mwilt 
1m MiIfrnMl ibii Frcncli aenioe U ft Spf.aiul 
ia (ctum fin ■ mUTr uf n haadicd giuneaa 
k y*«r aupiili«<l utfamBtioa u to Uic moT*- 
aienu mi ewoimMit of tbe Engliab Ae«t. 
He wani«d t£a Ffmeli at thn iniomlnl Rxp»> 
dhtOD to Kocbnrort ia 17IV7, aoit liis wnminfr 
BMina to liBTc cootributiHl to the (WUuro oT 
tlMl cnterpniM. Ilriwoir conducted biacone- 
■[landMiU ihroufrii a bnitlicr nbo wa* clup- 
lain to ibe Spanitli ambaaaadoT ai tLu Hague. 
A poatmaa, who knew tliat ll«i(«y was a 
BomaD cathdlUr, and had otwemd bU fnH|iMnt 
fi>reicn Mrrap^iidBncn, callfd thn attraiion 
arhiiiRUpi?rior«tath«inatt«r,and onnjwnini; 
IImipv'i Urttuni priJ<^iocYfait obtaitiiKl whicli 
led to his arrmi, oil Jl Aug. I7u7.a« tiHwaa 
loBviu^ tlie cath»lbr rhiirch is Soho Square. 
Ailrr inatijr examinations before the wrmtnrT 
of Btat«i,lmiM]r wa« cammiuiwl to N>w^t<' 
9 March 17IiA, and on 8 Ma? wna bmujihi 
htkav thu kinfr'a liRncb and nrdfrrd to mv- 

(mtv for hja trial. Tip trial look pbu» Iwlon.- 
Carl Manalitrlil on 12 June, ocvapyintr all 
da?. TheiMidenceofifuill wHSOTeqKiirtfiui^; 
furtli«r It'tl'^m were l^>iiii(l at Ilonaey'a lodg- 
ii^ in AruniU-l Slrr«t, Strand, in S bui<aau 
01 which bn nlnnr hail (hn hcv, and woro 
coocliiairnly (hown In bnin hin handwrititijr- 
Tlirrtir wiu pnurtiivlly no di^fcDcv, atid suck 
tt^'liiiicBl'.tlijfCtioiia aswi-K rainwl wpivottt- 
rulod. Un tJt» 14(li Humw!? wucoiidvmuod 
todeatli as n traitor; but on \i Julf, the 
tsry day appointed for his enucuiion, he 
moriitid a napito for a fortnight, and thli 

fittiixl wai oflcnranlii axloadcd, till on 7 Stft. 
7E6 he waa admiilod to boil in ordiT ui 
idead Ilia pardon nut t«rtn. Attt-r thi* 
Uonae^ diwppears. There is a mviiitlliiin 
portrait of hiin in the 'nnnuiaH Acomit,' 
and n ful1-!ont;lh one of bini infotierstn tb«> 
' Gonuiiio Mi-moim.' 

[A Gorjuiui; A«omil(,f ih* rro«nlliigiUQlhi> 
Tnal nf I'lunuioii Ilrniiiiy, A1.ll., T/iiHlon. 17GS; 
Genuine M»in')in( of tha Lifa and TrtuonuMo 
Praeiien of Dr. Flontnce Hodhoj. Londoa. 17(9 
(irrll<«u bttTaen Motooeoand th* day appointed 
for bla MMCutioo) ; Ann. Bar. I7S8, pp. n-» : 
OMt. Wkg. ITM ps. 1(0. »r-S, aS7-8. 176B 
p. 43*.] C. L. K. 


fhili)loi;iFii, bom in 1761 or 17()lj, son of 
iiMincu ilun*ball, grocer, of Ssndboch, 
Chewire, was odiicBted at Hanchralor grsiu- 
mar sclionl. On Mng nnminatod to a scliool 
pxbibiiinn lie wont tollruwDow? Co]l<^[*, Ox- 
foril. mntriculat«] on II Oci. 17tS, and aub- 
•rqurntl? becflmr one of lIulmuH exhilii- 
tioncra. Hill tulorwaa Thomas Bnutliwi'iu-, 
an old Manchester aohoot boy, w1)oni )iv mi.<n- 
UonagratefkiUy iqliu'Elymolqg>i;al Organic 

Rea<oner.'n.& lU (FTadaated B.A. 14 Juni- 
)7W.H.A. IS May l7'W,an<l aftrr taking 
holy orders wna elected a fellow of ike co(- 
leffv. On n l*»c l'J>'2, being then cutale of 
Ciriitt Church, .SpiialMda, bo was an un- 
Rucocaiful candidate far tba lacluTi»liip of 
St. Peter the I'oot, and macfasd a ptoha- 
lionaiy aennaD, afterworaa puUidiaa. In 
Nomuber IflOO be Mood, agaui withoitl nie- 
oeat, tor tlie Anglo-Saxon pnAMKnahJii >1 
Oxford ngain«t Tbomas tliirtlca-tle {O'ml, 
it<^. ToL Ixi. pt. ii. p. 10ei7|. Ill '\m\ ho 
wa* appodnti-d a |>ublir examiner in the uni> 
»iT»«tj. Hewa-ipreaeiitcd by hU coll#en«it 
•Ii Jan. l^J to ibe Rctor>' of tit. Uarr Stral- 
foni. flow, MiddlMcx, wbere bo died M 
17 Not. lttU7,afed 42. A narrow Sat (tone, 
on tlia aowtli isde of (be diancvl, ooTifn ht« 
ramninx.and record* tlint 'he waa rector of tlie 

Snriah Gitr Tear*, ten notitlia, and twenty-fix 
nyc.'aodtlinl'be wan married lire year*, ail 
monib>,and thirteen ilaya.' 

Ueiuhal) publiibed; 1, 'Specunena and 
Parte: covttainiiiK; a Ifistory of ibe County 
of Kent and a DiK*i'r1atkin on the Lawa 
from ihe rvittn of Kilward the CoofeMour 
to Kdwnrtl tlie Fin* ; of a Topngrapbioal, 
Cnmmetvinl. Uivil, and Nautieal Hiitoryor 
South Briioin . . ., from Hutbentii: doco* 
menls,' "J tols. Jlo, London, I7»S, Thia 
waa to have been cuiapleleJ in six ouarttfly 
porta, but it was diaoontmued after rorty-ono 
pag«sof vol. ii. had bean printed. 2, 'The 
Saxon and l-jigliah lAtifnagn riynpronlly 
illuitmtire of cacfa oibnr; tlie Itapmctita- 
biLty of acquiring an accurate Knoirledgeof 
Saxon Litenturv tlirau(;fa l.heMediiimof ihe 
Latin Phraaeolopy exemplified in lh« Emm 
iif llickes, Wilkiiw, Oilw'ni, and other aobo- 
lan); and a ni'w Mode <«ii|igwated of radically 
ftiidyiiig lbi> Sntnn and ICiigliah I.nnguagm,* 
4to, London, 17UR, dedicnlnl to Tbotnoa 
Aatin fci- v.], bi« ' nmweil patron/ who bad 
pcFmitted liim (be ' nnlimitcd penual ' oi bia 
miinuKript«. lEichard Ooagh and PrafiMaor 
Charles Ma>-o in the ' (ipnlleman's Magn- 
xine' (vol. Ixi'iii. pt. ii. pp, ^tl'A) nnd 
Home Too]e>> in ih« * Anntylical li^view'ex* 

red Honiiluiirs i^^nnuKv nnd vlf-rnnceit. 
' Donmaday.or an ActHnlSuri-.-vofSriutb 
ftriiain, . . . faithfully tntmlnied. with an 
inl reduction, nolea, and illiiBtnlionn, by 
Bnmtiel llenshall . . . aiidJoliii WilkinMU, 
M.D.,' 4lu, London, 17tK>. This, compre- 
bending i)ie couniiee of Kent. Susmx, nnd 
Surrey, wim lo be tbo Drat of Ian aimilar 
nuiiib<T>, which wwn to contain both volumes 
nf the nriffinal. In apito of a boastful ad- 
TT'rtiu^nient. the book waa abown to be full 
of blunderw, and drappod after tbe fint num- 
ber. 4. 'Strictutua on tlie late Hotioiu of 




tlM Dako of Lainator, ... R. 11. Sharidtn, 
^ ^M., ■ . . Uid n pangrnph in tlw MOllMfli- 
eiu Chnmiclo of OpiMHition,' Sro, London, 
17SW (^V.i(. .Ifny. voL \xx. pi. ii. p. 646). 
fi. A iltuD)ui;iviiiff ivrmuu ujion Ttu&Iat, 
pnMtliMl & D«o. 1805, rightly di^wribeir u 
'fiuli*!! declamation' in tlie * (ifiitleroao'it 
M««suDe'for April im». 9. -ThBaotbic 
tiotpal of gatnl MnUhnw, from tlw Ooclvx 
Afifpnlfiiw of tlic Knurth (.V-ntury ; with t!in 
eorrt'.'pciiiiinfc- Ktiyljsli or I^iuiin from ihu 
DnrliBUi Ikiuk of iliu Ki^titli Ci'tituri*. in 
Boauii cliuntclvn) ; a lil--nil Biigliali hetsoa 
«f Mclii anil Xoiiw. Illuhtratioiifi, nuil Klj- 
Btologiiiil l>iujiiiiiilioii8 nn (>ru*nic Priii- 
ciplu*,' t^vo, LoadoD, 1&«7. (Indicnlrd lo 
Itiebwrd llebiTr ^q. v.], To whum Ileimliall 
waaioiIvbCnUortWloaaorrnre bookn. Four 
moullily numbi^n: tJir tiilli, due uii 30 Smpt. 
IMFT, was iilop[ieii by Ht^iuhall's liut iIlii«M. 
ta ilio'occTaaiaiisI prefaoe' be turns upon hia 
criiintaiid UnvalDDsinanota toenpom'tliis 
nw, Illocktlulliiina, Klrctinnn!rinKO\nmiiii>, 

Bevievrcn, L«vr ('hurthmva, l'ru.->byiuniiiiii, 
Hatliodiais. and olLvr hurds of aiiimaln tlmt 
IbUow th«iT l«wli!r'» lail an- coui'erned.' Tu 
ibe ' Aiili^HCobin Ttoriew nnd Magaxiiue' 
ntfiiHlioll wMi nc oiw tinw a fpsquent con- 

tj. F. 8initb's R»g. MiinchMiw Ommma.r 
Ool (CMham Sac.), ii. H-tu, iii. )>t_ ii. 3'J-i ; 
FmUTH .Muiiiiii <)ion. 1715-1830, p. 6i0i 

OfnL WnS', vol. Iiirii, pi. ii. pp. IITd. Tol. 
Uiriii. pt. i. jv. iHH; Brit. Mas. Cat.; LjKnu'a 
KnTtroa*. I4appl«ni«at, p. 307.] O. Q. 

HBNSHAW, JdSKI'II, ».!). (HWt- 
]S7tt)i bi»b<n> of 1'n(cfboh>U)(li, n-u tliL" .ion 
«f nioman llrnjiinw. jolii^itor-gi-ntni] cif Irr- 
lend. Uia Rmi'lfntWr, \ViltiBni Htii'liavr 
of Wortb iti Suwrx, was deBcnidnl front 
&n oil) Clictliirv fanilr, retiilent ftt lleii- 
ahaw Hall, Iri ihc pariab of Siddingtnn, nnnr 
CoTigUrtoji. Ilia mntli'T wna Jonn, tJu> only 
dnuslitirr of Itichnrd Witloir, i^hirf aurf^oii 
tolVumn Kliialx'th. Thcplocoof lli-o^liuw's 
tiirtb ii diitiblful. Hnlmon nar* tti'Soilvly 
' 111! WKB l"irn iiiCripplf)r»ti^ liarisli * ( Zjtrj'o/ 
AWmA, ji, ;c!l). Itidwji K'-tiuitt a 
infortnaiit < llak'r ,tf.S'S. sxvi. ;(7 1 ) ■ (iinpnioa' 
Knni|Ming in Stuu»x : but tli" biipiiciiiul iVKi>- 
t4'Ta of ncilhi^ pariah tmntain lui nnint'. an 
waa ooif of ibi' lini *••* of ar.liolim iidmitli'd 
to the i»-w foundalioii »( llinrti-rhoiiJMi by 
Thomaa Sutton, on iLc (■roiuid of hiiiahip, 
19 July IHM. \\v •niifrt'd a* a rxminonwat 
Maudat'-ti Mail, OxfonI, in lH'-'Land ^adu* 
«Uh1 U.A. -m l-Vl.. 1^31, !:> Ifxc \GX>, 
and IU>. L' July If'-IO. Ilarinir taken holy 
ami'v* Im> btuiiiie ebaptoin to Jobu Digby, 

earl of Briitiol, and aubopquiintlj to Oi-orge 
Villii-rB.dukeof )tui'kinghaiii,auofllofry(hicb 
lie lii^ldat.thifi.imvof ibuduku'aaMtuainatioa 
in \iyiH. Hv niynl lurour ho vra* upjiointed 
to the probvtiilaf stall of llurit in CbiriiMUv 
Catlx-dral. Ell- aUu held tlie benotico of 
Hc«tlhani-ciiui-llrv«l>ot from Itt3-1 to 1(M4, 
and that of Eut Lava&l, bIm in iku c^onnly 
of SuMex, to whicb lia woa aupoiulrd hj 
Areliblahop Luud in I63G. In ItKJS ha wa« 
marrieid in >I id-Litvunt t'liiiicli to JaiMs ifaa 
dBiight«r of John AIny of lUwmanh in lliat 
parish. She diiul iu 1(581^ ui the it^ of 
tu-i-Dly-tiine, Ivnving a son aud a datifthlcr, 
aud n-M buried at Kaat I^vunl, Uu tht-oul- 
l>r('alc of the civil war, lli'nnliiiw.likt- all luyul 
occlMiiaatic-Si waa depriviil nf liia pn'bendal 
Btall MidtjaciodrrumuiBliviDffof KuatLavsiit 
bytlninurlinnii^ntaTVOoini&iuionon. Accord- 
ing to thn ' I toynliat Composition Paper* ' ilcn- 
Book tiia hubitiktion in .Suafi^x,' and n.'pain'd 
lo ICxvti^r. tlieu tbo laat hopii of <hu royalial 
cauBP. OuilB «un>cndvrto Viurfai, 1;) Ajiril 
ll!^);, liu was d^clarvd • delimjucut, and al- 
lowi'd to comnoundforliiiMlate by paying a 
fine of \fiOL Ilia lifpduting the I^rolec'iorato 
cannot Ix- acciirntnty trocml. Some part of 
Iba timeheiataidtn liavit »]i<.-nt *al the Lady 
Paulet'B liouao at Cbianirk.' At tli« Rosto- 
ratina lie was compt-itaated for hi* cu^erin)(a 
ill tht> royal uauao by * rapid •uecawott of 
dignitiaa. lie waa appointed piwenlar of 
hi.1 old t-nlhmlrBl of l^'hichoelw 13 Jidy I860, 
and on Dr. Uy vi-a'n<l vniiccmvtit lo the oeanoiy 
of \\'iu<isor ill Novi'mlier of tha taine ytiac 
rvcvived llie deanery, huliiing the pr«ciFntor- 
»bi|i with L< f'n mtiinvn/Zant. Wm is itattjd to 
liavi? dimu luitiiy BL-rvieestolliecsth^drtl and 
ilcchnptiT tiiKiirliiif; itiaffain after ibolonff 
period of coiifuairiii. Tliroo ytani later bo 
U'lia ojipuintiHl In (lir bi*hoprie of Fewr* 
borou|{b, bc-int; c<innH:rnird at Latuhelh by 
Shi^ldon duriojf the laat illnnu of An'bbi«faop 
Jiltiun. lU Ma; 1M3. Hia i'l>iaca[ial4> waa 
undiMin^uialMd. Pepyi record* baviiiKlioard 
hiui iin^ioh -but dullv' hi Wbiioball on ibo 
hinga birtbday, -Jfl May 1(109. AucFordiJng to 
Hrown*' Willia hir "liifd not Wty hof'pt'ubly 
in bisdioceaa'i&'ur-rry, i. ftOO), He dimlsu^ 
ilmly in London on Sundav.B March 1678- 
1 079, aAer bavins attended Svfail(>h*UCbapol 
twice, and wad iiuri(>d iu bis former eburdi 
of Kiiai I.avant byibrtiidt'of liiiinifeandKin. 
Ilia only p'iir\ivinjr rliild, Marv. niarriod Sa 
AndtvH llnrki't of Minbiill, \Varii ii-kshire, 
(ton of John IIacki<l, bialiop of LidiHeld 

Hunihaw wrntv: t. ■ Hone SuceinTio, or 
Spare llouTMof Meditalioniu])on onr DuiJa 
lo (lud, Uthen, Outaeli-cs,' LoDikui, lUSl, 




Sto, two turU; 'ind edit, ■tolari^.' iMm« 

TIM ii'mo, 3fd 1831', -iih loar.. aih IiMh, 

Tth l(tl<l : ni'v iililiuii br Willioiu TimiUill, 
ISS9. i. • Meditatioiia iUifMlUiitMUS Holv, 
■ad liuiiiiuF,' l^ndon, 1037, l9sio ; ioii i-Ait. 
leaO: 3rd rdn., M • Ihylr Thougfat*, or > 
Htipabtwliixl »• ' A New Y<Mr'ii(iifl,ltedil»- 
l*iin^A:c,' lAmdna, 1701, l^ina. with a ilitn] 
put br Kicbard KtddiTtq.T.J.baaliopofBuiii 
•sd W(<lls, Ttiiii piliiioii vfB« wnrinUd vitli 
llw original liile in lt«41 M Oxlcird. 

tWimd'vFaMl.t. 414. 47«.ftlO; Wood'* AtbMHK 
«d. BliM.iu. lllM.ii. 444: Wslkor'* Sufltriac* 
of til* Clorn. pt. ii. p. I S : Ilaka USS, uTi, 371 ; 
Siuwx Arctiaol. ColWlianii. *. 02. lix. 107 ; 
Satmun'- I.ivc* o/ KskI nh lUthOM. p. 31 ; Elvna 
anil R>liinr*>D'i Cartim uiuS Manon of Waal 
SoMN, p. Si ; Bril, )!«. Cat.) E. V. 


{d. lU73j, phyajcian, jvunger mmi af Dema- 
miii Uuiuhaw, ■ om of Ibe caplMiw of Ui* 
dtvarixiiulan,'wbndi«d4 Dec. Iti3l,bv1u« 
wifn Anii^ dautitittv of William BwihBin, 
dtifn of ijfl[i<l(in, wan ontcrod on tlia phjaic 
linn al l^ydi^n oa 4 Nov. ltU>3 {l^udea iltit' 
and v,-iiii admiilHl lutliv Hiuic- dpfinwat \ia\t- 
lin ill tlip Buiumrr tiTiu IWil I (.'if. o/ (Imitu- 
»te» in Unit: ■•/ JhiUii; MiOXAf^, p. -Hilt. 
Ob 20 Naj- laiSl Uwu oU«l«d F.H.S. (Ttinx- 
•ON, tfu/.'i/'JAijr.fiDc-. Append, iv.) Ileprac- 
liftnd in Dublin, but ilicJ lu Loiid<iti in i^l^p- 
tenlb(^r ltl73. and wim burit-d on tbv l.Iib of 
that lUMitli in KeiuLugtou Oburcb (juHriali 
register). Ilia will, dat«d <J Aii^. Itt73, vra« 

Crorcd at I/mdon on the foUuwui^ 1 1 S<^C 
f hia aiftftr, Anne Gre»ys (itgislwed in 
I*. C. <;. 1 13, 1'ypt. Hp ia author of • corioua 
littlu trcntinn rntitlnd ' Aoro-Cbaliun*: orn 
tlHRiHivr for till? Air; in Avu Cfanplora. 
1. Of FrmK-niaiiun. 2. (Jf Chylification. 
8. Of Kuspiration. 4. Of Saiifcui ligation. 
t>. TImI. often changing tlio Air in a (Vimd 
to bcKlth, Alio adiMOvrrjr of n lu'w nic<lh«i1 
of doinK it, n-ithout rfmoTiiig firnn naf plnrii 
to anotlicr, by mi'.un* of n Dotnidl, or Air- 
t^bambor, fitird lo that purpose. For iIir 
betl«r prMemlion of Ili-alu^ and earv of 
]>lieM«a, nfter a ii«w MetJiod. Hvo, Dublin, 
IdM. The second edition (l3no, l.ondun, 
1637) WM priotad by order of the llojnl 
8ocietT,at* mooting Wd on I Mnreli \iiit'< 
1077, naviog been prcDan^d for llicr nri'^n by 
tho aulbor'a elder brutluTT, Tliomatllciubnn' 

.Y.] (Wood. Atlitna 0.nm. ed. Bli^, iv. 

fl). It was ro» iewwl in ihe ■ l'hilot"»- 
phieal TrarMactioD* ' {xii.834T>) by Henry 

[AuUioritiM aa abori^] 0. 0. 


•ricniitio wriicr. aoo of Beojunin llmibaw, 
and brotbiir at Nalbtniet Ueaiahaw ;^ii. t.\ 
«-■■ bom in )lilk Simx, oily of Loiid^Mi. on 
l.'j Junr 1IJI& A(l*r aiiMidia^ tcfaool U 
Bontet and Uicn in CripplotiKlr, Ijondon, be 
w*B enlpm] oscomraoni'rai |lniTf<nutyl>i|. 
lege, Oxf'-inl, in lf!34,andn.'main«i thi-rc Btc 
yiMT* v'iiliont lahinj; a drf,ive. Mv DDlcr«l 
tke Sliildle T<^npk', und va tlu? tximtneiice- 
isenl of ibe civil nur tt'iii'MCbarleelat Vorit. 
Hoon aftmianl' hr ' went to Ijcintlnit to TV- 
crait himwdf.'andtx-in/Iakc-n priMHu-rby tb» 
parliainentariui*, wu alloKnl lo paa« out 
of the MKwirj on bi> |i<nng ifiood Bc«imty 
not to join the king'a anuv affaio. lien- 
iliaw »uled fo Holland, atid nAMWuda en- 
tered iJie FrMidi amy, in wliich lie bocaaao 
major. lie «ubiinquitnlly tntToll^d ibniu^b 
ttpttin. roMinc tbrDor to Itnlv, ho lirod i* 
■nowsakin at ICotno, I'ndiu, naif Veiuco, till ■ 
*liiilii before ibi' man bur of KuigUuiriei],' 
when he gtA leanr to rvlurn lo En^tland. 
In liUVt ir«* printed al Spa a * Vindicalion 
of Thnmni llennhair, »n«ii«liine Major in llie 
Fn^ocb Kine'xuTviiw, in iiiiililiciilion ofbiiB- 
•tif againat tbn .VipcmnnK (lirowiiu npon 
hiin.' In tbi* bu n-piidiaii-> any ibant in 
ilie ploia on behalf of Charlie 1 1, but call* 
CromwwII ■ tlie grvalrat murlln-n-r.' 

On hii Ktiint to England Ileniihair waa 
called lo the bar, but iliHConliniied the pnte- 
tici> of ilut eomiiKin law on arcoiuii of ' Ibe 
BowrB complexion of ihn litnps.' AftiT tbe 
KwlOTiil LoD lU-Dsbaw wns nppoiali^ tho 
king's nnder-wcreiary of ihf Frendi touguo 
and gvullemnu of tin* pmy council in or> 
dinaty. He iraa ditKun oni? of tbe fellow* 
I of tlw Royitl Siici>'ty at it- Qrat conMllit- 
tion in \W&. Henaliaw enntinwd m Fr>.'iMh 
' aecretary under Jome* 11 and Williuin 111 
(«ee ittacription on hin Ioinl»loni' at Ken* 
tiiagton). In 167:^ IK-nidiaw attemlcd tbe 
DiiNe of Richmond, unbosoador esti»a(di* 
iinry la ibi- court of Dt-nniark. as MOVtaiy 
of the cnibniay nnd anaislaiit. za the dulto. 
Tint latter died on Vi T\vc of tlie anaie 
ywir, and llen>linn- nas ci)inni«nd«d to re- 
main in Dennuirk na mvoy cxtrannlinitrv, 
and held llu- office for two yn-nr* nnd a bntf. 
Ilenahawfwiit tbe lad yi-nnof bi> life at 
Ilia houv in Kensington, wbore be divd ud 
S .lun. l«lt5i-17U(>. AccmJing to liii lumb- 
alonu in tlic duiiirel of the porisb chuttta 
tliero, u daii^btrr Annp, bi» milu ■iirvivor, 
mnrried Th<imiii< lliilmy of (inddfsdfii.llvrl- 

Ilnnatinw mibliiihud, from tbo Iiolinii of 
¥. Almrex Snmedo, ' llintor^- of the (iirat 
and RenowDpd Monnrcbyof Lliiiia, to wliich 
is added a lli^lory of ibii late Iutsmod and 



H en slow 

Cnoijumt of tli« flourialiin^ Kiii)|[i)i>ia of tha ' 
Tarlar*, wilb an nxnrl ai'muiit of tb(? olhi-r 
Airnirixif China,' I^mlmi, IltVi. After tlii> 
lleailiTrnt toil ajipiMrvtl ii*vi-nil uniuiporlnnt 
papi-ni bjrhiin in tlii-' Pliil<»i>pluciillTantAC- 
tioii* of th«i Ito^ i^wvty,' Mill two Miiall I 
tiMlitW on luiikiag ' Sail 'Polor ' nnd ' (inn- I 
pOwdar.' Ilv •'<lil<-<l witli nn epiiillu Ca tlic | 
T«»dM' Dr. t^iiTphvn SKiinipr'ii ' Ktymctlufpcon | 
I.ingiun AnghcanH:' l()7 1 , miii U n'f<.iTHl lo i 
in tfac {iTi'fxv lu llliiu Aaliiuolti'n *Woy to 
Blias' (prmttd \ii-'i») m ha i^xiwrt in ihc i 
ooeult science of llu- iliiiu. 

[WoodV AlbrDD OxoD. (Bliw), iii. lot. IT. 
444; iK-ob qiiotvd aboT*.] R. K. A. 

IbUI). buUiiisI, Tlip vldtut ofvlenvn cbilillvli 
of Jolin Prtnitin lleiialow, s lolioiCor, vru 
boni >t ItocliMivr fi F(>b. ITtHt. Sir John 
Itenalaiir.diief *urvnyorof iho nary, w a* hi* 
eimndfathnr. llnniilnw, w)iu D|ipnniiitl,v in- 
Iimntiyl a tanh- for nntunil hinlory fnitn btilli 
hi* porrtiTa, wu <sliicni(.'il lint at Itucliiuirr 
frcu numiiiar ncliuut aii<l aDi-m'antB nuilrr 
Ibe Bet. W, JrjihMii at Ciiinbvrwull. tn 
1814 Ih> enti^ivrl Si. John's Ojllcgv, Ciiro- 
brid^ Tlwiuirh nlr-^idy devoted In natural 
hifrtoryi (■•[woiiillj' <^iilomiilcij^ ami noncho- 
iogy, ami '■imlyiiij; iJi'-miitrj- uncirr tjiiin- 
nuag and mitivTaloffv uaiipt E. I). Ciurkf. 
bo ^ftdttklcd w slxiivnTli wraiiuler in \><l>*, 
piOMedinfc ?kLA. iu IH2I. !)<■ I>wfk»i>.- » 
mUow of ihe Lioii«nii Sociplv in l^l>', and 
ottheHeologiealiiiocietvin 1)^11). During th« 
Huter vRcntion of tlio^nili<r rnnr hnaccom- 
paniwl Adam Srd|prick, on iiitim>ti- friund 
tluwigh lilc, on a KcolaKical tour in tlia Itle 
of WljgbL Tllis l«it U> ibeir co-uprratioiii in 
fbimdnw ibe OimbridK« Pliitoflopliioal S>i- 
aely. In ilic lon^; vni-aiiiin of IHjtt Ileu»- 
low took Mxne od* Dis impilo to« lolo of 
Mah. lutil Um Koologii' 'if llio ihliuid fcirmcd 
tk» wbjact of ni* fint pap^r, whicli aMwarcd 
in lb« ' T^MUBctiunn ' of ihu (Ic^iwical 
Society. (umiUrly, in 1)421, hv vxpfored 
AngUwA, dncribinf! it in ilie 'Tnnau- 
tioOB ' of I he Oambridgv Pliilotopbi cal 8oci«t^. 
In 1682 be mtmndtd Dr. KdvnnI n^^il^1 
ClwriM fq.*.] M pTofofsor of minrmlndj- ai 
Ounbtiolfre, uid in 18^ wm nnUinwl deocoii 
and priiwt, becoaaing cimli! o( St. Mbtv ilie 
Low, Oambridge. On llic dt-mfa in lKi7 of 
Tlioiitw KIsTtyn, iu wboMv liands tli« proleo- 
■oabipuf iMlany liid for thirty jiarii be«n 
a nnecuro, llmbiow wa* appotiilnd lo thn 
elwir. Hit diortly aficnranu lyaicond tho 

CrMaonbip <if minomlo^, luid Tield tbo 
uitcal dmir &>t tim renuindcT of hi* life. 
UiavnthuatMni Rndered botiuijr a popular 
Ml^«ct in Ui» iuiiT«nlt]r, and bia excumon- 

nnd (mWm weivitii>>n'l«fl by men nrvarioun 
tiuttv, Iterwiii, Itvrkt'lpj, and Habingtom 
lieiD^amo[i)[IiUpiipilii. Diirwiti,hi>> furoiurilv 
pupil, alwuj^ i'»i«Tiiupd th<! Iiiglirni r<>^nr<l 
tor liim. 111? rar>iiuiDuiidi>d llnnrin v naiiK 
relJM fur the Hvefli', and diiriiiK tb« tim 
yoara of Uiw voyapi louk charitn of all tlie 
■pocinii>iif: UTUi ii'iBiw. So fnr lu llenilour's 
own work wan ciini*m«l, ili-? rlii.-f fniit of 
till' expiHlitiou wiw a 'tlnruln Ki^liu)fL-mi*,* 
piililialivd iu llin 'AqqiiI* of Noluml lIlK- 

toty ■ for Jbse. 

In 188^ Ilennlov,' wa.1 npiioiiiied rii^nr of 
Cbt^r, Iterkpdiift'. lint only iv;>idi<d ai tbal 
nlae« during tlie Imig vai-ntionn. In 1S37 
ho WM prmonird to ilii* iTiwn living of 
Ililcliniii. Suirolk.niidiii IKKI l.'n.Cniit>ii'id^i' 
t'ur Cliat plnri>. Ik' bad lakrn an Mrtivi' part 
in politicji nt C'uinliridKc u n fiillownr i>f 
PaUDurslJin, and n«K tumi-d liis i-nL-raii'* to 
tho T«fbrin of a uott iivglecttyj imriBli. Iu 
Kpito of farmrr*' nppoNllioii. ho «tBl>!'«lipd 
■irhoali>,lnto whirh lii> ini.r(nltio*d tbi.iiolun- 
tary uludv of bntany with >(inii>l hocpi?**, 
bi-nefil cluld, crirkrt and at)il'-iic cliilj*. 
nllolaiutila, horliciiitural-Bbowi, nnd pnrinh 
oxcun«ion«. Allhi-hnlf-KiurlT Ilowt-r-iliowa 
lu'wna in tlii? biil>iT of delivt-ntitr iiitut i^ffcc- 
civrtly »iniplo ' kciurvtfi,'4» h>.> loniiMl theia, 
lauiii ly on loniie of tho iipocinit-TiH in hi* mried 
collevtion of eeonomic pmdurtJi. (h) th* 
•jcciuioii of ibv pnri.iii Picunioni.aiibiiiitiitid 
by hiin fiirtht'(irj*i» kiion-nu' titbit diuiter*,' 
It* aceonpaiiied IiIb poriiihionpni to Ijiawich, 
IMmbridgC', Norwicli, and to Tin- Ijniilon i-\- 
LibilioQ of IHA1. Iii> fiirtltcr •hou'i'd hit iii- 
t4irv«t in their a'i'll-bi>iu^ by tlii^ tiublicaliou 
in l)*43 of bis * I^ttiRra tn the FanutT* of 
Suflblk/ dcaliog wilb (bi- rcdiioniic apiitica- 
l.iou of inunnrtu and olliirr pnif tical Imcliiaipi 
of pbyMiiltHiv. In ihc 9UiurT<>arh('niad<- the 
imJHirlftnl iliNCOirry of ihe iiiliinbit' btila of 

1ilio*]>hal Ic ni.>iliili« in I he SnffoUi Crxg. 1 1 cn»- 
ow wiw an bcIitd mi>inb«r of tlie Britith 
Ajaodat ion from l83^preudinf,ainaDg other 
occBuiona, over tho natural bwlory ntction 
at tbv heatnl diM'iunioii un th<.> ' (]ri|iin of 
8nMii.-«'flt Oxford in thi! last yt-oruf Iub life. 
lie w«« a member of tho mtnato uf Londun 
rnivtmilT from IWtlJ, and M examiner in 
iKitany frnm I8;M inaiiitnl njvinih' ni'dwily 
of II pmclicul knowledge of ihi- •nlijr'ct. In 
ISlt* hi? look an aclivi' jiart in tin- foiiiidii- 
ti'jn of tli0 Iji^wich MuH7Uin,a type of what 
a loc«l iniiaeiuu gfaoatd be, and acted aa otp* 
(Silent of (lie mona^ag committee bva 1860. 
Var thi- finl Pari* exhibition he pTPjianil » 
frtiv* of niwirorn* illualrativn' of the Mruc- 
tiireufrniila. for which lie rvemved a tnud^ 
a dupticnlf of wliioh ia now at Sontb K«n- 
ningtouL At hia death hia luge coUoctiona 






■wens nAinlT ilivideil between Ipwwicli, Own- 
faridgv, nnd Ki-w mu«eums. He liad gnttly 
•MiMcd Sir W. J. Hooker in tho rormation 
of th«muiwun*klK«w. AfWDnrwinnub- 
liakcd liU 'Orifpnof Spwirii'in IH-'iiMlcnn- 
low vitit.^l Lim iit Down. ■ Hutulnw will (,ti 
■ Vi-rv 1 ill In wny wilk ma aud in nut 
At mt?,' wrule Darwiu to Aaa Gib,v (H F«b. 
18110 ). I If ii«1ow diwl at lliuhun on 10 ii»y 
1861. Adivm Si>dirwich ntf^iW liiRdoatn- 
bnl. IIuiiivIdw wii*t>iiri>v] in Milohnm cliuwh- 
ynrd. Homatrii-d in ll^i-'llliirrinliiiiiujtht*? 
of llio lt<-T, (iuiirRi! JrnvnK of KotU»liiun, 
Cuml'ihiigi-iliinr ; ubi' <liu(l in ISST. Hv led 
twu Vina, Leonsnl and Oaone, boUi deny- 
men ; nod lliree daughlera, Pnnna, liia drat 
wif" of dr. (now Hir) .t. 1), llrwker; Anne, 
aaTTtodtoMnjorltnmnnl: nnd l^iiiM. Thpro 
Li a marbli^ biut (if II«nslow by Waolncr in 
the KvK Miuuitm, ami u litlioip-u|i1i )K>rtnut 
bv MAguire in the Ijxwich Miuuum tteriea. 

Tbe BOlUvHentloria WIU (liiirii tu U f^iiUH of 
planta nuw rpfenvd lo X^Mmcmf, and Iltnr- 
/owui of Wnllicfa i» t, wnn% o( Sai»taiat*ir. 

\iannfc llonnlnvr'fl chief pilblicAtiOD* rto: 
1. 'CntjiloRUf of Brilinh PUnM,' 1629; Slid 
iidit., IKili. 1'. 'I*rin(^ipt(ianif Doicriiitivoiuid 
Phpiologicnl Botniiy, 1*^38, in I.iariliirr'i< 
'CahinBt Cvclojiii'diu. '.i. An 'Aoi'ouiil of 
Roman A»ti<|uiti(>ii found utltuikK^iain.' Itvl^t, 
now a trarce pamiiblcL 4. 'Dictlonarr of 
B'llnnicjil Tirnia,' lt)A7, OfiKinnHy i'wuoil in 
Miiiind* ' nntanicGaTdan.' \ NinVbolnnii-ul 
diii|[niroii i«iiu<^ by ilie Scinnpp mid An lip- 
pnilmvtit in Ih<'>7. Iltinaiticr wiui[iut un iht-. 
tjtli- of a ■ V\>'TH of 8ullolk ■ iMU(-d in It*ilO 
by I^dmund Skii|ijier, wiihoui lii» <«iih-iit, 
h(t bi-iii(r nx^nilv a i^ontribillor. The ouc<;««»- 
fiil ■ Kloui'^ntuiy l.nfsoi>i> in Itnrany' byPrti- 
fou'ir li. Oliver (Irt&t) i> )itrifc«i!dly'biiM>d 
upon work k-ft in muiuicriiit \»j lli'ndow. 

(Mcnioir by tii> broUiflt>i D-law. tho B«T. 
ZmodatA Jiinjai, now lUomnltftId, with phiif>- 
nnjili of Wooloto'* bo*l and fall bibliogmphy. 
ISOS; ProoBcdiiig* of UnoMUi Society. 1801, 
Tol. *xv. ; Onidcnen' Chronidi). IHOI. pji. aOA,,\ ; ItKiil. AlnK. IHOI, ii.{HI; R Dnrtrlu'ii 
],lfi-rif lUrwia, I8AN: CUrk aud llu|;li«i'it Life 
of Ail.-tm ^nlgvicX. 1890. iut.t)Aawiti.CiUHU« 
Itoiitur.] G. S. B. 

HENSLOWE, l'Hll,Il'(rf. I«18),ihwi- 
Iricnl uiinioiri.-r. wn,» fourth oaa of Edmund 
HeiiHldni' iif Lindlirld, Suwex. wbu wan tti 
IG4(lmun(eruf llii^ f.'uine in Achdown Funat 
aiid Kroil Turk, IIi» mnthor'H name waa 
Mnruiimt tlid|;ni hi* fathcr'ii family mnii< 
from ll<>von»hiiv. Philip's «irlii'« rmplov 
lai^nt wa* «■ w-trunt to one Woadwaril, 
baililFto Vitcuunt Munin^uf, vrboiv properly 
Included BaMlf Abbuv audCowdray in Siu- 
aex, and Uontu^uu Ilmise in Soutliwark. 

Honilawc'ii duticc lod bira lo Mttle In Soutli- 
wark bc'fon 1577; inlbst jimt lie was lirinff 
lliL-nr in thi' liberty of iLq Clink, and od tho 
dfttlb of bJH miulirr Woadwanl b* muritd 
AKni.'«,Woiidn«rd's widow, wilbwbom livob* 
lamed conaiderable propt^ny. lie rrnainod 
at Soutbwark till hia death. From \hr 6nt 
be ahowrd a marked aptitude for coamkeraN 
and ■■nt!'iiK>'d in various trade*. I)«t«e(n I67B 
aed lGHi>hi.-nofroiiRiiHl thi>iwU>ofmiudiwood 
in Aabdown I'oroii. On UJiin* l6S4li»WM 
coneemed in iIiq puivhaBu and dpn«in« ot 
goat^iiu, and wiu fur Qianyrvar« dmcnbcil 
aaadj'or fie aku manufaclunMl ■tank.and 
MiotiMd pawnbrokinK and tnonej-lendiDs. 
In 1508 bn bought land at lluxtMl, whM« ha 
only HAtcT MaTKarvt and iisr biisband Ralph 
HoRgu, un iroauaiindvr, wcoro *ettJn). and no 
miliseiiuently obtained piro{iiirty at EautOrin- 

Bnt Henslowe was crliiedy oooupied in the 
pUfdiaao and hii peri n tend enet- of lionti-pro- 
pnrty in tSoul.hwark. IIbowkmI manvinna, 
imJudiiii^ the Id^ar'* Hriid,iuid Mverallodc- 
ing-bouBas, *oin*i of wliich witn* nndnablodly 
used for immorni |turiio«'«, Ch'-iili^ dc* 
noiinced him aa a luiillonl wbowaa unicru-- 
puIoii(.ly harab topoor tunMnliL He obtained 
much indniincn in ibe parish, waa a rrftular 
mniinuniennt nl chiirc-li, wiua vedtri'man froB 
)007.und cbiin-hnrnnlin in lOtlB. 'Huheaned 
to nsH'ui u subsidy in ihi'lilHTl^-nf ihvCllnh 
in ltlUH-i.1, and wu njL-€ti>d with four otbar 
'aiicivnia' in UII3 lo iiiircbiui' 'of lbs oaurt' 
thf reol'ii^ of St. Snvinur'". In IWH b« w«« 
in rwoipt of SO/.n ynar for proriding; a'dook 
nnd vnnl ' for tb» kinit*>' bnrgiM (Co/. Statt 
Pajicrt, Vota. 1603- U). ii. 22>i), and nmnagod 
lo obtain Mmo nnall ulnri'ii nbnut cbv coiiit, 
beeomiiii; groom oflbi! ruynl dinmlitT in IK93, 
andstnifwoftbi'dinmherm IlKK). <>n30I>vc. 
1604 hi> am! niviiU.-r metv i.-mnted tin; revi-r- 
aion of thi- bniliwiek "f Htrickfonl aud Bar- 
rtablu, EiM-x (lA, p. IKO), llii> own ri'sidecM 
wiuon till- rivLT bunk butwiM-n thi- ('link pri- 
Miu and an inn citllixl cbt.> IMI. 

Henalowt'a chief uhiiiii to dlitlnclinn lii« 
in hut rolatioiM with tbiMiirii^iil pri>)ii-rty in 
Soul.hwiu-k and eUi'wIifrv. Un L'l March 
HSftt-A hf {lun'lini-i'd itie land rlo«e bv tbe 
aouthnm rnd of lli" miidrru Soutbwark 
BridiiP. on which niririidv niood a plavhoiise 
ralk-dtbt' Litik'ltosi-. <')u 16 Jan. IJit^l-Tbe 
aud ont^ Clioluiluv arriiii^iil fur thr rebuild- 
ing of I he I heiUn> audi l»<i-n.-o1 ion of a n.'(rMb* 
mnnl-ronm in it* ii'>ii;bb'iiirliiiu<l. Tbe nvw 
Itav iilnvhoiUH- wns (lnuhtl»<v> I'lpeili-d toon 
nftiTwardi, and iin (iiianriHl iiiHtiiifc>'in(-iit 
wa« in IIl-uiiIov,-f'ii liandii. (In 17 !->b, IftPS, 
wb<<ii lii« exiani nvcoiiiit-honkii lH>f:in, Ij^ril 
Stntn^c'a cvin|iBn( was jn-rforaiinji al ilia 




Roa«,»ad \hu. oratbdroaiiipiuueeooGupiodit 
KlaiMit continuouily lill leCKl, vrlien a i|Uut«1 
hotwocn Uvtulowe )uid the groiinil landlord 
Iml liim to ctoM liis connectinn with tliB 
liouw). He ihnwtiTQwl to dnmnliik it nl tha 
linw. MMUiwkili-, bi> maaadtd iLc tlieaire 
al Newiairtan Kuttn wIil-h ihu Icird udunnU'c 
lud lord cunVrUin'ii i.-Diii|Kiiii«iv ere nutiuf; 
UgHlMrtliere in I'jM. Tow;ird£ itiedowof 
tiioMBtiirjrliVMvtiu lo liAve laki^ii ftomniurt 
ia tiM maai^emoDl of tho Swiui 1'iimttrc, 
wfaich. like IMi Itaw>, wan on tkr. itanluidi:. 
Oil 16 0<;l. I^i9- hid ileii-dnuRlitirr. Jmii 
WoxIwanL had oamed EdwiLnl Allujtu tlie 
actor [c|.T.j,aiidhi« raLatiuoe with AUej'ti in 
biuinnM and in )iriviit« lilt- wore tbcncwTorth 
vary elowt. On J6 Sept. I'llW an int«miing 
•xtent letter ttom him lo Alli-vn, who ww 
then in thecouiiirv, mrnlioDi tlic murdevby 
Ben Jonwn ot (inLrii-l Spviiccr, a lu^mbvr i^ 
Allevn'M conpany. In fUUU ho uud Alleyn 
built a new tbcktre oUwd Ihu Fortune in 
Oolden l.«nn, LVipplmte Withoul. It vn* 

Suani in ahapv, wa* tlie largMl playhoiiM' of 
a limr.imd waa ap«n>Kl in Novembor ItiOO. 
Until hi> death llenalowe activdir iuteraaled 
biauclf ia tlie affairn of the Fortune, which 
ITM subaequearljr burnt duwu I ^ live. 1 Wil). 

Hvnelowe and AlU'ini wtw ulw wnuei'ted 
withl«M ol«i-at«d «iilenAinaient«. Id 1>o- 
MBbor IfAl theT secured a •ubetaniial in- 
land in the Pans OudMi, devoted to bM^ 
iMitinir, on tlie BaiOioide. They luled in 
I6tis in n juiiit sftplicationfoir ibn tnnatunliip 
of the royal gano of bnuo, bulb, and maa- 
tit Aam, but purchawd (lie olfioe (Km Ibv 
htH&tr in 1601, and aecut«d a patont in tht'ir 
(aToiir on LM S'ov. in rliat ypnr. !k(nny boars 
and liuiia Iwloapiig U' t li* crowni wcrt: thi^nciK 
r»nb itDtTiMted lo tlieir eon: (Cat Utaff 
J\i/frt,lkm.20ituth\6H). lu Kubruar;- 
ItllO 1 1 Allevn wld lo Iltiuilowv hi- inli-ral 
in the I((«r i}»nl<.-n, nud on ^J Aiinl UII3 
HenslowH ami a iivw [uirtiii.-r. Jai>.>% Ali-ade, 
* watetiMUi,' arranged for llm dninoliiion uf 
Uie exialinir building*, and fnrilii^ iTrvciionof 
« MW liiiilditi),-. Ill Iw callrd tlie iliiiie, Rtlud 
tot ■■•|tc-pl>>'4,as«'(>lt na for biiU> and bi-ar- 
Wtinj; cxhiiiitioiia- A iivw inn calk-d ibe 
Uancint; IWmi* wiwtTiictwl ul the soma liuie 
latlietinr<U'n.aiidlhvreMeBder<«i(lvd. He. 
ntber iJiaii IIrnilowv,inani|!wd tJie new IIopo 

IhiriniT lliouitown'ii lenurv of tbu IloM anil 
Hlirnlwl hnn dramalutts were nra* put on Uus 
*tMtp>, and hi' WB« in intimate rclnlioiis wilh 
lh«>4it(lioe>. IlinHiloni nrct>iint-buok |injv<-e 
llwtbe bought ptavodirrrt rniin tlieiullior*, 
and hinxl thi-oi out at a profit, (offullirr with 
th» iWHWMtry pmpnrtiea, lo TariQii* ariing 

e<naMiuea. A monstJiOMwluiMJd their work* 
to him won DwiIcBr. Urafton, Chapman, 
Chettlu, Day, and Ilawley. The hiiriiMC price 
paid liT him f«r ■ ploy licrare lOOO wu 6A ; 
aflui thai duta the )iricB Muelimea rose to 
10/., but in many iweee four, flra, or even six 
uiilhon«rM« eoiiL-Dmed in tile comiMMition, 
aud nbarrnl in the emolumutit. I'ht- ncvipla. 
innvrtod in iho extant diaty, of nianeya paid 
ta drainatiatji by IIpiuIowp Bn-'siirned.aiidiii 
aoine inetancee fully wtiileii out. by the t«- 
eipii-nta lliemMlvee, and ibtiii mine uiuqne 
autographs on imserved. Hruslawe olten 
lent the Hiitlion small «uui» of money on ec- 
count of promux>d worh,and invariably kept 
them in luimiliailiin lubjoetion to himwtt 
He alvraya looked cnrrfuUvnftrr bin security. 
Fnuu»a, wifi- of Robert Dabome \\. v.], one 
of hia moet needy dients, aTnted at tlie time 
of Ileuslow(>'s death that b» had in hi* ]>o*> 
WMion all llaburii"'* inaiiii»cripla, totirnlier 
witbalMindfnri'O/. uaiN:iirily fur i»mel(MUi| 
ihiui! Ilrimlowe cxwlared a tew ho-in b«foru 
hi' dii>d|Kt:M>Li:). 

