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/3M^p^ ^V^^-J?-*' 




Hailes Harriott 

/iJ^^p. ^i^-SM 





Hailes Harriott 








Hailes Harriott 








J. G. A. . . J. a. Auiim. 

E. E. A. i . B. E. Ajtohwm. 

O. F. B. B. G-. F, Buaanx Baxxxr. 

R, B. Tms Bn. B<nrAu> Batitb. 

T. B. .... TmMua Batct;. 
G. T. B. . . O. T. B«rt»XT. 

A. G. B. . . A. C. BicKLBT. 

B. H.B. . . Tbb Bst. B, H. Bucxxb. 

W. G. B. . . Thb Bvr. PaowtmcM Buikii, D.D. 
O. C. B. . . G. C. BoABM. 
G. S. B. . . O. S. BouLOER. 
£, T. B, . . UiM BkASun. 

A. H. B. . . A. H. Binxaa. 

H. U. C. . . H. Hamnibs CncHHTMB. 
J. W. C-K. J. WiLUB Clabk. 
A.H.C. .. MiK A. H. Cusu. 

J. C Thx Bit. Jamh Coopbb. 

T. C TMOxFwni Coopn, F^^. 

W. P. C. . . W. p. Coaarm. 

C. C Cbaru* CmsBTox, M.D. 

M. C. . . . . Tbb Bbt. Pbofbmob Cbbi'ibtok. 
L. C Luxm. Con, FjS^. 

F. D. Fbucis Dabwix, F.R.S. 

B. W. D. . Tbb Rbt. Caxok Dixok. 
R. K. D. . . pRonaaoB B. K. Dovolas. 


F. E Fbancu Espinassb, 

C. H. F. . . C. H. FiBTii. 

& R. G. . . 8, B. OABDnrBB, LL J>. 
BO. BiCBABD Oabbrt, LL.D. 

J. T. G. . . J. T. GiLBBBT, F-SJI. 

G. G GoBDOB Qoommr. 

A. G Tbb Rbt, Albbabpbb Gobiub, 

B. E. G. . . R. E. Gbatm. 

W, A. O. . W. A. Gbbbxbill, M.D. 
W, H. ... W. Haibv. 

A. H A. Hall. 

J. A. H. . . J. A. Hamiltom. 

T. H. Tbb Rbt. Tbowas Hakiltob, D.D. 

D. H Datid Haxbit. 

W. J. H-r W. J. Habdt. 
, A. J. C. H. Ai-amms J. C. Habb, 
i T. F. H. . . T. F. Hbbi>bbk>h. 
^ R. H-B. . . Thk Ret. Bichabb Hoopbb. 

W, H. , , . Tbb Bbt. William Hdbt. 

B. D. J. . . B. D. Jacbson. 
T. B. J. . . T. B. JoBNaroKB. 

C. L. K. , . C. L. KiwatroRD. 
J. K JosBPB Kmiobt. 

J. K. L. . . Pbofbssob J, K. LAoaHTon. 

T. G. L, . . T. Q. Law. 

8. L. L. , . SiDHET LxB. 

JE.1S. ... Mmia Macbat, LL.D. 

W. D. M. . Tbb Bbt. W. D. Macbat, F.S J.. 

J. A. F. M. J. A. Fi:ller Mahxakd. 

I.. M. H.. . Mim UlDDLRTOK. 


List of Writers. 

A. H. M. . A. H. MiLLAx. 

N. M NoKMAK MooBB, M.D. 

A. N Albbrt Nicbolsoit. 

F. M. O'D. F. M. O'DosoQRDK. 

J. H. O. . . Thb Rvr. Camoh Otbbtoit. 

H. P HnniT Patoic, 

N. D. F. P. N. D. F. Prabcb. 

O. 0. P. . . Tbb Rkt. Cakoh Pmbt. 

R. L. P. . . Bboinald L. Poolk. 

B. P. Miss Pobtib. 

R. B. P. . . R. B. pRosiBX. 
J. K. K. . . J. M. Riaa. 

G. B. S. . . O. Barkbtt Shitb. 

G. W. 8. . . Tkb Rft. O. W. Sprott, D.D. 

W. B. S. 

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L. 8. . . . 

. Lbslib Strphkx. 

c. w. s. . 

, C. W. SuTTOW. 

J. T. . . , 

. Jauks Tait. 

H. R. T. . 

. H. R. Tbsdxb. 

T. F.T. . 

. pBorsssoa T. F. Toot. 

E. V 

. TaB Ret. Canon 

R. H. V. . 

. Colonel Vstcr, R.K 

A. V. . . . 

. Alsaobb Vian. 

J. R. W. . 

. Thh Rbv. J. E. Washbourn 

M. Q. W. 

. Thr Rhv. H. O. Watkins. 

F. W-T. . 

Francis Watt, 

0. W-B. . 

, Charlbs Welch. 

W. W. . . 

, Wabwicr Wroth, F.S.A. 





LLX -iV- 

HAILS or HAnig ^ 
THOXY il7*>-I^' . =_-.^._uaT-: L.* vr.-^z. 
eon of* shipwnjt", -ru -j.r^ v. >%T;:Lfr_-r- 
npOD-Trne oa 24 M»t ir*.r. Ai li^m^:: ^ 
T»i« chndliood pt^T-icT— i i-— i-.= t".TE.:_:^ 
M^hool tiU his tltresti t-*^. Et 1-?i.— : -.^-r 
klphkbet from fts ■:!: :li^:i. ;.-i7--r-.".i. 
and his fktber ta^LT Li= tt-.'-zui i^: ir.'z- 
metic. He remiis^i »; *:;;■! ^7 rlrrr: 
ve»rs, after which L£-»-.ri:-i l* i ii^;»-r^-l: 
hireixteeii T«rs- I*p-1^ ■L.i :i^T Lt i,> 
quired ■ pood kcowI-eCf* .f Li-^ i^i'jrv-i. 
and also «tiiditd IlTbrt-^- ■.-ij>:-irr »::i ?■. =;t 
Other orienisl Unrruirs^. ll-r ■wt'.*.^ wv-r*! 
papen for the 'CUM-r-a: Jv::.-t:aL- iri'i 
tnoated to the * G««:Ie3:ai:'» Mu^zi^^ 
'Monthly Maeszine.' Hkili uI-.:=:a:-:1j bi- 
came s schootnuet^r a: N^wc&^I-. bi: L»! 
only modente succtss. 11-? wis 1 W-j^Itvie 
methodist, &Dd preached occa*: i-nsllv in iL-* 
chapel of hu f«ct at Newcas:!?. lie <^.fi a: 
Xewcanle on 30 Aog. lS4-y 

Hails wrote: 1. '^uine Por*.i«e.' Nfw- 
caFtle-upoD-Tvne(?>. l^J. 'J. "An Enquiry 
coDceminfT the larention of th-r Lifr lloal,* 

<■ !■ i m in g Tl' il 1 1" ■ m Wnii 1 il ti »r n nf SoUt h Shit'Id? 

to be the inventor, Newcastle. I^>. 3. *A 
Voice front the Ocean.' Newcastle ^!■), ISOT. 
4. * Tract No, 6," published by llie Society for 
the Propagation of Chmtianitv amonc the 
JewB,1809. 5.'ThePre-existen<:eBnd DeitT 
of the Me^iah defended on the indubitable 
evidence of the Prophets and Apostle*,' 
6.*Socinianisni onscnptural. Being an ex- 
amination of Mr. Campbell's attempt to ex- 
plode the Scripture Doctrine of human de- 
pnvity, the Atonement, &c.,' two pampbletA 
on the Socinian controversy, both published 
at Newcastle in ISia 7. * The Scoraer re- 


i.- "Or-.r^ V ' - -I-" S.-^:..:^ .:' rj>- Aj-i.c^rim 
,"" •M-.~.i '.':-' lt-l:. ''~-' *-- " V-w-.g-'^ 

- "w:^ ■^T'tr r. ■;;■:■:: l^£.^ - y^lzirTi 

=^-:^:. l:-.T..^•^."^^1r;-i^r:-r,:^L'7. !:.-A 

"i:. 'X^l-.zz T* H s:. .;' Ntt.-;.*-,, ;. 4.i_i: 

.".iz I^t:— tji L(.-.ji Kt-.'. -i- .;" N.r: ,;=;':-!> 

V. W_r. 

HAILSTON-E. JOHN vi:si>-l>4:».i-A>- 
l.v:*:. b.-rn crar Ia-hJou on IS IVv. 17i'>?. 
wAf p',lcv^l at an earlv a^> under iho I'atv of 
a Du>:emal unole at York, and waj: tent t>> 
B^-verfey *i-hool in the East Uiditur, f^amui-I 
Hailstone q-T.^wa* aroun^erbrv'tlnT. Ji«hn 
went to Cambnd^. entering tirsi at Catha- 
rine Hall, and alterwariU atTrinily L\»lli'(^*. 
and was fecpnd wranjler of his vear t^irSi>. 
He was elected fellow of Trinity in ITSI. 
and four year* lattT became >\\HAlwanlinn 

Jirofessor of pHtlopr. an olfiiv whii-h he held 
or thirty years. He wi^nt to tiennnuy. and 
studied peoliipy under Wcnu-r at Fn-ibuiv for 
about twelve months. On his retunt to iSim- 
bridge he devoted himself to the stndy and 
collection of geological specimens, but did 
not deliver any leotuit's. lie juiblisluHl, hoir- 
ever, in ! 7ft.', 'A I'lan of a course nf Uvt urcs.* 
The museum wan considi<rably enrictii<d by 
him. He marriei), andretimltothe vicaragti 
ofT^umpinffton,nea^l^lmb^id)lt^ i» IHlH.and 
worked (euously fur the education of I ht« pour 



of his psTtsb. He tl«votMd much Aiienlioa 
to cbemiatry and Dtin^ralit^, a.* well ss to 
lilisfil'miuttaBGiviK^. nnd kt>pl for m&nyyi^ra 
RinetMTologuialdUry. lie made nddilinnsfo 
tho WomlirardiaR Musc^um, and I'-ft muttu- 
ttcript journals of hit tnivi>l« nt hotnu utid 
ftbniad, and miicli r"rTi'3|iiindoDeo on soologi- 
cal fiiibji!ct)% Hi-wii« i-IucUk) t*> lli>* I.iiinaut 
Societr in IHIXI, mid to ihu Koyal Si)ciciy in 
I8U1, und wtiK iiiio of tfae ori^JDal nn^Dafaon of 
tli(i(iM)Ini7)calSo(rietr, Hailalinectintribiited 
U|M*n to tliu'TraniuiciinTtsof thpOoolng'iml 
Sori.ilv'(l8lP.'ii- --13-501, tbti'Trnnsai'tioiiii 
i,4S3-8)|8ndtto British Amun-iiil ion (Ri'jiiirt, 
1834, p. 5tI9). IIii difid nt Trumiiinfrton on 
Jun« IM7, tn ki* i^ighiy-QgUtli ycu. 

[Obit, nutlcn in Qunrtorlv Joani, Ocol. ^i<f . 
IBid, T. lis; Fruk'oodiri^"- LiDnnitn Suv. IH'J, 
i. 372-3; Abnlrapt of Puppni coolriWti-d ti> 
Boritl Soc. 1851, T, 711. Sou n\*o Clark antl 
Hogh*^* Ufn of A. Sodpiripk, i. Ift2. liift. IW- 
167 : RojftI f>«:. Cat. of Seionliflc I'np«r». 18n;>. 
iii. 125: ffuietnnd Qacinc*. 'th *pt. ir. ISS. ill 6; 
G«nt. Mn«. Mar 1818 u. 103, S0i>t<ial».T 1B4T 
p.3i«.] H. li. T. 

HAILSTONE, SAMUEL (l"6S-lii5l>, 
l»)taiuat.wti»bornat Hoxton.ntw Loudon , in 
ll(W. lli» family sliortly lift envard* Belt ltd 
in York. lit- was arlicW bo Jolia Hardy, a 
folicitorftl Hmdfprd. frrmidfutln-r iif llie \m- 
eoDt Locil Cranbivuk. Oil ihv expiration of 
hisartkclcN llardytooli Ltiuiuluparliiursbip. 
Thv Kauty leisure of a btuv profuia^iunal lite 
WW devoted (o bot-any, audi lailsi one bEramu 
known sa tho Iradiiig aiitliority on tlio tlor& 
of Yorkahire, llcformcd Cf)llf(;t ions illii*trai- 
infr lliQ peoInjO' of ^hu dlclrirt, and of Wiks 
and mnnnBcripts rclntiiii; to Itrailfonl. Hi- 
contributrd piipirs In lit-- ' Moenxini! i)f Na- 
lurol Ill*t()r>-'(lf«r.,viii. 2rtl-fi.,71fi-«.')"|,nrnl 
a Um nt tttro plania to Whilaker'n * History 
of CraTen' (181U, pp. gOd-lO]). Ills valiiahlu 
hcAarioni wa« presented W his kiu io tlic 
Yorksliirt- Philustniliiral Society, and is now 
in tliH mil warn at. Vcirk. Hi* bnttlier vrutlie 
Rev. John HaiUtorw [q. v.], tbti i^cilogist. 
It* murri«(l in 1808 Ann.dai^ililfrnf Ttinmae 
JonM, »Mr(l«in, of Bradford. Hi* wife dind 
in 1B33, aged 53, Hi> di^l fit Horton Hall, 
Bradfonl, on 26 Dm. l;V>| , ng^d ^3. lesviiiR 
two wms, John, a clf rgyman, and Edward, 
who is nnliced WIflW. 

KlIVTAKII Haiutokb (IBIA-LSiW) glic- 
cscdwl iiix fathor aa itnlicilnr aL Hrndfon), 
and finally roiiriHt to Walloti lIiOl, noar 
Wakefii^ld, wlif'ns Le ai^cumiilatod a i«marlc- 
able colliwlion of antiquitit-ii and booka, 
oinonii tltcm l!m most extensive seties of 
works relatin)! to Yorkshire exer brought 
together, whicb baa been loft to the librat; 

of lhi» di'an and. cliajiler, York. Ktlvrard 
Haibtoiift dii-d at Waltoii 24 Marcb lt«^, 
in hia eurenty-ibirJ vi-ar. 1!« jmiiti-d u (.-a- 
talnmio of his Yoikshiri' library in 16&£,aiHl 
piibUahed ' I'nrlraits of Yorkshire WortliiM, 
with faiograpUicBl naticee,' 1^419, 3 Tola. 4i 

[Bradfotd ObawTor. 1 Jan. 1SS3: Ti; 
27 Karcb 1890: Alfaeuttuni, S AuHl I 

p. tu.] a. Jt T. 

HAIMO ('/. 10VtF),iircbd«:acoD of Oni 
bur>-. [tjfe H.vrsto. 

nhuralajipxt. son ol!' .lu'liu Haines, surreoa 
Hamp&icad, wna bom on I .Sept. 1&J6, ID) 
and went to RxdiT Crjllcgf. Oxford, 1*M, 
ttlK-n: I..- nmm-iJi-d R.A. IWO. M.A. IR51. 
In lr(l)^,w)iiK!tilillan uiicl<Tji^kdviat«,Ii(i pub- 
liNlifd tbe flrxt L-ditloii »f Lt.i vri>rk on t>uinti> 
iiK-nial bras.-e;*. In Sapiembcr lfl49 hi- was 
liwnw"! tothi" curacy of I)elainerK in Cbealiirc. 
OnL^'JlnnelS'iObcvrns appointed by tbf dean 
shipoflii«(>I<l»c!i'Mi!.thi^collpgPsclinol, Gloij- 
Cn*trr. TliiR iilTici'It" nitaintvl till bisdi^atti, 
and flti ivfi) iia'Aainiiii during va(*anHi-ti in 
I8.">,T 4andtnlS71arTiuUi:irKo:ufliu)»u!<Ii<'iul* 
mastir. lu IWI Hl- Ma." Bp(Kiinij?d ehanluin 
to ilie CJlouceeter Couniy Lunatic Aayluin, 
and in 1 S5y became also cnaplninof the Be wlv 
opened Barnwood Honiie Asylum, near Glou- 
cester, Id 18U1 be brotiglit out. a mucli en- 
larged and imjirovpd iHlition of Monumental 
Bnwee*.' Hainr* died, aftur a vary short ill- 
ni'M, nn IJ* Sfpl. iJ'TS.imd wn* liuricd in thp 
fitntKyitnrRftinotflrr. A»i*»njorialhrns3lv-aT- 
inyht* '■tfipT. nr cx^i'lli^nt lihi^ncjiit, woe plnci>d 
ill TilfMiee^ltT CalliL'd.ral by friends and old 
pnpilit. [t ia now in the aontb ambuIntoT^ 
of tbe choir. B^idea some clempntiirj- i-l*9- 
sical w?lirtol actiqunl^, hv wroli*: 

1. ' A Manuft! for tlii> Sindvof Mnniimffnttl 
Itrnnurs,' published under tbr^ t^anclion of tbo 
Oxford Architi-clnml Soeii-ly, S\-o, Oiford, 
1818; 2nd tdit,.2vol». 8yo, Oxford, 1S61. 

2. ' St. Paul a WitncMfl to the Ruatirr-l-t'tioui 
a Buruiun preached, bvhre the Univi-rsity 
of Oxford,' tjvo, Oxford and London, ISflf. 
a. 'A Guide to tho Cathudral Church of 
Olouceeteri' $td, Gloucester and London, 
1667 ( Snd edit., rcviKd and corrected by 
F. S. Wnllur, calhcaml architogi, 1880; 3rd 
«dit. \m: 

[In formation from the diitcmTi rwiitrnni of 
ChMl«r and OloueiMter; private inrormaiion; 
personal kimwlKlgo,] J, R. W. 

1^3), actor and dramnlist, waa born about 
1790, l-'rom 18l'3 up to tho yimr of " ' 

\eath IiM wu t j yd ia taffing tik 

' iMtrw of tbe iwtiniiiJii -nu naan 

lodnnas of tbc ' Mtd^ad-ckaBiR^tvpi^ 

Tjij-Ti-TTT mifiTljramnMfiil Oii—jiiji 

TO rail Mwp» u> ifceiMMiwafT. P.CBab 

.J 11» ■ Mjr rk>a nrfa; PnsMr Jba^' 

~*iesl dimmft IB tkrae mxs, 

rmr ThwUv on 7 Smu 

profit of-t/XXir. TTihiMMii 

a faix own BieCM. H* £kI i< Suehwill, 

, oai 18 Uaj IftU, agMl -Uvkiif ■> 

»ltDi8 ■Uf(«-aAiM«« of lb* BigiMfc Often 

"^■•(Cmf . Jf«y. 1^13, pt. &. |t lOSy Vu 

JfOpuUrpIan «»: i. •TteMiot Wii. 

i; or a Tafo nf Blood,' a ad 

uuCCnburpTlMtM, tasO- S. 'Jamb 

l-'urMiU : or tb« Lib of m noM* Wu«r- 

aui,' K doawtie IomI deua* ia tkr*« mcu 

?l«ati4Mtwl ,' «n Uittarical iImima oi tkrc« 
teti<\ict»nATlM«ln>,lKair). l-'TVOoMB 
>r Lifi) ; Of Kvi-rj Ib^ ft 8MV>r,' * aa^lical 
, in tbiM wu (Sam<; TlMMtrr. 4 Afril 
, S, *Mudeiu B«w«n!* an cnpaal 
linonvMi (\1elofi« Tbaatn, Jaanarr 
37). e. ■ IIr«*krn AkMd! or* SeMu* 
^,' « DADticsl dnna ia Uu«e acta ( Vlctena 
Mtn, 10 Anil UST). 7.'Ami«iiMLe 
rfi>,' m onomal draisa ia oae act <Sl. Jaata^a 
~!)«atn, 398ept. 1*^7). ". ' TVi CUnuBC 
Pt^ilv : or Lucky or Cntoclrr I'mj^ a dnaa 
uit" TTx'TUun'.SO'Jaa* UW). 

O.'a: . ■.!!« 8«ifnct«4 Owt «r Um 

Moral KraiuL' a dooMrtic ibaau ta tbme 
aets(S(iTTejTlKUn!.IABnl183B) 10 -X^ 
«f tba Woada; or Um Alur df Bennici;/ a 
■irinJciM (ViitniMlV»tre.iaaa>. IL'IV 
'Whan) of (Ixs Ware; or the Ship of tlw 
Airnftrr,' d Irp-tMlar? naat teal drama in tline 
a«:tatVwloriaThifalrR.23Mit.l(y(P). l'>.'Tlie 
Ysw Tme Rubu ; or tbe Wrrck, the Mimt, 
and [he Mine*,' a dotncAtic drama to tbna 
aeUCll J&o. l^U' 13.'Ruih:orth8l^M 
Uiat Loves a S&itar/ a nautical and doiMatic 
drama in throe acta ( Victoria TbMtre.iS Jan. 
1^). 14. -AufltiFrtiu; oir Um SoUier'i 
B^id•^,' a melodrama in thm acta (Qoaea'a 
Thealrv). hi. -Ainili*; or th» Lor* Taat,' 
Md otwra iu thme acU. If). 'The Wraith at 
tb« Lake; or the BrowDtit'a Briff.'a mekv 
<lramaint)meacta. 17.'RutliDtlie tleefer: 
or lli<< TigtTOf the St<a.*a nauttcal drama in 
thiveacta. I]aiiieaaLaoadapC«d and arranged 
from the Freaefa of Scribe and Su O tor gw 
tfau Mongt, dopfs, qurt«tt«M), noiraiirnt, and 
ehnnuM In tin' opon of '(Juptii f<'r a Dajr,' 
which, *nt to ramie hj Adalpbe Adam, waa 
ftrat performed at the SunW Tlualna on 
14 June 1S4I. 

{Ijuiy't, DaMofiilw'B. raai1)«tUD<l't, aad Wali- 
ng OolieeiMM of PUjrs.] Q. O. 

lyptji I !■>'■■■ Willi ilCwCTf Ham^actor, 

tf iM^QAiA 


^ .r. to t^mmf» OO- 

Hm^ anncud tW«UM- 

(aft««»fa St Joaefh) Wtl- 

' af tfca m fly , wha, am ^tmg 
07 aTrtMev toak Hmbs a* 
iMLaliM wmrtaij . PiiMimFlaaaanwtqf 
hiiwaM of dinefMian,Bama votwitbaa 

m at 



< Annor, tn£ tt mf fh m , , i , p. «), 
he C««ad hia war to tha 'neeb* Ronral, wboR 
Pm-i Hv hisi,'7 ICajr lOttj, andapghaof him 
ai iW i a w ju i fii a * to da wr . He mv that 
HaiBM had raoaatlv jaiacd ftoa tWXai^ 
any (ia OAUa l^aaa, MnmJ Jili ). Afi«rtb« 
T b a a t w Bojal waa tmimt ia Jaaaarj IS7I- 
1079 ba waa m«| to Ptwit bf Hart ai^ 
Killimw t4 dBMiM tb* MirlimnT mmi m 
tbe FrMeb OMtaa IIEaiMn; AwCMMfAc* 
*mi»i*ftie&rttASl^f.9»). Hit* 
done tte anad 
bta wjib Hart. HiifnttBMnkd 
part If B«to in Dijitm't 'Atm^utiom,' a 
«n«uc anrant, who it an "-'it i' liaal 31ar- 
sloC This chaiactcr D^nlea ia aa ff oa rt to 
naTT wiittea axprEaalj* Mr Hatar*, who to 
107% a* ia hrf i ei wl , m* the original azfO- 

Tba origiml mrta be teak pnniMa lo the 

jvnctmi of tbe two ""■p*"*— ta IS^J tn- 
daded TiMOBti in Faus'a 'Lara in th-^ Dark,' 
MSiJi, QngOftj Dwiadi* ia LMtaaid'a ' Coun- 
try lanooeBca,' HadaqiiiB in BaTODHiraft^s 
'ScanouHUih a Flulo«^ifc«r,' Sir Simoa Civ- 
dnlooa in 'VTiu led br the Hot*' in 1677, 
WhiAerrBtbe'HanorNeirmaricM,'bv the 
Hon. E. Howard, aad l.*iniff« in 'Tridc Car 
Trid^' trUrfer'a adaptation of ' Manneor 
'niamBii,*tBlO;'& In IdSt heaved BdlUach 
in the seriralof BrooniBV'NortLera I^s*,' iu 
168S waa the original Bramble in Tai«*»'Cuck- 
oltfaHaTen,' and Hazard ra' Commonwealth 
orWomem.'O'Urfay'e alteration of Flotcher'a 
• Sea \'oya«u' 

Meanwhile tbe repttUtioB of Hainos for 
writing and apeakinf jmlogsn nod epibgiiaa 
hadgrmtljriaen. Inie75aoewi>rcilq|nMand 
epilogue to'Etrry Man out of fiis Humow,* 
written by Daffvtt, vtta ■pohen hv Hainea 
CLiXOBHiXt, Bftitk Dramatic Pi^tf.f. 291). 
The original epibgne to the * Inland Qaeena * 
of lUnkswu written b^BaiB«(,aii<l wiu iii- 
l»adedtobM|iolteahjhuD,lQSI. Itotmtained 




; that plnycrs nod porti will 

jon'rc plniuoil to Minile upun Count 

Tlio proioffuo lo lli-j 'Commonwealth of 
Women' WiW Hpolitm bv Uuini-'s witU a 
vruaUfra scyibu iu bis h&n<l in rcrcrcnco to 
tbe di'fL-at of Montuoiitli. IHines's numv 
neit (vppcara to the t-barootrr of Di-paaii in 
a reprint (.fttie 'Traytor,' imi.'. lu lOO.I 
ho wnii Cnplain BIuIIk in tlya^frevw's 'Old 
Bute hi)! or." Nesi year lie was Ginos do 
I'liiwiniiinte iii clio flrat part of D'L'rfov'a 
' Dim t^Liisotc," in Hilt? wa* SyringB in tbi; 
' FtelaiiM,' Uo^er in ',K<r>p.' and Humour in 
DennisV ' Plol end no I'lol,' Tlio clinniclw 
of Baldcrnir. cnllird in i\w dramatu pminre 
B Pinypr in rH«giii.«;, in thi- piwi^ \n»\- nninfil, 
HnltK'N «nr« in llir jirnlojrur!, wan iuteiideil 
fur hini-Mlf. Ill liiOU tie wa* raiupMct, a 
bof>kii<-]1«r, and Rtpidooa.a dancing-master, 
in Faniiiliar's'Lcureand aBottlc' Thopro- 
lo^e and epilogue to ihia were -wriltrn mid 
•pokon by bimwLf. Hu wnsiii lli« wini« yr-nr 
Tom En-nnd in Fiiniuliar'n 'Thu Otm.-daiil 
OoH]l^l^' Heabo plHcwi t !w IV'lown in "Oi IihIIo,' 
Jamr ia 'Sawney the Scot," and olher parts, 
lo 1^00 he jpiav^d iho Doctor in llurnaby's 
'Itefonnod Wife.' the cast of which piece tif^ 
nest hrnl DUl. iOfn. lie di<-d noxC yenr. As an 
sctor Uainee aequircd lll.llo reputation. As- 
ton, howeTPi". says Ibnt thcr? wore two nnriii, 
Noli KliilViii tbi> '(11(1 Bardii'lnr'iiud Krup-r 
in '.^^sup/ whiL'b iiunii vvlt l<iiidi>Kl liiii jno 
Hiiinitit, itnd owiu to huvinjf ciiptud hiiu in 
thi lalliT. Hi* faiuowaa dimlii tUi.' deliv<3ry 
of prolof^iiH ond opUopMM, ofti'n of hii own 
eompMition. Miinyc)ft]iMohe>d«livi^r>?il under 
•tTan^ condiTinnB or with t.lia tno^t curious 
ennronindnt. Tbiis the epilflpup to ' Ne- 
glpct«d V in urn, or thu UuhHppr Oonnin'rour,' 
WM apokftD an • madmim. Tbn cptlnguo to 
'Unu.pp7 KindnAu' ha iipolct) iu th(> bfthit 
of a hene-offi(?er monnted an an at>8. Thin 
epQc^e is ofisiirncd to Maine«. It appean, 
however, in tliol7SOfldit.i«nof Tom bmwn'a 
* Work*,' IT. 31S, with a print r<«>^?«<.'ntinJJ 
Hain<>»and the om on the front of ihcMag^. 
Thia p6rforiiia.ncv wa» imitated by juicooed- 
in^ uclora. *A Fatal Mlstnkr, or tliv Plot 
Spoiled/ 4tft, iCOS aad 10»S, \s, nccordlDg to 
Oildoa,attribut«d toUainva. OvneBt,whodo- 
elurea itu wn-tcliodtrap-dr, eupiiowaliainua 
rMDonfilUe ooly for tho proIOKU'jand epilo^u, 
aaitbo editors of lho'uit>^rii{>!iiaDni]uUca' 
hold thnti though tho Rrst edition aUudea to 
it* having booa acted, tli« statement ia acucoly 
credible. Aatonsaysthat Flnin^^^^kcptadrDll- 
hooth a.t Jiorthidnmnw fair, at wliirli in IflSfi 
Le produced a druU called 'The Whore of 


Babylun, ihu Devil* and ibe I^iih.'.' IIain<t» 
hae a roputtitioa forwit, which his pnsliigncm 
aDdopilo^t-shardly justify, ilia rivacity and 
anintal spirits cooimendod him to ariBtocratto 
eodetyt Doth in EogUad uDd ia I'Vaauv. In- 
numernblo stories, onu vr two uf tlieui of iik- 
lit) pentonated n-yaav in I-Vauce, ran into dobb 
\\iT'-i: lliousand livrm, and narrowly occaped 
\f\ai L'.otiHaed in tlm Bastille; was orrottod 
fijr debt in LInglaud. and tlirougli n tridt 
obtained llio payment uf tlin amiiunt by tb* 
Bishop of Ely. Cibbiir in hia 'Apology* 
colls Ifainca 'o fellow of wicli«d wit' (i. 2(8, 
I'd. Ijiwc'). Up (ipiwars to have been popular 
niii'iuK hi* fi'Uows and at theCoTimt uarden 
coUW-hdiisi'a. Tiim Brown, in bi^ ' l^ettera 
frijiii lU« Dead to the Living.* givr4thrt« let- 
ters from llaiiwa, whom hr cnlln ' SiKiiiiir (liu- 
Aippe llaiieiin, high frunniin lliirior in Bmn- 
ili[iolis,'to'hisfni!tid»«t \Vill»'s coffee-house* 
(Bkhhx, Warlu, nil. 1707, vol. ii. paKUm). 
Diiriii? ihv p^ign of Jooiea II Ilninca turned 
vaibnlic Qi[ind«clarestbai LordSuodcrUnd 
Mtnt for thu actor, and quegtionud him as to 
hilt nonvenion. flainiw iMiid, ' An I was 
lying in my bed, thu Virttin aiiiKsred to m* 
and Mid, " .\riiw, Ji>''l' ' "luii lie, you 
raffuc,'Knidtb«< uarl; ■ if it had really been th» 
Virjfin ln'rwilf, Hhe would have said Joseph, 
if it had only been out of respi'et for her hus- 
band' (r*vii», Dramatic MurvUani/, iii. 
2117). A* Bayca Uaioes euhHeqiiL'&tly «|iril;» 
in a whil*' Hheut a K^cantal ion jirtdo^im, writ- 
inn for him by Brown, two linox lu wbick 

I own my cTirn4 of Inavitig in the lanh 
HymoUier*ptay]i{i'as«; she's my cnolhur cho. 

{(■ft. ii!. -tiOO). Drydcn, in c»asf(]Uunce, i 
supposed, of an imo^icinary dialuL'UO bt-twccn 
iiiQuelf and llojucx, writi*^n by Brown, saya 
in his opiloguo to bid vvrsiou of Fletcher's 
* Pil^m ' (some of the last liaw ho wrQtol2_ 

But noithcr you, nor wc, with all ouc paioK. 
Can taako duui work i thor« will b« soaifi 

Whilu ytro har* etil) yonr Oatai atid vo 

n« ftwumcd tha title of count whim 
Tolling in Franet'wilb a RentlL'Hian, who, 
onjfiy his society, paid his cxpt'nw'j'. Af 
a short illnogs bo died 1 .\pril 1701 at 
lod^fingainllaH SlritM, Lnng Acw, and wi 
baried tn the chiircbyard of St. Pauli 
Covunt Uarden. 

[Work* citiH ; flonnnfs Acconnt of Ilio Staj 
CoUey Cibber's ApoloKy. nd. I»wo : Life of 
bmouK ComoUUn. Jo Hayacs, 1701. Sro; ■_ 
ton'sSiiof SupplcraoQt to Cullry Ciblcr ; Uakc| 

•nd Jooe*'* lUogniitiu Pnunalin: Dm- latB,'Afaraham'*SM!rit«»,' I(«71; snnmnrio, 
I'alhawftlk llijceUwiw; Tinhi'i Handbook , • IJarid ud Gdiatli,' IKSO; %ad n t*ni|>hlrf, 

thci Iruo Senitonir Si!mle,'I»niioa, 1fs>6,'J(». 

[Brown'aKoe.Wct. p^SSS: attrinJStnniURl. 
viL SM : Mnmu Tuun. xri. 688; Hmilc'a rait- 
aittl WQtb. Briu Una. Libnu;.] L H. M. 

HAINBS, WtLUASI (irTR-IftlS), mi. 

irer and paintfT. was bairn at lti>dhaitipton, 

lampsliirf. on :;i Jiinf 177§: hut Tiiki-n in 

rinCliicli<vli'rl)i?nlvrnT»riepknle(l Out 

bia retire y\me«. lie wis rduuud at 

licUiuni:! gramBinr hcIiooU wilni.'Ating 

rblla ihsntbe ctMtructMm In- fin- of Tovr- 

Kjr Hoiu& Tvp'OTMnafiurtliat <li>*«t«r ha 

HAKE. EDWAIOX/. I57B». utimt, 
wtui i^iiCAlird by lli« IC<'T. Joba Ilopkioa 

MWith The*. lt» ««mT^T. flt NnrtlMW, I4-V.;, •».<l*dopt«l thrprn.fc»lcll<rftl^Uw. 

i« B<7J*U-Shak«i-:«w pl.t«. In ISOOIu. • amber of citlicr inn. Jn l^Mu-t ■>,«-■- 
juwl^ W U;.«i«vov,-u««^u1It tt-Ulii.« I ^**"y';' 1?" entered m tU- NUH^ncr. Ik- 


•W.iitrv "L* «ad.. numfww- dnwing; ' " •■"'*«' "«"J' P^*'" Clu»by.rtl.. N.,<r 

rCd&«,nM«^ctot,.J:c.),r-«»blii«C»tli?. fr''^ ?«"«* "^ aapWv«i *f«-<'ni.uir r<. 

' m liheCapehe """W*M™*« of ine prtweiil time, 15.1'. atnl 

olWwtH cntituled, Byr Nanunuft. Written 

■ 'iSatjm . . . Cooipvledb¥ E.H., 

, 6tt». b.l., 66 Imtbb. From (h« 

W. At Up« T™.. and .n «cur,i<^ up ! «"«*"' *-"' 'V^""^ 

fc«,not(^«>totj.Jic.),ri-semblingC»tlio'« !'^!j,;^?J 
T Ajtirrican pidurt*. Krotn llwCapetie ■ "* **'™ *'" 
kJ to I'liiU-fi-IuhU, where he encnved a ' -i?^. "* 
Dba tJ hook lUBelratWM ('JohjWMi'a i !**•"?'»'' ^ 
Ijl,' 'BrKlfoid'aBriliah Ci»»aica,'&c.>and ; '^.'- ?'^' 

(■h.cli«lTr M.a I.U ««m.rii<.tw iWr,-. "iM-wsi t^^ff at W ind«.r wm rx«vM m 
J»n<cJi»endati.>nliBpii>eataa) (.fte^hU *>' ^."iVT'' = ,,'t* 'J' J !!!?' "**' !** 

^OUtluuBMoiitbiit withliltli-rvstili. Acain in 

l.onilnD oU prufnuionnl jininiivclA imnraTwd ; 

\r mti^feil a lATgrT Mntr, atid alltmatel; 

^iotn) ill uiU. Aiuoii;( bib mauy atttera for 

miniaiuri'sut Boyle Scrt<-i.Savilpitow,iTbia« 

he midnl and built a sliitlJo. werv Ijord* 

fitmtgibnl vkI I'oitarlingtoD, Lord Vnxrvy 

^amtami (nitmntdt horn ltii^tnn),^<ir Ab- 

4nir BuiMnI, aiid othir PrnitiiiiiU olKcnn ; 

4hcEailofSlwikop»(«Ettpnin.i]Uv Ifi^tnoUU), 

Sir Cliarlet Forlm, Baron Oarwu'. I^-^b. llio 

tnrelWr, Salami, iiiierprt'lt^r : Lady Anne 

Banurd.lhr Miwesi*on>-r, Moort-. llkoml'ire 

Eonk, MiK 8l«pfaeii8. II<> painted ponr«iu 

hi oik at llncfaaDan MrMillan and L^prain 

(StrF^I Party (both •i«r«r»<lbvHe\TKilds). , ■.-, ,. -,,^ . -,^ ' . .' "-■ 

Saonediaaiotomeftoj^nyWMiT^^xoEut "w*I»l»«a^ 1W:.». Tlr.Wi«.iofy 

BoMon, Wbm he disJ 24 Joly iHif*. T«»« '■>'*" "'' "' I-^'cwt-rr nr» fcllowcd 

' '^ J ** "■ I wbich El«ku aanotmcmi that b« dora nofc;] 

HAITE, JOil\ J^VME^ (d. M-1), mu- j aspue to nuik 'aaonml the buMn aort of] 
•ical c<>»i|Ki«er, wu a uavfitl mt-mbvr tif iha eQ||[liaii Povtca of 'Mr itidi;,' liin \tnft»*'iaoai 
Sodetriif Itntuh MuNciaaa,itkK!kpn)dun«l I duttea not alToHuic fun uppnrlHnttira of' 
aeviml of his mrin. Uis publiabea compo- Btudy. JIv ntales that lie Ii>i> corrvfti^ in 
HLiuuaiucliulsBatijr Mags: aaBierlr«a;'Fa- ' auDj pWtTalhc l^'xlof ibi' firit fdiiirin,an<l 
mailta Udoilire as Quinieta,' lw5 ; a can- , baa lairoduced ucca«iuDal additton*. After 

in 1i«r bonoar at tli« nuiUball (TlCHi i 
Uavts, ArniaU qf H'hubvr). Kraa 10 ( 
1I»8 in ^ March ]&&» llako if«^in«i-»iKl 
Xfw Windior in parliament. Vm do act 
hear of him aDer ISCU, when he |)obliabed'i 
'(•old's Kin){dom.' Hewai a iiurilan, and 
m>rtvh«n sbowa a keen haiiva of 
Mtluilina. }lia«jleuim|)otiahe<l,b4it vigo-} 
rotia and raey. 

Hak« vrol* ; 1 . * NawM oat of PnirW 
Churchy a rdit,' I-'>70, a veryfuriouH and raw 
work- Th*M i« a copy at Lanijiort Hall, 
Northamptonahirc, iW'Mal of Sir Cltarlra< 
Mum, hart., aad anoihar btloimedto Ilr-bi-r. 
fact, W Mr. Oharlw yAnttmiU. t'/rm^ jmrt of.] 

tUc »d«Irv« to fhv n*-(ider conm wmir liatin 
BlflliscH in llir anttt'ir'a pmisc bv .rcthn IjOiiKi 
tna MinoRii^lmli v<;n)i-!ilii-ndi,fl 'TIiuhiuui! t» 
liaCiti«afLcinJ()ii** U)wliH'hitvicce«ilflAe«u 
Ltbc-lini' slautM, 'Tb« Author W ilu? Cnqjing 
fttitl Bcomefull SicapLanC," Home commeQiln- 
tory Lutia Terse* bvlticliard Muttbew-.a cnjij 
of IvnglUli vc-rnji bcmti-d ' The Noueltic of 
tbiit ItiKiki-,' hikI nil i-iiumviiig of Ldiceater'H 
MmuwUlinrbjiiindiiiacnjitiDntMm^atli. TUe 
'Htiiv*, eifffal in numWr, i uko Hid form of a 
3u]ogiie fieiweew Bertulpb aiii I'awl in tlie 
■isle of Si. I'aul'i'. C*1f ricul Biid legal iibu«i_'« 
'we denounced ; phyeiciflns.Hpotbe^ariiTS "'>■' 
niptu, l«wde, lircikem, uiiij ueuren iirft w- 
rvvrulj' knitdbt]; « protctt U mfldv npiitisr 
[ntilnwfiil Sundity i)niiri»,iiidag<iiii&r thediB- 
tcrcditablQUfiealuwliteli Si.FtturfiCntliedral 
'wiLapul.(&Ba|dBct>af B3Hi^u(ition,&r.) '2. 'I'lio 
Imitation or Following of Clirist, and lliu 
fontoinnirtB of Worliflv Vnnilicii; Al the 
first writli'ii by TbntiiHK Ki'm|iiH,tiUuU:liiniLii, 
niftf ndwi nnd polinhf-d h_v Si^h«ntiivnn»0«lo)io, 
U) ItAltAit.tind EcgiliHbcd by E.U..'1507,8to, 
witb h (i«dicat ion t o tbo Diike ef Nodblli ; r«- 
iastifrd in 1S68 vitb the addition of 'anotlior 
Ijtetie IrMii**, '■iitidilid Tbo pprpctiifill tc- 
K«W**<if tlifl podIv,cu<m in ibii: ivf(;'(Hriti»h 
llluiinitD). M. JoJin Ixinc, in !ii* i»ddiv«'to 
tbfCilifof l^iidt.n'(]iTohxi'<l to'Niwi** nut 
oi IVtwlc* Cbiircbynrdc '>. mt'iHiotis a l'>st 
tnclf'f Ilnkcpnlillcd'TlicSligbtdorWunlon 
SlnW^ It nniii( haw been writtca in or W- 
fon> UffiS, ID nbicL vuir TurU-rvilk- nlludt^ 
te it in I119 ' riuiut.- I'dtli |4J IVrfect Vi-rtut',' 
■4. *A Toucli<-8ti)Ui- for tbis Time I'reaeut, 
«XpTeelr dcclQi'inK fcuclt ruinesi enonuiii^-s, 
AndofauHM&fi'li'oublc theC'hurcboof (lod ond 
our Chriallan common ^r^ulth nt thin dayv. 
M'biri'vnto io (innciLiI n inrffct rule twlji.- 
ob4mit-il <>r «U I'urciiln nmi tScbob'iuiuii[i.-ni, 
in ilit IntyiiiiiK vp uf ihfir tk^lmliem mid 
Cliildrvii ill le^miDg. Nii^ly set fonli bv 
E. H,,' 1674, b,l.. t^vff. ^-J Icovcd. I'reiixrii 
U * dodicntory ciiisl Itt 'To bis knownc frifndt^ 
nRj'vturKdvranlfiodfri'y, MrrrliniiuC ; ' llirti 
in prciee, wbicb is fuJbiwed by ' A Ciiiiiinu- 
diousfourmonf Kducaiion.* tnlUe "Toucbi- 
,B1one' Hake invt-i|i}i» against [he\icp9 of 
tli« derHT. and cpnsarcs parents for their 
cnrelcsi tMiningof cliildrpii. Tlio ' Cora pen - 
dioDH foiinne,' nn nbriduud melricnl rrndcrw 
tog: of n Lntin tmrt, 'I>8 ^ueriH BiJiiiiii iic 
lilM)rHlilrrinHtiliK'iidii>,'coniii*l« ufn scrii'fof 

II a dedicatory iriunlli^ (to Join Uorlowe) 
tli« Kiithor BtaTi-« tliiit 'boin); lied vnto HOly- 
tarinevse in the cnuQirvy,' he had trHni>l(iled 
the tract for recreation, am! that hi' bud etn- 

plojred vene bec«iiw li ut mnrc wuiily w-Titt«n 
tbnii prniu>. The c"py crf th!a work in tlie 
Hoilleimi Library i* supposod to be utiique. 1 
1). 'ACoiniuemorBtionorilieMcwt Proaperoua^H 
and Peaceable ICai^e of our Oratioua and^| 
Deere Soueraignc I^dv EliTflbeth' (lilated 
17 Ni)v, 1570), b,l.. si-fi, :.'() Imi,-m (Brit. 
MiiMnitn), mixi'il vt-run nnd pros*', ban a di>- 
difntory i*]>iiil Ir. dated from Barniirt!"* Inn, 
'To the woridiipfiall, bia verie loiiiug fViwaen 
M. Edward lUiotlu Esouier, lUe Quefmea- 
Jlaiefttie^ SuriifVaur of nil ber Honours, . 
und poMewioiis wiibin licr bighnes Coonty 
Kwi-K." I'lirk rnpritit'.-d tbin iinct in hi»«t: 
|)li'mi-nl totbi'* Unrlniiin Miscellany,' ix. ll 
.tc, (I. 'A liiyfull CiiiilitiHanpiMif'tlu' Coi 
memo rut ion. , . . Now« iicwiy eiilarj^i'd wi' 
an exhortation apnlyed lo ihts pr^^sent tin 
(dated 17 Not. 167><),8to,24 IvBTea. Th 
is a copy in l.ivmbcth Poloce Library: it la 
reprint, with addilidus t>f tliw 'Comnirmom- 
tioD.' 7. ' llniildiiSlin^npntTKl (iri'iitQnlinli. 
... By E. H.,' IfiW), l((mo, tnoniioued 
Mnim»ir» ' CBtjUfipop,' may he a l<-st vo\ 
of Ilaktf. 8, "An cSation conluyiiinj? an Es- 
pofttiil&ci<)n . . . KOvr ncwlv imprinted tbift 
xvij. dav of Nouemher' (1587), b,l,, iUt, l~ 
le8T*« (l.ombplb iVilace),reprlnf*'d inTot " 
of KiiClioVu'l'rripTV^M'* nfQin-fn Kli^nbrt 
i<tho oration irpnkrn hvllak'-on ihf-nu&ftn,' 
binhdny," S(^pt. IflHri/inthoflnildbcll, Noi 
XVindsor. It wn« dcdicfltcd to tie Count 
of Warwick, bv whom thu niitlior bod 
' often n-uiwi-a nnd ninjfiikrlv comfort' 
y. 'The Tonchtr-Stoa* «f Wiitt-A,' IW8, 
uscribtJ t'l Huke by Wartoo (//iW. 
i\etry, od. Ilaxlilt, it. WS-4), who Itod 
lainly seen il, but do copy ib now knon 
10. "Of (iolds KinpJomcimdthiB Viihi'Ipi 
Age. Ucpcribod ill mudry Pocmn tnl 
m I :[i,-dly placed nflLTcritaiiii! olhi-r P'X-ma 
morespecinli nwjiert: And , . . an Oralii 
. . . intended to have bnn delim^red . .,f 
vnio the Kinirs Maiesty.' Ac, ie04, b.l., 
iil) teaTefi, dcdirated to Edvnrd Vnugbi 
was written iu London when tbt-plagiMJi 
raginp. Tlic chief topic ifthii powcrof p>l 
bill n-flTlionB ill prnw nnd vitm' nti tu 
iitht-rBuhjeciP'ircintroihici'd. ILLatiHtlo eoHttiinstbrei^flrticlr's by llako. 
LkjirflisfKl iiiHiLhard RohinaoB'a ' tlcwardfl I 
^\ ickednesae ' ( 1674'!. 

fMj.(Ili«ri«it E'ini'(i"lB'«Iiiit(ni«clioD to No 
nut oC PuwIm Cbcrcby utile, TiliBin Itrpriot 
1872-] A.H. B. 

divine, was third son of John HnliewS 
mercliaat,of Exeter, who rourriMl TluimiwiS 
dmigliter of Jobu IVn'sm : li'' was ilier«fo; 


I lakewill 

Oaorg* WW bom in tlw ^ifh of Sc Mu-r 
^Jln-liM, Rsvur, was InpiiMd in ill ebuKB 
; on '26 Ju. 1677-^ and iru tnined for 
rtli* uiTcnitr in the frrunraar gcbool. Sir 
[Jahn PrfyEin, who knilt ih^ common room 
■tAiiMM next the hail of Ks«ter CoUwv, 
OxfoM. wM lii« iiiir!«', and Sir 'Ittonuu Bodioy 
\ras * near kinmukn. HftlcAwill, na tlioir ve- 
laiiv« and a Dovonian, wnt to OKford, mo- 
tritfuUUng aa commoocr of St. Albon Hall 
on V> U»j 1M>6. la Xi» following ;rear 
(HO Jaiw) b« wat slaeled to a feltow«hip at 
i-Ix^<r Callqi«, on aceouul, siiya Wooif, of 
lii» abill na a diapulant and orator. He jfru' 
0<iat4<d B.A. onfiJiiIv im>; M.A. -ii) April 
I'JU-J: B.I>. ^7 Marcli 1010 (for whicU hv 
vraa bHuwimI to count cisht tom» apont 
abfoadh and D.D.^Jaly lull. HtirWoed 
hiaf«U«nrabipan80 JuimICH. An<T(alunK 
hw bachalord (kgne b« apfiliml litm>«lf io 
the aCudy of phuoaopbr atid diviuiiy, aud 
OBterad iiol^ cvderv. Ilia rt'odinLr was \i:iy 
momaar*, and to further impiovi.' iiia miad hv 
obtata«d tma his collc^ Imts to tnTvl tw 
jrend tbp ka.-* Tot four jmrs trmn 1004. He 
'(>aaw<l i.iti'-ivtioloinnl^r'iuiion^ llinCalviu- 
iwUixUddelbeTx(Aiuieerto I>r.Carier,l6\6, 
tbtt). Booa aA«r tiia reliim to Kui;ltuKl he 
Mcanu! mMed for bis tolenta in prvac^n^r and 
ctinUWcnyi and in Drcembcr tOI^. wli>*n 
Prince Charteshad bv hubroihcrV df-nlh b"- 
RHB« heir to tlic Ifaronet, 'two sober divim^j, 
llarhwell and sncilhrr,' «a,T» onr of Cnrk- 
loo'a eorrupnmlonla, ' arp plnci-il ivirb him 
■ltd ordand nnx-r to Irarc him,' to proti-ct 
him from tbi) inronila of popiTy. Thia chap- 
Uincj tlal^ewill n.-iaini>d for many jcnra, 
■nd OB 7 Feb. 1U17 h« voa coUaled to the 
ftiebileaeoary of Surr^r. Lack of higher pn^- 
lisniMlit YHU doubtleaa due to his aDti-aaccr- 
dotal vie«« on religion, and bi« vpnoailion 
IO tlM> ptoHtrinl f^niali tnnTm(|[« of Prince 
t'barlMi. liiiki'will wnMa a ifmiian nffunit 
ilu- ^jwtiUli nmrdi whila tho negotiatioiu 
yrrn lo ftogK-a, and praacntcd his compusi* 
turn lo lite prince witaouL (he liintr's kiir>v>'> 
bd^ WelooD, who did not lovolU'-^Itinrlia, 
■B^ that the author, in banding bio (nxML In 
tlia ptiiuv, aUdMl, ■ Ff ^n »bow it to four 
filtlHr I aliall be nndoaa for my ftood will.' 
Cfmrlfia promUiMl to kii-u Uu- nM-Htt, but olv 
laiOMl from IlakewiU lhL> infnmation that 
Archhiahop Abbot and Murrnv, the prince's 
tutor, had alK«dy te«n it. 'Wiiliin two hours, 
•DMiaoea Weldon, Charltw cnvt> ih« wnrk to 
ifca kiKtfi B»d IlakMvill, Abbnr, am) Mnrmy 
wefw dugru^ivl and hanithnl from thncourt. 
AadnvM, biahop of ^\'it>ch««Uir (arnnrdinft 
to tJta ■ Stal« Phpi'r* '), waaotdfrrcd by Jaoit* 1 
to atutwer Hak^will'a arpiBMDta. 

ilalietnll'a private meant t&iul have been 

ciniiiiiJenUef for on 11 March KtSSbe laid 
tliofoundation-etan«ofaiMiwehap«lat Exat«r 
CoUef(e, vhieb h* built at a co«t of 1,^001. 
It wu can>eenit«d on fi Oct. 1624, ' the day 
wbMi Princa Cbarlea r«tumeil from beyond 
the seaa ; ' and Prideanx, th* rector, preached 
the ci>niM.-c ration MrmoD) and uft>.'n^anl!ii pub- 
liAlied it with a dedication lo Hakewill, who 
waa lauded for hia ^n«ro«>ty. though ' not 
prvferred aemany arc,and having two aonnea 
[John and Qoorgv, taya the eido^olol of hia 
owno to provide for otherwiin;.' To Ilia »ift 
lUli«wiltaddrd tlie fnxta of SO/, in order that 
iLi»;nnoninii;bt kv preaclnKJ ovcrr yi;ar on the 
aniuvermry i^f thtt conaecntiOB-^y. Many 
years later, on 23 \vtt, 164:2, he vaaelecled 
to the rectorahip of Ext-ter OoUen, and al- 
though he was for aoma time nbacDt. liotn 
Oxford through illncoa, he hvpt the placo 
until his d<nth, and waa not oiAliirbod by 
the parliunrntuy Tiuton to Oxford. On 
the nouiiuation of Arthur BaaMt he waapre- 
oenU'd to the rectory of Heanton I'urt^hardua, 
ncarl Wnalaple. where bo livedquiL'tlr during 
the civil war. Ilnkcwill died at this rectory 
hoiisoon 2 April 1646, and woe buried inthi; 
chancel on 5 April, a memoriid-Atono nirb 
iticr!i)tion Ix-in^ placed oa his gnve. Inlvin 
lant will he di-mred tlial ]\it \iodv aliniild \m 
buriL'd iiitbi-cliapulof KxeterOoItf'Ke.orlbat 
at h«at lii-s htnrt should be ptari;d under the 
comniunion-talle, near the deak where ijia 
bible rtfled, with the inscription 'Cormvum 
•d te Domine.' Thc«e directions wer* not 
carried out, but bla armsi wt^rp ri>iin*M-nted on 
thcinjnf of thechapel and ontliitscrMeni. and 
in Uie rait window waa an iD«cription to hia 
mi'mnry; they were deatroyi-d when the pi»- 
ai'Ht cliapel was built, lie left ttK> college 
bis portrait, painted ' lo the life iti hi* doc* 
l^al fonnahties.' It was placi'd at fim in 
the or^n loft at tlio Mat end of the aiate, 
joining thi' niiithaidii nf the ehapel, and waa 
nfteraiinli n-inovi-d to thi> rollega hnll. An 
entrravinjc of it wan publiKbnd hv Harding in 
IrM, A aeeond portrait, of earlier date, the 
proj»«yofMr. W. Cotton. K.S.A., of Eieter, 
IS deecnbed in the 'l>eranahiro AKociation 
InnBactiona,' xvi. 157. Hsluwill mnrrind, 
in June WU>, Mary Ayrga, vidow, of Ilarn- 
atapla tVivnx, Marriayr IJrmFft, p. 4fll. 
8Jie wa* biiriwl al Bamatsple oit fi May lOlo; 
bv hw Hakewill had two aoHB, buriod Bt 
Lxeter college, and a daughter, who married 
and 1»ft di.'sc>:<odantfl. 

Hakewill is nifitltoned by BnaweJl (Hill'a 
(il. i. :iU'| M one of Dm grmt writ ur* who 
helped lo fom Johniton'a «tyle. Hlsworki 
ar«: 1. 'Tim Vaoitin of the Eie. First be- 
gann« for thft comfort of a gentlewoman be- 
rovcd of ber sight and sine* upon occmioa 


Hake will 



_ l/dinpUyingwidi* ronding. TIiflWKond 
Wia cnmii oiiL a.\ Oifwd bj J. Barnw Id 
1608, HikI llii' ihiril in 1UI&; anoibiiir irupKA- 
sion, t^rroiiDOiuly called llie KiH?ODd edition, 
ill daud in 16SS. 3. 'Scvt^in wgium, id g«i 
Adverevs omnPa regicidas et refticidanm 

fatronoe. la (res libros diuisu^'^ .London, 
S13; nnoth'er edition, 1613. 3. 'Tlie Aim- 
cient liccleeins! icnll pnictico nt* (.'ontirmu- 
tioci,' 1613,whic-!i wa»wTitl*n for tlio |irim;i''* 
«nnnrmittion in WliitciinU (.'hniJi'l on EoKtnr 
Uonday in tliat yenr, London. 1613. 4. ' An 
Answttr to a Ttfatiin' wTitii-n bv Dr. C'uri^r,' 
Latuloii,1616. BsujaininCnric-rrq, v.JnTffu«d 
in bvoiir of tlie cburoh of Home. £. ' Bine 
David's Vow for Ut-runuution, di>lii-(>r«d in 
twelve Scmioas, Iwfore tin' l^nc* hi* Hijfli.- 
n«»c,' IDlil. tt. 'A comimrinon bi-twt^i-no 
4hc dayotof Piirim itnd ihnt uf tlu: PDwdcr 
TrcwoD," HHa 7. * An Apolog^ic ... of lU 
power (inil |irovidi'uci) t>( '^ud Ui thv Ki»vi,'rn* 
nivnt, uf ttic' world ... in fimrv tuukvii, bj 
O. U., D.l>.,' i«-'7,altIiu«glibe«iuilonKpr»- 
rioualy. jViiotlior tdition, leTisedf but aub- 
etautiQllj' the same, appearod vrilli his namv 
ill fullun tlii>titlc-pn(,'c ia ]6^,i\nd tlic<lliird 
vdicioH, much onUrgud, with on addilion of 
'two cntiri' Itmiks not formerly publi^lK'd,' 
came out in \(il\^. The author com plnint-d 
tliat a man^k'd irtuiubtiou into Latin of iLv 
llrst cdtttDU waa madu by quo 'JoIiauucH 
Joasloaat, a Falomui;' waa publieliml at 
Aautccdam, 1632, and viu traneJuted bach 
iBloEngluli ial€fi7. llaliewill hero arffiicd 
■OgftilUt a preTaleDt opinion that the ^vorld 
uid man wen docaving.os »at funli by Itishop 
OodfrojrGoodinmn [ij. v.l in hi* ' Kull of Man,' 
lAlft. Doodmiin n'pli<'d with ' AtKiinii-nt* 
and Aiiiumi!vt*rtioiij< <iii Dr. (i. nulcKwill'ii 
Apolo|ty:'Hiid tlir! additional niatirr in the 
163& eiiiiioii of lliikfw ill's 'AiJoloKj'niiiinly 
COiiKisli'd of tbe ar^nuuectti and replies ot'ihe 
tvo CQDtrov«r»i^ little. ManiiKTtpt reraions 
«f llftk«wiU> ar:^iiinvnt)' ngain«t thi> bifthop, 
diffimiig iu many rMpecta rmra rbr printed 
paiaages, are in Athmolcan MSf^. li'84 and 
1610. Tbe 'Aiiolojry' was £di>cted as a 
thesis for Ibc pliilosuphica.1 diepulution at ilia 
Cambtidgo POtniDencE>meiit of 1828, whc^ 
jtlillon wroto Lnt in beKsm^lvn, headed ' Ka- 
tunuu noil nati 8<.'Tiinin,' for Iho rcsptrndent 
to bo ditLributod dining> debate. Pvpva 
(3 Feb. lflU7) ' r.dl to read a little ' in it, 
' and did auliafy inyMlf mighty but in the 
truth of tlie savin;? that tho world do not 
gKiVf old at all-' Diursld Stewart praised 
llakcwiirn book aa 'iJie production of nn 
wnconimonly liberal and cnligbtwned mind 
■well Htorivd wiib vfirioiw and clinire ir-nm- 
ing.' 8. 'A St-rmon pTvioftbodnt BamslJiple 
upon occasion ot' tho laic happy iiuocets of , 

Qod'a Church in forraiue parts. By O. H.j 
!«»:!. 9. 'IVrtaina Trvatiaes of Mr. Juh 
DowiiH* [q. v.], IBHSj wbted by Jlnbewill 
with a fiiniiml unrmon c>n Dotvni', 'a ninir 
neighbour and diu-n- friend,' and u lotierfroB 
lli^op Hall to IlHltewiU priiiled alun ii 
Hail's u-orkB (ed. 1838). 10. 'A Shnrt biitl 
(.'i(>nre Di»counie of ihe Institution, Dignilyvf 
and Knd of the Lord's Dny,' 1641, 11. • A.\ 
l>iK>«irtiiti(>n wiih l>r. IIovIth toucliing the i 

frfti-ndod Sacrifiw in tlwi ICiiehdriiW,' IfUI. 
li'Vlyn wmtit a mnniw-ript roply, and Ih". 
Gi.>org* Kickc.-i [i{. v.] aniiw<ired it'in print ii 
'Two Trt-atisiM, ona of tbe Chrintiaii Prii!*t 
hfH)(i,the other of th« Dignity of the EpiM( 
pnl nr,!er' (Srd ed. IHl). Hakcwill ' 
Komriiniiui mid lo have been the 'ti.ll.'whol 
tmnsliitcd frnm thi« I'liench ' Anii-t'oton, ■ 
a wfiiljiiioa of [I'iorri>] Colon's Icttt-r da 
cUraliTv for the apolo^xioK o( (ho Jceiutcfll 
doctrinv touching the killing of Kioga,' ItillJ 
IK* trauslutcd into Lalin iho llie of Sin 
Tboiuim Uudivy, and hu m-role a tivati»«t| 
ue Mr prill U-d, 'n-.''Cuing Ur. John Itainolu 
and otlior irruTi- divines fruiu 1 he vaui aaaault 
of Ili-ylyn touching tht'hi(!lorv of St. George, 
pn.-lcndudly ly him BHcrtcd,^ and the viowi 
of ilahewill, Ri-ynold.*, ntid olhcra on ihia] 
matter are rvfrmil t.rj in llvTlvn'» ' Hietorr' 
of Si. ()coi;ga of Oappailuda, bJc. i, chap, iiu 
A IcitLT from him to l.'iuiher ia in ILirim 
I'arr'a 'Lift? and l^utera of l*«»hcr,' 1( 
pp. 308-8, aiid 1^ i> l^tin letters to titn ai 
in Aabmol. M.S. 1401 Lloyd, in his * M( 
ntoLra'(]677cd,>, p. £40. altributeiilolIbl(« 
will 'An exact Comment on the 101 Taali 
to ilircol. Kiii^ how to guvprn tlieir courts.^ 
Fulinan (Voriivf Chritti (Ijtf. O.rf. M«A' 
cccvii.) abnurdly iiimigmi to biin ' Di*li«, cob 
tayniuK certayue fvHineti. With ibe com-J 
plaintH of lltMnmond.' 1592, ihe work 
t5an]iic'l Daniel [q. v.] 

rViviao'f Viniu of Devon, p. ii' -. Wood't 
A!!...<i»Oior». (Bli»i),iii.S63-J,f.68-e(),- W.j<«lVj 
Fasti, i. asl. -296. asfl. 314; IVood'o Unie. 
thtfoTvl (Omch), ii. 3li; Wood'* CoUegis anil] 
UaUs ((iutcli). pp. IDS. 113. 117. 121; PriuraU 
Wnrihies, pp. 44V-A4; Biwisf's BuR. of EMier] 
Coll. pp. IxiT. M, 02. 04. 07. 101. SIO ; 
Univ. Oxf. II. i. 132, a08. Ji. 30(1. iil. 21fl (Oj 
Hitii.Soc); Camden'a Anuolii, Jaine«9,aabl63l;1 
lUIkctt nml Lainn'ii AnoD. Lit. pp. 182, 2384 ;| 
UurruWh'n Heg. of VwitorB of Oxtanl Uiiiv. pp*l 
Irxv, tiisii. 218, iOO; Ca!. of Sinlo I'apwa,] 
1003^23; Pcpyt, ed. Bright, W. 226; HflMon'*': 
Miliou.i. 171-2: llliiel('«0»l. of AibmoionnM-Sa, 
pp. 1044, 1373. Uia.] W. I', C. 

HAKEWILL, IIKNKY (1771-1830), 
architect, e!f!i>fit don of Juliii Hakewill [q-v.J^| 
was bom on 4 Oct. 177L He wa«apupil oCl 
John Yenn, it.A., and also Studied at 




_._, tl Aei^tmv, where ia 17P0 h« obuinMl 
a ailT«r nifxlal ^<n ft dnwnu of Xh« Strami 
front of .Sinicw«t IImmo. Jli* fiwt work* 
wer« fwf Mr. H(in-nc at Feota Cr»y, K»nt ; 
mh»«<iu»Rtlv licd<rtigtii--(l Iti-ndli-tliain IlnuM, 
Suffolk. Oavo Castiv, YorkKliiri-, tad mu); 
other 6no mkiwionv. In I80£i hr woa np- 
polntcd Mchtlvct lo Kiig*>y Stliiftl, and de- 
Bvned th* G»tliic bnitdiotr^ autl clmjwl Uicra. 
I&w'ua]aoucliil«ct to tbv llailctiDi- tTnR(«e» 
■tOxfoffdfBad lottie bencbonoftbo Middle 
Temple. AmonfT tho cbnrolica built b; bim 
wen Wolnnon Ctmrcb, tbe firsl tburch "f 
fit. Peter, Ellon Stjuarw ( jincc bural down, 
•lul ie-crecto(l bybin^i'm rnun liindruwinfrn), 
aatt tbo uglj ttiwiir nf St. Anu<;'n. Sfjlio. 
Ilnknwill wrote ntt nn-tmiit iif ilit) Itomim 
vtlU diaroven-d ai Nurililfi;;li, CafordahilB. 
ficat publi^il in SkeU<«ii''i ' Autiquitipe,* hdJ 
reiamed aepuniolf' in 1^3i!. Od l-i Nov. 
ll*W ho niArricd Anne Snnili, dnii^littrr nf 
ihoKrv. EdwanlFrii!u>f Nnrlli CraV.Ki-til, 
and iliiil 15^fl»^'^l li^iO, Irrnvinp wifiirliild- 
ttin, iiu'ludini! iwo »»ii:a, JiiLn Hctiry Biid 
Eti*TU-drb«rW. noiiii^d brlow.BiiJiidftutrh- 
l*r, EliulieiU Carolioe. iiiiiniuJ ii> Kdtvunl 
Drovri'lt of Ffltliam, Middli'sex. 

iliKKMiu, Jojis Hksrt (lfill-l?*eO>, 
arebilwl, son of lli* iil"jr.r, wim iii-fliiliTt at 
Slnw]nngt<i|\ llall,'8ul)'<i>lti, tUi- hiiHpital ur 
Bury 8t- FAlnininl«,'»iid i)f w^nie obufche* at 
YnrTDiiu'.li. Hi^dit'd in IHfitI, njiwl 00. 

HaKKIVII.1., EUWiKB Cii.(KU:8 ^1812- 
1872), architect, younger wa of the abof-e. 
'vafi a nudenc iu' tbe Itoyal Arsdtmiv. mid 
ia 1831 becam« a piipil of I'bilip llard- 
wick, li^.[n. V,', On wtiine up for bimw'lf 
built atiu dtsl^i-il ■■bnn'lirs hi Slunlinni 
and (irnndisburgh, SiilTVilk, Suulh 
it^.and St. JiiniM*, Clajitun. Ilo wnit 
^^,___jt«l n m«.-(ro[ioUlan dislrid surveyor. 
'Vitntired iu 1867, and sciik'd in SuUulk. 
HedMd9Uct. ll^'-J. Ia l»AI begmblii-lii'd 
'The T«aple; an JCswiy <m rtio Ark, th« 
Taben»a<-]e, and the T«ai]ilii of Jwiuiilom." 

[Diet, of Arrhitoftitfo ; tteUKrave'i Dirt, of 
ArtiMa ; priTote iuToTBHlian.] Ii. C. 

■rthilwTt.iK-oitui »onc>f Jobii IIak<;will[q. v.l, 
borti 1778, waabrougbtupaHannrcbitict, and 
«xliib4t«d «>>aiede8itfii« at t be Itoval Academv. 
~~0 ia be*t known for bis il[uelTftt«d pnblica- 
i>DB. lo 18IU be irablibbod a eerio* of 
A'iowa of ibc Neighbourbood of Windsor, 
.('ivilbonf^vin^ bycjuincnt urtinU froni 
> own drawiafp*- ^ti 1818 17 bo tntvi-Iled 
Italftaiul vu bian-tunipubUsUcd m paria 
'A lNciur«ei|ue Tour of Italy,' iu wbicb 
•ome of bis own drawinirs wero finiabed 
.to pictUTM for cugraTing by J. M. W. 

Tumor, K. A. In 1830-1 be visited Jaraaiea, 
and mbsfiqupntlv piiblisbed ' A I'ictnreajaa 
Tour in tbo .Inmwca,' from litsown 
drawinpt. In IWK ho published ' PIkiib, 
Sr«tiiiitt, and Kli-vaiifiim nf th<- Abaitoini in 
Parif, witb c4n«idcrai ii»is for lb«)rado]ilii>n 
in Iiondon.' Uo nUo publi*bcd nunuill tnurt 
on Kliaabetban arcbitocturf. Iln wa« vn- 
swcd in aoDQ woika at llifcb Lvgb and 
Tallon, CbeebiT«, and in ISw w&> a cuin- 
pviitor for tbe fr«ciioH of tlit- nuur bou«-'» of 

tu-Uamoat. llckewill ia aUo Bupjwted to 
Ltttcrs,' in 1812. Ho wbc i:oII«;liiig ma- 
li>riiili> f>ir a wcrk itn tfar Kliimr ivhrti hr'dipd 
iu litjudi'u, :2H Mav iKl.S. lln roarrird in 
1807, at .Si. tiLTiixe's, IJanovrr Sqiian-, .Maria 
CathcriQi-. duu),'bci-r of W. llrownt; of (3re«ii 
Stivrt, Gro*itiior ^(jiionr, lierwlf a wuU- 
knowo portrait -pa inter, and a frt-iiurm. ox- 
bibitvr nl tb>' Rojiil Ac.«di;my, wlii) di<:d in 
lfM2. Hi- Vft friiir winn, ,\nliiir Williiini, 
llMiry ilnini'M, Fnib-ncli Charlr*, ajHiri.rait- 
pointer. mid llidmnl Wbilwurth. 

IIakj:wiu., .Abthck (It***- 
lS6tn. arrbilH-l.ibi! eldt^tl aim, bom ia 1808, 
Vi'n» (rdiicati'd tuider liia fiilbcr, and in 1.620 
Ittramir apiipil of IWinitu Burlon. Ileuaa 
bi-nt. known m a writer and lectuwr. In 
ISflfi b(! [lubtisfwd • An Aiiology for tb« 
Apchitiwiiirni Mointroiulii-ft of London;' in 
188(S a in-niimi' on pcrspHct ire : in 1H51 ' 11- 
luntmtionit ■)f Tliunw llnll, Priprbiinrngb,' 
and 'Modem Tonitw: (iliiinuigi from ihn 
C«iDelerieftof l>ondon,' bt'^idsf other urrbi- 
rwTurnl worlis. He died 13 Juni- I860, 
hniin^; murrit'd in 18-18 Jano Saudtrs of 
.\iirthbill, Hcidriirdshtrv. 

Hakkwill. HrsRY James (iHl.l-lJ^.'M), 
aeuljitor, ibe srrroid *on of Jatnt-x llaVewil], 
was born in .Si. Jobn'ii liVood, I^oiidoiir 
It April 1813. He early showed a tA.Ht« for 
HCiiljiliiTi?, and in 18;W and 1832 eihibited 
at tb« Koyal Academy, ^ben his sculptures 
attractndnoiicw. liadied 13 March 183-1. 

[Diot. of Ajvhin^nra; Ili-d|craTD'a Dipt, of 
Artiats; Gra^M's hhu of Aiiista^ 17^0-1880; 
Brit. Uua. Cau^ prirate iufuinuition.] L. C. 

HAKEWIU., JOHN (1743-1791), 
painlfr and dc<«rator, non of^Villiam HiiJc<^ 
will,lbegivat-grandaouor William Hukewill 
I (). v.^ maeler of cbsiK-m', waa b"rii 'JT l*'«b. 
17412. UiibtberwaafL-TomBntoJaniMTboru- 
hiU tbe younger, Mr)eant-pDiDt<;r, llak>.^wiU.J 
in tbe I>uko of Ricbniond'B snllurj'. In 1 7*13 
bi' (rained n prvwium from tbu Socictyof Arl* 
for a landfcapudmninKtindin 1761 amil her 
for i^drawiiiK from tbt; a^1iI|u^Mn iht^diikt-'a 
gallery. Id 1771 begaiaeif a ailvsrjAletle 




for lftnd«eftpe-p&iiiling. He exbibltc^ U the 
Soeuty of ArtiMA exoibiiion in Sprinp-Oar- 
^n* ft portrait and it 'convmfttion' pifoo in 
]70S, and a landaojK in 1766. In 1769, 
1772, 177U hu 'WSH iiffnin nn rxhibitor, cUiirflir 
of portniu. iiu work htd «om« mcrlT, but 
ba locked ponororaDco. and devoted bimself 
to tousu docoration. Hi- painted tnanr tlo- 
oorotivcworlunil BItulieinitChiirlturj-, MarL- 
borougU Hoiuk.-, NuribLiiiiburluud lluiin>,&c. 
Hakewill warritd iti 1770 AuuaMtLnu Cook. 
aad diirU £1 tiepl. 1731, of n palsy, leaving 
eif;Ll children (surviving of filtciMi). Tkruo i 
Bt>nB| Henry [q.T.], Jnmes [<i.v.], and Oeorpo ' 

tjl. v.]> won) archiU-clif. A dauitlitiir Cari>- , 
iiie maRiedGliarlcn^nnit.lifby tviKiiutilu' was 
mollitTof Edvrurd Juin<« Hmitli [(i, v.], aur- 
voyor to the ecdvubuAiaal nunimUfioiion. 

[Bdvaxdi^* Anecdotae of PMiatora ; (iTawa'a 
Diet, af Anfsta, 1760-1880 ; n«d^re*« Diol- | 
ofArtUtii; privntji isfonnatiun.] li. C. 

KAKEWTLL. vrri.u\ytam~W}ii\ 

legal ant iqimrv, <dd''«l win uml belt of iloliii 
Hakowill, aiitf brothtr of Gt-or^d! Hnkewill 
(q. v.T, waa boni iu the jwrisli nf St. Mary 
Arciee, Exeter, lie wjourned nl EitlerCol- 
U-jc^, Oxford, for a sliort time Lii ItiOO, but Ivtt 
irit bout a dpcree. Hv etitpr»d himself at Lin- 
coln's iDaiwIieiQ be studiud ilw common litw, 
am! nUo took lO pulitimi- H'-vnrnl (VmiUb 
constituenciea, BoMinvy in 1401, Mi<^b<'ll in i 
1004-11, and TrogOTTm IflU iirid l«lM-2, ' 
elwtMlhimiii tuni. Hi-imjuinHlcriiuidoi'iililH 
property in Budcitigbamkhtri!, dwitllitifi at 
Budubnd{(C* Hou»t. OL'ar Wendover, which 
pauedUhBdeiMiidiinls. I:Iisi»fluenL'elh«re 
vai AtTcngtheiu-'d liy hia aiinointni'eni, in ron- 

J'uiiclton vfilU Sir Jsrome llprsev, n« recBiTcr 
in^hamshirp, nndiKlioinin^cniintii'ji. Whiin 
examining tbi' jiMlinnn-ntnrv writ* in lln> 
Towi^r of IxirntuD, lit' di.ieowrcd tliat three 
Buckinffhaiuahdi*aboroiigliB,.\merdliHinr Mar- 
law, and WjiAiver, had formerly r<itiirn(id 
membe^ifCt pari i Anient, hut lliat thi^y had 
allfiwtfltho privilogi* to loptf^. At hi* *U(r- 
f («ti(in tlitry claimed Ihuir riglilSp atid from 
l*l:^.'> thcv wen> reeo^ised. Arocnliam re- 
turned hun aa ita m«nl>«r in 16S8, but «fl«r 
ihi' dipiolutiun of [larliument in Kt'it' b« Kt- 
tindfrumparliuDcntarylife. Hokcvillwa* 
one of lL« two esecuton of bis Idnamftn, Sir 
TbuoiHa Bodley fq- v.], and one of t hi.- chief 
niournersat tliclaocralnlOxfordon tftt M*rch 
iBlS.lheday after which bfwa*, by II s]jecial 
firracD. created U.A. of (hL* uuivumity. In 
1814 Ilakcwill km otip of six la«j ere — ' me" 
not overwTOUBlit with practice, and yet 
learned and dUiffeut, and comcreant in re- 
ports and reeorda' — appatatM to tcri^c tho 

existing laws. When tbc govommont m-j 
quired money in 1 61 &, he propOMd to ru»t it 
by a )[eneral pardon on paymeBt by iraoh de- 
linquent of &/. The propooal was definitely 
SJMted after two monthft' coii»ideratiun. In 
ay 1S17 ht- waa mad<< solid toi^oeral to 
the queen, but he had ' for n long time taksa 
much paioa m h«r biuincse, whciein tho 
bath dvno well.' la I62L, during' tlie attacks 
on Kionojiolius, he and Noy weia deputed 
ti> eean:li fur nr«c«dciit« in tbo Ttra-er, but 
Uia labours did not ^ire ([eacu«l tatiafaotinn. 
In Janunry ltS» bu was ancjiled with Pym 
Bn<l Sir Itobcrt Phillipe for »rae oBenea in 
pflriiamcat. Ho was elected Lout mde 
of hi« inn in 1(1:24, nud was one of Ita chief i. 
benrlinrn for iienrly thirty ycnni ; bi» coot of 
amiH ytoA fid up in tbe wr.^ window nf tt« 
eha|)^]. He Mtned in 1627 nn a onmmiMioii 
for iiu|turtii|f into the ollioea which existed 
in the eleventh year of Queen Eliiabelh'a 
reign, and into tbofceslonod therein, and he 
wan includud in the larffn commiasion for the 
repair of St. Pk-ul's Ciitliedral (April XQHl), 
wteii he Hhow«d »n niiirh interest in its : 
*<omi ion that hawn* ngifKiiiited on thaamall 
working committee in lUU). He wasa Rreafel 
student of le^al antiq^uity. and a master cif'l 
precedents. In potitice'he aided with th»/ 

f&rliament, and took theoovenani. In ApriiJ 
(U7 hit wa* appointed a mnscer of chnncwty^l 
and WA* tiominuled by botli houses to sit with 
ihn onnLniiflKiiiiti^ni nf thf> groat seal to haar 
(rnuMi-H. H.- dind, n^od Nl, on 31 Orl. I000»' 
and wu* iHiricd in W.-ndovir (^hureb, wt 
Elizabeth, dnuffhtep of Sir Henry Wodebc 
of Wexbani, ^orfl>l][. a eister of Sir Hvber 
Killiflfrew*swifp, and aniee«rf Bacon. Sha 
1»5iV.>, nffd .M ; John 'HnUi-will (1742- 1791) 
[ly. v.l wno a grent-gjnndnon. 
I IlaKi'will was tho author of "Tbe Libenie 
I of tilt' Subjt-cl Against the p«*tMided Powar. 
' of Imposition mnintainedby an Ar^mentiH 
I'arlinaieiil anno 7" J«cobi reKis,' Loud, itS41,J 
('•ipiee ore aBionp the Ex.Mer OoIIoro MSSJ 
Ko. cxxviii., Itriti»h MiiM>iini .\dilit. MSS^ 
SriL»71, Lanedownn MSS., N". 400, and Ht 
leinn MSS. No. I'")it. Ilia argtunvnl ec 
troverted thv power (if (liu kin ^' to raise moue 
by chnrgee, fixed by the royal prerOfi^tiTO c 
imports aridtxporU,andl[alliunaM<Ttathat 
'though long, it will n-pay ' pc-iusal aa 'I 
very luminous and maetarly ctatcincut of thi| 
Eifat nriTiitnent.' The tract In ins'.Tti-d itk\ 
IloweU'B ' Statu TrtaU,' ij. 4&7-75, aiid 
]lurcTari:'s edition, xi,39,iiQ., witbivmark 
by tin; irdilcr. Ilargrave owned the copy ' 
the work now in tbe UritiAb Muaeum. and it 
couiains copious notes by bim. HakcwillV 


second wgric wru ' TLe Manner bnw Stanma 
are enacted LB htlianmt kjr MMiBf rf BillaL 
CaUected manT jtaim fam tmt at tin iva- 
nalls of tbr tlooM of OaiMia^ Bf W. 
Hakcwill. TogvtJhrrwitliaaUilogaaitftW 
i3pe«luYs'naii)n>,'](V11. IltadbacatB 



tcripc Ibr many veaia, nul ■mcmat cqpie u 
hadftaduaUrxMabrauL Ona, ' tlw bucac 
inittcn of all, ra arnkoM kk lonnlatfae 
muted TfTf em\mAf. Thii was no dam 
tbs anooymoHs Tohmecntiiled'TlK MaiuKr 
of luttdtngPariiameiita in f^gf^fnf . . . vUb 
tba Otdar of ^^nen^ivg 10 rirliiiami of 
Sjna ChariM, IS Apfil 1610;- I6lt. Hak»- 
wtU ( pablicaiicFn vas mncfa calaifvd is * Mo- 

dni teneodi FarliaiB«im& togatlmwitli 

thi! PriTile(^ of PailiauK-Bi and tka Manner 
hnnr Law«4 are there eiuetMl by paiaing of 
ItilW IUfi», whkfa vai rmintfld in 1971. 
He wu n mnobCTaboDi IdOOaf tkfintSo- 
Ci0<y of Anliqitannt. sird t«ro papMS t>y him, 
< Tbo Antiquitj of thf Ijiwk of tku Idand ' 
and ■ Of th» Antiquity of lh« rbrutian Ko- 
Iwion in this Idaiul,' aiv [>riBtcd in IlMrti^'i 
•CoUeetion of Cortoiu PiROMmM.' 1 720 and 
1771 edilvoos. A inatiw by Haki^will on 
*A UtKinit« b«tw««B tlw yomger Sou of 
Viteotutu ftnd lUroo* aptinaC tba claiata 
«f BaTcaMts tn PrMMl^noe' wu anonf 
the iBBSUM«i{>ta of Sir llrnrv r>t. G<>or;^ 
(BsRSiSB, Vat. ii. £>1. 1 1^). lit* ai^ra^nt 
'tliat fuch u no in chancery to tcnli^rrd 
of tb^Jodgmmta ^vm at n>ttiiii<n] law iirc 
not «iiliin ihe duiper of " pncmunii*." ' i* 
in LanwlowDe Mi;. >'u. 174; hit tiiK^ccli in 
borliamrnt ] May 16:fS is in the Haileian 
MS. No. 161 ; and hia correspondenM vtth 
Jnlin Itoinbridgv [q. v.], tbo Betrononer, K- 
niniai nlTtinity C^Alrn, Dublin (//wf. M8S. 
CVmm. -Itb Rrp. p. C&l), Ilr compiled and 
pTVM^Bt•-tl I0 tli« qun-a a disacrtnlion on the 
nature and custom of aurum nviiup, or th» 
qiUBB^ p>ld, a duty paid t«Bip. ICiIvrard IV 
ay HUM of tne jaclfrps, eeijflanta-at-law, and 
snat men of the realm. Oopies are aninn)f 
tbo ExcCcT CoUegc MSS., Na cri., Addit. 
HS, Britiah Uoacam S^SG, and at the 

fWood's AtlteDM Oioa. (Bliw), iii. 2Sl~a ; 
fTood'a Kaitt.i. 354; I'nora'sWaftliiMi.pp, tlV- 
4X1 : Cai. oTStBU Paprn>. l«03-«3: lli»t. M8S. 
Cosun. <th Kcp. p J19t : BHtikli 31a|{uiiMi xad 
Itennr, 17«Si BaUMn'aOMialit.Bisl. (Ttb wL). 
i. 319 1 LipacDinb's Baefcinf^nubirts i>- 478. 
488. 490; Co«nticT'a IWl. Bin. of Coramtll. 

E. 169, 4M. aSh ; S|M<MiDg'> IU>\>o, to), r. u{ 
fr, p. SO, «, 71, 2(». rii, 187, 191. M3.1 

W. P. C. 

HAKLTTTT, RICHARTl (I.Vi2?-161«t, 
geo^phcr, of & fumily |M»!iib1y of Dutrb 
< nrigui, but Killed for Mveral ceniurMa in 

niiili«iiMiii I , wfam the name a|ipcan en 

tba Bet of dncifi aa aailr aa tba tiaa of 
Edvatd n. was bora aboot I6&2 (Cnvran, 
Lomdam Xmrrmgt ZaaMMiX*>d after an aariy 
edacationat WeMain«erScbMd,wwtn INO 
elect«d toaMadMtitmacCbrist CbvrdtOi- 
foid. wbcm h* pidlnaicd D.A. 19 Feb. 1674. 
andM.A.SMB.lS7. H» appMra to faara 
taken boly onfcn at tba osau aga. WhiU 
atill a knr at 'WMtniaMcr fai* attanlien bad 
boot tnmad la jaagia{i^ and tbe hi«to>7 of 
diaPOTgfy. Thv Mody be bad panned vith 
aridity wbile at OsSm, landing; u he tells 
mhinaelf. 'wbatwTif prinladarwfitmn dii^ 
ooraries and TOyacm t fonnd axtant, aithar 
tn Gnak, Latin, Halian, Sfudib, ISnUi^al, 
Freneli, or Ea^Uili langi^ei^' and Mae time 
after laldnf ha depee be te emwd on tbete 
•utgectj^ pB^kp* *> Oxford (Jona, p. a>. 
Ha daina to hsva fint abown in lltMo la^ 
turn ' tba nnr, lately ttfomad napi, globta, 
nhenia, and otMT inatniMtrti of tai* art, for 
dVaMaiMratiott in the erausfln fph<n*lfc' In 
1 o«a hepBhliabed bia ' Diwia V wyaf ei towfc- 
in;; tbe DiacoTerT ef Anenca,' a work which 
would Hem to'baTe •ecured Cor him the 
natrooape of Lord Howard of Efllin|rb&m,lhan 
lord admiral, whote brotbrnr-in-Uw, Sir Ed- 
ward SraHnM, goinfr to Fra&M in 1663 aa 
KogliiJi amhawador, appotntcd Haklnyt Ua 

In lYrifhcfeundnawopportuiitiaaafMl- 
lixlingialbcnutionaa to Spamtli and Fiandi 
voyagva, * uakiD^,' lie wrs, ' dilig<.-nt coquiry 
of tiaeb (bings as inigtit ywlA aur l>Kbt unio 
our wt rt e tu dt«coT«ty in Ant^ric*.' Himq 
ri a a axtt a a bo embodied is * A particular 2>ia- 
conmconc«rtt)ni;W»tcn] l>i«M>Tn«»,' writ- 
ten in 1084, but fim print«d in 1877, in Uol- 
lectiou of tkeilaiiw Uistorionl tjooEty. A 
copy of tiki* preMntcd to ibc qneen paocurvd 
htm the Kti^rnion of a prrbendal etall at 
Itnsto), In wiiicb bo MiCcoBded in I*i86. He 
remained in Fans, bowerer, fur tno ywara 
loneer, and in 13S6 interested himsntf in tbe 
publication of tbe journal of LaadaaniAre, 
which lie tran'Inled and publisln-d in London 
undrr till; title of ' A notable Ilittorr, COll- 
laintD^ four \mm» made br cvrtain Fianc^ 
CaplauM into Ploiida,' 1A67, 4io; and the 
same Tear then^ wmt puliliiilK^ in Paris *Dft 
Orbe Koto Petri Marryri* Anjilerii, Decadea 
Oclo. illuftinia) labtine i-t induiTiii Hkardi 
HakliiTii.' [TranJlaied by ]h(icliael Lok, 
I.«nilon. 1612. 4to.j In 106^ be rMunisd to 
Eo^laTid in rompany with Lady Sbaffitfd. 
l>(inl Howanl'i f^iiitj-r, and in l&HOpubli»bedi 
'Tb« Priiicipall Navifratiooa, Voisgn*, and 
DiKQi-vries of the En(;li»b Naiioe intda bj 
!^CB or over land to tbe tnoft mnote and 
fartbew distant quaiten of the earth, as. 






lime with ill tho compUB of tbew ICOO 
ycuei' [itm.fol. in aiioTol.],tc} iIip 'bniden* 
and ' buge toil' of which h« wiu>, lio telld us, 
aociled ))_v hen ring imd r««ilingwliili-tii Franci.'. 
* otLLtrtinliiinii iiiirticulmibl/oxtiilli^ij for ttitrir 
ilincoTi-ri™ luid niitoible enteriirises by »«i. 
but tlip Enuti-nli of oil olhen ibr their Murai^h 
wcurtt}' autl cantinuikl ocg'Wt of tho \i\u; 
ttttempu, I'ither igTioiniiiioualy rcporti-d cir 
cxcecJln^ly C0Dd(tiua<*.iI, nnil Rniling few or 
none of our own mi^n nbli; tn n-]ity licrols, 
sndl not *M<ing «ny tnoii to biive rnre to 
rKOTniiii.Mitl tu lli« wnrld Lb« iridiiMrioiis 
Inboitnt iind jHunful truTels of our counlry- 


TliiR o!i(! volume, which was tledical^^l to 
Sir Krwieifl Wakingham, was Ilii' (fcmi, or, 
OA it is QOJEfaoaij ralW, ihi- Rnil iflitiun, of 
the muHi larpHr hikI liKirr ktrnwii work 
vbii-li lie iHililiKliitl iu>uw i*n y«ir* Inier. 
fiiuU'r A ttl[» uluKMt Jiientii^al in lt!i ffeneTBl 
SUli>ini*nt, bill ditTi'iiriR iu tht.' dclnils [3 vols. 
em. fol. l.')9*-H5aij. Tbo lim voliimt., piiti- 
lished in 15ti^. eniURimjit iin aci^mint ui tha 
«<it|wilit lull III f'lidix in loWd, wbidi, af^cr 
-or vuA din<i.'titd, tu Hiipi)rt«a- As ibe title of 
thill fimt. Tolumt> coHlamisd tbe wariin. 'nind 
lully the memorable di^fiinl^ of ll>'i> Siwnish 
hnge Annftda, anno i'ltf; imd iliti liimniiH 
victorie fttt^isred si the citio of Cudii!, ITitHI. 
are Jwcribad,' this tillo vns ciinMIrd, and 
fi>rthe aboro nftuti-nfo wiu »uh«iitutivl * A« 
aUo lb<i m<': morn bio defiant rf tho Spnniih 
bug« Anniid™, otiiio Kifife.' Tliin ntw litU— 
|iii£« (bkviD^ ttitua other minor ahf^rations) 
Dcan date 1699, und liaa g^ivcn tihi.- to tho 
vrmnuout notion that llmrowae fi»t-cond odi- 
tion 9f the tirol vuluuii- tbvu pubUHhcd: it 
is much lliv uion' cirinioii, and i« llic ono 
copit'd, iu factiisilc, in the cntalosjc of the 
York ObIo Ubrury ( It^WS l.iind v«rhnl!y ia the 
DLodvm vdilioncau called, of ISWnnd Ipy-l. 
In April KiOO ItakluylTp-uo a|j]H>iut(;d to the 
rectory of WctUt.Tiii|is«;il in.Siitruik,«ndhec« 
ho ifL'UiB to hare resided durinfr the yenn bo 
was cQiupiliu^ und DrrDngin^hi« giviit work. 

In May IfiUi bv »-m upiicintcd probiTtidnrr 
of Wcatmiaaltr, and urchduacuu iu tho ful- 
Ittwing yvoj : in ltM>l In: wan one of ihu clmii- 
laine of thfHiivov (C'liEffTKB). llewiwetill 
fiocupipd with bU ;;eo|>Taj>hical atiidiiw; in 
IGOl he is n&iut'd aiftdviiiinp to 'sot down in 
"writinf; a note of the principal plncit! in the 
Ea«t Indies n-hero t redo » to bu nod,' for tho 
uaa of the cotnaiiKnof thu Eut Indw Com- 
pany, and ntippli<-d nrnpn (Stbtess, Daim uf 
ISrituh Trade to the t:tul lafltft, pp. 1 i«, 1 4.1). 
In 1003 iiv wua one of ihe chief pramiiliT* of 
tbfl petition to ih>.- king for pal^nta for ihi' 
olonistttion of Virginia, and irus afterwards 

OMof the chief adfi-ntureis in the Lnndnn or 
South Virginian Coin|inny. Ilia U^t pnblicE- 
tlon WB»aimn8laii(<n fmm ihit PitnupuosB 
of the tmTrl» and dincnvrri*-.'' of Ferdinand 
da Solo, undt^r ihn lith- of ' Virpnia richly 
rallied; 1 HCK>. 4t o. 1 le di. J on 23 Nov. 1 fil IJ. 
and ou the 2iiiU was buried in We»tmin»:iir 

Hn^luTt -ms twice tuarricd, first in or 
al«iiii Ki^l, and again in March 10O4, when 
he wa« di-Acrilx-d in ihti liivriw «,» LarJrK 
bi><'n n wiilowi-r alwiil, m-vi-ji yean!, and as 
agcdabout fifty-lwi) (Chehtkr). Hi- left one 
ton, who is aaid to Lavp miuniidTt'd htK in* 
hK'ilnnc^ and to have discn-diled hlii nnwc 
Mr. KnHiddbnsiiptlycatled llakluyt'a ' Prin- 
cipnl Navigiition*' 'tht- prosi- epic of tb« 
niudi^m Knghth nnli'in,' ' an itnalnublp trea- 
sure of inatrriid for thr hinlnry of gitiirraphr, 
diaeovery. and cotuniiuilian,' arid n ridlt-ei ion 
of 'the heroic tali-M of the u.vjiloita of titn 
gTcnt men in whom the new era waa iu- 
aiifrtiniTfd ' (\^ittn'Uv.,Si^rt SfuifitM on Grtot 
Sulnfptt,xAW). Itegiiips li is jmlilished works 
HnkUiylh-fl aiar&iK^'jIh'Ctiondf manuscripts, 
■ufliciL'ttt, it ia said, to Iwvi' fnrnii^il h fourth 
volume an lar^'e a* any of the tbn'o of th« 
' Principal Xaviffalions.' Si>vMal of thiM4 
ft^ll into Che bauds of I'urL'has, who incnrpo- 
ratnrl them in an ftliridfri-d form in hie ' I'il- 
pTiinuVwhowenpTnvedtillo-pnjie opens with 
the words' Hslrttiytns I'wtnmnn;' otheraarfl 
ppfBftrvi^d at Oicfofd in the llodlpian l.ibrarj'. 

[JIntr.ris! for \\if life of Ilakluji— ciii#flj de- 
rivod Ipvni ilio dfrtk-nlioiis and prcfac"-* to his 
works, luoro e><|T<'ciHl!T from thn iliHlication to 
WaliiiDftbnRi i>f (lie rrtocipalt Navitcalionn of 
I6S0, &tid of tho <{r*t votunto of the «iilnrg«d 
edition of i»tlfl~i* rnllnctn] in tha nrtida by 
OldTx, in Ihn Kinjmphia Brilannicn ; in (lio in- 
(roonelion. by J. Winter Jocm. lo tht' Ilakluyl 
Socloij'» tHliliuQ uf tho Divers Vojagiytloueliing 
tlir IJiiVDTenr of ATiinricH. Mid in tlic Niticlc by 
('. II. Coota in ttio KuryclopRdia Khi-uiiuca, 
Svoalao Wood's AtliMiK Oxott.od.BIiM, ii. 188; 
FulWaWarlliieaof Bnxlnii<I. Hur«(ordJiirMuiil 
OKf.l'oiT. Hok., {Osf. Ui»t. Soc )n. iii. 33, wlif ro 
the niimii i* giraii with eight diflorrnl »p*Ilirig», 
onn of whicli IK Hnrklnwight.] J- H. L. 

HALCOaiB, JOHN (l7S)0"lt*.m ner- 
jeiu)t-al-l)i.w, horn iu ITIK), iiludi«tl law in 
chambers with thefulure judges John Patte- 
flon and John Tnylor CoVridgc, wns called 
to the bar ot the Inner Temple, nnd went 
the w«iitcm circuit Hiileomli, aftrr m-reral 
fdilures, waa eleeti^d conrnTvutlvi* inrnthnr for 
Dover iu 1Ai1t. Ht^ look t<oni(![KMilion tn tho 
botifli>, but on the di.^s»iiuioTi of parliaiDeiit in 
l^SAlotit hill Aeat. In 1^19 ht^ wan made oer- 
jcant-nt-Uw,hiit hiBjiolitical aiDbitionseoma 
to Lave spoiled hia career at tbc bar, for ho 





did not nttiiiw tlin hiett pxpNtktiotu rnnnad 
liim. Hi- dimi at 5ir.w KtdtiOT oa 3 Not. 
iTri, loaviofT « wnlow «iiil foar (ook. 
Baleomb wruU : I. * A It^vorl oT the 
Tria]j ... til tha causes of Kowe w/iom 
Gienfielljftc-,' 1S26, u tottnebtions rcgudine 
oapfet mioM in ComvnJl. S. 'A Praclioil 
fiteunrv of lt«Unr (rnm tha pnMBt ^'stun 
of did Poor L>«-. SobR>itt«d to tli« eoa- 
Ridentiim of Fartiamcnl,' IH^ 3. <A pme- 
tt>^*1Tn'ittiM on MMungPh rat* BilU through 
both Iluiutx of Purliuiwat,' 1836. 

[lA«TiiM*.l3NvT.lM8,t<i.Mi.1 F. W-r. 


(1824-IS^7 >. [ilivgu-ijin. •<>n of Jiiines Al*x- 
IlsldJuM* li'T.] hv bU ufconi wif«, 
ot nutlw-rfbril, lUiigbler of FntMSor 
RntlMrford [a. v.], iru bon m I8:!4 
~ at tlae oiftn acbool and oniri-r- 
' EAabmr^. AAw ip«<)iiatin^ M.I). 
B k* atodtcd in V'irnna and {"kri*, ami 
jntUTB Itctufml on BWdical junapru- 

, (»Bd pkthoIofCT in tbeextn-monlMBOol 

•tSuKMJu'IUU.lCduiW^k. Heau«ceeded 
Dr. AXixander Wood ta letcha of mediciae 
at SotKOCNM'IIaU, add be was aUo piiraicMii 
to the Kdtdbiuigb Kojral lufiimat;. lie was 
an exwilcal tcacber and wj popalar with 
atodauts. tin wil» juciMBaivalTMcrDtaiTaad 
ptMidcut of tho Edinbari^Cwle^ of A]rs>- 
cianB,Bud repraKDiod the rolWeoatlui gene- 
ral nuedtcfll coBDcil od Dr. Wood'* ratiiMiwiit. 
At the trrccntciiorT of thouniTWwtjof Edin- 
bim. HU dnttli, on 12 April \(^, iru ibe 
raault of an acculenta! &U on ioe on xbe pn- 
Tioua Chriitnuu-dny . 

[ScoUnan. ISApril 188T-] O.T.B. 

ITUl^llv'il I, tfliniuu-i writer, 5oUDK(;«t and 
ihunuKu turn at Captain James Ualdaoe 
!Ainlin^ llottM,StiTliii(I>bin.aadEatb»- 
jdau)tuler of Alexander buncan of I.ud- 
.watbornal IhindMon 14Jiil>'I768. 
I fiulter dviog in 17(16 and hit mtxher in 
'l774,b«wuit)rouKht upanderlhecnieafhii 
mndmotlMf . LdUo' l>iiadi«, and bu ODclea. 
Ln«r •ti«ndiiiK Dnadee mmmar school 
ud ilu! Uigkai^aalof Edjntiarghhewntctml 
UniveDBtyin I7^1,and altendtnd 
I uto ohnea for thr9e acMion*. In 17mj 
^^he became s midshipman on board tlio Dultu 
of Moatroflp, fUM. Indiaman. IlL-madefour 
TSya^ea in hm to India and China. Daring 
tlw Ual b* «ru aaooDd ofice*. AjilBtiwaoy 
which, in eonjnnctienwitb hit bvotber Robert 
fa. v.], hti eontTaot«d with David Bo^uo of 
[q. T.], laartn s deep inpneaion cat 

bim. and in 1T94 be abaaHtwl Um> wa and 
KtUvd in EdinbuT^ lisbeg;an(boTtlj'Bft«e^ 
ivBTxiA to bold rvli^ooa meectagt. In ipilo < 
th<> oppoaitMo which tbe then umal pruitti 
of lay inMcbiagudtedjlM began in I7V7 1 
nuikvextennnennfelutie loan one r* 
In n d . pf^aching wharcrar onortBnitjT ofl _ . 
oftvn to lajgaandiencna. ifiicanraffedlijl ._ 
a a c Ma a , in tha and of 1797 ho cataoliibed ii 
EdinboT)^ the Society for Propagating tl 
G<Mfiel at Home, a noa-dectaruui otMni«aCio>k 
ehidflv iniftnded fortbe promotion of iiitMrant 
nrnehtng and tract diatributioo. Hilheno 
M had bnn a m«mber of th«CfaiiKfa of Scot- 
land, b<it in January 1790, aloQf; with 
broth(r( and nthns, hit fiMind«d a eaag 
lional chuivb tn Edinbn^b, of which I 
ordained pastor on 3 Fi-b. 1709, thtu 
M>taiiiff tbP first ministdr of the first i 
lional chareh in Scotland. He decline 
r«(«ir« anj «*)ary for hi* (ervioa*, and Ihi 
•■ntiro eoagrantional incoBM was doToled to 
(he iwppoTi or til* Socintv for PropafUug tt 
OfWpel At I lomc. At nnt he HUMboir fai j 
lar^ circiu, but in IR01 hi» bcvtbor 
him in LcilJi Walk a t«Uirniiclo aualoJ fa 
tbrc« thousand peraona, and lii^ru b« < 
till bia duatb, sUU vpetidtaK, hovntror, miicb 
lime twxy yoar iu itinerant work. In 1^09 
b* oabncod fcaptitt aontUBcnt^ and tliia 
aUagwith otberehangaaitthiaTimi-Bcaaacd 
aaanooB nipt urv not otU^ in hiachurcli.biu 
throv^bonl the wbolf co a gr qj ational bodi 
in Scrrtland, and wa* the occasion ot mucl 
bitter contnnifrnv. Hi? and hi« brothrr, hoi 
eT«r,etUl derotedtlicniKlvm lo tli« tdraoc 
mentofnligiiniaUawr tbci»imlrir,end 
taioed tlwconfideniceof good man ttterj^ere^ 
In 1811 kepnbliahedamnttMtniggwted by 
tbf diHcntmu wbidi had vexed him, entitled 

■ The Duty of CliriaLian Forbearanoe ta I 
topuinuofChuTcbOrder.' Ita inmeinroT' 
bim in another controTen;, the Rev. Wil- 
liam Jan(n.a baptist miaiM«r in London, and, 
others, n-plying to it, and IlaldniuiiiibUihini 
a njoinder to their atrictnna. There va 
•caircljr an important rtdiviotu oonii 
in hia time in which ho did not lnki> a iNr 
Aiiainiit the WalheriUabepuhliahed in 1611 

■ Strict ure* on a publication i^oa Primitii 
CbnatiaaitT hy ilr. John WoDieT, fonnerlj 
fellow of bubliu Collefre.' Tho Iningil 
movemfrnt caU«^l forth a 'ICvifiitatiitn oftl 
Ilcrrtical IXx'irinwprriniul^iMlliy tlutlbnrj 
Edward Irring rcapueiina the Pvraoo ana' 
Atoninneni uf the Lord Jcmm Cbrijt.' T» 
thiaBeni;Drummond[q.v.}piibli«heda r^ 
jotader,towbichllaldanere^ued. Whattha 
eontroversT r^t^ardiag (he vwwa of Thmnaa 
Ersldne of Linlathon ^u. v.l and CamplwU 
of Uow wBa at ita hdighi, no gate eipr u a- 




b'tft h.\» vinvrt in *ObacrvuioM oa tTai- 
fvnwl Pnrtluii.thu Extent of ibeAiottemeni, 
«nd Pi-pn'jnil Aiiiinnco of Salntmn.' In 
IF^S Kppo«rcd 'Mail's Kespamibilit;; the 
Nature ind Extent of tb« Atoii«neot. and 
tlw Work if tb? Holy Spirit, in iw^ilv to 
Mr. Howard IliiiUm and tliA lUptiM Midland 
Attociation.' In iKt.'i Iia iiuuod a tract on 
tltc Atonomont, and in IrUfi a work miiikd 
'Th»T)actriii« of tk<> At^meoMOt, with attic* 
tQiTion till.- recent Pul>lic«ttoo>of I>r«. Ward- 
law end Jenkyn.' A Mcond edition of tliiR 
appoarcdin 184", OlWr works«f>l of acon- 
trorvr»ial kiud vretv: 1. 'Journal of n Tour 
to tbe >'orthf' boinn: an account of his first 
vwi][vlietic jotimrr. -. ' Ivarly Itislniction 
comuicniled, in a Xarratit'r ofCiitluinn« llal- 
dani-,ivi!b nn Addn-sato I'annU on theiia- 
potlaocv pf Rvligvya.' This was called forth 
hy tlii_< ilrath in 1^1 of bin little dau|ili(«r 
■t the age nf six, and ran ibiougb eleven or 
twcdri! editiane. !i. ' Vi^wa of tlio Social 
'Wnrahipof the First ChurclwVpublialiDd in 
1«)5. 4. *Tlio Doctrine and Duty of Sclf- 
ExamioatioB/ bein^ tlw »uliar.«nc« of two 
<wpw<m« yiCMlioil in 1806; bn ]iublU!iinl 
■nothrr worii on Um Mine nubjeirt in IMO. 
B. 'All Eiwx-itiiinof l!ieEpialleloihi>(iali^ 
tlanit,' pulili»h*d in 1&43. Vor fire j-ears lie 
cotulacted'Thc dcriptun Uagunn*,' in which 
iDBDfMsajrsfrotBliiapoiiapfKarcd, iDcludin); 
'IfotM on Scripliirr.* and lu addition lo tlit- 
WDvfci iBMitional lie Vfu theaiithor of insiiv' 
I tnol*. lie died in Gdiubunh on 8 F«b. 

He was twiop married, fir»t in S<<nl»ail»r 
] 7U8 to t h«> only daughter iif ?IInJiir Ali'tiindiT 
J[)ftBSofCiillmnaid,BanlT«hint; and*mMndly 
in 1 H'22 lo Mjomnt, dangbtttr of Ilr. Dauifil 
KuihFrfrwl,pn»e»M>rof Wanv in t\» univiir- 
»itj of KdtuDui^fa; hii 0011, Daniel Itutlitr- 
&nl, by Ilia aecond wife, is wpaniely aal icud. 

[Alexander Baldase'a Lirra of Robert Ral- 
daae of Aitthre^ and of fata Inther, JamoB A Ics- 
•ndcrUaidase, 1862.] T. 11. 

HALDANII KOliEKT (17<I4^1843>, re- 
lifpotu -mter, uUlMt broilier of Jamiw Alex- 
■nd«r Haldane [q. v.], vcn* bom'Jt) I'VK 17^ 
in (jiiccn Anno SircM, CaTnnilich SqiiAro, 
Xiondon. lake hia bretber l>c wna bmiight 
tip ttaAer the ean of hia grandmother. Lady 
Lm>die, and hia unelM, and the two boys nt- 
t«fldcd th« grammar whool of I>und<4 and 
theUgbMbMoTEdiBbnr^tofr^lliiT. After 
<*«ada^ a reir *hart Um« at (ldinbur|;;li 
UaiT«naty, ttarfrin 1780 bis joined II. M.S. 
MMureb aj mididiijiBuui undi'r bi« uncle, Cap- 
tain (nflvrwardK Viewnml) Duncnn. No« 
y«»r Im Ufa* Imniferrvd to lln- I'o-.idroyant, 
MBUoaaded by Captain Jvrvu, aflviwarda 

Eari Sl Vincent, on board of which he aaw 
aoaw MCtiraaernceaffainatthD Franoh. 
peace of 1768 brOQcnt hia naval earonr 
cioatr. M«anwhile li« had eome undvr 
inflii«nn cf Darid Bogoe of (ioapon ^q. v.' 
On leaving thviuv^heipeat aome timeundet 
Bote's tuition, and then ratamed to Edin* 

bu^rb CniTGtmity.wliftrttheremainodfortwo 
aMaiont, bllawing up hi* at4Mlk>e l>r waJuag 
' th« mnd tour In the apring of 17Ho. la 
17Wb# tetUed down in hJi ancwtnil bane 
at jVirthrey, when for ten jeaiv hn Lod a 
countrr lif«. TIm outhruak of the Frcack 
rcrolutinn led hiua to take a k«eii intvnatia 
politics, hut hif miud became mon anduora 
engin>Med with KcIiKioo. In 1796 ha fimud 
a p(«j«ct for ftfundinff a miasioa in India, he 
himaelf to be one of ibe mJcaionArios, and Ui 
sopply all the ncceesary fnnda. Itv prapafted 
to NU hia oelat«a, and to inTuat iHftdOl. bt 
xh« pcnnamnt aupport of tJie worh. Ilia 
fiicnd Bonw wnea lo accompanv liim to 
India, and o body of catcchiats ami teaclien 
and n pniilin£-pn.rM ctviu to he taken out. 
Uut tlie Ea:>t India CorapoDy nfuaed lo pcs^ 
mit the iniaaion to be planted on any pert «f 
i its territory, and the echeme was nbaadocwd. 
He then turucd hla atleation to tlia nwda 
ofScotland. In 17S6 be acdd Airthrcy, and 
br^o ocauionallr to preacfa. Leaving iIip 
rUitrrh of Scotloud in January 17D9, and 
joining hia brother in organising a con^fro* 
^ional chinch in Ediubut)ifa, Iw aat nboat 
Mtabtuibin^ ubemaclM in the Ian.'« oentn* 
of nepnlatiun, oftor the plan of '\%'lutefiield, 
liH ninuetf au|>plying tho aeoeKtary funda. 
To provide paniAni bofoMndedamitinries far 
the training of atudeui*. whom ho nwini^iined 
at hia own expetiae. It i* aaid that in iln- 
70,U00Aon hia schetnmlbr the advanmacnt 
of rmligion in Scotland. 

AbMii 1798 ho vnivred into a pUs for 
hringiiior tw<>nry4nnr children (rata Alriea 
to b<! i^Fiieuti'd and annt back agun to teach 
their f«llaw-eouniryinen, and proraisod lo 
beat tha eatin enai of tbfir tnuuport. <np- 
port, and sdnoation, eatimnt«d at 7,lXXu. 
Th» children were broiicht oror, bnt for corao 
reiuton <it ot)i«r wi'r<' i>ot placvd under tial* 
d)ui<i> car", thaufth Ite ha*) arranffed for their 
occommndalion in Rdinburgrh. Ilw was aua- 
pcctiid by many for bi« nupjMMd 1 
tondunci««, aa'wcU a« his r«Ugiotu 
To vindicate hiauolf he paUisfaed in IS 
tHtmphlfrt eotillvd 'Addroe>e e to the Pah. 
t>y HolK-rt Haldaiit.* conccmins his Politic 
(.>pinioiuandPlai»ltilclvudop<cd tu protooto 
lUligion in ScoUiuid.' In IdUlt his a JopiwHi 
of bapdat TOfwe and oChar cinnuuMaiiBis 
OTMIM wtdeeprrail diKuasion in the coo^r 





ttomnr mug KB btCwvRi HaUaar ud ike 

Bm. Onnlle Eving in tHilO. tn IdlOlw 
pablMtwd tatmof lot man iupaciow wKbi 

mblian'lMKaoiI cdhJoB, «DMisad ud la- 
ptovHl, ISU). tn Ite MOW 5«n-vtadi mv 
tha fint KpMfaitG* of this book h» vt« to 
0«QBTmuuI bena « TWDuksbl* vndi of COB- 
thwBialaniwramioa. A UigviunBberaf the 
etniea.'Uotwm inmrvmtyauM tokimdailr 
far inMnetion, uhI hn nined am thnm a 
wondeiAiI inflaraev. la 1817 lie Knomd 
(o UiMttwibut, wbfVM he foDowed ■ simtbu- 
«osiK lUnbtaliDvrocnKdtlicfnBtni^af 
two«ditidfi«or tbe Biusin I->mdi,aao«maf 
(o HXt^fA tbooauul mfMM in aU, whieb be 
circuUiM ■laa^ witb » Fmteh tiatuklion 
of hi* 'ETidewM'mda cpnwM i a r y o» Ihe 
^uUe to lb« Romaoa in tba mm kaglMffs, 
•adBUBTlntct*. Inlf^IUb«fntiinedtoSaoi- 
Uiidtoa4>«*t*tp»t AvkiunT.Ldaailalnn^ 
wbSdbKbadpurchaMd. IbUia eadof I8SS 
k bccsBH inTolTied ID ■ etm t tot w r, which 
nnd tbr tweir* jt»n. rmHii^ t&« eirea* 
uSm I7 ibe Biili^ ud Forcijni BibU 60- 
cidy of the ApocTf pba along vitb ibc Btbls. 
nia tint 'Keraw of tbe CoBdset of Ui« 
Briti^ and h'aniga Bible SocivtyniUtive to 
tbe ApocfTptM and to tbcir Admiaiitnlion 
on the CoDtincat, vritb an AiuwtT to ibe 
Rev. CltailM Sinieaii, atid ObatfntuM oa 
tha Caaibridsv Bemaikn,' amcand in IfSI. 
A WCOnd'neTiew 'followed tbcGnt. Tbe 
COWM at this rantronrny W bin to iasur 
4HM of hJa bat haovn wArhs, ' The AuUaat- 
tldtf and taf^mins of the Scripfom,' 
whidi at nao'. mclied a Isnio eircntaiiaa, 
mod baji pa«M«l ilirough iMn; aditiona. In 
IfiSfi antKaml ibi' fint vtiiame of another 
workfWbictiwBJalMdntincd toaUain|rn!at 
popularilj, aa 'CxpcMJtioti of the E^istw to 
tbs Komaaa,* the bvginninp of which had 
•Inadr a|P|narTC) in Frvnch. Tba tmoad 
'nlonawa* publi>linl in lK37,aad tba tfalrd 
in ISS9. In addition 10 ihf workl BaiatioaBd 
lia mi tbo author of manj iracta and other 
ftigitive pibllcatiooa. He died in Edinbn^ 
«n lit Dec. 184:2, andwai buricsl inOlaifraw 
Catb«dnl. He minv-d in April ITSti Ka- 
tbatinv CVocfarane, daugfater o( (iMrge Uawald 

[AWxandff HaliAOa'a lint of Robcn Ral- 
daoe of AInhn; aikl uf his brother, 2aiii>a Alex- 
aader Halibne, 16S1.1 T. E. 

HALDANE, ROBERT (1779-lWVi), dU 

Tin*, wfl.^ tlif ^-M of ft fanner at Overtown. 
Ijecrvpt, tftt tbo burden of Perthitbin; and 
Sliriiajt»)iit», an<l waa navicd after Kobrrt 
Uklduuk then pr^cietor of Aitthnr. II« 

w%» fducatnl ai t^Khool of D«allBn«,i 
■ fiiiaiiiliii niaa^iia CnrrcratT. Betboi] 
heeaaepriTSte tator, tnt m tW&aUr a*] 
LttlilriMnw. Sttalhbhac, and at a U) 
dal« n tte af Oabod Cliatfa* Mntwt 
Aboniraia^ OBSDnclTSThe-aaal 
m ■ anaehrr^ the i weabrtaT of 

Aiyl tStiS, wWa ha wai ai mini fl 
thwh ei Dma Brin er. ia UMw n tk na j J 
P^ebka, aadaaaiwiiiaiiJaa l«ll«h iSo^ 
He iMd «aa aoiBe d 
liriii. and a W a the dtair of : 
heaaeTaeaat in the a»ir<nrtj of Sl 
tamia 180? ha wa a yniata d toiha] 
ff 8M nr i hi | , aad r a ri f i i J hiadiiet : 
aMla»raa*]Bl UefaMiaad 
poM tin IftU^'whanba'aaarnaHUdl 
cma to iha pwaeal thaigeaf St. ■' 
Mri«h, neaat hf the diath «f ] 
GaasnHiill. DJ>. n»vUttmat\ 
the aaiae^dah^ erSt.3&yaOa(lip » j 
Aa Aewa ta eomaaetMa mOt \m auaitlai 


b. tk oaa «f IIaUaa«,'wb? vaa adUtted 


onsssc^ieao. wkhiiM< 

ciaal WM joined thit of Ifiaai 

a SnaVr, aad HalfUw cahil 

eaouB ahditj, both aa a theJngiaa imt'ma 

Ob 17 Mbt 1B27 HaUaoe vaa data] 
■aotlmtor oC the frtkmi amrwAlf of the 
ebBtdiflfacMland. BaearlTjauahadbMa 
apmt uaoBf the dJMcatan, hat ihiii^lHiil 
his cmnm he aJhwed cnaualW tly la ihe 1a- 

bUahed chinch, aad upon the iliaiiiic km at 
1643 HaUaae wae called to the chair ad 

trnfrrm, aad (Bd laad to aUej the acbe- 
raeni at the time. Tohi* — 'jpti—'iftil and 
papiilarit5 aa a pw ac h igMa ttti bii ia d the laet 
hift the aitahlkhad chsNh at Ibc^kraplMn. 
Buwetaad afliMCkMate ia hia aaaao ha wta 
not obI; admieed aa a pnaehar, hat be aUo 
coooaaaded (a a fai^ dwna the atteatKM M 
1.^— n. — t.: — '•" "illwiuai- Uewaa 
nsaided aa aa i r i r i ! ia| lh fci J acfaolaraida 
awad thetdegiaB. "li iriralilhi atlaJiiawali 
wt>n>alMWMide>aUa.eadba WMelwteda 
fcll^ of the Kojal SocMtvoT Ediabmh wiae 
time hrfimbia death. He £ad al St MaiVa 
CoUMf,St.Aadt««^ane3laRk taU,beiar 
then Ca hi* wbtr-lhirl Tou-, aad wu baried 
ia tha eatbodral cemrlcrr there. Ilia por- 
trait t* prtaerrerl inlbn ballof thevnmnitjr 
Ubraij at 3t. Andreim. He wae nimaailal 
1*7 the Rcr. JidiB TuUocb {t\. v.] 

UaJdane't ool; paWicaHon waa a email 
weak relating to the cooditioB oT the poor in 
6t. AadrewB, and a tvpiT to nnclorw apon 
hii arfutaeau (Cupar, lot) ). 





rScott'a Fniti GadoiB Scoticuue. i. iS9, u. 
SH; C'unoI1/» Cmiui^Tit Men of Fire, p. SDO ; 
Seou >Ug. isue f. Tii, IHO7 p, Si6, 1830 ot. ii. 
p. 471 ; UudJuu AtlvartiMF, 10, 17, a,nd !ll March 
163]; privntd infuruuiiioii.] A. U. U. 


JAMliJH iii. my),prifli-Qf St. Andixwe.wo* 
nppQintcil to tlic priortkU- in 1118. Hi; wm 
dcun of tlwotoKy in Hi. Atidrtw's Uiiivi-rsilv. 
lln wun uiii) uf nn i-inliutiBy rroin JiuiieA 1 Ui 
the lioiuaii court iii 14i'-V lie did much, lo 
Iwautifv ilio uoDastery and iba catliedral 
church of Si. Andrews, aod improve t ho Ktr- 
viccii, and wa» xcaloua ogoinat.^. Pope 
Mdrtin V gnintt^l him tht righl ofwcnTing 
tile mitr-'.ring,<iriil Mufr,nii(i ollnit inm- 
tificol in.Mjfiiiii in jmrlinmr'tit. He dtfd oti 
16 JlUv 1 M<1, n-iid viiB igit(Tn»I iii tti- north 
Willi of the laily dw-ii'-l of ihf catbi'iJral, He 
is BHid tn havt-' wnilcn a treatise, 'CoDtra 
Ijolardos,* another entitled ' l^roecisus conlnk 
»ui,' but nunw nf thcsr miKin now unrnnT,. 

[ ItcR. tViorattiB !*. Anclm; ; Hot. SootliB, ii. 
2A<]i iJctniMlor'a llin. ISfi^lci. G'S; Gordtio's 
Iktana.°tiMH]. i. iZ-5. wli<>rD hii oc-luph i> gif»n.1 

J. sr B. 

(171-''- 1"1'1 I, lii'iili'iiiiiit-^"'jn>m!, cniiiuitU 
coininfiDtluiit: of Iho tlOi L fijol, jjovcrnor und 
r<Mnin(in(l«r-in-«lii<>f in Canndit I7TK-K5, wnit 
fcom in l!)Mobrr ITIft in tin; canton of NVnt- 
cliAtol, Svit«irUind. It hod ht'cn atutcd (Ar- 
PtETos, vol. iii-l Ihftt Uo won oin;« in tin- 
•errico of Prussia. But 'no person nainwl 
Ilnldimaud iwirvwl iu the I'ruMtuii uraiy 
butweifu 1786 and 1755' (infonnatioii ob- 
tulnvd ftoui lliv Hriti^h Kmbtusy, It^rhii). 
It i» not iiuprohnUi thut. lIotdimAiKl, like 
hi* counlrymaa and brollicr-uHiuT, Colonel 
ITcDrT llouqiict [ij. v.], won in the Sardtmiui 
HTtay duriuif tuu cumpai^us agttitiat tbu 
i!:piiiiiaril» In ituly. \,ikv Bouijutit, he wua 
alu later punod in the Diilcli army, A search 
in thoarcmvi» at thv IIoeui: hot proved that 
Frederick Ualdiuiaudvru.iappQiutvd niptaiu, 
with the titlv of lit- uU-i Hint -coloucl, in t hu 
rc^raont of BwiM guurda in the vervicu of 
llulhuid on 1 Mny 17&5, hv ua net of tho 
Sut«aof Hi)Ilaiid,aud that fi« had »^vt^l in 
that grade audi;Lir[i&prcvii>u»!T, from t July 
ITJiO, prcauraahly, by act of ih-n I'liuce of 
OraHK"^ (Utatt JieyUUr of TituUiT Stamina- 
tiiai*, 1747-01, fol. 4i>, nt idiQ Jloguc). He 
isentcrcd in thoautto-booksof Dutch officers 
after L7&0 lu acnring' d ia tvite, hut , ningn- 
Inrly, hi« name doM not ftppeitr in ihn wur- 
liudjpitN, neither eon the dat« uf hiw entrj- 
into theaarrice of the United Proviiicta hu 
uccitained (information furnished from the 

state udilvefl at thn IlapM)). The only _ 
formation to possocnon of tbe British w 
offier tit that Licutenant-oolontil Frederick 
Ilfildinia.iid, fr>i:n tlip I>iif;4;h aervicd was vd 
4 Jan. Vthfi ap[ic>iiiied lieuienaDC-oolnoel 
(i2nd royal Ainencniia, afVerwards BOth foot, 
and now the king's roTal riflu corns, ilien 
raising in America under conimnna of the 
Enrl of Loudoun. Ilal<1!niaiid'« SiiibsoQuent 
commiiwionx in till? Hril.inlwimiyn'c^rt': colonel 
in AmcTii-n 17 Jan. l7"iH, cruloHid tu thrt army 
lit Feb. 17)1:;, (wliiutd-coinmumUiii 2nd bat- 
taliimOOth foot 280kI.1772. !ianif rank I.>.t hat- 
talioii 60th foot 11 Jan. 17TU, ntajar-^oeral 
in America 1'5 May 177:J, lii'iitenani-^neial 
Li* Aiij;. L777,[rener8l in Amprics 1 Jan. 1776- 
Dnldimnnd wiml to .^miiricn in 171iK and 
ili«tiiipiiinhtil liiniMi'lfat lh» iittnek nn TicoD- 
derciga ^ July 17."it*, and by hi* dt^ftmc" of 
()»«'i'^ allium four Ihoumind Freneli and 
Indians in 17it9, With his battalion ho 
6i-Tved with Amherst's foroos in the t'xpedi- 
tiou agiiinst Moucrenl in 1700. He woa ta 
coitimund at Tlirop Kiwrg, Lowit Canada^ 
until 17<H), ti-bi'ii hr wau nppoiiilnl t<i tbft 
' r^omniaiid in Khiridii, whti'h he huld until 
177H. On hi* arriviil ui I'l-iiiot'ola ha I'Ji- 
largt'd the fort. o|ieii(d u]i th<i streets, and 
I olht^rwisL' iiDpnired tlit> jitai^e. II4.' hold tb# 
i oliii.'f ci>ininaTid at New I'ork for a while 
durin;^ the absence of l.ienernl C'i|^, and L 
Anf^iist 1775 was summoned to Kiif^land 
([ive inforiiiaiiou tin the *1n|i*of thn coloni 
fhi *11 .lunn 177r< he wan nppnintod to nue- 
cmhI Sir Guy CnrU'ton, aOrrwardii flri»t Lord 
DocvhiMtiT [q. T.3, a« governor amd ex " 
iaatider-iii-ehi«r in Oanada, which pc>«t 
htdd durinjc tlw remainder of the Ameri 
WOT and until Nevuiober 17&4, when he 
tunivd lo \,a,^»3i^A. J laldi nmnd never I 
to sp««k or write Eu^'lieh well. A» oa _ 
minifitrator luConadahoisaccuK'd'irhavl 
been hatvh niidarbilmrr.nnd mure than 
netion fer false imjintionment wo? euei 
fully uaiuluiiied ukiuuhI hiiu iu the EugU 
eeurtB al^er bin return tu Kutdoiid. Jt v 
duriiiK his i[o%'erauient that the first cea 
of LotverCanailavos token, which numbc: 
and that t he iirsi cITeeiive aettJomenl "f llf 
Cimnditwiit miii]r,iind nuiKratien ftuiu hu: 
Ingiin. The Camtdian (u>iintv<>f I)itldin)aiid 
nAuii-flnflrrliiiti. lluldhiiaiii]['t*cotT(is|iond«i 
fnnnl7Muil7S'), iucludinRt lie entire roooi 
Florida and New York, and in Ciuiada, 
nephew, William llnlHimnnd, M.P. fii. t.' 
and now fiirm» Addit. MSt*. 210(51 io2lS8' 
Copies thf-rcof, nijide by oriler of the Ca 
diau govvmmeui, have beeu placed 


tti* Ardiint* Rt OniArin. Sotno nth^r lett«n 

•fflair*, »f* in A*Ul. MS. 2il:»37. iUUi- 
nuwd (lii'd ut Vv>-rdtiii, ranion of Xeufehitel, 
AJatk-i 17!,>l, IIUwill.dattsiaOMtKh 1791, 
was [)mriKl in the jirobkto court of Cuit«r- 
bnirS Jiifift 171W. 

a* *l>ur(rn*ii of Yn-riliin and ntorduint of 
Turin,' who bad Mvitul »od». Uneof iliue, 
Antbony Fnuii-tii Ilaldiraiini] ll'JI-l^ir), 
mprchnnt uf L^ndou, fourul«d the bankittE- 
liouM- vf Morrin, Prevoet, & Co. V^hiswifo, 
Jmm) I*i«>li-r*ipll. Aiilhnnr Inft «venil diil- 
-^Iko, inclu'liiik' ^^llli!llll, ibc donor of the 
JUUiaiaiMt MS^'i. I'^lhcBritub.Miucuw.aDd 
Jane IlftldiawDd, bcrtlcr known under htr 
mnnicd namn of Mn, ^luroet, tlie autborwa 
of variotu rducalinnal boukii. 

[A p«difrn«. »)itin«anni; with Gvnrra] Hnl- 
flianSll KM III* Lmtlier. witb & fa^irriilu uf tlia 
^(ampnl'i kutocrnpti, in sirpa iu Mine Gmeal. 

' «t Her. nrw Mr. it. SGO. f^xiM* fAiiuly panira- 
kr* are Qirrii in itm obkiurj Dndc» of Profawor 
JtfKrrel iol'inwa, IT April iSSi. No «i-Dtion uf 
IlaldinwinL ocean in ibo publubtd autoJjio- 
|[ni|)hutof biBfrioai) i!oi>f|ii*t,«baaa naniucrip!* 
«f««l«oiBili*Itnt.Muii.Addii.HS.^. SMn«t«of 
paiticnUn of IlHMin«s']'a early •nriMatii Ab«- 
lin vill b* fiund in Ca[iUtD Knox'* Hivtorj of tba 
CsBspa^gu ia A«i«ri(« (London. ITA2), and in 
T. nukiuii'* Moiiii'«Itti and Wolfe (Landon. 
1S14), and <iihFr vorka. An acemiat of hi« rule 
In OuMda t* £1^*0 >■> Mncnmllen** UuUrj of 
CaiiBdn,|pp.'jri-13. A brief a&J not quit* m- 
eanl*liit<([rapbyorlIi>litiinand itifima leApptv- 

' ton's Enrj^ Amer. Bvij-. ml. iii. Th* wiiler «f 
th»p«*Mi>(aFHelabflJ tocxpn»shiiot>Ii)fattOMle 
the Rer. Gdvud BHna. M.A., BntiUi chaplain 
«tt]ielIafa(.aiidKitheUriti»hHil>Ui7 AtlarU 
ut IVHia for tlmtr cmi kindocM in forrardiog 
bis ioiiaJriM at tboac pbec*.] R. 3L C. 

Irvtiil, philantbnpul.wailheiooofADlJKnij 
>*nnda lUdimtDd (^1741-1817), » London 
netckuit, nephew and heir of Sir Fredeiick 
fhldtmaDd [q. v.] He wu one ttt twelce \ 
childmi, moet of whom died yoang, sod wu 
liorn in I^nndiin D SrpL 1784. After rnceiv- 
,4fUin (In^lijli nlnc&tion be eMen«l nt 
"" "* funtr'a oouniing-hoiue, tttowed 
it for bminM*. ana at twenty •five 
beotme • director of the Bank of KwglBBd. 
He WBA ■ VBTiD advocsie of ibe raeunptiiMl 
of specie pa jmentA, nsd ptveevideaoa in tbe 
Bwiiaiiuntar5 inquiry wbieb ltd to tbe act 
* imi», In IsaO h» waa eleetMl M.R for 
pawicb, and waji n-^'leeiad tn 1^36, but the 
itim ('Ming diaputad he gajn up tJie M«t. 
]!i3'i he aettled penaaaentlj al hiii «in- 
mer villa, Denantoo, near Laiuanae. II* 


I took a (Treat i]il«-nut in On-oii indnpi-ndenrm, 
' »eodin(; the Jniurgent* I.OtXV. t>r h\% ni-phcw, 
I and ntaranleeinff Admimt ('ocbraiM> 'MfMOL 
tor the equi]»Bent of a fleet. A Tijut to Aix- 
' lei»-Bain« for hi$ healtk reenlted in Lis cteet- 
I ing tiler*) in lr>:.'V>ft boe^lal for ptwr patten te. 
Tbii rauninpnlilji^Ti* in bii* name, but after 
the anncxaiioo of Savoy to France il was 
styled tbe Hortr-mv llofpitiil, Quo«n lloi» 
teriA? hacin|f, however, merely endowtd »osi* 
bod* m it, Lar^ purchase* of Frvncbrwitce, 
madewth a ri^w of nt iviifrtbr-iunfi the new 
OrlcaMd^naily, inTvNt^ llaldimand incon- 
•ideraMn lo»«s, but lii« [iberalilv ivaMun«<i 
iii>abttt<^a. Mr- gnvo ^,(KXV. ffir a blind 
aoflum al I^utannc, and3,0(KV. towards tiie 
oreciioa oF an Anjclicaa churcb al Ombj. 
Inclined to radical iom in poUticB, and to 
•ccpticteni in reliKiou, lur neitrtltr-lmaiixenvd 
bimaclf IB &rourof ibe free cbut^ in Vitui, 
t lireatcntd iritli atote twnecnLioiL I le dinj 
atOaiuitottaOSept IdflS: Ha was unmar^ 
r^, and bc<iueat£ed 30,CML, ihe faolk of 
his remaining propertj. to tlie blind aejrlaat 
at LauMnni!. In lf<»7 br nmatmted to the 
Kritisb Mueeum Addit. M&4. Hfi3\-tm. 
which include hucreat-anda'i official oono- 

(W. Aa la Riva-aTie .1* HaMimaad ; A lUrt- 
i'«Galleneb#nilin>ietSckv<urr ) S.Q. A 



KAUBL Sir BEItNAIUI (Ia77-17i10, 
judcs, dgblli aoa of William Tlak of Kintr'a 
WiddeB, Heftbtdabirc, br >farT, danftbier 
of Jevemiah Etwee of }U)iby, LmiwfnAire, 
was bom in March Ifl77,mtcrrd Onft Inn 
in Oirtobcr 1636, waa calM to tin har in 
FebruarTl701,waB appointed Ion) rhief baron 
of the [nah ezcbeqaer oo 3d Jnu* ITrJ.and 
wa« traatffared to the Ennliab court of la- 
ebequeraaapuiaoebaranon I JuBelTif-land 
kuiitbied on 4 Feb. fnllowin);, lie din) in 
Ilod Lion Square, I^ondon, on 7 Nor, !7aJ, 
and WBJ buried in (hr inriali rfmrch of Kin^'a 
Woldra. the mamir ni whirii ba<l bw-n in hia 
familjr Riice the litnu if Kliiabetb, and atill 
bekxiga to hie iwaterily. Ha narriad Anm-, 
dan; hter <rf J. Tbornel^ or Thanbjr of .Vorl h- 
ampionahire, b; wIkhd ba had four v>n< and 
(breadanclitarL QfhiiK>tka,(b««ldn.i. Wi). 
Itam, diad fai 178S,«nd wu buriad at Kiotf'i 
n'alden; tbeaaecmd, Richard, di^l in l»fl2in 
\UM aiiuXy meoaA y*Ji tlie third, Ilraxtiia, 
enlaved the araj and roa» to ihn rank of 
general, waa appointed limloaant-^^qnior 
of Cbelaaa Hoepttal in 1 773, aiul aftvrwarde 
UeuumantHpneral of the ordnaacir. If* mar- 
ried in 17G0 Martha, daiiiht«r of llichanl 
ttlcbr of Miatter Hall, K««x. hj wton ho 
lind (HH ton, who aaaoaed the name of KJfbr 
and uanied Franeaa, da^(ht«r of Sir Thonaa 

Rumbold [q. v.], gtnremor of Madras, by 
whom bi> hiul iuu» ons dauffhtsr only, \rhn 
mnrried HontM. third Loid Rivers. KnWn 
rourtIiM>ii,Jniix,n1gnnnrT<v! v,-ith<liieLinf:tion 
in thennny. itilainiiifr tin* nuilc »r ffi^ni^m], 
Culmore VoTtB in ITp*!. H.-dii-d on 20 March 
IBOO, leavinR olerpn cliiHren by liis wife 
KWanr, »«>(y>nd dau<^hti?r of Willlani Cbalonor 
o( Gisboroiifh. 

[P«i^*LirciofthoJii(Ig;M; Hitt. R«ir. (CIiniD. 
_.Di(u7)l72A; B*rry'»Cniiiitr(!<*n,H'?rir^riiiihip-, 

D. 36; Uiso. Goa. cl Ilpnlil. nnw scr. iv. 134 ; 

Smyth'* Law OIUmti of Inlnnd; (TasMtuttt Hort- 
libnlshin'. lliimlivxl of llitchin. p. 133 ; CluiKnr- 
.bni'It's II«rtfQrJ»Iiin>, lii. 133: Ourke's LnniJwi 

GtaLry.] J. M. H. 

HALE, Sia SIATTIIEW (1000-1676), 

only B(tu oC Kdburl Uule, by Jgan, 
BUgllter of Matthew I'oyntE., was bom at 
Aldcfli^y, Glounratcrshlro, oa 1 Not. 1609. 
flUfuthtir. n biirrintcr of Lini:«IiiE Inn.wliu 
sbitiiduiii:<l tlicpractiuc of lUo law bctjitisc lie 
\\a<l bciufV-i iibuul I bu in it nut-Tin nliich|i]<iad- 
_ I wero drami, ila't! vrb^ii Halo wjie luiiler 
Sto years of age, and )m nitxIiL-r va» alao 
Scad. His puritangUBrdian, Anthony Kin^^ 
tcolc, hnil liimvduicalod in his own iirinniili?<t 
by Ktrtiuitoii, vitar of Wotton-unrfrr-Edp;. 
Ill Mk'Uiu-Iinn.1 ti-nn IfWfl Hnti- vent up to 
Miit^ulfii €i.iMi.'i|fi', Oxford, with ii viVw li» 
idlilriir bdly frnlfM. Hi-nt liij di^vi'lojH-d n 
liuiieirtrainiiiti-irii'iit:«,<lnw!*,iicdinnnty *|iorI(i, 
frequented the t.Ueftln^ and jimi^li.ii-d fencing, 
in which, being tall, strong, ami active, lio 
becajne very esgrart. and hml thoiighla of en- 
t«ritie the eernci* of t lie IVince of Urange as 
I Rolater. Lswypra be recaided us a barbt- 
DiU sort of jMiopIv, until hs caiaa hita cnn« 
kVitli Snrjfiint rtlimvillc, whom hi* n>n- 
dlad nbiiut khiiik jirii'ntK iillnirA, aud \vL.i> 
excited in him a ta*lt- for law. 

Ha entered Lincoln's Inn on 8 Sept. 1628, 

tnd spplixd hitOKplf to thestudy of lawwith 

hanlour, rfjiiding diirinp tlio first two yvan nf 

tliu pu[iU>f[n u» inw-h nh sixti'cn honrcn diiy, 

f And anerworda eight huumailHy. Iliivruo. 

pupil of Koy, who Iroalfil hiin ftliuosi like iv 

M, W that he wim kDowTi as ' voung Nor,* 

■nd he early mndi> the ai^quaintanco of Sel- 

dt'ti, who infl|iiri>d hira with hia own love of 

ItiTgis ntii) libcmil eidtutv. lie now soHj^ht 

upcmslinit in tho gtudy of Itotnan law, ma- 

th«iiiftli(Mi,phil/>iiopliv, nirtofy, iii«dicinn,niid 

thecAog^i avoidod tbtt thnntro snd goticral 

Kmety, won atudiotuly plain in hi* druas, 

ooTTMiiondM] little, txMpt on matters of 

buaiaen or qiioationa of l«uiiin(r, and rood no 

news, lie woa grently iinpreM^ WCoroe- 

lilia Nopoa*8 ' Lif^> of Pompouius Atliciii«,' 

wbom h* FMolvod to take for bia uixlel. Uo 

aimed et netrict neu(i«Iity in th«apprD«<:bL 
civil Btriff. He pMl>ob!y ftd*i«.:(l Slrnflo' 
nn his impctu^hmpnl in II.UI.),llloii^lieina> 
no upM^li, Me wa« i-iMinjo'l for Sir Ji 
nFaRiitton(inhiRimpi)ac-hmP4iliiillVll. W' 
ttioti tlia cnvcnnnt in lt>13,bDt hisnone ' 
n'>t appear in cbi> list ^ven in Kuahwortb' 
'Hirt. ColV'w. ISO, and it ieunlikelythat ' 
Hhoidd bnTo talten so d«cidod a «tep, 
Laud'n do«ire be was oMignfvl 04 t/n» of 
coniUidonlnBinip<<nchmmr.(Novcmbar I' 
(CftBBBTT, Staff Tnnh, V- 213; Atttotiio~ 
gmpki/ of Sir John /lram»(«ii, C^rod. Soft., 
11. 78}, In im&hi' orgiiipii on b^lialf of Lord 
MncCftiiru, onu of tlio principal contrivers 
tie IriJi rebellion of IWl, tho imp^rta 
point of law whotlier thow wn* jurindict.ii 
to try an Irish peer by A Middk-«c« jury fw 
trcssora committed in Zr<-lmid. I*fj-nnw ar^ 
(Cued thi- nlfirmiitiru tw llio wtLsliuctioii 
the cotut of liinK'i> bench, and Mticfpure 
cviittct«d end cxccutwl. tie was one of iht 
counsel aA^iinind for ihe d«Ten raenlwra ac- 
cuAod by Fatrfiuc of malpractices o^oinst the 
i>arliaD]cnt and the army in tbc Fiiinmvr of 
161d. Burnet Mys tlintlic tcndcnd hia«cp> 
vicLwtn tho king on bin trinl. A»,how«ver» 
<'barIt-.H relii«od to roco(i;iu«e iha jurisdiction 
of ihi-riinrt.lii-wnMnnt repreeenled liv t-riun- 
«el. Iltdi'di'fr-iided Jaiiiei),[Iiil<pnf llauiiltoD 
mid eju-1 of ruriibridfjw. nn hia trial for hi^h 
trKoaoii in Febniary 164S-8, arguing ola' 
ralely but uiuucceaafulW tliat as a Scotai 
the duke must be tieotcd not a.t a ImitOT, 
on a public enemy. Thr diikcwnsconvid 
.\cx'i>r(!in(r to Hnmet liu alw defwidpul 
EsrI of Hcilland, I.orcl Cit^x^t [mw Copl 
AHTnrR. IBlOP-lOlilL but this doM D< 
n)i|i^r fmiii I liif ' Stiiti- Triala ' ( WuiTHH 
Meta. pp. 7", '2'iS, asl ; Woon, AtAnut 
ed. BliM, iii. I2P; CdBKYTt, HUitf Trials, i 
fi77, 702, 1195. 1211; UtTWET, Jtfmwfra 
the DukM<if/lttmiffo«,y.nm). Though 
"ii^urt K Toyoll»t, he did not trnipin to 
thu iin|nigi<mi*nt tii hn truo and faithful to 
Commoiiwi'.altli reqiiiwHi by the ordinonoe 
1 1 Oct. 1649 to be itiibicribed brail la« 
and lliuBwaseble in I65lt'3deli>nd tho 
bytcriancIerBymnn.ChriBtoplierLoire [<!.▼. 
on his trial for plot tinp lb" rv?ilorution or f 
itinp. OnyOJttn.Hifil-l'h'iwiisplnoidnn t 
crnim itt») for Uw reform . On 3S .Tan. lO.'U 
wnacroAtod a Mirjoant-at-Iaw,andrtoon aft< 
SfaU TriitU. T. 210 et aoq. ; Pnrf. ffitt. l 
IS.'ii; Wooi),,4fAMrf Ori5«.ed. Hlis<i.iii. i" 
10!>l ; WiiiTfLDCKK, Afem. p. 5S0 ; SamA'i 
Awhatjy, ii, 133), Hule stood for hi* nati- 
connty nt the (•^Dcral dwtion of 1654, 
w«8 iHurDod at the hood of the pi>ll. Pi 

■tJ« I 





iDUnl met ra S'lptfinbcr, And tt^t about th» ' 
it bunuMB of w;ttlinK ihv nntion. UiXv 
ioKiblym&vQtiripif lubordinaliiifr* lb** 
la * (o tha psrLimiient. Cn^muvIL 
opposition hy tt^\aiciag membera 
ribe a ' Kcopiilion to u tra« and 
to the Lord Protector *nd Oonuion- 
_itth of Kngluid.' The omjoritT complied, 
id oU diaaeatieDta, of whom Jlnlc vnn pro- 
Ujr out, ■wtm exchitlfd by n siibo'-qiMint 
Aecordbig to Bumrt., ilnli' n~».H iv- 
br the couiiril nf nCutf tn u»nit>t at tliu 
f I VnrmWiji^k (Apn! IftVi). Iiai i^ 
ThiA, however, is uuiikt'ly,(i* Penrud- 
;'l trial look plooc at Exoter. acd IEoIp ^ 
itongedto tlicmidlandcircujt. Burnet aira i 
dnuhw that bl« sont on iho bench wns j 
no mi-au on eaay one, his strict impar* ' 
ilitT rendering him odions to Majrir-ci-npnl ' 
rhnller, whocommincliMl on'l 
UttiittVwieeVot. Rut Mm it innwAiiieni 
ilh NXtrimic evidence f >ti I Nov. l&Vi he 
ptBCetl by the council of hiBtc on the 
immittM of trade; andoaHl Mareh 1055-4 
Wfaalla^ writefl to Cromwell from Wamick 
reaosstiiw ths l*rot«:tor In ^ve nuire than 
nr(i i an rr thanks to Hair- for hia bwhiTJour wn 
thr bcniih ; and on 1> April tHUThnrloo that 
. I judm had a g»al«r nold upon Ui« ' alTe^ 
liana (rf hoooat bwl.' 
Htls oantinard to act a* juKi int nr t hi> cam - 
1 ^M> until thft lV>t«ta»'» dwitii, and 
ooned a micwal of hii patmt by Kicfaaid 
Craaiw«U,but reflttedilypcobablfbMMasehe 
that KicliaTd''Bt»nn»ofpew«rwoa1d 
ibort dnntion. r>n tT Jnn. Ifl58-1> h« 
:niod to parliamont for tbi> nnivtrsitj 
Olfatd. Ho took an aettvv parK in tb« 
TMtontion of Charl^n 11, but movml that a 
noaty aboald bo mada with him, and ta that 
end « committee waa appMnted to search for 
^needenta in tli« i-arioiu rM>f(Ol iat iona had 
with lb« Late kisif at the trealy of Newport 
and on e4h«r otcaiiiopg. Th» BMttoo wm de- 
feated brHooek. Id ihoCoimution parlia- 
flMntiWoidi inot in April 1000, ho cat Tor 
OlMweatcrahiiv. lie waa choMa one of the 
Buuugon of the couTvrcncv with the lord* on 
the aettlement of Ih; nation, nnd wa.i plaCMl 
on a oanunilt«e for pur^n^ Uin i>tntiitB bonk 
of all pmiendad actA inconnalcnt wiih i^tt- 
Tenuttenl by laiif, lordi, and commotts, and 
toaSnmag other proceedinn which wore 
mnilahle, althooyh tgchnicaUy void. ITewaa 
a monber of the Rnitd commitii'ci for 
li^ioOt >ih1 advocated the old vucli-siaMicul 
>Utyngnintitprnbytcnaniim. Ueaup^rtcd 
ht bill of indrmnity, bnt oppoMd thtt incln* 
linn of tha reffidd«a. On 2'2 Jiinn hewsa 
cnUed lo tl)« d»gm of wiJMnt-at-lnw, and 
In that capacity woi included in the commii> 


sion for the trial of th» regicides. On 7 Nov, 
be wu appoinleil I&rd chii^f baron of tho cs-l 
ch«gn«r, and aft<;rwArd« knitted, soinewhafe J 
sgninat hi« will, it ix taid. One of his Uotl 
oAt* in tl><> Ilouiw of ComuoBs wae to intl^ 
ducv a bill for tbc compnbeiuion of pnsbT- 
tcrion«. It wu thrown ont on the MOCmd 

Papert, IT. t»a «Se, r. 2WJ; BrnsKr, Oim 
7Viwc, fol. p. m, fivo i. 322 n.; Airf, /fiV. 
iv. 4, 55, 78. 101. 182-1 ; Gmm. Juutm. viii. 
194; Si»Bsnx, /^. i. .%4t. 

At the Bury St. Kdmonds aMutcfl on 
10 3Iarcb 11tdl-:> two oltl women, Itoee Cal> 
lenderand Amy Umry.widowe, were indicted 
befocelum of witchcraft. wasaUj 
lefted, caiued certain children to bi'tak^nu-itl 
faint in^Sls, to vomit uailaandpinii,and to i _ 
mrstcnoiu oikt. dncki, and fliee invieihle t9? 
ot}im>. A I'lod na oat of their UhJ, and on 
brin^ thrown into thv fire had esplrid<7d with 
anoueiikethecnek ofanutoL SirTt 
Ilrownegave evidence in mToar of the 1 
ruiion. Seijaant Kelrn^tbau^t ihr nf 
d^nce ianil&dent. Ilale, in direct inj; iIk- jury, 
abitained from oommenling oo the eridenea, 
t»t ' made do douht at all' of the exiBt«ac« of 
witcliM, as proved by thn Seriptiirea, ni-n'-mt 
ranw!ntY and ocn of pariiamoiit. The pri- 
■osers wen convictea and «!x.>eui«d (Cob- 
■BIT, SUtta TriaU, vi. fl87-70S). 

Afti>rtlu>fireof L/inilon ar^Mwialcnortwaa 
conMituted hvaet of parliament (1600), oon- 
aiat in^ of • the JuaTiM'* of the oourta of kins's 

bench and common plAoi and the baKnM of tee 
coif of tlw 'xcheonw, or any lhr«« of thicm,' 
toadjndicateon all quealioiu artaii^ bctweon 
the OWIWT8 and tenanta of property in the 
city dMtrovwi br the ire. Xbo ctRBmianon 
■at at ClifTord'alns, and dupooed of a vut 
amount of buainr**. Jta \^i nitlinit WM 
I iKild on 39 Sept. IIJ7t'. Beside hia pirt in 
I the atiictly judicial bntiaesB of thia iribaaal, 
Uaif i» aaid to hurc adriaed the corporolioa 
Oti vuioua matlcm r^latinf lo the rehoilding 
I of (he city. Hi* portrait, with iboM of )ii« 
coUeajruea, wan inintcd by order of ih't coru 
porotiofi and hiut^; in the Ouildhall. llal« 
ohowed a certain tetMleiaeai toward* the di»> 
aeaten in bii adniniatration of the Con- 
' vpntido Acts, the ieverity of vbiefa ke did 
j bia beet to mitij^te. and alto in another at- 
tempt which he made in IdlV4, in conoert with 
Sir Orlando RridKcinan, to brinff abimi the 
ccinpn'henjnon t>t ilw mora nwdantu. On 
18 May 1071 lie wu cr«ated chief JnMice 
of the kiny'a bench, wherw hit pi«at<l««l for 
between fimr and five yean with gr^at di^ 





tiiiRtJoii. In 1875 lip ^»gaJ^ lo bo troubled 
■with uilimn, and bis elrengtli pradmilly fuil- 
irij^, he tf'niiered tlie king liis i\>=igniitiiin, 
ivbiflh was not at onp" nrcepled. I hi '20 Ki*b. 
167&*Q he eiitTi>n(lcn'il liU otlW to ttui Kiiiu 
iu pofMii. Chnrlf-t look It^uva of him wilt 
manj pcnrcMinn* of ht* ivgiird. anil prnmiiKd 
lo coiifliiit him on acAaitioit, and to <;uiitinu« 
lii« jHiHtion (lurinR his life. He died ftn th" 
followinjc Cbriptma* day, nnd wftg buried in 
AlJcrley cburcliyard, linviriff left etpri'** in- 
atriiclion« l.lini 1>« clioiild not. bfhiinnil in tho 
cLureh— tliHt Wing a pincc for lint liring, not 
(h« dvnd. 1 1 IK toiuli \va«n v<>ry "imiilrt on*:; 
but bi* real monumi-nt wa» n cloclmr curioiia 
workuuaaliip, wliicli Ik- liuil ttni^-nlvd to the 
cburcb OD hu ttixtj-iijuxlh birtliday (1 ^'U1'. 
167S), iu whioli, on tliu oce*aiuu of an c.t- 
aiainalii'n »f Ui-t wrjriw in ItJJlil, a paper wo* 
fotuiil willt tbt-'foU'^wLnE words: 'tIiih ia tlii: 
ioiIi« nuriah church of AUsrloj. J tibu Masou, 
Uriftnl. focit. 1 Nov. 16(3.' Bcsidta bin [»*- 
tcrnikl .Mdcrlvy, ivliiidi hfi^ remaiut^ 
in ihrijiv>M-n»iviiiirhianaat«ril7 to tbe present 
Any, IIilIh bDU)];bt in I6lt7 a email house at 
Acton iinur the cbiircb with a ' iruitrul field, 
([ttiVD, and Karden, siUTonmlcd by a rvmnrk- 
abW high, d(«iily fourtdod.and long vsli.-n(W 
wall,' said to tmvu been lite suino whidi liiul 
bfllonRed to Sliijiiion, nii'l wliich wa* llion 
lunanted by Riiiil»i', I'l wh"in, wbib- a'^tdiny 
th-ere. Hill* i'Xlriid.i:il hisfrit-mWiiii audronn- 
lenancp. liiixUTlliu»de«cribc!*him: "Ilt-was 
hut ii)ol<'' with pniat reason, lIi- waa moat. 

1ir«cm<1)'j»xt: in«cimitchafllb«IieTehswould 
tnrulOKt all that he bad in the world rnihor 
than do dn iinjiiBt act : pntii'nlin hcarint; tlic 
U)diotL)ii>it ip^ecli which any nun li«d to iiiiikf' 
for himaelf. I'Iim pillnr of jiutic*, iIm' nsfiiyH 
of the siibjnct wlio fiTnn-d oppntaatan, and oiiu 
ment.' Halo wan also on terms of intimac^y 
wiLbWilkiiie,biahop of Chosr«r,with whom 
ha WHS aasociatod in hiH efTorts to sst'iim 
.ik* oompreheiuion of tbo diiiwintiTw, witb 
Barrow, ma^lnr of Trinity ColU>g«,Tillo(«(in, 
StiHingflp"t, rii»ln-r, nnd other ciuiiit-ut di- 
rinoa. lTi» fri>?ndiiliip with ^aldon ci^iLtod 
oidv at ihis d^ath of neldon, who madu him 
Olio of bii* (!XM!utor3. Thniif^h for hia ritncion 
a poor man, he diicpenHcd miirh in. charity, 
particiilflTiy to the roy.ihula during tl:f> war 
ond intomijn^mn, niid attcrwiird" In tbn non- 
confotmists, bi« priiiciph- being to hnln thotc 
wbu'-weiviiiiirealci't ni>i'<],wit!ioutdij|iO(Mion 
of parly or rtii)^oL» bdivf. A«ji lawyer be wm 
-tlistin^iahud not lvM> hf liia atrict iiilcgTity 
and dolicalc aciub of houour than by bia im- 
jnatue iDduatr^i'i knowledge, and aa^oity, dis- 

daining wliilif at thn bar the eninm'>n tricks 
of t b*' advoviile, rcfuaing to argu-- enu-s which 
lit' tlioupiit bad, uainff rlnttono Kpariii^lv, nnd 
only in sapporC of what ho det-tned toiid ar- 
pimitfvi. On one occasion, while he n-aa lord 
i>lii<'<f hanin, a diik« ia unla to hare «all«>d ai 
hi* cliamb><r< to osplain to him ft c*a« th«n 
priding. Hali! diHiiiju«d him unheard witJl 
aaharprvpriiunnd. ]li< aluo dii>r<ii)ntr«»ncod 
Ch« cuatom of r<>c«iving pre^^nt^ from suitors, 
(.•ilhvr relurtiLut; tbrm or iniustinir on ibv 
donor takioa; pavm«nt befor« Li^ csmt ttu 
proceeded with. ItoserXinr'h luiput'js t<^ bim 
o biiui a^iiimt tlii^ i^ourt, but adntiU thai ' be 
b'rcniuv llic cushion oxcocdinK w«U ; hia 
maniii-r of bearing ^tnlicnt, his direclioM 
pi-Tlinvnl, nnd 1il» di:>counH.-s copious and, 
tbouh'b bi' b'-'ailjitvd oflcu, Qucint.* He nddf 
Ibat * bia atup tiir a word bv the produce 
always paid for tbedt-Iay, and on someocn- 
sions bo wnuld utter ti^ntencca hemic,' sail 
that * bv was nllowc-d on nil liandn to hf> tbo 
most iirufound lawii-cr of his tinif' {L^fr^ 
I.artl-kerpi-r Guilford, cd. i'i'i, pp. Ol-4|. 
Kliiew lien; North cmpjirrs tbt^c'iiirt uf king's 
bunch diirlTiir Hah^a chief jiistici^nbip Lo 'an 
Hale's mot.hod of arifiiinjf with the counsel 
find girinir judcmcnt (Oti the iSfiufy wf tke 
I^irt, p, i^). llipt nuTUorilT coming nC laA 
to be rt-gardcd its all but in&llible, it wi *' 
by IU) lopjins be aurpriwni; if be bwann 
^cl^tb nllcgitH. i-xc(>titii)i:ly vnin and inti 
rmiL of op|vt]iitioii ; but iif tbii<, hi*yon(l 
North's word, wn luivn no i-vidfiici"- ilale 
remained ibroiiuboiu life at i.ii'Ik^I io his *wrljr 
pufitanism. lie was a reifiiUr alt4>ndaul 
church, mnming and evening, oa Snii' 
nnd also ^axv up n portion of the Aay 
prayor and ini>ditBtiDn, besides cxpou 

tln> MTinon tij hilt rbiltin'ii. ilowasnti 

tmmo luili-ritualiKl. hnving nppanmtly tiff 
i!ur for inunii", nnd oljji'i-tinjf ovori to aiiiginp, 
and in particular lo lIil* practice lifiuioiiiBy. 
Though sirietly orthodox in eatontiala, bp 
wna impatient of the jiibtU.'ties of theolqar 
(IUttkii, Natffion thpL\fr m\iiDfalh t^Sn 
Mntthein IMr^. With Itoxtir U« was wont 
ludiiicit)ii''[ni-Kti'inH(>l'phitnHipliv, Hiii^h luthv 
finttiro of «pirit and thi^ rftl.ii%nnl bnsiii of thv 
bilitf in lh« ittimortftlity of Ihfi aiml. He 
efirriod puritan plftiunu'ia in djoaa to eu 
point BB to moTo OTCn Baxter to rcinoiui 
with him, 

ilaiemarriedfirsl.Vnnfi.dsiighlerof Henty 
Moore of I-'flwloy in licrli^hire (croAted hart, 
in |lW7l, ion of Sir Francis Mooro, [q. t,], 
kniKhC, scrjoaut-at-law, by whom be bad 
intiu' ten children, all of whom, oxoopt tba 
idd<;st dau([btur nod youn^t son, died in bis 
lifuliue. IliafuuTtLandjouDgeatsoDiaarriod 





Iwy,dauslitcr of Edmond GvodjcR of Hwy 
tliorp, UxiordsJtire. His first wife ma d«ul 
itilt>^. HcniorriedforluttsecoudwifeAniie, 
tlauelildr of JoMph Bisliopi lUo of FnvtloT ill 
tibfluiklrt-. Shu wu vf compontivcly Luiublo 

■ oriiipn, 'liiil Umgoocl man,' ujD Banter,' more 
TqKTArilird bis own <iailf comfort, than men'a 
lliou^kL* and uUt.' Br her he liatl na cbil- 
dreu. Iliii postf ril.v dic^ mil in t]i« male line 

• in l~^J (^^ayf, Sarrfy <if J^nJ-M.ed. 17H. i. 
245-0; IhiiumtiT.Ami'/.-frArlniut^Ouitrtt 
p.275j Cai.SiaCe Papert.i'ota. ltW4-"i, p, 1*<); 
lliraSET, 0«-H Timr, fol. i. 'i''&, iVU ; y.«/^» 
ANt/ Qifn'rJi.Ut t^Tix. am 70 : HUl. .VtiS. 
Cumin, (till Rep. App. 72(1 «, 7lh Ileti. A[ip. 
[4Ud£: NtciiDLs,Xi>. /tiuwy. ix.fiul^: Ltsosb, 
5'ir. ii, 15 : MjLKsnAtL, Geittal'yiit, v, l'&8 ; 
t&iTCB, Hft.ioX. iii. 47). 

Halo's jitdKmcnts am irportol bySirTbo- 

Diiui llavniond, uji. :^)-^) ; I ^vinx, pc. ii. yp. 

I~l lit; V.-iiiri*. 1. .tOit-lLl); xw\ K.liU-.ii. TAl 

u\\iv ad fill., iii. 1-02:2. An upiiii'tii of liiii, 

[«ilier witii thiMe of Wild and Majnard, 

tfae mode of «kciiufr ilw nu^or, aider- 

BGD, and coauDon councilman of the city of 

A'od-jn, WHS prinlwl in ' London l.iln*nj; 

a Ltwrni-d ArK<inii^«tj>r 1 aw anit K>-iumi/ 

andon, IILW. OtluT iIVLIuk npiniimH y.'rjv 

LililudiL-d tLgvtbur uith ' 'ukdKxculltriicy ui;it 

iaence of the Lawn of Enalaud ' i by 

Wtllianu, s^nakvx of tbe IIouw 

ConauMU m 1663), London, 1680, 8ro. 

r«ro of bia judnDCOU in tli« court of «x- 

qwr. reported by Ventris (loir, cii.), also 

__ Bsred insf-paralo form •» ''IVo Ar(riiB«Bt« 

iilw>Ksc)tt'aii'>r,bvSir Mnttltniv \\%\f,\jard 

;imf llftMa,' I>iB<fr,n, ItfcW. In ItteS lUle 

litcd «ivc)n\-nwu«ly ItoUu'c 'Abrid^cnt,' 

rith D pfffai.?, giviiig a brief acciuint of ih» 

' autlior, wboM intimatA friend be had bMB. 

liis mrlieat origuul worlta were : 1 . 'An 

KfMV liitcliiut tb^ (rnvitation nr Srttf 

iravilnlion of Fluid IV>di<--(i, nnd ibf ILiawMui < 

Ji<nHif,' Li^ttdnn, IhT.H; 2inl cdil, lll7i'>, Svo. ' 

' Diffirik-a Xuspf ; or (Ibsprrmiona loodb- 

ng tbe Tomcvlluin Expi^nmtnt, and tbt? 

[>u> !jo]ultunii t.if th« Ham^. •■sji-ri.'isliT 

lltnf; tbe Wr?ij;li nod Kluticiiy of il»^ 

luaJoi). IfiT^, Wto. Neither ii\>ati«f 

any (iricDiilic value. Tbc latior ia 


and futilu atU-iapl of onvof the pbiloMpben 

"-f ibu old «ut to confirm Dome Natort-'a 

bliunviicc of a taruum> and tn arruiftn lb« 

L'vr dooiriuiu uf Mr. Boyle and uiliera con- 

rrtunfc tb<! wvietii and Bynaa "f 'b" *^« 

lie pneBurc of fluids on fluidi. &c.' ( PhUom* 

"«/7Vana(K-/jiww^alnid^,ii. 1^1. Tlwae 

tracta elicited from Dr. Ilcnrr More a 

Dliime of criticinm wnrlby <if tbrnt. mi- 

Btied ' Kcmorka upon tno Utti tsgtniooa 

UiaoDonca,* London, 167(1, to wbirJi Ftnle 
i«joined with 'ObMrvniioos toochiuK Ibe 
Principlee of Natural Hotions, and tspvoally 
touchintt ItareGwtinn and Condc-Dution',' 
wbicbappeandi)ostbuni«ii&Iy.I^indon, 1677. 
8vo, Thlvo otbirr wnrlu by H»li? alw> nu- 

rinil anunyiDoo^ly sbunly oflpr lii» dmlb. 
"riK-LifviiDdlVatli of Tom puoim Attic ii», 
writifii by <'omi-liii» Ni*po», irani<laie<l . . . 
with UlML-rvaLiDD* . . . , London, 1677 (a 
Tcty inaccurate craiialation). 2. 'C'onIempla- 
cat^^-dillcoaraes,tbe fhiiL uf Hale** Sunday 
UTcnintf mcdilatioo*. withiKTrnteeneffiuiniut 
ii)lbpIit^raii-C(>u]il<->onrtiristQias. Tbe work 
waaiatlieprcwat IlnlAdi-iiih.iind isalalMl 
in tbe piviace to IiaT« Imn printnl witbuiit 
the MnM-ni or privity of ibr nuitior, by an 
nrdeiit admirer into wbow kandi tbe manu- 
ncriiit bad come bv cltaiw-e. Ii wa« r«pnnled 
with Bumr;i8 'Lite of Jfale' in 1700). 
3. * Pleat of tbv Crown ; nr a Mi?lhodic«l 
Snnunary uf iliH Principal Mnllcn n-Iatinff 
to that Subject," London, HI7«, Mvo. Tbii 
brief and inaecuraie di^t of ibi- erimiiud 
law trpnt through aeren ulitioDi, being con- 
■iditrahly anffmented by ti. Jacob; ibu last 
a^iiHan^ in f77S, 8vo, 

Hale Ittft many man twrript treat iaOTfCbially 
on law and nligian, and Tulinnirtnaa KaU> 
ijuohaB colleetJunfl, part of wbieh bs b^ 
queatlied %o fjnecdn'a Inn and iIm; n'maindar 
to bia ehleat i;ru!>d*on. eonditionnllT oa bis 
adoplinjr tlu) Liw aa a proCMaion.' and In 
dofault to bia •H.-ond ^randMin. He |car* 
■ixpniM dinetinn that nntbioi; or bin own 
conpontioD abould be piibltab«d <^ic>^ what 
be had dectined for pnbliisiiofl in h» life- 
time, an injunetioD wbicb liui bw'H by no 
meaaari^roiHlv <j)i»y«d. Tbe folli'WiiifT ia 
Bunmt'c wmewliu cjiiifuu') li>i of i Im manu- 
ncripU other than tbnM l>r<|iu4i)uHl lo Lin- 
etdn'a Inn, which ri"niain<^d iinpuyidMNl at 
bii diMth: 'I. Cftoci-mitu; thn SwviutUty 
Originatian of Maultiod, ful. i'. C-?ti.'- tTi- 
in^ Keligioa, f> voli, in fol.Tix. : (a) \h- \hH>, 
Vox M>.'ta]>liy«i<-ii, pari 1 ct 2; (4) I'"" 'A. 
Vol Naltuw, PruTidpntia-'. LtJii.n-. C"l»- 
Kientiie; (e) Libvr Sexi ■ -■ < 
i«vu»i (tfJParatl.Uoncvmih. ^-n\ 
tum,tbotr£Tidaao»and.\iiTi>.riiT, i'.i<' 
ComtSKtbalVnth of the Holy Script nr.- Bii 
the £rideno» llumof.' No*. I •ml 'i lo- 
pHher oooHJlute a fnnnal trralii"* m d"f<-niM 
ofCbriDlianity, hi tlvwritinicof " ' '■ '• 
devoted hi* vacant Kmi'tay ov - 
■ftarthe'Conlemnlaiiona'wumlrr ' t 1 li.r 
caapcBtioo of vwt work wa« >;-<-! .-r 
acTca yanra, bat appnan to bat- <- < ' ni- 
tilFtcd while he wan aliil cfaM ■• 

roaauacriptwaaaubBiiltad to IIUIi'i' '<^ > A.iia 





who sbowecl it to TJlloUon. Both adrisetl 
eondaiuutiun, frir wlitch Hak ii«v«r found 
I(UUf«. 'Iln' first. pftTt wn» piibliflied ftfter 
his ilrath KM 'Th'i I'rimitiro CtriginAlion of 
Miinkind cniuidcnMl nnd (uduuinod umard- 
ing C« tlio Li((bt of Xature.' In iLijiToiy 
ourioua lreftti»v Ilolu in tbc fint pUc« 
ftttempU to iliow tliAt ilie world munL iia\« 
li»d II b«;o"ut>RT Doxl, with luwj't;r-li kt< 
caution, tliiit if hy pivM\h'\l>ly tbis wtirc not 
so, thf numiiD rucv ut ddJ' rnlo cnuiioi tiAvv 
cxutod from vtornitv ; tticu poeact ia rBTicw 
cerlaiu ' '>|iliu»ii9 oi tliv more Imhum] part 
of uuLnkiud, ]>tuloMpbcn uikI otUer writers, 
toiicbinK rnuii'it uriKiiuitiim,' mid rLiially du- 
r«iidi ibu Muiaic ftv-couiii of thu inutler ua 
most conAonnnt vritb n.-(L9oii. Thu bouK \ra£ 
tniiBLitcd forFriudricb Wtllit'liuof Itiuuilc'ii- 
biir^, thp giTtit, cicctnr, hy l)r. Scbiiii.'ltau in 
IflfW. The oi hiT iJiirL* hiiTir iicvlt bpi-n pub- 
linhcil. A u'ljiy uf llit? Imiii.ini' mi thv ' SiK*ni' 
di^Ty Oriii\aiition at Alutiklmt,' niitiln fur 81 r 
lt«beri. h'ouiUwv^ll iu US)!, I'sista In Aildli. 
MS. IKWl. ■ -.i. Uf rolinv in MiilU'rsof lt.-ll- 
gioD.fol. 1. he Aaimu to Mr. U, fol. 5. lie 
Animn, trnn.vK'Umi,^ U-tWL-on him nnd Mr. 
B. (prolinMr Ilauer) fid. l). Ttnliitiiina dc 
onu, UBtura, et immortAbTjit*^ Animip, fol. 
7. HsKnetiiUDaa Ma)riiolicu«. (q\. ti. >f atrm^ 
lismiu rbysicu^, fol. 0. MsfcneLisiDus Di- 
vinui' (an edificatorf discoune puUiahed as 
'Ma^eiismiifiMogiiiu; or Meta.pbr«ical anil 
Uiviit» Conl^mplatluuB on the Magnet nr 
LDBdst'in?,' Tjondon. iVKj, 6m). *10. Du 
Gem^rnliunr AnimiLliumfltVeg^tBbiliiua.fol. 
I^t. II. Of tb.- I.^iwofyatiirp. fol.'(;H»r- 
gmvn MS. 4S"j : n copy of this tfviilisi.', 
made fmni tin' oriRinnl fur Sir I{r>l»iTl Scmi !i. 
vwtU ill 1093, is in Addit. MS. Ilii'.r., mid 
aiiolbortraii6cri|>tinnirl.MS.71o9). '12. A 
Letter of Advicu to bis grajidebUdron, *lto :' 
a tmnu-ript of ibis nmiiuscript exiaU in 
tlnrl. M.S. 4009 ; It wnn liral jirinled in LSI6, 
•13.PlBeila.Cflronifi,7v(];' ibpfolbwiup 
minute in thejarimaUof tlio Hiuixn t>r('iim- 
mon* r»latMto this maniicctiiit.fif ■nrhioh only 
atnuuori]it(IIar}^voMS!S.^5n :^C> 1 ) appiMirH 
to bo now citiint : ' (_h-d*red. tbnt tiw cxfr- 
ciitanifii SirMiittbnw Hnlfi, late Lnrd L'hief 
Justice of thn Court nf Kjnff's Ik-iich, be d^ 
aired to print hi* MSS.relntinmotbit Crown 
I.AW, aod that a CoimiitEtui.' be iipni>intod to 
take coire in tlie printing thpnsftf,' Thn rditif 
princ^pt, boweTpr, is that by Solloin Krnlyn, 
publ>«nt:<d as ' I£ialoria L'iacilorum Cvri^nm; 
Tbt:i History of the Pleai of lb» Cnswi], by 
Sir Matlli>-w IInlc, Kni)f1it, Mnifliuiu Liw^l 
Obief Juilicc of tbo Kiiig*ii Itc'iicb,' LondoD, 
1780,S vi>bf. foU A new vditifln by Uo^herty 
^>p9ar«linl«»,2vr»l».r.jy.Svo. * J4. ?ro- 
^ntgry Kut«e toucliiug^ tbc Bigbu of tlio 

Crown, fob' Cap. viit. of this 
dunling -wiili tba ruyal iweroj^liva In 
clntiitilic-al matter*, was pnnti'd for 
circulation br l«avo of tJic beDcb(.>F« of Lt&^ 
cyAn'i Inn in 1^1. The treatiae itaelf ia, 
wiib oocadonal breaks, oonBeeutire and com- 
plot«. ' 15. Incepta A« Juribus Co^?nfl>, fol.' 
(atnereoollMtionof iiiat«riaU). 'lQ.Der 
roi;ativa Racia, fol.' (a fragnvnt, of 
Ilnripravv Ms. D4 ia a tratiacripT): trai 
DcripUofH, l->, and 16, mudv partly by and 
partly undvr the diroution of Ilorjfiavc, nn: 
in Lajicoln'a iun Library. A vruili eutitkd 
' Juni Curuuic: Uid JUaJMty'* Pr<:rot;oti\-e 
aMurttiJ ajfainst Papal Uaurpatious and 
all aiki'r AotiinonaKhiLcal Attoinpta and 
I'rBClicca, coUacl(>d out of tho Body of ibv 
Municipal Laws of England,' appoarvd in 
IOtiiO|8To, and u probably a ^rblu-d voroimi 
iif or i^umpilalion from ovx ur »lb<T fx all »f 
tliiHtitniatinva. '17.1*rc]iarataryN'oti!Stoucli- 
iu|! I'arliuioMilAr)' I'rooeedinn, 2 vab, 4to.' 
(Uari^ravu MS. DA). ' la Of tlic Jiuiadic- 
tiiin ufttio l[ous« of Lords, 4lo' (among the 
Ilar^avo SISS. in British MuEcoim Library, 
toirctbtT wilb n transcripl by llargrarr, by 
wlioni it won ]»'inU'd for tbv fint tlnu; iu 
17dn luubr tbc titit! 'Tbe JuriMlicliou of the 
Lunls' llijuse in Parliament conalderod ao- 
cnrJinif lo .Vnclent Koconli'). ' 19, Oftlm 
Juritdiclion of tho Admiralty' (IlarRTuTo 
MS3. 93. 137). • 20. Toiicbinff I'orla andCu*- 
toma, fol. 21. Uf tbe l!i;;rbl of the Sea and 
tbe Arnu tli«reaf and Cu(ilatn«. fol:* trait- 
scri^ts of tfaifl luanuecript, «ntiiUid ' Dn Jura 
Mann,' am in I{nr^avti MS. U~, and Aildit. 
MS.:i022S. N.J. ia,wilblbt;trttnMri[Jt«uf30 
and 2\, now iu Ib» 1 larurave collectiou, 
in the last century into tb« posaeaaiOD 
Heorge IlarJinfje [i). ^"-1' solicitor-ifMieral ' 
tilt! qiiL-L'n of George lit, who pnvu ihecn 
yrancis llHrf;mvi>, hy wbom tlii:' intnacrii 
vintti piibb>i)iiHl in IT-*^' iu n volutna I'Jitit 
' A ( 'i ilb-W ion (if TrnMs ruliitive lo tlia " 
of Rufflund, from MSS. uuw first edit 
Tbortt tbf y ajipeor aa • A Trcaljse in til 
parlat Para Prima, ''I>t.> Jure Marie el Kr 
cbionim ejuedem: " Vmh Seenndn, " l)e Por 
bus Maris;" Pars T.-rtia, " Conceminfr tl 
Ciisloms of OivxU import.i'd nnd >'xj>orl(«i.^ 
It bait fixnf-.o brcn rrprintcd in ' A Hifttor 
thn FoTt*horo,' by .Stuart ;V. Moore, \i 
where al»o will bo foiuid l3i"» original dr 
of t!ie lame treatise, printed for tb^ tirst til 
from l]ar^:rsvo MS. 9)j. The treatbe 
Micribed by flargraveunli^aitattnglyCol 
Iu aullienlicity baa Wn questioned, but 
iinsllliHantialtpviiiiilii. Tin- titliKOor 
with tbosF gircn by Bumt-t, nnd tbc atyl« i 
tbnt of llnlc. For u dii'ciL'vicn of the <{1i 
tivR auu UaU ' On tliu Ibigbte ul' tkti Crown J 



tb» Sm 8fcat«,'««I. Loreland, ft »., ud Jw>- 
irood'* 'DiMMiatina an thp Kigtitii to tfca 
Sea. Sborii*,' pp. 3'J et Mq. ■ 'Jii. Coocora- 
tng Lbo Advnioeraent of Trndn, 4to. 23. Of 
SheriOi' AoeootiU, foL' <publi.hi>d in 16S3 
M ' A ShoR 'IVeatiu touching Sheriffia' Ar- 
«OinpU,'U>geUL««rithAre|Mrto(liiotri*l >: 
tlM witeliM U Buz; St. bdmuads, aftid to 
Iwra bMn writtfla by Ua)«*a nunluU, Bvo, 
TW]!mnl«d -willi tb« ' Ui«counM> toocbinc I*r<i>- 
TiKoafortbe r«or,'iDcQtioii«<l ik£m,iB 1710). 
'24. Covicv «r Eridoum, tol So. Mr. 
Satdcoa X)ucoune«, 8vo- 36. KxccrpU ex 
3ebedtfl SeUeuaaij. 27. Jouniiil of th« 
18 and SS Jcoobi Recis, ila. 28. Qrakt 
CoDUBiaiiplKs Book of Uopoitft or Otoea in 
(ho Law, in l^w French, fol.' 

MktiiucripU described br Bunial; ■> 'in 
)>aadlv« ' 4rc: 1. ' On Quud tibi fieri, Sic, 
Mktt.vii.12i' piTli.iiin>rt. No. (6> of Il&li!** 
' Worka Monl nad K<rliitiou«,' lt»* {bm 
below). S.'TnuchiofTl'itni'Jinuiiiifiiiirvlation 
Co Um Sociai&a Caiutroverejr.' S. ' l'oItcu« 
of UwCliurcIiof Rone.' 4. 'CSooci'miD|,'ihe 
l^wa ot EnplBiid : ' MietblT i'lonticsl vilb 
UugTova M8. 4l»J, M. ^■>. '.Scbemn Uonu- 
mcDtonim Lcgum .\Deli(c,'or willi K&rLH8. 
4M0, t. I, 'An Omiion of I^rd HaW ui 
carameaduioB at ttxt> of EoKland ; ' or 
moj be die orisiual froui wUIcli the enracu 
conUuned to LsomI. MS. 6SJ n«ro lakiru. 
Ti. ' Of tlift Ameiulmuti of iIik L.awAof Kni:- 
laod ■ ( lUri. Ma 71 1. ff. 3r-i-41S.aud Addil. 
>tS. Xti:f3l. publLitt«d in 17S7 » 'Couidare- 
tion loucbing tbo Amendownt or Alteration 
«f LawM' Id 'ACoUwtionafTraeiJtndatiTe 
10 tha Law of KngUnd,' b; llargiTarc wbo 
Kivaa an Mcount of the tBBOUJcnpi, wliich 
Eolonood to Somen, and aflcrtrards to Sir 
Jotanb Jel^U). 0. •Toucfaing Piuviaioa for 
tlw Poor ' ^pnniH 1683; ISno). 7. ' irpon 
3Ir. HoUm, bis SIS.' (appnn to be ideotieal 
viih the 'ReflpctiooF on HtAboa' **Dialpgua 
on LawN*" cooUincd in Harl. MS. 71 1, L418 
■Mqw ad fin., of wliiefa Addit. M!>. If(^35 and 
Ilai^ra MS. 96 an trasfchpta). 8. ' Con- 
Law*.' Jtiinii-tnUamMiTi^(utbefi>llairinf;aa 
■ in quarts,' tu. : 1. ' Qur>d «t K^ns.' 2. ' IH 
tho Stat« an'l Conditiou nf tUt Son! ami 
£o(]v nheT [><<«tb.' 3. *NoC«it t^neeming 
Mari«r# otl^w.' 

