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Full text of "Dictionary of natural history terms with their derivations, including the various orders, genera, and species"

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y-^^^ /^^a'P^^ ' 

^ *7!is 















'Tma "Volume in intended as a library oorapauion for tlie 
lovers of Natural History. Endeavour hB.a been made to 
give as many terms aa a portable and conveniently- sized 
volume wontd contraJn, without burdening it with obsolete 
names. This has reodered neceasnry the omission of much 
illustrative matter that was intended to be added, it being 
thought better to liav<^ a niunerottii list of names than to 
take up space with tLat which could be dis|]eiised with. 

No apology will be expected for deficiencies. A book of 
this nature must needs be deficient, on account of the daily 
additions made to science, and of the immensity of the 
existing raateriala. The intelligent naturalist who may UKe 
it wilt judge it by what it contains, not by what the very 
nature of the work keeps out, or renders the abaenee of 
quite excusable. 

It would be easy to multiply instances to show how obscure 

and diffiuult of discovery have been the reasons which have 

lOed nomenelators, and allowance may therefore be 

made for those too numerous coses in which I have jailed iu 

my researches. Ipomaia ealaractce was so named by Bauer 


from a place iu Norfolk Island, called " The Cascade. " Baron 
WalckDaer named a Bpecies of spider carolinum, after his 
second son Charles, the discoverer. Dr. P. L. Sctater has well 
shewn the difficultiea which arise from this cause in the fol- 
lowing words ; — ■' Ornithologists, and, I beheve I may ventui-e 
to say, natnniliats in general of the present generation, are 
not always very particular as to thepnreLiitinity of thenames 
as specific appellatiooa for the objects described by them, 
I to their meaning being immediately obvious to the un- 
initiated. It would puzzle (E'iipus himself to guess at the 
derivation of some of the tei'ms applied to members of the 
animated creation, and the name of the present Tauager is, 
I think, by no means one of the least obscure in its Inter- 
pretation. I confess I was totally at a loss to conoeipe 
what was the meaning of calling this bird labradorida, 
until I waa informed by an eminent French ornithologist 
that it was intended to signify that it shune like Labrador 
Spar I" 

A feir nnmber of instances of this kind of eccentric 
nomenclature lias been traced out and given in the following 
p^^; and those who may be in possession of other similar 
cases would confer upon me a great favour by their com- 

In regard to aocentuation I cannot hope to please all, 
since, in some cases, I have failed to satisfy myself In the 
general and adjectival terms there is little difficulty, whilst 

the names of genera there is considerable discrepancy in 
the usage of emiiient natui-alisis themselves, at the same 
time that any authoritative standard ia out of the ijuestion. 
7'he attempt has been made to reconcile the claims of the 
niles of composition on the one hand, and of euphony on the 


Such as it is, the work is presented to those who may 
consult it with diffidence, and with a hope that it may not 
unfrequently solve the difficulties of at least the younger 
students of the Natural History Sciences. It has the merit, 
at any rate, of being the first attempt of the kind. 

SouTHPORT, September 19, 1863. 



X (Ent.) the Greek name of an abacus, or calculating board ; {ram ii 

'e markings. 
Ifftibbe'liBiB (ZooL) applied by Prof. £. Forbes 
fonnd near St. Abb's Head. 
A'bdera (Ent.) . pri?. I>pS(, bfting; of Ipng coi 
Abdo'msn (ZooL) ai/o, 

AbdoEoilu'lls (Ent.) the ohdnmeH being rufbua. 

Abe'rrant ( ZooL) ai, from ; rrm, to wander ; differing from the type. 
AllieB (Bol.) Lai. a fir-trt-e; the "Abies pnlcherrima of Vitgll " is probabl/ 

KA. piceo ; for although common on the continent, it ia not a native of 
England, and tlie Abiea i: one of the treei which Cxfar flatei that he 

l;(tho vifcera.) 

feilion of raalacopterygian or foft-finn 

F didDi 


lot.) Lai. relating to the pine-tree. 

Ablatariaftnt.) ) ., ,. ,.„.,, 

^ ' 'f feed ng on the pine : P diu AlU,. 

Abi'etom (Zool.) gen. pi. o[ ahici, the pine-tree. 

Abllgaa'rdia (Bot.) P. N. from Prof, ^ii/faan/, of Copenhagen. 

Abjec'tua-a-um (ZooL, Em.) Lai. caft away; wortblefs. 

Ablabea (Zool.) iSt^nB'it, without harm, not injurioui ; a genus of Coiu- 

Ablaph'oTUB (Zool.) n. prJT. B>'i^('», the ejelidi ; a genui of Reptili j. 
Ablutalli CEnt.) ahhim, walhed ; t. :. fjint wing-mai kings. 
Abno'rmal(Zool.) jS, from, ™Br,a lul.'^ JitTering frnm llif type. 

Abo'rtive (Bot.) abortniiii, born prematurely; mdlmentary, not fiiUy Ae- 

ATwamlB (Ichth.) iB/i^f^U, a br«un, 

ibra'xas (Ent.) a myftital Coptic word. 

Abra'nohua (Zool.) a priv. 0fiyj(ia, gills. 

Abrcs'uB (Em.) ifl^;, delicate. 

Abro'ina (Bot.) a priv. Bp^fi^, food; not fit to be eaten. 

A'bropQS (Ent.) iBfit, foft, tender, orsDt. a foot. 

Abro'stola (Ent.) iBpic, delicate, tr-rsXn, a tobe; a gtnus uF Ltpldapttra. 

Abrotanifo'liUB-ft-um (Bot.) ahrtlanum, ibutheniwood,^ui, Icavei. 

Abro'tanum (Bot.) iflf oi«, immortal, i. <■, eveijiretn ; facred to the godt ; 

the word was uied by Hippocrates and TheophralluS} and adopted liy 

Pliny and others; fouthemwood. 
A'broliiTii (Zool.) iSfie, loft, flflf, hair. 

Abrupta'ria ( Ent. ) o*'t/Wi/i .broken off; from the wsvy markings of the wingi. 
AlnrUB (Bot.) iSfOf, foft ; from extreme tendemers of leavea. Ali tlw 

words derived from iB^m Ihould have cammimced with H. 
AbBo'rbent (Zool., Bot.) ai.nri™, to fuck in. 
Abaois'ana (Ent.) ahcUiui, tom off, abrupt. 
AbaiuthiBta (Ent.) ftL-ds on the wormwood, abihlh'uia. 
Abu'Ulon (Bot.) Ara^c, yellow. 
AbyBBl'nloua-a-um (Bot.) iai. AbyHinlao. 

Aoa'cla (Bot.) inil^m, to Iharpen; from many fpecles being thoiny, 
Acte'na (Bot.) ixi, a thorn. 
Aoa'lepiia(Boi.) ■. 
AcalepbEB (Zool.) - i.aiiifn, a nettle. 
AcBlephua (Zool.J* 
A'oalleB (Ent.) «..»*«, without charms. 
Aoa'lycis (Bot.) d priv. lal^, a flowei-cup. 

Ao.'»U,. l(B...,i„,....,h„„.,„i,tt. 

AcanthaoeT I 

Aoanthi'na (Ent.) a>aie«, afpine; agemis of Diptera. 

Aoanthi'za (Omith.) aixBii, the filkin ; ihe ward 1b applied by Arlfioile 

to the bird, and by Diolcoride* to a thorny plant. 
Acantho'cera (Ent.) itnySa, a fpine, iii|u;, a horn ; 3. genui of Diptera. 
Acanthooe'rcuB (Zool.) annida. a fpine, lifii;, 3 tail. 
AoBiitlloda'ctylUB(Zool.,Ent.)lnarf«,aprickle,Ii«W.M.a finger, jplume, 
Aea'cthodea (Fos. Zool.) i.ivajJr.:, fpiny, thorny; fmm the ftning 


jlCA - 


i fpi™ 

ifii, the 

ligh; a 


Aoanthome'ra (Ent.) ui 

Aoa'nthomfs (Zoot.) jisiSa, a fpine, (t-it, a moufe. 

Aoa'nthopbla (Zool.) i.a.Sa, a fplnu, .'f.;, a ferpent ; a genus of 
poifiMioua Ophidiam which have a double row of Iharp curved teeth. 

Aoaathopleu'ra (Zool.) i.nvfli., a fpine, w\nfii, the fide. 

AoauOjopteiygll (Ichth.) anatSo, a ihom, wti/iyin, a little En ; the firft 
or bony -tinned order of iiEhes. 

Aoa'ntllopufi (Ent-) JvaiSa, a ipine, noiJc.. a foot; agEiiUB of Hymenoptera, 

Aoanthoteu'thia (Zool.) Ua,i,, a thorn, tiu«i[, a cuttle filh, 

AoanthuVuB (Zool., Ichth.) auijii, a thorn, lu^iL, a tail 

Aoanthothy'riB (ZooL) innflo, a fpine, Supli, a door, 

Aoa'ntlms (Bot.) anntSn, a thorn. 

In all probabiLiCy Virgil fpeaks in Hillerent pafiages of two distinct 
plants under this name, the one a tree, the other a herb; as a tree 
— "baccas femper frondentis acanthi," Georg. ii. 119; and as a 
twining plant — "fleid vimen acanthi," Georg. iv. 111. Moreover. 
I he Ihortly afterwards fpeaks of it ss a garden plant—" llle comam 
I nuUis jam turn tondebaC acanthi." A. fpinofus feems to be Ihe 
plant which adorns the handles of Alcimedon's cups in the 3rd 
Eclogue; and alio that whofe leaves growing round the batket, fiig- 
gdled the Corinthian capital to CalUmachus. 

Aoa'ridSB (Eot.) aiarui; a femily of the Arachnids. 

A'oania (Ent.) ainrn:, minute, from a. ueg. ttlfa, to cut ; not divifible. 

AOBuliB (Bot.) I priv. cauUi, a (lem ; liemlefs. 

A'oavnfl (Zool.) Lai., not hollowed. 

Ac'oantor (Omith.) Lai. a linger, one who joins another in finging. 

AooIl'maUse (Zooi.) Fmch, aalimalir, to naturalile in our clime>. 

Aocl'pitraB (Omith.) pL of a^df-Hrr, a hawk, from aiiifih, to take by 
force ; applied to the rapacious birds, or the Raptores of Cuvier. 



Aoaphalobra'oWa 1 11'" ^"^' "'*=**■ *'"^ '"^■"'' 

Aoephalobra'ohlaai 1 arm; without head or ai 

AoBphftlOCa'rdiua (Zool.) a priv. tifaki,, a head, napJIi 

having neither head nor heart. 
Aoophaloohi'rua (Zool.) u ptiv. mfoXi, a head. x«'Fi ''^ ^ 


i, the head; headlefs. 

AoaphaloDj'atiB (Zool.) a 

bladder-like, headlcCifat 
Aoephaloga'ster (Zool.) a 
Acephalo'podus (Zool,) ■ 

tifaia, a head, yoriii^, the belly, 
■i^hn, a head, si£[, a loot; without 

io.jBalor.-ohI. ) , 

Acephalora ohiuB) I 

AoepbaloBto'mla ) 


1 priv. ■■$ iXn, the head, fixK. the Tpinc ; 
wanting; head and Ipinal column. 

r, n head, ff-To/ia, a mouth; 

Acephaloa'tomuBi ^ ' \ n-lthoul head or true mouth. 

Acer (Bot.) Lm, the m»p!e-tree. 

A'caiEl (Zool.) i'lftn, hornlefa, from ■ priv. lifat, a hom. 

A'oMBB f Bot.) a aeg., .i,as, a horn, in alhifion to the ibfence of a ffiur. - 

A'oeriH (Ent.) feeds on fycamore, ^rr pfimlo^laiam,,. 

Aceri'na (Ichth.) mrr, Iharp ; referrinB to the pointed head. 

Aoerta'na fEnt.) aicr, a maple-tree. 

Aoetabuli'fera (Zool) iKrfuii./a»>, /•«, to rany; a fection of Cephalo- 
podous mollufce. 

AoBta'bulum (Zool. & Bol.) Lai. a ihallow cup, at firit ufisd to hoU Tine- 
gar ; in Zoology, the fiickera of polypi ; in Botany, the cup of flowen. 

Aooto'aa (Bot.) oin., to he four ; Ibrrel, 

AootOMlla (Bot.) dim. of acii^fa, the foirel. 

Aoeto'as (Ent.) feedi on the Rumex Ac^ufi. 

Achanto'des (Ent.) ix", poor, needy; iTJa;, reftmblance; a genus of 

AchatB'nB (Ent.) ix'-'"-. the agate. 

Acilati'iia (Zool.) i;^iin;, an agate; the agate-lhell. 

Achatiiiel'la (Zool.) dim. of the above. 

A'oheta (Ent.) ixi-ru, a chirper, or gralihopper. 

Aohe'tldffi (Ent.) adeta; a bmily of neuroplera, 

Aobaro'litia (Em.) P. N. from Aihrri», a mytholo^cal rivEr. 

Ache'nium (Eur) iyif. poor, &om Its Ihabby markiog. 

Aohe'nium (Bol.) n priv. ;^iiini. to gape ; the pericarp not fplitting. 

AohUle'a (Bot.) AckilUi, liecaufe iti healing virtues were liiid to \x 
difcovered by him. 

Aohl'rus (Zool.) a priv. x<>'p> '^e hand, 

Achlamy'tlaom (Bot.) a priv. ;^ha/»iic. a Ihort cloak or cape; pknl> w 
oul calyx or corolla. 

Achna'BthiB'Bot.ji^.a, chafl; iiB«, aHowet; a genus of Cryiilngan 

Aobnodo'llWll 'Bet, \ ■;(•■, chatfl i)iv;, iIi'vtk, « locuh. 

le of the wild pear-tree. 

J}; Che brancfaEn and leareB being cha%. 

■hair, iiSn, a Dower; in allufion lothe charty 

A'oliraa (Bot.) the Grwk 
Aohyra'nia (Bot.) Sx^" 
Achyra'ntiios (Bot.) ix'. 

nature of the floral leaves. 
Aohyro'phorua (Bit.) a^ifm, chafl, *ifB, to bear, 
Aoia'nthiis (Bot.j JuC, a point, <l>9ii;, a flower, from iti briltly tips, 
Adoa'rpha (Bot.) itl:, a pratit, ■iffn, jnlea ; the appendage being Tpiny. 
Aoi'ollla (Zool.) Lai. a finall needle. 

Acdoullds (Zool.) atkiiJa ; fam. term. irU; a family of moUufcv 
Ad'oulai (Bot.) acia, iharp-pointed. 
Aoidalla (Eat.) P. N., a name of Venus. 

Addali'lds (£at.) aiUalh, fam. term, idn; a {aniil^ of l.epidopteta. 
Aoida'BpiB (Fo8. Zool.) ulc, a fpeai point. jm'(, j<r*.h„ a lliield. 
Acldo'ton (Bot.) ii>)BTs(, pointed, from iti;, ixitis, a pnint or Iting ; in 

aUulion to the (tinging hairs on the leaves. 
Aoidtfta (Ent.) i«iJ^«, pointed. 

AdilitU (Ent.) anuXix, the trnlt m nut of the holm-oak. 
AoiOiKiifo'lin (Bot.) aiii^cj, a fcimiUr./oraa, Ihape. 
Aoi'llifonn (Bot.) iiinm, a grape,/oroM, reftmblanw. 
Aoi'DatEB (Zool.) JiclniT», motionlefs. 
A'alnOB (Bot.) Jiiiic. the (tone of grapes; allV> a herb, 
Aoinoden'dion (Bot.) jiniai, ioSjir, a tree. 
Aol'nopUH (Ent.) aiimi, a grape, waEj, a fiiot. 

Aolo'tis (Bot.) ixl(, a point, «!:, srd;, an ear ; From Ihape of petili. 
Aolpea'ser Clehth.) Lot, the ancient (and modern) name for the Iturgeon, 
Aoipease'lids (Ichth,) adfmiir, family term, Me. 
Aoisa'ntlieTa (Bot.) i*it, a point, i>6ki, jmikrt! anthers pointed. 
A'oIb (Eot.) P. N., well known in connexion with Galatea. 
A'oUb (ZooL) a priv. iiii?, a projeftiwi. 
A/omraa (Zool.) dii^i. a point. 
Aomadaliia (Bot.) 

Aometta (Bot.) ii'^-j, a point ; from the pricking tafle of foliage. 
Acmi'da (Bot.) a prlv. aiiin, a nettle ; without Altigi. 
Ao'cell (ZooL) a priv. nw'Xn, a hollow; withoat dorTal or ventral groove*. 
Aoon'dylua (Hot.) o priv. nMv\K, a joint ; without joints. 
Aoo'ntlaB (Zool.) amn-n'sc, a quick-darting lerpent ; from itm; a dart. 
I'tia (Ent.) from "unrlari a (pecies of fhake; from their quick 

iti'ldK (Ent.) inenlia ; a family of I.epidoptera, 

^_4AOD'tia (Ent, 
^^Bfionti'ldie (El 

Aao'ntium (Zool.) dim. of itxr, a dart, javelin. 

Aoaniti'na (Bot.) hating a rtlimhlimce to annilxm, wolfe-bane, q. y, 

AcoDi'tum (Bot.) AXt'TiDt, a dart, becaiiie fonnerly uif^ to poiibn 

arrowi, though fome have thought from being plentiful about Aima 

in Bithynia. 
A'aopoa (Bot.) o priv. nimt, wesrinefi, which it was fuppofed to remove. 
A'corua (Bot.J i!>jpM, a fweet-fmelliDg plant. 
Acoeme'tia (Ent.) aili/iitrec, unadorned, 

Acotyle'don (Bot.) > a priv, hotiiXiSjI., a leed-lobe ; having no fted- 
AoDtyle'donouB(Bot.)) lol«. 
Acranthe'ra (Bot.) ^rii, (harp, anih^. 
Acrias (Ent.) 
Acrifo'UuB-B-um (Bot.) oirir, fliarp, j«iW, a ieaf; applied either to a 

prickly leaf it to a plant having acrid properties. 
Acria, Acre (Bot.) Z-rf. acrid, biting. 
A'orita (Zool.) inpiTic, mdeterminate. 

Aoroco'mia (Bot. ii{<gc, top, «fi^m, a tuft ; referring to leaves. 
Aorobrya (Bot.) ■■fo;, the top, Bfi", to buril forth; from the growth of 

tlic Hem tailing place at its fummit. 
Acrocbo'rdua (Zool.) nifnojIai>, a thin-necked wart, which from ■■p«c, 

the extremity, ;;(Dp)ii, a firing; a genui of Ophidians. 
Aorochffi'ta (Ent.) i»pi(, the fummit, X"'". hair ; a genus of Diptera. 

A'orodont (. ,f„ jj^; j 1 ^ (^j^; foflil filhes having pa.ement- 

A'orogsns (Bot.) I aifus. thi^ top, yinvx, to beget ; from the growth 

Aoro'eenoiis (Bot.)f of the flem taking place at the fummit. 

AorO'glochiH (Bot.) ■•?»[, fummit, y>.aix,", a point. 

Acrogaa'thUB ( Fos. Zool.) «<ji[, high, j^vifli,-. the jaw. 

Aorole'pla (Fob. Zool.) i«[o(, fummit, ?jii((, a fcale; a genut of follil 

ganoid lilhcs with Hdged fcaltf. 
Aorole'psia (Ent.) ■"?». the head, >i»ic, a fcale ; the crowm and back of j 

the head being rough. 
Acio'mian (Zool.) itiifiiit, from iipsi, the top,»|U9<, the Ihoulder, 
Aoro'melBB (Zool.) aif», point or extremity, luikac, black. 
Aoroao'tua (Zool.) Sifn, a point, vvtse, the back. 
Acronyo'la (EM.) iifoiiTtt, the beginning of night. 
Acro'peruB (Zool.) a>ri(> pointetl, >i/ii(, an exlremity ; 3 genus of Hnlu- 1 

Aorophy'ton (Bot.) sijigc, high, fupreme, trmn, 3 plant. 

AorOM'uruS (Fm. Zool.) i.f^, the fummit, .-...Ip. (Za(./o«rKi) i limrd, 

AcTOBpa'rmum (Bol.) £ipi;, the fumroit, e-irlp^B.a feed, from its (itualion, 

Aoraspo'iium (Bot.) aifi;, the fummit, enifn, a fpomle; upon lumniit 
of filamenti. 

A'orOBpire (Bot.) itfts, the Imnmit, rmtfa, a ipiral obje^. 

AcTO'EtLollum (Bat.) nippored to refer to the beginniag af a. verle, on 
icoiunt of the bacit farfacei of the leaves being lb lined u tu refemble, 
in lame degnw, the cornmemxment of lines in poetry. — PAxroN. 

Aoro'tTlche (Bot.) ufit, the point, SpIJ, t^hm, a hair, alluding to the 

Aobea (Bot.) anTsw, the elder'tree, &Din Ibme relembUnce of the leave). 
Aota'on (Ent.) P. N., a weU-knowo mythological hunter. 

■*°**°°'"'^ I (Zool.) P. N.,dim. from Aiteon. 

Aote'ola (Ent.) i priv, imi'.-, to kiU ; or perhaps from a and Hint, a comb ; 

a geniu of Lepidoptera. 
Aote'phllUH (Ent.) iKrli, ground com, ^rtio, to love. 
A'oUna (Ent.) «•»;., a ray ; a genus ot Diplcra. 
AotiUla (Zool.) i■T^^ a ray ; fea-anemone i a genus of Zoophytti. 
AotlDi'fid»(Zool.) a family of Zoophytes i .rf«™u, &m. term. aJj. 
AnHTti-na (Zool.) butIv, a ray, fam. term, in^: a divifion of Zoophytes. 
Aotl'nlform (Zool.) i«Tl., a iay,finmi, (hape ; having a radiated form. 
Actino'logy (Zool.) A»Tii, >kif», defcription; the fcience of radiated 

Actlnocax'puB (Bot.) inib, a ray, naf^s't, fniit, in reference to its radiated 

AoUno'tua (Bot.) a»Ti»Bisc,ridlated,like the fpokei of a wfhecl; from tlit 

wheel-like appearance of the involucmm. 
Aottoochlo'a (Bot.) itri,, i ray, x>". grafs, 

Aottoocrl'nlte (Foi. Zool.) ) , 
Anttiioorl'ima (Fo!. ZooL) f 
Aotl'tis (Omith.) iininu a dweller on the coart. 
AoU'nopbrya (Zool.) i.-rir, a tay. iffi;, the eyebrow. 
Actiiiothy'riiun (Bot.) itiij, a ray, Si^^.h, a little door. 
Acu'laate (Bol.) n^v/r*., a prickle. 

Aculea'tua-a-um (Ichth. & Ent.) Lai. Iliarp-pointcd, dinging. 
Aoulea'ta (Eat.) •uulmiuit I1iari>-pal>ited, from jinlrui. a Qing ; : 
of Hymenoptera, 

!i, a ray, ipligi, a lily, ti 

\e pHcklei of I 

t being dividod 

Aoulet (Bot.) plural of jtr-/™, a fting ; Ccientifii 

rofia. brian, &c. 
AaumlBata'ria (Ent.) a^mno, to make pointed. 
Acu'minate (ZooL Sc Bot.) mamta, a point; ihirp-pointed. 
Aoutan'gular (Bot.) aiului, Iharp, angulu,, an angle or comer. 
Aoutioo'miB (Xool,) aiuim, pointed, rerm, a hom. 
Aoutiroa'tria (Ichth.) oculm, (harp, ralmm, a beak. 
Aautiua'oullta-a-uni (Bot.) dim. of anrtm ; (lightly acute. 
A'oynoB (Bot.) an old Greek name of a balTamic plant. 
Ada'oiyla (Ent.) « priv. ««i/Xor, a plume. 

like the other plame-niDtha. 
AdaatylaliB (Ent.) o priv. Ji.TOlin, a plume. 

Adam'sia (Zool.) P. N. in hoaour of John Adams ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
AdanBo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honcmr of Michael Adanfon, a French bot- 

anift ; the genus contains the baobab, or African calabalh-trea. 
A'dapia (Fos. Zool.) a neg. lams, a carpet ; having a rough or prickly 

furbce tefembling the hedgehog. 
Adder (Zool.) Anglo-Sai., itmUn, and attnr, a ieipent, sticr, poifon. 
Adela (Ent.) »!ii»«, unfeen. 
Adeialla (Ent.) i)nX«, uncertain. 

AdaloatoTla (Fos. Bot.) lh>>c, uncertain, rriXlii, to anange. 
Adelopod (Zool.) iln^sc, unCeen, iriv), afoot; the feet not being apparent. 
Adelo'aia (Ent.) aj"»>c, unfeen, uncertain. 
Adelo'topua (Ent.) aln^st, uncertain, -iJwtv, a fpol ; found in rery different 

Adelopneu'mona (Zoo!,) ihitt, unfeen, vuCitw, the lungi. 
Ade'Ua (Bot.) <!)>i>k, unleen ; ^om the minute pans of fructification. 
Adena^dia (Bot.) iiv,. a gland, i.<^, a male. 
Adenantlla'ra (Bot,) ilnr, a gland, ititf, an anther, 
Ade'nlfOTm (Zool.) illnr, a gland or a.coxn,fin*ii, refemblaDCe. 
Adenooa'TpilS (Bot.) iia, a gland, m^gc, fruit. 
A'denold (Zool.) iih, a gland, illgt, like, reTemblanH ; acom-lhapcd. 
AdenologT (Zool.) Hit. a gland, >iytf, a defcriptlon or dircoude. 
Adeno'pliora (Bot.) iliii, a gland, ^fin, to bear. 
AdenophyTloua(Bot.)±JBf,aglaad,^u»>.oi, a leaf; having leates bearing 

or (hidded with glands. 
Adeno'BB (Zool.) iti'y B gland ; relating to or Ihaped like a gland. 
Adenotti'olliB (Bot,) i)n, a gland, f^£, a hair. 
Ada'plugB (Em.) al», much, ^^y, to eat. 

AdeTUB (Ent.) a priv, inpit, lafting, Ihort-lived. 

Ada'amla (Bot.) ■ priv. Sit/iii, a bond ; ftamcn fr™. 

Adian'tian (Bot.) upriu. Sunn, to moiften; tbt plant ia not eiillly wetttd, 

Adimo'ida (Ent.) i priv. iiifiiSi, fear. 

Adi'na (Bot.) i)uii, duftered ; its flowers form heads. 

Adiorl'stua (£□!.) ni>jp4rTi;, undefina]. 

Adi'ppo (Ent.) a rariatioo of Cydippe. 

Adlu'mia (Bot. ) aJlumm, to .'ringe with purple. 

Adna'ttlS-a-Iim (Bot.) aJKajcar, to grow to ; joined, fixed. 

Ado'nis (Bot.) P. N. Its deep red colour luggefted the idea of its being 

flained by the bluod of Adonis. 
Adc/XB (Bot.) a neg. lifa, gloiy ; oot Olowy, from its humble and inllgnl- 

fi{!!Uit a^ft. 
Adra'stoa (Ent.) a^.a-Tw, averfe to flight. 
AdaolteHa (Eut.) dim. oiaditibii, alTumed, foreign. 
Adult(Bot., Zool.)ajU;;i™, togrowi jrrived at maturity. 
Adu'ncniS-Ek-'um (BoL) Lai., beat in, hooked. 
AdUflta'ta (Ent.) aJyita, fcorched, 
Adveua'Tia (Ent.) oAmia, 3 ftranger. 
Adveaal'Ia (Ent.) dim. of aAiaa, a ftranger. 
AdveT^UB-a-iun (Zool., Bot.) Lai. turned tofli^il!. 
SiOl'dlum. (But.) iJiii», a wheal, iiloc, like ; from the pulhiUi ; a genus of 

paralilic fungi, 
ffi'ohmea (Bot.) j 
ffil'nhmla TEnt.) \ 
^'ohmialis (Ent.) reiembling the genua ^ciaia. 
M'cbicoiiiia (F08. Zool.) »!;[/**, a point, cSiHi, a tooth : a genus of fiillll 

fiOies having (inall fliarp-pointed teeth. 
ffilgla'Ua (Ent.) aly,a%h. the fia-coaft. 

.Sgl'phlla (Bot.) uf, nl}^;. a goat, fill*, to loit ; a &vourite of goat), 
.Slgithalua (Ornith.) £>f, tiyU, a goat, hliifv, to fuck; the word ]< 

exactly equiyatent to caprimulgus. 
.£!'gilopB (Bot.) ii^, aiyit, a goat, i4> ^^ &ee,' goat-iaced. 
^gla'finuH (Idith.) aiyXc^tii, briliianC, luftroua. 

Mgie (Bat.) P. N., one of the Hefpetides, which from a!yU, fplendour. 
JEigo'oeras (Zool., Bot.) a^, a goat, xi/at, a bom; goat-horned; in 

botany ^m a rcfemblanee of the pod». 

'dlmn (Bot.) iij, ulyai;, a goat, •«[, niii, i foot ; having Iravi^s 

deft like the goat's foot. 

f alXf", the point of a fpear. 


^^B deft 

ffl'gon (Ent.) P. N., a Roman )>iepherd. 

-ffilgopo'gon (Bot.) afj, alyii, a goat, wityKi, a heard. 

.aigypti'acuB-a-um (Omith.) relating to Egypt. 

Aello (Zool.) this name was applied by Heiiod to tht ftormy-peterel, and 

by Ovid lo a hound, 
^mulalls (Ent.) ^miiLi, a rival 
£!'mula (fiat.) I-ai. a riTal. 
^naaliB (Ent.) icnau, bronze-coloured. 
.Sneopi'ceus (Eat.) .nmii, bronzed, funii, made of pilch ; pitchy, brafl- 

^neU9, .^nea (Ent.) Z^. bmnied. 
.ainic'tufl ( aliuTir, like a rictcile, puiTling; a genua of Hymen 

JEa'Uda (Zool.) Wu, &m. terra, ida. 

iB'olla (Zool.) P. N.. the daughter of M,Jui. 

.ffiollB'nthus (Bot.) ulixiK, to lary, n»eH, a flower. 

Aspua (Ent.) EEiiric, high, lofty, alluding to iti flight. 

fflquore'adffl (Zool.) xjnmi, belonging to the fea ; a divilion of Ih 

naked-eyed moUuCa. 
Aera'ntbea (Bot.) Ak/, the air, aiSsc, a flower, 
.ffira'tus-a-um (Ent.) Lai. bronzed. 
Ae'rldBS (Bot.) Hf, the air; in alludnn to the power podefled by th 

fpecici of this, aswell as other orchidaceous genera, of living appatentlf 1 

by atmolpheric ablbrption. 
Aerophy'leB (Bot.) in'p, the air, ^rurJ., a plant ; applied to certain Ucheni, J 

which appear to tubfift exclufively on the air. 
.ffirnginalla (Ent.) jnyo, ruil of brafs, verdigrii. 
ffisohjno'inene (Bot.) a7cx°'> deformity, n^i, a palhuv. 
fflruglno'suB-a-tun (Ent., Bot.) in/, the colour of verdigrii. 
.Sauula'rla (Ent.)t xfiolm, llie horfe-cheChiut, on which the larva I 
.ffi'acull (Ent.) f and burrows. 
.ffl'Btlval (Bot.) it/ai, fummet. 
.SIsUva'tion (Hot.) aithe, to retire far the fummer. 
.ffithlone'ma (Bot.) «S>, to fc»rch, rii/i«, a ftamcn ; alluding lo an appa*.-| 

rently Icotched or fun-bural tinge of the (hmeni. 
ftlliOpa'liH (Ent.) mthiofj.i, black man; leferring to colour of wii 
.Slthu'sa ( Hot.) kSiiuM, to make hot ; acrid \ laiA'ii parfley. 
Afar, A&a (Zool.) Lai. African. 
A'fflnia (Ent.) Lai. related, neighbouring. 


a hmily of liianli. 

B cryptogami 

a (Ent.)) 
Afflnita'ta (Ent.) i 
AflUaalla (Ent.) aji^ui, poured upon ; alluding to wing-fpots. 
A£bbT1» (Bot.) P. N. from ^/ij/iuj, a Swedifti profeflbr. 
Agalle'jl&{^nt,)i^alaia imd agilaui fecm to have exaftly the fame derivation! 
the adverb a^i, Teiy, very much, from the [ame mot as n^n, iyatim, 
&c., which tiave all the idea of love, wonder, beauty ; and >niD;,arXiivit;, 
b wool,ufed here for cobwebs. The word) thus mean, beautiful or won- 

I derfal web-ipinner. 

, JlgaHochuin (Bot.) ayx>.>.ti*Ki, to exult ; bccauft it feeni6 to exult in 
exhaling its odours. 
ASaniBza'olds (ZooL) Sya/ui, unmarried, |£«, a liting bdng. 
Agft'DuanB (ZooL)! . 
Aga'mtito (ZooL) t ''"' 

Aga/mia (Bot.) a priv. yi/tii;, marriagE; equivalent tc 

AgA'on (Eat.) B^-Mc, noble. 

Agao'nldS (Ent.) agacn ; a &mily of Hjmenoptera. 

Agspan'tbiiB (Bot.) iyiwn, love, it»9«(, a flower. 

AgBpOphy'tUS (Ent.) iyaniit, to love, finit, a pkntj a genua of Diptera. 

Asa!tia (Bot.) P. N. from the river ^anj, in ancient Sarmatia, 

Agaateohya (Bot.) iyartic, admirable, vTixyt, a Ipike. 

A^thffi'a (Bot.) iynatf, excellent; from its beaullful iiowen. 

Aeattil'tUiim (Ent.) iynSis, good, ilia, form, Ihape, 

Agatbl'na (EnE.) iyaBit, good. 

Agathi'Btega (Zool.) iyMi, noble, trTi)^, a chamber ; an order of Fora- 

Agatll'odeB (Ent.) Aya^;, ufefui, good ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
A|[athD'sma (Bot.) iyM;, good, ir/ni, rmell. 

Ags'ratum (Bot.) a priv. yHfacM age ; continuing in flower for a Long time. 
AfiOB'tlB (Ent.) perhaps a typographical error for Agrrfii, a ruftic. 
Age'Btrata (Ent.) Bg^rm, to heap up, in allufion to the habit of the beetles 

in gathering material:; for their cocoons ; a genus of Cetoniidx. 
A'tflia (Zool.) iar. agile, quick. 

A'ggflria (Ent.) gen. of a^ir, a mound or heap of fubbilh, 
Aggla'merata (Zool. Bot.) aggUmtn, to form into a heuji, 
Aggrega'ta (Zool.) aoi-^o, to mllefl together. 
AglSA (Ent.) P. N., a genus of Hymenopten 
Aglala (Ent.) P. K., one of the Graces. 
Agla'lna (Omith.) kyi-nfx, fplendour. 

. j.iil5Ta, the tongue [ the fplral tongur being nearly | 
3 lamb; relating U 

Aglo'Haa (Ent.J a 

A gnln n (Zoot.) i^nvi, 3 lamb; relating to a lamb. 
Agnomo'nla (Ent.) iyi/jm, foolilh ; a geniu of Lepidoptera. 
Agnus (Zool.) Lai. a lamb, from iytat, chaftfl, becaufe fit for (acrifice. 
Agnus CsstuB (Hot.) the word AgDUn in Greek has the fame Cigai6m{ 

it Culm in Latin, and chafte in Englilh, The name refen to 

celebrity the leeds ol this Ibnib enjoyed In old timee for promoting | 

A'gonum (£nt.) s priv. ymU, an angle. 

Agram'mia (Ent.) a pri*. yti/i,^±, a line or letter. 

A'grapMs (Bot.) -i iyfu^ti, unwritten, without marltinga, et 

Agra'phaliH {Enl.}t ranfinpli^. 

A^re'alia (Ent. Bot.) Lai. pertaining to the fields ; rough, coai 

Agre'tyoa (Em.) Jj-fo, the chafe, Tii^n, fortunG, luck. 

Agrla'mpel03 (Bot.) iy/iic, wild, j^viktc, the vine. 

Agrlelffi'a (Bot.) iyt^t, wild, ili4ii'i, the olive plant. 

AgrUorhi'iiuB (Oraith.) iy^ts:, rough, ^i>, the nole. 

Agriltia (Ent.) Sytm,vn\i. 

Agrtjno'nia (Bot.) corrupted from Argrmmu, the name given hy the Greeka I 

to a plant fuppoied to cdic the cataiaft in the eye, called i^^a. 
Agrlooa'atanum (Bot.) j}-r»c wild, limm, the chellnnt. 
A^omeTa (Dot.) a/puc, wild, iiMi.ii, an apple : the crab^pple. 
Ag'rion (Bot.) iy,,K, wild. 
Agrlophyl'lon (Bot.) iyf^a;, wild, ^ux, 
Agrio'pis (Ent.) 1 
Agrio'pus (ZooL)? 
Agrl'ottB (Em.) iyfilmt, rofticily. 
Agro'phila (Ent.) iyfit, the country, ^Aii 
Agro'rum (Ent.) gen. pi. ofa^r, a field. 
AgrOBta'mma (Bot.) tytn rri/^fm, garland of the field, from iti being x- 

great iimament to corn-fields. 
Agro'atis (Bot.) the Greek name far all gralTca, from iyfii, " fieW. 
Agro'tara (Ent.) iyftttptc, wild,ravage; a genui of Lepidoptera , 
A'grotlB (Ent.) iypiiit, dwelling in the country. 

Agry'pnusf ' "■ *P "•«"'«' 

A'gyra (Ent, ) • priv. ywiit, round ; or perhaps front f j-upii, an jiFemlly. 

Agy'rium (But.) iyvfit, a crowd, rrom iti clullered arrangement. 

AgyWes (Ent.) ayif-nii, i juggler. 

Abenella (Eat.) oAtnau, bnitj, i, i. colour. 

AUa'atlms or AUaUtus (Bot.) the Latiniied form of the native name 

Aylania, lignifying tree of htaven. 
Ailu'rophia ( Zool.) utgvpiit, a cat ; i^if, i ferpent, 
Allu'rus (Zool) <!IxiuM(t a (3| (from -iglei, ijuick-maiin^), and iLpi. a 

Call ; a gentu of Mammalia. 
Alpta'Bia (ZooL) aiiriii, loRy ; -riirii, Itretching. 
Aipncne'mia (Omith.) al»i,, high, lofty, an^g, the knn: ; it Ihould be 

written Mfymrmia. 

Al'ra (Bot.) the Greek name of our Liolium temulentum (from ■•{•, to 

deflroy, on aconint of it< injurious, effefls); DOW applied to another 

g«im of grades, 
AIto'PbIb (Bot.) aim, hur-giala, flir, reCemblance. 
Alto'nla (Bot.) P. N. haa W. AU-m, formerly head g^enet at Kew 

Alzo'on (Bot.) ilii^oot, everlaftiog. 
A'JofiCt (Bot.) a priv. ^ayi', a yoke ; pechapi from its fuppofi^ properry of 

caoling abortion. 
AOabOB (Zooi.) . pri.-., ».Bi, a handle. 
I Alftoalla (EnL) dim. of aiair, quick. 
[ A'iBcria (Zool.) Lai. nimble. 

Ala'otaga (Zool.) % priv. liiKT.;., to kick with the htel^; applied to a 

Ala'ngilim (Bot.) from ALmgi, its Malabar name. 
Ala'rift (Bot.) o/d, a wing. 
Ala'ator (Ent.) 'AXijTHf, the Avenger. 
Alatua-a-om (Bot.) Lai. winged, i, e. with membranei. 
Alau'da(Omlth.)ZdJ. alatk; Eiid to have been formed by tlwRonuii, 

from the old Celtic o/, high, great, and dW, fong. 
ALmda'rius (Oraith.) Alaak; brk-like, 
Albe'llUB (Oraith.) dim. form ol alhui, white. 
AlbffiBB'nB (Ent.) P, N. in honour of J. A. Albm. a German cntomn- 

Albioa'uila (ZooL) aibui, white, cauiti s tail ; white-tailed. 
Albloans (Zool., Bot.) alihit, to grow whit; , 
' . AlblospB (Ent.) .1^1, white, aifyl, hea.l. 
~ aiIoi'lla(Ornilh.)dim. of««w. 

AlbioaOIis (Ornith.) o/ju, white, cdlsm, a neck. 

Albioo'lon (Ent.) aliui, while, aJan, a dot ; ftom its markingi. 

Alhico'Bta (Ent ) albas, white, caiia, the Iront margin of wing. 

A'lbidu3'a-iuil (Zool, Bot.) ia(., whitilb. 

A'lbl&ona (Ornith.) Lat., white-feced. 

Albifronte'lla (Ent.) dim. olaliSfrimi, white-faced. 

Albi'ona (ZooLJojIiiMKi, whlti/h; a genus of Annelids, paralltic on thi 

Albima/cula (Ent.) aHiu, white, amula, a fpot. 
Albipalpella (Ent.) atfiu, while, ^/w, a feeler, dim. ilia. 
A'lblpea (Ent) a/Sw, while, ^j, a foot. 
Albiponcte'Ua (Ent.) albui, white, ^muyvw. a dot, dim, clla. 
Albi'atria (Ent.) ^bu,, whlte./r.^a, a llreak. 
Albitarse'Ua (Ent.) ai»«j, while, iaj-ji/j. 
AlbUtrigB'lla (Ent.) u/iiu, while, itrija, a ftteak, 
AlboOffiTUle'sOsaH (Bot.) alhvi, white, taralmi, fky-colourecli blue. 
AlbodBi'otylus (Ent.) allna, white, iiirokti, a finger. 
Albotasola'lla (Enl.) o^w, white,/.y"ci3, a band. 
Albogula'ria (Zool.) affiiu, while, ^fa, the throat. 
Albola'bn!! (ZooL) aliui, white, hhnim, a lip. 
Albu'ca (Bot.) o^m, white, i.r. the flowers, 
Albula^ {S.n\..) aHulm, whitilh. 
AlbuTTOUn (Bot.) aliui, white, ij. the white portion of the tree within 

the bark. 
Aloe, A'loea (ZooL) cla, the elk, which from «»«S, bodily Qrcngth. 
Alosdi'llids (Omith.) aliaii, bm. term. iJx. 
Aloe'do (Omith.) int., the king-filher. 

Alce'phalua (Zool.) ula, the elk, ufaXn, the head ; a gtnus of antelopes, 
Alchemi'lla (Bot.) Arabic, altcitulyh, alchemy, from its pretended al* 

chemical virtues, 
AloiooTnia (Zool.) aLi, an elk, icna, a horn ; having tlk-like homs, 
Alol'ppe (Zool,) P. N., mentioned by Theocritus ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
A'layon (Ornith.) properly HaUyoa, iXiim, the king-lilher: the word 

means also "fea-ibam," from S^i, ihe Tea, iub, to conceive; laid to 

hatch its eggs Upon the fea. 
Alcyons'Ua (Zoo!.} dim. ai alrym. 

Alojroni'dlum (Zool.) altyiit ; Implying fome fancied tefemblance 
AloyOKtipeiUle'llB (Ent,) iJcym, the king-filher, jVmh, a Ivathei. 
Aloyonimn (Zool.) from AUftmi, the daughlrr of MoXvt. 



Alde'rU (Zool.) P. N. after Jahui AUcr, a writer on the MoUurca. 
AldrOTa'nda (Bot.) P. N. from Ulsfn Aldravimd^!, an Italian naturalirt. 
AisctO (Zool.) P. N. one of the Fuiiea, hning fetpcDta round Wr heail 

irxlb^ of hair. 
Aleoto'rla (Bot.) i^nifst, unmarried; from uncertainty refpecting male 

Bowers; 3 genua of Lichens. 
AloalTa (Ent) nl,s, winged, dim. b!/* 

Aleooba'ra (Ent.) lAia, to grind or bmife, chura, a water-plant. 
Aleooharl'ntQ (Ent.) alncham, fam. term, im; a fub-family of Coleopttra. 
AlepHS (ZooL) a priv, Xnrsc, a promontory or projection. 
AleplB (Ichtli.) m priv. XiTit, a fcale ; a genua of filliEs with hroad bodies 

and fmall heads, and nearly fcalelefs. 
Alepisau'run (Ichth.) s priv. Tlitii, a fcale, exiin, a liianJ. 
Alepooa'ptLBlUB (Zool.) n priv, tiivi'i, a fcale, u^ikii, the head. 
Aletho'pterifl (Fos. Bot.) iAnSi,, true, nijn, a fern, 
Aleu'oia (Ent.) \iiitii, white ; i. r. indiftinit, ohfcure. 
Alau'ropH (ZooL) ixiufm, meal, i-^, the face ; meaij-iaccd. 
Aleuroitl'QtUB (Ent.) a priv. Uofii, fmooth, imiiijr, punfhireil, fpoctcd. 
idera (Bot.) corrupt, of Olmatrum, which from o/u, pot-herb, airr. 

'lia (ZdoL, Ent.) iHJ-. to ward oS. 
I'xia (Ent.) P. N., a Roman Ihepherd. 

(Bot.) alga, a marine plant, which fiom algor, coldneft, ot perhaps 
y, to entangle. 
Algology (Bot.) alga, 3 marine plant, >.tyii, defcription. 
Aliform (Zool.) wing-ITiaped, from ala, a wing,/orBio, refemhlance. 
AU'ama (Bot.) the water-plantain, faid to be from the Celtic at^i, water. 
AUama'oeee (Hot,) alhma, term, for natural order ocm. 
Allo'dape (Ent.) £»k>i, other, tisii, carpet, i. t. pattern \ a genus of H;-- 

Allantifo'rmla (Ent.) giLuam, a fawfiy, firma, refemblance. 
Allaiito'ilia(Bot.)aM3f,B]kiiaTT9i,araiirage,inic, like; from refemb 

Alla'nlnu (Ent.) a»Sf, ^>ii>Ti,, a faufage ; the iaw-fly. 
Allaghaimle'llsis-a (Zool.) belonging to the Alleghany mounlaina. 
Ania,'amB-B.--am (Hot.) allhim ! garlic-leaved. 
AUla'rla (Bot.) alli^, garlic ; the leaves having a fimilar odour. 
Amo'oara (Ent.) it.t.m,, dllTcrent, atrof, a horn ; a genus of Uiptet: 
AUlflB'tcr (Zool.) Spaniel ell^lo, the lizard. 

i changing at d 

ir the fea. 

AHlone'Ua (Em.) P. N. in honou. . 
AUlaeU'a (Ent.) P. N. from J. H. , 
A'lllum (Bof.) k\im, to avoid, b«c»ufe of it 
AUodro'tna (Ent.) aUtc, ftiange, ififtti., 
Alloso'rua (Bet.) Jxiti, various, Tsmi,- 

Almond (Bot.) through French amamJc, from Latin amy^ialui. 
ATbub (Bot.) perhaps from Celtic a/, near, ijii, a river, from it 

^ '^ } (Ent.) the infefli feed on the alder, Alnm. 

Alma'ria ) 

AlMfolie'Ua (Ent.) aU^, an a\AeT,fili.m, a leaf, dim. lUa; i. c. 

food plant- 
Aloe (Bot.) ffiiim, ailaA,or Arciit, alliili, growing ni 

AJo'na(ZoaL)aiB(. Sl»«, thedifltofthefunotmoon; a genus 
molloca ; (hould be H,ih^. 

Alops'cidffi (Ichth.) aiefcx, lam, term. iiU. 

AlOpeCU'ruB (Bot.) aXmn^, a fox, n(^ a tail ; fox-tail giaia. 

Alope'cion ( Tool.) ixin^, a fox ; a genus of Colubrine ophidiai 

A'lopez (Ichth.) i,->Jm%, a fox ; the fbx-lhark. 

A'lOphUB (Ent.) a priv. ^«po(, a ridge or creft. 

Alo'sa (Ichth.) probably a corruption of the old name of the Ihad, 

Alo'tria (Ent.) a priv. ^OLrt-fJi, a bath; unwaihed; a genu* of Lepidopta 

Alpella (Ent.) aifti, mounUina ; &om iU habitat. 

Alpestra'Us (Ent.) "Ip'JIr'u, mountainous. 

Alpe'Btria, AIpe'Btre (Omith., But.) Lot. alpine. 

Alphito'biuB (Knt.) iX|,iT«, meal, B'if, to lire. 

Alphlto'phagUB (Ent.) t\f,-Tm, meal, ^«i>.^^, to eat. 

A'lpigene (Zool.) aipa, mountain!, pgno, to produce; belonging ti 

found upon ihe Alps and other mountains. 
Alplna'liB (Ent.) alphai, dwelling upon mountains. 
Alpina'iia (Ent.) atf^niu^ dwelling upon mountains. 
Alpl'nia (Bot ) P. N. in honour of Alpau, an Italian phyfician. 
Alpi'nua-a-iim (ZooL, Ent.) Lai. alpine. 
AlseUo'smiB (Bot.) skni, a grove, tiiii^U, a plealant odour. 
Alal'ne (Bot.) i,t,sti, a grove or Ihady place ; from its habitat. 
Alsi'nes (Ent.) feeds on chickweEiI, a^ media. 
AlBinifo'liUS-a-tim (Bot.) atfmi, cl>ic>lweed,>/iini>, a leaf. 
Alaade'a (But.) ihs-iMni, leafy. 
Alao'phila ( Bni, ) i*„,-. i grov.-, ,■.»«, to lo.<-. 

Alato'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. C. Aljhm, Prof, of Medicine, EdEnburgh. 
AlBtrceme'rla (Bot.) P. N. in honour uf CLmdr Ayirima; a Swedifli 

AletroBmeria'na (Ent.) P, H. in honoor of Clauili AjfirSmi^T, a Swedifli 

A'lBua (Ent.) P. N., one of Virgil's Ihephcrds. 
Altaicua-a-Tun (Zool., Bot.) belonging to ciie Aliui mountainj. 
Altema'ria (EnC.) ullrrmi, interchangeable, alternate, 
Altemauthe'ra (Bot.) alUrmu, ajtllunu i the Ibmeiu being alternately 

Altema'tus-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) io*. alternate. 

AJterniao'rUB-a-ttm (Bot.) B!l,rn<ii,Jlorii, Bowers. 

Alteu'tlla (ZooL) the Latin name of Berwick-upon-Tweed. 

Alths'a (Bot.) iltin, to cure, from it> healing properties. 

AJthEeoi'des (Bat.) iJlAj/a, ilii,, like; baring leaver like the marlhinallasr. 

A'ltioepB (£nt.)ijfliij, high, lofty; ia^.(, the head. 

Alti'velia (Ichth.) aiiu, high, Wb«, a fail. 

AlU'TOlanB (ZouL) Lai. flying high. 

Alu'cita (Ent.) Lai., a gnat. 

Aluol'Uds (Ent.) uluiita, tarn. term. :<l.c. 

Alnoiti'na (Ent.) ali^Ua, a gnat. 

A'lula (Ornith.) dim. of a/u, a wing; applied to the fmall quill feathers or 

fpurious wing of a bird ; alfo to an iofe^. 
Alvearie'lla (Ent.) aknariian, a bec-hise. 

Alve'oliteB (Fas. Zool.) n/tnJu, a little trough ; a genus of folSi roraU. 
Alve'olus (EnL) Lot. a. chels-board ; from the chequered markings of the 

A/lypvm (Bot.) aXumc, hannleis. 
AlyHioarpUB (Bot.) axun'i, a chain, mfufi, fruit. 
Aly'sanm (Bot.) » priv. Vuj-ira, canine madnefa; hecaufe it was fappoied 

to cure hydrophobia. 
AlytBB (Zool.) 3)ii;t(ii, continuous; inallufion to its adherent tongue. 
AJy'xia (Bot.) iXi^ij, anxiety ; from its gloomy appearance. 
Alaate'a (Bot.) p. N. from J. A. A Als^U, a Spanilh naluralift. 
AmaliUla-e (Zool., Bot.) Lai. lovely. 
A'maluH (Em.) a^xJt, tbft, tender. 

Amanl'ta (Bot.) i^m.'Ta, a genus of fungi or mulhroomi. 
AmaranCa'oeee ) (Hot.) • neg. /uafaiui, to decay ; the Rowennot &ding 
Amara'nthua ' long after being plueked. 

Amari'aslmuE-a-imt (,Bai.) Lai. molt bitter. 
Ama'niB-a-iim (Bot.) L^i. bitter. 

AraaryTlla * ^^'^ ''™'^''' *™' ^"^ ^^- '"''"■ -«■ 

Amar/llia (Bot.) P.N., Anaryllh was one of Virgil's njmipht ; "the HI 

of the field," are fuppofed by fome authora to refer to AmarySii i 

AmBBo'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Thnmm Amafin, an American travuU 

Araata'ria (Ent.) mmtui, loied. 

Affibigualls CEnt.) ambiguni, uncertain. 

Ambigua'ua (Ent.) amhi^m, uncertain. 

Amblyma'topon (Zool.) ifiSAit, blunt, fiiTwirt., the forehead ; 

Ambly'OpUS (Zool.) kixS^is, blunt, UTOS, a foot. 

Ambony'chia (Zool.) iitSm, a bols or protuberance, ln\, a claw. 

Ajnbro'aia[Bot.) i/tBfifiii, immortal; called the food of the godi, fromj 
the fragrant brutfed leaves of the plant originally To called. 

Ambula'cra (Zool.) ambul^iram, a gallery or place to walk in. 

Amoi'va (Zool.) an.r'B^, to change ? 

Amela'llctlJer(Bot.)theSavoy name for the Medlar; agenuiof Pomaee^r, 

AmaTluB (Bot.) employed by Virgil lo denote fbme plant which grew 
on the banks of the river Mitla. 

Amenttt'oefB (Bot.) ammlum, term, for nat. order Afor. 

Ameatalefl (Bat.) ™mj™, a catkin. 

Ame'ntum (Bot.) Lai. a firap or thong ; a catkin. 

Amerim'num (Bot.) > prlv. ^ififvn, care, which it was thought to re- 
move; heart'»-cafe ; now applied to another planL 

Am8Uiy'Btea(flot.) ii^iSinr-i, the amethyfl, from the colour of the flower. 

Amiie'ratia (Omith., Bot.) P. N.. in honour of iaJji AaiAirJI. 

Amjna'nnia (Bot.) P. N., from J. Ammn^n, Profefiiir at St. Peterfbuig. 

Ammoba'tes (Ent.) ifiitu, fand, BiJu., to go ; a gmui of HymeBoptera. 

Animo'bium (Bot.) d^^>r, land, Biia, to live. 

AnuDOCs'tes richth.) iiiftti, fand, x'"''' liori^hair ; the mud4aniprvj. 

Ajmnody'tes (Ichth.) i/jfittiirif, a land hurrower; the jand-eet. 

Ammoni'aomn (Bot.) ai applied to a gum Ihii name is a corruption of 
Armmiacum, the plant which produces it being a native of Pcrfia. 

Ammo'phila (Ent., Bot.) i^^n, fand, <..xi«, to Io»c, from its ufual 
habitat; a grnu) of Kymenoptera; aUb a genus of gnilles. 

AieiinjTBi'ne(Bot.)^P;u«, fand, ^up en, amyrtli'j from 1 1» habitat. 

AM(E — iiMP 

Amcs'ba ^ 

Amca'bea > (Zool.) ttfUiSB, change, from afluming a varitly of forms. 

Amcebl'na J 

AmcB'niui-a-um (Bot.) Lul. delightful, fhowy. 

Amo'inum (Bot.) SftSfKi, blamelefi, freefrom impurity; fiom being con- 

fidered a counter-poifon. 
Ajno'rphouB (Zool.) n neg. ^p{>i, fotm, 
Ampelida'ceSB (Bot.) anfvlli, term, for nat. order oim. 
Ampelidffi (Omith.) flw^/ii, fam. term, idc / a family of IdcefPores. 
A'mpeliB (Omith.) an old Greek name of a bird, now applied to the 

Bohemian wax-wing; aUb a name i n Botany. 
Ampelo'psiB (Bot.) aftnXat, the vine, i-J-it, lefemblance. 
Amphooa'stllUE (Zool.) ifufi, on both Udes, JKivdn, a thorn. 
AlIiplle'rephlB(Bot.) V7>ri9", to cover round ; from the double iuvolucnim. 
Amphibi'chUiyB (Zool.) amfhibiai, lj(6is, a lilh; a name pTopofed for the 

Ampbllilotla (Zool., Bot.) iifi^iit, both, SUt, to live ; exilllng in two 

Ampbltiola (Zool.) ifi-flSi>.>s, ambiguous, doubtful. 

AmphlTxilUB (Ent.) i^^S'lm, donbtful. 

Ampbibrr'a (Bot.) iftft. around, Spilgi, mofB. 

AmpHioCB'lia (Fos. Zool.) i/tfi, on both fids, .t.ft.t, hoUow ; the veite- 

brz being hollowed at both ends. 
Amphi'oome (Bot.) i/Jift, around, >°fiq, hair, in rderence to the baity 

appendages to the leeds. 
Amphida'aydEe (Ent.) amfUifjJji, fam. term. iJ,r. 
Amphida'ajra (£nt.) iju^l^ffuc, Ihaggy, fringed all round ; the Inft-fli 

being covered ;yith hair. 
Ampblde'sma (Zool.) «/ifif, around, iir/^v. a band ot bundle. 
Amphldo'twa (Zool) i/t'^l, around, sis, irrS,, an ear ; a genus of Echino- 

Amphl'gamous (Bot.) i^ifl, on both lldeB, yir^sf, mairi^e. 
Amphigo'nidEe (Ent.) sfiifi!, on both fides, ywiU, a comer, fam. term.^; 

a genus of Irf;pidopteia. 
Ainplli'iilonaa(ZDoL)af»ipit, on both fides, monar; having lateral filamenti. 
Amphio'xoa (Ichth.) s^^ i,, on both (ides, ijus, (harp. 
Amphlpe'plea (ZooL) ift^l, around, »i«)U(, a mantle. 
Anpbi'poda ) (Zool.) i^t\ around, i,S^i,wiiii, a foot ; having feet all 
Amphl'podolU) round. 

jIMP - 


eathi the breathing 

^l (Bot.) um/Zt^o., to furround, cW.i 

Amphipo'gon (Bot.) Afi-fi, around, iiiy 
Amphi'pnoua (l^hth.) if^fl, around, utoi, 

apparatus heing Htuated along the fides. 
Amphi-prinn (Zool.) i^i, around, nfim, a law. 

AmphipT'rB (^Eat.) o/if i, around, tif, the lire ; flying round the light. 
Amphlpy'ridiB (Ent.) amfiif^ra, fam. term, idt. 
A'mphisa (£nt.) n^i^iit, both, iVic, equal; the antennx having tufts m 

both fides. 
AmphiabEBiua (ZooL) ajufii. on both tides, SmVn, to go. 
Amphi'aliOiaa (Zool.) o^uf!, around, rvifia, tlie mouth; a genus 

Amplealoauiia'tua-tt-ilm (ZooL) ampUElur, to furround, couik, a tail. 
Amplezlo aulkiQ ) 
Anvplexicau'lia ) 

Ampolla'rla (Zool.) amfuUa,^ globular iklk. 
Amao'nia (Eot.) P. N. from Chirlis Amfi«. an Ami 
Amy'drua (Omith.) i^ulw, dim, indifHna. 
Amj'gdalUB (Bnl.) oyuu^u, to Drain milk j from the relemblance o 
blanched almond curd ; or from iftusirx, to lacecate, in 
lillured Ihell. 
Atny'mone (Zool.J ofAvfAut^ blaintlels. 
Aroy'na (Ent.) ^uu, defence, revenge ? 
Ajnyote'Ua (Ent.) P. N. In honour of C. J. B. Amy^l, a Fn 
A'myria (Bot.) a inlens. ^u^i, petfiime ; from \Vi tweet odi 
A'nabaa (Zool.)) ivBeai.*, to afcend, from the filhoccarionilly leaving th* 1 
AuaTjasia (Eot.) l water and climbing the banks ; climbing trees. 
Anable'pB (Zool.) iiiifl»iij-«. to look up; from the prominent eyes. 
Anaba'lia (Ent.) «v»ertn. a cloak, in allufion to the pupa-cafe ; a genu 

the Phryganidi. 

AUBOa'mpgeros (Bot.) iiaiA/inii, to induce to return, i^si, love; the I 
name of a plant to which the ancients attributed the power of re- | 
ftoring love. 
Anaoa'mptia (Bol.) Ami/ivTui, to bend back, i. i. the pollen malTea. 
AnftCB'rdium (Bot.) au, like, uptu, a heart ; from the form of the nut. 
Anach'ttriH (Bot.) itt, like, ckarii : from it! refembliince to the Hydracharii 
Anacy'ctUS (Bot.) iti, upon, ivitxti, a circle; in allufion 

ovaries placed round the dilk. 
Anaga'UlB(Bot.)iM)<*i«, to laugh loud; thought to remove defpondencjr.^ ' 
Anftgy'riB (Bot.) •>■, backward, j-wfir, a circle; from then 


ANyi — ANC 

Anal'Ha (Ent.) P. N., an ancient diyiirity. 

Au&logue (Zool.) iai\iyii, cloiely allied to Ibmetliing ellb. 

flnnnn 'aiin (Bot.) from aaiuu, its name in Gniana. 

AnaTltheiii (Bot.) a> priv. a>6ifrj, an aWn. 

Anapepta'manuB (Fos. Zuol.) fp. name of a fofiil crinoid, from bm, witli, 

•■im^i>D;, jiart. of vitbhu^i, to Ipread, fltetch out. 
Ana'pttalsB (Zool.) a in(eiif^ a^ikii, Hender, fmooth. 
AnaTBla (Ent.) a.ifciK, incongniouB, 

AuajThi'chaB (Ichth.) am^iryiuiui, to break througli ; the wolf-fiih. 
Anarrbl'liiun (Bot.) a> priv. fir, tile nole; the plants being allied to 

AQtirrhinunt, bnt the Aowers diflerent. 
Anft'rta (Ent.) "a fea-cockie mentioned by Pliny."— Thcttschik, 
Ahm (Omith.) Lat. a duck. 
Aub'bpIb (Cnt.) i^asviic, to draw back. 

Anasta'tioa (Bot.) i?oD-rij-i{, refurreftion; from it* rtcoverinj; its form, 
however dry, when immerfed in water. 
. Ana'stomUB (Ornith.) iwmiuiii, to fumilh with a mouth; fiom its open 
I biU. 

I AnaU'fe™ (Zool.) fl-ra/, a duck,/*™, to bear; an aUufion to the old notion 
] of bamaclet turning into geefe. 

Auatina (Zool.) tmatima, pertaining to a duck ; from form of Ihell. 
Ana'Udie) (Ornith.) a;ui, iam. term, ida, and <«; the bmlly and fub- 
Aiut'tiiuef ^mily of ducks. 

Anatine'lla (Zool.) dim. of amiiauj, pertaining to a duck ; duck-like. 
Anatipeime'lla (Ent.) mas, ■ duck,^Aua, a feather. 
A'noepS (Zool., Bot.) Lat. doubtful; having two heads, douhle-edged. 
AachooeHa (Ent.) " iyy_', to Hrangle, nyk, a fpot."— Guemei. 
Aachoracarpa'oea (Zool.) ajuupa, an anchor, mtfwis, the arm, or rather 
wrift ; from the mode of attachment of this paraUte ; a tribe of Ento- 
Acchorooera'cea (Zool.) a/nujA, an anchor, •ift, a horn; a tribe of 

AQChorsBtotna'osa (ZooL) tyim(a,, an anchor, 01^11, a mouth; from the 

mode of attachment of thcTe parafites ; a tribe of Entomoltraca. 
Anohorella (Zool.) iyxufa, an anchor, dim. terminiJ rlh. 
Anohn'ea (Bot.) a!}.;(ai,tocon(tringe the fauces; from Its aClringenl quality. 
AnoUls'ria (Zool.) a«alla, a maiden. 
Anoi'ltnm (Bot.) tyx'"-"-, next or nearelt ? 
A'naala (ZooL) aynikK, a bent how. 


Anc^o'oezss (Fosu, XooL) mymCk^s, mcnrved, scf««, a ham. 
Ancflocliei n (£nft-) «r»^«$, bent, x^P* tbe hand. 
.Anpj^kxkRi (ZooL) iymbk»sj bent, aln^, •!•>«•(« a tooth. 
Ancyloaoellis (£nt.) s^wxas, bent, rjBsx«,a coicrii^; a gcnos of Hymen- 

Ancylosfaymiim (ZooL) mymuAty beat, •~r^uh a month. 

Ancyln (ZooL) cx»]^«, a bent bow. 

Andereggiella (£nt-) P- N. in hoooiir of Herr Amdengg, a Swiis 

Andm'cliiie (Bot.) an old Greek botanical term for pnribnr. 
AiKfrwirwira. (Ent.) aadrma^ a gcmis of Hymenopteia ; w*, to devoui. 
An dw /gf iM Wia (Bot.) «^ ii>a;y»c, a man (fiamen), >«»«, a wooon (piftil) ; 

Andfo^neda (Bot.) P. N. from the Virgin 

Andio^ilianis (Bot.) iam^, i»^, a man (anther), f^ to bear; a piUar 

Hyyuiting a number of miitfd antiaert. 
Andzopc/gCHl (Bot.) ia^ iaifK, a n]an,«K>«f^ a beard; from tufts of 

hairs on flowers. 
Aiidzosa'oe(Bot.)ib«f,ol^,ma]e,0^jB«$, a bocUer; allndingtothe calyx. 
Androoeteiim (Bot.) am^, «><^ a man, (flamen), Sifu^ blood ; from 

the blood-coioor of the berries. 
Anefle^ma (Bot.) imXtm^ to roll together, to inrohre. 
Anei'mia (BcC) ib^A**, not dothed ; from its naked fructification. 
Aneta'ama (ZooL) «» priT. kXmrxM, to wander ; a genus of Cinqiedet. 
Anella (Ent.) «ntx. an old woman ; from its grey appearance. 
Axie'masie (BcC) tatfAf^ wind ; becanie the flowers are ealily moved by 
the wind: or from growing in expoied phces; Anemo'ne b the 
daffical accent, Ane'mone the £n^(h one. 
Anera'stia (Ent.) am^c^tm, ignorance of love. 
Anesy'chia (Ent.) «» priv. i^vxf*, reft ; from its reftle(s movement. 
Ane'thum (BcC) «»», upwards. But, to run ; from its quick growth ; DilL 
Anfirac'tiis-a-iim (Bot.) Lai. curved, bent. 

Angelica (Bot.) at^dtu, an angel ; from its cordial medicinal viitaes. 
Angelicella (Ent.) feeds on w^dica fylveftris. 
Angerc/na (Ent.) P. N. the goddefs of Silence. 
Angioca'rpi (Bot.) iyyut^, a veflel, *m^Mis, fnnt or feed with its ooveriqg; 

a diviiion of FungL 
Angioepe'nn (Bot.) iyy^^n, a veflel, o^e/ua, a feed ; the feeds lo4ged in a 


Angioapo'rea (Bot.) aj^ilin, a vellel,j^™j, the feeduf a cryptogamic plant. 
Angio'stomuB (Zool.) iyyna, a vellel, nf^«, a moutli. 
A'nglicua-a-tun (Omith., Bot.) Lot, Englifti, 
Angrte'oum (Bot,) Latinbed from Angurrt, the Malayan name of thp 

AngUi'ila (Ichth.; LaS. an eel. 

::::iss "■"'•'-'■'-"- -«■"■- 

An'guia (ZoqL) Lot. a (nake. 

An'gulifer (Zool.) m^'lm, a comer or angle./m, to bear. 

Angui'llifonn (Ichth.) aaguilla, an eel,>-™, ihape. 

AngUinaTla (Ent.) angirivu; ftrpent-like. 

AiiguinEl'rla (Zool.) snpi'u, a liiake ; zoophytes having cells bearing foniE 


Anguisu'ruB (Ichth.) aaguii, a fnake, siJ{s., a tail. 

Angula'ria (Ent.) angulm, a comer. 

A'ngOlats (Bot.) angulia, a comer or angle. 

AnguUfaacle'lla (Ent.) angulm, an angle,/^;^, a band ; dim. term, rllj. 

Anguliro'HtreB (Omith.) angvlm, an angle, re/lnim, a beak. 

ABgu'lia (Bot.) the Greek name for a cucumber. 

Anguata'lia (Ent.) angupm, narrow. 

AngUBtlooUe'lla (Ent.) mfij«m, narrow, mU™, a neck ; dim. term. lUn. 

AngUHticolliB (Ent.) imgiipai, narrow, caffuH, a neck. 

ABBUBtiora'na (EnL) ang^Jlhr. more naitow. 

Angtiatu'ra (Bot.) from Angulbura, New Guiana, whence it comei. 

ABiota'ngluni (Bot.) irsuiToi, open, rijyirn, aveflel; having an open thecs. 

AnigOEan'thua (Bot.) iwiya, to expand, iMi, a flower. 

AnlmaloulB (Zool.) dim. of cmmal, a living creature. 

Aniaaoa'ntba (Bot.i inrn, unequal, azzids, a thom. 

AolBa'rthrla (Ent.) iiitn, unequal, a!^r<n, a joint. 

A'nl3aeii(Bot.)iLrt. anj^Bw; Amhicm^ua. 

Aniso'ceraa (Eat.) aim;, unequal, Kifai, a horn (antenna.) 

AniHoda'otylua (Ent.) ) _ , . , r .k 

, J- Hiiirit, unequal, inniuXai, a feather. 

Anlaoda'otyli (Ornith.)i " ^ 

Ani'BOdUB (Bot.)J.inic, unequal, slaDt, a tootli; from the unequal divitioni 

of the calyi. 
Anlso'meles (Bot.) ans-g;, unequal, (/.iXts, a member or limb. 
AslBOae'uxa (Ent.) a»>gc, unequal, nZfs; a nerve (til),) 
AnlBOpe'tolum (Bot.) atiirtt, unequal, iriTaii*, a leaf. 

AniHc/plia (Ent.) a.iff.c, unequal, ;»x=y, a wrapon. 
Aniso'pteryx (f.m.) &i«i, unequal, «iifip|, a wing : ihe female 

AnlBoto'ma t 



Y (Edt., ZooL] aii>i/:iitJ.i(, unequal, unlike any other. 

whence Anethum. 
AnneUa'ta (Zool.) antuU^,, a little ring. 
Annoma'tus (Ent.) a priv. lufiav, to diOribute. 
Annulfl'ta (Zool.) aiaiului, a ring. 
AimtJateTla (Ent.) mndm, a nag, dim, term. ,1 

brown rings on the antenna. 
AmiuJJOo'miB (Ent.) aiualia, a ring, antu, a horn ; antenna ringed 

A'noa(Zaol,)ai«{,fDolini, ftupiiC; applied to one of the antelopes. 

Anotium (Ent.) sib, above. Bait, to live. 

A'nodon (Zool.) itiitonis, without teeth ; the fwan-mullel. 

AnodoiLto'pBis (Zool.) luuuW, the IwaD-mulIel, 9<[<i;, appearance. 



Ajiomale'lla (Ent.) ivifmitt, unequal, dim. term. dla. 

Anomala'cera (ZooL) a>i>;iuA>c, dilUmiUr, apse, a bom ; a 

Anomalu'ruH (Zool.) i.«/i«iO), unequal, .Epi, a tail. 

AucmiaUle'aa (Bot.) a,.tfu,, singular, dim, a Iheath or capfule. 

Auo'coia (Zool.) a>i|UtiBc, unlike, 

Anomodo'Btia(Fos. ZooL)«i^i>f .without law (type ),t).i;i,ijisrTO!,a tooth. 

Ano'modon. (Bot.) do. ; referring to periftome. 

Ano'na (Boi.) from Mcm-a, its Eaftem name. 

Anoplogs'ster (lehth.) itmkti., unarmed, yairrnf, the Hotnacb. 


Auoplura f 

AuouYa (Zool.) •,• priv. tii;i, a tail. 

A'noua (Omlth.) « priv. hE(, t^e mind ; alluding to the ftupidity of the 

A'naer (Omith.) L,ii. a goofe. 
A'sBerine (ZooL) aiun, a goofe ; goofe-like. 
Anaeri'ne (Omith.) anfir; fub. fern. term. m^. 
Aata'rotioUB (ZooL) L^i. relating to the Antarftic i 


(, unarmed ; paiaJitic infefls without wings 

ANT — AbiT 

AntechiTiUB (Zcxil.) aim, implyiag compariibn, iytym, a hedge-hog; 

ufed for the Poiiched-nioufB. 
A'ntelope (Zool.) probably from S»%ii, a flower, or any thing beaatifiil, 

and 54, the eye. 
Ante'miffi (Ent.) anii, before, («i«, to hold. 
Antenna'rla fBot.) from the onimiM of infcfts. to which the down of the 

pappus hean Ibme relemblance. 
AnteimnlB'rlfl (Zool.) dBfenmiii, dim. of antenna, an inftft's feeler; from 

refcmblance of polyps. 
Anthos'cia (Ent.) Mtt, a flower, tT-w, a habitaUon. 
Anttae'a (Zool.) Sain, u Hower. 

Anthemld&lia (Eat.) feeds on the Hinking chamomile, Antllanu cotula. 
A'nthemia (Bot.) itSix, to flower; from iti profufion of flowers. 
A'nther tBot.) ioBtjts, flowery. 
Anthe'ricum (Bot.) i^n, a flower, Ipuc, a hedge ; a name laid to have 

been applied by the Greeks to the lleni of the afphodel. 
Antherl'dia (Bot.) i.'.ii^, tTJw, likenefa. 
Anthero'phagns (Ent.) itit^, an antlier, ^iyv. to eat. 
Anthi'diimi (Ent.) Mm, a flower ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Antbooe'rcia (Bot.) aBas, a flower, mpuf, a ray; from the radiated 

AntlnyoerOB (fl<t.) baas, a flower, MXfai, a horn ; from form of theca, 
Autho'CbaxlB (Bot.) s>9di, a Sower, X'^f'"-' to delight in. 
Autholiium (Ent.) Met, a bud, Biia, to live. 
Anthobo'aea (Ent.) itin, a flower, B(»««, to feed ; a genus of Hymen- 

AnthO'dlam (Bot.) inSai, a flower ; contumog many flowers. 

A'nthodoii (Bot.) avSic, a flower, siilt, elmsc, a tooth. 

Antholy'za (Bot.) a»9o[, a flower, iwrff«, rage: the flowers look like an 

animal ready to bite. 
Antho'phila. (Ent.) iiia, a flower, ^Xio, to love. 
AnthophilldiB (Ent.) anlbfiUa, fam. term. ida. 
ADtho'ph7Ba(ZaoL) itSn, a flower, fu^fit, natural refemhlance; from 

being collefted in clulfers at the eslremities of a branching Hem or 

polypidom ; a genua of Infuforia. 
Anthopo'gon (Bot.) £i9si, a flower, !.aij.»™, a beard. 
Antboso'ma (ZooL) iidw, a flower, fupa, a body; a genm of Ento- 

AaQloao'mtdm (Zool.) mliatuma, hm. term, cn/tf. 


; from the 

Anthoape'rmum (Bot.) «>flo[, a flower, trnffi-x, a feed. 
Anthoxa'ntliUin (Bot,) «»9s!, a flower, Javflii, yellow ; from the yellowilW 

hue of the fpikes, efpedall/ in age. 
Anti'oa (Ent.) Lrif. that is in front, foremoft. 
intlcle'a (Ent.) P.N., the mother of Uly/iis. 
Antide'sma (Bot.) ini, in place of, Itr/iiSc, a bond ; from ii 

in making ropes. 
Anti'opa (Ent.) P. N., the mother of Amphion. 
Antdqiia'aa (Ent.) anlijuai, antient. 
Anti'quna-a-uni (Zool.) Lai, antient, 
AutUThl'niuc (Bot.) ivTi, like, approaching, f4i, the no 

rcfemblanee of the Aowers to an animal's fnout. 
Antiapl'la (Ent.) am, oppofite, rvt>j<, a fpot. 

Antlthe'sia (Ent,) i»TWi»-«, oppofition ; from the contrail of colours. 
Anthraoi'nuB-a-um (Ent.) L<il. black ai a coal, from antirax, a coal. 
Anthra'ria (Ent.) i>9faj, a burning coal. 

Aathrenei'dra (Ent.) aaikmaj, iTJm, like ; a ftmily of Coleoptera. 
Anthre'nua (Ent.) liiS^n, a wild bee \ a genus of Beetles. 
Azitri'ada (Ent.) irrp^t, i.Tp,i)«, dwelling in caverns. 
Aathrilma (Ent.) « ncg. t/h'Sb, to grind down. 
Anthri'aoua (Bot.) a name giyen by Plinj to the herl 
Antro'pllium (Bot.) bitjo, a cavern, filv, to grow ; from its habitat. 
Antro'atoniua (Omith.) s«Tpo>, a cavern, o-ro,uii, a mouth ; froi 

gape ; the genus of Goatfuckera, to which the Whip-poor-Will beln 
AnUiropl'tlleCUa (ZooL) Mpams, a man, mBviis, an ape. 
Anthrapoi'd (ZooL) iiiftrtas, a man, iTJst, resembling. 
Anthua (Omith.) L^l. a titlark or pipit. 
AnthyUidella (Ent.) feeds on the kidney-vetch, Aiaiyllh vulneraria. 
Anthy'llis (Bot.) irf„, a flower, hv7.ii, a beard ; from the downy calye 
Anuga (Ent.) SiiuKT't, not wiflied for? 
ATiura (Zool.) ar priv. npa, a tail ; an order of Batrachians. 
A'nziuB (Ent.) Lai. uncertain, ij. in colour. 
Any^ia (Ent.) P. N. Myih or vi™iu, an Egyptian deity. 
Anychia (Bot.) from its aSnity to Pannyciia. 
Aomyx (Zool.l s priv. JiuJ. a ilaw. 
A'otea (Zool.) « piiv. <^,, ixJi, an ear; eariefB. 
Aolua (Bot.) H prlv, out, i-iii, the ear; having no carlike app< 

Apama'ft (Ent,) irunia, 

Apsme^ds (£nt.) apama, fam. term. wla. 

Apa'rgla (Bot.) the Greek name of fome pbnt not now kntywn. 

ApaU'nla (Ent.) linsToB, to deceive. 

Apa'te [Enl.) ashn, tlratagem. 

Apa'teon (Fo;. Zool.; anxTi^. a cheat. 

Apatu'ra (Ent.) P. N., a rumame of Venus 

Ap.'M=.., _,^ ,^ 

Ape'talmn 1 ' "^ 

A'pex (Zool.) hai. the point ur top of a thing. 

Aphana'cUie (Bot.) k^am, obfcure, S.^,s, a ilower. 

A'phanea (Bot.) af^wn'j, obfcure. 

Aphanl'ptera i (^^wiifoi, to hide, in-lpc*, a wing; apparetitljr 

Aphtml'pterouB) ' t without wioga. 

Aphani'aticus (Ent.) ^i^uifw, to hide. 

AphardZO'menon (Bot.) =*«.(£«, to hide ; a genus of Confervl. 

A'pbareua (ZooL) the word i^afii/i was applied by Arjjlolis to the belly- 

iin of the female tunny ; or it may be from iifitf n'f, naked. 
Aphela'ndra (Bot.) i^i}Ja, funple, Mf, iittt, a male; the authen 

being one-celled. 
Aphelia (Ent.) i^ihis, plain, from the Cmplicity of the wing markiDgi, 
Aphele'zia (Bot.) i^Xhs, llmple, t£if, habit. 
Aphelotoma (Ent.) a^piMt, (imple, i-i/iw, to cat. 
Aphodi'adffl (Ent.) a/AoJiW, tam. term. ode. 
Apho'diuB (Ent.) i^hi, going hack f 
Aphredo'derua (Zool.) i^fioi, to foam, Jifjt, the Ikin. 
AphrlteH (ZooL) i^rxK, the foam-filh. 

Aphrodi'tB (Zool.) P. N., the Greek name of Vennn. In its application 
to a fea-worm there may be fome allnlioa to the fuppoled derivation 
from Affi,, " foam of the sea." Hdiod calls Venus i^i{(j>inia:, " foam- 
Aphylla'aUiea (Bot.) A^Xkai, leaflefs, irfli^, a flower. 
Aphjr'UouB (Bot.J ■ neg. ^!,M.«, a leaf; leaflefs. 
Apla'ater (Ornith.) Lai. a bee-eater. 
Apica'lis (Ent.) afcx, a point. 
Apioa'ta (Ent.) Lai. adorned as it were with a cap or roitre (apex) \ coni- 

cally pointed. 
Aploella (Ent.1 dim. of afiK — the apex of the wing Is bright ochreoua. 
ApicU'ria (Ent.) apn, the top ; from the direction of its ftreaks. 
Apl'ora (Bot.) ■ neg. triifii, bitter. 


A'pidffi (Ent.) apii, fam. term, i<U. 

Apifo'rmla (Ent.) apU, a. bee.firma, reftinblance. 

ApUfollua-a-um (Bot.) afi<m,filia, learea ; pari] ef -leaved. 

AplB (Ent.) Lot. a bee ; probably from inCi, without teet, in aUufion to 

their appearance ia the pupal ftate; or from the old word ap'n, to 

cling, in reference to the curtain formed by the bees. 
A'piatea (Zool.) iw^irn, dot to be tmfted. 
A'pium (Bot.) af!x, the liimmit or crown ol the head, beauife the head 

was crowned with it in the ancient triumphs ; ibme, howerer, dednce 

it from the Celtic afan, water, in ailufion to its common habitat : 

parllej and celery. 
Api'voniB (Omith.) ap'ti, a bee, iiore, to eat. 
Apple (Bot.) Anglo-Sas. *pl. 
Apla'na (Ent.) id.pLmu,, even, flat. 
Apla'cta (Ent.) a priv. ir).i.TJi, folded; becaufe the wings are not 

Apll'dium (Zool.) lii,>.oZt, fimplc. 
AplocneTaua (Ent.) iit^iZt, fimple, x'tifa, the leg. 
AplodEt'ctyluB (Zool.) avi.a.1:, limpb, JutTuPiov, a fing 
AplodeTua (Ent.) iirloSf. fimple, Upe, long. 
Aplodo'ntia (Zool.) ftrXt::, fimple, tttlt, iIdts:, a tooth. 
Aplu'atrum (Zool. Lat. a (hip's flag. 
Aplyjsia (ZooL) s priv. !•>.<,>•,, to walh ; the aplyGa of the Greek bt^ 

men were Ipongcs unlit for waihing. ^^M 

ApiMill'Ba (Ent.) £iri and xijia, to Ihut or clofe. ^^ 

ApoorTptes (Zool.) awixfi<ria, to hide from. ^ 

ApOOyna'ceffi (Bot.) ajiocynm, term, for order, ■icci. 
Apo'cynum (Bot.) inJ, away from, i™i, nutw, a dog ; becaufe thought to 

be poilbnom to them ; the dogs'-bane. 
A'poda (Zool.) s priv. »i£(, BsJsf, a foot ; an onjer of Cirripedw. 
A'poda (Omith.) alsivt, aniJgi, without feet; this Dame wai giren bjr 

Unmiki to a Bird of Paradife, from the circumflance that all the 

fperimens that arrived in Europe were without feet, having been thni 

mutilated by the natives before drying the ikins. 
A'podal (Zool.) > priv. trKc, vSic, a foot. 
A'podemaB (Zool.) awiliv, to bind &(l ; applied to projections of chitine, 

for the attachment of mufcle! in the Cirripedes. 
Apo'gon (Zool.) > priv. miryv, a beard, 
Apo'tca (Ent.) iwiiMu, to go away from home ; iti wandering habiu. 


AJ'O — A^ 


Aponoee'ton (Bot.) from Celtic afon or i»m, water, filtat, a neighbour. 

Aporo'cera (Fnt.) attpt, unmanageabla, stfn;, a horn (antecna.) 

ApOTo'deB (Ent.) ilsifgc, stupid, dulL 

Aporophy'lB (Ent.) aTSfir, doubtful, $uX», a tribe. 

Aporrha'is (ZooL) iwifflx, to How away ; the rprDut-(hell. 

Appendioula'ria (ZooL) apprmSaih, a Uttte appendage. 

Appro'jdmflte (Bot.) ad, to ; prsximm, a neighbour. 

Aprlca'riUB (Ent.) apruiir, to balk in the fun. 

Apricot (Bot.) ibrmeily fpelt aprrcoci, and by our earlleft writers ifreacic; 
probably from the Arabic Bericach, or Beraxt, whence the Greeks pro- 
bably derived their nifinjus, and the Fi«ich their lArial, from 
whom we probably derived the word. Some thinlt it from Zo*. /ratiM, 
being the earliell of the kind to ripen. 

AprOi'na (Eot.) ApriHi, from the month in which It appears. 

A'prlon (Zool.) a pris. wfist, a dm. 

\a (Otnith.) ittfiifuxya;, holding no communion with ; from 

IS folita 

> habits 

A'pBlltts (ZooL) ■ priv. ■U>^it naked, bare. 

A'pua (Omith.) iEiws, without feet ; from appearance in flying. 

Aptenody'tes (Omith.) amir, unwinged, tuTui, a diver. 

Apte'muH (Omith.) s priv. trtifta, a heeL 

Aptero'gyna (Ent.) im/n, winglefs, yvn, female, 1. r. the females are To. 

Aptero'peda (Ent.) aimpat, unwinged, ^j-,/nAi, a foot. 

Aptery'glnsa (Omith.) apirryx, fam. term. ina. 

Apteryi(Ornith.) « priv. m-ifvj, a wing ; a genu.! of birds. 

ApUlEllmiothya (Idith.) « priv, fli^ka., to abound, tx.^i,, a fiih. 

Apto'mls (Fai. Zool.) Si-to/ibi, to grafp, Jj»i(, a bird. 

Apygalia (Ent.) z priv. tuyi, the romp. 

A'ptyohua (Foe. ZooL) i priv. m^fi, a fold, the plates or valves bein 

without fold or hinge. 
Aqua'rtda (Bot.) P. N. from B. Aqaart, Jicquin's companion in Amcric! 
Aqua'ticaa-a-tun (Zool., Bot.) Lai. relating to water, aquatic. 
Aqul'ferous (Zool,) ayua, water, /iru, to carry. 
Aqulfolia'oete (Bot.) aquifdmm, term, for nat. order aa^z. 
Aquifolium (Bot.) atuj, a needle, /o//™, a leaf; becauJc its leaves ai 

prickly ; the holly. 
A'qnUa (Omith.) i^i. an tagle. 

Aqulla'rla (But.) aquHa, an eagle ; called boh d'.jigU by French culonilK. 
Aquilaria'oeiB (Bot.) jquiUna, term, for nat. order jLfj-. 

Aqulle'gia (Bot.) aqu'ila, an eagle, whose tlaws the nectaries relecnhlf. 

Aqulli'na (Ent.) aquilia, dark-cobured. 

AqoUl'nffi (Ornith.) ayvi/a, hm. term. im. 

A'raobia (Bot.) « priv. ffix'ii ^ branch, 

Ara'ahne (Ent.) i>^;ci'<, a fpider. 

Ara'obalda (Ent.) i}ix>n, a. fplder, with fam. teem. ; one divifion of tl 

Ara'chnides (Ent.) ifi-xni, a fpider, iSiii, relembUnce. 
Araohsothe'ra (Omith.) it'^^n, a fpidet, and Sii[, a wild beaft. 
ATa'blOUB-Q-Um (Zool., Bot.) Lai. Arabian. 
Arabi'dsffi (Bot.) sr^ii, ordinal term. idrx. 
A'rabls (Bot.) an old name of Diofcarldes, now applied Co the vrall-crelt. J 
Aragtta'tO (ZooL) native name of one of the howling monkejs. 
Ara lia (Bot.) apa, annoyance ; now applied to another plant. 
Aralia'OBEB (Bot.) arfl/w, ordinal term. a«.i. 
Araiieus (Zool.) Lai. a (hrew. 
Arana'idffi (Ent.) oranra, a ipidet, term. iJx. 

Arara'una (Omith.) from the Brazilian word amm ,• one of the Maca' 
Arauca'rin (Bat.) from araacam!, its Chilian name. 
Arauca'rites (Fos. Bot.) applied to certain foflit coniferou!: plant) refemfl 

Arbo'reus-a-lun (Zool. & Bot.) Lot. belonging to trees. 

Arbore'acent (Bot.) arisrrfic, to grow into a tree. 

Arbuta'na (Ent.) ariahu, the wild ftrawbeity, on which !t is liippoled b 

Ar'butUB (Bot.) the ftrawberry tree ; horn Celtic ar toife, auAene tHilh, v 

account of its rongh truit. 
A'raa (ZooL) Lat. a cheft or cell. 

A'roadiB (Zool.) ana, fam. term, ailx ; a family of Mollufca. 
Aioella (Ent.) dim. of i™, a cell. 

AroBu'tblna (Ent.) ifuMtn, belonging to the Juniper. 
Arohangelloa (Bot.) from its fuppofed archangclk virtues. 
Arohegosau'ras (Fos. ZooL) ifj^nyii, beginning, e-nupKi a liiard ; pri-« 

meval lizard. 
Aroo'pagua (Ent.) ifti; to keep off, iriyo, a fnare. 

Ayctia(Ent.) >;iT)(, a bear; the larva ii popularly called the "woolly bear." 
AroUlieua (Zool.) i(ifrss, a bear. 
Arotio'tia (Z«ol.) af»TK. a buar, ;«T4(, s weaiel ; a genus \ 

the Blnturong of Nepal. 

a hear, from the coarle t 

re of the i 

iXv, head. 

Ar-otium (Bot.) ip«T 

the plant Burdock. 
Arotoce'phalua (Zool.) afxr 
Arotocephali'na (Zool.) anlmi/iAalus, fern. term. ina. 
A'rotomyH (Zool.) SpuTsc, a bear, ^S^, a moure; the family of Maimolt 
A'rctonyx (Zool.) ipjiToj, a bear, vilj, night; in allufion to its habiti. 
Arotopithe'ouB (Zool.) apiTot, a bear, wi9na:, a monkey. 
A'rotoa (Zool.) Sf»TO[, a bear. 

Arot08ta'pl»ylOa(Bot,)ifiiT«,a bear, in4ifBJ,»,a grape; equiv, toi^'w n-fi. 
ArotOtJie'Ca (Bot.) ifuiTOE, a bear, flSm, a capfule, fo named from the 

roughnefs of the fruit. 
Anto'tis (Bot.) ifxnt, a bear, sue, an ear ; from the lliaggy fniit. 
Arouatella (Ent.) dim. olarcaahu, curved like a bow, 
ArouatuB-a-Uiii(Zool.)£tif., arched, curved, from unkii, to bend like a bow. 
Aroyo'phora (Ent.) SpMir, ijian!, a net, ?i>k, to bear. 
A'rdea (Ornith.) equiv. toan/ua.fem. of araWj, lofty, from its high flight. 
Arde'idffi (Omith.) anka, Earn. term. iii. 

Ardi'aia (Bot.) a^IiE, a fpear point ; from the fegments of corolla. 
ATdul'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pi^ro ArJam, an Italian botanift. 
Aiena'ria (Omith. Be Bot.) ormj, (and ; becauft gniwing in Tandy placet 

in tlie one caTe, and the bird frequenting fimilar localities in the other. 
Areno'auB (Ent.) Lai. Tandy. 

Ara'Ua (But.) P. N. from Bcn^il Aritlu,, a Swift botaniil. 
A'rgalB (Ornith.) the native name of the Adjutant. 
Arge (Ent.) ifyit, white. 
Argemo'ne (Bot.) afyi^iinn, from ifyif^x, an ulcer on the eye, which it 

ArgentaliB (Ent.) argaiam, filrer ; referring to colour. 
Argsnta'CuB (Ornith.) Lot. plated with filler. 
Argente'ola (Ichth.) Lot. filvcred, plated with filTer. 
ArgentimaculBlla (Ent.) argtnl-a, filver, xiociu^, a fpot, dim, rlla. 
ATgBnti'iia(Tchth.)orfM(iiMr, Glrer; from the pearly-looking fobftance in 

the air-bladder; a genuf of the family Sahnonid*. 
Argentipede'Ua (Ent.) argmlum, filver./cj, a foot, dim. ilia. 
Argen'tula (Ent.) argc^um, (liver. 

ArgiUacea'UB (Ent.) a^ixxsj, white clay ; referring to colour of wing). 
Argi olua (Ent.) P. N., dim. of Aigos. 
Argi'ope (Zool.) P, N., the name of a nymph, the meaning nf which ii 


diiiCon of Lepidopteroa» | 
le Greeks, Argiws, which f 


; the Glvery caloor 

Argi'va (Ent.) Linnsufi gave thi 

infers ; it is taken froni the i 

ie from Argoa : there were fsveral cities lb called. 
Areola'Bia (Bot.) ifjJt, white, \iriK, woolly ; from ontfide of calyx. 
Algo'oncUh (ZooL) the native name; thiswoid Iboukd have been writteiL | 

Argona'iita (ZooL) P. N., the Argoaaute were the failnrs in the Oiip i 

A-ffi; applied to the Paper Nautilus. 
ArgOOa'utidS (Zool.) ai^onaata, fam. term, id*; a family of the MoUufca. 
Argulidffl (ZooL) aixuii, fam. term. /iit ; a family of Entomoftraci. 
A'rgulua (Zool.) Etymology unknown to me. 
Afgu'ta (Bot.) Lai. clear, Iharp, i. c. in form. 
A'rgUB (Omith.) P. N. from Argm, the hundred-eyed fliepherd, oa 

account of the numerous eye-like fpots on its plumage. 
Algu'tor (Ent.) arfirfKi, ihiiU, loud, /. i. the noife it makes in its flight. 
Arg/nnis (Ent.) P. N. s fumame of-Venus. 
Algyra'Ua (Ent.)) 
Argyra'na (Ent.)) 

Algjre'atliia (Ent.) i/yufit, Glser, i»flS{, drefs. 
ArgyrcBthi'ldEe (Ent.) argj/nithia, fam. term, id, 
Argyro'come (Bot.) if^'t"' '''''*''■ »'(""• hair. 
ArgyiOls'pia (EqL) ityutt:. filvcr, xiw.t, a fcale 
Algjrrone'tft (Ent.) ifyufsi, lilver, >oto[, heaped up ; alluding to the latgB I 

iilvcry globules of air in which this fpide 

into the water. 
Argyro'pBia (Ent.) ajTufJeiJit, Dlver-lboted. 
AlgjToto'aa (EnL) rtfjvfirjjot, bearer of the filver bow, an epithet of I 

Arhi'zoua (Bot.) n priv., fij*, a root. 
Arho'palua (Ent.) i priv. ^sAn, a dub. 
ATiel (Zool,) 3 Greek proper name ; the Gaielle. 
A'rlea (Zool.) Ut. a mm. 
Ail'etanB (Zool.) Lai. butting like a ram. 
ATion (Ent.) P. N. an ancient lyric poet. 
Aliphron (Ent.) ifif^ini, eafiiy known. 
Ari'sta (Bot.) Erom arm, to be dry, becaufe it is alwa 
AJiata'tum (Bot.) Lai. bearded, awned. 
Ariate'a (Bot.) ari/!t, a point or beard ; the lea.ei. 
Art'atid* (Bot.) ariHa, an ear of corn, or rather the a 

ARI — ART 33 

Arlstolo'chia (Bot.) > i^a-rost bed, Xo;(ti«, facilitates parturition ; 

Aristolochia'cesB (Bot.) > from its former nies. 

Aimeni'aoa (Bot.) P. N. from Armenia, whence it was brought. 

Axme'ria (Bot.) Latin name for Sweet-william. 

Armerioi'des (Bot.) armeriuy ilios, like. 

Ajmi'gera (Ent.) armiger, a (hield-bearer. 

Anni'llSB (Omith.) Lot. armlets, bracelets. 

Axmora'cia (Bot.) fb named by the Romans from Armoriea or Brittany, 

where it was iuppoied to grow abundantly. 
A'miaB (Ent.) «^»/ov, a little lamb. 
A'mioa (Bot.) oft^x/;, a (beep's fkin, which is from <^»«;, a lamb ; from 

the refemblance of its leaf to the foft coat of the lamb. 
Amoglo'ssus (Ichth.) »pfo;, a lamb, yyJSaa-a-a^ a tongue. 
Amopo'gon (Bot.) ams^ a, lamb, vuiyuv^ a beard ; in allufion to the 

bearded feeds. 

Amo'tto (Bot.) a native American name. 

AroidesB (Bot.) > 

. , / ,« X r orum, the wake-robin plant, sTJoj , refemblance. 
Aroideous (Bot.)) 

Aro'ma (Bot.) &^fA,», a fweet-herb. 

Arpa'cticus (Zool.) a^va^, rapacious ; a genus of Entomodraca. 

Arqua'tus (Ornith.) Lat. arched. 

Arrow-root (Bot.) probably from the form of the root-ftock or rhizome. 

Artabo trys (Bot.) iprawy to iufpend, 6orpvt, a bunch of grapes ; fuggefted 

by the mode of iufpenfion of the fruit. 
A'rtamus (Omith.) apr^/Moc, a butcher; ibmetimes called the iwailow- 

(hrikes. ^ 

Arte'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Fietro Arttdi. 
Artemi'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Artem'u, the Diana of the Greeks. 
Artemisiella (Ent.) feeding on the above plant. 
Artho'nia (Bot.) unexplained. 
Arthrocla'dla (Bot.) ofpdpov, a joint, KXahs^ a branch ; from its articulated 

Arthrolo'bium (Bot.) oi^^fovj a joint, Xo/So'c, a pod ; from the feed-veflel 

being jointed. 
Arthropo'dium (Bot.) afpflpov, a joint, irws, woJaj, a foot ; having jointed 

Articula'ta (Zool.) artkulatus, jointed ; in oppofition to vertebrata ; one of 

the great divifions of the animal kingdom. 


34 ART — ASJ 

Artocarpa'cesB (Bot.)v apro?, bread, «apirof, fruit ; the bread-fruit tree 

Artoca'rpus (Bot.) ) and family. 

A'rum (Bot.) t^po*, the Greek equivalent ; iuppofed to be from an Egyptian 

word ; the wake-robin or cuckoo-pint. 
Aruncella (Ent.) frequents Spiraa Aruncus, 

Arundina'ceus-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lat, reed-like, frequenting reeds. 
Aru'ndo (Bot.) Lat, a reed, qu. from Celtic an/, water. 
Arve'nsis-e (Bot.) arvum, a ploughed field, referring to habitat. 
Arvicoli'na (TakA.) arvuniy a field, colo^ to inhabit. 
A'saphes (Ent.) kvH^ri^^ indiflinft, obfcure. 

A'saphus (Fos. Zool.) aaa^ii;, obfcure ; a genus of foflil Cruflacea. 
Asarifo'lius-a-um (Bot.) afarumy foliar leaves ; afarum-leaved. 
A sarum (Bot.) a priv. g-oipw, to adorn ; or from a priv. a-ufeiy a bandage, 

being unfit for garlands. 
Ascalabo'tes (Zool.) aaxaXa^o?, the Greek name of a lizard. 
Asca'laphus (Omith.) ds-p^aXaw, to be vexed. 
AscaVides (Zool.) plural of a/cans. 
Ascarici'da (Bot.) afcaris, cado, to kill. 
A'scaris (Zool.) a. redundant, a-zai^^ to leap; a genus of intedinal 


Asci (Bot.) uffxesy a leathern bag. 

Asci dia i 

* ./j. c (Zool.) ao-Kii, a leather bag ; a genus of MoUufcs. 

Asci dians ) 

Asoi'dium (Bot.) uo-xHioy, a fmall leather bottle ; applied to the hollow 

receptacle called the pitcher. 
Asolepia'deaB (Bot.) afdepias, with fam. term. 
Ascle'pias (Bot.) P. N. from AfcUpiades^ a Greek phyfician. 
Asoooeras (Zool.) ka-xii%y a leathern bag, xi^ai, a horn ; implying, being 

bent on itfelf. 
Ascy'rum (Bot.) a, priv. <r«rpov, hard ; being foft to the touch ? 
Ase'UidSB (Zool.) afellm^ fam. term, ida ; a family of Cruftaceans. 
Ase'Uus (2^1.) Lot, an afs's colt ; the name is alfb given to a genus of 

A'semum (Ent.) eijufjioi, without mark. 
Aseti'gera (Zool.) a. priv.y^a, a bridle, ^^ro, to bear. 
Ashwo'rthii (Ent.) P. N. from the late J. H. AJbivorth, of Manchefler. 
Asidi'cola (2Lool.) «o-k, mud, colere^ to inhabit. 
Asilifo'rmis (Ent.) aftlus^ forma^ refemblance. 
A'silUB (Ent.) ajpiio, to aflail haftily ; the gad-fly. 

AS I — ASP 35 

Asina'lis (£nt.) Lat. the colour of an afs. 

A'sinus (2k)ol.) Lot, the afs ; from a^-un; , harmleis, in reference to its 

Aaipho'nida (2kx)l.) a priv. a-i^aaf^ a fucker ; a family of Mollusca. 
Aso'pla (Ent.) P. N., a name of Ceres. 
AsopildSB (Ent.) afefiaf fam. term, ida ; a family of Moths. 
Aspa'lathus (Bot.) a priv. a-iriv, to extra£t, probably in reference to the 

A'spalaz (2kx)l.) the Greek name for a mole. 

Aspa ragus (Bot.) a intens. a-iret^dxa-u, to tear ; Thunberg fays that the 
** Cape afparagus" is called by the natives, tvaht en beetje (wait a bit), 
becaufe its crooked thorns catch their clothes in pafling. 
Aspa'sia (Bot.) &<rva^ofxaiy to embrace ; peculiar condruction of flower ; 

a genus of Orchids. 
A'sper, A'spera, A'sperum (Z^ool.) Lot. rough. 
Aspere'lla (Ent.) dim. of ajjf>fry rough. 
Aspergi'llum (2Lool.) Lat. a watering-pot. 
Aspergi'llus (Bot.) a genus of Fungi. 
Asperococ'cus (Bot.) a/per, rough, coccus, a bferry ; from the appearance of 

its fructification. 
Asper rimus-a-iim (Bot.) Lat, mofl rough. 
Aspersana (Ent.) ajpgr/us, fprinkled, 
Aspe'rugo (Bot.) ajpcr, rough. 
Aspe'rula (Bot.) dim. of ajpfr, rough, /. c. the fruits. 
, -v /- aiT^^f Xoc, the Greek name of the plant ; from 

, />• (Bot.) -] u priv. <r^aXAa», to fupplant ; a flower not to 
Asphodele*) ( be furpafled. 

Asplan'chna (Zool.) a priv. a-ir^ayjfvet, the vifcera. 

Aspleniifo'lius-a-um (Bot.) afplenium^folia^ leaves; afplenium4eaved. 

Asple'nium (Bot.) ad"»Xij>o», a medicine to cure difeafes of the fpleen. 

Aspica'rpa (Bot.) kaitiii^ a (hield, na^vo^^ fruit. 

Aspidi'phorus (Ent.) «<r7r»8u-»f>fl/J9f, fhield-bearing. 

Aspi'dium (Bot.) ia-irii, as-wtJo;, a round fhield ; the indufium being of 

this form. 
AspiduVa (Zool.) «<nrt,', eia-niiosj a Ihield, ovpei, a tail; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Aspi'lates (Ent.) * priv. o-wTXac, a fpot. Pliny mentions a precious flone 

by this name. 
Aapis (Ent.) iffm;^ a fhield ; from the fhield-lhaped mark on the forewings. 

36 ASS — AST 

Assafoe'tida (Bot.) probably from the Perfian lafery with the addition of 

the lAtm. fatidus, (linking. The word feems to have been introduced 

by the monks into the fchool of Sdemum. 


., >- (Ent.) aJftmUisy refembling the neighbouring fpecies. 

Asso'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Ignatius de AJfoy a Spaniih botanifl. 

Assu'rgent (Bot.) ajfurgo^ to rife up. 

A'stacus (Zool.) ia-raxos^ a lobfler. 

Astarte (ZooL) P. N., an antient Syro-Phoenician goddefs. 

A'stata (Ent.) o^-TaTo;, uncertain, unflable. 

Aste'lia (Bot.) » priv. a-riXixosi a ftem. 

Aste'lzna (Bot.) » priv. criXfA» or ffrsfjtfji», a crown ; in alluflon to the fruit. 

A'steniJS (Ent.) » neg. crnyos^ narrow. 

Asteph'anos (Bot.) a priv. and a-re^dvos, a crown, in reference to the 

A'ster (2k)ol., Bot.) arrvp, a (lar. 
Asteraoa'ntha (Bot.) itffrr^fy a (lar, and ax«>da, a fpine. 
AsteriacUe (Zool.) asUricu, fam. term. ada. 
AsteVias (Zool.) ite^^y a (lar ; a genus of Star-fifhes. 
Aste'ricum (Bot.) ua-rv^^ a flar ; from the form of its flowers. 
A'steriS (Ent.) feeds on Afier Chinmjis. 

Asteroceph'alus (Bot.) ao-rn^i a (lar, and xipaXosi a head ; inflorefcence. 
Asteroph'ora (Bot.) aa-rhf, a flar, and 4>tp«, to bear ; a genus of Fungi. 
Astero'soopus (Ent.) uTr^ec^ the flars, Txoiroi^ a looker or watcher; from 

the upward-pointed attitude of the larvz. 

A^sthena (Ent.) MQtP^^ weak, fmall. 

Astllbe (Bot.) > 

, X i" « *ieg. «-T»X|S«, to ehtter. 

Astllbus (Ent.)> ^ ^ 

A'stomus (Bot.) at priv. aro(AtL^ a mouth. 

AAtragaloldes (Bot.) ajiragalus^ ilioi, like. 

Astra'galos (Zool.) ao^fiyetkoi^ the ankle-bone. 

Astra'galus (Bot.) aa-rn^^ a flar, yaka, milk ; the milk -vetch. 

ABtra'nthus (Bot.) aTrh^, a flar, a*flo;, a fbwer. 

Astra'ntia (Bot.) «^t^o», a flar, a*ri^ comparifon ; referring to the umbels. 

Astrapse'a (Bot.) iffr^awz^ a flafli of lightning ; from the bright colour of 

the flowers. 

AatrapBB'us (Ent.) i , a a, r i- u* • 

A *-«' • //V •*u^i «<rTp«ir»j, a flafh of hghtning. 
Astra pia (Ormth.)) 

ABtrooa'ryum (Bot.) at^rn^^ a Aar, x«^i/«v, a nut. 



Astrolo'ma (Bot.) a^r^w, a (lar, Xvua, a fringe. 

Astrophjrton (Zool.) ae-rh^f a ftar, <j)i;Tw, a plant; a genus of Echino- 

A'stur (Ornith.) Lot. a hawk or buzzard. 

Ast/nomus (Ent.) aa-rwofULou fociaL 

Asy^chna (Ent.) a priv. a-vxyii^ frequent ; the uncommon. 

Atala'nta (Ent.) P. N., an antient celebrated beauty. 

A'teles (ZooL) itrtxJts^ imperfect ; applied to monkeys having only rudi- 
mentary thumbs. 

Ate'meles (Ent.) amfcsXiiCi carelefs. 

Ater, Atra, Atrum (Z^ool., Ent.) Lat. black. 

Ate'rrimus (Ent.) Lot. very black. 

Athali'a (Ent.) P. N., daughter of Ahab, king of liiaeL 

Athama'nta (Bot.) P. N. from Mount Athamas, in Sicily. 

Atheri'na (Ichth.) perhaps from » priv. Q$^tv6(^ fummer-time, as I find that 
the fifli is feldom caught except during the winter months. 

Atherospe'rma (Bot.) oQnpy an awn, erviffxay a feed. 

Aiheru'ra (Zool.) adiif>, a tuft, oupa, a tail. 

Athe'tmia (Ent.) afliro?, rejected, void. 

Athous (Ent.) ^daldc, harmleTs. 

Athri'zia (Bot.) a priv. d^J, hair ; being abfent from receptacle. 

Ath/ris (Zool.) « priv. flyptV, a door. 

Athy'rium (Bot.) a priv. flv^/j, a door. 

Athy'rma (Ent.) iflt/p*?, without any entrance. 

AUa'nta (Zool.) *! found in the Atlantic ; a genus and family of MoU 

Atla'ntidflB ( ZooL) ) lufca. 

Atoma'lis (Ent.) atomusy an atom, a fp)eck. 

Atoma'xia (Ent.) atomiu,a, fpeck; the wings being fprinkled with dark 

Atopa (Ent.) ATovof, (Irange, out of place. 

Atractaspi'dadSB (2^ool.)) urfaxros, a fpindle, aj-^tk, a fnake; a genus 

Atracta'spis (Zool.) ) of Colubrine ophidians. 

Atra'ctylis (Bot.) &Tpaxrost a fpindle ; from its light (kerns being formerly 
ufed for making fpindles. 

Atrage'ne (Bot.) a name applied by Theophraftus to a fpecies of Clematis. 

Atra'lis (Ent.) atgr, black. 

Atrapha'zis (Bot.) « priv. Tpf4>«, to nourifh. 

Atra'tus-a-um (Omith.) blackened, dark-coloured. 

Atre'lla (Ent.) ater, black. 

38 ATR — AUR 

A'trica (Ent.) ater, black. 

Atricapi'Ua (Ornith.) atety black, capillusy hair. 

Atricapita'na (Ent.) atery black, caput, the head. 

Atrici'lla (Ornith.) ater, black, and cillay as in Motacilla. 

Atrico'llis (Ent.) aUry black, collumy the neck ; alluding to the larva, 

Atricome'lla (Ent.) atery black, comay hair, dim. ella. 

Atrifrontella (Ent.) atn-y hhick,/ronsy/ronihy the brow, dim. elh. 

A'triplex (Ent., Bot.) Pliny's name for the Orache, or Golden herb ; from 

atery black. 
Atriplice Ua (Ent.)) . . - ^ -, , ^ , ^ . , 

AtripU'cis (Ent.) I '^' ^"^'^ ^""^ "^^^ '''^'^'' ^'"^''" 
A'tropa (Bot.) Atropos, one of the Fates, whofe fpecial duty it was to cut 

the thread of life ; on account of its deadly ef!e£b. 
A'tropos (Zk)ol.) P. N., one of the three Fates ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Atry'pa (ZooL) « neg. r^uwa, a foramen or hole. 
Atta'genus (Ent.) attagen, a fnipe ; fnipe-fhaped. 
A'ttagis (Ornith.) arr^ySf, a long-billed (hore-bird, which Dr Adams 

thinks was the Godwit. 
Atta'lia (Bot.) attalicusy brilliant, fplendid. 
Attela'bidSB (Ent.) attelabus ; a family of Beetles. 
Atte'labiis (Ent.) the Greek name for fome infect like the locuft. 
Atypus (Ent.) a priv. rviroi, a reprefentative ; a genus of Arachnida. 
Auche'nia (Ent.) avx^*y the throat. 
Au'cuba (Bot.) the original Japanefe name of the fhrub. 
Audonina'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of J. V. Audoniny a French natu- 

AugUste'Ua (Ent.) dim. of augujiusy princely. 
Aulaco'des (Ent.) aZka^-axc^y a furrow ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Aulacorhy'nchus (Ornith.) awxa^, a furrow, ^i5yx"'» ^ beak. 
Aulax (Bot.) aZxa^y a furrow ; from the appearance of the under fide of 

the leaf. 
Au'lica (Bot.) Lat. princely, courtly. 
Aura'go (Ent.) aurumy gold, /. e. golden-coloured. 
Auranti'aca (2kx)l.) Lot. orange-coloured. 
Aiirantia'cesB (Bot.) auranthmy term, for order acea. 
Aura'ntium (Bot.) Lot. an orange. 