Fully two-thiiila of the nlaya inenlioiied 
by ITenidowe aa being acteu under his rosn- 

Sem^ut are now but. Althougii plays by 
■rlowe, Chnpioaii, and l)«hkpr were rt>- 
peatwdly performed al hia thratr<w, lui play 
mcntioBH by him can bo idimtilied with any 
byShukupeare. Sha]cCM>««n!lielong<!dlunud 
wrote nlmo«< aulely for tiLu lord I'hamberlniu's 
company ofplnyeni.nnd that compaoTonly on 
oneoccasioneamoiiitucontscl wilhlltn'Miwa 
or his theairet, niiniely, in (■*i04. The lord 
chainberlain's mvn then cotnbijied vrith tlio 
lord admiral'* mi-n, a eoropauy alwaya more 
pcrformancH undrr lleimlowe'B maiiAgemeul 
al tlie tlipatre iu Nrwington Butt*. 

QeiiBlowe died on tl Jan. IS 14- 1 0, and waa 
buried iu tlie ehanct'l of St. Saviour's Cburcb, 
8ou1bwark, on 10 Jan. IRI5-I«, 'with an 
afternoon knnll of ibn diurcb lietL' Br hia 
»ill,date<16Jan. I0l&-I6,lii- k-ft all his Tands 
and looomtint* to Agnee, bin wiff, wImiiu be 
admita not to bare iiaed very wi'll, allbnurh 
lit' derived mueb of hi* fortune fnimlm'. The 
"verat ers of his will wi-n> Kdward Alloyn, 
Itohert Bmmfleld, William Austin (ISB?- 
ItKM) [o. v.", and llogcr Ci>lr. The will waa 
dinputed bv lleuslowu'a uepheii', John Heos- 
lowv, but ^epiHiii iaiiH made by witnoMM in 
ciiuiiertiou with tbi' di«put« afTeo tlisl. al- 
though Henslowe was suireriiiK from tbo 
palsv. hik mind waa quite cli'nr l» ibe lai<t. 

Tlio vnlumi* rontnioinit llen»l<'«e'» diary 
anil nreoiiiit*, wilh manv of his leltera ana 
other napeniretaiinalobim.i* BOW fOMerved 
in Hiilnirh ColUve library. Tlie dMiydenll 
■naiuly wilh ibe u|<euvs of liis nuH^atneiit 

«f Ibx Komi ■nd 1-'miuiu> tliMtru* iMtwwn 
\B»S ■□(! 1009, but iBloni[wn«<) «k nemo- 
nnda, lUiwl b(>lb uarlior naJ l«t«, of olbnr 
eamiavtvial iranMctluiu, M|twial1y of hi* 
louw M manOT-lMiilHr or jMwnbr^ur to 
iho gpocml puldie ■■■ wi-!l a* to dnuiutitU. 
Almuat ibowhute in in hU nwn i:nkb4xl haiid- 
writiiut, and tU* Kpnlliog ii iiinKululv b«>l. 
Tlie ilwatriwi Mitnn b««w«M late uil 1 '<»; 
Mpp]f tbenaaiMof lliiipla}'«porfonB(<dnt liii 
UiMlms Willi t Ins ()iit<vi>f|MTRiRUU)o>-iin'l hi' 
■liMnof thi^ivcaiiiiD. ;VftnlA97 bn xltk-d to 
Uwiuunoiof tltr finy^ 'wljr tbo AUmiMlvAni'ud 
'uxe (linryantl >omi>->rili^ kiim ddiI [MMtn 
wuro lji>nfowwl from tin- coHpfju iibo«t 1*90 
by MaloDiT, who prialiNl valuable extracW 
In bin ' IIUioHmI Acvouni ' pre8x«<l to tbo 
< Varicinim !^liKk»<iH-iirF.' Jnrow Doswnll tho 
youiiKiT, Miil'Mii'V lit<?nirv ijxprutor, ntlumtd 
till} Tcilumi.- (o tilt' O-ilti'tT'' in It^l-, liut aoatt 
oS t\ui iuvi-ul"riwi of Ilnmlowp'i" tbiiitrical 
|irop)'rti<-i> nnd tbu like which M»loua priuicd 
w«iK>winiMiii|tfraiBlliecollDg«tibru7. The 
diary wr« (prolwbljr nftw 1toa««Il reium<-d 
it to*l>ulwii:V) iiiucliTiiutiIat«J,clii«'tl.V hf <1ip 
•xriaion of nnrruw »]!]•*. Unit nf thtmii cut- 
Ciiii]]iiiuii mill TMiimiw Hfkiirr, will jiuivtiMeil 
(lIiimIi^, uii'liM >ii>n' in Hrit. Mils. Aililit. MS. 
SU-Jl'<i. Tbi>'li«r7W-iutlirs(|iriiiIi-dntliMi(ttbby 
Mr.J. l',(;o!li*rf(irllio8hBk«peBreSncieiyin 
I'M'!, but whilv Cvllior Lad sccuMto thin iin<l 
th>' iiTlier ihi'Btricsl liocuinniiW proMrrcd at 
llulwicli. f.-ccrel fdiyed mtria wan iiit«r- 
polati-'d in tlt<* mnnuirript dknr. and nppnu* 
lU ill'-' j'rinliil ■•ditinn. Mr. 11. 1'. Warner, 
in hi* 'l^atnloauu gf Ibu l>ulvicli MS-S^,' ha* 
poinlvd out all the TargenM, «oine of which, 
iinwamuitabl}' iutmduoa the namnnof Niwhu, 
■WclBtiT, nnd ydiur dr»maliM*. A IpHfrrnt 
Dulwicb piiqiortiiiit to !» irrilteti by Mtnluit 
lo HvimIuwu in al*! n tnrf^ey. 

[UvokIuwv'h ItlAry. «il. Collier (3haknpmT« 
fqt); All'?" l'['*h«koi]«r(3exj.); ft. I'. 
yii\TMv't Cnt. uf M.SS. ni l)ul*i<li CoIlvRv ; Air. 
Willinni RDitdlr'a Pbilip UrnalowD, ra|iriiitDit 
itomxht {l*uviilnt;i»i. IHsV : W. Keadle'* au<tX', 
Norman's Inn* iiroiit Snulliwark i Collirr'* lliit. 
of Engl. l>rain*lio I'oolry; nmj'iiAnn«l»i'f tho 
LoniUin Si»i(i> 1 H. I« I., 

ann ol' Tliomik^ an'l Aiiiii' lidiMmui, born at 
Idnlforil on ■.'■J S-\>f. I7WI, wu tiducoti'l ic 
Ili^tird gninimiirwliool, wharo he (^nirii'il [m 
«]ibibiti(>n, miit jimitiidBd lo f"or|ms Cbniti 
Collfign, Cambn'lt^, in 1707. llv rtiEiiv out 
ninth vmnRlrr in l»0),and was«lecl«d fellow 
of bi>(ioll«f[i-. HBringlii)iwotdpi»liaa<^i>(l 
fbraaberl tlml^n'<a^«<i''tnnt tolboltrv.l'bnrint 
tiiauoii at Caiubridg*. In InUIt hv brcaiuv 


cam<« to Jamra Vai^(baii, racurof Wruall, 
SoDMirael, aad mamod lii* i««tiM'< smpt, 
RLJMb«(li,oii]tlSFpt. ISOS. TlwuMtywir 
h« wvnl ti> Clifton, nor BriMol.Miruraicin 
cbaivn of ll>(> |MHi<h church, tlie livinic beiii([ 
at that liiiMi und«r BtquMtratitM. Clillon 
had then oatf on* nnaU ebordi with ■ chnpt'l 
of esse inUowry Sniiari', sudwiwIittlnBiofc 
than a tiIIbi^ will n few w<<altliv inlwbi- 
iDDtH. l>uriii|t thuniTXi fc«-y«iraitini->iHUHl 
rapidly, and, ctiwSjr ovnng to Ili-nMnan'i e\- 
iTrtioo*, lb* old diurcb, wliich bud bi-vn re- 
built in ihr mi Tifnii'tn I h o'ntun-.wa* rvpUocd 
by thi: prriflBt jariili chiircb, MiiiMKnlol tm 
Id AiU[. 1S:>L'. When iu tlip mun» of ihat 
^««r the i«)i>e*ttBliDD ira* n'muvcd and ih* 
iiUMmbeiit Tci anifd, Hfn—rni , ■ t tbi^faiibnip'* 
requMt, luoli chum of l>Ownr (-'luuil ks 
curate, lu 1890 biit fripiul> btiili Tnnitj 
Churcli, tlolwtllt, fur liiin; ii irst eoate- 
cratcd on 10 Nov. iln b»lil Ibo incunbeiK^ 
from lOJnn. following Till H< VI. 1(04, irbm 
he occcpipd tho |iprpatiial riiracy uf (1iH«t 
Church, C[il'li>u : Itlo cburrb hi-rc wiu built 
liir him. In Murcli 1817 he «w inJliliilLHl lo 
the living of Clifton on hie own jitywutniion. 
Ilo wa« iiihlru(n«ntal in buiblinK St. I'aar* 
Chiin'h.cnnMX-nilcd nn ^ Nor, 18&S, and Sl 
tVtpr*, orniMicnlivl U> Aug. IMA. Ob tbs 
compli-lion i>f fifty yiwrs of lii* CliAoe mi> 
niitr)', n i^liiipi-.l of ra.-m wa« built a» ■ 
memoniil uf hiiu, nnd wu con wc rated in 
IJwvmbvT iNtW. lie WM for lone jean an 
hon. canon of Bristol Cnt1i«dra1. ilv divd at 
Clifton on JS April 1^*14, »nctly llfty-iivi< 
irtarsliom (hi- ilar on which bo prtadivd hta 
timt H-rmon at Clifion. He wb« bnmd at 
Wraiall. Ilutuninn wa* highly e*loaai«l, 
not onlv in liik pari*h and in tbv adjoining 
cilyofflrintol.but inon* wtdi-'lv a* ono uf the 
wiwM niid "IrlMt uinubvni of iht Hsn^tital 
parly. Hp d>>cliiii'd nil jmn in 4:ontMvm7, 
iior ilid b» ill lii^ '>>>rnioi!A, wbiob wnrei pmuo- 
MVp nilbnr iliaii Aloquint, ever touch on any 
d)*piiii>> abont di~i(7trtn<'or prsclirF. Il<> vaa 
iilwny* Hi-nl!i' and furbi'iinnji. Hi* wifi'iifip- 
, decvojicd bin in Novnuher 18(10. He left 
onudBUgbli-r.HBrriL-l. married loheroouMn, 
thu l{«v. Edwanl P. Vaucban, reelmr or 
[Prirate informitrion luul pcrwnol knovki^] 

HKNSON, OILWKXIill (ir«r>-1862f, 
. :iiiimi'miil biitorinu. wrb bum in l'."^ in 
bnnibliT I'ircuniBlanCM at N ol I i nullum, ilia 
education v/a» M.'fllity, but liiml aUidy and a 
r«li.-iitivi- OTi'mory unabli>d biiu to actiiiira 
much valnMblo inlornintion, ini-Iiidiiir an oe- 
cumtv knowliMlgn of tlic romni-'Trial law of 
KngUtid and Kraucr. Whilv nill jouog li« 



Hen wood 

wtarugmgad iniUnliMiei} tndu,iLiitl Ihi-uiud 
[■miliar iri(h ibii invimlore llwu busv iu ini- 
pmi'iiwc lliR nt'ickinu'fnuiip. Hi- uvpui a 
'Civil, TolitirAl. mid Mi-oliauicnl Ilislorv of 
UiB t'nuncwork-Kiiiitin^ noil Uat^ TraiU'i',' 
i>f wliicli tliv lir»t vuIiiuki npprarnd in IHSI. 
It Hiomx-'d ffoin i««nl of "iinport. Felkiii 
««j« tlmt It' linil ' n pnunicB) kDOirledK" <>f 
noM Iticidji <if loom, niHt duecribM ibum vur- 
wtvtly, tlHiuoU in a ii.-f.'luiicfil manner.' In 
I^A bn Lnil |>iiMi<t»"l n list of a buudred 
invmliaiuai>iliilii'it>tirm«ju tliMUlnrhingiand 
Eaco maic]itm<^ ai\i\ h*^ IvH b^bitid him tit hi* 
distil tike aiiinil(M.Ti|il* of Noli'Knt'lnvi-ation* 
aud Imjiroviytn^niAof Imcf Mnrhiim down In 
Ibe vwirlSSO,' lIpwmtoTolTiminaiiiilvufoii 
tocal trad*, the rAuiim of workmun, cumhins- 
tioii UwK, and otlii-r kindnil nubjecln. Hi? 
WMulervd about ilio cout, uf ETi^rmu), Sooi- 
land, lUid of nonheni Frstiri', il incur criiig nnd 
tMpoainu l!v trick* of ihr vmnB(tlcn>. Ur 
nr« TntuHb!" jiarliiimtinury i^ridi^ucit on bia 
ovm su1^in;iii, liit wu uton' than unoi- iiapri- 
Mneil forromjilicjiv in xh-^ LuddilvrioU- Ilti 
di«d in pororty ol NDiiinghain in IMS, 

Idrv: WvtinV Old and New Nbiiioiilxiini : 
coutsmp'.riry Ini'itl [lapvra.] W. E. D. 

HENSTRIDQE, IIANIEL (rf. I73fl\ or- 
gaaict andfwmpoier, wasurKanidt of Hvi^hiM" 
trrCnthvdral for souii' jmm unlil 1700, when 
bi- •nrofcdfd Nichulnit Woollon an nrgnni»i 
of I'anlorburj- Callx^ral. Of bin nnlh<!m« 
ttry littl« w^idiH) n frir ornaii pnrti flill 
exiat. HiMi'triilci: dird in I7-1<1, iind wua 
liitried on 4 .lunir in Canurbury C'dIIicItuI. 

Ti>ai^Il'«li'^nofmiinu»i;ripl autlipinii mudf 
hj l-'lacliion. n Canti^rburj bookwller, und 
|awH.-rved in ihc Itritish Miitcum l.ibnrr, nrr 
nventl otiiii|xisil ion» l)y Ih'nMridcn. I'hrr 
includi! ibrvH bytniici nnd nn anllK'ni in K 
minor for Ihrw- voiiy*. 'Urnrini' wlic-n I poll' 
(Addii. MS. WXr2, No.. U)0. 101). in tlio 
hiuidwrilingof ihrcompiW'r: iliu origin purt 
othit ' .Mnminjt and Kvi-iiinj! Si'nice in 1) ;' 
•ndanaatlirfn, 'TUoLokI iiKiuj;' (Addil. 
M8.S0fKK(,No..a0, :f)). 

[Dm<.o{ Mu(i<. 1927. I. aai: Hnrleian Sai. 
Rogittcn. ii. 140.] L. IS. M. 

1300 >, Dominican, l>oriial ll4inl'>n,ni'ai'Win- 
divRlL-r, bvonni^ n Donnnicnii frinr, nml rvrn- 
tually prariitruil of ihn ordor in Knf;land. 
ila wruto comunntnTiriion ib« Iwoknof l*ni- 
verfat, Soar at ikinpi, Windoio, Ecclmius- 
tiem». tbn (OUT i^ealtT [irvjibiMii, aud J'lb, 
bMUw In-atiwa on tbr Tvn Commandmeoiti, 
ilia Articlta of ibi- Fnitli, aad tbo Crow of 
CfariM. All ibwi- work' linT.i i>i'ri»lii-d. Tbi- 
(nialiite on ibo Anicli* nf iho t'nitb and tbc , 

ccnnuM'iiiM^ on Job ww« once iu Ifau libnu^ 
at St. Paul H (Dcen^u, //•'*'. </ Hr. Pautt, 
piv 277, :;*e). lU'iitcmV -Monilia'or'Poa- 
tillf ' on tbi' iwi'lvfl niincir iirophnUi art) pre- 
iKTTed in Ntw (Vdli'Bi-- MS. ■!* (CoXK, Cat. 
MXS. Vail. A«l. Oin«. i. la, IS), n.-mnid 
\Val. MttS: Aryl. rf Ilib. ul. iii. No. 738) 
mi-nrionB n innriutcript wbidi FiMitain.* 'cx- 
i^riitii I'X ■uniiiiii l''niiri« Symoiii* d« Ili.-iD- 

I Olio, 1. OS; P,\t. f. *U: Tannnr'* Etibl. 
lt>St..lIik ,>. 307 : Qnilif and Kduid'. fkriptt. 
iJtd. VntA. i. 818.] C. L. K. 

HENTY. EUWAKD CI80e.lfi7H|, pio- 
neer nf Victorin.iiith rion afThouiBAllitnly 
of WcM Tiirring, Siuwx, was bom llwrr- on 
10 Atnrcb lr-00. Ilts fulSi-r, d lan'tuinwr, 
iiidui-od bv the ofli-r of alnr^T'^inint uf land, 
*«it onl lon^" of K<lwitnrH rldt'r bn>tber* in 
isyy lo ibrSwiinKivnrin \^'<'Elrm AiiiilraUn. 
They n-movul ihcno: to l.^iimrivtun in Von 
I)ii*nii.'n'« LaiuI, whun.- IClward, wiili the 
mt of I ho family, joinMl ihvm; but tb«T 
inon rotiimrd lo tlie coutiut<nl. Ktlnm 
Nrniv loncbod nt PoriUnd Ruv in July 
l.'<£i, nnd (utiU^ tht'ri> on 10 S'ot. 1AA4 
wilb (toi'k and Itonti lo form n whaliii}^ ■■*in> 
blislunenl, thiin innii(pinitinii thn firai pi^r- 
mniivni •«n|paii-Dt in wbni i* now Vioioria. 
SevL-nil of bis bnitlirn foUowHl him, and 
o'bt'n Major (afli-rwnnlii t^ir Thomaiit Mil- 
chi'll tb*i F.%]>loi«r i-aiut' from .Svdupy down 
the rnllcy of ihe WaniK-ii aoJ GloD-da: Jn 
l^Sli, hn t'liund n nnnlt hut prnt|>«ronim>Iony 
at I'ortland. By Mitdinirn lulvic'' lli-nty 
and bii brolhen pLuh<-dinloiul,n.iidol>luin«d 
|K<Mii«finn of Rrvnt *hii'p-nmt. Ilr^idi-t ma- 
unpni' B vi-ry l*r)*u cslAtc. llmty ramed on 
liiiaiiivM ns a nicrchanl. Tbc wholu family 
wort ran'fiil lo iiupror<r the brM^l of *b(«p. 
In |HR6 ]I<-nty iran^t-ftKl in (vprM>>nt Nor- 
manby in (hi> I.iFgi>lativi-.\i>u-mblT,bul va« 
di-fcated ntih* rli-ctionof 1861. Durini^lbi; 
Inst vmrn of hii life hi- n-nidcd nt Offlnittoo, 
St. KIMn H'.ind, Mvlboiinir.niiddivJ tlturaOD 
14 Aii|;. 1K'(«. 

[M«l<>u<im(i Arpi*. It Ang. I87S: Aaitia- 
liaaa, by Jtii-bmoM tipnty, n>j>hiTW of Edward 
HrntT ; Union'* AuNraliaa Duifo and Mm of 
thv'nmPl W.A.J. A. 

IM'S). mill I'm loKvit, was bom at Pt^rraa 
\Vhurf. (.'omnnll, lli Jan. 18(t.V llo caisa 
of nil olil Comi^ti bmily untied at LvvkIm 
iu Si. Ivwi': but ht> (tmndfaUiM havinf liNt 
roiuidrrahly la tb« Unci Metico, tlio fin* 
Cornish wlvcr mini-. lU'niraodVfBtlurr.Jabn 
llcnwuiid, and, from IHU^ to iKiT, llnnwond 
bimvll, Hdcd na cl^h to Mottn. Fas & Co. 
of IVrron Wliarf. While bcr«Iii< b«gam tfaa 






■budy or lueMllifpn^iMdopaiiU, hi* finl pAper I 
b«tDg i«td bcforiT ibc Itojrnl (imiIocichI | 
SocieiT of Oorowttll in ItHO. Fnic iKl:; tg ' 
IKIt) Ilcoiwood wiuinMay-inut«rftnil 8ui>i.-r- 
viiwr of tin fur the ducu of Cornohll. Hn>l 
in lBtt7 ho received ihelVlfoni medal udlii- 
InMituliuu of Civil IviiBiiiciTi for a juiper 
oil uuinjnnK-i'niiiniu. \\a hwniav n Irlluw 
of llie Oiwopinil Wocictv in isat*, hikI of 
tlis Roynl HixKtv m IblO. In MilA be 
took cliaipe if tin- Uongo-Sooo mine* in 
Bnuil. wliorv hu paid much ■tteniion ro 
bclioring the ooadition of i)ii> Kkviui. In 
18GQ llmwood prtKCedad ((> Iiulin to n-jiort 
Ml tiM meUlt M Kumnnn onil (Iiitliwul fur 
the IndMU) govcnunMit ; und in IKot<. liU 
health haviiigbocii iin]iniri-<l,lieraiirviirn)oi 
tctira work am) nHllifd al I'uiiuliic?i\ In 
1660 hii wan elMTtei) prHBidi'iit 111' the Royul 
ItntilUlruuorL'uniwall, ondin IS?! Ito ira« 
nwimlt-d llie MurchiMn nndal of llin <Iin>- 
Io|i>cal Society. |]«dwock1 dii>d uninamod 
ul I'enxance, jf Aug. 1875. 

In li\t cnrlior racftrahM llr-iiwuDil vroa 
a*«i>tnd by It KubiiCTiptiui] nuwHl br t b t- n^-ut.ry 
of Ccirnwiill, his retulte h«inK publlelied by 
thi- local ^oolo^iutltocietT. Tne fifth vol (Une 
at their " Tmueuclionn,' lIvW, fila jip.. with 
13J> jilntee, h i^nliivlT dnrnird to hi* ob- 
•erration^ 'On iho MrdtlUfeniui Deposits 
of Cornwnll iind Devon, . . . Subttrrnneun 
TompRiaiure . . . Water . . . and Eledrio 
Curmnle,' and the etlU lat^ger eishth volume 
(1671) eonlaiced his account of foreign de- 
pa*it«, Fifty-five paperfL liy liim are onunor- 
ated in the Royal Socintj-'i ' CnUloguc' (iii. 
S98-300)^d (oroendditioiialano* aronien- 
tioned in Bowo and Courtnev'a ' llibliolhcca 
ComubienaiB.* Tho name ' iti-uwoudili.- ' baa 
boat butowed in iiis b'<tioiir utK>u a bydiuiis 
phosphate of aluniiuiiini and copper. 

[Oeotc^ioal Ma)i;. Wi. p. 131 : I'i\K-iitvtinK*'>f 
tho Qao](«ical Soc. 1 SXi-O. p. 83.) G. 1*. B. 

HEPBURN. 1-llANCIS or rilAN<'I.S 
KER (iTTV-ISSA), EOajor- general, hom 
IB Aug. 17(9, wee aocoiid HOn of CoIohpI 
David llepbiim of the -tPrh foot siid UJ'ith 
highlnnilem, who nrrvnd nt IJi-lle IiU-, h\ bis 
wifd Itertlia (imhun of Inchbrolcii-. I'orih' 
■hire, niid vu grandson of James Ht'ptinrii 
of Itreearion acd Keith Marahall, whu tpi-nL 
hi« fortune ill ibe StUBrl caiitif'. FranciH was 
HTip<>i[ilKli.'UHigTi iiiihn -Ird fool-gunrdii (nnw 
Scnia (iunnlii) J" I'w. ITl'-l: biH-ninii lii'ii- 
Iciiont and enplnio 23 April 17f(f; riiptitin 
and lii'Uti-nnot-cnlcmpl 'J'-t July IK07; brpit-t 
eoluiK'l 4 Jiinu IblJ : nifiiui'iilal ^iid major 
20 July 1S14: and maior-geuerat !« July 
1821. lie iier\'ed with bis regiment in Iri-- 
huid in 1708 and in Holland in 1709 : was 
aide>de-cainp to General W. F. Aclend [q.v.] 

at Oolithester, and oAerwaida id Malta and 
riinly; bill wa« laid up n-Ilb (nTeraiidapli- 
tlialmia during the- ilu>ci>ul on (Tnlabrin a&d 
battle of Maida. Ili> joicod hiii Imttalioii al 
l^iadix in 1809, iitid hi* li^ "'u* »luiltered at 
th» battleol' DariHui 5 Man^h lull, lie re- 
fuied to Hubmit Tr> iiinpulativn, mid by tlw 
Hiilumn of 1812 had rvco\'t'ivd4iiiliri(!ntly to 
ri>join hi§ battalion, nllhougb hie wuobu n- 
Riainml open andcaiwed frcqnoet and Mrara 
hiiftViring during the subsetiaatiC oampaifiu. 
Ill' Kn« plnced in eoninunJ uf the deudled 
light companim of the Ooldatream and 3id 
Kuardn in 1(<12; wan prrMmt at Vitloria, 
NiTtlle. and the Nivui and at tlie end of 
IrilS waa urdurw) liomH to aMume coramand 
of ih>' 2n<I lintialioti of Iiik regiment in ttw 
eipediljrin in Holland. Diilared by con* 
t.niry winda, he arrived nfli-r tliL' i-xpcdition 
hud aailed. but fcillowud Ihi- buiiiitmn to the 
Low CouBtri™. and oommocdt-d ii rhcredur* 
tugthuninTiTufltill-lfi. Be joined ihe Duke 
ufWulliiigton'aarinyiuApril 1*416. lliiibum 
waeiu temporary command of the Slid brigade 
of guarda until tlie arrival of f>ir John oyiig 
[q,V.]inMav. lln commnndod bia battjUioR 
at (luntm llriu and Waterloo. The liffht 
wimpaoynf thr ballnlionwai aunt with other 
tronp!! iindur Ijurd Salioun to occupy Ilugoii- 
montunlbunigblof liJune. Other eomuaoies 
of the butlalion wi'rvM'ut toreinforcethepoat 
toon ufli-r I he bntt !e had (.■ommancod next day, 
and Inter llupburn wnii tent with the net of 
the bnttal ion, whan he took command of the 
iroi)>* ]>o«t«d in tbi! orolinrd of (he chateau, 
nn importADt wen-ice, the credit of n'hl^. by 
•ome offioiat blunder, ira,« ^-iireii 10 a junior 
officer, Colonel Hume. The mieialle waa ex- 
plained oilii-inlly, but never notificil publicly, 
and, ill i* anid, wa* the mnnnii of depinTiDg 
I liepbum of th>- biifhrr honoiin awarded tu 
olher *»iiior otliri-M of thi> iliviiion of ganrd«. 
HrpburnwiunuuldCB., and bad thefourth- 
cliu.1 dccumtiona of thu Nrtherlands l.ioK 
and St. Alcxnndor Nevaki in Riiiwia. He 
married in i>f'^\ Ilenrietla, eldeat dnnghli« 
and rtibeiiews of .'«ir Henry Poolr.laal baronet 
nf I'o'de llidl, Chi'iihiro. und Hook, Suanu, 
bv whom he had two •<mt und a daughtn. 
lin ili.'d nlTunbridgu Welle 011 7 June 1835, 
ngiyl 60 years. 

[Army Lists; Ilaisilloa'i Uial- Grenadier 
(Junrdn.' iii, 13-t(l; Oolbofo'a I'nited Sorrice 
JLig, Novpuiljcr I83C, pp »S8-* ; fli-iit. Mng. 
new SIT- iv. 101. eSiiJ H, M. (X 


fifth V.Kiu. or liuTiiwuu. (d. ICL'-l), wsm the 

cldc-fC imi of Jiilin Stewart, priur of Cold- 

: tnghnm. one ut' the illegitimate chililrsn of 

I JnmeH V, and brotlior of iJip reg«nt Moiwy. 

I Dothweira mother \ve» l^y Janr llopbum. 




only <laitj[hl«r of ibc IhinJ tvl, »Dd *i»i«r of 
JkBURs, ih* (oiirlli enrl '<(.▼.] On 2tt Jnl^ 
167*1 — il Iwiut; wroi^-ly i(up[ui>cd tbnt lii,« 
uncle ibn fnurtli earl, b i!ikptivi> in tliTnmnrk. 
WRD Ihendead— hcwsacrvatiM) Rulof Itotli' 
nvll, and sppoint«id to many of lii< uiicli^'s 
offioM, indadinit thotv at toT<l high admiral 
nf SMt1nnd,Eh<>rif)'of I-^tinbiirgh anil within 
till" county of Uoddiiijitfiii, nnd kliiriff of ihi> 
oouttly of Berwick and bnlliurr of l^iidirf' 
■bid. 'Bothwoll attended thptiurliaminl huld 
ID Morton"* iiilerMl at Stirlinj- on 15 July 
I&7S, at\d 1TIMI nan of thodi- woo hem ibe 
royal robo in thn pnxx««i'>ii to and from Ih« 
greet ball (Moxiilii. Mruunit, p. I^). Ilia 
BUpn^n uf Morton [am IhiittiiAs. .TtxK«,i#. 
IfislJ in {lowibly Imn-abli^ n* munb to Iiin 
ndatiunstiii) to llir rupMit SCorny as to ihp 
bet lluit DC bud married I.ndy Marpin't 
DoUffloB, viAtitt da>i^bt>^ of M'jrton'a near 
roklire. David, iwyenth mtI of Angfiis, nnd 
wtdoir of Sir ^^'■lt(l^ Scott of lliiccl^Uf;h. 
It KM pntbapi to i.iienp« bnin^ inrolTi^ ton 
ckMcly m Alortun'* fortttnea thoL hi; wroi 
to tlie GontiniTnt about IfiSO. !I» wai pri!- 
■omattly there when his wife, oo IB Upc. 
ISSO, pr*wiil(<d a petition in n-f«Teiira to 
anmi' »piiilK*-c'«i«iriiiti*dasiiit]iJ«t Why the- 

fRtition to a like rll'urt voa pri)W'nti'<l :t I-Vb. I 
r^l-mrt-p. IJi), On 4 April ISSO 1 hi* ' 
rootlwrr jietitioned tbe privy couneil (1 ) for 
ita lUHuraiiiy Ibiii hiT i>wn pni|wrty mif^ht be . 
duly tranxisilted to hor aon; anil thai {i) 
' bur aakl m'rtv.iU'vr in ti<^ abaeiice,'nli^lit tv- \ 
tain all the ' i|u«liiieB nnpntenil of befoir in i 
tli« KrtiK Ek>nhiiil'''(4. Pl 371). The fall 
of Morion bad perliApti n!iid<'n''l nntliwidr>i 
pnailiuo Kimevrhril iiiw-cuns 'Hiekinirin'anted 
tbe put It inn. AftiT tbe excciilioii of Mortiin . 
('2Jnne l'''il).nolhw"lllHii'l<'diiCNen'burm, 
n>nr I>dth,oii an Jidy ( Moysib, Mfmoin.g. ! 
37: orSTib acmrOiii;: to Caldbrwood, in. ' 
034), on hi< way rmni Kninn>. 

Inmedbtely sRer landing llolbwell had 
•n int^TTinw wilb BOine of the Iefldinj( mi- 
iiMtira of Editibiityli.bir whom he wun ' widl 
tnfonned of llw et'lati? ^th of the Ktrk and 
country '(lA.iii.fWl). n<>ii»ilririn'>kl'iiviirv- 
acnt thw inlt'rv*'* at court. A» tlii> n'pfiew 
of Itiq rrgdnt Moray b" wna rr^arded hy manv 
minintrn iu> the hr-TcdiiAr^chnnimnn of their 
c«iui-. It wan in thin n'dn, for Wliich lie was ' 
pueuliarly unlit ted. thai bopernitnlinpiniiif; 
tefure t^M-in. Ilr rvifoihla) ihn fourtfi Earl , 
iif Ilothtrfll in bib di'voliiCc and liwlew COn- I 
duel, altlioiieh li" lacked ha viril«alr«>nirt)i i ' 
audhit iDd'v>~'roii& nrtu TMideredhiarvlaiiiiiur 
to tbit kifk ainirularly |{mtn«]iN>. Thn king 
r*eardeil him with n ourious raittiim of par- I 

by fnnr, nnd aoon predominating. UrodiiaUy 
tbe kiTiK hi'cnniv poaanxscd of tlii- idea that 
Kotbv'i'll's ult.iniAtit aim wtli to bi.< hi« rival : 
tbai.inhLiini.ngtimwitb thnkirk,bo \va« fol- 
lowiiijif in Ibf footstop* of ihn ntiTNit Moniv, 
nnd flei-kiiiK to injure the imimjiniivet oftfii^ 
crown. Thvro wttv niistind'-rntntidinfr* on 
both »idf«: but probably, luid «ocb fullv 
i;auii«d thn inWilioiw of the oilier, their 
ndalioiis would not hnvc hix-n mntcriully 
improved. A* it vmi, llothwrll bi>icnm>* tli0 
"tlormy jM-trclof pulillci,' thponly phnrncHT 
in which he uoLilil luiviL' obtained any ■uppnrt 
from I hi" iiobdity. There is uo eritlt'ncn 
that he inl^ndifl any »eri'uii" »vr>luIionnry 
moveroeiil. lit" •incnr*ic>nB and alarms' 
unly aimnd at indiirinj! tbc kiiij; (o cinie to 
torujs witli him aftiir tlu'ir alienation 

For aome time aflt-r his urrinil from Frniicn 
llotliwell t-nioved tbi^ kin^'n ipoeial ftiVnd- 
^biti. Afl>-r Ins mlerviifw with The minislem 
of Kdinbiirj-b b" i)roi:eeded, on 29 June J5K, 
to iJin king nr I'ertli, where, aixxirding; lo 
M'lytie, he ' Wa« bnarlily wf tcoiiicd ' ( Mi- 
moirt.p.XT). At Ibis pori'vl ]»ddox and'- kini^'s fnvi)iintei,tliouglittOtgake 
Riilbvidl ibeir MibxTvient tool. Accon]it))t 
to (.'hlfltirwoiKl. tlicy fotvtiuw thai llotbwell 
niiglil he indiiciHl by bi« wifi^'n mllui^noo to 
favour tbe l>i>uj;1nsM, and t.bfy sought lo 
»ow discord bul v.n<n them by raiainirjtUndtn 
a{^iiL>l bcr {Uittory, iii. (UU). Bill titer 
fiiik-d I') win Botbn-«ll. Altboug-h li* took 
no ncliv.i part in the protettani connpimcy 
a 2n inn I •en 110 X andArraoof :^ Aufl., kiionrn 
as tbr llaid of Rulhioi, biit lume was nt- 
lac]ii'<l to ihi) btind, and lie asMCLated on in- 
timate torm« with itn principal membur*. 
)f muwbile, under th* ni'H' prote*lant r^tW, 
he exercised coDsidomblc influpiir^ in tho 
king's C'luiidt'lK. It was chioHy through hi* 
p«rauosioif 'fornothinjr.'saysCaldrrwooil, 
'of importance whi(?b tniftht »i-cve for fuf» 
tberanci' uf the lyinl't cau>>> wiu oblainct) 
wiilioui his pmciirrmcni ' (iii. (HI')— thai 
tho kin^ roDirntcd (o nif^ ilii> proclaniaticn 
Mouchinc tJie lilM-rty nf llwasaemblynf the 
kirk anii frvf nrenchinj; of the woni.' He 
n!»o npt'i'art*! hefort' the BHwmblv of (Jolo- 
bnr, and •pnifeM«l that be iraulil livo and 
die in (be mformed n>li|[ion jirofMMd within 
thiK realm ' {(A. iii. (tad). 

AfliT the counter-rrvoliition of iff June 
li'i^*!, and the kin*;'* sudden withdrawal to 
St. Audrvwa, the protmionl osw-nilnncy at 
court WH6 for a time vnded, and Itoihw^U'a 
influnnci' was grvatly diminished. Auftu 
«i-Dt for Rolliwell lo aoeoiupnny him to St. 
Aodfows; bur wh.'n within cii milua of the 
town tbey yrnv in<>i by a herald, fortdddisg 
tbem to come with nimcd men into lbs ciiy. 




Tfaitv odvaiioed Alone, *n'l, tbnugli (Mrdially 
roMiTod hf lh* kin^, wen mmmiiniUd to 
rvtun boMP (lA. iii. 71')). Ni?v<*rlltu1«Bi, 
lloUiWtlt ttill n'lniuHl ilie nival fsraur. 
JamM w«a u v' iKiioruni of liis finnce- 
tion wiUi the tCullivi-ii ruiO, On & Nor. 
« Mtrino* bMwl o<^Cllrtvcl l»-(wo»ii IIi>tliw<'l1 
mod Lon) Hi>iu? [«ty> i)ri)iK, AuiiAxnnit. 
litvt K»«i. o^ Ilnut-.. 4. lull* ill Ibp «in--?t« 
of Ivi)inburg!i. and llxi inino i-vi-niDC. 'titer 
th« kioK hnd )>(vn hiitiKin; obnul lii« tiiH!k ' 
|ifr, iii. 7riO). Iir vriu iirJirn'd iDl'>var(l in <bi^ 
pnlncn of I.iiililti(^irr. tkia urOur Wil» 
miiiit(.Tuiiiiii]--rl. uikI lie wnn dlroi'liMi to tv- 
tum to hi* iiwn linti.-i>, fiMin wliicii ihn ViUfi 
wnt fur bim anil iijibniiiK-il )iim for hii ron- 
nectioii with tlir Itiitlivi-ii raid. t!c>lliwi.-ll 
•lul ihv hinir v'^rc Drnir ajtiiiu un tbe i>I<i 
cardial tnmw ; but in nay <»«.■ Uotliu'virB 
pmiition miml bare bcun iii8«cii)w M looff a» 
the kiiift wiLs uii[l«r Amtn'B'inl)Di-iM«. 

UotUwvll wna 11 MremioiMaiiiiportflrof tlin 
ooiupiraoy il"i'iwil by th« ?)luti>r of (Srav 
(••e (itUY, Ptntif's, wvpiith I,uHiiC!juYjfi)r 
lUn ovorlhmw Iff .\nriin in lo;*,'). Tliu 'dis- 
pute bntwiH-n bim n'l'l l»rd Home hud bccii 
Wttl«<:l bjr liotb r->min)( uodt^r an obliiratioii 
in lO.OOIV. t'l kM^i tli« \wacv tovonU «acli 
other (Seff. P. C. -SJw//. lii. filB, WHV, and 
now the imxi oo-nprTnli-i] in fnrlifrltii; K«tvi. 
whicli formed n li'uipotnry uiTlum for tti>i 
faanJHhn) InnI* on lUi'ir nrrivid fniin Uii^ 

land ylli't. Jamf Se.rl, \>. 'i\l). Il wim 
tlipnci' Uiat tlui iaturi^unln niun'lji'd niitldt'iilT 
towards Stirling. *>a \\w\t ni-aTma llit' citv 
Armii llijd. and n<iihw>.'ll w»> iiiimiiinl!y ni. 
fttorvl to farour. Il» nnC' oni'of lliO cnm- 
inimionor* apimiiitnl 011 II* •lime nf the f>l- 
lowittjr jrat to i-RnoIudf nn nlBMi»ivi) ami 
df A'tifivp Inneufi with KhbI"'"* '• ''"' <"' l"""*- 
injt tbp nriraof ltlu«J!CCUliouof(^lIC<.■llMa^v 
in KTiplanil (Fi*bruBrv |i)(^T>. bp urp.'d \\\v 
kinf- to iiDilf-rtuki- su niVHaioii of Eugland t<i 
•v«-ngu Iiwr dritUi. Iln ritfn'efl l» ]>ul ••n 
inoaming.di»cl*iin|tlhnttli^li*tit 'd'iK'«'»«ir 
wafdMe^l tt>a.K. Irritnlnl agninM tbn MiihIit 
(ifOrnyonaciMniiitofbisuDmiccrwiful rmtinuiy 
ill .Vfnrv's behalf, lie iiidcd with Sir 'Wllliniii 
.Stfwnrt apiiiiBt him. dwlarinii Gray'* nccii- 

Mtioiia apiiitinl 8trwurt lo b>r ia.\r.e, Xn ibe 
brotliur of Airiiii. Jiir William wt*. h-ivrevor, 
alniMi DcoFHiarily liMtib- lo notlm-dl. On 
10 July 158^ thi-y liatl 11 vi'.'Icnt fi."ili\jvi>rny 
in the Kiii^'fi pnunnco at llolyrooil («■■!» C*i^ 
nntwonn, ir. two). On tbn'SOrb thny mnt 
nack otlinrwith ihrir corapanifj in thr llifcli 
8t«»t,wliwiSl«wftrt, lifter Ihmii;; sIuU)«I by 
1lothw«U with a rapivr, wa* puriiK-d by 
Dothwell'a fullowpn into a bolloir CL-11ur, 
and iben.- dt'BpiitL-hi<d. Slcwnrt'^ relationship 
with Arrui mad^ him iinjKiptilni' wtlli the 

noblM in powar, ami tio notice ks* tahan of 
tbe oulrafv by iho kiiiK and counril. Od 
the fiillowiii); iWy Hoihivi-ll, w lord high 
wtrairal, wa« ■■ninisii>d wiib the duty of 
tnkina meMiirfi li rt-iiil ihr ibrvatincj ar- 
rimlnftbrSfniiiob Ariuada in Sfi'lniid. Il« 
perfomi'il IbiMliity V'-rviiiiwilllnuly. Helioil 
kdvoostnl lliAl i list •.■lit) of ol&riitf r««i*(Mtc« 
ii.i tlie Sponianl*. advontAfco •hooM W takaa 
Iho <Wth of ihi' qnorn. Tbo popinb lorw, 
aTailio^ ihi-mwIvM uf liii aatncMuty af^ntt 
llnglaiHlfinduCMl him (u ji^in thv Foiupii*ov 
for pvnniAditi)( thn kinfi i>f Spain t'>d««palrli 
u KCoai) aniuda ogainet ElinbMh. To aid 
till' schviDe 111* raUoil a lorcf iMWiOtl^iwibly 
fur au cxpedilMit to th<? Nnrtb I^iw. but iii 
reniily U «Mip«nti> with tbo Spanianb. 
He wu preasM with tLv kin;; wbi'ii Ibo in- 
iMvoptM lattara iaoitlpaiinfi Iliintly ud 
KTrof in tha conapirncy wi-iv openad. The 

Siiwth of the iuUUFiico oJ till- clMiKirllar 
nitUnd, who ii*t bow Lnaialtad a* Ui* 
kinRa chief favourite, inerowad bia diann* 
lent with Ms pnailion at cimrt. llojoiaed 
llunlly and l-.rrol, and rattvd a force to 
cri-nli' n iliv-tr«i"ii dnrit^ tlieir riiing in th« 
iKirth. The rclxltirm collapsed HlmMl aa 
wuiTi nflibokini; look the fi«ld. Twantiiiaten 
i,i till.- kirk. Kobrrt llppbiirn and llobeit 
LmJoay ( MoY-iE.-Vniwin, p-Td), intprerfad 
with ibc kin;.' fur noihwnll, and pmrmiiied (O 
'bring him in ' on condition ihut bia'liCc, 
Und«. and (tooJn went m»«1.' To ibis the 
kinf aun-iil. but [driml Iluthwell iiiidi'f lite 
ehitmii of tl» i^iiiilniu of ttii.' (fiinrd. Oil 
•X Mny ITiSli he will e&amiiwd brlbn- a cmn- 
milireof tlwcriniici], wh>-nliodenit<dthat hn 
vxfT int^idwl ' any jinu-tici' n)iain>l Ihn kin([ 
or rv'li£;i«n,' aw>crtin(; tluit bi» •nle rvoiioTi for 
eollurLinL' a for™ «*a« n prinitc riimnvl lio- 
Iwfnnhiranml the cbincHlurMnil land (Cal- 
iiitnwniili. T. f>7). He wiu plaei-d in ward 
in Tantnllon Castle, hut witli other noMi<a 
obtaiued bin ruliMH! in St^pli-inhir ' to ativnd 
updii ibe arriving ■■■f ibn rjiiiwn * ffom Ihai- 
innrk. The vnviula cunvnyiiifc tbi' qiiir<>n wurc 
ili'iveu b>' a »tonn om the roa.<l of Norway, 
wberciiiKin tlM> hint! at lint propuied to wnid 
Ilntbwell, na loril bij^ aduinil. In bring ber 
homo at hin own u.Tpeuiie. He sulBnjuenlly 
nuolvnl, on the t^round ihot llothwHll lisd 
nlrcadv bmn put to |^<nt expi^iii>n in connnc- 
tion with the luitrrinirp. to make the vovaga 
hiniMlflff.^. I: r.Sr'^l. ix.i^y 

Diiriui! the liint^t abcinnoc Iti>lhwclt wna 
np|)ointei] lo auiiit thn l)u)i« of LunDOX •• 
president of the jirivy council (1*. p. -IW) — ft 
(iniilion whiuh did not aatin^ bis aim of ob- 
taining Kiipr«nie inlluetioe wtib the king, ll 
waa lo the kirk'* iiit«n;MCiinti Ibnt Botliwcll 






(IWinI liis n^oipi! from the rtlVclii of liU h»o- 
cJAtMin witli the mtLolio iiaUu*; nail lu & 
proof of fcrniiludi! be oMmUtUtualr mado, 
OD 1> Nov^ a public reptmiiiiuw in tCe liltli- 
liirlE brdbiv noon, onil in Ui# grtvl biTk aftrr 
noon, pmmisiiiii lo ' pmvn nnotlMT nun in 
liniR CiOmiuK*(OAi.iii:Kn(Hiit, r. <t8). Ue wan 
■IrvBiIf l»i"y witb ■■ciy^iiirir icUrtnnt to im- 
ptaTV liis pcwition. 