A full u-«ount of tlin TTalc 3ISS. in lin- 
ooin'a Inu Librair U gircn m (be catalone 
(1836) Inr Jwcph IluntCT. The oolbwiioa 
alto contain* tbm maaiwcHpt c>>pi«« of tbv 
JlibL? in Latin whicb are aawoMd Ut haw 
bcliMig<^ to lIaJ«, one of Iha fMirt««itli 
oeDiHTj' and two of iho fiAevnIh cntvrf. 

The laUowing la^ troatuM Vr Hale ar« 
■waiioned aeutaar nthc adiwdiilo to ha wiU 

not in tha Urt of hk other iBaameripto giren 
br Burart: 1. llanrnra MS. 140, of which 
liar). MS. 711, ir. 1^71, i« a IranKript, a 
roaooMTipt in |[«Ie'( band, entitled 'The 
l[islr>rv and AnalrHif of tba Comsion Law 
" '' .Vpparmliy the ori^iaat war 

11 of Harlc^iQlill.and theo 
..J.;. :>> .,,,„ ..J Willian Llatob,oD eooditMNi 
tbat tio transcript of it ohould be Kada 
{N'icnou, Lit. Anttd. iv. 124). Two jmis 
tat«r tha worii was printed u * The Iliatorr 
and Ano^rait of Iha CoBunoa Law of Ed|(- 
land, wnlleo bir a Icantod hand.' London, 
8vo i repviuUd aa b; Sir Uatthew Hale m 
1710, Svo; Sid edit. 1780, S to. C^ xL of 
this work had appeared in 1700 aaa anhitaa- 
or the Law of ilcrediUOT ifeeoenta,' Loo- 
don, dvoi npriotod in 1735. Tha'Asalyaia* 
aW appoBiod Mpusteljr in 1790. A fonitb 
edition of ihu entiie worli, with ootet and a 
life of Ilale br S(ii)F«iit lUnninffton, iaaaed 
firoB ihapMaain 1770, London, ato; aflfUi 
with nuwjr additions in 1704, 2 rola. fko, 
and a auaih in IdSO, 2 rols. 8ra. 2. 'A 
Dinouno ooooeniBff the ConrtJ of Kin^'a 
Bench and ComnMO PIcaa * (iiriDt«d bjr Ili^ 
nave in the ' Collation of Tnna ' in US?, 
from a maniucript drritfid from the duna 
source aa the tract on the 'Amendmmior 
Alteniion of Lawca*). 

UfdoubtfulauthenticitTaie: 1. 'ATrb- 
tise abowinffi bow naeful . . . the enrolliac 
and regiatmng of all CoaTvjranon of Land 
iBa7 hn to tba inhabitanta of thia kiagilon. 
Bj a oeraoo of areat Inamlng and judg- 
ment,' Loadoii, 10H4,4ta; reprinted wit b tha 
draft, br Whhebeka and Lide, of an act for 
eatabliahiaff n aooBtj nfittev \ nprintMl aa 
bv Hale tn 1710, acaia in 17Se, aad in 
'Soman Tncta,' iL 8l-Ua £ 'A Troatiae 
of tha Just IstHMt of the Kii^ of Eng- 
land in ihair b«a diapualng pparar,' &^ 
London. 1703, ISmo (wntten lOfiJ aa aa 
arguni<«t ayaiiuttliaprBpoatrfiwwiiption of 
landa ffnnt«d b^ the eroniL & 'The (fri- 
nsal taatitntioa. Power ana JonMiirti'ja of 
nriiaacata,' Looddn, 17117, (tro. ThiaiadO- 
doobtodly apttrMOL ThafaHaariita wira 
KHnpilatioQ, cfaacflf from Colters ■ laatitute*,' 
p«. tv. (If tb* laeaad fan llargniiv had a 
maniueript, which now nanna to be loal, 
bot bj wludh Ilafbert purportwl to be the 
anl-bdr of the work {*»* maRo^npl nnt» in 
Ilantnre'a copj in ih» llritub Muwnn). 
4. 'The Power atwl l'rftrti« of lb« Conrt 
Leet of the C>ir and I^bMtiM uf Waat- 
Bdaat«rdi^7*d,'l748,M«o. fi.'ATrMlUe 
on tha XanHpnafnl of iHa Kin/* !{«»««• ' 
(jwintad wis • Oba^nali-wi* on lb* l^iul 
Hervue o<Uw Crown,' by U« Uon. John (», 


Jotm. l"J*7,-llo; ntj'Tinted ITflO, ITtfS, Hvo). 
Jor oiltM jmmuHi:n]tt ireaiia«a aiid niiftccl- 
""ineouHCollcct'njiis Wltale see the catalogue 
(oftbellargmveMSS. littbeBritiahMuMTUtn, 
ad tliB cstalogrue of tbe Ilale MS3. in Lin- 
^cola's Inn reicrrcid In sboi'o. 

Hnl* WM a diliffirnt titijiUmt of Fitxlipr^ 
bvrt, and mulinir uuliituullr pun iii liiuid, 
liH cav«nA ilir wajiti" o( liU cupy of the 
'Novel Ni»lara Itrevium' with manuscriiit 
notes, which fanned a complete coitinipn- 
tarr oii (he trvalise, and were publisht.*i] a» 
Buch in the ' \pw >'fltuni IJn-rium. willi 
Sir Mntthi'w lluli'V ('(immi'nlarj-.'IjtjiKlim, 
17!^). Jlo: ntpTiiilcil I7!^4, :; voU.Hru. llaln 
atxixiinditfn^jui'Mt. nuDAtAtiiiRii iu Iili copy of 
' Coku u|ion LiiU*loii,' which Iin cave lo ona 
of his exucutoM, Kobfrrr Gibbon, from whom 
I it pasiieil lu his son, I'hillipa Gibbon (M.l*. for 
[Kyo, (f. l76L'),n friend of ChiirlosYorke (.lord 
chiincelliir 1 770), Yorko coiiiwl I ho iiiilrn, and 
D t.niiiTript of liin »-«]iv wnii niailii fur Sir 
Tli'imn* I'lirkiT (liir<i t'fiii'f haroii 1740-72), 
fniQi «bieh trunscripi Iht-y vic-r« priiiti'd by 
IIar^avi< and Butler in tbeiredilianof 'C'ok>> 
upou Littleton 'in 1787 (NlCHi>u,ijV.^H^f/. 
Tiii. 5ftH ». ; Thf J-irtf Part ^ /A- ItutHuIr* 
t^thr I.i\r» <\f KnglanH, authnrr Fd. CW^, »d. 
IlnrjfTtivn niid Rtitlnr, vol. ixvi.) 

Riixleri»dilodfpom tbfloririnul maniweript 
' Tha JudtfToeut of tbe lattt L^rd Cliiff Jiia- 
tieo, ^ir Mmtbitw Ilolo, of ihu Nalur>- Af 
fTnic ItvliRion, the C«u»w of lU Ctfiruplion, 
and tha Chun-h'e Cokirity by >[eii'a Addi- 
tiou«euid VioL-ucM, with the dusiredOurc. 
Ill IbtL'i; t«v«nl Discourse.' &c., Loudoti, 
\m\, Aio (re-eiiited by £. 11. Barker in ltiaL>, 
h\o). 'I'be eatoc yeu appeared a collcclion 
uf various fuffitiTo pieces bv llak* vnlill<;d 
'Several Tract^i vii.; 1. A (fUcowrsBof lt«>- 
tlJzioii oD Tbm ilo&d* : (o) 'Hiv Ktidi and 
' TJaea nf itt and tbi; Km>r:< nf 31en t'lmdiiriK 
iti (li') Tlti'Life of Kcli^iiim and Hiiiii^raddi- 
tioii«lo it ; i.e) Tho r?u|itira miction a upon it, 
Bad llio AniDiDBitit!* about it. )i. A Trcn- 
titfi toiichiTig Pforisiou for the Poor. 3. A 
]ji;tliir l,i> his Chililirn adri.iing thvm hovf 
to bidiavH tbemsplvi-n in llicirSiin-rh. 4. A 
IjKllur from wieof hi!> AmA nfti-.r tiU R-'mviTy 
from the Siuall-Fox." Fouryenrs IuUt af>- 
rearod'A Discourse of th^ Knuwlediff of 
' God and of OiireelvM. (1) bv tbe Light of 
ii'atiire. (2 1 by the Sacwd Scriplunes. Writ- 
ten by Sir Matthew I InV (with ollivr tracts 
by llale), Ijondon, ItJHr*. A pioiw 'StfdU 
[taiion concumitigtbo MTi'y on-od in pn^ 
•erving U4 frim tbc< Midirv and Pun-isr uf 
Evil AngBU.VIiritftd from Halo bytbet rialof 
die suppowd wilcbeJ, wn« pulilinhwl liy way 
f)f preface to ' A Collection of nioiieni rela- 
tioasof matter of Diotooncenuiig^Viichetr sad 

'Witchrraft. tinon the Pcraana nf the People^ 
Iioiidon, IflnA. iici. At llnnrick in l?" 
oppiared * Sir Sfal tbew 1 Tale's Three EpiKt l 
lo bis Children, villi Dircclionfl concerm 
tbcir neli)rions Olwcrtaiion of tbe Lord' 
Pay, towhidi u prefixed .^n Acfoiintof th» 
Autbor> Life,' tSvo; n-printi-d with a fourth 
letti^r and an edilicalory trntt im ' Tlu'l'onn* 
tieb of II Fathtr, in Fimr Leilsr* of Sir Mat- 
thew Ilale (ohiaChitdreii.lo which ia addod 
The PractLcnl Life of a true Chriaiian in tb 
Account of the Good yti?irard lit the Grei 
Audii." Londrm. ]H]«. iL'mo. Ills 'Worka 
.Mnrnl nnd lti.di(noii»,' ivitii Hiinii-l'* ' Lif»' 
and Bantttr'd *NiiL«»' jin-fixt-d, wii'm iidit<<d 
by thii Ucv. T. Thiriwall, Loudun. ItHXi, 
tl vol*. Svii. Thiacollectivueditioueonlain* 
(l)lbD 'Four Letters' to bis cbildreD. (3) wa 
• Abstract of tbe fhrintion Keliffion.'(3) 'Con- 
t;id«>mtian>iSeiU'ma)ilen.l all time; for Cle&iu- 
ing lliti J-liuirt ntid Lir>',' (41 llu' ' Oim'oiirai 
of Kidiirion," (it) 'A I>iii['(iiiniii on Lilt' a 
Imiuitrlidity,' (ti) 'On ibt? Day of P.-ntueom,' 
(7 ) ' Coneuniiu)! thf Works of God,' (8) ' Ot 
Doinff as we would be done nnto,' (9) thi 
tmnBintian uf Nenos'e 'Life of Atticus,' 
(10) the 'CcmtFrapIatinna Moral and lliviae,' 
with the metrical efl'iriiiiin* on Cliriei 
day. A (compilation (fam tbe Xow Titai 
ment onlitli^ -The Harmony of cb« Fi 
Evanpeliats,' edllM "by John Corwo in 17; 
i* ailributi-d to Hale on th<! Hmo^th of 
tradition in llu- family ■wlwncu it cnmv.' 

Portions of llnli-V i.~ili&oatorv and apoli, 
jretic writinKS liavt^ also b«e» from time ti 
tine tslited for tbe Ueli^'iou^ Tract Sociat; 
and by_ indiTidual rolij-iou.' propaj?! 
whom it is not nucewury to partic 
lI(.-fiidL'»tbi:i>(i>irait in the OuildhaU 
Ttfurred t<',tliiToi«ii)iK-bynnunknownMiiit 
in iha Katiunal Portrait CuUi-ry, to wliich il 
«a8 prenenlrd by thi^ l^ocitlv of Keijvimle-ai 
Law ia ]H77. 

jTh*) prineipal oulhoriLitd for Jlale'« U 
gnplir are BiiniPl.'s Lifo iind Ihath nf Sir Hal 
thcv llnig, lA>ndoii, \f\Hi. 8tii : and Iho hri' 
accvant giTiu ia Wood'» Atlionei Oxon.od, Qlii 
iii. 1000-S, Of inotw rcci'itt liTc« tlio niusl a 
tiiiiouH IB Memoirs of thp Lifr. Chariketer, 
Writings ofSir Mnttliuw KnJr, knt., Lord Chi 
Juitica of Kiiglanil. by Jiihn (nftormirda 8 
]E3i!i.a careful connpilalloniuafrad liyihaani 
pninfid desire to edify. Svts altii Cantpboll' 
liivra of tlip Chivf JukIiccb, and Fom'b LtTCfl ( 
ihb Ju<)rc8.] J. U. A. 

HALE, RICHARD, M-D. (Ii5"0-I728) 
phyxtcian, eldest aon of Uidianl Hale ofNei 
\Viiid«or. Berkahirp, wn« born tit Ktwker 
ham, Kent, in 1670. Ilo eiitt>red at Trinit] 
Colh'ge, Oxford, with his youn^F brolli 

ed I 

.-4 I 

'fieiirT,iii June [600, •»! Mr. t?vk«e w^w tiit 
taUn'. UeKnduftt-MlB.A. oalSMaylOOS, 
M.A. on 4 F«b. l«l»5, M.B. on 11 F«h. IWT, 
and 34.D. on :!4Jiian ITol. He t^uM in 
LoodoOi luitl KM i-lcciod a fvllotv of ibc Col- 
lege of Piijinciann on 9 Aiinl 171<I. Hi: w«.i 
tlute timca a ci-ii»nr, anil <letivt:i¥«] Uiu Uar- 
Tdao ormlion iu 17^4. It wm publislted tn 
lTSI>,&niliroBUiiuan MCQaatoftlwEngliA 
medin^nl pLyucuuu, which aukoa it ddc of 
tlienKetintflnistjiigofthoaTstioiu. lUMrlc 
is livvlr uid the Mullior sbom conndcnltlc 
linow1(?iI^' of llir nri):inal Rourctsof Enfclink 
]iivi>n'. IIvitiiiliH inaanitjanilwae&mous 

|£n- bU (-xtrerae kindneM to lunatics. He 
tvu the CoUefte of PhjaicUns MNV. for the 
aproranent of tbeir Library, nnii bis anns, 
rert,tlir««phfoiis areuii. air still K) be s«m 
npoo many of the lioolu. la tb« oillr^ 
are two portraitx of liim.mip bKiRi; a cop*' by 
ItirhanlMin.nucV in I'^of iajNtaiiB|[(liOiM! 
during litu life. [ \e died on 2o SepL 1738. 

pioDkV Coll. «f Pli^ ii. 48. ■•). SM i MS. 
^•UiiaKion Bookof TriaiiT CoUe«, Oxford.] 

I "■''■ 


l.'i^r'il, loivi mnvi^rol' [jJDdon,dp*efndMfrom 
aramilTHclllpt^in Ili'nnin)rt»D, 1 InlfbnUkirtt, 
was biim tm ^ Feb. ]7^\. L«ft au ori)luii) 
It an titrly age, hv came to Londoo in le04 
at appKotiMi to hi* bioibcr, Fonl l]al«, a 
Trax-ehandlcr in Cannon Str««t. Hesiibie- 
noentlj onried oo a ane aew fal bnsioeaa in 
Catoaton Strcet, bov Oreshaai 8ti««t, r^ 
uoTing afterwards to Qomr Slrvet. His 
nieMM was la(g»lv due to th* Act tbat bn ' 
wa« tk* firhl. Knjrliiib saanuforturer to uti]u« 
tlitf raluktilc invcitigntion* madi- bv MM. ' 
rhoTTtruI and LuMae, tha cf liybrattd t'reDch 
■ eh«mirt *, in rdatioo to aiunul and ve^vtaMe 
~ ity acid*. n« wbb electa a m(>mhpr of tbt> 
, council on tit, Tboma«'s day, \>i'J^, 
f%ai waa mainly iti^tni mental io I^'t^ in in- 
ducinff tbp corpomt ion to a|inly tbi- b'^ii'**! "f 
LjoboCwpcDttrO-J^y:- 144U);^<|.T.].fQrtbc 
tcUrthiair and education «f four poor b«<r^, to 
Ktlia otMliflimcDt of a Inr^' public davacbool. 
AsactM&l> Will IV. c. So)wa>oUain>ed, . 
nndur wliicb tbc Ctlr nf l^ntlun Sduwl waa 
erect«d in IHSJ, and "Hale wan eircted duur- I 
tnan of the ennniitti^^, an ofBctt wbirb be re- j 
taiiiird till hie death. II« also book a prin- 
cipal part in promoting ihc foundation by 
tbo coijioration of the Frmacn's Orphan 
Scbool lur children (if both <«x«», which waa 
Openrd at Briiton in liV>4. In 1^9 and ' 
aaain tn IfWl he wrted as mantrr of the I 
(%ni|>anv of Tallow Chandlers, and hi* por- ' 
trail in full lentttb is pnanred in tbetr itall 
Dow^ieHiU. lie waa ap^inied deputy '■ 

of ColMoan StntcL ward in 1 850, and iMeama 
alderman of tha fwaft ward on 3 Oct 1666. 
He aenrcd the oflM« of aheriff in 166B-9, and 
that of lord ma_\-vr in 1604-4. During hia 
mayoralty he coaiiuacd the work of hie two 
tmniiadiatti prvdeccnoia in niiiny a fund I 
the tvbef of iha I^DGaflhira opintiTcaj 
suffend froat the cotton iiiiit» of K 
and hia •nuappeu in ih« nunarial wn 
at the east md of the OuildhaU. To • 
nrawrale his public e t riic an in cbe oanae of 
rducotiont psrcicululT aa oricinator ol the 
City of l«iMOn Schowt and diairsian of iU 
committed of mutageinent for raoce than 
ibiny yimn. a fund was ni*«l during bin- 
nayoraliv, as a result of which tbe ^^'arTtn 
Stormes Hale ■dwkrahip waa flatabUabed In 
connection «-ith the Kwol on 39 July ISASi. 
lie di<-d on £3 Aup. 1972 at hta bou-* 
We«>t IlvAlb, IIampat4ad,and waa buried) 
the WhU in llighgmte rameterv. In IBll 
Ik marrird a dau^btwr uf Alderiuan Richard 
Lea, and kfi aaDn,Ja«tab,and two unmarried 
dauffbien. .\ buat bv Baeon and a poctnit 
by Alien are at ibe (5ity of Loodoa School, 
and a {lortrait br Uicksee i$ at the FfceneD'a 

[TlflMt. 4 Oct. \Bt6 p, 10, 22 Od. I»M p.T. 
24 Auk. 18ra p. 9; Clij Pre«, 12 Sot. I8«Vj 
SappL. 24 An?. ISrS p. 5. 31 Au*. 1872 p. ■ 
l-l Ort, 1«72 !■■ 4i Prict'» DwripOtc Ac 
of Geildbsli. 1996. p. S& ; City of LMd«n I 
fimftctiu of ScboUMhipa, M«daU, fte. 1897^ 
pL28.aD<lAppup.».] C. W-«. 

dirin^iianof John llal*,asufgaoa,of LynO( 
Notlblk, waa bom on 12 SMut- 171IS. His 
lather dted abouc fonr T*ara Utcr. Ho bo- 
cam« a ward of JamM'lUmer, tnaMir^r tf 
t'hrv^'f Hospiul, and Ckhb 18V7 to 1)^11 
«(-nl to Cbart^^rboiue School. On 9 Jv 
18i:j h« matriculated at Uriel Collq»,0 
ford, and graduated B..\. in li^l7, and StJk^ 
in IK^, iKiDg pUoed iu iIk •rcond cIm* bt 
claaaica aad aatbiimatica. Ilcwaa oidtanad 
deacon in Dacenber 1816,and eerrsd lui firat 
cuncr under Dr. Gaaldn at St. Benet, tii 
cbuicfaStnet. la 1821 he wai appointed i 
netantctmtc to Dr. Blomield at tlMchur 
of 8u Boiol^ BUwmpte,and whan ] 
fieM acocptMl in ISSt t& btdw^ of r 
Ilalr became domealic chaplain, a potitio 
which he retained on tbr biibnp'strenalalin 
U>LaiidoBinl62H. Halu wanpntuheratiha' 
ChanertKmefton IRSAuniil hi* appfMntmant 
to the aastenbtp in Fvbmary I Kj'i. jfe waa 
prriMnda/yarBi.raiilV f'altinlral fnim IH'JH 
to IfttO, and ytu archdeacon of Hi. Albana 
from IT Jiitw l*^S)* till hia appointnent Io the 
arcbdeaconrj uf UiddlMtx lo Augoal IMO. 

*Ebe latter rTvfemiHtit ba mcatcd in ItH'J, 
btiOB iiwtnliiid, rJN<iT.,in tlm iii(iwliirr»tiv« 
«i>chd«ttconry of London. In l>sl2 hcbocAm^ 
iBUtRT af the CbMlcrbouDC, and from Itst? to 
1 867 lie rctuned the lich vicarage of St . U i If K. 
Oippl^pftte. Hold VUB Kiauiuh tory, n&dn 
dAlvrmin-cd opponent of ivfonn. ilu lioUy 
rwUtM] t lie pMUge of tha I'nion of UeitoHcM 
Itili, uodvr vrhieb «oin« of tli« Kuctutt citv 
cUurdiM w«rttpu11«d d<iwn,iuid tli* proeo^ 
of thoMlw of tbo Mtw applied to tb<.-civo- 
tioa of cIiiiTOh«s ID mgn: ptiimlou-H diiilricts, 
luul he tiLnuiuoualy reaittiKl tLi- i>roui>sied ttl><>- 
litiouurburiulsnilUiiiLuwua. Bisuop Ulotu- 
fiuU UMd to tuy tlint 'be hud two aroU- 
daacooH witb ilitlurcut tsstoB, uue (Siadair) 
addicted lu compOflitiuDf ihn athur (Ilolc) to 
doooinin'itian.' Ualit (iiwl mt lliv i»n»tcr'a 
lodge, ClmrlcrliouM. on '27 >'or. 1»7U, Bud 
ma buriinJ in St. ]*nurs Callivdml mi 13 Dec. 
H» DMUricd at C'Tpjdoci, 13 Feb. IBiil, Ann 
Caroline, onlj OsujiIiUt uf Williojn Ceiled, 
Aad bad Iiisun five sfina and lbn>-- daui;litcrg. 
Ilia wife died 18 Jan. Ir-GH at iW L'liartcr- 
hausp, imd wa» buried in Hu Paul's Cutlml ml . 
IlaU-'a antiqiiiu-iiui lottmlikf wiu gcnvrnllv 
nco^isi^l. rnr tlin OiiniTcn Rn(N«tv In' 
«dil«d: I. 'Thtt Dumcadiiy of St. Piiul'ii uf 
Uie year l'2'22 . . . ami otbtT OriKinat Docii- 
mentfl relatioj; to ii« Muiion aati Cliuri;liie».' 
1668. 'i. 'ItcKixrum prioraiua beal» yin' 
rial WigomieiiAis.' IStSfi. 3. • Act'ouiiiof lUe 
Executora of tticliard, bialioi) of London. 
ISWt, and oftbe Executora of Tliomac. biMliop 
-of Ex«Icr, lyiO,' isrj (in fonjuDclion witli 
Ihr Krv. H. T. KllacomVo, TbeintivnliiftioiL 
(o wbtcli HaIi- finitbi'd JiiHl lii'funi lii< il<-ntli. 
Hid juinl in nrnuiuing Uu) TOCiinln and lUx'u- 
nentN ui Si. Piiuln i« aelmawltidged in Hist. 
MSS. Comm. »tU Rep. p. 1. ' Somf Ascouat 
of the ICarly HitTory and Fouiidalion of llie 
Ilo^piUi i'\ Kin? Jumce, foundi-d at llie sole 
Ctiate nil J t'liarjjr^a uf TIinmiiiB Silt Inn,' aiiijTiv- 
tDiiiiB luiii jinviiU'Iy printi^d, \^ai, vru ay 
Iiim. and hv aim wr^jtiA 'Soma Account uf 
llid Hospital of Kin|^ Edward VI, called 
Christ's tloepital,' wbicli went itirouph twc 
4KLiti'>n« in ibTiiS. Ilt> editod and arTanf>ed 
tliP ' KpiKilMi of JiMi<i)li Kail. J>,U,, Itisliop 
of JiorwuA,' IKIO, ana the vi^hinift rif' Insti- 
tntioncapiuori^nnllj-puliliAhi'il liyl[.I.,and 
uttnnnm iwcnbed to Tliiliop Andniwe*/ 
1S39, Together Willi KUUftp Lonadftlc he 
pitbliflhed m ISIO ibt'i'our OospeU, with 
AimotuliouH.' ilii traniiluliun of tbt' ' Pon- 
tifical Luw on rlic Subjfcl of tli« l<'t«a»ib 
<uid R<Tpair8 of (JliurcbcN us ett forth by Fa- 
biuii Aliiprti ' wrw nriTiid-ly printi'd in 1^.18. 
Foe E. STocdlcy'i 'bncyclopa'diu M(ilrop<jli' 
t4uaa,' 18u0, Srd division, vol. vii., bo wrolu 
'The Uinlory of Uiu Juws from tb« tiiuv of 

A]<ixBnd«r the Onnt to the I>astnu>tioa 
Ji?rii>Mli>ia hv Tiliiii,' with othpr artiol 
Halt- nlM> published i^crmonA of all kinds, 
ftidei cbar(;i>« and addre***-* on church ml 
iho oJi'iTtDrr, iulrainnral IjuriAi, iht- p.. 
(?eedin|ri r>r tWLib«nit)0& iJO^etjTfMid EUay 
oth^r topicA. 

[Foslrr's Alumni Oion. ii. ^SS ; Ij! Xeve'a 
Foati (Uaitlr); Tini«ii.2S Kot.ISTU; Ouardian, 
30 Nor. IBJO, p^ ISSii. JSSI. MOO, 7 Dtc. 
1427; HalkrU Ami Lainj^tn Anon. Uu iv. ::4lf 
Stoiight«n'* iieiiRion. 1800-£D, ii. 33ft.) 

W. P. 0. 

i lie 

•ma I 

HALE3, A1,ESAXI)ER of (J. 13 

pbil4.topln;r. [Scfl Ai.i:xAgi>m.] 

maflcrof lhi.-ridIc>,Kini<fTli'^tiia»llaW,vldMt 
Koa of Htun- Iluk-a of lInli-» I'Juco, near Tw 
ti-nli'H, Kcnl, by EliEitbelli,duii^liU:riif John 
t'aiiiLtun. alduruiau of London, was a mein 
of (iniy'niim, wliLTo hu became an oiidcjit 
1SI(! and 'was autumn rcadcT in ISzM. In 
nudutt'd li-tlorcoDJccturally assigned to Ifi^i 
PriorOoldwcIliif Cliripit Church. Oautcrhurjd 
wn>ii; III till* Innl tlinncrljor begging tbi 
' Mn.->t.iT Xgiber llulnt 'might tx! np|MiiDlcd 
luljuditaU: UjHnv n cam- in vrliirU Iir wa» int 
rt-aiud: in l&it)-l IIbL-s was pi>iin*d for thai 
corporation of Cantcrhnry. and in 1523 be 
va^rHiimMl to parliament for that citT. 
14 Aiijf, UvJ'i be was appointed solicilo: 
geuvral, nnd he ia mentioned aa aoaof 
oinnKid to the I'rincpwi Mary in the Mine 
yr-nr. Hu nan iilno ivni' of I hv cnintiiisnioners . 
of dienuiN for thn 'J'limii'-n liH-ui'i-n Orv«n^^^B 
wicli nud Gmvesend. au<I in l.'):;j'iwiiapbicod^^| 
■Willi Lord Sundt!*, Sir WillitimFiirwillian),^^ 
and Others, ou a comnii&iian to fraum opdi- 
nnnce« for thu better administration of tha 
coiMily of () iiJ:<n(<8. Till) commissioners met 
at Ouisncs anil prnmulgatvd on '20 A 
l.'i28 ' A lluok of UrdiniLiiciM and JlvcrMt 
ibu Coiuily of Guinniu.' rclatine chJofljr . 
ibe tennre of land, which will hr found i 
L'otton. MS. Fan-ilina E. vii, If. 10 ttz m 
Thcynlsii furnished Henry ^ 111 with a r»- 
pnrtonllieMnleoflhfl fiirtilicniionsofCalaia. 
Ilnleii wan npjminlpd iittomoT-pt:inen«i 
a Jun*: I'i'JH, and on 30 (Jet. follrtwin* n; 
fi^rwd nil intbcimontngninst (Ta.tdinal Woli 
for httviup procured biilli from Clement \'. 
to make hunj«tf leffate. eonlrary to 
statute nf piPDiiinire (16 Hie. Ill, and 
other <^fr(-ii«^ Ho sens on tha commiMOi 
of pnol delivery for ('anwrhnry CmiI* in J 
l-'jIiO; wnnontoftbtciMtimijwnn'rsftppoin' 
uu liJuly following toinnk^imnuiiitntn in 
tbc.-<.'«tal«« hold by Onrdiuol Woim-v in Kent 
and wiia pla«)>d on ihi- tommiHsioii of 
pcuci; for Esoezoull Dec. of th« naum yi 


Ho II 
l6rtlMhotM>circuU;ni l&nhawuactirel; 
<B gM gd in latwrnigUioft tbe eatBatOtt^oij 
nun Kluafat«)i Buton [q. t. j. U)<I Id 1535 he 
3[oRk BJBhoo flafaar, ud Anne BoleyiL B« 
u awnSiooM i> (m» of th* coBrauHnnara of 
Mven for Krat in ISaO, in wtudi jmt be 
MiooncUdCnoiveUi 10 Ju1j)m toMtar of iIm 
roUik la I&S7-dtbecD>pocmiionof OuuiW^ 
pnaantedlitm wiUi ■gBlloaof atck. Thu m 
aonbt^nllTuiil t o be the fliM reoonlcd appMP- 
Mic« of this trine in Ka^bntL lie w oiw 
of tlww *[poinied (u nceive th* Lwljr Anno 
of Cknrn on bw amnl >t Ooir«r (^St Ike. 
1039). la l&Mb*WMaMceki«d Willi Ctui- 

w*^ I ji wl-j|fMMll i«> Rij|i ami n fh )] |- l>n»nit& . 

aaanen in tha wtffcof KfBodeUinglhe ficna- 
datioBofOsBterbuiy Ccibedlnl, onstiafftbe 
■looks md snpplj-ias ibetr placs with kco- 
lar dH]^. Eie praSt«d U^vtjr bf Uw di*- 
aolutMa of Um moiiMUffic*, etaaituiw mtaw 
ersnU tif land wkich hftd bebni^ to tbem in 
Kvnt. Ilediedabaehelor in/uBr li>ll,snd 
wui boried U Uockinftoa or ^t. Susfitta't, 
neuOuHetimry. h0Jkmi»II«ltt[i|.T.j wu 

[HaMfd'a Krat. it. AiH^ iii. $4 : Beny'* Coaniy 
G«M«leeiea (KaaO. SIO; Bwkc'* Extinti B^ 
rooMaiK^ Habaof WoodebBRb; DuMUiTB 0ns. 

S2n; Chnre. S*r. pp. SI, H; DonliiwuW* 
mj»Ua.f.-tii: Gmtt Cbtack lMUm(Q»mi. 
80:.). p. T'J; IliaU HSR. ConM. 9tb Brp. App. 
151 d, 153 a, 153 a, 175 : iMtet* umI Wpm, 
Fut- nod Ikim. Ifcnrj VIXI. nJ. it. M. L pp. Ul. 
7«7, pi ii. pp. 1231. 21:;. m. pp. 22" 2, 
TJU. ^GHO. 2918, 2931, *07«, vi. 29, U ; Viio- 
tiMaeVa Cbroo. (CubkI. 80c.), u. iS; CoUwU's 
, Bteto TlU), i. 870, U«; Cbran. of Oalaia (Cnnd. 
I £oa)i p. 174 ; KftrroitTn ot tbe B«ftrawtMQ 
^(CbiDil.»<*),p.2;3; W«,cr. -ltvd.ot F«a«wU 
j[6liiua«Rb,p.3£0; Fosn* I.inia of Ih* Ja4|M.] 

BALSe^ Sw a>WAIU>, UtoUr E4U. ur 

r£i.iaH),wwoiJTaooof Sir Ed- 




WWH-HWIS, UHh*in ■»»»», MKwl,* ■«>l0*U 

Tojrvliot, bv Ilia wife Aaae, ue jrouuatt of 
tlic fvur ^a^i«B and cobein of Imbu, 
lord W«6lon. lie wvs a tUiecwnilint of John 
ITnles <d. 15301, bsron oi th« flscb«|Bcr ftce 
ui)derllAi.i3i,^iKJiiiBB]. Onibcdcatboifaia > 
£tUiex in Fnian-, iood iner itie ItcstonlJOD, j 
ba SDOCVeded to the baroaetcy. and in tlw 
rrioB of COurlcs II be iwitbaKd tbe muutoo 
and HUM of Su Sicpbea'*, aear Cuiurbnry, 
wbtfa bia deaceadaau afterwarda reaided. 
B« waa «duoit»d at Oxford, and Obadiab 
aUrar, of I' Diversity OoUe^, bia lutor, in- 
'dined him to llnmui caiboliciBni ; but be 
did not decUn himMilf a catholic until tliH 
■wwanwa of Jamaa LI (Uodd, CAurrA Hut. 

iii. 4al). He waa forataOy r ccn a cil cd to ita 
catholic cbuttb oo 11 Not. 168Sl 

Ob is Nor. 1673 Halea had been ad- 
miiiMl to the tank of eolan^l of a foot Rigi> 
ami at llackinfUD. Kent, bui. cQimrj to 
the riatttis Sft Ouilea II. be had not m- 
criTod the HBaant witbin tbi«« BwothL 
accordiag' lo tha riiaa of the «paiabliah«i 
ebaich, nor bad ha tahan tba oacha of aU^ 

fftftOQk BOd tttpVUBttCT' JftBlftfr DOVr flBlPS sl^Q 

ailiajNiaailiiaifiniiiilMai iiMi|.ilin«aiiylrwuii 
paient nader tbe gnu aaal; and in order lo 
acCenains Iba legally of tiie axcaeiaa of his 
difipiBaiiig powar in racb caaaa, a teat actMo 
iriianai^ail. AnlinrOodidea, Sir Edward** 
coaduaaa, waa iaa&uclad to briaa a ow tutt 
aetioB ^aian hta maiter fbr the penalij of 
soot, dae lo the infonntf ander the act of 
Quoiea n. Halea arai indicted aad ooo- 
vietfld at tbe amaxm held at Kodiaetar 
28 March l«tl& The defeadaat riaadad th« 
ktog'a diaptawtion. On uipeal tae qaaatiaa 
WB< anaed at paat IcutJi in the eourt of 
Idag'a tcMh bi£n aii^dwanl ilcrhert, lord 
chief JHuee of Ei^^and. Oli31 June Herbert, 
aftereeaaakiBf hu eolieapM* on tba Iwneb, 
aened thedM^teB*in([pow<Tii>bopanof tbe 
kiay"»prpro(t«iiT-'^---"t JimallaadllEa- 
lEKT.fintKii-.. - - 16U8); llUWRLL, 

State Tnait,i.i, ..w ..jli), 

Hakawaa awoca oC tbe pmy oo oBeil .a n d 
appointed one of the lorda of the adninJtj, 
drputj-wu<icn of tbe Cinqne potia, awl 
Ueutonanl of Dover Coatle, and ia June ltkf7 
lieutenant of the Tower and aae alat of (be 
ordnance. LuliieU taastJooa, ia Joac lOt^ 
aranoar that bewaaahout toharcaclMpcf 
ia the Tower ' for tbe vvpuali tKnics' iJtul. 
Beiation t^ BiaU Afair*, t. U^\. \\\>vm 
the RTVen biihupa werv diacharipeu from Lia 
cufltodr he Aeiaawdad feea of thm ; bul tbej 
refaaed, on tbe fcrmiad that their detention 
and Ualaa'a EOBnaiaaioo were both iUepd. 
Till liiiiiliiaaal Uiiiniil llial if iher came into 
bia bands again they afaooU U»\ hia power 
flCauPUT, It'tMt. ^ Eafftand, cb. viil) 
Halea waa diamiaRn fiom bia poet at the 
Tower in Noraahcr la8& Janea U* with 
Raka a* one of hk three oonraaaiona. and 
diaruiacd aa Halao'a aarrant, l«a Whitehall 
on 11 Dec., in lb* bope of eaeapinic O I'taaoe. 
The Teieel which conrejed tb«n wiu di*> 
corned tbe neit da; aa it Uj in the rirwr 
odF FaTmbam, and the king aad bia Uiraa 
stlandanta war* oondneted on thorn. 1 (ale* 
waa teeogniaed, aad kept priaooor at iho 
ootutbonae al Faranhaia. Iianw>liai«l*r 
after the kiaa'a depanuj* (or Loadon ha waa 
ooavejed to Maidatone gaol, and aflenranla 
to tbe Tower, where be rowaiBod for a Jtv 


und a bftlf. On 20 l>cl. 16SD be was bruught 
up lo thi? bar of llii- I[oii<>u of Comiaotia, tuii] 
onlL'reil lo be charifctl nith lii(;li trea«oii in 
bein;^ Tccancilod tu thi' citurcli of Itomc; 
iOimnu'>t^Ji}urnaU.x.27-l,i75). On31Jaii. 
ilfJ*!i-!K)lu'«ni]0})ii(lm!iW«lk(Twcn! brought 
by hnlKit* r('rjJii* from tbe Townr to tht? 
Inir uf tliu king! bencb, aiid \n;n baited ou 
jcood HCurii; ; but boLh wen eic«pted out 
of the net of tuLrdon datccl £S Mar folloviti^. 
Kvpnlually llules obtuiiifHl tiis ciuchurgie on 
1' Juii>» KJIX) (LUTISIOL, ii. •Vl). 

HhIcs procwMlwl (OctdU'r) to St. fi^r- 
mniiu, whi-iv he «u luuuli nwpi-ctnd but 
littlii cmplnjcd by Jamas 11; 'fnr,' bhvo 
Doild, ' by wltat I (<ait ^tliiir from n kind of 

i'oumiil of his lifp (uhii^li I have peruM-d iu 
lisavru hiLndnTiliiig),he rathsr altuDdedhin 
old muter aa h frienrl than as a Etatmmnn.' 
James rawsnlitil bis piul. Bitnitvu bycrwiTing 
him Eiirl of Tmliinti-n in Ki-iit, Viitooiirit 
Tuiitl.nll, ntid Hiinm Huli?> of Emliy, by 
patent 3 May lUVJ. UaaU'J say* that hV* ]ml 
uoiin informal on fj^ixidamhority that {liiii>aa 
gun and tut^ci'ssur iu the baronL't'i^y,>Sir Juhn 
HiilM,vriw otfuivd n pt't'mgB by tJcowe l,biit 
till! inkltitr ilr'>i){Hi(l, lu^cnu^i' t'tr Jtihn iei" 
ai(it(^d ou hie riglit to hi* fntlmr's title*, n,ud 
toprewnioucf oceoNlinR lo thut cn^iitinn ( //i>f, 
ef Kent, ii. 077 n.) Sir Edward, in Ififtl, ap- 
plied tu the Karl of SUrewabury for a license 
lo return to Kn}i land," tut ho di(!d, without 
obtaiiiiiif; it, iiL Iti9/), aud iva.s t>ari(.>d in the 
church of .St, Sulpiw at I'Hria. lie was 
acrupiilixisty jiidt in hia dealinKi^, reifultLr in 
hi* habili'.iin'i rvinftrknbly cliaritablt* to lIioM 
in di«trcN. I!v th« schcdulo to his will, 
dnli-d July 16tJ5, ht- kijiKiitlicd u.CKW/., to 
ho di»|)o»i;d of ncconJing lo hio inatractioufl 
by Itislicjj) B'lnavuiitiiro UilTard [4. r.] aud 
Dr. i'hi'iimii 

By his wifu I''ru[ict,-M, dauKbtt- r of Sii' Francis 
'Mi'iitdi.'biinlc, lit., of < Ixforddhiiv, he had five 
tmns niid nwu daughlcTB. E<Jward, hie 
t'ldost Mjn.witjcJaiii in thuservicvvf Jamcall 
at the battU: vf! lii^yni^, aud J<>1lu, tin* 
second sou (d. I744>, acconliuKly wuecwded 
lo thit baronetcy, which because e.^rlnni: on 
the death of thu sixth luironct, 3ir I'Mword 
IJulcs, without iMtic, on !(> March \(i'l^, 

llnliitt left in uianuNcript u jourunl of hip 
life, which Dodd u»t'd in his'L'hurch Hiiv- 
lory' (Kcc iii. 131, 422, ATA, kc.) 

[Addit. MSa la&ai t 82. 3U20 (. 28 ; 
fiuikc'd Esliiict DiicuiK-lciKi. p. 331; Barcci'ii 
OwuTimc.i.eSV, Uutler'allist. Mi;uiDi»(lS22}, 
iii. H; CamphaW* l^-rd ChnDeMan, iu. ^63, 
£7fl ; Coerthopo't Ryai-fni' of lh« Extinct ha- 
ronvtnfif, n. vj -. DodA't Chordi HwL iii. 451 : 
Ecliuri!'* llint. cif Koglaud. Snl «dit.. p. lOTT ; 
Fern'* ifiograpliia Jaridica, pp. 313, 530, C40 ; 

Gillwir'a Uibl. IMcUi lJaK)U^l' E^U 
(1819). s. 308; LuUnll't Uitt. Kolati'rQ of] 
i^Ute». 1. 3H0, 363. WH, 433. (^7. 463. A94, 
&n, ii. 10, 14, iii. 52U, >r. iW; Uaoaula;'* 
Hist.uf KoKbiwI: Piintiioi'M UcnMuia, P- ^'I'l 
Wood'H Lifw (illiKt). pp. CT. cij, cxii; Wood'»l 
Athens Oxoo. [BItH). ir. 4i1. 441. Ml. 774.1 I 

T. C. 

HALES, Siu JAMKS [J. 1554), judge, 
wiui i;l<It^it nnn cif Jidin Hn1e» of ihi- Ttiuignxi, 
tiftar CnnliTbiirr, by IiulIm4I, daughter of 
Stephen Harry. Joiis ][*LE*^rf. 1^39) waa, 
according H]!Iaiitii.uiitl«of SirChrUtopber 
Halt's [q.F.'. but Wot ton {Stanrnftotje, i. ^19> 
makvBlheui first coutiiug. John was a member 
of OruyV lun.ond wn^ reader iu lo14&nd 
15l.f>. lie [irobiibly hidd nomu oRici- in the 
exi*Jif(|iiiT, and wuh iippitintiKl Uiinl harun 
1 Del. Mii'l. Hl^ wiu' prctmoitnl tu b(^ i«coniL< 
baron I X May I A2S, mid buld t1u.t )Kuiiiou ou 
1 Aug. 1639, but jjrobably di»!<3 *jon after. 

James waa a member of Gray'e Inn, 
wbi'n; he was an ancii'nt in If] if 8.' autumn 
ntnihtr in JGS3, double I.i'tit reader iu 1537^ 
unit tri]i1i>l.r'[it ri'iuJerin 1,'i-U). Huwssiuno: 
\'\wn: itppiiiiili'd ti> mci'ivn tin; Lady Anne d1 
I'leviwunhLi-arriviitnl l>(ivi»(i'» Di>e. 1S39), 
He wuaculled tAtlHidcKriHtorih^rjetint-^it-Uw 
in Trinity term I'l-lO. and on \ Nov. lol 1 was 
iijipoinled kind's seijeaut. He was Mnndin^ 
coun^pl to the corporation of Canterburv in 
1611-a, and he was aUo counael to Arch' 
hiihon Cranmer, though from what date 
nftt nl.'ar. lie was creaii-d » kniitht of th 
Bath (it ihi- i^oronntion of l-^ward t'l, *Jtl Fob. 
1&1II-7. In .\pri! \hVi ho wiut pWcd an 
ncommitnion fgr ih'trcting and i:xtir|iatlnff 
heri'Sv, wjj 10 Mny fo!Iowin|j wua nppointi'U 
a juil;^' of the L-uinmun pk'aa, and iu llk« 
autiimu of the sauio ywir ewl ou a mi.xvd 
comniiaiion of ecdt»iaelic6, j uid)(i:(, and uvi-, 
liotis appointed to hear Biauop Bountrr's ap- 
ncul ai^inst \i\» doiirivstion, and which cou- 
Unucd thu nontt^uo.-. lie nlno tuit on ths 
cumuitviiiiu appoiutiMl on 1^ X^kc. IGW to t ry 

Biabup tiardiuiT for hin intngiiKw und p 

tice» aKaiuHt the rcforiualiim, aiid c(>ac' 
inihuftoncenouof deprivntioii posaud u|{auiat 
biui on 14 Fob. K)W-I ; and be was placed.' 
on nnolhcr commission t^HTtally directed 
ii^invl' tlio (inaboptiftt? of Kent and Kskx 
iu Janiinry irioO-l. Ho WJWi oino a uiera 
of a ouiuiwinn of MXti-cn Mttritnal and as. 
many teinpuni! [wrjuuw appmnted on Oct. 
15S1 toesamine and raform llie i-ccleaiaii" 
Inwa; and on ibeitSth of the sumo month tu 
wn« opnointcd to hear causes in chance:^ 
during I licillncw of the lord chancellor, Uich.' 
In Jannnry irifil^S he was coiji missioned t 
usMut ihi- lord Jiwprr. Thoma* Ooodrii 
bishop of Ely, iu tbu b«ariiig of chnnury. 


fP J 
in ^J 






natten. In loA$ Edwud \1 dacaniMd to } 
^ixelndx both thm rtinnw «*^— ^^^ ad Hm 
PriRMwi Man from tW aaestMoa aad wole I 
thi> rroR-n br ui ad of tOMtil mi thm L»ij 

cil, tru reqiUNii f* ad hit aaal toth*4Mn- 
iBvDl, but siHodilr pA if d io Id do OB tbe 

Guad lliat ihr' m c e a w ba eoald calj le 
illi ili<ii»il tij ■»! <if iMrliaamn (>■ ihe 
a(««*non of 3iluy i A Jdlv ](uS^ be i hawd 
•<|aal n>^r<I for unet l«);a^tr hr Aaiya gtfca 
jttstieM at llw a^ais^ in Keni tlMt Uw laws of 
fidvatd VI and Hearv \1IIa«iB«BaBe>»- 
fennina remaiiwd ia tanm aod Mnat boc be 
relaJiBJ infayourof IbMaaacaibnfaa. X«Tcr- 
I h«l««S the (tR#*a r«n*wwl kt* paMt «(jaBtM« 
of Um commiMi plcu ; b<xl Ml hJjC Q ' Xfl lins 
MtaM4f (6 Oct.) m \V*^taaiuUg Hall lo lake 
tbe oath of ofiKv Gardiner, ovr kcdfhatiwl- 
lor, rcfuM.«i to adEninisivr il on thi? ktoqwI 
that tc (tood not w«ll in L^r ffr»i?e'i fArourliT 
rcBSffoof hiaoxidiM-t at tbc kriit a>j.iiiA,anil 
he was sKortlj «flcrwanla rAtnmitbiii ta tbe 
Kind's lleaeb pivnii, wbvikc* bv wf rwmo^vd 
tft the Fleet. In priwn lie waaiisitwl W I'r. 
Day, bUbop of C'bicbcirtvTi hi*coU«v<i«oD 
thv bench. Fort taaa [t^ v.] : a&d one i otsler. 
He w«a It laM ra womed bj ibetr atipi- 
Dienia tliot be attempted lo commit iiuckIc 
byopMiiBs;hisTeinswiihhi?j»eBkmfe. Thie 
tntrniion wis frusiraittl. Hf rvcovcn.'d and 
was rvlcaAMl in Apnt l-j>VI, bat irrat mnil 
And drotmod hirnwir in a fhallow atmun on 
4 Aaif. following m Tbnoin^on. naar &n- 
tM"bury. A csm- nf Ilmlca i'. Prtit, in which 
Ida wiilnw, Ij>dy Uirgaivt, t>iml for trripus 
to a lemrJiold Mtatw wlii4;h bad be- 
to hiru. aft^r bis d«slb but before hb 
^ and cliaiti^l» had \itvn declared forfiiit 

and regrant«d lo ihe defending np tliaofaTa 
felo df M, ^re ri«« to miirh tr-cal qiiibUiiig I 
on tb» point wbirihrr lii*' forfritucv ti.tikptacn I 
aA froco tliv daiit i>r llm iiuicid« or only nom I 
tbi< <bt« n( thf ^Tsni. Tba faUo<riiif[ «Uract 
from nuwden* • lt«pon ' may coimrm thn ' 
cn»}«clure thal8hakM|wBre tookahini frata 
Uuacaae: 'Sir Jatnea Ilalra was deai), and , 
hov eaaie ha to his death ? It may he an- | 
a v i v nt l bydiDw-iuiiff; and wbo dniwtu^ himP i 
— Sir JameaHalaa; and when did h'< ilrovm 
htm ? — in bin Uffitima. So that Sir Jamm j 
Hale* Mnx aIi\-« caii«>>d Sir Jamea Hatoato | 
ili*: and ib« act of a liinnft man waa tbo > 
danth of a dead man. And tli^n afUr tkia I 
oflwnw it ia rMMoable to punish the living I 
na* wbo committed th* o9etu« and not the 
doui man.' ' 

Th» I-ady MaiynN't ri'r>>iT"d to waa tho , 
datiffblrr of Thnma* IlnW of Ibnlcy^n- I 
ThamM. By hnr Hale* bod iwtuo two ton*, ' 


[Banaf ■ Kac, ^ H«. Im. Mt ; Ibcika's Ex- 
tiaet BhwiiMi . HalM af WaaJahmtt; JSttif* 
Oimtj OmmC^m (Eat). SI* ; Dwolraaala'k 
Oaf* Im, r- «•; Cluaa. oT Calma ffiniim 
doK). in. in. Ill: WjaM'a SmMMMaw; 
P<«Ui^ Om. a. 3U ; Clav. 8k. an, t7, 8Bj 
Xante** Ui£i OrfonaliHi (GUaa 6«i.V 

r.aSi; RwuJieS.CaMaL«tliBcft,dbfk.tU*, 
Ma,LUa: ICieoWi BmL itfBni^Kai^l- 
beod. ia. xiu ; Rvvm'* Fsdon. «d. SaniimiB. 
BT. IBt. XU; SlfTV*'* Umi. (fcL>. toL iL |«. i. 
FP^ 11. H«. »1. Z»C pL ti. r^ «aS-«. «ft7. 
niLnLpt.i.pp.U.t7*-M; dtiype^ CtaaMr 
(fdLi tv- m. til^ X7*-l ; CebWt'aSlata Tmk 
i. <M. 'IS; Banit* ttAnmloioB, voL it. pu i. 
;t.lM: Belta*h«I,IS«>.iaU.iT.$.«^ Fau'# 
AMAaadMoaamcata. •d.TovnMaJ.ri. 710-14; 
Plowdn'a Rep. p. X4» : Addit. XS& &4U f. 1 19. 
U3sr.lt91 J. H. B. 

HAUB or HAYLES,' JOIIX <<f. l&ri), 
iiiiii.allifTn '"Till r. J iiiinjii T tcaof ThntBa* 
llaW« of llaW n^ec in lT*ld<^, K^Bt. wm 
Dot oducated at aar nnitvnitT, but contrtri^ 
to t«aefa binuelf Latin. Oivek, Frvocb, and 
Ocnaan. 1I« was lamed ity so Accident in 
voulh,aikd was oft«a called 'ctub-f>>ol' Halo*, 
lie was clsrit of tba haaaperto llemy VUI, 
andattcnrardstoBdwaid Vl. About l->49be 
nubti«h<>d ' !li-;hway to Ni^bililv,' and tnuif- 
■aied n ntarch's ' Preocpte tat tbe riewrration 
of Health' (LAndDn.VU.eTafton. ISM). 
Kc protitrd by tfaeditsolutiaaof BMOAsteries 
and cbantrirw, hut conTcnod St. Jolm's Hos- 
pital in diTrntry. of which Ha ncceired a 
grant in 1<>I^, int') a few school ('PiriittALK, 
»"«rrrK*j[Aire,p.ir9;T,iSSEit..V»rfftwt. By 
this act ho scens to hare msde hinualt tlw 
6nt founder of a tnt acknol in tbe nige of 
Edward VI < lit x«5,ii-00ei. For iho us» of 
this foundation ho wioto ' Ititroduotian«s id 
Gfaramnttcain.' pan in Lalin.part in En^flisb. 
At this tiuMt hu was ilao hoaoorably dulin- 
euished hr his oppmition to the eoeJoattro of 
land*. ^VbenSoiaeraatinnadhiseommissiana 
for tbo redress of unelnsurea in ihiS, Hjdea 
was otw of the ox eomBuasionere tuoied for 
the midland counliM. The coouataaion, and 
the charge mtli which, wbvnvrer they held 
session, he vu wont to open it. haTi>biM>n pro- 
served (Stktpb, &el. MfM, iii. 145; Cat. of 
Stmt* Plapm. IkMB. i. 9). Hy hid seal and 
bmicelybA incurred rbo reiientment of Dud- 
ley, lh«« oarl of Warwick, ood tbe inquiry 
was dincbrd. 

In the parliament of the aune mar, 1H8, 
Ilalea, who was M J*, for PrcAloa, lAncasliitx-, 
made another tikiii to assist tbe poor hy in- 
troducins thron bill* : for rebuilding doayiN) 
hoosM. lor maintainiDi; lilbue, s^nrt re- 
grating and fotvstalliag of maikels. They 


Hitf Jbvrbi 


ciff (Snnv, H. tot; 

MiBriiitniii Mn^ ' 

arflfc«lii j»f «rli1irf»i»rF«.A*. 
W M ««« 4XFK- hr MMfaiap » 

Iti IIMJIM mw if n ■irriiffVi- — n ' 

"^ ■ t.Botf^ '''*° *_?'jf ' ^ ''^ (*°~ 

, atttf* ife ri'wi iBiii. 
to b« okwid, tte MfCK> 
tnwmrviL. Btitm ymt iattk m 
IMfflbt (WW is UmA Jia. figO> to tfaa 
«A<* iktf tk> ■aBOM w«* mmJe kgitiowta 
Iw Ilk* aob sMMBt ^ tlM Mftiea, ud ikst 

a» kM» «r CUoOr if Biak«h^o3d £e 
wUmA JMMi He «w cnonktAd to the 
Towv-bat WW ■90* KksMd bf the bflttence 
«f CwLwda tH8 ha WM ndcr haitd bat 
loai^lwhaMBwitlMiM iha rani huatm 
<0toLDdiK.l8(Mn. TkwkibaaurwMTCcy 
■BMjIkMwl, MM miiaamnA ths npntatkB 
al fjtr Xiehnlw Bmou [i^ r.] uid olbv per- 

Halwdied OB 28 Dm. 167 1 , ■&<! wu Imnnl 
in iIm afai»diari«UPM«r4»-P)0OT inLnodom. 
Hi* MtaiM, Willi hii|ffiDn|al bouM in 0»- 
iftiiry mIM ]lal««'« Iluw, otbBrwiw the 
Wbitn Frjim, mmwi] to John, ■on of hu 
bntbar Chriaioporr. 

rW(M4'«AtbnwOi0ii.(raiM).i.4Ot-A; votla 
siL^I.) U.W.D. 

HAl'E8.J0fIN nA44-I6aO>,lh«'«TVT- 
itHfnunkkD,' wu l»rD in Hi. jMoat't fuith, 
Jfaih,on in Ai>ril ir*HI. lib fiuher. Jobn 
HalM,nr*n ol'l Siim'-ra'ililiire dock, hod au 
Mt«l« at liiKlu'tiiirrh, nmr Itath, nod was 
MMnud to tlw Iforwr fauilr. Aftvr pusing 
thiouith tba lUtli Kmnniar acluiol, 1UI«b 
want to Oifnrd on I Q April 1A97 aa a aolivlar 
of Ciina* Cdriati Coll*^. aiw) frmJiialijJ 
II.A, o« U Jiil;r ifiOfl {Or/, f'nif. Jtfy.,Oxf. 
lli«l.K«)r.,il.iil.'J4>'lj. Iliarnniiirkablitlearn- 
inK n)iO |iliiIi«ophic acumun l>raiiuht him 
iitiiliit t)iu nnlitw of Sir llmr]' Saiil*>, aa<] 
twvuiMicl Ilia alvction u follow of Morltm Jn 

(« MM) ha «. .* 





rOCMMl). la 1013 


f h a W i iMa J flMfaw*) 


■'orCahiuwi WW* 

•t Dart Cnw 

Frlr»ai T, w h — 

Dip. (weoMe 

• Eia^afi 
j UMI«Hdha' 

ts which tha'''fa« i 
fonadMaA. Be 
13 N«r. HD tfaa i 
b* left, and 
*^».] nan 

Kamkmi* aaatftianl iMtf (U- 
161£ tiaginB is OarirtaB^*Lan« '< 
I asdiaaeiMiB ita proper place tatha' 
ttfitw af Halaa'a 'W«fca.- la the 
BwJiBil ln-Aa»hsaTFanadMrq.T.] to the' 
'Goyea ff«iaiHg Se|«. Wt. F^adaa 
itatca, OB what be aOofn la he HaWa mra 
anhocitj.thetUaleawaaled ai the mod la 
' bid Jolu Cihia pnd-Riihi * when Epiaeo- 
piai^ the wcD-jtaawn .iraiiiian. preaaed the 
vena Sc Joha iiL 10 to anppon hie owu 

doctrioe. Accordia; to Haleaa own f 

(19 Jan. leiB), Matlhiaa IMaitiititiii of 
men. a balftrar dlrioe, amplimid xhin 
But if Fanndoa'aaccoont berifrht. Hal*«,aa 
Talloch nnaiha, * did aol aay (ood-raominr 
to AraiiiunB.* The laaia effect of the aynod 
(M hia Mind waa b> free it from all aectarian 
pfqodioa. Ho iscideat atade a atmagsr im- 
proaaioo apoa him than thedaliateonechiam, 
which be npafl4<d on 1 Dec iei». 

VarW in 1819 IlaW nrtiivd to liia fid 
ahip at Eton. la Sir Hetiry WoUoa, w1 
auoeeeded Savllc as proroai in 1323, he ' 
a kiadred apiiii. lie lired much amang 
books, Tiuting Ixnidon only ooce a jw, 
although be was poaaibly (here Rion< fre- 
qnentij dnrinff the period ( 1633-4SJ of Fal k- 
land'a connpclion with l>iiidoa [ao« CxRT, 
Lrcica, ancond Vuooitxt Filxuxd]. Tlw 
iTaeea of hia oooDcction with FaUtUnd are 
iligbt; but hia'conipanywaamnchdeeir^d' 
in the brilliant cirvio of m»n of I«ttcf!a iketi 
l^thpTcd in LondoD. Suckling, who in a 
pooticnl raialie bids bim 'romo to town,' 
eiv«* UR Klimpees alto in his * ^s«rion of tho 
Poota ' of hia gnv« smiii, hia retiring taannor,. 


hM beoltr ftf'paUiBg ordaatiav«f ftdMbt,' 
ud tu> dveisin Jad gBMrt. BMh Dirin 
ud Kcnra t*U » Mocy if hi* bnc piw t 
wlWB Bco JatMontiMintsd oBSUmMn'* 
ImIc <rf Ifwttfaw. llakt Ml rtif, but «t 
IcBgOt nid tWU SlMki^MM • iMa aot md 
ths wmryintT ba had bkawiw aot Main isy- 
UuBf fron ihMh'aad aBdMank la fiMl ■»«- 
thiacaB mufitaie timtad br ikoa ai least 
u vrU UMlad to miltiiliBl. aa bad 
fnniMitl a — -«i»Hy«— MUaeliM at banb, 
anil bu Wwiiag was almya aader Us can- 
tnaad. Wood eallt bis ' a walkiiifr lifeaair.' 
OlanBdoa maka of biai aa kannf a barter 
nMBoiy for uwfct tkaa aaj taaa axttp* Falk- 
laodf aad tqnal to bsK. Ht^Ts, as rny 
frteiiidlTJBd««,ani ba waa ' aaiM w w wi ea- 
lh> of bm ImawMga aa tbe alnWiil bedjea 
of Uuir lirbt and iuSiwKM.' tl« ii caid to 
bavebeca baekwud IB tb« oit«nuie*cf MWe 
of hia broader riewt, fnm aferiiag of i ^a d u^ 
af for weak eoa*e« c nfla*; bet inbUsriiiafa 
thetaiaaoW Mf T a - Tb* chaiya of Siitinian- 
ism allagsd agaiaK bim ia dippiorcd Irr bii 
teial paper oa ibe doctrine <>£ the Tnnil T ( •««, 
for • aUtcnuot of dilScultKO reotd^ ib« 
atooeiarat, b» Mt«r ot Ueccnber 109^ in 
r<mU.1705,ToLL) UabadadoDtodUbccal 

of lolatalioa, jOMitly wila aoaaaa- 
iaUutcn from SodawB wn *an (cf. Sodi- 

' Lean Soetuia ud tka aohaolMa '). 
oa U» appearnmfin UOSaDd 1633) 
aooayiaaiw iraai aM tiaeta belcMigiBr 
that adiool. ba was ' ia eomaoa apnsb 
'Ited vtth tbctr aaUianlii|>t ca tnot 
pmwtualM bf Wood, 

Tbe frnat coamboticn made hf Halea to 
Irealcaf liteninre U tbe tiact oa * Schiaa 
and ScJiimacicks,' whtdi Mpa«» ta have 
bem wntt<>n about 16dd ttalea dcaoibea 
ii u ' a l«tt<T,* aod ' for ib» naa o( a DrnatB 
frieoiL'ui all pmbabiUtvCliiIltneir<irUi,'who 
waa tbao ansagcd on bia ' RrliKiciu o( Pnv 
taUBU*(l^~t- Ii wu circ(ilat«d in maau- 
aacipt, and a copy fcUuitoibehaiidaof Laod. 
Hoanar tfaat uw paper had ^tbd oiknee to 
tba BrekbiAof , Hales Tindicat«d huaaetf in 
a latter to lAod, wbirti is a mod^-I of firm- 
IMM and good btuDoar Ni'iilu>rll>-riyit nor 
rianadoa laaoLtoDa thia letttf. H araaan 
that HaVa bad 'ornoa already' Icnnd Lud 
* azttaordiaan Ubnal* at bis p a l J ea ea, and 
a bi BO doubt that land now Bi>nt for 

. tbcrai^ tbe aeoounu of what pused ac 
the inic'mewanDoCvtrjrtratwaxuijr. Dec 
VaiiMU BMntiotu the atoy tbat Halaa aa- 
wted Laud in th» saeond adiljoa < 1830) of Ua 
'Oonfemin* wttb Fishar. Laud cartaiBl* 
Rtado bint ntu> nf hi* eWplaina, and obtainaa 
for him a oaaonrr at Wiadsor, into iriuck b* 
wai in*""f* OB '37 Jane 1S39 (nval patent 

bad BBrahy ia 





csMof aoab. 

Uia met o« *Slcbi«B' i 

In tbcHBe leaf bowaarirttad I 
bribe 1 ■' ^^^ 


tbaiiiil1s|aiaaii' HakaUdl 

wacka ia a ptvat* bdnir ia Eun witb ■ 

eelleca vritaifa aad ba^a,' Imag oa I 

hnaaaad bacr ac a eoat etf T 

Oabiateaual t» take iba' 

IS Affil ISa bavaa bndlT* 

ofhiaMlnitfl. Pnnm' 

iatn bis flan, a6lmd hia 

aMBi (SOt* War,iBdadiM tbe 

Wt this be daainad, ntfant «1m a ]_ 

in tba Sadlrv fuulr, ol Kaoi. with a i 

of imu a jw. Ila ru b *i%i a mnat 

Ricbinaa Lodp^ 

' I II *ini Jfci iiiliiLii rfWii Pifcii.i 

to BdanDaM. babop of SafiabofT, I 

ing a oBiIl MB17 aa talor ta bvaoa 

HaW, vb» pond , 

Wood. Balea.iabt>wiD.eaaifaia] 
iMt diwMiiTly brforrfft ^' To 
floaaa Ueary luai^, l as bop oi Cb«nataFt 1 
n*K ated. witb aotaa mwahwa of bia I 
aad ' Bad* • aoK of a eeOege,' Halea I 
an cbaplna aad aoa^ tba Wrngf. Ob t 
iaaoe of tbe order agaiart b ar b aanB g 1 
na&la, be Wt Mm Saltar ^ataat bar < 
andlodir^ in Eton. 'oast tatfaal 
inn,' with fUonah r >irlwn s nn , vidaw < 
old aamai. Tba giaaiar van at Ua I 
(wbicb had coat SjUOL) WaoU far 
to Qgjstimhw Bm, a Lnadon 
Always a fibnal (nrer, ba panted by 1 
wttb all his na^ mmef ra cbannr ta d»> 
{Wind elngy and acbalani, tin FartaioB, wba 
Tinted bim daitjr for anae latralbt badora hia 
dnttb, found him wttb no BBon than a Um 
shiUiafs in band. Bnt hia will abowi that 
be had fvopt-nv to diapow- of. 

Halaa died U Eton on IM Mat IA06. Da- 

pt—ica «f apbiU, eauad bf < tba liladc aad 

dianal aaneel of tba tisMa,' wnbaMf ti^mad 

bij haaltb; for tbn«^ he wl Mitand hi* 

•eTent7>third jwar hia oonalilntioa Wm itill 

; robostf and ha waa tn» tnm aiJiaaat. Ta 

I Faiindoa b* fkv* difaetions far Us ftuaral, 

I repeated inbuwill.iliat he shouhl babnitad 

' in th«diiirvhTWv1,'a« nKaraa nuybtletha 

body of tar litlls fr^daon. Jack IKak«a#on 

iho aldor,* Tbrra was to ba m> Mnoon or 

I baU'ringingorcalliae tba paopl* tefallwr, nor 


«ii]r 'onnunessatioii nr Conipota.ti»n.* aiid tlin 
ftmoraln'aslDbe'nT.tlifi.iiiii-nf thi-ni'Kt i'V»ii- 
AOBff nfln luv dn[iiiniir<-.' Hk will in ilaicil 
«n tUt' iltiy nj hu di'itlh. A >' iuin«iit waa 

?iIkc9>1 In 111" lamnory by • 'f C'tirwen, 
(irrni'Tlv onit of h'ti scholars at j .. No ]>or- 
Ifiitt of him is known ; but w« huvp A iihripy's 

l^pbio dcacriptioD of titm !•• Se fmiiid limi, 
in bis la«t jr^ar, * nuulinz ' h Kumpin.' 

He vtM ihen ' n pivtiii- li mngmnc, 

of ft chpffffiil pntinti'imnef, goalie and 

<o)irt«niis,' to which Wood u ^s ' quick and 

nimbi--.' ]lt> dill not dreM ia black, but in 
* violH-oolouwd f?li>th.' Aubrey anvn hj- hart 
n mwdiTttlc liking for ' Mnarin ; ' \t'nm! Hint 
lit? Tftsttd I'vvrv w.>"k'frftm Thiiwrlny dinniT 
in Siiturdov.' I'i* I'f" '*'"» t" hnvr liri-n 
■writlpii ttv Faritnlnti ; bill Farlndon diL-d be- 
fore the isaiio of llio ' Oolden IleinaiaB,' to 
which Hie e"Ir cwutribulioii is a Ic-ltvr to 
<lttri!iiviiit. till; puWiitli'-T. It is eaid titat 
Tti^hop I'caTBun was n*i(>'d to t.alip up I'flriii- 
JonVt(i»k ; but ho i?imt<tntiMl htmiiclf Wpn>> 
fisini! I'J tbo ' iicraftiim' ii fow pagiv of die 
uriintiiatiiie eulogy. Knritidua a rantt-riaN 
fiAt<fliiil lo William Fultuuu [t\. 'v.'}, y/ji^ liki'' 
■wise fniloil lo wriU' tbe lui^uioir. I'te )iii» 
bwn tnitdc of Fuliaaii's papore 1»t Walker 
ntid CUilmiTx. 

Aiidn-w Marvel justlv dnsirtibi-s llnlr-n ns 
'onr iifllie cleanial IicikIs iiad brsl pri'imrc-il 
bivfu'tJ' in PlinMcadoin ' Tlir richii'';«« (if hie 
in itniiiii it- His hummir i-ikiUi'p liiin to Ireul 
cll«l I] rhinft quest lit iraciivi'liKlilHi-as 
of touch. Ilin Klrirngtli li<^^ in an iiiviunbli.- 
cont of cuTnmon »raiii-, iilways bleiiilcj wilii 
ftand feeling, and ikiuiii); in a Wim and 
thouphtfiil cburity. 

llal»< run hunlly lie uid to havi- -written , 
ariTlbing fur publication. Rn|iBiit^'illy ur^fril | 
lowrrili', ho was. My» Pnanuin. ' oktllnfiij- , 
n;faiii«tit.' Ills workJi arc: l.'Oraliu Kiuit- , 
bris habitfl in C'lllt-nii) MerlonRn&l . . . (|iio i 
die . . . Tlioinm Hraileio foniis duccbatur.' ' 
ic. Oxford. lUUi. Ho. 2. ' A Sprmon ... I 
ConcpniiiiK the Ahuwa iif tli" "Iwciin- jilttci.'-s 
of Moly Scripturi'.' &<■-. Otfunl, HU". 4i(i, 
3. Till! BDnnon ' Uf lli-aling wilb Frririjf 
{iiri«tJans,' pniacln-d nt St, Paul'ii Uro*8, | 
Hn>>mii alto to bavo lii-eti primed, nt I'arin- 
floa't in*ti((TiIioii. J- The Mrmi>ii ' Of llui*l§,' j 
pmaohcd at tin- Hatfat', is wiil to Ihith bwn 
printed, tbnagh Farindon itniilii'n llii> pnn- 
tnvry. Oth« piMos, publiwli'-il liuriiig lii« 
lifelim*, but tpparenily witbuiii. bis huIIhi- 
ritTi wM*: 'i- 'TThe Way towards Uio Fiod- 
ing of Dflcision of llu' Cliiof t'ontmversie 
now debated concpminir Church (invera- 
meni.'kc, 1611, 4to, anon. 6. 'A Tract con- 

a Ip&rnrd and judieioas divine/ &c.. 1&43, 
<llo; iwo l^udon vditions, unii> yenr, kIw 
on» nt Ojcford, with aniniadwrsinns. 7. 'Ut 
thL> Bla/il]itmi«n{cnLiuf tliii If-^lyChrtet.' &«., 
16J6,'li ,iui< i'iu.1huni<>iun-('r«:8.'l_toldeo 
Hemains of iiif Ever ilem(.ralilp .Mr. John 
llaU'H,' itc, 1869. Uo; Sod edit., with addi- 
t inn?. IRT.t, 4!o;3rd edit., l*»% ftro. ft. 'Soi- 
mnnK preached at Kion,' kc, fol. 10. 'Sn- 
v.tral TrftptK.'&c-. lH77,Hvoi '.fndodit., 1716, 
l^mo. with addition nf thi> letter to Laud. 
Tie ' \Vork« . . . n^w fiwir cnlllM•^iMi.' fcc, 
were ^dilM by Sir Oavid Dalrymplo, lorj 
liailes In. T.]. and priftt«l ot lilaAffow by 
I'oulis, IitSS, llimi*. :{ vols. The collccttoa 

I fMnbnic>?s nil that had been pr^viouslv atib- 
liHbnd with 6Qvi.-ral new iKtun, mtki u ■ 

I b<<autifiil «j>oeiincii of lypograjdiy- It aliuuU 
bo obwrved, liowcvor, that ' conic fvw i>b»i- 

I tetc worrln ore occiuiqnully altered,' and the 
t.>di<0( lias c'xpuuKed, on fnAtidioua notindiv 
' twu jNiMah^-vi iti till.' vonuontf^' Tbn Scxriniait 
Iracte fal»t'|v uceredited to Ualva ura ilte 
'Anonvmi iJiKserlatio do I'ace.' &c., by 
Samuel i*rzypk<iw&ki, and tho 'Bruvla DW- 
nni.titio,' (cc, bx Joachim St(-|;niann di* 
iddiT. (Airll prmt^'d in 17i'0 'A UMvmna 
of sM-rrn! DiiriiiticjnndCorrniilioii^of Mao'a 
Nuturr* ninc'- xhv Fall,' Ac , wbicli he a»sig 
to Ilal'-s. It is an ahridsmi'iii of a trrttt 
by lilsliop Ki^ynuld^of Norwifb. 

[I)» MniicaiLx'i Hiatorioal Ac(x>ant, 1] 
Wocd'n Athnnm Ot4D.(IlliiiK),iii. W9*!, ; Wo 
F«ili, ii. 3VJ. Ml : Walker* .Siiff-rinK* "f 
ClPTgy. I7H. ii. 87. B! ag.; Clnreuduu'a 
IT'59. i. 27 »q.: Aubrrv* hint, IS15. p. 
SucklinirnWork*. IH9(l'. pp. 8. SS luj. ; J>rTdl 
Knny of Dramatic Powio, 1U93. n^ 32; RqtA 
Ijifo of ShAikBipmrv, prefix^ lu Worka, 1]I>9|L 
[1. sit; Marvi-lI'B TtebMmtl Trainpp»'d. 191 
p. 174; Hf^lyn'.Lifaof L*ud.I668i Citalim 
Gan. Kiag. Did. 18U, xni. SZ «].: TuUo 
Katiotui! Thoologjr, 1M72, vol i.] A. Q.\ 

HALES, JOHN (<^. 1070), painter. [S 

UAliES, STEPllKX (1677-1701), ph 
Mulflgist and invuntor, wi* horn in Si-ptei 
bar 11)77 at I^'k(»1iii4ime in Kent. Hinbirtl 
day iaipvcii vnrioLi»lya«7Si>pT.«nd IT Sl-I 
He was liaiili-iad on 20 S'-pi;. (A'o/m 
Qum-iM, 2nij sQr. iv. '107). lla was the 
t*T of Kicbard Wood of Abbots l..anffli 
Herlfordshirv, Tlrnniiw llnli**. wb™ wn-i 
chWl KOn of Sir KulH'rt llalev, liiirt... i 
iti bin father'^ lifiilimis, and the bariintitcy; 
now extinei. The family was a yf«ini 
branch of the family of HnioanfWoodoUur 
lo which Sir Edward Hales [q. r.j beloni 
StpphenwDB entered as a pensioner at 1 

Chmti Coltef^, C«mbrid^,on 19 Jami IS.KI, 
snd was •dmilted k MIow iU Fek. ]7(U-3 
(M.A. 1703. U.!>. 1711). In 1733 he wu 
crratwl U.l). b; dinloBU of the unit«raitT of 

iDtinuUa with Willuun ^^tnlcnJrr t^' ftnb- 
quwj, hu juiuor bjr t«n Tutu*, «-ith whom hA 
■rcrunbultted ' OunbvidfiMhiM in tttaeb of 
lu^s pl&au. He m aud U) tuve «oiutnicte4 
•a uMtmnMit for ihowiitz tlie faov«ment of 
lh# boarnnl}' bodi«, k Bitnilftr »>Btrira(w» U> , 
that oAmwaiyUi IrniwTj m »n o«T<>Ty. Hi? »!» : 
worked At clu-miMrjr in 'the rUtoratorr kt I 

t Trinity Collw,' no Ooubt tbM of Viguii, | 
liuitt bj U^atUj. 
Ii« wu appotiil«(l perpetiul curftl«,olbet~ 
^wUo DiinUUr, of T«didii>irto&, MtddleKX. is | 
170&-9. nU o«rli»>t Hgnatiuv io tbepariak > 
ngtJrt«roccitnoaS Jfta. 170(f-t>. He vacated 
Jii> fellownhip br hi« accopl«aoo of tbo liring 
of Porlock in SuinencULiiv, which he afUr- 
vuda oxchaiu^ fvi (hat of Faninsdoo l« 
Huuabin. He made bis home at lUdiag- 
ton ; wA it appean from a Irtter pTeaarTed 
in the Hojal ^Kictv Library that be ooca- 
,aionaUT resided at f aningd^m. 

H« becam'^ a idlav uf the Itoral Socii'tT 

20 Nur. 171B, an<l retxrivvd tbt- Oople; 

dBlofthtt»odo(;rinl739. II«b«oaiMiOM 

^«f tbo tigkt hnigo taemben of the Fraach 

Aokdemr in 1753, H« wa« liroctor for tlic 


tbe tnut«xia for tlw colony of Gmnna- la ilie 

latter capacity he prnM-kixl in St. Dridv'i 

H CbuTc]itr<)Ddon,nn^l \fan-hl734. Tbeaeis 

^Kinaa, a dull oiw on (ial. ti. 2, waa aft«frwanl» 

^'^puUubed. The! ]4anl IIbIimU mmaiiut m a 

DifinoDto of iliia conneeiioa, hari^ bva 

in his honour by ili« natunliit Jnhn 

Ibiigorvmorortbe colony. Ilewuaciiit 

I th« foundatioo of the SocieCy for tli« En* 

ngemeiiL ot Aria and Uaai&ctitMa and 


became one of ita Tice>prMul«Bt« in 

1 7fi&. Oederick, prince of WaUn, tb» faLh«r 

of OeoTg* HI, is said to hare bva fond of 

; ■aiprUhig his in hii laboraiorj at Taddiac* 

^■dfin. WlM>nibi-i>rinr(>died,tli«r«n'as,BCOa(^ 

^Bn^ to ll'inai woltxiln, Mine talk of making 

Halm, ■ iba old lAiliaoptivr.' tutor to tlii< 

jouoff priiMw. lie tt-aa not, how«T«r. ap- 

nint«d to I hl^ pan, and MaMnr* ( /lirtoiy of 

' (.%ruti. 17&5) i* probablv wrung in 

that Hales had ' iorae ii^ai^ in th« 

Ction of h«r 'the PHuoesJ of V\'al««'«1 

Soiw oHiinrin);.'' In 1 751 he wasappaiawd 

[clerk of thft e!(i>i.-t to ihf ■phnert^-Aovfa^ffr, 

'and chaplain tot he pnaeob^rAon. Sh^^eem* 

In hate retained a ro^ud fnr turn. Tor ihU 

'motJier of tbe best u king*,' u *)>■.• itylt^ 

VOL. JXtt. 

' berselC pot op cha moaiuBrai to llalea in 
WeatoiiakterAbb^. Ilcdeeliaedaetaoarv 
of Windsor aB«nd to hiM by tbe k^ Ilo 
wa» an artire pariah pciett, ■• tbe rnaiUm 
of Trddittg ': sbov. He mada Ui BMaala 
pariihiun' ; 'o nabbe paoaaD* br bmrolir 
behaTioirf'.-' -He eolargad tba dwM&vmid 
O'M) * br ppeniliar «itk tbe lord of tbo 
manor.' II'- "'Ired U> paiiibMBen to pat 
up (ITiff) • 9 oa the ebveb voiwtt, ao 

that the ■' -^t h-tt«r be heanL la 

17»4 thtt Itr^ • tover as which the Ftatira 
•food woa pnCeddown, and a hriek oaepat 
np ID iu pUoe. Cad^r ibi* tower, wbtch 
BOW »«rr«a u a poreh, bit bonea mm. In 
17'!>3 be arrai^od for th» boilfnir of a avw 
avile, and not nalr ^abvribed :XIO/.,bfit pr* 
eonally (upcnnlcnilrd lltR building, la 1754 
h« belied tike pariah lo a deeent wat*r aaijplj, 
and caara<terialtcanj neorda, tn tbe pariah 
regialer, that the oot&iw waa Mcb a* to fiU 
a two-qiuut veMel in * 3 swiqga of a pead»> 
lum, bealiv aeoooda, which Mtdabtti wm 
aQ-fT3 ivam loaf fma Ua aMjwidiiw 
nail U> tba aiUb of the aiunhat or botk: 
Ha bad IV^ Woffinrioa lot a farinbiwr 
asd Pope lot a aagbbjor. Spraoa raoanl* » 
mnarfc of Popr : ' I ahall ha rcfj ^lad Ut 
acoUr. llalo»,andaiKajBln*«t«aMbuD ; btt 
ia ao wonbT and (toad a onn.* lie ia tmtm 
lioned in tbe ' UmI KMam' epirtk il. (lo- 
Slanba Ulouni, L 196). ila waa one of ibe 
witncaaes to Pope'awill fCuojuvore, Pbpe). 
Horace Walp'jl'- cmXla llaka'a faet,^aaar 
loimitiTB (TnUurr.' ]Iis cDatenponriaa 
^Kok of hta ■ native i aa ocB nce iuhI anpU- 
cit^ of mannen.* PelerCalliBaan,tbaBaUi- 
raliat, writca of *hia wwwtaai acnoltT and 
eliM-rfulncM of mind : ' and it ia rcBoraad of 
hint that ' he eoutd look vita Upon wicked 
men. and thoie who did hia annad oAeai, 
without aajr emaium of oartacalar ■'^■(p»- 
tioa : ooc mm want of oijcanKiiant or aen* 
eibitiiT; but he lund ui miMJilir fhaia onljr 
like ihoae experin>cnta which, npoa trial, ha 
found could aerer be aoptiM l« any tiaefnl 
p m poae, and which be inenfiwn catnl* aad. 
awpaarioBftteljf laid aaide.' He aoMmaad 
•ome at leMt M bia paritb dntias up to wiibia 

■ few moBtba «f bia death. Ula dcnatttrw, 
in a tnnutloiu baad. omu« In the TmUJbk^ 
ton tagistar on 4 Nor. 17fKK H» died on 
4 Jan. ITfll.'afb^aTifYalifbl UlneMi,' hi* 

■ hniighia bnng atil! buir with bia ar>entilhi 
wnrk. He Biamed ( 1 7 1'u ." } Man, datwbtOT 
at Dr. Kiehaid Newn* of Much Hm&Mta, 
Uertfonlahire, and r«ctor of Hailalian In. 
Il I1T She diad without iwae til 1 7:^1, an.1 
wu liiin«>d at T«ddia^toa on 10 (Jet. 

II*|.~^'i work falU into Iwi nuinela«H«, 
(1) pbjaiological aad dumical, (1) invi-tt- 

Hales 34 


lion* Ktid BUggeationfl on nutlen cftnneatcd 
w'u\ heaUh. aifriculturv, &c. 

Hti wag ofjuallj- (li»tin|riibhe<l ss A botani- 
cal kad M annniitinl |>!iyKJiilog)(l. Hisniait 
iiiiport«Bt book, 'Sttiin'ul KMMjfj'donlwitli 
botli KubjectA. Thu luiuk, foimdod chii^v 
on Mpen tead liuforf llio Itoysl Society, vu 
TreU »oei»fld fti iho time, and wan triinBliit*d 
into PMBch, (lerman, Dutch, and luIiaB. 
It ooMifltB of twn vol limes, of which Ih^tint. 
dMlinK'^i''' [>lftnN|ihy9!A!<M|-T, wiupublitlit'd 
umlcir thif »iT)ftrftt(j title of ' V>grtnbl<i Sta- 
tielw/in 1727. 

Til" itiudy of ibe onntomr of plants itiAd<>, 
U&jAchai>nintaout,finin1ladTanc« during till! 
«2htt«ntli «viiturv, bitl llieK- wh? & reviral 
of plaut-pUyalolofry, to which Ual«e'a worJt 
vtM llie m<i«t on){tiinI un<l important coiitri- 
bulion. Much of lii* work viu d^tvoti^d to 
tlw study «f thu loM of irntcr which plunt* 
mflVr by (.■vapgmtion, and to tlio iaviin!> by 
wliich t be roots luiiku )plk] lliiti toM< lu 
iLvau juljjts-'tFi nintiy of liis i^xporiiiivntd n>- 
maia of futtdamitulul imimrtaiice. With m- 
Ifsnl to iho puMgo of -water up tlie Blema of 
tKfm it is worth notico thnt ho oiad« a flitjr- 
n-«tion wliiclt baa qiut« rvcentlT, uadBr dif- 
iiTTcnt niirtfiiriAi, inrl wilk a rom dral of ap- 
proval, iianiidy, thnt ibi! ' tntm ia not frnin 
tli« ronla only, but laiut jiroci-ed frntn S'lmr 
poweruillicati!m&n(lbrniicIiit8'( Vrs-StaticH-a, 
p. 110). Ilifltsauwi'liillycbnrwriprinlicof Ilia 
workthathE^soujititA quantitative know1(!i1t:<- 
of all the fuTiclions which he irivcati^ted. 
Tboa he cnlculntpd tho nvnitublr Diuouiit of 
water in a rivimi an?u of mi\, and compared 
it with the lom of wiiter diw to the «\Tiponi- 
tioD fimti th« |ilnnt» i;m-wiii^ on iliat oryitL. 
Hi> also ii4lliniLt>-d th» niin ami ilrw fidl fnim 
the luiinr point of view; ih* varintiiin in r<><it. 
forcB Bt liifferi^nt tiiuc* of dny; the furcn 
Kn>Ttad by peas aa tbev imfaibi* wnli^r aiid 
esp&rd ; the rats of (frowtb of filioola and 
ItMvm by lilting tbo meithod siLlI lnuae, of 
mftrkiii^ tliiMn at rrnial intprvnl*. 

Willi rejfard lo tlu nuiritiim of plants in 
grriLTal hn wai far iu advnnco of his u^t in 
two particulars : (1) Ii« wrote wi-U and 
pdearly a^inst the theory of llw eirpulatioti 
' flf iRp, thipii and iniu^ aftorwardn in voi^e, a 
theory which rtindeied nny ailTancc in know- 
ledi;e iinpoiigiW» ; {'2) finilin(i llint gm cMJuId 
be obrsin<>d tmia planrii by itry distillation, 
he wfiM K'll lo bitltiM'C. thiit frn* niii,'bt Iki rnti- 
dim^^l or in tuimt^ way elianirpil into l.hft iiiib- 
■tan(«» found in ]ilants. Iii tUu* n^poffniiinff 
tbii fa^ tltit th« air toay ho a RAurM (%f footl 
tft plantn. he wna a forerunner of Ing«n- 
Holism aud I)^ .Su<iiiiinrv>, the ticliinl foundvis 
but his vittwi wcr>; not clearly enougti elftbo- 






mtad or eupDorted by expetiment, and t&^ 
failed to maLe much imiwession. Se e — 
tipclwl tbfl aesimilatiTo fnnctioti of Im' 
witL tlw action of lijfhl. but, lainbv! bv 
Xuvrlonian lbi<ory o* to ih" niitun- nf li 
he m|ipotH>d tJial light, ibn subatAHc^, 
itself a food. 

'riia latt«r half of 'Vepftable Statkka ' 
contains a bibm of oxptrimenta on the ghK» 
which be diatilUKt from rarioiis Bubs1an> 
lip hi'i'an tb« work in comiftclion wiOi 
tbonry of tlip gajtcniiii nutrition of planls,a! 
aAcmi to havH hi^n ]f<A on by ita intrinaic 
interest. It led bim to npi-euUt* on eaoH 
biMtion and oatbo Tit«pi ration of animab.uid 
if bia work had no diiv^t flu-micul uiitc^ttM, 
it prepared the way for th« work of Pri«9t 
and othora by twtctiiiiD tliem how |o toai 
pulabo piM» By collnetiiig thorn oTtTwat 
Hii pap<.-n on at4-WDtrr and od thr watet 
chalylwate fprinp aW contain intcml' 
chcniicid apfcidationti. 

JlidubV cuutributtoustoaminul phrsiviT 
bavu be«a well aumtuarieud by Dr. Mirltai 
Foster 1 ' Utt not only cxactlr ai<.<a^ur<ed 
unouot of blooi) proMure unaar varyini; ci 
cumatanoca, tho capacity of tlic heart, t~ 
dinm<-tcrof th« blood-vitMpls nnd the like, 
and fn>a] hid rtevt^ral data mndr hi* calcal**. 
tiuns and drew hi« r'in4:lui«ion«, but al«ii 
nn in^nioua lueiliod bu mt-oMuntd tlie n 
of fiiiv of blood in tlit' civ[j|lIarieM In tlio 4 
doniinal muacltH and IniiffH of n IVo^. 
knew how to koop blood fluid with oali: 
solutions, got a clear in*l|;ht into the nal 
of secretion, »1iidii;d the ftirm of tnosclat 
f»»l and in conlrnclion, and apeculate'd t' 
wUiit wo nnie rait a nen'ouii imiiiilftp, 
wliirh wu* then iipfiV«« of oa ifn- ani 
spiritji, luiKht iiostihly bean elecirii- elinn,„ 
And tlionijb he accepted the current ^'ittw 
tiiat thi' beat of the body was prodncod by 
the friction of Mi« bloud in the capillama, 
he win* rot wliully contwnl witli tliia, 

rnkx i>f tlit< mutually vibmlin^ action 
dn and aoliilH in a way tliiit luukiv ut (t 
thai, had t.liu cht-niiiilry of tlii> liim^ U-nin 
advanced aa were the phyniw. niunv w.m: 
veara of error and ignorance miplit ha' 
been Mved.' In UrBt opening tbf war 
correct ttiipreoiaHioimfhliiu(liire'«iiirv,liul 
wiirk inny mnlc ai-i'imd in importatK-e 
IIftrYi>y'< in foundiii^ thp raocli-rn B<Si>nfe 
phv'i-nloirv. lu hiit wiirk dii iintmaU n 
pliintd nlifw the valiw of what he did dcpi*! 
not mi^relv on fact a and prtitcipliM uHtoblKhi 
but on bis Betting an example of the aciitnti 
method and lua maUinij widely nppre^iat 
aaciiud MiioeplJpiiiKiftho living or^-auijua a. 
8*lf-r«gulnting machine. 
Uoles't bc«t kuowa iAvention was thai 





«rti1ieul ranttUiorf. The mMbod of hi- 
]-'->in;r ur wiili bcUom be applied to tha 
iri^ilntian of pfiMKU, ehtpi, f^auiaa, Ac 
ih'v noll-kunni nUnnlut, ba sKccMiWd in 
gwuiag bia iaventioo fitted to thm Prandi 
priainu ia vhich £a|;It«hpnuia«Mm!neaa- 
%utA. Oa tfaif oocMion ' tb« Tenanble pa* 
tri»td) of Toil Jington vu b«ud B«rrilf to 
My "IwlMpMlnAboclf iroatd infiun ■f»iB>t 
bin (ot cwracpviuliB^ with tb* MtMny."'' 
By • omiou* coiaciOvnce ■ nuMhod of vcn- 
^nfipgMtwiUr [ij IIaIm'b vru brou^t oat 
■t tlH ■am«tiiBu(17Jl)bjM»rtinTnew«U, 
cMfiUin of mecbkuKa to tbe Hag of Sweden. 
Th« daauutuioa in the «noaal moitiilitT M 
tlie SftVof priwB after Halea's vcntiUtor^Ml 
beed pnt up iBwni to h»xo be«ii very irreftt. 
Kowg*^ »> bonefilod in tb« suae way. 

In ■ Ifltlcr to Mark Uililcaler, Usbop of 
Sodor and Man (Dctlbb. JLi/e ^ IliUttlof, 

t^ Lut tliiitr Tcais borne puUk iMttnoajr 

against dnunu ' in clcTrn nifivreat booka or 

iMWimfen.* and adds ihai tbiseircanutajioa 

*huOMB of givaler ntishctiun ta me than 

tttwen BMoted thai the meaiu wlucb I liaTo 

^mUMawl W avoid noxious air ebould occa- 

siOB Uw protoncinic tha health ami lives of 

aDhiuidrMiiulliansofpcrraa;.' Il.wouMMXim 

tram thia that he b*lipr«d Vif rfxrtn ogaiiut 

pirit-dankinK to hATe had a beneficial cf«cl. 

lis writinn oa this snl^ecl mw cvrlninlr 

onalar. Hjb anonymous pamphlet, 'A 

^neodly Adnoaitinn to tlw Drinlnn of 

)randv,' Jkc. ITAV, w«iiii throuflh •»veiat 

liliuBs, a dii^ Imin^ publiihed by ibe 3o- 

ijr for iho rmmotion of Cfarotiao Know- 

' I in liOT. In another pamphlel, ' Dif 

I Spintaoui Liquors the mne of tha 

^,^1736, tie ifaowa the ganaial avil arii^ 

Hn cfirit-drinkiiir, ana aoolts to roun 

Itlis inleraat of i ho landM ekMw fa; nhowiM 

[that drmiB-drinknn lota thoLi apiietitai and 

lnwrthi! d'-nuuid br proTitiona. The injury 

tbo UndMi inlcntt tbiu eausMi by the 

Men of London ha eBlimatu at GOOfiOOI. 


UalM madoezperinaitsor cug^liouoa 
b« diatillatwa or frmh fron salt wat4)r; on 
pnwmtion of watitr and of iD*at in 
'Tt/fMftM; on thf. pcMibilit^ of bottling 
ilvbMla vaten; on a nulllod of cJaana* 
' liarhoan: ona'aea-ga^'to DCMureun- 
bomable dtrptlia, the idM'of which b« 
ok fr>m i)i« mercurial Raag« with wliidi 
•and Ui« pr«eeax« exerted by p«M 
j^in water; on a plan forprewrviog 
as IB hot cUaatea Iron Cbo oxH eBocta 
r«f hnaf7 daws ; on (Jiantcofforeeisftaang 
mrbank*; onwiiuwwingnnii onearth- 

fnakM ; on antethodof prevaniio^ iJbe if 

of flns; on a Lhermomt o c tor lugh mnpara-' 

tana; oa natural pafgiac watata, Jte. 

Uia poniait by Fraacia Cotw, Jt A^ wi 
angrivad by Hopwood, and poUiahad ia R. ^ 
Thoratoa'a 'Kltoratafj Botaaical Plataa^*] 
ItllO; mow rceantJr aa a w-oodeat in 
' OardanM-'k Chreiuew,' 1877, f. 17. Ha 
alao f i***^ hj Haitaa, and a l^mo for 
waaoMTBTed m mecxotiat br UeAiddl, jn^l 
bably bora thia portrait. Uia moDUBval iail 
WeOiBtulor A boey baa a baa-r«lief in pr«Gl«| 
by Wilton. J 

}Ial«*'* principal worlu are: 1. ' V«f**J 
tabl« Siaticka ; or an .\ecoual of •ona & 
ticalEsperininta on tbvSap inVagotaUaa . 
aloo a bpecimen of on Atlempl to AnalTeS'l 
the Air . , .' LoaJ'>o,Svo, 1.J7. 2. *^l»-"l 
tical Eosaya,' containing: : vol. i. * Vugetablt^ 
iitatidai'ToLiL ' llKmauattcka : or an Ac 
count of aoBie Uydtaalick and UydroMatic 
Exporunenta naoo on tbe Blood and Bl 
VcMebef Aaioials: with an Axsmnl ofa 
ELIMUKBto on SttiDM ia tlis Kidney i 
BlMdsr; .. . towhicliiaaddednaApfWDdiyi 
nmtaining Obacrrationa and ExpauBCDt>^ 
relating to wrvial Sabjtcts in tbe tist 
Volume,' 8ro. LoDdon. 1733. 3. 'A Friendlj 
Admonition lo the Drinkm of Brandy asd-^ 
other Distilled Spirit' (anon.), I,ondon, 6to, 
I'm. 4- 'Distilled Spirituous Liquorvihe 
Uaue 111 the Xation ; imng aooa considei 
tions humbly oflerwd to tha Hon, tbe Ho* 
orCommoos,&c.,&«. To wliidi is added i 
Appendix oontaiatng the tate preeent 
of the Urand Joriea,* Ac., Janoarr ra;>-ll^1 
Loncloo,fiTO,lj3b. S. 'Philoeophtcal Experi^ 
mcDta : coauiniag tuaftij and naeMsaiy .' 
Hructions foraacbai ondettako loagVoyai^ 
at Sea; >bowia(f bovSca<«alarniaylw na 
&eah ajkd wbolaacaM, and bow Fresh Wa 
may be jueeutved awe«>l : how Biscuit, Co 
and other IneecU : and J-leah ptrtwrvd i^ 
Hot Cliaiatea by ealtiuj^ Aniaala whola; 
which is addnd an account of levceal £x[ 
rimentJi nnd Obutrvntiona on Cbalybnta i 
Stael-wat^n, with *<:)cne Alt«iap<a to com 
them to distant plaew, preeemag their i 
tav to a greater derive than has bithnlf 
b?«n done i likewise a proposal tat CU«nsti%^ 
away Mad, Sk., out of Kivna, Uwboa^P 
and Kaserroira,' London, ti\o, I rSf». 6. ' An 
Aocouat of some ExperinKinls and Obeen-a- 
tions oo Mn. Stephens's Uedicinra fiw Di^^ 
aolring the Stone . . .' 8vo, London, 1740. 
7. 'A. DeMTiption of 
Tnatiac on Vi 
don, 1743 and 

eoni« ExpnrlmeDta and ObMTTal tons on Tnr- 
'W'niKT . . . ,' London, 6td, 1745. U. • An 


atone . . . nvo, i^unuoa, i tw. 
ption of Venlilatora [and] * 
Vcntilatora.' J Tola, dvo^ Lou- 
id 17i^. 8. 'An Aocoont of 




Account of ft l.'Mt'fiil l>isi"verv to Distill 
double lh« u»ii«l (lUitililT of Swi-water, ly 
Blowing Showera itf Air up through tin; 
IViRtillin;; Liquor . . . baiI an Acmiinl of tUu 
Iteii^fil of \ cDtitaLont , . . ' Sro, Lomluti, 

[MuUthV n'trt. nf Corptu diriilj GoltFfre. 
]7A3.fttidLainb'(tedlUoa. IS3I: Annual Bi<KiMCi'r. 
liOI.liOl: numerotu pft«>axm in Oanl. Xng. 
nml AohimI 1l«f;i3i<T; LyaviuB GnvtniUB, tiSA; 
W. BiiUrr's life ot Biltlcnlejr, 1700: TeMnRtun 
Pkrivli HcgiiUr And Toddington Pvisli SIara- 
»ino; KuU* And Qimii-*, paMim. TvrA IctUn 
ftMpivMrvtd in the Library of tho Royal Sa- 
uialj: oiin UtUt in pnl>liHPie>l in W. DiiLter's Lire 
Df fiUilnrl*)-. Thu uuihi>rof Uiiavurk tpwlwof 
anunfoFlnnalolguor MnlM'iMpws. 
liik Knriniiihcr Lomtun. Bpcauof nuiD; nnftorn 
of Halo lioiiig til Ilia puswMioti, bul llitM do not 
wcm lo linre beca pnUubct)-! F. C 

HALES, THOIilAS (jt. 1 2.V1), jm*! wnl 
rftligioiix writer, wiu a l-'micijit'aii Iriar. :tiid 
Tff««uiiiablir a native of Ilalt-ti (or Ilaik's) in 
Qloucesleraliire. Qu^tif and Gchnril, finding 
manuscripts of ena\« of his works in t.hv \i- 
brarieaof Dotnini<:«nlinii»pi?,wiiliout nny fur- 
tlii^rfljimjition thmi 'rriiCir'nioinpw/lhijiiRbt 
lip inighl lii-kmif to lluit onliT, nriil iitbiT 
wnUT»,ii!i Hall? iind Pitx. Iiavd (jivuiibLtdalL* 
Hi 1310. itiit that he uana Fninciacui li clear 
from tb<3 title of a poem iiscnbed to Ilim ia 
MS. Jetus Coll. 0\oD,, and from a iirologuo 
attached to a manuscript of bis life 0/ the 
Virffin, formerly in thy library of the ubbey 
of bt. Victor. Ho i* probably tlie 'frMer 
Thamns dc ITnlr*^ ' wlinin Adnm (In ^liirtiii~o 
montionj AS iL frifind ( Mon. Franfi*f^iut, i. .HH/>, 
in RolU Soni^4). Tbv dntA tJiUK arrivrd at 
in «ormb(iTiit<d bv alluiiion* in lii* lovfi song 
to'Hontiouf biiig,' i-e. H*nry III (I. 82; 
cf. L 101), and br llie datea of' some of the 
man«»crii>te nf hi« worka whieli beloi))f to 
the tliirtts>ntli,Si'iitiiry. HjiIa* ia »ftiil toliAve 
bfien a doctor of tiii-ology at the Sorlionnn, 
and fainoos for hi^ Icaming: kh wirll in Fninco 
anil Italy M in I-'ri(clAiid; biit HOtliiiij; further 
ia knowu a«ti^ hialifii. Th^irollowiin; wurkti 
are ascribod 1" him: 1. ' Vita btwitw Vir- 
cinift Mnrite,' rauniincriplH ffirmorly in the 
riliranc!i cf tbc D'lminicima of thtr Uuc St, 
llonorf (»cc. xiii.) ntid of tin? ubbcy cf 
St. A'iclor. 2. ' St-rmones UominicaliM ; ' in 
MS. Bt. Juliii'a CulleK«> Ox<»^- 1^ (•«- 
xiii.l, tbirrtr liresoiue 'Senuon&sd« Dominica 
vroxiina ante ad^i^iitum,' which may be by 
tlaleSf for the sauio volume conltuna 9. ' S«r- 
tsonee necundiimfniircm'rhomnmdc Ilalee* 
inFrvQch. 4. ' nii^putntianr^ Scholiv»tiefc' 
fi. 'A Luve lion' (lovy eoog) iu MS. Jt-ciis 
Collej^ OzoD.. 29 (fu-f. xiii.) ; this carty 
Enxlisb poem, compnBvd in Htiintas of t-igbt 

liDM, ja ' a contemplatlra lyric of iLc simple 
noblest mould,' and was writion at tbc : 
•|ut:M of H nun on the merit of Christ m tl 
true Ii>r*T. It is jirintwl in Morris'a '0' 
En(jlisb Mixcrllnuy' (Enrly Engliiili To__ 
SiK'ii'ty). Frocn tin- miuiuMcript at St. Virtnr 
MaW aeejn* lo Imve also written 6, ' Lives 
of SS, Francis aud Helena ' (mother of Con- 
stantine tW Orcal). Potrus de Alva con- 
fuses him with the more fomoua Alcxand 
of Hales [see AlbxaxdeRf r/. I ^4^>;. 

(Balo, *. 49: Pits, p. 442; Qn^tif and Ec^s 
Seriitt. Onl. Pmd. 1. 490; Wsddiiigiu. 9or 
OnL Mln. p. 324 ; Sljafaloa, Suppl. in Script ' 
3. FrancM:. p. 878; Fnbrida«, BiH. tnU Me 
IR^i. ri. 330, ed. ITA'I ; nUtiiirD LiM^rikiro do 1 
Fmiicv. zxi. 307-S; Falkra Worthio*. i. Hit 
Ten Brink's KbHj Kn^-liali ]iit«ra|ur*, ttwtdaUd 
by II M. Kfnn».ly. pp 4(18-1 1 ; CoM"« Cat, Coi 
MSS. in C»H. t)ion.I C. L. K. 

HALES, THOM.\3 (1740M7«)),kiKnm 
IL* D*tU:i.K, D'FtRrx.or Dhll, Preoeli druu* 
lint, horn atuiil 1740, belonged to a good 
Kiiftliih family (P.icuAfMOlfT, Mfnvtirrj 8»- 
mi», ivii. 17 ). which wm i>» acconliiif 
toCfrimm.wlii^ know him wiill.inOIoiiniiiter* 
ahin>. tjrimm hUTiw that llaW (ur D'Hftle, 
as 1k' in nluitvi <Tidlt<d in Fnince) entered tke 
Rniitiiih »i.irvto- in eirly youth, was sent Itt 
Jamaica, and, aft t-r having travelled over (he 
CAUt ineut, lived for some lime iu Switxerlao^ 
and Italy ( Cbrw/wjirfonw LitUrair*, I*i 
1880. xii. 190). I!r6tn,-, faia onp int 
friend, oaaurea ue that ll'Ilelu was ia 
I'^nplish navy, where ho first fi^ivn wayiol 
«xce«>iin drink whirhpivrtlr ruiniidhim (i 
moiff-t, 00 ''jwnij" »ur la .Wu«jfuc, i, 828 ). *] 
datn of his writbtlrawal from the ttanrice 1 
fited at 1703, whilt^ at Ilavsnnah {•'i\iitti 
Itifiertoire du TItMire Fmni;nin,\ , Iri. p. 
lie went to Paris about 1770, and waaieil 
bis small fortnue. It in not known " 
attninod the miutcrv of thit Fntncb ! 
which h<<*odo!irati'fy displayed in his* _ 
ing tonf4f, ' Lu lUiuan ae mon Uncle.' 
jcavc thin little 111 •-■niry masterpi^if e to Orii^ 
for his' C(imw|Hiuduuce Lit t^raire,' July 1/ .7. 
Tbroujib Suar^, wbost' «»/'>« was always ojwn 
lo EuKlislimvn, he mtido the no<iuaintan«n of 
(ir6try,towhona bo was recommended 'comnj^i 
uu liDuuno du bcaucnup d'c(<prit, cjut joignj^^ri 
IV un Kout trcvt-Fain du roriKinalitS wu ^^H 
idlvn (MimQiret, i. 29t^t. PajiBian socJe^^ 
Willi diridi^d into llio pnrlleauB of Picciuiuia 
Oluck, aud D'Hulu ridiculed tho faafaioni 
musical i|uiirreU in a tlirco-act comody, ' 
■lucement do Midas,' fur which Qrflfj, i 
ke«ptn^it a lonfrtimo, composed fomecbi 
in)! music (E. Friis, Leu Mtuieiat* Br_ 
ii. NS). The repilar companieB urould not 
look at the pin-c, but, itinnKs lo the aaji 




> Chenlier de BoulBen. Mme. de Htm- 
i undntook U> inng it out M tbe primtv 
XbMtr« of th« Ihtc i'litUtim oa '^ June 
1778. TIi7 Kdmtrabl« tctiiw tad tmoir^/air* 
— tb» fiUml thfi theure vrtib Ike higb •oewly 
of lli« day, Utludin^ bisbofs am) ankbidiopa 
— larpalj tirlpvil tbe aticcma of the pircr. A 
lowilft^lftU-TitwBjn-prH^ntcilat \ M»«iU«4. 
Th« pnwwu luuil ill it4 pnif^ ( L'&ptit Jr^ 
J^mrMtttr, Avgutt 177^), aad iIm' Journal (1« 
v«n» >ddrc*wea lo tho «allnn>. Orinun 
aaturcdMiioom.-Bp('n<ieiitB: 'N'uuB n'tvoiu pu 
nous empocbcr d'etre fort Ctonnis k Poria 
v^tt'uB Hnagsr eot m biaa aalai el Im eaa- 
I TuunCM ilBMrtn thMtra ei le fdaiade notre 
Uuitni^ taSne daiu un [^btp d*ouTnM^ oil 
netOiiaaCH de styU- ^vb«|>|)cnt plu« ustmrat 
|)rut-«lrv <|iio dan* aucun nutn' (Cbmwon- 
(ifttA'rZ<'r/«inii>/-,.vii. ll^). IVIlUc nuj bsn 
tKiTT^ntnl (wniHliiiig frum ' Mtilaii,' an Eng- 
Uflh buHr-n* bvKiiiti- O'llam (IUkeb, Biog. 
Dramatica, tii.-l1 >, tiut tin- wit, lift'i' raillen', 
uid iaceouiiy of *Lt! Jutrenrat <\v MidnA' 
ftie ftllnisown. For his verse he wuobliffi-d 
to Milidt the help of Anwaiimc, of tbe Italuo 
Croope (Mhnoirr* df Oritry, \. ^99) ; ■ like 
serrtee wu runilpml liim niIitiiiif;xieoiaedy 
|nr LflvBMiCdr. D'HiiIi- contributed lo the 
^ConapaoiduioililU-niire' in October 1778 
^ nminiMwiice of hU Jamaica mideitce, i«- 
Imtiiiff lonesroWUatianin 1701 (Owr. lAtt. 
KM. 1.0). 

He folloirod up his first dranutic buccpss 
with 'Lm l-'aiiBw* Ap{uin<n4:ps ou I'Atnant 
JaIoiJX,*a comi'dy t-S intrtgui.-, fullnf vivtvcilv, 
^iimimr, nixl iMintMl ilialtiguf. Orfitry ng«in 
mtribuiwl tbenuflic. It was plajwa Wnra 
lilt ooon at Versalllu ia >'orember 1778 
(OufTBr. .V^niMrw, i. 32A), and at I'nria on 
II>ec. FK'rou (bought it iBferinrio 'Mid&s,' 
[^■llboofih the autbnr n-»» ' I« prpmit?r (i«puis 
~ii ant it la cotnfdii- linlii-niio qiii «4it |i«rl6 
'frwiMw' {V Annit LitUrairt, 1778,1. vii.) 
La HArp! |imti-iiii«l agaiiul th« tinctinted 
muM bMMi»-<(d on thfi pieeA bv certain joot^ 
iltm(0>«« *■ LitUratuiv, ^825, xv. 4-17. 
e.) Tn« plot if said to have oirediometJiing 
lUre, CeniliTw'fl *Tbe Wonder, a Woman 
. ft Swfi^t ' and Lji(friin(io'« • I jt Ci>ntw^ 
MnijMi,' 17%. It voa playixl nt th<> Op^r* 
■ iiol8S<^t.]*(."jO. Hi* third pirci^.-r.** 
ina Imprivus,' borrowed frum an 

laillcoOB 11 S'6v.,and«l Parislvrudaya 

l«r. ThM waa thouftlit to be wriMrn with 

1 car» ll»n il« pr<id'>oe««or» (MrrfMre tie 

t,i IVtf. 177v, pp-K4-S),biit iiH'i with 1 

jualsuccca* l/ouriMMf- i'onV, 1 4 N<>r. i 771)). 

; TTM noCTwry •atiiffnctoriiy trans bit .-d into 

jliah bj' HolcToft, who, with all hu iauw- 1 

\sAft of FreiMh )it«ntuie, did not knonr tha 
writer wa« an En^lisIuBan. It fbmed tba 
badis of ' The Ciay lV'««iT«n ' by <i«or^ Col- 
man the ToannT, fpvoii at tb» Ilaraarket 
oal^ABc.l^. Miebx-l kaivbad'brouKbt 
It fr«m Aria (iCnMwwrww, Iti^, it. ^). 
D'lUIv cvDpoiwd for tho actor Volanp; a 
fineiiie-parade, * GIUm RaTiMvur,' playMl at- 
the Fwn: at, OfomvB 1 March 17ol, in the 
'riifstro dea V'antUe Amiiaanlaa. 

UceidM DlIU«'«d0nMMa totb* botUob* 
had a puaaon far an actrcaa of th» CcakCdi* , 
ItalicPBc, MadctBoiocUc Btaiidu, for vbi 
h« dluidoaod hi* dramatic career and all I 
friends. (}d betnr separated biMDa her he 
<irt(n<--f. tI7Dccl7W.aRe(lab(nit4CI. He; 
a r«inarluibl« example of a nao who, vritiag 
in a foreien laaeaagc, attaiaod fiaiav in a 
dcpartiDcat of literature whvrvtD aucooaa ia 
[K-<'uliarlv difllcult , and who haa rvmained al- 
SMMt ualuunra in hia mra oouatiy. D'lUle'a 
three pieoea roaain ia the rcoectoiy of tha 
TbUcre Franfaia. tir^irr aiwl (Jrimni hara 

E reserved SMM cbantrtcrutic ooecdotcH of 
is phJloeophie humour osd iodneiMlrocv. 
StMj praises the ingraious imbroglio of hia 
plajs(7itM/rr, 1A2.^.t.; HoSmanii 
girrji ' L'.Vmont Jalnux'as a model of oomic 
opera ia tl« beat da;*; and hi* lilera^ merit 
liaa been folly reootrniMd hj Barbier * ' 
Dtwaoaila ( KouPtiU BtUiotktfiu fm i 
deyiAt. lM]C^.ii.l97l,UlIarpe(<:t>riv«;tu». 
^nre JJIt4rairf. I^OI. i. 30. ii. 2o4, 3-^. and 
Coursde Liu. 161*5, xiv. ■15Kt,Oeoffi*T( (ijwrf 
*- nil. Itmm. IW-.'.'.. V. ;ill-19), and M. J. 
(lirni'T ( TufiitotH Aiiluripi^ df la LiiUnttiuv 
Fran^titf, IMII, u. :U4). 

Hiswofkaam: I. ' Le Roman da men Onde, 
Donio/flm pubti«bedin the'Cbirv^onilaiHe 
LitK^nure do Grimm et de Diderot,' and 
by \'an de Weyer, 'ChMX d'Upuwulee.' l«t 
^riM, IWU, ppu 70^. 3. ■ La Ji^anemt da 
MidaarOomMieia troiaoetessn pnMBif"~' 
d'ariattai^ rc p n bo nt^a pour la pemnifav { _ 
par 1m ernnMienn italit^nn ordinairea da mi,J 
la oamadi, 37 Jtiin, par M. d'H^If^, mitiiqna 
de 31. Orttry,' Paria, 1778, 8to (2 edition*) j 
Panne, 17r^(. 8ra 3. 'Lm FauMo* App»> 
rcaeca, on I'Amant Jalaui, oonidia en trcHig 
aetca, tnJl^ d'nric-tie*, repr6««alfc devantj 
leuranMJ«et6akVer«ailt««p>nN9vembr« 1779|7 
1*« paroka aoot de M. d'lUle, la mtuiqua dis' 
M-Orfln,-; I'nrid, 177«t*ivo f2«litioni|,o»d 
1779, alio Ponae^ 17^1, Cv*; reptinied u 
'L'Amant Jnloux.Du IcH FauBBt^ AppareiKea' 
in 'Bibliolhniuc Prauiutiiiue,' IK*9, t.XXX. 
4. 'Ln £v£i)unieii» lupTiTO*, ooni4di« en 
troia act>M, mel^ d'anettaa, rvprAoontAo pour 
la premifre foi» par I« comtdiena Itaii<-na 
onlLnairt^ da rok lo 13 NoTcnibr^', t77t), 
parutcsdoM.d'Ucll,mnAiqaed« M. Uiiti}-,' 

riri«,1779 and 1TS0,8to: 'XcmmlleMiLicin, 
cwrriKCp, punrnmift A In rKpr^wiiInlioii rt k U 

IiHrtit ion pmvi^t!,' Toulousf. 1 788, Svo ; tranft- 
iil.i'd HJi ■ ['tifor^iecn ETcntp, a comic opera, 
in Hirvu netn, from thi' Frcncb of M.d'Iii'lf," 
in the 'TheatricRl ItPcfrdir,' by TJjdiDHB 
Hcilcroft. IWJti. \<il. ii. (NojK. 1'. ft, niiil 4 nrrt 
reprodiiCT'd in ' PiitifnUiblioilHVju^ili-^TIif-ii- 
trp«,' 17H4, Il^tnii, in ■iKuvri's do iJ'Htl.',* 
I'arin, n^'T, \>>tno, Ju ' Tliftflire ile rOpfra 
Cftiniqup,' rnri», ISVJ. 8 vols. !8mo, t. vu , 
and in l.^peintre, ■ Suilc dii K^eitoire du 
Thiftlro KranfUiB,' l*nris IK^'S, t. Iri., I8n)r>.) 
C ' Uill«8 Hovissenr, pnmMie-tiamde pn nn 
RCtc yl en pfAUP par >r. Dhclf, iftprfncntfii 

SOUf In prpmiArtt fi:>t*,A Pnriii, mir li' Thtatro 
(« VnnflfJi Amuinnti-* Ic 1" Mor» 17t<l,et 
iVorMillpjulciiint I&um maksltiile 10 Sept. 
tuivant.' Paris, )7»I, 17fe^, and 1783, Hvf> 
(n-produci'd in 'Petite WiWiotliifiu^ dcs 
TtiBtree,' 17t«, l«mol. 6. ' Le« Troia Frirc* 
JiimiMiix Vf tiit ii^n*,' hy Colnlln, ri>viiu>d by 
D'lUle 6-nA OkUIiovk in 1781, niiil in raaaii- 

[Tlie onlr »ai itfnvtiry nocoual of D'Btla i» hy 
S. VoB (Ib WiiyTi l.i'liro I. «or lea tuiglii* <)'ii 
nut ^crit rn Pnui^kls, flrst publUbed in Kiacol- 
)nni«> ttf Philol-iblon Society, 18fi4, T«l. i., nnd 
ri'proiiDcod in Chnix d'(>nuMvlM, InLneriatilxin- 
don. IB08. S«» alao MfaoirM d» Ot^iry Rnd 
UorTMpondnim da Qrimm (punm). Ludcmi de 
Soialiennnin, Alnuiiincb Musicnl. ITSI ; Alnin> 
Tinrh lioa tr»is in^nilR ^rci/iclcs do Pnrit, 178S; 
3Iur«uru dc Kwum, C Jud. 1781; Noutcuu 
iJictioDfinirv BiFtuiiijao, Cstd, 1*63. I. iv. Z'J6 i 
AdiliIh I)riimJitic]ii», Pupi*, ISOB ; Michiiuil, 

Hiogmphic llniTfniiOls, i.fiOS; Hiwrftif. NouvtllB 
Bio(.fniphi(v G^oirnlo. siiii. lilH-D: Aiiioiiiriim 
VmiLVaii.l !{ Muy IH&ri : ExHniin^r.'iSUiiy t«AA - 
Jonnuil dm Leliiitii, 22 Jtarie 1855; S;iIiiaiHj 
RcTipw.l r>cl.l8fin. ThrnftirlnhjrA. nouHiBj-o 
in Qal<irio do Portmitji du »^^ti• ^i^clc, 2* W:rn', 
ISSI, {ip. 3SS-7D- i* VL-rr itincounilo, liic llt-o 
fuw BtrAltcrvil iioliiMfi in Er;ghBb )iu;;ni}>!ii(»l 
diotiotmriu* ] U. 11. T. 

HALES, ^^TLLlAM (1747-1881), cUro- 
Bolonist, born 8 April 1747. wns one of ihe 
cbildren of llie Itev. Samuel,for 
many vt'ar* curate atid preiipher at the patbe- 
drni cliiirch of Cork, Up wbs cducnti-d by 
liiu iiiatrnml unpli', lb<i l[(iv, JnTni-!t Kiiic* 
Hon, pnd>pndftrj' ftf DonoiijilimDrr'. mid m 
17B4 entewd Truiily Collcjie, Dnlilin, wbero 
in 176:* ho becanii> fellow and B.A., and 
Aft«rtrarda D.D. As tutor at the colb'frebc 
worn B white wif lo obvinti? thu object i mis 
of paronte to Iiia yonthful np|ipamncit, Ilin 
niiBinrciiii) pupils arc wnid tii iiiivi- dr'jienbrd 
Ilia b'iriun'sc n> 'nVanint,' tbitu^b hit iiPcn- 
kionally rouwd h» ptipiU frnn bi-d by n do«n 
of cold water. Halw lUio bt-ld iht profe««»p- 
«hip of nriontal lao^iagM in the unirorsity. 

Hid fireijiubUehedu-orlt wiw'Sononun di 
irinn nrjnnnli<> ft iixp^riiiiontiiliK,' I.rmdi 
1778, 6to, n »indii;utii)« and ctinfiraon: 
from reci-nt expi-rimcnia of Ntrwton's Iheo^ 
of saundbi. In 178il lie published ' Da inati- 
buB PlanetBTum dissoriatio,' Dublin, l^BK), 
nn tbd motioss of ili« plsiiete in ecpentrio 
ftrbitu, nccordinff to tlw Nflwloiiisn ibpofv. 
In \7si )»' printed nl hi* nwncxpi'nnn 'Ana- 
ItHii A t-n nation nm/ IhiWin, Ho. Hi» rnrnil, 
ftapon MiUK^rM, in(iiTt<>d it in Iuh ' Seriptoco 
L(i(|>arithuiici,'uiidprinled2W Beparat it copia. 
liB Granp>flenl HaleflacomplitneniaryUtUr 
fi-omlUerlin on the ' Analysia.' In 1788]Ial«s, 
■wlipi bad (ilrvftdy tnken ordcw, PMijfnwl his 
profojMonsbip for tho rcotory ot Killoiduindni, 
cti. favon, vrhciv hr IivmI in ri'tirrrei-nt fir 
till' wniiiindrr of hi* liffl, Frflin abaut 1h!2 
he nUo Ivld the eiianccUowhip of the diocete 
of Einly, In 17(18 lii; procured from Uw 
Korornu^'Ut acme ttoops who IrauquilliKd 
iLe oounlrrround Kil1e«liaDdrn. IlideewM 
A g<i«t\ pnn^b priosti ' eqiinlly pb-rwing,' eay» 
hie biocrnpbcr, 'to Ibe fj^ntrynnd the lower 
orUtj. Lie was n kind-bcoitcd, wcll-i»* 
formud man, who told nni-cdotctf widl. H* 
rose Bt nix and spent the dttV in leantei 
aiiidipa. In tbi- evimin^ Lc tolil bis tjillilren 
eWiic* from tin: 'Arabian NigUta,' or played tbem tlio game of ' wiltrhorses.' I'ntU 
ll^lQ b<> WQB mnstantly enraped in trritififf 
fnr pnliliciitinn. HU bcM-lcnown work, 'A 
Nt'W Anoty»is of Chmnoiogr," occupied him 
twfnty ypam. It ■n-ns piibli'lu-d by cubscrip- 
tiao in If'Ofi-lS. 3 vcl«„ Lnndon, ^tn. A 
cii^md i-dilinn n|i]i''BiTd in I630, 4 vo!b.,Loh- 
dnn, 8to. Halrn, notinjt tlii^ fpwnl di^rord^ 
ance of prvvinun diniuoUifrisla, 'laid it dc ~ 
Bsn rule to si^ewiib mine own eyM'(Le _^ 
to Bidiop Percy, 6 June !79fi), and invea^ 
gated the nri(final ironrpec. TlegiTestbeip- 
parniiii' for cbronolpt^ical compntation (mea- 
Hun-x fif time, cplipKM, orn#, kc.) Ilaln'k 
work dfulx with lb<> phmnolrifcy nf tliti wholo 
Bibti-.jindfrivriiapiirtiinii-if ilie eiiriv hirtory 
of Iho world. In IHOl HaU'* luffend from ' ■ 
most malignant yellow fever,' cjmghtdunog 
n kind rifit ton Bti^npiT heccar-womuu 
He recoverrdjbut ftom alKiiit 182(1 or earlier 
hi! siifliTcd friiin mptnncboly, and bin m: 
Bf.-i'nin to bnvp iii-eiitne disoww^'d. Ho 
on 30 Jan. IWil, in bin eight y-fonrth tl__ 
Hnies nmrriod, about ibo middle of 1791, 
Mary, seconddaitjrhlerof Archdeacon Wbittj. 
They bad two sons and two dau^btem. 

a' list of Uu]p*3 works, twenty-two ia 
miinber, i« printed at the yridof bislast pitb- 
licnfion, the 'Eitwyoji thi' Oripin and Purity 
nf (be Primitive rbnrch nf (hn Hriti*b IbIm,' 
T,cBdf>n, ISlfl, 8vo. IliumMt itnprirtant put 
UcBtion*, beNdet tbo«o tlrcady onutm 

ruer i 



_ 1. ' AuaItsu Plnxionum/ in Masem'a 

riptoiYs Lo^r&rithmlci,' toI, t.. 1791, Ac^ 
4ta fDiainlr n vindicaiioD of Newioo. llalc^ 
rclktcs tlie cffi^ of clcctricalfliiidon himMlf 
iniTiolcDt frvcr), 2. 'TTw- ItuMctor: or 
Select Litrnry Intrlligvncf far ihr Vulaar, 
A.D. 1798, bar ctim'ct a.d. IfOI, the mt 
y«»r at \he NinHst-jiib C<"niunr,' 17S0.8td 
(cp. rintf. .\fog. 1709. ^«5-7?). 3. 'Imh 
Punuita of Liientiure,' l799,^T0(cp.»%. Ixix. 
11.15 fl*.) 4. ' Methodism lDBni>ct«d.' Sparta. 
I>iiblm. lK)3-i'>, Aro. A. ' DiMterUti<?tu on 
th« Principal l'wp!iiv«« rMjTciinn . . . 
C'Urist,' :;iid 1^ IjHudoti, 180^i.^vo. 0. •'Len- 

OD Cb« . . . TeneUof iheRaaiMiHie9>- 
Kn/LoDdon, 181 3, Bvo ; olfo ocbar vritiiio 

the fibnrcli of Raau>. 7. • Leii«T« on tli« 
SaMliaa Coatrorvny,' piiblifihMlinthe'Anti- 
llnly Trinity,* Snd (d^ London, 1818. Bto. 

[Uonoir of UmUk in th« Brilish Mag. nod 
ItontUylbgirtArof B«ligioni . . . lafcmiHliM. 
vol. L laS) : Ni«liol>'a Liu IllMitr. lit. 788. tiu. 
317. S20, 878 : Biit. SIt». Cat.] W. W. 

UALFORD, Sm IIF.XRY (1766-iaU), 
physieiui, wiu eoeond md of Dr. Junta 
Vftuglun, ft furcfiMful pbTMciui of heie^tter, 
who derotcd bu wboU iDCMfte to «diieating 
Iiw MTOD •oiu, nf v-Itom John (<f. 18.%) bv- 
C«>ii« Judcv of the court of crominon plM*, 
IVt-rr (A Ui'5 1, do»n <if CliPftlcr, «id ChM^M 
llicbaixl (d. ltU9), envoy extnordipaiy lo 

United States. The tixtb son, Ivdwanl 
_i, wte fkth«rofl>Mii VaaRfaui,mMt«r 
Tenple. Usniy, boni «t Loiooclvr on 
, I70», cnUircd at Cliri«t aiurch, Ox- 

I. and gndaatvd R.A. >n 17HA and M.I). 
in ITfll. A.fycri<tudyineMinii]tiiiiti at Edin- 
Iniriihiii^ Milled in l^>iidtiu,haTingbamnrQd 
I,O00/.onbi»ownAGcurity. Hiefiood mannen 
and leaminf soon nado bim fncuds, and h» 
wms eleciedjihysiciaalo the MiddhuicJE no*- 

tiiinl in 17^ nod fcllnw of thr Itovnl Col- 
ej:«i of Phjisicianp in 17!14, linving W-rn ap- 
ptunt^'d pliy.-'ii'ina cstmnrdinnry to ihc. hinf; 
ID iV bn-vi'iii» year. In March I'dS lie 
nuijrii-dKliubethBarbara.tUetbirO daiijihter 
of Lurd St. John, and by 1800 hii pnictiee 
had ao areatly increased tlmt he cnvi* up his 
boapUuftppoinEment. ITe iithenti^ a Mvm 
HproMrty en the death of Lady l>M)bi2tt, 
Bwiiiotr of bin molher's coimn, SirCbarln 
HSIalfard, aCTMitb baron"!, and coitM-tiunntly 
^KbangedUa nam* from Yttu^liun ti> llalfoird 
^"by act of parltamcut in If^CO. Gwirge IB, 
who had b ■irong lUdng for htm, created him 
A barotut in ihe wne year, and ho aubsfr. 
qiuaUy attended Gmres IV, William IV, 
and QuMn Victoria, riu- nuiny years after 
l)r- Malllivw Kailli<-'H dmth hn wnu indiK- 
tUbly at th« head of London piactica. He 

iraa pteeident of the Collrge of Phyiidaiu 
from 1820 till lus death* an unhrokan traun 
u-hieh waa by do meau Ctroorabla to in- 
form and progieaa; but h« irm* laivvly ii^ 
ttmnuatal in aecorinc tha reiuoval of the 
Ofdlrgn in l?3fi fran Warwick Lan« to Pall 
Blall Eajit. Hewas made K.Cll.on liiiaoe- 
caiionand n.C.H.brWUliam IV. H«died 
on 9 March 1844, and was bnriod in tb» parish 
church of Wuiiow. L«iix4t«nihii«^ Hts bnat 
fay Chantrev was preaenrcd to the CbDeg* of 
I'bTsKiatu by a number at feUoKm. Hii por> 
trait br Sir I'bomaa Lawrence iaatWiatow. 
He l«R onn aon, Hmrr (1797-1868), wbo 
mccaeded to thr title, uid onrdangbtar. 

HalfuRl wa* a |;<Md nraelical phyndan 
with quidc percept ion ana aonnd j^a^peal, 
but be depreciated pbyaica] exBaunatwB of 

Srienta, knew little m" patfaolon, and di^ 
rd innovation. ILiK courtly, rarinal bibd- 
uecs and his aristocntic connartien anved 
bim well. Hb chief puUieatioiu ware fint 
giTon a^ addroama to tka Oatlefe of ^^f- 
aiviana, hit iubjeeta being aneb aa • Tbe Cu- 
tnacterie Diseow.* * Tic Doalnureiu,' ■ Shak- 
epeai«'s Teat of Inaamty ' ( ' Hamlet,' net iii. 
■e. 4), * The Influence of^Mme of the DiMMec 
of the Body on tbe Mind,' 'Uoui,' 'The 
Death* of soaie Illustrioos Fenons of Aji- 
tiqnitT,' Jtc. 

If alfenl ia deeeribed by J. F. Clarke {Aaio- 
hoffra/Mctil Jtcroll*^-ti'iii») aa vain, cnttgiag 
U> auDcnon, and haughty to infehora. Jamoa 
Wararop[q. T.J,suiveonioGeoTgvIV,teaNed 
biin ' tbe eel-backod baroneU' i»>mL> charges 
of nnpnfcaaiooal eonduct arv nuitlu osiunst 
bim 1^ dark^wlw fuitber Btate.i tiiui nht^n 
Cbariea Fa oooin vuopened in I'^l'.i bt.- ob- 
tained poMOHMDof a portion of the fourtboer- 
YicalTertebn, wbtcb bad keen cut throngh by 
theaxe,aiidu*edtoahQvitat hi* diooer-tahb 
aaactmosity. Thlamav beheld tobeoonfinBed 
by UaUbnl a minute deaeription of this bono 
in bia ' AccoanU' Ilalfbrd pnUiabed ; I . ' .\n 
Account of n-faat apncaml tm oprninr tbe 
Coffin ofKingCharliel,' ho. Ifil.T. * 'FiUay* 
and OrationB dclircrrd at the Royal CoU 
lege of Ph>-»icionV 1&31 ; .'fed edition. Ift42. 
S. 'Nnpi; Sfptricar. EnKliili and Latin, 
1S43, b»i<!>^M M-Tvml ecfpariLle addreewa and 

[Halfoid'* life by Dr. Munk in Uvtm of Bri. 
thi) rhvRrtaat. Soil tiilii. 1857: P«tii^rew'« 
Slc'linrPorinit Galtrry, rol. i. : J. I'. ClArka'* 
Auiol>iu^phicaI ReeolUtfiiansMip. SW-M; Sir 
B. Brodie'n Antntnaenipliy, p, llO, in Colleded 
Work*; Xot** and Qacrio, fithtcr. ii. S3i 6Lh 
.cr.vli. 387. «». 317] G.T, B. 

HALFFEKNY, JO.SKPH (1748-1811), 
tepoerapbioil dmxighl>rnsn and engraTer, 
waa DORi on 9 Oct. 174t$, at Kisbop«llMTp« 






,«• tht AwtMiligf cf Tgck. He «u if- ' 

to ft fcuwn fftialtf, mat practiiriti 

_ iM Yat£ far ■one j^ftu. Il« 

rajdriMBJfchMtlf totbepOMtwwoffta 

[ «f tte v«fa to Mk Ctax IW BcUlwt I 

(173S-180r) [9. T.] wtta fct «w mtonM 
! CKthwljai It Votfc, 4ad iUIfnllj npvrad 
icfiUoUdooantioii. Fran ihvscftSoU- ' 

i&r vUdi ht ia pincipftUj 

IttirBSUiiiiiiM aioyaUidblywiV 

hM*OallucOnnMat« ia tteCb-1 

n t«vMT MBfacn n I6OO1 It wis 

i n IMn lutder tbe oM dmu^ uiil m 
I eftioB ftfrpeftfed in 1631. IW mrii 
IB of liS i pM i»« ' M of onuuBcfll and 
r nevs of tlie iniaior of thp tliurcli aad 
It ii ^tcmIIt valuable »> 
tjayjnrtiow trf tbc bwlilinK *>>icv m- 
I by £«. Hit ' FiumratA Vrt luta, or 
"the Boiuu of Aiieirat uuiUtom in Toik,* 
■WM f MiArf in MOT. In boUi tbeee woriu 
W WM faia own cagnver. B* dretw md en* 
Konwd tM ■OBnMU 01 aicUwoop BovM 
ia Yotk MilT fir tlw noood roliuiie of 
tOoagh'B 'Sepaldnl Moomaenl*.' aad nn 
r^tCBUg in tltt Bhtuli Mutruia of ■ pnRrmtt 
O7 U FSdtan)) of Ilran- llimnl, i^rl aC 
Kenhma^tm, who dird Id 1014. b urrilird 
i <0 faiin bjr Gnngvr. TW Qi*nfill« Libnu^ 
HnsMun) eonuins Ato views uf 
in YortihiR, MiUiahed in 1S16 

191' ^atltr U» deitb) W kia du^- 

LMa%lla»nBt aadChsrioUeBufpimii;. In 
1 4* Soatii KeMJHgtoa M iw w Mt i« « mier^ 
r dnvinf bjikin of ' Tbe Bridp', Fou»- 
AUw7. Yocksbin' (17!>8t ; ud in Uw 
IBrititb )lBwiun**I,And«c*p«'wit]iSlansioB 
'"h Uw KManea' (17VS), pnrdMMd at tlu 
lb of the Pcm; oi^IdcIimi in AprD l»im. 
H« wu twice married, and w»a MuxiT**! 
4|T two dan^tvn. He din] at bU tionae in 
[-tte GiUmlo, Ynrk, on II July 1^11, and 
!«■■ boned in the cbnrrlyard of'j^l. OlaWtv 
~ " ' ' ; tbe nunj (^ tbe old abbtf. 

[Badgnve'alKet.ur.^KMU: Gefit.lfa«. IMHt 
fl-ii. p. *U. I&ll !«. ii. !>. 91; Bryan'* DkC 
«f ITufltas awl Encnms IGrtmi edition) ; 

t/ St. Peter, Vork, Itti;, p. 318, in ih* 
Mnef vtticfc tbe ■■!■« ia etTonewuljgieen ae 
ViBw BaUfMoy ; lawaim'* BiUicmibM'a 
llBMaI;Bril.Htta.CU.orPriW«d Boo£a; Brit 
VM-PlislBMaiCM.: C^.Oif Oalltrjol'Bhiufa 
' It eooik JCa^agtoo.] S. P. 

Mtcoan, lliukx (jf. 175S>, who 
binedf architect and eatfenter on the 
pa^ of tom of his works, airpMn to bava' 
Tr««l(d at Biduaoad. 8«ncy, and In Loo- 
don duuR tha SiA hnlf of tba agl)t«euUi 
iMa^lmj deacnbM him to 
hit -Xncient iUmmij '^ (1"^)^ V- l*~> » 
• Mr. Wniiaa Hali^j, *liat tloore, lateljr 
of BichacMkdinS«rrej,oaipixiter,' andvcenu 
to cmll him iadi ftit n tly 'VVilUam Ilalf- 
pena; asd Viiliaif ilcnre. Ilia publisbed 
wotlw worn writCaa with a virw to betnc 
aaaftil t* 'thow vlw m eagagvd in y* nobla 
act of hnildinKt' aad aor mainly dcvotrd 
tn doBMrtie uoutectnnL lie prepnndeit>> 
mates aa wdl w doR|:ns brthe conati 
of buiSfap aaeoanoBJcaU; as lusailih!, 
more aialiiliiNiii dtaigna Sot oonnirv aeata 1 
in tike flnMieni ucnitetKnK of tlie , 
I^SIotsna ipn^ of bii'Aritluneiic'asa' 
'aamjoa'a asdanitaa'abook ofappliraiim.* 
Il« km ham ortlitrd wiib the inmttion uf 
the mat hod of draa itm atdwe by tbr inlrr- 
aectioo of Mrmifbt Unre (B. hucatMr, Aa- 
dient Jf«aainr,p.147)tBndhi« mionibrtbe 
fannniioB of twicted hand-nils wis well 
tboi^t of in hu time. lie pvfalithad: 
1. 'ttafnam in l'am\ or the HanoW of 
Arcbitertw,' 1T33; ITirt (^containini: in- 
atmctinw in the Mtling out of jnllar^ an^ 
ardw*). J,'Pt»cticaiArrhitrrtiin','lrti "^ 
n.d., 1T£4, 1730, ITM ( <^t.>, i: 
ITAl. 3. • The An of Sound Buildiiw 1 
mooalraied in Ueotnetrical rnUenL'll ^ 
(ooaiaiiiinfi a deaifrn for a rbiircb in Leads). 
4. ' IVrej>r*tive madi' Kmi^' 1 731 . S. ■ Ibl 
Mod«ni Biuld«r'» Aghi^ ■ nl \ <K i t h^ 
ponnj, Robert Maeru. end T. 
174:*, I7AT. fi. 'Atithmaie and 
meat Ins|iroTed bj Eumplai,* 174^ 7. ■ A 
PenpeeUee View of the mak PW and 
two adioiaiiHr Archn at Westaiaaier'r 
Calio fHato), 1748. ^ • A New and 
Bleta l^al<n of ArehitoctoK,' 1749 (t 
britiahHnaa«mcofiTi»tnFnBeh). R'Twd. 
BMnlifiil IWicB* )oe Farm IlooMa,' IT^I 
IToO. 1774. IQ. -A Plan and Elentioni 
the Royal Fire WoAa in St. James'a '. 
(one folio »lmA\ 174©. II. 'New D. 
lor Chiowe TMnjOee,' four parts ^ parta ti."iK. 
and tr. with John Ilalf}>«-&oTt, l750, 1'cO, 
12. 'Sii New Deeiftn» fvr t-arm IIuu 
1761. lS.'lleefnlAreLit«1iire,'175i.l7 
1700 (in wbicli tbc prrccdinc iroik ie inc 
porated and new waltrr a^dr^, mcli 
deekpia kt bridgoa). 14. ' Thirteen Ni 
Deaigna for I^naaagce and Fann lU 
1752. 15. ' Rnml AirfiiiM:lim; in 
OotbicTas'le'twith John Halftienny), ITJ 
16. ' Chiarac and (iothio Arthitectun 


pvrlr omMxamXtd ' (with Jofan lUl^Kany), 
17oi. 17. 'GealMtI7,^Voc»•^icBlan^ll'T»c- 
CuAl,' lifif. 18. 'Riinl Arcliiiwtim.- in thr 
rhJiMWi-Tnitl"' '"'•■'■ '"'■■' l9.-TbeCo<inUT 
Gollomati'ft I'nckpt CurouuiioD uid BuiUcn 
AsButant,' ad- 3a ' Tnr«[Uy-«ix Sew ft;- 
cigiMOfG«om«trialIUitig'(aoe folio tliect). 

[Workaof W.H&lfpecaj': Rnl^rtTCf IHH. of 
ArtiaU; Gaot. Mas- 1712. pp. 1»4. SaSi Brit. 
Al«i. CWt. of Priatcd Itoob ; I>ici. «f AkUuo- 
titrv ; Vnivpcwit C«I. 'if Book* an Art : CM. of 
litMNrrof Ro«&l IiiMiistoarBritiMbAKlutMU: 
Oo]la(|ui'*AritkBi«tfeIlaola.p.70: Brit. Him. 
Prim Boon) Cu. ; SBliicn'* fUladio LotidiiiMi- 
^(«<liLU*>p|nia),17M,pr»l!v*; Bait; £«itg)e5'> 
Ai)ciciiiaM0nf7.1T».p|>. I47,M1.] B. P. 

HALGHTON, JOHN" na (d. 1824), 
(naliop of CnrliiJe. rScr IlAi.ras.] 


(17&1-19SO), uheuialist, wu bomii Weei- 
lD]iul«ron^Mavli51. His father, \VilliuD 
Halhed, of as old UxfcnUhire (snily, wr« 
for «i(tlit<«a yt!»n « dirocf^r of tho Itank of 
Kn);1and. italhtvl waji *t llnrrow nndir 
I Suinnnr, *nd tbiTp br^n liiafn«nd*bipwilh 
It>£li«rd BriniU-T Skcnitan, in coDmnetion 
withwliuin bc«ub>«iB«:ii(l_rproduic«aa vimc 
tmMlalioD of ArifltKiivdis. In )7t>6 Ik •.•n- 
batd Chtist L'tiurcb, <.Kf"rd, «-ti«r« lie mad« 
tli» acquaint eiic<? uf W iUiaid |aft«n>'aidii Sir 
Willi&u) J<m)» ( 17W-irdirq. v.], wbo W 
him to stuilv iVntdc. liaviii); been jilted 
br Mies Liottrr in Uroat of fimndAa. u leA 
u^lkod, obtaining ■ writenhtp ia tno Eut 
Ibou CoBpanya mxtki.-. In India bo at- 
tmcted tb« noijcv of Warren Hadinf^. ■> 
wbgao tuggurtJoD be be^n, at tbc »^ of 
tveat^lkne, bu uanslation or tbc Gratoo 
oodet comnteiutf it in 177A. Tbia code wa> 
a lUiieM or Sanakrit law-boolu made, at tho 
iniUoce af H&atin^s. bj eleven BiahmaBJ. 
Ilalbcd tranAlaKx) from a Peniaa Tenion ; 
his work wcnv tbrou^ acreral ediiionii, and 
wna trauUted into French. In 177<^ be 
indiliabad a) Hoo^It in Bengal a friUBiiiar 
of' 1^ Bannl lan^ungi-.' Tba print ing-pnM 
(Kt up bj Halhifd at Ifmi^iblj' wan thi* Snt 
in Inaii: the tirpe Car pnniiiiiir Bifiigati wu 
cut bTCharleatafterwardi SirClurlml Wil- 
ktns. Ilalbed vai) apparentW ibe flr^t fi 
nil public atlpntton to the stSnilv between 
Sanslcntwonlt and 'those of I'eni&B.Aralne, 
and even ofl^tin and Omsk,* an affinity !■>• 
Atftttiuatiy dvCwclxl tOSMwkat «arii«r 1^ 
Pnnehjeiuiia. lUtbuidaMnwrnoaniitiDn 
I* one St the pioneeni nf raoden phuologj, 
Beturaing to England in I78Sv be Mean* a 
candidate for Leieeeter at the f:nien] election 
of ITBO, but, witiidfawiaj; ma the coateat, 
vaa alaeted M J', for Ljouiigtoo, Hampehb*, 

which ha Rfnaeotod tiU 179S. InJanuair 
of tbakoer fear he becaMa a brtimmr ta Umi 
pcoplwtie ehuma of Rtchaid Brotben [ij. ¥.^ 
wing HolMhlf oaptivatrd bf matt Raen- 
UaneeoeCweRi thr tnchiaeoif BmhenaiHl 
tb« onmtal mTtficiiun wiui which ha wai 
familiar, ronl'nu^ to the straaB ad*i<« of 
his friend Sir Elrjah Impe^r [a. v.L Ualhed* 
oo 31 Harch. in a qnedi wEkh ma bean 
MihUahed, Dkond that Brothcra'a ' Rarcalcd 
Knowledge* be laid before i be Iloase of Coc^ 
mtaa. ladvfeodin; Bntih^rs fromacbat^ 
of treason be arga«tl that it waa no inaaoa 
to claim the cnrrn in a future coniinfcacr 
whirb invdtved 'a palpable inptjaiibility.' 
On '2 1 April be awmd tor a copy of the war* 
rant on which BradMn vta appfcboided. 
KeKbtf mMioB Ibvod a Moooder, w Ilalbnl 
dionlT after TMigDed his seaL Ili« bcliaf in 
Bintfaera does not seem to liavv lactvd loo^, 
but it lfnninal«d hii litfrarr a« wvll as hu 

Eabbccwfr. Somoof hill rvlatitm ibonriit 
im out of hi« mind, and would hare put bim 
uadrr r««inunt. With John Wrigbt, a cai^ 
pcnt^, wbo ltd BrotbM* with turn, he eor- 
mponded till 1^1. Inreatmenta m¥nnA 
uu^naU fHluMnl bis fortune, and in Jnly 
IbCllI he ublaiacd a good ^ypmatioeStt in tin 
Kiut India IluiUe. Up <It«id in i^adun On 
IN Feb. }b3», and wab buriwl at Pet«»bam, 
Sam:y. lie manied ibcfDTO liHi) ileleua 
Kjbaui. lUiuhlct of the Ihitch fonraor of 
t'ltimurah, fieogaJ, but died witfaool iMue. 
Ualhed baid aoaw pacaliantiea. due to om>- 
many &icii«U. llt*iiiiitatioa«of>lKrtial.mjp- 
pieMcd vnaroinini of thnrprTwinalalluaiona, 
show keen poww of epignm. His oollecUoa 
of oriental manaacnna was pnit^aaed by the 
tnistc«eoftbelIriiiAb Museum. Oibermanu* 
scTLpta wmt to bii ntrpbcw, Nathaniel John 
1 1 aihed , judge of the Suddrr De waanee Adaa- 
lat{d. 183R). The legatee's repreaentaiin 
only iTtvind tbrm from the executor, llr. 
JobnOrant, in 1663. Among them is acorns 
spoodanoewitb Wanen liaatJiigs,frcmi which 
it may be galbmd thai, between 1600 and 
l8I^Hatbwl had madeooandetaUe jpmgnM 
with an EnglUh tianalatioo ^ff tlw * Mahabhi- 
rala'fnjm aPtonoanTenion; the nunoaeripC 
i» DOW in lli« libnrj- nf the Asiatic Society 
of Bengal. 

lie published: 1. •The Uva EpiattM of 
AriatneUis, traasL t . . . into Knj(lt*h 
m«tR>* kc, 1771, evo (pve&eo signed Ital- 
hodl. sTheridan}. ; reprinted in ■ Itohn'a Clas- 
sical Libraiy.'lSU). 2.'ACodeorGi-iit.»i 
Laws,' Jcc ]vi6, 4to (tba tnulatov'i luma 
ia not on tbr titlis-pag*, bat U givoQ in iIm 
preliDunarymatt4.t); 2nd (!iliii(>n,1777t')vo; 
Srd edition, 1761, Sroj inFtvBch,by J.D. li. 




Kobiiuit, 'Code de* LoIh i)m C•^n(olU(,' L'nris 

1778,4U>. HalLed's preface WHS criliciieil by 

QvorgttCoBtani [i^. V.J S. 'AOriunmuortbv 

Jkngvl Lnafuiigi;,' &c., llixvty (nc), 177)j, 

4t'i. -I. 'A Kurativcof iLo Evfuts ... in 

]tiim1)aj anil Bi^njitil rvlativi? lo thn Mnlirntttt 

Kmpirp,' ki:., I"7fl, 8vo. B. 'A l^Mcr lo 

Ocn'«mi>r Juhnetoiif uu ladiati Airainv,' &c., 

[J7BS,8iro(aignoiI*l'i'to"-toT'>. 0. 'The Letters 

[of ImeclOT on llio Seremh imd Eighth Ito 

ilort s of the Libol ConiiDitt*o,' kc, 17M, 8vo. 

[*. ' Imitatioiia of eomu of the Kpicrmns nf 

Mnniiil/ &c., 179S, 410 (anon.; Lntin and 

T.ngUeh), I?isconlrilnition.-» to tlm Brnttn-ra 

lit^mtun', all l"fl/), ■Svo, urn: 8. 'A Tesli- 

iDitny of llin Aiilhrnlicilv of tlic PruiiUucies 

^af R. Brotker*,' kc. 9. "■ Tlie Wide of the 

'TtKimoniea lo tlie Authftiitimy of llie Pro- 

pbeciea,' S:c. iprcflxitd i» Ilallicd's portrait, 

engraved by White from & drawing by I. 1 

, Cruiksbanh). 10, ' A Word of Admiiniiioii 

I to Ihe lU. Hun. Wm. I'itI/ &l\ II.' Two 

]ji>lteni tdtho Itt. Hon. IjiJrJ 7,oiij[lil>iir(Ju;(li." I 

&C. 12. 'Sfioi'di in ilio noufct'ofCoinmonB,' 

&c. (31 Miircli ; two edilionji. same vear'i. j 

13. 'The Second Speecb,' Jtc. (Jl April ;| 

twoeditions.Bnme y^ar^. \4. ' LibiTty and 

Eauality, n St'nnoM or Kuwiy,' &(^ Ift. 'A 

Cueulktian of lli« .MilUmiiini . . . Ritply to 

Dr. Hornv,' Itc. (tlinvi iHtitioiu, aaaut yuar ; 

eortsliu also No. 1'2}. 1 't. * An jVnswer to 

Dr. Hflrno** Soeond I'ninnhl«t,' kc. ((mntaioii 

alj» No. U). 

[Tho Wgrld, IS Juno 1700; Tcigomoiitli'ti 

Ui^nioira or Sir W. Jiidvh, ISOi; Bi^^mphicftl 

rXKotioDury of Living Authorn, 181S; hlauTo'* 

i'lI«nioii« of Shmdan, 19iS; Impcv'* Mmholu, 

I81I0 ; informalion (rota W. It. Hnlhrnl, wq.] 

A. t>. 

lUBhop of Kunhcld, w.»B tint son of Cleorge 
BalibiiTtoTi, miulalvrof (!l<?uiiila, Forfnreliirc, 
from 1«15 tft 1051 (SooTt, >rt*^". vi. 74S). 
(JrnduMin^ tit King'* ('i>lln)fn, AlH^rdrifin, in 
kIft3tt,hl^ WOK on 1 \vf. lIUSpn-^Mitod by tho 
smrrul asw-'mbly to tUv pnnob «f Muiimuir 
in hiB iiLitivp fttuntv, and in tlic ynr follow- 
ing att<'ud«(l tbc bcota army al Newcaetlt), 
rBewa«traa»Ut«d to the»Gcou(]o^colWia1L■ 
' eharge atPertb in 1S44, asdwae at IVrtb 
vben it euzTsiid«rad to MontrOM after Us 
victory at Tippcrmuir (1 8ept. 1644). For 
'conTcnin^, cbtin^, drinkiii^, and luliing a 
fmro at diniitT with ' tha vxcominiinicidcd 
maniuin lie vm depOAed by the cnrntniMlcMi 
of lilt! K*'nnral aatemibly on 1!7 Nov. H-ll. 
TU« iiM(>in))ly rtttiflttd the eeatejice (28 Feb. 
1W4-5), but (in mailing aubmiuioa on hie 
knees 10 the presbytery ho was rcpoticd by 
the a«mmb1y in June of tht' some year. In 
Dfcembcr 1651 he wai silenced by the Eng- 

lisli gaiTtBou at P«rth,aiid forbidden to prearlt 
' for preacbinff ill tlie ktn^'alntiTwt notwil' 
Gtunouig hie de&aL at WorosMer.' OatlieU 
ttoratioQ he woe aamiDated (1 081 ),nl(ingiri 
JamM Sharp and others, a [mrliameiil 
couiDiiiHioni.TforTistlingthc uoiTcrsilie* 
collo0M (ff Abcrdeun. IIowusEpokeuof forlhe 
Mw at the I^l(^•>, but was appointed to that of 
Lhinkcld, to which hii via conncGrstcd (with- 
out re^rdiniirion,tlinitah hewaa onlyin pie^ 
bviorian orders! ui iI<»IyTOod on 7 May lOfiS. 
lln bud no tikiu)' far harsh meuiirm, but 
rtriclly enforced the law, depririnp hia own 
kiii.Mnnn, Gforgu IlalyWrtoii, tninislw of 
AVnlnljrii'.PeTtlmbire, the fsthtT of Thomas 
lliilyburi.iin [q, v.] Hf dii'd nl his own bouse 
in IPenb on fi April I Il05, tr-ai in^ two aotw, 
James and GiHirije, by liia niarriagv with 
Cutherino Liudsay. Keith call* him ' a tctv 
good, worthy man : ' writers of the Other aide 
Hdmilled he was a ' man of utterance,' but 
inft-rml insincerity from his freqnent cbanffea. 
H« liiid bepii H mamIouk covennnter, and coded 
by accenting a biuliopne, bnt )io woh all alon^ 
a royalist. 

[lIaliburtuD> 1tt«nioini ; Lamont'* Diary ; 
Koith's Cstiilosuii ; Ucw t^Mtt's I'nati, iv. 01 ~ 
838. vi. 811-2; QmbV Keel. Hist.. &e.] J, C. 

bishop succtasively of Krecbtn and Alieis 
doen, son of Wiiliani KallburUin, A.M., 
minister of Collace, Penhahire, was bora at 
Cullace in W28. Ilia father wn^ brollier- 
l^rmnn to James Haliburton of Enieiyse, 
and was o<iTin>ict,P(l with the notsble family 
of th[>HaUI>iirton« of Pit^iir,whilrhi(iroothe» 
was a. (liitig^ht^tr of Archbicliop OlftdiitAnu of 
St. Andrew*. lUving sludwd m St. An- 
drews University, Oeorg« took hiA d<^r«« aa 
moeter of arts in ]fm\, and two y«ais af^ei^ 
wards he was presented (o the paritib of C»- 
par-Angns. IIi« strong episcopalian prodi- 
vitii^s bmuffbt iihout hiseiupeiuiion fromtkts 
cbnr^ in Sontcrobr-rIB50; out tbi* itcntenc^ 
woe rcrvncd in NoTcmbcr 16oS,iitid bo con- 
tinued to rctHin bl» poNtioD as mintatcr of 
Cuupar-Aiigus lun^ altar h« had sainod high 
(ecclesiastical prefcrcui-ut. lu 1673 the de- 
jrree of U.L), waa confen«d upon hiiu by tli» 
uoivenity of ^t. A mire we, and he was 
mote<^l by Charles II to tho bishopric 
Hrecbin on ^ Alny lt)7@. The rermuiM 
thii' bishopric, tbouffli oncu T«ry pxtens' 
had Inn'n gn-nily rediired at the neformat.Ioilf 
and it apiii.uRt ffim thit ' Keeiiter of tbo 
I'rivy Seal' itinl, on 58 Jan. IfiSO i1i« ki; 
presented llaliburliin to the additional pa: 
ofFamell in Forfarabire, on the proiind 
llio poverty of the bishoiirie. Ilalibuit< 
rctuiucl tbis pliiraUty of iwocficcs until 



lh » 1 


I.101U I 




: traii«ltued from Bmhin to the luhopric i 
hof Abvrdeea on Ifi JhIt 1(W2. npromnim'il 
[b Aberdeen till tti« »l>nlition of iMii^i^liacy 
' hy Uuiesiatc« in April Itt^O, ^-hi^n lie Kiire^ 
I to the small *wtalH of DenliMKl, Cttupar-An- 
pus, wbiph lut bail purchaiw!. He resitted 
' tlii> appoiuinwint of Ine preebyterian miniEtpr 
'to Ute chtirchof Ilnttnn of S'pwtjle. wticli 
wa* in tJiB nojghbnurhniHl of bi« rF»id»nc«, 
uulfrom 168** 1 ill 17ll>bi'c<>ncitict«clwrrir«ii 
there aroordini; to tli<^ cpitiMpitl ritual in cl»- 
tmaee of i1m> auiboriiiiw, until age; nml iiifl^ . 
mityconjwUMi bin to dcaiiit, Ua died at 
I»«iibi>*d nn i'9 Se-pt. 1710, leiag iinea in His 
cighlT-«eventh year, iMVJng 8 widow and « j 
family of Ibree sons and one d&ufhter, ' 

[n'odrav'i Ui*[. of lti« Kirk of Scodnod ; 
Kaitha Cnt. of Scuttitili mabojis ; Kcw Scott's 
Fani EccksitB Scoti Aon i Milliir'a Rdl cf Hmi- 
nuil Bug«H«a of Dundee.] A. n. M. . 

r HALIBURTON, ffwroerlr Bncros, ' 
J A M KS ( 1 r>w- H*b:.' ), Epvpt ol^p*t , wa* bom 
on ?2S«pt. 171^. Hi* rntW.JiitDMlIalibuTw 
tOD.of MAblAdon.Tunbnd^.Kont.andDfWr- 
w&rds of Tin* Hftltae, ReffMU's I'ark, vita a 
member of lliL> family of IIalib\irton of Rox- 
burgbtthiiv, bui chnn^^d hif nnine in ««rlv 
lifc to Bur1<«, and d«tot*d hiiR>»tf to the 
conduct of lai^ bnilding fp«y:iilnt:nn«, <«p«>- 
cialljrmLODdotL JamM Harton Ibcyoiingcr 
wn* nducatcd at Trintty Collc(cc^ Cam- 

»lmdpi, wliei« hf )^dual(d B.A. in ]k]0 
«od SI. A. in ISl-''. Up w"» enji'tg"^ by 
Nchemet Ali I*a»lia to take- part in a seo- 
logical miTTry of Ep^'pl, wid (oiW from 
Kftplw tor iWl countn- in MarcU ItA.'. 
Dnriiig tbia and ibe following Tears be matlo 
A jcmratj into the eastern desert, in llw 

■ miirvi' of n-liich lie dtTided the ponlion of 
In April l'*34 lie was with John (Jnrdnpr 
Wilkinson ff|.T.]), tint fatnouit Kj^rptflJogii'l, 

»ai Aleiandnft, and wtut nmtrnipiatJtijr nn 
cxpc(1ili"n In llir oui* and Wrst^m Ktrypt 
(,-lrf<r. ,l/.v. -jrA-jK, «. 3, 1>>. Durinp 1p25 
Wid 182»Mieratideaj'*u-ii'y«pt lie Nile, and 
(n thi* lattiT vear met £ilward AV. Lane 

[([.T.l at Itrndarah.ind (ifterwanl" travcltcd 

Wilhllim (\^KyTC-\''i<M.f.. TJfr tif J/inf,y.H\\. 

fU-lween lf"i'riiindlR*>t hi«'Kirfrpl* H!rr<>. 
"' " 'iirn,Vrin«:«linp'>f»LiTljr-fourlitbojtTapUa 
lit any tfiieriweu, were ptiblitbed ai 

Sliiirily afii<rwmrdi Barton retamed 

to England, where tie tpent tb« next twa 

rfa. Troia April 1630 to Februarv 1832 
was on a jonmi'T in tbe tuAem deMTt. ' 
Ifo cfioie home about 18%, and doM not 
■mnr to havn again Ti*iled Effrpt. In 
1838 bn nwuBUH] ibi^ name of Ilaliburton, 
['•od iatlwMBMt7«ar bewuofw of ll»com- 

mitlco for the White River Expedition. 
Diirinz llie lalirr pan of his life be deroted 
biin»i7lfchiefly loiaecoUectioaofpanicuUra 
coikccraii^ hi« anreston, the IlalibnnonM. 
For many vean previously to 1641 be waa- 
a fellow of'lliH Geolcfiral Society, but after 
thai date his name diitappenn fVom the 
N>cieiys lists. Haliburton died on Si! Feb. 
li^'i, and was buried in West Dean (_'en>^ 
tt!r\-, l-jlinbnr^: bis tombctone Rives ihft 
datui of bis birth and d'>atli, and ha* tho' 
inscription, 'Jami^ llalibiirinn, a xealona 
inveBii^ior in Egj'pt of iu Langnagca and 

HllibonoB was a friend of Jo^h Bonomi 
ffl. T.^, and, like him, held an livnourablo 
plBCn in the band of worlcraw raployed by 
KobtTt Hav of Linplum, N.B., to nsliB- 
sketebea ana drawing* td Egyptian aniiqui- 
tie*. Hii neriu wero tather tbose of an 
intelligent traveller and copyist than of a 
scholar, hut Sir John Gardner Wilktns'wir 
in tho preface to bis ' Manners and Ciistona 
of the Anfient J-^^iyptianJi,' speaks bif^bly of 
thA ossittanco whtch Rititon rendered uin. 
His ' Crillcctanea ^Rgrptiaca,' ccntainMl ic 
si»ty-three \a\iini** i UsH. A'Id. 2M13-75), 
wi-re prv-MMitwl totbrBHtifh MuHrDmin 1W4 
by hi«yoiiDK>:rr)jirotb<.T, Decimua Burton, tbe 
architect [q. r.] Hmt include, btaideit ear^ 
fuliy kept diarie»,Biuneroua dnwianof hiero- 
jriywiic inscriptioBJ^ architectanJ aketdte* 
and iKftea on tbe biatory, j^logy, xoolo^^, 
and botany of Ike courtij. togvtMr wna 
bis passports and coTTcrpondeacc. Hany of 
Ualibitrion's other drawisn and tnapa uv 
ccntatni-d in tbi! Cflleci ion oT Ti«wa, sketcheB, 
i:c, made far KoUrt Har, aitd now in the' 
lIHiUb Museum {Add. MSB. 39612-601. 

[AatboritiMqnoted; iBfonaotioB kindly nrp- 
ItNl by bis nephew, Alfftd H. Itarton, Mq. ; 
[alibDrtOD'aCulleelaBca iKiTvAiars; Cat. Onu. 

Oantat).; OM>lQirical Somty's Littaof Btaihers; 

Drit. Bfos. Csialo^sa) C. L. K. 

profeaaor of diviuiiy ai St. Aodivwa. [fta* 



LEK (1796-lfiBB), aiitbor cf • Rum Hl^ck,' 
onlyrhilddf llieHim. William Oiit Halibur- 
ton, a ju*ti»v of the cimn 'if ivimmno |il>*a 
of tiova Seo«ia. by I.ucy, rideal danKfalvrof 
Jklajjir (iranl, wn* lj«>ni at Windsor, Nova 
Kcotia, in December 1796, and editrnled at 
thegraiainaraclMol and sr King'*Cnlletfn in 
hia native tnwn. In |f*!W bo was called to 
Ibe bar. lie pTortiied at .Annapolis Itnyal, 
ibn foraM-r ntpiial 'if N'ira Hiiilia. whmt be 
armiin-da lar^caodltjcrnlivehaaiaMa. AfUr 
a uon lisM be eMarcd the lepolatin aa- 




Mali burton 

jMstbl^ sa naahtr far tbe cvmatr of Aab*- 

I of tbo cooit «f coaoMa pkw vt 5ot« 

"Scotia, which pUc* Iw Uld to 1840, «hM 

A» court wf Cffiaawo plow t^» ■toliJiwI «bJ 

lu« wrrioc* wen tranafcrred to Uw ntmon 

ooun, when be oomaieand Ua duties 1 Jab 

tlBU. In FebruaiT 1800 h» "^pcd hn 

. of jud|[e, ana renorad to Eariand, 

- -nhtn ba cxwtiaiied lo raide to liia doib. 
Islt^SSaiid lflS» ha pabUebed UrtofM* of 
bin natWa prorioee. Wm woaha wtn widely 
'at«d, and ibe Ifora Soocia Hooae ot 
nblj tendervd bim a voce of ibanba for 
hiaHitbvxslAccoiuii, wfajcb Wrtxeiied in 
aenoti in bin [iImw in wuliaaMni. lie next 
began a atnn ut anicU* in the ' Not-a Seo 
liao' newBpacwr iu 1836. wriiiog under the 
wmnda&fm oC Sam Sliclt. ■ YuiJiec prdlar. 
Ibe anielea w«ra popular, and wm cnpu-d 
~' Uw Amcncsn prom. Tb^ tcev* tbrn 
. Jaeud tcwntfarr and pofaliabed at llalifkx 
anoDymiKn^ in 1837, and seTeral ediiioBi 
w«K iuuMl in tbe Uoii«d States. A copy 
being taken to Kngland byOmienl Fm, wu 
given to Hichard BaitMjr, wh« iHiinl an 
a.Mitioo wliich had a rottnidi^nbln drcuUtwn. 
onljr banefit wliicli llaliburton laeeired 
Tftoni tfaift Eogliib ntiiiuti waa tb« pnacnla- 
Lion from neuilrj' of a iilrtr wlver, with an 
inacription whiten by ibe Iter. Kicbard Uar- 
D. Ilalibiiitoii,wrilinRafi SainSlicl[,lold 
coimtrjneB taany home trutba. Tbow 
rbo Uoglifd at Sam Sbdt'a jokM did doc 
llwijs raliab hia ootspoben critieians, and 
bi« popularity as a wril4>r wax far gntattf out 
of Nora Scotia than in it ; hit fame, bowe^'er, 
aa gMMral. None of bin trrilio^ are 
irfjr coantructed nlorie*, but tb* inci- 
^deau and ehanet«M are alwava spirited and 
mostly hmaorooa. * Sam iislick ' bad ■ t-vry 
axtenaiva lale, and notvitbAtandinn it* idio- 
matte pacnliaritiw waa tmnjJaird into mv«- 
tal languagaa. In 1^^ llaliburton viitit«d 
I again,ajid in the nutt year embodied 
ba'Teanll cf bia obaervatiotu on En^iah 
•o^tii-tv in bts aniii«in|{ work 'Tbe Atia«h£.' 
' Tlic llubble* ofC'anada. Rvlbc Autbor of 
r** Tbo Cloclcntakur," ' iatued m 1839, waji n 
'terioua book on tbu political Boremmcat oS 
tbe country. It wajtaunreated by Lord Dui^ 
barn's fiu>ous report, and attracted nucfa at- 
l«ati«S in England. Ili« otli«r work* are 
■The L*UMB«goftb« Great WtttiTD,' 183V, 
aod'TbaOld^dtfc/ltM?. On rwigoingbis 
Jud^vabipin 1866 Eui apidicd for hi* pvnsiou 
of 900/. a year ; iho claim wu rveiatcd for 
•overal y«ar*, and b« did not euM't-ed iu -ib- 
taining iUa flret payment until afle; a deci- 
MOa in bia favour made by the judicial com- 
JBtttoe of tbe privy cousial in England. 

la 16S0 be took «p bia reeideiio: ia Loo- 

doa, whan ba bacuaa a luember of l~ 

^tWniw Clak la 1667 \ue naa aaked 

come forvnrd aa BMBbw o{ paitiaaset 

XiddleKa, a pcopoaal wbaA he decUnad, 

two yraca aftenranla, on the gmenl ale^ 

lioa, at. Ibe aolicitatioa of ibe Duke of Nortll- 

■mbiBlaad, he ilood far lAuaBaaton in 

raeieenraiiTC latewat, wae elected "iS 

189B,a8dMtaatil6JalTld6S. Tbriuii^e: 

Rty «t OiMacat«) bin a IVC.L. in 1." 

■be oainflHty of Euw'a College, Wim 

baring nrerir wt ly amae htm an honoia: 

I M_\. lie died at bis leudence. Qoidi 

, IIuu«. lafewonb, ViddlfarT. 27 Ang. 1 

, Inlt^aMcielTcalkd'TbellalibarUn'wL^ 

I waablishwl at Sinifa CoUege, Windaor, Nova 

, Scotia, to Auther ibc dcvdopmnit of a di^ 

tinctivc Canadian Uteratoiv. Tbc fint pub* 

licalion of the Mociaty (.July It^t was a 

nwrnoir of Ilalibafton hi F. lUake Croftcn. 

Ilalibortim married nrw in IBIU Loi 
dangbtea at Captain Lawrcnoe Neville 
: the I9lb light dngoons Cake died in 1840^ D^M.Sanh llarrieLdaugbter - 
WdltamMoMTBlNteni'f AVi,>oilhouse,Sl " 
shii^ and wnSait in l«s44 of FJwiud 11 
Williamt of Eaton Maaeott, Sbtvwabnry. 
HatibariOB wa« tlw fini whter vbo m 
tbo American dialect, and waa pronounced bjr 
Artcmua Ward lo be tbe founder of the Ame- 
rican tebool of bamanr. He \raa author of 
tbe following woiis, several of which want 
tonnraerotueditiona: 1. *AG«Deml IVcrri 
lioD of Nova Scoria,' l^as, S. ' An I Iifiiori< 
S voU. :\. • The-, riochmakn-, or Saying* and 
1KS:,1«38, I&IO. 4. 'TheLeUerBaf ofthe 
Great AVeetem. or Lif<r in a Sleamer,' L839. 
&. •The Bubbles of Canada. Ity tbe Antkor 
of"ni*C'loclcniakeT,'"18:sy. «. *A Keply 
the Keport of tb« Ear) of Durham. Tt^r 
Colonist,' IMW. T. 'Trait* of .■Inwnea 
Humour by Natint Author*,' I BiS. 8. 'S 
Slick'* \Vuc Saw* and ^(odem Inatanci 
1843, 2 vob. 0. ■ TTk- OW Judp-. or Li 
in n Colony,' 1@43, 2 vols, la *fh^- Aiuvi. 
caoa at Jlotne, or Byoway*. H*cWwi)od«, am 
Praitios,' 184S, avoU. 11. 'The Attach*,' 
or Sva Slick in England,' 1^9 A, 4 vols. 
12. *Rulo and Mi*nilc of the I'^iglirb in 
Amcrico.' 38W, 2 vol*. 13. 'Ndiure 
Human NaLurv,' liUiJi. 14. 'AddrvM 
GUngow on tbo Condition, Reaaurc««. 
FroopMis of Hritiah Noitb America,' lS.*i7. 
15. '^cech in Uouse of Cammonaon 

?caJ <d7)«(iaa on Foreign udColtntial Wi 
r^ 16. 'Tlu^ Stmon Ticket,' a scriea 
aniclf* reprinird froin ilit- ' Dublin Univi 
»ily Majt'i'ini^' 16dO. Pirated conipilati' 





Older tbo fcUswtag tiiU«,vhidk -wtn m- 
tcbM kr AtMiioA MUufcen: * XtaJm* 

StorUe and YmW Lrtta,' 1963 ; * TMb* 
Yuiu i ' ' ti«Tiiijr> >»^ DotOM af aMsel SGck. 
^^ lofetLn vitk k» lT|'wii m llMtsi- 
Buwyi' ud 'SwaS&k laMM^flf • Wrftr 

[Kflaoir. tnr F. BUka Cmfttii. in*; H»^m 
BiUiotltMi CUw^M. 1 S*7. Ff.. 1 M-n ; OwK** 
PwttmiU of FaUie C^rwlKa. IML i. m-JM : 
TUliif a Dn«w Bmh Anak O^Iln, UM. 
ari MhM, Vila patOHk: m— it <J I^Jm 
K«W8, U Jalr IHJ^ p. ST. «iik WIMt. m< 
9 S«f«. IWS. f,, tit, witk l-artMC; BMtW'a 
ia»A\mj. lUX, nr. St-M. <rtdl pMBU^ 
8lJttMB«M0(EariM4,lMS.vitk|Mb^ TSc 
CriUe. A Fab. ISM, p. tM, wiili nNOwtl 



M J). ( 1 7£^M HOeiL ilQmM 

•on of iimmuA lUiik? Tf. tA tk« m 

acriUardinnct «w Hn it oialfaM skMl 

H 1739. He WM edwated « 0111^.1 ■ m m 
^Ripilmicitii, and ptactiaed witb rnMi wpwe 
^^ bellHt, wferc far Muij half. «w«7 W 

■aiiiiw irflliiiiiiiiialialilialiifiidMii ■<■ 

Oo S$ D^JTTO BrifaM vaa flnaU W aoM 

twali'v hiimrrtn 

•ociatj^ lDKnra_a* 


icacna ooe Dand 
iliajn of *— •^'"g eat'tl*. 
StfoJ' v«n "■■■—*** h ^nhaa di «i « T*t , 
tad iliiii iiiiiaiiliainia iiaiii aia iJalllil 
iut eapiulittt bad Micftand !«■■■ ftaa the 
Marquia of Dooagall o«ecU» feMMt^heaia. 

an «(ke «MMMft fraM kac aarij joMk tiO* 

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W fn Tatai n sMaay toa witk ' 

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I aat yalfiA, a uaft^u 

[B«9-| Hm. •< BattHt. 1177, i. <Mi 
O I av WXaf. law a. U : : 

>»A)«il IBM: BMa-aMMiiuttgi Ika i 

aa^Mfj.kncB ia 17^, «aa ata of W 
FUHa? orHaUn.aBwMhnairis D«Ub,' 
aad tnaagw boiW of WHGaai BalkUj 




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fa atnapc tslcnoBtiaa Htwaaa tba 
aod tba atb ar tti aa aasvd tba ten 


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Street was tba baMlfan 

fiiilit, lailiiff^iliiaiMl r«-T-^<»bai 

riaaawBdfiutfrnBLT^meaaB ' 

tb# ToloBteg ioaaiiaafc Hi* 

deaca with Cb ariwe t fafwtieb 

■Bcna ai9 aim IB Bna)laaUd till Iba aul^ 

death, and is fttU oCiafanaaiiiwi oa tbaaoli. 

tteaof the aonb of belaad, iialiiiMil bf 

atmbea of buawnr. He diad at Bdbt e« 

I April 1809. ' Tbies H^aMm be fied,' 

IvrifM Mr*. MaUear to WiUmm Dranaaa 

fq. r.1, < Bntca asd I pta««4 canla witli bin. 

[lani tbfTcry aigbt that w»* kia bat br ptaTMl 

toot the ralibae. "Xow/nidba^-tbafaiM 

i-Ia flflubad. and Uw bat act aaac a wttS ' 

of 10(if, br war of atoae»»t fur Uw am^ 
uunerdfal •ooUi I ban ibrowa avaT apoii 
bar at tbe wUrt UUv.' alao ' tba caa of WOL 
I g ialit nd c far bar navw faartag ghnea oa 

tioa «f dsaoor. af i rwHydtwytbagbolam 

a aaaaakr of tba <B i M Mali aM te iMiwiag 
tbe brkMT^DafcCia and aayvbiMi^ 
Tha li(btbiT— aiaiibalriaii iiiia,auillulhi 
lAin oftlaa bolr hia ariaaffin« was nnialv 
dmtal tbfqwb U& HalidB7 ae^aiivl cm^ 
■AfiMt waaiih. attrtad a eMlj villa aav 
DaATn. aad feTB^l a lstg» eoOeeuoa orbaote 
andtnaUL Ua dsd fa- ■aayTaantbafoala 

-f "■— *i ■ ri rail rflhriifcaailMr 

of III— , l>ayia.a»d dbaaior oT tba 

BMkafbalnd. Hii aablie scnieaa to iba 
«r DiiUiB vm ae- 
alataon'hraonariiHB. He Cad at Moaks- 
umm,wmrlPMia,UBm».iMm. In LiU7 
Halad^waadsctsdawaliiaf tbeBoyal 
Iriab Aaadnjr, u wkicb bodj a bm potitea 
of tbabeakiaidt9Becafliiltaet«dl>i li^m ».-»• 
|Ibi—lJ if bis widav, and a ( 

thea faaabeaa aa^bii J far ib" >- 
pt MMt BOtiea. A Wrlnil'of lUItdav myn- 
•arrad witb Us coOMMe at ilw Uoj'al Itiak 

nabday was aatbaroT the faUowiag paa- 
pfaleu: 1. ' Aa btquify into the laflMaaea t4 
tita [Czc«aair» I'te of Spirimoas Liquor* ia 
pradaeiaK CiiaM, U««aae, sad Ttnrttr m 
Irtlaad' i»mm.). [>uUi&, lua r. 'H» 
Ni 'iiaty of M^biaiag a Law of l!Ktl lancet 
wHb l^ial Aa»iaaiai'Bf in tbe ntMO«*d BiU 
for the JUKfof the P'KT of Inlaad' («MB. ), 
P«Uie.ie38. S.'ALHtmotbeCa«ns- 
•MOeo of Laadiuid and Tcnaat la^ airy an 


1J»I I Ti 


.IflU. 4. 