Aurelia (Zool.) fame as chryfalls, and refers to the golden colour. 
Aurella (Ent.) Lat. aureusy of a golden colour. 
Aureola (Ornith.) Lat. aureoluty golden. 

AUR — AVI 3^ 

A'ureus-a-um (Zool.) Lot. golden. 

Aurico'ma (Ent.) aurum, gold, coma, hair. 

Aurico'madSB (Zool.) aurUoma, fam. term, ada; a family of Amielids. 

Auri'cula (2Lool., Bot.) hat. a little ear. 

Auricu'lldaB (Zool.) auricula, fam. term. uUe. 

Aurima>CUle'lla (Ent.) aurum, gold, macula, a fpot, dim. ella. 

Auris-felis (Zool.) Lat. cats'-eared. 

Auris-MldaB (Zool.) Lat. Midas-eared. 

Auris-JudSB (Zool.) Lat. Judas-eared. 

Auris-vulpi'na (2Lool.) Lat. wolf-eared. 

Auritella (Ent.) auritus, eared ; referring to the eye-caps. 

Auri'tus-a-um (Zool. Lat. eared. 

Aurive'nter (Zool.) aurum, gold (colour), venter, the belly. 

AUTOCOSta'lis (Ent.) aurum, gold (colour), cofia, the fide. 

Aurogutte'Ua (Ent.) aurum, gold, gutta, a fpot, dim. ella. 

Aurora'ria (Ent.) P. N., from Aurora, the goddefs of morning. 

Aurulente'lla (Ent.) aurulentus, golden-coloured. 

Aiisonia'lis (Ent.) 

Austra'lis, Australe (Omith.) Lat. Southern. 

Australa sicus (2Ux>l.) Lat. Auflralafian. 

Auto'genous (2Sool.) airo;, itfelf, yvnaao, to beget. 

Auto'phagSB (Omith.) felf-feeders, applied to thole birds whofe young 

can provide for themfelves early. 
Autumna'lis-e (Bot.) appearing in Autumn. 
Avellana (Bot.) fpec. name of the hazel-nut. The more antient name of 

thefe nuts was AbelHrue, from the name of their country. 
AveUana'rius (Zool.) avellana, a filbert. 
Avellane'lla (Ent.) feeds on the hazel, Corylus avellana. 
iLYe'n'Bk (Bot.) aveo, to defire, becauie cattle are fond of it ; or perhaps from 

fanum, hay. 
Ave'ntia (Ent.) perhaps from Mons Aventinus. 
AventildSd (Ent.) aventia, fam. term. Ida; a family of Moths. 
Averrho'a (Bot.) P. N. from Averrhoes of Cordova, a celebrated phyfician. 
Aversa'lis (Ent.) averfus, turned back. 
Aversa'tus (Ent.) Lot. turned away, avoided. 
Aves (Omith.) Lat. birds, pi. of avis, a bird. 
Avice'nnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of AvUevna, a famous Perfian 

Avi'cula (Zool., Ornith.) Lat. a little bird. 

40 AFI — BAC 

Avicu'lidse (Zk)ol.) avieuk, fern. term, ida; a family of MoUufca. 

A'vida (Ent.) Lat. greedy, voracious. 

Avoce'tta (Ornith.) dim. formed from avoco, to call off. 

Awn (Bot.) the iharp point or beard of the huflc of grades. 

Azi'lla (ZooL, Bot.) axis, on which a wheel revolves, a/a, a wing ; the 

arm-pit ; the inner angle formed by a branch and the (lem. 
AxUlariflo'rsB (Bot.) axillaru,Jh>res, flowers ; whorls of flowers axillary. 
AzUla'iis-e (Bot.) Lat. axle-fliaped, or growing in the axils. 
A'xogaxns (Bot.) the mofles and liverworts. 
Axo'nopus (Bot.) a^uv, axis, vovs, a foot. 

Axy'lia (Ent.) a intens. ^vXo*y wood ; from its wood-like appearance. 
Azy'ris (Bot.) a^S^o;, rough, i. e. the leaves. 
Aye'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Due D^Ayen, of the houfe of 

Azalea (Bot.) aH^HXios, parched, arid ; from its habitat. 
Azaleoi'des (Bot.) azalea, hUsi like ; azalea-leaved. 
Aze'ta (Ent.) aZntoi, auguft, venerable ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Azo'ricus-a-um (Bot.) Latinized, belonging to the Azores^ 
Azu'reous (Ent.) azureus, of an azure blue colour. 

Babia'na (Bot.) derived by Mr. J. B. Ker from babiofur, becaufe the 

roots are the favourite food of baboons. — Paxton. 
Bablngto'nii (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. C. C. Babington, of Cambridge. 
Bacca'tus-a-um (ZooL) Lot. having berries ; with berry-like excrefcences. 
Bac'ohaiis (Bot.) a name given by the Greeks to a plant dedicated to 

Bacchus ; applied to the Ploughman's fpikenard, from its vinous odour. 
Baoilla'ria (Bot.) BadUum, a little (tick ; from the arrangement of the 

fhifhiles ; a divifion of Diatomacez. 
Baci'llum (Bot.) Lot. a wand or ftafl*; Ehrenber^s term for the frufhile of 

the Diatoms. 
Ba'ctra (Ent.) P. N. from BaSira, the chief town of Badhia. 
Bactria'nus (2Sool.) Lat. belonging or relating to Ba£tria ; uied as the 

fpec. name of the camel. 
Baotri'dixtm (Bot.) ^acxt^y, a (lafl^, and iT^o;, refemblance; a genus of 

Ba'ctris (Bot.) Baxr^of, a cane, on account of the fmall Hems being uied 

fot walking-flicks. 

Bacullfonn (Fos. Zool.) 6aailiam, a vralking-flick./onBu, ihape. 
Ba'oulite (Fos. ZooL) iaadua, a ftafT; from the ftraight tapering foim of 

the IheU. 
Badia'ca (EnL) tadiui, brown, chefkaut-colaared. 
Badiipeima'lla (Ent.) iaolw, bay, cheftnut-coloured./nwfl, a wing, 
Badi'oter (Ent.) flaJic-Tiif, a walker. 
Ba'diUB-a-um (Bot.) iadiui, brown, cheftnut-coloured. 
Ba'diuB (Zool.) Lai. brown, dieftnut-coUiured. 

Bs'ckla (Bot.) P. N, from A. B^^t, a phyfician to the King of Sweden. 
Bseobo'trya (Bot.) &..«, fmall, Bi^iiit, a hunch of grapes. 
BEeomr'ceB (Bot.) Buk, (mall, ninn, a fiingns \ a genus of Cryptogami:!. 
Ba'aria (Bot.) in honour of Pmfijfir Saer, of the Univerfity of Dcffpat. 
Bai'a (Ent.) P. N., a town in Italy. 

Baillo'mi (Oriiith.) P. N. from M. SaUhn,t. freni^ naturaliU, 
B^ula'lia (Ent.) iajuls, to carry a burden. 
Balie'QlcepB (Omith.) taUm, a whale, rapui, the head ; having a largi^ 

liead with broad depiElTed bill. 
Bals'nidie (Zool.) Injjna, a whale, £im. term. iiU; a family of Mam- 

BalEe'nidfe (Zool.) balania, a barnacle, primarily an acorn ; a dlvifion of 

Bal^Qo'ptera (ZooL) ialxaa, a whale, nit^, a fin ; finned whale. 
Bakenodon (Foa. Zool.) iaUiut, a whale, gtiui, Hirtet, a tooth. 
Ba'lanitfl (Fos. ZooL) iaiaitajj a hamaclc;. 
Balano'idea (ZooL) SoLmu, a barnacle, tlJot, refumblanee. 
BalanuB (Zuul.) Lul. a barnacle, but primarily an acorn. 
Balbi'aia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jalu BafliJ2 Baiiis, a writer on 

Balioda'ctylus (Ent.) Ba>.ik, dappled, UnnXt, a plume. 

BallBtea (Ichth.) ialr^m, an unplement of war; from a refemblance 

between fome part of the filh's ftniflure to a part of a gnn-lock. 
Ballo'ta (Bat.) BUlXv, to reject, on account of its offenCve odour; llinking 

Balea'mlta (Bot.) tmlfamoM, balm or balfam. 

Baltim'ora (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Lord Balti^arr. proprietor of 

fakltlmore (Ornith.) fp. name of an American Oriolt. The name was 
n from its black and orange plumage, thefe colours being the 
L li«er7 of LenJ Baliimorr, the former proprietor of Maryland. 

42 BAM — BAS 

Bambu'sa (Bot.) from Bambos, its name in India. 

Ba ngia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Chriftian Frederick Bang, a botanical 

teacher ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Baniste'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rev. John Banijier, a diligent 

Ba'nksia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir Jofeph Bonis, Bart., F.R.S.j a 

diflinguifhed patron of the Natural Hiftory Sciences. 
Ba'nksia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Sir Jofeph Banh; a genus of Lepi- 

Ba'phetes (Fos. Zool.) Bairrot, to dip or dive ; in reference to the depth 

of its poHtion and the fhape of its head. 
Baptisia (Bot.) Bavreo, to dye, alluding to the application of ibme 

Barbalis (Ent.) iarha, a beard, alluding to a tuft upon the fore-feet. 
Barbare a (Bot.) P. N. on account of its having been formerly called the 

herb of St. Barbara. 
Barbaras (Zool.) Lat. relating to Barbary. 
Barbaste'UuS (Zool.) French, barbajlelle. 
Barba'tulus (Ichth.) Lat. having a little beard. 
Barbatus-a-iim (Zool., Omith., Bot.) Lat. bearded. 
Ba'rbus (Ichth.) Lat. the barbel ; from the fi(h having a pendent beard. 
Barke'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of George Barker, Efq., of Springfield, 

Barle'ria (Bot.) P.N. in honour of the Rev. James Barrelier, a Dominican, 

and M.D. of Paris. 
Barley (Bot.) from beard and ley, i. e. lea, or ** bearded grafs." 
BamaiCle (Zool.) Sax. beam, child, aac, oak, expreiHve of the old belief 

that the barnacle or acom-fhell grew on trees. 
Barringto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from the Hon. Daines Barrington, F.R.S. 
Bartholi'na P. N. in honour of the celebrated Danifh anatomift and 

phyfiologid, Thomas Bartholin. 
Barto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. B. S. Barton, a botanift in 

Bartra'mia (Bot.) P. N. from John Bartram, an American botanift; a 

genus of Modes. 
Ba'rtaia (Bot.) P. N., dedicated by Linnzus to his friend John Bartfch^ 

Baryno'tUB (Ent.) Qafis, heavy, vSto;, the back. 
Basa'lis (Ent.) bafu, the bafe of the wing. 

Baee'lla (Bot.J its natiTe 

Ba'sU (Got.) from Bi^tk 

that its ufe waa limit 

BaaUinea (Ent.) %&, 

j[, a king, becaule iainurly cfteemed fo highly 
i to rojal talifci. 
bale or bordei, liiiat,a line; in allurion to a 


{Fos. Zool.) BdT''.hii, king, <r»fis, a 
the SauHani. 

na (Ornith.) from being found in gteal numbe 
the Firth of Forth. 
Ba'asia (But.) P. N. in honour at FmBnamh Bap, cur 

)T of the Botanic 

Battt'ra (Ornith.) name applied by the Gjiaianls of South America to the 

birds of the genus Thamnophilus. 
Bata'taa (Bot.) a native Mexican name ; the fwcet-potalo. 
Bathye'rgidEB (ZooL) AalAyergvs, fara. term, ide- 
Bathye'rgUH (Zool.) flafliij, deep, if^n, a work (of induilry) ; applied to 

the fand-mole. 
Batiiygna'thUB (Fos. Zool.) BaSii, deep, ytiBn, the jaw. 
Batilla'ria (Zool.) iaiUla, a Ihovel, from the lengthened form of the Ihcll, 

and the conformation of the bafe of the aperture. 
Ba'tla (Ent.) Sit:<, a bramble, on which the larva feede. 
Bato'dea (Ent.) e«T)J>B(, overgrown with thorns ; from certain proje^ons. 
Batono'ta (F.nt.l £'■'», a thom, .iT«, the back ; applied to the thorn- 

backed CalTidx. 
Batrache'dra (Ent.) Si-rfai^ai, a fiog, il^ic, a leat,from the lingular fitting 

pofition of the infcft, 
Batra'olmia (Fos. ZooL) gi-rt^x"- ^ <">S- •X"<< lootAep ; foflil frog-like 

Batra'ohoUtes (Fos, Zool.) SiTjax". a fffg, xiSec, a ftone. 

m (fiat.) SiTfii)(t(,aIrog,riiifftx, a feed, from growing 

BatBonia (Bot.) P. N. ii 

Botany in Germany. 
Bau'ara (Bot.) P, N. in honour of Fr,iTch and Fcrd, 

German botanical draughllmen. 
Bauhi'ma (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John and Cajp, 

the futeenth century. 
BauraanniB'na (Ent.) P. N. ii 

AJthn G!,r^r Balfch, a ProfelEjr of 
botanilb of 
T S,nai,T Baumaim, of l.eipfig. 

nEA - 


Be'ania (Zool.) P, N. in honour of Mr. IVUliai- Bmic, of Scaifaoroagh, mM 

molt Uboiious, intelligent, and luccelsful naturalid; a genus of Poiyxok^l 
Bear<Zool.),fsg/o-Sflt.i;rfl,- Germ. bar; D«lJi,bcat. 
BaasUXool} Lot. tffiui; ltd. ami Sf. itjiia ; fr.bffit: D>iUt,tajl. 
Beaufo'rtta (Bot.) P. N. in compLimeiit to Mary, Dud^i of Bcatfirt, tM 

botanical patronefs. 
Be'aver (ZooL) Lai.Jier; Ai^rlaSax. icfir; Grrm. biUr: Dutek, inrr s J^ 

Fr. bihir,. 
Beoafl'oo (Ornith.) Ilid. imjin., from bcnarr, to ptck. 
Beoha-de-mer (ZooL) fr. fea-fpade; applied to the prepared fox-euram- J 

ber or trepang ; a fpecies of Holothuria. 
Be'ohel (Fos. Zool.) P. N, in honour of Sir H. d/ Li Balu. 

Becimteinii (Zool.) P.N. in ho-nourof . -Sor^yFim, a German naturalift. J 

Beokma'nnia (Hot.) P. N. in honour of flfl:i»,,ui, author of "The HiiloryB 

of ItiventlouB." 
Bede'llia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Giorgi BMl, of London. 
Eed-Btraw (Bot.) the popular name of certain plants, particularly Galium m 

■ufium, from their uf,? in olden times. 
Bee fEnt.) Ai^loSa:: ba : Datiii,bh. 

" So work the honey brci. 
Creatures that by a mUng nature teach 
The art of order to a peopled kingdom," — Shakspeab 
Beeoh (Bot.) Airgle-Sjx. bar or ioc i Grrm. birkr; IhUh, burclu. 
Beet (Bot.) Lot. irli; Germ. bttU; Fr. brtu. 

Beetle (Ent.) A'^io-Sat. bcU ot iiul. 

Bego'nia (Bot.) P. N. given by l.inna:ui in hraiour of MkKid j 

promottT of Botany. 
Baja'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Bijar, a Spanilh botanilt. 
Belcheri ( Zool.) P. N. in honour of Sir E. SrUhrr, R.N. 
BelemnitG(Fos. ZooL) £i>i/im,a dart; a^nua of tapering dart-UkcIblTIb.. J 
Beleranote'uthiB (Fos. Zool.) fiiJi^Tii, a dart, wufl^, a cuttle-iilh. 
Bollado'nna (Bot.) Ital. beautiful lady ; refers to the ufe once ma 

its berries hy the Italian ladtei zi a colmeCic. 
Be'Ilii (Zool.) p. N. in honour of Tkmtai Bill, Efq., F.R.S. 
Be'lllB (Bol.) Lai. a diufy, io called from its beauty. 
Bellium (Bot.) b^ii, a dalfy, from fome Omilarity of flowera. 
Be'Uulua (Zool.) Lot. pretty, elegant. 
Bel'one(lchth.)ftliHj, anoedlcor ipcar-hradian uld name of a ft(h 

BEL - 



Belo'nla (Bot.) Bt'r^iK, a needle or fpau-point; a genui oS Algx. 
Belonoga'atM (Ent.) Bt^im, a fpear-point, yanii, the belly ; a genus of 

Belop'tera (Fos. ZooL) a*«, a dart, »t.(«, a wing; a pointed foflil, 

having a wing-lUte projeilion or procefi on each Gdt. 
Beloteu'tbis <Fos. Zoul.) ei^N, a dart, -ni^K, a cuttle-glh. 
Be'mbex (Ent.) Bifi3<i, a busing infeft; a genus of Hymenopttia. 
Bembi'oidffi (Ent,) Atmiex; a ^mily of Hymenoptera. 
Bemblolfor'niia (Ent.) Scmin, a Hymenopterous inieil.jtnna, (hape. 
Bembldl'ldeB (£nt.) a group of Coleopterous infe^, of which JmluAimi 

Bambl'dium (Ent.) Sififl.f, tTin, little bcmbiit. 

BembTOlfo'nma (Ent.) retmbling a irmta, one of the Aculeate Hymen- 

BenodictuB (Bot.) fpecial name of a Cenlaurca, obtained its name from 

the extraordinary medical virtues it was thought to poficfe. 
BenSBle'nsli (Zool.) Lsl. belonging to Bengal. 
Berbera'ta (Ent.) feeds on Siritrii vulgaris, the Berbery. 
Be'ibsrls (Bot.) from irriiryi, its Arabic name. 
Berbery (Bot.) iirf, imfcrii; Atiilic,ia-itryi. 
Berokle'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JiJu, Lrfrme <k Strciln/, a Dutch 

Be'rgamot (Bot.) the variety of Citruj MsSca from which this perfume Is 

obtained, was firft cultivated at Bergamo in Italy. 
Bergmannla'na (Ent.) P. N. m honour of T. 0. Bngnam, a Swcdilh 

Berkeleja (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rev. M. J, B^kdKj, a well-tinown 

writer on cryptogam! c botany. 
Bema'rduB (Zool.) P. N. finm St. Bmard of Menthon, the benevolent 

founder of the Great and Little St. Bernard. 
Bero'e (ZooL) P. N. taken from Ovid; the nurie of Semele, the mothei 

of Bacchus ; applied to a genus of m^irine animals. 
Bero'BUB (Em.) P. N., one of Pliny's names arbitrari}y applied. 
■ B«rry (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. ber'm, iirga, a grape or beiry, from 6rraa, to bear. 

tbolle'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Berthollet, the celebrated chemid. 

fOidtB (Ichth.) Bfryx, fam. term. iJj! ; a family of Acinthopterygian 

ryUa'Iiai^ S'fiH.'!, irrylln, were the names given by tlie 


iai S-pBAi 

apothecary at Nurem- I 


BsBle'ria (Bot,) P. N. in honour of Bafd ««/, 

Bease'ra (Bot.) in honour of Dr. Bejf.r, a German botaniH. 
Beta (Bot.) the word is uft-d by Pllny, Cicero, and Martial, and wa 

probablj' applied to our in-/; certainly it wa? infipid: " ut fapian 

faiux hbronim ptandia lietf." Mart, xiii, 13. 
Betoke'a (Bot.) In honour of M. B^lth, who hai defcribtj many fpecit 

of Valerianelh. 
Be'tel (Bot.) an Indian name. 

Beto'nioa ( from ieaulmK its Celtic name ; or perhaps from the anliL'n 
Be 'tony ^ ffttanri. 
Be'tula (Bot.) from irfu, its Celtic name. 
Betula'ria (Em.) l>d<iU, a birch-tree, on which the inleO waa erroneontl 

thought to feed. 
Be'tulffl (Ent.) feedB on the S^mij alba, the birch. 
Betuleta'na (Ent.) bii^h. a birch-tree. 
BetuUatal'la (Ent.) ianiibm, a birch-grove. 
Betuii'oola (Ent.) Arfn/o, birch. taUrr, to frequent. 
Bewio'kil (Omith.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated llm'kl, of New 


BByrlo'llla(Fos.Zool.)P.K.ia honourof Af.SfyriVA.aGernianKvologift. 1 
Bezoar (Zool.) from the Arabic bid-xahr, polfon-expeller, 
Bi {ZooL, Bot ) ill, twice; a prefix implying two, twice, or in twoi, atV 
bimam, two-handed, binaiinl, living for two^ean, bifiirraU, two-forked ,8lerfl 
Biaouleatus (Ichth.) l>i, two, atalratui, pointed, Hinging. 
Blartl'cuilBta (ZooL) bii, twice, artiT,ii(iu, jointed. 
Blas'tea (Ent.) Siarrii, ftrong, fureeful ; a genus of Diptera. 
Biatome'llB (Ent.) *u, twice, atnmui, a Tpeck. 
Blaurl'oulate (Zool.) bh, twice, auritata. an auricle or LiCtU: ear. 
Blllio (Ent.) eSim, to take large (bides. 
Blblo'nldm (Ent.) a fub-family of dipterous infers, of which Libh is tl 

Blbltrix (Ent.) e,eii>, to take long Urides. 
BfbOB (Zool.) a genua of Ruminaiit animals. 
Bibro'nit (Zool.) P. N. in honour of M. BUrm, joint author of tl 

" Erpetologie Ginfnile." 
BlTaaloUB (Zool., Bol.) iihaliu, abfbrbing moiftuit, from iiio, to driuk. 
Blos'pEular (Bot.) iii, twice, cb/^hIj, a little box ; having two capfiilea. 

Bioand'aliB (Zool.) Hi, double, ^^uja, a tail. 
BlcolOF (Omith., Ent., Bot.) Lat. of two colours, 

Bicolora'got ,„ , . 

Bloolor.-ll.l <'^'-> '"'•'• "' ™ "'"■"■ 

BicomiS (Zool., Em., Bot.; Ht, twice, rsnai, a llom. 
Blou'apid(ZtMl„Enl., Bot.) Z/j, twice, iUj^/j, the pmntof afpear; in the 

caJ'tofthc in(Ln,from having doublc-tailwl larvt. 
Biddolphla (Bot.) a geniu of Diatoms. 
BidetiB (Bot. *", twice, ii!nii, a tooth, alluding to the Iced. 
BideafatuE-a-mn (Zool,, Ent., Bot.) iidmi, haring two teeth ; in the cafe 

of the Infefl, from the form of the wings. 
Biennial [Bot. jAu.aMB^ayeat; Hying two yean. 

ia'naf- (Ent.) 6!i, twice.y^™, a band; having two ilripes, 

Bifida (Ent.) 1 

~^ *■ •' [ *jM". cleft in two. 

Bifid f Zool., Bot.)' -' 

Bif 'orate (Zoul.)*", twice,_/o™, a door; having two openings. 
BiformiB-a <Bol.) ia*. two-(haped. 
BifrDns[F,nt.)iij, twice,^0Bi, the forehead. 

Blfa'roated t (Zod., Bot.) H,, twice,/ii™. a fork ; haying two heads or 
BifilTOBtlan ) branches. 
Bige'mlnal (Zool.) Us, twice, pmini, twins; implying arrangement in 

Bigno'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Bigam, a celebrated French 

Bignonia'oeS (Bot.) agnania, term, for natural order, hcat. 

Blgoroon (Bot.) a cherry is fo called from Bigorri, the French province 

where it is grown. 
Blju'gate <Bol.)i;j,doiible,yu5-Bm, a yoke; from the pinnate leaves con- 

filling of two pairs of leaflets. 
Bilalilate (Bot.) hit, twice, hiiuix, a lip ; two-lipped. 
BllameUa'tUB (Bot.) f". twice, ln^rlh.a little plate. 
BUa'teral (Zoo!., Bot.) /.-,, twice, iOiu-rrii, the fide. 
Bilberry (Bot. Sji. t'l'S' " bladder, and in-r^; one of the names of the 

Vacclnium myrtillus. 
BiUgnla (Ent.) iii, two, ligtiia, a fliap ; in allufion to wing-markings. 
BiUnea (Ent.) Hi, twice, liiira, a line, i. i. on the wings. 
a (Ent.) Hi, twice, Untalas, lined, ruled. 


Bilil (Ent.) Lai. having a 
BOoouli'naa (Zool.) *u, t 
Bimaoula'na {Ent.) «j, twice, i 
Bimacula'tuB (Ichth.) iU, twiM 
BimaculDsa (Ent.) tU, twice, n 
Bima'na (Zool.) i;>, twice,™™ 
Bl'naty (Zool., Bot.) him, I 



iiiblE thread. 

ce, lixulm, a fmaQ coinpailmeiil. 

Nire, macula, a Ipot, two-lpotEed. 
mil^ai, Ipotted. 
. a hand \ having two hands, 
d two, arranged in pains. 
Bi'nneyi (Fus. Zool.) P. N. from £. Sinniy, the gnilogiit, of Mancheftot 
Bino'oulus (ZooL) i'u twice, mWut, an eye ; a genus of Phylbpods. 
Bina 'mlsl (Zool.) th, aemrit, 3. name ; the lyltem of Linnzut which gin 
two names to each animal or plant, the Grft to implif gmm, the ol 

.□□tapenne'Ua (Ent.) ih, 
Looula'tus (Zool.) ill, twic 
J (Zool.) fiiw, life. 

a mark,/nuia, a 


1 dircoutre I 

i the fcie 

of life. 

Biolo'gloal (Zool.) relating to biology, or the fcience of living thingj. 

Biophlce'ua (Ent.| &»«, to live, ^Pimi, the bark of trees. 

Bioma'ta (Ent. Bot.) ih, twice, urnalui, adorned. 

Biparti'te (Ent., Bot.) il,, twice, /urtito, divided. 

Bipe'ltate (Zool.) i!i, double, /^fta, a Uiget or buckler ; two-lhieMed. 

Blpea (ZooL) K.,twice,^,afbot; having two feet. 

Bipi'imate (Bot.) tii, double, /^n, a leaflet. 

Bipla'ga (Ent.) iu, twice, fLga, a ftripe. 

Biplioa'tua (ZooL) iU, twice, //ica/vj, folded. 

Blp™Wr.., ,^^ ,.,„,,_^,.„ j„^,j. 

Bipimctata 1 

Bipimctella (Ent.) iii, twice, />irjram, a fpot, 

Bipiinctldao'lyliiB (Ent.) Hi, tvike,fiotHiini, a dot, •ia^ylm, a plume. 

Blpuncti'nai _ 

, Y (Ent.) fci, twice, pu-ilim, a dot. 
Bipimoto'sai ^ ' ^ 

Birch (Bot.) /i^/s-Sair. iira; DiiUh, Lerit ; Grrm.iith; It is thought U> 

from brrchai, to be bright. 
Bird (Ornith.) Angle-Sax. iird or iriJds, from hrrdan, to fpread ont. 
BIrdel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the late C. S. Bird, of Liverpool. 
Biaoute'lla (Bol.) iii, twice or dDuljle,/<»fc/ij. a faacer; from ihe foim 

the fceil-vtflel when burlting. 
BiaeUiel'la (Ent.) dim. ..f iifcllium, a feal of honoui . 

- BLA 

1 Pni&llbroC 
'ing [uminted 

Blronaa'a (Bot.) P. N., dedicated to AnioUi Birmi Btrmirdi, 

botany in Sicily ; a genus of Cnicifen. 
Biaer'rala CBot.) ih. tv/ice.firr^h, a fmsU faw ; the pods 1 

with teeth fomething like a (aw. 
Bieeta'ta (Ent.) ih, twice,/fo, a bridle, 
Bi'son (Zoo!.) the name is derived from the flufh fmelling of mufli, the 

native name of which is ii/am, 
Biaontel'la (Ent.) Sirm, the bifon, in allufion to the thick antenni. 
Bi'aton (Ent.) P. N, from BiJI,-,, a Thraciaii; the B.Vt«»( were a tribe 

dwelling between Mmint Rhoitope and the .^gean Tea. 
Bl'stort (Bot.) iii, twice, Urhu, twined ; from iu crooked mot. 
Biairla'rla (Ent.) tu, twiix,Jria, a fnrrow ; in alhiQon to wing-markingi 
Biatriea'ta (EnL) 6ii, Iwiwtjiriga, a ftripe or furrow ; referring to »ing- 

Bistrigalla (Em.) iu, twic«,/nja, a ftreak, a ftripe. 
Biauf&rciaiia'tua (Foi. Zool.) *u, twice, /-/^i™.. w ftufTfull; double 

ftulTed or fwoUen. 
Biaulcatua (Zool.) Zat. having two furrows. 
BiEanift'tus (khth.) to, twice, /*»ij, a fillel ; hating two villi below Ihe 

lateial line. 
Hl'lmma (Ent.) iU, twice, T=fi*, a cut. 

Bittern (Ornith.) Ilal, billam Sfan. iiKr; Fn^ih, iulsr; Dulch, h-Uxr ; 
formerly Ipelt bHlnrc and iillmir, 

"Andasai/Karihumbleth in the mire."— Ch«ucm, 

"And as niiihur bumps within a leed."— Dryoen, 

Itila'ria (Ent.) iii, twice, undihlw, marked with waty linei, 

BWa'lTularl ' 

Bl'za (Bot.) a native South American name. 

BlaokWa'llii (Zool.) P. N. in honour of IVillium BLtikwaU, of Llanrwft, a 

L Blaokwe'llla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Eli^aUth fl;W£t«pc«, artiH, and 
' authored of a celebrated Herbal. 

Blffi'rla (Bot ) P. N. in complement to Fulriik Blair, a phyfician at Bofton, 
in Lincolnlhire. 

Bla'kaa (Bot.) in honour of Mariit Blai^. 

BloUd^'liB (Ent.) blanJui, Tmooth. 

Blandfor'dla (Bot.j P. N. in honour of Gwrfr, Marquefa of MandjtrJ. 


[■ bis, twice, Wi« 

caufe they fold in 


ung, pleafing. 

- BOD 

landi'ca (£nt.) P. N. from one of che early Chrlllian martyrs. 

(Ent.) B).iwTm, to damage or huit ; a genua of Hctcromcraui 

lapaidtB (Ent.) tUfi. fam. term. ida. 

I'staderm (Zool.) BXxr^i.tll, to germinate, li^^n, the Ikin ; equlv. lo 
the germinal memhrone. 

I'tta (Ent.) SAbttk, to hurt or injure; the cockroach, 
la'ttidffi (Ent.) blalta, fam. term. ida. 

I'chnum (Bot.) B*nx">, a Greek name for a tern. 

I'ohum (Belt.) taken fmm theGrvek name of a plant relembling mat7arain. 

I'mufl (Ent.) SAS^., a wound. 

' '™'^'^ [ (lehth.) e*,i..«, antient name of a filh, from m»t., mucui. 

Blephi'lia (Bot.) e'l+as't, Ilie eyelaih, from (he petals heing fringed ; a 

genua of Labjatie. 
epti'na (Enc.) Bi-trtd, worth feeing. 
eUa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Don Louh Bin, a Spanifh phylidan and 

Bll'ghla(Bot,)P. N. inhanourofCa/^nAVf^. who firft carried the bread- 
fruit to the Weft Indie?. 
Blinks (Bot.) becaufe it opens and clofcs its little wliite flowers, with fui; 

and Ihaje, like winking. 
Bli'ttim (Bot.) the name fli.Tot wai given by the antienti to fome unre ■ 

cogniccd plant, perhapi the (trawberry-blite. 
Blumenba'ohia (Bot.) etymology same ai ioUowing ; a geniu of LoasaceK. 
BlumenbachU (Zool.) P. N. from J. F. Blvmniaik, the celebrated 

Boa (ZooL) PUny'ii name for a large fhake ; a genui of Ophidians. 
-BatX {"ZaoV) Ah^Sax. tar; Leth, apcr ; Sanfiril, ■aaraha. 
Boar'nila (Ent.) Boilrmix. "the ox-yoker," an epithet of the goddefi 

Boarmi'idtB |Ent.) Boarmia; (am. term, iil^ : a family of Lepidoptera. 
Boarmloidea (Ent.) Boarmia, aii». like. 
Boba'rtia (Bot,) P. N. from Jaccb Soi^ri, a celebrated profeflbr of botiny 

at Oxford ; a genus of Iridacei. 
Booco'nia(Bol.) P. N. derived from a Sicilian monk and Af.iJ.. named Pdolt 

Bodo (Zool.) etymol. unknown to me ; a geniD of Infulbria. 


BOE — BOM 51 

Boel>era (Bot.) P. N. from Bocber, a Ruflian profeflor of botany ; a genus 

of Compos! tae. 
BCBhrne'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of George Rudolph Boehmer^ a German 

Boerhaa'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the famous Dutch phyfidan, 

Bo'idae (ZooL) boa^ izm. term. itU ; 2. family of Ophidians. 
Boiflduvalii (£nt.) P. N. from M. Bmsduvaly a French writer on the 

Bolbo'ceruB (£nt.) /9oX/3»V, a bulb, »fp«f, a horn. 
Bolboph/lliim (Bot.) /SoxCo;, bulb, ^uXXoy, a leaf; from the leaves rifrng 

from a pfeudo-bulb ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Bolclo'a (Bot.) P. N. from D. Boido, a Spanilh naturalid ; a genus of 

Bole'ti (£nt.) boUtusy a fungus on which it feeds. 
Boleto'bia (£nt.) boUttu, a mufhroom, a fungus. 
Boletobildse (£nt.) boletobiay fam. term. id*e; a family of Lepidoptera. 
Bole'tUS (Bot.) l^wXof, a clod or lump ; from the irregular globular fliape 

of this fungus. 
Boleum (Bot.) /3mXo(, a ball, from the round pods ; a genus of Cruciferz. 
Boli'na (£nt.) ^«Xof, a round mafs. 
Boli'nidse (£nt.) boUna^ fam. term. ida. 
Bollnoldes (£nt.) boUna^ tT^of, refemblance. 
Bolito'bius (£nt.) 0ixim, dung, manure, &t«M, to lire. 
Bolitoch'ara (£nt.) Biknot, dung, xaptc, a delight. 
Bolito phagus (£nt.) /S^Xito», dung, ^ayat, to eat. 

Boliva'ria (Bot.) P. N. from the patriot Bolivar ; a genus of Jafminacez. 
Bolo'cera (2kx>l.) /3«a.x«, to cast, »ip»s, the horn. 
Bolto'nia (Bot.) P. N. dedicated to J. B. Bolton, an EngUfh botanill. 
Bolye'ria (2kx)l.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Bomba'ceaB (Bot.) bombax, term, for nat. order, acea. 
Bo'mbaz (Bot.) 0ofA0ii, the filk-worm, in allufion to the flocculent pods : 

the filk-cotton tree. 
Bombina'tor (Zooi.) bombio,to buzz. 

Bo'mbus (Ent.) /Si^/Sof, a buzzing noife ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Bombycalis (Ent.) having a refemblance to bombyx, 
Bo'mbyces (Ent.) pi. of bombyx. 
Bomby'cidad (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera. of which the genus Bombj^x 

is the type. 

BombyoiVora (Ornith.) i/nni^n, moths, vcn, to devour. 
Botnbyooi'diE (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera relcmbling the itmiyitii 

the hairy larvi being Kifily miftaken for thofe of bombyces. 
Bombylifor'iniB (Ent.) AmV'". " fami'l "f Diptera,>r™fl, refembliniB. 
Bomtyx (Ent.) BJ^euf, a lllk-wotm. 

Bonapa'rtea (Bot.) P, N. in honour of Nn/uJi^n Bimufjrir. 
Bona'aUS (Zuol.) B"mii, spplicd by AriJIslU lo a wild ox, 
Bona'tea (Bot.) P. N. from M. Bmit, n celebrattd boiania and piofEnbr 

at Padua ; a genus of Orchlitacex. 
Boni'to (Ichth.) the Spanilh name of the filh. 
Bonna'ya (But,) P. N. from Bmna^, a German hotonifl ; a genua of 

Botmemalao'llia (Bot.) P. N.from M. BomuimiifiK, a French cryptogamlc 

botaniH; a genua of Cryptogamla. 
Bonne'tia (Bot.) P. N. from CAniln a™>rt,a »lcbrati-d French naturalill ; 

a genus of Temftromiicca:. 
Boapla'udta (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Bv^land, the companion of 

Bo'ntia (Bol.) P. N. fmtn Jjra« iW, a Dutch phyfidan; a genui of 

Booby (Omith.) Girm. iubc; Sfan. Ubn, Aunce, buia, an owl; in confe- 

quence of the bird'i ftupidity. 
Boodoa (Zool.) Suit, an ok, iitii, oIAtk, a tooth; a genus of Colubrinc 

BDo'pia (Ent.) B»i«.i, ox-eyed. 
BOOPB (Zool.) flji».;, ox-eyed. 

Bora'gO (Bot.) Btfi. food, from the nourilhing qualitien of the plant. 
Bora'sBUS ( Bot. ) Stfuxan, the date ; the Palmyra or Fan-paUn. 
Borbo'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Gj/J™ J/ Ba^rUfi, Duke of Orleans, (on of 

Henry IV. of France. 
Borea'ta (Ent.) Arou, the north wind, 
Bo'reiUI (Ent.) Boriai. the north; from theinfeit having alwayi been 

fbund in the winter. 
Borktiau'sia (Bot.) P. N. from jW^rifs Bsrihaufin, a Gennan profellbr of 

botany; a genus of Compollta:. 
Boro'tlia[Bat.) P. N. in memory of frB»C5'^ fl»rwi,an Italian attendant 

of Dr. Sibthorp. 
Borra'ra) fltot.) p. N. in honoui of J. If. Bmir, F.L.S., an cminml 
Borre'ri) rryptogamilt. 



Borre'ria (Bot.) mnc ety mol. ai Strrrra : a gtnat of Cinchonictz. 
Boiya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Co/m«/ fl«j oli Si. I'imtnl, ■ Fmcli 

travdkr, and promoiet of natural hi (lory. 
Bory'phora (Ent.) Bv». f™^. t'f"! '" rany- 
Boa (ZooL) ^«. a bull or oi. 
Bo'EObaa (Oniith.) applied by Arinotle t>i a kind of duck ; litetally, 

- well-fed," from BJiTui, to l^d. 
Bo'sda (Bot.) P. N. in honour of L«.it B^i, » French ■grirahuri{l. 
Bo'sea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of £^«^ Gailiti B-fe, a Oerman botuiift. 
Boas'lftphUB (ZooL) Ui, an ox, dipkiu, an elephant-, u&d for the 

Bo'smlna (ZooLj P. N. from Bifmina, the daughter of FIngal. 
BoSBlea'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Bo£!ni LunuirliKlhr, a Frenfh 
naturalid, who accompanied the unjortunate Ij Pi^roiile round the 

BoBtri'cllIdEB (Ent.) i«/r,VA«, fam. term. i.Lt. 
BOBtri'ctmfl (Ent.) 3iTTfax«, a loth of hair, 
Boawo'llU (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. JsA» B^ti^^U of Eilinburgh ; a genu* 

of BurTeracex. 
Botaiir(Bot.) SsTiKi, a plant. 
BoWnms (Omith.) S»k, to call out,Tu^(, a ball; from the refemblatice 

of the cry of the bittern to a bull's bellowing. 
Bothre'ncb-rma (Bot.) giSpoi, A pit or cavity, ij-j^E/ub, an infufion, juice ^ 

laiiform or pitted tifliie. 
Bothrioce'phalua (Zool.) dJSf.oi, a little pit, .ii(.«li, a bead ; from fome 

deprellions on the head of the tape-worm. 
BotbTOde'ndTon (Fm. Bot.) Stffic, a pit or cavity, li>3^n, a tree; In 

allufion to the oval depreffions on the furface of the foffiL 
Bothyuo'deres (Ent,) BiHvnt, a pit, tipn, the neck ; indentitloiu on neck. 
Botia (Ichth.) &ni,, a herdfman? 

BotrjmdG'nla (Bot.) fiirfvi, a duller, Urn, a gland ; a genni of Compofitz. 
Botry'eeras (Bot.) B'-'V^, a raceme, ■i;>t, a hom; a genm of Aqnili- 

Botry'oUllm(Bot,)fliTpi,ahunchofgrapeii; from the dufler-like form 

Botry'dium (Bot.) B'nf-us, a bunch of giapet ; a genui of Fungi. 
Bo&yol'dea (Bot.) flirfui, a dufter of grapes, t7Jo[, like; reiembling \ 

bunch of grapes. 
Bo'bTB (Bot.) fiirpf, a elufler of grapn. 




Botrytts (Bot.) flirjut, a bunch of grapes, which the fetd-velleli lefrmble. 

Bo'tydffi (Em.) a familyofLepidoptera, of which Ihe genus &(((iii the type. 

Botyda'Us (Em.) from fome refemblante to B„lf,. 

Botyo'dea (Enl.) refembling Boh/i. 

Botyo'idea (Ent.) Bayi, iBoj, refemblance. 

Bo'tys (Ent.) perhapa fiom Butti. a Ihepherdets. 

Bougalnvtllea (Zool.) P. N. in honour of the French Admirai B^-^mn- 

viiie ; aiJo a geniLi in Botany. 
BoTireuetiari'nUB (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of M. Bsurgiiii ; a gcniii 

of Encrinites. 
Boiure'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Bmtrn^ an apothecary of Nuremberg; a 

genus of Cordiacex. 
Boiwalngaultia (Bot.) P. N. from J B. Bnafutgaidi, the ctlebrated nitur- 

alift and traveller ; a genus of Chenopodiacex. 
Bou'tia (Bot.) P. N. from >^« &,„!. a Dutch phyfjcian. 
Boava'rdla (Bot.) P. N.) from M. BvuvarJ, a French hotanift. 
Bo'vldtB (Zool.) bas, iniif an ok ; the ox-tribe. 
Bo'vlfomi (Zool.) iai, brmii, an D-i,f,naii, refemblance. 
Bovl'sta (Bot.) Latinized from h^Ji its German name. 
Bowarba'nkia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr. S™.trij»*, an emineni 

natural! ft. 
Bowie 'a (Bot.) P. N. from J. Binir, a coUefloi of plants for Kew ; a 

Bowle'aia (Bot.) P. N. from ~— Bs^l-Iu, an Irilh b 

Box-tTHB (Bot.) xvJm, Li-I. iuxui. 
Boyere'lla (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Bofir .U F. 

Brabe'juia (Bot.) S^nSi.'ii.a fceptre; from the form 

BraoHely'tra (Ent.; Sr^^i, Ihort, i^.uTp)^ a cafe or 

Ihort elytra ; a family of Coleoptera. 
Bracbia'tUB-a-Um (Zool., Bot.) L^l. branched. 
BFachl'nlds (Ent.) inuiatia, fam. term. iJ^. 

;ani)l; a 

Braobl'nuB (Ent.) Br'xyif "«>". 
Braohioll'tsB (Fog. Zool.) Sfax'" 

Braahio'poda (Zool.) dpap^lu-, : 

Braohy- (Fen. Zool.J Sti'X'''' ^"f^; ' prefi* rrc<|Uentlr orcurting in 

Braohyae'iitruB (Ichth., Ent.; BfX'"' "'O'^: aitiYii. a fgiur, 
Bracbyoepha'Uo (Zool.) ei*x'"i "urt, ■ifuj.ii, thv head ; where the de- 

•elopmunt of the IkuU i> in the parietal diameter. 
Braoby'oeia (Ent.) ^t'xy''' ^°'^- ■'r^'i ■ hom ; an order of Dipien. 
Bracliy'oaruB (Zoal.) if^xict OMrt, nir^i, > hom. 
Braohydac'tyliu (Omith., Ent.) $f*}t'"< *""■ l"""""!. » finger "f i™. 

Brach'ydorea (Em.) Bp^x^i, Oiort, ti?., the netk. 
Brachyglo'tliB (Bot.) ifa-j^ii, Ihorl, yxfric, Ihe tonguci a genus ot 

Braohygo'mim (Boi.) e?-x^f, Ihort, /*n»,an angle; fp. tame of a Diatom. 
Braohylie'na (Bot.) Srax"'> '^■"^' ^'"■'■■i ' '^^1'; from form of cal^i ; a 

genut of Compo'ili. 
Brachyor'rhoB (ZooL) Sfitfit, Ihart, ift"i ^^ ^'' '"' t^mp ; ■ genun of 

Colnbrioe nphidians. 
Braohy'otQB (Omith.) Bfi^x"' ^°"' ^" ""' '" ^'■ 

Braahyphy'lltmt (Bot.) flfn^M. fliort, fiJ*.., a leaf. 

Braohypodl'nfe (Omith.) Bf^x^i, than, iroCt, ••);.-, a foot, fub-fam. term, 

h^; a full-family of IncefTore^. 
Biaobypo'dium (Bot.) B/aj^ii, Ihort. wiZi, mJi., a foJt ; in reference tu 

its ihort (lalks. 
Braohypte'muB (Ornith.) Bcx""- ^'^^ -wh'^, the heel. 
BrachypySop'teruB {Fob. Zool.) Sf^x^s, Ihort, wi^b, the rump, wyifir, 

a fin ; hawing a Ihort fub-dorlal fin. 
Brachyrhy'noliiw (Ichth.) Bfiix"'t '*""*■ ('''J'Je"' * '"™^- 
BrootayBe'ma (Bot.) fi^EXiI:! Ihort, irRjua, a Dandanl ; the flowctn having 

a yery Ihort ftandard. 
Braohy«lo'ma(Zool,) Sfa;[M, Ihort. j-iit*".a body; a genus of Colubrine 

BrwihyaomoplliB (Ichth.) BfX'i' H""*, aift', a body, ifii, a fnake. 
BrftOhyio'inua (Ent.) BfX"'- ^°"' '"f", a body. 
BraohyBtalma (Bot.) Br'Xy'' "i""-, a crown. 
Braohyta'rBue (Ent.) Bfi^x'-s- ^"'^ '■"""■ 
Braoh'yteleB (Zool.) Bt-X"ii ""*"• '"'■"• »" «i""'ni')'- 
Braobyu'ra. ^ 

Braohyn'rouB WZool.jSfMX^i, Ihort, stf., a tail; Ihort -tailed. 

Braohyu'ruB ' 


i* aRA — at£ 

BnAan (Bdc) ScMcfa fam of Ab^ Pterii aquilina. 
a (Bol.) BfiyM, tn cnptute. 
Ktua (Bi«.) hrriof flml kaiet, front >r«iM. 
Bnota'tilm (Bot.) Li. ■ Uttk Oanl ksT. 
Bndle'ja (Bat.) P. N. from Skit^ BrwS^ prtAflbr of boUnf at Cam ■ 

Bndjnobn'nns (Eat.) BfmH^ to delay, | 

Bn47'plds(Zool.)ira4^,- 1 aunilf of Mammalia ; the StMhi. 
Bn'djpu (ZooL) &>t^ Iknr, hsry, aim, 1 ibol ; tbc Sloth. 
Bn'djtos (Ent.) BfUt, How, boTT. 
Brk^iu (Icbth.) Z.^. a bream. 
Bninbla (Bat.) A^USmk. i„mU. 

BramfaUng (Onith.) ■ mme tat the mnrntain-^ch ; oiled aUb *nwi/<- 

BranoliicibdA'Ilft (ZouL} S^rx"' !:>'>*> B>ii^>-> ■ >a<^- 
Braaohlo'poda (ZooL) 6;Hi)';(t^ branchii or gUk, nii, nitt, a foot ; a 

Bnnohlo'atagilt ^ Bfiyx?^* ^tb^'* giii*t rtiff, teaming; hating gill- 
Braaahlo'ateeoaai conn. 

Bnndarla'iu (Ent.) P. N. from G^bcu AuHb-, a Swate. 
Bnt'otsli (Z«J.) P- N. in biHuiu- of — Braii, a Dotch lutnraliff. 
BrasQiail'slS (ZooL) £^. relating to BnziL 

Bnau'Tola (Bot.) P. N. &om .luku^ Mi/i Br^nMla,* noble Venetian. 
BnWft (Bot.) P. M. in boEUur of Mr. Bn^i, an intelligent gardener, 
who mllefted leedi and plants io Africa, aboot the fear l^9i, lot Sir 
Joa. Banlu, Dr. Fotbeigill, and Dr. Pitcaim. 

IB (Bot.) fiom ir,/u, tht CeltJe name of the rabbage. 
Brasaica'cBBB (Rot.) irjfu, 

Braa'aioa (Ent) fcedi on Br^giia oleracea, the common cabbage, 
Bra'ulft (Ent.) Bfiut.', a loufe. 
Bra'ra (Bot.) P. N. from Cant Jmy, i. 
Bremlel'la (Ent.) P, N. in honour of Brtmi-ffi^ 
Bremoatie'ra (Bot.) P. N, ftnm 

genus of LeguminoO. 
Bre'nta (Oraith.)) 
IB (Ent.) > 
Bre'phoa (1 
Brevioauiia'li^^^^ _^^ .^^^ 


_J0'Tioep8 (Zool.) 6rniii, ihon, cafai, the biad. 

Breylpalpia (Em.) having (hon faifi. 

Bre'Tlp«B (EntO irc<ili, (hort, fii, a fbot. 
Breviro'Btris (Ichth.) irreij. Short, n^rum, a heak oi 
SreTiB, Brave (ZiML,Bot.) Lai. Dioit. 
BreriBB'tum (Bot.) ii™/, fliort,_fta, a hriftle. 

Bro'iia (Bot.) e?i£.(, a wettrng ; faid to he fo caU«l from ihe pratfaion 
pinft rain aflorded hy fome of the large It 

Brezlft'oes (Bot.) bm 

m for natatal order 

BrldeTift (Bot.) P. N. from i'-V^r BrM, a great bryologift. 
Brigno'Ua (Bot.) P, N. from /. /,. BrigmJI, a Profeilor at Vienna - 

genuB of UmbeUiiera. 
BriaUa (Zool.) A-gl^Sux. hiflh in Zj». .«,.. 

Bri'za (Bot.) SistB, 10 nod, on account -of the quaking of therpiliiJrtt 
Brizopy'rum (Bot.) hri-m, and itUjW. wheat. 

Broohel'la (Ent.) P.N. in honour of 7. /:.flr»i,a GenmnenionwJr^/i. 
Brodis'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of •J:,m^, J. B<nA, , Scutdi ayplo- ■ 

Brodie'i (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of M,. 3r<i. cnhor a{ ■• Foil!! 

Brodfi'oii (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr. BrxMd. 
Brome'lia (fl«-) P. N. frf"" O&bj Broad, a 
Bro'miuB (Ent.) flfi^nt, bulling; a gcnui of QfafOsi 
Bro'mus (Bot.) S;i^9:. fi^m Sp^fii, food; iJie^^&ia 

the Avena fativa of Linniui. 
Brongnia'rtea (Bot.) P. N. in hoaoai d Ji^ Sivim. t ftenc 

p IIIiIiUd'Huiii {Bb »» '».P. N. fn t 


Brouaaone'tia (Bot.) T 

nour of P. N. r. Br^^f,«,rt, a French 

jf J. Brmfallh; Bilhop of Abo. 

f Dr. Palrhi Bnniac. 

honour of the Ule Siti^ri Bnm-, the 


onlnv}, daughter 

Browa'ilia (Bot.) I'. N. in honoii 

Bro'wnea (Bot.) P. N. in honour 

Brownia'na) (Fm. Bot.) P. N. i 

Bro'wnii ) profound botanid. 

Brownlo'via (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Ladg Bm 

of Sir A. Hume ; a genui of Tiliacei. 
Bru'cea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jama Brna, the AbylCnian tra 
Bvu'chidaa (Ent.) ArKAm, fam. term. Ui. 

Bru'chuslEnt.jeiniiB, tobite, or from flpiJ;(», to roar, bellow? 
Brugma'nBia (Bot.) P. N. from Prsftjir S. J. BrigMm ; a g 


Bru'llia(Bol.)P. N. in honour of Cow/.w JrM,a travellel in the Levant 

and Rurna. 
Brunia'ceffi tBot.) iranij, term, for nat. order, oic^. 
Bru'tmeua-a-um (Zool., Ent., Bot.) Ix>w Latin, brown. 

, M . N. in honour of M. T. Brunn:ii, a Danllh 

Bnumiohia(Bot.) > 

Brutini'chii fOrnith.)' 

Brano'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of «»*,« ilr«m, the a.-lebratfd botani(l;_ 

the typical gexiU-i of Brunoniatex. 
BnmBfa'lBia (Bot ) P. N. in honour of 0:/a Bniitffcl; of Menu. 
BninaTi'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Seyjl Family of Brunfwick. 
Brute C ' 
Br7'a (Bot.) B{w«, to fptout, beciuTe the feedn commence germloatioB 

whilr on the parent plant ; a genui of Leguminofx. 
Brya'siB (Ent.) Bft>il:». to teem with plenty, to Dverftow. 
Bryo'blum CB°'.l etymology nnceitoin ; a genus of Orchidacei. 
Bryo'nia (Bot.) Bfumx, from flfijii, to pulh or fproul ; in alluCon 

Bryo'phUa (Bot.) Spin, to grow, ^i>.>.r; a leaf; the leave* throwing oot 

root.1 when liid upon damp earth. 
Bryo'phUa (Ent.) flfioi, mofs, ^n'iM, fond of; the larv^ feed 

Bryophl'lldffi (Ent.) a family of I.i-pidoptera, of which the gi 

Br^/iiUa ti the lype. 

'r (Zool.) bruim, hfavy, ftupid ; lut. and Spin, hm- i frmii, irutt. 


BRT - 



Bryo'phyllum (Bol.) grow, at* An, a leaf; from ihc leaves fending 

mit roots when luid on damp earth. 
Bryo'pBta (Bol.) Bfim, mofi, H^i, tefemLlance ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Bryozo'a (Zool.) Spiim, mofs, fin, an animal; ill allullon to theit 

branciiiid and mofs-like aggregation. 
Bryum (Bot.) Sfw, to abound, beeaufe jl flourilhcs cvtrywherc; a genus 

of Multi. 
BuTjidUB (Zool.) 1^1. a buffalo, or wild ox. 
Bubo (Omith.) i-n. a long-eared owl. 

Bu'bon ("Bot.) BtuBiii, the grain ; jo allufion to it< medicinal qualifici. 
Bucclno'idaa fFos. Zool.) relianbling tile Ihell iuccwuw. 
Bu'ooinum fZool.) L.1I. a trumpet or horn. 
Bu'ooo ( Ornith.) imiu, a cheek. 

Buoooni'nm (Omith.) a fub-femily of PaHeres, of which ii,™ is the type. 
Buccula'triz (Eur.) hxcula, ■ little mouth or cheek. 
Buce'phala (Ent.) floBs, a bull, xtfaxn, the head: from its large head. 
Buce'phaluB (Zool.) 8i5i, an oi or bull, >ifiB;^n, the head; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Bu'ceroa . (Ornith.) Bail, an ox. .i,«,. a horn : a genus, family, and 
Bucero'tidlB f fub-famiiy of Pallcres; from Tome refemblance of the 

Buoeroti'nte ' bill to an ox's horn. 
Buehana'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. F. B,aha-iaa: a genus of Anacai- 

Buohne'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. C;. Suciwr, a German naturalift. 

Baoi'da (Bot.) floilt, an ox ; having fruit like an or's horn. 

Buck (Zool.) applied to a he-goat ; from Angie-Sux. iuiia. 

Buckbean (Bol.) properly " ii^-bean" from its mailhy habitat, Meny- 

anthes trifoliata. 
Buoklft'ndi (Fob. Zool.) P. N. In honour of Dr. BarilanJ, Dean of Wefl- 

minfler. and a celebr^red geologiiid writer. 
BuckU (Bot.) native Caflre or Hottentot name of the Diofma crenata. 
Buakwheat (Bot.) i. r. ic«A-wheat, (Fagopyrum cfculentum) the triangu- 

ar/™/(, (mifcalled feeds), rtfemhle btith-m^JI in Ihape, and are full of 

:e brina 

Buddle'a (Bot.) P. N. from Adam BuddU, a celebrated Englilh botanift. 

Bu'falls (Ent.) b/g, a toad; alluding to its wing-marks, 

Bu'RUo (Zool.) BJuflnJof; Let. tubalui ; Fr.bajfi. 

Buffffnla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Cbhh/ drBugui, ihe celebrated iiaturalift 

Bu'to (Zool.) Ldl a toad. 

€a BUF — BVP 

Bu'fonlto (Fna. Zool.) bufi, a toad ; tcfeiring to the vulgar notion 

thele orgaairmi were originally formed in the heads o! froga and t< 

Bug (Ent.) GoiAic and IcdanrBc fair^ a fpectre Of demon ; lVrl/h,iwg; 

" The iu^, which yau would fright me with, I !eek."~ Shakebpcahe, ■ 
Bogle (Bot.) appears to be a corruption of iagiila,^ conlrafted d 

Bulb (Bot.) eafiJf, Lot. bulboi; Frimh, buli, ; akin to W«rf, frot 

layers or folds of a bulb. 
Bulbi'feroUB (Bot.) bJli<i!. a b-ulb,//io, to bear. 
Bulbt'ne (Bot.)iu/Ai,j, a bulb; a genus of Liliacei. 
Bulboahs'te(Bot.)Mii'j, bulb, ;^iiu't>i, bridle; from its primary (ikmenttfl 

a genu, of Algi. 
Bulbooo'dium (Bot.) fu/iuj, a bulb, uuii»,a fleece; the bulb being 

ptJ in a woolly covering. 
Bulga'rla (Bot.) htlga, a leather bag; a genus of Funjp, 
Bu'Ua (Zool.) Lai. a bubble. 

BuUaoi'deB (Zool.) LuUa, iHsi, refemblance ; liiie the genus Buaa, 
Bulla'tua-a-um (Bot.) Wtou fignifies " decked with Ihids," and is given \n.m 
alluiiun to the Itudded appearance which the anthers produce in 
raceme of flower". 
BuIUa'rda (Bot.) P. N. from M. Buliiard, ■ French botanift ; a genu* ^ 

BuU-ruBh (Bot.) the buU-nifll of Scriptuic was the Pap^a antiquotui; 
Blimal'da (Bot.J P. N. in honour of J. A. i BtmaUa, > botanift «fl 

Buma'Btus (Fa>, Zml.) "a bunch of brge gnpea — literally each lot; 

as a cow'i nipple, SiS and ^airT«."— Paoe. 
Bume'lia (Bol.) the Greek name of the common afli. 
Buncho'sla (Bot.) etymol. unknown to me; a genus of Malpighiacez. 
Bu'ngarus ( Zool.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Colubrine ophjdiai 
Bu'nlas (Bot.) fame etymol. ai Bunium; now applied to a diftere 

Bu'nliim (Bot.) Bsv>i,, a hill, from iu habitat. 
Bimtlng (Omilh.) etymology unknown. 
BaoUft'na (Gnt.) P. N. in honmir of Bam Buol, of Vienna. 
Bu'phaeftCOmith.)fl.J(,anoi, $i)«,loeat; the Ox-pecker or Beef-eit 

of Africa. 
Buphtha'lmum(Bflt.) oi, oipditJi^i|,an eye, from the refembiani 
afthediOi of flowcri. 


Bupleu'rum (Bot.) not explained latlsfactotily ; a genu! of Umbelliferx. 
Bnpre'stldEe (Ent.) a famil)- of Coleoptera of which b^frrfiU it the 

Bnpre'HtlB (Eot.) "B'u, an angmenutive particle; or 8tZi, an ox 
Tp#Ht to inflame^ becaiife if eaten among the graia^ by cattle, it 



Bur or BnlT (Bot.) Frixck, hmrrr, the prickles on herbt and fraiti. 
Buroha'rdla (Bat.) P. N. from Hcny Bunhard, M.D^ a botanical . 

a genus of Melanthacex. 
BotoIib'IU (Zoo!.) P. N. in honour of iV. Burekill, Efj., LL.D. 
Burobe'UIa (Bot.) P. N., fame etymol. as Burchelli ; a geniu ( 

i Cin 

BuTdook (Bot.) common name of the Arctium Lappa. 
BOfhl'liUH (Omith.) &>% numitroua, ^ir, a note ; a geoui of Birdi. 
BnilBas (Bot.) a corruption of BimiicLih, from which part of France the 

plum came. 
BnrUngto'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the amiable and accompUlhed 

Countefi of Burlington ; a genus of Orchidacei. 
Bimet (Bot.) derivation uncertain. 

Burtlo'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jah„ Mark Burnd, who publifiied, 
in I7jS,thejoum«y of Veoegfl! into California; a genus of Compofltl. 
Bu'raa (Zool.) Lat. a purie or pouch. 
Bn'raaria (Bot.) iar/a, a pouch. 

Bu'rsara (Bot.) P. N. in honour ot jDaJiim Burfir, a botanift of Naples. 
B-UTto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to D. Burtw, who calleaed for the 

Kew Garden. 
Butt (^'0 applied to a pear, from bnirri, melting. 
Bu'tolia (Ent.) " fr-i-Ti*.;, a night-bird," (Treitfche), from the Ibmcwhai 

fbmbic colours. 
Bu'tea(BDt.) P. N, from J<ihn, Eurt of BaU, a lover and patron of bolanj; 

3. fplendid genua of Leguminoft. 
Bll'teo (Omith.) Lai. a buzzard. 

(Orailh.) a fub-family uf birdJ. of the older Raptona, of 
which Irntn is the typti. 
[Ou'tDIiiUa (Bot.) $^i, an ox, iijxiv, to cut ; caufing the mouths of cattle 
bkeed when eaten by them, 
itterfly (Ent.) AnsUS^". butLrfi^g, or irf.r/a-.. 

I'mift (Bot.) P. N. from yoA-r Chtijiian Buxiaui', a German botania ^ 
mua of Mul'ci. 

Bux'ua (Bot.) iai. iintuj, from sujtt, the pale evergreen hox-tree; 

hiA — " buxjs denia fuliis," und " ora buxo pallidiora." 
Buz'zard (Ornith.) Fnmi, bmin-d; drm. bunaar. 

By'blia(Bo:.) P. N., the daughter of Miletus; a genus of Drofera.-e, 
BTTaoul'na (Bot.) burfu, D hide, being; ufeful in lanning: a gen 

Bjaaa'oeuH-ft-um (Bot.) Lai. byHus-IJke. 

ByaHOCla'dium [Bot.) SiIot.;, line Hax, K>.i%is, a liranch ; from its fine j 

branches ; a genus of Alga:, 
Bja%Xia{Zoo\.)Siirii, fine flax ; the fibres by which fome marine aoimali 

ixe attached tu tackf, &c. ; alia, in Botany, a gcmua of Cryptogiimia. 
Bystropo'BaQ(flot.)flil". to clofe, ■io>.».,a bearrj;the throat of the corolk I 

being >-iolbd by hairs. 
By'thlnua (En^) gtSinr, a water animal. 
ByttnoVIa (Bot.) P.N. from D. H. A. Bin^^t, ProfeflJir of Botany a 

Bybtneria'cesB (Bot.) i'/ltnerh. term, for nat, order, ai^w. 

Oaba'llua (Zool.) Aai. a pack-horie. 

Oabe'ra (Em.) p. N., the daughter of Proteus. 

Cabera'llB (Enl.) implying Ibme relemblance to the genus Caina. 

Cabe'rids (£nt.) latrm; a family of Lepidoptera. 

Oaoaja'o (Zool.) native niime ofa monkey — Pithecia melanocephala. 

Caca'Ua (Bot.) xaiiit, bad, xlsv, exceedingly, fmm being fuppoled ti 

hurtful to the foil. 
Caoatu'a (Omith.) Latiniicd fonn of the found it makes, which tefemblet .1 

the wori! iaialnt. 
Ca'ooabia (Omith.) xmtxBa, a partridge. 
Cao'hiimanB fOmith.) Lai, laughing, 
Oao'hrys f Bot.l ■■Xf' '™' "'^ ''y '''^ antients for the young hlollbm 

buds of the oak, or perhaps for a kind of gall that grows upon them. 
Caoomi'xie (Zool.) native Mexican name of the Ballaris jftula. 
Caoo'sLa (Em.) laiit. bad ; a genus of Diptera. 
Oanto'rniH (Ornith.) ™flj/i. ipii. a bird ; the Caftiis bird. 
Ca'ctua (B»t,; the ■«■>«[ of the ancients was a prickly plant with edllil* A 

Oaovunina'llB (Ent.) laiumn, a point ur tip, 
Ca'dla ( But.) from its Arabic name jaJ/i.,. 

,dur«,, eaTily (filing. 

Ca'dmia (Ent.) Lat. the droft or flag of a. furni 

Cada'oafEnl.) \ 

Cadu'oouB (Bot.)i '' 

Caduoibra'nGhiftta ( ZooL) ca/iuui, eufdy falling, iraacii<i, the gills of » filh. 

Ceecl'tia (Zool.) Lai. a kind of lizard ; a genus of Batnchians. 

Cscima'cula ) (Ent.) tmui, blind, maiuta, a fpot, alloditig to certain 

CBBoimaoula'nai fpots on the fore-wings, 

CEelestl'aa (Bot.) r^I^ii, the colour of [he Iky, referring to tht blue 

Howera; a genus of CompofitiE. 
Cffinomy'ia (EntO •«"«, Ilraoge. ni,r», a Aj. 
CffiQo'pteria (Bot.) .<«>•(, new, iiifit, " fern. 
Cfflno'sus-a-um (Ent., Bot.) cjmanu, marlhy ; growing in mud, or muddy 

Caaruleoce'phala (Ent.) limlau, darJi blue, xifoxi, the head. 
Cserule'scena (Ent.) ibmewhat blue. 
CEBru'leliS-a-um (_Omith., Bot.) Lai. dark biue, aiure. 
CfBaa'lia (Hot.) lafm, beaten, trampled upon. 

CEeaalpi'nia(Bot.) P,N. in hononr of C. C.^>(^;™<,phyllcianto Clemem Vlli. 
Cte'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Frcdrrks C.r,K, who died 1703. 
Cseaia'ta (Ent.) cxjim, gray, 
Caeale'Ua (Ent.) dim. form oi cafmi, bluilh gray. 
Caa'aiuB-a-uin (Omith., Bot.) mj™, bluilh gray. 

CEBspititie'lla (Ent.) r.r^«, c^fpUh, turf, dim. dia. 

Csau'lia (Bot.) urfii, beaten, as if trampled upon : a genus of Comporits, 
CaffferfZool.)Z,o/. relating to the Cape of Good Hope, 
Ca'ia (Ent.) p. N. : a Roman proper name. 
Gaja'nus (Bot.) alterjiion of Malabar name caijang; a genus of l.egu- 

Cakl'io (Bot.) the Arabic name of the plant. 

Calade'oia (Bot.) »»>.•:, beautiful, i)»., a gland ; from the difli of labellum. 
CalwUum (Bot.) etymology unknown. 
CBlttms^ra'atiB (Bot.) xixxij^, a reed, 
1 fZool.) 

Oalama'rldsj „ 

a <■="•)■*'■ 

J, turf, a green field. 

Calami'ntha (Bot.) *^i.i:, beautiful, |ul>6fl, 
Calamo'phflus 1 Omith.) •.alamn,, fi^iif, ti 

grafs, ;. e. reed-gtafs. 
aiaiaeriui, refeirbling a wrlting-reed or filhing- 
a genus and family of Colubrine ophidians ; in 
iny, Calamaria is applied to certain gralies. 

19 of Labiat: 


6+ CAL — CAL 

Cala'mpeliB (But.) nnXit, beauClful, inmi-k, viae, i. i 

plaat; a genue of Bignoniacef- 
CaJamua (Bot.) from Arabic ia-iWar. a rctd. 
Cala'ndra (Omicb.) •tit.m'-tfm, a kind of lark. 
Calandrl'nJa (Bot.) P, N. from J. L. Cal^Jrl-d. 
Cala'nthe (Bot.) ■■ij;, beautiful, £>e», a flower. 
Cala'tbea (Bot.) lAXuStc, a balkrt ; from the fonn of the (Hgmi. 
Ca'lathUB (Ent.) ..Jjiflo,, a baCket. 
C-albujn (But,) Liii. \W whiti^ C; from the mark on the poftetior.l 

Oalca'ria (Ornith.) fd/cdr, catfuru, a rpiir; the fpuri of birc 
Calasola'ria CBot.)cd/c»/i(i,i little nipper; in allufion to tli; Oiapeoftht I 

lowi-r lip. 
Caloe'olua (Zool. Bot.) Lai. i little flipper. 
Calda'ala (Bot.) 1". N. from J. CJda!, a Bogotan botanift. 

Cct'Jea (Bot.) jtaAif, iKiutlful. 

Caleaote (Bot.) hpJc, beautiful, itri, the Tea^lbore, which il 

a genus of Compofiti. 
Caleana (Bot.) fame etjimalogy a: Caleya ; a genus of Orchidacex. 
Calendula (Bot.) from laladx, the calends or firll day of the month. 

becaule it floweri monthly. 
Calepl'ns (Bal.) not explained ; a genus of Cniciferz. 
Cale'ya (Bot.) P. N. from Gmrft C.ty, the seiebrated Manchefter botanjll, 

fometime fuperintBadent of Botanie garden at St. Vincent 
Cali'olum (Bot.) A\m. ol cat^x, ^ little cup; a geniu of Lichenei. 
Cali'dipsB (Ent.) ij/.Vhj, fwift.jXj, a (oot. 
Oali'diiH tOrniih.) M.;iii, beautiful, »,», knowing, ikilful. 
CaU'sidce (/.ool.) ralijrsi, fam. term. iJ^; a hmWy of EDtomoftiaca. 
Oaliglao'sa i,Ent.) Lot. obfcure, gloamy. 
Oali'gUB (Zool.) ioligc, dimnefs, obfcurily, 
Ca'lla (Bot,) mi\U„ beauty. 
Calla'riaB (Ichth.) the Greek name hr the cod-lilh. 
Callloa'rpa (Bot.) •iKXai, beauty, ■■fi'i, fruit. 
Calllce'ptLalua (ZooL) wi>.Xts, beauty, iif«A>i, the head, 
Oalil'ceru3(Hnt.) ■■J.;iii, beauty, Mi^ichoni. 
Oallicho'lyg (khth.) i>i).lii, heauly. x'^:. » 'oitoife. 
CaUiOo'raa (Bot.) .i>.X«, beauty. >i^>, hair. 
CaUl'dlum (Ent.) tiyxt, bvauty, Ifx, nolile. 
Colliga'nla i Eni.) •mXi.iyiniit, • the mother of beauty." 

CAL — CAL 65 

CAUfgonmn (Bot.) xaXXo^, beauty, yiw^ a joint ; having joints indead of 

Calli'grapha C£nt.) xaXXo^, beauty, yfc^n, writing. 

CaUimo'rpha (£nt.) nay.y.ot, beauty, iAo^<^ni form. 

Callio'nymus (Ichth.) x^xxo; , beauty, ovo/bca, a name ; a fifmciful name of 
Linnasus, applied to a prettily marked fpecies. 

Callioi>e' (Omith.) P. N., the chief of the Mufes. 

Calliope'a (Bot.) P* N., fame etym. as Calliope ; a genus of Compofttz. 

Csklliop'sis (Bot.) xaXXts, beauty, oft;, appearance; a genus of Com- 

Callipe'pla (Omith.) xaX^XirvirXos, with beautiful robe. 

Callipro'ra (Bot.) *«AXof, pretty, w^ar^, front, from its pretty appear- 
ance ; a handibme liliaceous plant. 

Callis'ace (Bot.) x^XXo;, pretty, a-tcxn, a buckler ; in allufion to form of 
feeds ; a genus of Umbelliferz. 

Calli'sia (Bot.) x«xx«;, pretty. 

CaUi'stachys (Bot.) xaXXoV, pretty, a-rax^ft ^ fpike. 

Calliste'mma (Bot.) xaXX«-To?, prettied, a-rtfAfjtUj crown ; the China 

Calliste'inon (Bot.) KaXXij-roj, prettieft, o-m/Jtoy, ftamen, from the beauti- 
ful fcarlet colour of the ftamens ; a lovely genus of Leguminofae. 

Calli'stus (£nt.) xaXXicrrd;, moft beautiful. 

Oallitha'mnion (Bot.) fame etymology as Calothamnus. 

CaHithriz (Zool.) zaXos, beautiful, dpt^, hair. 

CaUi'triche (Bot.) naXXof, beauty, 6pi^, t^*a^oj, hair. 

Ca'llitris (Bot.) x«xx»;, beauty, in alluiion to its appearance ; a genus of 

Ca'Uomys (2^ol.) x»xxo;, beauty, fivs, a moufe. 

Callu'na (Bot.) *aXXu»«, to beautify, to adorn. 

Cally'na (Ent.) zakkvvanj to beautify. 

Caloca'lia (Omith.) naXoc, beautiful, NaXia, a bird's neft ; the genus of 
birds to which belongs the fwallow which builds the edible nefti con- 
fumed in China. 

Calooa'mpa (Ent.) xasX*;, beautiful, xa/u^ni, a caterpillar; a genus of 

Calo'cera (Bot.) x«Xoc, beautiful, xsp«c, a horn ; a genus of Fungi. 

Calochilus (Bot.) xaXo;, beautiful, x^^^'^y a lip ; a very fliowy genus ol 
Orchids, with purple lip, covered with rich brown hairs. 


•< _ \y xaXos^ beautiful, <fcyXXor, a leaf. 

66 CAL — CAL 

Calocho'rtus (Bot.) xaX.(ii, beautiful, x*?'*'®f» grafs; from the beautiful 

flowers borne by grafly herbage. 
Caloohro'a (Ent.) xaXo; , beautiful, ;tpatt, the furface of the body. 
Calode'ndron (Bot.) xaXoc, beautiful, Xi»Jpoi', a tree. 
Calo'dera (Ornith., Ent.) xakisy beautiful, Jipu, the neck. 
Caloe'nas (Ornith.) xaXc; , beautiful, oenas, fp. name of the ftock-dove. 
Calogra'mma (Ent.) xaXaj, beautiful, yfa^fxu, a drawing or marking. 
Calo'miorus (Ent.) xaXa;, beautiful, fxixpes, fmall. 
Calo'phaca (Bot.) xakos <!>»*«, beautiful vetch ; a genus of Leguminofx. 
Calo'phanes (Bot.) xaXos, beautiful, <^aiy3o, to appear, from its elegant 

flowers ; a genus of Acanthacex. 
Calopha'sia (Ent.) xaXac, beautiful, ^affisy appearance. 
Calophy'lla ((Ent.)] 
Caloph3rlluin l(Bot.)J 
Calopo'gon (Bot.) *aXoj, beautiful, »wy«y, a beard ; from the fringe of 

the lip. 
Calopsi'tta (Ornith.) K(tX.6sy beautiful, ^irrct, a woodpecker. 
Calop'us (Ent.) xaXog, beautiful, wcSj, a foot. 
Caloso'ma (Ent.) xocXo;, beautiful, aMfxa^ the body. 
Caloso'ter (Ent.) xaXof^ beautiful, s-mr^p, a preferver. 
Calospi'za (Ornith.) xaxof, beautiful,^/z<7, a bunting. 
Caloste'mma (Bot.) xctXog^ beautiful, TrifxfAa^ a wreath or garland. 
Calotha'mnus (Bot.) xaXos^ beautiful, Sa^vof, a buih. 
Calothrix (Bot.) x«X«?, beautiful, 6pif , hair ; from the beauty of its fila- 
ments ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Calo'tis (Bot.) xaXoii beautiful, oD^^ a>to?, the ear ; referring to the palex 

of pappus. 
Calo'tropis (Bot.) xaXof , beautiful, r^omt, a fliip*s keel ; from form of flower. 
Caltha (Bot.) a.contraftion of *aXa0of, a goblet; from the cup-ftiape of 

the flower. 
Calve'soens (Ent.) Lat. becoming bald. 

Calyciflo rSB (Bot.) cali/x, calyds ; Jlos,Jlorh ; flamens on the calyx. 
Caly'pso (Bot.) P. N. a well-known mythological perfbnage ; a genus of 

Calyptory'nohus (Ornith.) xaXuwTtfc, covered, puyx.^s^ a beak. 
Oaly'ptra (Bot.) *aXuirTf«, a cover or veil. 
Calyptra'nthes (Bot.) xaXuwTfa, a covering, avSsc, a flower. 
Caly'ptrion (Bot.) xaXvwrpety a lid, from form of flower; a genus of 

CAL — CAM 67 

Calvella (Ent.) calims, baW, without hair. 

Calyoaoithus (Bot.) ccUi/x, a>flof, a flower ; from the coloured calyx. 

Calyste'gia (Bot.) calyxy and a-rtyvt a covering, from the large brafts 

outiide the flower. The common white convolvulus. 
Oalythrix (Bot.) cafyx, and B^i^, hair ; from the attenuated points of the 

Calyx (Bot.) naXu^, the cup or calyx of a flower. 
Oamarhy'nchiis (Omith.) *a/t*apa, with vaulted or arched roof, /yyp^oy, a 

Oamari'dium (Bot.) xafta^a, a vaulted or arched roof; from the tip of 

ftigma being arched. 
Camaro'tis (Bot.) Camera^ a vault, in allufion to the chambered lip; a 

genus of Orchidaceae. 
Cama'ssia (Bot.) camass, its native North American name ; a genus of 

Cambogia'lis (Ent.) expreflive of its gamboge colour. 
Oa'mbricus-a-mn (Ent.) Lat, Welfli ; from Cambria^ the antient name of 

Wales ; growing in, or connefted with, Wales. 
Cambrica'ria (Ent.) from Cambria^ the antient name of Wales. 
Cambri'dgii (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the Rev. 0. P. Cambridge^ of 

Bloxworth, Dorfet. 
Cameli'na (Ent.) camelus^ a camel; from the projefting hump; alfo a 

genus in Botany. 
Came'llia (Bot.) P. N. from George Jofeph Kamely or Camellus, a Jefuit. 
Camelopa'rdalis (Zool.) camelusy a csimei, fardalis, a panther. 
Camelus (Zool.) Lat. a camel. 

Camera ria (Bot.) P. N. from J. Camerarws, a botanifl of Nuremberg. 
Campa'nula (Bot.) Lat. a little bell. 

Campanula'ria ) (Zool.) campanula^ a little bell ; a genus and family 
Campanulari'adaB) of Zoophytes. 
Campelia (Bot.) KK/xnn, a bending, ^Xtoj, the fun ; a genus of Com- 

Campe'phaga (Omith.) xa/xwn, a caterpillar, <|>ay», to eat. 
Campa'philus (Omith.) Kaix-nn^ a caterpillar, <f>iXf«, to love ; a genus of 

foreign Woodpeckers. 
Campe'stres (Omith.) campeflevy a level country or plain. 
Campe'stris, Campestre (Bot.) Lat. growing in the open fields. 
Camphoros'ma (Bot.) eamphoroy camphor, o<r^», fmell. 
Campolilia'na (Ent.) campus^ a ^iAd.liliufv, a lily. 

68 CAM — CAN 

Campome'tra (Ent.) xa/uim, a caterpillar, hait^ §«, to meafure ; from its 

(ingular mode of progreflion, as if it were meaiuring the ground. 
Ca'znpta (Ent.) xecfXTrog^ bent. 
Camptoce'rcus (Zool.) xafxvTos^ flexible, xe^xo^y a tail; a genus of Ento- 

Camptogra'mma (Ent.) *etfxirros* bent, y^eifAfxa, a mark ; from its wavy 

Csunptorhy'nohus (Omith.) uafAttro^y bent, pvyx'f* ^ beaik. 
Campyla'nthus (Bot.) xetfxwvXosi bent, avS^c, a flower ; a genus of Primu- 

Ca'mpylis (Ent.) xa/i*«uXoj, bent, curved. 
Canade'nsis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lat, relating to Canada. 
Canalioula'ti (Zkx)l.) pi. of canaliculus, a little channel. 
Canari'na (Bot.) a native of the Canaries. 
Canava'lia (Bot.) canavali is its native Malabar name ; a genus of Legu- 

Canoella'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. net-like, crofs-barred. 
Cancrifo'rmis (Zool.) Lat. crab-fhaped. 
CancriVora (2^ol.) cancer, a crab, voro, to devour. 
Canoro'zna (Omith.) etymology unknown to me. 
Candefa'cta (Ent.) candefacio, to bleach, to make red hot. 
Gaxi'dens (Ent.) Lat. bright, (hining. 
Candida 'na) ,^ . 

> (Ent.) candidus. white. 

Candida'ta > ^ ^ 

Ca'ndidus-a-uzn (Zool., Bot.) Lat. white and (hining. 

Cando'llea (Bot.) P. N. from Augujius Pyramus De CandoUe, of Geneva, one 

of the greateft botanifts of the age ; a genus of Dilleniacex. 
Cando'na (Zool.) ;^a»S0v, gaping ? a genus of Entomoftraca. 
Canel'la (Ent., Bot.) dim. of canus, gray, afliy. 
Canes'cens (Omith., Ent., Bot.) Latin participle, fignifying hoary. 
Ga'nioeps (Zool.) Lat. gray-headed, afliy-headed. 
Cani'cula (Ichth.) Lat. a little dog. 
Cani'na (Zool.) canis ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Gani'na (Bot.) fit only for dogs. 
Canis (Zool.) Lat. a dog. 
Ca'nna (Bot.) canna^ a reed. 
Cannabi'na (Omith.) Lat. relating to hemp. 
Can'nabis (Bot.) from Celtic can, reed, ab, fmall ; or from qaneb, its AraLir 


CAN — CAP 69 

Caxma'bium (Bot.) refembling hemp cannabis. 

Cano'rus (Omith.) Lat. tuneful, melodious. 

Can'talupe (Bot.) from a place of that name near Rome, where melons 

have been cultivated fince the time of the Mithridatic war. The 

originals of theie varieties are faid to have been brought from Armraia 

by Lucullus. 
Canthare'llus (Bot.) altered from the French chanterelle; a genus of Fungi. 
Oantha'ridse (£nt.) cantharh, £am. term, ida, 
Ca'ntharis (Ent.) xenBa.fl<;, a beetle or bliftering fly. 
Can'tharus (Ichth.) Lat. one of Pliny's names for a fpiny fifli. 
Ca'nthium (Bot.) cantix is the Malabar name of the Cinchonacex. 
Canthocam'ptus (Zool.) aKonBa^ a fpine, KetfAittiiy flexible; a genus of 


Canti'aoa > 

, y (Omith.) Lat. relating: to the county of Kent. 
Oantia nusi ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Oa'xius-a-Uin (Omith., Bot.) Lat. white, gray. 

Canu'tus-a-uzn (Ornith.) gray-coloured. 

Cape^sis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Capillalis (Ent.) 

Capilla'ris-e (Bot.) capHlusy hair. 

Capis'tratus (Zool.) Lat. muzzled, haltered. 

Oa'pnea (Zool.) xawn, a chimney, from its tubular fliape; a genus of 

Capno'des (Ent.) xetmo^, fmoke, eT^o;, like ; fmoke-coloured. 
Oapnoi'des (Bot.) xaWos^ fmoke, eT^of, like ; fame as Fumaria. 
Capnophy'llum (Bot.) aamwi, fmoke, ^uXXov, leaf; Greek form of 

Ca'pparis (Bot.) Arabic, kabar, capers ; the caper-tree. 
CaprsBa'na (Ent.) feeds on Salix capraa. 

Capra'ria (Bot.) capra^ a goat ; the leaves being chofen by theie animals. 
Capreole'lla (Ent.) capreola, a wild-goat, alluding to colour. 
Caprioo'mls (7joo\.) capra, a flie-goat, cornu., a hom. 
Caprifoliuzn (Bot.) capra, a flie-goat,yo/ij/iw, leaf; goat-leaf, in reference 

to its clambering habit ; honeyfuckle. 
CaprimulgeVla (Ent.) dim. of caprimulgus, the goat-fucker, from a refem- 

blance in the feathers. 
Caprimul'gidflB (Ornith.) caprimulgusy fam. term, ida; the Goat-fuckers. 
Caprimulgus (Omith.) capra^ a flie-goat, mulgeo, to milk, from a miftaken 

idea as to the habits of the bird. 

70 CAP — CAR 

Ca'proB (Ichth.) us*;!;, the wild boar ; the boar-filb. 

Capae'Ua (But.) dim. of mjO/u/j. 

Oa'paioum (Bot.) »«frT«i, to hite ; from its pungent qualities. 

Capain'oola (Ent.) tJpfa, a capfiile or ieed-pod, mala, an inhabitant. 

CapBo'pWIa (Ent.) ra^j, I fetd-pod, 4.1^111, to love. 

Capaula'ris (Ent.) ia//u/o, a ched or calkrt. 

Ca'pua (Ent.) P. N, from Cap<ta, in Italy. 

Oapula'ris (Ent.) Lai. pertaining to a coHin, ftom the form oF its wing- 

Caput-Medu'8[B(Bot.) lb called from the circumftance of the prime f 

or branches producing from tlielr extremities numerous fmall brai 

round a Ibrt of head which is. formed there. 
Cara'bidffi (Ent.) caroiiu, iam. term. Ux. 
Ca'rabus (Ent.) itifiifigc, a beetle, i. r. fcarabzui : the word was alio uied 

by the antients for a Ihetl-lilh. 
Ca'r&oal (j^ooL) from the Turkidb, ^gni^dng " black -eared,^' equiv. t 

IpeciRc name, melanotU. 
Carao ara (Omith.) i> faid to derire its name fmm iti peculiar guttural 

cry, which is compared by Mr. Darwin " to the found of the Spanilh 

gullural, g, followed by a rough double r, r." 
Caradri'aB (Ent.) P. N. of a ri«r in Albania. 
Caradrina'liB (Ent.) releoibling caraJrina. 

Caradri'nidfB (Ent.) i^dj-jAim, fam. term, id^i a family of Lepidoptera. 
Caradrino'idea (Ent.) caraJrina, (Boj, refrmblance. 

Caraga'na (Bot.) caraciaita,its name in Tartary; a genns of Leguminofx. 
Caragna'ta (Bot.) its name in South America ; a genua of Bromtiliseex. 
Cara'llia (Boi.) enriSir, the name of C. Lmida, in Hindnoftan ; a genus of 

CaraUu'ina (Bot.) its Indian name ; a genus of Afclepiadacez. 
Ca'rapa (Bot.) «rj.]Cf, the name of C. GuianraJL, in Guiana; a gcnui of 

Ca'raway (Bot,) I^. c^r^m; native of Carh. {VMy) Cleland, how- 

eyer, ftates that It ii " corrupted from Celtic^uno.'/i, feed* that product 

the eKpulfion of wind." 
Cara'lU (Ichth.) derived from thr Fn^nch ; C. Irachums is the Oiad or 

Ca'rapBCe fZool.) the dorfal Ihit-kl of a tortoife. 
Cb'tbpus (Ichth,) ti^, lop ox fummit, irnn a font. 
Ca'rbo (l)inilh.. Ent,) 1..h. * coal, referring tn colour. 

CAH — CAR 71 

Carbona'lis (£nt.) implying coal colour. 

Carbona'na (£nt.) earbo, coal, charcoal. 

Carbona'ria (Ent.) carboy charcoal. 

Carbona'rius (Ichth.) Lot. pertaining to charcoal ; a name of the coal-fifh. 

Carcha'rias (Ichth.) x^^X'^^o;, (harp-pointed or jagged ; a (hark. 

Carda'mine (Bot.) Ka^Sa/utvu, was applied by Diofcorides to a crefs; now 

ufed for Lady's fmock and allied plants. 
Carda'mines (Ent.) feeds on Cardamine impatiens, and others of the genus. 
Cardiapu's (Ent.) xa^lia^ heart, iroZiy a foot. 
Cardio'phorus (Ent.) xe^lia, heart, ((hape) ^o^t*;, to carry. 
Oardiospe'rmum (Bot.) xa^Via, heart, o-ni^fjtA, a feed; the feeds are 

marked with a heart <(haped fpot. 
Cardo'patum (Bot.) carduus, a thiftle, ftraros, a beaten path ; from its 

habitat and appearance. 
Cardue'lis (Omith.) applied by Pliny to a bird which feeds amongft 

Cardue'lla (Ent.) dim. of carduus, a thiftle, on which it feeds. 
Ca'rdui (Ent.) feeds on Carduus nutans, the thiftle. 
Cardun'celus (Bot.) dim. of cardunculus, the cardoon ; a genus of Com- 

Ca'rduus (Bot.) Lat. a thiftle. 
Care'bara (Ent.) xa^nCa^vc, heavy in the head. 
Ca'rez (Bot.) careo, to want ; the upper fpikes being without feeds. 
Care'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of its difcoverer, William Carey. 
Cargi'llia (Bot.) P. N. from James CargiU, M.D.i Aberdeen ; a genus of 

Cari'aciis (Zool.) Latinized form of the native name carjacou. 
Ca'rica (Bot.) fp. name of Ficus, from its abundance in Caria. 
Cario'sus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. worm-eaten, rotten. 
Oaripe'nsis (Omith.) Latinized form of the cavern of Caripe, in South 

Cari'ssa (Bot.) etymology unknown. 
Carli'na (Bot.) the Carline thiftle is ftated to have derived its name fiom 

Charlemagne, who is faid to have preserved his army from the plague 

by its ufe. 
Carlowizla (Bot.) P. N. from Carltnviz, an unknown, probably Poli(h, 

Carludovi'ca (Bot.) P. N. from Charles IF., of Spain, and Louifa, his 

queen, noble patrons of botany ; a genus of Compofitx. 

7* CAH — CAR 

' ■■ I ■ ■■■■■1,1. .^ __ _ 

Oarmeli'ta (Ent.) from the hoods of the Carmelite friars. 
Carmelitoi'des (Ent.) carmelita, IAoq^ like. 

Carmioha'elia (Bot.) P. N. from Captain Dugald Canmchaely F,R,S,, 
author of the « Flora of Triftan de Acunha ;" a genus of Leguminofse 
Ca'mea ) 

Camea'gO (Ent.) caro, carnisj flefll. 

Cameioo'sta (Ent.) carwtu, fle(h-coloured, casta, the fide. 

Camei'gera (Ent.) caro, carnis, flefll, ^^ro, to carry. 

Came'Ua (Ent.) carnem, flefliy, flefli-coloured. 

Came'ola (Ent.) dim. of carneus, flefliy. 

Cameoma'cula (Ent.) eameus^ flefliy, macula, a fpot ; haying roie-coloured 

Ca'meus-a-mn (Zool., Bot.) Lot. flefli-coloured. 
Ca'mica (Ent.) carneus, flefliy ; referring to colour. 
Camo'sus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. flefliy. 
Ca'rob (Bot.) Arabic, Kharroub. It is thought by fome that the fliells of 

the Carob tree were the ** huflcs " of the parable of the Prodigal Son. 
Caroli'nea (Bot.) P. N. from Sophia Caroline, Margravine of Baden ; a 

genus of Sterculiacex. 
Caroline'nsis (Zool.) Lat. relating to Carolina, N. A. 
Caroli'niun (Ent.) carolus ; French, carolin ; Charles ; given to a fpecies of 
fpider (gen. Theridion) by Baron Walckenaar in honour of his ion 
Charles, the difcoverer. Hid. Ins. Apt. torn. II. 316. 
Garpa'limus (Ent.) xa^ieetXifAo^, rapid, fwift. 

Carpe'lla (Bot.) »a^«roc, fruit ; the component cells of a compound fruit. 
Carpe'simn (Bot.) Galen applies zafw^a-iov to an aromatic wood. 
Ca'rphophis (Zool.) xei^^c^, a dry (lick, o^k, a ferpent ; from refemblance 

to a log of wood ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Caxpinicolella (Ent.) carpinus, the horn-beam, coUre, to frequent, dim. 

term ella, 
Carpi'nus (Bot.) faid to be fix>m Celtic ear, wood, pin, head ; becaufe the 

Hornbeam was formerly uied for making yokes. 
Oarpoca'psa (Ent.) xa^it, fruit, xatmif, to gulp down. 
Carpo'dacus (Omith.) xapwos, fruit, iaixos, a bite ; fruit-biter. 
Oarpod'intus (Bot.) xa^oo;, fruit, hus, a circle, from its round fruit ; a 

genus of Apocynacez. 
Carpodon'tos (Bot.) xa^9s, fruit, oiovrof, toothed, from the carpels being 
toothed at the apex ; a genus of Hypericacez. 

CAR — CAS 73 

Carpology (Bot.) Kn^iti^^ fruit, Xayoc, a defcription. 
Carpo'phaga (Omith., Ent.) itajwof, fruit, «f>ayir», to eat. 
Carpo'philtlS (Ent.) xet^wif, fruit, fiXs«, to love. 
Carpopo'gon (Bot.) xet^nis, fruit, ireayuVj a beard. 
Garrioh'tera (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Cniciferx. 
Ca'rsia (Ent.) xag»-ioc, croflwife ; from its wing-markings. 
Ca'rteri (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Samuel Carter, of Manchefter. 
Ca'rthamus (Bot.) conflrudted from the Arabic quortom, to paint ; red 

paint having been prepared from the florets. 
Ca'rum (Bot.) P. N. from Carta, in Afia Minor. 
Caru'nculaB (Omith.) Lat. little pieces of flelh ; the wattles of birds. 
Cartone'ma (Bot.) xx^ri^y (horn, »?/(««, a thread or filament. 
Oary'oliiuin (Zool.) x»5w|. Dor. for xn^v^^ a herald. 
Car7ol>orus (Ent.) xi^uov^ a nut, Cogoc, devouring. 
Caryocata'ctes (Omith.) ua^uov^ a nut, jtaroyvy/ui, to break in pieces ; 

equiv. to nucifraga. 
Caryophy'llia (Zool.) xu^w, a nut, ^vXXoif, a leaf, the plates being con- 

fidered as a " nut of leaves ; " a genus of Zoophytes. 
Caiyophy'llus (Bot.) the Carnation is fb called becaufe it fmells like 

Caryo'ta (Bot.) the Greek name of the cultivated date, fo named horn the 

reiemblance to a walnut, xsb^vov. 
Ga'rythus (Ornith.) mtpvov, a nut ; its food. 
Oassentinie'llus (Ent.) P. N. from the infeft being firft taken in the 

valley of Cajfentino, in Tufcany. 
Ca'ssia (Bot.) from Arabic katfa, to tear off*; from the bark being dripped 

off the tree. 
Ca'ssicus (Ornith.) xaa-ffvaa^ to few together; fipom its interweaving 

vegetable fibres to form a penflle neft. 
Oa'ssida (Ent.) 

Cassida'lis (Ent.) refembling caffida in fome refpefts. 
Cassi'didsB (Ent.) cajftda^izxa. term. ida. 
Cassi'ne (Bot.) its name among the Indians of Florida. 
Cassi'nia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of John Dominic Cajftni, the aflronomer. 
Cassi'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Henri Cajftni, a celebrated French 

Cassiope' (Ent.) P. N., the mother of Andromeda. 
Ca'ssis (Zool.) Lat. a helmet; the helmet-fhell. 
Ca'ssytha (Bot.) the Greek name of the Dodder, which it reiembles. 


CMta'Jia (EiitO i^JIm, iiiirt. 
Caata'lia (Bot.) L.H. pure ; 
Caata'nea (Bot.) Lji. a chi 

CastanoBpe'rmLiin (Got.) t 

It faxls tafte likt thtllnuts; a. genus of LegU' 

a feeding oa 

Castelea (Bot.) P. N. from M. Cap!, author of a poem upon planM. 

CasUga'ta (Ent.) .:sjligalu,, fmall, llender. 

CaatUie'ja (Bot,) P. N. from ftjn Ca/!itfya,a Spaniih botanifl. 

Ca'fltor (Zool.) Lai. a heaver. 

Oaatorl'nft (Zool.) ij/7.r; a fub-family of Mammalia. 

CaBtre'naiB (Eul.) Lot. liviug in a camp ; the larva being gregarious. 

Oa'atuB-a-um (Zool., Bol.) Lat. chafle. 

OaBUari'na (Bot.l from fuppofed rcfemblanco to iht ftathcrs of the 

Caaua'rlua (Ornith.) a genua of Birds. 
Cfttabro'sa (Bot.) xatuBftxriu that which is eaten 

Cataolj'ata (Ent.) .BTxiAi-jtilr, funk under water; the I 

aquatic plants. 
Oata'lpa (Bot.) an Indian name. 
Catanan'ohe (Bot.) KXTatiyxn, Ifrong incentive; fo, 

philtres, or rather the plant mentioned by Diofcoiidt 

now lie ijeotified. 
Cata'phaneB (Ent.) ^urtn^wis, dearly feen, vlfible. 
Cataphra'ata (Zool.) na-m^nnTK covered up, Ihut i 

Catlphra'otua (Ichth.) i«T«Pf«itTS(, covered up, Ihul in. 
Catarra'ctes (Ornith.) iiTufpiicTKi, Lrolien, precipitou; 

tiyniiihio break in pieces. 
Catl'BOOpUB (Ent.) Jia-ri, downward, siwwiia, lo look al. 
Catase'tum (Bot.) jiitT>, downward, yiiiF, hriiHe; from t 

Cata'atomua (!chth.) nim, downwards, aiifLx, a mouth. 

Catella (Ent.) Lot. a little chan. 

Catena (Ent.) Lot. a chain ; alTo. in Botany fp. name of i 

Catenft'lia (Enl.)£o/cjio, a chain. 

Catene'Ila l lioi.) dim. of eataia, a chain ; a genut of Cryp 

Cateno'sa | Ent) aium, a eluin. 

GAT — CAU , 75 

Cate'phia (£nt.) Ketra<^hsy downcafl, obfcure. 

CatephildSB (£nt.) catephia^ h.m. term, ida, 

Gatephioi'des (£nt.) catephia^ otSo;, refemblance. 

Gate'retes (£nt.) xarifioti to denounce; or, xettifi^, to cover or 

GatesbsB^a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Catejhy^ author of the Natural 

Hiftory of Carolina. 
Gatharan'thus (Bot.) Ko&upos, pure, atdoc, flower; neat and beautiful 

flowers ; a genus of Apocynacese. 
Gatha'rtes (Omith.) jta6apT»jj, a cleanier, or purifier; applied to certain 

Gathartice'lla (Ent.) feeds on Rhamnus catharticus, buckthorn. 
Gathartocar'pus (Bot.) xaBuipu, to purge, xapvos, fruit; a genus of 

Leguminofae, to which the purgative caflia belongs. 
Gatoble'pas (Zool.) xarv, down, 0xiire«, to look. 
Gato'oala (£nt.) xdrat, below, xeikosi beautiful, alluding to the under- 

Gatooa'lidsB (£nt.) catocala; a family of Lepidoptera. 
Gatocaloi'des (Ent.) catocala, f7$o$, refemblance. 
Ga'todon (Ichth.) xarw, below, oJoy;, oJavToj, a tooth ; having teeth in the 

lower jaw. 
Gatodon'tidSB (Ichth.) the family of Toothed whales, of which preceding 

is the type. 
Oatophrag'mus (Zool.) *aT«, againft, ^fayfAUy a defence or protection. 
Gato'pS (Ent.) xirooy below, »%|/, the face. 
Gato'ptria (Ent.) xiroirTpov, a mirror. 
Ga'ttleya (Bot.) P. N. fo called by Dr. Lindley, in honour of tV. 

Cattley, Efq.^ of Barnet, Hertfordfhire. 
Gauca'Jis (Bot.) a Greek name ufed by Theophrafhis, now applied to the 

Bur parfley. 
Gaudacu'ta (Omith.) cauda^ a tail, acutus, (harp. 
Cauda'na (Ent.) eauda, a tail. 

Gauda'tus-a-uzn (Zool., Omith., Bot.) having a tail, tailed. 
Caude'lla (Ent.) cauda, a tail, dim. ella. 
Gaudimacula'tum (Ichth.) cauda, a tail, maculatusy fpotted. 
Caudivol'vulus-a-um (Zool.) cauda^ a tail, vohere^ to curl. 
Caule'rpa (Bot.) caulh, a ftem, ip-nuy to creep ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Gaule'rpites (Fos. Bot.) fame etymology ; a foflil genus allied to 


76 CAU — CEL 

Cauliflower (Bot.) caulh^ a ftem, /w, a flower; /. e. the flowering (lem 

or ftalk. 
Caulophylluzn (Bot.) kavX*?, a (lem, ^vXXov, fo terminated by the (lalks 

that the leaves ieem to be a continuation of the ftem ; a genus of 

Cau'sTis (Zool.) %Ku9iit a burning heat, referring to its bite ; a genus of 

Cau'ta (Ent.) cautus, fafe, iecure, cautious. 
Cave'lla (Ent.) cavus, hollow. 
Cavemo'sa (Ent.) cavernofus, having hollows. 
Ca'via (Zool.) a genus of Mammalia. 
Cavoli'na (Zool.) cavus, hollow, full of holes. 
Ceano'thus (Bot.) xicvavdoc, a kind of thiftle ; term ufed by Theophraftus, 

from xtott to cleave. 
CelbidSB (Zool.) ceSus, fam. term, tda; 2l femily of Mammalia. 
Ceblepyri'nad (Omith.) cebUpyrhy the Red Caps; a fub-fomily of the 

Ceblepy^ris (Omith.) xlfiXn for xK^aXn, the head, vup, Are; from the 

bright colour of the head ; the Red Caps. 
Celozio (Ent.) a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oebrio'nldsB (Ent.) 

Ce'btus (Zool.) »?0oc, a long-tailed monkey. 

Cecidomy'ia > (Ent.) «MMii wiu^oi, excrefcence or gall-nut, /uDia, a fly ; 
Cecidomy'idsB) a genus and funily of Diptera. 
Ceorcypia (Bot.) P. N., fo called from Cecrops, King of Athens, whofe legs 

were fabled to be fnakes ; fnake-wood. 
Oeoro'pidSB (ZooL) Cecrops, fam. term, uia; b, family of Entomodraca. 
Cecro'ps (Zool.) 

Cede'stis (Ent.) xnhrrnft a relation by marriage. 
Cedre'la (Bot.) cedrus, the cedar-tree ; from its aromatic refm. 
CedreWcead (Bot.) the mahogany-tree family, of which cedrela is the 

Ce'drus (Bot.) Hebrew name Latinized. Brook Cedron ? 
CelSB'na (Ent.) xtXmtis black, referring to its colour. 
Cela'ndine (Bot.) derived from the name of Ckelidoniumt given to it by 

Gerarde and Parkinfon, becauie the plant which comes in bloom when 

the ytXxttiitj (fwallow) appears. 
Celastra'oeaB (Bot.) the family of spindle-trees, of which celaQrut is the 




Celas'trus (Bot.) xijAao-rpoj, an evergreen tree, according to fbme, privet, 

to others, holly ; now applied to the Spindle tree. 
Cdla'ta (£nt.) part, of celo, to conceal ; concealed. 
Celebe'nsis (Zool.) Lat. relating to the ifland of Celebes. 
Celerel'la (Ent.) celer, fwift, dim. term. ella. 
Celerlo (Ent.) celer^ fwift ; applied to one of the Hawk -moths. 
Ce'lery (Bot.) from clxtfov ? 
Ce'lia (Ent.) xnXic, a fpot. 
Celi'ptera (Ent.) xvtXis, a fpot, wti^ov, a wing. 
Cellepo'ra (Zool.) cella^ a cell, porus, a pore or little pole ; a genus of 

Cellepo'ridee (Zool.) celleporoy fam. term, ida; a family of Polyzoa. 
Cellulla'lis (Ent.) cellula, a little chamber. 

Cellula'ria (2^ool. cellular a little cell or chamber ; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Celo'sia (Bot.) *uXoj, burnt ; the flowers of fome fpecies appear flnged ; a 

genus of Amarantacez. 
Celsia (Ent., Bot.) P. N. from Olaut Cel/ws, Greek Profeflbr at Upfal, a 

friend of Linnxus. 
Celtis (Bot.) one of the names antiently given to the lotus ; applied by 

Toumefort to a genus of the modern Ulmacese. 
Cembra'lis (Ent.) from the Pinus Cembra^ being found on fir-trees. 
Cemio'stoma (Ent.) *w/t*6;, a muzzle, o-rc/ua, the mouth. 
Ce'monus (Ent.) *n/*«?> a muzzle ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Cena'ngium (Bot.) xiwc, em.pty, ayytiov^ a veflel ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Ce'nohris (Zool.) a genus of Ophidians. 
Ce'nchrus (Bot.) ^iyx?^U the Greek name of the Millet Latinized ; a 

genus of Gramina. 
Cenia (Bot.) xn»©j, empty ? from inflated calyx ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Cenoooc'cum (Bot.) kbvoj, empty, nonxoiy a berry ; a genus of Fungi. 
Cenomy ce (Bot.) xnvoj, empty, and /uw*ii, a fungus ; from the little hollow 

receptacles ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Centau'rea (Bot.) juvTaw^iJa, the herb centaury. 
Centaurea'ta (Ent.) feeds on Centaurea fcabiofa. 
Cente'tes (Zool.) x8VT««,to prick or fting; from the ftiort thorn-like fpine 

on the body. 
Centothe'ca (Bot.) kivt5», to prick, and Smca, a flieath ; a genus of 

Centrcm'thus (Bot.) i»8*Tpo», a fpur, av6o;, a flower ; the fpurred corolla ; a 

genus of Valerianacear. 

Ce'ntria (Ent.) a gtnus of Hymenopten. 

Centri'acus (Tchth.) nfr.i^n, to prick ; the Trumptt-fiih. 

Centrocar'pha (fiot.) mnfm, a Iharp polnc, n^t, chalT; the pillex bein] 

hrillly; a genu5 of Compafit^. 
Centre Cli'nium (Bot.) urr^<,apoint,M>ii»i,a bed; a genus of Compofita:. I 
Csntroglo'Bfla (Ent.) >i>T{«, a (harp point, yXina, the tonj^e. 
Centrolo'phuB (Ichth.) *iiT;»,3 Iharp point, ^ifn;, the back of the 

the Black^h. 
Centropo'muB (Ichth.) iJiTgw, a point, vi/ta, a lid or cover ; a gt 

tht family Perddi. 
Centroprl'stea (Ichth.) liir^r, a prick, nfio-Trii, tlu- fjw-filh. 
Centro'pua (Ornilh.) iiiT(i>, a fpur. wiSc, from the great length of I 

ibe claw ofthe hind toe, 
Ceiitroaper'intmi (Bot.) mv^fn, a point, ratppn. fend ; from fpiny poinU.-l 

of pappui ; a genut of Compofltz;. 
Centrou'rua (Otnith.) »"T{ov, a fli.iip point, mfn, the tail; it ihould be I 

Centru'ropliis (Ichth,) nitrfit, a point, lifif, a tail. S^„, a Tctpent, 
Centu'noulua (Bot.) Lni. a genui of Primulaeei. 
Csnta'rio (Zool.) L^l, a commander; applied to the Epaulet baC. 
Csiitu'rus (Ornich.) k»t^, a point, gi^^a tail; a genu> of Woodpeck«n 
Cs'pa (Bot.) from fa/vl, the head ; in alluilonto its round Ibnn; theDnion 
Cephaa'liB (Bot.) fiom iii^Mii.ii, a head ; it fkiwers in heada or bunches. 
Cephala'nlhua (Bol.) ufc^n, a head, £i6st, a flower. 
Cephal'epls (Omith.) <if<i;ii], the head, xii.',-, a Tcale. 
Oeptialo phora (Bot.) from xifaAo tlie head, ipofiu, to boar. 
CephalopboruB (Zool.) jii4«»«, a head, ^ift, to hear or catty. 
Cephalop'terUB (Ocnith.) aifiitii, head, rri^r, feather ; from the iargi 

arvJ fpreadlng rred ; the Umbrella bird. 
OephalO-tho'rax (Zool.) «.?«*«, the head, a^,.J, bread- plate. 
Cepbalo'triahum (Bat.) mtiiin, head, Sf.^,rfi;^», liuir; from lieads being ■ 

covere.1 with hair ; a genui of Fungi. 
Cepbalo'tUB (Bot.) iu<ps>iiTiBE, headed, capilale (lameni, being type of orderH 

Oe'pola (Ichlb.) etymology unknown. 
Ceiu'go (Ent.) «-u, wax. 

Cerambi'cidffl (Ent.) erramh^x, fam, teim, iilr. 
Oero'mbyit \. Ent.) ■»^Si^, a homed beetle, 
Cera'aiica i Ent.J il^t. a horn, /^ing; Tame ni itntii, iaiM. 

CER — CER 79 

Cerami'dium (Bot.) ceramium^ i7Joj, form. 

Cera'mium (Bot.) xi^«fciov, a pitcher ; it has the appearance of capfules ; 

a genus of Algx. 
Cerano'ta (£nt.) xsV'^^* ^ horn, v£Ta, pi. of »£TOf, the back. 
Cera^nthera (Bot.) Mftti^ a horn, uM^n^ ; from the homed lobes of anthers ; 

a genus of Violaceae. 
Cera'ptila (£nt.) xf^^Ci a horn, n-TiXov, a plume. 

Cera'stes (Zool.)|^ «i^«yTuf, homed : the former is applied to a genus of 
Cera'stis (£nt.) ) Ophidians ; the latter, to a beetle. 
Cera'stium (Bot.) xi^osf, a horn. 
Cera'sus (Bot.) firft brought from Cerafus, a town of Afia Minor ; the 

Cera'tiola (Bot.) »r,p»viot, a little horn, which the ftigma refembles ; a 

genus of Empetraceae. 
Ceratisolen (Zool.) xE^anov, a pod, a-vXi^v, the razor-fhell. 
Cera'tium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Fungi. 
Ceratoca'rpus (Bot.) nsp»s-»rosi a horn, kk^vos, fmit 
Ceratoce'phalus (Bot.) xi^ds'tt-rosf a horn, KS<paX^, the head, 
Cerato'chloa (Bot.) xl^«y-«To;, a horn, ;^x«a, grafs. 
Ceratohy'al (Zool.) xipxs-ttrost a horn, yaxo;, glafs. 
Cerato'nia (Bot.) Hfpas-xrosi a horn ; it has horn-like pods. 
Ceratoniella (£nt.) iiep»s-airos, a horn, dim. term. ella. 
Ceratope'talon (Bot.) xepus-ecTos, a horn, ar«T«Xov, from the form of 

petals ; a genus of Cunoniaceae. 
Cerato'phorus (Ent.) xipus-eiros, a hom, <^ipot^ to bear; a genus of 

Ceratophy'llum (Bot.) nip»s-etTO(i a hom, fvxxov, a plant. 
Ceratosa'nthes (Bot.) xipxs-etroty a hom, a>do;, from the form of petals ; 

a genus of Cucurbitaceae. 
Ce'rbera (Bot.) P. N. from Cerberus, the famous dog of Mythology ; from 

being poifonous ; a genus of Apocynacex. 
Cerca'spis (Zool.) KipKos, a tail, aa-mls, a viper; a genus of Colubrine 

CeToeris (Ent. ) a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Ce'rcis (Bot.) xspxigy a name ul'ed by Theophraftus; its common name, 

Judas-tree, is derived from its having been fuppofed to be the tree upon 

which Judas hanged himfelf ; but Gerarde gravely afliires us that this 

was not the cafe, as he hanged himfelf on an Elder ! 
Cerooce'bus (Zool.) ki^xo;, a tail, xnCos^ a monkey. 

8o CER — CER 

Ceroocelus ^ 

ChCBrop'sis > (Zool) a genus of Quadrumana. 


CeroolaHbes (Zool.) xl^of , a tail, XaCij, a handle. 