InJiiniiarr 1<^90-1 Agnes aiid Ri^iieGn- 
haui. iboformcr'lbe wiM wifoof Keilb,' wbo 
mrrv burned n( RJiiilitir^fa fur ibopractiRoof 
•orDrrT.aMxrTtFiltlial Itn(liv;.>ll hitflcmiultctl 
tlwan about Ih" ilat" of llii' kinic't drat h, and 
bud bribnl tluoD to mok* um of tlieir aru 
lo taiae etonu* iluring tlm Idiu'a toj'im from 
DiwBis'k. AoranlitiKlui^ir Jiun«flM('1vil1<>, 
himwiU'fi>r irial, )i<itly dt^uyiii^ ibe iwncity 
<•( thedinir«'Bwoni'wiMb«. Tlio autbor . 
iif rb^ ■ lliMory of .tuaum Sitil ' Mucrta ibat 
( 'lian«i«ll<>r Malltaml iiutlicntod thn cliargv, , 
■od ITM to hal*d by thn nobilitv that ihvy 
•^v«ra1 time* rcFiinu) lo aawmblJe for Bolb- I 
wniralrinl(p.^2). Tb«waabpotiit inBi)tb- ! 
w«ir>caa(.- irriL»,aii be lubMquviil.Iy coiifi-MMl, 
tliitl bu IukI cmisiilt«d ihv vriidio», allboiisb 
■miy (bi' ilKminl) in ivgwrd t» liii own for- 
tiioM, withnnt niiy mrMonoo to tbu kiuf;. , 
On tlir hinB the a«ouRition* nf tbe vritcbm . 
a^inM )MhirFl)pn>duonla(U«]iiiiipri:<««ioii. 
niul probably m rvntrt bu«d Uiat Mculiar dnad 
nf bim bywhicli tbelung waa oauiit«d. On 
21 JuncBoibwi'll Mcaiwd from ibocuclata 
wkich ha had b«iMi cnmniitlcd by briliiii); lh« 
niaatvr <if Ibo wilcb. n fcnDllniiinn iinmiNt 
[aikW, .'•hfirlly nftor biancnpL- bi- up|H«ivd 
ol ibf Ni-th'T llow. and proiuiwd uny maa a 
«mwD who W'luttl bid ibi-dimicellOTCOBieand 
lakn biin (Moysib. Menwirt, p. 90). On tbn 
24lb ht! wva put to lli« bom. but no li'> np- 
]>eBi«(l tnpocatmtbdiiyinpalbynf tbnj^Atvr 
l«n<>f tbocKbililyinltrffiirtHlncSTncLuiROiip- 
tiir« railnl. On tt July ci-rlain tmrder Iftirda 
awnntto puniun bjm antler l^rd Home fJ^ty. 
t*.a.Se»ll.iv.«i»). BittUomebiBiMlf.Mo 
Ilia HajiuiT*iieT«at«TOont«mpt,'joiii«d Doth- 
inll,aiKl th« king, rMotviugtoiaki^ ihnMd 
BC*iBK him in jNtrran, ordund a ipri!!!!] Uvy 
to bv raUivl. On ihn Jlh Hoihwrll wnn de- 
niidml of all hill oilioj-fl and di|^uli«,nDd biii 
CaiMlr^ wrri' iirind. The kin;' wiis infunnl'd 
ibal Hritliifi'll 'u'lui ilill a fuifitive,' biit on 
(hi> 7tb bi-dniiai«d frikm 'riding towartis the 
Ikirdoims at thia time' (>fr. p. I>18). 

In CKrtobtr lADl nothwrJl, nnticwl, ha af^ 
(triitnd , by thet^haneollor Klaitlond, r(«ppnaml 
ail>>iib:but anal tr[Dp(i«i:npi lire bim on the 
kidff lude,' and tii tynle uf Ikilbwi'll*(i tod&of 
'biabMthoTiwral led Vn lent ine.* l'^bo1den«d 

by the kinK* 'UfnecnH* llotbwoll -wuKbl 'in 
th« et-('iiinf{ of :*7 Due. to captur«^loly< 
ruod I'aUn.-, wtirrc tbe killer And <|i]c*tij nitb 
ihe cbuii'elliir Maillaud, irern ibon rciiding. 
He had tlicaaaiatiiaovof about forty southern 
Uird* luid othpra (aoi.- liMt in CalubbwooIi, 
V. 141). Seveni] irilhin ibo pivlac^ knew of 
tJie plot. Knlninep wan fniaed bv a kmtk 
■Maitethr^iiKhibi' Uukooif I^nnox'aOaUiN. 
BolhweU's piioL-ijiDl aiin Miimi to baT« horn 
llie eapttirv of riiniieetltir Maiclaiul, aitd. ao- 
conlin^'InMoyiiiv.tlieiiilriiden jiasaeddirrcL 
to tbe chaiict.'llor'H door (Mrmeirt. p. 87). 
Alnnni-d by Ihti rry of a boy, ibediant.-r'lloT 
witlidn-w to Ilia inner cbambM'. and Both- 
wrll, fnilwl fnr tbe miMiUint, pau*d, nft«r 
giving dirvcliona for bnukinit in tha door of 
t he apanBieii.t. towordn tbe roonsa of tbu king; 
and ^iMvn. Pailin); to gain entry thero, ha 
w taid lo haT» cnllvd for An. An inroad of 
the citiiAnn, warned by lb« touud of tbu 
enninion bell, intiTrrnplM liim- Ovorpowerni 
by number*, tbu coiiatiimUirri fXtinffuiabeil 
the ligbtn, and racoeeded in tbo darkniMi in 
milking tneir unapv. witb tbe onciplioa of 
mvenoreiKbl.who vrereeteautdlncst mom* 
ing. On lO.lon. 15(i|-Jaiir<K<lnnialiaa wa* 
inad«Bsiiin«t tlolliw<>ll, ' thonijbt tobe pvuued 
fay iho King kimarir (CiLDKllwoOD, *. 144), 
in whirb n ri'ward wm niri>md to any that 
WDiitd kill bim. Ni-vrrtbnltiM h" riininini<d 
unliUTl in tbe ni'ighbuurliood of Kdinbiirsfa, 
tuidonihe I3tli ibi? king wn* nearly ilrnwneci 
in aoioe boggy ground wbilr ruling voalword 
from llolynrad lo anpreht-nd him (lA.) 

Witb aTipwloobtninin^' the iiil«re«a*ioD 
of thokirb, Ilothwrllin April 161)2 irrtit« to 
the Qunicivni of i'ldiiiburub that bi* intrisuo 
wilb the Sptuiianli wa« not diraetad agtuist 
tlirir religion, but intended ai^ly to avango 
tbf denthof t)uM<ii Mari': nnd *i>eondly, ibat 
hi" footifth ci~'n*iillnli'>ii with writche* never 
Uiuched tbq kiiiK. il bF>ini; imnoaiibUt that 
hoeould 'bntawhi-robnibhonoQtaand blood 
competlnl him l« lovi'' (l.Kl.lKr printed i% 
p|), LiO-ti). Chaiiifcltor Uaitland.a notorioua 
euvuiy of the kirk, wiu, bo added, the »ulc 
accuser of hitu-clf and Home, in the hope 
tbil bydetitroyiiu; tlH<in hv, 'a paddock atfxil 
of a night,' might Inke the ' plaeu of two 
ancient codot*.* Abont i^ April the king, 
on li-arainK that Rotbwrll bad CKMMd th* 
Tnv at Itroiigbly on bii way to CaitkBMi, 
■Oildrnty l<^ft Edinburgh lor Uiindee. Att 
i&et>liiig of tbe pariiament on '£f May JunM 
(Icinoimced Rotliwell, and aawrled that be 
acpirvd to the throne, altlioiigh be wm ' but 
a Mdnrd. and could claim no title to (bo 
erowii'd'A. p. 161). IntboMaoparliuaant 
wiitifnce uf forfuiturc waa paMod tufninn 







BoUliveU's alaj in thn nnrth ira« slion. 
Having 1m miJ 'by sr>ctvt ndvitrtiBrmcnt of 
oertAinrniiiiiJcii'lhui (hu king wad 'Ntquiet- 
■MM Bl KalkUnd ' ( llitt. 'ft Jninet Sfii. p. 
UMI. hv »iirroiiu<lt(l tb<? I'slaoi- b«lw'*n one 
andiwooftbi-rouriiiiiu of 20.1 line I5ii2, but 
ihc hin^ Wing w^rnmlbTlbi' wntcli, rplirvi! 
with liis atle-D(tanls to tlii- lower, wknii' hn 
nwiM«d till tqmn o'clock, whan the countrj 
pnoplo in the nRiRhbotuhoud flocked lu bt.i 
luaurtnnci.-. and jiuL Botliwi-11 to fligbt. On 
i Juir pTOclHiuntioii wu iiijuli! for tli« nia- 
ing of a levy (in his piimiil {Itfi/. P. C. S/vfl. 
W, 7t!2), but nothing vru accomptUhnd. 
On I Ang. ilin liitpdn of Logm and Burli-y 

hroilgiit Rothwrll ii.:pn!tlT lo the piilnfp HI 
Ihilknith, in ottifT thai he mi|!hl Tw suddenly 
introduced into ibc king'* pnwnw to cnv« 
Twrdon, but ihu kini; wu« forowAmed of tliMr 
intMitioii.and llolbw^ll wa» Mfc1,V<''OnT^_vi>d 
vm-j (CiLtiEitwoiiii. V. 173). The Aliuiiqr nf 
Owy (il»o pnjmiM>d to ifpt biro ' intn ihr kinjf'* 
favour,' but Ilnlbwirll fi'un-d tremihcrif (ifi. 

SlOO). Or t> Oct. tbi; kinji iK'odwl anothi-T 
■litloM njpniilion to tbe bordcni to appTe- 
hnnd him. IVtibahly BolhwoU. when the 
kiiiR retiivd, foltuwvd i-lo»i>1v in big wnke, for 
on 'A Nov. ih* citixpiw nf lifruTbtirgh wpni 
aummotiMt suddpnly wbil>> iit diitnar by the 
common bell to tcnroh for him. llie ottly 
rMalt of lb'- (iii«T<l wiu lUi- commillul of oni- 
or two wom>-n to tbi- common itnol for tv- 
feivinR liim. Tb^kinfr, nowni bin vriiflVnil, 
wuokly iHUi'd a pnH-lnnmlion Ojiniiut inlro- 
dnciiif^Bothwcllinlobiiipmi^nri'. OnlH^Nov. 
tlw CountoM of Itothwcll, who <m ibc I7lh 
hnd int^TCi-ptod tbn king nt the (uulle fpitc of 
Kdinbnrfch crying furOhriAt'iisakt.-lhul died 
on the crovi for nitity to her nnd hdiipoiiae,' 
nnH fiirbldilen lo eiit^r th" kingV prvneiiw 
iSm. I'. C. f!<\'tf. T.iS). Ansbrnndronnyor 
Botiiweli'ci iidlii>ir<nt* *till ronliniicd nt Int^ 
nbciiil Kdiiilmrcii,nn o^!rTwaJBivcnI)n^llot■. 
to ihr pniToii und mn^iiit rules of Fdinlmr^'b 
to nppn-Ii'-nd them (i&.\.M-7). Ou I Jhm. 
Iii^i 3 IkiibwvU C[iii>>h1 n pincard lo be 
ulGxud to the eroM of I'MJiibtirgh mid odier 
jdttOM.iul'urminglbi' mitiiMen of Kdinbiirgli 
(hat Lu onbtftncy to religion giivn ibi'in nn 
just cauM- to abhor him, NllhoUKb a declnr«(i 
rebel (0*1.0 iniw HDD, r. 'JS'2), This appeuJ 
ptoduciil no riviilt, nnd lindin^f no ppoajicet 
of bolp be nuolved to liikt' ivfiigeon I be I^iitr- 
liabnideof '.hoburditr. I in U'nrning this ihw 
king iosirnct^dSirRohrt Melvillr, who hail 
gone on nn enib«Mr to ICngl^nd on 1 .Tnnn, 
to porauAile FJunbotli to deU<rer him up. 
Eliubotb iwHiitEil. On 'Jl Jnly nentennt 
of forfdturtt wu pRMod n^innt biiii by pur- 
linmenl, all hi* property lie ing conflsenle'l , 
nnd bin omitt riven at the crou of Edin- 

bntjcb. lliiil)riMidttiii-n>upan ilolenained I? 
mnko n iprcul vffbn on hia beluUl Tbr 
Duke of Lennox nnd other noblefiMntacrad* 
BympHtbuHxl with him, on occoitnt of thir 
jeiiloiiHy of Alnillnnd. On the eventof of 
lb<' 24th, after tkBH-mblinc their reUiurt 
in tbo nci{;bliourbood of Uie pnlncv. Botb- 
well in du^iii*!- wa* inlrodiiced into the 
king'a cbambi'T during bin ifrnporarr ak- 
senoe- On retutninR the kicR found tlolb. 
well (ID bis kn«Lii, wilb his dmwn nword laid 
befotvbiuiiCrviiigwitb n loud voice furpamlon 
Md Diurcy. Tlie kiiic called out 'l^vaMui' 
the ciliMni; of Kdinburf;:)! liurrtinl in bMllle 
nmy into the innur court; but t]i» kiu, 
pncitied bv tbii aHunnco* of ihoM in nttMa- 
nnee on him, eiimnianded tliem t« rctin^^ 
, llolhwvll |KTriisied i.hnt be did not oocne i|^H 
I '»■}' manner of ho»tility, but in plain lim^S 
pliciU'.' To ivtnovutheking'anunifoM terror, 
ho oRiTred to depart imniedialoly and remain 
I ill tmninhnieut, or in any olbpr yort of tin 
' ccmnlry, till hi* day of irinl. The king _ 
milled hiu) to leove, and nti net of eandooa* 
lion and ri>mli>(auii nan juused in his favour 
(Itfo. P. C. fi-atl. V. 9JS,. but. nceonlinir 
lo (lie Huthor nf ibc * TliMury of.InniM Sexl 
(pp. 272 S), the king rvmniiif'il in ' per- 
peliin) HTicf of mind,* nffimiing that be Wiu> 
I virtually tbo cnptire of ISolhwidl nnd 
I other aobtesnen who hnd ilM.-tieil liiui. llii 
I siuptcions were jiarlly ollnyul by the in' 
' vi'nii'.iii of Itoberi J}i>vre«,tbeEngl)BhBai' 
' Kador, am) ol.tier>i, but lis bi» fcnri aubui 
he wn* li-« indinixl lo deal l^^innltj witli 
Itolbn-ell. On 1 1 .\aa. he lign^ nn agree- 
ment, binding himivli to pardon Itolhwvll 
mid bis adherents, and to restore tbom to 
(heir e»taie> nnd hunimm. the ngnvnient 
be ratified br a pnrlinuieiit To be held in ihi 
following Nihv^hIht (C*I.niiiin™ip, r. 25" 
2A8) ; but nl n ronv<'iition hidd ai Slirti 
on S Sept. an nttempi wiu mnde lo modi:, 
■ he bargain, il lieing ael forth ai n condititm 
of Bothwell'i (ulrirnlion that hc sbonid 
main beyond (■ea^diiriii^r the king'* pli 
Maiiera toon drifted into the old utiaotli 
fiictory rnnditioli. On th» Si.'nd lloibwi 
and Inn Fiipport«r« were forbiddmi lo ei 
wilbin li-n milnn of the kinfr, iinleu ceni ft 
on puin of high tn-nion. lie, Athull, 
other nobloi osri-uihleil uolwiihttandinj; i 
the beginnini- of UetobLT lUHA in arms net 
l.iiilitJigow.wheK iheking wo* staying, nnd 
on llie aviid he wn* *uninion«d to appear before 
thn coiin'^il to nniwer tho c-harBv of high 
treojion (Itrif. P. (.'. SpoH. t. 100), nnd not 
apprnrirE. was denounerd. 

The ehimge in the liing's policy is purll/ 
explniuHl by ihu recall of Maitland, oai 
whom alone tbu king ooiild d«pmd for 

CA^ticniinn unitut liolliwrU. It \niaa \ 
rumoiinil in JlurcJi lotW-l tlmt Botlin-i'li 
yrns aaseiii bliiig h'n rrienils nnd del>vl)dpl1t^,a 
ptuctu [unlion iru iMtiHil oil I lie £7 til I'ur a tovy 
ottoKi.'^ fiff liUpiinuit if ii«edb«'()A.p.lt17}. ' 
anJ r>it m April n twcnnil proclnmnttnii wiu 
IMUOd for R muMrral Stirliu^ ii(rnin"t hhn 
(<6. p. 138). Jtcilhwi'll Midilcnly npiH-iirvd 
Willi a iionrrTut forix' iu iliv tK^iKlihoiiiliood 
of Lcillt. lie piuclaiiiied tliut ill? caiiifi (u | 
oir«ru»i«Uoeeag»iiut tlieSjmtiinrOf, wliose 
landingi he wl(l,«'a6vxiiM'l»d iii a fi-wdays. 
His rtii otyect wu to malio n dtaiuinitir^ ' 
tiou of hit »tn>ligT.h f<>r tlin ■■nrouruj^-mi^iil ', 
of hi* frioDib, And in tIic)iD|w(irbringiiif[tliu 
Un^ to t«Tmii. Thii liin^ ndtaiioed aninal | 
liiin from EdintiurKli* ""'1 '"! rclirwl alowrly 
— ' as if Bone had ciimu furtli to piirsiie' — inr ' 
thu liMh <>r ArTliur*!! Seal lownrd* Dallraii^. 
Oa brinfi {■liargpd by l.nrd Hom«'« hnno lie 
bad tlia tmt of rhn ^ncoimtrr, and it niii 
Mi]>|Ki|ird tlint III- luigJit, Iind bo choxtn, liuv« 
ca)>lnic(l llie tunu. Tlu; king 'came ridinf{ 
into Edjnburfth al full gallup wilh little 
lion'Mir' 1 CALtiEBWOoD, V. i>97). llutliwpU 
bnri!--r<. He nougfal iwfiipT in KiieUdiI, but 
wnt I'orcnt Ui Imrr hf comnuiid nf RliinbL-lli. 
Ill- hud lo cliooon belwd-ii dclivcriiic Uimstlf 
lip uiid juitiinj; Oh- narthcTn oarb. In twii- 
Ivintn r Lu wni a k-it«r lotli« miiiiM«n of 
i'Miiiburgb, deMTitiing 1u« fHendlintos nnd 
desiiiuT ion, promising 10 ftdlimw to biit rrli- 
mo», nnd offering to put off liia appointment 
tor » eonfoKflPc witb titn ctthotio fnrli till 
thf- raini»l<;n liod dittcu-isnl niciuurc* for hii 
Tcliif i>'^. V. 'M' }. He W&1 mon in tlu- nrjrili 
uii<t<^rtbci prutei'lioiiof HiinllvHii'lEtrul. "n 
3I)S«|>t.l»''oi4t iniiilie kirhviird'a luttcrto 
tbe niini-ti>ri! annonncintr bi* nlliancc witb 
Huiilli'. but oRfrinj; tn do tli<>tn nnv n^rricc 
lnlii>i>o<iv.-f(A.) t>nj:iJaii. I.MH 5 Scot of 
Balni'DriuilMivi-rvdiip tlio tn-atonnblocom.- 
tpntt'lt'iux^ into nliii-ii lloibwFli had nitvivd 
in AUj^tKt iritb llunllvaiid ihf o&lliolic i-arln 
(*<^. P. C. &»//. V. -JCKi), llunily di-clined to 
mireBdi-r bini, altbon^li olKei«tl a full parlon, 
Ilaillothwol1>cawwunon-dfi>p«nit«. Min 
u(oci«tioa withilmeatliolicnurliproriid fatal, 
^nc kind di^nuuided binexcomiatiiiicvtionbj 
tbe kirk, nnd tltbnuKli Dothw^ll wtoil- to 
Uie durgy of Bdinbnrgb utl<;rini; lo rMi-i^'e 
llinr cnTr«<lioii fi>r vhntner iideom lii> bad 
ti<tnini(ipd. Ill- wniion Is F*'b. c.xc'iniiiuni- 
calrd by llii; pn'abytpry of f'dinbiirgli nt Iha 
king's cmnmand. llotbwdl paM«a nortb- 
ward In Cnilbni-Mi, wbcn> bo continuod to 
lurk till iImi louDlb of ApriL Tli? kitigaougbt 
to bribe nn ocijuaintano; oriVitlinull, Franeia 
TenaaBt.a in^-rt'lianl of Ivlinburgb, to b«- 
tny bim, bni 'IVnnaiit u toou u urwclwd 


Itotbwoll ntwulrd ih<- kins'* pnrpoM (ffiVf. 
'■/ Jouiei &jY, p. 31 1). Ti-nnnnI Biitiplied 
liim vritli a nbip to convoy him i.i Ni^wlinvwi 
in Normandy, and lu xpiti- of Jami-iV drmnml 
larliianin«ndi'r by i>-as[>erniilt«d torvmain 
in P^nc(>(iA. p. Sli'i), S^me inoni h.i aftur* 
wnnU \»} iriniivuil loSjiniii.and finally went 
to Iidiy, nhiTn' liHjju-Ht bi» lftt*ryi-nr*. Ho 
dii'il in I'Mtv-mi- poTrriy at Nnjil'^ in IHS-I. 

TUf bulk of liotltwi-'Us csialit*, innlnding 
tbu lordship of Orkb ton and [.iddiwlnlo.cnmo 
into ihe piMS^Mion of bi> atvpson, Sir Walter 
Scott of HucHrjugli, wliilu l>ird Home oli- 
toinod t.lifi priory of Coldinebaai, and K*r of 
Coatotxl ihi- nUmryor Kdui. H? bad three 
«Oiu Dud tbrcr- dniidbirni. TIip pld<-n Roa 
Fnuicii obtainiil o n-babilitotjcrn undiT tlm 
groat hmISO July Utll. ubicb unarulilind by 
parllambiit^Junv \6'£i, but tlii^ liltLi vreru 
n9Tpr rK»ton-d. John, llie M.<cuud *L>n, was 

Erior of Coldincdnm, and ^I tb« bouses uid 
nronin* bi'lonainp to tJiut priorv iiniwd into 
a lioronviclBsl. Hcnrv. tbi'ttiird ton, n1*o 
oblaiQeil a piirt of the lonlsbij) of CuldiDphnm 
in ItUI. Uf tlu? tbr>-<>daught-?r9. Kliiabi-tb 
I u&fT]«d Jnme*, »^C'>i]d mii of U'illiam, lirst 
I lordCrnnMoun; Mnrsrarcl niurrioil Alan, ftfth 
I loTil Cnlfacnrt ; and Hvlon marritd Uac&r- 
Inii'! of Mutfarlnnf. 

[Iliit. »{ JumM the Scst (BannUvo* Ctab) ; 
Moytic'a Momotn (Bnonniyna Clab): Itobert 
BirTcS'ii iJiikry in [)]iIjiol!*( hVasmtnta of Moot- 
tidh Ili>4ory; Itrgittcr of tlic Privj Council of 
ScotLiod.TOls. iii-T.; Pitcnirn s Cn miaul Trinli; 
(Vil. St«U Pnprir* r*l4iiiii- in Kmitnnd,- (^1. 
Htito PipOTi, I'or. Sjr. Hp-iijii of Eliailiiuli; 
Hisioiiea of Caldrru'nmL ''^poiiKWood. and Bur- 
tcjD : Duiu]u'i Scuitiib rnintss (W(.nd). i. 332- 
SM] T, F. H. 

(LT39-1&I0), barou lu (lie Seottiah ex- 
rhcuiier, mo of JohnBiiclian of Lcibuo, En>t 
l^ttiinn, bv Rlixn berth, da i^bter of Pnirick 
]ti> wan Kchicatcd at tlie iinivvTHty of Kdln- 
Viicoiuit Mvtfillu, wni among Eiia intimala 
friend*. Ho auucetdi'd ti> iLc batony ofSiBMi- 
lan-Hcpbiirn in 17 tU.nnd tli^reiiponamuniied 
tht nanic ami nrros of llopbnm of Sinoaton. 
In Janunry 17(1-1 bpliad b««niidlnilt«d a mem- 
ber of ibp Fornlty of AdvocntM, Kdin- 
buti(h. an<l fmm 1 7^7 lie »*■ aoticitor to tbo 
Inrd* of icMion litl I700,irbm be retit np- 
iioiDti.-d iudi[e of the biKh coon of admiralty 
tn Soouano. On 31 iW. of llic following 
ye«r bo yrtm mado bnron of the rxchoquvr. 
Ho TCiitvd in m*. and on 6 May m!> 
wu orvntod a l>aT<mi<l. Ho nnx tbc author 
of *Tlie Itrni-ral Virw of the Ajiriculturi! 
and ItnnI Kconotny of Eut Lolluan, wiib 




Otemiioa* mi the M«anao( tbnr Innnv- ' 
BMBt,' irm. He aicd 3 Jdv leiS. hmag ; 
MBfrird f I ) J»(v. etdesi lUa^tter af Al«c- 
Utd«r Lcith of < ileoluBd J ft&d PndhU. ud 
(S) Sisrpveus Hnmcu, dwi^Hflr of Jolw 
2MlMhM Bedi.Md widow of BrindMTfvB*- 
nl Pnaor. Bf hu Sntwtfob* MdanonlT 
MM, who miiecmM lun in tlw banocder- I 

[PmU**! Baraoeuf*- bring'* EoiuMat S«l»- ' 
IttMi OMLXjiS. I81», pcii. 91.) T.F.H. 

BEPBUBK, JA3[ES, fourth Eut or 
DtrriiwELL ( 11136 P-l^TS), hoakud oC Uwr , 
<jQMn of Smu, onl^ ton of Patrick, thbd tan 
(if Bothwrll rq.T.],b7liLi wif" AgiiM,datwb< ' 
t«rafI'Ordiroai7fiiiK-4Air,irubaraprabaMjr I 
In IJOA or I&37. Accopditig to Bwclwnaii 
{Dtuilio i bn wna br<M]^t np lor the moM 
|ian in the paUcfl — S|7nie OHtle~-o( hi* I 
mlaitTc rairick Ilepbura, btahop of Uork; 
ji), T.', a ciraunuunee ta wluch Baohanui j 
luwribcaliiivBrnlf aiidncuiHcuwr. Uadar 
iJw Mn at tlia bubop ha pfobabljr ohtaiiwd | 
ft in«re eoB^w vdacalioii Uwn wm thsn 
cuctoinary in lh« cam of the mnu of Soot- 
ti*li ikiUm. Hi* extant Icltirs and other 
writiog* *bow bim U> bar* been well «du- 
ctttd. On&in boolca on nUhooutka v»i 
om military aflkin whidi bear his arma in- 
dte«t« that li« bad rtudied the an of war. 

NotwilhfUttdin2 tli« divoroa of hi« bther 
and inothor in IM3(pn)babIron tbcfrraund 
of oanMnfpiiiiity ), Itoihwell, un the di-ntli 
of hin fatiier ia Ueptvmber luuO, oblainMl 
uniuotlioniMl puauation of IIm titles uid 
(MtAtuf, na WMI aa tbo liorrditnry olflc«a of 
lord hjjrh adiairal of Scotland, *li>^fr of IVr* 
wick, nadditifflOTi, niid ICitinbuntli, and nlao 
bfiillioof Iioudtinloli^wiih thmutody of tbf 
rni'tl'-iiofllaiiosiiiitll'riclitoii. Ilia &th(^r bad 
Aivd n.'conciletl to ihequeeiMlowager; and 
lIolUwuU, tliough proMsedljr a proteatani, 
bocami! one of the mo«t cohmsI^iiI so^niorlPTs 
of Imv policT,ef'«it after the iVTolt of ina pr«- 
tMUnt nobiM. On U JVc \^^7 he *igned 
Iho act ajmoinlinK Mininiaiiicinirn for iha 
betrotlial or iJuRcn Martr to the dauphin of 
Franco. Shortlj afterward*, iihen tome of 
tlin WditiK Boblcfi, jenlouM of the French in- 
lliK'ni-i' jit tlie court, refuMd to obej- the ordur 
of tliu au(wn-doi>'ng*T (o nulie a ruid into 
Englana, Bothwell, ' iiol wUbKaiutin^ be woa 
jm of very yonntr nig^ ' (leti*r of Mary 
Stuart in LiiiAxori', ii. 31), took rommnnli 
Mcouiit, did * irrpinnilile damage on tlio Ctod- 
tin*.' I'ram thiB ilmo to tho cIom of hii 
life hAappeanas the consistent nud irrecon- 
cllabl* tnvtay of Knaland. Some time nft^r 
Bothwrir* early exjiioit nffnin") thi* Kiiirli«li, 
DggotiatioiM vrrro entered into for icltlitig 

th^di&naaioaihBhardtn. Boihw»Il,wUli 
Mhar cnwiwi M Bi , act Kr Janea CroO, 
■ad M 1? Fdk. l«fie-»Hi armirtic* WM liriMd 
(CU atmtt fkmtrt, For. Ser. lS»-0, «ntiT 
SSOIl Ba(hw<rUwual«>owoftlKwcwho,cm 

30 Aof., a«««d to nsM the Earl of Northom- 
bcriaMl (A 12»|,aiid«Mxd (h« uticla on 
£f Seft. fiir rrfomatiociacall aiuspts n)>oo 
lh»hoH«fB(AIS5e). At tha MOM time the 
Bagftah eoimiBu*ioiMt» •miMIt acrciwl to 
•■^7 th» lo*^ of th« von^recatKia with 
a nm of ZfiOOL to aid ibm tn tho atninlB 
with ih* ^OMB-dowrngtr. Cockbnin. Uird 
of OrmiMod, waa amt lowarda ih« md of 
Octobvr to eotiT^ th* ■una; from Berwiek- 
oa-Twotd. BothwaU appw h a u dad him on 

31 Oct., br order of tha qnaan-dowanr, imr 
DunpeadK Law, Ea«t Lathian, and (mrri*d 
olTitMtreaaai*^ Onlr ihne dajipmrionulr 
he had srai Midiael Balfour, oaa of hi* aei^ 
Tanta, to iha lotda of the ( on g wgation to 
Bik for a Htfo'Coaduct that he mixht Mtne 
and ticat with them. Aabobad|i1edp>dbin)- 

' aalf meanwhile to do thom no iiijarv, ilirv 
reftanled hii watuxe at the moner a* an t^l 
oflr«MlieT7'. Bothwellmrriedtbemoaayaiid 
biipriaoner toCrichtom Castltt, Immediately 
on fearaing the calaoaitr, the Earl of .\mui 
rweIUMii.TOX,Ja)ii»,t]itrd Eiu.or AitiLtN-, 
l&3O'ia0e] and Lord JaiMi 8tuaM m( out lo 
Cricfaton with twofaniKind bone^ a hundred 
tool, aiwl two pieora of artillerr (5/>if' Aiiirrv, 
Former. lfia&-aO,i-ntryI6S). lUlfnnhour 
before they arrirtd. Ifothwi-U wm wnraed 
of their apprMcli and ll^ nilh the monFV. 
lliBcai*ilewasl«heii and occupied by a ^r»- 
fon. Twodsyswcregivenbim roiualiereiti- 
[ tutioa, and when ha bilwl the ra>ll<> waa 
Ftrinpvdof allitiftiniiiun' {Kxni, tt'ork^, i, 
466). Un So\: he mmt Amn a eliallcngn 
^ to meet him on boteebaek or foot brfont 
I ' Francli or Scot ;' Anraa replied that he could 
' not meet him tintil ■ he had won back the 
name of an honest tnnn,sadin nncate would 
be meft him befor«i FmicbaieD.' 

Aflor the lords of tho eongtr^ailoa had 
trmnomrilv avBctiatcd l^dinhurjih. Itotliu-cll 
and liord &ton, CO 34Nov.,i-uiiTed I.inlitb* 
{piw.hntbcarinjithecoinmonbvU runK, hui>> 
riedty rvtruiii.-(l, lnBiiig aome wesponHby tho 
«-ny ( Cal. State Piijien, For. Ser. 16."f»-fi0. 
entry S'd). In l>Member Dothwell wa« np- 
poiflt«dbvlli« queen-downg'n' IntbDOommnnd 
of eii^ht hundred I'rancli and Scola (oMiiTs, 
. with whom ha wo* sent in mvhiv Stirliiii;- 
j From a Idipr if tils to ilio qtux-n-dowiifler, 
> lii Muy loUU. it would ap)>fvir thai she hsd 
i resoWed to niiiu) him ai n Kiieuial ambiusador 
to pnicure Msidtaiife (Viim r'rftnce. Tli<j en- 
terprise was fill! c)f linxnrd, f'>r a dilittcnt 
tratch was kept round all tho coasts of Scot- 




lani). On 7 Jnno Rniiduljili tvporwd tlut 
BoibwHI hxl gaD<rii< irUi t >.< ' M^arcli ' A piMaiK 
<£k 1660-1, Hitrj 17^). lU made good his 
««npci, bat ptnlinbly bi-forn li'jtvini; hp hnil 
iMnipd of tlm (knih of ihi? (|uoiiii-<io«'ji.g>T, 
whipb ti»h pincc i>n Iti .luiic. IIU miuKiii 
tbiw buPBrno IcM urpml. nnil be wunt on 
« vUil to Dciunark. ■\\'riliiig lo CVcil or 
Jt3 Sept. RAudolpU meiilioua a rumour tbat 
Itothw«1t hail tliera mftrrivd n wifs with 
viiADi li* obtoiiiMl forlT tboumncl jocndallon 
4ta.l9tiO-),r'nm-n50i. Tliclndj-wiwdoubl- 
\f%» Atinc, il«iiBliti>r of b ^nrwi^giiin nolilo 
nuin, {.'iKinlopliiT Thonai-'n, who willi hpr 
fnlher wu al lliU tinii? rutideiil in Cojwn- 
liftgM). Bbi' iub»^ri»ntlv cutnplaiiii^ iliat 
Bolbwell hail takpn lier iVum lier fatlier anil 
rdalioD'.and irouM nncltoM li«r ba Iii« Uw- 
fiil wift, dnpile prcnniitM to tliom nnil hr-t 
(documentqaotrdinScilIukx'* 7^/'f/ Ihlk- 
ledl.Kngi. tniiinl.,p. GJ). I laving; bi-cnnbaii- 
don«l by Ilolbn-ijlt in tlio Nvthorliuidii. iilia 
wad i«diiiH<d lo aucb ulr&itA llinl tint luid lo 
^liaMM of b«r jfnrela. 8li« viiilt-d Scollaiiil, 
prOMblv toobtnin rrdrpw, in It'ittS; biit all 
tlutt L> Kiuin-n (if hnvitil inlhiit in thity'nr 
•ho tvcuivfid n pauport from <^uniMi Mnry to 
pmnit bur to return to Norway. 

Boihwull was well reci'irpd uj Ihf: kiiiir of 
Deamath.wboBt his nyjuest i-utidticl«l bim 
throtigli JntUndflnd the Diicby i>f IToImhii. 
Iletrrirvilin Pnri* in rliofnllnwinKSpiitem- 
t>nr»adrw!Mi'<'dfr<imlhc Kivnrli king tun np- 
poinlmrni of (ri-ntli-mnn nf thf rhmnlmr nnd 
n fw "f jix bundn-'l crown* (HuiumicKi:. 
lilai« I'open, p. W'i). .Mnry, wbo wit* xlill 
ia TrvBtof, tSxo»e B-ithw>-llone of \ivr cota- 
miail'iiuira for boUling ib^ i-»Tali^8, and be 
»*il out for Scotland on 17 Nov, In an- 
nouncing lu«di>piirtnrr to Kliinbi'th,TbnicTc- 
moRoc, who d»cribnt him ■* *a clorioiu, 
raah, and haiiirdoiiiiyiMini; ninn,' ndnamtliat 
bi* '•drcnorica ibould bavi^ iin eyv to him ' 
iStatfPtipm,Vot.1rvT. lrj{JO I. r'ntn* "3"l. 
llolhwtti did not nirivi- in Ediiibur),'li till 
r«bTU*T Vm iiii. Scott. Ser. i. llJli). Ii i^ 
«Am Mfert4<d tbw he wion ntlumiHi npain to 
Fnam, but tliin ie improlMibln if wo nccnpt 
Knox'* nntrinvnt that bn lud nnlcrrd into 
MMWtpbacy to wiic Mdinburnb bi-fon- the 
ve<!(iiigi>ftKHparlian]>!nliu.Ma,j-. Itotbw«ll 
vuon«of tIteiMBiBben of the privy council 
«bnMn oQ 8»pt. afVer ^Inry'» r^iura to 
Scotland ( /fry. P. C. Sn^t. \. U.T ) j buljmving 
bi*ti f>iirl>td<lcn 10 cnmo to oiiirt on nccount 
of hi* difleTrticen with tbo ICnrl of .\rr»n, Iw 
dill Dot aitf^nd a mcetintr of tbe cviiincil till 
l3l>ct. On 11 Xov,heand.\rTanenro<Miit<li-ra 
Bintiialobligtttoa tok>wpibi-|)i!ncelilll Feb. 
\Wi, and n »itnilar •rr«it|;i.-iii>>nt was uIm 
BudeinrrgnrdtoflothwGiritflilititilctowanla J»m>'f Stuart and (.'ockbum of Oraa^ 
ton. ItuI IiiiHiwi-I1, with ibf Fn-nob umboo- 
s»dar ntid L/inl Jubn Sliiitrl i>f L'oldiiif,'tiiiui, 
so'iu iiftfrivnrdt tnnk purl in no iin'i'cmly 

rioT in Kiiitil>iirj.-h, wlipn ibcy rnd'-avnuriil In 
colrra inctvhiiiit'ii bouw in tcnrcb of nyounjEf 
TCntnnn, who wii« n-piitcd To lii' (be nmtrmii 
of Ainn. The riot iiiriiicfll ihruMemblyof 

the kirk to pr<'«r[|l o. suppliualiuii for The in- 
terfermce of tin; (lUt'eii, who piie ii 'nBnllo 
answer until tnch titnea'ih>>i'"'iv>.'ninm wiis 
(liMolrod'(Ks')S, ii. 3i>l. The ntlemplcd 
QUtm^ WM followr'd by n cmwwfty flcht. 
between tbe lliimittmiii and tbe lli'phnmt, 
but wbc'nmulter»l™ki'd»eriou9,Hiiiitlyimil 
LortI JatDen Siunrt inttrfered in the unine of 
the queen, ntid Itothnell wn« C'>rniniLndBd lo 
It^jiveibt'cilv. ThiTt'iip''n nnibwell Bought 
llu' nid of hnos — whmi. Bnpi>»lor» tvitc di'- 
p»ndcnT»ofi.hi'pnrL«of IloThwell — inmnliinK 
pP4io> wilb tlu" I'Jirl of Armti. Itr^crmcilin- 
tion. hr*Tnled,n*oiiUl»pnrv hiiiie\[Kmi>e,iiinea 
he Wim obli((ed fnr bin own -afetv to keep 'a 
miiubirr nf viohed uud uiipti.ifit utile men, lo 
the'illerileMHictionofiuy living ihnT isli'fl ' 
(ill. ii, •i^'-\). Kiini bad nlmml niiccii-iHled in 
I'ffwlinjt n nronrilinl ion, wbi-n Ibithwidl, in 
on (imbuwnde wilh ei(;ht h"r»i'io<'n, »i»ed 
f'ockbum, nud broiifrhl bim lo Cri(?btoii 
(.'(utli^. Tbiaoulrugeintt'rni]>l-.Hlbkno!i't<n«fiu- 
tialionawilb Arran. Ittit IlL>ihw(<IlftuonMrnt 
buck Cockbiirn, and Knni, hovitig rfiwiweJ 
negi>tintion» vilh Arrnii, Knnllv brotijibt 
about n meniiiiB'bftwi'.'n I hem in 11 ii' lodging 
nl Kirk-o'-Fic'Id. ili*r>-'bey!indw>mf(ni'ndly 
iiiUTCourie. On the monuw Holhwell «'yiit 
ivilb,\rmntobeiir Ku«\ prvnch, Thrvcduy* 
lat«r Arran tub! Knox thiiT Itolhwi'll hiid 
piropM«d to bim lo curry ofl' llic ijiit^.'n lo 
Dumbarton. Armn'n mnimer. iit Knox ob- 
MTVed, liorp evid'-nt »iini» of imnniiv. Iln 
vpnn confiniHl by bis fiilliiir in Kitmninllloii**, 
but rM'jiped 10 SlirliiifT, and was broiigbb 
thenee to the quwn at Fiilklcnd, where bu 
wasi'lnredinnnnl, BoThwidl.bsvingnnwit- 
t iniflv come lot bp court nl Fnlhlnnd, vnl aUo 
iwiliriwiHwl. From Fnlklnnd tbo two wero 
bniiight to Si, Andrew*, when.-, nfler «ix 
weeks' conHnemciit iN the caslle, they wens 
on 4 )Uy ivmoTed to Edlnbnrgh. thiriDS 
till' iiight of 39 Antr. Bothwell miccecd«d in 
brealiing one of ihe iron bars of lits priMD 
windtrw, and either i-KaiMvl down tbecni>tlo 
ruck, or, iKcOTitinK ro niiolber account, 'got 
PHUT puuafTD by iho tiaiei' \ih. ii. 347 ^ In 
any cii*e bo niu>t hnre biul Ibe nui»lnncc of 
nccomplice*. Knox ilalei thni the iiuven 
tra* little olTended at biii escape. 

Dolhwell went to bi» own bou»e at t1i« 
llerniiagv, and aoietl on Knox'* advi«e to 
^Km ' guoil niiietncSEi' fo that bis enmm alt 








famkin; ward nuRhl he nm McilvMnlDiwd 
<*. ii. .-Vi; : Cat. fiUtU Pnprrt. F«r. Sfr. IGOS, 
.-niryailj. OoSSSrtt. lf>*!2In-wrilelolb« 
«i*Mn,pviiwtnliuRitiraUuun(A.b08). Tbe 
debkl and ilMtli ofHuntl; inOcl«lMr,lMiir- 
ett/r, (vubliidied ui firmly ibo pndoaiiuuiM 
of liot h wfll's coFRi V . lyxnl Snium 5i luirf , bow 
>Url of Mon}-, tbfti ItocliwoU, prolMbW with 
ibc wvn.'t conMiil of th« quMflj jtmAvtA la 
Tolnni lo Fmnctf. Soma linw » Ueceanber 
lie K&)btrk<-il on bottrd a Bn-rdiaiil veMnl at 
Norlli Itrwick, Imt wM drirCTi by tMnpt*- 
tuottSwcatlieTmlotlMlIolrtRlaatl. TIrwu 
ibtauwd lij SarTboBBM ntew. On 1 Jmi. 
1fi&4 be Mggvd the Eait of Northumber- 
land by teller to tak« htm vndw bb prolM* 
tioa. SubaeqaMMly bo aune to BenHck, 
awl on ibo iHIb bo wa* aKirvbcnd«il Ibcre 
in bud. <Jaoai> Maiy waa UTOuntbk 10 bU 
nleM*. but Momj and t1i« coun*et adriMd 
tbatbo»liould b«amtloKnglaiKL Tlopra- 
d«ncn of &loT«r'A advice «»» vndorwd bv tlii? 
opinion ofnHtiikil»li,vha in a IpttirioCVcil 
atUok«d ]3olbmlT a* ' tlw tnoina] onnny ' of 
England, * falie and untrue a« n <l«rtl,' ■ a 
blacplientona and invTMwnt apenlter botli of 
and onn that ■ die ^ikIIj cm ihia wliola aatioa 
bBVccau>cio«uHeCam'«r' (t*. 1563, entry 

Un St Jan. Itolbwcll ira* delivered info 
tlieao*ll««fT.viintnoutk<A. 164). Itrordtr 
of Blijuholb ho waa aflenrarda iwiit to the 
Ti)Vf«r<(ft.7T7). lu February I u63-t Qu*«i 
Mnry wnii- to Elixubeth on hu beluir, and 
3Iaiilutd of I^thiogloo Iia%-iii5 alio mado 
medal repreaentation* to IClixnwiih, ho wiw 
Bjlowuil to proceed to l-'mno). lie ruacrtid 
Ihnt lhn>uf[b tbc roeommcn'lalicin of ({ueen 
Mnry hn wni> mad«en|>iatQ nf tb« Seotoffuard 
in >'mncn ( /rf* Affairct ilu Conte de Bodufl), 
bill lu< Doiii*.' Aw nut u]ipi?ar oti niiy of thi- 
lifllauftlii^Scol? (fiiiinl. Ilu returned toScol- 
tuid in Mnrch ]'<tU><*i, and, in deitanet? of 
Moray, it|[Kin looli up hist ntfidence at the 
ll^ruiitoge, wkero u largv numher of his vna- 
fttla n<M»t«il to him. .\Uhoii|ih ha ymt tv- 
pottedlo httrc «pol(i.-n diimpprtfutly of both 
qilOcHK in Fnineo. nmiTliiiif llint iIi<j 'two 
(^luld not. miilie on^^ hojiMt vroinnn' (Iton- 
dol]ibluTlirui^lcm')rtOTi,:il Miircli, (W. .V/n/* 
Faprn, For. Si-r. l.VM..->, miry 1073), Slur^- 
eertalnjy dMited hi<< rv-eun. Acting on her 
advioa ue exptvfaed hi* wiUingnt?** lonppnnr 
to aotwcr iho chnr^it «f connpiriuTy with 
AriKitf anil of hnvinj; broken hi* n-nrd ; but 
a* bia ftceun-rii. Moruy and .Vnfvll, brnuiiht 
• forinidablu fallowing wilh thi*in to Fdin- 
lauTKli. liu declined to apponr. Tlie Biirrlieti 
for &i« appearance u-ere onllnwuil, bill OotIi- 
irelltOVing lo tlie iaicrposition of the tinem, 

iRoipui to tlu^hom. Ha ayain mtbdrnr 
to FraDc«,wbpr« ba mnained until af^vr thi> 
Bairia^of Muy and t>ani)ert-'> July l-Vi'O. 
Beins rTcaUa>d by the Scotliah quwn to ae^it 
in autMlitiiiff Mtmy** icbatlion, be mot lo 
Flnahing^ wImm be obtainad two snaU na- 
■ali to eonrer liin and a tarn U&awm to 
Seotlaad. An aiiempi wa« mado 10 captinv' 
biffl by Ut Knglinh capinin, named Wihoii, 

\ adinff on Kliubetb'n ilin-ctioiu, but be «*• 
capn], aliboujib WUku fin-d eeveral dwts 
m htm I Bedford lo Cecil, IB Sept. 1S8S, A. 
I5I0>. lAndinjr at Eyemouth, be proceeded 
I') court. Aeednting 10 Raadal|^ v-bo de- 

, icribM bim a« a fit man * 10 be a misbtor to 
D *hao3efuI net, ho it tailier aguiiat Ood or 
man,'lbp queen and Ihuitleyirere alrondvac 
■irifi? aa toirhe^herUoihweUar LcBnox,*tb» 
&thetof DanleT,>boDldbeliaat«Mnt oflhu 

[ fetcM. Tlie queea pnfcrred Bothw<.d1. ' by 

I reaaoa W boar* aa i-yiI will tcaioit !)(omT. 
and ha* piwniatdtobMi'vbinidicaiaiialien'' 
(A. t-'UI ). Wbotbi-r or no there wan cucli 
a dttpulc I^-nnox irai Bn|Kiiiited to U«d 
thu nn, UolliwuU beinx joined with tbofv 
notiletneti wbo ncconmnwd tbe kin^ ■ in 
leading ibe hntiU' (Ktg. P. C Seoil. i. 
379). Prufaablr abo it ma further de> 
cidcid, a* DolbirHl binlod to M. do Ciuti>lMu 
(TKn-KT, ii. 960), ihni Hnihwell sltould act 
nn liciitenant4;*noni1 hi thf nh<«nc<.> of Len- 
nox. It i* clear that Hathwell, from tbn 
pcrioil of hi* rcoall, occuined n potitwa or 
apeeial tnut and influence. Queeo Marr nax 
pvpoassHed la hit farour by bi* invnl'nnblp 
aerrloea to the French paiiy dnrtnic i)... Uf^ 
time of her mother, and by hU nniiptihy to 
Momy. TItt rtcklen dnnnc nppealed lo'ber 
t«r and nMlnte purpnto contnwltd forcibly 
with the ni-akunu of b<-r huifaand DamWy 
and hli innbililv to control or prot<«l her. 