■o«ifc»iiiir *3C« 

III T I ' ^---»--. 
't«Lxa.UM. £ 

■■!■• II lliiH TT J 111 I 

k if '1W SaaAMTiH Kaftai if 

■ ' gtmWm. imXwmimtlmifi iiihh 

tfi-catW' i^iyi riiiirfPiy 

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[l»t:>-|-3»), ln*li aim-mlitaHimg ^Enne, 
OB of tb'' IU«. ftiMiil HdU» (or 

M lOM: WW J to OoufA is 1S77 
,MftmmU»<fLmjfn}: tid ts ScoUabiI ia 

. ^ wW« W WM «M«MMT*tT BiniMcr of 

pMlii - UmUk, MkJ .V*w .<Mtb Clnndt, 
yariiiUli rPrrrr. T '"t uid ntonua^ to 
InlMdia 14M.W«a»Hinwt«r«f Afdibsv, 
«fc« he MiiliBwd till bu doth. SmbmI, 
tkiHn.wMbomiii 1*^*5, pTrjUWy^Oowm^i, 
viavftbu btlKTWMtb^mmuter. In 17U1 
Iw mCtfMl OUnpTW Coikfre, k* n«i»» Wn* 
MiarUd ta iba n«utrr m' SuimI lIoUrdtT. 
HHjxmM,' MKNV tb ■mdenU «( Ibe firxt 
cUm inidav lofan LbmSob, arDbMor cf liffic 
Mi<t riMMric. lis gmdiMlM SI.A.,siid ««ot 
Mr tjnim to ii»ily il««Ioi^ * 19 S*"-. I^W^ 
In ifon, whllM mt I^rrAen, \k pulilulinl • 
tllM>lnKirkl'Ih>|iutatio'inI'«<ii>. Inllit!Min« 
jmt bm vu ItCKnwd bI nntlcnUm, sad in 

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anl ta tfe Mmea of tkt 

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Hi* Knar, tfa b«. 
Da^AiUoa^mtnlMbd. OaaSJal; 

ia Bwlfcirijwi Jh I I lawhiiii^ii tfa Wmi- 

• I nan^TWlina ite Soi^tam of tk« Oli 
Bad Xra- TirtMit la h» tka «alf nfe «f 
ttnmiai ntimam. ^ MAenat tea c^ o«tb»' 
dagT or waiMMW ia tfc» fcith, aad toMCUi 
■n dM tKBS «f aimnarial aad ClinKiia 
iiiiBBiiiw. II ahirh ■iilhiii| i^i^ In ilili I 
if msj tjwmk, atmrnHfyfOt raaaal ytatia- 
cm: aM I Bad ■!! tin wenfjal sniclaa of 
the Chriiliii daetriae lolMnmtkiBHl in the 
WMtmiaMer CoaliMnea of Kuth, which tr- 
tidM I rnrmm npoa Uw mI» sutkonif of tbe 
£M£«enpiN9i, jut). 'n«p>MJ>7t«fTiiK>OM<de<l 
with tM infutUtioo, ui rioluioa of tb« law 
ct Ukfr ehiuvli, kad in the £be* of a prot«iC 
■ltd a»p(«l &oia foar muabo*. T)io cm* 
camr nvfat* th« ^ood ia 1731 : bat iboo^ 
Haliday Mill refnaed tod)r» <!>*' Confcsnoa, 
tbe nwllvr wts Ulowcd to drop, A rovola- 
tiun WM, l>o«-eT«r, c*m«d after looj^ dobalo 
tlut all membeiB of eymd wbo wcte willinf 
to taTxCTJba tba we lia ri oa night doaoyyith 
which the Bujority complied. BiiDoe tnM* . 

Talidiiy coKtinnMl identified witb tli« btlvr 
till bii death. A nutnber of m^inben of hU 
ei^iOQ ^cn m dtantufiod with the 
I of the cnw thitt thay K^uaml to ramun 
X hta miaietnr. After much of^wiiioa 
they wscD ervclvJ bjr the (rnnJ into % ntrw 
chu^ The ««t«liluhin«nt of ihis ottfyt^c*- 
tioa called forth 'A Letter fiuua tliv Itevt. 
TfftMH Kirlcptttnck aat) UaU<i«v, Minittcre 
in BdCtM, u> K Friend tn Gliuipw, with 
nlatioa to tb« acw Mectinit-boiiM in Bel- 
Eut,' Kdinhursh, ITid. The 9>uWnptioa 
conirorenT t^cd for ycttn, IlalidHj mu- 
tinuing to laVe > fnrriniWt pul in it, oolh in 
the ernwl aih) llimuch llii- preoa. lu 17;^4 
he publifhed ' Ke*wina sjciiiiui itie Imnosi- 
tton of Subsoriplion to the Weatmin^«: Con- 
Cesairm of Falih. or kbt eucli IIuiuui Tccte 
of OnhodoXT, top.-llicr witli Au^vrcre lu (he 
AivuineDt« for »uch Impnriii itm*,' )■)■■ ■'^i ^i><l 
152,Brlfut, Ir21. .V ri-pk M tliin liaviiif 
been iMued br tho R«r. (iilbcrt KeuaeiiT, 
TaJlyliJi, cal)o«ii, IIiIi<larpubli«bed'A 
JUttitf to ihglW.Mr.Gilben Kenned/, ow*- 
■kned by »om« pwonal ReflectinM.' Bclfairt , 
^fSOfUul in the falknrioff jMr'A Letter to 
the ReT. 3tfr. Francis Iradel], occwoned bj 
his '- Retnarka" on "A l>Mt«r lo the Rer. Mr. 
Gilbert K*«nn«dy,"' Ifctlfiwi, 172(1. To end 
1iB #iriro llwi ryntid in 1 liitt aiilupied the en- 
li>-nt of plkciiig all tlw nnn^ulMcrifatng 
iiii>i[t>r> in iiii>' praby ten', that of Antrim, 
tiicJi in thu rull'iwiii^ yftar irai excluded 
MU Ibc budv. llalidAT bIm published 'A 
ermon oeeaiiooed byilie DMth of llii^ Ittn-. 
Micliai*l l(rne«, (ir«acli«(! at llnlrwond 
Tm 7 Dee. l73.Vpp. *■'>, Bplfart, 173.^ Aeor- 
ienT'} lietviwn him and thr Rev. Jatnvs 
ric of ItelfMl on the on« fide, and 
i.Chartca UMi^rtmra, miniiiitT of the 
erected eonjTcgKtion r!n>r>f, on tli* 
«th«T,with rcfudlOKpfOpoial that the two 
former and their eoB)|freAttaa« should com- 
muniMii' alonff vith the oecrenaf the latur, 
ay be found in tho prefac« to Kirlmtrteb's 
Icrinturw Plmt," l"i4, p. 5, .ti"- Ilalidiiy 
ifru'd ttu- wid-iw of Arthur Maxwi-ll. who 
nuHhlhim (MiwidcmWnpropertT- He died 
I S Marrb 1739 in hi* finy-ft>urti year [Bfl- 
tt Srf-' littUr, u. 1G7). 
[MS. Hinnios of TjiK^iin: MS. WantM of 
of l'l»t«; SarraUTd of Seren i^jau^; 
__ &'e Leydca St odea t% p. 45; Itt*JV Ili*t. 
it tVe IVat»-tnun Chnreh m livtauil, ral. iiL; 
WtthcrowV BUaefUi of PieabytsiaBiam in In- 
land. Tol. i.] T. H. 

HALIDAT. WILLIAM (1769-1812), 
Irish irraminaHau, Ikitu in Dulilin in 178$, 
WW Mm of William Ilaliday or Malliilav, an 

otliccBT7,and«lder brother of Cliailee liali- 

dajr'ij.r.] Ilawtwhrvdaaoltcitor.anileantt 
Irufi from thrte Munstannaa who lived u. 
I'ublia, Ma«J-«cI<:hu. O^I^onnaai. and U"C«- 
thaaatfch ; and M detpijed is hu middleaphcfi* 
of Bocietj WM the native language of Irelml 
that Ilaliday namiril the name of Wifliam. 
Cnian when be beftan to lake leanoB fam 
O'Catbanifi^fa. Ial80ehapiiUithediaI>ub- 
Un * L'nicocht tu Gaodhil^ : « Oraauaar of 
the Iriah Lawaasv,' vaAvi aaother atmamX 
nane, Rlmoaa OY^xmell. TUi ia a coop* \ 
buion baaed upon Stewart's ' Gaelic Onu- ' 
mar.' lie was me of the (buaden in \%OT \ 
of the Gaelic Society of Dublin, eeiabliil 
for ihi* iDTeftigation and rertTal of ancienb 
Irinh lilcraturr, and in 1611 published in 
Dublin thr finit Tolanic of a text and irans- 
latioa of Ki:«tia^a' Histocyof Ireland.' IId 
had befua aa Ituh dictJoniuy wben he died, 
36 Oa. 181S. He was an entbuaiatfir nu- 
dnnt of Iri^ literature of the same kiml i 
O'Reilly the lexicographer. Their work Is 
defircliro in t borough iiess, fcecanae of Uieiri 
imperfecl trainingr. Dot has bem of gieak- 
•crric* to many more laanied persaiis. and 
)ua iiivan mora nyoyiDait to nuuiy nf tha 

[Webbs CMBpnkdisK of lri»h Biofnpby, 
1S7B i O'Doaoraa'* OisEaawr of lb* Iri^ Lao- 
cna^. I81J. pni&M ; CBnll/s Iriab-£asU>h < 
Dictioaaiy. lUI, nrcfiwe; Tmnaaetioes ef tha 
Oaelie Soeirfy of DaUin, 1808.] H. JL 

HALIFAX. HuQins or. fflsa Satill 
Gbobug, |i»3-I09S.] 

HALIFjLX. Eutu or. [S«a BfoVTAor,, 
Charub, 1SSU1715 : Dirxx, GaotWi j 

HALIFAX. VnrotTtT. pee Wood, 

Chiribs 1«0-I88S.) 

HALIFAX, JOUX (.1. 1356). [Bw' 



Scotch lawyvr, receired a nDiv«rMtr ada- 
cation, and t4Mk thft def(r»* of M.A. lie 
stndifd latr, and ktritiiii) a mt-mb^r of lli« 
S<icietT of Solicit or« lolhnStiprrnui Court* irf 
Scotland. K»r t«n yean be acted as one rX 
Ibe euusiiivn of that budy, and wit« their 
libiAriaa for a alill longer foriod. He also | 
held for frume time the office of hailia of tJi*^ 
abbey of Hoi vrood. l>uriiif{hiat4nur<iaf<ilKe«, 
be atndied toe ncords of the plaee, and pro- 1 
duced in 1831 'A Treatiae on ttiu lliitory, 
Law, and I'ririlcffee of the Palac-.- and S«n«- 1 
taaryaf Holynma nouac.' Ilalhefvtoti, wbo 
SGeau tohaTc directed hiuaelf rattier t» iho 
tbcoreiicsl than the practical stda of his pnx 
letaina, received tbe honorary d<f[TeoorLL.D.(.] 
and was abo elected aa exUaardnuryiiiMBhav * 




oftliGRoya] Physical Sooiely. tliiothwworks 
were: l.'ACoinneinliumorOrTiioml AWidg* 
rnant of ike tWiilif (.ViUix'tiouuf DitcUionsof 
the Lord«of Cniiti'ciliinJ St-daioii ffom Feb. 4 
1764to tlw SuiwiflJi of IH17,' I'Miiih. lSISI-20. 
2, ' A, Traruilntiou and E^pldnation of the 
ToclmiMl Terms in Mr. KrAiinDB 
of Ili« Law of 8c<otlo,Dd; Kdiiilj. IffJf}; '2at\ 
oditioQ, IH^iJ. S. A {."oHccti'm nf l.iiltn 
Maxima and Kuk« in Lnw iiaA hijuiiy.willi 
an Kit^liAli IrAiwilAtion,' Kilink Iti'Si. i. ' An 
Analysinoftho Act of PariidmL-m SfJi-o. IV, 
*nil th'! j\ct* nf Stidi'runi founded rhewon.' 
Edinb. 18:^7. TWao a (^t a remodelled t'hv pro- 
ecdiiro in tbo court of seagion. .i, 'A IHgiwt 
oftliv Lbw of Sc'ttaiidnlbt initio MArriAj;^^. 
Book i.,' Edinb. lSi'7 ; r-.'w *.dition, HSl. 

[Rcfeponecu in work* ulinr* ijiinlnJ ; Civl. of 
Advm-nln.' Library.] F. W-T. 

HALKERSTONE. DA\'ai (</. ItteO), 

coviMULiiiiT. [See iLscKsrox.] 

HALKET, OKORGE (d. 1756), ScottiA 
joog-wTitcr, is laid by I'fiter Kiichnn ( Olean- 
inytvf Spfitfh, EH^Hjifi,aail ffM WJ Battati*) 
to hvn been a nativ«of AbnriWnsiiirv. In 
1714 bff wu imioint«d DclioolmiU'tRr, nrit- 
oealor, ftad Mntoa-clerk in tlie parish of lU- 
tbra. Aberileoiuliire. Oiio apnrliniMit 'Wjri-vd 
for dwUinj; nud acliodboiiaa, nitd wh«ti, in 
171S, llalliH uiiin-ii-d Jiiiiet Adamsoii, (b« 
WritORtbviiif: auvcrclv acunvmtcal cauwd hie 
hox-\mluihti R'vvnt:a,sg tli&t iubactialiould 
ba a lutrtitiou butn-ccu school aud bcdrooui, 
wbili- ilieylot a wiadovr into tlic north n'ntl 
to iiiAtiru llic comfort of the alctju.-r:'. Ilal- 
kel's uiiWfudy Imbir* I'd IoIim liisini.-wol fnun 
Jlalliea in 172ri, nwi witb liin wif« und llirtnr 
eliildreii 111' si'ltlrd tit (.'airubiiljt, .luun? ilis- 
tflnrc off, and wiLi ii uinn- or lc*a succftinful 
Ki'lu.HdmjiBtHrtlifn- for twi'iily-live ytm-r*. In 
irwbu itmovi-iilo Mi-msic. bcL-oming tutor 
ill tiio fuuflilies of CoIohl-I I''ni*;r and Sir 
Jamra limes, bcsidiw doiii^ otln r prirnn; 
tenchioK. ITis Wl rlitiiige ■wii.'t to Tvrip, 
■whpnilu'dit-din iriiB. Ai-cordicK lu BupIibii, 
he. i« biirii-d in Frastibiirifti old clmrchjard. 
JInlk>!t'a oiily unJouiiird publlcDtiou is 
A tliin 12IDO volume, entitk-'l 'Occasional 
Pooina upon Several SubjwlV printed at 
Aljerdteii ill 17l'" forlln.' mitlmr, w)ioli;riir»-» 
ouilie titl^pat.1' a* 'CirnTiia Hiwrki?!.' Tln-n^ 
arefourpomntlr thrwurk;" Advice to VoulU." 
I bawd on Ecct'Miiu>l>'j,xii. 1-:! : 'fjood rridny,' 
In wbicb Um aiiilior illiwtnUef on* pwrt of 
bla tlmnftwitU HeTeiti reference! to I lie treat- 
meat of Cbarle« I by k^cnltifb and Koeli^b 
vliiffs; 'Eiifiter Dny;" and na initiiiid ' I'n*- 
tonu.' Till} volume (vmifliniiijr thi-m* pocnsi 
U itviTvmaly riiri> nnil wa* unbunu'n to Bu- 
ehati. L'vrliniM iliv only exiiilin^ copy is in 

the Mitchell Library, Olaagow. It has no^ 
much valuo iis literature, ootbiaft tn it t^ 
proHohing llie rajtid movt^ment and tlt« pus- 
^'iit Niliriojd tbruHtAoftha Jacobite ballad, 
•Whirry Wliipi, Awa" Man,' and nothing 
BUfrg«-^t ive of till' niiniLntic T«ndonK«a, the 
cheerful and rc^lutc «elf-doprndenw, and 
Ihi'ljTicfllffTacaof 'Log-iQ o'Bachan.' Ilalkat 
i* credited with both of thi'se pot^m*, but 
lhen< i* a total lack of evidence on th« point. 
As, howopor, thnro is no one else of tbio 
period to vhom they cao he auif^ed, it la 
jiiBt nosaiblo tbat th'oy ar^ hi>, and at any 
rare nia claims are aopDortcd by a p«r*i*t«at 
tradition and tb« woifcfaiy snnnis« of Poter 
Ritc-ltan. I lalket is <](ri(t.''liki.dr lo baw writ- 
ion 'A Dtaloifiu) between the Dctril and 
(Wrffi' ir/apmualofwliicli, inl746,cauMd 
tho Diikiv of Cumberland to oflvr a 
of 100/, for tlao author ' alivo or dead,' 
may aUo Uavi.' \y^-n Ihv author of a ball 
ccititlod 'Subiiiu Uiaplayed.' 

[Pi)l'?r Ihiobiia's Ulmnia^s. m el)o»i»; WU 
liam Wiilkw"» BanU of Bou-Aceonl.] T, B. 

(lttl!:J-UNl)), riiv'iiliiit and wrilvr onrdigt 
aubj«ct», lorn m London 4 Jaa. likiSf vaa 
Ibu younger daut;lilcr of Thomas 9f urrar, a 
cadet of the ToUibanliui; family, who Inil 
boon apiKtiuted by Juium I tutor to hia sob 
CharleviUodsuWsiuuntlyvra* [1 ro of E 
C'oUcfce. Ucr moilier woh Jaiiu Dt^tnmuiu 
related to ilie noWe family of Perth, wl 
after acting as pubTROTomoM to tlif Iluki! 
Oloucc^tri and tho Princess Elixabulh duri 
tho nbM-no- of tho C'ountc« of RosburKf^ 
KUiTr-rUvd on tho dcatb of tlic oounuiaa to 
lieriiHici-, .^nm^ loatberfBllier whrnahe 
only ibrii! yi-vini old, and wait raiWully 
cated iiy lier motht-r. Sh« and In-r sisi 
Jano were sunt to manlera to t» iiuitrurt 
in French, dancing, and playinir on the 1 
iind virginulx, and r ganlV-woman was 
fur in.itruciinglbi-min nooilK-work. Si ._.. 
importancn wiwnljioiit.lucliril to her religion 
iu.'ttmrtion, and in hvr i-arly years vbe 
seldom or nfver nbnf ui ' from divine ht 
at live o'clock in the morning in suinmRr, a: 
»ix o'clock in the winter' i^Autubi'jyra^ 
p. 3>, In order to help the poor fthe stndt 
pliymic and siirgury with such success ' 
jiittifntxHi.iuehTlicf from nil parts of Eii^l 
and Scollnnd un widl lu froni tliH contid 
In mil Iter air<!(![irm« bin-amo i-tigiv^ffMl 
Thoinaa Howard, eldiMl tion of Kdwanl, 1 
Howard. Ilermother forbade iliom. 
account of the small fortune of the 
Sli'.' would not marry in defiance 
miillwr, but prnmiwd to marry no one o! 
Sh(? ackvd her relative, Sir I'atrick !• 








Ibur iwImtMioa (o a proteaMnt 
nnnnxrv in llalluid, but baBUCceoded in ■>»• 
^niK^iling hi-r lo ii«r mother. In July 1648 
Jlownrd married Lady Eliubcth Monlaiint. 
AniM*> mother died on L'h Aii(f. cf thufol- 
lowitmr ye*r, and «honly «n>'rwanl»,lliiuug'h 
k«r brolbcr Witl,«l)i! ttuidn thr BoquaintAnce 
«f JoiiP|ih TUinp&ild [i^. r.j Ho pIciueJ h«r 
\y hU neriou* diMOurH, And iha fedped htjn 
in coaUivitig the uotpc of the Hake of York 
bjr procuriog fioDi bar tailor a female di»- 
ffuiao for Ihe dttlt«. She lierMir drMMd tl»e 
dulce ill ibe diwui»e at the watcraida — and 
pimidvd Uim v»o witb n Wood«lraet calca 
— before be enterrd tho barge that oonnj«d 
Ua lo tho ahip at Qrwawicli. Aftur tlw 
CMSpO of tbr aiiliv itliu bad fr«<|ueut iole:^ 
viewa vitb BoiuiriieM, wLu muJo use of Itvr 
in tbo coovej-ance of leltcrB bvtwi^en him 
•nd ifao \tiaf. lie mrsuadetl her tbat bitt 
irtfs wn dead, and onored bur bis hand. la 
«U« of Sir Charlec Ilowoxd of Kawortti 
Outlaj wlten ehc b«.itrd of nnDipBeltl's aitact, 
nod ir^ then infnmind that uis wife wan 
■lire. This nsuatil n wriaiu illsess, in which 
bof Ufewoa (iMtnirMl of. lleirecoTery was 
■aiaUHl by the lutppvnewitbat — aisboeup- 
posed in aiuirer lo nor prayers — Bamplicld 
nadeacsped from the tiat«hoiiK. At ibu in- 
HtancB 01 Bacoprfiirld, in wbcMc v^'f"! tnhU .nb).! 
baA still implirittruil. the Karl of ncnrrtil- 
val«r pn>mis(-d that if nh-r ciiin<> U> 8coUand ^ 
lu) would awd*! ht^r in tb: mcovery of jmrt ; 
of b«r inhtirilanri'. ftHnip1it!iiI wu hiiiuietf 
Uun in Scotland. Sbe reaclivd ICdinbur^ 
on S Jnne 1690, and was introdaced to 
Ohnrleall at Dnnferaili&e. After tli» battle 
of Dnnbar ab« laft on 2 Sept, for the nonh, 
lut wwdalayedtwodariat KintnM, allMid- 
ing the BoldivTS wout>dad in the batttn. Oa 
of tha ling for IIm txaiciM of hor skill, and 
fa* aant htr from Aberdeen a rtward of fifty 
jud she eonaenied to an iM«rnew. She re- 
mained for about two rears witblheCoaniees 
ol I>utifemiline at rVrie, Aberd^en^hirv, 
«rher« she wua ri^iled by n Urfrr nuint>>^r of 
■ielt aad wounded ji^rtfin*. In Jiino IH52 
«h« r«tumad to Edbibnigk, where *b« bcoan 
n Uw-«uiC for the reeorcij of the portion left 
herhyber mother. ShGBUjedther»toaaaist 
BanpAeld in mjraliM plots. In Febmary 
ItKtS-S be left lo pcomoiA a rising in the 
noctb, when «he waa di«a)tu«tod by the pre- 
diction of Jane UanUetoa, 4iippo««d to be 
gift<d with tht second a>gbt, that Bampfietd 
ehould uovcr be bar hoaband. and ibortlr 
afterward* news rvacbcd bcT that Bampfidd B 
, jrib wu undoubtedly liriag in Ijoadoa (jii, 

' pL 83). Sir JaniM Halkett, who had atrviaily 
paid her his addrawM, now Jndurad her l'> 
undertake tlie cbBige of bia two danghtem, 
and to ^re him aua « conditional promiai* 
of marrxngv. fn 1U54 she paid • visit to 
London, when RampGeld obtained as inter- 
vieir hv «niprit#,aBd oaki-d wbotli«rehe waa 
mamed to Sir Jamea Halkett. She aaid ■ I 
ain'{ontaloud),andsecrotlyMid 'not/ He 
immediately roae up and aaid,' t with yonaaid 
him much haiipineaa tovetber' (tfr. p. 99). 
Sh« was married to HaHtett 2 Sfarch 16&9 
at )i<-r iiRt«r'e houao at C'barletoo, and a few 
dayAaAcrwardarc-tum*dt«8coltaDd. Whils 
pregnant with h'?r fir«t child, and apprvlwihr 
•ive tluit "W loi^t die in cliildbtrth, At 
wn>t« a tract tulitk-d 'Tliu Motber'a WJU 
U> her I'nborn Child.' On iho d«atU uf 
Charles I she liiul bwo di-i)nv<.<d of ber inl>^ 
rc«t, amoiintiiut to il'Jl. aiutuaUy, due up-m 
aa unexpired waao of Batbaiutead, n bwue 
and parli bdongiiu to tbe Iraig; Sboludalw) 
SonuM tbnt bcc 'malignancy ' DM rendemd hat_i 
efbria for the roonreij of^,000f. of her , 
tion entirely fruitWi. At tlw H»tonti< 
&lii- ajiplied for Domntmutian, but ncciv* _ 
uatbioi; more iban SOOJl out of iheeiebMMr^ 
and Si}l. from the Duka at Voik aa a ma U> 
one of her children. After ber huannd'a 
di^ath in 1670 aha found it uoetmtrr to lop- 

E lament ber income by taliiog tLe cliarge, la 
cr boa»n at Danfrrmline, of lie education 
of llw cliiUlrvo of aerml penons of rank. 
Jamea n, aftar bU a c c w ion in ltW6, re- 
warded her MrrioM to hini in aaaitting hta 
eacape by a pension of VXM. a year. She died 
£3 April 1699. 

Ladyllalkett left twenty rolnmea in mann- 
script, chiefly on religkxu inbiecte. A liat 
of toe contenU isgiven inber'Life.'mSxsd 
to the Tolume of Bnr writinvti puUtabad In 
1701. ThiiToltimecoDtaiiu:ri)'M«diIatioB» 
on theS«vei»tieth and Fifth Paal to ; ' I L' ) ' Madi- 
tationa and Prayen upon tlui First Week; 
with Obaerrationa on each Days Cktathn ; 
and C'onsidentiona on the Sewn Capital 
Vices to be opposed ; and their oppoaite reiwa 
tuee to be siadie<l and praotiaed;' and (SM 
'InstructioasfiwYoath.' Her antolurtfrapbn 
waa first printed at length by the Candea' 
Society is 1875. 

ILdfa of Ladr Halkttl. 1701 i AatoUanniphT 
<rf Anne, lady Ualkctt (Ca«d«i Swwty, t »T«). I 

T. K, U. 

HALKETT. I-XIZAHETH, afi*rward» 

Laut Wajuiuw (ifcr-i;:;"). fiieaWAii^ 


HAUIBTT, Sib COhVt f|774-I«W)s' 
genenl, goTtmoruf C^Im* lloipi(al,»M''*t 
son of lugor-geaetal Fredeticli or Fwdrrick 




' Itallicit, [([. V.J, by his ytitt-, Georgiaa ' 

Hotina 8otf}n, was bom on 7 S«|it. 1774, it 
Venlo, Ilia fBtliL-r lit-itig thitti a oinjor in llio 
K^imeDt of OhtiIoh of the Scots brigml*-. 
On 2 Afftreli 1 "82, tmviiii^ ]ir>-vi(MiJy nervi-il 
seviiii mnnt.hM u.% n rtT);iin<^til.n] riul«t, \in was 
niimiiinU'tl I'li.ii^ with ilit> raiilt of iH-utmiaiit 
in LieuteDant-^aeral Viui Aitsm-iis ran 
Royervn Tan ^ ortol's iiotDpaiiy oi ilii- 'Jnd 
battalion Ikitchfoot-giiards iArcftiit* nf ff»p 
VCfiOKitr liftfir Slnltt i,f If-^lniul: 'Ueginter 
TorSabalKTriUiru-mliikitisthi! UHth,' ITFti- 
[lI'Be.p. in~; 'SmtumirOlliccniOiildiF.MM. 
giiardii,' 1 Jiui. 1794>; bffiiinp HlortivH cn- 
14 July 179^ (iV-. p. 209), aiiJ mibscqucmljf 
lit'ut«niLnt vrith lh« rank of captain in 
Gonpral-niBJor Schmid's company Ist bnt- 
taliou of Dutch foot -pun fi!«. fty lirwolMtitm 
of tliij commiUi?!' of lani) nffnirv of I lie cm- 
' fi^precjr li" was pcrmilttxl to t>'tin! nt liiK 
lown request 27 AprU 1705. On 3 Jan. 1799 
I bo was ftppointod ansign 3rd Bufla, which tie 
[lu)T»r joined, rMlgninff Ilia conmiBsion in 
' Februatj ITOt), wlivn tha Dut-cli let ies, which 
t'tuiil been sarving on tli« eontin^nt iindortbc 
PriDOOofOmnKD, 'm<n>tjilc(>niiilnKnliii1ipny 
(^jLifiBioff. B^rrffnioM-,xic.2fl4,flndivf.>r- 
aneaa there girett). nallfotthc^cnmrcnptainiu 
t'lhe Znil Uutoh light infantrr, commiindixl hy 
Tjieiileti&tit-coloRel T. Sprecher van licmi'irR:, 
and quart*red in tJiieniaey iMwUr-Tin/U 
Dittrh Troofte, 1800- il, iu I'utlio Ilecortt 
Offiw, I^ridon). Tliese troops iiev.rrappeart'iJ 
in tbp Anny Liflt. Tbey were alationud in 
th« lele nf Wight, and tlic C'ltanu-'l Islands 
until the peace of Amions, wUen th'ii wvk 
tent to curtain townn in Holland Lo V dis- 
banded, nalkutt and tbi; otiicr oifiocTB rocciv- 
ingvpL'ciinl frruInltiL-si^n discliur^cC War Offiet 
Vrirrex/iomleTtre mtk Inrpttti/n pf J-hreiffn 
Corp", ii. \H el. siHi., and iii, l(X) rt w-ci,, in 
Public Hi^con! UHicc). In AiiiriinL If^O.'i, mi 
thfl diMolution of the HanoTwian arioyaftfir 
tW cwnvi'ulionuf Lnii(-ntuit>:,wl»cn nifinyclis- 
c)i!tr|ii-d BoIdiivT wcr-i ItmkinK to Eiiplnnd for 
ein[iinyni'?ut, llalki.-lI,ileeoribed aj< nmajor in 
ibe Dutch BtTvice.wliichliyllinr-tiEncJif.'M'i'nn 
to ImTB left, was antiidrisi'd hy ilu" Knurliftli 
COTPmmcnt' t« raise a battnlicin of lijrliL in- 
fantry in [InnovcT, to eonaist of 4^i) tncit, 
Ilnlkctl' hnrinfi mtik nt tDBJor-Comnnuidam, 
willi lli>; promW of a liciit^nnnt-colonclcy 
whifn thfl niiinbirrs rMiclii?c1 eight hiinilr«(l 
tnon. Oerman nvnitts olTering in England 
in ^at D(iaibi>n, the formalion of m Ourmon 
, le^ton, under command of i!in Diikn of Cam* 
I l>n3ec, was decided on noon after. HmtuiI- 
big for the itirl«<pendent levies of Baron von 
AvDtcktni and Major Ualkett in Germany 
ibn Oeactw], and these tivo corps became re< 

epcctiv«ly the Ist en-l Jiid lii^t battnliona 
of tlic new Kings Oi-rman Lcgioa. They 
went dimed us riflLMnvnr and Btationod aV 
firs! ill tbc Nrw Fori-at, nnd nfltrrwnrds «V 
RRxhil), .'^ns.M'i. Hallirn. wuh &]^intml 
liiMil*nanI-oolfin<'loiiirNov. ]''0.'((Be»iiish. 
i.^iO). .\t ihi> bendof ihe 2ml lifrbt battalion 
KinRV fitTman Lt-ifion, Halkett Bt'rv«l undor 
Lord Cathcart. in ibc north of Germany in 
l!*05-iJ, ami in Freland in ISOO; was fhiy 
wrvcked wiiti pari of lhi< bnttslii>ii in Ih-j 
NortbiiuilM-rtand>poTl on Kiindlo Stomi 
waH Kfterwanl* ai tin* Isle of Uugen atui tn 
iUp Copenbaften exiieditionof tJitf aame vear. 
] le w«a in ,Sw(-deii and Portujfnl in 180^: in 
Moore's retrial tlirough Spain, when the Gi 
man light batlalinns were ainong the tnM_ 
that rwiirecl r>nVig'i; nndin tlieWalchernn c; 
pediti'iii,whfirpi!i''«i.'bHllaH(inKrt'jH.'fttii«lly ilii 
tint^niidiiidtlii'inM'U'tw. luCMmmmiclofhiiibal 
talion in tbi- ficmmn li^lil brigade nf Ctap' 
Altenfii. V,' Ilatketi joined Bewsford's array 
before Kadajoi. in April 1811. a fewdkVabe^ 
fore the fallof 01iven;a (iA. i.SSl). and'com- 
mnndod the brigade nt th« battle of .41buor«. 
ll« bwcnmo Wvflt-ooloniil 1 Jan, I8iy, "waa 
witk bin battahi'in nt l^alamanca nnd in tbp 
iiiii'riiti«n« ojruiniit Burgoa; and connnand-^d. 
tfift Gerronti light brigade with the 7tb divi- 
sion in the Bnrgfls ri'treat, whewheia-on tin 
STx^ial approbation of Lord Wellington ; in 
the affair nt Vcuta do Pow>, ■wlw-ri' lht« 2nil 
li^ht battalion wiiacoiuiuHnded bvhi^brolbi^r, 
KuKh HaUielt [<[. v.j; and at the bridge of 

Vetp, vi. 131), I-li'l. Ho commattded tbu 
German light bri^df! during tha aoccc«diag 

campniguv, including the battle of ^^tt<lna» 
occupation of ToloMi.pDs.iagv of t]ie BiduNdi 
nnd tlin bntllr'.'i cm ihi' Nivn anilatTottloua6> 
He bM:ain«n irmjrir-(fi'iieral 'lJiui<e lt?H. In 
thfi AVutetloii niiijpNigiL Halkett conuaandal 
n British brigmle conipoaed of tlie SOttt* 
!l-')rd, 69th, nnd 7'trd rcgimcnte, in the 3r\l 
division, wbicJi was vcrr hotly onnged at 
Quntrc Bra? and Wnicnoii wiirrc HalkcU 
himnclf rcccirMl four hbviti; wounds, 
dnkir n-fcr* to him in a dcipatch ta'A 
pillniH. and i!i-9crrinir nfllc'-r' (Well Ai 
I)!"^!. X, rW). nnldt'tt remained in 
British len'ice : ho waa for some years lieu- 
ten ant-go vem or of Jersey, bccnmo a lieu- 
tenant-general in 1.S30, and general in IWl, 
ond wai«commaQder-in-chiRfHrIiiiinbnyrrom 
JnlylKIll to .Inniiarr IR-lli, H^wiiBiippiiirited 
colniirl in»u(K'''M>ionof lhi'7l>lhij;lil«rid light 
infantry, Slut and 4r>lli regiinisnts. llowoik 
O.C.B.'awd (l.C.n., and ItnigliT of numerous 
fnreign orders, and honorary (fpneTal in th» 
Hanoverian service. He was appointed lii 


1«eut-([OTenK>rof Cbelsca Hwpiul in 1&48 
tMCUU fomnor nn llic ilt-^ith of Sir 
^ Aama ia l&4!>. HalkrU mnrnvl 
ift (Orick«tt>, widow of Cnpuin Tj-lfr, 
i;d lui illrrv, and by tier had iasue. He 
icd at duUca U Sept. 18^. 
(Borfc*'! Lsadfid Qcdii^-, 1880 »!„ uoder 
Craigl»-nalketl;' itdbrnkatMiii from ihn Ihiidi 
Stal* ArakitM (QMoanmittcerdB Rodro ran i' 
StNt«B VMo HotUad, or IMoguad Ogiintiib of ttie 
Stotof or BoLUod, 17H-M. wd CoannUi onr 
lU •IgUBMM Mk*n ran bet BondiTsnoolMbip 
M landak or CnntnitK^ of Ltml AStin of llio 
ComMeney. i'SA. which ml th*l titiM vu an- 
Inuird viih tke militnrT adtniniMmtion}. raiy 

riilinl bjr theaouttosj of uwIUv. Edmvnl Bhiu*. 
JI.A..Briiliihi;faapliumftLtUeUA;fDe; VTuOScFn. 
BOids in Piitilic nemrd OOtt, hoaAoD ; Bcam^ib't 
Btat. Kiag's GcriDMi Legion, «ith iba T^rious 
anlbonlio* Ui«r«iu cited i Nnpirr'a PvaiiuQUr 
"Wur ; PhillfiiorlV Buy. Mil, Calcnilsr. 1820, ili 
W); 8«barn«a Waterloo; Giirwoo-r*Wdl. Deep. 
Ti- IM. US. viii. U7. ISO; W«it. S.ii»rl. T)*sp. 
Tiii. 9. ta, 419, X. S, iZi, Adl, 404. «69. 661. 753, 
xiii. 670, xiv. S03. 309 ; Oml. Hag. Ewtr mf. t. 

■wa.] H. M. C. 

(17:^^-)tfOS), Dtajor-cvBeral. vra« son of 
LiaitUiMat-geDeTU Coftrloe Uallwli, of tie 
Putcb ariiiT, colonel of a rfi;inicnl of tbe 
Scot» bri^MC in tbv hit of UolUnii, bv bis 

twroDil wtfe,Aiiiit.>le rnucher. a PreDcbiBdy. 
llr wi»« ih^rsyfon* Tfunger lislf-lntitber of 
[Coloiivl Cbnrl«vil]a)kint o( the fhitcli scrriw, 
■oreniar of NBniar,wbo nuirricd the bciri'HB 
vf Cnup« of Duinbamii', aad din) in lt^l2, 
and IfmnilaoD of Major EtlwardllalkcUiwliD 
wTTod in tbe Scota brigade in the pay of TioU 
land in Marlboroufrh a campeiffiw, and died 
from wounds rcMind at tUe bftllleof R»- 
miirioi. Edvran] TTalkctl'f grandfallicr.John 
Ilallictl. wu a ffvncnl in tbe Dutch serrice, 
andpcraidcmoftlMgnDd coort marisliall in 
nolCud. H^wukOladst tbesittfsof Boia- 
le-Dae in 1628. 

Fraderick Godar TlalkMl wna born lataii- 
time in 1728. Tbe lef^iiauDta of the ScoU 
brigmlc hnv-inj; iheir OWB chanlaiiu, kept 
wparate registera, now among ini^ arcluvM 
■t BotUrdaiD. Tbe Stale Archires nt tbe 
Hafue afaow ihst IlallcMt benme cnsien in 
iIm Kguneat of Gonlon on 13 Jonti 1743, 
MidroaeChraughtiach gnd«tob«lieut«QaBt- 
colonel of the ^d liattalioa of tbi* n>ginii-nt 
of Dnndaaon ft Nor. 1777. Soon after tb« 
outbreak of (li» Ajn«ncan var,a neaMgewaa 
nmt by 0«oi^ III to tbe SUtteA^MUTal of 
llollaitd. dMirin^ th» rettim of tba Seota 
nr K<t>ioIi brigade. Tbis waa not complied 
witb. Wbnn no opnn nipture b«twe«n GrMl 
Britain and Hr-IIond nccurrod in 17G^, an 
edict wu i&iu«d in IloUaitd requiring Hui 

oficen of the brigade to dec1«n ibai ibuy 
leongnbed no powsr other than the Stai«i- 
Oenen] m their somvi^. The use of the 
Briliib iinifurm nod cnloura wa* to be di»- 
rontinued. tbuword^of cnmmnnd w?m to be 
in Dutch inateadofKngli>h,nndihi»old Soot»' 
march was CO beat no more. CniiaidtrinB tliat 
thp change woold inrolreawmBder of their 
ri^bti UK Hriiisb Hobjecta and eoldjars, Elal- 
Iwlt, with many other officers of tbe brigade, 
left Holland and returned home, without at 
first recoiviiig equivalent half-pay rank in 
the Britiah anny aa ibey expnctcd. Halkiilt 
Bottled in Edinburgh. On 31 Oct. 1771 
lie married Geot^gina Robiaa, dau^ter and 
Iieireas of G«OTge Robert ^len aiw bb wife 
llargwt Abercrombie, by whom he bod 
sav'oral children, including Colin [<]. r.] and 
llii«b [q. v.l 

Afl«r the wmkintf ftut of the French ?aT»> 
Imirinary war Halkett wma tuainiooi>d tn 
the lla^ru^^'oadriwon tb« military pOMlion, 
but refuB^ to take nnr command, allboufcb 
he aMepteda cocnniiw^oQ in theDtiicbfjtiards 
for hia son Colin. On bidreturti b<>D>» Hal- 
kutt rniiH-d one of tbe batlaliom vf the eo- 
call«d Seotcb brijpido, a corps wbirb, after 
dixtiiifpiiKhcd ferncca in Indu and the P«fw 
insula, wai> diebandcd, aa Av frltb foot, in 
iBlB. Balkett, whew Gosu»i>non a* livutc^- 
uaiil-coloael commandant was dated 14 AprH 
179-1. Woitna a bn^vet-coloncl in I'S-'), and 
ret iivd from actti'c avrrkr on account ot age 
soon afterwuda. Hebecaaeamajor^neral 
ID 1S02, and died at Edinbnigli 8 Aug. 160S, 
at the age of aeTenty-BTe. 

[.\adM*oa** 8«otiiab Katioa (for genMlogr), 
ij. 407 ; Bntta'a Laadsd Oantir, ad. \$M. nnoar 
■ Crsigie-Halkelt :* AnouDt of ihe Scotch Brigade 
(Lnnion. 1794); Hoy. 3Iii. CaUwlar, naw sfr. 
(1820), iii. B4 : ColburD'a tTnHvd fitrvico Mag. 
Ottolter IMS. ppL ZSC-T; British AnDT Lfau; 
Scots aUg.UT.6Tl.] H. U. C. 

HALKETT, Ht'QH, IliBos vox Hat- 

Krrt (l(83~l8i!l$), general of Hanoverian 
in&ntiy, lieatnnU-^oloorl in the British 
serrice. wcond son of Muor^general Frede- 
ricl: Godar Ilalkett [q. v.], was bom at Mu»- 
selbuTgh 30 Aog. 1<k3l As a bov hn wu 
chiefly noticed for his activity anil love of 
hor«e*. On 19 April 1794 b« was made en- 
«i^ in bis fathars battalion of tbe Scotdi 
bngnde, then tailing; bceatna lieutenant in 
ITfl'i; join«d (he regiment in 1797, and in 
17fl8 (up to wbieh timehe wasobownontlio 
rolb as on recruiting Kprrice) wi^i out to 
India in eharae of a draft of 240 men, but 
arrimd after ibecajiinrf nf Serini;a|i«tani, in 
which lUe Scotch briitS'lo took pan. Hn 
semd in India until 1801, when he wiu in- 

■ 2 



validi>d home. Is 1803 h« wss irarainatdd 
«eni or captain if tlie liplit bnttnlion mi<in|^ 
in llanaivr under iiis bf^itluT, Cihn Ilnlkett 
((1. v.], whicli Witmi' the ^nd liffht baitalion 

in wliicli llu^h Ilalkctt becamo mnjor Sefon* 
to wa» Iwunty-t-n-o, He serred with (be h(it- 
latioii ID llie norili of (tmnniiv mi-tl'/r Loivl 
' C&tlicut in ISO^-S, in llio itilt- nf Kn^l'ii and 
•t the sic^ of Stmlsiintl in t^7, liiia in tW 
•xpoditivn against Copoiibag«a later iu th« 
;«ar. Hie promptituao in outpott dutf in 
•viiing a Daniilt rvdoubl without nnitin^; fgr 
Onlcru won tKi' appruvul of Sir Dnvitl Bniril. 
■ Bttlketli wlui n'rui xuiy niodtMt in K]iciikitiK 
' oi bia own ileedn, lUted to allude to tbc <ki-.uj^ 
rf^nce in after yean aa ' tlie bast thin^ I ever 
A'ui'(Atls;.<ieuUeAe Biogr,; Obahibu, Llld- 
U^). Ilowaat with hid bnttolioiitnSwcdun 
in 1806, und tlicncc to Portngnl, IK' tcm in 
thg Corunna retreat with tlio trixipn ttin-t cm- 
barlwd Dt Vigo and werr mii nrl iinlly pn'-i«;nt 
at xhti bntt.le of Corunna, in the Walcheien 
expeilii.ioo, and at tlie aicge of Fluabinf[, and 
in ISll wuQi to the Peninsula and com- 
mondod hiR ballalion ot the baltlcaf Albu- 
«nL He cnmmmidi.d it ii^in in the follow- 
ing year at llii^ m'\['- of thu forts of SnU- 
manca. ni. Elio lialtli- i>f SalnmoniMi, and I ri tlic 
Burjros reiroat, wtere tbf liglit. bfi(j;iidi', ™m- 
posed of tbo Irt and 2u<l light bait at ions of 
the Oermou legion, formed ih« ruur-guurd of 
the army. On 2-2 Uct. 1812 tbem^bMiationa 
distinguished themselves bytheir galliiut re- 
pulse of the Fwnch cuvalryat Venta de Pozo 
fBBUdli«)i,ii. 11-1; NAFiEK.bk.xix. chnp. Iv-.} 
Hallci>tt viitt |jnim»ted in the HiMilensnt- 
colonfllcy of tbo 7lh lino bnltution of iIik Iiv 
gion, Ihi^n in Sirily. In April iMl.S Halkt^tt, 
tlien on leave in Enjtknd, was sent to North 
Qennany, with eome oflieeK and men ijf itte 
Oorman legion, lo aiuist in oi)|rani^inft the 
' new HniiovoritLn U'^itw (Bk«!MIhh, ii. chap*. 
I TiL and ix.) In rctromnnd of n brij^de i:>f 
[tbesa troops in Count WutmiMli-n'g nrmy ho 
*9tJll(fuished himself at the bttitlftofOiilipflrt, 
10 S^t. 1813. nnil in the icn.twci'.'ufnl tlcht 
with iho Dnnes at Schostedt in H<'ei-mln?r 
following. On thn Utt«r nccasion, when a 
Ranith f nvnlrr r^jtimcnt m «« sttackiiig a h&t- 
tjtlion of hio nrigit<I(>, Ilalkott diuhed ujion 
tho standard-ln'anT, **i«ndtho(itftndftrd. and 
««cnip«d by elettriof; n quicfcic-t lii>d({(i with 
douiblo ditch, 0T*r which none of hi* mony 
puraufrtcared H>fullow(,4%. '/r«f-irAp /j^i'-^/-. 1 
H« held command al the sii'gi.-B <.>f Otuckstndt 
4nd IlnrVirK ia 1814. In th« Waterloo 
■Camnnign Hnlkett commanded the Sr-J und 
^th hrigadve of tho fuhGidiary force of Haiiu- 
Torian militia r)T Inndwehr, ivhich nccoai- 
^aiwl lh« nowly organised IlaQoyeriaD n- 

ff^iUr iTonps (not %a h« eonfased with 
Gorman U'pon in Rritish par) into Helj^inta? 
Chi IK Jwno tho»o hrtftodM won* witli Olin- 
ton's dirition in tbi wood to %\ui riglit cf 
Haugaumont, whoro, at tbe clean of th^ day, 
Ilalkctt distin;niiahcd hi mfelfbr taking pri- 
Sduer the French general, CunliroDne, com- 
mander of the iiii|>eriAl gunrd, whose tra- 
diliuiial ultcrance, *\m (^rde ineurt, et im 
■rt rend p*s,' he Isoonicnily pronounced to ba 
' damned humbug.' It is prvLable, bowci'iT, 
that tb'.- words wcnj octMnlly spoken to tbo 

fiuard. llalkctt'f rvrxion wuthat, Qftrr tbo 
Hat French advance, hrolieD parties cf tho 
guard, which had dln^ady hi'gun to fall hrndt, 
wurt! close to the ilritisb advanced akii^ 
misbers. OhHcrvingnJVouiJigeaenil rallyiac 
his men, and wishing Lo g^ve MLCOungvmetU 
to his own young soldien, llnlkettput spurs 
to (lie powerful Engl i.^h hiinlfir he Di^ttvde, 
which Htarted oif. The Frunch evidr-ntlT 
tbiiuglit that liiilhett'n lior>i' liad txiliei). 
apistofand called on bim lo sum-nder, whii 
ho did. At the moment Ilalhett'a horse 
shot under him, and heMiwCnmhronne making 
OH' towards hia men, Oi-tling his lioree on 
its legs again withmWiifmto effort, TIalkeit 
puniied.caughtOaTnhmiuirhy tItenij;iiil1i-Tt«, 
iwnng liini round, aiid t-uii^Fcd otT with him 
into the Urilish line (Bium»H,'ii. 3.81 ; A'ofet 
and QuKriri, Blh aer. ii. 144; WitriMms. 
J<tminm-enc*», ii. 50. After the peace the 
Qerman le^^ion in lintish psy, in which Hal- 
kett was st-ill lieutenant-colonel 7tli Um 
batlsbon. was disbanded. Halkelt was put 
on liritiKh half-pny, which he drew until liia 

Ilollielt and otborlegionoriea recnivod pcr- 
raaiieiil ajnioint ment^i in the new I lanoveTian 
army. In lSl~he was colonel of thi.' Einbdi.-n 
lan<fwehr battalion, linked with thiv 
Ilauovprinn line infantry; in 1918 h? 
a niftjor-pencni! in tlio I Innnvnrian amy. 
colonel of thi'Ht.hoT Hova infimtry ; in 1SI9 
colonel of the 4th orCelleinfivntiT,-; in lft*l 
li(imennni-g<'iieMlnridcomnwinderof th«4lh 
infimtry bngnde ; in 1836 eommander of a 
division; in 1848geDerBl and inepector-gene- 
ritl uf lliinoverian infantry. He was sent to 
0«nnhriiclc in 183li>, wh«D diAturbnncM 
feared inconsequoneoofMWftin eonmituU 
chRngen, Ilia tnct and populantj' 
repre**ivo moasuTM unn<y»Hary. 
put in command of the 10th array 
the Oemaiin tonfi^Jcration asat-mbled for 
ttimumunnruvresuearLiiutiburgin 1813, 
Hchleswij-'l ioUteinwar, under Von Wr 
{Ann. Vicfl. 1848. pp.SW-riiJ; Sichaiit, 7i 
buck IQ. Jiundes Armet-Corps im Jahre\ 

lift lOth^ 


BeAm.\W>l ;Attg.deut4e*e£ii>gr.) ToajiMn 
laitrr llBlkett raiighl Irove to rvtiro. Oathc 
AoaivfiMrj- of Wnterloo in l(i^j8 llie llanv 
rcrioQ cbiuDbm voitx] bim a life iKMinioii 

ril lo the full pay of lib ranli. Ite waa 
mu\r> a buran. 
llallu-U wiu n O.a und G.ClII.; he UJ 
(lie ileonratianB of llie Pruasiui Black Efiglo 
sitdSi. ;ViuieorRufNa,bothofUieflntcUu, 
in tiriUiAiits ; the Pnissian onlvr of Military 
Merir, the Lisiii»h I l&tiiK'brug, llie fiwnnl of 
^M'tden, anil otWi nnlvn. ti'^'XUn with llie 
Spuiisb fFoUl croM for Alburra, tin? BrilUh 
eotd meutil witit rla*p)> (ur Albuen and 
BalfiMW— the rt^oiiuuliir, Watt^rloo, mid 
UuiunniUivarmedALi. IlfllkMtistkMribeJ 
Kd B bright, BctiTe, cht!«ry little man, vnrr 
ponuUr with all rsnki, bpNtkiog Ovrman vmr 
Molr with on Engli«li Bcoenl. ]l« mnrnKl, 
S&Mav IHUl,Fjiiilv Cbvlocto, <lBUght«r of 
Sir JuHt BUnd I(ui;g««, Kltarnrniilii Laub 
[•M BiTiKin], and Anne Ae Montoldu his 
aeeond vife, and br h«r had a larce familr. 
Thtw of hia eona wore ofKc^re in th*.' Briiish 
trmj (tee ISVOKS, I,mt4td Oralry). Ilalkptt 
died at Hanover afl«T a loiif^ iltn«<w on :M July 


[Borltn's Ijinclnl Oi-nLnr, IS8a ad., uuiler 
* Cia%i»-Hallictl ; ' Britiih Arm; Lima; K. L. 
Ttaaimnh^i Hiat> Kiag'a GarraaD Legion, 3 vol*. 
1833. and the nscordt uiutcd manpouUj tlwmu. 
Thicban tiowprN«rr«lamoitgUwat*tonn:hi«M 
at Banar*r, axeopt tha rwKiimaBtal mnttcr-ri)!!* 
•odpaj-liata in tbaPaUioItMordOlSsa, London; 
Hapwr'a Hiat. Peaiisalnir War; K. vun dam 
Knaaabai'k'a Labrti ilea i-'friharrn tun Ilalkelt. 
StqUfpirU IMA; tr«gnjihj' l>y Potaci ia Alls. 
datUacba Biogir. tc).s.; B(tf uadSuala naodboA 
t*rBnt>o<imr,lM4.a*enlaBi Be*. Cbaa. Allix 
WUkiaioD'a Rcminiatepeta of tba Cooit of Kinc 
ErnMt I ol Hiuu>vor, I8il«, ■!. Si-i.] U. M. C. 

HALKfrr, SAMUKL (1814- 1871), li- 
brarian, woa boni in Itil I in tbu NurlliBack 
vftbeCanoaicatviKdinkurtrbiwlierv hia father 
carried ou fauaiiKM as a btv»cr. lie wa» 
edncaud al two private ecbooU, and woa 
appnotjnd at the ace of founcca. tor firo 

I yean bowoa emplayod bv Maun. Slanliall 
& Aitlicn, an>I oritrvriirdf by M>A»r". Alwr- 
nvlhy & Slownrt. with whom Ik- n-inoiav-J 
HBtil lie enttTi.-d into bimncea for himwtf. 
Hi* 'Piuc limn li-a* ilevtMed Ui aindy, and 
hia ' pnilolofrtcal gvniiu'anil 'iriirantdinan' 
nnainineDU' wen spc^en of by Sir Williaia 
lluulton and ochen in aupportiny bia can- 
didfttKn lor the kenierelup of the library of 
tbo Faculty of Advocate*. Edinbui^, tn 
lrit8. On bi-ins appointed to tbal oner be 
fonnd Itte library wiibnut an alphabetical 
eatalo^V, and at onrt' c<>miui'iMiiM) a alip- 
catoli^ua, which f<>Ra*d Um boaia of the 

Taluabk ' Catoloffac of tbt Printed Dooks in 
the Library of the Faciiltv of Advocates,' 
Edinbiinib, lfi63-:£>, 7 vol.. Jlo. The priut- 
in){ vaa beipin in Ir^t}, but tho labour wbb 
so Rreat that ai llalkelt's death he liad not 
prooeedod further than the word 'Oatalogoe.' 
T\ir work WW completed on a acole Km^ 
wliat lc«« exIooNvo than at Btat nlaiined. A 
Trpun by Halkrtt on the atate of (be libiary 
in It^uappiinded 1(1 amemoninduia tigoed 
by J. Hill Biulon im a pmpoaed enlargeownt 
ta tlie scope of the Ubrarv (.Bdinburvh, ItWf, 
8to). In 16^ Ilalkult wrote to • XotM and 
Quoriea' (2nd aer. i. 129) that he hod bimn 
collecting material* for a diet ioaary of anony* 
luoiiH English works; on bisdt<aih hianu- 
terial) wvre banded nvrr to itio Iter, John 
Loinir, librarian of ilm Now Collt^, Edin- 
biu)tu, who contintiMl th* work until hia 
deaib in ISi&O. The btnk finally appuand, 
witb naoy iuldilioii», edited by Hiaa Caibo- 
rine L^inff, as ' A Liictiaaanr of the Anony- 
moiiaaii'll'aeudonj-moua LJlt^rature of Ureal 
IIritiiin'(Kdinbmgli, IHSJ-H. i roU. 8*o). 
Ilalluttt vonlributwl niimi uriiclea toCban- 
bi-n'ii ■ CycIftpiDdiB.' Ili-kiiowlrdmof boolu 
and literatim^ waa wry (rnuii, but he waa 
cbieflr diilin^ptidicd for hia nnarkable liu- 
^iiiBtic ac(|uirHnenta. lleduKl in April IH71, 
ag«d 57, and I«ft a widow and 6>at cbildrva. 

[Deaih of Mr. Ilalkatt. rcfvinlad from Ika 
Bilioborich E*aouitt Coamat. 21 April 1871 
(1A71). ant. 8to; TmlinM»Ub )b fatoar of Mr. 
&a»a«l lUIkrit, BdiaburKh, IfttS, Sro: Ath«- 
Dwgai,S7Apnl 1871.^.428; Note* udftuaria^ 
ilbaar.rii. 361, IB. i7l, 403, £lkM>r.r>. 447.1 


HALL, Mna. AGNES C. (I7T7-ISM>, 
miMi'Itan^tnuii writer, bom in Iloxburghahirr, 
woa the wife of ltob«rt Ilall, M.l'. U7«?t- 
iJj^lJ [q. ■*. ; whom aba aurriTed, dying in 
London on I Dec. 1H46. Sba wm an inilo** 
trioua and rvraatilu contributor on lilmnr 
and Kaenlibc topica to Grvfpin'n, Ntcbof- 
aon'a, ""i ICe«M*» ' t'yclopiediaa,' X ill i na'a * I )Id 
Monthly.' Kni^hta ' I'nntinfr Madiiix-.' ai.d 
wrote lae notaa tn Helma'a • Buenoe Ayrua ' 
(1606), Shalniulai«clthe'Tranla'ofD»* 


<18I0), MadwBo da OoaW hiitorKoT fo> 
mance ' U DodMaaa lb U Vallifrm' (IMOt), 
aadaoraaotlm-wnrVa byi)i>-innKi'l 
•OBin of tlwtalraar.\u;rii>i Mi-inrii-h ]Afiin< 
toiae. Sho alto publtaiiMl ' Itiiral Kivma' 
tion*:' ' OfaaiinncT ' I ItOS). a taU for young 
people: 'Kim and Ijut Y-ara of Wadded 
Life.' a alory of Iri*b Ufa in tlut raiffl) of 
George IV -, aod an bialorical nuval fituBdai 

on ttia BUinet« of OIododo. Puring h^T 

.Ul«r jcnn sV «ontril>ut^d to tho ' Aamiol 

l3iogTs|>Ur,' the ' Westmiastcr Rcricw,' tai 

'Eraser's Msf^aXLao.' 

rOoDi. Mftjt. 1847, i.87-8i Wali'a Bibl. Brit,! 

J. M. R. 
HALL, ASXA MARIA (IflOO-lftrtl), 
novelist and miiicirllaneouH writer, wu boni 
in Anno Sircel. Dublin.!) Jan. 1800. Her 
fflotlier, Sanili ElitabeiL Fielding, he'mg \eh 
t'«rid<iir,tookupherreB)cIeiic(>wilb }i<f r siep- 
fallifr, Of^irp* Ciirr of tJraigio, Wt-t/orJ, 
wIiBni iiliH Tnmaiimil until IHIfi, Tlic daiipt- 
t«r catite to ICn^Uii<l wicli lirr iimtiiLT in M5, 
land on 20 8*01. Ife>4 umrricd Niiinu«l OitM^rf 
r'TlkH [q-v.l l-rom l^"2tS Mm. I-iuhling n>«di«] 
witb ibe ilalls. in wbasu bouae, 21 Aiiliioy 
P1b«>, Loudon, sbe died HW Jan. 18Att,afed Si. 
Mr?. Htill g first recordwi contribulion to lil*- 
raturi> t^iiii Iriih KliftHi rn.l1i^d'M)iBt«>r Hen,* 
whicb n{i|iifun-il in 'Tim Sjiirit niul MnnniTB 
of the A(fe,* Jauunrv ll^iJ'.t, lip. :irj-ll «t Ki-i]. 
Other tnles followed. Kvuntually lh«y wcw 
colleoted into a volume entitU'd 'SkL-tchi-a 
[ of Irish ('harncliT,' USlil', nod ht-nccrarlh she 
BftiBO * nn niitlinr liy jiTofwiiirin.' Xoxl year 
e inui^dii litili' vtilinni^fdrclilldren, 'Cliro- 
_ siototof(iSL>hooI-ltnoni,'['.(in«i<ting of ft series 
'of simple lalt'H. In 18:1! ahi? piilihKbpd n 
second eeries of SkflWliea oflridh Charnfitcr ' 
fully eqnal to tbe first, whicU wiw wi-U n- 
ceircd. The fir*t of her n'uK novcI«, ' The 
Brtccniioer,' 1832, is a slory of the timi; of 
tho priitoctiiMite, and Croiuwall in amoiiji ibo 
chanurtppi. To llu* ' N^jw Mcutbly Mtt^ia- 
xitm,' whish h'T boaband waa «ditinir, o^^ 
contributfd ' I.ijEhts and Shndawe of Xrieb 
Lifo/arlicb'.i which wen; r^piiblialicd in thrcf 
TotimuM ill IWiS. Tlic i>nacipBl tiilc in tkla 
CuUectiou, •Tli'; UroTfo of IJlanify,' wuo 
drauuLli^ed wiih C'lnnidfrulili; micccvh by ibi; 
ontborBW witb tbe object of nu|i|it> iui; il cbn- 
H(aot«r for Trrono I'nwtST.aiid nm for u ivbule' 
Iteaaon &t tbe Adoli>1ii in 1"^:^ Mr». Hall 
falw wrote 'Tlip FrvncK Itcfiiifco,' produced 
At til* Si. JutU'-t'n 'nicBtrr in l-'.lrt. wluro it 
tan ninety dikIiIb, and fur ihv. fntnn i.liratn? 
' Mnbol's Oiirto.' in ■wbicli .lolm Prii.t. Iliirb-y 
[q. v.] vuBtained tbe leodin); i>art. 

AnoUierof hor drema-i, of wbicb f-ha had 
iMjglectfd to Vvcp a ci>p)r. was ' Wbo's WTioP ' 
Trbicb wriw in tbi- iio>SRWon of Tyrone Power 
'whoii \u! w«3 loot in tbo Prrsidcnl in April 
1841. Ill 1H40 *hv iwui'il what hits l»en 
nalM tbe be*.! of ln-r nnrcln, ' Marinn, or u 
Young Maid's Fonime»,'in wbiidib'-r know- 
ledge of Frish character i.t ii(j«in di^jdnywl in 
ft Btylp rtjiml (o unylhing wriiu-ii by Marin 
Mniiwortb, Iter next work wa.* a series of 
• Storii» of tL»> Irinb f'en«anl.ry,' conlributed 
to ' Cbambtr.Vii Rdiuburg-h Journal,' nnd af- 

turw&rda i>ubtUliod in • coltoctcd rorui. 
IMOelit: atdcd her liusbaJid in a book cbiel 
conpoBBd by him,' Ireland, iteSccncrr.C: 
ractors, Su.' Sha edited tlw ' St. Smu' 
aiagacuio,' 1802-3. 

In the 'Alt Journal,* e<l)ti*d by li« hi 
band, Bho broughi out ■ PiWiinnj^eji to E: 
liah SbrioM' in 1640, and here the in 
btuiutifulofBll hcT booka, * MidnmiiMr B' 
a l-'airr Talo of Ltiro,* msl appeired. _ . 
ofberlaiit work*, ' Bouni nnd ^Msing8,'187i 
dedicated to ihe Earlof Slia(l<»buTy,isB< 
U-ctioa of temperance ia1m, illu»trat«d hy 
best iirtista. 

Mn. HaWt skeicbM of h«r nUive land 
h-tiT a cloxer resemblance to tbe tales of HJM 
Mitfonl tlian to tbe Irish stories of Baniiu 
or tirifllu. Thuy contain fine rural descri[K 
I ions, and araAiiimAtvU byii lituiltbv tone Q^H 
moral feeling and aTvin of d>'lioaI"'buRioun^| 
lUr books wore never popular iu Ireland, as 
fhn saw in each parly much to praiM aivd 
muuh to bIame,Botbat shefuLodTo ploua 
i>ithi<r tlia OrangomeD or tbe Etomao u- 

On 10 Ddc. 1 HS^ ilio vraii jrrarted n citit 
list peuNJoii uf KM/.a yvnr. Slut wn* iiutra- 
meotivl in fotmding tin? HoipitalforOorwiiiiii- 
tion at Uroniptoit, the HQVcraauoa,' Intlf 
lule, the Home for I>e^}-ed QcntlowOBiai, 
and theNiffhtingKleKundl Her benevolenee 
was of the most practical naturi' ; siievork^d 
for tbe teinp^iTaticu cause, for woiii<-ii'a ri^lat 
and for tbe friendlMfl and fallen. Sbe wa« 
Ik fri«nd to ttroet mugiciaos, and a thoro* 
bcliisvttr in ■piritualism ; but thi« bvlief 
not prevent tier from n^tnoining, as iho c\ 
iiva8,u 'U'VoutUbrirtiau. SUekvpt ibv fif^iij 
auulvuFMiry of hci wedding day vn 20 St 
1874. She divd at Uuvoii Lt-Jne, En 
Moubey, '30 Jiun. IffSl, aud was buried 
AddlcBtoao diuidiyard •'» Fob. 

SLo wo-i the author of: 1. 'Skotcbes 
Irinh Character,' 1^9, 3 Tob., mxooA i 
1831. 2. 'I'hti JuTonilc ForMt-mo-Nii 
edittid by .Mn.. S. C. Hall, If'Si) and 1< 

3. ' Clminiclea of a Sfhwd-Kuiim,' It 

4. * Tbfi Itiiccanter,' anon., ISiQ. i*. '11 
Outlaw. Hy tbe Author of -'Tbo BiKCa- 
ueer,"' 1835. 6. ' Tales of a Woman's Trial*' 
1805. 7. ' Uncle Horace,' nnon., IPSj 
a 'St. Pierre. the Rcfugw. n biirUtta,' If 
9. 'Ligbu and Shadowsof Irish Life,* If 
3toJ». 10. 'TheBookofRovnUv: Obaract 
iaticsof Rriii»U P«laee«,' 1889. 11. 'TalHT 
nf tli«rrisbPeiv«iUfy,' IftW. 12. 'Marian, 
or a Youn^ Mnid'a Forlunes,' 1840, 3 volOH 
13. ' The llarlopjt Jubilee/ 1840. U. 'SharpdH 
l.rOiidon Magazine, conducted by 3Irs. S. 0^^ 
irall,']H4r.,Sc, l.-i. 'The Whitelioy.aNoTei; 
1^.'), :J vols. 16. ■Midfiuminer £vt>,aFa 




, Tal» of Low,' ISW. 17. ' Tb.^ .Swui'a Err, 
• T»l«,' INXX IH. • PilgrimftgM to EnglSli 
J^hhn«<,' 1(<50. 16. 'SianesorueQoTomen,' 
lKi2. -JO. 'ThoWomThimMe.aStori'.'l&'KJ. 
21. •TheOnin3c«rd'8BiW*,'185i. i^L'. 'Th# 
Two Friends,' 18M. S3. 'A ^^"nInlln■a Stacy," 
16^7,3 vob- S4. <Th« Luolcy L'cnn; ud 
otbor T4l«^' IK67. 25. ' Findi-n'« O^llerr 
<.f M(«J<ra Art, witJ. TiJc* l.y Mr*. S. C. 
UalJ.'iWd. as. ■ThB]W*Birt!id»j-B«Jk,' 
HJ59. 1>7. 'D«ldy DbcwV School," l&W. 
±!$. 'Tbo St. Junes'a M*^titi(-, couducted 
by Mra-S. C. iUll.'lS<H. ii\ 'Ciiu\Vrr.n,[ 
be I%Ul? ■ Tall-; 18t!i', 1' T>.U. 80. 'T!w 
VilUce (Wlaud: Tnies lud t»kclcli««,' lt«<j;}. 

31. 'Nelly Nowlaa Mail oiher StcriM,' left?, 

32. * Tlie PhrfeUoH wd othor StonM,' 1£66. 
SSL 'Tbe Wsyofttw World and otWStorim,' 
I860. Hi. 'The PrincB of ibc Fairj Far 
nilv,' 1^407. 3>'i. ' Alien Sianlry tad otlaer 
6ton«*,'ld68. .10. 'Anisial.Su^ilj/lg68. 
37. '"liicRgliiof Faith,* rii-fri,le«a,2Tols. 
S&. 'Ukgiiur a UntTe wiili a Wine^Uw,' 
1871, ». ' Oironiclw of a Coj>- Xook,' 1^7 J. 
40. 'Boons and BlesiuigB: Stories of Tna- 
peruce.* 1S7S. 41. ' Annw LmUc and otlu-r 
Stories lfi77. 12. 'nmndmothwaPocki-U,' 
IddO. Fn aiiijiincliaii wllti U<-r linabaiid klie 
wTOter 43. 'A Werlt nt KilUraey," 1S43. 
44. ■ rrcliwd. iw Scifuerv, C!^rs, &c., 
It^ll-;!,3Ti>U. 4:1. ■ I f AndttikDk<i I'or Ireland,' 
185S. 40. 'Tb^ lli>.jl;of ilieTliaui**.'l,HaO. 
47. 'THoby,' IWk). 48. 'Tha lioikof Somh 
Wale^' 1861. 49. ■ A Lompaniou to Killar- 
mej,' 1878. "With Mrs. Jonattiau Foster she 
WTOt«: 50. 'Slorips aiul Studies frota this 
Ckraiiiclu and llUtury f>f Knglnnd,' IKIT, 
!S TOU., wUicb v*nt to nine (■ditioa^ Mm. 
Hall bIm wrote upvards of 6tty lalca and 
stkutclicj, tb» najoritv of wliiiUi appeared in 
VRrioiu libraries, coUecttona of alorit*, aod 

^ (Sanaal QKta Hall's RctrospMl ot • Loos 
lif*, ISM, i). 2SU2, tSl-JS, vich [urtraiti 
FlM«r'* Mag. Jnoa tS34,p. ;t«, with portrait; 
Colban'a Stw Monthljr afac Angut IBM. pp- 
£99-43. vith ponnit ; ttahiia L'air«nitjMa«. 
Aagast 1840, fp. HO-9. viih portnit; Hale'a 
Woidib'a Record, ItUA.pP.O^l-^, with ponnii ; 
lUaeiralod Nnrs of tii« W<«M. 1801. id. Tiii., 
with portrait i lUiumtedLoixIunNcvKlSFaV. 
1881, pp. Uft-40, with mriniit ; Tibh^ I PaV. 
]MI,p.IO; <iodo]r'alAd]rBlk>ok,Anca«t IBS^ 

[pp. U4~6.j O. C.B. 

HALL, A>TnOXY (1670-1733), aati- 
quary, bom at Kirkhridv, Cnmbcrlaod, in 
1079, waa tbo son of Hcurr Hall, rvctor of 
UMtpftri^(WiLLLUi Ht"K-iiiy9oa,Cbinkr< 
Jamd, ii. 463). .\flcr aMBU sc.haolJng at Car- 
lialobe waa admitcod abMltfufQuMo'aCol- 
lege, Oibrd," Jul; 1006, bat (fid nut ata- 

trieuUto luitil IS Nor. lOWt. Ila took hia 
bacbelor'a d«srM Ifi Dm. 1701, and, having 
b««B ordaLBec^iiroeeedMl H.A. 16 Juno ITO4. 
Hewaa«leet«a follcnrof hia oollega ISApnl 
1706. In NoT«mberI716lwiruui nnase- 
cewJiil candidate fnr tii« librariaiubip of the 
BodUJAii LibnuT, Tacat»d by tho dMib of 
Joka Uud«aii,who had hopod tbat Hal I might 
BuoNedbim. lIudaoabMUMthcdtollalltba 
edititifrofhii'jM«pbiia,'Uien nearly fiotilued, 
and bv Ilall's t^Xtirtiona il waa publiali«d in 
17S0 In two foho voluntdt. UoJl aUo mar- 
ried lludiMiii's widow, Mfcr);artet, dausLtcr of 
Sir lEoU-rt Ilanisoa, an ali)i>niiai) auduicrccr 
of Oxford. On 8 Aoril 17S0 hm rvoyivi-d iu- 
•titutioo O tbe ralleigc rvctorv of llaiuplou 
Pajle, Uxfurdsliirc, and on 4 July 17-1 ac- 
cunulatud bis degr(.-^-« lu divinity. IIu died 
at Uarford, I3erk0]ure, and was kurivd at 
Kingston in ibai ixiuiiiy on Q Aiiril \~23. 
Hta wife sunircd liica. 

Hall, although bis literary labaurs wrae de- 
rided in Ilia UCct imc. caut rin-d to eel hia Boolia 
liberallysubecnbcdfor.and they w«iv printed 
at tbc unJTvnily {irvas. Ucame is ospecially 
srrcrR on him: 'A dull, ilupld.aUe^ fellow,' 
lie wrim, ' a man of no indiutrr, it being 
coBunoa with him to lye abed till very near 
dinner-time, and I0 drink very frwly of ibe 
!tronftt--at liquors' (0>ffar/i(>iu,r)x£ HjM.Soc. 
ii. 104, 171). Edward TltwatlM and Otlwr 
fellows of (Jiteeu'a perauadnl liim in 1705 
i to «dit Ltiland's ' Coramentarii du Scrijilurt" 
' bos liritaanicia ' from the muuBcript in thai 
Bodleian Libmry, carefully eowwuing llio 
bet from Tannor, who had beea al work up<fli 
an Mlition fur too iir twelvD yvnn past. Thu 
book appunnd in Mardi I7im in two oriavo 
TotuBMia,andwMcond«nBe(l nvn in his own 
firienda. Ueome sajs that it -waa full of tba 
gTCNUCt emm, caowd by tncanKitv to read 
Uiema]iiucr)pt(tA.ti.l7l). Innldflall pub- 
lished *?<icoIai Triveti .Vunali^ sex lUftan 
Ancliv. E. . . Codie4>GUaioai«iui,'Bto,flx- 
ford, 1719. From iha sune Runustript b« 

cditMl ' Nicola! Triv-ii Arirmlitnn ('' 

tio;ut nt .\d*: n, 

cum rjusdRro ( >,>, 

JoanQis Rosloni Hj> *. 

Kdmiuuii Bolloni If V , 1, 

172& Hall fumidiwi ii>tt ■iilr'<'liiciK;4i of 
a«COUal «( Lbi: ancitut atalc of Dritaia tor 
IbouaaCox'a 'Magna Bnlauma,'17W. Mo 
' owbmI the aeeeont of Berkshire Ui U liia' 
(Oocoii, Brituh T'tfdjrnphv, i. 3!M), but 
rr-pudiatcd tJi« d^scnjiti'ni 01 (luabf^land in 
a tMstacript to his xditioB <rf TriiH'a ' An- 
naUa.' In tbeprofXMaU tor the iiiil>li(-atkiii 
of Urr/a 'Ckanccr.' I71fl, iha atldii i«ti of a 
OOfiona gloaanry wna iimmisod by lIsU, Uii 
it appenn lo bafe bwn aflvrwanls undar- 


liiken and Goiuploled by a uttidf nt or CUriM 
Ohiirah. null's «i)rr»'i«jioiiiieiice with Dr. Ai^ 
tliurfharli-tt [^i|. v.] i« pn'serv^d in (he BhI- 
liiTd colUiciion in ilo IJoiilMao Library (*vii». 
V3-7), Hii portrait bus been (•nffmrcd hy 

lOenL Mac. 173i SSa. ISDO pt. it, 1031-S; 
Cbolmura'a Bi(«. Diet. xrJi. 4S-S. iviii. 281 ; 
Oxftffd Oradniitea(18$l). P- Hi; Etuita Cut. 
of Etigtnrai PoTtraiU, it. I a«.J 0. O. 

HALL, AKCHIB.\U> (irnfl-177M),di- 
vinp, WA» iKini ill tlio imriiiti uT Peiiicuick, 
Midtiilliinn, in 17*1. JK- Ipariu'd iLe rudi- 
numtx of lliis I.aitn, (irt-ck, mid Hebrew 
Iniigunp-a from Julin Hrown ( 1722-1787) 
[q^. T.] at tiaddtugton, compk>t<u! his nrt< 
purripuliiin at the univtrsitr of H»!inhiirgh, 
and Briidied divinity under tht* Ki^v. Jnmud 
Fisher of Glnagow, H<- wn* lr;!i>ii£e(l to 
preach in I75K, and tntm nftisr vm, ordained 
tniniMor of th« aiunpiate congregation Rl 
Torphinhc-n in Wtst Lottiian. In 17B5 Uo 
bocjintt^ miniitcT of tho Sec^sMnn church in 
Well Stn-et, Lonilon, and in that r-Apap-ity ho 
oxerciM'd a \riilcLi:prnnd and benctit^tal iiiAii' 
t'uw, not onlyovflt t.hi' 8M>tiutii^ii wlm chii*fiy 
omnoMd iu» fiangmgation, but nUo over (In.* 
tIioIb nciabbguring community. He died 
'^6 May 1 778 in bis fwrt v-weond yuar, and was 
burivd in BuqMU Htflds. Ili«worl[snroi1l&' 
tiu^ished by pruclical ^^H>d sense and cleot 
eni'r^lir ilictivn, 

lialiwrtitu: I. 'An humble Aitumpt to 
Exliihit ft Hcriplural ^iL■w ... of ibc Uo»pol 
(^'burch,' ICdinbiirjiib, 17t>t), ^'nd cd. Londi^, 
17^5. 2. 'Church Fellowship. Bcia? an 
euay an . . . the cammiiniqii of Saintd in 
the Gospel Ohureb.'Edinburjrh, ir"0. ii. "Au 
Impartial Surrey r>f ibr- cotiinnem- about 
tliu rvligiouit rlaiiHO nf numu Uuri^'ae natha.' 
8unitiiarl]«-d hr MclvHrruw, pp. I'li'-U. It 
Citlled fonb a lctli<r iu n-ply, published und*.T 
tbepBeudonymofCor\dflii.inl7r2. 4. '(irnci: 
Kiid ITuIinL-*.-!, vix. tli^dcmption bv Chrirt 
witliout Law nnd ndicvcr'n tlc-nlli lo tlic 
Law. Bitint thi!itiiljiiuijcrtc)f twnniacourwa,' 
liOntton. 17*7; renriiilcil bv John Krown 
fl7.M-]Ai2> '*i- v.] of Wliitburn, in -The 
Evanffelical Treacher.' toI. i. IWW. 5. -Tlir 
Life of Faith exhibited. lleinQ a Fclnrtiim 
of IVivate Letter*,' I82S. edited, with a m*- 
mwr, hv Jiihn Bmwit. Dr. T*tidiJiti in aUo 
Miid to luivn Miit«^l n tmntii»- hy HjiU on the 
' Faith and Iiiflutiiii;>< of th<! OuKprii.' 

[ McKrrruw'a fliHt. nf ibo Smcimimi Church, 
rp. 212-14, 872.1 i litvwa'* U«juciii; Brit.Hiu. 
&1.] T. B. J. 

HALL,ARTHUR (^.1.VI3-1004). imn*. 
lator KTid uifiniber "f parliiiini'iif, horn ni 
Uranthua about lTt40,v/iit son of John Uall 

offlrsnthnin, I.inooliUitire, wlio tm auneyor 
of Calaia. On hie Esther'a death io his oailr 
yutitli, be hecamea ward of Sir WiUinni Ocil, 
and WW bnniglit up in OcH'a bouM with 
Cecil'a wn Thomaa, Bft4rrwiird* earl ofExttor. 
tie aeenu Co bare studied (o€ a abort lunn at 
St. John's Collins, Cambrid^, tnit Cook i:i> 
d^gmii. RopT (wham be miscalls Richard) 
Ascham MicoumirM] him in Lis studies, and 
Ii«b«»camMprotideutinclauiM. About l-'>>};t 
he b'gan a lran»lal)on of Homer into En^ 
lish, bill did not complrto it for manv jmis. 
£JulM«qupnllyhptmTell>'<t inltalyandsoatb- 
eastern Kumi*. In January I."i6»-a he rv- 
tumiMi to Kn{{Iniid from C^onitautiuople. 

Hull MH-nu U> have been a weU-tO-do 
ruiuilrj- ^•ultoman, and in 1&62 mberited 
mtii^h property, on the death of a kinsman at 
and gained notarii!ty br his oxeenoa {CaL 
Srnff Faptfii, iJom. lfl47-80, p, 481. Oo 

«. p. 
M.P. 1 

S April ir(71 li" was olectad M.P. for Gram- 
hikm, and »n 8 Mav 11)73 was returned again 
for iliu Mniii conslituenev to Iha partiitment 
which tial liU 1683. Kino days after hin 
second eWtion lh« House of Comraona or* 
dored him to niuwpr at Ihn bar of iba 
' house a charra of having made ' Mindif 
< lewd siM'Ochiis' both -within and without tk« 
l^ftUl>^^ Wilnp-ssfl* wftre directed to meet at 
Wiwtmin liter, and deliver thrir test imony to 
the MMMiloir in writing. On 19 Jlay Hall 
wns brought by tbo tcnMnt-at-artaa to the 
bar. He apulogiMid for nis conduct, and was 
dischwired after the epeahcr had aovorely ra- 
priniandud him, In the hWiyrin^ yoar b« 
was in uiutv serious trouble. He wa» play- 
iufrcard« iu an ordinary in L(ilbbur%-(16Dii<& 
15TJ!), wLpu he quurrflled over tho gam» 
wklh ouu of biH compauiou», Melchiaedecb 
Mnllory.wbom ho seems lobavucJiargedwitli 
clirntin)!. A temporary Uwx was patcbnl 
up, but the i|uarrel «oon broke out with r^ 
ucwn) violeniTi.'. 1 [all, according to Mallun', 
diH^liaed to Itght him ; but on 30 June ir>74i 
n serious affray brtwcm iho din|iutan;« 
th«ir fpllotvura tnnk plui^c at a tarar 
Flwt llrider, niid in November 
Rm nl U-y , and ot h f r o f Hull 's wrrani 8, 1 
iind woundt'J .Mallory in Si. Paul's 01 
rard. Slallury obtninwl a verdict 
111 a c in I action agninet Smnllcy, and Ha 
bejian a libel suit against ynllnry. Ftnl wfai 
tht suit waapcDdiuf.nnd Wnt* .SiiialW hi 

fsid the damngcs, Alat]ot7 died on lli f 

Ma!lori,-'a etftcutor failin|r lo 
!tW;.fnimSmallev caused himtobear 
.An ihf ht^rvant of a niemWr of par 
he claimed immunity from arn-al, aud t\ 
House of Commons ordered his tlischargH, i 




th« eOBM UDU diNCtillff tll« ttriMBt'^t'MIlia 

to raunat liim, on the grovsa that he ww 

ln<id«]eatlv wekiaff (o kTwd ihe ji^ymMA 
of K jtut debt. 31«ch fMluig wu «xcit«d bf 
tba c«ntroTCTsy, And botii iaude utd auUiiM 
tha lionao oC OonuBoos UaU and his alli«« 
WOT Mimtwmwl, AUUwMBitiodnovdibut 
wu MOO ixvapcd, proTidiog that Hmll ibvuld 
|Mjr Uic lOw, «itd be din»cd for ctct from 
•ittiur ia pu-luBWiit. fuiaU^,Sjiwlle7,aBd 
one JwUieiT Kirlleloo, deacnbed u 'tcbool- 
Bueter to Mr. Ua]l,' wen oomiiutt«d to tbe 
Town tat h momtibv order of the houw, and 
tluaoafimrmrd until SnulloynTeBccuriLy for 
the pajmvDt of tho lOOL H»il eadoaroiuvd 
to improvB bus poeitioQ br priiitiag a \oag 
MCoURt of tbe quAm-1 villi llallorjr, io tbe 
form of a letUr oatcd frum Ijondoo, 19 Mav 
1S78» from ' one F. A. . . .to hia very tneaii 
L. B.. beitig in Italy.' liaiTy Br&Denan 
[q. r.] printod about a hundred copies, but 
HalloujrdMhbuK^founn'n. IlBllwaabern 
CRpcciallj Kivn on Uw actioB gf Sir Robert 
Bul,tli« vpeaker.andotbgrmambanorpar- 
liament. iVrliament vu in leceu ac tbe 
dale of the jMiblicatiou, aad did not reaume 
Usultingaiul January 1&0-1. InhV^OUie 
privy council suiBiDon«d Hall before ii, and 
bs apolc^taed for the tone of his book, but 
slill Kvpi K fi-w co})ie» in circutation. Uo 
10 Jan. 1>V0-1 Thonuu Nortim, M.I'., at tbi; 
opening of ihM new Muion of parliammil, 
Innuglu. the olTeiudre work to tlii.< iioii4x> of 
the house. Acomiiiitti.>« nan ngigwitnlvd tn 
examine 11 all, Bynnunan, atul otliiTt, but 
Hall'a aasweCB to the cummiltee nrorcd nn* 
watimhmary, ud oa li Fob. 1580-L be waa 
a wconu time lumtno&ed to tbe bar of 
I bmiM. II« doclined to eomment on the 
•aMitor of lb« book, but tn general 
■cknowledgKl liia vrenr, nnd imikirA 
fbr pudon. Bj a tmaniiDnuji rot^' h4 wa* 
comnitted to tbe Tower for ux month*, or 
miti) be should maXe a latiafactory ninota- 
tioa; wae 0Tvl<?T>t<l to ptj a fine t« tbe ({vaen 
at five bundn^ ronrks, and waa expelled from 
the bouMtfortho prAwnl parlian^ut. Ilacoii, 
referrinft to thn etutc in n «poocb delivered in 
tbe Uauie of Common* in llXH, a(aer1«d that 
Hall fn» oommittvd 'f<»- that bo aaid the 
Lowi>r IlouM won a new pcnKKi in the 
Trinity, uid because tbcM> wvrda tL-aded to 
(Im derogation of tlie atate of the bvuw.', atid 
pving awoluto powur to ibe otlit^r' (Hr£D~ 
»niO, itann, iii. S7 ; cf. Cal Utate I'nptn, 
Dom. Iu81-90,p,&>. A BOW writ waa ieeuea 
forGiwilbain,aikd tlic book waa cntdemtted 
br a reaolution of the bouac as a alaadMooa 
ubeL The ai«aioti cl»wd on 18 Mardi. but 
Ball doet not appear to liavt; bt-en n-l?aM.-d 
''" tbe difleolution of parliament, April 

IfiSS. Un SS Jul? 151^ be bemed Lord 
BurrhloT to obtain pennisaioa for htm to 
■ta^ in a foKign uniTomitT. 

On ::: Not. ibVA Hall iit wid to have been 

' elected for a third time H.P. for Graalbam ; 

' but oal:iI>«c.notice waiipveatotballouao 

I of OomnoBatbat li-; lisd not attendlod during 

. the seacioo, and orders were lent him to 

preaent himaatf on tbe foUowtng MoDdny 

(l>'Ewai,AiirM^pp.«S»,3S9>. Tolbepai- 

liamcnt ntimifld u October IJHW be was not 

re-elected, but be biougbt as action agaiaat 

tbe borough of Grantham for aman of wages 


On 2 Use. 16S6 Uall'a claim wu referred to 

a oommittee of tbe llouw of Commona, and 

be BgTved to tonvo tbe dcnaad uu 21 March 


IIuU was in trouble again is 1&S8. He 
was impriMnrd in tbe Fleet as earlr u June, 
and in OctuK-r hr wrote to Bnr^k-jr from 
psison regrrtiin^tbnt be bad left Bufgfab-y'a 
eerricr, aiid iliat. the noeen wna inoenscd 
B^ainMbim. He intended (he aaid) to t«mOT« 
hiDLSelf hy habeas oorpui to tbe Eutz** Tlcncb 
pciaoa itai. Stale Paper*, Dam. ir>hl-!)0, 
p. A64). Ho Bubmiued to the council in 
norembfr, and was thereupon leleaaed ftom 
.piaon. I'!arl}-inl>>01 h« mentions, infitrtber 
fetinatoBui^lriikis' trouble in lhemait«r 
of the OounleM of Suwe^t,' the injuriee tut 
aiutaintid by hi) hms conliiiemeDt in cha 
Tower, and the anxietiiw cau»Ml him by tbe 
eiimily of oul> Kiclmnl .More, who eUuaed 
hii luidfi. Hall added that b« had aened 
tbfl quwD for twenty-six or lwcntT.«cviqi 
ymrawilhonl reward (I'i. I>j91-l,pp. 11, \iiy. 
On 32 Nnv. lliDl he neomraended Bufrbley 
to prohibit the exportation of com and bc«r 
aaa precaution againat the pKvailing dean h. 
In 1S97 Lord Butvblejr iBterceded with th» 
baroiia of the exeheqner, who prwsed bim 
for payment of tooj, which be owed the 
crown! On 'JS Nov. 1601 be pointed uut, ta 
a l«ttortoJameeI,thecorruptjoD»pn:vaJHit 
in tli« elections to the newly aunmoned par- 
liament, and tdvised an immediate di»ulu- 
tion (ft. ll!(W-10,p, 102). KtitbinKi»kiw*n 
of Hall at a Ut^r date. He wan marrird, 
and hia avn Cecil married Kbznbctii, dnughlcr 
of Sir Griffin M"hhtHt. 

Hall's diief literary vnmfc woa ' Ten Bool» 
of Uotuer'* Uiadev, translated out of French,' 
Ocdicatvd t-j SirTinnniis Cecil, kuiKht, I^on- 
douj by Kalph ^'cwheril•, lo."*!, 4io. I« the 
dedication ht- meuiioiui with approval the 
laboiira of liooev, Ja«pcr Ilerwood, Arthur 
(tvldiug, Lord uuckhurst, and G«one (iaa- 
coienc, nnd writes with ill^udfr^d entbusiaara 
of I'liwr's iraa*latioDof *Yir)[it,' An iniin-r- 
fect cupy is til the British Huwium. Tbia ia 

the fint tttempt to nnSn Hmatr into Rng- 
llttll Hnanlj' followii Ifw Fruooh vaim* 
iation of till! iJTVt ton banliit by IIuriu4 
I (Puu, l(Witi),biit ocuuionnllv L-xamiuc<] 
D« LAtin ventan. liall'd emy of SaUl's 
■lation 19 in the British >IusetiRi, with 
I autoffrapli on th^^ liilo-pnfjv ftiid th^ (IaIp 
[166* Blfiscd. His linw, ii*cli of rourto^n 
LsylUble«, rbvino tKroo^oiit, luiil thv niiidcr- 
1 10^ iM TrTT cluiBsv ani) iiiftecuntlc, but it h<.-Id 
l.iU omi till FUpcrwdcd hy Geoigv Cbapmftii'd 
rCmuUti'tn. A ci[>v of nuirvvajrue'Let- 
[teraeiUbjl-'.A., toiidiinuibeproceediimis in 
I privute t|u»rrGll &uil uukindnMve belw<.<cti 
Arthur ita-U uiiil Melobititdecik Mallcrtp, 

feulliiiuitii, to Ilia very frientl L. B., bi-iu|[ iu 
taIv,'4lo,,is ia iJir GrenviUc colloctioti 
Bt tLunriliftliMuBcuiu. It in i]<:(Iicalt'>JtoSir 
Hciir>- Kncvot, ntiil wm probulily pririltJ in 
lA7<t. ]''. A. ^nlr« lil.i Irt.liT fniin Ijitiidon 
Itt Mny iif tlint riiur. Al the cluM id'.^ 
atlmoiiiliiiii by l.liu I'atliKrof l-'. A. to liim. 
bettiff ft biir)]^-8ei.- of ibi' I'urtimui-iit, for his 

flietUr behnviuuT,' tin rlnltonitc (liMiiiii<itioii 
Aroprint wm iviii'il in IwlTi by I&ibirt Tri]>- 
liook in ' Mi.ictilliinHii|iift Aiigliciiriti,' 
■vol, L (Loiidoti, IBIO, -Uul. Koioi- uu|iub- 

kJoa 1 Jta. IM^-fi, are iu llie Public lEt'cord 

[Offic* (cf. (hi. Stall- Paper*, Dom. IM'-sil. 

' p. 11*0), und nn imprintetl ' Trealiae of Tran»- 

Eirtable Coinmodlt ius, I hoaJvanlagiM tbi^n-of, 
iiitui(?srBlutinf!ll)i>nit(i^ Jtc.i'isinBrit. Mtifl. 
MS., lUiyal, ll*"A. 75. 

[Cflopcr'a AitvnR CdCitAl'. ii. 3D7-9 i ILvUnui's 
<7aDat. tlisl. : C-^Uivr'ti Roi;. StittiontTa'Cgmfniiy 
iShakcBpMitu S'«'.). ii. laS; D'KwiV* J«uriwlii ; 
Conicr'n ('«iloctnn«a, pt. vii. p. lO^tMi). ; Ritsan'i 
Siogr, P<>ntipn; \V*rlinr» HiiLotKiigliiillPuolry. 
ill. 366: Offldiiil TlnMirn of M^iiih-ra uf I'liHiii- 
nwnt : Ur.vJciVa lU'slituia.. in. It]'l; Wnu'i 
Bibl. Krii., wliiTp. by the rcjiotitiifH of na error 
of Amen, Ilnlrn iioiiia t> dien aa Ilill.l 

8. L. h. 

HALL, BASrT- (I788-1*W), captnin in 
*ho tiftvy iinil niithor, •teond boh of Sir JainM 
lloll, hftrt. ll"til-lB3i) [q. v.], of Dm.L'loBa, 
]laddingtotiskiro,wafi bom an 31 Dec, 1788, 
Ho wma wlucftt*^ "I tlie bijib scliool of Edin- 
burgh, niid eut**WMl tb* iitivy in May ]Hlli',on 
ioard tlieLMnd«r of SUk'udb, then titling for 
tbcflaffyf yir AnHr^TwMllcbwIlmicommnudcr- 
in'filiit'f on tbo North AiucriciiD !'lull^>il. Iti 
iho L«.aiid«r h<? coatinui^l till llu^ ndinirurn 
llealli in the xprin^ of l'^(Ml, uitd in Lit niui 
prtscnt Rt thu cnptunr vf tha Villu dv 31iliiu 
<iii 23 Feb. 1805 [aw T.\iJior, ym Jc-iis j. ftjir 
<3t)0rvc Be(keli:y, whu rtuciewled to I hi; cuiu- 
wanOffibortly afterwiirda traiufcrrtd hi» Sas 
Co the Leopunl, lakiDg Hall and otlur oncers 


with him. In Msrvh 1808 the Lmpard n* 

luTDod to RBj^lmd.ftBd HftIl,Kft«r|iarMin9' ' ~ 
ricaRiinaLioa, wunmiaat^on 10Jui»^ r« 
lieuCvnant of th« Tamciblo, from which 
WMaveryahortly nBOT«d At huiown mxiumI i 
th4 Enoymio&i'one of the SsMt. if not 
very Gu«flt fri^t«B th«n in bi« raajootr'a 
vicv/underihvcnnnaDdoftlio Hon. 'flKUus* 
IHnden (.'apvl, which in Uc(<<b<-r wo^ wnt 
John Moore. Sh* yrn* aflcrwuds ord«ivd 
back (ooMirt in rv-<.-nibar)[iiig the trooi», uid 
HiJlbcinffoufllionsawlhobultluon 10 Jan. 
l^QO. Tuu Endymlon woa aflrrwardf vm- 
iil'ivtHl ia Ki-i^ientiDg with the H^tmicrda of 
(iaiiciit, and ta iadependeot cruiujw <m Uie 
cout of IrelaDd.niKiBBlAreauUiad jIiMleim, 
tho inciU4;iil» of wliicli Ilnll has (trapUicallT 
described in Uii< ' l-'r«^tD<-at.i of Voyu^us and 
Trnvflfl' ( lut wr, vol. lii., nnd inii err. vol. i.) 
Ill MaruU 1S12 h« waii appointt'd to llie 
Volngt: friKulr, nud in faer wcrnl »ul to line 
L'iiuiL indli^s, where b» vena inoriMl into 
llluiitrious. ttdj^hip of 8ir Samuel 11 
(17<!2-18I4) [(|. T.]. towboni bo bad been 
commcudcd. (.)n i^ Feb. Ilil4 he waa pi 
iimltd t" the coininniid of ihe Victor sliwm 
tticii liiiilirmK Ht IV)iiil>iiy, wlilcli V' titok 
til KiikIruiI ill ibe f[))hiwiii|( yi»r. }lt: wm 
then bpiioiuttd to tbt- 10-Kiui brig Lyn, 
ordered to China iu conip«ny with the A]c«M« 
WKLL, SiKMuKiLtiJ, UftlieinddeBtaof tba 
coiDniigsioii, inchidiiig[ bis »xp1oral iona iu tbe 
then littlv kiuiwD luistvru •«B8. his viHit to 
CiinTon, niicl hiit ititervii.'w with Napolpoa, 
who Itiul liii'iwn hifi fiilbiT. Sir JiimtiH Hull, 
whttu lioy nL M-lukil iiL lLhv:iin<\ liall ha« 
himwlf giviMi u T«ry dfiailiKl dfii-Tipttun ia 
\ih' AceoHiit of ft Voynijeof 0i*NiVt!iy to the 
Wi'tit t'oiistof ("oreaaod ihi' Urvfill>ao.Choii 
IsIodtU' <•!<«, 1818), which afCorwnnlap«fis«d 
I hniiiiihi'xvi'rnl )>itiiii)iig, ii) t hit Inicrof which 
niftny cif tho morn iiit^nuitiii^ find 
piirtK tif tlirtiinrrnlivi! wi>fi*iuid»id. TliriL; 
rmvrhiMl Knjjlaud in llfllolM'r 1817. und 
Ii Nov. llall W(u podtMl to tbe rauk of cap- 
tain, lie flE^'ius to liaTi^ «<uiplayi.*d th« nest 
two years in travBUin^on tbe cunt inent,u ' 
in Alay ISliO wm appoiute<i to the 0»i>wa; 
ft tilV-^in frijratft, for wrvic' on tho Sou! 
AmcTLcnn. Ftntion. II« «ailot) from Knftlu 
in Aiigiuit, and on Joiiiutf; the OomntiMlor^ 
Sir lltotnu Uirdy, ui t h# Tlate, w« Kt otioe 
1 m.«nl round to Valparaiso, l-orlho nvst 1 
I jni-urafau coutii)ti«d on the wt*t ooMt of 
. rlvtt, bis voyOKe raaKinK ^ fo' uorth as 
I Bias, where, aa prvvioii»iy a> liio and at 
I GiLlapagof^ he carriud out & Mrios of i 
duluM obsiTTatign^ the accouiit of which 
wa» publ [filled tu tho ' Phil«»cipLiciil 

ie«t I 

UtKHu'(i8S3,p».91]-8»). UttliMlalrwoar, 
«vhile in diina, w^n clectc^l ft fdlow of tn« 
Koykl SmmIt (38 March 1618). H« >u>i1i:U 
(ram San Ulu ta June 182^, and aAcr toacli- 
ing kt R(0 d« Juneiro rvt(im<.-(l lo KcKlkiiil, 
Ai^ patdofrLalbeepriiiifof Ib:^ Uia' Ex- 
tracts (joa D Journal nritivn on tlwCouta 
ofOhili, Pent, and Mriico in thcTC«n ll^^- 
IS^l-S; pabUtiod in^ToIs-SvatliartlTaftct 
his reCum, bad k nourkoUe •uocwa, ouJ na 
ntpidlr throuftli Mfcral oditions. 

lIsU hod ao fur(b«r Mrrice in the mty, 
but hnving muried in I S.15 MaiKuet,<lati(It- 
(or «f Sir John llu&ier, ogaanl-genenl in 
Spain, i^nt lii^ time in private tntTol nr lO 
literu^Y and (wicnliiiir piir»uiiA »( liamv. Of 
iae travaU in North Ami-ricn iit lAlfT-^, be 
puUiebed on accntuit in IB2!) in 3 vola. ISnio, 
which WAS iranslated into Kreucli. Ilia 
Trnnk criliciun of .\nKric*a cUMonu excited 
tho utmost iudignkiion iu tbo United States, 
of whicli an intcmting uvouni araaennin 
Vra. Fmnc» Trollopc's ' Dumntic uanncra 
oftlie Amftrican»,'l&)l. TnScpU-mtM-r 1A31, 
while livins in IJaiidon, lie wna Me tu Uy 
before Sic Jainas Graham, then fint krd of 
(he admLralty, the medical recocunendattoa 
for Sir Walter Scoti [q. v.] to wtnier abroad, 
and t') Kbiain for him a passa^^ to .Malta in 
tliv Riirham Irigal*. His own account of the 
eircuuMtance* of Scott's omborkatioa i# fully 
^T*D in bi« 'FntgTDpnts of Vayu[f* and 
Travdt " (Srf wr. ui. -JHU). In 1 W3 Hull'* 
mind ^v» wav; lie wm pbm'd in Ilulnr 
Hocpital, and ilied tlieru ou II .Sv|>t. 1)M-1. 
leaving a widow {d. 1870). by wbaui bu bad 
twu dauoliten and a»oo,i{a^*il SidmoutblJe 
Ros llnlT, who diod, a capluin in lli« nevy, 
1. FiTrhnps ibe best known of Hall's 
ia tliii ' rragnii3nl;> of Vnys)^ and 
I ' (thmi M)ru«, vtich in S \^;>. 1 2nio, 
', and frequently rrprint«d), which, in 
addition to the (ubjeet-mattcr of the title, 
contains many intefeoting aeeonnu of the in- 
ternal 8tiU4< of the mvy in the euljr port ef 
the cif'niiiTT- lie also wtote *8cUoM Hain- 
and ' Patcbwml:' (3 TrtU riJmo, 1841). ond 
nutni-rouii p4]>or« in t h^' United Son*ir>) Ma)^- 
ximr,' on n-rll a» in tbc IradingscicntilicpcH- 
odicalp (ac* lioyit Sfritty Caf<tl'>yvr ofSru-n- 
tific J^pcrt), uinddition ti7lboltoyal,b«wu« 
« ftfUow oi the Koyal Aationomica], Royal 
Geogtapbical. and (ieoloipcal Societiea. 

[Tba nriadral aulhoriiy for Hali'i Lit* is his 

em vorka, which an to a larf^o mi-nt nuiotih^ 

npfakal; Slanhsira Rtty. Nnv. ffic^ riiL (Sop. 

ilencnt, pt. ir.) MS ; Proccadings of th« Itnyal 

Kxiety.v. J2<l: louriialof ihelC^Oeog.Soo:. 

roL XV. p. alii -, Fo«er*i Batai«(api.1 

^^ i. K. L 


HALL, BENJAMIN, Loso Lijjrovnt 
C1S03 1^**?), the cidcet son of BoEu'aiuii 
Kali, M.P., of IIvn.-<ol Cartle, OUoomiH hit wife Chailaltc, daughter of Wil- 
liam Crawehay of Cyfurthla, Ulamcr^'atuJure, 
WBi bom ob8 Nov. 1802. ilewaa educated 
at Wcatnunst«r School, where he waa ad- 
nittwl in January lt<14. On L*4 Uay 1820 
bo motiicuLatnl at Cliriiit Church, Oxford, 
but leA without taking any dcgrw. Al the 
I general d«ctit>a in May 1831 he waa mtunied 
to fadiamcat for Monmouth borouglui in the 
vrh:^ interMti but w&a uueeated upon peti- 
tion in tfao following July (JointaU t^ the 
SwtM ofG/mmws, voL Ixxxvi. pU ii. p.M6). 
He waa, hnwcTcr, duly elwtud (or the Mine 
conalituenoy at the neat gixnenl elncti'm in 
1893, and eomlinued to repreeent it until the 
{liasolulioiiofparlian)cntinJul^m<'f7. llall's 
Gnit nported apeech was dcbvercd donnfr 
tbe dutalv on the oddrees in Fvbruary \iiS& 
(Part. M^trj, 3rd ar-r. x%-. S40-1>. In 
afarch 1631 he MxundMl Mr. DiTCtt'* motion 
for the abnlitko of church rates (Ht. nxtu 
387-8), and in Starch ls37 be aunported 
Grote'fl raotioo iu Giiour of the ballot {ib. 
xxxrii. 38-9). At the general decUon in 
Julyof this year Iw was retnniedBt theboad 
of thd poll for the borongfa of ^[aiylebone, 
for which con*titucncy Iw continued to alt 
until bia elevation to the House of Lotdi, 
and on 10 Aug. 1638 was created a baronet. 
In July IftlS be both qnke and voted in 
favour'of Smith f/Brien's motion for tbs 
coiisideraiion of tha caU8«>s uf diitoonient 
then«>xi>tinginIreUnd(£A.Ux.MN^O). UaU 
gmdnallv Ui'ianw a frequent debater in iha 
bouae. TlDinaisiedon iheright of (heWvUh 
to bave the lerrieaa of tlie church rondnwl in 
their own tongne, and took an active part in 
ihecau^ofecclMiasticalrafonn. TbsapMidi 
which lit! di>livra«d on the EcclesiuticalConK 
miwion Bill on 8 Jnly 1860 was afterwarda 
publi*)i«d in pamphlet fona (London, 18G0, 
8vo>. In ■ X Xetier to his Uraca the Arcb- 
btttop of CanierbuiT on the State of iJm 
Church ' (Loodon, 18A0, SvoX and agaui in 
a 'Letter to the R«v. G PhiUipa, -UA.' 
( London f 1853], 8vo), ha caOed the aitention 
of the public to the gr«at aboMS existing in 
th« mnnag<^cnt of eecloainatical property, 
and in tbo dijrtribution of chiinA patronage. 
l.pon iW- recoiutruction of the p>iii>ral bnanl 
orhMlth, in Angurt I8RJ, 11*11 was ap- 
pointed president, and was *worB a member 
of Ibtf priw council on 14 Nov. in (be aanA 
year. In July I86& bo become chief cun- 
niuioner of woriu (witbont a seal in (hn 
cabinet), in the plaoo of Sir William M-.l«- 
worth, who bad Ucu M«>int*d wwretarv <if 
etatolortlMCokaMe. UnieManhlM^ha 





lit in A bill ' for the better latH mk- 

Runmuit of tiw mctropolii ' CParl. Dtbat^, 
8fd MT. csutxvii. n99-722), by wliicli tlie 
netropoUlan boanl vf works wua tint eata- 
blialitfd (18 & lU Vict. cap. 120). i>urmK 
liife louurocif tho oltice af^cuiof camnuwioiier 
cuotidcrublo improvL'iouitS'Wen m^o in tho 
Lcmdon purki. On tti« owrthiow^ of I'i>rd 
riiltucnkin's ndmiimt ration, Ln l-'ubriuir^' 
I'^ei, IIdU wiu auccvodvd bv ibe prosunl 
Duhu iif liiitliuitl, t.liM] Liint .liilin .^lllnllert. 
l.'pou Lord p4ilmi!TBl<jii'B acn-Midii to jioytit 
fiir lite secood tiine li&\\ iran cniattn) It&ron 
LUuoTerof LUaover onil Aberc^m iii the 
county of Monmoitt.b, on I'M Juno J^W 
iJoanuth 0/ fiie Itoiuf t^ Loi-cIk, xci. JJOl). 
lli.-ti>o](Iii» n'Ut in llKMippLThdiiw'on'i July 
jiillowiii^, but Tii;v<;r IijnK mud) [lurt in tlie 
di-Wt.en, aikI ^]iiiki- tlxTr f«ir thi' lout tiiue in 
1(W2). Ott20>'ov, ISei he w(La Bit-am in ils 
loid-lieutcuant of Moumauthsliirv. He died, 
after n longilltiNa, ut I'lrcHtSlivnlHUic Slncct, 
MayCitir, uu 3" Ajiril IHrt", in ilm tuxty-flrtli 
ycitr itf till agt\ Muniiitit^ntit Imve bLt^n 
BKctfil tn kin niL-mi^ry in LlajidofT Ciillit^ilral 
and in Llanover diiirchyanl, wlieru lie »■■» 
buried. IiBllmaTried,on-lDec-. |r<23.Aiii:u»lH, 
dai^literandcuheirpflsof UenJHiniii Wiiudmg- 
ton of Llanuver. bv wbotn be had two »on», 
both vt whom prudi'CEiiuiKiI h im, and lui on ly 
dftUffbtoi, Augusta Charlotte I'^liinbtlb, wbo 
on 12 Nov. ISIO married Jdin .Arlhtir Ed- 
wurtl Hdrlxirt of LluiLnli ('oiirt, ftfoii- 
itiuuiIii.Lirt^ In ditfault of mala iuito bu 
til]«a buRaitin oxtiuct upon liia deaih. Ilia 
widow, who in 1881 cdtl4<d the 'Aiitobio- 
^aphy and UorrMponiEL-nci* of Mary Urun- 
vi!le,Mw. Delany.'&c. (J-oadon,8vn, Jlvola.), 
Blill BiirviveB him. A iiortmit of Hull by 
fliirUlotie in in the pd^isuMion n{ l.iiily l.lan- 

lAlitinni WrAi.uiouaAiemiiHHK, 1851, p. 411 ; 

M#n of llii>Tiirip. 1S6J. y-p. b'iS-O : lllunlnit*! 

London NVwi. -i Mhv 1807; ilurkr'i Exiincl 
Vtung^, 1883. p. Zi7:"(i«ot.Mng.; 
Fuct<T'ii Alum tit Uion. ii.&KA; Olliriij lUtura 
of Liita nf MomViv of Parliiini<inl, |>t- ii- ^•11. 
Mi. 3M. 808. 384, 403. 418. 134. 4li0; London 
Ou»ttM;'BriL afiu. CutO 0. F. H. B. 

HALL) CHAMBEHS (1780-18(55), col- 
lector of drawiuKS, bro>RS(<«,aiid other works 
of art, wa« bom m ]~8<l. Ilo livi>d at 
ELmfidd Lodf{«, liMiutluunptou, and died on 
S8Au|;. 1855 in Bury Strict, St. JatniVa, 
London. In 1^55, a fow monlLs lit^forv Lia 
death, he pr«««ntud In the BritiaL Musuutn 
(Brit. ittu. Guide to £jJiiiiititm GaUeri<») 
aiztj-fix drawing.i by Thomiu Oirtin 'q. v.^, 
and T*riou8iuitiiiuiliet>indu[UnK bronzes. To 
tlie university ot Oxford h^iraveaL thesome 

a- I 


lime the rvtA of bia collections, including 
drawings by Raphael, a portrait of Ure. Ura- 
dyll by Sir J, Remolda, a portrait of Tbotlf 
bill and oki-tchvs by Ilogartb, a painting 
from llerculauvum, brooxoa, &c Ho aim 
loft to tbe iiniven<ity a piirtnit of hinuclf 
by Linntll, wbicli is paid to lack ILdl'a uaual 
bencvoleacu of expf«aaioa. 

[OcDt. T&a^. IBM pL.ii.MB-9. IBRS pi. i. 1S2 
(from the AlncnKntn}^ MictiaolisVAacuBtMa 
hlt« in Grmt. BritAin, pp. UO, 071.] V. V* 

HALL. (JllAliLKS (ir20P-17R*t), lim 
i^QKraver, barn ab»uL 1720, waa brouKbt u|> 
oa a writinp- ennrmer, but by his own eier- 
tioiifl he mad-c »o much progress in art that, 
althoug;!) he ncvtr rose above mediocrily, \ 
Ijfcatnt' a fair engraver of portraits, meda' 
cvins, and uthir antlijuitien. Ilisbtrst wnri 
art! liiA (K>riraita, many of which are faithful 
copies of earli(?r cujtfaTinjpi. Thi^ ini:liid« 
porlrait* of Thomas Howard, second duk» of 
Norfolk. uadllcnn-ritx.VIan.eaTlofAntndel, 
after Ilolbc-in ; Mary I ; Thomas Qoodrich, 
bislmji of Ely ; Sir George Hames, Imd mayor 
of London; William Tlnnrev, Clarencem 
king-al-armN; .Inc'U Adain«,tni- astrolcHM'; 
Tlioiuaw I'eUfct, M.D., and Williaiu Bulbxk, 
the eomt'dian. nid to be after Ho(farth; Ca- 
tharine, duchess of Buckinuit'am, and Maiy 
Sidney, conn less of l'embroli>?,from the plalM 
by Maj^alenn and Simon Van dc I'ussd; Sir 
'Ibomuir More, and William Alt'iander, earl 
of Stirling, from ihi.> pliitesby ManOiaU: and 
Sir I'nmcii) VVurlley, hart,, from that h 
Hi^rl.oelui. Hal] di(<d ut his lod^jinfr* in (1 
ton Street. Sidio, I^iidtHi, on ^> Fi^b. 178^ 

[3tniti'« Bigg, i>i«. of Engraven, 1 78(-«, 
G ; Bryan'* Uid, of Pitiiil«r» and Engravvrs; 
Gmvos. 18»&-U, i.GIU; NielolR'a LitMair III . 
Iraiioiia, v. 436.] K. E. O. 

■wriltir im epnudaiics, seems \a be idetitia 
with Mil) *(.'flrnhis Hull, Anglns/whobecaB 
a ntudint (if Lrydiii, .IDMay 17«5(pBiC 
J>yrf^H.S'^»rfi*»f<, Index Si>p.,p, 4.1). Hp« 
wards look thiMli'jTTci^of M.D., andpiihlijibfti 
at Shrewsbury in 17Si> 'Tln-'MedioiU Famdj 
Instructor, with anAppendix onOanin«Mi 
uess.' Ill 18U5 aiijieared hii^ ' Hfiectj* of Ctf 
liMtion an The I'eople in ICiiropean Stat« 
i(Li>»don,Hvfi), Intuisronarkmework] _ 
nntioipiili'* Inter nociallst thii-iri^; aualyMa~ 
the dufvct* of the cxittin; conditions of M* 
cioly; and claims to prove that lh« worldng 
ctaHM'B in bin day ' ri-taiufd only on^^isbtn 
port uf ihe produw of tbeir own labour. At 
the dtit« of publication Uall nua «ufiVriug«x- 
troiue poverty awing to defeat in a law Kuit, 
and be soon aflerwnrds removed tw ib« Uml 
prison. His friends otliired to pay for his 1 

lean, bul Iw dmmtd thftt he tud been un- 
justly troUvd by tb« law couiIa, uiA neoiivi 
10 dM in prison. Be diMl in the F1««t, *gcd 
•iKniC iW. Hu friend, John Mial«r Morgsn, 
rrprinti;>d Unir* 'EITrcta' in liitt ' Phmnix 
LibnLiT'(Uado«, IMOI. Inkis'Iliuiipden 
ia th« 18th Centurr,' Itm. i. 'M-l, 31or^n 
deftcribed UaU un mm of cImmcoI «nd Mi^n- 
tific UlainmGnbk AMrovinfOKiitioa iem«Je 
oTf lalfe srvusmita in ObftrMa Bny's ' PIiilo- 
wpliT of NwjoMnnr,* 1641, ii. ft". App.. »ad 
in Man- IlunncU^ 'Outlinm of i^ocul Syc- 

I Prof Aatoa Xim^'t Dai llMht nuf dm 
voll«B AitwilHrtng m fMfbiehtliobAT Dftiatel- 
loiiK. Siftltnrt. IBM. Jf. *A.9 ; J. M. Morgui'* 
warK« dud tbor*: Watt'i BiM. Brit.: inlbnii** 
tion from Dr.Slaipiuui Bauet uf VImiu.] 

HAT.T^ Sw CHARLES n8I4-lfl83), 
Ttce-cluiioeUar, foiirili ton of John Itall of 
SlnachMUr onil Marr, tUughter ot John 
IkobsoD at Durham, wu bora on 14 April 
1614. Hi* fathi^r, bavinff «usUined hearj 
liMiiwi hv A bonk future, otd Dot giw him > 
Uiu««nitv edwalion, but articlpd him to ■ 
flolidlof in Maocbmier. In l^ifi tir i-ntrnil 
the Midd3v Teniplp. nnd rvnil for the liar 
nioceantvly with William Tnprell, sji^iiil 
plMdw, Jaiiirw I!iiMi-ll of the ciiiMceTj bu, 
nndLtnris huvalthcccmTeyuiCi^r 'i-^.J At 
the pxtHintion of fai* jresratin jiiipil Ik bAcamie 
Duval e |)riDri]>al nMintant. awl bv extraor- 
dinitry imluttir con(riv«d lo tun tram him 
700/. ur **>0l 'a toot, tboogli nniTiiig the 
nnaMtally low jRopDrtion of one-fnunh of 
tiha Cm mrived by Duval. In 18371"; mar- 


1ir«, and through hU wife in thn bullc of his 
fortun*, and rcaid^d till hi<i daUh in ihi<ral'B 
Mcrtb*ufidt'wbi>niaLondaii. Dvringthe 
Bxt tvontj jMra be beeftine tbe i«coni*c<l 
ttder of the junior climn(«r7bu,andllwfir«t 
jthivrity ■>f his ilav upon real pr*>WTty law. 
aTinfE Wu call«d t->(h« Wr in Sticha^ltnaii 
1888, he n^*^!!^ obtainr^ a largv 
■vurt pnctic*. Ilia pupil n»m wh alwaj-a 
crovoM, «wl fron h c«n» th« foreoMat of 
lbs Miocwdi^ gcDcimtion of «i|tal^ Uwyttt. 
Hia beat known cnar* wen tbc Brid^eir»(«r 
|NRirac« CMC ia ih); H<>ui« of L<;rds in 1869, 
the Sbrawabury peen^ tmoe, and AUitooa 
p. Bkkt in (be ezeheqner chamber in 1873, 
of hisat^ufflont in which ihe lord chief baron 
mU tbnt it was th« mo«t perfect he had 
«Tcr Uateoed to. lla drew MTcnl billa for 
Lord Westbnry, iaclndinz hia Rv^tntiaa 
^ Vtlca Act, asd acaliU-a Loud SrlboRic b 

draftinff the Jadicatuni Actof 187S. Twice 
1.ord weetbnrjroSVrw) himaailkfpnm; bst 
bningwilhoiitariralal thachancef7har,aDd 
Mmintf IU,0OO/. ft yov, ho mfiin^d it. In 
1802 hi! bi>«amo und«r4i»TefaiiC«t and in 
ItiW ooni'CTftaoer t* the court of chancciy, 
and ill 1872 a bcocber of bU inn. 

lie woa Tsiaed to tfa« beoeb in Moccaaioa 
to Vic«-cbianoellor '^\'iclccna in 2tovember 
1873 and luufthltKl. 1 lert^ be distinyiiiahed 
bilMolf br an indiulry -which oToatualiy 
trapnind nif couiitutioo. While wslking 
liovDC Erom bt» court b« was ntlacktd by a 
atrokc of pmlyaia tn June 1882. Ho t«- 
aigned luaiudKvahiphetim! Uie ennungUi- 
cbaelmaB nUinita, and died oo 12 I>«c7l888. 
lie waa fond of art and lettcm, but aerer 
plnyvd any part in politics. lie hi>dfaurB0OB| 
I two of whom surrivcd him — tho yuunfcer, 
I Chflriw. is a oueen'a ooanacl umI Utamey- 
geaeral to the Prince of WBlal,a^d^tJ*. for 
lh« W«rtt*m tN*iaton of Caml/ridgeahire— 
' and four daiigbtrnt. 

' ITimto. n [i«c. IS83; Solidton* Jnvnal, 
li 1)0^.1883; Uw Blag. 4th aar Jx.SSO; Lnw 
Journal, 1& Dac tSBS; private infematwn-] 

J. A. H. 

IA:*7), donn of l>urhain, bom ia 17S3, Wat 
th« Min «r rharlm Hall, dwa of Doddn^, 
luwiE. Hi' wna admitted on the foundallon 
■t WMtniiiutKr in IT'S, waa t^lacted tlunM 
to Chrikt Cliurrh, Oxfiml. and matrimUted 
1@86, ti. a87|. In 1781 ho woo tb« clun- 
cellor'fl priM for Latin vene on ' KtragM In- 
dicn Uwidentalis,' and in 1784 tbn Rngliih 
aatny on'Tbe Uanuf Medak.' Hf^ gnuluatnd 
B.A. in 17a% M.A. in 1788, B.D. in I7W, 
and D.D. in 1800. From I7W to 1797 ho 
waa tutor and eonMir of Chmt Chutcfa. In 
1793 beaerved thu offico of Junior proctor; 
waa pw J«g tod by hi* eollom U> ibe Yicsrago 
of Broiigliion-iii>.\r«dal*,> orkalUre, in 17^; 
and waa appotol^d Baaaptoti lectvror Mid 
pnibendarr of Kxvtn in 1798. Ho beouoe 
rector of Rirk Braawitb, Yarliabiie, in Jims 
1790, and prebendary of the aacaQd atnll in 
Christ Cbuich Catbednl on 90 Not. of iliat 

Sir. Ia 1S(K be wna made RubKlr«B of 
list Chimll. and in 1807 vicar of l.uton. 
BodFssdehirv, a pwEwmeat •whUh \u- lu-lil 
unta h» dcktb. In FlBbniary IHOT lin w»> 
etocted nwiua proCnsor of djvii^, and n- 
mored to tli» finb stall in Qviat Cburdi, but 
nailPKd botk offleto in Octobsr laOB, on Mjik 
n omiafttod dean of Cbrist Church, lie wm 
eroloeubor of like lower honie of ooavacelioa 
m 1813. On M Fab. IS£4 bo wh intnllsd 
dean at DnrbuL He died at Bdinbnrgb on 

16 Feb. 1827. He piibl>sh«J his ■ Mampton 
L«oturei ' on ' Fulneu of Tinie ' in 1 7IK>, and 
n«e mxig^ Mrmons. 

[Welch's AlDRiiii WMtmon. tMH; ncnt. Mn([- 
1827 pt. i- P- 49S ; ha Soto's Fmii. od. Ilarlj.] 


HALL, CnESTEU MOOR (1703-1771), 
invrnl'irortki^fteUnmmlklfiltisoftiie, wit* born 
nl I^eif^h in iltim-x. and wa« baptiM-d iii the 
parLih ehurcli on 9 Dt-c. 1703. Ho was tlio 
only son of Joliu Ilall bv bis wife Mnrtlin, 
(Imichter nndcolieircMiifllitlittrd Rriltriilijc 
of Nl'W IIoil?*-, Sllltfltl, Kwr-x. Tln^ Hh1i« 
were originslly ffoni Sl'-pni-r, but .vtlli-«l nt 
Lpigh on mlifTilin(f lir siictt-vtivn mjirriaj^s 
tlw pniTOrtiw of thi! Mtiorw iitliI tif iJie (?lie*- 
tem of lji>igh. Ji'liii Hall n-iiiovf'd lo IIivDt- 
Vcioil, Hiid ttierft died in 1728. Cho»lcr Monr 
Hall wu admitted a student nf the IiiinT 
Temple on 5 Oct. 1724, nnd wnj» msdii a 
bencher in ir<SS. Ht- rc-nidi-d lU Nrtw HbI!, 
Sutton, w!i«r» Iw ditHi on 17 Miirirh 1771, 
ag»d 117. UiM elder aisU-r, Mnrihti Hall, 
i>rvcted a marble aionunienl to him in the 
<!hurch of Sutton, of whieh he wa« patron. 
Theinjcriplion di'-scrilR'a him he 'a jmlitinn* 
lHWV«r, fin rihhi iniil.lii^ninticinn, a politic 
(ichii'iir, n ninrfri- frti'iti], nnd ii cuiigi*tnit4i of 
thn>!rrire<!>it iim-grity.' llcna* an i-xieimvo 
lnndowii«r in Emox, and in fretmeutlv d(>< 
Ki^nirfl im ' Monr of Moor Hall.' u'n library 
■wft» mW in 1772. 

.A. writer in the ' Oentleman'a Ma^nizine' 
Btnt«« that Hall abt Ained, from a study of t he 
iiuman eye, tUo conviction that nflirnmnlii* 
lenswf were poeaihlo, And diacnTirM in 17'2'>\ 
aOervariousexpcritJifnta, two kinds nf glnn* 
of dl»perei<>n >.iifK<'ii;nllj- f!iff''n'nt to enubli> 
bioi toreiiliwbj* idea. He a eeordiugly con- 
structed, about. 1 73S, iievCTol telo.wopea, siib- 
sv<|urntly primouncc-J by i-iptrls to be truly 
Achrvmultc. Their escoUence w«e gbo^Pn by 
(heir b^oriniTi with apertures nf two nnd a 
half, fncal li-nfrlli». of twonty inshfl*. Oni 
vot on aak- with .\yiicough i>f Ludg'atc Kill 
in 1751; another ii-ait in 1790 in llw pos- 
BMnoa uf tlic It«v. Mr. Stnith <i{ Charlvtlc 
Street j BomewerestateJbySirJoluill'^recbi.'l 
Bod Proft«sor Harlow to ha v* beeu in eiirtence 
■bout 18J7. Hall proTid hii iadiSi't-rcnco to 
of botloud r. CbompncM in 1790, kllhoa^h 
prohahW in Lonilon [nm I>OI.i«)n>, Joii»l, 
Sompoflhcworltincri whom lie had r'iM|d()yed, 
having^ fnntithi'd tlitrnt irilh the rudii ofcur- 
vnMirr nntl adtl<-d fiuisliinjt tomclie.-, pnve evi- 
ilriicm, and his tnvi^nticia of the acnroniatic 
(flt-tciipe in liJW was p^eardnd by Lord Mans- 
field as fuliy prored. The oWntit v in which 
itwaaal]D«cdtarDiiiaiQi»iacxp1icabl«. IIiiirH 

autof^pli, nrv«ent«i by Air. I(. B. I'ros«er in 
188Q lo the Kovnl vVstroBomieal SooJMTi 
ordnred to be framed and suspondtid in 
oanncil room. 

[lUnynnl. Aatronoraical Itts^ato', xlx. W; 
3Ioothly Koiioot, xlri. iOO ; Waduriuutb, i6. 
lariii. 803 ; Goat. Mug. 1 7Mp. Ifltt. 1771 p. HI, 
I7»apt.ii. p. 8M;MoranL'cIIii>t.orEMrx.i.UI; 
Gbaartntorjr, tx. 17"; Bnnri>i«r'* Kdioborgti 
Rncrelopaiiui. i. M. i. p. lU; Eneyrl. MeU<i| 
litaaa, iii. 40H (Bartow), iv. ill " 

A. M. C. 


NicboU'* Lit. dnecd. iii. CSS.) 

HALL, EDMUND (ltK0?-1687\pum«i 
diiinc, bom ot Wonct-stcr alx>ut l&iO, w>* 
viHinfp-r non nf Richard Flail, clothier, of 
\VorF«iti-r, by bin niff, Ktiznbrlli iftonoer). 
nndwaa apparently edticatnl at the Kines 
School Worcester. Thoraw Hall (IBlO- 
161"^) [q. v.] was his ehlesl brother. In 1630 
he ent«red Pembroke Colteg*. Oxford, bat 
left tke univBrsity without a degree to UOn 
uparm^for the parliament KgninstCfaariaaL 
III) tonli ' tliKODvsnant, and al length bccUM 
a captain ' in the parliamt'iitary nnay. About 
1317 h« returned to Oxford, and wuitiadB* 
fellow of I'etnbrolte Coll^, and prooMitA 
M.A.otillMarchltI49-fiO. UewiuRtni ' 
in favour of monnrcby, and wrote o^i 
Crfiniweir* ]iTi>l«nsiun« wit h great, bitter 
Abont 1051 hit waa coomiitlod (o prison 
cbo council of state, and rumtined thor* 
twidvG montha, Hlill uttackin^ the f^r< 
ment in pablialicd pararhlc'U. .SiibM<^uei _^ 
he preached in Oxford and thn iK^ighboo^ 
hoM, and about 1667 b<!enme chaplnin to Sir 
Kdtnund Urny, of '.treat lUainf^on, Olouea^ ! 
1«r«liirf>, Itray wa« n royalist, and liia vw ' 
di'nvfuim fo prnwnt Ilall to the rtwtorr of 
fircivt Ri»ington, of wliicb he w«« patwu, 
proved of no avail. IIall'« MrniAoe bccoE^H 
mg t9 Wood, ' bad in tbcm niaay odd, li^^^| 
and whimaical |ia«i<af^>4. allogvltior u^^^^ 
comLQ^ the gpr&vity of tiita piupit, and hia 
fCMturM, beinjf \My antic iiud inimical, did 
tuually excite tonicwhat of laufchlfr la the 
Rtcru yonttiful part of the auditor}-.' Hi* 
vie^-n, nlthongh Ciilvinlstic, grew iatosomfr- 
ihinB like conformity with the church 
Kufcland. At Ibu Ili'st^irution he made 
fee»ions of loyally. In .May 1(161 he 
hurrfrom the rectory of Hrtiat Itiainfrton, 
whKh Bray had pr««etitcd the petitioner, " 
his petition dota not appear to have ' 
graiited. ITo wcun-d, howcTcr, prefei 
at Chiitpin^ Norton, Oxford jib ire, where 
was ptuerally nopulw. He there "obtain.- 
the character Irom somecf afantflftical.and 
from others of an edifviujt pn-aclier.' 
lOSO ho at length becamL- rector of Or 
niBiDgtoD on the presentation of Bray. 

iu thr clutDwl of hU ebnrch. Un remnTing 
to (JriMt Itiungton, he ' took to him in hi* 
tldorly .TCftrt a fair whI coinflj" wife.' 

Uiul WAS aittfaor of ' 'II movrovla i mrti- 

i parrot, ... A Kriptunl DiMouwc of th< 
.foaUxj uid tlw Ariticlinjft, br E. II.,' 
LaaUw, I6&3. 4t<s dc<licttt«a tn ''llii) Kiglit 
Kererend vid IVifoand Prop1ii:tickTexlia«n 
of Rngliind,' br ' Aa i>1)»dieiil ^<ni ssJ Sot- 
TKHt uf the Caureli and Stftt« of Enclftiid,' 
and of ' A Fuaerat Rennan on Lkdj Anno 
Ilurvoun,' Oxfonl. lGS4,8vo. According to 
Wood, lie wu tb«^ Kaonrmoiu awUior cf 
'Ijuaniii^s8aim lick'd'<I^<lon, IMO, -Ito), 
•n MtAck on Luanii Bcnman, who bad le- 
ccmnendnd Hibinimoa to Cromwell and the 
mrmj. Two ononytnoua panpliletB, eatitlfld 
mpectiv*'Iy ' IJafpu Teatium^ wborria Mo- 
naicbv iaprored to be JunDiTUio,'^(I«aiid. 
3a\j l6fil,4to),uul 'MnnuATmtinm Mottob, 
or ft praritytenaU glosw upon . . . {iroplwlick 
Textx . . . whicb pciini at the gnxt dav of 
tb* Wiln*«8M rimng.* Ac. (Ijondon. July 
jtfi ^l, 4tn). Kz* k!»o Aitnbut«d in Hall by 
^w<tod. liotb ant Mtver« on ihe 'preaont 
^anrprn in England,' who an denounced aa 
•«ttti-Chri(tian.* The anthor dtBguisM him* 
•crlf on eilbw tiil«^^e« as * Testia^Mundit* 
Oatbolictu ScotangtoBril a n icuiit ' 

rVood'* Alhms Oxon. (Btitt), ir. 21S-U; 
Ou. Mat* PaprrtL Dnn. 1660-1, p. 600; Brit. 
Haa. Cit. nb. -E. n./'LannK/nnd'Catfao- 
liniB.'J S. L. I'. 

HALL, EI»WARI> id. 1547), hi^tflrian. 
waa tli« eoB of John Hall <^Xoft)iaU,Shiop- 
Blkite, by bie wife Catharine, daugliter of 
Tbooaa Qcddinr, Uu wa^ pmbaklv bom in 
1496 or 1409, a* is l&U bo left b'loo C^l- 
legc, -wbnro be wm educated, and pcocv«ded 
to Kin^'n OiDf^i:, Cambridge. Hfl took tb* 
dc^w of it.A. ID ir>18, and tb«n praeeodod 
lo rwad Uit_at fJrayVlnn. Tbo raoaindcr 
of his lif« wap speni in le gal and yolitjca) 
aetivitT in London. In IbiS be wa* ap- 
pointcJ common frcrifan ' ■ and in 1696 ae- 
eondarjaf Bread Stn-^rt niuiirt-r, whicb be 
•xduuiged in 1 637 foTKCOndar> < iftbe I*oult«r 
ooniitvr. Ill IflSS he waa autumn nader at 
Gray'* Inn, and in 16M Lent rcndt-r. In 
politit al ma iiCTs Tlall was a staanirh snp- 
portarof ITcnry VIII, and luafiuvnta seem 
to^Tc been important pciaoDuv* amnn;: the 
tnorn ndtancM ndbnnprs. Tberc are tiro 
lattari of Bnulford to ' Jnhn Hall and bli 
wib. p iit at r m in Ntrwjfmli! for iitet testimony 
at the Ooapcl,' in IVA (Foxb. jlett and 
MmtannU. ed. 1847, rti. 242-4). Stnrpc 
■ara tkal Mm Uall, mother of Hall iho 
ewanielM*, was (ha nuM to whom teviTal nf 
the nutyn wrote letten ; and ber death La 

iMOfdMl inlA67 br Ua«lmi (ZKtry.p. 13)1). 
Tk(u Hall was pKbaUy 'alli^ with the r^ 
formtog party, bot b«* abowMl a Uwyer'a 
catilion in not going beyond tb« wisbe« of 
tbo king- We do not know whi?ii h* fir»t 
trntcrvd pajrliam«nt. hut in l->ll' he eat (or 
(he Iwrougb'orBridgnortli (~WtiJJ(, HotUiit 
Pari. iii. 6). He xevma to have goo* to 
pailiaiBenl aa a creatniv of tbe crownt ami 
Foxo (t. 601) givce an abetract of a obaiae- 
teriiiic apecdi of his lo am p ort of the Bill 
of Six Axtkles in 1690. llaUV luitoriMl 
atadisa wan bokDj applied to the main- 
tenanca of an cxtnmo Ihaorj' of tbo ro^ol S 
mipromacy. ' In cbroniclm maj "be fonnd,* 
be 403^ ' Uiat tbe matt nait of tlio cerv- 
BODies now need in the canrcb of Eoglaod 
were bj irincee eitber fiiat inveBtedj or at 
Iba least wen eatablUted.' After eocfa a 
^eeeb H is ooi aofnaof to find that 11^ 
waa «ne of tho commiteionim appoinl«d in ,, 
Jannarr 1641 to inqnlre into all UuugroH 
aions of that (tntutc (Foxe, t. 440, and A^ 
pmdix ii.), and in iliia capacity his name la 
set as a witness lo the confession of Anne 
AakewonaOMait4il&U<t&.p.&43). IlaU 
died in 1617,and was buried in thecbuicb of 
St.Benet Sbet«ho|r(Siow, fiurtwi/Xem&n, 
ed. mo, bt iii. 28). 

Jiall's chronicle stiow« its chancier in iu 
tillp, 'Tho Unloii of tb« Noljl« snil Illu»i» 
FanwliM of Lancactre and York.' [i ii a 
glorification of the Iwuaa of Tudor, and es^ 
[Hrially r~T<utiDcatioB of tlie actions 
Hfrnry VHi . It begin* witk the 
nf llt'orv IV and rcaohea to tlie death 
Hrniy i'ni. T]i« tint cdhioo printed hgi 
Bi.>n helot in U*i'2 is m ram.tbat it ia doubu 
ful if thfr« toxins a eempleu copy (Aiiea, 
Tupoffrapkuai Anti^tia,^ 1816', iii. W\, 
466): a aacoad edition appeared inl&l^.bui 
tlw BKWt compete edition waa iuned hj 
nichsrd Hrafton [q.T.^io 1600: In Us pra-J 
fiiCA QraftoB says; 'This is to be noted that ' 
the atttbonSereof, though not to all men , y»t 
to many Terr we'll known, was a nan in the 
latvr time of bis lifi' not so painful and slit- 
dious as before h» bad b<n'ii.' Uu adds that , 
llall fini)«)it^l )ii« chn>nicIo to the year l&S9f j 
aud lefl a nuDibcr of aotos, which GraOosi. 
eaye bo put togrlhcr without any addition oT 
hisown. Powiblyaftcrlf>32 Ili'Jl found the 
office of royal paaegyiist Ixeet withdifficoltiM 
and dangtrv. 

Hm! early part of Hall's cbrocicle la a com- 
pilatioD witbout much indancndeat mine, 
though lure and ibero ha ados a detail, and 
Sbaka»]>psKr followed him closely in biioarlicr 
hiaiorical plays. For tbe reign of Htnrr VII 
he ii more impnrtaDl. llin gmundwi'ik 
ia Ibe history of Folydore Vorgil, biit be 




niten th» point of viaw aiid fedds & good 
(Icnl fnim Ihn Boating knowledft* oTthitpiti- 
mftnn of London. It w for the wirly jvuint (if 
llt-nry VIII llikt ii«- becomm >n aulliurity 
of tli^ KTeiile:?!: viiliie, nnt *o iniicli fop tlie 
fuu which h(i n<lji(n> mn fi<r ttio lifftit 
c'WhicI) he throw* upon tin; no^^iul life n-nd 
opiajons of hit ttnii!*. ll« uxoKaiioa tha pro- 
fraod Idjttltjr flf tbo middle elMi^ftiidi«p9- 
iwnU the conditions which nndeM ponibtv 
th« p>liC7 of th« l(inj{. Ili* (l«i#cripltonj< of 
tbo h^tiritiesof Ihe court ftrv> full nnd vivid; 
ho frhcwA u» the diB(?ont'»nt nwahnn'Ml by 
WuWy, and i^veMEUimj iiistriictivi! (icoiint* 
of Loniloa lil«. und «f lh<; er-xvinff apiril of 
indtpeodoncu nnionv EDg^linlintfn. Hi» lit«- 
rur murils nra of high order, oapvcially in 
III* ocrouute of lUe oppowtion wbicli WoImj* 
(nAsU-rTuI prowvditifraatDUMid: lii»t)Ow>'rof 
(hntrribini; llio ticiioQ of m m»b is BdmirQblc. 

r Hull brill Hcnrcely vet nrni with due recog- 
nition, lli» <-LroDiclu wh» one of IhvbooKv 

* probibittfd b^ iiary la lb5h, and lu «ona6- 
c|itnncF: bi.icnmv raro. Tlir Intt^r obroiticItM 
of (irnAon, Itnlliuibnl, and Slow borrowed 
» (riind i)on.l from Hntl, ami bacame nuiro 
]ii)1)iilu.r, en that llikH'fl rhronicUi wu not 
ivpriiiiwl till I80U by Ellis, and iKo only 
Enirli«b historian who hu eoim it«fiill vntue 

•^ is Brewer in tiis * Eluttorr of t-ho Kclfrn of 
Ili-niy Virt.' 

[Kulr't C'Atitlopic. p, 71S: T)axd»li>'* Ori^'nct 
Juridif iiiles. p. 202 : Cri««/» Kmlo^nt Etimmns. 
ltd, l»(fl, p. 417 ; Ciiopwr"" AifiBoa- l'«iiinl>r. i. 
92. 487; P»iili'« 0«w.-btcbt« vw Rn^l.^nd, v. 
(01-3: Ovidnor'a Cbiwnidtn of EDglioit, pp. 
300-4.1 ^ C. 

HAXiL. ELISHA (Jl. !riQ2), fniwlic. wna 
Kn iR)|ioi>tor who pn)lHi«»d to have reveln- 
lionn nnd to wrim Loolu by direct In^pini- 
tioti. On hii (kpfieuriiiica in Lnndon hu wis 
brouftbt before (iriudal, hisbcip of l.ondim, 
on l2Jnni< liJHl' for examiiiMiion. Hi; nit. 
Kvrlod tlint in lo'il \in bi.iurd u, v'tirr »my 
' Kly, drill*, wnrcb iind prny ; for the day 
drAKotbiii^h/and thut in A|inl ).V)2hewu 
ftbi«nl from earth two dnja while he sa.w 
heaven and hc>l). lie w&s biddtrn to watch 
and pray foraeren yenn, ami thi>n to writ4> 
for thrwyeari itnd a half.iliiriiiK two yoiiMi 
and a htilrof wIiipIl hnnhDuld *hrin([ nnihinf; 
to paA^*whilii nl thri mil of thit \mi y»iLr tio 
triw to ' b» troiihlcd and full icilii p«f»w>uttou.' 
H* afRrmfd tint hu Imd diiriti(r the Laat year 
htti'n *ssminftd in^-eral umi» Ijofon? ponimiB- 
Siuni-rs, and that unleii8 he nhoujd have n 
fre«b revelalioD his commiwii'in would cefliw 
in a few weeks. Mo mudv rin c Inim to h^ing 
a lyrlij^ioiiA t'>ftobpr, and nfflrmcH tliftt. thi> 
' (Iroat Book ' hr had written wn« a work 
of inipirstion, a* ho had not * read much ' of 

th« Bible, or coiuulted with anv one. 
r^velntion commnndad him neitli»r to roniako everything ^i 
and lu writu his book on bia knc«9. Aa 
examination did not rerealthat beheld dm- 
)^roii«ly betArodos opinion*, or that he ea- 
di>«vourvd to propajtata h«nmf, hv doM aot 
nppMr to hare been ftiilherprocMod»duanut 
nor to have publiabed bia ■ Gteat Saok.' 

ANOrdinj^ to Tanner, Hall wrotfr : I. *Of 
Obi>dirtnco,' S. A iMok of < Virions' in Mvtnt. 
Tanniiranya that a maniiacrlpt of tb« Intl«r 
belonged to Sir John Parker. 

[StrTpc'i Aonala of tho llofonnalloii, nA. 
pt. i. pp. 43a-.«, vd. 1323 ; Tanaar'i Bibl. 
Uibtra.} A. 0. 

IftlMl), tlimdo^cat writer, son of the J 
S&inuel llnll.innitnbontof St. Petar'a, Man- 
chiuiter, wan liom un 17 May 1788. He wai 
educated at tin* Manehoalor grnmrnar Rchool 
and at St. Johii'M Collftgn, Ouafandpe, where 
he wiw elected a fellow. Hi- gradnnn-d I1.A . 
in 1«10, .MA. in 1813, B.D. in 1W«0, and 
IXD. in lai!), and held ibo rectory of Fi 
bourn, nwir Cnmbridm, from 1826 until ' 
death on 18Nov.lW». HowTOt*:l.*J 
eons for not eontrib^iting to circulal<< 
Api)''rypba,'&CTlSaA,(^vo. 2. ' ItogeneratilMl 
niid Kapliam conMderod,' 18.t3, ftvo. 8, 'A 
l-«llpr ... on tho present Corrupt 5tat« 4f 
th« t Inivf-riityofCambridg*,' HMU. 4. ' UiaM 
to Younfr UlePKTOM-n,' 1813. Up also wto*« 
oct^aaionaj poetical piKwe, and oompilad a 
by mil-book. 

[J. F. Smitb'* Jfancb, School Reg. (Omhao 
Soc.), ii, -116 ; Brit. Mm, Oil.] C. W, S. 

HALL, GKORGE tlOl^P-lfleg), bUbof 
of i;ht»i.<r. bom in 1612 or I«13, at Wall- 
hani Ai>bry, t^Mex, was the son of Joaoph 
Hall [^i{.v.},Rtircw«iv»ly bishop of Exeter and 
Norwitb. Hti iiialrii'itlutKl aaacomnoHB 
at Exoler CoUe^, Oxford, in IflStI, tookthl 
n.A. difgrco on 30 April Id.'il, wn« elwUl 
fellow iin 30 June 16.1:2, and procKtdiKd HA. 
on ir.Ian. ](i3S-A(,0illt^ Ite^tfr^fi.C.W. 
Rnmm). On S Oct. 1637 he was inductml t« 
the vioamj^ of Menhoniol. Cornwall, bMaiaa 
prebiMidnry of Ex«t(ir on ^-i !>(«. 11(39, aad 
iLTcbdeacnn of Cornwall on 7 llct, 1(UI, in 
Biiccession to Ilia brother Robert. Thotvd 
ili»prived of the^i> prerL''riM*iit* bv the parltt- 
ini!nl,h»wfi>iii1liTnatolyallowed to accept the 
litcturi^flhip of M, 1J*M hoi imc w, Kxcliaagv^ 
nnd by leoT) wn« iniiiiHier at St. Botolpk* 
Alderagat^. Aftrrtho U^^lorationlwbecaBa 
a foyalchaplaiu, MnoTiof Windnor oa6 (18) 
July 16i50, and archdoncon of CaDterhitcy 
four dara )at«r ( CW. Stale Poptn, l><xa. J iin» 
imy, pp. t»3, 66, 2i29). On S Aug. of 

Halt 65 


asmit ymr tw wm cmted 1).U. at Oxford 

(Wood. Fatti Osmt. wl. Blias, i. 460, 4*», 

ii.237). ni-M'ui.-niiMcntMlbtsli[i|i>ifCliest>-r 

on 1 1 May 1602, and during ibal ;^ar bad 

the richly eodowcd nwtory of Wipin con- 

^_ierr«<d on him hj Sir Orlando Ihiilftraiin, 

^■■rbiehbeb^ldinmDinmiffiiriwithhi^ biBlu>[>- 

^HKc (BARtm, Laufxuhirr. ckI. WtmtUin nnd 

^Flged C&, of a wound rvotirud l>y a Kiiif« in 
ftia pncki.-i in a fiUl from the raiunt in liia 
garaen at Wigan. an<l wait buried ai the ea^t 
land of the rect«r*a chancel thete. He gave 
lEvrl«r Collage, after the death of his vrifo 
teflrtrude. his fpild^B cup, and hi« vnUHv in 
■ITrrtlMwin, near St. firrmiinx, I'omwoJI, 
Ivorth 40/. *rur («ald t» I^rd 8t.Gi>nnans 
(in I8fi9>. Hi* wntinpi ar*: 1. 'God'* Ai>- 
•arinfcforihe Tribe of Li»vi, improred in a 
ennoa [oa Numh. xvii, 81 pi><iich(d at St, 
ante. . .to the from of .\fiiiifter«, then ao- 
»iniil_vaftBonibled,'4lo,l«ndtiTi,I6->i. 'i. The 
(anoD. \, -liQ, London, lOoo (another edilJon, 
ru, Loodon, l4W7 ), an aaiiwvr to a itopliJi 
unpUet entitled *T1ie UL-cUim'd Apist,' 
ro, 1666. 3. 'A Fn<M-S«naon iya PUlm 
rii. 01 preached to the LotUs . . . o» the day 
eoloan buailinlioa for the coniinuUg 
pwttlaDM,' 4lo. London, 1666^ 

fWond'o Ailirnv Oioa. (BIim). iii. 812-11; 

Btnao and Coucinor's BIM. Cornub. i. 303. 

UL87S; Cbalmem'i Blue- Diet. xrii. JT ; Aidi- 

BwlubiK, 1719, iii. fii; Uhmor'* Life 

.iii.e?*.| O. O. 

OEORflE, D.D. <17M-18in, 

sht^ofOromorc.Minofilieltev. Mark Hall, 

' Nurthnmlw^rlaad, mu boru tb^ro in 17&3, 

ail MRlLlnl mrlv in life in Ireland. Hi-t firet 

Dphrrmrni na-t oh an a«*ifinnf-nin.fli-r in 

r, lUrhy'n schjinl near I>iililin. Ilnvtnf; 

Blored Trinitv Collugp in thai ciiy, I Xov. 

\ widar toe tuumhip of tli« Rt?v, OvraM 

i^nldl, Iw Boan dUtiuimiitlied hinuelf, 

I waSfli'ctc^nicho!arinl7r3:hepTaduated 

i,A, 17r.\ M,A. I7~J<, D.h. I78*i. and H.D. 

On hi» fifnt trial, and aewnsl wrend 

litom, hr waa n uncci-wifnl candiclati • for 

Howahip in 177", and i>n 14 >lii_r !7V»0 

be waacu-ont^d a Kcnior follow. .\!ouy with 

Ws fellowsuip he Blled various acndeniical 

)Aic<-)i from lime lo time, being elected ArIi> 

t>i«li'>Ii King's lecturer in divinity 1790-1, 

Lmriu* pn>r«aaar of Greek 1790 and 171>ri,pro- 

p.onir i>r Rtodnm hintorv I7{ll, nnd pnifntwor 

'uuthcQUitti's 179^). iinrofifnwd higfuttow- 

lipia 18U0,aiuluu:UFob. of tlial year wan 

l^Wi collega to ih« n-ctor? of 

in IIm dioraiB of Derry. In ISOS 

I nrtumed to Trinity CoUes«, baring been 

bt«d to lli« pnrroBtahip by patent d«ted 

2:2 Jan., and held that oflice untU bis pro> 
motion, on 13 Nor. IS) ], tothsbtsboprie or 
' DroDwtc (Xi'A. JftM. //A.) H« was con- 
aocnled in the «illi>gn chapel on tbo 17tb 
of the same month, but di«d on thi! £trd in 
the proToei fi bou«e, fVom which be had noi 
bad time to remove. Ue waa buried in t) ' 
noltcgo chapel^ when a moBatii«nt with 
Ijttin inienjrtion to Ua nemoty bu bM 
I'TvcUd by bi» ai«o«, Uargaret Stack. The 
ia another menorial of him in the pan 
ehiirch of Ardatraw in Xowtown-Stowa 
CO. T\Tone, of which he bad b*ra recto*. 

[bablin ITniveraily Cnl«mLus; ToJd'a Cat*- , 
loguc of Dublin frtadttatet, p. 248 : OenU 3buU 
1911. Uui. |)l. ii. 49). OiT ; Coiton'i FutI ^n 
cWiv Uibonikw, ill. 3$8; 3[m»b'b Parocbiali 
Surrvy of Inland, >. 1 1».] B. H. B. 

HALL. UENRY (rf. 1«80), of Ilauffti 
bead, covenantor, waa a aon nf^ Robi^ (la 
ealiycalled Hohbio) IIall,whaMi nam« «tan« 
in an old raluatioa roll of ISISaanroprietOF' 
of Haaffh-bead, on the bank* of tV C«yl«, 
in the parish of Eckford in Lawer TcviotdaU^ 
Tho estat«, now annexed to adjoining vn^ 
perty of the Duh«i of Knocleuch, wo* th«i, 
valui-d At '2fX>t. a year. The ruuu of tl 
dwclUn^-houec, wlncb wae continuously < 
cupiei) tdl thveitd of tbvvisktDvnth century, 
are »tiU pnwCTvpd. Near tbv hnuw ii" a fUt 
aton« intcrilrad with vcnc* commvnior^iiiig 
anenccjuutfrin MtJObt-twncn ' Hobbif' llall 
aadeome iwiKhboun wbn silcnipli'd toieixu 
thv land on behalf of a p<iwerful landowner, 
Tbo Conuly balonEcd lo a clan long bmonr 
on the boroera. Th« eon, Henry, of ujoagJ 
religious leiapCTamcnt, nclirrlv opposed the- 
ivtMlutioiia adopted by ihr mmfi-mte party in 
lli« church in 1S51, ocaited to allr-nd the 
churt-h Qi Kchford, and repnirMl wr«kly to 
Ancrum. then und«r th« miniury of tb» 
Rev. John IJving»tone. .\fUrl1i«mtnration 
of cpiwopnry bv Charles II, Hall ailh«n!d 
to the prcebytonnn prcacbers, and became »*t 
obnoiioDS to llii^ j^v^mment that in IG'b'ihrT 
tMik refiifcn un tbi^ Fn^li>h lide of tlie bor> 
der, bur witliiii an i-njiy riding distance of 
his eaiaie. lie left fata rvtrsBt to join Ibe 
covenanters, vho were la anns at llin I'enl- 
laod llilla in 1676, and waa amMi«d and 
imprisoDed in Ceaafiird CWtle, two or thnM 
mites from bis own bomo. The EsrI of Rox- 
his ralMsa, and Hall ruiumtN] to Northum- 
berland. Tbare be waa nmaent at a acniDe 
near Crookbam, at wkicn one of his friends^ 
Thomas Ker of ilayhope, near Yatliclm, waa j 
killed. On this aoooofll Bewas compolled te 
quit ifae locality, and, r«(un)infr to Scotland, 
waodond upaiuldown,oft«B mcosjuiiiy witb 




Donald Car|tiU [q. t.J and otiier covenanting 
minUtttni. CouventiclM, or M<\ mcMlnaa. 
wi'TH held on his estate. Its Awhtsion uid 
pcnxlmiiy to thp border bill*, wlieni rvfuti« 
could easily b» found in nwo of Nurpriae by 
tbft dngooni> odmirHUr «dapt«d it for tliia 
puTpoMt. Tbo» RichftTil Cuaeron [q. v.] wsa 
Uootumn] to preocli th» g:(wpe1. 

Hnll was one of four cavennnlini; e1il<>r» 
who, at a council of war st 8linwli<-iid Muir, 
on 18 Juno 1*179, wyn> sn|Kiinti.'d, witli I'nr- 
gill, I>oii(;lu, KiTijf, and nart^lnr. I'l dww un 
aatat^amt uf 'Ckusm of tin* "l^cird's wra-tu 
Dgaiiut tho Land.' He wan aliin onn of ilie 
Oflmtnandin^ OlBcfini of thecnvi-nnnlers'amiy 
from til" akinniili at Pmmclng till tlioir (li>- 
foftl ftt Botltwell llridf^e (Jim« lUTtl). Th' 
Muc rilk banner parriod bpforo him in l>ii il- 
ia still in no«je^ion of n fninilv in Mirll'id. 
UumfiipMlure. On L'I> Jiinn IfJTO thu RmI- 
liali privy cooncil ordiwd ft iwardi for lIoU. 
^tt DO wcapod to Itollanil. Ri'tiimini; aftor 
thKiemanthii,Iie^aflaiirpn»cdl)y MiddUton, 
t'lUM.'inQnnensfi'rry in <>oinp«nv 'Willi Ourpnll 
(3 June 1680), llnH,li<'in({'aboldAndbn<k 
mdti,' Btru(tgi''d witli tl»o frovi-roor, ond Car- 

Till eMBpod. A blow on tbo h<3ad disabled 
lall.butwitli friendly assisLe-ncv he inaniiitod 
to trot owav tiivards IOdiiiburf;;li. K^irilinfc 
on rhuroud, Im waa carripd into a boiiiMtn«iir 
Echlin, where lie waa captutwd by Oeneml 
Thomnn Dulyi'Ll or Dakuil fq. v.] of BinuB 
and a rontiatiy of the liintr's ifuarli. llo 
dii'd wUde liciiig conTpywl to Edinburgh by 
tht! fliddiers. His body woi" L-iirriod t.(> tlu; 
whpii it wim interred at iiij;lit hy liifi frii^nd*. 
On hia person wns fmiud a niuirli drtift of a 
documtint, iiftrrwords |>uh1inht>d imd«r th« 
namt! of 'Thn Qiieensftim' I'aper.'in which 
the niib»crib(!rii rcnouncecf allopnncc to tho 
exiatinfr binK '^'■d Kovornmcnt, nod cn^nigt^ 
to ilefend their rl^htsand iirlvilrtfcrs nntiirni, 
ciTil. nnd dirinc. KoImtI Hnll fI7fia-1820 
[q. Y.] wa* n jin^aT-grnniitini. 

[OW Vrtlustion KuiU lC-13^79 : llowif's Seola 
Wortliinsfrf. IS70; RuctinUof I'riry a>uacil nf 
ttcatlniid : Stali'tical Arwiuni nf F.nltford Pariah, 
1793 ; Scntl'i Miusli-ut»jrof thuScollish Hnrdor. 
and notn ; Tmii.-swtiuu* of the Berwicluliim Ka- 
tntttliata' Club, psnonul riail and iutjuirim in 
tbo loMlity.] J. T. 

HALL, nENRY,ilii..-liaer(ltWHi':--l 7(17 >, 
oTsaniat and contpoanr. wiu Imtii abniit lt}5.'>. 
IIi3 fnthijir, Cnplain H'-nry Hftll. wua con- 
n&CMdwith Windxtr bL'twetn Ifirj" and 1675 
(TioiiBand Dwvt.Anruiltftf tfind^r. ii. 281 
<tt nco.) HttU WM a chorist(>f of tli* Clinpcl 
1toyal,and,B«itappeanifr»ni liblim<i^ririiit<.>d 
in Poreell'a ' Urpheua llhtnanicua/n UiLlow- 


atudantwiih Purcfdl, under Dhnr. Inl 
Tfall waa adinitced lay vicar Rnd aurcei 
Uolebr a« or^anitt of EsctCT Cat lied nj ; 
lii7UnewMeI»rted vicar choral, and in K 
oiganist, nf IloT<>rord CatbE>draI. He died 
them on 30 March 17U7, and wajt burind in 
IbQ eloittvm nf the vicars choral. Tudwav 
baa pretervod mtutic by Hall in vola. ir. ai 
vi. of hia collodion : this includus ' Moml 
and Ev>.>nin{; Serricea in E flat ' (of whii 
thfi 'r>< l*t?um has b<.>on pnnt«<i). and anthems, 
'!>>[ (imi nrif:«,''0 clap your hand V'Uv tho 
wnti-r* <if Babylon,* 'Comfort vo,' and 'Tlw 
StiuUoftlioRi^tiMiua.' Anuntliitn,'Rlait«<d 
bt! thff Lonl my strength,' ia in tho Briliah 
Miweiim. / Addit. MS. 17810, p. d7S). HaU 
■.vim niffirrod to hv coiicemporuywTiten not 
-nlv B» an •>xc«lWt arguiiat mad a soaod 

III i HI. bnt aUo ua a staunch iiphoMerof 
:■:■ .li "iitv nf art. Tho diirtt«s' An Phtabtw* 
(iiKl - li.-itiitv tha painful mathar'a prayw^^^ 
( Dttieitf Miaioit. llidi'i); tJu' aoog, 'TnTaiii|^H 
Hirive.' and athitra; an on^ra on the aubjeii^B 
of th^ rnarria^ of the Vas-'- of ^'eniw and 
\\v< Adrtal if' I mt^tionM by Diin^oRibe aa an 
example of ilalL'e hunniir), tuny powbly 
havo procrodod fivim llio liKht^T and inorv 
ineviuouB talent of hi^ aon Huory Hall iho 
youngwr [q. v.] 

.Another aon, WlLLUM n*t.L (d. 1700), 
waa a vioUiiUt, aud in 1902 and until 1700 
ono of th« mudiciana in ordinary to the kiu. 
Ilr diiid in 1700, and waa buried at BIcJi- 
mond, Kurn-y. An iriJ>cri|itiou on hia ftra 
.^lonvproclninia Uim 'a superior riolio.' 
comitoeilionsarc few and unimportant. 

[AalhorittM qnoud : IIftwkiTi«'» Hiat. 
Mndic, p. TB8; BoilforilaOreaft-Aljiis* of M 
p, 197r Wnrren'iTiinomelor. p. 7: Danoomh**! 
llifl.of IUref4nl,i.^Sd: UnwTKaraPai 
findanuM, pp. 98, ICS ; muvic : Bloanm' 
CcW Rsg. II. IDl ; GliMTibcrUvna'a H< 
n. 174. 1 im p. -198 ; Orovo'a Dicr. of Hi 

HALL. HRNTIY. rh.- yoiinjrcr (A inSX 
orgntiiial, ttin of Hi-nry I.I11U thi- i-lder [q. r.T, 
siiccetiiWl hift fiither in 1707 as (irjianiM of 
rrnmfinrtl Cftiliiidra]. He ia said 10 liavecoia* 
pofcwd little or no music, applyinij hinuelf 
\-er»-iiiakinK. Such trifle«a8'Tr)Mr. U.f 
adnn ; ' 'All in the Land of Cider;' '(Jatch 
the Vi^ l->iii?dilion,' in ' Th» fircxv«,' 17 
and ' A Hallnd on th» JubilM,' in ' Po 
Miincutlany ' (Lintot, Rtli «dlt., I7i!7. ml. 
wonindmiwd for thoJr isaae and brilUanty 
an age tliat was iiot repelled by their coara^ 
nesji. llaira cnmrnpodalory poem prelitnl 
to Blow's * Amphion ' \n a ploaan^ exampla 
of hia wriiinif. Then.' ia no msniion in the 
' Fasti Ilnriif'irdpnBea ' of tha alootion of iha 
yoiingvr Hall tv thu offl«o of viear 6i%o\ 






««• tfefi iliiii w'N'bw f ^^ 


Im IMjl h» attuMd ki» m*tMl 

The Mmnmeaiumiitt turn, mui 
•vncB MTTsal to 

DodiMs <tf Cbrclnd, to m«sg« WmU ca 
OtariH far atC>«*i«>C ^ ieO, MBocdi V to 
P>pr»*adOi I m il. 'm^Tiafen'wUh 
liifli. la Apnl 1069Uwarqt«WTi«tar 
At hw l iOQae, — Jt uM TgJaml^ftBMhw. 
H* iffemn t« kve nm b outot 
UituBMt IB • booUt »t TMJlMhH. 

ib ; Jo M«Fyr.BrllwW«M%MiA.' Atn 

WW miofiti, •mithm^ mmA mahK^tj, mm 
nftrnmrnkm of Hdl n anlraditi^ of 
HMaMB'9 • XflMin of OtnaoM.* 

MctwovitliBntktcMewFur. IV^wii- 
■ w ai fauMdbmueaikre on ^ A«g. IttU^ 
■ad dBw iri tw i Im 'J— cray of the rixs' m 
* * ttettwqrth iiiii<ii^.Mi! wjgtlilr fai..wra.' 
On 91 Snt. IWK Fefin •ttt^dnf Mtwii,ft«I 
•QoimL met lUH it m unm. UaU told 
IW^tUi beli«iIuftnibllni.bnt)i»dDMTr 
brrwea > lisih. ' Up serin's' ^*'Vy» *^^. ' * 
migfctv strod^ nun.' A pWanl wtu u«afd 
iWirriBiiig ih^perfornuimsaf 'hinuolf ind 
UwMi/Iir. Riclunl Laaeubue.M-iih irrml 
otben of ibrir cannDuai.* iUU and kit 
pMods prtmlsed' excellent d«ncitt)t«adTanlt- 
iw an Ae ropea, 'wilh Tvneiy at rare ftnu 
ofae^Tilj and a^litT of bixlj upon tile fu^re, 
aa doing of aoBKnetn and tlipHi^ii.ilyJnit oTer 
thiitj nnm^ and orvr H-vnrmI loeD** heads, 
•odalaofljringtikniisttaeviwalhoms.* Hall 
Snallr c1all«Bmd 'all othsn vkaLMwrer, 
whetiMr RnjilUomMi or strangen. Uj do thw 
like wi:h t!ii-m for tvrmir pouBali, or whal 
moR- iliey plrjua' (A'ofM'oNrf Ouene«, ^nd 
•rr.TiL ii2>. SuliiM^uentlj Hall bi^a lo 
build a booiii in Channtf Cnws, and waa «>m- 
nitlrd to prison Tor cnntinuinff iu c«i>cii(in 
mH«T tbo IcKal authorittaa kad ofd«n«t iu 
damolilioR. Bui his inSuence witb tlM-hin(t*« 
minraaa «nabl«d him ut com|>l(^((.■ the bonth. 
lie alao ncctud a atage in Lineoln'a Inn 
I-l«Us, bnt ihe infaabitantainterrened amia, 
witli tlM reailll tliat hin mrTominni?'* Iher« 
^im inhibited. On i Sont. UiTO William 
BUvlliwiLilf', in a lelt«r t<? Sir Rnbort Soiith- 
wi-ll. ici-niinnnl that be had Juit witaet$«6 
HaIVh i!iluhitii)n;> of apilitv. Holwrt Wild, 
in bis 'Rottw Rh_rm4?d to l>«ith,' 16t3; 
llryd^n, in his ipilofpw U> Xal, Lw's * Milli- 
ridatm:' Ilr.John Kins, in hit 'Collection 
of KiddiM,' T«f«r to hi* skill, aiwl in live 
•aondnditionof tbt>p«ll<>«iinn<^n1itled 'Wit 
and DrelUn-' (Ir^i'i ho is described a» rtiU 
d«ligbtt&i; Tendon wiiii liin jiimpinfr. 

A pictar* of Uall, heovijy dnjsicd gn a 

[JMNli 0«n «*!« tb* Stnnta. tfi. IMltt : 
Ha«7 Vd.!.;!. Maaaao. .r BwlW«M« Fy>. 
l«M.pfkSn-t.>U^m; "-n^m'tlUMn^a 
<rf QMnaaaft (Baba^ asm ■•-), m. II»J«: 
e*^» UiaiT. al LopI Srafli;^ ifi. 4M. 

HALIsJAKES {4. 161SV. MT^Ww,a 
nativ* of HaU. nad« (on; n>*^aa to <](««• 
land, and wkk* an aeeomi it lb» ftnt two. 
Ha nada Ub fitst loj^ in lOOS, wbaa In 
«M cUafjatot on an «zp«djtio«k aont tqr 
Cknatiaa ir of Deukarii l« diaconr tke loM 
ooloai- of GvMnland. The? landed cm tU 
w«M«ra ecMM Mar tb» nodon HolctMnbacs. 
and liandeambaa tin Eakunot u ' a Idnd 
atSmay^-tntihijfag tba van,' and (ivw 

tbair Bod» «f demTUH tlw aaala br navattDfT 
aaalaldn itumenta. U» w«nt anui on tW 
aamo ^uaat in 1009 a* plot nwkr Admtml 
LdndenoT, wben he mw tba natiru* winter 
bousca,iaada of whalebonaa aad oovrrnd vit h 
earth. AftcrjoiniDealhirdlkjuahnjpDdilJoa 
to (inMnUnd in ltX)r,be retuniedto upland 
whi> Lad aoflnoiiiaii iwl him on al 1 bis vomw, 
and liadn apecial allntvancv GwkiaaMmaDMiip 
(romCbmlknlV. Hall poratiadi^d four rich 
atarcbanu lojdn bin iatltiuK oul an En0> 
Uab anedhkia for minotal arv*, and sailed IVtr 
QiMnland on bia fonrtb and laal vojragv, in 
contnand of two abtpa. ib« PatiMiea and 
llnrtaeaae, in 1613. The fiunoua William 
Baffin [[). T.] -nraa pUoi of tbo Patlanooi and 
wrote an account (published by l^lK>lla•^ of 
this. Hall's lasL \nyiig^ Ttw [wriv niu'lioi! 
Cockin Sound onSJulr.and on ihi>:>Ut lloll 
vaa nKirtallv n-iHutdad by on Kakimo, in »• 
veng* probably for luvinjrcairieduiror sUin 
fomv nativM on a jirariona voyaav. Elall 
died 2^ July Kill*, hia lact wiabai UBiaf that 
Barlwr.maatar of tbeUearueaso,abauld suc- 
ceed liim a« omoioandcr, and HnntriM Uko 
llarlier'a posi. lly htg own dc>sire tu' waa 
buried on an inland, not at eea. I'urduu 
girea soconnta of Uall'ii fint lw<>TOTa^<«, 
aomewhaC abbnviateal, and aityu h<' nlnio noa- 
ioatad an account of the third ruyago, illux- 
traitd by Joaish IIuImti. but ainro tha >litp 
wai forced to turn hiu-k he doaa not print it. 
Baffin'a journal la alao in PumIuu. 

|I>unha»hi>Pil2riinaa,0l. 103A.I. 
827. ftSl; John Daria, bjr ClemraU Ujtrkhtm. 

pp.a<o-ai.m.i E.r.B. 



HALU. JAMES, I>.D.(l76li-182e). ?«•- 

ytorinn uiviof, ■Ktus tnini nl Oiittic^uit, iii-nr 

rla^w, on 5 Jttn. 17-V). His ]iart'au bv- 

_ T lo Uie widdlti class, and were toaloii§ 

dbeninUoftbe seci'wion L'tiiirch. From Lis 

ktberjWbo died in liisinfaticir, wa^olttaiocd 

['tbe fou on whicli wnf l>uilt the mwi ing-hount- 

of Shu 1 1 Ifl Strcul , oflc rwnrdt ( ' rt-y frinm, ( i I [i»- 

gow,t1imiHieal«ocu>ionccn|iri'gnti<iii in tti<- 

ciiy. Hifl mothiT prrwnled tlit; w.-cwlew iif 

KirkinUllftcli willi Iiiml wliicli slue owned 

there for a mteliniif-Ii'ium.' nnd nifiii.&c. and to 

her Junufiiiuid his bralliiT liofcu-rl, afterwords 


ibeir early i raining. Hull «Uuli<id in tliotini- 

vi-rsity iiriitFwgow.iiud'T rrof<'**nn( Vminji, 

Jnnlinri, anil Dr.'niiiiiuiw Ri.iid,nnd liiinlUjittJ- 

ci-iylml In t.lirt llii'iiliigicid coiintii uudiT J»lin 

Brown ( l7:i:J-ir87) iif Ilmldiiigton [(j, v.] In 

t)ie (tiiria^ of 1776 ho vrai licensed [o preach 

by thi- jiwiociat* preaby tery of OUcgaw. An 

odLTofu (fi>od living in 1 lie iwljibligliwl cliiirch 

WAA ri'ji-cli.'d H'itli Kmrn, aud on l(t A|irjl 

1777 hi- wua nrlfiiiind |in»lor of tlic n*«ijcintc- 

[cougn'ituiiitn at Cuinnoek. A call lu Llinenn- 

fgH-'gaiioii of Wull* Slreet. Ltiudoii. ia 1780 

Waiis^et aeii.le by thoBynod, which then decided 

cMs tt} orduini.>d minisler; ; hut uu 1 ti June 

, 17^ Ilall WHS IronsUtud lu tht; uon^ii^f^tiou 

RoMSuoot, which hod sMi^dnd fnim t.ho 

fixn UMcUlQ confp^'fialion in Ediahiirffh. In 

1800 he ddcliiioil n call In Mancht'stcT. 

Hall toiik n high pln«e fts a prenchcr und 

^Btlnuwr, whilrt hix giiKtral inti-lli^neri and 

olished mnnnora piVi- him good ktandinf; in 

Sdidburnh sociL'ty. Thfl WLi-ting-houee in 

KoBc ^Ir>-e1 'xna iAled to ovi-rlluvt-iii^, and a. 

iu'>re «{iiu:i<)uA church wamiivct-xl in Broufili- 

tuu I'laM in ISaO-l. Ill 17y:*BpulpilgOw-n 

wiLf^ pr<?>i<?viiti.HJ to hitii, but, till! tun of nuch 

rjbfswiw dig r dill.' fill to Btrict cuci^dMB, nnd a 

few pf hia hi'uriTs lofl. IIii dii^d on 20 Nov. 

J8S6, and wan huriud in ihu Nvw Calton 

cemetery, in u limib purchattod by thy wu- 

ffivfpttitin. A inarbl« labloC wu« jducod in the 

ubby of tho church. 

1 From 178tJ onwanli Hull was alwnvs con- 

Lspicanui on ihv »idc of ijni(rn"^i ui ific rvli- 

Uioiu no vvututta uL' his I i OIL*. 1 1 in kuvwU-d^ 

rOf buititiKtw, ruady utU'cmiCK, and conihina- 

tinii (if HutLvity luid dicuity uiade him a 

iist-i'itl mrinbrrof ecclma«lienJ court*, lie 

encoumir^id bible and mi&sioimry Focictica, 

ind was chairman of thocnmmittccwbtch, on 

8 Sept. 1S20, brought about n union ftroong 

ericudcrit nfVi^r iv scpamliiiR of more tli&a 

Bcvrnly yn-iirB. 

Ilfiilnry of BroDghton Flue* ChtiToh, 1873. 
a«rinQa on lUll by tliu Rer. Julia Urowa; pri- 
late infurinati'au.] J, T< 

HALL, 8ni JAMES (I761-I»aj,_ 
iri(iiil(i|;int »nr\ rltcnii»t, the lirat KOoIogiaC to 
directly aiiplv the teal of InboraCorr ejpOTt- 

, meiit ID gsolopcal hypT>thea«ei wa« bora i> 

, 17lil, bcinr the ddest son of Sir John, tbird 
Imronpt of Ounglnu, lladdinirKtiuihin-^ by 
Mn^'dnlcn, daughter of Sir Kabert Pringle, 

; Imn. Hall K 111-4; ecded to tbo faaronetcr in 
177il. Hi» atli'ntidti .«ccm« early to have been 
direcli'il 10 iptolupirnj ijnrwtion'i r he bccUBe 
intiiuflio with Jninm Ifiiitnn and bis »xpo- 
neni Playfair, ond h!in*i?lf n^ntu'' hi»w,iiPnr 

1 three years of almost daily arjiumenis with 
Muttoti, he wait led Co adopt the leadb^ 

' prindidi-n of hii f<y*t«m. These he leat«d by 
caniful St iidy nf I hi- r«cl« in varJoiu part* of 
Scotland, in ihv .Alpx, in Itnly, and in Sieilr, 
llurina his iravcln. fnim whicli lip r«tnniHl 
in 178>'i. he also jiaid ronsidenbtif atlitutton 
l<] architmrture, lie was anxiniia ta taut 
lhi.> obji3Clion» of tbe NeptuniM followen 
cf WiTiwr tfi lliitton's i'lutouist view* by 
(itpi'riwif-ni, WiHvirg with rnrae«lsUB that 
' Vidi^ait i* n wiMnicf ^alur■^ imitntine cob- 
cisely wliac the fir« tal«» liroi- and nirciiic 
to L'ftect." ilntlon, liowevi-r, objiwted 'in 
judge of the great operations of the niinenl 
liinEdom frivin harm^ kindlod a fire and 
lonltiHl into \hv Ixitlotn nf n liitlp rrucihte,* 
1(1 Hall piH-tjHint^d ihi* ntiblii-al ion of any of 
his r«t<uli» until B,rii'r lii» frivndV death 
1797. In a jn'ritwof m''moir« cotnmtioieal 
to the lloyal S<icii-*lyof Kdinburffh,nf whi 
hL>wa!i pr«J4idt'ni, li<> BL»uvd, in op{>»ttif>n V> 
the Wemerian?, that basalt, and L-vtn l»ttlp- 
plnsn, wlii-n fiiM'cl and very slowly coolei, 
liewinif (tony anil prv-tnllinf, and noiglaasy; 
ihBt carbon ntrt of lime, wlieii hnated tinder 

Erewiiiw, WBS not burnt iiitfl •jiiicklimp, but 
eeamo a. ervitallini? mnrblc; and that tl 
vertical position and eonvoliitionn of stra' 
in llie nc'ilfhiMiirhoud of ^rrunitv haw 
prodnc-d by it« inlruBiOD tn a molten SMV 
enuiing latoral pn'»isure. He RaTe a ttufr 
a«ooun) of tbe tormntion of volcnnic couea 
0,1 ilhiBlraled bv Vcsuviu(i,but hefallowi>dDo 
SatiHuun.' and 1 iillu*. in nppofition to lluttoo 
uud Playfnir, in attributinj^ to n greot ee«- 
flotwior'dibtlfK'' tho pr<-9t'ucu of bouldernoii 
the .lura and *imiUr )>h<-uiimena ut. ('orjto*^ 
nUinc which we now twiijjfiiL'e as Kl^'^'ial. In 
1 iB" belaid Wfo-rcihe HoynlSocietyof Bdi»- 
hiugh an intvrt'Sting introductory 'Ksaay on 
tbe Oriifin and IVinciplea of (lotbic Archi- 
and a calnnmd rroutirtpi''(^c^i wliich hn iMued 
in an enlarged furtu in 1 81 a aa an' Kawiyo 
th« Drijiin, History, and Principles of f Ini.h 
Architectiiiv.' estendinjr to IW pafcea, wr 
MXtyplat'9. He nrifucs in detail that tJot' 
nrcliitecttirubeg-tn iu tbcreproduL-t ion in nV 



, but 



■tattf I 

«r «UD|il« w«tU« boUdbga, <l«nniig ctocfcett I 
Gron Uw ^raubw bacU oo wiHow-^atmi, ' 

mt laimxiBoi polo, uid tte poiitud uch ud ' 
groiA«d rgof froufleuUepolea ti*d tofNtber | 
M nften tavm m be«a. He dMcnoM ftj 
.miiUBtw* tiotbic c&tiiMlr^ built tnr Inn in . 
mttU-vark, vtuck U npT««cst«d in lfa« ; 
froaiupictt. FionieOG' to 1^1:2 H^Rjpce- 
•mud tlM boroi^b of Michwl or Mitcbell* 
CoTDwall, in ntiliaiDmt. Hr died at Gdin- 
bunb on 33 June 1632, & nacfaiix iaraiUd 
bjlnoi for ntfulBliBchisk tenpenturw bag 
deaeribedto the GeoTofncal SooetTorLondftB 
after hia deatk by ha aecond mh, OMtain 
BmU n»ll [q. T.] 'II* n&med (9 >or. 1 786) 
IleleD, MicoDd duigfatrr of Duabu' PoiijlUtt, 
toanb r«rl of SiakiHr. She died IS JuIt 18S7. 
BThrrllall lud ilirrt-Mntuiil tliraeuwtb- 
tvn; llii- ddntt wm, John (17^7-1860), fifth 
buoiiet,vM F.Ri>.: ibe >uaiiKeroa«,Buil 
and JuiMB, are Miunlvl)' oocioed. 

[Pbw. OpoL Soe. 1. 438. 47* ; the work* atom 
MMitkiaKl ; K»p*nn>«ii«l (ic*Inty. Lj F. W. i 
Sadler, ia Prac. Owl. Aiw& toL si.; BatUt 
BanBMaBa; G«nl. Hue. ItSSL ii. liS-B.] I 

G. S. D. I 

HALL, JAMES 1 1800 ?-1854), adTOcau. I 
and amateur paialcr, wu the tbird and | 
jonnmat eon of Sir Janwa Hall, ban., of , 
Di^^ai0,tb« geok)^ [q. t.] He wa« bora 
aboot 1600, and waa edncatml tor tbr 1<^1 
oroCMwoa. At ib^niwnl elMtion in Juiu 
||lS4I,anda|raiB in FAbnury IMi!, bu wu an | 
FwiWCCMsftil candidal!! io the conMnfttLv^ 
tNt«r^t (nr the bofougli of TaontAB. But it | 
«as na a patron of art and an aaul«ur prt- , 
trait- paint vr (bat hv wU beat hnown. [I« I 
vraa a student vf (be Koyat Ac»d■^n)y, and I 
became tbe fii«iid •>{ Jolin Wal«on Uiirdon, 
Gallins, Allan, and (:6[«ciaI1,t of Sir lUnd 
Wilkie* many of wboM «t iidim and tbctcbce ' 
ha poaitMedi and wbo«o fiitouril« palette bo ; 
fTMOtled to tbu Nntiooal ObUctj, wbi-rc it 
omradonH thepedtvtat uf Samupl J<>M'|>Ii's 
narUe Matve 0( Wilkle. Hi? waa a libvtal 
donor to tha (inula df ibe Uriti^ In^litution, 
and bolb there and allbe ICoyal A cad«ni woa 
an oocaeioiial exbiUlor of portraits and ^cot- ' 
cidiecaMrf betveralSSSandlS^. Among 
Ui laodacapcft were ' The icml Socncry of the 
Bride of Lain n)cnnuir,"IV)raBnni»')iM>inii- 
nant in Aynhire — llur Idand uf Amn in 
tbs dirtanrr,' ' The IVnt luiui 1 lilU iii:ar l-xlin- 
fanr^i.' 'I>un(rlaM,' 'TanlaUoo Castk-,' and 
'The Linn at ;\s1umIccI, where it enters !li« 
Tweed.' U« painled a fuU-lengib portrait 
I tit Sir Wah«r Scott, whoae manuacriM of 
' WaTerlejr ' bo^va to the AdTocatW Library 
at Kdinbamb, and in laSD be Mnt to the 
Koyml Acaaemy a portrati of the Dnia of 

WeOingtoa. Hk noeeaa aa an aititt, : 
ever, iraa not ao neat aa it nicfat hare beea~ 

if he had cirea hia uadividM atteatiau to 
iiainttac; llts ctndio at 40 BKver Stteet, 
OoldtttSquare, wa» shared by SirJobn'Wataou 
Oordoo when ia Loodon lor a abort tiiae in 
theaeaMNi. Ha abo wrota $au» ycylitjre 
lett«n«a ^ Binocnlar P or^ actiT«,Srliidt ap- 
pcared in tin ' Art Journal' tor March and 
Augaetl652.andwcw r or i cwcdbjSirDa<id 
Brnreter. UaUdiedusaamiedalAahiMUieU 
Sdldrkakire, t be reoidenca of hie Meter. 1^ J 
BoflMU, on as Uct. IBU, wed U. A halt 
loBgth portrait of him was ieh uafiniab«d fav 
SvDnid Wilkie. 