Ceroole'ptes (2^ool.) Mf^»of, a tail, Xfirr«c, flender. 

Ceroo'monas (Zool.) xtpKis^ a tail, monas ; a genus of Infiifbria. 

Cercopithe'cus (Zool.) tci^Mf^ a tail, trtdnxof, a monkey. 

Ce'royon (Ent.) 

Cere'lla (Ent.) cera, wax ; from the larva being found in bees' nefts. 

Cereo'psis (Omith.) unpof^ wax, o^t^, refemblance. 

Oere'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Ceres, inventrefs of tillage; a genus of Gra- 

Ce'reus (Bot.) cereus fignifies pliant, like wax, from cera, wax ; being eafily 

bent in fome fpecies ; a genus of Ca^ceas. 
Ceria'nthus (Zool.) xtpas, a horn, ofvdo;, a flower ; a genus of A£Hniz, 
Ceri'go (Ent.) P. N., the modern name of the ifland of Cythera. 
Ceri'ntha (Ent.) ttnpos^ wax. 

Ceri'nthe (Bot.) xd^a;, wax. Bees obtain a large fupply of wax from it. 
Cerio'mis (Ornith.) xtpetg, a horn, ofing, a bird ; the Horned pheafant of 

Cerithi'idSB (Zool.) cerithium, hm. term. ida. 
Cerithium (Zool.) etymolog^^ uncertain ; a genus of Moliufca. 
Cero'cala (Ent.) xt^f, a horn, Kct'Kof, beautiful. 
Ceroce'phala (Ent.) Mfuf, a horn, xi^xtXij, the head. 
Cero'coma (Ent.) xlpac, a horn, xo/ah, hair, from peculiarity of antenna: ; 

a genus of Coleoptera. 
Cero'maora (Eut.) uipeti, a horn, f/iaupig^ long. 

Cero'pales (Ent.) unpis^ wax, vaXn, fine meal ; a genus of Hyn^noptera. 
Cerope'gia (Bot.) nnpif, wax, vnyiiy a fountain. 
Oero'phytnm (Ent.) xn^V, wax, <i)i;T»ir, a plant. 
Oero'platus (Ent.) xipat^ horn, flrXarv?, broad ; a genus of Diptera. 
Oero'stoma (Ent.) unpog^ wax, a-rifxa^ a mouth. 
Oero'zylon (Bot.) «i»f*-, wax, {uXo», wood; the Wax-palm of South 

Oerta'ta (Ent.) cfrtu*, efbblifhed, fure. 
Oe'xthia (Omith.) Lot. for a tree-creeper. 

Oorthi'idSB (Ornith.^ certhia, fam. term, ida ; the Creeper famiK'. 
Oerthila'uda (Omith.) certhiuy alauda, a lark. 
Oe'rthiolA (Ornith.) dim. of the preceding. 

CER — CHA 8i 

Cerusioo'sta (£nt.) cerujfa, white lead, cofta^ the fide. 

Genzsse'lla (£nt.) cerujfa, white lead, cerufe, alluding to colour. 

Gerasse'llus (Ent.) cerujfa^ white lead, referring to colour. 

Gerva'lis (Ent.) cernja^ a doe ; being fawn-coloured. 

Gervantesia (Bot.) P. N. after the celebrated Cervantes; 3, genus of 

Cervioa'pra (Zool.) cervus, a (lag, ca/>ra, a goat. 
Cervi'na (Zool.) cervus, a ftag ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Gervina'ria (Ent.) cervinus, belonging to a deer, either from its fawn-colour, 

or from fome refemblance of the markings to flags* horns. 
Cervi'nus-a-uiu (Bot.) pertaining to a deer. 
Ce'rvus (Zool.) Lat. a ftag. 
Ce'rylon (Ent.) nipasf a horn, olXos, entire. 
Gespita'lis (Ent.) ce/pes-itis, turf. 
Cespiti'oolis (Ent.) cefpes-itis, turf, coh, to inhabit. 
Ce'spitis (Ent.) cefpes^ cefpH'u^ turf; on which it feeds. 
Ce'stode (Zool.) xf j-roj, a girdle, or band. 
Cestoi'dea (Zool.) refembling cejiode, 
Cestra'cion (Ichth.) *6<rTpa, a fifh held in efteem among the Greeks, 

doubtful whether a pike or a conger ; now ufed for the New Holland 

Cestri'nus (Bot.) P. N., the fon of Hedlor and Andromache ; a genus of 

Ces'trum (Bot.) Jtlyr^ov, the name applied by Diofcorides to the Betony. 
Ce'te (Zool.) jcnroj, or xHth, a whale ; an older of Mammalia. 
Ce' (Bot.) Arab, and Perftan chetherak, French ceterac, Welfh cedor y 

urachi the double rake ; a genus of Ferns. 
CetJ OSau'rus (Fos. Zool.) xnros, a whale, a-ttvpo^^ a lizard. 
CetocLi'lidee (Zool.) Kwr^ j, a whale, x''^^'^ ^^^^ 5 ^ family of Entomoftraca. 
Ceto'cllilus (Zool.) x^toj, a whale, x.^\os^ food ; a genus of Entomoftraca. 
Ceto'nla (Ent.) unexplained. 
Cetoni'idsB (Ent.) cetonia, fam. term. ida. 
Cetra ria (Bot.) cetraj a buckler ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Ceuthoca'rpus (Bot.) xjufl/w, to hide, xapiros^ fruit. 
Ceutho'spora (Bot.) xgyfi«, to hide, a-iropei, feeds, from the hidden fporules ; 

a genus of Fungi. 
Ceutorhy'nclius (Ent.) xsCBm, to hide, pvy)(os, a beak. 
Chabro'lii (Ichth.) P. N. from the celebrated M. Chabrol. 

ChaeTna (Zool.) native Hotte 
ChEBrophylla'ta [Ent.> Ceeds on Ci^nf Allium Jilvrfin, the Cow parflcy. 
ChffirophyUe'Ilua (Ent.) dim.oftieropAyim, the plant which it frequenti, 
Chffiropliy'lli (Ent.) feeds on Ciutrafij,llnt imnfoi/Bw, rough Cow parfley. 
Cliieropijy'ilujn (Bot.) ^'^i^ rejoice, *iw», a leaf; from its liuuirimt 

CllEetaclllce'na (Bot.) x»''Tn. briftle, x,^'"'i covering ; from the point" <rf 

involucre being concealed ; a. genus of CompofitiE. 
ChEBta'nthera (Bot.) j;aiTii, briftle, iiflsp, having hairy anthen; agenut 

of Compofit*. 
CbEBta'ria (Bot.) x'!-"> brifUe i a genus of Graraina. 
CUeeta'rthrift (Ent.) ;t'''"'. » briftle, H/Sfn, a joint. 
Chseto'calyx |Bot.) x^^TJi, hriftJe, »«j.t4, calyx; covered with brifilei 

gemi^ of Leguminofi. 
Chffitocne'ma (Ent.) z'^< =■ briftle, w^, the leg. 
ChEs'todOB (Ichth.) ;t«''n, a mane, litCi, sJatsc, a tooth. 
Chfetodo'ntldEe (Iclith.) chaiodvi, hm. teon. iic; a family of Acantho- 

ptcrygiouB fifheB. 
Cllffitoga'atra (Bot.) ^'"t"! Iiriftle, ymrraf, the belly ; the tube of calyx 

brilUy; a genui of Mehftomacoi. 
ChBBto'miuin (Bot.) X"'"> briftle ; from the hairy appearance ; a genus of 

Ch'ffitomya (Zool.) xi'"-\ '"""S ""wing hair, ^5( 
Clista'pbora (Bot.) ;t:°""<t brilUe, ft^, to bear; briflle-bearer, alluding 

lo the form ; a geous of Algx. 
ChEeto'phora (Bot.) x"''""!* briftle, Ufa, to bear, from the htandxed 

liiamentB ; a family of Coofervoid algx. 
ChBBtophora'caffl (Bol.) linofkora. fam. ti 
Cheto'poda (Zool.) x*'". " briftle, *iZ 

CtlEBto'pteryx(Ent.)xiiiT>,hair,irii/tif,awing; agenusoflhePhryganidi, 
Chfflto'Bpora (Bot.) It""". " brilHe, o-aifil, feed; a genui of Algi . 
Chaetoto'iiliuB (Eat.) x'"'"! '>"'''■ ^"i- ''"'' ^° "" i t^^iKg ^ black beard 

on the apex of the pafteriot wings. 
Chntn'niB (Bot.) xaSn^ hriltle, eifi, a tail ; from the lllky appearance of 

panicle; a genus of Gramina. 
Chagri'aea (Ichth.) Lji. ihagreencd. 
Ohallle'tla(itrt.)fr'im Af. ChuilUi, a -Swifi bolauift; ihe typical g 

of Chailletiacex-. 


.ijf, copper (colour) ; a genas of Hfmenoptera. 

Ohalcedo'nla (Ent.) x'*". ' puiple colour. 
Chalcedo'nioTia-a-um (Bot.) the colour of Chalcedony. 
Cttaloidn (Zool.) iiniiij, hm. term. iiU. 

OhB'loldee > . ^ , 

™. , -ij,. - (Ent.}j:»Vitt, copper; irom their copper i 

aba.1fAB (ZooL) x'>-"'. hiafe i » genua c 


Ohalol'tea 5 

Cttaloogramme'lla (Ent.) jt^xixJc, biaTs, yfifti/to, a mark, dim. term. cJ/a. 

Obflloope'pla (Omith.) j^b^h^c, copper, visrIkK, a covering. 

OhaloOBo'iniL (Ent.) ;^iiAi>at, brals, (colour), trS^it, a body, 

Ohaleo'storoa (Zool.) xi'^nii, copper (colour), «-Ti,uo, a mouth. 

Oha'limtls (Zool.) j^dn.wV, a bridle ; a genus of EntomoHraca. 

Ohalybffi'na (Ornith.) x.i>-^-i.-„a„, Iteel, from the metallic colours of the 

Cha'ljbe (Ent.) x"*"J""B"f, hard Iron or (teel ; referring to colour. 
Obfl'ma (Zool.) x«f*'i ^ cockle, which from xnfw, to gape; a genui of 

ahamxdo'rea (Bot.) xi"^'< o" *^^ ground, lufii, a gift ; the flowers 

hanging low. 
Ohamte'dryB (Bot.) x''l^'^< "" '^ ground, J^t, the oak ; the germander 

ChSfiue'lsdon (Bot.) x'^'^t dwarf, xXiat, cifhia ; a gimus of Ericacex. 
Chafflse'lBon (Zool., Ent.) j;it/iitJ, on the ground, Xijn, a lion; the name 

is not apt either to the liiard or the infefl; when applied to the 

latter, the reference ia to itt varying in colour. 
OhanUBli'rion (Bot.) ;t"i»"'i dwarf, Mi^m, a Uly; dwatf-!ily; a genus of 

CliainE8pe'lIa (Omith.) x'H*'^t o" the ground, nmxif, mud ; the Ground 

Dove. The btter part nf the name probably from its alhy-brown colour. 

diamra'petes (Omith) x'/*"''-^ <"' ^^^ ground, hctsjuu to dy. 

ChamBa'pitys (Bot.) x»^«'. "n the ground, ■niiai, Che pine-tree. 
CluunEerbodode'luliDB (Bot.) x'f""' '>" ^^^ ground, ^siUivtpn, the Rofe- 

ChUnts'TOpB (Bot.) x'f'^i °" 'l>s ground, fii4; a yoimg (hoot. 
Cttamte'HlpllO (Zool.) :t:B|U"i O" the t^und, irifm, a lube; a genuo 

of Cirri pedes, 
lataeok (Zool.) native name of a monkey of li.e family Cebidi ; Atele. 


84 CHA — CHE 

Chameleon (Zool.) ;^a/M«<Xi«r, a little lion ; from ;^»/u«(, on the ground, 

Xe«Vj a lion. 
Cha'midSB (Zool.) a family of Mollufca of which chama is the type. 
Chamiss'oa (Bot.) P. N. from M, Chamijfo^^ celebrated botanift; a genus 

of Amarantacez. 
Cha'momile (Bot ) ;t*f*«*» fxr^kn^ dwarf or ground apple ; becaufe the 

plant fmells like apples, or rather like quinces. 
Chamomi'lla (Bot.) ;^a(/Ma(, on the ground, /uqXov, an apple; chamomile. 
Chamomi'llSB (£nt.) feeds on the Chamomile. 
Cliamo'strea (Zool.) chama^ a genus of fhells, tfireoy the oyder ; a genus of 

bivalve Mollufca. 
Chao'nia (Ent.) P. N,. a diftri£t in Epirus. 

Chapta'lia (Bot.) P. N. from M, Chaptal, sl famous French chemifl. 
Cha'ra (Bot.) x**V*» *° delight ; it delights in water ; a genus of Cryp- 

togamia. • 

Charadri'nidse (Omith.) the Plovers ; charadriust fam. term. ina. 
Chara'drius (Omith.) x«P**g**»» dwelling in clefts or gullies; the curlew. 
Charee'as (Ent.) x*^*f ♦ grace ; beauty of fhape. 

Charca'rodon (Ichth.) Ka^y^jt^iliovi-diwros^ with (harp or jagged teeth. 
Charicle'a (Ent.) P. N. from Charides^ a tyrant of Athens. 
Chari'dea (Ent.) chara, itiot, refemblance. 

Chaiip'tera (Ent.) chara, vTf^«r, a wing, i. e. refembling that genus. 
Charlwo'odia (Bot.) P. N. from G. Charlivood^ Efq., F.L.S., an enthu- 

fiaflic EngliOi botanift ; a beautiful genus of Liliacez. 
Charmos'yna (Omith.) a beautiful parrot. 
Charter 'gUB (Ent.) x'^f^^fy paper, i^yot, work ; becaufe this Hymenop- 

terous infect makes its nefl of a fubflance like paper. 
Chasmarhy'nohiis (Omith.) ^da-fAct, a hollow or chafm, (vyx^u ^ 

Chasmo'nia (Bot.) jfaa-fAM, to gape wide, from the expanded calyx ; a 

genus of Labiatas. 
Chau'liodes (Omith.) x««'^»«f» gap»°g- 
Chaulio'dus (Ent.) xj^vrneiov^^ with outflanding teeth. 
Cha'una (Omith., Ent.) ;t«^»c» gaping. 
Ohaonomurse'na (Ichth.) x^^^t gaping, fxvpaitci^ an eel. 
Channopro'ctus (Omith.) x'^^^St gaping, vpoexrif, the anus. 
Cheila'nthes (Bot.) x<^Aoc, the lip, «e>doc, a flower. 
Oheilo'dia (Bot.) x^^xof) a lip, and «}ovf, a tooth ; from the toothed lips 

of the corolla ; a genus of I^abiat£. 

itLoglOttlB ;^(t>t^i, Lipi )r^HTfaj tongut?; tongue-like apptncUgt ti 

lip of eoralla ; a genus of OrchiJacei. 

ObsUone'urus (Ent.) j^iXyos, the lip, uapr, u rib. 

Cbelmatobi'a (Ent.) xf't^t "'"'it winter, BUt, life ; appearing in v 

Chetra'atilUB (Bot.) j^tlf, the hand, sidi;, a Hower; biieauTe fiiiti 

iTTytng in the hand? ot perhaps from Ar^u, lit^riy, and 

iClieiroga'lsuB (Zool.) x>k' ^ ^"i^i: ?ax;, a wealel; applici 


.(Phelro'lepla (Fos. Ichth.) ^ilp, liand, Aiwi'i, a fcale. 
OhBi'romyB (Zool.) ;(•!(, a liand, ftEt, u rooufe. 
Ihetro'pHchuB (£nt.) x'^fi hand, amxi^;. Chick. 
Oheiro'ptera (Zool.) ;(ii[, the hand, wTipii, a wing ; a famU)- of ft 

malia; the Bats. 
ChelrOHte'mon (Bot.) from the Qriking refemblance of tl 

anthtrs to the fingers of a hand. 
OheiTo'stylia (Bot.) x''?' » hand, ffiD*.,, a pLlUr ; a genus of 
Oheli'doneB (Ornith.) ^inW. a fwaliow ; an order of Birds. 
Ohalldo'niura (Bot.) xf>-''^'. tl"* IwaUow ; in aUufion to 

Obel'lfer (ZooL) ^cf^i, a chw, 9ie», to heai 

OhBl'mon (Ichth.) x">(""»i » fifh with a 

Ohelo'ne (Bot.) x'^''", > Cortoile ; the back of the helmet of the fUtwer is 

compared to a tortoile. 
Ohelo'nla (ZooL) x>^n, a tortoife ; an order of Replilia. 
Chelo'ula (Ent.) ^OLmxf, a Ipotted beetle. 

Chelonl'ids (Ent.) ikdmh, hsa. term, idat a boillj of Lepidoptera. 
ChalonoTola (Zool.) xtt-ifn, a (hell, flli;, exiftence ; a genoB of Cirripedei. 
Otielonyo'teria(ZaoL)x<^ii»", a tortoile, lan-rip;, abn; the Fringe-nofed 

ChBlo'stoma (Ent.) a genus of Mymcnopteri, 
Ctely'iiTtt (Zool.) x,*^"" ^ tortoife, uija, a 
Ohe'lya (ZooL) x^ijii, a tortoife. 
Clielytrype'teB (ZooL) ;(iAM, a tortoife, ^^ 
Cten (Ornith.) x^i » g"fe. 
Chenal'opex (Omith.) x". a gooie, uMliri 
Oheno'lea (Bot.) x""' " gooli^ ^"'«' ?'*)'■ 
Chanopodiel'la (Ent.) ikai^tdimi the goofc-fooi 

^^^ CHE cm ^^^^^^1 

^^B ClianopoiU'phaBa(EntO ck,n=p^u^, ^iya, to 


Jluding to the infeO.' ^M 



^^H Ohenopo'diutn (Bqi.) x'"- » e™'"'S "»«. »•'' 

i;, a foot ; in allulion to the ^| 

^^H (bape of ita leaves ; the plant gooftfoot. 


^^1 ChQrle'ria (Bot.) P. N. from ^An Hmry Clurl, 

r, whc 

> amOcd John BauklB ^H 

^^1 in the cximplhition of hliHIIlory of Plants 


iiLiof Caryaphyllacez. ^^M 

^^H Cherry (Bot.) is from Cirafiu, in Alia Minor. 


^H Oher'aydrua (Zool.) xh'»< dty land, CJ,-. a 


r-fetpenl ; a genus of ^H 

^^1 Ophidian'^. 



I,., t. r,i.fa, ti"-, ■ 

^^^1 a leaf; luxurianl foliage. 


^^1 Che'siaa (Ent.) P. N. a name of Diana. 


^^H Cheaaat (Bot.) tja. c^jianm. 


^^1 Ctae'tah (Zool.) a native Dame. 


^^^ Chi' (Ent.) from a winginarlc telenibling the Greek letter x- ' ^^| 

^^1 Chicken (Ornich.) Anglo-Sax. cum; Gtrm. iur. 



^^1 ChlQOry (Bot.) Jr^ih, ctiiiauryth. 



^^H ChUlen'ais (Zool., Ent.) relating to Chili. 


^^H ChJlO (Ent.) }■''>'"' '^ ''P; ''^"' ^li^ elongated ] 


^^H Chilobo'thrua (ZooL) x">''*> ■ l'P< Biifi^ a 

. hole 

; a genu! of Ophi- 

^^1 ChUoch'loa (Bot.) x"i(. ioAAet, xii», grafs ; i 


a of Gramina. 

^^B Chlloc'oruB (Ent.) ^".x^, a lip, ^.-c. futnefs. 

^^1 OhllogIta'tha(Zool.);Cu»a;,alip, >»^9.f, ajaw; an 

order of Annulofa. 

^^B Chilo'monas (Zool) ;t;ii>K, a lip,««u^,- hati 

ng a 

projeftion aliovB the 

^^^H mouth of a lip-tike appearance. 

^^1 Chilo'poda (Zool.) ;^'li«,. a thonrand, wSuc, «•»(, 

a foot ; a divifion of 

^^^H the Annutola. 

^^1 ChimBB'ra, ChimseTidte (Ithth.) xi^^f,, tht 


lira, a reputed mon- 

^^H Chjnue'roid (Tchih.) Mm^ra-Yi^c. 

^^^1 Chima'phlla (Bot.) x'^l**^ winter, «4>i>, to Idv 

e; Ev 

crgreens; a genm of 

^^^^ Pyrolacez. 

^^H ChlmoaB'nthus (Bot.) x?it.J«, winter, afl.c, a 


■n in allullon to it> 

^^^^H lime of flowering. 

^^H CtDeohU'la (Zool.) 

^^^K ahlllohim'lu>(Zool.>cJi«-i//j^; a rub-ramllr of Mamma^a. ^^ 

^^m OhlSe^lMl (Zool., BoLl Lu,. i^bting or belonging lo 



So'qob (Bot.) xi*». fiiow, ««.»{, a berry. 

hloleliaa (Ent.) x<^'-> winter, xniiic, white, 

Ohlona'ntliiia (Bot.] ;^i^, fnow, SiSk, a Rower. 

Chl'one (Zool.) P. N., the daughter of Deucalion. 

OMonea'Us (Ent.) x''""'> fno*/- 

Ohlonl'didffl (Ornith.) ihimh, fam. term, ida; a family of the Gailinz. 
Chlo'nla (Ornith.) x^', x'"", f"'™- 
ChloaOgna'thUS (Eat.) a genus of Eiotic ftag-l>eetles. 
Chlrooe'phalua (Zool.)jtii?, ahanc!,iiii«XB, the head; a genus of Ento- 

Ohlro'dota (Zool.) xi't'^^'h gi'™ hythe hand; a genus of Echino- 

OWroEa'laua (Zool.) x'U< the hand, ymxa, a weafel. 
Chlrone'otea (Ichth.) j^it/i, hand, ibitis, a Iwimmer ; the Hand-fift. 
Chlro'nla (Bot.) P.N. from C:ti™.,one of the fathers of medicine, hijlaoy, 

and furgery. 
Olliron'omiia (Ent.) a genus of Dipterous infefls. 
Qlilro'soeUa (Ent.) ;^il[, the hand, inci^tc, the leg. 
OhlMhtB'a (Bot.) xiffis, yellow or tnlioos ; from colour of flowers. 
Chlto'nia (Bot.) x,'""^! * ^"t of mail ; from the fteds being covered with 

fcalea ; a genus of MelallomaceK. 
Olltta'lift (Zool.) etymology unknown. 
OhltB'niQB (Ent.) a:'""'', a cloak. 
Ohlamy'ilera (Ornith.) jt^na/ic^c; a mantle, ti^t, the (kin; having, acror^ 

thebackofthencck,a rofe-colou red band. 
Ctllcun7(]osBu'i-ua (Zool.) j^tx^i!;. ;^kn|itiil9c, a mantle, imi'^Fi a lizard ; 

the Frilled liiard. 
Chllda'nttiQa (Bot.) x*"*"*"! ^ he delicate, Mtt, a flower. 
Chloa'lltbes (Bot.) x*'''^ 8™^, *''«, i flower; from its green flowers ; a 

genus of Verbenaee*. 
Ohloa'phaga (Ornith.) x'n. graft. *■>*"■. *" ™t; Ihould be written 

Ohlo'ra (Bot.) x^'F"! pver- 
Ohlorea'a (Bot.) ;(V«{it, green, from the hue of the (lower: a genua of 

Ohlora'na (Ent.) x'^fk, light-green. 
OEdOTB'nOiUB (Bot.) x'-'t''! r'B™) ^B'l' ^ flower. 
Otaora'atU (Zool.) x*"'f'i, S™", ifif, ' far; a genus of Infii- 

88 CHL — CHO 

Chlo'rea ) ,^ . 

Ohio non> ^ 'v r o 

Chloridi'iun (Bot.) x^^f* pallid, nJof, appearance ; /. <?., the afpe£tof the 
plants ; a genus of Fungi. 

Chlo'ris (Oraith.) x^"f*f^ w^ ^^^ name anciently applied to a bird, pro- 
bably the Greenfinch. 

Chlo'ris (Bot.) x^^F^f* green ; from the colour of the herbage. 

Chlori'za (Ent.) ;t;^ Vf** ^^ ^ greenifli or pale. 

Ohloroooc'cum (Bot.) x**'^*?! g^^een, ****cf, a berry; a curious genus of 

Chlorola'mpis (Omith.) x^^P^f* green, Xafxvot, to ihine ; a genus of 

Chloro'phaiius (Ent.) x^'^'P^s, green, <|>a»>«, to appear. 

Chloro'phytum (Bot.) x^^P^Sy green, <j>irrtfv, a plant. 

Chlo'ropus (Omith.) x^^f^f* green, »ot/f, a foot. 

Ghlororhy'nchos (Omith.) x^^P^f^ green, pvyxost a beak. 

Ghlorostilbon (Omith.) p^^^S^** green, a^thBotj to glitter; a genus of 

Chloro'ticus-a-um (Bot.) Lat, pale-green. 

Chloroz'ylon (Bot.) ;^x»^#f , green. fi/Xof, wood ; from the deep greenifh- 
yellow colour of the wood ; a genus of Cedrelaceae. 

Ghcerooa'mpa (Ent.) x^P^^t ^ ^^gi *otfAvny a caterpillar, from the ex- 
tended neck of the larva refembling a hog's fnout. 

Chceropotamiis (Fos. Zool.) x^P^f* ^ ^^g* w^'^'^f^cf > ^ i^ver ; an extinO 
genus of Mammalia. 

Choiropo'taznus (Zool.) ;^o?^f, a hog, ifQTKfxis^ a river. 

Clio'isya (Bot.) P N. from Choify^ a Genevefe botanift ; an ornamental 
genus of Rutaceas. 

ChoWpus (Zool.) ;t;*x«f, lame, imperfect, ff-oD; , a foot. 

Chole'va (Ent.) x^^*^^ ^^ go \amt, 

Chome'lia (Bot.) P. N. from J, B, Chomel, a French botanift, Phyfician 
to Louis XV. 

Ghonde'stes (Omith.) unexplained. 

Ohondraoail'tbidSB (Zool.) chondracanthtu^ fam. term. ida\ a family of 

Ohondraoa'nthus (Zool.) x^^P^U cartilage, eUmQtt^ a fpine. 

Ohon'dria (Bot.) X''V^ ^ cartilage, referrii^to texture of plant ; a genus 
of Algae. 

*£lhaadri'!lla (Bot.) ;(:«1^(, a luinp ; in allulion to the lumps uf g;iuniny 

matter on the Hema. 
' Ohondroptery'gli (Ichth.) x''^t"< * rartilag*' "''^Ji •^sr ' wing or fin ; 

an Older of Fillies. 
Ohon'druB (Bot.) j;n)(H[, a lump; a genU! ofAlgi. 
Oho'ninea (Ent) x""! a fiinuel, Uln. the nape of the necli. 
Ghora'gua (Ent.) x'fy'it ^ charus-leader. 
Cho'rila (Bot.) x'f^^- ^ <^°''^ ! " genus of Algi. 
Ohorcla'Fi& (Bot.) j;»plB, a cord ; in allufion to the appearance of the 

plants ; a genus of Algs. 
Cho'retia (Bot.) x^'fi'TJimflic; a very beautiful Mexican genus of Ama- 

ryllldacei, the flowers refembling tfiofe of Ifmene. 
OhOTeu'tea (Ent.) x'f""', ^ dancer. 
GtLOrtne'mllB (tclith.) unexpl^ned. 
Cttoria'pora (Bot.) X"f'fi Separate, and ifitsfji, feed ; from the very dirtinff 

ISxda in pods ; a pretty genus of Crudfera. 
□]lMozetaa(BoC.)SirJ. E. Smith remarks, with reference to this name, 
"M. Labillardiire originally dilcovered this plant (C. ilicifolium, the 
fpeiies firft found, and which was introduced in 1S03) on the Southern 
coaft of New Holland, at the foot of the mountains, in a loamy foil, 
near a Ipot where, after being tantalized with finding many fait fpriugs, 
his party had jvR met with an ample fupply of frefh water. This 
welcome refreflunent (cems to have fuggefted a name for his plant, 
which he had praperly determined to conftitute a new genus. He 
called it Choriiema, evidently, as I prefume, from x'f^'' ^ dance or 
joyful sUcmbly, and j^i^u, a drink ; in alluTioo to the circumOance juli 
mentioned. This occalioned me to take the liberty of changing the 
gender of the name, which he had made feminine ; and 1 have taken 
the fiuther liberty of changing the 1 for an 0, an alteration which the 
derivation leenu to authorize and, indeed, to render indifpenlable." 
ahorto'blus (Ent.) x'T'"^ g>^''<< Bl^i, life. 
Olirlstatel'la (Ent.) cri,ba„i, crefted. 
Ohrlatlemlna'lla [Ent.) P. N. in honour of Chrijlitmia, a friend of 

ChristulB'lls (Ent.) inj>«la, a fmall crel). 
ObToma'liB (Ent.) xi^f^ colour. 
Obroma'tiiun (Zool.) a genua of Infiirotia poflelling brilliant colours 

X,^!*", colour. 
Cluo'inodeB (Ent.) KtH"!> ^ '''"'' "^ ^ °' ;^^^a , colour. 

^^^ Obroma 

Oluroo'lBpia (Bot.) ;tW) tl>« (tin, ni»B, to decoitirale ; alluding 10 the 
inner membrane changing to powder ; a genus of CiTptogamia. 

Ohro'ala (Ent.) Xf'^'h ^ tolouting, tinting. 

Chry'opbrjra (Ichth.) x%>"'"t E^ld, offis, the eyebrow ; the filh called 
the Gilt-head. 

Ohrysfe'ta (Omith.) j;f"»'fi ?P^^i "tiTif, an eagle, 

Ctuysali'dina (Zool.) relembling a chrgfalii In its form ; a genus tA icm- 

Ctur'salis (Zool.) Xfutxkiii, the gold-cotoured Hieath of iniefb, equlv. 

Cliry3anthe'da(Ent.) ;i;fwi[, goltl, irfoliii, a bee ; a genus of Hytnenoptera. 
Chrysanthel'lum (BoL) dim. of Chrylanthemum ; an unlnterelUng genua. 
Chryaa'nthoml fEnt.) feeds on the foUouring plant. 
CliryBa'nthemtun (Bot.) xf^''^ &>^^' £'Bi|>u>, a flower ; a genus of 

Cbryae'ia (Bot.) P. N^ Homer's famous heauty and heroine, Chrgfch i 

alluding to the brilliancy of flowers ; a genus of Fapaveracez. 
ChryaidiformiH (Ent.) tAryrj-Jrfi., a raby-tail &y,fir>ia. 
Clay Hiphi'ttla (Bot.) ;((vr»f, gold, ^.im, a goblet, from its golden cup-like 

flowers ; a genus of Ao^aryllidace^. 
Ohly'sia (Ent.) X("'r> K"'^ ; ^^ ruby-tail fly ; a genua of Hymenoptera. 
Obrysi'tia (Ent.) ;!;(""'. goW. 
OhrjHOba'IanUH (Bot.) x(""i< B"^! Bit-an, an acorn ; in allulion to the 

CIiryBobo'thria (Ent.) xC'i' go'di SUfti, a hole. 
Clirysochlo'ra (Ent.) a genus of Diptera. 
Ohrysoohlo'riB (Zool.) ^tJCOriJCi gulden, ;^Xb>(J(, light-green ; applied to 

the changeable or golden mole, 
OhryRoa'Ia(Zool.);^^g$, got(l,nk9!,a nail; J.r. " (fudded with goUen nails." 
ChryBooly'stft (Ent.) xt''"f' S°^ tximt, waihed. 
OhryBOOo'ooyi (Omith.) xP"''' P'K fK"?*! (x""'^,) the cuckoo. 
Cluyso coma (Bot.) xf'''^ g°'''' '"i"*i ^'^'i '" »llulion to the tufts of 

yellow flowen, 
ChryBo'ooryB (Ent.) xi""'- g"'^' ""!"'> ^ helmet. 
Chrysoga'ster (ZooL) xf^^'i f^i y'^M' ''"' belly. 
Ohryaog'omum (Bot.) XE"'"' S^ '''■ ?™i * ^'^ ; '1^ yellow flowers are 

moftly pioduwd at joints of the ftem ; a pretty genus of Compoattx. 
ChryEota mpla (Omith.) xF"f> i,"^^' ^'.•^'^t to Ihine ; a genus of Hum- 

CHR - 


a (Ent.) xi"'"' Rold, fx fiiiXa, the limbs. 
F Ohryaoine'lidffi (Ent.) ehryfimda, fam. term. idn. 

a (Ent.) xt"'''' goI<li liiHx, 3 Ity ; B genus of Diptera. 

Chry'aomyB (ZooL) xc""' S°^^' i"''fi = moufe. 

Ghiyaono'ttta (Omith.) xf^^'i^ e°^< tirof, the back 
OhryBonyche'Utia (F.nt.) xi"'^'^ S"^' ^"^-^''t = claw, dim. tllm. 
GhryBo'pa (Ent.) Xf"'' S°'*'' '"''(i ■'^'fii > '<>ot ; a genus of Neuioptera. 
ahryaopelaa (Zool.) a geaas of Colnbrine ophidians. 
OhryBophy'llnm (BcfL) ;ct"''(i g°''l. ^i"-*". a leaf. 
OhiyBopo'gon (Bot.) xe""'' g°'<li vv>w, a beard, from the yellow awnt ; 

a btautilul genus of Gramina. 
O&ry'BOpa (Ent.) xP^i' Ihininfr like gold ; a genus of Diptcra. 
ObTysorrJiCB'a (Ent.) x!"'''- Eo'^t h''t t" "fw ; from the g 


ium (Bot.) :(5« 

"., sold, 

».»;.;., fpleen. 


aa (Bot.) w"' 

-ic, gold, 

ni^fia, a cr 

own ; ftom colour of 

RowerEj a 

very P™lCy gei 


OhrjBo'tia {O 

mith.J x/v'ii. 

gold, =!t. 

^ri,. an ear. 

Ohryauro'nia (Omith.) x{"' 

i., gold, 


genu! of Humming- 

ChTTBn'raB (Bat.) xf^'fi £<*'<'< °^^<^ ' ^^ i '" allolion to the floweni. 
Ghtbomalj'lice (Zool.) chlhamUm, hm.. term, iju ; a fab-&miiy of Cirri' 

Chthoa'alQa (Zool.) x^"/'"'^'!. on the ground. 

OhuVa (Zool.) native name of one of the fpider monkeys. 

Oliydo'ruB (Zool.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Entomollracai. 

OhylOOla'dift (Bot.) a gemis of AlgK. 

Ohy'sls (Bot.) x^'f' fufion, becaufe the pollen mafTes appear to be fuJed 

together; a fplendid, but very rare, Orchidaceous plant from 
Cl'a (Omith.) etymology unknown. 
Olbo'Hum (Bot.) nie-'Tiav. a little cheft : from form of induilum. A nohle 

tree-fern from New Holland. 
Oloa'da (Ent.) the Latin rkaJa is from »iii«f, the accufative of which is 

mxaia. The ancients ufed citada for the cricket, not the grall-hopptr, 

which they called haipa. 
Oicadella (Ent.) tMaai, a grafr-hopper. 
CHoa'dldte (Ent.) ticada, Uia. term. liU. 
Olofttrioe'lluB (Ent.) rico*™, a fear. 

>t.) P. N, from PHir Ciaa, who wrote in 1553. 


Cl'oer (Bot.) 
Ciolto'rlum ( 

The Greeks ufed fometiniES 

Egyptian name adopted hy the Greeks; 


,e Cidior. 

™fqi.e , 

Clalndela (Ent.) Lai. a glow-wotm. 

Ciclnde'lidffi (Ent.) diinJiia, fam. term. Ui. 

Cioiliu'rUB (Omith.) wsmtj, curled hair, oS^, a tail ; from 

ipiral filaments of the entremity of the taH. 
Cioo'nia (Omith.) Lai. a aoik. 
Ciou'ta (Bat.) a name of doubtful meaning. 
Oidarella (Ent.) dim, of li/ari,, a head-drefa or diadem. 
Cida'ria (Ent.) P. N., a name of C™, according to Trcitfchke ; 

from tiJarii, a Perllan diadem, ilira. 
Ci'dfljia (ZoolO L^- a diadem ; a genns of Echinodermala. 
Cme'Ua (Ent.) cdh. filnge, dim. elb. 
CIH'gera (Ent.) ti/^m, an eyelid, £("«, v> bear. 
Ci'lium (Ent.) Lai. the tyelid. 
Cillx (Ent.) £a(, a Cilician. 
Cille'nium (Ent.) ntf™, to move ot twinkle. 
Cimlci'lliga (Bot.) dmex, a hiig,fag€, to drive away. 
Cimo'lio (Ent.) ju/jmiia, fiiller's-earth, referring to colour. 
Clnoho'na(Bot.) P. N. from the Cmnufi ^f Ch^hsn, vikom it 

Cmolld'otus (Bot.) tiyexi;, a lattice, oitZs, attrri!, a tooth; 

Cl'aoliB, plural Oiaalides (Zool.) ufed by Mr. GoUe to expi 

orifice.^ in Actinia, relembling the fpiracula of Infefts. 
Clnclorhft'mphua (Ornith.) rometimea written a-tdaramfluii, ft 

Cl'nolus (Oraith.) luynxl,, a lattice. 

Olnotalls (Ent.) daHui, girt about ; being llrlped. 

Oinata'ria (Ent.) rin^j, girt, ringed. 

Olnera'ceuB-a-um [Ornith., Ent.) Lat. alh-colouted. 

Cineraria ( Bol.) dnera, allies ; from the afli-coloured down c< 

riirface; of the hravea. 
Cinerellfl (Ent.) tinfrti, alhes; alh-colmired. 
Cinereo-argenta'tui (Zool.) filvery-grey. 
Cine'reola (Ent.) dim. of ciMXtu, alh-colouied. 



Cinereopunotella (Ent.) cinereus, 2i(h-co\o\iied,f unburn, a (pot. 

Cine'reus-a-iun (Zool., Bot.) Lat. colour of afhes. 

Cinero'sa (Ent.) cineres, aflies, in reference to colour. 

Cingelleria (Ent.) dngillum, a finall girdle, or band. 

Cingola'lis (Ent.) c'mgula, a girdle; referring to the bands acrofs the wings. 

Oin'iflo (Ent.) Lot. a flave. 

Ciniflonel'la (Ent.) dniflo, a hair-curler. 

Oiniflo'nidflB (Ent.) ciniflo ; a family of Arachnida. 

Gi'ima (Bot.) P. N., an ancient town in Italy. 

Cilmabari'nus (Ent.) ««»»«€«/>«, an Indian gum ; vegetable fcarlet. 

Gmnamomea'na (Ent.) ittvva/A«/uov, cinnamon ; referring to colour. 

Cinnaino'mum (Bot.) Latinized from the Arabic name. 

Oinnamo'nica (Ent.) colour of cinnamon. 

Gin'zia (Ent.) P. N., a fumame of Juno, connected with cingulus, a 

Ci'onus (Ent.) xion'? a fmall pillar ? 
Gircce'a (Bot.) P. N. from Circe, the famous enchantrefs of mythology. 

The fruit, being covered with little hooks, lays hold of the clothes, as 

Circe did of the attention with her voice. A well-known and pretty 

genus of Onagracese ; enchanter's night-fhade. 
Gir'ce (Zool., Ent.) P. N., an ancient enchantrefs. 

Circe'adse (Zool.) Cirt^, fem. term. /at^; adivifion of naked-eyed Medufse. 
Gircella'ta (Ent.) circdlus, a finall ring. 
Gir'cia (Omith.) */pxo?, a falcon or kite. 

Ciroina'lis (Bot.) circus, a circle ; from the ring-like joints of the trunk. 
Clrcce'tus (Omith.) xipxog, a falcon, atros, an eagle. 
Gircumscrip'ta (Bot.) circum, 3Tound,/cri/jtus, written. 
Oircumsigna'ta (Ent.) circum, Tound,Jfgnatus, marked. 
Circumspe'cta (Ent.) Lat. prudent, cautious. 
Gi'rcus (Ornith.) Kipuos, a hawk, which flies in wheels or circles. 
Cirlus (Omith.) 

CirrliimuraB'iia (Ichth.) xifpog, yellow, fAvpama, an eel. 
Ci'rrlioea (Bot.) cirrhus, a tendril, fm. form of flower; a genus of 

Cirrlioe'dia (Ent.) xtppoeiivis, tawny. 
Cirrhope'talum (Bot.) cirrhus, a tendril, and rfraXoy, fm. form of flower ; 

a genus of Orchidacese. 

a ) 
. . y (Ent.) circumfleiio, to bend round. 

CIS - 


(SnfpedSI) (Zool.) iirri-', a lock of )mir, fia, a Toot ; s. clals of the 

CUn^'41>i Annulolk. 

Olrroo'plliis (Ent.) nffst, yL>Uow, niixii, a Tpot. 

CiTBU'na C£nt.) dr/fun, a th[Itle, on whicb it feeds. 

Cirai'um (Bot.) tdfsss, a IWcUed vein, from fuppoied healing properties 

genub of Compofiti, 
Clfl (Ent,) nit, mil, a wood-worm, a wcovil ; a genua of Beetles belonging 

to the bmil/ Ptinidz. 
Clsa'Iptnci(Om1th.)[u,on this fide, .i%u, the Alps, i.e., the Ibuth lldeof. 

thofe mountnina. 
ClBBa'nipeloE (Bat.) 
OIb'bus (Bot.) uriiiw, ivy. 
ClBte'Ia (Ent.) dim. of Jm,, a box or chefl. 
CiEte'lldra (Ent.) cifitOa, hai- term. U^. 
Clati'cola (Ornith.) Jbmetimea written i^iiala, from c!^"', and cilt, to 

Clato'pteriB (Bot.) mlnn, a bladder, Frifu, a fern ; the indulinm being 

like a bladder. 
Cis'tuB (Bor.) iIiTii, a box. 
Citbars'xylum (Bot.) irSJpi, a lytc, fiiin, wi»d. 
Cltra'go (Ent.) cilnii, the citron-tree, referring to colour. 
Cltra'ria (Ent.) cHru, the dtron ; lemun-cotouied. 
Oitrlael'la (Ornith.) dim. of nVrmm, of a citron colour. 
Citrlo'batua (Bot.) Cilriu, and Si-ret, a thorn ; " Orange-thon 

of Pitt 

a genua 


Citrus (Bot.) La!, a citrOQ-tree. 

Civatl'ft (Zool.) Ami. idcJ, a fceiit. 

Ctada'uttLUS (Bot.) nxiiis, a branch, tiiiu a flower, fm. form of Infto- 

relcence; a geniu of CompoHtz. 
Cla'dlura (Bot.) nhaJu, a branch. 

Clado'oera (Zool.) .»i)(,, a branch, .(p.(, a horn ; an order of Entomoftraca. 
Cladoba'tes (Zool.) iXiilic, a branch. Bain., to go ; a branch-traverlir. 
Clodoorl'nltes (Fos. Zool.) ckoiK, a branch, ifirer, a lily. 
OlftdOgra'psUfl (Fos. Zool.) xi-iiBC, a branch, j-fairrii, written. 
Glado'Dla (Bot.) xkilsc, a branch ; a genus of l^ichenes. 
OlA'dosporium (Bot.) txHn, a branch, and fpora, form of frufllflcation ; 

a gKnus of Fungi, 
Olodo'staobys (Bot.) nXiUgc, a branch, and iti-xy!. fiMm form of inflo- 

rcfcenc* ; a genus of Amarantacei. 

Ct4 -r^ CLE 95 

Glado'stephus (Bot.) «X«}of, a branch, vrt^it, a crown; a genus of 

da'cLyodon (Fos. Zool.) xXaUs^ a branch, o^ovf, o^arrfl; , a tooth. 
Gla'mbus (£nt.) xketfx$oSf mutilated. 
dan'culllS (ZooL) cUmculo, by (lealth. 
Glan'gula (Omith.) Lat. the noiie made by a gooie. 
Olany'sia (Ent.) xXa«, to break, y^fAu^ a thread. 
Cla'ra ^Ent.) Lot, clear, bright. 

Olaxaria (Bot.) Clara, a club, fm. form of plant ; a genus of Fungi. 
Clarea'cens (Ent.) clarefco, to grow bright. 
Clarkia(Bot.) P. N. fm. Captain Clark, a North American botanid and 

traveller ; a genus of Onagracese. 
Ola'rkii (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the Rev, Hamlet Clarke, 
Clary (Bot.) is the name of leveral Ipecies of fage, and is corrupted from 

dear-eye, becauie the feeds, powdered and mixed with honey, were 

fuppoied to clear the fight. 
Clathra'lis (Ent.) clathrum, a lattice. 
Clathra'ta (Ent.) clathratus, latticed* 
Cla'thruxn (Ent.) Lat, a bar or lattice. 
Clau'dicans (Ent.) Lat, halting, limping. 
Clau'sena (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Aurantiacese. 
Cla'va (Zool.) Lat, a club. 
Clava'lis (Ent.) clava, a club. 

Clavi'ga (Bot.) P. N. from J, Clavijo Faxardo, a Spanifli naturalifl. 
Cla'viger (Ent.) Lot, one who bears a dub. 

Clayto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from J, Clayton, a botanical collector in Virginia. 
Cleiso stoma (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Orchidacex. 
Cledeol)ia (Ent.) xXvi^oi (?), a hedge, /9<m0, to live. 
Cle'matis (Bot.) xxXfAa, a tendriL 
Cleo'me (Bot.) k>am, to (hut up. 

Cleo'nia (Bot.) a Greek name employed by Theophrafhis. 
Cleo'nyiuus (Ent.) *\iot, fame, ovo^a, a name. 
Cleopha^iia (Ent.) xXio;, hoiiour, 4>«tv«, to appear. 
Cleop'us (Ent.) kXio;, fame, itoZs^ volis, a foot. 
Cleo'ra (Ent.) P. N., the wife of one of the kings of Sparta. 
Gle psis (Ent.) xXiflTTfif, to conceal, deceive. 
Cler'okii (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Carl Clerck, F,R.S.S., Upfal, in the 

1 8th century. 
Clerode'ndron (Bot.) xAfi^f, a lot, IM^m, a tree. 

96 CLE — CLY 

Gle'ruB (Ent.) Pliny applies this word to a worm which breeds in bee-hives. 

Cle'thra (Bot.) KXn&pa, the Greek name for the Alder. 

Cleye'ra (Bot.) P. N. from Andrrw Cleyety a Dutch botanid ; a genus of 

^ Clia nthus (Bot.) kXcTo;, noble, a>dof, flower ; fm. its fplendid appearance ; 

a genus of Leguminosce. 
Clide'mia (Bot.) P. N. from Clidemi, an ancient Greek botanid ; a genus 

of Melaftomacex. 
CliJffo'rtia (Bot.) P. N. from G. Cliffhrt, of Holland, the firft patron of 

Glinandrlum (Bot.) xxi^n, a bed, «v«}^, a ftamen, from an excavation on 

its extremity. 
Clinio'des (Ent.) xxr>ii, a couch, termination exprefling reiemblance — vins. 
Clio'stomum (Bot.) xx^ivy to fliut up, c-rofxa.^ a. mouth. 
Glinopo'dimn (Bot.) xXun, a bed, wovs, voSac, a foot. 
CJinto'liia (Bot.) P. N. from De Witt Clinton, governor of New York ; a 

genus of Lobeliacex. 
Clitella'rla (Ent.) a genus of Diptera. 

Glito'ria (Bot.) xUnopi^, an anatomical term ; from form of flower. 
Cli'via (Bot.) P. N. from Duchefs of Northumberland; a genus of Amaryl- 

Cloace'lla (Ent.) cloaca, a fewer. 
Cloa'ntha (Ent.) P. N. from Cloanthus, one of the companions of -ffineas ; 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Gloste'ra (Ent.) xX«9-T)»p, a fpindle, from the ftiape of its body. 

Olo'tho > 

, )■ (Zool.) KAfl&fl«, to twift or fpin round ; genera of Ophidians. 

Clotilda (Ent.) P. N. Clotilda. 

Cloud-berry (Bot.) from the lofty nebulous fituations in which it grows. 

Clove (Bot.) from French, clou, a nail ; which it refembles in form. 

Clover (Bot.) the plant with the cloven or three-cleft leaf. 

Clu'pea (Ichth.) Lat. Pliny's name for a fmall fifh. 

Clupei'dSB (Ichth.) clupea ; the family of the Herrings. 

Clu'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Charles de VEclufe, a celebrated botanift of the 

1 6th century. 
Cluy'tia (Bot.) P N. from Outgers Cluyt, a Dutchman, Profeflbr of botany 

at Leyden. 
Clyp'eata (Omith.) clypeus, a (hield. 
Clyp'eola (Bot.) clypeus, a fliield. 

€Lr — coc 


Gly'tia (Ent.) nXtnit^ noble, fplendid. 

Glytolad'ma (Ornith.) xXv-ri^^ Vinous, Xm/uo;, the throat ; a genus of 

Gly'tns (Ent.) n^vrist loud, audible ; from emitting a peculiar found ; a 

genus of Coleoptera. 
Cnemido'stachys (Bot.) nrnfAx^-T^oii fpoke of a wheel, and 0-t«;^u;, a 

(pike ; a genus of Euphorbiacex. 
Cnemido'tus (Ent.) nwfAU-Xlos, armour. 
Cneo'mm (Bot.) Htictpn, Theophraftus applies this name to a fhrub refem- 

bling the Olive. 
Onepha'sia (Ent.) unlets, darknefs. 
Gne'stis (Bot.) xf«dtf, to fcratch ; from the prickly capfules ; a genus of 

Gnethoca'mpa (Ent.) xffiQv, to excite great itching, nvifAm, a caterpillar ; 

a genus of nocturnal Lepidoptera. 
Gmca'na (Ent.) cnicus, a thiftle. 

Gni'cus (Bot.) xwkos, the Greek name of a plant of the thiftle kind, the 
leaves of which were ufed like rennet to curdle the milk in making 
Cni'cUe (Zool.) name given by Mr. Gofle to the thread-cells of the Aftinise, 

from xwSi), a nettle. 
Cnidiiun (Bot.) the ancient name of the Orache; a genus of Umbelliferas. 
C-m'grum (Ent.) Lat. the black C, /. e. a wing-fpot. 
Coarcta'Us (Ent.) coarSlare^ to comprefs, to narrow; referring to the wings. 
Coa'ssus (Zool.) Latinized form of the native word cuguagu. 
Oobi'tis (Ichth.) iiao$lrtis, a fifti, probably the fmelt or loach. 
Cobce'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of B. Cobo, a Spanifh botanift. 
Oobu'rgllia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg ; 

a genus of Amaryllidacex. 
Co'ccidSB (Ent.) coccus y fam. term. ida. 
Cocci'dium (Bot.) xaxxoc, a berry, iTJoj, like. 
Goccilophis (Ichth.) jtojtuoj, fcarlet, >.o^oi, a creft. 
Ooocine'lla (Ent.) dim. of coccus ^ a red berry, from appearance. 
Coccinel'lidaB (Ent.) cocdnclh, fam. term. ida. 
Ooccocy'pselum (Bot.) xiKxeg, fruit, *u4-ix»), a vafe. 
Cocco'loba (Bot.) kohkos, a berry, \0Bis9 a lobe. 
Cocco'phagus (Ent.) xUKog, a kernel, fayot, an eater. 
Cocc'osteus (Fos. Zool.) koxko,-, a berry, o,-T««y, a bone. 


98 COC — C(E 

Goccothrau'stes (Omith.) xouKoBfavo^nsi a kemel'-breaker. 

Coc'culus (Bot.) KUxoff a berry ; a genus of Menifpermacez. 

Coc'cus (Ent.) uoKKogy a berry ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Coccy^stes (Omith.) coccyx^ a cuckoo. 

Coc'cyx (Zool., Ent.) kUkv^, the cuckoo. 

Ooccy'zus (Omith.) xo«xi'{«, to cry like a cuckoo. 

Cochineal' (Ent.) Spanifli cochinella, 

Cochlea'ria (Bot.) cochlear^ a fpoon ; alluding to the fhape of its leaves. 

Oochliopodldsa (Ent.) jm^^jms^ a fhail, vtSf, voSof, the foot ; a family 

of Lepidoptera. 
Cochlospe'rmum (Bot.) wx^osy any thing twifted fpirally, a-viffAay a 

Cocliylio'ides (Ent.) cocht^lh, tTios, like. 
Coohy'lis (Ent.) M»;^iM», to lift, raife up. 
Cock (Omith.) Anglo^Sax, coc ; Fr. coq. 
Cockatoo' (Omith.) taken from the peculiar cry of the birds. 
Cocoa (Bot.) Portug. coco; the end of the nut is like a monkey's head ; 

the coco-nut tree, 

Cocyta'lis ) .^ ^. ^ ,,. 
Cocyto'desl ^^"''^ "'^'"''Ung c«yt... 

Cocytus (Ent.) xotxvrofy a (hrieking, wailing. 

Coda'rium (Bot.) xmH^iw, a leathem pouch ; alluding to the pods. 

Co'dium (Bot.) x«}iov, a fldn ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 

Co'don (Bot.) xtilcny a bell, from the corolla. 

Codono'idea (Bot.) codon, tJUg, refemblance. 

Codono phora (Bot.) xw2wr, a little bell, and <f>ip«, to carry ; a genus of 

CcBlacanthi (Fos. 2^1.) xoTXog, hollow, eixa*Qa, a (pine; a group of 

foflil fauroid fiflies, deriving their name from the central cavity in their 

fin rays. 
COBla'strum (Bot.) xoXXog, hollow, ao-riip, a ftar ; hexangular cells arranged 

to form a hollow globular frond ; a genus of Defmidiea?. 
Goelebogy'ne (Bot.) caids, a bachelor, and yu>i», a piftil ; feeds produced 

apparently by virgin power alone ; a genus of Euphorbiacez. 
Coelebs (Omith.) caJehs, a bachelor; Linnaeus dates that the female 

bird migrates during the winter. 
CoBlentera'ta (Zool.) xoXkost hollow, hrtfov, the inteftine. 
COBlia (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
CoBlio'zys (Ent.) »o7Xof, hollow, o^uj, (harp ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

cm — COL 


Oc&lodont (Fos. Zool.) xoTAo;, hollow, hhvs, oSmtoC) a tooth. 

CoBlo'genys (Zool.) *orxof, hollow, ysvyj, the cheek. 

GoBlogy'ne (Bot.) xaixoi, hollow, and yw»», a piftil; from form thereof; a 

genus of Orchidaceae. 
CcBlopel'tes (Zool.) xoTXo;, hollow, artXri), a (hield, having the fcales 

grooved ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Ccelorh/nchus (Fos. Zool.) xoTx*?, hollow, fvyx^s^ a beak. 
CcBlo'tes (Zool.) *«AoT«jf, a cavity, hollow ; a genus of Arachnlda. 
Gceno'sus-a-uin (£nt., Bot.) Lot. marfhy. 

Coffee (Bot.) the Arabic name of this plant is Quahoueh; and of this word 
the Perfian Cahtva, the Turkifh Cahveyt the French Cafe^ and our 
Coffee, are evident corruptions. 
Oolta, or Quata (Zool.) native name of a monkey. 
Coix (Bot.) the name of a reed-leaved plant, ufed by Theophraftus. 
Gola'ptes (Omith.) »oXa«rT», to peck with the bill ; a genus of Wood- 
Colbe'rtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Colbert^ a patron of the cultiva- 
tors of the fcience of botany. 
Golchicum (Bot.) P. N. from Colchis^ its native country. 
Col'cliicus (Omith.) P. N. from Colchis^ whence the pheafant came. 
Colde'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. Colden, a North American botanift. 
Golebro'okia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H, T, Cokirooie, an accompliflied 

botanifl ; a genus of Labiatx. 
Coleone'ma (Bot.) xoXios, a (heath,, a thread, that which is fpun. 
Coleo'phora (Ent.) xoXti;, a cafe, ^opttv, to bear. 
Goleopho'ridsB (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera. 
Coleo'ptera (Ent.) xoXtisi a (heath, mnpoy, a wing. 
Coleorhi'za (Bot.) moAso;, a (heath, ^'t^«, a root. 

Coleus(Bot.) xoA.E«;,a (heath; from form of (lamens; a genus of Labiata?.* 
Cole wort (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. cazvlnvyrt^ 
Co'lias (Ichth.) Lat. ancient name of a fi(h. 

Co'lius (Ornith.) khX^os, Ariftotle's name for a kind of woodpecker. 
Colla'ris (Ornith.) collaret a collar or neckerchief. 

Colle'ma (Bot.) »oXXii/*«, that which is glued ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Colle'tia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Collet^ author of a book on the plants 

of Bred ; a genus of Rhanmacex. 
Colligu'aya (Bot.) native name ; a genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Colli'nsia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Zachariah Collins^ of Philadelphia ; a 
genus of Scrophulariacex. 

Oollinao'nift (Bot.) P. N. Lu honour of P. Oilthfia, a diilinguIOied pior 

Co'llii (Ent.) xo'mi.J, a roll of bread. 

Colloinla (Bot.) usiJa, glue, the feeih are covered with a glue-likii 

Colluricin'ola (Oniith.) compounded of Lulluria and cinclus ; the Poit 
Jackfon throlh, 

CoUu'rio (Omitb.) it'i'^bfiai,! bird probably of the thrnlh kind (Artltotle.) 

Colmcu: (Bot.) this pear cakes ita name from CiJmar, in AUace. 

Co'lobna (Zool.) ti^sBitt Hunted, maimed; from the rudimentary con- 
dition of the thumbs on the anterior members. 

ColOCa'Bia(Bot,) rnXontjia, the root of the Egyptian bean. 

Cologa'nia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of the family of Cdi,gan, of TeneriBe: 
a genus of Leguminofs. 

Colopho'nia (BoL) altered from its native name in the llle of France; a 
gcnue of Burleracex. 

Colop'tera (Ent.) lixic, ftunted, inifi; a wing; a gonun of Hymen- 

CoIoBaoche'ljS (Fob. Zool.) »knrc>(, a (latut of great Hze, jt'^^'i ^ 

Oolpo'dlum (Bot. ) ui.iii)ii, looli-, dilfnfe. 

CDlpotau'liuB (Ent.) »i^..,, a fold, £,, iTi(, an ear, or apex; a fuh-genira 

of the Phryganids. 
OolqililOBa'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Dr. CiJjuiou-, of Glafgow. 
Co'Iutier (Zool.) Lai. a ferpent. 
Colube'ridffl (Zool.) iclaicr, a fttpen!, fam. term, ii/x ; a family of 

Colubra'lis (Ent.) aJalir,-! lerpent; in allulion to its wing-marks. 
Colubri'na (Xcxil.) n/virr, fam. term, iiu,- the Watei-fhakei and Boas; 

alfu a genus in Botany. 
Colu'mlia [^ 

Columba'liB (Ent.) ralnmbii, a dove, i. -. in colour. 
Columbine (Bot.) alainl^, a dove, which bird the nectaries refemble. 
Coliims'llla P. N. in honour of L. J. M. Cilumclla, who lived A.c. 4:. 
Colu'nmea (Bot.) p. N. in honour of F^hiui Ci4«mna, a member of thi- 

Calnnnis family in Italy. 
Coltt'ria (Bot.) Al.,vf„. ftuu 
Oolu'taa (Bol.) «a.Vi>, to cu 

i (Ornith.) 1^1. a pigi 

COL — COM loi 

Colvillea (Bot.) P. N. from Charles CohUk, Governor of the Mauritius ; 

a genus of Leguminofae. 
Colymbe'tes (Ent.) xoXiz/m^ut)??, a diver ; a genus of Water -beetles. 
CoIy'lnbidaB (Omith.) colymbus, fam. term, ida; the Divers. 
Goly'mbus (Ornith.) Lat. a pond to fwim in ; the Diver. 
Coma'lis (Ent.) coma, a lock of hair. 
Coma'ndra (Bot. ) comay hair, and uyinft flamen ; from the tufted (lamens ; 

a genus of Santalacex. 
Coxnarop'sis (Bot.) comarum and o^.*;, becauie it refembles that plant ; a 

genus of Rofacex. 
Go'marum (Bot.) xa^a^o;, the Greek name for the Arbutus. 
Coma'ta (Omith ) comatus, having hair or locks. 

Ooma'tula (Zool.) dim. of coma, a bu(h of hair; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Combre'tiun (Bot.) a name given by Pliny to a climbing plant. 
Combusta'lis (Ent.) combujlusy burnt, i. e., in colour. 
Gomespe'rma (Bot,) xifAn, hair, and a^i^fxa, a feed, having hairy feeds ; a 

genus of Polygalaceae. 
Cymetes (Ornith.) xofAftms, a comet, from its brilliant appearance; a 

genus of Humming-birds. 
Coznita'ta (Ent.) comitatus, accompanied, attended. 
Com'ma (Ent.) Lat. comma, from the mark on the fore-wings. 
Oommeli'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. and G. Cornmelin, Dutch botanifls. 
Commerso'nia (^Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Commerfin, a French tra- 
veller and botanifl. 
Commu'nis-e (Zool., Bot.) Lat. common. 
Commuta'ta (Ent., Bot.) commutatus, changed entirely. 
Gomocla'dia (Bot.) xo.uu, a tuft, nXeiUs, a branch. 
Gompareltia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Andreas Comparelti, Profeflbr at 

Padua ; a gqius of Orchidaceae. 
Gompla'na (Ent.) complanare, to level. 
Gomplanell'a (Ent.) complanare, to make even or level ; ** the mined oak - 

leaves remain perfeftly flat." — Stainton. 
Gompla'nula (Ent.) dim. of complana. 
Complecta'lis (Ent.) compUSior, to clafp or encircle. 
Gomplica'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. folded or twifted together. 
Gomposa'iiia (Ent.) compofttus, well-difpofed, ornamental. 
Gompre'ssus-a-um (Bot.) Lot. prefled together. 
Gompso'coma (Omith.) xo/jt^'ifi well-drefled, *«^i», hair; a genui of 


Oomptalls (EntO 

(Hit.) ) 
(E„l.) f 


Oompttrtlia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Hniri/ CsmfUs, flUhop of London. 

Comptulalia (Ent.) amptm, rmart, fpruce. 

Conacithe'ra (Bot.) nins, a cone, siSa^c, flowery. 

Oonoha (Bot) Greek name for a large Qiell. 

Oonoha'na (Ent.) amikalm, Ihelt-Ihaped. 

Oonohi'fera (ZooL) ti/X". " QieU,_^, to bear. 

Oonotaoder'iiUL (Zool.) cnmha, a Ibell, iltif; Jntegumeat ; a genus of Cir- 

Concliot'ryBi (Zool.) tauAot i fheUf t^h, to Tub. 

Conchylalia (Ent.) refemhUng nmhylU. 

OonoiirTldlB (Ent.) aiirhytii-y<r, a family of Lepidoptera. 

CoQahylidella (EnL) cuiihytii, from a refemblaDce. 

Con'ohyliH (Ent.) noj^ls, a cockle-lliell, 

Conchylo'dea (Ent.) ttyxjii.!, i!tii, like an oyfter, or unyxTi'MUi, dyed 

of a pnTile colour; the firft is beft, unlefs it be a j^«i& name. 
Coacinoitis-a-tun (Zool., Ichth., Bot.) Lai. elegant. 
Con'oolor (ZooL, Omitii., Bot.) Lai. of a llmilar colour. 
Conaorda'iiB (Ent.) lancerdia, hannony. 

Oondalla (Bot.) P. N, in honour of jl. Cimlal, a Spanilh phyfician. 
Condyloca'rpiis (Bot.) iijr1u!ti(, a knob, and xa^nie, fruit ; s genui of 

ConepatUB (Zool.) uncsplained. 
Oonfo'rtUB-a-um (Hot.) L^i. full, thick, dofe together. 
Confe'mt (Bat.) autfinti^ to cnnEblidate, to knit together; a genua of 

Cosferri'tea (Fob. But.) Follil plants allied to the aquatic coulervz. 
Con'Blia (Ent.) cuijtucri, to How together, i. e., the ftriped markings. 
Conflu'ena (Bot.) Lat. pari. laitfaau, flowing into. 
OonfuaaliB (Ent.) amfi/ai, ohlcure, confuled, /. r.. In colour. 
Oon'ger (Ichth.) y'-yyfti, a Tea-eel j the Conger-ctl. 

OongarmUTEB'na (Ichth.) conger, marina. 
Con'BiouB (Zool.) Lat. relating to Congo. 
Oon'Joa (Eat.) (wm, a cone ; conical. 

Conifera'Da (Ent,) found amongft the Cimifirx, cone-bearing trees. 
Conlomyce'teB (Bot.) umat, duAy, ^tiii<(->iTK< a mullu^Dom. 
ConioaanTlU (Fo>. Zool,] imt, mtisf, chalk, raZftt, a liiani; bi-ing 
found in chalk (Irata. 

CON — CON 103 

Oonil^os'tres (Omith.) conusy a cone, rojirum^ a beak; an order of 

Conl'um (Bot.) »Nv«w, to whirl round ; in allufion to its caufing giddinefs 

and death when taken. 
Cosjuga'tSB (Bot.) equivalent to Zygnemex. 
Conjuge'lla (£nt.) conjuxy a confbrt. 
Con'narus (Bot.) P. N. an ancient Greek name ; the type of nat. order, 

Oonne'xa (Ent.) connexus, tied together, connected. 
Ckmnubia'lis (£nt.) Lat, conjugal. 
Oonoca'rpus (Bot.) ««»oc, a cone, xa^isy fruit. 
Conoce^lialus (Zool.) a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Conogna'tha (Ent.) x^vo?, a cone, yve^asi ^ j^w. 
Conoldea (Bot.) xZvos, a cone. 
Conopalpus (Ent.) the /jalj>i being conical. 
Conopo'dium (Bot.) xSvo?, a cone, and iroD;, voiif^ form of flower ; a 

genus of Umbelliferx. 
Cono'psis (Zool.) x£vo;, a cone, o-^i?, refemblance ; a genus of Colubrine 

Conospe'rmum (Bot.) x£vo;, a cone, and a-vi^a ; a genus of Proteacex. 
Cono'stomum (Bot.) xSotoi^ a cone, o-r&fxe^ a mouth ; the teeth of the 

theca being united ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Cono'styles (Bot.) x£»o;, a cone, crrvx»s% a pillar, or pistil. 
Oono'stylis (Bot.) ǣȥ;, a cone, and 0^X0;, a pidil ; a genus of Hxmo< 


Gonquisita'lis (Ent.) conqui/itus, feledt, chofen. 

Gonsanguinalis (Ent.) cenfanguinms, related by blood. 

Consigna'ta (Ent.) conjlgnatus, (lamped, marked. 

Gonsi'milis (Ent.) Lat. very like, /. e. refembling neighbouring genera. 

Consobri'na (Ent.) Lat, a relative. 

Consocie'lla (Ent.) confodus^ united, connected. 

•Co'nsona (Ent.) Lat. harmonious. 

Gonsona'ria (Ent.) confinus^ harmonious, fuitable. 

Gon'sors (Ent.) Lat. a colleague. 

Gonsorta'lis (Ent.) > ^ „ 

, „ ^ r con for s. a colleasiie. 
Gonsorta'na (Ent.) > "^ ' * 

Gonsorta'ria (Ent.) confirs, allied ; i. e. to its neighbouring fpecies. 

Gonsorte'Ua (Ent.) confirs, a confort, colleague. 

Gonspe'rsa (Ent.) confperfusy fpriokled. 

10+ CON — COP 

ConapiciUa'rta )„,.,. . r, 

Conaplcma tor ( •• ' -"^ ' *~ •" 

CoUBpiciUa'tuB-a-um (ZooL, Oraiih.) can/pidUiim, a pair of Tpe^ctes. 
OonBpWt. (E.,.) J ^^__^^^^ 

Conspiouella (Ent.) > 

Constricta'ta (Ent,) nmjlrictaiui, drawn together. 
ConBtrio'tor (Zool.) amjiriaga, to bind faft. 
Contamma'na (Ent.) mntaainan, to (lain, to fpot. 
ContaJnlne'lltla (Ent.) aniaimnatui, ftiiinec!. 

Contermine'lla (Ent.) imfcraiHiMj, bordering near; tlie brra being fon; 
in the terminal Ihoots of Sallows. 

Contigua'ria (Ent.) anii^uiii 

ContOrta'lia (Ent,) cimlerlaj, twilied. 
CantUlbate'lla (Ent.) caniurialaj, eonfufed. 
Conula'ria (Zool.) mau/w, a little cone, 
Conu'rua (Ent.) tinn, a tone, iZfi, a tail. 
Convalla'ria (Bot.) lamaiUi, a valley, in 

which it is found. 
Oonvo'lvuli (Ent,) fetdi on Canal-ouliu anxi 
Cocvol'villua (Bot.) cmtWwjt, to entwine ; 
Oonwaya'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of _ 

Couy'za (Bot,) tin,, duft ; the powder fprinkW to kill fleas. 

Co'okia (Bot,) P. N, in honour of C^lain Coai, the celebrated naTlgalorjl 
a genus uf Aurantiacea:. 

Ooparfera(Bot.)iij^j4o, Brazilian name of a balfam./frs, 1 

Cope'poda (Zool.) k 

Coope'ria (Bot.) P. N, in hoooiu of Jmtfi Caijitr, a botsnid ; a 

Copho'aua (Ent.) nafaio'if, torpor. 

Coprl'nus (Bot .) »«i-fi'«, a dunghill ; in allufion to the placi 

Co'priB (Ent.) »i»fO[, diuig. 

Copro'philuB (Ent.) niwfMi dung, *[^«[, a lovet. 

Coproa'ma (Bot.) ■i»fSi, dung, •s-^ii, fmell. 

Co'ptiB (Hot) •iara, to cut ; in alluilon to iti leaves, 

Coptooe'roua (Ent.) liirrK, lo cut off, hvik, the tail, 

Coptop'terua (Ent,) urrii, cut oil; ««;«., a wing, 

Copu'rua (Ornilh,) ™ii", an oar, tof«. a tail. 

Oora'olaa (Omith.) icSf«E, jm^i«(, aTarea. 

CoraOlo'ldoH (Got.) Mroffi™, a coral, iDot, like. 

Corallorbi'za (Got.) xofaxini, a coral, flZ^i a ""•'■ 

Cora'Uua (Zool.) a genus of Ophidians. 

Otfrai (Omith.) Gr. »ij«£. a raven. 

Oorloula'ria (Bot.) nduh, a little bafket ; (hapc of neftaty ; a genus of 

OOfOhomE (Bot.) lifn. the pupil of the eje, mfix, to purge. 
Corda'tuB-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lot. heart-lhapBd. 
^ -Oo'rdia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of E. Csnhi^, a German botanjft of the 
i6Ch century, 
■dl'gara (Eot.) cor, a heart, gmrr, to bear. 
P Oordyll'ne (Bot.) tijiAn, a dub ; a genus of Liliace:^. 
I Oordylo'phora (Zool.) nsftiku, a water-newt, ^Sfx, a burden. 

I Oore'aonua (Ichth.) mfiv.u^i, to tatisfy, to fill. 

[_Oore'ma (Bot.) .Sfn/ii, a broom. 

re'mla (Ent.) xifii^ia, fweepinga, refule. 
BOorene'tea (Ent.) unenplained. 

.) nSfafta, tilth, from its habitat ; a genus of Fungi, 
;b (Bot.) xifii-, a bug, and S-l^t, teleoib lance, from form of feeds ; 
f ■tJoria'ndnim (Bot.) nifis, a bug ; in allulion to the fmell of its leaves. 
Ocola'ria (Dot.) tarium, a hide ; it i^ uled in tarmiog. 
On'ria (Bot.) a Greelt name nfed by Diofeorides. 
Ooria'cium (Ent.) ari^e-xm, dim. from ■•;ii, a little maiden. 
Oorispe'rmum (Bot.) afn, a bug, inriffix, a feed. 
Ctnk (Boc.) from mrlcx, bark ; ibme lay from jurraii, the oak. 
:Oorae'lla {Omith.) P. N. given by Prince Bonaparte in honour of the 

lady of Dr. Schlcgel, of Amfterdam. 
OomiotUa'ria (Bot.) earmculiu, a little horn ; a genua of Cryptogamia. 
Co'mlx (Omith.) ia/. a crow. 
Gomubie'naiB (Ichth., BoL) Lai. Conulh. 
Oomuoo'pite (Bot.) amu, a horn, cofla, plenty. 

Oor'nitS (Bot.) cornu, a horn ; in ailufion to the tiardnefs of the wood. 
Oomu'tia (.Bot.) P. N. from 7. Crnaftu, a phyfician of Paris. 
Oornu'tus-a-um (Ornith., Bot.) iai. homed. 
Ooro'Ua (Bot.) Lai. a garland, a little erown. 

CoroUiflo'riB (Bat.) corsUii,JlBr!i, flowers | having ftamens on the corolla. 
CoTOOft'taa (Ent.) L-a crovmed, from cn-ata, a crown. 

CUR - 

Coro'ne (Omith,) u^>n, a fea-birj, fra-crow. 

CororLe'lla(Zoal.) i 

Coroneltldte (Zool.) \ 

Coroni'Ua (Bot,) Lat, a little crown, from the infiorerccnce ; a genui of I 

a little CI 

Coro'nopUB (Bot.) ij>,»ni, a craw, Tsit, a foot. 
Coro'nula (Zool.) dim. of ronmo, a crown ; a ^nua of Cirripedes. 
Corophi'adffi (Zool.) comfhitna, with fam. torm. ; a family of Cruftaiea, 
Caro'phium (Zool.) this tiamt was applied by Pliny to a kind of crab-Gfli. 
Oorrffl'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Cirrca A Sma, a celebrate 

tuguefc botanift. 
Oorrlgiola (Bot.) dim. of corrigln, a Isatber thong. 
Corruga'tUH-H-um (Zool., Bot.) Lai. wrinkleiJ, 
Corsl'ra (Zool.) unexplained. 
Cortloa'liB (Ent.) adj. from carHx. hark. 
Cortica'na (Ent.) c»rt.-;<, bark. 
Corticea (Ent.) c=rt«. bark. 
CortlOBlla (Ent.) ori^x, hark. 
Cortu'sa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. A Cartufu,, Profcfibt of Botany at J 

Coru'phiuin (Ent.) xifu^i. the top of the head. 
Cor'vidsB (Ornith.) ccrvm, fam. term Ur; a family of Coniroftrei. 
Corviaa'rtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Ccrvj/Jrf.ii ContinenUlbotanift;*^ 

genus of Compofita;. 
CorvultUT (Omith.) corwj, a trow, wIIut, a vulture; the Ctow-vultim 1 

of Caffraria. 
Cor'vus (Omith.) Lai. a crow. 
Carya'otheB (Bot.) nt^, helmet, and at^Ni^rom form of flower ( a gum 

of Orchidacc^. 
Coiyoa'rpus (Hot.) nifBi, helmet, and in;*'!, fruit, from form thereof; i 

genus of Craminacea:. 
Cory'oia (Ent.) P. N„ the name of a nymph. 
Cory'oiuin (Bot.) nigvt, a helmet, from form of flower ; a gcnusotOrchl- I 

Corydtt'liB (Hot.) the old Greek oune for fumitory, 
CorylBliaj ^^^ ^ ^^ ^^.^^ ^^ .^^^j_^^ ^^^ 

Oorjlanal ■" 

Oonrta'U (Ent.) feeds on Cirslui andUna, the Imzei. 
Cor'yU (Ent.) '"ylm, Thr huel, on which it Ce«d>. 

COR - 



Corylifolie'lla (Ent,) ewy/w, the haze\, filium, a leaf. 

CorylophuB (Enl.) lifi/i, a helmet, iifas, a crelt. 

Co'rylua (Hot.) xifui, a helmet. 

Gorymo'rpha (Zool.) ni/au a cinb, fio^n Ihape ; a |*niu of Zoopbjtea. 

Cor/na (Ent.) is^, a club. 

Coryna'ctia (ZooL) tOfCn, a club, bitij, a ray; a genus of Zoophytes. 

Coryne (Zool.) •ufA,, a dub, 

Cory'iieuni (Bot.) xofift, a club, from form of plant ; a genus of Fungi. 
Cory'mdpB (Zool.) 'nr^a', (am. term. iJiC; a family of Zoophytea. 
Conme'phorua (Bot.) ne^n, a club, f i^, to bear ; a geaua of Giafia ; 



CorynocBrpus (But.) jufunn, and xn^i;, from its dub-lhaped fruit ; u 

genub of Myi liuacex. 
Co'ryplia (Bot.) rifofi, a fummit ; the leaves being only at Llie top. 
ColVphodcm (Zool.) nfupi, fummiC, ibiii, iStrtis, a genus of Cnlubrine 

Colysan'Uiea (Bot.) ni^c, a helmet, and mBoc, flowerj from the helmet- 
like flower ; a genus of Orchidaces. 

(Omith.) .=^it. witi' w^virg plume. 
I'lythuB (Omith.) iJfuSsi. 1 crefted bird of the wagtail ot fand-piper 

OoBCl'nJum ( Bot.) xairxuim, a little Ceve ; &om the peHbiated cotyledons ; 

I genui of Menilpermacei. 
IChwoinodla'oUB (Bot.) Mrxmn, a little fjeve, and firm, a OiieU ; a foflll 

diatom, circular and dotted. 
Oooiaea (Bot.) literally " adomed ; " a genua of CompoTitX, 
COHmelia (Bot ) nnrfiin, to adorn ; a genus of Epacridacez. 
Co'Bmia (Ent.) nUftia;, adorned ; a genu.i of Lepidoptera. 
CoBmi'idffi (Ent.) iofmh; a family of Lepidoptera. 
CoBmophora'na (Ent) »W|Uo(, an ornament, ^'fia, to wear. 
Cosmo'pterya (Ent.) niiitu, an ornament, irrtpij, a wing. 
Co'smuB (Bot.) nitftK, beautiful ; a genuf of Compolitx. 
Coasig'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honourof M. Ce^gng, a French naturalift wli.> 

traielled in the Eall Indies. 
COBBonua (F.nt.) uneiplained. 
Co'saua (Ent.) a name given by Pliny to a larra found under the bark of 

Cos'syphuB (Ichth.) iwwfit, a fea-lini, from its dark colour. 
CosteaBtriSa'lia (Eat.) a/la, the anterior maigin of the wiagiflriga, » (faeak. 

COS - 


icjla, the ai 

>r margin of the wings. 

Ooata'na (Ent.) |^ 

CoBtel'la (Ent.) i ' 

CoBtella'riB (Zool.) tjTo, a rib. 

Coatiflexalia (Ent.) rc/la, anterior margin of wing,_/t)cuj, bent. 

CoBtipuncta'na (Ent.) isjla, the anterior matjiin, panSatui, fpotted. 

COBto'sa (Ent.) ijflo/w, ribbed. 

Cosiaz {Bot.) Arabic name; a genua of Scitaminea. 

Cotonea'atar (Bot.) Cotonram, a quince-tree alltr; alluding to its doi 

Co'tHdEE (Iclith.) the iamily to which the Bull-Jiead bdangs. 

„ .^ \ (Ichth.) xSttb, Greek name of the BuU-head. 

Co'tula (Bot.) dim.of c^a, an old name for a fpecies of Anthemii. 

Ootumi'ciilua (Omith.) dim. of is(ui-j.™. 

Cotn'mix (Omith.) Lai. a quail. 

Coty'le (Omith.) mTiXn, a IhaLow cup ; in allnfion to Its neft. 

Cotyle'don (Bot.) naiil-i, a cai-ity ; in allufion to its caplite leaves. 

Coviltarla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Tha. Csullcr, M.D.i a genu 

Couta'rea (Bot.) from ccutari, Ita name in Guiana ; a genus of Cini 

Cautou'bea (Bot.) native name in Guiana ; a genus of Gentianacei. 
Coverte (Ornith.) name applieij to the foft feathers of birda, from cone 

ing the bafes of tbe tail-feather?. 
Cowama ( Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Mr. J,a«ts Cmwn, who in 

duced many plants from Mexico and Peru ; a genus of Ro&eese. 
Crab (Zool.) An^laSax. eraUj. 

Ora'bro (Ent.) LjI. a wafp ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Crabro'iiidCB (Ent.) crairs, fam. term. iJ.r, 
Gra'oidae (Omith.) srm, iiun. term. Mr,- the CuraUbws. 
Oro'otioua (Omith.) t/aimiiii, clamorous. 
Cramba'lia (Ent.) from fome rcremhlance to cnimUi. 
Cra'mbe (Bot.) a Greek name for Tea-cabbage, or colewott. 
Cra'mbidEB (Ent.) Cramiiai a family of Lepidoptera. 
Ora'mbodea (Ent.) telembling craaiiu. 
Cra'mbua (Ent.) ufm/iBn, dry, Ihrivellcd. 

CrantBia'liB ) (Ent.) P. N. in honour of P. Cnaiir. a German lepid 
Oramero'llal ferill. 
Cra'oia (Fos. ZuaL) k^m, a helmet. 

cj^A — cm 109 

Graspedoce'phalus (Zool.) xpua-tn^ov, an edge or border, xKpaAq, the 

head ; the rat-tailed ierpent ; a getms of Ophidians. 
Gra'spedum (Zool.) x^xvi^ov, the edge or border ; from reiemblance to 

the bolt-rope of a Ihip's fails. 
Cras'salis (Ent.) crajfusj folid, grofs, /. <?., from its thick body. 
Grassicoma'lis (Ent.) crajus, folid, comu, a horn. 
Gras'Sllla (Bot.) dim. of crajus, thick, folid. 
Cras'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lot. folid. 

OratsBga'lis (Ent.) ) ^u u ^u u- u •* r j 

^ r cratajsrus, the hawthorn, on which it feeds. 
CratsBga'na (Ent.) > ^ 

GratSBga'ta (Ent.) feeds on cratagus oxyacantha, the hawthorn. 

GratsBgella (Ent.) cratagus, on which it feeds. 

CratSB^gi (Ent.) feeds on the cratagus oxyacantha, the hawthorn. 

CrataB^gUS (Bot.; xpeirosf (Irength; alluding to the hardnefs of the 

wood ; the hawthorn. 
CratsBVa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Cratavusf a Greek botanid. 
Crate'riimi (Bot.) from the cup-like involucre ; a genus of Fungi. 
Crateropodi'nsB (Ornith.) xpetTtpes, ftrong, ^ovs, sroJ*?, a foot; a fub- 

family of Inceflbres. 
Cra'x (Ornith.) HpeiZ^, to fcream, or cry aloud ; a genus of the Gallinse. 
Cre'cca (Ornith.) xpinvt to make a fharp noiie. 
Crena'na (Ent.) crenatus, wrinkled, crenate. 

Crena'tus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. crenate, having rounded notches, 
Crenila'brus (Iphth.) crena, a notch, labrum, the lip ; notch-lipped. 
Creo'pliilus (Ent.) xpia?, flefti, 4>tXof, a lover. 
Crepita ns (Ornith.) part, of crepito, to crackle. 
Cre'pis (Bot.) a name given by Pliny to a plant of which he gave no 

defcription ; now the Lady's-flipper. 
Crepusculel'la (Ent.) crepufculum, twilight, dufk. 
Crepido'dera (Ent.) crepido, the top or edge, Ji^n, the neck. 
Cresce'ntia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pietro Crefcenti, of Bologna. 
Cress ^(Bot.) Anglo^Sax. cerfe; Lat. crefceref 
Cres'sa (Bot.) from Crete^ where the plant is plentiful ; a genus of Convol- 

Crex (Ornith.) »^«J, a bird with a iharp notched bill ; now applied to the 

Cribe'lla (Zool.) crlhellum, a little fieve ; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Cribra'ria (Bot.) crihrum^ a fieve, the upper part of the peridium being 

jierforated ; a genus of Fungi. 

CRI - 


I (Ent.) iribnim, a fiev 




Ori'linim (Ent.) Lai. a iieve, from the cro/Ied wing-markinga. 

Orloe'tomya (Zool,) irkelai, the hamHer, nni:, a moiiie. 

Cri'cetua (Zool.) »pij», to (creech or fqueaiti the Hamfters. 

CrinSi'lia (Ent.) Lai. pertaining to hair. 

Crinoi'dera (Zool.) ■^lvsv a liiy, iT)i(, like ; a dafa of Echinodermali 

Ori'num (Bot.) x/int, Greek name of the Uly. 

Orio'oeTEis (Fas. Zool.) xft,, a lam, Mpai, a horn. 


Grio'oeria ) 

Oripti'ooleiiB (Ent.) crgfila, a vault, edm, dwelling in. 

Cri'flla (Zool.) ^ifitii, ieparation ; a gtnus of Polyioa. 

Oriai'dla (ZooL) formed from niJU; a genua of Polyi' 

Orispua-a-um (Oniith., Bot.) Lat. curk-d, 

Criata'aa (Ent.) crijla, a cred or tuft. 

Oriata'ria (Bot.) i.rlp, a creft. 

Criata'ta (Ent.) Lat. crafted. 

Crlatatel'la (Zool.) dim. nf cri/lalu, crelled ; a genu* of Polyioa, 

Criatatel'lida (Zool.) cHpateUo, fam. tenp. idj; a family of Polpoa. 

Criata'tus-a-um (Omith.. Bot.) Lat. crefted. 

Cfl'tbida (Zool.) xf.fli, barley, iRti, likened. 

Cri'thmum (Bot.) iftSi, barley ; in allufion to the ilmilarily of its leedi. 

Crocal'lia (Ent.) imcalCs, a precious ftonc, probably of a faffron colour. 

Croca'tua-a-um (Bot.) Lm, yellow-juiced. 

Crooea'go (Ent.) ) 

Crooea'Ua (Ent.) )' 

Crooidu'ra (Zool.) mfin, a thread, oujk. a tail; applied to the Ihtew-mii 

Croci'sa (Ent.) xftnn, a woolly nap ; a germs of Hymenoptera. 

Crocodiluri'iia (ZooL) crsccJihj, mga, a tail. 

Cro'DUB (Bo(.) CAaUn, train. 

Croou'ta (Zool.) ii(ii^K,f. iit(9ifK, to croak or howl; applied to the hyvi 

Croicoce'pbalua (Omlth.);(^iitt[, painted, ufaAj, head; it Ihould ha 

Croaaa'ndra (Bot.) gafom';, a fringe, «>i{, latpn, artfu^ Riahr. 
Oro'aBopus (Zool.) ■(ij'irN, a fringe, vtEc, a foot; applied to I 

I, lafTron-cotoured. 


CrooBo'stoma (Zool.) nftrr. 


cuo — cm' III 

Grotala'rla (Bot.) xfiraXot, a rattle; in allufion to the rattling of the 


CrotalidsB (Zool.) nporaXo^j a rattle ; the Rattlefnake ^mily of Reptiles. 
Crotalo'phorus (Zool.) x^iru^n, a rattle, ^tov, to carry; a genus of 

Oro'talUS (Zool.) KforetXn, a rattle or caftanet ; the Rattlefnake ; a genus 

of Ophidians. 
Oro'ton (Bot.) »p«TaJ», a tick ; from the refemblance of the feeds. 
Oroto'phaga (Omith.) *prru»»j a tick (parafite), ^ytXv, to eat ; the Horn- 
bill cuckoos. 
Cro'wea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, Crowe of Norwich, a celebrated 

Britifh botanift. 
CroEO phora (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Euphorbiacez. 
Cruoianella (Bot.) dim. of crux, a crofs. 
Oruoifera'rum (Ent.) crudfera, on which clafs of plants it feeds. 
Oru'da (Ent.) Lot. rough, unpolifhed. 

Cruenta'lls (Ent.) cruentatus, dyed with blood ; /. e. in colour. 
Crupi'na (Bot.) fpecific name of a centaurea ; from Dutch, cruypen, to creep ; 

becaufe the pappus is fb (liff as to make the feeds creep when held in 

the hand. 
Crura 'lis (Ent.) Lat, belonging to the leg or knee. 
Crybe (Bot.) xp/?f (?, concealed, i,e,, the column in the floral envelopes ; a 

genus of Orchidacex. 
Crymo'dea (Ent.) xfvfjtttinsi frod-like. 

Crypsiri'na (Omith.) x^irroi, hidden, p4», the nofe ; it (hould be crypftrhlna. 
Crjr'psis (Bot.) xpu*T«», to conceal ; the flowers concealed in the leaves. 
Cryptandra (Bot.) r. <?., ** hidden ftamens ; " a genus of Rhanmacez. 
CryptaVollus (Ent.) xfuvrii, covered, aj koj , a defence. 
OrjTptarrhe'na (Bot.) xfnyirtii^ hidden ; a^^v, a male. 
Cryptella (Ent.) dim. xpvirTisi hidden. 
Cry'pticus (Ent.) xfvrrtxify fit for hiding. 
Crypto Tbium (Ent.) x^irroV, concealed, jSio«, to live. 
Crypto1}labes (Ent.) xpvirtof, hidden, ffXaSny injury. 
Cryptoce'phalus (Ent.) x^vcis% concealed, »i4>«x»j, head. 
Cryptoohilus (Bot.) /. <?., " hidden lip ;" a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Cryptogle'na (Zool.) x^vxrogy hidden, yXww, the eye-ball; a genus of 

Cryptogra'mio \ (Bot.) xpvvrcgy covered, ypcifji/uiet^ a line ; applied to a 
Cryptogra'mma) genus of Ferns ; from the concealed lines of thecz. 

a CeCtion of 

eaefs of I 

CrTptohy'piiUB (Ent.J xpnTii, concealed, umi, lletp. 

Crypto 'lepis fBot.) xfutrrit, ).ian, hidden, i. r., fcale-covered, feec 

genui of ApocynacEa, 
Cryptomonadi'na) (Zool.) xfvinii, hidden, mimar,i mo 
Cryptomo'naa i Infuforia ; having diftinfl gelation 
Cryptomycea (Bot.) literally "hidden fungus;" from ti 

the plant ; a genus of Fungi. 
CiryptQiay'ctereB (Ichth,) i(vrrrii, concealed, pii*TKf, the noTe or fiiout. 
Crypto phi'alus (Zool.) tfumii, hidden, fuiXg, a (hallow cup ; a genus of 

Citri pedes. 
Cryptopro'ota (Zool.) iprmiit hidden, ir{«iiTai, the hinder paita. 
Cryptorhyn'chus (Ent.) nfwrif, concealed, (nyx'tt ^ f*^' 
Cryptoaper'mujn (Bot.) feeds concealed in insolacrum ; a genus of Cin- ' 

CryptoBte'gia (Bot.) ■fmnit, concealed, itiyri, a cotering. 
Oryptoate'mma (Bot.) x/ainii, concealed, ari/i/ua, a crown. 
Cryptosty'iia (Bot.) literally "hiddtTi ftyle;" a genu.^ of Orcliidacca:. 
Oryptu'rus (Ornith.) ifinai, to conceal, =uf«,the tail. 
Cteni'cerus (Ent.) .tik, XTi,i-„ a comb, xtfa,, a horn. 
CteniOSCllOlUB (Ent.) uttu, xttti;, a comb, xiUi, a fpot; a genus 

Cteni'opua (Ent.) ktiI;, itoic, a comb, ■»«, a foot. 
Ctenobranohia'tft (Zool.) ntli, uriiic, a comb, Bf!'rX"'i E'"'- 
Cteno'cerua (Ent.) unit, triig;, a comb, nifai, a horn ; a genus 

Ctenodac'tyluB (ZooL) mtiIs, hthw, Mnu>.oi, a toe. 
Ote'nodus (Ichth.) itiIc, emit, a comb, ihii, a looth ; having femted 1 

Cte'fiold (Ichth.) nTn'c, UTiHc, s comb; liihes having the free poDerior j 

margin ferrated or pefHnated. 
Cte'uomya (Zool.) inrlc, mtiik, a comb, f£vj, a rat. 
Cteuo'nycbuo (Ent.) ■rile, ith..-, » comb, Jn/J, onjx=:. a claw. 
Ctenopty'chiils (Fot. Zool.) n-niV, ituJt, a comb, ittux", a wrinkle. 
Cte'nopua (Zool.) iiti>i, UTtiic, a comb, irn:, a foot. 
Ctenoato'mata (Zool.) infc, nTnic, a comb, nijuic, a mouth. 
Oubioula'ria (Ent.) Lai, belonging to a bed-chamber; occurring in ■ 

Cuou'balUB (Bo(.) allereJ from uioio/ui, which from .aj..';, bad, ei;i. 



cue — CUP ir 

OttOtt^ldai (Ent.) cuc^j^i, fam. lerm. iJr; a family of Coleopteia. 

CttOll'jUB (Ent.) etymology unknown. 

Cuau'Uds (Omith.) cunit^i, a cuckoo, fam. term. W^; the cuckoo!. 

GuouUpenna'llum (Ent.) cucu/uj, a cuckoo, pmna, u feathn. 

Cuoullate'lla (Ent.) lucaUuj, a hood, dim. terminal dL. 

Ouculla'tus (Otnjth.) Lai. houdtd. 

Omm'Uia (Eat.) cuculU^, a hood; "the collar well developed, and raifed ii 

the form of a hood." — Staintqv. 
Ououm'na (Ent.) ^tu/;.,,, a hood. 
CttOuluB (Ornith.) Lai. a cuckoo. 
Ououma'ria (Zool.) from refemblance to a cucumber, 
an'oumls (Bot.) the Rumao name for a cucumbei. 

™ , ,. I I (Hot-) ifiirhiia, a Rourd. 

Caaurbitl'na (Ent.) cucuFhila, a gourd, on which it feeds. 

Oulol'tluill (Bot.) ci>/.;'(ii, a (hiffed bed; referring to heads of paler; . 

geouB of CompoCtz. 
Culicifor'Tala (Ent.) cu/u, a %rat,Jima, Ihape. 

Gnllu'mla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir Tioma, CuUum, f.S.S., F.L.S. 
Onlme'Uua (Ent.) dim. of f«;»Tw, a llalk or (lem. 
Cnltripa'lpi (Eat.) cultrum, a knifb,^^, a feeler. 

'°|(Bot.) Araile, gamsin. 

Cummin'gia (Bot.) P. N., dedicated to La^ Cummng GirJar. 
Chmoate'lla (Ent.) cm^ui, a wedge ; from certain markings. 
OnnlOOla'lis (Ent.) mikultii, a rabbit ; referring to colour. 
Oanlonlft'rla {Ornith.) caaicuUris, pertaining to a rabbit, burrowing like \ 

Ounl'lB (Bot.) P. N. from Cumb, the name of a town. 
Cuimingha'mia (Bol ) J. and A. Cumiiigimt, botanical travellers in N. H 

Wale.i ; a genua of Conifers. 
Ouno'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of y, C. Cum of Amfterdam. 
Cu'on (Zool.) ,im, a dog. 
Oupa'nlfl (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F^iir Framh Cu/ism, an Italian monl 

and botanical author, who died in 1710. 
Ouphe'a (Bot.) .uf ii, curved, from the curved tube of the calyx. 

Cu'pia (Bol.) C«fi is the Mali 

■ of the fpcci 

cu/- ~ 


Ouprea lis (Ent.) caprcm, copper-eoloured, ;. c, the wings. 

Cuprella (Ent.) cufrmi, copptry, 

Oupre'sauB (Bot.) iin-aCyprels-trje, which from »i!»P|lo produce, ni 

tqual, from its regular branches. 
CTl-preua-a-um (Zool., Bol.) Lut. copper-coloureJ. 
Cuprlaoel'lus ( Ent.) iafr^i, copiwfy. 
Cupulft'ris (Bot.) cufuli, a little cup. 
Oorate'll^ (Bot.) xufiua, to Ihaix- ; the natives in Guiana uie the lea» 

polhh thuir bowi. 
Curou'llgo (Bot.) iBrf"/™, a weevil. 
Onrou'llo (Ent.) Lai. b weevil, 
auianlio'nidse (£iit.) cHnidn, fam. term. iJa. 

CurOu'rOft (Bot.) ArMi, turlam. 

Currant (Bot.) corrupted from yW CcriiMa,-^, Corindiian grapes, « 

they are, being a lariely of f/Zu ■uinifirj. 
Cumi'oa (Ornith.) Lai. (he Hedge-fparrow. 
Curao'ria (£nt.) 1 
CuTBo'rilla (Ornith.)f ""'■^'"'' " ^'""'• 

CurtiBel'liM (fint.)-)^ P. N. in honour of ;r///;.i»i C^nh, ftmnder ol 
Curti'aia (Bot.) ) " Botanical Magaiine." 

Curto'ayna (Bot.) literally " carved ftyle;" a genus of Crallulactar. 
Ourtome'rus (Ent.) w^rit, cuneJ, fttfii, the thigh. 
Clirtono'tua (Ent.) lufTif, curved, tjrtis, the back. 
Cu'rtula (Eijt.) din, oScm-tui, broken, Ihott, 

Cu-rtus (Ichth.) ifl/. (bort, 

Cunfel'la (Ent.) eurva, a curve. 

Curvlit.;at.a (Omith.)^ ^ ^ ^^^ 

Curriro atrlB (Zool.) ) ^ 

Cu'sous (Zool.) Lafjnbed form of native ttanie, itufi/uii. 

Cu'acata (Bot.) Arabic, tiiiuii. 

Cuso'iiB (Zool.) cu/^r, one who i>rikei, finm cuJo, to ftrike; a genus ot 

Cuspidalus-a-uin (Zool., Bot.) Lai. part, of cnjpido, \a make pointed. 
Cuaso'nia (Bot.) P. H. in honour of M. Ctjfm, a. celebrated French 

CuteTia (Bot.) etymology nnknown ; a genoji of Cryptogaroia. 
Gu'iiB (Zool,) native name ofa moiikey — Drachyuni) Satana". 
PyHmcpuB (Do),) wiimiAn, hiian, ij^c, reH-mlihnce ; a geiins uf l,vgi:> 

CTA — (nX 115 

Cya'nea (Omith.) xvdfiosy dark blue. 

Cyane'lla (Bot.) dimin. of Kvettost blue ; in allufion to the colour of its 

Cya'neus (Ornith.) xvmos^ dark-blue. 

Cyanomy'ia (Ornith.) »yav«f , dark-blue, fAvXa^ a fly ; a genus of Hum- 
Cyano'tis (Bot.) literally *'blue ear," from the colour of flowers ; a genus 

of Commelynaceae. 
Cyanu'rus (Ornith.) »va>oj, blue, ou^a, tail ; the Blue Jay. 
Cyanus (Ornith., Bot.) xvecvos^ dark blue. 
Cyathe'a (Bot.) xvaStio*^ a little cup. 
Oyatho'des (Bot.) literally «cup4ike," /. e. the ne£tary; a genus of 

Epacridacex. ^ 

Cyathophy'lluin (Fos. Bot.) xvaQos^ a cup, <f'yAXo», a leaf. 
Oybi'ster (Ent.) xvB^a-rtif^ a tumbler. 

Cy'cas (Bot.) the Greek name of a palm iaid to grow in Ethiopia. 
Cyclado'ides (Zool.) cyclas, tJiog, like. 

Cy'clamen (Bot.) xvxXasy circular, from the mouth of the corolla. 
Cyclan'thus (Bot.) literally ** circle-flower," from the inflorefcence; type 

genus of Cyclanthaceae. 
Oycla'rhis (Ornith.) xvhXos, a ring or circle, pis, a nole. 
Oy'clas (Zool.) xCxXosy orbicular; a genus of frefli-water MoUufca. 
Oy'clica (Ent.) xCuXos, a circle, from the rounded body of the infeft ; a 

divifion of Coleoptera. 
Cycli'dium (Zool.) nvxXog^ a circle ; a genus of Infusoria. 
Cyclobo'thra (Bot.) literally <* circle pit," from form of calyx; a genus of 

Cycloc'orus (Zool.) xvxXosy a circle, xifvsy a helmet ; a genus of Colubrine 

Cyclodes (Ent.) KvuXosy iTJo?, form. 

Cycloga'ster (Ent.) xt/xAof , circle, yatrrn^, the belly ; a genus of Diptera. 
Cycloid (Ichth.) xjJkXo;, a circle, from the rounded form. 
Cyolono'tum (Ent.) xvxXog^ circle, *Ztos^ the back. 
Oyclo'pliis (Zool. Ent.) xu*Xos^ S^isy a ferpent; a genus of Colu!;nne 

OycloTpia (Bot.) xvkXo^^ a circle, %ov;, a foot. 
Cyclo'pis (Ent.) relembling cyclopia 

Cy'clops (Zool., Ent.) ^vxX»\^ Cyclops, literally round-eyed. 
Cyclopsi'na (Zool.) cycUps^ with family terminaL 

Cyclopts'ridlB (Ichth.) <:g<lepuni, the femily of the Siicking-fi(h«. 

Cyolo'ptaruB (Ichth.) <tiiii.x\, a CyclopB, iriipn, a fin. 

Cynlo'pteryx (Ent.) ninXit, a circle, uTifuJ, i wing. 

CyolorhiB (Omith.) tu.^it, a circle, /«, the rollriL 

Cycloaa'aTB (ZooL) i.J<ioE, a circle, rxZfti, a liiard ; a family uf Reptiliii. 

Oyolo'ais (Bot.) implying molecules Id drculat movement. 

Cyolo'atoma (Zool,) i 

Cyclo'stomi (Ichth.) i "'""' " "'^^'' "*>*- = "™t''- 

Cyolothu'rua (Zool.) lujiJ.ot, a ring or circle, aZfa, a tail. 

Cyolo'um (Zool.) aui^oj, a circle, fan, an egg, in refeienceto the arrange- 

Cyolu'ra (Zool.) iiijtXst, a circle, ctfx, tail; a genus of Reptiles. 
Cyono'oheB (Hot.) xiviti, a Iwan; from the gracefully hent form of the 

(lender column. 
Cydo'nla (Bot.) P. N., a native of Cydou in Crete. 
Cydonia'lia (Ent.) feeds upon ipkmh. 
CygnlpBimo'Ua (Ent.) cygaui, i. fwan, fiaaa, a feather. 
Oygniis (Omith.) Lai. a fwan. 
Cylin'dera (Ent ) i.i>.tilti>t, a cylinder, !({«, the neck. 
Oylio'drophia (Zool.) luuii^ai, a cylinder. St'Ij a fnake ; a genm of 

Oylindxoapo'rlum (Bot.) Hvti'Jrgf, a cylinder, Evc^a, a leed : from farm 

offeednj a genus of Fungi. 
CyliB'ta ( Bot.) luJjiTij, rolled, fmm ■i-J.tH, to wallow about. 
Cymatopbora (Ent.) iiii.««, ■D^btm, a wave, iHjU'i to bear. 
Oyroatop'terua (Ent.) »w«< -E^-'or, a wave, irTifi., a wing. 
Oymbfflfor'mla (Zool.) boat-Ihaped ; from ijoiia, a boaL/wMu, ihapr. 
Oymba'ria (Bot.) i>:,u^i,.a boat ; In allulion to the Ihape of the fruit. 
□Tmbella (Bot.) dimln. of ci/mta, a hoat ; a genu^ of Algx. 
Cymbe'UeEB (Bot.) ii/mlKlla; a divifion of Algi equiv. to Diatomacea:. 
CymlridSB (Ent.) ryM*j, a boat ; a family with boat-lhaped larva:. 
Cymbi'dium (Bot.) 'ii.itB'i. a boat. 
Cymbifor'mia (Zool., Bot.) -lifiBs, a hou, firma, Ihape. 
Cymblrhy'aohiis (Omlth.) tinSn, u hollow veflel, fiyx''' ^ '>^°''' 
Cymbopo'goa (But.) iiii|>i5ii,a boat, vxynt, a beard; the vatves of calyx 

are boat-Hiaped and hairy j a genua of Grades, 
CyJlin'diniD l^Omith.) cumaJh, tlie night-hawk ; a fuij-.'a^ilyof Bird*, of 

the order Raptorcs, 
Cyminssi'na (Bot.) (rult IwelU like CuminixA; a gcnui of Rutiicf . 

OyniQdo'oea (Zool.) P. N. of a fea-nymph mentioned by Virgiil. 

;a (Ent.) .Ef.», a wave, ,■';«, the courfe or origin. 
Oynanohum (But.) ■>«>, a dog, &yx«, t" ftranglc! in allurion to its 

poifonoiB properties. 
Cyna'pium (BotO "uwf ktu*, dogs' parliey. 
Cy'liara (Bot.) nun, a dog. 

Gyni'otia (Zool.) i.^,., »v^(, a dog, U-rn, a wealil ; one of the Viverrida. 
Oynlpifor'miB (Ent.l c^iff, the gall-(ly,/DriM, 

GTDOaa'pholua (Zool.) aiWr, lutis, a dog, mifs/ig, head; dog-headed. 
Cyno'don (Bot.) Dog's-tooth graft, from jnWr, .umj, a dog, JJiij, sSotoj, a 

Oyno'gaJB (Zool.) mum, xwii, a dog, yaiXS, a iveafel. 

Oynogloa'Buni (Bot.) aim, >ii>i,-, a dog, ^'Xi^rcx, a tongue. 

Oynome'tra (Bot.) xint, xu ■,-, a dog, /Ahfa, a matrix. 

Oyno'plliH (Zool.) iiwt, «««, a dog, J*n, a ferpent; a genus of Col-- 

^ ,e ophidians. 
Oynop'terua (Zool.) lim, 
Oyno'rohia (Bot.) the double bulhs relemble ci 

'wO; agenusofOrchidac™. 
Cynoaba'na (Ent.) naiL-Sx-ni, a dog-thorn. 
Gynoau'ruB (Bot.) xin; tinif, a dog, gup, a ti 
Oypella (Bot.) K^, a goblet 


Oype'rua (Bot.) P. N. fro^ 

Cyphfl'lium (Bot.) ) 
O/pWft (Bot.) i ""■"' '""" ' 
Cjphoin'yia (Eat.) mfi;, bent forA'ard, /ti 
Cy'plion (Ent.) »ufi(, bent. 
Cypho'nldffl (Ent) fjf *M, fam. term. iJjr, 
Oyphonooe'phalua (Ent.) -ufii, bent, laf 

OyphoBo'ma (Ent.) mflr, bent forward, a 
Cy'pridtB f (Zool.) P. N., CjiOrii, a n 

Oypridi'nadEB* Entomoftrata. 

Cypridi'na (Zool.) a genus of Etitomoftracj, 
Cypri'mda (khth.) the £imily of the Cariis. 
Cypri'noa (Icbth.) Lai. a carp. 
Cypripe'dium (Bot.) tiwfit, > name of Veow, niita, i Qippcr. 

a-f - 


', M.D., 

Cy'prla (Zool.) Ci/prU, a name of Aphrodite ; a gi 
C/paelUB (Omith.) «L^l.;,llie &Qd-™aitin; a i 
Oypana'gra (OrDith.) an intolerable word, core 

writer from C^pfeluJ and Taruj^rn. 
Cyre'bia (Ent.) feeds on nJ^n'Sn, bran. 
CyriTla (Bot.) P. N. in honour ot Dommia Cy, 

botany at Naples, and F. R. S. London. 
Cyrta'nthuB (Bat.) »u;i«, curved, iiflst, a flower. 
Cyrtoohi'lum (Bot.) literally " concave lip;" from form of 

o£ Qrchidacea!. 
Cycto'denia (Ent.) kl 
OyrtodQii (Bot.) xui 

Oyrtoga'ater (Ent.) m 
OflU^blB(7.oo[.)i-vnii, curved, f^m 

Cyrtopo'dium (Bot.) nvfiit, convex, • 

the convei claw of the labellum. 
Cyr'tlllua (ZooL) -v^h. bent, rti!.,,. 

if Entomodraca. 
uted by Ariftotle. 

, curved, iSiw 

curved, j^iirnp, tlw belly. 


i referring to the Ihell-. 

a bladder, 

<aT>», Tmoke. 


^^ cytiauB 

^^h "Ftoren 


Cystioa'pnoB (Bot.) ■in 

OrstideaB (Fos. Zool.) xJiT.:, a bladder. 

Cystopborl'na (Zool.) a fub-family of Mammalia. 

OyBtOBel'ra (Bot.) a genus of Cryptogamia. 

Cyths'ro (Zool.) P. N. from CylAmj, a fumame of Aphrodite; 

Cjthere'a (Ent.) P. N. a fumame of Venus ; from the iflanJ of Cythera. 
Cytherela (ZooL) P. N. from Cyl/uria, a fumame of Aphrodite ; a geniii 

of Entomollraca. 
Cythe'ridffi (Zool.) P. N. from Cyiirria, a fumam; of Aphrodite ; a family 

of Entomolliaca. 
OytiaaTia (Ent.) feedi on C^rifi, nigrieani. 

Cy'tiaUB (Bot.) faid to be derived from Cyi/imu, one of the Cydades, where 
firit found. The Cy^j _^^riiii, nas probably the flowerini: 

cytlfui mentioned by Virgil ;— 
Ftorentem cytifum fequitur laTciva capello."— Vm. Eel. i1. 64 


DAM Tiq ^H 

^H^ Da'oe (Ichth.) D;.uh, A,.,j. 


^H Sacryd'ium (Bot.) !i.f<l, a u 

at ; from the gummy enudation ; a genus of ^^| 

^H Taxaces. 


^^H Daorymj'cOB (Bot.) Sit/a, a 

tear, and (litis, a fungus; from thi: deli- ^H 

^^1 quefcent nature of plant 

1 genus of Fungi. ^| 

^^B Dactyllaa'pnos (Bot.) Jb>tu> 

.cs, and iiasiii, fumitory; the pods being ^^| 

^^H fJnget-Hiaped ; a genus of Fumarmoa:. ^^ 

^^H Dsotyli'fera (But.) fpecific nai 

me of the date-tree, from iii,Tu»«, a finger, ^H 

^^ .p(^,tabear; from the reftmbbnce of the hunches of dates to a hand, ^H 

Da'otyliB (Bot.) !iixTt;i,(, a finger; Finger-graf*. ^| 

DaotyUa'onanH (Ornith,) !i- 

TtXsc a finger, (wings)/™™, founding. ^H 

Daotyloote'nium (Bot.) Sb.ti, a linger, >t»'i, iTi-tV, a comb. ^^| 

Dceda'iea (Bot.) l.,iii,„, cu 

tioully wrought ; from the appearance of ^^| 

fuiuoiities ; a genu? of Fun 


Dffl'nUa (Bot.) from the Arabi 


Daffodil (Bot.) query, comipti 

:d from Afphodehi^ ? ^H 

Da'flla (Omith.) etymology ur 

,k.^. ■ 

Dah'Ua (Bot.) P. N. Lr. honour of ^,.,/r^r liM. a Swediih botanid, and ^| 

pupil of Linnius. 


^B Da'iB (Bot.) unknown. 


^B Dai'ay (Bot ) the '■ day', eye ; ' 

' Chaucer fays:— ^H 

^V "Thedatlii 

^ or «b the eye of daie." ^| 

^* Dalbe'rgia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JV;M»/n. Doling, a Swedilh botanifl. ^| 

Da'lea (Bot.) P. N. in honour 

of r<(<«.» DiJ,, an Engliih botaniil. ^H 

Dalaoha'mpla (Bot.) P. N. 

in honour of Jumr, niUMwfi, a French ^H 

^^ boUnift of the i6th centurj-. ^^ 

^L Dallba'rda (Bot.) P. N. in ho 

nour of Demi Djliijrd, a French botanilt. ^^H 

^H Dalrym'plea (Bot,) P. N. in 

^^H the ■< Oriental Repertory." 