On ^1 Feb. luliri-ll BuLhwai wa* married 
intheAbbi^y Kirk ufllolyroodtliHiao to Jean 
fiotduti,«i»t(TofneorgU, fifth (■arlof Iluntlv 
[i). v.] (^Diunwl of OKKfrfnli, p. (W). Ilo 
thus thought lo Mr^'n^lipii hiatielf wtlfa th» 

Sjneon'a wirty, and ninrv. r>s|)>-ciBltrtaoeiMnt 
lioiiiniiiUhipwith lliiiilIy,whaMbrcqnently 
became biii •utwrvinnl tool. Tbo nii>rriitg» 
iQUit be Inken to indionte that tlic idea of 
becomiiij; the biuband of tlw qtlopu wnt not 
wt within the ran(|v of Bolhwell's nmbilion. 

, )liirloii'« »ublh' l)ii."iry that tbetjuecn't heart 

, nlrcnily beloneKd tn Itothwell 'n inadiaiMihle. 

, Iltf rhief piirpnii> in marrying seema lo lini'e' 
been tn iv-ntlur hi* poiilion nion> •nruro, Br 
the catbolici p-nnnilly tli«- muninav iraii r*- 

. )^rded wilh feclinit« of cMillotiou. Bolh- 
well lind alwny* been ane<iuiv(<cn1 proteKt unl ; 
B«w>iinJfd &4 be uow woa by culholic in- 

fliwiiCM, it oru MpMlwl tbnt Iiu would be- 
Koano a cAtbolii:. nut he nmalned cieftdfosL 
in lii» oulwanl a^lieivnte to pi«t«stuitism. 
NotwitliAtmoding tlMiqiif«n'H(>XpreMwUk,hv 
<l«cluie<l to iwrioif tho iniirriAco e«roi«"OT 
to u>ka ptnCQ dariog tamn in uio cliapel of 

I^tliwcllV rxcwpi ioiml iiifliiODce over the 
«ueni bt^u after tht< iitnnli^ of Rixxio 
^ llftTCh luUli), wliicli hint bt<cn airnn^l 
hf K o<Mi«ptr«cy of proltitr.iiiil Inrdu with 
lMrnI«ir'8eniim\nnfr'. I1(ithn-«llwiMontin;Iy 
tuiioraiit 'tf tlio ]<\ot. Uavitxg uccompuuetl 
llMtquo^n lo l-Ulii>lnirRh an 1 Mnrch ibr llie 
iipcDineof UiP puTliiuiicnt.lii' uikI lilsbratlii'r- 
iit>Ui(',lI»"<ij-'">'^'>'<' inH'.OyrKOil ]'«lii«enn 
theniglitortlii.-miir'U'r. A-'eordiiiw to Knii:«, 
«n 'bearing lli>^ n<;iu.> iinil clnmoiir' lliitTcnmt^ 
aiKldnily to llie Inner mart ' ioIetiiTuig lo 
have ID«<I« n-nrk if thry Iiod a piuty itronj 
vDoiish' ([IVA/, ii. 'i\2l), but were tom- 
iniiiidr(lbyMo«i>n.acliie(of ttK-coiianiratorii, 
who Lttit wind ilie jiaUcu w'uli ft riaiid of 
ftnned folltra-en, t'> jmu to ili>.«ir eliamlNTs. 
They obeywi.biit vlionly iifli^mnnlK ptrapi-d 
by a baclc winii>>w, rdiI went to Bdtbwrtl'!! 
hwiM at CricIitCTi (IJiiirtutt <■/ O'turrnili. p. 
fiO). M«ry WM now a pri»ouerat llolyrood, 
in ill* band* nf bi^r liiiJibuii<l aiid liia umo- 
culc A pliii vras civiitriTvil bv Ttntliuull 
and ]Iiuiily for Iter ciicaiH^, Im mi- fo'imt ii 
uDneoeuary tolukcnilvtintngi' nf ii niter nhn 
lud |ienuiid«<l Domlev to n^niidoii IiU alli» 
and ail! in lir? libenilioii. ^!in nml Dinikv 
ntdobrtniilnialit tnl^uiitiar. Tlirri-Kotliwell 
i\n-\ lIuBlly joinwl b-r. IJutiiwell bringing 
with him B funnidaltl-? array of liorili^rere. 
Uv lier fligtiC t)ie lalilM liii'l w^ii coiuiileli-ly 
»iim«IfiiiTieroi'iH)iKnt*. lloihilimtiil Jlcimy, 
the Imtiivr nf ICie proliulaiil lord*, dcecnud it 
pTuO^nl tn feign a reconcillKliun with tvicli 
<ither. A* n maUcr of ouuriv hIm liad tlic 
bMt winhe* of the csthuliM, but iw<xt to liur 
<yam deflneBt siid coimge she wim indelitfd 

to IIo«UweIl'(ti;eolilt«"iiI)pnn ^•-■i llienlvun- 
taiCMiua jWMtion iii whicli 'Im now fnimd liei*- 
vat. FniB Ibii! timn, tliervfnrt', thoiriqK.vinl 
fttetu1*hiii miml be dni«l. Boiliwi-It'n pruj- 
tioM acouired mon- and nont im|>"rUiu'r ils t lie 
1l«MobMtw«.-n JJarrand I>ari]l>-_v Tvidenwl. 
Knox RlatMllial Itnlhwrll.sconiift^r lliifiij's 
mnrder, * had ii'>w uf nil men ervntifli neeiu4 
and fainilianty with ilir qnren ' ( Hur/', ii. 
tt'i"'); wriling on 34 June to (Veil, liilli- 
frvwnHirniR thnt 'HotliwcU'sctviU' with iV 
«{ti«en i" cwilcr (h«n nil ite rvsi (•.■(•ftlirr' 
yVal. aiatf I^ijttTf, For. Si-r. I'MH-f, i-iiln 
AJll; and on 'J7 July It-.-df-nl reporu ilia'l 
ItotWi'll cami-i nil ct>-dii ni curl, nnd t* 
4be ni'-it Imlnl mini in S;i)iloiid liA. U>1|. 
Aa a tjivicial mark >if tliq (|<ie«u'« fatxiur, he 

nhtnitiMl, in addition to part nf tli« lienuflcea 
of MclroM, Uaddinston, and N'ew)>attle, tha 
nocient fortnua of DunWwiiUili-principdl 
InniU of ihe tarliiom of Mnreh. I'nTioniilv 
Boiliweirji ]Kiwi'r had, owing porTly to hi< 
omi cstfBraj,Tinen, Iteon torioiialy crippltd by 
Lifl poverty; but lliptugh the •pfcini i,"ift* of 
th'> ijiittn. be noon i"ame to rniiV, lioili witli 
rcpiril tn wmlth nod fultnwinK, nt iliti moat 
powerful tvoble in tln' soiilh of .Si-iitliind, 

iSnthwell inanife<<t«'Ll at this time u tpxrial 
jtniddciigniiixl MiiiilniulorLi-lhin(;l')n,w-liDEU> 
Inlpfit* n»nn int nailer lippMbubly (wired, and 
of wlio»o influi'nc"' will] the ijui.-i'ii In- wnti in 
anven.v JLiilou*. Mnitlacid n-ujlveil t" seek 
rcfugii in Flnndcn, hut, lieoring rhn[ Itoth- 
nyll lind taki^n ni«n>is to enpluiv him at 
Mn, lie went lo AtjivH iKillij.-rF'w in Cecil- 
Si June. if,. .-,21 1. TL... Kflrl« <jt Arxj-U and 
Moniy at tlw> qiii^nV commniiil nlnu jmam-d 
to Ar^-yll, but after remnining ih'T*' a month 
Wen- MHit for br Ihf qiiwn. and biiniiueKed 
in ihe castle, lliintly and Itothwell Wing 

Srt-wtil ( KjtOY,*7). Tliis mnybavo been 
on<' nt TlotliWf !!'« inninncc, but a tiibtcciucnt 
pTopowl to n'CAll Mailland wm drciclcdly 
ai>lii>Iefiil tn biin. He in lilnlod !•> hnvo ImH 
lii(;b woprN wilb Mnmv on ih*' biibjrd ((W, 
State F>ii:ti-ii, For. S.t'. I'lIM H. nilry Wri)). 
L"ltiinot,rly hi- in-nuiittd Sliiilbind tn bo 
noiiib>!tvd for a ^li'.-rt time annmj; bi> frienda. 
HithwvU'iturogri'fAin the qoetrn'sfAvoiir wai 
unmictiiknbie. ' Ki'i>ry men aoughl, lu bim, 
ivhcrc immedinti'ly fuvnur was In ba bud, lut 
before to Ihivi'l lliitio'^ ICxui.ii.'VU). Hotb- 
ivrUwBu'tniiir.tL-i WT»n-porteii,fdmili«rrwilh 
tbu c|iieiii!i lunjiwlie nor li'ini-stip f>>i|iiyril' 
{Dinrnnl "/ Ct^.iirrifnlt, p, lOIJ). Thew> iiro 
alwiM^Tid nlliinir'nbof n piiniiliirTmor in tlio 
eorT«[iiiiid.'ni't' of tlia Eugliili affvnl-' willi 
Civil. 'Phi' tJl(>(-ineac4:llMtio^^ Tritb pIncL' iind 
citviimxiancei, made by nuchniinn,ntowi'dlv 
rcatlou I arse e\ lent on tbeineoncliiiiveatiili'- 
inmtii cjf jin'urrt, ButliweH'* n'TVnnt, niid of 
(ieiirge Dal^b-i8l],biM.-linniU:rlnin: but Ilolh- 
Hellc'rlninly hml. iii lb'' wunJo of Sir Jnmca 
MrlnilU', *n tinitkofbi^ijwulbat licabot al,' 
Til. Ilamb-y'* pbici*. 

"tt'ben (be ijtii^en Wii* uboot to set out to 
hold jmtien nyrr* at Jedburgh in Heinber, 
Ri'ibwell,iu bfrlivulecunt. wilt uenx lorward 
lo mil be iJie oeues^ry [oeiiiiTnliouii. On iip- 
]ir>:inL'bingtbecn-lle i-f Ilvrinilnfn'.in ndvaneo 
iif bis iiiii'ndunlf, Ii<- •o.ut wt^rvlv wituntW 
in a wooii by ii iirrtnrlou'odilnw, Jobii Kllioi, 
<i/ui> John of I'lirii, and was carrir-l Imnie in 
ornrl fir drnd, lln I be I.'>lh Ibe cjuiyn rode 
tber<-- und biiek im the Hitup diiylii viiii bim. 
}1erMov('re'1nl|ndly.»n<lbytlt«l.'l9l trarelleal 
to Jnlburcbona hOTW-hllerfri'MeT to Cecil, 
23 tW., to/, Slufe J'Uftn, For. Ser, entry 




77i). On the iiik h» wm able lo Mtaod n 
laeMuiff of couocil. Tli* iiiirvn niMawbilc 
htfi been taluaiMirioiu]);ill,and on tlu- Lt)(lt 
Iwi lifi! Wat dmpniKd of. On bcr rrvovcrv 
till! auullitru sLin-i. Sliv bIb^tJ from 17 lo 
US Nuv. at Lis cd^iIh of ]>iiniMir. 

Tln'iicc sli" mmnitnl 10 CmigmtlUr, wbcra 
MTlriii IWi^mb>Tihi'ruiiou*Mii(««vnmwia 
lii>li{ in bor l>^T'tl^llCl:n'Kanlillgbcrrr1BtiOIlt<1 
l)Bm)o}-. ilia coiifuriMice vnu cttllrd id oiJor 
to dotennine od a muibud hy vUicb ibe 
quMU uugbt ([mify livr ilMire (o be riil of 
Dwule}'. Tlwi only ttci-oimt of ibe oon(«r- 
ctice, spirt from n, ven' nummnry noiic* bjr 
VucMn&iii in cniitainra in > nnmiivc ri^iwil 
b^ Ar^'U nnd HunUv uirinU-il in Kkith, 
Jfittory, A]ii>. No. »vJ. imd frciusutly rt- 
[irinl(:iT). A*iliiiinomiti»eeiu«iiuifdf[t)uiilie 
(|iiiiiit)it it nixvatarr to n-ci^lti^ itH xtnti'iUifiits 
witb (autioii. Itoilin'vll iiitlien raprverntNl 
neivly M fattxtiiii^' a. divocw, and citinjc 
ba u«'n CAM lu n proof llint n divorc* migbt 
\9 obUinoiI without pi>-juilico lo lbs young 
priiica MnilInnll[llcm<^isn.-)llvwntcHJallli^ltiuH 
Inll n bint of lln; advisubilily of ruooune to 
n morn luinnuir^' mirlLiud ; but iIub bint la 
Mid to Iiave drawn froiu ilio iiut'ea nn njipHnl 
lo tboae pKteiit not (odo Aiiviliing'wlinrrto 
Miy i]Mt may bi- Inid to my bnuatir and con- 
•Cienoe.' It i» plniii ihut nunD of tbo*c im> 
Mnt hitd a K'X'd <>''>rd to say fur iinruk-y. ntid 
tU wcrt! of upiaiou tlint iiiutioni would jjo 
Mmplifivd if 111! L'oujpd 10 be iho biubuiid ul' 
tb«qU06i]. Tbu uisjoriiy of ih« prolvMunt 
noblm Mw no obMacI* in prociiriiig n iliiorco. 
])ut lbf> embolic nobb-s, with tlic cxMl>tioii 
of Hwntlv, wiirwmilikidy toftMftii toibispro- 
ovdiirv. iVficT (111! toiifrti'iicL- Ui>ibwL-U was 
nppwiicbi'J on tli.r wibjin;! of Slorlou'a recBll. 
He luuirriiCi-d I'l llii! |)rui9riMl, but ciMirly d«- 
mandi-d u jiiirt ih-v quo, wbicb sliould include 
till! di^itnlut ion by Kiinv lueons or olber of tlic 
qiw<eii'« ninrripicti vriili Dntnloy. 

Itijlhwpirii niitiirul pniiilrclion forlanlcia 
riolcnro, ntid lii« feiir of n-v<fUtions luadL- 
during tbe proctti* of divorce, contributed, 
with ]iiiuilily 111-! rv]>n-?L-iitali(iiuof Mttitlniid 
and ulliirni, in -Imiiv bi» plans. Nor could 

IlU BUp]HKLl] iblll tilt' TirOtMIHIlt lioblw, tile 

majority uf wboiu IiikI hpi>ii involved in thp 

Elol ft)i;iiiiiHl Itiuio, noiild hi- fp«atly thockud 
y iliK iloutb of tbcir Ircncliproiu tK>'«nn*iii- 
rator. Accordingly, ufli-c the Craigmillar 
cimfcTvnCu a bond. so ibi! aubordiaule AgClitS 
ill DamWs inunlvr Hiibseuneiilly nuert«d, 
wag nifcTii-d by Hoilifti'll, iriiiiify, AivyHi 
Maiclniid of iMliingtiiii, and .liirn<'' tiulfiiiir, 
in wbirh il wo* i-nuiieid tbat llarulrv 'foiild 
l»n put nir liv nn" «uy or otlior.ond rjuidiMm'er 

dobod and fottiflo ii as tbcBMJvra.* 1h>ili- 
widl, aflvt a vain ciliirl In obtain ibc bnln of 
Morloa, tvMtlvod binui>)rto-t*k'' ilw dvid tn 
hand.* Tliere is imdoabttd pruwf tbat lie bad 
ili« iniBMluie cbargv of tlio pni«tie*l ar- 
rancenaeiiia, and 1m doHbtlca* tugnawd llw 
nvUiod oiloplmL Onl, naolsle d((«nuBa- 
tion «hanuii>Ti«Ml bu «v?ry ci»p. If Ui* 
([eniiininMa* of tbc ■CaiJii-t Loiter* ' tw ad- 
iniltcil,tbvqiuvii,pff«iiincdlT under (lie (pell 
of an Kh*>«DiiiK pUflioii fur ItulbweU. forced 
LcnK-lf to bvcomc liii uutrumcat in clTeCURg 
bio piirpoac. 

Wlitfii till! qiuen wt oni in January l&OS- 
IA07 (o vt«it I)iirDl«y al <tlB»gow, Tt<itlivri>ll, 
accordiufc lo ibe • Hiary " haniltd in by rb.; 
ScottiabeonaiwioniT* al Wci»tniin(l<-r, ac- 
companied bor to I^rd l.irinK*ii>iii:'i placr at 
CallFiidnr. Ilii movi'tncnla att«r ^«rting 
frviii licr art' lomi-vrbnt tinciTtaiii. I^oi iiB< 
probtibly, beforu ivluming to Edinbnrgb, b» 
proci!i>d«d to AVIiiiiit);;linni^ vrliew Im aida 
an nn^uccti^Dl allciiipl to induce Morton Ia 
uiidcrlnko ibn inurdur. According to Ibo 
' Uinri-' already ini'nlioticd,bi'«iperinlendi'd 
thi- amuiKC'inciitJ ut Kdiiiburcli fur loilging 
Darulvv at Kirk-o'-t'ii-ld. ^ubHiiiitutly ho 
unici!e(]i.>d «<jiitb. for on iLl- :;7lb bt- aet oiit 
doTpra in Liddetdalo, witli whon b« bad • 
fbarp nkimiUb (Soropt- to Cecil, (W/. Slatm 
I'ajii-en, l-'or. Sirr. IfitB-R, eiilry 918). On 
31 Jan. lie met ibi!i|un!n wiiurtiiilauccfVan) 
&tinbur|;b> and <!scorl<!d bcr and Damivy 
iiil'i Ibi! city. A Miiti- of ajiiLrtiiieiit> uaa 
avii^iK-d bim in Ilolyrood Palace. Hereon 
(111- ni^lir of Sunday, 9 Fab., be betd a con- 
sultation willi I'tirlninMibordinnti'Klonrfungn 
till! final di'liiiU of bis plot. Ilii plan froon 
tlic ^K-Kiiinin^ up[iinirx to linvc bvoii to blow 
op till! l»di,'iufi. Hi! bad eouveyed an im- 
oieniiD niuintily of povder fHim ibu forlrew 
of lluiiW. lii» talcululion being lo arrange 
ibe oitplot^ion on i-ticb n gignntic tcn\v ilint it 
ivoiild W Ixiynnd i!ic limits of poaaibility for 
liii victim to iisc-«|"-,ovf"r it to bn known how 
licini-lhiadcnlh. Uu tlufKiuidayovcninRtlio 
iiiiCL-u. who ooc-n»ioniilly jJfpt iu a fhauibvr 
bi'lou' that ucciipiif 1 bv I >uriil(:y,hid r<^iuainvd 
at KirkV-FivId tillnlutubour. Sbe iittviided 
t0 8l«vpai II olyroud. having agnn-d to attend 
a matked hull in ihu palace in honour of llw 
tnatriatrcof nn<?of lu-rforvaiiti. I)vfon>>(^tin|{ 
out (.lie and hiTi'icorl ui'iil upilainito iMm- 
W'saparlnii-nt. BotUwull must al Ii-aM hnvo 
hwn informi!d of Ibi! quixni'ii intt'iiNoiiB, It 
will actually wliiju alic and hc-r escort tver« 
in r>xiin ab'ivi-tbai bv Fiipcrin tended lht> 
aliebadjuitlcn bi't'^w. ft wn* placd Vncalb 
the bed whicbabt' would iiavoovcupiadbad^bu 




notdecUlecl togoto rh«linll. AflLTCouiiil«t- 
Ing tliew &rmi^emenU BoiliweU iol1ow«d 
tluquoen into I>»Tnli*j'i rhambtv. Tlicyleft 
Uunlvf abnul kIiivou oVIock. Tlia qim-o 

t«imlrlii iliiiiriifl jmii t irithout 

■guneaUTiajr il.uiid tkf: niTalpanv. lielitt'd 
bjr torcb-lwutvrs, wcnilt-il uKm;; Itlut^kfiiam 
Wjriid Id lluiyroo<L Builiwi-II jiiit in an aii- 
pMianc^or tUi^liiiIl.bnt ivlirvJ UiwHrdd tditl- 
nigbt, anil aftrf diungiTit; hifi L'ourt Af-m for * 
siuplti doiiblrl >ii<l n b^rtonmn'ti cli>nk, i>ulli< 
cieoc in tlia darkni'» In fnncrnl bit idonlitT, 
ntunnl, ariMiinjinDii>! by four of bii ful- 
lowca«,(airuriIiiKJrk-ii'-l-V'lit. OiiiiUtiQi[tba,t | 
they vm 'frii-nilj of Lonl Boiliwrll tbey 
Wtfv l>Fmiitti.'d to pnai tin- ki'i.<ivr at Caiion- 

Kta Pbn and arrii vX rafriy ul kirk-o'-l''w'lil. 
•ving tbrt* of ilm ntiviulaiiTis at thi> gif- 
don «-iill, nnthwoU aiid bit Lrnncb »cr' 
vifil, iliibcrt, leaped it and proomU'd In tbt- | 
liifiiiH'. Two oilwr nftdils of liothwi-U bml ] 
Im^n l-<tt in cboruL- of tbc pundur, on J ua suuii 
U llolbtretl lini] inapLi.'l«il lliu iirrunut<m^liti! 
ud given inHiriicliune for li);bunji; tlio train, 
lbi> vfhol" of Ou-iii ivtijtnf'd lo tbti plaeo of 
trvM at tIic gnnlrn Trnll tn awnil tbu mult. 
Tiin mnicb liunipil •lowly, and JSolUwcll, 
with clianKtvriitii; iiu|mlictim, wak [irppariutt 

r'n 10 leap ibu wall in ordo' lo return (o 
booM wh«n Uie FSplusioo took plocp. 
^1* oonaptretora burri«d back witli tbe tii- 
saoet »\ivti lo IloljrooJ. l-'ailing !•> »caln 
tliacitynalUtalownen nnr Ia-iiH Wynd, 
•ail droadinii dcUy, tlt<ry wcrn con^'llcd to 
fWVMaiiilhi' kn-pcral C'nti()n)tali--rart. L>n 
»«<il»im Iii* ajurtmi-nta Itolbwpl! coltvl for 
dnnk b«li>t« Boinj; to bvd. In akiut balf an 
boiir • meMmirn' airivu! at tbe jmlnre vriib 
lll» iwwa lliat Uie kiii^'dboiiM wo^Mownnp, 
ud tba king litmr^'lf, il wu* «iin|ia*i>il, Rlain. 
FaiirniiiK tu bavn bom nroiiMMl from iJecp. 
Bothvsll rxclaimiHl, 'Fif'. IViunonl* and 
liiiTricdt)' dr«uiHl bimm'lf in onliTibc pre- 
tended) lo niaku iiii|iiirii« jji-rnoually. Tlii- 
loil^it^n-u&fmiud tubavL-bcc-n.u.» Marrtaitl, 
'dung in droM loibiriFrygniiniilfttont'. TW 
body of rinriiW lay al aainedi^taiic^ from tbi- 
rit4>i>f ibobnitilinK (fve^kolcliin CitAtHKHH, 
L^t ■/ Mitrv Qiiffv i,f S'vt.). Hotliwi-ll 
Matrd ibal IbL-ru wu* ii»t '■ murk or a burl 
on oU Iiii body.' Tki- impn-uiuii iireiailr<l 
lh4t prevlou* lo tb? i?i)>l(»iiun hv liad Iweii 
otrugled hi bml, but iba anburdinate a^ vni» 
•fimeil tiiat no iivraoitat vtolcnoa waa ii>cd. 
Tbeir l4i*iimonT ■■ not, hoirarnr, nf miirb 
vi'i|^'li<. nor Ul it appnx:ial>lyi<tr<in(:tbiMi<-d by 
ibn fact tbat ibit summtit i-.\prt-iii«l ibi-m- 
awlvva to n «iniiUri--flWt. After vii-winj; tbe 
bodvi Ilolbwell rvlumr-d ti> brrak the newa 
lo th« qoeoii. A« he wm ltvkviii)[ hi-r apurl- 
OHBt be net Sir Juum Melville, tii wham bo 

stated that htr oiBJwtv wu ' aonou-ful and 
ijuiot.' He alM ■Mnl»ii«<d tlii> mlaiiiity to 
' tbc Klrangrf t u4.'dd(-»l llint <:>vi'r th«nclr, to 
wil, tb'- iwwdnr [lil! bluing," come out of thi! 
luft ^nkj ami bnd bnniT Ibo kin^» toiiti;' 
{.Uniiuir', ]>. ir.l). After tbe murder BotU- 
wll (ptvi- vutiiublfl prcMnta to all wlio had 
iL-!>intvd bim, iindf bar^vil tbem to' hold their 
Ii>ii|;tif«, fur tbey aliould uevec want »o li>ng 
ti« lio had unytbiuff.' 

itoibwiOl may bare counted on stupidon 
fiillint; on tlorton, or oilier wvU'known vav- 
mics of UrirnlfV ; in any cn*> ho *>i«mR to 
Lartf aiipiMurd that bo hnd pcndc-rud uo in- 
<.'inif)idi'ru))li? siTticc tolbr proleitanl nublea, 
Tbete K'ub u jiUNiiii.- iudifliMvuice in i\\f Utl- 
tiidu of llieprnie«Isrii lords wbii-hnilbpl«nm 
sbowod thiit Uteir indiiinotion, if it cxint^d, 
ivna Willi reatrniiied by priidcnce. It vrna 
oRninat Itulhwtdl, huwcTinr, tbal ihu uilItlt- 
silI oiuplciuu oft bo mullilude (ram tbt^ bi'|{i li- 
ning puLotvd. Aci'i-'idiiifC lo Bucbannn bi'4 
uuilt was pruclniinud * boitli bu buikeo and 
be piciiirM and be cryis in ibu dork nigbc' 
PliicnnU wore MTrotly posted up nnminfC oji 
ihf iiiurdiTiTshimaiul ni^vi-rnlolbeninf minor 
niuk.wbowi'r'' nib»iH^ui-ntU-o.\ocniodBS tho 
jitrpolruiors of tbe cnmo. Tlii; nccunationa 
Hovicnl to jiroduce u<il ibc (lUfjIitost olli^l iiu 
Putliwrll's irun lie rvea. all bong b il was ob- 
B>-rve<1 lliHt wbeu lie talked witb any oiic of 
wbcwi' gijcidwill uiwanls bini lie ws* doubt- 
ful, lu! ' vtan aei'Uftoim'd In kivpbiii luuidou 
hi* dagiffT' Hit gKuiiiua at c<ii]rt was in no 
degroo nrcakeUL-d. VVilb tbe i|iiceu1iie influ- 
ence, wlutotcrila nature, wna [iloinly gtvater 
ibunever; norwpit tboreany ludicalion tbal 
ilio cordiality, uu one cidv or tbe other, waa 
feigned. On 14 Feb., tlie dn^ of Damley'* 
fun*rat , lie receiTed tho t»»et»ion of the »upi>« 
riority ovi-r tlw town of I.uitb. Two daya 
nftorwurda ibequoun wi-uc toS<-loa, lladding- 
tonabirr.lnairiDK.KCCorJiii;;lotbe' llitirTiuI of 
Ueeurmite' (p. IIXl), lliiiitly and Ilolbwetl 
in lIolytvHKl in obiir),i.' of the yoiitig prince. 
()nlbe*2Stl. Prurvrpnorteil loiWirtbnt A(w 
with till' miei-n ot Setoii ; tbal on the iire- 
viou* WeUne.icliiy abc oainii lo Lord \\'liar- 
tou'i haiiv 111 TroDL-nl.aiid that she audllie 
Karl of Bolbwull liavinf,' wim at th«i butt* 
I afn>iii«l Lord Setoii and llunlly, llie loMm 
t'liltrrtiiiiiiil ibein ni diiiiii-r at Traiii-nt. Tbia 
report i* iii'l iii'Ci'wanly iiici>n»i*lint»i'ilh tho 
fiict thnl lluDlly and llolbw^ll werv Irft in 
cborgi- of the prince at Uolrrood, They did 
not n'c(uire either aepMBt^ly or together to 
bedavandnigbt in attendance on twprtnce; 
ibey liad mvri^ly lo a^e tbal be waa proiwrly 
iriiardeil, ntid Tranent waa within va*y riding 
distance uf llolyrood. 





Soon ihe qiiivn'* nMn« bMatae aMocialvd 
with lh«t fOkilliwoll M ir«pi>iinble for ihr 
murlcr. Aa tilt- MWi^l out orUumarkM nt 
RtVialmrfh thn toicm of the narliM womm 
could be branl, rayins, ' Ood ptMenv yoii if 
TDU Kre MJkli'oa oiT tbu kiss's dMtk.' Not* 
WitIi>tBndinstli<!vrKl«Bpn«d MHpicia«i,it vt* 
ncit till tht! V»i\ of IxitnoK , lat bnr of IMmW, 
poinic^lr uIImI tli« All^ntion 'if tlw queen 
lo lliH fact iku UotlivcU uul othen w«iv 
pimi^tmtljprocUiinod u tli« nini:der«n,uul 
tbM iW for faia part Rnntly BuapecMcl (lieee 
pHWNW, tbnt tlw quMii, wltli llio GoatMit of 
tbeeouiKii, |>ramLK-d bim * imlicinl vxamina- 
tion. At B meecine of Ini- priry council 
bield OB iH March 1^67 inalriHTtions wi-rv 

S'rtn for a irinl to tnkn flace nn 1:! Aitril, 
It lli« (tovfrnmi-nl cnrcfiillv nvoidcii taking 
tlw iaitiatirc Tb<! biinlcii at tbe proeeciilioa 
«M liiiilon tbc l^nrl nf I^nnox and olbor 
Mciunni cf Itotbn-oll, v-ho wer« r^qnimd U> 
*«aiBpMt and tbair perM-w l1i<> Mid Kill and 
bia«>inplioM'(J7^. /•- C.Snifrl Wf,). Ijetf 
iiox, huon'iii|r lliHt ICil'ml'iiriilt wa4 cnxicdcd 
wit1i tl«i fnUnn-iT* of IJolbwcll, rwolred for 
tiij> own jirfttjTlion to bring tliiretboiiMiid 
niaii vitb liim; but cm ii|r|ir(>iicbinL' l.iDlilh- 
gov a me«Mge ivnclied liim, forbtildiii; bioi 
lu vnter th« cUr vritli hiok tlmn »ix fol- 
1owi.>r*, and lio itinw'for* d*'clinpd to attnul. 
Od lliH dav of iIk* irinl a ninunKi^ urrivril 
fh'in ICltinta'lh, fLuking for it> poitjionfmvtit, 
Iwit. wlii'ii tho import of tli* inWMjju was 
knovm l>furj* foimil it impoMiblo lo jt^l it 
daliTcrcdtoibequepn. llobert Cunniiifbnm, 
on bcJialf of LeiiuiM, aim imul* an applich* 
tion for poMpoiMiiiumt, but it wo* molvcd 
10 proceed. Jlefor* Mieb a jurv ai iliat ae- 
iectod it va» MarcolrpoMibletlialllulkwi-ll 
on any cvidwicn could have boen foiiml 

Eiiilty; but no jarj-, i-icejit ono alronglj- 
ia^ed af,-iiiusi liim, would have fcnae oat of 
its way to coiiviol in tlic aWiicf of a jipfiiMf- 
cnlor. IVuclicolty no trial took plarc at all. 
A lechnieal \-«rdict of ■ not j(iii!tv ' arrived at 
in siidi oircumManivw wniTiilur'tus*. Onlbc 
COIicliuinn of ihn trial Bolhwcll, in acrOTtl- 
nneo willi nncisnl c\l^t(lm, "ffi-rtid bv iiublic 
onrtFl to (iKbl any oiit- wlio should i'liall«ig« 
hi* innocL'nctf, All tbut could be done to 
ratifjr t\iv iK-uXeiKV of tlie jnry wai> nlao im- 
mwliati'tydiincby pnrliamnnt.foron 14 April 
lie olilaincd from parliamont n conlirmatinn 
of 111* riulil* to varioTiH lonttliipa and lunda 
pn^i'iomlv conrcm-d on iiini. 

Ilufnri- liolbo'cH'ti iriul a rumour vraa cui^ 
rMit tiial,aIllioii|;b lii* wife, I jidy Jean Gi>r- 
don, nuA ntill uUv>?. be inlciiilt'd to in;irry (In- 

Jiieen.aiid thai ihc bad promim»d to liiM-oni« 
id wife * toiio; Wforr 'b«- mnrd<;r win donn ' 
(<ii/. State Itij.fri, For. fit^r. ir)(HJ.Jj, cntiy 

IWI). A« «ariv *> aO Mardti Ururj repom 
lo Cvcil that itr > Karl of llnnilr liu now 
condi'acendrd to tlif divorce of hu wMvt frOB 
Bothwcll'iiZ. lUMi. Dneaf thcdocuiDpnis, 
aaid to bavE bc«ii found in the iiitvnr raiJiiH, 
waa a |itiomiM of niarriaL'r by ll«- qiuni to 
Ilolhwell, in Frencli, M'iibntii dai«, and an- 
OAbar wa* a uiaTTH^ cooirvci, dated Setuci, 
5 April i'lHr.iaidtoboiiitlia handirrttinj; nf 
Ilunily, and orofMaadly aif^rd bv tbn qurm 
and BothwrlL Sir Jamaa Meliillo girt* a 
ICmiibjc BccoamI oftbe dancer to wbicuBolk- 
wn'a yrratb expMed Lord llerriM and bim- 
htli wben tliev iatoniMd ibe nuc^n of the 
mmoiirt n-^r^in^ \kt intMid"! ntarna^p lo 
Bolhircll {.Vnixnrt, p]i. 175-7), Ninibcr 
Hntbwdl nor tbi- nniwn wiihod tlwir ioicn- 
lioaa to be made Known pnanatunlv, bat 
aA«r tke trial no avcret vaa nMd« ot tlieir 
tiiuTP0i» of narriap?. On ibe aftanMOn of 
19 April, tli« dav lliai tb« parliani<fni raa«s 
ihithwetl eBlerlain«d tlia iMdisic prix-kiani 
noblemen to aiijipvr in Ainaliv'a Tatcni. In 
accsfifini; hU iutitelion Iboy fMxe a pl«dpe 
of fnondtinru, and wlii-n latv m lbei-Triun|{ 
lia prcacttlml a document for tbeir a^nalora, 
till.- purport of vhich wan to eotnmit ibrin to 
an aawrtion of hia innoceixv, anil to tite «iin- 
port of Ilia claisia to tli'> queoii'a laawl, alt 
■iibucribed wilh ibe vxo'piioii of our or two 
wboflipjipd out. It i* alalnl tlut ]>■■ *bowrd 
tbrm lhi> quiwn'a written aillbanly for t1i« 
prcipoxil. llndlbenobluaAUppoatdllial Itocb* 
vrull vnit uftin)* withont her aulburlty, liia 
nropoani viotilil prolmbly ba\e be«^i njet-ted. 
Wnlin(t on tb..- fdllowinji day, Kiikonbly ot 
(trance, wlio vi~n> not nl lh'.>an]ip>>r.ri')virlHl 
InHodrord that, ibe 'iinrvn bad aaid ihiit aim 
auvt not to t<i»' Fmnn-, l^nclaail, and brr 
own conntn" for liim. and will gn wirh him 
to (he world'* end in n while pHii-onI ere 
■be Uuvei tiim ' { C»l. Slntf /^i^M-n, Por. ^>«r, 
liiee-^entn' IllilV 

On Ltl April liW' the qui'fn went lo vialt 
ihe infant princi' at Siirltiie. and on lfii>24tb, 
when ri-tiiniing lo >jlinbitivb' abf was mat 
near tlie rily by Botliwell, and wilb a ahow 
of fnive enrnt-d to Piinbar. .Sir Jiiiuca.MH- 
villi-, who will prf^vnl in her tmiii at her 
capTuri', iiAinued lliat 'CapTnin Hlaikaler, 
tlial waa uiy taker, allecil iliat il wn* tli» 
■lUeniHancn cnncpiil ' i Mfmiai-M, p. 177), If 
tlieeiiJiTCh' of lb"'CK»ki-t U'ltcra' Iw ac- 
cnpt^Hl »bn liail made nrrangomanta for lb* 
mpturc, and iheiviaat leant noevidunretUat 
Itothwi-Il'i priicedure cau*«d her 'iny alarm, 
■IT mvl vrilb nny r^inoiutrDDCe. Both were 
nwor?, nolwilbdinndiii;; tile Mpiatiin- of tha 
bond by llui nulit.-i, thnt lbe> nlono rwilly 
dnnifwl iIh" miirrui)ii'. Kvi'n th" Mi!diif» at 
Ilolyrood bn<l lii-coiiic miilinoua [ih. lliB). 

uniil > diTOiW bM«n> BMkwEll m4 U* M Dkmml ^ Owwrw rt*. ft. llOi Bailmdl 

Botliwell Ind htmm Men M cAua iW tvo 
decra» Mn4flil M- lie £f«aMt. ktWrnil 

I niiiiiiiMMijiiiiirTMriiwTMTifcw mrrwl^r 
ax ihe t«*iww of BddnMTi wifc, vVk ia 
tlM> eltottc coniMrial eawt ii «w ttfaa 
at til* imUdm itf BMlnnIL CoflMn k- 
twfvn tb« f«tiM waa alMMi Mlf«nd^^ 
On 8 yUj iW mil eeon priwomM«it a»- 
tSDoe of diciMM MWM l Bockwdl, ob tW 
Ifrmnd of >dttliwT/W ■ aMiliM la o rtMif 

■momited oalf to mafiTjoii, nri £d »m 
panait tbr ditianJ Pif* ^ bur; b^b- 
TIm pmad na vUd wrom vu (oofM ia 
lliL- catltatie man waa that W lh w. lu< nwr- 
riagn be had cowttillad fanwcatMM wiib W 
wib'e Bnr kintwi— ■■■ m»4 ifaaa favaafla 
hhmtit witfctii tJw InMUem Jtynai of eoo- 
aaagaiaiij. WLitt tli» MalMca of £voNa 
wai paawil od 7 )la7itwa*fU«rijralat<dln- 
tlin o<»trt ibai nn ili'[»raMliriii wtudi wnnla, 
Acninlitm la tW CBtltatie canoM, Iuit« nad* 
th« ■vriaiK mJiiM>liitil<s had tirm obtaiiwd 
bcfcfe the marriage. ABamBllprof&ct.Arcli- 
fauhi)|i Ham iltnn. wbo pcMMnaoed tlia dii one, 
liad hintMilf pnieiin<d faeh a dwpanaation b«>- 
i<ira tlia iDarriaicP. Buchanan, in liu ■ DrW^ 
llcin,'iiH«ti>tliai'a]llk«irhilrib«}'kr]ii clnai' 
lt>i-p»pi'» bull.brwhkhlbDatMcofl'eaccwaa 
'li»l'Tii<edwith.' 'Wiibiii recent jeanihiB ilia* 
pcuaalioo baa brtn di mn w wl at Danmbtn. 
whitlwr it waa appacvntlr r-arritij bv l^^y 
J«an IJoMofi, vbo alWward« in KiTSinar- 
iif>rl .V!rxiiii<l>-r, «leT«nth«arl<if Sutbi-rfami 
i;/>*#r. .t/.V-VCuMUL^BdRnp.]).!"). Ilhnr, 
AL^-'t t'itfftrin tit Hii/onf of Mini Qiirtit 
^/^'•■ffMbatiincp.nccnrdinstu catholic law, 
thn nmmnf^e ooulil not he anniiltol. .Man', 
wlMiiahrnanii^'llV.illin-cll.iniinltiaMr known 
ibat lb"- ceroiaour wm an wiiii'l): rirm. l>ii 
lb" olbfr band, it baH t/rvtt iirpn) ibat llto 
voniliti'iiui on nkirb thir i)i(|wawtion wa> 
ffranieil wm pctft I'lillillnL, inatmach aitlw 
nmrriaffa waa nM celpWirO in llie Taoe of 
ihc rlilirrh(S»«CoLtXLlXIM'AT,.l/<T''y (fu*" 
•if iK^ttM antt Arr Mnrrinyf rilh IMkiefll, 
ISKl). Tbo roBil, bowerrr, apitvnr to liave 
IBada tin rufrn-no* in ibc irn-p-iiliiTitj- cif tliu 
CBiwiiony. bill oiilv In t1if- abufniNinfllirclik 
]H!n*aliun. I'os'ibly .Mnry ■tMirnily Winved 
llial n deem! of divorce (>n4ioiini:ecI \r^- n ra- 
thultF i-nurl nblolvnl lii-r frniii ri'«]>"tiMliiIilj", 




»«*tit«'(&^lll). CtalWSli,(ka 


af Udnwd M b« wvriedto Boa. 
a* ifcaMlaraE daj tW w«* p». 
taSt-Oa^dmb. iahaCM^, 
iM«r wbe fcndaiMaA Ibabaaas. tMfe, 
bovrrer, * kam waA aartk lo w»ia«aii ikat 
b> aUaonl aad ddoud tkt wainwa' 

a «kfali M ia A»«an^ CWkefMa. ii. 
V Oa tbe Uib tha mew |Mad fa» 
tk <a«la to Aa aalaea ef HoljTwd. atoffinic 
bn Iba war M t£r ca«n of cMrioR, wbow tka 
iBada what waa ttvfad iba • datlaiatMB of 
tbe mtea'a ItbeRT,' B wbiri^ wUtanAnii^ 
iaauU niffibmmai twatoherahJatticB, 
tlM> atalal tbM • Int U^HMM alanai MBtast 
witb iba wd earl, aad baa fci^nn ud fia^ 
irinaUaBBdaD otbarUamipllew.' Un 
tk «aa Maaiar ka «aa aada Dnka of Orfc- 
nej and ShallaiaT witb 'fiwt ma^wflMBM,' 
iIm ijafaa bcnvtf riaeinc tb« dncal foronK 
on fall bead. On Ue I4iii fbelbtmallTtM^ 
anibed bar aMKoral of tbe bond which had 
bean prf \rt iha Bohia* l4t BothwcU in 
Aiaalie'a TarecB, aad OB tba taoaa dav iba 
nuni^r coatract waa ^gnad. Tb« marriaM 
took jiUm on (h» Mlowiag day ( 1 A Uaj IMC) 
I in IIoJnaQdPaIae*b«l<](«ag«l]i«riagof tba 
I mote anbaerrieat of tba iwUva. It «at wl^ 
' btat«d BWonlim to the proiMMaBt fom. I)m 
afliciati^ elAicvnian being AiWn Bmbwall. 
praCMtatilbiahapofOTlcnvr. ProbaUran^of 
Bolfawpn^ IBDtiTM in (Wliiiing Ui kav* tbn 
tDomaga parfbraied alao *ietorA>nf to oal liolle 
rila WM to ronvinc* ibi- protmiMil* tliai. 

Crotcstantixm wtu Mifo inbiabanda. To the 
itij- of Franep lie wnt witb thci}i>r«ii'>iii>»- 
HL'tigrr, n'Lo announced the inamaiiT.n iibort 
tiot« coiicfaMl in term* nt oikv iv<]>i-ci Cut and 
M>1(-tvi^iMrliiiK, To ]-:iitnliolb br arloptcdan 

Xilly frii>ndly nad lacpMirii), liiil a hiiho- 
t ninn' («lf-4iwwtiTa tani>, fninklv nint iR){ 
that IiP wai irtW avraiv of ibi' liai) niHuinn 
>fai! cntFiinini'il of biin. but |imir*tin|( ibat 
it «rai undtscntTd, and vxprnuins bi> nrniU- 
iieM \n An Ihp iitnoM lo pTTH'tTi- ibf amitj 
Wiw-ci-n ihu two binritnaa*. 