(Smumkii. 1 Nor. ISM; Art JobduU. ISM. 

LU* : (JcDL Mag.. IKM. i.90: Allan Cnani^- 
MB Life of ftir Datid Wllkio. 1S»: Bonl 
Aeadcny SxhiUtion Caulc«nM. ISSfi-AS: Bri- 
ti^ laatitaCioa ^hibilKM ChCalomM (Liring 
Artirta), 18»-».1 & B. O. 

HALL or HA U.K. JOHN (ll^f- 
1C66P>, poet and medical writer, wu bom 
tn_ ]fiS9 or 1S80, becane a nembef of the 
Worshipful CoiD|mny of Cliraiyeona, and 

JracLiaed at a fuigeon at SCaidMoiie, Kant, 
le ap|ieara to h«i-e been a mao of Ctmog 
charactKr and of great ml in hia [iiiOwiiia 
Ilis worlca ara: 1. 'Certavna Chapten 
taken out of the PrnTerfaea of Solomoo, with 
other Llispten of the Holy Seriptiirp, and 
ceruyna naliaaa of l>«Tic), tran»lai<d into 
Engliab Metre,' Londnn (Tbomae lttyiu>ld«>, 
1549. gro. 2. ' A PooMi> in Korau^ of a 
^'isioo, briefly tovcyitig agaiiwt the moet 
hateful! and prodigiona artca of \ecroBtfloctt>, 
AVitehcrmft,Safc«ri«, tBeantaliQ(w,aDd dirDn 
other dataauUo and deuJiHhepracttKe.daTly 
aaad nnder colour of Judici&ll Aittolona,' 
Landor^ l&es, Uro. .1. • The Court of Vcr- 
tue, contayning manv Holy or Sprrtoall 
SoD^reo, Bonnvtt**, l^salinea. Ballet ta, and 
Shorte Sentence, aa well of Holy Scriptnre, 
aa other%' with nuaieal notes, Lcndon,l&6&, 
lUmo. Tbia book eoaow by ibe prc4ojrae to 
have been written in contraal to one nam^il 
'The Court of Yen bs,' which waaacoUrciion 
of lore Mogt. 4. ' A moat excallenL and 
learned woorkt- of ctiimrgarie, called fhi- 
rurgia parya Ijaiifranci, l<Mlfranlre of Sly- 
laytio bie briefe : ndnoed from dvren tnaa. 
latiooi to oar TuliFU^frwe, and now finrt; pub* 
lished in the I'.nglyJie prynte,' black letter, 
4 pta., London, lAGA, 3to. It eontaina a 
woodcut portrait of tbe tranalator, 'let. S5, 
1064.' 6. ' A ¥ery fmiefull and nenaaary 
briefeworke of .\natnmie,' IM^j, annmded 
to Ua tranalation of Lanfranc'a ■ ClumTvia 
ParTR.' 0. 'An lli«ioriall Expoeinlation : 
Agninii the bwaatlye Abnaiira, both of Cby- 
nireerie,aiid Phyiyk»,in oan tyma ; with a 




____ tine aail IiisLruotioii, iiL-ct;iw«rT« 
to bo mtrlwd and folowed, of oil truu Cia- 
ruTfHeiu,* H9^ sppcnded to tus traiielatiQa 
ofLoiifnuic's'ChtrurKiiiPiirva.' Thucurioue 
trciitifio wasr^>hiitetrintLooloTriitli volume 
of liuipiiblicntionitof t.liolViT;v Sncirtv.I.on- 
i\nu, IH-M, Svn, iiniliT llii- ri!it.iir*liTii nf T. J. 
Pt!l.l.i(fn-'W, K.K.H, Hull luikliy <U-ii ounces 
tlie quaclifidl' tlit> Jiij-,uiiJ is loud in his ii«i- 
icsiAtioiiH ag&inii itie ciiaibuial'ifiii nf niafnt^, 
liifinatLon, inJ physic. 7. A mt'iricol vcr- 
wim of 'Tho iTDUtrbt's of Snbmont thre 
clinpicnof Ecdeaioclvs, tbosixtWdiapiTrof 
Kitiiiciitin, the ix chMU-r of EccltMiMTicuA, 
and ci^ii.vue iiMJmea or Pniiid,' Lvndon (Ed* 
ward Wliitcuiircli), n^!. Svo, dedioud to 
Joiin Dricket, e*<|.. of Elthani. Hall frri^ 
Toi)»l_<r compl&iDs that ' ctrlarnti cbaptera of 
thfi /ruH«"6«, irnnslfltod hy him into English 
joMtw, l&St), litid before been untruely enti- 
tiili'd t« be lh» dnyiipn of mnyiilcr 'rhoiDB* 
^^tlTl1IlaId.' 8. GiiuliNh tmiialittinn of Ri>ni.— 
lUci Vict nriua' ti and NtetioliuMuitMi'airciniiMta 
on the ' Curo of lLi> Trench Diftt-uro ; ' laaiiu- 
BcripC in. ftodlelan Lihmry. No. I7ii, wliich 
nlibi r«intnin« Mme letien from Ilall to Wil- 
liam I'll nningliH til, M ,l>.,(ifl,nmlfin. H. Com- 
im-ndiil'irv Imik''*!' vrrsi'* ])N'!i«ivllnTh(imo8 
(iak-'s ■ ICiit'txii-idion uf Chiruigi-rii',' liitW. 
and to the aame uulhor'a ' Inmiution of n 
I'binirgian," IfiCS. 

[Ami-t'h TypopT- Anli<). pp. 680, 681. 805, SOC, 
M* : Tiibliogmptm. it. W : itrvdgMi Brit, liilil. 
ii. 34S-43; Omngir'* Itiag. liii-t. of Kngknil, 
6tbcdit,i.3«B: Ia)wdi1«b'ii£>I>1. Mnctl/iv-DiUe). 

68(8: Prrcy 8ocin(j*i J'uMlcalionr. vol. xi, ; 
iuon's BiW. Pwiicu, p. 232; TBinicr* Bibl. 
Eiil. p. 572.] T. C. 

HALL, JOHN (1 575- 183.-,), pliy«eian, 
mid .Siiakeepearo'a son-in-law, bonn In iri7.*i, 
micmn t" hiui.' bi.'-f [1 connected willi llie Ilalhi 
iif -Xi'lmi, Miililleu'V. iillhoup-h he waa not 
Iwirii iliere. IId-uiihu'i'II >'iliicnl(d,lrAfelIed 
nbiuad. urd pcijiiirvi) 11 piml Imowledge of 
l-wncli, lie calleil himu-lf miimor nf urtd, 
but. IviKUtiiveniiiy i^not known. and, alt liniij^h 
lin pmciiwid molJriMe, lie had no medical 
d»'((rp» On 5 .liitm i»l07 lio inATri«d, at 
StratfoTd-oii-ATon, SuMUina, Shnk^is ware's 
older d&ngbtOT, and Chcncoforth reside'! in 
8tru!fcrd. His Hrst hoiiJU! them wm nppd- 
renllyinthestrettcBlk-dOldToTm, Iliimnly 
child Kliz&bcth waa baptised at Stratford nn 
21 Feb. [W7-8. In 1812 Iio Iwsod a small 
pioM of wood*d land from llio corporal i'.'n. 
HiiiwiffrKcoivfid.iinderthewillof horfuthiir, 
SliakfCpiiun-, in ICJIO, iW houM' knowu us 
New I'lacp at Stratford. Sh- «iid Hidl weru 
residuary 1«cBlve» tmd cxucutors of tto will. 
In June ISloHttll proved lliQwill in London, 
in tb« ArcLbiBbap of Cuitvibury's ngUtry. 

Halt and his family rt-moved t« N«w Place* 
sooQ tftOTW&rds. 

IIoU obtkitiod great local crmiiMnco as ■ 
doctor. Hon tLan once bo altcixlKl tbe Earl 

and CountcM of Northampton at Ludlov 
rattle, inont Ihan forty milnn from StiuLronL 
III Marcli ]l)17 h« aiu-ndcd Lord <3oiupioii, 
prohably at Compton Wrniatee, Warwidt- 
ebirc. ITallwaselccleda'bur^feaf Htralfonl 
in ltfl7, and n^iin in 16&3, but waa oxcueed 
from titliinf^ olRco on the ground of hispn^ 
fviwional nn^etuicnta. In 1 &!i3, hnwoverf 
he was compeltd to acc-pl' tht; portion, and 
was soon al^cm-ards iliifd for 11 ott-ai tendance 
at the meetinps of the town council. lie 
was B deeply roligious man, and fthowixl frcoD 
an early period puritan picdilcctivii^. lie 
giHT to iliL' clinirh a coatly new pulpit, ntsA 
in 102^ he KM appointrd n homiigli rliiirrh- 
wiirdeii, in Ifl^ 11 >idi?iiuaii, mid in ItiS.'i tl: 
vicar's cliurvh warden. In I63.T the vicar, 
Thomus Wilson, an ardent puritan and Hall' 
intimate friend, induced him to join in achan* 
i-ery acrion brought by liim»elf np/iin»t thi 
town cfiuncil. Ilall wn« ain-ady l-Il^r"^'«d i 

tii^niimnl ilinpiilw with hi* fell 1 1 w-co unci 11 onu 
n OciuWr I(U13 thny rxiit'lted hiu) from tli» 
council, on llw (fmiuid of hi» hn-acli nf ordeM, 
' Bundri- other taiaderoeaiiauif,' and ■ for hu 
continual disturbances at oiirhollG«.' In 1 
linll wns seriously ill. He 6wA on 3& Nov.' 
th" imriHli church, 'Hw reffinl^Tdei^cril^iahiai 
UK 'iniidiniN iwrili^imuH. II if) lomb befLrsSi 
Latin in«cnpttoii. By a num^upativi- will h> 
left ft hoiia(< in London tn hiu wtfo, a houi* 
at Acton and n mi.'udow to his d&nghtar,Bad 
' his study of books' and his msnuMtipU t» 
his BOti-in-law, Thomas Nash. The mUM- 
^oripin worn lo b<> liiirrit r>r treated as 
hignliic phtaaod. Nothing in now Vnown 
tlic.>ni, and it i« «iiffgeiitnd thnt tbixrindudi 
inannscrint* of Shn]iti«peart''!t wofka. 
Hall and bis wife, as rt-sidunty luntaai 
doubtloM inherited In ItilC. Hall's aiail: 
— widow, dnufriil^r, and aon-in-law — li 
topnthnr At N«w Plwe afldt hi* doath. Thft 
widow dind lll«n^ on 1 1 July lfM9. and waa 
buried lieiid* hor husband 011 thf. IBth. 
Ktifilitih epitaph In Tcrf« wm placed on 

Hairs dau;th1er Klteabcth maiTwd, lit A' 
I liL'U, Thomas Naah (lijy^-ltM"), a n^iiVnt 
at Stratford, who was a student of Liucoln'a 
inn, and had coDsidorable property. He died 
at New I'lacc on i April JUJi, aged 53, and 
WBH buried in Strutiord Church next, tlar. 
His widow ai'lcrwardv mnrrii;d at Bille»lcy, 
a villa^o four milen fnim t^lmif<jnl,0D fiJune 
1 S41I, dir Johu Iti'ninrd or llnrnard,a wealtliy 
widower of Altiiigtoii, Nortlintopioiiiiliire. 

,1 ^f I 

Th6 ' 

dn'a 1 



SbewMbBfiodtf AbogtatOB 17 Fab. lOBK- 
|<t~Q, uid tru tha lalnC mrtxnw tt ?ftifct 

unl di«d «BHfiB 1074 i eC Bu^ J^rtA- 
«Mji/MUNUry, i. 10; riwMMawM f^ JKn* 
^HoAmmw ««C. l8gO-&, I*, ii fp. lat-isti 
b WIS Jbm» CmIw, a Mu«MB, raiud 
Mn. HaU M N«w Pb«S ia uirtidttW •« a 
dtit«c&iD««t of lb* parti*iDraTuy armr, asj 
was tsvil*^ b* b«* lo rf aitm* fco- lat* 
bnibaiii** iDaauKn(4«. A« a wa h , OmIk 
iwii il ia I0->7 Ibe ni« voIihw t nti l li d 

• Sokcl OtiMrniUoQa on EmSA Bm&m, asd 
Cur* botli EmfMsncaU aAd HtatatkaU ftr- 
tonaei apoa rer^ awaial fsaaat m ^mm- 
rate riiwanfa. firi> irrittwi m X«ta b^lu. 
Joba HaU, ^jnaciao. Irrtag at Stnusd- 
uiuo-Atob ai WarvidoluR, when Iw iraa 
jeiftuMnM^milMtai Uw ooostica aijaccBt. 
aa appMua lij Umw obtemtioas davo oat 
«r wTcnll bindreda of boa aa c&onaN, and 
now pat iaio Engli/hfig *™"-** b«mu lijr 
jamra Cooli^ fcaetisioMX ia W i y w ck ■■« 
Cluraifeiy,* Lmadop. Una A aeoond ad>- 
lion appfarcd ia 1079, wliicfa vaa tcMened, 
with a aew liilc-pa^. m I6t)3. HaU'* on- 
gioa] IaIid nolo, nkkli cowf tHe tUtaa 
ld22-ad, aiv in Brit. Miu. f^ertoD M8. 

(j.o. Uiiiii««U'PhiuirF«'t OotitoMuf uf»«f 

Sba»fp«*r»(7ihtAt.),t 219-2*. 2;i^.ii. 170. 
ISl-4; Ihigitek's Wuvidilani.} S.L.L. 

HALL, JOIIX (lft?7-l(i36>. of DtiHnmi, 
povt aail pani{ib]vi>'er. sou of lliirliM'l UaW, 
' gmt .,' bam ■( Durbam in Aueust lUf7,was 
frduentMlai IhirbitiDEcliDol.ana wtfulmitlM 
to !^f. Julin'RCollMfi,CambrKlg<p, on IfA Feb. 
1(U.V6 (MaV'ir, Mmummt, p. 76). At ihn 

■■M^ of niDotooo h« pubtialMd * Hona Vacirs, 
•r EMaja. Snoaa oecaaiottal Coottdefatioiw, 
1 R18, l9mo, wlu eh be dedicated to the maatar 
of hit ooUe^, John Airovaaiib. Comtaan- 
dftloi; Teraca in Enriiah were pr«fix«d hy 
Thomaa St*Dl«v, Williun Ilnmmofid, JanM 
8Urkgr> Ac. ; I>r, Ut'nrt- .Moro ci^Rlribut«d 
Groek Maguu ; and Ilafr« tiiiiir, JaIih 1'aw. 

['aODi lupplied* prwGnon, (lutcil from Si. John'* 
ColUgV, 13 J\inn lf44>. A pnrtra'tl cf th« 
author by Manbnll udomn iW liltli; volamc. 
In n biognphical notice hrTorr HhII'b p'Wt- 
hutnoiu ' Hiurocl^s,' K>57. liia fni^ud Jolin 
Dovlw vf KiJwoUy ( ItfiT :-'-liil«3) [q. v.] de- 
vtan-a ctiAt tUine vouiliful f^asBva 'aniamd 
sot only tilt L'aiTcreilT but the mon' »crioua 
Mrt of men in tin; lliKo naliono/ nnd thnt 

* tbry iniTclkd irt-vr into t'nacu and wvra 
by na oidJoaiy pcreon clod in tli« lansua^ 
cf tbnt muntnr. Ilall ntrut n («py Ii> Jnoiiui 
I)i»v(ill, whose leiier cf acknov Ieil(nn«ni is 
printed to part ii. of ' tlpibuilic Ho-KlianiP.' 

TV* aMaya VOT Wla«a W a a^ oolkc- 
tim rfaat i M iiiia U i ^ 'rtw^' | w » ^i i i i 
^ ^-w^. -- . t'T"Ti ii p iiii it 
^Sr & ^ta» no^jia in 161<I> Om- 
■ w i dwiw yi n ii IvBanr Mm and otbaca 
«tt» infaad. wi iw TCiMa na d(«ated 
to TiMHB StaaJar. lb gmtni tkk Wa 
u datad lUe, bat • Tk Saenl BiHdi</K- 
rna I>M«t ' baa a Mw litla-fagadatBd ]«• . 
Soon of tba dmM poona ircn 
iacMad » ' EnUna Mb Bcnm : 
nf^JTfM^ti. BjJ.r ^'^- 

Una, 3 paita. vhieb «aa dedjcatoj W tba 
pab&bar to Mn. Staalay (wife of Tbomi 
&«a»b?>,aBd bM a iiiiMniaililiiij prefcce 
by J^a gaarioi. " " * ' " 


•t Cb]». 

bridga tdl Mar 1617, cbwiahiaf a fneranee 
waiacttba etdlen autbnritiea ■ fiir dtnyiag 
tboae boDocaiT aaraaeeDeala vbicb are aa 
it artm tba tainleBiioe of tba mlvenity wbna 
tbeteMaacaoeas of ■Mtit*(I>aTi«)L Ha 
laaa aftennudaotand at Gny*a Inn. 

Ib lUa be pdUUied 'A Satin aninst 
Praabyien.' aodin 1«I6 'An Ilnnhla Motka 
to tb« hiniBtteai nf Knsland oaneamin; the 
Adnncan^ni of Learning and RafDnaaiion 
of the UnimaitMa,' ito, a wpllirrittmi tnct 
in which be fwaflama tfaat tbe iwntninM of 
the onirsiKtiea are niaipcBt and tba enuim 
of nudx u too reatrietcd, advocat'ng tbat 
ib« numbar of fvllowahipa abooM be reduced 
and taon laiiftaaiMiiliiiw endaw-tU. By eom- 
BMad cf tba euunctl of state be awompaiued 
Cromwell In 1060 to Scotland, whera he drew 
up ' The Orounda and Kaamna of Honaivbj,* 
wirhanajipendixof'An KpitaneofScottudi 
AfTsim,' pnnied a( Edinbui};li and reprinted 
at l»nda«i. Utber political punphkta wcra 
'A Oaas to Loto'm Adrocnte, or aa Aaatg 
tton oTtbe Jaiiti-<' of ih» I'KrIiAmeDt in the 
ExemiionurMr. Ixjto,' lilTil, 4to; 'Answor 
to the Urand Politick Infnnai-r,' }eM: 'A 
LMt«rlro« aOentleman mthi>CouniTv,' Ac, 
1663. Healaoputlbrth a n<'wndiiic>ii,il<'di- 
cated toCromwellrOf' A TtvhUm' dibMv^r- 
ini; tb« horrid Cmelliea ot the l>utch upon 
i.\ii PiwpU ar Amboyna,' lUBl, wliicli bad 
ohginnllv-api^ared iu'ltU-l. The Dutch am* 
luuaador «oBti>Uin4Nl about the booli, b«t no 
notice waa tokcQ of his conaplaiut. I>avie« 
rtatea that Hall wa« awarded a pension of 
low. per Buniim bv t>r)mwrll and llii- ouun- 
cil lot bis pamptileti-crius fcrricvn, 

UaU'a noa-politk-id nrilintcSt i» addition 
to ' IfoTiD Vaciv» ' and the pocBu, ata : 
1 . ' PandoxM,' 1050, 8vo, of viiuch a aecond 
andi-nloT^gvdcdition appeanxl inlDfiS. S, A 
InuiaUtiou of 'I^nnginit? of the lloitrhl of 
KIoi[Uenc«<* IGTait, Hvn. 3. ' IiimuH Seriuitior 
Serious I^wae-Tinav. A I'liiltwiypbical) htiv 
course concemiufT the B<ipiTr!tmiyofCn.-«taT«« 



under Man,* 16&4, 8vo, tmulated from ib» 
LdtinofMicliAelMiyeruii. 4. 'HJerocltMUpan 
tbeOalden Venssof PvttiiigDnu; Tenehinf 
K Vprtudiu niitt Woriliy Life/ prMliiiuously 
uublitbKl in ltir>7,« tt!i cominuidftlocy veraac 
by RieJiaR] Lovelkc« and otbt-ra. Tlio ' Fan- 
doxea' and 'Luaita Seriua' wcra uiib]i«]iiw1 
under the <IiEpuU^(l name 'J, de Li ±iaJlt>.* 
Id 1&I7 Hall ^it^d Kiihcrt HoRlTo'" ['{• *■] 
' Id «liqu(jl Sncrai ["aginii' lin's Irfwtitmiw.' 

Ilnjl i\mi na 1 Adj;. ]6Ali, Wviiie o-vM-al 
UDpiiltliiihcd worlnu Atllie timi-of liu ik-atli 
he wM eangad upon a inndlalion of Pro- 
copiiu. H« ^rrote very rapidly, and ia r»- 

StntS to lum hmd n marrellnua ni«>ninTy. 
obtn-v, who frMuentlv viait<>(l Iiim, iind a 
bigk<)|)inion of lu« nbililieK; »iiotliorof hi* 
friend* wm Samuel Hurt lib [q. v. j Accordiug 
to ]JaT)<^», lie |i^<ailr obK-rtixi to taking exot> 
ci«e, somucIiBotbBt >ii 16->Oaiull06L,' being 
ilKliiwcl to puisinMM) &. fiitD«Wo,rat)i<Ttluiu 
Iw would UM any grval inotioo, Im tWi^Lt 
fitter to prevent it by frvq^ucnt »witlliiwin){ 
down «f iKibbU-etoDM. wlucb proved cffw;- 
taall.' Wood obccrvc* tliol, 'had not hi* 
dubaachnry and iiit<-uipi-nLiiL'c diviTled bim 
tma tbo more Kriutui studio*, Ik bad nindu 
■n sxtimordinanr penou. fur no ttiitu biul uvlt 
done n great [biu|:« ut bid inp>. Ho was the 
opintou of tbe ((rc«t pUiloKipIicr of Maliuos- 

[Uenoir by John DaviM of Eidwell; pmHiod 
•to Hair* Hierodw upon iba (luldeo V(-nii« of 
ryihMKomn, indT : Wood'* Atbcrw. ed. Bh», 
ii. 4fi7-6a ; Br^dpia'i profam lo HaU'a Ponma. 
ISlfl,] A. H. B. 

HALL, JOHN id. 1707). didne, wm. 
eWt ed a fdlow of Tri nl [ y Col Ic^. Cam bridgv, 
in lUt'iS, pnjc('cdi>d Ti.k, and M.A. in dao 
courw.iindB.H. in 1666. He vm collalt-il on 
11 Mnnh l(M5*-4 to llw ivctory ofHaiiwoil. 
Middk-ma. On 11 July l(HU be wai «>llated. 
t(> t he pr«l)i'iid of Ti-ledoti in tho cburcb of Si, 
I'aul, and ou ^"0 l-'ub. 1666-6 to the rectory 
of St. fhristopber^Ipi-Stocks, Loodon. On 
AOt-r. 1600 bewn» ciitlalvd tn tbe r<«ctoiT of 
FiBcbley, MiddUwi. On 21 Mareb lUSlUr 
be vxi^banufd (lir ])mb(>nd of IxlMlfln fur that 
.of llulywiill, a/iiji FiuHburt'. He woa proaU 
dent of Sifiii rdlle^j.'*. Loudon, and diwl to- 
nanU the close uf 1707. 

Hi! wiu Ibu autbor of: 1 . ' (irnce Ipadinj; 
unto Glory: or a filini[itip of Ibu (_ilori«, 
£xcclleDcie. and litemily uf Hihv«tii. . . . 
"Written by J. ll.,'|joTid»n*l(l.'(l. I>i-diratodCo 
£liifib«th'C(>ciI,counti'«i dowa((»>r of KxpIct, 
3. ■Jaeobx Ladder; ur the IJi-voui Soula 
AMontinn to II«AV«ti, in praynn, tbanli^i^iv- 
ing«, and praiH-a. In four prt». rii. Privait' 
D«Totioas, Faroily JJevotiona for every day 

in the vre^k. Oooasional I>«TotJoiui, Snend 
I'ltroia upon wlsct sutneeta. With (tracM 
and Thaiuagirlngs. Illu«tra[«d with acalp- 
tuns,' 2ud edit., enlaf|p<d, London, IttTd, 
Sirno; 9th edit. London, ItHUi: )4th r<\it. 
London. 1716; 161b «Ut. London, \7-J>^: 
10th edit. London, I'&l. Thewoilt mntnin* 
acenunts of Lbe (iiinnawdcr ]iIot, tbe pla^iu-^ 
and tlw ih« of Ixmdon. 

[Canlabri(tirm(r* Ortdnali. 1787. p 173; 
KBve'i I'uHii (riinlv) ; Neircoait'e RfpfrioriLio 
i. 192, l&S, Zii. GOe. «2B: Noln aiid Qaeria 
3id Mr. r. 107, oSO, ri. 37 i WaU'i BiU. Brit, 

T. C] 

HALL, JnHN (d. 1707), erimiBal, « 
of poiir jiari-nre in Itt^hop'a Head Cot 
(iray'ii Fnn l.nii», London, wiu hrQUsbt up 
nil a t:himuL>y-*wi>.>]u>r, but won turwd pif l- 
poF-ket, and in Jauuiirj* Ittt*:? wai ei)BVicl>>d 
of tbofi al tbo Hid KniWy, and wbipp«d at 
tbe carl's tail. Ha vaa sentenced to deaih 
in 1700 for boueebreakinjT, but was pardoned 
on cuiditiim of r^movin^* within *ix ntonlbx 
to Anuricia. Hf ronungc^ lo dnct^rt tbn «htp 
in which biiiprtMasYrwai «^ecun-d, and in I7IJB 
vAi 9i'nit!ni><^d to tuf LuniT in tbi- ob4.>«l{ and 
to undergo two years* inapri^onmcnl f^watMl- 
itxfi port ra a til mas from Iwbind a foach. On 
hi* in 171H \w j^inod. with two pom- 
paniona, Stophon Hnnceand Iticbard I/?iW, in 
a series of durin;; burKlnnc«, aud muiafccd for 
a lime to e«cap« arrwt, and when ftirefttod in 
1T0<^, and oEani la 1706, ^n-as acquitted for 
vrant of evidence. In 1707 ho and hia twn 
fricnd«, Budcc and Low, were convicted of 
bn.-ahin); upuii thv b>iua« of Captuiu Cluyvn, 
niMir Slti])iii-v,aiid«'Frir hanuud ni 'J'vliumoa 
17 Ui-c. 1707. LutiriiU.iuliia'Bntf iKUiion,' 
vi. 115, mtntion^ the conviction of llnll,' a no- 
loriou« hi^h^roYmaci.'on lODrc. I70(j, Init tba 
'Nongnto I 'iili'iidnr 'gives 1707 on the dale of 
llallVdi-aih. Hall in en^titudwithnnnptKing 
Wfiirr bt!t rxi-ftiticn: ' Mfmoira rif ibi- Ilifrht 
VinutiiiUH JiOiu Hall, till- lal« fauiou» aud no- 
torioiiH ntbbtT. peund from hia awn inouili,' 
publinbed in London in ITOS. This ia • 
ffcnF-Tal account of o tbicTs life in and out of 
Kswgnic, wiili inl<Ti»ting liaCa nf thien^ 
technical trnnn. A riiurtfa edition of tfao 
aaine year ronlnin!) niuue verKa far Halt and 
bJa two friend!!, aiiil an t'U-j^y and i-piiapti in 
veraa upon him. In 1714 anotlier edition, 
alaa called ' the fourth,' was iBBm>d. 

[Knapp and BalJHin'a >'avgal« Caleodar. 
i. 4*-B; mil's M«Bioirs.] 

HALL, JOim,P.D.('163S-171l)}Ji4«lKqf 
■jf Hribtt)!. &on of John Hall. vi^taroiBian** 
^rmr^', \VureMlor«btn>, and Anne Ilia wiA, 
WHS bom at hit I'liihcr'i TicBra((i> on 3U Jan. 
l(f32-3. He waa admitted into UeKhant 




TaTlon' Scbool in Judo Iftii, and proeeedod 
lo&H&brok* C«U«g*, Ozloird, wb«T« be ww 
uodar tbo tvitioBmbis viiol«|EdinuDd llitll 
[q. T.]t *t OIK time a CADUin in tli« |wrli&Bi«i>- 
toiyvijiytbut UienafeUowoflufiOolleg?- All 
hi* kinaniBii belooged to ibe puhtwuc Kbool. 
Anotiwr uaele, T&hbw ^leiO-ItiO^) [q. y.:, 
was viectMl fiDm bis living of Einf^n NotIoh 
ialtiuB. UifebrolLcr-ia-law.JobiiSpiliibun,-, 
beld tba Tieui^ of Bninu^mr uaileT tlu- 
Oooinuiawwllh, sod wu ejected u tfae Ue- 
MoTstioD. 'WitliSfiilabui7,lUUwuiilw»T8 
oo nfftctinnxu t«nas. 

Hull becune ■ ccboUr of Pcmbroko in 
16AS, in whicli yvai be ww olrctvO &Udw. 
'Ivlucalod unoag nrvab^lcnsiut And iade- 
pt'odents,' writn Wood, ' he acted as Ibey 
dM). and anlnnittMl tn thn aulboritj o{ toe 
Tiaiton.* He wu |)0|iular to Ui<i coUtn^. and 
vaa dioaen rauUrr on S) Dec. Iti64, and iu>- 
poinud to tlie ccillese livuig ofSt. Aldatr », 
Oxford, which be beld in tommcndaiu till bin 
deatb. lie took Ids degiw of B.D. in liitVt, 
and of D.D. in 1060. At Si. Ablai.^'ti he 
drew, by hia 'Bdifjing n-ay of preacbinK.' 
largu congnvatiofui nf * the prt«in-< people and 
acbolan of Uio univenjiy i Wuou, AtAfiue 
Atom. it. 600). lie succeeded L>r. Thomas 
Barlow [q.i.] as Lady Marcpirel's pnifewor 
«f divinity on 24 March IDTtl. Wnud calU 
kim ' a malnpert tiKabyt^riau ' wlieo rwonU 
ins that be pnwoed atSt. .Msrj'n on r» Xo». 
'warplv and biilcriy tifaiiut iImi pftblM*.,* 
in tii« nnt nciloin^in't of tlt« pG«i«li plot id 
^L 1(170 (Wood, I.t/f, Ixxni-ii). lie waa also 
^P-doiuf^tic cltaplain lo CbarlM 11. On tlte 
tranalsti'm of l>r. Gilbert Iran^de 'q. v.' 
from Itr.«tol to ll^rreford, llall was electM 
■othe fonnerse<:-,3iill eootinuing to bold his 
inast«ralup. He was eoaaecral«d in Bow 
Cbunb on 90 Au^. 161>l. U« siill childly 
netded at VxTonl, Hh«rc in IfiH-l hn built 
sow lodf^ings for ilio nuutt^r of r^rabroke, 
«nd w«a ' known mure in than out of Ox- 
totd ' BD ' a good man laughed ut by the 
witt, but •wtevm^d for his godliness by pious 
j( jKoph: ' ( Noble, Ctn/w, ^ Oranftr, i. 1(K ; 
^UStodohios, Uitt. "f Rrliyioa, V. 'jai). In 
^vil|>>t^ of bit bitter prvjudicc asainst Ilall'a pob- 
Ucnl and ttligioua views, bis oont«mporaiy 
Utama acknowledges iam to bavn M«n * s 
learned dtvioc, a good preacher, and an ex- 
«elleBt lecturtT.' According to CalavTbc 
knew how lo bring * oil tLa theology of the 
WesUniiuler luwuibly uut of the cburcb 
catcchiun.' Of his MMscopMe Uennie tpcnka 
with characteristic bitterneae. In noojuriog 
laiMfDafce he tfrnna bin *onc of the rebel 
biaoMM,' and describes him ss'a ltiomu|;h- 
.^eed C«lTini>t , a delender of the rcpablican 

doetrinea, ever an admirep and favonier of 
tho wbin^b party, a sloul and rigorous ad- 
voeata for the prMbytenna>i and diMeiil^'re, 
and a sltFnuoos persecntoi of truly honc«t 
ni4>n.' *Twas to none but n»en of n^bclliowa 
principlos b* buatowed bia charity. Let them. 
be what tbey-woold; if tlu7 wm own of Ihat 
stnrop Ibvy wen nuc lo me«t oncoungvraent 
(rum him, even if men of no Icnrning and 
hardly endowed with conunon senae, who 
coold cant theawelvM into tbe good eateem 
of the (Vlvinistic brvihren' (luasxB, Cbi-, 
/<rV(«Ns,cd. lV>bIe, ii. JHO, iii. W). A puril 
by bittb and cducalion, ' he was,' wrileel 
.\bb>-y, ' the only bishop of bis tune who i 
bcrrd to ibr urbool which once nlmotit moi 
pnliiiK(l Uii! brnch. . . . Almoitt the last of hia 
rac«, in him tlxr old punlaii d'Wtrines aur- 
vived, bill wiih none nf the nid entbusiaatn 
or energy' (Adbki, TAe CJinrtA and her 
JiMop*, 1. 151). It was an omiiKMis tii^ of 
ihi- times thai, on the death of An^bbishop 
Tillotson in lOdfi. liall was cussideml t^ 
many a 6t person to suocwed to the Drimojr. 
He died at Oxford, in the master'Rlodginei 
whi<-h hn had built, in Febniaryl70(^]0. Iia 
waa buried in ihecfaiirch of his native parish of 
BiMnugioTc. wfaf ro % mmument was eroded 
to him on ibe suuth wall of the chancel, with 
a very Um^ and laudaton epitaph by W. 
Adatns, Btiuent of Chrikt Church and Kdor 
of SlanlOD-oii- Wv«, recording iho Mai with 
which be drove ^Mtck ' ingm«nt«s Komik ot 
Socini emrea,' entaigina on hit unweairied 
Hdelity in jmaehingaiu administration, hia 
car<'lp««ne»>of difnutiea.tad iuacharity to ihe 
poor. During hia lif« be waa a oouiidi-rabl4 
bcnrj'aclor to bin cnllfgc. llyliiswill hu \tv- 
qiLealhrdhin book' to the library, which woe 
then tranifcrri-tl from a mom ovvr llw aoiltb 
aisle of St. .\ldut«'< Chur<di to an apaitaMtst 
above the Imll. lU aUo bM^uoathed WW/, for 
the benefit of the poor at Broraagrovc, and 
7U/. a year for the puichaae of bibles for distri- 
bution in bisditH'eae. IlisnephcwJobnSpili^ 
bary,a diBaeatiagmiQistcrat Kiddi-minstor, 
he made his heir (Paul Ek, JSoneon/ JVem. ii. 
70^ iv, a9a i Kbhsbtt, hiy. p. 818). 

[HsaiM'sCollertio»(Oif. Bl.t.Koe.); Wm4> 
Atbraw. iv. 900; Uf;», Uxxi-ii ; KoanHt'a Ka. 
Itiater; Krana's Uiat.of BfiMnl. p. Z(«: Oodwia, 
Ue PrMDl. ii. 147^ AMwy't Ch. of Rngl. and 
her Bi^Dpa. J. lAl : Staachton'i Cbardi ut the 
Bevohttkm. p. i2S.] K. V. 

was bora ai Wivenlroe, near Cob;bcatnr, on 
21 Dec 17il9, Early ia life be eaBw to Lon- 
don, and in 17fid he was awarded a prcintiim 
by iha Sociuly of Artn. He was alwi rm- 
' ployed in painting on china in the celi>liratM 

OTifoi^ Simon itiiT«>n«t, in wlio«o itiutio 
nt ihv aajQi> titno wtut llw- unfortiinntc Wil- 
.mtn Wynno Uylnnd. Hii |)lntnA in Ball's 
^6hsl(««mam' an<i 'BritiHli TliMtn' weie 
ni* «4irJ!<Pt TTorke, and by them be 
much n-itiitulion. [ii I76i) hU nAmi> 
MpMUH on the roll of tbe Fr«e Social r of 
Artists, but in IJtSti lio BubwrilM>d t^'roll 
decUration of iIip Incorporated Society of 
Artieis of tiroot Dritaio, with whom Iti.- con- 
tiaucdtocxbibit until 1770. In 1"W he waa 
^pointed histuriciil tm^vt^r lo Uvorgu- HI, 
^iniiKcoanoD toWillisiu WuullvH. lli«iuwt 
^inporlant ungriiviiiyn vien afU-T tUu works 
•ttt Renjainiii Weal, I'.K.A., anil cotupriso 
'WilUuiii I'etin trcatiuK witU till' Iiidiittir for 
tlie I'rciviiice of Pennsvlvanin/ 'Tlw UcatU 
air UieDuko of Scliombcig nl tlie Battle of 
tl)» Boyse.' ' Olivier Cromnrll ilijMulvini; thf 
Lung Farlianifnt,' ' Vriiiir> n'lnliti^ lu AJii-ais 
the Story of HiiijrKHmJtiHB lUiJ jViaIuiiIo,' 
' ISirliiis wli«n II (liild broiq;lit to tilaucin*, 
kiiijt itf lUvriii. for I'rotcetiori,' ■ Mopcb," uid 
'01 euct la tlio Kiugdom oF Iluivcn.' My. 
also «iiffraTed 'Timon <>( ^\\u-u*' iiftt-r N«- 
tlunid DiDM ; 'Tlir iWtli uf ('ni)tiilii Cnoli,' 
Uortimer. aud other plattu, some of wliicli 
wen for toe coU«<'tLon of Aldonniiti Bojrdt-ll. 
Be<iidefl thewt be execuled seretal Bortrait*. 
iiicludinir thofe of I'ope Clement iX, aflvr 
Carlo Marat ti;l^dwBrd(SLl>>>oa, Kmniii'lJnliii- 
audKicbemlJIriiiviKySht^ridan, aftfrflir 
L'olinnii,nll»i'(iniiiK.lii>nnig]i; Admiral 
T^nl' Ilnwkn, nfU-r FmnuiK ColM ; George. 
hjirl Mni-iirtni;;i', artirTlKimasIIieUoy; Isaac 
llnrrt, iiflur fiillii^rt Stuari ; Willium War- 
turton, Lisbop of Uloiieesier, uftvr WUIinni 
]loare; KkhftrdUhi.'novix.liBbopof Killiiloi-; 
Sir KnWrt IloyH, liptitonnnt-gin i-nitir of Hi- 
l)nilliir,nft(*r A.l'iii!»i ; Sliidci'up'Orn, from tlie 
(.'hiiudii. jiorlraii ; Dr. .Tiiliii Joriin, nflor Ed- 
■wiird Ft'tinv, and many otliM smallor j)«r- 
tmitd for tL« ilUi§lratioii of books, IIaII, 
who ranks as on*? of the- beet hiBloriwl «tn- 
on 7 April I7H7, and wa* hiirifd in I'ad- 
dinRlon cburcliyartL Tht-rii i* n portfflit of 
Iiiia by fill bert' Stuart ia tlit' National Por- 
trait Uallary. 

[RcdgraTa's Plct. of Articia of the HiiKli"h 
Sclioal, 1678; Brjso'a Diet, of PaintV'rt and 
Sngn^in, ed. Onn*. lUft~9 -. GuU'- Lit- nttd 
Rtudiflaof Itenjuniin Vi'ett, 1816-20; Pvo'i I'a- 
ironag* of BHti*li Art. 1H(6.] K. K. G. 

HALL, Sib JOUK, MJJ. ( 17P5-lbtf01, 
*nny eurgwii, bora in ITyi) at Little Beck, 
Wealnonliuid, nu tha aon of JoLn lUU of 


that place by Uabel, daii^ht«r of T. Focbcf- 
^11. On li-HTine tlio fpiuDmar whool of Ap- 
plcbv boapflinct hiRiuiirionM>dt«tne,att«Mi(i- 
ing buy's and Sf. Thonifl»> llo^pitAls, and 
CTadiiat«d M.U. at St. AndKvvrii in 1844. In 
June 1816 be entnwd tbe army m«dical tm- 
in l-lander*. Ilia next actire serrio* m» i 
K«IInir)atnl&t7uidl661 as principal un 
cid officer, lie li(<l() ihe aamo ntnk in I 
Crimea from Juno 1654 lo July IMC, w; 
out adoyfabacnco from duly,aa<l was p: 
at uuuii.Toiia c-tisagtanmte. Ho was nun* 
tiouvd iu de><pati4iL-n, and mode K.C.B., officar 
of thoLegitmof liunoiir,nnil 3rd clnis^of 
Medjidle. II« tben relirt-d on kalf-iiny, wi' 
died at TiML on 17 Jon. ISCfG. In 1848 
mnrrird Lucr Ciuupbolt, Jaughtcr of HeniT 
1 1 n(-9<.iLn«',oiid widow of Duncan Sutticrlain 
of Si. Virernt, Wpet, lodicM^ 

IILi writing nrrr lwiipninp1ilets,lK67 aad 
ldfi8, ilefHnditiic tin* army medical ollioen 
in the Crimea, fruiu tin? ti:flection:> on ibem 
in tho rcportof till- «anitiu-}-cnmniU8tonwliicli 
was sent out. Hall conli'iids iL&t tbe in- 
rtnn it an- nintc of thp army biul been in great 
part rcnnedti'd before tJlfl COmmiaaion got ta 
wnrli, tlinf ibr nininbora of t]i» lat.tvr a«eODi> 
pltitliM Hlllc, and tbat. n-Iini, liillr they ac- 
complished nan uflvcteil with an amount of 
dilBciiIty timt xhnuhl bavl^ tjiujilit tbwm mora 
cousiderol iou for tbeir bn>tJiieii of tJio mi&> 
tajy profMsioD. wba wpre leu furtunaldy 
situated, and nero hainporL>d by the tixigeit- 
citMi and diacipline of lliu eerrice. 

tQt^nt. TSng. 18(1S. i. 4Ui Iahcoi, 37 3m, 

isse.] c. c. 

HALL. JOHN ■\'TOR(!774-in001,ttuthor 
tif''nwSiniip.r'»Frit!iid,'wfiiibcjnuin UMarcb 
1774 at The town of I>iaii, XarfoUc. Iliti tklher 
had been a man of projf rty. but bad lost it. 
At eleven *lilTle Jack' was upprentksd Uy 
n ■clioohnaaif>r u-lio, be says, ' taii^'bt me to 
wril^i till* iHW-liiindH, and by n'sy of makioff 
tlin mofll. i>f nil' birod mw to tbi> tb«n clanC 
of ibti piHiiw' (Aiilqf/iiii/rajiAy). In January 
17S(ihabf3eiiin(!ernmd-boy to abiiolifa-llrr in 
Maid.itone, and rose to Imi thv oliief luuKtHnt. 
In 1801 , temptwl by Urcer pay. he bacanw 
(?lL>rIiund traveller to a Maidstone vrioa nir- 
ehant- 1 (ere hf foil into>^n and pro- 
tli)^t« babita, ajid rood Volnoy's 'Law of 
Xatwro' and Puinf-'a ' -Vtfo nf ItoaflOB.' la 
tN(]2 n friend Innt liim PorliMii'* ' Evi<l«lieaa 
of Chrintianiiy,' luid bis viisw* cbunf^vd. In 
Fi'brnory 1801 lit- lotighi u l)i:>o!i*i.'lIi-r'« shop 
at Wcrccntrr, nudrfnuivedthilbiT. Hi* ko- 
ti^mpenili* boblta cost bim torrible strugK'<^i 
and Lo bvcaoie a ri^rid total ubslaiaer 

|lJ)lA,ui(l an nrdnit nthicnltiof la-ctatnJistn. 

la 1ril2 be Iwcome the auliject. of airun^ re- 

iltious coovictiaDfl. In April 1614 lie re- 

iriii-ti la M*iil«touc as {jraprictor of ttio 

fluliop wticrv Li? Lad bccu crnLD(l>l)oy 

rraty-ci([ht jcmn boforv. t^lni.- of Lis I'u- 


onrn in tito Oitmiy uiii>1, ■■siirttnTly Hvste 

rMOt«dc«</(l<.-ulli. tn U^l tiecuncciviMl 

Idni at V riling 'The Stniier'ii l-ntrnil,' 

i&ntedilionof wliicb c<Muist«d of a wrieB 

'selwtioni tram Dogatzky'fl 'Ooldra Trei- 

urjr,' with a tbort inlrodiicTion by )iinis«i|f. 

. Kpp«knd on '2^ Mnj lt<2l. In MiibitvqiicTii. 

litwu Iw gnduallj- mihtliluMd pugs* iWim 

It owB pun fiir thou) talwn fWiin Bogalikv, 

ttnlil iu Cite mil the UUIh work wiui entirely 

liiii uwn. vrilb ibe exception of one eximct. 

It 4|uickly bcc&ine a favourite in ibc rpli^ous 

rorM. It bu been tran^lutvdinlo thirty lan- 

, HDil rwdied a circiilal ion of nt- nrljr 

brw millinm of cnpim. In iHTiO hti mlintl 

buHnow, aocl in ll^i4 wctit Ui rt-Mide 

llotb Cntxtpf, KL-iiii*h Tuwu. ill} now 

> Ml ridc-r in Sorrvy Cliaiiel, of whicli 

i«a,tlM Bev. Ncvmaii ilall, LL.U., was 

l«r, And busied himaelf about rpli^out 

! tnnpcrutce worli. Il« died on U'J Sept. 

|(<flO. Mia n'Buitna icvm intcnvd iu Abn^ 

?aik tcmt-t^^: lit- inArricil, nt Won:*rtcr, 

■ in AMput IHCB, Jlnry Teverill. 

[Coidljct and \lDli»y, the Antoliioantpliy <i( 
ikaanl^or of The Sinner'* FrietHl, edited bj S«v> 

HJlLL, Ji)SIU*1! (ir.-4-l(i5«). bishop of 
Kortrich,«a*b<jrii at llrif^lnu- Park, Athby- 
<lr-la-£oficb, 1 July 1-J74. llii fatbt-r, John 
Hall, WK* i-mtJoyfJundrr (bcl'jirlof lluni- 
intfticat prcaidvnt «f tUv uortb, and nan Lis 
(l<r|it)ty tl Aehly. Hu motbcrwas Wiuifrvd 
BcinbrM^iS ■ btrict puriUu. Uall li«ft loft 
•moB|t kii worka tiro tracla ('ObadTatioau 
of aomo SMcialtka of Divine ProTid«-nco in 
the Ufc oi Jc«»ph Ilall, Itiihop of Norwich,* 
Wkd * Hard Mouurc '), which together fcnn 
ft aaefil *ni uil«m«tiog iiutobiogrnf hy. Thr 
flnt part of Ilia tducat tun vas n^crticu at ihv 
grtnaav tchool at Aehbr. ^Vbeu be vratt 
at lh« B^ nP flne«n Mr. Polfvl, k'clnrvr at 
IjuawtCTf a diTino of nnritan Titrwa, oHiirM) 
to inlca liiBi ' under indrnturca' and educate 
him for the ministry. JiiM brforc thi« ax- 
mnir^inrTil va* citniilrtnl, it cnmc In the 
' of Nathaniel fiilfay, nnn of An> 
T I |q.T.],aitdafi'llo«'ofKniiiiaiiuH 

I <jti> „'(',<- iitahndm, who wu a iViend of ihu 
family, (iilby inHuced Hatl'a fath^ lotcnd 
hi* ton to Exnmannel Collere ia 1680. The 
rsprnMnfhUedumtionat ibouBivtmity'waK 
f«rtl7honMib]rbiaaiiclo,]'J<lmand81i>i^. Il« 

waft ['Icctcd scholar and aftrrvrnrds fellow af 
Eimnniiuvl College (l&9&),;TaduatiiigB. A. in 
lAd2and M.A. in 1696 (B.D. HKKUnd ]>.D. 
Idl2). Fuller, ni-nrlr a rontein))oraTy, iwjs 
that ll&ll * Dsiiwd a)l bta dfxmt-M with great 
applause.' He obtained a hlch repuiatiou iu 
Int' university for scbolaraliip, and read thi> 
ptiblir rtirlorie l«<ctun> in the schoolafortwo 
year* with tniich cri'dil. 

llnlla oiulinl nuhliithod T(irs<< appcurcd 
in a collection of elvgiM on this dintli oi l)r. 
^VUliam "WliitokeT, to which he cuuIriLut>;d 
the only tvTi|;lisli poem (lu90). A line la John 
Mnraton's ' Pigmalion's Ima^ ' ^1G98) provea 
that IIhII also wrT>t« pastoral pwius at nn 
rurlv age, hut nono of them hari> i^'irvired. 
lid hnl mudn a triiuirition nx a writ<T )iy hie 
pnn^'nl B&lin'«, puUliiihcd in 1G97 unilcr th« 
titleof * Virgidi'uiiaruin, SixeBookea. Finft 
WiKa boakcsof loolhlesieSatyra' (Lond.b^ 
Thomas Creede), l^mo. A secona volutne, 
with ihp same general iiile,containin^' tjirw 
la«t hookrK of bvling' SiLtyriv/ followed in 
' inSI8. Newddifl'iii* nppa'ari'd iu Io)t9 and 
IWjy. Tlieyliavoh't-nfrcquentlyrepuUiahod 
ond illustrated br ^Varton, S^iugfr, KIVm*, and 
Dr. Grosart |187&i. 'I'hew#alirraar« fanned 
on tho model of the l.uTin satirisla Tboir 
diction t* lometimearotigb, and tb(- &lluaicma 
oliseupn-, whiEo Mmo pawagiw border dosaly 
upon ccurrilitf ; but Ilallt Tcrsc* art- gtut),- 
tally vifcoroiiit and witty. 11*11 calU him- 
self the ' fir«i Engliah <ialiriist,' whicb tniiat bti 
intt^Tpreledaa the first formal wrtt<.-r of oatirc* 
after Ib^ Latin models oinee Wynti, Gaa- 
oignn, I'Odge. and others had pnicodcxl him 
aa Mitiri>t*. IVu clairaii of pnorily fCena to 
have fcpctfially iMtciti-tl t In- wrath of Marttoa, 
who»v «alire(i,iHued in IMIS.atlaoh Hall wttl* 
Diuoh Itlttmno. On I June 159(1 an order 
and Uancmt't.kiHhop of Loudon, diT«cl«dth« 
Stationera' Company to bum Hall's satires, 
toother with books by Marstoilt Uailowfl. 
and oihrT)', oil the ground of their liccnlioiw- 
ueni. Itut a few dnys later IlaU's aoUns 
with (lutwodv'n * Coliha I'lirlnrum ' wen 
' trails!,' i.e. repiieved (cf. Solcsand Qwrrwr, 
ardM:r.iii.-i:)6|. In ItWOIlall wroteandnipr 
and cpilapli, both in rerac, oii Sir Horatio 
I'alUvicina, which wera piibli«hnd in 'An 
Italian's dead Bodto stucko with Hnslish 
FTuwerv,' J.ond. 16U0 (a copy ia in ibo ram- 
Wlh Libmrr). 

Towards ihe end of ilic (i-nlnry Hall took 
holy order*, and in ItXIl bad ihc oBcr of th» 
mnsCi-niliip of niundell's school at TivertOA. 
[s(w Bi.irxDKLL, PintXJ. Ho was on T 
point of accept ins tbif wliea (beoflerof t 
living^ uf llaUted in t?uliailk eamofron Li ^_ 
Itniry, and lip decidrd Iu take llio bonefioo. 

In tbft earlj Mrt of hit neideoM fa^M linll 
oonpoaed bbA fuhhsbeA tho finit book of h is 
tnedilAlioiu, ' AlcdiUtiuiiculai SuhitniiMR,' 
eonUiaing k hundn>dn>ligioii*ftplionKm*ftnd 
ivflccLion*, mut^ cf them very stnli Jng. 1 1 is 
active labour* iitllal«t«d we're in ucli opposed 
fey a Mr. Lilly (probablv John Lilly or I-j-ly, 
■ut)ior<if ■ICup)iu<?«'),«nom Li^calU '& witty 
uid liolii athfist.' Ilaj WH aleo Ue«t«il in the 
luftttiT ofhiB el.ipt'nd willi i^nst me&nooM l^ 
Sir Robert Dnirr-.who hadoblaiDDdtho^ront 
of tbc titbue oi tlio piirioli on condition of 
providLnfravicnr. In JCtWlEnUtuurricJ. and 
in tliv miuiu ycjir publioLL-d bia fluul vuluniti 
of vMM,ac()iiK*^kt,iiInt(jry\(iluuitM>ii.IauiGars 
accenion, ctilitli^il 'Thi! Kiii/a l'm])becl« or 
Weeping iloy.' The only perfi-cl cudt of tliia 
Croci DOW known belong lo J. Iv, 1. I.otc- 
dny, Esq.. of WiUiami'coCi', Oxfordriliitv, and ' 
ilwas rcprinU'd bylht' lli.ixbiirg!i'.'(!l«lj iini.lf.r 
the I'ditor'hip of tbr Hrv. \V. K. IJiuliK-y in 
18f)S. All iiinii-rrirt I'liRV, llif oulv nl.hi'r 
kKQWi). lA ill ihi- llrii.i^ti MiiBL'um. lu 1CS05 
Lv nccoui villi i>-'i] Sir Ldmund Itacon to Spa. 
Of this jouriMiy he lias li.-ft iM ciiDo furioiw 
details. ll« Iravi.-'lli-d iln'jv«.'il n* n Ijiyninn, 
nnil tieums to hnvo cnnnnl (lI^[mlulioii!i willi ' 
the ]>rie»t.» nnd jiuiuiii wlmni hi-irnciiuiili^r»'d, 
who wei« miiLh unriirlscd hy hi* ihi'ologital 
knowled^ nnd miwrrior I^otin. Inuring his | 
reftidencA at Hjia, ifall nrot^ a »ec»nd cf iitiinr 
of bin ' MeditaticiDB.' Itetumiii^ to ] lobt^d, I 
and flndtDs no probability of an increase ill ' 
hla stipondfrom Sir Itobert l>niry, llnllW- ' 
pan to look out for a itmre lucraliv* [iiwt. i 
llis * Mi>clitstioit«' hftd atLnictiid coii«td»nilj]« i 
ntt)*ntion, uml bmn ro«l by Hi-nty, vrinco of | 
'Wales, who sxpntMod n wi:ih to li«ar the 
Kutbor pNoch. Theaennon, hu lolla us, w&s ^ 
*nnl «o woll inven B3 lAkcn.' and the prince 
ttppoJiKed him one of his cliRulain^ iWitMi. 
The Karl of Norwich now oir«r'fJ liitn llio 
donstiveof Waltluun, Ks«OT,ivhii']i licj^liullv 
WGWtod. Alioiil thiolimi- he init-rtVriMl with 
good eflect to iuJuBL' Tliomu^ SmiMn to por- 
eenera In spitti of ob^laeliu in hi* rtch-eini.- for 
the founilal.ion of ibeCharUirliouse. Bpfure 
comincTioii^ghiB re»iil<Mir«i nt Waltbiitn, Hall 
had appenn>cl iif;ntn in llin i-hnronl'^rof nea- ' 
tirislihiit nowinprow. In lt!()5wiuipiiHi!iihfid 
at Kmnlrinrt infour hookinLntiti IPnct oailcd 
• Mundiit ftl1«r t-t idem,' dMii-aii'd to t htf' Earl 
of Iluntinftdnn (republisliod at llanau in 
]607), Tho iDBnufcript lud been enttMatod 
•ome yean hefon- to a fri«nd nnnx^d Kni);bt, 
vbo w«8 KSpODSiblo for f h« nnblication. An 
EDgUflh traatlRtion bv John Ili^nlnViontitlcd 
'Tm Di*cov«iy of a n*w World, appvumd 
in X/ondon about 1608. Ttiit •trnngu cwm- 
poMtion,aoiiK'tinici> crrotivouttlr dvncrlbvd as 
a 'puUticol routuiuu,' lo wLlcli it bears no 

rraMnbUnee wbuerer, is a raonal aUon in 
priMtf, with a rtronr und«rrTirr«nt of bitter 
gibea at. tho Itorai*li church nnd it^ nir^n- 
trieitici, which «ufiictentlyb«trajt bo aiithoKf 
main purpoM in writing it. It ahows no«- 
siderable ima^natinn, wit, and »kill in U- 
liiiilr, but it hiunoC vnoughof Vfri»ijai!ilade 
to make it nu «tl'ectiv« entir«, and dvut not 
always DToid scurrility. Othe<rpopularb<M>ki 
writtcu l>y Hnll aljout thin time were 'Holy 
Obfrruatioaa. Lib. I. AJm soiaa fevrc of 
Uavid's I'Mlaii.-s ^letophnuwd for a Tut« of 
thu Rvat; Loud. 1607 (Brit. Mu».) oad lOOOi 
in-o voUiiui^ of 'Kpietlct' cacb ConlaiiUDg 
'two deciidee,' (lliOfl; ' t'haracton of Viirw 
and Vonuca.' ItiOtii (French iraiialalioti HH9; 
rDrfiKud by Nahiun Tal< ItiKI ) ; ' Solotuoo's 
Diviu? .'^rl#,'a digest of Provorbf and Ecde- 
aiodlcv, n-itli a primphrasc <?f ihv ^oft of 
Songs < 1 1)09 1; and Mjiiu Vmlis? u Iiwt Cen* 
inn- ofTntvcJI an it in commonly nndcnalim 
by thiiGentk'Uit^ii of imr iiniion ' 1 lA17),d«£- 
cated to Kdword, t^rd Dimiiy. of Walthom. 
llaU'searlieat conirovtrsial work wan with 
lliu Browniflts, In ISifri hf> hud writt«B a 
h.-tlOTofrsiDOiiBtraucr lu John KobinsoDand 
JiihnE?n]it]i,vhcthad,ii>ini>d lhi;iM.-ct. Itobin* 
sdti, «h» had benn n lien i-fi fed rlprgrynuui 
near Yaniiouih, liad rt-plii'd in ',\n AnsirRr 
lo B Cenmrioiu Epiatlo.'anit upon lht« Hatl 
publisbi^ ( lltlO VA CoEumau Apuliwy bgaiuA 
thu llrowii iftts.' This U a troat isu (ifisonMil-^ 
able ieii^lh, answeriB^ Ilabuiaou'it 'Cer 
OUR Kpislle'parae^phbypsn^^ph. 1 
tho ivr^p ntid racy MvIl- and the ember ^ 
of illiiKl nil.ictns nnd fjuntnlionif whioh dislin* 
guiati nil llnH'stlx-oIiiffirnl writinj^. Ilall'i 
(^onstaut ruNtoui wliih? nt Watchnin was 
preach thrice in tliL> weuk, ftiid hii can>fu 
Kioie overv sf rmoii bcforuhaud. t ta 
JoBlh of his patron, Prince Eleiiry, Hall 
iinitirhrd the fun^nil ^LTmon to hia h^nw- 
liold. and M)<>n nflcr thii> hw was involved in 
iiLrouhli^imr, hut iilTimnt«lTKiiccessful,law- 
^uii. lie kiid hif II iuduciMl by his kinoooik 
Afchdeacon BoMon, t« appijr'ior a |««hMia 
in the collegiato church of Watrrrhamptna, 
which was in the pAtrotiac« of thn dokn of 
Windsor. Ilnvincnbtainedtheappoinlmi^nt 
of rhn pr.»bnnd of WiH.-nhnll, he immvdintvty 
Ji)inr>d with anothfir iif llio prebeudarii^ 'm 
ondoavtiuriiifitopiit th'pr<'Tnnu«softbechur<h 
ona more sat iafairtor%- fooling. A wrtuinSir 
Walter LevcAOii li<-lcl tho whole of thi'c»lat<4 
of th^clivirchin what wiiacaU«da*perpQCiial 
f<«-f»na,' and doled out what h« pManod to 
the prebendaries. Hall broufiht ua actioR 
a^inst Kim, in the coiirec of which it tu 
diMcoTorcd that tlio claim of the fMr-fana 
roBtcd cm ■ tannifcat forgery. The law couiu 
adjud.gvd the titluuflhv property to thei 


« iiaii I 


r)i«liii^ I 

lall-i I 


And prcbnadariea, wbu canaattvd u» rmnl it 
out to Uie IjeruoQ fiutiily oa IcasM, lu 1616 
Il&ll wiMWUtbythekiufjaschBplaiii toLcnd 
Doncuteria tLisombaosy to FntncLv IIiMvhc 
beckine aeriou^lj- ill, ond D-nchi-il lil* hoam 
at Walthain witli tnticK ililHi^iitiv. During 
liU abwnoo hf- fiTunil llml Jjiqicii I haxl nomt- 
natfld liim lo ihi? Otrant-ry of Worcester, 
Before, howftver, lie omid take poMi-ssion of 
hia n«vr dignity, he wu suinmoDcd to allcad 
thnking lo Scotland (1617 ). 

June* wia Hon- eniVavouring' lo inlrodiiCB 
theceremoninl nnd lhpliliircTiiraiii'|)vM'npAl 
ehuioh. la tliU ncliMnn Hull il'it-n ttiit. »e*m 
toharebMnAvnyu'aldUJi luuUi&nt. Aiany 
rat« bo wu sgcuamI lo llie king of an * orer- 
pUiuililo deDMXtnour lo that already prejiidi- 
CAli* |h-<j|i1l>,' and ysoft ordered br the kinc tu 
writs Botne I king in d«r>.<iiOtf of tii" livi.> ]iT>inlJ< 
of oereiDOnial whirli tl wa* rliv«ir<'d t.hut the 
Scotch 8liouMiiiviT|iT.. 'riii»bi!i]iilti>iliekti)i;'s 
nt isfftction. It waj probably tlio knowle(1«u 
whick JaniiM hod of Hall's fondiiMs for tlie 
Otiviniitie iheol^^, aa wpII ae bin r^adiiiosx 
to bo omcuable to direction iu Ui» Tjriw*, 
wkicb led hira to t^\Ml th<> m-w di^nn, tii- 
gotber vitk Biohnp Carlton and Dru. Davtr- 
luwt and War<!,torppr<M*&t hitn at tko amnd 
of I)o«t(ltil8). At tbiiiaMniibly, Hall, to- 
gether ^tb tbe otker English deputiw, did 
•ocnvthinf; to innil<>nl« the bittemesa of the 
oittlaiur btooflkcCalviniatfonlbe Anni man*. 
IU-h«uth obUgt^ him Co leav<< llort before 
tbo oonclusioii of tbo synod. Before bis d<>- 
parturo be yrwa pr««eQted witk a baadtomo 
gold medal as a te^imoninl, and bad tlio 
oppoftutiilT of preacluni^ a LaCia Knnon to 
the fiynodiUi wbicb witk the utmool (.'urDi-nt* 
neae and rabruinity be advocad^a uimulmity, 
modcratron, and mutual charity. Stx-'U wfU-r 
hisn-tum Hall frjund llii: church of KofjlaDd 
* bcffip to McktMi of ikf satuo di«eaec ' which 
bo Dftd seen racing in Holland. Itictmid 
^flonta^ ftf Stamford Riven, I^aMX, bnd, in 
Hfctnitrovcr^ial tT««t a^intl the Koinaniata, 
^fetribnled doctrine lothrchtirrii ofHufcUiM] 
which waabcld tolM-ideDticiit with the 'fire 
point*' of .\nni 111 ua. Hewandutaiedio Aivb- 
biabop Abbi>t ami cenaimd by kim. Hall, 
«fidHiTOurii»i to aofken matters, wrote a tract 
ciUli>d'ViaUedia.lhe^Vayof IV-acr.' Thi.. 
nw h« confeaaea, bad no mat elTi-ct, ihi- f|nin- 
with mtich fi w f OM iwa in coj^and. At toe 
eting of tb« parliaiamt and roarocatiOB 
I0:;4 Hall pnacbnl tbe Latin aemion 
I conwoauoB entitled ' Coliunba KoM^' 
lYocntisff pncs and ^ood wilt In lUn 
par ( 1 634 ) the bishopric of GloooMtn' wac 
DurHl lo him, but b« refiiwd it ' with IWMC 
able defTMaiMO.' 

After the death of King JaoKvO-^ March 
IS2S) Ilnll c<)iititiuedIuM|iial fiivotiririth his 
anccnauir. Hi^ viowsoftbe Romiihcontro- ■ 
vmy weni ncceplabk to Charle* and l^aiid. ''^ 
Discarding the ordinary proliwcant view of 
ckM niNMtasf oftluTtsibleL-burcb. Hall maiit- 
taiii>-(l,inhts'NnP«ic«wiTti Itome.'that lk» 
catliolic church, nfvrlui-ktIu-cliiiTcfa of ling- 
laiid faTued a part, tad fidlrn inio corruj^- 

imrited kerwlf. niid tliat the churirh of Eiig- 
STid "Iio^iM i!t<nounce tku errors of the cbunth 
of Unnii-. wilhiut denying- ker catholicity, 
Tbiit litif iif ]irt;uini*.nt iptv« inoch olfencw lo 
HOUH^of iliu jtiiiOoii* ppotestimt I'nntrovi'psial- 
ists or tin? day, but I'onirnimdwl iixi-lftu ikw 
king- and his eciTlesiastical adviturs. In t.ho 
samij sjiirir Hull wrDti* a trestiau aalled tka 
•Uld litiliyidn ■ (l^mdon IHiS|, which keJiv 
fiindrd in tki' snincvi^arky his ' Anolof^vtieal 
Advi-ftiioiui'ut ' and ' liceoneiUir, thL> latter 
bititijf aeijomjiutiit^d by Itliani of appmvnlfriiin 
Hi«liii|M Morloti and Daveoaiit, Dm. l^iiU'aux 
andl'riroroi^c. Bi?fore tkepublirracionaf thci« 
trciiti^is iliill tisd ocneptwlanoiber oirnriif a 
1>i»bopria 11 »vras consecrated to the m« of 
Km-l.Ton ■-';! Di'o. 1H27, boing Dllowt!d, on 
afieouuloflh('»inftllri?v<iniinnrth^?«i-.-,t') UoM 
tlic livinp of St. Bri!Of in ea-mm^itdata. I.aiii), 
tkinkidff lltill too favourable lo Onlrini»t 
and puritanieal notions, d>-fiiri'd him to lio 
olCBety watchwi • I aooo had intoltii^aiicn,' 
writes HbU, ' wIw w<jrv Bet ovt-r mv for 
espials; mt wny« wore curiously obiivr^'iyil 
and scannftd.' IlniintRrmitiful, liowuvtTgtipiiii 
a conciLutfiry nolirv LowiinU tliit puritatii^ 
and (iucccod>.-d inrvducini; nil lo conformitv. 
Laud's ji|)li.'S wrrt- C'jii'<w(«n-nlly biiiiy,Bnd llw 
bifh'-'p wnK ti^rriblv liarvsaud. llu nays: ' 1 
wiut ilir.".^ i-.rcopiil time* on my knveit l<» 
bin raiije»ily to answer t)u«o ](n>at (.Tiiniiia- 
tioii«.' At let^h hv plainly told L«ud Uwt 
' ra tb^ I ban be ofanouonM to ibasa alaiiiiliMiiiii 
lonsue» of his ■lisinfwnua Iw mmld om4 
up out rQCli«i.' wUcli amoiiot of apiric ■oan* 
to have prrKur«d Iiim aouMwbat of pracn, 
hobsbly aomo part of tiw diaMlisfactinn 
BhnwB with Hall's adataUtntion nf hia 
diiKCfo waa diu to kia diaineliutloii to i>ti> 
forrclliK reading of thedaclaration for aiKfrta 
vn the Bonday (161tS). la IIm iliwoua of 
Exvler it doea nA ap|war that any nt \.\w 
clctgy wwre nnautcd Ur rafnatwj Uirvadlbia 
donnai. tn 1088, hDwarar: l^uil, in th* 
rrpon oo Ua pfoviiuv to tba Uoff, aays : ' I 
niut do ny lard of Rwtar tbu rirbt, tlui 
in his iHUfwtfy^ iaatntrtioii ■ ■ ■ ^ ■ i > 
canfiilly obMTcd.' Hnll. i 
BoritniMaitd iba lovrhiirrh pur 
utdoead Uu) aichbiBbopt'>Mc>i''nini' 
(in ins?) tba wiitJaf of a trasuaii n. ^-i^-^- 

of the ' DiviiM Ki^t of EpMCopscv.' Hall 
ondOTtook tlw ehtag«, and «unt u> Laiul the 
hauls of hia propoMd irrirk. Tfa* arcbbUtiAp, 
tpfrtyving gtaanhj of tha draft, re! am ed it 
with aaoM alteMtioiu. llieM IIaU TMdilr 
•eoepUid, 4&d vnu the treatise a« Anhtm. 
Contrary to Us aotieipatton it wa« ni^in 
«sr«ftillir nvtMd hj LtHi) and hi* chapUitu. 
tbtr flMub Ibe euo atronjfnr airunit tho 
fowpi nlbmeJ ehoiwhe* aod the mUnu 
taraiw, Utdvbjcct^ to Ibe pope bring calW 
uitid^Ht. tloll buniUj Bec«pt«l Laud'a 


Th« Ullcr yt»n of tii« bUbop's sojourn at 
Bxeler Mem to hxw beea petkcolul. IIu 
irribos : * I had ])e*cu aud comfort at Iioomi 
in the Iu]ip7 eense of tbat gvnoral uiunimitr 
and lovinfT correspondence of tnj clv^cjr till 
tho Um Tear of mj prasiduifi Htcn, oftvr the 
modicu oath -km Mt on (iK>t.' Tliis van 
thetinth known a» tho et oeteraoBth, ordered 
bv the orinTOCnrion nf 1040 to be t^ien by all 
cierKynim. Hall [l«;larDe that benerer ad- 
ii)ini<t<'riNl tliiaoatli. l>iit he ilefended and ex- '■ 
pUiitiil ii, anil iliua inotined no emnll share 
of the unpopuUril; oif Load and his party. 
The angur of tlxi parlinment of I<MO wiu «»• 
pMsally directad ai^inst lli« late conrocatioa 
The onlor of bbliopa and tlie vrbole atatos 
of the chiircli wwre rioleiitl.r aMiuled in paro- 
phlelK. NoleMtban 140of these paaaea the 
prata befiire the aeaiion win very lar nd- 
Taneed. Hall cane ^lanll^ forwanlio de- 
fnnd hi* oidor aadchurcb. la a speech deli- 
vi^rod in the Houw of Lords liP claina^iJ pro- 
t^wtton for (tiB church, and in n piiblinhivl 
work. ' An !iunibl« Kdmrtiwl ration to tin; 
Hiah Court of Parlism"nl * (HMO and llMI, 
published by Nat hniiinl But ImH, he y indicated 
litnrf'ie^ and i?p)»cnpiu'y with great tkill and 

S>wyr. He wa." immeiliately nnswvred by 
re puritan dirin**, t!i« initinis of whose 
luimMniiulo np the nrord Smoctymniins. In 
reply to their tr^stisc thp bishop wroto a 
• Defence r>f thflt ReTnonflrnnce,' which pro- 
■Iticeil a * VindicAtinn ' from tho divine*, and 
4n ' Annwrt" to thfl Vimlifiiti^in of Sraectynt- 
ntius' from Bishop Hull. Other writer* 
jotn«Hl in tlie er>atTov<<rar. Milton contribu> 
linR DO lose Ihaii G*e tracts to i(. EUlt ap- 
pealed tot hi! tt-Anied Lr*i»hftrlolendft ht>lplnt{ 
hand, which drew from the Irivji primflt^the 
tract entitled ''Hie Unjjmiil r>f Bithop* niid 
Mctmimlilftn." briefly laiil down.' lit lh« at- 
tampt mftd)! by Arch^i*hop Willinuii to plTeot 
n GOmpmmiMi which taisht twtisfy the puri- 
tans, nnd which lod to the l<?rds' cotuiniltev : 
on rplig'ian i M&ircli ItMl), Hr-'hup Unll took 
apart. Ho. toi;f t Jut wil li WilUttma.Morton, 
andUfolicr, luliHniiainonclheuiostiiiodoratc 
of tlte prelate*, sat an the roinmiltcc 

Hall none the leas proieeeed boldly b hia 
plan in tbo llonse of Lords (1 M»t1MU 
agninM thn bill for Ukitig awav (Iw bitliop^ 
votes in parUoneot On 31 July (l&ll) * 
comnutteewaa appointed to dmwup arlicle» 
of inpeAcbnent ogaiiwt tluTt««n buhops, oJ 
whom Hall woe one, for haniiK paaovd canOM 
in the late ooneocation by which it wai w 
(vrted that tbey had fallen under tbe por- 
munirs fltaCete. OathisooeaaioaUaU aade 
a ajKixb in defence of thft easona and tb* 
action of eonvocation. Daiiagtliel' 
seoce in Scotland and tbe raoeaa i 
meut Hall went to his dioooao 
where he va« enthvsiwtically rrcvir^, i 
on 7 Sept. preached ■ eenoon at Kxflt '»' on lJu_ 
pacification between tbe l^nslish and 
in whieb hobewiibtbotronbledeUtnofj 
dturcli. The king, who had conceded I 
abolition of epiaoopary in Gotland, waai 
deairous lo sliow iluit b)^ mind wba 
dian^ed aa rtffanls ihr Kniilinli church, and 
niicardinit'ly imaedmiwiti iFftirr forfillinf 
ihc recant B««e. Hall wa* iranf-Uifol m i 
eeo of Norwich f 16 Not.) Lnuilinhis' 
tory of his Trouble* ' meni ion6 chin app 
meotin onsweriBfcthccliargeihat heol 
prafmnant only to 'snch men as wen far 
oerRBonlnt, I^pi-ry and .^muDiantsni-' Oa 
tlie reunening of parlljimimi in th" winter of 
1641, the biibone, inMi]i<Hl bv tim rah 
petiiidiind ttu* king, dMClarin^c that theyv 
hini]<>nMl by violence from atlvnilin|f to tt 
parlianiAiiury dulic*, and pratasting i _ 
the logalily of all acta ofparUaraent doBfj_ 
thoirenfnrrM absence. liiellaaBuof Lord*, 
n-3wniin){ ; his proceeding, inmediatelyBent I 
mcaaago to the oanmans. Tin- lower boast 
voted (hat the btthope vttv jpiiliy of I 
treasan, and thny vara at once asot 
tnongfat to the bar of the Hooon of 
and oommitted lo the TownfSODec. If 
Hall hsK^iren in his ' Hard Meaauru ' a touB 
ing ocooimi of the wnv in which be and L_ 
brethren wnetreatsd;\owt)iey w«tebroaftbl 
again and Affain ainidbrt thogmatort tumi*" 
tniheharofthenouaeafl^nbitoplnkli i 
how, when it wo^ found that the ioipr«cht 
could not be austained, ihev iverc Toti>l br 
parliameut to bv h'^iity of a pncmnnirr, *>d 
alt tli>>ire8t«t^ forf-!<i(-^. AsuniwosaUoved 
for thair maintontnce, 40l>f. a year being se- 
ugnM to Hall. Tho bi*boM w«re nowlihe- 
rat«d from tbeTow^r on bail, but tjio coraiaow 
obji.'ctini; to tht», thoy wm again mttnei 
•fid oonfiocd for vix vw«ka longur, wbcn apoa 
giving b«ud« for ^,0001. tbey wctd nllowcil 
to depart, 'haviufr ei»^nl tUt: time bctwiii! 
New-^ar'f eve and Wliit«untidc in iti-u* 
Bafe 7*allfl.' Unll now made bia way ti» Lti 
acff dloccac of Xorn-icb, which he bad 

ytt n»it«d. Ue wu tt firtt N«e«*«d witb 
eoiuid«nibl« reispMt. md bu •emoas nit^n- 
tirrlj ljbt#D«(l to. ProbaUr ftUo b« ««ij<iv>^i 
«t fint aoneof tbe KTMin«««f the »•■ ftnl 
on the MMinf; «f tba Mt for MqiMMnu 
tion of iha piofcrtjr of aultgnnoU, in ir)u«h 
sun was nwottoneo by o»m» fApril lGt3(, 
cowmi Mimmr wer« imt to Norwkli, who 
not oal7 (mpoandcvl all the mtU cf lh« »e« 
then doe, but mibmI «veryi kisg tn the iwUoe, 
'not leaTtnsRo raucli u adoteBoftnoehian 
or tbs chUirra'* pictures.' Soae dttritabU 
friendSi Hjb. G<wdiria siid Mr. Cook. |wid to 
the MquMtntor* Ibc Dtn'nuit at whicli tbe 
gTKMi» W4IV Talnnd, oii'l thf bUboD wm 
■Ilowol to uw tbem a little longer. Mbui- 
tiBMf king Bov utterly destituta of re- 
■ouroea, be aypliad to ibe coinauiKw of tbe 
oaAtarn ooanUw Ibr ma allowance, and Um^t 
Manned lum the iOOl. a Tvar nlucli hud b(«n 
Toced bj parliaiaent. Tfais, h^wcTcr, was at 
onoe atopped bjtheLonduD ootamittoe, which 
cndercd t bat ' the fifth ' allaved to the wtr«a 
and (aiiiili«a o( *iiialt|rTianta' ahmild be tbe 
onlj pnytaent made to him. Thore ma con- 
ajderat^ difficult j: in ascertaining what theae 
fifths nmoiuUed to, and thr biihop and hia 
frmiily WMreatilllM^aritfaout pajment. Tbp 
*' coalina«dwith ffreal cDuragv to hold 

>, ordaining and uuutulintr ereu aft«r 
anf of thff coTenanl. He waa tn^ 
ikraumtMl and in«iilted. Thatown^ 
fnrcDd tbinr war into hia cbapel and 
Ihhn tod«nti>liah the painted windows. 

dew«tated and wrecked the cathMlral. 

wit6 cin^umstaoeea of tbe gieatest pro£aiii(jr, 
and at t<.>n^th vinlenrlj exmUMi the biKliap 
snd hia hnily fmm tlia palaea in w aiKhlvn 
a Maniuv that th>-v woohl bam bad to li<' 
tn Oim Mkmc all ni^^t had it not been for iht 
Miidiiw of a Mr. Goetlm, who ((av* np hia 
bottae to then. The ' Hard HeMnr?.' whiefa 
felatea all thMe troubles, waa published in 
l|j|^ 1647, and it is piobaMe that the bidiop't 
qeetioa Avm hia palare took plaeo not lone 
katsn tbu, aa no moittion ia tnado in it M 
i» ro moral to Higbam. TothiiriUajytwAf 
orwiirbh*- reiDO\-ed with bialamil^,r«aiinfr 
nnall home near tbe cbnrch, which after- 
becameche l>ol]>hia iun; aad here b« 
vmI for about t^n v«ftni in retirement and 
oiiooa) wnrln, djinfr ^ S^pt. 1956, in tbe 
>t)ghlT^4<cond jtAt of hia a^e. A funoral 
4emo& proacbt>d in Norwich at th« biabop'i 
death bj tbe Ifcv. J. Whit«:foot, th<r paraoo 
of IIi)[bain, ataUM ibat wh<.-a f<-jrl>iild<-n to 
Be aliU attended diTioe aerrMe. ^he buhop 
•offered nat^in hie latter Tears rn>Bi bodily 
diaeMMa, but w*«rcanarhableforbts patieaoe 
id awvetnoai of temper. Ha was Tory 

frmcrooa Jn hia cfaarilaUe g^U, tlioa(k kia 
taeaaawtn btit amaUi'iiiTiiiicameUjreon- 
tribulioa o( noaejr to Mrtain poor widow* Co 
hiadTtiv day.* lie doea aot aeam to have n>- 
fti^nted t£e ilKrtstawnt ha had received, and 
took no pari in public abxra aAer bin fenced 
rctiiemeat. KiuWaoMimaic nf hia vriirhe U 
prrfbabtyastruaaaairfthatcaBbeBiaJe. 'He 
vru coBUBonly ctUad oar Bnriiib Seseca for 
his fwe, plain, and fidl atyie. Mot ill at 
omtrotrrttet, ntoie hapoy ac eummnmli, ^vrj 
fioud in hia tAttractert, Better in )a» tenmm, 
beet of all in hia mcdli'W^ana' ( WorlJUet, p. 

Br his wife EUaabetb, daaKbtcr of George 
Winiffc of Brattenhani, SnHblh (jJk died 
•37 \tif. WOi, fvd 6t>). Hall bad six aona 
and two dautikten. The ddeet imn, Robert 
Hall. D.D. (1606-1607). became eattua of 
Exet«.<r in \&*a, and arcbdeaooo of Coruwall 
inl633. Jo»epkUan,tbnaecotlidsonaOOr- 
16W). waa rcKinmr of Exolcr Cntttfdml. 
r.rofxr.ihe tUrd son (161^1668), btalMip of 
rhi^i>.T. i« noticed aeparatcly. Suaad, the 
fiintth ann (I6l6-lw4>, was aob^can of 

Aa a theological writer Hall occupiea a 
middle place bKween Biahop Andnwes aod 
Jeremy Taylor, ilehad aomewhalof thepan- 
gent qnaiolneBs of .\ndrrwea, without bnnir 
•o gmtiwoa ; and muirhor UtHi-lcM]unac«j)nil 
power of hanied illuatjatioo of Taylor. 1 lia 
aeeommodatiagr totsper may be held by lome 
to be hia chii'f fault, fatil it la fair to attribute 
it rather loan Gxcessof charity than alack of 
bouesty. Hall's devotional worka am lyr* 
tainly 'hi« best. To tbta daaa rathifr tlinn to 
that nf Hxogeria wa may aa*i« hia'Contem- 
pUrirttia upon tbe Pkiaeipal] FUngea of the 
Holy Stone,' iaaued in et^t rolumes hetwet-n 
1613 and 1636, and a::iun in the edition of his 
works In 16SI. 'Coaiemplationaaatbe Now 
TMCameat 'flist a»eai«d in tba foUoof KKIi;, 
after the biahop'aoMtb. Anxn^ the bUhop'" 
work* are ' 8ii DecadM of Epirtlai,' aoain of 
wbieh nm almoat into CtmIum, and alao a 
preat numbw of anaya or treattaoa upon 
vanona practical aubjecta. Ilia work aa % 
comaeatator ia r«preseotad by hia ' I'ara- 
phnue of Hard TcxU from OenMta to Itevt^ 
lalioD ' (163.^, fol.) SomctliinfC haa altvaily 
been said of hiawnli&ga as a Mtiriat and a 
ooDtroremalist. He waa not free from iha 
tendency to scarrility when arguing againat 
tbe Rowan church, tbou^ be did ntich t4 
raiffl t be tfjiie of t br EoKlwh «ontrOTO»ialiat« 
agatnit Kome. Several foUoedilions of hie 
works were published I>t llio bi«l«op in hi* 
Ulatiaie, «i>. in lOi'l, It^, and lt»l. lit'. 

CaCue of (he tint folio baa an calraiaKunt 
iidatioa of King Jooes, repnntad in thu 




4Se «f 1634. A small qimrto. %ritli a coIImv 
ticn ofK«thiinn>U8yioce*tMi!l(-d ' Tin- Sliakiuff 
of thaOUToTp(M,'wiwpubliii)u'<lin ItiltO, iind 
ia 164<3 ciimo out annther folio witli \ more 
«oniplct.icoIl«tinBofthiibishop'^ wrrks. In 
1714 Tlie moral wortu w<>re publiBhed in a 
>t« folio. The limt compl«t« «>ditLOii 
•wis that published hythd Kev. Jiuinh Pmtt 
in l«ti <ji;Uio volume* (IjoniJon, lw)(<). Thia 
VTBS lollowt^d liv nn iinproTvil i^dilion iiodor 
tbo cJuonliip oi PeWr Hall [ij. v.], 11 de- 
BCondaiil cf tnu bishop, in Iwi^ltt? twtnvo vo- 
lumuA (0.\/oril, 1837), find by anotliw col- 
li>ction. ediu-tl hy llie Itev. Philip Wyiit^-r 
(Oxford, IB(W), iii leu volume. Of Mpi»mta 
piitLiuna of the bishop's work* thoro haw 
been numirouH editioDs. Sin^vr cdiled the 
nncms with Warton's illtistratiDtu in ISii-l. 
l>r. (irofort's complete editjoa of the pwms 
npororvd Ju 1 871). 

rliiKnivrd jiurlnLiCaof Hull aropitfixcd to 
liiN * ltr-.M)liilii)nA and I'nwva of CatMclcDCVi' 
IflfiO; to his 'Sliokiiig of the HUve Trcu,' 
1600; aud to WbilcfootVfum.-nJ ouriuon. 

[Bittiop Hnll'n rtutobiofrniphioil trnclB. Ob«or- 
Vttlionacf iomeSpM-inlitiMof DinncI'niTidoiiL'Vr 
nnd Hani Meucurf, in lii« BhAkinK of lb» Olivn 
Twa (IMO) ; WurtUworih"* En-I. ItioBrapli. toI. 
Ir., London. 1889; the Re*. OwrgoIiCWiB's Lii'u 
of Jowphltiill.D.O, (18M); Moitiuint of Bishup 
ITikU. l>7 the Rer. joha Jonea. London, 18!JCi Life 
of Arobbi»bop I^ud, tij Pnlw Hiylyn, I.oiidon, 
ARbbisbcip lAud'ii Hiiitoi^ of hw TroublM. Lon- 
doD, IMS; CkrMidon'»HiiilopyofHulii,'lIioii.O!t- 
ford, l^n; iullor'a WorthicK, LondoD. 1(102; 
Halle KinH'» rrophecie, ttd. W. E. Bnckloy 
(Bo«tj. Clulj), 1B8-J; Newljr Biscovured Poeaia 
by Bi.ihop UuU. hj 3. t. Callicr, in Ocut, M»k. 
1851.1.2.14-8.] G.a.P. 

HALL. M ARSH.\LL (1790-1S57K phy- 
eiulogifi, wiu l)orn at BaAford, neitr Nottin^- 
litim, on 1(4 FL>b. 1790. His tatber, KOVERI- 
Hil.i. (1"65-I§'i7). « cotton niHnurBCtunjr 
niid bleacher, vae thi'fint whn tiMxl rlilnrinv 
for bleacliine on a. Urgo ncaIo, mid rtv^iiivod a 
pri«! from lh« Sociuiy of ArU for iho invt^n- 
tion of a new cnuiP. Ho was a Weslpyari. 
mill known forliU bmevolBnce. Duringtho 
Liiddili- ditlurbanpfls the rioter? wrntt- to liini 
proroiiitiff not to injury liim. Ilm wife, a 
wom«n orgTCftt. vmrih and iiili'lligimi'fi, Ijorw 
him eight c1iilflr»n. 'I'lm »i;(Kind wni" Siunui'l 
Hall [q, v.], ft pn>lifl« in^t-tilor. 

Mamiall, rho fourtb ston and sixth child, 
«how«d an (larly fondness for reading. Aftar 
R non-clft«»iwil wlucation by the Kbv. J. 
Blanchnrd of Xottinphnm he vn.* nlii.-^i 
Ikt fowrt^cn willi u chemiHt at Ni»wrtrk, and 
•tudiLil chemistry and nniitoniy with ffr.-iir 
diligvucv. In Uctobor It^ Iw i;ut«rcd em n 

medical utadunt at Rdiobiir^ Ui 
and in lAII hn was >il)ici»(l at'nior prnMldi 
of the Itoval Modieal Society of Winbnri 
Some of )ui earl^ eliamical paiMni, prinuv 
in' Xjcholaon's Journal.' ahowddmaenori^- 
niUity ; be was a Mrseverins dissiyitor, and 
in m^icine ipMially d*vot«d himself to disK- 
niMis. .VastucleiuthoidiowMd hi^charaiitvr- 
isLtC tondoncy to think inlcotlron pttenit- 
iQ(>tu>d«emod inexplicable or invWont loth* 
vxperimvnlsin linnd. HnvinggnuluntedMJ}. ' 
in June 1A12, Hall whk appoint«dl n«td(iat 
house pliysician to the EdiubiirKh Koyal In- 
firmary. Me aavii a coiicae of lectures on 
diagnoss Ln ItflS. In BU-IS ba spent »- 
Ttral months in vle'iting tbc modical wboob ; 
of Paris, Goltin^'n, niid Berlin, walking 
alone and on foot fp^m Pari* toOiittingen is . 
^ioveiiibt-r 1814. Advc nx months' pcaclic^H^ 
iat Ilridi:«wiit(!r in 18IS HaL settled in N4^| 
tiBKhiun in I'ubruaiii' lSl7.and publJAlied h^^^ 
wnll-knowD ivork on 'Uiairnoeia,* ' rompro- 
hi'uaivc, lucid, exact, and rvdiabte ' ( ~ 
IT) Aug. IKTi?). I>r. Boillic, tlmn preeid 
of ihp Itiivnl Citib'pi of Plij'iicinni*, wl 
Hall ntllcn iipiin liini, mislo'ik bim for 
tton of llie author of that 'i?.\lraontinai, 
work,' and could scarcely credii ftuch nii 
(VcbievcincnlaMirt.'nty-BeT«m. In ISlfiUi 
vnif elected ffllow of tile Royal Society 
Kdinbur^li. Oiiining nn wtcoUcut pract 
Ilnll soon become widely known for hia a 
ivMi--* by diminii'lK'd htood-lslting. In 1 
lii« valuahh- jmiHT nn 'The Fffwlsof I 
of Blood' wnii publitkMl in thw ' Mi»dii 
Chirurfficai Tranantiiona.' In 162f» lie wwT 
electM physician to lh« Xottin^bamOefMnl 
Hospital; hut in lKl'6 ho remoTed to London, 
and his NotUnglmtn practice largely followed 
liim. VitT Iwoyttsr* h" lired at 16 Keppel 
Strt-H, Riitai-11 Suiiiiri!. withliia frinnd Ituni* 
side (partner in llie iiubliabiug baueoof So** 
I leys). Ili-t work »ii tlm ' I>i«eftitc< ofFeinBlM,* 
I le^S.hrouchi him much pntctioe.aiulAirtVr 
studies and writinps on blood- tettiiw oeeu- 
picd much time. In NoTember l$29be mar- 
riei], and in 1K.S0 removed to 14 Mafiobeaur 
Sinmnr, wlifpy ho liTOd for twenty y^ara. 

vViibavirwtoilm frllnuiihipof ilw Uoral 
Sowety, Hsll now look up th* anbject of iho 
cireuUtion of tli« blood in tlie minulft w*- 
eolH, and read a stirceosion of bijfhlr ortpnal 

tapers to the society in 1831. Th*y mi 
nnwn facts which are now the commi 
plnivifl nf miowiBOopiMil <tudT,biit then ta 
upon afndftntJt witli Trmarknhln fiui*iiuktt 
llii paiHir '(In th"* Anntomyand Phynioli 
of ihtMimito nnclCapilljLry Vo«)M!l«,'thai 
rpftd, wan r<'fii*'d a place in the »ociet 
'Traiifiaciion!>,*buttht-;rreHt. JohnnniTiMiilltf 
prouuuucvd it to hv of vilraordimiry Lnt 

Ent : 


lla.ll {ni1)lislie<d his new* in » *<>p«mt» worlL 
Uis nper ' On the InTcrw lUiio whieh sub- 
sisu Mtween Kentntion *nd Imtahiliij' in 
Uw AaiduI KiD^om,' nod before the itojnl 
SneiMy SS Fab. IS3^^ wu piiblisli«d ia the 
* PhOoMnlneal Tmmuictinnfi ' for thxt yi.«r. 
It wu foUnwed bv *n ironortanC ptpr on 
lifbenution, aitfl W iat cJi<«tion u fnllow 
<in 6 April. I le was now on tlie trt^k of hii 
grmtrnt dueoT^ry, ichich "waii made during 
A Madyof tWcircuUtioD in tlie nl^wt'« lunf^. 
TbeiwVfn licjwl luid be«ncut oB". Ontnucli- 
inff thrMlcin witb th9 point of a iMMtle mti*- 
£ular moTirntiinl* oecnnvA in tbn doad body. 
Oa '"■"''"'T*g into the eft<u« of tho*c tboy 
v«n found to b» cxcitvd through tl>c cuta- 
Beoiu nen'oa of sensatioa. passing to tiie 

ainal mnrrow, nod thence beiuK tvl1ecl«d to 
« mujiciUar nen-««. Un cutliiijt i^iibor Mrt 
of oerrM, or on dMlioyin^ tho Eptnal mar- 
p, lh«plicDomaDODcea»«d. ThtuvaaUud 
ruiuKUtioa of Uie tlw.-ory of nil«x octioO) 
t auulo kuovn at a moctJn^ of the Com- 
littaeofScienceof ill i>/iii)[ag;iQBl Society on 
XoT. ItSa, uiii more fully in a |Mp«r on 
ReOex Fvnctiou of tbV MoiiulU Ub- 
_ >« and SIodullA SpiDalla,' road bcforo 
the Itnval Suci'ty on At Juno 1833. and 
pruiL«il in itH ' Tnin»iK-t!onB ' for that year. 
rlotwitbeUinding llx; inlrirvt i-xc'itvd by hid 
dieooreriea, and ihrir immnllntK UanAlalion 
into Oerman by Johonnva Miillrr, whoat thr 
ane time announcwd nearly »iinilar and in- 
dcpeDdent discoverie«, the author woa de- 
notmoed M the proimffalor of ab«unl and idle 
tbeorim (■eeLECitosCLiKK, Addrett at St. 
Thamadt Jlotpiial, 21 Jan. 1862), aod hi« 
next Mper, 'On thfTrueSpimal MurowtDd 
the Eieilo-Slijtiir Syitrni nf NVrx'e*,' wad 
bnfnrr theUoyBlSiipii'tyia ISST. btm refusal 
[ptiblicntion. lloll T&inly be^^d tht-couudl 
I to appi>tnt a coninuMion \o nilnus his ex- 
|Beriini3)l;*. althouith b« offi^ned to withdnvr 
"nom practice for fin- ywri In devote Itinudf 
to foitber rcMMFph on tbi> ■iitijiM.-t. In IftiO 
a oerW of niMn nn thi! lubjivt by linll ap> 
penr«din9lilll«r'«' Ardiiv.' lnl8471ieonce 
mora oA>r>d to the Royal Society an erperi- 
mtinlal paper, detailing tvsearctios on tbe re- 
UtioD of (EKlvaniam and the nervous and 
iDUMular tinnm : but it woe refu»>d piibli- 
calion. Agointt this bsprot«et«tl in a Vtter 
(priToteJy printod) to iIm F^rl of Rowe, tlien 
pnodeot of the Royal S(«ipty. In )S30, 
noweivr, hia namf- appear^l on the !iat of ih* 
OffliBcil of tb«) society. buT hv mtviir received 
any of iin m^lAla. Meann-hile, in the midBt 
of octivn pnictio? Hall sipenl everrsptn! mo- 
ment in aiudy and writing, trnstinu mainW 
to fllturt! ni-offnilton. 'I ftppr-ftl," lie Miid, 
'from iliofiruh&lf oftheainotcQmhccAtury 
'- TOL. xsxr. 

to the BMond.' Hia proctue grew wry ex- 
toiuire, u his dJMOVeriec gave him ioM^ht 
into (tlBarden of the nervous eV9t«m which 
till then remained obeciir«. An two i 
volamcM of ■ Practical Oht«rraiioiu in Bledt- 
cinn,' 1815 and I8HJ, wbm cnnliallyr»«eiv 
Hi* fiua« Kpread widely in Europe' and Ar 
rico, and many maiics of dittiuctton w 
conTened upon hitn tram abmod, though I 
received none at home. Ilia worln wore* 
reprinted in America and traiihluted into 
Ftnmch, Oeraoaa, I>nt«h, and Italian. Ub 
the eonlinont itudonta and doctors rvipirded 
him ut t)i« DkOit eminent practitianor in Rii|f- 
lond. In London he nerer woi appjialt* 
physician to any hoopttoL He lecttii«d 
m«dicftl atodenu from 18^ to 1B30, at tl 
AJden(«t« Street School ; and from 1836 1 
1S3S at Wabb Sttoet School and Sydeahaaj 
CoU«gc. Ia 1630 ho could not complete f ' 
courve owing to biluroof voice. In ]d4£ 
Hoepitol. He was uoi elected a fellow i 
the Royal Society of Physicians till 1841, but 
in 1&12 he delireied the Oulstouian leclL 
thens and the Oroonion in 1 s.>0-j. In i 
loctOTM bo fnlly explaitx^d hia dlwoTeriflB^ 
&nd npintons on tho ncrcoiu eyetem, and on 
nurvou* (li:»oaiw«. Ilutooti a proinlDi^ntpart 
in the funuation of the DritiiiJi Medical A»- 
BocUi.Iou, ami delivered the oration nn me- 
dical reform in IPJO. Kvcry pUilnnt linrujc 
movement inwhichbodilvawlmeotallK-dtb 
tvns concerned found in litD • vum and oo* 
live advocatv. Opotimilw&^curiagoa.cnial 
llog:|;ing of soldiers Cttoe hut Ictim signedj 
'CVnjor,' TuwM,-y> and 31 July If^fl), (h«J 
aewoffe queAiioii (nee his pamphlet. Suypmtfif^ 
WorfcJ OH tAe Thame*, 1850, 1852, 1850), and 
ilavery in the United States, vren> omoog tba 
iuhjcclm on whidi ho actively rxertcd himaejf. 
Wn advocated a «vR(«m of gradual emancipa- 
tion. Hi» 'Twofold Slavftry of the United 
fitnliM' wu piibliahitdJn IHU, nftern vi«jt of 
fifteen monllu to theStnu*, Cuba, and Canada 
u]181>3,vlienhehadflnal]y|;ivnii uppraetioe, 
ovria^ to a peculiar aSeciion of toe throat,.' 
handm^over his patients to Dr. J. RiumII ' 
IlevBoldf. During lN64-fi he tmvetled in 
Italy and Fm nee. find in tiio laiti>ryp«rwaa 
t'lcwtcl i»>rn«p<ini!ing mi>m)>nr of thi) Fronclt 
IiuUiute. Afirr thiD hi* ehief work wa« ia 
cotinei^I ion will) the rtuuoration of pentons 
appnrenlly drowned; he deviM-d a system, 
aud drew up niLes for its a-njiiii^iition, n~hleh 
were soon adopted by tho Xalinnnl Lifeboat 
Inslilulion. In I85B lie recommended the 
lino of tho living fnig as the mo«t doLicatS 
r«xT of the pretence of ttrrehnia in ea«n« 
whi>Ttf poisHiuing wu mupecterl, and proved 
that a Touug frog ms strongly atlecied by 




one fiviT-tlwuMudtii of a gnin of atr^chnia. 
IIucOTitinviL-iI to Javirlop fmsli oii]ilicBlio[ifi 
of liis discovuTicB aud to publish Uicm In the 
' Luaixi ; ' but liia throat alTwlioii Ksiaed 
);routi(l nnd prrrvnU-d liu Uikiog Mimcicnt 
food, lie dic-t) Bt Briglitnn nfirr n, Innjt luiil 
pDinJitl illncnn on 1 1 )[jiv 1 ^i>7, bikI vfii» 
kuricil it Nnttincbam. A ' Murslmll Hail ' 
fund will rmmJed in If*";), and ploct^d in tho 
Imitd.H of lliL' Uoyol Mcditrfil hdJ (.'liirurgiool 
SocitHv, tooncounigiiresearcli in iliuanntomy, 
plijaiolog^-, or pntliolngr of llio ni-nous rrya- 
tem, by giving n priu; cvLTy fire yonn for 
ilic IjiMt worlt <li«w> anil fwmdetl in Engluh 
during Or- |in!viciiiii live yenn; tbe priise- 
winHiTs hn^f l>een in IWfl Dr. HiifuliThTB 
Jiicl(«Qn, in lesa Dr. Fernet, in 1888 Dr. 
W. II. OasfceU. 

Hall'« verantilily it stflwn by bi« pnpvTS 
on tbe'lliglwr I'owiT of NiinibiTs'iind on I bi? 
'Signs uwrl in Algrhni* in llii' ' McctmTiii;'* 
MBgiainB ' for 28 Aua. and 30 Si'j.l . 1 H4i^, Ijy 
his 'Suggestion of (LMational Uecimal Ph«r- 
macopCBia' in the "Loud™ and Bdinburg'h 
Montiilv Journal of Mp(Ucb! ticiBntw,* 1W9, 
nnd b^ liisntTW formit of conjii^ntion mi'ldc- 
clonsion for Orwitk iKThn mid imuiu, printiil 
for i)ri\"ati! pirculutioD, mid niiprfucil by I>r. 
J^onaldiKin, anthor of th* 'Suw Cmlylufi.' 
At Roma iu 1^5t-6 he made rapid projrreM 
ID Uebrevr under a nibbi. llis proiessioual 
ineorae tow from WO/, in 1 W6 to l^OOi. in 
18S3; hiBdiscowri'js in physiology forsorae 
veare diminishi'il tii^ prnciici^, but it Intmly 
inccOftfwd to 4,0<K)^ ii ywir. In raatdini of 
yrofiiMionnl i;tiqin*to tin wjw viiiry Btricl. Ho 
TFASCftlmnnd prompt in omfrpcncipe, rtmight- 
fnrwftrd in liia moral trL-atmcnt. of patients, 
end lie ».bUorred consing, wli.'tfdhng, md 

A prwvt pfiit of bin Mipnlific vrarV waa 
diinn at right, aftor n day's hard work. Many 
of bin worTc» veom writtnn in lii« oarriago be- 
liroen hi* viuta. ] I* al-nrayn n-etirdfrd re«u Its 
of oxp^rimeota at once. Iliii n^adice^j to 
wply to attaclra gtive some olFeuw, but hf 
showed nflithcr vnnilY ror p«tulanc». Ilu 
waa a man of *ttong Cbri»tiaR faith. 

By lit* diMowry of roflcx action Eiull 
rosciii-d an ohncun? claan of conviJei^-u aflec- 
lion* fr[.im uninlelligibilify, nnd c:(|ilainc:d 
with rumorkuble iu^>nuity tberaechonimn of 
the coaruUive paroxysm. TUi* treatment of 
tpilepay was made mttooal by kiu -, llie n^r 
of strycniUD in apiuoldiKD^ts, the discouiafn,^ 
tncnt of oxcoBivo blood-brtfiTig, and tlip 
ready UKtliod in asphyxia, arc among Im mont 
valuable acbivvem«nt4. Ho wtoIu tcmely 
and irell, in Frrnch us well m in ('n^li«h; 
Louis, tha KT«al French phyudan.miid of tin 
'Apervu du Systime Spinal:' 'Dccc petit 

ourrapi tout plait an pnnaier aWd, la to\ 
ot Id fond. . . . Voiu £lc« un icrivaui 
mi, mjine eu Cmocmic.' 

Ilallwap below the middle htuctit. witL 
rtnmgivcll-tiiMlufcatumt, clear (bruaad, and 
bright liocfi cyr»«. Hcfoiindaderot«dlifd. 
in bin wifr, in-ho aftt^nrrnrds coaipiI«d 
wrritn hi.i ' M<:nioir»,' rrhich, tboufrb laa 
toi5',nrn nilrafitive. Hull had an only childt 
a Eon Miirahall, bom 1831, now a barTwt«ri 

llnll TiTolo the following soparstc «-a 

I. 'Tilt Di.iigu(isii» of Pinonwm' 1^17; 
(edition, 1H31; itrdrdilion iwiied in lAitT 
part of 11. !^. 'On ihe Mimoa^s: or a 
wjiptitB, DtBHiioMip, and Praclical l-'sMiy 
the AIT(.-i:iiona usually denominatt-d Itilioi 
NcrrouB, &c.' l.SlS; ihcswood edition bore 
the title, 'Aa E**«y on T>!»ordrr!t of iho VA- 
gcstivc OrgJinn nnd ficntintl ll'-nlih, nnd mi 
thpirComplit'Htiiin*.' .1. ' Tin- Efft-et.'of Ini- 
tntion nnd F.xliatulioD aA«r Parturitkn, 
Aborlifin, ftc..'l'-2a 4. '(to tJieSymptoiBs 
andUiUoryof Diaraaes/l^S:!. 5. 'Medial 
Esuya,' 188*. 8. •CommeotariMonthe 
easesof FemalM,* wit h phittv, l^:.t); 2tid 
11*30. 7. •Obwrvationit on Blndd-lerti 
foundi-d on n>#ciLrrh«t on tho Morbid 
Ouraiivc F.ffuct* of I,o«t of Blood* 1 
f*. ' All Exporimenlal Kuay on lbi> Circ 
lion of the Ulood,' 1831. 9. •Enptedia. 
Letters to a Mother on the Waicuful O 
of Iter Infant,' 1831. 10. 'LcctuiM on lh» 
Nervous System and its iMseasm/ 1836. 

II. 'I'riociplps of thf Thnory and IVacticp 
of Wodirimi,* 1M7. I'i. 'On'tln! Functiona 
of liiii Mi'dulla OUoiijpiia and Mi'^dulla 
nnlij, and on the Exeito-motor\' System 
Norvci," Ito, with plates, 18.^7. l3. ' Uiaei 
and neran^monls of the NervouB 8' 
IWl. 14. 'tiuletonian ).Mtnre«,"" 1 
15. *Kpw Memoir oti tli* Xptvohs Sts(. 
4to,Tpithplntwi, IMS. IK. *Pnirticiil'(V 
vations and .^ngg<*tion« in M*dij:ino,' 
(fiript, lH4f>, IWfi. I7.'E*uiy»outh(.Th. 
of CinruUiv* IWKi'iiaea,* J848. 18. 
lissays on thi: Tlie^ry of Paroxvgioal Dii 
ofthcNfrvouisijyilea..' Ift4!». IH, 'Syn 
of tbt) Diuetaltio Net^one STstom,' 4to, 
pUttoti, C'roouiun I.^cI«p«s, IwH). SO. ' S; 
opBJa of Cerebral and Spinal Soiiui __ 
4lo, Crooniftn Lecture*, ICSl. 21. 'On ti» 
ThrcatcningB of Apoplexy and Poral 
IWil. '22. 'Syno|wi» of Apopli^xy 
EpilrjM,',' 4to, Troonian Leictura*, 1 
28. ' Sii'gfru-fltfd Works on tho Thaoi»,' U 
2-1. ''ITiB Twofold Slaverv of the Uni 
States,' ItSM. 'i-'i. • .'Vper^ii du Systinifl 
nal.'l'ftris, 1B55. 2li. ' AjjiliyjEia ; it«Nat_ 
and ii8 Remedy .']W56. 24. 'IVino and Pi 
turol Rcffiiirniion in llrowninir, and 
forms of Apnicu,' 1657. The i illvs of foi 

a nd ^ 

ni«n)o!n by Uoll w ^ren ia the ' RoTal 
8oci«^Ofttala;uparSci>^nti6c Papers;'' be 
»tao con tri lwited nunrnniclMtotho'CTyclo* 
frndimot Practical Jfcdicinr.' 

(Mnooirm of JlnnWI Hitll. hj bit widov, 
IMI : PaltiKn*'* Hndical Poctnit Oitlltrr. «oL 
if. : Ijatm, 8. 1^ 2S An«. 1846, 37 JdI/ IS^O, 
It Au«. 16(7 i 3ledical Tim4« aad Oiii«ti«, 
M Aug. 1847 ; Edinb. K«ir Phil. Joum. 1S58 i 
Athewenm, 8 Aog. IKdl ; J. F. CliU')[«'i Aat»- 
biognphiail Ite«ollMtioB«. p. 337.] G. T. B. 

HALL. PFTER <190S-1S49). dit'iix? and 
topiieraplicr, bom ^1 D«c. ISOcS, vm* tbe 
third toll of JatoM Halt of Sl fiMTfce'*, 
Bknouburj. Loodon. Hu ctatuiM) ileaceDt 
ftom Joseph Hall [q. t.~. biihop of Ex€<ter 
tuad Norwich. At the am of thirtWD be ir&s 
Bent to WtDcIiPRt«r College, vl»>>n» he wu 
adiiC«t<!<l on th»' roiindation, nml thuim prr^ 

rwilniltiiltian riillijii .nifiiiiljiniiifii 

Uung lHJuu l^J'J (Vofmia, A/itmm Oxon. 
1710-1886, p. Tm\ IIo pr»dtui«d HA. 
IDec. 1825Midir..V2IJan.l*3l>. In 1828 
b« wu onlaiswl and became ount« of Si. 
^^^^H^H« i^ve an account of hi« dimunsl 
^■vid tho W»r)'j,' a Mnnnn prueh*d at St. 
^Thnmaa'a, Surum, on 21 April 1§SS. In Sq>- 
teroberl&il lie waj innitutMl tolheTKtory 
of MiUton-ftiim-Iirifrm'^reton.WUtflhire, but 
was *ooB obliffed I« abftndon n>«id'''nc« fcv lh« 
ilt-L^altb uf hu wife, lie wkd fur a eJ>OTt 
ttm<^ciin>to Af St. Lake's, ChAlaea, aDd»n«r- 
ward*, inMny l836,b«camen)iTiist«rof TftTi- 
Rt«ekCliap»l|Dniry \jaui. In Jan* 1841 li« 
undertook tbc chnrfro vf Lon^ Aero ^MOiwl 
cbanci, in lh» pnnKb «f St. MntiinVin-tno- 
Fields. In 18^3 hn brcomu miuiflcr of St. 
TliOmM'flCbap«l, Walcul.atBatk. Hcwaa 
klMifor aome lUac traTclIirt^w'CTtttaTjluilu! 
Bolonutioii Sodety. He di«d at Qrent 
MalTffn, WoToeatanllin), o» 10 Sept. 1&40, 
IcaTtng a widow and three daugUtcrs. Ilj" 
librarr w« kU ^7 May 4 June 1&50. 

IlaU'a ori^Dot writine» arc: 1. "Tnpiiput 
tMTpun; Sjinntoiiu of lUiymir, original and 
tFBitfilaied (anon,), 4u>, I^ondon, 1824 
(twenty-fiTo O0|nea prinlnl). 3. 'Ductor 
Vindof;ladieiu!a : anUUtorical anil Deacrip- 
Dontrt thin-,' fivo. London, Xi^Vii (fourteen 
rnpiivi WITT- jirintrd on coloured paper) ; Snd 
«lit,Sv<). Witnlnrnc.lW.ll. ^. 'Pirture«qUD 
MemoriaUof 1iVim-hr«|pr.'4to, ISaa 4. 'A 
Few Topojcra^iliical lU-mnrhK rplativd to tba 
pftriabes at Itin^ond, Klliii;(bani, Ibbnlry, 
Htrbridm, and Fordiiiffbrid(;<>, anil lhi.t N«w 
7orMt*r»non."(.l?nio,Riiigwood,l83l; 4tb 
^ii, (•nlnrgpd, with a ahcirt deaciiptioa of 
nraoutb, Hvo, Ringwood, 1867. S.'l^o- 

1 tnreaque Ueinoriala of Solubary. a series of 
orij^nal etchings and vinieUos.. ... To 
which ui prvfixi^ a brief lliotoiT of Old and 

. New Sanim,' foL ^allibury, It^ (Utn^ 
oopiea of tbii ' UHef HtAiorr ' wnv vinick i 

I aefuately in 'Ibllio'— ^). U. 'Congr^ 
traul BeAion, accardbr to the Liturgy < 

' the Cliurch of Eagland, in (bur aennoD 
wiilt an appendix of noteot* ISlnoi, London^ 
IfiSS; 3nd edition the nine year. 

I He alNO edited ; 1. • The Ciypt. or Recpp- 
ucle for thin^ nan ; au Antiquarian, l.iie- 
miy, and MiaoMlaBeom JournHl.' S vids. 
1 2mo, Ringwood. 1827-S : coniinu**! an • The 
Crypt . . . and West of England Magoxtue, 
new s»frie«,' 1 vol. Bro, Wmchenler. 1829. 
i. 'D<> Animi Imcnartalitale, « I.atin poem 
Itr Iiiaac HawkinR Browne, with n memoir,* 

I 12mo, 183S. .1. 'SKmioiu and other Itoniains 
of Robert Lowlh, D.D., aometiine Riohop of 
London; now fini eollecied and amn^ad,. 
panlyftoinominalMS^.,n-i[baD iucroduivj 
lory memoir,' 8vo, 183'!. These 

' which ore not remarkable for either el«_ 
nr Icomii^, wera proDotuio»I to be apuriotio] 
by thfl rvpraMntotiTM of the I^mlh family.] 
A {RMd deal of oarrMpondrace on tbe n»it«i' 
by lloll, W. StnrgH Bounr, and an annny- 
mous wriler, ' Y(>rai,' appearrd in t b>^ ' (^n 1 1 &• 
man'i Mnfraiine ' for Auput ofid Scptrmb^r 
18^4, and VebruMT, March, uid April IftSft. 
4. '.\ Snmmary View and lilxplonatios of 
the Writing oflheProphelH, by John Smith, 
I)J)., minict«r of the Gnepel at C'aiopbel- 
lown, with a bri«f Mi^noir,' IJvo, ltW5, 
fi. ' Venioni-aBihlicM), from tbe ntbrewl^vo-j 
lurca of Bishop Lowth." lAno. Kugbv, IS-W.' 
G. 'Ttic Works of J«*cph Ilnll," !■_> vol.-. 8vo, 
Oxford, ]6»; -9. 7. 'SalixeaaDd olhnr Tovtav, 
by JoM.'pli Hall, l^.D., afterworda Bishop cf 
luxeter and of Norwich,' 8vo, 1838. 8. ■ Bjti- 
ritnol P)«adinga osd £xpo«t\ilatioQ8 wit' 
God in Prayar, by Thomu HarriKin, D.tT,, 
)6mo, 1838. d, 'An Expoeition on the two 
Epi(tlc« to the Tb««anlonian«, by J. Jewell,' 
12mo, li*U. 10. 'The Harmony of Pro- 
iMtant Confoiainna, . . . enlargi-d by . . . 
P. E[all,*6v»,1842. ll.'Rr.liquiirLitiirfrinv. 
Docuraenla ciDnccted wilh Uw l.iiurfry nf 
ihu Church of GoKland,' •*) voh. lOwo, Balli, 
184". Vi. ' Froifnientn LitiirjtirA. Docu- 
meniA illuslmtivr of the Liturfry of the 
Church of I'mrland,' 7 vol*. lOmo, Itittb, 
184*. 1.1. ni.lioi. Latindol AnJr.-wca's' I'f-- 
cvs privata' <]iiot idiunii-,' ^vo, 1848, of wbiclt 
hi> bad publtHbHla inuiilatictn in 1630, 12tuo. 
He aba ediud' .A Dinlo^rim between a Popimb 
Prient and an l^nu'Iifth Prolealaiil, by Mat- 
tlicw Poole:' • Serious ThongbU on Mar- 
ria)^ . . . Strictnrva on the Bducation of 
Cbildren, by W. Uilu ; ' ' Soriptuie Cbarao- 


titT', . . . br Thomu ItobinHnn, wiili « M»> 
moirnf tIiolAutl)or,*4n)1s. llnll rUo pub- 
lubod aumoium wtmoB*, nampbk'U, Mid 
lettera, mod m« eng^cd, wud seiied with 
faulut illness^ in the compilatioo of tnotlier 
COllnctiOB of htoifpi!*! pieces to be entitled 
*MoDUBteBU Lttarpra.' Uia Isboure u 
editor and tnognpnc'r &n> of lililo valuw, 
tbouffli hi* tApognphtc*! work* may bo found 

[GtOL Xnc. 1U4 pr H. 113-A. SA4-S, IBSA 

ofLibr. of Lood. laii. it. 331 i Brlb Hob. CWt.] 


HAIJ., lUCnARD, D.D. (rf. 10Ot), M- 
thotic diriae, a lutirc of Lincolaiilun or 
Yorksbir^, wu nutrifnlatM at ft BMnber of 
C'lar^ HMi, CAtabridp*, in l^M. Hlsmliag 
to Chrin> Cttlleif^ in tkklunirumlr, 1>« pro- 
CMded RA. in t5&.S-t). Iq 1666 1m wu 
Hlc«t«d a fi^ltow of IVn)brcik» Hall, and in 
isao he eommenfied U.A. (Coom, AtJitnm 
QatlMir. iL S6S). Froin iscidcttUl maarki 
in hia ' Life of Bishop Kivlier,' it appwn tbat 
darJDC Qu*en Marr'a migia he wma tatiimtii 
cnenfD -vith th« l«adi]^ catholic* to dine 
'With Btihop Oaidiiwr, tbea lord chaneellor, 
and ollwr lord* of the coonnL It is aleo 
clear that bv cumpoKxl ihu - Life ' before his 
withdrawal tivm EiigUsd, and {ooUbly 
finiahed it about IKSA. Beuff atlM&ed to 
the catholic ivUsioD hs w«at into TolnMary 
aiile earlf in Rlixahclh** reign. He pro- 
ended flnt to Belgium, and aiyrrwarcTs to 
RaBB,'wfaBf9 he oompleied liU ihoological 
■tiidia«ud(ooktlied(vt«eof D.D. Onhb 
retain to Belgium he was app(Mnt<d bj the 
ahboi, Arnold dc la Cambe, coinnion]; called 
OaaLois, to dclivor lecturrs on divinity at the 
Benedictine mooaatfirjr of St. Riciniilea at 
ICaKieniies, three lea^oas fitun Uonay, on 
the Sevpc (Pm, Da Axslim Seripttriimt, 
p.«e>, AlVcrwudabawaa mnds a canon 
of iWni-GH at iBooaiaquMiea 
at the d*il wan br wi« forced to retire to 
Dooay. H^ I'loV up lii« rendence in the 
newlj Counded English CoUcga oo 14 Jtet. 
1576^ and Uboond ihcea fbr buj Tsnrsaa 
uT o tam ar of holy imyvnre. Pita, who nnda 
Ilia anpuintaoce al Dutuy about 1680, hat 
nvorded tliat he often saw him diipiilitif, 
lecturing, and prMchinff, toaeriBtea in Rng< 
liih and >oiiietini8a ia Fieneh, and addi tbat 
be waa ' held in niunnal eateetn.' On the 
ioritatioii of the Biafaop of St. <.hD«r, who 
had bMfd of hia leaniof and ml, he waa 
Bade a oawm oT tbe eallMial of St. Omw, 
and 'ifFirial of the diaeeae. ThcM latt«r offioee 
b« ii.H tin haa deatli, wUeh took nlaca at 
Omr «t Se Feb. I60ft-4. On th« (oath 

aid« of the rood loft in the cathedral tbersii 
a uhlet villi a abon liStin inacmtHO to 1 
meniun- (Addit. MS. 6608. t 99). 

Dodd deaeribee Hall (CAurrA Hut. ti. 
as 'aBeieeUenteasBict.and malon* promobi 
of church diacipliiM; of a very rcttrad li^ 
and aoBiawhat l ea arirwl in oonTonation.' I _ 
waa aaavM* and nncamjiToiiuung moialiil^ 

Bidtop oF RoGbeater,' raannaciipl writtm 
probaoly about 1A59. It is much to b« ra- 
netted that tlua tntereetin^ and valaabla 
hngraphT has iMt yet been pnntiid IB a ooTrcet 
fonB. l\» work was kA in manoMfipt by 
the, aftiwhoaa death itwaade|poBitM 
in the library of the Engiidi Benedictniea at 
UiAulvaid in Lostaina. A eopyfi^U into th« 
hands of a peraon Bduned Wmi, froa whom 
it passed in 1823 to Fnuietfte«(paT»nport)a 
SandiCUri, and from hira to Sir Wiogfieli! 
Bodeolktm, who, having kept it for aoma jean 
wiU> tko intontion at printins it, lent It (a 
Dr. Thomaa Bayly [q. v.j Th- latter, af ~ 
makJTiig nany nnwamntaolc alt^mrions, t 
a transcript to a b(»k»il*T, who printed i 
in 1865. iB the dedication Rajrly itp«ak» at 
the book as if he wan thi- author of it. ,' 
Mcoad edition by Coxeter -mf nablished \ 
London in 1739, }9niQ. Bayly added \ 
\\a\l'f work nothing but \-erbiage and blon- 
deo, and Hall has thu been oiijv 
cradkad. Lord Acton* in the 
BerWw' (JaauaiT IWT.p. -I"), 
If all wroc« the 'life of nabar' on \hv cae> 
tinent about ISdO, whenas it waa writKa^ 
twenty years eaitter, and in Enj^land, wl 
Fiilier's cooteiii|M>nrici were ali%-e, and 1 
aiubocoonld hare aooeM todocunx-ni-H. 
tin»», tbe place, and the cbaracler of the i 
thor an all gnamntees of iu autbani 
asd eon t empctmry docoineBta reodrtl] 
lisbed nnenlly oonflm its accimcy C 
aea.L^ttif tie BbtMd John FiiArr.ptvfut). 
Ninecaaieaaf the original work nrc in i' 
BritUiHa»eiiBi,Tii..Vrunc]t-1 MS.l''^: tli 
USS. S600mFerfect>.a&82,Cgd6, ;(M7 
Wanley). rot9 (a toIobu of Thoraaa Bail 
coUeotKnu; Hall'a work begins at £187,1 
is ttmnaczihed ftnm a conythen in the poa- 
■easionof John Anatis. with ivgmrd to wfaitA 
oajiythat IhaTesacn: that at OaiiM (ViIWq 
is not so perfect*); latiad. MS. 42a (a coii; 
in an lultan hand of the beginoiiiNrof iii« 
w{riiteeBth rvnlur^, from a maauMrript stated 
to have been then in the librairof the Eari of 
Oaidignn nt DK-net: and Adait. MSS. 17f ' 
\99&. Al Caius CoUejt^'.Oambriilin', in .M 
196, tberc is aaother oopr. and st l^onybm 
CoUeee there is an atcauont manutcnpt. of 
whil£a trsBKript is preaerred at St. Mary's 

It (a , 







catholic pmabin«T7,Cb^uim4Giu/>w, I/tet. 
vf lie £ngtuJi OatM^lk*. ili. 94). 2. • Oyaa- 
cilia qiuNun bis Umpanbus perneccimnA dc 
iribuH primsriia cauni* tuiBuUtiuin. Belgi* 
conuti* od . . . Luduvtcuiu i\ [ttn-lavmnnt, 
AichiepiHcopum et Uuctm Caiaixai:eattta, 
libelli Wx, CoDtm codiUooMm inuitAnuu 
roltgioiiuitt, qtiAiD UberaiD reUgionein Tocaal, 
«d . , . Arnoldum ds le Cunbci diet. Gan* 
iboia, AbbaUrm Marcitmeiuani, tract«tus 
unu>. LibcHiui ttxliurUUmiu nd pacvm qiii- 
buftvia condiliunibus cum ttv^ catholico 
faciendaja, ad . . . Jacobum Frojve, Abbal«m 
JJoai»onienaem.'Douay, 168I.SVO. 3. • Trac- 
t«tus aliquot utiliaaUnJ jwo dcftiuioDe ncue 
et ffptKopnIis auctoritatU contra rpbeTtea 
liurum toinporuD),* I>ouaT, IfifU, lifmo. 4.' l)« 
PTvipri«tate«t Vnttario MonacliuruinaliiNnu* 
ad boc Vilium extirpandum nec««ahU liber 
aaoA,' Uouay, IftBo, 6vo, Tbia wajk gave 
oflaBoe in crn&in qnorten. 5. 'I>»caatitale 
MoBavborutn;' a work Gnppm6ed,and never | 

iJiublUbud. 0. [.alin hpxaiiuttvn and netiia- 
luetcnt |>n>lix(d lo llm ' Iti»tilutiun>.>a liiali-c- 
liCK ' »r Dr. Jubn Sanili-nnii, caiioa uf Cam- 

(braT. 7. * IV Quim|iv|)ariila Canadenita ; 

' L "Recia, it. Krr»im, iii. UTbia, iv. 
Opinabiti, sen opininea, eC \. Scrvpvlosa, 
Libfi m.,' UaUBv, 1508, 4to. 8. ■ Utationes 
Tariat.' 9. 'ConDina diTvrsa.' HuvrBaalm 
•ditor uf Dr. Jobn Young (Qiuvaaua) 'l>e 
^^ft^BBiat^ arra d« Eoclesiaatinn Vnitatia 
^^^^Eiu libar Vnos,' LoaTain, \h~'A, Sro, 

[Addit. 11.S9. ASftI r. 102, M7I f. 3A; 
ARbnokwia, xxt. »g ; ArKODgh'e Cat. of MSS. 
p. 84; Dbtmb'b Athcfta Bnunoior. 1710. pief. 
p.Ui X>oiia7l}iarieihp.*4tS;IhtthiU)MraBibl. 
bMowicaoe, UI3, Nw. C^ 7^, TO, 1563; Fallcr'a 
Cbarefa HiiL 1837, Ju 6&, iii. 31 1 i Have* and 
L-yUr'a Framling^n. p. 330 ; P*tM LnD^toft'a 
Ckt«iaid« <HeanM), p. UO: Lwiii'g Life «f 
Biifaap Fialitr, t. xiTii : SlatLb's Cat. of Caiv 
CoU«f*K<S. p. M; Witta> Unnani IlinKn- 
^nUna ; WooTa AUmb Oxon. (BIim^ <>■ A^H-j 

■^ I.e. 

HALU ROBERT, M.D. (I76»-1824>. 
toi-dical nrritor, boni in Koxbai^hahirv in 
7tt3,'iraaa fr^«t-««odaoDof Ili-nrjllall nf . 
lauitUMad (i, lQ80>[i].T.l,tb«c»T«nBnt(!r. 
school at Jeabujgii he wrent lo tbe | 
Ileal claaaw at Ediabursh. After three . 
' jesn^ pnctioe in Ncwcaslle lie entered the , 
UKTJ aa rarEeun, and wrrcd wvrrsl VE-an od i 
the Janiaic* atatlon. Un his rvturu be pro- 
cmdad M.I>. at Edisburgh, ood took op wac- 
lie* at Jedburgh. Th«bCft ba went to I^on* 
tkm, and oecupied htnuctf in uanalatin^, 
eon]n1iiif;, iHbitujr, &c. On the fltlinfr out 
u[ ail ex|n7i]itioi) to the Niger he «■* a]K 
' ited mtNlica] gfficef. Inrabded 1^ a tail 

and tbecliiuaie, hcnMunicd t<)Madi;iTa. Jle 
died at Cbolaea early tu XSHA, of a docltne. 
Mrs. AfnoaC. Ilall [q.T.liiMhisiriAL Ilia 
vritings are: I. Translarion of Spallanaaiii 
on tlie'Circiilntioo.'wilhTndnlcs notea and 
life uf the aulLor. London, IKll. '2. Tran»- 
latioD of QuTton de Mih-vcjiu'h ' Meana of 
Purifyinir InActed Air,' Ixindoii, l6i>:;(vFii)i 
n Tindicat ion of Johmtour'n priority aa agauut 
CarmichacI Smjtb 1, 3. • Elemeataof Boiaiiv,' 
1N)i?. 4. Revieed edition of Clare's ■ Treatise 
0« tliR Mol ion of Fl aids,' I tHOL He slao con- 
tributed pa]>«'ni tu the miidical journals on 
oo«->poK, bydrophubia, pemphigm, &c. 

[G««n:>>ui Era, it. ASn; WaU'a Bibl. Brit,; 
Gcot. iUn. ftUicfa 1834.] C. C. 

HALL, RORKKT (I764-1S31), bapiiat 
di\-inH, voungrtl of foHrtwn children of 
ll&berl llall (1728-1791), wiuitMim at Ar- 
ueflby, Leieeaferehire, ou '1 Muv I7f)4. 'I'lie 
father whs a Lapii^t minul«r,*wbo in ITq-I 
left Northnmberlnnd for Ameabj, luid i» 
known as the author of 'livlps to ZidbV 
TrowllerB ; ' hia works, with memoir, were 
puUitbed in \S2>t, \'itxm. II Js son Itobett 
wu a prwociouii boj- ; uoght binuelf tha 
alphabet b^helpoff^vwtonaa; wrote byiuw 
brifore be waa nine y*ur* old ; and al the are 
of eleren ii nid to have boon put up to nreaeh 
at areli^ioui Eaeelins in the boti*e of a taptiat 
niniMer, Beeb;- Ht'iJlia of Ketturiiifi:, Koith- 
aaptondkire. On bi> motbor's death (I)e- 
ceoiber 1776) be was »vnt to lh« boaidili([- 
•cboo) of John Ityland, baptist miiuatar, at 
Nottfaamptoa. Ou 6 l^pt. 1778 he reovived 
adult baptiat, baviag conf<i«erd Lib bitb on 
SSAuc. InlendMlforthuiniaiflry.biroulcrcd 
uikder Caleb Er ana, J>.D,( di viui Xy), and Jame* 
Newton, Af^ (doMica). Ilia firat eermon 
waa delirwed at aaordinatun in Jul; I779(. 
on 13 Aiv- 1780 ko was set apart fat th« 
minutry hj kit bthei's chuich at Araeebf< 
[a NoTiiabcr 1 7t>l he wrai at aa L-abibttJac 
toKin^a Cullfgi-, Utd Abcrdrau.f^aduatt 
>[ IThI. With Jamee (afterwards 8ir 
Jamea^ MackinlOifa, hia fetloir-atudent, lui 
fanneu a aUonf; intimacjr ; ther read Or«4!k 
tocetber, and wcr nidLDaraed br lli«ir cutu- 
raoea Plato and IlL-rodotua. lie licani that 
dirinity Itctiirca of Alexander Oenrd, l).l). 
'q. r.^.aleader of the ' modcratea.' 

Aa carty aa Nnrcmtier 17^1 Hall had Ihn-h 
inrittMl lo ba^ his minjatrr in Itristol ; Un 
wvnt tliere is Um eprin^ of 17^ aaaialinfc 
Evonj at BiuadiBeadCltapel,and taking New. 
ton'* ^laca as tutor in ilit ecadeny. lu 
pnaelimg be fonwad bia early alyle on that 
ofUobert Itobtuson of CotnhrMlfjr; but bia 
tnntpawen rapMlly detclopcd^aiul hisolo- 


qii«ne<<dr&w crowijpdaudiuiicmofai! cIiibwb. I 
Ilia ihwlogionl tiows wrFA *ioi!iii>w!iot influ- j 
eiic«d hy Eis ttdmtratinn for tlie Mrienltlic 
gttnius and pcraoiul etunicttr of Pn<Mtl«^-, to 
wIioiw«ptemofmaterialismh«tli'i>ii incline). 
and wad mlbf^r a duftlUt than a irinilArian, 
naver losing ^th in tho ilinnity nnd atono- 
meat of oar l^nnl. UiKnuiiaeiM in hi* congiw- 

E^tion wail catniilicat^d by «■ dt0<>T«nGe with 
reiu, and on 11 Nov. 1 1 SO bo revised. In 
Jumnrj 1791 be removed to Cambrid^', ils 
Uio aoectssMT of Itobuuuii, who hud died in 
tbu proTiviu JuDu, A binnll »>.'cttuH of (ho 
ooDgiWBtioii. who tliaufifbt hiiti iw orthodox, 
formed B hccchioii foi n ehott tim* undlor 
WtUiain Prcnd [q. v.] llo did not ehiink 
&om prouuuocinK a vulosium on I*nu<tk-T in 
rupl; to a ti-micin in Julr 1791 by J^ohn 
Cinyton (17"i-l-l(*I31 l'1> ^'^i invilwl tn bia 

n' itiliu Ariaiir3'clapa:dial,Abmliaialleo8; 
cd an nctjuaiatAace wiili ll&Iinkliuli 
Crabb [n. v. • and pnuichcd bis fuiicrol ac^ 
funn. Al Cnmbriiigp liia Ustti for thp i-xnct 
fwipnrrs vnis cncinirjigcd by aseociatinn willi 
Olinlliiis nilliurt (irr^iry [q. r.] Iftt jil.-wi 
Htiidi'd Hi^lirew. Ill IflOO llie di-livi-rj' mid 
piiWii-aliciii of his discrturse ud ' Mwlprn Iii- 
ndelily' mide a. prpnt BL'DiatJon. Its sub- 
Maiico bnd nlrtiidj' bfpn preiicliod nt tbo 
unitarian cbnpul, L(-n!u')t Mf^iid. Bristnl, 
during the minifttry of John Prior Estlin 

[q- T-J 

lli» constitution vra» nlw*vs dt-licaie, and 
between l*il!-.H be itiillvrHif wvi/rcly from 
iU-henJth. Ry Markinttintrii mlvicf Im tried 
tobftCCO lU n juidntiro; biiC in kliT yi>Ani ho 
Add«d Inrge niuiattlie>i of la iidiitiuui, and even 
lu much u 120 frraina of Kolid oijium. lie 
Imd ntlacks of Inixichondria. una liia mind 
twice lost its ■balance 1 11 Xov. ISO 1-1 9 Feb. 
ISOvSaud 2R .NfH-.l^OTj-Kclnini^- I.^HIj. Mia 
mother had bui'ii U'mpnrarily ititiuiv. Ra. 
cnvering uiid.-r ean-. liiMinsHirBtiimtii health 
was coiut'ident with & chanpt in bia relij^us 
-vicwjgand he dntcs bis real' con veraion' from 
this wriod. ICeeC and reraaval being recani- 
mended by bis pbyaieians, bo reirif7i4Ml his 
CamliridgB eliu;;^ on 4 Starch IWXI, f)n 
7 Oct. 1K07 Iwi wjeanii' inini»tfir nt Ifarvoy 
l^np, I^icMter, Here ho had twn congiv- 
(fation« undtr his care, that tn tbu morninj^ 
being an open ooroniUMion chiiroli. At Lui- 
CMttrbeddivered (it ia said at balf-an-hour'e 
notice, and without notes) bis fain<iu» »erDir.>ii 
vn ibe dealh of FrinceM Charlotte (1>>17). 
la 8«fit«inW lyi7 th« Mari«clial College, 
Absroo^n, lent him it« diploma for the d«- 
Ifreeof P.D., but be never adopted the title. 
At the end o( Mnrcli l^'2(i ho rctuni'Cd to 
Brist^*], Iiaving occeplcd on 21 Due. l&2u ku 

invitation to «iicc«ed John iEyUnd, D.l>., < _ 
Broadmitad, llu Kiillrv>ad mxirh, and tww^ 
luaniMl Itnlinn in nrAor lArvail I fnnic. Among" 
English pa«t9 Milton wiuibi* idol. Ilia<«rly 
admimtian for Prientlt^y, as n pUilMopber, ha 
seoms tohaT« tmnsftrrod to Jeremy B«aUtuit. 
TiVii* VA^owvrtM h« regarded u the noK 
imitigiouawTit«rlieev«rTMd. Ilia ill-li««hb 
Ha prMcbtd for tbo last lime in Jbduoij 
1831 ; on Ft-b, ho attended a church meet- 
ing, lie dieid on 21 Feb. 1^1. Ilo -na 
marriod on £5 March 1^8, and had Sw 
children ; one atxk died tu IBM, another 
Boa and tlins daugbtan surviTed him. lib 
portrait, prwoiiliag a auigular but not oa ii ip 
lullcctuar\iu{^, boa o(t«n been mg^ravrd, ^^1 
Hall's ftim9 nA» uaiiilr on tli« Inditit^^H 
of hid pulpit orattjry, wkicli fasclaatcd many 
inindft of a high onli^r. ili^ eloquence re- 
commended uvan^tdical lulipoa to penona 
of tutc. Diipild SiewATt comnaeMB bid 
writinfna^ oxhibiiln^'ihcEngli^lanetia^ 
in its jNir feet ion,' wlijchiscrrtaiulyextmv*- 
' Katit. praJHtj, UisconTi-rMtior, of which f<n 
fragmenM are |)mer%W, wni brilliant w)u 
I Ilia powers weiBtouwdb_vinl>-lli-.linil!MKi':l_ 
Hxci'pt some aiKinymoii.i rontributiniLt to] 
I Brisiol paper in 17*0-7, lii« first [iiiMJcatia' 
n*as 1. ' Cliristiontiy mnaistt^nt with a It 
I ofrrcrdom.'&c,. 1701, tiro (conraius the 
I ferenco to I'rifalleyl. Of hii other nublio 
I tiona l}i<>chiMfiiTe; 2. 'Apology furlie Kr 
dom (ifthf rrps«,'&c,. ir9y, f>vo. a ' Mod* 
Tntldelity cnniidfirwl wiib ri'spi-ct la its 
' flm-iiceonSooirty.'&o.. IH<«, «Ti>. 4. '" 
flections on War," &e., imH. r*. ' Tha 
vantage of ICnowltklm:* lo the Lower Cba 
&c.,lJ*10,tivo. 0. <OnTerm5ofCommunioa," 
&c., ISIS, Sro. 7. 'A Sermon oecsatoDedl 
t!ie neath of , , , l*rinci?M (.'liarlolt*,* 
lHl7,Hvo. K. *M"in.jir of Thomaa Tolls 
1821, Nvo. llin • Works ' n-ont collodtfil '. 
aix voluiueo, 1832, hvo, with nHimnir 
Oregon.-, und t^mns "H hi* chanu'tvr 
ppeacbiuft by John Porter ( 1770 IfslS) [n-f.]; 
tke fiilh volume cortlainii many of his It'(t«rii. 
A volume of ' lieminWenty^s ' of hia wirly 
wrmanKwti» published byJofan OrMne,l83S, 
Xvo. " SnlfiM iiine ' from bin writings, with 
noi** by C. IHadham, appon^d in IfUO, **«>, 
A collection of ' Fifty .Sermon* ' was iMUcd 
in 18-13, 8\-«. IliH • MiiMllaneou* WoriM 
and llemains,' with Gngorya Diem<ur and 
I'os^ter'* e^say, were included in BoT 
Standard I.iljrflry, I84W, 8vo. tie wua 
of till' conduclom of the "Eclectic Ke^ 
(bi^gHin January Iti0.>) nai a Ovqucnt 

[RyUiid'o TuDotnl Sormon for Robert HalJ, 
L'Hl i BioKraphiciUDtclitiBai^ufLiTingAulha 


<^ and , 

tat CO^H 




l8IS,pfi. 111*).: rinixlI«T'sAatliTiitkAcco«ftt 
«f tbo Lut Ulatw tK. of £aU. 1S31 ; ]k[««a«ic 
br Gnc««7 (iit Tol. vt. of * Worlo'V 1833 (the 
KiMii«ir -wM 10 hftr* tiMBwnltm ty M*c ti nte*h, 
who dttd bofon banning it) ; Morri'i Bio- 
mptiiad R«ealleetfou«, liSi : Sad «dii. U40: 
Baiuuu'B HiM. of DiMUUcn, 1889, pp. *77 vq. : 
Kntghl^B Siagnpfay (EbgUab Cj^ofMin). iii. 
283 sq.] A.O. 

HAXL, ROBERT (1817-1S83), tIcc- [ 
Admiral, mu bom at KinmtOB in C'np«r ' 
Casitda in l8l7,Bnd eotend Uiatiavj in 1933. 
In Norember IMS he wbs made Ueuteouit, 
«itd, aftor wrrinff in the I'aeific and on th« 
irest OMUt of Africa, wm» pn«Bnt<^ Ia Iw 
eomnander no 8 .Sept. 1K5l>. In lBfi3 lie 
MTTod u eomiuadcr ef tbo Afomnttnon, 
MM of tli« «arli«i>t of the •crew liM^-hAttle 
abifti in 1854 he coranoinded the jwddle 
sloop [jttomboli in ttiu lUitic, noiMS out in 
har, »l tieend orihe ^«*«or,to the M^iiiti^r- 
rnaeAB ud DUcb !?c«j in Mny and Jun« 
1856 k« toolt p«rt ia thopxptidition La Kortcli 
kod Uia Sm of Azor, under tbc comnaad of 
Captain Lj-oDf [q. v.jt u>d on LyonaV dcatli 
wu pmnoted MM mpUin ol Itie Miranda, 
irluculiu brought homo u»d pud off in IS57. 
Ftam 1850 to 1863 lia oominutded the Xec- 
a^nnl ia the FndBc, and on his return lo 
Enj[Ui>d wu appointed phr&lo eccrctarr to 
tha Ihilw of Stuneiwt, thua first l^rd 01 tlie 
admiralty. Ia1608 bn vu appointed nipor- 
intendpntafPembrol(«dock]ranl,«adin 167i 
bacaJM hathI »rcn-tnrv to the admiralty. 
TUa apvotntmrnl. \ic kM till the aprii^ af 
186S| wntxi be leai^cd; but a few veeke 
aftcTwarda, Eits succenor being aent to Ireland 
aa aiiderwcrelaiy. Hall waa reqaotcd to 
tmubm) hia old poal. He had Ijairlr done so 
irhen he died mddenlr of besrt ditwoM, on 

[Timw, U June lBS2i CBjrov'r NaT. Biog. 
jyitt.; Hvry Liai^..) J. K. L. 

HALL. aVMUKL (lT6a>?-IH.-.2}. koown 
ad tie ' Sherwood Forwt ralriKTcti,' born 
about 176V,worli«d asacobbk-rat Brooksida 
Collage. outtoa-in-A»fa field, Nottingfaana- 
ehint. lie 3<'''>^ *^ Quakers at oo «wlj 
ag«k and mn> llic diCM,tIiough br marrying 
out of the pole hi* ceucd to bt'lonn in the 
aocicty. lie dii-d on 'JO Auj;. 18A2, in lii< 
•triiii^aurth Tcar i Hent. Mag. 181(3, pi. iL 
435>. BThtBwir<;LlvaiiorSpineBr,aiJcrbT- 
■liiiv ahcpbcfdcM and dairjrmaidi be ha^, 
with oilier imwi, a aon, 8MD0tT Timothy 
lUU [q. T.l Hall irai author nf ' A F«tr 
Banuna ollered lo the coiuid^ratinn of tliti 
p toft a aow of the (Christian naiae ; amoiix 
wUdi are tame reaeoiu why the people 
oUad QnakaiB ehuM to suffer loaa in tluir 

property talher than actively complr iri 
reqaiciiuNU toserre in lite Army or JJilitlai'' 
or to pay or hire others for Berring in iheir 
ataad, &\o [Nottingham^, 1797 fJiWEru 
Smtll. ftif. 0/ fyinuW BaJi*. i. 907). flo 
nlsA prnnod a treatise on tbc advantages of 
piviHiurc upon liglit HOila to tba growth of 
Krnin and bulbous toota, and InTeuivd a ma- 
chine for Mwing, manuriag, and pivAung 
turnip aeed in one operation. At the ip.' of 
nixtT-fire be wrote his * Will,' in wbicU ha 
set forth hii religious opinions. 

[Avthontict as abor*.] (f. O. 

HALL, SAMIKI, I irSUlHiB), onpnw* 
and in Ten tor, wii» acoorid lain of Rob*rt linll, 
cotton monufaeturerand bleacher, of BaAlbrd, 
KotiiDghaa,wh««h*iras bora in 17^1. lis 
was an elder brother of HaiBboll Hall [4. v.] 
the physiologist. He took out paltfnts in Ii^l7 
and \ii^ for 'gaMing' lac« and n«t, which 
cm^tsti^ in paMtngthft fabric rapidly througti 
a ro-vr of ga« flanti'*, all the looM fibtna being 
thus removed without injnry to ih« Inc^. 
Thrproc«OT cxtreiKd a nuwt important in- 
fluenc« upon iIip lac« trade of ^otlingfaaiB, 
and ta still u»^ univ«r«ally. It brought 
mneh wealth to lh«i inventor, but be lUi- 
(grtnnately diHiinicd hi» fortune in bring- 
ing out other iuTcnti^ns. In 1838 Uall 
patented hia 'aurfiuM.- coodrniwr,' in which 
the steam it cundvns«d by pajwing it tlirougb 
a numlicr of small tnbta cooled on tho ont> 
aide. It waa diiefly iatcndMl for van at Ma, 
and it waa hoped that the erilt attending 
the presence of salt in boilers would he o^ 
viatod bj duugtn^ them with fiv#h wo(>t at 
tbe commcnccmrat of n rorago and uAing it 
over and over airain. The invention waiii-x- 
teuAivvly thnucu iinBUCCOMfiillv tried during 
1630^1, but the principli! of tubular oon- 
densere is now Largely uj*d for cooling pai^ 
poBGs. His other patents, which number 
twenty in all, nttate chiefly to st«am eBjpnea 
and builm. He died St Xov. 1£63 in very 
reditced circnmstancn, in Morgan Street. 
Tivdegar ^uare, Bow. 

[SCeehanie's Mag. vols. uTiii-sxxiii. xuiii.; 
Nottingham Jounial. I Dec. ISM.] JL li. P. 

16811), author and editor, was boru in the 
Oenera hatnclu, near ^\'aIcHord. on l> Mav 
1800. nieCBther,RuuanlIjiLL(17^-lS3e>, 
waabonat Exutcr on JUJunc 17-'>3,onleTc<d 
the nrmy as an i.-noign in the I'iaA rt^meot 
in 17cO, and wr«*>'<l at Qibrallar during tho 
sicg--. In I'lM, while aLTopaham.hc raisod 
n rr^imcnt known as the Devon budComwiill 
Kviicibli!*. which he ucoampanitxl to In^Luxl 
ill the foUowins year, and thciv senred with 
it outillb02,wn«i it was disbanded. SvhiW 

ill Irdnuil be i^iiKaiivtl in wnrkiiui capper muiea, 
by which be was ruined. lie died nt Chets(« 
on 10 Jan. ISifi. lie married at Top^tiHm, 
on (( April 17!W, Ann Kent, bora ut Otl*Ty 
Hi. Mrny, IV'vnn»hiri>.20 Heiit, I7(i."i. Afli'r 
till* ruin of lii'riiualuiiii! Ami ilnll >-Ktnbtii>IitHl 
n buiinemal dirk by wbicb *lie K»p[iortRd 
her faintly of iwelve children. 

The fourtb son, Samuel CarltT, at an early 
hgv printed a einnll work, entitled ' llio 
liilciitti, n Pniiniitic I'oem.' a jeii d'espril, 
Lmving- Cork in thu Iw^nmnr of IWl, Im 

^Camo (0 London, nnd in thit followiiiff yetu 
•»m)da«lilitRm-ft<4'nttBrytoUgoPa«oIo. In 
1 $23 lie n sa acting u parlkmontaiy icpoFt«r 
in I bo Hoiua of Lord*. Bj- tba recanunenda- 
tion of Sir Knbert Wilson lie was appainlod 
m the same year aecretary to 'the sLorrlivod 
committee to ntd tlie Spaniali Corl^s.' At 
the MRio period hn v^uh writing ivvicvre nnd 
critieiniu on art lor thr'ltritisb 1*7001.' On 
8 Jtily 18:^4 he wqa ontored iis n etndont of 
the Inner Temple, but v,tis imi eolled to the 
bar until 30 April 1841, and never prsciisiHl. 
While cnntiniuii); to work a* u reporter, Le 
coatribiit«d to thi) < K<^prcHenl.ativo,'It^23, and 
th» 'New Timet,' 182i>. He founded and 

, edited an annua] culled 'Tbc Amuld, a 
CliriaCiaii and Literary Rcmrmbrsncff, in 
a82«, iin<t eontiiiiied it ywwly till 1837, when 
the puUiHlier*, Weallty & J>uria, became 
ba»l[ni|i|. lii: llit.-u fouudthul uwiD^lobin 
haTinR imrtieiimted in t)iK pruriLn hi: wnn hi'ld 
sBBworablo for lltv ilubta of liio Urui, aud 
nuDod. In IS-Jii he bud edited ihe ' LiU'mry 
UbM<rvcr,' which ran only for eix monlba; in 
\%'2& iir edited tho * i^piril and Manners of 
the Aki-," nnd in lP:;a-30 the 'Morning 
■loiirnHi.' Hj ibi" iliwn.' of Henry Colbiim, 
lie bL't:aiiiu suli-t^ililor of ibo * New Munthly 
l^Bfiiucine'in lr^K},inpliieeof Oyru.illttddlnir, 
and on the n-tirement of Thoniaa Camiilidl 
suGCecdod him m editor. Aftem-ardit. tn 183 1 . 
B^in !)eeiunf alitor in ISdH. nnd IidIJ that 
port until If*3fJ, wliHii hi! wiut dimilnci'd to 
moke room for Tb eodon- IIoi ik. 1 n Vrhniary 
1831 hf visited Paris for the flmt time. lii 
1?3I> III- wnnfo for Col burn's Juvenile Library 
B 'History of Fmnc".' lie worked inces- 
santly f(ir i'i)rht<H'n dny», almost uigLt and 
liny, and tit thii conc]ti*i(in of bin liisk wtis 
luid iiti niih a brain fever. .Aftir this he 
Btarted a ui^wspaper ciilted 'The Town," a 
con»ervaii\e whip joumal. in which lie had 
thp iui«ifttanc* of ciiitly, GilbiTt h Ilecketl, 
Lyiton and llenir Unlwer, and other good 
vriloni,hul failed lugi.'ltirig a eireulal ion. In 
18SB he wnily a fi-w Iwiding artit'lM for the 
* WalchmaD.' n. Wimh-yan'list n^ws- 
TUe' JuhnnuU'wavHub-^ditedbvbim 

in ISSJ, and b« wu general manager of! 
'RrilnnniB' in 1839. 

In the latter year Hall was employed 
Hudjimn Si firwvw', the print publiahen 
(i Pal! MhI), tofHiii ili«-Art Union Monthly 
Juunial.' Tile &nl numhipr, conaitting of 7' 
co]nea, appeared on 1& Febt 1839, |)ric* («' 
pMice, post free. Afieraihortinter^'albe 
chased a cluef share of this periodical for 
nnd bocaine the principal proprietor. Fi 
[.hat timi> hv endeaTuured toeneournfre Brii 
ftrl, and in ISO hiig%n giving emgnivinpi 
KGulpluri', [ben eounidtiirail a nori'ilr. S'i 
ycani poxiied lu-fon! Uie magazine |K»d its 
penses. In it he ruthleiuly eiwMMl the tr&i 
m old masters, printing month ailiT mon 
the niEtom-houBe returns of the pictures i 
porl«l,iiiid nlim Kbowinghowpainiinpa W4 
mnnitfnctiin'd in Rnf;lnnd. In eonaeqiienea 
ofthi'M) nrlirti'ii lucb picliirM became almost 
unaiili-able, nnd n ItaphiMd oould be piir- 
ohaied for 7/. and a litian for S/. 1(M. It 
waa claimed for ihi^ periodical that it vftA 
the only journal in Kurr>pe ibat adequatelj 
representedtlie fine art H anilartfof manufafr- 
ture. In IW^ Robert Vernon, before pr»- 
ftnting hi« pidnros to tho Niilional Gall« 

Ktv* pcrmiMos to Hall to rni^Tv and pi 
th IJw whole of th(.-m in (he ' Art Uai 
Joumnl.' Tlie eircubitiou of (he periodv 
gr«w,au(I in 18l^1 thequeenand I'liuce Albei 
acuordisl leave lo eujemvc ICO uicluiti^ frcm 
their private (ollection. Thi? iliuxtratcd re- 
port of the Ureal Kxhibitioa of ItiCl in 
' Art Jonraal ' (a change of title adopted i: 
1 6iQ) was very popular, and its mId bro' 
in7^.>XK>^ TbieMim, however, did note 
the cont of |ir<uliiclion, and Hall wa* obliL 
lo .-^11 his slinni to Iiia cii-prii|>rielnKi, asd 
from that time he waa only Uiu paid editw 
on iiOOf. a year, Dnirinc in Uecsmber 1881^ 
with a pension. In 1874 ho waa 
wedding; 1,000/. woa collect cd and »■ 
him in un nnnnily. On March 1~^7T, 
ihi! nMiiii'st of John, nianjnU of Towimheni 
III* iiiKfertoolc theeiliiint of 'Sotiul Note.H.'n 
weekly publication, with which he continued 
cunuecled up to the forty-eighth num 
This en|?a^ement Iwl lo several aclions 
law, much to UaW'g annoyancv, as he h: 
done hi* bext to difchnr^' hii dutin fai 
fntlyand liniioiinibly. Lenl IlHBrnni'lield 
28 April ISWJgrsntedhitnacivil liiii. i)enM 
of 1"jO/. a year 'for bis long and valuable 
vices to literature and art.' Hewasimtn 
with most orihewell-known celebrities of 
day, and had a g'enenti arauaintance witJi all 
the arlintHnnd aetor^. ifewas an originoL^ 
membprot'llioficit'tvof Niiviomagiij^ 111* 
lti:Jrt,nndpri^iiidrnT I'rom IH5rjunitl hianjti 




lent in ll^l. On 7 April lii!4i bu wu 
icl'-c1<.-<) nMlowoftbcSooFtTtrf AntU|uariw. 
^llr-wMalivlievOT in tiniritniuunianil apaliOD 
of Uuiiel I>. Uome. ^%'itb ki^ -Kitti be aided 
in the fonaaticin of nuny cbaiitabla institu- 
Uoiw. He died at bts raudeItc<^, ^i Stanford 
Road, Eeoniuuni Londoo. on 16 Tkloicb 
18^, uid WM otmcd at AddlntoDci. Surrvv, 
[■HI 23 Marcli. He muried in \^4 Amm 
I Slaiia Fiiddinjc, who u Dnticed aepKret«lj. 
AllbaugfalLUI wua modtindiutrioiut lii^ 
tnry man, and edited wilh aunotatioua num^ 
itius bwiLn. lit- did not |iubliAli many oTiginiil 
vorlu; Ilia chirf productioDB wrr: 1. 'The- 
Amul«4,'Bdit)!dbTS.C. Hall. li^V^, 1 1 vuU. 
3.'TlM»Dookof Qnn«,the Curtu and Ant>t» 
of Qrwt Driuin,' edited Inr a C. Hall, \t>m- 
1838, 8 mlM.: anotber eA. }SM. ». -Ttu) 
Book of Briibh BalliMU,' «lii«l by S. C. Halt. 
1842; oilier edilious, 167» and 1881. lliis 
work wa» ilUi»lral»d bv Itriliah artist-! from 
deiignfi drawn un ucxxl. I'bu idva or it waa 
taken from ibe 'Nibtdun^nliwJ,' and tlw 
book wu dedieated 10 Ijoui j, king of Bavaria. 

ill. ' Genu of European Art, llie Best Picluppa 
of tbe Best ScbooU,' edited bv S. (_'. ilall. 
1B43-5, S roh. 5. 'TbeUrautieeof th«rciet 
koon/editwl b; ». C. Hall, 18U. 0. 'Tlio 
AoquittalurtboSt-Tiui Bisliope,' a d«MriuUte 
luttoij-.lSM. T.'TbaBoroniainiLllaandPio. 
kiue»quo£difleosorEii|tluid,'18ia 8>.'The 
Oalkrr of Modern Scul|i Ml K,'«dit«lbTS.C. 
Hall. Ul» -SI. 9. 'TbL- Vemon Oaltory of 
BHlUli Art,' edited by 8. C. Hall, 1849-W, 
3 volfl. 10. ToeiBS,' &e., 1860, H. The 

Iltoval (inlkryof Art«, Ancient and Slodem,' 
lK5*-lt, edited by S. ('. lUlI. Itf. 'Solf«rted 
picturMfrnm tbn 0(ill<-rif« nnd I*rivat<^ Oal- 
leetkuuof nn>dtKrilain,'i-iltli^d bv^^.l-'. Hall, 
ima », I ToK 13. -A Beok of'.Manoira cf 
0^lt^at Sit^n and Wom^nof tb« Ajje frvni nor- 
AOnal aoi^iMinlnnoe,' 1871; :.'rid Vdit., 1^77. 
14. ' \Vitnb!«liin,illii»traliveii«lai!««iticem- 
iti^ tbn I'unih Btiil VV■tIlbt4^d<lIl Pnrk Ktlntc,' 
18"2. l.i. ' Tl«j Trial of Sir Jftup-^r : <t 
T«inpcraiK.t: Talc in Xvnv,' lt^73; anotticr 
rdit. 1S7J. l«. 'An Old Story: a Tcm- 
vtmicc' Tal9 ■» Vene,' 1^6; 2iid edit. 
|lti7<J. 17. • Wordiof WsmiiiijaUdrMaedIO 
ciotice f»r Ot^ranleing Cbaitiabio Betioff' 
IWr. IK 'Social >'ot«,' diroctinjt editor 
[B. C. Uall. Wif, 10. *A Memoir of T. 
low*,' 1^79. 90. 'RhyniM in Council. 
lAnlwriiinM vt^raifted; tt>81. 21. • RHnM|wct 
of a Loi^ Life from 1(<1S to iHHfi,' ISHS. 
i voU. He aUo wrote many works iii coii- 
junoCioii with his wife. 

raatuMpect of n Ixxiff Lif*. 18U. wit)] por- 

tntt; OaMtn'* Kainily Mag. ^pi«iu1«r I HIS. 

pp. A8T-91. with iiortnitii uf Mr. mid Mm. 

,fiaIl;TiiB(cl7. 19,28 UaiclilS»:j; UlnfitniDil 

N«w« of tl)« W'imU, toL Tiii. IMI, with r— 1 
trait; Unii)hi«. 30 M»n:b 1889, pp. 319, K<i^ 
lUasmted LoaJoQ Kowc, 30 Marrh 18811. p. 
4«7, wilh portrait ; SMsilard, 10 BUrcb IWU; 
Athaaeam, » Uarcb. « April 1S8«; Qon'a 
Lib of Uewallni Jcwitl, ISa*. pp. 39 at aaii.1 

G. C.B. 

HALL. SPENCEH (180(He75). Ubni- 
riaii of tltu AthenojuDi Club, was bora Jn 
Ireland in l&OU. und nn-t articlcilto Joba 
Booth, booksvllifT, of Hiilii' 8tnt)i, I'nn.inau 
>^uare, London. He livfd a .iliorl lime in 
Gennaoy and wan afterwards wilh Mt-ssra, 
l[odg«» & Smith of Dubbn. EIc was il|»- 
poini«d libiwian of the Atbemriim Club in 
Its<t8, im tb» racommendacion of hia nilntivA 
Msi^ratb, who aucCM>d«d Faraday as tli<! fint 
secreittrr of ih« club. The ntembi^ri lind 
been only tbrue yoara in ixiksession of their 
pre&ent houae in'l'aU Mall, so that llaliwa« 
connected with the early organisation of [b« 
library. lli> istinod a pamphW on the duwi- 
lication of t be librai; in Irtfiff, foUownd three 
ui|r an edition of Sbake^aare with literary 
oriciotsaie. Ilisotlierpublioatiioiwwereiuaiuly 
of an antiquarian cbamcter. Ue was elected . 
afDilowof Ibol^ielyof AiiniiDnn-fslSMayl 
1838. Under bis manD^mt^m thu librarj* oti 
iliaAibeiwumClub gradually liM!ainson«or 
the cboiecat coUecUoos of boolu of refereitcd 
iuLoudon. lloretiradaflcrfiirtv-iwo ircara* 
lervico, owing to fiuUn^ health, m May 1876, 
when he was elected aa honorary member 
of the cliih and voted a petisinu. H" diM 
•21 Aug. I^7f> at Tiinbri!lfi< WdU, in bla 
ansTnnt u-th year. 11 i» knowlislfl^t of books and 
gt^ncral litemlure was wry great, and be waa 
always ready with help and fidrice. Ilia 
own librarj-' wbij eiild by .Meaen. Sotbeby 
nn L'Hjnni>'l>«7«. Willlnm Hall, of Mewra. 
Chapman & Hall, waa lu« brother. 

ll« (!oiitri billed to tba ' ArrbtE^logicAl 
Journal,' to th« ' Procoeilingit of iho So* 
ciely af Antit|uariei,' aa well na to tbo ■ Art 
Journal' and vlhtir avriaU. IIo publi»hi-d : 
1. '^>UKgestio<wfQr the Claaaiiicaliun of tliv 
Library, now colle<ctinir al the Athcmeum,* 
IiOHilon, l^m^, Svo (fijr private circulatii^u), 
3. 'L<rttortoJDhn Murroyupuu au.-K^ihi-tic 
Edition of tbo WorVa ofsuikupearv,' 1 
don.1811.eTo. 3. ' Eohynghaio of Echj 
ham,'Londuii,l&CO,^vo. 4. '>'o(ic«aofSepu[ 
clu^l Memorials at KtchiiiK^bam, SuMex, and 
of the Church at that Tlsce,' Londou, Id&l. 
8vo. &. ' Documents from Simancas r«lati ug' 
to iho Kcign of KlixnUrth ( ]-Vi».6ii) ; traiia- 
Utod from Ihu t^punbh of Don Toma* (Jon- 
laln, and vdih^ with Notiw and an Intro 
ducljon,' Load., IbOfi, 6ro. (i. ' Franoeaca da 
llimini* [London, privately printed, 18^ 

Sto (LTuulal«d from tlie*ltilan>o'of Dnot^ 
canto T.) I 

[P«tMA4l knowUdg*) «M fllM> Ui«AiIi«iwiiiD, 
11 ftipt 187d,p.338; PnoMdfag* S(M. Anti- , 
^piuifti, 34 Apnl 1876. pL II ; rnnMctioQi of 
tb« CVBtenoce af libnuikM, 1S77. Loodon, ' 
l»78.pp. 231-2.] II. K. T. I 

1886), knows as the ' Sberwood ForMt^r,' 
: 2iora on 16 Dvc 1813, id a eoliagft Bear tli« 
■vihLge of Suttot)-iii-Aehfiel>i in Sbcnrood , 
f ore«t, NotttngtianiBkiro, waa tbu mii of ; 

«ol)bltr, onJ KlMaor Spencer, a l)«H>j8lure I 
«h«f henicM and dtiirmaid. Ilia father pva 
biua lit tl« education. .-VI wrea jtanof a^ti 
^ wouud cotton for tlirifiirliiin^ niali<irn,aiiil i 
at clt^VFii brifiiii weaving •tocktags luniBaU 
Porufol of the lifv of Jttrujunin FnuikUii led i 
toa rtaolvo to becoinQ auriuttx. In.Tiuiuarr , 
l&Wli0ireatto 14attiii|;liaiii aiidboiiad Lim* 
Mlf •ppiMttioo ooniKMitor nt i\ii> ■ Mlti-uo' ' i 
aewspapcr ofiice. At the cdO o! a yiui bia ' 
XBMlet, well NtLinfKKl v'lih hie condiicl, re< | 
CeiveU kim into hln Iioiin', sntl siibrcqueiitly 
laado bim tis couftdtiiiiiii luuLttniu. .^onic 
iiaea ducriptiru of CliTimi {inm-, iiupin-i] br 
Bloomficlds 'Fnruirr*8 lloy," irnini-U biiii lui 
introduction to thu llowiit^ and oih<-r lii«- 
nrynMtdenUof Nntlioirbain. About t@dObu 
lielped to found a iici>;nti(ic institution in llio 
town, at wbicb ho read osaays. Two jfeara , 
later ne contributed yvnta to lki> ■ Mirror.'ilio i 
' UetnijMtitnii Mngntin<?,' and other periodi- 
cal!. Ill 18.^0, ut tliu iml of Ills apprenticB- . 
abIp,LoHtarI<-'i),iritb tlit-aHMfttaiK^vof frimda, 
asapTiiil(.-raiidboaksellt<roii lib (iws account 
at i4iittoii*iii>A)iliiielJ. H>.' vvasa]>paintedpoaL- 
miMliT ttit'rp, Hnil prinit'd u miyiithlj periodl- 
«iil lyiili'il till* 'SliiTwooil Mapozine. InMny 
1S90 Iw aci-cpti-d llm pint iif »iipinrinti'udi>nt 
in the printiuj^ t-ntiililinliini'iil. cif Mpesrs. Ilar- 
^)V«Rt York. ]nlt*-llb|i[iuUi»hitiin vuluirfl 
«f priUHi tintl vpfsi" dcscnptivf- of bin liirtli- 
placo, callnl -Tin. [''orMtiT'D OtTfriii)r,' wliidi 
he set up in ty|it! liiuiuilf, Die |^i>Bti>ppurt.i(iii 
without maaaiRririt. 'Ihii fjiwili Imvini; buen 
praisod bv JtiiuM Montipunrn-, Hnll wsa in- 
Tiled tflsbuflii.dd.when- liLt biiL-iimti ro-iitiifir 
of I ho' trig' iinwnpapcr and jrovt-nint of tlm 
IltilUn IIoHpilul. A viiliimy of proBO slwtiiliPS 
«uli[Ii-d ' TtamMcii in tliu (.lomiiry ' vat t>ri- 
pinally wrium fur tin- 'Im;' it waa ni- 
iBsued iu Bn (fnlnrgi'd fonn in iKfiJi, iindwr tbe 
title of ' The Ptuik and tlu- Plain." Iln wr.'ttti 
and Kpoki.i publidy in diiffooe of pbronnlopv, 
and wn* tin- tiwt hnnoriirj* secrdlary of il'iv 
Shoflitdd I'bwiiolngiciil HM'ifcity, and nftcr- 
vards an bononiry ratmber r>l' tbo Phrfno- 
It^ioaJ Sooiety of (Uassnw. ]|.> nidttd La 
^bntaiiHfirhooainelatjiiolbeldto Iwtuioou 

necmerimi abom I6-I1, and in ISO ; 
lectured thna^h tbe country on tbe 
object. lhirin^184SlMi ediiM) Bshort-lind 
pvnudical cnUw * Tbe PhreBo-Ms^et.' \t 
>^nba^inSriilCDibor It^Uhialednre wia 
altendea by Combe, Or^ry, and Liehi^ all 
of wbom, be dedana, w(m complrtoly ooo- 
Tinced by tlw expenmenia. Tm nanlt d 
bis work ha publiabed in bis * McMaene 
KxpeHeocee' (164&). He is said tit ban 
wrougbt numerous curea. Ilia laost illuatri- 
ous pativui vas Harriet ^lartineau, wkoiii, 
it afrms, b« cnrwl of an apparently bojielvM 
illnriiA in llic iittiiiniCT of lbJ4. Aa tiko IV 
suit of a visit paid to Ireland in ihi famliH 
yvar bo publlalwd in 1S60 ' Litb and Deatk 
m Ireland as witneaaed in I&IO,' oo« 
beat books. .Wiut ISSSbc btcainua i 
psltiic doctor, tud publisb*d ' HouKeopntUy 
a Testimony ' (1B5S). After living ' 
time at Darby bu KCtI«d in 1^00 a 
garcba, near Ecndal i In 1670 or 1671 be tv- 
noved Ut Bumlcy, in 1680 to Lytbam, aad 
euon afWnrards to Blackpool. Not beutf 
le^lly qualiUed he nerer ubTain«d muck 
practice. He paid special attfiti ion lobydni- 
pelliy, and was at odd time htud of no eatft^^J 
bli^limout at Windermon:. Tbc Intlrr yt^^^| 

of bin various apvcuInlioRK, vfn- M11.-11I in 
piiMTty. A feti- months Iwiure bia dvuth lie 
rMiiivttil a ^ni uf 100/. fnim ibe f^^'^^^d 
ment. He iIimI iil nUckpiiol on ^ Apw^^ 
18&fi, and wa* buried la tie oemviery lUewi^^ 
on the 29Ui. He wna twici- married. Ilia 
deETeesof M.A. and Ph.D. were di-riTed&om 

Halt WDN also tli« aullior of: 1. 
TTplaud lluiili-t and nilittr Poema,' 1^ 
2. -JJaya in Dt-rbysbire; 1883. 3. 
grnpbical Sketelits of Itemariiable PeopD 
cbiedylironi persoual reoollection, with mil 

tiubli«lK<d us ' .Muming Stuoiaa and tAvnin 
'oat iiiHut ' ). MoM en tbo biofcnipbit-* tu 
pn'vii>u«lyapM-ared in tfaa nipplcmi'iit uf tli_ 
■ MattcliL'aier Weekly Tiroea ' and oibtT pt-rio 
dicals. 4. ' Pendle Hill and it« Sunuiind- 
ingB, including Itumley,' 1877. S. 
from tbo Lnke«, mid other Poems,' lifi^ 
vrnilii Ihtm'Ii'u MinnuK giiidivbooks toLytl 
in l^iTii'jubiro, Malvrni in 'Worcest 
and Ki:!bmii!i(l in Yutliibini. 

[Mun Ji»UrWu<-kly Tim», 2 Msy 1885; Gl 
ffov l^xiimincr, fi Oi^t. 1844 ; nUokpool K«ndd, 
i Uay l«8A: BUfkpooI OnMttc, 1 May UU; 
Bln«k[]rial Tirii'a. 2D April and € May lUflfi ; 
Academy. 9 May l»M ; H.^dwlinMa'sAatobitH 
(rrnpliy. U. 192-0 ; H. Mi»niiimti*» Lrtt*r» 
Hcmicriam (1); Chnnibcra'a Jounial, Jaiiij 
1843 (aQtobiogrupby).] Q. I 




HALL^ TllOMAS(ittlO-16e5), ejected 
jniniBMr, soil of Ki<-)iiinl Ilatl, etothier, by 
fcta wife Klixaboih i Itotuier), wus born in St. 
Andn'w'ii pdriith. Worti«ii-r, about W July 
leiO. He WMcdiwatwi at ibeKinfr's School, 
V/otBtMfft, under Henry Briclit (d. IWJtl), 
ene of tba isoit c?lobnt«d w)i<HilinMtJTs of 
bisdar. In 161!4 iii_> i^aU^n»l IIiiIliiiK''i}Ung<>, 
Oxfom, u an cxhibitinnpr. yinding hiciHt'lf 
nnd^r ' a mtuIom tutor,' he removed to tfae 
nvvtW fbundcd Pembroks CoUcfe aa a pupil i 
of Tliomaj LuabnuRon [u. t.^ He graduaitMl | 
B.A. oo 7 Feb. 1699. Kei'umin[f to Woi^ ' 
c«8t«mliin be bee&me tescbt<r oi a priTatn j 
tcbool, aaJ pn*cbed in tlt« ebapol« nf )»>r>Tnl 

tLaaatM* in ih* pariiih of Kini^'n Nntton, of 
ivliich hilt l.ivthiT, Jolmnftll, vicarof Urom*- 
groxf, wtt* p^rnnlaa] cursio. At tliis p<.-riod 
ea ooofoniK-d, but mitrnddnc^ at tlie puntan 
lectan, malntamcd at Uimiiiiutiani, contri- 
buted to mtike liiin a ]>n.'«bvt*.Tiuii. tl« b4» 
€wne tumt* at Kiuf^'s Nurf)!! iitider liia 
bcctber, wko eoon raei^ed tlint livin^in Kit 
faTooT. Tbe living woe of Lttic t&Iuo, but 
Uall obtunad tbe naatcnbip of t bo gremmai 
ecbooi, fbmidad tnr EdwaH VL 

Ihitiag tlio dTtl -war be was * muir tiatea 
plDn[l>.-ri^, Mill fiTO times iinpnsoa'a' (Ci- 
lakt). Ileivfiuwd '&r KToater prcfvnueiit ' 
wfaen liis part J va» in jKiwf r. tik J una Hib^ 
L ke * had liMft|F allow'd him bj tbn dele^lcs 
' the univenity ' to take ilie degrw of B.D. 
^_j the lerma of prtrochin)! a I.aliti nnd an 
I Bnglish aermon. Uispm&rtrriati prindplrv 
' prcTented bim from joininir Bosti-r's W gr- 
leatcreliircngnrrmrnt rn llJftS; awl holwcanw 
a meiDbiTof the prrsbylcry of Ki-nJlworth, 
Wam-ickMliiit' ''mv. OkW/Obadiiii]. He, 
haw«vrr. nitpwillailBr'* Worcestershirepcti- 
tton fur titu retention of tithe aod a settled 

UaltVai a 'plain but fervTrit' pnwclier, 
and 'a lover of book* an^ Iwrung. ^li«ii 
a library wa« (!(tabli*bpit in coiiii*ction vith 
tbt> Birminghaai gninmar acbool he contri* 
bttt*d miuiy buoln.aiid collocied others fr»ai 
hia rriendi. 8iiti««<i|uenilT be founded n 
^milar libraiT at KiD^*a Norton: ibo pnri^li 
^t bis inttaoce erected a buildinfr, anil llidl 
r^MDirfemd to H all hia book* for public uao. 
After liig qeotion by tbo I'niforuiity Act 
(168*2) hi> waa rtducM to cr^t povtriy, but 
hia fficnilN did not allow him to n-anl. He 
died on 13 April 1C65, ami was buriod at 
Kinf^i Norton. JohnHft11(l633-1710)[q.T.], 
bllfaop of Bristol, V.-IIK biK nepltnr. 

HallvTMe: I. ' \Vi«do<iwConqU4>«t,'&<<., 
1061, Sto (translation of tho couicdt of 
AJH and Uly«w<,OTHl, 'Metaroorph.' xiii.) 
S: *Th# Piilpit Guftrdod with xvii. Argw- 
nenta,' &«■, f'ltli -Ito (agu&at onlieeiued 

pr«!achm>> ; appendix, also found 
nlslv, 'liix .^^gnmtnts to prove our 2Iini«- 
t«iB mte from AnticliriKlianiome,' &c, llV^l, 
4to. a ' The Fom Omirdwl with xx. Ar 
tn^nts,' Ac, lOAl ^t.c. 105^), 4ta (againit 
discriminal^ bapliun); baa appendix, "The 
ColliT and his Colonra,' Alc^ 165:5, lit 
^ii^intt TLomas Collier, a funeral biipti«t 
priMichtT.ofiimtarian sentiments); and *.d*ond 
Bppiindix,'l'r*.'rnrw)rPr»cur»OTis:or« Word 
to Mr. Tnmb?,'.te., 1659, 4to (affainsl John 
Torabei (160a~l65«> [o.T.],baptwt prwachw. 

4. ' The BeNtity of Holineaa,' l&'V.t, Mto 
( Wood gives I6&S ; perbapa a aeeond edition). 

5, * Conanim 'Ajmtritla. Thu Loatheomueeao 
of I^nf; Haire. . . . Appendix . . . agaiiMt 
I'liintinj;,' &c., 11354, t^ro. 9. ■ CMituria 
Sacta . . . Rule* for . . . underatAndinir of 
lhelIolvScriptun»,'ftc.,l«M,8vo. 7. 'iflio- 
torica i>ncra . . . Tropes nod Ftgxint coa- 
liiued iu the Socrvd Scriptun^ii,' &c., IGiVl, 
8vo, 8. 'Hialno-maBtix. AWhipforWeb- 
at«r,' tiC; lEt'Vl, 9vo, agaiu^l an ' vxauii^a 
of academtea ' appended to Jobu We'bster's 
'^int'a Guide/ ]6&t. 4to>. U. •Vindids 
Litirrnrum ; tlm^hoois tiuarded.' &c., 1054 
(i.e. 16fi6), 6vo ; makes nil IcfLniintr a hand- 
niAid to divinity. 10. ' I*hn«t«ns roily,* &C., 
l(]Qr), 6vo (traiuilaiione of Uvid,*Molani.' ii. 
and 'Trist.'eleK. i.) 11. * A Scrimiiml Dis- 
CQiirse of tie ApoMsej of AiiUnirisl .' Ac, 
IdiV), 4ln. 12. 'Cbiliantdniaittx RtrdivivtiJi, 
Hivi- II»iiif!iuf> EiicrNatiu. AConfuialionnf 
ihu Millfiiorian Upinion . . . wilb » Wurd 
to niir Fifth-monnrchy Sfen,' Ac. 1657, 4lo 
(Woon); IflfiS, 12ino'(agnin«t. 'Tbo Hesur- 
rwtion lUvealwi," 16fi4, 4io, by Nathaniel 
Holmea, D.D. [<[. v.]>. IS. 'A Practical and 
Polemical Commentary foa 2 Tim. iii. iv.],' 
&C., 16.'i8, fol, 14, 'Toffilos r^t yijc: aive 
Apologia pro Ministerio Evanffelico,' &c., 
Frankfort. lOW.Svo; in Eii|;lLnb,' Apolo^ 
fw iho MiniMTy; &e.. lfi«0. 4to (SHnii). 
irt. 'SuEuaria'a 'Downfnll,' &c., 1069, 4lo; 
coinnif^t on Hnart xiii. It^UI^niimlementary 
to tbn 'Kxpuaitiun'of JwntauabBniToagbM 
[q.v.1; lttA),4to; 184S,4ta; app^ediaMi 

atiaek on Solomon Ecetea [q. v.], the ^oaluir. 
16. ■ Tbe Beauty of Magiamc;,' &«., lOOO, 
4(o (vmtten in conjtuietion with OeoHB 
Swinnotrke). 17. ■ Puaebria Flam. Tha 
]>awiifnll of Mny.ganw«,' fie, IWO, 4to; 
IfiBl, 4to, twnrdiiion*. IS, <An Exposition 
[Amoa, iv-ix.],' kc., 1661, 4io. 

[Abel Bed iTi nil, 1074, appoidwl to Sfoorc'a 
T*la\ in an Oyittf-alu-l. 167A (the Int of work* 
fflvaa liT Uoom ia iDeccnnle) ; Wood'a AthciiB 
Oxan.<6Uu).iii.«T7; Faat>.t. !1B,438, ii. 171 ; 
CsUrit'i Acconnt, 1713, p. 70S; CUamyaCoD' 
tinunllao, ijn, "■ "S^i 8tDith'« I)tUioth«ett 
I Anti-QtiaktTiaBa. 187>. p. 211.] 



- — "^t*^ 

kw Karf; iif ■litfcainilij. 

■^ in lihi hii ihyirmi Aftv sboai mx 
nan ko vm adwlted BLD. w 
■iMod«'«oi4en. IaOe<«lNrI«8 

r of (UMBTkr IB the ^^ C«lh«» 

poart. la Uw Sillewnf THT Im 

t» FkM, Md WM CTMtol IU>. 