^^B DBlto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in hon 

our of It^. .l-in-i D.ill'i, an Englilh bryo- ^H 

^^1 iogift ; a genus of Mufci. 


^B Da'ma (Zool.) I^l. a Fallow-r 


^^ Damraoo'mia (Zool.) J^^na, a 

deer, ism, a horn ; deer-horniil. ^^H 

Dama'Ua (Ent,) appertaining 1 

Damalia (ZooL) 3if.«x.:, a a 


DamaBo'niuni (Bot.) Sb/;.^-, 

to ^H 

Daininara (Bot.) its name in 

Amboyna; the dammar pine. ^H 

Damplo'ra (Bot.) P. N. in h 

onour of Ca)MD« if. Damfi.-r, a celebrated ^H 

tnTcUn uid botiuilli. 


iio DAM — DAS 

Da'mBOna (Bot.) "Old writers havt called thofe that grow in Sfria, near 
Damafcus, damfam, or Jamajh plunn, and there that grow ia Spain, 
Spanilh prunes or plums ; others, from the countriea, are palled pnineii 
of Hungary, France, &c." The Counts of Anjou introduced the 
" prunes lijBi^Jjm" into Europe. — HM.Ui'HD'i lUuJIratiBiij of ShuttlniKirtli 

Danre'ft (Bot.) In honour of Pirrn Martin Oim, who wrote on the 
plants of Piedmont. 

Dan'deUon (Bot.) Frnni, Jrtit dt Um 

Da'ne-WCrt (Bot.) this fatid plant {SanAi^cm rMot") was fiippofed, hy 

our ancellorK, to have fprung from the blood of their enemla the 

Dantho'iiia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Banlkmm, a French hotanift, 
Dape'dlUS (Fo9. Zool.) )««!», a pavement; a genus of ganoid fiihes, the 

arrangement of the rhomboidal (cales of which reftmhiej a teflelated 

Da'plme (Bot.) )ai'o>, to bum, ^xti, a nolle; becaufe It cracklea when 

Daphne'lla (Zool.) dim. of D-fhxn a genus of Entomoflrw 
DaphMa (Zool.) P. N. from Daphne. 



Dap'Hon (Omith.) !^«ti., to devour. 

Darlingto'nla (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. Datlin^m, an American bolanill. 

Da'mel (But.) Anglt^ax. irnan, to hurt \ darnel is In all probability Ihi 

{.{i.11 of St. Matthew, ch. niii. 
DaiTallia'na(Uot.) P. N. in honour of /Jr. Danufltf, of Bitminghion. 
Darwl'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. Dartnin, author of " The Botanic Gan- 

Da'ajra (Bot.) Jamj, hairy ; a genu* of Cryptogomia. 

Dasy'baais (Ent.) luk, hairy, £.«>[, a foot ; a genus of Uijitcra, 

Daay'pldtB (Zool.) dafypm; a family of Mammalia, 

Daaypj'aa (Zool.) Aijypm ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 

Daayoa'mpB (Enl.) tun, hairy, »ii^irn, a catcrpillai . 

Daay'cera (Em.) iu^i-., thick, in>«, a horn, 

Dasy'dla (Ent.) i^sii, covered with hair. 

Daeyga'ster ) (Ent.) BaiM, hoiry,fitBinE,a belly; a genu' and family of 

Daeyga'strEe > Hymem 

Daayor'nia (Omith.) )■• 

X (Zool.) D^fhai^ : with family and fuh-family term. 

M3'dia (Ent.) t^j-it, hairy, w.J;, w.^o,, a fi«E. 
I Boaypo'lia (Ent.) Uiit, hair;, i»»i{;, g;ref . 

I Dtuypro'cta (i^l.) laiiJf, hairy, TTfUitTJ.-, the back part, the tail. 
DaBypr[>Dti'tia (Zool.)i£^r«;id; afub-family of Mammalia. 
Da'sypuB (ZuaL) txri:, hairy, irg», a foot; a term for the AtmadiUuei, 

aUudlng to the fact of the foles of their feet heing covered with bair. 
DaBy'atoma (Ent.) larit, thick, hairy, itti^s, the mouth. 
Daa'jrteB (Ent.) Iirim, roughDefs, hairinefs. 
Daayti'rlna (Zool.) the fab-!amily of Marfuplals, oF which Da/ytrui it 

the type. 
Daayu'rUfl (Zool.) ixni, hairy, cSfji, a tail ; a genus of Marfupials. 
Date (Bot.) from >i>nl.sf, a linger ; Ihape of fruit. 
Datu'ra (Hot.) alteration of the Arabic name lAtis^A, the Thorn-apple. 
Daubento'nla (Bot.) P. N. from JH. Daatatui. a celebrated naturalilt. 
Bau'oua (Bot.) )•:«, to divide ; the carrot. 
Sava'Ula (Bot.) P. N. from £dWi>W DavJl, a Swifs botaniH. 
Davle'ala (Bot) P. N. from X^. H. Djvia, F.L.S., a Wellh hotaoilf. 
Daw (Omith.) fo cnlltd from the found it utters. 
Daoa'ctia (Zool.) !i«, tea, inU, a ray. 

Decag/nifl (Bot.) iiio, ten, ymi, a female ; the plants have ten piilib. 
Deoa'ndria (Bot.) JUS, ten, i.B>, a man ; having ten llamens. 
Daoa'poda (Zool.) liiS, ten, •bm, nilM, a foot; the higheft order oi 

Deoatoma (Ent.) Who, ten, Ts^ii, reparation ; a genus of Hymcnoptera. 
Deoli'viB (Zool.) I^t. bending downwards, lleep. 
Deco'ros (Zool.) Lai. handfome. 
Decmna'ria (Bot.) ifcuwa, a tenth ; in allufion to the ten-fold (Iruilure 

of the flower and fruit. 
Deounm'nUB (Zool.) Lai. the tenth. 
Deer (Zool.) At^^^Sax. drur. 

Doeri'ngia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. C. Dicriag, an Englilh botanifi. 
Desae'rii (Ent.) P N. in hocour of Df Cur, a celebrated naturalilt. 
Deilo'phUa (Ent.) hike, the evening, ^iil., to 1o»e. 
DelnopaiB (Ent.) Imii, dreadful, i-im, appearance. 
Delno'nilB (Foi. Zool.) iinii, terrible, ipis, a bird. 
Deluoaa'nrlaJll (Fo>. Zool.) tinii, terrible, aav(«, a lliaril. 
Detaothe'rium (Foi. Zool.) Imjf.terrl hie, «■(£», a wild bead. 


Delopel'a (Cnt.) Aaiisi:*, one of Jiuio'i nymphs, 

Delea'ater (Ent.) iOiiM-rpB, a baited trap. 

DelsBse'rla (Bot.) P. N. from Jit. Bryamm Ddrgtrt, a French hotaalciJ 

patron ; a genus of Algir. 
Delica'taluB (Zool.) Lat. romewhat dainty or delicate. 
De'llphrum (Ent.) 

Delphi'nidffl (Zool.) MfhI-ai. a dolphin. 
Delphi'nlum (Bot.) A/^iyn, a dolphin, its unexpanded flowers having bee« I 

fuppoled to refcmble the imaginarj' figureii of the dolphin. 
Dolphi'nus (ichth.) Lai. a dolphin. 
Deltcii'dro (Ent.) Ii\TMi)nc, delu-(haped, triangular; from the forn: 

which they [irrange their wings when in rcpofc. 
De'mftB (Ent.) hi/juLi, a proper name. 
Demeta'lia ( Zool.) given by Mi. GaiTe to a variety of Sagartia ; from tha I 

citcumnanceof being found on the Pembroke coaft, formeriy inhabited 1 

by the DnTjili. 
Dendraapi'dld* (Zool.) dcadraJfU, (am, term. «/*,- a family of Colubrinc J 

Denira'epia (Zool,Jlolf*[, woody, lurWt, a viper ; a genus of Colubrii 

Dendre'rpeton (Fos. Zool.) Inl^t, a tree, i^irtTn, a liiard. 
Dsndro'biiun (Bot.) Ii'ij^, ■ tree, Siw, to lire ; in allufion to Its growing 

Dei)drDChe'lldon(Omith.))iiI^v, alree, ,T;rX.Ji., afwallow; the Tree- 

DendroooU'ptes (Ornith.) Ji>I^, a tret, hoj.biitb, to pccit; a j 

Dendrodo'a (Zool.) tiUfv, a tree, ■», an egg; a fiib-genus of Tunicated J 

mollufct ; lb called from the rami6ed form of the ovarium. 
Decdro'ctonuB (Ent.) tiilpn, a tree, «TiI>a, to dellroy. 
De'adrodonts (Fos. Zool.) liilpn, a tree, ottvc, >3»Tjf, a tooth. 
Dendro'legus ( Zool.) Jtiljn, a tret!, Uy. lo lie down ; applied to tbt J 

De'ndf ollte (Foi. Bot.) lit)^, a tree, \iBit, a (tone ; a general ti 

foffil wood. 
Den'dromyB (Zool.) ti>)/», a tree, fti^ a Rioule ; a South African genvt m 

of rodents, relemhlin;; mice but inhahrling tren, 
DeadTOQo'tua (Bot.) liiJ^, a tt«e. iSTti, the hack ; a grnui of Nudl- 

bnnchiate mollufia. 

- DES 

Rdny!phldEB (Zoot.) J^iJnfyu, fum. term. Ui ; a family of Colubrinc 
IMndro'pblllu (Ent.) ti>};n, a tree, fL>gi, n lover. 
Den'drophis (Zool.) tiiiff, a trEc, l^ti, ■ feipeat ; a genua of Colubrine 

»DanclroBsu'r& (ZooL) }ii}fi>, a tree, rst^m. a iixard; the t'ree-Uianli. 
' Denta^nin (Zool.) ilau, a tooth j the Taoth-lhell ; a geaaa of Mollufd. 
Dento'ria (Bot.J ofarj, a tooth ; alluding to the tooth-like (Iniflure of the 

Benta'tua-CL-um (Ent., Bot.) Lot. toothed. 

Dente'Ua (Bot.) dim, of Jn,,, a tooth. 

Don'tai (Ichth,) Lat, the ancient name of a fi(b. 

I>elitioUlB'tum (Ent.) Lai. having teeth ; in allufion to the twlhed or 

vandykeit (Iripes on the abdomen. 
Dentioula'tus-a-uin (Bot.) dalk-^lui, a little tooth. 
Dentiro'atrea tOniith.) Aw, A^/h, a tooth, njfni-u, a beak ; a divilion of 

the order IncelTorei. 
Bantlda'tEG (Em.) Jtmnlaiiis-ii-iini, ftHpped ; a Tub-family of Hymenoptera. 
Deppe'ana (Bot.) P, N. in honour of J. Dtffr, a colleflor and tiaiellcr 

in Mexico. 
DepreSBs'rift (Ent.) Jcpffm, flat ; in aUufion to their flat bodiei. 
DspraaBloo'mis (Zool.) Jeprejiu, lying low, depreHed, nrtia, a bom. 
Depre'aflus-a-um (Zool., Ent., Bot.) Lai. flat, funk. 
Daraaa'llB (Ent.) i/m>j, Ihaved, ferapcd off. 
Derbla'nus (Zool.) p. N. in honour of one of the great patrons of 

Natural Hiltory, the late Lord Derby. 
Beroe'tis (Fo». Zool.) P. N.. a Tea-god ; a ganoid, eel-like fifb of the 

chalk formation. 
Derma'ptera (Zool.) lijua, (kin, trTifK, awing; this name wai given by 
Ariftotie to the Bats, and may he considercil equivalent to the Cheir- 
optera of Cuvier. 
DermBto'deB (Bot.) li;^aTi>)ii(, like lliin. 
DannB'BteB (Em,) )i(f.»rtB'(, an ealer of Ikin or leathiT. 
Denne'stidfe (Ent.) drrmtfn, fam. term, iir. 
Desoham'pala (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. D.Jlhimfa, a French 

DeamallttaUB (Bot.) Urfii, a bundle, diSst, a flower; in alliilion to the 

faTcidesoflhe Howen. 
DeBmars'stia (Bm.) a genoi of Algz ; lime ety mology u the neiLt. 

D£S - 


Deamara'atii (Ornith.) 1'. N. in honour of M. DifmanJI, a French 

De'smla (Em.) Jir/in, a bundle ; from the &ftei-like markings. 
Eesmldi'etB (Bot.) drfmlJium, with fam. term, ; a divifion of Alg*. 
Deamid'ium (Bot.) Jii-^M, a bond; from the parts cohering when in a 

Dsamoohffi'ta (Bot.) Iir/iii, a honAyX'""! ''^i''' 
Dsamo'diimi (Bot.) )iT^i[, a band. 
Daamo'noua (Bot.) )irf<i[, a band, iyx.t,, a hook ; aUudin;; to the tet 

at the apL'x of the leaves. 
Desmono'ta (Ent.) Jiir^ic, a band, iSni, the back ; knotted back. 
DasmoplijfllUB (Fos. Bot.) ttriii,, a bundle, ^Mn, a li-af, 
Desmotau'liuB (Ent.) lirfxii, a band.Iuj, •rrii, an car oi apex; a gen 

the Phryganidi. 
DlaTaasia (Ent,) t.iS^ta, a paiTing over ; a genua of Diptera. 
Dia'bolua ( Zool.) S,de,Xa(, the devil. 

Diac'iiea (Bot.) Imx^ai, to difpenfe; applied to a fitaggling fungus. 
Diachro'mus (Eat.) Ux, through, xt^H'"-' eolour. 
Diade'ma (Ichth., Ent.) Lui. a diadem, the emblem of royalty. 
Dia'lithiH (Ent.) liiXitn, fet with preciouB ftonei, jewelled. 
Dial'jrsla (Ent.) Jialuntia reparation, parting; a genus of Diptera. 
Dlamina (£nt.) tiifi^ii. verf fandy ; a genus of HTtnenoptera. 
Dian'a (Zool.) P. N., applied to a monkey on account of the crefcenU 

Ihaped line of white hairs on the forehead. 
Dia'ndrla (Bot.) lie, two, iaif, a man ; having two fiameni. 
Dlanella f Bot,) P. N. from Dkna, the fylian goddefs ; it inhabits woodi. 
DlanttKBcla (Ent.) aUiSge, e7i>g(,adwelllng| the larvK dwelling in 

feed-pods of Dianthus. 
Dlan'thUB (Zool.) Hot, divine, Mst, a flower; or it may be from 

tendency to become double, li, the lign of dupti cation, ii»6>c, a flowttff 

having full or double flowers. 
Diapeiisia (Bot.) liin'ti, coBipoffd of five ; alluding to ill flowm. 
Diape'ridaa (Ent.) Jhprni, fam. term. iAr. 
Dia'peria (Ent.) lituri^a, to go over. 
Diaphana'Ua (Ent.) iufaini, tranfparent, 
Dlap'tomua (Zool.) li>, through, f«T»|Uiu, to fly ; from its rapid dartinfl 

through the water. 
Dla'sola (Bot.) Jit, two, irtiw, a little bladder ; alludinR to the I 

tuberauces at the bale of (he corollu. 

DU - 


I Di£ 

the frallulta being almoti 
if the Algs. 

a niield ; c 

:loak; having both calyx 

Stasa'mla (Ent.) )iii.n/«c. clear, dilllnn. 
daste'inB (Ent.) hintfAjL, an inteival. 
Dlaata'pora (Zool.) iLETiDfia, an intecral, iri 
at intersala;" a genus of Polyioa. 
lUt'enea (Ent.) ^-t..^,, ftretchlng, tending, 
to'ma (Bot.) ).'«, through, TifnB, to cut; 
Diatoma'ceBB (Bot.) Jia/mia, fam. term, aim; a gre 
Dlbol'ia (Ent.) i^BiXla, a double-edged lance, halbi 
Dl'ceraa (Fos. ZooL) ii,, twice, .i,.(, a horn. 
DioeT'oa (Ent.) I'l, twice, «<psi, a UiL 
Dloer'ioa (Eot.) Kr, twice, t^n, a prop. 
Dlohela'oera (Ent.) J.'jjoJur, cloven, li^i, a horn ; 
I}lalieIaB'pia(Zool.)Ii'j^ii;ii(,clo<en, liiTi'i 
Dlohe'li* (Ent.) %«Jd(, cloven-hoofed. 
DloHnuB (Bot.) ii'i, twice, x'S-M. " l"P- 
DiohlBiny'deoua (Hot.) !■'(, twice, ;e*«,"' 

and corolla, 
Diohlo'ria (Bot.) ih, twice, ^f^Xufii. green ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Dioliobu'na (Fo!. Zool) Hxu, divided, gjinit, a ridge ; fo called ftom the 
L deeply-deft ridges uf the upper mularf. 

I Si'ohodoa (Fos. Zool.) i;^". in two parts, iiiii, jJ.i-tj;, a tooth ; fo called 
r from the double cidcent-fhaped linea of enamel on the upper liiiface cf 

Dioho'lophua (Omith.) »:;(■., in tviro, bifid, Jif.j.a crell ; agenusof Birds. 

Dioho'ndra (Bot,) )«, twice, x^'^fi' ' E™"- 

Diohorlza'ndra (Bot.) Ki, twice, x"^?-*! *" pafti ""^ "n anther. 

DlQbO'ama (Bot.) i:,^;^, without, Js-^ii, fmeU. 

Diaho'tomua-a-um (Zool, Bot.) l>x"'l"fi divided equally. 

DJohro'mia (Ent.) Jlf, twice, xl^ftn, colour. 

DiCkSO'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Jami, DUifin, a Britilh cryptogamift. 

DiciIldUTiiB (Zool) iuiiiir, double, tZfi, a Uil 

Dioliptera (Bot.) ).'[, double, xuUt, to Ihut. 

Diootyla'donom (Bot.) ).'(, double, j.otu7.»)^, feed- lobe ; a diviCon 

compriling all planu whoie feeds are compoled of two lobe-. 
Dico'tylea (Zool.) tl,. double, *n{iU. a cup or focket. 

int.) til, two, »«o»«, a helmet, -ji ■, lo btar; a jjtniii nf 


Dioranu'ra (Ent.J 9l<|i»oc, forked, cC/i, 

Dicranu'ridiB (Em.) dkraoura, fam. ttr 

Dlcroram'pha (Ent.) iixfni, farked, cloven, pijUf-n, a hooked knife, a bill. 

Dicruri'ilffi f Omith.) dkrurm, fam. term, inj; ; & fub-famlly of Inceflbres 

DicruTUB (Ornilh.) M[, double, Hfi, a tail; having a long focktd taiL 

Dicta'mnuB (Bot.) P. N., a Cretan city, on the mounUini near whidi 

Dloty'dium (Bot.) Jiarun, a net, !.)j(, limilar. 
Diotyophy'llum (Fo«. Bot.) linxw., a net, ■fi>.\n. a leaf. 
Dlotyop'teryx (Ent.) I/.t™, a filhing-net, iri.uf , a wing ; from the ne 

like markings of the wings. 
XMotyo'aiphon (Bot.) I'.tiMt, a net, iri>«>, a reed or tube; a genua of I 

Dlotyo'tft (BoL) ii'»Ti»», a net ; a genua of Ciyptogaml 
Dioyola (Ent.) iU, twice, ««*«, a circle. 
Dloy'olua (Ent.) !■'[, twice, HLnJ-tt, a circle, 
DicyWdon (Fm. Zool.) Vi, two, ninitwc, a canioe tc 
Dldelpbi'na (Zool.) a rub-family of Mammalia, of which iiddfhy is the fl 

typical genus, 
Didel'phys (ZooL) \',s, two, ti^fiug, a womb; the Opoiliim family. 
Dide'Ita (Bot.) )((, double ; A, the Greek letter delta. 
DidQ'aials (Bot.) )ii, twice, itr/tii, a band ; it ha> rUides of two joiai 
Didin'eia (Ent.) iis, twice, 3.'m«, to turn round; a genus of Hymenopten. I 
Didun'culuB (Omith.) dim. of iSJuj ; the bird being the n 

teprelentatiie of the Uttet. 
Dl'dtia (Omith.) Latiniied Ibrin of the Dodo. 
Dldymoohlffi'lia (Bot.) l/Iu^s, double, x>-''"t a ea*eriDg. 
Dldyroodon (Bot.) J.lw^ot, double, ttiLt, B tooth; the teeth of the ffing« J 

are in pain ; a genui of Mufci, 
Didymoprl'um (Bot.) i.luii^i, double, v^'ik, a law. 
Did/namoua (Bot.) haiing two long and two Ihort ftameni. 
Dialy'tra f Bot.) l.'e. two, ifjrrf^, a fheath, 
Diervi'ila (Bot.) P, N. finm Dia^air. a French furgeon, who InreUed i« J 

!la (Zool.) 4j^i™, to flow, to dilTolve, 
li» (Ent.),, fratlered, 

]» (ZooL) £gHiu, the toe, jrjJ.i, a Aep ; an eiteniite tribe d 
livonnii animab whole tevt are cunJInifled for walking oa IIh I 

DIG — DIQ 127 

Digita lis (Bot.) di^taU, the finger of a glove ; alluding to the form of the 

flower ; the Foxglove. 
Digita'ria (Bot.) digitus, a finger ; from the heads being fingered ; finger- 

Digita'tus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) thjit has fingers, toes, or claws. 
Diglo'ssa (£nt.) 3/c« two, yXiff/ret^ a tongue. 
Digly'phus (Ent.) ilyXv^os^ doubly indented. 
Di'graphis (Bot.) Jk, twice, yg«4>», to mark. 
Digy'nia (Bot.) J/?, twice, yunny a female; having two ftyles. 
Dilatris (Bot.) ////, two, later, a tile. 
Dille'nia (Bot.) P. N. from J. J. DilUnius, Profeflbr of botany at 

Dillwy'iiia (Bot.) P. N. from L. IV, Dillivyny a celebrated botanift. 
Dilo'ba (Ent.) iUy twice, XiBos, the lobe ; from the lobe«-(haped fpots on 

the forewings. 
Dlluoida'lis (Ent.) dilucidus, clear, bright. 
Di^ades (Z^l.) llfAAlns, very wet ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Dimerocri'nites (Fos. Zool.) hfxsfns, of two parts, *;»>oir, a lily ; a genus 

of Crinoidea. 
Dimooa'rpus (Bot.) hif/ios, fear, xec^og, fruit. 
Dimo'rphpdon (Fos. Zool.) iifjto^os^ two-formed, SJoi/j, oinrog, a tooth ; 

having two kinds of teeth. 
Dlmya'iia (Zool.) lis, twice, /xvs, a mufcle ; the (hells of thefe bivalves 

being clofed by two adductor mufcles. 
Din'ebra (Bot.) the Arabic name. 
Dine'ma (Zool.) Us, twice, vnfxei, a thread. 
DinemouVa (Zool.) Us, two, w/xa, a thread, oupa, a tail ; a genus of Eato 

Dlne'tus (Ent.) Jujjto?, whirled round ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Dino'derus (Ent.) ii>os, twifted, ii^, the neck. 
Di'odon (Z^ol., Ichth.) Us, double, Hovs, oUvrost a tooth ; this name is 

applied to a whale, a funfifh, and a (hell. 
Diodon'tus (Ent.) Us, twice, oJavc, oiotra, a tooth ; a genus of Hymen- 
Dice'cia (Bpt.) ^is, double, oU(«, a houfe ; having (lamen-bearing flowers 

on one plant, and piftil-bearing flowers on another. 
Diomede'a (Ornith.) P. N. from Diomede ; a genus of Sea-birds. 
Diome'dia (Bot.) P. N. from Diomeda, the daughter of Phorbas, 
DionaB a (Bot.) P. N. one of the names of Venus, 

DIO - 


DiOBOO'rea (Bot.) P. N. from PoLuh^ fl/oftonrfw, a Greek phyfician. 

Dio'Hma (Bot.) )r«, divine, Ji^i, a rmtlL 

Dioa'pyroH (Bot.) !,«, divine, na^it, wheat ; the dicj},^rii him is the 

European Date-plum. 
Dio'stolUB (Zool.) ).«, excellent, oroJi, a garment, 

bafe of florets 
Dio'iys (Ent.) Jt't, double, JJii, fharp ; a. genus of Hymenoptera, 
Di'phaoa (Bot.) )«, two, ^mi, a lentil ; it has two feeds in the pods. 
Diphaglo'aaa (Ent.) li^i^, a kind of ferpent, /JiSffjn, a tongt^e ; a genus 

of Hymenoptera. 
Diph'thera (Ent.) J.+flipi, a prepared liide. 
Diphyl'la (Zool., Bot.) it,, double, ^i>.t.n, a leaf. 

Diphyllela (Bot.) Us, twice, if ii-ksi, a leaf; there are always two leaves. 
Diphyliodea (Omith.) J/t, twice, ^itAa, a plume ; from the prifence, on 

each fide of the neck, of two peculiar tufts of feathers. 
DlpIiT'odQDts (Zool.) Iif uk. of double fotm, itttii, a tooth ; the tetm uled 

by Pmfelfor Owen to deoote chofe animals which have two fuccelEve 

fets of l«th. 
Diphj'sa (Ent.) ir';, twice, ^Zra, a pair of bellows; a genus of Diptera. 
Diphy'aa (Bot.) Us, two, ^Droi, a bladder; it hai two inflated appendage* 

Dlphy'BCltmi (Bot.) lit, twice, ifCaxi, a bladder 
Di'pioa (Zool. ) Jipui s a fub-famlly of Mamma 
Di'plaouH (Bot.) Ji'ti two, nliia<;c, placenta; 

of Mufci. 


] the {, 

Diplade'oia (Bot.) Jiiirij, doub'e. iJA, a gland. 

Diplocolobe'te (Bot.) Jis^g?:, double, XsiSi;, a lobe; cotytedon* twice 
folded tianfverfely. 

Diplo'coroft (Bot.) hw^ini, double, »i>i», hair. 

Diplodo'ma (Ent.) ti-nXoDr, double, lifji, a houle; the brva being re- 
markable for its double cafe. 

Dip'lodoua (Fos. Zool.) listV, double, Unit, a loolh ; a genus of follil 
pUcoid tilhes found in the coal formation. 

DlploSI'a PSUB (Fos. Zool.) imi.Kt, double, jm^/e/iVr; double graptolite. 

Diplo'lobffl (Bot.) 9iii).s>c, double, >«£>(, a pod. 

Dlpla'EliUU (Bot.) ittlOiM, to dmible. 

DlploobellUE (Ent.) I>i>»;, double, x*'^"' " ''H-' 

Dlplolepis (B"!. ■ J..>i.;..loiihle, m./i.a lUl.-. 

Diplop'tera (Eat.) »iir> 
Diplota'xis (But.) Sink. 
Dipod'omya (Zool.) >•; 
Dipro'todon {Fo 

Xi, double, n/ait, a fxvr ; a genut of the bmilj 

\tdoah\&,frtfir^ a wiag; a tribe of Hymenopteia. 
double, TB^rj, a furies ; in allufion to the feeds. 
(, IiTttsi, two-footed, iM!, a moufe. 
if;, two, wpHTii!, &rtt, oioJc, itiirsE, tooth ; ftvin 

the lar^ fcalpriform chatacter of its iacihn or front teeth. 
Dl'pBOOOB (Bot.) ii-^ui. to third ; the leaves hold water. 
Dlpsa'dldffi (Zool.) J!ffi., fam. term. iJa; a&mily of Colubrine ophidians. 
DipBadobo'a (ZooL) a genus of Colubrine ophiitiant. 
Dipaadomo'rplLUB (Zool.) a genuB of Colubrine ophidians. 
Dl'pBBO (Zool.) 5i4.«f, a venemous Terpent, wbofe bite caufed intenA: 

thirll; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Di'ptera (Ent.) Xim/oj, with two wings. 
Dl'pterix (Bot.) Vi, double, rrip4, a wing. 
Diptery'sia (Em.) S.'t, douhle, irrtfuj.a wing. 
Di'pua (ZooL) l.V.ut, two-footed. 

Diroffi'a (EnL) P. N. from Din^, the wife of Lycus, king of Thebes. 
DlBChi'ds (ZooL) equiv. tu liifulcate; applied by Arillotle to animals 

having divided hoofe ; from l/i, double, and rx'l^'', to divide. 
Diaohl'dla (Bot.) )«, twice, TxiZ*, to fpliC. 

DiBCoe'liUB (Ent.) H™(, a did:, i),.o(, the fun ; a genus of Hymenopteia. 
Dls'oolor (Zool.) Lai. party-colouied. 
DiBaolora'lls (Ent., Bot.) difiehr, party-eoloured. 
Disoo'pora (Zool.) >irxti, a dilk, aipit, a paiBge or pore. 
Dis'opus (Ent.) lie, double, wiSs, a foot. 
Dia'par (Omith.) Lai. unequal. 
DlBpan'lia (Ent.) Ji/jmr, uosqual. 
Qispe'iis (Bot.) Us, two, vnpK, a pouch. 
Di'apomm (Bot.) Jit, twice, vipm, a padage or pore. 
Bi'sBOdon (Bot.) Vs. twice, Umj, i3i>Ttt, a tooth. 
Diesole'na (Bot.) Hi, twice, ru).«i, a tube; referring to the tube of the 

. Di'Btoma (ZooL) lit, twnce, r-ri/ia, a mouth ; having both branchial and 
anal orifices. 
BiltomUB (Ent.) )i;, twin, rriru, a mouth. 

Dltliyro'oariS (Fas. ZooL) HBvftt, having two valves, k^fi^, a Ihrimp. 
Dltlo'la (Bot.) hrti;, double, h-ukK, down. 
Dit'uU <,Enl.) ihuio;, with two hump;. 


Diuma'UH (Ent.) di^f,«,, of the dny. 
Biw'nea (Ent.) Jwms, of the day, daily. 
Dlur'ni (Ent.J Lai. pi. o{ Surma, daily, appli 
mu'rla (Bot.) «.-, double, =t,ii, a tail. 
Dlxo'nl (Fos. Zool.) P. N, fiTim 0«, 

DoGk (Bot.) jiitgloSax. ixcf, name of plant! 
Dodar'tia (Bot.) P. N. from F. Didan, a Fr 
Dodeca'otiB (Zool.) mjSiiie, tvwlve, it-tii, a 
Dodeoagy'na (Bot.) Imitxi, twelve, yini, a 
Dodeoan'drla (Bot.) tuSuia, tweW, i>ri^, a 
Dodeca'thson (Bot.) tii^jii, twelve^ iiii, a 
Do'do (Ornith.) lul., 'S/mit., Fun., anil Frcitil 

diicovered by the Portuguefe in 1499. 
' DodonEsa (Bot.) P. N. from R. Db&cv, a celeb 
Doe (ZooL) Anxio'Sax. dl, Lai. iama, 
Doliohoce'phalic (Zool.) Solij-ii, long, M*«: 

develop oiL-nt of the llcull in in the occipito-fr 
Doltoliods'irua (Fos. Zool.) i'.i.xx"^ '""g. '"f"' 
Dolioh onyx (Otnith.) !o^i,t>,-, long, i>uj, 
Do'Jiohoa (Hot.) !=*.^J!, long; referring 

DoUohosau'ruB (Fos. Zool.) %<,Ux''-^ long. 
DoliahoBo'ina (Fat.) SsUj^i!, long, ir£|ua, a body. 
Dolioho'Ua (Zool.) J^i.^lt, long, sS;, irJt, the car. 
DoUolio'tomft (Ent.) Soi.ji;*;. l""g. "fit a c 
Doliahu'raa (Zool.) JtXis;*;, long, -SifA, a lai 
Doliohulua (Ent.) Jolj^it, long, iS^s, a tail 
Solloca'rpua (Bot.) \i>.a\, deceitful, la-fvi 

poifbnous qualities. 
Do'JiopB (Ent.) Vti.iK, deceitful, %\it, appearance. 
Dolome'de8 (Ent.) iBM^n-iiiw, crafty, wily ; a genui of Araclinida, 
SOlo'plUB (Ent.) b;>,isni[, tKacheroiii, enfnaiing. 


Delphi- f {■''"»'■> >'^*''''"I"'P'''"- 

Dombe'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of .hfiph Dtmln/, a celebrated French 

Domeatloftlia fF,nt.) iM-rJIi.-,., tame, 
Domes'lloua-a-ura (Dmith., Boi,) I.,u. ttvwe. 



- DRS 


I ISou'dla (BolO P' N. in honour of Dmdic Dvprce, b Fn^nch botaiuR. 

\ Doo'dla (Bot.) P, N. in honour ol S-muH DiKdf, a London apothecary, 

and firft Britifti tryptagamift. 
I Dor (Ent.) Axgh-Siix. dora, a locuil, a drone. 

} Dc/ris (Zool.) P. N., the mother of the fea-nyraphB, called Nereides, 
e (Zool.) Angii>~Sax. ihta, a dmne, deeping, mm, » moule. 

Dorate'nia (Bot.) P. N. from T. Dor/fa, a German bounifl. 

Do'ry (lehth.) Fmih, dara, gilded ; John Dory is probably fromyuBuj darlr, 
leo yellow colour. 

Doiya'nthes (Bot.) !>(«, a fpear, niSi, a liloUbm. 

DoTT'oitium (Bot.) Vifo, a fpear ; the ancient plant was poifonoiis. 

Dorylidffl (Ent.) iKrytm, fam. term, idx ; a i^mily of Hymenoptera. 

Do'iylua (Ent.) "iifi, a (pear ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Dorr'tomoa (Ent.) Jifu, Ihaft of a fpear, -ni^i,, a part cut off! 

Dothi'dsa (Bot.) %Sin>, a tabercle, iTior, Cmilar ; a fungus. 

Doi^a'llii (Ornith.) P. N. in honour of M. Bimgali, an eminent omitho- 

Dougla'aia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of My. J. W. IhugLu, author of llit 

"World of InfeOa." 
Douronao'uli (Zool.) native name of a monkey—Nyilipithfcus 'I'ri 

DoaOOOC'CUa (Zool.) Sswu, to feem, jioi»>(, a berry; a genus of Infulbria. 
Dra'ba (Bot.) a plant mentioned by Diofcorides. 

DraOffi'na (Bot.) S^a.iwn, a (he-dragon ; the juice is like dragon's blood, 
Dra'oo (Zool.) Lai, a dragon ; this dreaded name has been given by 

modem naturaliils to an innocent winged genus of Reptiles. 
Draooaa'phalixm (Bat.) S^suut, a dra^n, jnfaXn^ a head. 
Dracon'tluin (Bot.) Ifitm, ■ dragon. 
Draoiin'oulua (Ichth.) Lot. dim. of dna, 3. dragon, equivalent to the 

popular name, dragonet. 
Drake (Ornith.) perhaps from Dutch and GmHan dnch, mud, becaufe it 

delights in mud. 
Drapama'ldla (Hot.) P. N. in hononr of Jamt, Phillf Ratf. Drafan^fn/, 

a French botanill. 
Dra'aaidn (Ent.) rf™/«, fam. term. !J^. 
Dra'sBIls (Ent.) Jfarir.fii.., to graTp. 

Dre'pano (Ichth.) ifuri'i, a Gckle; the Rcjpcr-lilh. 

Dre'pEtals (Oraich.) Sftun 

of Birds. 

IS (Bot.) Sfiifffivn, a fcimetei,' nxfmi, 
Drepanu'IidBH (Ent.) Spivaw, a re»ping-hook oi 

their wtngii hooked U. tlie tip. 
Dri'mia (Bot.) ip^/tii, bitter, from the juice of the 
Dromoda'riuB (Zaol.) Lot. a dramedary. 
Droma'iua (Ornith.) Ifi/tiuu, fwift ; generic nami 
Dromathe'rium (Fos. Zool.J V'*""*. fwift-ronni 
Dro'msdary (Zool.) tfofiii, fwift, ifo/tv, to run. 
Dromi'oia (ZooL) Ifof^iui, a ninner. 
Dro'mious (Zool.) S^i 

Dro'jniua (Ent.) ifofnii, : 

Dro'aera (Bot.) Ifirti, dew ; from the liewiike glands oti the leaies. 

mo'ndii (Zool.) P. N. from Mr. Drufnmim/. 
Dru'aa (Bot.) P. N. fmm M. ir Dru, a botanilt. 

Drja'didee (Zool.) iryai, fam. term, idi; a family of Colubrine ophidiant. 
Drya'ndra (Bot.) P. N. from Jf^f/i Dreamier, a dininguifhed Ixitanili. 
Dry'aB (Bot.) having ieaves like the oak, which was facred to the Drykli. 
Drylo'phidBS (Zool.) dryitphii, fam. teim. iJa, a family of Colubrinc 

Dryio'phia (Zool.) ifuCiLi, a lerpent living In hollow aaki; tfic, a 

Dryma'ria (Bot.) l^^ii, a wood ; referring to its habitation. 

Uiymo'deB (Omith.) "ifnijii'Siu woody ; a lover of woodUnd places, 

Diyobs'tBB (Ornith.) ifitt, a wood or thicket, £■;>■, to go. 

Dryooa'tamUB (Zool.) i/it, an olV.,eidamui, a reed, from rL-remblantc ; a 
genUi of Colubrlni.' ophidians. 

DT7o'pliilu8 (Ent.) Ifii, the oak, fiXiti. to love, 
DryopiUle'oUB (Poa. Zuol.) tfii, ifitt, a tree, ■alSnui, an ape. 

Dry'opa (Ent,) IfZi, oak, a^t, refembiance. 

Dryop'terU (Bot.) i/unttfit, a fern reiembliog the oak in profile. 

Diypeta* (BoLJ ifi^nm, to Ucerjle. 

DryplB (Bot.) %fi*if, to lacerate. 

Dryp'ta (Ent.) Ifiwrm, to lacerate. 

DubiUB-a-um (Zool,, Hot,) Lai. doubiful, 

DuolC (Ornith.) Di'Uh. Ju!hn. 

Dutbn'rli rBot.) P, N. In linnour of jVf, £p»/i 



Jot.) J^kii, fweet, ama™, bitter; hwaofe the tide of the 
Kit is at Gtft bitter and afterwirds fweet. 
DuU'ohiom CBot.) P. N., the name oE the ifland where it is found. 
Soma'sU (But.) P. N. in honour of M. Duma!, one oF the Editor: oF the 

" Annals of Natural Hiftory." 
Dumeti'cola (Zool.) dumtlam, ■ copfe, nJs, to fivquent. 
Dmueto'aua [Zool.) Lsl. bulhy, tufty. 
Dumo'nOa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Dura'nta (Bot.) P. N, from C^or D-™;;., a phyfician and botanift of 

the i6th century. 
Duvft'Uia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Dwal, a French batanifl. 
Dyna'stss (£nt.) Sinnrnf, a mailer. 
Dyna'aUdie (Ent.) dyKuJlii, fern. term. Ux. 
DyaoM'riUB (Ent.) Su(, hard, j(;i(f, hand. 

Dy'sdera (Ent.) 'hit, hard, St^t, a Ikin, or perhaps Si^n, the nedk. 
Dyti'dida (Ent.) d^lim, &ni. term. ub. 
D/tiOUB (Em.) !uTi>i(, fond of diving. 

latter applied to the unfeathered portions < 

Earl'na(Bot.)i«f, thefpriiig;agenu8of Orchidac. 

Ea'ris (Ent.) is;, fpring, from the time of its appeaiance ; a gen 


Bato'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of E^tan ; a genu* of Grades. 

\ Lst. without karh^, or beards, or fr^n?cs 
Bbarba'tuB (Zool.) } 
Ebarbula'tUH (Oraith.) | 
Ebelin'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. EUlihg, a German bot: 

genus of Simarubacei. 
ElDC]Da'ceQ8 (Bot.) ebenm, fam. term. am. 
ElietlUS (Bot.) Bd. HAmm, Gr. ifliv.f. Lot. t*mui, the ehony-tn 

typical genus of Ebenacex. 
Ebenl'dium (Bot.)cA<a«i, irSot. lilie; a genus of Leguminofi. 
Ebeimej'era (But.) P. N. in honour of ilf. Ei^mryrr, a German bi 

a genus of Acanthacez. 
Ebu'lea (Eat.) dulm, the dwarf elder-tree, on which it feeds. 
Ebu'rla (Em.) riur, Ivory, from the yellowilh ivory fpots on the 

■ genus of Coleoptera. 
Bbur'na (Zool.)iiur, ivory; the ivory-fheQ ; a genus of Molliifra, 
Ebu/HBUB-a-Um (ZooL) iat. white, like itory. 


ECA — £CJi 

'did£B flchth.) ) 
'ia (Ichlh,) [ 

Eoalyp'tria (Bot.) («, out, K^txirrf/t, a tid or covering. 

Eoaatophyllum (Bnt.) Un^tu, each, ^ixin, a leaf. 

Eobft'Uum (Bot.) i«e»WjB, to throw outwardi ; burfis and difchargeB itl 

fKEds when ripe ; a genus of Cucurliitacei ; " tKe Spirting cucumlier." 
EcolJBo'pteTyi (Ent.) (jti^ioi, to (hut out, rtifu^, a ■"ingi from the 

peculiarity of the pofletior wings; a genus of Phryganids. 
Eccramocar'pua (Bat.) imi^iniif, peudent, xafitis, fruit. 
Ecdyaan'therai (Bot.) ingunt, excreicence, xtBuf, an anther ; a genus of 


ix", to hold, i»c, a (hip; from thf fgppofed 
power of detaining Ihips at fea; the Sucking- 
R(h, or Remora family. 
Eaheua'ia (fchth.) Ixi'i^ir, holding Ihips back ; from die reputed afiion of 

the Sucking-Iini : alio, in Botany, a genus a! Compolitx. 
Echave'ria (Bot.) P. N. from M. Echnnri, artift of the fplendid drawingi 

of the " Flora Mexicana ; " a genus of CralTulacea;. 
Eohimyna (ZooL) ix'tis, a fplne, l*in, a guard ; a fub-family of 

Eohimyfl (ZooL) lxf»»:. » fpine, fiEc, a moufe. 

Eohtnaoa'nthua (Bot.) ix^'it, rough, aumikiu ; a genua of Compofitac. 
Eohina'cea (Bot.) i^jfui, rough ; a genus of Compofita;. 
Eohinaly'Bium (Bot.) ixT.M, rough, ■;ii;iriK,a chain; a genusof Gramina. 
Echina'ntiiUB (But.) i;^i>i(, rough, avSic, a flower; a genua of CompolitA. 
Eohinarach'niUB (Zool.) i^'iMi a hedge-hog, icfixim, a fpider's web 

a genus of Echinodermata. 
Ecbina'ria (Bot,) ij^iVti, rough; b genus of Gramlnacex. 
Bchid'mi (Zool.) ta;i3.«. a viper. 
EohMe'lla (Zool., Bot.) dim. of i^hhu!, a fpine, from its briftly appeal 

anee ; alio a genua of Animalcules. 
Ecbi'rddte (Zool.) t^nt, the iea-urchin; fam. term, iJii. 
Eahlnobo'trya (Bot.) ixf'>ii ■'ough, Bi-rfu^, a dufter of grapes; a genus of 


Eahinoba'tryum (Bot.) I;ci»(, rough, Sirpit, a clufter ; a genus of Fungi. 
Ko[unoaB,'ctns (Bat,) ix'"'. a fea~urchin, <iiri7u ; relemblance of plitnt to 

the animal ; » genus of Caftacez, 
EchlnOoaVpua (Bot.) Ij;""' t^UEhi «"firii, fruit ; a genusof Flicourtiacei. 
Ecblnooau'lon (Bot.) i^'m, rough, nmu^ii, a ftalk ; a genus of Poly- 

Eatiino'csraB (Boc) Sx'm, rough, u^ii;, i horn ; ; 




I lohino'ohloa (Bot.) i^rnt, a fpioe, x*^"^ p^Ss. 
r Kchinoori'nua (Foa. Zooi.) ix^":i a fpine, xfi\ 
Eohinocjr'aiiua (Zool.) ij^riit, a fea-urthin, »ila 

Eoliinooy'atia (Bot.) iji'Vat, rough, *> 

Edunoder'mata (Zool.) (j^Tnc, a hedge-hog, Sifi^u, the Acin. 
Bohinodi'acua (Bot.) i^"'! raiigh, iitKis,^ dill;; a genus of Leguminofe. 
Eohino'dium (Bot.) ix^tat, a hedge-hog, iIJsi, like; a geaiu of Com- 

Sottino'dorua (Bat.) i^}'"'' """^i !i^'c< a wallet ; z genus of Alirmacez. 
Eohlncgyna (Bot.) ix~>'i, tough. yu>n, a female ; a genus of Marchan- 

Echlnolai'na (Bot.) ix''«, rough, ;i»r.o:, j cloak or < 

Eohlnoletoft (Bot.) fj^Tnf, rough, Vivib, wiU,purpolei a genus of Caly- 

EdUnolo'bium (Bot.) ij^m, tough, Aj^in, a pod ; a genui of l.egu- 

EcMnoly'trura (Bot.) i^"", rough, i\iTf,t, a covering ; a genus of Cyper- 

Echinome'ria (Bot.) J^^tut, luugh, (unpia, thighs; a genus of CompoCtz . 
Eohinozni'triiim (Bot.) I;^r»c, rough, jUiTfjsi, a girdle; a genus of Mar- 

Eohinoph'ora (Bot,) i^""' ^ hedge-hog, ft^iu, to bt 
I flowers; a genua of Umbellifera;. 

L Bohlnopla'oa (Bot.) i;^Ki, rough, rAiiJ, •X«xi,-, a fla 
of Lichenes. 
Echlnopo'gOU (Bot.) ixtnt, tough, vvjwi, the beard. 
Ech'inopB (Bot,) l^nc, the hedge-hog, S,^if, appearance ; referring tt 

heads ; the Ciobe-thiftle. 
EohinopBl'lon (Bot.) i^"'':, rough, +i'X«, a feather ; a genus of Chcm 

Echinop'taria (Bot.) 'f/^ni, rough, wti^ 
feathery leaves ; a genus of Malpighia< 
Bohlnopua (Bot. ) ix""f, roug^, irSuf, a fi 
Echinorbi'nus (Echth.) ix»'h rough, ^»ii, the Ikin. 
EohinoBohffi'nuB (Bot.) i;t^i<r, rough, rx*»*Fi"eed;>gciuu of Cypcnccz. 


Eolllnoaperlnum (Bot.) lj;7«j, a tfunt, ff»i^^B,fi!cd; a genus of Bora- 

EohlnoaphEE'ra [Bot.) !;(:''«> ""igh, t^x'/n, a fpherej a gtnus of 

EchinOBta'chys (Fos. Bot.) i;t""f' fiugh, rrix^n, a head of flowers. 
Echl'nUB (Zool.) !;(rio[, a hedga-hog; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Echioobilon (Bot.) I^'f, a viper, x'^-Mi S"^^ ; » genus of Bora^naccSE. 
Eohiod'on (Tchth.) i;(i(, a liper, Jlivf, a tooth. 
Bahioglo'saum (Bot.) Ix't, a viper, )>A5<rr(i, a tongue; a genua of 

EeWoI'deB (Bot.) nrA.W, and tTi,i, like ; refembUncc to the Echium ; a 

genu* of Botaginareat ; alio, an adjective Mrm denoting ptickly. 
Eohlo'pHiB (lchth.)Ixit,B viper, e-|<>i, appearance ; alio a genus in Botany. 
E'ohia (Zool.) ij;it, a viper ; a gEfius of Ophidians. 
Eohi'tea (Bot.) ij(;i(, a viper, in allufion to its fmooth (hining Ihools; a 

genus of Apocynacez. 
E'chlum (Bot.) ixti, a viper, referring to its feeds ; a genus of Boraginace». 
Eoliiu'rua (Zool.) ij;>t,a viper, of^ a tail ; a genus of Echinodermata. 
Echthrone'ma (Bol.) ij;9f «, hoftile, t»f*a, a thread ; a genus of Iridaciae. 
Ecka'rdla (Bot.) P. N. In honour of M. Ednrd, a German botanif) ; a 

genus of Orchidacee. 
Eoklo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Eiil«,, a German hotanifl ; a 

gpuui of Algoj. 
Eolec'tUH-a-ura (Zool., Omith.) tuXmii, dioren. feleil. 
Eollp'ta (Bot ) i.^.'*«,to be wanting; alluding to its want of feed-crown 

or wing. 
Eolo'paa (Bot.) inXmr.'tai, to lay hare, (trip ; a genus of Compofiti. 
Eota'diiun (Bot.) U-rrUm, «, », nivtcheJ out ^ a genus of Afclepladacez. 
Ectasia (Bot.) StTant, vxtenfion ; a genus of F.rlcaccK. 
Eatenop'sia (Ent.) innii, llretched out, ••in, appearance; a genua of 

EcthOTse'lim (Zool.) ii>9it>,to run, or Tally out; a term applied by Mr. 

Oofle to certain wire-like orgoni of the Aflinla;, 
Eo'thrus (Bot.) USfinv, to liap forth ; fudden expanfion of Rower ; i 

genus of Papaveracess. 
Bctl'nua (Ent.) Uthai. to take vengeance ; a genus of Coleopten 
Eotolria (Ent.) JiTif, tvithout, Si«, to live,' a genua of ColeoplEia. 
Eotoca'rpus (Bot.) inTii, outUde, "fwii, fruit ; a genus of Algx. 
Botooune'lform (Zool.) inii, outfide, and the cmmfirm bone. 

B (Omith.) i«To«-.irTiJti(, migralory; the PaUcnger-pigeon of 

"Eotoatro'ina (But,) iiiTiit, without, rrf^/ut, a iaytr. 
Sotro'aia (Bot,) iiT^m, a mifcarriage; a genm of Graminaciip. 
Eda'phodont (Ichth.) Tia^s;, the bafe, bjim, iJiith, s tooth. 
Edanti'ta (Zool.) cd^Ula, toathleft. 
L Xdera'sa (EnC) etyoulogy unkiunvn ; a genus of I.epiiloptera. 

\ KdgWOr'thia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Edgworth ,- a genus uf 

r ThymelaceiB. 

Jldmo'lldla (Bot.) P. N. in hononr of Edmaml; a genus of Com- 

Zdollus (Omith.) HiiMi, a feat for rowers ; from the form of the twi. 

OQter feathers of the tail. 
EdTBian'thUB (BotO iV>~». fi'etl, felGle, fiSac, a flower. 
EdJraloptttlial'lIia (Zool.) tif/Jt!, fixed. a^6uki*ii, an eye; an order of 

Cnifbcea, with fellile eyea, fituaCed on the dda of the head. 
Bdulis-e (Zoo!., Bot.) £-(. eatable. 

Edu'sa (Ent.) P. N. from EJufa, a Roman divinity, worihipped hi the 
protedreii of children, and fiippofed to blels their food (ntrs, to eat) ; 
a fpecies of Lepidopttra. 
Edward'aia (Bot.) P. N. from S. Edu'wJi, a celebrated botanical 

ilraugbtQnan ; a genus of l.eguniinoGe. 
Eel (Ichth.) Ari^o-S^. ad. 
Effi^'nla (Zool.) Lot. unbridled. 

EgenaWa (Ent.) rgmm, poor, needy ; a Ipeciei of Geometne. 
Ege'rla (Bot.) P. N. a nymph changed into a fountain by Diana ; a 

genus of plants. 
Egerto'nl (Fo.. Zool.) P. N. from Sir Piilifi £{frts", an eminent fblTll 

Egregialia (Ent.) rgrrghi, excellent, finguhr. 

_ (Bot.) P. N., a family and genus of plants named in honour 

_ , - of £). G. Ehrii, a celebrated German botanical draaehts- 

Ehratia'cem ) 

Ehrhar'tia (Bot.) P. N. from F. Ehrhon, a Swils oaturalifl. 
EhrenbeTgia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Ein^bcrg, llie celebrated Pruffian 

EIaohi'Bta(Ent.)i>.i;i;nrTi[, veT7fjriiU,theleaft! a genus of Lepidopteia; 

alio 1 gemu in Botany, 
Elwlli'stM (Bot.) iUxirrH, the linaUea ; a genw of Ai^. 


Elffiag'nua (Bot.) iJixis, the olire-trEe, iytit, holy ; the olivr wai Tacred 

to Athena ; the typical genus of Elaagnaeei;. 
ElEe'ina (B»l.) i;uh'<, the olive-tree. 
Else'is (Bot.) iXni's, olive ; the natives of Guinea eitraf) an oil ^m the 

frnit; the Oily Palm. 
Eilsoca'rpua (Bot.) ikalic, olive, xsp'ii, fruit, referring to itt rdembbnce. 
lilffiode'ndroil (Bot.) iXsi'i, olive, ij>)^, a tree; n genus of Celallracmf. 
Elo^ua (Ornith.) this kite is faid to pounce upon its prey with the 

rapidity of lightning, and has therefore probably got its name from 

the French ;/,,•,. 
Elaphoglos'aum (Bot.) tXm^t, a deer, yiiUrr*, tongue. 
BlaphQmy'oea (Bot.) !;,«^j[, a deer (referring to branched horns), ftvi^c, 

a fungui ; a genus of Fungi. 
Ela'phridm (Ent.) ^/apAm,, fam. term. IJ*. 

Ela'phriuat (Bot.) iJ-mpfis, light in weight ; referring to its wood. 
ElaphrUH (Ent.) tt.»tfis, nimble ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Elapoce'phaltlS (ZooL) difi, a lerpent, m^Klta', head. 
Ela'pB(Zool.)ananieuredbyPUnytorarerpent; a genus of Colubrine 

Elap'aldffi (Zool.) r^af,, Eim. term. iJa; a family of Colubrine ophidi 
Elapao'piB (Ichth.) dafs, a lerpent, «■(., face ; a genus of ichtbyology. 
ElapoidiB (Zool.) cla/11,3. lerpent, iiliii,reremblance; a genus of Colubrir 

Elasmati'na (Zool.) i^bcha, a thin pUle. 
Elaa'modua (Fo». Zool.) iiiifiH, a plate, jj^i, alooih. 
Ela'anma (F,nt.) Hm-^^ a plate. 
E'lata (Bot.) iliin.the pine. 
Ela'ter (Ent.) iKmiif, a driver, an impeller ; a genus of CiJeopteia ; aUo 

the name for the organs, which cjeft the feeds in Jungennauniu. 
ElateWdtB (Ent.) dahr, f«m. term. Or. 

ElateTium(Bot.) iXbtb^, an impeller; it has clad ic feed -vefielB. 
Ela'Une (Bot.) t\xtin, was applied by Diormrldes to denote a kind of ] 

toad, flax { now applied to another plaut. 
KI'der (Bot.) Angl^Sax. dUn<. 

Elaoampane (Bot.) from the Spanilh Eraila Camfana, Field Inula. 
Eleo'tra (Ent.) P. Nt the daughter of Agamim««t, and fifter of Oreftei ; i 

genus of Lcpidoptepa ; alfo a genus in Botany. 
El8do'll8(Zool.)i;ti)il.B,a name applied by Ariftotle to a kind of polypus. | 
El'egaaa (Omilh., Bot.) Lot. handfome. giaceliil, 

Elegants'lia (Enc.) -:/<san., gtaceful. 

Ble'gia (Bol.) i;ii)«f, a lament ; referring to the fad colour of the plants, 
meio'tea (Bot.) ikuh, the dormoule, wf, oitii, in car; alluding lo t) 
appearance of ibi [eaves. 
lOOharlel'la (Ent.) iXa,, a marlh, x'f>l> fatour; it was firll taki 

ElecVoharia (Bot.) i\„,. a mar(h, x-'i". to delEght. 

Eleotra'gua (Zool.) i>.m, a marib, Tf«>>(, a he-goat. 

Elepha'Qtipea (Bat. ) thpLa, an elephant , and /», a foot ; form of rhizome. 

ElBpha'ntopua (Bot.) i;^if ac, an elephant, wmi, a foot. 

El'ephaa (Zool.) Lai. an elephant, 

El'opiiua (Zool.) ixi^m, an elephant. 

Elensl'iie (fiot.) P. N., EU»fi, one of the' appellations of Ceres ; a genus of 

Indian Gralfes, yielding grain. 
Elsathsrococi'iiUH (Bot.) IXivSiptr, free, ngmu;, a herry. 
ElButheropo'ml (Ichth.) ixiuSi^ic, free, vk^k, a lid or cover; a fub-orde'' 

of Filliet. 
Ellobr7'eum(Bot.)3ii>(,the fun, ;((u7'iT, golden; leferring to its blolTomi. 
xaiugna'ria (Ent.) etaguh, tonguelefs ; the fplral tongue being obfolete. 
E'llmUB (Ent.) etymology anknown ; a genui of Hymenoptera. 
Elk (Zool.) Mgk-Sax. fUh ; the largeft of the genus Cervus. 
ElU'aatlfl (Ent.) it,).iTxis. talked of ; a genui of Cokopteia. 
EUioVtia (Bot.) P. N. from SUfiet EUi^l, a North American botanift. 
Elllpslpr/nmua (ZooL) i».i.„-i.„, a billing ihon, a defeft, *ri>|U>i(, the 

hind part \ from the gieyllh-whlte aval patch round the bafeof the tail. 
EUl'Bla (Bot.) P. N. from J. Etih, on eminent naturalift. 
Ellobooa'rpus (Boc.) i>, in, \i0it, a pod, lE^sic, fruit. 
BUo'pift (Ent.) the ancient name of the iQind of EnbiKa, now Negiopont ; 

a genus of Lepiduptera- 
Elm (Bot.) i^l. ulnmi. 

Elmln'iua (ZooL) h/tift, a worm ; a genua of Cirripedes. 
E'lmis (Ent.) AriHotle ufes l\f*i(, as equivalent to Ufini, a worm. 
Elo'dea (fiot.) i>b1»(, mar^iy; referring to the places where it grow). 
Elpa'Qor (Ent.) P. N. from Elpnmt a friend of Ulyflea; a fpedei of 

ElehMtzla (Bot.) P. N. from J. S. Elfinlti, a PmlEan botanift ( a genui 

of Labiate. 
Eluta'liB (Ent.) dui^, waJhed. 
Eluta'ta (Ent.) 4ut^,, wi 

T^o ELU — ENC 

Elaviel'la (Ent,) dmiti, a deluge. 

Elymua (Bot.) ikiiai, to cover ; Lyme grafn. 

Elyna (BoC) i)^, to cover ; a genus of CypEracex. 

Elytra'ria (Bot.) iXurfM, a Iheath ; alluding to its fcaly flem. 

Elytra (Ent.) EXurjin, a Ibealh. 

Ely'trafDrm (Zool.) rli/tra s.nd Jirmii, i. t.,lhaped liktan inftfl's wing-corer. j 

Ely'tropU3(Bi>t.)i>aTfrt,ilheath, *jEt, afoot. 

Emargtoa'ta (Ent.) cnuirgiimbu, taken out of the margin ; the margins 

the wings being ang;ulBted. 
Embalonu'ra { ZooL) i^iJiin, to (heath, tipa, a tail. 
Emberi'za (Omith.) etymology unknown. 
Emeritel'la (Ent.) rmrrHm, confpicuou* 

Emmele'sla (£nt.) tftfuXri, graceful ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Em'petrum (Bot.) i», upon, viTftt, a rock; referring to its place 

growth ; the typical genus of EmpetraceK. 

Empyre'a (Ent.) ifimifM, fcorched; a genus of Noihia. 

Em'uB (Ent.) frnm lame rdemblance to a tottoile, imiI; ; a genu) of ColfV I 

Emuta'ria (Ent.) rmalai-t, to change ; a Ipe 
Emy'dia (Ent.) ifii),. a frelh-water toitoifi 
Emy'diuili (Zool.) init, 3 water-tortoUe ; 

« of Geometi 

Emydoaau'ri (Zool.) ifiit, a tottolfe, x^fii, a liiard. 
Bualiollmnosau'rua (Foa. Zool.) i>>;^i<(, marine, y'lfx' 

marlh, „ 

Enaliosau'ria (Fas. Zool.) ncXi.i, marine, mC^F, a lizard. 

Bnarthrooa'rpua (Bot.) tnia, nine, ififsi. a joint, n./™«, fruit. 

Enoals'pt^ (Bot.) n, within, Km\ivtfa^ a covering: a genus of Muit'i. 

Enoe'iia (Bot.) lyxi^m, a little eel; referring to the feeds. ' 

Enchelyaare (Ichth.) I>;ciau(, an eel. 

Encbelynasaa (Ichth.) iyx,'*-!", an eeL 

En'ohoduB (Fds. Zool.) lyx't' * 'pe"! °5*;, a tooth ; a genui of fpeai 

toothed IblTil iillies of the Mackerel family. 
Bnoe'phalilB (Ent.) ■>, in, jufinXn, the head ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Bnchelia i 

- (Zool.) i^:^!^, an eel ; genera of Polyganric animalcules, 
rithin, Ks't.'ti, a hollow ; the fronds are tubular an 

Enoraai'cholua (Ichth.) ij.ipm('j;aJiJt, miaed with bittet. 

Bn'Orlnite (Foa. Bot.) it, in, nfiw, a lily ; a ^ledes of Qar-filh, havjng a 

radiatEd lily-ihaped dilk. 
Encyone'ma (ZooL) lyiaiat, piegnant, tn^o, a thread; a genas of Poly-™l«s. 
Ency'rtidie ( Ent.) aagilm, &m. term. i/U ; a family of Hymenoptera. 
Bnoy'rtua (Ent ) I-, in, "ufw, curved, arched. 
En'deca (Zool.) nJtui, eleven ; haying eleven rays. 
Endeoa'phyUom (Bot.) Ii3i««, eleven, *iij.»,ii», a leaf. 
Endero'iiiii (Zool.) i>. upon, Si^c, the fkin ; new term propoled by Pro- 

felTor Huiley in pbce of " dermal " in certain cafes. 
Endiotya (ZooL) J>, within, Viicnm, a net ; a genua of Polygaftric 

En'dlve (Bot.) Latia. Inlyitu; Araiic, iatJitri. 
Endoca'rpon (Bot.) fiSm, within, xufwis, fmit ; a genus of Muici. 
Sndochrome (Bot.) hia>, wittdn, ^^/ak, colour. 
Endodro'mia (Bot.) Ii!n, within, S^ic, a mnner ; a genua of Fungi. 
En'dogens (Bot.) »!«, within, ymam, to produce. 
EndO'gone (Bot.) ii!n, within, ymiai, to produce ; a genus of Fungi. 
Endomy'chidffl (Ent.) atiinii/ckiii, [am. term. iiU. 
Eadomy'ohua (Ent.) Mn, within, itin, to be hidden; a genus nf 

Endoparaai'tic ( Zool.) Mb, within, irn(i«]-iT((, a parafile, or one who 

feeds upon another. 
Endophyl'lum (Bot.) IiJn, within, ifiiXJ-oi, a leaf; a genus of Fungi. 
Endophy'llus (Bot.) Mj>, within, ^x».tT, a leaf. 

Endopi'aa (Ent.) hist, within, irfm, the pea, or other leguminous plant. 
Endople'ura (Bot.) hin, within, ir>«if«, the fide. 
EadorUi'za (Bot.) i.i», within, ^.{a, a root. 
Endoai'piloniteB (Foi. Zool.) iiSn, within, niiv, a tube; a iynonym 

of ProfclTor Anitfd'a for the nautUoid (heU, whofe fiphuncle is on 

the i nner fide of the whorla. 
Endoakel'etal (Zool.) ir!*, within, euXuyn, a (keleton. 
Eii'doaperm (Bot.) hasr, within, irnifun, a feed. 
Endo'thia (Bot.) i»!jflii, from within : a genui of Fungi. 
Ettdotriohft (Ent.) ■.)«, within, VJ. tf^X"' ^'"- 
Endro'midiB (Ent.) the family of which EnJnmii is type. 
ED'dromls (Ent.) ttlfiftii, a rough coorle garment -, alluding to the hairy- 
Abdomen of the imago ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 



En'drOBia (Ent.) i.V'"> bedewfld, dewy. 

EnerthallB'ma (Bol.) ix^i, beneath, iB^ua, a thread ; a genui of Fungi. 

En'gidffl (Ent.) rtgii, turn. term. iJx. 

Engia (Ent.) etymologf unknown ; a genua of Coleoptera. 

BngleaeB (Ent.) a genus of Coleoptera. 

Enhydra (Zool.) hul/ns, living iu water; the Sea-otter. 

EQhydrina (Zool.) imlpd U'lng >" water ; a genus of Ophidians. 

Eoioo'oBnia (Ent.) !««•(, fingle, »(|i»(, horn; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Enicopua (Ent.) inxii, fmgle, »»S(, a foot ; a gtniis of Coleoptera. 

Enkia'nthua (Bot.) !;.««,-, pregnant, iifloj, a flower; a genus of Eri« 

Enneao'tiB (ZooL) mi*, nine, Atrlt, a ray, 

Eimo'niidEE fEnt.) inajuflff fam. term. iiij. 

Ennomoa (Ent.) ini^ti, lawful, juft; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Ennyoh'ia (Ent.) tni^iit, in the night. 

Ennyohi'idEB (Ent.) tlie family of which Ennyiiia is the type ; a genus of j 

Eaoicyla (Enl.) ngimr, dwelling in, x;i(»iif, a rim ; a genus of the Phry- 

Enaa'te (Bot.) en/;-, a fword ; fword-lhaped. 
Entel'ea (Bot.) tinXni, pcrfe^ ; all the Ikmens are fertile. 
Eute'lodon (Eoi. Zool.) iiTiXnr, purieQ, ilmi, iUmc, a tooth ; an extinft 

genus of Mammalia. I 

Ertteromor pha (fiot.) iiTipsr, entrail, ft^p^ji, ihape; a genus of Alg^. 
Entaroplea (Zool.) Smfat, the intelUne, iariw, armour ; a genus of I 

Polygallric animalculet. 
EntolO'mB (Bnt.) Sttis, within, Ui^s, a fringe; a gsnus of Fungi. 
Bntomo'dersB (Ent.) inif^n, cut, Sifo, the nedk. 
Entomogramma (Ent.) nrt/tn, cut, y/ii/^/ia, an infrription. 
E'ntamollte (Fos. Zool.) i>T9^s, inlets, A.'^k, a Hone ; a foRil Infefl. 
Eatomoneia (Zool.) Iiti;, wilhiiu /iniit, a monad ; a genus of PolygaltrJc 

EntomoBoe'lia (Eni.) itTviK, "it, ufiili, a fpot. 

Eutomo'EtracB (ZooL) im/tii, an inli^, Infux"- ' (hell ; a divillon of 
the Cruftacea. 

Enlopyla (Zool.) ItTii, within, irUn. an cnlrjnce ; ;i gcnui of Poly- 
gallric animalcules. 

BntoBte'rnBl (Zool] irti;, within, o~ri^ict, the brealt. 
SJutoa'thodOQ (Bot.) tinrBn. From withio, titut, i!»ti 

of Mufii. 
Sntoz'oB (Zool.) uris, within, f£sr, an animal; pararitei frequenting 

internal organs. 
Enuolea'tor (Ornith.) ia(. one who gets at the kernel or imdai,. 
Bnr'grUB (Zool.) i>, in, iryt'-i moifture ; a genus of Ophiilbna. 
E'oaelie (Fos. Zool.) nn:, the dawn, xiitis, new. 
Bo'eena (£nt.) iai, the dawn, yiri, birth; appearing in the earli 

Eopss'ltrla (Omilh.) i^n, the dawn, ■•li'iTpia, a harper or finger; the 

Auftralian Robin. 
Eo'sphora (Zool.) im^ifss, the moraing-ltar ; a genua of Polygaflric 

Ep'acrie (Bot.) »•, upon, iifis, the top, refemng to its mountainous 

habitat ; the typical genui of Epacridacex. 
Epapll'iuB (Ent.) iric^n, a paitJiil touch ; hurting when handled. 
Epei'ra (Ent.) ■{sr, iTfi:, ifnx, ifui, and ii^mt, are only Rightly ditferenl 

forms of the fame word, which meaai wool or cotton, and iifii tS; 

iliz"" '" '^'^ f°' ^^^ Ipider'a web, in is intenTive. The more correifl 

ipelling would be cfi-ara, or efl-eria, and may be tranflated the web- 
maker, or the large web-maker I 
EpenoepbEi'llo (Zool.) mi, upon, lyKi^Xit-, the brain. 
EpeTla'nua (Ichlh.) \iiif, jnlt as, relembling, ^in;, wool. 
Ephe'dra (Bot.) ifil^s, harle-tail; a genua of plants refembling Horfe- 

Ejlliea'tla (Ent.) t^itrits, attached to the houfe, domenic. 
BphlalteB (Ornith.) i4..i>TB(, nightmare ; applied to a genus of Owls. 
Sphlppatia (Ent,) if^'inr.i, a faddle. 

Ephlp'pial (Zool.) faddle-lhaped, fiom isl, upon, 'mtt, a horle. 
Ephippiph'ora (Ent.) if i», a Taddle, ^(S; to wear ; alluding to tlie 

form of the markings on the anterior wing.':. 
Ephip'pium (ZooL, Ichth.J ifnrJiiai, a faddle. 

Ephiate'iDUS (Ent.) mi, upon, niftm, a warp; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ephlp'plger (Ent.) cfihiffiam, a faddle, ^rrre, to carry ; a genus of 

ySpbthianu'ra (Otnlth.) if^t, languid, oufa, a tail ; applied to a genus of 

Auftnlian Wagtails. 
tehrro'dea (Ent.) refembling iphj/i-a 


EPH - 

EphTra (Ent.) P. N^ the wncienl 

Epibulua (Ichth.) tiiflsi/Xw, treacherous 

the oioile of entrapping their prey. 
Bpioh'aria (Ent.) iTrif^ofii, pleating, agieeahlt : 
Bpiohl'lium (But.) nl, upon, x<rn.E, the [ip. 
Bpio'lopua (Eot.) iii'»ljjr«, thievilh ; a genus of H^menopteri. 
EplOOC'auin (Bot.) iiri, upon, lUxiw, a heiry ; 3 gtnus of Fungi. 
Epl'arBtSH (Zool.) unKfarit, a mailer ; a genus of Ophidlana. 
Epida'ndtruin (Bot.) im', upon, SirS;i>, a tri^ ; it grawa upon treet; a 

genua of epipnytic Orchidacea:. 
Bpldro'mia (Ent.) iTi!,=^.'a. an attaclt. 
Epie'roa (Ent.) mifii, pleaiant. 
Bpigie'a (Bot.) iDi', upon, >!■, the eartli; iu Hems grow upon thegroiuidj 

a genus of Ericacez. 
Epigraph'ia (Ent.) uriyfi^u, to write upon ; from the letter-lite marliingi 

Bpihyal (Zool.) txl, upon, «»»«. 
EpiliybiuiQ (Bot.) ml, upon, >.s8i 

ovary refembUng a peduncle; ; 
Eplnia'ohliise ) 
Epl'machuB ) 
Epime'dium (Bot.) the name uled by Pliny and 

n<iw called Barren-wort ; a genus of fierbeiidacex, 
Epi'melaa (Ent.) im' and fiUitt. hlack. 
Epl'one (Ent.) P. N. from £^,W, the wife of .ffifculapius ; a genus of 

Epipa'tstin (Bot.) ■iriirBj.iM, to coagulate ; referring to its eife^ upon milk ; 

a genub of teireftrial Orchidacex. 
Eplpsdoaota (Ent.) ivi, upon, iriJn, the ground, wTet, the back. 
Eplph/Uum (Bot.) iii:',upon, ^ijXXh, a leaf; Items refemble leaves; a 

gtnui of CaOaceE. 
Epiphytic (Bot.) iir.', upon, fifri., a plant ; an (p^^Ajii; fimply grafp with 

ils mots the plant upon which it vegctatei; the parafite deriiei its 

nourilhment from the plant to which it i> attached. 
Epipo'gon (Bot.) iw.', upon, vxym, a beard ; a genus of tetreilrial Orchi- 

Epipy'lia (Zool.)lw;, H]Wli, »u£;i, a hm; j genus of Polygallric ani- 

'' (Ornith.) II 

EPl — ERE 


Epise'ma (£nt.) imrf^fMLy marked, bearing a deWce ; a genus of Lepi" 

£pise'inid89 (Ent.) efifsma^ fam. term. ida. 
Episte'nia (Ent.) iw/, intenfive, o-Ti»#f , narrow ; /*. e. very narrow. 
Cpistjr'lis (Zool.) swo upon, arvXist a piUar; a genus of Polygaftrk 

Epitra'nus (Ent.) irrl, intenfive, Tpav«j, clear, diftin£t ; /. e. very diflin^t. 
Epoch'nimn (Bot.) Iw/, upon, o;^n, a pear-tree; from the place of growth j 

a genus of parafitic Fungi. 
Epomidiop'teron (Ent.) inufxHiovf dim. of twufAis^ the point of the 

ihoulder, Trri^iv, a wing ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Epo'mis (Ent.) iiroafxis, the joint of the fhoulder ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Epomoph'orus (Zool.) fir/, upon, cvf^o;, the fhoulder, ^i^ot^ to bear; 

applied to the Shoulder-'knot Bat. 
Ep'ops (Omith.) Iita^. ^^^ hoopoe ; fo called from its cry. 
Epu'nda (Ent.) P. N., a mythological name. 
£que'stris-e (Zool.) Lat. belonging to a horfe. 
Hquitella (Ent.) eques, a horfeman. 
Hqiius (Zool.) Lat. a horfe. 
£quise'tuin (Bot.) equus, a horfe,y?/a,hair ; in allufion to its fine branches ; 

the typical genus of Equifetaceae. 
Eragros'tis (Bot.) f^»c, love, ayg»yT»c, a grafs. 

Era'nthemum (Bot.) I«^, fpring, a»fiof, a flower ; a genus of Acanthacess. 
Era'nthis (Bot.) 1^*, the earth, «?vfiof, a flower ; the flowers are on fhort 

flalks ; a genus of Ranunculaceae. 

Era'stria (Ent.) tfeirrpiUf a lover ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Urastrildae (Ent.) erajlriay fam. term, idae, 

EiTfi'lsia "^ 

>■ CEnt.") Erebus, the reeion of darknefs ; from their dark colour. 
Ere'bida i^ ^ ' ^ 

Er'ebus (Ent.) implying dark colour, from Erebus. 

Ere'mias (Zool.) ipu/wt*?, lonely, defolate. 

Eremoljia (Ent.) IfnfAosy the defert, BUsy life ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Eremo charis (Bot.) Ipwfttfj, the defert, A;«^»f» preference. 

Eremu'rus (Bot.) tpnfxas, folitary, ovpei, a tail. 

Eres'us (Ent.) ipie-ffot, to impel ; becaufe thefe fpiders live and dart or 

jump on trees ; a genus of Arachnida. 
Eret'es (Zool.) iftrns, rowers ; a genus of Polygaftric animalcules. 
Erethi'zon (Zool.) i^S»{<», to provoke, irritate. 
Ereune'tes (Omith.) ipiwnrnu an explorer ; a genue of Birds. 


146 ERG — ERM 

Urga'tis (£nt.) E^ar^f , a workman, artificer ; a genus of Arachnida. 

Ergote'tia (Bot.) French, ergot ; a genus of Fungi. 

£ria (Bot.) ifien, wool ; alluding to the woollinefs of the flower. 

Eri'ca (Bot.) i^/xw, to break, probably from its fragile branches. 

SrlcaB^a (£nt.) ericaus, from ericoj heath. 

Ericatalea (£nt.) found among erica, heather. 

Erioata'ta (£nt.) erica, heath ; a fpecies of Geometrz. 

Eri ohthUS (Zool.) q^t, early, ^<Sn, the earth ; a genus of decapod cruf- 
taceans found in tropical feas. 

Erioy'dllUS (£nt.) ifi-Kvhosj very glorious. 

Eri'geron (Bot.) ?^, fpring, yipw, an old man ; from its being hoary in 
fpring ; a genus of Compofltae. 

Erina'oeus (Zool.) Lot. a Hedge-hog. 

Eri'nuB (Bot.) ipi>«j, a wild fig-tree ; now applied to a genus of Lobeliaceae. 

Eriobo trya (Bot.) ipiov, wool, ^«T^f, a bunch of grapes. 

Eriocaulon (Bot.) iptov, wool, xewkos, a flem. 

Erioce'phalus (Bot.) e^av, wool, x%^akh^ a head. 

Erio'cera (£nt.) i/xov, wool, xspap, a horn. 

Erioone'mis (Omith.) l^iovy wool, xynfAny the leg ; from the confpicuous 
tufts of feathers on the legs ; a genus of Humming-birds. 

Eriode'ndrbn (Bot.) I^wi', wool, ^Ulpet^ a tree. 

Erioga'ster (£nt.) i^oir, wool, yeta-th^y the belly ; from the woolly abdo- 
men of the female ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Erio'gonum (Bot.) i^i«», wool, ynv, a joint ; referring to the ftems. 

EriolaB'na (Bot.) J^^v, wool, ;^;Xai»«, a cloak ; the calyx is woolly. 

Erio'phorum (Bot.) 2^<»y, wool, <j>tf^M», to bear. Cotton-grafs or filver- 

Eriopsela (Bot.) I^«v, wool, 4«aaii», to pull, to touch. 

Erio'pus (£nt.) l^tAV, wool, irwf, a foot. 

Eriopy'ga (£nt.) Ipi**, wool, iryyn, the rump. 

Eriospe'rmuin (Bot.) f^t^v, wool, a-viffxa^ feed ; alluding to the envelope 
of the feed. 

Erio'spora (Bot.) t^tfy, wool, o-vopd, a fpore ; a genus of Fungi. 

Erioste'mon (Bot.) ifiet, wool, ar^fAoev, a flamen. 

Sxi'phia (ZooL) tpt^ti, a kid ; a genus of (hort-tailed Crustaceans. 

Erirhi'nUB (Ent.) i^, very much, fiv, the fnout ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Exith'acus (Zool.) ipiQtcxof, the Redbreaft. 

Exith'alis (Bot.) the name of an unknown plant mentioned by Pliny. 

JBnnin'ea (^ool.) Latinized form of the French hermine, or £ngli(h ermine. 

Emods'si (Bat.) (fuSSii;, a branching ; alluding to the habit of the plant. 

Erodiorhyn'ous (Ent.) ipviiii, the heroo, fifx"' = ^'^^ i " genus of 

Ero'diuni f But,') ifviiit, a heron \ the fruit is tike Che head and beak of 
the heron ; a genus of Geraniacea. 

Ero'phila (Bot.) i^, fpring, ^hVIm, to love ; alluding to its time of flower- 
ing; a gtnm of Crueiferse. 

Eroaarift (Ent. tn/iu, gnawed off, eaten away ; a fpccies of Lepidoptera. 

Erotyllda) ,^ , , , ,. 

, Y (Ent.l i™iil).o(, a darling. 

Ero'tjUa f^ '' >" • ^ 

Erpe'tion (Bot.) (^wtTi', a creeping-thing, tn, a violet ; a genas of Viola- 

Er'peton (ZooL) i^iriTor, 3 creeping-thing, a genus of Ophidians. 

Er'rans (Ent.) part, of ti-ro, to wander; wandering. 

Erube'BcanB(Zool., BotOp^rt. of tmi;/"™, tobe red, to blulh. 

Bruca'ria (Bot.) from rru-^a, the herb-rocket, which probably from um, to 
burn ; alluding to its biting qualities. 

E'lTum (Bot.) Celt mf, tiUed land; it i» a pell in tiUed land; tares; a 
genua of I.i^gTiminotk. 

Erslabenella (Eat,) P. N, from J^a^n CiriShn Polymrf Erx!d,«, Pro- 
feiTor in the Univerlity of Gottingen. 

Erycinidro (Ent.) the family of which Erjcina, a genus of exotic butter- 
flies, is the type. 

Ery'nglum (Bot.) ipiyyiit of the ancients, perhap? from ifirj-yi-a, to dif- 
gorge ; it expels wind ; a genus of Unit>elliftnG. 

Bryslba'da (BoL) tfvTigam, like mildew. 

Ery'simiun (Bot. ) i^m, to draw ; it draws and produces bliflers ; a genus 
of Cnicifera. 

Brysiphe (Bot.) ifCu, to draw, ci>»', a fiphon; a genus of Fungi. 

Er/ttiaca (Omith.) IfuS^^^x, to redden ; the Robin-redbreast. 

ErjthTEe'a (Bot.) ifi^faTai, red, from the colour of the Bowers; a genui of 

Erythri'na (Bot.) ifuSfif, red, the colour of the flowers ; the coral-tree, ■ 

gtmis of l.eguminoCe ; affo, in Entomology. 
Erythroceph'ala (Ent.) f^f«, red, »if«)iii,a head; a {pccies of Noftua. 
Erythro'ganyB (Zool.) i|7uSf);, red, fiwt, the cheek ; red cheeked. 
Erythrogra'inmua (Zool.) EpififiE, red, >.[a^fia, a writing. 

Erytlil"ol«'nft (Bot.)i{u9;l:. red. i."vii,3i:loak: referring to the fcalet of 
the calyx. 

148 ERT — EUC 

Erythrola'mprus (Zool.) i^vQ^egf red, XofAw^os^ magnificent ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Erythro'nium (Bot.) s^i;9p«;, red ; alluding to the leaves and flowers ; a 

genus of Lillaceae. 
£jr3rthrozio'ta (Omith.) i^vQ^od red, v£t«;, the back ; a genus of Hum- 
Erythrophle'uin (Bot.) fiw9po;, red, 4>X6*f, a water-plant. 
Erythropthalmus (Ichth.) tfvd^o;, red, o^aXf^osj the eye ; the Red-eye 

Erythrospi'za (Omith.) epv9poiy red, a-ftil^et, a fmall piping bird, a kind of 

Erythro'xylon (Bot ) ifv6posy red, ^vXov, wood. 
Erjrz (Zool.) P. N., the fon of Butes ; a genus of Ophidians ; alfo applied 

in Entomology to a genus of Coleoptera. 
EscaUo'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Efeallon, a Spaniard»and American traveller ; 

the typical genus of Efcalloniaceae. 
Es'chara | hx»i»i the fear from a burn ; a genus and family of 
Escha/idflB) Polyzoa. 
Esohsclioltzia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. Efchfcholtz, a German botanid ; a 

genus of Papaveraceae. 
Eso'cidSB (Ichth.) the Pike family of filhes, of which Efox is the type. 
E'soz (Ichth.) Lat. a Pike. 

Esun 'cuius (Ichth.) dim. of efox, the fcientific name of the Pike. 
Etheogamlous (Bot.) atn&fisy unufual, ydfAos, marriage ; equiv. to Crypto- 

gamic ; it (hould be .ZEtheogamous. 
EthWlia (Bot.) meaning unknown. 

Eua'strum (Bot.) f u,. beautiful, ajrttmt a Aar ; a genus of Defmidieae. 
Eubo'lia (£nt.) tv$oXosy lucky, propitious. 
EubolildSB (£nt.) euboliay fam. term. ida. 

Eu'brla (Ent.) »u, beautiful, B^a^St ftrong ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Euoaly ptus (Bot.) lu, well, »«XyarT«, to cover ; a genus of Auftralian 

Euoa'mpia (Zool.) •«, beautiful, xafxwn, a bending ; alfo a caterpillar ; a 

genus of Polygadric animalcules. 
Eu'cera (Ent.) lu, beautiful, nipasf a horn ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Euoha'ridSB (Ent.) eucharuy fam. term, ida ; a family of Hymenoptera. 
Eu'oharis (Ent., Bot.) fu;^api(, pleafing ; a genus of Brazilian Liliaceas. 
Euohelia (Ent.) iv, well, x^^^* ^ ^^^^ ; 3 genus of Lepidoptera. 
Euoheli'idSB (Ent.) euehelia^ fam. term. ida. 

Euotil'liiH (Bot.) iv, well, ;tir*a5,a lip. 

Euchlamido'ts (ZooL) iS, beautiful, ^Xnitis-iiiai, a mantle, uc, uti;, an 

ear ; a genus of Palygallric animalcules. 
Euohla'nlB (Zool.) il, well, x*'*"'' " gar^snl i>f woni ; a genus of 

Poljfgaftrid animalcules. 
EuoliTo'nia (Bat.) lu, well, xf^l"' col'X)''. 
Enobro'mia (Ent.) il^fiftK, handlbmely coloured. 
Btiole'a (Bot.) iB»iinii, glory ; its foliage is evergreen. 
Euoll'dia (Ent.) P. N. from EmliJ, the celebtated geometrician ; referring 

to the geometrical marking!. 
Euolidi'idffl (Ent.) £«rM.i, fam. term. idt. 
Eucli'dium (Bot.) lu, well, xitiiim, to fliut up. 
Enone'midEB (Ent.) lO, well, »>ii^i>, a greave, legging. 
EllcCE"lift (Bol.) il. beautiful, i.Tm, hollow ; a genu? of Fungi, 
Buaome'tia (Omith.) lu, beautiful, (i^nmi, long-haired; a genui of 

Ea'oomis (Bot.) la-ifioi, beautiful-hairvd. 

Baora'taa (ZooL) P. N. from Enr^ir, one of the Nereids: a genni of 

Euorati'adsB (ZooL) a family of Polyioa. 

Eucro'aift (Bot.) IB, well, nfoTro.', fringe ; refBtring to lup of il aniens. 
EQde'ndrluin (Zool.) il, well, SliS;i>, a tree, 
Bnde'rui (Ent.) iL, .ety, inth, long. 
lEadeB'mia (Bot.) li, well, hrfu, a bundle, 

Budip'aaH (Zool.) lu. beautiful, Si+a,-, a water-ferpent ; a genus of Colt- 
ludme'ti (Ent.) li, well, IjUhtJe, tamed : a genos of Diplera. 

lori'DB (Zool.) li, beautiful, iifu. a fpear; a genuFi of Polygaftric 
Xadro'iclua (Omiih.) lUjoftiit, a good runner. 
Eudy'namya (Omith. )i5, well, )»B>i.s,ilwngth; pi'rhaps in alUiiion lo 

Eud/tea (Omith.) li, well, eafy, li^i, a diver ; a gt 
Eual'spIUB (Fo9. Zool.} li, beautiful, rirfkii. 
Zu'eeass (Omith.) luriri.-, noble; a genus of Humming-hirdt. 
Bnge'nia (Bol., Omith,) P. N. fio.n Prii^r Euirni of Savoy, palroi 

Botany ; the Clovc-Irce ; alfo a geauB of Hamming- birds. 
Ettgle'na (Zool.) lu, beautiful, y^mM, the pupil of the eye; a genu 

Polygaflric animalculei. 

Eugle'D-BH (Ent.) i5>.ln"f. bright-eyed. 

Eaglo'BSa(EDt.)i;, beautiful, j.»SiriH, a tongue; a genus of Hymenopteraf I 

Eugl/pha (Zool,) li, bandlbme, y\v^i, a carving; a geuuB of Polygaftrie 

Euliyme'nia (Bot.) lE, beautifui, C^ii», a membrane; a genua of Algx. 
Eula'lia (Bot.) iHkaTiis, Iweetly fpeahing ; a genus of Gramina. 
Eulaia'piB (Omith.) lu, beautiful, ianwii, a meteor ; a genus of Hum- 

Bule'pia (Ent.) lu, beautiful, ktwis, a fcale ; a genu* of I«pidoptera. 
Eu'je'bua (Bot.) i3, beautiful, XeBii, a pod, becaufe the inferior ovary J 

reliimbles a beautiful peduncle ; a genus of Onagtacei. 
Ealo'pllia (Bot.) i5»»4«(, well-crefted. 
Eu'lophUH (Ent.) iSks^pw, well-crefted. 
Eulyoh'nift (Bot.) lu, beautiful, Xuj^ii'j, the plant Igchmi the Lychnis,/ai 

Euma'ohia (Bot.) iI^SEnc, lengthy, tall ; a genus of Cinchonaeex. 
Eu'menaa (Ent.) tiiairi!, foft ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Eume'rddffl (Ent.) eimmi, fern. term. iJx ; a genus ot Hymenopteia. 
Eiuneri'dlon (Zool.) i^, beautiful, ftifit, a part ; a genus of Polyga/lric ' 

Eiunl'orua (Ent.) lu, beautiful, and H'xtii, fmall. 
Eumo'ipua (Ent.) if^oXiric, fweetly llnging. 
Eumo'rpliai and Eumcrphla (Bot.) iZ, beautiful, fiipfi, Ihape; from the 

elegant fliange of pofition of carpels while ripening; gen 

Buna'nuB (Bot.) iJ. beautiful, liwos, a dwarf; a genus of Sciophulat 
Euneo'tea (Zool.) il, good, .bum, a fwimmcr; a genus of Ophidii 
Buno'tia (Bot.) li, beautiful, lirir. a back or ridge ; a genus of Diat 

Eimo'tia (Zool.) iuiBTOcHoUt-backcJ ; a genus of Polygallrie animah 
EUBo'tlts (Ent.) lu. beautiful, rUm, the back. 
Euom'pholoB (Fos. Zool.) iv. beautiiiil, ifi-faXit, a navel. 
Euon'yinUB (Bot.) U, well, ne^a, a name; a genua of Celaftraeea;. 
Euophrrs (Zool.) lO, beautiful, ifplt, the eye-brow. 
Euoama'ntliUfl (Bot.) timrixit, fweet-fmeiling, irf.;, o flovter; a g 

of ChamKlauciacea:. 
£luo'sina ) 
Euo'smia ) 
Eupa'aea < Bol.) il-wifttti, having fair cheeks; a genus of Primulacex, 

u, beautiful, tr^n, fmell. 


- eVp 

Eupato'riimi (Bot.) P. N. from Mlihridaici Enfaier, who ufed it aj » 

counlur poi&n ; a genm of Compofiti. 
Eups'lmldce (Ent.) eafelmm, km. tenn, iitt ; a family of HymenapCeia, 
Eupe'lrQU8CEnt.)ii, btautifuUMV"!"^ extremity; a genns of Hymeoo- 

Eupe'ria (£rit ) tu, much, irn^;, maimed, 
Eupe'talum (Bot.) iZ, beautiful, «iTa»n, a petal; from the beauty of tKe 

perianth ; a genus of Begoniacei. 
Eupeta'manai (Onitth.)i^ well, iriTt/iim. Hying; a genus of Hiunmi ng- 

Eupheru'sa (Omith. ) lu, well, i^iifuuirs. 

genus of Humming -birds. 
Eupho'nla (Omith.) tl, gooJ, t«r^, a'fot 
Eupho'rbla (Bol.) P. N. from E,.fh^„ 

mgor . 

. phyllcii 

to Juba, king u 

Euphorbiaa'trum (Bot.) Kifharbium, and aprum, a liar. 

EuptlOTbia'na (Ent.) named from the fpiuge, Eupitriia. 

Eupho'rla (Bot.) iSfifoj, fertile. 

Euphrasia (Bot.) liffuiia, to delight ; a geniu of ScrophularUcez. 

BnpHroBl'nia (Bot.) P.N. from Eufirt/gar, one of the three Gracei ; a 

genus of CompoCta!, 
Euphro'syna (Ent.) P. N. from EupinfgKc^ one of the Graces. 
Eupliro'ayne (Bot.) P,N. from Eaf/it^ynr; a genui of Compofitie. 
Buphy'sa (Zool.) ■:, bEantiful, >TiB, to inflate. 
Eupista'ria (Bnt.) tS, abounding in, virriinsi, canali or channels; in 

aiiufion to the numerous (treaks acrDfE the wings. 
Eupithe'cla (Ent.) ii, pretty, nfflnxoi, an ape. 
EQplea'tnia(Ent.) iZ. beautiful, iii»i«Tf.>, the jiVcffniw of infefl?. 
Eapleo'tus (Ent.) liwytKiat, well pluted. 
Euple'xia (Ent.) iJ, prettily, aUitm, to fold ; the anterior wings during 

repofe are longitudinally wrinkled. 
Eilpla'aa (Bot.) iZw\sxn, wcU plaited, or well twilled; a genus of 

Ehretiaeex ; alfo ufed as an sdjeftlie, npti-cm-a-t-m. 
Euplo'camilS (Ent., Omith.) linXinxim, with goodly locks. 
Euplo'ta 1 (Zool.) ilityuT,!, favourabie to failing ; genera of Polygaftric 
Euplo'teal animalcules. 

Eu'poda (Ent.) lu, good, ntic, uriiit, a foot. 
Eupocii'flOUS (Zool.) i«tu:, with good feet, SiVm, a dilk ; a genus of 

a genus of Fi licet. 

i!i EUP — EUR 

Eupo'diiun (Bot.) il. beaulifkil, ni;:, iriiic, a k 

BupcBoi lia (Knt.) iu-mslx-iXii, variegated. 

Eupogo'niiim (Bot.) lu, beautiful, iniym, n beard ; a genua of Alga;. 

Eapoma'tla (Bot.) i?, well, vani^m, to ctofe with a lid. 

B (ZooL) a, beautiful, ^li^^o;, fand ; a family of Stra A 

Eupte'lea (Bot.) ii>, besutiful, Fittea, i. i., the Ptdea/sr 

of Ulmaces. 
Eupyre'na (Bot.) tZ, beautiful, mifwr.the flone of fruit, as the olive, date, 

&r. : a genus of Clnchonaceat. 
Surha'phe ) (Bot.) implying the Rbaphis in iti higheft development ; a 
EuTlia'phial genus of Cinctjonacca aod of Palnue refpeflively. 

, '■ fEnt.) il, beautiful, p.«.t, a fan. 

Butopeb'uo (Omith., Bot.) Lai. European. 

EuroHto'podua (Omith.) tifii, wide, broad, wiiij, tnHns, a foot ; a genni of 

Etiro'tium (Bot.) lifiniiai, to tiecome mouldy, or decay: a genus of 

Eu'rhypis (F.nt.) li, very, f„tBK, dirt, filth ; very dirty. 
Eury'ale (Bot.) P. N. from Euryair, one of the Gorgons ; alluding to its 

thorny menacing habit: a genus of Watur-lilies. 
Etirya'ndra (Bot.) iJ^ir, bioad, iin^, a ftamen, from the dilated (famens ; 

Eury'baBis (Bot.) i^vr, hroad, iafit : a genus of Mufci. 
00171)13 (Bot.) ti.u8Ui, very mighty! a genus of Compofita. 
Burybio'paiH (Bot.) ™ryi« and Hu, refembiance ; a genui of Compofitr. ^ 
Buiyce'rcua (Zool.) tiifii, broad, tj^ieic, a tail; a genut of Entomoftrao. 
EuTT'oerus (Zool.) lifin broad, jii{ii(. a horn. 
EurychEB'nla (Hot.) tifii, broad, z''"'t '° £=!»■ 
EUTyohi'ton (Bot.) lifii, vide, x"^- ' lunic ; a genu? of Plumbagi- 

Bu'ryclea (Bot.) P. N. from Euryla. a prophet, 
Eliry'ooma(Bnt.).l,«'''™a''. nifH-alock of hair; a genus of Connar- 

ira (Em.) lifis, broad, li^, the neck. 
le (Bot.) P. N., taken from mythology; a genus of Iridacc*. 
te (Ent.) lufii, wide. ).MBh, pineem ; from the anal htapi 
atsa (Onillh-) lufH, broad, km/tli, the throat or gullet. 

£US — EUS 

Eury'lepia (Bot.) iwiii, broad, knu, a Tcale ; a gams of Ericaceai. 
Eurylo'bium (Bot.) t!ifii, broad, JsBic, a poJ ; a f^niu of Stilbacee. 
Eurylo'ina (Bot.) lijw, broad, Xifn, a fringe or border; a genus of 

Eury'mans (Ent.) P. N., a town in TheiTaly ; a genus of I^pidoptcra. 
Etiryne'llia (Bot.) lifii, broad, n^s, a Ihread, fo named from the dilated 

filamentB of the ftamms ; a genui of Zy gophyUacear. 
EUFyno'tuB (Fos. Zool.) (Sf4>(, broad, ■»«(, the back. 
Evtryo'tiB (Zool.J li^is, broad, d![, «rti(, an ear. 
ZtUT-'ptd^ (But,) lu^x't. broad, rripii, a wing ; from the dilated margin* 

of the frait ; a genus of UmbeUiferar. 
Eoryp'terua (Jon, Zool.) tifit, broad, ■wfJr, a wing; a genus ofCrof- 

Eury'pyga (Ornilh.) iSpij, broad, avya, the rump. 

EuryBper'mtim (Bol.) itifii, broad, s-irifpa, feed ; a genus of Proteacez. 

Eury'spilUB (Zool.) i^k, broad, rv'lt:, a fpot; applied to a fpecie.i of 

Sun Bear. 
Etiryste'gla (Bot.) lifii, broad, rriyn, a roof; a genus of EricaeSK. 
Euiy'stama (Bot.) lifii, wide, TTi^un, a mouth, from the wide oritlre ol 

corolla; a gtnui of Ericacci. 
Eury'etomUB.a-llJn (Omitb.) lijw, wide, iTijia, a mouth ; from thr 

widely cloveo beak. 
EttryUe'nia (But.) i^piii, btoaJ, TuriJn, a band or fillet ; a genus of 

Um belli ferffi. 
Eurytha'lia (Bot.) lifii, bl-oad. Bii>.}J,, a young fhoot ; a genuj of 

Euir'tloD (Bot.) lifms. width 01 breadth ; a genus of Aigx. 
Eury'tiB (Ent.) litis, broad ; a genus of Hymeuopli^ra. 
Enry'toma (Ent.) ii(«, wide, nfiii, a cutting ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Euryto'midEB (£nt.) Ear^oma, !im. term. iJ*. 
Eusoa'phia CBot.) iZ, beautiful, rixft, a bowl or baHn : a genua of 

Eiue'pala (Bot.) ■£, beautiful,/^', in allulion to the beautiful ealyi ; i 

genus of Primulacez. 
ElUpl'ta (Otnith.) lE, good,^iiii, a bitnting. 
Biwta'cllyft (Bot.) lu, beautiful, pra^iit, a, fplke ; a genus of ficrophulaii- 

Ensta'ohri (Bot.) fame etymology ; a genus of Gramina, 

Ensta'thea (Bot.) tirraSm, well-baled, well-buill ; a genus of SapindacnF, 

iy«s,we\l u 

alto a genus at | 

EuBte'gla (Bol.) tia~r 

Buste'phanua (Oraith.) lu, heaatiful, ffii^umi, i crown ; a genus o 

EUBtio'tia (Bol.) li, btautiful, in-rjtTi;, dappled ; a genus of Fungi. 
Eu'atonia(Bol.) iCmftx, a beautiful mouth; referring to the flower. 
BtLstre'phuB (Bot.) lu, well, rrfifu, to twine ; in ailulion to lu habit. 
Euatro'biluB (Bot.) lu, beautifiil, _^niiiVHi, from its handlbme cone-liki 

inflorefcencB ; a genus ofProleacel. 
Butft'saa (Bot.) iZ, beautiful, ria-TB, to arrange; from rymmetry of J 

branches; a genui ofConifetiE. 
Euta'xia (Bot.) liirii^iK, modell)' ; a genus of Auftndian LeguminolB). 
Eute'rpe (Bot.) lu-ri/n-nf, delightful ; a genuB of Palmares, 
Eute'lia (Bot.) i^TtXiii, cheapnels, implying worthlellnefs ; a geiiui c 

Eu'thalea (Bot.) iS, well, axxim, to pulh or fprout. 
Eutha'mla (Bot.) iJ, beautiful, SifitH. a bulh oi ihrab ; a genu* of Com 

EutheiB (£nt.) luSu,-, (traighC ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Eu'tiemla (Bot.) tJ, beautiful, fli/i.(, law; a genus of Ochnacett. 
Euthemo'nia (Ent.) tiSifii, i^eafant in fummer ; a genua of Lepidojiten 
Eu'toca (Bot.) li-ranti, bringing forth eafily ; a genut of Hydrophyllaces 
Euto'lmuB (Omith.) it, well, Til^a, courage ; fpeeific name of one of the | 

Eato'mia (Bot.) lu, well, t<mS, a. cutting ; a genus of Uiatomacetc. 
Buto'seroB (Omith.) a genus of Humming-birds. 
Eutre'aiB, (Bot.) a, well, T^i/ta, that which is pierced ; a genui 

Eutro'pia (Bot.) iS, well, T;iira, to turn ; a genus of Euphorbiaces. 
Eutro'plB (Bot.) fame etymology [ a genus of Afdepladaceie. 
Euze'nla (Bot.) lu, beautiful, fnat, a (tranger; a genus of CompolJIx. 
Eva'dne (Zool.) P. N. ; a genus of Entomoftracan crullaceans. 
EVEBBtlie'tua (Enl.) iS, well, xliitnt, one who perceives; a genu 

Evalla'ria | Hot.) rvalh, to put out of doors ; a genui of Lillacex. 
Evajl'dm (Bot.) fu,beautiful,aiig^ii)^(, aftamen; a genua of Cyperacee,_ 
£vElx (Bot.) Lai. in exclamation of joy ; a genus of Compofitie. 
STely'na (Bol.) P. N, in honour nf Jain Evd^n, the celebrated authoi 

"Sylva;" a genus of Orchidaccc. 

) of 

I XTe'mia (Bot.) iS, welt, l/tis, a. (hoot or branch ; a genus lil Lichena. 

• BTerama'nnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of . Evcrfmaan, a German 

111! of Leguminolie. 
Evo'dla (Bot.) tli'atit, fweet-linelliiig, fragrant ; a genus of RuCarciC } alfn 

i. genus of Luuraceie. 
Evol'vulUB (Bot.) tWim, to roll out. 
Evonymoda'phne (Bot.) compounded of ff^snymiu u.nd daphne^ as if to fay, 

nioB^ui-looking laurel; a genus of Lauracea. 
Evo'nynius (Bot.) same as Euonyma?, which _^. 
Bvo'smia (Bot.) eqiv. to ca^nda; a genus of Cinch anacex. 
Hvo'ta (Bot.) li, beautiful, sit, wrii, an ear ; a genus of OrchidaceiB. 

Ewyokia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Evyit, a German botanifl; a 

genus of MelaftomaceK. 
E xaoTiin (Bot.) «, out of, a^, to drive; it eitpek poilbn; a genus of 

Extlde'nua (Bot.) If, without, sSn', a gland ; a genus of Gentianacex. 

Exaare'tia (Ent.) ifa.'fiTK, choice. 

Exanthema'ria (Ent.) ija-at,^*, a flower ; a fpecies uf Geometra, 

Eianthama'tloua (Bot.) ijaiflin, to put out Bowers. 

Esa'pate (Ent.) ifmiiTii, deceit, iltatagem. 

Esarrhe'na (Bot.) fj, withont, iff<tr, a male; a genus of Boraginaces. 

EzCESOa'ria (Bot.) o«<rd, to blind; a puilbnous genus of Euphorbiacex, 

the juice of which, getting into the eye, cauTes blinduefs. 
Bzot'pula (Bot.) uci^w, to catch; alluding to iti roughners; a genus of 

liZOrs'mlS (Bot.) cxcratn, to bum utterly; a genus of Liliacea:. 
I awjutitor (Ornith.) Lot. a feotinel ; from the foreign uJe of the Shrike 
■ in trapping hawks. The bird is faflened down, and, on the approach 

r of the hawk, gives notice to the Falconer by its fcreams. 

Xzel'rua (Ent.) ff ■;,»£, to fhetch ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Xzi'dla (Bot) cxUia, to exude ; a genus of Fungi. 

EiiBUBliB (Ent.) 1 

_ I ' !■ «'E'"u, very fmall. 

Exlgua'ta (Ent-J i * ' 

Bxl'guUB-a-um (Ent., Bot.) Lit. fmall, or narrow : f. g. Eu/iheriij img-n. 
Ezlla'iia (Bot.) exUii, flender ; a genus of Diatoms. 
Xz'IUb (Ent.) Zat. thin, lean, weak. 
^|^BxltB'lia(Bot.)ancertain; a genus of BytUieriacE 

m'ntlia (Bol.) IJ», outward, i 

a fpinc 

of Umlielli- 

Exoca'rpua (Bot.) ifo., outfide, uifmnt, fruit. 

Eioce'tus (Ichth.) !f», outCde, toln. a bed . a lamr applied to » Gill 

formerly fuppoftd to ileep on land ; the Flying-filh. 
EiDchaj'nium (Bot.) !£», outward, X"""! to R^pe : a Rtnus of Gentia 

Esogj'ra (Fol. ZooL) ij«, without, )J;«, a circle. 

Bsole'tH (EnI.)fro/i(uj, grown up, mature. 

Bzoneu'ra (£nt.) f£«, witliout, iiufir, a rib ; a gemu of Hymenoptera. 

EzoBpo'Tium (Bot.) i^x, outllde, raapi, a fponile ; a genua of Fungi. 

F.XOSte'mma (Bot.) iJb, without, rrin^i, a 

EiOBty'lea (Bot.) ijw, outward, trn>.st. a ftyle ; a genus of Legumi 

Esotbo'stemOE (Bot.) ijaflir, from without, «-Bfia., a (limen; a 

Expalllda'ta (Ent.) ncfaUidm, very pale ; a fpecies of Geometra. 

Bxpolj'ta (Ent-J m^iVui, poUnied. 

Exten'sUB-a-tun (Ent^ Bot.) pan. of Htlenda, to l^retrh out. 

EstersBi'ria (Ent.) rsierfni, wiped off; fmeared ; a fperies of GeometisE. 

Ex'ulans (Omith.) Lat. wandi:ring ; applied to an Atbatrofs. 

E'xtaia (Ent.) Mu/, a wanderer; a fpeciei 

ExUTlabi'lltOB (Zool.) fijciijj, fkin ; applied to animals which change the 

fkin without ehanging the form. 
Eiy'dra (Bot.) if, without, lifts, moillure ; a genus of Gramin: 
Eyae'iia (Bot.) P. N. in honmir of Ei/fil, a 

genua of GaliaceB ; alio a genus of CompoCtiB. 
Eysenha'rdtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of E^ifeili 

botanifl ; a genus of LeguminofiD. 

Fa'ba (Bot.) Lm. a bean, from /(iyx 

FabagO (Bot.) film, a liean, From refeniblance of foliage; i 

Pa"ber (khth.) in/, a workman. 

Pabla'na (Bol.) P. N. in honour of M. Fahkn ; a ffeni.a of Solan 
Eabdl'dea (Fos. Bot.)/iid, a bean, Ttia;, like; a term applied to bean- 

(haped leguminous feeds found in the lower tertiary elayi of the Ifle d( \ 

Fabrl'a (Boi.) P. H. in honour of M. Fain; a genus of Acanthicez. 

FAB — FAL 157 

Pabri'cia (Bot., Ent.) P. N. from J, C. Fahrieius, the celebrated Danifti 

Fabro'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Giovanni f^alentino, Baron Fahroni, an 

Italian naturalift ; a genus of Mufci. 
Facchi'nia (Bot.) a genus of Caryophyllaceas. 
Fa'celis (Bot.) f axfX«$, a bundle ; a genus of Compofitx. 
Fadge'nia (Bot.) a genus of Garryacese. 

Fadye'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Fadyen ; a genus of Filices. 
Faga'ra (Bot.) Arabic name ufed by Avicenna. 

Fagara'stnun (Bot.)ya^tfj, the beech, t^rum^ a ftajr ; a genus of Amyridacese. 
Fage'lia (Bot.) derivation unknown. 
Fagella (Ent.)ya^«j, the beech-tree, on which it feeds. 
Fago'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Fagon, a great patron of botany. 
Fagopyrum (Bot.) from ^ny»s-> wpov. Beech-wheat; from the form of 

fruit, iame as " Buck- (/. e. beech) wheat ; " a genus of Polygonace«. 
Pagras'a (Bot.) P. N. from J. T. Fagrausy M.D., a friend of Thunberg. 
Fa'gus (Bot.) Lot. the Beech-tree, from (payee, to eat. It is probable that 

the <pnyos of the Greeks was not the /agus of the Latins, but either 

the Chednut, or ^ercus Mfcultu, as the name has evident reference to 

the fruit being ufed as food, and beech-maft would form a fcir inferior 

diet to cheftnuts. — Burnett. 
Fala'gria (Ent.) unexplained ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Falca'ria (Bot.)ya/«, a fickle ; a genus of Umbelliferae. 
Falca'te (fiot,) falcatus^ like a fickle. 
Falca'tula (Bot. j falx, a fickle ; from fickle-fhaped pods ; a genus ot 

Falcine'llus (Omith.) dim. oifalco. 
Falco (Ornith.) Lot. a Mcon ; fo called becaufe its nails or claws refemble 

2ifalx or hook. 
Falcone'ria (Bot.) in honour of the celebrated Dr. Falconer, the Eaft Indian 

botanift ; a genus of Stilaginaceae. 
Falco'nidaB (Omith.) a family of the order of which Falco is the type ; a 

genus of Raptores. 
Fal'cula (Ent.)ya/x, a fickle, a fcythe. 
Falcu'nculus (Ornith.) dim. of Falco, a hawk ; applied to the Shrike-tits 

of Auflralia. 
Falderman'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Faldermann; 3. genus of 

Fa'lkia (Bot.) P. N. from J, P. Falk, a Swedilh botanift, who died in 1774. 


mift faU^im , 

Pallax (Bot.) La. deceitful. 

Fallo'pla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of tlie celebj 

gcQiis of Polygonace». 
FaUu'gia (Bot.) a genus of RofaceE. 
PamlllaVia {ZooL, Omith,) Lai. domeftlc, lame. 
Para'ncia (Zool.) ■fifij-J, a chafin or cleft ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Fftrina'liB (Ent.)/jr;nJ, meal, referring to furface of wings, or to tKe 

food of the larva. 
Fa'rio (Ichth.) Lai. a TrouL 
Pame'aia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of one of the F^r^ffi family of Naples ; 

a genus of Leguminofa. 
Farobce'a (Bot.) a genus of CompofitiP. 
Parrel'la (Zool.) P. N. in honour of flr. Aniur Farn, its diftoverer : a 

genus of Polyzoa. 
Paraa'Ua (Bot.) P. N. from PiiSf Fsrfiti, a noble Venetian botanift ; 3 

genuB of Cruci ferae. 
Parti'nia (Bot.) a Nat. order in the fyftem of Dumortier (Flora Belgica). 
Pamla'ria (Fos. Bot.)/dr«, a honeycomb ; a genua of coal-meafure flems 

larked v 

ra like I 


PasOBli'na (Ent.)/,^Hi, a bundle; alluding to the tufts of hair on the larva. 

FasoiallB (Ent.) being marked with ///J*, or bands. 

Paaola'ta (_'Bot.j fafi-ia, a band, diadem, or wreath ; a genus of Algz. 

FaBoia'tiaa (Zool.) Lai. banded. 

Pasclcula'ria (Fo*. 7.oo].)/a/ikiilia, a little bundlt ; a genus of Polyioa, 
To named from its bundle-like fbrm. 

Fascio'iilate (Bot., Zooh') fifiitulm, a little bundle, collefled or arranged 
ir> clulteit. 

Faa'dola (Bot.) dim. oSfifiia, a genus of Marchantiaceic. 

FaBOlola'ria (Zoo\,) fijiieh, a winding band ; folds near the bafe of the 

columella, or neck. 
Faiolun'oula (Ent.)/^/n, a band, uncui, a hook. 
Faatlgla'ria (Bot.)/j!.;gimii, a ridge ; a genus of Algie. 
Fauja'aia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fauja, .- a gcnu.i of CompofitB-. 
Pau'na (Zool.) ia/. rural deities: a convenient term for the animals of 

any given epoch or area. 
Fatmu'la (Zool., Bol.) dim. oifnunn. 