Bothvcir* n«'ou«d rnroIMn alHliiclion of 
tlw '\\tt*i\ ic»Tf thi' Bobli'* ail almost pmvi- 
ilunlial Picut^ for iiilri'fi'HnR' with liii nro- 
jiyrli^ Tbvy liwl |imtni«-d in (npputi liiin 
onlr on roiiditioa ihal h* bail ih" niiii-n'* 

The divoctw waa ^]mdily loIlou'L-d !>}' ibe coii««at, and by earning b«r ativimililf by 




fcrca to Uosbtr. Iil- vrw ifeelaring to tbe 
world tiiMt ihal oonwBt lud not beni ob> 
UiBcd. ilomitvt, lliH catlioltc ncblx* oiald 
Bixw be appMlml to for bnl]! in tlUivwuiK 

lug lit'tMlf to iliG iaoniaUv, idM> a|i]i<«o to 
hkva m*clp MnnnnLiiiii Tar Buihin-ir* r4~ 
c«p*i iBd tB abvainit.-F to iin utKL-ni n-quut 
tlut Lw (blNiU Mil! liiuuvU bj UiKbl befinv 

Uie ktag, h^ ai[iture<l ihv queen, *iid vir- 1 wuU, umI rod* ofT luunoleflei) t» l>iiTibHr. 
luollf iisurfNxl the Toy«l nutlioritj^. Aaeon After nnchinK Ihubar Boiliwvll —^il liu 
council wu tUvrefbre fomuMl, oinMting of I MTT»at« tofetcb tha ■■ftit'to wliich liiut bnrn 
catliolic •! wi-tt us |ir<>if»taiil iiobleiMn, to I kept hy tum io tli« cwrK- of t^inlMu^. 
'•cuktlie lilwrtv<>ftlii.-(Jiiw.'n,IopPtMn«tlw Among tkeM i* atalo) !■> haw bvrn the 
lib of Uia Prints, «iiij to pumii) thvm iLal fninoiis tilrcr caakrt u'hidi llir lonli bvowhI 

inunloTed ibv King.' ^luw ilio niwvn cx- 
prMwd hor n^diaiui to bo in UMbwell'a 
eiialixtr, >oil ■inc<' Elixobclk, to wboui tbvy 
1u4 appUod Tur help, ikpncaltNl furM, no 
vllbrt wiuiiudi? to juvrnit tbemurnagie. B<il 
on 1 Jiin? I'lilT tbu uoUeBrMolrdl tocaptur*' 
Batliwcll anil lliequMci at Holrrood. Tbitir 

wi-ll mid llif (lutii'D iiutnntly (Iril lo Borth- 
wi(l( Ca^il''. It wu nitrouiiilcd I>t Moron 
Btid I>^ril lliimr, but BoIUirwII nodu his es- 
cape h_v II p-jfltt-ni Kole, aii<l wenl lo Dunbar. 
The qui>L'n (lisduiiiruUy refiiited lu ivturii to 
KdinbtirKli, iinil aiilbi- ii'iUt-sOid tiM dara lo 
tStxt li-^f riiiiTun', fclio tonw dnj* aftsrwaril* 
joiiivU lIothv>T>Il. Ad^'iToilnctiiij; apowarfiil 

tbejr inl«tm-p(cdon •'0 JiUH-, aivl opciml nvlt 
lo other dociiDMnitii,o«nnJD li'itxn adJr<')^i<d 
br tbi-qnocn lo JVithwrll icvu *Mortoiral>*- 

clantitMi ' in lIi:3l|iKUao!C, Oatket Lrtttr»,lif, 
II^-IUI. Tlwduciiivry, urliatev>er lis nature, 
•pjuiT^illirdflcniiiDi-dtbflordilo make mora 
*)Tuniwit*uflWla«BaiBst DolbirvU. AlUiough 
ho mauatd at Punbar, and tli« queen vx- 
ptCMwd her ili-t(Tniinati'in no4 I" give him 
up, no i^-at tL'iil wiiJi III liril tliowii lo vStct 
bwcapture. On JdJuni- l-VlT.bowovcrilba 
SMret rouncil dt«lBri.-d (bat I bey bad 'be cvi* 
dvni priiif,al»n'ii!l of wiiui.'<uH.'»ait<>riirriliii|[ti> 
aiaiil iiinisifcfi iiiilo ihniiic tlui JaniM. ErU 
, ... H^'tliuill. wM lb«i iwinoipat d»-»Ui-r of Dam- 

force — nconaidorBllciirvporticm of which mil' hjr'* aut^tot' i Jtiy. P. C. >%^f/. i. 'liiy. On 
eom|io*ifd of Bolhwi^r* di^pMidi-nl* — Itotli* i llw folIuW)n^<UT.i<n>lm)>Iy bcfon' hi> hncwof 
well and tli« i|iie<.-n mun^luAl un Iviiiibur^'li. , ihi; proclamnlioh, lliilbn-cll left Dunbar fnr 

Tbev wct« lni.-( bv tbi^ Ivrdi at Okrb^'rrv lljtl, 
but both pu-iiea appanaitlyprefcnvd to iivg»- 
little rat ht-r than tolleht. ThequM'uexpt'ctMl 
Kinforcement*, but W onHajrin^ in ncgoriit- 
tions i>hi) rinunlly ln*i bitr rniiiv. Thoaith 
mnnv vtxv tborouKblr loynl lo bw, tbn cii- 
tbuMiijiin for Bolbnell, c>i-n mnonf; bi> own 
folluwvn, wa« very luhvwariD, llu i.'iuL-,ihi! 
French BiubaMador, 0)1 piwiMl, ill bis li'diT to 
llu> kiu^ iif rrancn, hiifh ndniirttliou l>ith ol' 

the nMlh, not npimrcmly from any dn-ad of 
cnpTiire, for tbo fnnllo waa atrougly fi>r*ified, 
but in orO<^T if puuiblt! lu rivale n divcnion 
in faiuur uf lliu r|iii.-<.>n. Itut by lhr> qnmn'a 
U»l and in"ii loynl IVifnds bi* was eocrMl^ 
dftnled. If any vrv pntfinlvi) lo rJAk ibiMr 
llvi'i for bfir, noun Virrr im-parwl lo ritk atiy- 
ibin;f for llr>lbiirll, wrb", if ibi-y oiumned lirr 
litT i n nix' L- rice, bud Turnisbcd liiT fnuu^. lllerv 

till* iiiiuin'T in which notlin'i<ll bore liiuif^^lf ii'i-n-,it wuiilda|>|w«r.cvenliniilslolluii<lTli 

■nd mnrthHllnl bi* troop*, iindwatcoiifidi'iiT dHiii«iiit; drfvolion to the inl<Tt<Us of hit 

tlut iftbctTonpt could buvn bupn ivlii^ on ho formiT br<i)Iii>r-in-lnu'. and Iii- ni>w iWliiie>l 

'WpuIdluiT<-bi<<'nvictoriDUi'(lcitli!r inTL'tuiT, iLia<lvi-iiliir'ianylbiniiforhim(T!irncliin<inon 

ii.-IlL' iiO). liothwell declared to Du Vine to KlimWih.lH July lotlT. fW.AYa/.-/h^r«, 

that tluw! who had Gomu looppoie hint wrrv For. Wpr, IStW-S, untry I41>f)). Ono nitiht, 

^jDply vnrJuufl u1 liib clFinliou. Out iif , pouibly drvadlnf; trcBcbpry, Itolbni'll du- 

■jmpHthv with (lie uiieeii. f<ir wIioimi iiiiliifiit |inrli'd suddmtv fniui lluntlv'atvdiilr-iu^.nnil 

Citionlieib-i'lnrtil tW h(-<W]>lyffll,li(.'na*. ncut !•> iht- pnlacpof liihuld tiiloraitdcunr- 

rev'er, willinir to ivaivr hi« mvsI niiiK. ntid dinn, rbo DiMhop of Momy nt Spyni*-. Tlio 

to light with nny oiir> worthy, by mihilily of bi"lu-|> tint ontv g>ivi.> bim hhidlvr fur a tiinv> 

birth, toniui^t hiin. Knox>t<ilF<thnI b«'rainr hut furtbrri'd hit nu'aiN 

outof ihnchuip wi-ll mntiJiti-il, niihadi-br to 
nny Ibnt woiiU fiahl with biw ' ( tl'or^i, ii. 
rAXt), Tht.-iju>'i.>]i,bowfirr, would not primil 
nny iL'f bt'f BubJLtt- t.i-.-nMnsi- in -insli- (-'ombtil 
wilhbi^r buFilmiid. M-'[mtiini-,wbit<.- npjrotin- 
tion" wi-rKgoin^on, ninny of t)i<> triKijitoftJie 
qutvn lind Imvii It'iii inn tlir tiidd, and it be- 
calm' rviiU'iit thnt a haitlr in (ucb circiiiii' 

](olbn>'ll np|irancbcd Kirkwall witli two 
uniuU iliiii*, coiinlinir niipnrvut ly on n fiivoai^ 
nbiL- rucL-iitiim in hiAduhcdouiof (>tkn^. bat 
tb<.'k(T|iiT<>r ibi'i'iinl le ivfuwd lo dvliitr il up. 
III? hud 1111 nii^nud ofcnpl iiriii); it.andlhi'refuro 
M-l Mill I'lir Sliti(l(ind, wbfrw hi* tbiiniD we(» 
at niirf iT<niumJi>d by th<-inhiibiltinti',and ho 
rci'i'iviHl tlio gift of n »h>'i'ii and an ox, whioh 

■liuiti-9 wuulU brdifnslruiu lo lu'r, ICefign- I vrcry U-ncficu war fnou lime immcniarial m 

thelMbiiaf paytDgroUioftTudnl lard. Mar^ 
OV«f[Wlii!nil beCttnwknco^'Ti tliallhocx-higli 
admiral of Sent Inndnirpdml to bcccmioapjratu 
eomnandor, u-tcral or ibe |)iniT« i-npUlnt 
irbn frraucntFiil ili« isliuiila pljin-il llii.'mw)Tes 
undi^r his ordi-n. "VVnliiig uii It) J\ily l;X!7 
TbnickiDOnun n^tii'd ibnt Butlot><ll meant 
to Kllnre' lh« t<iriU-» of nil cniiiilrini to liiiu.' 
He cltttrly wialied lo col Wl a.« Inru*- ii niiinl 
forCA M powiblo. t^uch a force could bi-iniiiii- 
MilMd only bv [liracy. IVofcusor Schit'ni in 
in«linnl togivi- mmi-wtfAit^Lj/e'-fSt/rMitrli, 
coDli-'iiiponirv writ>:r, Adum niackwoud, ilial 
llotliwell ii'u a piratt' ; but iVni ciui Im no 
doubE Yf baievnr cliat llothvi-ll soon bajtan to 
cnp[iir*'tii*rrliiiil i^liip*. Thi^nbiirtiyi-ullcmpc 
of rpoff^Kir SchiPTn lo dinliiipiiinb betwMii 
• pimlti and a privatorr IvaJd mlbt'r lo iuFiil- 
fmtt lliMi exonerato ilotbwrrll. It was ilis' 
cenwd lluit iidImh Buibwell's pTOceediii|;8 
-wereprompilybtupml humig^i provnartry 
fomidable ttm. Tfii.' inagiatralM of Ihmdco 
irvn lli«ra(bn< onlcrid to iiutruct tlic •kip- 
pers of four liirgv vfim-U bi-I(iii[[ln(r to ibe 
port toplnd' tlicm nt tin- M'Miffof Mumiy 
of TuUiljanlini^ mid Kirkcaldy of (irnujfi' in 
ordi-rlontlEtiipl liiBtnplun- {}(':)■ I'. ('■ ■'"■'ill. 
i.bti-tii. Tln! vc*>ielB wen' Hl-Iii-.'i| witbcHVi- 
noii, sitii it) ndditioii l>i llif JU'nmnn, rnrridd 
f(»ir)iiindni]itn]iii>biiitiprit. In Itmuny Sound, 
irhits ])othiroll and pnrt of llii- crvw wi-ti) on 
aboK, Kirkcaldy oiuna up with tlie kIufm of 
Batliwcll, vhi> bad lately raptun-'dnndBnufd ' 
K ImOT lillip of ' ISivikine ' | t'nl. Slarr i'riprr; 
For. Set. lotilM>,mltT |t>Wl. In tli.> vtt«'t- 
nsM ID cnpt iiro on^ of ItotbwcHV ^Iiipii, Kirk- 
catily ran bin own ship on a rf>rk, niiil with 
diHiriilljinv"! liiran-If fromdrownine. lioth- 
vr«ir4 kliipH (hirn mjIihI In thr (inrtbnrn iHU-*, 
vbore Bolbirell Bucwrdi-d in jiiiiiinj; tliciu, 
Tlietv thu pni^uy nirein cntui.- up wllli ibtrm. | 
Fora timoa1l-i.-('tn<)dBi>iti^nffaiiiHt llolbwcll, , 
but Kirknltly, i.killedllioii);h bo wan in mili- i 
tary i>iiitli<ni,waBdi'llrionI iti»i^ninan«hip,nnd < 
n w)utli-wi'«l wind haviii); fijinintf inddenlv 
tip, B<itliw<-ll madv bis Mcipc To tlii> Xnrld ' 
8«a,lMTiii)(oiieorbi« vvui'li. wbicli lind U.-- \ 
COmO duablitl, in KirhCHldy'a liaiids. Kiric I 
caldv pi!r4i>v"rcd fur t<i\iy uiilca in bih chaHi?, ' 
but ll"lbwrlidj«wr*pidlynwny,ri«t « 
inf^'nil till bo Mfrlit^J Innd, vbich prntp'! to 
b* ibo luruth-wi'iit ciajit of Xoniay. IIitii \v 
apolw with tbi' mni>Ivr of a llnn>rallc \viuad, 
irho [iilut«I Lim into Knnn Sound. 

No soonM b^d Rutlini'II eosX nucbur than 
the l>aniib Knrditp lljorot-n ninde it« a^i- 
pMninou,and Bothwvlla papers bring; found 
uiuBiUJartory, bi* i-oHi«lR n'«n> brnntflil lo 
Bergon. Hi* iibrnlity liuviiiff now bi<L'oinf 
Imown, bo wtti pvrmittcd lu takk- up bU tmj- ^ 

d«iict>al n boBtcli7 Lii [lio town till funbiT 
order* nhoiild bv urcpived rrfini^lini; liini. 
Muuuwbilfl hewa* treated with rc-ipi-i, nnd 
WM fmiurncly mliTiuincd by Krit Itnaeu* 
knnda in Ibt-ciulli.-. By ucuriuu* cuincidmcu 
Auut> T1ior!>*ni, whuiii liu lind uLandunvl in 
tlio Xcilii'daiiiin, biu! on tlif di'nib of her 
furliiT cnm.' wiih bor mother to n-nidr in 
lli-rgcn. I In U'drnint; hi* airiml, the «iieil 
him bfforit tho court for redn-m, but hy pru- 
tuisinn bernnnTmuity,to U-piiidijiHtotluiid. 
utid banding civur to her the •mnUmi nf hi» 
allipl^ be ani'i'i-i^iltd in )^<ltim; pruccediiiii^ 
quaaliMl. BolhwcH. when i-.iairiiiicd nil bimrii 
•hip, bail dcnivd thai ho lia<l wilb him any 
jowoU or vnliiablea, or I'vvn anv {■'(Icrii or 

Caper*, but wbnn bi^ wan h-d to iMdioie that 
in Bbiju would tiol nynin Iw dolivi-n-ii up tu 
bim, br stnli'd that in bin uwu ubip ihcro 
werraouiepupcrxirn'bivh br wi^ihoil loobluiii 
puMobiion. His rwiiiiM-t. fur tbi-m arruiu'il 
it wna found to rontnin nmoni; otUnr iI'h-ii- 
lUiiilc rariniH proclainalioiu' nf^aiust biiu an 
a traitor and murdcn-r, and a Icili>r in ibu 
bnndwrilinBof Ihi'lViiwnofSi'oi-. bi'wadinjr 
the foto that had bcfullvD hiin and hep. AfiT 
an (•lamination litldon :!38eiil. waa 
dt)oid(>dthat BolhwHl should V •■■nt loDi.n- 
mnrk in oub of lh« kiiieV own *hipi>, accoiu> 
pnnioil bv only four of Iiia Kpn'onl*. 

Krpri'H-ntntion* made lo tile llnnioh sf"'"™- 
m<Tii by Ibo rofprnt Sloray induced tlw iiiuh 
*i ibe ahscnci-of Kiiw Krodcrick l\, 
UtavaA bim lo tho caitlr'.und Ibo king lubiMV 
mi^itly uuie inttru CI 10119 that he nhoiild bn 
(letaiiit'd thpfo lill fiirthsr ordvr*. Bothwi-U 
nniv inKoiiioiitly ennlainod in a luller to tin- 
kinif of l)''jininrk that when he was seirpJ 
at Karm Sound he wui really on bi^ way I'> 
Copenhagen to lay he fort bim thevi-roiif;''Com- 
mittnt ajfuinst llietjuinin tif Seoii.llw kiii)("a 
near rvlaliv«', tirid thai be inlondcvl to ptn- 
C8pd llionc<> to t'rnnee on a like rrrand. Tu llio 
Prencb hinj; he also wrole in a limilar strain. 
The Dnniah kinRj miniiitera liad udvi«Hl that 
hn should he leiit 10 a caitte in Jutland, bnr 
ItoiUwell'i letter pruduonl *■) fnvounblo nn 
impresimn that tho king ordwvil tliat he- 
Blioiihl tvinainiiiO'ivnlingvn. (InSOIiec.lhu 
kill);, ill anhw*-r to a re^mal for hii mifmider, 
M'Di hv Moray in ihe nnnio of Jam™ VI, rt!- 

Cliflclial ItnlliweUhndinfomcdhimihat bi- 
nd bpi-nlijtallyncquittedirf the murder, and 
tliervfore he would not af^ree lodo more than 
ki-qi him in l-Iok- Ounliu«UMil1. with which hr> 

\v 'pL-d t ho Scoi I i«li king would bv »t iiliod yih, 
Vot. St'r. <?iitTy 18JW). For unwier Brcuriiy 
Im> wa» romovotl to Malmoi- in Swedm, where 
an old njinrtlndit in tbu noTlU wing ia alill 


pomtsd int ■■ llie (in« he orcapiML Piwiuaa 
U> kb mnonl he bad oompeaed ib ilwcatfls 
of CoMolngvii ■ umlire of hit doioM (pub- 
IhhrA bj the Ouamna Citib, anArr Um 
lii l" ' tjm AbitM da Omto dc Ilodnri ' ), in- 
imM tfl riiMT Ibat ha wu tbc victim of tll- 
vUloa ibejMrtoftbeScoitubnulitlitjr. Ab 
lliiiipoBiMinQf hiiwronftdKl nM poditoe 
an BiiHiuiiiD i m|nv*i<i'>n «a tbe kjag, h«, on 
ISJsn. lii«M<,(talc<lthit iribokiBfrtrollldaid 
hin, h» wv B in a o we w d lo of&r bim a* a re- 
«aai]>aiiM tbn ulaiidf ofOricMj and Sb(4Uiid. 
Il liwl lonpr bonn Ibn ambition oT tbc Daniob 
■anrvnrigB to «-iD btcJc thiw.- iaUcdi from 
SooUaod, aod ailhousti DoibwrU't offer wu 
nol acMpttd, niiniilf brctitw it wm diScuk 
to mkder It «d«cti«-«, th« feet tbat it had 
bera nuile aeeiind iIm Idiig'i goodwill, and 
protabl^ waa Out main nanon whj- be n- 
niaod lo tlelircr BothwcU up or ugrve lo kia 
«X(cntiMi, alihougb repoatcdlr preaMd to 
4a to both br Monj-aod HliiawUi. Meaa- 
whiln a pTopoMl bad ht«n niooied for tlii.- 
marrUi,'' of ilatttt Mary lo Norfolk, and on 
tbii ucFutuit <|t«wn Mary foupowcn-d l»rd 
Bojd to take meamrfa to obluD her divom 
from BolUwd) on tho ground tbat ibe mar- 
riagf 'iTM fnrdivcn Tcspccu unlawful.' Tli« 
rnnl litreauM) brforc ■ cnaitTDt ion bi'ld at Furt li 
•on L*H Jill}- IGlKf, v.'bta hy a laige n^jority 
libvrlT tu lake action in llt« malm waa r*- 
fvaedl ib« Earl of Ilunll^r, AilxilLnnd otlivr 
«athalic» i-oiine for ^nliii|i: it,w)iil«3bloruy 
and Morton d*din«d to tot-^ {Iti^. /'. <'. St^t. 
i\. f- 9). 8eiit«iio» of ilivorM wim, kowevor. 
IHwmid in Scfitemfaer loTO W vhv iKip^, C4i 
<(> iTio mnrna^ (CaL SlnU Piijfru, Far. Ser. 
1300-71, tfDtrv 111:;). Iloihvrvll it mid lo 
luTV' pVHiia iiiandiit'>Mgnif}'iai[bUaM«iit to 
t\\v dtiMTce. AcccinlinRto (.^llllBl^r• ( Xfirry 
inaiix:'! nmiing tlicpapi-r» of tin- Ikijdfiuiilly 
«ntil 171(1, but ua tiivh paper lios yrt Ihi/ii 
broiiglit lo lijTlit. Nor waa n maiiilixte t'n>in 
Hotliw.-U lik<Jy to liai e any I'lfwl in ouublitij: 
tbciiiiwnluoGlaiii Hdiv'^oi^. It wonldslni- 
DiLiiv rntwic W'.nilil itpi>rnrt1ia1 tbcpK>p>BaIs 
P-r ilii'ircf" cniifiei! no lirvnk in tli<s IVieiiJ- 
.pUip Wiwcoii Itoihwi-ll niid t hi- queen, f»r oii 
IflJaii. l'>71 Tliomnii lliichoiinii rt-purls to 
•Cf'Cil tbut Ihi-y coiuliiiii ly tiir[v»puud«(l [^C'al. 
Stale PajKi-i, (<coll. Ser'. i. 31(1). 

Atlvi tlie qiiL'sn's tnu'V in Scnllnnd be- 
■camo CMnpieivly luM, Itoiliwrll Rn^ tn-ui«l 
wilh Utn ro*pece W tlm I)nni»li kinR, mid in 
June t5i3TC«er«nK>VP(l lo l>ranf{liti1[u in Zee- 
land, dwcrib«d n* 'u mucb wimb iijuI doser * 
jimon.b'rnmihiii time lie irouliUiiiK'ur'oliHV.- 
ijocti cut I'ff I'rum all fuiiiiiiiiiiicuiiun with ilio 


ontdie wiU. Tbr riyoar of bu toofin^ 
BCBl, tb« ittfirot dehvennn from it, and 

iIm oaMnaaitT •• to wfcctlicr at aaj muiaeo t 

IwBijghl nnc MMBt to ratculion, gradually 

bnfca down hi* iiod navtia. Acraalowvd aa 

Iw ««a to ilb adtTC outdoor Ufo. hi* pby- 

, aieal hictlh ■ofirtd, and tta* doubtlaaa alao 

ooatrib>nt«d lo tbv ovcstbrow of lu« mmtfti 

balancv. In bot et* the atJitnBiuiia that 

b« faswd bi) latter yvan in ioMitilT ate mado 

by to maiir conlew p oj a riM — BschaBaa, Str 

JaoM* Jli^tille, !>• Thou. jMti II«iTM% 

&r. — that iboy mtiut br accvpled m* con- 

. Huuvo. Tbo Danitli aalborhiM vire th* 

j xrmt 1^7^ an tbatof bin di.-atli,thL- 'CalrndaF 

I of Kili-r lIcDckcnhan* ' aaoiing U April aa 

thi! dav. 1'be «>-«>lled dtathbed coMwian 

by Boi)i well. Muntrraling Mary froHilhaniiV- 

<br of I>anl«7, WMprotModlv tmiti-n whan 

at Malflw* in IS7S (aaljabVtru-i* of tliu 

docBaDCDt are laown toaxiit); tbu tnnat 

bercgardodaaeondtmroacainat idfrrtiuiD^ 

nvM, for 1i« v-ai remoTvd from Mb|]doi> in 

l<i73, and died, not ill ]r)7o. but in 1>>T8. 

lie was Uiried in FnarvTcile Chiu^i. A 

eoJEti, indicnti^ hj Inditton h hit, waa 

opnwd on 31 May- IS59, aad a portrait 

wliicb wnp ibrn lakrn of tbi- bend nf |]i« 

bodv in iMir in tbc nuiiwuin of ibu Society 

of .Xnliquariua of ^ntland. Nuthiiif wai 

' diacorered, howercr, eli-arly to idi-nii^' th« 

' body OS DothwvU's. and a* a largo number 

' of ^^itifeli pri*(Micn bare bt«n bunMl thrrt, 

the nniteri^ enveloped in raimdMabUdoubU 

No portrnil of Jlothwrll i* now known to 

•>xi«t. ![•■ wai faminl for bodily (trenglk. 

Th<- irniliticiri a> lo bin iiglinew n»ta wholly 

on lliL- atatcmcnts niore or \e«» vilopenith* 

' in fonmof Bnint/imi-andBiicbntinn. Meleft 

I no lawful ieoiiL-. Hi4 vrife.Lailv Jiriwljordon, 

' wu Dtnrrit'd <io 13 IW. l->7Uto Akumlcr 

GcotW, t wiilftli «aTl of Sutherland [km under 

(jduuos, .liitix, rU'vontb l-liHt. vr Sitiiikb- 

tJiSO, IWdJ-l'it!?], nnd aftiT bin di-olJi in 

IM4 to Alexander Ocili-^- of Uoyne. Sb* 

(iirvivvdtill new, 

(Till- prinriml oriniiiBl aolhoritin for Lho 
mnm fucln of ltolliw«ir» life liar* (■mii '(iiLii'd 
in the toit, Tl« oatruiiva of hia i'roi;'>i-liopi 
ill lhr> Itiiraloy mimUF uchi(4jc>tli<'R<l frou 
l1i<; rnili'ii'''' M lb«Mil««dlniiIaBSti>u. IjiiI iho 
iiinin purport of their nIntiiiit&tiMtorroliamtnl 
by n vhr»«tj- nf circunuitBiiliiil rridmre. Tha 
liitur pnrt of Ilatliwvll'i &iTt«r in Scotlottd being 
rlmvly ninociatKd wilh iIhomi ittry. i* folly 
■IdhII with by all the iiurcn'* hiocmpIlM* and 
ilII wrilon un both udM of the ftUriiin ouatro- 
vervy. ItatliwtU'i own luimliirD, I^s A&ircadn 
Cooti' lie Bodu'l (flrffl |>"he.l ly Iho Bnniui- 
lytit Club. 1829, nu<l rupriotcd iii lAlviiulTe 
rieei-* «t Dotfumcntt rokuff an Comts A« I>>tli ■ 
well, ISSO, and in TraUl't Lttirw in Uaria 

StoKTl, ISH), MBtnlaii. nolvillubiiidiBg much \ 
mUrvpiVMinlalion 'if fiinlM. tnmu iiiTrns'iinK in- 
fatBalion ot kD niilhrnlio kincL Tin- Menibini 
of JuBCK. K«r) of ltoih««tl. iu)(Id1 Iit Chilmen 
I<> lii* Ufa ot Hitry Qumii of SonU, l^ou(tI> pro- 
fv*«l!j' foaaiW nn caiipimi aiithoriuiw, U n« 
fra|n<utly lu not roatrndk-torj- of tlirm. i'ur all 
that olWi-rni Bolhwell't lu,lur lifn in Dfcmurk, 
8d)iuni'ii Uf««f ]t«hvitl,fu!>!>^Iicinn I.>uni)h. 
18t3. 2(r4 nl. 16'5. anJ tnin-l«i-<l into KtjkIkIi 
io IB80, rnotl. li« n^Tdoliis tlio pii.inilini ii^jilio- 
rily, Viit M a numlir* nf bin mrci^r in Scoilnttd 
ii U of minor Tatim. Tli«rn in nl-^i iiii'in-nl ing 
iBfurm^lion B)>onl Itotlnivira lifv in llollan'l in 
Blia't Idler Ymrt at Jwnw ttoplmm, Knrl of 
Boili«-dl, Itrtl. A f»nU*ii.-i-indi«iiuioof Iluih- 
VtJI i« iltunii'ttJ in Ilr. Fhit. A, IVtrir-ka /iir 
O(»clii«lila(!ni0nfleii Itolhwell, S(. l>t«rtiliiir|-. 
ItT* ; «oil by J. WnttB d« Poyitcr in hit Vinili- 
olloii of Jmiiim ntpbaro, 18B1 (tanadei on lb* 
fonwrvwk^. Bolliirpll Ulhntuhjwtof a lonj; 
poMB by the late I'ToftvaorAyloun ami of a ilnma 
l>)|3(r..S«UbtmM. UitinaTitfiiienilrMitBrwnn 
paid to lime niggcated to Byron hia eoom 'The 
Uwmir,) T. F. 11. 

HEPBURN. JAMES(l--S-ft-iaW}. in rs- 
ligion ]<0!r.tvi::(Ti lie, linfiuiM, bom In lr)7R 
in tlui Mn-- of Kml I^illiinn, Scotlnni), wu 
foonh aonofTlioniMHrpbitm.tfciorof IIM- 

hUMIOckx IK- Wttt cducntect in thv univvr- 
aity fit Si. AnAtvitt.viii-re, atlvr com|il(.'t!ng 
hU «tit')iM iu huiiianilj and i>hilMo;^Lf , liij 
*|iplle<lliiniMirtoiK>ori<^iitiiltan^>irM. lie 
•ooB ioiiwd tiie coinmiinion of tM Roman 
ebtirrh, n-tnit to I-'mncn and Itaiy, pind nub* 
iw..|(»-iit!v irsTrllcd Ihmuit'ti Turkey and tlio 
Kiul. lie m&itpml no mnny lariffiinpia ihat 
Iw was cmlit'-'l wIlli bi-ing ablu lu npi-nk 10 
the pDO|<I« of i-rer^ iiution in IliHiT uwn 
toe^tip. On K'ltirnuig to Europe lie wil«ii*il 
tbi'driWofUiniiuMiC Avigjfiion. Aftonrnnlfi 
bo lived in rdimtDniil nt lli>ni<< (lir {\\ei roan 
in tbcKri^ncbmonBctrr^rofllin Holy Trinity. 
Iwlonginff to hisorilur. He wns for »i\ ycor* 
feMMT of ibe oriunlul bouki niid miinusciiiils 
in tiiH Vfttican Llbniry. Ue died at Venicv 

ill «h-wi»!r naa 

Dpmpttn eBui»OKtt<« twonty-niae worki 
hf UvMltTo, all of irhich hv claima to bnre 
MNTn. Tb*<y inclndn llT<hr«w nnd Clmlduic 
dicliotuiriei and trniuUtion* from lUhrevr 
nuttuicripli, aatiy of wbiirh ore not known 
in pint. Hepburn piiblishtJ: 1. 'Alplin- 
betnin Ar«bMTum vi lv;i.c'rL'it»tio Titclionifi,' 
•a Anib«c grammftr, Romp, l'/>1, 4io. !;. A 
tranatatinn from H'-bmir into I^linof tlii< 
' "K'-ltarMnlruih" of Rabbi !*o!i>inon.tUeiii>n 
of Tucinoi-'h.' wkicli IluEnpMtcr cntilWDia- 
dema Itegni.' [•nnlt.-d nt Vemiw. 3. • Virgo 
Aurua iPiitiia^'iDIH duobilS (■ncoduLi cixlaln.' 
a )»rgO print en^ntVMl at Roini« in 16li!, nnd 
deilntM to I^ul V. At Uw top U a ivpro- 

suniBtion ofth^iladonna, bcntulb awMtien 
(^liimiu, in till' 6t«l sni! ln°l of vtiicli tlip 
niilUur rxpkitia in l^atin and ll«br«'W lii« 
di^i^ of «iito);i.iiii{{ The Itli-»rd VirKin in 
MTraty-Iwo biD^'UDKfi. lu well III ini-mbWu. 
[DompfiiTs lliit. Kcidaiaatini Odiiuh Rcoto- 
nini, p. M3 ; Mneksnais'a WriUn of tlia Swi» 
Nation, iii. fiU; KunipMia Uw. xxrii. 869; 
WaiCi Bil.l, Bril,] T. C. 


Sc'lliuli •■■lilitT i>f fiTtiiiii', wna (he ton nnd 
hoir I'f lli'pbiirn of Wuijsliton. Ha(ldioi(ti>n- 
shirv, and cmiMii "C Sir John llcpbum [i\. v.V 
Hu arrin! imd^r Sir .lohii in liermiinv und 
France, nlt'-ndi-d h'm fiin'Tn!, and, nl'lioii^'h 
<dijei'tnl t.i a* a jiroTcilnnI, succcO'livl li" his 
Tiiiik as coiiinuinder of tlie Scoi» liripndi". 
fEiclidii'n witlitd l^nl .luram t)i>ii;:laii ( 1 117- 
l4Uft) [q. v.] to \ji! appointed, tiu I Cardinal 
(lit In Valcllo, tilt' ^-ODernl in foniiiuind. ii|i- 

Cnrently iWid*uJinfaviiurof Mejibum. Ilup- 
um wrved uml'T Clialillon in Lorrniiie in 
lli.'l", and on 1(1 Out., whilo liv wag liglitiiig- 
iii the bn-Bch fll'ocled br blowing iipa mine 
nl |lainviller»,a inii^ket-bnll piuscd tbrouifh 
hi* c!i('*t. ll'» died on * Nov. at Ilmnvillers^ 
which had cnpli iitaltil ibe day iiSUii he wait 
woonded. l.'ird JaiiuK I>ougI<u aucoMdnl 

(Gai. do Fn>acr. 31 Oi-C. nn<l 12 Dra. 1637* 
JaniMGmiit'* )lvniolnof Sir JcJia llnibuni.1 

J. b. A. 

HEPBURN, .lOIIX (A T.'.:S), prior of St. 
Andmw'D and fnonder of .St. l,i'onnrd*K Col- 
li!^, ^M ihi.' fiuirlli 9L-n of Adam llepbiim, 
MNWnd lord IlalW. hv llek-n, eldeal diiilKh- 
tiT of Alexiiiidvr. (fr-t lord Home (h-'^'-J 
Accotdint; to numpste-r, Iw Ftiidinl in Pari» 
and wroti- irn eli'gant jioi-m on hiitil iiiff, Ho 
■uccocdcd \\'illiain Carron ni prior uf tbu 
(.■ODient in 1 IHl', On IKJuiii- 1488 hu ob- 
Iniiu-d fntui ibekTiiRthe cnatodyof ihn oaallo 
of Kalkland for Rve years {tiry. Mag. 8iy. 
i. 17.?3). Up vnia fur somtr line keeper or 
llio privy wal, and i« iii«nlioii»d on Itl Mar 
IWl nR Ticnr.iri:miTiil of St. .Xndrvirs OS. 
:JTt<lll, In lol;; hi-, in concurrence with ifao 
archbiahop and tli<r hin|f,founded the cnlliigt> 
of St. Lo^nard'a (Charter in'a lliri. of 
Sf. An^rfvt, W. '.'4.t-l>, which lio eaijiiwuil 
partly with the titheji of Si. I jmnariTa puUh, 
nnd |)arlly with crrlnin funda of a haapilal 
>iliiDtcdwithintT>rprecinrI*ofth>>ni oiin>(erjr . 
Oripnully (he eollefp- win a pumly monattic 
iiihlitiition. bi-inf; under the <Ttllire cban^ of 
tliu prior and ciiiYi'iitual chapler. and •up- 
plipil iviili lenchi'm fn)m the ininales of wt 
mniuuiprr. In loll Hepburn nai a comncli* 
lor with (iarin Doigilna [q. v.] and Aninvia' 
Korman 'j\, r.] for the arcltbiahojiric of St, 






AndrptcfL. Fomun, (he miecMiful «aiicUil&te, 
boinff tinnbln In oblnin potMttsion npneil ul ti- 
matniy h< h comf!\<aMO, bj wbicti Flculium, 
butiilui rvtainliic tlie renta ntrvnilr C-olWdi), 
aboald refinveniOBeoflhectiurdi niidlnnilM 
of KirhliMlon. I>inlitIigow»liim, bi-JonjiinB to 
llioarclilnihnpric. ItwunlfnarraiiKed tUnl 
lli-plmm'ii liroihRT .Inmea ■lioiild Itu idbiIh 
bUhnp of Moray, ani liU ui-pliirw jirior of 
Ci'ldiiiRlum. Ou iliu return of Altmny tu 
ScDiluuil. Ili-pbum, who OFCcinliiig U> Bu- 
cLaiiiiq was Uulli pnrfoiiniJly mtMouh and 
tinplacubly n>vi^ng<^fiil, inainiintdil hirasrlf 
into liig (yiiitldcnrc, and iL«i'd lii< influoncu 
Ul pciinm lii» mind ftRninit A11511R, wlio liad 
■nipponi'd ttnrjn Doiiglm und Ilumi^ vrlii'n 
they took up urms iu b«half o( Fonnno. 
Th« uliimntu i-muU vrtu ibitt Anjiiii! tmil to 
fl«etoFnTicv,tttiil Ilmnp.conTicWdof nln»n« 
aomtbte attempt n^niiwl ihn i;''^'"!^"^- ^'"^ 
b#liMid'-i1 [hot iindpr Sti;w»ht, Joiix. foutlh 
l>i'Ki: lie ALii*XT,iind Dovui-ab, Aki'iiiiivld, 
dixlli RiMLiH'Asuis'. Wlintt'ver llepbuMi'ii 
faulls of cbnmclt^r. be otlministiTed tlif niraint 
(if tbt- lUPiniutiTv withiTiL-rgvHiid pkill. 1 ten- 
tor BuL-i!ii»H siiit^s tlifti h» iin'iilly d(«npniiid 
niiit utbrrwino imjimviiil ibi- monnclic build* 
ill);, iiii<l ultn lutonwd tbn cnthndral nl Rrmil 
*\jii'iii"'. Tnwnrdu tbi" clone of hii lili; hi- 
ftiiiiDnnilrii tho priory nnd Si. l^mniird'aCoI- 
li-p- nitli a Willi, a coiiftidfrnbli^ |)orlioii of 
wliif b. ktiowii an iIli> abbey wiill.ik h\ ill Mand- 
ini,', iind lit viirtoil* pnrM Wnni bU nrinii and 
initiut»i, with the motto 'Ad vilnm.' I In iilan 
«oniioriic''d lUc: libitify of St. l<r<inard'>i Otil- 
lear. mid hi" nivmc in to ha Mfii on scum.' uf 
(be biiolt* still preserved. He died in ['I'J'J. 
Iliamoiiiiniuut eland* la S^ LL-oiiaTd'BChii|'"l, 
but U 10 worn and defaced thai do iiucrijH 
tion is itow rieibl*^ 

[Kt'p, Mug. siu. Scot 1.: ni'twiwfSeiitlMid 
bjr Bovthiu), Biiehnnim. limli-^. and Linrlny of 
IStioittio; llinti^n of Si. AndrfW» by Lyan 
•till Omrlnx ItuHoni ; GurduQ'« KmU C'hrnn. S^ot- 
Und. iii. se.) T. t\ H. 

ofOtiorgell^pbumnf AihelManefiird.aniiaU 
pnyperly nenr Hnddiniflnn, linld feudally of 
nii VinHmnn.ihe Hopbiirni of Wiiimhlon. il<? 
U pmbnbly iho Jo!m Ilrplnirn who miilrjcii- 
Intdd at Si. Leonard's ColU-jri), Si. Andrews. 
in lAITi. At ihe end of ibnl. ycur be vliiLed 
PnriA and Poitiers with hid iflioid fellow, 
RobMTt Mnnm. In Ifi^O, although n culbnlic, 
hejoiiM'd llir Srnlli'b forri"iindprSir.'\ndn>w 
Gmy which wiinripbiinir forrbi-clMtorpiilii- 
tinn in Boh«nin. In Ifl^L' Iv. fouubt with dis- 
tinction undor Mnnsfeldl at lhi> defenn- of 
Bergeti-op-Zootn in.lidy, and ul llie bat lie of 
f1(ittni» 9} Au{(. When Mmisleldt'ii amiy 

viu iliabandod next vur, Ilt^btiin l«d iha 
i^ti i«h comjwniM (o taku •cmoo ia Sweden, 
whetv bia lugli laililwj quutitiiv «-oii tha 
ta\oaT of nuntavo*. irlio in 182d made hits 
roloiwl of one of hi* ScMluh rtgiioeniM (of 
wliipli the Itoval Scot* r«giiu«iki in the Britub 
line, tbii old 1st fool, is tli(> dirKl refimcB- 
lAlivo). ni^ihiim'sirftitnaiitiraiitnfiBgedUi 
lbainiB.--t"Uof I'oliib Pniuin, and ■■upwuUv 
in the di-feuee of Mcwe in 16:>>'i; next y««Fit 
tooklmn inllieDperntioiisruiindDantiKHiidcr 
Sir Ale>iiTtdt-r I.e'lie '^^e I.giub, AiJEt- 
AMunc, flmi IvAiti. nr l.Bvirxj. in l*l'.?r it fomMtl 

Iuirl of the nrmy wliirli iiiviided PniH*:* and 
Innimn-, and in lUi8 wa* in Poland. Heji- 
bnniin lillWrvlieviil bi> coiinlrynun Monro, 
wbowiu beniegri.! lit It lip' nwa !()(', niid Liv^ani* 
frovera<wof that, town. In Mnr^b t(t:il lln*- 
lavu!i formed ibe four Scotch Tef^imenli into 
ilicSont*|or(!rven)lm|!»d#,|nvinp tbteociw 
mnnd lo IfRpbiim. Tin* In) lor, nuiislii)^ in tlw 
•ifVof I'nmkfon-on-ih-'-lliicr.hfi'wuponeof 
t be toivti giitn, und was b-adinf; hia nM>n inln 
ibi; pince when he receivei) a shot 'aborgtlM 
knvi^ that he wo* of before,' but be hid 
bin woiinddrwaed and rMumedhisconmuiML 
lie took part in the capture of Landsbeiir, 
bv which Pomeriuiin wat> rti>iir>>d of ib« Im- 

Iiiiriiiliain, and rbo lutib'' of l^<ip»7. T Sept. 
(J-ll, wa» drddi.'d by tbe cbnrao of hia bri- 
(^u: later on iuthu nume year be wnsprfsmt 
nndal tUegurreTiJiToI'Menli.llM'nnberlttEtl, 
where he ri'itiaiii^d with liiidaiim till ibefel- 
lowinjr March, and tbfn niiindind to Fraiikfort- 
pn-tli'-Maiii, capMiriti;! Donnnwi'rlb 00 liit 
wiiy, find buin(( publicly 1 hntikwl by (iustanui 
1lewii.ii n'-xt i|iiarti-ri'd lit Munich, bis bri- 
pidi! Iieinc llie fini to eiilcr Ihc^ low-n, und 
net in;; an budyfiiiunl lu fTuAtavuH. In June 
he joineil the Swodi»li camp near XotMii- 
berp. He ibpn' took nlleiice at nomc tiiii- 

Eiueil flight, till; nnliin> of wbirb U not 
iiovm. niid shciithiiiK lii> sword Itr said to 
tile kinjt, ' Now, lira, I shall nerir draw it. 
more in your balinlf.' He did nol lenve, 
however, until after tl»> battle of '24 Au^. 
loss, giving bi* counsel ibougb refiiiinf 1» 
lake part in it. Tliit Scoltith officpm accow- 
panied him a miln on the road, and ibem 
was an iifTeciini; parlinK' After a viait lo 
Sootland Sir John -whether ho wm erqr 
koiithled bv I'bnrli's I i.i nnecTtain. Imt thft 
'Su-ediBhliilellifir'neeT' IcaOatjIeti hint 'Sir 
.Inbn Hebfon'—otliTt'dbin sen-ice* to France. 
Tli"y wer* eawrly nccejiled. mid on IS Mnrrh 
UKi.i ho look loaVn of I.oni' XIII al Chan- 
tilly, boforii rtnrt.injf for Remland to rniso 
two thousand men. In Aiifriisl he arrived 
at BnuIojniewithhi.trapniilB, 'Rood aoldiorv, 
ia09 1 )y gentlemen.' '{"ho nimiiaui of the Scots 

ArclMtJ Gutrd wan iticnrpcmiod with bia 
regiiiMinti wliicb oaiuMtcd moiTly of pikc- 
Ban. aixl on the ttraifctli of this niualgHina- 
ttonllepbuni'B troops ckimvd tu be the ol(l««l 
iwpmunt in Vnact.; a claim re'nnl'."! by ilin 
Fiotrdy mgiraeiili rnU>^l in ir)li;?.vrhiRh iiick> 
nuned thua ' I'onliiu I'llnli^'i (iiinrdi.* 

Ilepbiim look curt iii ihn conquptt of 
Ixirraiiic, naJ in S<-*Mfmb(T wnii npuoinW 
mar/irlial-do-cBnip (bripidicr-f.'Btiynii), la 
\(Sii lio uiLit«iJ, under thu ]>iic ilu la Torce, 
in the capluro of iliiK#iMU. SaX'mi-, I.un6- 
villc, liilche, Rtid I,« Wolle. l!i'wn» iWu 
seot to iwltpvo HoidMbn'g niid I'liilipibnurjc, 
wIiMe •ome tit liU fonnor conmdes undnr 
Oiwtavuii ■KvK drfoniliii^ ilionutelve* ngainai 
a nporior foros of impirrialislH. Iii Il5.t6 lie 
waa preaeni at tli« cHjiiun* •:<{ .SpiTva, lliedo- 
ilsatofI)ulwChBrl««of I»M-jiti''ii('8rl->»whn, 
the oaptuiv of Ilinnm, llin r><li<-t' '>! Mrntx, 
tbO capture of /n'<<iuru('k'<ii. nnd ill'- vnifiifr'*- 
niMt at Vniidrvvan^\ Wbil>' nrnmirmiiilii' 
MieiBipmmt of tbu n^or-frimrd lit- fi-U mio 
tba band* of the ii)ipi.TialiHii<, bui liv yrv- 
tcnded to ben Oenaui. and fiiivi< ibvm urili<m 
in Ifaat lanffitago with eo much aunraiicci 
tbat ih«7 f«It it qnitv nn honour to let bim 
g.. ( (/a:f/ff de Frnnn; B (h-i. KtlTi), About 
ibii limn Diikr It.rrniird ol' WriiimrjniniMl 
tJMi tV-nch MrrvKP, iind tbu rcmnnni of ibf 
Soot* brifpidi! which n<'<:<>nniiaiiii.>d biiu wua 
ineon>omtcd,iiiuchto thedHli^'hi of iheoien, 
in jr«]iburn*« repiuciii, which thus bocame 
8.300 nrone. In U\m hf tlxaml with Oit- 
dinaldflU ValMti-lho crvdit of ii'victiinlUiiK 
Ila^nnD, and, not imcmiiirioiiii nf bi* uwii 
Bi«rit, lif nuked Ihnl 'Mi-li-niip' (pirrbnji- iiu 
MtiCMtur of ibi- AutTTiiiM stuUunmii 1 ini|;)it 
bo coii*idtr«l his pri-i >i».-r. n- (!!■' {••nt (bmi- 
uimI cr'WDH ri<n*i>i» uniiUl In- nf i-urvice lo 
liim. lie u\^^• r>'f|ui'<iitd tbiiT hU brisndo 
Hiiffhl tiiko pn'CfHl'"iii"i- "{ niiy othor inn:"p 
raiwxl to tnonlr c«ni)>aiiie(, iatimnlins that 
nlbl!rv>-i(■^ hia di({nity wimld ii"l nllnw him 
to ivmuin in tbc' Fmirb annr, Ikithp^ti- 
tj'rtis wiTp frraiilrd, but b«(oTe Metemic's 
ranioni arriviil Mxpbnru vra^kiUeiL Hu v-a« 
nstitliti^ l>uki- llPTiinnlnt lli« tirgn of Si- 
venu', and wbiU riM-nniioilriikic tlic fortiBeii- 
lion* on i^ July ItUrl hi- racoivLtl a inu>k«t> 
obiil in t)w nivk, and dint tvro hottn nftd^ 
wnrda. Up dood hi|-h in tbu ravntir of 
lUcbflieu, wLo frujuviillj meniimi* him in 
hia corTMf>ood«-iicp, wa4 uinii>~i^il by h'm bliiiil 
naniMT and C'>D^i|ni <ic<viit (e.g. aimiire for 
diini*r<i>,aiMlr(^«l«dthocaptiiroof SoTomc 
iw drariy cnitcbai«d ^bla dnath. Hepburn 
wu a i^nlliolic, and wa« biirii'd in Tout Cn- 
ihnlnil. a ranaun)i.-n( with rLfumbcnl t'lRffv 

the foot of it. ThiaiDonumcnt vafldMtro^sd 
in ihi' Fruncti rrrnluTinn, but ihf Ijitiii in- 
scription ou the flonr !■ (till Ingibli' (.Vihit. 