> W kfaiwnd «■ tfe ^^lini»- 
i^iarwTCnl jtan, sad fioallT ntimg to 
' , died tiNnabMt 1719. Doddda^ba 
of eiUaordiaArjr atimal 
pBU, aad IB dofMBt |ni 
Bt lift iBauMEnt Um 
,1. 'A IWtiM of Akjw.' £ 

.SnOa-fid. ^'TW 
' t^lflrhifi nf niiiwildti/a iTiiMlalmt. !t rnh 
Bra. 4.'A0idlcc«MBafIJT«aortlieauuU,* 
A tniMbtuBf IsA iimiwidiJii 

[De-U'i Ouraeh nkuiU. <St; Gilk*'* KU. 
Diet. iiL M) T. C. 

HAm TIUOTin'il687?-l(»0).titiikr 
■ oftf»f<«d«»d«lMiM g^Uto MNtor 
Fft wood-turnrr And howahiiMer «f St. Ka- 
dMrise**, DMT the Towi^, » pncinct of St. 
Botolpfa, AUgotc, WM bm protnUr in 1637, 
^imbuiibeBnaBawfxifcredDftkeaoda. He 
> adtBiit«d ■udeU of Pembroke CoIl«|[c, 
' ' , in ISU, tken under pmbjrerian id- 
He uxdi no depee bui ilial of 
'B~&. AJWwuds lie obtuned titc linu^ of 
Kurvood uid Souilum (.KfiXXBTT. Jttfiattr, 
. iSi), from -whidi be wu ejected ia 1809. 
1067, haring ooiapUed and tipwd tho 
' 1e> ^11 Jbd.), ho wu praMBted to ibe 
I !i nnc rf rinm inViii, HirhTPg***""'*' " 
I becuM paipMBil caimlfl of I^^llee■ lU*- 
I in lOOe, ncwof Bkdlow in 1«74. &11 
_Jwlucb b ondWn * be nliimisbsd in lit77 
tat Ibe dij titiuic of Allludlowa Staining. 
Uv wami to liar« Kiud u btaktir tot t& 
Ihi^eM of PoituuNitb in the calo of {lar* 

Under JamM H he pobliehad the nral de- 
eUnli)m tar ' liberty of ooiuetence' (l6B7>, 
and on the dratb a{ Bisfanp l^rlter he vaa 
noauaated (18 Aug. ]«8«) to rlui me of Oz- 
fbtd ; but though duly cont^craiM] al I^m- 
beth OB 7 Oct. hi> •vmn refuMsl imialUtian 
by the e«tiMM of Chriit Church, and cohm^- 
qaHit idmiaaoB to the tenporalitiw, while 
UM ttamnitj refuMd to create him doctor 

of i i i i ai tj f tbaarit be bad a Baadaama 
(Lpirmx, fcJaft— , i. *fi7). Aftvth#r»- 
wtotiu M ha WBB redaead to bopdMa porvttr. 
AtinB bcnfaMBl to tabs tW «atk to t^ 
aaw hJBB aiwl ^Ma^ bM Tirfdad at the lart 
HMMi (dk a. ex Bad ntaiaed bM tiUa tiU 
hisdMSb. nH*aaaftraUdgromdlodNU(e 
bin witb BCtaal pswiioB to Bomauen. 

ffia d^ib M t^M aeeoidad ia ibe i«nt«a» 
of Sl Joba, Haebanr : • The ft. Brrd. Fatbai 
ia God, Tuaotbr ^lUi^ Ute L* Bm. ot 
Qsfiwii. dvcd tbe 9" ii wu buned tho 13* 

«r Ayni iwa' 

lUU k dwcribwl by E«8w(t aa 'ooe of 
tb« BMHBA aad ao« chac ia of the dlT 
dmae^wbo bad ao BBKit bol that of nad- 
iag Ok Im'a d«laiBtMa* {ChmpMe.flbfe(y. 
iiLtfl). UewM aalbec of two&iaenliar- 
aMMM^ pnled mfcclind; in 1 084 and 1 668 j 
tad b* Iff nan to bare obuined a rqraUr 
mat «f anw (na ■■ah'i MS. m O, 
Bodbiaa LibHT). 

[Veod^ <!*■■ Oaaa. i*. STi, xL Blia; 
tjMBili BaiB ii af laaJaw,, ii. HHt ■ Haeaa- 
)Kj'm Hm. «f Ka^aad : Hnwai WUU>'a SnrrMr 
<rf Ouhediab. liL ti?.] A. IL 

HALL. WEST1.EV (iril-I7r6>, eceeo- 
tric divtae, mb of Tbiiwaa Ball of daliabiny, 
BiatncaUud at Ljaoola Goibge, Oilijid, on 
Jtl Jaa. 179&-1, MwdiCKaBdbenmeapnBU 
DfJobnWeakr. fie took aodtwrvr. Weab? 
daeeribe* bin as a atadeat 'acAy and tin* 
trbi i Ba M n in aTl ■ a imrr if mnTrnalinn 'nn^ 
be waa alv^ aotad fcr his Bkaaifaaiqfl 
Ue hecaiae latlinaio with Weakf'a bmitr. 
aad visied Weokf'a bansu at EpwonV 
iJDColBahire. EailyiBl7A4hewsa«cdaiaed, 
aad about the aame lime fecietlr ansano 
himaetf to 3Canba I A. )70?), We^a a&r 
>ial«r. .\ few manths later be propoaed mar- 
riage to Kcxiab (6. 1710>, Wvale^a TOiu^ar 
oiato', aad waa aocapled. with thecoaaenkaf 
berfaBiily,flabcrfiiionhB«haod. Tbemii 
Manba rerealed ber own engueoMat ' 
bim, aad be, throwing oTerKenb,atni 
war married Martha. Tba brotben (^ 
and :Mmu«l Wflslqr deaoanoed Uall'a ' 
duet, tbe fansar in a [kwb, aad the latter in 
latlets to hi* bmilj, m whic^ ho desnibed 
Uall as a amootlMongoed hypocrite. JohB 
Wealejr aftamida dcdared that his aieter 
Keiiab nerer n«ovef«d from, tbe aflVets of 
liall'adtiplicilT. Verses, hoirever^publUhed 
1 7»S, MOB altar tbe nauiagfl, Bolonaed both 
Hall and hi* wife a« mncMst of Tirtue and 
pivty. In Octobitt l7.'Lj Hull and his wifs 
arranged to ucamptny John Wealey to 
(.ieor^rii.but lialUuddefilrcbanstdhiaBaiDd, 
and took a cuncy at \\ootlOB B1t«c>,J 

■bin. E«Aa& W«^ BiM— ni< to n«>l« 
wUk Un H*llfc MiA « its; kr wtbw. 
8«nsM WfldtT. ^Q had fcoooM ■ «idow 
itil735.iabidadKK. TW«Weli iiFfcnli^ 
Tcntoved to LoH&m B }<3E^ vben UaO took 
•n BctiTe put m ihm maMtftmoA «( tW 
Wcslevs' BBvly ftoM^ MrtJiiiil ndc^. 
Hb iMMiad DO A* vpalMB sf two sishdn 
«a t^ gnmal llMt tlMT Wa 4iwvMd tk 
«LH»h of Enilnl, nd IB ScvtcaW J73» 
WaBlt7 tobn- Mci'a doe- 


tnmof Um 
bepnadied st F< 
WtMl«7 in 

tofthe Spirit.* 1&I7-M 

— Ltaej nt joiaad Jobs 

w tfi ac to * ■ Jk o w of tlw lb- 

nTnm ■ Imvcs of iliDMas.* la 1741 W 

«dDp(«d t ha triiole of Ae SCoimTioB tcBcU, ia 
■ptt« of tbe WoInV ofpcatMa; bu wIkb, 
in the Mmc Tear, ^ofca WadcT' aad Vilui«- 
finldqoandlcdflTCribedacuiae of fine (race, 
ba pcnuttdcd Wbiufield lo tbrnJoo bie in- 
<«iiiiaD of pobtidf pnadunr against Wnln. 
i "In I'iS Iw rpmorcd with bu &iiu]t io t£« 
Foondrr, Uw WmVti' ieaideMr,«oa dariag 
Weslqrt absenc* in tbc noctb on an otfa- 
vUiiig tour, cipanljr tiaioaaced his numase- 
BMoit of tb« mxittj and Im r^ltpotu tiows. 
OmuIm Waabj ipoke of him at ihe time as 
■ poor moramaiaed Mr. TIall.' 

Hall Rtonicd to t^alubury ia ITIS, and 
fafnud & new rrli^riua aocieiT. He asd hit 
eongfegation fpmuUvleA thecbatchu(Ei>^ 
iMM, and be qoarrvUed with hi* wib bacaoM 
•beweliaedtaabandoBii. In l~4Ahe wioto 
long l«iton la iba Weatera, uiving tltMn to 
folbw hi* example, and poiDtins out tbo io- 
cooMtenejr of ibetr eontiDued coniwiclioa 
with the efaurdi. Itall, indefaligalile ' in 
field and booee preacbing, drew multitudiw 
of the mmoer aort. . .'to attend bitn; btii 
hia view* chancfd rapidlv. Hi-. )»gia to 
preach pare d^Um; rnODnimi-tKli-cl palygniDT, 
and was ptrxAn-il I j goiltr of grou immoraliiy- 
Ub 'MOet- 1 747 h« took iMve <rf \ub follow«n 
•t SaUabniT, tnd boldlr defimdAd his oril 
pnetiee* (ci. G>nf..Viyp.l747,p..'i-'{l). John 
Wetlev eolemnly rvmonntnlM with bitn liy 
lett«ros his dof^nuU^ conduct and itPe-I(«t of 
kit wife, but bo pmut<sl in bis loose kind of 

■ hff AfHtrt from bin family, chiefly in London. 
lQl7-5Uand I7ol b« miidi hlniMlf «on8picu- 
o«w by disturbing ChariM WmI^t's pny<^ 
meetings at Bristol, and ChATtes Wmiaj- at< 
twrkcd nim viol«^titIv in bi«' Funeral llvroii*,' 
17&!>, No-xi, llaU'fifti;rv.*iirdjmigr»t«3 with 
• BlBtrM* to tbo WvRt IndiiMi. but suoit re- 
tnnied borne, and di<-d at llmtul an 3 Jnii, 
J77fi. Hiawifc and her brollif rs, io 'piti" of 
tiiagroMiniaoonduvtitreiiteil htm witU kiml- 
iK«stolhti Intl. Mr». llall.lholut sunivor 
of ibe Weeloy t'amily. dit^ on 12 July 1791, 
and was buried in tbc bunal-ground attached 

to the Weekn' dnpd u thr CitT Rnd, Ub- 

Biiiaii OknliBBle iaam. Hall had tm 
dHUiw t^kMwUk IWv an died 7«a«. 
IV laagwil Bto I-* mm, ^eMlrr— waathe 
aalpart of one ti Charin WedtjW 'Fteaeid 
Hyna'(17»),N-o.z. Portheaaeor*W«t- 
hv BaD. jn,- Ua faWprintta ia a Wnad. 
■i i n i b B M 'The Anof Hafpiaeia.arth>RiAt 
Ueeeineaim,' ta which all irf^othjErf 
waeattedaed. IV bor died of sBaB-poi at 
tfaei^of feait(«Bi 

Chefaaa-i OifMd XiMhodiet*. isn : Aiax 
Ouim't Mmmn of the Vsalfy FbMUr.l 

HAI.T^ WnJ,U.M (rf. in8f\ ranbu. 
aian nitinit, brothiT of llMraiaa Hat). D.D. 
[q. T.^ was edoeaied in the Earliah Collide 
at l^uboOr aad after hoiw erduaed priMt 
waa Beat hade to the miswn. Ta tb» reign 
of Jaoaa U he was appoialed on* of the Kjal 
chanla ia i a ad paaadMra inotdinaiy. Wood.iu 
hiadettriptionafthe biaf^Taeeptioii,nlatw 
that oB Snaday,! Sepc Ifll7, hit n^eat T w«nt 
to the catholic chapel rrcentlreet apV t^« 
d«an of CWr'iM Cbiireb in the old (^nt«>r- 
burr qoadraogl^, ■ where be btard a aeratoa 
prnacb'd bj a »«calar pricet called WiUiun 
Hall, . . . wbicli wa« Bp]<land<d and adniind 
bj all in llw cliaiivil, vrbich wa» Tt-nr full, 
and [by thoao] without that beard bim ' 
{Auto^oyrapAu, cd. Bliw, o. cix). Tlio king 
iLscd to lay tfaat aa Dr. Ken waa tJic beet 
urtttcber among the protoelaata, so Father 
Uall was the Met antoag (b<- catholica. At 
the revolution Ilall wttbdn-iv io the oouti- 
nent, and, after paying a visit lo JaoMM at 
St. (icrmain, boMme a monk ia the cooTenl 
111) was for some time prior of that bouae, 
when be died about 171@. 

lie was tbe author of: 1. ' A Sermon [on 
John XtI 23, SI] preaobcd b.^ore 1 ler Majesty 
the Qmmib Dowagvr, in her Chanel, at Somer< 
eet Uoaae, uikmi . . . Mar 9, 1?(8«.' London, 
IflSft, 4to, ranriDted in ' A Bvlect Collwtion 
of CntholickScmon».'ir4l,ii. 183. 2. 'CuU 
leoliona of Historical Matters,' monujcript 

(DiwId'aClmwh Hbt. iii. 482; Oillow's BiU. 
Did-; Wnod'« AtliMue Oxou. (lllisa). I». MO, 
fri&: WooiI'b Aucubiugnpliy (lUi»), p. oiii.l 


HALL, WILLIAM (t7i8-ie2BV pwi 
tinA antiiiiiftry, wa^ V>ni on I Junv 1718 nt. 
Willow ftooth, a ^mall i»Uud in llio fendis- 
trictof Lincolnahirf. IlispareutH wi-ie wry 
poor, and ho himsvir at a very ocrlr agt^ uar- 
rivd a girl Dan>rdSuli<'(;rSukcTlI'»lmo«, and 
became a gouard, or kvcpc-r and broodisx of 

But lie Aoods (wqat away his flock, 

wliicli (Le compLnins) w^rc npprnpnAti^ by 

Ilia neigliboun, and Hf\-T much vriuidi^Hng 

be Mi lied in lltnhland iii NorTulk, where Lc 

gniiKHl Tor eomotimttAlivin^as on auctioneer 

Slid ' I'ow-ltH'ph,' while hia wife pracl ised mid- 

! wiffifv unci tilili'botoiny. Here he-owenu (in 

VorsftJUlidt Iii» arm broke on nccuiint nf ilii'U* 

matic llirofjbing, whiLTsiipim h'j rtuniivtid (o 

Lynn. and commeneed btidiiiHw n* iideHW in 

old book*. 'Thf Aiilii^tmrinii Library,' as lie 

called luH shop, did fiurly well, l)io)it!li he 

I Wu obliged to tp\l, n« apportuuitf- ollered. 

^xnanv otflw tliioKH hwidea books. lie died 

in 162s. Hall publiflied s. coiisiderAhl'i num- 

her of slrniip> rouph rhyme«, dialing willi 

lliefeiu, fmi life, and tho dilliciillii'M of lii« 

;c«lliiiff. *Low-Fcn-RiIl/ i* hi' (MimeiirneB 

, rtyled hi]ni»>lf. tind n ]i<irc(']>iio!i of liia awn 

ffcnlto, wliicb lie ilpwrihit-i when mentioning 

J«]in Taylor tlirt ' WuUsr I'ot't,' 

Wh<> Clear iwo oeiiturica ago 
Wrote luui'.li meU nonasiLau u I dO'. 

But hit dog^ynsl Is not wit bout a certain 
Hudibraatic tore<f,aud it freaii-jntly contnins 
now paMed awav. l!>ipiibli''lt<Hl at I>?nn: 
l.'ASkotcb of Local IliBtory, WingnCfaivin 
of Incidents rvlntius to thv vtalo of tW Ftrna 
from ibi' Earlivnt Accoiuitn to (Ilc Pn-sout 
Timf.' 1812. 2. 'Keflections upon Tiintia, 
nud Time;, itTid Tim''« ! or a mom tlian Sixty 
Ypam'Tourofllii; Mtnil,'lSlfli aefcojidpart 
wa.« piiblinliud in ISIB. 

I9kau;li<« of Obutin FoeU, 1693; Uall'a 
Works.] V. W-r. 


(1707 P-lt*7a), admiral, rntcrcd llie navy in 

October 1811 on board tlie Warrior, under 

the cotumnnd of tlie U^u. UforRe I'ynir, 

. aft^i^ardu vixtli Viacuunt TornnfrtDD, and 

I daring the reuaiaiiiK ^enra of tbo war anrvd 

' eanlinuoualy in bra: m the Norlb Sea aad 

tlio Raltic. In Novrmbur 1815 liv wna np- 

Siintt'd lo tlicLynisI'iop, with Cumni'uidM 
asil Hall [<]. V.J, and nerrod in Htit diiriuK 
liur inr.en'atiiiK \""y'iK« lo Cliiiia in cnmiiany 
witli I<nrd AniUf>rst*i( einliaaar. Hborilj after 
litii nntim to Eiii^land in NoTcmbor 1^17 
liii wiu apvoiuted to tUe Iphigr^nin frigati;, 
carrjiiig tlio broad pcnnnnl of Sir HolHTt 
Hiendji on ihc wi-sir ooiintof .\fricn, and from 
lor waa pmnifili'd t<i \nr mnftter of tlif M<it- 
giann slo»p. In tlii-i rauk he enntiuueJ, 
sciiTCtly t*r*'iu;t "'i I'l" Went Indian, tlii> 
IfadibrminMin. and tbe^ iLomc etatioDB, till 
18SS; wtiGii.alti-r studying tlieetcam-cD^nu 
pnwlicalty at Olnsgow nnd on boar^ ataunen 
tmding to Ireland, lir went to iHb Uniti-d 
SlatvD, and waa fumunii; timtunploj^ed in 

at^eamlKiuta on thn Hndaon and Delnwi 
lu November 1639 lie obtained commnnd 
llieNeateBig,aa iron paddle KKunsrapeciallj 
built al Liverpool for the East India Cora- 

fiany, Htccd wLtli a slidiiur keel, having a 
iglit drnugbt of water, knu cariring a con>< 
Stnii ivcly Aeary annainent. On arriTiiig at 
alle after a atonny and tedious paasage, 
she waa immediati^v 0rden.1l on to China, 
and joined the aquadmn in tlie Canton rirer 
in time to render elficieiit luiiUlanco in tJia 

' rviductioD of Chueu-pee fort on 7 Jan. 1811. 

' i^lut WHS at that time the only stoamer pc»> 

I Hunt, and duriDg tliii next two yean hadt 
most im|M>rtant *hnrr in ibeaeFeral npei^ 
tioDB of tbif war; Ilall, by liiit energyand hia 
skilful iiandlin^' of the frail aUwniW, winBing 

' thespQoiBlcomBiendBuanoftlteoffie«raoftb» 
navy nndciF wlioni he aeFvad ^ee tlEUKitT, 

I Sir VntiMta, 1793-1861 ; Fakxbh. Sm 
William, 1788-18110]. In conaequence of 
(beir recnininiiiidationis SB order in couneil 
wQfi obtained piiruiittini; his promoVton to 
the nude of liouuinant, hu onrnmivtion being 
dated back to 8 June IStl ; anothor ordar 
in council aanctioncd his timo atrvod on 
board the »n)«sis being coiinttd a« though 
nnri-i-d in a qtiocnV ship ; and on 10 JniM 
IMH bn wiu promoted to hn oomnuioder. 
The NeraofiH had bnan paid nif al Onleutti 
and Doll, relUTning liamo ovurWd, waa < 

fointod on 1 July 1843 to tii« royal yno 
rem which on 320cl. l^-lb« wosad 
tojpoet rank. 

from L817 to lt«tiO bo commandod t9io 
Driiftoii al«eiD friifate iiv Uie Mvditurraii 
and on 1'8 Ucl. ItJlD, when Sir Willi 
Pnrkor broiifcLc ihu Jeet lo ilcuku Hiiy 
visiblu promiH of support toth«Tiirksa(fiii 
ibu dvoianda of Auatria and Rus^ia in 1 
matter of tLu Ilunffarian rrfiigees, be wu 
sent to Cont>tantin(i|>lu cArrjring tho rtsaaui 
lag news to the Itritiidi mini»t4!r (PiirLLi 
MOttK, Life 0/ Sir WHJiam Ftrrk«r, iii. 
cf. LAKfi-PooLC, /,(/• qf Lord Strafford 
lUrlrttfir, ij. 194, wfiere tlio date it wronal/ 
tfivfu a Oct.) In IW" JIall wa« elected a 
fillciiv <t{ till- Roynl .Socicly. On the break- 
iuK out ofthfi liuSKian war, not boinif able 
to obtain command of a \pn»«] of a rate cor> 
reirpondio(; to hia Honiorily. )io HCC»pt«d tha 
1 1ccia, a small pculdle alt.-anier. in which he 
wn» nctively employed in tbfl BolliP in Iflli 
Intlm fijllowiiigycor, aciiinin the Baltic, T 
liail ronimitnd of llie Blvuheim blocluhip^ 
which litr ivaji pniii'iit at the bombardiu 
of SveaborK. and iti -luly wns nominated 
C.B. He had no further ni-n ii:i<. but he«am» 
rear-admiral in I8ij>:);wusuomintit<'diLK.C.B. 
in 1807 : was advanced to be vii^-ndmiral 
on tile retired list in Mie&, aiul admiral in 

I87S. n« di«d ia LonrfoBr of apofteiT, 08 
SSiaacl^a. HeawnvdiB l!Udtli«lfcMi. 
Hilare C»r<ilin« Bvni:. thirJ dwigiwr ftf hi* 
flnt GApt«iD, VisMunt Tornsf^toti, br whotn 
he IimI one dattglittr, Banud in 1*79 \o 
Ckptuii C. D. Lucu, RX.. «lu>, m » tiut« 
ia *hm IlccUf woo ll><^ Victom CroM hj 
thiowiog a lifted thtU orerbotrd, beior* . 
BoinanuDtl, va 31 Jtiiw ISM. 

lUU i>aUubed in 18oi(^iid («]it. mnek 
enluirediia 1854) so *U« Little pMmpltlet 9a 
* Siiloa' llaoMf tbair Orina and rrofrrat' 
•nd in 1879 uu>ib« on ' Our XatioBftl De- 
fanw,' irhicli cootkiai mow inteieaUo^ »ii- 
tobtompliical iiot«s. lUU has bera oftca 
ooofiMta ivitb bui nannewAe tad coaMnpo- 
niTrSu-Wnimm Kintr ll&U [^. y-V- futij to 
mroii tlila confiuioQ. and .pBtlj la con- 
mamoraiioB of bis dutiaraiabed mftioc ia 
Cliinfl. he wu roannonlfnowii ia the a&rj 
w ' N«OM»«' UalL 

rnmia, 27 Jbm 1ST8: (TBjtb*'* Di«L of Xav. 
Biog.; Proc.«f Soj. (}«(«.8oe.(>nr Mr.). i. St< ; 
Bovicd'a HamliTc of UU TejagM aod SmieeB 
atftfc*N«Baa>fi«)m IMOtolSt«.l i. K. L. 

168S),Klnunl, MOBof Dr.JuaetlUll of the 
royal nav^, enufed the aavy ia 16:29, and, 
aner temng ia Bnrauh and on the coast of 
Spain, was mate of the Benbow tinder C^ 
tam IloastonS4ewan,i>n the coa«1 of Sjrna 
sad ai the bonhardnMit of Hi. Joan d'Acra 
i& liMO. Ob 28 Jiilv l»i4l hu woj ptoinatod 
tu b*) iliciifnant nt llic Kritannis, cunjiDg 
tb« (Uf nf 8ir John Ai;wniili Ommutnef, 
the eMBmaader-iaH?1ii«f tn the Modjiem- 
Bcaa, and cofanundwl by CapUin S^jmour 
[mm SBtaoca, Sir Miciuel, IM0-i-l!^7]. 
From Sopitenb«q- li^l to 1844 Hall wm a 
lieat«nant of th? Indiia, nlun in tlm Mivli- 
tvrranMntanil fnnn l(i4i>to iHlffneninwiik 
Captain HejrtiaJir in ihe Modiotirf, flnff- 
ahip of Sir Fmnm William Aujil><n on tlio 
Kinil) Amcncui station. On her paying off. 
Hall, u ber fint Uantoaaat, waa promotea 
(Ua»h latS) tAtho raaVof «oiiuBand«^aBd 
from 1^40 to 18.51 lie wu in clu^r of th« 
eoaatgaardin th^ScillylslMiflii. InJiilyI851 
hAWMappointcdtothoStyx, whit^h !ic com- 
manded at thi: Cape of OoodJIopo <iiinii^ the 
Kai&rwar(18S3-3>.&nd on 6 June l8A3«-a8 
advanced topoet mill. IalSMhecomnfln>]«<l 
the Bttlldcff poddle-et«ani«r in Ibd Raltic^on 
board wbicA, at lb* reduction of Bomarsand, 
the cocaaaadei^in^hicf, Sir Chnrlcs Nupicr 

(iras-ieeo) [q. t.i, boiM.-d i.i« flag, in 

1^6, Bgaia to the lUltic, llatl commanded 
the Exnioiith of 90 gutt.-<, as fla^-coptaiji to 
8b- Midnel Sermour, and on 3 July vas 
nominated a lu the following year he 
vsa appointed to the Calcutta of tM gatm, 

ibe fiigahip of Six Michael Sermonr, j_ 
not to Chuw aa eoBaaadefHO-chieC The 
Oalentta had aeamly airiTcd at Hnaj koa 
^Khm lh» xeoBdChiaeaa war biota owl, aa 
throogh the t«dlo«a opeiatioiu of ISSft-?- 
lUIt tna Tirtually the captaia 6t th» flMt|j 
in which capacitr Kia energy and aoal i*>J 
peatedly called forth the admitat's watiBt O' 
ptauea. IWCalcatla retmntd to EnglaoJj 
m AopMt 18fi9, and ilall wa« immedwteljr j 
sent out to Uk* '■"""■■^ of iha ladaa 
da^-captua to Sir HoiHtoa Stewart oa thai 
Nonth AraeiicaB etatioiL Fron July 1B0Q>1 
to Docemhcr 1681 he ma eauilayad as 
oafrtain of the at«am itaum at Ptynoutb ; 
duriaiT 1^63 » c^taia of tha ooaa^foard at 
Kaloioulbi from April 1863 to April ISOfij 
u capiaio of the rtoaa c«aem at Sheer 
and afterirard« af BUpsrintciidflOt of tbed 
yard there till his proBwt i oa to tbe rmak < 
Rai^dmiralooLrSfaidiieeS. On SOUai 
ifCl hewaaBonuoat«daK.O.B. FronK 
to l^fi he waa SBperiatcadeat of the dock- 
nrd at Devonpon ; hmaaio rio»«dnuTaI oa 
toJuly 1878; from 1S77 to \&T9 wucom- 
maadtr-iiKfakf at thtt Norv, and im* jtro- 
noted to h» admini on 2 Aujr. lS7t>. llo 
died vnddenl V of apoplexy on 29 July I ^8(t. { 
He «ru twice laarried. and by his first 
hadwTiTal »nna,nrwb()ai theeldest,0« 
Fdwkr King Hall, u now acoatmaadM' 
the nary. A lithographed portrait has been 
publiahi!d nnea hti dsatb. 

Tbiotub Ua whole <ar«»r Hall Rhoi 
bimsdf deeply impremed by tclisious l,_ 
inir; and while in command of aea^^ii 
ships and id tho Bbteac« of a chaplau ' 
W8S in th>^ habil not only of conductii 
r1iiin:lt in-rricrt himMllf but of 
original aefmona, with a ran un ' 
(if the aeamen'i nattirc. For many 
bL'frire his death — begianiajf, iadeed, dti 
in the promotion of lempernnce amon^ sea- 
mon, and throwing himself into the cans* 
with a scat pMiiliarlr bis own, bocamA a 
pmmincnt ai]vi>«at« of total shttisenoc. But 
tnil<'pi>ndi<'ntlyoftki«]ii«namowait widoly o^ 
.■Kiciiit^ with the Tnrious tiavol charitin and 
with many oth<^r hranchfviif charilahU- or 
reliffiouK OTKaiu^atiou. From tht> simdiuily 
of chrt'tiuti iinme^, ivt well perbapt a« from 
hiseercicu in thell^tic and m China, be baa 
been fnquentLyconfiisod with his contempo- 
rarv, Admiral Sir Williaxa Hutchcon Uall, 
K.C.B. [q. v.] 

[0'B}TD«'* Nar. VA<i^. Did.; Nary lifts; 
TiuiM, 80 Juljr tSM 1 penoaal^ haowlndKe; 
]Oam>b,p«F<t»,aadatheEiafoiniatioa oomntao)- 
c«t«d hjr tha faoiUjr.) 3. K. L. 

Hall-IToughton ^fi 

Hal lam 


188»), founder of jfruw) at Oxfonl. [See 



(iaO!M8ti8). foiiiidnM* of the Knglish con- 
gregation of St. CatbeTnn" iif Sipns. of the 
third order of St. DomJmc, wtu hnm in 
London on 23 Jiui. 1603 of very poor IrUli 
fiarentx. After rurairiDg a acnDtycduCKtion 
Bt an (irnhiinn^ in SoniRrs Town, fibo bo- 
CAuio n [li>nii-*^t ii' K'Tvont in i1m> family of 
MadiuUM f'a\i,lii^r. tk<i prn]iTi»1.r«i«a of a laeo 
waiehoiuia in ClnDspNidvi. About l^:;0 aho 
wospleeed in the Guully of Dr. Mnr^n, who 
bad been iibysiciBn toOeorgftllL At hi« 
<!ent-Ii he left her n lef^acy of SO/., and «h» 
Twided first wilh his eon, nitd far twantv 
fwan Bfburwanl* with Mn>. Thompson, bid 
Rinrripd dnu|xl)ti-r, wbn ltv<)it miiHi at Bri)):^. 
Mnrfrnrot'" nrtiimr lu b pntbolio wiw nlwavs 
r«mfirk«l)]i-. Afler many VAin i-ndnnroii'rs 
\f> hts adinitied to the tertiary 6r tlilnl ordtT 
of St. DoQiinir?, the revived the habit in 
1 8Si, ft.nd in thiy followinr yenr mnde h-ir pro- 
f»*»i*)n ftt Hpi»([n«. In 1»12 Fbe relurueJ to 
England, and in 1814 founded n ttanll com- 
munity of Diiminic&n tArtian* in Spon Slr«et, 
I Coveniry. Dr. Clhthorn*, viciMipoetolic of 
'tbt wett«m district, and aflem-at^s bishop 
«f Birmin^hAm, encoumj^wl the schvini;, nnd 
in 1816 lliio CDiainunity rumored to UliAon, 
neor BriBlol, where a conwnt waa ercctwl. 
Aii»thi-r foiui<Ulion woa made nt London, 1651, and in IBSS llie wbolc 
community thccc woa tnuuferrad to St. 
Daniiiiic'a at Sioni) in tho sumo county. Thia 
1)i'camo the mntltei^bonso of t]i« cijngrcga- 
tion. and is otic of rh« fiiuwt. :<jiccinniii9 of 
conveuttial buililin^ in Knglnnd. In 1^" 
Bootbcr foimdntion wa.i laiuln nt. Hiokt^uni>n- 
Tn^nt. PiiuIXdi^^Tpeil, in 1351), ibai ihi-m: 
n-liKiiiit* bouiti'.i Hbtiiild be formed into a 
CDngre(i;BtIon. tiavin)^ one gvneral siiporioreaa 
and one novilLnle-house. Tbi'V were placed 
|,iintncdiutely undor the jnrisiTictinn of the 
nastwr-gvnarml of ihi; ttiinl <inli^r of St. 
' nil!, who r-xiTci*!-* hi* uuthorily ibroiigh 
i'd(iI«Q:aLe imminated by bimielf. So ari'nt 
iMot her Mnrjiarel's administrative abiliij- 
bat alie wa.t the direct asent in found iiifi 
ve conventa. with poor-scboola attached to 
each, two middle ccbnols, four cbiin-bea, 
teveml orphatiairu*, nmt the b(i.«iiitnl for in- 
piirablw at Stone. j\fler a Ion(r and painriil 
tllneiw libu died nl Slone on 1 1 lUay 18lS!4. 

[I.ifn, by hiirI{tliBiaMChildr*n, London. 18G9 
(with |>i>rtrait); Ri'«rnphieiU l^ki-teb. ubridfpid 
fn>m her Life, I/mdon. 1871; QillowB liilil. 
Diet.: Tablot. 8 MAylSGS. i>. 914. and U Mar. 
p. 'J*7; AtbRnirum, 29 JSny 1SB9; BowUnn'a 
tifo of Fabor, pp. *i>~, 427.] T. C. 


1838). [See und^ir lltLUM, HfflniT,] 

HALLAM, TTRSnY ()777-ie59X it 
(orian, lji>m al Windsor oo 9 Julv 1777, 
wna the tinly wn of John llnUam, auoon of 
Wjnd^r (1775-1812) and dean of Brwtol 
(17('l-180()l, a nann of hiyh lUiaxacltir, and 
wt'll read iu ancrod and pffofaoo lit«ratum. 
The Hallama had long been aetlled at ikxton 
in Lincolnshire, and one member of tbe Gunily 
waa Robert ilaltain Tq. v.], biohon of Sali*- 
bnry, Lntrrmembenliadlieenoti tlioparitoii 
side, llallam'x molbtr, a sister of f>r. Re- 
lwrt», provdit of l';tfin, waa » wiiman of much 
intelligence and delipaey of fcelinR. Hewna 
a pnM;ociauacbi]d,TVBdmBaybooluwhi9a£iH^H 
year* old. and oamjmaod uniiet^ at l«a. ^H 

wa» at Eton from 1790 to 1794, and aooM 
hiaTeisiM are publiahed in lha<MuBa)Eio- 
nenaea'(17aS). Ue wu aft«pwanl» «t Cbtist 
Clittpoh, Oiford, and gcaduatod BA. in 17W. 
Ho WM called to the bar, and ptactiwd 
aoino yours an the OxtarA circuit . 11 is fatlv. 
dying in 1812, Utt him (wlai*, ja Ltncol 
ahire, and be waa «ir!v appointed to a cni 
miaaionoNhip of etbm'jM, a pojt with a g 
SHJnry and li(rht duties. Li 1807 bo nnamwi 
Jutin,dau)rhtc'r of Sir Abraham Elton, ban., 
Ctiarh's Abral»am Ellf.n [ip r.l Hb inilc- 
ItRdl prnel leu and dvvott; himavirto the study 
of hi«(ory, Afler tvn yoara'anidiioiu lalmoT, 
ho produced in 1818 hu fitst gn»t work, 
View of tlw StBt« of Europe ilnrinc luo 
>liddle AgoV which immcdiatelv"lnbli8bed 
hi« repnlition. (A aiipplumeniorv volumi 
of nolM waa publiabed aejiaraujy 'in iKW.' 
'ThoOonatitutional HiatoryofEaglanilfroii. 
the AoooMion of Henry Vll to tha Dealh of 
QMTfK H ■ foilimed in 1827. Before U 
eomplelioa of his n<mt work lie wa§ <i«M| 
«Rectt.'d by tho death of his eldest aon, Ajtoi 
ITciu^ face hdow). ' 1 hai-i;,"hi' wrotn, ' vram- 
lugs to gaUii-r mv shcaviw while 1 can- 
adTniicedage,eniitheruiininti inhearan _ 
thouo who await niL'.' He fulfilled hia pur- 
Boac by finifibing 'The Inlrotluction to tlw 
LitHnitnre of Enrop.- durinK thi^ l.'jth. IClh, 
and 17lh Oi-nturius/ pnhliBbod in 1837-9. 
During the preparation of these wnrfca 
lived a Miidioiia life, inlcmipted only 
occMJonn! inivnla on the nmnnenl. Hovw 
famitinr with Ibn best literary society *f tb* 
linir', wdl known to the whig nasnates, am" 
a frr^pipnt risitor to lloIlaHd Tlntiae an- 
iJowoDd. Tlis name i« tiflen miTnttoned m 
menioiw and (liarie* off lie time, and nlwava 
rc^ectfiilly, .lUhough he never ht-yilted it 
CLtaveraatiouHl suprnuincy of his co&temi 




nries, Sjdnny 8milh »iul IkUcauU.v. He 
took no jwrt in active political life. .\* « 
coanniuianer of guinpa be vaa excluded 
fmm parliaioeiiC, and after his resiKnatioD 
did not sl.lempt to procure a test. I k- gave 
up I liD peniiun oT &00A a vtuir (p^nti>d ao 
eordins Ut intfilom iipmi lii« nwiiniali"'!) 
after tbv doaib of liis tan Ilfiiry, in <>pilu 
of refBOutTEneM upon the luiumial nature 
of the Bte|L Tbotup a sound vrhig, llallam 
'isapptond of tlie Raform Bill (aw Muobe's 
liantt, vi, ^31), and exprcased liii emre 
an of t1i« njvolutionnry tpnili>ncr or tli«> 
Muro to one of t1i» l(«ding rminilwrv n( 
tvtatjo rabiniit, in nn'iu-nce of tItH Due 
Brafflie (MieKiTT). lliii latKr^vari wi^n,- 
AlontUd bytlu.-]nji>(if bii *on«. Km domestic 
sS«Gtions'wt!rtt uniisu4llyTi-*pm, and he wiis 
ft maa of eingnlar venerosity iu moner tnai' 
t«ra. ConMd«rtn^ Via hi^h iMsilion in lite- 
lHtiir«> nad hUwide scqiininUnce with dis- 
:in)fiii«liitd pfr(K)nB, few r^coidn Imvp l>e-:'n 
rr-niTVed of hi« life. But In- ■wan wiirnily 
vcd brail who koewliitn, iind htl dignified 
iccnccivndolwjrjititaiin m- vt re Bind it's urc- 
intcd him from i»>aiiutr oflvu uud^-r jiuulic 
ItCL-. Juhn Austin wils u w;irm frit-nj, und 
tin. Autliii wan aAhi.-d Vi writv bin life, but 
k-cliiiL-d tlif tabk a^ beyond her powurs (Mua, 

18, te.) During tlic^atcr port of his life 

ifl liTcd in Wittipolo tftrcet, iho ' loog. un- 

lovtJT etrvet'mcQtionod in Lord T»tiiivMn'a 

In Muni'iriam/aiul fbr a few jxiirs licffrro 

li.idrntbin Wilton CreoccnL llndinl |>i^a<')— 

allv. nftcr mniiv rrnrs nf r\*iiri«neiii, rin 

1 .(on. ISfiti. lli.H |iiirLmitA by l'hili|Kt <i!i 

a) I and bv (1. iUcbuioud (iji uJidk) sbuw a 

ible and maaiite hoad. 

Ilallam vra« ircaaurer tn the Statistical 

iciy. of which hi* faiul bwn otic "f tbi? 

uiutvre, a \vr\ nctire vitv^presldiint iif thi- 

wifilyof AnlHjusritw, bnnrjmry ]in)fiiJi'it)r of 

uiory to tha \Xiiy»\ Six-iriv, ciiitl a fureiicn 

xitUAof tliuIiiKtttutHof Fraiiri>. Iu li^vtO 

reeeivMl oni> of the Bfty-^im-a medals 

piren by George IV for bistoricnl eoiini'nce, 

the other baiag given to Wasliinj^on Irvine. 

Ilallam eeenu to havepnblishcl very liule 

ridoa his ibrw principal n-ork*. Jlymn, 

n ' EnglLsli IWib and Snitrh HnviHWtirw,' 

Mieef* at 'c-ltuaic lliiUiim. muoh rttnou-ituil 

for GrL-ek.' A noti- i-xpluiui lliul Ilallum 

r>?t'ieived Payne Knight in the ' Edinburgh 

~~ vieu'i'andcondemned certain Greek verot's, 

; knowing' that they were taken from I'in- 

,r. Tiiecliaijfewiwexafntpnitedtfindlhnar- 

'loprohattlynot by Hallnm ((lyi (irnt. Afar/. 

.■*», pi. i. p. HAii). Tiia Tovtfw at .S«itt'« 

rvdcB ' in thi' nnmbor for October 1S08 ia 

fitthbutcd to him. .\t a lat«rp«riod b« 


wrota two artidea upon Ungard'ti * History 
(March ISailaud PaWave'a- EnglithCom- 
nnnwealth" (July 1832) (aee MtcvEr Ni- 
I'IGk's C^rrfi^ondtMce, p. 7!i\ A cfaaract«ir 
by him of his friand Lord Webb Sevmour is 
in tlta appendix to tlie tirst rolume oi'FnuciD 
llnmora ' Mvmoirs,' 
I llallam'i wturku h^-lpud ntatCTiaJlv to lay 
the found Htioim of Kngliili hUtorical 
Bcliool, and, in apite of later rvvwarclivs, main- 
tain their poaiCion «a ttandard book*. The 
' Middle A^* wtia probably the flisr KngliKb 
hbitiiry vhicli, without bein^ roffitty unti- 

Sjuarian, iu>t an exampl* of cenuino study 
rom origiiiul Noun-rA. Ilalliunstniiiiinpasa 
l&wyi'r was of high value, and nnnblr<l him, 
ncporiliiig lo competent autboritiiM, to inlvr- 
pr« the history of law awn better in somo 
casM than lat^'r writera of moTA apccial 
knowledge. Without attemptinfi a '[itiil^ 
tophy of history,' in tbo more modem tense, 
h« tnkft* broad and •enslblo views of facto. 
Itia old-fiwhioncd wbig^sni, especially in tb» 
conatitutioad history, cousL-d bitlor rcacnt- 
nienl among tbv tori« and hiab cburchmcut 
who«e hetoM wen trutud with chilling want 
of calhuBiaam. Southoy attacked the huok 
bitlorly on tlieae groucKlei in the; ' Quurt<'rly 
ItcTiow ' (Lm2i^). Hit n-ritingfi, itidcTil, lilta 
thai of eunte ocberhiatoriftos. wereobviuunly 
colouivd by liia optniou; but mora than 
mvat bistoiiafta ha waa ecrupuluiijly fair in 
in tiintion and conedentiouA in collL-ctiu|{ nnd. 
wcighinj; cvidniiiM.'. Without tbo symp- 
ikulic iiuajfi noil ion which if oft^cn misleading 
is e^seutitil tti till' lii^ Iiintorical «xccU 
eace, he eommaudA nypect by his honetty, 
accuracy, and mo^culiuc common aenae In 
rcgnrd to all totiica within his rajiffe. Tha 
* Litcrsturv' «f EiimprV though it shows ilia 
itamr qiinlilic.i iiud is oft<-n written witli 
irri-nt forc", sulTi'.rs from thr^ (■iiormous ratine.. 
Unrdly any man could bHnnnpL'ta'nl tojudgi* 
with MjuaJ accuracy of all tun intellcH^luaL 
acbieveineat4 of the periiid in nvrry drpn 
ment. Weaknesses result which will ))« 
detected by speciuUsts; but even in Ili» 
wpnkvr departments it shows pood tuutid 
»<<«««■ and is invaluah)>e to any student of 
llie lil^ratiira of llit> limu. Though many 
historians hnvit ln<i<n imiro hrilliunt, tlinriourtt 
f«w so einphmii-ally dcterving of ri'*|Hii,-C.. 
Iliii reading wits I'tiormous, but we luivo no 
mEflna of jud^'m^what apaeial circumBlanccs 
determined his particular line^ of iiiqiiiry. 

llBllam had eleven diildn>n by his wife, 
who died K April IWH, Only fnur crew 
up, Arthur Hnnry, F.Ui'n, who dii'd in IKC 
(tbo deaths of thcift t wo am commrmorstc'd - 
in A forim by Lord Houghton), Julia, 
m&med Captain Cator (now Sir John 





TwrtMby h&iauu^i, and II«Bf; FitxiDMncx*. 
Ji« bad oa* wMer. who ditd aanurrud, bMV* 
ing him bar forttuw. 

llAixiv, AimicrB tlKinn flSII-lSm. 
WW born in ItMrun) Flam, l.undjOti,on I Feb. 
1011. II« abow^ ■ iWM-t diApMitioB, a 
Ttuukni thoa^ttalaetd, and a |^>at pon-^of 
luaming frMa bit «arli««t rean. to a Tisjt 
ta Oamuwf and -SwitteruBd in 181B ha 
iiuat«nd Fi«nch and farjtot l^tin. A tmt 
lar^ Ik> wm sbl-? U> R*ad IjHir namlr, tAnk 
la dmnalie litf-ratnrf, and wTot« inCanttlv 
tragedi'4. Iln «a« plae>^ nndftr the Rov. 
W. Oamtalt at Put any, and aft«r two y««n 
iMCUMApnpilof £.C. IUwtT«rr<i.v.].thea 
UtttUnt-inaMer a( Eton. TbouftaVairlT ea«- 
CMrfiU in hu achool taaks, be devoted himself 
dueSf (« iDon confrvnial etudtea, becooitaK 
tborouffblr fsiuiliar with tbe «arijr EaglMi 
dnnuuiflta siul poeta. lie wnt« cany* for 
the acbool debating wmotiM, abowing ui 
incraoaiog iatenat in pUloKxpliicaL and poli- 
tical qncstions. Hce^Hitnbuted somefMpera 
to the Bum ' ^[i»(-T-lliu)jr ' in tbe t»tly part 
of 1827. In tlie fnUovrinic Minmcr be left 
the sckoo), nnd pnated etjritt months with 
Ilia paronis tn ItalT. Ilo bccaoH eo good 
un lialian scLolar as to writ« Bonnel« in 
tli« InngoBgi^, wartRl^ prniMid b^- Pani»i 
aa HUpBrior to anytbior which coiiM bare 
bren eirpoeted from a foreipnT. ITb vtim 
much intpTc^t'.-d in art. and (■«ppCT«lly lorcil 
th» parly Iralian ami Ocrninn wli(*>ln. Rb- 
tumtciff to Knglftiid in JnnK liUA, hit en- 
t«TMl Trinity Collnfre, Cainliriilji:\>, u a pupil 
of Wlmwstl in ilirfDllowin;; Oclober. II* 
iliii!ik«d ID rttlif mattes, and had not roceired 
tha «uet tniniDff necemanr for »icC4?m in 
daauealaxoBunaiion. nisraemtiryf<irdnt«ut, 
Iketa. and evon ni>»try wm iii>t itnintc. H« 
won rli? first deolamalion prinont liin enll«|i« 
in 1^11 for an i«mv iipw (Im cNinilui*! of iIib 
luili-pi-ndcni) pnriydiiriiifi i!ii' ('ivil war, and 
iniliefiillowinn I'briilmaAildiveri^ llie cus- 
tomary oration, bis subject beln^ iha influ- 
ence of Itnlian upon Kn^lisb liternlnra. He 
bad Venn annthnr pritt' for an iwsay unon th* 
philosopbical wntittfta nf Cicnro, (The lost 
two appoar I n hi* ' lii'mniim.' ) Al rnmbriilfr" 
bofoFftiixl thftinrimnnTwilhTcnnvnon trtnAe 
TOfmnFfMr bv tht> ' In >It'mofinm ' (iiwut'd in 

1I« l^'ft Canibrid([fl aftw uMKloat inf[ in 
ld32, and entered the Inn*r Temple, lirinp 
in Ilia father'a bouse, ii-- took an iulrri^t 
in legal studies, and entered l)i>) ebatnbfra 
of a conveyancer, Mr. Wnllpr* of Lincoln's 
Inn. IIis li'-altb had imprvn-ml, nfler ^tme 
symplrim' of deranged circiit&tioo. In 1H33 
hi! Imvclldl with Ills fiitbcr to Germonj". 
While ata,ying at V'lonna he dind inatantii- 

neooal; on 15 SepC 18S8, from ■ niah of 
blood to th» bend, diw to • vealnuen of 

on S Ju. 18M, in the ehanod of Qb 

Church, 8oiB»iw«tahii«, helo^in^ to his 
temal girandGathrr. Sir A. Klion. A toorh- 
ing mtaaoir written tn^hia faih-r wo* pri- 
vately printed in 1634. with a coUwImb of 
KmaiBt. Tiiev^brtojnMiiytlieuitten*- 
t ioaa cberiabM bjrUa i 11 oil rioui frieada. Alter 
a «e!t(>oIl»>^ adstiniti'^n for Brron, be bad 
bArr>Bn« a diaeiple of KratK, of 3h*ll*y, wbo>^ 
wortbgWbom be misht lutT« rivnlled m • 
pbitowplueal poet. 11« wm, bowovis', di- 
rer^g from poelrj-to metaphyaicv, and look* 
lag up to Coleridge aa a nuulrr. Ifii powvra 
of tb<»i(f bt are olx^n to t he evaay B] on CiocTQ) 
while hw rMoaricnUe knowled|c« of Dante im, 
diapbjed in na nbU cnLimni of Profi 
Boawtti'j 'DuquiiizMiK aallo spirito aali- 
pnpnle,' chiefly intended a> a protest BKunM 
tbehiddei) mvaninsfaiutd in Dhantc'ii writing* 
W Rowelli. llalUm had bo^iin to Iranslal'; 
ibe ' Vita NuoY^' A eriticinn fliret' pub- 
lifilued in the 'Englbbinan'a Uaifarine,' 1831 ) 
of TeunyMKi'a fitvl poems ia aUo notewoctbpr 
for iu sound judgment aud expoiition of 
liod prinriplpa. 

H\i.LtH. Utmr FinHAVKict fl^ 
Ir^'JO), namml aft«rliisii^r«thrr, Iiord La 
doWDc. wan bom un 31 Aug. l^l?4, woa edii> 
CKled al Eton from lii^lto ItMl.andwon 
the Newcastle mMlal. In October 184S 
nntenid Trinity OoDiyt). Oambridg*, won 
McUokrahip on hiaflrat I rial at Kaater, I" 
uitd won llie tint decUmation i>ritt (nj 
' The Intluence of Religion on the vanoU 
Formnof.^it') in his third year; graduaie<d 
OS 'senior optima' and iwcond chnnoellor'e 
mwlallitt in Januai; IMti, and lel^ Cam- 
brii]^ at Ohrictinaa following. Hn liad 
founded llu'' Iluitoricitr debating club in 
firai yvair, belonged to the bociaty gunenilli 
known o^i ' The Apostles,' and ooc£.ainni>ll^ 
apoke at Ibe Unii.>n. and especiallv dislin-' 
gnifihed hiiaaelf in defenco of the Alavnuoih 
grant. He won called rr> the bar in Triail; 
tprm, 19-iO, and iainnd ihn midland eiwuil 
ll«> traTollnd with bin ffimilr in Iho oum 
tn Rame, wua taki>n ill tram foehleneu 
cire libit i in. and died of exbaiution at Si< 
on 2S Oct. IS.'Ml lie was buried bribe aide 
of his brotWr,mathi>r, and siat«r (iCIIen) on 
S3 Dec. al (.Uvveilon. A brief M«eani «f 
Liiu by Ilia friend*. II. & SI«in« and Frank- 
lin Lu'liington, showing that howasanntueh 
beloved at- hit brother, was privatclv prints 
soon aHvT hi? (]i.-olh, nitd vfM addml 1« tb« 
reprint of hit hrotbcr'!! ' Remaina* in 186SL 
The volunu: wa» publitkvd in 1808. 

won I 





Mb ' 




[Tha wnt«r luu lo ihnnk Sir J. F. Lnnnkn). 
tiirt,. of Wickham Court. Kitni. *on-in-Uw of 
n*iir>'H&llaRi,anilMn. RL'lliiit HinlMri. Itnxik- 
lUUI. itat^hten of Sir C A. Hlluti. liitil mivc* of 
Mra. JUum. for iarormaiion rrrj- kiiiiilj siri'ii. 
TbobcMikoooant of nalUin'i lifb iti]<l(»tiiii<ilnof 
bia Klaloricat wriiincr i» the '>'')tic« bisturiqaB* 

)l«mi«« et I>t>liiiqim on 3 Jiw. 1862. Mign'^t 
hnJiDcaiTad infiiRnntion fmat llm ratnilv.) 


HALIiAU,.IOnX r«r. ISSr^.conspintor. 

IS a, attivo fif Ciinkill, VorMiinr. ntid lintl 
ttuch lockl influi'iin^ and papularit j, A dv- 
tenaloed ItomaniHt he Mrcououily opjMSud 
the Iciog'ft supremncv am) the aupimnion of 
tin- iDona^(cn«». Wlifn the pri<'st utnouaoed 
al Kilri.iktll tLat the kini; hud fliippmaed 8t. 
Wilfriil'it (lay, ITallnm nn).Tili- iirotMled, and 
TH-rHiKuliil the »illBjrPM In llBCp the feaat. 
Wh<tn thi! n<!W!» nf ib^ pit^niiif h of gncs 
in Lmcolimhiiv (l'i.t(l| arrivMil, IIbIIhiii, who 
was at IJyi'Hriev. nwd -\*kH» prudamation 
[rev A?K£. ItoBEKt]. ejcLortiiiif th« peoplo of 
tiie K«st Uiding to re«li)re the oUI rvli^n 
*ai n^MuhUnh th<> moOAsteries, and look 
ibo mlgrioi's oat li himwif. lie wfts made one 
of tha capiaiit* of tlio ntbel forom li»twp«n 
neierley atulDufllf1d,aiicliDarcheiwiUi Uie 
Ueverlev cooiinueiit iindcr StaplMnn to cap- 
ture Hull. Ilallata remained (noraatgovo^ 
nnr; but when lh« rebellion was nippraaMd 
lie was ousted b^ Rogoni, th« mavor, and 
Aldetnaa KUnil. both heinfc knighted far 
th«ir lernoes. JIallun ahared in the i^iHioral 
pardon, but in JsnuBiy IfiST b«, with Sir 
rrttocid nigod [^. v.] &nd others, concoei«<l 
Ilia aoooad fUgnmn^. Fiora S^tltingtoD, 
Ihair h«adquartora, J)i|ro<l marcbtHt lo Uever- 
Itij, and Hallam to Hull, which nlocn Itoand 
hie MUyren entered on markM day d i«Kui*cd 
a* fuinw*. They vrvn ditco^'crca ntid pur- 
eii«d. Hal lam woa oaptuivd and dra^K^ 
joaida the Beveritijr gate ju*t as Bi^ud'ft inwu 
•(riv*(l. Ila waa auamianlr tried, convicted, 
snJ hangml in January 1A37. 

(ItdM'ii C«l»brili«o of thp YortHhirp WnHn. 
1fl7". p 71; Oldniiion'i Hmtiirjr. IS39. i. 102: 
^lov'a Chrontde, p. 613 ; UaH'a Chmotcb, 

£2^9: fUraa. t. $14; .ShMhaa aod WhaHaii'a 
UUK7 of rorkahira^ i. 189.1 E. T. B. 

(if. 1417). hiaboporSalisbarTiWBsWrnprc^ 
tiahlj iMftwivn llXIOatid 1:170, and i-dtii-atod 
at (iifitrd. Ill) was ^vi-n tht^ pn-Wnd uf 
BiitoHin«lnil.-i«Jaa. 13iM- 
and that of (hWldwick in York Cathedral 
Irt March I39it-14fl0 (Lk Nkvk. Fmti J-yri. 
Angt. ad. liardy, iii. 1^07). Un 7 April NOO 

ItAwa* collated to tha archdeaconry of Can- 
t«Tbur7 (H. I 42). In 1403 he waa eleotvd 
cliancellor of tb« uairvnity of Oxibrd, and 
hold tht! o (Gee, accord log (o Wood Ifiuti 
0,n.ri. p. 30, ed. Uutch), until 1406; but it 
MNFnu mort likoly liiut lie n-Hiffnt^d ocRording 
totbavaiui) pruciice in tin- n)j[iiij; of UOt. 
specially since J>r. ^^'lllianl l-'iiriii|rd»n in 
mentioDwIaB 'cancclluriiis tiatiut' (ur actinf; 
clianocUvr during a vauncj) <jn I:.' July in 
that ynr. Haliani, on hir> cleclinii. wun 
maater, but probably prinx-edcd to the di-^^mi 
of doctor of caiion law (vrhichlhe bmwupoa 
kta tomb ftliowa him to IjaveiXMMaaed) ifur- 
ing thti time that bo woa officially reaidrat 
at Oxford. 

After tlir- murder of Archbi.itoj) Scroopo 
in Juiii* 1-l(Vi the iH>|)e nutnimilrd bim to Ilia 
a?i3 of VnrEf, but llitt npjiointmeiit vas not 
carried out in cotiitei^ui-m-H of the kind's ol^ 
je«tioiis [Lk Nkvb, ill. 100), In the MuinineT 
of 14IJH Ilallnm apjuMra to ban* rcaigiit,-d all 
the prrfrnu'.-nU ntiovi- mentioned, and to 
have taken np bin n<*idence at Koma i^ib. i. 
42). In llir following year lie wa» miule 
biibopof Salinbury by n bull orOivgOT\'XII 
dated 22 June 1407 (Hi. ii. 002); aocti'rding 
to Biahop Stubhii, however (-fi^- Saer. An- 
^iie, p. 63), the Iett«n of proviaion wore ii»t 
latued until 7 Oct. The temporal it i«a of the 
eoe were leiitO'Ped ta him under iJto style of 
'late arcbblsliop of York,' 1 Dl>c. (Ktmer, 
viii. 1)04), ni>l 13 Aii^. as Kite tay^ (Mom*' 
mriilal UrauM af WtiUJurr^ p. 9!^) : and be 
miidi) hia obftdinnee at Maidiione, 28 March 
]40K(LENBVE,l.e.) Ilf wuD conwicratud by 
fiKgary XII at Siena (Siuaas, I.e.; Josas, 

In 1400 Uallam WM appointed one of the 
ambaMadors to nltfjid tho couiieil of Piga 
(Wawinoium, Uirt. Anjflic. ii. 2>*0, Itollx 
^«r.), with full pow«ri (o bind th« clfr;gy 
find laity nf England to wluite\-6r decision's 
might be come to respecting the reatAiation 
of unily in the churcn (IL vos ih:r Harot, 
liervtn Cone. arc. C-Mfttint. torn, ii, 112). He 
preachi.'d beforo th«i council nl ili« »ixlb »e»- 
Bi^n, 30 April (•*. Wt, 112; M*msi, (■-««■. Coll. 
Amylm. xxrii. 6, 114, V>->; not- 21 April, 
Masu, xsvi. 1IS9), dcrolitic hii difoourso 
to the main tulncct for wliidi tlie asaembly 
waa convened, liic uiiiou of ihe church, 

Ob C Jiuw 14t L Uallau was made a car- 
dinal priext by John XXIII (cf. Cbbiuuiok, 
i, nay This at Icut is stated ou docuinea- 
larr aulhoritT by CiaconiuR and Oldoimw 
( J'lV. J^tti/. 'Jtoman. ii. 803 f.), bul thvro ia 
added Iho note that ' tiiiklum non obtinuit 
d« more,qniaItaaiam nuiii)uani venit.' Per- 
haps thi« irre^ularitT way explain why tha 
fact of his cardmakhip has been often doniud, 


Hal lam 


Hal lam 

und alM wh,Tat lliu tioiinci] of {^uiiatonce he 
took ntnlc not its a. cardinal but as a eiinple 
bj^Mp (II. \ox DSK Hahdt, It. r>91 : MAxm, 
xxvii. 818). In 1413 ho lent Ili« kin^ Hvn 
ImiiJnv] Mfirkfl a^ a oontribiitioti towiir Jb itii' 
i-XTwnM'a of his fnri'ijfn i-x]»i'(tiliinv (Kvhkr, 
viii. 7H7), 1)11 L»(Jt>cl- I4l471iilliim WEHiHp- 
jminlpd with nine* coUi'iiguM to act iw the 
i;ii(,-Ii("li nmliBJiwdor* nt the' cnunt^il Buru- 
inomii to mi-cil shortly at C'>nBUuce (i6. ix. 
11)7), mill fiirtlitr tu coiicNiJe a tri>atT with 
SijlismuQcl, kiiii; nf the Hoiimiii (('A. ItMf); 
tliev arrived al C'nii'lfincnoti? Hoc, (II. tos 
KEK Hardt, iv, ^l), llallitm Wing pmvid^l 
wilU eixty-t'our bono uid n grvitt c>^mpiii\T 
of alloiidiknU (Ricuuttai., p. IS). H« f loli 
wit li him a Iwol leiJ, wriltcn nL Lla rt.-(jiieal by 
Dr. iiicliani l'l!LT»toiior L'lvfirBtoiii),uti Ox- 
fonl ilivior. in 1408. aiiUviilitlf.i ' IV-litinni'i 
qiKiiiil Ili'fiirniivtiuiiL-m Kcckaia:' intliloDti»' 
IprinCisil by 11. vox I'liii IIauvt, i. liiliji-ri). 
Tliis t.renLiso IIuIIhid ie ^niil ti> liavc prv- 
duci.'J at tbc council. During it* i-iini«r 
»«»»icins lie »irni« U) hiwr giiiiUit tlic art ion 
of thi; ICtiglinh ' nnlJuTi,' in w.-cviniit: fur it «ti 
inili-pi'mlr'nl voLf.auil unitiiijrit I'losi-ly witb 
tlic Ucmmii 'iititifft' and with King ( after- 
ivnriln ICioiiorar) t$igiamuu<lina definitely n?- 
formiiig jjolicy, (If tho sovcrul objocta for 
wbtch ihts council wu 8uminnn>-d ihnt ("T 
which he aoiiglil c(Hi]e»t]j 'o (.'Inim pnT'" 
ileiio.' -nas the ivfonnatian of tlu' church 'iii 
capita et in iii«mbris.' Such nn aim nnt i»- 
r&QjrpliicwlhimiiirtiiptMllioii til •Iiilui XXIII, 
tho pope to whom b« owih! his lii|r!ii"iil prttft-r- 
nii'tit; find ho madt! bimielf coiisptciuiitt by 
thL>m«rgywilli wliicbhedenouiicwi Ut4cr>u- 
diu'L i^n itiitiM KiH JamauB doclanitLou. ' tlogo 
dizniim I'sac lohuunem piiuu.iii,' 11 Mnrcli 
1411), ift. iv, 141f, and I'mti, p. lil). eind «». 
aerted that the council vcm Kii|wi-ii)r tothir 

Iiope (t'/j. iv, Til:)). .Tohii iHi'iitimiN Ilallitm'ii 
iciBiilily atomtiif iheciniaciiwbii'liilrciVL'hiiii 
t^ thw fmin Coiislaiioo and tako ntfiiffe nl 
SchiiiniaiiMin, ^1 March { ti\f<irmati(irtr/t Pit- 
fwi, Sp., ii. ii. UHl). The bishop appynre, 
indeed. lo bavu ttiliiin an iiclivi* shan? in 
the ncfl«tiat ions cunwniinp I'uiw ,lobn ; or 
17 April Iw sig'ncd on lM*hnlf iif thi' KngliKli 
natiion tho pnunciri lislter lo lh« Uiiigii ntid 
princes ftf Kurope, ralatinj the fupl.s of iIil' 
pcipcV flight and its iaaues (ib. iv. l:?.)-fl) ; 
on 1^1 Mav lie vtM p!a«ed npon a com mis- 
sion to heor appeale (I'ft. 1"-); on the fol- 
lowing day be jnive his wa^nt on the part of 
hia nnlJcu to the sinpftiwirtn of I'opc John 
(i*. IBS). The trials of Ihiii and of .l.rom 
cii'l'raipienndtbfiCi^ndi^innniion of Wvcliflu'* 
doctiiuos Bccm to bow intrrc.itud liim 1cm ; 
ODCii,p«rbaps, ho in1i.'n>(it>^'duqut7»ti(in during 
tlie Mooad AMTing ot Ilu*, 7 J\iae {Hr. 310}, 

n-iid Afptin onO Jiily.llw dmy bofotvhbidesCh^ 
Htillum KHik part in a conimittBO n( tW 
nations at thu Fritndaciui cooreni frhi«'Ji rat 
to uTffe the nriwn«r by any meana to r«auit 
hi4 erron {ti. 3S6 f , iSS). There U alw ft. 
hint of the biBbop'e denire for fair play asd 
rand'^mtioTi indeiilin^with.Ii'rom ofVn(^'>f 
'JH May (i'<(. :>IK|. Tlut it would bKant«l«kw 
to NUppOM- tlirtt \>a looki-d with the anwiU'i^, 
apprfn-ol upon thi* religjftufc tnov<!n)i.tit in 
liiilii'Uiin, which iloiibtlrMi npp?ar<^ lo him, 
aa to the maM nf llit- ' r«fonuing ' luenibtT* 
of the council, in the liifht of & Teuiiou* 
obHtacl■^ to the eurcr<N of lb«ir liop««. 

On lU Dec. 1415 Uallaiawas prMoalittft 
congregation of tbv nation*, ivbca th« Qcr- 
maa pnsidcnt mado an ftnphatic protnit 
iwiLintt tbe c'>uneil'a delay in attacking se- 
nouB and admitted atiU0«« in tha church, 

imrticiiliirly Bimuiiy {ib. flMf.) 4>n -t Fel»- 
4lti llallaDijoinud iu Ht|[uiD^ tbe antvie* 
flfNarbdnnc rtilativc to thendmisaioa lo ihw 
council of Ik-nmlict XlII's eupport«rB (A. 
tiOl )^ and nn Ti June hr laado a npc«c1i on 
ihi.: t¥ci-i>tion of llir nmbiuwidnm from P<)r— 
liigid (ifi. (SSI, Atltfr th.! Irwaty niad>* 
wii.b Higi^miind dnriiig hin vimt to Englaiiil 
in 1410, llnllaui was jilnwd ujxin mmmi*- 
.•lioiia Cor the purpose of enicrint; into olli- 
anct's with variuus powors, the iirig of A 
rugon, the prinrcs of (be rmpirc and otbi.-! 
nohlcia of Ucrmanr, the Hatuso towns, ani^M 
the city &f (!enoa,*2 Dec, 1416 (ItvMKii, ix.' 
41tl-l<i, cf. 4.17). Just befoi* iSigimminil 
viu I'xpi^cti-il lini'k nt Ooittlnnci-. llnllnm 
iinil llift nlher Bnglixh bisli'ips irfkbi»t.?i} 
the pros|N>ct of a. spoudy term mat inn uf ihi-ir 
laliotir* by a bauquet to the bnrftbersof the 
ciiy nn Sunday, 21 Jan. L417, followed by 
a 'coni'i.>dia sacra* — evidenliy a nort of mv^ 
tery piny — in l.alin. on tbo «oWw;t of tb» 
nnlivity nf f'Krisl, the wnn.biii of tlin inajfi, 
and tilt! niiinW i)f ihn hnly inniici-nta (i/>. 
l(k«« f.) On Ihi! i!rth, when tin- kinjr ar- 
rived, Sir John Foiv'it4'r r^potla to IlourvV 
that, after the first solemn reoentioD had 
taken place * thanne wente my lord of Salie- 
bnry to fore liealoly to the plncw of iW 
(fencrnl consayl . , . and Iip pwtrydi^ into tha 
nnliu'lte : war th-n cardi'nal l.amAmceneo 
[.Ailly], chifrf of tli<' nation nf Fmneo and 

intir ugH-cinl enemy, alao bad purpoaith to 
1ILV& y inaad tbt> coltalinn ta for tlie kyng, 
in woracbi]) of the t^encbe nation : bol ay 
Iwrd of Salisbury lit-pte noce&aion in wo* 
eehip of jnw am) ^nvn nation ; and be mad»J 
thyrryth a gnod cwUation thnt pWyd«i tli*| 
kyng rytb w.dl ' (ib. iv. 4.H4). Two 
later tlie English biehorfwcrf^ received will 
marked cons idem t ion hy tin; king, and ot. 
the 3]st tbcy cntcrtaiocil liiia at a great liiaaG 


•mxh the dniMlJc aooompaaitniMit (bej had 
nhtmneA tbe week beiora (U. vos Dcs 
Uiurr. ir. loan, 1091). 

lRtbBlbUoiritifa|irmg(U17)n«lUtc wuH 
Actively tngtfgtA on * committee aD)wiiitc-(l 

10 iamtigale tfao chjitgT« ogitinKt I'el^r d" 
Lunm (IVnwIict XIII) in vivw of liis lU-pii- 
Atkm {a. \im, 132:1, la-U); Mild wiu^ii 
thai tiKrp likd Vrit fiiuilU' taken, £6 Jiilv. 
«nd l)ie council wu divided ou tliu fjUMliori 
of t)ie order of buaineaa—w bother it sbr>uld 
«i oucr pTooocd 10 the election of a Dcw pupv, 
or fnt niktorc « comprfhetudre scbumcnf 
•wcUiiiaiAical rvfnrm — Ilnllam, w!tb h:.* frl- 
low* in lite Kngliiib nnlinti. vi^'nrixiHlv iiii|>- 
portnd b; Henn- V {rf. HTXca, ix. 44!f>l, 
www utociklKd more i-kiAt^lr than itvrr with 
3i0pmnaA eud tbe Germaii* in iutiittiiig on 
Che MCCDd altemalive. On 4 ^u'pt.. hoirpvor. 
H<t1l»in died at the nutleof lioltlielwn, jimt 
kelowConsUuce, »l Uieppeningortlii^l'oti^r- 
aM (Iwut of \Unin \ , ap. I.ii Netb, ii. 
<KfSn.; KiCKCXTiL, p. llS; H. lox dkr 
IljtXtuT, iv. 1414): nnd bin d«>ath wan iui- 
medtalely foUoned hv ibe kbandainntFai of 
the nfonnin^ f^y ^^' ''■^ English nation 
Aad their iidheeiau (o Ibe cnrdiuali'side, and 
hvthe election of a new pojie, Martin V, on 

11 Mot. Til" rwlalionof cauwnndeirijct has 
h«cn iLuiiniHl lu n inatti-r ijf courui' IhiIH liy 
«onH'[nponin-iiiidl«ttTvnli.T»l»»t>jA. IWUf.; 
MriJiix, HM.a/I^t. CAr. viii. .■10'.»,3rd(.dii. 
187*; rf. Xeak»i:u, Ilitt. cflhi- Vhr. Ueligion 
and «««■*, is. 174, tr. J. Tomty, ed. 1»77, 
Jcc); but tbi' appcnranro nt th« council of 
iliabop (aftervranU Cardiaul) tiMufart, pro- 
baMv on or br>f»re 20 Oct. (cf. C^KEIOHTOS, i. 
^04 >i. ), nil b tbe «bi<«t, a» it »T>]>v«r8, of iia. 
KOliating > reconciliation irltli thf Itnitinn 
fiartvi wt'io'i to ebow thnt Il>>nrv V hitd 
Alrcftdv accepted th« chanax' of |x>lie>' nt tlu^ 
time «f Ilatlam't dciLth. If thin r<-n.->omni; 
ht n>Tn:ct, it wiu not llic luM uf UuIIiiui'b 
advuc*C2r that dvatroj'cd tliv bowa gf tbt; 
teConnen, thouj^h lue duatli may have be«n 
allcK«d u ft colourable pretext for the luig- 
liah cbmiiK* of froDt (bo Okhuhzos, i. 363). 
Oatlicothtrband it li not |iioT«d t4int Rc«u- 
fort WM »«it on ■ special tniNion by Iliiiir \'; 
the ftatrmcnt of 8«he1stmt«'n (munittcTiiit 
af. II, Tox DER Harpt, iv, 1447) it> lliat 
Sifrisnitind, hmritifr tlmt lii! vrna at I'lm, 
on bis joiimey as a pilfrim to ilie Holy 
I^nd, vras rei^ue«ted by toe Engliftb at Con- 
«tanco to invite biin to attend the council; 
-nlitrh occOTint may rauully well be rxplaine'l 
OB the atmimplion ttuit the KiigU'<li. fcrl- 
ing tlivniaelvra powcrlevi without tbt-ir old 
ieMer, uid hnlr diRpwi^d to jit-ld, took ad- 
vantogv otxim presence of tleir kiiiK'a bnlf- 
brother Bud chancellor in the neigbbourbootl 

to appeal to bim d4 on odriiKt mod DK^liutor 
ia tlie hot diapute wbiuh wad then rajfinf 
botmieo llie diut'cviit parties at tlu? counrif. 
KowGTer this inav he, ihe bonestr, fttraight- 
fcirw-ardncM, and ludL-pcndcncv of llallam in 
bin ctindiict during nearly ibrcc years of lh» 
oounc-i I'n wKainne arw beyond dinpiile. Ltmit- 
iii irhioiBnlf mainly to rhcgn'ati] iHwiinnsorro' 
Moriiitt unit V til till- cliurrb and of rr^fonning 
evih) ill ilb »v»linii, bin iioiiitiuii in llu: ciun- 
ril woi n bixlily import ant one, both tbmiii^h 
lu» porsouAl work iu committee* and tlimugh 
hi* influence as presidont of bia nation. 

nallain's body wna brought froin Gott* 
lietx-ti to Constance on tlieday folltiwing bis 
d**iiili (11. vox HKii lUmiT.'iT. 1414), and 
nnH biirit^il <>u 1^1 Sept in tlio cntbninil wIlli 
gTWHl ^Mimp, in the presence of Si(ti»inuuil 
and all tbe great personage* of the council 
(ill. II 18). Ilia tomb is at tbe< foot of the 
stepa leading to the high iiltnr, and is marked 
by B. noble broM, which frtun ita dtvoratioii 
i» conjectured tobnvr' Ix-Hn tingravtKl in Frig* 
liind. It bitK iN'cn |mbliKh(Hl and drwriluil 
tiylCL. IVnrMill in ibe'ArehnHilogia,' 1H44, 
.Txx. 431-7; and liv K. Kilr, ' Mtmuuiental 
Braos^i of Wilisbrr*.' np. 07 (T, and pluis 
xxsii. llallam n will, datt-d 2.1 .\ug. 1117, 
and proved lOi^pt., is preserved in tht> LtiDi- 
belh nrchiveA (Lb Ngvb, li. CK^i^ : JiiNhw, 
)>. t)7l. tlallam's name is samelime« cor- 
nipiid into '.Manns' (II. vos l>fTH ll.tKUT, 
IV. 1414}; on tho hntM it is «T)tt<>n *1lnE- 
liim.' In thfln^cord* eonc«rning Thn t^ou 
of Oonalancd b« t* commonly, though not, 
apparently En official documents, dt-Bcrilied 
as ' arcbbisbop,' A miatoke n bich may either 
he ac,-ounled for as a renniniMenco of hi« 
fiirmer uoniination to York, or, pt^rhane, 
through A confiuion with thn dignity of tn* 
arcbbi»liop of Sdliburg I ' SaliikurgcnKi*,' a> 
th« natni- i* ai^tuolly *pv)l, e.g. by UlCBEX- 
r\L, p. 16; H. vox DBB lUBDli iv. IWJ, 
1414, i;c.) 

[I* Seve* Fajtl Ecel. ADglle., eJ. BaMj; 
W. II. JonM'« FoKli bJicL Harub. IS'S. pu &7, 
366;IlTin»r'*rndiira.lT0S,vo1>.riii.iK. : I'tricb* 
toa Riclieainl'a Chronik da* Convtonjier Concitii, 
(hI. U. B. Buck, Tiibingen, ]Sfi8; H. von Oer 
llardt's He* Coneil. CEenn). Can>IanC., l-'mnk- 
f un, 1 397-1 700, foli^J ; llnnti'i Cull. C«ncit. Aof 

SilipK., VcniiT, IJHt, vol*, xin. sxvii. ; K. Kit»'« 
ilimiiinoalal Bra«M« of n'lluhins I8R0. U? IT. 
and plato Sisii. : Ciaenoii Vlt» P.intif Roninn., 
Ril. OMoiBiM. Kome, 11177. folio: t!- lJiiit»ioDi' Iu 
ArrlueoloKia, 18»7.i»»ii.3fl4f.; M. OrtiKhtun's 
nidi, of the PlipM; duTiiig tb* IVriod «f ihs 
Rrfonnatioci, 1882. voL 1.] K. L. P. 

BALLS, JOHN (if. llTfl'), tnrrvrhant of 
Rntinbiirj, was poosihlr u mn of Thomu 
Ilalle of that ciiy, who was a member of thn 




coriKJnil.ioa from 14110 lo mo. Jcihu IIaIIo 

u lirst menlioni^d in 1444 as n collector of n 

■ubeidy. He was admiltccl menibrr of iLv 

ronHDmn cotinrll in 1 4-lti, twicame ultlerman in 

144H,iiii'l%rnAr>'iii.-'ln)>li'OrNow Street word in 

]44fl. Ilf wns i-l<^tiil mnyorin Ufil.liJjf', 

14114, fintl i lO'i, atic! ivprc*i-nli'(l tli« cilv in 

tlw! iinrliuineins of Ho.l, U<SO. awd liol. 

lu 14<)'i the car}Mratiaii liecnme involved in 

■ BijiiinTL-l with Kicliarddelli.-iiuchaaiprt]. r.], 

^bi.*Iiop of ^li«]iiin*, and Ilall«, tiiliiug an 

sctit« pan in iC,wRi> impriwindd in London, 

and tlwr corp<w»lion wirr- ordtirwl lo olect b. 

D«w mayor, which ilii'.v n-fiWMlliulo. Halln 

wiiit pvi-unially reli-asod, and tlie diiiimtn 

with llie liishop was aminped. In 1470 

Halli? found foriv men on liclialT of tlie nity 

to ancompnnv Warwick ttie kin^fuiDker fw 

■ I'avmt'nl of forty mark*, Aiilin-vNiystliai: 

' ss tiri^villi> and ^V>■Il»l)Ml IkDUifht. all l.h« 

Coii'imniUic. mil? iliil Hiillit and Wi'l>l>all ibu 

WMill (»r Sulisburv plaiiiM." Hl' wa* a mor- 

' elinnt of <h» staplE', and appni'etitly Bniuiritd 

leonaidenible wealth. In I 'l<'>7 hv purcnaaod 

IftutBio tbii'KlriH'I nowpAl](>d llie New Canal, 

IwhAM shnrtlv alWr lir Imill « regidencf, tlie 

'ball nf w]ii(?n mill rt-miiinx. Tnlit early in 

tliin Ci-ntiiry it wa* mrt itionfd into robins, 

bat vena X\wb restored. TLcnld «1ninc>d^ln*ii 

remaiiisiii tti>e window^iind llHlto'itiirmiatid 

miMvhnnt'j mark oiipi.'flr in tliem and on thi^ 

chimnpv-pi^ci'. liallo died on H t)i;t. l-ITP, 

lit ivliicii lime ho linid pnipi.'rly at SuHiibiirT 

nud at Shiplnn Itr.llin^er in Jliitripuliire 

i' Inqiit«ttiiiiie* pO*t. niort^TO,' in upptfiidi*. to 
limit, l'r'i!u*ioiir0). lli- wan nppanjiil ly mar- 
[lied to Jmvn Iliilk, and lind ti ten Wjlliam, 
rbo WW nttuiutrd tn 1 1H3 fi^r Inking' I'art in 
^Siickinebam's rioiufc'. Tliis sculonci- woh rt- 
Ttrrted in 148.5 iJ{<,t. Pari. <i. 'MQ, 273). 
'William IJallu's dAU|;htcr and lu;in-iv( innr- 
rledSirThonjaaWriolhetley, l!arl«rkin(f-at- 
Arnic in tltc< reign of llciin' VII. Jnlin 
Ilidlu liud uW It diiughter Chryellau, who 
mnrrk-d ^ir TlKimas llun^fcrford, 6on of Sir 
lord Hunnerfjfd [ij, v.] 

[UuXii't friiluni'iiifH Ilixtoricn' ; or l-I^Mya 
illnstmtiTdof tbollnlln of Jntin Hall, &c. vol. J. 

i[louior«piil>lt>'}lr'>l): fScnt, Mag. 1837. til- i. 1*2; 
ratcbur'a Old uud >'««• Rnrum in Sir 31. C. 
'Bmn'i M™J*tii WlitBhirc.] C. h. K, 

(I02H?-|ili^9). rj-^trd miriirtpr, was born 
at Bridjiyrl. Dnriwlnliin-, abi>iU IHilS, lie 
bvcami-- \v liis onii t'ji'rtiimn a gond Greek 
•cbolsr and jiroflcient ia Iltbrt?w. In 1052 
he was ' called to the work of the ministry ' 
Kt Ilinton 8t. Oecn-Ec, Sompr.oetshin-, a iii- 
quwAfrvd living, and wna ordained tn tliis 
elur|p»oa280ct.lO(iJ ia SLThoouui's CliurcL, 

Seligbury, hy the 'clu&^inil prwbTtorj- of 
Sarum.' His ordination ccMificnte aeecri 
himDan'fitudcnt !n diriuity,* of'tompetml 
am ' (Iwi^tyfotir yv»n). From Hinton i 
IhM U(! «n» pr«mutL-d to tbt^ rectory of Chi 
IkitoiikIi witJiWMtClnnnork.SnmrtaKltdit 
alKit H Hi-qui-sten^d lirinji:, which tie held untl 
Ihe I^tomtJon. dlarnvMyahelwdditiiiili 
lli« Unifonnity Act f 161^). butWtaker tUi 
find tlifrate-boolieprovp.ihat the se(|U«str: 
nectar, Thomas (_t«nler, was restored ' witii 
his majtwtj.' llall<<tt ivtired to Hridport, 
living tli^rp with hix fiithi.>THn-liw tifl hn 
fftt.lnd at IinK)|inli-, J}»r>«i0hir<-, wlirm he 
ItL'pt n [-Dnvi'midf. 

On th(' tudulgenoe of 1672 Hallett 
ca)M (o Kxelur by tl)i> pn-Sl)yleriaus th< 
but afl«r the revocation of the indulgcnc* ii 
th« following ywir be trns broucrht np, .Iw 
Itirs. at- tho U'liildliall, KsftiT, InrprMehii 
to fnmn two hundn'il jM'nonK in llut bouM 
[inn Pntnir^r, and fitiiid 201. He coiilinuixl lo 
pwnrh, and u-as twici; jmpriiionpd in the 
S(iulh(itiTe,lhoai^ondoccajionliotngin 1685. 
JamvB ll'e doclamtion for lilKTly ofMinsci- 
enec(ltW7), (ilthoiiph Hallett refiiired to rvad 
in public, pnnhli>d rlie Kspti.-r pri'^lijtoiian* 
to build a tni'i'linft-lionisf' (kncwti «■ JamcA' 
Mooting), «if whirh Hnll^tt was tb* fir*t 
miniittw. It w«iithiKnitTtiii^liou*etflwhich, 
wb.'M William of Orangr? i-niered KiWer " 
Xovt'iubiT 10&8, Accoitf wail obleined bj 
berl FergUBOii (</. 1714) [q. v.] 

IIbIIhi's health wua ALutlr-n^l by his 

trisouDieuU. Hu di«d on 14 Mdicli 1 
It biswifeEli(abetlibehad lwodiku|;hto 
Kliiabotb {b. 21 Fvb. \em and Marr 
l&Oc(. l<t&)^}, and D eon, Jofvpk [q. v.J 
Georgia Tnitw;. Tlicpnbllcnliutisaecnbed to 
him by Calauiy ujipear to biilung to hiR aon. 
(Cnlntnyn .^rcnunt, 1713, r. 2«9 ; ("nlamy'i* 
OintiniuiTioii, 1787. f. 427 : Wiilk«r'a Sufirriii(t» 
of iIlo Clergy, HH, ii.S'!4 ; Fntiaral Scnaoa for 
Tro«rc, 1713, i-, 31; l.ifo wf Trow, );i4. (hWi 
Life of TrwsB (OilllnnJ. 171S, p. M ; Morch'« 
Hiat. i'ir*»ti, and (Jen. llapt. L'hiirtli** in Wtatof 
Kngl., I83A, pp. 37<I m]. ; inf^.Tmitcion fmm tb* 
H«V. C,F.N*w(':ll,Clii«o!l.or>ut;h.j A. G. 

('llliilj~1722t, noncanforndsl ntinistcr, son of 
Joaeph llnllctt (Ifil'i^ ."-1(189) [q. rX -WW 
bom and bnptinnri on 4 N<iv. IflAtl. itr yn» 
probably piliicatod byliiHfiiihi>r, wnaonhiined 
in lOf^S.nnd on llie i-rnrit'in nf .!»■□»' Meal- 
ing (!0i^7) wtut appoinitJ hia father's luria- 
tant. Hi! riL-tained a liinilar office under 
fteorge Trosse, his father's sucoefloor, and oti 
Troiuie'i draib (II Jan. 1713) became pastor, 
rowarda the eud of the ytsr Jnm^slVinn* 
[q. v.] became his colleague. 






bnaitl Roidi-uiy, whicli bncnnif J'ftiuiiuK hm 
a aoTwrj (if liuv^r. lie iiii-iiiii^ lias bv-u 
dated as early tin 1680 j it nad a wcll-e*- 
tabliabed ivuuiaiian when John I-'nx (1093' 
1763) [q. V.J enlervd it in Mar 1708. No 
tatntofueresv attached to it u&tin7I0,vheii 
Uallett'e wit Jowjili fecw IlAl.Drrr. Jhhevk, 
"^1 ?-I744] bticamp nn awidlant tutor, nnd 

lUgfal in tliu privatn dinoiiMiULin (rf ^Vlii»- 
Uin'it view*. Itumaura sprvad a« to iha Pieri- 
nennit led in tbe tMiietay, until in September 
i;id the Kxet«i useoUy (a mix^ bodj' of 
'gnMntviui atid congr^Mtionalist divinea) 
'MHlinihr a declantinn of b«l)«f in tUe 1 lul^ 
Trinity to 1>« mniU by ntl it« ntmbon, llal- 
Irtt was the first tacotupty; hia doclaTalion, 
though ndopiiid by Bomri and not fomtally 
objected to by any, was not Mitii>fadoty lotb« 
niBJorilr. In Novt-mbLT ibu tliirt«vii triutviw 
who hvid ihu vri^pc-rly of tli« £x«ler tnMt- 
iii|{-ho(ue« applit'd to their niioist« re forfur- 
thiT aoeurancuB of ortbado.iy. and ^led to 
obtain tluoa. Ujr Uie adricu offiTo Loadcu 
luinieton, of wbon CnUsiy iraa one. tl» cue 
waa laid bofocesereaDaToncbircprfabyterian 
dirbidli, vlionu d'^cic'ion Vil tbt- truAli^ca tu 
exelnde ^0 Slurch) llall<.-tl. and IVircu from 
Jauofl' MmtJuic, and i>d 10 March frata nil 
iJm nteettnf^liouBDe. In Cilnniy'd viov the 
truaieee ej(c«edi-d iln-ir iiowtrs; n vott^ of this 
roDf^Ration abould hove hcvti loliiriL Hal- 
lett aiiu Twrce w-curwl n temporary place of 
vorahip, whicli wns opener! on 16 MurcL. 
Thrv wire still tncmiiunt of ihc KxHer a»- 
uninhly. Thin bmly in May iirppoocJ fbot 
all ila inrtnlwri should Aiib»rril« Itmdbtjry'H 
'gallerydwlaraiiiiii;' lifly-six did oo, nine- 
taen refused and m-ueded. Dii fl May a piitxT 
waa drawn up, apparently by Hflllotl, wlmse 
vigiialure stands lirst, in vr bleb lb(> rharRi?aot' 
A^ianUmandDf bapti'ingiii Ibi? n&meof tbti 
f albcT only nni diaclfliinrd. 

A nfw buildii));, m11r-d t)ii- Mint Mi-rting, 
wa^emeieil fur IlalliMt and IVirt'i? (iJiNMimt 
27 IW, 171S>; their crmcrep'tii'n uiiniDt'md 
about ibrw liundred, lUlk-tt'&aoadeniT did 
not long Bunive t hese cURnt|es ; it vna uosed 
in l~'IO. For n liftl of ihirty-eaven of his 
tttud«nla see ' ^lonthly Hepoaitory/ L8I8, p. 
no. TliuinoiitdiKtin|iiiisbodwareJami]eFofttET 
[q. V.J and Pptfr Kinfi [<l-v.], aftiTWiirdu Itini 
eDwietiUor. llalli'lt dW ta I72:f. Hi* aon 
Joaepb ia aeporately noticed. 

MalletL published : 1. ' Twenty-M'ivtn 
Queriea' addfeM^ to (]llnii<^'r^, and "printed 
l^ them iii'(_lo«pel Tnithfi Si-riptiirdlly bb- 
wrlfd ... by John Ounnaflitr and Jot^ph 
Nrtit,' tU; IBiy. 4lo. 2. Thrint'd AK>(>n«iAn 
Into Heaven," fc?., 1093, 8vo. 3. *AS«rO>«a 

... at Ihc Funeral at . . . G«o. Tronw . . . 
to vhieh ia added a Short Account of lu« 
Life/ &c~, 1718, »vo. i. ' The Life of . . . 
iim. Troeea . . . written by binuelf,' &t., 
1714, Sto. 

[Poirro's RoMrk) upon tli« Accaant of whnt 
wnH Inu»act<^ id tba A«Beoibly ai l^aon. 1710, 
pp. 37aq. ; t'ot'iMenairainUiMithly ]I«pQ«itDr]r, 
1821. pp. ISO H].. lOH; rHiamy's Own Ufa, 
1830,11. 403 >«|.: Mureb'sUiii. Fmb. aadUen. 
Hapt. Chur«hpt in Weal of Kti(;1. 1835, pp. 388 
nq. iThe teller's Hnll Fioxco in Christian Lifp. 
I Band 23 JuuQ iSttS ; Biautiscript list af onlifiu- 
tiouia nconU irf £istur AsaanibV.] A. 0. 

(IIISM I'-I744),noii(^"nrormiht minister, eldest 
wrn of Jnt.(?ph I lalti-tt (ItU'iH- 1 7-J'J ) [q. Y.j, vox 
born at Exi-Iifr initial or lti92, lid wA««da- 
cated nt bis father'^ neoilemv. Among Lia 
claai- motes waaJohuFoji (1063-1703) [<j,i-.], 
who dMcribos him m 'a very grave, senoua, 
and thiiiMn^ yotin^ uitui,' 'mo«t patient of 
■tudy/andrenrliri^ lutirv tliiiii aiiy nlher aLtl- 
dent. From 171U In; noted as astutont tutor. 
Early in t Uut year he ^ra« at I rucCed by the ' Ad' 
vicefoTlhubtudyof I'ivmity ' in Whiston's 
'Sern)onHandEte»ys,'l7(K>,bvv. Hewroloto 
\Vluflt<)ii,caulii]ninghini not IndirrCt tliuan- 
8wi<r to biioaulf, eincm if it yvvn known that 
bo ' corresponded w ith Whi.'ilon h« would be 
mined.' Wbiet on, wliobe reply ia dated 1 May 
wdMthu father: Fo:\lt'llsuaiiwaaiheBon,and 
ndi]« that Kollutt vas the fint who at lilxoter 
iiM^ in iiu'a tveiiae. On 6 May 1713 
Hallett niui lin-niu'd tt) prfai^h. An urdtnn- 
tionnt(liudli-iKli,DfV(>iiJthire( 16 June 1713), 
led to a oorrespDtideiift' between IJullelt and 
I'ox, in which Ilnilell expreued 'Jjigh no- 
tions' of ministerial authority and the aposto- 
lic successicin.Gontirmiiig'Fox in tbe opinion 
that Hallell had ' a great propensity to rule 
andnunn{^nii*nl.' On IH Oct. l7l&HiUlftt 
woH nrdniiKfl ill Eieltrr otong with John 
Lavington, nn«Tvi'nrds the h'adcrof prttuby- 
lerian ortliodosy in t!i« Weat of England. 
He is prolAbly tbfi Hallett who, according 
to Erans'sliKt, woj miniater for a lime to u 
con^gaiion of four hundred people al Mnr- 
tock, near South Pelherton, 8om«r»t>lcbiio. 
Hi^*ignml lliediiclnitnerof .^rianiNni(QMay 
1719) drawn up by btx fiither, and look part 
in the eontrovt^jy which divided the lixeter 
aKSL-mbly, aiming to reconcile the unity of 
God with a recognition of tbe Son as subor- 
dinate dt*ity. 

(_»n bis futher's death (17:^2) ho nueo-edcd 
him asMilleairu** 'o P^iivat the Mint Meet- 
ing. \Vh*n I'ciri-n dii^il ( I7l'U) hi« place was 
iWtO bv Tbumua Jdrer) , fomierlr a student 

Bt lh« elfW HftlUli'* Maxtraiy. Fox de- 

MribMiHallfltaii 'apriiiularpmchcrtlnrBed 
•nil Uborionc,' knd duirwtcriMB fcu ^ybliek- 
tioo> u luniBff * nueb mot»«f dergr il>ui ''f 
tlu nMha in then/ 11« »it«niptM to ne«r. 
with Clerics, B niddle eMin«bet«YC« AiiB»- 
ima ftod orlkoiioxir. lli»ct>nj»clBfBl wibJ* 
ticBM oi tli« nomnd i*st <if the HcbfBW 
•cnpiiin* w«i» in T«7 toBiqr tnaUacM caa- 
&rtD<d ■■ TBiioo* nMiBg* bjr KwoBieoie. 
He di«d on 2 April 1744. 

II« publultcd : 1. • Tbc BcUcTof tlM Sub- 
onlinBtiou of rlM Sod , , . ao cbanctvnatidt 
of Bu Ari«ii,'ftc.,EMter, 17IU, ful. if. >Rc- 
fiactionB on Uw . • ■ h/suona wbr mBij 
eUiMM of Exeter,' Sx^ 173}. t^ro. 'S. 'Tlw 
l.'nitv of Ood not ioconMiitent vilh the 
I>irinitT of Christ,* fa., 17^), «ro, 4. 'A 
Fuiwn] 9cniKiii for the Itcv. Jane* Pfira;,' 
Jtc, irai, 8vo. ft, •Ind.-K l-ilirnnim MiW. 
. . . et Vef%Mnuia . . . Novi Fucderi*)' &C., 
17^, Sro. 0. ' A Yn« tmA IinpurtialEilndj 
of ttwilolyScnptiirH . . . bemj; Notes. . . 
DiaeoaiHB,BiiiIObBenratioiu,'ftc., 1729, 8vo; 
Sd^t«L 173:!, 8to: Srd vol. 1736.8vo(hia 
main work). 7. ' .V I>frace of ■ DifcoiiTM- 
on the ImpoMibililv'ifrrorlngBFuturv State 
by the Lttlit of S'siitn-,' Jtc, 17.^1. rtro (in 
BJUwcT to Uenry Gnuc ^ij. v/f) ft. '.\ Pkrii> 

fhnuc bimI Noies on . . . Philemon,* &c., 
731, 4tg (anoD.) 0. 'A pBrnphrBM ... on 
thfUireoLuii'luiM^radf . . . II«br»ira,'^., 
1733, 4to. 10. "TIm Gina^tent OinMiBn,* 
ftc, 1738, 8vo (o^imt Obnbb, WooUton. 
Bod MoTgnn), hIm eome oilier trads in lb« 
Arian cintfovpn}' and ogaiusl the Deists. 

(Wkirf'iti'* Umiotni, 1753, pp. 127 "q.; F<>«'» 
Ufinainin iUoatliljrI{*|>oHioiT.lfl'il.|ip. 131 (q ; 
Marcli'* Utiit. I'ntb. and Gml iUpt. Cbawhca 
in WMlofKncl.. liMA, pp.SMiq.; CbriitJan Rt» 
fonnd. IB30, p. 3( ; manuaniiit liH of ordina- 
tioM ID r*<»tdf< of Ki«ter Assembly.] A. U. 

nomor. wm bom at UiigK<^"'ti>i*i >b ''»! parish 
of St. LoonnrdfSborvdilL-ii, l.on<ton,an H Nov. 
lOTfit. Hmfaibpr.KdmuadHaUey.Bnienibi^ 
nracrMMllJiirliTiliir^family, hndawnp-boLlin^ 
tMlnhliflun'tnt in Winctif^^rStreH inthe4!i<y 
of I»Bd(ni. lit- waj rich, and sent hiu onlv 
ton to St. Pnul'ii School, iiiid«'i' thp cnrp i>f 
I>r. Thomaa f lalp 'n. v.] lI(^^v■ hf wn*f^iinllv' 
dJaliaguialifd in clauiu ami mitthi'mntiu, 
row to be eaptaiu of thy w-hool at fift»*n, 
doatlrncted diaU, oWrved tho chancy in I lii» 
Tariftti«n of lli« compai*, and etudipd tht- 
beavnn» m ploiely that it was rom&rlied by 
Mnxnn 1h*i ((lob-i njalcur ' that if a tiar were 
dispixted iutbi- fjlob"' Iwwoulil tirfiftcntlvfiud 
it oat.' !!■; entered Qutvon a CoLlcgo, Uifonl, 
aa B fiominonvr tt niid«uinmer term 1073, 
caiTyiii([witL buDibeiidcaaooiBpetCDtkDoiv- 

ledgcarOiwk,L«itB,Bnd Uahmr.B'eutiotia 
BppaTBtua ' of iBainuBraia. Withntebm^ 
of -it frMt hi> oban-TMl a imiar celtpae on 
37 JniH 1675 In Winduatcr Stmet. maA at 
Ozfiifd B T«niarkabl« "'T^f^ in Jolv and 
Anput 1876 (i«)7. Trtau. x\. (K<7>. and tl« 
oecniution of Man by lh« moon on :;l .\ug^' 
1670 {A. f. 689). IMoK hit wu ttr^nrr Itf 
eonmaaieatadtotlM' Royal Soci«tr a ' IhrMt 
and GMmetrieal Method of finding the 
Aphelia and Ecernlricily of I hp FUn«tci ' (t*. 
p. 683), finallv abolt#hiBg ih« notion of b 
■centre of unifonn aMtion;* inTttat«dabonl 
an<Trwar>l* an iapro<r«d cooatmction fi]rM)< 
•di;***, Mid noted d«fccl* in th« thconM 
J«pl«r Bad SBtom. For thv romcliaa 
thevc be pvtceircd that a revision cf ihe' 
plBOea of tile hxed atan voa indt»pciuMibl«i 
andwitb the deaiguofsamlenwatiDEin 
fjutbem bemiiplwre the iBbonn of Fl 
stend and UereCiu iu ibo northern, h» loft 
tbo naioefsity «-ithoiit n degnu, »ad on* 
hulwd for St. Helen* in NoTtmbcr 1 
Hia fntiier allowrd him 300/. a yt-nr; a 
'comniendBtian from Ckarlea 11 to ili'- M 
Inilin ComiionT procnml him fnrilitti-n 
tntn-tjurt ; but tli« dimatt' |in>ved unfsiui 
ablv, and hy aaiiduoiu obMrt-atioos du: ' 
eighteen months with a fi|-foot sextftDi 
micceeded in determining only AW starh' 
Hia enterpriite. howeTer, laid the foondatii 
' of auttrsl *l«^Uar aationomy, and earned for 
^ hiiDfromFlamateedthetitliioflbe'SouLlieni 
. Tvcho.' Id thv couim of tlic ^'oyage h« 
pmrad th« antant, collMt«d a nnmber 
va]naU<! facta relaliva to the ocenn and a 
moaphen, noted tba eqaaturtal n-i.tnlai i< 
I of the pendulum, and made at St. Helena, 
7 Nov. lfl?7, ibe Snt ooiB|iiete ohaeFwar- 
of a tnuuit of Uercary. 

Un hia reliun to EnolBad in Urtobi^ \*u 
llalley prMsnted to the kin; a idnni<<phL' 
of th« mutbmi oonat«llBlioni>, iiu-hidiitg tIi 
of ' Kobur Coiolinum,* nitwly addi-d by lii 
wlf, and vu rewarded with a nuinda 
to tha tmireraitj of Oxford for a dq^rve 
M.A., coofeired on 3 Dee. 1678. Hia ' Cat, 
Ir^us Stellamu Aiutraliinn'wai! laid befi 
the Koya] Soriety on 7 Sor. I«78. and im- 
tnediaiely irandated into Fronch; but owinr 
t<i hi* dependenro ttjion Tyeho"* fundamtnital 
nointa it waa of littln praetinil roluo until 
Sharp n-diiefid and iucludM in lh« th 
voliinif iif I-lamatcfd'* ' Hiatoria CieWtit' 
<p.77)2f(6ofthn: Blurs it contained. Hull 
«]?p<m(lod to hij* '('atJiloii[«e' a propMol 
anieodin^ lunar ItiMtry by the iotroductiori 
of an annual eqiiatioQ, and an account of 
the transit ot" >Ierciity, from irhich bo de- 
duceda Eidarnarnllnx of4Q". IIv waa elected 
I a fcllov of llic liayal Society oa 9U KqTi 





1078 ftt tJts ogn of ^, ui4 iru, an moatlw 
Ut«r, f«itt t^ tbat bodv to Duitir kh arbiter 
cfk dispute Ml WM a tlmike Biiil H-^vditwon 
the resp«cttv-« ndvantteee of tcleaeo^c and 

J lain M([bt9. lie ihanKl tb* oWmAliOn* of 
lerfilius frotu :H> >Uy to 1$ JoIt 1679, ud 
testified to ttiirir accuracy in n li-ttrr priiitn) 
br JlcTottiw in bU ' Anniw CUmiictenciu ' 
<leKfi,p. lOl). 

T'lwanld rki' cloM of lOSO Iw aUtttnl on 4 
conttiii-nial tour with lus Kliuol-rricod. Ko- 
bcrt NeUon, siul ckUfcbl N|H>t bmt CaUU of 
ihe ffroftt ooQwt of tb*t veu, upr-n which ht 
mail«,with C'cHini, at lWia.ob«crrat>«Mof 
gnat serrim to Xi-wton in fixiag it» orliit. 
ue spent muel of 1*^1 in Itnlv, nnd mamiH] 
iQ Bngkiul in li)f>2 Marr, lUiiiiliter of Mr. 
TooJce, auditor of the i-xr)ii>i|uer, an aniiablo 
•nd Atrracllve wonun. Ilia BraL iioaat was 
at InlinfTton, where Ws instrumeni« t-xcilcd 
much curioiitT : bM ha removrd Inter to 
Golden Uon Ooart, Aldetvgate Stm-t. Tlo 
lo»t no tiiDc in rnt^n^ upon hi:t fnvwirite 
prq|ect of peTfHClint; tin- luuiir tlimry \i\ 
nmuM of 0UM>n'ati(>ni' continued ihrou)[h ii 
'sBioiic' period of ^^luimiion*, or a Itiiltt 
iDor« tlian eiflbteen vcnrs, and M<ctired Bt 
Talington in 1083—1 nvarl.T two huridred ob- 
cemtkoa, hv which his expeclatinn or The 
rufulnr recurrence of ermrs wiw continnivl. 
T£m6 teaallfl ^'vrv piiMifhe^l bjr him in 1711) 
M an nppendit to the ti^nnd vdilinn of 
Street's 'Lamlinp Table*.' It" w««, hiiw- 
ever, inlCTrttpii'd bv thi> drnih df his fntliitr 
in 1WU in uRi'xjHic'ii-illy Wl ciri^iiinntanciu, 
and WM ohli(p-il lo po!it{ii>uL- ovBrnliiiiR to 
th« ddimu of the little that wm fefi of liiu , 
fAtrittionjr. | 

In an sddrew dpItTvrpd at (.'amhridire on i 
19 April 1888 l)p.(31ai«lii^f«pi«'ftw<Uh? con- | 
Tiction that 'hiitfor HbIW tlm ■* I'miflipia" ' 
woTild nor, hiivi cxisti^d.' Hi" »iiggo«tioiui 
oriftini»t«'d it ; he nTi-rti-d the thiwiti'ncd «uii- I 
i«n of ih'> third book. ' Ko paid all tliu i 
.aeniK't. he c-yiKCtt^d tlid procfa, he laid ' 
idv nil his ovrn wOrk iu order to pnwa fop- 
ard to (li« uliaoet flic- printing. All bis 
1«(l«r»eliow(he most int>.>nM devotion lo the 
Torki' Keonlr Aliv« to f]ii> iin|K>rtniiri> of 
tba Dtohlem offrravitT. HqUct obtained from 
Kepler's third Inw in. Jnnvinry I'lWihe Inwof 
inron'c Bqiiarcx, hut ftilod (o dtKluco from it 
tb« planetary mutioiiv. llavini; fruJllcwty 
■pplicd to Wn-n and Hutrhe, ha in Auifiittt 
lw4 pud a visit to Newionat L'anibridK«, 
and ' learned from bini thefiood new»ibai Ikh 
Ind brougbltJiis demonstration to fit-rfecl ion.' 
IWInt eleven propoeitioni' of the Principia' ' 
ere oomtnunicAtcd thrr*- montli? tnt«r to 
alloy, who n^in n-paiml to Cnmbritlp; to 
nfi-r wilhthdr anthur.and on 10 Hec-gavc . 

■a M«muai of thnn to tbe Ro^l SodMjr. 
Allhoi^ now a poor tnati, b« andfTtook OS 
S Jus* ]68tt to print Newton'a work at bia 
own cJiKi^, and in a lott«r to him of K Jnly 
it<n7 WM ahli? to announco its L-o<»|detioii, 
Ht« outlav wta cTvDluAlly rcimbuned by 
the vale of c^>pic<». A ' DitcourvD concnniinfl 
OrarilT ' was read by Ualky bdorv tiui Royal 
SiocietyoB 21 April 1038, ij-mjrotvrvimn- 
Itoa for tli« * incunpanbli* < rantue nf motion 
almost midy fur ibeprrdo' (iKi/. Tratu.m. 
8}, Uo pcvflxed to the fint ^tion a But of 
Latin nrMs coding with tbo lia* 

N(c fiu Mt pTopiua tn«itati attisgrtt DItm, 

and prcaiiiiiiHl lo Jnmiti II a ropy of iho 
'Frincipia' with n discourM? 'On the tnitt 
Theory- (if tlie Tides' (lA. xix.44A). 

Ilalltiy WHS refused the Saviltau prafeasor- 
obip of ostronomr at Oxford in ItlUl. owing 
to A i<ii«picion, wnich hu vainly tried lo coui- 
bnt, of bis holding mnttTiolisticriew*. Flain- 
Bt«<-d, Intrly Wome bis rnctay. did hi« u1- 
modl to hinili-r hia fh>dion. Ilnlivy nrte'l 
as aui.Hioiit Rt^n-tarv to the Itnval Rm-ii'ly 
and editor of the * l*hilo(wipbiciil Transnc- 
tions ' iVom ltt8o lo 1 Jan. loss. Auioiijihia 
numerous contributions to them about tbia 
time wer« an 'Historical Accoiuit of iha 
Trade Wind" and Monsoons' (iA.xri. 163\ 
givinv ttK> Iir«t det«il«>d duscription and a 
kIcbicii of a circiilatoTjr theory oft hese winds; 
' An.\winiTit •irihfOiTulaliiin nfthe Wuterv 
VaiHiiiri or till! S'li, and of ihii Cntuio of 
8i>rinpt\i^.xvii.4tl>l), cHlabli.ihing nn iKjni- 
lilirium bolwueii exiwnditure by evapomtiiiti 
and anpply by condt^nsat ion in the wat(.-n of 
the gtoDe; a ■ l>iscoiiieo tending to prove ac 
what Titn« and IIbcd Julitis Cmsar made hi* 
first iN'swnt upiin Brilnin' (/i. p, 41W>); and 
a * Nrw and (ii'tirnil Mrllifid (if tinilin? tho 
lloot)iofK<]iuiiinn«'(ifi.xviii. IIW), Appointed 
bv Kcwton's inHii*!iiri' d<>puty-t?otttrolli<r of 
tta mint at riu^-'r in KflW, ho held ihu 
post, in spite of' intolfrubl.''nnnoyaiic<'»rrv>oi 
W fi;)li)vr-otli(:ial>, until its uWtilinn two 
j-ears Ister, Ur conw^MJudcd mvanlinie ac- 
tively with th« Koyal S>K-iety tbn>«({h Sir 
Hans SIobdl', olsen^d nl Cbt'Mor tlm partial 
lunar rclii»c of lUOcl. HHK'(ri.Jiix.7t*l).a«d 
n«veiidi.-d f>iiowdon for the purpose of teelinjr 
his uiulhod of dctrrtninine hpi|zhts by tho 
baruini.*I*;r. His ibeoryof the variation of the 
coiiipiutB waj" ppjiiiBi'd ill IIIWI, mid further 
developed ill tliHJ (i*- X'i'."^*"^. svii.TrflS). It. 
assumed tbe direct iun of the neudle lobi-KO- 
voracd by iho infiiietice of four uiaifin'l if^ l'"l*'9» , 
two fixed iu the outer ehelt oflho eAnli,twO] 
revolving with nn inner nneleus in a period] 
rou^'hly rstimalcd nt i»;\<-ii hundred 
This hypoiho9i» cx[iUinMt with sil 

suocvcs tile ' Bl>«lruiw myttt^y' of kpciiIht mtut- 
oetic cliMigen. Icvu cei'ivedbjllatistoenin 
leitf. D^irous of inrMti^ung thorouglily 
pliiiiiomeua wliicb lie hoped mieUt prove 
tv^^TKlAT eiiDiigli to serve for llie ut-tertu iiio- 
litiu of lonsiludeBf ilBllcy obtnineil fmm 
AVtIliam III in 1698 t)ii< (roiiitnarK.) of n wnr- 
sloop, tilt? Pummoiir Pinic, willi orilm tn 
Study I^" vririnliim of llm i'ain|iiuai, iinil ' iil- 
tempt. lliH diw'ovepyof what Um! liiBt to tlu- 
twuta of llif wMtem ocfan.' He Mtlvd from 
PoTtumouth at the (finl of Xovi'inber 161'^, 
hut yna compellixl hy ihci ri?fractory conduct 
nf bia crew to return from iinrha(lo«« in tbo ' 
Mlowinc June. Ilovm^ f^t hie lit'tit«.>nnnt 
cnahierea, ho eUited tigaii\ iiiSi>pl«tnhcr,an(] ' 
peoetratwl to oS" south UtilinTo, whrrc Ik- 
'full in with ipWDt iolnndit of ici-, of i>a iti- 
crediblpn Lolght and mn^ituOotbiitlMaTCo 
dftrcMTilomv thouyliUot'il.' Aftorn nnrrow 
cecapu frcm dcMruciioii hi' stt-troJ uorth, tx- | 
plorod thL-Atiuntic frum ehuiv to MLon.',aii(] i 
ci»t nticbor iu tlm TIiaiika m 7S>.-pi. 1700, ' 
Wm tliip'a Mtaimay Ji minifhed only by tliu 
Inii.H of one boy swept oviTbonrd, CH ilii« ' 
incident lii^ GJ>ulU ncrur ftfti;rmar(li> rrpcak 
without ti'iim. llh 'Oearral Chart' wf liic 
viiriatiDQ nf ihr i'iini]>ii.i.> Mppi-Dnid in 170]> 
It e<A lliR (^xitiiipK- of Ik mviliuil, nlnno ex- 
tmuivirly i-mpkiyuil, nf repruai'iitititr to ihe 
eye a mtum of ronipli'x fActn, unci gave tko 
first. g«ni-ml view of ihii iliai.rihuliou of ter- 
i>wtriitli]i)i[riieii.'>ui by mcatiBof lineniofeqnal | 
dwlinntiim, lo]i|:[callLiJ' Iliilleynti lints." | 

RiiJiimiiiK ihii commniid of tlm Puruinour 
Pinlt, Ilftlliy mndu in 170), by tbr kiiiij'n' 
*jniL-r«, ft thomujih mirv^y of t^in litli^" mid 
ooasts of th« British Chnnnel, of whidi he 

tubluli<<d a map in 1 702. He woa nuxt xeiil 
y Queen Aaue, at the Emperor Leo]>oId's 
rrauMt, to iuApcct the hnrbaur^uf the Adriatic. 
Hno, nn a secoud joiiniey thitlitT, aid«d thi< 
impHMul snginernt lit lorlify Tri'-uti-. In 
passing throii|!li Ilminvifr Iik Mipjiml nilhlh« 
(>liKTt"jr (ftflnrwurilii lieiiri(»? I) iinJ hist sisto.r, 
lliP rjiiouib of I'muia, mid at Vtpniui ww pre- 
Sfntcd by the eoiporor with a diumond Ting 
from hi* own ftiiger. Dr. Wallis[(i, T.l having 
(HihI Just before his iirrinil in England^ Ui 
November 1703, he wiistiiUHjinti-ihn his room 
Saviliau profesetir iif i^iiuim^lry iit Uxford, 
where he w*» i-rwitiid IMM*. im ItiOcl- 1710. 
He vas DO soiinv'r inxiiiUed in ihit Siivilinn 
chair than I>r. .\ldrich etigagi^d hiiu to com- 
plete ft trnnnlfttion from -Vnibic into Latin, 
M^un hv Dr. J!<!raard, of ApoUoniua's ' De 
Sictionc'ltdlionis/fi'l "'■ei ludinowDtoEiiro- 
jKBimctiol&re. His succl'^, nml lh(< iiSL-ful 
cmendativnauflh)) origi II a1 manuscript which, 
aotwitluAAuding bis previous ipiomncc of 
Anbic, be euggcsLcd, wete extreaiQly sup- 

pn^ing- to Dr. Stkes, the graatesc orientaliK 
of hi* tiine. Hu ndded a reittaruion, bom 
the doseription nf ?appu». of ' lie SwtioiM 
Spalii,' by till) aoiwt auilior, and thiv wholo 
was piibliabed fmm \hi' niiivnnfity pnM ia 
irus. The tlrat complL-i>.' iKlitiun of tlia 
' Conic« ' of Apolloniii.4, including; a taaftailr 
rpstoralion of l he lost eigfalb book, waateiiM 
hy liim,with SoKnuR's'HeSoctictDeCj'linds 
irt Colli,' in 1710. Hia i^dition of Vtoleamy\ 
'CatAhiguo' forni<>d pnit of the third Tolitci^ 
of Hudaon'it '(ii>nffr«pliiir VMcrte SeriptMW 
Uisci' (Oxfonl, lil:;),and his (tditioa of tlw 
'Spherics' of Meiu-tAtu vrtji pubUahcd ly 
his friend Ur. Coatard in IJfis*. 

lUIIor waaa Wdinit invmbpr of tl>et«ia- 
mittiw eiitrusted by I^ince Ueo^ of Jfcn- 
miirk with pn>parin|; MaoMlewla obeerva- 
tion» for th« [ircsk, and editi-d the first or 
'Mpnrioiu' wmoa cf tbo 'llutoria Coelutia' 
in 17IS. Hi» accural); prediction of tbo ax- 
oumetsaoM vC the t«tal volar cclipw of 3 May 
L716 added (greatly 1q hia imputation. He- 
observed llio nvnt, iu caoniuuiy wiUi iLu Earl 
of Abinedoaiuid ('hiof^iulica I'arkor (aAec- 
vrards Lurlof Macck.'lield), f rota tba roof cf 
the RoynL ^cirly'« houst in Crane Oourtt 
and minutely dc.icribi^d tbo coronn. iriLboiit 
\-entiinng tu decide whether it Imlongod to 
the 0un or to lliu niiitin [^f'hii. Tntnf, \i».\. 
i45). The grfUL uurom of 16 Murcli 171S, 
tht? Itnt 111- hnd (iiMsn, was ohocrviid by him 
nt London. Hk exphiined the aumnl cruwn 
as on opiicnl eiri-cl due Ui the 'conootuw'of 
mony strenmera, am] euggcBted a mode of 
di-t^rmiiiing the height of auch |iheaotaeak 
(ib. \i. 4(17 ). The li\-]K>t hnsis of tbeit nugnetic 
origin witH a di'Vclopmrnt of his viewa on 
UmMtrial niH^ni-LiMiii. HnauppoMKl aarora 
lobeoiaiMiiiind by lb« eBciipo of a'lumiiiottt 
iiifdhiui,' hy whii-h a iiibternmean globe waa 
readered hahilabk-. 

ilalley became Hecreliary lo llie Itoral 8o 
cietyon i^ir 1 IonB81onne'Eresignatioii,l3NoT. 
ITi:t, and (in 'A Fi>b. 17'.'1 was appointedf 
tltriMiiifli I^drd-chnnrellor Parker's uit«iwt^ 
iiairomituiT-mynl in itiicecasitRitoFhutwIecd. 
IIo t II nU poKM'Mii on iif the houHon 7 Marcfa,taut 
on 3 May had not ' vf t got into Uie obwrvm* 
tory,' which he found'wboUyunprovidfidwitk 
instruments, and, indeed, of eventbing elee 
that, woa movM.bIe.' Fii-e bundled pounds 
viv-K fttloited by th» board of ordnanee fbr 
supplying r.liiinLUKlfiilnppnmtn?, aadin 17SI 
the liMt tmi)*Lt*in«tnimont(^n>ct«dat(iT«eB- 
wic.h — one &} feet in length, conMrnctod 
twenty T^ar* oftrlier by llonko — -wna in itt 
pUcc. jfttlley'sobfe-r^'otioui with il, however, 
t>L'gunoulUc(,17Ul,wt'rv rvudervd luvlcMbj 
the absence of any ni i.<a»iiuf taking B«nitlidi^ 
tasce«. After Octobur 1726 luamaiat' 




(h^ccmwnriKnew imniintwlnuil.bjftnliais, 
of M'frt railiu.*. IIU LeadiiiK utijt«( wbh 
lo brin}[ tli« luDftr tAblut la thi- pvrfe^tiou 
rmuimu (or Buniiifr ihe pnio olTered for i)ie 
aolution of Uie ftobleni of loogiludes, mad 
■llhoujtb in his sixt^-rourth rear at t4i«> tia>*> 
of Ilia HppuinI EDvnl, tic i>t#iiin»(l and ntrricd 
out the d«»ii[ii cooc«v«l ftirty yimn arv- 
Tionsly of Duerving tha noon ilirnuf[li u 
coni^K* period of dgbieen yev*. lie im- 
BMdwuly begui to cmtw up Utta of luiuu 
«ran.bllt pubUBhednoihinfr: aod tt nnieel- 
iagOltil» KoTal Sodt>rj-aii 2 March \~'J7 
Newton rentarkni upon tlic n^plecl of ilii? 
lal« qu>^t<n'g {irnovpt ngviliRg llt<< cminiu* 
^^ tiinlion of n<«ill*, whvniupiiM Hnllt-v nc- 
^■' (jnaiiited Um! touBcil tlut lii^' lind iiuwcniti* 
^r o)>M>n-iirion0 of th« mooa, but 'lin^l liiil)t.-rio 
Ici^pt tbi-in in liis ownL-uiitoiJy.ilint be mi^bt ] 
lu»v<! iini« to tinUb the ibtwir; he di^igniKl ' 
to boild u])on thetu, boluKi oll»-n< tcijrijt inhp 

ttbe advantA)^ of tvnpinf; l)i« )M>n<^lii of liis 
labours ' (B.iii.y, SfMU'iirji Kot/al Antron. .S'o- 
eirty, viii. 1H!4|. It in xnid b\* IlMtmn ihM a 
qiiMt»l«i*UMiwhi*b»h(>ri<^DiU Newton'* lifis 
Foot y»*w l»t*r llnlk-y announcwl to ibe 
ItovalSocItly that b« Lad nutde ni^arW fin««n 
liundml lunur obfwrvnti<itio, ami van ablv 
to predict tie pliiCB of tlw- ' ftidii* contnrnax ' 
(m be Miltd it) vilhin two minutes of arc. 
lie added a nanrutivc of bU ctTorts towards 
tb«r imtfmvL-oictit of it» tbeori- (i'W. Trwit, 
j^^ SJiXTii. 1B5). He |iubli*bi.-d. however, only 
^^^hia obaerTntioBi of u rDttinl mlnr cclip«o on 
H-S7 Nov. 1722 ( jfr. xxxii. ll»;), of ibr traaut 
^1 of tfnvuij on 29 Oct. 17:f3 |,i4. xxxili. 228), 
^B- Hid of an coLipM of the looon 011 lu Mardi 
■ 173rt(t». xl. 14). 

^B About September l'^ Quean CoioUne 
^H Tl-iitctl tlit> ICoyal UbecTvatory, and finding 
^B ibut lUIley bnd WId the cotnmiMJon, »liv 
procured for liira ilie pny of a pii9t-«nj)iiiin. 
'lis saloTF ns U5tr^nonnT-m\«l wili HHI/. « 
Tear, with 110 allonancn fur an anslntnnl. 
Chriiig to tbe pn«suro of ntHcial diiltm lid 
tvsi^mI in 1721 the wcrelaiyaliip to tb>! 
Hoyal Kifiely, and declined some years Intur 
tW poac of lualbcmatical preceptor to tb« 
Snhs of Cumberland, lie whs elected in 
1TS9 • foreign rapmber of the i'liris Academy 
of SeiMicee. I'ntil l7-t7.whrn histiirbt lintid 
t'^fT'l* affficti.'d wilb paraly^iit, lit' liml ni-rer 
cxp«riancwdaoonati(uti«>nal ailiniMit,aiiil wjij< 
weuatoiDod to T«li«ve alight ffvrr on eaich- 
ineeuld withdoaeaofnuininein water-irrii(d, 
vtiiebheralWbii'cbocolBte.' Mvery'l hur&- 
day TVnlarly be went to I^ndon to dine 
Witb bia friends and attend I In* inr<t>tings nf 
tbe Royal Sncioty; aiid lin ' Mitck cl<iiii> tti 
his lele«e<ipi>,' aidM onljr hy hit frieiul Oale 
Horria, F.JC8., as aiiiBnu«n«t*, until 31 Dec. 


17>)8. llis bodilypowoni now failed rapidly, 
nithoucb bif mentor^' and cheerfulness n^ 
nainrd unimpaiml. At lart, tired of tbe 
doctors' curdiaU. h« aiJied for a glaits of win«, 
drank il.and expiml, on 1-1 Jeu. 1742, inUie 
piglity-«ixih year of his uge. llewaaburwd 
in ihechiirrfiyard of l.«e, near Or>e«itwicli, 
with bis wifv, who dird in 1737. The in- 
KCtipriini Riurkinji the tomb was placed llufit 
in Ii42 br the rwu dauubtera wnosurrived 
him. Of tb«*c the elder, Mirgiuni, dind 
unmarried on 13 Oct. 1743: Uie second, Mrs. 
I'rie^, lived until 1705. Ilia son, Edmund 
nailer, a eii^^n in the roral navy, died 
tx'fore hiin, iind he lost several children in 
infittney. li iswilltta^ proved on UKec. 1742, 
oncoftha witnMSMtoit bving JunM Bradlvy 

In person Halley woa'of nmiddkiitaturR, 
inclining ta tallneaa, of a thin habit of body, 
and a lair complextan,' and It is added that 
■ be nlways Rwtie as well a^ acted with an 
unroranion dejrreo of sprif^ht line's and i-i- 
vncity.' Hi« dispo«itioa wns ardent, ^n«- 
raua, and candid; bn was diginterrstf^d and 
upright, genial to bis fi^rndit, nn nlTi'rttirmatA 
liuEband luid fatbrr, luid wiis wholly freo 
from raucouror jvaloufiy. lie passed a lifo 
ofttbniwt unptwfdeutiJ literary and scicn I ttic 
aclivify without b*>«inbK iuvi>lved in n 
fiiii^lt^ coaLroversy, and wu rendered tKH.'ially 
attractive by the nufiuling itaiely which nm- 
bcLlishcd tbo moro nxwndile ({uaUtius of » 
tnitid of cxlmcrdinnrv pcnclrndoo. compa«S| 
and power. One of liis admirers was Peter 
the Ctruut, who in 18P7 nut only cmsultcd 
liim aa to \\\* sluphuildiug and other pro- 
jects, but udiutiled him fuuuharljr w his 
table. I'onraitfl of I lalley were painted by 
Murray, I'liillips, and Knclier, and engrsT- 
\r^ from ench wen- published. There is 
Holnici; in hin writingKof thcsa'pticalviows 
nitrilmt'-il to bini hy Whisinn (•VeivMVs, i. 
12;i). ProffK^iir ItiKHiid rnd'-nvoiirvd (in his 
' Defence of Ilalli-y,' IfMIl to tximemtt; him 
wholly from n fhrir^i! prqi^-tnut i-d liy the 
dedication to bim. in tht? clmnu-lfr of an ' in- 
fidel malhematiciau,' of Itiiilioii Berkeley's 
' Analyst,' but there seems tittle doubt that 
be habiliinlly exprifMed free opinions in con- 
vpTsniion. His moral chanu-U-r bus 1jm'i» 
tmpeachwl, pt-rbnps on iuKulIicinnt grounds. 

(In bis apprjintment iis antroiionivr^io^al, 
Halley wttnlield, in the lioj* of impranng. 
The luiinr and planelarT tables he had printed 
in 17l9(l'*iY. n-ans. Kxxvii. Iftt); ret lliey 
apx>eatvd postliutnoiK'h- in 1 7411, witiiout fui^ 
tbttrallemtinn than tbp addition of ill* plan* 
and errora of thn mof^n dt'dnexd from ofaaar^ 
vntions at Orvenwiob, ITi':^-^. An Eng- 
liah edition wa< issued in 17^2 ; they wero 




tnuuUted inia Fnncli br 1a Chappe and 
LaUndp in 1~M find I'fiO, and conlinu6<d in 
fiencml U4L< for many years. Tiio mftM of 
Halln'a obeen-ations an preserved in manu- 
script Bttho I^3yulOlM«rratQnr, inroiiTKninU 
quarto volumua ; a fifth, not included in the 
«oU»ct!oa, vrna iliiUxl by Mackclyuc to liovc 
hetu found at liis d«k<li. Tlivy vvve copittd 
foe the Ajitrotiomicnl Socicly, &l tlic inttuice 
«f BtUj, in 183:2. >'u ndvautagu nJi.-(iual« 
to tJiB labour coiUd accrue from their t«l uc- 
tioa. Ilalloy took do account of rractional 
parts of Bi^cond^ of limc.And cOBsiilprGd 10" 
«f arG'uihiriitmort nltninablo limit ofaccu- 
lacf.' Hip clocks wen- bc.-iidcs ill-rrKulatcdi 
aimliiit ^~5lcni urp.'gi.itnilinn nnini-lbiidical. 
lit! am-in.i', ns Pitifrji.inr (Irjinl miiiitrlin, 'to 
hnve undi-TvulitisI lliiwr Imliiia i>rit)liiiii« ril- 
cention which arc iniliaix-iiHiHe ti> thEmitniti- 
ment of a liinh dcRrfe nf L-xot-lK-iiw in the 
practice of nslrononiicAl obscrvulion.* Ilia 
mlministrotion of tbcltovulOhwirntnry \vn» | 
the Iwirt siiccc-wfui port <jf his cant-r. Pur- j 
Miiinn (Jilt- rnd tmi rxtrlusivMlT, hf virtually | 
folk-il tot^Ttich il. Ilinniviviil I'f llic' sitrtw' | 
was not forihe aJvaiitaHC of m^icncH, )'>'t ho 
deTouid to vha dchfuii^ ol' liuinr ourrfction I 

lifn. TiiBdilsj>idHl(*detateofTheobii?n-atonr ! 
at hi» dyatli wbji the tisliirnl conwqnence o( [ 
hia iirnlongcd iiitinnitv. Tlit> fcrvws of thv 
(jiiiidniiil Avi<rB Lroliun, iti ndjiiMnn.'nt was ^ 
'wiilply orrnML'iiiis; ihonnirk on ihii'pnrk wall 
for •irlliii],' thi! trunxil iunl nimrnl vitc inri-iv 
flt'jiti'd by ihr gniwlh of tn'i'ji (llRAiiLKy, | 
Miuvllnn'/iiui Work*, 11. JlKil. 1 

Holk'y'i dUeovi'ry of tin? '\anx inMualilT' 
«f Juiiittrr and 8utum wan piibli«ht.>ti at. ln« 
end of his ' Tablea.' Up flrst nllribul«d their 
tsvpMitB dispropaneiM from theory to th« 
VflMts of mutual iwrtnrbuf ii>ti, assfpiinfr to 
«ach p1ivn(<t n fli'i'iiJnr oquntion ini^r>^nsinz n« 
the aqunw of the tifn«. Krom a ocmpnrHion 
of ancient with modt-m •■nliimfti ho iiifiMnxl 
in 16tM a pro|^«<»ivc acci-Wntion of the 
TO<30li'« m«aii luolioii {Phit. Vrrtn*. xvii. 313). 
'■•xplainnd ou ffravitfllionul |irIu('J|il(.-H hy Lu- 
pine i* in 17^7. IIv sfl foiih iLo coudttiuns 
<if tlin dnrlight vi»ibility of Venus tu 17111, 
'b^- BORio rcckonod to be prodigious' (t'fr. 
XXIX. 4ti6); collated observatJone of tni?- 
4eor> {ib. o. lo9), and dvdnood a tivig^ht from 
thf eiirlh » Hurfacc of erVL-ntv-lhrtc uiUwi f«r 
thut auvu in Kii^'Iaiid mi I!) Nlarch 17I!) (tf: 
xx.\. U7B), while niuiiitrtiuiiig- llip origin of 
auch objects from lom'etriui e-thnlnlioiia {ili, 
|i. SKltl, llis moat cclebrftlcd work, however, 
waa ' AetronoiuiiE Comcticjo SYi»ip*ia' (t'A. 
xxiv. l6Si>, communicated to tW I 'oynl So- 
ciety^ in I7'15, and neparatclj piihli,«!icd in 
£nglifih dl Oxford Ibu «tinit- year. It wns 



reprinted vith hia 'Tahlea' in I74I>, and 
translated intoFrench by LeMonnJ^rin 1743. 
llavinff computed, with ' imin«nM lalicuj,' 
tbo oTliitB of twonlj-fourcomete, h« found 
thre« ao ne«rlv aliko ac lo |>eraua<)« hltn (hat 
tbccojncUof'lo.^l, 1607, and ICtHwereap- 
porilioni of a tiogh body, to which be ae- 
aif^ned a period of about acv^aty-aix year*. 
lu predict infrit«nft urn for l7&8,hi>appcalod 
to ^candid pu4teritT to Bchn<rw))!4e» 1 hat tk| 
waa flrat diacoverM by an Knt;li4ininn.' 
reappearance of ' JlaUey*e cuiaut ' un Cbri: 
maa day 173^ verified the forecast, and \ui 
n fcGurc foundixion for cometarynetronomy. 
A pi-rimi of Tir^ yrura waa vTToneoualy ■»• 
eiinirtl hy Ifallity to t lie oomot of lt(80, 

The emplo^'iut-nl of rmn.iils of Venus 
aHT^ertoiniiiK the miu'ti distance wns first 
coiumendoJbr Halley in 1(570; sicaiu in mi 
dtlail iti 169l((*. ivii-Sll): fliwllyml _ 
when hia ' methtxl of duraliona ' was elubo^ 
nilpd with apecinl Tt'fen-iice to the traiu<ic of 
1701 (lA xxi\. -I'')-!). lie UJicTfd that iha 
^mt unit miffht in ihixwav l>e meosuml 
within ^ of it.i taliie, and liiM enthuai 
HI i inula led the i-ft'iirlH mndv in turn the 
portunity lo iiccotini. An inquiry into 
ceasioD fed Halley in 1718 to the diaco 
of stellar proper motiouN et'ineMl in __. 
chmigM of lilt iliide.aince Itol-Mny'a epoch, rf 
Siriiia, Ahlcbanui, nnd Arctnrus (6. xxx. 
7'-Mi). From I lit- iutlimlutieouaneBBof nccul- 
taliona lin gathi'tv-d tli" spiiriuua nature qC 
Htiir-diw*, and (■•.timnli'd trii^iinn)l>crof STi 
p(»rn'*|"mdin)iliii'n('liniii(riiiiii'hi(m tlmb 
ibeiisiif thoir iinifnrni di^iribuliun rltroii 
apaw ((ft. xssi, 1, 'J-l). Nehuln> w*«i re- 
^urdml by him aa rompused of a *lucid me- 
dium shining with it* ovm proper lasti9,' 
and as weupyinp 'Bpncea in)m«ntely gnat, 
and pt'rhnp* not Ii-ju ilmn niir whole solar 
system.' Six auoh objeeta wrro pnuR)«rftt#it 
by him in 1716 {I'A. xxtx.390), nnd hrr itia- 
eovered, in 1677 and 17!4 re*iw;tivcly, '' ' 
star pliiaiera in lh« Centaur and in Hen;! 

ILUk'v divined and demon «lnitj^ in 1 
tbe> law eiAniiecting eU-vation in lh« at 
sphere with ita donailv, eonx'ijuen'tly 
bnroinr'|ricnlri'ading*(i/j. s\i. KM); hema' 
rially improved diTiiig apparatus, and hi 
aolf made a dmcent in a dirin^-bcll (it. 
xxix. 4t)2, sxxi. 177) ; vxpcriinc^ntcd ou tV 
dilatalion of litjuidf by hc-ut ( ib. xviL 860)i 
and by liia ecieutiHc voya^ea laid the foun- 
dation of pbvalcal freosmpby. As the com* 
piler of the ' Brealou Tahlo of Slortality ' hm 
takes rank na the virtual ori^nat«r of the 
BcioQce of life-«lntiBii(-», Itia papcra on tha 
subject (iV/. pp. Wi, Hoi) wcTo rt7print«l in 
thu ' Aiuurnnci! ^laraiaDti' (vol. xviii.) It 
biLi bwn absi-rvcd by M. Marie (JTwC 


di.of ' 


scol- I 

Snencer, w. 1-3) ibat ' hU resulu in piUM 
KHometry, tliouftb llio fruits oaljr of Itisura 
momanU, voulJ nlonu ealtiou to Mcuru liim 
B diftinffuUhuil ylmx in KcivntiKc bijitory.' 
Beaidua uLi iinp'^rtuat rv^tt^mtioniiuf kDolent 
autlMirs, he ui^ iMtifrntftd thii pri)pHrtif# of tUa 
loxmlromic curri?, and &nt solv(>ii the pro- 
kluiu to (li»cribi.< a coaic section of wLicli tbo 
foensaiitl ihrvo points m given. IIo fur- 
mahed an itnitroi-ud coiuinicttoa fur oquu- 
tiofw of t)io tliird and fourth dr^n^^-* (/'At'/. 
3VwM. xvi. .l-lo); hin iiniTontuI fur 
finding the foci nf i>lij<tct-;lMaM(i%. xvLi.tXJO) 
■ppcatwl originally as an a,p{iendix to Molv- 
miut's ' Uio|imcka' O*'"-) ; ond bin account 
of the relalioDB of wcnther la baroa]«tricol 
flnctiiBtiontt was included bv Coles in iiia 
' Uydrosmtical Tiri-turcs' (2nd od. 1747, ]3. 
346). Hi» imptTs on ilir ' Ani»h)ity "( tlie 
Lonrithinic Tiiiip'.ni:a in tho Mrridinn Liiim' 
and on' A Liinipuadio 11* MeiliiMliiffoiijtt rutt- 
ing I^iptriThuis' wurn mpriiitMl in Daroa 
3laaere**s '^riplores l^ojitarithmi'Ci ' <vol. ii. 
1791). Th» ' MiAcelUn>-a (.'arioM,' e<1il«>d by 
Iblley in 170S (in HialM, wm largely cnm- 
poeed of liis cotilrDiiiliimH In Ilni 'Pliilo- 
K>pbio>ITriuuiiLClii)ni'.* His'Jiii)mii.rdiiriii|^ 
Ids iwn Tonces, L()9A'I7(H). wikN publitihtHl iti 
177& by D&iij'mplt) in hi* 'Citlli'ciioii of 
Yoyaffcaiatbe Soiicli AiUuiic;'iuul a num- 
Woi iutereatiog U-ilers addressed by him at 
the fuaae tipoch to Josinh Buicbett.Becreliiry 
lo th« sdmimhy.ure preserved at th? K«cotd 
Office (under the hmainff 'Cnplains'LettHra, 
1808-1700"). Hi«'SoutBeniCutalo)?iie'wiis 
reprint rd.niTh roti'n nnd o preface br Bttily, 
in ihn thirtr*nth volomr of thf Itoynl AbIto- 
nomic&l Sock'It'* ' Mftnoir*.' l>r. Oill i*- 
OOgmi*^ in IB77 thci t'otindrttionii of hik nb- 
MFTStory at Si. tlflena i (>■•.' Mrs. Qill, Six 
MontAs in AHf7t*ion, p. 33i. 

Lalandi> Uyk-d HnlleT 'ibe (frealesl of 
Englub uitrouotuers,' aud ht> rauki;d by com- 
niun cotw^rtt n^xt (o Newtou uinoiif; the 
(cicatifir Kn);liiihiiien of his tinui. Of pi(flity- 
four papm) intcrCcd hy hion in the 'Philoso- 
pfaicsd TranstcttonD'n laiv'- prop-jrtion ex- 
pounded in a biiUinnl and uttrnclivo atylv 
tbcoricaor invL-iition* o]xtiiiijr up novel liuvs 
of tiM[iiit7 and xhuwinK a k'tuiih iii> Ictut fr^r- 
tile tnsn oom^relujuaire. ' Whili-wi' iIio^ikI'I.' 
wrote M. MmrsDi 'ihat the (<iiIo;:ium of an 
oslroDomor, aphvaicist, aecholar.aiiil u phi- 
losopfapr tom[ir«bend(iit our irhrile: subject, 
we UTU been infrneibly stirjtrMpd into lh« 
biatorrofaarxcrllcnt. mariner, an illiiMrious 
tnTeUert bd nblo mginerr, and almost a 

(Svvvnl abortivo wiMnpts hava hiwn mad* t'l 
vnte « complM* bto^rnphy of Ballay. Mr. 
ael Lyoo* of Caoiliriilfe wna, in 1776, ittio 

ntptM in th« taik byddalh. Prorevot Ri^ud 
of Uxfitnl hiwl nuilo much mora exlcsrim wller- 
liam (di'piwiinl nftor bia dntth in 1SS9 in Iha 
]to>llpt*i) Library), vbich itiill avaiL an editor. 
The cliicf wnrCM of infurmnttoa nl jimirnt ara: 
BioK. Brit, rah it. (1767). when the Kn^tnnri' 
of ntAniucript mrmoin intpnrted by Hivlley's 
po»-ia-Uw,^r. Ilciiry l'ric«, ia comniuuicaliHl ; 
MHiniti'a ' Eli>g*.' ill M'liioitvs lie I'And. dv» 
8ci{.-nMa,Parisl71'J (IIi»ti>ir.',p. ISaj, iran»lnt«d 
in Oonl. Mnn. svii. I5i. 503: Wijoir* Atbpnn' 
Oxon. (iilias), iv. 588; WimJ't Fa*ti Or"n. li. 
3AV: Aulirvy'* LivM of Eminent Men. il. 36S: 
ThoniBOQ'aHi»t.B.Socl«y.pp.i[l)7.83fi; RiipuBl, 
in BfTulluT's Hiacollanouua Worka <iuie Indrx); 
Mcinain R, A.itr. I^icicty. ix. SOS; MoDtbiy 
Notices, iii. 5, u, 304 : I'liilo^ophitol Mag, vili. 
2I1>, :f34(l83S); Ihily's Actfount of FlamalcKl. 
pp. zni, IDS. S 13, 7*7: Hniton'« Mathem«ti«al 
liiel. ISlfi; Bn-wMvt'a Life uf Stwluij ; Grantu 
Hist, tif yhy*. .Utruouuiv, p. 477 ami pnskiin : 
WhpTroU'n T]i«t of the Tndurtivr Sricnci*; Phil. 
Uiy'e Cal. of GnjfrnviKl PortrHil^ p. 201 ; LvMinn'!! 
^virau.1, ir. 501, i09; Saturn, xxi. 3V3' (Dnl- 
lo<f'ri Mount); VVnlford') liaiur*nco CjcLopwdia, 
V. GlEIi OraMacr'a K. llallnj' uiid Ciupnr Neu- 
mann iBrMlau, I6S3); Poggtndorff'i Hist, do 
la Phyiiqns (1883). p. 436 nnd pnHin: Moo- 
(.ucln'a HtsL. Ao* 3diiih<'miitii|iitui. if. 50. 30H: 
Hailly'* llirt. il« I'A-tr, Mwltrne. li. 43a; D*. 
Inmbrt's Hist. iIp rAsir, nu XVUI* .Hj^di-, 

§, 1 1 S : lAlundc's Pr^fiicu Ilidturiquu aux Talilc« 
a ilnl l« V ( 1 7i9) ; UcliaU's Lottrus eur lu Tiibl» 
d« Uftllpy (1749); Wolf'a Gaechicht« dii A»- 
tfonntnin; Mitillot-'x (iivirh. ddr HimmnUlninda; 
Cunniii^hnm'a Lires of Eminent HBf;l>«hmen. 
17.453: Nit'hola'sllluMr.of Lit. IT. 22. 33; Thn 
nhiimnitncy, iii. 34S (Olivrr), viii. 419 (lyiin); 
Mnilly'it Annunirr liii I'Ohaifmiioim if Brnxellet. 
186l.p. Mi: Adilit. MS. 4:j:f'i. f. I7T: K);rrU)n 
MSa iiSl f. laS. £331 C. 3. M»uy impul.liahta 
K'ttcrv from Haltey to Sir Hans SIdoso and (iihtiw 
aro prviorcod in tko liuiiril Uook and Lultur 
Hooka (if the Rfiyfti Society. ) A. U. C. 

HALLEY, ROBERT, n.I), (1798-1876). 
non«oufonnistdiviuo and liintorian.tW eldest 
<.>f four cljLl<ln<norK'>!>iTtlIullr(nr-l, was bnni 
at Ulackheaih, Keut, on 13.\u^. I71KJ. His 
talher, originally a faruitrr ol riJenaliuriDd, 
lVr{hiihiw,fiff!w'fl»lihurK her' brunch of tlio 
ecwwton divirch, hod marrieil ok bi« firot wife 
Ann Ucllowa of Btrc Kuiris, U'iiY.i-t«hin', and 
tH.'tlli'dat lllacliheuthnpaniirK'ryninii. Ilallt'v 
rvc<:i\ed m'jst of hi» eiirly educftlion at Mnxe 
Hill sr.liiiol, (irwiiwich, and in Iflll briran 
lifciu hiti futbiir'n bueincivi. Ilia mind hcinff 
drawn towards the iui:iielry, bu vntercd 
(I'^-fan- l(^ltS)tbo llotijertou.\cadeinrundcr 
John I'yr Smith, I'.lV.audrrmained then-aix 
TMirt, Among iii« fdloTr-sliiJcnla was Wit- 
lism Jacohwin Iq. \.], sflcrwardH bii>hop(if 
. Clientcr. Hslltyafirvtchargcuuthepttstor^ 

__ of the iiiilependwit coa^fngmtion ul St. 
Veot*, Huaiiiitfdonsliirc. winch lie (icci'ptiiil 
on 1^ .\tiyI8-2if. Ilpwiwiinliiinmlfin llJuiie, 
hut was careful lo cliscUim ' l!i« jirt- »bv[»?rian 
nnlirtus'ofonlinBtinn. Oii4July l"?!! he was 
invited to bocnmr tluiwicnl Uituriinhc Ili^h- 
buryCoilc(f" (upi'iu'd 'i Sapl.) I'or this pnut 
lie w&B viM fiUi>(I, both by aUainniniit iiili! 
^iBZttCMr, uul bU JBltuQiicc oil lii^pumUwnit 
both gmitl and bracing. In lf*34 lii> ivble 
roply to Jnnips YatM on |niiiit« of biblical 
cnlieiara paineil him lhi> iin«iiifin<il degree 
of D.D. from I'riiKwHin Oalh'jte, Ni-w Jersey. 
After thiTlepn ynitw of cnllegiate work ho n*- 
tiini«tl U) th« lu'tiru ministrv, 8uoc(*«iinf? in 
1889 l»r. M'AH U Mosley Stn-et I'liiip"!. 
M»ncllo(t«r. Nestyoar(IMO)huwnscifl'iTi'0, 
but d»cline«l, the nrincipnUliip nf CnwoM 
CflllegCithenlocnteainl-ornliin. Hi'aequiivd 
laUuivlMAtAr a pnititinn of gruat inHuencc. 
]>uniigth«^KAi3 riot* nf I Kt2kia voice collBed 
nnd oiLanffcd thu eounaela of ^ hvogrf uiil 
ilaDf;:«ronN tanh. laJwjt&lSiShwtXtBgi*^ 
liuM n.'u]ov<J to ft nf'ie chawl in CftTvmlaU 
btfcvt. lIctravellexlJDThelRiuitinlSU.uid 
asit yOM pvetided as chnirntnn nf the 'ci3n- 
ffcvfl'^ti^uu union of F.nglatid ttnd AN' ales.' 
In ISW nAllcy»wccocJi-lJ<'hn lUrrift, D.I). 
(1802-185(1) [q, v.], OS i)riui:i[uil atid prfTpf*'>t 
of lIi«olo(5y at N'fw Ccllt'tte, St. John a Wwul, 
liOndun; thif important ]«j*ition Ik' filled 
irilh niatli-d di^lmc-tiou till IfSTi. He »>if- 
fitred pccHainrk' IcKihv thufuiluruof thcDiink 
of London, nnd iii IHiiO, aiiiocuin <?n ki« n- 
tiremt'iil, hi* friwida mado profLtitatiomi lo 
liim. wlilch li)itt:ther nearly renchrd tho utixa 
of 6,000/. Ui: n-'lirpd to C')iiiiloii, Iml bi,H la«t 
dawwcm «i»nt ut.notwortli I'nrli, iiOArArtin- 
del, SiiMiBx. On L'.l Jiint- ]R7)J hi- pn?ttchod 
fitrtlM la« time. Hr dinl nu 18 Auf[. IK6. 
Uid ■<«« buricJ on 21 AiiR. in Abnoy Park 
ci^ra,eler>'. Hi'mnmi-din March lH23Rob<_'knl] 
(i/.Syj)ti.*nib'T It^d'i'i.dmiahtcrofJiiinc.FjaMil), 
timb«'r iniTdiBiil at Dfplfi»ril, by whom lu' 
badlhrei-soiiinrnlllirtcdnog-liliTn. IltHeinnft 
Kolwrl mid Jacob Jnlinf'illiiwitd ilii-irfBther's 
cnlliii^': VLivfiiinpri'r "■iJti, n>etiuEt.>r,n sur|;eou. 
«lii-d in Now ZinJiiml in ]ft7«i. 

Halleywimn mnnoftranfipaiBntsimnlicity 
of charactpr, i^ombiiiing a wann utturnnKTit 
tij ovatiptlical Teli((ioii ivitli rwil collmlicity 
of spiril, Kven among oiijK)ti«int« lut uiwle no 
c'uemirj'. Hia pennnrfml n-pnlntion will 
on his iidminibk" wirvi^ of (he rtliKioiia hia- 
toryof lAiicushiri'. Oti oci^usionof iliu bicen- 
teBftryof ihii uniftirmily net of 1062 thepro- 
i»Ctol' compiling county histories ofnoncon- 
formity wn* iiUfTg^-'Ifd in ranny nf (lie local 
unioui of rongtegationaliBtP- Si'vpral woirlis 
uf varioii* tn-.nt wen? pMicluond. l[iillny'« 
.wuel« Ihwn all, not only from ilio rango cf 

iu aabject, but from iubraadth of treAtment 
nnd the natural naas Biid frequent beauty of 
it4«tyle. llalley'B work lacks that niinLii»- 
nv» of local itifonnation which chatnrterifM 
David's •VMiex' (IWW). Brfiwtwa 'Norfolk 
and Suffiilk.' (lH77). ot t'rwiiJt"* • ll«u' 
(1^8'I|, but III) nion* ri»M abuvn tli« noBcun* 
fnrmiM aniiali«t,ntu) desen'en a plaoeuBOBg 
djuneh hjaioriona. 

lie publlched : 1. 'The Prosperily of 
Chtirchiffi promoted bv Social l^v^r.' &c_ 
1X31, Hvo. 1>. • 'nio iJinfulneM af'Col<ntUl 
Slavery; &c-, IKtS, Svo. 3. ' TTw ImprovwJ 
Viiwioii . . , K OMd,'&e., I8S4,6TOU<^«ry 
temperate nnd eo^nt nritlcuii], exbiltitiag 
Teal BchoUrship and fiuicC humour, in neply 
lo tliB Ker. JoniM Vat«s, a ttefentlcr of the 
unitarian reruon of t&« Nuir Tt^tamcntJ. 
-I. ' An Inrjiiity into the Naturo of the 
Sncrampntt.'Jfcc, IW-t-Til, 2 vob., Svo; 
Mlilion, l>'i>l, t' vnla., 8v« (being the 
f[Toe»lional Inclnrc'fnr ItMH Oiibiiptiam,t 
for 1860 on thii Lord"* Hunp-r). t>. •Bant in 
the Deti^alion of th<j Catochunwai*. &c^ 
iai7,8»-oCiidi;f«occof>."f>.4,voI. i.) 0, 'M^^ 
moir of Tboniu Ooodirin, I>.U.' [i\. y.l, pi^^| 
fixod to Goodwin's ' Works,' LB61. $vo. n>L flll 
7. 'The Act of l.'nifnmiitT: n Ilicstiilr.aarf 
Lectuft-,' &c. 1802. 8to. U ' The jtook ^ 
import* ; a BicontenBry Lecture.' 1 SG3, 
&, ' Laacwbirv : its Puritanism and Hone _ 
rormity,'&c„^XMla.,l{»8.HTO; find ediOuii, 
1 atn, BvQ. Poathumoue vim 10. ' A Selec- 
linn (if his !^prmon«,' appended to 'A Short 
UiniCTapliy,' Ac. ]ii7f>. Kv, by hia aoa, Rch 
bitrL Halltiy, M.A.t of Arundid. Aluo ««tc 
tmct*. lie wn5 afrcqucnlcontrihtitoriol 
' Kctectic Review,* aai declined an oflur 
ita editarxhip, 

of AwfkrUlf.1 Thc..loKffiil ltoll<««, 1887, p- 52; 
Hnll^'i wi'irlcaand pNrivtd leticriL.] A.&.I 

HALLIDAY. [i^- h1«» IIaitdat.] 

( ltSl-l8;iyi. pliystpian. wiM born at l)iiti^ 
friiM. Scotland, in 17j*1. IIowu nt first. > 
c-ated for the pT«sbvterimi ministry, but 
frnvil mfdrciTio ami ^mduat^ >1.U. nt Eil 
hiirgh (in :;4 ,)iini> Xi^Oti. He travtOled fora 
timii in KtiiKia. nnd nn hi« return 8ettl<.<d in 
pnu^ticH nt Hah'xiwini, Worppaternhire, hut 
iDon joined iluiiirmy lU amiruefin. [I->e*rvfd 
ill the Ponitisnhi with iliit I'nri iignfue armv, 
andinlSll wa<iconl«>mplotinffalii«torvoft6« 
wnr (Oruwooii, IVtUmifton D^tfateknt/w. 
n'J4, 53'.'). I U nflfcTwarda entered iho Brilijih 
»i'T\ir('.nnil wn* nri'ient at theniuault nf Bms 
(Ii»n-op-Zfinn) anrt nt Waterloo. He bec«n« 
donn'siic physipinn tA the I)iiVe of Clnnrnm 
(afterwards Wtlliam IV), and tnvellvd 






iJiii tt- I 

Eiii^ ' 




tlM continent with bim. He l]«eAnia ■ li«en- ' 
JBtfl of tJie C-ollpfp of Phyvicisns on ^ Vec. \ 
^Ilf, and wiiK knightwl tjy Gwirre IV in ' 
'ISSI. lit w«> |;^v<tti thti pMt of iti«nr>ctar nf 
tiKMuiUl" ill (lin Wfiit Indti-* in IH.1:^, but hi* 
lH>allli broIi»i <i»wii, nnd hv Miwd tn his ' 
nnliTe t")"*" in lt«3r, wliwv ho UivJ it Huu- 
tinK"'"" L"4)ie •>» ~ Sept. 1830, 

llio thi^sia Cor the tl«f:i^<; "^ M.L>., |>ri]iteil 

at KdiiiWrKl* ■" l^*^! *"»« ' ^c l'uL'uinai*>»i,' 

n tma iavented by Cullen lo vxprvM ivhal 

i» nov called eui^cnl emplifeomn, an cxtni- 

Yiutioa of air into (i>«iit^, e^ni^rjilly duo to 

injurj of iho lun^, kikI Ik- piiblUlivil n tnLii»- 

lalioa of this Lntin i-wwy into KD^Iich in 

Ijondon in If^T, with floim- uddilimin, iin ' Oh- 

MiTstiuns on Emphysema.' Il in nn nliunat 

vatiwleaa conpiUlioni but contaiiiH 8 Hin^^lu 


inwhic1iair\raB found under ttio »kin nil over 

tb* bodf after tbo ruptiirc into the cbr«t tif 

a phthisical cnvitr in one hmg. Illn othi-r 

medical vrilingKcnnltiiii v(t>' Urilir ijiCnrnui- 

tion of tbUh". Thi'V am: 1. ' Ili'mnrlu on 

^the l*rMont Stnl« of the I.unaiii: AAyluinsia 

unJ,' London, 1808. 2. ' Obser^-ations 

^cm tliR fifth Report of thi^ CommiMioneTs of 

ilUitary Kaqniry.' IMO. 3. ' OWrvation* 

an tha Pment StAte of the I\>rtiiiraaM 

Army," 1811 ; Snd ptlit... with nil.lilionn, 1S1 2. 

^^4, TmnBlntionof Krniiclt'*' Kxprwiti'inof tlm 

^BCuis«aari>iBeAse;it^i:i. Ti. •I.Ptortnlxinl 

^V'Binninff ... in t1i« StnUr af l.iiiinii'i! A>r. 

liUBB and on the limanD Poiir in Hnntlmid, 

J»ie, li. 'A Geni-ml Viow of the Pre.ti'nl 

Stale of LuitBti(>9 and LuniUlc At^'liiniH in 

IJrMtt lirttain and Ipclond and tn aome othpr 

Kingdoou.' 18i^ 6. 'A letter tn Ivird K. 

Scymeor wili refw^nce to tha NiimU'r of 

Iljiinatici and Idiots in F.nirtnnd nnd WhIi-h,' 
3*20. 7. 'A Lrtli-r ti ihn liifrht Hun. tlm 
SfCretftrv at Vinr on SicknM* and MortalitT 
in ih» Wi-nt Indie*/ IS39. Ho aUo ■wwta 
■A M<:mnirof tho Cunpaifrn ^f IftlH' I'll A; 
«ii>l'Thp\V<-«t Indi,'*: thp Nature and lliy- 
yicnl Uirtorr wflbeWindwai-'l and L»»-»-afd 
Coh»nii-»,' l»37i and odit**! ' A Ciencml Hi»- 
torjof ih^Hous^nfOiiiitpWlMiJl ; and'An- 
naUof thelloueoof ManovtT,'-.* V0I4., 16^. 

ia«nt. Mng. 1840. ft. i. 93 : Miink'a Coll. of 
PhHL ijl. Its: Worfca: Brit. atna. Car.1 


HALLIDAY, ANDREW (1830-1877). 
•hoM fall name wan Andrew HtLLiDir 
VTT, cnayirt ocd dramattsi, iMm at tlie 
OnagVt Uarnodi* BauflVhini, early in IPSO, 
tnm aon of tba Rer. William Diilf, M.A.| 
nMiktar, of Oranxv, BanfMiirp. 1621-41. who 
^«d SSS^ 1»(4,«W M, by huwife Ma;7 
'~' ' AndrvwTnaeducatcdnttbcHaria- 

cIialCalle(teBndtli«iiaireraity,Al)«rde«n. Ob 
cominj; m ].andon in ]8-IO he wn« fDrnotne t im» 
connected with th« ' Mornin({ Chrrmifle,' lUft 
' Leader,' the ' People'i) Jonmnl,' and oMiW 
pprioilicnU. He «ii>n liecnmp known a# a 
writvr, and diacorded the nomu of Vaff, 
In Irt.'il he vrrt>tu tlif nrticl« ' Ui'itftiird ' in 
llvnry Mayhcw'n 'London labour rind tho 
London I'uor.' lit) wroto fur ihu ' ComliiU 
Maifoiinv.' nn<i vra4 a cooHtaiit coutrihtitor to 
'Alt the iV'ar Kotiiid.' Tothf latter peritidi- 
cal hi- ftirniAlti.'d a eurics of e»»aTs from 1661 
onwardu, which yfoT« BflorwardH collected 
into Tolumi-s enlitird ' Evi:rydttT I'npiTB.' 
' 8unnyMdel*uinT!i,'nnd'TiiwnBnil<7niinlry,' 
IliH nrticle in 'All the Vrnr Round' mlhtd 
'My Account with Her .MnJBtjy' u-ae n— 
printed by order of tbo ^natmatler-|^itern1, 
and moni Ihnu half o million copies rircu- 
liiti'd. As one of the IouikIlt? and prraidenC 
ofthoSaTnp; ('liib in IflS" he natntnUy took 
un intr-rf-irt indrnrnntic'A'riling'.ATid imltnxini; 
niiflil ItWW, in ci^njiinction with Fn-dmok 
Ln-wreiice, produwfi at ibr flinind Th«atrt' a 
burlwKiue emllled ' Kenilworth," whidi ran 
iijin-anis of one hundred nidhls, and wan ful- 
lowed by a irttTesty of " Itomeo and Juliet,' 
In pannei^hipuith William nrou^hhethen 
ll»?*An'«Bidlp,'and imTenl other farre*. In 
domiutifT ilnima hit vnm ihii atuhor of ' I'udJy 
(iray," th" 'I-ovinp (.'rij),' ■ Cticckninte,' and 
' I^ivk'k Un'iun.' miiiuu' produced with tniieh 
KUeewoibyMisBi Oliver at t.hi^ I^^yBlty'^llt'al^>. 
The 'Great (.'ilv.'a piece put im the ■lafpi at 
LlriiryLaneonis April 1867, alt Uau;;b not re- 
markable far the plnl or dialo^e, hit thn 
publiir taste and ran lOli ni|;bts. The apeniog 

?ii>ci<rtl-tlKtni>nr Vauileville Theatre, London, 
H Apnl \>*'0, 'For Ijjvr or Money,' waa 
written by Halliday. Hi- iilnnwiMthe writer 
of ft Krie* of dramna ndapti>d from the works 
nf well-known authora. Thft** pieeM w«re ; 
* Little Era'Iy,' Olympic Tbtatre, {ti)«t. IWHJ, 
which ran twohiindred nipbla; 'Amv Itr>h> 
Mrt; \tnirv Lane, S4 Sept. 18^; 'Ntd],' 
Olvmpif Theatre, IB Not,; ' Noin.- Ihunc,' 
A^clphi Theatre, 10 April 1871 ; ' Hitljocca.' 
Dniry l^no, Uf( S^t.j 'Hilda,' Ad^dpbi, 
1 April I87i; 'Tbc Ladvof ihe Latie,' Drurv 
Lfln-,21 Sppt.; and' Heart's IMi|{ht,"foundwl 
on Dickens N ' Pmnbi-y and Knn,<r lobe Thea- 
tre, 17 Der. 1873. Hr poaAosud a reniark- 
ahle talent for IrrinKini^unt thennlient pninta 
of a norel, and hia atlaplatiiTiiii wmf tiirrr**- 
ful wbora otbvra failed. Cliarlr* Dirken* 
wnztBlr proiMd the cnnatruction of 'l.illln 
BmV; Fion 1873 Halliday aulTiTivl fn>m 
sofWning'af tb« bnin. lie diixl ai 'i 81. 
AuinuliBe'a Ibiad, < oimlen Town, I^ndnn, 
^ 10 Afril 1877, and wu burk-d in llighfrabi 




cemetery on 14 April. Itin printed wnrk* 
were: f. 'Tin- Adrviituma or Jlr. "Wilder- 
Bpin ill liis .limniHv lliniugl Life.' ISiiO. 
•>.'Kvi'ryiUyrHp.'rs,M8t!J,2vola. 3.'Sunny- 
BidtJ INipurs.' IStiS. -1, 'Town and Country 
Ski'tolies,' l*iM. ."i. 'Tiia Gn>iit City,' a 
novel, I8l!7. (5. ' Tht' SavngB L'iub I'iirn'«,' 
ISO; Slid 18ftH. i>>)ited by A. ILdlidHv, 
2 To!e. 7. Slmkcupmirt:** iniitiiiy uf 'An- 
tony nnd f'liviiHitn*,' iirninptd by A. H«i- 
liilny, iK?.*!. In LaeyV ' Aeiid^,' Edition of 
I'lar»,' the following^ pii*i*s vferi> printpd: in 
Tol. xliii. ' Romeo and Jiilii>i tmve§lic<,' mid 
in vol. Ixxxv. ' L'hwlf ma !■<',' n fnmn, TIip 

farce* bv William Itn 

:mu|;U mid A. HrillidiiT 
« ' Cftnww,' in vol. li. 

■wenj; in vol. I. Ih 
ihf 'Pretty HnwhrnnUfr,' in vol, li*. 'A 
yiiiliiiij; I'ny "t Itn' lin-at Etliibilion' ond 
the ' t'filUcn Jlitwn wttW at ImI,' in vol. 
Ivii. 'A Valentin I.',' in vol. W. 'My II>?art't 
in t\iv: lliglilniid*!,' in vol. l:tii. lite 'Aron 
Belli?/ in vul. l-viii, llii- ' Aclor'n lU-trenl,' in 
\«l. Ixiv. ' Di>iii); 1 l«inl lag,' in yM. \xv. ' Goin^ 
lothi-J><)Ki4,''iuvol. Lwi. ' L'petiiirv[tuilI>Owii- 
cCnirt,' in vol. Ixvii, 'Mwdborougli EU-Ction.' 
'Kcnihnnrth,' n comic i-xtravnj^anxit, by 
A. llalliday and I'\ Lawrence, and ' (,'b«:l(- 
luale,' a comndy, wtirn ulnn priuUd. In n 

fublic*t.itm ralW 'MixinJ HwhiiIS,' 1*><I", 
Inlliilny vttolo 'About I'anUtniimiw,' pp. 

[liliifiimrnl Rnvintr. i Fob. Ifl74, pp. 81-2. 
wilh portrait; Km, 15 April 1877. p- 12; C*t- 
toon I'oriniiW. 1B73. pp. 8S-0. willi porlwit ; 
ThuTli«lrp.l7Af.rd1S;r. pp.HO-l;IIl<tilwlfd 
iondui] Sovre, 21 Au*. 18*7, p. 373, wtili_p«r- 
tmil.; llloaLrutcd Sportina iiiul Drnmut'tc Sow*, 
2t April 1877, pp IUS-0, with port rait ; Inglinx 
Dmnintic VVriUi* of Scottand, 18fIM, fp. 40, 
13'J.1 a. C. B, 

lUCK (|Hi;i!-lritl9), iimiitifiir ftrlisl.. sonof ft 
[■Hplftin in tlit) navy, viu from IB;1D iintUlus 
dtiitli clnrk in t\w paclinmout oflicc, Iloiue 
nfLordi. lie cultiviitwln tnJdvlbriiaiutlnjr 
iu later years witli mnrli cnTdy nnd fnir 
moCMs. iif flxliiliiltf) all t.liH Royal .\cn* 
demy in ISOS a vinw of ' Moid Sliabod fmni 
ttieCatHd CuTtjj Roiid.' In IS-Vtliyexhiliirwl 
'Xlie MtNunrc fur llin "VVeJdinp Uinir,' nnd 
twoscontwl'mmlliisCrinieamvBr; iheforniifr 
Kttnctod mucli notice and wna eiipmved. 
H« exhibited in ]S>'i7 ' Thu tSido of a. }li>nn,' 
in l8fiB 'Tbe lllind ItoiV-I'^niakiT with bin 
First Child; in |.*W4 ' A Bird in llio Hand,' 
and in 186*1 ' Kotna vivniln f? Roma niorla.' 
lie contrihuTpd an i'tHiin(r of ' Tla- Pl«a of 
the MicJaiimmiT Fiiirii'.i' lo iLe e<litia!i nf 
lliv>d'> 'IWnnt' niibliiilR'd by iho Junior 
Etchiiift dub in iN'iS. llalliday was one of 
tlio carliect tDcmbeTa of the pTe-Raphaeliie 

I school nf [minting. II« was bIbo ui uathu- 
friasiic ruluutfu'r. « lirft.t-rnte rifle-aliOt, nud 
one of tliL- fint Kn^liEh vii^bt who oompctad 
for the KIctm .Sliiidd at * Wiinbladon. He 
diwl after a cborl illnau at Tliurloe P1ae«, 
Soiil.h Kensinijiton, on 1 Junu 18l)9,aDd 
linriod at BrompTon cemel«ry. 

' jHodinrc's Did, of Artiiia; Art JourtiaT 
ISOO; AthMifuni, It Jaae, 1S1I9; Roynt Aea- 
iluaiy C^uloguea.] L. C. 

, HALLIFAX. SAMUEL (I7S3-1790>, 
. liiKhiip #ucc«iasivt^ly of Gloumit«r and St, 
, Ajia]t!i, Ini^ at .Mansfield r>n 8 Jan. 1733, 
I waji idd<Qil uon nf Robort Hallifax, apothdoUT, 
of Mannfii'ld, XotTini;liniu»hirv, tiy H«nn«b, 
' danj^hr^'r of Sumno! J^bb of the ume lotra, 
who are commt'inrimti'd by a ni<Hiuuieat is 
C"hwterfi.dd ClurcU. Robort Hallifax. M.O. 
(17:(->~lSlt>),wliowa«pbvi*ician tothffPriiKO 
of WaW (aflerwarda Of jrye I\ ), wo* s 
voungor brother (McSK, Co/A of Phyt. iL 
I S3«). Sir Rictj«r.l .Tcbb (1720-1787) [q.T.] 
and J.>bn Jcbb Il73'>-I7«i) [a. v.J ■ytan his 
I fir«lcou»in^ Ilif ^audi'atliecUobertWatRr- 
bouao of llalifuA, vroa tbo finl to drop ihn 
patronymic uf Watuibgtuc, and to call hiin- 
»olf llidlifajc, from lliv iiiivn vitli which bit 
famjly bad beuu lon^ connected. \fu>T nt- 
(•■ndinE tbc i^ranimAr echoal of Mftoafttddt 
Hallifax was adiulttod into Juu.i Golbxe^ 
Cambridpj. naan ordinary aisarSI Oct, I7fe, 
and w-iis clcctwi lo a close scholanliip on tho 
founsliili'in of Archbishop Sleme on 24 (Jcl. 
In.lanimry I7o4 liui^duHlcd U..^., wlien Itr 
waa lhin!wrmii*l>-rin mntticntal ics. and won 
The fiUani^flt'ir'jifridilini.'dal forrlamici.and in 
1755«nil l"u6 Iiu rarrii^lnA'unenf tile ni«ia- 
bor»' priKe*. IIh w(w nUctwl foundatinn ftcho- 
1nron liJI-Vb. 17M.aiid admiltedto afolloi^^ 
idiip»n'22Jnn>>^ L70iJ. Next veer be pme««dij^| 
H.A., and twfore nwigiiintrliis reltowahin iP^ 
Jmui CoUogv.e*rly in 17f)0. held tlteGol(«{p» 
olH(»S of ptmlectar, d(ion, tutor, ■Ipward. and 
roiital buraa.r. On niiifratinii toTriuity Hall. 
IlHllifai was «lc*cti^ io n fi^llrtwithip (3 April 
I7IJ0|, and »|>eedi!y becanii! erointTUt ah i^"* 
tiitnr. Here he applied liimaclf tit ihontiid 
i>f law, anil look tliodepveof LL.D. in I"r 
Hii vfM prdwntttd to the rwtorv of Che 
diiii^tim. nnrkinKliamghirv', 3U N'or. ]7t 
nnd Ill-Id it until 1777, hut, continued to 
side at Canibrid|ri-, and n^iainod hia fell 
Bbip uulil 1 Nov. 177.5. When. Ihr uhair i 
Arabic became vacant in .In]iu&Tyl7SM,Hallt 
fat, then deputy of iSr, Ridlinffton, profoMnr 
of civil law, (kfoated bis Goiuin, John Jcbb, 
u'baliuil (itudiwl .A.mhic for Eontp time, inibc 
canti>iit forih« .Arabic chair. He held A^sine 
ciira* fur two Ti-nw both tli(. nn>f«iMordbip 
Arabic on t he i&undat ion of RiirThomae Adai 





and tbeloH »Iiiiaiief''s profeMonKip of Arabic 
<l7tl^70). ThM«e^Tuiinblenro(!eedinff<ten 
lh*ptinofHftlliraxftlii>Dnt<fMlIiMCioa(nn. Th^ir 
^iffironctv vera a^;gnvftt«d in 1773 on the 
Aiti'iiipT tnabolUh •ab*CTi|iti(in to tWTIiirtr' 
«iiivrr!iili<>«, wlirn •<>inu Icttcn (igDed ' Eru- 

lion, <vri-r«f:eii«nllYOScnb«d toUUIiiiix. llv 
wafiBitadwc] W Nn. Ji-U>«'ilb6aeh wti iui<] 
sucasra Uut mis muiI to bnve called on 
M'Ukio, bcT pdbUdier, to requeat Lim not to 
"print nay more of her vrr'iUagt. Tliej wore 
mfni^ at TnriaDoein 177'l,>rli<;Q J<^bb carried 
■hut trmce for A HTtiiliraIr to pniiti'iti! nnniiitl 
iiatiiitiA. Fnini 1770 to 17Hl* Ilaltifiix 
eid ibe rejtiuit profisuonbip uf civil lav at 
>amlirMlf;^ lie was creatM diii|jlain in or- 
^naty lo tboliiiiKiD PobniArv 1774. lUxIU.U. 
T>_if loyiil mBDdntc in 1775. ^Vllell I>r. Top- 
r'Commann, nallifitu HticcrcOrtl lo lh>- pmt 
^(1770). Inl77fiMn.rrnnr.for)iisMrYicMta 
lixion. rewardnl Kim willi tlir nduabli: W^ 

BiaHe tile parish clioir famous for mites round. 
TTia candKlatiire in 1779 for ibe mastership 
«f Catberinc Col!*jre, Cambridge, was unsuc- 
vnwiral. On 27 <>ci, 1 7'<1 lie wascnnnecnued 
lliabop of OloucMtcr, nnd on 4 April 1 7f'!l Iw 
^na conAmted a* binhou nf St. Avnpliilx.'iug, 
tit is Kaitl, thx lirvt. Kn^litli bi^h^lp ttini bad 
ill truiwIalM (i> a WdIbIi iuh>. A()i'r much 
he died of Himn in i)ia litaildur al 
Doiitb Street. AVtuttmiiifti'F. on 4 Mnreb 
790. His favourite sod. wlw died at War- 
tap in t7fi2, when a boy, tbrotigb being 
MWded in a ttr^wbouso, was buried in tlie 
cbasMi] of Wanmp Church, where the bishon 
directed ibat bn liim^vlf ehotild be bnripd, 
and a mural tabtet with a I.stin innrription, 
written by his fatber-iU'lnw, Mworda thmr 
Idcath. Itis wife, wham he marri^K) inOc- 
Itober 177.5. was Catherine, iMwnd dau|{biKr 
|j»r Itr. William Cooke, dean at Ely (1711- 
^JWJl'q. %-.! Their aurrivin); issutr wika one 
t'Md aix dnii^hlnrs ; the widow is «&id to 
rweived a ponaion from OeorB:o III. 
JahB Milner, ibe Itoman onlholic liiahop of 
CaeUbala, asaertod in bis ' Knd of IC^liffious 
Contrororsy ' (d(. j. o, 77) that lUllifax 
'probably' died a catholic. This OMvrtion 
wa« coeiradioted in iLe 'BriUsti Critic,' 
tApril l>M'ii, pp. 90o-«. Parr, in Uia elnb»- 
ratc li--tl<rr en jf ilarr'e work, showed ila im- 
uT'ibahilitv.BiidincicU.'Dtallj dwelt CO UalU- 
PaiT> appendix iff. 63-00) contnias com- 

Kndenc? between Mibierand llie Iter. B. F. 
Ilifux. tho bidtop's SON. 
Hallifiu, lajB 8ir K^rton Brvd)^, who 
Tot- xvr. 

■ Attended his law lectures, wu 'a mitdeou^ 
I teous little man, accompliofaed with Uaniing, 
I and of a ck-ar intellect, not only of no (orve, 
, but even lHii|;uid.' Bi^opWalMO addilbat 
hi^waenotabovellie 'ordinary meansoftngT^- 
tiating luuaeU with Rtoat aaa.' Ilis treat- 
ment of disGonters dariiiff Us tuiorthip at 
[ TrinitT Ilall \» abown in hi* bank duueu- 
nour ton-aHs Sonuwt Hc^ood, Mijeant-at- 
law. Uie numeroua publicalioD* oumpriacd: 
1. 'Saint Fttul's Uuctrine uf Justifiealinn br 
Faith flKplaiDMl in tlirev Disconraea beforu 
the Univcnitj of Cambridge,' 17t{0; ihid edit. 
176;ii, in which hv n-plicd to eomc prvviaua 
snrmiin.-« hv tho Rt-T. John Berridp^ [q. v.] 
on ' JuHtilicaiinn br Kaiib nioni;, witliuut> 
Workn.' 2. 'Two Aermmis pmaobi-d before 
thtt UuiTeraity, 1768, in praise nf Benefao- 
tore,' 3. 'Three ^rmooA prttiched b«fura 
the University on the Att«mpt to abolish 
Stibw-ripiioo to the TTiinv-nint' Articles of 
Ui'lipon,' 177?, two rditions; thin nrodiici-d 
an anonymous * LelliT In Dr. nnlliTiu ujion 
the Subject t^f histbnw DtMouna-V 1T7J, by 
Sorauel Bladiall [q. v.], which was dnem^d 
by Parr ' rery arfrtunenlalire and Jiuilr m^ 
vore,' while ihe three Bermou were, on ibe 
same critic's authority, 'abewy and amply 
ri-wnnU-d.' 4. ' An Aiialysia of the Itomsu 
Civil I..AW, ill which a Ch>mpBriMn isoL^a- 
siminlly made Iwtwenii theKoimtuiLawvaiid 
t\ttwf of England : beingthe beeds of acourw 
of I.itwtun9i [iitblickly n-nd in tlie University 
orrambridgu,'l774; Sndedit. IT/fj; 4th edit. 
1795 ; new edition, with altemtions and ad- 
ditions by J. \V. Geldart, king's profeasor of 
the ci\-il litw, 1S3*!. Il was ldu^ iiidudtil in 
vol. ii. of thrve voEum>'« pulitiiihcMl in IHKt-. 
I»1H hv the propTH'trtni of ihn ■Military 
Chrftnii^f),' lOHbow the cimrwi i>f education 
at Cambridge mid Oxford. ITiesc leeTurea 
were attcndtKl ' hv persons of the liigheel rank 
and fortunes in tbe univetsitj.' a. 'Twelve 
Sermons on the Prupbecieia eoneeniing The 
Christian t'hurcb, and in particiiilar lbs 
Church of I'npal liome. Preached in* 
coin's Inn Cliapfv! at Livctum of ItinlK^p War- 
burton,' 1776. W. '.Sfirmon« in Two Vo!uim>« 
by Samuel Opdcn. To which is prefiie-l an 
Account of tbe AutborV Lifr,' with a t indi- 
cation of bis writingnbv llnllirax, 1780.17**, 
1789, and 1806. llallifsx followed Ugden 
8l the Round Church, Cambridgr', and 'af- 
fected bis lone and manner of deliv<?ry, but 
did not succeed in attracting po nomeroua a 
CODgrogalion' (Ol'XSIXo, iE«Bw*»(WKw, i. 
:^40). 7. * Prrfacv br Hatlifax lo a Cbaripi 
dcltTercd by Bishop Uutkr at hia Primary 
Vinilntion of Durham DiocMc,' 17tf& Tbo 
preface wu added lo aumt-rous eeparato ftdt- 
lioBs of Butler's 'Analogj-' from 1786,1 




th» edition in Rohn's Stnndaisl Libnirr, ftnd 
to th» reproduct-iein nf BijiWn ' Kiftean Ser- 
moiu ptvMhMl nt ihr IMU Cbitpnl ' in Vat- 
tflrrooffl and StcbWng'n Mcrwl ctnMiM. Hr 
(Vinlrilmt pd to the iinivoniitv mllocttanit of 

f>n*in» printwl in 17^iOan<l 1763. He puV 
ijlipii rourtftMi ningle t^ervacTte, ftiid tlitit 
pronch^d in ITMi on the atmiverMrv of tb« 
mictyrdoni if Kinjr Qharlea j^rovolccd *A 
LctU-r lo thf. Ri]>lio|M on iho TmI Act«, in- 
cluding Stncturvs on iriUifox's Sormon,' 
17>i9. An iijwloKj' forthc clcrgyand litiirgj- 
of \hb eatabltsUed cUurcli was DttnbuUd to 
3um by Dr. LorU There an aomo sllgbl n- 
branoM taluni in LbeCole MSB. at tbu Hri- 
tUb HuMum (Addil. MSS. fi8fi9, Ka72, snd 
ItSTd), nnd (wvi^ml of tie loiters are in tlio 
poucuion of tho Dalmuplo fwnily (^I[i»t. 
JUrSS. Cbmtn. 4th Itou-^.M!). Uuportmit 
liMgs in tb« h&Il at Trinilj Hall. 