Fau'atula (Bot.) dim. of/ai^Bj,lucky,fort»nite; a genui of Comporni. 
Pavella (Bol.) dim. of/ww, a honeycomb. 
FsTlUaosa'aa (Ent.;/iviY'uioi, afhy : from the coluur. 

PAf - 


PaVDi'ua (Bot.) dim. at fjvui, a honeycomb ; a genua of Fungi. 

Pavo'nium {^at.'jfa'uaitim, ihe weft wind ; a genua of CompofitP!. 

PavoBi'tes (Joa. Bot,)/™uj, a hontyconib. 

PaWD (Zool.) ^«™*,/,=™. 

Po'dla (Bot.) a name of AHjnlon'a, probably without meaning; a genus 

a family and fub-family of 

PelidBB I CZool.)/;a, fan, term. id. 
Peli'na) Mammalia. 
Fe'lU(Zool.) £fl(. acat. 

Feneate'lla (Fos. Zool.) Lai. a little window. 
PenaBtra'tua-a-Uia (Bot.) iat. refemhling a lattice, as in the ieavei of 

the Ouiiranda feneflralii. 
PanaatrsLla (Ent.)/^™, a window ; from iti habit of fttting in the 

windows of houfes. 
Pe'nnel (Hot.) rontraOion ai Lai. firniailam. 
Pen'nioua-a-um (Ent., Bot.) relating to Finland. 
Pe'rffl (ZooL) Lat. wild beafls. 

Pera'nia (Zool.) unexplained ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Perl'na (Ornith.)/fr;™j, pertaining to wild beafls. 
Pemancla'aia (Bot.) P. N. from Cnrgc Canu Frrna-uin, a Spanilh 

Feme'Ila (Bot.) P. N. from .;. ftm?/, phyfician to Henry II., of France, 

died issS. 
Faro ma (Ent.. Bot.) P. N., the goddefi of forelfa. 
Peroni'ldffl (Ent.) Fm,„ia, fam. term. idr. 
Pe'roK (Bot., Ichth.) Lai, ferocious, iasage; metaphoricaily, covered with 

F81Ta'ria(Bot.) P. N. from J. B. Fcrrori, s.n Italian botanift; a genus of 

Ferre'ola (Enl.) dim. oifrmai^ iron-coloured ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Fe'rrat (Zool.) Dauh -arei, Ger.freU. 

Pemiga'liB {E\K.)/imi^, ruif of iron ; referring to colour. 

Ferrugi'neuS'a-nm (Ent., Bot.) Lai. rufl coloured. 

Fer'rum equi'ntim (Zool.) Lai. a horfr-lhoe. 

Pa'rula (Bot.) /mo, to flrike; the ftems are ufed for rods; a genus of 

Ps' (Omith.) Lat. wild, untamed. 
Festu'aa ( Bol.) Ceilic//, pafture or food ; Fefcuc-gralF. 
PeUlllsBa(Bot.)P. N. in hanoat of F«.iU^ : a genus of Cucurbitacei. 

i6o FIB — EIM 

Fibber (Zool.) Lat, a beaver ; now uied as the fpecific name of the animal, 

Fibfgia (Bot.) a genus of Crudfene. 
Fibrau'rea (Bot.)^^ra, a border, aureus-a-um^ golden ; a genns of Memi- 

Fibrilla'ria (Bot.) JiSrilla, a fmall thread ; a genus of Fungi. 
Fibri'na (Bot.) Ji^ra, a fprout ; a genus of Fungi. 
Fica'ria (Bot.) fousj a fig ; in allufion to the fig-like roots ; a genus of 

Ficel'la (Ent.)^«j, a fig ; the lanra feeds on dried figs. 
Fioh'tea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. G. F, Fichte; a genus of Compofitz. 
Fici'mia (ZooL) etymology unknown ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Fici'nia (Bot.) a genus of Cyperacex. 

Fiooi'deSB (Bot.)^tfx, a fig, itias, like ; ficoid or fig-like plants. 
Fi'cus (Bot.) Lat. a fig; **ficcaB^« flomachum Isdunt." — Pliny xxiii. 63 ; 

** ?lJIco for the phrafe." — Shakeipeare. 
Fido'nia (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs of the groves ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
FidonildaB (JE.nt.')Jidonia, fam. term. ida. 
Fieldia (Bot.) P. N. from Baron FieU^ ibmetime Chief Judge in New 

South Wales. 
Fig (Bot.) Lat.ficus^ Fr.Jigue. 
Filaginop'sis (Bot.) the genus Jilago^ and o>|#if, refemblance ; a genus of 

Fila'go (Bot.) JUutfit a thread ; in allufion to its being covered with threads ; 

a genus of Compofitse. 
Fila'lis (Ent.) JUum, a thread. 

Fila'riSB (7A}o\.)JiUirium, a thread ; a genus of Entozoa. 
Filbert (Bot.) from FhilHert, king of France, in the fame way as Pippin, 

from king Pepin. 
Fi'lioes (Bot.) plural oiJUix, a fern. 

Filifo'rmis-e (2^1., Bot.) JUum^ a thread, yon»», refemblance. 
Filipen'dulaB (Ent.) from the Common Dropwort (Spiraea FUipembtla) ; 

but the larva feeds on various leguminous plants. 
Fi'lix (Bot.) Lot. a fern. 
Fillod'a (Bot.) a genus of Leguminofz . 
Filo'des (Ent.) JUum, a thread, ii^o; , like ; thread-like. 
Fi'imn (Bot.) Lat. a thread ; a genus of Algae. 
Fimbria'ria (Bot.)Jimhr$a, a fringe-; a genus of Algae. 
Fizabria'tos-a-mn (Ent., Bot.) Lat. bordered, itomfmbriay a fringe. 



Flmbrllla'rla (Bot.y fmiti^, a fringe ; a genus of Company. 
B'imbriaty'UB (Bot-j/wir/a, a fringe, y7y«,. a riyle. 

Pinch (Ornith,) from the note of the bird, which leremblea Fink or Pink, 
Finoka'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fwiie ; a genus of Ericaceie. 
Findla'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JIfr. FhJay; a genus of PrimuJacefe. 
Pingerhu'thla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fi^girhui ; a genua of Gralifes. 
rinlayao'nla (Bot,) P. N. in honour of Mr. Fid^sh 1 » E^"'" "f Afcle- 

Pino'clua (Bot.) IlaLfiaahh ; a plant of the genus Anethum ; Sweet fennel. 


, (Bot.) P.N. ir 

ir of M. FmUlKM 

■ ofCy- 

le of rlcrei 

a genus of Cordiar 

.n ftates- 

ir of Fr'udrich ErnJI Luihi^ig vi 

^^m Tlr (Bot.) Angt,^Sax.furh. 
^^f Flreu'aia (Bot.) the Latin n. 

Plrnnia'na (Bot.) P. N. in h. 
man ; a genus of Stcrculi 

riB'chera (Bot.) a genus of 1 
^H FlBGhe'ria (Bot.) P. N. in h< 
^^^B genuJi of AlclepiadaceED. 

^H risotleriel'la (Ent.) P. N. from Fijchir ■bi>« ffjU/uiu, Author of - Eniomo- 
^■^ gra/iila lapirn Rafis!" publilhed at Mofcow, iKio— iSit. 

Pish ([chth.) AnglsSax.^c, Lal.fifii,. 

Fla'aft (Bot.)j(^«i-a-inirj cleft, divided. 

Fisae'nia (Bot.) etymology unknown; a genus of Loa&ceic. 

■ Ma'aldena {^at:)fffu!, cleft, dim, a tooth ; a genua of Mufci. 
i,7HB. a (Bot.)_j^/i>, what is cli:ft or cloven ; a genus of Olacaceie. 
■ ^ Bloa CZooL)j«^iu^-«B, cleft, divided. 
KBaip'arouB (Zoo!,, Zo't.'\ Jijfui, cleft, ^or/o, to produce; denoting gtneta- 
tion hv the diviflon of the body of the parent into two parts, each ol 
which becomes a perfe^ living animal. 
Fis'slped ( Zool ) /ijfu,, cleft, fa,f,j;t, a foot ; having the toes fepaiated. 

IPiBSUli'na f BDt.)j5fi.™, a cleft ; a genua of Liehenea. 
lia'auB-a-um (Bot.) Lot. cleft, divided. 
Flatula'iia (Sat.^JtJhiLi, a reed ; a genus of Algie. 

mahella'lia (Ent.)>fc//M«, a fan. 
PlBbella'ria (Bot.)/iA^fl-^, a fan 
riabel'liform ('Zool., Bot.)_fi^iM 
nabelli'iiB (Zool. )>*(/(.», a fan 

leing tubular ; a genua of 

a genus of Alga;. 

, afan;>r™, refemblanci 

a genub of Foraminifera. 

a French botsailt ; the 1 


FlBoou'rtia (Bot,) P. N. from Ef™ 

typical genu4 of Flacourtianie. 
FlagsUaria (BoC.»^c«™, a rod ; it has long pliant branches. 
Flags 'lliform (2oo\.y Jtjgrllam, a whip, finna, relemblanee. 
Plamin'gO (Ornith.) /aoioia, a flimc; alluding to the colour of iti' 

Plammea'llH (Ent.)jftiiHiBia, a fiame ; referring to colour. 
Flam'mHus-a-um (Ornith., Hot.) Lai. flame-coloured. 
Plam'mula CBot.) Zm. a little flame or blaie ; a genua of Fungi ; alfo at J 

afpeciiic name denoting an idity, f.^., RanauiuUi Flamanild. 

Flava'go (Ent.) ) 


Flave'ria (Bot.)j£™«i, yellow; ufed in Chili for dyeing yellow ; a genu» I 

of CompofitrB. 
Flave'scens (Zool., Bot.j Lm. fomewhat yellow ( i. g. TiitAttm Jtamfani. 
Plavibasa'lla (Ent.)^flv«i, yellow, ia/ii, the border of the wing. 
FlaTiaor'nia (Ent., Bot.) jKroui, yeUow, comu, a horn; from the colonr I 

of the antenna,-; Viola Jlaviaralt, becanfe of the colour of the ipur J 

of the corolla. 
Flavlg'nla (7.oo\.) Jliviii, yellow, gold-coloured, gula, the throat. 
Fla'vlpea (Ent.)/™uj, yellow./iei, the foot. 
FlaTOinaoUla tum (Ent.)^y4^tfj, tawny^ BiatuUtui, part., ipotted. 
Plax (Bot.) An^,^S:>!^.Jhax. 
-■leu (Ent.) Angles..:,, fi^. 
FlebUa'lis {Em.jjUiih. doleful. 
Pleiaohe'ria (Bct.j p N. in honour ..f r.'^y^icr, a German botanilt ; 

a genun of Byttneriacex ai 
PIemm'eia(Bot,) f 
Fle'BSUI (Iclitb.) etyitialagy anknown. 

Fle'urya (Bol.) P. N, in honour of M, FIturyj a genua of Urticaceai. 
Flinder'sla (Bol.) P. N. from C^jWdi* M. Flindcn, a celebrated voyager. 
FliX'Weed (Bot.) corruption ol Jtax-naitd, being ufeful in hainiorrhage. 

The Sirymbrium Sophia. 
Flo'ra (Bot.) Lai. the goddcia of flowers; a convenient term for ihe 

vegetation oFany given epoch or area. 
PloreBti'na (But.) a genui of CotnpofitE. 
Plori'oola (Ent )Jliii,Jlaru, a flower, coin, to inhabit or frequcn 
Flort'oolana i^M.)Jlu,/irii, a flower, cs.'nu, inhabiting. 

'. N. from Dr. fkmkg, F.//.& 

Ej.-., of Edinburgh. 

I Plori'detB ^Bor.^^nridai, roft-coloured ; a liib-order of red Algie. 
I riorin'clft (Bot.) a genus of Celaftracwe. 

I riorl'BUga;Oniilh.)_/7orM, flowerSj/igs, to fuck; gL-nns of Humming-birds, 
Ploriea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. FlZti, a Danilh writer. 
MoTula (Bot.) dim. of/ora. 
Moa'oulUS (Zool., Bol.) Lai. a little flower. 

Ploto'Tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Flolnf; a genus of Compoilta. 

Floora'nBla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. J. P. Flmrati, the celebrated 

French phyliologift ; a genui; of Csryophyllaceie and CompofitK. 
Sluotua'ta CEnt.)/«i3uurt, to undulate; the pale parts of the wings being 

Riuch undulated with Ene alhy llireakEi. 
FJuggBB'a (Bot.) P. N. from Joha Flaggr, a German cryptogamic 
^^^ botanlft. 

^^L I^uke (Ichth.) Jngla-Sax.^nc. 

^^H Flu'stra (Zoo).) from 5<iv.jf^riM, to weave; a name given by Linnains 
^^V to the Sea-mats ; a genus of Polyzaa. 

nuBtre'lla (ZooL) dim. oljluiira; a genus of Polyzoa. 

Fluvla'leB (Bot.)^inuWw, pertaining to a liver ; the Pond-weed family. 

Fluvia'tilia tOmith^ BoL) Lai. pertaining to rivers; e.g. Ranunculus 

FooU'ia (E.nt.') fuUls, to warm, or cherilh. 
PooU'lldB (Eot.)/uUla, film. term. !iii. 
Todl'aa (EoL) Lai. a mine or quarry. 
PtBla'liB (Ent,)/ori/i«, dirty. 
PtBnl'otilum (Bot.) Lm. the herb fennel, Pliny and Celius ; a genus of 

Prn'mim O-rtBOUm (Bot.) Lai. Greek hay; this, the name of a TpBcics of 
Trigonella, is the HuMfw of Theophraftus an.] Diofcori Jua ; its abomi- 
nable odour being tlien conTidBred a fwtet perfume, as its old name 
I' mpa rts. Bu kNcrr. 
ITco'tldua-a-um (Hot.) Lai., filid ; referrirg to the odour of the plant. 
JPontans'aia (Bot.) P. N. from M. D^Jfi-aaim, Piufeilbr of Botany at 
iontenallea (Bot.) P. N. in honour oi 
author of " The Plurality of Worlds ; 
Jfontlna'lia (Biit.)_/oM,yM/u, a fountain; referring tc 
a genus of Mufci. 
l'OTamiia'tsra(Zool.)/oin««,a hole,/?", to carry o; 
leparaling the chambers of the ibella, have in eacl 

Porba'sia (Bol.) P. N. in honour of Jamc, ftria, author of "OrienWll 

Memoirs ; " a genus of Hypoxiilaceio. 
Fordo'cia (Zoal.) etjmology utiknown ; a geaiu of Ophidians. 
ForesUe'ra (Bot.) a genus of Scepaceie, 
Porflcalia (Ent.) bearing feme reiemhlance Xo firjicula. 
Porfic'ula (Ent.) dim. f&forfix, fcilTors ; i genus of infi-as of which the 

common Earwig is the type. 
Forfiou'rla (Bot.)/w/«i, the Ihape of the letter V ; a gEnm of Orchidac«. 
Forgar'dia (Bol.) P. N. in honour of iW^ Fcrgard; agenuBof Combretacea. 
Porge'sia (Bot.) a genua of EfcaUoniaceic. 
PolmioSBtor'mla (Ent.)/o™;cfl, on ant./mna, likenefs. 
PormlOBrl'nBB (Omlth.jyomKu, sn ant ; the Ant-Thnilhea. 
Ponnioa'riua {Ent.)/or«.Ka, an ant, 
Foml'ciuiQ (BoC.)_/Ww, an arch ; a genus of Compoiilie. 
Forre'stia (Bot.) P. N, in honour o( Mr. Forrtfii n genu* of Commely- 

Forsko'lea (Bot.) P. N. from PiUr Furjkul, a traveller in Egypt. 
For'atera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated botanift, J. R. Forfirr. I 
Forsterop'sls (But.) the genue fetfina, and l\,t, refemblance ; a genua of:* 

Portu'nya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rdtrt Fcrlun!, the traveller ii 

Fossali'nia (Bot.) a genus of Crucifer*. 
FOBSOmbro'nia (Bot.) P. N. In honour of Sipmr Fajfimlirani ; a geoos o. 

Foaao'rea (Ent.) Lot. diggers ; a tribe of Hymenoptera. 
POTBT'thla (Bot.) P. N. In honour of Mr. FtrJylAi a genus of OleactB. 
PothetglTla (Bot.) P. N. from JaA« FslinpU, M.D^ a patron of 

Fouge'rla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fmgcr, a French bolanlll ; a genu* 

of Compolitat. 
Fotigerou'jaa (Bot.) P. N. from M. FougerenK) a genus of Compofilz. 
Fouqule'rft (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Fmqma: 
Foiiroro^ (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JM". f eiii-tro^, the celebiated chemitt; 

R genus of Amarylli JaceiB. 
Fovaa'liB (Ent.)/m™,a pit, 

Poveola'rial.Bot.)/™™/!", a little pit; a genus of Styracaces. 
Fowl (Umith.) AnglsSax. fugd, quafi from root of Lalln/i^ to, ic 
Vol (Zool.) AK£h-Ssa,/H, Gtim-fni,. 


Foxglove (Bol.) the glove or flower of the FMi or fairies : Tome think 
giTto from the refemblance of the flowers to the fingers 
if 3. glove, and that the plant wai then dedicated to Fmh/iui, a Geiman 

botanift, i. i. Fuchfius' glove. 
Practa'llB {Em.) /raBui, broken. 
Praga'ria (Bot.) /riffram, fragrant, becaufe the fruit is perfumed; the 

Strawberry; natural order Rolacese. 
Pragila'ria (Bot.)/ri>r'/'i, brittle, referring to Its nature ; a genns of Diatoms. 
Pra'giliB (Bot.) tat. brittle ; c. g. Ciftopteris/rajifij. 
FragilliB'Bimiia-a-iun (Zool.) Lat. vei; brittle. 
Frago'sa (But.)/ra^«j, rough, uneven ; a genus of UmbelUferaa. 
S'raiiclllaaa'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Fnmdilen, an Englifh entomo- 

logift of the latt century. 
Pranois'cea CBot.) P. N. in honour of francH /„ emperor of Auftria. 
Pranaoli'uua (Ornith.) Il^liai^fiancelmet Sfimlfi and Frrnck,fr<vKalm. 
Pranka'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ^afci Fnmioau,, Profefibr of Botany 

at Upfal ; typical genui of natural order Frankeniacex. 
irraaklandia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. FrmlUindi a genus of 


Fraakll'nia (Bot.) P. N. ia honoiu of Sir Jain Franila; a 

9 of 

I Pranquevi'Uia (Bot.) P. N. In honour of SH. Fmnfucvilii, a French 

botznill ; a genus of Gentianacex. 
Pranse'rla (Bot.) P. N. from Among Franxtr, M.D., a botanld. 
Praao'ra (Bot.) P. N. from J. Frafn, a colleftot of planla in North 

l^ate'roula (Ornith.) Lat. a little lifter. 
Prauatiho'fera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of FraanAj/ir, the celebrated 

cxperirtientalill on light ; a genus of CelaftraceEC. 
Pras'lnua (Bot.) ^pili;, a reparation ; from the extreme brittlenefs of the 

young itenu. TheAlh-tree: natu ral order OleaceiB. 
Predorloe'lla(Zool.)P.N. in honour off rtjti-WCMrtir; a genui of I'olyioa. 

KSTa'gilUfl (Ornith.) gtiieric name of the Comilh lAaagA, or ted-ltgged 
crow ; a name applied for fome unknown reafon. 
Irena'ta (Ent.) part, of/rra^ to bridle. 
Fre£le'ra(Bot.)P. ti. in honoar ot Aatrda Fnmfnb Fr«sirr, a traveller in 
Peru and Chili, who died in 177]. 
Frle'sla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Eliai FUn, a celebrated Swedilh botanift. 
Superintendent of the Mufcum and Botanic Garden at UpfaL 

Fringi'lla (OinLth.) Z.a. a chaffinch ; a genus of Birds. 

Priscberia (Ent.) P. N. froni JJtann Lc^nlmri Frifch, an entomologift, wh 

ditdin 1743. 
Pritilla'ria {Bot.)friliLj, a chtJa-hoanJ ; the SnakeVhead lily. 
Frog (Zool.) Ai^s-SaK.fnisa,_frBsga, or/rKcB. 
ProlloMal'la fEnt.) P. N. from F. A. G. Frilkh, the author of " E«^ 

Frondioula'ria (Bot,) fmndiciiLi, a little frond ; a genua of roraminifera. 

Prondo'aus-a-Tun (Zool., Bot.) Lai. leafy. 

Pronta'lia (Ent.)/riwi^f, an omamenl for the forehead, from/1-0™. 

Pronta'ta (Ent.) Lai. made for the front. 

PruBil'egua-a-um (Omith.) Lot. picking or gathering fruit. 

Pnimanta'llH fEm.) > ....... 

_ , ,,Vj9Mipntf™,coni: theinfeflsfeedon It. 

PrumentariuB (Zool.)) "' 

PrUB'tOle (Bot) /rii/lwlum, a tiagment. 

PrUBtu'lia (Bot.)/ri^i./fl, fragments ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 

Pu'ohala (BoL) P. N. in honour of M. L. F^ihs, a celebrated Geniuu 

botanift; a genus of OnagracKlE. 
Paolo 'ola (Zoo1.)/biuj, fea-wetd, ale, to inhabit. 

Pucifor'mla (Ent.)^cBi, a Araae,fiirma, a fhape; it refemblea a drone. 
Paaoi'das (Fos. But.) yiicui, lea-weed, iTSk, Uke; general nanu for any I 

foini fca-weed of unknown affinity. 
Pu'oua fBot.) ifSmi, lea-weed ; a genus of Algr. 
Puire'na (Hot.) P. N. in honour of C. Fmnn, a Danilh botanift. ' 

Pu'lloa (Omitb.) Lai. a marlh fowl Lke our moor-hen, fo named finm it» 

dark colour ; " in ficco ludunt fulicK."— Vikgil, Geor. i. 363. 
FuUgl'nea (Ent.) Lai. foot-cotoured. 
Puliglno'sa (Ent.) /u/^, foot; the hind wings ace blackilh pink, with 

black margins. . 

Fuli'gula (Ornith.) dim. otfiligc, foot, from its colour. 
Fulva'lis (Ent.)/«/*iu, yellow, !. c, the wings. 
PulTidoraa'lla (Ent.)/"/™!, yeUow, dor/am, the back. 
PulvoDilialis (Ent.)/ufcu/, yelkiw, cilium, an eyelafli. 
Pu'lvua-a-um (Omith. Bot.) tawny or yellowilh-brown coloured. 
Fliroa 11b (Enl,)^i»ri//, fmoke, referring to the colour of the wjngi. 
Puma'ria (Bot.)/»»w, fmoke; (he bruifed root caufmg tears to flow, » 

does fmoke; or from the glaucous herbage refembling iinoke at ■ 

diftance; typical genus of Kiimariacen. 
Fiunoaa'llB (Ent.)y*>ii/i'j, imoky. 

FUN - 

Funa'ria (Bot.) fumi, a rope, refeniDg U> the twifled ftruaure of the 

fruit-Italks ; a genua of Mufti. 
Pimabra'lia (,,rh, monming j from gloomy colour. 
Punera'Us {Eat.y/uncniU, a funeral; fr 

Fime'rea (Omith.)/imcrnu, relating Co a burial ; allufiun to dark colour. 
Punerel'la (Ent,) /uirni, a fiinetal; in allufion to the black and white 

wings— the half-moutniog garb of the infefl. 
Pime'reliB (Zool.) Lai dilmal ; generally applied in referenci: to colour. 
Fu'ngia (TjxA'j fiingm, a mulhroom ; a genuB of laminated Corals, 
ya'ngua (Bnt.) Lat. a mulhroom. Horace fays:— 

" pratenfihus optima fungli 

Natura ell, aliis mat^ creditur." 
Pu'nkla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Hcnrj Funk, a German cryptogamift. 
Puroatel'luB CEnt.)>Fva(iu, forked. 
Furca'tttB-a-um (OmEth., Bot.) Lai. forked. 
Puroella'ria (Bot.)/BrtIUfl,a little fork, referring to the arrangement of 

the fronds ; a genus of Algs. 
Pur'olfer (Zool.) Lai. one who bears a fork or yoke on bis neck. 
PoiOKB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Faurcny, the celebrated chemift. 
B'lir'oilIa(Ent.)yliria, a fork, alluding to the two tails of the larva. 
Puroula'ria (Bot.) furcah, a little fork ; a genua of Tropaiohtceie and 

Fur'ouluni (Ornith.)/unuij, a forked prop ; the anchylofed collar-bones 

or claticles of a bird, and popularly called the Merrythought, 
Pnmaoa'lia (Ent.)/.™Bj, an oven, which it frequenti. 
Purun'onla {Ent.')/tmm:ulai, a petty thief. 

IPurro'lIs (Ent.»««(, dark, dulky. 
Pa'rvUB-a-um (Ent.) Lot. dark, dulky. 
Fuaa'nua (Bot.) Brrtich^faf^ii, a fpindle-tree. 
FuBa'ritun (Bot.)/i/ui, a fpindle, referring to the Ihape of the fporules ; a 
genus of Fungi. 
FuBcanta'rla t 
PuaoelluB-a-um (Bot.) dim. of/i./t«.., dulky, tawny. 
Fu'solpaa (Zool., Ent.)/j^i«, dark, fwarthy, fa, a toot \ brown-footed. 
Paaoo-EB'nea {EM.)/-fitis, duiky, dull, ««!«, brafly, 
PuB'ou»-a-uci (Zool., Omith., Bot.) Lai. dulky, tawny, 
Pusld'imn (Bot.)/«/»j, a fpindJe. 


J (E.[.)/^,.., 


Puslfor'mia (Bot.) jVu/, a fpindle, and forma, (hape ; fpindle-fiiaped ; 

Fuaull'na (Fos. Bot.) dim. o( fifoi, a fpindle ; the earliett type of Foia- 

minifera yet di/covered. 
Fu'bub (ZooI.) Lai. 3 fjiindle ; a genus of Gafleropods belon^ng to Ihe 

Muricida:, found both recent and (ollll. 

Gabe'rtla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jlf. Guj^t; a gennsof Orchldnceta. 

OaTjiiuE (Eot.) etymology unknown ; a genua of Coleoptera. 

Oa'didBB (Ichth.) the family of the Cod-filh ; from the old Linnean name, 

aa'dQidB (rehtli.) gaJm, the Cod-filh family, iS=c, like, 
QadUB (Ichth.) Lot. a cod-ti(h. 
atertne'ra (Bot.) P. N. from J. Oirliar, M.D., F.R.S., a celebrated 1 

Oa'gea (Bot.) P. N. from Sir Timai Cigi, an amateur botanifl; a gi 

Oagnebl'na (Bot.) meaning unknown; a very ornamental genus of I 

Qagu'edl (Bot.) native name in Afiyflinia ; a genui of Proteaceie. 
Oab'ma (Bnt.) P. N. in honour of J. C. Gai„, a Swedilh botanift ; a 

genus of Cyperacea. 
Oallla'rdia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Gailhrd di JWormtowm., an 

amateur bataniO ; a handlbme gEUUs of CompoGtx. 
Gaillardtotella (Bot) P. N. in honour of M. GaUlanlii a genus of 

Oaillio'nla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacei. 
Qalllo'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Algi. 
GalUone'lia (Bot.) dim. of Gaillma ; a genus of Diatomacen. 
Qaima'rdla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Denvauxiaceie. 
Qaiode'ndroa (Boi.) j.afw, under eaith, Ii»l^, tree; a genus of 

Oaloo'tia (Bot.) fi>.it, yiKavrit, milk ; the plants are milky. 
QalBcU'tea (Bot.) y«A«, >>>A>iltk, milk ; the veins of the leaves are white j 

a genus of Compofitic. 
Qalaotodao'tyluB (Ent.) /iin, milk, imKn>.it, a plume. 

dluGan to Its colour. 
of the old botaniili, ifoyyi^fi. 

[■aalaGtodeE'dron (Bot.) ^bXb, >.iiik»j.T.(, milk, !1.3f», a tree; the Palo 

de Vacaor Cow-tree of Demenira, which yields a bland mllk.ofed as a 

fubftitute for ordinary milk. 
Galaoto'teo (Omitli,) yiXxnTiiu, milk-like; cream-coloured. 
Qala'gO (Zool.) a genus of fmall quadrumanous animals fubfilling chiefly 

on infefls. 
Ga'lailgale (Bot.) from Indian GaLmga. 
Qola'nthUB (Bot.) ya>.x, milk, £<Sii, 3 flowt 

The Snowdrop, beautifully idled by fom 

the meflenger of Spring, 
Oala'rdla (Bot.) fame aa GaiUardia, ;. 1'. 
Galata'a (Bot.) P. M., a Nereid ; a genus of Compofita!. 
Galfttella (Bot.) dim, of Galaira; a genus of Compofitz. 
Oalatha'a (Bot.) a genus of Amaiyllidacei ; alfo a genus of Iridacel. 
Qa'lax (Bot.) >«*«, milk ; referring to the whitenefa of the flowers. 
Oala'xta (Bot.) yalaina-, to abound in milk ; a genua ot IridaceE, 
Qalljanum (Bot.) the Roman name of a (Irong-fmtlling gum ; whether 

that to which the name is now applied is uncertain. 
Qalljula (Omith.) Lat. a yellow bird, now called the Wittal or Woodwall. 
,aale (Bot.) fpecitic name of the Myrica gale. 

tGalea'udra (Bot.) probably in allulion to the helmet-lhaped labellum of 
the flowers ; a genua of Orehldacear. 
Oalea'rla (Bot.) galea, a helmet ; a gi:uus of Euphotbiacez. 
Galea'tUB (ZooL) Lai. that wears a helmet ; helmet-lhaped. 
Qaleoy'nua (Fos. Zool.) yaiS, a weafel, jtwn, a dog. 
Oole'ga (Bot.) yiXa, milk ; incrEales milk in animals eating it ; a genus 

I of Leguminofje. 
Qale'ntTB (Zool.) ya,>S, a weafel, ^Ec, a moule. 
^Oale'nta (Bot.) P. N. fram C Go/nnu, > celebrated phyficianoFPei^amus; 

a genus of Chenopodiaccai. 
Oaleob'dolon (Hot.) yttKi, a weafel, Sii>.». fetid fmeU ; the Yellow Dead 

nettle; a gfUus of Labiate. 
Qaleo'des (Ichth.) yixiit, a shark, lilw, like. 
Qaleo'dea (£nt.) gilfoi, a Ihark, ittn, like ; from the rapacious habits of 

the inlefl; a genus of foreign Spiders. 
Galeoglo'BBa(Bot.)j'itXii, a weafel, yaJw-a-a, a tongue ; a genus of Fill ee». 
QaleogloBSum (Bot.) fame derivation; the Weafi-I Orchis; a genus of 

aaieole'mur (Zool.) ytXi, 3. wealel, Umiir. 

Qaleoplthe'oldffi (7.oo\.) gal«^ilirnii, fim, term. irfa. 
Galeoplthe'oua (Zool. yaxi, » weafel, iriflnm, an ape. 
Galeop'sia (Bot,) >•»!,?, a wealeJ, S-U;, refemblance; alluding to the flower; T 

a genii^ of Labiatx. 
Galeo'ttla (Bot.) j.ii»;,awcard,m, btss, an ear; a genus of Acanl 

Ga'lera (Zool.) yxM/i:, cheerful ; a genm of Fungi. 

Ga'lera (Bot.) faXi/it, cheerful ; a genus of Fungi. 

Galorl'tea (Fos. Zool.) ^.i/™, a htlmet; agenus of folHl Sea-urchini 

Gale'ruoB (Ent.) yaki/it, cheerful ; a genua of Coleoptera. 

Galeru'cids (Eat.') gulmica, fam, term. i^«. 

GaleHau'rus (Fos. Zool.) yaxa, a wealel, riu^i, a lizard. 

Oa'leua (Ichlh.) jajt™, on old name for a fi(h ; the Tope. 

Ga'lgula (Ent.)^Wra, a creK.^nfa, the neck. 

Galllea (Bot,) P. N. in honour of the immortal GMia 

Oalin'tOa (Omith.) dim. otgaUimi, a hen. 

Gallnso'gea (Bot.) P. N. from M. M. Gulinjaga, Superintendent oE the I 

Madrid gardens ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Galione'lla (Zool.) Lut. a fmall helmet ; a genua of Polygaftric aid- 

Gallpe'a (Bot.) the name in Guiana ; a genua of Rutaceie. 
Oa'Ulun (Bot.) yiXH, milk ; it isufed for curdling milk; a genus of Stellatw, ^ 
Galle'ria (F-nt.) from the habit of the lan-a of forming g^ittcrin in honey 

comb ; a genua of Lepidoptem. 
Galllnft'go (Ornith,) Lai. a woodcock. 
Ga'llua (Omith.) Lai. the Cock, the barn-door fowl 
Galogly'chla (Bot.) jit.m, miLk, yTjinui, fweet ; a genns of Monuxa. 
Galphl'mia (Bot.) an abfurd anagram of Malpighia ; a Mexican guniu of 

Qalu'nma (Ent.)^o/i™i>B, a covering; a genus of Arachnida. 
Ga'maaus (Ent.) a genua of Arachnida. 
Gambe'lla (Bot.) a genus of Sctophulariacez. 
Gttmblft'nua (Zool.) belonging to Gambia. 

Gamely 'thrum (Bot.) yititi\ttf, bridal, lyt/mm, a genus of Gramini 
(Jam'ma (Ent.) from the Greek letter y, marked on the wings, 
ta'mmarus, nii^imfti, a kind of crab or Ihrimp ; a genus of Crullaceim. 1 
l-amoca'rpha (Bot,) yinn, marriage, lif^i, a dry Hick ; a genu* of'l 


Oamo'lepia (Bot.) yiftn, union, Xtmi, a fcaie ; a genus of Compolitie. 
GtSiinope'talouB ^Bol.} ya/^ti, mairiage^ TrfTd;?^g«, a petal; from the Jlowerr 

wliich, in (lead of being compofcdof one, arc compoiid of many lamini 

united by their edges. 
GaiaoplexiB(Bot.)j«fi(f, union, jrJLtJi!, weaving; a genus of Orchidacea 
aa'ndsr (Ornith.) Aiigla-Sax. gundra. 
Qajidola (Bot.) a genus of Barellacete. 
Gandry'na (Zool.) a genus of Foraminffeca. 
GftOdau'liiim (Bot.) a genus of ZLnpberacee, 
Gangabe'lla (Eiit.) Pcrfuu,gaiigiita, a porter. 
Gani'trua (Bot.) y«va'», to glitter or Ihine ; a genus of Tiiiacex. 
Ganja (Bot.) native Indian name ; a genus of Tiliacei. 
Qannet (Omith.) Angh-Sax. gai^d. 
Qanoae'ptiBlB (Zool.) yifts, luftre, aif a>.n, head. 
Ga'noid (Ichth.) yi^n, (plendour, Clsi, appearance. 
Qaaoptly'Uimi (Bot.) yi'•'s^ brightnefs, beauty, .puXXm, leaf; a genus o 

Ganyme'dea (Bot.) P. N. from tbe fabled Gani/nni/c ; 

genua of A 

Garcia (Bot.) P. N,, s genus of Euphorbiaeeie. 
Garcia 'na (Bot,) P. N., a genus of PhLljdracei. 
Garcila'saa (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Compofita!. 

Oarci'nia (Bot.) P. N. from L. Girch, M.D^ e.S.S., an Oriental 
travcUcr, The Mangofteen ; a genus of Guttiffciw. 

GaTokea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Garci; a genus of Mufci. 

aarde'nia (Bot.) P. N. from A. G^tda, M.D., of Chatlelion ; a genus of 
trdenio'la (Bot.) relemblance to Gardatla ; a geniu of CinchonaeetE. 
le'ria (Bot.) P. N., Giergc Gardner, a tiotanical traveller in Brazil ; 
a genus of Loganlaces. 
orda'guia (Bot.) P. N. In honour of JJch D'uga GatJtqid, -viho greatly 
>ted the publication of the ■■ FItra Permmna i " a geatu of 

ida'lla (Bot.) P, N from P GandJ M.D., of Provence, a writer on 
any ; a genus of Ranun ula ie 
(Bot.) Anglo-S^x g I 
'tla (Bot.) a genu of G m na. 
'naua-a-mn (Omith ) L hatt ng; alfo a genus of Birds, which 
the Jay, Cj alt glanilar u 


2 belly ; referrEng ti 

Gar'rya (Bot.) the typical genus of Gatryacse. 

Gartae'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated naturalid G3n 

genus of Malpighiace£. 
Qar'uga (Sot,') ganga, its Telinga name, 
Oarze'tta (Oraith.) dim. of ItaLian garsa, a heron. 
Oaapari'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of AT, Gn^r/n,- a genua of | 

O rob ranchaeca? . 
Oaate'rla (Bot.) ytr 

genus of Liliacea 
GaateroniyQe'tes (Hot.) ytrrif, belly, fivnit, a mulhroom ; a lc£iion of 1 

Gaatero'poda (ZooL) yxxtvf, the belly, waoi, triHi, a font; a clali at | 

univalve MoUulks, 
OaBteroatei'dm (Ichth,^ gafltn/bui, fam. term.AIi,- a family ol 

pterygian filhes. 
GaBtero'steuB (Uhth.) ysrrif, the belly, Isiin, a booe; from the bet | 

Ipinca anterior to the dorftl Cn. 
Qaato'llift (Bot.) P. N. from &j?m J, Bairion, a fon of Henry IV,, aa 

a patron of botany ; a genus of Araltaccc 
Gaator'nia (Fos. ZooL) Gajlim, after Af. Gajim Plaali, the difcorerer, i^i 

Gastranci'strua (EnL) ytr-stif, belly, ayurrfrt, a hook. 
GaBtri'dlum (Bot.) y^rrji^'^.n, a tittle fwelling ; a genus of GrafTei. 
Gastrobra'ncliua (Ichth.) yx^iif, the ftomach, Bfiyx"' the windpipe; 

the Myxine, 
GastrOGa'rpha (Bot.) ymif, a, belly, xi/it, chalT; form of receptacle ; a 

genus of CompolltE. 
Gaatrochffl'iia (Zool.) -t ymnif, belly, x*'"'' '" E^P^; ^ geiuuand i 
GHBtroohEe'nids (Zool.) S family of bivalve Moliuaca. 
Oastrochje'ta (Zool.) yinKf, the belly, ;t""'ii, a briftle; a 

Polygallric animalcules. 
Gtiatroohi'lua (Bot.) yiLrrif, belly, x*^"' Up; the lip of the (1 

being ventricofe or intUled. 
Qastroolo'ulum (But.) yturrit, helly, xXaia, to agitate ; a genus of Alph j 
Gaatroco'tyle (Bot.) yivrif, belly, »tvX(, a fmall cap; a gemu of I 

Oaatro'dia (Bot.) yarrif, belly, and Hiii, a tooth ; from form of columa | 

of flower ; a New Holland genus of Orchidacex. 
OostfOglo'ttlB (Bot.) ^«-T<h belly, /XSttb, tonguvi a genua of OrchidaceaBr J 

GAS — CM- 


Gaatrolo'bimn fBot.) yxirtif, a btlly, XifiJt, pod, referring to its ihspe ; i 

Now HnUand genus of Leguminofe. 
Qastroly'olmis (Bot,) yas-iii;, be%, and l^dnii; from the inflated calyn; 

a genua of CaryophyliaceiB. 
OaBtrome'rift (Boc.) ■yxrrr.f, belly,|ui(i(, part.; a genus of Scrophulariaceir. 
Oastrone'Bia fBot.) yxriif, a btlly, )3fn., a thread, from the inflated 

lilamcnta ; a genm of AmarylUdacea;. 
Gastrophy'aa (Ent.) yittTif, belly, ?Cj«, an inflation. 
Qaatropo'dlum (Bot.) yamif, belly, aaEt, tsSjj, a foot; a genus of 

Oastrosa'riauB (Ent.) yartif, belly, rnfuiic, lilken ; a genua of Hymeno' 

Oastro'xidiB (Ent.) yirrif, belly, Jfii, Iharp ; a genus of Diptera. 
Qattenho'fia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Gatlcniuf! a. genus of Com- 

GattomgeaB (Ichth.) xamfiTim, to finlc in the earth. 

Qatyo'na (Bot.) P.N., a genus of CompofitM. 

Gaudicha'udla(Bot.) P. N. in bonpur of the celebrated Chartn Gmdkiaud, 

who accompanied Freycinet in his voyage round the world; a Mexican 

genus of Malpighiaceie. 
Oaudi'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M. C^^di^, a Swifa botanift; a genus of 

Qaulthe'rla (Bot.) P. N. from M. GmillMir, M.D., a French writer on 

maple fugar; a genua of Ericacei. 
Oau'ra (Bot.) yxifoi, fuperb, referring to the flowers; a genus of Ona- 

Gaurl'dlum (Bot.) the genus Gan™, iTJj,-, refemblance to that plant; a 

genus of Onagracesi. 
Qauro'paia (Bot.) the genus Cmra, Hn, refcmbbncc; a genua of 

Qautie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JW. Gautiir: a genua of Ericacea: ; 

alio a gi'nua of Fungi. 
Ckivla'liB (Zool.) from an Indian word ; a genus of Crocodiles. 
Qavl'lea(Bot.)P. N. in honour of M. Gu^^rtft; agenusof OichidactK. 
Qa'ya (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Malracei ; allb a genus of Umbellifera. 
Gaya'Ila (Ent.) a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Gaylusaa'oia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. L. Ga^ Lugm, the eminent 

French philofopher and chtmirt ; genui of Vaceinlitese. 



Oayta'nia (Bot,) P. N. in honour of M. Gaytta ,- a genus of UmbtQifera;, 
Gaza'nia (Bot.) >•«{», riche!, treafure ; alluding to the fplendour of the 

llowers ; a handrome Cape genus of Compofit^. 
Qaaa'llaCZool) ILdioB, gassdU i French, gatcUi. 
Oean'thia (Bot.) yi, the earth, a.fls(, a Hower; the flowers appear to 

emerge from the earth ; a genua of Melanlhaceie. 
Oean'thUB (Bot.) fame derivation, and for the fame realan; a genus of 

Zingibtracea. I 

Qea'stei* (Bot.) yi, the earth, imnf, a nar, alluding to Its Ifellate appear-' 

ance; a genus of Fungi. * 

Geba'rlft (Bot.l etymology doubtful. 
Oeble'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of GihUr, a German botanift ; a genus rf 

Oaoa'rcinus (Zool.) yo, the earth, canhau, a crab; the Land crab. 
Qeoi'iiUB (Oinilh.) yi, the earth, siiia, to diChnrb ; i. c, in learching (at 

ae'oko fZooL) faid to be derived from the peculiar noife they make. 

which is like the found by which horfes are urged to greater ipeed. 
GeokD'tldaa (Bot.) £«io, fem. term, hlj; a family of Thick-tonKued 

Geer'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dc Gnr ; a genus of TcrnftromiaceiB, 
Gei'gera (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of Rutacaa. I 

Gelge'ria (Itot.) P. N. ; a genus of Compofita. 
Qeiss'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Ranuncutaceio. 

Geiaaolo'ma (Bot.) yiir^at, a tile, ii^a, a border; a genus of Peniaceaj. 
QeiBBOme'rla (Bol) yntria, a tile, itifii, part; alluding to the manner In 

wliich the lobes of the calyx overlie each other; very hand/bme 

Brazilian genus of Acanthacex. 
O-aUaorhl'ia (Bot.) j-iirs-n, a tile, f^ic, a root ; a handfome Cape genus of 

GoiaBoaa'ura (Zool.) yiist 
Geisaosts'Bia (Got.) j.ih 

Mf, =■ 

Geitonople'aiUm (Bot.) ythm, a neighbour, and ir^nri'oj, near, alluding 
tu its fciambling habit of growth ; a genus of Aultralian Liliacee. 

Ge'la (Bot ) ytyii, to Ihine, fiippofed to refer to foliage ; a genus of 

Qela'aina (Bot.) literally "a fmiling dimple" (yWanni), from Its prettf 
dari(-blue flovreis ; a South American genus of Irldacne. 

Gelatel'la (EnL) giiatm, frozen; the moth appears in November and 


19 of Llcheoes ; ailb a 

Gelatlna'ria (Bol.) gfLlixi, gelatine 

of Alga;. 
Geleo'tuai (Ent.J ftijx^i, tefting on the g;roand. 

Qeleohi'idEe (Ent.) the family af which the genua GdiiUa is the type, 
aell'dium (Bot.) ^t/u, hoar-frofl, »}>(, like; 3, genus of Algx. 
ae'liduB-a-um (Bot.) Lai, cold, (HIT. 

Gellna'ria (Bot.) yv, the earth, lima. Has ; a genus of Alg^. 
Qelonium (Bot.) meaning unknown ; an uninterelting genus of Euphor 

Gelse'raium {Bot.} gilfimina, the Italian name of the Jafmine; an Americai 

genus of Signoniaceie, called ' Carolina Jalinine." 
Gemban'ga (Bot.) native name ; a genus of PaJmce. 
Geme'Ua (Bot.) grntdhi, paired ; a genus of Saplndaeem. 
Gemella'rla (Zool.) gamllui, double ; a genua of Polyioa. 
aeminipuno'ta (Eut.) jrrw/nu/, twin, ^tBoflim, a fpot. 
Gemma'tua-a-um (Bot., Ent.) Lui. adorned with gems, iparkling. 
Gemmt'fera {Sot.) gamna, a gem,/c™, to bear. 

Qenuauli'na(Zool.)2aniBuJi,a little hud or gem; a genua of Foraminifera 
Qeaa'bea (Bnt.) yi, the taith, aBiai, poor \ a geuus of Fungi. 
Geneaiphy'lla CBot.) ylmti, production, fuAlir, leaf ; a genus of Euphor 

Ganet'ta (ZooL) FriKii,£nirllr. 
Genetyllia (Bot.) a genus of Myrtaciic. 
Qenicsla'ria (Bot.) gaiablai, bent, curved 
Genlotdel'lUfl (Eat.) ^cmiului, a bend, an ai 
Ganipa (Bot.)£nic^^ii, its name in Guian 

; the genip tree,- . 

■s of 

Genipsl'la (Bot.) dim. of Grnl/ia ; a genu* of Cinchoiucvffi. 

Geni'ata (Bot.) CcUU,gtK, a fmall bulh. 

Genis'tas (Ent.) feeds on fevetal fpecies of broom (gcnifla). 

Genli'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Madami dc Gadh ; a Braiilian genus 

of I,cntllulariaceiG. 
Qenople'slatn (But.) yiinc, race, wXurin, near ; a genus of OrchidaceiE. 
Gano'rla (Bot.) a genua of I.ythraceie. 
Genoai'ris (Bot.) yini, tace, and irh ; a genus of Iridaceic, 
Gentlaaa (Bot,) ita virtues were lirlt enperionced by Cm/;«, king of 

Illyria ; the typical genus of Gentianacex. 

genus of ScrophukriaceHk ■ 
genua of Algm. 

Qenui'njB (£nt 

Qeoljlua (Ent.; 

QetJoa'lyx (Bol.) yt, earth, calyx ; 

Geochor'da (Bot.) y™, earth, chnn 

Geocyo'lua (Bot.) j^, earth, nixXas, a circle ; a gei 

Geodeph'aga (Ent.) yi, the eariJi, Itafiyu, to 

Carabideaus inTefh. 
Geo'dla (Zool.) ytitint, earth-like, a genus of marii 
Oeodo'rum (Bot.) yS, the earth, J«^, a gift; th 

earth; a genu; of Orchidacea:. 
Geoemy'da (Zool.) yi, the Garth, nmyi, a tortoife. 
Geoffro'ya (Bot.) P. N. from E. F. G«Jr,g, F.Ji.S., Profelibr of Butany •! 

at Paris ; a genus of LeguminofK. 
Deoglo'saum (Bot.) yn, the earth, yXJio-in, a tongue; alluding to itiHiapca 
Qao'tnetra (Ent.) ym/^irfi't, to meafure the earth, alluding to 
metrical mode of progreifion of the larvs: ; a genus of Lcpidt 
Geometrai'liH (Ent,) refemhling the genus Crometm, 
Qeo'noma (Bot.) yimiitm, (killed In agriculture ; alluding to ita propaga- ^ 

Qeope'lia (Ornith, 

the Ground-doves. 
Qe'ophapB (Ornith.} yS, the earth, ^«^, 
Geo'phila (Bot,) >n, the earth, ^ixiv, to 

the earth, viMis, the wood-pigeon; applied toM 

wild pigeon. 
Te; a genus of Cinchonacea;. 

Gaophi'lidce 1 _ , _ , , , , , 

' (Ent.) >S, the earth, aAim, to love, fam. term. iiLx, 

aeo'philua ) 

Qeopo'goc (Bot.) yS, earth, nSym, a beard; a genui of Grainlna. 

Geopy'zia (Bot.) y!, earth, psxii, a box ; a genus of Fungi. 

Geor'chia (Bot.) yZ, earth, orJiu ; a genus of Orchidaceai. 

Oeo'rgia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of Molies. 

GeOTgl'na (Bot.) P. N. from J. G. Ginr^, a Rullian botanift. The | 

Dahlia; natural order Compo/itK. 
Gaory'ohua (Zool.) yS, the earth, ipi«reii, to dig up. 
Oeorya'suB (Ent.) yi, the eatth, spj-irB, to dig up ; a genu3 of Coleoptera, 
QeOBau'rus (Fos. Zool.) y!, the earth, exLfi,, a liiard. 
Geoapiza (Omith.) yn, the earth, j^/ia, a finch ; the Ground-finch. 
Geoteu'tbia (Fos. Zool,) yi, earth, -nMt, a cuttle-filh. 
Geo'tria (Ichth.) yn, earth, -rfin, to tulj. 

Gflotru'pea (Ent.) yK, the earth, tfunin, to bore ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
OaotrU'plcUe (Ent.) galnfci, fam. term. iJj. 


O-erania'oBffi (Bot.) the Crane'i biU order of plants, of whici 

Gerai'nium (Bot.) yip"it, "■ ciaae ; it has capfuks like the hi 

of a crane. 
Oera'irda (Zool.) P. N., a genus of Ophidian?, 
Gerardia [Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jaif, Gfrurat, an old Englilh 

botaaiO ; a handlame genus of ScrophuLariacex. 
OerbeTla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of T. Crbcr, a German naturalift and 

traveller in RutEa ; a pretty Cape genus of Compofili. 
Gerbl'llua (Zool.) unenplained. 

Qerfa'loon (Omith.) Crr. grirr, i Yulture, /alJn, a hawk. 
Germander (Bot.) a comiption of Charjixdrijt. 
Oermaia'aa (Ent. ) P. N. in honour of G^mar, author of ~ Magaiin 

tomologiH of the 1 

I other 
Geminga'na (Eat.) P. N. from < 

centuiy, who refided at Frankfort. 
Geron'ticua (Ornith.) ytfnr.Mi, belonging to an old man, or old age; 

generic name of the Sacred Ibis. 
Geronto'gea (Bot.) yifm, yifsmi, old age, >■;, earth ; a genus of 

Oeropo'gon (Bot.) yifni, an old man, itiryvi, a. beard ; appearance of heads 

of feed; very pretty Italian genus of Compolitl. 
GerrhDaau'rl(Z,of^.) yiffa, a Oiield, irw^i, a liiatd; the Shield-lilard.^ 
Ger'ria (Ent.) ^lefw, a wicker-work Ibield ; from the wherry- Ihaptd body 

of the infeft; a genu* ofHemiptera, 
QerroQel'la (Ent.) ylffw, wicker-work. 
Gersi'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Orchidacea.. 
Geru'ma (Bot.) yifuiAi.. a voice or found; a genus of Vitacem. 
Gervi'Uea (Foa. Zool.) P. N. in honour of M. Gir^itU, a Frencl. 

Geryo'nia (Zool.) >v>iJi, old-looking. 

Garyoni'adffi (Zool.)^?ryMia; a divifion of naked-eyed Medufi, 
Geryono'paia (ZooL) j-^rjenij. SJ-ie, like. 
Ge3Qe'ra(Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Cmrad G^ntr,oi Zurich; 

typical genus of Gcfneracei. 
OeBaeria'na (Bot.) in compliinent to Omrad dfiai ; r. /[. Tulipa 

GaBnoui'nia (Bot.) I'. N„ a E"""* "f Urticaceu:. 



Gethy'llia (Bol.) y^Bii, to rejoice ; alluding to the perfume of the flowerirl 

Cape genus of Amaryllidiiceie. 
OsChy'ra (Bot.) yMn, ta rejuire; i genus of ZingiberaceiE, 
Geto'nia tBot.) meaning unknown; Eaft Indian genus of Comhretacest. 
Oe'iun (Bot.) yifm, to give a relilh ; a genus of Rorarex. 
Qeim'sla (Bot.) a genus of Vtrlienacesa. 
ahleabreah'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. GklifbrKki ; a geniu offl 

Obl'nla (Bat.) P.N. from Gkiai,3a Italian botanifl; agenusof Verbenacna. I 

Gibba'rta (Bot..) a genua of Componts. 

Gib'bara (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Fungi. 

QlbblooTllB (Ent.) giitai, 3 hump, csUum, the neck ; from protubennci 

Gib'biiun (Ent.) giiiuj, a hump ; a genus of Colroptera, 

Gibboa (Zool.) perhaps from lefiin, a Chaldaic word, iigoifying an a| 

Gibboaa'lia (Ent.) gibbafm, hump-backed. 

Oibbo'8U3-a-um (Zool., Ent.) Lai. hump-backed. 

Gib'boua (Ichth., &o\..) ^hbui, crooked. 

Gieae'kia (Bot.) P. N, in honour of Gufih ; a genus of Phytolaccaces 

Gi'foltt (Bol.) a genus of CompofitEe. 

Giga'ndraCBot.)£ipTJ, a giant, ai^f.a ftamen; a genus of Ericacefls. 

Glgan'teua-a-um (Bot.) Lai. gigantic. 

Gigartd'na (Bot.) j^ytfri', a grape-ifone ; a genua of marine AlgK. 

Giga'rum (Bot.)^^, a giant and Armn; a genus of AraccK. 

Gi'lla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gili,, a Spanilh botanid; a geniii of i 

of (bme obfcure ivftaniit ; a gemts 6S' M 
Conception in Chill t- I 

Gille'nia (Bot.) probably the i. 

OUlle'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. GiBii 

typical genus of GilliefiaeeK. 
amiflower (Bot.) lul. gia/a, yellow : or from July, when it is in perfeflion. 
QUpkea (Hot.) P. N., a genus of Mynacejr, 
Gllva'llB (Ent.)^tiii, pale-yellow. 
GImberna'tia (Bot.) P, N. in honour of M. Gmi^^-al: a genui o{ 

GmalloB (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Loraathacex. 
Gl'naer (Bot.) HinWlft, Lai. a-<pitr; Hal.- gi-,gi<n>e ; fi 

Thcle ar; thought 10 be deiiveil primarily from Sanfcrit, p'riige-vei 

antler- ihaped. 

Qingi'dlum (Bat.) agenosof UmWllifcrie. 

Qinei'fsiSi (^"t-) " geoua of CarjophyllaceiB. 

Gtnllo (Bot.) its Japanefe name. Thi Sali/hwria ; a genus of TaKarew. 

Qino'ra (Bot.) a genus of Lythracea;. 

Gila'ffa(ZooL)7/^;.5.™/i,- frt«A,^V,-/. 

Qira'rdia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of AlgB. 

Olrardi'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jl*. GiraMW.-a genus of Urticaces. 

Girgensolmla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Giigcifein ,- a genus of Cheno- 

Oirodalla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Diatomacer. 

Olronnle'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gironni'r ; a genus of Utticaciw. 
Giro'tia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Giaeltia (Hot.) P. N. in honour of P. B. GIfih, a Danilh imtanift; a 

genus of Phytulaccacefe. 
Giao'pteria (Bot.) yiirn, > cornice, wtihi, a fern ; a genus of Filice?. 
Githa'gO {hot.) ArMc, gH or gilA, a targe black feed; Coro-cockle. 
Glaber, Glabra-um (Bot.) iu(. fmooth, deftitute of down or hair. 
Glabra'rla (Ent.) gli-l^r, fmooth, without hair. 
Glabra'lla {Bot.) gtatir, fmooth, bald; a genui of Laaratei. 
Glaoia'lia (Ornith., Bot.) liTing in or near ice;;. 5., Ranunculus glacia lis. 
Gladiolus (.Bot.) dim. of gladiu,, a fword ; alluding to the leaves ; a 

rplendid genus of Iridacea, 
Glanda'riua (Omith.) Lar. relating to acotni. 
Glan'dula (ZooL) Ljt. a little kernel. 

Glalld.lU.a'ria (Eot.)iiinrfuit, little kerneli; a genus of Verbenacoe. 
Glandul'ma (Zool.) gLnd^li, little kernels or acorns; a genus of 

Gla'niB (Ichth.) Lot. a name ufed by Pliny for a crafty filb. 

Qlaph/ra (Ent.) yka^v/ii. hollow, encavated. 

Glaphyra'Ua (Ent.) tefembling^jia^A^D. 

Glapbyra'ntllUH (Bot.) yXi^ufti, hollowed, ii6ts, a flower; a genui of 

Glaphyrea (Bot.) yXafu^Jj, hollowed ; a genus of Myrtacea, 
Glare'ola (Omith.) ) 
Olare'olUH (ZooL) f 
Glasta'rla (Bot.) from ghjim, the old name for Ifatis linfloria, Woad, 

which it refemhles in habit ; a genos of Crucifene. 
aiaatirollOH-a-imi (Bot.) from the refemblance of the leavei to woaJ, 

Ifalii, the old name of which wa» GM^m, r.^. CentiUria eUIlifolia. 

f dim. oiglar^u, grave 

i8o GLA — GLI 

Glastum (Bot.) the word ufed by Pliny for Woad, now called Ifatis 

tin£loria ; a genus of Crucifene. 
Glau'ca (Ichth.) Lat, blueifti-grey. 
Glauci'dium (Bot.) the genus Giaudumj itlast refemblance ; a genus of 

Glauci'na (Bot.) g/aucus, blueiih-grey. 
Glaucina'lifl (£nt.) gUtuau, blueiih-grey. 

Glau'ois (Omith.) glauctu^ blueifli-grey ; a genus of Humming-birds. 
Glau'oium (Bot.) y>.etvxis, blueifli-grey, referring to the colour of the 

plant ; a genus of Papaveracese. 
Glauoo'ma (ZooL) yXauxa^^ blue ; a genus of Polygaflric animalcules. 
Glaucomya (Ent.) yXawxif, green, mya, a muflel; a genus of bivalve 

Glaucopidalis (Ent.) y\avnStmsy blue-eyed. 
Glauoo'pis (Omith.) y\av»SiviSy blue-eyed ; a genus of Birds. 
Glau'ciis-a-um (Omith., Bot.) yXavxisy fea-green. 
Gla'ux (Bot.) yA«/*tff, blueifli-grey ; the colour of the leaves ; a maritime 

genus of Primulacese. 
Glebionls (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Compofitas. 
Glecho'ma (Bot.) y>^nx»^t a Greek name for a fort of thyme ; ground ivy ; 

a genus of Labiatae. 
Gle'ohon (Bot.) the name applied to Penny-royal, both in Greek and 

Latin ; a genus of Labiatae. 
Gledi'tschia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J<^ Gottlieb GUditfchy a botanift of 

Leipfig; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Gleiohenella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of F, W. von GUichmy author of 

various works on Natural Hiflory ; died in 1783. 
Gleiche'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Baron P, von GUichen, a Ger- 
man botanifl ; a genus of Ferns. 
Glenodin'ium (Zool.) yx*»»j, a focket or cavity ; a genus of Polygaftric 

Gleno'morum (Zool.) ykwny the eye-ball, cfA,»fost bordering on ; a genus 

of Infufbria. 
Gleno'phora (Zool.) yXwjj, a cavity, 4>f^,to bear ; a genus of Polygaftric 

Glenop'teris (Ent.) yXmn, a honeycomb, vTf^«v, a wing. 
Gleno'spora (Bot.) yXu'**?, a cavity, or focket, j^ora ; a genus of Fungi. 
Glinus (Bot.) y>Xnti applied by Theophraftus to a kind of maple ; a genus 
of Caryophyllacese. 

GLI - 

\ Qlloclft'dlum (Bot.) }<;,Hit, fticky, cUti, injury ; a genut of Fungi. 

I QllOBiio'ma (Bot.) yi.ui:, fticky, rrfSpa, what is fpread ont ; a genus o 

I Olio'tricliiun (But.) ykuii, IKcky, 6f;'f, ■'ftx'i< ^'i' i ^ genus of Fungi. 
iS (Zoot.) plural oiglii, a dornujuJi: ; an order of Mammalia. 
Q-llrioi'dift (Bot.) a genua of Legumino-Ca. 
a-li30lu"ocar'poil (Bot.) j'^.iV;^!"!, fticlty, clammy, imfirit, fruit ; a genu- 

of Haloraeeaces. 
aiissan'the (Bot.) a genus of Zingiberacee. 
aiob'ba (Bot.) f<] named in the Moluceai; a fplendid genus ol 

Qlobif 'eru8-a-um (Bot, tsil.^ ^t/au, a globe./m, to carry. 
Globigeri'na (ZooL) gMiis, a fpliere, gi^nrr, to carry ; a genus of Fo/Til 

and recent Foraminifera. 
Globnla'ria (Bot., Ent.) the flowers are in globofe heads; typical genus 

of natural ordei Globulariacex. 
Globulea (Bot.) ^iWi-Z-j, a globule; alluding to the items. 
Globvli'ns {hat.) glchu4,3 ball; a genus of Alggs. 

Gloohl'dion (Bot.) y>.ix': a point, itlts, like ; a genus of Euphorbiaccir 
Glaahldono'paia (Bot.) the gvnus OUMSon, ^tt, refemblance: a genu^ 

of EuphoitiaceEc. 
alo'ohia (Bot.) yi'i'xU, a projefling point, 
GlOOhlaa'alra (flot.);.Xiu;t;"''^P''''J'^ng point, iiB^an anther; a genu! 

of EuphorbiaeeB. 
Olo'oltaiiB (Omith.} Lai. clucking like a hen. 
GIcb'k (FnC) >>>.«((, (bicky ; a genus of Liepldopteia. 
GlCBOOapaa (Bot.) yl.nii, (licky, cap/a, a box ; a genua of Algx. 
OleoOBpo'rlum (Bot.) )-).««, fticky, cknuny.j^onHM, a fpore ; i genus o 

Glceotila (Bot.) y>.siii, (Hcky, ttJiw, a feather; a genus of AlgiB. 
Gloiocla'dla (Bot.) fame meaning aa Gliiclidnm, f, v.; a genus o 

Ololoooo'oua (Bot.) yXriii, fticky, kuiek, a berry ; a genus of Algie. 
Glolodio'tyon (Bot.) yiMi'c, ftleky, Si'itwi, a net ; a genu) ol Aigai. 
Gloio'nema (Zool.) y\iiit, ftleky, •ii^ta, thread. 
Ololopel'tia (Bot.) >,;.5ii{, fticky, wix-rn, a Ihield ; a genus of Algie, 
Glolotri'cMa (floi.) yynh, ftleky, fl{.'E, Tfij^Jt, hair; a genus of Alga, 
alo'mera (Bot.) gUmim, to foim into a ball ; a genus of Otchldace^. 
Olomera'lla (Bot.) glmtn, to Ibrin into a ball ; a genus of Amanotaccx 

i82 GLO — GLO 

Glomera'tus-a-um (Bot.) glomus^ a ball, applied to any thing cluftered ; 

e. g. Campanula glomerata. 
Glomo'psis (Bot.) glomus, a ball, o>^tf, like ; a genus of Fungi. 
Glo'nium (Bot.) a genus of Fungi. 
Gloiio'sa (Bot.) gloriofus, magnificent ; referring to the fplendour of its 

flowers ; a fplendid £a(l Indian genus of Liliacex. 
Glossan'thus (Bot.) a genus of GefneracesB. 

Glossas'pis (Bot.) yX«o-o-«, a tongue, ajp'u, a viper; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Glos'sina (Ent.) yXS<r<r«, a tongue. 
Glossoca'rdia (Bot.) yXiS^-o-a, a tongue, »apS/a, a heart; a genus of 

Glossoca'rya (Bot.) •yXStaam,^ z, tongue, x«^0v, a nut; a genus of 

Glossochilus (Bot.) yTMo-a^ety a tongue, x^^'KiSt lip ; a genus of Acan- 

Glossoco'mia (Bot.) yXwd-e-a, a tongue, x«/u»}, hair ; a genus of Cam- 

Glosso'dia (Bot.) yyJZo'ffety a tongue, IChost ^^^^ ; referring to the appendage 

within the flower ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Glosso'gyne (Bot.) ^^Xw^-^-m, a tongue, ymn, a piftil ; a genus of Com- 

Glossone'ma (Bot.) yhHaa-eky a tongue, v?/ut», thread ; a genus of Afclepia- 

Glossope'talmn (Bot.) yXSio-aa, a tongue, ircraXov, petal; a genus of 

Glossope'tra (Fos. ZooL) yXw0-0-a,a tongue, irir(a,a rock ; the '^Tongue- 

Glosso'phaga (Zool.) yJiZo-a-a, a tongue, i>eiyat, to eat ; the Blood-fucker. 
Glosso'pteris (Fos. Bot.) y}<ia-a-ei^ tongue, vtipis, a fern ; a genus of 

Oolitic ferns. 
Glossosper'mum (Bot.) yXSiffo-a, a tongue, cni^fAa^ feed; a genus of 

Glossoste'mon (Bot.) y\Siffa-a^ a tongue, <rrrifAm^ a thread ; a genus of 

Glossoste'phanus (Bot.) yXvaret, a tongue, ari^enoi, a wreath ; a genus 

of Afclepiadaceie. 
Glos'sula (Bot.) yXZo-aa, a tongue ; alluding to the tongue-like fegments 

of the labellum. 
GlotUdlum (Bot.) yXatrrii, the fuperior opening of the larynx. 

^^Baiot'Ua (Otnith. 
^^B PUny. 
^^" Qlof Miln CF.nt 1 

GLO — Off A 

I aiot'Ua (Otnith.) io<. 

' aioftulfl(Ent.)dim. ofylilT 

aiottu'lidte (Ent.) family of which the genus G!M«h it the type, 
aloxi'nia CBot ) P- N. in honour of Dr. Bcjamn Piln- Claxi,,, of 

Culmac, a botanill. 
O-lu'nia (Bot.) Lot. a hulk ; the parts of GrafB-flowcrs are cnlltd glumes, 
•aiumalaB (Bot.) gluma, the hulk of torn. The {eiXion of Endogem 

which camprilea the Cyperuces and the Grafles. 
QlTOe'ria (Bot.) yXaxifii, Iweet, referring ta Che feeds; a genut of 

Oly'dlne (Bot.) yXuxui, fwett, reftrting to the roots ; a genus of Legum!- 

QIjcOb'mIb (Bot.) yAwnBf, fweet, oifiB, a fmi:]!. 

Qlyoyoar'pua (Bot.) yVutiSf, fweet, isfvii, fruit; a genasof Anaaudiacae. 

Qlyoyrrlll'aa (Bot.) yXuxii, fweet, fi^i, a root; liquorice; a genus of 

Olyph'ioa (Eul.) ylji'pi, carved work ; referring to the markings on the 

Olyphlpteryg'idse (Ent.) the family of which the genus Qlyphj-I^rs^ \i. 

Glyphlp'teryx(Ent.) yJ.ifi( anotch, irrifuf, a wing; a genus of Lepida- 

aiyphia'la (Ent.) y>.iiY", the notch in an arrow ; from the |>ale lunate 

mark on the wing. 
GIf'pfaodeB (Ent.) y^vfii, a notch, or }>lif^iT, a carving, with terminsi, 
GiypbodOD (Zool.) y\\i^ii, t notch, alius, iiftii, a tooth; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians, 
aiyphto'a (Bot,, Fob. Zool.) y>.i^M, to engrave or carve; a genus of 

aijrphomit'iloii (Bot.) y\ifii, to embi>l>,{UiTfi'ir,a little diadem ; a genut 

of Cryptogam i a. 
aiyp'todon (Fos. 2ool.) yKinrrii, fit for carving, ^ai, titnas, a tooth. 
Qljrpto'atrobuB (Bot.) yiuvTit, earned, itnias, a cone ; the fcales of the 

cone being emboHed on the face ; a genua of Coniferat. 
Omeli'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Gnor^e GbuIU, a celebrated German 

natural] il and traveller. 
I Onapha'lli (Ent.) named from Cudweed (Gmiphalium), but feedi < 


i84 GNA — GOM 

.Gnaphaliiim (Bot.) y»a^«Xfw, loft down, referring to the woolly herbage ; 
a genus of Compofitae. 

Gnaphalo'des (Bot.) the genus Gna^haHimy term, cths; a genus of 

Gnaphalo psis (Bot.) the genus GnaphaUumy •>(.(;, like ; a genus of Com- 

Gnat (£nt.) Angh-Sax, gnaet, 

Gnaihos'toma (ZooL) yioQ^sj the jaw, 0-r«ju«, the mouth. 

Gne'tum (Bot.) altered from gnemon^ its name in the ifland of Temate, 
Eaft Indies ; a typical genus of Gnetaceae. 

Gni'dla (Bot.) the ancient name of the laurel ; a genus of Thymelacese. 

Gnoph'os (Ent.) yti^s, darknefs. 

Goat (Zool.) Anglo-Sax, gat, 

GobioidsB (Ichth.) ) goOus, a gudgeon, with £unily term. ; the £unily of 

Gobioids (Ichth.) f the Gobies. 

Go1t)is (Ichth.) Lot. a gudgeon, in Gfeek, »*j3tj;. 

Go bius (Ichth.) Lat. a gudgeon. 

Gode'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onagracez. 

Godo'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Godoy, the Prince of the Peace ; a 
genus of Ochnacese. 

GcBdartella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Godart, author of ** Meta- 

morphofis et Hiftoria Naturalis Infe£tomm," 1662 — 67. 

Goerius (Ent.) yonfof, mournful, fad ; ^ one of the commoneft, and at the 
fame time largeft, infe£b of the femily, is a 6laci ipecies, rather more 
than an inch long, commonly called The Devil's Coach-Horfe.** 
Westwood.^ — A genus of Coieoptera. 

Goldba'chia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. L. GxM>ach^ of Peterfburg, 

Golu'nda (Zool.) from the native name GuUmdi, 

Gome'za (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Senor Qomezt a Spanifh apothe- 

Gompha'ndra (Bot.) yifA^u a n&li or holt, a>it^ a (lamen ; a genus of 

Go'mphia (Bot.) yoix^os a club ; a genus of Ochnacese. 

Gomphi'dius (Bot.) yifAf^osy a nail, tCl»iy like ; a genus of Fungi. 

Gomphina'Tla (Bot.) yifx^otyZ. nail ; a genus of Fungi. 

C3omplloca'rpu8 (Bot.) yofA^ot^ a club, »«pv«f, fruit ; a genus of Afcle- 


:o'gyne (Hot.) >»jUipa[,a nailjjrum, a piftil; a genua of Cncutbitacae. 
Qompholo 1)111111 (Bot.) ■yifj.^ss, a wedge, i.s&'i, a pod ; a genua of Legu- 

Qomphone'ma (Bot.) yififoi, 3 club, vi/ub, a thread ; a genus of Algs. 
Oomphope'talum (Bot.) >'«p}»t, a taH at wedge, fKlaiumi a genua of 

Qompha'pharus (Bot.) yijio^i, a nail, fifu, to bear; a geous of Mufci. 
Gompho'sia (Bot.) yifi^es, a naQ; a genus of Cinchonacex. 
Qomphosteni'ma (Bot.) yififat,Jlcmma, a ftalk ; a genus of Lamiacex. 
GomphoBti'gma (Bot.) yiinftt, a na\\,^igma; a genua of Bcrophulariacene. 
Ooinpho'styUs (Bot.) j^SfAfas, a nail, <nuA.w, a piUar (Hjle) ; a genus of 

Qomphre'iia (Bot.) yi/^n, a cluh, ffiit, the midriff; referring to the 

Bowers ; the Globe-amaianth ; 
Qo'mphUfl (Bot.) y'fi^tc, a club ; alluding to its form. 
Gomu'Ria (Bot.) fmm its name in Malabar ; a kind of Palm-tree. 
Gonataa'thus (Bot.) yi>u,yi<a-tas,a kneeorjoint, siSicaHower; : 

Gonatobo'trys (Hot.) yin, >m«T»(, 

Hyphomycetous Fungi. 
GonatOca'rpUB (Bot.) }i.u, ynm 


Gonatorho'dlUB (Bot.) }.i<ii, yiiin 

Hyphomycetous Fungi. 
GonBto'trfohuia (Bot,) yliu, yinm, 

Gongo'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Arriea. Cainllm y Gmgcra, a Spaniard 

and friend of Mutia ; a genus of Orchidacex. 
Gongro'ceraa (Bot.) yiyrfss, an excrefi*nc«, xifai, a projeOion ; a genus 

of Aigi. 
Gongromari'za (Bol.) yiyy^t, an excrefcence on Ireea, juif'Cn, to divide ; 

a genua of Fungi. 
Gongro'nea (Bot.) y^^t, an exerelceoce ; a genus of Alclepiadacea. 
Qongyla'nthoa (Bot.) yayyiXn, nmnd, itSn,a flower; a gemia of Mar- 

Gongjlooa'rpiu (Bot.) yrfyixts, loaaii, nt^itii, fruit: agenui of Ona- 

lS6 ODN — GON 

OonSFloola'dltim (Bot.) jnyyi>.ts, round, claJa, injury ; a genus of Fungi. 

Gong'ylophiB (Zool.) ^lyyakn, round, ;4>i(, a ferpcnt, 

Goalap'teryi (Ent,) yxiU, an angle, impj, a wing ; a genus of Lepi- 

GoniEkBter (Znol.) ^mx, an angle, iirrip, a Itar; a genuE of Ectiinodermata. I 
Gonibregma'tUa (Ent.) ymla, an angle, Bfiyftii, the fore part of the hold. ' 
Goui'dlmn (Zool.) plural jiwiola, from yan, the femen ; miniature ftondi i 

which iscape from the parent cell in the Infuforia. 
GonlOOa'rpuB (Bot.) ymia, an angle, nxfuii, fruit; a genua of Halora- I 


Goniochl'ton (Bot.) )«>is, an angle, ;ciT<«, a covering; agenusofMeliacea. J 
Qoiilao'l«na(Ent.) ywu's, an angle, inli, uttiit, a comb ; from the form 1 

of the pectinated anicnns. 
Goniooy'atia (Bot.) ymU, an angle, iwTir, a bladder or pouch ; 

Goniodo'ma (Ent.) vBii's, an angle, ii>|Ua,a house; referring to the cafe I 

of the larva. 
Gonioli'mon (But.) ytnlx, an angle, iinron ; a genus of Plumbaginacei. 
Goniomy'ouB, plural Goniomy'o! (Bot.) ymU, an angle, (uiiiiK, a muth- 

room; a family of Fungi. 
Ooniono'tua (Zool.) j.»n.a, an angle, riT«, the back; a genus of Ophi- I 

Goniophle'bltun (Bot.) j«>Ja, an angle, ^Xifliav, a Httlc vein ; a genus of I 

Ooniopll'olia (Fos. Zool.) ymf*, an angle, ^tXSs, a aca 

Gonio'ptBTiB (Bot.) ^.wia, an angle, rrifii, a fern ; a | 

GonioBtem'ma (Bot.) /■*;■, an angle, jJranna ,- agenusof Afclepiadaeeas. 

Goniota'uliuB (Ent.) >««'», an angle, Jn, irij, an car ■ 

Gojuotba'lamus (Bot.) jw^'s, an angle, Ihalaaui, bed or receptacle ; %-M 

Gonlolll'ohiuin (Bot.) ymia, an angle, flfij, hair ; a genus of Algat. 
Oo'nltun (Bot.) yxtia, an angle ; from the quadrangular form in which ] 

the monads are arranged ; a genua of Infuforia. 
Goniu'rUB (Hot.) ymU, an angle, .C^, a tail ; a genus of Orontiacei. 
Qonooy'tlBUB (Bot.) ymia, an angle, cyh/m ; a genus of Leguminofe. 
Gonodon'ta (Ent.) yin, an angle, aiana, plural of oioiii, a tooth. 
Gono'iobua (Bot.) ymii, an angle, »(/3i(, a pod. 
Oonop'tsra (Ent.) yiii,, a joint or angle, wjtfit, a wing. 
CoBOpter'ldiB (Enl.) a family of which dmsfUra IS the type. 

mop'terjx (Ent.) ym-ii, angular, w^ifvZ, a wing ; a genus of Lepidopten 
P Oonospy'rum (Bot.) ym!r, an angle, /^ruj; a genus of Polygon arei. 
OoilOap8r'inuin(Bot.)>'0";K,an aDgle^^n-raa, feed ; a genus of Compo/iti. 
Oonoate'mon (Bot.) )•«;=, an angle, rrium, a ftamen. 
QonoHtig'nia (Ent.) yxtix, an angle, oTij.ftH,a mark ; from the prominent 

fpot at the anal angle. 
Gonotfie'oa (Bot.) j.*.;., an angle, 9»«ii, a (heath ; a genu-i of CinchonaceK. 
Qoa7aile'ra(Bot.);<»i>ihanangle,«tri;, adamen; agenusof Cinthonacen. 
Gonyan'tiieB (Bot.) jwn'n, an angle, S<Bai, flower ; a genua of Burman- 

GoDyoao'ma (Zool.) yan:^, r 

-hody ; agenus of Colubrineophi- 

aonza'Iea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacea, 

Oooda'nia (Bot.) V. N. from Dr GooAno^i, bi(hop of Carljfle; typical 

genui of C.oodenlacea. 
Ooodeno'vla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celehrated Dr. Gtm^aiiMgA, i 

writer on CarUa ; the typical genus of Goodenoviacei. 
Oood'la (Bot,) p. N. in honour of F^,r Good, a coUeflor of plants for 

Kew garden! ; a genus of X-eguminofie. 
aoodBiri (ZdoL) P. N. in honour of Mr. OnoJJlr, an eminent Zoologift. 
Ooodye'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Coal^i; a Britilh botanifl ; a 

genus of teireftrial OrchidaceEE. 
aocijra.UBii'Bis (Zool.) relating to Goojeiat. 
OooBe (Ornith.) jir<sl<-Sax. goi. 

Gooseberry (Bot.) cormptett from ^i/»-irrry. Some think it a corrup- 
tion o! gro/i-iinj, the fruit, from its reiemblance to fmall unripe figs, 

(the gr^JI of the ancients,) having been called grcfilarla by the Latins, 
[ whence alTo the French gr^rillr. 

' Oordo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jama Oerdim, a nurfeiymui at 

Oorgo'ala (Zool.) P. N. Oo/yon, a daughter of Phorcys, whofe locks of 

hair were changed into Cerpents by Minerva. 
GorSoni'adfB (Zool.) a family of Zoophytes. 
Gorin'kia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Cmcifem. 
OorWrla (Bot.) P. N in honour of OuW Ctrttr, Dutch ProfelTor of 

Botany at Harderwych ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Oorty'na (Ent.) Gertyaa, a town of Crete. 
Qortyn'ldEe (Ent.) a family of which genui Goriyiu ii the type ; a genus 

of Lepidoptcra. 

a geaaa of Hfmenoptera. 

Gorytea (Ent.) y^f^i,, a quiver ; 
Go'3eIa (Bot.) a genus of Selagini 
GoaBypia'ntlitts (Bot.) g'/yp'"" 

QoBsyp'iella (Ent.) a fmall moth, very Jeftniftive to the cotton-plant in I 

GoHBT'pium (Bot.) Lai. the Cotton-plant. 
Gothofre'da (Bot.) P. N., a. genus of Afdepiadaceie, now included in | 

Goua'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Anianc Geuan, ProfeHor of Botany at Mont- 

Goudo'tIa(Bot.) P, N. in honour of ilf. GoWo/ ; a genua of June 
Gouffe'iB (Bot.) P. N., a genua of CuryopbillaceE. 
Goog'hia (Bot.) P.N, in honoui of Gaugk; 3 genus of £uph<n> 

Oouldii (Zool.) P, N. in honour of Mr. G,^. a 

Gou'pia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Celaftracea. 
Goupilia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fungi. 
GourUe'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H^iJJiam GmrBc, a GlaTgovi botanift J 

a genus of Leguminofie. 
Gove'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J^jxim Sei/rl G<mvi<, Efq. 
Grabow'atya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Grahmifig, a Polilh hoUnift; I 

a genus of Solanaceie. 
GraoUa'ria (Ent.) gracilii, graceful, llender. 

Gracilari'ldEs (Ent.) grmrSarla, fam. term, idt i a genus of i.epidoptrra. 
Orool'lia (Eat.) gnuUij ; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Graoi'lipea {Eat.) graiUli, (lender./n, a foot. 
aTBc'UiB-e (Zool., Ent, Bot.) Lai. (lender. 
GracEo'dfiB {Znt.) graiiUi, llender. 
Qra'culUiS (Ornith.) Zji. a jay. 
Grade'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Serophulariaces. 
Gras'llsia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cruciferi. 

Graining (Ichth.) from the Juglr-Sax. The Ladinu Lancaslriauii. 
GralllB (Ornith.) Lot. ftilUi an order of Biida with long legs; Wiaing I 

birdt. j 

Gra'mina (Bot.) plural Dfpvii>wir,gra£s; the Giaii &inlly,oftEii ImpropeiljF j 

Oramini'cola (Ent.) gmmin, graminii, grafs, lalt, to inhabit. 

n'inia (Eai.') graimn, grafs; the larva b ibiuid at the rocpts of grafs 
id the imago flying in grafs fieldf- 
Oraminade'nift (Bot.) j-^/UjU-k, a writing, iim, an acorn or gland ; a 

genus of Myrlinacez. 
Gramma'lia (Ent.) yfif^ni, a writing. 

Graminan'thaa (Bot,) yfiiiit"h a writing ; a genus of CraHiilacoe. 
Grammar 'thjon (Bot.) y/iiA/ta, ■ writing, i/Sfn, a joint ; a genus of 

GrammatocaTpUB (Bot.) nimiu, yfuiifiiii;, writing, <ii;*i(, fhiit ; a 

genua of liOaTacex. 
Grammato'phyJlum (Bot.) y(af4fia, y[«/ii(n«i«(,writing, i)iij.x», a leaf; 

a ff:nas of Orchidaceie. 
GrtumUBto'tb.eaa (Bot.) yfd/tna, ytif^ftxrut, writing, Bim, a Dieath; a 

genua of Lobeliacez. 
Gramme'sia (Ent.) >if«|i*/i»,flline,^i»'*c, middle; agenuaofLepidopteni. 
Gramml'steB (Ichth.) a genun of the lamily Perddx. 
Gruminite'lla (Bot.) yii/^fAx, a writing, mitclla, a kind of turfian ; a 

genus of AlgiE. 
Grarn'mitiB (Bot.) yfu/A/in, a line, alluding to the linear fniftificatian ; 

Qrammo'deB (Ent.) yfdfifnt, a letter. 

a (Bot.) yfififin, writing, in^n, a thread ; a genus of Dia- 

Grammo'ptiora (Ent.) ytififm, a letter, f i^s, to bear. 

GTammop'tera (Ent.) yfi/i/tit, a lettei, ttI^i-, a wing. 

Grammop'tUuB (Ichth.) yfi/xna, a letter, irr.'iio, a feather. 
' Orammosoia'dlmn (But.) yfifift,a, writing, milut, an uoibrelk or para- 
I (bl, metaphorically, an umbel ; a genus of Umbellifem. 

\ Grammotau'liua (Ent.) j^B/i/ii, a line, sSt.iiij, the ear, orear-likeapeK. 

arommy'sia (Foa. ZonL) yfifi/^n, a line, i*Z;, a mufcle. 

Ora'mpnH (Zool.) corrupted fiom the French graiJ-folJin, great fiOi. 

GTBn'gea (Bot.) Grsngr, probably a man's name. 

Grange'riB (Bot.) P. N. in honour of N. Crangrr, a trarellBr in Egypt 

Gran'ifer (Zool. and Bot.) Lat. that bean graina of Com. 

GranW'oreB (Omith.) granam, a grain, im-a, to derour. 

a (Bot.) P.N. in honour of- Grjnl ; a genus of Piftiaeer. 

f Granulft'tua-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Za(. corcrcd with or eompoiid of palm. 
I Grape (Dot.) /inl, grafjii. 

Graphi'ola (Bol.) dim. oigraphium, a (lyle foi 
Graphl'phora (Ent.) ^fPBf n, a figure, 4ii(i»p, toh 
GrapUia (BoC.) j-fi^K, to write; apothecia 

like V 

ara'phluiii(Bot.)j™/i'»i, a writing-ilylc ot pen, from the form of tl 
apothtfcium ; a genua of Fungi. 

Graphiu'rua (Zoal.) j'^'fii, a figure, tZfn, a tail. 

Orapho'derus (£nt.) yft^i, a marking, !i^, the neck. 

GraphOl'Itiia (Ent.) y^n'^h, a marking, ;i.;fl.c. Hone ; it is marbled. 

Grapllolith'lcUB (Eat.) gmfAaUt/u, tarn. term. y«. 

Grapto'dera (Eat.) j.^7rTt(, written, Hfti, the neck. 

Grap'tolitfiB (Fos. Zool.) yfavrii, writtct^ ;i;S«f, a ilone. 

GraptO'phylltim (Bat.) yfawrii, written, fvkXn, leaf; a genus of Aeai 

Qrapto'pora (Fos., ZooL) yfivrit, infcrilwd,^™!, a iiiCt. 

Graae (Bot.) is avery ancient word, and exilts, with llight modilicatioi 
in all the Teutonic dialeili^ thus, in Angb^axon, we find ^ai. ■ 
gam; in German ^rm; in Danifhj™; in Swedilh and Icelandic jra, 
even In Greek there Is yfi:it, a word of exactly the fame meaning, 

GraHshop'per (Ent.) Jnglit-Sax. gam-hoffa. 

araatld'iuin (Bot.) j.f<<3-Ti(,graJs, green foddBr,»r!«,relMnb1ancei a 
of Ore hidacea. 

Gral.eloupe'Lla(Bat,)F.M. in honour of GmUlvap; agenuiof. 

Girateloupia (Bot.) a genui of Cryptogamia. 

GraU'ola (Bot.)^olifl, grace of God ; 

Graimiiillera (Bot.) P. N. In honou 

Qravenhor'atia (Bot.) P. N, in honour of Grmii^hsrjl ; a genus of Bru- ] 

Grave 'aia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Mr. Gtaii,j ; a genu) of MelaftiH 

GraVa(Bot.) P.N. in honour of ■ Gray; a genu* of Cheno 

Grayia (Zoul.) P. N. in honour of Dr. J. S. Graj.oS the Britilh Mufeui 
Grayling { Ichth.) popular name of the Thymellus vulgaris. 

Greenia{Bot.) P. N in honour of (,'■««,- agenusof Grai 

Greeno'Tla(Bol,)P. N. in honour of Grrrnhmgli; a genus of Cralli)- 

Greanwa'ya (Bol,) P. N. ii 


>s of ZiiH 

ORE - 

Gresari'na (ZodI.)^i-^o, la eolleilnr aflemble; a geniu of ProtozoL 
Gregari'nldse (Zool.) a group of the Protmoa. 

Ore'gs'a (Bot.) P. N. in honoui of - — -- Origg ; x genu* of Myrticen. 
Otie'g^Bt (Bot.) P.N. in honour of jVf. Ongg, an American, botinift ; 

a genus of Cniciffrie. 
aTBeo''la (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Wafln- Gripa, of Banff; a gpnm 

of AQiDut. 
aregSCf'lli (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Mr. C. S. Grrgfin, of Liverpcol, 

who lirit bred this Tpecies. 
Oreiue'ra (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M. Gmacr; a genui of Caryo- 

Qrevilla'na (Ent.) in honour of Dr. GnviUr, who captured the Ipecici in 

dreri'llea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. F. Grr^ilU, a patron of natural 

a gen 

1 of Prol 

Qre'witt (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Nih^mh Grr,^. M.D., F.S.S., a 

phyliolo^cal botaniil of the 17th century. 
Greyhound (Zool.) Anglo-Sax. grighunJ. 
Gri'as (Bat.) yfii*^ to eat ; referring to the fruit. 
Grle'lum (Bot.) yfmii, old ; alluding \a its afpeO. 

Grle8ba'chia(Bot.)P, N, in honour of — ^^Grirjiaih: agemisof Ericawic. 
1 QriBBsli'lila (Bot.) a genui of Leguminofai. 
Orlffl'nia (Hot.) P. N. in honour of Wiilhm Gri£v,, Efj., of South Lambrth , 

Oiiffl'thia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Grifftk ; a genua of Mofci. 

Orifflthi'dBB (Foi., Zool.) P, N honour of Sir. R. Gr^itu, the original 

expounder of the Carlioniferou) (latet. 
arlfflth.'Hla (Bot.) P. N, in romplinwnt to Afn. Gn^*j,of DeTOnlWre; 

a gcnUA of marine Algr. 
Orinia'ldis (Bot.) P. N. in honour of - — - OrimaU; a genni of Mar- 

Orlrn'mia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of 7. F, Grimm, i Getmsn botanifl ; a 

genua of Mufd. 
Grinde'lia (Bot.) P. N, in honour of GrhM, a GCTman botsnilt. 
GriBOho'wla (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Griiav .- a genus of Mdallomacea. 
GrlBea'lis (Em.) grifr.,, grey. 
GilBeiTe'Dter (Zool.) Lai. grey-bellied. 
Griaeus-a-um (Omith.) Lai. grey. 
Grlilw (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. C-ijI'^y. t Porluguefe rurgeoi. aJiJ 

19* GRI — GUA 

Gri'flOla (Omith.) grifeus^ grey. 

GroTiya (Bot.) P.N. in honour of — Greby ; a genus of Orchidaccac. 

Grom'well (Bot.) from the Celtic graun, a feed, mr/, a ftone; thus fyn- 
onymous with the Latin generic name Lithofpermum. 

Gro'na (Bot.) j^pSvec, eaten out, deep ; a genus of LeguminofiB. 

Gro'nops (Ent.) ypm, 2l cavern, o|«ff, appearance ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Grono'via (Bot.) P.N. in honour of J. F, Grmoviusy a botanift of Leyden. 

Grossa'na (Ent.) grojftu, thick, broad-built. 

GrossTila'ria (Bot.) fpecific name of the Hairy goofeberry, which is taken 
from grossus, an unripe fig. 

Grou'tla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Olacaceoe. 

Grub (Zool.) Anglo-Sax, grakuiy to dig up or burrow. 

Grulbbia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of BruniacesB. 
Gru'idsB (Omith.) gnuy a crane, £un. term, id/t, 
Grumilia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Cinchonaceae. 

Grus (Omith.) Lot, a crane. 

Gruvelia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Af* Gruvd; a genus of Boraginacese. 

Gry'llidBB (Ent.) gtyllus, fem. term, ida, 

Gryllotal'pa (Ent.) gryllusy a cricket, te^a, a mole ; the Mole-cricket. 

Gr/llUS (Ent.) Lat. a cricket. 

Gryma'nia (Bot.) P .N., a genus of ChryfobalanacesB. 

GryphflB'a (Fos. Zool.) yfu^it^ engraved. 

Grypha'Us (Ent.) y^^isy engraved. 

Gr/phus (Omith.) the Greek name of the Griffin, from yfuvisy becaufe 

of the hooked beak ; fpec. name of the Condor. 
Grypi'dius (Ent.) ypi/wi?, curved ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Gua'dua (Bot.) a genus of Gramina. 

Guaia'cara (Bot.) guaiac, a native name ; a genus of Ebenaceae. 
Guai'aoum (Bot.) guaiac, its name in Guiana ; Lignum Vitz. 
Gua'ira (Bot.) a genus of Myrtaceas. 
Gualthe'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Gualth'ury M,D.y a French 

writer ; a genus of Ericaceae. 
Guanaba'nus (Bot.) a genus of Anonaceae. 
Guana'co (ZooL) native name of the Llama. 
Guandi'ola (Bot.) a genus of Compofitse. 
Guandi'ra (Zool.) native name. 
Guania (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Orchidaceac. 
Gua'pea (Bot.) a genus of Sapotaceae. 
Guaputimn (Bot.) a genus of Myrtacese. 

GUA — GUL 193 

Guardi'ola (Bot.) a genus of Compofitse. 

Goa'rea (Bot.) Guara, its name in Cuba. 

Quariru'ma CBot.) a genus of Compofitsc. 

Goatte'ria (Bot.) P. N. from J, B. GuatteH, ProfefTor of Botany at Panna. 

Gua'ya (Bot.) from the American guayba. 

Guazu'ma (Bot.) its name in Mexico ; the Baftard cedar ; a genus of 

Gad'geon (Ichth.) French^ gtujm. 

Gaebi'na (Bot.) P.N. in honoiu- of — GuMn ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
GaepaVda (Zool.) native name. 
Guepi'nia (Bot.) a genus of Fungi. 

Guere'za (Zool.) the AbyiOnian name of an ape, C61obus Guer^za. 
Guernsey Lily (Bot.) a (hip from Japan, conveying plants of Amaryllis 

Samienfis, was wrecked on the coaft of Guemfey, where they grew 

and flouri(hed. 
Guesme'lia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M. Guesmel; a genus of Bromeli- 

Guetta'rda (Bot.) P. N. from Etienne Guettard, a French botanift. 
Guevi'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Proteaceae. 
Giiicheno'tia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Byttneriaceae. 
Gilido'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Samydacese. 
Gili'era (Bot.) a genus of Combretaceae. 
Guilandi'na (Bot.) P. N. from M. Guilandin, a Pruflian traveller in Africa ; 

a genus of tropical Leguminofz. 
Gulldi'ngia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of the Rev, L. GuUding; a genus of 

GuUie'lma (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Palmae. 
Guillemi'nia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M. GuUUmin ; a genus of 



Guillemot (Ornith.) ff^elfiy c^ilaivg, whirling about ; a genus of Sea-gulls. 

GuiUi'mia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Magnoliacese. 

Guindi'lia (Bot. j a genus of Xanthoxylaceae. 

Gulo'a (Bot.) a genus of Sapindaceae. 

Guiraoa (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Guiras ; a genus of Cruciferae. 

Guizo'tia (Bot.) P.N. in honour of M. Guizot; a genus of Compofitae. 

Guldenstoe'dtia (Bot.) P. N. from J. A. Guldenjiadt^ a naturaliil. 

Gull (Omith.)jg^i//^, gluttony ; from its voracity. 

Gulo (Zool.) gula^ the throat ; applied to the Wolverene. 


194 GUM — GTM 

Gumi'llea (Bot.) a genus of Cunoniaceae. 

Gumi'ra (Bot.) a genus of Verbenaceae. 

Gundelshei'mera (Bot.) P. N. from Andrew Gunddfchamer^ z Gennan 

botanift, its difcoverer ; a genus of Compofita. 
Gunne'ra (Bot.) P. N. firom E. Gumur, bifliop of Drontheim, a botanift, 
Guntbe'ria (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Ricciaceae. 
Gupia (Bot.) (ame as Goupia, q.v. 
Gusso'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Gusta'yia (Bot.) P. N. from Gufiaviu JII^ king of Sweden, patron of 

Gutierre'zia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Compofitae. 
Gutzla'fia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of CharUs Gutjlaff^ the eminent Chineie 

mifConary ; a genus of Acanthaceae. 
Gazma'nma (Bot.) P. N. from A, Guxman^ collector of natural hiftory. 
Gyas (Bot.) P.N., one of the giants ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Gymnaca'nthus (Bot.) yv/x^h, naked, acanthus; a genus of Acanthaceae, 
Gymnaclise'xia (Bot.) yv/A*i;, naked, ix^* P*^^ i ^ genus of Compofitae. 
Gsrmnade'nia (Bot.) yv/jt^it, naked, Unfy a gland ; a genus of terreftrial 

Gymnae'tron (Ent.) yufAtist naked, ■ r^, the belly. 
Gymnancy'la (Ent.) yvfji*is, bare, myxvXn^ an arm, foreleg. 
Gymi]La'ndra(Bot.)xv/(A>«;, naked, 1>j^, a flamen ; a genus of Selag^inaceae* 
Gymna nthe (Bot.) yu/A^i;, naked, i*Bos, flower ; a genus of Junger- 

Gymnan'themum (Bot.) yvfjt-.isy naked, anthamuy chamomile : a genus of 

Gymna'nthera (Bot.) yvfA^ks^ naked, anther; a genus of Afclepiadaceae. 
Gymna nthes (Bot.) /v/bo*;, naked, SaBas^ flower ; a genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Gymnarrhe'na (Bot.) yufxtis, naked, «^>, a male, ((bunen), a genus of 

Gynme'ma (Bot.) yufdjtis, naked, >«fUE, a thread. 

Gymne'tms (Ichth.) yufA^i;^ naked, qr^, the belly ; having no anal fins. 
Gymnobalanus (Bot.) yufxyis^ naked, Ao/ama, an acorn or gland ; a genus 

of Lauracese. 
Gymnoca'rpus (Bot.) yvf4,yUt naked, tuc^ig^ fruit ; a genus of Illecebraoeae. 
Gymnocephalium (Bot.) yv/jtiisj naked, tu^Xnj head or tuft ; a genus of 

Gymnoce'phalus (Bot.) yuiA^isy naked, jwpeiXfiy head ; a genus of Mufci. 
Gymnoceplialus (Omith.) yvfA^is, naked, xi^cXij, the head ; bsu^^headed. 




Oymao'oladus (But.) >u/*>«, naked, ■J.oJ.t, a twig; rtfcning In iti 

Oynmococ oa (Bot.) yvfi'i;, naked, •!•■■»(, a herry ; a genui of Thymelaccw. 
Oymno'derUB (Ornith.) >i;/»'if, naked, Ji^t, Dcin ; bating the neck bare. 
G^romtxli'scuB (Bot.) >i'^>ii, naked, i/ifmi ; a genua of Compofitic. 
Qymiioda'litidie (Ichth.) >Vjuiic, naked, iSm, liirric, a tooth. 
Gym'nogsUB (Bot.) yiiftiii, naked, /»»«, to bring forth plants the feedi 

of which have no capfules. 
Ojumogo'ogrus (Bnt.) yufttis, naked, ytyyptt, an cxcrelcence ; a genus of 

Oymnogramma (Bot.) j-i/jA.ii, naked, >'(«f<^ii, writing ; it lias naked 

fort ; a genus of Fllices. 
Gymno'gyna (Bot.) yufiyis, naked, y.>n, female (pilHl) ; a genus of Com- 

OyinEolEB'iia(Bot.) ).uf4ii;, naked, j;>,«;.b, a mantle; a genus of Com- 

Qymnolo'ma (Bot.) yj/^iii, naked, kifta, fringe ; a genus of Compofitie. 
Gymnolo'mta (Bot.) ynyt'i, naked, *if»ii;, a border. 
Oynmomit'rltmi (Bot.) /ii^iit. naked, ^it^i'sv, a iinaU turban; agenusof 

[ GymuomurGe'ila (ichth.) ^i/^>';, bare, mur^naj an eeL 

[ Gydltopare'iuB (Ichth.) yuf^ti!, naked, rmftti, the cheek ; naked-faced. 

Gymuoplllcs'a (Bot.) yu/i'if. naked, 9;,oii(, rind or bark; agenusof j^lgs. 

Oynmophtha'lmata (Zooi.) \ yv/xtk, naked, rt5ii»(ji(, an eye; a family 

QynmopliUia'lmidK (ZooL)J of Litatd*. 

Gymnophtlia'lmua (Zool,) yui^.tit. naked, Jffl»>;uti, Ihe eye. 

Oymnopo'gon (Bot.) yufi'ii, naked, wirym, a tieatd ; a genus of Gramina. 

Oym'nopB (Dmith.) yufiiii, naked, ii\, the face ; naked-iaced. 

OTIimo'psia (BoL) }<K^ii(, naked, i^-ic, look ; a genus of Alferacez. 

Oynmo'pteriH (Bot.) yui^iif, naked, w-rl^i, a fern; a genus of Fillcei. 

Qynmorhi'iia (Omith.) -yuifi:, naked, /.•, the noftril. 

QjronoBcilcB'DUa (Bot.) yvi^ttis, naked, rx^'"^ ' ™ll' i ' g^nui of Cyper- 

Gjnmoaota'dium (Dot.) Yiftsis, naked, raiaiiio, an umbrella, meta- 

pboiically an lunbel ; a gvniii of UmbelliferK. 
Qymnoaoy'plins ( Bot.) ysfais, naked,/g^A"., a goblet ; a genus of Mar- 

GymnoBi'phon (Bot.) f\i^'ii. naked, fJ+B', a tube \ a genuii of Burman- 

Gynmospe'rma (Bot.) yuf^iii, naked, ni^ftx, feed ; a genuiof Compofitat, 
GymnOBpllEe'ra (Bot.) ^o/tvii, naked, ifxifi. a globe ; a genus of Filicts 
Gymnoapora'nglum (Bot.) ya/j^tii, naked ,j^r™£iii»,- ager 
Gynmoapo'riTim (Bol.) yu/^vij.naked.j^ora,- a genus of Fun 
Gymnosta'chya (Boc.) yiiii,>ii, naked, !n*,xk, a fpike, 
Gymnoata'chyum (Bot.) jufiiii, naked, rrm-(^i, a fplke ; 


Gymno'stomum (Bot.) yu^iic, naked, ni/io, a mouth; a genutof Multdij 
GynmOBty'les (Bot.) >uf<r«, naked,^;im; a genus of Compolitw. 
Gymnothe'na (Bot.) ^u/*yi.-, naked, fl«ini, a Iheath ; a genus of LoaTaeejBj ] 

alii) a genua of Saururaces. 
Gy'nmotlirix (Bot.) j-uji-if, naked, fl^i'J, a halt, (awn); a genni of Gra- J 

Gycmo'tuB (Ichth.) yvfirrss, naked, tfric, the back. 
Gymnura (Zool.) yvfAWi^ nak«d, Bi/ps,a tail; a iu 

of Oiiew foic 

Gjnmu'aa (Em.) yifiMt, naked ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oynandro'paia (Bot.) ylntuifat, hermaphrodite, o4''(, appearance. 
GynDCepha'liulU (Bot.) ywi, a pillll, <i4a).>i>, a little head ; a gei 

Gynozo'oida (Zool.) yuHi, a female, Jiun, life. 
Qypa'etua (Ornith.) y\i\, a vulture, kito;, an eagle ; a genus of vulturiM 

birds, lb called from thKir partaking of the charaflet of both eagle i 

Gypoge'ranua (Ornith.) yi,-^, j.uiri!, a vulture, j.(^»i(, a crane ; a geoui 

Oypotha'nmura (Bot.) yi\, a vulture, Sbjuik, a Ihrub. 
Gypao'phila(Bat.)xi4Mi':h^, ^^■''i tolove; referring to its babitatian. I 
Gyraoan'thuB (Fos. Zool.) yufit, round, inmin^ a fpine ; a genus of fbflit'j] 

placoid filhe! of the carboniferous fydem. 
ayrl'niiiffi(Ent.)yu^[«,to run round; alluding to their gyratory motit 
Gyrl'aua (Ent.) yv^ia, lo run round, a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oyioaar'pUS (Bot.) yv;''!, round, wfirij, fruit. 
OyVodua f Foi. ZooL) yifUy round, JS.ui, a tooth. 
Gyro''gonlteB (Foi. Bot.) yti^t, round, >.iiiv!a,an angle. 
Gyrohyp'miB (Ent.) yv^s, a drcle, ^ms, (leep ; a genus of Coleopti 
Qyrole'pia (Foi, Zool.) j-ujlf, round, xiinV. a Icale. 
Oyro'mltra (Bot.) yapi, round, milra, a turban ; a genui oF Fungi, 

^^^^^^t HAD .97 ^^1 

ayron'ohns (Fas. ZooL) ; 

ytifii, round, lyti;, a curve ; a genui of foflil ^H 

ganoid filhes. 


O-yrophie'aa (Ent.) yu^i, round, if.;.-, to appear. ^^ 

Gyro'phora (Bot.) yZf,,, a 1 

rircle, 4>^., to bear ; a genus of Lichenff. ^M 

Oyropbra'gmium (Bot.) y>i^:, round, ^fij-^.-, a pallftde ; a genui of ^H 
Fungi. ^B 

OjTopo'dium (Bot.) j«;rf;, 1 

round, wiHt, irtlti, a foot ; a genus of Idcaces. ^H 

Oyropria'tia (Fos. Zool.) ; 

^fi,, round, T^iffTir, a faw; a genui of foflil ^H 

pUroid (ifhes from the n ^^ 

ew r«d fandOon... ^1 

Oyrosig'ma (Bot.) jT/jit, round, and the letter j^na; a genui of Diato- ^| 



ayroso'rittm fBot,) y^ifis, p 

»und,/cm> ; a genua of FiUces. ^M 

Oyrotra'ma (Bot.) yti/it, vn 

ind, f<n/a, a ribband. ^M 

ayiothe'ca (Bot.) yift,, a c 

ircle, «n'>f], a Iheath. ^M 

OyMelineria (Ent,) P. N 

. from .?. f. Gvfly«, of Vienna, an afliduous ^| 



^H Haa'BU (Bot.) P. N., a gen 

u^ofLautaceK. ^H 

^H Eabena'rla (Bot) <U»d, a 

, leather IVrap ; referring to the long fpur of ^^H 

^^V the flower ; a genus of I 

ETTellrial Orchidacez. ^| 

^H HabaVleQ (Bot.) P. N.. a 1 

genus of Grfne^cei. ■ 

^H Habe'rlla (Bot.) P. N., 3 gcnui of Anacardiacex. ^^ 

Habli'tzia (Bot.) P. N. in ^ 

lonour of C. V«> BMHx, author of "Traieli ^H 


..[a™-...... ■ 

Habm'nthua (Bot.) iV-". ' 

lelicate.i.fl.., a flower; probably referting to ^H 

^H texture of bloiTonu. 


:, delicate, acinfibi ; a genus of Acanlhacete. ^H 

^H HabTo'ceruB (£nt.) i^e^i.-, • 

lelicate, Ufir, a horn. ^H 

^H Habro'phoTa(Ent.)^Spf,,d 

^H HabroB'tola (Ent.) i£^'„ beautiful, ^tox.«, drer<. ^H 

^H of Solanacei. 


Hukney (Zool.) as applied to a liorfe, i> fometimei faid to come from ^^ 

Hackney, near London, 

but the French k^uenii is alfo fuggened. ^H 

HBoque'tia (Bot.) P. N. in 

, honour of .fid/<^>>- Ha^q-t, a French lutu- ^| 

^^^ nUft and traieller, di>^ 

iSij; a geniu of UmbeUiferx. ^| 

^^1 Hade'na (Ent.) £.)<, the nether world ; on account of the dark colour of ^| 

^^H the ipecin in thli eeoui 


m^^ . 


J 98 HAD — HAL 

Hade'nidSB (£nt.) hadena, fam. term, ida. 

Haddock (Ichth.) IriQi, codog ; old French, hadot. 

Ha'drus (Ent.) *5^V, thick, ftrong ; a genus of Diptera. 

HsBmadic'tyon (Bot.) mfAu, blood, ^(xTtf^v, a net ; referring to the leaves. 

HsBma'nthus (^Bot.) tufAtx^ blood, avd«f, a flower. 

HsBmapo'physes (Zool.) «t/ua, blood, apophyjis ; in alluflon to their 

phytiological relations with the great blood-vessels. 
HaBmato'bium (Zool.) oT/mo, blood, /3t«ft>, to live; fpecific name of a 

paraiite found in the portal vein and other blood^vedels. 
HsBmatoco'ccus (Bot.) «iJbc«-Td?, blood, kaxxa;, a berry ; a microfcopic 

HaBmato'chrous (Bot.) tiX^a.-r(ii^ blood, x^""* colour. 
HsBmatocrya (Zool.) a^a-To;, blood, x^t;o$, frod ; correlative of the 

Hsema'topinus (£nt.) at/ua, ai/bcaro;, blood, mtr«, to drink ; a parafitic 

genus of Pediculidae. 
HaBmatopodi'nse (Oinith.) aXiAa-Tn^ blood, 70^;, 9ro^0;,a foot ; red-footed. 
HaBinato'pota (£nt.) «(/»«, atjbcaro;, blood, 90x17?, a drinker ; a genus of 

HaBmatopus (Omith.) taf*.tx.^ a^At-o;, blood, vcu;, a foot ; red -footed ; 

a genus of Birds. 
HsBmato'pygus (Omith.) atjuo, af/cAaTo;, blood, itvt'it, the rump. 
H8Bmator'chis(Bot.)«(/(Aa, asr/MaTo;, blood, orr^/r ; a genusof .Orchidacese. 
HsBmatospe'mum (Bot.) a^Jbca, uTfjtara:, blood, a-vipf*u^ feed ; a genus of 

Heemato'strobus (Bot.) m/xa, aXfAaro^y hXood., Jirobus, a genus of Balano- 

HaBmato'xylum (Bot.) «(jua, blood, fuXov, wood ; alluding to the colour 

of the wood. 
Hsemoca'rpus (Bot.) aifxa^ blood, xa^w»c, fruit ; a genus of Hypericaceae. 
HaBmo'charis (Zool.) a^a, blood, x^f^> ^^ rejoice ; a parafitic genus of 

HsBmodo'ruin (Bot.) atjtta, blood, JflD/»«», a gift. 
HsB^mopis (Zool.) al/bia, blood ; a genus of Annulata. H. Sanguifbrba is 

the common Horfe- leech. 
Ha'kea (Bot.) P.N. from Baron Hake^ a Overman patron of botany ; a genus 

of Proteaceae. 
Sala'carus (Zool.) «>.(, the fea, acarus, a tick or mite ; a genus of 


^^H Sala'droma(0 

HjIL - 


Sala'dioma (Omrili.) iiai/enit, one who rourles over the tea. 

a'thlum (Bat.) £>c, fait, i^iii, a flower ; a. genus ol Chenopodiacea:. 
Ha'IaraGlUle (Zool.) £«,(, lea, ifix^u, a Tpider ; a genus of Aracllaida. 
Haloainpa (Zool.) lit, the fea, kb^itb, a maggot ; a genus of Actinin;. 
Haloyor'nia (Foa, Omith.) hMiym, V''i Ijinl; an extlnfl birJ of iIil- 

Halealuum (ZooL) relating to the I'ea- 

Hale'cium (Zool.) S).c, the sea ; a genus of Zoophyte*. 

Hiae'sia (Bot.) P.N. from 5. Halt,, D.D., FJt.S., the Snowdrop-iive ; 

a genus of Nat. Ord. Styracaces. 
Hal'ia CEnt.) P.N. a Nereid or fea-nymph. 
Haliaetua (Ornith.) i^,, the tea, ittiu an eaglu. 