Hot Jf l/^rraiHr.l^^). Hijibuni 
hiid n nephew ii'h>.i wuapnpftn Kii^holieu.nnd 
lo whom Met^mic'n nuiaum was UHigncd. 

(Lcttn* do Ontlnio A'lolpbe, Fnrii. IT80; 
CbrriooloKif' HintoiioDi' Jlilitniiv. vi. 100 ; Oai. 
do Fninm, )a:i3.A : Lmm d* Iticboliiii, IBS3- 
1S77 (rbcu- FNiieh initbonllo* (pelt )u« oama 
Bfbroo): Janioa Ontal'i JUemoin of Sir John 
llrpbnra.] J. a. A. 

n\iLEs diid first E*ai. Ol" DoTRwiiu, (rf, 
190t>,wulbt'i.'ld(.-Gl fionof Adnm.iocondloTd 
llailM, tted livlrii, eldral dnujj-hior nf Alnx- 
nnder,lirello(d]Ioine[i|.v/ On 1 t'l-b. 1-160- 
1 II^I he mcoived a urant to him uiid hit wifo 
oftlw Innds of tJin Tinrony of l>nn»vr« (Ar^. 
JUoff. Sifj. 14:!l-l.'il;l,i>ntrv 1MB),' He was 
nl«o appoitittfJ goi-r-miirof thr>onstt« nf Iter- 
wick. and defrnded i' for n tini^t in 1-U*3 
when tbrt town wna iutvati-d by tbc Hngli^ih 
nrniy. but. commented to it* liiuil •lUTPiidpr 
tbriimth a serrvt iinderslotidiiiii bulwvi-u thij 
Uukoof Allinny nnd the Enirli*h. He wa« 
ouc of thn pnnM'rvniom of tbe iruce wiili 
lingland, I'l A-pt. 14H1 {Cat. JinrununU re- 
Inlirig tn limrlaHit,vo\. iv. eiilry IfJOTi). On 
accounlof iheaiinMiBtioabyJatnoBnTof thq 
to ihe rhnpr-l mjnl of StirliUft. I^rd llomo 
[ton HoMi;. Ai.rA.iMiKR, fimi Lord Homb^, 
■who rtgnnled thfiu a« t>»lwi^iiig of rijEhl to 
hiin, proEiiri'd llf oMiElnni-n of tlafles to 
cuubte him lo nsierl hi» rigUt, Hnilmwaaa 
jinrtvto llieLollowpncilicalion at Dlnckonia 
in Mavl4^, nnd ulon); with Jamei Strwurt, 
Mornr, hnmndi'n TninnTierapt topiiua^Aiiit- 
oncFugninM th<' Scott iahkingfroRiIleory^lT. 
At ibi-biiiili-ufSniii'hicburQonll June 14^ 
hi_- led ibe vnn with l-nnl Honin. Jamfn III 
lost bi« lifednrinirtliKbt from ibobiillle, and 
the ponieifiient ilialnu^tluiLi i-uabkd llnilta 
to Inr lbi> ffnndiiTi'^n of rbe ntnarkablo in- 
lliii-ncp nnd prfi'jB'rily of ibe fiimilv. On the 
jurronder ni Kdinburah ('anl/', flh««>n daya 
afli^ Snur?hi<--biim, lie trn* (^^(I Juno) mnda 
KdinburfEh < Iltf/. Mofj. Hiy. t I:>.l-lul3,«nii7 

I 17-11). On Sept. fidlowio); hu wiu coo- 
Mitnli<d mAMrr nf llii- boti*.ihuld and lord 
hiyh ndminil rif .Scoilnnil. Crichton Ca*il» 
and ibo loirli.hip nf Itnihwoll, fiirfeil^ by 
John Knniuy. irurv on IS llri. l>e4tow«d on 

^ Ilailrs.and li>urdar<Bfl(Twnrdi>lbnlrinl*liip 
wBxcnicled into the onrldom of itothwc)!, 
and conferred on him in full parliami-nt hy 
givinii him 'IwFirotvl. Tlu? same day it traa 
nUo declared by poitianwnt thai he tbuuld 

kara tlt« ml* »»d Rnvprnancv of ibeDnWof 
Uom,thmUa^»lrttthm. InooBOKiianwiib 
— ■riBBgf toflheUaplomiiilc^»tricf 

■If^wtwT nafduB iif Uie wwl and niddW 
MwrfMi. 'Infiyor. Im wumadtrtrwudof 
Kirkt-ivlbrifrkt, ■nd ubuiaod the ctModr of 
lttiri"-C.^k(ft. ITBO). OnaM^jofibe 
full :: h««adlusbroilinJohB[q.T.X 

ft\' . nilnwi, wfe i rgj abo li^Ucn (tf 

m leaa ciI i!w loribtitp of Hrlin-^v and f^wt- 
bad, ud of tb* b««iiiiigorih- ruMU of Kirk- 
waU, tb« Mri OB ihii MBo (Ut<- rrmTiar tbe 
oSee of Jvuciuy and baulian- oftbn lorwiipi. 
Ha tiiiM becBMe ibn eq^ of the p>MtcM 
lM>UMofllwkii^[don. iliegTKntalwMawtd 
m UradurinKtlw king'aninoiity wcmsMct- 
mOjt uoTplwrfruD iwDcu ion wbea (lie hiw 
(■m* of a<e. Ob Um retignstion, MarcJi 
llfll l',</(:iyirfnDoiwU«,Kn of thn Earl 
of Aii)ciu ' H.y Itai^otAi^OBtnioi^ founh Miiu. 
or AxotV],!!!)! land* and lofdnliipnf li(ldv»- 
ilalu Willi ()ii! OBDDpand fnrUlicpof ihpIliT- 
ntila^-KWirrrlintoiradotiDotbTrrU.wboBt tli« 
■amu timu n:aiitil«d lbs lonlthip of ItotliwKtl 
BMd Otbcr lattdi), and llicw on 14 JqIj «rew 
Ktren ta Angtuinvurbaiici-for Kiliaamodt. 
At a parlUiaonI Ultl mi 18 Mnv IJOI Rotli- 
woU witit llie lli*bop and D>«ii of (iIdi^dw 
mre MBt to Biynt iBl««Balliancr«ithl''nuicft, 
wmI to dUoovar a fitlius brido for tb« yoanR 
luBir in Rpain or ebewbrn. Tlii^y Mumcd. 
liowrviTf, in Novt-iDker follonrin;* {Aerwintf 
uf I/unl Iliiili 7'rtanirr/; \. IM) willimit 
iMv'ing iiiitiatMl luiy taarrinn trvaly. lie 
Inok pirt in (i-rnml olliiir itmlinMii^*, aod wa« 
pfMi>nt at ibii crmlionof IVmc«)I^IIt7(nft■■!^ 
trard■ Ittnry Vnr>ul>akc!uf Y'<ri in 1194 

(l^trrnin4 Htatf PiipTt.rtiijHtif llrnry fit, 
i. WSi, On 8 C)c(. IMX>-) h<^ wa« apimiiiti-d 
^tku oOBiSiItaiiHiera to iN>nlnict a mar- 
Ittwean tlia kiag and rho l'riTiri>t« 
', oitlrat dnuglitrt irtllrnrr VlliifKng- 
taad, aixl ntto (o tiaK<ituilR n )wrp»tuiil pcnru 
(O)/, JtfummttrrMitiylaSeollaH'i.ycA.ii!., 
■■ntrv W'l K). Tim (rwty waa HiKned en 
•2\Svi.\tA\\ 2. ][>'wiiapn'*etitat rbfruor- 
riniTM uf I hi* kiiiu uiid the prinoea* by proiy 
III itioiininii'l oil il'Jau. "f ilio((illotriiigy«aT, 
Biidal tlieunlruicnof the prinooMiiitoKdiii- 
biirsli III Aiiipii-t be born tlio sword. Iln 
ilwil nl IMlnlxit);!! on ]70ct. 1A0A<Limu:T, 
Hilt, f/ Sr^llafd. jf. iH; tlALmL-li, Amufli, 
i. 'i'A\). )ly hill wiff, I.aily Jiinnt [Inu^lna, 
onlvdiiiiffhtrr of Jniix^ii, firnt onrl of Morton, 
bi- finil IJin-i- •'•'i« (inci llin?u clniiuhlfm. TIk- 
*im> wi-rn Ailnuii M'c>»i<l t-nrl of Itotliv.'FlI, 
Jnhai kilhop of llni-liiTi, hii<1 Pnirick Hvii- 
Im it Bolloii. dio'l l''i7i.). Tlin la«l ia 
WianglT MBfoiindml in D'lutclna'i anil ollipr 
poWngDi will) I'alrick llcrburn, biilioji of 

. uid 


■arr... - ■ 

10 Ardubald, carl of Ab^im 

AKcmnAUi. uxih Ein. it A:. .. 

MarfaiM. to Ilanry, lord Sinclair. 

rBiDuiTDt Clab UEaerltany. t»1. Bi.; Kff. 

SrotUnd, tdI. i. ; Oai. ft Ihrumnu 

uJ SUIc i ' t ; lliitip 

l-Jg'a li , lioilMf 

Oi Fllaoolliv » I ^r^rK.*; ixjc^i.vf « l^Mtli^b 

r«Mafa (Wood)w L Sli.] T. P. Q. 

HEPBURN. PATRIPK. tliird Etar. 
or ItoTiiwEi.L ()AlJ*-l>Vi';i. iriLi tbn inly 
>oa of Adam, Mvnnd narl of n>4bwrll, b^ 
hi* wife AfiiH Sirvnrt.taarrieil in 1511. 
natianl daauliler of .iDcnn, pg;] of Biidhan, 
ul«rine teiMW of Jaic-i 11. Hi* fxbpr 
hartBS d[«d on tbe fivld of l-l<>d<lm, Q Sept. 
I'fIS, D« waa lirought ap □Ddc-r ibv nrotpo- 
Itnn of Patrick, Buutcr of llailn, l^lr^, 
jirior of St. Andrnwn '<]. \:' and Janta. taaliott 
ofMotajr. OnSO Apnl ftSSibf TtiunffnKl, 
alonswilh ibe.Muii-rof Hi!: ' 'h«r 

HepDoma, m.TivfJ mniuion ; .-,«- 

aoBabU assialann- of Lord Uai£«. Tltovgh 
BoUiwoU decline) ib>> liaiatdoa* lionaurnf 
leadti^ an anar aifiiinM llie Hart of AngiM 

X.ton V bo nrt-i-nlurlcaa, on 'it- Jan. loSS-d, 
after thu 4ij^t of Ab)[<u into Kagtand, if- 
nirrd a aliaivof hi* foneitcd Mtatca, iochld- 
in){tbi' lordaliipofTuitaUoafil^. JVi^. S^. 
ii. i-DlT^- rS^"). Tlii*aBBieY<tflMw«*armiitd 
aloiig with ollifr botdt-r iiab)i-uii-ii fnr pro- 
teetiiig BiaraudM* on ilii> bordtrn, and alter 
HX tnotillu' eonfiiiMnmt ma relcMed, db 
Ilia frirad* anwrinir into r«ca|{uiaaoea liir 
1*0,1X10/. to brinf him bade to diimiw* whai ' 
nf]iiin^. Ob '20 Marcb I5i>n-3iJ he ap- | 
pi-nml bofoiv thi.' king,aotI ai^ain iindottook 
I III- d-^ffuci! of LiddipMlalv. Birinj;, huw^vitr. 
iliMMilielit'd willi tlit^ insi'nirity of bii noni- 
linn in Scotland, lio in IK-i'cmbcr t>'>31 en- - 
lortd into c "mm u nidation willi tli# Earl uT 
Nnrlliniabi.tlaml. (>nthc:%tbh«nndolb«ra 
had in inlFr\-icn' during tbo nictit wiih 
NortliiinibiTUtiiJ ul IKlMon, nrur lEmbam, 
wlit'ii Itiitliwi-ll iviirpsciitcd that be lixl Uautt 
cniolly ^^^(^^(l bv tho Scotliili kiii);. and 
that lie wii< cri-ilibfy infonni^d llial tbe king. 
«ilioiildlie|;i'lhininii<.I biscollpa^uM togeibcr 
ill I'Minbiirjch, inti'ndpd lo ■•scriila* ibeiB all. 
Tn tci'imj^ himaalf on tha Scottiib king bo 
iWircd tn bwomo tttn ■ubioct nf tbi' king of 
EnKli"id,Bnd to cervo n^inal K-nt land with 
(•III* tbounuideBBllvinim and to, ihouaand 
oiiiiinon^ni (Earl of KorlLumbrTlnnd to 
Ik-nn- WU, 27 JVc. I-',31, in C»l. Slat* 
Pai«-ef. Henry Vlll. v.fiWi. NnnbnmbM^ 
land ilocribvil Uoikw-i'll \a rrry RolttvinjT 




ternta, VkI fccoHuii<*»'i»l that ti:- otfi^r ^Luulil 

do not appAT tn h^Ttjmior tanhn. About 
June or J«1t I5S3 Bothvclt utd Junes 
Boitan, arelAiabop at St. Andrew* ,'<i. v.], 
were ebat up b; ttw iaag in tbe caatle of 
Ivlinhtti^ (NoiOuimberiaiiiJ to Hmu; VHI, 
■Jii July ISKI,»t. Ti.i4M>. Xo tmon aatm» 
BMUure* wne takm, uul his uafroaiiBHAt 
WM pnMMtblr Aon. On 31 Jnljr tUS 1m 
rMcdteil k gi*"t or varioiM Irnnd* in llui 
buoar uf Cndilan, irliicb bclonpxl in cno- 
jnnct'feo to llobcrt, lord MucwcU, Mul bn 
wife, Afiiiiv St<!wui. countoH of Botbv«IL 
KBit wcra in tbe Ling'* huul* b>' nauon of 
non-eBtf? (Ay- JVny. Siy. H. ecitijr Ir^U). 
In Septflmlin of ibe mow ;^«ar lie wm etaa- 
pflUdJ to n<<bn the lanUbtp of I JddMcUle 
into tbp king •band), uid.MCordiBgto Ljnd- 
Mf of Pitfoci i», h* Eui otbcr gent [«men'¥fw« 
butitlitU aff Scotknd for certain erinoi of 

Boibwrll ia iital<^ to bave ^ne to Veniw. 
K* nt uriMxl »ooB alWr I lie <Mit fa of Jame* V 
ID 1512. and vm prnwot in tlwi patliaOMnl 
lr> >larcb 1542-3, whi>n li*. *iies«Mfntlf i*- 
humI n siiiuiaoai of mluction of apMondcd 
■aaigiuiioii of tbv 1oni>hip of L^ddeadale 
antl ntfle of Ilennitapr. \\'liiTn Sir Ralpb 
SmIIct amved in 1I<*:imUi><1 oh a apeeial cn- 
faaMTf hr fuund Ikxliwtr]! lu poetoMion of 
LidJe«dal«. Sadltr appeaK to havo bwa 
*p(«iullv dirvcttd by tlio king to toeim 
BnchwAVf support, bat Iknhwrll vraa in- 
dtifNWnl to tbe inaicb bclwcon tbc infant 
Mncy and l^rinix.- Udward of EnglantI, and 
wa*deni(«d to ibv French interMt. Sadltv 
deacribw liisa as ' ilio tnoqi tain and IflMlml 
man of the v«rld, hill of folly, aiul brre 
nothing lo b* nitraicd.' Itotliwell joined 
t]i« party oppOMid to tbn Kiin^ifb intMWt* 
wlio iu4i at IVrth to ctmcri maaaure* of 
iwmIjimm) afpunvt ibe noUey of thn gonmmoi 
and tbe DoiagtoMo. A meaaagd for a roiu- 
praniM waa mt lo ibeir opponuntK, but 
Ibey obe\-o<l tlie anaamoua at a benld-at- 
anna aent to cl>ar)rn them to dUpetae on pain 
of IrxajMMI. An a\linflc* with England and 
a it»*lT lit nmrrinpp bctwwon tbc Princiw* 
Uary and Priiuv K<)mard of ICnttland waa 
lUTMdonattbectuiuiniipartiuiiunt. Shortly 
an«Ti>'ar<l» Cardinal llt-alon [«« Br»Ti>X, 
DariD, UlM-l-'ijir, nhu had lot aomu time 
\ii-rtt auAiiT arrcat, nceivcd his libwty un 
Botliwrll and oiliM becomiu^ ho»tagea for 
him I I.i>i-1:t. /litt. Sn,H., Bannatyne edit,, 
p, 6^ >, anil nl Ili>nt--iii'a inilij[ntion tlolbn^lt 
ami (■lliiT riilliutii! lordi muaten^l tlioir fnl- 
lowm fi>r llir pri^rt.-iiuti of tltdr foilh and ilir. 
(tefuaec of lh« ioJejiuiideniH-of titc kingdom. 
ConL-i-nrraiiiigilieirfoTCnwithgrrat rapidity 
rot. zxvi. 

tbtj wnbiJ OK I Inlilb^iia . asd fanvgbt 
th» ^U L m t ito aa^a a ud tat ialutt ^itaca ia 

titnanh In Sttrti^ 

Ifatbirrll «M <KU 6t ihoa* wbo naaaatblcd 
•I Lcitb Ml 3 Uay MM to eofoM lb* land- 
inf of tbe Earl of' llttttoei, tat OH acRiuBt 
of tbe taperior foraca of tb« cnaoiy b* aaA 
tuB friend* retiied to Kdinbaricb. In June b* 
aifaed tbe ecrr^meDt to *iippon iba qafa»> 
do*r)«t-r, Mary uf Gnue, aa r^gvat inatMUl vt 
tba&rlof Anau [*f« IU»iLiox.JikitBs*»' 
ccoidE&xr.or Amuxaad l)t ar. urCnJttEii- 
liDurtT'. Urn avwappoatvd ai cnurt aa tba 
riral of tba Kar) of Lvntiox ^ccw SiKwaat, 
lUmiKw, fooitb EaiL or LkjtxoxJ for tlw 
qnaen-dowagd'a beDd. Both earfa MtoK to 
weal in tbe aaagnifioence of ihnr rHiiiDu and 
in GaiiTtIygan)e*,bui Doth *r«ll found ibeex- 
pandimr* rre*t<v than b« coaM affbrd. and 
nltivattlyVfllbi'iMiiTt trii.DrnwboD, Ititt. 
i. \W; llEXKio, .VrwuiVi •/Mary Qnv« ,/ 


In anler, doubdeea, to play tliia part of 
•niior Botbirell bad, prvrioiis lo November 
1613, been dirorceJ from fata wi(b, Agnes 
Sinclair, Udy of Morban, whooi ha tnartiod 
about 1&36. 'lliolBdy'ftiiotbarwMMargant 
1 Icpboni, probably ibird daujtbler of Patrick, 
firM carl of Botbwel) [ij. t.' (enuidfathaf of 
tbe tbinl rvl), tbou«h aoin«liav« auppoaed 
berlobavt'bei'ntlieStatearraaiater. Tbeei- 
C1IM for the diiorve wa* doubt l«e* aoBe pi\>- 
bilnted defnM of eonMri^uinily. Tbinteeroa 
conlinnmlliT tbe reportnl alaU-m-nl of tbe 
>OBJatn«i*,l(Hinhnirl [■{. v.^allbKCnienil- 
larmnfatwiec, thai ibi- dirom; of his Utbur 
and mother had not injiiml hit (itlc or uMaU-. 
Shortly after hi* retuviociit from court a 
aumnoua waa iaaued ^tiiau him for t<iiii-r- 
iag iiiio a treaaoneble correapoadi'iice with 
tM king of Rngland ngniiut Jnmea \' in 
1U3, for a IrxaMoable iiBct«r*t«ading wilb 
I fan Karl of Ilortrr>n] when bo landifl at 
1.1'ith, and for impritoning the lliifo pvr- 
auivant ; but on I '1 l>ec. be waa nMoiliiml ia 
parliami^ni from the lummons. ,■ 

According- tu Knot. BolLnvll in 1&I3 
llir«al^t>i<i) th" Kiirl of Arnin. |[or«moT of 
tli«rf«lin,wilhi]<'|K«ilioTi fur lii-frimdinff the 
rwformurv I iVarki, i. lOO|, When Oeorgw 
^Vidian [q-T.^ ti) )r»|lliieul lo llndtlini^on 
i« prciuh.ibe jwnpleof the town and neigh- 
bourhooil iveru inhibited by Itolhwell, aa 
aberilTof Ea«t Lothian, from hnaring hJu. 
NoT.wiihManding, aboiii a hundred pereon* 
auembled, but iho miidi> niijhl Ortiiiiloit 
llouiie, whnn- Wiihnrt was Mnyiiiw. ""n" 
furniunitedbra Ktnoll furcuiindi-rltolKH'i<ll, 
wlionliluinfdtbecuaiodyof Witbatt on ihe 
womix? thai be would «ave him fmin Car- 
dinal Uealua. Kitos atalea that lk« liribve 



if tlin mrdinol Mid (be ]>ereiiiuiuu« niid flat- 
lorJon of til"! (lueen-duwftger v:ore t<w much 
fur DotliweH'a oomtaney (i6, p.; but it 
would aupniT frmn th« 'R^i»(er «r ihn I'rlvj- 
Couucil tliAt to inOuoe bun (o A«lir«r up 
Wislian tliruaiM hiul tobotaiiploj-odMwetl 
u pTotuiHis. On IB JitD. III! bound liimielf 
to deliver ii]i tli« Rfoimicr bofuro thv last 
ilay of ihc montli. ami moniif inn- U> miiwer 
for liim xindLT 'nil l\w higbr«t pnjn nnd 
cliarm" (Rfff- P- C. Smtt. i. 20). Winhort 
wu eunit aA a herelic (I MaTcli l64(i-7). 

After llie surrender of the cimtlif of St. 
AtidNws in July I-V17, llaihwi-ll'ii nomu 
wu diacarMrnd in a rcei'l'"' of 'liu naniG* of 
Scottidi Dnbl«ni«n and ^nllenuMi vrbo had 
■ecretly bound tltcnuulTve to tbs cervioe of 
Bnglund. liutbwell, on condition ibat ho 
niBiritHl tbv DucliMi of SufTolk, autil of V.A- 
ward \1. agreed to burrondcr bi« ca*tIo of 
]Ii>rniil<ig« and rpnoiuirn allngiancn tn tho 
ScotlUh i^nvttmmi-nl. Hownsu-nl topriiinn. 
bnl Wfts nrlniwivi nhortlv nfl<T ibi- Ijottlf of 
I'inkii- on 10 i^-yX. I.'i48. Da tW ITlh be 
wnitulon I 111- iKiuu'^'f-'^iitiiunul.tlitinv&dinf^ 
frciii^iil. lli'n'an tbiMi dwcribvd asa *|rmitli>- 
man of a rifrlit ciinilj' jjorl*- ami ^tiiliin.', and 
bertlofwrt-rif fi^Iit Iwmourablixmdjiisimi'nii- 
iiig nnd dh'olinj,' lowiitd* llii- Kinirn niAJiwlr ' 
(Si)VKR<i;t, /.■r/i.viiVi*ij.i,nd. l>nlji'-ll,p.'7). tn 
Xngiini IWi* hrtijtiipidiihoudof fottlty ttillio 
king nf ICnalaiifl ; iind an iti»lrunii-'Ul. dnwd 
nt WmlminstL-r .'I !v.'pl. loiU. b'?is furib tliul 
Kini; I'Mvrurd bad tiikeii biiQ uiiiJi>r \m giro- 
Ttictioii, trilling bini a yearly rant of onu 
tb<»i»md craivD» nnd oiie hundred light 
llonNni'D for bin prolTtinn, nnd, in CJM of 
faia1o>ui|i bin loDdiiin Sirntland, [[iiamn1«ring 
bim lands '•fBimilnrvuliiP in Knfflnud (Ban- 

nnlifnf Clu/i ilitrellfiHj/, iLL 410-11), On 

3 May luGO Itoiliwctl wa^ sununoned befon.' 
thft Scotlisb counc^il in aiiiiver tbe olur^-v of 
hlgb treason, but lWi< la iio romrd of fur- 
ther proceedings against bin, nnil j)r<i1)ably 
lie bad nlrwidy flod to Hn^Und. Tbero ho 
r«mninnd till IMA, wben m Nomab«T h« 
was induced by thrquMin<downg«rton)turti 
ta3ootln&d(lcl(orof Itothwnll totbaquMD- 
doYraj:er, prinli-d in Oiialuebi, Memoiri of 
Jam>'». Kirl li'Ahictll). IM L'6 Mapcli t'i- 
loving be rvct'ived from the i|u«uii-dovra4^r 
■ rumi^icin fur all bl* truasniid, Soon af1<<r 
be ji>iQ0il t ho con V on! ion o[ Stirling.iit which 
till" ngnMiinciit bolwppn tli'- l)iik>* of Clifit"-!- 
hRrniiH and tbn riiicn-dnn-agvir, by which 
(hi? fonntT roniencd thn rcHnhcy, wtw rnti- 
fii-d (I.oouK. Uliittration*, i. IS5). II*- lUo 
■i^^ii-d ills indi^mnity to tbe dutc'^ in the 
parliauitMit vrliiub uMembled at Kdmburph 
on 10 Apil. Bborily afterwards Boihwell 
WM maao by ibe quWit-dowoger ber lieii- 

teuniit on x\iv borders, llo \» omolly atatwl 
ro Imve died iu cxilp, but according m tbo 
' Dinmal of OceiinvnM ' (p. BT) lus di'oib 
tool! placu et I>iiinfriii<i in .Septviiibtrr t6o6. 
Dtimtrico i* aim tfMcified as i bi< ]ilnc« of his 
dcnlb in the proocM for proring ili«> oobmii- 
guinitv of his non with unAy Jane (iordon. 
In llouclan'a 'PeCTngc' lus wife's natnn ia 

?iTen as Slargurct Home of ili<i family of 
/vti, IIoniB. She wa*. hji aboie mentioned, 
Agnoa Sinclair, dnugtiit'r of Henry, lord 
Sinclair, and by hor hn had one son, Jmdm 
lleiibuni, fourth earl of Botbirxdl [q. y.\ 
ondonpdnugbliT.Jnni.-. TIip Inltrr marrinil, 
on 4 Jan. (ijiU-S, John Sti-warl, prior of 
Ooldiu^iKU, a naliiml auu of Juinoi V, by 
whom the had a sou, FrauoiH Filewnrt lli-p- 
burn [q. V.]. flftli carl of Ilolbwell. llcr 
Grst huibaud diod in I'lllS, nnd in I'Vi7 she 
married John Sinclair, mnsti-r of CnitlineM, 
aflur wbow death in 1A77 »Iic tmli fin- hir 
tbiid husband Archibald Daughu^ par*oa of 
Olasgow ( jT. 151S8) [q. t.] 

[Latum of rnTri>.-k. l-jirl ^^>t Italhwvll. in Kin- 
iistyna Club 3li>:rlliiiiv, iii. 4(i3--?S ; u»l t,ct.- 
t*r» of Anedalion of Agnw, Ooaatns of Bull- 
vrrU [Vb.). pp. 373-319; B<e.Uaf.8i(. Smt. ; 
lUg. P. C. Swill.; Cal. S(a(- Pap*r*, t^nan of 
UvuTT Vllt ; Sadler** Stni" I'upvni. Ada l^nrL 
Seat.Tol. ii.: Wnd««yof Pii»Eotiio'i Chtonidus; 
llistorio* uf Lolcy. Bnehaaan, Raax, nnd f'nl- 
dcrirnnd; I^Bi-'n lllu'irnilona; DoufUa'aScol* 
ti-iii Vftnti:-! (W™l), i. 220-;.] T, F. H. 

HEPBURN. l'.\TItICK(J.157.1),bishoii 
of Muniy, may bare Iki-u tbc natural •nn of 
Patrick," fintt'enrl of Biithwcll [q. v.1 bnt 
liMboon WTOugly idenUflcd with Patrick, the 
third son lij lawful w<>iUi>cb, who is styled 
ill ncviml ifncuuicnts Patrick iii RoUoii. was 
lor some lintr mnMvr of Hnilci. and died in 
Uctobt-r 1576. Till- futiirv biibop is ninted 
lohnvi' been (ilucnli'd uiidirr his relatirn John 
Hepburn [ii. v.J.priurof St. AndruwB.wbomhe 
HiicOL-iMit'il inlhepri'irr in XTy'iS. Froiu lo'J.I tn 
1527hehuldibi-(jnic''<)fu.icn.'t<irj to Jamt-aV 
of Scotland. H" wa^oncof ibi>'-p wbopaswd 
Mntoncn agninst Patrick Iliimilinn [q. v.' in 
Fubninry I5li7 (C,»i,Di:itwoon, Ilin. nf'thr 
Chureh ofScut/nHJ, i, 80), Tb<? proHigucy of 
Hepburn is tbesuljectof 'a merry bcnird ' or 
ieiit, nlatrd with noiiiswhnt indecomila gutto 
l>y Knox (H'lirt*, i. 41'), and the Icttiirs of 
legitiiuntiou made iindi-r the gn-sl R'nlfurtbe 
childrfHofMornv proven ihnt"" l>ourd'dld 
not snriou^v malign liiin. Ilr was iidvanoed 
to tbf SCO of Mofny in loiiS, and at tli" snnto 
lime rcniivud thentibfvof Sconoiii p<.-i-|ii-lunl 
comnuTidani. His name lirit occur* a* a 
iD('mhi.-r 'if (be prirv council nt St. Andrews 
2 Ocu UAHtlUff. P. C. Scotl 1 43). 1» ir.63 
he was a cotamlif ioner for settling tin! oiTaira 



Hera path 

ortI>o1)cw<l«rB(A,p.loO). AconriJitigloKiuis, 
it VTM lo ibc cniiiiM>l of ITi^pbuni lliar tbn 
iMrtyniMii ttt Wallitr Mylnu in KhSH vim 

Ailor Ibc city of Furlh Imil I'oiuc iniu tlii> 

pnfaMtBil'Ji) iif (III! lonl* nr tli« Couj^f^tiou 
in 1^)51*. they wrilu Id II>.'|>biin) llial unlM« 
111- wiHilJ coinH KDii n^i«t I hi'in ' thoy t:<>u\i\ 
neiilipr MVL- niMT apkre bia dIkv' |th4> plwo 
(rfSciw). Ilo MproMKl hi* williniin™* tii 
CoaiT', l>iitna 'liUnTiairrrwnii lc>nirorcniuin|(.' 
tlir l<iiriuiDi.-n of Dundi.''!. whri htd u ijicfiul 

Siidfce agttiiul >iim for I he execution of 
rW, proonrdiil, nMiritlidtiuidiiig tti« n- 
iivioslmiicMof Kiiox kiul Lord JamMSliMtT. 
ti> Mck and burn llm cliiircli luid p«l4C« of 
Scoae I KxDX, I iVi^-tM ). On tU triampli 
of tlia lleronnation lio nTtnJond tlia^ rent* of 
hi* b<-firfliw and the (miner of Bmnc, but in 
IJ.T'-mtKT \'iA] , alatift willi olhtr prelalu*, 
(•ll'i.Tv<l 11 fuiirlb of lliu buOi'fipM fur tlio 
ijiiwn'- wrriw |A«/. 1', ('. Scjit. i. IflS-il, 
■ •II ixiTxIiii'iai tlint tliey wetv (,'iiuroiiU^'d in 
the iNMtMtion of tbc rcinaiii>l(>r This nlTur 
tviu UOC aeco|>t«d,bul ultiinnl<'l;rnnBrninjp>- 
lni«t WiU cotoe to by irbii-b tlm ucrlntm wcm 
allowed to rRtAid tiro-thirdi of ilieir n-iiiJi 
darinir tliuir lift'linif. Tile b»hup wnn une 
of th<Me nb'> witli Iluntly sent B|iiKial toiii- 
miMian«r«(oFmic4>i'>)idiit^tli'>()ii>-<^[i inri>- 
ttmiii^ lo Se^illarid U> Unil :it Almnlwii iii 
arilnr lo biMMla in<iv<-in<>at fcr ibrnotorHiifii 
<if mlbolicwm il.i^i.Kr. Ui't. Si^itt. a. 2iH). 
J»i«i-«Hi'plmrn,foiirth™rl'if lliiihwnll ''[.v. , 
biabkncl nf Mury SfunrI, wnn brought 1111 by 
the bislio]) ill Spvnifi t.'tutli-. luid on 21 July 
l*ii)7 (b(- bi^li'i{j wiiK Hccuatd of having tv- 
M^ttiul lilffl, wft^'F lh--mrt'«liiKbl iionbwkrdR, 
within hi* licfiiMf nf t^pyiuu unil nlbir pkrl>t 
of M'lray 1 niid on (bi« aoci>iiiit bi* tfi* di-- 

frireil oV liu Trat» ( ifrjr. /'. (■. Snill. i. 'i31 (, 
[i ndilition to tbin lie wim prnu-cntnl nn 
BrcuMorv to the murder nf Durntev, but on 
Sft N.1V . ) fit; wni Bill 11 ■' '*■' ' ^'- *"'<■ J'"t*f". 
for. Kit. I.'j<M1-»<. Hnirj- .'ri!7). On I Jimc \ 
\T<A>. be nppramd nn ■iimiiiniig beforo lb« 1 
priry council to nutwer for turh ibin^ «.t 
•bmild b>l«i'l to hii rbsrKP. ond hewn* iTim- 
mandnd III r«niiiin witliin tliobouiidioflMlin- 
biirifU 1 Rfg. P. C. .*.)//. i. eS9). In nn act of 
tbe council of >* July loOn, in which be i* 
*tyli'd 'aiif rpTm-iid faibvr in fiod,' \vt and 
(bi- i-annnii of ib« calbiximl cburcli of Elpu 
Mil ui^uiBcd, iiiidor the tbn-nt of briiij; piii 
ti> llw> born, to fulfil thrir ]m>miM> of piy- 
Injt m rauntiidiU iwntribiilion for ih^-rr^nir 
ordia CBtlknlral (A. p. tl"7). lie di.-il nl 
Npyni--r'n>itI"iiii'JliJuiti>l>>~^,ii»dH«9 buried 
in ill'- <'h"iri>f tlve nktI>p,lrBl, lie lind »»ven 
iK>a« and two iU%-hirn-. fur whom Iffiitinaa- 
lioiu wrn- piuon) itndvr tha great M«l. 

(KBoi'a Wcurfca; Bui-hanan'* DmwiIo: Ri^ 
<>r lit* Privy ('Moril of Sf'itUnd ; fal. Siaia 
hipiT-. I'nr. I<nr., reign of Eliwl»ih ; i'lit-.^tnta 
I'iper*. SoitCiWr-: It«irl(Uiim Ejti>>'cijiiiiiii .Mora- 

rii'nui (ICiinniitiiirt'tuK 1037); K>tih'>Soiilliab 
Ilinti'ip- ; Ciar.liiii"i liivl. Ciiron. of .''cilliind. iiJ, 
88,1 T. V.H. 

miscplluneiiUi writer, was born at Ilenrfonl, 
I1iii]ilingl.m'hii\-, in ICW or ItlUl. IlivinK 

fnimiw nf iinnniul ]«on>T!i, hi' was (ent lo 
IuIImihI to atiidy ciril Uw, and r>.-itiTnt'd in 
1711 topiiraiK'hitprofi-HioninScollaiid. (»a 
biitrelurQ hentaHcd a periodii-'nl.of In-npa^M 
in diiLihle cilumns. emitted 'The Toiler, Ir^ 
poiiald MaoStaiT of the Norlh.' Lacking 
thvjtwiialilyof Sleek', of whom li* ihiispro- 
c1airoi-dhlinti>lfan imitncor, ll-'iibiini bvuiaio 
too aatirical and pcraonnl, nuii hii * Taller' 
roacheil only tliiny nnnibi-ni. Tln-rti ia • 
Rpecimeu copy in the Advopot™' Lihmrjr, 
Kilinbiirplt, lo a rollitciiiin ■>f niincellaniea. 
Mi-phum va* admitted tu ih? Fac nliy of Ad* 
viientra in I7l:i, ami dicil tlii- nfime year. 

Thrvn jmnhiunoua worlta HMi>i-t ll>!iibiirn'a 
H-holimhij) and lilrmrv fncully. In l7l4ap- 
pmrulnt Kdinliut]rh*LibeUii>ainiinlaTia<|iio 
uemonatratiir nuod Ueu.i nit.' Thia contaiiia 
a prubm aii<t ti.iti^ii short Latin chaplen. 
wfll and foTvibly irrillM.biit einbodviiifr no 
iiivplty ofarciinient. In 171') waepuiilialied 
■Uiuf^iaiiodi'Seriptis Pitcnmianis.'cbarar- 
lerintcally di'dicaltnl toAdiliaon — ' Uluairif- 
fiimo vit\T Ji)M-|ihn AiUiaono Aoxta RnbrTtna 
Ik-j.i|jiirniii.i Senilis .S,' JJkewiu', iii 1716 at 
Edinburgh, appeared ' A Ilitenariie raneem- 
iftgnMonof lieniii% by Mr. Hepburn: with 
n [loom na the Young C<>mpaiiy of Archutv 
byMr.noyd.' TbcdiMOiini'.dtaiilayiaj; aome 
lain twriiiy-tlin-o brief iwlion*, followodhy 
the priem in heroic eou|il«t*. 

(Loitl WoadhoowlniW Life an<l Vtiiiv^ of 
Lorl Kamei, i. Its -. Chatnbcn'a E^l«*«t iJcM^ 
B»n; AniUrMin'* Scotti«h N'atioa. i. 409.1 

T. B. 

HERAPATH, JOHN il7«>-lS8K), ma- 
tlietnalifiun and joiinialiit, Itora at Itrialol 
nil 3() May I7l<0, vin« itiv mik of a iiialut«r. 
A(t<ir a •canty oiliicntion Iw irta placed in 
liL* [at her'* hi.i>in'-*i, but hv managed to find 
lime fur atudy, hit favoiiritc aiihji>cf a btJBg 
tiiathematiea and phyajc*. In l^i,'^ bi> mat- 
rieil, and aooii nAerwarda pivii uji bnaineiia 
to oiH-n a mathenalicnl arailuiBy at KaowU 
llill, Uriatol. Ill- uMnsioiuUIr noatribiilod 
lo ili« * AniiaU nf PhihiAiiphy.' In 1816 Im 
vrMcnii ilw* I^w of IViiiinnilr'tii. ^W), 
nnd in ImIO cotnninnicnl^ 'New lk>moii- 






k friv&il itmi 111' IimI dctifnnined ih* pnn* 
cipi>irfj[niviinliiMi(/'AiV. itfflw. AbbiwI l9IM, 
p. AHi), h.t vll'cml lo tho Hoy«1 Socirty > 
jnlHTriilitM 'A MatbeMaiWl Inquiry inta 
ihv Oitucs. L«Mr«. aiiil rHiK-ipkl I'hi-iioBiciM 
<if UeAX, Gmoh. GpnviKtimiB, kc' It to* 
ivfttinl. Il» ihnKuf'ii publuli«t id llw 
'Ai»iiiUofrh;ii>mpliy'|n-w><.-r. 1.273,340, 
401 ) a luii.r ro IMtk* Gilbert fq, vA ir»«- 
Biimr of tlir lloj-il S<>cuMy, on tie phy"ie«l 
comtiliitioii nrilu> univvr^e, Hi'ic (onord • 
ircfnoi! (o the r«j«ct<Kl p^fT, wliicli vni» pule 
inlirij in four aufconiiirnc huiuIkti of thu 
•AiiiiaU.' A (ler«i ronltovPriT witb Hii- 
ItiiVii! Sdcirly foUoTi-i'iL At tUe clow rf 
It'jii li« irrtl'iil at k mntlivniBtical iiKor nl 
CfBiifiinl, Middlrncx, In lf*L'l Iw vrnKt- 00 
tha 'ThrMrv of KvBponitioii ' in llir ' jVnnnU ' 
of 1'hiiwcipliy ■ for April and Stay. In iKiL' 
hii pnpi.-ni in lliat }oumn1 ri'lito priap|]ally 
1(1 liiB crie'«n»*t ng«in»l ihi- Itoy«l .Society. 
Ills "T.ibl.-s i>f Tflrapi-ralupL- niiil a Mntlu^ 
inHtical I'fV'-IiipniPut nfiVC«ii»«i and Laws 
of ifii- riii^nom'-na «f liitli Iuivb U-i-n wUluceil 
in ■iii)ipi>r( of tb<-Iir|H>tliniis of Calcirific l'«pa* 
city nnil l.nlciil llml ' (ii<'W »t. iii. \0) wna 
oonlitit'-iti-il by Trv'ipjid, lie al»> wrote 
'R«n«rkH..n Hr.T1i"iii*on'*l'op^oiitb" In- 
duiriin* ofnu'itidilyiiimodirvinK'buSnecitic 
dravliy i>f Gawi'incn -»*p. iii. IIS)I. Ilebe- 
Iiim in tcrrtrt bis matliFiniitiral Yrarli»,in- 
diicril liini li> write for tli# Soci'-ty for the 
IhlTu-iiin of l~Bi'fii1 Know1«cin n trfiotiw 00 
ibi- * DifTcrriilikl and InlMral Cnlculii.-i,' «iid 
beld out to him hi>|iiw ofllic nppointment of 

rmtenmr of matlicmalicB in tbe vinivprsilyof 
Midon. !Ierapntlien-iiluBllydw;linwllod*- 
livrr tbe ln«liM>, and a quarrel I'nfued. In 
|K)i>bi.- K"*'*^ up teaching, null nrmoTcd to 

On ihi- f'lriBfttion of ilw Fjistnm Ooiintiuii 
ItsiluHV Company !lrrM|>ntb Ixicome Cun- 
tiocluil Willi ihft rniln-ay iiilL-mil.aiu] in lt*3({ 
wi«rt..i''i! a* part ptojiriotor and muuiaer of 
tho ' Ilailwny MnKumir.' L'nder hia edicor- 
iihi|>n now iti-ri«iwtt*coiniu«iici'd called 'The 
Itailwny Maf^ino and Aiuuls i>f Sciraco,' 
K'hicli conlinuvd to appear montbly from 
Mrtrcli lli^Ki to IMSfl. rcmiiiiff tix octa»-o 
»oliim>'». Ilirnpatb iillimali'ly scriiiirpFj tlie 

ilm Ctuwaof IfMt, Gkwoua BlulicirT, Gr«> 
Titatinn,'ftc.,%o,Ijiind<«, 1)447. iteeoa- 
t«BpUtNl iaoiin^ n tliirU ifltumc, but uindu 
littl* provrmi wilb it. lie dii-d <m 3i Vvh, 
166ti at Catfnnl Rridt^, LL-wiihaiii, and vtm 
buried in Xiirwnod cetnvtpn'. lie vnu a, 
fim couain of W iltiam I (c rapolh [q. v.] 

[Hcntpadi's Bailwaj Juumnl. i(o Mr. xxx. 
231. 170-8. 3«, SII; G<M. Mag. tlh tr. r. 
M-i,] 0. O. 

ftnalyticnl oln-niiit, ww bum at liriiiol in 
i~V6. lli.ifathirrx'aianialutt'rinSl. Iliilip's 
inriab, and aflpr lii« di-ntb Ilvniputb fuc- 
ciM-dcd to the buaineM. 1I» »<<oii ^avt^ it up 
is order lu uudyclwonittrj-. I)<>wa»<x)e of 
UMfoumdweof llieCtiitoic«IS.icii-tynf Ixwi- 

doil, of which be waa d fvHon-, and iilu of 

tbo RriFlol Ut^cal Scbool, of wlucb be b«- 
nuM pml«acoT of cheniitirv Pad loxieokfre' 
on it« first ofiMiine in IBiS, On IS Apm 
I831r,at ibi-trinl ut a iroBin iiUM>d Burdock 
forpoiMiiinj^b} nr'wniclwrIodgur,Mni.CUT» 
Ann 8uiill), at KriMnl, Ileni|iatli tru na- 
luincd for th* prowculion, and f^aiaod eoiw 
tidqrablErtjiutationbvbiiiaiiiilyBU. Il«n-aa 
ooiwoqavutly nrtainnf in many ulbcr impoi^ 
taut criminal nnd ciiil irialo, and vfa> fre- 
quently oppOM'd to PrufiuMr .Mfrt^l ^wniii^ 
Taylor, notably in tlic rata of William Tatnitr 
of *Ku^]i>y in IMtt, vLoti ti« wn» n wiIbrm 
for ibc iWfvnco. llvwa* wrorclv hondli^d 

sob' propriftor>Iiip. It is now piibliilieil in 
qtinrto a« 11 weeUy puptT t'ntitlcd 'H*rii- 
pnlb't lUiluny iiud Coumi^rcial Joiiniul.'j 
AflfT ri'Biniiinf; tlw oclivc mnnagvnienT of 1 
hi» piiper to \m win, Kdwiii Jobn. Ilcrapntb 
"inc iii'Ti' dovoii'd bimnotf to mulbrmat ic*. 
nnd piiUlishi'dlwn volume* of "Malhcmnliciil ! 
Pliy»ic";or tbi^ Mnlb'-miiiienl I'rincipUw of 
Nmural I'liilowpby ; milU a Ueitlopuimt of ] 

1^ tbv altariMv^jpniieTBl, Sir A. t>xJ(buni, 
who donoiinced lum u a ' iboTOiigtiE<inBg ]Mir- 
tiaan.' In politics H«r*wU]i wu onu- an 
anlniit redic«1. At tlie lime of lb* rcTom 
ajfitation of 1831 It* mt MMdotii of tlw 
Biutol Politiciil I'uioo, aiidax«rtDd1uiiuelf 
to quell tile riotin)[of ()ct«bor]S3I. (In llwi 
pnning of ibi- Municipal Iteform Act Hera- 
path beouno a member of Tbe town council, 
■nd dltimatcly a jimtice of tbe pcnc«. Hi* 
radicalism becaiu« cold, and bi>roMieQiifniIr 
ioslbistMtonllwcoiiTicil. llpdiivJonlSI'Vb, 
I81K nigeldMtfon.WdliamKirrlllmipatb. 
M.P,,, o diMiiiKiii^bed to\icolaKi>l, 
dt«il on 1:^ OcCoflb*- same year, Herapatll 
utoln'initruclioiiaTor Clifton ClcTs'a'Hintit 
on !'>mnMiicSnmtotion," U'mo.Ijondon, l(i|>'; 
Bud'AFeu- Wordion tbe Briitlol nndCliftoii 
llot-wulls. Tomrther wiib an AnnlTtii of 
tlio Spu," 12iuo,Bri«ol (l*fl J). wlii,-b won 
Nubcequcntly embodied in the* Handbook f'>r 
Visit'irt lo tlie Biirtol nod Clifton Uotyfrlli,' 
ISnin, niiilol(1Hfi6?). 