(Diinar"! Jebb, i. 30-i6, BS-70, itt. 60; 
Bi>hop WitUoti'a Anwdotcm t. 115; Sir E. 
BrfdgM'i Aatobiocraphy, i. AO; WKkaAiiliVg 
JAemoin. i. M, 3fl3-3. S30: Belop'aSexagoDariaD, 
j. flO ; Dyer"* CambrJd-i*. il. 130; tVwper'ji An- 
nnUof CiimliritJKP, iv.32e,.1fia ; Nirrhttlii'B IIliu. 
lr»tion»cf Lit. \\\. 50i-7 ; NieWn'i LEI. Anoe- 
I 4ot». iii. 00, T. Gflf, ri. 908, ?iii. UT. 670, OIV, 
Ix. 630, 650 1 Field's Purr. ii. ^fl ; Barkcr'a I^i^ 
tiaBft. i, S87. ii- 377-40S ; Bibl. rMTinnn. p. 67fi : 
La Neva'a l-'uiti (Hjirdy); Thoroinu'ii Koitiog. 
hnmsbira, iii. 370 : l.iif-i^inb'aBiicktndutniihiro, 
iii. 313; Jmuh CuIIkkh ICecDrdi. supplied by the 
Hdv. H. A. Uurguti, U.D. : Wikmip Pariah RoKi** 
ton by tlio Rev. R. J. KitiK. 1381.] W. P. C. 

1786), lard miLvorof London, \va4 third son of 
Jolin Hallifox,a c1ockniaki«r.of Itamslev, and 
bis wife, Anne Archdnle of Pillor. 'l?om 
nt IWnsldT in 17^1, hewiw npprvnIicM to 
ft rrceia fSiflrn, but Ivofnro bi* indnntiipr-ji 
fully expln>d ha Irtft BnrnalcT and enme-. tfi 
London, wliere Be rapidly gntniid a. jtantinn 
as a. goldfinith and banker. ~ (In 5 Jan. 1753 
he beeftni« partner of, or p^rliafw joined in 
Astabliitbiiig', thn tirui fif Jii>f>i>h I'ere, Sir 
llicbfttd filyn, nnd Thnman llnllifrtx, earry- 
inff on business ■* bimkon" in Loinbnrd Striiof 
("W'ltKPNBOS, Woi/}iir* 0/ Hai-n»lrij. p, 173). 
Til's firm sliortl_vafl«rwar<U n-inovt":! to Bir- 
cbin Ij«ui>, wWro tbey becaxuL- ihi- Inrgwt 
private bankiu;;-boua« in London, flieir ijnj- 
wnt slylt! Ijeiiif* 01yi>. Mills, Cuitie & Co, 
(Peice, San'Uoo/{ 0/ l^njon Jlankfrt, 1870, 
pp. 57-8). JJc became fr<M? of thocity in tbo 
rMino ysM (1753). On -i7 St-pt. 17-M hewaa 
iidmitt«d to the fri.'ctknn of tlw noklsaiii.bfl' . 
CojnpunyljTrvdtmptiDn; wntfclfctedalivrry- I 
I inauiii 17M, nndainwnljPTof ihf niurt of n,t- | 
[■utant« in 17fi'' : and wrvi'd mji itrimc wunlni I 
I of the coniponT in 1768-9. Il!d ormA am set i 

lip in tb« Goldaniiba' IFall. On ^ N< _ 
KHB he was elected aldermaii of AJdeni^Te 
w^(iTd,eprved (be oHic* of ebcrill' in ]7(Jt*, and 
took pitrt ia the spkndid rer«ptiou and en- 
t«rUininent ffiven to the kii>^ nf Dvuiaark 
on 3.1 Sept. It \pu probably on tlii« occa- 
aiou that lii,- was lniiglit«d. ' Barly in 17(19 
Ut' Hcied na n-ttuiung officrr during tbc !»• 
poatcJ r«-c1<>ction9 of Wilkea oa moiabur oT 
IMirliamenl for MiddlcMX, and maintaiard 
t ho right of firee elMtioo aninet tbe efflbttA 
of the gDT«riuneut to iavaudatg tbe r«tum. 
SbcTtlj aftcrvarda IIaUi£BX jnined thu court 
partr, and ww> put fonrard with Aldcmiaa 
ohaku^nuv in 1773 lo oppo«r Wilkoa in his 
contact far t3ic mayoralty, tli<: election ni- 
Hulling in the return of Alderman TnvnA- 
end (UoucB WALroLB. La*t Jaamah, tid. 
Uoran, i. HIH). lit' was elected lard mayor 
onMicbnt^lnuudny I77(t. The Witkosaifita- 
tinn hiul rhrti eitl)nidi;d. and Ilnltifax invited 
tt> hi.-i maynmlty rnlertninmrrnt the leading' 
raembiTH of ilir miniatrt- whi> hod iiot bMn 
I aakeil far sevi'n yyara (('A, it. SJ). He minxd 
1 much rredit duriuir his year df office br V 
I opnn«itiDD lo the preaa^HR Byslcm. ^^'br 
ntuain^tuback the illegal pre-vtwarranta. 
(favM «>nl«rstotIiacitvninr>hHl*tii aearcfa th» 
publtc-hotiMi and take inln riinody all xiw- 
|iect«d penmu, and liiuul uwr to tliu hlng's 
nav^ officers sucb 01 eould t^ire no account of 
ihamxelreii (Oejit, Mui). 1776, p. KH). H» 
repreaanted tbn t)oro(i((h of Ayleabun' iu par- 
tiamentfromS] March 1784 tiUbisdeath. In 
17(11 IietniHenpapcd in a suit with the pari&li 
of UurySt. luliniindsl'orrcfiiMngiosenel" 
ollicn of church wnrili-ii, on tin' gmund nf 
privLlogo fia on nldttrmeui of I>md<m. (>n 
l'I) Man>h a motion waa bmugbi fitm-anl in 
ilin court ofpommon eouncil to defray iho hx- 
penACH of the suit, when it. was decided that 
114 further cost should be incurred, and l' 
the cijm« of »ll similar #iiits should in flit 
be del'mynd by thi' iiartiiu iiit«n;«t«d. 

Hallifax lived nt Enlinld,ittOordcui H 
on thfi Cha-io Side, formerly b^nginf 
William Cosmo, duke of Uordon, tlie bouie 
in which LordOeargeGnrdon [q.v.] isuidto 
have been bom. He died suddenly at Birrbbi 
Lane, after fonr days' illtiea«, on 7 Fob. 17«0, 
nnd was bnri^nn thit l7thM^T.h much pomp 
in the famitTTftiilt of th(« Smnloa in Knfi«ld 
cburchyArd. Hi* tomb, b<>aring inu--nptions 
eoamctnoniting himst^lf and his s.'wnii wife, 
ia n plain nllar uonumenl uf wbit« atone, 
vucloiicd with iron rails. He left no will. 
Hisproperty was eetiniated at 100,000/. Ual- 
iiffts mftrried ( i) in ]7l>l',ot Fwcll, Penelope, 
daughter of Richard ThomKin of Lincoln's 
Inn (ale brought him SO,UOO/.. nnd died 
within a yoor) ; and (2) Margaret, daughtcc 

11 ad 



.- HX- 

! that 

ig td^ 



uul oobttmH oTiofca :^«tiW-. vmj . of t tarlitl). 
BnAaM: cbv dwd am 17 Xut. 1777. »tift 
ming birtb to s CMmd rlulct, Sartle. cm 
6 Nin. Hvnooa. The cyer chtld, TIkmbu. 
toon 9 Nov. l774.RUded M CtMdaen UaIL 
Snflbll^ wlwn iB isdiflbraiil eotmit of Sir 
Tliniiiw TTdlifii iiwiJw Hapoinutalfio 
f fw in K paiDttBf tt OuMbul bv Millar, 
tupmniiiTifiy thm iWMliu|' in «f A^mun 
Kawnkaa u lotd mmjiv oti 6 Nor. 17^. 
Thi* «u CBcnTed kj Kmitb, «&d pnblutbi^ 
by B<7di>]| w imi. 

fa«Di. Mjifi. 1789. pt. t. pf>. in-ti wiikitt- 

l l > !>db <ia k of laoien Oaiun^ 187$, n^ (7-0.] 

tHATJ.TPAX. WILLL13iaer»? 171'^), 
diriiii?, t>:ini at ^vrm^Uturpv, LincoliuLUn:, 
■boat 1*^>5, me tbe mq of the Rev. John 
UUifu. Oii»Feb.]670beeol«mlBna<<- 
DOae Cdk^ Oxiard. m a senihir, but wu 
•dflultad a BclwW of Conoi Chtuli CoQege 
[e mJiuud R.A. in 167J^. 31A. to 1673, 
lDJ).iBl68T. In lOSShcmiblisbcd Ami 
t FWacli « iniulation of UiJktde CbaWs 
'Euclida.' Us 18Jan.!A&7-«bewa«(-k«t«d 
efanilun toibe Leianl Ccmpuir at Alt-mo, I 
umdqU thr appainnneot mn3^Nov.lftH5, | 
Hsvin; at MidiaeliDU 1601 paid a riui to 
Falfnyrm in Siria. he Mat an account t*> Pro- 
feww EdwarS B«ijard,wliicli,wiiii asketeh 
of the rains takni br two of his iraveltiB^ ' 
Cotnpanianit, was ina^'rtpcl in th«- ' lliilwo- 
pfckal TrasaaclJOiM ' for IROo (xix. B3-1 in). | 
iTc took the degne ot D.D. bj- diploma in 
leOTi, uid on 17 Ang. I6B9 tm waa pww ntj'd 
In- Tbataaa Fole^ of Willey Court in tbe 
nchly andowad maarr of "oid Swinfotd, 
WoRMUfahire, and held it with tbe rvetory 
of Salvup* inth^ Gam« conntr. to wMch he 
wai inwitulwl oo IS JidTl7lS(NA8H, H'cr- 
emtmhirf, ij. 21», 'U, 330). H« di«d ap- 
porvntW in thebe^nninffof I7S9,biu1 d««irM 

»n»h). By 
B pfobaUr ttft no iRSUc. Ua boqu«atlwK] 
iCmpW nm*ti rollnp-, Uxf-inijhi^ori^nial 
boolu and maniincripti, • xilvvr-gill basin 
bon^t at Ali>pM, aud a, tolWtian of coins 
and iBedala. He wrote also ' A S«nnoQ , . . 
pnvaeh'd Jan. 30, 1701. With a Vutdtcatioo 
of it* Anthor from aRperviont ca«t upon bim 
ii» a Ut* bVl, entiik-d a Letter to a Cleiw 
nian in rh« Citj,canc*!miii|r the InstracUons 
lat*iT gipcn to the Procloia of tbe Clergy 
for the Diocwfl of WoK««ef/ 1702. 

[Wood's Athene Oioa. (BI>«}. it. t20 ; J. B. 
P«>t*oD*B C%sp!auu to Levant Od.] G. O. 

daMxeal seholaF, aan of Williaa HftlUvall, 
masio' of ths Bkirale; gnaunar sehool, and 
iBruatbent of Ilolna, waa bon at BaTnlaj, 
lAQcafibire, on S& Anc. 1703^ and edaeaMd 
at his bUMrt aebeel aad at HuKhaatar (^ 
mar acfaooL Praeeadiar u> Oxfiwd ba 
triralatpd at BtwewiMCoUmlSJaD. I7r<3J 
waanominaK^Hlilisaaaahi&lioner in 1787,1 
and fnu]nat«d B.A. in I7K3, M.A. in 17^9ul 
and B.D. in ims. In 17W bo lM«anw> f«lJ 
low, and in 179B dean and Habnrw Uctntwr 
or hia odlese. He waa an awirtiat ehafr> 
lain of the HaaebMter Coll(^at« Cbmcb uk 
17W, and waa praa €B l»d (o ih' rfcton- of 
ClaTton-cuu-KajiiMr, dmf DiKUing, Sua- 
M-3, in Il4)8,wbM homi^npdall his«ollM« 
otEiCAa. From a pcculiantv in hi* gait (■« 
waa known at Chaord w ' Xh. To*,' and 
was tbe sntject of an amusing cpognm bj 
Biehop Heber on hia belni; jiltMl l^ a lad] 
who rnarhed her footnun. lie wee also th< 
c«otnl obje«t of a«lever satire, eDl4ilvd ' Th*1 
Whippiad,' hy Hober, imbUahed in UUcJk-l 
wood^Uagaira»'(Jtayl&l3,liT.100-«). U« 
waa oaa of tbe wlmlan who aasiited the Fal- 
coners in their editioa of ' Strabo ' in 1607 
[sKTB FiLTOSBB, TuoMAs, 1 77S-l«»], awl he 
made ao EngUdi tnasJaiinn of tnu. wot^^ 
which has not beeo published. After I ' 
narriasv in 180S to Eluabeth Cariile 
i^DBD>'uill. near Bolton, hii rv^iiled at Ctafol 
ton, where he wsa lonfi; rcnii-inl]eT(<d as *l 
ho!f|iitaUe pariab priest of the old lu^ ■ ~ 
ijre,' and an a sin^larlj^ humane and b ei i»i ^ 
Tnlentman. Iledivdathtsreciorf on IS Jan. 
l^'U, aged69. 

\3. F. Smith's Maaeh. Schoel Rag. (Chstham 
Soe.>. ii. 347 ; Kotac aad Qnuiei, lat atr. rii. 
383.) C W. a 

(ie90-1SS9), biographer of ShalmivAn>, bom 
31 Jnne 18S0 at Sloaae StrMi, Ch^lsAB, was 
third and TOnanwt son of Thomas Halliwallj 
a natiraoiChortnT, Laneaahiro, who cane to 
I>3adoD about 1 7TA and pn»pcmd in btiniwaa 
tlitre. JaneawaaedueatiidatpnTateschool^j 
and showed an aptitude for natbeoaatiei 
Wlien onlj 6fte«ti be began to collect boot 
and nanuacripls, and cootributad to 'Tb 
I^aitheaoa' between Xorambor ISW nnd 
January 1637 a series of lireaef mathemtti- 
daa*. On 13 Not. 1837 he mnlriculatcd 
at TriaitT Cq11>^-, Cenibndg^ hut renored. 
in tUc lollowina April to Jesus College. 
where he gaisvJ a mothi-matioal prise aad 
scholarship, and acted as Ubranan. Ha 
took little intanet in ordinaij acadsmic 
atudies, and spent mnch time in tho Josua 
OoUc^ and the uni^tnaity LibrariH. He 





to kaov TboDMB Wright fq. v.], bla 
lior by l«n jimuv, wlio wns Milt kt Uom- 
llinclgc, And Vi'H^lit uideil him in liia liUt- 
fnry projticlA. And iiilmtltictHl him lu Ilia 
LlThrary of Ilia ow» college, Trinity. For 
noiuiy yeare ilie two frienda were closely m- 
|0ociiitoil in vuriouB litoniy eoterpriBco. In 
1638 apponrod Ilalliwcirs first buak, ' An 
Account ot' tlir Life n]i(] Itirculionit cif Kir i 
Somud Miirlmiil ' ((-iimbHilK<^ Svo). In ] 
AiwuHt of the Miiiii^ yt-iir bi- w&a iiUyinK at 
Ux£)td vritli TmfeMtiT Ki)taud, and cone- ^ 
■paadiiiK willi Jowpli Ilunler. Next ^enr . 
lie wroM for the ■ Companion to tbcr Briti»h 
AlmaDBc' B jinper on wirly cHlimdar*. nliicli ' 
WM i>«prini«I m jmniphlt^f. form; ]iiil)lii>h(-<l 
'A Fi^wHiiitB t(iNnvif-n»iuMniium-"ri])t Lit*— 
nil.iirtf* (IjoiuIoii, Ifilfll, 8\o>, nndt'ditrti'Sir 
Jolin Miuidtulle'it Twvi-i* ' {I»ndon. 18S9. 
fjvo). lialliwi-ll afiHm'urds clnimed to be 
rMpoaHible only for tlit* introdtiction to this 
editiou or Mtind>.'villi>, which liM bitvii oR«u 

HalhwoH'it iu?tiviLp U ao earlj nil tao nt- 
trnrtiTfl iitt«nlion. Mimi Ame* StriclcUnd 
Hou^ht liiH ucquuintaiii^e, lie became inii- 
male will) WilhHin Jt>n]nn, i?ditOF of thu 
•Lil«niry(}aMtte/Ch(ir!i?sK'>iM-li Smith, and 
Honurd ^flnunloii. On 14 F<>Ij. IH-^flhowiu 
p!«-twl n fittlow iif UmSiicicil.Tiil'AnriijiiJirii'-B, 
and afti-r«-n.rilii ronthbuu^d'tiiiiny {iiipon tn 
tho ■ Archnolo^iit.' On SO Mnv lf*;5U, bifure 
iVHC-bitig hi* niiii'tiH!iitb birlfiday, be wa* 
i«l«ctisd a fi'llow of tbL- Roynl iwciely — an 
Uonour for vhich bo wad rer^ommendM hj 
Jaden Powell, Whewell, Sedgwick, Davioa 
JiIbOTl,Sir llpnry I'llli^, and otliora. ()n thrt 
titli>-|)a|;i> ti( thft bon1(i> which hi> |inbli.«hodin 
1H40 \tf- dc»criWd himuitf lu mirmlirr aImi of 
tho A^trononiiral and of ti;n antiquiirian to- 
Leotit« All lb(> continent of Kuro]>< uid in 
AiucricB. In tliD tiutitmn, aft«T hu clwtiou 
to the Koy&l ^cit^ty, be catalofpied t&« iai»- 
ceiliani.?oiia ninntii>cri|il« iu tbo Sociyly'* ti- 
bmnr, and tlut CotAla^iiit wns publiKhrd tii llii' 
following yunr. Early in iWy he projected 
tbeCambriduv Ail tiquariiin Society, of which 
be was tlie iirel SMrctary. Uot nlicr Lent 
UTmh>.- lt«li t'dtubrid^-i.' without ade^voand 
auttk'd wiih his fatbi-r io London, lie had 
at that date collected about ISO curly manii- 
actiptfltchicflv dealing witbmnthcmalica and 
BlToloO' tic printed t, rolalu^t;, but was 
xl by ptfitMiro nf crtTdilont lo well the 
toDllectioii iu 1^40. 

Ih Liiiidou bu Morked bard iu the library 
of iht Itritit'h Shificuia. boii^hl hooka and 
nianii«cripla,nnd found mcrfial ion inAvqiionl 
viiitf to tbelbciitrr. In l&JO ho prcparMl 
for thf! prtw* trti works, and in 1&41 thirteen. 
Tli(.«f inci udrd ilin-c tracts on thi; maniiitcript 

GollL-ctiona at CajDhridgo ; Sberwia'a Lati 
Lietory iif Ji-siir< Ciilipp', Cambridcv, dedi- 
cated to Jiw-ph IIiinicr(ie40>: * lUra M(i»«| 
lliematicai ur a Calli^ction nf TrmiiM'fl on 
MathiunatJca, &c., from ancient iin<^ilited 
MSS, ;' and his earliesi warki on Shnktvipfure, 
of whom lie wrote to I[iimi.T, lA .Ian. 1^4^, 
' I grow fondL-r cn-ry day.' llo was at tha 
(otnc lime nn i-nerp-lic nifmbor of all the 
uewlv fouiub-d liti^nir)' «ociriics. For th» 
famJeii Siieietv tt-Mabltthi'd in iNlft) 
iditi-d Wark-wortVn 'CUrouicl.-'(183»). Ri>- 
bnnjrcir's 'Obranicle' <lS40l. Dee'ii ' Privula 
Diary" (h'^tl^l.B selectjon of Simon Fonnao's 
pnjHrrit (xiLpprw^cd. but fiftKO capiea pr^ 
!*TVfdl, l(*4;i. and lh<? ' Tboraton Rodudcm' 
(1844). All lliiwi' work» wuro jiriiiti'd friim 
niamiflcripliincitprwvioU!ilyt^iiti<«r. On lOAUfT. 
183H he aildt>?4»i'd a Imwr lo the prn>i«le: 
of the l.'amden Society, Lord FraiU'is K^ 
ton, urjging him to confine the socie(j'i» 
buiirs to the eliicidalioti of enrly En^b 
history, and complaining i>f the t«iini« 
which hv bad to Kubniir on iii'ivmnl of lit 
voiith. For [hi» Pr.tiy Sociuly. fmindi'd in 
IMl with u view lo puhli«l)in>,' bui!«d- 
literature, he edited the (tarty naval bal 
lads of UnelaTi'd and two oihi>r volumei^ 
1H41: in lAlli'Hw Niirpprj- Itliymut nf En^ 
litnd.i;iill»i-li<d principnlly from othI trnditiiin, 
which mr-t M onoi? with jiopulnt jucwaj, mii 
mivimtiwn other roliiitii-ji lit'lwMn IK4!.' and 
iJifiO, Nor WiiW hta ton-ioi* to tho Shalco- 
ajMaro Society, foitiidod in I'<-11, Inaa coa- 
»picuouB. In 1 ^4 ] he pri'pared for that Mdcty 
'Ludus tkiventriie: aL'olIectionof Mysteri 
fonaerly repreaeul^ at L'oventry.'und eijt' 
othnr voliime^ in «ib«i>qne«t year*, bi;<«id 
mnny tliort ciMuiy* contnhutcd lo I lir aricitf 
volume* of miMNilIantviuH pup^rn. He lika- 
wiM att«mptod in 1 941 to sturt another liti^ 
rnry society on bivuwii account, t'utitWtlta 
llibtotivol i^ciely of Scieuce, for wUioh he 
prepared a naijful ' collection of letters iliiu- 
Irnlivv of ibe projfrew of Kicnw in lins- 
laud from the reign of Eliiabctb lo that of 
Cb&rlc« II,' but tb<.'tH>ciuty»oundicd. Notking 
dauntvd, Ilollivri:!! hoput a pt-Tiodical, ' Tlw 
Arcbitolo^itit and Jcuruul of Antiijuanan 
Science,' of wbidi be pubUxbed, ivitli tlw 
aid of Tbrimaa Wrigbt. ten number* betwt«s 
yi'plember It^l iiiidJuite 1H4J, In l64\ a: 
184^ hasprnl E'Dmc t Ime wilh Mr. Jameia He; 
wood at Mnn€]ie!>C<.Tr pnpnnn^ a catoloff) 
of th<! mnnujicript! ni lliit rbi'lhntn Libraryj 
which wii.i piihhiihr'd in the hitler yr*r. 

In1B41 IIu)liweira&rchH«Iu|riciilcegilcai 
to the aoii« of Sir Tbomaa Phillippfi,_t' 
antiquary, to vhom he dedicated, ^0 
IMO, the firat rolumc of n colkiction 
' Scraps from Ancient MS3.,' cntiiletl ' 






mun Antlqiut.' 1M1 (prejMred witli Ttiomu 
n'fiffht, ini] r«iun«sl ia Irf-irit. I'hillipp« in- 
Tit«a him!nb»lK>ufieat Middle Hill, Krood- 
qiwnt ipiMt there, foil in !ov<? with Pbillippt's 
Bldntt daufflitvr, H-'tirn'tia Etiubuth Moly- 
nem. PbillipjM indi^nantlj tttAued hU con- 
aenttotfa«rnism5{^,buLit took pikw despite 
lua owoaition vt Itroadm^ on '.* Au^. lr^•2. 
Thilivpfa never foi^Te eitfa«r Halliwell or 
hUda«fh(«r, end df<cliiM(l all furthi^r ini^r- 
cotiTvcwith (bpm. Tho netvlv tnmrw-d \<ut, 
(or many yv^n in ctmitTnoal cin^in-.ilaovist, 
took up 'tli«ir roud'-no- fir*t niili IlaUiw^U't 
^Lfttkerin London, and alWward* it I>lip, Ox- 
^PfardthiPOiOf which place llnlliwrll )-ui>lisliifl 
• biatorf ia 1&19. In 16-t4 a Mrioiu clitrKu 
WM bronglit afsioat him. S<fi'i;»l maan- 
wripl* from hia Catobrid|^ coll«ction wvn* 
wcauMcd about 1649 br (ho tnut«(» of Uw 
vritith Nosaum from Kodd, tho bookttUvx, 
to whom lUUiwdl Imd ooM tli<.m in 184a 
In IBU it ma diBcovered that man j of theao 
mnnnncripta bad prt^vmualT bi>h>n(^ to the 
libnrjr of Trinity CoUme, Cunbrklge. and 
bad Men miKbg from t£at library lor fire or 
uz jcan. That the luaniucriMa vera ftba- 
tractpd fn>m Trinity Cnllt-gp atlmitU-d of no 
doubt, and Wimnvll, ihv raster nf Trinity 
Coll«g«i demanded ihnir rvatoration at the 
bftndsartheirusieea of the British Miueiim. 
Kir Hcnrj- Kllifl, ih^ chivf libntriAii iif th« 
MuA^um, liet^an an invEitiKntioii, aiid on 
10 Feb. 18JA tMUL-d an order forbidiling 
iralliwell lo enter iheMiueum until llii- bu»- 

fpicionxattachingtn him were removed, \itvr 
many tlin?nt«of iicliiin«*t. law on thr pan nf 
■II theprnu'inninterritti.-d.lhi' nintti-ri)n>pp<H); 
tlw mantucripu nmainnl iit iJk- Muai;iiin: 
but tlte Older excludiajt IU!liw«tl fruin ih« 
Muaram was not rescinded. Halliwell k^ 
•ertad in a priral^ly printed pumplilec (1B4A) 
that he had bought lbe> suspected maoa- 

IBcriptx at R shop in l»niliin, and his dcfeam 
jmivwl MUinfiwLorii' to liia fri«nd>. 
Me«nwliiht, bMide* bin labnuni for literary 
Mcietie»,IIallj«'L-ll produced 'Nugni'oet if iii' 
Aom fiftjwHth-cenTMry mouusi^lils n^M); 
and Sir Simonds It'Kwee'e * Auiobio^pUy,' 
JWJi. In l»i4<l appi«reid his ' Hictioriarv of 
Archaic and Provincial WonU, Obfuloiii 
PhniiM,Pmv»rb«,aiid Aiieii'ncCui>l«iii»froni 

I the FouniHiiih Cin! ury " (I^nidon, 1»*6, 
tiro), B ri-markiblp eoiumliiiino for a man of 
■ix-and-twentj. It sold steadily fmm the 
first. and rea«heda l«nih edition in l8Sl. In 
1H4X h« piibltalit-d, with n dt-dication to MiM 
^tni-khutil, hiitvn1unl>!>'' l.i.'t.i<fr«flfllie Kines 
Af Enffland, now Hnt U)llMt«d,' L' rnU. 
>'rora 184B onwards he Ufucd bin rfprint* 
, of aaocDt liientur» is very limited uid pri- 

I T«tdy iamied editions — a pnclicu which b« 
I frequently defeoded oD the gfoand that Iba 
public intureMm the aubjeet wu renr amalL 
Thus bit ' Caotribationt to Early Ilngliah 
Lit«cmtnr»,' a collectioa of ax rai« tracts 
(IKtA-O), and hi« ' I.itJTaltin- of th« Six- 
teenth and S4<ri^(r^nth Ci-ntannv * (rvprinta 
of u^ht rare tract*) in IM>1, ween in each 
[ ca«« • strictly limited lo ai^rcaty-five capi«a,' 
and in later lifchereducedtheDnmberAf hu 
' prtTnletyprintedMUM tOtwenty-firi-or«ven 
to t^n copt««.«ai«fidiy destroying all others. 
I Forprirateorcnlationboalaoprepandftotu 
I tunelotiaooaocounteof Ilia own eoHediou: 
, a caUlosw; of hi* ebapbook#, garUndt, and 
popular hittoriea in I9i9, acollectiun of Nor- 
' iolk ballada and tracla in IS5i^ and accounla 
of bb theolutfical mauu«cript«aBd ' iSydneian 
Litvratuiv ' m 1^^. Uf > a bri«f list ' of his 
rare books iunod in It^ he wrote that it 
contained ' more unique booke than are to be 
Ibund in tbc CepcU coUcction or raany a col- 
lege librvr.' Ill 16&6 hiipubU*hed|al tho 
ttspcnw nf a relative, aa tirtbiidox taany on 
the ' KTidences vf (.liriatiBuiiy,' and etart«d, 
with WrtKbt. UohoM U!>ll. and otJiers, a 
puhliabinr aociety cnlli-'d the ' Warton Club,' 
hir which hv pn^'porcd a A-olnmi; of early 
Knglivb rai(!Cfllanic« in proac and \rnv-, but 
lh« vocivty soon dinnpiKnitid. 

ilttlliwcll woA piulunllv nmciMittaTinir lila 
Atlf-ntinii on tliK liff »f Hhabi-nix-ctn* anil the 
toxl of hLi wiirk*. In 1N40 lie laid tlii- founda- 
lioa-sbt afewpurcluiaeeBtCleargenialuit^ra'a 
sale, of'hia unique Shakcapeanan librari-. Ia 
\>^\ he publisbrd 'An Introduction to the 
rhanciiT of HirJohn FalNtair,* mid *Shflke< 
tftriiuA,' a eainlo^e uf the early «diiiona 
and couuneiilarieti. His luboura for the 
Shakeapearo Society had in the following 

{van drawn him cIoht to the eludy, and in 
MS he produced hia ' Lifv of 'William 
ShakMp«an.', iuducline many particuian re* 
«pt<ctin){ tho port aiiitiiia family U'Tmt hafiire 
piihliahiHl.' For tbit tut work liu had bo^ii 
ahont I84>1 a» exbauMive study of the re- 
c«Tda al St n( ford-on- A von, and although bo 
accepted as authentic J. P. Colliur's forged 
documrats, the bioenpby in rcmnrhalil^ an 
the firgi that mniie «ny jtmt um of thu 
Si TBlfOT'l nH'cirdu Hi- subii'iiuejiily rejeeled 
OoUiitr'it BUc{r«d discoverisk and danoUDOed 
the Perkins folio aa a modem flngerv (of. 
pamphlelB liaued in IK'tS and 18^3). Haiti- 
well s 'New lloke hIkiiiI 8ltaJtt«t)Pani and 
Stratford-on-A von ' 1 1'*-''0) pivff tte results 
nf ftirthi-r invivrlignliua ill Stmtfotd. lie 
disrlaimcd all rMpAoiibility for an edition of 
Shakespeart'i works, ' Tallis's Library Edi- 
I tion' (London, lt<5l>-3), with his name aa 

tht tm- 



|npn< tt> afilar dummd nmMiw. » Ven- Ea 


ia UadeB if tkecoanof I 

rf (k II ■■■■1 


iMODadbnl 1 

4Hi« ifawBiar of ma, »mi SUBrnieO, 

writ^i OB tS Fik 1i>?«» «« af ofOMa ttec 
•■It Ami aoMflM* MU WM« tM IB BXMt- 
Moa Olh» wiaiifa wMta puiiijii by 

•Olin 4f KaM^i 'OImut/ with tW nd of 
IfaiMa WiMcOaMLnia U* • UetMur 
■f OM EwiSrn^B' kwd <M IkkR'i • Bto 

HaOhnir* mmmm wm ma Mdall, tad ba 
wu imni^mi ■■ Uwniu wliA owed hia , 
rapMUd pmuiiw ii l aww. Bkt lu wu iH* 
ta rMM>t« aJbDmt U6S to Bcntm HUI. ud 
•oliMfwaAljr 10 Wmc Bnnffcoa. AamMti-, 
'iW mUmCot «f nn books utd ■■■■■■■iiiiHi 
>ABMd«niM Itf^lbc wcffkofeoUwtuks 
««« Bom w u MM i T* nwy jatr. !■ j-oatn 
9B tiu onUU* •t4lk of old boolubsjw, pro- 
canbUbTftfvwpMketorahtlUna; butcom- 
MtifiM dro*« IM price* np,Mtd itwu wiiU 
MimiimriliffiMitrjifciTlinnnliliiiiinti fj 
U» •pecul afleetioo br the urly cditi^o* of 
SbuWpMf*'* wpritn. 11b ofUn fvund it , 
aiMHUT to mU bii collections bv aaction, 
Md to MBin !>•• twk of coiU-chii^- uaw. 
EnvT 7*0' bttWHR 1W6 uul Ib-'iU Meain. 
Botbabv toU br bin inmnj nre roluaiM 
vhiahlNhMd iu»dittaditiaiibuIbUo8balia- 
■p«ra. ud wbich inclndiKlionvortliDlMat 
Moaadbk of liw quiKw. to 1M7 the aalo 
ImIwI ibnw dBn» and vnr bigh prices were 
iwLiMd. la IWB tb« Britub Moaoum pur- 

la L8S»I 


oa tba «tai «( Sbb*. 
« iwrtHttB, X«w Tiam, nd «f (!■ 
pidMoripMOf anadhid Mit, witka «uw 
m iiliagili^iiiM wiibiniiiriiilHawwi 

Hihaliag iMg i iy l i a i FW, Mdpiyayril tW 
oaaMH oaaaMtod wkh iba wrrrwiai on 
flfuoaafana. Theho u w i»aawa3bafc»- 
■pcanaa auaawa, hmI ifa gnoad naaiidit 
h«ib0eadwnd,»BBte tSrm apabficM»> 
den. LilSBS~tfa»iad WIUiMlIcpwonb 
DtiOB accsd M jotnt-MCMtatiM of tbe cMk- 
■uttee (bmad to BtlibaMu> at St>mt£W tb« 
tcKCMouiT of SbakHataK't hmk. 

la 1^0 HAOiwcU ■imdnatid iht aHieti 
ftudy of tbe ten of SbifcaifMfB, ukd bMO*i 
tortl^ darotad biaMlf «xelMVi!l v to dud* 
d«tiD){ Sb«kemu«** UU. Ia LSf 1 ft|Pita4j>edi 
a fint pMt of Us * IllMtiMtona trf ibe Lifev' 
whtcb included * nmnbtc of documents uid 
diacanave, tltboub «xb«iitiT^ nous oa 
Tanouatosica. Tbis worit nnMioed « irif- 
menl, but nr svaned hia iamiinlioD*. and 
axamined ia Ui« atxX five jvkni tin; aicUirea 
of thinj-two towns be«de« titratCunl, ia tbe 
h(me of diaonantw now infisnaatioo momct- 
iiW BbakMman'a U&. Ia 1S91 be 'pnnMd 
tat tbo •aUur'a frioada ' tli» fint rainan of 
big • OntUiiM of tbfl Ufe of ShabecpeaK.' an 
octavo Tolonie of ]D3 pagc«- A tccond edi- 
tion, ianied fiir geaecu ciiculatiou in . 




ta 700 pagt», Uw third, m 1^63, 
> pwcB^ Xa ItSt^l it n«)>pc»md in two 
qtiaito voiumusi and tli^ lat«ai vtlilioa(r'V^7) 
iafeuwi La hi» lifetime Lad drawn tu bib |wgu». 
In this book, wliich. in its Anal fonu» is 
JsTicU^ iUutnted. and wu sold u a price 
below itB eoutj HaUiwdl inconnnted ul tbe 
iiKtaanddoanMOts likely to throw uay light 
«a SlMilntpewv'a h'lognpay or iho historjr of 
the ^;flioii«8 witb whjcb he yr»o oooneclcd. 
t^niu lui deuh he conttniwd lo wurk oo the 
subjecL OBeod'hulaieecpublicatioiiawuiui 
account of the rintonid by EUxibethui HCtora 
to C10IUIII7 towBs, UM nsult of peraonsl ex- 
pkmtiona in tJio muBimcnt-rooiiu at nwrly 
wvnattj Bnriiah towns. 

Id ]Mti HiUiwell « wif« rout with an acci- 
fJant vbila ridinf, which utlimacvly l«d til 
aoftening ct tha brain. Ila thervauon ■»• 
•umed l^ionl leitea patent lbs addicinul 
surname of PbiUippa. and took tbe manan- 
nent of her Woivnti-Kliini properly, lie 
■mpnTrod thr lotali-s, allbougli hi> soon sold 
tbn vmautr |Mn ofllium. Ilia wife died on 
^ March 1^79, and lin nuLrrivd uttoa aAcir- 
warda Hmry Riice,dau{|!ht«Taf Jamut William 
Hobbs, esq,, iuticitor, of Siraiford-oa-Avou. 
la 18T7~8 he pun-liued a plot of cround 
^about fbart«en ocm), known aa liolUng^ 
, our^ Copse, on ilic Ikiwin itmr Itrighton, on 
I wbicb hi) inlMdi'd l'ivii>eL a largo dw(ilLui|^ 
lioUM. Rut whilu tliu plant wen onsettled 
Ii« Mil up a wnoden bua^low, and, finally 
ritandonitig hti notion a( a mora ambitinuA 
iMtildtng', added from timu to titac n number 
«f no««, gallehca, and outhooMa, all of wood 
with an ontw cwinr of ihect-iron. Thither 
Im removed ftom hi« Lon don house At llrouip- 
ton hi» chief coU«ction«, the ifruat^r part of 
which he bad ac^uirwd *iDO.i LH72, aiid to 
which b« waa adding jnar by yvuir. In LH^ 
he printed a calendar of the most valuabk 
yortnut of SliakusptHuv m ila oriKiual proof 
■lata hefbra altervd to the form iu which it 
waa ptiUiBbwl in 16£l, and thu urjKiiiul oiia- 
vejance of SbikiWMare's Blockfiiars oatota in 
Wli, boMdoe ■ valuable sorios of aketdieB of 
Stratford and ila nvi^hbourhuoJ. madu ut 
Peaaaaoe, between I»ti2 nnd l(<(H At llul- 
lingbtnTbir the last tenyi-an of hia life he di»- 
pensMl a la viab and i^iiial huspi lali ty, warmly 
wlBomingaoy one who aynpatbiwd with hia 
t a W w at any point, bnl warkinn Lu'il meh 
iDonung Iron ore o'clock till ooud. Mitoy 
' far pnaenu oiity ' up to hi« dvni h. In imc 

Suuhlvt (I&£0>. eniiilod * Xew I^ump* ur 
Id. ho itrt-'nuously arnued that maiiiiM^ript 
evidsoce iavouml the spelling of the druuni- 

list's naaw at '8hakc«poarv'aad not 'iJbak- 
fpv-cv.' ilisUttliivrarywoHtwa* topreparo 
fur private circvlatioa' A LcttvrloProfMsor 
Kiul Eitv,' politely deprccattug socnc of ihg 
critictsma which £1m had beuttmed on lus 
own Tiews iu a newly pubUahed iraaalaLJun 
of tbe prvfeasor's biognphy of SbakeMware 
Tht IvlCCT is dated Id IMx. l»f£. Uamirell 
wiia token ill on the fuILowiiuCllristaiM d«7i 
and dii^lon iljao. l^^,asea^ being burlod 
ua thv 0th in I'uli-liaia eliurrliyard, nesr hi* 
reudeno;. llii«>i.\>iid wife, with ilinvdauglf 
ten by his first wife, survived him. 

As tbe biofTupher of Shakespeare Halli- 
WfU deserves well of hi» country, aud hi* 
results may fur the most part be rwardetl as 
final. The tevt errom delected in ui« trau- 
scripiiou of documeuia do nol detracL frtim 
the value of his labours. Tbe leaiing of tra> 
ditiona about Shakespeare and bis works, the 
aceumidation of every kind of evidence — 
iKgal dociuneuta, books, mannscnpis, draw- 
ings^bkely i» throw tight on the most ro- 
motu ctaiwrt of \m « u bjeci, became tbeuaMitm 
of liU taier yuan, anil ut he advaaoeu in lifo 
his methods grew more thorouf[h and ex- 
haustive, llii iaieiett iu ffislhetio ortexluat 
critieism of Sbakeepeaio gndually declined, 
until beabandonedliath with something liki> 
contempt. Hnlliw^ll's earlier labours na a 
bucicognipli'T nitd i-ditfir pmru that hu ut- 
lempted teo niucli io duall well. Richard 
Uamott [i). v.], in iho ' Qunrtnrly lEoviiiw ' 
for MiLrchlftl8^iBanartioloen'Antii|uaniin 
(Jliib-bctoks,' showed that bia Ungitiatio at- 
taiumentj and bis sltill in deciphering manu- 
scripts werg often nt Inult. Mr. J. K. l^iwcll 
(f:f. .Vy iSVWy H'lmifie/) pAint4'd out tbo 'In- 
fective scholondiip di*played in IlallinvH's 
oditionof Manttoii {IS&lS}. Uut little of ibe 
ouiwmous mass of lus publications is nseless 
to tbe students wluwu ioterestshe wished to 
«em. He gnvu his privi^tely printed votiimns 
freely to luiy one to whoiu lio beliuvtil llwy 
would be survtcenhle ; oSered to nil nblv to 
protit by it ibu readiait accete to his library, 
and liberally uuoouragod the work of yom^ter 
nan in his own sulycct. For the dei^iniiig 
days of his fellow- worker, Tlniinia W riKbt, 
who dlnl in 1^77 nftisr aoui«y»ara uf otutilat 
failure, lie helped to make iiruvisioo. Nor 
n-uM ku leu generous to jiublic ioatilutisfns. 
Aa early as 1851, when bis private rvsoiirces 
were emnll, bo presented 3,100 piuclama- 
tioDs. broadsidoS) ballads, and poems to the 
Chctham Library, Mancbeater. In October 
lN.,2 III] gave to lilt SmitEisoniau Institute, 
Wa.tbiiiKton, 'a lolhelion of aevemt tbon- 
Muid billfi, accoaiit4, and inventories illan* 
tmtiiig the bislory of pricee botween I'V* 
and 1760.' Of botbof tliesegifta be printed n 




catol'Ogii c. Fro in I HfH) anw&rd ho vpont tvyv 
ml euramor liuIiJayv at Pitaancc, aai, likiaii 

j thp plncc aiJi] pitiplf, lit- taiuin Imlwci-n If^fio 
mid i8ti8| iiiiiMriiLnl aJditiouM ti> ibc town 
library. ]lis ilrsi present coiijiftted of lUree 
bundrtKL voliiiQc^ vf lU^toraiinn liienilurc, 
and ultimnU'ly l,7&4 boolce worn reci-ivod. 
TliuT nra k>i>t in o Cfunpnrttnpnt by ihem- 
wlvr-», Biiil II rw|iiralr r-KlAluftin:) W4in jirintctl 
in I'^'f'O. Till- frwifliim uflbv Doroii);b uf I'tui- 
xnuci! WB8 offered tiim in lftS4, but he was 
unablelo viaii ih« to wn, ftiid it iraa ne^'tr con- 
ferred. To the librarr of Edinl)ur]^li I'niyer- 
ttly he pntnited in I87*J a vnhinhli- Sfankr- 
KCAroan libmry, Hii; hoiioniry rlcerrc of 
LL.D. wu grunted tiiin !>)- Kdinborgli I'lii- 
TumitT in \tVii. 

Halliwfll, an far «» h» could, itvoid«d cor- 
troventv. I-'oratimehewajdweived by J. P. 

hCollier'f forgeries rospectiiigShaJiMpeare, but 
in lWi3 h" conviiieed him'iwlf of the rnitli, 
and in hi»'Oh<(trriilion»onih(>Sliali>>iiwBrenn 
Forg'-ri™ iil. Bridgwali-r Hoiiko ' nut 
a* ciJiisidt-ralelv «« iwiiaiUf l.ln-n'wtlnf at-arr- 
ful wrtuiiiy ol'alltbBdmrum'-iils wliicli Col- 
lier had printed, {''rani the flr^t ]i« iixpre^ced 
bis EiisjiiL'ion of tb« IVrkins folio, unt ab- 
mimiNl tiiat (_'i>Ilit>rwns himM-lf tbo innocent 
Tietimof ditrpiiticiii, and nlwBy>tchivairoMs[y 
diifendt^d f^olfntr'n iin'iti'irv friiin llii» wr>r*t 
nspersioiw irwl ii|h>w il. (ii I^WJ Mr. Swiw- 
burni' d*'')! lea 1(^1 Iji Hiilliwrll in miniirinj^ 

, femis hi* ■ Study nfSlmI(«porfi.' Tlion-npon 
in 1881 Ur. FurnivnU, dirt-ctor of lh« New 
ShiLli^pcre S>:icioty, who vai engnavd at the 
time in a varm conirrwersv with Mr. Swin- 
burne, BeverolT attacked lUlIiwiill in the 
notes tn II facaiiii ito rw]iri>'liictioii nf iln> llom- 
lot quarto r>t' 1(104. llnlliu-cU frnX h-Uenf-i 
Vtmoa*trnnct^ lo linljott Hrowning.lhi'pn-si- 
deat of iho NfwShftknimri-Sopiotjswlio du- 
clinod to inl<--rf<*rf, but Halliwi-ll printed ibu 
^orrcapnitdence, and «oina vmiucnt inmnWni 
of thv New ShaltHperv Society withdrew, 
A moro di>tr«>«in2 difti'r«nc(i arose in lW*i 
bcttPccn lialLiwull and thv corporation of 
Strat ford-on- Avcu. A commit tec vans np- 
poiDted to calendar cc-rto-in di'cuiiii.-Dtfl with 
which he had fnilcj |y dtttl when wrunjfing 
the archivoa in IWW, nod hu ri!([i»rih'd Ihia 
iKtion aj a r«fIficiion on hiuiaelf. At the 
mo timo ho offi.-rod t'> pruparo aiitatyjwa of 

Vthtt inoni Tuluublc Sliaki:*|>«urcan dncmnontH 

[at hia own uxponsv, but u diipulo uroi<c «.■> to 
tliQ aiitliiirilv jfliich h'- clninivd to r/^ti.'ririKi; 
OTcr thti ari'htvi!*, and after charKin^ thi; cur- 
poniLion with intfmliliide and diM-cnirtrsy hi- 
left the town for ftn-r, and remliHl the h)-- 

3 nest of his collecliona to its coi'ponil ion. 
I<* published six editions of a pamphlut 
(jiviuj^ hi* account of lUu qunrn-'l. A ca«e, 



DrunL-nlcd by lUUivrcU to thu Birthplaci; 
Musvum iu 1^- on condition that it &huuld 
nut Iw tni(?ni-d until hL-t dnath, woh tutloclied 
uii 14 I-eh. I'S^U, mid ww found to contdin 
I8d voliunef of manuscript notes and oorrc- 

all i well's folio Shaki-jprnTv. 
Under hilt will mnre ih&n thr«! hnndnd 
vnliimi.-.^ <if bin litemnr comnpondmice, feim 
which hr ■ vlimiuaU-d uver,vlliin|i; that could 

f:ive pain Olid armnjiince to unyjicreon.'ww* 
elt. with many booh», inanuscnpt*, andnri- 
val« papers, to ihc libriur^* of KJinbiirdi t ir' 
vcrwty. Ilia o!ccln>plai«« and wwKl-blric 
he nvr i" the Shalupeni Society of N 
Yurii. Ilincbinf SbakewMaiWUi coll«riio 
(cirijfiiially de»tiuml for StratfordiOit-ATon) 
wvre to oe ofTeivd to the BtnaJngfatm cor^ 
poration for 7,0001. : if this oJfeT vere not 
accepted they vrere to be snM uadjrid«d for 
1 0.000/. , an d i f no biirer caini- forwaid wit' " 
t wulvi> vimrH tbi< wunlr wna to bw aohl 
duel inn m a ><in)[le liX. The BirminRliam Ci 
jHiniliuii dw-liutd l1i« ofl'er, and the colli 
tii^na ikfL* ctill un«uld. The residue of I 
library was left, with trifliiig- rtwrvationMft 
IlBllinrell'fi nephew and uxwutor, Mr. K. E. 
Uaker of '\\"<>«ton-»iiiwr-AIiin>, who auli] 
rbit'f p<jrtLon by auction in Ijjnduu in Ju 

[ I ti farm III ion from BalUvtH'a brotho', the 
Rev. Thomna Ilnlliwrll of Krightoa, aud tma 
/rivnda; pcraiiniil kn'JwK-dipji Diuly Neva, 1 Jan. 
ISdU; M.infh'VtT^Uiuinbiui, 6JaD. 188P; Itrigb- 
t«s iCeruld, 5 .Inn. U8S j Alheiutiltii, 13 Jan. 
IKMJ; Bimiinghnm Daily liniett*. ll Jan. ISS9; 
HaKiwLillliinn. a Ilihlio^n|iby of tli* Publti»^ 
ttoas 111' .lauiea Orv'linrd ilHllmell-Pbillippi. bf 
■Sniiiirs lUtrcHpcct-ioiifl : Halliwoll'a priTatQl" 

Crintmt i^tuimriiii^ in AiMWi-r to llopqrta, iUI 
ib yttuiplili'to ri.-!iM-L*Liij|; Dr. FiiraivtkU a ran 
(lK81}<tn>l 111!.- •jiiitrrvl will) lliu Slnlfori < 
poTiiIion (1883-6), anJ the ai^counta (priTBt«ly 
printed} of hiu own .<al|peiiunt. Hpacialty that 
oflBUi; Brit. Man. Cnl, WnnwranvlettanftCTn 
Ualliwell to JcMpti lluiilvr and otli>TB arv prt- 
«■««! ill Brit, Mm. Addit. M88. SiSltS (t 3-ia. 
i»6HI fr. 166-7. nnd 2S(t;n ff. 4-6.] A. L. L. 

LAWllKXL'E IIYM^JS {irUO-lcSJl). mia- 
c^llancous writrorj'appncvntly a native of Ire- 
land,' was bom in ITlHt. Ilabccaiao; 
i}f on academy at Alphio^u, near Exct. 
whcrn be bad OMiiiipil the fatitre mMtV < 
■ he nilU, Lord Uilliml. Here he pnUitht 
'Odea, I'oemB, and Tmiislniiona,' frW^^ai 
'I'oema on VnriouB DccaNions,' ITDl. The 
include a variety of aubjccie, es ' Odn on HE 
Majeaty's Birthday.' '.Animal Magiiulij 
'Aoiiu,' 'Extempore EJ'usion lo ihc Muaoi; 




u la&at,' ' Eleg7 nadBr ■ OsUowe,' tc, 
' Odo on the jmmtci Xtth at xhar U^iotics 
to tbe Ot7 of Urtcr,' 1T9I. A feir jcan 
after HnUonui ivu a dtaplain in the m^al 
naiT. He publiabKl a caarit> wnBaa for 
19 She 179i , in celrliratioa oC ibe nara] ric- 
torice. He vu chapUia on boani ib« Bri- 
^tonnia. the rtmeel vbich c&rriHl the Bag of 
' ilniinil the Earl of Nunhrvk. llurd iacon- 
iiJ U tlir baltleof Tnralrnr. r>nrinKthe 
intt Hatlman, wtu^ Tiail n vrnr IcKid 
I clear voice, Mood W»i<k the ctaamaadir 
•nd repeated the word of oommaiKl thnxij;!! 
• apeatingwcruiDpet after bim. Ue mmd pub- 
liabed ' ASenoon onOccaaionof the Viclorr 
off Trafalgar, deliTBnd om board II.M.S. 
BritaDnta at Sm, S XovmuW IkOV and 
'The Batllii of Trablgar, a foran,' IHOl>. 
lie waa afterwarda aupointMl nfior of tlif 
ptibliegratDiimraclkooI.rane Town, and L-hnp- 
uin to (he forces in f^outh Africa. Him% lu 
JtSlU a dtiel took place between l<ro otSoen. 
A oovrl-BianiBl was belJ on the parties 
engagod in the aliitir. )laJlnran warmly ««- 
ponKd the eauM of Uw accuwil ami <irTOte 
their defence. LiouieBnBt-f nwiml tli*^ 1 Ion. 
II.G.Gror,eon>KleriBS that hU intt-rfitiaiee 
m* impro]ier, ovdervd bim to mnove to 
Simon's Town. Katlier tKan do thii hi n^ 
aiga»d his ebaplaini'y, but revenf'i'Kl himst^lf 
r publiehing a ulire, ■ Cap-AhiUli«s, or 
lutli AfinfjuiCharact^rintica,' 1811. Tli«e- 
th' govomor i>f tlu- calonr, the Earl 
' Calcdon, order^ s oricninal 'pro«e«t]ttOD 
ibecomntoncfrdiigaiiut hiiu. Ilawaafotmd 
euiltT, waa condemned in conti^ and waa 
Dani*B«d the colony {P/vctttUnyr, intludi/ig 

^DrigtHitl (.iirrvprm^fnrf, ■^r., at tJlf Oa/v of 
utiJ Wop»-, iH n Vrtmir4al PttKXtt^om l^bvl 
tlitutfl at the Suit ff IJmt.-Cm. tAe Jivt. 
O. Orfy,ty vrdrff^thfjiarl ttfCalfdott, 
or>errtor of thr Qolcnxi, 1 >? 1 1 ). lie now rc- 
ued to EtiKlnnd, vrhirrc, prroching and 
rhinj;, tic t«l a sutni'what erratic lift*. 
Ii- >it\li<] liinwt'lf u (tjctor in divinitv. He 
itroduced Uuiuarlf at llalh to llie llvv.Kirhnrd 
Apgepow ca aing appearanco.' Wamcr, koirr- 
iVcr.cuploTi'd him for H)mo lime tilt Lg heard 
iinoura tluil hrwDjian impoator. IlalloraD, 
' ny aalied for proof of tuo poaition ho aa- 
Dedf could only prodfloe papers fordncnn's 
doctor'a degree hail (he »aidi bei-ii minlnid liv 
a raaid-avTvant. Thty were nerer produced, 
and Ilallnrnn (>oon after left Bath to resume 
his wandcriiig life. 

In IfllJ! be was cliargrd nt tlur Old Hailoy 
with liavtnft forged a wliich \\w n»- 
Teiiue wiw cheated of ti-iipiiK^e, uii a trtti-r 
Idmaed u> Ihenn^lor nhoM church he wa* 

aerrtng, 'lie pcrusted in pleading K"*^'.^* 
because, ho saidt the anlr person who could 
Oitabliah hia inDOCcnoewai d^^'od,' and ndded 
' that ih* cbar^ would not hart- Wn Imm^ht 
against him but for a Hubacqitenl quarrrl with 
hu rectus.' He wa»MntencedtostnrenTvara* 
tianqtonalion. The reporter, who calls him, 
appanntlj without auspicion, 'a Doctor of 
Divinity,' adds that ' he bu a Urge fitituly ' 
(<7r>>r. IViKr. 1818iii.463). Ho BuWqumtlT 
r-itabti-ilifJ a school at STdney. Nfw Sivuih 
Wal«-j, which beeoadnctM rerr vucowsfully. 
He died th«i«d March 1331. ' 

Beoidei the works noted llalloran wrote : 
1. 'Lacrymffi IIib«fniioe, or the Geitiua of 
HrinV CotopUml. a ballad,' 1601. 3. 'The' 
FMnnU> VHliintwr" (adntmn undi^rthi? iuim» 
of ■ I'hiliwNaiiticus'), ItMI. 3. '.Stansasof 
■nVvtioniUo T«f;ard to the Memorv of 
Uawson of the Piedmontaiae,* 1813. 

[Gcat. Mag. 1831, ii. Vt^t^ Deuniber 1831 

R*Si'l; IMct. of Ut^iog Avtlwrs, LSlSi B«t. 
ichotd WAracr*! LttOMPy RcMllcetiotW, ISSd, 
ii. 392-8: KotM uid QtMriM, Sad Mr. ix. IBS; 
A. J. Hewitt's ^etebas of English Ctniivh HmU 
iBSoaibAfria.] V. W-t. 

C&RKw. ^^lu Itcx'jxiiix IIalluwkli. (Ijf 
18U), admiral.] 

HAIJiS,JuHN JAMES 0. 1791-18.14),. 
pHintiT, > nHtivenfColchMter.waschriBtfnt'd 
hr hi* fnlli^r aftiT .l<-An-.lac^um Mou^^vAti. 
Itn wan nrphow through liin moth^'rof I>r. 
John narnelt , il<:an of (.JiotcC. 1 Ir cxlii bitnd n 

i>niillirig lli» Spirit of I»<ta,' in 1799 'Z«phyr 
and .\uiora,' and to I^OO 'CWm tindiDf^' 
IlBUon and .Anligono in tbo Care' Sub«e-J 
qiicutly htfcbidtydevolcdhimsulf to portrait— 
paiutin^, but ho occasionallir attemtitcd am- 
titivue llubjecI^ like 'Lot's Wife* i\^i.\ 
•Hero and lender' <1808>, and ■Uatinr' 
(l*"ll). A large picttiro (eiliibited al tlio Int^titution in IHlit) of L*hri»t rmning 
ttti;l.>DiLghtorofJiunif,'TChich won a premium 
of two hundred guiuvu>, vriu much admired 
by conteniporarj- uuialcuTx, but lins not main- 
lain(?ditBri.-|iiitatii>Hi it ic now in the cbuiobj 
of Ht. IVter »t Colcheter. Jits most 
oeA^ful eflon was 'A Wiich^"but in 
sicTO 111 thith«r sail "—from Macbt>th,' which' 
waa finely cngmvrd in meiitolint bvC.Ta^la^ 
in IMC In lf<02 lie ■cctinpnnird Ueaiy 
r«w.'li, Rji. fq. T.i and nihfnt lo Paris to 
study the colleclious bn<uglit ((igi-tki-r by 
Napoleon. IIa1Uooinplet«dial81flaataiiMic{- 
glaM.i winilow for Licofleld CWtbednl, a com- 
miasioD which ho ohiained tbrou^ his in- 





timKUi Iriuad, UenrySBlt, [q. v.J.tlin 
Dunotu Egy^tJi oonsul khiI expLari'i. UKlia 
irt«ren«d lunuwlE deoplj in hfryixiui tuul 
AbjruiQun exnslitioaii. lii IKil lie t<dU«d 
'Tb« l.ifi> Hnd Ailvaiiturea uf Natlianiel 
l'«iirco,' t'rum lUu klter'a own iounialB in 
AbyMinia, and in 18SJ, • The Liie imd Cot^ 
ntpondanoe ot' Henry Salt, F.K.S./ to wtui;li 
iajpveflxed & portrait of S)vlt,pBin1<.H) by )iim- 
miu, ud engTBTvd by S. hVovinan. A full- 
imgth piirtrnitofChiirlo«K««nMRiclMrdUI 
te Hh.11« wm vngtttvvd in nacoBotint by 
(^nrlus Turntr. A porlroit of Lord Dun- 
nui by IlklU, exbibitfid at tli« ItoyKl Acu- 
dcmy in 1^18, u now in the Nation&l •Pvi- 

[lAfe at UiSBiy Sail; Redpmvo'a Diot. of 
ArtiHta; Gninvii DicL uf Arcmta, 1760-1890: 
Knuwim's Life of l-'uNoti; Roynl AcaiMny 
Calatosuw.] !•■ C. 

■&0-1T90K fugmvi-r, a tintlrr nf Irclninl, 

ITHJ- ITau K fuijntvir, a tintirr nl irclniid, 
worked in Pnbliii, ninl khb jiriitoijiiilty en- 
gngt^l in riigrariiig froiittupii'tes uijit vig- 
UiettVK for lliu bimiscllem ihere, lie iSi-euied 
Rocquo'ft ' Survey of Dublin in Pari»IiiM,* 
l7JJi,tb^ geomclricnlrU-viitionortlit; piirilu- 
mont bouae, 1767. ond nlco tiigrnvi-d ii imr- 
imit of I>r. Cbarlw Luaw, iifiur T. Hi«.-y. 
lie r««id>*d in Bl*ckmnoor Vanl.aiid wm for 
Aome veiLra the oaly native liuif-vn^ver in 

Jons Kdmoxd iriLPHN or IUlpix <_fi. 
17H0), Mill "f tln> above, wna a pupil of T. It. 
WoMluiiil J. J.Durralet,nnJeoninDUUiil unnut 
dniwiuuuaficr ibe^ci nrtiets lu ihii exhibit i<ui 
of tlio Siicit-ly of Ariisii in IwIfuvI hv\d in 
[hiblin iu 178a Ik' piuiilvd luiiiitituriia iu 
Uutlin anil Limilfin, Afti^r n ithort trial of 
lh« tliealrical jif"rir*jiii)ri (bti ajijM'iireii at the 
Crow Strtjol Tln-utw, Dublin) lit resuiiiod 
ji&inting in Ijonilon. 

[Xii>d<l'a CAS. liinl. uf Koglibli KngNTora 
(Brit. Hiu. Addit. Mrt. 33t(ll)i A. TiuqiiiD'H 
Artiauof Irvluod; Gilliurt'a liii>t, of l>atilin. ii. 
882.] l^. C. 

OHAIIAM (lISyy-IMW), a wnt«r imdi-r the 
tume of Mlti» O'ilKir.LV, bom at DIdciwlIe, 
00. Mpftth, 'M Nov, 1W9, was *on of the 
Rev. NichnloH John Haliiin [q. v.] lie was 
ttluoted ai Trinity <-'oll»^. UuNin, until 
164U. wtt» oriiiiiially intended for rlic tm-di- 
oal prof wnion, but Jie pr«tpm?(l th? Inw, and 
in. hi* It'iiure wrote for th» prt*B. Tim »ik1- 
den dualh yf Uia father and bis own <nrlj 
raarrinK"' ompi'lled biio to n<lf>pi juunmliim 
oaaproftfjsioD. InlSol bct^migrati-dtoAitu^ 
rica, and lofilt up bi» rteidi?nfp at itoston, 
wlujTB bo bcuitne lusisUuiL I'dilvrot' Uiu 'Uu*- 

wd IB 


lav ill 


ion Pom,' and, witb Benjamin P. Shillaber, 
comnienoed a huniDroua journal csUed ' 'Sht 
Carpet UafTi' vbith wnn unBueceovTul. IU 
sftBrwards resided at Waabiti^on, wluw«b> 
ii<.t«>d aa Ibo euirespondwit of tho ' N«w 
York Timiw.' KvBoving to New Vorii he 
iH.*eunKl craplorment on tha 'IK'nld,' and 
in a fow monttvH catablished rvlatioiia with 
a«Tt'nil pt^riodicals. We undertonk a ((nit 
rahetT of literary worii, mo^t of which w«f 
eoltruly ophenieral. il^ nvxt b(«ntui> u«ft- 
ciata editor of ihd ' N«w York Ti«w»,' (ot 
which p«p«r in ltMt& and lt^6 he wmtv tht> 
Nicuragua corroniOBdtaG* at the tiote ot 
William ^^'alkvrt filibtuleiing expediiioa. 
In 18^7 hp bvcwni' ptincipel e^tor ftnd put 
proprietor of the K«w York ' Leader,' which 
unJcr bis uiauapfment rapidly incivatied a 
circulation. At the b«jriniiinfi of tha 
WOT in Aiiril m61 be enliftca ia the 
Sew York iiduittT, in which li« wu» 
cU-ctod a lirutvnnnt, and m-tved dnriog 
tlirvi; monthti fur which be bad vvlnuti'«r 
He wfia Itirii I miinff rivd ti* Uviivrak David 
Himter'AeCair no aMiataiit-adjutaat-)rvn« 
with the rank of major, and soon after wf 
witli that officer to MiHouri to rtliove Gc 
ralJohu Charles Fremont. IIi- acoompunicd 
(icnrrnl llunicr to Hilton Ilrad, and whil« 
tlirrt- wriit<.'aM'rir.i iif liiirlt!iu|uecrae(aii in tho 
BK.Muniil rbftnicttr of an Irish private. Seve- 
rn! of t hi-m w<-rf ront ribiiltHl to the ' New York 
llfntid ' in Ititi'J iiiidfr tlio paeudonrm at 
* Mile.* 0'H*iUy,' and with additional ariiclM 
wervi<i*iii>d tn twovoliinK-it cnlilU'd 'Life and 
Adveuiiire*. t^oricfi, Si-rv ices, and 8p(«chM 
uf Private Milen O'Ri.'illT. 47lii Ite^iDMit 
Nt>w York VolunH"«:T)i,' |H»M, and ' EUiihI 
M<.<at« <jf itio b'liTAcnil, a r'nlli-ctiim of EiMaya, 
I'oniutt. Hni'i'rlii'a, and Kaji(]Uei!». hv Private 
MilfJi tCHfilly, lat« of the -I'th ^^HMnt 
Shw York Vdtuutetr Infantry, lOlh Arnnr 
Corps, L'oUecled, reviMxl, and edilod, with 
the iviquigile eorrections ot pnncldntinR, 
BOtfllinu. and grammar, by an Ki-Cfll<>n»il of 
tntri Ad)<nir« Diipartrnt-nt. with 
whom ihc Private furaierly wrvt'd a* I.aBM* 
(^lornl »f Ortlsrlii'H,' INitl. Halpitic WM 
MibMKjuc'Jilly UMiiituni-ndjulani-vt^neful cm 
Gmieral K^nr^- \V. Hnll««k's staD' with tlM 
rank of colonol in 1801', mid acoumpanifld 
lieiitTal Hunter on hie e)tppdil.ion to tha 
Shenandoah v«ll*r in thj- >n)rinfr "' Ifittl, 
Un his return l<i NVw York bv resienwl his 
('Ommii^inn in cmw^^qiii'mw of his had wfe- 
»if[ht, nxiftivingthc hn-'Vt-t of liriguliL'r'ffeiie- 
ra] nf r,iliintM>rii, lli^ then made N'«w York 
bin hfln>(>, and r^suminf; his literary work 
bfcame fditor, and UttTftn proprietor of ll>« 
■Oifie-ii.'a ru'W.iiapcr iwuftd Iw th« eitiwna' 
aMDviulioQ to ouvucate T>«fi»na» iu the ' 

Hal pin 



a^lminuLfalioD ofls'c-w York city. In lMi7 ^ 
bo w&« olacted iT^LxAT of tliH county of New 
York \n ■otwlitioauf r«|iublicaiuaDd(i«ini>- 
«ia(a. fiiiiiiMWiiil lAbuur brou^kt on incomniB. 
H« Iwd noOOTM lo opiaUs, and lua deatk in 
Kev York city on S Aus. 1868 wu caiiwd 
^ an uadilutMl 4ow of ttlonrform. Uwdm 
tit* bookiftboT* meniiuBed lie wu Um sulbor 
«r*I,^ie«by lh« L«tter H;i«&4. | 

(Tbo Fo«ti«d Work* <tt CbarU* O. EtNl|NM, ' 
«L tr> B. B. IbNMrvelt, USV. wm^ ^vMrwt; 
ApplolMi'* CyclopndU of AKeri«& bognpfaf. 
1887, ill. 63 : AUttbov Hnlo Sntita'a SamUne 
«ad iUuule iu Ka« York. IMS, pp. (U»-«1.1 

Q. C. B. 

1860)>o)ieccU«iu)OUHwriior, wAiiliom 18Ucl. 
179U^ PoTtarliogton. Aflermlinlinf^uUliiv! 
can«r •! I>ublin Unirersity, whcrs Iw |in)- 
caoJcd B.A. m 1S1&, li« took nrtloni in tk« 
Iiwb church, but tlevol«<l kiiDMlf largely to 
litcrvy |nu«iut«, aoJ wu for mtnj veus I 
•ditcr tif tke ' £vtfuing Mail,' the cbitf pto- 
tMl«at)»p«r of Dublin. I Iv wad ft permanent 
Biemli«T of tbc I^>val Irisli AcaJvoiT. Ho 
dkii at DubUa L^'J Nov. 1860. Uv marrwd in 
1817 Anne Grclniu,wlio,toj;«tliof with tkrws 
«]OS and four dttuichltTH, nurvivud liiui ; cf 
iho (broMc, (/'liarlva (imhaiu is nolici.'d M^a- 

luupin wrote : I. 'Aa Univcnity Prii« 
Poem, on Uia Makaty King Owrn tbu Tliirtl 
haTiiiff oorapleted ttio Fuuotfa Year of hia 
Rcitra,' I>uH!n. 1811. 3. 'Titlira no Tax,' 
Dublin, 1H23. S. ' Authtrntic ilj,-]>crrt of tlie 
£pc«ch«s ami ProoMdingn of tlie Meutioif 
bald *l Caran 20 January 181^7, for the piir- 
Doas of torudng a Society far I'mmotiog (be 
fbafooaatioD, to wkicti ora nd^ltrd N'uf-s nod 
Appen<lix,'editwl Dublin. lf?L>7. 4.'TU(!liii- 
poahibility of TrnnsubMnti tin lion,' It. ' No 
ChimiBta. orlhu Lay HiffonutUun in Imlaiul,' 
Dublin, itffiS. 6. 'Oberon'n Vii.ion in tlia 
"Midsunuaer Nigbi'it Drt^am," ilhisTraied by 
acorapariionw-itbLylit^'ii" Kndyiuion,'" Ijou- 
don, SluduHpearo Society, 15-13, an aitempt 
to pnn-e that Sbakespeam waa covertly re- 
tgmtig to currenl erents cunnucled wiiJi 
Otwen EliubL'tti and Lpjcolnr. 7. ' Itridal 
Runaway, an Eiiwy nn Jidi^t's Solilmm,' 
LoBdon.ShnkQejiMLTOSociuty, liiVi. ».* nii.' 
Dnunotic UiiiUm of SliakiwiKmni, in a Ii»ii«r 
sildrMMdtolluiudicarof " Ittudi wood's Edia- 
bu^ktUagaiine,'" Dublin. 1849. B.'Ubaei^ 
vatjona on C«rtaiii Poauges iu Ike Lif« of 
EdnoiMi ^coaer; Dublin, 18&0. 

[OmI. Xac. Avcwt 1831. p. XIBi Cat. of 
DuUia OnkluALM.) V. VV.t. 

HAI£, WU,LIAM flOBG-i:37P),coM- 

pilar of the ' History of rornwall,' wan bom 

, At Traawen, Mertluir, in 165o. LIo no* Uiu 

seeoad kio of iani«« Ilala oC FeBtongollaa 
and Anne, dai^i«r of John Haitin of llnr- 
BtoQ, DeroBafam. Jamw Hals wm bob of 
Sir NicboLaa Ilalae [q. t.}, md Mrt«d at 
Im, Roebdlo in 16^ and aftonrarda in iha 
W«at lodiaa, whan, aemrdinff to hit aoo, he 
WM mremorof 3fooiMRat; daring tha civil 
war na atdcd with the ^Briiament. Wbeo 
ttviiic at FflDton^Uan a Sl Hiefaael Peo- 
kircJ^Halalwfcanabant lQ86tonakeflnll«e- 
tiooa for a ' Parochial Htatoty of C'»mw«ill,' 
which he continniHl for half a Mnturv. bnng- 
ixtg it down to 1736. II* died in'l7sr or 
17im at Trcgury, St. Wi^ns, of which he 
owned the rectorial tith<«. havine nearlj 
oorapleted the work. lie matried eurice^ tua 
wivcd beloDKinR reepectivvlT to the tamtUea 
of Evans of Landiini in VVnliw, Oarv«tb of 
I'ewanaand, and Oourt&oy of Trvmccff, but 
ha bad no iseuo ( Ara«Aia/ifw<. qf Otrnwtill, 
ItJTO, iii. 3i!8-6). 

About 1750 Andrew Brioeof EMter^q.T.] 
publiahed in ten folio numbere llala't 'Coai- 

Eiletv Hiatorr of Cornwall, I'art 11 beiof; lh« 
Parochial Iliatoryt' conialniii^ accoonta oC 
aerooty-two pariabea, Advent to llolrtoiu.,' 
The fint part wu dst-dt pubiiahod. Ileneo 
ihc^rc ia nonnenl title-pagv. On thnwrinti^d 
wrapper of tho tnt numhrr of the piinliahud 
second part it ie stated that the work woa 
to havo licvn complwlcd in one volnma of 
two hiindivd she«tB, to kcdrliTercd in weekly 
tW. niunb«7« of four shoots vnch ; the secona 
pan wsa conuDRicad Ural , ' not only becausa 
ihK proper naceaanries for th« lirat nan are 
mil ynt conipli-Tetl. but aa oonaiderable nd- 
(litions an* pn'iiijrin(t by a very gwat haiiJ.' 
It is believi^l Ilia! ihu' icumloua detnila la- 
aon<?dby llakrauRedadiwciDtinuanoeortbe 
publication, llais'a incompUl* ' HintOT^' ' ia 
verj' mru. 'I'lie n«i»t pomjileia coiiy ia in tho 
UrrnTilli' IJbmry ai tin- llritikh Muauum. A 
j notii in t.liji[ copy Mate!! that at Lyniua'a 
Kslii in l!U8 Ilia copy with monuscnpt addl- 
I tiuiUL waa aold to ili'<.' Earl of AylMDory for 
I lUH/.(ia8/.BoiBBftndCoranrBT,i.S04). The 
. 'PdTophial JliMtory of ComwaU' Iw* (tli.- 
I BKBT, OiTlEa'] waa founded upon tbo ouUro- 
lionsof ilaU,'wilh additional c»1li">ti»n* liy 
Thomas 'roukin«. HnlA'a dij^twinnn and 
KOMip ftr«> ehiptly omitted. The mnntwrripta 
of iraU'« • Hiitory ' panied throiiifh vnri'mia 
band«,andb(ili>af;ndnt onn titn<i to Iff. Whit- 
ak«r. rhey were given by Whitaker'n daui^k- 
tcTiMra-TnunloM, loU.'S. fitukMOfltiKlmiB, 
' Cornwall. Mr. Stokes Irantfcnwd ibem to 
, Sir John Madeaue, from whom th*iv woto 
acquired in 187J> for tlio ItriliKli .Muwiuin 
(Addit. MS. ^vrc;.'). Tha Urictxk .Maaeum 
j>tMecM«« other nuinuMripU by I lal", vix. : 
\ (.1 ) ''i'h* lliatoiy of St. Miduwl'a Uoiuit { ' 




yS} ' An LatiuMT ay Ki4iiow,« Uidwiuir)? of 
tluf C'uniUli l,MagtiMge ; ' (3) ui vdmuM Uaa* 
KriM of KcMFwui'ii ' MaimL Odvuy,' ItT/t^ 
16M> (Addit. 313. 38&&4, ff. &1-8). 

[Boom and Counaer's Bibl. Coniab. t6;«. L 
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o/Bm. Aidwcl.; inftnnMLJoa 
/mm Ut. Sukaaj Mo alM BUM in Mr. Sl«1ie»'s 
y-tJt* of Anu>d«l,) y, D. V. P. 

HALSS, Sia NICHOLAS (rf. ISM), m- 
Tcntor.wM tboaoBof JobalUaeorHilaeT 
of Efl^^MarPljmiDiith. H« Mqaind «oii- 
ttdenbW ii«>opertj- in Cotbw«]1 faring thv 
vearn of RLxalmli, W4» kniglil«() by Jiiiiif« I 
at tireenwicb 22Mar lflO«<,UcTCAi.iii, Htmk 
Iff Kit^iU, p. ICC), luid iit IflOct wan made 
gpYtrnor ot IV-ndeniiM CuUe, in wbidi csm- 
rity h<- a|itirori>d of tllB foundnlion of ibo 
towa of FBlmoutk, aad at tli« raqoeot of the 
oonncil gave his naxHU (Oiubht, ti. 9. 10). 
In lOOSand lOOOlic addreMcd twodisconrao 
to Junea I on lite Dutch fiaherias on lb» 
"BagiiA iMUtipkL State fiafar»,Tiam.l«0»- 
iei0^pp.4S6.«»). liaise wu the iBvaslor of 
a aewnade of dryinff malt and hopa by tMana 
ot iron plates, "K-iiliout the annpjaaw of 
amak«,* and Jamu I, id acknowledgnunt of 
kia public merit, fimated him 'the benefit 
of all »alt marabta won trota the naa in Ir^ 
land'(iA.l(ia4,pp.3»a»»l). Hia name ocean 
many limm a* a [wtitioniitr to Charlra [ in 
l«3i, 1U3A, and lUSO in eonnnction with his 
nvention, and alM in coanuction with aoma 
pnfOiaU of hit wheKfay his majooiy mighl 
gain noiKT To replenish the trvasurr andsup- 
plonwm the lax of «hip-iiu>n-!y which was 
than being tvvird. lie prays K in;^ Charles 'to 
enpJoy tht) fitat iwvra yoars' profit of the 
vmterfi invf^niiun of kiln* fur owmt-diTin^ 
malt without (ouch of stnake.' Ma migg^* 
funh«r that Chadee aho>ald naderUlM' to po> 
vent iheLowCouatrieaonbehalf of thektng 
of Spain, on contidoraiion of an iBnua) pay- 
tnent of 9fiOI)flQ0l hy ih* Utter. nipccuUy 
MA tb« * llollandiT*' had alivailv Nkodw un- 
grateful and iii<alriit ti)thi'Kna[ish,aDdifnot 
checked might mod kMplll»^l■1rc^a*tk coalt 
l^om coming to l>>u<k>n, and (.-ntin-ly dciTirr 
thia coontcy of th« supply o( calila>, cvrdn^c, 
and other Mich natii^nt. In nn»tht-r ivlition 
(ib. Itmtl, p. »1), llals« MluBitt^ that hiti 
inroniiijo "■■.ml-l wnv London al<.>nv 40,000/. 
narly in wood and fnel, or 40li.WltV. for all 
Kaflaad and Inland, In thofoltowinfi rear, 
Moorlinyly, aa ordar dated llamplonOoun, 

1 1 JuiMv directa that ' nutt^kilnB erected 1^ 
llalae he coaflmed, and thoee by rage flw 
p rin d p U tint] be anpprened ; ' aad u Jan. 
I(t37 ' the aaaigna of ^jtr Ifieholaa Halte, d«- 
ceaaed,' feCitiooed the king: ■ to take ordir 
for TncatiBg all palenUi in pnjudica to th» 
grant to Sir N. liaise fin- the tots nae of bit 
tww invmtod kikui* Dmng tha aams yfar 
a eoBimiwioa was anniatBd, dat«d S Juw, 
* to Mu|ut(« whetharnie&olaa Pam, ol«rk, or 
Sir Nifbi^liui llaUo waji the first tuvMilor of 
oeRaini* kitrti fiir the drying of cnnlt ^ ' sad 
anbwqaeat entnea in thn ' 8ut« l^pem Col- 
lection ' (e^. onder -JT April) sr«m to aMa* 
blish the Guinu of the assigns of ilalM. 

Halse niarn^(}Tace,daught<^raf Sirjohn 
Araudell of Tolv^ne, and liad by her four 
sons: John; William, who was a captain ift 
the nary and scrrvd in thu oxpcijition to La 
IU>chclteia IftM; Ri-:banl. who waa piuMt 
of the kill's ships. Claadr; and James, wh» 
WBS father of WUliam Hals [q.v.J Ifalaeti 
eOBMtunee called Uall and Kinwt imc« Ualet; 
hisnu^pearia lbe*^talv I'opprs'aailals. 

Hm noM tntonaliag ivlic id U&lae is a 
■maU Minincript Tolme in the ' Egvnon 
Collection' ratuled 'Orcat Briiain's Trea- 
««re, inito the Mcnd majestic of the gnat 
and migbtie monarch Cnario* the fint of 
Eaglaad, Scotland, Fmncr.and Ireland king, 
DUMt humbly jprtaenttTib Fnuicu Stawart— 
bywhoaeloyaU care the suKu-tinitit Irvatisca 
have been patiutfolly t«ooll<^-ml nut of tlia 
old papera and frafmeala uf ihai worthir and 
lately deceased kntgbt,your Majestie's taitb- 
foU and ingpnuous servant. Sir Nicolas Malse^ 
anno Itomini I<t>3S.' The Irestiaea, flTe ift 
number, are wriil«n in a beautiful Old Eoit- 
lisb clianet«r, and inscribed oataJde, *Tiu 
soli O Kex Chahssime.' The contents nitir 
mainly to rarious rsraaum, giria; HalM^ 
estimate of thu amount realisad, and eortatn 
impiovaBMBtsthat could beefeetedon bwhslf 
of the onwn. King Charles is adrtaud U 
increase his income * by onlsinin^, after the 
e3Eamp)e of the King of France, that sU 
foiaigne shipps shall pay 15#. for ?ache tan' 
on laadiag. Another proposal i« to grant* a 
l^eaae of SI veara of yonr Majc^iy's fishing 
onto tho lloltenders.' One tn^ation siigg«<H 
thA * nnyasgo! of Mundick and Kinder 'nnail 
iniA«iBd'or tlie copper tWn current ; bat p^ 
bap the mo«t ingenious propoaal for unniov- 
in^ nui<Ter« wa* the eonrenioit * of 100,009 
<tiirdi« -lagabonda and Idle beggan' inW 
' lahortoivs snd iBdustrions trad«sm«tn in the 
fishing craft.' IV bM>k ootuista of Ui 
pagv*, followed by about fnrtyanpai^, which 
contain an 'Epilogue,' eovanu atatistitial 
notes, aad a XtJulta or abetntct of t^ topics 


n)»ru«Gilb«it'« hmebwl BiUMjot Con- 

viLD.paMUiB: BMwaftBdGMiitn«j'iBibI.C<>*Biih. 
1. 304. iii. 131A: Efvuit MS. 1140: C^ Sut* 
FkMn, Dam. l«34-9 ; Fatmt No. SJ] 

R. E. A. 


I>ANIE!..D-D.,LL-P. ili'>.V<? KiOSr-l.cls*- 
•ic«l Mbolftf, bora in YurlcaluTO in or •boul 
lfiS8| BtrifMl from EogUaJ «t Ibe Kn^lith 
Cotlcfre of DiKUT, tl>«a temponrilj ranoiwl 
to RheiiiH, OB -J:! Jiuu: 1680k ukI *»> MM ia 
tlu Mn« TMT witli a nuaW of otber ttu- 
dooU to tao EnglMh CoUcfii; «t lUmc, into 
-which he wu «£nitt«d do 8 Sept. IIo w«* 
•oHsined prieat bj TlMniM ClAl<lm-cU fii. r.^ 
hiatkof of Rl AMsh in tbi< rvi^fu ol tjueen 
M»nr, in October l&SS, He itas&inKl in the 
vtilloF^ till September IfiSd, and wu one of 
tlioc^ vlio iwtltioiied tat the n-U'nlioa of lb« 
Sociel J of Jenu U (in tDMOk^mpnt of tb« 
eoUoge> A^*hen be IcA be was srnt with 
oUien to collect aim* for the Rlirimtcollngiei 
tai it vo-H intt'iiilnl I hat h^ahoiilil alVrrn-anla 
proceed li> tie KTii;li*li mifHUOii.bui.wilbllie 
eonsent of C&nliiml AlU-n, he remunal iJi 
It«l7 to oootiiiue hit shuIim in one of die 
umreraitiM of that rountrx, vhere^ be ww 
cfmUmI a (lortiir nf tliR esnoo and dril Uva 
nndofdiruiitT. Piu;,whahndbeenU*&tllo«^ 
atudent In ibe Gnjilish Cctllefte at Rome, 
«xtolB him hi|blj for hU lenminf;. He (U»- 
Unpusbeil bimiMf in omorjr, poetnr, pht 
loaapky. and nutheniaiiet, and in hia know- 
ledge of Greek, Laiin. and Hebrew. Kor 
■ome yean be lired at t he court of liks palran, 
th« Duke nf Saror, and nHennnb waa ap- 
poiniM) ilu>oloffian to St. (.*barle« BorromdO. 
mrcUnahoii of Milan, with wluim ha rmid»d 
bcrtb at Rome and Milan. On ^' Seu.. 1591 
bs viailed ilie hoapicc attacbud lo tlie EiulijJi 
College at Kome, and made a euy oT five 
days, tu ihe ' I'ilgruo-Booli ' he ia deecribed 
w of Salop (FoLST, Rtfordt, ri. 001). He 
di«d at RoEoft about I Mm. 

Hri vn* auih<ir of: 1. 'Vir^ilii Maimi* 
Bu«Jiea,c I^timi in GroKUtn Idianin rrr- 
cibua tnnalata. Auiboiv l>«n. Abrarlo, 
Anfflo,' Turin, !691,8ro. Tbudodication to 
Cardinal Allencontaindaomecurioiu remarks 
on th^ Atate of England. 1', ' Avii Ltcinii 
Arch in I'oete tantopere h Ci^^p^^np colnl-rati 
Kpiitntmmata. ... A Daniele.VUiinrto.X.nglo 
liitinia TitrKibu* fideliaaime rcdditn,' Rnmn, 
1006, 8ro, dedieatod to Cardinal Ikniy 
Cejelan, pio(«ctor of the Enati*li nation. 
B^rinteil in tol. u. of 'M. T. CiMrouis 
Orationum C«nim«ntans Svlecta rironiin 
O^rmaniic, Itatiee, et UalliiG. uotis, acboliis, 
«t aaiioutioDibtu illustFata, CoIoodo, 168Q, 
6to. 3. ScTtral othtr works, bota ia |>cee 

", venCf which were never printod. 

IDodd-. CboTcb BJBt. ii. Mi Dmmy Diurim, 
ff. IS7. IC8.3r6; FolejV RMW«k n- lit. Itt. 
607 : GiUow. Bitl. K^. tl tit* Rocltifi Cuba- 
be*, iii. 103 ; Knox's Lnten aad Hemwiala of 
Cardiaal AlUn. p. W ; Pita. Da Angtia 8«rip. 
loriTins. p. 794 ; Tanner* BtbL Grit. p. >T1.1 

T. C. 

aatroootnar, bom at Qwrrtoko in Cuabot^ 
Und on il Apnl 19SB, w^» tf>r tld«^ loa of 
HUca Qalton of Qreentbnnitn Halt, wheiv 
the lamilr hed reaided fnitn tlw timi- of 
Richard II. 'HBMthv Halloa [q. \.^ wadpRi- 
bablvajroungcrbrolltor. Hallo a wa« educated 
at Buaeowe mamar acbool ia Cumbn-lan J, 
baeatae a atadcBt at Qta/a Iiu, and thence 
Arandd, He iiuuactedonhlabelMjrairaire 
of importance in Holland, and on hie rvttim to 
England accepted and kept for twenty veara 
onenuadatiM ooni)iTl«l with ccnaiaiMknift 
and arbitTBlioiu. In IfldO the ancooaaor of 
his pHlroD aoAilf hiu a ffiant of pait of tb* 
manor of Shirland in Derbrihire: be came 
to midt It Wlo^eld Manor in the »aui« 
CQUniv ntaij in 1006, and piircbaaed Mooe of 
the adjaoent lands fmm Uie mth Duke of 
NoHoUi on £8 May 1078. Having lieard of 
Flamsleed'auUnnomieal proficiency, Hal ton 
EalLed to lee him at Ihrbr tluring tlw Ijiiiiteii 
■aiiscaof I6Q8l and aitenmtda tent bira liio- 
Tables,* and otber wMttonaMmnoray (Bult, 
Aamint of ITaiMfmi, p. :i!). 'He was a 
nenon.' FlaoMteed aaya (lA. p. 30), 'of groat 
bumaniir and juilgroiini, a good algebrabt, 
and endeavoured to draw mit into ib« Mudy 
of algebra by proposing Utile nrofalema to 
me.' HaltoB^s obwrvntnon* at wingSeld on 
the solar edipae of i3 June 1675 wen com- 
miinicatKit to the Royal Society by Flanetaed. 
vrbn utrlnl blm 'ainieiM netts singularis 
(i'AiY. tram.Td.eiU). In a luttwlo Collins 
of 20 Fob. lOTSFluBKoed mimtinnnd that 
Ualton waa then tnuulaUiig KinkhuyMfl's 
' Mcxin-Wiftcr ' into English, * that I may 
hiivo a Tiow of it ' (RiOAip, Corr^ftondtnM 
ef Srimtiyif Metj it. 160). A little later he 
speaks of obaomng with hi« oiiudrftnt*, and 
on 27 IW. ItJT.H told (7ollint liiM 'tuifly, in 
dUtfourse with Mr. Hjilton, bi> wa* plnasM 
' to abow me a slrai^ht-lined projection for 
fiodbi^ the hotiT by inspection, the sud'» de- 
clination and height beioK pve«t'(»lkp. 171). 
Some of the eun-dials put vp by him are still 
to beaecn at Wiogfield Manor; nndalMter 
wTitt«n from Gr«v'< Init in May 16S0, de- 
scribing n dial of hi* own inventioo, was 
publislif^in the appendix (o Samuel Foster's 
' Miscellanea,' Looood, 16W, He married 

Mtry, 'itnAlcT nf Jalw Newton of Onkor- 
ttutrpti ID DectrjrHldre, uid liad br bor tbrec ' 
•oiu,tvo of wnom ted iant. Ildton m^do ' 
floU3iuior,niidp-pain)dthfiwantreviig«am- ' 
flictodupoDitbj-thcdrilwsr. It ruinaiuedtbie 
propQrt7 of bis dasooDduiC* uniU a lev ^vvn 
■go, wlioii it pBoBcd W HiiuTiage to the Xri»- 

DerhyMrt, p. 286>. He died in IWO, »g«d 
72. Biid woa buri«d in t!ic cbnreh of Sontli 
Wingfleld. Thr iiiEcrlplian on bin tomb 
BUtM tbat'thc Inle yenrs of his lif,^ wore 
cbi<^j sprtit in the sludi^!* of mtiAic and tho 
rantlicinntir!, in wtnch nfihlf acinucGs be ot^ 
tBiniil 11 grwif, [HTfpclJon.' 

[J. Burlaw E^linxm's HiBI•>^K^ll Sketch of 
tho Ancient Mnnor of S.>u(h 'WiiigSiild, 1873, 
p. IS; Henry T. Wnfce, in NVvtci un.l (ttiuriM, 
eth wr. i>i. 1«; KAAn. M.HS. (iSTO t. 238. 6703 
r. «A. 103i. 07OJ f. ll.J A. M. C. 

(rf. l.S'24), hishnp if CnrHnV, wiw n cnnon of 
Ibf A«(rii«iiiiftn cmvi'nl ofSt. Marr's, Ca.r- 
\\*\t^, wliidi WM bImj ib« cutbedml of Uie 
(li(>ce»e. Hft becani« prior in due course 
(l>rauuJS, M'mattieon, \\. 141). nnd on 
28 April 12«2 was e]ect«] bishop (CAron. rff 
Sjanerroit, p. 146). Tb« rnvnt tuwent wn« 
given on 20 Way. Uii tcmpornlil it-n werw 
Ratoi«dott 18 Junp, and lii>wii« nmw<?nit«'d 
on 14 Sept. at Ynrk by Antliotiv Rdk, tiiuhop 
of l>iirlinin (Siriiiw,' 1i*n. Atipl. p. 4« ; Lb 
Nrvh, Mwri, iii. aH4, nd. Hardy). A Gi!l)«Tt 
il« HnlTiiii vrha wiw archdiiacon of Cnrllslo 
Wwpdi 1^11 And l.tlAvrudaiibrk'siH kinB- 
rann ( I,B Netb, iit. il9). Halton -mas pro- 
htA\j cduMtcd nt Oxford, for which ht< verjr 
warmly clnims i^qiinl privilerea with the iim- 
T^reiliM of KratVf* (EUiiti!, Pfip^mfreim titr 

Ilnllivn tviui hnrdiv con^rN^ntod whiTi hfl 
wan lii»v with the ffront «uit for thft erown 
of 8<Mtlaiid. Ho iru prcsMit on 17 Nor. 
1392 wkon the kiiiffV dv^-iBion wna aiinouim>d 
atB«r«rick,ivndAttl)eUoina^of JolinlUllii^l 
on 28 I*9C6t Ncwon*lU (/'M'/c/n, i. "W(\ 7tW), 
Ue found Lin nvtb«ilTii] town biinit. dt>wn by 
n dertnictivc firo on 25 May (hantrwt, p, 
144), This was onlj tho beginning of the 
troubles which bcsct Ctilido and the wKvIo 
diocese during bin I vn^rpivcopato. Hviwunp- 
fwintwl by t-tdwitinu Von* of thu rcdlpctora 
(if ll»* cruMdlu^ Lithe in Scotland, nn ollice 
Lion9,anddiffiati]lie3. Al.laatUonifacit VIU 
ftbAolved him from the iiupoaaiblR ordor to 
Co1l<?ct leu thoufand marks tvithin a poor 
and distracted country, now at war wilh 
Englnnd (Raise, pp. 112-U). 

In 1S95 IlaltoBVMMDtaiian ami _ 

to King Jobo orSc<itLftnd,and on 9 Nor.n- 
ccivrd ft Mfl^<^lIldacl for his return {th. p[k 
1 19-30). Ob is Oct. 1397 Uslton wu ip- 
poiut«d cuAtM of Carliilu CasLle and of loe 
nnaldi>mBiiia(a[;.J9oc.jGb>fi.iLSH). H* 
beld this offic« muiy reois, uid ma^ ^mt 
cxcctioaa in npuring t DC worka and proriiioD- 
ing and garriaonhig thrtn. Whca WbUko 
TSTUcd tho counlij Lhirty mtlpR round, tie 
bur^a of defeodinethc ^*< bontor forime 
reat«d enlintly on him (lb. iii. 119). EUbo- 
ntR KOoiiiita of hia KXpMius and rt-'Cf-ipta «re 
printed froui his ref^aier by Csdoq Itainr 
{PapfTsfrotn Stirtkem Segitlerm, pp. I&l-SV. 
So exhaustod did his dioccso become that Iw 
■mi^bl and obtained the pope's atitborilr ' 
remit, tmmrt Imvan third, MimeiiintMrhuyrna 
of thi; iia])nl taxatinii Icrit.'d on tlie oleivy (i 
pp. ir»l, ISll. Hew» coiiiii«ntly thrown 
baelt on his owiirtsources for flgbtlnfr affaiiist 
ihe Scots, and coald £Ct little help from on 
exhausted l.reasurr. Tbin)^ cim worse kA4T 
Edn-anl TT"» accension. In 1300 be wm op- 
dervd by Oiemi'ni. Vto««commBntc»t«Bni« 
for thi' miinh'T of Oomyn. TiutMil of ntti'ntl- 
tng thn KiiKt«r parlianinnt of 1314, Halion 
wnit ordered to reside inhtii dio(^e«e ta defend 
it Bgninat the Scots (Pari. Writi, II. ilL 
014: lUixK, p. 219), in which object b« 
worked along with lite ghcriff Andrew Har- 
clay [q. v.] In 1318, howe»-er, he wa* s 
member of the exlraordinnry «>uncil which 
Lancaster iropoBwl, and in 1331 \w w« pre- 
lu^t at lhi> mnetin)^ of nnrlhnm cln^gj mim* 
miiii''d liv I^ancniiti^r t.o Sht'rbiim in Elmet 
for 28 .liilr (BHrnunoroy, p. 62). Yet he 
uxtaM to ii&ve dir>nt troopa to fi?ht agmmt 
Loncaater in the final struggle miich emdcd 
nt Boroiif^hbridf^. 

The Scollish war had ri?diiwd Hnlton to 
creitt povcrtr. In \^\A bis houKM Mitad* 
NowcMtlnbSd hr^c-n dwitroy«l tA build the 
tj^wn wntl, though for thin lio grAr emnpem^ 
tinn (Raise, p. LM8t; hut in 1318 he wnrte 
pilcounly ("J pop"? John XXII be^inc for 
lielp.andreqm-Btinjf that tho living of If om- 
ctuttlt^ in Liuculuehtri.', the mftnorof which 
wa« already iu (he Lands of the nithop of 
Carlisle, should be pcnuanontly aniioxcd to 
hit era (ib. pp. ^&>-4). Edward 11 bscVed 
up bifl cHbrlf. and ho obtained hia request 
f/W(TO, ii. 3781. Henceforth Ilornc«tle 
becamir a ioTourife residence of the bbhope 
wh<:n thcywlKhiKl to en^oy ■ little npoM 
from the troiiblcA of thtiir warlike frontier 

In 1.130 Hallon wont on hia laat emboMT 
to Sratland. and Wl Ms oxpnnscs rdiim-a 
bv the king on the pround that, bo went for 
his own good ns well lu fur that of 



Haly burton 

rv«lm (CW. i)M.&««JLiii lift). Is I3SS 
Iw excoMd hiatri^oa MwaBt of old i^ 
ii^nnilTi •oA famtj, boo attimiimg n 

Ptnoa the fu»oii* ]Tliiiii»iiif «t "Vtaik. In 
ebruarr 13^4 li« wm laemmi tot tfca Mae 
rMMn«,'uul MfMoaU}- OB ttecmH «f hu 
want cdT tin props' iim«m of cowwy Ba w, 
boa BUcodMM 1 tb* fariitaet »t W««- 
aiDfUr. Yet k« ««ttBaed to work tUl l^ 
lut. Oa e At*. 13H ho odainMf«f«a t^ 
iMilii ni rhiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiw^irf iirtj htCam' 
btrUnd »d W'oataonkBd. <^>n 1 Nov. b« 
diMl at hi« manor of Rom Out lr(LaN«rra*f, 
pb ;i&3). Il« wa« trurinl tn tbe tMclb aisle 
ofhM eatli(<drel, wbrrr » ntach^ooarrd dEgr 
ia Btill painted n«t w Ua (JwmMeaa, A9. 
aid j^Nfjf. CkrtiaU, {l 178). His niprter 
la aUU pmeiTedf &8d ia the eariieet reaaia- 
in; n0alcv of hn see. A lai^B uahar of 
lotlera fiom imnanj of eonndenlils palitMal 

Inhio'IVpns frma tw Koitlicni Bcgiiun* 
in the RaRs Scrica. 

[BfiMc'a Fad«(N. «eU. L aad ii.. Kmml «d. ; 
FhrL WiitB. i. StO. n. iii. 644-3 : KaiM'i Papm 
rruiu Um NonbrTD Rcftisicn (Boll* Ser.): Brid* 
titmtan'a ObMa Rdntnlj II is fkakfaa'a Chroa. 
do lAiMTCoat (UaidaDdCIab), pp. 1 4 (. 14fl. 3U i 
I>o««Mrata illutnttT* of the UuC of Scotkod, 
t366-IIMi CaI«k<Ur «f IVfoiMoU nlattBg to 
Seotlaad, toU. it. aiu) iii. ; NicoImmi utd Bum's 
Htat. of WertMoriuid and AnlMriaiKl, ii. SS!- 
«5-J T. F. T. 

HALTOK, T15IOTHY. D.D. (1632?- 
ITOl I, proTi>»l nf (Ju««a's OnUpgo, OrTord, 
]>roha>bIy I lie Tiniotliy Ilalcon, ma nf 
lies Halloo ofOiventhirkitoIliillTCiinilN^r- 
nd, who vaa ba^Kiwd at Qmjtiaku Cliurch 
S Stpt. 1038, and ia that caae lie was a 
jQitnfCT bcollier of lamaiiiui Halton [q. r.] 
{JfoU* and QuertM, flth aer. uL 4.>).' ]!■> 
ontered Quoea'a College as bailer 9 Mnn-li 
'lAiS-fl, and was «lMted f«<l)ow April HV>7 
CuL ^at« Paofr; limn. WA-l , p. S:t8). 
^6 procM^Ad BJ>. 30 April 18UL', D.D. 
JuiM 1U;4 <CW. O^. Grad. p. 268: aoe 
kUo V'ood, .^fAnw ai»n. »d. BliM. ir. 5S0). 
On 17 HaTch 1661 Ilaltm writM t/t Jomb 
WUUaouOB Ibat he hod ofT^re ot ekaplunetea 
bwn Williaaj Lucy, buhnp ftf St. IHrid'*, 
and fr^m the qumd or Bnhitmiii {CaL Stalt 
Pitptn, Itom. leeO 1, p. 83S). E\-Milaally 
be icfiiaed th«m both, imferrinf; to retain 
poaitioB at Oxford. TW ewt cITer, bow- 
r, lod to a Wcli-b contiMtion (tlA. pp. 551, 
■1S62, 572, 687). Ue bwaioe are-hdf-a«in of 
BrwJtaocksFeb. I«71-a(LBNKV«,i. 312), 
land was canoB of St. David't* (hi* c^tnpbV 
le was mnJ" orcbdcacon of Oxford 10 July 
675 (Vx Ntvx, ii. &1U), Uid provMl of 



Qmm'* OiOmo 7 Afril 1677. 

Pt^ •ITiBWOi BaHoar f^. r.' Ue 
iwtiiT ef tha eonecv ITtidc, I 
attor. OtfacdthiRL Ue wai 
al«7»^laadia». HediedSl Mr in>fc] 
aad WH bonad a QwaB'a Oaai«e cbpd| 
laaffil^ alaloi t^ ha waa a iiiiffiiitii 
h M Act or t» tho B l U ago. Kv 
froa Halttn to Wit£nMa,writaea I 
10SS and 1667. am yrun mA ia tho 
OBce iKf CaO. Stmtt F*prn, DwK. Serj 
Soae lefereDco to lua in TleariM'a ' 
ticma* 1 Ox£ Hiet. Soc ii. 89, SS4) i 
inpl; wac be was a Ban of joral bahlb^ 
Tbn« is an ensmred ponrait of him by 

(AothotiiiM ^[ootad: iaftcaatkoa kladlr np- 
BtU to the prorac cf Qmm^ Ocdhc* ; Noblo'o 
Be(. Hke.i.Mi Wood'* PMti Oion.. «]. Bli^. 
ii. SM, >««. SM; 371, 3M; and Lifb. pp. x^ 
anr, cut, en , ^ftebaM Aiiacd. viii. 4M.| 

K. D. K f . 

JAHEt$ t.lSlB~l&6n>, pct>v.»i of Du 
Soottiah icforaer, waa aon of Cie<ir)n> Ilalj 
barton of Pitcaror Gatli I Ai^. Mag'Slg.i 
I5l3-4rt, rntrr iri4it >. Ilia ([landfaihar ' 
of ilir first IjoTdllalTbononof INi4eton),w! 
with Ilia wif«, the dao^toraBd oobcanaa i 
.\t«xander de Chiaholm, obtained tbe baroBj 
of Pitciir, in th* pariih of Kcitina. Vttrw- 
ahiTp, of wbiel) far hail a r)tar(«r in 1433. 
JauKo waa boca in lai^ and ftwliMl at tb» 
oni rBTritjofSt. Andnwt, where he mdiiated 
M.A. in 16%. In lUO he obt^ied fW>m 
JantM V for hunseir aad hia afiaoeed bridi*, 
MnrparecRofMj.aebartcr of Biittonptak aad 
other !aniis(iift.entry±>:fl). About thoaamo 
time be wu enrolled a on* of tbo baroeaaea 
of L>Ttnde«. He became tutor or maidian to 
Sir Creorp* Haly burton, son ofbia Mdi^bro- 
thfT, Andniw of I*ilc«r, on which ncwiimt 
bo ia usuallv refoTTod lo b)r ooatvmporarioa 
as 'tutorof Piteur.' AltbesieMofBMuxhljr 
Cnatle, wb«t in tbo bands of Uie En|rli»1i, he 
commanded a troop of liornn prviTi.l^d Iv tbft 
Angiu barona and ' laodit BM>n,' nnd a«Hi>t«d 
the Krpnrh in llie aasault by wbicb it wa« 
captured on 90 Feb. IMB-^. \\x \w>Q bo 
was appointed to tbe command ofn troop of 
light borf«, mi*iKl b» th* <tueeit-reeMit to 
gWd ili« frooti«T of l^dcedalt>. He wu 
taken priaoner by th« QrahaoM, w1k> pWml 
liim iit the towerorkocpof arvb«IScot, only 
separated from ICneland br a ditch, r««oh-inif 
to rumoro him to Knfrland should hi» kvcuo^j 
bo attAniplMl. Tbe towt^r was, however, «ui 
prwcd by tlifScot« 'lurinfftht) nigliltand iko 
tul<ir of Piteur corricd ofl' boforv tbc Ora- 
hanu, to whom the ulann wb« acnt, had I inio 




-to reach tbo tow«x (U. 1>X>r*r\ iv M. dc 
■NoftilWin TrBLin'B Iielati«>»'p>Jitt<i«rjJf la 
I-'ranrrrI df rh>Mgneai:<Mpfjco*»t,'i. SJH" 8). 
In irNiIl H&ljbunou bad bocu elected pro* 
TiMi or Diindee, R dignity b* rttaincd Tor 
lliiny-lhreeT«an. Duiidae,owu)xt<>>t»<Dl«r- 
courw vilhtivrtiiaiiy.wiui mK-uf lite e&rtiMi 
towns in Srollnnd U> biTtitni' iufi'ciod with 
RHonnBtian princililc^ (Kkdx, i. (tl ) i ainl in 
«aiiunruid of t1i» iii«>i of Oundoe lldf burttm 
fUjmd « i>mmiiieiii part in the cmtuiRg con- 
iMt witli ilip quoen-rL-gi^nt. In l&'iO bie wu 
■crtiown tar tlw refotmifd portj one of tb« 
lorda of tJU cotiOTegKtioD as rKpreaeotiiu; tlie 
bomuglL* ( Cat. lUnre Papm, For. Bar. 16&9- 
1600, entry 1^). Aa ]>rovoEt of Dnndoe- lie 
mil TMUMt«d hj the qu(N^n-r«f;mt to npnnv 
inad tM nfarmer Patil Mi-thiicn, who tind 
bMO praachtn|c in that town, but inKtcnd i>f 
doing M» he.'ffSTo tecnt &dvrrtlMDii?nl M tW 
mfin to aroid the tawn for n Liio<!' (Ksas. i. 
.11 7 ). He was on« of llic iMden whom the 
Ear] nf Argyll And Lord James Stuan.after 
thi'ir fnilNrf to come to term* wilb the qm-i-n- 
ri'iti'nl, niiiuidoiimI to meet thctii at Si. Ait* 
dn'W« ott i Juno 1561>*fi)r Ri-fnnn«tUin to 
fci' made tlipre' {ib. p. S47 I. Wilb the mtn 
of DimnJeo ho jiiint'd lb* for(*flwhiclishonlv 
Bflprwarrls lairrwl tbn quoeu-regent'i mnrcd 
towards St. Aiid«*w»: ord tlio other lords 
liAvinB OH account of bin niiliinr)- pxtierl- 
oiico (Wc^I«d to him llif di*|Hwilion m tbu 
forci's, he posted ihu hum»'ii miwlcra fr«m 
yifethireand Korfnrvliin- in i.iidt u tikilfitl Pt^i- 
tioaon Cupar Miiirni' tormtimmid ibe wlinUv 
miTroundinf; con ntry { I'A. |j. 3111 ), Tbc que«a- 
tyircnt, thiiK litidiiig hi*r immediate poTpoae 
hiifHod, Bjfrwd in a true* of eight dayn, and 
pmnii*ir>il to ri'tira ' incontinent lo lulliliuid/ 
to di^miu th" FroBeh BoWipt*! frtmi lirr wr- 
Tieo, and tn Msnd a PoTDniituiioB to coniid«r 
finil t*r«»6 of apivenK'ni bci wwn bar and the 
loHaof tb** fv>npv>^nlinn. Am chonhowtdno 
signs of riilliI1iii);t hr>i-nn<lition« ofihe'ttnuF- 
Micr,' [liilybiirton, in commBnd i>f the men of 
I)iindo«, a'gnin tacik up arms to awist the re- 
fomi«ra iii darivfriTifr Pi'rth from thp t^'n-ni-h 
solilivra. Wheii at IVrtli liy,nloi>B with bin 
hrotlitT, Ali-iftiidM 1 1 MlybitTtnn, and John 
Kti'.is, made fltnjnwoiw but vain i-xprtiou* to 
n-jitraiii tbo ini'ii of Diiiidoc, who bnd »p<>ciAl , 
ifanionB fur InkiiiK revenge on lb'; Histiop of 
Scone oni'fl and L'fJ Jiinf (f'A. pp.3<K)-l ). i^ub- 
fiequnnlly he a«elFtrd in tin; defence of Edin- ■ 
tfUT^'h, nnd in October, harior. in comniand of 
tlif men of Duiidixi, 'piissed ftrtli of ihi! town ' 
with JtoDH' givait (irdnniicn to rbool at LeitU,' 
wtui Niirpriitcil liy fhf Frriicli whilii lit dtuneTi 
and (-tiiiiiiflltil til n-trpHi ,li»ivin^ tlieordiunca 
Li ilivir Auiids (fi. p. ioi). In a .tecotul siat- 

I mt^li on 6 Not. liU brotlm. Captain A 

' d«r Halylnuton (»omctimc» eaafoD«d«d 

' bits), ma alaia. Tbo provost of Dondae 

on« of tfap cammia»ion(tm wb«> mK ib^ IliAp 

of Norfolk at llertrick tiO aTmngi- tlir eimfti- 

tioBK nn wbicb aAsislance miKlit br obuioed 

fnim Kltcaboth (I'A, ii. ."K ; CAtj>BBWiMD, I 

•VI 1 ), aod bo frigiu-d tl>o ' lost band at LpI^' 

for 'MtlinK runrnnl the nrf<innBticin of rrii- 

, fnon.' Iff waft alw) one i>f tlif Irirds of th* 

I confrntgalion wIm oh 27 .Inn. iri<30-I fifun! 

i tho firai Book of riiMir>]inf (Kxux. ii. 1*-'>7l 

IlewaschasFii inlGSS toTepmctit liuoiW 

in parliament, and was dectad ta all *uUv 

?utint oonrmtiona and parliament* down k> 
ISei (FoBHTBR, MmdiTTf of tJnr purtunumt 
of Saittnnd, p. Ift8>, By rbe puliannt 0< 
150S be waa cbooB one of a connunoq to 
iidminisi«r tbe Act of Oblivion ; aod tbvfiit- 
by the gsneral nswmbly to iHVMint cwrlain 
artidw to tbw loids of thv »t^rt.'t eoiiacil in 
rwferencB to ibv 'nbolitiiin of idolairi-,' (Spe- 
cially tbe niani. Bein^, alon^withotheni* 
the extreme section of refunn'-rs. etWBjrl; 
opposed to the marrioci' of Mary with t 
catholic Lord Damley, lie joined thr V^rX 
^Inmy in bis attcmpi'topromote a tvbc^ 
and afl-r tlii> ' miiti'labnut raid ' todh n 
iTiEni[land(C'ii.DC.RWiM)l>, ii. lltt). On 2 Aw. 
' 1500 lie was rvquitwl torali'r into wiird {Reg. 
I P. C. Seoti. i. S4»). and on tbn ^>7th be 
, denounced aa a rebvl (Hi. p. SS7). Is 
' iimbihilitT he returned to Scotlanr! wit_ 
\ Morny alraut Iho timeof themiird«r of ItiuiGt. 
OniaMnrirh hVUVT he receited a pl^nMana 
TiOOr. fiirbiitimiu>rtunt militaiy aervicaatofal., 
eountrv, cMu.'Cuiilv tu roMiiling the invoMMiaf 
England {A. p. (idl ). Thtx pouioo w«» mI>- 
seijuently increoaod, and wa* ord«rv>d to b» 
paid out of the tbirds of i 1m- abbey of Soooa 
\ih. ii. III'). Halybanon n-as proMcot on 
29 July \T*\~ at tbe coranslion of ib« iafanl 
priRC<> at SlirlinfT- H^ waii <)ni- of < the lord* 
of fiecn>l^ counralo and utiion, baruna and 
men of jiidKomivnt," who on 4 IW, I.'i07 had 
nnder considemlion the coxket letters j>r»- 
parntoty to iht'iiitH-tiiiKof parliammt t Utrft- 
Ris, fu'att hoji^r*, p. 455 >. lie alt»o tooknut 
in the batU« of Lbnursidv on 30 May of ibft 
fflllowinif yrnr. In the j»ii d'esprit pub- 
lished lifter tho rej^ont Moray's aaaunAinntioOt 
in which thu n;|{vat is r?f roecntvd ua bnldinf 
a confcr«nC4) with the sis men of ilie worn 
'bebelioTtd mml into,' to obtain their mI- 
vicv for liiBodvunwmtuitnndttandine, llaly- 
biirUin, biiinn tauiiKl nn a anldicr, is repre- 
sented as udvifiiiK him lo make himaelf 
'strong wilh we^^ 'f^n both bono and 
foot' (published ill vol. i. of the BmmatyM 
ClvA (Mkcliviu; in IticiiAUU Da^ctaitki^b 





MfiitoriaU, m. S-10 ; and in Caldbrwood's 
Tlutory, \\. S15-S5). In August 1570, in 
vonimuid of tho men of Dundee, ho lueisted 
tn |irwwntinf; tlin cnpliiro of Krvchin by t)ie 
Eul of Huntly (CAT.Dr.RWoon, iii, S). In 
Jun« of cbo foilawinui jviir )i» wtui prvM'ni 
with the Earl of M»rtan in the BKirmiiih 
a^inat the qtiwn'i fori7e« at K^slalrig, b&> 
I^re4>n Lelth&nd tidinbur^h {A. p. 101). On 
S7 A1117., whil^entfo^^rncliiMingfi fonifpn^ 
|MirtT nnd ilrivinf; llmm into the c\Xy, 'hu 
"KTiui tnlirin mt (hv piirt upon honvbncK, *iip< 
po«iDg tliiit hit Mmpnnion* wero fi>llowing' 
^Wi. f. 13$). On 10 Sept. Ue wu delivered 
into til* EbtI of Unntly's hjtndj and wu to 
luir* b««ai exMuteil noxt day, hut -waa saved 
bythi- iiitf^wsitioaof Loni Lindesy (Bak- 
JXTTVi:, .tffM'-/n<i/t, II. 187). Soon iifl«r- 
wda h4 wu Mt at UWrty. for on l' I )i?o. Ii« 
TTM prMCnt at a ituwtiiut of tbo rccrot coun- 
■cn (fcj. J*. C JSroW. ii. e§). On 22 Nov. 1672 
b« wu named onv of a oomnuwion for the 
rial of Arcbibold UoiiKlUiinraon ofOLui^uw 

A I068] [q. v.], thitn in vrard iu the caatlc 

rStbliiiffCrt. b. 171). 

The Earl of Morton 00 34 Sept. 1578 an- 

iated lialyburtoa Ills oommiaeianor in tLc 

. twith Ar^lliioil Atholl.brivLich 
I Roondliaii'iu wiu hr'>ii^1it nlMiiit bctwti.^n 
L« rival parties in Mcf> (MnTME, Mf 
'moirtff. 111). On tl Uee. r<ilEoniii^ Iio licU 
a oonfsrence byonk-r uf the kini; in Rtirlin^ 
Caatlo for tlie Mttlemtnt of i hu churrh. He 
"waa named in April one of the commiMionera 
cniiiaiipcr!so](7f<p.7*. f'>S««r/.iii.l38),andoii 
'' Aug. of the forioning year ho niu named 
. COmmininnCT for tb« rvC.irniiii^ of tbe uni- 
■til!*, with api!cinl n-f<-n*nre to the iini- 
' ofSL .\ndmnD(ij4. p. -200). II»aI«o 
lonaaimitarcommiMionchownl April 
lfid7~8. naljbunon wsa oa 4 Dae. I->7i) 
jraMmted lo th^ F^^? '>' Pitiaweem, pre- 
Tioualf belli br nir iauM Balfoor. Altar 
«lHainine ilia king'* pmt«rtioD ^UTouT re- 
pOMeaaed hiinanlf uf thr priory, but, on tfaa 
cotnjJaint o( Uslyburlou, waa otidurfid tfl 
'deliTer the abbey Vithiu lurentvfour lioura 
after bein^; diargcd, nnder pam of rebel- 
lion ■ <ih. p. r.20). On 26 Oct. 1683 it waa 
tnkvn rnim Halyburton and bMtowad on 
Colonel Williiun Hlfwnrt . Italy hurtoniraaan 
£ March l'>8l~if «li-cti'danuiinlwrof Jamoa^S 
privy oouncil iU>. iii. itifi). Hn waa jprMeot 
at the raid of Rulhven on i!:JAag. lo(^,lnit 
ACcordinif to ono acoount wait 'not then at 
th4> bcginniiifff but being written for oama 
afttvward ' (CAUtBKWOon, iii. 637). In ihe 
followiw Ctetobor he vim appointed, alon^; 
with Cofoaat Willian) Sti^ivart, the kinc'^ 
ominissionor to ibi- fr^n<-'ra] aMMnbly nt Uv 
Irk (A. p. 67-1), and lie vnu also commit 
TOU 5X1T- 

8ioBa:r to the gcn<<nit luiitomhly whi«li met in 
April of ilia following yaitr (16, n. 7011). Oa 
tbeeacapeof KingJuroWfrom tn»pFot««tAnt 
lords to St. AndrowH in IBS'I, Halybiittoa 
wag deprived of the provostjihip of Dundoin 
and was oampelled in go into hiding (ii. it. 
421). lloprobably rot arucd with thcbami>livd 
lorda, who ntpturcd thncaetl^ of .Stirling in 
NoretnlMir 15H5. At thn rnneral aseuuibly 
which met in Fehrunry ISSi -S ho was again 
oneofthu king's conunuMionern, and ia tbuu 
w«llaattie aMenihly which met in AuouFt ho 
sct«d lis one of the osMaaor* of the mo^^rator. 
FTe died in February 1688-9. Un acooimt o{ 
al«o to the town of Dund«v, be roceinnl the 
honour of a public fnncmt at the expciuo of 
thu corporation, llu wua buried in the Soutk 
CLttrch, Uuudci*. During thi' altera tiona made 
in the i;]iurt;h a inonuiui.-iiL 10 him wttb a 
Latin inscriplion waa discovered in May 1 1^37 
on the floor on llie west aide of iho pulpit, 
bat it was dectroycd by ebn boroing of the 
churches in 1h41. 

J Reg. Mag. Sig. Sirot- tol. i.; Ren. P. C. ScoU. 
a. Ut.; Acta Pari. Srot, toL II; CaL .Slate 
Papera, For. Scr. rEii;n of Bliaabelh ; Richnnl 
ItiiiinntTtie'.i MRmnrJuLi ; Moyitifr'a Mcnioin ; 
Knoi'i Work* ; LUHcrwoodV illel. of thoChafcb 
of Scotland ; Mtllar'u Koll of Kminaol BuigMaea 
ofDnnd**.] T. F. U. 

1712), tUfijliPui'"i-*'a^ born tit llupiiIin,Prrth- 
abire,ou 25 Dec. 1'574. Ills father, Ubokob 
ntLvuuBTOx (d. 16j^2). descended from the 
ilaliburtoiuof Pitcur.and a n«ar n-lotivr of 
Oecirge HnliViirtDU [ij. v.], bishop of nuiild-ld, 
graduAt«d at. llie untrcraily of St. Andrews 
in I0r>2; after beln); licensed by the lila-iguw 
prealivtery in Iti^tt. hl^came assistant minister 
of the parish of .'\berdnlgi« and Dupplin in 
1I3Q7 ; was deprired for nonconformity in 
leeti: lived, by tbe kindness of Omrge Hay 
ofBaJhou^.ln Iholinuse at Dnpplln, whern 
hisaotkThumaawasboni; wa* di^nomiced by 
th« pi4vy council for keeping couvtjiiticlea 
H Aug. 167G; and died in October l<^j 
having had eleven children by his wife M«i^< 
garet, daughter of the R«r. Andfigw t'layfair, 
his predecessor at Aberdalgir. 

On hie fnihiT** death, bin motbor, a woman 
of mudbrvligious feeling, removed lo Itutter- 
dam to escape ihneatenud persecution, and 
Thomna was educat'xl there at Knumnii'al 
Hchool, where he proved himju-lf ngood diuuti- 
cal acliolsr. Henitiiniftd loSt-ntlandiii lliNi. 
gradonted at tha univunity of St. Andrewa 
L'4 .Intv, loao and, after aerving as a print* 
cbaploin, waa licensed by tie preahytefr of 
K iritnldy 32 June IttOO. Ilewa* nnlainnd to 
the parish of Ceres, FiEwJiire, 1 May 1700, 




but be injured hii braldi by ncMsivc Uboor. 
On 1 April 17IOhcwii>«ppoioted bTQnrcn 
Anne, Kt tbf inatoncw of uio rrootl of FUv, 
piofior of dtrintty >t ike NvV Ooll«g«, or 
caUag* of Si- Leonard, Si. Andniwii. lie 
d«Yoied hii iuauKural iMiur^ lo an atl«mDt 
tooonfote the deiaticil riew* Uioly promu- 

fstml by Ur. ArchibakI I'iccaira'in lfi88. 
Iv dinl Bt Si. Ai>drrir» 2.1 Sept. 171i, KgfiA 
only ;W, H« pirty ww n-miirkkbUs •ml the 
ititjiy rtlifpooN loau uf bU miliniKliiHl biiIii- 
lik)p«|iby, [lubljilied aftarliU ilenth.irB^ e bim 
■ very wnk rvpuiaiioa. Weclej nod TftTiiie- 
fitbl r^onun^uded hi* writLngB to their fol- 

[Idyburton's works, all of wbidi were 
imwd poBtbiisKKMlr, sra u follow* : 1. ' Nn- 
tnnl Itnlipon Ininimci«Bl Knd R«TeKlalB»- 
nrnMij m Mnii'i napfLiaeaa*(tOKCtfcer will) 
thft inaugurul iKrtaro UtinM Pilcum, *A 
ModAst Esq uify whether Hep>»erat ion orJiu- 
tiScAtjoB bu tOfl PrecedeacT in the order of 
NBtar«.* mid ' A n E*my concvminff thfl reason 
of Faith ' I, E<linburgh, irU.HTo; Montroao, 
ITDft, wifh pTefacf bv J. Hop. Tho 'Modwit 
Knqiiiry ' and the * Knsy ' w«* raiMued to- 
gi«tn«r at- Kdiabur^h in 1866 a4 ' An Eaaay 
on the (f round or formal Iteiuon nf a Mvinfr 
J'Aith.' Throui^oiittbu Tot lime Halybnrton 
AttMckii thti daiim of I^nl Kfirlx-rt of Chcr- 
liiiry and of Oltarli.'* Ftt'iuiit fnim thi' point 
of Tieiv of Calrinifltic orthodoxy. lie wu 
woU read in tb<9 writiuf^ of liia oppoiuot*, 
aad in a Ual which ho anwad« of Woks oon- 
aiillcd mention* the worluof Lodic, Ilobbeo, 
and SpinoM. LvUnd, in hi« vivw of 'DeiMi- 
cal Wrilnn,' a<lmit.t<-d Ilalybiirtoii'H nnrrow- 
noM,tt1thnuj{li he umirovi-tl bid conduaiona 

icf. UnxraAT, /^rrf Ilnlierf o/ (.ftoMury : 
rfiBO lliaiDKUT, .iatuJiiui/r.,v<i. l,ee, l&w, 
Iniml.) *J. ' Mcmoira of tbo Life of th* 
ItpTrn-QdMrTboniaAlIalTburtcin. Digmttid 
into Four PanJt,whpi>;pf tbe lirst thns- wnro 
written with hia own bund ttxar yivm Vfnrn 
Ilia (leatli, and th<- fourth is cidlcp.ti-d from 
his Diary by anotbtT hiiid: t'j wliich ia an- 
Tusx'i comi; Account of bis Dviui; Words bv 
thoM who wcm Witniiwe^ to his Duath,' dedi- 
cat^il by .l«ni'lWat»on<HalTburtoii'» widow') 
to I<ttfly Hi.'iiriet.Lut.'kmpbidl; 2nil fdir., cor- 
r'>Ct«<l and nmendeJ. EdinhurKh, 1715; an> 
ntliCT edit., oIho called the 2nd, with recmn- 
mttudatory epistlo by Dr. laaac Wall*, Ijon- 
don, 1718. 8ro: Slh edit., Glaapiw. 17.'i6, 
8voj with introductory Bwny by D. Younff. 
GiasKow. i»I-l,}'^au>; Uthedit., I»a8, ISSU. 
Edinburgh. It^iS. 'An Abat.rart of the Life 
and IhHith of Thi>miu> Halyburton'Npiwan-d 
in London In 1739, luid affnin in ITil. wiUt 
Teconimeniialnry epiatle by George Wliilu- 
fleld and £<ret'aca ly John WmIcj-. Au ab- 

4c in „ 


brrriated Tendon vm alH> uviiRd nt Cork in 
|r^20, and baa fraxinrailT been mamiid 
C'lllecli'inK of eransnlieal Biagnphy, &. 
Great Conrera of SalTation, with a Word 
ItecooinMndation br L WaiiA,' Edlnliu 
172L and 17^1', »\o, and 1797. I^ma ; 
flow, ITTI^lOmo. •i.'TenSwinanaptvacbed 
Moreand after ibeOlebretioDof tuL 
Su|>peT,* Edinburgh. 1722. b.'TimV 
donnblv Sin oKainsC tbu Holy GbosI 
dh<cour«e<l of/ Edinbui^ I'H, Svu. Hi 
burioo'a work* were oollacted and 
by the Her. Kobert Biini«.D.[).. oTPi 
London, 1835. Aportnitof llolybnitoo 
prefixed to thia Tolnme. 

fHow Scott'a FmlI E«:1. Rcot, ir. 471, 
Batrharton'a HrnMlra. 1714; Bril. Una. 
ChalaMn'* Bios. X>ict. ; LeloniTaViaw of 
Ml UTnUn.] a L. 

HAMBOYS^ JOHN (jf. U70). [1 

HAHBUBT, llETfRY ri: (.;*. 1 
j udge, wu a son of G^oflVey d« TTambuTT 
llamburv or Hanhury in Worc.aitrnihii . 
eart of ljftnca«l«r,bul received a pardon vith 
ccHuumt of parliament at York for all felonies 
in that re^id on I No<r. 1:11?. fn 1324 b* 
wao appoiitled a ju«tic« of the common plea^ 
in Ireland, lie was promof ■.«! in thv hniy^' 
tag vnr to hea Judg»of tba Iriiih court of 
Itln^a b^nch, ana alnKXit {mmofliatotv aflvc- 
waids to be chwfJuMiee ; but in I.'H'II f{iobard 
de WilloH{rhby wna appoinied cbii-f jutiioa, 
and Hambiiry'vetwnedtoibe common plaai. 
In 1 X-i7 b« appears to have been duef jiUtio» 
nf that eotirt, when be wsa tronsfemd to 
KnffUnd, and in IXfS became a judm of tlw 
Enrliah Idnr'a bmch (VnL Rat. A/. M h, 
»ft, 96,97,09A; tbo iruk Clt^ RalU,i.34, 
35, epoAK of him ns chief jimire of the Ilith 
kin|*V bon<^h in IS27). He alao wa« np- 
pointnd to bAtd dImj of forest in ClloucMMr- 
ahiTp, Somer*ei8Bipe, Doraetalure, Wil1«hir«, 
and Scuth Hampshire. H* eoema lo haT» 
rotired before iXS»,M Iho 'I.ihi^mtn Holl' 
downotnicntionMrnasa jiidgi^in that v«ar, 
but be wu ».till ftlivi'i in IS^tS, when Ite it 
named in the horald'aTtaitution nf Woiwrvttf- 
shire, in which countr h" had bc^coInc f»- 
aeuedof thoabhoyofltoTd'/alvyin 1^24. Ho 
founded a (ianliy at Hambu^ in 1 SK. 

|I-'a«sJadgMofEngIiinil; FUl. Wril^ 
pt. ii. pp. 130. 205; Abbr. BoL Orig. I. 
\i.H.\ 3. A. 

HAMEY, BALDWIN, the eWer, M.E. 
(l.'jri.'U Ui-M), p!iyi.ii^iiii, deicended fh>ni Udo 
de Home, who wwmI under the Count of 
IHandera at ibe nega of Acre, u-aa bom at 

. Hs , 





I! /I 


iiii|)Ov«riili«) by th« MMtioas of Alv«, mdi 
hini to iho univcwity of LcvHi-n, wbiiv liu 
in^t<ln*tcd M.D. Swn afl«r,'in l^J, h« wu 
lioiniiiBlvd by the iinivcr^lT tJivsirinn to llic 
ou t>f MiuooTj, TtkeodcTO Ivuioviu, in k- 
cocduico witli m rrqueM fvr ■ diitioguialiotl 
pliTBicmn wat lo tbc nvtorbr thai ompcror. 
IiilWe hv obtiincU Iwvc. Willi diflicolty, 
tt> Ktipi hi* post ia RuooU «iitl rvtumvd to 
HoUaiid, whcro be cnumj, nc AmMf rdnin, 
8ara <teil«. md in the aunft jear Mllli-d in 
IxtndoR, wlieie I10 wu sdnittMl a liceniinti! 
ortheColldf^ff of Physicians on 1'^ J&n. IDIO, 
and pmciiN^ v-itli ftucir^tM till his dratli, of 
Bpr*lilrMinl firvor, lONov. 1«40. Ilciriw 
biirii-d »n tlir north nUlv of ihr chnrrh of 
All lUltovr^ HarkiiiiT, ncnr tin- Tdwt-r of 
l^ndnn, 12Nor. 1010, and liia T!in<«cliililren 
ervclMl a moniini'.'ni in tlie rliurcU to hU 
tnrmory. tlis eldest son, Balilwin [q. v.]. 
beramp n physician, his spcond son n tncr- 
cliniit in Tiondon, anO hit d!iui;ht«T mnrrird 
Mr. Pnlmfr, nrh'Uw di-an-nilHtitii poMCWinl 
Ilatwy'i [Birtniit bv Cimicltii* Jnnnpn. He 
beqwatlwdlJO/.tnidH (^ollefd- of FhT^idaiia. 

LMuDk'n Coll. of Phjri. t 153 : HnmVj-» Bm- 
tamiB AltqpDt RtiiqniiD, in mAnuicripl at thn 
Coll«((«tif Fb]ri)ciaH(ro]>j).ppt 1I>-M: Pslnsr't 
'SAtt of Ui* must Mulaent Dr. Bnlilwin IIudp;, 

tMBOacnj-t ftt thd Collf^ uf PIijsiciii[iH.] 

N. M. 

|[ain*-T 'i). v.], M.I)., WM iii l.<iniloii 
Si ApVil'lt)00,and mt«n<d at lii^ uninr-itT 
of lj'yil<-na)i aMudvntof phikwoph^io M&v 
1017.' II* viAUtl Oxford for » time in ItKl. 
and H«diKl in tW' pulilip library tlien>. In 
Angnat 162A be went to lI&Min^. int«iidjti7 
to Bail tbenee to Holland. He supped with 
tiw major, nnd wm to itnil noct mnrtiini^: 
'but tti* maynr, p<'rl]np> oxcitnl ti> cu«]ii<>i(>]i 
hv K»tnmy'* buimiul cnnvimuitian. ilri-'iinied 
thnt itii' (tninps' aaghl in be dctnined. and 
a«<or<liBffly •« a ^ard at the inn, which 
prsreDtM hia saJlinfT with sixty o(h>>r nns- 
Hn^n, vbo WM« all ImI in a storm wfiich 
■row Ivoi than nn liotir afl^r th^ uliipniilod. 
Wli^n th" mavnr, vrha ciotiH not <>xplaii\ 
vhy lui had Tirc'v^ntM I lanii'y'a dnhnrkMioo, 
found that hi< litV hod tbiu lM>4>n Mved, bo 
CarcoKd him t& tlwt darling of henTen. 
An<rth«Trr<>M»lconv4>ved him to Holland, and 
!■(.■ prftJuali^ M.D. u't 1>eyden 12 .Vnf;. \n»K, 
vrriliiiif nlli*«i*' ll*i AnjrinA.' Iln tlw^n vititivl 
the »niv(<r»iliA« of |'nri«, Mviiitpoli-i'r, and 
I'sdiift; and «ft*Hr IravftU in Ocrnifliiy, Krone*, 
Bod lUlVi wo* incorporated M.P. at Oxford 
4 Feb. 1639. Ho was admillMl a f^ll^w of 
Uw OuUegv of Phjuciaiu of Loudon 10 Jan. 

less, xnu debt (itnu cautyt, from IB'IO to 
1B&I,WM rogirtmr in 1U46 ond IBM to IflM, 
and twasuK* lftR4-fl. In ItJI? be dtlivtred 
th<« OitUtonifln lectures, lie laan-iod Aon 
Pi'linof I&ittfnlani,g>nd Mttlci in practice 
in cbft parivh of St. Clement'*, EnslcliMp. 
Dr. Peaiwn'a wnnons on the Creed were 
pteaehnl in the piirifh church, and he becamo 
one of IlarouyB &i?cd». Durinfr llie (Treat 
rebi-llioa be at one limi; (bought of leoTins 
London; but ou ntlorb nf inHatniuntion of 
tliQ lungs cbang«l hia iuti'ii' ir>n, Tlic dav 
hi; wu convalEwent a rouiidb<-nd icpiieral 
tMnaultcd him, and, doligrhlMl with liirx pro> 
mise uf cun-, hnndcd him a bn^ of (fold. 
Ilotucy tltoiii;1)t llir fm' too ^pst. nod handtMl 
it bock ; wliereupou the piiriton look a hand- 
ful of gold pieoea fram the bng, put lh«m 
into the phyeicinn'a pookm, ntid went nway, 
llumrr's wife wna wailing diutiir, and hn 
hnndml his fee of thirty-six broad uieccN to 
ht-r. She was plnuu^l^ and told him how. 
durin;; bis illneas, ahc had pnid away that 
Tory sum to a state exaction rather ttioii 
tri^hluhim witbdiacnisinn. Ilniney thought 
this tiiciilpnt an omen apiinni miction, n^ 
mainiKliii London, and soon had many pationln 
among ihe |»rUain«nt meiL. [|i> *eom|ilifd 
with the time* an far as to go and liMir ihi> 
M>niiana of the Bnr:lJirif-*,hut u«ed to take with 
him either an octovo AldinoVirgiJ in vcUum, 
or a duodecimo Atintoplmnee in red le&ther 
with rlnBDs. The iiiilnnnicd crowd took 
tlifni fnr liibi* and Qnwk Tiwtamoni, and 
Iniit in llii'ir tludy he was iftn-d the annoy- 
nnce of ih* twnnoD. He muit boTo earned 
insnr fee*, ftir h* bought a diamond nnv of 
Charles I bearing llin myal Brmo for &OO/., 
and («veral time* ai^nl jifta to CharlM II. 
The ring ha piYo to Chfirli'* II at tint Keitto- 
Tation. The (ling would havp kniyhiwl him, 
lintbodechnMl tnebononr. Ilcr»iin;d from 
ptnctic* in llMG.nndwent to live at rhohwta, 
when* lie di»d, U May 1076. Ho woj btlri^d 
in the chancel of tha pnrish chnwli, wTftnp.'d 
in lin»n. without coRin, and t^n f*.«t Amy, 
and with no monument but o bUek marble 
sliiJt Iwnring hia nam-?, the dntn of hin dcatli, 
and the Mmttinre: ' When thA lir^>«tb trot-lb 
out of arannhi>r<^iirn<>tbunlo hill earth.' Hio 
lonfrer pilt inscription, with !ii» Bran, which 
is atill Tisibh', •KoM put up »ome year* uft^r, 
and has roctnlly bi*!i rr^torpd by iheCt^eife 
of I'hyeicinn>. He bad no children, and as be 
bad a riwI inh^TitaiiCi- as well «* ■ lucrative 
prnetic' h<- wai* always well off, and used hii 
wcnlthwithfff^iKnMsilythrovghoutUfe. \VTwn 
only (hirty'thn'o bi- poiil the expeoem of the 
i^lucatinn »t Hchool nnd at (hobnl of u iIk- 
MTTviiii; MboUr, John Sigimund Clewer 
{l'AL)iBa.,Lire,p,-M). lie pire lOOA towardB 





the n>pnini of 8l. Paul's C'ntlii'dml, and nlw> 
c<inlnbut>^ libprall^v To Urn fiibrics nf All 
TlaUown Barking, of Si. Cbueut's, Eiul- 
cbeap, an^ of St. Luke*!). ClieUva. lie also 
BftVD a civat bell toClH'lBC'aCliitrcli, wilh tbe 
iDEcrint R<ii, ' itnldwiniw llnDti'V I'lii levan^'e- 
licuM Mi'iiii'iti; Divo Lunt' m'.nliro «'Viingi<liro, 
D.D.h.' III! vra» *!iU looro gi-nortnu Ui tUi> 
Colleseaf Phri>iciaiis,iiid boeaine Its lafgen 
beoenctor. tie ji^ve a Urfi« auni townnla 
iUH'buildinff antirlhc-fireof 16C6,ftn(l wniiw- 
i?ot»d the dmiiis-mom willt carved ^uanUh 
oak, «nmi> of wliicli, with his arme, is pre- 
tiprvi'd in thn pritHctit c(>1lcg>>. In ]<i7:j he 
envit till! cciltifi» an Retail! ncnrffmal (hiffnr 
in RMfx. Tlie rinU af this, nraong otSw 
'yineeii*, wero to pay annual cuma tJi the phy- 
aici&na 4f St. iM.rlholomew's, pTovid<?d that 
homital ai?ci>p1ed fhe npmjn<.>«« of thcCnlloffo 
of Piiy?ioi«n>i. On n vnoancy tltP eollogo la 
informed i^f it by l<;ttcr and nuiktv a nniui- 
lULtiAn, which ii ri^jL-otod by the ho*iiitfll, 
white the senior-asaiitant pbyaieiaii i* np- 
pcunted. Thue the phjrsioiatu of St. Bar- 
tliolarnew** havit ncrep reoeivod HamtVa 
bi^nofoction ; but t<> make nn to them the 
facMpitAl pay L'dcli -onf- hundr^ |riiinr>ng a 
y««r,M tn&t, circuitomlv, hi* good wiali ii 
«aTn»d out. Il*m«y'« tli-i«u u-aa hit only 
printf^l wwk, hut Mreral of hia maDu«cripl4 
roiiiaiiL in iho Colle^u of Physicinus. Tfavy 
oiv; 1, 'Bufitonim aliqucilBilinuiitt all aniio 
lUJlC^, iiui tuihi priiuua fuil coiidiicti ^ifjrnim 
apareatibiu uou iuntupicatn Iioapilii,' Ul-- 
eiiltis the oripnal Tlii-re i^ a bfaunlut copy of 
this mamisirript, and onotlH-r copy ciistf in 
thi- Ilrili^li Mu^x-uta, It begins with aanc- 
coiini pf TIii-iidoR'iliiularon [u. v.],nad tlmn 
gircs lii^Iiirii-niiriifly-tlin*' fittii>r phynician.t, 
COi)U;iii)K>mni-.i of tlnmny. '2. * I7iiivi!rs« Mp- 
.didna,' a folio lamV of «w unidicim^ 
S. ' diiUtonian Lecture*.' 4. ' Noiea on Ari- 
.etophanea.' Af^pr his death Adam Littleton 
«d!bMl in lfi93 Hniticy'n ' Diawrtatio cpisto- 
Ijiris de jiintmfiit'i mi-diriinim ntii Mpiof 'ln- 
jTOdotimwdicttur.' Vnadrdc imintud liin [lor- 
trait in 16^ (Palxeu, mniiUAc ript ). A |Mir- 
tniil of him al the age of Bevoiitv-foiir, nt 
piratiU in thf yn-ai lihrary of ihn Callt<|ta of 
Phynicintw, is Tiy Smdlinft- In it hu*la of 
TTipiKicrnt^a nnd Aristoijliani".*, tiig ftvaurile 
Orfti'k authors, lie bi-fore Jiim. 

[Mtmk'a VnH. of Pliya, i. 207 : Hiunnj'i Jiiis- 
liirum AlitiDot Ri'Iiqnti*. mmiuirripi rojiy in ilie 
Colletf* of PhyBicianu'Liiiriry; Palmt-r'i Lifi- of 
thn jllosl EmiuGQl iT. Bnlilwin Hutnoy. ariinnid 
maiiuwri(it in Collei;ii of Phynnians' Libmry, I 

N. M. 

HAMILTON", Drms or. [See Dotrui-As. 

ALBXAIfDER ll^HlLTnir, tptltll VVKK (ITfi"- 

1602); DocGULs, Jjuiej,rourtk Ovkk (Ift^S- 

I7I'»); DopuLia, WtuJAM, third HutM 
(I6.V>-1IJJM): l^o^IliH^ Williim Ai 


(mi-l»«3X rorMhKrdukMuidiiwnig 
aeo tLuULTOjr below.] 

HAMILTON. Mb«.(j?. t74fi-1772),j^ 
treaj, luatle hi»r 6r«t nwwrdt-d npBe«nticsi_ 
CovcQt ( inrden on I :? Div. 174 'i ao llio (Joeoi in 
'King'EIpnry V.' She waatbon, and foraom 
vmn lKter,known as Mra.Blaad, her hniband 
lieing an u'Idf of small parts in the tbeatm. 
In laa aiimiiKiT mujon of 1 74ti she anpwmod 
Oamck in a ahort «ngafri'niiint, plnring h«^;aa 
in ' Lear,' Lady Anni* in ' King Hichart JU,' 
Kmilia in 'Othello.* and Ihirinda ia tbe 
■ StnitAj^tn.' She went to Oublin in 174)^ 
niid pluy»d nt Stnork Alley TlMatnL Stio 
iinpnivMl gmally, and reappeand at CoT«nt 
Garden on iH St'pt. 175$ as Clariada in tbe 
* Siu|»di>iu Eiuhand.' iiiek signed a lon(( 
engagement «n faTountkk- t«nas. $be ra- 
tnained at Covient Uardeo until 1763. Sko 

Iitrtyi'd Qiioen Blinb«th in iho ' Esrl «f 
JMi'x ■ of Henry Jones on 21 Ffh. I".>3, an 
oricinal part, and long a special favouHle 
witii biv. Sbi! plnvt^ r.niilia when ^lurpky 
appearod at Otheflo on It Oct. lliA, and 
spoke the prolo^e that bo wrote for th« occa- 
sion. She was now deaeribed a* Mrs. Ilaiiul- 
ton, late Mrs. Bland. 8he appeansl a» ronia, 
Liidy Jane Grey, HTpulita, janv Shorn, and 
Cli'o'patra in 'All for Lov*,' Mm. SoUao, 
MillaniBiit, lEosalind, &c. IIl-t aecond fans- 
band mxaas to haro lived upon her, and 
rokbod Lit at onu time of i.QvOl. flbe waa 
fint^■loukirlK. inrlinccl from the first to poit- 
lini.'M, and in iIk! (.'ad v^ryslont ; had s maoe 
of hlack hair, won- no powJer, waa ffanerow^ 
bur Tiil^ar, quarrelsome, anti conceited. She 
had much comic cpiril, and woJi rt«|)eclnlilr in 
trn^idy.whiih will" itcnrrcly her forie. An mi* 
liickvi|iiurFcl witlidfor^ AnDcltcllaniv won 
herOiHm(^ktiBmp(ir*Trij)c,' Beard and Ban- 
croft, who auccei-df d Hirli at Covent Gardan. 
found her intraolable. but liidd themsdvaa' 
iilt-deied to her by thoir pr&ileceMnr. ]l»lia^| 
ing li<-rwlf necifunry to the iheaire, she ^| 
mil lluit n iwrn't clnuse iu her a([TeoiDMt 
with Ktrh ri-Ii'nw'il •'iihernf thorn ia thaeaM 
of a dmtiMf of luatiair'niKnT, and was dia- 
misai'd at the dosu uf ili.- Hmson 17I31-Q2L 
She wont to Piiblin. and uma tinsiiccenful, 
married in Ireland (at Kilkenny ?) a third 
hiubflnd, Cnptain Sween&r, who hIk> liTtd 
upr>n licr. Tiiti' Wilkinson found her at Mnl- 
tiiii pUying till! Niiroc in ' Komeo and Julii 
with n wrt^idit-d rompnny, and ennged ! 
tlirouRh diariiy, Shi> nniHiamd at Yotk' 
Januarr 177t' as Quwiii Mi/nboth, and a 
interest was iikspired by her mttfertti 




I Ifidflnt to her twAao tcclh n« abc pluy^ 
Ladr BruTDptoii tan»-d applauw into ndi- 
L-iil«. Ilcr liiat n[ip<!ar»iirii in Vnrk, and 

frobably on *«y Htajfe, wu ou 11 April 
772. She relumed to Cnr«nt <iaiiji!U nn 
objact of cbsrilT. Iler dislreMw were the 
GUMW of the MtablishmeDt of the Tlipntticol 
Fund, from which, n» s1il- wu not oti ihc 
boolu of i-ithcr Driirv Lnm? m Ctivpnt llta- 
dcn,Blircoti1<l rvci^ivc nothiiiKlin' h domttion. 
Throiifftitlic mfluvii» of TiunniiB tliiU'q, v." 
nnd Ills wife she wna made viiiniiMb(»-WpiT 
■nd drej*tr «t ilie Iticbniond Tlieutre, oho 
tlitHl iu poverty ftiid obscurity. 

[tn his WandvHog TntciitM. 1;m. T»Ic Wil- 
ktnaon •IbtoIa* thirty f*gt» (i- 123-53} t/i n 
B<M*i ping nnd ffood-oiitiumit wconDtoflhioAn nv. 
Mm m pmlaM in A UoDaml Viev of tha Sihj^. 
hj Ut. WUkn (Simnct Utirricli). 1760. Mid by 
ruHcoMirnl^Diof ibvjwrinil. G«nnt'« Aoconnt of 
Che Sto^Uitchcock'alrii^SM^.uidGilli Land's 
IhMBUio UitTor have b«cci CDiiatitl«d. Dibdb'ii 
Kdiflbuoh 9taK« apeak> of Uia. Blaod Hiunil- 
ton piqilig in £dinbofgb in I76S-8| ami M>ya 
*«bo baa l<Mt h*r Toico, htr Isolu, bar Metli, and 
iadefonii«d in h«r pcnon.'] J. K. 

merehoat nod niittior, d«srrib«8 himwlf &■ 
* fa^Tuig a nmbliuj; mind and h fortitae too 
lUUTOW to ft]low him tn tmvt'l like a ^fftitli^ 
nun.' H« thrrefom ' niijdiiHl liimNntf to ltit> 
Study of naulicAliitliiirt, and liBviiigi>]it^n1 bin 
youD£i>rduyii*iii viatiiiig mniitof tliL'miiriliui» 
kingwma of Eurojie and Komo p&na nf Itnr- 
buy,' and having made a ra\ a^ to jHiuaicn. 
be went out to tlie I£ast Indies id 1688, and 
ienuint>d there lill 17:^^. LKiriii^lluslimDhe 
Menu to bAva followed a lif»' "f rutnmprml 
■dT«aitun, MmetimM bm captain nf n ^bip, 
MEBMtiniisBJi«upuKai]go^«oin<iii)Dud inn <^liii) 
of bia own, or in oao pnvatuly awii<id, >ui mo- 
tine* in ft ahip of one or alhor of thv nval 
COMptniM^and W to have visited almost every 
Mit, from Jfddah in the Ited Sea to Amoy iii 
China, ilis advi^ntures and experii^iic*!? ato 
told in anioet iriti^r>>i:tin2inannor in hifi'Nrw 
Accountaf thoEut rndi«*'(ltTnlji.8vo, 1727; 
dhun olitJ noiVe Kiuplidtf , porfoci boucdi y, 
'witli VMBc tinularity of uuhjvct tii i(e account 
of th» luannera aud hialorv of ]>c<>plci liltU- 
luoiirii, ofitFS & eloeer parallel to th« hialor)- 
of Jierpdotus than p<>rbA[iH uny ufhtr lii 
laodcRi litoaturv. It« bittorical value must, 
liOW«vcr, bo weighted with hi* distinct con- 
fimion loat 'tlitwt •jW-n-nt i<m> linvc Ixtm 
inod^ly Irom ibo aloTchousi- of my mt:m(>ry. 
■nd am ibi.- ainiu)nii«nt« vr lu.cufirati<jtia uf 
l^tlie oiffbM uf iwa lonji winlen; ' acid ainiiti. 
'If I bad ihought wkilo I wa£ in Iiidlu 
Df makinff myobMrTalionsor muiLrlia public 

and to bnvu had tb» honour of presentiiij^ 
Ikcm to eo noble a patron ' — as tho DiUie of whoni tli« vtotIc it dedicated — 
'1 badcvrtoiulylM'eDinorecaT^fulBadcunouA 
iu my coUocUi^iiu, aud of iM^piu^ n>i.-moian- 
duuu to have made the work mora complelo,'^ 
As tbcM raotiiuaoonoee extend over ftve-ant 
thirty Yt«n. thvy may vrell l» occiLBioiudijr] 
untru«tirorlliy ; <till. m a itoaman, wo mnji 
!>up|KKw that bu bod bis jouranlis or, ae m\ 
lucrcbatit, lii^ t.nulc nii-ni<iraii<lii,whicJi would] 
to nnoit! t!\.i«iu ket^p liim etruight. (X liia 
honMty and of his cruthfulneea, wiiliiu (he 
limits of his memory end obsorvaiiaii, it ig 
impoaeiblotodoubt. Ilcrctumed to England'^ 
in 1733, nonne to Imvi; spout a coneidorable 
iiarr of 17*24 in llnlbiiid.pnviunntily wttling 
liin liiiniiii-Hn ntriiini, and the two lollowitig 
vwtw in writiiiK nnd ammjriDC hid 'Iiicn- 
lirnliouH.' He dt»cribcB himseli" oa Imviitg 
'brov^ht back a churm ihnt can keep out 
ike mi'ttgredprilipoVLTty, from entering into 
mv hnuw, and so I 1ibv«* got holy Agiir'*j 
vntii ill I'rov. «xs. 8. A 'Ciijilttin Ali<xand« 
llnmillori' diMl 7 Oct. L732 i^Ofnf. May.' 

I7S2, p. loao). 

[The only nmborily for Itamilton's Iff* ja bifl 
own book : there is aUu tome menti-on of him iu 
Clement Doimioit'i t'ompcndiauR HiMo^of ibe 
Inilinn VTnn (1737), pp. J4-3&.] J. K. L. 

1802). prole^ar of midwifery in Edinburgh 
I'tkiTursity, wob brjm in 1739 M Fordoun, 
Kincardiii<!Eihirf, wh^'m lii>' fntlii<r. n n'iinio 
army mirgiion, jinw'tiwid. Iu l7"iS bn b<«'iim«^ 
aHsiatnnt. to John Straiten, lur^fon.of Edin- 
burgh; on hia majitt-r's deiitb in I7ti2 hi>was 
udmiu^'d mi>mber of tke Edinburgh Collem 
of SuT^ons. nndoonimunpi'd tnpradiiT^. 11* 
aflencnrds obtaini<d n miiditriil di-gn'i;, and 
wnx admit li>d a lii'i'niijili-, nnd iiubiiw^UMil Ij- j 
fnllAw, of thii Kdinbiitiifh Ciullegf of Phr- 
«ipijin». In I777,iudeaconof tbt'Edinburgh 
Cotk-ge of SuT^ons, he made a strenuoua 
I'lFort to get flu^tenr taught in the uoiv«ttttjJ 
by a efparat* ptof(«or, hut faiM, owinff t* i 
the oppoaitiou of Monro oMundu*. After lo«- 
lurinff CD midwifery with «iicce«fl for taaxui 
}v»n, he va* in I7M> appointMl joint pro- 
fijaaorofmidwiffryinthi'imivi-rsitv of Edin- 
burgh with Dr.Thomae Vooiig,anu nolc pro- 
ftaiur in 1763 ou Young's dtratL, Through 
his cxcrlioiw tbe LYiug-in llnspilat wiise9t«- j 
biiBhed in I7UI. (le vat a tuccfMful praci 
titionei and writer on midwifery. [For do> 
luiti respocling tho aocuMtion mad« by Dr. 
James Grc^ry in 17S2 that Hamilton waa 
the author uf a pamphlvt oo the ' Study of 
Mi-dicini- in KdinbuTKb Uniycrsity,' which 
l^^^l) and HxuiLtuN. Jaui9, jiw. {d. 1^9>] 




Ify^p^^ma fwigiwd bic uro&aaocabip ia 1900, 
- ^ud mi '^ Ufty )«U. U>« Kxw JaiuM 
tf| uul llimry Pur m wpftntd; 

llMuultunwToW: l.'ElflflMoUoftbermc- 

■ > M.A^.Ury' LoodDD. 1776. i. *A 

ilwUtar, oonpnlmi^ig iha 
. Ill ofiVuMV Oampkintaand 
■ 'incT/Edin- 
ut«n by J. I'. 
' ins uf dia Tlwary nod 
< . . ..'h:diiibuT^,17fM:6tl> 
, I. • :j]u«tUw'^ AnaIuiniL-&l T&blt« ; 
i<t|{nMNik uf tk« Pnurlice of Mi<l- 
viuwi, rovmwl.wilh imiM and illustnition*, 
tubuVlTRb, ITtitl. 0. 'TKwibeotitlwManaice- 
liirFmiiolu l'uui{iUuit»,UKl of Children 
-rl> IttCkiti'y.' Kdmbttigh, 179*2; 7tlied!t. 
'.I'vKB lluoiUna tbe younger, 

r^BAlKlioU. I 79^ 1i- ' l^BtXtX 

t.Hbum ou cwuin Itoetrinm 
t Kmjt* an ih» ]*nctic« of 

-, ' ' i,»rb, ITM. 

[ V . NiaiiMi. li -146: Prof. 

^ 1. . ■iilli.-IItM.Qf lltaCbaii 

1 l>iul iVoCeuion >& 
-ji^JlolJnar.), 1863, l>. TOO; 
I UJial>uMb rniTvniir. <■ 32*^. 
U. T. B. 

U Villi. u'.N. Al.EXASDKR (1762- 

TWMU|)l«;,-iDe[it of 

1 BonffKl.Knd vas 

... .-^.viwly (rfCftlcutw, 

i;l«itsl hi< roDtiiiiiod lii< 

<< 'li'> ItritMliMiuruu), 

\iui«M M Itui Paris 

.. i.t'fiiiHni of boatilw 

Mlbjecw d»- 

. lut thir only 

:. a ihoroUigli uiw- 

I iliat Ungua^ U) 

.iirUl. At the re- 

■ ( oriental mnnii- 

ii>, liu divw up an 

. > Suiuir.nt uiajiu- 

.1 Ihn'U t-alalo^«d 

I of (he tongiiage. 

-I Mulimblinhwi 

I M'I(l|)lVli<jUl*,' 

• MUUt uf tllil 

< wu elected 
-<aaMirit and 
i\)llaae. lU 
■ ■ tlia&nacrit 
L> ot'Smmcrit 
\ Kiiv t(i the 
'li. Id- m1»'] 

. LuUt 1[[(IJHI1 

. , ...1 10 I tec. 

lUcBt. iUg. IKU: Joanal A«abqii*.hefc 
1S2J ; Amiiau* dw laatri p Uota. noti«i « 
Favhel B»d Cbfay: Xemiut. 31 Hkj »» 
U JnvlMS.] '- G- A. 

BAMmtOS, AXDRI-:W (d. lOftll. 
roctor and piehendaiT t>f KUikcirj, *«" 
probably Mm of .VudrvwllaiiultaD.MX.whi 
iras collaltd ia Anetut 1639 to the tvctotj 
and prebend of KiUltatty, out TVroiia, m 
the r«ctaiT of Slaf horaetoM, eo. Fenaanagh, 
whkb b« Ltldniita 1661 (BHUiaaAW,JQuiM> 
JWtfewZe»vJs».P-l*3). Aadrpw IfamaWB, 
'jaa.' (CoTKa), WW admitUHl to eriwii 
ordiT9 on 7 Aiir. 1601, and graduaf*J M.A. 
at au uakoown oatvaad univarsit)-. Il^nc 
o(^lat«d to Um UBMtt of KiUwrry and Uit^fa- 
encroM 4 April 1606, in nccxsMon to Jataet 
IlanulloD. He took an active yart in lb* 
nicMiurea of tclf-drtonot adapted oy tb*^ ^^o- 
MttonU in Imland under Jamea U, and 
loot bcttvily hy the wanton deatraciiuu cf 
bii nniperly. In Angut 1688 ha vaaxot 
by the pivenior and ottccrs of Knni»kil!en 
as tlieir aacnt \o Kiaj? William and (Jii*«i 
had DBuu m member of their aaaoctadon froia 
its inai^Tntion on Ikec. ItU^ : Chat Itv bad 
raiiKd a Iroop uTlionv and a oompaay of fooli 
thiit a foroe under the Duke of Bcr<rick had 
biirut hialtoiusediaiciiTillBgcjsandoAmaavB 
twothoHMndshM bomliun and hiatranU; 
thai h« had loat liu printfl eauts and dturcb 
hiing, worth above'400{. a year, and oov in 
ilm r-ni'iiiys power; and that mlndbrcnn 
■painful and constant jKeacber'dnrinfr hia 
tenure of the prebend of Clogher. Hianaoio 
appears in the 'List of the Permnit Attainted 
in Kinff James's Parliami.'Dt of lllt^> in It»- 
Und' lis 'Andrew Uainilton of Maffhcr;* 
cTuur, cK'rk.' llBTiRgb«en,aa hn lia§ §taicd. 
' an tiyivwttncts ' of wlial be deicril^fi. and 
an'actArtliiKroiii,' hr. iiubluJied a small quarto, 
eutitled 'A Trui; Ilfilaiion of the Actitui* of 
itiu InniskiUing Men from December Iit6^ 
fur i]i« UBr«nGe of the l*n)testant fUlision 
iind tlicur l.ivee and l^bortios' (Loiidoo, 
lGMJ),aiid thiK UthM record has been iwica 
n^priutoa(lIulfast,18l3and 1864). Hediad 
ia IflOI, and wbj auoceoded in his beoefio* 
by JamuM Kirkwood. 

[Cotton't I'wti KMleais Hlbemiev, i!i. 08 1 
Bndahibw'ii ICaoiikilUn Lnng Ago, pp. IIS, IStt 
ait Jamiif Wnro'ti Work's ad. llnrrii^ ii. UJ; 
Aninbiihop Kiii|;'« Sixt* of the Pmtaaiaaia tt 
Ireland uwier Kiuz Jiinus'i QoTenmaiil. 
1091. v.. 2TG,1 B. H. ' 

It.iMir.To?f (itfSS^ni"). [Sw 

DlllrDtos, WlLLIAJf, third DtTEB OP 



HAMILTON, UnTANNE(17e6-lSl8>, 

frvBilof (Jui-rn Carolina, (^Mrgi^ IV'a vif», 

vu eldest dkuglit^r of Archifc«Ia, ninth diike 

of lluoiiton Aiu] Mxtlk of Bruiilon, by I^v 

lUrrift Stevnkft, fiftli dat^liMr of ibo tixtk 

Karl q( GaWowaj. Ijord ArclulMild Itftmil- 

*'*[^* V'L political nlbnBOT, vu her bfotbor. 

Sk 'WMMiB on 16Muclil766,aDdbecuDe 

Wyi n-»«lingto C^roliDe,i>nn c«ot ©fW«k«. 

She livid tills pgvitton lill the princMs'a 

fcnicn Jounivy m 1S13L 8bt- avl Qne«n 

OKuini! at Noblbanl oa ber it:iuni to Eng- 

lud ia 18^, aod catorcd Londoa in xhi 

MOD corria^ vith her. Aftcrwuda Quocn 

CkreliiM tiMJE Qp bcT iMidciiec with ber in 

Fortninn Strcvt, Porlinan Sqtan^ On the 

AhtndoDiBdBt of the VainA oad FenftltiM Bill 

the queen, aocompuiied by Lady Anne, went 

to Iluniueraiiuth Church to remTo ih« fo- 

<niiLent. Lady Anne alra waUffd on the 

queen'a right in tho proMcnon to St. FniiVH 

on SONov.ifln^tumtlnuilidfiirbiT noiiiittnL 

The <]iicrn tVtt^l nt llniiiinrrtiiiil.b nii 7 Aue. 

It'Sl, and Ijuly Aniii! ncrominuitt^dlKc body 

to Bruiuni-iek, »rd vna nresLiii when ii wba 

Uid iu the ro«id vault t Lore on '2ti Atig. Tlic 

only loffvcy ^f^ h<-r by the qiii-pn wni a pic- 

ttUB of bcraelf. On I.W dr^ih of ^^'1l1ilinl, 

ftmitk duks (/ QueenKbnrry, In InlO, Ijidy 

Anne rMeivod a higncy of IU,iKXV. ; bui 

■Im pn*pn(u! ihU lo her bntllii^r. I»rd 

Archibald Uamilion, and ber circuinBtanccs 

dnring lier laur veara were by nu means 

•iBumt. Sbu died ou 10 Oct. L61(t in White 

i.iaa Stre«t, Islingt^Mi, and naa buried in 

Konsal Oreon cnneiery. A person who h«d 

joined tba coDfi(l«iKw of I<ndy Anno, and ob> 

Uioed from b«i n Tim<<ty of privnt* inforau* 

tMRU pvhlisbod, witbouL her kiiowledgri and 

nnd to bar ngnt and indignation, a volunie 

jnirponing to bo writion by ber, entitled 

* S^ctt-t llUtory of the Court ofKniflnnd fnini 

the AecMaion W George III to tlie Hoath of 

Gcovga IV,' London, 1832. A n^nt ap- 

yaatvd in 1^8. 

[OenL Mag. ii«v (cr ISilt, ]>t. ii. pf . M2, (HI ; 
Iffanoirf of Qhmh CUmlinc, aerciaUy by Ifiglit- 
ingnU, Adolphiu, and Cl«rk«.] T. F. H. 

17S0>i authorol'tb«'M^tnoirotidu Comt«de 
Onmtaoul,' tliird nnn nf SirOwv^ Hamilton 
(am under |[A»ii.To<r,jAVfS, Bmt K*Kr.fl? 
Asnticanx^ hy Mi^rj, third daughti-r of Wal- 
ler, TiiotwntTliiirlM, elilwi Mn of Wftlftr, 
atcTentb varl of (trmDiide, wan probably bom 
at RoBCTwi,Timi"niry,«t»iul 1648, Antlwoy 
HjunilluoV oldwt broihtT, Jame<4,wadin'Oon) 
«f ths b«dch«mb«r to CIuirl<M II, sad culon*;! 
of a regiment of foot ; hi>diod of woundd re- 
ceiTvd in a naval oagagvmcnt with the Dutch 

6 Juno 16'd,aailwas huriod in Wwtiainater 
Abb<>y, whure u monumnnl was <.'rccted to 
his ni^tnoTy by the Duko of Onnr<adc ; hia 
flld««t BOn woa Jaows Hamilton, »ixili carl 
of Abrroom [q. v.] TLw ««cond brvtlivr, 
Ororgc -waa pajw to Cfaarlea II during his 
«xilv, and aftertiw Ucelontitm waa an ol&cer 
of tlwi honw guards till 1007 ; be then en- 
tered the Frmck aerricc with a troop of 
borae who were i-uroUcd in the bodygTiard of 
Loot* XIV, and known a> lliv ' ^lu d'armea 
.Vnglaia;* Iw waa made n count atid niar£- 
cbaldu camp, and wu killed at thu bnttlvof 
Savvrni:: b« married Freiic<.>t»Jif)iDinttf. qApf- 
u-ards DuchvH of TjTConn>;ll [spp under Tal- 
noT, KiciiAKD, Mvit or TrucoxvKLL^ and 
Imd by her thrw i]auglit«ni, Thete two hro- 
ibcra are frequently mirntioned in thu 'ilh- 
moirea.' Thomu, the fourth hroiber, waa in 
i}k naral (mtticc. and \s peihap» the Thamaa 
IInnii1l<>n of whom a bioCTapfiy i» given hy 
(^inrnrnrk (Btdgmp/iia Sitralu, i. 310-11, 
vrlmre lit! iacon^iwd with hi« cldon brother, 
Jnmi-i>; he Is aid to \vive tlit^ in New T'ng- 
tind. itichard. ilie li/Ui, is Mparaicly iKJiio'd. 
John, tlio eiith, woj a colonel in the MTvica 
of Kin^ Jamcfi. and wa» kilb'dat thtr battle of 
.Aii^hriin in lli&l. Antlumy llamilu'n had 
aUo thnw nstcrt, of whom the eldest was 
EliEiibeth, comietM de (Irammont [q. t.] 

Aiiihoiiy Hamilton urriliaht^ accompanied 
Lis brother GtoTjtit to l*rane« m IttOT, aa wa 
hear of him iii l.ii»i>rick in 107S holding ■ 
captain's comintMtou in t be French anuy and 
recruiting for his brother's corps. IIh ap- 
peared M a lephyt in a performance of <Jiii- 
nault'o ballet, tbw'Triomplie dp I'Aniciiir,' at 
St. Hitnmiin-i'ii-Lnyft in HWl. In 1(VS» he 
wut npprniii«d to tucn^d Str Willinui King 
asgorereur of Limerick, wberw he arrived ua 
1 A tic., and soon af^er went publiclv tomaHi, 
wbicli no ptveriior bad done for lliiny-fivo 
yvan. Jle wa« at this time lieuteniiiif-coliiTii.<I 
oFSirThomas Nowcamen'a rpgimi^nt, Imt wait 
advanMd, on ].Ard Clarvndon a rMvmiiiirnila- 
tiott, to IIm! eotnrannd of a raginu-nl <if (Ira- 
gnon< and Bwomofthft privy cooiu^il in IGiiB. 
About III) sanit> limi> hu wo^ ffrauti^^l a pen- 
sion of 200/. pur annum, chargod on the Irish 
eatabliihm^ut. With iherankof majot^gpn*^ 
ral he ooinmandr^l the dta^'"on«, iind«* l»rd 
Mount oa» lie II, at the*i''j[nf>f (•'nnisUill'-n, and 
in the battle of Newtown Bnt!i-ron 31 July 
UaiiH wa« wounded in the log at the begin- 
ning of tlitt action, and hi* raw leric« were 
routvd with pnl «lautrhu-r. Ilamilcou mc~ 
c(<vdodi(i inakinKp">dbi»e4f»pe, nnd fouaht 
at tbu battk- of ih^ IV.yi..', I J.ily 1000 ( The 
Actional/ lie Iniii'JafliN^ Mi^,l-V.ii~ 8; A, 
farlAer AcfMnl "f tht Aetiont <•/ iht In»i*- 
kiliing Men, pp. tW-i ; (/rwri and Gwf A«m 




fr"m nil Oruix /V Jhikr- of Sehomi^rra' « Camp 
9i liuiuUiUt, lUKII; 81ORT, (Xmtinuatioa of the 
llintory rf thf War* •>/ Irrtand, p. W). U« 
» prvbctUv tbo dxtoouL Jliuailtoa metitioned 
by Luttrt'U (23 Ueo. 1090^ AS the Mitlior •^t 
wi iDWn-vptfd Utter to Kjh^ Jataea ' kivihk 
' ta MoouDt of tba duporftle contlition of tli« 
guTMon «f Limorick. ]1« doM not kppcar 

It U not clusr wben or bow be nblAinud bU 
titio of count. Tbe Count Ilamiltoa who 
vroa in Uia aerrioo of tiic Itoiuut catholic 
aloGior paUtiiie, Jobimn WiUi«lm,iii I6M~&. 
ia uiouMr penoB (Lptirbll, lUiatieR tj 
Stait Afairo, ii. 14fl, iii. 454; Uut. MSS. 
Comm. *th licp, App. L'W-.5), Tlic r«tl of 
bU lifu nppcnra to bn\'r Wcii p<]vnt chiolly at 
tlitt court of St. tlt'miiiin-f;n-Lny, wUeni bp 
wrote some loudting venm uii the dttiiih i>f 
King Junee (6 Hejp, 1701). Ilu 1ive<l ou 
tccmi of the cloaest intimuy iritb ibe family 
circle of the l>ukc of Bcnrick, u many Icl- 
t«n printed in his romwponflrnGa t«(lirr. 
Ill' iit mid til bnrr brcn nnlitrntly gnivc nnd 
in btirr lifv kiiKwn'ly rvlticiuiia, mid to biivv 
bftd liule roftdiiiess of vfil in caii^-enwiiun. 
Ht- never married. He divd ai St. Gennaiu- 
cn-Laro on 21 April 17:iO. 

Tu Ik'tirietln Biilkcloy, ono of the duchru's 
•inUw, whom Jip nomntinint mldrw»w fami- 
liarly lu' Iwlk-llt'nriijlIc.'IIciinillunMtini) lo 
li&v« b«un particularlyntiachiMl. FivHiTharm- 
inj{ letter* from him lo this lady l511l«.B"*) 
are extoiit ((^.ui.m, «d. ReDnuard, iii. 14K; 
AuuLPitE JcLUE», /rf>« Orandet Nuiu de 
fiamiw. p. 181, Some of his hwt verjw are 
&1j)0ailc)r««M>d to I hie Indynnil to hcrKisim, 
thHDiidH«9or Iti'rwic'li and I^um llulhrW. 
With llio iKikf uf Itiirwitik litt mrrii-d on u 
Teffulnri!orr»ij>iiiidi-nc>< dnriiig hiH catupaifrua 
ill Spaiu and Flanderft (l7(Mi 8). IliavorM'a 
arensualtygraeefti], but hardly poetical. Thev 
oonsist principally of epiiitb-H and sooge ad- 
drocmidtuvarioiiBlfldiii'K. I'cissa^s of v^ne aro 
uot unfnw]^ui>nlly inlrudiiciid in his vroiie ]t>l- 
t«ri, of which pra4!lii-uth<i c'i>l<'bml:i-d'K|i let lo 
to the Oomte de Hraromont " in tho mo«t m- 
mnrkabla exumplo. Ilia epimolnTy itjlo 1* 
unifin'Rilv pasy nnd s]nnffhily and often bril- 
liant {thuitt^, I'd. RpniHinivl, vol. iii.) For 
tbu (inUrtuinmcnt nf hJti friiwdK, and pnrtirn- 
larly of Ilvnrinda nidkittcy, Hiiiiiilion wrotr 
feil>'Conti»,' designed to Mi1iri.4<>ihri fajthion- 
ftlilsitoriea of the marrnlloiui. ThiMU) arc; 
1. • Lo IWlier,' writteu X<t fami^ a romiint ic 
et^olo^fOTtbaiuim^ orpoii1afi«,giT«n1o 
nn estate ^looRin^ lo hit niator, the Comt«Me 
d«GruBtDuut, iuRuhatitution for th«l«ocotD- 
tiionplftc« Moulineau, tlio principal iooideiit 
1m)ui(c« ooot««t between a prince and a pant 
for tot daugbtor of a dmid. S. ' ilistaira de 

Flour d'^Mn«,' tut imins tho popoUr nail 
ciona of the 'Arabian NighU'Entaolaiaiaaat^ 
which w«rw writ ten, aa Hamiltoia nyv, w a 
8ryl« •nltuATahequVn Arabic' 3.* LMQasti* 
Facardi ii#,' a <rajrai«iit in t hi- Mme at yle, OocB- 
plotod by ibn Due d« lAoa for Kcnouard* 
edition 01 namiltunaworla (Paha, 1812, 8to«. 
I. 'Z£n6yd<;,' in vrbicb the nymph of tlie Seiae 
recounts b«r hivl'^ry ; aUo a uagxnent, wiA 
complvled by the Due de Lion ia RetwnaiJ'a 
edition. Htfalaowrotuafiflh 'Contc,**L'£n- 
chantour Fauatua,' in which (^URin EUxabnb 
rerivv-f a wrieeof beauties fiemUelen to lair 
RoNuaond ; ' La Volupte : ' and aone fVw- 
inentary pi«MXc cDtitlcd ' IWaoons de dtl^ 
i>9nu eodroita d'Europe/ and ' Belatiioa dW 
Voya«:eeuMauritan)e7 About 1704 Hanulna 
wrote the ' KpiMJti Lo the ComU- de Qract- 
ni»[Lt,'aiUiouucin^ hi»inteiaifinof writing' tk» 
' MumoLn'c^iJiecount d'i. iii. leiae(|.) Hami!- 
lon sent tlie letter to Ikiiiean, from whom hr> 
170n(Uiwrrrjr rfi-yJm'irrit.i-d.'liirtpl, iv.24?l. 
Ho probably Uynn the oinnpuaitinn of the 
' Memcin ' about the iuudk ntriod, dariTing 
the niateriala direct from the cotint. The 
worli is mainlv occupied with the 'anuifoua 
intrigues* nt itip court of Chatlea U during 
l(lfl2-4 ; ii ia written with anch brilliancy 
and \-incity that it miiac always rank aa a 
claMic Gnrnmnnt died in 17(17, and the 
book appeared anunrmoualy in 1713. It be- 
came what CbamraK i<Earm, «d. l«2i, 
iii. 247) called il.'le brtriaire de la jauoft 
noblesse.' The AbbA de Voiaenon tbaugfat 
it a book to be ngulsrly rvread every jear 
i<S-htnt, ed. \7^\', ir. i:^). Voliaiie's es- 
timate ia more ditcriuinating : *de tons li« 
lirreH celtii oil le Conds le plus mince eA pert 
(111 etyli^ le plus gai. le plus lif et Is jilua 
originM • {ItMvnn, ed. 1785, XI- 10l>. Thai 
a furri^iuT nliuuld IIiiie prove himaelf more 
Fn-i»'li than Ilu- Fwnch w a unique pbeixh- 
mvutm in tbu hiKliirv of liti-mturi'. Hamil- 
ton aUoi-xwuiuda fn'H paraplimM- in Krmieb 
A-lexandrinea of Pope's ' Eauy on rriticiam,' 
a copy of whieh be sant to Pope, and whidi 
Vow- vprybfinilsomely acknowIedged.lOOct. 
I7l.'i(riii>k:, HViU, ed. Kascoe,vi. 2l6t. It 
ir-mainia in man uacripl, with theext:cptianof 
n Imuf extnkCl appj-ndiKl lo Rjtnetiard'e «di- 
tionofllamilloDs- \VarkB'(18I2). Hamil- 
ton wa^ uccualomMl to write their leetflrefnr 
several of hia lady frieada, and in particular 
for his niece the C^uniMS of SlafloTd, Lady 
Mary Wnrtley Montni^rs friend. A few of 
Mtoselittontaro rxlant. in his ooTTa«pondt!eo»_ 
( W'fH'ktf ftd. Itonouftrd, iii. 1(W vX i>e<|.) ■" 

Tho prineipal i;diticn« of ihn ' SKmoirnel 
an-: (ll 'Mimoirofl d* la Vie du Coit 
de Qrammont. Cont«nant particalUrunfi 






L'tlMtoira Amoitreiue <]« b Cour d'An^Ie- 
tvm Boiu le lUftne dv Chnrlca II ' (nitli ui 
' kviadu libnirc ' i, CoIogDc, 171S, 17l6i Hot' 
IrnluD, ITIU; tW Ilaffu*r (with ' DiKOun 
[VUmiimiro'), 1731otT7I1; Utrecbt, 173d, 
IJtiiui <d)'Mimoin» de 1& Vtu du CoihTo 
(It^ OrnmiDOtit' {mbtioM^ue de Vampaffne, 
tsd. K. A. Philippe de Pritot, vol. \i. ), ilic 
IttfTue uid (icm-ta. 17-1», ISino: (3)'M^ 
moiras du Compie (tic) do Grammont,' Am- 
filprdiun(^), irtty, I'Jma; (-li ■ Mf moires du 
ComUtdcOramoKOiit. Nimvi-lltMlitidTi. Aug- 
nratte d(t NolCJi vl T'clAirrin-i'tniriin Nto-^- 
ninn. I'ar M. Ilnntrti Wnlp<ilr'(d>i!ii^>)t<ii 
la Mndtuau du Deffand), StrHwh^m' IIMl, 
1772, 4l'>(werj|mre. oiilvoni" huuclrt^i) co|iieft 
hKriagtMHrnprinlcdi; (J^t Lcmdon. t776,8vo; 
(<t) PkHs, I7{40 (D'Anois cnlUction; on vcl- 
lam.oolT three copiMpriiit«d),3Uiin. Ititno; 
(7) Lnnaon,17<4l,SloRi.1?ino; (fi>ljondoii, 
1793, 4lo (willi 72 jiortniu'l ; (fl) Ty>Tidr)n, 
18)1,? lorn. Sto( with bitifcmpbiml iioticoniiil 
WportraiU cnitravtNl byE.Scriveii; ruvutid 
taa edited \n A. V. Bvrtrand dc Molovilk-, 
with noiM dniwii in part from .Sir Waltor 
Scott'* twlition trf the KngliJ-h lnin«!i»tuin. iia 
to which »<- infm) ; llO| ' . . . wcnnniopififi 
d'lm apprndio' cmiti'uniit dr* rxtnuld du 
}(N»nal d« 8. Ph}!}'* cI Uu celiii dit J. Evelyn 
. . . d'uii« inirotluciion et de commeQCaiie*, 
Ac, pftT ti, Bninel," Paris, 1859, 121110 ; 
<Ii) '. . . avw uneintroducljon «t dn nol«« 
war Ikl. d« Luarurv* (.VounrUr HibtiotA^jw 
OamyMt). Pari*, )rt7«. ISmo: (l:>fK*im. 
pwiou eonfonau i ri-^tilLnnPrinci^iw, 171:!. 
niEJiue M NotM parB. Pincaii. Front i^jiin), 
Six Euu-fartH par J. rhftuvL>i. Li>ITn>H, 
fI«aro«U,eC CuUnlc-LaDip*' par L. Lcmaire,' 
Paris, 1876, 8?d; (13) Pane, 1888, Kvfl(with 
Mntrattaiid lhiny-thrf>eotcliit){^ by Uoisson, 
Ham compoaitiona hy ll«l(irT, prpfaty^i by 
OawB^mn). ThiTK ii aliw nn Kngliuli trnn*- 
Ution by Abfl Koyrr, a vtTV ulnvpnly pMv 
famunM, London, 1711, 171)1, 8vo: n^riMd 
■ltd edited Knonymotuly, with ootH nnd il> 
Immiiaiu br Sir Walter Ejcott, 1811, 8vo; 
reprinr«d, I>iiid<>n, 1818; agAia, in Itohn'* 
•xtra roliiBio, l^ndoa, 111140, Sta; now and 
raviMd «<diti<m, illntlmtMl by HoiMnn, nflor 
IM«m, I^ndon, IHKD, Kvn. A Ci-miiui tr&iu- 
lation appt^ml at Leiptis in 17^, 8vo. 

tH the ' Ci<alc« ' the ruirowinB miv th«chi«f 
«ditioni^ (1) 'L* IKliar, Cont*,' Pari*, 
1730. l^fmoi (3) *Lm Quatrv Fflnrdina, 
tont*; Pari. (J*). 17-)1>, l:>ao; (3) ' Jli<^ 
tmr» dtt ricur d'£i.in6,' P»ia(P), 1749, 
IlJtno; (4) '(Kuvm t'ivontcaduCoailc An- 
Cmne Haailt'^ii ' ( iht* ' U-ttrc* pt Epitn* * 
■ad ' ZtBtrdr '), Londou. 1776, Vimo ; 
(6) 'Cunt4» d'llBmilttfii' I U'Artois co11.x- 
lion; TcUua, thn>« copiea uoly prialed), 

l^ins, 1781, eroi (0) 'Le Bilier, ilour 
d'£pine, et hts Quotre Fucanlins ' (' Le 
^To : (7)' L'Enciaaleur Fnu*tua' (' Voyg^w 
ItnugiDoirev, ijongu, RonUK Co- 
buliftinui!*,' TuL xxxv,\ Ametcrdani, 1789, 
bxv: (H) 'CiTnti-K d'lInmiltoii'(witht>iil tliir 
cuntinuat ionn, and pr«ftic«d by Adit's bio- 
LTnjjEiiciil notice, vola. xiii. aad xiv. of n ' (^il- 
Wiion d<^Ji*e a MadaitiB lit Ihielute&e d*An- 
FOuleme"). J'aris. 1H15. 3 Com. l6mo: 18L'(3, 

2 torn. 3l'ma (ia'Colloctioii d<.- Clatwiqui-a 
rranfais'); 1^S>*, Sdmn (in "Collrction de* 

, Mvilh'tini RomniiH Fran^ni* ol ElmiijoTi'), 

' (f)) ' ConlM d'Hfiinihon btuc unu ik«ti« de 

' M.OeLe»ciire'('PMit8Chrf4d'oeinr(-it'»erO, 

Paris,1873.12mo: ilOj-neurd'^iiiue'llMirt 

' of a Tohimc of rcnrinia edited hv )t , di^ Lp«- 

I cuiv luid enlitlod ' Lc Mondt- IvnchnnlA'). 