Hal'ias (Ent.) i;tiac, a filhlng-boat, in allalion to the form of the hria. 
Or from £>iac, belonging to the lira; perhaps in allulion to the colour 
of the perfect infect. 
&allbut or HoUbut (lAtii.) from M</ and Dutch hi or hi, a floundet ; 

i.e., holy ilouoder. 
Haliohts'ruB (Zool.) S»(, the sea, ,i;«f«i, a pig. 
Holiclloil'dTia (Zool.) iLt,s, iez, x''^fst caitilage ; a genus of Sponges. 
Hall'oors (Zool.) iki. the fea, .if», a maid. 

Hallao'ridEB (Zool.) ialiare, fam. term. iJ^; a family of Mimmalia. 
HftU'drya, (Bat.) ik:, the Tea, S^r, an oak ; a geuua of marine Algis. 
I Ha'UeUB (Omith.) iXti;, a filher ; a genua of Birds. 
I Halimodsn'droii (Bot.) ixifiui, maritime, iitifn, a tree. 
P'Ha'llmuB (Bot.) Sni^n, maritime. 

• Hali'onyz (Bot.) sXt, the fda.Diuf, a cla-tv ; a genus of marine Diatomacesr. 
Halio'tla (ZooL) iXi-i, Tea, t^c, xm, ear ; the fea Ear-lhell. 
HallpblB (Ent.) ikinkH,, failing on the Tea. 

HallBft'roa (Zool.) Sit, the fea, s-Efif, ?s{i.c, fielh; a genus of marine 
U'wriH (Hot.) S*;, the fea. rip..-, endive; it lias membranous frondi ; 
a genus of fucoid Algie. 
f Ballldim'a (Zool.) aXf, the lea ; a geuus of marine . 
I Hallthe'rium (Fos. Zool.) Sx(, ixl;. the fea, Bifi 
extinfl cetacean of the tertiary. 

ia (Bot.) P.N, in honour of jilhn Hulln, a difUngullhvd botanift, 
phyfiologiil, and phyllcian. 
I HaUe'sus (Ent.) a genua of the Phryganidii'. 
isa'Uia (Bot.) P.N. from Aryn- Afortw HM, a pupil of Unnaiui. 

wild beaA; 

Hajluca'tua (Zool.) helkx, s Lhumb or gieat toe. 

Halmatu'rUH (Zool.) Sk^i.a fpring or leap, lup.atail ; applied to ce 

of the Kangaroos. 
Halo'otuiTlB (Boc.) ikt, sXic, Che Tea, charii ; a genua of Chenopodiai 
Haloge'tou (Bot.) ^i, fia, ytmn, a neighbour ; loret lilt-water ; a % 

of Chciiopodiacwo. 

Hologloa'sum (Bot.) S>.t, fca, ^XSirra, longne ; a genu! of marioe Al{^,4 
HaUo'meDUB (Ent,) i>.=^.,, to fpring or l*ap. 
Haio'nia (Fos. Bot.) dim. of halt, the laminoui circle round the fun ; ■ '1 

folHl genus intermediate between Lycopods and CoaiCenj aUb,agi 

Halo'phila (Bot.) ol^t, lea,^Ai«, to love; lores iea-water; a gmui offl 


Halo'pithya (Bot.) i\,, fca, vnit, a pine-Iree ; a genus oF marine Alg«. j 
Halo'pterla (Bot.) S.\i, tea, wn^t, a fern ; a gtnua of marine Algz. 
Halora'glB (Bot.) S>.c, the Tea, fif, a betiy, especially a grape; 

gtnus of aquatic family HaJorageaeete. 
Hftlorblza (Bot.) «X(, lea, /.fa, root ; a genui of marine A%™. 
HaJ OSB 'colon (Bot.) ^k[, lea, rsmiin, dim. of rsixBi, a linall bag; 

genus of marine AlgiP. 
HaloachCs'aUB (Bot,) SXs, Tea, F;t;iTni;, a rulh ; " Sea-fide nilh " ; a geiw 

of Cypetaceie. 
Halo'BtecbyB (Bot.) b»(, fea, m^x'"' = bunch or dutler ; a genus of Che J 

Ha'lorylon (Bot.) i*,. fait, ^a«, wood ; a genus of Chenopo. 
Halte'reB (Ent.) Lai. bataneen;, fiom halttr, a weight or dumb-bell ; Ibia 

membranous appendai^ to certain Dipterous infects, 
HaJte'rla (Zool.) i.i.t„,. a dumb-bell ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Halterlp'tems (Ent.) ky,nf, a duoib-hell, wTlfM, a wing, from the fma 

bodies on the top of the wings in Ibme Dipterous insefia. 
Haltero'pliOI^ (Bot.) i.XTir,f,i dumb-bell, 44'^, to bear; a genu 
HalUoa (Ent.) ii.tMt, good at leaping, active. 
HBlUoha'lla (Ent.) dim. of Hahha. 

Halu'rUB(Bot.)>>>i|, fea, lE^, tail; a genus of marine Alga:. 
Halyme'nia (Bot.) Sl<, the fra, ipn, a membrane; a genus of ma 
Halyai'tea (Fob. Zool.) iiAwicachain ; the chain-pore coral of the p 

loic (Irata. 
Hamadryaa (Zool,) P.N., a nymphof the trees; a genus oi 

ophidians ; and in Botany, a genu* of RanuncuUcesc. 

^^^^^^ HAM HAR j^^ 

^^H Hamome'liB (Bot,) S^uai, together with, /^Xj>, 



^^f Homalia (Bot.) P.N. from H. L. Du Ham,l 

a, jw™™. 

,, » celi^braud H 

^^ botanift.who died in 1781. 


HamBllua (Ert.) *^<„. 3 hook. 


HamUto'nia (Bot.) P.N. fiom Mr. H^mUtm, a 

n American 

botanist. ^H 

Ha'mlte (F™. Zool.)i™i«,a hook : the Hook-lhell; a e^nus. 

afAmmoniti^^ ^H 

EftWtaB (Fob. Zooi.) A»™, a hook. 


HuQo'des (Ent.) hwnu,, 1 hook, >n.(. iike. 


Ha'miUa (Ent.) dimin. of Aonui, a hook. 


Haalioa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Simanibaces, 


Hapall'dium (Bot.) k'm^t.i-., foft ; a genus of Alga. 


Hapaloate'phlmn (Bot.) inaiit, foft, tnt/i 

„ a crown 

, .g.,.«..i H 



Hapalo'HB (Zool.) i^-J-it. foft. tender. oIi, 4« 

(, the ear, rabbit-eared. ^M 

Hapla'nthera (Bot.) «w;i«:c, (imple, anthtr; a 

genus of Acanthacete. ^| 

Hapla'ria (But.) nvXiC;, limple ; a ^nus of Fu 



Haploce'rcua (Zool.) LjiXis, plain, xi^t, a U 

11; igeaus 

of Colubrine ^M 



Haplodl'otyon (Bot.) ii,*,!;;, fimple, }i»Tu«, a 

. net ; a genus of Polypo- ^^H 

^H dioid Filicts. 


^H Haploecia'dium (Bot.) k>^\,U, fimple, r..i3i 

.«, an umh. 

^Ua (umbel); H 

^B agetiunofUmbellifers. 


^" Ha-plota (Eat.) i„XjT„. plainnes.. 


Hapai'dophrya (Zool.) h,p,u,. a handagc, i^fit 


.,.e<Niu.of H 

Coluhrine ophidiani. 


Haidwl'ckJa (Bot.) P.N. from M^jcr Gm. HarJ«,kl, E.I.C 

. AMU..,. H 

Hara (Zool.) A,gl«-S<,x. *j™. 


Hare'ngaa (Ichth.) Grrman, har, an aimy ; to 

enprefi the 

van numbers ^H 

;□ which the Heriing occuo. 


^^1 aare'Btall Cotton-grasa (Bot.) Seemn to be 

a ttanlUtii 

>n of " J<.ncx^ ^H 

^^H ^flny cam Cauda Lif trial," its name in J. 

Bauh. ii. 5i4;and Pluk. ^| 

^m Almae.,^°<. 


^^^ Hare'wort (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. iarr-^yri. 


Harla'ndta (Bot.) P. N., a genus of CucurhitMi 



Haro'nga (Bot.) its name in Madagafcar. 


Ha'rpa(Zool.)Z,flf. sharp; the Haip-sheU. 


HaipaohBana (Bot.) i^-o, » Gckle, i^*., poor, 

, a geniu of CompofitEB. ^^ 

Harpa'chne (Bot.) i^,. » fickle. *jt"., chatT; 

a genus of G 


ramina. ^H 

lot HAH — HAS 

Hsurpa^ctopus (Ent.) iitraxros^ fnatched up, ir«Dj, a foot ; a genus of 

Harpa'ctus (Ent.) afirectiros, fnatched up ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Ha'rpagus (Ornith.) harpagoy to rob or plunder. 
Harpa'lidsB (Ent.) harpalus, fam. term, ida, 
Ha'rpalus (Ent.) apvaXost greedy ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Hsurpalyce (Bot.) P N. from Harpdyce^ daughter of Lycurgus, king of 

Thrace ; 

" qualis equos Thre'ifla fatigat 
Harpalyce, volucremque fuga praevertitur Hebrum." 

ViRG. J£xi, i. 320. 
Harpane'ma (Bot,) a^nrq, a fickle, v?jua, thread ; a genus of Afclepiadacez. 
Harpa'nthus (Bot.) «^w»), a fickle, a»Soff, flower; a genus of Junger- 

Harpella (Ent.) «^ir»), a fickle. 

Harpe'phora (Bot.) Sifmn-i a fickle, ^e^«, to bear ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Harpoca'rpus (Bot.) apim, a fickle, xeifmost fruit ; a genus of CompofiUe. 
Harpocliilus (Bot.) «f ««, a fickle, ;^i»'Xof, a lip ; a genus of Acanthacese. 
Harpo'chloa (Bot.) apw»j, a fickle, ;^Xfl«, gtafc ; a genus of Gramina. 
Harpu'lia (Bot.) a genus of Sapindaceae. 
Harra'chia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Acanthaceae. 
Harriers (Omith.^ fiippofed to allude to their mode of feeking their prey : 

they fly flowly along at a little di (lance from the ground, apparently 

beating over every part of the fiirface, in the manner of a dog hunting 

for game. 
Harriso'nia (Bot.) P.N. from Mrs. HarH/on, of Aigburgh, Liverpool. 
Hart (Zool.) Anglo^Sax, heart. 
Hartig'hsea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Meliaceae. 
Harti'gia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Melaftomaceoe. 
Hartma'nnia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitac. 
Hartmannia'na (Ent.) P.N. in honour of i*. £. Hartmanny Profeflbr at 

Frankfort-on-the-Oder, bom in 1727. 
Harto'gia (Bot.) P. N. from J. Hartog^ a Dutch traveller. 
Hartwe'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Theodore Hartiveg, a fiiccefsful col- 
lector of Mexican plants for the Horticultural Society, London, who 

difi:overed this genus of Mexican Orchidacese. 
Harve'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Harvey , of Dublin ; a genus of 

ScrophulariacesB . 
b'seltia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Tiliaccsc. 

ta'seltla (Bot.) P. N^ a genus of Apocynacea:. 
'- HaBBallft (But.) P. N. in honour of ^. H. Hawaii, M.D.s a genus of 
void AJgffi. 

HassBlqulBtia (Bot.) P.N. from F. HaJilijiiiJI, M.D., Its difroverer, who 
died in 1751, he was a pupil of Liijniua, and « celebrated traveller in 
the Holy Land. 
Hosaka'rlla (Bot.) P. N., a genu.i of Pandanacea. 
Hasta'ta (Ent.) hmla, a Ipear ; from the fpear-Oiaped markings. 
Haata'tua-a-tmi (Bot,) Lai., having arrow-lhaped leaves. 
Haetla'aa (Ent.) P. N. in lionour of " Relnh. Hnfi, Fennus natus ad 
I Inleftorum hlatoriam, el in ilore xtat» perilt egregius disclpulus," 

I (LlNN^OS,) 

HaBti'nSia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of ByttneriaceK. 

Hautboy, or Hautbola (Bot.) thiM name of a ftrawberry is prohahly from 

the Ai^A^aidi of its native Bohemia ; in Frtrnch, haul-ini: 
miu'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jtrni Ju/ ffuuj,, the celebrated Cryftallo- 

graphcr, died iSii, agtfd 79; a geniu of Onagraceie. 
Have'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genua of ClufiaceaB. 

Hawk (Omith) Axgii^Sax. hafr. 

Hawkera'na (Ent.) P.N. in honour of J!™. «', H. H^tiryoi Homdean, 

Hants, who firft captured the fpecies in 1855. . 
Hawo'jrtliia (Bot.) P.N. fnjm A. H. Hawerih, F.L.S., a diftiDguiihed 

Haworthta'ta (Ent.) P. N. from -dl*™ flin^ flaiwrti, author of " Lcpi- 

doptera Britannjra." 
Ha'wtliorn (Bot.) A^gl^Ssx. hag, a hedge, thtrn, a thorn. 
. Itaxto'nla (Bot,) P. N,, a genus of Compofiti. 
\ Haylo'okia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mallhm Hin/'Ki, Heriierfs 

intelligent gardener ; a genus of Brazilian Amaryllidaccw. 
t Bay'nea (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Compofitre. 
t. Hazel-nut (Bot.) A«gl<^ax. A<ril-m,lu, i.e. Head-drefs nut, becaufe of iu 

peculiar involucrum. 
I Headleya'na (Ent.) firft captured in HiaiUry Lane, near Mickleham : jn 
: want of an efEcient fyftem of fcientific nomenclature. 

I Heath (Bot.) jiigisS^^c. h^h. 

I Heba'ntbe (Bot.) nrki, aiSif, a Rmver ; a genus of Amarautaeeie. 

I He'be (Bot.) P, N., the goddefa of youth; a genu» of ScrophuLri 

L He'bea (Bot.) fame derivition ; a g«iU4 of Irldacete. 


Hebea'ndra (Bot.) ml", i'i^, i-fifU, a male ([Hmen) ; i.i., having Itan 

rrfembling thofe of that genus ; a genus of Polygalacei. 
HabenBtrei'tia (Bot.) P.N. from J. £. Hcb^mlrdl, MJ)., PrafeiTo 

Botany at Leipfic. 
Heoae'rge (Ent.) §ixtifes, far-darting ; a gsnus of Arachnids. 
Henate'ra (Ent.) P.N., from 'E-iTn, the goddefs of the nethet world. 
Heotocotylua (ZooL) i>.iit»„ a huadiHl, »ti!;l«i, a fucka. 
Hecubffi'a (Dot.) PJJ. froin Muui^ wife of Priam, king of Troj ; a genu* I 

of Compofita:. 

Hedaro'iua (Bot.) n!^, Tweet, an>iR<T,fmeU; a genus of ChamfeLiudacez. I 
He'dera (Bot.) L^t. ivy, the word is thought by fome to be from the | 

Celtic hfiira, a cord. The true Hedera of the incienta ia fuppofed 6 

he a yellow-bprried variety of H. Helix, found in the Eafl Indies and' J 

oecaTionaUy in Italy. 
Hedgehog (ZooL) perhaps from uniin-hog, or from its form and place of , 

Hedraio'phyllum (Hot.) i!f««r, fixed, fedcntary, fuXXat, leaf; a geatu of I 

Hedraid'stylis (Bot.) iSpiisf , fixed, mixa, pillar (ttyle) ; a genus of EO' 

Hedwi'gia (Bot.) P. N. &>am Jidu ^itwig, the great Bryologift, 

in 1799; a genus of Weft Indian Amyridacei; alfo a genm 

Cryptogam ia. 
Hedwiei'dium (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JJia-!-. Halwig, a dillingui/ 

German Botanift, bom 1730, died 1799; a genus of Mnfe 
Hedyoa'rpus (Bot.) ^ii,, fweet, Bufwit, fralt ; a genus of Sa| 
HedyoaTya (Bot.) nlui. Tweet, iipm, a nut ; a genus of Moaimlaeea. 
Hed/ohiimi (Bot.) iiSvi, fweet, xi*» fnow. 
He'dycrtmi (Ent.) Hut, pleasant ^^a, colour; a genus of brilliinl 

coloured Hymenopterous insefb. 
Hedyo'smum (Bot) Uu;, fweet, iir,Aii, a fmell ; agennsof Chlotanthacee. 
Hedyo'tis (Bot.) His, fweet, »e, "Tii, an ear ; it has leaies liki 
Hed/pnoiB (Bot.) iJi.-, fweet, thb, to breathe ; it fcents the 1: 
Hedy'sarum (Bot.) ttii, fweec, ifuftx, a fpice ; s genui of Legumlnolz. 
HeegerlBl'la (Ent.) P.N. in honour of Utrr EnJI Hagir, author 

■' Beitraje jur naturgefchichte der Phyfapoden." 
He'eria (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Melaftomaceie. 
Hega'mone (Bot.) iytfiit, a leader ; a genuj of Ranunculaces. 
Hegsteoliwel'lera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofii. 




Heifer (Zool.) Anglt-Sax. *«/«, s young cow. 
Hel'mla (Bot.) P.N. from Dr. Hria, a celebrated Berlin phyllcian, 
He'inBia (Bot.) P. N., a gtnus of CLnchonaceie. 
Helnze'lia C^ot.) V. N,, agenusof Acanthaceie. 
Helnzelma'imla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariacea:. 
Hoin'ala (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofe. 

HelBta'rU (Bot.) P.N. from i«iT™« ffijJw, Profeflbr of Botany a' 
Halltadt ; died in 175S. 

imping n 

r of the Sun 

He'lamys (Zool.) iXn, heat of the Can, fUt, a rat ; the Jumj 

found at the Cape of Good Hope. 
Helaro'tOi (Zool.) SJAik, the iiin, ffxTat, a bear ; generic 1 

Hele'nillin (Bot.) P. N. from HiUn, daughter of Jupiter and Leda, wift- 
of Menelaus, and the caufe of the Trojan war; 1 genus of Com- 

Heliao'tin (Oraith.) S»iot, the fun, ii-r.'.. a ray; a genua of Humming- 

Hollttn'gelltB (Omith.) SXut, the fun, ciyftXtt, an envoy or herald ; a genu* 

of Hun 


f, the fun, &,i. 

a Hower ; a genus of Hum- 

Helian'thsmum (Bot.) 8iim, the fun, Mtfitt, a flower; the Sun-rofe ; a 
genus of Cillace*. 

HeUantho'ida (Zool.) hkut, the fun, »8«, 1 flower, i?3a(, like ; a fiimily 
of Adioiform Zoophytes. 

Helia'nthua (Bot.) Ca»(, the iaa,iiiti, a flower; the Sun-flower; a genus 
of Compolltt. 

HeU'oldsa (ZooL) lAif, any thing fpirsl or twilted ; a family of Phyto- 
phagous gaReropocIi. 

Heliohry'sum (Hot.) !!>.»(, the fun, xf^"<t g"''' i referring to the golden 
blodbme of the original Ipecies ; a genus of Compofitie. 

EeUoomy'ceS (Bot.) ixnit, twifled, ftitit, a fungus ; a genus of Fungi. 

HeUco'da (Bot.) P. N. from HI^&m, the mountain of the Mufes. 

HelloOOa'rftB (Fos. Zool.) iM.x, fpiral, xip,, a horn. 

Helioopby'llum (Bot.) i>iiui[, twifWd, ^ixxw, leaf; a genus of Bryaceou^ 

He'Uoops (Zool.) itiag;, Cwifled, H, the eye; a genus of Ophidians. 

HeliaOBpe'rma (B<it.) hua;, twiiled, rvi^s, Cxd ; a genu) of Caryii- 

2o6 HEL — HEL 

Helicospo'rium (Bot.) ixi*oj, twifted, a-irofd^ a fporule ; it has twifted 

fporules ; a geiius of Hypomycetous Fungi. 
Helicoste'gia (Zool.) IXi^, a fpiral, ffriyyi, a chamber; an order of 

Helicosty'lum (Bot.) ixi»«f, twifted, ^tCxo?, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of 

Heliootha'mnion (Bot.) %\i»oe^ twifted, BafAviet^ a fmall (hrub ; a genus 

of Algae. 
Helico'trichum (Bot.) iXi»0St twifted, dpi^, r^tx^u hair; a genus of 

Helio'ta (Bot.) iX(xT«<, twifted, wreathed ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Helic'teres (Bot.) helix, a fcrew ; the carpels are twifted ; the Screw-tree. 
Helic'tis (Zool.) ixtxris^ rolled, twifted. 
Helierella (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Algae. 
Heliocaj/pus (Bot.) nxto?, the fun, xopTr^c, fruit. 
Helio'ceras (Fos. Zool.) hXio^j the fun, xipeti, a horn ; a genus of 

Ammonites. ^ 

Helioco'pris (£nt.) nXios, the fun ; the genus Coprh. 
Helio'des (£nt.) qxioet^ii;, like the fun, bright and beaming. 
Heliodi'nes (£nt.) ^xto;, h^nnsa whirling in the fun. 
Heliodo'za (Ornith.) Jlxioc, the fun, 5o£«, glory; a genus of Humming- 
Helioli'tes (Fos. Zool.) nXio^, the fun, x/flo;, a ftone ; an extenfive genus of 

corves of the family of Milleporidae. 
Helioma'ster (Ornith.) qxi^;, the fun, i<rrnp, a ftar. 
Heliopae'dica (Ornith.) qXto;, the fun, vaihuost young; a genus of 

Heliopelta (Bot.) iAwj, the fun, (alluding to the rays) «»Xt»j, a fhield ; a 

genus of Diatomaceac. 
Hellop'sis (Bot.) flXwj, the fun, o>(.ij, appearance ; referring to its flowers ; 

a genus of Compofitse. 
Helio'phila (Bot.) SXio^, the fun, <^iXl«, to love; a pretty genus of 

Helio'philus (£nt.) 9x(«f , the fun, <^iA.of , a lover. 

Heliomi'nSB (Ornith.) Sxio^ , the fun, S^tc, a bird ; a fubfamily of Anferes. 
Helioxy'otes (Ent.) 8^t«f ,the iun,o;t/itT»jc, a digger ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Hellospe'rma (Bot.) 8xi»f, the fun, avi^fjia, feed ; a genus of Caryophyl- 

"-iUo'thlcUe (Ent.) heliothis, fam. term. ida. 




Hello'thiB (EM.) iMM,, k 

orched by the fun. 


HaliotHrii COmith.) a>..«, 

the fun, 9f,t, hair; fometim 

es written Ndir- ^H 

^^^ riryi ; a genus of Humm 



^^L Hellotro'plum (Bot.) iiA»; 

, the fun, TfinB, a turning 

alluding to itt ^H 

^H flowers; now applied to 

another plant, the well-known and fragrant ^H 

^^F Heliotrope of Peiu ; a genu? of Ehretiaiese. 


Haiio'ttypha (Oraith.) Sii- 

H, the fun, T/ii-f «, luxury ; a 

genus of Hum- ^^H 



Helip'terum (Bot.) S*«, a bolt or nail, wtijs., a wing ; 

3 genus of Com- ^^H 

^ ponce.. 


^K Helito'phyUtim (Bot.) iX. 

!<;, like nails, ^iKkf, a \t 

,,l, . s.™. oC ■ 


^H Heiiia'nthera (Bot.) !!■£. i 

1 fpiral, intirra ; a genui of L 

onmlliacRe. ^M 

HaUa (Ent.) i\>.i, inafti^ity, delay. 


inu, ajicr, a flar : a genus of Ranunculacne. ^^H 

Hellabori'ne (Boi.) having 

1! EngUlhname ^H 

^^M of Epipaflis ; a genus of Occhi daces:. 


^B HeUeliorua (Bot.) ix.7,, in: 

F. aor. 1 of ri^i., to kill, Bifi 

■■., food ; referring ^M 

^^H to its poifonouB qualities 

. ; a celebrated genus of Ram 

anculaces. I'he ^M 

^B Hellebore of the ancients 

: wa, HeUeboHH orientalis. 


HeUe'nift (Bot.) P. N. from 

C. N. H^Jiniu,, ProftlTor at 


Helle'rla (Bot.) p. N., a gei 

iu« of Humiriacea. 


HBllman'iU (Ent.) P. N. i. 

1 honour of A. HiUmann, author of a trfatUi: ^^| 

on the Anatomy of Snak 

tB, pnblilhed at Gottingen, i 

»'7- ■ 

HeUwingia (Bot.) P. N., a 

genus of Hacourtiaeea. 


Helmi'ntliia (Bot.) i*^;.Si» 

,a little worm; referring to i 

its feeds ; a genu.i ^^H 



E*,uir(,J>.,a,ye.;, aworm; tl 

le worm-trails of ^M 



HelmtotHOQiio'rtUB (Bot.) 

Elf...!. l'.fi,rf.i. a worm, ^if 

.t, giar<;agenus ^M 

of Ceramian Alga; 


Hclmlothone'aia (Bot.) J>.A...,.I/,.i.fl«, aworm, .S^., a 

thread; a genus ^H 

of Alga:. 


Helmirt'thora (But.) Uftnti 

1 1^>6«, a worm ; a genns < 


genus of Hypo- ^H 

mycelous Fungi. 


Halminthoata'ohya (Hot.) 

■ii;uii(, tv^iiSsi, a norm, ^n 

•■i^U a bunch a ^H 

f^nui of OphiogloHaceoi 

i> Ferns. 


HBlEQiapo'rium (Bot.) i*^i 

•c, a worm, rni^i, a fporule. 

^ J 


Helo'cera (Ent.) Sj.«, a nail, »i,-,-, a horn, 

Helode'rma (ZooL) Sx«, i nail or ftud, i^«, the (kin. 

Helode'nnidEe (ZooL) iilulinKi, bm. term, ub ,- the Caltetepom otm 

Hb lodes (Etit.) B»w, » mil, iDm. like. 
HelodUH (Fo5. Ichth.) Si«, a nail or ftud, .M{, a tooth ; " fiad-tooth ; " 

3 genus of ceftnciant filh-teetli of the carboniferous rocks, 
Helo'gyne (Bot.) !*.«, a bolt or Eail, yitn, female (piilil); a gemu ol 

Helo'nias (Bot.) iket, a marlh ; alluding to its habitation. 
Helopho'rldEB (Ent.) a hmHj of Coleoplera of which Hilnphsna is ihc 


Helo'phorua (Ent.) !»«, a wart or knob, ^nfn, to bear. 
Helo'phytum (Bot.J (.".of, a nail, ^urti, a plant ; a gsnus of CraHiilacei. 
Helo'pidiB (Ent.) a f»mi!y of Coleoptera of which Helapi is the type. 
He lops (Ent.) nhic, a wart or knob, i<t>f, refemblance. 
HeloBola'dium (Bot.) 11107. a marlh, mriiSiw, metaphori rally an umbelli- 1 
ferous plant, an aquatic genus of Umbelliferx ; vWi Gymnofciadlam. \ 
Helota'rauB (Omith.) i!\S(, a nail, (oi/w. 
Helo'tium (Bot.) JSxk, a nail ; a genus of Fungi. 
Helve 'lla (Bot.) a name employed by Cicero for a fungus ; Tome think a. 

fort of fmall cabbage ; a genus of Fungi. 
HelTeUoa'ria (Ent.) Hihuicu,, Swifs. 
HelVola (Ent.) hchalui, pale yellow. 
HemeroTjiel'la (Ent.) dim. of hi^tfi3<K, living for a day, or refemblinff.J 

3. Nimrroilas, a Neuropterous fly. 
Hamero'biua (Eut.) n/iip, day, Siia, to live; a genus of Neoropten 

Hemeroblem'ma (Ent.) Vf'-'i tame, foft, fikl*i^ii, the look, vi&ge. 
Hemeroo'alliB (Bot.) n/iifnt, a day, MXi.«(, beauty ; referring to its dura- f 

tioo ; a genus of Liliaceee, 
Hemero'phila (Ent.) ifiifa, the day, ^>i7i, to loie. 
Hemlau'lus (Bot.) i/i>, half, uXn, a chamber; a genus of Diat 
8 (Bol.) n|Ui, half, iuif«i„ fruit, >3^, a tall; : 

Hami'oeraa (Ent.) IWie-w, half, ■!/!(, a horn. 
Hemice'ridm (Ent.) a family of which Hmiarai is the type. 
HemiohEe'DaCBot,) lifji, half, j;«in;, to gape; a genus of ScrophuUriao 
Hsmlohlia'lia (Bot.J lifui, half, j^knr,*, a mantle; a genus of C/peracci:, m 


HEM — HEM 105 

Hemiahoris'te(BotO i|K>. half, ■j^m^istis, leparated ; 3 genus of AcanthaceE. 
Henil'oliroa (Bof .) i/ii, half, y_^U, colour ; a genus of Amarantatea!. 
Hemiol'dariB (Fos. ZooL) Sf*i, half, cidarU, having large fpine-bearing 

tubercles on the lower part of the ambulacra. 
SemloiF'cDS (Oraith.) ^1, half, ju^k, a tail ; it Ihould be Hnskirau 
Hemioli'ditt (Bot.) ifii, haJf, .n/i, nAnSij, a key ; a genua of Proteacea!. 
HomlooBmi'teB (Fos. Zoal.) \(m, half, nir^gr, order, amuigement; a 

ryftidean genus of the lower Silorian roclti. 
Hemloy'olla (Bot.) i|«i, half, nit^st, a ring or circle; a genui of 

Hemidactylel'la (Ent.) nfii, half; 5««-nrX.f, a finger or plnme, one of the 

(iTe divifions of the wings of a Pterophorus ; (lie moth fomewhat re- 

fembling a plume in the narrownefs of its wings and the length of thf 

Hemidac'tylus (ZdoI.) iijui, half, JxztvXi;, a toe; the Half'toed Geckos. 
Hemlde'emus (Bot.) >iju<, half. Jir^if. a band. 
Hamidio'tyoil (Bot.) n'fii, ''*'*t ^^■•"vn, a net ; a genus of Polypodioid 


of Colubriae 

HamicUp'sas (ZooL) ifii, half, !i-J.b(, a feipent 

Heml'gale (ZooL) i«i, half, ymi.% a weaTel, 

Hemlgr'mnla (Bot.) '„^i, half, )>»,«>•;, nuked ; a genus of Verbenacen. 
Hamiayne (Bot.) ■><, ha!f, yu,k, female (piftil); a genua of MTrfinacea;. 
Hemilo'ba (Bot.) il^i, half, ).sSo;, a pod; a genus of Gelheraceie. 
Heml'meriB (Bot.) ^lu., half, (apt, a part ; a half-flower ; a genus of Scro- 

Hemionl'tla (Bot.) njui'mt, a mule : it is fuppofeJ Id be llerile ; a genus 

of Filices. 
Hemiphle'bium (Bot.) n/xt, haif, ^\i^. fiiSi 

I Hemipne'uatia (Fos. ZooL) ff 

1 Semipo'dius (Omith.) vjui, half, v^;, <vv^«e, 
bfence of thi; hinder toe. 
ipri'atia ( Fns. Zool.) if.., half, afiv-ni, the S 

210 HEM — HER 

Hemip'tera (Ent.) n/ui, half, irrtpovj a wing. 

Hemip tychus (Bot.) h/xiy half, vrt/^, vrvxosf a fold; a genus of 

Hemiram phus (Ichth.) n^, half, pa/A^og, a beak. 

Hemistil'bon (Ornith.) hfjuj half, ^t/x^«, to glitter ; a genus of Hum- 

Hemi'telites (Fos. Bot.) h/un, half, rixot^ end or termination ; a genus of 
oolitic ferns with abrupt pinnules. 

He mithea (£nt.) hfAtQiof, half-divine ; from the beauty of the inre£t. 

Hemithylaoa (Ornith.) hf*i, half, BvXaxosy a pouch ; a genus of Humming- 

Hemizo'ster (Fos. Zool.) hfxi, half, zojier, a fea-fhrub ; a genus of Siliceous 

Hemp (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. hanep. 

Hen (Ornith.) Angit^^ax. hen, 

Henfreya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Arthur Henfrey^ F,Jl.S., 
Profeflbr of Botany at Cambridge. 

Henico'stoma (Ent.) ivixof, Hngular, a-ro(A,»y the mouth. 

Hepara'na (Ent.) Wa^, the liver ; liver-coloured. 

Hepara'ta (Ent.) nir«^ the liver ; liver-coloured. 

Hepa'tica (Ent.) hvotrixee, liver-coloured. 

Hepa'tica (Bot.) hvetTixoi, relating to liver ; it has lobed leaves ; a well- 
known and pretty fpecies of Anemone. 

Hepial'idSB (Ent.) the family of which the genus Hepialus is the type. 

Hepi'alus (Ent.) hviaXos^ a fever ; from the fitful alternating flight of 
thefe infe£ts. 

Hepoo'lia (Zool.) hirtm, to call out, to roar ? 

Hepsetoi'des (Ichth.) hepfetus^ it^osj like. 

Hepse'tus (Ichth.) ancient name of a 6fh which was eaten boiled, from 
s^'^toft boiled. 

Hepta'phyllous (Bot.) inrra, feven, ^v.XXdv, a leaf; having feven leaves. 

Heraoan'tha (Bot.) qp«f, a hero, axmBet, a thorn ; Co called from its great 

Heraolea'na (Ent.) feeds on the Cow Parfnip, (^Heradeum Sphondylium.) 
Hera'oleum (Bot.) 'h^xAid;, Hercules ; it was facred to him ; a genus of 

Herba'na (Ent.) herba, grafs. 

Herber'tia (Bot.) P. N. from the late Hon, and Rev. W. Herbert^ Dean of 
Manchefter, an afliduous botanift. 


HsrlildEt (Ent.) kirhUut, grafiy. 

Her'bula (Ent.) t^r^, graft, herbage; frequenting giafly (pots. 

Haroothe'oe (Fos. Zool.) tp>;, a fence or hedge, %ix„, a lUeath ; a genui. 

of Foini DialomaceiE. 
HeMy'nB (Ent.) P. N. from the Htrciimn foreft of Germany. 
Hercynla'na (Ent.) P. N. from the Hcn^aian fateft of ancient Germany, 

lituaWd in the modern Bohemia. 
Heroy'nidte (Ent.) the family of Lepidoptera of which fliriynaia the type. 
HerlU'era (Bot.) P. N. from C. L. t'Hmtiir ic BruuUt, a French botanift ; 

the Laoklng-glals plant. 
Herma'nnia (Bot.) P, N. from Paul ffmnann, Profcfidr of Botany at Ley- 

HtfrniM (Bot.) the meaning is unknown. 

Hermi'nia (Ent.) the Hirmiaia gmi was one of the ancient patrician 

houfei at Rome. 
Hennini'idEB (Ent.) Hirmim^, fam. term. idx. 
Herrnl'rium (Bot.) P. N., a genus of terretlrial Orchidac«e. 
Hermino'dea (Ent.) Herminis, ii!ot, relembling, 
Hema'ndla (Bot.) P. N. from Frandfia Hcmamln, MM., a Spanilh 

Hemia'ria (Bot.Jimiifl, rupture; alluding to its luppofed medical qualities. 
Heron (Ornith.) frtmh, htrm. 
Harpea'taa (Zool.) ipirnFTBt, a creeper. 
HarpeB'tia (Bot.) ifnnrrrff, a creeper. 
Herpeti'ohnuB (Fos. ZooL) i^wiTn, a reptile, 'x"%, a footprint ; the 

Lizard-like footsteps in the New R-eil fandilone. 
Herpatodry'aa (ZooL) 'nimit, a reptile, !p«(, a Dryad ( a genus of 

Colubrine ophidian t. 
Herpotoich'thya (Ichth.) ifmi<, a reptile, i^w, a filh : a genus uf 

Harpatology (Zool.) i{«i™, a reptile, tiyn, a dercription ; that branch 

of Zoology which treats of Reptiles. 
Harre'ria (Bot.) P. N. from C. A. dc Hirnra, a SpaniOi agriciilturill. 
Herring (Ichth.) Pennant derives the word from the German hrrr, a hod ; 

Moule derives it Uomhiirioig, an old French word for a troop or army. 
Haaperft'ntha (Hot.) Ej-«p.t, evening, Woj, a flower. 
Heape'ria (Ent.) P. N., an ancient name for Italy. 
' Ell locus — Hefperiam Gtaii cognomine dicunt, 

wteni armis atqut uberc gleba." — Viao. Ma. !. 530. 

»ii HES — HBT 

Hesperildes (Ent.) the family of which the genus Hejperla is the type. 
Hes'peria (Bot.) ixwtpofi evening ; the flowers are fragrant only towards 

evening ; the Night-fmelling ftock ; a genus of Cruciferse. 
Hespero philus (Ent.) ia-m^os, evening, <})/Xoff, a friend. 
Hesperosoo'rdum (Bot.) ia-mpof, evening, a-Ki^hr, garlic; perhaps in 

alluItoB to its finell. 
Heteranthe'ra (Hot.) i-npef, variable, »t8np, an anther. 
HeterooerldsB (Ent.) the family of Coleoptera of which Hoeroeerus is 

tlie type. 
Hetero'oerus (Ent.) fn^of, different, xi^ac, a horn. 
Heteroohla'mys (Bot.) tr%^os^ different, x^-afAVi^ a mantle ; a genus of 

Heteroohro'a (Bot.) In^og, di^rent, x?**^ colour ; a genus of Caryo- 

Heteroola'dia (Bot.) srifo;, different, »\ahosy a branch; a genus of 

Ceramian Algz. 
Heterooo'ma (Bot.) tripof , different, xifAn, a tuft ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Heterode'ndron (Bot.) iri^ef, different, Vnifw^ a tree; a genus of 

He'terodon (Zool.) ttifos, different, ohZs, oiarrogf a tooth ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians ; and, in Bot., a genus of Bruniaceae. 
Heterodo'nta (Bot.) ftrt^os, different, ohus, e^err*;, a tooth ; a genus of 

Heteroge'neais (Zool.) Jn^*;, different, yivtcif, birth ; reproductive force 

acting through diflimilar cells. 
Hetero'gyna (Ent.) (n^?, different, ytnti, female ; a tribe of Hymenoptera. 
HeteroWna (Bot.) Irt^s, difl^rent, XaXva, equiv. to ;^X«rir«> a cloak ; a 

genus of Thymelaceae. 
Heterole'pis (Bot.) inp^f, different, Xiar/#, fcale ; a genus of Compofitte. 
Heterolo'ma (Bot.) iTs^og, different, x£/t««, fringe ; a genus of Leguminofse. 
HeterolophUB (Bot.) Inpo;, different, Xo<|>oc, creA ; a genus of Compofitse* 
Hetero'mera (Ent.) t-n^os, different, futiposi a part. 
Hetero'meris (Bot.) Inp*;, di&rent, /cxipoi, a part or portion ; a genus of 

Hetero'mita (Zool.) tnpot, different, /uiT«^a thread,/.^., filament; a genus 

of Infiiforia. 
Heteromor'plia (Bot.) Inpof, different, /t*op^>f, Ihape; a genus of 

He'teromys (Zool.) trtpos, the other, fwst a moufe. 

^^H Heterone'ma i 
^^P the 


It, mfLu, thread ; a genua of Infulb 

t, p-ippm, the dpwn of plani 
rent, ffiiyfit. a divifion oi 


ither, different, »;/«, body; h 
in which both eyes are on one fid 
ible, rrifi^, a feed ; in nllufion ti 


Heterone'ma (Zool.) iti{j[, dirtl 

of the family Euglenia. 
Heteropa'lpl l,Eiit.) having left I 

Eeteropa'ppus (But.) frr^c, dlHe 
of Compof,Ue. 

Heterophra'gma (Bat.) injsi, d 

Heteropo'gon (Bot.) iTifn, varic 
Hetero'ptarya (Bot.) (njnj, varif 
Hoteropy'gaa (Ent.) Eiijii, of an 

Heteroso'mata (Ichth.) irifn, 

diverfe fides like the flat filhea 

Hateroape'rma (Bot.) iTtji;, vari 

HeterOBphae'ria (Bot.) Eyifst, variable, nifiufiic, a fphere. 

Heteros'plla (Ent.) irfpin, changeable, ikAif, a fpot. 

HetelOBtegl'na (Zool.) injoi, diflerent, rrijn, a covering; a gennl of 

HsterotaiiB (Bot.) in^j;, variable, tbJh, arrangement 
Hstarotlio'ps (Ent.) iridic, another, ia^, a fawner. 
Beterou'ra (Zool.) iti^;, diflerent, oii{a,taiL 
Heuche'ra (Bot.) P. N. from ?. H. Hniikir, Profeflbr of Medicine at 

Wittenberg; a genua of Saxifragacei. 
Heusime'ne (Ent.) li^it, to bum, ^und, the moon ; the fbitwings having 

an alhy lunule on the inner margin. 
Hexace'ntriB (Bot.) i^, lix, >i>Tf», a priclde ; a fpk-ndid genua of 

Hesa'lobuB (Bot.) if. fix, t.iSii. a pod ; s genus of Annnacez. 
Hexft'mltft (ZooL) Jf, fix, i*it's, a thread, hating fix filaments ; a gtnus 

of infuforia. 
Hesa'nthera (Bot.) i£, fii;, jnihrr^ ,- a genus of Samydadae. 
Hexa'ntllUS (Bot.) i£. fin, ii3«, a flower ; a genus of Laurace». 
Hexapro'todon (Fos. Zoo).) if, li», ai(»iToJj5i, a front tooth; having fix 

front teeth ; a large pachyderm of the Pliocene and Miocene. 
Hezap'teia (Bot.) if, lix, wtifi; wing or feather ; a genui of Cnicifertc. 
Hezapten'ta (Ent.) Xi, fix, nn^r, ■ wing; lix-wingcd, including the 


IB (Zool.) if, ax, w^i,iyi=,, a little wiag. 
Heaar'rllBEa (Bot.) EJ, fiit, S^(>t«, a mile (ftaraen) ; a genus of Gnu 
Hexaae'palum (Bat.) S^, Tix^fiput; a genus of Cinchonaceie. 
Heza'toma (£nt.) if, Qx, ■riun, a cutting ; a genus of Diptera. 
Heiopa (Ent.) TJ, fix, ;+, the eye ; fix-eyed. 
Heylau'dia (Bot.) P. N, from M. H.^sliad, an attid employed by ] 

Heytoea (Bot.) P, N. from Dr. B. S^nr, a German botanift. 
Hiad'aula (Omith.) kialai, an sperture. 
Hibbe'rtia (Bnt.) P. N. from Gr^rgc Hibbcrt, a diilioguiOied colteetor ot I 

plants, a noble genua of DilleniacesB. 
Hibi'soua (Bot.) the Greek name for Mallow, now applied to a fplendld | 

tropica! genus of Malvacex. 

Hlema'Ua (Ent.) Lai. wii 

HleraoI'dea (Otnith.) ibmetimes written Jtraciilra, from lifaf , a hawk. 
Hiera'cium (Bot.) Ufi^, a hawk ; which is fupposed to Iharpea its light 

with the juice of the plant ; a genus of Compofitie. 
HleiO chins (Bot.) ii^i, lacred, x^'* Z'^^^ ! " genut of Grades. 
Hieroglypila'lls (Ent.) haying wing-marks resembling hieroglyphics, 
Hierogly'pliioa (Ent.) Mm^Jih-lih mirkiogs. 

Hi'Uia (Bot.) P. N. from Sir Jokn Hit!, a loluminoua botanical author. lia. (Bat.) 'i*ii, I^b>tic, a leathern thong, Uaux, tuKurianC ; 

a gtnua of Alpe. 
Himanti'diulQ (Bot.) litis, I/nimi, a leathern thong, IiJ«, like ; a gcDHB;! 

Himanto'pborus (Zoo!.) Ifiit, V""«> =■ thong, iifn, to bear; a gennf 1 

of Infuforia. 
Hlma'ntopua (Omith) t/iai. Ijuanrtt, a leathern thong, irilj 

genas of Birds. 
Hl'mera (Ent.) P.N., the name of an ancient city in Sicily, 
Hl'odBts. (Bot.) P. N. in honour of K. B. Hindi, Eiq., a aealous natural! ft. 
Hipis'teB (Zool.) unexplained ; a genua of Ophidians. 
Haplogra'phium (Bot.) ivxUif, limple, yfifn, a marking; a genui 

HlppaTchia (Ent.) P.N.; agenosof I*pidopterou» infedh. 
Hippel'aphua (Zool.) r«iiM,a horie, ikif sc, ao elephant; the latter f 

its ivory-like homi. 
Hl'ppia (Bot.) tiKH-, a liorfc ; horftt are fiind nf the original plant. 
Ht'ppioa (Bot.) rwBjf, a horic, fc(,a violet; horfe-violct . 

e IIiE^pe 

Hlppoorate'a (Bot.) P.N. from HiffxnUt, the lather of phyfi. 
HJppOCra'pia (Bot.) finn^ a liorfe, vif't. » Aioe ^ referring to 

of the pod ; a pretty genus of Leguminofie. 
Hippodami'ft (Ent.) P. N.,an ancient mythological name. 
Hippopo'dium (ZooL) iwwos, a horfe, vmt, wati;, a foot ; a genus of 

Hlppoglos'sua (Ichth.) finrgf, a hode, y\aaan, a IDngue. 
Eippola'is (Omith.) Time, a horli:, XaU.. limil. 
Hl'ppolyte (ZooL) a genua of Cniftacea. 
Hippo'mane (Bot.) Xvhk, a horfe, /wii», madoefs; referring to the 

el!e£b of the original plants upon horfes; the mancbineel tree; 

Nat. Ord. Euphorbiacex. 
Eippoma'rathrum (Bot.) Xwni^, a horfc, ^a^^gi, fenrtel. 
Hlp'ponyjt (Zool.) fjriTJi, J horle, AuJ, a (iaw, or hoof; a genus of 

Hi'ppophae (Bot.) Tuirat, a horfe, ^aa. to Ihine; the foliage n cotered 

with glittering I'cales ; Nat, Ord. Elragnaccffi. 
Hlppopotam'ina (Zool.) hlfpapttamu! ; a fub-famlly of Mammalia. 
Hippopo'tamus (Zool.) Tii-Trst, a horte, «BT»fti;, a river. 
Hippo ^UB (Zool.) "nrnni, a horfe, ••!(, a foot. 
HippoHi'deroB (Zool.) r«»c, a horfe, s'iinfn, ttrength. 
Hippotho'a (Zool.) P.N. from the name of a Nereid ; a genus of Polyioa 

■ iTirsAn, Ti^irrii, «ai 'imnvsn ftlmnijp/c. 

'The charming Hippothoa and roJy-armed Hipponoe. — Hision. 
Hlppu'rli (Bot.) rmtt, a horfe, cCfi, a tail ; the item refembles a horfe'i 

tail ; Nat. Ord. Halorageaceic. 
Hippu'ritea ^ Horfe-t;.iis. 

Hippuil'tldffl) ^ ' ' ^ ' ' 

Hlptolia (Ent.) CuT.M, lying with the face upwardt. 
Hirs's (Bot.) P.N. in honour of y. «. A /a iii,r, o French phyfician wlw 

died In lyty. 
Hi'ioufl (ZooL) Zcf. a he-goat. 
HlrUllB (Ent.) «r(w, hairy, 

Hirta'riUE (Hut.) hi^l«,, hairy. 

Hlrte'Ua CBot.) Airtm, hairy, alluding to the young branches, 

Hl'rtU9-a-um (Ichth., Bot.) Zai. ihaggy, hairy. 

Hirundo (Omith.) Lai, > Jwall-ow ; a genus of Palferei. 

Hispaniole'naiB (Ornith.) Liil. relating to the illand of St. Domingo. 

Hl'apidte (Knt.) kijpidm, (haggy. 

Hiaplda'ria(Enc.)Ai^;./«, Ihaggy, rough. 

Hi'spidua-a-um (Zool., Bot) kif/iidiis, Ihaggy, rough. 

Hi'ator (Ent.) ^Ifirio, an actor ; a genus of Coleopteta, remarkable for 

feigning death when alarmed. 
HiBta'rldBB (Ent.) MJIcr, fam. term. irfa. 

Hiatrio'nica (Omith.) hifiri^icu^, pertaining to an aftor. i 

HiBtropeu'thiB (ZooL) iijlr'a, an ailor, wiu&'.s, a cuttle-liih. 
Hobby (Zool.) is defined by Sherwood in 1650 as " Cheval Irlandda "— J 

" Of fuch outlandilh horfeE aa arc daily brought over unto as I speak j 

not, as the genet of Spain, the courier of Naples, the hobby of Ireland,.] 

the rlemilh roile, and the.Spaniih nag." — Hahiuson's Defcriplion irf J 

England. The name of Hobby is also given to one of the Falcons. 
Hodgso'ni (Zool.) P. N, in honour of B. R. Bodgfif, E>q. 
HoffmanBe'ggia (Bot.) P. N, fiom J. C. mffa^^^igg, a diftinguilhe. 

natural id. 
Hog (Zool.) K''t^,Vi. 
Hohenwarthia'jla (Ent,) P. N. from Von H^lurwarih, author (in conji 

tion with Reiner) of "Botanillte Reifen, «.i. ™. (Ulm. 179J.J" 
Hoi'tzia (Bot.) bdieil, iti n^me in Mexico. 
Ho'lous (Bot.) r*«i., to extras : the plant was fuppoTed to eitraft \ 

thorns ; a genus of Grades. 
HoldenBl'la (Ent.) P. N. from the old fcmily name //oi/n., of Holden, in 

HoUy (Bot.) A^aSax. Boi^n. 
Holmla'aa (Ent,) named &om the capital of Sweden (Hulmm), Stockholm..! 
HoljnBldo'ldia(Bot.) P. N. (ram Ti. itiJm-iMJ.aDanm botanical author. | 
Holooe'ntrum (Ichth.) f»t;, the whole, kiit^, a point ; a genus 

Acanthopterygian lilhea. 
Holooe'phallds (Ichth.) !ni, wbote, entire, u^aXa, the head. 
Holoohl'liU (ZooL) iAi(, whole.eDtire, jt^iiixf, the fnout. 
Holoda'otyli (Ichth.) S>us, entire, Ji^iituIik, a fin ; a fub-ordet of FiBiei. 
Hologe'rrhum (Zool.) f^s;, entire, yiffti, a Ihield ; a genua of Cohihrin^ 


- HOM 


a (Ent.) liji, perii'ct, vsfa^iiiiii, oblong. 
Holoserica'lis fEnt.) /mUfiricnu, wholly (ilkcn. 
HoloHerloa'ta (Enc.) iurntt^it, aU of tilk, filky. 
HolOBeri'oeuB-a-um (Zool., Bot.) ^'- wholly illken. 
Holo'ateum (Bot.) o*«, all, Sa-Tiw, a hone ; n genus of Caiyophyllacae. 
HoIo'atomiB (Ent.) J\«(. entire, o-Tiifio, mouth. 
Holotha'ria (Zool.) S\ii, whole, Sj^ai, a fmall hole or wicket, 
Holathuri'ads (ZooL) Hulaluina, uid fam. term ; a divifian of Echinn- 

HolutOphaJls (Zool.) oXsc, entire, tups, toil ; a genua of Colubrine ophi- 

Homalooraillon (Zool.) i|U«J.s'[, fmooth, nfnia, 1 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Homolo'psiB (Zool.) g/ultit, fmooth, Sif^t, appearanc 



! r a genus of Ophi- 
hody ; a genui of 

EomaloBo'nia (ZooL) i/uxji, linooth, 

Colubrine ophidians. 
HomalO'ta (Ent.) D/i«X«, even, fmooth. 
Ho'martta (ZooL) if^fii, well-adjuftwt, agreeing well togethtr; the 

HombBTgii (Ent.) P. N in honour of Homiierg. a German naturaiiBt. 
Home'ria (Bot.) P. N. from B'«tr. 
Homl'llldEe (Zool.) a lamily of Mammalia, of which Homo (man) is the 

sole genus and fpecies. 
Homo'OliTomouB (Bot.) iius., the iame, x/'f't colour. 
Ho'modea (Ent.) ifv,f, tike, equal, limilar. 
Somm'a (Ent.) S/AOnt, rLmllar, like, equaL 
Homcooola'dla (Bot.) ifimi, like, refemhling, n\iisi, branch ; a genus of 

HomCEEo'ma (Ent.) Sfum, like, rufis, the body. 

is (Zool.) Sjuof, likt, >.i.[rii, produflion ; rcproduftive force 
ting through (imilar cells. 

'ma (Ent.) S/tat, like, y^iiitfta, a mark. 

,0 (Fo>. ZooL) applied to parallel hands chatafteriied by the 
I fame or analogous fpecies ot CoKU, from ifmif, Uke, (•iii, life ; eqiii- 

valent to Ifozoic. 
HomomyB (ZooL) «/.ii(, the fame, Btya. a kind of muHei. 
Hointipti'ysB (Ent.) i/m, like, i^Cte, a pair of bellows. 
Homo'ptera (Ent.) ii^w, limilar, irTi,iii, wingi. 

HQM - 


Homopte'ridEB (Ent.) fam. of which genns Homtplera is the type. 
Hooke'rla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir IVittiam •Jacijai Hoeicr, LL.D. 

Director of Kew Gardens ; a genua of Mufci. 
Hoopoe (Ornith.) Germ. Jits+; Lai. a fa fa ; Fr. hapfn *«/.//, tufterf ; a.| 

genus of Paiieres. 
Hop (Bot.) from the Angl^ax. *ii//a«, to dimh. 
Ho'poa (Bot.) \ P. N., and 
Hopaft'na (Bot.)' P- N. in honour of Mri. Thtma, &/«, of 

to whom the Franeifca Hopeana was firft fent by her brother, I 


lir, ayyt!, a cup; agcnus of SeaAni 

Hoplon'gia (ZdoI.) oi>.gr armo 

Ho'plia (Ent.) omk5., armour, 

Hopllfl'tea (Ent.) JiXirriit, a warrior ; a geniiB of Diplera. 

Hoploce'phalus (Zool.) SxXat, armour, ■i^isA.ii, the head ; a gem 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Hoplomy'tiluB (Zool.) Sa>.m, armour, nytila, ; a genus of Mollufta. 
Hoploate'tlms (Ithth.) ixt-ii, armour, u-riBoj, the breaft ; a genus a 

Acanlhopterygian filhes. 
Hopo'rina (Ent.) oub^is;, autumnal. 
Ho'rdaum (Bot.) Lai. liariey ; a genus of Grafles ; — 

" Grandia fipe quibus mandavimus hordea fulcis." — Vrec. E< 
Horke'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Jain ffurhl, Profetlbr of Phyfiology at Bei 
Horma'Uiia (Zooi.) off*«flSt, a necklace of pearls. 
Hormi'aum (Bot.) iffiiai, lo roufe, &am its ilimulating qualities : 

of LabiatiD. 
HoTmo'ceras (Zool.) it>'"> ' necklace or chain, sicac, a horn. 
Hormo'apora (Bot.) Sfjmt, a necklace, j^a; a genus of AlgK. 
Homema'miia (Bot.) P. N. from PrsfiZ/ir Sarntmann of Copenhagen. ' 

Hor'net (Ent.) A-gh-SaK. Ayrxn. 

HolBO (Zool.) Atgl-^Sax., Old D-Uk, Old Girt 

Horafleldli (ZooL) P. N. in honour of the iate Dr. H^rJ^ld, who ■ 

on the Zoology of Java. 
Hortel'la (Ent.) hm.., a garden 
Horto'nBla (Bot.) in honour of ^/cn Berlai/c ; the Hydrangea Bprl 

is the common Hydrangea. 
Horte^BlB (Ornith., Bot.) Ld. relating to a garden. 
Horto'luB (Bol.) a little garden. 
Hortuel'lua (Ent.) A»rtw, n garden. 
Hortula'mt (Ornith.) iertalami, pertaining to a garden. 

Hortalia (Zool.) nXui, deadly; a genus of Ophidians. 

Hoaaak'U (Bot.) P. N. from D. Tl^^it, M.D., F.S.S. of New York. 

Hoa'ta (Bot,) P. N. from N. T. ffofl, a German botanift. 

a)tto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from P. Uaian, a Prafeflbr in the Univerfity of 

Leyden, who died in 1709; an aquatic genus of Primulacex. 
Houbara (Omith.) native name. 

Houlla'tia (Bat.) P. N. in honour of M. BeuUi, 3 FrKQch gardener. 
HonBto'nia (Bot.) in honour of W. Boiyioi, M.D., a Britilh botaniR, 


Houtta'ynia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. HoMaya, a yirtuofo of Am- 

Ho'vea (Boc.) P. N. from A. P. ffow, a Polilh botanift and traveller in 

the Crimea and PerGa j a genus of l.egununoliE. 
HoTs'nla (Bot.) P. N. from D. H™™, ■ fenator of Amfterdam. 
Howa'rdia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Emiard,-»ho wrote on the 

Ho'ya (Bot.) P. N. from Tioaas Hsg, F.Z.S. gardener at Syon Houle, who 

died in 1811 ; the WaK- flower ; a genus of AfclepiadaceK. 
Hnb'neri [Ent.) P. N. in honour of JaM BWwr, author of Veneichnifs 

bekaunter Bchmetlerlinge," 1B17. 
HudBQ'nia (Bot.) P. N. from W. mdfia, F.R.S.. a botanical author, and 

compiler of one of the earliell Englilh Floras. 
HudBO'luUB (Zool.) Lai. belonging to Hudfon's Bay. 
.. Hao'mla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Su^^b^, an early ooUeflor of 
i Cape plants. 

Hogo'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Or. A. J. Hup, Hanover, a fritud 

Hnlo'del (Eat.) iJxBinf, woody. 

Hnlo'lUdee (Ent.) the fam. of which the genus Hulodri is the type. 
Hnfflbol'Ui (Bot., Ichth.) P. N. In honour of Alasambr vim Humbeldl, the 

great German philolbpher. 
Hu'mea (Bot.) P. N. from Zn^ Humi, of Wormleyhury ; a curious genua 

of Compoliln. 
Humera'lis (Ent.) kimcrak, a cape or covering for the Ihoulder. 
Humldalia (Ent.) kvmhhu, moift, damp. 
HumlduB-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lat. moift, wet 
Htt'mllis-e (Ent., Bot.) l^t. humble, low, (tight. 
Hiimoni'lls (Ent.) hm^r, fluid, moifture. 
Hum'phreyla (ZuoL) P, N,, a genus of MoUuka. 

220 HUM — RYD 

Hu'mulua (Bot.) humus^ the ground ; if not fupported it creeps along the 
ground. The common Hop ; Nat. Order Cannabinacez. 

Hunnema'nia (Bot.) P. N. from John Hunneman^ a botanift. 

Hun'tleya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rev, Mr. Huntley^ a zealous culti- 
vator of Orchidaces. 

Hu'ra (Bot.) its South American name ; the Sand-^ox tree. 

Hutchin^sia (Bot.) P. N. from Mtfs Hutchms^ an Irifh cryptogamiil ; a 
pretty little genus of Cruciferas. 

Hy'acinth (Bot.) P. N. from Hyacinthos, killed by Apollo. Profeflbr 
Martyn believed the Hyacinth of the ancients to have been the Tiger- 
lily. It mud certainly have been a kind of tum-<:ap lily with a bul- 
bous root. 

Hyaoin'thinus (Omith.) Muvdivof , purple-coloured. 

Hyaoln'thus (Bot.) P. N., fee above. 

HysB^na (Zool.) beuyety nri£Uy, a fbw, but afterwards applied to a wild 
bead having a mane like a hog, whence applied to the Hysena. 

Hyseni'na (Zool.) a rub-£unily of Mammalia. 

Hy'ala (Zool.) SaXo?, glafs ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Hyalea (Ent.) P. N from HyaU, a nymph in the train of Diana. 

H3ralina'lis (Ent.) laXnot^ glafs-green. 

Hy'aline (2^ool.) vaXoty tranfparent, glafly. 

Hyali'tis (Ent.) SaXoc, like glafs. 

Hyalone'ma (Zool.) vaXos, glafs, vii/Ma, a thread. 

Hyalone'midSB (Zool.) hyalonema^ fam. term, ida ; the glafs-rope corals of 

Hyber'nia (Ent.) hybernus, wintry ; in allufion to the time of appearaace 
of the infects. 

HybemildSB (Ent.) hyberniay fam. term, ida, 

Hybles'a (Ent.) P. N. from Hybla, a mount in Sicily. 

Hy^odUS (Fos. Zool.) h^Si a hump, 0^91;;, a tooth ; a genus of foffil (hark- 
Uke Fifhes. 

Hybrida'lis (Ent.) hybridwy mongrel. 

Hybrida'na (Ent.) hybridusy a hybrid, mongrel. 

Hy'brldu8'^-iiin (Omith., Bot.) Lot, mongrel, baftard. 

Hyda'tlcus (Ent.) i^etnMty watery, moift. 

Hyda'tina (Zool.) uhkr^os^ moid, watery ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Hy'dnum (Bot.) iihaty a truffle ; a Greek name applied by Linnnus to a 
genus of Fungi. 


^^™ Zoophytes. 

m-O — HYD 

'dra (Zoot.) \iifm, a water-lerpent, a fabled monllet with maay heaiU, 
(Zool.) a cooipoimd of hydni and aHiuLi : a genus of 

Hydradephaga (Ent.) igdra, piyv, to est. 
Hytira'idEe (Zool.) i^dra ,- a family of Zoophytes. 
Hydra'IiB (Ent.) D3«^ water. 
Hydrei'ngea (But.) Ctap water, iyytTf, a velfcl ; from the Ihape of the 

corolla ; the typic?al genus of HydtangeaccE, 
Hydra'stlH (Bot.) KIwp, water; it grows in humid places, 
Hydre'la (Bot.) LS^iii, watery. 

Hydre'lla (Ent.) liifn^it, watery \ from iU frequenting mnifl placet, 
Hy'drldtB (ZooL) BSjm, a witer-ferpeot, term ub; a family of Ophi- 

HydrU'Ja (Ent,) Et^^ water; the only fpecimen ta 

flying over a damp place. 
Hydrillo'dea (Ent.) igdnlh, iS«, refemhiance. 
Hydri'na (Zool.) i^ra ; a divifion of Zoophytes. 
HydraTjia (ZooL) W-j, water. B.™, to live. 
Hydro'blllfl (Ent.) C)a^ water, fl.i. 

in England w 

Hydrooam'pa (Ent.) vinf. 

iterplllar ; the larva being 

Hydro oampa'lls (Ent,) rcftmbling h^nKamlv. 

Hydro oa'mpldte (Ent.) the family of which hgdroaiapa n type. 

Hydro 'charia (Bot.) DIb^, water, x'f*'' E"ce ; typical genus of aquatic 

family Hydrocharidaceai. 
Hydro'cbloa (Bot.) Zlvf, water, ^^xia, grasa ; a genua of aquatic Gialles. 
Hydroohceri'na (Zool.) kgdnxhfrm ; a sub-family of l^ammalia. 
HydroolnE'rua (Zool.) uiuf, water, T^ifet, a hog, fwine ; the Water-hog, 

or Capyhara. 
Hydrooo'tyle (Bot.) vSaf, water, mtb>ji, a cavity; Marih Penny- wort. 

an in<igniRcant genus of Umbelliferx. 
Hydrodi'otyon (Bot.) Ei»f, water, Ji'mtbs., a net ; a genus of Algat. 
Hydro'ohua (Ent.) uim^ water, J«(, a haliitation. 

Hydrcs'oia (.Ent.) a«f, 
Hydro'lea (Bot.) tUf. 

of its growlh, and 

Hydromori'na (Zool.) ^yrfu, 

igg^gllt-d monadi. 

ter, iXri/a:, an olive tree ; referring ID tlie place 
the fact of its being oily; typical genui of 

H/dromTa (ZooU) Simp, water, ftZu a maufi;. 

Hydropeltl'de® (B"t') hydnptli'u, fam. term, iii; floating plants i 

Noith and Central America. 
Hydrope'ltia (Bot.) S)«ft water, tUtb, a fhield ; 
HydropM'Udffi (Ent.) hydnphlhs, fern. term. iit. 
Hydro'philUB (Ent.) uSmp, water, itplMit, fond of. 
Hy'drophla (Zool.) Siaf, water, ifir, a snake; a genus of Oi^dlan. 
Hydrophy'llum (Bot.) tinf, water, ^vum, a leaf; typical genui of NitJ 

Ord. Hydrophyllacei. 
Hydroplly'Ba (Ent.) Xituf, water, ^Ztx, a bladder. 
Hydropo'rua (Ent.) vJ»p, water, /wm, an outlet, 
Hydropti'la (Ent.) uJ«^ water, ini\iti, 3. feather ; literally waCer-feathen 
Hydropti'Udea (Ent.) h^re/iiila, with lam. term. ; a family of the Phryi 

HydroBau'rua (ZooL) ESioft water, eivfss, a liiard ; applied to the L 

Hydrous (Ent.) uueiplained. 

Hy'drua (Zool.) ESfn, a water-fcrpent ; a gemw of Ophidians. 

Hyema'lls (Oinith., Bot.) hi/tm4, winter ; in botany, appearing in wir 

as Eranim iymulU. 
Hyama'na (Ent.) ii/nni, winter ; the infefl appearing at the lieginr 

of the year. 
Hygi'na (Zool.) vyuitBi. wholesome ; a genus of Ophidian;. 
Hygrooro'ois (Bot.) iypii, moift, xpiKii, a knot of wool ; a genui of ' 

Hygro'mia (Zool.) iyfic, moifture. 

Hygro'nonia (Em.) byfi,, moift, .wii, a pafture, from its habitat. 
HygTo'pliUa (Bot.) i7<^if, moift, ifiiXiK, to love ; it is found In moill ]Jac«i 
Hygro'tua (Ent.) liyftri,, wetnefs, moiiture. 
Hylsoaau'ruB (Fos. Zool.) iiistN, belonging to wood, eivfit, a lizard. 
■Hyle'aiima (Ent.) uX^m, a warming in the fun? 
HyloTjatea (Zool.) 'i*.n, a wood or forest, 6=.'™, to go or travers 
HylotlUB (Ent.) tiii, a wood, g.ia, to live. 
Hylo'charia (Ornith.) i!jin, a wood,x»fii. grace; a genua of Hummingbird 
Hylctru'pBS (Ent.) iiJii, wood, i^uvhim, to bore, 
HymBnca'a (Bot.) Bgmen, the god of marriage: the leaves are joined ii 

pairs; a tropical genus of Leguminofcc. 
Hymenantliera (Bot.) l[i,i , a membrane. iv8«f«, an anther. 
Hymece'lla (Bot.) djm. oH^lIk, a membiane. 

m-M — HYP 


] (Bot.)l^^ 

membrane, ix/nfi, {hiit. 
1 membranE, lii-run, a net. 

Hymenooa'rpua (Bot,) i^m 
Hymenodio'tyoii fBot.) lui 
Hymono'gyna (Bot.) uf»n>, a 
HjmBQomj'ootoua (Bot.) ii 
HymeaopB'ppus (Bot.) O/Ain 

ofci^rtain plants which fe 
Hymenophylla'oetB (Bot.) s 

Ihc typical genus. 

HymeEophy'llum (Bot.) uju 

bianous-leafed fern. 
Hyraeaop'tal'a (Ent.) iftw. ^ membrane, ungit, a wi 
HyolBB'as ) (2aol.)li»o n)«e, like gkfe, tranfparent 
HyolBBldraf of MoUu&a. 
Hyopo'tatnuB (Fob. Zool.) w, ^df , a hogi ^sT/t/Ais, * 

genus uf Mammalia. 
Hyopro'rus (khth.) «, Hi, a hog, «r^pa, the front. 
Hyoaoy'amua (Bot.) Is, «'(, a fwine, li-itttH, a bean 

fwine, though poitbnous to men ; Henbane j a ge 
Hyo'serlB (Bot.) 3i, 6i(, n iwine, sifuc, endive or 

Hyp- or Hypo- (Zool., Bot.) Enro, below, underneath. 
L Hype'ooum (Bot.) i«ti», to found ^ aUuding to 
1 ieeds in the pods ; a genui of Fumariicci. 

r Hype'na (Ent.) Isiiw, the chin, the l>eard ; referring 

fquamofe palpi. 
Hypena'rla (Ent.) uirnv>),a beard or moultache. 

Hype'nldEe (Ent.) Aj^aw,/™. fc™. ii=. 

Hypeno'dea (Ent.) hy/iemi, iSic, relembllng hypnm. 
Hy'peia (Ent.) Cti^, a kind of cateipillar mentioned 
Hypera'&thus (Ent.) l»ip, above, i,flif, flower. 
HypQra'HpIa (Ent.) mif, above, ir-i't. a Ihield. 
Hyperbo'reiiH-a-um (Omith.,fiot,)i^f,. northern, as jj 
HyperOftl'lia (Ent.) Mf, xaXiii, of exceeding beauty, 
Hyperioft'na (Ent.) feeds on St. John's- wort (Hyperic 
Hype'rloum (Bot.) inlf, above, fnperior, ilxiii, an 
becaufe fiippoled to protect from evil TpiritEi. 

Hyperme'oia (Em.) L.TiHKi<»i<t, cKceedinely long. 

ibrane, xiiir«(, the down on the feedi 

wings for them. 

of Ferns, of which the following is 

; they arc eaten Uy 
nus of Solanacea^. 
fuccory ; a genus of 

the rattling of the 
the projecting. 

,1.) J, 

e, alluding to the Rbres of the fruit ; ■ 

a thing woven, a w< 
to perfpire rtightly. 


Hyphra'ne (Bot.) i4..,'v» to 
gtnus of Palms. 

Hypha'sma (Bat.) Ef.«i>f»». 

Hyphl'dma (Ent.) t^Sf'"i 

Hyphomy'oatouB (Bot.) u^at, a web, ftvxiK, a fungus. 

Hy'pniim (Bot.) Eiii5t,a kind of mofs growing od trHa; i 

Hypobla'stua (Hot.) Em, under, 0*arrit, a bud. 

Hypobranchiffl'a (Zool.) Ctto, beneath, Sfiy^HM, poflefled of branch™, , 

Hypo'cala (Ent.) un, and «ai«,-, beautiful. 

HypooalidEB (Ent.) fam. of which gaius Byftiala is the type, 

Hypocaly'ptua (BoLl isi, under, jjaA-Jir™, to veil. 

Hy'poehil (Bot.) referring to the flower* of Orchids, from uri, under, 

Hyponhn'riB (Bot.) bwi, for, X'^fai, a pig ; it is eaten by fwine ; a g 

of CompofitBi called Cat's-ear. 
Hypoore'pia (ZooL) fnrioji, a horfe, ipmrit.alhoe; thecircleof tenb 

around the mouth is har/e-(hoe Ibaped; an order of Polyioa. 

word Ihould have been Ei/i/mcTrpia. 
Hypocyp'tuH (Ent) Ib-siuwtw, to ftoop under. 
Hypogram'ma (Ent.) ima, >.fiif*fta, a lettei. 

HypOgram'midsB (Ent.) fam. of which genus //ji/ojrumwu is the tyju.-. 
Hypolffi'ca (Bot.) uwi, under, x^-""^ a cloak. I 

Hypola'iH (Ornith.) iwoJ.«(i, was a name ufed by Ariftotle for fn 

bird, perhaps the tit-lark or the hedge-fparrow. 
Hypoleu'cuB (Ornith.) us> and •.!«•(, white ; the liai fcems t 

diminilhing effeO, equivalent to "Ibmewhat white." 
HypolitllUB (Ent.) vvi, under, Mhs, a Hone. 
Hypoly'ssUS (Bot.) iiai, under, l^m ; a genus of FungL 
Hypolytrum (Bot.) Ivi, under, i^vxpo, a cover. 
Hyponomeu'ta (Ent.) Lsm^ium, to undermine ; to make undergroua 

pallagei or mines. 
Hypophlffi'ua (Ent.) imi, under, *»iii"(, bark. 
Hypopy'ra (Ent.) Iwi, beneath, muf^ a pyre or pile of wood 
Hypopy'ridE (Ent.) ^m. of which the genus Hypfifyra is the type. 
Hypo'spOa [Ent.) iwi and stc^Kf, a (pot ; alfo a genu* in Botany. 
Hypatrl'x (Ent.) 6vo and 9^'f, the hair, 
Hjpo'jda ( Bol.) S*i. beneath, ofilj, Iharp. 
HypaU'ophus (Ent.) iJ-'Uf. W'th a high rrcIL 



Hypsipete's (Ent.) i»4«iTiT»»f , high flying. 

Hypsiprym'nus (Zool.) u\9s^ height, vfvfx^is, the hind part; the 

Kangaroo rat. 
Hypsiriii'na (2^ool.) u^'OSj height, ^n, the fnout ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Hypsirhyn'ohus (Zool.) t^'os, height, pvyx^h the fnout; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Hypsop/gia (Ent.; l^'os, height, rvyn, rump. 
Hy'ptis (Bot.) vwrteg, laid on one's back ; the limb of the corolla is 

turned on its back. 
Hyraoothe'rium (Fos. Zool.) T^^, ipa»oSi a hawk, 6vfi9V, a wild bead. 
Hy'rax (Zool.) fjpa^, a hawk, but is applied to a South African animal 

belonging to the Rhinocerina. 
Hyr'ies (Zool., Ent.) P. N., the name of a town in Bceotia. 
Hy'ssia (Ent.) ia-o-os, a dart or javelin. 
Hy'ssop (Bot.) Latin, Hyjfopus ; Hebrew, Ezob. 
Hyste'rimn (Bot.) Ivtifno'ity want, need ; from the appearance of infefted 

trees ; a genus of Fungi. 
Hystri'cidSB (ZooL) a family of Mammalia of which Hi/Jirix is the type. 
Hy'striz (Zool.) ug-rpi^, a porcupine. 

la ntha (Bot.) («»di»of, violet-coloured ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 

la'nthe (Bot.) iMOi^of, violet-coloured ; a genus of Scrophulariacez. 

lau'tbina (Zool., Ent.) ieiv6ttos, violet-coloured. 

Ibbetso'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofae. 

Iberide'lla (Bot.) dim. of iberis ; a genus of Cruciferae. 

Ibe'ris (Bot.) P. N. from the coimtry called Jberioy now Spain; Candytuft; 
a genus of Cruciferz. 

llbex (Zool.) Lat., a wild goat. 

Ibi'dium (Bot.) the bird Jbis, and ilJof , refemblance ; a genus of Orchi- 

Ilbis (Ornith.) the Greek name of that Egyptian bird to which divine 
honours were paid ; the word is of Eaflern origin. 

I'bla (Zool.) unexplained ; a genus of Cirri pedes. 

Ica'oina (Bot.) tXnas, the number twenty ; a genus of Olacacez. 

Icaco'rea (Bot.) ft««f, twenty, x»^f, a flioot or fprout ; a genus of 


226 ICA — ICH 

Icara'nda (Bot.) iXkusj twenty, av«f, ivlpog^ a male (ftamen); a genus of 

Ica'ria (Ent.) P. N. Icarus, an ancient Greek proper name ; a genus of 

I'carus (Zool.) P. N.,the ion of Dzdalus; a genus of MoUufca, family 

Ichna'nthiis (Bot.) r;^y0;, a track or footftep, «rdof , a flower ; a genus of 

Ichneumon (2^ool., Ent.) i;^;>i«/x«», the tracker, from t;(^of, a footftep ; 

applied to a bead and an inie£t. 
Ichnemnonifor'mis (Ent.) Ichneumon and forma, (hape ; refembles an 

Ichneumon fly. 
Ichni'tes (Fos. Zool.) Xx'^^t * footftep ; a term applied to all foffil foot- 
Ichnooa'rpus (Bot.) l-xyoi, a veftige, xafnos, fruit, 
lohnol'ogy (Fos. Zool.) 'x^oq, a footftep, Xoyot, a difcourfe; defcription 

of foflil footprints. 
Ichthyae'tus (Omith.) Ix'^vs, a fifti, airoj, an eagle, becaufe living exdu- 

fively on fifh. 
lohthy'apus (Ichth.) tx^wf, a fifli, awoyj, without feet. 
Ichthyd'ina (Zool.) i;^0wf, a fifh ; a genus of Infiifbria. 
Ichthy'dium (Zool.) »;^5t/f, a fifh, ti^oy, like ; a genus of Infuforia. 
lohthyme'thia (Bot.) Ix'^vt, a fifh, /uidc/du, to intoxicate; a genus of 

Ichthyodo'rulite (Fos. Zool.) Ix^vs a fifh, lifv, a fpear, x/flaf, a fVone ; 

the foUil fin-fpines, or defences of fifhes. 
Ich'thyoid (Zool.) Ix^vsy a fifh, siJac, fifh ; fifh-like. 
lohthy'olite (Fos. Zool.) Ix^vs, a fifh, A/flaj, a flone ; a palaeontological 

term for a foffil fifh, or any portion of a fifh. 
Ichthyology (Ichth.) Ix^vs, a fifh, Atfyoc, a difcourfe. 
Ichthyopa'tolites (Fos. Zool.) Ix^Cs, a fifh, wariw, to walk or tread ; 

fifh-tracks, i.r., imprints of peroral fin-rays. 
Ichthyoptery'gia (Fos. Zool.) Ix^vs, a fifh, vripv^, wrifuyosy a fin. 
Ichthyosau'rua (Fos. Zool.) Ix^vs, ^ fifh, aecvposy a Dzard. 
Ichthyos'ma (Bot.) Ix^vg, a fifh, oa-fxn, fmell ; a genus of Balanophoracez. 
Ichthyo'thera (Bot.) Ix^vsy a fifh, Sn^a, prey ; a genus of Compofitac. 
Ichthy^stoma (Zool.) Ix^vgy a fifh, <rT«/u«, mouth, from the conical 
pointed tentacles of the adtinia, resembling the little fharp teeth of 
some fifhes. 


I'oicn (Bol:.) its name in GuEana ; typiral genus of Icicaces. 
lotara'na (Ent.) iiTi^t, a yellow bird ; in alluGoD to the colour of thr infeft. 
iQtBri'nft (Omith.) ri.Tif«, a yellow bird, of the order Paifcres. 
lota'ruB (Omilh.) licTi/tt, a bird mentioned by Pliny, of a yellow! Ih-green 

colour, DOW applied to a gnaas of Oriolei. 
lo'tla (Zoo!.) Lai. a weafel ; a genus of Moilufca, family Leinapontiadee. 
loto'dea (Bot.) '»Tr;, a weslel, iTJii, like ; a geaai of Orontiaceie. 
Idffi'uH (Bot.) P. N., from mount /Ja. in Crete; fpecific name of the 

rafpherry or ii^», /oirm,- alTo a fpecies of Vnnhimm called Fiii, IJaa. 
Ida'lia (ZooL) P. N., one of the lumamea of Venos ; a genus of Moilufca. 
Ida'llElS (ZooL) Z>£i^ was a furnamcof VeQuij a gcnut of Goniodoridsi, 

a divlfion of tlie MoUufca. 
Idar'ueE (Ent.) ilinf, fodder. 
Idole'rla (Bot.) P.N., a genus of Gramina. 
Idmo'neil (Zool.) P. N. perhaps from-/iiiiim,oneofthi' Ai^nauts; fi/imt, 

knowing, fagaeious ; a genus of Polyioa. 

Ido'thea (Bot.) iTJ.., form, Biin,, dii-ine ; a genus of Liliaceie, 

rtogB CBot.) ; a genus of CompoCtse. 

Igna'Ua (Ent.) f . , , ^ . „ , ^ 

, I imuj, fire; btms fume-coloured. 

Ignea'liaCEnt.)* * ' ■ ^ 

Igna'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Si. Is'ciim, the former name of 

SlrycAam ; a genus of Loganiacei. 
Igmoapll'lus (Omith.) igih, fire, iapiUm, hair ; red-haired. 
Iguan'odon (Fos. Zool.) Iguana, a genua of Saurian reptiles, «3<,u;, 

.;..Ttf , a tooth, 
flarus (Ent.) IXufi;, cheerful ; it Ihould be Hil-rui. 
. Udefo'nsia (Bot.) P. N., i genus of Scropliulariacei. 

riea (Bot.) iUiif, a lurking-place ; a genus of Confervoid Algi. 
I Heoaper'nium (Bol.) Ub, or ii»ii, a crowd, aiiffia, feed ; a genus of 

Menifpermaces ■ 
\ Hex (Bot,) the holm-oak or esergreen oak. Pliny mentions two, of 
,e was probably the /is/m-oak, the other the ^utroa Ilrx, 
ik, Al^o, tlie generic name of [he Holly. 
IB (Oraith.) ilia, the flanks. 
[ IUolfol'lufl-a-iim(Ent., Bot.)//M,the holm-oBk./j/iwii a leaf ; in Ento- 
mology, from the lefemblance of the infcfl: when at reft to Ihc 
withered leaves of the oak and holm-oak refpcctively ; in Botany, 
from fimilarlty of foliage to that of ihe holly. 
I niollt'en (Bot.) the Nat. bm. which containi llic lleK ci Holly. 

228 ILI — IMM 

Iliodio'tyon (Bot.) itXiej, a lurking-place, St«Ti;a», a net; a genus of 

nie'cebrum (Bot.) IlUcehra^ of Pliny, from illkio^ to allure ; typical genus 

of Illecebraceae. 
mi'cium (Bot.) ilUciOi to allure, referring to its perfume ; Star-anife, a 
genus of Dilleniacese. 

nii'gera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of IlUger ; a genus of Combretaceae. 

Uligerel'lus (Ent.) P. N. from C. Illiger, author of a fecond edition of 

the Vienna Catalogue, 
nio'mene (Bot.) ?AXoj, the eye, ftevA;, defire ; a genus of Diofcoreaceie. 
nioiioa'tus-a-um (Zool.) Lat fliell-lefs, from w, not, lerica, a corfelet. 
niospo'lium (Bot.) Txxw, to envelope, a-mopo$, a fporule. 
niuna'ria (Ent.) «//«««, moonlefs ; the lunule not occurring on the wings 

of this infect, 
niustra'ria (Ent.) HluRris, remarkable, beautiful. 
Illuta'lis (Ent.) illutusy unwaflied. 

Uuan'ihos (Zool.) 1x6$, mud, «»do;, a flower ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Plus (Bot.) a brother of Ganymedes. 
Ily'bius (Ent.) Ixvs, mud, /3<o«, to live. 
Ilyoge'ton (Bot.) \\us, mud, yiirmi a neighbour; a genus of Scrophular- 

UysEUl'ihes (Bot.) iXt;;, mud, aydo;, a flower ; a genus of Scrophulariaceae. 
Imato'phylluzn (Bot.) if*«f , a thong, <j>yXXo», a leaf ; a genus of Amaryl- 

Imbrica'ria (Bot.) imbricus, rslny; a genus of Sapotacex. 
Imbrica'ria (Zool.) imbricatus ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Imbrioa'rias (Zool.) imbricatus, covered with tiles; .a genus of Mollufca, 

£unily Fafciolariadae. 
Imbrica'tU8-a-um (Bot.) Lot. having the appearance of tiles on a roof. 
Imbuta'ta (Ent.) imbutus, dyed, tinged ; leferring to the rofy tint on the 

Imho'fa (Bot.) P. N- in honour of M. Imhof; 3. genus of Amarylli- 

Imita'ria (Ent.) imitare, to imitate. 
Immaoula'lis (Ent.) immaculatus, unfpotted. 
Immana'ta (Ent.) immanare, to flow into ; from the variablenefs of the 

Immer'sus-a-mn (Bot.) Lat. part, dipped. 
'^mmuta'ta (Ent.) immutatus, unchanged. 

^^^^K^M IMP mo ^1 

^^H Impa'tlens(Bot.)tlii9naiiieiBgiventDit incoiifequenceof 1 


^^B from its extreme irritability, burning from the bottom t( 

.the top on ■ 

^^ the Qighieft toach ; the Touch-me-not ; a genus of Bal&mlnacae. ^1 

ImpB'nniB (Omith.) L^. wingltrs. 

Impera'ttt (Bot.) imjurarc, to govern ; the fpikes are like the 

plumes of a 

^^ Cap of State. 

I, becaufe of 

^^H ila heautiful imperial purpie colour. 

^^f Imparato'rift (Boi.) ft, called from its reputed i«pcrhl virtues i 

in medicine; 

a genus of timbelliferte. 

ImpUoa'lla (Ent.) •mpUcn, to entangle, to Confufe. 

^^^H fquare border. 

^^1 Improvi'BUB (Zool.) Lot. uneipected. 

!., having a 

:h Uaihm ii 

^H Ihe typical genua. 

^H I'naohua (Zool. J P. N. from Inathu,, firii king of Argot. 

^^V lucana'ria (Ent.) mcamu, quite grey, hoary. 

Inoerta'llB (Em.) i«,rt..., doubtful. 

Incila'ria (Zoot ) wik, a gutter, with reference to the guttcr- 

like ch^tinvl 

which divides the mantle from the foot. 

Inolina'tns-a-um (Ent.) Lai. leaning out of the perpendicular. ^^ 

Inolu'sUB (Zool.) Lai. Ihut in, confined. 


Inoolorfl'llB (Ent.) aii^r, without eoloui. 



IncomptallB (Ent.) i-<ampi<a, unadumed. 


iDOOnBpi'cuua-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. not remarkable. 


Indioa'liB (Etlt.) /«&., to point out, to declare. 


Indioa'tor (Omith.) Lm. a guide; from the birds leading the 

Hottentot !L ^^| 

>ne)r Guides. ^H 

^^— Indlga'ta (Ent.) i*%«, poor, i.f., in appearance. 


^^ft Illdleo'fera(Bat.)£;.,j!^,ahluedyelhiir,/»^tQbear; a genus of Legu- ^H 

^^H In'dfia (Zool.) formed from the native word I^dri, (M to m.>{ 

■"-"' I 

^^H Indn'slQin (Bol.) Lai. a woman's under-garment ; applied to 

the ^H 

^^1 ing of the fori of ferns. 


^^^H A 

a M 

230 JNE — INS 

Ine'ptus (Omith.) Lat. uniuitable, abfurd ; fpecific name of the Dodo, 
from its fuppofed awkwardnefs. The Inepti of lUiger are equivalent 
to the Ineries of Temminck. 

Infaus'tus-a-um (Omith.) LaU unlucky, unfortudate. 

Inferobran'ohia (Zool.) inferusy underneath, hranchia, gills ; a fub-order of 
the GynmobranchiatSB divifion of the Mollufca. 

Infimalis (£nt.) injimus, inferior in quality. 

Infla'tae (Ent.) the larva feeds on the capfules of the Bladder Campion, 
{SiUne injlata.^ 

Infla'tus-a-mn (Bot.) Lot. bladder-like, as in the calyx of SiUne inftata, 

Infleza'lis (Ent.) inJUxusy bent, curved. 

Inftmdibula'ta (Zool.) infundihulumy a funnel ; Zoophytes having the ten- 
tacles difpofed in a ring round the unarmed mouth. 

Inflisca'lis (Ent.) infufcusj dufky, brown. 

InfUBo'ria (Zool.) procured from infuftons, or wateiy fblutions ; a group of 
the Protozoa, characterized by the prefence of a mouth, whence the 
remaining orders are fometimes called ajiomata. 

In'ga (Bot.) a South American name adopted by Marcgraff. 

Ingenhou'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofz. 

Inglu'vles (Omith.) Lat. the Crop of birds. 

Ingrata'lis (Ent.) ingratus, unpleafant. 

Ixmota'ta (Ent.) innotatust marked. 

Inoca'rpus (Bot,) ??, !>«;, a fibre, xxpvosf fruit. 

Inooe 'ramus (Fos. Zool.) tg^ i>«f, fibre, xipafxos, a veflel. 

Inocho'rion (Bot.) *? , »*>«?, ftrength, ;^;opt*v, fkin ; a genus of Algae. 

Inode'rma (Bot.) T;, »>•?, ftrength, ^i^/ua, (kin ; a genus of Algae. 

Inolo'ma (Bot.) ??, USs, ftrength, x£/t*«, fringe ; a genus of Fungi. 

Inome'ria (Bot.) T;, Ivos, ftrength, jics^(, a part ; a genus of Algae. 

Inopia'na (Ent.) inops, helplefs. 

I'nops (Zool.) Lat. needy, helplefs. 

I'nopus (Ent.) ?j, Iwj, ftrength, force, movs, a foot ; a genus of Diptera. 

Inoma'ta (Ent.) mornatus, unadorned. 

Inquinata'lis (Ent.) mquinatus, polluted, defiled. 

Insoripta'lis (Ent.) infcriptus, unmarked. 

InseoUVora (Zool.) infe£ia, infe£bs, vorot to devour. 

InseBSoVes (Ornith.) injideoyto fit upon, to perch; the Tree-perching birds. 

Insignipeimella (Ent.) injlgnis^ marked, pennoy a wing. 

Insi^gnifl-e (Ent., Bot.) Lat, beautiful, remarkable ; e. g., Cypripedium inftgne. 

InsigniWlis (Ent.) infignatus, diftinguiihed. 

^^r InatalimsC 
WK InsCita'le (E 
■™ the niaa 

JNS - 



Inatallilis (Ent.) Lul. changeabJe ; from the great variation of the Tpeciet. 

InsCita'le (But.) ip/lila, a bandage ur girth, refecring to the appeatanci; o! 
the plants ; a genua of Fxmgi. 

laBtitaliB (Ent.) wftw, a fringe. 

Interita'lia (Ent.) inlirii-,, delfniOion. 
^^ Inteijunctft'lls (Ent.) hlir, within, ^anrtui, united, 

^Mt Intermedialis (Ent.) inUr, between, n^'un, the middle. 

^^H Interme'dlas-a-um (But.) Lut. intermediate, 1. 1,, cumbining the chi- 
^^F takers of two fjiedet. 

Intermioa'liB (Ent.) inlcr, within, aka, a crumli, a inorfel. 

Intema'lia (Ent.) ititrtna, inward, internal. 

Intaruits'liB (Ent.) inUr, within, ailcm, Ihining. 

IntOToper culum (fchth.) jn^fr, within, opeTititvmy a cover tir lid. 

Interpunctalia (EntO "'«■, within, /kbAi™, a fmaU hole. 

Intru'sae (Ent } mtrak, to Ihrulf in. 

In'tsia (Bot.) ; a genus of I^guminuli!. 

■ Intybe'Ula (Bot.) dim. of ml^bm ; a genus of Compolitffi. 
In'tybUB (Bot.) the indHr, and primary or Latiniied form of the «T)rd t 
a genus of Compofitx. 
I'nula (Bol.) corrupted fnjm Hdnhm 1 a genus of Compofitai. 
Inula'ater (Bot.) inu/iu, and a^tr; a gtnui nf Campafitz, 
Inim'gala (ZooL) Lat. without claws. 

Invertobra'ta (Zool.) in, without, or neg. Titrlcirjlui, having vcrlrbm. 
Inriaa'lis (Em.) /™j/ii, unfeen. 

Involvcra'ria (Bot.) invtltcnm, a wrapper ; a genus of Cucurbitacez. 
luvolu'cium (Bot.) Lai. iL wrapper^ the outer cslyx of the Mallow). 

• Dianthos, Sec. 

I'o (EnL) a Grecian heroine, famoua fur her beauty und her misfortunes — 
Ovid, Met. i. ;ltS ; a fpecies of diurnal butterfly. 
lo'doH (Ent.) Ii<!«f, raft-coloured, violet-coloured, 
lo'dea (Bot.) iii)>i<, violet-coloured ; a genxit of Phylocrenacex. 
lodl'na (Ent.) Ib!*,, violet-like, dark-coloured ; a genus of Olacacete. 

Ilota'ma (Omith.) t«, the violet, l.ufti„ the throat ; a genus of Hum- 
loni'dlum (Hot.) in, a violet, I.fai, like ; a genus of Violacec. 
lonopai'dium (Bot.) I'ir.the violet, g^iCircremblance; a genus of Cruciferz. 
lonop'aia (Bot.) m, a violet, Hk. appearance. 
lo'thla (Zool ) a genut of Mollufca. 
Joio'ate (Bot.) t», the lialet, (lirT^, a girdle^ a genus of Lauraceie. 



Ipeoacua'nha (Bot.) ipe, a native word in Peru for root ; cacuan^ a native 

diftin^tion for that root. 
Ipllige'nia (Bot.) P. N., the daughter of Agamemnon and Ciytemneftra ; 

a genus of Liliacese. 
Iphio'na (Bot.) I^ios^ flrong, goodly ; a genus of Compofitae ; l^vot^ was 

the ancient name of an herb« 
Il)ome'ria (Bot.) lirot»^ to prefs down, /u<^0c» a part ; a genus of Polemo- 

IpomcB^a (Bot.) T^, bindweed, ofXMSy like ; a genus of Convolvulacese. 
Ipomo'psis (Bot.) tiro«, to ftrike forcibly, o^tj, fight ; referring to the 

dazzling flowers ; a genus of Polemoniacese. 
Ips (Ent.) r^, a worm that eats horn and wood, perhaps a cynips. 
I'psea (Bot.) ?%{«, a cynips infect, from fancied reiemblance ; a genus of 

Iresi'ne (Bot.) iTjpa;, wool; alluding to the woolly appearance of the 

branches ; a genus of Amarantaceae. 
Irlsur'tea ') (Bot.) P. N. in honour of IriarU^ the celebrated Spanifli 
Iriartella) botanift. 

Iridsd'a (Bot.) coloured like the iris or rainbow ; a genus of marine Algse. 
Irldi'na (Zool.) /m, the rainbow ; a genus of Mollufca, family Iridinidse. 
I'ris (Bot.) /Wj, the eye; alluding to the variety and brilliancy of its 

colours ; typical genus of Iridaces. 
Irpez (Bot.) Lot, a harrow or rake ; a genus of Fungi. 
Irradiel'la (Ent.) irradiarcy to caft forth rays. 
Irreota'lis (Ent.) «i, not, reSius^ ftraight. 
Irreti'tus (Zool.) irretire, to entangle in a net; from this bat being 

frequently arretted in the ftrong web of two large fpiders. 
Inigua'ta (Ent.) iVr/gwux, well-watered ; the wings being traverfed by a 

ieries of wavy dream-like lines. 
Irri'guus-a-iim (Bot.) Lot. well-watered, «'. e.^ growing in marihes or 

marihy places, as Carex irrigua. 
Irrora'tUS-a-um (Zool.) irroro^ to wet or moiften with dew. 
Lrrorella (Ent.) irrorare, to bedew, beiprinkle ; from the black dots which 

ftud the wings. 
Isa'ohne (Bot.) X^et, equal, ei;^ti, a glume. 
Isa'nthera (Bot.) ta-tsy equal, anthera ; a genus of Solanacese. 
Isan'thus (Bot.) Xa$f^ equal, hBos, a flower; alluding to the regular 

Isa^riA (Bot.) U'ts^ equal ; alluding to the filaments. 

laar'thron (Ent.l "m, equal, «fflf 
iHStldaliB (Ent.) feed! on ifilb oi 
laa'tiB (Bot.) ij<«, to make equal, referring to its efPeO on rougli (kin ; 

Woad; a genua of Cnjcifere, 
Isau'xla (Bot.) iim, equal, nCJuffis, growth ; a g*nus of Dipteracea:. 
iBohEB'mtLm (Bot.)"-X". to Hop, «?/*«, blood; referring lo its medical 

iBoha'rum (Bot.) fs-x". to hold in checlt ; a genus of Araeeffi. 
la'chnia (Bot.) Irj^Sf, thin, meagre , a genna of VerhenacesB.' 
lactmoga'ater (£nt.) ij-j^fc, thin, meagie, yitnf, the belly; a genus of 

iBahnogua'thUS (Zool.) >rx*'f< t^'"' ViiStt. the ja-vr ; a genus of Colu- 

iBohnome'ra (Ent.) Ux?"^ 'fii"- t^if"' '''= tliighs. 

iBChco'poda (Em.) iix'''' t^in, wmi, wM;, a foot, 

Ilctmoal'phan (Bot.) irj^ic, thin, et^ai, a tube. 

ISQh/odUB (Foa, Zool.) IiJtw, flrength, iisi!(, a tooth. 

laer'aa (Bot.) P. N. from P. £. Ifin, a Dutch furgcon on the coaft of 

iBidlo'ldes (Bot.) refembling JfiJium. 
iBt'dinm (Bot.) Hm, equal ; aUuding to the fmall difTerences which exilt 

between the podetia ; a genus of Ctyptogamia. 
I'bIs (Zool., Bot.) P.M. of nn ancient goddefs ; a gi^nui of Zoophyte*: 

alio a g;enu« of Irldacex. 
iBla'ndlOUa-a-um (Oraith., Bot.) i^/. lelaling w Iceland; i. g. Crlrdri.i 

IJLuidIca, or Iceland mori. 
iBms'lia (Bot.) a genus of CompofitEe. 

lamene (Bot. ) P. N. from Ifm^e, the daughter of (Edipus and Jocafh. 
iBme'nla (Zool.) P. N. from Ifmmc, daughter of (Edipus and Jocafta, and 

lifter of Antigone; a genus of Mollufca, family Terebiatulid». 
lanar'dla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A. T. D. d' Ifiiari, a French botanill ; 

a genua of OnagraceiB. 
iBoa'roa (Zool.) Im, equal, the genu* area ; a genus of MoUufca, family 

iBOOai'dia (Zool.) ?«(, like,;«, the heart; the Heart-cockle; a genu* 
of recent and tolGl Ihella of the family Cyprinide. 
I iBOoa'rplia (Bot.) 7om.(, equal, ni-f^v, thafT 

IB (Bot.) r«(, equal, ;^,r»i. to gape ; a genus of Cypetacee. 
oolillua (Bot.) irif, equal, xf^xtt, lip. 

IlBooa'rplia (Hot. 
^QbB'nuB (Bot 
iKMbllua (Bot.) 

i34 ^SO — ISO 

Isoco'ma (Bot.) Is-os, equal, xo/ut), a tuft ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Isocyr'tus (Ent.) terosy equal, xv^ogy curved. 

Isode'smia (Bot.) 1a-o$^ equal, ha-fxo^^ a band ; a genus of Leguminoiae. 
I'sodon (Bot.) fs-o;, equal, 0^01;;, olovria a tooth ; a genus of Labiatse. 
Iso'etes (Bot.) la-ost equal, Itoj, the year ; the plant being evergreen ; a 

'genus of Marfileaceae. 
Isogno'mon (Zool.) 7a-os^ like, yvcofxm, a fun*dial ; a genus of Mollufca, 

family AviculidsB. 
Iso'gona (Ent.) tiroif equal, y<uvi», an angle. 
Isolepis (Bot.) ta-os, equal, XnrUi ^ ^^ale ; a genus of Cyperaceae. 
Isolo'bus (Bot. j la-OS ^ equal, XoBo;, a pod ; a genus of Lobeliaceae* 
Isolo ma (Bot.) ^cog, equal, XZfxa, a fringe ; a genus of Filices. 
Isome'ria (Bot.) iVo;, equal, /ms^o;, a part ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Iso'meris (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Capparidaceae, 
Isome'rium (Bot ) fame derivation ; a genus of Proteaceae. 
Isona'ndra (Bot.) la-os^ equal, ayjjp, iv^pos^ a male (ftamen) ; a genus of 

Sapotacese ; the Gutta-percha tree belongs to this genus. 
Isone'ma (Bot.) itresy equal, rw/wa, thread ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Isopap'pus (Bot.) ta-agy equal, veiirvos, pappus^ the down on feeds ; a genus 

of Compodtae. 
Isope'talum (Bot.) Xtroi^ t<i\xa\f petalum ; a genus of Geraniaceae. 
Isophyilum (Bot.) r<r0c» equal, ^uXXov, a leaf; a genus of Umbelliferas. 
Isophy'toids (Bot.) Xros, equal, 4>vT0y, a plant, illos like. 
Isoplezls (Bot.) Xiros, equal, wXjfij, a plaiting. 
Isop'oda (Zool.) Xa-o;, equal, nrovs, w«3«j, a foot ; an order of feflile-eyed 

Isopo'gon (Bot.) rsroj, equal, wwywr, a beard. 
Iso'pteris (Bot.) troj, equal, wre^ij, a fern. 
Iso'pteryz (Ent.) *«•©?, equal, impu^j a wing. 
Isopyrum (Bot.) ?fl-0f, equal, ntv^os, wheat ; alluding to the tafte of the 

IsOSOelalis (Ent.) Xvo^^ equal, a-xi\<tsy a leg. 

Iso'scelis (Zool.) fame derivation ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
Isosoma (Ent.) froc, equal, rS/ua, body ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Isosti'gma (Bot.) Xa-os^ equal,^/^a ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Iso'stylis (Bot.) Xaoty equal, ^rvXovt a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of Myrfi- 

Isothe'oium (Bot.) Xvot, equal, 0i)«»j, a cheft or (heath ; a genus of Mufci. 
lao^toma (Bot.) iV*;, equal, rofxii, a cutting •, a genus of Lobeliaceae. 

750 — JAN 235 

Isotre'ma (Bot.) t<rosy equal, rpn/xtti a hole ; a genus of Ariflolochiacese. 

Isozo'oids (Zool.) ?<roc, equal, {[a*)?, life. 

Isthznia (Bot.) la-Q/xtev, a necklace ; a genus of Diatoms. 

Iswara (Ent.) a genus of Hymenoptera. 

I'tea (.Bot.) the Greek name of the Willow, ('Iti«.) 

Itha'ginis (Ornith.) IBayifng, genuine, legitimate ; a genus of Indian 

Ito'nia (Ent.) P. N., a name of Athena. 

iVa (Bot.) perhaps from yua, a name uied by the older botanids. 
Ivy (Bot.) Anglo-Sax, tfig. 

Ix'alus (Zool.) P. N., the name of a ruminant mentioned in the Iliad. 
Izla (Bot.) i J/«, birdlime ; referring to the vifcid nature of the roots ; a 

beautiful genus of Iridacese. 
Izia'nthes (Bot.) l^isy birdlime, «yd0c, flower ; a genus of Scrophulariacex. 
Izia'nthus (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of GentianacesB. 
Iziauche'nus (Bot.) l^ist glue, etuxn^i the neck ; a genus of Compofitx. 
IidolsB'na (Bot.) i^os^ glue, yXeiCva, a mantle ; a genus of Compofltx. 
Iziolirion (Bot.) I^«f, glue, Xi/^tav, a lily ; a genus of Amaryllidaceae. 
Izo'des (Ent.) l^oShnSi vifcous ; the typical genus of the Acaridae, family 

Ixo'dia (Bot.) I{flJ5«c, vifcid. 
IzoVa (Bot ) a Malabar idol, to which its flowers are offered ; a fuperb 

tropical genus of Cinchonaceae. 

Jacara'nda (Bot.) its name in Brazil ; Rofe -wood ; Mimofa jacaranda. 
Jackal (Zool.) Arabian, tochakhal ; Spanijby chacal ; French, chacal. 
Jackso'nia (Bot.) P. N. from G. Jackfon, librarian to A. B. Lambert ; a 

genus of Leguminofa. 
JacobSB^se (Ent.) feeds on Ragwort (Senedo Jacobaa.) 
JaoobSB^us-a-um (Bot.) native of the ifland of St. Jacob ; e. g., Lotus 

Jacobaus ; alfo the fpecific name of Ragwort. 
Jacqui'nia (Bot.) P. N. from N. J. von Jacquin, Profeflbr of Botany at 

Jaguar (Zool.) a native name. 

Jambo'sa (Bot.)^'^^^, aboriginal name ; a genus of Myrtacese. 
Janel'la (Zool.) P. N., a genus of Leinacidse (New ZtsaJUwd ^<iTOas.>^ 

236 JAN — JON 

Janipha (Bot.) Ja»i/>a6ay its name in Brazil ; the Caflava plant ; a genus 
of Euphorbiacex. 

Jani'ra (Zool.) a genus of Pe^tenidas. 

Janthi'na (Zool.) lutBivoSf violet-blue ; a genus of Mollufks fo named oti 
account of the beautiful violet colour of the (hell. 

JantM'nea (£nt.) leaBtyast violet-blue. 

Ja'nus (Zool.) P. N. from Roman mythology ; a genus of Mollufca, fa- 
mily Pro£lonotidae. 

Japo'nicus-a-um (Ichth., Bot.) Lat. relating to, or native of, Japan ; t^g'y 
Camellia Japonica, 

Jasio'ne (Bot.) applied by Pliny to wild potherb; a genus of Cam- 

Jasmi'num (Bot.) yfmyn^ the Arabic name. The typical genus of 

Ja'tropha (Bot.) lar^if, a phyfician, rft^, food ; referring to its qualities ; 
a genus of Euphorbiaceae. 

JaYa'nicus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) LaU belonging to Java. 

Jay (Omith.) French^ geai. Span. gayo. 

Jefferso'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of 7". Jefferfin^ Prefident of the United 

JefGreVsi^ ) (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr, Gnuynne 'Jeffreys^ F,R.S.y 

JefGreysiadsB ) author of a Manual of the Mollufca. 

Jeny'nsii (Ent.) P. N. in honour of the Rev, Leonard Jenyns, M,A. 

JerboldSB (Zool.) a family of Mammalia of which Jerboa is the type. 

Jerusalem Artichoke (Bot.) This has nothing to do with Jeruialem, 
ancient or modern, but is the tuber of a fpecies of Sunflower, originally 
called by its proper defcriptive name. In Italian it is girafole (which 
turns to the fun), which is thus incorrectly anglicized into a g^- 
graphical term. 

Je'ssamine (Bot.) Arabic or Perfian yfmyn, fweet odour. 

Joba'phes (Bot.) Io0et^ns% violet-coloured. 

Jochro'ma (Bot.) tov, violet, x^^f*** colour. 

John Dory (Ichth.) from iljanitore, the door-keeper ; the fifli being called 
on the Italian coaft by the name of St. Peter, and he being fuppofed 
to be the door-keeper of heaven, our failors gave the name to the fifti. 

Jolmia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Rev. Dr. John, of Tranquebar. 

Jolli'fLa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jolli/j a friend of Bojer. 

Jondra'ba (Bot.) ?«», the violet, and the genus Draba; a genus of 

JO!f — JUT 


me'sia (Bot,) P. N. in honour of Sir IVillmm Jctti, the etiebrated 

fchotar and botanifl ; a magruBcent Ealt Indian genua of L-cguminoriv. 

To&quU (Bot.) from jmii<; a nilh, hecaufe of its rolh-iike leaves; tlie 

Jonthla'spl (Bot.) '". tlit yioitt, and tlie genus Thhsfi; a genus uf 

JOBBi'nia (Bot.) derivation unlinown. 

Jouaime'tia(Zool.) P. N., agenusof Pholadidi, afamilj of MoUofca. 
Ju'glans (Bot.) Jevh glam, the nut of Jove ; the Walnut ; a genui of Nat. 

Julla'aa (Eat.) Juliui, the month of July, in which the Infeft appeara. 
Julia (Tchth.) Lm. a name applied by Pliny to Tome lilb. 
lulus (Znnl.) Lot, a milleped; the Garden centipede. 
Junoagina'aeB (Bot,) 7nncBj, a ru(h; a Natural Order of inconfpiciiouj 

Endogena, of which Triglochin is the type, formerly called Jixma^a. 
JunciOOlel'la (Ent.)yi«Kvi,a ralh, nu^, to frequent. 
Junol'tes (Fos. Bot.) ynwiH, a rulh; fotlll ftema and leases apparently 

related to nilhei. 
Junotel'la (E at.) yvjtSm, joined, united. 
Jun'oua (Bot.)^ii(iii, to join: the firft ropes were made of rallies; typical 

genus of the Rulh-family or Juncaceje. 
Jungerman'ttia (Bot.) P. N. from Liuh Juiga-miani, a Gennan botanift, 

who died in 165J ; typical genus of Jungermanniaces. 
Jonlpera'tB (Ent.) feeds on the Jumfirr. 

Juniperel'lus (Eut.) the larva forms webs on twl^ of Juniper. 
Joni'peniB (Bot.) Cdlic, Junrfrui, rough, or rude; referring to the Hill 

fhnibs ; a genus of Conifera, fub-order Ciipreflinei:. 
Jurga'naia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of flyttneriaceie. 

Juri'nea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Jurin, i a genui of Compof.ti. 
Jusaieu'a (Bot.) P. N. from the celebrated French botanical family JuJ^ 

fau: a genus of Onagraces?. 
JuaalSTia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. JuJJtai ; a genus of Euphorhiacwe, 
JuBti'oia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. JuJIkr, Efq., an eminent Scotch 

botanift, who publilhed (everal worka on gardening about 1754.-63 ; a 

rplendid tropical genus of Acanthaccse. 
Jute (Bot.) the fibre of an Eaft IndUn Cnrchorus, 

138 K^ — KEL 

Kadsu'ra (Bot.) a genus of Schizandracex. 

Ka'dua (Bot.) a genus of Cinchonacex. 

Kaempfe'ria (Bot.) P. N. from E. Kampfer, ^ German naturalift, author 

of "AmoenitatesExoticsB," who died in 171 6; a curious tropical genus 

of Scitaminez. 
Kageneckia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Rofaceae. 
Kahi'ria (Bot.) a genus of Compofitz. 
Kalancho'e (Bot.) the Chinefe name. 
Kalbfu'ssia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Kalbfufs ; a genus of Com- 

Kale (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. cal, catvl ; a kind of cabbage ; alTo applied to the 

Crambe maritimaf or Sea-kale ; Cruciferae. 
Eali (Bot.) ArabiCfgaJy or algaly ; fpecific name of a marine plant, from 

the aflles of which foda is obtained ; the Saljola Kaliy Nat. Ord. Che- 

Kalifor'mia (Bot.) xaX»f , beautiful, forma, fliape ; a genus of Ceramian 

Eallias (Bot.) ancient name of fome plant ; a genus of Compofite. 
KaUstromia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of ZygophyllacesB. 
Kallyme'nia (Bot.) ««xxo;, beauty, jum-aroj, monthly; a genus of 

Ka'lmia (Bot.) P. N. from P. Kalm, Profeflbr at Abo in Sweden ; a very 

beautiful North American genus of Ericaceae. 
Elalong (Zool.) native name of a bat — Pteropus. 
Ealosa'nthes (Bot.) »«X0;, beautiful, «»do;, a flower. 
Kampe'caris (Fos. Zool.) x«,aw»j, a caterpillar, *«^iV, a fhrimp ; a fmall 

crudacean, {6 called from its appearance. 
Kampma'nnla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Xanthoxylacez. 
Kainptorli3ni'clius (Ornith.) See Camptorhynchus. 
Kam'ptzia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Myrtaceae. 
Ean'gEUroo (Zool.) a native name. 
Ea'tydid (Ent.) a fpecies of grafshopper, fo called from the found which 

it makes. 
Kaulflis'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. Fred, Kaulfufs, M. /)., 

Profeflbr of Botany, Halle; a pretty blue-flowered genus of Com- 

Kei'thia (Bot.) P.N., a genus of-Labiatae. 

Ke'llia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Mr, 0' Kelly of Dublin ; a genus of 
MoUufcRf family Kelliadz. 

KEN — KLE 23^ 

Kenne'dia (Bot.) P. N. from Mr. Kennedy^ nurferyman, Hammerfmith \ 

an elegant genus of Leguminofse. 
Ke ntia (Bot ) P. "N., a genus of Palms. 
Kentra'nthus, fame as Centranthus, q.v. 
Kentrophy'Utim (Bot.) mrTp^v^ a prickle, «j>uXXtfy, leaf ; a genus of Com- 

Kentro'phyta (Bot.) xivrpaf^ a prickle, 4>yTo», plant ; a genus of 

Ke'ratophy'te (Zool.) *i^aj, a horn, ^vrev, that which grows ; a name 

given by Cuvier to polypi of the genus Gorgonia, on account of the 

horny axis of the (lem. 
Ke'ratose (Zool.) xe^«j, a horn ; but the word is objectionable, fmce o/c 

is not a proper termination for adjectives from the Greek, and ana- 
logy would require the i in xspas to be exprefled by a c. 
Keri'lia (2k)ol.) xfipag, a honey-comb, from the arrangement of the fcales ; 

a genus of Ophidians. 
Kerivoula (Zool.) a native name. 