[Wmlcrn Poily I'rrvi, U Feb. ISflS ; Jlri.tol 
T"''<-i ami Mirror. 14 F«b. 1808^ Hi-ri™ih'« 
liuilwn.v Joiiniid. Ti Fob. ISflH. p. 301; lVdii- 
eni Xnii-. 1868, pi-. 07,313; O-nt. Man. *Ui wp. 
T. 401. bit : XieWllii and "niylors Urintol FoMi 
and I>r«*ont, iii. 320, 539.] (I. 0, 




li^7), pi.vt ■nil dramatiKl, iru born in ihn 

r Irish itf Si. Anilrew'B, llolborn, on 5 Jiilv 
"Bft. Ui» fin!."r, Js^l'^ Abrnhnin UctbuJ. 
of )lii|;ui>itt>t <ti>KvnI, n Uw iilntic>n<-r, lim 
in ('*i»y Sin-pt, LioenliiV Ian l-"ield», uiii 
ilwn «i* 1'5 ih'll Van!. Tomplo Bar, diwl 
At To«l.-iili»in, Mtdclli-jen.on May IRlU, 
liBvini; inairiinj Janir, ilail|;l>t«f of Joliil nnij 
>:lii&bplhiltclu; ali«i]i<?<)-.'Aug. 18-'>0. John 
AbtafaMin, lh« ion, wiw iiriTMnI]' itduMU-d, 
mini ortthiolly inUTiulnil lor buitiiWM, bul in 
1818 hnpin wriliDir for ibo m«(ca£ln(H. His 
IcqiivWhi:- nf (icnnaii, tlurn a run? accoiii- 
|ili«faMirQt, KK-iinxl him o coii»i'ii:iiou» pi'si- 
tko. Ill' atlucticl hiuLseir t" ibi- tcW^I nf 
Sdxjllinfc.aad aidvavwir«d lo itojiiilflrinn llin 
dpeciilaliuiu of lliU [Ailoiophfr iii MdkIaikI. 
lu l^JOh>•pttbli>Jl«|<l hi* local niH-a' Tnltuii- 
liain,* anil in IvJl hi* ' Lcp-niU of St. I^r.' 
II* tnt an nQllior of Tuiid rrudition, ami 
nude twoKtlnnpta al epic irnuiili-ur iu liix 
]M)«na 'Tbe lluacvnt inlo Hell,' \f*W>. anil 
*'nu!Jildgi>enlof(li<*FIo-»],' IrW. ll» wn* 
(B l>Mlr7 wtiat Juliii Miinin vie* in lal, a 
rtDtuhijff** of ■)>■■ vatl, ^\u^ n-nintr. and the 
(«rribh>. lliu'ltHTcnr and ■ Jiidtiincul'aro 
pijrdinlc^Ml curiosilim, rrlDciiig uutk m\a- 
|>t>ced pDwrr. lie bad a kr^- ei!rc]v of uo- 
qiMiitbincn, iccliulin^ Culrnilirr, Sixitlicy, 
Wurdawortli.aiid l>.>('kliart. With tlii>rttr- 
iTl^lie nB«vi<fv intiii»I«,a»i*^lticiu in 
iiHar liouac-hiiniiiie, an^ it wim |>nnh- on bin 

If,- — -;: -^i'Tlicm Iml tlw boUH^ 5 ChuyOB 

l! II. wan lakm in 18SI. He wruie 

£>; . .-, ^^ .i.irti-rly ' unci nlllvr rvvieuB, ajid 
rmnil>>%((ilKt3ani'<lrd in editing- ' l''ntMr'« 

Mafiuior.' Ill- Hlittil 'Tl»> :^iril<v:kni. A 
Junrnal itcvutnl to IVIite LittrniUTi',' In 

Cih and 1X19 i the -Monthly MoKntine' 
■i lnaa ti l!«JJ: and (ubKnurntly tbe 
briiliaa'* Unnlbty Mnmiiiic. Iu \t<l3 i 
lacMBo a niniribulor lo the ' ATli<riiititm,' 
mai aJWu-anli (Frvi-J at iln drsniatic crtlic 
nnli) hi* rciirvnipnl in 1>^(lx. 

llFniul KaMB hi^i'ti rriiic »f acting. Ilia 
■Ntnory carrinlhiinViu'kloJobiiKi'inbl'and > 
CdnuMi Koali. Il» ira> liimMf tli« writvr | 
fiT aiTTPni] drnnuit. Tbi- ims'-dy oC'ViiIctib' 

I artnj at Ihi' MarylEbKiic Thvniii- irilli 

. ia IXti, aod - \\ ife ■>r No Wifi- ' ami 

I of M. Lrpuu V j'a ' Hvdi^o ' wor«> aftinv 

^idmd wilh oqaal faTonr. From 

Slr^fl be KM iklwi ill*- ilnnnatii: critic 

; *I11u>lrBlo<l I^imloii Niiws.' I'lli- 

1IM in hviiipt of ■ prnaion fnim 

al B» wrll a> (rom thi- ' Atbi-oa-uin.' 

FfTjnly l«7». on llw nouinatiMi of Mr. 

. t.niulii'Mii.-.hRii'AtuptMinfrd ahrotbor 

"^tW CboTicrbouM-, (.'hanerhvuM> K>|iur«, 

kben be (li«il on JO April 1)^7. 

Un loMaTl^:t3hellu^Fiod, at Old Lam- 
bHh Church, Aim miznheih, dinitihtiir of 
llt-nry nniMniiid, viiil br her, who dii-J at 
Winalon on il Sept. IHi", lind Iwi tliildmi, 
CluodiuB Williiini IIiTftud if Woodford, uuil 
Edith Ili-ruud. nn nctrrM. 

tliTuudnuB thtiiiitlior of; I, 'Thn l^fivnd 
of Si. 1.1.3 , with other IWraB.' IftllO. 2. 'Tot- 
T«iihani,'H poum, I'^'JO. 5. 'The Di-ieeut into 
Ilcil.'ii i^iiTn, lriK>; wcoiid edition, 10 which 
aKodth'fl "rrifl.'a tro^meiitiandthiwoilw. 
■I. 'A !'hi!oso[ihiral ICiMinint^iof the Contro- 
6. 'AuUriitioiion the DialliofS. 1. Colo- 
ri<lge,' I^>3J. U,'TheJud{{iut'ni ofthel-'lood,* 
a iiosm, 1834; new ed. I^>u7. 7, ' ^ubniniiL'u 
of n I^riFtnrp on Toetic Hpiii'n a* 11 Morul 
INjwer,' 1S37. 8. ■Vovng^Biip theMediJerm- 
neiiti of Willinro lEotiinKon, with Mmioir*,' 
1M7, iL'ino. II. ' Kxpcdirnpjr and Mpnnaof 
Elevating the IVtrftawon of tile Educator,* a 
prixemav.prititedin tbu'Educntor,' ]1*39, 
jip, ia»-2i!0. 10. 'The Life and Timsa of 
(>, Snvoimniln,' I^MS, ISiiio. II. '.Salvutor, 
the Poor Man of Naplnt,' u itnimalic jiocm, 
priratclr printed, 1S4S, 12tno. IS. ' Vtd«i(s, 
orthe MollipraTniKi'dv. A Lc^ndof ICarljr 
Krilain.' I80J, |.1. -thi- Britiah Empini,' 
written in comunclioti withSir A. .\!i»on anj 
others lIKulJ. II. 'IlenijBullfr'sTlieatricnl 
Diri-ctory and DniuiHlic Altuiiriiick," wl. by 
J. A. Il.-™iid, \m). Ac, liiiio. I.V ■ Shah.^ 
ipi'jin", bit InniT l.if-i u* IntiniRl^Kl in hiit 
Works,' iRtl.'.. m. • Th.- Wrcek of the 1.h«i- 
don,' u Irhciil liiilUil, imW, 17. "VIk In- 
i.iuliiiTinj,'. ('imnn unJ iVro.nClminnf Son- 
tn-ls,Si.l,iiBU.ii..t.' Jtf., 1870, IfSmo, Is. 'Tlwj 
Wiirof Idw>^,' II poem, ki:. lli'l. li>. ' U*- 
mnl: an .\i)liL|ii<r Love Stor>'. Muc(v da 
lAiidi'part: an Illnlorical Itoiuancc.' IW", 
I6D10. -20. • The Sibyl amoag tiio Tomb*,' 
. IStW. 

(Puml)'* l.iTiiiic .^ulhora of Englnn-i. ISID. 

Bf. 2.i(>-l ; ChmaUriB Cjvlowdja of Hut(li>li 
iloraiur*. IS7U. ii. 411; liWnlnl I.oii>lo<i 
Xm>i.3U April IM7. I>. 4Kj; .Vll»'n»'iim,i3 April 
, l))$7 |<-6At. 30 Acril p.AT7; Mfnof the Time, 
I 1887. p. 6'i3; Wilaon'* V'onn Amlirmianr.Xo. 
' xlTiii. April IK30; inlonnatiim fr.iii C W. 
|Ik-.>»<). <«<i ] U. 0. B, 

HERAULT, JOHN' (lfl(W-in2fl). juilgB 
in Jrwey, bom in 15S1J in thi- [ariib of hi. 
Saviour, Jertey, u-nmou ofThnniiia Herault 
and Mabel Niuulle.hi?' wifi-. lleetitrred All 
SuuU' I'ullef.i:', Oxford, in (K'lober loH', bat 
; never ptrwe-dtwl lo it i»gnt. In IGOi he waa 
i'i[in-in11y numml in a patent addrcMfid tollw 
royal coramijutoniT* (or i-xaisiiiing aix) expo- 
■liiinKthr proci-rdinp of thi^ rnyal tviurt* of 
the ('banncl itdaiul*, ' in niranl of hia expe- 
rience in thclanguBfuaiulcuctOfiuof lbu«tt 




biek' In lull he obtaineil from tbo nown , 
tli«> revi-nian of the ofik-^ <>f bailifTof Jtni-y, ' 
thtrn Iielil bv (iwnit" rnulw, «n<l n»6 Kwiirn 
on Iti Sopt. \&\li. The uiianirnoiis iiali'mi'iit 
of )ii*U>rinn» lliiit li<- hudprvvioiiilyoliiclnli-il 
lu ((irflicr of thi- Ji-rn-y court iirijM twta 
II frnifu»ion Vfitli miijilirr Ji>im Hi'niiilt.wUu 
ili(>(l during' tiift lifctimo. IIi'tuiiIi's lir»i a|i- 
jMiiiittinfiil wu* wirinli' nweiittii! by llie gr)- 
Tttmor of JiTscy, Sir.foliii Peyioii, wlio on- 
tmdoil iWl iLo iH>w<>r of »|ipniiiini(Tiit «■• 
vnlvd in him ii> K^T>>nii>r. n<'raiilt ni[ili«d ' 
tliat llu! claiinii ruldil upon liiul U-cn nurri'p- 
titiotiBly foinli'J into IVytoii's iintfiil uu tUi- 
inuik-l of oiir rrr-iiipniislv ur frkudulcnciy 
prwutwl by Sir Wnlier kiiU'i);b. Ht t-oii- I 
lenil«cl»iici-i!Mf'illy fi<rlhi-riclil uf lliuccunn, ' 
mid WM onliniiixl in Ki* ••rtiirv ivith a llxvil I 
■tlftrj' in 1(!I4. Tli" onlcr iii council, dm^ii | 
Allf;., linviHK IfC'n fraiiU'd uftvr gn'M ili> 
libLTiiliiiD, if Klin bclU (u> uii or)[iinic law | 
of roiioli im|Hirtunci' iii tbe i»!iui<I. In I'll 7 
nriullK^r luyal L'umiuission t'iiiit<'ij itiv iiUm). I 
but Ilvruull n-tuniui-d vivtori>jtL<, iitiutlu-r . 
ottnck upiiii liiui by Puyion bi^liii; docidtn] In 
bia ftivoup, >ikI ilii? gi>reraor onfenxl to jmy 
<10/. nntt*. In lil^l. boirrvnr, lloniiiU wiih 
•lupi'iiilrd on a frv^b m-i i>f rlini^r*, nnd n 
•ubitiiiiti' ai>pf)iiiti'd In \ti'2i ihi» onW 
WB* ruverswl. nnd Ilcrnull wa.i reij«tul«3, 
vhon tile Htatps Hiit u in^iubtT nf each niiC' 
lioi>i n jurat, u rvctor. And o conaliiblr to 
wslconit' him nod candiiot biui to bis olliciul 
tnat. lli>ruiilldi«<l nil II Mnir'li mjU.ulieii 
he wiia burird in tlii- Hioir i^( 81. -Sni imir'n 
C'burcb iM bin nulivi' pnriih. 

ITefiiull wiLiBii iipriElii iiiiiK>>'tnite.who i* 
Iwiiniod tn bavi- dp[irivril bi» own br<illier 
of nn oflico «liii-li lur Jiul<! on tb.^ ctUfO^ tiTf 
or 11 triflini^niiilverantiiiiii bill lic^isaduiillu<l 
ti> linvit bmn ltnii)[lity nml oxnrbwirinif iti 
maiiuiT. l\v wni llio Rnl .jiidgv whii vxor 
vrarv n>bui upon t bi> Ji<[>i^' Ix'iich. I lie lioiiiw 
in Si. Surioiir'a pnriili wos utimdiiiR in tlic 
eurly jiiir) of l]» prmi-ut oi-nliiry, liiit Un* 
bwii aitio? n-Diovrd. Urilicd unninrrivd rvntl 
poor, but lii« niciEiory sunivw in Jcnwy us 
thnr. of n viiidicnlor of tbi- liU-rlim of ibe 
itlnnd. Hi* rxnrtiom «iHliiblihb<^d ibc on- 
Wiluliimiil prinpiplf dint ■tlii> rliiirj,".' of tbc 
Juilitury furctfl \n- wlmlrly in llm govirnnr. 
and ibi-i-nrc of juniiiviuitl civil ull'iiir* in tbi- 
linilifl" (UrdtT in Council. D Anx. ItlU). 

|The b»l necounl of Itoruiilt'n qiii.rrrlk witii 
PeylDn i* to bo raid in Lr Qiiiihiip'* Cii»i|[u- 
lioiinl Ili»[, r.r Ji:r»T, I.iiii<!on. ISAK, Soiii« 
(loriiiitfnla will hIt< )>» funnd in H. l>urvir> antoi 
10 Fl]iti[> I'^iHe'i Acrouiit of llie Jul" of Jtnmy. 
Juncy, ))t37. The mi nf ihi>iil«i'vliiroriiiiiti<)ii 
itdaa to tlifi help of Mr. U. M. limtfrny. II.A. 

HERBERT of U«iit*)i ijl. I liW -1 l)*ai. 
biui^npbiT, I1I1^ told us biniwlr thnl b-- n-nn 
bum at tbc pince whriic be took bin tuini'', 
lli-iiri' 11 rincr liiiiitiiil biui ulcb l>-iaa 'a 
priMt'Bron:''Tlml [nmilol,'riilim<^IIIcrlicrt, 
■for my fiilhcr did not bpcomc ■ fntft till 
iifiiTl was \iorij' (W'.h'nrjrTWtiKX. .Vat./vr 

llirt. Ilfilitt.m. lUl 1. Ilruiiy hiivi-b<---Bllut 
• JIniitpr Ilirbi-rl ' wbo .ince, wliilr I'bimu 
llectict wiw rUiiMI'ir (1 l-V'>-*l:;i.Brl<-d da u 
mnuvuKci from lli'nry In ilii.' emperor ( ItiM. 
l-'aciMNUts, I. i. r. 7). I hi tlic montiw of 
Tboinuo's I'Wtion ni primuli-, in Slay I 111:?, 
Tbimias npjiuintcd liim liii siH-ciiil iuneilnr 
in lli>> dinehnrfpi of bia arcliiiriniLvijinl diitl <■. 
In tilth cnpncity. and alAuan ihv i.r 
loutirr in tbo*tudyof bolywrit,ll< I 

a fiin-iniiin plnc' nniniiit tliA nvilid •<! ... buUn 
inTliotnH«'»lionMlioM, He nn'otiijoTiitil tlw 
priniati- lo I bt- wmnpil of Toiir» ( ,Mny i ItKl ( 
iind to tlinl of Clarviidon iJiinnnrr lllM)j 
he iriK one iif tbi^ T<ru diseiplci n'i>n nloiU' 
dnn'd In follow Itim into ibe kin;,-'ii lull on 
tbr ln«t dny of tlic council nt Nortbitinpl'tii 
(ISOc-I, I IthJl; ibrtiii;.'bniit tbnt ■•■riibk- iJay 
Ue silt lit \\\f maiter* fcn't, till ' llir bi^iirU'ai 
punl/niid tbf two frii-nd* fnuifbt their war 
niit Ingt'tliiT nod luodc ihi'ir oicnpi-. btwti 
mounted onotiplmrw | \V. fiTKHrCftit^N'. ]vp. 
:>H.m: llniB. ItoHIIXM.pp. .3()7-lll>; Ivwa.; 
in till* wt:n<\ nf I'h^niiu't. (ligbl over sea, and 
n-Jciiiiorl biro at St. (Iiiht with »onie inourv 
nod plotp, wbirb hi- bud colb-neil m ranirr* 
bury; be nliared irilb l.()iii)ard of ri*it-iixn 
the tank of necnring for TbfimiiH a hi'Iooiim- 
fmin ibu l*'n'ncb kini; und ibe ]>o)n': and 
tlii'tirprnrtb, lhn>i>^h»nt tbe tax yeim of l)ii> 

Crimnln"* i>vib'. Ib'rWtt mis c»ii>lanl1v nt 
in >idc, Rbnrinz hit hcripliiml ttiidiw, bi-tp- 
iiiK biiu In hi* corrpuponclence, comfort iii(> 
und Wiiirini; him by inmn tbrouftU ilir liiM 
of d«Mpnndeun' in which bin iipirit itN^irna- 
nlly bmite down, and I'liconrii^in;; bini Willi 
*oiiii.>wh)iI nevilleM narmlh in his rcsiaiQner 
lo ibc Icing** detnnnd». At Fkilt-r lt<t& iiu 
altcuipl will ninde lo obtain re>lilnti»n for 
tI<Tbi-rt nnd toiQii of tbe otbrr cb-rkn wUn 
bad uncrificed tbeir nil for Thomii*'" onke. 
iind tbeV were PiilU-d In ii tnci-titij] with lh>> 
kind "' .Viipr* : hul llcrU-nV di-liant look 
nnd mnnner, ns be mndc bis appi'iimcce 


'■plnndidlyMtirfO inn munlleof priHr-iiL-lo 
nf Aiucm' hnii/iii^ dnwii to li» hi-id» 
(iermsn fathlon.' hii rrfiiiuil to forsake )i 



a. G. ic 

Iiriiniile. hit oiit»]K)kDn dcniincinlioti of tlie 
r»yn1 ' nulonis.' and bii bold baoihring of 
wnnU wllb ibe kin^.only incn>n>«] llviirrV 
wnilb ndiiinnl bIm(\V.FiTMTi:riiEJ(,pp.l'9- 
101 >. Soon nnerwaril* Po)H' Alexander tp> 
conimundmi liiin for tbe pnivoitabip of lUe 



cburdi litTrajta (Kn. cxixli., MaUrinti far 

Jlitt.o/ Bnkel, V. 241 ), irith ulinc itsult Ani-t 

tw* appear. In nutiitnii 1 \Gt^ IlorbpH triu ncl- 

ill|> aa Virer>«iuT!pr fgr Thoiniiii, nnd diaruc- 

tWJaticall)- ' ikrutt liimseU' inlo grtutrr |wrrl 

tliui llie nutlNrr waa wonh,* but coiiirivFd to 

«*caM ilipdatclien of ilio kin^ (Ep. ctUii., 1^. 

Ti.73). HnoilvinKl llintrrliltiiiiliop'^ nnuoral 

toSeiM when rxjicllvd friHii I'onl i^r (30 N'ov. 

116tt). At ihu conlcnaico ot Moiilmirnil 

<8 Jkn. I1<B)>. vrliea Tbonos wus wdlniali 

OTCtCOineby lbe«ntrvatiuaof the trivndiiwhu 

UTgvd dim to unrotulitional tiinvridcr, Iltr- 

bort maoaged at tUo lasi mouNic tu whimper 

in hi* wir a pawioiiatv oxhonalion to hold 

tat br lii* ori^DBl rcMrvacion, >nd wa« 

RrwordiMl bv biiiring tmev mam tko n-onU 

'Saving; Gael's Uouour and my order,' wbicli 

brought tbe iM^tiHtiDi) Ui ail t-nd. Ilu n- 

tum«t1 to Enelaiid iri(b Thomaa iii Dvcem' 

b»r 11*0, aiurr>^i:iine<l witli bim uiitll Mnt 

hack ojEui "nan inTnn<l lo lb" I'Wtich kiii^; 

Tttinlv be implorrd bit muter to let bira 

Btav ^>^ tlic Ptid wbkb bmb fvlt lo b« dom 

M MDil, and wbicli in fuct cunu tvro <1ay* 

aft«r hia il^rtiuv. Ilu ie«m« not to bav« 

nridlad Englaiiil till about 1 l&l, when lie 

waa b*giiiiiing to wnito liu biognipby nf tbn 

martyr. Xlmrft wmtb agntiut the 'proud 

fulliiw ' who had onco brr^ (O obnoxiou* to 

him had cooUd now, nod of nil tlio KUhriv- 

In(f acton iii ihi^ Iteeltet dnuia br tevm* lo 

hare bwn &luni«t the only one who (ti<l not 

gin Iftrbcat the cold tlioulder; hi? fmnklj 

Mi«wer*d llprbrrt> cbaradt^istically bold 

qMatioos an lo hi« tlinm in 1 b» mtirdrr, and 

tflld how hi* pMionci' in M 74 had coinciilod 

willi thf ciiplnreof thi! king of !*cot«. But 

the'Brltiih world,' and i-vimi lb<: En{;li*b 

cliurch, ainid thrir devotion to ibu martyr'a 

bonM, would hnvo nuthiiiK to do with ibo 

* livisK rdic ' of him, tbu old conimdv wlimi- 

long fidoUty wrrbniM niii their own liihi-- 

wannncM to ■luunc. Il« ronr barn b'V'n iha 

' Duniioiu Hi^rbrrtiii' wilb whom .Manti-r 

David of IjOridoii bad adiipuli' for ihelivinK 

of l>ndin|^i>n (l.liii:itANt. Sji'cil^um £iAp< 

r>an)im,p.HI4>,biil bo doen not B«iun luhavr 

bv«n mudoiil there. Idler writrrf^hnvetirit'eu : 

bim a can-rr in Ilalv ui a ri:bbi*bop, cardinal, j 

•ndrvi-npopi-, bill nil ihuonlnriuiiaRMrfromn I 

eonfiuioo bi^twit-n llc^rbi-rt of l)o«l)am and 

olbirrm)>nofih(Miaini:'iT simitar Dane*. On i 

ibo otlwr hand, Laitrciioe' ^\'ad«^ a Klteoilh- | 

ciini 'iry faiograpbcr of Si . TlioinaC', dMc^ibt'i 

llnrlrn at having bwn, tik>> bimm-lf, 'a 

brnthfr off CrintPii Chiircb in Contorbiinr' 

(ll\tiu\, ItfMcnvt. Ciil.'i\.'M\i); bntthoTciii 

ni>F\idimcclbrbij atalcmcnt.andapnarctilly 

jiiat M litife (bra local tradition whiclipaints 


. a* iJio niie of tlcrbim'a tomb. linltM a«sB- 
I ienc« in fii* 'hifu of St. Tbomujt* (lib. ir. 
, C. 30, p. 4l)l, UoIU ed.) Is an int«ipolalion 
I br another baud, bu woa Btill living in July 
I 11811. 

^ llcrb^rl'd «o1n imporUni work is the'Llf* 
Ita ii^vpn liook* of mmbling, loo^-wiitded 
mHTiiiive, proiT fiormoiiiiing, nnd turt[iJ d»- 
olsttatiao wotud be iDtoWrabli- if tbL>ifruiilt4 
w«n not redeemed by till- n'ritur'sirtfii tiinecn- 
ttiuuaain for bis hero, bv liia iutioiHte know* 
]vdff% of bin iiibJeciiUid bv ilie birnewwith 
which, nntwitliitRiulinE luf own Tohemeol 
pnrtiiun*hip, b<' nllnwt nix rradcn to MO both 
nidi-i of thi.' ijiwiticiiiii nilfa nhicb ho daaU. 
Ili-rhi'rt dlio I'ompilod a yul more vcrbosu 
nnd ItHJioiui ' LibiT MvUiriuii ' in pmioe of ibe 
inonyr, a 'Homily' br St. Tlionius'i day, and 
lhirt.y-«nviNi letters, wvi-nil of tliein writlun 
ill tbtt nani'i of Thomiuj or of »omti one of liii 
frirndijond atlmlatini; lohi*cnnM>i>rhi*fn[<>. 
Mi-mnriol* of the ncripturnl 5ludic* wbicli 
bf aliarpd witli lu> iliiutrioiw fricad «urvi*» 
ill bin gloMea on iho Paalmi and on tbu 
opiatW of St. Fatil. Tbu fonnor wu b(fua 
during bit Rtoynt Ponlipiy withSl.Thon&ai 
for til? latii-r hp f^'icit to bavo rvcoivvd a»- 
aiftoncc fmm Williani, abbot of Hu Uioiiy- 
tins ni Mibin i both work* on uddnaied to 
Archbioliup William of Suna (lll3!J-7fi).and 
both cuTiust murely of 4 recMUiDn by llur- 
bt'ri,with iivw prefocm, table*. mumnariw, 
1111(1 nihiT additions, uf tho glouea of I>l«r 

Tlic mniiimrripti of hia wri liiitr* now known 
arc: 1. ■ llibl. S. \'nLiM. Arrn*," 31S. 64fl. 
twelfth cnntun-, fonntrly Ix^loriKinK to tlie 
miinast4.TVor(.riirKuinp or Orcami'; vooliuo* 
'VilaS.ThoiniB'lfruin whith futir lca< ui have 
bven rill out),* IJbvr MvWtim.'aiid ' llouiilia 
du nalftlirio ninrtyrm diw.' 1', C. V. C. Oxford 
MS. I JO, fnun('i?Tiihmnlury, inulilnlnl nt bo- 
jlinniiii; and nnd, containing only lib. iv-vii. 
of ' Viia'ntid'Libt-r Mi'lorum.' 3. Iliillipjia 
to ibu muntioiuri' of Aulii«^ 4. C. C. C. C^tn- 
bridDV KB. 1 ^.'Utotnlh oratory : * Enislolw 
llrrbrrii da OotMin, tam in petwinn Tboinro 
Ik-cksl qaam in sua, ad Pnpan) ol alio* 
cpiscopoa ot rMponaionM nd illas.' 5. Trin. 
Coll. Cnmbr>d|;i! MS. It. &. 4 ; kIdm on ihu 
PidliiT. pi. 1 (P*. i-lwiiL) a Triu. Coll. 
rombridge MS. D. A. (). T ; gloMU oo St. 
Pn<il> FpinlM. 7. Bodl. MS. Aunt. E. infra 
0: gloM on the pMJter, pea. it. nnd iii. "nio 
thrm) la*t-4n«nEioiiPil manoKripl* nr« all of 
the tbirtoonlii runtury ; lb»T all aim b>OM 
CanI*Tbuiy, and arc pr-thnbly th* idrali- 
cat ' prima pois ptnJCerii KCaadnm Longo- 

I lerbert 



limnnttV7mr«ntftd «U cIibdco of CQllUiam. 
On R Tilnrah li!8S i> Ili-rWrt ww nppoinii^d 
fint lord of tlm adiiiirallj- : br vnu nlxi ad- 
mini nud cniiinuindi.T-m-i'hu-f i>ftlii> flml in 
the Clianiii't cdA on ihc fonst <if Irvlutid. 
Oa39Ajiril li« tii|{hl(>-l the I'rvnrli (Ivel.Kiid 
oil ihv ■.'Veiling of tin- :W«L nuiin snir ii 
Hlaniliiif; Inlo fliinin' Itny. In lii" mnrnlni; 
(i Mny) he foUow«il ihciii in. Tin- Krnneh 
ndminO. M. <lu riiAt«nu<Itctiaiilt, mi^t liitn 
wilh A ((r™ilv fiipMiOT force; nnd nftpr 11 
tri*iii] ikinniBh, Hi-rbert bure iip.linpint' wil li 
more *i«-Mom to In! nUf t u uut uiumvut rv' iW 
(^^einJ^ CliAluuu-H-^nHutt, liowevcr, wi>iitil 
not risk « tlnw cngn^'iiicnt, and townwld 1 
i-V4TiiiQg hnuliiil hit wind buck intn tile )M<r. ' 
wlii-tv bin linin.jnirt* Innilcd a ionx of about 
fivit lIiULi.iiinil mm. A wi-i-k later OUiiteBti- 
Itcnuull riMumi'd to Bu-il. nail Herbert nlau 
wfTit back to Ponsmutiili to rufit. Tbc <li»- , 
jiropoTlion of tli« two fleets made Ilerfacvt'* 
RiieoeM impossible : end » Ii» bad only just 
talnii on liimwlf tbo afTnire of iba ndminilry, 
he could not b« livid mpcnaible for tUu 
fniliirn. 'nn"re i*, Uownrrr, no nppnn-nt rm- 
aon for tlic jrtmrral nntisfnction cvpn-uml ut 
the rMull. The kiai;)iim»e1fvir<it?(illie Heel , 
at ronamonth on ]& June, and «no«i alter I 
crMI^d Herbert Enrl of Toiritipton, Imigliiod I 
Captainn Ashbv and Sbovnll, nnd onLnvd a 

Ctiiity to tho »«nmi-n for thirir broim bt-- 
■iour. Tlin mipiiri'iiii'nt niunt liuve birn 
madi- B [JTfteitt for rrwuriliiij; the M-rvici"* 
rendered lu ilie n-vuhiT Ion, iiud for conciliat- 
ing tli«' navy. In July tlie tleei put to »ea in ' 
«d«(iuiil« forc« : but tlie npiMirtiinilyfnnlin 
Tcnir had pnMvd, imd nftvr nn uDi:vmtfiil 
cruUi; tbn ulitpf wcrip sent lo thvtt *ewT*l 
[lorld for tlie winter. 

Ilerberl, accordins to bin own ttntement, 
■nhiob In nt once prubibte nnd borne out bjr 
knoun facts, complained bjilerly of tbr in- 
flfficipncy of tbo flcPl, diid in cJinvtrwilion 
wiib Pnnicil I'incb. second i«rl of N'ottinu- 
bam ■<!. v,', tbn prinripnl »r(TctJiry of *lotc, 
urncJ IbchtVPUHlyof atrenftlUcniiiB it. Tlip 
only reply lip could cd win, ' You will 1>* 
Htroii^ vnou);b fur Iub Frencli." lie an- 
■wered, ' I own 1 ain afmid now in winter 
wUilst ili« danger may Iw remedied, nnd 
ywi will l>c nfraid in cnmniKr when it U pn<t 
remedy' {SprerR to thf Ilouti- of (i-wi/uuin in 
yovetnhrr KHM), p. IS), l-'innllr, lindinft ri«- 
uonrtmncu uieleis. be obuiiieS pi-nntMiioii, 
•4 be stuled, to rebi|rn bis upal nt Ibu bonrtl 
[ib. p. lli). It ia ceRoin lUiit be left the 
ndininiliyin Janiiarv ln^iD-liO.nnd wiw miu- 
etttdod by Tlioina^ llcrben, cichili carl of 
IVmbrokc [ij. T.]: tlinl be rcniiiincd in com- 
mand of tbn flwl ; ibnr the &ei't wan ntt 
ivadv for *va till Jums that it nn* drlicicut 

in nmnboN and bnrliy niaiin«iJ : that ifap 
Ihilcli coDlinfcenl, on irbicb tb« Karl of 
Nuttiogliiim had njipnnTnlly rulifd. wb« «bo 
lawb below tisitipukledtuttnitth; tbatilw 
liovnminent had no iolellif^vnoo iw to t)>« 
foTCi- rv niot-rioenta of IM Frenoli (teirr 1 
tbat tho ndniinil had no «TuiMra to eupply 
ilia wont 1 and ibat (be tlnldi, who undVr- 
loolt tbn duly, did not do it. 

The l^Tuncb wen tbiu nbU 10 coBCiminii* 
their wbolo forco witbout dutnrliann' at 
ltre*i, and on •i-2 Jnn« npneond otF tb« UIc 
of Wi^'hi with upwoidB ofauv hnndttr! iliI, 
nf ii'hicb'n«artf notonileeLslitymeti-of-war 
were 111 to lie in a line, ncrbert, with bareljr 
fifty capital thi|Ni, wax thun nt Si. flolon*, 
oni) on lUn newa of lb»1<'n:nch appraatli got 
under way, nieoniiif; to etiffiwu tbcoi m •oon 
upOMiblV. It wosnottiu tie>aw(^ialenu- 
)t«naiilt'i> fttg na well at Tourvillr'ii, and 
ronntod tbeirnumbfT*, tbat he rtAlisMl that 
lui had bpfijin l)im the wliole force at Uie 
Fivneli na\y. irhilc of the Knjclisli n tarir^ 
•qundion nndc-r AdniimI Henry Killigrnw 
[((, v.l wo* at L'adii. sureral ubip* ni Ply- 
nioiilb, (levvriil to the eiulword, and many 
of Ibe Dnicb ship* «iill in ibuir own porta, 
'Tlietr ifjvM Rin-nigih and cauliua,' na be 
WTol I' in iln> ^tth, made him nnxiou* to avoid 
a Imtllr, nnd bU dcciiion waF unnmnioutJy 
approved by n council of war, which anoml 
tbfti in order to do so il wonld be ri;rnt lo 
ret ire. e%*en totbeGun-H«ct. Ue uccotdin^lT 
dn-w luck to th« nBAtwatd, and was od* 
Tlt'aohv llcHd wbt'n, on tbe evti^iiif,' of lh« 
Si>tb, Iwi received ordmM from tli# queMi by 
no tneanii to rrtim lo tho Gnn-fl(>el,bul to 
un^BfCP iho mcmv * upon anr adranlage of 
the wind.' The Lnrl of Nottiuf(bam further 
wroto, rvjiMlinf; the orders lo enf[a|^, and 
adding that They bad »iii>i intidligcDCe tbnl 
ihu enctny had ' iioi nbuvt- eixly abip4 tbat 
could gland in a liny, and yrvtv very ill 
manned.* Torriiigtoii had iho cTiilnnre of 
Ilia ■enw( tlint Ibij whs falic: Im knew that 
Ihu ordent Mintntc ool of tbi- peraonal j*iiloii<y 
of Xottinfg'ltnin and of KuiueU, llie Iniler of 
whom ought tu have been willi the iLrrf in 
ooinmand of ilie blue sqnndron, bill wks 1b 
Iiondoninirigning uainal hie authority [•*• 
ItrMKi.L, FlnwAKi), KMit- ay (.'hiokb]. i^ill. 
be felt bound to obey order*, or did not car* 
lo awv nn opi>oTtiuiJTy to bii •^wtnito. llu 
cdled a council of war. wbldi reaolved that 
if tbt'y were tu engage, they had betltr do to 
at oncv wbil^ thev bad ibe' advantage of the 
wind, an<l acroroliie'ly tbc next nKicntnc, 
30 June, tlu) allied iWt ran down lowanU 
Ihi- French. iN>mu meanly iTint(iK<rni<>ai(t 
bad rniKHl ibdr numlxiv to finv'ii.v, an 
agftintt tliecnemy'a e%hty, bat ibodiaptniy 



I Icrbcrt 

HKRBERT, ANNB,Cotrjni» or Vkm- 

SBOKB «M> MONTI}OUU1T(16UO-I67(t). [Svu 

HERBERT, ARTIIt'Il, Kaw. or Ti>a- 
RIXOTON ilt!47-iriB), nilmiral of tlip Heat, 
ffvonil mn of Sir Kdtrnrd HcrbrrI ( liii'l .'- 
1667) ^n- V. ], nod pIOi-t brutlier ut' Sir Ed ward 
II<>TbcrC, tituUr L,ord Portland <•/. 1698} 
fi). r.], vDlvcvd tliH uuT,v ill KttlS. and was in 
lUtM) nppoiinted Ut'UMnaul of iUh Ui'linnt'i'. 
Willi CWpcaiii {al>«rwBr<l» Sir Jolin) Kooi}*- 
Uionts f^. v.], in ivliicli \w. Ira* prcwnt in 
llio Mtlnn aoniait tlu^ Dulcli on J5 July. 
Ob 8 Nov. foflowiiifi be wai pramoted lo iliv 
oomound of Uie I'mnbivlw of SS gaat, and, 
on a cruise to Oibratiar, fought iii liar a 
ahurp but undecided action witb a Diitcli 
frimle. Coming linrnc witli tho mnndmn 
UIMM KfractlKimn, thi' I'oinbmkn, yrhna olT 
FoKlaml. fell on banrd Ihn Fnirfiix, iind «nnk 
klnnct jmmodial«iv. No blumf iMvro« t"> 
lure been alU^brd lu Ilvrbi^rt, wlio waa at 
OM0« awoiiitMl t'> ihi- Coniilaiit Worwick. 
frotn wbicli iu lli69 hr wng moved iiil/i tli» 
I>rsiton, one of llie aniiadron snnt into I.I141 
tn rn{in;ni tlir .^Ifrnrine cot«nir>. Towanfs 
till! pnd oif 1070 Allin rvtumrd to Hutrtand. 
IcBviug lb« conmiand itirli Sir Kdnord 
Spngge [q. T.], undfT wlioiu llerlwrt. in thv 
ungoa, tcok part in tlie deMnialiou of tJui 
Alcnine aquadron in Itii^a Bay on 9 Hay 
Iflfl. P«ioc iiaving bf-n roiip.liidfu!, tlio 
^iiadmn (vmn liomt; in thrt *|'riiiR of llir^, 
and llMbcrt wai appointtKl 10 th<! Vmid- 
iwuflit, which lie coiniunndwl in lliu battle 
of Solebay ii>i Alay>. Tlt> waa iminediati'ly 
■frerwardd aiOTiid !iito the Caiiibndgv, in (be 
room of Sir Frwciiorille llollm [q. v.], »laiii 
in th* fluhl.nnd in h<'r took part in tliri anion 
of 38 May lti7<^, nli«n lie won wTfrily 
wguuded, and the iihip so damnevd that ibr 
li*d to be MOil into thri river. In th« following 
jMr, Hlill in thp Cambridge, tie w«iit out lo 
lb« MeJiterrBoeaii uiili Sir John Narbroufh 
[q. r A bat earn* hoaw in iJia aummer of 1 til R. 

In 1678 he coDintitaioiifd ib« Rnpnrt, in 
wbi^h be again wirnt to Ibc Mrditemni-aii, 
with liwal rank of vior-admirol under Niir- 
broiiRb. IIu bad iioari*ly arrivK! on ibe 
Mniioii whm, in company with .Sir Kog«r 
Stricrklaiid in lh« Maiv, he oaplureii a lar^ 
Al^ivrine «liip of 40 g'tlii*, allOT an ob«tinat« 
actton.tba ntrp*) of which fell cx«1timrrly on 
tbe Itiipi-rt. lln tba Mari- eominit up the 
Altmrine (urrtrmlc^, Iiaving l<>*t, it waa 
aud, abiiut (wo linndrifd in«ii. The Kiipert 
had ninHMm hiU«l and thirty or furty 
wTxinded: llnbtrt loat an«of His ^yM by 
tlw •«oidenlal cxplouoii of •oine cartridge. 

' In May 1H79 Narbroutrb nilnni«d lo Ku^ 
land, leaving the command with Herbert, 

. who in Julv ItUKP received a commiision aa 
aibniral and oininander-iu'cbief nithin tba 
Strait*. la DveeinbiT lUTVl be biul luovt^d 
into ibnUriklnl.iind in the following- Bprinff, 
with the iquadrrin iindfr bis onl^r?, 110k an 
active part in tho dafcnc.i of Tnnei^r, tbcn 
baaiugvd by tlie Moohl He wna n(^<>rwarda 
cnpiged in our of the coatinunllv recurrinft 
vi-ftfn with .Mi-ifrs, and brought il to u bvlc- 
cmfiil pnd in Ajiril Uihi', whtii he concluded 
n irvniy whidi provud Aiiinewluii inoreMablH 
than iitiy Ix-forv it. He wrote home that 
lhp9efri>qiicDtwarawcn>diin in ffrxMitpartto 
the ml'behuTtour of the coniuU, and aiig- 
goft«d ibat it would bu the (nwnl ttconomy 

I to pay II liberal mIbtj, perhaps StX>l. or -tOOf. 
a year, * lo a man of known laiegrity, mtia- 
city, and coiiragr'fPijiyj-HK, p. 187)'. Alter 
conctadina the tn-air he moved into the 
Tiger, and seem* to ijnvt- •peol tbn greater 
tioi'l of the ueit yoar nt Tangier, wln-re hn 
liad a hoii^- uu sliore (Pupys, Liff, Journal, 
ami Oirrrtjioiiitrncf, i. M)\ ). On Lotd Dart- 
mouth'* pj->mintr ont in xlvf ^iininier of ltl63, 
with iMern for llif dihinanlling nnd evacua- 
tion of Ihr- plnC"'. Herben nitiirin>d lo Kng- 
land. In the following »pring(.1 IVb. ItiS.t -4) 
he waa noaiinaled n-u>adtnirnl of ICngbnd ; 
be waaalHi^aiipointedinajtierof therolM-9. and 
in .\r>ril UM was ivtunied to parliament aa 
member for Pover. Two y*ari late^ 1 March 
llte(l-7).on bia rofuMil to vote for tbe repMil 
of Ibe 'I'ett Act, aa contmry to hi' honour 
and OOnseioiCL-, be wan aumaiarily diimiiund 
friim all hia cauidoyineiili, of Ibe valii<-, it ia 
Mid. of 4,(KXI/. a ynir (Itci^'Er). 

Tlie king, who hail ei^iiuted on his poverty 
and on lhi> prov<id loyalty of liia family, waa 
much onuiffr-il, and cjiiiBr'il hi* ai'coiint^ a* 
maalcrof tn<! tobcatobe neven-ly tcruliniaed. 
It was morv tlian n year Imfon- h"- wn.* able 
(•I get lliem paaAed, niid in July IIUS^ he went 
over to Holland and ]ilaced Ilia aerricea ■( 
(be diarxital of (lie Prince of Omn|p, wfao 
preHTnllj appointed him to tbe conmiand of 
tbe llepi whii'h wn» t'l convoy bin rip-'dil ion, 
ho^UL* tlint Eugliiliuien would be unwilling 
(o lljriil ngamst a coiintrrman of tbeir own. 
Tllf Knglii-h lleet, hnweTrr, had been already 
wnn iKcr: and hIimi the l>iitch under Her- 
bnrl nut to I'a, I^nl IMrtmonih was unalilo 
to follow till it irsa loo lair, and even then 
with a priraie undmianding among tli« 
•everal captaiiw that if be altackod thn 
l>uteh (hey wer» to'lfnve bim and raaipa 
thetuaelrM on the olb«-r tide' (iVroiuirr rr> 
/it/(n^ to r^ loni TtHrinflon, (.'aiiiden So- 
ciety, pp. M-9: c(. I.Koiia, Oinnos, Raiu. 
0* lUuTXurrii). Tlie ptvcaatiou tttken. 




on nraotuit of the •troiu' feeling afaioM lum 
amonjf llw Dulcli.nnd of r.hi- pi^rtonnl qiitrifl 
livlwi').'[i tiiin An<! Itiiju«l!. wlxui: iiili^r<'«t wn* 
\i'Ty gTvnt ; but it Apponri fnim hi* pTivnle 
<aTrB»])ondfiiii.v tlint tlie kiaj; dovni to lii« 
<li-iith rnntiiiiK'd an t<rruiB"f fni-mltyiiilimucy 
wil)i liira (W.iRSBit, E/ii'M'iiy C,'wrfu«'/i«, 
i. IGi'-Hl). Torriii^um whm si iliih tinii.- 
ImDjt in tlip couiitn', pr«*iimiihly «i Wr_v- 
brl[l|!r. ttnil ijU\ I'tilly wroltt of liimvlf m • n 
TKior iiiiint-ry isrni'T," or 'n coiintn- btiiiit>' 
kin,' liikina occnsion, liowtver, lo exprfM lii* 
bRtn.ll »nd cmitwniiiof'tlijiimisi-'nitlL' ratn- 
tniMDon iif tbo AiliuiniltT.' compHBetl of ' iti- 
•ipid ipioraots,' wliom 'lie winliM with nil 
bu liMin rtrruully ronfomidrd ' (I'A. i. IA7), 
This lener, not (uit"(J, w*!!!* m Wonft to 
lOOfl. ADil to ref'^r upwinlly to itiimll. llifii 
*nrl of OrfopiJ. Nolwitlutiiiidiiia hUmiintry 
lifi', 'rorrinfrtoii "rrn« fri-'i|iii)ntly in hin plw- 
in till- ItoiiiMof lyinji, wKciv lia oc-cniiiuiin I ly 
njiiilif on ihu iffniri of the ii»vy. IIb iliuti 
in liltt. Ho wu twice luairiMl ; t]ie Hmt 
time in Nav«nb«r lfi72, whijn h* vniB de- 
scribnlMA hachrforof W(iy1irid(rcinSoiT»T, 
luvd A^(rirT:Tn:M, lyiiidnn Starriatir hWiiirv, 
«a. Fcurtor) ; he luid no iMii<>. nnd l<-fl hit 
pTopwlr to Iiid friend* Ihc^ Karl of Lincoln 
iiuil Ailmiril John Nt-vell [u. v.j 

Uurui-l's most urifuroiirublii dt^criptioii if 
Hi'tIktI has been vi>ry psnenilly ucci^jiit'd 
aa truth; ho xn ivpn<N>nt«d m liccnt i'jii-i. 
cawioM; di*hcmut, cnrioii*. linnghly, nigd 
dictatorkl ; it it even brniidly hinti-d rJint 
lie wm a Ijnitor nnd ii I'nwnrd I'lrpysV 
dMnrTipliun. »> fat iks it fnieii, la to ihr oumi^ 
effect I f.i/r, /ulfrMit/, Aittf Girrfff—mlfnt*, i, 
401, ti. '20). Hi' may niil lia»i- hi-i'ii niori; 
tnornl or mnm rcriipiilniiA ihiin 'ithiT pah- 
Iif m»ii of hii timn, but the alli'iroiionit r>f 
hi* licinjr 11 I'nrly lo *rrv\ag out iviiutiioLiii 

Enii isionB to ihi- •vnmen would »c>i-'m lo be 
lied on men irrMpoiiBihlo Romip, uud hii 
refusal to aMi«t James in hi»iuicoiiBiiiuii(iniil 
m>'n«iin« p>es br to disprave thi' vngiit^ 
<rhnr|:r«iif dtaliOHMtgresd. uittvraiidJfttloiiN 
*m mi in* he had, but hnuwmttnhiLvepoiwutNl 
a nire]K>WRCDf ntlurhinR hi* nthcon t« him- 
Bolf: and thow who wrved undi-r him in tho 
ML->dili:rrnin>aii. more i-iin-ciullj Shovcll, Nr- 
vi'll, and lli^iiliun', cDnt iiiui^d hii fnilowiTx 
to th* *«d. TliL- titnlceof nnviil ladies wiis 
»iill in it' inlnncy, nnd Hcachy Head wnt 
ihit only ni;lion on a fi^mnd koalf in whi^h 
lit- nimmiinflRd in chief, but, nolvilhiTniidintc 
its ill ■iiccem, his [ihui si-fnn to havn Iw-cn 
ably (loviNnl. nnd to bitvi- bn-n fruitratt'd 
•olety br the impaliuttity ur national jou lousy 
Af thn liiitcb. Thsra U iio(]Ue8liou tWhis 
view* on naval urntogy were miidi in ad- 
vniiL-e of bis ajfr, and, indqxnidently of his 

I lonj; uii] di>tiimiii»lied aorvwe, irarraiil our 
««*«iung him a high plao* Ja lU Ii«t of 
Eta^ith ndminla. 