I Paria, 1863, 8to. An Fnglinh rrsnulfitiun of 

till- 'Cnnti'fl ' Ap]i«>-aml undrr lliit Lith'of *H«> 

. lt«t l'nl<«. TrnuAluKNl fnjm thn I'ranclj,' 

' Lomhin, 170(1, 2 vol*. 13mo; anothtr, wi- 

' tillinl ' Fairy T&U's and Ramancca. Trana- 

lattfd from the French by M. Ijrwii. II. T. 

I Hyde, nnd C.KenDGiy.'inUohn'sfixtra volume, 

' London, IMS. Svo. Tin-re is nlsu r Orrinan 

tranfUticin of iho '(Vmlra' in ' l>tu Blaue 

Bibliothok,' vul. ii., Qolha, I71N>. 

I The fallowing collectnl fNlhiotia of f Inmil- 

' ton'a work were luumI : l.'QJuvn-s duConilu 

A ntoine Hamilton,' Parifi and London, 1749- 

1776. 7 torn. Vimo. 2. '(Kuvrva CompUtM 

du romi" Antoinu Iliunilion' ( withhistoriul 

and lilpmry iiulici'a otid additionnl [riMns 

by I^ S. Auifw), Pnria, 1801, 3 lorn. Svo. 

.H. 'tKuvrwi,' with ■ Notice sur la Vie i-t 

\vi OuvriLgM d'llamiltoQ ' (luuigned), 1812, 

3 torn. 8vo; 1813, S torn. 18mo; t82>'i. with 
bi(<(^upbi»ItuitircitigiwidD.(n»^ii)g),l lorn. 
8to; IH:;-^. wil.hbi(^ra|«hicaliioiie«byJ.B.J. 
Champngniu.-, :! ton. 9vo. 

[Til e carl i tat ccnKcciiiiTii ncconBlof Hnnitton^ 
lifo ia tho * Arcrtirsomsnt' to an tdilioa of ihtt 
Mfmoiroa pabli^brd in 171S. I'aria, ISnto, and 
which wuy utau be t«nd in Xtilan and Qwv n«a, 
I at arr. ti. 3. BiogTapMaa more or Um cUbo- 
rale^nalaoprcSxwi totheMll*(tire«UtioQa<,f 
IsiawoFka. Imidaa Lbo «urlucil«J noa IhutniDK- 
hwm'a Story at Nail Owyn, 1813. App. li.: 
Quiiard'a Diet. NonTnll* Bio^. liiiir. LitlJnira: 
DoufWaPoftaiacif floMland.i. 7; Carte's Idf« 
orOnnoDile,iii.A8t: Arlinchn'a Latteia, Li. 333 ; 
ti. S47 ; Di«l. dm TbaitrM, t. US ; UimoitM dn 
ConitadtGniininant, ad. IlotvPt Walpola, 17Tt. 
p. via 1 Fiiigrmld'aNaR*ii*a<tfthBlriahI*opiah 
nal.IS80.p.«: Ferrar'a Uaerick. Iitad. 1797. 
p. 89, 2Dd od. 1787, p- 69; Laiiiban'a Lintrick. 
p. ZIO; ClaraidMi Cam^Nwdoaoa i. 2M, itS^. 
489-9. M3, ii. I ; ArcUall'a Vttngt of Iroland. 

T. n».] J. M. R, 

— — -^* b— | iT<i< tB lie 

<<tol i^ii n[iiaja,ba 

■ at eaXeim »*»■((*. 

„ _ DnUin tv itiil»M M^ 

ft I ill [1 iiuUlit^ to nntl 

■e siucli of acralii*- ilt^ 

Sltle witJi LBad.«fco«T(iW 

•Do Titu not tliiJD^L i; »juU 

m carry sixtfen viian***-' 

bordea vill he\p tos l« ■ 

(cipnco wiDDwr iIwb ia ki» 

,'9 frieiitlHi iDrliLJtBf tkt 

I, intercedeii wiili tW kia( 

_ I. Mifl eoUciU'd Yor bia'k 

IH tfM pluiinliiin P'oin^ f'wpuj in 

«r Clif¥.' But. Lodd Mid. VtaOr 

tpiM?>l tliBt Tip nlrcad V po«MW«i 

ht ieaeTYv^, a.ii<] being wrdtn*** 

' •pppiir ihfti, Ilia perittna »»» 

I ".: ((-.(M*, vit. I'Sf. .m sas, 

. SnuiTufETJ, LftUrm. iL Id, 
■Teiiib(>r 1(^41. trhfu iWrebe^ 
: m Tippt^rarv. Hjoailtaa \tf- 
ftbi«ut frniu htff idioer^e. and 
_ hj" hia wif"' nnid fsmilT. «Wa 
M«s»iviitinn tn ih^ )>unuLnilT of 
mtholic nBighhoiire (HicxsoJtt 
TJ«, ii. 244, 245), he Mpppmn 
„»TdB to liBve ijuineil IreUnd 
_^ _ If fjhi»r» of li'is kiinlre«),lo liarw 
|tt S»»J*Ti. His l^wa of persoool pco- 
iM 1^ T»lwni«'n waa Tciy (Treat. Ho 
..Iv wud M liu^p <lJed at Stni-kholm, 
,«Br « 1G59- Perini?>!ii''l*3. iuliia 

m^'— •-' (Sto<Jiliolin. 1719. p. ITS), 

liMMivnr, thftt he died " UjenJ* in 

^ J IM hnned in the ratfaedral chei^, 

«iMr KW"-"^ ** LnureHthsfl Peine 

.^ tb» fir*! ppitestsnt firtrhbijliop of 

l|;(^K"ier in his TpMila Domirrk*' 

.,,» . I !«!», IS57^, p- 37, repeat* th« 

Sutlbedestnwiianby fire ill 170a 

.,U dboMh T^irtaM makwi pon- 

,H. jiiptwibW.Mi'i iaqnfariMJit rjeola 

■ to id-'ntifT til* prnfe. The anih- 

_ ..^TirJ ihf aiuslit'V (rf B*9sii: Mac- 

' -Munv oJ Ok eiue*n of Boliemis, 

.,- of bb Mas 4niiwoC the existia^ 

«milicB iu SwedwaMlwlievedto 





pMnga; Cotton'* Fwti Kcd. Uib. ir. ST; 
IXAItoB'* Hiti. of Drwiwda; Wua** Worka, ed. 

Uiuria i NvtM and Qun«& 3rd Mr. to), v. ; 
ClniUiuinii Hagrnmn, Duatruito Gndnilii d» 
fltoMfi HuntltoDionini pKita^ Lund. 1754 ; Jolio 
ABdartOB'i nistorical ami Gmr»ioKtet\'itrmiMn 
«C the Honu u( IlaiatlKiD, E>!liil<iiri[li, 1S3A; 
TTtvW'a Wotki, rul. xv. ; Sitnifonr* Letter* ; 
I^i^'b Wvriu, voitt. n. and *ii. : Mn. GrMii't 
XdTMof UMl>niiMM*««f KngUn^.tol.T.; MJw 

PJIickK>B'« Iriib Unauerts.l R. D. 

(1"rO-li-i;rj, political rpfonuCT, bora cti 
AM&rcb 1770, w-uthojoiiDgcraonof Archt- 
bald, ninilidukoaf IlBiaUlonnDilvuttiiluiii! 
of Bmndcm.bTliiswifoLBdjrllarnKtStUTraft, 
d«og)itc:r of tV ftixtli i-nrl iif1[i«llowa;. Il>> 
DouslW) tentk duke of HuailitKi j'mw I>air- 
«L4sJ,aiiil Lady A ime IlBtniltoii.boltiofwhom 
an separately noiiced, llo was educated at 
Eton and Clirut Chnrcb. Oxford, irherc lie 
matriculated oD 23 ApriU'S^nndindiMtcd 
B.A.m 17»2a»dM.A. ml'ftV (in 14 Oct. 

* 1700 ho vraAadmitU-daMudratof Linctiln's 
Ina, and waa callied to the bar in Illlan' t«rm 
l7i)^. It doestiocappeortliatbeeTerpraciiBcd, 

be look his oamt) oft llie 

and on 7 >'ov. l< 
booksoriheBoci^ty. At tbp^iwrel rkction i 
I 1^0tihewa*r«turni'i]lo{iBrlmn)i-iil forl^nnrk- 
€)iirv,ftndcontinit<.-(l t««il Titrlliat cooHlituencj' 
Uiti] bis denCh. Haniihnii [[uicklv bncamit 
•sactirpiiiMnber of tlic uii|HKi[iui), unit luik 
a frrqunnt pan in tlic daraiM. lie waa an 
■rdfBl iidTOcat« of political lefono and ■ de- 
ICiminM) opnoDent ofewrykhid of injuflice 
and abOM. In tSOl lie publiiLed'Thougbu 
«a tie Formation of tbe Lsic and Preient 
Adminutratioiu ' (I^ondoo, 1S04, 8vo>, in 
wbtch hp c>iiit4«dcd that Addingtun'n an«t 
[>itl'« M-coiid ndmlnictiatioH vera foren«d 
* U[»n princi^A* fundamentally oppoiilii to 
tbt (pint of ibt! conMilulion and hudtltuvo 
of iu dcaroal tnterute.* Un 26 April 1809 
ke bnmght (oTwaid his resolution <rf censure 
opon Lord CMtl(<r«af(h for comint. disposAl 
of bit |<fltroa»gt> no pre*id«nr. of tbo boAnI of 
control- Tli0r<-«<>luli<>nwMlo»t by amnjoritv 
of49<;\iW.i>rJ«)f«i,iiv.9>S-.>7). On.Mny 
IBIU bts motion far irforrina tho petitions 
&oa tlw roynl buigbs of ScotUnd to a *cloct 
committco was oanied aeaiuAt tbi; sovLTn' 
nost by U9 to Ul {». J. 17a-!l«), W1i.;q, 
iMwerer, tii h'l-bniary IHJi', after tuiiiae- 
ratiug tliD abui<-« wLicii tliu rcpoite of ihu 
tlm« conmiitce<» of [>?19, lt>^*0, ond l^Jl 
liaddiBcJoeBd,liemaTodlbat the boii^c aliould 
ai oonuuttw conaidcr the etatt^ of tbi- royal 
bnnlui lie was ddcatcd. Liku lii.i nistrr, 
Imoj Annr. hn w-dh a warm nupiKirtor </ 
Utuva Carolina, and on ^2 June IS'^O hu 

mnred an iiafiiinlmi'nl to Wilberforefc'i mo 
tion for adjustinff ti« diflerenCM of tbe toyal 
family, uninr tkn insertion of th« «ue«i>'a 
name in liieliiur^. It was aMionavd by 
^jir Francis Uurdett, but tlte on|t;inal motion 
was carried by a Lanre niaionty iU, new srr. 

i. 12O0;66>. 

Hamilton fpokv for tb* last timP in tbo 
bouao on 6 Pec. 18S9, wlnen be called atten- 
tion to tli« irnat diatnas which was t ban pre- 
Tailins amoDf tbe Lanarkshire wearers {ii. 
xtL 327-30). He died uotaamed on 'iM Aug. 
1^7, in tbo Upper Uall, Ilamawrtmith, and 
was buried is tbo DMuaolenin alllamillon 
Palace. Two of bi* xpcrcliMi wtTit; publi.died 
in iMmpblet form, vie. : 1. ' Buruh Ihsfbrm. 
SfiMeh ortbo Kijchthon.<Mti) LordA.IIaoul- 
!ou,iit tie IlouMofOoflUioiu,an his motion 
for productkm fif tbo FnMin iMpccting tbu 
Bmrh of AbenlMii,' afa^gow, 1610, 8vn. 
3. ' substance of tho Speedi deliTrred in 1 bo 
Ilouse ot Commons, on tbe twent tetb of Fe- 
bruttTy 1633, by liOrd Archibald Hamilton, 
on n motion for Koiao: into a (-'onunilt«e of 
itie whole IIuum-, on ilit- subject of ibe Royal 
Itureba of ScoiIriiiI. AVilb a dedicnlioa to 
the Burgwtcs of the said Duighs,' London, 
ie->2. »ro. 

[Douglas's BMnge of SmUand, ItIS, i. 724 i 
Wilson's Bitg. Indaa to ibe lloaw i>rOaiBtw»a, 
180B.pp.3»-S: Oeai.3d^{.n70x].ll3.1BST 
rul. xtrii. puii.p, 40:t: Ann. Reg. IT70 p. 178. 
m2i Afip. M Clirou. p. 'i&& : Alunni Oxoa. il, 
&0'i: LiDi-ota'sItiBBaniitNki Oflkial Roturu of 
Liitin of Membeis of Psitioiuciit, pp. 226, :t3S, 
354, 56V, ^1, Sog, S) I ; Noi» &i>d Qii«ri«, 7tb 
sar.Tt. 187,338; nnt.MDi. Cat.] O. F. R. B. 

HAMILTON, CUARl.lCS, (by courteey) 
l^sn Ilisxixo (lti8r-17;J3), poet, bora m 
1607, was i^Mciit son of Tbomaa Damilton, 
MXtb carl of Haddington [a. v."; by his wifo 
lleleu, only daughter of Jolm Ifopoof Hojxv 
ti>un. ll^wu carefully oditcnrr'a. In l< l-'t 
k«<j«iiiodh!Bfatli(trin*ucprouiii^tb>i' Jncobito 
risinff. and fougbt ^lanllrat SlicTill'mtiif 
(13^or.) n«wa»clw!tod M.r.forSt.d-^r- 
muiii!', (.Villi wall, iji 1722, and wa* afd-rwoid* 
kiii^bt muriKluJ of ScotUnd, and a coiniiii»- 
ftiuiieroflnde. i^iKiis of couBuniptioB making 
tliuir apiKaraiice, liiunitiK went to Noploo. 
lie died tbere on lil Jan.-l73^S, in bis 
htber'alifetinio. Dy bis wife ItncbcUyounfrert 
dau^lcT of George BailUc of Jvrviswood, be 
bad&vcaoosandthrvedaughlers. lltitMiltst 
son Tbomaa meoveded kia {^udfatbcr in 
17iUi aa serenth aarl of Iladduifftpn. 

A popular pastoral poem by Binning, rn- 
titled * UnffTatefal Nanoy,' fint appvand in 






AVftld't hevae,' vliJch appeUMl in the um? 
periodical for 1740, nllbouf^h «fl:«B tmgaei 
to Bititiing, wu from Hie ptm ot JoMpb 
Mil«bi-11[q.r.](ef. I^nrd \ Uilrt. ia ^Cnkufyk 
Mag., Apnl l<h6). Biiuiinff U (ho •iibj<.'«t 
of % liM ele^ by William lUmilUn ot £(*»• 
gouT(l7(U-f7^) [c]. V.I AnwhuiraUe^i^ 
Uut, mgnrMl bj- A. V. IIt<«i«n After a 
MUtiiur >f J. KicbaniKiu, tUtvd X'-li, ia io 
Wkll>d«'« ' Roj-al ana NoL>l« Autbore.' 

rWalpdn'ii Ra.mluid Nol>l« Autbi)n.Ml. Park. 
V. 143 aq. : Doi^laa'a Penaee of I^mtlnnd. «d. 
IVood. i. C8S-4: Andcnoti^ Scotiish N«tiuii. 
ii. 443 : Rboua'a ScnUiBh Sooic".] 

lustoriftn, WHS natiinl •on of Jtnuw Uou- 
glu (](J&8-i: \-2 ) [q. T.], earl of Amu, attei^ 
wardtfoiinli iukeofluisiKtfii.b/LkdT'Bkr- 
baru Fit iroj-, nalunl datubter of Cbuiee 11 
ami tlK-l>ucboMof ClcvaUai H« wta bom 
at (;k-T> Inud UouoeoaSOMaicli IdQl.wbilc 
Lisfnlliur, Arran,waBQpTtiioacrin tWTuwcr. 
C^uit-'D .Marv'ftUil bin fnUiiir'.H fiilliitr, WJUijim 
j)outjU»|i|. v.), tbirU dukuufHauiltoii, vtcrii 
iacowMl at tbodiscovorrof tbe ititri^'Ui-. miJ 
tbcjr nuuli; it a condition of Amui's n-lcams 
tbat l<)idrBnrbaraibouldrvlin'nljro&d. A\w 
BODudteu in l\vt nunnery nl. I'ontoim.'. llutnil- 
Um was brought, up nt riii.iwiclc br bin mn- 
and was, on kiii fiitUiTH mnrritiKi'. M'tit by li im 
to France, and put tin Jrr tlm ciir<- nf tliii I'.htI 
of Middloton, secrewrji U) Jami-!i 11. lie wiw 
Btylrd count of Arraii, and u.wd bin op|H>r- 
tiiBtt^ bo CoUccl bibtoricnl materinl. He 

laccompaiued hla father in bis famous duel 
wilb tiord Mobun in November 1707, and 
liiuMflf fcinglil, wfitli and ditanaw) G>;neral 
Uacarl9i(!r,wh(iinhi-rci'iiu>dnf ipnachumiiKly 

(Btabbinfclhe duki?. Hamilton wuHruriL tinm'l tBSewi^iiiu. Gi-tK^ml Mamrtni-v, 
wlio hnil lK<i>n oblij^ei) 10 fiet' Io tlw ruiiiineiit. 
vaa again cbnllenged by Uunilton, llien uc 

lAntwen, but nfiued to Kcbt. 

HamilUn Hoally sittl1i>d in Switzerland. 

Lwlien he occupied hiiDMilf wiib classical 

^studies. In li37 lui marrird Antoinetto 
Courtney of Arthambnud. lln dii-d nt 
Parig on 13 Auy. IT.'jJ, and wn* burial «l 
Moiitmartre. lie \i usually ert'dirud with 
thu niit.horabip of 'Traiuaelion* durin^r'l"^ 
Keign nftjuMn AnnL*.fTom tbe Union to ibo 
l^tb of tliat l*rinc'?M,' publulied at Edin- 
burpb.lTOO; but, AD App«iarsfromthopTefiice, 
(>)•_' buotc WHS vrritti'n br hia ion and odIt 
child Cl»arl<s, wlio wan born at Edinbiu-Kli 
111.! Illy 173^,nnd died ut ICdinburffb I? April 
1»00, from moUTiols b<^ac«t}i«d to bim by 
tfae fathor. Andt^nun in lii» ' Scottish Nu- 
liait' eonfuKsliim vrilh bia uainusokL' OliurUi 

r nia 

Hamilton (17ri3?-)7tt!) [4. ▼.] TbH aoau 
perbapa thn Cliarlua Ilamillon who in 17i 
pabUued ' llie I'at riot ; a Tni^ed^ tnan t 
Italian of ^lelastasio ' (BacSB, Acy. Dra. 
i. 301t>. 

[PrtfiK* to TraoMwlkni ; Bi«l. M3S. CMiib. 
nth B«|>. App. pL V, pp-SlUU ; John A»ia- 
tnti't UiatariMl and G^i«alo|cieal Usdioinof tha 
HotiH of Iliiniltoo, Bdiab. IS'U ; Andnwa't 
t^roliish XntiM, ii. 421.] F. W-t. 


orii»itali>L, bum is Bclfwit ntmul 17^3, n-M 
iko only aon of Charlvn Uamdtun (d, KW), 
in«rDl)ant, br Mia« Katbi-rine Maokay {4. 
17S7>. After spading two year^ in the 
ofhco of a Dtiblin merehant be oblainMl a 
nadottliip on the Vm'X India Comitany's c«ta- 
bliitbraiint at Rongal, and procwKlod to India 
ill 1776. U« gainnd bis Bint commianon on 
31 Oct. nf that Tcnr, and waa promotod lion- 
tenant on lOJulr 1778 (povwBU. and ^ttua^ 
Indian Arm^ list, pp. UiB-7). II« atwli«d 
oriental laiiJfuafeB,aiuI beeame one of the firM 
icimliera of the Asiatic Society of Calcutta. 
Wtiik ungigfA in th« «xp«dition aeainst tha 
Hobillaa h« coUacK^ tbo matariali for hia 
excellant 'Jlutoricol Kf^lation of tha 
ffin, IVogrow, and Final DioKdutioo of 
novcromeiit of tbe KoliilU Afrana in 
Nortbem IVonncetof Uiadottuv 1787,coni- 
pilcd from b Penian maniuctipt ud otber 
uniirinaJ papera. In l7tKI lie oMoined pei^ 
mistioDto return Ltam« for&ve yeant inordor 
to Iranalato froni tbaPereiao ihv 'Ucdays^ 
or UuUto,' a commentaty on tho Miiasulmaa 
lawai be woa arloctod for the tiuk by ibo 
itoTeniOr^ntral and council of IVngral. TUo 
Vfork bating Ln-un uulditlit-d in four quarto 
ToluiQca in t'ni, Ilamillon waa apjK>iiit«d 
n-iiidcnt at the court of th« yrand visteraB 
Oudh, and prepared to loaveEngUind. ^rmp- 
toms of consumption, however, appeand, and 
be wnf mrooiniendpd to Inht- a voyage toLi^ 
liuTi, but bi- dii^ ni IInmpAt<-nd on 14 ^[arch 
17!)^, a),-«d W, au<l was buriud in Bunbill 
Fields. A monumeni 10 lii« memorr ira« 
afterwards erecitHl al Helfudl by bis sisters, 
ono of whom htm the well-known writer, 
Rlizobcth IlnmiUon (ITftft-lislO^ [q. t.] A 
iiecond udiiiiin of thi> ' Hwlaya,' w Standiah 
Gmvo Grady, wiu publiiihcid in IGnO. 

[Bvugu'a Memvin of Sin. £U>ali«th Hootil* 
ton, tol. i.] O. O. 

HAMILTOy, Sib CU^UtLES (1747- 
1&1»), ndmir.1l, bi,rn6 July 1767, iroagliort 
toa of 8ir JvhuUumUlou. Hi.* falber wn* a 
Ij^nuidsion of Sic Williaiu Haiailloti <i( Cbcl»- 
tou, broihvrof Jaiue&IiaiQLltun, sixtti ivrlaf 
Ab«rcom [q.r,]; hewas a capiain ill tboroyai 
n»yy, w» created a baronet, in 17'fl for W 




gallant conduct duriti]ftl)etiie^ of Que bee ID 
tha preriouB jrmr, and died 2-1 Jan. 178-1 : 
by kifl vifvOaasflndnt A^ee, daiiffhter of KA- 
wanl Cbambcirlnynit of >l atii^r^utiry, (iloii- 
OAflt^nttiitv, be bail ttni fona, Chiirb-ji ivnd 
Edward [ij. v.] lu I77t> Charb* iriuiiiltoii 
was i^iit«n>d on th(- b<Kikiof th^ IToctAr, thon 
eaimaauded by bis father, and in tbo fol- 
lowinr jrear ma nominated to tlic llnva] 
Navu Acaditny at PottJunflUTh, from which 

, jn I'TDlicwMAgftici ftpjtqintivi tiillin lli^tnr. 
In hnr lti> W»at auI tn llu\ .laninira itntion ; 
on 20 Oct. 1781 wan mndi' liciiltrnaiit 
■to the Tabago aloap. On the di^fttlt of hi> 
Cithor, 21 Jan. ITsl, he Bticoc«dod ta tfae 
baronetcv. In 1789 lid waa iiromated to }>v 
com tuaiiilcTof thin Scorpion, and wna odvanoed 
to poft niijlt S'J Nov. 17tlO. Ewly in I7!W 
h« was appointed to tho I)i<l»fri^t»,wtiicb, 
•ft«r a sumnwr in tbo North Sen and on thi; 
e«»t of Norway, waj wnt out to tho 
tvmuieau, when:, in the fallowing tiprinn, 
Sanfiorenxoiund ia tlic ri^diiiTliunof a luar- 
1«lla tower at GLmluta. In .Fuly he vas 
moved into thu&an FioroiLzniDiii- of iht' cap- 
(amd iri^tte. and shortly aft'T into ihi.- 
liomniiy. in which hn rr-tiimi-d to BngUnd, 
lie thi-n i>iniuii»>inn«<l tbr Molpninunc, which 
be C()tlIUlan(ll^d for unwards of nt-vcn y<nin, 
in tbL> aperatioiis on thu caaM at Hnlknd in 
1799 [see MrroHBi.(„ i^in .A :niKT:w], aa w^ior 
officer on the coaat of Africn, iiiiil at thu re- 
dlun-ion of Gormi in 1800; and in the ^"lat 
Indini, whore hw also carried out the dutii^s 
«f oommissiunvr ot Anti^n till July 180:^. 
In 1801 he wan nitumcd to porlinmi'nt a» 
member for Dtingannnn, nml in 1H()7 for 
nonitOD, which hn i^i>utiiiu4^ to rt-]]TWM'nl 
till ]dl:2,altkoiighatihftiui«' Hen ingactivnly 
nfloal. In November 180^1 lie watt appoiiit«d 
to thi* lUuitrious of 71 ^ns. in th« Channel 
1I«0t,and iflpmnrilf to the T^m^raire and 
Tonnant. On I Aug. IHlObe wa« promoted 
to 1m n-ar^admiral, and hniMtoil hio Hng on 
board the ThiKlai fri^ti), ut cominnndrr-in- 
«hief in ihu Thamca, a poft whii-h Im held 
till his promotion to be rice-admiral 4 .9iim> 

[letl. Vnio 1818 to 18-^1 he was ^vemor 
eommander-in-rhief al Ntiwfoundland : 

' attaincMl tho rank of admiral US July 1830. 
VIM nnminaUKl a K.CB. ^ Jan. 1433, and 
vlitnl at hi* rcAiduneo, Iping, muir Midhtint 
in Suiui'i, on 14 S^. 1848, lie ciMTii-d in 
1803 Henrietta Martha, danphlM of Mr. 
OeOl^gO Drummond, and k'ft iauii a son. 
wfco ancoewled to the baronetcy. 

[Mwiha)!'* Roy. Nsr. Bi'>^r. i. -1 11 i 0'Bjrn<»'e 
Nar. B>og. Did.; (Jint. Unff, i;8< pt i. lit}, 
18&U pt. i. Sli; Unrlu'ii PMrafn aad IWo- 
1.3 J. K. L. 

HAMILTON, CLAUD, Loan Paislbt 
(IS4.lNl(f:!:2), (cenernlly known as Loun 
C'LAitD IIamiuo.v, waj the fourth son of 
JnioeH Harmltim, st'conil ear! of .\rninand 
duke of I'liAtKlhirnult [(j. i-.j, by bin wif« 
Lady Siarm.r<;1, MvH ihtughlAr of Jamra 
l^ouplas, third carl of Kfnrton [q. v.] Tho 
dnti.' of IlniniltoDfl birth is uncertain, but it 
wii*i)ii«iblyin.SeptembfT 151.% forSirltalph 
SatiliT wniti' to Henry VIll Ihat t'h&rel- 
h''rnulT had Clinic 'to HlaclinoMi to his wife, 
who labour Off with child ' (SADLitn, J^ttn-t) ; 
but he is said to have bi«n in hia WfTonty- 
eij^hthyearat the timeof hia Ji-ath: whilnon 
'Jkt March ISfld the list of Scottish pledgt'S 
mvTi his ftj(« a» fourl.een (tVi/. State Vnpert, 
For. Sor. I-i-iD-HO, entry iK.V}), arid a pupal 
bull of ') IW. l.>53, confi^rrin^ 011 hini the 
abbey of Paialey in enmPtetdiim, tax* thiit. ho 
wiu lu hii fourlj-ymth year (bull jfriutcd in 
I^BB'ii Alibfy </ Pairle-j, pp. clxxxiu-r^), Tho 
bull wim issued at iJiu iuatauce of Claud'a 
undo, John Hamilton (151] S'-lo?!) '\n. v/, 
nrohbiibop of St. Andrews, who until then 
hold tb« abbacy, titid was gtill to administer 
il« temporal and Miiritual coucito} till bi« 
nephew Clau4 ahould rvach bintn-ouly-lbirJ 
yi.'ar; and oaamutli^r uffnrLClaud wa«iufc(t 
in tbc ComporolititiB iiu 2ii July 15(17. Koiag 
one of tho hoeta^es for thi.' fulUlment of the 
irv-uty of IkTwicK, IlaDiiliou was detained in 
England ot Nuwcaatle till IVbruaty 1661-2 
(ii. \W -2, putTT 660). He took a leading 
uart iu th<- plot For tho delivoranco of Queen 
Mury frMin Ijiichlt^nm and hrr iCHWtabliali- 
menc ou tUu thninis. Shonlv alti-r Mary 
cruMcd iJie X'lrtU of Forth ou tier I'.'traiptt cm 
2 May 1568, he met ber with fifty horae niiJ 
coiiToyL'd her first to Niddry Castle. Linlitli- 

Siw*liirv, and iLvn to llatniltou. In alt pro- 
ibilily it wa» not Lord Jnlin Hnraifton 
[[|. v.], a« atacvd hy ^irJaintin M('lvilk<(;l/f> 
mvirg, p. 301), but Lord Claud as otati-Kl by 
llnriies (Memoirs, p. tOJ), andby IhhauLhur 
of the' Hist, of James the Sext ' (p, 26), who 
led tht> vanguard of the queen at the battla 
oflinnKoiila; for Lord Jonn had some tune 

tintviiiunly gooK to France, and oppatsntly 
lad uoL reluniHl in lintn to N^ the band of 
8 May. Till! vanguard cnnamted of about 
lli« lilliBi*, and were all hm lucccsufiil in 
tuniioK till- regwnl's ri^ht wheiuihroiigb the 
wilt clif 111 ni^M of Kirkcaldy of OnLngS) Ksn- 
fiin!«'ini-utj. wrm bnu^fht up frmn tliB main, 
battle, who with thinr low weapons 'strriok 
(heir enemy tti tlicir flank* and fncM ' (Sta 
JftMtH .Melviulb, ifnwar*, p. 202), and 
thrxw them into confusion. At thu parU^ 
mcnl hi'ld hy the rcRi'nt in the same ye 
Hamilton and the oilier principal auppotte 


-„- ■; imii: C-.y -•- ■.tt.-.-.! th-ii'v-r;;- 

.: J r<i'ir. ■■:■." :. '. . ::.'-t b.-lil. iii;ii 

-to liiivt- ■:■.-■; ■ 1 i: nilvis;iSlo, 

- ivii Mil'-.-rv. r. > ! i:ir-r \'- sp;ir- 

I April i."j7;t ■'.■.■ 1- T.ineil !!;■ ^- 

- i-isii'il i;n ••T'\- : : r :hi- n-^ivii! 

- iiL,r:iiji-:i i!:.';i; i' r '\:-- (■■w.-.a.'- 

.'viiii'--, ir.-!'-"ii"ri' -11 iH'iti^ '^.v-n 

■ [ill- •■ nyi<:--\.-'.:''i-' n. liiiil t'nr !!i-- 

th'ir ].■• i" • i,!,.l hmil< {!': ii;. 

': ill.' II i:::'.l: ■■:•. th'iu^'h tfik.!i 

V -nrjiv!--. - : '■ l-: 1 in r-tt'.'i'I it;_' 

ruciitii'' ;!'■ - r';-vui'iiie I'-'.-ii- 

:r;ui"ii- :" ■ "' 1- r'-ui-L' ft' ilioir 

- • ■I'lrliiiM-. '!".- V ■ ■i:.'rl:iiin:.l n.i 

!i^ ;iTiv ■ ::' ■' .'. V'',-:-tiitic.', In;; 

■■■111 1'' ■:':'.: r ':• ; ■ Dili'iit-; in d- 

.■;l-.:l.- '.■■■'. "'■-■ _ ■■. ■■■II 111! 'Tit i:i!- 

■ ■iv. W:.- ■■ •■■ ;-;!.• ^ii" I'iii-lry 

■ .;. il w:;- :'. :' '. •'.::■■ • l.-i':d rliiml 
■ ';> -■■■■:■._■'..;■;: b:iil O'lIlV- vril 

'. !v !■■ -■ ■ ;■ ..r' ■":- II p 111:! 11 lilirHl"S ' 

. 1/ ■;■■■:■•. !■. '2i '. AlT'^r r''UL;!iii!!i:.' 

■:;•■ ill !,■ ;;■:_ in "^.^ i'!;ini! iv u\:'.-]-' 

■'.;•■ li.T.l-r-. w' -r'- 111' Wii.-i rfi'iiv'.il 

■'.■1 K.>r-.^!'. I!i:/:ili'i!i wu* i!;i"ii- 

-■■" -^i-'-.l ;i' ]■■■■ .-■'.'■t''ij- t;Ll;i-ii wi;li- 

'■. •<<■. ;inii >'.:■■ \\ :ii ili-juvsi'il tn mTs^^h 

': 11 > nil iii'i-'iiiii' I'l' tlLi'iriii:ir!i' ii'- 

■ ■ S,'.ii;i-li riMwti. 1 In 1;; Sr^jir. -1, ■ 

■ '■ 1.1 1\ iiiL^ Jiiiiii'>^ I'Xrii-uij I III' [.■■■■i- 
; .l.'lili l'.M--|iTililL:Lriiiiiiriiij-l!::iirl- 

■» ■,'. /'"/"r'.Sniif. S.r. i."'.';'i.;i:.p! 
■■ » ■■;' Nirh'il:!- VvviuL'tuii lo Si'^.'- 

— .\':i\:- nil his licli;iir I /''. ) ll-T- 

■ " i- iiiilh'' ili''l. aiul 111 llip' [v-,i'li;i- 

■■; NiVi':n)i':' iliii'iii nf li>nii-iir.' 

- ■ :,:iiii)-l llu'lwn Ihimiltnii- iir.>! 

" ■ !i-- '.■iii'--. |l'' C^i-'p^ltnni. ill-' 

■ ■ .--.1.! pv. wrpptp'ipi liis ni:is:rT ili^i^ 
■■ -. ,! p-iMiv .li'ViiiipPiiTp'tlip' i'yf.':i 

■'.■■ ii \\;i-i .xiip'.lip'ni tli:i: ;'i" 

■• -■ ■■:'.': ■pu-.;li.'prr>'-!ii;';ii im r:irl>r 

■>.■■: l'^:;i!r.^ :!!■!!! I. >l-:;;7.;!i-il:. 

■:> !:' \vf..:-' Ill t,'up-p ri M ■vv. 

-. . -■ i,-i -..-"vii-. -i p '■-''. ii. :ij'.': 

:•■',-■ '■•..■ \\:,i ij. \ . ,!. ■: ;.. 

. . ■ ■•■:/: -\h. :iv .[■■;■■ iM-i- -r. 

■■■-■ ■ -, r." r. -i!;;'. 1. .w- 

V ;■ :,. Si-:":: : 

T-.. ;V ::-!^ 

his purpof tor ihm tune 

with bKM. B^ tb« nid of RaAm 


tlio iwc bvouritM «ns« drma froa 
bui sttor itte ncipe of t^ kiag Ir i 


tliolic lonls Bt Ht. Anilmws ia Jtcae lAdS, 
Amn, who bad luumd tW titta <tf Um 
Huatltoos, «M iaauutd u ik iiyiBg far 
Tonrit«. Cluid vu tluu <iif«aM to m^ 
port KluatMik'i SoottMii pplieir. chM dinelad 
i^«iiut Arran. la 15W CUnd Hai«iho« and 
lufl brother Joha wtn wat down by Eln»- 
Iwtli to the bord«ntaaldtlie Hatlnnag tnds 

rin L nbincliDr again nhuuuiig ponMMB of 
th> Iwi^a f iwen. HamllOBwaapnatatis 
April atlbueaptiLraortfaeeaAfeorStbliiij; 
(Moraii:, p. 48) ; bat the afiaat in Doadee 
of OAwri*, tlie bead of ik» twiftfadj, raa- 
d<nd ihetr vicatm of no avail, md withoot 
•nildns a furtber blow tluT Sed to Eai^aad. 
Oa 3 Not. follownur liaailtoa, without the 
Imowtadge of the ugtuh ifortiameat, *f- 
taniad to Seotland on tha ktag** nnipU jir»- 
m,m ' (CAtP MB WOOP, it. 306). Ama baniw 
talcon mnbragv at hii jmacnoe in fiMClan^ 
Iw wat wot to the aartfaent raaioiie, when 
ho was eat4rtaia«d Ij liantly natil oa 
li April I Stl5 as otder wag made lor bin to 
go abroad b«fori> 1 Mxy ( lir^. P. a &»U. 
ui.733). In JalyLoarrivi-dat IWisj^Pagrt 
to Uu Qaavn of Scots, Cal. State fliatn, 
Scott. Sor. ii. 974), wKck on t bi- l$tli be 
WTOta a UttcT to (JuMM) 31ar>', profcvAUiit hU 
deration andntTrrtD^kuburricntifr. p. 'JT3). 
lie wa* aiiH ia i'ari« wli«a the seooad at- 
tempt aKB^A^t Arran wae ancoeoafuL Ue 
bad oftatd to aajoy tJie MoBdaace of EKia- 
betliikit waa ncallod bj Jaiaaiu and le& Fana 
abont tbo cod of Jaauaiy 1666, bMrag a 
litttar from Henij' III to the kuc of Soota 

• PHtVtKTt JtetatioM yalUifm de la F^vnee 
«( Je tBipaffm atnt r&oMe, ad. 1802, iv. 
\S). t>ora tbe FVench Idof be reoctred a 
gin cf Btc haodred crowu to ilefraj tlu- 
espeiiMfl of Iho ioHni*!T (•&■), aod intiniBtton 
WB« gitim r^ M. D'Laiwnl that Imi would 
rnrrivc pnmrrful aid frain Hamilton in conn* 
H tonutinic tUr! I'iikIiiU influmce ab tbe cxnirl' 
I of tlui Bcotibli Liuir iiJi. p. 31). 

HaBulton'a aUlit^ and anbitianeauaedhim 
Ubaaabcled fajr the pattj of Queen Marju 
thaagiml in llicirichoineainprefereiireiohia 
farothuT Juhn. Hid brother was at this timi> 
cntniili'U'ljr under hia Infliitmee, and it waa 
Claud*' hopo— a hopo can>ni11« foatt>rvd by 

fMarjr— Uut boraiitht •upalant but brother aa 
tbe n«ait«t heir to the siiottiali crown. On 
6F«h be had an inierrii^w willi the king nC 
Iloljrtoad, iind wm favourably rotri-ivciL A<v 
OonUBir to Mornie he waa * a man wvU Ijkit 
of be livf killer for hi* wit, and obwliraee in 
*nd going at tba king's ounuaand, and 

am iatecprriM of the 
lordia at thaw being in taglaad^ (JfeaMm, 

tHX b waa Mated that IlBBilien. wbo 
1 latcJT beooaae a Ronan Mthotw, bad haM 
■ii w Mi ld toiwaia by the kia^wbaw ^ ad 
to tatm a aew (aciioa le rain tba Earia of 
Asgw Bad Mar, aadlho otber tank who had 
oaMad Ansa boa mitt tKann to Wal- 
aiagban. li Jan. 15m, CU. Amp ftaue*. 
I>oia.8er..UdU.iaNO-10SS,fL]«7>. Thia 
ramonr was n a dom b tad ty oan«e> ao br ai it 
Kw j n m I J the wiab of the OviaM and tbe 
deaiiB of **—»■**«■ From tUa tia* bs mp- 
pean aa AanBg with Rnatlj the leaden^ 
of tha cathoiie futy in Scntlaod. One of 
tha special auaawaa with which be was ea- 
tnuted hv the (iviaes was to efioct a T«con- 
ciliatim between the Qneeo of SooU and bar 
•on (Afchhnbep of Glasgow to Harr Stuart, 
at Maieh lS8fi, in Liftisorp, rii. 1^); bnl 
he was alao the agent rnnneh mor* tmpwtant 
■eh a aas. In eoaaa rti on with the pr^ected 
ftmign iannm with wbieh the ^bonjloa 
coaap ir ae y was ooajoiaed Man, oa SO Haj, 
wrote a rwaa r ka M e letter to Cbarlea Paget 
to Mcnrp, if pnesible, the oo-opentlon of Scot- 
land in the enletprxaal a. tL816>. hgetwaa 
■n«tniet*d to infonn Ilawllon of the acjinn^ 
and to wcur« hts aasistaace. If ifa* kio|; of 
Soota dMlin<<d to ioiD, he wa« to be aaiaed 
and placc<I in the bands eitlwiof theklagof 
S^in ortbe pope to beeduoatodontbeooa- 
tweat in the catboUc rdigioa. Daring hie 
abaeucc it was nmpoattl that IlamiUoDslMuld 
act a> rccmi. Vam>tvaialMinitir>rtlytoput 
him in bom that Mary would caoM him to 
be deelaiM hair to tb«8cottisb crawn ahoold 
her *oa die without duMnin. Hamilton bad 
bera alnaulv in OOnmunKatian with the kinff 
of Hpaiii, and on Ifi Uaj had eent Bobert 
JJruce to Spain as ambaoaador for hinmJf 
and tL« Kane of lluntly and Morton with 
wpnniU' letters fnna oadi nobleman urfpiv 
Philip In Idod his aid in a proWt for ' placing 
the king at liberty and eatauliabing the ca> 
tholi« religion ' (TBrutr, Sttativmt^Uigtm, 
T.ai9-(i4i. ThediKOTt-ryortlieBabii^^oa 
cooaMTVCT and tlwi nxwiiiion of Mary inter* 
IVtoiI villi the complelion of the prqeet in ila 
arigiaal form; but the negMiationa with the 
kin^ of Spain were not brokon oC IlamiU 
ton liad mniMtty nrmd James to oxert kit 
utmnnt elTorla to aavtikis motbw (DsfprMee 
of M. OMinttUf, BaanatyiM Clnh, 1838, p. 
19). Jamoa'a apparent indiSarvaee to her 
fate had exaiperated the catholics again*! 
liitn. Uatnilton and htsManda praaocatetl 
the ^laniab project with grvatar aawsHnsei 
than erer. and their iaipNiuuty helped lo 
proinotA iheAraudauMdiUan. IneoatMi^ 
tion with the prefect UMn was a prapoaal 





4a iiMMlTniif^ KinunK otlit^r nobloDMiti liftrd 
John Hanulton in onior (lutl hi* dqn^'tnl^nu 
mijtlii trmafer tl>«if •!' f^- t« Claud, a 
DtMi of f[n»t«r ctwrgy 1 v'j1kmic>:< C Mo- 

DOTu do U N'obluM do _ i^,' >u Tsrtet, 
V. 4Q3-4). Even after tb«- (l»p«r»i«n of tk* 
Armuila tturv coiituiucd tlteir communioa- 
ticKid witL b^siu, aod in Februnr; lWS-9 
WT«»I incriminatiiu; lottcn wcrv wciiv-d «u 
jiScouniui vhohaabiiinai'pomted tv i-aro' 
ibem lo the rrmcc of Paniui (Cat. titafr 
i^MWM, Scott. 8ct. i. r»53-l: Calbeewood, 
llCftof!f,\. 19-IW). laouHofthelutUtrathcj 
nrgnl llittli ibu liivneiou of t^glniid iiLould 
4ig«iii be «tlf?ui]iTed by Scotland. Kdaitl- 
lou driiiied ibat he bnd uny )ini.>wlRdK» uf 
Ch« leixcrs (C.n.iiL-BVfcuiii. v. Mil), but oiRired 
todf'livnr himself im, nnd uiiT Marchh^vfa* 
Bcni lo thf CMtlu or Kdiiibucyh ( Cat. State 
tapen, Scott. Ser.i.fl'iS). Henppetiri.ho'n-- 
orur, to have reoraved hi» liWrtv ehonly 
■Aarmuili, far on 5 Jan. IWft W tht- pn- 
«»iiCeof biiD and other ]}< in Kdinburj[h 
c&uimI an Marm of nn intj-iitl'rn to »arfnaa 
it duriog ihr- iiijjhi (ritnuRwooDj x. 70). 
witb Sjiairi In- had been on good lenosmth 
(hn kim, and hi)i(^xti^uHlTi.'iMtnti:x,uicludin|; 
ihi! |j«rl inents of the abbiicv mid R]oiiut«r>- 
of Pitisloy. hnd tin "iQ July lis? htwn erocUM 
into n icrnpoTul lonUliipforhini audkish*ini 
mak' under th*i title i>f Bnniii of Paiiilfiy. 
From ITiW) he, hi)wi>vpr, rnmptcti'ly disiij]- 
peATK from Um «l«jjo <>f [lublii- lifi-, and Iwii 
nforancw to him in tho leLterti of thi_- Am- 
iNundof Bowuahow tlint hi^ inactivity was 
dutt to iimaiutf , wbieh for many ycnrs bud 
«flbctitd hU eldest brotlieir. (Vn'lf^ Nov. 
IfiOO BovM informs IttuvbU-y lUnt Paislt^ 
had retnmcd to bis mdsm \C<tt. atalf I'afieni, 
BootL Ser. iL eK4): but on IS Drx*. inui be 
Teports lliat ho is ' beiuitly mad ' i^ib. p. ri09). 
From this timn tho nuno of the mmler of 
PftisloT iipfK'ftrs on the register of the privy 
.council Uftt1cIldin^thL'mMlinOT, and in otbt'r 
v«TK irepresentin^hii futlier. I'siKley di^d in 
l^S, and Tras burifd in thi? nbbcy nf Piu»> 
ley. By his wife Mainret, only dftught/ir of 
tieorice, aistli l^ord sMon, he hud (bur »on« 
.and a lUuffhter. Tbe ton* wct« Jamce, fiivC 
«Arl of Aoorcom Tq. v.l; Hon. Sir CUud 
jlnmilton, nppuinb.doii OOct. 1619 cotutaUu 
of ihc ciultu of Toomc, county Antrim, Irt?- 
land, for llfi- ; Hon. Sir Qvot^ iliuuittoii uf 
firwnlnw nnd lloecren. co. Tippuntry; and 
TInii. Hir FriMJi'rick Hamilton, tnlhvr ofOntt- 
(jiviifl Umnill.tin, riacnnnl Hoyni- [tj. v.l 'Vht: 
dnufclit'T, Mnr^vret, hci;iuni^ wifit nf ^Villiniu 
I>iiU){lii!t Uj. v.], lint marquii of Doiijrlnn. 

[li«gitl«r P. C. Sooil. toIb. ii-vi. ; Tal. Sriit« 
fapan. Siwtt. Sor. ; lb. For. Ser. Iteiga of EHm- 





b«t'' ^nd htm. 8er. Koij^B of Jiuum ! ; IHit. 
V ^omm. Ilth Rflp. AftM'ndii.fCtri.; T«nUt't 
IC-blfiimH poltciiiaiu J* UVnincaaLda l'£a[Mfw 
HTM ]'K(o*M. Pnrjs ed. ; l^ipicta d'Kut Mlatilh 
a Ililwiaira ds rKooaia ao XV]- Siida; Cor- 
reapoaJaucn da Pjnelno (Conpor asd Tonkt): 
lartlcta of Mary Stuart (Labanoff) ; HtBtor{« of 
JiunMtliaS«zi(B«nii*tynoCUab)i ICoy^'aMe- 
Dioir«. ih.j Sir Jama* Mai Tille'* Ua«MMr(,nf.i 
Gny PApcn, ib. ; Lr»rd H^niWa Uauoara (A^ 
)>oMunl Clob) : HitlarieaofCalilarwood, 8polM- 
■favA. And Kpiih ; Jnhn Aadaram'i QaDsaltfinl 
Ilintory of tbe Ilaniiltoas: IiMifa Abbey of 
Paialay ; Oouglas'a Sonttiab pMr«K« (WoodV i- 
1-2.] T. F. H. 

HAMILTON, Sm TlAnD (1663-1:21), 
pliTsician, a iiiiivL' uf Scotland, culcrcd 04 a 
m<>dical ttud«nt at l.«yden on 30 Oct. 1683, 
and gmdiuteil M.D. •'f (he unirenity of 
Kboitna (in«>rr«;llyetal*<l'lViB'by Muali> 
in 1680. He «-u admittod a licviitiat« of 
the London Co11«k« of Fliyiiciane in 1 
and fellow in lf03. Eloctod F,R.S. 
170s, bo became a tcadlag prnctitioniT 
midwifery, and won •uooenxvi'ly pb>-sictan 
Queea Anne, who Imigfam) liitn, wid to Cai 
line, jiriacfos of WalM. lie is aaid lo have 
aoquuod a fintnne of f*0,000/.. irbieli La lost 
intheSouthScHBchomo. llediedoaSSAnf. 
1731. HowTolo: 1.' AninauguralDiaMrt^ 
tjon for M.IJ. "l>o Fnwiton'^ Hretorica,"' 
Paris, 4to,ll]fln. t>. 'TliePririileChiistuw'a 
WitntCTtfnrGlirUliMiiily, in npptvitionlo^ 
Kntiunnl nnd RrrnniM^u» Ajppn.'hftiisioiu Cif 
the Aimtnian,Socinian,nndDtUt»ftbr.\)i«,' 
London, 8vo. 18(ff. 3. • Tlie Inward T««i- 
mony of the Spirit of Christ to hi* outwanl 
Revelation,' London. 1701, 8to. Itolh ibeaa 
wvrv anonymouMy published (w^.' Haklitd, 
CyU>y,BU>D 4.''Tnictntii<! Hupl.-x: priof 
dB Pnueo* lii>^ili«, nllrr dn FrhrH Miliari,' 
London. 1710, Hvo; Hm, I'll; Kngliah 
IranslatioD, London, 1737. 

(MuiA'a CoU. of Phyn, :i. 13; DoB>ld Moaroa 
Uarreian Omtiwo, ITTA '. Houitvan's ilocaoirigf 
hia ovTQ Lifotiui:, )ip, 81, 83.] G. T. D. 

HAMILTON, DAVIIl(17a&-l»W>.ai- 
chilvi;!, burn in llliuigow 11 May L768, waa 
durinfr the «arly purl vf the c«nlury the d»- 
•iguer of moat »f the principal buitdiufta in 
thu west of Scotland. In Qlas|tow ho WM 
ftrchitecl of tho theairo (iJiW). tlw Woatani 
01iibbi]UM, (L'Tonil of the leading banks 
and churchi-t built during that pcnodt and 
the Royal EncbanpL- (1837-40). Hamilton^ 
RTeoti'.'*! worli wnn thi? palaco built for tba 
IhiVc of Hniniltiin in Li\narkahir«, remark- 
able no Irwt for ild exteul ihan for its dignity 
and imu-efiil proporeion. ii^ fa^e, and it* 
innirniflcc-ni voctico. OlheT»iiic>cti«sfu1 iindor* 
t^iaga of lua wn Tonard Cottle, LonnoK 




ICuUo — witich Minp critics liuvt prom \1 


Iknd Huiilop Houi-o, a bonutiful eiieciiiteii of 

Ivlint ia termed ' tbu ScoltUh miuiuml stvlt*.' 

I He "blniiit.ll tin- 500^. prupfrMDi the K'JverH- 

Dt fiir liitt ilL-«4|fii iif llu) nun- lioitsus of 

BiniDt irht^a tlint of Htr CUaxlus Don7 

inu preferred, llamilioti's coatciupQnnci* 

Bpoakof Lis'sinj^lArstniubilJlynndinixlpMly' 

and ' tliu vivacity of bi* conriTsotioa.'u* wl-II 

■AOfhiMloTTi^f arL mill his ciliiciiNrd clunnicnl 

.taste. He dird, nlXi^r uii ntttick of punilvtiU, 

BtGlugraw.filW. l^ii. 

rBUIdw, le Bh. 18*3 : Gluf;ow CiliMti, 
I)»«. 1843; Ch»mb«ni'i l^inincait ScoIbriud: 
riu|['( Book of ScaUmoiuj K, E. A. 

1R51), nUuiiml, yiiiiiifrvr brollirrof Auiniml 
Sir Cliarfea llaiiiiltini [<|. v.], ww burn on 
■32 Marcb 1772, and in snid io (iini- lu^rvfil 
(■ciuullv on board the Ilrt-torvvilU bis father 
iilicT-VrstlDdica from 1779IO ITS 1. Ha was 
rn »citt toscbool at Guildforit.anil in 17^7 
'pt^-JiH^hI thcimvynn bosird the Standard 
with Cni>t4iin CliiiwiVrliiyiiL'. On M Jmui 
17SW bewiujimuioiiKlli) Im timitr-niinl tif iJitj 
Dido with bis broilifr. and in 171U wiw |jit- 
Konallj pnga^d &\ [hi> sii-p: ii{ Itiuvt Jit uiid 
lb" maiictiou (if the Girflaia fori. In July 
1794 bt! WHO flppointed to the Vjeiorr, iben 
cnrrjriiig ihn fiag of Lord Hood iii ihu Miili- 
txmiDmn, iinii conliiiued in bw, wiih K*nr- 
■dmiral ALin, nm! itfliTwurds with Sir John 
Jervifl, till pKim()l<!il to commtind ihi? Coni«4 
finehip, II Full. 170li, in wbirb h« wna 
riwDly ttfteiTvardB fctnt tft tlvo \Vp«t Imlii-A. 
On 3 June 1797 be was advoncpd to po«t 
rank and appointod to ibe Siiqiriiti', a ^lonll 
ttimU!, foimorly the l'"rt'nc3i corvslie Unit6, 
III luT liewMvnipInveil on punvoy service to 
Nvwfoimdlond.andin July I7SI8IO Jamnica, 
where be was pkntd under the ord«t« of .Sir 
ilydp I'ark«r, and i« *Did during llto n<.':it 
nightom inonths to bav6 tnkiin or d«»lmy.d 
optranl* of eigbty of tbt- cacmy'* privat«cre, 
&rtn(Hl vi-^wt]*, dnd niercLant «lupn, Iho not prt>- 
ocmIj of wbicb, countins only tho«! broutcbl 
in, amouBicd to aO(\OO0f. (a VcIoIkt I'WI 
be m-M Mnt off Puerto OaU-llo to look out 
'lb« Spauiiiti fripntc Ilcnaioiie, o.vpected 
bonlytoaail from Ibat port. The Ilcnuionf) 
bad b«<cn a UritisL frigate, tut on 22 Srpt. 
17^ bad boua seUcd by Wr rrcw, who,iift«r 
'■urdering their oflicere, iud tolien ibt- sbip 
Wo La Oiurn. Tbe» they handle] h«r 
wer lo the Spaniards, who fitted bor out 
ritb f«tty-fv«i7 aatie and a complemunt of 
learly four bnndrod mi-n. A IsTRe propor- 
tion of tbLiauriiuvn bad Uic^nHinwcaptunxl 
id ban^l, but ctdi^ officer on the station 

fvlt tbnt ibit pm>enc« of tbollormioti«uador 
tb« Spanltli ftiiirtf aa ixitylt tothenavT 
and to Enol tr,-j e Surpriw oacbarsd oo 
Putrto Cnbc. ("jio-.V Oct., and finding thaj 
lliTuioni! mooTi^l iuudf, with no appannfi 
uitention uf ittirriiiKt wbilc thi; HiirpriMi'al 
prnviBious were runuine low. llamill<in rw- 
»«lrcd to cut ber out. Tbc sliip wa» U(mre4| 
bend and atcrn butwwn two )arg>y hattarie 
canitaiLodin^ ibv entrance of tbc port, an 
iDiiunling soinr twu buntli^id guns. Aft«I*] 
fwM days njHMit in f.vucuintn^tliujKisillon, on 
the evening <jf the 24tb llaniillon nunoiinccct 
Lis intention to lie ahip'e compuiiy. It was 
roccivcil with tbe utmost cnilinsiaMn ; ibt; 
buals were nrmM and left the ship a little 
before midniglit.cnrri'ingabout one hundred 
men. On tbc ir way ihry wrni discovered by 
llii- IliTinionn'* launch, mwinj; K^nrl a aiilai 
ill fhiut of tb<! flbiii. She wna litinlnn luirk, J 
buttbenaiiieoftheconllici ^avet lie alitnu both ' 
lothelleroiioQGiLnd batteries. Tbe Spaiiiurdl 1 
wfRt to quarters and otwned a warm but 
mndom fire in tbe dirortion of boats, iu 
tbi^ miilnt of which ibe tirst bnut, containing 
Hiuniltcin hiniu^If, thit iriinni-r, and some Ion 
mn), tiiu>b«d ntongsiil'K am! bunrdnl. They 
wt-Ffi fiirattveral nuinitt-s mi*iiiii> im ibe 
llermione's quiirlet-Juck, but ifie other bimUi 
coming up, the Spaniards, after a fl^ri'ii 
ct ruffle, were beaten below; the cables were 
cut, sail maiiefand the ship towed out uf the 
harbour, the liullerii-* iiptiniiig their fire on 
litT JLA )ihe pn«sod out, niKardlntn of tbe fats 
of tboir own im'n. The hi&)(irihi'Rpn,ninr(h; 
wan ] ]fl billed and 87 wounded; of ihe I'Jig- 
liah only twelve men wounded, whJeli iatbu 
more ext raordinary a^ the ship was not taken 
by surprise. HnmiJton himaelf, however, 
waa severely w(iund*<!. Th" stock of a mim- 
ke>t hiul b('i>n broki'n ovit ht« biiid, Im bud 
vnrioim tin*h wound* in Imlh h-gw, and a 
pflVftHi wjnuwion of the loins, the dfi^ct) of] 
wbicb hi-' fell tlirough tbe reel of bis life. 
Bui the feat of arms was unftirpaased in the 
uiiiiuIk of tbe navy. Tlie kiri(t eont'eired on 
bim the honour of knighthood hy h^lt^ra 
pat>>ul, <ui wdl HS; nnvftl gold mmlnl ; t.lut 
Jamaica Ilonncof .A lUfmbly voti-d bim u iword 
of tbe valueof three hundred giiint-u), and tho 
city of London conferred on him tbe freedom 
of thccityin aguldbox, wbicb was delivered 
to bim in jiMSon »t a public dinnt?r at iIiq 
ManKion lIouMe ou 2b Uct. IVDO, tbe anni- 
vuntarv of bis brilliant exploit. Rtrtuming 
home in tho Jamaica packet in April 1^00 
for the n>-e«labli«bm<-nt of bis health. Uamil- 
tOQ was CDptiircd by a French pHvuleer and 
taken lo France. At Paria Iw it said, on 
what nnmn doubtful authority, to baTsb«eii 
pcnosdlly examined by Bonaparto; he<ra» 



. ■ ■ ■! I'hilib-. TT. ^ ■nitt' do Grjii;:u ■;.■. 

i-;ir tlih- tr.i i ICIW (\;t-' ■■J 

•< siT. i\. ."-;>: I'kpts, 7))7n;. ■■;. 

.»■' ,v. 437-1'!. 'Irammont. !j rr. :a 

■1 l';i'l. Ih'1o::_-.-,1 I.) a clistin,:!; .:.■ '. 

■■ u-i filiiCLit.d :iT !*ini, liv.'i! ill * M 

•■'. iisiirc in I'mU iiinl Turin. : ■.:..- 

i! !■'■ mill Tiir'-Tiii'', luid was bai;.;'.- : 

-,:;o' ill hWl' {■•r making advanc'- : > 

:■■ I-ViTicli liiii^'.a niiftrfssop. M:.,--- 

;■ l\ ilut:-\ ]if came to I. ■':.-■■:, 

- . ; T-.-,riv."l I,y CliarlfS II and L:.'~ 

.■:!.■ (lli.T.'mWr Miii'), mid wn- '■. 
^ -inril in al: r!;- <iir..-rsii.)in of -.:.- 
■ I.a Ikdli' H,.T:;;;t m'l ■ bmrh^r A:> 
■■•■^■;l!lll,■ lii^ I'l ?■' :V;.-iid, and Ati;!i:vv 
-., ■ - Tli^'iMiir--' ■ ; I '".iiiimnutVciiur;?-.. ■.! 
- - ?:iT ill ill:- • Mv:::.iiri-.< .hi Chl-;.' •■' 
■- ii.'iir,' Imi !:■ - :;j ro-:i-i I lie inipirMi.' 
I'-.cii 1j-' I. :;-.—!: iilayed in lirin^/..- 
■;.■' niarr::.^; . T:;- st^^rv is toU U: , 

■ ■'r-.m Lord Mil'.ir: [,. llioliard Ilii::. '.- 
::.d ill lii^'.'.T li:;'0. ilml (Iramm ■.:. 

4 -Mdii.iily r-i-ali.-l to France, wa> r; 
■■ ;it .if u-iiirti:iiu without I ho la<]v. ;,;,: 
1 ■; !i;i!ly V'>! a.i I'.ir :,> JLnvv, wli.-ti I'lo w .; 

■ i\-Ti hvAiitliovy and his (-h!.:r ^,r■^-':. • 
-,■■, ttliiia.-licd lii::i inFri'ni-li, '('li.v;!;; : 

v.iuoiit,irjiv.'/-v.n:s i-iiii .aililj,-' f, I. :;- 
- ■ [.' wJiii-li III..' iv.iiiu r--|iliril, -I'li:- 

■ '-Tuoi.nnsMiiiri. j'.ii iiiihlio dVinii-..- 

- ■i viir.' Ill- tliin rmirned lo l^md ;:. 
■marriaET'' wasati>ric.'Mdi'mnisi.'d. Th- 

■■■■ issuiiiloliavcfiiriii-h.'d.Miilir^rcwiih 

M ■<{ ' Li' .Mariai:.' I'orfi.',' Th.' ^I.>:-v 

■■■:::'\ o'nsir-U-nl iviili Hjimiltnirs Ma!. - 

■■■]iari.iilly in lllc;!. Craimno;;!-: 

•:i.- Maiiiiiis.' di- Si, CliaumniK. wt---- 

■■■;■.:,- Iiiiiitliat l.iMiisXl\'!iniU'nii-*iiti-.l 

■ . --.mJI, and lliar In- lmrri,.d hi l^iris i-. 

•■:il\.riii:iMiiiin]]inii', (Hill was in ;i ir-w 

■. '■.-.IrTi'il 111 h'aii' Kraiiiv aaain. T!iv 

;.i.l oiiinli--,-i)n ;! Sny. Uiii-I ivrtnitilv 

.-.,!, ill for 1-Vnncp. wIuta ilu'v th'ini- 

■ ■ Tii'iiially [Jl,\/. M.SS.Cm'i'. 
: ■■ Kini. r.'^lif: \'iiIsf:.M).\, (/-;//,vv<C'.:,ji- 
.. ■:-^\. iv. \-J\i). ^ Th..y]iaiil. linwi-v.r. 

■■;: vi-il'ilo tlu. Fnnlish ciiiirt. on ll|. ir 

■ ;V,iiu nil., of whiih in ltV;i>,("h.irl..,-. il 

■ ■■•hi-' >isi..r. ih.> lliichL..Ji (if llrI..aTi.-, 

■ ■■'•iiii^'tln-ciiiiiiif'sii.hrTfiir'asi.'.xida 

■ ■ii*i'v..rlivi'd"|]lAi.p.v>rri,K,,W'-i)i..(>.-. 

■ ■•.■, I'l ii,-(,l(ip;',i; Jli^t.MSs.c.,,,,!,,. 
y-y \y\i. riii'l. llv.lyn says tliat li- 

J ■'. ill.' ruiiiit'j c.iniiiany in Londtm in 

111 iii>-(ir,inini.ini cinv? ns n i^ii-.i't:.! 

■1 ''-.'m l,.v,:is .\l\' (.1 citiifrrniiili.;,. 

. II I'll ih." liivihuf a *.in. and r.-(vi\td 

■v.-» .-1' i.(i-;{/, (;.<. >,/. (.V,.,Tp/ fi-r-iW'. 

•■ sv-ii. I'ori. 11.- dviiditi.'a iu frivu- 





till his dMth. At tlifi ftg« of PiKhty 
1701) hv iictatfi liii fntuftiu ' MomDin.' 
«l)iefly diNtlin^ with hi:^ Vi(<- in Cngluod, to 
Anthony IIanul(»n. ^^1lcn in Clnnsmont'a 
omt u)1i]'i>s4ta till.- ct:n»ur of tlie prvM, Fonto- 
n«Ile, dadined tolitmitii' ibmn, (Inuomirril' in- 
digDoody afpt^ol^Ml to tliocknnrjiUnr nncL KOt 
thv ptobibitiou rcmored. He died lOJnii. 
1707, but bis ' MenuHTa' wore not pubLitibMl 
till 171-1, wbcn they appcnrod at ('olofrni*. 
TTwsoounlrsBdi.-doa.lJttn. 170?. Tlievhad 
iMue tvrn dniiKlitrnt nnly : (\) Claudo Cbar- 
lotte, 'wbn man-itHl nt 8t . ncrmBuison 8 April 
16(M Heniy Howard, e&rl of StnlTard, iitkI 
(3) H&rie Elisubctli, itha becami- ilm ablwwi 
v( Stc. Marie de Ponmey Id Lorraine, Tlio 
ctinnlm's portrait was painted sereral liro«s 
hy IjRiy wirli more t}iaTi axuaX cbts. and was 
con.tidtirod by him ro br his bfwt work. Some 
of tbeie pictun-n atw now st Windsor Cutle, 
Otliera BTe at llnmiilrtn rv>itrt, And one is in 
the XalioniO I'orlniit (hdlnry. 

iMi-nioirM da C"Tnt* d« OnunmoDt, cap, Tii. 
ix. ; I>ou];liis'« PcV'nmo of HotUnd. i. <} ) 
AlMbnon'a 8«otti«h Nitinn; nrt. 'Phlliicrt, 
OMnte dc Gmntnont,* in Biocntphis Oen^ralp.l 

J.M. B. 

or ITAXtLrox and anenrards ot Abhtu. 
(IWI-rsO). :Si»Gi:3E)rare.] 

HAMTTjTPy.EUZA BETIfi 1 r.-.H-l HI (l), 
ini>c»llHnw«ia Krii«r. wju txini lit ll^Ofont 
on 2\ July 1 768. She waa of It.i. Seullinh 
Hun i Itonx of Wood hall, bnt sTratii'n^d fiimily 
ctrcunutaiici'H Wl wnt h*r faTtier, ChnrlM 
llBlililton.iiitn a mHn«nli}i> hou^ in Loodon. 
il« nunied KnihiTin" Mac)myorihtblia,and 
at his death in 17'jd lli«i« w«re thrm chil- 
dr8ii,KatJieni)e.Charlt»,andRlital)«it)i. Ifer 
ftlhot'B n*t«r, the wife of Mr. Mswhall, n 
Stiriinnbirw farmer, took Etiubfrth homo, 
snd wn«ii )In°. Hamilton died ihe t^hild, 
«fred nine, wa> Inft to th« kindly and lorne- 
vhat priIuilitrt^ car* of these worthy reU- 
lives. Tbej educatfld hor well, and tliough 
lin Audions hsbita rathtr pi»zl<^ th^m iJ>»y 
wtm prood of her Uleol*. FIcr 1>>er, 
ChtrU* Hamiltoo (1763-1783) [q.T.'.bfJor* 
fomg off to the dut>«a of ra Indinn codet- 
^tp, vbiifd Klifab«tb in 177:i, and their 
«}i€rt*hM arranp^mcni for a r<;iruUr corre- 
n»9Bdeiic« produiN'd an intenattsr and valu- 
able body of lein.1^. Eliubeth'a leiaure had 
aliwady been oooopiwl wilh « jonrnai of a 
hi^Innd Iniir, and afa* prcavntlT bcf|«n an 
historical nov^l in the form uf lrtt<r», with 
Arabtdla Stuart fcr ht-r-jine and Shnkr-jiprar* 
aa a tabordinatecharacifrr. Inl7'«:^hrraant 
^ied, and bdwmn ihai and t7^'>. wb«ii h«r 
ntsnicd oa a Htq yearv* furloagh. 

she devoted horself to her uncle, and made 
coii9id«mbI» literary progrcu. In December 
L78o a pan^ cf hers formed No, 46 of tbo 
' Loungvr, and a poem oa ' .^tJoipation ' 
belongs to llio somo yvur. 

Mvm Uaiuilton took u dimot praoticnl in- 
t«ivet in Lbs propeas of her brother'^ ' Ho- 
dava,' on which liu was eu^sfced duHoM hin 
holiilay in Scotland, and with bim, in ITfif*, 
bLc viniti-d London, fermioff scrcml impor- 
tant frinniWiip?, Almiit ihrc-nd of thi? year, 
alWr bitr nttiini, lii-r tsnrio itii:d, wlirn «Ilu 
rejoined lier bfothirr iiv l^nndon, rrmaininj 
wiib him and bar aifler, Mrs. Illake, fur abnuL 
two ycsra. In this eojoiun slu.i made the se- 
qnainl*nccof Dr. (icorecOrecory [q. T.]aiid 
his wife, wlio con tiniirdlo be cloaeand valued 
frirndn. Tin? (hiatli of Charles Ilamillon in 
1792 woA a KTenl blowto k!a uaivrs (Lettm 
on Etitieatiou, vol. i.), who for the mrxt four 
years wi^ro tO){otber at lludlcigh. Sitfl'ulk. and 
thi^n at Sonning, Bcikiiliin?. In t70tiMi>ii 
Ifamilton publishi^ hnr 'Hindoo Rajob,' a 
*#rii>it of cm icixm« on Kii([lntid »oni«wliat in 
tlw tniuiniTdf till; 'CitiM^ii oftho World,' and 
inHuencedby irajMwuiiows from Iht broths. 
Uar next work,' Memoira of MiKlt'ni Philom>< 
pben,*KnrieaofbiuuorouaRki»to lies prom jjt«d 
Dy ■ conrersation with Dr. Gre^ry, and 
writton in l^ondon, in OlouceetersLirv, and 
at Bath, app<?an<d in 1 WO, and ran tliroujth 
Iwo I'ditions in a yrar. M<>anwbile Misa 
Hamilton hrnl an al.tnrk of gout, an ailment 
ull iunndy clinitiio tv-itli hiir, luid Mr*. Dlukr, 
wbaliad hewn in In-land, rtttumed and nursud 
her. Itecoverin^, she published * letters oa 
Education/ 1801-:;. an'] in 1^04 ' MemciFsaf 
Che Life of Apippina, iba wife of (>emani- 
ciu,* Bath, 3 TOM. Km, whieh U prutloally 
'an opitome of Rfltnan Uwa, custaiaa, ana 
mamutr*.' Atier a tour ihroi^fa Wolaa and 
tbi> Lake country, the aisten in 11^ ftzed 
tluir rosidsDOe in Edinburgh, .Misi Hamilton 
at th« suae tima having a peiuion Mitllud oa 
her brgDTeiiuiimt. Forsix monthaebewaa 
niidwan ta a tMibl«iBaB'« bmily, writinif in 
KaMUt in |HO(t ' IjctinN on the Fofmation of 
cha Religious and tlie Moral I'rindpU to Ibo 
DaagbierofaNoblnnan.' Itutaminf toBdin- 
bui^b «be conlraalpil tin- two tDAd<« of lift, 
aiwl warmly indiratMl hi*r <>wn pr^femM in 
'Myain Ftrwtde,'* rnin Mcnttiidi tong^ns^ 
inz on a <^rlain inih-iM-nd'-non of alttluda, 
aiM saffu^M willi siiirilyxTnlimcnt and t<4t« 
dctnoM of feeling. 

From this limA Mr*. Hamilton (aa alw al. 
Iragtb pR&nwI to be call^Dwaa impifdaat 
anaimSiMiitial, Shawan a irtiH iiliilnnlhrn- 
nst, and bar daairs tor tbo improremvnt o( 
ncottisli nutica indoood bartowritalwrnnC*- 
wortby story,' Tba Cottum of U Itnbania,' 





1 flOK WovMi bna tW lamtivB art vtnama 
lwWMM» w« wi of Imt Hrir dtiriiaf dnj*. 
Hw Mm^ MOwtT, with lw» iaeviUUe < I 

fi4KM U lluh'd,' u uall ■ tew of iaufwt 
ftu Smttiish nttdMv. Mn. Haathoiinn 

iif litJiMirv in tMiubuigb, ud for tb* in- 
ikali-a khc Wfoto in I?<W ' E-Twc ixj in ReU- 
(••'»■ KitowKsi^.' In I^1^ tht cMtinntA 

Ut K.MMtvii'ui llw KkaMvUrt PriaeipW of 
lb'' llutn*n Min«l.' Afl«r * ltiiy« no«iW 
viut u> livUiiJ «hv Tv<itned to Edinburgh, 
KihI ill IKI5, infiuvnn^J br • Mndy of RwU- 
K^i. initUtWd ' WMb ^irmai Iq tfa» Pft* 
l^<ll*uldDinctonofPbUKScbQoIa.' Frov 
IHU W bMhk kftd Wb wrr nnccttvii, uut 
— I n« C—»UI xl clUngy of cUnt*!*? ■ $I»««-vtit 
to KagUad, ksd dml at lliim<jcsii- :;3 Julv 
It^lft. biw wM iMuird in UurontaCliuidi, 
uul k waniuwuu vrw enctcd to ncr ■l aory. 
Mt' I'- — ;'-->n wi* audi Bppirculcd ay 
hi>r ' I "M. MUa EOiri!Wt>rtli wmii- 

tttHil.>K :.>.«U bl^rdlMltL l^inl^Vnod- 

ImiMeiM, iu ' Lifr of Lanl Kaunt,' iL 282, 
<iu nlut-<tltiiii. Hn. Orant of Lunn (.1^ 
mifir uMt/ I Wmr/>Miilni(T, li. 16, l^ff) allndee 
til ibp tmlnlAUluil i'alu<! itf tier van ra, uid 
•imilia watiitly tif Uor i|iiiklit)ea u « ftiead 

(MMiuira. ntiitk a Martina tton luv Ocnra- 
I kunuUiwv Mill (ii.h«r U»i<ul>titli»il Wnitags, of 
, Vim Uto Mra. KIm. 1Umi1e»ii. l>v Mil* Beiij«r 
i(lSldl, Tytltr Mkl Wauon'B »<mplraau of 

6«u.tUi.a.] T. a 

UAMILTON, KMMA, Udt (17«1 P- 
)Ml&), wife (if Sir William naroilton (17.10- 
tWU) [i|. ( . I, amhftuailor at >ioplv«,wa< tbe 
(Uii|blvr vt Ilitiir^ Lyim of Ncaie, in the 
^l^'t->l ' '' Drtial Ntulooi, LlMature, and of his 
: i<<»>|il» tH tbi» bumbUiat circDDi- 
•hv wm» haniiMd in the diureh of 
I .n au Vi Mav 17lV>. In ttut olft- 
I iiF ttnf dmktti ib Jftniuiry 1H15 
I &k anv-"*n(t, whicb, if iro 
't n •tati-iuviit t bat hi-r birtb- 
*« J«i Ai>nl, W'onlil plani' b«r birth in 
mm iV"Mmniiil, lii>«-ov«r, contains 
I ' •» urr ptrua^' nnsona 
I ■ wb* l)-Tn iMrlivr, not 

i 1 ■ ■! llVSCCD- 

. {.Weinoirt, 

: Amy, but, after 

1' AuivIt,Eiii]t, 

<<l'<[>t<<(l lIienftiSB 

pii iLitr b*|>i(Mii hor 

Bi ■ n-.'-iifJ tofcfT 

iiire, whrro 

;. ■ .-...,; ...... „,.L. lur BM>ther, 

MttL Kidd. While ttill qutl« Tnnaf Emm 
i* Mid In hartt bw-n nur«?-<pH in the family 
of Mr. Tbotn«s of Uan-ard-n, mvi to iinv'o 
cono to London a jc«r or two aftrr, n|>; 
teatljin thecAune of 1778, as niinu'mitit 
tbefiunilyotf Dr.Kiehardnudvl^ij.v.J gha 
b«on aft«nrapd» a alton-pri, a laJyVmi ' 
■ barmaid, nii>tr««« <^ Captain John Wi 
PaTn-andmotkerof liiBcliild,aiitrHt 
Mij tbc rrprc*cntatitr<;f the ^oddoM 
iathcBOirsorUia indwvnt •■xliibitioQ 
Gnham ( l"4&-i:9l) [q. r,', a quadt-iof 
(.V«>nMW. pp. 20, 30, 35: UisiftLKE. p. 
AjroBta XemaiiKmcei, u. 387-8>. It in 
taia tliat aibovt Ibe bqcinainc of 17(tU 
(tBTo btrtk to a child, nftrntuds known b» 
' little EnUBB :' and that tqwanls tlw entl of 
(be «uav rear abe accrplcd tbi; protectioD »f 
Sir llarrT Fdtbfrvtnnhaiu'b iif l*p Pdrk in 
SiMBPT, irbem nbe lired in n dt»M>lal« wi. 
till Ueoember 1781, wkeo FelhentonhADnh. 
apparently ofcaded by what the mUdly called 
Iker'giddy* ways, abruptly dianiiaaed her, al- 
thoi^ on the point of Mcotoin; n motliFr, 

5'rin^ ber bnrrly sullici«nl inoiipy to ennbU 
T to nacb llawaidcn. Sh& wa« Kindly 
csivod br (M Mr*. Kidd. and ^tk Urtb 10 
Mcond Atld, which, a* nothing more ia ~ 
af it, was probably ilJIIlMrtL She wna at i 
liniiB in great pecuniary dlstnu.far Mn. Ki 
waailtUMtrirnat quilp.B pauper, nitdl->tb< 
MailiaaglinAiaedev^DloaaAiv^rhvf lett> 
Sbe tben wrote audoualr to the Hon. Charlca 
Oreville, with whom kIic liad Uh-h apparently 
on t«nn* of'giddy' intimacr, and who m 
pnKsibly tbofatkerof lUi'P'Ji[jt->4i'<l rliild. II 
iHttiTt Bi ibta timu are atoned Emily Ha: 
and nrv tbu** of a perwn Uttetlv iUiU'n 
OrvviUe faroupfai ber to lnwdon, wbiyre for 
nan fouryeanabe lived with him in a w 
houae near Paddingloa Orwn, Imp 
who now called berwlf Mtrs. Caidagaa, 
u cook and l»oiiwtbwp'T. The Kyla 
M^vu t4f luivo bnMt eurictiuly modwt 
eooQ'^mieal. Gr^Un wa< an earr* aoo 
R)«mbi>r of parliam<>ni. btit kid ineome 
only nUOI. a yMr, and that waA encnnibeT«2 
'Xil. WW all tliat he allowed his raii;tn>s; for 
drvn and pocket-tuoneT ; and hisrettt^incat 
frum wx-iiily sevnis to bav* l>M>n mitinly ^^H 
mtauurv of retrcucbment. Tli<- tprt wme ^v^H 
bafv been lealiv in love wilb him, and co«»»^^ 
t«nt with bvr eeclti<lcJ life. CrcfilleV attach- 
mcnt was not of the romantic tott, but h« 
waa kind to her, provid'.-d forbereluld,{ra^e 
bermaAtDTsinmuNc aadMUK>nir, encouraged 
ber to read poctiy or norek, and 'taught ber 
to tnku nn intutltfcent intemt in such thiii^ra 
04 kin iinrient coins, cIi<~'i(;o CR^^Tinffa, and 
mc2xo(inla' (J^JirrtLisos, Ladu ZlamUton, in 





I 111 

SO). She was refinMl b; tier iotiixucx witli 
BomncT [m<€ lioHSGT, vhom she 
wu introduci-iJ by Grcrillr ia tbi^ summi^r of 
17d3,«iidwIi(io1iiioatatoiin-conrciTPiil forlicr 
A THUsian of llic Ih-xI nml purv^l kind, though 
nuxvd wllli a wiM ailotstion, pnTMi)iinit liir, 
fiituH' (UrIaieM iif hi* intd Wt. Duriiijt ilit-sw 
years sh« repaitMl; h( to Roomej ; but il is 
oot t nil? that ihe waa Romney's ratttreaa, that 
«lic mu a piofeanoiul model, or that aha 
Mt for TRrioufl ' sttidiea from the nude,' mora 
(Itnn n*ali*inK 'a rnki^ lAtdt irilh a awan' 
^Aliut Cr>yrxnH*si. 7"** .Wo*/ Jimmmit 
JirifuA I'ainrert,liuiiii't edit, il IM). Tli#n> 
ia no traoe of indelicacy in but [luclura far 
wUch »lia eat: alie waa paiDied "by Itejnolds, 
I [ 0]n>ni-r, and Lavrence m 1Cd(;1b ai] . and afier- 
wanU by numerous atlifta in Italy (Jmi:( 
RoiiSBr, Li/tqf Graiyt Jtomrw. pp. MS). 
In tlw Rummnr of 17840r»viTlcisinnt«n)Hl 
uncle, Sir Willinni Ilutnttr.Dn, ambeasador 
At Nafilc^a, coiDt- to Enfiliiiid on Imn, and at 
his nspkfff'i bouse uw and wna p7««lly im* 
pnasea by hia misitea*. 'She U WitM',' ho 
IS rvportwl to hare said, 'than anjtbins in 
Batarc. In tier particular way ahe U £ier 
tban aiiyttitRi^ I linl in to b» found in antique 
«rt.' tio'iriilc tn-MD* rra hftTrt linti. iii> s^miile 
in tbe foUowiiijT year, wb'-n thn utati' of liia 
AHairs pomjdIletJ him To broak up hi* Mtn- 
blishmpnt, inajkiDghi.iuiiicI^ to tak<:Tlinfrirl 
off his hand*. Hamilton rttdily acquicaoc^l, 
«ni), tbouj; h tlierv nan iirobnblyno actual bar- 
fiun, becune niire wtlliuslo liclp \u» nvyhvvt 
pACuniuily. Sir William Uad sportively in- 
vited tJio girl to Ti^jt biin at Napks; it nav 
BOW arranged between him and (.ireville that 
ihv invitalion »hotJd be formally r^poattsl, 
;And tbat ahe ahould comt; tiiii aa if to pur- 
'tm* tli« atiidy of munic ncd nln^nf;. Ac- 
icordin^flyBlittanil Mm. I'ailnganlt-ti I'juclimd 
«n 14 March 17^6, travt^Utni; tu> far aw ftoini; 
iindrr the cso^rl of (ia\iu Ilaniilton (IT.'K)- 
1797) ';(. v.], the psiuier. Four daya aflcr 
livr arrival »hc vrroto to Grvvillo : ' I have 
Iiad a ountcTMitinn this morning viib Sir 
'WillinmcbBibaninailrino mad . . .Givville, 
my ilearnnfyillf, write aomo comfon to mc 
. . . 8ir William nluill not be anytlibsto me 
but ^oiir friend' (jBAyFUaON, I^yHnmii' 
" ), I. IfiS). Dui Greville, after many oibt-r 
en, ooMly adviaed her to accept Sir Wil- 
iBi'a nropoaala. To this ahe anawered pait- 
loaaiely (1 Aug. \7^} : ' If I waawilh you 
would iDunlt-r roil anil mrwlf both,' con- 
ndini; willi: 'I nuvf^r will !»■ hi» mi>lrvKS. 
yoiiafTmnt me. I willmakn luinmam-ino' 
ib. i. 167-8). In November. bomivKr, iJie 
xao Hamilton's mistical. 
At Noplea, AB tli« miatreafl of the En^li»h 
iniater, |n«M)Bst>d of n wondroua beauty, 

Mogiiif; (livim-ly, apeaking Ttalian — which 
ah(> picked up with marmlous quitknc** — 
with a renmrkable turn for reiiartn-, »bci 
bi.-cnm» a greal aocisl power, witoout much 
aaaivtanec from htnia of a aecret tnairtaffe. 
Artist 9. pof la. muaioiana raved about her: and 
a iwrl(« of »o-CJilW ' attituddF,' or tat>leaiL\- 
Tiranu, which ahe was in lb« habit of giving, 
St once acliieTed an almost Ruropmn ml** 
hriEy(C}om!B, ItaHtni^cht Itnu, 10,22 Mftrt 
' 1787). Tlirouph all it wauld a|jj)rar that 
ahe never lost sight of her ori^ual pur- 
|iu><e of marrving llauiilton. In May 1791 
•Jie mtiimcd with him to Enfcland, and 
on Q Supt. ehoy were marrisd in Maryle- 
bone Cburch, whvni alui nfniid tho iwwia- 
Icr 'Amy Lyon,' rliough in tlie publixbud 
atinoUDcenieoCa of tbu marriage ahe wan 
■pokpnof as 'Miwllarte'i Gtnt. Mag.Vi^l, 
vol. ii. p. 8(2), During her further 
stay in England Ibo (jii^n refused lo recoc^ 
nice liur, but in tinsnin^ throtif;h I'aric ana 
waa rcceivi^d bv Marin Antoiiu'tl* ; and on 
her return to Kaplm wna pmiwntfid to the 
queen, Uaria Carolina, and boeamo wiiliin a 
BBort time herconfldautF and fiiiniliftr&ii>^d. 
The hatred which th» b'rvncb aympathiaers 
frooly lavished on lh>- iiutt'n was ■(xtended to 
thf confidante, and tlifir fri^n'Islii]> wa* made 
iliL- xubJMtt of thd vilest cfiiuiiini'>«, wbicb 
have bi»n a«c*ptod without a tilltc of cvi- 
donco (COLtBITA, atttfM Ji Sapi/fi, bb. r. 
cap. i.; Oltiy[kiUE,p. 31). Lmlr Hamilton 
waa, during Ibc wbolv ff bcr rvvidciico at 
riwppctabl^ Kugliali rieilore wei« filud li> Im 
Jfamilton,'x.i!ii). ' Vouncrcr»awanjibu)fr 
»u cbarminKaa Ijiidy llamillon'i! aUiliidos/ 
wruta llie C't^unUti* of MoJini-sbury t<? hcl 
tister.liJiilyKiliot (II .Inn. liS)2)i'l1itTm<Mt 
jrracvful fttatmm uriticturea ilo not irivr >-ou 
au idea of tliem. Ili-r daiiriiir iliu Taran- 
tella is beanliftU to a dcf^-e' (Life aifi I^t- 
tertof Sir Gilhert Eii!«t,Jirat Earl «/ Mmt't, 
i. -WW). A few voars later, when her H^tire 
htid ulrt?n(lvli><t Its sylphlikppronarTioa», Sir 
Gilbert Klliol wrote to (lis wife tlSKov, ITJiB); 
' She i* th«^ miMl cxtmordinnry compimnd I 
cr>*r Ik-Iii-IiI. HKriM-nton !« noihiiift ■hurt of 
monatroua for itaenomiity, and \» urowiiiK 
every day, Sbe irifji hard lo think siie ad- 
vantnceous lo her beauty, but ii nut aaavi 
about it. Her face is beautiful.' ITeadcu* 
tlint abe is Tery gnod-humi>iirvd, and 'aha 
bn> arauir^ sitic« Iivr marringr Mimi* knnw> 
leilj^iif liinlory and of the aria.' ShuabuwH, 
buwEV«r. till- fHMt of a bnrw&id nut of ^ood 
br««ding. and ' her lan)pii^e and conversation 
(with men) are esag;{[enbi>na oT anything I 
ever bearrl nuywh^'(ii&. ii. 304). He la, 

• V. 1 .. : 
- -.- ..'l..-. i ■ 

. !i ill ir;'"i V,- 
.-■ 'It;'-- II. ';i. '.- r 
l.n.:!!..ii:.::.-.7- - 

\. , 

- \ 




of « letter in th« bin^s rifttna horn GetMml 
ron to Nclenii, 17, :W Jnn.^ I7UK, in CuBSB 
ud McABTiirii, Lifi of NeUon, u, »t ; 
lUmilton to Lord HrenviUe, 18 Juno, 4 Au^., 
imelotiiig copy of letter from tli« govemur 
of Sj-rwuw to Acton, H July, ia So'/y, 
vol- xliT.) If, as ie Juit pOMiblo, the r]U«cn, 
tbroufch L&ily HnmilU)!!, ndJod n furtlicr 
Irtter lo tW Sicilisn govumoi*, it doea not 
ftppear to have bctn used ; *iid Nl-Imd'i) 
own letter* U> Sir WiUiftm (2t', 23 July, 
Nicolas, iii. 17) uid to Lady Ilaniilion 
(23 July,3forrMon 3£56'.i iy/niui^A Jtci-irw, 
cUiv. 649) uroTB eoodiuiiri-ly that no eocnt 
ordcTB bad bees Mnt to the SicUian yvh*. 
And the statemont rcpcatodly mAde nad in- 
aiatodoOfTbiitonTntubriil^and Uunilton'a 
going togctber to Acton a council wo« tusi- 
moninl, vbidi, iifter an bour and a balf, i 
ended in diMppoiatment and refuaal (nAti- 
KIBOS, i. 344; BtaeAneo^t ifoff. cxliii. ^iS; 
jEAlTBESOir, Qttfni of Sapiet, ii. 300), ia 
cnllnly false. There was no cotmcil; iJio 
iat4!rvi(^vr -witb Acton laet^-d bnlf iin Iiour, 
in which time Acton, on his own mitliority 
and in the )iin^'« nnine, irn>i« aiid bauded 
to Titiubridjff the ktter aJdr«*9ed to the 
goremont of Sicily, and which at Sjtbcuso 

E roved flulBcient. Neteon's acctrfitaiico of 
adr Hamilton's vmion of tho sloir, in Hpito 
of bi» certain knowledge of the actual fact*. 
is oulyoneout of very many instancM of Ilia 

• estraordinary infatuation. 
In a Hying' visit to Nn[il«» in SeptrmbKr 
17H.? NdlAiin hitd lint mnt Lady Hamilton; 
ltd had Thi-n ilitwrilit'd Iwr (a liia wife ks ' a 
youns woiDfin of amiahle mannerB. and who 
ooea nonour to Ibe alation to which she is 
niaed' (Nicolas, i. 3^) : it- was not liU his 
return in September 1799, after tlte battle 
of tha Nile, that h'' ^nv, I- -nid to tare 
made ber ae4]tmiMt.irii'i -;. I nd already, 
^BMoe thrw week* Lo1j:_. ;jiiul:cly ahown - 
^Ktto nan extravagant joy at the news of the 
^r^etocjr, and on Nolaons aniral sho, with 
her buaband, and attended by a large parly 
of frienda in a prooeesion of boat«, went ont 
into the bay to in«et him. She. wnni on 
board tbeVanfntard,and,onaMiinff 'thecon- 
(jniTin)? hrm,' <-xclniined, 'Ob God, i* it poa- 
Siblcl'nnd fainted in htfarm. 'Tears, tow- 
erw,' an Ndaoo wrote to his wife, 'toon aet 
Diftti«r» to rigblB'(i*, iii. 130). A few days 

I later 9he gave a ma^i6c«inl l^te in hcrnaiir 

'of Nelaoo'a birthday (Sffl 8ept.).wh.>n 'ILN. 

|OIorio<u let of Aupirt' wn« the favourii.- 
device. 'Eigblvp'<>pl»', Ns'luon vrMtr ro liu 

Iwife, 'dined at Sir nMlion I [ami It on'* ; 
l,74<.iaimftii> a boll, whvrc f^WrMfftd' |i'A. 
'".139; JurrKEMX, Lady JJamMvn, ii. 8). 

The Tlamiltoiu seem to ha%-o but kept |iacie 
withthegeneralentfausiasDi. Wilhinaoonple 
of mootlw war was decbirod againet I'Vanoe, 
and an army of.lo.UW men was leried, only 
to beawept away by th>- finttadvaneoof Ibo 
I'Vendi troopt. Lady Hamilton aftorwude 
considered that ehc had forced thu war policy 
on the queen, who brought the king orer to 
it; and that she liud itispirt-d her uuiiband, 
KoImu, and Sir John Acton, and brought 

Smeurc oo tlie councit ( Puttiouiik, ii, 
17; JEAlTBiaost, thffi y'AopfM, ii.313j. 
in point of foct thv war policy was dt-l«r- 
luiued in concert with the Austrian govern- 
ment; tbe defenaive and otleufive treaty waa 
fomuUv ratified at Vit-una on IS July, and 
rBOclicu Xeplcs on the jKHh; the dcclaratitn 
of war fvlluwcd as a matter ol course when 
the plans of tht t wo ewTcminvnta were ripe; 
uiid J^dy Ilnmiltnn Iiiul nothJnz to do with 
it l>tyoiid«en-jii|f u» ihi- (juetns occasional 
iiitcrmediaty wiih the Ka^iiAh ambaasndor. 
Of thu sunt' nature wui^ her r^Al eluire in tho 
conduct of the cclchmtcd fli^'ht to Palermo 
on the ncutfTfing of the Neapolitan armv. 
Thn mwisun-s relating: t" the royal family 
and their iiropiTrly were nrrangud by thtt 
(|Uceu ; Ijkily Tlamiltnn wa;i tbe mBdiiiiii of 
corwsuonduucc willi T.lie Enjrli*h admiral, 
and through lier Ibe caaea of tn-asure and 
other raluablea were inuwmittBd (Nicoi^s, 
iii. 210; (UfixiKKK, v. W). The popular 
story (PKniCjHEW.ii. 61 7-1 Fl) that the queen's 
limidily was controlled by Lady Hamilton's 
high spirit is tJie very rwverw" of the fact, 
though tlii5rK> is nndoiilit llmt Ijiily llainiltou 
bi-ha I <^ adm irabl v under wty t ry uig circ u in- 
(taiiCL-a. On thu jiainr, at a matter that 
came under bis own not ice, Nelson's evidence 
ia indispuiable (Nicuus, iii. 21^}. tlhe 
aftervanlB statod that, to avert suspicion of 
the intanded d«<panur«, Hamilton NLcrifiuvd 
property to tbe valoe of :ia,fl(XI/., and abe her> 
•(draustained a lorn of [),fXIOi. But llamil* 
ton's moot Toliiable proparty had bnen shipped 
•cTera) months beforu for eart^oge to Eng- 
land, and iMt in the wreck at the Coloasus; 
and though the household furniture was left 
behind St NapleA, N<hw>ii, writinfj with di- 
r4?ct information fri.>iu Huniillon, and urging 
his claim for oompenoal ion, <«limat'J the 
total loss, in thn t'olot^us and at Naples lo- 
gethcr, at lO.UOO/. | Kyirton MS. IttU, f. I'Ji. 
AS 14 Ladv Hamiltot),(he did not posMW 
property of the value of 9,000/., and »r- 
rii^'i awav thi; Krealcr part of what, aho 
had (JBAFTBisoy, £a</y HamiUvn, ii.SbS). 
ller«tat«nMtut Uial she had bought c^m to 
tbe value of .I.WO/. {<m the relief of U»e 
Mftllftt is c<iuaJlT false; she bod no auoh 
HUB «f Boney at Iicr disposal (tb. ii. 132-6). 




ISI^tftvc biwu. oblu to iuflucuw tUetkd- 
eh oFpTOvitious for tbe sUniatf MalleM, 
uud iinaa yrtiuniahW oa tome aaca grouaila 
tiiKt NeUuu applied to the cmporor of Ruc- 
iia, u gttmi iniutcr of ibr kiii^litf of Malta, 
to gnat her lliv croM gf tlie urdiT. Thi: cm- 
I pi'Tor Ktiit liLT 1)11; crow, iiuiniiur her ni I In; 
enuLo liiub ' Dame IVtltu Cruix Jo t'Ordre di; 
Rt. .Te'uu tk- Jurui^leui,' il l>ec. 1799 (tS. iL 
135; Nicolas, i\. 1!13»l) 

Her exaggrralciJ claims have beeooouat«iv 
bolauci^J by mulicinu.«Iy falfio char;eic». Of 
thci»o the moM. olrocioii* if rhat ii-iiicli «i> 
Iciitx-st Iht of ln-in^ virliinl miird'-frr tif 
Ciirtu^cii)!", wlin wim fiwutt-il fur tn-iuiOH 
ami ri'lH'llioii uri 2Q Jiiiif ITtfO: or Inning 
been jin-seut at liis fAfcuiinii, iiuJ uf bavUin 
aliDWD iiiileeeni ^atiiluction at liii <le&ib. 
In till- w!i'>l(; '•Uiry hs tuld (nmon^ num)" 
others bv lllinsrox. \nini FfUlnrv, ii. I^) 
tbcuii),v{>nttirli'cif Inilh ix (lint Ludy Ilnmi)- 
touwnx iiti biiiird th<i Fcmdruvaiii nl thi- limii 
(LoMox*c(>. Jlajip'Tlo ni Cillailinu Carnu!, 
p. SO ; COLLKTTA, lib. T. Cap. i.) 

Whether from vanity, emntioDal enittu- 
Intun, arK»nuin« ndmimtion. LiiHy [lamil- 
I'ton uiiiloubtcclly laid hi'tnti'If out. with too 
|£0mpl«l6BUCC«M,lc> wiiiXf.liHjiiVbi-urt. Tlio 
|]tw« lired for aud ^vilh cunb uthur, tn 1I19 
" of the whok' >r*ilitem»it>nn liliilion, 
ping an all the time tba ratrnordinary 
euce of a nuri- plulonism, wliirh uot imly 
UTmI .^ir A'iLIiain liiimUl(iii,hnT. coanmo 
tt^nt even Ni-Ihou liiiuE^If, l)«tn'een A^rhoni 
land ilatniKon theiv wa« In the loKt a ft«linp 
' warm fri<Kid»hip. It has indeed be<n 
ggoslwl, llinu^b llio iiTobabilili<w »eom to 
\b» ft^nrt it, that till April IKK), when Ijidy 
Ulninillon \n\\\ hor hu>biind norrimiinnipd 
1 IS'^laou in ihi: [''oudruyont on rt vinit lo MultA, 
their relmirjis wom ri-dlly plntouit (I'ht- 

TIORBW, ii. (HO i jEAPTBEWfS, Laily Hrt'nii- 

t«n, ii. 1-10). Ill lh« biiuimvr ot 1800 eho 
loft I'uli'riiio ill Uie couiiinnv of Iti'i' hiu- 
bftiid and NnUon. From jjcglioni lli<> pnrlj 
ti^vcUfJ hitiui^u-itnl throug^h YiinniL, Dn.*- 
dco, «nd Ilnnihurg, wIil-ih;o th^'j cruMod 
ovt-r to VuriuuutU. AAcnrorda iii Li^iiidriii, 
kl 31ertoii, uii lours of uleiiaurv, or iti dillcr- 
at couulry houMfl, sue nod Nirbuu >riTf 
tldom iipart. except wbon bo waa acrtiuK 
flosti taoi hi! devotion to her led diruolly 
^to Ilia Kpaiut inp from lii.-< wifv. Tlicy kept 
np jinvet«DCir «l' purity uad platoiusu), und 
.Moir aundA} im ^n-ll un Ni'bmi'ii nicitn^n und 
pe]atIoii%wliotrenl«dLudy llHUiiltiinWL-ll.rr^- 
riludttd thernlationMii[> iia iniiDCi'iil ( Niroi.\H, 
vii. aOJ ; Lift andl^tUii of. Sir Gilbert lUlliit, 
iii. Udl; PuiLi.iuoKii. Life '/ Sir If'iliiitm 
Parftrr, i. 230-11. A mysUrtlongenvtilopiJ 
Uitt immnU^ of Ilorailn, thi- cbild to uhom 

Lady liAmiltOD mrv birth on 01 abot 
aO J8.n. IWl. Muiy ytMTs ago Pctturtew 
(ii.6^^»quot«dpwa«|{eaof K leiterd KUrdi 
1801 ) from KelMo lo Lady Uaouliom dia- 
Itnctly ucknowlcdg'ing the child oa theirs 
The i^riginnl letter, in Xeleoa'a handinitliif, 
is HOW in Uie Morriaon collcctitm, This ami 
other lotteni in tliti wme oolinrtion, tlic 
tone of which i« i|iitt« bejond doubt, ntkt 
tho close (Viendship belweeo Nekon nod 
llomiltoD, which contiitiitHl tinbrokvn till 
HamiltouV dcatli on 6 April IftOS, truly sur- 
prising, l*attcrly indeed, with the pccrisb- 
ri'-ha rif old agv. Sir Wiiliiim cxprcsaL-d him- 
self diAMtiFifii^ with the rn)[TO(»iDgaUoDtioo 
bisvife (ittid LoNidM)n, hut ai thfl aama Uaia 
he udded : ■ I wall kuuw the purity of 
Nflaon'sfriendahip for Emma and iue'(Ji 
I FKti»u.<t, Ladj/ Hamilton, ii. irAf. Danag I 
mortal illncu Ni>lw>n aal by his side fort 
iH-^tiiixiiiffht^niidiit hisdenMi'lhepillowwaa' 
hUlitiorled by hiduifii, nndhiitri^ht hand wm 
hi^ul bylbe wamuii,' who wruiu a fow houn 
afterwards to the Duke of CUr«nce. ' Sty d««r 
friend. Sir William lIamilton,diedtb'i8moni- 
I ing ; the world never, never lost a more up- 
^ right nnd ucc-omphsliod gentleman {it), li. 
i'f»4). Tliiit thill wn* hyjKicriiiT is conlnty 
tn all iliui wi! know of NeUooa or flven cf 
Kiaiua's DAlun-Muidweiu-i^drivoatoaupiiose 
thai the two had penuaded tliemaelvM tlial 
their conduet towarda tlm injured faiubeuid 
WM void of offenoQ. 

JJamilton left a large property to bia 
nephow, clinr^'i^d with nn annuity of 600/. 
to Knima for her liCo ; she rUio had ttOO/. in 
ea»b, and ihn fumi[iirc>,iMiiiliRgii, Ac, valued 
at about &,(XK);. (I'A. i i. if^Q). It nppoar*, how- 
ever, that ilie had alreodj, imknown to b«v 
hufthand or Nelson, contncMid dcbta— poa- 
sibly hy gnrahlins— to the amount of iipwsrdd 
of7,0007 ((>r^vi11eloLadvHamtl(on,8.Fui)tf 
1B03, EvA?!!»,.V/(i/«iw«f rr^rJinp U* Ket- 
«MN Voat, p. ii7), and llint Ironi tbo firvt alw 
'WAX in x1nut«nvd circumstaooM, notwit 
^andin^ Nol»cn'« allowing bitrljSOO/. ai 
miU the freo iisi- of Mtrton. itvr apnlicii- 
lion lo the ijiieen of >itpled for n-Uef wiu 
coldly recuivfrl (NiwL-it, v. 117, vi. 9G,08, 
105, li'l); aiidMrAddiu^ton orient (ifiii'- 
villi;, na fir»t lorda of tbc Imiaury, tunuKl 
dcuf Qat to all her mcmonak for a ponsioa ) 
(111 tliv groand of her aenlcce «l Kaplcfl. 
The quei^nand Lortl On-nvillo have hwn ua- 
jiinlJy lilainud for n-fu.'ing lo nrwurd servioca 
wliii:h tliL-y hiiew tn \w nuruly imaginary. 
DiiririK the ltt*t years of hii lifu Noldon re- 
[waleilly c.\presfiL'd a tope of inBrrytag lier at. 
some Tuturti day. IlLsloaainuM have touched 
Iilt hiv-nly, but tbo rcj}tnli'd cxhihitioo of 
hoTM-tf fninling in public when Bntliua I 




MTfaiiDvAth of XcImw,' going Appnrvntlvtothe 
I'itioiktfo for th« puipoao, (blow's somv dwcniit 
'on the ^ouiavscM of lwrvo«. Under Ncl- 
aoa'a will iJic n«eivetl 2,000/. in enJi, an 
■uauU; uf 500/. diiLrgcd an tlie revt^iiUM of 
linmte, tad tbe house unil {rniuuda of ilet- 
tOB,vd(U)du (Vom 12,000/. la U.OOOf. Tlte 
iaterNl of 4.090/. ^etliecl on llonlia wui 
allD to be pud la live uulil lbi> gul sliould 
TMcb tlio ufD of L-ifhtcMi, kelson furUi>;7 
luft !itT, by ni* dj'uig request, ns n Irgncy tu 
hid country, nuunlv oo llic grountl at Imz 
public serrice*. Tb-t alorr at thift cmlicil 
turlng been ciiuo»l«il by rf elson'it brotlittr, 
tlieSnt Fjtt\ >'tlsou, until ilie ijarliawettWiy 
ffnuti Iwd bctn pANcd (l*in-nui(i;wr, ii. Qi&]. 
nu beta diiiproTed by Mr. Jr-nI)Ti'<M>D (Lmly 
JTamilton, Vx. ^91-3), wlio bu;; Khoiru thtil tbit 
oodidl or iDcmomnilum wii.t diilybotidwil over 
to 5ir Wllltflin ^mlt; tlinl on Krcuunt of its 
ivferturt" l(j|li(.'qii[-i»nnfNa[»!t?»itwiwdi'rmt»l 
uoadvisatile to latkv it public ; but tbul it 
yfoft laiii b)<fai¥ I^ord Cri^n^illt.- uid il*.-- 
CidtMl on si]vere«lv, in all probabiliiy. on 
llw merit of lhi> iitlep^d clniiofl. Aft<^r tbu 
deatli of Ni>li>on »]»<> nn^ iii>iiiinollr in tbi^ 
poiiiiwiion of upwnnU of 2,t)Wl. it vVjir; litil 
•TCfjthing VM ttwnll'juiil u^ by lu.-r ik'btsi 
and by lior wut«ful oxneiiditun*. WiUiiu 
tliiwe yean sIio was iu nlmoeit bopeleu dilli- 
cultiet ; on 26 Jiov. 180S a meeting of lipr 
fmnds wu^ hi'Id tG coDsitlvr lier caiao; astluj 
result of whJL'h Merton and ihe n^ftt of licr 
ty WW assimi(-d to tni^le<Ev? to be enlil 
I DOnelH of Tipp crtHlitore, and a witu "f 
to b<> cliurpvt on ihit iiHtJiti-, v-'n* 
for Iinr iminf.(1iatc> nrci^iuitic'x. The 
old Vnke of (^u(>(?n*bprrir,wiib whom during 
the Ufe of Ki*Uon abe liftd b^vn nn it'nnH of 
friendly intimacy, and irbo^eoms to ib« iatt 
to have been fotid of b^r socift-v, \v(t bor in 
ItilOn fnrlht^r Annuity of. 'VKI/. I hut bis will 
boenini; tbiT »n)ij>'f!t of a ti-dioun tilignlixn, 
and *iii.- n-oi-'ivi'd no be-ni-lit from it. Hit 
afiain rapidly gri-w worie, nnd in ibL> [.uininct 
of 1813 shy WBU orn-slwl for debt ood Cnn- 
»tgncd to tlieK info's Ut-iit.-b|ii'j(«ii. AWul a 
y<»TaIWrw«rd« i\iv was rvlea»ed vn bnil by A 1- 
ttcrman Jo«tiun Joiinlbai>i?iiiitl),witb wboK- 
■Mirtuioo abc racBpcd to CaUic. whvrc alio 
lived for tbc next tovta or cigbt months, 
and wliL-rc ohe died on II) Jan. lelu. It bus 
iirvu cunlidrtilly staled tind Tery piuurally 
Indiuved iluil duririK ibia in'riinl thu wiu tn 
the vtBMt jH^aury. Her Itrtl-fr? sbow tliai 
aba vu living on [Faitridp.'s, lurkoyct luid 
turbot, "vith ^od Bordt-aux wino (</<. ii. 
821). Tboni ui no rcoaon to eupiioMi that 
idiD vna ■llo(.TthiT fx-nnilciw. nnd in uny 
COM Uurutia'.H 1*00/. u rear wan jiuyiiblo to 
er ibr (heir joint luc. According to the falae^ 

story told to Pettigrew by Mn*. Uimtvr, Ladj 
Hamilton di-.-d in oxircnio iraaC, uaatt«n(I 
&Lra. llunlcr'fl v3pvn»o, in a chemp Aeai coffin 
witbanu!dp>'tltcudt forupdhandlbcMTTicD 
of tliHcliuriili of England woe read orortboitM 
maJOB by au IrUh half-pay officcir, tbere 1 

00 prot«etaiit clei|cyinaa iu CalniK. I>ndj^ 
Haiiult«i'6 daughter aaeiirt'd Mr. Paget. 
{BliKkwood,cx\i\i. 646} that Mi». Iluuierwaa 
unliuov>-ti to l»er. Thu fuuLinl was conducted 
by a Henry 0>dogitngni.lir|rart of Mr. Smith, 
(if tbia I'ncbiK^n wr kniiw niilbiDg; but U'm 
iiainn would fiCftn to rHilnt lo npiMJbln ynn- 
uf^ction with Mrs. Cado^ l.ndv Ilamil- 
ton's mother bsd been colled fur mon.< than 
thirty yoor*. It is ul any rato quite corcain 

1 hat .vbL-wa.ibiirii-d !n nn oak coffin, nnd tliot 
the bill, inrtiidint; chuix'b ex|><-i>»«, prienta, 
eaudlea, dtvjuing tliu- Ixidy, &('.., iimounliiig to 
28/. 10*.. wa.* puiil to Cfldogiin by Mr. Smith 
(lA. u. 64i>). Tbf uieuiiou of prittats and 
caadlra o^rcs with ber daughter's ttatenitint, 
and confinnd the story that during her lat*r 
vonr* flu- liuil pn>ft>Mi>d the Itotnaii catholic 
fiiich (iVrwi«i>«. p. S49). 

Of her cbiMmi), thi> obWi, Rmma. waa 
broupht up at ibi; i'-\|«miiii of )fr. (In-vilh) 
and afterwards of Sir William Iliuuilt'in; 
she api>enrg to have died about I80J. Tli« 
wWHitiil, I lie I'resumptivo child of Sir Harry 
Ktitberstonbau^lb, whs probubly jiUl-boni, or 
died in iiirancy. The lliird. floralia, lived, 
aflor lwrmnThi>i''»iilejitb, with NeUan's s(»- 
tew; in 1S22 n!n' inumcd tho K*v. Philip 
Ward. aLfli'rwnrd8vii»r(>rTi>n!iTdi'ninK<'nt,^ 
becnnid them(.<tbi''rofeiu'htcbildrM],aiiddird 
ou 6 .Miirch InSI. A fourth. bIm iLDima, of 
which ^el9on whb the father, bom in tho 
nnd of IMJ.'i nr tho beginning n( IMM, died 
in March ](*U4(Ji:AiniK»ox,Qu^viifj^jV'»/j/««, 
ii. HTu). 

The portruitu of I.atly Hamilton nn^veTv 
uumoroue.aiid have been rop^atedlyongravi^. 
Twenty-threoi painted by Itoiuney are iiAmtd 
br his sin in a list aduiitti-dly imperfect 
(IJnxXRr, I.i/r •/ limjimy^f. 181), Two of 
tliiwi- nnd KRgmving? aUur tea otbcrv werv 
exhibitednttholtoyiil Acadaniy in the winter 
of 1878 ; one, a head only, «kctch for a Bn^ 
chaulc>,iaiu tbcNiitiannlOallvry; another, aci 
a 6ybil, with auburn hair and dark grey eyu 
—of a wondroiu beauty — ie in tbo >'aliou&l 
I'ortrait Uallery. There are many othenby 
most of the leading Utiata of the day, Eogliu 
or Italian. On* by Sladamo Lowiiq wia^ 
bouifbt bv thi- priucir regent iii 1609. At 
eariy ai ilW Lddv Hamilton was gmwing 
very ?t<'nl, tin; lentleiicj iucj«aai»l,audin hrr 
later venre *bc was grottequely poriniyed in 
'A ^uw Kdition, coneiderably enlarged, of 




Atiitu(leafaitbf)illvcopi«il from Nniure, uul 
liumbly dudicntt-d to Adtuircn of the Qraud 
Knd SubliiDf,' 1007 (unoDymotu: cnuJogUcd 
In tlii^ Brilitli Miunuin under ' HcbborK')- 

[Tli* wrilor buj (n ndnowlfl^d ttio oouriMj 
o( Air. ALfM Morriiion in ^rimutug kiia free 
RcaeM to bis euUenion of manuioTtpii, whicb U 
fkrticQlnrljr rich in d«nuueiitii rclniing Ui Uic 
jxintio life of Ijidy Hainiluin. Workii^ from 
tl>(«t, Mr. J. C. JmAommi puUt«k«l in 1 887 " 
numoir nncUr Lho till* of I«()]r Humiltun luid 
Lonl NcUoB, and In 1B89 anoilicc vith the title 
Th« Qhmh of Naplu anil Lonl Ni-liun. In Itai* 
Imi ba hnaindailad no pinmiiutian of iliomntiii- 
■cri|]Uiuibe Driliah llHwuni (l^rtoo, 1613- 
] CS 1 ), but uui uf ihe offidal cortttpoiulance from 
NaplM or Spnin in lite PuUio Boowd Office 
A MlKiion «f thcw, vhh ihv Utl* 'KnlnaV I^wt 
Codicil,' tnu jTuMiilird b/ ths pTotboL writur in 
ColUiro'* IJuiifd Swrifp Miif»tin<>, Apiil and 
Hnv ISSO. Th« Mnnicir* of Lady Uamltton. 
%Fitii liliLitndiTo AnenliXun (ISIAJ, n bouli of 
rirulcnl nt>UM itnd pMudo>Mli|ciauj TpHdrTiiinii, 
it uf htUo HUlhoiltT, tmi. not ijuite irorthl«M. 
Ths LMUinuf Lunl Nelson t» UiAjSnat^tao 
(2 Tola. 8vD, lAH) tvquin ourrobonuion from 
sUiw nurcM j lli« BUti> mnj Ira «ii<t of Uuri* 
•on'* Lifa of NeUoii (3 toU. Bvu, 180SV, inapiKd 
if not vinnnll^ wriitm b* Ijtif Bainilun, 
Kntl (towiImI wiih (dlwhaooi, mtnj of wliicb, 
tlinxiRli iliu inllunai'« of Suiitbi^. hiit-o poMcU 
irilu p uimil i'tirruiii'j. Xinilui'ti DoBpiiIrhca nnd 
IiclUr*>i( lunl NvlKin roDlMnimuch inUrenting 
tiliil vuliinblii iiiAdrr, too inilm nt lliu end «f 
vuL vii. , iiitJ in I'ditKrvVnLifo of Nolaonxfrc 
pvbliahi^ tor ilio flr>t iiaiv roiuiy ot tho N«l- 
•on-Moioilliin pi|>c>rii, fhuii^h tlio nuthiM'* *»»y 
ci^liillly (topritud ))ii> iri.>Tkof nndinf its ta1ui>, 
I'ncit'* Hriunlr of Ltuiy [(aniilt4n, orifpnullj' 
IwlilliliKl In llliii'ltwiMxI'i MiLfr>uriii>^ (A|iril 18(11)), 
And n(tarw«iUi ill I'nnuluimiiiiJ I'ubIm,)! nn 
Inlsnatiiiii Mkatdi tlrnwti tniiiulj from tho Im- 
Mrfbat mitloriHU ni iJii> Jlnpnaal uf KifuloA uid 
I'Mliitraw; lutbinMr. r4|;pl bos Added kaupjile* 
tuition (if IjidylUialUon'aeWna, and <>«p»«ially 
InrafvMiioaiuiJinttntiyof ihaflactiuM ins bur- 
Imur iif HjrticvM*. Tlmva an ImidM inlonuitiD); 
nntifri or Ladr llntnilton in l<)fa anil iMlvnot 
Sir Oillwn t-Hliol. Am Knrl of Minio; Mn. 
8l Omisn's Junriiiil, lioni iliiriiiK a Tint tu Orr- 
inAiijtn ITUD, IHOU (nitlnl \<j her ton. Arch* 
tiiib<i|< Trvneh^i and Ui** I'ornvltit Koidit'a 
AuloI>i(i)ini|<1>7- I^Ouiiilx>'ii Ciuli<,tUto di MariA 
Cuotiiin . . . *^u Liuljr Kxiiuh llauillob (18S7), 
Md Onfniirp'a La liolna Ukria-Carolina da 
}la|>I«a(llU3)Braliiru<'l,v nindn ujiofUia iiutvn'a 
eoR<0pcadaiion.tnitof I«d,r JUnnlUiopanQDal]; 
Ihayknow ttoibinit twyuml wlint liiu Uwii banded 
down tiy nr«ndiiluuB ninuiur. llalfsri'M novolii- 
tion nnd (I«ciiii-lWi>liitiiin von Kcniwt (188'i) 
Mitl Uftrii Karoliiin vm Ortirtnk-h, Ki>niKio 
*on NmmI und Sioilirn O"^'') ^'>niiiiit no att- 
ginal iDRirmBtJein on th« lu^Qoct.] J, K. L. 

tdrat O^B 

Ut**MUt_ I 

HAMILTON, FllANCtS (lT((i-l( 
[See BtCH*sAa.J 

HAMILTON, OAVLV (ir.61 f-lfllsJT 
bnalinp of Onllowar. was Ui« wooaA aoo of 
Jaliullnmiltoo tif OrbtsrE>a. Lauarluluro. TW 
&ltier, deaccndi-d from Sir Janiea IlunllUa 
of Cndiovr [»tti uad«r JutBs, fint LOKV 
IlAMitTtix], tell mt the btulo ot l^iumit, 
fighting^ for Queen Maiy (,13 MsylMS). 
Onvin was bom &bout lS6l,a&d vm edaetui 
St tho unimrait^ of St. Aadnnrs, when h» 
took bis deOTM tn IfiM. He wba OTdAhiad 
siidndmitK^ to Ihe svoond cliar);eof llnniU 
ton iti lfi90, wtM trniislutml to lb>< ^ATuh of 
IJotliwcll iu IAi)4,ntid again to th« tirstch&Tga 
of ilsniiltoii ill ItW. At sn vnriy period of 
hi£ DiiDistrjr he wad appointed b;f the geauoi 
aEWtjililj to the discharge of imporuat duU 
pi-rtuining lo the office of superintcfMirat _ 
ing cMmtntnion <-lio*en I15 the ohoTch from 
araon^ita moroi^ininonl elerf^ to confer n-itli 
ths kutff on ACclenioaticAl mftrt«K. A rop- 
jxirter 01 (he royal tn<.'a«iiro« for th« TMton- 
tion of episMpacT, he rec*ivMl on 3 Hsnik 
1S05 the (ctnTiorafiticaof the btaho])ric 0^0*1- 
lovAT, tn 'n'liii^li weio added thoao of tia 
prim- of Wtiithoni on M Sept. iind of tke 
nbbftVA of Diindrrnntui and Uleiiluc«. la 
10(M ha bt'ciuDc deau oftheCliaMd Hoyal H 
Holyroodioathereviral of that omcubyEliif 
Jnoiva. In IttOI] tho ifviicral aa»embly ap- 
pointed him coiut ant modcmtoroftltcpmsb;- 
tei^' of Kirkcudbright, and three Tears later 
he -w^a Miut up lo court b; thv ot^er titular 
bishops IU utnfrr with iht king m to further 
meoBUTM vhidi were in contciiiplatioit for 
tbe odTuiceiiieiit of their order, "niechiimli 
harbgapBad in 1610 to iha resToratdOn of 
theoraleBiuticAl i>owcrofbt»liops HsiDiltco, 
with Spotiswnod, nrchbisbop of tilawQW, 
nnd I.nmb. bishop of Divcliia.nreTe callaa ip 
111 linmhin by the king, oiid nTTC ccnnecratcd 
21 (Ji-t. t<{ thai year In tho chajn-l of London 
H011M! BCCordinK' to the Knghnh ordinal by 
the hiahopa of Londoii, Ely, Rochmtur, ssd 
Worcester. Tliey were not raordaiiu^ a*, 
tho validity of ordination hv presbyiftrn icas 
then ncogiused by the EnglUafa church and 
atata. On his rcttun to Scotland Hamilton 
usin«d in oonsecisting the Tost of t^« bishops, 
and diod in Fubrusry 1612, aged about fil. 
Keith dwcrib»« him lu ' nn iixcwUent good 
roan,' and in the acurrilouK lampoons on tli* 
Uahops bv tlie anti prelai ic part^ at the ttm* 
he faivd better than niott of his coUcagnat. 
Colderwood says that he seMom preaiohed 
afterbis contecration, and diod deep in debt, 
notn'ilbclnmliii^ hiH rich nretennenta. He 
married Alimn, daughter of JnnieBilamiltoa 


ilk. Tw« 

in *'^ipMl I r-i ■.'— ' - 

Seat. !«. L SM. ■«. S.TTC pc 

be vent U> Rsmk, ■■■ 

tUM mflat K hcmio m , ami m 17a£ vm • 

• nTat ifiAMy. la v Man 17W fe i*> 
tiinied to UoB*. vt 

at Um end of lia &fa.Md V tTSS* 

tiiWiiMiw c€%tamm 

ID Mnrii 17B», be «MHi ' 

at Rmu Ml llw laaMtr af ifSC. Ui deatfa 
hiAag occiiotH, it u bhA. 'If Baxicty oo 
tha entij of tbi nncL' 

In f iBliay Ha^ihwi had a fndiltctka 
Ibr daMieai, aad sifMciallT Hiiairic, HifaJKta 
nittlMK, Smiufltr-rjuaiM). Hu* Achillea 
dnnin^ tkr \ifdr of Iltctor at hii eluuiot , 
w^Si' was painiiBd lor tbe Itake of Ikil- 
tard, wbo «ft«rvu4i aold it <io (>«DeTkl 
Seon), aa it Tflaiiided lum of tlic &te of lus 
vwa MB, the Hanjoia of Tariatodc, wlia was 
dng^pd to dntfi at Ilia ham's nirrap. ^ 
Jlanuhna sImi painted 'Hactor and Aa- 
dnXBacbo' {tdrmptly in tho poasonaoo ofi 
tlia Dulu* at Uamiltoci) : the ' Death of 
Laer«tia' (wbicb bdoo^ lo the Earl of 
Bopatuon): and an Apo)lo,'wel] and solidly 
painted, hut heavy in eoloar,' pTcaentcd to 
tlie HtT of LondoD liy Aliii>ni»n Itnrdell, 
and exBibtt«d at the Int^mntinnnl l-Jxhibitioii 
of I8SS. WIiil*IiviBp«lKoinii;H«miltonwBt 
clastical i>iil>jo<^ii to I^ndDn fArcshihilionnl 
Um Rojal Acadcinv in 1770-73'7(i, and for 
thslast tiBMin 177k About 17dlliupaint«d 
a non in the ViUa Borf[hN« at Home in j 
oomportmcnta r«pn>aenlinf;Cbe Btnr7 of I'Aris. 
Hi* p«intinf[a From Ilotti«r vroro eufpnivod 
brCiinecouidotban. In ITZShepuUished 
at hi* UWB «xp«u« ' Sehola Italira pictuiw,' 


li *> I 


kKtiaw aT ststaan • 


■e n nl^|«d t«^ 

withhsveB-kaonaanantkad' BaUHiV 
TiBaUovnnlL TTi fiiiinfl lirrj ■art\ia 
^cUeftrlMts\<s(aw«/tlMfinSnaL* U 
1771 W bond Basyatatan wUW estmntii^ 
on tk Via AMaa t> tW * tmsta M Ookaa- 
baniL* B« tiao (asam«d at fVina I\«ta 
aod in tW CDanoy to— d Iba Alhan aoaa- 
taio», SonafiaaaatiqutMatmodksroTMvd 
by kim al Moatn ^n«oIo^ tfe nlU of Aif 
tonioBs Ptw, BMT ua aadml LaBHTtain 
(qi. A»anU MmMtt im Urit. .Viu. nl. AS. x. 
oonttapi. and pL ^ tt). In 177^ bo (vumA 
aoow good naiUm (inoliuliug ttu> i'liivd 
dmrio^ a bow in tbe Townlc^' C>itl. ; t*. ii. 
pL S3> at C^cl di Oiiido. lU .tfii>n ImtW 
gTonikd in manr paitsof lhAarciiit of Otlia. 
but was oumpelled to dmist bx ihx malaria 
of tb« marshM. la 17R3 ho 'm^A<' a g*MA 
finiiUi to his labours by an otamUtoH.iuiHXi' 
junetioii vith Prinm Marao Antatiit llor- 
gbeaa, on ika hirritory of the aBcirni < labti 
( marblas fmiod ihera oy him arc now in tk» 
Lflunv). Tti« iixnaTal loHK at llaJnan'i villa 
tmt? und^rlaki:^! by lEainilloii with J«lM•^• 
Itjrc« aixi Tbomas Jcnkiiu. With thi^ laat 
nnnxnt lliunilton oftiii nrt<>d in imrl ni>nhi|k 
Iliuniltoti wild ihr anlMjuilii-M w{>u-li Itr di^ 
torend or boiiubt iiu, t>iii ili<l n«^ ii>t(>fit ilia 
lax tntdincF iiriMri|>t"a of ihr It ntnr nrt- 
deaUiTS of hi* daf . V iwoiiti i ' nn 

in biob Mtbu rMicit«in.i*, H" *. 

p. "4, ti.), and Fum-I) my* h« <^<i- ' UUral 
and biioiaiir.' Ilaiuillon oc«iu>u<nallv, huyr- 
wet, indulivd in ' iMtoraUOBj' tiuanmiaft 







ChtflM Tevd^ iWb 

iar (MtoMc s kn* W « VnaAnlm (mU le 
Lord l«Mdkj«Be> iato 
offtWIUk£sB.' Be 


ia the 
BcitiA 3lHm« (Btui^ rm*« GaUtnr, 
iades, aad Brk. Mm. Omit to tW Gsno- 

rwtr^nJ to tke ezcBWicB miMBB of 

Cm'* kom 10 Tawwiej ne pm aPfc Oa- 
ira/c ' Awnloua.' pp. JKML WOKib, 
mmbJ ari of GWmibk, ■ ftei w iik Cna 
Mkfintn of t jt»«. ^ ^ pu vtim farauu Sin 
fiascaUoGliaB u l^ntdovMe {orizitMlIv Skd- 
bante> Tliiigi jiiritMi illim Ij 11 mii flaiwl- 
t(Ni'tcic«ntMMtMdeiiil770-W. IImduI- 
taa(lMirr, l^Jsa. 1772> nnl thtt hn mowit 
u> nuke the Sk^unie llouw colbctioii 
ftimriM thToa^ODt UieworM. Ilin Ictia-n 
to Lad LuHdowns, wnUcn 1771-9, tad 

SnUialwd 60111 til* nuniumpK at Lui^ 
owns Ilotue bv Laid E. Fitzmaorira (<4e»> 
Jemjf, 16(6. 10, 17, :f4. 31 Aug., 7 S«pt.; 
npraicd, DmrixM. 1679, 8ro).|rtvB «n bc- 
«aiint of ibeir timanetiaiiiL Amonc nther 
uilu]uili«e bf>HililLanlL«a»dowiialorSOOJ. 
» »Uiti« gf I*aru found in Iladiiui't rtlU, 
Mod tkwa Mnt bim for IfiO/. a ' nr««i preti/ 
AUUu refr«MntiiigaNarciuus(AtK>)k>Sa«- 
roktanM), uf tli« Mxact sii« of ihel'ari&.aDd, 
I imapiu, will unit it forarompanian. with- 
out waiting for a Vuntw.' H« al»o sold liim 
a IlurmeB (auil a bust nf AnttnniM) fcir MWJ. 
(•w MlOHAKUB, Aiteieitt .WartUt, p. 4M). 
nainilUni furtlier Eold anei«Bt uralpture* 
to June* Smitfa-Uarrr of 31arbur^ Hall, 
CltMhif«,tO Tkomae Manwl-Talboi, tinJ ta 
I.yde Brown. H«had»ami>al>aninfartiuiif 
liut cculpiure (xilketion of th* second KorS 
£(iramoDt at I'Mironh. 

I KalKntTo'* Diet, of Artiau of KoRliah Mioot; 
dwnUn'sBiiig. Diet, of Eminpiit s ' 
2M,2lWi N«W.KtinrtlMUiiki.i: 

Ancitnt MarbWiit Uroat Uritaiu ^ .i.n i 

LottMt to Lard la,iud-nni«i £:ilii's Townlv/ 
OrIImt.] W. W. 

HAJOLTON, OAVrN ri7r.3-l805), 

fiiaod of Bunu, wa« tbo «nn of Jolm Ilumil' 

ton, n native of Kvpt, I.nnnrk^hirv, who 

aettliKl in Mauclilin?', AyrsUire, m n writer 

or eolidiiir, in !>i<< flrrt ImU aftliOL-i^btvcntb 

««uluiy. Giirin wiw «n« of a fumilv »i thnv 

\ MoiauiAtwo dhujiht^r*, thcirmotlit'r'ii [mim- I 

being JacohinA Youn;;. Itv bin e-^^oiid wlff, ' 

,1 iaidto be Bilftiiphierof Mr. Murxlofb, Add- ' 

\ liouaa, John nmnilton Iwi! inuu und a Onu(,'li- 

I gr, the latter afti^rw-firdu Ueinf,' Mn>. .\Jnir, 

BuiuB'a • Swwt flowor of Uctou.' Uiuailtoii, 

I fcOavnB )«• ^t^"'* l|ro < imiaa. IWMnM! ana 

jfli iIm wfiiy Man fa Miif^"", -»^ "■'"f 

I wnkiW 'Nvw Ligkt* dagy in Um giMt 

catleaaactieal diqatt* of fcia tkkei, vh tba 

object «rf a litter nttMl by Uia kirk aauion 

I aOUacUiaa. who IwlMwd lo Um wliig or 

I'AsU L^'partT. Tbqr rovnd him coa* 

' *'™— ^"" nnspiii^ n * itaiE ' or lax for tl|t 

poor. ikeollectMiiud diatabation uf nhii 

I aader bia aaBAgmcati wrv maxkcJ b v 

cqlioUa iiRnhriiieB; antl ik-v fur' 

I dm^ai Ua wiMhnlnng ttw ;e«bUtb, 

tMylaBtiag cbnid) ntdtnancM «ad 

aranbip. AWre all, in bia own di 

Uaailiaa had writien aa * abuan: letter 


Tbe tuna of Slowpd, in tbe neigfaboop' 
boadafSbKUtBC^VM rented from tbeovMr 
br HamihoB, and Cuned nnder hiaa en a 
aob-lraj« br Bonia and bis brother. Tbia 
iot«n«tnl fttum* in bia cue. and piTc add!* 
tiona) poim ta tbe powcrfnl crclrnlaMiral 
aaiiKa whirh be ktoIf brlwi.Tn ITh.') and 
178^. Hamilton is •peciallirb*iinMlbj''Hi>lT 
Willta'asomtbat 'dhnlusandMweara, ana 
plaja at caitoa.' 1I» waa appareatlj a inaa 
m adraoo* of hi* time, vbom penecutiao 
ui|ped into a more |ironouBcsd attitude of 
nvolt tban be would apontaneouslT bs-ra 
adopted. .^TT m«sb}-l^jr. U> wliirli Hamil- 
lOD appealed, aJtof a long and wearUueu 
conleat, deodied in his favour (Jtilr 171"" 
and tbe SMsioa B«vt< him a CMiilirjito di 
ins bim frtnn 'all giouiul ofdiurcb censure 
(I RjtMnEU, Btmu, i. IS.')). Bumi remained 
bi> tteadfant frtciui ; wpote to bim Komp 
bia magt int<.-rMiDfr Ilhivki: honourE>d 
with a vigorous and cl«vcir 'llfdicnliun;' a: 
compoaed for him an ^itAph, llm spirit 
wbiph trnditi'tn t'nfV>»*i'i', l" ibi- I'llw't t' 
he wan n pii-ir iniin't fr>nd unwiirtliily 
aoGUt«d. llamitton'a wife waa Hrlmi iCe: 
ii(d;,danf ht«r of Kenned J of L>aliarraeb. Ayr- 
shire — b«Bc« the ' Kennedy'^ rar4iononrod 
name' of the ' IVedicatios' — and b>> bad a 
fftniily of spTSn children, to 9«>7CT»1 of whom 
Rums mnkf* nfr>'cli'>nnt4' NfitpraMt in bia 
Ifttlms. lUniilton .iircl on H I-Vb. 1)406. 

[Crnaiak'f RoUnuwof Btinna: Diekbart'ii Life 
of BDrai; Bumoa Work*, ewperinlljr tb» 
tioim of ClmmbLTs and >V. ScoU Dowlaa: 
Bilc'i''" Old Ctiurcli Life iu Seotlano; b| 
infumatiou conununiMtcd bf t^ Rvr. Dr. , 
gnr, Alnachlint.] T. 11. 

SAMWrON, Loan GEORGE, Exator 
Okskuy (IWtf 1737), gviu-ml. wno fiAlt kd 
of Williiun, carl of Sdlurli (eld<.i9l Bcin v{ 
William. mun|uia of Uaii)[lii«), who bc<caiu« 
Dukeof Hamtliou in 166l>,eii<l liid nifti Anuu, 
dudi«8s of Hamilton [aae under Dotrut 






"WJIXIAM, tllinj Dl'IB on nAXILTOKl. IIb 

wu barn at Hamilton I'alnce, Lnnnrii, and 
baptised tlipro i> Ki-b. IGljt'i. tie wbje trainqrl 
as a Hjlilivr iinJi^r tliu ntr<> nf Iiik jintt^mul 
unel«, iho Kirl of Dumburton, bfiiig captiuii 
of iIiEiUt orruvBl ri-jrini'-nt uf Tikh iiiiderltiat 
earricommamltii l&l. He icn*^ under the 
Btandard of William of Orange, and became 
li«ut«nant-«»]on«l in 10% of a aewly nised 
foot n<|^ini'nt, Mid bror^t-colrinel 1 Mareli 
188(MX). EIn <li«tinf^i«hr<d hiinEclf nt th'? 
battle of Lho Rofne on 1 July I tKH>, and nfUt- 
wards at Aughnin oa 12 Jul^- 1891. In Ja- 
nuaiTl693bemi3 miiJ<><^olonclof theltoval 
FurilierR, andtookpanintlx.-iMttldorStfiin- 
ltifk on :i Auff. USl)^, an«r wliich he bMame 
coloaei of tbo dnt battalion of his old 
mont — the Itoyal Foot. 1I>> ili«t in^uixhiul 
himiu'lf at 1api1i!d on 19 Julv 1 SOS, and waa 
b1*o at till.- xii'ifirH of Athlono n6B1),Lunoiiel( 
(1001),aodNainiir(lB9S). AtNarour,wUi1e 
wonnd9J,andwa8 pruniot^ )iri(^lifr-tr»aeral 
(10 Juljr l(f^^)- Un -■^> >'<^v. mio ht! taarried 
his cousin. Elunbctb ^'illivre. da tu;litL>r of f^ir 
Edward ViUien, knicbt-ianmlial, ttir ivi-ll- 
kaovD miatreM of WiUiuin 111. Oa '■iQHnv 
1606 William ITl ^nMilt-il In lii'mlmunli all 
the pnvatti miatia of Jaim^ 11 tii In-laml. 
I Swift ileacribod ber as ' tbe wiacttt womuQ lit' 
' ever Imaw.' Tho marriaeo turoed out very 
hai>pily.dt'«p'itotlL(riiianipicioiu noHitionbuld 
by the liidy prfiviouslv. On 10 Jan. IflM 
llaniihoTi «"a< cn'o.l«l Vnxl of Orknpy in tlio 
pw-mgc of JVulInnil. wirh rrtniiintlor lo »ur- 
Tivinjt i*«ii'. m.ili^ iir fi-innlr. IIi- Tftaitifd In 
thi- livHt lliu full cimfid«rict? of \Villtnm III. 

Orkney wuh pnntH'HH] luajnr-titrtitml aa 
9 March 1702. and KcrvBd ar thu sit-j^ of 
StevensVH^rt. lie ljecam>' UcuttMiant-jrenernl 
on IJun, 1704, nrtd on 7 F«b. oftbcpinincypnr 
«'a*niwl""akiiiirht rif iliu'irderwf lh>?Tliiis'li'. 
Al nitrnlitim (t7i)4) luioimninndcd «l)rij[ftil« 
of infantry uiiilcr MiirlUmiiiKli, Calning l>ri- 
■ODBT ibirt«ea Uunilred oIIJiht" and twelvt- 
thouaaod men who bail Ij^'oh paiited in the 
Tillage of lllpnhejm. In June 170G be 
I commanilwl Hip advance guar<l of tw«rK<j 
tboiiaand own v^nt fmin llie Mi>«rl1n to riii^ 
Ni)t)i«rlandi l« inwvimt tlu' junction of twn 
lar^ bodip* of Fn-neli irooji*. und wn* in tinifl 
Lo KRve the ciiadel of Litf^'t>, llicn invested 
bv ^'illeny. After ihi> buttle of Ramillies 
(ij3 May iVoB) Orkmrv pursued ibe Freiii'li 
at lh« £md uf a liirg"'bnd;r of cavalry as far 
at Loavoin. Hi' (^nininiindid n tnroS at tbo 
pMMgn ovvr tha Dvlo, and vm nt tbo tiffia 
of .Weoin in July "l 700. On ll> Fitb. 17U7 
Orkney was elected oni^ of ibe Mxlefrti rvun*- 
Mntatira pwn^ for Scotland to «il in thuunit 
puUuwiltofUtMtUritain. Ho eerred again 

under Marlboroufch in the Indtyusivii rom- 

C\ga of 1707, and disiinguUlied himaidr by 
nusiitg tile French in thw retreat upon 
Litl«. On 1 1 July be took a prominent part 
in ibe victory of Oudenardc, and after the 
battlo advoauud, in nnjioHiiion to Marl- 
borough. tB immediate B<Ivanr<^ on Pkria (cf. 
Hilt. MSS. Cbain. 8tb ICjv tji. j. ; llnfea t« 
Godolphin,3Aur. 17US). In N.wiMnlx-r 17m 
Orkm^commandod theTan-iftbeariEivat lh« 

Siiui^n^ofilio Scheldt, and in June uft)i« year 
olln^'infrhtt a^iid/^ at thoitii^^nf Toumay, 
and cap(urt>d th« forts of Si. Amand and 
St. Manin'fl Swince. Oa 31 Aug. 1709 h* 
was unable to secim tho |>a4Mg« of thp 
il«ine, an operation succMBfullv earritid out 
a fowdaya l«t«r by th« prince of fitMe-Casael, 
but ba took part m th* battle of Mnlplaqu«l 
on 11 S«pT. 1709, and at tbi> hoad olfiftMn 
bat taliona, supported br caviilryon oacb S»aik, 
ot>eiied the uttack, whioh va* miccesfiu), al- 
tboiiifh bia losa uf mvu was terribly bvavy. 
On h!« n^titru to Iviitflaud Urkmey appeared 
froquvully in parliauieut, and \'oted for the 
impeach mont of Sachover^ll. In I710hu waa 
nwcni pf the privy council, and the*anie year 
wu3miid<;gciK'nJof llicfnotinllundi'T^.lx'ing- 
lMwii^iit ut the nivgiinnf Doiuiy and Bauchaia. 
Apjhiiiited I wo yeuTB Imtdrculfincl of the riyul 
refj:imvut of foot guards, called ilii? Fiiftilirrs, 
hcaiTCcd in Flan Jers under llm Piikr- of Or- 
mondo until iho campai^i cluwud. For bis 
services be was uppoinled colonel of the st?- 
cond bottnlionof tlic I •it Foot, becoming ihiia 
colomd-iMimmaiuttknl nf lititli huttolionsof his 
rrgimcnt. In 171-1 Orkney wiw mndo onn 
of llie lords of the bfdcLwnber to nnome I 
(28 Ocl.),snd goieruorof Vir)finia ( 17 Dec.) 
He WAS likewise appoial«d afterwards con- 
stable, govL-mur, HUd cnjitnin of Edinburgh 
Oiwtlc, lord-lifuirtiniit uf tho couuiy of 
ClydosdaV, and tiidd-miimlml of 'all his 
miijestj'* forces' 12 Jmi. I7flfi. Orktmy was 
repeatedly chosen one of ths Scolch rvjiri*- 
sentatire jicers in parlisueut, and had cnu- 
Riderable inlliienct* at the court, as well ns in 
the Hoiueuf Lord«. He died at hisreaideiico 
in .MljfmarleSln-pl.ljnndoniOnSOJan. 1737, 
and was biiridd jirivntt-ly al THplow. Hi« 
wif« died li) A|>n] 17.^1 Rv liw In- l>a.l 
three daujibt^rs. and his fll<ftat ilnugbicr, 
Aime, wife of William (_>*ltrieQ, ear! of In- 
cbiqiiin, BUccecdnd her fnlher as (.'ouniess of 
Orkui-y. From thi* Indy the pnewnt Earl of 
Orkiii.'y is doMrnditd. 

Orkniiy <Knt, no military' straicgisi, and 
won not Yiiry auceeisful when Brsi in «)m- 
mand. Ha was, howevep,an admirable subor- 

[TU>i) HeaiI* of Iltadrinns I'«r«an* of Gr*at 
Britain, with thsir Lives and Chatactars, by 

fricnil ui 
um. t ! 
>«fttli-d i< 
being J. 
lioiicD, Jnl*! 
let, the Ui 
Bunia'a '8 

AiBiii^ thl the Kesiirrep- 

»— ilUlh k ^t a* Lba Exixius., uid 

t ttnlled **T«UMh,*^Tiiijrilu 

.^ e» uM ; af tha RcBonec&oti, is no 

' (pFJHted bi nr bafi»« 1824), 

-id» 'mn MHK ^f*■^r^lJ Ibmrs of ltd 

•4 ij itoM^* Lam^oii, 18^. 9. ' tiv, 

•t tik* OtsTvi of R/UB» to Im the &p- 

M.aai-11 lie l{*v. George liiwillon 

tt Bfec X Sh>^tTiiBn,' UiiUiD, l>95. 

'taaft^tKnu iu tilt] Pre-^^Dt $i«tr irf 

Cat&olic Engllish BibW, vl<j'v«»^ 

C*th'die jVrcLbishcp «f Dobiia 

It iinn \\»\. Dr. Murraj-, am lb 

iia. 18iW, 12. -Thfl Scrijya.-* 
if thv ClinsliAD Sjtbbalb ruidt- 
-: I{ai&»q Cntltoliea and 8r|w«- 

- DuMn Grfld^at^s, p. 947: 

iVanlfy, 3^l edit. p. nil; 

■ T [Sc^iromtioF I83ft). I. 721; 

liiition* towards a ptT)pni9>d 

Oil^rnkn. So. Fii.. in liie Irish E^ 

tJtM«Xt> (Mfij- 187C). sviii- t&!; 

po the Dwith of the Ebv. ''Icorf* 

i>» (w> " "taJ in Miidden's Menjijir of ill* 

R.-*, pp. <ai-Bl); Ciiisar Otw»T'» 

I. Kulunila, DuMin ; McGbafr'sLif* 

■ xb* Ki'-nian Funiily,] B. H. B, 


I. poUtician, was bom at Tv-Tt-tlM, 

IB ±& Knf. lfiO-2. He wflH eH(T 

T6ff. Giforna Itamiltfln of II fiinpKin 

."•Jiu. who died in March. 

Jirne of ThomiiB Pepperof fSiiIE.v- 

. ci>. Mi'«t!i. Ilia graadfalliCT, 

■ knntrf. 1793), who was u b&ron 
^u-r from 1777 tn 17513. was & 
ich llnioiltnn. bishop of Osstt 

■I »* «snt to Rugby Sthuo! in 1814, 
'Ui^ friim Triiiirv CoUuRe, Ok- 

■ ISIS, look his li.A. degrw in 

■ M crvatpd D.rX, 9 Juiif 1§63. 
^ 1 inji T he uni I'^rslt v ha si't tied un 

■M*te ond Iw^an to talcp n pnrt 

ililica] mwiinp? in Dublin. 

ffWliai] in 1820 he bwHine a 

.k* iliu reprewulntioTi of thnt cJtif, 

» 5»v>ipe nnil expi'nsivtJ eontcet 

MMi (lhT»wa:s defi^aTcd bra !mb&11 

'■ t^^ and 1832 ho a(^in unsuc- 

■ti xi efi iho aent for DubUn. At 

»H(vlher election for l>ulilin in 

Uiu niimbeTa wptpt (llTonnell 

S,tKW. IlijBiltor 2,4ei, West 

" n WW, however, pTUSi;tltv4 j 




lie camnu^Moiien ut tnta 5 31bj 183-~> t<> 

e Jul I89t;. tad fnm S» Feb, to 26 M««, 

when lUmilion and Wen were decWed dolv 

ttkctod. InllM:foUowitigyMr,lS37,lM;agmia 

conteaCad Dublin on*iicci«fBllr. xid kI- 

tbo^lt in pravntuig m pctttion m wsj Mip- 

portcd bv ' I b« protestastK of KnglAnd,' mai 

& eiiin of maDaj- kootrn u the SsMtiawoode 

■alwcnptiuD ms nised to uual nim in fmj- 

ing hb expeam, OtToomU oa tlua ooauiott 

Kfained hia Mat. Thnxig^ioiit bia eancr Iw 

tooli the «kle of Uie Oraagcmen, sad ww « 

fiKiiiuneatfiffiue ia thv^protcatMit dcnonvtn- 

tioDS. On top tamaUcD of tbe ' Iaj Aoso- 

ciuion ftT the Protect Ida ofCfatirdiPropenj' 

in Aujfu^ tHd4,hebecuiketbehoaonr]rMCTe- 

tuy uf ilie aatfociatMB.uidfbrBloBf penod 

worked enetjreiinltjr in thecaaas. lapadiB- 

ninti be wst chipflT known u barny pi^ 

MDt^l the pctitinn of tbe ceMntad |kM«^ 

tant mpelingof l4Jan. 1837, w1)idin-t*riae 

to much ditcHiNou mi<I iub<<i«]iu!iitly lo tbe 

Eorl of Rodi>ii'a comnutt^v of iiujuiry. On 

10 Fill). \f4S, on tb« occurrence of a chance 

VMaoer, he wu returned by the uoivenit^ 

of Pablln. which coDriitucncy he ripwMittd 

witboDt intenaiwion until t-'ebrnary ISfiO. 

To bin wu main^* diw the formatinn of 

the Conwrmlivfi Social; for Ircianil, which 

famwit lli« rnllyinff point for thaconaamiiva 

part T aft i>T 111'- iiaMJn^of ibe Reform BilL 

(hi 'J Juni' iiiVt bit 'poke on tbn mlgueLof 

thn 'frodl''.u AoUcgc bill.' Anothu ipeech 

otSl Aug. 1818 waa Minted with tho title of 

< Ediicatioo ia bHaad. Report of SpM«h in 

^^B Hottse of Conmoaa on Mr. Ilamilion'e 

BkRioe on above «nlije«l,' 1^8. <>it:!lJanp 

^B4f>bi8pTOpfli>ftl (bran alteration in »dt»e»tion 

in [rolaod m an to nuke it aocoptabto to the 

citpAtant rlcrf^ wiw loai br 16^ to I Oi voto*. 

held tbn financia] «ncr<^tarviihip of iba 
mtrr under I^ord Dtrbr'* ailminutratton 



^■pm March to IV-cenW I8&^ and agatn oa 
^^e r«tum of Xhm oonserrativeato poworfrom 
>Un:h 1856 to JanuaiT 1869. At this latter 
tlatt ho WM appointed pamanent aecretat; of 
tbaCroanr;. HowaaswomameBiberof th« 
ftivy council T Aufr. 186B, and in tbe follow- 
itw Tear wu aankM one of tli o com auMigincn) 
oitaecliurcb tmnpofnlitiM in Intland. Tie 
wax amitRifitmiA nnd dopiity-lii^iLlmnTit fnr 
the CKHUiy of Dulilin, ami itci L1..I>. «>f Dub- 
lin I'niTeriity. lU- Jird ai. KintpitoTrn, In>- 
Uud.l'rfept. 1871. His wife, wliiiin lieiiiar- 
riod 1 May t@dA. w&s Amelia luutuurt, daugh- 
ter of Joefaua riithofl^of Uaib. 

[Portrait* of Eniioenl CoitMrrnitrvs. Snil Mr. 
(I8i«). *itli portrait : Burkr'o I-nmli-ii nmtrx; 
TiBi*f. M Heyt. ihTl, p. 6 . i:iii»rrat«id I»adiin 
Kwn. II Dec. 18M. pp. 4IT-18. Tlth pMtrail. 
aadSaSepl. 1S7I.P. U}.] Q. C. B. 

Borxa ( 16S»-IT33>, waa tbe aeoaad aon of 

Sir Frederick HamUlon, fiftb «ad roua m t 

ten of Claud llamthoo. fint torJ Pauky 

[q. T.}, br Sida^t iaafhiM and beinaa of 

otf Joki Vaa^iaa, tamaot of tbe citT and 

county of Lrodoadany. Ha eotcrm Am 

army, and becaae captain toward* tbe doaa 

of tbo mgm ai Cbariea II. In ibis cqiaeitr 

ba attoaded tbe Doka of OnMaadc, cbaneeUor 

of OaJbrd. toibat univeiM^.and on tbe oc- 

carion leceirad tbe degne of D.C.L., 6 Aug. 

1977. OatbaaooemoBof Jaaieallbewu 

•worn a prt«7 coanolliK-, bat resided bia 

wet ia diainut at tbe aamattitutiOTal on- 

daciofJamea. Tyrtnanri tbempon deprind 

Um ot hia canniiflBMa, and he retired to Via 

«Mate in ro. Fermanagh. In 1688 he was 

appointed by the protcalaati eorcmor of 

Mai^Ilen. and toolc ap ku raaiaeno* tn ih«i 

eanle. 'With gnat mn^ ba ooUectod and 

armed a tnutwmtby foree. Smitbawerann- 

plojed to baten acytbea oa polea. while all 

tbe conntry boiuea round IjOcIi Erne vera 

atnoigtbened and mrriaoned. .Sir William 

Stewart, Tiscoant atonnljor. durin;^ hi> visit 

to Ul*t«r, endeavDored loper^nade the men 

of Fnni*)(ilK>n ' tn fulnait to th9 lung'* an- 

thiiritr.'KEiitrine tbf>m ihat hi- wouid'pcoteet 

ibem, but ibiA' a^>wl'T^^I Lim jeerin^y that 

tbe kinic woulii ■ find it hard ABOOgh CapfoCect 

himaelf Afierihevuli^of ibeConviniCiaapar. 

liament ^Villiam tind Mary vera praelaimed at 

Enniskillen. Onieamin^tbataJaoobitefiim 

had been sent into I'tster. Hamilton retaiaed 

to I^ndnn--I«rrr, and nnd^rtocdc the dgfeaee 

of ( 'olnmiiu-, which hn held for six waakft 

Again*t the wlioto of Uw hmtila armj^wbieb. 

twieealtemptMltAMarmit. Iletkuaeovered 

Londond^nr tmtil it waa fully pr>>Mred *» 

a aiece (petTtioa of Hajoi'.f^i'ral lUmiltoa 

lo the ({ueea in Tnamay Pa^rn, ir0f*-l4, 

p. 188). lie then retreated in good order 

ton-nrdi* Londoakderry, bavinff ttayed with a 

troop till tlipy burned three archea of a bri<t|te. 

TbenM bo rotumcd lo the command of tbo 

Enniakil letter*, but his exertions for a time 

brake down his b«alth. On his rworer^' ha' 

joined the armv of the Dake of Schonberg. 

Ua commanded a ttgimeni at tha battle of 

the Boyne, where be bad a horse shot nndeB^ 

him. j^Uterwarda be eerred under Ginltol] 

*q. v.] durinjr the rcnMuadiU'of Cbeltiebt 

paign. lii- spociallydisliiiKuiabAdluiaMlfL. 

the britliaDt caplnnj of AtUooe. wading tliBf, 

Shoaaon at thu head of the srenadien whoil 

etarmed it. On its siirtendBr be waa ap-f 

pointed irorGmnr of the town. On the miwi 

elusion of the war lie waa made aprtT^rcoui 

ciUor, and receivetl a Urge grant out of tha^ 

forfeited estnln. liewMgatsttedhtigad^ 




]inhh\ t' 

tiun i' . 

thut r'- 

Tliomiu! ]!irch, A.M.. RR.S., new edit., 1813; 
^'iillinsV I'l^nMrsi Buroct'H irht. of lii* own 
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Journiil* of Jtattl.-s and Sicg»« iindur Jliirl- J,....; 
l«-r.,ii(rli ; Kir A. Aliwn'H Mililary Life of Miirl- _,. 
Liir-ii^jh : Coio'n Lifoof MnrllKtrongJi ; Lfsiinrd'a f,^ 
Lif.-f.fjrnrll«)rougli;A[id.-rBoirBScottishN:irioo; !! , .' 
». Omnoii'N lii-oonlhof let tiud "ihRrgimentBof ' , .. ' 
1-K.I ; LiittrcirHjiriof Relation; 3Iiicaul;ivN«wL ■ , '"' 
Story'H Wnm in Irelnnd, 10fl9-n2 ; Wir Office ! •-''"" 
Itvi-iirdH. This nrticlc owph much to nntes kindly ' I'"'" 
i-uii]iiinl l.y C'harlM Diilton, esq.] G, H. 8. 1 "'' ' ■ 

luhliiiil scholar nnd divine, boni at AmiuKli |.i. 
in 1 7N:t, whilo hiw fiither was dean, woh iLl- 1 ;■ 
foiirth win of Hugh Hamilton, D.D. [q. v."|, i.. 
LiKli.i[ior I )f>«)rv, and Isnbella.tldeKt daii(.'lit.T 1 ■ 
<it linns Widtnan Wood of HoasmpnU, .:.i. 1 . 
Ui-xtmunth. n(ivirpi'nt«redTriiiih-r..llip.., , , 
Wu1)lm, onlOJune 17»!>, under tlio 'tut or.-l.t-> 
of llu- Iii>T.ltnrtliolompwI,Icjvd,liein'mluii;-'i 
H.A. 1804 and M.A. 1821. Elcmiirrii'd.tir.,.. 
So]ihiiL,daUfr||t<Tof(Te()rgi>.KicnianufT)iilii'!;. . - 
brwhnmhuhadisMUi^i andsccondlv.Friinti 
^Uu(rhti'r of ReHr-adniiruI Sir riiif[i—.|. 
I'lirtiwiif, riRti'rkinfr-or'urniK.whnsiir. . 
liim. In IHOM ho wus jin-sentcU 1.. ; 
nvtorj-of Killcnnoph in the dioccfpof V - 
w-liicli bfnvtici* lie litdd aa loap es L.' : 1 
Ml' WU8 a conscientious punsli priest m,. . 
*nrlv and tcidoiiM pronintnr of r»>ii-' / . 
cii'tU'S in cuniu'i'tinii with thu cliurHi -. 
Iniid. He died lOAiig. le.TO.and wiisi . 
inthi- cliiirch,vnrd of Killcmioph. wiv i. ■ 
)a n brief iii$cri]itinn to his mi'morv. 

IWii1t<« soiiix sejiBrnlcHiirninn!' :•< ' . 
in r<>lif:iotujHTindical8,IIart)j]r<-in ]>■.*. 
1. "AOi'nt.ral Tntrodni-tinn li> tli' 
the Hebrew Scriptures, with a <>■ 
tun- of the (invk and hatin Vorsi ■ 
Samaritun IVnf nteueli, and of t ;. .j 

I'nniphras.-s,'I>ublin, 1813, l>. • * :" . 
the l!ev. IVter ]!oe, M.A., \..v '^^ 

with I'upers on Ajmatolick Pnier . 

olesinsticnlLstablisbmentis' Cpn-' 

Evil of Simrution fnini Iho (.'.h-- 

Innd consitK-red,' ind edit. Ln- 

3. 'Ob!>ervnliiins upau 

pamphlet atrninot llililn ' 

l?ls. 4. 'Codex ' 

Bible, beinp uniitt 

Tesi of the <.)ld ]. 

.">. •ObiiervatioHfi nil 

of Seneca, ami nil iIi. 

Evidenee of I'rop), 

rVijtioal ■\Vriler«' 

Irish ArBiiemy, '22 

their 'Triin,.<nel ions-. 

-:on.e nn the Kcv. J 

oati-m, entiiletl " /i 

l^n-A,"' Lcjiulon, Ihiti 

. : ri-rEdHcatiotiQue-tiin,' 
"■■". '.>. "The Privy Ciaacil 

■^ oiL'fy. Thi- question c">ii- 
. ,-ui-Qt of Church of En-- 

- ■ ■■l and esamini-<J,' 1-Vj. 
■ .:■- lieform of ibt-ir riwn I'i- 
- ■ i::MdC'hap;erol'Sali>b:irT,* 

. ,::.i 18 Feb. IfiSii; Men of I -r 
*S3; IrviuVg ii,„)fe ui" S.-o:^ 

- CIciyj-Lisr^ 181:1-50; Cn.jt- 

;-m-t..rj-, isra. p. 4io; nuri;* 

..:-iiLro>f. iiroH or m-an, bm 

,. . .,t.^:'ix OF Gi-EXAWLBv, CO. Fi:k- 
■■. '.•'•7'.*), was, accordiiijr to i!i- 
_- 1- t,:-.::!* Attartartor ' i pi-neiilofti-s of 
• .....;: ::.'i'Uily),9fcondsoiii>f Miilcnlui 
J.. ;:, :r.:itiisUop of Casliel and Einlv 
;'■*■. V hii lirst wife .Marv, duiifrhti'r 
.T.v A .'.kie rtf Sacbtonliill, " I lis frrand- 
... .j^ Vn-hibald Hamilton of Dalscrf. 
...^^i^irr. whi) U said to have been grnnd- 
, .iduits Hamiltou, second earl of Arran 
-IT -1::* relationship is not clenriv 
.^ ['b.f SwedUh autUoriii.-s state tiia't 
' ,u '-a* stct by hi.i father to join ili" 
«*:..;..-a i.-aiy in 16i>4; became colonel of ii 
--, jitj; '^i In^'rmanland in KJJl ; colontl 
-je '. j'iand infnutrv n/piment in li.^.'i; 
.. . . .aimani^T in Grcifswald in lOlK. He 
..,c.:;;i:ii:a;iM\l a.i a Swedish noble in l(i4*. 
.„ i-i; '.lis y.iiuit.'er lialf-brolber Louis 
■ ,^i.- ■::. « .1' ennobled in Sweden as bar. m* 
ii:a..:'ii -ivlVsiTf u.e. Dalserf). Affenli,- 
;;.< rs:!-'::. .'n:; Mari-b llitiO he was creiit,.d 
. .■•.a.-'e>l[ baron Hamilton of (ilen,iwI"V, 
■■.r!vj::.t_"b, in the i)«-rat:e nf Ir-lnnj- 
-,,i.-mi:.- iT^'hnd in I'iiii.', and settle-.!, a- 
■■■" ■' :■* ,-'■"■'' bn.Mher, .\.rchib;ild, on the 
^a;e -ivt-i-h i:al b.-Ion(r'-d i<i his father, lit 

;!di.ii;s-\'"- Tyrone. In ]ii7,S he j:avf th- 
:i,T.>s; ,■:' -V.'. in peqvtnitv to I lie parish of 
;■?■■;: Iiivr-^v. :.i U- disbursed ainiiiallv l,v th.. 
■~i-u r.i:i.;i'h;;ri.'hwaMens. Hedi.-dm Ap-il 
■">. S^,■_»^!l^ thrice m^irried and left issu-'. 
1!> ■■.:'.-.■ S.-anie oxiin,-: nn ili.. d.-ntli, m 
-'.xr .t*^ ■■: :w:-n:y. of \Vi!!i;i!ii, his stirvivin.' 
.^.p,-;'..- x\v;-.,l lur.^n. l.riiersfr.m tbetir-r 
I,.wi;:e-.T*«;:yt,'l..>r,! 1-«(U 
:rt,-i. i>- V. l!r::. Mus. .Vddil. MSS I'-iir 

i;^!::^. ::;ii;;:. :n;3:ij. -s^vn. 

hiifz-SA:..".-. l-v.V.\ s;;:j:;itf.! W Pp,.fo„6- 
HjiiT'lt ,; . ; vi..-.; ISuTKc". Hi:-;:,-: Pter.-i^,-, IS^:; 

.VU«.>n» A..'..r:..: r. 1,:. >,h.e!;il .m.i Klinirip.r. 
Stovt-i.-;-^:. ;>r-. r;. ;::s:. : J,.L:i At.di-":s..L > 
Hi* i.-1'i '•■.'',"■■"■ ^' ^-'/ -^ '■■ '"t" H, -^f 
aium,:i>i- '.S-' : liv, NiiEi .:;-.:?: ;iBTheri:!fs 

"' ?r,tv 

[XnvtMtm of V'rj- 
■ list: XTMBKA darjurr^n 3. 

, r_ *" SP* M »™ **.«■ uB ( 

b£ UE SiM iVKXtf J* tlUBB- 

at (immcj. vAt^ tarn. '± 
, ILF^ of Eaork. s-^ Iruuin. i3i= 
lKnrte<rakaHlMH, c«t. -Lr^at^. s« I>»j»i-'* 
Hazvdl, U> -wife, ->«■ fen' k Eir^n: :il 

Iftlllff*m .»tl* — "*■ ■ * ^ T'Maai^ ^ *.J<^-:.3M 
«f JOMB It aad V«* 'JMR '^ 'Mc W— "• -'"-f 

«f Evaadale. of wVih sr Jtam Hiai"-.-.g 

H« cBtend Tiivin- Oij^t. Dikes. 17 Xvr. 
17^adertk»taanka W:fc« B^v.TVam 
MeDODKll, wmi cw^Htol BJL 17«r. 3t^ 
176(]^BJ>.17ae.«Bdb.D.I74L la 1751 Le 
wasdaded a fcflov. Wr^ Ws «nn»tiw,M 
fid, thOB^ Ui — » ww iB y''w»i tot kd^ilr 

■r'lHm'-i- .K-ivtUcujf: .lEt^wam^ 
"D "*Je- ^ i-BiaifB- -" ^. > ~Ti>- -i. "**'"■'-, -"-^i-n 

■ ma I *■•— ~T" rr -mrisi ikm. 7;^ 
iiK -TM mrrFTt A .H^ -vamru i -ir. .'imi-r 

■■II jTT^-^ in,; 3-- -"tis ijTjniicT' (. S-^- . 

*. n.-'-i.riTT-j- ^ _fc TBCniimiDlt .'/lU- 

ne. I'lr -!. - Ai ~~a7 jii-ji;iz:s^i^ai>s 
yiriffu ?\iii-iiriiii-' " ~"-^ -Tf ^m- ia." T-^r^ 

W:'. X«ii :i«iJ ^^rr w. 5, 1".^ Til;.;! 
. i:"**!'^' "■ ^•-^'» T-Cu* ."at .r ru.;i;i 

i- iWI. i ^t -• n JtuE • Ji*C 

1^ kirun 1734. w ■ s-umks ^ ^j»« l>f.K.A 
irr ieija:! Eaiir Jt^tft M«tt".x H* T^*-^ 

tr—~ m! ^:r:a^ ix t;w ri. t^Mw »«* 
ex.fmt<i 3 • ^?v pry uw. *>£ £x.mAw«1 

trjtrr^ is nJctiMija. asd a* HaK>.'n jx) 
BfT. Aksk uj^hlr ^ tkna. W <4«a»(«l a 

to HHc'to Li(ndc«,«fca<f k «(«1m i> 1^ 




Mill ftnd (jiici^n Clmrloiic ftnt 
iMnunr of th« &riAt.&cnicv. Ho 

MuU. < 
to hln, 

ninctl 11 nrpiniiim of «ixt y eum'^ft front 1b« 
go«ii>ty nt Art* in 17(W. ' Id 1771 Iw Mhi- 
1t>it(Kl eome parli&iU at the rx lii)iit ioit of t tin 
locorponted Society •)(' Art iat*, of vhicli liu 
wa» * lUKiiilKr. lu 177^ lie vxhibilctl vrith 
the Frvo Sotiwiy of Atii»U, an-il o(piin in 
1773. 1774, 177i» vrilli i1k> ItKoqjonilcd t>o- 
cietyi IncltiJiug iu t)i>.- lust yv*T tvro coo- 
I -rerentioii pieces, in 1778 he wcjil to Home, 
< ^rbcrr he seiiled for somu years, and drew 
thnjKirtniitsofuiauyof ilieilrilisb vi»itor»to 
that cilT. I(y the advice of Klaiiuivnlio tried 
, oil'pMiitii'S' Biid stitwpqiieDtly conllDcd bim- 
celf to paindng porlrails in ihnt moihoil. 
Thoiiilh 111.- maiiitaiuvd hin rcpiit aI ion and luul 
muiiy sit tew. Ill- lu-vrr rcachrd tlio Mmeesccl- 
Iwnce thnt litr iUhtvctI in hi» cmvnn drnwinse. 
Abfliit l/fll limwtumivl to niihlin, wLftulio 
T«8ii3ed until lii» di-nlli in li^tHi. Tliete are 
ReToml ini|inrtflnt portniiln by llnmllton at 
Dublin, iududiiiR those of itin Kiglil linn. 
Jiiliti Foswr. spesker of the Irish lIou»c of 
CuiumouM, ill ihs poMMHoa af thu l>ublin 
^rpnnilioii. and ■ f)p«n Kirwan pn>tti;liing,' 
in tno Lhihlin Uiiyiil iS(ii'ii<ty. M<i iiIkd trii'il 
hiMoricJil iminliiig, mirh an ' Mi-iliisn' ^a en- 
lo§snL h»iul). ■ Promw hfiiw,' and 'Cuiiid acid 
Vxyelio.' Many nf bin iwrlraiW wi-n- en- 
graved, noUbK, Cbi^f liaron IturtrU. by W. 
Bunud; tb« fltilionf aioiie««icr,by U. Kar- 
lem; Ooionol liarr*. by K. HouMon la por- 
tMitofBanfliy Hamilton i* in iht^ collection 
of Bi'WIow Btirdett-Coultf); Mrs. Hnrtloy, 
tha MtTftu, by Houston ; Mw, Fredprick, liy 
IiBUTic ; Mrs, Brooksbank, br J. it. Smilli ; 
Dean KJrwiui, by W. Word; Mr. Joseph 
OulatWt, by. I. WaUon, nad many otlici*. 
Hamillou'a porltail of Audo, lady Tpniril--, 
wliicli i» now ia the Nntional I'ortmit rtiil- 
lery.waeewjrraved by W. Grt'stbachfor Cua- 
niugham's edition of Walpolo't ' L^tU-rit.' A 

Esrlroit uf iininillon liimnclf n-n.i vnfrruvvd 
V VV. HoU. Anutlwr by (!. C^hinm-ry is in 
tite pofisCMidti of thii linvnl Ilibfniian Aca- 
demy, and waa exhibitt.1l at the Irisli l^xbi- 
biliou in Lomloii, ISHti, 

(Rodgmw'sDiM. ofAnigtR; pBWjniii'H ArtisH 
of Irsland: Chalon^r Hmith't BHt. Mrzs^tinto 
Po«ftii[B; Eihiliitioi) DilaliuiU'f ] L. C. 

HAMILTON. Sia JAMErt. op C.wzov, 
fir*t Loup IUmutom (rl. 14"!*!, wii» di- 
Hcpndpil from Wnlterdc Ilnmiltfln. or Wnlf.rtr 
FiUcilbert. "U-l«l in Barbour's ' Bnicn ' 
HchyrWnli(*rUillirrl»nn,who, ollprswuttriofr 
fpnity 111 Kdward t. lircninf a mipparter of 
Kob«rl Jlruce, and wb» n^wardcil by the 
barony ufCadxow, with lhern*lh', which had 
formerly bevu u royal rMtdeiice. Ht> vas 


thfteldMtof flv.r«)n«of8irJ»]iiM HuailKni. 
thetinh baninof Cndxow, by hinirtb JaoM 
eMort drtiimUl^t of Sir Ab-x"nnder ■!•> Lera^ 
stnun ofCnUendar. Shortly oft*T thed««th 
of An^UiUld, lifih carl uf l>i>agla«. in U38, 
he mamwl by pnpal dUpeiwalioa hi»wiilair. 
Lady I'.iiphcmin, t-lJi-.,! daiiKbtw of Pttridc 
watlofSiruthviirn. Ilii.- lady wjwtli* tuutt«r 
ofthe Fair >UidorOallowttT,whoin 1444 w« 
n)a.rri«>d !■* WilUam I>oug)u, eiffhtli rari of 
UoaKlu [q. r.j To tbeso allianoM wa« diM 
the clwc connecikiii of Hwnilton with cli« 
ambitiuui (cliemm of tlic powerful IiouM of 
DouKlua. (if which he wjw for «ome linw n- 
garde'l n» one of the principal iwtniner*. In 
of UiahopKoniiedyofSi. Andrew-IB. in l'"ifcan4 
I'lirfcr, oTi which ac^onol bv «nd nthornoble- 
raoBwero soaituicnl to eccDmiuunieiitioa for 
ft yrar. Soon after th« EQatunn* oxpir«<d h» 
obtained nepocial mark of ro\iil TaTOur, baiiw 
on 3 July IWi created a lonl of parliMWBl, 
under lln- title cf Lord Hamilton of CWd- 
xovf, with the »iipr>riorilj- of the luida of the 
farai of Htiinillon, his manorhoutc caIImI 
arrluinl to he hc'ni^fortfa eallet) llamill. 
On IH S^•^Jl. 144!» h« was uppoint-Ml one w 
the coiniuusiini»ntl<>inf«r on ihvboHionlitf 
the renewal of a tnuv with England (CkL 
Daoimmta relatiti-i to Jicaf/mut, iv. entry 
1210 : IlrHKB, Fupj*ra, si. I'SSl. lli^ ataav 
year he ohtainedauthority from Pop* Sitt«» 
to erect the parinh elmreh of Hamilton (' 
merly Cadwiw) into n coUi^mtf church,™ 
to niTd a ppjvoat and six prolj*iidiiri«i t« 
farmer foundfltion of two euaplainriea in l' 
fbiirrb. In 1450 he ac^yimpaniod l>oiig! 
to tbnjiibilno celebration at Homo(tW, B 
m^itt* rflntinif to Siyll/ind, iv, entry 13 
Ho al«o ndltoiwd to (he c.infederacy RinuBw 
by Douffin* Ktfm after bin return Villi ihe 
Ettrl» of Cmwford, Rij!]*. vxd .Moray for 
mutual defonoe, and wi\s on« of thu-v in U- 
tcudanct! on Douglat when be paid bix fatal 
viftit to the kinn In Stirling Caule in Tv 
bruary 1403. He acctimpftaied Uougbu to 
th<! coslle )OUe< but on uttirmptinK toco ^ 
WM rudely tliruet bnclt by thr- purcer. 1 
di^rnnnt aX the insiili he drew bi.i swon),bitt 
his retntion. Sir Alexander Livincxtou. held 
bim bnck from wilhln by a lonir linlbert till 
the g:ite wn^ made tiirt. After ihrslniii^lLler 
of rioLiglM by lliLi kiuc; npnirof spurvittuid 
lo Iiiivr V-en cnnveyrd I0 Harndton frocn 
, domn (in-^ in ihi' ea*tlp Jw a hini to Raeap«. 
A month aft/Twardu hf' arc'iinpanied Janm, 
ninth carl, to filirlinitr when iho kin^ was 
deiiouuecd na a tniilnr, aiid llio mfo^WDdnec 
grniited this lat« eurl was dmn^d 1 krouph tt 
sl.reeUL On the nichi before ibe aajUMnhl'' 
of tJi9 estates at Edinburgh. 12 June li 

» to g 





tlw E«tI iif I>ouf:U0, ttia lUree brotWre, and 
LuTil Flanultnn fixed a iiUcoM to th« door 
of ibc haaan ofpArliamunl, kuouqcui)i their 
■ll^pance to tin.* kui)^ as n traitor nncl niur- 
deter. They nnd tlic othi-r conWcraH; ouble- 
nwn were llien-iipon fjrfanllrd, mid otlittr 
peers crcnli.-J lo uV iln-ir plow (Acta Piirl. 
Aw/, ii.73). ^\'tirii Ifi'UK'Iiui ftonn ancrwarda 
inadt! tvnnn witli ilir liiiik'. Huuiltnn f^UTc in 

I a roiMiua to XjaaioaiCitt.Q^IhcamfHft rr- 

eiM!rtQSroHa»d,'i\:ea\ry\i&S). Ofthislir ' 
ippears toIiBvetahcnodrnniag)- t'l act iMtiir 
■sent of boiiiiliu ill lii* intri^iit^.i Yritli the ' 
\orkislH. Tl>^ T)iilc« <if York agrved to sui>- 
port l)nu){laii against (be kiiitc on condilinii 
thai h* took tb« (mill nT l)amai;e 10 the 
Engltih crown, [taniitton declined, but W- 
Ibra Dooglw could retuni an nDBWcriifltohis 
own intent ioii», b» vas Euddimlj Bttiicl(i.-il 
bj'tli« kin^, wtio during tHp fumr rrdt] d>*TnA- I 
Ut4^ abo tlu' Inndit iif llmitilidii. Wtiitr | 
^i« kin^ wai Iwiic^iii^ tin' nuT-Ie of A titrcom. 

OUglaR and Ilamillon ^tatliored a ^^rv^t forc^ I 

ilh R vii>w to ' take lli« extreme chance of 

fortune' (^PiMCorti e, p. U'9). Hamilton la j 

•aidlo have been the pntni-adnierof Ihjiijilu't 

iniheboldBttitiidi?lieliadiL8>iiinii<(l,biitwtirn , 

Douglu cam<< in f^ij^bl nf 1 ho niTid nnuy hU | 

iurBC«fiut<-dUim, nnd lii*l)(!«t(iit<Hl t()cD)[agi> ^ 
it. Hamilton, ilti^iuicd at Ilou(i!ay« ie\a<^ 
tntici'. nnd linvinir liiul nnimiti-it friim tlu*ktnf( 
through Itiihnn Kenaody. w*Bt ovtr tho naam 
night (iK. p. 134). Hamilton is described 
hj Pitscottie a^ a ' man of aiof^lar windom 
uid conrsf^, and in wtinro the artnj' put thenr 
"l»ho|»hope of victorv'(/A, p. 17-lV Htjidfi- 
ilection caiimhI the otlipr MfowiTa f>f Douglo-i 
modintflv trt dl*p>^nu:. Ildniihoii wti» wi'U 

virrd bv thft king, but until the •urwuJor 
if Abi-rwm Ctutlc wa* for the »ake of pes- 

lulion r^rloined a jiriHocer in Hosliii ('twill. 

ft«rward«, on th(? f»rft!itiire of l)<Mnrla*. h* 
>bt«ineil ajfrant of l-'iiiiiarl. in licnfri-wshirn 
•^ni oth>>r Innd^. Fn I4n'> hnivticrcnt a.long 
^tk other commiHioncrs lo Yi^rk to nrmiigv 
• trmty of pckocvritb England, [tnd 'in IJiilv 
of the ttuaoyaa Uir wn» madv »L«riir of tku 
counh- of Lnnark. Ou 14 Jan. 1169-60 
jlnmitton granted n chiirtvr of four uctm to 
tlw college of QlaagDW, on condition that the 
nuufcer nnd «tud«nlashonlddail.r after «upD?r 
praT for the souls of Lord Hamilton and W 
wife Kujihfniia. In IWT he cntcrtJ into* 
ilKind with (Kfircrt' 1>iiiii.'ln.i, foiirtli <MirI of 

.WHS i'l'V.], I<] be'liin mimofripecial reUtiue 

lasemct all ilii! <ln;t'Bof ))i« life-' Ut! al^o 

one of the matt trusted Mcmla and 

Rseltors of Janncq IIF, and after tlic forfci- 

inr of Thomas Bovil.carl of Armn,in IW3, 
icd Boyd's widow, the PrinceosMary 

Stewart, dauchtvr of James U. Buduman 
Bt«t«sthata diroreewns made during Bojd'e 
abecDcc in Flandct«,(uul_tkat the^maoeei mai- 
ricd IlnmillonniiicliagMiastherwill. II<)yd,UQ 
uddr>,di'-d not long aftcrwirda. Anothcrver- 
sion if t hot ISord vof drad before the marriafe 
was amuiiiil. It pmlmbK took place in f e* 
broarj- or Mardi lJ"3-4. 'OniJ.'i Aprin4"6» 
dispeuABtionwaagnQled liv P.ijir hiictii» I\' 
toLordJameaUamillonanJ .MarySlewarliU 
having married within the proliihited degmea 
(Tumscit, f'rtera ifoniaiKitla^. 477). By 
llitn tnorriogD with the kini^s suter the lionsu 
of Hnmilttmgninnl a great posti ion. and be- 
rftmi> lite ni^ari'iil fiiniily lo the throne. 'The 
bead of that houM- wa* in fact «ilhcr thw 
actualhwr loilf raoiiapfh for th«t inns Ixting 
i>r the next alter a roval child down to tliH 
lime when in thefamilyofJamca VI of Scot- 
land and I of England therv were more royal 
rliildn-n than one" (Hiil BrRiox, <Srt>tiand, 
iii. 14). I'nddr Jame-o HI Ilamillon was 
i>inploy»id on Mveral iraportAnt miwioos to 
England. In 14741iewnii oommiminiier nx- 
traordinary lo the English noun, ami he wa* 
aflerwardBoneafthecDinintiuiionuni appointed 
to mL-ot ttie plenipotentiaries of England to 
nrrsiiifp a betriilliHl between ilw.' I'tinceM 
tVeilin, danghlnrof Kdward IV, and Prince 
Jiunitt, duki! of Kutbesay, I ben both in their 
iufuiiey. n<; diod on II Nov. 1479, and the 
Primv'it Miirynhiiut Whirsiinlide 14W. By 
lii» fir*t wift'lioliRt! twodn»ght*ir«,Klitiihi>tb, . 
married to Darid, fuurth rarl of Crawford, 
created by James III Duke of Motilrosn, nnd 
Agai<«, married to Sir Jamee Hamilton of 
Preston. By hi« w«ond wife be bad a boo, 
.Iamri«, Mcond lord Hnmilton nnd tir^t «art 
of Arrau [f|. v.], iind a clniigIit<T, married to 
Matihow, «ccotid narl of f.dinox. Among 
hi* natural children wen; ?ir Pat rick Hamil- 
ton of Kincavu), fnthcr of Patrick Hamilton 
thu martyr [q. v. J, and John Humilton of 

[fa!. Poiriimenla relating to Scotland, vol. ir.; 
EichLiiucr Rolls ofycotlonJ; Rytiifr's Fipdem; 
AurhiiilviJc Climniclo; Iliaiorii-t of Lindiiay of 
Piticoliio. Siiihop hcitlc'V, nnd Buchanan ; Andrr- 
•oiiB GnrMialogical I)i>t»rt of the llamiUona; 
DougW'H Srotl.isU P.*ni(;« (Vr'uoil), i. 69S-7 ; 
liamihon Pupvra. in Mnitlnnd Cliib Miwcrany, 
Vol. iv. : Ilfljiort on iho Mjiiiwpriptt of ihn Duke 
of Hnmilion. liiat. MS.S. Comiii. Ihh R*|<. A|>- 
pondi*. [.t.Tt.l T. F. n. 