Ke'rodon (Zool.) *«^, the heart, oJoyj, oJ«vTaj, a tooth ; a genus of herbi- 
vorous rodents having molar teeth, of which the tran^erfe fection is 

heart- fhaped. 
Kerona (Zool.) xi^g, a horn ; a genus of minute Infufbria, having the 

body covered with hairs, fbme of which are curved like horns ; hence 

the name. 
Ker'ria (Bot.) P. N. from fV. Ker, a collector of plants for Kew gardens ; 

a genus of Japaneie Rofaceae. 
Kiggela'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Francis Kiggelar, a Dutch botanical 

Blilmunel'la (Ent.) firft taken at KHmun, N. B. 
Kinge'na (Zool.) P. N., a genus of MoUufca, family Terebratulidae. 
Kirgajie'lia (Bot.) Urganeli, its Malabar name. 
Kissos (Bot.) the Greek name for Ivy ; Sophocles calls it ** wine-faced " — 

" Tot olvSiv* an^ovca xto-aov." — CEdip. Colon, v. 674. 
Kitaibe'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Paul Kitaibel, Profeflbr of Botany at Pefth, 

Kite (Ornith.) Anglo-Sax. cyta. 
Kleinho'fia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Khinhoff^ formeily Director of the 

botanical gardens, Java. 
Klei'nia (Bot.) P. N. from James Henry KUin^ a German botanift ; a genu« 

of Compofita!. 

140 KNA — KVI 

Kna'ppia (Bot.) P. N. from Mr, M, Knapp^ who wrote on Britifh Graf • 

fes ; a genus of minute Gramina. 
Knau'tia (Bot.) P. N. from C, Knaut, phyfician at HaHe in Saxony, who 

died in 1 694 ; a beautiful genus of Dipfacese. 
Kni'ghtia (Bot.) P. N. from T, A, Knight, Efq,, F.JR.S., \^c. 
Enipolegus (Omith.) it fhould be written Cnipolegus, k not being ufed in 

Kno'rria (Fos. Bot.) a genus of coal-meafure plants, intermediate between 

Lycopods and Conifers. 
Knot-grass (Bot.; a fpecies of Polygonum, fo called from its numerous 

Knowlto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from 71 Kmnvlton, curator of the Botanical 

Gardens, Eltham. 
Kno'xia (Bot.) P. N. from Robert Knox, an Englifh traveller of the 1 7th 

Kobre'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Be Kobres, a German and great promoter of 

Botany ; a genus of Cyperaceae. 
Eo'cllia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Koch, a German botanift. 
KoBle'ria (Bot.) P. N. from ikf. Kohler, Profeflbr of Natural Hiftory at 

Mayence ; a genus of Grafles. 
ECBZd'gia (Bot.) P. N. from Samuel Kanig, a Swifs mathematician. 
Kol'poda (Zool.) xiXwis, a notch ; a genus of Infiifbria, having their 
bodies notched laterally, their mouths being fltuated at the bottom of 
the notch. 
Kolreute'ria (Bot.) P. N. from J. G. Kolreuter, a celebrated German 

botanifl and naturalid. 
Kolus (Zool.) KoXos, docked, curtailed. 
Ko'niga (Bot.) P. N. from Charles Konig, F.R.S., Britifh Mufeum ; a 

genus of Cruciferge. 
Eonin'ckia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Jl/. Komncke ; a genus of MoUufca, 

family OrthidsB. 
Erame'ria (Bot.) P. N. from J. G. H. and IV. H, Kramer, German 

Krau'ssia (Zool.) P. N., a genus of Mollufca, family Terebratulidx. 
Erigia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr, David Krieg, 2i German botanift. 
Kruhsea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Krufe. 
Su'hnia (Bot.) P. N. from Adam Kuhn, of Pennfylvania, a pupil of 

Kuio'hUA (Zool.) native name of one of the Leopards. 


e^$^'»tl*e A&i™. . 

; this word (hould have beei 


[ (Bat.)^. N. from C. S. KaiOi, a French botanill. 
Knrgo'sa (ZooLJ Latloiied form of the Kargo/i. 
Ky'dla (Bot.) P. N. from Co/. Si/ril Kyd, firft direfloi of thi' Calcutta 

Botanic garden. 
KyUl'ngla (Bot.) P. N. from P. Kfll^ig.n Dutch hotaniil who died in 1696. 

' Laba'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Spanilh naturalill, 

Luiat; a genuaof A(|Uifol!acex. 
Labe'llum (Bot.) Lai, a little lip ; applied tu the jjcndulous petal of iht 

Labla'tsa (Bot.) Labiate fkiwers ; the natural order now called Lamiaceip. 
Labiatiflo'rffl (Bot.) Labiale-flowcn ; a fection of perigynous exogenj, 

with Up-like flowers. 
Lablcb'ea (Boi.) P. N., a genus of LeguminolK, 
Idbi'dodoa (Zoo!.) >.£((, ;i.^,lt,,apairDfplncers,i3.i;,,i!i,T„,a tooth; 

I a genus of Infularia. 
Labldo'atomia (£nt.) tJtSis-ii't, a pair of pinecre, 3^iftK, a mouth. 
Zja'bldus (Ent.) XxBii-Stt, 3 pair of pincers ; a genu-i of Hrmenoptera. 
Iiabaiardle'ra (Bot.) the fame as Bilhrdhm, a New Holland gvnu! of 
Labio'sUB-a-um (ZdoI., Bot,) Lot. full-lipptd, 
Labi'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Myrfinaceie. 
LaTiium (Ent.) Lat. a. lip. 
La'blab (Bot.) the Arabic name of the convoWulus ; now a l^ieciet of 
DoUchos ; Nat. Ord. Leguminofu). 
Laboi'dla (flot.J P. N., a genui of Loganiaceia. 
Laboiirdoiiiiai'ala (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sapotaceje. 
Labra'dla (But.) P. H. in honour of M, Lairadti a genus of LeguminosK. 
Labraz (Ichth.) a name uled by Pliof for Ibme Glh ; now applied to the 
Labrella (Bot.) dim. of Wr™. a lip ; a genus of Fungi. 
La'bTldta (Ichlh.; iakn.i, fiun. tenn. id^i the family of the Wralles, or 
Labroldi (Ichlh.) I.>hru; iri.i, lik<... 

242 I'AB — LAC 

Labrum (£nt.) Lat a lip. 

La'brus (Ichth.) a name ufed by Pliny for a ravenous fi(h ; the Wrafle. 

The name is derived from the extenfile lips of the members of this 

Labur'num (Bot.) a name ufed by Pliny ; now the Latin fpecific name 

of the ** Golden-rain," Cytifus Laburnum. 
Labyrin'thodon (Fos. Zool.) ket$vptv9e(, a labyrinth, o^oc/f, o^avre;, a 

tooth ; the teeth are of a peculiarly complicated ftru^re ; the name 

was given by Profeflbr Owen. 
Laca'thea (Bot.) XetKecBn was the ancient name of an unknown tree ; a 

genus of Temftromiaceas. 
Lacco'bius (£nt.) Xukxos^ a pit, Biox^ to live. 
Lacco'philUB (Ent.) xAxnosy a pit, <j>iX6«, to love, 
Lace'llia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitae. 
LEUJepe'dea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Count de Lacepede; 

a genus of Hippocrateaceae. 
Lacema'tSB (Zool.) pi. of lacernatus, wearing a cloak; a family of Infufbria. 
Lace'rta (Zool.) Lot. a lizard. 

Lace'rticeps (Fos. Zool.) lacerta, a lizard, caput^ head ; lizard-headed. 
Laoe'rtidsB (2^1.) Uuerta^ fam. term. Ida, 
Lachano'des (Bot.) Xo;^;«v«», garden vegetables, sHoj, like ; a genus of 

Lachena'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour la Chenal^ a writer on botany ; 

a beautiful cape genus of Liliacese. 
La'chesis (Zool.) P. N., one of the three Fates ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Laohnse^a (Bot.) >a;^;v»j, down ; alluding to the clothing of the corolla ; 

a genus of Thymelacese. 
Laobnagro'stiB (Bot.) x«;^v»j, woolly hair, down, «y/>««-T»j, grafs ; a 

genus of Gramina. 
Laobnala (Ent.) >.«;tv«i5<, hairy, downy. 
Lacbna'ntheB (Bot.) a«;^;v»j, wool, «v0of, a flower. 
Lachnella (Bot.) diminutive of Lachnaa ; a genus of Fungi. 
La'chneus (Bot.) x«;^;»>7, down ; alluding to the clothing of the corolla. 
Laolinoca'ulon (Bot.) Xaxvn, woolly hair, caulis, ftem ; a genus of 

Lacbnocla'dlum (Bot.) \^x*^* woolly hair, xxAhst a flip or (hoot ; a 

genus of Fungi. 
Lachnolo'bus (Bot.) Xa;^>», foft woolly hair, xo/3«f, a pod ; a genus of 


- LJB 


Laohnolo'ma (Bot.) i.ix"iy woolly hair, Xf^ua, fringe ; a genus of 

Laohnope'talum (Bot.) J.ij;vn, iovia, prijlam ; a genua of Sapindaces. 
Laohnopo'dium (Bot.) Aaj^m, woolly hair, mSf, mSir, foot ; a genus of 

Laohnopy'lla (Bot,) >.lx"'-> ™™>ll7 ''»'r, huSlIj, a little gate or entrance ; 

a genus of ScrophuUr!iice«. 
LachnOBpo'rmum. (Bot) i.ix,'i,, down, fperaa, feed ; a genas of Com ■ 

Laclmoata'ctiyH (Bot.) xix'"' woolly hair, niyih >■ dufter ; a genus of 

Laohno'stoma (Bol.) i.ix'i'i down, rrifta, mouth ; a genus of 

CinchonaccE ; alfo a genus of Afdcpiadaccie, 
LBQlinosTpho'niuiii (Bot.) 3.tixm, down, ffHin, a tube ; a genua of 

La'chrymana (Omith., Bot.) Lil. trying, cauling grief; as in Mcmliui 

Lithrymaittt the Dry-ToC plant, 
Laclnula'Tia (ZooL) hdnh, a Uppet or fhp ; > genui ol Infuibria. 
Loois (Bot.) imicic, a rent ; a genus of Fodolleaiaces. 
Laoia'tsma (Bot.) i-avrris, tattered, tor[i ; typical genus of the tropical 

American order Laciftemaces. 
LaoiBtema'oBffi (Bot.) the genus LariJInna; and fam. leiminai. 
Laoryma'rla (ZooL) tacrymt, tears ; a genus of Infalbria. 
Laota'rlua (Bot.) Lai. milky ; a genus of Fungi. 
Lactaa'rla (Ent.) laihu; milli-white. 

La'oteua (Zool., BoL) Lat. cieam-coloured ; ,. ^., Cracm Ijiitai. 
LttOtu'oa (Hot.) /as, milk ; a milky juice exudes when it is broken; the 

Lettuce; Nat. Onl. Compofits. 
XjacUB^trine (ZooL) Auuj, a lake. 
Iiada'uluni (Bot.) /sS«», hdamm, wae the Greek name of a gnjm ; a 

genus of Ciltacex. 
LEtdAno^pals (Bot.) the genus Lat^iutn, and i'i'iit likt; a genua of 

Ladenba'rgia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Ladrnb.-rg; a genus of 

Lady-amook (Bnt.) probably from the white appearance which 

hloUbms gave to the meadows where it abounds, refembling linen 

bleaching on the grafs ; the CarJamim pnUsnfu. 
Lmllo'pala C^') <'>' S«ii"> Xf''<i. and i\'^i like ; a genui of Orchidacex. 

LmmophliE'us (Ent.) \aifiii, the throat, ^Xnii, bark of trees. 

LsBime'oia (Bot.) P. N. a genua of Compofitse. 

Lao'tia (Bot.) P. N. In hotiour of /. ^ Lari,r>\ Antwerp, author ol a 

hiaory of America. 
LiBTa'ta (Bot.) Ut^iim, lifted up. 

Lffiviga'tu3-a-iira (Bot.) Lui. fmoothed ; r, g.. Cam trvigaij. 
Los'vlS ( Zool., Bot.) Lot. fmoolh or soft ; i. g., Rhuma U-^u. 
Lafoe'nBia (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Lythraceic. 
I.fti!reana'ya (Omlth.) P. N. in honour of the venerable fij™ Jt Ufnfiay, 

a French nataralift. 
Lafue'ctea (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Scrophutariacex. 
LagaroSi'phOU (Bot.) XnyK/it, hollaw,, tube ; a genus of 

L^a'soea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dim Mariana Lagofia, Profeflbr of 

Batany at Madrid. 
LBgena'adra (Bot.) lamina, a flaik (fhape), intf, iiifif, a (lamen ; a geatu 

of the frui 

: ; referring to the form 

, a Halk ,- a genus of Infuforia. 
agtiia, a Halle or flagon ; a genus of Mulci . 
la Ik, xafwi;, fruit ; a genus of Cyperacee. 
flalk, fifn, to carry; a genua of Com- 

HK, a flaflt, fvyx". 

Lagena'rla (Bot.) hgtia, a bolt 

Bottle-gourd ; Nat. Oni. Cn 
Lagene'lla (Zool.) dim. of hgn 
Lage'niura (Bot.) xiytiw. Lot. 
IiBgSIiaoa'rpUS (Bot.) iagam, a 
Lageno'phora (Bot.) lagtna, a 

Lagenorhf 'iiohua (Zool.) Xiy 
LagoratrcB'mia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Magtm Liignflrsm,ol Gotlen- 

butg. a friend of Linnajus, and a direOor of the Swedilh Ea(t India 

Laget'ta(Bot.)/;i^B,it< name in Jamaica; the Lace-bark tree; Nat. Ord. 

Lagooe'phalUE (Ichth.) 'i>>w, a hare, ufaJ-H, a head. 
LaBO°^l°ni (But.) Jlb>wi, a hare. x,''^"i ''P i '■ g^nui of Acanthaceie. 
Lagoabi'iui (Bot.) i.ityiiy^>, having a hare-lip; a genus of Lamiacrz-. 
LagOB'oia (Bot.) i.ayi;,i hare, irmit, a dwelling; a genus of Gramina. 
I<a'gomyB (ZooL) t'OyJif, a bare, (ui;,, a mouTe. 
Lftgonj oUum (Bol.) i-nyii, a hare, ivix'"t " "'l'^ '^'''' 



LagO'pllyl]a(Bor.) >.ayii,ii hare, fuAUi, leaf; a genua of Compolhz, 
Logo'palS (Bot.) knyit, a hare, i^if, like ; a genua of LabiaUl. 
Lago'pUB (Omith.) kifi;, a bare, wni;, a foot ; hare-fooled. 
LagoroliB'BteB (Zooi.) Xaj^j, a hare, Of;(;n»TS(, a dancer ; applied to the 

kangaroo hare. 
Lago'serla (Bot.) >>s><^, a hare, ci^ic, fuccor; ; » genun ot Comporilx. 
Lagotba'mnua (Bot.) X*ywt, a hare, Sb^hc, a Ihrub ; a genus of Cum- 

Lago'tia (Zool.) >Lxyii, a hare, £i, litis, an ear; rabbit-eared. 
LElgre'xia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Amarantacex. 
Laguna'Tia (Bot.^ llal. lagnna, a marlh ; a genus of Malvace^. 
LBgUDOUla'ria, (Bot.) Liganrula, a fmall Aalk or bottle ; a genus of Com- 

Laguno'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of HomaliaeeK. 

Iiagune'a(Bot.]P. N. in honour of ^m/rrji iofuM, a Spanilh naturalift. 

LBgura'nthera (Bot.) having aniktri like thofe of [he genui Lagurui ; a 

genus of Compofits. 
Laguro'stemoa (Bot.) thejlamrm (s-t^bv) refemhiing thofe of the genm 

Lagam I a genua of CompoCtia. 
Lagu'rus (Bot.) )ia>il|, a bare, lu^B, a tail ; HareVtail graTs; a gemii of 

Laha'ya (Bot.) P. N. in liononr of M. £aj~tdjtf, a fcientific gardener. 
Lalags (Bat ) P. N. in honour of Horace's iadji ; a genus of Leguminofx. 
LaUema'nUa (Bot.) p. N., a genus of Labiate. 
Lama (Zool.) Latinized form of LIubw. 
La'mantin (ZooL) from the native name la mamli , the Manalus or 

Sea-cow ; Cuvier Hates that it was fo called from a bncied f efembknct 

of its front feet to hands, or from a fuppofition that it hid only front feel. 
LamaTobea (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Myrtacete. 
Lamar'otia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of CeUftracer. 
Ltunh (Zool.) Ai^i-Sax. lamb, UiiUk, lam. Germ. lamm. 
Lambdel'la (Ent.) from the Greeic letter i marked on the wings. 
Lamber'tla (Bot ) P. N. in honour of A. B. L^wiitrl, EJq., F.S.S. b-f., a 

diftinguilhed butanift and writer upon the Conifene. 
Lambi' I>ettuoe (Bot.) Anglicized from the old name, Lailma ogHiita, of 

I Gerarde ; the Fidiu dlleria ; Nat. Ord. Valerlanacee. 
Lamella'ria (Zool.) lamriia, a plate ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Lajnellibranohia'ta (Zool.) hmtUa, a fmall pbte, tratihij, giU< : Blain- 
Tm for the Conchifens. 

246 LAM — LAM 

Lamellicor'nes (Ent.) lamella^ a fmall plate, comu^ a horn ; the antennae 

are compofed of nine or ten joints, the laft two or three of which are 

lamellated or plated. 
La/mia (Ent.) P. N. of a fabulous monfter. 
La'mia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Portulacacez. 

Lamia'cess (Bot.) the natural order of which Lamlum is the typical genus. 
La'mlna (Bot.) Lat. a plate ; the blade of a leaf. 
Lamina ria (Bot.) from the fori upon the lamitus or fronds ; a genus of 

marine Algse. 
Laminari'tes (Fos. Bot.) lamina^ a plate ; certain bioad-leaved foflil algse 

of the upper rocks. 
Lamina strum (Bot.) lamina^ plates, a/lrumy a (lar ; a genus of Fucoid 

Lamiop'sis (Bot.) the genus Zomt/Vot, and Sf^^ic, refemblance; a genus of 

La'mium (Bot ) x«;/uo;, the throat, referring to the (hape of the flower ; 

a genus of Labiatz, and made the typical one in the equivalent term 

Lammergeyer (Ornith.) Germ, lammergar, from lammer, lambs, geir, a 

Lam'na (Ichth.) Xa/uy«, a predatory flfh mentioned by Aridotle; now 

applied to a genus of Sharks. 
Lamonrou'zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Lamouroux ; a genus of 


Lampa'nia (Zool.) XafAitas, a torch ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Lampomor'pha (Ornith.) Xa/u«r«, to fhine, /uo^i? form. 

La'mpra (Ent.) ka/jtvpot, brilliant. 

La'mpra (Bot.) Xetfxwfisi ihining ; a genus of Commelynacez. 

Lamprey (Ichth.) French^ Umproie, 

La'mprias (Ent.) Xa/Mir^*;, fliining. 

Lamprooa'rpus (Bot.) fpecific name of the ^ fhining-fruited " ru(h or 

Juncus iamprocarpus^ from Xa/uirp«;, fhining, xof ir«f , fruit. 
Lamprooa'rya (Bot.) XafAVfis^ fliining, «a^«v, a nut; a genus of 

Lamprodro'ma (Zool.) 'KafAtrfOfy brilliant, i^/uof , flight ; a genus of Mol- 

Lampro'nia (Ent.) XetfAVfisy bright. 
La'mprophiB (Zool.) Xci/uvf *;, brilliant, 9<f t;, (erpent ; a genus of Colu<- 

brine ophidians. 


LunpropT'ga (Ornith.) Xn/ 

LfunproBpi'za (Ornith.) x 

LamproBta'ohya (Bot.) x«f*nf 

ning, (rTi£j_i,(, , 


a gcnu6 a 

iT^T>t, moft briUiai 
II, rpleridour; a ger 
tifiritc, brilliant, in 

. of Erirai 

Lampro'latUB (Enc.) t-afivf 

La'mprotia (Bot.) j.«/ii-fiii 

Lamproto'mia (Omith.) Xi 

Lam'paana (Bot.) fame as Lafi/ana, q.v, 

LampsillB (Zool.) .\ii^-|i(, Iplendout ; a genus of Mallufca. 

LamTT^ (Ent.) kiixin, to Ihine, -nZf, fire ; tbe Glow-wonn. 

LflmpyWdSB (Ent.) fam. of whicli Ljntfgrii is the type. 

LamyaTla (Bot, P. N., a genus of Fungi. 

Lamyra (Bot.) Xa/nifii, grtedy ; a genus of Cumpolitie. 

Xiana'rla (Bot.) lanarhi, woolly; a genUE of Hxmadaracen:, 

LanaTiua (Ornith.) Lai. woolly, 

Laacea'lis (Ent.) lanua, a light fpear ; the wings being narrow and lumntaU, 

Lauaeola'ila (Ent.) Lmci^, a little lance. 

ILancBOla'ria (Bot ) iaiKctia, a little lance ; a genus of Crucifera. 
Lanceola'tua-a-um (Bot.) Ibaped like a lancet, from LnKcda., a littk- 

Lancinalis (Ent.) laniiim, to lacerate, from Its torn appearance. 

LaJlore'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Zann-rf; a genus of Elatinacec 

Lan'dla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonaceie. 

Landolphia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of ApocynaceiE. 

Lan'dtla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of AT Lamir ,- a genui of Compofiti. 

Lanea'tals (Ent.) Jami, wool 

Langa'ba (Zool.) etymology unknown { a genus of Colubrlne ophidians 

Langerma'imia (Bot.) P. N. In banour of Af. Lm^rBi^mn ,- a genus t 


Langevel'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Uiticacea:. 

Lallgla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Langt ; a genus of Amarantaceir. 
LaaaiBlla (Ent.) P. N. in honour of H. G. Latg, a German author, 
Langle'la (Bot.) P. N. in honour of —'Lmrglry: a gennsof Ramydacti 
LangadoVfla (Bot.J P. N. in honour of M. Langjd,«-J; a genus ■ 

aophorsceie ; aifo a genus of Compolltic. 
Lania^tB (Ornilh.) lanim, with term, for rub-family ; the true fihrlkcs. 
LalliBSr (Zool.) La. wool-bearing, fleecy. 

Lanigero'atemmB (Bot.) Lmigrr, w™ 

.nf;,fK<xy,Jlrmiaa : a genus a 
the family oF the Shnkei am 


Lani'ldse COmith.) /a»™, with fan. 


Lanipila (Bo(.}/airo, wdqIj/i/bj, a. hair; a genua of CompoCta. 
Lajll'ateB (Zool.) lanijia, i diRurber ; a genus of MoUufca. 
La'niuni(Bot.)/a,iii,j, an exeralioner ; a genuBof Drchldacefe. 
La'niua (Omith.) Lai. a butcher; tht Butcher-birds. 
Lanlteater'la (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Dr. SJtkh Zanlfflir, f.S.S., 

of Lnndcin; a geous of Acanthacex. 
La nnea (Bot.) P, N., a genus of Anacardiaceie. 
Lanner (Omith,) Umariu,, a butcher ; a fpecies of falron. 
Lano'plla (Bot.) ).iv«(j wool, mlkn, a (liull-CBp ; a genus of Fungi. 
Lano'sa (Bot.) lanr^m, woolly; a. genus of Fungi. 
Lansbe'rgia (fiat.) P. N. in honour of M. Lanfirrg; a genus of 

La'nsium (BoL) etymol. unknown ; a genus of Meliacele. 

Lanta'na (Bot.) fpecific name of Viburnum, from laiii, to bend, on 

account of its ufe in tying articles ; a Eenus of Verbenaceat. 
Laomede'a (ZooL) AnviiSnz, one of the Nereids ; a genua of Zoaphytea, 
La'opbb (Foa. ZdoL} >Sir, a roEk, if >.-, a ferpeut ; the Rock-fnake. 
La'piWbya (Bot.) xxwit^n, to evacuate ; a genus of Compolitie. 
Xiape'miH (Zool.) i.iin. llime, clammy moiftutc ; a genus of Ophidians. 
I>»peyrou'aia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of La Ptynafi, the French navigator. 
Lapbygma (Enc.) ; uy/io, gluttony. 
Lapida'ta (Em.) lafU, a ftone ; ftone-coloured. 
Lapidloo'lsna (£nt.) laf'a, a Ihine, ctlou, part, inhabiting. 
Lapla'oea (Hot.) P. N. in honour of the celebiated La I'ha: a genus of I 

Lapo'ttaa (Bot.) in hononr of M. Laporti^ ; a genus of Urti 
Lappa (Bat) I^i. a bur ; fpecifii^ name of a curious Compofite plant, the I 

Arffiimi Lajifa, or Burdock. 
Lappa 'go (Bot.)dim.fn>m/iyt/ii,lhe Burdock; haiine rough prickly lie 
Lappo'niCDB-a-iun (Ornlth., Bot.) relating to Lapland. 
LappUla (Bot.) diminutive of Laffa ; a genus of Tiliacex. 
Lap'aaca (Bot.) XmmiX,m, to purge ; alluding to its qualities. 
Lap'wing (Omith.) Ai^n-Sax.Ueapiui, to leap, wi«c, awing; alluding I 

probably to the rapidity with which it clapt its wings. 
Laquea'iiB. (Bot.) /ajvnir, a fanelliid ceiling ; a genua of Fungi, 

LAR — LAS 149 

Lar. Lares (Zool.) P. N. hDurehi>U deities in mythology, fymboliztd 
;r the (orm of monkeys clothed with the QLlm, of dogs ; applied to 

a Gibbon, Hylobaten Lar. 
Larbro'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Abh! Lartr,', a writer on botany ; 

a genus of Caryophyllaicie. 
Laroh (Bot.) from Lbi. hrU. 
LardiEabft'la (Bot.) P. N., a curious South Americau genus, the typical 

one of Nat. Ord. Lardizabalacei. 
Lara'niia (Ent.) a name of Flora, or from Asia Larmtia, the nurfe of 

Ronmlus and fLemus. 
IiarldES (Oraith.) iam, with fam. term. ; the Gull family. 
Lari'ntlB (Eot.) Xa/i.ii, fat. 

■ Larix (Bot.) 1^1. the Larch-trte ; Nat. Ord. Couifcrffi. 
Lark (Omith.) AtigbSax. Ufn-i, Dan. krie. 
LarkBpur (Bot.) from fuppoled Tefemblauce of the unexpended Sowers to 
the Ipun of larks ; the genus Delphinium; Nat. Ord. Ranunculacex. 
LaTnox (Bot.) the Greeli word foracheft or bon ; a genus of Solanacea;. 
Laro'choa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Dt la Jlxlir, a writer on botany. 
Laira (Ent.) a name given by Dr. I*ach, apparently without meaning ; a 

genus of Hymenoptera. 
Larmda (Ent.) formed from the genns Larra; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Lalrazeiia (Ent) the genus L^uri, and fiMt, Itrange; a ^uus of 

LaTrea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. A. H. dc iar™, a Spanilh botanifl. 
Ltt'rridEB (Ent.) a family of Hymenoptera of which Lurra is the type. 
La'nu (Omith.) Laih, a gull. 
Larva (Ent.) Lat. a ghoU or malk, 
LaaalUa (Bot.) P. N., 1 genus of Lichencs. 
Laaca'dium (Bot.) Umui, to ring or rattle ; a genu* of Euphorbiacea. 

ILasohia (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Fungi. 
Laaeguaa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Apocynaceie. 
I^fierpi'tiUin (Bot.) iafir, the gum of the plant, pit, pitch, referring to 
the fmeJ ; a genus of UmheUifene. 
La'aia (Hot.) >.iiin, woolly ; a genus of Musd. 
Laaiagro'atls (Bot.) Hiurigi, woolly, it^paj-Tii, grafe ; a genus of Gramina. 
Lasiaudra (Bot.) Xifni, woolly, Mf, itifii, male (liamen) ; a genus of 
Laalan'thsa (Bot.) Xiirw, woolly, iAst, flower ; agenus of Compofitz. 
LaBlaiiUiera(Bot.) kiTnc, woolly, wttiitra; a ^luuolN'ftices. 

LBsian'thUs (Bot.) >BTist, wooUy, lEiSsc, florrer; b genus of Cinchonacea. I 
Laaiobot'rya (Bot.) »ajioj, woolly, S'Tfui, a hunch of gi 
Laslooa'mpa (Ent.) )~iTiai, hairy, Mii^irB, a caterpillar. 
LaBioce'phalUB (Bot.) yimi, wcxilly, iii^ii;i.i|, head ; a geniu of Com- 

Laaloollloa (Bot.) Janof, woolly, ;t;^»'>. E™^ i =■ genus of Gramina. 
Laaiocla'dua (Bot.) Xsnoi, haliy, Csiii, a branch ; a genua of I 

Laslooo'rya (Bot.) lii-Wf, hairy, zj^c, a helmet ; a genui of LabiatiE. 
Lasiode'nna, (Bot.) ^tik, hairy, li^a, Ikia ; n genus of Fun^. 
Lasiolo'pis (Bot.) kMns, hairy, >jiric, a fcale; a genus of Simatubacex. 
LaBlone'ma (Bot.) ^Brmj, hairy, Hiaggy, m'fii, a filament ; a genus of | 

Lasio'pera (Bot.) Jitmt, hairy, tiftc, an end or termination ; a ger 

LaaiOpa'talTim (Bot.) Janef, hairy, irirala., a petal; referring ti 

flower; a genua of BytlneriaceiB. 
Laslopo'gon (Bot.) iimt, woolly, jiwym,i beard; a genus of CompoTites. I 
LaBio'ptera (Bot.) >it(riot, hairy, ihaggy, «-ri^., wing; a gtnoi of 1 

Laslopy'ga (Zool.) * 
Laslorrhi'za (Bot.) ii^i 
LaaioBi'phoD (Bot.) ^as- 
LaBloape'rma (Bot.) iiij 
LaeloBpo'TB (Bot.) iia^t 
IiOBioBte'inuin (Bot.) * 

Lbbio stoma (Bot.) X^ict, hairy, rrlfii, 
Lasio 'stoma (Ent.) xi^m, woolly, ni/ 
LaaiOBtylla (Bot.) Xaj-ici, hairy, im>. 

Lasia'rus (ZooL) \irns, Hiaggy with hsir, tifs, a tail ; hairy-tailed ; s ■ 

genua of Bata. 
Lasttae'llla (Bot.) XmrSu'ii, to mock. Insult ; a genua of Compolitn, 
LaatTEB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the j<M/ A imtrir, a French botuiift j] 

a genua of well-known Pemi. 
Lata'nia (Bot.) hla^i^r, iU name In the Ifle of 
Latax'lna (Zool.) Xiii-af, an otter. 
Lateritia'Ua (Ent.) klirilim, bricV-coltmttd, 

idf, Woolly, nvyKi rump. 

r«,, fhaggy, /.;., root ; fl genus of Compofilffi. 
iriij,/baggy,ffiif«.,atube ; a genua of ThjmeUceai. 
\iin, wonlly, anif/xa, leed ; a genus of Compofitie. I 

i„„. »..%, 

. genus of Compolitie. 
i^a., a fbmen; a , 

nth ; a genus of CinchonaceM, | 

a mouth. 

a pillar (Dyle) ; a genus oE | 

Lnteri'tiuB-a-iiin (Sot.) Latin, brick-coloured, e.g. Loala lattri&i. 
Iiate'rnea (Boc.) hin-, a brick, from it> colour; a gema of Fungi. 

■ Latha'mU (Oinith.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Jehn Lailuan, the eminent 
writer upon Ornilhology, bom 1740, died 1837, aged 97. 
Xiathrs'a (fiot.) ^aSjaFit, concealed ; It growa in concealed pLices \ a curi- 
ous para/itic genus, Nat. Ord, Orobanchacea. 

Lathrasogj'iie (Bot.) \iSfitlti, concealed, yimi, a piAit; a geniu of 

Iiathrso'phila (Bot.J J-nSfiat, concealed, and fixia, to love; a genus of 

Latbro'bium (Ent.) xiSp, rectetljr, Siw, to live. 

La'thyrus (Bot.) ydiufn, a kind of pulje or vetchling (Theopli.) ; a beau- 
tiful genus of l.eguminalat. 

La'Uceps (Ichlb.) hluj, broad, la/ml, head ; broad-headed. 

Latlooata'liB (EnC.) blm, broad, iafa, the fide ; broad-flded. 

LatlCaacia'na (Ent.) to«', broad,^™, a band ; broad-banded. 

LaUro'etrls (Ichth.) IhIk,, broad, nfrum, a beak ; btoad-nolbd. 

LatlBtriOl'lua (Ent.) ii(i«, broad,j{™, a ftreak. 

IiatitoliH (£nt) part, of Irilitt, to lie hid. 

Latou'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jlf. Lalnur ; a genus of Orchidacei:. 

La'trana (Zool.) Lai. barking, roaring, applitJ to the Prairie-wolf. 

Latreillea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ./'.olm/^c; a genua of Compo/iUc. 

tLatrelllel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of P. A. LairnlU, Profei&r of Natu- 
ral Hillory at Paris, and a celebrated writer upon Entomology, di<:J 
Latro'bea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ilf. Xu(ri^i,a French botaniii; a 
genus of Leguminofx. 
LalTo'atun (Bot.) Lai, of ihicvn ; this Tpedfic name of Roguei' acacia it 
faid by Burnett to be lb called from its forming fuch impenetrable 
thorny groves as to aflbrd fecuic retreats for thieves and lunaways. 
Laube'rtia (Bol.) P. N. in honour of M. tauitri ; a genua of Apocynacea'. 
Lauge'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lnugir ; a genus of Cinchonaceie. 
Lan'nea (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Compofltic. 
Lau'niea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Anacardiaceie 
Iianra'cesB (Boi.) The Nat. Ord. of which the genus Lanrti it the type. 
IiaVTSl (Bot) F.nglifii modification of Lai. Laurui, through the French. 
Laurembe'rgia (Bot.) P. N., a geout of Halorageacex. 
Lanre'nlia (Bot.) P. N. in hononr o^f At Antoine Latn^ dc Jufficu ; a 
genui of liObeliacKK. 

Laure'rla (Bot.) from Fr. tauriir : a genus of SoLmact* . 
Laurl'dia (Bot.) a genua of CelaftraceiE. 
Lauroce'rasUB (Bat.) from laurm and arsfia; fpedSc 

common laurel ot Fni-u, La 
l-auro'phyllUB (Bot.) laarm, laurel, fuliAir, a 

blauce of the foKage. 
Lau'rua (Bot.) Laiin, the Bay-tret. 
Lautsl'la (Ent.) laulci, elegant. 
Lava'ndula (Bot.)i!a»io,towa(h, becaufe ufed 

Nat. Ord. LabiattB. 
Lava'nga (Bot.) a genua of Aurantiaceie. 
Lavate'ra (BoL) P. N. in honour of the two tmjfen, friend 

fort ; Nat. Ord. Makacesc. 
Lavan'xia (Bot,) P. N., a genua of Onagracea;. 
LaVeader (Bot.) /j™, to wa(h ; fo called from being ufed ii 
Lave'nla (Bot.) iuppofed to be of Cingalefe o 
Lavsr'na (Ent.) P. N. the Roman goddeTa of rogues and thieii 
IjavoiBie'ra(Bot.) P. N, inhonour of Zd«»^,tbecelebnted chemift; • 

giinus of Melaftomaceie. 
Lavra'dia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of raiuW/f, Marfuii 
La'wia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. La-n, ; a genua of Podoilomicee. 
Lawrenoe'lla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofita. 
Lawra'ucla (Bat.) P. N., a genua of Malvacex. 
LaWBO'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Lavipm, M.D., author of a T07-fl 

age to Carolina; the La^vfanh alba ifl fuppofed to be the Gopher-woo^'B 

of Scripture. 
Loxmaa-nia (Bot.) P. N, in honour of E. Laxmam, a Siberian tr 
Lft'ya (Bot.) P. N„ a genua of Compofita. 
Layar'dl (ZooL) P. N. in honour of Mr. Ed^ar La^rJ, who hai w 

upon the natural hiilorj of Ceylon, 
La'jria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofc. 
l4aBaro'luB(Bot.) P. N., a genus 
Laaohii (khih.) P. N. in compliment to Dr. itj.A, formerly Direflor of^ 

the Briti{h Mufeum. 
Leaf (Bot.) A^shS^. la/. 

Lean'glum (Bot.) UTif, fmooth, iyftin, i vellel. 
Lea'ntria (Bot.) Usmif, one who polilhea ; a genu* of Myrta 
Iisathl'aa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fucoid Algx. 

Leaven wo 'rthia 
of Cruciftftic. 
Leba'okia (Bot.) P, N. i 

Lebreto'nia (Bot.) P, N, 
LeoftTja CBot.) P. N. in I 
Leoana'otia (Bat.) xtt-i' 

geaus of Ucheats. 
Leoana'nthuB (Bot.) xtt 
Leoaniodi'Boua (Bot.) i. 

Lecan'lum (Bot.) \nini 

I.eOBiiODar'paB (Bot.) \t 
Leoanop'teria (Hot.) j.ii 

Lecano'ra (Bot.) ).r>s»i, a balin; aUuiting to form of Ihieldi ; a genus 

of Lichenes. 
Iieoano'tls (Bot.) Aicshi, a dilh, A, inii, an ear; a genaB oFLicbenea. 
LB'oliBa(Bot.)P.N. Lnbonourof C.iwit.aSwedifh botanift, died 1764. 
Leohenau'ltia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Af. Lc^kcnuMli, a Frencli botanilt 

abarin,d>Sii,l]owe[; a gtencs of Epacridaces. 
\Bii, a bafm ; a genus of Comporitic. 
a honour of Afjnu^/rfi'i-claii, a French botanilt. 
nour of M. Lnaic .- a genus of MenifpermaeeiB. 
a dilh, siri'c, a ray or Tpoke of a wheel ; a 

HI a dilh, £>9)t, flower ; a genus of Cinchonaceie. 
am, a dilh, rf^Bi; a genuB of SapindaceiB. 
I dilh ; a genuB of Polypodioid Filicei. 
tn, adilh, KE^af, fruit ; a genoB of Amarantacev. 
•n, a dilh, irri^carera ; a genus of Polypodioid 


ke ; a genua of Cillacex. 

IS of Licheoei. 

a genufi of UmtielUienc. 

IIiBOhi'dlum (Bot.) lit;»(, a couch 01 
Leci'dea (Bot.) xiw';, a faucer, iitii, 
I^oo'kla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Zr % ,- a 
Leoon'tea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lccule; ageouiof CincboQaceie. 
trtoon'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Arareie. 
Xieoqueren'sia (Zool.) a geaus of Infulbria. 
Leoy'thea (Bot.) XB'xoflot, a flalk ; referring to fliape ; a genus of Fungi. 
Z<eoythlda.'oeEB (Bot.) an American order of plants, of which the genu^ 
Lrn/lili is the type. 
Le'oytldB (Bot ) \l,K^it, aa o\\ jar; from refemblance of the feed-veflei; 
tlie Monkey-pot, a nobie Amerii;an genu* of Trees. 
Leoytho'psls (Bot.) the genui Lccylhii and i^t, refmnblance; a geoui uf 
I.e'dA(Bot.) P. N., a mythological perfbnage; a genua of Cooferroid 
ZiSdabu'rlft (But.) P. N. in hanaur of M. Lnhhuur, a writer on botany ; 
a genui of Umbelliferic, 

254 L^D — ^£1 

Lddo'nia (Bot.) Xn^«y was the ancient name of a (hnib from which the 

gum called Xtj^ay^y was derived ; a genus of Ciftacese. 
las'dum (Bot.) x?^o», Greek name of the Cidus, now applied to a genus 

of Ericacex. 
Lee'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, Lee^ father, fbn, and grandibn, botanids 

near London. 
Leek (Bot.) Anglo^Sax, leac, 
Le'ersia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J, D. Leers, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Grades. 
IieeuwenhGB'ckia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Dutch micro- 

fcopift ; a genus of Byttneriacese. 
Iiefeburia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Umbelliferae. 
Lege'ndrea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Convolvulacese. 
XidguminossB (Bot.) Legumen, a pod ; the great family of which the pea 

is the type. 
Leguminosi'tes (Fos. Bot.) legumen, a pod ; certain foflil feeds of the ter- 
tiary (Irata. 
Iiehman'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Solanacese. 
Le'ia (ZooL) xttosy fmooth ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Leiaca'nthus (Fos. Zool.) Xito;, fmooth, ax«»d«, a fpine ; a genus of fo(fil 

Fi(hes known only by their fpines. 
Leiantliostemon (Bot.) xios/mv, to fmooth or polifh; a genus of 

Leian'thus (Bot.) Xtios, fmooth, Hy&es, flower ; a genus of Gentianacess. 
Leibnitzia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the great German philoibpher, LeUh- 

nitz ; a genus of Compoiitse. 
Leicha'rdtia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of LeicharJtjZ. German botaniil ; 

a genus of Afclepiadacex. 
Lei'ghia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitae. 
Leigna'thos (Ichth.) XiToc, fmooth, y^aQos, the jaw. 
Leila (ZooL) P. N., a genus of Mollufca. 
Leima'nthium (Bot.) Xf iju«v, a meadow, avBos, a Bower. 
Leinke'ria CBot.) P. N., a genus of Proteacese. 
Leiooar'pUS (Bot.) ktXos, fmooth, netfwos^ fruit. 

Leiochry'sum (Bot.) xi^aj, fmooth, xF^'^h gold ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Leiodao'tyli (Zool.) XiTo;, fmooth, }axTvXe;, a toe ; the Smooth-toed lizards. 
Leio'domus (Zool.) xiCes, fmooth, domus, houfe ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Lei'odon (Fos. Zool.) Xiio;, fmooth, o^oi/;, lUrros^ a tooth ; a genus of 




Lalogo'nia (But.) Xifij, fmooCh, yun'x, angle ; a genus of CompoiiUe. 

Leiolo'bium (Bot.) J,i7«j, Cnooth, i.i,3ii, pod ; a genua of CniclferiE. 

Xieiono'tus (Ent.) kiioi, fmooth, tintt-. the biick. 

LeioplllcB'us (Ent.) >irgc, fmooth, f Aiiic, rind, bark. 

Leiophyllum (Bot.) }£iu fmooth, ^\\,t, leaf; a gtnus of Ericacwe. 

Leiopla'oa (Bot.) iir=t, fmooth, vi^n^iZ,, a flat cake. 

Leipo'a (Ornith.) ^.i.'iifb, to leave, >», an egg ; adeferter of its eggn, which 

Lelo'poilaa (Ent.) XiTec, fmooth, vZi, vtiin, a fuut ; a genus uf 

Lalo'pterUB fEnt.) iiT.t, fmooth, wT«fi.. a wing, 
Iieio'piia (Ent.) \vk, fmooth, vw;, a foot. 
IieloBole'nua (Zool.) ;Lir>(, fniooth,/>/^ .- a genus of Moliufca. 
IisloBO'ma (Ent.) y^K, iinooth, tiiu,, body. 
Lelo'straca (ZouL) ;iirir, fmooth, irtfkiun, a bivalve moUiilk ; a geilui 

of Moliufca. 
Lel'Dtbrlx (Ornith.) jh'm, fmooth, ^'i\, hair. 
Iisiotrl'ahonie (Ornith.) Uuilhrix, with lub-^mity term, 
LBia'tuB (Ent.) tirrrii, won by force. 
LeluranUB (lehth.) XiTot, fmooth, oEfo, tail. 
Lema'nea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Ltm^n, a French botanift ; j 

genus of Cryptogamia. 
Lemba'aia (Bot.) ;.i/idit, a fmall boat ; a genus of Fungi. 
Le'mia (Em.) >.iut, a gummy exudation, 
Lemlo'dea (Em.) the genus Lcmia, iHit, like. 
Lemma'phyCum (Bot.) ^i^jui, pvel, hulk, +u?.*,b», leaf; a genus of 

Polypodioid Ferns. 
Lem'na (BoL) a name ufed by Theophraftus for a water-plaiii ; duck ■ 

weed ; typical genus of the aquati-c family Lemnaces. 
LemnallB (Em.) feeds upon Lmna. 

LBmnatOphila (Ent.) *!/*>«, a water-plant, Y>Mt, fond of 
Lem'nopslB (Bot.) the genus imma, and t^v;-, like; a genus of Podolle- 

;, Lfim^a, 

^^^L Lemon (Bot.) through LImonia, is from its original [ndi: 

^^^1 or Namoa; Araih for the genus Citrus is L^maan. 

^^H Lamooia (Bot.) P. N. given by Dr. Lindley in honour of Sir Charln 

^^B Lmtn, M.P. 

^^H Lemur (Zool.) Lai. a fprite, a night-walker, from the nocturnal habits 

1$^ LEN — LEP 

Lenorman'dla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lenormand^ a French botanift ; 
a genu6 of Ceramian Algae ; alio ufed as a fpecific name; e, g,y Ranun- 
culus Lenormandi. 

Lentiginosella (£nt.) lentiginofm, freckled. 

LentlglnosuB-a-tim (Bot.) Lat. freckled. 

Leo (Zool.) Lat. a lion. 

Iieoca'rpus (Bot.) /», a lion, Mupvis, fruit ; a genus of Fungi. 

Leo'nia (Bot.) leo, a lion ; a genus of Violacese. 

Leono'tis (Bot.) Xc«y, a lion, oZs, ^o;, an ear ; a genus of Labiats. 

Leon'tice (Bot.) AtovrUvt wild chervil ; now applied to a lingular genus 
of herbaceous Berber idacese. 

Leon'todon (Bot.) xiw, a lion, oloi/;, a toothy in alluflon to the tooth- 
like divifions of the leaves ; the Dandelion ; Nat. Ord. Compofitse. 

Leontopo'dium (Bot.) X(«y, a lion, novs^ 9ro)^, a foot ; alluding to the 
heads of the flowers ; a genus of Compofitse. 

Leonu'rus (Bot.) Xe«y, a lion, oZpa, a tail ; a genus of Labiatae. 

Leopard (Zool.) French, leopard, Ltnv Lat, leopardus, 

Leoparda'nthus (Bot.) literally <^ leopard-flower;" a genus of Orchidacex. 

Leopar'dus (Zool.) Lat. a leopard ; compounded of "kirn, a lion, and 
oa^aXif, a panther. 

Leopoldi'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late Emprefs of Brazil. 

Leo'tia (Bot.) meaning unknown. 

Lepa'didSB (Zool.) Upas ; a family of Cirripedes. 

Lepade'lla (Zool.) dim. from Xiv^^;, a limpet ; a genus of Infiiibria. 

Lepadi'tes (Fos. Zool.) Xi ir»f, a barnacle ; a genus of foffil (hells refem- 
bling barnacles. 

Lepas (Zool.) Greek name for a limpet. 

Lepechi'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Lepechin, a RufGan botanift. 

Lepeopthei'rus (Zool.) Xiflr«;, a fcale, t^'^V* ^ ^^^^^ > ^ genus of £nto- 

Le'peta (Zool.) >.iv«« to ftrip off; a genus of Mollufca. 

Lepidag athis (Bot.) xsw/f-Z^d;, a fcale, kya^U^ a ball. 

Lepidalis (Ent.) lepidus, neat, pretty. 

Lepi'dium (Bot.) Xiv/f-ti^f , a fcale ; referring to the form of the silicles ; 
a genus of CruciferK. 

Lepidoca'ryum (Bot.) xi«/f •/}«;, a fcale, xufvovy a nut; a genus of 

Lepido'cerM (Bot.) XsviV, Xiviios, a fcale, xipetfj a horn ; a genus of 



Lepidoco'ma (Bot.) XfinVj xim'Sof, a fcale, »9/m», a tuft; a genus of 

Lepido'dei (Fos. Zool.) xiv/f , xi v<^«;, a fcale ; a family of gonoid Fifbes. 
Lepidoden'dron (Fos. Bot.) Aiv/fi^df, a fcale, ^cv^^ov, a tree. 
Lepido'des (£nt.) Xcw/^-i^d;, a fcale, cHd;, like. 
LepidOga'ster (Ichth.) XiwtV, X«Qri^«f, a fcale, yarrtip, the belly; this 

name appears to have been given on the lucus a non lucendo principle, 

the fi(h being remarkable for the abfence of fcales. 
Lepidola rynx (Omith.) Aim^-k^a;, a fcale, larynx; a genus of Humming- 
Lepido'ma (Bot.) Xtvig-iios, a fcale ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Lepi'domys (£nt.) XivU-i^osy a fcale, fJiZ^y a moufe. 
Lepidone'ma (Bot.) Xivis-Hos, a fcale, w/xety a thread ; a genus of Com- 

Lepidopap'pus (Bot.) Xtrnft^os, a fcale, pappus^ the down of feeds ; a 

genus of Compofitx. 
Lepidope'tstlum (Bot.) xittU^ xim'^o;, a fcale, petalum; a genus of 

Lepido'phorum (Bot.) XimV-i^tfj, a fcale, <j)o^f, carrying ; a genus of 

Lepidophyilitea (Bot.) xi iri; -(^f, a fcale, ^uXXdv, leaf ; a genus of Com- 

Lepidophy'llum (Fos. Bot.) xiiriV, Xfvt^«f, a fcale, •|>uxx«y, leaf; leaves of 

the coal-meafures. 
Lepidoph'ytum (Bot.) Xiv/; , Xfvi^d;, a fcale, <f>irr«v, a plant ; a genus of 

Balanophoracex . 
Lepidopiluzn (Bot.) kinis-iittSi a fcale, mXo*, hair ; a genus of Bryoid 

Lepidopleu'rus (Zool.) XcvtV, Xcvi^^;, a fcale, frkeupotf the fide. 
Lepidopo'gon (Bot.) xi»/V-<5af, a fcale, irdyvvf a beard ; a genus of Com- 

Lepi'dopus (Ichth.) Xiw/c-iJa?, a fcale, wcSf, a foot; the fifli having 

fcales only about the vent and ventral fins. 
Lepidosx>er'ma (Bot.) uvii-lios, a fcale, (rvip/ua, a feed. 
Lepidosta'chya (Bot.) Xivig-ihsi a fcale, a-raxvsySL fpike ; a genus of Sce- 

Lepidoste'phanus (Bot ) xtvis-ihg, a foale, o-ritawf, a crown ; a genus 

of Compofitge. 


258 LEP 

Lepidoa'teus (Fos. Zool.) XimU'^oii a fcale, ocrrlov, a bone ; a genus of 

fiflies covered with hard bony fcaies. 
Lepidos'trobus (Fos. Bot.) Xiur^c-i^tf;* a fcale, a-rfoBog, a pine-cone. 
Lepidothe'ca (Bot.) kiir'n-i^of^ a fcale, dnxn, a (heath ; a genus of Com- 

Lepido'tis (Bot.) kivis-i^osy a fcale, ouf, anog^ an ear; a genus of Lyco- 

Lepidotospe'rma (Bot.) Xiv/f/^of, a fcale, oZsf a>r6;y an ear, a"iripfAUy 

feed; a genus of Cyperacez. 
Lepipc/lya (£nt.) Xcv/;, a fcale, tvoXt;?, many. 

Lepi'atoma (Bot.) XsvtV, a fcale, <rT0jM(t, mouth ; a genus of Afclepiadacese. 
Leplastziera'na (£nt.) P. N. in honour of Leplaprier^ formerly an a£tive 

collector of infe£ts at Dover and Ramigate. 
Lepori'des (ZooL) Upus, leporis^ a hare, term, ides, reiemblance. 
Lepralia (Zool.) literally " fea-fcurf," from "kivfa, leproiy, aUosy marine j 

a genus of Polyzoa. 
Lepra'ria (Bot.) Xiv^a, leproiy; it has a fcurfy crud; a genus of Lichenes. 
Leptaca'ntlius (Fos. Zool.) "himtis, flight, &xen&a,i a fpine, flender- 
fpined ; a genus of Foflil fifhes, Co named by Agafliz on account of 
their flender fin fpines. 
Lepta'cinus (Ent.) Aurraxtvo;, thin, delicate. 
Leptaleuzn (Bot.) "ktvyakioiy flender ; referring to the leaves. 
Leptan'dra (Bot.) kivrig, flender, uyn^^ ivBpof — »v$p9s, an anther. 
Leptan'thus (Bot.) Uwrif^ flender, uvQos a flower. 
Lepta'xis (Zool.) kurrofy flender, axis ; a genus of Mollufca. 
LeptocarpSB'a (Bot.) x«wt«;, flender, *«/>*iroj, fruit. 
Leptooephal'idaB (Ichth.) leptocephalusj fam. term, ida ; a family of Fifhes, 
Leptoceph'alus (Ichth.) Xiwrog, flender, M^eikn, the head. 
Leptoohse'te (Bot.) >.«rT«5, delicate, ;t;a<T»j, a horfe's mane ; a genus of 

Leptoohilus (Ent.) XMwrig, flender, ;^fi'xof, a lip ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Leptochi'ton (Zool.) Xtfrrog, delicate, ehitofiy a coat of mail. 
I«eptoclll8B'na (Bot.) xtvrif^ delicate, ^Xcuva, a mantle or cloak ; a genus 

of Bryoid Mufci, 
Lepto'ohloa (Bot.) AivTOf, flender, x^^<*> grafs. 
Leptooli'num (2k>ol.) Aivta;, delicate, xxivn, a couch. 
Leptooon'chus (Zool.) xivrof, delicate, concha^ fliell. 
I«6pt007'ti8il8 (Bot.) Xtmos, flender, and cytifus ; a genus of Leguminof^e. 

Leptoda'ot;lollCBot.)AtDTg;. flendar.ixcTOXtt.afiaeer; from the deeply 

divided leaves and their very narrow fegmeots ; a genua of Poler 
Lepto'dea (Zool.) Xinrii, night, delicate, 
IiSptodel'Ta (Zool.) Xivti'i, llender, Sti^n, the Deck; a genuiof Colubtioe 

IiBptoglOSBie (Zool.) Xiatii, (lender, j.*£irB-«, a tongue ; applied to the 

Slender-tongued lizards, 
LeptOgna'thUB (Zool.) yiar-ri;, (lender, y.iSis, the jaw; a genua of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
IiBptogram'ma (Ent.) Xinrrijif »/*;»((, neatly written. 
Lepto'lepia (Fos. Zool.) x.nrTi,, aender, J>™,',, a fcale ; a genus of fmall 

Sauroid Filhra. 
Leptoma ria (Bot.) *.n(Tii.-, (lender, fti;if, a part. 
Lepto'mltua (Bot. )'•""[, iiender,fiiiij, a thread; a genus of Crypto- 

La'pton (Zool.) xn-ri,, delicate. 

Le'ptonys (Zool.) liturroc, (lender, SivJ, a claw ; etjuivalent to iauagnh. 
Leptophi'iia (Zool.) XiWTof, (lender, JfK, a ferpent | the Trte-ferpeuts, 
LBpto'phylluB(Ent.)XiBW[,flender, ^l!«A»,aleaf; from the long leaflets 

which compote the antennK. 
Laptople'uioa (F09. Zool.) Xiibtm, (lender, ir^iii^fi, rih or fide. 
Leptopo'ma (ZooL) ijwTai^ delicate, vv^o, lid. 

Iliepto'pteria (Bot.) Minis, graceful, ■XTifu, a (ern ; a genus of Poly- 
podioid FiliceB. 
Lepto'ptiloB (Ornith.) UtiTit, nender, wtiX», a feather: it Ihonld be 
LtplapUlui, as the terminal ic, in Greek, is always made ui In corrca 

Iie'ptopus (Bot.) iMTtit, Oender, wAi, a foot ; a genus of Euphorbiai: 
Leptorhi'nopbis (Ichth.) Mwiis, Hender, pit, fnout, S^ic, fnake. 
Iisptorhy'taoa (Zool.) ^fVTir, llender, j>mJ(, that which i» drawn along; 

a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 
LeploBo'mua (Oralth.) ^twiawftti, with thin or taper body. 
Leptoapar'nJUln (Bot.) Xtwri^ (lender, twiifim, feed; a genm of 

Aultralian Myrtace». 
Loptoapo'ndylUB (Fos. Zuol.) Clinic, Ihin, delieate.j^ono'jA,!, a vertebra; 

ilafs of Saurian vertebra. 
LeptoHtro'ma (Bot.) U■m^K, (lender, rTpif^m, a layer; referring to iti 

Leptatsu'thli (Zool.) ;isini(, delicate, tivSk, cuttte-filb. 

iSo LEP -^ LEO 

Leptii'ra (Ent.) •\ 

Leptu'ridsB (Ent.) r Xtwrogf flender, ouftH, a tail. 

Leptu'rus (Ichth.) ^ 

Lepyro'des (Ent.) xtmvpoi^tis, fcaly. 

Lepyro'dia (Bot.) uwv^d^fiij fcaly. 

Lere'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Olacacez. 

Le'ria (Bot ) P. N. probably in honour of L^ri, a friend of De CandoUe. 

LemsB'a (Zool.) Lernuy a marfh in Argolis, which contained the Hydra 

killed by Hercules ; a fpecies of parafite. 
LemaB'adSB (Zool.) Lerna, with fam. term. 
Iiemen'toma (Zool.) the genus Lemaa, ivro/xoi^ an infeft. 
Lemeo'oera (Zool.) the genus Lemaa^ x«^«j, a horn. 
Lemeoce'radaB (Zool.) the genus Lernaa^ with fam. term. ; a family of 

Lemeomy'zon (Zool.) the genus Lernaa, and /uwfw, to fuck. 
Lemeone'ma (Zool.) the genus Lerruea^ and yq/iia, a thread. 
Lemeo'poda ) (Zool.) the genus Lemaa, voZ^y no}osf a foot ; a genus 
Lemeopo'dadSB > and family of Entomoflraca. 

Leschenaultia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Le/chenault, a French 

traveller and botanift. 
Les'kea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of N. G. Lejkg, Profeflor of Natural hiftory 

at Marburg ; a genus of Mufci. 
Lespede'za (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Le/pedex, Governor of 

Florida, a patron of the fcience of botany. 
LeS8er'tia (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to Stephen Delejfert, a French patron 

of botany. 
Le'stera (Ent.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Lestibode'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. F. Lejiiboudoisy a Flemifh 

Le'stis (Ent.) Xfivrnii a robber ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Le'stris (Omith.) xSfj-T^jf , a pirate ; a genus of Birds of Prey. 
Lettso'mia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. CoaUey Lettfom, M.D., an Engliih 

phyHcian and naturalifl, born 1744, died 1815. 
Lettuce (Bot.) from Latins la6iuca, the milky plant. 
Leuoao'tls (Bot.) X%vms, white, and axrU, a ray ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Leucade'ndron (Bot.) ^fuxa?, white, JivJ^ov, a tree; referring to its 

appearance. The Silver-tree ; a Cape genus of Proteaceaj. 
Leu'oEllis (Ent.) Xiux0c, white, (hining. 
Leuoa'nia (Ent.) xiv»«f, white. 


vei; agenuiof Scrophulaiiaceie. 
the downy whitenefi of the 

genus of Nyilaginacear. 
— Lfuchfenbergj a German 

:s riding a 

e horfe ; 

Leucamito (Enl.) hucm 


Leu'cBS (Bot.) i.fjuii, white; reTBCiing t< 

Aowam; a gtiniis of I.abiatiD. 
Leuoft'eter (Bot.) xiutii, white, iniip, a ft 
Leuohtenbe'rgia (Bot.) P. N. in honour i 

botanift ; a genus of Ciiflaceffi. 
LBuaip'pus (Ornith.) P. N.; the word in 

genua of Humming-birds. 
Leucl'aaua (Ichth.] iiun'r'H, the white mullet; a genus of Filh iaduding 

the dace and roach. 
LetlOooa'rpua (Hot.) Uuii;. white, nafwi, fmit ; a genu? of Calyceraces . 
Leucoce'pbala (Omith., Bot.) Ijuufi, white, «ifa*B, a head ; white- 

Leuooohlo'riB (Ornith.) *ili«, white. «»";«. pale-greeu ; a genua of 

Leaaoohro'ma (Em.) Amnii, white, xi^l*'^ colour. 
LeuCOCDl'de (Bot.) >.iiieoi, white, and ■vi'lti, a nettle ; a gvnus of 

LeUCOCO'don (Bot.) XiuKii, white, and jmljut, a bril ; a genus uf 

Leucocory'ae (Bot.) iitMs, white, «•>«», a club, 

1Iieucodlc't70n(fiot.) ^.m^f , white, iiKTuiT,a net, a genus of Leguminolie. 
Leu'codon (Bot.) Xw.J;, white, .l.w, linrTSj, a tooth ; in allofion to the 
colour of the periftome ; a genus of Mufci, 
Leuooger'anna (Omith.) i.tutit, white, yifmus, a crane. 
Leueo'grapba (Ent.) xim*;, white, j'faupB, a marking. 
IiBUco'jiUn (Bot.) ^nti:, white, r», a violet. The Snow-flakr ; a genus 
of Amaryllidaceoi. 
Lauco'melft (Omith.), white, ^^la, cheeks. 
Leuootu'phaluB (Bot,) iii^jiit, white, and o^a;iS(, tlie tear upon the 
feed ; a genus of Le^nminofiB, 
rieuoomy'8tax(Zool.)in;ii(, while, ^1*1 nJ.mouflaihejwhite-whifUered, 
LeUconsr'psB (Omith.) Umii, white, i^h, (o creep ; a genus of Wood- 

■ Lauoo'nla (Zool.) xatit, white ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Leuco'notUS (Omith.) Juuiik, white, >St«, the back ; white-backed. 
LeUDOpiire'la (Omith.) ;iitiiiic, white, wnfiii, the cheek ; white-checked. 
LsuaophEBa'ria (Ent.) .i.(tii>i{>i<i9c, grey, afti-coloured. 

262 LEU — LIA 

Leuoopha'sia (£nt.) xiux^c white, ^kcn^^ appearance. 

Leu'cophrys (Zool.) XiwxoV, white, l^flut the eyebrow ; a genus of Infuforia. 

Leuoophtha'lma (Omith.) \%vM^^a\fx<iiy white eyed. 

Leuoopo'gon (Bot.) Acvx^;, white, irZyvvf a beard ; the limb of the 
' corolla being bearded with white. 

Leuco'psis (Omith.) XtvKcsj white, o-vf/ic, look, countenance. 

Leuco'ptera (Omith.) ^ivxist white, wripn, wing ; white-winged. 

Leuoopus (ZooL) Xivxosy white, «rouf, a foot ; white-footed. 

Leuoo'rhapliis (Bot.) kivxig, white, and pcfpls, the cord of the feed ; a 
genus of Acanthacese. 

Leucor'cllis (Bot.) Mvkos, white, and orchis, an orchid ; a genus of 

Leucoro'dia (Omith.) XevKos, white, ^aJov, a rofe ; reddifh-white. 

Leu'coxyz (Zool.) XtvKcs, white, o^f , an antelope. 

Leuooa'mia (Bot.) kivKog, white, 07/tcii, fmell ; a genus of AquilariacesB. 

Leuooaper'mum (Bot.) ktvKis, white, crwepfAa, feed. 

Leucostem'ma (Bot.) Aiuxd,-, white, a-rifx/xa^ a crown ; alluding to the 

Leucosy'ke (Bot.) xiux*?, white, avun, mulberry ; a genus of Moracex. 

Leuoox'ylon (Bot.) Xiux«f, white, ^yAo», wood. 

Leucozo'nia (Zool.) XBvxSg, bright, zona, girdle ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Leucu'rua (Zool.) Xivtiesi white, oZfu, a tail ; white-tailed. 

LeucymincB'a (Bot.) xtvuogj white, xvfjLiJov^ cumin; a genus of 

Leu'zea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of De Leuze, a friend of De CandoUe. 

Le'veillea ( Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Leveille ; a genus of Fungi. 

Leveret (Zool.) French, licvre; a hare in the firft year of its age. 

Levieu'xia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Levieux ; a genus of Fungi. 

LeYis'tioum (Bot.) Iruo, to afluage ; it relieves flatulency ; a genus of Um- 

Lewenhoekel la (£nt.) P. N. in honour of Antony 'uon Lrwenhoek, the fa- 
mous Dutch naturali(t and micrographer, author of ^ Arcana Naturae," 
who died in 1723. 

Lewi'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the American Captain M. Lnvis, who 
accompanied Clarke to the Rocky Mountains. 

Leyoeste'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of W. Leycejier, Chief Judge at Ben- 
gal ; a beautiful £afl Indian genus of Caprifoliacese. 

Leyse'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Frederick W, Leyfer, a German botanifl. 

Li'asis (Zool.) Xteil^ofxeu^ to bend, to fwerve adde ; a genus of Ophidians. 

Llalrla (Bot.) probably from »,ifa;i«,, to band ; » genus of Compofitl. 

Llbaria'nuB (Zool.) Lra. relating to Liberia, Africa. 

Libooe'drus (Bot.) ^i'Smh, incenre, xilpa;, the Ci^ar-tree ; fiom the fmell 

when burnt ; u genus of Conifers. 
Liohaao'tUB (ZooL) Ui^'", » wart, .iTai, the back ; wart-backed. 
Llohen (Bot.) from its Greek n»me *ii;c'"' rignif^ing a wart. 
Uohenn'rla (Ent.) feeds on tUhcm. 
Lloheni'OOla (Bat.) Uckai, mofk, inia, to fr^uent. 
LlcllBIla^aiB (Bot.) liiAai, and g^'ii ^^^ i '■ genus of Fungi. 
lAabi'nA (Bot.) from its relembUace to licicn ,- a genus of Cryptogatnta. 
Hohtenatai'nia (Bot.) P, N, in fiononr of JW , i™ Lichinffiiin, a Pnirtian 

Licme'tis fOmith.) *iji,ui|Tn'[, a winnower of coin. 
Llamo'phorai (ZdoL) lnnpof, a fan, ^'ifn, to bear; a genus of Infulbria. 
LlcuaTa (Bot.) its MacafTar name. 

Lidbe'oWa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of E. G. LiSat, a Swedilh boUoift. 
Lienlglel'la (Ent.) P. N. in compliment to MaJamr Lltnig, late Honorary 

Member of the Entomological Society of Stettin, who died in 1856. 
Lig'dia (Ent.) P. N. from Ligilui, a Cretan, father of Iphis.for whoie ftory 

I fee Oyiq, Met. ix., 67a. 

Iilghtfoo'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Rn. 7=*« Ugkifim, author of 
the "Flora Scotica;" bom 1735, dit!d 1788. 
Ugnipe'rda (Ent.) iig^am, wood, fndtrr; to dcflroy ; the larva hotM into 
the ftemi of willow and other trees, 
tilgulel'la (Ent.) ligiUi, a little (trap ; alluding lo the flender white band 
acrofs the wings. 
Zilgn'etlcimi (Bot.) it grows in great abundance in Liguria; a genut of 
Zilgtl'atrum (Bot.) li^an, to tie ; alluding tu its fiexible branchei ; applied 
by Virgil to 'the large white Convolvulus or Convolvulus lepium. 
Now given to the Priret ; Nat. Otd. Oleacen. 
XiUao (Bot.) fl'oni J'rr^n /i/aj-, a |]ower; i, e.,lhi Rawet fur imallaue ; Ihu 

KgenusSyi^ngaj Nat. Ord. Oleacex. 
110111(301.) Crfi./i.whitenefi; in reference to the flowers; the typical , 
genus of the fplendid and favourite Nat. Ord. Liliaces. 
\g {^A.") Lat. lUium, Grai, i-iifin. Pindar beautifully applies the name 
of "Llly-flower of the ocean-dew," to coral t — 

264 LIM 

Lima (Zool.) Lot. a hie ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Lima'oia (Bot.) limaceus, muddy, flimy ; a genus of Menifpermacez. 
Lima'olna (Zool.) litnacinus, fnail-like. 
liima cium (Bot.) limaceus, muddy, flimy ; a genus of Fungi. 
Limaco'des (£nt.) Xi /^aj, a ihail, 1^0;, form ; from the fnail-like appear- 
ance of the larvae. 
LimamuraB'na (Ichth.) lima, a file, murana, the lamprey. 
Xjima'nda (Ichth.) unexplained. 

liimandoides (Ichth.) the genus limanda, Cta, refemblance. 
Limano'mia (Zool.) formed from the genera Lima and Anom' 
Iiimapo'ntia (Zool.) the genus Lima, and pons^pontis, a bridge; this having 

arched lateral ridges, 
liima'tula (Zool.) dim. oilima. 
Li'maz (Zool.) Lot, a Aug. 
lilmba'tSB (£nt.) Umbatus, bordered. 
Limbo'ria (Bot.) Umhus, a border or fringe. 
Limeni'tis (£nt.) Xi/uiym;, harbour-keeping; an epithet applied to feveral 

Lime-tree (Bot.) properly Line^ee, as giving baft for cordage ; the genus 

Xii'meum (Bot.) XoifAos, a peft ; it is a poifonous plant. 
Limioola'ria (Zool.) limus, dime, colere, to dwell ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Limna cinaa (Zool.) Xt/uvx, a lake ; a fub-family of the Helicidz. 
LimnsB'a (Zool.) xifAtm a lake ; the Pond-fhell ; a well-known genus of 

frefh-water Mollufca. 
Limne'bius (£nt.) xi/uv*)* a marfh, B/ovy to live. 
Limnei'dSB (Ent.) \ifA9aT9f, marfhy ; the Pond fnails. 
Lim'nias (Zool.) x//uv*), a lake ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Limno'charis (Bot.) xlfAVfi, a pool, xj*ip», to delight ; referring to its 

Limnodio'tyon (Bot.) ki/4,>n, a marih, Vturvn, a net ; a genus of Algae. 
Limnoge'neton (Bot.) XifAVti, a marlh, ynnros^ originated; a genus of 

J Llnmoge'ton (Bot.) Xi/uvn, a marfh, >«f(T«v, a neighbour; a genus of 

Limnone'sis (Bot.) x//uv», a lake, incrif, an iflet ; a genus of Piftiacese. 
Limno'phila (Zool.) Xt/uy*), a marfh ; <i>ixi«, to love. 
Limnophilldes (£nt.) a fub-funily of Phryganidz. 
lAnmo^pbilUE (Ent.) X</iav»), a pool of ftanding water, 4>(Xfw, to love. 

Limno'psla (Zool.) the genus imina.and SJjj, refemlilance. 

Limo'nia (Bot.) timnun., tht Arabic name of the Citron. 

Limo'aa (Ornith.} /m^.i, muddy. 

UmoBella (Bot.) /rmiu, mud; alluding to iu liabitation ; mudwort ; Nat. 

Old. Scrophulariaces. 
Limpet (Zool.) Lot. Irpai, Greek Xtwis. 

IiimnlaB (Zooi.) cUm. oHiimii, iideways ; a genus of Cniftarean!. 
Zdnaiia (Bot.) Linim, (iai, from tlie refemblance which feme of the 
fpecies, when out of Howur, are thought to bear to that plant ; Nat. 
Old. SFrophularJacrie. 
Linden (Bot.) equivalent to linz-lm, becaufe it aiTordj bafi for cordage. 
Linde'ma (Bot.) P. N., a genus of NyitaginaceB. 
LtadQ'rs(Bot.}I'- N., a genus of Lautacea. 
Linde'rnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F. B. ™ /.iW^r», M.D., of Slraf- 

burg, a iwtanical author. 
Lindhei'meTa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compolits. 
Lln'dla (Zool.) P. N., a genus of Infuforia. 

Lladae'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. John Zin^fy, the celebrated 
botanift ; a genus of Rofacera ; alio applied to a genus of Samydacea;, 
anil another of Ternftromiace^. 
Lindaee'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of LinJf^i/, an Englifhman, who wrote 

on the germinatioD of MoHes. 
Li'&sa (£nt.) lb called on account of the lint on the forewings. 
Linea'ria (Bot.) Lai. confilting of lines, linear ) e.g. Collnmia Imtarh. 
Llneo'das (Ent.) the genus Linca, iHot, like. 
Iiineopalpa (Ent.) Ihtu, a line,/<i{fti'i, a feeler. 
Ling (Bot.) the Englilh name of the Calluna \-ulgari! or heather. 
Llag (Ichth.) Angl^Sax. long, long; a long (lender filh of the Cod kind. 
Llc'gtlla (Ichth.) Lai. a little tongue ; fa called froni the tongue-tike form 

of their Talies ; a genus of MoUuTca. 
Liogula'tuB-a-um (Bot.) La!, tongue-lhaped ; havinf; leaves fliaped like 



Linuffl'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Liitntm, the great naturallft ; Nat, 

Old. Capri toliacex. 
Llimeel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Lhaiaui. 
Limtet (Ornith.) perhaps lo called from it> feeding on the feeds of liiun. 

Linolila'dla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fungi. 
Liaoblo'mia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Orchidaces, 

266 LIN — LIS 

Iiinocllilus (Bot.) the genus Linum, and x^Tkog^ a Up; a genus of 

liinocieVa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. Unoeiery a French phyfician. 
lainsoliote'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Goodeniacese. 
Iiinseed (Bot.) //'m/OT-ieed, or flax-feed. 
Iii'num (Bot.) the Greek x/yov, and the Celtic llin, both mean a thread ; 

flax ; typicsd genus of Nat. Ord. Linaceas. 
Linyphla (£nt.) x<y«f, a thread ; <}>(mi;, to (hoot forth ; a genus of 

liinyphildsB (£nt.) a family of Arachnidse, of which Llnyphia is the type. 
Iiioce'rous (2^1.) this fpecific name (houid be written Leiocercus, from 

"Kiiiiy fmooth, and xif»o(y a tail. 
Ijioga'atra (Ent.) Xii«(, fmooth ; yao'T^p, belly ; a genus of Hymen<^ytera< 
Lion (Zool.) XM9V, Lat. Leo, a lion ; perhaps from Xaw, to fee, alluding 

to the fliarpnefs of its (ight. 
Li'ophis (Zool.) Xii«f, fmooth; ojxf, fnake; a genus of Colubrine 

LiophlSB'us (Ent.) Uiis, fmooth, <}>Xoi*c, bark ; (hould be LeiophUtus, 
Liostepha'nia (Zool.) Xittf^, imooth, cri^avsy a crown ; a genus of Info- 

Lio'tia (Zool.) xir«f , fmooth. 
liipara'lis (Ent.) ynwapisi brilliant. 

Lipa'ria (Bot.) Uvapos^ brilliant ; alluding to the furface of the leaves, 
lii'paris (Ichth., Bot.) Xiwetfos, oily, (hining, brilliant. 
Ijiparogyra (Zool.) Xivapog, oily, yvpist round ; a genus of Infofbria. 
Liparophyllum (Bot.) Xivapis, oily, <pvXkov, a leaf; a genus of Portula- 

Ijipo'stoma (Bot.) Xf/«r«, to fall, o-rofAa^ the mouth. 
Lip'pia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Auguftine Lippi, a French phyfician and 

traveller in Abyflinia. 
Liqtuidam'bar (Bot.) Hqutdus, liquid, ambar, amber ; it exudes gum. 
Liquorice (Bot.) from yXv*wp^t^«, fweet root, through the Latin glycyr- 

rhizoy and Italian liquirizia, 
Lirioden'dron (Bot.) Xi/^9y, a lily, ^cv^^y, a tree ; the Tulip-tree, a mag- 
nificent North American fpecies of Magnoliacese. 
Lirioi'deSB (Bot.) Xttpt&v, a lily, iTiog, resemblance ; lily-like flowers ; 

Brongniart*s name for the Liliaceae. 
Lirios'ma (Bot.) xi/^0y, a lily, and oa-fjui, odour ; a genus of Olacacez. 
XdaiA^ntbua (Bot.) x/$, fmooth \ avdoc, a flower. 

I (Bat.) iiiris, Anootb, J1.9i{, a flower. 
IiiSBOOhi'lUH (Bot,) t.irris, fmooth, xtit.iit, a lip- 
Llssode'ma (Ent ) ^ynis, fmootb, Jn^cM- 
Xileso'ptenis (Ent.) \irirU, fmooth, vn^i, a wing; in allufion to the 

almoil total abrence of fculpturing on the elytra. 
Iiiate'ra (Bot.) P. N, in honour of Marlii, Liflir, M.D., a celebrat«i 

EnglUh naturalin ; a curious genus of terrestrial Orchidacei. 
Listroata'chya (Bot.) iiVT{«», a Ihoiel, rrBj^iit, a fpike ; a guius ol 

Litchi (Bot.) Chinefe native name far the celebrated &iut of the Dhnaarpi,, 

Litera'lis (Ent,) liifra, a letter; referring to the mark, refemUling an 

Arabic character, In the middle of the wing. 
LiUutrgy'ila (Ent.) ^iJsgyufK, vitriSed lead ; from the gtnend tinge of 

the wingi. 
Li'tkinua-a-ura (Bot.) ).i'6iik, retembling (looe ; itone-coloured. 
Lithooa'Dipa (Ent.) klia, a ftone, u-ifiirr, caterpillar. 
Li'thooarp (Fos. Bot.) >. J„, (lone, xa,,wii, fniit ; any folTil fiuit. 
LUhooa'rpUB (Bot.) }.iBsi, ftone, iifwk, S™\, from the hardnef? of the 

Ihell; a genus of Corjlacetc. 
Lithoco'llatlB (Ent.) XiSimoXkirnii, inlaid vvnrk, mofaic. 
Lithodac'tylus (Ent) x.'Sie, a (lone, U>iiu\t!, a plume. 
Ldthodes'inium ( Zool.) Ii6ii, Hone, tie-fan, binding; a genus of Infulbii^. 
Lltho'doml (khth.) x.^sf, a liooe, )>^k, a house ; applied to Mollufca, 

which boie into solid rocks. 
Lithoglf'phuB (Zool.) kISis, (tone, ykifH, to hoUow out. 
Ijlthone'uia (Bol) kiia, a (tone, tSfio, a filament ; from the calcareous 

Utho'phagi (ZooL) ;J3„, ftone, fiyB,, to eat ; ttrm for thofe Hiell-filh 

which bore holes and lojgmentj in ftone, coral, &c. 
Litho'phyUum (Fos. Bot.) x;fl«, ftone, ^u>.Xn, leaf; Volkmann's h^py 

term for the Sligrmirin. 

ILltho'phyta (Fos- Bot.) xiflx, ftone, ^btJ., plant ; Polyps which fecreic 
a ftony axis, as the coralii, in conlradiftinftion to the Ccnttafihi/ta. 
Litliorl'za (Ent.) xM.,, a ftone, ;.{., a root, 
latho'mla (Fos. Zool.) x/fl,,, ftone, Vn> '''"1; "Stone-biid" ; certain 
Coini birds of the Eocene clay, 
lathosola'dluin (Bot.) ;,i'a„, a ftone, <r<t,Ai,.., an umbel; a genu* of 


268 LIT — LOB 

liithosia'lis (Ent.) x/fioc, a ftone ; from the grey hue and ftony appearance 

of feveral of the fpecies. 
Lithosper mum (Bot.) ylBos, a ftone, a-vip/Aa, feed ; referring to its 

hardnefs : the pericarp of the feed contains nearly fixty per cent, of 

earthy matter ; a genus of Boraginacese. 
Litho'stege (Ent.) Xid&cTiy^?, covered with ftones. 
Lithostro'tion (Fos. Zool.) x/do<, a ftone, o-rpotrog, fpread ; a genus of 

FoiOl corals, 
liithothe'cia (Zool.) x.iQos^ ftone, d^jx^i, a (heath ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Lithotry'a (Fos. Zool.) xiBesy ftone, rpvuf to bore; a genus of Foflil 

Lithoz/lda (Ent.) Xtd^;, a ftone, ^uXoy, wood. 
Litori'na (Zool.) Utoreus, pertaining to the ftiore. 
Litosi phon (Bot.) x/dof , a ftone, (r/4>«y, a tube ; a genus of Algae. 
LittSB'a (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to the Duke of Lytta^ near Milan. 
Littora'lis (Bot.) Lat. pertaining to the fea-fliore. 
Littorella (Bot.) litttuy the fhore ; alluding to its place of growth, which 

is, however, on the borders of lakes, rather than upon the margin of 

the fea ; Nat. Ord. Plantaginacex. 
Litui'tes (Fos. Zool.) lituus^ a trumpet ; a genus of chambered ftiells of the 

Silurian ftrata. 
Lituoli'tes (Fos. Zool.) IHuus^ a trumpet, x/9tff, ftone ; a genus of Forami- 

nifera found in the chalk. 
Lituralis (Ent.) litura^ a blot or fmear. 
Litura'ta (Ent.) Utureaus^ blotted or rubbed out. 
Ijivia (Omith.) P. N., a common Roman name. 
Li'vidus-a-mn (Zool., Ent.) Lat. of a bluifh colour, livid. 
Ijlama (Zool.) native Peruvian name. 
Livisto'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Patrkk Murray^ of Leviftone, near 

Edinburgh ; a genus of Palm-trees, 
iii'zas (Ent.) //x, a(hes, referring to colour. 
Lizard (Zool.) Uuertay a lizatd; To called, perhaps, becaufe its limbs 

reiemble the arm Qacertus) of a man. 
Loa'sa (Bot.) unexplained ; typicalgenusof the American Nat.Ord.Loafaceae. 
Lo'bbia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lobby a diftinguilhed Belgian bota- 

nift ; a genus of Ariftolochiacez. 
Lobe'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Matthnv Lobel, author of various works, par- 
ticularly of **Icones Plantarum." He was born at Lifle in 1538, 
became Phyfician to James \., and died \tv London, 1 61 6. 

Labe'sia (EnC.) Avfinni, miltreatroent, mutilatiDn. 
Lo'blger (Zool.) i.i3«, a lobe or pod,gfrm, to carry. 
IiObl'pedeS (Omith.) ioim, a caruncle, /Wij, feet ; a family of Birds. 
I.oWvaQo'Uua COmith-l laiiu, a eamncle, wnnlfuj, a lapwing. 
Lobo'phara (EnL) lid>;, tlie lobe or lower part of the ear, ^tptTt, tn 

carry; in alluTiOD to the lobe-lhaped nin^lecs attadied to tha hind 

winga of the males. 
Lobster (ZaoL) Anglo-Sax. It^yfin i Homami vrdgarii. 
IjObula'ta (Ent.) uBii, a lobe, or projefllon. 
Lo'culi (ZooL) pluralof/otudu.a little receptacle or caiket. 
Loaust (£□!.) Lai. Au^-i, which in faid Eo be from /xm, a place, un, vSyi, 

r of CbhtbiI LaJiligei, nurferyma 

Loddiae'Bift (Bot.) P. N. 

Loddige'Bia (Omith.) P. N. in honour of Cn<tgc Loddign, F.R.S., of 

Hackney; a geoui of Hacnaiiag-birds. 
Lodoio'ea (Bot.) P. N. from iaafici, daughter of Priam and Hecuha ; 

the double Coco-nut of the Seychelles ; Nat. Orci. Pahni. 
Loaain'gia (Bot., Ent.) P. N. from P. Lefimg, a Swedilh botanilf, born 

ijig, d 


□e, b2*^, vidrTdf, a tooth ; a genus of 

LcBmada'nta (Zool.) t-Mfi-ii, 

liOewU (Ent.) P. N. from Dr. H. iom, of Mrieriti, late of Pofen ; author 

of Ibme papers in " Linmea Entomologica." 
Loganel'la (Ent.) P. N. from Mr. R. F. Lugan, of Duddingilone, oear 

IrfJSa'nlft (Bot.) P. N. from J. Logan, a diftinguilhed botanift ; typical 

genus of Nat. Ord. Lo^niaceie, 
Loli'go (ZooL) Lai. 1 cuttle-fifh. 

11^'llum (Bot.) Lai. rye-grafs ; L. temulentum is generally luppofcd to he 
the " Infelijc lolium " of Virgil.— Vide alfo Ovm. Faftor. Lib. i. 69;. 
Lomano'tuB (Zool.) X±;ua, a filnge, v£toi, the back. 
IiOma''rla (Bot.) J^ua, an edge; referring to the marginal pofilion of 
indulla ; a geous of Fillcet. 
IiOmarid'lum (Bot.) the genua Limaria, and I'ias, I'ke ; a genu; of Poly- 
podioid Fern*. 
Loma'tia (Bot.) J.V|U.,a border; referring to the winged edgeof the feed'. 
Lomentaoes (Bot.) a fefHoD of l«guminofic, the pods of which are 
jointed or ImcKirfr. 

ayo LON — LOP 

XiOnohi'tis (Bot.) x©y;^;>j, a lance ; refiprring to the form of the fronds ; a 

genus of Filices. 
lionoliooar'pus (Bot.) x£y;^*j, a lance, »a^6s, fruit. 
Ijonoho'des (Ent.) >oyz*>y * fpear-head, iTJof, like. 
Iionoliop'tera (Ent.) kiyx^i * fpear, irrs^o*, a wing, 
lionohop'teris (Fos. Bot.) x«y;^i», a fpear, wTipij, a fern ; a foflil fern-like 

frond, Co called from its refemblance to the recent Ltnchitis, 
IjOnollo'stepllUS (Bot.) X»y;^>j, a fpear-head, a-ri^os, a crown ; a genus of 

Iionclio stoma (Bot.) X»^;^)r, a fpear-head, crifAo, mouth; a genus of 

liOnclluVa (Omith.) >.oyx^^ ^ lance, «D^a, tail. 
liOngcliaxn'psia (Bot.) P. N. from J. A. LoifeUur Dejlongchampsy M,D., a 

French botanifl. 
Iiongloau'da (Omith.) longus, long, cauda, tail ; long-tailed. 
Iiongioor'nes (Ent.) longus, long, cornu, horn ; the Long-homed beetles. 
Lon'gidena (Ent.) tongus, long, (Uns^ a tooth. 
Longim'ana (Zool.) longus, long, manus, hand ; long-handed. 
Longipalpis (Ent.) longus, long, palpus, a feeler. 
Xjongipin'nis-e (Ichth.) longus, iong, pinna, a fin. 
Loni'cera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Adam Loniccr, a German botanid, 

who died in 1586: the Honeyfuckle; Nat. Ord. Caprifoiiacese. 
IiOpadocalyz (Bot.) Xinas, }^6iraiog, a flat difh, califx ; a genus of Euphor- 

Lopadosta'chys (Bot.) x#»af •«?«;, a flat di(h, ffra^vs, a fpike ; a genus 

of Olacacez. 
Lope'zia (Bot.) P. N. from T, Lopez, a Spanifh botanift ; a pretty Amer- 
ican genus of Onagraceae. 
Iio'pha (Ent.) \6<pos, a plume or crefl. 
Lopha'nihua (Bot.) xi^^g, a creft, eivBes, a flower ; from the appearance of 

the flowers. 
Lophi odon (Fos. Zool.) \o^in, a fmall creft, i^evs, oJo>TOf, a tooth ; an 

extiii£t pachyderm {o called from certain points or eminences on its teeth. 
Lophi'ola (Bot.) dim. of ko^og, a creft. 
Lophi ra (Bot.) J^i^os, a creft or plume. 
Lo'phium (Bot.) X04X0V, a fmall creft. 
Lo'phius (Ichth.) Xofiet, a creft. 
Lo'phobranchs (Ichth.) X«f«f , a tuft, 0feiyx*'h S^^^ ; having tufted gills ; 

an order of Fiflies. 


^^H Lopho comi 
^^H IiDptiode'rn: 
^^~ IiDiJhodar'm 

I.OP — LOT 171 

Lopho'comua (Ent.) ti^f, a tuii, »,iii), hair. 

Lopliode'nna ) ,„ , , „ . 

lophod.-'miam i <°°'-' '•"" " "»"• """■ """ ^ ' =■"" •"'""*'■ 

Laphogy'ne (Bot,) >.if .c, a ctell, }.Cni, a piftll ; a genus of PodoftenHceje. 

Lophohe'lia (ZooL) »it«, a tuft, S*i«, the fun; i. r^ a tuft: of fuoi; 

alluding to the radiating plates of the corallit«. 
Lo'phophorB (ZdoI.) i.if3!, a creft, *ipi, to bear ; name given by Dr. 

Allman tu the dilk wlilch beatt the tentacles in fome marine animals. 
Lopho'pllorua (Ornith.) J.Jf «, a creft, ^ija, to bear. 
Lophaphy'tum (Bot.) ;.sf<i(, a creil, funr, a plant ; a genu; of Babno- 

Lopho'ptera (Ent.) kifai, a cieU, irri/n, a wing. 
XiOpho'stoma (ZooL) Kifn, a creO, Fiiftm, a mouth. 
LophOBtylla (Bot.) >.it„, a craft, rn>.«, a ftyle ; a genua of Poly- 

Lopbo'tes (Ornith.) kifn, a creft, «>t, Jmi, an ear. 
Lopho'zera (Bot.) xjfi;, a crell, ^^'$, dry ; a geniH of Amarantnccie. 
Lophu'ra (ZooL) nifno^ai, bulhy^ail«d ; applied to a crcded lizard. 
Lophyra'poda (ZooLj yafvfii, having (lilT hairs, ««>;, niStc, a foot; a 

Lopl'mia (Bol.) U^r./Aif, ealily fhelled, 
Loran'tbua (Bot.) i£;i., a thong, i^af, a flcnvet; the milHetoe; typical 

genus of Nat. Onl. Loranthacote. 

■ Loranza'nea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sapindacea;. 
Lo'riaa (Zool.) iaii/i, a fence or inclofure; the diaphanous membrane in 
(he Infuforia. 
Lori'oera (Ent.) >j:^>, a thong, afm, hoin ; a genua of Coleopiera. 
Lorl'oula f Foi, Zool.) Lai. dim. of larim, a coat of mail ; a genus of Fofiii 

ILorinae'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Polypodioid Filicei. 
Lo'ripeB (Zool.) Lat. crook-footed, 
Lory (Oraith.) unexplained. 
Lo'ta (khth.) /=«-, neat ; the Ling. 
IiOtoao'ula (Bot.) Ls/m and Oaarth, comhlning the featum of both 
genera ; a genua of LeguminofiE. 
Lo'tor (Zool.)ij(. a walher; from its immerrmg its fbod in water; fpeeific 
name of the Racoon. 
Lotos (Bot,) ;u>iii.(LotU!) of the ancients; the Egyptian watei-lily : a 
genus of Nymphiaccie. 

271 LOT — LUC 

lio'tus (Bot.) x«T«f, of the Greeks. There were three forts of lotus 
diftinguiftied by the ancients, viz., their /r^tf-lotus, which was our 
ztTcyphus lotus ; the x»ar^-iotU8, which was our nymphaa lotm ; and the 
herbaceous^ now called nelumbium fpeciofum, 
liOUdo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the late eminent 7. C. Loudon ; a 
genus of LeguminofsB ; alio applied by Lindley to a genus of Halora- 
liOUre'ira (Bot.) P. N. from Father John de Lournroy a Portuguefe writer on 

Louse (£nt.) Anglo-Sax, lus. 

liOW'ea (Bot.) P. N., the fimple-leaved role, or Rofa berberifolia. 
liOWei (Ichth.) P. N. in honour of the Rev. R. T. Lovje, 
Loxan'thera (Bot.) Xo^ist flanting, anthera ; a genus of Loranthacez. 
Loxan'thUB (Bot.) >.o%oii flanting, avdtf;, flower; a genus of Acanthacez. 
Lo'zia (Omith.) Xo^iy , flanting, crofswife ; the Crofsbill. 
Loxi'nes (Bot.) Martins* name for the Monocotyledonous or Endogenous 

clafs of plants, from Xo^s; , crofs-wife. 
LozocEu/pus (Bot.) Xd^«f, flanting, x»^0;, fruit ; a genus of Gefheracese. 
Loxoca'rya (Bot.) Xo^«f , flanting, »c(^«», a nut ; a genus of Reftiacese. 
Loxo'des (Zool.) A.0^«;, flanting ; a genus of Infufbria. 
Loz'odon (Zool.) Xo^ay , flanting, o^ouy, o^oi'Tay, a tooth ; one of the fub- 
genera into which Dr. Falconer divides the elephant ; referring to the 
rhomb-ftiaped diflcs of the worn molars. 
liOZOgram'ma (Bot.) x^^^;, flanting, gramma^ an infcription ; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
Loxomma (Fos. Zool.) Xo^ay, flanting, o^^«, the eye ; a labyrinthodont 

reptile from the Edinburgh coal-fleld. 
Loxone'ma (Zool.) Xo^a;, oblique, v?/bu(, thread; in allufion to the 

(Iriated furface ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Lozo^phyllum (Zool.) Xfl^df , flanting, 4>i;AXdv, leaf ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Lozosper'muin (Bot.) X»^oV, flanting, «-w«p/u«, feed ; a genus of Leguminofz. 
Lubi'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M. de St. Lubin, a French officer. 
liUbrica'lis (Ent.) lubricus, flippery. 

Lubri'cipes (Ent.) Lat. fwift-footed ; from the activity of the larva. 
Luca'nidSB (Ent.) lucanus, fam. term. ida. 
Luca'nus (Ent.) Lot. pertaining to the light or morning. 
liU oeHS (Bot.) Lat. fliining ; e. g., Potamogeton lucens. 
Lucem (Bot.) called, in Languedoc patois, lauferda ; the Melilotus; Nat. 
Ord. Leguminofae. 

LUC — LUN 273 

Liice'ma (Zool.) Lat. a lamp. 

Luoema'ria 1 

., . C (ZooL) lucerna, a lamp ; a genus and family of Zoophytes. 
LiUceman adsB ) 

Luoer'nea (^nt.) lucgrnof a lamp; "frequenter candelis involans." — ^Linnxus. 

Luolda'lis (Ent.) lucidus^ bright, clear. 

Lu'cidus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. clear. 

Luoi'fugUS (Ent.) lux, lucis, light, /tfjgto, to avoid. 

Luci'lia (Bot.) kvxMs, wolf-like ; the Blue-bottle fly ; a genus of Diptera. 

Luoi'na (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs who aided women in childbirth. — Ymo. 
Eel. iv. 10. 

Luci'na (Zool.) P. N., a name of Juno; a genus of Mollufca. 

Lucinop'sis (ZooL) the genus Lucina, o4<f, refemblance ; a genus of 

Luci'ola (Bot.) fame etymology as Luzula, q. v. ; a genus of Juncaceee. 

Lu'ciUB (Ichth.) Lat, the Pike. 

Luctuo'sa (Ornith.) Lat. fbrrowful, fad. 

LucTile'lla (Ent.) luculus, a little grove. 

Luculia (Bot.) P. N. from Luculi Siva, of Nepal. 

Lu'dia (Bot.) iudo, to fport. 

Lu'dius (Ent.) Lat. a dancer. 

Ludoyicia'nus (Zool.) relating to Louifiana. 

Ludwi'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. G. Ludivig, Profeflbr of Medicine 
at Leipfic. 

Lu'fTa (Bot.) Arabic, louff; a genus of Cucurbitacese. 

Lugu'bris-e (Ornith., Ent.) Lat. mournful. 

Lui'dia (Zool.) etymology doubtful ; a genus of Echinodermata. 

Lumbrici'dia (Bot.) from the refemblance of the legumes to earth- 
worms — lumbrici ; a genus of Leguminofe. 

Lumbricifo'miis (Ichth.) lumbricus, an earth-worm,yor«ra, fliape. 

Lumbri'cus (Zool.) Lat. an inteftinal worm. 

Lumnit'zera (Bot.) P. N. from Stephen Lumnitzery a writer on botany. 

Luna'lis (Ent.) luna, the moon, from the crefcentic wing-mark. 

Lunar'ca (Zool.) luna, the moon, area, a bow ; from the fliape of the fliell. 

Luna'ria (Bot.) /w«/7, the moon; referring to its broad filvery filicles; a 
genus of CrucifersB. Alfo the fpecific name of a kind of Fern. 

Luna'tus (Zool.) Lat. homed, crefcentic. 

Lunda'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Lund, a Norwegian entomologift of 
the la ft century. 

274 LUN — LUT 

Luni'gera (Ent.) luna^ the moon, gerere^ to carry ; from the lunule on the 

Luno'sa (Ent.) luna^ the moon ; from the lunule on the underfide. 

Lunula'lis (Ent.) lunula^ a ring or hoop. 

Lunula ria (Bot.) from the lunate form of the fronds ; a genus of Mar- 
chant iacese. 

Lupe'ria (Bot.) Xvirnpos^ painful, hurtful ; a genus of CrucifercB. 

Lu'perus (Ent.) Xurmposy troublefome ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Lupinas'ter (Bot.) the genera Lupinus and AJler; a genus of Leguminofae. 

Lupl'nus (Bot.) lupus f a wolf ; it is fuppofed to deftroy the fertility of the 
foil ; the Lupine ; a well-known genus of Leguminoise. 

." Triftefque lupin i 
Suduleris fragiles calamos." — Virgil. 

Lupuli'na (Bot.) the little hop-trefoil, fo called from its refemblance to 

Lupulina'lis (Ent.) feeds on Lupulus. 

Lu'pulus (Bot.) fpec. name of the Hop, Humulus Lupulus ; a corruption of 
its old name Lupus fali£iarius, fo called, according to Pliny, becaufe it 
grew among willows, and by twining and choking them, became as 
deftru£tive as a wolf to the flock. 

Lurch'er (Zool.) Richardfin says, ** there can be no doubt that Lurk and 
Lurch are the fame word, varying a little in the application. It has 
not been fatisfactorily traced to its origin." The dog which more 
efpecially lurks or lies in wait for its prey, and is therefore moft 
ufed by poachers. 

Lu'ridSB (Ent.) luridus, pale, ghaftly ; in Botany, the Linneean name for 
the Solanaceaj. 

Lurida'lis (Ent.) lurUus, pale, ghaftly. 

Luacin'ia (Omith.) Lat. the Nightingale ; changed by the French into 

Luscinoid'es (Omith.) the genus Lufdnta, t^^os^ like. 

Lu'scus-a (Ichth.) Lat. blind of one eye, purblind. 

Lussac'cia (Bot.) P. N., fame as Gaylujfaccla ; a genus of Vacciniacen?. 

LUSUS NatUTBB (Zool.) Lat. a caprice or fport of natuie. 

Lutea'lis (Ent.) luteus^ orange-yellow. 

Lute'olUS-a-um (Bot.) Lot. yellowifh ; e.g. Refeda Luteola. 

Lu'teU8-a-um (Zool. & Bot.) Lat. yellow-coloured, orange-coloured ; e. g, 
Refeda lutea. 

Jau'therek (Bot.) P. N., a ^enus of Compofitae. 

LWr — . LYC 275 

Luticomella (Ent.) luteus^ faffron, coma^ hair. 

Lutke'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Lutke ; a genus of Celaftraceae. 

Luto'sus-a-um (^Ent.) Lot. muddy, clay-coloured. 

Lutra (Zool.) Lot. an otter. 

Lutra'ria (Zool.) lutra, an otter ; Otter-fhell : a genus of Molluica. 

Lutule'ntiis-a-um (Ent.) Lot. muddy. 

Luzembu'rgia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sauvagefiaceffi. 

Luzella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Herr Lux, a friend of Hiibner. 

Lu'zula (Bot.) gramen luzuUgy glow-worm grafs of Bauhin; becaufe it 

fhines ; a genus of Juncacese. 
Luzuria'ga (Bot.) P. N. from D. J, M, R. de Luzuriago, M.B., a Spanifh 

Lyallia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Portulacaceae. 
LyTsious-a-um (Zool.) Lat. Lybian. 
Lycas'iia (Ent.) XuxaXva., a fhe-wolf ; a genus of Lepidoptera; commonly 

called Coppers. 
LycsB^nidaB (Ent.) Ij^cana, fam. term. wie. 
Lyca'on (Zool.) P. N., Lycaon^ who was turned by Jupiter into a wolf; 

applied to the Hunting-dog, Lycaon venaticm, 
Ijyca'ste (Bot.) P. N., of mythological origin; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Lychnan'tlius (Bot.) the genus Lychnis y avflsf, flower; a genus of Caryo- 

Lychnis (Bot.) Xw;^©?, a lamp ; the down of the leaves is uied for wicks ; 
or from the brilliant colour of the flowers ; a genus of Caryophyllaces. 
Lychnoste'mon (Bot.) the genus Lychnis^ and o-tji/uw, a flamen ; a genus 

of Diofcoreaceae. 
Ly'chnus (Zool.) Xu;^of, a lamp. 
Lyoiople'sium (Bot.) the genus Lycium, and it\nc-ios, near allied to ; a 

g^enus of Solanaceae. 
Lyciop'sis (Bot.) the genus Lycium and 0'\.isy like ; a genus of Onagracese. 
Lyoiostyles (Bot.) Xw^-w?, releafmg, (bedding, atuXov, a ftyle ; a genus of 

Lyciotham'nus (Bot.) Lyium and flaf*»«f , a (hrub ; a genus of Solanacexe. 
Lycium (Bot.) from Lycia in Afia Minor, its native countrj'. The Latin 
monks fay our Saviour's crown of thorns was made of the Lycium fpe- 
ciofum ; a genus of Solanaceae. 
Lycoc'tonmn (Bot.) \vxos, a wolf, *ti/»«, to kill ; from its being ufed, 
concealed in meat, as a bait to deftroy wolves ; fpecific name of Yellow 
Wolf's-bane, or Aconitum LycoBonum, 

27« LTC — LYN 

Ly'codon (Zool.) Xyx^f, a wolf; oJ^yf, o^tfvTtff, a tooth ; a genus of Colu- 

brine ophidians. 
Lycodon'tidSB (Zool.) lycadony with fam. term, id^; a family of Colubrine 

Lyco'gala (Bot.) Av»«f, a wolf, >«Xa, milk ; in its early (late it is tike a 

mafs of thick cream ; a genus of Fungi. 
Lyoonorlnimn (Bot.) Xv»tff,a wolf, twrma^ (hape; a genus of Orchidacese. 
LycopeT'doil (Bot.) Xi/»«f, a wolf, nipiafAatf Lat, pedere, becaufe fuppoied 

to proceed from wolfs dung ; the Puff-ball ; a genus of Fungi. 
Lyooper'slouin (Bot.) Xii/»«.ir«f «•*»<»», a (Irong-fmelling plant mentioned by 

Galen ; now uied for the Love-appb or tomato ; a genus of Solanaceoe. 
Lyoophi'dion (Zool.) Xvkos^ a wolf, ^ittofjteu, to fpare ; a genus of Colu- 
brine ophidians. 
Lycopodi'tes (Fos. Zool.) foflil plants allied to the exifHng genus Lyco- 

Lyoopo'dium (Bot.) Xy*of , a wolf, vovt, foot ; Club-mofs ; typical genus 

of the Lycopodiacese. 
Lycop'sis (Bot.) Xy*»j, a wolf, o^jj, the face ; referring to the flowers ; a 

genus of Boraginacese. 
Lyco'pus (Bot.) Xt;**^, a wolf, v»vsi a foot ; referring to the leaves ; Gipfy- 

wort ; a genus of Labiatae. 
Lyco'sa (Ent.) \vx9Sy a wolf, from its predatory habits. 
Lyoo'sidsB (Ent.) family of Spiders of which Lycofa is the type. 
Lyco'sina (Ent.) adj.^ like a Lycofa. 
Ly'geum (Bot.) xiyof, a pliant twig ; referring to its flexibility for ropes, 

baflcets, &c. ; Cord-grafs ; a genus of Gramina. 
Lygistop'terus (5nt.) Xuyi<rT«j, bent, pliant, irT«ptf», a wing. 
Lygo'dlum (Bot.) Xvy<wJ»jf , flexible ; a genus of North American Ferns 

with twining ftems. 
Lyme'xylon (Ent.) Xy/uu, de(lru£Hon, f j/Xo», wood ; L. navale is the inieA 

whole ravages in the dock^yards of Sweden were checked by Linnceus. 
Lymexylo'nidSB (Ent.) lymexyUm^ fam term. Ida ; a family of Coleoptera. 
Jjjmnm'wca. (Ent.) ytfMaiof, marfhy. 
Lynoe'us (Zool.) ^vyxuof^ lynx-like, from Muller's error in fuppofing 

there was a fecond organ of fight ; a genus of Entomoftraca. 
L^ngbya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H. C. Lyngbyey a Danifh botanift ; a 

genus of Fucoid Algae. 
Lyngbyella (Bot.) dim. of Lynghyaa ; a genus of Fucoid Algse. 
JjyzLK (Zool.) Xtij^f, a lynx •, probably from x,j;»if, light. 

^H^ I.7ciiie'tia (En 

ifO - 


Iijane'lSa (Ent,) P. N. from Pi'irTr iyowt, author of " Defcriptiona of 

lolefb found at the Hagoe ; " died 17E9. 
Lyo'nla (But.) P. N. in honour of J. Lyin, an American coUeftor of plann. 
Lyon'sia (But.) P. N. in honour of J. L^ii, an Englilh botaniil ; liih a 

genua of Mollufca. 
Iiirpera' (Bot.) ^''"n, Outnela, i.Bu, s 

of the Bower, 
lijpe'ria (Bot.) Xuwifii, troablefoinE; a genns of Scrophulariacei. 
Ly'prtUI (Ent.) Xmrfis, wretched ; a geODi of Coleoptera. 
Ly'ra (ZooL) Lat. a lute. 

IiTTs'a (Bot.) Kifn, lym, a harp ; a genui of OrchirfaceiB. 
Lyra-bird (Ornith.) applied to the at™™, from the ihape of the tail. 
LyriooephalUB (Zool.) Au^h, a fmall lyru, iirpa>.i, head ; a genua 

i telctring to the huL- 

Lyrooar'pa (Bot.) XilfB, lyra, a harp, Etftit, fruit ; a genus of Craciferit. 

LyrodsB'ma (Zool.) fyrj, a iute, Jio-f£«, a bond or fetter ; from the 
radiating ftriatej teeth ; a genua of Mollufca, 

LyBigo'nium (Bot._) luri'i, a parting, ymU.a frond; a genus oTAlgs. 

Lyailo'ma (Bot.) J-wi't, a parting, AJiyus, fringe ; a genus of Leguminoiie. 

Lyalnia'chia (Bot.) literally "quelling warfare," from Xuirifii^^K, ending 
ftrife; Ijmle-ftrifc. See Ariftophanes " LyCllrata," 554. Some of the 
ancient author! attributed a very lingular property to this plant, no 
iefs than a power of taming ferocious or reconciling difcordanl animali 
(>wi, to loole, it^x*' (Wle); others attribute its origin to Lfjimachiu, 
who, they aay, was its firft diftoverer. 

IiyHfas'ina (Bot,) Xiinr, a reparation, ii/^x, a thread (IlamenJ ; a genus of 
I Xiysiono'tos (But.) >jiiU< a parting, irrai, the hark ; a genus of Gelner- 

, (Bot.) Xiaii, a parting, grl/ua, a iid ; a genus of Lobeliac 
e (Bot.) the family of which the beautiful genus Lyikrum 



I Xiyaipo'ms 


liy'thmm (Bot.) \i6fs,, black blood ; aUuding to the colour of the flower ; 
the typical genui of Lythtacen. 

Lytta (Ent.) Xllt^itc, to rage or to be mad, from its enciting ellefli \ ap- 
plied by Fabricius to the Bliitering fly, now called Cantharis vusica- 

278 MAS — MAC 

Mabo'nia (Zool.) the name of this genus of Lizards is from the native 

American name Mahonya. 
Maca CUS (Zool.) the word macaco is ufed by the natives of the coaft of 

Guinea for quadrumanous animals in general, but more paiticularly the 

monkey; the Macaques. 
Macandrewa'nuB (Zool.) P. N. in honour of ilfr. McAndrnuy of Liverpool, 

an ardent labourer in Natural Hiftory. 
Maca'ria (Ent.) P. N., the daughter of Hercules and Dejanira. 
Macca'na (Ent.) maccus, a buifoon. 
Maoe (Bot.) Grceiy/jtaxip; Lat, and Fr. macis; Jtal. mace ; the reticulated 

membrane which immediately covers the nutmeg, technically called 

the arillus. 

•\ /-P. N., a genus and family of Molluica ; £0 

/ r (Zool.) < named in honour of the late IVUliam Mac- 

MacgillivrayidaBV I .... o * 1, ♦ i-n. a- a q 

^ V gilltvray^z. Scotch naturalilr, died 1852. 

Machse'ra (Zool.) fxa^ai^it, a fword or dagger ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Maohse'ritun (Ichth.) fxa^atpa, a fword ; a genus of Anacanthous fifhes. 

Machai^odus (Fos. Zool.) fxeixeufoe,, a fabre, otovs, a topth. 

Macha'on (Ent.) P. N., one of the fons of ^fculapius mentioned by 

Homer, li. ii. 731 ; fpecific name of a butterfly. 
Ma'chetes (Omith.) fAa^ntnsy a fighter ; formerly applied to the Ruff, 

now called Philomachus pugnax, implying the fame difpofition. 
Mackerel (Ichth.) Fr. maquereau ; Dutch^ macksreeL 
Maolea'yft (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A, Macleay^ Secretary to the Lin- 

naean Society. 
Maolu ra (Bot.) P. N. from William Maclure, a North American geologift ; 

alfo a genus of foflil Shells. 
Ma'coma (Zool.) fxaxosi length ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Macquarie'nsis (Ichth.) P. N. belonging to the Macquarie river; the 

Oligorus Macquarienfis is the « Murray cod " of Auftralia. 
Macrade'nia (Bot.) fxaxfii^ long, aim, a gland. 
Maorauche'nla (Zool.) /xaK^os^ long, avxni>, the neck ; an extindl tertiary 

mammal of South America. 
Macro- (Zool., Bot.) a frequent prefix, signifying " large," as Macro- 

cephalus, large-headed. 
Maorobio'tUS (Zool.) /xaxpeg, long, fi»o«, to live ; a genus of Infulbria. 
Maorooa'rpus (Bot.) fxaxpos, long, xapmog, fruit. 

Maoroce'lis (Zool.) fxaxfis, large, «»>x/f , a fpot, ^^.,Leopardus macroceVts. 
JifacroCe^rCUS (Omith.) /iAaxp05»long, nipKoj, a tail ; e.g.^ Q,o\va%macroccrcus. 



MBomoHnUB (Bill,) ^nKfii, long, x'^*^'h » "p. 

Maorochy'la (Ent.) fimfit, abundaal, j;tXi(, juice. 

MaorooQa'ma (Em.) ^ai^i, long, uiftf, a leg. 

MaorOQaa'mum (Bot.) ^mt^i, long:, mjun, a teg ; teferring 

the llalkt. 

Maorocy'ollB (Zool.) f.«.fot, long, „v*i.>:, a circle ; i g^nus 

of MoUufci. 

Maoro-da'otyll (Omith.) |U-<^., long, 3<i.TBX«, a toe. 

Ua'arodon (ZooL) /^lafa,, long, ilnt, oIotii, a tuuth ; 

a f^nm of 


Maorogft'Bter (Ent.) ^m^i, long, ywrii^ the belly. 