[Chnrnml* BioB- Sar. i. 148; CinipUtl'* 
LItm -r ihr Adn.inli. ii. SSt. tSi; CUIiiMT* 
Pfonijir, r.1. l;ii: luanaMlvrit litta iptlip Pabllo 
Rtoicvl OlHw; Itiirolint'* Trai<iH(t<OH at S«; 
Uuincl'i lti*t. of hit OVB TiBc; Iltlrynipl*'* 

I U'moirxoKlraktBr.ifeiDiiadlnlnnd, lir, );,Si>- 
itS; Ma^anUy'* Hid. or Biielniirl ; An Inpar- 
tial Apnxinl u(>vinn renin)4;aClB Pmmipi ia tlu 
Liffof Aritiur, KuiorTerritiKion.ioictthrrwiih 

I tunit Mmlnl itemarkji an liiit 'I'nal and A<^)ll■t■ 
ait-nt. loui; MriQuin nf Gtiirv'* Byci;. l,(«il 
Toriii.ijtoii (Crtin.I, tv>.'.) ; A |»rticulBr [taUltaa 
uftlii'lntal^UCTMi i>rhi*Mi\iatw*l'urTM^niBA 
llm Maun, ISSo; An Kxnrt Journal of lh« &>^ 
orTantrisr, ISSD; I'lHiiTHirsScouf^ of Chriittw- 
d'lai ; Till' Acrouul j-irvn br ^ir Jobs Aihl^, 
1 ir<^«Jiaini]. and Rnr-adniinl ftnokv t» Iba 
Lotdn CoiiiDiiiHionrnt . . „ witJi ti Journal of ibu 
Kleol aiiim theit Dgpniiiin] from KL IUU«n>>.. .. 
IBOI : this ivnlnln* nlw The Tionti Ccami*- 
■innrn' Loticrlo IboQueLrn't Jlajmly . ..and Tta 
Blnminiiliamof ibrOaplams; Tlie'l'jirl uf Tor- 
rlntlon'i, I^piwrh tn tba ilaiur of Command . . ., 
17IIJ; f(, IVrl. Ilirt. 12 NW. icon. T. Wl. Tha 
niinutuol Uifeonrl-iuartinlMiinuCnoTbvfannd. 
Sue ntu) Miin'M»« '!il MiircrhnI 'I^Tounnlk. iii. 
R'i: M<'ii>tiiiv( (111 Cointo <li Knrtva. I. 31HI ; 
Kiiai'np Siiu'a Iliitiniru -le In .Marinn Krnai,-aiae, 
IT. R33; Tiuudi>'*B>klalll<'>NavalcadrLi Fm«e«. 

i.m.\ J. K. L. 

I'*''.' I, iininler, yoMni!"*t son if John lingvn 
llffbiiri, H,A, [t|. V, .na* Iiotti in ('InwM-atvr 
Itond, ( ltd Itnimiiton, I.iiadnn, on .11) Si-pt. 
I«47. Mi< was tbti piilnonof Cnnhnal Wiai-. 
man, nnd ivni I'diiciiled iil St, Marv* Cullt-jtr, 
llHL-oIt.and Kiu)['a1'ulh%'?. I'lndon. Tramn) 
like bis hrolbiT* in bi* fntb>-r> Klndi'j, hu 
TinittO Ilalv in ISIM, wlierv lin madr nMny 
cliilH-irnto nlii'tciica, cfai^y nmnii)t ibe bioud- 
Inin* in lhenei),'btKiurbi)ciit nf OluTano. Ilia 
lirtt |iii;lun'.'ll')tn(-n'iii\lal'trr1>aboiir,'nipn>> 
M-niiiiK' Uiimnii cnlMt- ilritcn boniv BltiT Ibo 
day ■l(>il,\vii«>'vliihili-dMt lli*-I!oyiil AcaileniT 
in 1^70. TliiT nrvt yiyir h.- tent 'An Mill;' 
in Inr3,'()ntlitilill.ton»:'findin IA7J.'f{.^ 
Iiirninirtothtf l''uld,'\Vi'lihshi'r']idrirfinhonBii 
in tlir- gluaminfT. which wm jiurcbav'd bv Sir 
Andn-ni Walli'^nndpreferntcd totlie Walkrr 
.■\rt. 'inlk-ry iit Liieiimid. lltr exbibtted at 
ibe l^-lyl1l AcaiU'iny rorllie la*t fiini'ln IS7"i. 
whi-n hi; umt ■ ICvniu'd lli>ni«,' a coUiadog 
n.-luniinK to its niiMn-M nl nc»lta||;e door, 
]let<ide«Tlu.'sshe pnml-'d'Tbi' linii-bt'iiFaTO- 
irt'l) 'und someolliiT worlis wbich wi-fv neicr 
i-xhlbiliH]. Ivnrly in lt<l:>:/ lit? was oppnintdd 
mratnrof lb>f unliuue ftidiool in Ibe Koval 
Academy, but he ili<.i| jirennlnrvlj at iho 
Uhimi.*, Kilb'ini, on 2 Jaly 188j. Ilia n- 



ia>iti6 worvi iilacod in tbi> niiiicanihii of iJt. 
Ttlvj'* cntholic crmciory, Knuiul Urvon. 

[A«ndrni.v. ISK3, ii. 28 1 Art Joiimnl. 18S3, 

r,iM: KoVal Anid«iiiy Exll>1)ilicni CnttniaRiuci, 
870-4; in"(*/iii»ti'iii WilfrW V. Urrlxirt. 
M).] It. K. I). 

HERBERT, HUWARD.Iir.1 LokdHrii- 
>BaT or CneKBVBir ( lurU-ItM^). wr« »I>l<t>t 
nu of Rjrbard Horberl, (^..('f ^t>>ntgi>nii^ 
Ola1«. n« CTwit-creat-ffrondfnibi-r irn* Sit 
Blobard H«rWt of Colobmoki', t)evoi»i|iiiv, 
Ibe broilw-rnf Willimn Hi>rbcit. tarl of Pwii- 
bink«((r. 1 WW) ;<|. v.l Ilii (,-n.'ut-j!raudfiHlier, 
SirltivknrO IIi-rlKTl, whb iLlivi" inronraHing 
diatiitlMiiuo aboul Miml^oiui^ry CMtl* in Iho 
nimn ot llcnrj- VIII (llBBDEUT, lliiiru VIII. 
•abaliiiu 1'>^U). Ilisgrandtikthar.Sir Edwurd 
Herbert, look iwrt under hi* kiaioiiui, Wil- 
luun Herbort,url of Pombroka ( UiOI I'-IOTO) 
[q.T.Jinllimtomiingiif St.liueiitiniii 15'*i7; 
NprcMtd Innlrunuu in Wu1«b witli a siroiie 
hand lU ilppuljr-connlabW ot AberyUwit£ 
Ciuttlc 1 10 Miircli 1'>4:M> nad n» sliwrifT of 
Mi>ntguiijefT*hiri'll-''.'7«iiil1S«»); wmM.1'. 
fiwbiarouiit}rinl<V)3nnd I'hitlw; wniicii|iiiiv 
of ihe hodj- to <Jiici!n Klit«bL-ih. und wra* 
bitriod in MoniffdrnKn* Cbuivli 1*0 Muj 15!l>S. 
Kdward'f fiillier, u liiktiiU-mii^ und bniiri* man, 
tilt' Liitin lungiii.-, wMshnifTaf Mnntftoninr- 
iAi\iv ill irjltand l-IW. nnd i« jrobnblT tile 
Iticlmnl llt'rbon wlin ant an .M.I*, far Mont- 

foinflnJiim in the pnrtiami.-iit of lu8&'tf. 
\i! died in l.'iBO, ami wim burii^d in iJia l.y- 
■Qom cbaiic<-1 of Moni^mory CliurcL on 
inOi'L of tliui j^r. An klabMtwr onopiod 
inukfklilU'itsnl) wm «Tect<*d to hia mr. 
HUXTf by bis widow in IfiOO, with OTumUnl 
inllM of Uini»«ir (in roniplDtn iinnnuri nnd 
of luKMlf, nnd amnll im:iK<--* "f ibt-ircbildri^n 
(dm onirravinti in (iixiKiii: IIeubkjit, iWnM, 
vd. (ip«*rt, vol. ii„ fiMulispii.'otO. IIfrbvri'4 
Newport id. 1''70) and Mnr«iir«l, dnugbtor 
iind)i<'ir*«^i)f9<rTlir>nin« l(romli'vu'.l'>^'>*>n 
[u. v.] 8lio wnn a vonian of ffmal puriHmn) 
cbnna and fpTVfnt piuty, and dvi!|>ly iut«- 
nnWd licraeir in ibi- i-duwilion of lipr seieii 
MM Mid thtvi' daiightvnt. Wbilv at Uxfiird 
witb her eM««i ion Kdmnl t>b<> madu tli« 
aa|u>iiilAi>Mof ibe poet Ihmiif, with whom 
she iiuiintainivl for tJie ivmaindnr nf bor lifb 
' kn Mmily inndn np of a chain ofiuilablp in- 
cliiialioni. and viniii-s' (<(, Life of 
Gtorye IltrhrrtX Slie wn» libuml in hi-r 
giftN li) Uunne'afninily; liv addruesed mucli 
or hi* Mtcred poetry to bi-r, and commemo- 
ratcd her Boble clxarM-tvr in Mnnel*. and in 
% io«ichin> pmn call«d ' Th* Aalumnal 
Iteauiy.' In 1<HK Aa namcid, al lliv nge of 

forty, B woond boiband, Sir Jobn Dunvpnt 

iq. v,J, who wa» nwrly iwmty ri-urs has 
unior. Tlie iinien mi*, accurdiuf-'tu Diinnc. 
ilioiwiglilv (in|>|iy. nnd Sir -loha tivattfcl all 
his Ktt'p-cfiiliiivn with ilm iiinio»i klnduess 
(cf. //nf. MSS. Ceinm. lOtb Hup. pt. iv. 379>. 
hbfdii'd in Juno l))J7,und vrasbiiriwl in ibo 
iiaritb cburcbiif(1ialiiva,n(«rhiT>u-cond Lu«- 
liuud's Ljundou n-sidencc. A wnnua nu ber 
Ijft^anil dinraclvr was |iTettch«d by Uunoeun 
I July roll'iwing.anil wils publish ad, tii|Ci!ther 
witb rommdmornt iv.) vi'niii* by hor fuunh Bim, 
Gi-or([i> llerhurt [ii. T.jlhu Winl. IIm mnnu- 
ifript biiusubcild Ik>ok, witli the i>xpnQii(« of 
her liiiujit' in Loudon bi-twvL-u April nnd 
t^i-|)t«iubi'f KKJI, Uiloii^i-d to Ili'bLT iCat. 
|)t. xi. p. ii>i!(iV Of Ilorlwn'ii tix brutliun, 
tiforiw, llpiiry, and ThnmiiB aw M-tianilel^ 
nnticod. II i> second nnd third brother*. Rl- 
chnrd und Willinnt, Victe bntli loldicm. Tbo 
former, adutinfcuiakedduulliM.rouK'ht inucb 
in the Low Connlriw, and wu* burifd nt 
Bergen-up-Zuom, amnreutly in liU'.'. Thu 
iatlor fought both in Deunurk and ibi- Low 
Countriiw, nnd diixt Toun^. Cliarlet, llrr- 
bi'Ki Hfib bmili'T, bom m 1A9^, was nd- 
niitli<fl to \Vinctii-»t«r Colk^ in 1603 ; !»■• 
come n acholur of Ntw Colii^-, Oiford, 
4 JniM 101 1, nud fvllow 3 Jun>7 1013, nnd 
di<Kl iu 11)17. Vt^rwA by him appear in Dr. 
Zouch's ' Dovi>,' bnt I hi! liiii.>ii • ' C. H.' 
in Sir Thomft» IIi-rbiTt'* -Trinclii' (1634) 
■to ofttm ouignnl ro him wilWiit nulhorily. 
Of Hrrb.'rt'* thn-c ■ialrr*. Kliubflh ninr- 
ried Sir Hmuj Jones of .Vbrrmnrlais Onr- 
martlieniiliin--; Marimrct. John Vaii^bnn of 
Llwydiartli, witli whusn family llit> Herberts 
linil been lon^ pntriouHly at Mrifi-: and 
V'rancM wm uifo of Sir John Brown of Liu- 
orJ njJiirc. 

lIi-rbiTt wa* bom at EyloD-on>Sevrm, 
txtar Wroxcter, in tin.' house of his mntcrnal 
[,*nindmoth»r. Lady Nt-wport, on 3 March 

io!^'-S, An fn^uiing iif tha mnuins ot 
ii birtlinlnoi' a* iliey w»re in I^IO nfipean 
in lh« ■rirnilcman'* Ms^cine,' li^lO, i. iOi. 
\'crv lilllc of it now snrvivi* Hn wo*, nc- 
■■ordinfi In hia own acuoiuil, n IhoiifilitrnI 
nnd iuquiaitivi' child, Uid OwinK to licrr- 
diturv <r]>iti.>pli(^ «ymptODU wtw nol lUllilht 
bis aipbnWt till bi^ WM ti-ren. At the agn 
rrT nin(- h>> left hie |!TDndninlhi>r'ii b»u»e to 
■liidy nndrr Kdwanl I'hclwall nt Pla^-y- 
Wiml, lli-nbi^hnbirv, and two yi>nr* lalor 
wan "cnt to'onp Mr. Newton.' nt UnbUi'biiry, 
I Shnipibiru, pcrrlinps 'ITioninii Newton, a well- 
known claAaical nebular, llr tliiiH aoqniird 
agttod knowlcdjiv of Greek, Ijitln. and lof^k, 
nnd in May 1990, al lUo agit of fnurlren, 
nmlriculnled w a s<*ntl''tDau-cnniinniii:r nf 
Univpraity Collegi-, l)ifopI {Qjf. I'mi. Jitj/^ 

1 ■ .1 

■ , . 





■., .'-l ■.-■■■■ 

',.. 1.-. .^ 



II.' hoi 

verer, cwi- 

> u Juli«m^ held 

nrtxitnRFd bim lo 
» i;. Lrlirr to Ilfr- 


ku MincTt;. To 


I'mlojpMK] Jonndii 
>'■ Imwtatioa of 

In return Joiuoa 

V ww w . 
-in« irith 
ilunT vi»r" t>nl"rVn'ii 

Bill <iirlv in 

tn'n fFTibfir bJiuiiv 
" ■ .IRB Vil- 

UIlT » ■ 44IIm1 iu- 
'Tliiwl llitll tll« [M(t 

: r n: I'nru. Horbcrt 
l!ic<-. He luft lymdoi) 
- ntlvniliiils on lh<^ dtv 

-.■I ■i-'i Mftv loim. 

■ ,!:■ --- i rill ]iimT!L>''>liilr 

■■■Ulir'ii" h'-lwiHiii 

ill' wn» ilir(!cli\l to 

I. I ' wiwtii I^)ui«XIII, 

rrfp, nnd J*mi!i I. H« furnislieil 

L,Tr»t liSlwnue ill llif l'"aul)uUr(;St. 

-JlitTcliii vxlnivupiut Biilt^iiduur; 

-'^r4 liArtl. »hi>w«il mucli tikill in 

<i|iViiiii)oy.aiiil made some ui«rul 

- lo lii« B'-pvi'nuiwnt aboiil con- 

.1.1 I. ml |H)liri(v. Hi- ni^nd Eor ft ponna* 

mil ■llinjiri^bplwrcii Knt;liUlduidlIoUBlldl 

UiK friend ttio i>U«iar pBlatine to ac- 

Um cToirn of Boht'iniu. uii<l on tll(^ oul- 

at ibo iliirty ,votr«' war §lrovu (o enlUl 

active Nippon of mntiyl'Vocii noblman 

ltiep1«cIt>rM l)i>Iialf. Hn nhtainiid pMC^ 

[Tiivjp nt rniLi'l nvi-r tliri Spnniib rimbMwdoi. 

Ill yn* poniilnr with Ihi' royal Cuntlf, ana 

itb Ini old frit-iiclK tlii^ Muuliuon-uciiM, al 

'trim* caatlv of Murluu In- MA^rrtl n'hili! tbu 
tilaiTTie ragvd at PurLi < Jul^ 1610). On 1 Oct. 
lUUi ItomiK^Mli'diuIliickiniihiiraaniftrriii^ 
l>('iv'»eB PniweCIiaTliM and linnriiTltn Mnrin, 
audn>w>rt4<dl)ialit wnuldlN'pi^'pulnrin l''nuiri>, 
and rhal tlir princvfiWhodrnnvJ IJiv matdi, 
wn* willing to coofonn to tho priticf's n^- 
lifiion. IK' bcgited Jantea I tuMnifrruuliiiu 
thn nialiiti of amboMador extruiinlinarj to 
niakli! Iiiui to lalip pari wiih flitiiip Mtt in 
tlit> formal cvr^iiii'ir of nnnirincf tliti onlh nf 
atlinnro liMwi^cn KnjjlnH'I nnd T'nuirn (t'lv 
briitry lillB 1*01. In tho spring of IHL'I 
1.Aiii> Xtll, at tbv instipttiim ut'IiisfnTuurilL-, 
Do Luynr»,rwoh-rd to Muul an annr upiiiint 
faijt prolFsUnl subji-cls, who wer» m n.-1-uli 
in Ikirn. Herbf rl in vain urged a pmcofUl 
BolulJon (if lliTi iliniciiliy, bnt followod tli*> 
kiDg"* cyiiip, r><poRt^d hi> rounulu of p^ncp, 
and upfiily qmnijllcd willi Ki! Luywn. IUt- 

' bort M-nt liim ■ challcDjiL'. Complaint of 

I llerbcTt'i condnRl was made lo Janiea I, and 
in July 16:il he was ncalled to liJ^ndon. 1I« 
olCtrriNl rif lanalion* to Jamiu, wlitrli nnivnd 
fairly aatmluclorv. bill it in dontiiful if lin 
would liaie r^iimi^d hi* cilHi^n lirtU not l)t- 
I,nynMdi«d(2l line. I«L'1>. In rbir follow 
inK f'vlmiaiy Ilcrbi-r( rciurtit-d to Puris and 
aji^Jii.'d hinuclf with increusfd e^hI to ool- 
Iw-lin;; poHiical in format ion. ll>' wntchi^d 
vilh thu ulmoHl att«<nlion tliq counn of iho 
I -'iiibaueM in G^rtmrnt', bin fnnnU timn for 
I ^< t'ljilivaical ■peculation, wliinh lioinnlKidi^ 
' II Li* uniona \innk ' ]tf Vrritalt',' and lie Mi- 
■■•rtiiini>d (imiiui and ottit-r leanifi mt-n. 
I i-rbr^'o oHJciol difficultii-^ with tbo Frtmcli 

' c-^'urt bagan oikw afler U ttttitann llxit 





(ixt. lliot. Soc, II. it. iU). UU &tLi!r iici 
MMNi nni-r Iw had Bniv>-<1 in Oxronl, nnd Sir 
iin«rviiH HcnrrMjwndM <*n a l)'-!«l iorntle i«nn » , 
Immuo lii« gnaMiu (<^f. Ki:tiri:, t,«*Ttry 
MSa.') Wlioahn trMMXtornamnrnni>w wo* 
iirni[iK»l for him br li" fi'lntim vritli a kinn- 
Mil lieirvM (1? Sir WillUn llcnrbert \d. ISiBl 
[i|. v.] 8ir WilUMin'ft iril! iiiaiiehMclnii|;lil(Tr*s 
suooMUOu V> Ilia ptnporlir coiiditiotial on ti<^r 
nanjlnfr one bMrinii tho tuimiimn of Ilir- 
Iwrt. Till* Mnrmnny U10V \Au^ al t^vlon on 
58 I'ol), I'lilH-H, ■nil nibwiiiiPiilly tU-fbort 
nluriiMl to Oxrnrd, Dun HDCompunicJ bjhl* 
wifs aiwl niotluT. \\v rvii<l Lnnl. uiiil t>u(;bt 
liimwJf Fiencb. Italiuii,Hiiii 8[iiiiiiKb, bt^idiM 
gaining aonip prolic^ioncv in om^ic, Mm! bp- 
comiag a ffciod rid«r ao^ fenocr. A \ov^ of 
hone* and •ficiancv aa a honnuan dimin- 
pii«1i*d him llimu^ life. In UUX) bi> ro- 
nanvnl to Lotul')!), aiul "n pffit-nlinK hinMi'lf 
at court nilnft<>(l (jU(!m Kli»bvlh'« rii>iiF<.-. 
At ih" i-nd of Aiinl lIMVl \se wi-nl to ]tui^ 
l«i([li Iliyiiw, Sliiiiiron!, !•> iin-(>wt bitRi~t-lf lu 
tlie new king, Jame* t, tlii>n nii liLt wnv to 
l»n<loii, ninl on 34 Julv UMW wii» crnaU-A n 
kiitglit nf ihn Bnlh. i\n vriiXwA 10 nccom- 

Siliy lliH Kiitl of Nottingliain's (.■mboaij' lo 
pain, iti tVbrunrv HJOt-Ji, but kin fiLiuiljr 
indvicnl bim toreli'ri- li> Mc)utKimii.'ry Cn»(li-, 
wlltrv lir C(Jtiliniii?(! liif »Iii<liwt, Ho Vf;ii 
abi'rilfof MiTit^mi-rytbim in 1R05, nnd liin 
nain« a|>{>>«r» r>!(iriitiiily in loicriTding vnnnE 
on tlia Toll of Uif Montamtiorrtbin; uniii** 
Imiot; bnl on D Feb. IWHl 7 iliiaifs I look 
from him Mont^mi-rv i.'iiMk-, nii<l pniM-niiHl 
It to hi* kinaman, Pliiliii H'Th^tt [ij, v.], who 
was enat«i] Earl of llonlctomprv i4 Mny 
lOOTi), li was nutomd in ll>'rl>>-rl hr KnrI 
Pllilip ill July 1613 on jmym^nt of fiOltf. 
{Pviry^and Club ('',llr<'ti'<n/.'\. UW jq.> 

Intbi- iiimmer uf I'lOW Hcrb-rt ■•.'■t"ol witli 
n fricD'I. Aun-lian Tivrijai'iid. iin a fon-i^fii 
toiir, SirGt'Orge Ciirew.tli.; Kiiglinb (iih1«»- 
aador, intnilucod bim i<> lli-- hiti mi-'wiy in 
I'aria. Hvlwcamnintinintr with M.d<' Muiil- 
iaorMicjr,gTaBilGonitiil)]cof FranfiMindspnit 
many monltv in hunting,' ur riding uii ibu 
con>tabl(?'4 r-MaXv* nt M<^rlou or M«llo^ near 
Ocraioni |Oii«),uud nr Clisulilly. llvcelo- 
liratnl iho beaiiliwi of Mi^l-tn in allniRliro 
verse. At Pari* hn mndit Cmniibnii'* ne- 
<liuintnnrr. nnd bfiiHiltil bvUinlpTomrslcon- 
^wrMtion. Ilrnti IV. llL-nri'»divorri-(l<(tifiMt 
MatHU'^ritf oj V'nl'>it. sii'l tli<i IViiic.-m' di- 
Coiiti (.■nt>)rlnin-.-(l bim. nnd b>.- ■.iti-Ilt-d bin 
predi]erxi'>na T'lrcbivalrir •'\rrri°<-> bylnkiiijf 
jNirt a* prinririiil or M-cund in ninny (!ii<'l>. 
With n fiSund. Sir Tliauuu \.\ie\ oi' (Tharlr- 
oaieiXVaTwickdiin), lt« lauM at buret in F»- 

bniaij ISOO, afl«r bein^ ai.>arl,r abipirrKlHid 
in tile pa*Mgv fron T>it'(>|M>. 'In Jitlj- 1010 
n#rbeitietuni«dioili,-ciiiitini>ni iu company 
with nr^j BrrdfTDi. liftli lonl CbaixbM^i.r. J, 
oiif of the otiicer* of llw Knglitli eipeifiliirn 
u'bich harl bi^vn sirul out under tlin cooiiiiaiad 
of Sir l-:d<rard Odl [q. t.] W aid in iIbp n>- 
(-■■Irturi! of Julit-m frwn the empt-ror. Ilar- 
bwrt look sn a:rliv<' |mri a*MToliint<-«ria Uia 
H#e<*,and clninii-dl»br<tho flnt man lu enter 
Ititlorir *f th* XrtJkerlaniit, ccmliniK^I bv 
Willinm CnMV. llWr, p. 12»I)l A tririnl 
i^uarml nt n drinking boiil in oamp, whil^i tli« 
HSge WM in pM^uui, bvtwivn lltrrbert ktid 
TnMpbtlnii Ilownnl, Vml llon-ird ot Wal- 
ilen, ani-m-nrda u>rnnd mrl of 8nlfitlk [i(, v.', 
M Hvrbvrt I'j cbrillmKv Ilowatj, bitl llw 
dii«l, owing to Sir Ednrani (V^il'i iuli;r- 
fimuien, neivT mibv off. luiidi \o IlcrWt'a 
cbacrin. Writing to l^unl ^^alitlfnr*, oa 
Undine at llonr in Si-pl«iab«r 1010,']Ipr- 
Iwrt offered to claar bimMlf if aoeiMHl of anr 
wTOBg. Subsequmitly tba diiBut«. 10 which 
Ilerbcn ^rt an «uggcnit»d ini|nrinnee in 
hi* ni«no«n, wr«j«oiBposrdbTtb«pri\-v coun- 
cil (fJal. Slalr Pap-rg, KHM^ll), p. ai'i), 

lli-rbort waa now, bo t'fll ii-i, ' in giMt 
ealtwin buth inootirt andciiy.' Conipinf ht« 
]>orlmit wore in tm-ai di'mund, and he liinta 
(hill Qiiueu Aniifwon .ini" of hi"- admirer*. 
A ftirtaiion with a l-nd» .Vyr« 1«1 Imr hua- 
band, Sir John Ayre^ l"o wnyUy him wliilo 
ridiii|cn<tu'ScotUifJYurd tn )Ul JJandhewaa 
brutEilty>'*bb<MlandhMi<-n. .V JIutiMnof Sir 
Edwnril lli'rbort with tIi. r., i.,r.... ,.r Kern, 

wliicb i* notin-nl bv S^'. -.-fi>r« 

to 8ir E-iward lIcrlnTf , . 'l' V-l 

tiiojndiw. llrrben'* timt (vmunicl. Sitt.ocx, 
Taf-lf Tali-}, In ItiU llrrberl joini--). n> a 
Tnliinteer. ihr nrmj ..>f tin- I'riDcvof llran^, 
wliicbwiMlnliingjinrl iniliorfnewt'd^trifi-for 
the |>niin.'>ii<Hi <ifJiiliiT» nnd Clci r^, flerhcrt 
wns Well t«<M-iv(Kl,nnd whrii with llie Diitcli 
army hefnn* Item. ollVfinl la ni-ii-M a dial- 
li-R(.'i-, «^nihy<iSjiuniiihotlii-erin Ihr en^mr's 
cnmp, Indoridn ihp war by ttagh- ointiat. 
Spinola. tlm Sponinh ooinnnind'T, n-fii»«i to 
■antrtion Uie duel, llcrbt-rt look ndvaii- 
(af^ of no inleri-iJ in lli« wnrlari> lu makn 
his war to the SiianLih camp, i»Mr "Weiel, 
where lie intnKlucvd liiuut-'lf toSpinnla, nnd 
aftof Hmw affable converuii-m with liisi. 
offl-md to join him if be led an army aaainal 
the 'I'urlin. (In Icarinn W«<>l hf 'tratYllml 
In Ciduinie : vuiilrd tlio oliirtor nllatiiiu, 
w'hime fi.>rtiiiip« ht« Ibi-ni-i-forlb naicli*! with 
■'ii)t"rint«n'M.ul ITuidi-lberjr; and nAprwanla 

Siinn'yi>d lbr>»ngh thocliii-f towni in Italy. 
owaafTfTTwIn'tv royally i-ntertiiim-d. At 
Hovae he flayed al ttio Riiglith Collfgi:, anil 





Kluilied auii(juitii!«. Ri6 iitlemVcl Ificiurts 
M Pkdiu Uii)V«»i|y: enw Sir Itobi-rt Dnd- 
l»T, (ituUr purl i>f Nortkiii]ibeTl>ii<l i<l*^'> ^^ 
iiownw, ami in tlin pompttny of Sir Duillov 
(riirlnion ji. v.^, tliu Entrlinii ambdMador at 
\'cnice, madtf hia way lo I In.- Dultf of Saroy'd 
court bT Turiit. At ilii.' iliiku'^ ivijiw^l ho moii 
left TiiriB for Lyonf to cutiiiiict ' lour tliou- 
nauA iiii-iinfiln' rtformoiJ rrliitioii'fnan l.nn- 

in tlwir ntnicgla vitb Hpaln. Tbu iourticjr 
ITM a Uifficull IK1L-, and lldlwrt, wbili! in a 
dMolatopart of theoouniry. was *o exliatuied 
tliai lie acc«pt«l a woniau's ofTf^rtii five liiin 
millt trwa h«r liivn«t. He van cairiticl in a 
ohaJr ovwr MonC Ci'tiw, but on hi* nni™! at 
Ljroiw ""an imprimmnil bj" ihn govitrnnr, wbn 
rafFnriU'd hin tniiulon a» baitili! Id Frniicit 
(June 111) Ti). WithcbaracteTJBtictmpTU(l«m.'v 
be «unt the (^ovvmor a ehsUeit)^. but at llie 
inlercoaaion of Sir Edwanl 8«ickvill«, who 
waBviftiliiigliyonB.aiul nfth^ Due il« Mont- 
noretwry.Mn of bi» oI<l frivrul ibo coiulabln, 
he waA rvlraju'il in a fow ilayt, ami *et out 
tor Ibo l>iw (."oiintriot, visiting Ibc elector 
palatini) at tl<.'idi.-tbi.Tii once ogtin on (hi.- 
way. The Priiw* of (hnagv t«o«>t«<] liim 
boapiialily, and Herbert was hi« conatant 
cooipanioii for tome day», jitaying ch>?M will) 
him, visiting bi6 Ktnblf^ with him, nad (>voii 
MMHtiaKhim in hlhncnFiiini, Ilnrbrrt arrivrd 
in Kngbiml in biul btiallh. aftrr n ilunoiM^ui 
cnminK in tin- wintt-r iif IBlfl-t". He liail 
b«cti nlMcnt raont Iban two yi-ara. 

In London, auBtlnng from nqiiannitsffitf,bnt 
hia loTe of duRlliag vn» not yot qiwlled, and 
btr had many pirtlr nuarrrl* and angry mi- 

difnilT. Hin friend* wi-rp not , howovi-r, poii- 
finnltuciurtiuni. DuiauH, wliu bad additiued 
a poeis to him whil« lie wne at .luliers, Iwtd 
liina tn high MUMn ami encoMra^iHl htm tn 
ixaniHt hit ttndim (cf. Dox!"^ l^ilrr ta tln- 
Arrl, No. W. with a popy of ■ TIii>t liana Ins ' I. 
[li;n Jonmn vraj much in hi> xwii-ty. To 
.FonwD be dedi<alpd a ' inlyra ' whiSu on liis 
ltr»t Tidit to Parii. aiid \k ki.i1o)'I.wiI Jtiusoii 
in linM ]irrilxo<i to Jon^oii's inuifilatioii of 
llof*t*> 'Am Poi-ticfl.' ill THtiini Jonnon 
appUuiUxl H'Tbcrt'* liamin^, nit. valour, 
ni;<1 jodfltncnl in vcrycoicpliiui'iitnryvcrwi'i. 
Siddnn «*• likrwiHi on inlimntc tprmi with 
ilerbert fi>r ibfliuil tliirtv Tpnnmf Ileibvrt'i) 
liffH-f, JrfJiV. .V.K,3aX>i.f.3II>.andt'uren> 
ynu* aconpHiiial aoqiiaini aiim. Hut <virlj' in 
1610 Tlmhert w»f drawn into pnihlio alTair^ 
mom pntiiinnnlly than bi:'f'>rr. Oeor^ Vil- 
lirt*, crva>-d Karl of llni-kingbaoti in ISl^ 
wan all pMwvrful, aiul nftr« a cnjinal in- 
Iroduclion to ilcibcrt, oDV-Tcd liiu tbu poit 

oT Bngllah ambaMador at Paria. Ilerbwt 
tn^rlv accepted the (•l&cv. 11^ laft I^ndrm 
withi nivw nnionK hi'nlinndnnt* on thu dav 
«f <jii«fln Aiiiio'^ bnrial ( 13 May lt}10». 

Ilii iIlMnli■lir>n-'>ilDIF^'urdonbimthl'duty 
(if miiinininiiiit pcnci-.ful rnlation* briweeu 
Enitlaiid and Kranf«. and he va» direclMl to 
king of France, and JamM I. ll" funuMied 
n hoiifie at gn'at i'Xj>on«» inibi" l-'auljnurgSt. 
Gnrmain, ami lived m nlnvncant (plendour; 
but hi' workrd luinl, nluiiKeil mucli (kill in 
the arts of (Uplomopy.Bnd made iioiac usirful 
iiUj(K'*''>oaB to hia pivummeiit abuul eim- 
ttiicntal potilira. Ui' aiviiud for a penna- 
n<.-ni nllianei- b^iwt^iiP^iiplandand Holland; 
tirge<l bia fri««id itif- elcrlor pnlalina 10 ac- 
c-pt tbo crown of Ilohrtiuia, and on tha oiut- 
brpnk of thn thirty yfar»' war iitro»e (o enlist 
l!i4< wtive jiinpntt of tnnnyl-'rcncb Dobleiai!ii 
in ihr i-leclors bL-half. Hu ohtaiucd prvce- 
dcnci^ at court ovi'r tlit^ SptiniHh nniliOMUidor, 
and iTBH pi)|i\ilnr with tin' ro)el family, and 
with hJ4 old friciidH ih« Montmonmcua, at 
whose casllc of Marlon Iv- Ktarod while iho 
iilntni* ragod at I'nrij( July 1319). Onl Uct, 
lUlfl bi-nasiKCTtmllo Uuckinsbiim a innrriaj;i> 
hniwiwo iSini^f-C'liarW andHvnriuItu Mariu, 
nndaa«Ttvdtlialil wi)iiIdbepL^^mL)iriiil''mnca, 
and that the prinCMW. whodet'iird tlii< matcli, 
was willing: to conform in ihn princes'* re- 
ligion. Ilo hegL'?'l Jnnini I In confer on him 
ih" Mat III of aiiihaun'Inr oxtrru>rdinary to 
•'■lablf bim to tal^r pun mith llttiiiR Mai in 
ihr formnl ciTduonT of nrntiwinfrtbe oalh of 
DUiain'c l)L-1v,-ii-n ^ntrliind and ynuici' (F^ 
bruarj- im»--.'Ol. In tin- cprinji of laSl 
LiouiaXni, lit tb*-in8tipnl.if.n of hii favourite, 
I> I.iiyni^a, ni«oIvi'cl i/i wnd an ansv aipiinat. 
hi* prot»»lant inibji'ct», who wen: m revolt 
in Ih-nrn. Hetbi-rt in vain argoA a penccfltl 
Kolnlion of thi- diflipiilrv. hot followed the 
kitijt'* ciimp. rvpcnlnl hiH counaelsof poicSi 
and opvnly ijuurrc'lh-d with lMLoTlw«. ilof- 
livrT Mut bim a challcn^. Complaint of 
llurbert'a conduct waa madeto Jomca I, and 
in Julj 16&1 hi> wan rvcolledto l.nndon. He 
of&rw fiTplanaiiotu to JamiW. which iiriiveil 
fnirlr *atiiifivclorY. bni it is doubtful if li>> 
would hiiTB rciniUL-d hia oflic' had nol He 
Luym-fldiwl C'l Ih'C. U151\ In Ibofolkiw- 
iiifc'Fi^brtiarj- UtIiitI rrtumed to I'ari* and 
«{iplir-it himiii>lf with incrtaaed leal to ooU 
lM-liii(; poliiicnl infnnnation. Ik> wntdml 
vitb the iitmofli Btieution ihecour»e of ibo 
( j>turhancc4 in Otrmnny, but found time for 
I .Flaphyaical *p<^ciilai)<in, which hrnnbodi«d 
".I bU fnaiouB litjfA " TV Vrritale.' and ha iin- 

erlniuird GroiiiiK nod other liNtrniil mi-D. 

lt<irb«n'a olEcialdilEcultin with tbeFmicli 
CHitirt )»gaa antw after it waa kaowu thai 




I Cbk^M lisd nf!'i-r(v3 I^> ni.iRy tlio in- 
K of Spnin, nnd nlif>ii iln' srlionif of tba 
Sptailh mamn^ ita* nbaii<lDiu<J, llcrbRTt 
wa* Mitnutcd witli tli? i.-aiWmiuittiK tiuk of 
opi-uiiis ni-BoiUtioiu wiiU tb« I'nMicli j,'Ovi>ru- 
neiit fur UliarWs luurrJa^- witli IViiivi-M 
Btiuriettu Mnria. Jami'« I was Jusiroii» tlint 
France xliould iiitprTinio in tli>'(<RnnanalrIfn 
ill Itnlialfof liiaHnoin-Iim'tlifi-lcs^lorpalotiii'-, 
iind ilirfli'ii"! Ilorlii-rt lo mako tliut, iiili-rvi^u- 
tionncoiiditiunuflhpiiui'Hi. IliTlx'ti riplitlj- 
poinlud ciut tliul Lciiiii XIII kua 1 crv uiilili'_-1y 
to acceut aiich ti^nn?. lit-rlx.-rt ; Bliiiiidi* 
ofi^ditt Tlie king, nu'i In April 1624 1>i^ wm 
RiKldeiily dieici^vHul. n«f»n' li'nvinii fiiriii lia 
pritil-'ii lliptv III* IfcntiM; ■ Ve Writjito.' 

tlnrbcrt cnin<' linmi- in Jiitr dcup in dabL 
Ilnclnira''d lu hnvc'livud in n more ebofgo* 
kblo fnHliiiiu' llinn uiiy of Wa prudetM^woni, 
aad rvniittuii(?i?« ft^ta Eiiglniul tiud hvvn ir- 
PSftularly pni<l. He [in'R'cd in vniii for ft 
si-Cllviiii.irtt uf liiHncc-'iiTils. Ilia nnlyrfiwnnl 
ill tb? ami iiiatnncc naa I Iw IriiJi {lon'ii^ of 
t'«iiilri«!omi, t">iiniy Kurrr. from tbe luunc 
of iiD cjtjiti- inln'ritod by liiit wifo (30 Uet". 
ISlit). Hu wiui protniMi) an digliMli im*r- 
tgn Uu-r. Oh 8 3Iay Ifijti be iwliiionnd 
CliarlM 1 for pajwMit of bi» <lebt8, for nn 
Englisb iMierogi-. nnd for Kralii in tile privy 
eoitiici! nnd cmincH for wnr. l]iii]tc(!iininT7 
mibnrniwinnHl was LTtiwing. Iiut lio rnPciviMi 
n joint anm yrilli liii brolher Cli-DrBi- nnd 
nii'itlicr of ibv mnnor of Ribbwifurd,'^! July 
ltl27i onT May Idi9wiwfn'iiteil I.iinlUL'r- 
berl of C'lwrtmn- or Ciiirbuiy (ilui naiui' of 
M) cttain of bia in ribK>[i*hir«) in ibn Kn^lifiU 
]iwtiige ; and on 27 Juno IfiSJ wiu npimiiilnd 
« memberoftbe council nf vrar.lii wliicb lie 
wiiTL'upptunUii Ik's May litit>. To iaiimivi-liii 
piAJtiou nitb thv kini;, liewrutu nfti^r Ituck- 
conducr nl l.a Uncbdln in l*i27, in reply lo 
pAinplili^ta by k I'^-Qcliinun nnmi-d Unnrd 
luid a j<i>uii numcd Monnt, nod on tbi- baui* 
of noteut pn-pnn-d Ijy BucliinKlinm bimatJl'. 
Tile buoU, wbicb wnsonly circutHlrd iiimonu- 
tcript, wiu dwliculisl (from Moiit|ronii.'ry 
CuMic, 10 Aug. 1«i;iO) lo CbarlM. It wiut 
commanded by Sir IIi>nryWoH<in {Rfliqiiiir 
K'oWcM, 188fi,Ji, 22il), but Kninvd no roynl 
Tpcn^itiriii. Ill )«:iJ hii brgnn bis grvst 
jilntoricnl work on Ihi; tvijfn of Hrjiry VIII, 
nnd in tlioiwit yi-nrojiplii-d lollii- crown for 

fiwuuiary aid in pruv.i'Uiiu^ bi»rM«aticbii^ 
li.' wuHfpranted apanuietiix in the palace (t 
Kichinond, but onlO Jan. Id^H-'i bn^StCtid 1 to 
Iw allowM to romovo lo ^VIlirl'llall or Si 
Juam'r rnln(^n,in order tobnTD'accfw loth \ 
pttprr cbniubi^r of tlic one nnd ibu lilimry o ! 1 
tlio otlier bouti^.' lie ttOUglit (bv wrutt' ni^ 
the Mme tiinv) mequ tmeiiui vocal uwrk of ^ 

roynl favour in ordur to Ih- disiin^^iabed bom 
Sir Tbomaa Moiv or Itucon, ' pMl peruo- 
UKCB,' wbo bail drvol(>d ibomwJrcs to hS»- 
torioal vrork ' in ibf timi> of thrir dugnoe. 
n'ht'nutlitTK'iMi lliey 11 1 11 iliniilili il[in|i|iuM 
yOtt.Slale PajifTt, Uoiu.. IT Jos. IiSUK). 
(In 14 Mnrch HiSA hu M>ni CliariM [ apnpnr 
iif oluorvnt.ionK'in tbo n><oiuf>ilT oJ iMtiuetho 
luptuinucv of tbc cliiirch in the nilvr at tbe 
bNiIo, ond tbi! kinx tent tlw dociUBUt U> 
Ijiiid, witb wbom Herbert vraa on bi^liar 
tCTma. But in bii yi-uming for praiiD from 
wbatevi^r ijuartM it ini(Ehio(imu,b« m&nniNl 
Pniifani, iliopiipali'nvot nl Charle* rseourt, 
n tnontb or two lnii>r, tknt in bie hialof^ of 
lli'nrv VIII bit intrndod to favour th« 
lbi>uricaof tbc papacy, ond olfrrvd to tiibmit 
his philosopbicnl IrmtiiK- 'lip Vvritatr' lo ilio 
pojiir'H ^Titicinui. \\'ilb cbumcli-ririic vi^raa- 
invrnlionnl thfAiimt' Tini>.'.ntidfcnttoWiiidi>> 
Imnkin III^tAvuKgnilcd iniproTomctiU intrar- 
iihii» and f{iui-ciuriiLDBii, and propnfMfd tbe 
prrolion of n floating luttliinii-pnlaci] on tba 
Tbami's Of. loss, pp. (I2-3t. 

Wbuii Auminoniid lo atlund the kiof ol 
Vorh on tlii> t-xpvditiou inio ScotlniM in 
Ittsn, Ilurbort in rvuly rcbciirMd at Itngthall 
bi« griovnnci'*. and inpnltriin'il llial bo waa 
bnnuii'd by lawauii*. Hul in aceordaimi 
n-itb bin pmtni*!' bo ntti-ndni tbi- bini; al^cr 
n »hort delay. At iUuwick lip wrote a mwm 
iin ibu vxpLiiilion. In tlii' uuluma of iMO 
hu Httendi-d llii- king's council, ani) argued 
ntiitigly.biitwitbniu any pffVici.iigmiiitt pur- 
rboJiin^ any trr^iity of ptMu^c with tliH Scot!» 
< ftfatiwDiii'ii. ii. l2tKl). After *wadiii|; th» 
f,i1 1 o wi iiK y <!" r nnionE b ia liook* at Mant^miiry 
Cniii If, hu ciuat? up 10 iIk- Houw of Lonl* in 
May \Mi. IutlieiliBCu«ionua tln'caminoiis* 
NiAulTtliunibat tbekiiig tmnsgrvMedhia oat It 
if bp inad^i war on i>iirliitni«iit, IleitMirt ar- 
gued for ibo addition to the laltOT danse 
of ilio word* ' without. caa*e/B (U)n(e*tion 
nbicli ofTi'iidvd Ilic common*, and led to hia 
fonimittal lo thu Tow»r: but hu made n 
haudsuini? npoloin*, and vrna oooo reloaatid. 
lie rt-iuriK-d lu MuutsooiHry Coatlt*, and c<m- 
lomplaii^tl B vioil lo f!<]>n for bin luHiltli. His 
uina won- ncliTtdy rngniccil with tbe royalial 
army in tli^ civil wnra. but Herbert r\*oK-n] 
at for na ])oiuililu lo piny n auulralport. In 
tvtti-n writl«n to bid hniiiier, !iir Hvoiy, in 
Augtut llU3, lip showiHl much rewnimMit 
that tbu war xbould, by iipbroacbingt Wales 
tbrcatoii him with jivt«onnl diaconifnrt, buc 
evinced no intrirott in iJie grwat iaaiira nt 
itaku. HrrbKit dcclini.'d Ibn iiitDmona to 
aiit-nd t'lmrW I at Oxford o«i tbc- grmmd 
of iU*h«iItli, and when I'rinpo Itiipi.'rl, for 
wboae uiolber Lu hod declared in earlier Ufi» 




ScUvijKHaxletMlon, inTitod Uim 1(1 Sbnrw*- 
IbUT^ in PcbrumiT 1613-1 in iIikum iiiua«urM 
for 111* iMimco of Walrj. H.-rbcR Mut the 
«UM GxcuM. Uoteorcr, bv tir^ged Kofert 
hM U> MOid MV anidim (o UoDtgiODwry Tor 
Ui« defenm of 'hi)i cuik^, u Iw ¥i-u mntont 
lo ret/ Ml liii ton's troofu. Later in Uio 
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