HAMILTON, JAMES, second Uiii> Ua- 
HiLToa and first E^iiL »7 Annirc (1477!'- 
15^C)>, onlvfonof Janiei<,tin>t lonl Hnmtlton 
[ti. v.\by)ii» [tBcoiidwiff, tholMucoa* Mary 
Stewart, dniiglilt^r of Jameo H, Wh bora 
abotit 1177. AVhile an infant Iw ■uoceedtnl 
to ihu oftlnies and honoun of tliv fkmily, on 






inftiff in !to air iMM i 
fc»« ■■rrfHi >■■■■■ dwfcit 

■ft H<tirtv b MmOmtd^ cr. 
/mflMiaMNU of iW 1 

fr«MM at Um ~ 

i»fJuM«IV. Al 

.r»r (W liMC'a 

m itkK bamMS 
litm"^M I f!rtH-L kAltfttt, AftUwiBy 

'Amy <1« >■ Rm<m. Tltowra n/-itlM« «ru 
•* as piwaiil with ffca 

.p • v^mm t m t J H ii"" l'-*^ •*'' 

m afwl bU iMin nulx, wlncJiCul- 

ji#r. JVM, OmM. ItUi llef^AM. pt.n. 

V)^ fla«b»rMiti«d»fh«t«r«rtb«aMM 
.jM MwUtaiiair him kim't JMtidMy witUa 
lU 1hu4« of Ahm. Anan asd La BmIw 
T "t|. At U«utaiiuii«HMal of iIm 

> w.-iu>wMwiiliii IBOftow y tt 

>iii> rtif Aiidrow Wood and Bobort IwUn 
In riwInrinK tlw Wnirrn Ulaa. After bi« 
n^iim h» wu (kapftlvlinl, vilk tM th n w a ia t l 
nil, t/i lU •Mulairr of tk« iutwoTDaBaurk, 
wlxm tw auFCwmlMl in fv^uUUkiiitr an liU 
ihnm* ( I .«ii.Br, UktMy, BwiBatyiiB »J. ?.*«). 
ri) I Ul7 hii wt* anal wilb ibo Afdibialwp >>r 
H« Amlf-w«"ti«noiBbaj»rU»Frn>w, TVn-r- 
Hutuitioaii arwtuetl the JBalnuy of llrnry VU, 
and an ika ntnni of Amit bdcI Lit natural 
liTOlliw.HirI'MrMjklUmlltwi.thmngli Eng- 
jaa<l, itMr mn amat«<l m Ki-nl, ami cam- 
nilbul m prixn. Ncitwil)i*LaDilinr tka n> 
noniitnDMa of tlw Sooituh kinz. thny wen 
My>bablril«uliw(l in Bntc''*'"' tilftlw doatli of 
ll«nrv Vll. 

I hi i»io (u^««t<mnf llerify VIII, lli*!* waa 
a nlnirt M-vivnl of fri(Viil«Iiin bntvMii Eng- 
land auJ So«iUml. iio *Jit Aug. laOd Arran 
•iBiwIft rMwwftlof till? lrp«iyb«!twwn llif two 
liinKitotiu (Vll. !il"t'' J^*pf ', H'lvry VIII, i. 
mnUy4!iA),taA alw> ■>!> s!+ > ^t. witm-wd a rtw 
newal at tho iwtari»l »«to«uli«i of J»bio« I V 
<if>. 714). Wh«u Jdinwi an».rwjiT*JB loili tin- 
l-'runcli «i'l". Arrow, wim, i-lii.-flj- on Accrainl 
of hla knightly acoomplwSiDonH, l-n-l b.yrti ojt- 
niiinud gcnoraliMlinn "f tl>» k)iit!>l(>in, wb> 
jiWii'l in oominanil of tlio txjM-iliiwn «bii'h 
En Killt waa awil lo ibn nid of tli" Wing «f 
J-"rauco. The ileot wnaoneof lliu Urgcit lL«l 

ami Am 



ttiaoIiMd tke nraln kK«MK tW 1 

ilaw agw .^m^^ntXvim, 

•ul Ilamiluiaa. Akm hd tk [/ 
IT. Uiiii !■■ rni^iiMniaillj 
ik wlucb Swuhaj w» n daai 
ailMocai. Ua a w yrtaJ iW i^r**c7 of Al- 
baa;, bmlw nfJtvmm HI, a^r •<> br » 
It bcld in ebcck tha pnfMiJMi of A^^m, 
tmt tk«pnloag>edTi«4a gf Albny to I^Mt* 
miilMMbianfaicyalmiwtBMnML Ama 
ntwrnd lo Scotlawi alone ^ntfc Ua linl, 
1a B aali r , vhon Alkaar, aa betsg cbaaa 
ng«al. aant orer t» bia leenaaalatiTv tiQ ka 
hintcV abouU aniTe. ^ot iam^ afit* tat 
rvt urn Amu aads a fruitleaa at teinil to MtK 
Anicti* kr aa aiobnacadr. UntU i£n arrifal 
tit Allauir in Maj \IH5, tba }V«Bg ku^ 
rumajnnl in tkct bands of An^ua whA tka 
naacii-doway tr. Anan Bopportnl Albanftk 
Uia pnceedinipt wbtcli led tn tbr fligkt of 
AtwtLi anil the mu^o-iavrtfvi to Knglsnd, 
ana >irlii-n Lord llannetOne of ibe few iM>k)«» 
wlu> lupported AnpH. wMtabeD priaoaer, k» 
wan Mimraitlcd bj- Alkain !• tbe ««BtodT of 
Amn in Kilinbiir^ (^atfc. ITorar now jlat- 
Uirvd Amii wilti tbu hani that Anirua and 
thv qnrvn^waffer would aappori hik rUinu 
lo tke tngRBCj. Tbe two tlwrelbre rvitrutl to 
llw bor£nlo1uiTeaconf«raDcr withAnyiu. 
llama tbua obtained Ui* liberty, and poa- 
iiility on reacbinff tlie border* Arrns ncoc- 
ntMvd ih&t be bud b««n (l<-»>ivmL At ul 
eruiiU when Albany ptwvoili^d Lo lay ttivru to 
Cndaow Caalle, Arnin, al tlui t«(iaiu>t of hi* 
motb^r, the Princwa Mnry. who had tnur- 
L'Lwtpd f'kr bim, AfrntiMl to nylurn on a pramiiM 
of nnrdiin. I>iinnij<neil. kawerer, witb hi* 
position, )i<^ Hhortly aflL-rwaidB enCeT««l into 
a Mnfcdancy with other noble* to wieat 





[ToTcnuiieni Crom AllunT. The rojitl macn- 
nae« «t Glawow vere awx«d,Bad Amn also 
nude biraarif master of llumli&ilon CaBtl«>, 

tlwl thp pmmptituclK of Albunyprevenlwl llis 

Pnownu-iit Irnm ir<>in|( ftintitT, and Amn 
K|min cunn ti> tHriDK. (hi tli« ili-pitrt tin- nf 
Albany for Knno! in l<'iI7, Airuii waKi-hiWKU 
MM ol tbe eouoeil of n^atry, of wliidi AD({iia 
WM ilao a iDt>mljer. M^ iiii> memben of tbL> 
council Amn vrn* iiltiniHlply choKD pnwi- 
d«nt, u)d virtually ncinl iv ^[inf'Toot of tbe 
kinvdon. 8honly afTcr Alljjiiiy'i:'il"]i>rt)irv 
l^^toalic, wb<> liitil U.H>ii iimili' iiti*' uf ttii'' 
wardunii of tlu) marcbeii, wa^ 011 20 Su|il.l«i] 
inU» Ma anbuMade fcv ilome of W'cddorbuni 
■ad oikMS,atid murdetud. Amiii u-a^ ihere- 
upoB made warden of tbe matrhBs, and jtlaoMi 
in eoBunand of a larpe rorc<o to punioh tbi> 
miirdnr- Arran n]i|in'hiTnr)i'cI Sir < '•txirgv 
I>oivla«, bn>tb<'r of An^iii, wlm vm* siip. 
jKHWuion of tliL' uHticipHl bordnr fortn-iu**, 
compelled I>ir<l Ilome and olben 10 (.ak<.' 
re'fufv in Enzland ll«tl'<r of tbe «6tat'-s of 
ttlaad to IM kinic of Kmncp, in '['etn.i;r, 
'rlatioH* poiiti^tim dp la Frane* ft dt i'Ki- 
tter^ rEtotr,i.ll-lS; I dttiir of A mm 

(to Ike king (vf Franco oa tbo um«i aubii'd, 
fft. 15. lU: CV/. Sl«U JtiPfri; H.-niy Mil, 
ii. «ntrj- 1018; Lbsibt, HUI. «/ .?fM. Itau- 
Datyoe'iML p. 117), but (lie £i«o(tidli noblee 
no fiutli«r puniabsMrnt wm inflicted on tiioM 
CMloamod. Id 1517 Arran wae chotcn pro- 
T(M( of KdiabiU)^h, but baring gonf tn I>al- 
Inith vritli tlia Touag kin^ on aircoiint of an 
ontbnakof lauuJ-poitibQvnnituniiut; lo tbi- 
city in Soptember of tbL-fulliiwiiijiyi^iif found 
tbo (iMb abut ncaioti kim, and tbe cily in 
I poaseadoo of tbe IIouj^Iom-s, wbii nL'tiirt-d 
I slaetion 10 tbe proroctahip of .'Vrcbibald 
a^las, undo »f An^«. Armn nndcaroiirf d 
I form iin cntrancr, but wm n-tml^rd witb 

'ImiTy tiN*, and for n'lnir tim« allrr thix thn 
ciljrmuunird intlir hands of Aiijcnn, i>n ar- 
OOuntthotrevtT, of l Iw oinntaiit tvwh b<^iweeii 
lL« Iwo (aetjoiui, Albany interpoMd, and oa 
hia reoooinendatioa that no person of the 
■ui* of llanilton or Douglu ahoiUd be 
thoma prarost, Robert Loginn in 1630 sw- 
cwdwi Archibabl Duii^Iat. Amn now *Tn- 
ittrrtl into (be city, and finding that Auffu* 
hi'l rrlaxod hif pracautioiu. and wu atlnndnd 
by unly ■Uiul four LnndrMl followeni, r«> 
•otvwl CO orarpawfiT ilwoi. All endearoun 
Ui madiabt hMwem tbe riral (actioai &iled, 
and Arran, nrovokvd by tbe attiiade of the 
Itong^laaea, draan up acroac tbi* «trf«t, at- 
BtinptMd to 'eleonao the eiUHway.* After 
labnrt and Aam atniggle bis followtrTH wnr* 
' tnl wUb ^iwai U>», the fuaou* hnigbt. 

bia balf-brotb«r, Sir Pairicb liamilion ot 
Kincavel, father of IVricli llamiliou tli»i 
maityrfq, v.J,bMiiganionf; ibctslain. AmUM 
and )i is Von JamM, aftemarda second buI i 
Arnin.iTindi-lliMiremnpi'downaclose. AtiRUt' 
uiiur|H<it thiifrvvi'mmcntof ibit kin^fitom. but 
a uiiiiJTL'l witb bin wifi'. ihn (jui'^n-clnwuift-r, 
b-if to tbe retuni of Albiuiy and tU«- bmii»li- 
mentof AnauB. nurinjfllK^ubsttnce of Albany 
in France in lAS'J Arrau formed one of tha 
council of repency. In S«pI*"mbprof tberol- 
ltiwiii^yearjit' wusappoiatwllieuleiiaut (ivi>r 
tbi- pntaKir part of tb« aoutJl of Scotland, lo-l 
eluding Ti'Tioldnln and Th» vitbi 
Lothian, Stirling^tiiru, and !.iiilitb^w«hir»j 
(Cat. Slate I'apen, Henrj' VIII, vol. lii.entn 
320^1. He nuw entered into an undtrsland- 
ing wit b tbe qiieen-dc wager, and bo thwarted 
th<> proffiM'-cling)! of Allijuiy that tlii? Utter in 
\h'lX n>tircd tn Frnnoc, Willi thi> annctinn, 
if not at tha initigM i'Mi.of lliinry Vll I, A rmn 
and the queen- do wagi-r now brought tbo 
young princ« from Stirling to Kdinburgb|j 
Where a council «-a< held, at wbicb li« wa«-^ 
erected m king, and proclamations issued in 
his niim?. Arran and the qiieen-doirag«r 
liop<rd In iiri'Ti'iit the rotiim of Angiia to 
powft, and urgv-d Honrv VIII to di^Iain liini 
in Kn{;land. ll<.'nrv tn«vl to M.-curv Arrao's 
di;T'>lion by a sinall ^<(:nBi<JU, but dint ru»t«d 
hiia, and rveeated lus att«mpt at a Int^ 
gain. NorfoUadTtsed Wolaey tbat if j_ 
wont in Scotland, Arran would be eotnt 
to abut? his high tone (16. iv. 7Kt). On 
28 Not. 1 &24 Angus wilercd Kdinbnrsh with 
a large forcu, and dvmandrd thai tli<' king 
eboiild b« gireu up to ibn ctutodv of tha 
noblen; but Arran luviogtUreateiKKl to D|wai 
tire on tum bom tbe castle, be wiildtew to-i 
TantaUoo. Ama and tba quecn-dowacor ' 
now propo»d toBMnyapaancatton, and a 
mamaga between tlw yotmg king and tha 
I'rinoees Maty, and to sbcnr tfaar sinonrity 
M^rit an embaaaT to Fhuictt to dedara that 
ilie regency of Albany vraa at an end. Wolaevj 
wasconiinced,howe\'R',tha1 Angns'wnnln 
be marc aieftil to England limn hre IturKof 
Armn.' Ilcnrybad alaocommiiutd luiuM.-lf 
to Angus. Ilii neulratity compelled tb»l 
qnivn-dowagcr to admit Angus on tbe coua-1 
cil i>rmgrnoy,and aethcopeningoftlu)parlia>| 
ment he bcm! the crown, Arran bearing tb» 

At a ]>arliainent held in July a comprtw 
mise was made, practically in ths interrila 
of Angus. It wan agimd that the can* of 
(lu> king should bo ooDiinit ted to n noUanaa 
and an aocledastio, who wt>[v lo be succaadad 
by othar two nl ibi* iiid of tbma mimtha. 
Angus andtbn .\n.'bbialiop of Glasgow vera 
choiseD Ibr ibe tirtt three nonlbs 1 but at 




Mil iif tUMt IMIN n( nli«Ni iwAtMil to 
itu lUn liliif 1>i thi'lr njtjMiinlMl *ue- 
, Arrmi mul Mm- llt>liiip of Alwnliwii. 
In llif< I ' It I'lirn' nnit wl* 

fNiiMHt ■<• I 'I AiiKUt timPrli- 

4ii>t - ' |>->iit<Hl lij'ihr hinfi 

11)1 iliii it"t>'" "f l>*nl<>. 

ri'iirxiiiKiil ilujfrMHi 

I'M. Til" iiiitrrUtfii iif ilif i)ii><i'ti- 

iif Willi Itiiiit Nti'nnri uliiirtlr nflMr- 

Iv nil Iht foriiiiir iiii|i- 

itiiii' lo Unn* with 

I i\vi\ nn ulHov of 

I I •! l,i>nDAl whnn 

rl I.I l>l>Uln |U%>WiM)n(l 

> ii»» (ttn iti>|ihi<w nr 
) liflr, fcrnl Arrnh'n Jt- 

.t h...i 1,. ' .S-< u 

-■ I-; 

,|l ... .. .,. 

loMi't riiilii>»<i»t' 

I'lilliltt'ii, I 
llialtl tll> 
Will .< 
• •■ ' 
1 1«> I 
mtiil ' 
lliii iliii" <i 



. I ' I'Miu, fr.HU 

liil, \i i-t.i liit'l m-it'-ll 

ill" <\«<>il, wnr l>iii1illi|;>'W, 

' •'•■■■ t t<i Ank'ii* ii<<ltinii f'-r 

!'•» nil* )iaiii|>><n'-l wiili 

>ii|t, iiu<) iiftvr H H'TI" 

RlfilHtfl" III* lux* l<"'l I'VU\IU to WBVIT, wll"" 

lliii tiniiitl iif till- l)i>i)tjliu4« nprfiid n (miiic 
Vilili'ti ivaiillixl 111 u1ii>r n>ut. IjCIIIk:^ vru 
nniiillr aUiii til f-ulil ItlutH) by Kir Jiudm lis- 
Dillidiicl. |A|ni;i).v,],i)niirWluidlMn)Ukun 
(•riMiiinr, JIuiWili wit'itiviiljr mmimudnot 
■iitly I'V till' kiiiu, lull l)y .Nrraiii wlio vrm 
■i-vh aF^Ki iIk' linttlo * wtrnpinKVcrrin bithirlio 
aioillc«l, biiit w'VDiwI iiinii that, mir Sci>ll'itiil 
liiim, Itim brir ■Iniiin t lili lUv." nut Imil his 
oliiak 'ifac'itrlfil iipiti liitn. nitiloniim<il wntcli- 
luaii ulaiiil alHiut liiiiii iiiiliilr tlio lkitiui» M<r- 
VMitl* uniu oikI I'iiHihI liiin' ( Pithi.'ottir, 
p:J(dN) (liillit'fiirriiitiirtHirihoKfitnti'iiof llio 
rebiil liinln, ArrniinoNiivuil <L|inuilnft.)ioliiiii]ii 
i)r(!builiii mill KvAiiOiili'. \Vi't till! rM'npc tit 
Litii liiriK fmiu iliu iKJwrr of tliii |)i)ii|iIabub at 
l''iklklaiij, Armri aI ((.'IuIm) lUu uiwtiii^ nt tlio 
coiincil nt Hiirliiitf, nt. wliicli llip Iloii^ 
wi^m forbid ill' II tn ii]iiiri)ni?b witliin six inilM 
(iribn ouun III! iiiiin of Junlli. lln wn* iilaa 
wiiH hT l.liiwe Tflio Aitt OIL till' f«rfi>iiuro of 
Angiu, and uttvt Ibit net uf forfritiin- -n'Rii 
pMwd nevivsd tbi> InnlnLiji of I)utti«Fll 
fn«V-.Wav. &);. i. Piitry 707 ). llndi<*dbcforo 
il July lfi29. 

ArriuiwuM mnrrii-it fir»l tnBiintrix.dnii^b- 
Tur of John, lurii llrtimmond, by vrhom he 
lltd n rlaiiphliT. Mrtrganit, innrricil In An* 
dniw Stnwnrl., lt>nl T'vtiiidiiliT iiiid (k^liittni', 
wbOM grundMiawiu CAfituin Jiiintu Sli"n'iiri 
[q. x.J, Um teeuMir of tbl^ n-ct'iit M<jri n, 
tni SvowiUt of Jamc* VI, by - ' " 

whom liL- 

wBacTMtad EufefAiMayV 
millon, tbiid rmrl [r^. x.\ mwm 
iiiauio. II« vu Bsmml ■■ 
whon lia wm Jl tgw d a» lb* 
bpr prrrimH bnchaaii, TViaai 
bcir of J'.bn, Infd luf of Y«aHr*«n* «■ 
living wlion tlic awmw taok |iBa» <»«k 
rial oopj of M tMi w of g »< wg is tW. y 
/Junontfrf* r*lalim§ to Wwffaii; it. 171-*: 
nroew* of dtvofM anraM EGh^mA ITmt 
in< lUnilloK Papwa; Jfai>lk»rf OM JVmJ- 
Imrn^, iv. IW; utd IEmc. MSS. fymtm. Utfc 
lU(>.App.T) BflhMMsnM^t 
h<> Wl DO iuiw. Tlu IenHtv«f th» J<ii 
vrni Aflnnrard* dixputMl by ta« Eari W L»- 
— —.Y. ^ 1.L...1.. — -^ '-firniiiii'iil 

irnt iliHil-ffTirntb'i r-n^nl>T^ri^^^f tfwJr|i>r* 
(hi (hijt pte* I^'nox kftnni-mrd» rliimil 
fi^niitx tbu dowi'ndaniA of tLo ijtird wife— 
vbinn III' rvpnwnlnl to b« buterda — M b* 
n»xi lii'ir 1» lb« erown. The Uurd wife w» 
Jonrl, daii^btcr of Sir J>av>d Betbasa «f 
Cnivili, (-onipl mllrr of Scotland, and wiAt* 
of Si r TlitJiDiM Lii vinifstoao of £ast«r W-'^o. 
Itv li'.T hi' bad two Moa, Jameat ffecu . 
of A mil and duhu of Clilt«lliv?Bu]t , - , 
nnd (lAvin ; and foiirdan^btcr*. Gnt^ LwhL 
tuArriiil lo Jobn lloiiiuitrnc of CoriMOWl 
■KNnid, llolen, to Arclubald, fniiixb rari af 
AiRylli tliird, Jobaona^to AluxuidiT, fiftt 
Mn of Q IcHL-airu ; and (inirtb, J anet , ii i Dafid 
lV»w«tl of Ancbinleck. IIu haJ foB 
iinliirnl *[iti» whom bo oclniowlMl^ed : 
Junoa I Iftiiiiltiin of I'lnniirt {d. 1A40) 'f\. ' 
uiin-atiir iif t)io HnroiltniM of I-'vamla 
(Vnwfimljolii. Sc, Sir John Tlamiti'jn of 
Clytb'ndnlr, Jauica Hamilton of rnrUbnlli 
itiiil Jobn lloniilloii [q. v.], Brchbbfao|i <K 
8l. AiidniH-a. 

(Cat. Docs, ralaling U Seotiand. vol. iv.: C«L 
8liae I'ajion. Ilriiry VllI; Raft. Has- ^*9- ^^n*- 
Tol. i. : IlatiiitioD l^tpi!>r*.iii Maitlxad Clal) itn' 
nWnny, wl. iv. ; Hist. -MSS. Comia. lltb Bap. 
A)'i>, |>1. ri.^ Hbtonaa of LiiiJuy of I>itiKDlUt, 
lliatiiip I.«f>I«j, KDii KiiiMi; Uuasbia'a Stottidi 
IVfT.iffo(W.iiiJ), 1.607-8.) T. V. B. 

FiuuBrt, rovnl arehitect, wa« a naiurul aon 
of Jaues i^smiUon, siecciiid lord llaniillan 
mil] finX pnri of Arran[q. v.], and v&s lliere- 
f(ir<' liulf-liroibi'r of Jntnra llamillon, second 
unTlofArniTiri), v.], gnvi'nior of Scotland, and 
of John IJiunninn, arr.hbiKlio[iofSt..\DdT«v( 
[o. T.] l\t> in iidniittod to haw bMn a maa 
or I'secptiownl ability, tut wm wild imd iia- 

fiptitoiu), Ft'oardleds of principles, and y* a 
li^ot in relif^ion. Though tbt* atun on his 
I'iHb pnncluded bim from all hop« of suMea> 
I'ln lo his father's titio, be was deemed a 
, lilting companion for llie youthful 




June* V,oTpr whom h« latterly wiektedooo- 
cidcrtU* powvr. I]amiltim'awly}re«nv«ra 
•f«Bta)nf)«il,iiBd bft Menu to kaTe'doTftlopwl 
biCgMot tutimtltui* for afdiiu«lui« «t tb« 
cmiiC of Fisneu I, vihtn bo mi<i*<t for Aome 
tlmfk On hU K-tam lio found Scollund di*- 
tncti^ bclwutt the rival fiwtiomi of lliv Don- 
■wulthr llamillona, and li« at ooce threw 
e8l]iu»ia»ticaUir into tli« coAt«*t, 
J put with iiM f«tb'«T. ilio utme fij{urM 
[wmiBaaUy u ' the Uulard of Amn ' u tb< 
lm«n» Mranlot between thoM iMdvn, and 
lajr of tuu ino't rcprchvufiblo nat« coin- 
ttt«d by tbc ]luiiilt(>D foclion nr« laid to 
lum chatfie. In llio oonAict c«U<.-d ' CIuulm 
the UouMWkT ' in (he «trMl« of Idlialtuc^h on 
aOAprillSwiMt-wixl tliu l-^itrl of Amuiund 
Axchibd<lDou|[Us,uxilifrarliirAii^ua [<!.¥.]. 
fimywoivfruMratalb^hiBactioii. TheHamil- 
tOBSWtn dofrolctl, Mid Sir Jamm and his 
iatlicr eaca[)ud with difficulty, bang furcod, 
It ia said, to fly fnun the aoene of tbo combal 
anouatnl duubh- on a rnllinr*! wiclc-fanrap. 
After the Iwtllt' of Linlitliirnw, J ."viit. l.Wfl. 
belMTtvn John 8lcwurl, varl ot Ifunuox, imd 
JuDve llamiltnii. lirst oorl of Anui fcj. i.l, 
Hamilinn wu Kuilly of the murder oF Len- 
nox, afti-r ibnt noblt^man hvl deliror^^^d up 
Itui ivottl and dpclnnil binuu'ir n priwitiiT. 
Uoroiltau'Akpolngidta Iuivm in vain dKniifil llw 
cbance. A groom of the driul I'ltrl followed 
Huulton to KdintiiuylL aiiJ uiunWroii&ly 
anaullodliim.althoM^li he failed lo kill him. 
Tbor« ii sCitl in tba potwaeion of tbo Duho 
of Miintro0p nn agreeounit nadp by ISir Jam pa 
Hamilton with tlm murdprrd tnan's ton, 
]d«ttbnr. earl of Lnniiui:, wlic<»b}' Jtmna 
fceccn nw vonnd to fen aix chaplain* to 'do 
mfiam Sat ifae toul of Ou dtceaaod John, 
«ari « heuaos, for aeven yvan, ihrvit of 
Ituen to aing ooaiinually in l.ha Colli^' Kirk 
of llanilion. and tlii> uihsr tbrvo tu iins 
eoniimially in tlw RIockTriars of Gloasow" 
{Jliil. MXS. Omm. Srd Rnp. p.SOSl. Atlai 
llie deatJi of llamillun itif jitiint lliua mmb' 
nru ivneved by tlui kin^ fKoni Hnmilinn'* 
fbtfeilad eataleit {Hee. Mag, Sy. xx\i\. 1 1&). 
llMBitfl hi* (iirbuLene<> llamilton itill re- 
tained hiaploce in the king's favuiir. Itfbod 
obloiiMMl tho Undaof Finnart in ll<'iirr>^wsbir(' 
from bii rath<^r in IF>07, with t^viimumiiu'iil 
«if llui kiu^, lIu'R IVinn- Jnin)-4(/6^. ^Ifdy.-Viy. 
xiT.48S),mpefiorof thnt trmlarr, ininftrr 
tltf wwMMooof Jamea V oMjiiirtsi adtlirioiihl 
ettalee. Frvna cli«rtvr rvorded in tbi.''Il4-- 
tfiater of the Unrat Seal,' und^r dsti' 'M Jan. 
: JRI2-1S, it a|<|>Mn that the Earl of Arran, 
(TJnK n-i Ivyiiimatv hvin s> ihst limv, iiv- 
J«d bia natural aon, ijir Juaei Hanulton 

nf Kinnan, aa hia heir of tailiie, with approTol 

ofthekin^iJaneo IV, though thiaprocrvduix 

vai <-ontnir}- to liyal nmcticv in 8colUuJ. 


randi-r«dlunion<* of llirmiwl [Kiwrrfui of ibo 

Sootliah baron*, and ho bod thr a<blr\<«« U< rv- 

' Cain tli« aflvclionofoiMof Ihe uoat fiilili^ of 

^ MOnarcbi>throa{; Ilia 

ability oa au archiUvt WMUiffly utilim'd by 

thu ki»^,aud be is ovkuowled^d to hari' iH-tru 

I tbe doMgner of Oroigiietlinn CeolU and tbo 

i rwco&aWuctor of the royal palaoni of L'uiliili- 

I sovr und of FaUUnd. The nmavaliuii of the 

laltcr i>a]iicc nraa oomplotod by him in inSt), 

and as 11 ivward for hiB acrticea he oblaiiii-d 

! Ictlcra of irgitimaLioii fniin ihn hi»g tuidvr 

I tbe great teal on 4 Nor. in thai roar lift, 

Hamilton took, in ir>;.H nn ari]v« ixtrt in 
tbo miutyrdon of Patrick llnmilion U\. v. J, 
a rolatiruofhiBon'n. In IR'lOJauK-n riiinul- 
loa of Kincnvul, bmtbrr of Patritk, mi-nW 
laihti kins an uUrKnl plot in whicbtJirJamna 
Hamilton bml U-^nt invidTt-d fnrthi- murder of 
tbtfkin|{*ufarbackBNiri2d. V\tim tliiainfnr- 
nuLTionf^irJaneawaiamHitedandbmiiiilii in 
trialonacliarBi<ofhifihlrmaon. Aathi'Uiii^ 
liml rinvntt'd lobisarn-«l,notiinawa»hi-<t in 
convLCliiiK t)ii> pritoner.und be wsanvcuTi-d 
imuirdiiili-lytli^ 1(1 Aiift- 1^10. Ilia 
extiriiiiivc nuTalcn vrvTn niiifiacnti-d, and many 
]tafti*a of I ho ' Iti-Ktutitt of ib*- Un^t 8i-at ' aru 
occupil^d with Lbii rword of tbv diMribnlioii 
of tbvse MlKlM among Ibn new farouritos of 
the king, 

Ir is hmiitImI ljy aome of iho older bi^ 
toriana that tbv kincwaa axiivd wilh rvinorto 
for hi* ahare in the deaih of bi* fat mini t-, and 
thotdnringthe twobnitfyiiarawbifb lu-*iir- 
Tired hia eoueh vraa luiuntinl by llio apwclm 
of his old i?oaijianion. 

llamilloD waa married prvvinna to irj'Ji'(tft. 
xxiii. MJ)to Mar]ga»t Lavinitatuun «f ICaator 
Wcniv^s,wbosiirvir»dhiu,fl^ who obiaitu-J 
nfli'r iK-r huabaud'a d<«lh a grant of thi-* life* 
rt-nt ofihn barony of Tillt«ouIlry,whicb Ud 
b»-tifiirrt-il<-(J thruueh tbntn<awinort4)rJnni(ts 
L'olvilk'uf hJmt'-r Wnmyi^ Thi> lUimlliina 
of Oilkarwl«uifh, Kvamlalr, ami rrnwf.ifd- 
johtt d(«c«nd«^d from Sir JanM>* Ilaiuilton of 

(Tytlrr'n lllat. of JVoiUnil ; Pitcoim'a Crlninl 
TnnU; l{*|{i<tnini Mkcni ^K'"' • A*^** ^*i- 
^ool.tol.ii j Lnl*y*>Hi*t.of SnjtIiiBil- llulifta- 
hed* Cliruatela. It. I»l, Arbntlh td, ]«».] 

A. IL K. 

HAMILTON, JAMICS, >ceond Kau. ar 

.Viitux n»d Drils OP OiUr):i.ii>:iui'r.T 

{J. Iti7t,}, fi;tii'pni»r of ticolland. tlw nldi^iit 

I ton of JtniK* Hnmilton.tvnnMl lonl lluDilt<7n 

I and lint wl of Arraa [q. r. > by bia at.-conil 




wife, Jknrt I)«tiin of Ewtttrr Wemrw, euc- 
cmlixhotlitte&rkluniuuthedeatkofkurailier ' 
in lii29, DuKbk his minocit; he KtBatncd 
under ikeKiurdianahipof SirJanwlluoiltoD 
(a 16401 U.T.'}vtTua)BTt(Bamaa,iiMSS. 
A.OV Ial696liraocoiii^&ied JtausVoDliis . 
inammomiilrn)«ditioointoFWBC«(PnnBB* ' 
Tux.ii. %)7). Uo tbftdcatliof JunM(14DM:. 
1&4^), shortly after Ui« btlde of Solway 
Mom, he WU chaMn |tn*'«mor oif tha realm | 
diirinf; the Diinorily of Mary ; ami. notvith- , 
■taoding the violent and unaerupulous op- 
Mtion oT Oftrdinnl Itealoii [lu^e RiuTOX, 
kVID], wu iiutall«d in bis ollice on £f Itnc. 
IBIS. Hit eleclion, whit'h vai confinned 
br tkt MtAlea on U, Mareh 1&13 (^i;f< t,/ 
Part. ii. 411, ri93), wan tliit mtliet- to hii 
poaition as * second p«KOH of the t«q1iii ' 
nhrough the marria^ of hif prandfatber, 
1 ,8ir Jami>t« Hamilton of Ca<iioT, lord lUtnil- 
tOB {d. 1471)1 [q. v.], with .Mnrv. siafr itf 
Jai&«e lll),uuui toanye'iimniaDclingUt^nia 
of bis own, thougli, uoonling to Knox, ' tlio , 
eauao of the great &vaiir that waa borne to I 
hira -mm that it waa bruited that h» favoured , 
God's ward, and because it waa well kiiawn ' 
that he was one s|iTH>int«d to hare been persa- | 
cut«d,astht< scroll found in the kin^r't piiclcet ' 
Kft«r bin deAth did wilnnu ' ( il'Jnrmali'Hi, ' 
i. 94, 101 ; Sablbib, StaU Papf,-., i.yi, KlH). I 
He was a man of Bn-nt v6Atth and ri-finf^- j 
nmt, ^nial and tolerant, tbouaib »oin»whftt ' 
vain in bis priTate reUlious, but in public | 
ft^uia indolent and TacilUttntc in tUo v\-\ 
treme. AbnoM fi«m tho first it ims appa- ' 
ront that in political capacity and tlariui; he 
was inf-:tior to bis rival the cardinal. To 
Boarr ^111, bowercr, his diameter and ro- 
Ugious seutimcnta aooned to prcMnt a fa- 
Tounblv opportunity for the rcalisalton of 
hiaachumi: <jf aunion between the two liiiig- 
dome, and Jii> vfToita wen fpnrfd, rven l<r a 
Himptintr otf-r of iiiarnii*rt: b«t.wm'n bin cklest 
eoDond ihc: I'rinc^ss LIIiifi)H.ali, luntl-achlutn 
totht-Kn^livliinliTMl (Saulkui. i. I^t, lUl'). 
But thnn^li a iilinnt ooougb instrument ui 
Ilanry'.i Uiind, fir wnn b^ no mi-ans a tniBb- 
worthy oiii-. Already, in llm brKintiing of 
April IMS, Sir KiUpli Radli-ir m^licrrl t>ynii»* 
toma of CcTinverBaliun tu Iiini, whirl) wuru 
gGQenilly attributed in the inflm-ucu of his 
natural brother, Joiin Ilaniilton {d. lft"U) 
r^.v.3,abbotof Paisley, [in J aftorwards an^U- 
Dish,o^ of Si. Andrews, a mnii af unboundtd 
ainbiltnn, who, bavitig stlnrlied himself to 
Oanlinal Bnatiiin. liLtmiirvtt nwiihioiisly tnwin 
Arraii ovtir lo th» French nidn, riipri'm-ntitig 
to him bow, owing to tliR wanner of bin 
father'* dirortti from bis first wiff. KliKalM-ih 
I [a[iu>. il would inevitaljlj endan^^er lii* i-iaiiu 
tu lbs sUDOeaaioD were be to eul hinuulfolF 

from commuoicalioD with Rome (ib. L 1B7, 
158, lt»i CuwruKD, OJtar«i^litate,i 37d| 
Kxox, It^arma^mt i. IW : IfamUUm JII6 
p. 49), John's rt y t e e fn ty l io M carried mu 
wctj^ntwith tboweak-iundedgOTeTTior; but 
Ilia incUnatioD irFidtiatlr lay to the other 
dirvriion, and Tlennr's ngeuts wanted hint of 
the rUk be ran of puTinir into the cardinidl'i 
hand, only to Sud lilmielf dL*cartlr(l in t~ 


narir* went amaaged for a treaty betweea 
Enjirland and Scotland on ibv basis of a 
marriafftt between Oir in&iil llaty smd tit» 
vouDgPrinoe Edward |,KTXEB,xi\-. I'M, TW). 
but the alliance waa not popular. Tb^ 
common people everywhere, wrote Sadleir, 
munnuroa against ths gOTemar, * saying bo 
was an hemic sad a good Eaglislmni, aaA 
bath sold this rvslm lo the king's nujeaty' 
(Sadleik. i.i»lii,L'-14). Thn captnre of Mary 
and bar n^moval from I.iulitb^w lo Stirling, 
together with the appearand' of LeniUMC OB 
the scene as a rival claimant to tbe socm^ 
siun, further ahenaled him from the Engliili 
alliance. ' The goremor, methlnlteth,' wrote 
Sadliur, *is out of benrt and nut of conrage' 
(lA. p. SflO). Aftar contirtning the Enf^lMb 
trcatJet on !!5 Xva. he, on 3 Sofit~, joined tb* 
French party. II<! stole quietlv away, aa 
Knox inpreeacd it, fn>m llolvrood Palace to 
ColUadM* Houee, near Falkirlt i tburt? he met 
the cardinal,and procl■cdl^d with him toStif 
liujr <i&. pp. S70, S83-^). In tbt> I'raaciscan 
convent of that city he pubUcIr abjuivd lus 
religion, tuid, having received absolulion, rr- 
nounccd tbc trt«lics with Knglaod, and de- 
livennl his eldest son lo the cardinal as ft 

Mari/, ii. 401). But a/Ur bavitig takvn ll4^| 
dtcisive Sti!p hti otilL wavt^red in bin polic^^H 
At one time be secretly informed bodlcir 
that be waa only leiiifioriaing with tbe Freiinh 
party (Sablbik^ 1. Jt^): al another he wa», 
*by the pciBUasions orthocardjnal.t'amestly 
beilt against England,' and vras rrsohW to 
destroy 'bU such nulilctntn iLud others within 
the rtuilm Bndii favour Anmi-' (I'A.p. 336). 
Ilir n-puiliatton of the irviLtiiii wii-i of course 
fulluwed by an outLn-ak i>f hiMtilitico. ^h 
Arran's conduct in the regency had ir>v'd^| 
little satisfaction lo either party, and acoal^^^ 
tion having taken placr between lliem. it was 
resolved, al a convention »f tiobU's at Si 
ling in June Ll-H, lo transfer l.ha go 
mcnt to tlie qui-cn-dowsffer, Mary of Q 
l^AVn/fl i'lifirr,, ilirnry VIll, V. 3»l-l ; Diur- 
not af Oiv'urrmti, p. Xi). On ibia occasion 
Arrau acted lioldiy, and, ignoring the act of 
tbe Stirlinj,' Gonvcniioii, aummoned apai^ift* 






BMOt to Ediatiurgit on Itl July. Tlior«upoa 
tbt qiMm-doiragor odvucvd agaiuit bJm At 
th» li««d of a coiuidffnblo force, liut, finding 
tha cit J- (00 (tnm^ly fi)rtifi«<3, retired to St ir- 
ting. AmajmntpoiiMl the mcutuiff of par* 
liitmeal till NovemWr (^Aet*(/^ri. ii. -I'l'i). 
The quMB-dowaffer issued writi for & rivul 
twrliameiit to bslitild tx StirlinR on the litli 
oT tb« BMBB monU) {Diumal ^ Oemrmib, 

C. 36 : Tttuui. Hiftorp, r. 350-65). But 
y the c»rdiiiara intt-nri-nl ion "lif won con- 
■iraiood to gitr w»v, nntl i>n tl Mari:^li \Tt\'t 
omwwitMl to ftcknowkilgi) Amn'ti niiiin;- 
laaOTiBiid co-o})enilewithliim in llit- routlurl 
otaauniJlamUtonMSS.v. 3ii(. 3Ii-anvihile 
the war will) Bn^tBiitl si ill went ou. Afti-r 
Hit dvfraC of tlm Hcots at Pinkie ClL-ugli 
<10 9opl. 1647) ilio situBtion of Scollnnd 
wu gravo in lilt* rxtninr. Arran cxurtod 
hiaoAelf n» inurli tu lil* v-aV natnTQ wu 
able; but. iliMErTecl Uy ihe nnbXvt, tnnriy nf 
wboin had privntt^lr niadt- thfir rn-nce with 
England, he was unablu to work 10 omch 
porpoae. um] the mns of ^Tenimi^nt ^riiilii- 
slly kUppfd into Ihe slionger himda of tli«^ 
qoMifOOwagt^rr. Hj hm adrim a counril wm 
CDtiTeiKHl Rl Stirling, when it wax ivnalrwl 
10 apiiMtl t» FmitCK fur kKaiatanc-c r^jnimit 
Engtand. Tlit? jiruiHuuil wan wariulv *u)h 
potted hy the French ambaiuadoT I>()jiet, 
and a aiiflgealioa was made tLat itie yuung 
Qncan Marjrahould be tcmovwl lo trance 
for wfrty, 1'h» sugfMtion, foreshadowing 
■a it did n mnrriagiiliriwwu )(ary tiiid tliu 
dauphin, waa dimaiicfiil ti) Arrnii.'who wu 
nut williuut liu|Mi of an allianoi; lit>tweL>n hot 
and hti i-I<](4i ii»i ( LraiJJl, p. 201 : Thokpk, 
Vat. i. IW, 7 1 : Tttlbb, vL an. Ai a muBt- 
mg of the ««tAtea on 17 July 1648 the ar- 
■wagamcnt was formally ronArmed ; a judi- 
Cioaa diatribiition of FreDcli jrold amonfrthd 
nobility.and a grani nf tticdtii'liTnf t^halnJ- 
h«rault tn Arran himiM>lf, withot'lKtrfnvourt, 
amoolhinft oriir all difUcultiiri (Stetcsmis, 
Cat. ii. 19 ; t^poriBWOOH, p. 89). Arran'a 
■opine coodnct ia ffcnerilly attributed to 
tb» «ba«Ke of Ilia brother the archbiahop, 
•nppai«d to be on Lia <li>af)ib»d at the time 
(I'KiWFTKD, i.37'), Tlie arriral ofr»inforce~ 
mcnta from Franc*) and ibo rDncluainn of 
■OMC with I'ji^liincl in liViUij^uve thaqUMB- 
oowapn' a furtlivr ndraalofiv tn her endea- . 
Vonr (o owai l.:)kit>-llivraiilt from thv r^vvncy. 
|ifoiwitlwt«ndiDX bif aMidutfUB de%olion to 
dutita the nobilily w^rv Rndualh ilrawn 
f tohcraidu. lotlu^iiced, bowover, by liia 
''Initlwr, who had i«x>ver«d from hi« illoeaa, 
end who iqiTCtviited lo him the follr nf r^ 
liriDd from poww, when only tin- life of a 
.frrbl« 1^1 BliMd bctwran him uid the cniwn 

did not yield TitJiDut a struggle. Butfiaally, 
findintr himself deserted on all aid<«, be on 
lii April ISW n'l ucl ant Ir consented to abdJ- 
<«tc iMtt «f I'art. iL 000-4). lie mani- 
fested, however, no fcelinga of rMenctarnt 
Bfrainnt the qucen>dowoger, and continued to 
suiijjOTi hi-T gi'vemment nntil she bod drircii 
I Ibe pniCeHtant iiable» into relwllion. Ktier 
niiicli liL-nilHtion be tlifii nJiiiiiiil a |Kilicy 
' more roneonant wiih liis own inUuetiU. Ou 
, the cupture of Ediuhurg^h (38 June IS&U) by 
thp lurdn of I he cungrcgnlion he intimnicd to 
tbn n^gvnt that it wna no longrr poaaiblc for 
hiiuto tjike part with hi^ against thosnof t.h« 
asian rfliiriou oa liimiielf Oii ihe fnlliiwiiiK 
day lie retired 10 Honitlion (StrveswiS, Cat. 
L M9. 36G). ire would ftiill have fcludly ob- 
scrred a strict neutrelitv, hut the pressure of 
the protoatanla and of ("'ecil finally led him, 
with erident rvltirtance. lo nign the roi'ernnl 
(ib. i. 401, ATI; 8^Di.kir, i.404). Iliii drf.-e- 
lion euin])emiitl the reitent, who chacywi hini 
wiih B ueiiire 10 uiiurjt the crown (niEVCK- 
aoK, Cat. ii. 43j, and endedvourt-d 10 uudcr- 
mine his credit at the English court by fotg' 
inga letter add n.'ssed loFrunris IE, in which 
Chfitrlhi>m.ult wn* mikdi* tii prof>>n( nllesiance 
td ihi' Fn-nc'h kinjt, nmi In iiff<-r si-cwnty for 
biafidelilv in tbexhniM'of abhinklioud. The 
letter luuno 10 ihi'kuowlcd^ of tUi' Knirlidt 
privy cauneil, and tbau^'h Then- wns 8 general 
tendency to diKTe<!il it, yet Cbfttelhemult'a 
rsputalion for iosincerily gave plausibility 
to tb«i charge, and bn wan tntinnliitlely ques- 
tional nlKiiit il. ilu d«iiii'd all kiuiwledpt 
of il, and offrmd to flghc any one whnd«uMr-d 
bis word. The plot was finally explodi^ by 
an iniercepied letter fn?m the rv^nt lo the 
eanltnal of Lorraine, coin plain ins of the way 
in which the Frvnch nmlianuiJiir in Eng- 
land hail mmmrtniifird th» businosii. Hul 
thn unspieion, whi ie it riiited upon him. gai-n 
C'hdtelhernuU prral uneasimiM, and r«tis«l 
him to age rapidly {ib. ii. 33l», ISS. \»\; 
TerLET, i. iW, StJB; Uatnes, p. 267 1. tlis 
proportT in [''raiice bad l^nff since been 
seiic<], 'hut bt" ibe tr^Mity of Minbtirgh it 
was siiptdated llial it nJiould b« rmtorrd tn 
him (IUtxkb, p. 3&4). After the dvalb of 
Francis II in iWcmber ITilXI ChAidhdrault 
again cnticMved the project of a marriaf^ hr- 
twecu his eldest son aiw(Jneeu Mary, which 
be regarded as Iha onl^ Me<i]iiaLe guarantee 
for the rtvoguitiou of his claim lo the succjm- 
sion. Ilia overture* were n-wived by Mary 
in a frieudly spirit, bnt thi^re wa* bttle pro- 
aposti !■ the opinioa of Dlhcr*, t bat I facy would 
beniliaediSrerainoK, CW. iii. MO, ir.SSj 
TTnxit,-»i.90e,219), <,hi the queen's arrival 
in Scotland he was one of the Arnt to mIiiI« 
her. but his sbMincc from the subenjiiont fee- 




t^vitioB at EdinbuTgli wu noted iind cotn- 
Ljitented upon in a otjlciliat obli^ivl him to 
Uppetr at court, wht^n he wm 'wdllrrvii'ivtid' 
ny the quern (Sik^-exbox, (W. iv. S91 >. But 
rlia ira* ill at. cmc^, foT6iM«ing Oim^r, but 
raoubtiDtf ttom wh&t qiuiler it woul j c-imo. 
\S\iO muiMU of bin sou JaniM,uid h'u* atory 
cf a plot towiie the ijuefrn's p«»an kud hiiII- 
vcrt lliv {.'uvernmeiit, iiujilicating hitaMlf, his 
iathvT nud BotJiwuU, Mill furth«r un«ait]od 
k4iiiii. Mary's conduct on tluE occKion (i'^. 
iv. 603-4) went far toniaaciiro him, knit llio 
icllavriMl &linoil aa u matter of counii. Iti 
lfi06 (.hermtonktioiiitf hiflolil i-n<-iuy Ijimiqdx 
«nd the proposed murnu)c<- bvtwivti Miir.v and 
Dnnili-y lilftnl him with fri-wh ikii|>rehciuiaiifi 
{lA, rii. ii'<iS, STii'}. Animutod by ih^ ntittude 
of Murray, hf di'clincd tootn-j o summonHto 
court {Jieaiaf'T nf thf i'nrViy Coit.nni, i. ,1651. 
He wna tlioroipiin iiniclniiyii-il ii trailur. iind 
■lorlljr iift-i'rwjinl!! tf mil 11-1 h-d '" "'■'■ '"'"" '''" 
life ocjnw thu bunl'^r. I'^ixulll^I.U cliniiiunt'd 
aJt lympathy with him. uiid frum Non ni.ti !■- 
hfl iMXHt mada ovon art* for forjjiveiiciw and ro- 
aloration. At first Murj ■ii<li|:ni'>nt1y de- 
cliiLpd tti lii-lr-n to him, di'diirina thiit nothing 
but his hund wouhl sntltfy hur (SiKVicxaox, 
Oal- vii. AH), ■^t^!^), hitt (ID !ii» ruiuiriilinir i" 
igo iiilo baiilkhnietii for Sva vt-iint liv ohr.iiiiird 
apardon (Ifamiltim .V-W. [>. l.ti. Jjimt itig 
hJftdublauniiitid.Chiilelhi^roitll alipju-d iitvny 
in Fabruary Ifltltl lo Fratu-i', whiirn hn rns- 
«upied hiraaelf in vmu emleavnura to nwovcr 
liiii duchy (Stuvensox. Ctti. Tiii. (i, 19, 09. 
SI J. The murder of Wurnley, Mary's mar- 
ria^ to Ui.ithw(-ll, har imjirUonjUBiit, and Iho 
Bp|)oiiittn«ni of .Miirriiv ii» rrgunt materially 
altercH ("hiitolhuriiiillK attitiul<). Dnmloy 
■out iif tlm way, Miiry ■wiw no IdOfpir \iu 
cni-my. Hr ihon-forL- rupairiul lo the Fnnidi 
Cfiurt, protL'tttd his loyalty, and ofltn%d hi* 
sword in tloft'iiw of hia soviTeij^'s caiisQ. 
Ho doiiircil at tlio eamt> limo, we are talO, to 
add janniL'thiojr toiicliing hi* suit for the 
tecovMy of his diicKy, but tlwi king ' cut 
h dbnM,' ftnd turned thi' frrinv«Mn.tion info 
Another cbanmd {ib. viii. Sit'i). ITo mnnn^^d, 
however, to secure in li<-u of it n pt-'iuion of 
fourlhuuBand franci, anda^'uplKiurd of |iUt« 
worth litteeii hundri'd crowns (i*fc. viii. S19), 
His attempt to rivise a l-wiwh force w«» 
frustrated liy Throckmorton, and ivln'ii ht^ 
landed in England oiu'ly in liflilf he was|irai> 
(jcally uoattcndMl. At Vorlt hi»pro)rre(«wu 
arrested by tbo Enrt of Siih^-s, but on pro- 
mising to Vhnvc in a dutiful manner ho waa 
ftUowtd to proceed (C'uuaBr, i'al. is. ,^1). 
Ilia ruluru lo Scotland, iinO \hc menacing 
attitude uf the HaiiiillouH K^'ui^ndly, iii#con- 
certtid ihe re^nt Xurray. lie tried iii vaiu 

to obtain from Chatolbenult on nrltnowl 
meni of tb« kinff'seuprDaiaicy^aad afUiwa 
un pretence «r a ccm[«rMK«i, mt-ei^ed him to 
J^ldmburKlit whom ha waa «rra«ld (Jvtlbb, 
vii. TJ^~>^i, AfWr Mnrm/a awminalloa 
In Janufuy ioTOCliatdhfrault iraa still more 
cloaclr confined, and il was not till tb« arri- 
val of Verac from Franco that lu> wot wt at 
libt'rly un L'O April, huriaii thm civil war 
t hut lollowcd, hia castIcA of Ilamitton, l^<»r^_ 
neil, and Liulithi{ow wcreruvd to the grouad^| 
by Sir W. Ihiiry [ib.iK.i'>'). Bnl, no4wiUiS^ 
»landin^ hia own ludaut and the upfMreot 

riiitkrnlly to Aiipporl tbu ifueeo's party t)^^| 

the Karlitf llunlly.hD consented loacknow- 

Iwljje the kiii^"* tmihority and lay donii hia , 

flwonl. lie alVrwardf declarvd lu KUli);Te«^H 
that L« would never cooM'nt to tbo introduc^^f 
tion of a Frcncli forw; into llw Ittn^ont, ba^^ 
Killi)j;reir vrnn miE without a eua^ion that 
he wa* I'vm then only teinporising {H, *• 

Chilelheraiilt died nt Hamillonon 22 Jan. 
I*i7/1. lly his wiff.tlie Lady .Mnr^rvt, eldi-.<, 
daugbterof James I)o[iglai>, third earl of Mor- 
ton, he had i>Miv: Jami« HnuiillUH, tliild 
earl of .Xrmn rq. v.] ; .Tiilin, tlrat marquis of 
Hamilton ■{■^'■J: lliivid. who died young; 
and 1"laud,"lorii IVuiley [i|. v.]; and four 
dnughlcr*: Itnrbnni, who inarried James, 
fourth lord Flwnina [q. t-J- '"K^i cluimbe^ 
luin of Scotland : Mar^^ret, wbo marriad 
AWniid«r. lord Gonlon, old«fl sonof Owor||[ev 
fourth «arl of Huntiv; .\nnr, who mnrriM 
Georjie, fifth enrl of lluully [ij. i.]; and Juie, 
who tniin-i<?il Hugh Mmilgumt-ry. ihird ewl 
of K(ilinlnii« (PoioiAs, Pt'prov'. i- 701). 

|_Uiiiiii1t..iiMS.^. (Hijt.M.<Ji.t:omm. UihRapL 
App. pt. y\.]: Ari» of lliu PiidiiiDifTlt of 9oo(- 
land; Sn,llnJr'iSi.ili>Pn]iDr»;Sliitei'tti)emof UiB 
Reign of lli-iirr VIII. vol. v.; Hymcr's Ficdexa; 
Itiuriiul ef i.'i-citrrunta in t^e<:>I.lnod Otannntyaa 
Club); Enox'a History of the Reformntinn, rd. 
Liiinp; Reinxtarnf (lie Pri'y Council "t Slcol- 
Und ; M«lvill'» Diary ; Crawfurd'a Offirer* of 
Stalo; Th'.rrii>'(i of Sinte I'm-er*: Cnl. of 
niilii'U MSS. ; Havnw'o HBrphUy I'apew: CaL 
iif Stnii- I'lificrs. I'or Corrcsp,, oil. ^ter*n*OB 
andCriiihy, vnU. i -x.; Dimgliia and rmwfiird's 
rwranet of .Scollnml ; and the HisturioiofScot- 
laiid by Duchanart. Druniniond. Iirilcy, Retth, 
ItobtriKuti, Siiutiawuud, Tvilur, and Burion.l 

K. D. 

of BoibwiiUhauirh. asMMin, wm dwcvnded 
firom a younger branch of the noble family of 
lltiDiilton. llin jrrnndfutluT was tbv fifth son 
of John llnmilioR of (>rlJi^■illOI^, the nojihaw 
of Sir Jitiiii<.-<, tlrnt bird lltunilton [n, t.T. ■od 
grundsou uf Sir Jamea Hamilton otCaoa 




ilis btk««Ml)Kai.'g«fcaM«rBa«b- 

heUlw «•«■•> 

0«K» BBffci— II aCatM lh»t kM 

amtn, b«t Wr MM ni Ctokfliv Sckv 
(PimuBir, OuMMf TVwlr, t. SSv TkM 
w«n M Wsi tbflB mm, Jtmm, I^rid, «id 
John. JaB«MB»toW««b«B AecUMt, 
fthbcmfffa Itsvid. on tW imtk <i tW faO*, 
added Uie titk oC Uatknll^i«h to Umi qI 
MoBktao-MiM whick W fanMrly btU,ffw 
bablf bMsoar Uw pnVirt^ Ul to Ibb «■ 
aixoant of hi* bnuffs fe rfcit M W . Davil 
and Jomc* wen tuuned to tmt Mten, I»- 
bel and AlUon Siockir, cohe i »— u * of Wmd- 
boiiSHlKv. iKDoniKT of the fact iImi Jubcs 
■• vail M Utrid w iateraud ia Waod- 
boaadMbaaladtoihcMifFpiantia) thai David 

after tWkaal»«r 

«#tW (kaM nMRod l« 
u tW ti^k £itk <f Ua? Amp BeA«^ 
tkhaoiMarUwl^dT Asm B<«b««tr» 
wUdi task pl^ at GlHeataiw Mr 
Ha soHBM thai iha t«u 

Tbo«Kk BvcWvIOhh^ was p a WU y m- 
natMl bv pinto t«Tiiasv, he «a* mmI Inr 
ika cUi6 sf tk* faoiMe oif lIuaihaM, aan 
tbdaadvaa t^ufmcvni IrUw ifmm\ 
tamdt. Th$ icfiHt Many waa iadawJ to 
(■•n FiBnfciiigli to dimua il» w mw ri U r at 
tWt fert rw wi tfc Lcri FImum gfP wW tw, 
bat an reading Olaigow fcaJia uw w wl tlwi 
be bad Wen unkd, asd Aaa}j aftenrmrda 
munin) to ^ iriinc on bia war to BSabvfb. 
ButhwrUlwuKfa Uj la vail for Ub m nan 
vaa tlie mmkrerof tbe rtfcni (see Avan^f^ I Uiaii oae oecaooD duriac bia pro|rKM> Ha 
titfAuyilqirPrv'tewt.MaiUaiidCl^lR^. 1 eitberffeoededordci(fMbuii to Gnlithfow, 
pp. 139-421. James Usnultcai fint apfican, , when tba n^fat aleft on H Jan. IfidB-T Oi 
1*6 April \M&, u one of the cantionm Ua lU cuok uphwpoattiMi inabaiuebekniciag 
Un!> I-Jul of Amu ( ^fp. i*. T. &t^t. i. 4-W). - - - 

to the\rr]ibi«bonorSt.AiK)rHWS,fDariJn(in 
»art«»nl from IM ragml'a loilffia^r. itiha 
nftiniU<in(lI«»-160*l ^q. v.J. bFUru of Ai* 
bmatli (■fli-m-«niji ManiuU nf lIuniltLiii), 
had tujiplted liim irith hi* ovrn cartiiae and 
wiUi a iwill bone, lie bid behind a window 
curuin. and at ibe diatanca of a finr l»t 
took leisumtv aim nt tlif rcf^-nt u, on Ibu 
noninff oif ilte S'Xrd, ho biAa bla jaunwjr 
akmg tbe narrow ■ii»ei. Tbe carblBB wat 
loadMt wHb four pelleta, one of whieh in- 
fliciwi ■ fiviiil wound ; t)w> wtwitAn it still {leiv 
t^rtitd at ElamiltAii I'alaiv. lli» lAaj; liitoAf 
hijrb boUMH CQDircalf^l l{<^thwi'Illu»iij[h, who 
eatMwd bv lli« g«»)«ti at tin- Iwalc, mounted 
hi* norae, and gallop^^l vki^t witrd* luwarJ* 
llaiaiHop Oaalle. AcoonJinc t'> It-ikcri llirrcl 
he waa apeedilv fotlowpj, IhiI 'aflpr yaS 
apunand vukI tia>) fniW litta liixln'wrirtk 

llewutak<*npnM)ii«rai^*idnon ISMay 


■ad n i e oc c d to dntb, bat wae pardoned 

at Ibe inl n rea at iop of Knox (Caubkwood, ii. 

417). Acootdingto [besatborof tbe 'Ilie- 

tohe of Jaae* tlw Sext/ Hamilton's bnda r- 

naiaed forf<?iied,and bid wif«,eipeeliiis to be 

allowed to remain in her house of Woodla- 

lee, waa nerenheleaa violentlf expelled, and 

* qubat for steif of njad and ex<«ediiig roM 

that ubee Bad th^n contmrtnd nvnorivixl tic 

nadneaa of epeeii es wmi nlmi^it iiu^vdibtc ' 

(p, 40). The Undf of WfMxIhnuMlen oune 

into tbe fo»t»ita ft li,Ut^m, lord justiee 

clerici till) uiu-li- of Ilontilloa'A wife, and Ibe 

piobabilitT ■« that thi-y were (omtXW eon- 

Tej-cd to him to MiTi- then from forfiitnro, 

Spotiewood >tutr« thai becuun; Bellenden 

irauld not pari vriiU (Letu ]lftinill<iii mndn ^ 

'biaqusiTvl to tlii.<rv}ct.-nl,vlio wamnoit inno- cniMralbeboree toleepcevvt«>'brodt<*tniik<>. 

cent and had rMton.'d him to lift' and liWrty. 
Acoordinrto one of tli<- 'llnmitton Papcn,* 
Bothvi-cllaaufrh Idllcd Mon^- jHirtly on dl- 
<]ount of his treatment of iLc quovii, atid 
paitlvin rvvi'iigi'orprii'ate ii^utiixyMiitliiintl 
(Sub Mitoellang, iv. liH). ll wiu ti<^<^ii <)ut 

by quhiUi niointa he ceraipil and Ki>t nway 
from all yenwt oniit li(>rera'(/M*irjr,P. IB), 

lie ' 

that the whole motive w&s prirato roveiiKc. 
and anxntiine to Uicr tradition llaiuiltoii's 

wife poriihed front thp exposure to which who proboblr !it lliid time waa aafo frum alt 
' at the in»lancp of pniseciilion in France. <>n rt June l&'O b» 

The awMwination did not pmducp Itio in- 
tended puUticatcOWt. Tiii'chii'ff i>ft!ii> llo- 
tnilionumilypnbliclydiniivoTnil tile III iiKlur, 
Hiid ' tviit to' the net of iht- llaiiiiltoitK pr^ 
ii-iiiliiie todieetinde llirin from nil rcll<>w«ltiji 
wilh lui- mur»lrr>T"(('*i,in:iiwooB, ij. 01: 


thv bad bMvn •iibj'X^tcd at the inelancc 
ihe regent. Thus Woodhoueclce wne siip- 
noeed to bare bn-ti lianntcd, an dem-ribcd in 
Sir Waller ScnM*> ballad afTailKiw Ostl^,' 
^ thi* 'abwipd nliantom' of llie wife nf 
doth w ell baii^b. Tlie lady, in fuel, not only 


was dt-piitrd by tho frii'iid* <>f Man ae am> 

basandor to tli<' kint; of I'rnnre lo obUin aid 

in cnrryin^ on the war in Scioiland i^Vi/. 

•Sfriff fiajx-rt. For, Sit. I r.tM)-r I. i-lltn HHH). 


Mtr\'ived ber husband, but was alive tbirtj her ft^rvent aatiifaciion that abe bad bowi 




' ttftaef <Cta/. Staff Pu^m. For. S«r. 1008-B, 
vtiCiyttlO). 71wsnp])OKndpreBenoeof Ainii 
iiiEurl&nd c*nM<d niich untapmHa in [''nnon 
Md Sjmin- EliMbeih iru Biupeoted ciT in- 
tandisR him to bo 'moiv tfasn a gucct' ( T>ii 
Quftdn lo Philip II, quotoi dt FwiroE, 
Uulitry, cab. i-J. \\. 216). Atmn ftrriv<-H nt 
I'Kil'ttiouH'nt We«tminrti>roiiL'8Aug-(CH/. 
Wiifp JWi*M, For. Srr. 15oft-8, Mitn- I'JTlV 
ElisaWtti liD^ lUi iaterview with him rhoiv, 
■ml kniB at Qamptoo Court. 

JMwo Arran'a amvaJ in Englnnd S«!Uir 
hui) nili wiHllliat a* aiMii as possn>l« ho «hoald 
bi> «-ul lo Swtlaiid, Ihiil ho toiglil owr- 
(<uini) ili« limitatiiiii oi thu Dukt of Ch&iol- 
iiiipitill in RUiiicirliiiK thu R-fwinod pBrty 
I iMi 1 . .v/ri/piV'''t'''l*^)- ArroiiBptv- 
1 IliiitlnriJ wasiiwl K;L'i>(mi»'.''l. "'""k'' 
(|*ll> hii'ivrii. A |"im lo ScolUutl wn? 
iiiiw iiiii<l<< fill f<'( lu)i> iindur a fcii^ac^l nAtno 

IOii «r.tlc J\f^'^r*, I'or. S«r. outty 1S9S). 
U H>i II14I iinMHi-iil.,aud«'a«pn«()ntn.t tliu 
titm ■ ' ' UlSUrUnKonthclltIi(K»oi, 
I 4I. I 'i><«tailtMiil] fonttitDf Ui^ulru- 

ii^utlon of Iitd futbcr, wlio, 
' . bvnunn iwconcilcd to tovae 
> iliii rmijfroKntioiii niid dm 
■ r III tbv ijiifpn-rogi-nt dcpriv- 
. ,_^ if4i>t«iiy. I'lncoumptd 1»y tlitt 

Mifi , < I > Mini tUi' prtwuncc' iiF Kaa- 

,\,,ti.' I ■ lull iimbiunndor, thu conjrre- 

I iiiiri<rr<l I'Miii1iuri;1i with a 
' tliiiiiRnnd, whHri-upnii the 

I ini.l wlihiri llii-farlillfatioiiB 
I I iJivtli wni iHTHUBili'd bv Cecil 

II I III! «iiii{K)rt of iho Scottish 
I l>c\ «f TVithwell [sm 

f,..irih Kari. of Born- 

■ iMLtbiiil thil BicMwiiHvr 

Vrrnii oini ly.iril .luuit-s 

I Liuxful nltempt lo CAp- 

I ii'Iiiot) (-'atll?. Iiin priii- 

Sl'ilt I'ai>er», Tur. Ser. 

II. nV,\\ llHii tu Cnnli'ilt 

-uX 11l>T Kii"i"'i* in it 

\ lUi irtill^limrt raaichfd 

1 H eoiivoyof jro- 

' t A'liplirromLeilh, 

I < > ilie manhM be- 

' ohI, had to retire 

•t. Thi« and iir«- 

i!i tlip iiittitrniity 

>>r lilt! I'nttli', diiu 

III wijto of .\t- 

■ lliri.'** Iiaslily 

-U Fi tennon 

"til Mpcd 

ibiiy di'tnr- 

(wm Kliwi- 

I HI'. Wbiio 

111 1-1 [irolcct 

out . 

GUagownndllieivat of Scotland, Amai 
Stuart went to St. AimIiwh in pnijianr ) 
sisi4in(Te B^i^iiist a Ihni-nten^ attack on Fife 
(K^(lX,■i.ii). Un Nov. Boihw«ll badMBt 
.\mt.n n Mrtol of dofianc* (Sableib, Stalt 
Puf'frt, \. riKR), and iiftnr the qii^MV-ivgrnU 
tofik piiiUihiBicin nf Kdinliiir^h li)> proelaJtatd 
him a traitnr nt tlio *aanA of th(> trotapt^^ 
(Kkox, ii. 3). lx«rniiig in tlic bif^inniiijf d^H 
Januarr that the French ha<l l^n 8iirtii^P^ 
aad vfvn narohin^ towards Mfe, Arraa aoJ 
Stuart naMinblcd Ibeir forcM al CuMr. and 
wnt thiiir nicii-of-war rotind to Kiiifihom 
(lA. p. ii). At Cii|iHr Knos pr«acht<) a XT- 
m<<n pnrtly dirfct<.-sl at Arrao, 'bwaum k 
kvipit liii]i»L-lf nigrv cI'jh' and solitaty tban 
manj' nii-n wuuld kavi.^ wiahcil ' (ih, p. 9). 
Aftvr thu jcruoii Arraii and Stuart ac^ ost 
for Jlysart with a hmt of tibuut six t 
drod men. Tbure fi>r iwouty-ont ibyn iJn 
kept tho FroDch nt lay. olikoiicrh froia IIil_ 
inltTioiity in numU-M noncof tueiadarMllo 
r<!<kundrRaiiiirdiiriii^all that time, and tkty 
wcrt* fn-iiiii-tillrkiijt ntiirmi<)iingfmin moni- 
iii(.'till iiickl (lo. |j. Ih. T>inbi-Ar>i:uiMl briudi 
a TiKoroiis reBiiituriir, ihi- Ftvnrh resolved to 
march roiiuil thu am-rimit lo Kt. .\ndncin, 
their eliipswiihpraii.uLins beiuK ke|ii wiikin 
tii}{ht ; buMhi'lroiiterpris'^ rweiveti a Hiiddnn 
ch»rli hv ih'- nrriTnl in the Firth of Forth of 
rbe Kngli.-sli rtwt. Tht' p(Tai»t«?ncy ofAiraa 
and Btiinrt thiiB saved Fife; for the French 
iifiw with (fn-nt precipitulior retreat«d by 
Kin^ihum to Stirliag^, wV'UW wiih the ut- 
most haslD ihry nriuniifd In I.i-ith (ib. p^ 
1*-15), Arma wiw nn-jw-nt. at Hw aie^ of 
that town, and ou 10 Mav sigiiixl in the eamp 
the confirmotion of tbe'fwaty of Berwick, 
hia nani(< Mandin^ next to that of his father. 
Hi- aUn wiirnwl 'iW list band at Leiih'for 
tliL' -lilwriy i>f thL> evanml*(i'A. p va\ and 
he suhscribi-J i)iti firet *Biiok of lligciplioo' 
{ifi, p. ll'JI). On iirfioimt of Ixirtl S«aipl« 
huviur laid wall for Anan ' aa hu waa riding 
wiik hia ttccuatnmed coispuiy' |iA. p. 131), 
lit' and hie father set out on 34 Sept> to b^- 
iiii>gn Cast lit Spmple in Renfr-.-«-shire, whldi 
ihuy captun'd on 14 Oot. (Dinnin/ i./Oc<tir- 
renlf, p- fi3). Siibi)<.>i|ii<>ntly bn was on« of 
those appointed tn go to lh« wait foe tba 
• destruction of tho monnmenu of Jdolntry,' 
that i«, the demolilion of Iku religious bouaea 
(Ksnx.p. 167), 

According to the articled formine jiarl of 
tliir Ronvrntion or treats of peace signed al 
Edinburgh on 6 July l.iWi, .\mn and bit 
father wt're to b» Toin»tnti>d ia th<^ii' FVench 
eatatM (arttclta in Ksox, li. 73 S2, and 
Kettii, i. 298-S06). TKi; doath of fhcqiiccq- 
riig-MiT, on 10 June, made tl»e lords of th« 
cott^gation aiL\ioiM fur the loamage 


For. S«. mtrr*"}- 
«f Fimw ( 

Cuisr* to 

Si«7 i 

r, Wt ' iiriTiiiiit to imtry u 

/(mmvf ^Iwl IwiWaMCbiik 

CW. «M» JVrmi. Far 8«r. 

oo 3 Jm. Ifin (XNwMf ^ OtatrratU, f. 


Tb* U&rc/ Fnnx had £ed <M fl Pec 1£80. 
•ad. uMntbail Mw,tlKQneHiof So0U aow 
Immum ik twriuye ol||act of the ■MiaB'k 
•uadunem (Vutt to Oecil. JaDm7 lUO-1 ). 
B7 tlM n«niilia— ifae wrrinr wilk Mvy 
had aim alwan batn iqp ri ed m tfae iKlier- 
abl« nsidi, and ihem u nuoB to teUne 
tliat Amii himwlf kad fivnedi a a tr aag al- 
tachment toSIarj. Hu tnUtnK io tlaa nia> 
aion of cite ■■ibaMaifani to Enf^Uiid lartaatljr 
nrairi U^BaadascoDfidaatof Ksax, who 
iVrmH it of th« bigliwt importann lliat Uarjr 
aboold maTTT a pR>U)itmBt,aiul adriavd Anan 
atonct>t4>r«ii»wliiaauit. TbektB^oTNaTam 
and thii CatuiAbl« MonUDonnWT wirw »up- 
poaod t(i brour the rait of Arran, whiln tiU 
Onuca were for a ntimigg with ih« Ida^ of 
Spain (Thfodcnurtoo to the privr ooundl, 
10 Jul aii.atatfFlifer»,Far.9»r. I'fiaO-l.ra. 
trr87l>. Mary, thoogb sb» made use of kiitd 
wori]#, waa undrnfood to hMir Amn Uttlr 
suit hkd ]>««n praciicikllTTofiif^d. Ama^u, 
hemtvft, one of the lim to mt*t b-r on brr 
nbaMcatKyn at X^ith, and be wu ualned 



Hall al fc«d vilh Bblte«a. 

fnfia,a wUA Bath««ai cbb. 

■Mia Mnait of a — th ^^ 
poMlto bt ^ a^Miaai of Am«, ^^ 
■■ P 'liii ■M ft' ii <*■»«. it 314i- Skocttr 

bflwna hia aad Anwi (A. £. SSS). Thrr 
had a tindij mntitm In tha wiiai»ia liiT 

adjnslad to tbar wataal wiwfcuii» „j 
the Mxt dar BathveO, • with ai«h«^ u> 
boiMBt friddk, oaaM to tha nrtto.!. «;|k 

dayf>3UowiBtf(:»t Maivh^ih^^diMd tWMhar 
and on tha F>Hby Arrwt. aMOteHua^ hr 
two fHmda, aoaiirlit an iat^rrtew inUi Knoiu 
to whom hattklW that Bothw^U Ud adviwd 
him to cam- off iht^ qutca to lxi% ttrmiAtcM 
IB pUBbartan, to (onipd Wr m morrr hiw. 
and to muder Lord Jamfo Siuan. Mutland 
of l^thinffton, and olhen that • now mii^d* 
hw. Anan vroftnei to bf> grtuXw th^xia-i, 
and profKMrd to lay th* aiaitvt Ufnrw ih* 

3 HMD and hrr hrothw. ThU bn pmialn) in 
mof, although KtMX, who diK«mi<d in hit 
vamiOT eyidMit n^m at iiuBnilv. atAinfflv 
adneed him ajraiiMt it. l»D«ihlV tha alorV 
of Arran wonld harp bcwn at onon diamikM^ 
aaan tiuane drlmion had not iboquMabaM 
alnmdy euffticinu* of him. 'llMfa had htift 
ninaun in iln- furrioiM K»vnmli>>T of an 
Btt«nipt of a (.imilar Itiml bv Arran (lUn- 
dolpli toCecil.rmrc. in KUTlt, ii. 116, t)'- 





iKxai. ii. i&&). Bothwt.. • onriiMia cfa«nc- 

Inr KDil ••W^iunt hiMnrr uimaaiw with 

hift MqppoMd conduct. Arnu, on iofccDOBg 

tun fltimr of ibe n»it«r, ia Mated to bairt 

Ihaua irMtad with gn»t mnritj. He wm 

[AmiUy oonflBad to ha roaa, bat ' ocaped 

iMt of fab otuinbcT with cords rasde oat of 

Iha Amu ft bU faxd' (Rcndnl^ to Ool. 

31 Marrh.f'n/.AVar«/tewr>.F<>r.Ser.lA6l-t 

nnlrv '<7I ). and. atlin<t aair to hia doaUrt 

Rnilliii«t,arriviii)Ui» aintirhl at ibehooaeof 

lliiiluirdof linnxctA- 1)!:'^!. Hvwaaiabw 

quBBtly mmiDoit«d lo St. Aiidn-w»,wlMi«be 

■Bd BothwII wptv bronchi b>-fi>i>>tliooouneil. 

Amn pf>Kiiti>d in bi« accajwiiaa. BothweU 

wiu ronlinvd in tbn oaaila.and Amn wu 

fx'tii lo iHh Imimi of the Evi of Mtr t.Lord 

.Um>-H Stuart V Both wei« anbMaaeatljr 

tnuuJ'BmMl to (he «atl« oT Edinbar|^, from 

I which BothweU nade his eMape od 33 Oei. 

~hoitljr after Arran't ratauTal to Rdinfaor^ 

t waa vuit«d by Mar, Uorioa, and othen, 

'who nportMl that hi* wtu th^n aerv«d him 

M mil aa oret titey did ( Cat. St«tt Hipet$, 

Fur. Sm. Iae2,eiiti7 145), but he afterwards 

ikad Krputed rrla{wa (see rariniu letters by 

[itAndolpb, and alaa sons br Arcan, *6^ from 

IMtii to lAeOl. Though Mary jiaid Arraii a 

I frx'iiilly Tint m |]iriMm,aad thooch hU father, 

l|ba Diili* of CUlelheranlt, nuoe ttrenuoiia 

tfSbiU lor hia reteaK, be did not ohuin hia 

liUrtv itU 3 May IBOft, abonly Bfl«r Botb- 

wvll IimI cuidv lonrard «« tbu protodar of 

Mary a^aiMt lli« muiderera of Ktaiia. B«- 

fon oUaiaiDg it be had lo find caalioa in 

litOOOi. Soole lo appeur when callwl for {it. 

IStiO-H, aolxy »^; St^.P. C. Scvtt. 1 46S}. 

llowaa thon weak and «ickly,and had toathi* 

■oawdiKboTa four moatha. At a ii)««tiiig of 

Ine matea, b«ld in Aupiat 1503, be was ai^ 

ni^oMl with the other til eta t)»ra oDiisfiimily, 

IniI in Jauuarjr foUowiu^; ihej josulv Loriua 

with .UiiraT. 

Atitit ihia Amui Urvd in retirement with 

hU iiii>lhi:r al Cnu^cthaa Cattle. On the 

(Wlh of bin fatbur, in 1fi7fi, he canifi into 

ikiuitiial |io>aaaaiuu of his estates, which were, 

huwavcr, adniuislored br hiawcond brollisr, 

Jtibu, li>«t niarqiiia of Hamiltou (l53'i-l&H) 

[i|. \.' In ImO, wht^n tlio ]jm<«culion of 

tbu iUioilloiui WM Tvni»wcil, liii: king, at 

thu |irohMsd liutanoo of Amn, iniriiiti-cl a 

yiMOcu wainit Irfird Jobii llaiuiltnn nn-fl his 

tn<i biMthura fiirilvliuiiinj; Arrmi WMiiuounly 

V ■I'li'Ft' motit, the itnjiiuil ijf tlie m-cusa- 

1*1*1 Arroii was 'cuiupos niciitiB, 

, . . -u ullui,' ami llinl wIicIm-t he wcr« 

I. >',. u uilor. I'litalur, ur adminikiTiitor 

I \r, »i^\^<iMv.\ \H>. ill ](Ki-l t. Tlut 

111, binwoviT, 111 hare been 

. . :llhu^iveriini«ot to obtain 

a ftnncr hold on ibfltanilton retains. Cnii|r- 
Belliau Ooatle, in which Iwwaii ooafiBed.waa 
beaieiredwitb ibc avowed p<upow of delinr- 
inir him from Utoae vbo detained hiu on- 
laicfullT. Afteritanarenderbewaabroualit. 
aluo^with his nkother, to Linlicbgow, wont 
be wu placed in the cbax^ge of Captain 

' l,«inbu>,a dopendsat of Morton {Hitt.Jtatf 
Ike Sat, p. 178). Od the ipitrebenaion uf 
Morioo in I r>K), Captain JamM Stewart, him- 
■elf shoftly afiurw a rdi created Earl of Airaa, 

' was i4>pocnled his tutor |iA. P- S3D). The 
entatee wer« restored to the Amily on the 
downbll of Stewart in Kit^'i. Amn bui> 
riri-d, without regaining his muon, till 
Maivh ItiOO. 

' [OaLSUta Fopcrs, Fnr. Snr., Reirtaf Elia- 
betb; Rff. I'rirj Council Scotl. toIs. i-iii.; 
I^in* dr Mari* Sluarl, *i]. I^bMwS'; ToiiIm'* 
R»lHti-->nv politinufw Ar Ih PmncA H, Ar TKnck^a 
aneVKeosa; Kiu»'aWorlu>,ed.Liing; SaolMr'l 
State Paptra; HiateriM of Cklderwood, 8peti»' 
wood. Etacfaanaa, sad I^abjr : Dtnmal of Oeceiw 
NMa: HanllioB I'apor* ia Mailland Club Mir 
cellanjr, it.; Hi*t. Mt?& Coma. Itih Bip. An* 
pmdis. [<. ir.; TjriUr and Uill Barlun'a Bw- 
ton«* of Scotland i FrDudo*iIIirt4r7of Eaitiaadi 
Uoi^Ua'* Seuttid PMrag* (Wood), i. MS-*.] 

T. F. H. 

ABCBTORSt Iff, 1017), was the eldest son of 
Claud llaniilton, brd I'aULey [q.t-.],andth* 
ffraadion of Svavt Hninillon, second csrl of 
Amn [q. v.], goventor-n^nt of Scotland 
and heii^prasnmptive of iIm Scottish crown. 
His father'* position brought him <>arly into 
noUe*. aixl as be had coiuid<Tal>lc ubiljty b(> 
toon Btlaiaed an tmincnt j^toce amonjr th<r 
stalesmca of tbe time. ^^ ith Janws VI he 
tieema to baTO bci-n au especial bvounte, and 
tbc influ«noe of his maltimal irraadCatEu'r, 
Qconre Setoo, father of the bet earl of 
Lhinferuiline. was lariply exi^rciaed in his 
bcbutL He was appointed a gcstleinan of 
the bedchamber bv the kinfc, and apfwand 
in the ftmoiu oonifnlion of tliif nubiliLj and 
counnl lu-lil nt Huhnxid llouw on QJan. 
lMW-7. When the privy council was deft- 
nit^-lr cnnitituted at the oonreniioo of 
tales held on 14 Dec. 1008) bo wm named 
of the ihiriv-two aembers of thst 
under his deeifnaiion of Master of Pni'drT 
bill he did not appear at any of their m<-rtin, 
until 10 FitV Itvl. Tn tliti preodiiix y 
lip obtnJiiiil frwm tbu kiiiK the office of hei 
(Jiiarj-sherifTof Lialilb([ow, ami shortly aftcp- 
wariU lie received a charter of landn in Iten- 
frewsbiri! Biwi West LotbiHn.i'hicli were 
corporaled into the free barony of Alwrcoi 
in llUS. from which he look his titb^ »f Ha: 
Abercom. When the Article* «ft'ui<inw 





piTfMrad ftad MgntA in 10O4. fau wa« one of 
thi; ttri^nty^nffbtScoitiihcoinimMirtnonnlio 
Bti]vnilnl iheir namn, and Tnr his eflbrls in 
ttiiH nialirr hr wm» rcvrnitlwl »-illi the title 
of FjuI iif AbAK-nn], by jinU'iii <Int«(l 10 July 
Itnn. T<»ihi* title irufpuitiu'livd iltominur 
>dii;nltie4 (if Itaron Ilitmiltoti, Mauiit Oiuiln, 
•nd Ki]potnck.whichar«»itillei^tiTi-i] bv hin 
yrw»n( n.-prnwniacire. Lar(;e(rr»iit»oflau<i 
[to bin), aod liixi-ldmi ton wiueraatcd Butdii 
«f Stnbanrt iii lUIT; t)i* IritK cstatoa de^ 
■cendmiiu tb'> vouii^r mhi*. Tboti^ltAlxT- 
wu & fuitlifulttlti.'ndantatlhiiinwtitiini 
Srottuti privj council during ati im- 
,t period of its history, tUi» «barv whioh 
i: inpablici&inUnot ouilT identitl6(I. 
d'li'd during Ibo life of hu falher on 
W Marc-b 1tl]7. Ilii ig nnw ronnwnted b^ 
tu« (Jiuci^ndnnt, t\u< pnMMtnl DiiKe of Aber- 

^fe AbtTcorn inarrii>d Marion, '>]drKt<lniifr1>t«r 
^■«f ilvnata, fifth lord Boyd, by wlicim tii> Imil 
^^^T* aom nd four dangbtvn. J&m<^, i)»- 
|^r«UMt mn, iMcanM «««on') varl of Abcrcom 
and inb*nl«<d iho ^«tnni>iv« MlatM of bin 
gnndfaUMir, Baron l*aiat«r, M lliat aabl^ 
Msa'adMlbiiilSSI; in IttiU he mi^^ tb« 
buoBT of Strsbaae to hit ncxtbrothor.CInud, 
who Ai*A U Jmim IttS^ vmi gmadlallipr 
of Claud and ('harlc«, fnurili and fifth corJs 
AbvMom. Sir William, tbn third M>n, 
il«d IItan«ttA Maria, wlipn qiicvn- 
tfoVaftr, »t lb« ^p«l court, tlcance, iho 
fbarta, it noticvd ulow. Sir Ak'xuidvr, tin; 
flftb, wnt to OtTnuiy, and was in ibu tet- 
« )c« of Pbtlip WtUioiD, eWtor palatini, irbo 
teal him aa bis ctivo; to Joine* 11 ; ho woa 
CTMttuallv cn'ttlvd « count of tbe emptrr. 

lLutu.To.1. SiK Obomb (if. 1079). held 
propartj ■( OiumIodk in Tyiw and Nnine-b 
utl^pperary. In 1811 1m was in Scutland 
with ( IiaHi-n I, MtrrM in Irvland durtDjt the 
n-li-Uion, and waiKoivmorof Ncoagb C^tle 
diirini( ibr ticf^iyiiltTtirbit brollicr-tn-lnw. 
Mil' Muijuii uf Ofmniidc, whimi hr followr>l 
t'( <'acn in ihi- sprintr of IdAI witli hi* wifn 
and raniitT. On tbeRalonitionbiitri'liinii-d 
t4> KntiUiid, was onMod ■ baronet of Irtitand 
in kHVl. and ndelmd othur irnnia ttirm 
riiortM II in nrCoin]*iiniw fuf hii H-rvicM. 
Ilr marriwl Mar*, tbinldniipblerof Walter, 
vimnnt Tlinrtca, rldfi uin of Walt«r, 
almntli cmI of Omomtv ; by Ivr, trim di«d 
in Auffiut IOho, hr had *ix *nn« and thnw 
diuiihtr'n ; bia thirl niid tlflli aunii. Anlbcmr 
and Uicbanl.aud hia eldMt dai>((bl4<r, Klua* 
bxJi, u* notUsed apMratpljr : waut account 
nf Uiio other amu will be fntind under their 
hnillwr, Anibnnv Ilnmiltmi i l(tltiP-i;:N>). 
Sir linnriiD llainillon diml in lOTl'. 

rOL. XXI T. 

I [Cntrford'a Hifli'Of iha 8iiire of Kenfraw, 
I fWmpb'a CuDliunutiaD, 1732; Rcciiterof Priiy 
, Council. Tol*. T. ti. vii. i Dotiglaa'a Pmhiuu cj* 
ScitUnd. •d. Wood-l A. H. ST. 

; HAMILTON, JAMKS, Hvund Miliaria 
I or IUMtL'roxilGA!)~l(Uo),8oiiaf Li-nlJohn 
Hamilton. Arat marquis Jg. vA and Lady 
Mar^^unt Lion.waa bom in 1689. iliitcuai- 
tiunion in iiia ^uthful stitdiw wa« Qoings 
l-'g:lt»hain [q. t. j, aft«rwxnlt a phjaieian and 
|Ni(il:, T(> whom \w ni'mainMl a friend and 
pntronlbrnu^b life. He nuruvli^d his fatheF 
aa tuanjuiitun 13 A]tnl l(!U4. and hi* tinHa 
mEstI of AfTou in Marel. ICOlt. In imM 
he ofr»red hia aoirices to Einir JauKit VI, in 
continual iun of tliow rcndereid bj hia (uttutr 
t'l Ihfl CTown, which wer« ncc«pt«d : and tb« 
kinif, in mnBidoruti'ii of tht< loyalty and 
HiilT«riH|pi oftho fiimily,ctinlirm(>d t-^ fiim in 
lOlM tbti htnd* nf tka abhuv of Arlirr-atb, 
^rMtinfr thc^ni into a tempnml lordabiji in hU 
favour, with tho title of a lord of nitrlumi-iit, 
He iras appointMl a priry e'en uci liar of Scot— . 
land on 14 Jan. 161:1, of Enj^land in Au^ 
MtI7, jfcntlcman of iho bcd-ohamlx^ oitl 
4 Marvb IH!><»-I, and lord slitwnrd of ihir 
hoiiKbnld on '2>i Fob. 16^-1, and anoni; oth^r 
tokeni of Tim roval favonm-aa cnitti^d on 
lHJunel6Ii>an Kn^Hah pwriU-itiiho liiica 
of Enrlof Cainbrid(i«nDdBaninof nnn«rtliil9 
in Cumberland, lie was apoken of in I'tl.t 
for tbe ijfficu cif lord tmaauwr, and in tho fid- 
lowioi; vmr for llmt of lord chnuilfcrlain. 
In Aprif ItUO, wbcn Junaa thought kimi>i-If 
dyiufC, Ilamillon waa niieciaJly rvcouiiuoudfd 
to IMnco Charlce bv tic ktiu on aoci'iint of 
bia fidelity. On 3 Nov. 1(RK> li« Lt>cania a 
member of the council for tbe pUiitnlion of 
NfW Enfiland. In ibu ditcuaaioa on llac"n'a 
Mntenniio tbe Houac of Lords in May HfJI, 
fTamiltim apoko in favour of kntpiicy. ao<l 

by wbich Bacon wan rxi'ludi-d frtmi lhi> lii>im< 
anilfmo) oourL, without bt.-iiij; dctimdcd yrr- 
iKinally. lit- woa ii|iptiiul<rd hinl bi^b nun- 
miaaiont!!- tu tbu ticoitiah parliaiacui. hrld at 
BaiDhurib in July I6SI, iMoivinK 10,0002 
for bis exponaea, and auooeedad, in apiic ol 

nta|ipatitian,and much to tboking'a (rraii- 
icHit in cuactiiu into lawche F1t« AiiicliM 
of Purtli (AeU <//Ae I\irl»ammt»^Sa<thHii, 
iv. GBi vt ••(].) III! waa on« of tbe comuiai^ 
*ioncn> for ibu treaty witbSpain in connec- 
tion with tbe prmecled mamagw of Prince 
f'ltarletio the Infanta, and he waa appotnietl 
to n^eivc the Infanta at Southampton (May 
1(1231. lln thL> prwlinff 8t. Oeorite'* I>*y, 
it> April, liH wax inKtallifi «« a huiKht of the 
caTlvr, and it nan iuti-ndi<d to crvale him a 
duko. But Ihc failum of tbe Spaniah 
tlationa apjiarealty defeated that inteBtioB.' 

1 lamilton 



Flntfaedobittiin llw council in JkniiKry 1(1:13- 
TOtvd 'neu1i&3.' uid oa the qupsuon of Ac 
dsrinir yfAT trith ^un lie, BltlvniKb ustully 
nppoAMl m ^nain, ndrocaUlI IIMC* ; liut two 
months lUcrui-wiMiumectodD^Lafucnte.l'hR 
SpiuiUh usbuMdor, of vniplor i nfrFrencU nttttt 
toroUtiim (if fais dvapaldie* ntuir Am'uinK, at 
Ttuc-ltinicliani'H luit!([mtbn,in nnlcr lo increMe 
ill'- iliffii:;uUiMbetweenEngluidan<l Spain. In 
the foUowing April Euoilton diMuaded Buck- 
in^hani fromftrengiD^liiapeiaoiuil animout jr 
bv nibmitting th(> Earl of ]tri>tot lo tho in- 
dignity of impriHonniPnt in tin* Tower, tind 
in SpptttinbHriiriiiKlyi/piHiM-d Tluc'liinirliani'ii 
pnlicy »f »iiti»i-rvit'iicv to I'mnt'i!. In UV24 
IM wa» iiu1ruct«d to report on lUe nroposi- 
tionaof the treatyof Frnnkentlial. ]I« died 
of amnlignani feTeTDi WhiWhnllcn SMiiirh 
Hm-.'i, end liis hodjf, aftw heing rnrritjd to 
' l''iiilli.'r'*i tVillv,' liiK linui:i' niitiiiilii liinliop^ 
Biito, by Kirehfi^ht nnd wilti uiiieliraivmony, 
wiot ei>nv«yi-d to Sci>tliuid for inierment. 
When the newi; of lita iliHtth wns communi- 
cated to till.' biii^ he <>sclainied, ' If the 
bmnirhpM be Diiik rut dawn, tli? stork cnnmit 
rontinnn l"ng'(Aii£MAX,tii,S'<l'). Thp kinft 
followi'd hix utrviiiil to tlin fi^vit on tKu !^rd 
of llic unm^ niiiiiTh. Huiitilton'* fimtA^*, 

In*l will in l<(44,iiiid il is k bight vclianw!ten<" 
tin docuinimt (oaotcd fxiWy in ihc IlistorM 
MSB, Commiiuaoii Itcport. So. xi. pt. - 
JlamUfim MfiS. m. V,h-7 ). irunilloi ' 
tnit wupAiuf «! V I^H'd Van i^inftr. 
are engnrinits bv Martin Drootlioa 
and by Vangban.' 

(Bisi.USS Conn I Itb U^p pLTi.; Banil 
3IS9. pp. 8-4«. 69 1 Uouclai* I>eeTKg« of 
land, «L Wood. i. Ti'3, ~o| ; Oanltnor'a HiA < 
Gnelnnd ; Poylr k OlAi-UI Bonmap, *. r. ■ C« 
brld(i«i' C»].SUW Papers. Kwn. 16n-34.1_ 


ROTE 1 15o!)-IGi;)), waa ib» oldmt wm 
llanB Hainihon, vicar of Doalop, Aynilu' 
bv Jan«t, daughter of Jam^ Denham of W^ 
Siiield. IIr Vns prabably educated at 
unitersiljr of St. AndrevrSj wbora e Jai^ 
Hninilton was ni>uli' 1S6^ Hiij 

IiiitAtitm njt 'oni; itf llv ^ntalmt tichtJttMi 
lopefal wiiH of bin iim<*' secured btni 
Dotiee of James VI of Soollanil liv wLii 
direction he was sent in 1887, u 
James I-'ullBTtOTi, on a secret poir 
to Ireland. To masl: their pnrpoeo tl; 
opened a ].tLtin school in Hivat Ship Str _ 
Iiuhlin, which ibi'vmrried on with lu murtt 

(•nt>r^ mid tft\ aa if it W(!rt^ ibn iniiin i>ur- 
llftnrfr* Eglisliam, unwarrAntablr rharfp-d pons of their stay in the eity. A^l>^^R t 
BiicUinp'hnm, in )iid ' t'rod ramus Vindlcliv.' pupils w^re tlic futaw Arelibi^htip L'saI 
16^6, with hnring poison«d his pairon. Sir vboiruaecnatom0dtore«ltoaitamanj:;l>< 

Pbibp Wnrwick decofibefl Hamilton as *b 
goodlyipriip'r, nndj^ncfftil ^'ntleman'^^j^ 
moiW,p. Ill^l, nnd ClinmlTi>rlnin, tha latter- 
writ«r, aay* thni. hn wuc 'liHd tbo (ptllnnt«M 
l^ontloninn of hntb nation*,' ftnd ' llio flower 
of thnt nation' |Seolknd> K1»A Stnte l'ap*rs, 

special providMioea to Iiim that be bad 'fl 
opportunity and adrantsf^ of his edacati' 
from tboM manwlto camv thither by chan< 
and T«t proved to hnmnlr nwrfiil to hi 
iuidoth«r«'(Pxnn, I^/r e/ FmA^i-, p. .•*>. 
the AatabliBhniAnt of Trinity Col!o(f'i I'" 

Dotn. 1017-1^5), ClinmV'Hain alno Mva tlial , b« waa in 1663 appoint««l one of ihv r<:ll 
tbe Soota wiahed iIk< ninniui^ to imirry I In August 1000 he was s*nt bv Jame* 

Elisabetb, eldt-et daughter of Kin;; Jiimcs 
(iK. 1013); bnl ho tun.iTi>?d (cinlriu:t dnt<-il 
30 Jan. ICtOS] Lady Au[ieL'i.inaiDt;hii.m, fourth 

London to act as bis agent in cotuioctica 
witli tb« ne);oliation4 for the eiiccetnion (C 
the Koglisb I hrono ( (W/. f>'f'itf l\rper*, Soott 

daughterof Jamc4,oarlof Oknmiirn.bywlioni Sor. ii. il^4, 7^). H'bilv I here he witoettaJ 

ho bad two sonh Jamc^, third iiiarqiiis and ' the Y4*m\x, nbcllt 

fir»t duku ffj. v.], nnd William, "wond dultu 

[q. v.], with thrve dnughtcm. Tlia murcliiy- 

nuDH flurvi veil her huAWld,wldwn.■lp^1IninI^nl 

on the side of t he covennuitvra in ihoir conflict 

with Charles I. Stie raised a troop of liorea 

in 16I)I>, and tqAi at their head to tho field, 

nrmed with pistol and doggnr. Their coronets 

tjoro ns ft dcvico a hand rcpcUinE" n biMk(tbo 

stTvico book), and, as a motto, 'Fur God. the 

Kinc, Iloligiou, and llw Covenant,' Hit elder 

•00, Jnniea,in the Intereat^ of th<- klntr, led a 

Hurt into the Finli of Forth, and -iln? darf-d 

him to hind, at the risk nf beinsr shot by liia 

moibfr'nluind. Rhe had silver bullets spacially 

Erovidedfor the occnaion (i'al. Slrjfe Paper*, 
iom.l639,pp. I46,l<S3,iba). She made her 

bcUion, of whi(h ho wrote w 
nKcnunt in n letter of 8 Feb. ltJOO-1. Aft#^ 
f J,.. ,. --i.>.| .if Jainrs to the X^neltsli chrOM 
hf I ' . ai^ attended on ibo oourlat 

\\']i: ' !. .11. iiij Widea recaivinv thf; hotKMV 

of k' i_l,'' ! wB^imadeMiqeant-at-Uw. 

the firii'Hurrnf IriBhlnndaha rereiv>'d I, 
gruDls fTi>m thi- klnE!. inctuding n ifrani 
I» April HXtjiifihetcrritoriMOfirpperC! 
boyrimd thi^prent \rdcaiStntr Paper*, LnA 
her. ICO.I-O, p. 271 ). AdiliUnnal trrants wwni 
lM-»towed in subsaiuent years, and he ultt- 
nlatelybecalnl^^^tloof the most |)aweTfitl«uJ 
wenlthy of the Englisli settlers in the nortli 
of Ireland. At Eilkln^h he built *ang iitrr 
strongocaitlc: tlif lyki^not InthenonlM.' ifi' 
also specially inl er<»tedhuD self in the fort ba* 


taUvillipiouitminiiilvRfmim Scfitlaiiil.' In 
IRlShft Waai^lio*eti In R>pn-iu)n( (roniity Down 
in parlUioeDt. In Aupi'l 161*' lit? wrw B|y- 
iminted on«or ibe commiMioncTs for the plkii- 
tstion of Longfwii. On 4 Hay 1623 he wki 
ruKMl to tlw pesmpo by tli* titl« of ViwHmt 
<'liui^b(ir0 intliocuiiatv of Howdcum) Bkron 
Hunilton. From ChsrlftK I Iw nc*xnd oa 
SO Au|^. ISSO lb« cnliro Intelj di«M)l*«d mo- 
nut<>ry of Banfror, ind on 14 Jtoly ^tSH be 
w&an])po)nU^lu tocraber of the prirj council. 
l>n ibf oulbrvak of the rebvIHoD in 1611 be 
receired acommiMionfor nuain^tbeScotam 
tltp nortli, and pitttins them in anaat Tbts 
wu dona b;- bim with nicb expmUUon aad 
tl»or<m(rfaiMM that Ulster was preaorrtd «a- 
firvly fn.-e from distarbaiiOD. Hamilton is 
dcacribcdaahaviiwboGn 'ofaiobuKt.bcahli- 
fiU bodr.' Ue died in 1GI3, nt tha ago of 
«i|[htj-four. anil nao Iniried in iIm: cburehof 
Uuifor. ilia I1y« j^mn^rer Inotben all fbl- 
Iow«d him to Iniaad, and each sucoeedsd id 
ncqairi&if irMllh. He was thTtoe nairiHl, 
^m io IVnplop* Cofk ; secondly to I'rBuli, 
aixlb tiaiighlvr of Edn-on), lord Brahaxon of 
Ardee : and lliirdlv co Jan?, daogbtcr of Sir 

^■■bi rc.fimt naran Pcmhmkp. Bt hi* I li ird wift 

^^■e had an only ton, Junw*, wbn auecvrded lo 

^■ibe P9lat«« anJ Uonmtni, and wu alio created 

^nt 1047 Earl of ClanbrutilL Ijcnti CUn«- 

Vife cTvcied a monutnent lo lii« fathnr in 

the chnrch of Dniilop. and also eraetui and 

endowed a aobool in tli« pariah. 

■wry, th* Rniailloa SlivS. 1807: Ayr and 
itfi") Arrh««1acieal ColIccli<iOB, it. 39-90; 
1. Sutr Ptvm (SooUb and Iri.h 8«-.); Cowt 
JamM Ii Lodffi'a Pocng* of lr*UMl (Ar«b- 
I),iii. I-S.] T. P. U. 


■nd fint IH'KE or UuiiLTux in ibn SoHttdi 

pevrmg*, mvoimI Eakl or Cambkidor tn tba 


IdOO. walk (Im> >on of JamM, neOHKl aarquu 

fq. v.l, and of bi«vifo,Annn Cunninnlism, 

fourth daugbtffrnf tlir Karl of Olpnrairn. In 

his fmirtMnih rt-ar lii> ira* married to Mnry 

~'eildin|r, daiinter of Lori FMldine (mi)}- 

npnlly fintnari of Denbigh) andof Kniutn 

illiwra, fiitlBT of lh# Duke of Bii^kin^bam 

iVflL**, SmttiJiA J't^T'ifff}, He wu* tlicn 

lln Kxtttrr (.'<vt|<>fr(>,(>xford, when bemm- 

uUted on 14 Drf. li!-Jl. (_>n hi« faiher'i 

thoa3Mnn)iIf{;?r>, hri W«m>>,in lii'viirb- 

ti>fnih T*or, 3lArniii* of Hamilton aiid 1-Ji»i 

of (_'«nibrid(ri^. nn<l the iwcf-t*i<ia <>{ f.'harlM' I 

shortly aftfrwar*l« hrougfat hint into Mitirt 

" voar. Af)«r ib^kinc'ACoronalinaonSrG^ 

i^,hi( phvatA affair* took bim In Scotland. 

Lat«riii ibej'i'arlii! thnufhl of taking nut in 
I>ird ^t'illoit^liby's iiaral »s|>vlitu>B, Inoogh 
bi> ttomi abandoned bin inl^nti/m (OitTard to 
Borkini^am, 39 Ahj^. 10i!6, S/ar* Ihmrt, 
Dora. x:tiir./)L'), anddid not n-tuni lo iCn^ 
landimtit MI:.M. H^TrachMlL/MidononSOOct. 
(Mead tu.Siutrti]t.-, 1 Nor. Wi*, Court imd 
Ti'na* »f Charit* I, i. AW), and nn 7 Nov. 
■ueoeeaM to Duclnoaham'* oRico of maitt'r 
of tb« bOTW {Sifn'ManuaU, ix. lU). lin 
alao beeoflift fpentlnraan of ib« bMlcliaraU'r 
aad a vnvy councillor in Enf;lan(l and (joqI- 
land. Towarda lb* imd of Wja bo ol^•^rrd to 
jcun Qoatavwi Adotpbua ia hia npproachin^ 
mterventioa in Gennanj, moA on 30 Ha/ 
lS30th« kinf of Sw«d«ii agfcvd to lake Um 
into Jiit Mra^-ioH on coitditioa of Us hrituriai* 
with liim a force of six tlioiUMid mua. Oua- 
laTiu landod in OfirMnr in June, and in 
Aii^t liamiltoB ncoivM the nec««Mrv p<'r- 
miavion from Chorlca to levj aoldien'. In 
Harcli 1«3S CWica nvft bUn 1 1. UUU.- In- 
wards tbc cxpenaea of iho levy, and to lliia 
a further «iun of I^.OlCf. was sulMcquoiirly 
ftddfd ((Jamiskk, //«/. n/Enffl. vii. 17S). 
In ilui eame monUi llamiltoD mot lo Scol- 
land to collect biaoK-n, hnt could not ioducu 
more than four hundred to follow him. In )i!« 
abooncc Lord Rcny brouitbt fbrward a vhnr|r>t 
which oevpr a^nscd to pursuit him a* long aa 
helired. Ifamillon nas tbeiicxi. Ii.iir to llin 
throne of Scolland after the dencenHlaiit* of 
Jamen VI, and Il«av now dtKlnrnl that Ita 
intt-ndnl to URB hia Uviea to teiw it for hiiu- 
wlf. To this rhan^ Charles, alwavM fnitU. 
fal to Ilia farouiiUs, am no ear, and, upon 
Uunilton'a relum to Kiwliind, insisted upon 
hia ■liwping in lb« samo Mom with himeolf, 
as on vipveniao of hia eonlidencn. Hamil- 
ton not beinfT able to fiml roluntot-rs in 
Etwland hod reeourse to offleial pniwim'. 
and at lost, on 16 July, he aoilivl with aix 
thoitsand EngttabDHni,!^ so tneans of ili« birat. 
quolicj. % this time one thouoond Mernits 
lud bcm oMoinM) fron SooOaad, ao that he 
carried aevon tbouand nen with him. Tbo 
number wbj. bowovcr, r«ducMl to via tbn»- 
nand on Z An^., on whicli tlav Im bod com- 
pleted his landiiw near tbo'oiouth of tbn 

Thowholi>*.nt*Tpri»* failed •ifmally. Ilainil- 
XtMi was »<mt to ^arrl iIm.- fiirircHcs on lb« 
Oderwhilft CtiaUms fought TiUy at IJrpi- 
t«aif<eld. His men wno iw^ipt uwurbjItuninA^ 
and pltfTue. Ilia diminiiih^ tmm wa_ 
th«n employed in tbe blockado of .MaEd»* 
hnrfr, whi«h he eatcml afltr it had l>rrD 
abandonMl by the enemY. lly this limit bif^ 
amy hail almost iivmmA lo pxi»t, Mb bi 
r«a*oa lo belioTO that (luslaru^ itislnuti 
bim, fearing lott Im ahould use in the : 



tbuh^ii^gtit •cquirc. InSpptvaiWloUlie 
llwnAira m umed tn Knglana. PoaiblT any 

havo rnilnl njiuiUy. but )taniill<m had C«r- 
uiiitv iHit difpbTN] any ot the qialitie* 
tvliicnita tonw* eitbor a mioombM geosnl 
or « MOTMahl aUlcMDaD. 

AftorhMntiimrtufliw tmli llamUbin at 
bU aclTiaar in all matiiTv relating Ki Ha** 
Uim). I1» liomlilBn- indiW'BM mu ftni 
in that kiuffHom. atut, irtut wu of nwcisl 
inpOrtaWB m a oonBin' wh«Tf> ihe nabililr 
mov of nan wwcbt Itun i hej vvre in Hng< 
~ .mi, n immUhlul* •iimbn'of Uw qoUps 
(aetivd ilwniMlfW to him fram eouMdna- 
tluM (if iuiMwvt. When lh<> triiu riMiud 
SfotUnil in UiXiy fbe cotI«MtoB of* taita- 
tl<<n pAnt<><l hy parliamiint was placed tn 
IUmilt«4«'« litnil*, witb bwve to repair bint- 
If •■lit of it tiit th« expenaea of his Qarnun 

[pinjiti For aone tiaie Utile is heaidof 

init ihou^b be eee—, ■• mu iwUira] toe a 
JOMnwim to have o|iao««d Cliariea^e polii-r 
of allTine hinuclf with Spun. He had bit 
nhafM^tn thi' goai ihiBffs wlutb Cbarloa h*d 
tit !()«'« Awaj. In 1637 he bt^^ame lioeiut^r 
of Viackncy coachai, and in HVtS be |^ine<l 
4,00()/. a v»<"r from ibe pa^i'ntA oxi4Cti-<l 
fWmi i)i(i ^ mtncrni' T'ompanr. 

I)v far tliu mnal trnpoTlaiit pari nf Il(unil> 
liinV lif<- coninionc«(l wkca, in May IdSd, 
(^hnrlci wivotcd bita h the commlMtooer 
to tn; f-.'iit to Scotland topocifv tlic countrr 
»t\vr tlw dieturbftncw ooneoturnt u|Km the 
■Ucmplcil iutroduction of tbe at;'" prayer- 
bCMlIc luul culmiotted in tli(- nitcnntiiru of 
lb* natMUul coveiiaot. llainillou'd c»udurt 
duriac the raaiiiitder of his career li&s bet^n 
VMioualy Mtimat«d. Ilia rhjimcter wenu 
to have woo d«roid of iulrll'-ct mil or mornl 
M n-nftb, and be "WM tben.^ron^ cwilv brought 
tu iuu-y all futute toska tagy and nil pnwnt 
utHiadnA itinuuititbte. Acntrfiingly, when- 
■wr he (bund hinuDir eiifra^ed in a pi-ca 
at work tnon thsn iMually siuroundml with 
ilimntltiiH, hiR innliiict ImI hlin lo luru 
Ihu'U Kii<t lo 'O'*'^ iiaie wity of oMrajto. Add 
l>i lliit llmt, tlKtiiKh h(! wiui ppraanallly at- 
Liicbiiil liit'barlt-ji, nitd vro.'t iTirnimblrTif i^nter* 
tninititi ihiiacileaiitna upon Iiia liriinnd crown 
Mhii^h vrvni atlribillod to him, Iw vrnii never 
wh-ilt^-hMnod in bit dnrotion, ami war (tin- 
iiwIlDcd lu Mrw dim beyond ihr pcjinl at 
whirh hit own iiilere»ts would b^ iiniH*rilI»d 
bv ta-.tns i'hivalronii conduct. II>- liiul iirn- 
[Jiirly biith iu ]'*ii)(I*ltd and Scotland, iiiid hi: 
Oi>iilit[i<!v<ir|itT>uadflbiB]MlfM1tOplBV Ilia pan 
SH to \>tuig hv*\y loMnauBon hiiniulf'in citlier 
kingdom, lie wu at alt tiuiM uii iu!vociit9 
erf oonipTDiiiiew, beoaUM he bad no interest 

in the higher religioobin-poltljcal lesui^nf 
tbe strife. 

Almdy. Wfon* he »t«rted, Hamilton an- 
licipati'd evil, lliaanutrymen. h<> dirclaml. 
' were pcoawtai^ by the devil.' He &rnvi^ in 
Scotland on 4 June. On the 7U) h^ informed 
Cbarlea that it would need an anny to force 
tbeScota to abandon thHrdenuuids. Unthe 
8lb be enteivd Edinbuiyb amidnt a boctiie 
popnlntinn. Un tliK inili lin wrote that it wia 
ueetes* to Mootiate on term* idiort of thi< rail- 
ing an avemnlynnd parliament whicli would 
brei-rtain toreqniretliefprerMlof the kini^i 
Mx^tpsiaitieal poliry. lli> wu by tliiit time 
tboiMlgblf cowed, ind on Ihe :Mtn be oiTeml 
to the eovenuitent to niuni lu Eogtand u> 
nTfjelhekin^logii-Away. Fn«boR»nfron 
Charles intvmtpted bi> moi-emeBtx, nod oa 
4 July he bad to older the wwding in pufaliff 
of a royal de«Unti0B to tbe efiect that th» 
ptarer-'boolcatid eBBonawonlditot bepreued 
rscvfit in A lefcal way. A rlec'lantion of thia 
hiiwl »^^-«<d only to exosperaiif t be Scots, nod 
liomilinn bid to return to Giigland to pnr- 
Niiede rharlee to yield mom comptitiely lo 
the coToaant^rs, a« h^ had failod in indiiJ^tDg 
Ihe covMuuit«r> to vii^ld to Charl-^*. It i* 
said, and on p>od eriSenw. thtt before Ik- left 
he tried to curry favour with the cnvi-iiAntiog- 
leaden by eaeourepnc thou toM*&d firm in 
their reoutance ((tfttifcT, Mfntoir», p, 4(1). 

On 37 July Haaulton received iuslructio 
from Cbarlen to (o back onco more to J^di 
burKh.andtoaUowtkeoleclionprana B Banibl; 
anil a parliament, lie wb» to proteet 
any [in>paul to abolish opiacopecy, but ougli 
ni»etit lo anr pica for makinit bisbope r^ 
spnnisiblc to Aitiino luvMmblleA. On 10 Ang. 
he arrived in KdlnlmrKh. He waa at oocft 
involved in a cfinLniver»y upin tbi; mode of 
rlreting the promised aeaembl^, end on tbe 
'i>')th hV a(t&m returned In Ln^Iand. On 
IT 8<-|>t. he appeared for the third time in 
Kdiuburnh, bringing with him n iwocation 
of the obnoxioiis pnvycr-hoolc, cniion», and 
hiffh cominiasion, and iilxi a new kiny'* ci>* 
veiunt leM atlVniivc to Cbulce than tbe nu* 
tional covoTiFint wai. To tbia he attempled 
to obtain sigiiaiur««, but it found only a fe^^H 
■nnpnrten. ^H 

rl)i< luHtmbiy met in Gla^w Oathedn^H 
oiii'l Nov., wiih llHmiltnn piv«iding aa tlii^| 
royal coraniiraionor. Unihe^istb.nponitadi^ 
flnriiiirilself comp^tnnt tojudKf ibo biabopa, 
Hamilton ditucnlvi-cl il. It, however. enn> 
titiu^d itJt silting* tii tpite of the diaaoln- 
lion, nnd liainillon rutumed to Churlea 
give an amount of his miuion. 

On IS Jan. 1639 be told hia etoiy t' 
Kii(;liab privy council. Oiarles waa 
resolved on war, and llamillonma 



to lm<l ui Eoglufc 
M<in of AberdBm. 
thnt li« h»d actnl u 
iug TCttr, Ukd IkuMt 
tn-Adon. AIisiiImb 
rovali«ts, Iluntlten 

mnflfcr titi rxpedkioB to tk> Fartk, 
lie would UiRsun tbv iwr tf tW SnMiift 
«nuv, while Chuto bad it qb ite kwds*. 
Seir'inif ScoOtth th if f i^ » t*» ««, W 
rraclicd the Forth ea 13iij,Ml; to fadtkM 
L«itb U<*dhMafi>ftlied*ii4thMtWeMMj; 
w» loo lto*til» to (it* Ibbb Ehl«ri«f ho- 
o-M. lift again wmtt iatfiieaf koea 
t<i tlw iiiiw- AAer » abort tia* W «aa n- 
c»llcd, aad on 7 Jni»» fc* waa m OuAm't 
auap, once more u^ing ta» U gi»e way t» 
the 0Drca«at«», 

After tb« wpialure ot (be tp*^y of Bar- 

-wick (1^ JuM 1S3U) lluniltoo ««■ MHtt to 

iiul^l I'atrick Rolb'^cn M pw^nior rf tfc* 

ra«lle, «biI wa» tbcrr rvcmv"! "ilk d*««t* 

ahouUof ' StawJ \ty- J«« Ci«iil,'«ad m«t«t 

as nD mciB^r "' ^>^ ''"i ^ monln. Ud 

8 July liu Rai(sed bircDnmtiM(M«nhi^ 

/■ Hamilton Wtt ahraja n«dT lo t«k* !■•« 

Ha an inirigoe, and on 10 July ChafI** •««- 

i tlionsHlhimtoopefifncmllTcoiBaiaiiicalwn* 

with the corri»«iil«« wall tbe object of br- 

<n]rttir< heir plana. i^teriDtbcjrearbetuif 

n«t«(rWVDiwimb'iiirapoMl to nUBiiwii toe 

Sbon paHinmi'tiT. lie lookmCtbnrrrrr.lo 

iofrmttatK biiUM-lfwitk tbcqiMtStand advCK 

oUed llii* rliims of ber outdklata fer tbc 

<OCr al«TT.>lii[>. the elilcr Vniw^ True to bta 

dklilw of violencr, he prnitiadHi C diaries to 

•Eienpt (o «MK:i]i)it» tbr Scuta by tKliBK 

IxiiHlttiin Tret- In .lunir ItUO. tka|iiirb it isfaul 

that he n>c<>tnmvii<lK(l tb« teiiure of thrr 

_ ifih hiillion in ibe Tower to be iw*d to 

apply fittiiU for tbe new expedilion ■gaitwt 

JcDtUnil. wb»cfa bad hy that tiirn.' bmn tvi 

•oWm) on. 

Haniltin vaa again dMtgnrd for wnic« 1 

on tlw cati c'MSt of Scoilanil. Ili> tnxi]M, | 

bovaver, brake nut into mutiBT in conae- 

qtlMiCe tk tbo DpiKiinlmcnt of catholic affic«n 

^vtAMUmand tbtiin, ami were dwbMtKled before 

^■tlwsndorAugiui. It i« not hkely that hfi felt 

^L|^ Ijnocl-will totbeoff^niscn of an t'XiiMli- 

^^£on whii'b tbri-nl(^p(l U* ht\i>g liim for a 

^■iMondtiinuiclocollTxion wicb thnbiilkiirhi* 

eouotrviii«n. Early in August bu liad di«- 

madcd tho kiuc (rcim going to York lo talco 

ibacommand ofthi' Kuffliali urmr. AflertliA 

rxmt of Nevrbum bv nffmvd to Cbarles lo pi 


ft lo betray lb*ir "*rt>!», Charln ac- 

Ithaproposnl, find llaniiltAn hiu]tJi<?nv 

an uccUent oppan unity of paMing hiu- 

anl/offaa a friend of both p«irti««. 


•ok'w fiJMll; MBB-nth the 

with ut Scata dMiIy nocaelcd with 
inn wiAia Ii vaa bditrnd in Sitrnf- 
fa#a fcMlT 1^ W jnBd nth tU chkr 
Tanatnaadair fv SnAtd IB oriir MvoA 
h« rvia. At all tTtnta, n aotaf aglim 
Soadcml W B^ hnv teeied Unen loha 
ntjoaalffg (atnotiB with Isyal ■ ■l ia i iHB , 
and to ha nning at tho raaonl ftooi tka 
fcia^a *»™fi*f of the nan who wis Boat 
, fc ro nwl in ia iBinj both tha ktnf and tho 
Snu If «iffinf ^ csBitj haftw Umbl 
Sfenonr, if ha Wv of tha iataotiaa of thn 
failirawMTT bidwi to oM hit awn bbih 
to tho Uh of thoae vhMB thergropaed to 
inmach, haa knowUd^ can onfy UTe atfT«d 
I to drira hnn to malt* his [waM with tboao 
whohadaochatMTibl^ wwapoaat tbeirdia- 
poaaL He moo mad* ht« p«aca with 8inr> 
ford'* dMstiiM, aad in Fabraarr IMl it wu 
ofioo bi< advice that CWrlae admitted tbeu 
IcodentothefinTyconwil Tboush he luolt 
BOaclirDMit in bringio^ SttlSbtd to death, 
there can Voodonbt thai he had no Ihendly 
I dinmettion lowanfa him. 

Men of Uamilion'e character nercr fail to 

' Sod eneoaiaa anoog iha geneKHU and out- 

' fM>kBD,«iid Stnffotd wu m> aoonn- dead than 

I UsnithaoroundsfmhMipHtntiBMuiiinMes 

I wiifawbarohebadalreoaycoioaintocollUioa 

[we GuHAM, J*]iB,firM MAMtrisor Moht> 

■tone]. Wbeo WalierStevan waa capturty) 

on 4 June Iftll, a paper, whkh appvently 

emanatrd frnm SlaDtnuM. was found Upon 

; bini, in which the king wu warned a((*illM 

placing eoaAdenco in I'lamilioti. tlamilloo 

in fact waa buailv «m|ilnyvd on a tchvniv for 

' reconcilitiH Charles Willi RoihM and Aroyli, 

I apparently on the buiR, on the one hand, of 

■ completeaceeplanceof pTMbytiwilUUin by 

the king, and on the oiber of amad waiit- 

I ancfi to be (tiren by iho Sooi* to ObarlMi 

I ai^inMt the Hnalish parliament . I le had, in 

ibort, ainuidy uetcbnl oiil tbeilMign which 

bmuttlii hii maiitiir nii<l UiiiiBelf tn the aeaf- 

fold m 1C49. On lU A ii|t., when Charli<a «et 

out for Scotland, ha waa one of the fiiw wbo 

accompanied him. 

At Kdinbui^ lluniltou aMiu'IiiiI biiiiwlf 
entirely to Arfiyll, eeen when bi> found tluil 
nnyroal iinderatniidinf; )>el.wrr<n (^bnrlr* aitd 
Arjryll WBnimnoMiijli', 'niiiiloMTliotnif lU.i 
Icind WAH an nlm-ct iif liitti'r oinini-'oT. On 
2t>Sfpt. I.(ird kiTt'linlU-iiKtil hiui. HmitUt'tn 
gATo infonnali«n lo CbarlN, niid I'llmittittl 
an apology fiwm h>r. lU *ooii diK»vrrn) 
tbal ChnrW liiiimi-ir wn« di>]>li<ilH-d Willi 
him ■>ii (irrount of lli« cournv which lie bad 
tolitti, and had tfpulien of bin to bia brotbvr 




I lamilton 

tho V^nrl of [.■ntirk ilc Iwiiig ' vevy iictiv« ia 
kin own wwifmilinn.' MontroMt wrote to 
Charlfis offering to prove IHmiltoii to be h 
traitor. Then camt- tlie disoovery of tb» 
plol, known ns ibe Incident, to s^iie Arii^rll 
Add the two MfiiDilton brolbors, nuil if nc- 
cp^Mry U> nxirtWr ibcm. On 12 Oct. all 
thrpft flfil fiMiM I'MmbuTpli. Cbftrln* hud to 
fU'HiI ipiiomnco of lb« whole alEnir. Aft^r 
aoinb little time Uuuiltun ret amt'd to Kdin- 
burdb, und ucccapanivil tbc liin;; vlivii Iki 
left Scollnnd. OuSJun. l*>il',»l...(iCliat!(» 
Vftnt into tlie cily v( LcuJou, «ft"r tbn 
f&iliirv of tht! atti-initt i>i) the Hvo mctnbuM, 
Jlanaillou was wiih liim iu bis coach. 

Diirinp the spring of 1(54:?, for rKicn? limp 
oflcr the Ifingli'ft LrnJon, llmuiltgn woo ill. 
In July, nftor subscribinK lo nii>c ei-xty boi*i.' 
fin* tbi- king'" w-rx'iiT, hr. wi'iit to SeotUnJ 
in the ht'p? (if IkId^ uble 10 indue* tho Scots 
t'lnbtirain from an inlcnt-nticinou thpparlin- 
Ripnlary eido in tho approachinD; civil wm. 
Tbi» miiwion pivduccd no remt cxcBpi u 
hrcucli liHwrrn Ilitmiltt'n und Ai^'ll. In 
the ppriiiK of ICIS cirtaiu Sciilliith commiA- 
BioiiiTH jin'|ian.-d to waii on the kinf; witii a 
ptlitirin Tir),'iii(.' hina to allow thfin to ni)p<.'nr 
n« nH'diBtors in England, with th« intnitiiiu 
ot'drivingthr king to osscnl tnthrcolnbliph- 
mi'nt of ]n>'«liy(crinnism in Kiigl'ind. (hi 
thix Miiiniltrin triM lu ^iiin h lold u]>i>n 
l.iiiidoiin, whn WDJ" the pmiciiint of f ln'iii, hv 
fiettinfc it^iuhnl wn» known iiw'lli'-'criissneii- 
tiiin,* in whii'li ih"! king wii' iisld-d t<i ntmn- 
(lon lliP Hrimiitif* tif tithi'.* which linil bei>n 
gmntHd him by net of iiarlianic-iit. Ilamil- 
tnn in fool knew that ■TliBrleR hnd anld the*e 
annuities to Loudoim.Hotbnt their nbnndon- 
meiit would strike tiin],nnd not rh<? king. 
As this petty trick JidnntnicciHd.nnd 1/iu- 
dntin will! nnt ti) be* fripflilcned intn tuking 
I be kin|;'K|iiirt.lliiniittrin ihi-nnnki-drhnrU'ii 
tn send m ICdinburgb nil lliu Stviliiah lords 
of his]inrty tneounterect Arfrj'U, and to keep 
ScDilsiid from inlerferinK iii Knpland, by 
oiilvHlinp Argyll in the Sirotiipliparlinment. 
11ii» advioi" HI rmiii nmiiwd fbe itidijjnii- 
tion I'f Jl'iiilrose, wbn wnt wirli thu ijiK.'cn 
at York, and whn, believing thai ihi- Svi\l» 
would certainly u-rnl nn army aenmn the 
border, wished to onlicipstc the blow by a 
militarTMther than hynnoliticn! nperation. 
npon this Ilnmilionb"t"(m liimwlf lo York, 
and iiuluc^d the queen to ooiinti>nnnee bia 
wbotiie rather thnn tlint of Slrntrris^. He 
hi-Kl that if rborle* would only convince the 
8eoti1hnttli>'irownpnMhyt«riaRcliurch wne 
out of d«ng<'r.they would not trouble them- 
(rive* »boitI llie fortiinex of lb<- English 
churfb. 'I'liis, howci'er. wne precistlj-wbat 
Ohftrlm wu unntilo lo do. >\1iuii on 10 May 

11 Scfltlith conrention of i>tlntnt wim hui 
moni-d wilhoiit tho Icinfr'sntitboritT, llamtl 
ton Bttt-nipti^ to hiBd^r it* mc'chnff tind^ 
•unfaeircunuitauoca; but on&Junv.gndinsU* 
«p])osil ion nielesi, lie diisuaded Charlea ma 
pKiliibitingit. Bi^foTclhv elect ioii»w>?re held 
n«w» Arrived of a i>Iot of a combined mor^ 
went of Knglish anii I risli apainM t he !icottt*b 
nrniv in I'lHter, And for a j^iint inviwian of 
Cumberland if not of SeotUnH itecU'. L'ndw 
tbcac firciiniMonc*-!", wht-n tho conTvniiua 
mt-t it n-nxfouml that IIiiiiiillon*taupi>orten 
wure ill a minority, 

'nioiifib euco^u vftt evidently faopelcM, 
XlauiilTon'fl influence with tfi-- liintr wo» atill 
M> greet tbal Charles rafuscducnin latifteoto 
Montrose's plan of atlackini; i!t'- Ar^ll party 
wbtU'tWvwcrcelilluni'rrpwwl. KTt,iite«)on 
jutitilied Vontrime'e [in-^rn-ni'i-. Tbi-rr was 
«■> lunpT rofim for imrliuini-'ntary ruraibai 
in Scotland, and in NovetulirrllauiilKiR awl 
hie brother wi-re compelled loleavf Scotland 
apon their refuMil 10 si^ ibc frolcmn Ieafn*v 
and covenant. On 16 Dec. they nrriTcd in 
Oxfni-d. Kvery at court w&s t^on- 
nwiutlit-d apnvntf ibem, em) ChnHi-ji cotilil 
no longpr resiitl thetidr. I.anarli rjmipi'd.boi 
Ilainilton. in the In-ginitini.' of.Ianimry l<U4. 
was sent as a prisoni-r to IVndcnnia Ca»tl<-. 

tn JuK hmS Hiimilion. beitic •'till a pri- 
soner, had an iul4'r\iew with Hyde. andcoBfl- 
dently TiTofeased liiiiaMuraiicc that if heworv 
allowed toffotoScoilfliid hewoiild beabl^to 
induct) lheScoteeitherI"im'<liaH'a peace in 
Kiigland or to declare fnr .Mont r»*« 1 Cl.kKKS- 
D»!», ix. ltVJ-7), To thill pntn-aty tlvdpgBW 
nn bead, and hiti-r in Ihi^ vnir llatnilton was 
removed til St., Micbat'l'sMnimi (rt. ix. 158), 
where he wax liburated by Fairfax's troonft 
when the fortrew! fiurremlered on li^Apnt 
IfWB. S'Kin after the kiii|^reflrheilNeweastl» 
Haitiiltdu waited on him, and was umni 
with him to abandon epi)>C(t]>ary in Rn^mul 
M as to Xai M'cnre of lli» auiiporl of a neot- 
tisb annv in rugaiuing his crown. Raijy iti 
Au^st hi> went to Scotland, when he ui 
his influence lo induce the eovevaaten ' 
cpffie to termswitbCbarli^f', and itithci 
psM of September rrnppcnr^d at Newcnatfo 
at the lieno r>f a d^pitatinn eliarf^cd with a 
mccuage to (-hnr]c«, nrginphim to acc(-pt th« 

IiTopositlotiH of Ibd Kngli»h parlinTnent. Aa, 
lowevcr, thc»e incliidiKi tlin edtablifthRi<Tnt or 
pt*obyteriuniiim in Riijrlniiil. tlK- deputalioD 
provsd a failurf. and IlamiKon ro'iimedi to 
Gotland. Un 16 l>ec. thoScottisb parlia- 
ment under hie infliii.-nci.' volvd lo ur^ the 
Knsliili parlituaeat to allow the king lo go 
to L<?nd<>ii, but Arpryll and tho clersy werp 
too (itrongf<:>Tbini, and conditions ware added 
which it WU5 iinpo.-MiUeforCliarlM to«0C8pt< 




The Sconiih uwxy lufk ''-g*?— ' ik MIm- 
ing Tpar, aai Chailn vaa tnadanil to Ika 
Ktwiinh Mrliuiiait. 

^1 KUrTUtcacBovecif tfaekiaicbt-Jtyw, 
nod bit conMaamt iiiiiiiKm im to tlie 
todr (if tb« array wkI lk 
tiroafcbt alwut a nvubias «f 
luul. On 2 Mairb 1«M • ( 
met Kt Ediaburyh. in wfajdi Ha»ltaa,vbo 
broured Uk uterrrDtioa of ■ StaftJA mvj- 
or ihirtf-rwo ToUs owr Aif^D, who vfu 
th« nuirv mt«i« of the det^ was aafimtA 
tu tliU tDUrmuian (Mommail toSunnH, 
Much K~I8, lJ-31. v4mt. .faf Jtf. £ltm- 
j*«»«, ^nirbf«rre, tnt ]*!> AUtfao^tke 
«Krlv part of the jmr tbm was a aW wpffc 
of ploUwitli ibsotJKt of acamfaawdrinB^ 
IB Eitriftiidof thuit^aliauuid pnabfUiitM, 
and of tbo arrix-al of the Prinru <tt WalM la 
Sootlntid to place himadf in iht anay wild 
Trbicb BaraUun was la ckhb tbe bwder. It 
waa DOC till ^ Jalx.Bft«rib*EagliAM>nffs 
ir«n> oec iipyin^ t h« EogUah amy, ikat HaBu- 
ton «otancl Laglawl at tha bad nf a fon* 
Illllllhwili(ja1iiiiit 1 miiil J tliriiiiaiiil Ijunben, 
^Jirliff wM oppan^ tn htm with a EEueli inferio- 
[lorcp, kt>nt him in cli*ck till Cnitnuell canv? 
. In tJiosaeoadwMhu) A(uuuCToiaa-«ll 
._ned bin, but even then tWwigliah away 
[>iiat«d Mt Bach tnofp tluut nine tboosaBd, 
rUU tka Sooii liad been raU«d bv nin- 
atctotirvnty-four tLoiuanil. Ilmntl- 
i,bowcvcr,liftd D(ri«rMDiJii('1'^ *nr opera- 
ion of life vttb eucccas, and li« wae not 
f Jikriy to succeed in war. He alloved his 
tvpimenta to scatter over tho countrv, while 
Cromwell, wbo bopt hia mva wall la hand, 
daahad mocaaavaly at each tnmoit of tb« 
Seottub bott. In tbrve daTS (17- 19 Aug. ) 
llu) wbolo of llamilton'fi anny wa(> cxica- 
If beaten, in the so-caUvd battle of 
Hon, and the duke himeelf sumndeied 
25 AoR. 

(^hi 'J\ Ihc. Ilaiailion sow llio kin|; al 
^\^ndffor. n» be poMwd tfaTougb on tho waT ' 
to hia trial. Ite did not long Mirrire \ut 
mulVT. An aunnpt at rvcApc fnil!n^. ht 
iraa brought to Kl . J»inrH'i>, acul nn •• Feb. 
IMS be wai) put upon biatrial h^foru tlir 
biftb conrr of jtisticv. On 6 March lii< wnc 
COndeinii«d lo death, and waa cxwcuied on 

JUitr ILiHiLTOii (t«I3-l6.-»), duclieu of 
IJamilton, wife of the above, was married 
when only iwTim yirdrs of «ki<. Her husbanil 
WBM at tint avmi- I<1 kn'ping tlie fnntnici, 
ani) Enr minii! yi>>in< tlii-r witm on btiil ti>rmi'. 
Kittwaaladyof TUi^lii'ifchaiiiluT In Hi-nrirltn 
Uarfs, and enjoytd tlie emUldcncK hiith of 
tbe king and tho gneeu. iturnoL iloieribe* 

'• bar a« ' a ladr af fieai aad tangalaf worth,' 
a^WdWr note hk 'nmii Qakiw'iu 

tfcrwa^H. wkadiod TVang, and tbree dangb- 
l a c a, M a n r f lErf voong). Anne, and Snunna. 
la IttSl. on iW dcaib of bn- nncle, "Willitun, 
Mil «f Ijnatit and Koottd dnkeof Uamilloii 
[<). T.^ vba Bwoeednl lua bntber br apecUl 
rcBBBdar, thaSooCt isli ti t tea rcrrrtM to Acne 
aa«yM> fl«rwin^datiefai>Tof the firet duka 
[Msenadtr DamuK^'iu^AM, tliiid Dcks 
or HudLios^ wUia tba earidom of Cam* 
bndgc fancania Guoct^ 

rn* Icadiag aatberi^fiw lb* life of the daka 
JaB aj aa f a lirai of tba waiittoa*, vbiefa oonUim 
a lucaHunberof original donunmi*^ Tboa^ 
allovaBM mart be aukda for ibe nal of a bU^ 
grafter, tba |Hicnl aeearacT of tbe bonk beara 
ton CWter Chwt. vhicfa ban raoraily bcea pah- 
iMtcd by Ibe Coden Society, nailer tlw tiilo uf 
tbe Uamittoe Prnpttm.) S. B. C. 

HAMILTON, JAMES <</. 1666), divina, 
waauwiindiuinofGnwvnIlainiltou, third BCD 
of Hunt HantiltOQ, ricnr of Dunlop. After 
reoetTing a liberal (dumion at Glasgow be 
wu appointed br bis unela, Janea Huultmu 
lord CUneboye [q. t.1, orerse^r and ^ni'ml 
naaagerof hiaaatateainlreland. O/anaiu- 
rallT aerioiu dwpoaition, lie attracted the at- 
tention of lEobert Blair ( Ii"fl3-168(J) [q. v.],iit 
lliat liroe mitiij^ter of tli<^ church at Bauffor 
in CO. ]lon~n, who, arti^ra private trial ofbia 
abilitrw a preacher, persuaded him toentor 
tho minirtn'. Aecoruinitly in lU«tS, n<ttwitli- 
etanding UU pTcebrterian prodiviticeand ho- 
torodox Ticws, which mcmblcd blnirV own 
in regard to cjiitcoiiacy, he wuc ocdnintid by 
Bi»hop Ecbtin, andprv^vnlcd by ].onl Clanc- 
bo3r to t he ch u rch at t Wli-wnlt^r in CO. Do wn. 
Ilcru he laboured fuiXT^etTully for tvn yean 
' until, by lIiH ritf-idilicn of my [nard Went- 
wonh and the iTii>ii ltijdi»]i n( Tk-try [John 
Bratnliall, q. v.], new itrins of cliiirch 00m> 
munina to lie Hworn to were imponetl upon 
tlie whole cliurcli of Tnrland, wherromto l»e 
could not Rubiuit.' HisfKninjiIfiwBtifiDUowwl 
by iwTfrnI prominent ministfri" in the north 
of treland. Henry Leslie, llinhop Udilin'a 
Niiccmeor, was urp«d by Hitliop Dramhall to 
pTOceedlo their dcpofiiion. Ihii, dotennined 
to convince them of ihe error of thair ways, 
|j«t.lit^ cbnllvneed ihem to a publio dieputa- 
tioQ. lIi*diair«ngowRBitccepied,nndUninil- 
lonwaachnaontoconducltluidefvnco on their 
behalf. Tlii conforsnca omiunI on U Aug. 
1650, in thn pnuwnea of a targe BManblag*, 
but after tin* ili-hate had iinweoded a little 
way Uiahop Bmmball interfen-(l, and.liavinf; 
obtained an adjoummoot, perdiiiadi>d Lcalio 




noi lo reaiima il, but to forthwith pMS aen- 
Unee on the reoiilcarntit mini9t«TH. On tbo 
follon'in)^ liny they were (Ippo^ed, uid w>r. 
TatHh l>?ing shortly all rrtrnrds iceued fortlwlr 
a.m>)^T: )Ininilli>n cuti^ultiHl hu Mtfan hy ra- 
tiriir^r M ScrriLlaml, imil was iippitmtM rainiv 
Wt i>f tlifi chureh ftt Dumfrits. In Sept«m- 
huT IGJiI h& rvviiiiiHl In^lntid, in order lo 
iniiiLat4L<T r/> the Bplntiml ne«'6Mt)M of t]i« 
colonists, but nitumin^ to Srotland he wut 
in MafcIi lltU npimitil-nl hy th<> p;cncml 
US^mbly to Hiipnnntt'nd tli» ndmiiiintration 
of the covoniknt in lllntvr ( Keid, Pr^»6f/tfrian 
CAurtJi, ii. 27-12). t)n hi* return ta Scot- 
id tti« ihip in which bi> ond Ai-v«ral otli«n, 
Deluding; bts btbet^ia-law, hml taki-ii thi-'ir 
ftuaaffo, wofi ca]>tui>fd by the Harp, « Wux- 
9rd uitrak, ci>iiiiuanded by Aluler Mac- 
Vianell, who was brinaing tvinforcetoanl* to 
[oatroao m tbo bigluiitioe. Ahul«r M«c- 
JoBuell, who hoped br an cxrlinnirf «f pit- 
Boaon to BMure too mtntv of hi» IuLUit, M 
Oolkitturh.tben in the hands of Lbe Mac^ui* 
of Argyll, luidtd Uid nnaoiiun at Anlaamur- 
cliaa, aad coDfiaod ttioiii m Mingory Casile. 
Then Iluailtan nnuined lor tea ainnths, 
witnomng tbo releaae ofaovonl of his com- 
pBiuoDH, nnd di^nth of )iis fiilbi-i^in-IiLw, 
ibft Kev. Doviil WatAOu, nnd iLuntlier minin- 
t«T,31rAVi-ir, umiltheexerLiouAofLbe^ntml 
aaeoubl r anil Scott isb pnrliamenT set liiin frei- 
on ■> May UM& (l/tinuit:n M.SS. )>, 78). lie 
returned lit his tharfre nt Tiiiiiifrii:c,iiin! wni 
afterwiLTtls removiMl to KJtnburj^h. Itoiii^ 
Rppointrd n cbnplnin lo Charles II by ihc 
epUiMiLl Dfwvmhiy. he vra* taken prisonrr nl 
Alytli in ForfiimhirpbyCfiloneN Aliiri'dond 
Worf.'rm, nnd cairifd to l«iindnn, wb'-rif liy 
wii> ciiullin'il fur It ulinri. limn in lb" Tiiwnr. 
Rt-l'-itkMl by Cniniwp|i'j( unti-r. bit rrtiirnJiil 
to Kdijibiiruli. where ho [ircuclied till i be r*- 
fti«ruti(jii of thK t^piscopacy iu Scoiland dravi! 
biui from his iiulpit. and coiiii»»lipd him to 
TOtirnln ltivori'»lt. Ik- diwd at MdinbiiTgli 
on 111 Marrli l(i(«. liy hU wif.*, KU/.nlii'lb 
Wnlfcitii, dniighli-rtirDflviil Wiitwin.iuiiiiBdT 
ofKitlenvv. in?nr NewTy.hi- had llflcnnthil- 
divii. nil ol wlionidti'd in tbt.'ir infancy nxeL*nt 
aaii son, Archibald, trlio was a leading mima- 
ler iu the prpebyt^rian cliiirch in Ireland, and 
tbi>ie dau^'htijM. Jniii>, Mary, and Elizabeth. 
He WAS.aoprtrdin^' lo LivingKluni.', 'a Ipnrrpd 
and iliii^fnt niiiri,'liiMiityl<'arpn-iii')iinghuing 
' mlhtir dn<?ipiniil tltim i-xh'irtnlory.' 

[Ilmniltnn MSS. vi\. by T K. Lrtwry:'n 
Bi*t. of ih* Prwbyterinn Cbtirch in Ireland; 
Patrit-'k Adair's Truo Niirriitivs u-f itii* Him^ and 
loftlii'Prr.iliyirrinn Church ; Mc-Brido's 
Sunplo ct Jrt-Tilnck Prict-CnJiimnT. Gliu'coir. 
]713: and tb»Li(-a« of tlio B«vs. fioWri Slait 
aad Jolin liiingttuiie.] li. 1>, 

HAMILTON. JA.Mi:a (16lO-187« 
tushopof Ualloway, was thp wcond sod of Sirl 
Jaiiii>s Hamilton of HrDomhill, by MarmM, 
daiight«r of William llamillon of Ucutoa, 
and orotbitrof John, lirwllnrd RolhaTGO. B« 
wuboraat Itn)OuihJliuI6IO,aiudiodaltbe 
vnivenitT of niugaw, gnduated th«n) ia 
16VS,Biidin I6SI waa ordained aa minuUrof 
f'nmhu^netlMn br Arcbfaishop LindM^. He 
WM di>rKi(ied by the smod of Glaagow in 
April ItKlH for «i^ini; tV prolMtation of tfca 
biidions and tli<>ir ndbi-TrntA ngainnt tb« ••• 
ti^mbly of 16il8, bat on fnSouma p^nit^'nct' 
■wm ruiored by the aafembly of mm. The 
commit te«', to whom Ida CM« was rtforred, r«- 

Eort(-d that * h? waea yowig man of good b«- 
Bviour, and w«U beloved of bis ponsli, aad 
giiilty of nothing directly but th« aubscnlMng 
of tbo doclinnlure.' .\ftiir this be went, with 
tlio timos. Biehop Bumct hvp: 'ILo nas 
rdways bclicivd cpiMOpnl, \cl bo had to 
fur cumpltvd ia th<.- lima of the coTcaanl, 
that ho afl<.<ct<.-d d pc^vtiliur exprsMiou of liit^J 
counterfeit xi-al for iht-lr amne, ta atscanhiwi^M 
ealf &oni au«piciuii ; when he gare the oacr*^' 
ncDt, ho vxcoDimiinicatod oU lUat were not 
true totbc covenant, using a form ia the Old 
TcKlnnimt. of i>hnkJiig out iho lap of bia 
gciwn ; mying »ii did In; owt out of th<^ cburcb 
and roiumiinion all ibal diuilt falnelr in ibe 
ctivetiaiil.' IiiliWShr siipiii>rtwl the ' En- 
tfagrmfnt,' itiid wtvi iirgi-o nj hU kinamao 
the Dulieuf IIiuuiltDTi t(i accept a chaplaincj 
in (he army ra.ised for the rescue of th** king. 
At' the Restoration be waa rewardt-d by a 
grontof mtinovand the bishopric of dalloway, 
and ahmg wi^lh Sharp, Leiphlan, and Fair* 
fiid wft> tfinw(-mlL-d at W'wlniinstw 15Dee. 
]nin. Onll'iway wiu ii slmnghold of llw 
extminf cnv(m»iilen. Many nf ibo iniaiateM 
rcluAcd lo submit to ejiisci^pac^, and whirad»- 
priv^dheld &i^ldmi«linga. which wore largely 
nt tended by thr-iroldllocka. At lb(>rc<queM<n 
the bi' hop nnd his clergy, whost^ raiilu had 
|}i'cn mrniitetl from lbi> north, suldiers wen 
i|tiiirt iintd nn thn fnijiii^nliTr* of conveatielca 
Co cau])H>l tbi'ir tttti^iidmKii' nt chnrrh, and 
thert' appoara to hi- fHioi amhoritv for the 
Ntatement that Sir James Turner, t^io oHicer 
in comiDand, * va» obliged to go l>«Toad hla 
inslnicti^iiB to satisfy the bishon.' HatniltOB 
nci^iiiri'd tb»(.'alalji nf BroiitnbilliB I669finni 
liiit liroibiT, who lind biU'n raided to ibe pc^i* 
H^f!, 'ind diiMl in AtiKUMt 1<!74. Itureel de- 
Mribi's him a«' a (rood-nat umdmnn, but wcialt.' M 
way cTvlinarv, but lie waa r^marlukbln forhiJ^^ 
cunning nnd Timi'-scrvingt^mper;' whilKooe 
of his grandeons d«<scribi!a lum its 'mighty 
wpII wipii in divinity, accurate in ihy fnthcra 
and church hislory . . , yery piotw and chart- 



I iamilton 

UbK »trict in lii" uioraU . . . mid rverv wny 
^POrtJij' of lie wcTt-d character Iib how.' In 
jeSfi lie in«irit«i MBrgaret. only dauKhler of 
AlexBii(li-F Thomson. i.>nv of ttw minislers 
of EdinburgL. urd iJiul two »dus mid four 

[Kdili's Cm,: WoJww'b Hiot., ; RfwnJ" "f ili*- 
Eirk ; Burart's il'iK. of hi« Own Tiino ; B>rni. '■ 
fkmiljuf Brombill; Scn't'i t'luti ; lL<'|.'<«<'>r of 
tbo SjDod of Otlh-^y. 1 86*-7 i.] O- W. S. 

{Mtiater, beloc^d To the fiinUyof llnmilioii 
of Wurdjestoninl'lfcsliirw, Asirdnirroysliiii, 
be quitted Scntlnod diirinjf lJi» Cuiimicn- 
irenlth f(ir Ilni»si'lB, wln-n- hi- (iruel isi-d foi 
I Teon n^ u iiiitiiliT oraiiini«J!> and still 
fe. Hunilloii Iind tlitue iom. all ham nt 
I, wlia tvarif hiLflxly dihiineui<li(-d in 
be «nne line (tf ])ainMng: ( 1 ) litiiKiXAiTD 
HIUP, bofnlWH,whow«BSp[i(iiiit>ii iifiiuii-r 
■ the Emperor Charles I'l m\'iwmii,w litre 
''Itn^idfwlAnddiedin T-V); (2) JoiiSGttmoE, 
bom HUm, wn* nlB" rmidovi?d hy the em- 
perflr at Vn-niiB, -wlieri! lu- died alJoiit 17.13; 
Vtd (3) ("iiAiu-iM WiLUAM, bom Ifi7<l. van 
cmplofod by Aloxbndor Sif^iind, hiitliDp «f 
'.ugsbuM, irherelieresidrd nnd tlii-diti l;J14. 
icture* bv llio two fl'W brother* nrc in tht? 
gKl1«riM Mt Vicniin, Munioh, Drrsdf-'n, &c. 

FNagler's Kiiueilrt-LcalkuB ; ^^-dd's UicL of 
P*lMen tad£aRniTon,cd. Omvvti RoJgnivii'a 
I>!Gt. oTAniFta.] L. C. 

HAMILTON, JAJIES, sixth Eam. of 
AiiBlK~<'iis |liJ0C-1784), wiiB eldeat eon of 
JimeM Hamiltvu, ly EUeaWlb, dnnptiU-r of 
John, lord Coleptper 'q. v.'. and ffmndmn of 
&ir (.icorfce liamiiiou 01 I>LiiialonK [nop und-rr 
llui anvs, Jaul-s, first Eiiu. ur Aubri'ihq-}. 
and ia tbe following rn^m ctiiniuHudcd u n-|ri- 
mcnt <if horer. At tlir Ko^uluiion lie Kided 
Again*! KinK Jatncn, and in K'bniarr Itifr'B-ti 
WM wn: to Irwlnrid Irt nK»iflt in tbr defence 
of l^uiloiiderry {tti»t. .U'S'-S. Cowim. ll'th 
R<T>. App. riC. vi. 102-73). lie Imd ri-1'tijcil 
10 AMume llic title of IjBiTTit on liii? prond- 
fathrr's death in I67(), hut in 1701, on ttic 
denth ofhiacounin Chark-,-!, (ifthmrl, he Im*- 
CBiUB Earl iif Alwrcnm ; on S Hi-ji(. 1701 b«^ 
irB« ciVBt^id Vincoiint Slrnlmiit^ 111 tbi- Inab 
|K«ini[i:. An a tv'tiuii'li pivr he »teadiH siip- 
|tant^ tlw uiiioii ill 170(1. He waa a pritv 
couDtUlor in the rcigna of Anne, Oeorge I, 
And Geor{;e II. He died -28 Nov. }7H. and 
'vas buried in ilenri- Vir« rfmpnl in WVt- 
mi aster Abbey. ByhiiiwifnElifiilwtli.dnugh- 
Ver and lieirvwi of tSir KoIhtI Ki-iiding, ban.. 

nitblin, tut had nimi KOna mid fimrdau^k- 

HuuLTox, JJUl£s,M.•ventllElKl,arABBlt- 

C0ll3(rf. 1711), lh« second sod, Bucceeded his 
fatliiT. He was awora a uiGmbi:r of tha 
privv council ot Eiii;liuid LNJ Julv 17Wf, and 
of tLat of Ireland 2« Sept. of "tlio follow- 
ing: war, lie diod Jo Cavcniiisfa i^uarci 
Looilon, 1 3 July 1744, and wa»liiir)fdin thu 
Pukv of Ormonde's vniilt in '\Vi-t<liiiin«ter 
Abbey oil 17 Jan. follnwintf, hy his wife 
Aime, daui^liliT »r('oli)nt'l I'liiinerofKlalieft- 
weaiv. Uenfcnlsbirt, Ii« liad six wn* and a 
daugLter. His two eldest sonn, Jamp«, i-ij^lith 
earl, and John (</. nriB), lire si'immiely no- 
lictd. Abi-rccirn dcvoTMlconsidtTalilf nttwi- 
tiun In »i:ii-ntitii: mirBiiits. and wiui a fi;llow 
of Jh<- lto>-ul t^orii'ty of I,()nd(iii. He -waa 
till- millior of 'Calculnlinufi and Tables re- 
latiriff 10 ihi' AtirsenvePcwerof LoadMouea,' 
172U, published midtr the initials 'J. II.' 
Wnlpole, in hi» ' Itnyal and Noblo Antlior",' 
WTotiKlyaltribiited Ibe work to I he nislh wirl, 
but th" error was oim-cttii by I'nrl(, who 
ptiiiim out timt in * Itibt. 'Wutiaiia' it u 
entered UDd«rib«iuuii(! of Ixird l'fli*ley. In 
tli»? 'Krilish Museum L'atalii^ue' Abi?irafniB 
also credited with iH'uig the Joiiit ant hor along 
with llr. IVynsL'li of H ■ Treatise on HannoDX', 
conininingtiH'L'bief Units for Uotjiiwsing in 
Two, ThrrH, and I'our I'«rU,' 1730; Uml wl. 

I IJonpbi*'* i^^MtUh Pfers(fi>, rd. W<iod, t, U ; 

Wnlpoloa KojmI and li(,hlt AutliorH. i-d. Park, 
V0I.T.: Bril MtdlCuL] T. F. H. 

HAMILTON, JAMES, clftbth Emli. op 
A neHPoHS (171 :i- 17^9), cldc*t son of Jnuief , 
scvputU I'Dfl [pL'c under Hamij.tox. Ja^l'ii^ 
si:ith Eakl of Abcbcokn], by Aiim-, duugl^ 
Irr of Coloiifl Jului I'lumtTuf Blsln-Kwciire, 
ilentbrdfchire, wa* boniom'itkt, 171:J, Oo 
'JH March I73ti he was sii imui ined in tho 
Houec of Pvere in Iridand as Uaron Moimt- 
csf'tk-. He fnicc-i-cdrd liii; falhcr as Earl of 
Abt-rt'oni mid Vifcount Slrnbane in 174-I, 
and in 170] and iinlHu-r|i]nil iirnL'ml election', 
iueliidinK ibat of 17<-^(, wiiit rlnui-nDnc of the 
(^ixtwn bcottiflirepn-weniiirivi'iK-irn', He o|^- 
popod the bill to re|Mral ibi- .American Nt»inp 
Act in irttH, and rotcd for tbn rejw."tiiin of 
Fo.x'k Iiidiii Bill in t7B3. He waJi i;n^ilwl a 
pcprnf GrtNil Britain on ? Au(f, ]7ftl bv tlin 
tillt- »f Viscount Hnmiltun. with r^iDalnder 
to John J»nii-.« Hninilldn, iKin of bis broiher 
-lolm nHniiIt<m(i/. li(Wi)[i[.T.] No n«>w elec- 
tion of li?cottiBb rpprMHninliTfi iHwm having 
been ordfflied in the room of hiiu and the 
Duke of Laudprdnle, who bad lieen aliiu on 
the raiue oecosioii crested a British pner, 
a committee of firivib'a:!'* ttnally derided on 
i;il-nb. 1 7H7tliHt, baring hei'ntn-atedltriliidi 
pi-en. tlii-y hiid ■■i«M'd In cil n* represenla- 
live* of the jMH>nfi<> of Pfoltnnil. In 174B 
Abereoin purcba^M from ih« Lhtlte o( Argyll 




thf biiron<r of Lhidditifreton, «rti«r« he bailt % 
nMnHJnnfDrhimvcidpnm; 17K1, 
hBMCOiiitvd rromThai>)«A,»if7hth«arl<>f llun- 
di>nal«, tlic lordihip of Paisley, pistviouflj 
hftld b; ku Lneenon*, he modi; I'ludfy Hli 
priDcip&l i«*id«DM. Inli^l iKi&ucdout tb4t 
jH^rtiou of the laod* of tbe abbcr of I'autlry 
whitli tvmkinej unbuilt ou, thus foiii)diii)[ 
tlie ' mm town ' of Paisley- lie poawaecd n 
lugtt ««Uit« in Ir«luid, wberi' li<» built tli» 
tuBiuion of DarooKourt, near LoDiloodcny, 
aad he had al«o a scat at Witbitia, Emcx, 
whcra k« cnt«rtuii«>d Queen CbarloCto in 
Sc-ptcmWr 17tll. Ho died, uniaiirni.-d, aX 
Uor»utlbbricjgvoni)Oct. 17(<D,atidn*iLi biiriiMl 
in tiu! ubliKj i>r PaiaW< iu a vuult biMimili 
St. Mirrea'H (^huixJ. He va» euacetded by 
hia uuphuw JohiiJuKiea,sfterwnTdsflntmar- 
(|uia ot'Abcrcom. 

[Loo") AbU-y of Piiialfy. 187» : SMnpto'i Hirt. 
ii( Kcnfrevntliirr' : Dtm^ina's Seiitcitli Pwntgtv 
cd. Wood, i, 12.j T. F. H. 

HAMILTON, JAJIES (176e-lS29), au- 
lliorof lln' Ilamiliciiiinn (ij-dtetn of twt«hing 
UnjtiiJigi's, u'an Ijiini in ITlW. lli< wmk Iniighc 
for i<mr yi-nra nl ii .-cluHit in llublin kirjit by 
noiilty and Mulhall. two joMiiU, Hu wt'nt 
JDln busitissB, nud far about tbrc^jcnnbHarA 
I In.' rBVolmion wa? living in FrwiPfl. In 17S8 
111* waa I'BtnbliKbcd us n mcri'tifinl in Hum- 
buw.wherelichad been made fre* of the city 
nnd bad boiifht a house in t1i« Xeuon liarg. 
H«rf> he applied for instruction in (.i^riuan 
Ifl GiTHTjil ll'An^ll, A Trfln^li (■niiijrC. 
TKAiiiii-li, nillinikl. iitiiifi n grammnr, traix^ 
lab^d to btni word f<ir word a tirnniin book 
of Biiocilalt*, farcing oe hv proccfdod. Aftt-r 
aboul twrlve luMUM Hninilton f'jund that be 
could rend any vtuiv Ui-miau bijulc BtMitty 
■ud MuHiuU ijad bud a eumcmbnt piiuilar 
eyt-tem. llumUlon ulri'iidy Ituew Latin and 
Mime Orepk, and was well road in French 
and Eiij^lish. About this time ho lod^ocj in 
Gcnnan hoUH-j in LnpnifT nnd other towns. 
KotnovinK to I'lurii' he, in conjiinctioa -with 
tbo bnnking-hou'H- of Kurohi-r & Cn„ iliil 
conaidcnble biiKLnt-M with Kngtiwd nt tbe 
time of ihepeact' of Auiii^n.i. At tlii; riij»- 
turn of the iwdce be wnn ' ditlained,' and hts 
husiiieas in tlainbur;; ajiil Paris wils mined. 
Ilf went to Now Vr.rk in October 1S16. with 
an idea of boroming n fnrmrr and mnnufao 
tuper of potB»b. At tlio Inet moment he 
changed his mind nnd drtonninwl to ttmch i 
langiispm tluTt? on tin- pririfiple "f II'AnEdli. ' 
Bis plan, br My", wn.^ 'to tfiich iiLiti>n(l ofi 
nrrlvnno' to learn. Hi- began at dui-h with I 
n wnrd-Tnt^word trunslalion, and left, inalruo 
tioii in gpanimar till a later sla^e. Ilia first 
inipils were three cleiyymen and Van N«m. ' 
judge of tbe difitrict court, and hia whole | 

. I»u 

tim« WM Mon uuga^ in teadun^t. He 
ptipili, of vboBi hi? had ahf.iut ecrvratv in fas 
lint ymt, read Frrnch msily in twrnly-fouf 
IcMotu of four biiiira tiarh. His eliarip) «u 
a dollar o Iweon. In Svptem Wr 1616 be wont 
f> PliilndKlphia, aiii) gave tiia firai leetunio 
Mplnnal ion of the * tlaioittoaian Spam.' 
U«m be ati>o printed hi^ tint reading-book, 
diapters i-iii.nfSt.Jobn'aOospet, inFraich. 
vriin on interliiH-nr nod analytical tmaaU 
tion, At a later liui« wrvrnl books profiw^ 
ine to be adapted lu his ayitvDi wen yuih- 
linWl without bia aulboriiy, and which, a* 
\iK cijRipluined. did not uiake a teacbcr and 
a ilielioiinrr aiipertlnous. Amons (ho books 
with lititral nnd interlinrar English tianal^ 
tioiij publtibi-d bv Hamilton were; ]. |in 
Grcik) Tlie Gimiwln of t>l. Mattbuw and Su 
John. ■2. (in l^lin, roiling 4*. i^ucbl 
John's Guspol,' Lbiiuiuiid'a ' Fpilotuu 
t«ri» Sacne,' • ■'ICaop's Fable*/ ■ Kiitra^iiBJ^ 
'Auwlius Victor,' 'lW«lni*.' ^(inFwiicb; 
' St. Joiin's Oosjtel ' (^nine edllioua), Peni»% 
'Fnbh'V 4. (iDUennan^Campe'a 'RohiMOB 
Cru»o«\' r^ (in liulinn I ' Si. John's Go6p^* 
In 11417 Hamilton b'ft Philadelphia tar 
Bnllimure, hi* wife and dauglifra teacbiu 
with him. The pivifojuor* «.t lUltiiwrtro CoC 
h*^ ridieulL>dLtm inn ptavcullftd ' The Ntnr 
Slwie of Teaching,' acted hr their pntkttl. 
Hamilton went to thoplav.and thrw' dajt 
nfler publisbwi it in a ncwapapor with ok 
own comniunte. Tb>e eollt^.'p, be i^TSi was 
<uion without A pupil, whU« the llomillonian 
school nt |{»ttJuora lutd more than a buB- 
dn^d luid xixty pupil* nnd twcntv teochefs. 
He WDs obliged by iLl<hi?nhb and pocunian 
dilGcultii^ to leave lbc>><;hool tobittcoclwrfi 
nnd wt-ai on to Wa.ibinetuti, and tfacn to 
llostou, wbere he could onW ohlun four 
ptipib. A pnifi'foor at tbr IliiiJlon UntTep- 
aity attaclied biiu au a charlatau, but a oom- 
niittca examined and appro vedbiarourpupiU, 
nnd h« eoon hnd two tiundred. Ilamiltoa 
nl»o tau^bt at the coUcgce of Sch'^acciadft 
Princulon, Ynlc, llrnlford, nnd MiddlebiiJff» 
nnd often hnd the tcatrhrrK m well os tlwtr 
pupila in Inn claaMn. Tn 1A2:! he went lo 
Montrwl, and llieu lo Quebec. AtMcmtreal 
lie inatrucled the fooler, and iiuccemfullj 
taught reading to ei^lit ienorant Gnriian 
pritoners there (on the method adoptea aee 
Hittorft, Prinriplea, ifc.jif the Jfamittimian 
M&thoil, pp. 13, 14). Re left America in 
July IS:i5, and cnoie tn London, where in 
eighteen monlhii he hod moiv than six huo- 
dr(>d pupils lenniinir ditTonml loiiuungM, and 
seren ti'mbrrii. ltt< l^fl bi« arboal to tbs 
lL>np.Iii>ni, and uflei-warda taught his Hyctsm 
in Liverpool, 3iIancheater,Ediiibiirgh,Bubljli, 
BelfuAiffind otleost twcmyotherpUees. 




Uugfat ai bts binue. No. 2A Cecil 
Sinvl, Stmul, «ad tbm ia iiamtf Street. 
A* • rule bis cluMi wore for adalu ohIt. 
IIi« beat rlnainn be found to be (J>om num- 
beriBgfnnn fiftyto a hioidrad pnnli. Soibv> 
bthen ud rrmndlmthfrnt, whn bad Mipulatoil 
'not tobvculi'd upcQ to rivilr'publirly, Miou 
noved Che ntM livelr jinpils in the dau. 
Vnm the niddV of Ma; to 16 Nct. 1825 
(mx moDtlu) beliad tea TCrjrignoniitpuwb- 
■cbool boys lo lire iabiahoMe. Atlbeeadof 
thij pmod they pMMtl a tur Eixtiaination in 
tninslaliar I^lin (tbeOoapelorSt. Jnhn aad 
' Cffisar'a (^Mnni*atanca '), u>d aUo in Frvncli 
and Italian. Tlia expaaaea of tbi* «tnen> 
RMint w*T* partlv bontpfanr John Smith, M.F. 
llainilton'ft ■yslem and nia alaa of *dr«r- 
tiiing (oB wliieh hy I89S h^ ud apeat bovs 

Rion l/)OCM.)w«TH ntirb attacliTCl tyy wbo^l- 
ia«t«Ta and otbcr*. A good-biiBiourcd and 
ifcibly wTitti^n d-friM!*! of biR KTitcro by 
vdnev Smilli ja iitning«T to ltin> appeared 
ia tin-' • Kdinb*irgb R*ri«w* for Junt; 1826 
rvprintcd in Jiuny* efSt/dof^ .SvtitA), Tb* 
"amiltonim t^TAtpni was alto d^nded in 

itf ' Weatjoius'lrr lieTi«w,' Ilamilion died 
Dublin, whitliurlkq had);i»c tolvclurp, on 

6 Srpi. lyitJ (fi^l, .V^ff. 1829, rv\. xax. 
ft, u. p. 477). in bi» vixticlb rear. Among 
tfae writcn who bavc wnttcti un Ilia ayatcm 
Bfe Albcrip, l>oiuitii. Ilonndl, £iaI|[a|^D•^Uot 
Cjtlopadia of I}iumtioti,9.x. 'UaliiillOU,J.') 

[Haniboti'BlluaiiTj. PrliiciplM.rntti«B.aDd 
BtMilt* . , , of th« IlaaiiliDaiian SfBtnu. Maa- 
ahMlar. 1S29. 12ma ; Bnt. Mw^CaC] W. W. 

HAMn.T0N,JA3IES.rlie eldpr(1749- 
]l<nr>), j>h*rtician, son of Itobpn Hamilton 
^rf. l787J,profMaorof diTiniiyat Kdinbnrjib, 
waa bum at Kdinbargh in 1749, and xtadiMl 
iBedidnetlu'K'nndaBilu'CnniiHKut. H«iiarty 
lweani« phvFimn m ihv Royal Infinuary, 
to OMVfr*' (lorinl'a llcuiiital, and other hofr- 
pilabi in Edtnbufub, ana liad a laifre nractiiv. 
HodiedatKdinburghon-'/ Ort.iste. Fw 
many yean be vaa a pictaraaqa« ligviv in 
the cilV, retaininrTMj oU-faanioBMl man- 
BenanddreM; hei*nidtaliav«bM'nibrlfl«t 
pciMB who worn tbo ibn»i«omen-(1 cocked 
Sat. H^ WW mrM. not«! frr hit work en- 
title ' ObnTrniinn* 6n tb« I'tility and Ad- 
iniiu«traii,nn of Pumlire Sli'dicinw,' IPlfi; 
fitb Mlit. If^iG. Hnnefoas Amnican i-di- 
tion* ^fn alio prtbBAed, and it ms tnuu- 
Iat«d into Italian, Gfrman, and Fn-noh. 
HatBilton waa lltoroufjiilr nld-faiibif>nMl in 
bia traatiaent, beliwind in fTv« blood^lMtin); 
and profliae purpDji. and in #lTQng mercurial 
tceatmvnt for f^^itilif. llowanveryjocwliir, 
kiDd-bnu-t^d.and atbldic. nM;r>.-ar«aiDUsinK 
acMuata irium in tlie 'Livea'of SirAjtley 

(["MipT anit Sir R. Cliri«twon, and in Kay'a 
' EtUnbursb l\ntniiii/ Till taivlyilw wonts 
of Ibrw JamM llamilloaa waiv'catalofued 
as by oneiaaiitn the'Britiib Mui^timCata- 
lopae:' (I) ibe abave-mentioDed, alwaya 
known asJaiiM Haaailtaii,s»uor; tS) Jatnea 
IIamilt(.<n.iunior Tq.v. .who liwd next door 
111 him in !M. Ati'tr«a-'n !<qitarv, Kdinboiufa ; 
and \S.) JaiiiM Hamilton, M.n.(174(UtKS7), 
CucMBaivalj of Dunbar, FUlinbiirgb, Ltirda, 
and LendoB, a ftiend of John WiMOf^, who 
is depicted witb him in a n-eU-known print 

(U«tti. >Ug. tUS. i. 103; W. Srwl>%gtBf. 
IlArrnnii Or»ti«ii, Kd>aLnt«)i, tSSS; Ufa of Sir 
■lAlfy CoopM-. i. 11(4. IM: Life of Sir R.Cbiia> 
liouA, i. )U), ]41:Sir A. GraMaSiMyaf Edin* 
biufb Uair.; Old and N«« Eiiinbuish. iL 1S9. 
\t$. 301 : Dof hamlir*'* Irirt. KncycL dn.Viwew 
Madicaka, lib icr. ruL ni.] 1>. T. B. 

HAMILTON, JAMKS. tbo y^wf?-T (*. 
iKTIl)), prnfifAior of midwifery in Kdinburgh 
Univrtwity, wan hmi <^f Alr.xaod'r IlaBultaa 
(l7;t»-lMt:J> :i].T.], and traiaod by bim a» 
bia »ucc«a»«ir. Ftom bi* twcnty^firvt rear 
b« aaeistcd hi* btber tu hit practice, and ap- 
pears (o bsT« abvwa a similar if not gtwUv 
pofmaciiy and obstinacy ia tiaudiair op tut 
L« personal and proifteeioBalri^ta. Inl793 
a pamphlet iru publiafced ontiUed 'Atiaido 
Tor (ient Irmen it ndyinif Medioiu at tbe Uoi- 
rerNiT of Edinburgh,' by J. Jfobtulooe, eaq. 
Iparu^.), in which the Uiijnil(Dasw«Ti«praiaia 
Biid other mofeMon canmml. Dr. Jamca 
Orpgorr (1 r54-l82l> [^^. t.'. cbarp-d Alux- 
andt-r llamitlun nilli iiA authonbip; Ihm 
denied tbechartt^. and waa cxoneraled by thail 
Aenate. (trc^ory iben cbarpd JamM llamil- , 
ton «ith wnting it. Ilamiltott'ti tr^ly pn»>jj 
Tokrd rirtTpm- to tKni>h him, for which " 
brought an arlion against (irtp>nr, and 
txtraredlOtV.diunapia. InlSOOheaucoe 
his fathar in the dtur of midwifciy, i 
In 18)6 b« made a strong eflbrt to get 
flubiect recoffniwd among iboae wbidi emy ' 
medical Ftadeni was mjuired to attend, bat 
failed, owing to theboatility of (lr«>goryaiKl>. 
ntkfin>. In \»ll he notigfat to gain hi* an^ 
ibrmigbtluXown council, fiirwhickt ha aaoal* 
atntnglv (<<-n>iirad him. Tlit« funlif r embit- 
l«i«d ifii* f|iiam>I bi!iwe«a tbo toa'n council 
aad the wnale, and finally a roval commianon 
was iasued in 1827 toiiMJuirt'into aMttoa ia 
dispute. T1k< quesiioa of tha reauifammt 
of midwifery ae a cnmpulaovy 'i'^*^ ^'^^ 
RAitl^l in Hanilton't farour in 1830^ and in 
lK:t2 he ^1 t)H< mMtlntiona cmurimng him 
annidlni. Ilinptif^ncity waaearned intobia 
li^tiirM, wbMr> hp wail M%tuipicn<Mu fnr hia 
anTCi«en1iei«ma. Sir K. Cbriiiiaoneallahtm 





<B snarling, tinniir, unfeeling critic.' Ilia 
«usrr«lswitli Dm. Aiidn-w Duncan iImi fItUr 
m.v.] aitd Tboiuut CbariM Ho|)u [(j.v.lcume 
iritn tliolAwcuuns. Ilu voice wa«1iuiii,auil 
hia ncct'di ^nHid Scotch t but he was K joyr&T- 
iul an d Aoule lecCurer, nod hit groat pspvri encL' 
giivxliim much ori^un] infortnHlian. i]'>nt' 
■olonrnon-VMiiKiitEHirnrgTiMUKtiaD. Uatujt- 
jHWtiid Llui l.}>uir-tii H'lhfiitiLl larvuly M bia 
Aim i>x|H^n>c. IIt^ died on :^l Nav. 1839. 
H« wa* *liort in Jiaturc, of frail eapeci, al- 
thoapli roftlly strong, tiot at all pood -lookirp, 
witliB quiclt,short,n^rvoiu step, and nsliglit 
«tO0p, and downward look, lie hud grvAl 
iiiHuenc« over liis pntlii-ntt. lUmiUoii piib- 
li«had: 1. ' Keplv lo Doctor Grrjjory/ UftS. 
2.'SoI-«tCMOi>m M)dwif.>r»; 1705. S.'OI>- 
. «orvatinTiii on tb« Sii»t» und CauiU'-h of Di*- 
'Mtetfi ■11iintraU-d by MurgiijUtit's pLtnivctionH,' 
[toI. L 1765. ■l.'A'C'ollL'clion oC Kn^rraviiiKs 
37WI. 6. 'Hint* for llu- Tr«ilmciil of t'hu 
S'rincipal Ducascsoflnl'ancj'aiLdCliildLoodt' 
1809. ti. ' ObacrvatbiM on tbo I'm- and 
jUmoe of Mercunal Ucdiciacw in various 
DiMUM,* 1619. 7. ' OutlmL-s of Midwifery ,' 
[ ISStf. 8. 'Practical UbsftnutUtnA on variuun 
^'Subjodfl tvlattnfi to Jlidwit'erv,' If^O-" ; 
Sod edit. lE^O; {ierman iruublutioa, Ui-itiu. 
183$; bcfiJc* uuinorovi^ aritcltft in medical 
journals, aud controTcnial i>aai|>hlets. 

(Sir K. CbrirtJMtn'* Lir<?. 1. 8ft-S, S3'0. 321, 

.aai-HO; Kay'gi hklinburifh I'orlmiU. 1. »t0,341; 

I Craiit':! diJiry of KHinl mrnh Ciiivcr»il j ; Surgoon- 

0«di-m1V Cm. V.S. vul. v.] Q. T. U. 

HAMILTON, J.-\MES. D.D. (1814- 

1 18671. iiU'Rbvit'nan iiiiuintcr, *f»n of Willijini 

I Uamition.iuJiiinit^rol' the tj«lA)ili«liMi L'Uuri^li 

of ^L'otlaiid at Slruttibanf, in tbi< county of 

Slirliiijf, and of Jane Kinp of i'aieliey, was 

burn ai I'misli-y. IT Kov, |Ml4. Ijut gj)tint his 

I earl^' in bin fiitlii'rV nuinM>, nud</r the 

cart-' oi a n-nidi;!!! tiit'ir, (ill the n™ of foiir- 

tt^yn. wbt'ii he tinii'Ct^d filiinffow UwiTcrMify. 

He ffraduutiNl ut (>Iiliieo«- in lK)o, but r<>- 

inaveid to Kdinbnrcli in IKliI to atund tbfl 

Witiros of Hr. Chiliner*. His father's aud- 

4l«<n death in 1^^ \e(1 hitn. as tbe p]d«.3t aoti, 

inrhargoof !iij> mo'tiPrnnd i;'onT>j;;«r brotheni 

,JUid aiiti'rx. .\fti>r n ditlin^iithod rAmor hb 

, nudent bf lira* lii*M*od n* a minislrr iii , 

the finlablishod church in Octobi-r IKHH, and -, 

come Dr. I 'andlii^h'it u»i«Biit at St.(!OTr«>'s , 

Dburclj, Ijdiubtirftli. Ill ]H39 he under- ' 

Ktook (hi.' I'Liirgv of the pHrish uf Ab<:TiiytD 

in the Ihmdef iir';8b^(i>ry, bb aa^ixiHut to a 

minisltr pii*t bi» worJi. At the b<f|fiiitiinj,' uf 

lb4I bt' rLimovfd lo iioxburffti L'burch in 

linburgb,n'Ui?b the c»[ab)i<iicd church waa 

^taking «>«T I'ruia the aonconfonning body, 

who had fotinded it. In Juljr IJUI bi> wm 
iudiiot«d into the National Sooicli Church, 
He^int Square, London, biiilt orifpcally In- 
EdwnnHrvinti. llenvuined ministerofti 
conjrrv'gai iim till hia doatfa on 34 Nor. 1* 
Ilamilion woi »1i4<in sTiBjiathioertntli tla 
ininiatcrs who at ih« dinruption in \HiS 
till) t>stabliaht>d church of Scotland, 
married in 1847 Annie Uoon^ danglitor of 
Joliii Afoar« of Calcutta. 

At thi*agoofH'V>>iiteen IlamiltOineotiiiiiltd 
livea of Baxttr, JonHthnn ICdward/<, IloiridB, 
and oiheraGar aCibutgowtroct Aocietr, ondia 
18^16 he WTOtea abort nMinoir of 111* fntli<r,i»d 
•.^iledhiBposthumouawork*. Frotallu*tiiM 
hi* litorarv- octivity it-aa incvMuul. ' I-^ifr la 
Eumprt/iW5,iaioo,''n«! Mount of OUthi 
I84it, lihno, ' The Hoyal l>raacli«r, Lcctti 
on KAcbviMte*,' 1H5I, Hvo, ' Embleuia 
lid*n,' I t*o){, Ib'ino, ' L«.'«soiu from tbe (h 
IIio(rraj>hy,' 1807, ^ro, 'A Morning bnidetk' 
1^0 ofiinlilco.' 180S, S4mo. may In mat- 
tinned among hid ili'vuliutiul and rxcgvtic ' 
works. Hi- also puhliaUad uiniKiirf iif Itic 
ard liVilliams. 1^04, t-ni, of Ijidv (Vi 
(luhoun, ind cd. l*"iU. t<iL>, vt T. Wflann 
Wu^Hirillf, 1859,J?vo. nmt of J. D. Hurwi,"' 
lioaibiiuiouKlr. 18<KI, ^'l^v. In IrMtl ho he- 
came tdiior iif the ' Pntibytman .Mcwcngc