Maorogle'neB (Em.) fiMjit, long, j-i^b.b, the eye-balL 

MaoroBlos'aus-a-um (ZooL, Ent.) fiirtfit, long, yt^mrm, i 

ngue; long- 


Maaroeom'dla(But.) f^^xfS,, long, >'.>i'3.n, a Uttle ungle ; min 

alure f.on.l. 

which efcape from the parent-cell in Che Inhiforia. 

Maorome'rlfl (Ent ) ^,,;,pi,, long, f,, the thigh ; a genus 

of Hymen.- 


Maorome'suH (Ent.) /titxfii, long, fiifu, middle. 
Maoroae'ura (Ent.) f*l•«i's^ long, >ii'^, a linew (nervure). 
Maorophr'llUiii (Zool.) itaxfii, long, 4u>.;i<ir, leaf, 
Uacropky'lliis-a-um (Bot.) rmn^i, long, 4ll^^Xl>, Leaf, i.g., Rubui n.xr'r- 

HaCTO'pidee (Zool.) a family of Mammalia, of which MMnfan it the 

Macro'pUa (Ent.) pai^c, long, S«-A.., armour. 
Uaoropo'dlum (Bot.) Ftaa/ii, lung, muc, siiaf, a (bot; alluding 10 the 

Ifacropo'ma Cichih.) ^unn^t, Ivg^ sS/va, operculum, a genu* uf 
I SauroU filhes of the chalk and wealden. 

■ Ka'cropus (Zool.) fiu^r, long, vnf, a foot; the Kangaroo. 
Uacrorha'inphaa (Omith.) limtfi-,, long, fxn^n, a beak. 
MaOTOrhl'nUB (Zool.) f.»«^',, long, fi^ a nofe; the Elephant-feal ; a 

genu, of Mammalia. 
MacroBoe'lldea (Zool.) ftuHfii, long, B'UXic, « leg; a genun of Mam- 
malia, called in Cape Colony, Elephant mice. 

roBohl'sma (Koot.) (xupi;, long, r;i;ir^<), a cleft; a genus of 
P ISacrosto'mlum (Got.) ftaxfii, long, nijua, a nuHith. 
P lIoarOHty'lla (Bol. ) luu^it, long. n^Xa.-, a pillar (Dylr). 

[a'crothrix (Zool.) ^upif, long, Sfi^, a halt', a jonw ut'EA'umvo&'nEi.. 

Macro 'tia (Zool., Bat.) i^ixfh, long, »!f, iiW,, the ear. 

Maorotraoha'lian (Fos, Zool.} ^xi^;, long, t^j^^hXjj, the i 

Macro 'tropia (Bot.) ftxxfii, long, Tfimi, u keeL 

MBoroUTa ) (ZooL) /tux^s, long, tC^x, a t^l; Decapod Crullaceaiu of'l 

Maoru'ra ) thi^ fecondary and tertiary ftrata. 

Macrou'rua (Zool.) fft/h, long, Ju^> a tail, c^, Leopardus mairtmrui. 

Ma'ctra (Zool.) Lai. a kneadiog-trougfa ; a genus of Mollufea. 

Maotre'lla (Zool.) dim. of Marfra ; a genus of MoQufca. 

Ma'Gtridffi (Zoal.) the femily of MoUuTca, of which Maclra ia the type, 

Maotrold (Zool ) adjective, the genus Jfcdro, Lin, [Ike. 

Macula liH (Ent.) mv^la, a fpot. 

Maoula'ria (Bot.) ™«:a, a fpot. 

Maoala'riuB (Ornith.) adjeflive, from maaila, a fpot. 

Maoula'tu3-a-um (Eot., Bot.) Lai. nwnLota, fpotted. 

Madagascorlen'sia-e (Zool.) L>it, telating to the Island of Madagafcar, 

Madder (Bot ) Angla-Stx. main ,■ Dutch, mitd, which from mrtdm, to dye \ 

the prepared root of the Rubia tinctorum. 
MadefactaliB (Ent.) muayaiTO, to make wet, to moinen. 
Maderaspa'tanua-a-um (Zool.) Lst. relating to, or belonging to, 

Madia (Bot.) madi, lt« name in Chili \ a genus of Compolitie. 
Mado'pa (£nt.) /isStt, moifl, x.)., the face. 

Mttdra'pora (Zool.) Frcmk, madr!, fpatted,^r; the Stony coraU. 
Modlqio'rlfbnn (Zool.) tmiJrrptra, and/oraa, lhap«. 
Madreporlte (Fos. Zool.) the foflll MaJrrfarr. 
Ms'aa (Bot. J maai, its Arabian name. 

Magella'nlcua-a-um (Zool.) Lai. relating to the ilraita of MagelUn. 
Maggot (Ent.) Gvli. and Anglit-Sax. malia; IVrlfi, aasai; Dim. muSii; a 

fly in its larva (late. 
MssnifioallH (Ent.) mag^i/cui, noble, lUllingullhed. 
Magnolia (But.) P. N. from Prltr M.ij;^iJ. M.D., Profcifor of Botany at 

Montpelier ; typical genus of the fplendid Nat. Ord. Magootiacec. 
Magpia (pmiik.) fkn, with prefix mag, as contra£led &om magm, great? 

or perhaps from Frenck, magat, a baboon, from its chattering. " M>got 

is the original name of the bird, being the familiar appellation g;!' 

to pies, aa we fay Robin to 3 red-bieall, Tom to a UtmouJe, Philip 

to a fparrow," &c. — Sthvkns. 
Jtfallsr'iila (Bnt.J an anagram of Hrrmamtj 1 a genut of fijttneiiai 




MEthog'aiiy (Bot.) proliably the refalt of 3 confudon ot names, in which 
the oame of another tree, the "Mahagua," has been milspplied to 
this, the wood of the Swietenia Mak^grmi. 

Maho'nia (Bot.) P. N. from fi™jrrf M'M^ha^, of North America, n 
lover of botany ; a genus of Berbtridacea;. 

ICa'lA^Zool.) applied by Pliny to a kind of crab. 

lI^'adEB(Zool.) a family of Decapods, of which Man is the type. 

Ualmon (Zoal.) mfiA, an spe or hobgc^lin. 

Matne'usla (Ichth.) Lat. relating to Che Itate of Maine, U. S. of America. 

Major, Majtia (Omith.) Lid. adj. greater. 

2l3laao8ii'BfB (Zool.) belonging to Maiacnt. 

UalEUthade'nia (Boc) luaXoiiic, loft, aSrit, a gland ; a genu) of Orchidaceie. 

MataoWrla (BoC) i^xl^axU, ToftneTs ; a genni of Fungi. 

Ua'locbe (Bol.) iua>.a«i;, Toft ; a genua of Malvaeen. 

Mala'ohlum (Bot.) ^Xbjh'b, foftnefi ; a genus ot Caryophyilaces. 

MalochluB (Ent.) (uaJLiiJf, fofl. 

Mftlachode'ndron (Bot.) fi±\axSt, Cod, )Ir>{», a tree. 

Ma'laohra (Bot.) m»''-;C'. » maUow ; From the refembiance. 

Malaams'a (Bol.) |Ua>.aEi!.rDft,iiii^ii, apoint ; a genus of Mai pighiacen;. 

Malaooca''rpu8 (Hot.) ^simiit, foft, M«^i(, fruit; a genm of Zygo. 

Malacoceph'alua(Bot.)r*aisiiic,lbft, ufitJi.-i, head; agenusofCompofitiE. 
Malaaoohs'ta (Bot.) finkaii;, loft, jceCtii, a briltle ; a genua of Cramina. 
Ualacode'rma (Ent.) ^aXx^;, Toft, iinua, Ikin. 
Malaoo'logy (ZooL) fiat-i^tis, foft, J^iysi, a defcription; the fcience 

which treats of the Mollufea, or Soft-liodied animals. 
Malaoome'ris (Bot.) ^hXbhi, foft, fa/ii„ a part ; a genus of CompoCtx. 
MEJaoopteiysil (Ichth.) fuA^ti,, fait, rrifuf, irrifvyn, a Gn ; the Soft- 
Gnned filhes. 
I Malaoothri's (Bot.) /ualKtit, foft, fl,;^, haii ; a gtnus of Compofita. 

Ift'xlB (Bot.) fM>.«£i(, foftneft ; from it' delicate teirture; a genus of 
terredrial Orchidncee. 

lo'mia (Bot.) P. N. from IV. MainJm, mentioned by Ray ; a genus of 
al'IeuE (Ichth.) mallmi, a hammer, hammer- headed ; alio a genus of 

la (Bot.) |uaAkj|, wool, nHif, a berry ; a genus of Tiliaced. 
BVallo'niOIiaa (Zool.) iusjijih, a lock of hair, mimaj, a monad ; a genus of 

iSx MAL — MAN 

Mallo'phora (Bot.) /uaXXoy, wool, <}>fp«, to bear ; a genus of Verbenaceae, 

Mallo'tus (Bot.) /uaXXwToc, fleecy, a genus of Euphorbiacex. 

Mallo'tUS (Ichth.) /u«XX^;, a lock of wool ; alfo a foIGl fidi of the clay 

Ma'lope (Bot.) /maXo; , tender ; it has foft leaves ; a genus of Malvaceae. 

Malpi'ghia (Bot.) P. N. from M, Malpighi, Profeflbr of Medicine at 
Bologna ; typical genus of the fplendid Nat. Ord. Malpighiacese. 

Malus (Bot.) ancient name of the apple; in Greek junXo*, Pyrus Malus. 

Malva (Bot.) (KaAar^-w, to foften ; referring to its emollient qualities ; 
typical genus of the great Nat. Ord. Malvaceae. 

Mame'stra (Ent.) P. N., formerly the capital of Lefler Armenia. 

Mamma'lia (Zool.) mammae the breast ; applied to thofe vertebrate ani- 
mals which fuckle their young. 

Mamme'a (Bot.) mamey^ its American name ; a genus of Sapotaceae. 

Mammi'fereB (Zool.) mamma, the brea(l,yrro, to carry ; mammifers. 

Mammilla'ria (Bot.) mammilla, a nipple ; the plant is covered with teat- 
like protuberances ; a genus of Cactaceai. 

Ma'mmoth (Zool.) faid to be of Tartar origin. 

Maaa'bea (Bot.) a genus of Verbenaceae. 

Mana'tidSB (Zool.) a family of Mammalia, of which Manatus is the typ^^ 

Ma'natuB (Zool.) having veftiges of nails on their fwimming paws : the 
name was given from the SpaniOi mano, a hand. 

Mangsoii'lla (Bot.) original native name of the Manchineel tree, Hippomane 

Mandevi'lla (Bot.) P. N. in^ honour of Sir John Mandeville, an early 
Englifli traveller ; a genus of Apocynaceee. 

Mandi'bula (Ent.) Latin, a jaw. 

Mandio'cea (Bot.) from the native Brazilian name of the CaOava plant, 
Jatropha Manihot. 

Mandra/gora (Bot.) fjtxvi^et, a ftable, »ytipm, to coUeft, referring to its 
habitat ; the celebrated Mandrake ; a genus of Solanacex. 

Mandrake (Bot.) corrupted from mandragora. 

« And flirieks like mandrakes, torn out of the earth. 
That living mortals, hearing them, go mad." — Shakspere. 

Mane'ttia (Bot.) P. N. from X, Manetti, Profeflbr of Botany at Florence. 

Manghas (Bot.) native Madagafcar name ; the Tanghinia Manghas, 

Mangi'fera (Bot.) mango, name of the ir\xit,fero, to bear. 

Mangle'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Captain Mangles ; a genus of Myr- 
taceas ; also Rhodanthe Manglesii. 

M.-iN — MAR 

MangUl'la (Bot.) iti m 
Mango (Bot.) nat[ve na 
Mangosta'na (Bot.) nn 
Ma'ngoatsen (Bot.) na 
ManguiTia (Boc.) natii 

'in Peru. 

; fruit of the Mangifcra Indica. 
• name of the fruit ; the Mang^cen. 
! name ; a fruit of the Garcinia Mang^an, 
'. name ; a genus of Apocjnacei. 

Mallia (Ent.) f^iailn, madntls ; figuratively, hobgoblin. 

Manica'ria (Hot,) msaha^ a glove. 

Mani'Bot (Bot.) native name of the Jatropha M^nih^. 

Manis (Zool.) pro babiy from man^, a hand; on account of the iargt.- 

fpreciaws, which are employed in tearing down the neils of the Termites 

or M'hite ants. 
Mann'ia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Marchantiacer. 
Manaua'tua-a-um (Oniith.) Lai. tame, gentle. 
Mante'lUa (Fos. Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. ilanldl, the geologift ; a 

genua of foifil Cycadeoida. 
Manti'aia (Bot.) the flowers refemble the infeft manlh ; a gijnus of 

Mantia'pa (Ent.) unexplained. 

Manulaa (Bot.) munm, the hand ; fi-om the five di%'ifiona of Bowers. 

Mara'nta (Bot.) P. N. from B. Mam^ti, a Venetian phylician, who died 

in 1 ;54 ; typical genus of the Nat. Ord. Marsntacear. 
Maraa'iaius (Bot.) /xnfMliia, to dry up ; a genus of Fungi, to called from 

theirheineof a left juicy natnrethM others, and more readily preferved 

by drying. 
Marat'tia (Bot.) P. N. from J. F. Marati, of VaUombrofa, in Tufcany. 

who wrote on Ferns ] a genus of Filices. 
Marogra'vla (Bot.) P. N. from G. Mangmaf, author of a voyage to 

Braiii ; the typical genus of Marcgraaviacei. 
Marohan'tla (Bot.) P. N. from Nkioiai Marckar<t,a French hotanift ; the 

typical genus of Marchantiacei. 
Mare (Zool.) an Anglo-Saxon word. 
Ma'reca (Ornitli.) unexplained; the genui of Birds which includi? the 

Uarga'ceuB-a-um (Hot.) refembling marl (maijra). 
Margarl'ta (Zool.) iu(. a pearl ; a genus of MoUufta. 
Itlargaritaoeua-a-um (Bot.) Z^'. pearly. 

MareaTlta'na (Zool.) margarila, a pearl ; a genus of Mollulca. 
Margarito'ptlora (Zoo!,) margerila, a pearl, ^i^, to bear; the Pnti 

oyller; a gunuf of MuUufca. 

284 ^^^ — ^^^ 

> (£nt.) fAct^ynfi^nsy like a pearl. 



Margina'tus-a-um (Zool., Ichth., Bot.) Lai, bordered. 

Marginella (2kx>l.) dim. oi margo, a rim ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Marg3rrica'rpus (Bot.) fAapya^irwy a pearl, xafirift fruit. 

Ma'rica (Bot.) /bta^/vw, to become flaccid ; a beautiful Cape genus of 

Mariki'na (Zool.) native name of a monkey, Jacchus Rofalia. 
Mari'la (Omith.) /ua^/xn, charcoal. 
Marimo'nda (Zool.) native name of a monkey from Central America, 

Ateles Belzebuth. 
Mari'nus-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lat. pertaining to the lea, marine. 
Marlonella (Ent.) P. N., a name given by M. Guerin Meneville, to a 

ipecies of Hemerobius, after his youngeft daughter, Marion Frances. 
Mari'sscus (Bot.) applied by Pliny to a kind of rufli ; perhaps from Celtic 

mar, a marfh, in which it grows ; fpecific name of the Cladium Marifcus. 
Marl'timus-a-uin (Ornith., Bot.) Lat. pertaining to the (ea, maritime. 
Mar'joram (Bot.^ Arabic, maryamych; Latin, majorana, 
Ma'rkia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Edivard W, Mark, Efq. ; a genus of 

Ma'rlea (Bot.) from marliya, its Bengal name. 
Mannora'tus-a-um (Omith. Ent. Bot.) Lat, marbled. 
Marmo^reus-a-iim (Bot.) Lett, like marble ; marbled. 
Ma'rmOBet (Zool.) dim. of French, marmot, a monkey ; popular name of 

Jacchus vulgaris. 
Mannot (Zool.) French, marmift, a monkey ; the Ar£l:omys Marmotta, 
Marru^ium (Bot.) Heh. marr<A, a bitter juice ; Horehound ; a genus of 

Marsde'nia (Bot.) P. N. from W, Marsden, Efq,, author of a " Hiftory of 

MarsllSkl'lia (Bot.) P. N. from Humphrey MarJhaU, a writer on botany. 
Marsilea (Bot.) P. N. from Count L, F, MarJigU, founder of the Academy 

of Sciences, Bologna. 
Marsl'pobranohs (Ichth.) /Jieipa-nrof, a bag or pouch, Bpayx^^f gills; 

having facculated gills. 
Marsu'pia (Bot.) fAapsvvof^ a pouch ; a genus of Jungermanniacese. 
Marsupialia (Zool.) marfupium, a pouch or purfe. 
Ma'rsupites (Fos. Zool.) marfupium, a pouch ; a genus of Crinoidea of the 


^H ICaattt 

H " 


Uarsyplan'thas (Bat.) ^ui^uTct, a pouch; U>;, Aower; a genua of 

UarBTpooa'rpaa (Bat.) ftifnmt, a pouch, lac/vj;, (niit ; a gamn of 

MaTitaeon C^') ^""^''t •'orlagrm; the TnA'» cap Ulj, Lilium Miriagon. 
Marta'IiEia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jfartnu, the celeb rated botanift ; 

a genus of Ceramian Algi. 
Jfartes (ZooL) Lai. a marten, or marten-cat. 
Martlaa'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Palmie. 
ICa'rtluB (Omith.) Lai. warlike, martial. 
Martynla (Bot.) P. N, from Jaiu, Martin, F.S.S., formerly Profeflbr of 

Botany at Cambridge ; a curious genus of Scrophulariactie. 
Marygold (Bot.) fo called because it is in Hower at the times of all the 

Romilh feftiyals of the Virgin Marjr ; the word gold having reference 

to its golden rays, compared to the rays of tight around the head of the 

Virgin ^ the Calendnia ofGcinaUs : — 

" The aar^M, that goes to bed with the sun. 

And with him rises weeping." — SuAKirEHt^ 

Sf a'SBjiH (£nt.) perhaps from /iiuiijfiiu, to Ihoot out the lip ; a genue of 

MBS0a'8nia(BDt.)P. N. in honour of i'ai./ Mafiagni, a celebrated Italian 

anatomid, bom 1751, died i3i; ; a genus of Malpighiacese. 
Masao nla (Bot.) P. N. from Mr. F. M^Jp«; author of Stapclinj Novc. 
Maatax (Zool.) fiirta^, the mouth or jaws; applied bj Mr. Golle to a 

Uaatloltoue'ina (Bot.)/urT>;t;<i,refin, t'i*a, a filament; a genus of AlgK. 
ICaattohOthrl'x (Bot.) /ta-rrixn, terin,S^'f, hair; a genus of Atgc. 
Kaatiff (ZooLj FriH^k, mijlif. 
Vaatigobr/um (Bot.) lUOTTif, fxiriiyii, a whip, 8fin, mofs ; a genus 

of flryoid Mufd. 

itigooe'rta (Zool.) /iaitij, timrttjfsc, a whip ] a genua of Infulbria. 
IgO'pllora (Bot.; fiir^^l, ftimycf, a whip, f i^, to bear ; a genus 
MaBtigo'phorua (Bot.) fiimf, futmy^t, a whip, 4-1^, to bear; » genu* 

of Compoiitffi. 
MoatigOBole'rla (But.) fia<m£, ^iiirT>>>sc, a whip, ffa>.it|»r, hard ; a genua 

.Vtlglia (Ent.) fiisn^, /timyii, a whip, referring to Ihapc. 

itis'ia (Bot,)^iij-n£, a whip; a gcnui of Cornacen. 

286 MAS — MJZ 

MastoOElTpos (Bot.) fxaa-ros, a nipple, napvosy fruit ; a genus of Algae. 
Ma'stodon (Fos. Zool.) /jtaa-rost a nipple, ohvt^ o^ovroSf a tooth; the 
lummits of the ridges on the teeth having a refemblance to the teats 
of a cow. 
Mastodonsau'rus (Fos. Zool.) having features in common with maftodon 

zndfaurus ; a genus of fbflil Saurians. 
Mastogo'nia (Zool.) /Aaa-n^^ fx»a-riyosy a whip ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Mastygo'phora (Ent.) /u«jrTtJ, fAaTrsyos, a whip, ^ifw, to bear. 
MataV^^A (Bot.) its vernacular name in French Guiana. 
Matthi'ola (Bot.) P. N. from P. A. MatthhUj an Italian phyfician, who 

died in 1577 ; the GiUiflower ; a genus of Cruciferse. 
Matrica'ria (Bot.) matrix, the womb, from its fuppofed medical effects ; a 

genus of Compofitae. 
Matrona'lis (Ent., Bot.) Lat. womanly, matronly ; fpecific name of the 

Dame's rocket, or Hefperis matronalis. 
Matutina'lis (Ent.) Lat. pertaining to the morning ; from the time of 

Maura ndia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr, Maurand^ 2l Profeflbr of 

Botany at Carthagena ; a beautiful genus of Scrophulariaceae. 
Maurillus (Ent.) etymol. uncertain ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mauri'tia (Bot.) P. N. from Prince Maurice^ of Naflau, the patron of 

Riflb ; a noble genus of Palms. 
Maurus-a-Tim (Bot.) fxavpos, black. 
MaVis (Ornith.) Frmck, mauvis ; the Song-thru fh : — 

« When to the mirthful merle the warbling mavis fings." — Drayton. 
Maxi'lla (Zool.) Lat, the jaw, from (xaa-Taofxat, to chew. 
Mazilla'ria (Bot.) name given becaufe the labellum, when looked at fide- 
ways, refembles the maxillae or jaws of fome infects ; a genus of epi- 
phytic Orchidaceas. 
Maxilla'tus (Zool.) maxilla, a jaw; applied to the Ferm maxillataj on 

account of the hinge having many teeth. 
Mazilli'ferus-a-um (Ent.) maxilla, the jaw,y^r», to bear. 
Mazillo'sus-a-um (Ent.) having large jaws (maxillae) i. e. Staphylinus 

Maximilia'na (Bot.) P. N. from Maximilian, Prince Weid-Neuweid. 
Ma'ximus-a um (Ornith., Bot.) Lat. greateft. 
Mayduke (Bot.) this name, given to a kind of cherry, is from Medoc, in 

Ma 'ZUB (Bot.) fAx^if, a teat. 

MEA — MEG l»7 

[ Ua'adia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebtated Dr. McaJ; fpedlic 
: of tKe Vir^niaa cowflip, DaJc^atAeait Mfodia^ 
Me9'dii(Ent.)P-N.iohonourofff.fl.iirB«/f, £^., of Bradford, Yorklhi re. 
Meandri'na (Zool.) originally derived ttom Meander, a riuer in Phrygia, 
famous for iti windings, and tnetaphotir^ly applied to the convululione 
^^^ ofthebnin; Brain-coral; a genm of Madrepores. 

^^L UecistoaBph'aluB (Ent.) p^msTit, longell:, ni^xXn, the head. 
^^H Ueolatn'ra (Omith.) itmirtn, longelt, ti^it.tail; noC,a3 it ia Ibmvtime^ 

Meckelia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Malpighiaceie. 

Uecone'Ua (Bot.) dim, of ^uriua, the poppjr ; a genus of PapaveraceEB. 

Ueoone'ma (£nt.) ijXxai, long, tn/is, thiead ; a genus of Orthopteia. 

Meoonld'ium (.Bot.) dim. of fifi»»., the poppy; a genus of Pflpavcract-ie. 

MeQo'nluni (Bot.) dim. of i^wm, tlie poppy ; a genus of Papaveraceie. 

Meoonop'sis (Bot.) (uSm.. a poppy, i^, appearance ; a lieautifol genua 
of Papaveraces. 

MaconoBtifi'ma (Bot.) /in'mii, a poppy, Jliga.i, ftigmi releoibling that of 
the poppy ; a gtous of Araceie. 

Me'oopUB (Bot.) ^nii«, lung, niu;, *aiif, toot; fiom the extreme length of 
the Itipesof its pod. 

Mec/na (Ent.) i^Lfiim, to lengthen, draw ouL 

Mede'ola (Bot.) P. N. from M^,a. 
^^H Hsdioa'gO (Bot.) Mnio^, a term iqtplied by Diofcorides to a MrJUm giats. 
^^H M arborea is thought to be the Cytifus of Virgil, celebrated by him 

^^^1 for CDuling cows to yield abundano; of milk, and as being particulutly 

^^■^ grateful to goats and bees ; a genus of L«giiminDlie. 

MedlOTo'BtriH (Ithth.) mrdiyi, middle, njlran, a beak 0( fnoul. 

Ma'dluB-B-um (Omilh., Bot.) L^l. of middle ilie. 

MeeBia(Bot.) P. N., agsnuaof Bryoid Mufci. 

IUeSBOsrpee'a (Bot.) fAiyat, great, nafwit, fruit. 
^Sgaceph'ala (Ent.) i/.iyif, great, ■K<i>>n, head ; a genus of Coleoptcr.i. 
SSegsosph'alon (Ornlth., Ent.) fj-iyrcs. great, ii^mtn, the head. 
iVega'ceros (Foa. Zool.) iJ^iyxt, great, nprni, horn ; the Irilh elk, now 
\ foini or fub-fo/ni. 
nlegaollt'le (Ent) i*iy'<, large, x'^'-''^ "P' l"^"" '*>* """' mandibles ; the 
( Leaf-cutting Bee j a genus of Hymenoptera. 
;iC8gaoU'iilum (Bot.) fiiyat, great, %.\l-.i>, to bend. 
Kegft'OronUB (Ent.) fiiy^t, great, ilipif, a point or end. 
KegEkle'rma (Zool.) itiyn, %nn. i<fn*, hide, ikin. 


in MEG — MEJ 

MegfiB'ra (Zool.,Ent.) P. N.,one of the Furies.— Viro. ^n. xii. 846; 

a genus of Ophidians. 
Megaladeras (Ent.) /ui>^;, /AtyuXn, great, h^n, the neck. 
Megalai'ma (Omith.) /xiyaq, fA%ya,Xfi, great, >a(ju^f, the throat. 
Megalan'giUin (Bot.) fUyaf , fxryixn^ great, «7^?oy, a veflel ; a genus of 

Bryoid Mufci. 
Megalich'thys (Ichth.) fAtyat, fAtydxn, great, Ix&vg^ a fiHi. 
Megalo'don (ZooL) fxiynty fMyaXn, large, o^^v;, o^wrd;, tooth ; a genus of 

recent and fofOl MoUufca. 
Megaloma (Zool.) /(«I>«C) /i*fy^x»», great, A.dD|(««, fringe. 
Megalo'nyx (Fos. Zool.) /t*iyAf,/t*€yaX»7, great, o»i;J, claw ; a foflU mammal 

of the tertiary. 
Megalosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) (Aiyt/^, fcfy^Xn, great, iroSpof,, lizard ; a foflil 

reptile of the chalk. 
Megalotro'cha (Zool.) fAiyatSy fAtyaXfi, great, rpoxis, a wheel ; a genus of 

Mega'nterls (Zool.) fAiy»s, great, av^fifUy a prop ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Megaphysa (Ent.) /wiyaj, great, ^w<ra, a bladder. 
Megaphytum (Fos. Bot.) fxtytti^ great, <f>vToy, plant ; a genus of Coai- 

meafure fofUl stems. 
Megapo'dius (Omith.) /uf^a^, great, nm, woVcs, a foot ; applied to the 

Jungle-fowl of Auflralia. 
Mega'ptera (Zool.) fjtiyas, great, ^rrt^*, a fin ; great-finned. 
Megfltrthrus (Ent.) fxiyasj great, a^pov, a joint ; large-jointed. 
Megasan'thes (Bot.) fxiy»f,grea.t, eivQo$, flower; a genus of Campanulacea'. 
Megaspi'ra (Zool.) fj^iyus, great, j^/Va, a whorl ; a genus of MoUufca. 
MegastachV^ (Bot.)/Mi}^af,great,(rTa;^vf,a fpike ; alluding to the flower. 
Megaste'gia (Bot.) /t^f ya$, great, a"riyv, a covering ; a genus of Leguminoiae. 
Mega'stes (Ent.) /t*iya?, large, great. 

Megastig'mus (Ent.) fjtiyeist large,^i^a, a mark ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mega'stoma (Ichth.) fxiyas^ large, a-rofxay a mouth. 
Megathe'rium (Fos. ZooL) f*iytig, great, dtf^t^y, a wild beafl. 
Mega'toma (Ent.) f*iyas^ great, to/i**, a cutting. 
Megerlia (Zool.) P. N., a genus of MoUufca. 
Mego'tara (Zool.) fAiy», greatly, Scret^ eared. 
Meio'ceras (Zool.) f/kttm, fmaUer, xtf»$, horn ; a genus of MoUufca. 
MelEtne'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Melaflomacese. 
Meissar'rliena (Bot.) (uttt^ro;, fmaUefl, ippfivy a flamen; a genus of 



Uelaoa'ntlla (ZooL) ^Unt, black, ±u>S~, a Tpine ; a genui of Mollurca. 
MalftOtl'iie {Bot.)fii>.at, black, Sx*"' eliaff'; a s^nin of Cypciacei^. 
Helada'mUB (Zool.) |uiXi|, black, li/tit, a dwelling ; a geous of MoUulia, 
UelElleu'ca (Bot.) fa>.iK, black, ^Lii/jiii, white ; the nDod ii bUck and the 

branchtB are white^ 
MeUlo'phOB (Zool.) luikiic, biick, xiftt, a creR, applied to an ape, 

PreA^tes miU^fi/im. 
Slelampo'dlum (Bot.) laid, bjr Tixfiraflm, to be named after Mdamfiia 

(fti\i;, black, n»c, silK, a foot), whr> firft uled it; the Black 

Helam'pUB (Zool.) ^i;,x;, black, trwi,! loot, bbck- footed ; '.^.^pycenis 

Mdampu,; alfii a genus of Mollnlc^ . 
Melampy'rum (Bot.) liika-.-xw, black, mifis, wheat ; Cows' wheal ; a 

genm of ScrophulariaceK. 
MelanoD'the'ra (Bot.) fiix.i-iy.i, black, iyiifn, flowery. 
Uelanahr/HUm (Bot.) fiixar, g«ii. ni\iun> black, zf^'h gp''^ ! > genua 

of Conipofitie. 
Uelanco'olnm (Bot.) Mi>.'>!-<"°(| blsck, xim, dud ; ia alluCon to its 

Melan'drium (Bot.) fu^rt,, gen. |uiti»i(, black, u.^^ artfii, (figuratiielyj 

a ftamen; a genus of CoryophyUaceie. 
Uelanella (ZooL) dim. of mdama ; a genui of MoUufca. 
HBlauer'pea (Ornith.) fiik^,-a.>tt, black, J^b, to creep; the Black 


Ibda'iita > 

t (Zool.)f*H»v;B,blackners;agcnusandfamil;QfMollurca. 

gCelanip'pa (Ent.) P. N., the daughter of .^olus. 

Uflla'aium (Bot.) |Ui1><»it, the common vioitt, lb called in di/Hn^on to 
>joxiiH, litera% " white- violet," fuppoled by fame to be the Stock- 
gillifkiwer, by others the Wall-flower; a genus of MBbllamaceK. 

Melaaooa'ipos (Bot.) fiU.t-Mw, black, ■•{*•;, fruit. 

Melanoce'nahris (Bot.) fti/.t<, geo. fiixim;, black, x'n^fftti millel ; a 


lus-a-um (ZodI., Onrith.) luiXat-n 
ia Miljnix!plmlii. 
Melanocra'ds (But.) /uikac, gen. ^aHc, black, n^ 

'elanods'ndron (Bot.) 

genui of CompolitEE. 

black, m^ii>.v, head, 
:f, tough,' agenutof 
[, blicfc, }i>iin, a tree ; i 

290 MEL 

III . • ■ - - 

Melanoga'ster (Bot.) /usXa;, gen. /uiXavof; black, yaa-mpy belly ; a genus 

of Fungi ; alfo in Ornithology. 
Melanolo'iua (Bot.) fAiy.a^, gen. fxixansy black, xZfjia, fringe ; a genus 

of Compofitae. 
Melano'palis (£nt.) fxeXuvoovos, black-looking. 
Melano'plirys (Omith.) fzixag-mosy black, ofpyj, eyebrow, e.g. Myzantha 

Melanopi'ous (Omith.) fAiXag-awsy black, picus ; a Woodpecker. 
Melsmopo'gon (Xool.^ 1^1X0.9^ /xixmosy black, vxyvv, a beard. 
Melanopsidlum (Bot.) /usxoc;, /Mtx^yo;, black, fifiJium, guava. 
Melsmop'sis (Zool.) the genus Melaniay o>j/i;, like ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Melano pterUS (Omith.) fxiXasy /ucXava?, black, nrifov, a iving ; e. g. 

Elanus Melanopterus, the Black-winged Falcon. 
Melano 'pus (Zool.) /u«Xaf-aMf,black, woyf,a foot; e.g. Martes Metanofms^ 

the Japanefe fable. 
Melanorrhee'a (Bot.) ftcX«(, black, ^e«, to flow ; the juice is black. 
Melanoselinum (Bot.) /MtXa^, black, (rsXivoy, parfley; referring to its 

Melano'seris (Bot.) fxtka^, gen. /t*iA.a»of, black, a-ipigj endive ; a genus 

of Compofitae. 
Melanospo'ra (Bot.) fAtXas, gen. /n$xo»o;, black, a"rropa^ feed ; a genus 

of Fungi. 
Melanostic'ta (Bot.) ^eX«;, gen. ^U^cvo;, black, arixToc, fpotted • a 

genus of Leguminoise. 

Melanos'tolus (Ichth.) ^tXa?, fAtXansy black, ffToXn, a robe* black- 

Melano'stomum (Ichth.) jUfXac-ava;, black, a-rofxee,^ a mouth • black- 

Melanostro'ma (Bot.) (xixas, gen. /uix«v*;, black, c-r^i^a, bedding- ; a 
genus of Fung^. 

Melano'tis (Zool.) ^ixac-ai-o;, black, ou? , iro,-, an ear ; black-eared • e 

Caracal Melanotis. 
Melanotop'terum (Ichth.) |Utx«c-av,f, black, oJj, irA,-, ear, w-ripov, fin 
Melano'tricliuin(Bot.)^$.\af, gen. ^^xavoj, black, ap/^, Va;*?, h^ir- a 

genus of Fungi. 
Melano'tus (Ent.) /utXaj-avaf, black, c?f, wrif, ear. 
Melanoxan'thus (Omith., Bot.)^Ua<, gen. ^uixavoj, black, ^«»Oij yellow 

combining the two colours; e.g. Coccothrauftes melanoxanthus : alfb^a 

genus of Fungi. 

MEL 191 

Melano'xylon (Bot.) /ucxoc;, gen. /xi>^afosj black, ^t;Xov, wood ; a genus 

of Leguminofse. 
Melantha'cesB (Bot.) the Natural Order of which the Colchicum is the 

type, from the old name Melanthum^ the fennel flower. 
Melanthe'ra (Bot.) fAsXas-avosj black, anthera ; a genus of CompoHtae. 
Melanthe'sa (Bot.) fxixas-ii^os^ l)lack, airfln, flower ; a genus of Euphor- 

Melan'thia (Ent.) /Mixatdtic, dark, fwarthy. 
Melan'thium (Bot.) fame derivation. 

Melanu'ra (Omith.) ftiX«;.avo;, black, oZ^a, tail ; black-tailed. 
Mela'pium (ZooL) /AcXaf, black, airtov, a pear; a genus of MoUufca. 
Melasa'nthus (Bot.) ixiXa^^ black, enQos, flower ; a genus of Verbenaceae. 
Melasis (Ent.) /ufX«f, black ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Mela'sma (Bot.) fAiXao-fxa, a black fpot ; a genus of Scrophulariaceae. 
Melaso'ma (Ent.) fjtixus> black, a-ZfAu, body. 
Melasphae'rula (Bot.) /utxa^, black, a-^aX^x, a fphere; alluding to the 

Melaste'mon (Bot.) ftiXa», black, a-rr.fxmj a (lamen; a genus of 

Mela'stoma (Bot.) /utXa;, black, a-rifxaj a mouth ; the berries (lain. 
Melea'gris (Omith., Bot.) the name given by the ancients to a fort of 

Guinea-fowl, from the hero Meleager. In Botany, the Chequered-lily, 

or Fritillaria MeUagris. 
Meleo'ta (Ent.) mely honey; a genus of Apida&. 
Melin'dres (Bot.) vernacular appellation of a fpecies of Vervain in Buenos 

Ayres ; the Verbena Melindres. 
Melha'ma (Bot.) P. N. from Mount Melhamy in Arabia : it was firft found 

Me'lia (Bot.) fAiXia, the A(h ; typical genus of Meliacese. 
Mel la (Ent.) /xiXif honey ; the larva feeds on the nefts of bees. 
Melia'na (Ent.) P. N. from M^ios, an ifland in the ^gean lea. 
Melian'thus (Bot.) /uUi, honey, £»dof, a flower; the flower abounds in 

Me'lica (Bot.) the name in Italy for the Great Millet ; a genus of Grades. 
MeliC0'rta (Zool.) P. N., a character in heathen mythology ; a very beau- 
tiful genus of Infufbria. 
Meli'chrus (Bot.) fxtxi^foosy honey-coloured. 

Melico'cca (Bot.) /xi\i, honey, koxkos, a berry ; alluding to the flavour. 
Mell'cope (Bot.) fciXi, honey, x»rrr,, incidon ; ne£lary of notched gland*.. 

192 MEL 

Meli'eraz (Ornith.) /(«>>.«;, a fong, Vi^a.^, a falcon ; the Chanting falcon. 

Melige'thes (Ent.) /t*eXi, honey, yjjflew, to rejoice in ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Melilo'tiis (Bot.) /utXt, honey, x«t«;, lotus ; a genus of Leguminofte. 

Melina (Zool.) melina, mead; a genus of Mollufca; alio a genus of 
Diptera and Coleoptera. 

Melin8isi>e'rmum (Bot.) fAtxlvn^ millet; a-ntft/jM^ seed; a genus of 

Meli'nia (Bot.) /miAivoc, afhen, apple- coloured ; a genus of Afckpiadju^ese. 

Meli'ms (Bot.) fjtiU^n, millet ; a genus of Gramina. 

Meli'num (Bot.) fjtiXitn^ millet ; a genus of Gramina. 

Melipho'ra (Ent.) /uUi, honey, ^x^, a thief; the larva feeds on the honey 
in bee-hives. 

Meli'pona (Ent.) /usXj, honey, vnim, to toil ; a genus of Hymenoptera^ 

Melis'sa (Bot.) fxiXiffo-et, a bee, becaufe abundance of honey is gathered 
from it ; Balm ; a genus of Labiatse. 

Melis'sa (Ent.) /tccXitf-ff-a, a bee ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Melisso'des (Ent.) the genus Melijfa, and iTJoj, like ; a genus of Hymeno- 

MelitSB'a (Ent.) P. N., a town in ThefTaly. 

Melit'tis (Bot.) juixtTTa, a bee ; bees gather honey from it ; Honey-balm ; a 
genus of Labiatae. 

Melittu'rga (Ent.) fAtMrrovfyist a honey- worker ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Melizo'philus (Oniith.) /uixi^w, to fmg, 9»x««, to love. 

Melli'fera (Ent.) mel, honeji/ero, to carry ; the Bees. 

Melli'fLcU8-a-um (Ent.) Lst, honey -making; Apis mellifica is the Honey 

Me'llinos (Ent.) melUnia, fweetnefs, from mel, honey ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Mellisu'ga (Ornith.) mei, honey, yig-rrr, to fuck ; Honeyfucker. 

Melli'vora (Zool.) mel, honey, vora, to devour ; as in the Humming-bird ; 
Florifuga mellivora. 

Melo (Bot.) the ancient name, and now the icientific one, of the Melon, 

Mdo (ZooL") M?Xov, a melon* an apple, from its fhape ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Melobe'sia (Bot.) /uiXo;, a iimb^ (J>efus, waflcd away ; a genus of Alge. 

Meloca'ctus (Bot,^ melon, ca^s, alluding to its fhape; a genus of Cac- 

Melooan'iia (Bot.) fjirikov, an apple, Keivtuy a reed. 

Melo'chia (Bot.) melochich, its Arabic name. 

Melodi'nus (Bot.) /t*nX«y, an apple, Jt»w, to turn rouml. 

a genus of Coleoptera. 
:och-chifcr, from fi*iiii. 

which JlfrW«n/ia isthetype. 
1 large apple, and derivcG i[ 

(, fif,!!^,, a pa 
1 ; referring li 

bryony, from it 

nella; tin.- 


Heloe (Ent.) wiXai, black ; the Oil-beetle; 
Uelolo'ntlM (Ent) ^kmKiXi.i», a beetle oi i 

explore, S>fitf, dung; the Fern-chafer. 
Malolon'thidffl (Ent.) a family ot Coleoptetai 
Heton CBot.) Meoage conCdeni Ibe melon a^ 

from /unXst, an apple ; the Cucumii Mds 
MelopBl'ttoaua (Ornith.) i^iXn, a long, -^h 

Wa tilling parroquet. 
MelOEslIra (Bot.) /iSxi., an apple, sufd, a chain ; 

filameati ; a genua of Cryptogamia. 
UelCthria (Bot.) ^iififtt, a plant fuppofetl to be i 

Melu'raua (Zool.) mH, honey, ■r/ui, a hear ; from t 

MeiyriB (Ent.) a geniH of Coleoplera. 

Membrana'aeua-a-um (Zool ) Lai. like a membrane or (kin. 
Membrani'pom (Zool.) ,uE^S;si!E,a thin Ikin or film, mifti, a pallage. 
Uerae'cylon (Bot.) it<iiAinti\n, the Greek name for the edible fmit of the 

Mendi'oa (Enl.) mtndica,, a beggar; i.r. poor in appearance. 
Hane'Btho ("Zool.) P.N. from a character in heathen mythology; a genus 

of Mollufca. 
Menlo'cufl (Bot.) ixntn, the moon, 3in,-, an eye. 
ISanlB'clum (Bot.) |unii'»is, a crelcent ; from Ihape of fniOificatian. 
Henispe'rmum (BoC.)rifi>i|, a crdcent, wi^^, feed ; from the crefctntic 

Ihape of the feeds ; typical genua of Meniipermacei. 
Ife'ukea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mmhi, a German botanld; a gemi> 

of Cruciferro. 
Ueno'ceros (Bot.) ^i>o[, Drength, i>f;BF, horn ; agenut of Gsodeniacex. 
Menodo'ra (Bot.) |uivi(, Itrength, Mfn, a gift; a genus of Jafminaccz. 
Menoi'dium (Zool.) /, the moon, «lSi«i, to fwell, the body being cref- 

centic and thicker on the outer mar|;1n ; a genuj of Infulbria. 
Menona'ntheB (Bot.} junu, to remain, atdit, a Howet; a genus of Gen- 

=r; applied 

^H Men 

^^nCanoDTl'Uea (Bot.) P. N , a genus '>f Ccuc 

^^^B-lCemopoliiBta (Zool.) nim, to remain, n/ 

^^^B to the operculum of amphibious animal), 

^^BlCe'iitila (Hot.) P. N. from Mimlhi, or Mattlu, the daughter of Cocyliu, 

^^^H who was changed into this plant ; Mint ; a genus of Labiate. 

294 MEM — MER 

Menthras'trum (Bot.) dim. of mentka, mint ; Wild mint. 
Me'ntum (Ent.) Lot. the chin ; applied to a part of the labium of infers. 
Mentze'lia (Bot.) P. N. from C. Mentzel, of Brandenburg,a writer on botany. 
Menu'ra (Ornith.) f^mny the erefcent moon, oZpec, a tail ; the Lyre-bird. 
Me'nyan'thes (Bot.) /t*«v, a month, «v9of , a flower ; alluding to the time 

during which it is in bloHbm ; a beautiful genus of Gentianacex. 
Menzie'sia (Bot.) P. N. from A. Menzies, F.L.S., an afTiduous botaniO ; 

a genus of Ericacese. 
Meos'chium (Bot.) /u»j, not, oa-^^tij a fhoot ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mephiti'dia (Bot.) »7<r/^///.r, a noxious exhalation, fT^d^jlikenefs ; a genus of 

Mephi'tis (Zool.) Lot. a noxious exhalation, applied to the Skunk. 
Mera'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Merat; a genus of Compofltse. 
Mercie'ra (Bot.) P.N. in honour of ^. Mercier; a genus of Campanulacex. 
MeTCkia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Merke; a genus of Caryophyllaceae. 
Mercuria'lis (Ent.) from the refemblance of the fligmata to the fymbo 

of the planet Mercury ( 5 ). 
Mercurialis (Bot.) Mercury firft difcovered the virtues of this plant ; a 

genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Merdel'la (Ent.) merda, dung. 

Merende'ra (Bot.) a name given to the Colchicum by the Spaniards. 
Merga'nser (Ornith.) popular name of the mergus, compounded of that 

word and anfer, a goofe. 
Mer'gens (Zool.) Lat. diving or plunging; applied to the Duyker Bok, 

Cephalopus mergem ; from its mode of efcaping in the bu(h. 
Meorgulus (Ornith.) dim. of mergus. 
Me'rgus (Ornith.) Lat. a diver or gull. 
Meria'na (Bot.) P. N. from M. S. Merian, authorefs of a work on the 

infefts of Surinam ; born 1647, died 1717. 
Merian'dra (Bot.) /ui^df , a divifion, k^n^y ^y^^o;, a (lamen ; a genus of 

Meri'dion (Bot.) from its circular form ; a genus of Defmidiaceae. 
Meridionalis (Ornith.) Lat. fouthem. 
Merls'ma (Bot.) fxtpKr/xos, divifion. 

Merlsmop8B'dia(Bot.) fAipta-fjcoj a partjvat^/oVfan oflfhoot ; a genus of Algo'. 
Meri'sta (Zool.) fxt^isrosy divided ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Meristostig'ma (Bot.) fAepitrre;^ dlvidedijiigma ; a genus of Iridaceae. 
Meristotro'pis (Bot.) fA,tpi<rrisi divided, r^Vt;, a keel ; a genus of 


M«riroiiay'ria(Bot.)^iif'5»,todivide,^tyfi'o(,numbeHe6; agenus of Algie. 
Merlan'gua (Ichth.) etymol. uncertain ; the Coal-filli is Af. carhonarius; 

the Wliitiog, SI. vulgaris. 
Merle {Omith.) Fra^h, ma-It, a blackbird. 
Merlu'olUB (Ichth.) Fr. mtr, lea, l«!c, pike ; the Sea-pike ; the Hake i» 

Jif. vulgana. 
Merocri'nidffi(Foa. Zool.)f»ifs(,apart,»^.'rt.,alily; afamilyofCrinoidea. 
Heroe (Zuol.) P. N., an iltau J in the Nile ; a genua of Mollnfca ; alfo in 

Entomology, a genus of Neuroptera. 
Mera'maliis (Ent.) ftttfit, the thigh, iftuxit, fmooth. 
Ueropa'cbTB (Ent.) fivfis, the thigh, ixx^, thick. 
UeropB (Oralth.) fii^, Lai. tncrtfi, the Be«-eater. 
MeTOSpo'Tiuin (Bat.) |ui/n>i, a divllion, nifts, a feed ; a genue of Fungi. 
Merosta'oliyB (But.) /xifsi, a divirion, <rT«xw. a fpike or bunch ; a genu! 

of Gramina. 
Mero'Btenua (Ent.) f^-pij, tlie thigh, oTiiif, narrow. 
Marten'sia (Hot.) P. N. from Frafijfar P. C. MirHns, of Bremen j a genui 

of Fillcei. 
Us'rula COinith.) Lai. a black-bird; Tpedfic name of the Black-bird, 

Tutdui Miruia. 
Memli'dffl (Ornith,) a fjmily of Inceflbres, containing the Black-bird. 
Meryoothe'rluiii(Foi. Zool.)i«n;t">t«,tochtw the cud, fl«(i, a wildbeaft; 

a fomi Ruminant of the drift. 
11689113(2001.) from i/>(!/i, the African name of a ihcU-filh ; a gen ui of 

MeBembiyan'themiUU (Bat.) ^innuS^ia, mid-day, iiflifin, a flower; 

typical gunus of the order MeiembtyaceK. 
KeaembFyaa'themum (Zool.) an aftinla lb named from relemblance to 

the plant ; y. t. 
MesOOa'rpUB (Bot.) fiiiai, middle, lusfirii, fruit, 

Ueaooe'na (Zool.) liirti, mldille, niiici empty ; a geniu of Infufotia. 
Ueaoce'nlTon (Bat.)r<i»;, middle, nftT^i, prickle i a genus of CompofitiB. 
Uesochei'ra (Ent.) fiiirii, middle, ;^i'^, hand ; a genus of Hymcnopteta. 
Mesocla'atea (Bol.) filsit, middle, KXii-i-tr, btokenj a genus of 

Meaodft'ctyloo (Bat.) («(«(, middle, iimipiS,, a finger; a genus of 

:flBOde'8ma(Zool.) ^iri[,middle.iir/Aa, liga.nent ; a genu* oCMollufca. 
teiOglte'a (Bot.) film, middle, yXmic, ilicky [ a genai of Alg». 

29« MES — MET 

Mesoglola (Bot.) f4.ia-9f, middle, ykoiosy fticky ; the fpines of the branches 

being a fblid mafs. 
Mesogram'ma (Bot.) fjtio-osi middle, y^eifAfMi a marking; a genus of 

Meaome'las (2^ool.) /ueo-*;, the middle, /^ikcts^ black ; applied to a Jackal 

having a dark mottled band on its back. 
Mesome^Ua (£nt.) mefomelas, a white (lone with a black (tripe ; a word 

ufed by Pliny. 
Mesomphalia (£nt.) fticrec, middle, lfA^»xk^ the bofs of a (hield. 
Mesophy'lla (Bot.) /uitf^o middle, ^vXX«f, leaf; a genus of Jungerman- 

Mesopithe'cus (Fos. Zoo!.) fti^-o^, middle, vtBwos^ an ape; the genus 

being regarded as tranfitional between Hylobates and SemnopithecuB. 
Mesoreg^a (Bot.) ftt^o?, middle, fiyfxe^ that which is dyed ; a genus of 

MesospliSB'ria (Bot.) /c««0-of , middle, a-^Xp», a ball ; a genus of Labiatas. 
Mesoster'nuin (Ent.) /uio-o; , middle, a^ifv&if, the bread, 
Mesostylus (Fos. Zool.) fjiia-of, the middle, o-Ti/Xoy, a pillar; a foIHl 

Crufhicean of the chalk. 
Mespiloda'phne (Bot.) fxta-iriXyii mr/pUus, the Medlar-tree, daphne; a 

genus of Lauracese. 
Mespilo'phora (Bot.) /ici0-ir»x«y} tmefpUumt the Medlar, i^i^, to bear ; a 

genus of Pomacese. 
Me'Spilus (Bot.) fxtcirixnt Lot. mefpilusy the Medlar-tree ; a genus of 

Nat. Ord. Pomiferae. 
Messaniella (Ent.) firft taken by Zeller near MefOna (the ancient 

Meflana), in Sicily. 
Messerschini'dia (Bot.) P. N. from D. Mejferfehmid^ a German 

MeSSingiel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Herr Hof-und Stadt-Kantor MeJJmg^ 

of Neuftrelitz, who fir ft found the fpecies. 
Mesto'tes (Bot.) /ui ^ro-mc, fiilnefs ; a genus of Chailletiaceae. 
Meta'basis (Ent.) fxtraffaa-isy a fhifting, as of the legs in walking ; a genus 

of Diptera. 
Metal>asis (Bot.) f4.irei0ao-tsy fhifting; a genus of Compofitas. 
Meta'bolUS (Bot.) fxnaffdXv^ a change ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Metachilum (Bot.) fjitra, behind, ;^ir>.oy, a lip ; a genus of Orchidaceac. 

>- (Ent.) fjtiraXJiw, metal ; from the metallic brilliance. 
Metallon ) 



Hetalln'ra COmith.) ^iTaXJu., metal, lipt, a tail ; a gtnus of Humming- 
MetapB-lma (Ent,) /ini, without, iii\ua, Che fole of tlie fool. 
MataTotoB (Zool.) jUiia, after, n/nTu, beat; implying that it follows in 

tht- feries after the bear. 
Meta'sia (Ent.) ^T.riiB;««(, to ni(h towards. 
Metaatel'ma (Bat.) ftii, inllead of, jrri^i^f , a crown. 
Meta'atenus (Ent.) find, beyond, mm, narrow. 
Methoca (Ent.) a genus of Hymenoptera. 
MethoTium (Bot.) f^if,t;, on the border, i. e. of difficiilt claffifitation ; 

a genus of Stetraliaceic. 
MeU'ctUoBallB (Em.) mni^uLuai, timorous; from its habit of quivering 

whtn the light is thrown on it. 
Meto^hium (Bot.) ^imsB, the front or forehead; a genui of An»- 

Metopl'dis (ZooL) fUTmilm, of the forehead ; a geniu of Infuforia. 
Metopo'oaroa (Zool.) fiimwr, the Sirebead, aifai, a hom ; the Horned 

Metopo'nia (Ent.) /iItvm, the fpace between the eyes ; a genus of 


I! of Colubrioe 

Metoporhltia (Zool.) ^iTnim, the front, fo, n 

IifetTOCa'iiipa (Ent.) piT^tri, to meafure, li^nit, a caletpillar; alluding 

to the geometrical mode of progielCon of the larva. 
Metroaide'rOH (Bot.) ftt-rin, heart of a tree, irH^fii, iron; iron-wood; 

Nat. Ord. MyrtactK. 
Mettemich'iEL (Bat.) P. N., a genut of Sobnacem. 
Metzber'la (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Ij>heIiaceiE. 
MetzgeTia (Bot.) P. N,. a genus of Jungermanniaces. 
Matzneriel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Hm- ilfflMo , of Frankfort on 

the Oder. 
Ms'um (Bot.) nri/n, bur-wort, which perhaps from ^ix, I'matler, from 

ik-licacy of leases ; a genus of Umbellifene. 
MexlOft'IlUB-a-um(Zool.,Omith., Bot.) relating to Mexico; r.j^.,Trogon 

Heye'nis (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacex. 

Meyo'ra (Bot.) P. N. from Gu«fti Andrna Jfiyir, a German botanilt. 

Meye'ria (B<rt.) P. N., a genus of Comporitre. 

Uefe'rU (Fna. Zool.) i>. N., a bmi Cniltacean of the chalk. 

i9S MEZ — MIC 

MezeTeon (Bot. j from Perlian mctdzaryoun. 

Mia'na (£nt.) fAiaivetv, to (lain of a dark colour ; on account of the dark 

colour of ieveral of the fpecies. 
Mi'arus (£nt.) fAia^og, flained. 

Mias (Zool.) the name ufed by the Dyaks for the Ourang-K)utang. 
Mia'ta (£nt.) fAtaiwv, to flain ; the wings, originally of a rich green, fbon 

fade to a dirty yellotv. 
Mi'oans (Ent., Bot.) Lat. fliining, from muoy to glitter ; e. g., Mefembry- 

anthemum micans. 
Miccotro'gus (Ent.) /mixxs;, = to fjtiKpSs^ little, Tp«y«, to gnaw or chew. 
Michau'xia (Bot.) P. N. from A. Michaux, botanift to Louis XVI. 
Miohe'lia (Bot.) P. N. from F. A. Micheli, the great Florentine botanift ; 

Nat. Ord. Magnoliacese. 
Mico'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Dr. Micony-JH.D., a Spanifh botanift. 
Mi'cra (Ent.) fAiKpo;^ fmall. 

Micrac'tis (Bot.) fjuxfig, ftnall, axric, a ray ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Micra'delus (Ent.) fxi%oos% fmall, a^r^Xoiy obfcure. 
Micree'a (Bot.) fxwpos, fmall ; a genus of Gentianacese. 
Mioran'dra (Bot.) fjuxps, fmall, itnpy iv^pasf a ftamen; a genus of 

Micran'dria (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Micran'thea (Bot.) fxiitpesj fmall avdo;, flower, a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Micran'themum (Bot.) /u(«po;, fmall, HvBos, a Hower. 
Mioran'thera (Bot.) fxtKpog, fmall, avQtpest flowery ; a genus of Clufiacese. 
Micra'nthes (Bot.) /xik^os, fmall, avdo; , flower ; a genus of Saxifragaceee. 
Micra'nthus (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Iridaceae. 
Miorarge'ria (Bot.) /Jtucposy fmall, ajyjjf, white, bright; a genus of 

ScrophulariacesB . 
Micra'spis (Ent.) fxix^aTms, having a fmall fhield. 
Micra'ster (Fos. Zool.) /ucu^o; , fmall, us-r^p^ ftar ; a genus of fofHl Spa- 

tangidae,very abundant in the chalk. 
Micrastelias (Bot.) fAmpisy fmall, aimpiVc, marked with fmall ftars ; 

a genus of Algae belonging to the Defmidiaceae. 
Miore'lium (Bot.) fttxpo;, fmall, nXiofy a fun ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Micrere'mia (Bot.) fxitipo;, fmall, i^n/jtiet, lonelinefs ; a genus of Ericaceae. 
Microble'pharis (Bot.) i*tHpos, fmall, ^Xs^fa^t;, the eye-la(h ; a genus of 

Microoa'chiys (Bot.) fxiHpos, fmall, ita;^;py;, a catkin; a genus of Coniferac. 
Mioroca'le (Bot.) ftiK^o;, fmall, kaXo;, pretty. 


lUoTOCallEl (Bot.) fiiufi!, fmall, m^ «:, beautiful ; a geaat of Comparite. 
UioTOcarpm'Bi (Bat.) f^ifii, IJnall, Kxf-rrii, fruit ; a genus of Scrophulari- 

MiorooelJUa (Zool.) )l.i.{«, fmall, irSx, a lonB-tailed monkey. 
MICTOOella'ta (Ichth.) fiuxfi,, final), aciUatuj ; marked with link eyc-likc 

Uiorocephalo'phla (Zool.)fjii{a(, ImaL, zt^uVn, the head,J{iii,a fecpenl ; 

a gi?nua of Ophidians. 
Uloroce'pbalua (Ichth.) /iii^is, fmall, ufa>.i, a head. 
Mlcroabs'ta (Bot.) |Ui>fw, fmall, x'^-h a tuft ; a genus ot CompofitiF. 
Mlaroohe'ra (Omilh.) fi<x;o(, fmall, -^"t*, a vndow ; a genu? of Huni- 

Mioroohi'lUS (Bot ) f.i»(o;, fmall, x«i''.">. lip ; a genus of Orchidaceic, 
Mlcrochlo'a (Bat.) ^upi,-, Imall, x,>-''h giafs. 
MloTOOla'dia (Bot.) /Jixpii, fmall, «.>«!«, a hranch ; a genus of 

Uicroco'don (Bot.) fUKfi;! fmall, >»![•>, a bell; i genus of CampanulacLiv. 
Ularocix'lia (Bot.) /i«/>°t, fmall, jMr;Lgc, hollow ; a genus of Orchldaces. 
Microoolena (Bot.) ftixpii, fmall, ^sxtij, a Ihenlh ; a geniw of AlgiE, 
Mioroco'ina (Bot.) tnKti;, fmall, ■i;un, foliage ; a genus of CompofitiB. 
MicTOCo'rya (Bot.) f'fii, fmall, niiai, a hehnet ; a genus of Labiats. 
Miorooy'Btia (Bot.) /*iKfi,, fmall, lir-rii, a bladder ; a genus of AlgK. 
IfiorocUc'tJlua (Ent.) t^i*fii. fmall, 2i£<iTi;ki|, a plume. 
Mioro'dera (Ent.) fiu^cii. fmall, Ijp,. neck. 

Miorodsr'ria (Bot.) /iinfjj, finall, Ji?pi(, ftin; a geniu of Compofitz. 
Mlcrodeainia (Hot.) /xiipi,, fmall, W^Jt, a band or chain ; a genus of 

Ch ryfobalanacea: . 
Uiarodl'ctyon (Bot.) fu'fi,, fmall, Iutuh, a net ; a genus of Algie. 
ICarodon (Bot.) fiunfii, fmall, iJj.;,,iJ.nif,B tooth ; a genui of Selaginacete. 
teroradonCZooL^^ixfii. fmall, .Uc, >r.tnF,atooth; agenusof Infuforia. 
lOorodo'Dta (Bot.) fUKfii, fmall, uMit, sltrrjt, a tooth ; a genus of Com- 

MiOTCe'oa (Omith.) fi.n^V, fmall, limj, the eye. 
Mlnroelua (Bot.) /Xitii,, fmall, iK,„ a vwit or knot ; a genus of F.U|>lio.- 

ICloTogle'na (Zool.) Fiingjc, fmall, y»iitn, the eye-ball; having a minute 
red eye-like fpeck at the anterior part of the body; a genut of 
lero^'uA (Bot.) fii*(i(, fmsll, yi-irra, a tongue ; a genus of Compolits. 

Microgoni'dia (Bot.) ivKfii, fmall, y, 

fmallefl fronds which efcape froi 
MlcrogO'nlum (But.) fUK^it, Cnall, yiitla 

Micrograjntna (Bot.) fuxfii, ftnall, y(ifi^a. a marking ; a genus o 

Poljpodioid Filices. 
Miorogram'mana (Ent.) ^i(ii, rmall, yfifi/^n, a mark. 
MiDTOgr'na (Bot.) fimpic, fmall, >uri, a piftil ; a genus of ComjHifita. 
MioroWaa (Bot.) fUMfit, fmall, }.mta, a mantle ; a genus of Gramina. 
Uiorole'pla (Bot.) ^i«pic, fmLiU, Xin'c, a fcale; -j. genus of Polypodioid 

MioroleTia (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genu» of Molaftomaeea!. 
MloroIe'Btes (Fes. ZoDl.)^i>fif,fmall,MirTn,' robber { b foflU qDadropwl 1 

»t the trIa<Gc formation. 
Uiorolo'ma (Bot.) funft, ftnall, H/tx, a fringe ; alluding to the tiower. 
Miamlon'ohus (But.) ^anfit, fmall, ^iyj^ii, a fpearj a genus of Compolita:. 
MlorolophUfl (Bot.) ftiKfit, fmall, *ij«{, a crclt ; a geuus of CompoCl*. 
Miarolo'tua (Bot.) /-uufSt, linall, Xinii, a lotus ; a genus of l^gumlnofx. 
Microme'ga (Bot.) nutfi/ityiS„t, Anall ia fiie ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Mlorome'lum (But.) |Ui]i|i>c,fmall,fin;i.», an apple; a genuiof Aurantiacev. 
Uloro'melUB (Ent.) f^nftftUti, fmall-limbed. 
Uloronie'ria (Bot.) jum^^c, fmall, fAtfli, a part. 
Micro'inyB (Zkxil.) finiioi, fmall, fiii, a mouie ; the Harreft-moule. 
Mlaropel 'tis (Bot.) |Uit^(, fmall, ■ikTn,a leather IhiBld ; a genua of Fnngi 
Miarope'plUH (Ent,) ft"fit. fmall, irisXtc, a covering. 
Miorope'ra (Bot.) fmfij, fmall, «n(jf, maimed ; a genus of Orchldacex. 
liIiaropet'alum(Bot.)^i*fii,fmaU,iriTs;i»,a leaf; agenus 
ISiorophy'sa (Ent.) wtfit, fmall, furs, a bladder. 
MicTophyta (Fos. Ztwl.) futfii, fmall, ^nn-ir, plant ; microfcopic plants 

fuch as many Defmids. 
Mioropl'par (Bot.) fim^i, Cnajl, fl/cr, the pepper plant; a genui of J 


Mloropleu'ra (Bot.);Uii^c, fmall, tT>juf ii, a rib; a genus of UmhelUfenei. I 
Uloropo'dium (Bot.) fiMfii, fmoU, wtit, <"*'!, a foot ; a gcDUi ofM 

Ul'orops (Zool.) lUiif in fmall, i<^, the face ; fmaU'raced. 
MiOTop'aiB (Dot.) /tufk, fmall, ijdi, appeannce; a genui of Compofittt. 

genus of UlmaceK. 
:nUi of Polypodioid 

little, "-rifiuS, the wing. 

U, VIM, a toot ; fmall-footed. 

fmaU, Tb^ifi Lai. f^xit^ a boJ 

Mlorop'teryx (Ent.) 
Micro 'pas (Bot,) ^h, 
Mloropy'xis (But.) , 


Mlororha'gUB (Ent.) ^updf, fmatl, ^tyit, a rent or 
Mlcrorhyn'chus (Bot.) /uiifw, Iniall, jit-xbc, i 

Miorosac'ous (Bot.) ^I'^if. fmall, a-Auit.a big; ; 
Microaa'nrua (Ent.) ^iufsf. imall, j«Dj«, lizatd. 
MIoroHoia'dlum (Bot.) ^nfst, fmall, rxiaSii., a 

Mtoro'aeria (Bot.l fi.»eJ(, fmall, 

MloroBo'niB (Bot.) fiiagif, fmall, si 

a purie ; a gEHDi of Paiypodioi 

ISicroEpBr'iiiuni (Bot.)iiiii|wc, fmal],ni(|us,leed; a genui of Compofitn. 

MicroBpo'ra (Bot.) ^iji(«, fmall, imi;.!, a feed. 

Microsta'chya (Bot.) f^itfii, fmall, sii^y^, a bunch; a genus of 

UiQrOBte'giuiii(BDti)^ii^c,fmall,rTi}ni,acotering; a genus uf Giamina. 
Mioroate'phlum (Bot.) fu»[M, fmall, ini^ai, a wreath; a genus of 

MlcroBtio'tloua (Bot.) (uiifJ;, fmall, jt«tJ(, fpotted. 
MlCToati'gma (Bot.) txin^ii, fmall, Sigma^ a botanical term : j. v. 
Micro'Btoma (Ichth.) f*iifi/, fmall, ^ni/jiL, mouth. 
Mlcro'atylia (Bot.) ^.ipi,, fmaU, t^Zx,,, a pillar (flyle). 
Mioitite'a (Bot.) ;UJi{>Tiis, fmallnef«: rcftrring to the minute paiti of 

IClorotbe'ca (Bot.) juopii, fmall. Snin, aOieath; a genus of Algx . 

IUioroths'oa (Zool.) /^iKfii, fmall, Jric*, a Iheath; a genus of InfuTocia. 
Microthe'cium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Fungi, 
HKtrathsrtella (Ent.) f'fii, fmall, and dim. Ftom iiplth a bealt. 
lElcrotliy'rIilin (Bot.) ni*fi;, fmall. 9if,<n, a little oporiing; a genui o( 
Uicro'Us (Zool.) /ii^ii, linall, nr, <itii, an nt ; ^ ji^nus of Mollul'ca. 
ICioro'tU (Bot.) futie derivation ; Rppendage to ^niliei . 

302 MIC — MIL 

Miorotre'ma (Bot.) /jun^ky fmall, rpnfjtet, a hole ; a genus of Ericacez. 
Microtriohia (Bot.) fxiK^os, fmall, flg/^, '»'f*X^*» ^ hair; a genus of 

Miorozo'a (Zool.) fxtxfogy fmall, {»«, animals ; microfcopic animals. 
Miorozo'um (£nt.) fJUKpost fmall, ^Hov, animal. 
Middendor'fia (Bot.) P. N. given in honour of Baron MiMndorfi an 

eminent RufTIan naturalifl; a genus of Lythracex. 
Mie'gia (Bot.; P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 
Mieliohofe'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 
Mie'ria (Bot.) fxit^ogj (lained ; a genus of Compofltse. 
Mie'rsia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of GilliefiaceaB. 
Mi'gadops (£nt.) fxiyag, mixed, m>|/, the countenance. 
Migrato'rius-a-um (Ornith.) Lat, wandering; r.^.jEftopiftes migratorius, 

the Paflenger pigeon. 
Mika'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Jofeph Midan, Profeflbr of Botany at Prague. 
Milfoil (Bot.) contra£tion oi millefolium ; the Achillea Millefolium, 
MiliaTia (Ornith.) miliariusy pertaining to millet (Milium). 
Milia'ris (Zool., Ornith.) Lot. fed upon millet ; e. ^., Emberiza miliaris. 
Milia'rium (Bot.) milium, millet ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mili'ola (Zool.) dim. of milium^ millet ; a genus of minute Foraminifera ; 

alfo a genus of Infuforia. 
Milium (Bot.) Lat. millet ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mil'lea (Bot.) P. N. from Julien Milla, chief gardener, Royal Gardens, 

Millegra'na (Bot.) mille^ a thoufand, grana^ grains; e. g,, Radiola 

Mille'pora (Fos. Zool.) milUy a thoufand, /orwj, an outlet; a genus of 

follii Corals. 
Millepori'dSB (Fos. Zool.) Milleporay with fam. term. ; a family of Corals. 
Millepo'nim (Bot.) milUy a thoufand, porus, an opening; a genus of 

MilleTia (Bot.) P. N. from Philip Miller, F.R.S., author of the " Gar- 

denei's Dictionary. 
Mille'tia (Bot,) P, N. in honour of M. Millet; a genus of Leguminofje. 
Milligaliia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. MiUigan ; a genus of Arallaceae. 
Millingto'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Sir T. MilUngton, Savilian Profeflbr at 

Millo'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 
Milne'a (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Meliacea* 



Miltit'aia ( Bot.) P. N„ a gtum of Hydrophyllac«e. 

MUtO'Oia (Bot.) P. N. given liy "Or. I.indley in honour of Eail Fiti- 

wUliam ; a genus of Orchjdacex. 
Milva'go (Omith.) dim. of ni/suj, a kite; i genua of Falconidx. 
MllVUlua (Ornith.) dim. of mi!vui,i kite; a EenuJ of Mufeirapidi or 

MilvUB (Omith.) Lai. a kite. 

Mirae'ta (Ent.) i^iimtn, imitation ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Iflme'tea (Bot.) lupn-ni, a mimic. 
Mimo'sa (Bot.) ^r^gf, a mimic; iimulatei animal fenfibilitj'; the Senfitlre- 

pknt ; a genus of I>egumino&. 
Mimoai'tQa (Foi. Bot.) bearing fome reiemblance to Mimoia ; a genua uf 

Koffll feed-podt. 
mi'mulUB (Bot.) Lai. a little monkey, from iti gtoCefque appearance ; a 

genui of Scrophulariaces!. 
Mlmu'sopa (Bot.) /ur^tc, an actor, ij|, Ihe face; [cferring to Ihape of the 

Mi'na (Bot.)'P. N. in honour of Dm Frmiifco Xj^ur Mm<i,i Menican 

Minider of Stilt. 
Mln'dium (Bol.) from Che local name of a plant in Senegal, appropriated 

by Adanson, the great French Naturalill ; a genus of Campanulacae. 

Ulnia'tua a-nra (Hoc, £ni.) Lai. coloured red. 

Ula'imua-a-1UD (Zool,, £nt., Bot.) Lai. lealt, r. .;., Alaptui Biimai,,, 

faid to be IHb fmalieft Hymenoptelom inftft known. 
Utnlo'sa (Knt.) oi.wm, red lead. 
Uin'now (Ichth ) Frsmh, mnuifi. 
Mino'ft (EiM.) P. N., a town of Paleiline fGnial. Il waa^alfo the name 

of feveiBl towni in Greece and Sicily. 
MlQoTla (ZoqI.) fo called by Mr. A. Adams, fram Af«o-S™a, u little 

IHand neat Niphon ; a genu< of MolluTca. 
Ulnor (Zool., BoI.)ZdC. lef^; r. £., Ualago xwTDr. 
MinoB (Ent.) P. N„ one of the Judgei of departed ibuli ; from its gloomy 

Mint (Bot.) Lai. mnaha, freiui. mntlir. 

Ulathl'dium (Bot,) i^mIu, mint, ■TJo{, like ; a geniu of Labiati. 
lOnthosta'allyB (Bat.) mailui, ta\M.,<!-rtx^, ^ bunch; a gtniu of Labiate. 
Minuar'tia (Bot.) P. N. from Miman, a Spanilh apothucary. 
Minu'tla (Bot.) ™-„(uj. fmall ; a genui of Okacea;, 

304 MIN — MIT 

Minutis'simus (Zooi., £nt.) Lot, fmaiieft ; e, g. Hali£hi8 mmwtiJ/imiUi the 

fmalled bee found in this country. 
Minu'tua-a-mn (Ornith.) Lot. little, iinall ; e. g. Sterna mmuta, 
Minyrotham'nas (Bot.) /juvvpi^tt, to wail, Qdf^yf, a Ihrub; a genus of 

Miooa'rpiis (Bot.) ftKwv, fmaller, xo^v*;, fruit ; a genus of Mehtftooiaceac. 
Mique'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gramina. 
Miralbilis (Bot.) Lot. wonderful, alluding to the flowers; a beautifbl 

genus of Ny^taginacese. 
Miralia (Zool.) deri^tion uncertain ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Mirbe'lia (Bot.) P. N. from C. F. B. Mirbd^ a celebrated French phyfio- 

Mlxcooa (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Lythraceae. 
Mi'iild (Zool.) native name of a Brazilian monkey, Brachyteles hypo- 

Misehoca'rpiia (Bot.) /M<(r;^o;, a (talk, na^itis^ fruit; a genus of 

Misohoca'ryon (Bot.) fAta-x^St a (talk, xdfvwy a nut; a genus of 

llfisobocy'ttaras (£nt.) /Aia-x^St or f((Vx«c« a (lalk, uurra^y a cavity ; a 

genus of Hymenoptera. 
Misco'dera (£nt.) fxla-xog, a (lalk or ftem, ^, the neck. 
Misoolo'bimn (Bot.) /xixxo^^ a ftalk, Xo/3«f , a pod ; a genus of Leguminoiie. 
Mis'oophus (£nt.) fjua-Kot, a (lalk ; from the fpines on the tibiae ; a ^enus 

of Hymenoptera. 
Mi'sciis (£nt.) fM<r»os, a dem or (lalk ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mise'lia (£nt.) /jua-iXv, to hate, nxiost the fun. 

Misoden'dron (Bot.) fAXa-ogt hated, In^fw, a tree ; a genus of Loranthacez. 
Misolam'pus (£nt.) /tAi<ri«, to hate, Xttfjcndg, a torch. 
MiSBissippen'sis-e (ZooL) relating to the river Miffiffippi; e.g. ktinia 

Misty'llus (Bot.) fti^TvXXw, to cut up; a genus of Leguminofse. 
Mitohella(Bot.) P. N. from Mr Mitchell, an £ngliihman who travelled in 

Mitella (Bot.) Lat. a turban ; referring to the capfule ; a pretty genus 

of Saxifragacese. 
SCiteUc/psis (Bot.) the genus Mitellat o^ic, afpeA; a genus of Saxi- 

MitU-e (Zool ) Lat» gentle, placid. 

Mitcoera [Ent.) ^,lt,l, a tlireaJ, .([ai, horn (iirtenm). 
Mitope'taium (Bnt.) fil-TOs, a thread, pilJlum ; a genus of Orchidaceat. 
MitoBtigmft (Belt.) fiiTit. a \\iKiA,jlisrri3 ; a genus of Afclepiadarei. 
Mi'tra ( Zool.) ij*. a turhan ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Iditraoar'pum (Bot.) fi'nfit, a garland, iufwh, fruity a genui of 

LtitTa'eyne (Bot.) ^'Tpic,a gailandiyuiijia pinil; a genus of Cinnhonaces. 
UitraliB (Zool.) m'Ura, a tarban. 

MitraTiaCBotOiui'Tfajaniitre.froinfonnof mroUaj a genus of Ge&eracee. 
Mitraaiio'niB [Bot.) fuiiit, » mitre, inmij, a point. 
MitraBtig'ma (Bot.) inlrfa, a mitre, /jf^a ; a jenus of CinehonacefB, 
Mitra'tOB-a-ura (Zoal.) o/fru, a turban, a hood; t^., BaGlifcua milmln, 

the Hooded BaCliik. 
Uttre'phora (Bot.) ^^Vp, a garland, ^fu, to bear ; a genus of Anoiiacex. 
MltrlOHtig IIIB (Hot,) /iiTfi.., a little garland, _^fna,- a genui of Cin- 

Mitro'phora (Bot.) )*iT^ a garland, ffpa, to bear; a genut of 

Mitmla (Bot.) fiirfo, a mitre ( referring- to it* form. 
MltterpttCheria'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of L. mirrfnuhrr. Piofenor nf 

Natural Hillory at Pellh j died I S 1 4. 
Mixod'ia (Ent.) ^iftlla, a place wheie ieieral roads nii«t. 
LCDemi'oD ((Bot.) ^vH^i'ii, a memorial ; 1 ftftion of the genui Viola. 
Ual'ama-a'tim (Bot.) lAtimfii, mofiy. 
Mnloph'ila (Ent.) ^r;», mofs, flXi, (bnd of. 

Mniop'aiB (Bot.) the genus Jfoiwr,, like ; a genus of Podoftemacea. 
Mniotil'ta (Ornith.) /».;.., mofs, -ni.Ti,, pulled, plucked ; mofa being ufud 

in making the nell ; a genus of Warblers. 
UJll'um (Bol.) /tMf, mofi ; a genus of Mufci. 
Uods'oaa (Bat.) its Indian name. 
I llodee'ria (Zool.) p. N. in honour of yiJulfk Modnr. a Swede. 
'SCodea'tila-S-liin (Ornith.) LjI. mild, gentle, Ihy. 
Modl'ola (Zool.) i>MJi-J«>, a froaU meafure, or drinking eup; the Horie- 
mufTei; a genut of Bivalve Ibells, both Hying and foRil; in Botany 
applied to a genus of Malvaceo?. 
Uodlola'rla (Zool.) refembling oHiA'Hb ; a genus of Mollufca. 
ICodiolo'psls (Zool.) the genus mafiJa, a^j,, like ; a genus of MoUurca. 
Hodulaiis (Ornith.; mm/ular, to fing or play melodiouOy. 
Uodula'riDB (Omith.) fame derivation; (. g. Accentor •nMjrii,,. 

3o6 MOD ■— MOL 

Mod'ulus (Zool.) Lat,^ a fmall meafure ; a genus of Molluica. 
Moehrin'gia (Bot.) P. N. from P. H, G. Meehring, a celebrated German 

phyfician; a genus of CaryophyllaceoB. 
Moestalis (Ent.) mcejlus, fad, gloomy, 
Mogi'phaaea (Bot.) t^rya, fcarcely, ^aivot^ to appear; a genus of 

Moliria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Mo'la (Ichth.) Lat. a mill-flone ; the Sun-fi(h. 
Moldenhawera (Bot.) P. N., a g«nus of LeguminoiiB. 
Mole (Zool.) of Anglo-Sax, etymology, flgnifying the thrower-up of mould 

or earth. 
Mo'lgula (Zool.) fxoXyosi a hide ; a genus of Asctdians. 
Moline'ria (Bot.) P. N. from Ignatio Molinerio, Dire£tor of the Botanical 

Gardens at Turin. 
Molin'ia (Bot.) P. N. from G. J. Molina^ who wrote on the plants of 

Chili in 1782 ; a genus of Gramina. 
MoUipen'nes (Ent.) mollis, fohjpenna, a wing; applied to certain beetles 

having foft elytra. 
Mol'lis-e (Bot.) Lot. foft ; e. g. Bromus mollis. 
Mollis 8imasa-um (Zool., Ornith.) Lat. very foft; e, g. Somateria mol- 

lij/ima, the Eider-duck. 
Mollu'go (Bot.) a name in Pliny, retained by Linnaeus. 
MoUu'soa (ZooL) mollis ^ foft, or mollitiest foftnefs. Applied to the fub- 

kingdom of animals, the members of which are deflitute of a bony 

Mol'ooli (Zool.) a name given to an uncouth and horrid-looking reptile 

from Weftem Auftralia, Moloch horridus. 
Moloposper'mum (Bot.) fM)\a»^y a wheal, (rvipfca, a feed. 
Molos'sus (Zool.) derivation uncertain ; the Thick-lipped bat. 
Molothrus (Ornith.) /uoxer*, to tranfplant, from the habit of depofiting 

its eggs in the nefts of other birds ; the Cow-pen bird is M. pecoris. 
Molpa'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitoe ; alfo, in Zoology, a genus 

of Echinodermata. 
Moltkia (Bot.) P. N. a genus of Boraginaceae. 
MoluCCe'Ua (Bot.) it was brought from the Moluccas; a genus of 

M0I7 (Bot.) /tAwAv, a kind of garlic ; fpecific name of the Allium Moly 

of Linnaeus. 
Moly'tes (£nt.) fjLvXvrnty feeble, fluggifh. 

Momor'dica (But.) nnrfib, to bite; the leedi (eem bitten; a genua uf 

Uomo'tus (Ornith ) Latinized form of the ward Mntmel, which is faid 

to he from the ante of the bird, 
Mo'na (ZooL) this ii a fort of generic name for monkey in fome parts of 

the Ibuth of Europe, and was applied by Bufibn to the Cercopithecui jlfsnu. 
Slollaoha (Ent.) Lai. a nun, from its black and white wings. 
Uonaoliaatlius (Bot.) momKhm, a monk, a>aif, Howetj from refemblance 

of labeUum of the original fpecies to a monk's cowL 
Uona'cline (Bot.) ^^»f, Single, ix'"' ^ point or awn; a genus of Gramins, 
Mona'ctmus (Zool.) ^•■ii, Tmgle, sitT<i,aray; a genus of Infuibria. 
Uooao'tlll (Bot.) iii>n, lingle, ixtii, a ray ; a g;enu3 of Compolltse, 
Monad (Zool.) ^•>i[, alone, lingle ; becaule never cbnerlng like other 

genera of Inftiforia. 
Monadelpll'DUS (Bot.) itim, fmgle, tiSi/41;, i brother; having the 

ilamens united into one bundle. 
MoQELde'cia (Bot.) n'tm, fmgle, Hi,, a gland ; a genus of Orchidaccee. 
Monadi'na (ZooL) momu, with (am. term. ; a family of Infuforia. 
Uonan'dria (Bot.) tii"i, lin^, i'if, irifti, a man (fymbollcally a 

ftamen), having a lingle Damen. 
Monatt'ttlea (Bot.) |L.onj(,one, aAot, a flower. 

Mona/da ) .^^ , (P. N. from iV". Monardci, a phyfician of Seville, 
Monarde'Ua ) \ in the ifith century ; genera of Labiatie. 

Monarrhe'nua (Bot.J /ia.«, fingle, kffm, a male, i.j., ftamen; a genui 

of Conipofilsp. 
MoD'aa(Zool.) explained under Monad. 

Mon'aa (Zool.) umi^, f'lg'j'i a'^ne ; applied to Arctomys wono, the 
I Maryland marmot, becaule it is faid to appoint fcntinels. 

I Kon'oliia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Minih; a genus of Caryo- 

Mone'clunia (Bot.) f^im, fingle, Ij^-, a holdfaft or flay ; a genua of 

Mone'dula (Ornith.) Lai. a jackdaw, the fck-ntific name of which ii 
Corvus MimeJida .- — 
"Non plus BUrum tibt quain moneduki committebant." — Ck. F1, 31. 
j'ma (Bot.) li'-tf, one, ir/uh, a lilim«nt ; alluding to Its fimplicity. 
in'sis (Idith., Bot.) Lai. belonging lo the lUe of Man — Mona; i.g. 
Brallica Mw/i>. 
Illonen'telea (Bot. )|iuiif, lingle, IiTiXnF.coinpleEe; agenui of Compoliia, 

3o8 MON 

Moner'xna (Bot.) fxins, one, tffAecy a fupport ; having one glume. 
Mone'tia (Bot.) P. N. from Monet de la Marck, a celebrated French botanid. 
MongOS (Zool.) Latinized form of the word Mongous, 
Moni'lia (Zool., Bot.) monile^ a necklace ; the filaments ar« articulated ; 

alio a genus of Mollufca. 
Monili'fera (Zool.) moniU^ a necklace,y^ro, to bear ; alTo in Bot., a genus 

of Algae. 
Monilifor'mia (Bot.) moniUy a necklace,yorMrff, fhape ; a genus of Algs. 
Monili'na (Bot.) moniU^ a necklace ; a genus of Algz. 
Moni/mia (Bot.) fMH/Aofi (ledfafl ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Moni- 

Monitor (2^1.) Lot, one who gives warning ; thefe reptiles being be- 
lieved to give warning of the crocodile's approach. 
MonitolidSB (Zool.) monitor, fam. term, ida ; a divifion of Reptilia. 
Mon'key (7joo\J) Dr. Johnibn fays from moniiin, a little man; Dr. Todd 

prefers momcchioy the old Italian for monkey. 
MonnieYa i rP. N. in honour of Jfcf. U Jifonrler, phyfician to 

Monnie^a)^ i Louis XV., an able botanifl. 

Mono'bia (Ent.) (xivof, alone, iStew, to live ; a genus of Hymenoptenu 
Monoboth'rium (Bot.) fxivesy fingle, BiBfos, a hole or pit ; a genus of 

Monooa'ryum (Bot.) /t*«wj, Hngle, *«^)ww, a nut; a genus of Melanthaceae. 
Monoce'lis (Zool.) fAi>os, fingle, «»jXif, a fpot ; a genus of Annulata. 
Monooen'tra (Bot.) /uovej, fingle, xlrr^v, a prickle ; a genus of Melas- 

Xlonocen'tris (Ichth.) f^mt fingle, xivr^ovy a fpine ; a genus of Acantho- 

pterygian fifhes. 
Mono'oera (Bot.) /u«wf , fingle, xj^af , a horn ; a genus of Tiliaceae. 
Mono'ceros (Zool.) fMvos, fingle, »ipetf, a horn ; fpecific . name of the 

Narwhal, Monodon Monoceros. 
2f onoohaBtum (Bot) fM^n^ fingle, x'^'^'^^t ^ hiiftle ; a genus of Melasto- 

Mono'chamus (£nt.) /u«v0f , fingle, x^f^^t ^ hook. 
Monochilus (Bot.) fxhyios^ fingle, ;^i7xof, a lip ; a genus of VerbenaocB. 
Monochi'rus (Ichth.) /ufvtff , fingle x^h ^ hand, or fin. 
MonochlaB'na (Bot.) /uovo;, fingle, ;^Xar>a, a mantle ; a genus of Com^ 


Monochlamy deSB ? ,„ ^ \ t^^wf, one, x^^f*^si a coat or covering ; 

i TBot.) I 
XonouOhlamy'deoua ' ^ exogenous plants with no cotolla. 

Konooondylra'atZool.)(""»[,lingle,««rSuXM, ajoint lagenuBofMollufca. 
Monoco'emia (Bot.) fiiwt, fingle, xiri^n, order, beauty; a genus of 

Monoootyle'dona (Bot.) /*«((, fmgle, cili/leJoh, seed-leaf; ci]uivaleQl to 

Monooya'Ua(Bot.)f««,ringle,»iljT,[,apouch ; agenusof Zingiberaces. 
Monodao'na (Zool.) (*'■•(. fmgie, )ii»ni, to bite ; haiing a lingle hinge- 

Uo'uodon (Zool.) ftiit!, TrngLe, litii, oiiircc, a tooth ; M. Monoceros t> 

the Narwbal. 
Uanoda'nta (ZaoL)fu»^one>>)ti'i, iIi>TH,a tooth ; ageausof Motluica. 
Mono'dora (Dot.) f<*"Ii °0Ei ^'f' ^ ^'^ \ the fruit isone~»lleiJ, 
Monogo'oia (Bot.) |x»sc, Tingle, ^skii, au angle; a genus of Polypoilioitl 

Monogram'ma (Zool.) nJ.<i, fmgle, yfi^ftn, an inrcriplion ; a genus of 

liifuibria ; in BoUnj', a gt^nus of PolTpodioid Filicea. 
Monogra'pallB (Fos. Zool.)(uiM[,riQgle,).fif«, jrfaj*, to write or engrave, 
ilonogy'nla (Bot.) iahk. Tingle, yun, a female (fjnibDlically a piltil). 
MonolabiB (Zool.) pit«, fingle, JaBB, a handle ; a genus of Infuroria. 
Mono'lepla (Bot.) ,«««, (ingle, ^iin't, a fcale ; a genus of Chenopodiace*. 
Monolo'oular (Bot.) /inic, ilnglf, IxuJn, a fmall cavity ; unc-ceUiiJ. 
Monolo'pia (Bot.) ^inf, fmgle, yit,,, a Ihell oi hulk ; a genus of Com- 

KEonoma'ria (Bot.) ^untc, llngle, fiifis, a part ; a genus of Orchidaces. 
Uoaompha'lli (Zool.) ^iiet, fingle. ififaUf, the navel; two bodin being 

united by means of one umbilicus. 
Moaomya'rla (Zool.) film, fingle, f.Zf, a muflel; an order of Bivalve 

Ihclls, having only one murcnlar dtfpteHion on each vaJie, 
Mon.o'nyOhUB (Ent.) r^mis, fingle, J.u£, SiuxM. a claw. 
Uonope'talOUS (Bot.) »<»[, fingb, t'nxkn, a leaf (petal) ; having many 

petals united together by their edges. 
UonopblebUB (Ent.) /li'ti, lingle, fAi^, ^KtBii, a *ein ; a geniu of 

Monopbyl'luS'a-mu (ZooL, Bot.) fimti, fmgle, having Gmple leiAeli; 

c. g. Kenncdya moKfii/lh, 
IfonophyllEe'a (Bot.) t'i"i% lingle, tv%;it>,leaf ; a genui of Gefiuniacor. 
Monophyodonta (Zool.) ^n>(, oBce, «^, 10 generate, iitit, •!•"■«, a 

tooth ; the terra ufed by Profeilirr Owen to exprels Iholc aolniaU 

having a fingle let of unrenewable teeth. 

3IO - MON 

Monopleu'ra (Zool.) fAovosy fmgle, wXiu^y, a rib ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Mono'plooa (Bot ) /u0vo;, fingle,4rXaxaf, a wreath ; a genus of Cruciferse. 
Monopo'gon (Bot.) /uovo;, (Ingle, •attyw^ a beard ; a genus of Gramina. 
Mono'prion (Fos. Zool.) (xom, Tingle, vfim^ a faw; a family of 

Mono'psis (Bot.) fMvas, one, o>|/if, appearance. 

Mono'ptera (Bot.) fcdro; , (ingle, frri^fy a wing ; a genus of Compofltse. 
Mono'pteris (Ichth.) fAoroft fingle, frripov, a fin ; one-finned. 
Mono'ptilon (Bot.) luofos^ (ing^^) vrTXov^ a feather ; a genus of Compofitas. 
Monopty'gma (Zool.) fxavos, fingle, Trrt/^'/ua, a fold ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Monor'chis (Bot.) fAo^os^ fingle* opx^s, an orchid ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Monor'mia (Bot.) /xnos, fingle, opiumt, a fi(hing-line ; a genus of Algae* 
Mono'siS (Bot.) fAOfota-if, fblitarinefs ; a genus of Compofitse. 
MonospoVa (Bot.) /uovo;, fingle, cvo^a, a feed ; a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Mono'stega (Zool.) fxwost fingle a-riyn, a chamber; an order of Foramini- 

' Monostio 'tides (Bot.) fxms, fingle, a-rtxrisf fpotted ; having one row of 

feeds attached to the feptum ; a divifion of Bignoniacex. 
Mono'stoma (Zool.) (xoyos<, fingle, trTOfxet^ mouth. 
' Monosty'la (Zool.) fAovoSi fingle, a-tv>.ov, a pillar ; a genus of Infufbria* 
Monotax'is (Bot.) fAous, fingle, Ta^t;, arrangement ; a genus of Euphor- 

Monothskl amous (Zool.) (xovoit hngle, QaXafxosi & chamber; not divided 

by partitions* 
Monothe'ca (Bot*) ftnof, fingle, QnKfiy a (heath ; a genus of Myrfinaces. 
Monothe'oium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Acanthacese. 
' Monothyla'cium (Bot.) /xoioa fingle, 6vX»kos, a pouch ; a genus of 

Mono'tis (Zool.) /uovs;, fingle, ols, Sarosy ear ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Mono'toca (Bot.) f(«>ef, one, tixosi birth ; the germen is one-feeded. 
Mono'toma (Ent.) fxevos, fingle, t»/u?j, a cutting. 
Monotospo'ra (Bot.) fAmg, fingle, cZg^ isros, ear, a-vopa^ feed ; a genus of 

Monotre'mata (Zool.) /uo>o;, fingle, rfifxety a hole or opening ; having a 

fingle excretory and generative outlet ; a divifion of the Mammalia. 
Mono'tropa (Bot.) fAoios^ one, t^iw, to turn ; the fiowets are turned one 

way; typical genus of Monotropacese. 
' Monotrop'sis (Bot.) the genus Monotropa, l^is^ likenefs; a genus of Mono- 



MoDHo'nia (Bot ) P. N. from Ladi, An-,i ifinfm, who w 

botanift; a genus ofGeniniacefe. 
Montaou'ta (Zool.) P, N. in honour of Co/. Gargi Mmi^g 

early Englilh naturalift ; a genus of Mollufea. 
Montana'ta (Ent.) mmlimm, dwelling among monntains. 
Uontane'llUH (Ornilh.) dim. of menUurui, dwelling among mountains. 
Montano'a (Bot.) P. N. from Mtt^tani^ a Meiican patriot. 
Monta'aua-a-um (OmiUi., Bot.) £df. frequenting or growing upon moun 

Monteza'ma (Bat.) P. N. horn Mmtaanu, the celebrated kiog c 

Mo'ntia (Bot,) P. N. from J^tph Mmti, Profefibr of Botany »t Bologna 

Nat. Ord. Portulanicece, 
Montinola'na (Ent.) anmtri, mountaini, loSm, to frequent. 
MoiltiMogi'Ua(Oraith.)«»(,B.M(«,a mountain, /™^,//u, a fineh; th 

Monti'nia (Bot.) P. N. from Lmrme Mimlm, a Swedilh botanift. 
Mon'tlum (Ornith.) gen. pi. of bmjh, a mountain ; i. g., Linola mitnimm 

the I 



Monu'ra (Zool.) ^imt, Imgh;, alfa, tail ; a ge0U9 of Infulbrla. 

Uaonla (Bot.) P. N., i genui of Compolitie. 

UoOTOroftfa (Bot.) P. N., a genua of ConvoKalaceot. 

Moqui'left (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Chiyfobalanaces. 

ISoqui'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofita:. 

Konea (Bot.) P. N. (lom R. Moon, a botanill of Shtewlbuty ; a gtnm 

of Iridaceic. 
Morohe'lla (Bot.) from jniniU, the German name of the plant ; the More!: 

a genus of Fungi. 
Uorohalla'ca (Zool.) from relemblance to the Fungus marihill.i. 
Morda'cia (Ichth.) oKrdix-aiii, biting, Hinging. 
Morde'lla (Ent.) monlio, to bite. 
Morde'llidBB (Ent.) m-^rdcHa, with fam. term. 
More'lia (Zool.) etymology uncertain ; a genu) of Ophidism. 
Morano'a (Bot.) P. N. from F. Mtratt, a Mcslean patriot. 
Morloan'dia (Bot.) P. N. from Slifiii MnlamJ, an Italian botanift. 

Moria'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cmeifera. 

llorila'ndla (Bot.) P. N., a genuj of Sanguiforbacea. 
Hori'na (Bot.) P, N. from L. Murirt, a French botanift. 
I'da (Bot.) fiiftt, the mulbeiry-trce, hda, Indian. 

312 MOR — MOS 

Morine'Uus (Ornith.) Lat. a little fool ; applied to the Dotterell, Charad- 

rius morinellus, from its fuppofed (hipidity. 
Morin'ga (Bot.) its name in Malabar ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Morin- 

Mo'rio (Zool.) Itat. morione; Sp, and Fr, morion^ a helmet ; in Botany, from 

refemblance of flower to a Bttle helmet ; <r. ^., the Orchis tnorio, 
Mori'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Ofamina. 
Moriso'nia (Bot.) P. N. from R. Mori/on^ Profeflbr of Botany at Oxford, 

who died in 1683. 
Morit'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Boraginacese. 
Mormo'des (Bot.) /uo^/uw, a frightful-looking obje£t ; in allufion to the 

(h^nge appearance of the flowers ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Mo'rmon (Ornith.) /ttoj /uo**, a fpe^h-e ; from the malk -like projection on 

the beak ; the Culterneb. 
Mormo'nia (Ent.) fxoffxt&v^ a maflc ; a genus of the Phryganidae. 
Mo'rmoops (Zool.) ^ap^», a mafk, 24> face. 
Mormy^ropS (Ichth.) mormyrus^ and »>)«, countenance. 
Mormy'rus (Ichth.) /xo^fAvfe^y a iea-fi(h mentioned by Ariftotle ; a genui 

of malacopterous or foft-finned Fifhes. 
Moroca'rpus (Bot.) fjtopiec, the mulberry, xetpnist fniit ; mulberry-fruited ; 

a genus of Chenopodiaceae. 
Mor/pheus (Ent.) P. N., the god of fleep. 

Mo'rphidsB (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera, of which morpho is the type. 
Mo'rpho (Ent.) P. N., a name of Aphrodite ; a genus of large diurnal 

Morpho'ta (Ent.) fxop^oMt to have fhape or form ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mor'rhua (Ichth.) Lot, the Cod-fifti ; the common Cod is M. callarius ; 
the Haddock, M. aeglefinus. 

Morri'sia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Morns ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Morse (Zool.) Ruffian^ fnorfs ; Lapponicy morjk, 

Mo'rsitans (Ent.) Lat. biting ; e. ^., Gloflina morfttansy the Tfe-tfe fly of 

Morun'ga (Zool.) etymology unknown ; the Sea-elephant. 
Mo'rus (Bot.) Celt, movy black ; alluding to the colour of the firuit ; the 

Morvillea (Zool.) P. N. ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Mosoha'ria (Bot.) /^iT^ost mufk ; referring to the odour. 
Mos'chatel (Bot.) common name of Adoxa mofchateUiita, becauie of its fmell^ 
MoSOhataa-a-um (2:ooL,^t.) e.g., Onbos mofchatus, the Muik-ox. 

mullt, /o-e, 

.e Mujl- 

\ Uoschl'feruB-auin (Zool., 
Mosohl'na (ZooL) a. fub-iamily of MammBlia, which n 

deer, Mi^chm mojchiierus. 
UosohituB (Omith.) £a«. ImeUiog of mulk; applied to a Humming bird; 

Chryiblampis mofiiilui, 
Uoacho'sma (Bat.) liirx's, mulk, oiriin, a linclL 

Uosoho'zylon (Bot.) n^iiuj-.mun:, £u>.ev, wood; a genus of Mcliacez. 
M o'BChus (Zool.) from the Arabic mfeh, mulk ; \hi Mulk-deer family. 
Uoaa (Bot.) from the GaUic moajfi, of rimiUr meaning when appljed to 
ptaats, but which aUb Cgnifics froth as lather, and is itfelf derived 
from ™«, foft or loofe, Ulte the foam of the fea or veficlea of lather. 
MoBs-OTOp (Bat.) popular name of the Eriophotum or Cottou-graTs. 
UuBBlera, (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Bruniacex. 

Motooilla (Oroich,} Lot. a wagtail ; the meaning of the word is precifely 

(imilar to our wagtail; being, as Varro (btea, qml fimfimniniil niaJam. 

Uotaoilli'Tlie (Ornith.) a. fub-family of locellbrES, containing the genua 

ilalacilU; the Wagtails. 
Motan'dra (Bot.)^iT>i, lint, Mf,iwlfis,3.mik (Hamen), from Its floccu- 
Moth (Ent.) A„^^l..-Sa.'c. «i,^h^, mohlh, mM. 

lent appearance ; a genus of Apocynacex. 
Mouftetel'la (Ent.) P. N, in honour of Ti-m^ .Ih^Jii, a phylician and 

naturaiifi oftlie 17th century. 
Mnugeo'tla (Bot.) P. N. from J. B, Maugral, a Cryptogamic botanift ; a 

genuB of Algs. 
Uourl'ria (Bot.) from mmriri, its name in Guiana. 
MouBe (Zool.) /iSt] Laiiit, mHi I An^lf^-a. mail Gtrm. mtafm, 
Moxo'stoma (Tchth.) a gi;nus of Cyprino-id Filhes. 
M ozlnliB. (Bot.) native name ; a genua of En[diotbUceu. 
Mo'zula (Bot.) unenplaiaed ; a genus of Lythracese, 
Uuoe'dlnes (Bot.) nuKnlo, mucus; a family of Fungi. 
Muoiao'nia (Bot ) aurui, and («!»«, a belt ; a genus of CralTulatiei. 
Mu'oor (Bot.) Lai. mould, from be mufty; becaufe found on 

mulVy bread, vegetables, &c. ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Muoora'oeffl ) ^n,,, ^ (»«.»'■, mould, with fam, term.; a division of 
Muoori'ni t ^ ' t. Fungi ; Minrim is more generally ufed. 
MucroMtUB-a-ttm (Zool,, Bot.) tal. pointed, Iharp-pointcd. 
Muoro'nea (Hot.) macm, a (harp point ; a. genus of Polygonaces, 
MuaroaellUB (Ent.) dim. of nHri, a Ihatp point. 

514 J^UC — MUR 

Mucu na (Bot.) mucuna-guaca is the Brazilian name of M, urens ; Cow- 
itch ; a genus of Leguminofae. 

Mugil (Ichth.) Laf. a mullet ; ItaL muggine; S/). mujol; Fr. muge ; a genus of 
foft-finned Fifties. 

Mugi'lidse (Ichth.) the family of the Mullets. 

Mugwort (Bot.) from Anglo-Sax. mucgwyrt; the common name of the 
Artemifia 'vulgaris, 

Muhlenbeo'kia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Polygonacese. 

Mulde'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Piperacese. 

Mulge'dium (Bot.) mulgeo, to milk ; a genus of Compofitas. 

Mulle'ra (Bot.) P. N. from 0. F, MuUer, a Dane, one of the editors of the 
Flora Danica, 

Miillus (Ichth.) Lat. a mullet; the Red mullet is M, furmuletus; the 
Bearded mullet, M. barbatus. The origin of this name is fiiid by 
Pliny to be mulleus, a faftiionable red flipper; but Dr. Badham 
fufifgefts that it mufl have had a name before thefe were uied, and 
favours the derivation from mollhy foft ; from the extreme ibftnefs of 
the (kin. 

MuLti'fiduS-a-um (Bot.) Lat. many-clefts ; divided into many fliallow lobes. 

Multilinealis (£nt.) multi, many, Hnea^ a line. 

MultipartftUS-a-um (Bot.) Lat, much-divided ; divided into many deep 

Multiplica'lis fEnt.) »»«///, many, plica, a. fold. 

Multisouta'ta (Zool.) multus, much, /hutum, a ftiield ; many-ftiielded. 

Multistriga'ria (Ent.) multus, ma.nj,Jlriga, a (Ireak. 

Munchhausia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lythraceae. 

Mu'nda (Ent.) Lat, neat, cleanly. 

Munda'nus-a-um (Ent.) Lat, of the earth. 

Mu'ndia (Bot.) mundus, neat ; referring to its appearance. 

Muimio'kia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Ariftolochiacese. 

Munnio'ksia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Pangiaceae. 

Muzino'zia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitx. 

Muntin'gia (Bot.) P. N. from Abraham Hunting, Profeflor of Botany at 
Groningen, who died in 1683. 

Muntoa'oiis (Zool.) Latinized form of the native name Muntjac, 

Murse'na (Ichth.) Lot, an eel ; applied to the Murry. 

Mureene'soz (Ichth.) compounded of murana, an eel, and efix, a pike ; 
applied to a genus of Congeroid fifties. 

MurSB^nidaa (Ichth.) murana, an eel ; eel-ftiaped Fifties. 

MUKenoble'mia (Ichth.) murxn.i, an «1, and ifcmiw, the blenny. 
Utmenol'deH (Ichth.) fii^xnt, an eel or lampref, iHif, relemblance. 
Munecop'sia n<^th.) mur^na, 1^,,,, refemblance. 
SCura'liB (EntO Lai. belonging to a wall ; found fitting on walls. 
Mural'tia (Bot.) P. N. from J«lm ™^ Miiraii, a Swifs botani« ; a genus of 

Mura'riTlJl-a-lun(Omith.)'i'"'i", a wall; f.^., TichodromawiirunBj, the 

Murahlaollla (Fos. Zool.) P. N. in honour of the diftinguilhed gtologlft, 

Sir RadirUi Murchlfon / a genus of Haliotida:. 
Mu'rez (Zool.) the ancient name of a univalit molluHc, from which the 

Tjnian dye was derived ; a genus of MoUusca. 
Murlca'rla (Bot.) muricalai, pointed, prickly. 
Murlca'tuB-a-um (Bot.) lit. pointed; c g. Pinos marUata. 
Muri'cidte (Zool.) a family of Mollulca, of which Wrrx la the type. 
Murioi'dea (Zool.) the genus Uurac, and iT3«, reftmblance ; a genus o' 

i'oolus-a-um (Zool.) murw, a wbJI, ah, to frequent ; applied to a 
bat which clings to walls, Velperlilio mariala. 
Mur'idEE) 1 A J" family and fub-faraily of Mammalia, containing 

Muri'na \ \ the genus Mm. 

Muri'nu3-a-am (Zool., Bot.) Lai. relating to mice, moufe-coloured, (. g., 

Veapertilio wurwiw, the Moufe-coloured Bat. 
Murra'ya (Bot.) P. N. from J. A. Murrm/, ProfeiTot of Botany al Got- 

Mua(Zool.)Zfl/. a moule; Gmi, ^iJt. 

Mu'sa (Bot.) perhaps in honour of .Jnfui'iu M^, phyllcian to Ai^gujlui ; 

the Plantain; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Muiaceie. 
MUB'OB (Ent.) Litl. a fly, 

Musca'ria (Bot.) mu^j™™, a fly-trap ; a genu! of Sasiftagacae. 
MuBci (Bot.) Lai. Moliia ; the name is probably derived fiom M^X"' 

tender; a divifion of Acrogens. 
Mtiaoi'capa (Omith.) mufca, a ily, mfln, to catch ; the Fly-catchers. 
Muani'feruB'a-um (BoL) mi,/ca,i fly./.'ni.tobear; applied to the Fly-orchis. 
MuBcl'tee (Fos. Bot.) ^ajliu, mofa ; foflll plants refembllng mors. 
Muaciila'jla (£nt.} mujiula, a little fly, oir mafiiili,j,a little moule, ^m 

the colour. 
Muas'Qiura (Bot.) peihaps from ^ili-ii, loathfome ; agenusof Umbellifeia. 
Huah'room (Bol.) /runi, mnifirn. 

3i6 MUS — MTC 

Mu'sicus-a-mn (Ornith.) LaU tuneful ; e, g, Melierax mufiau, the Chant- 

ing-falcon ; Turdus mu/icus, the Song-thrufh. 
Muso'phaga (Ornith.) mufa, the Plantain-tree, <pJiy»i to eat. 
Mus'quash (Zool.) the Cree Indians* name for the Mufk-rat of Canada; 

Fiber zibetlcus. 
MussSB'nda (Bot.) its name in Ceylon ; a beautiful genus of Cinchonacez. 
Mussehlia'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Herr Paftor Mujfehl^ of Kotalow, 

in Mecklenburg-Strelitz. 
Mussel (Zool.) fxvii ^ot, muf cuius y liaL mufculo, 
Mustsurd (Bot.) French^ moutarde ; mujlum ardens^ hot wine, the ^^eet muft 

of new wine being one of the ingredients of French table-muftard. 
Muste'la (Zool.) LaU a weafel ; alio, in Ichthyology a name applied by 

Pliny to fome fifh ; now the Rockling. 
Mustell'na (Zool.) mujlela ; a fiib-family of Mammalia. 
Muta'bilis-e (Bot.) Lat, changing colour ; e.g. Cheii*anthu8 mutabilu, 
Mutlous-a-um (Ornith.) Lot, curtailed, docked ; e, g, Pavo mutiauj the 

Japanefe peacock. 
Muti'lla (Ent.) perhaps a dim. of fxvi»^ a fly ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Mutilla'rius-a-um (Ent.) refembling the hymenopterous genus Mutilla ; 

e. g.yTxMxXB mulHlarius. 
MatiHidSB (Ent.) mutilla, with fam. term. ; the Velvet-ants ; a family of 

Muti'sia (Bot.) P. N. from CeleJUne Mui'u, the difcoverer, a South Ameri- 
can botanift ; an extraordinary genus of Compofltse, having tendrils. 
Mu'tus-a-um (Ornith.) Lot, dumb. 

My 'a (Zool.) fAvot, to comprefs ; fotm of (hell ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Myaci'tes (Zool.) mya, a muflel ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Myacoproi'des (Bot.) /«vui, a fly, xov^;, dung, iT^o;, likenefs. 
My'adSB (Zool.) «rya, with fam. term. ; a family of Conchiferous moUufca, 

both fofOl and recent. 
Myagro'psis (Bot.) myagrum, o^/ji likenefs ; a genus of Algse. 
Myagrum (Bot.) /&»;?«, a f{y,&yfot, a capture ; alluding to its vifcidity. 
Mysm'thus (Bot.) fAvXa, a fly, ivQosy flower ; the Fly-orchis ; a genus of 

Mycelium (Bot.) 

MyoeHa (Bot.) fxvx^s, a mufhroom ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myoetan'the(Bot.) /ut;x)}f,amu(hroom,afydof,flower; agenusof RafHefiacefe, 
Myoe'tes(Bot.)/ui;xf}f,afungusor mufhroom; Sprengel's name for the Fungi. 
Myoe'tes (2k>oL) fxvnnrnty a bellower ; a genus of Monkeys ; the Howlers. 

MfC — Ml'I 317 

Myoetoljlua (Ent.) i*i'K. a mulhroom, S'i", to Uve, 

Myaeto'aharus (Eat.) ^ii<ni(, a fungus, x*"?*. to rejoice in ; a genus of 

Myoetology (Bot.) jiilinf. a mulhrooni, aJ>o( a difcourfL-; a dillertalion 

on mulhroonn ; synonymous with mycology. 
Myceto'phagUB (Ent.) nim, afungus,^ ij™, toeat. 
Myoeto'pidsE I , , lUMBi.a mulhroom, iriSt, fool ; s family and 

Myce'topua f I genus of Mollufea. 

MycBto'porila (Ent.) ^i»«i, a fungus, aijit, a canity. 
Uyolue'ma (Bot.) ftCtus, a fungus, yn^a, a thread ; a genui ol 

Myeoocs'lilim (Bot.) fAiim, a fungus, .,T>.,:, hollow ; a genus of Algl. 
Myoodar'ma (Bot.) ^iiIkm, mucus, Siy^uic, Ikin ; a genu.'i of Fungi. 
Myco'Iogy (ZodI.) five, a muicle, ;u>tE> a dilcourie ; the loence of the 

Fungi ; eqaivaleotlo Mycetology. 
Uyoopa'nim (Bot.) fiitii, mucits, «p>{,an opening; a genus of Lichencs. 
Myootbam'iilon(Bot.)|UMB(ia fungus, W^w, a ihoot; a genns of Algae. 
Mycte'ria (Oinith.) ftuxrif, the noie or fnout ; M, ■uetralis, it the 

Australian Jobini. 
Mycte'niB (Ent.) /it ttif, the noJe or fnout ; a genus of Coleopteia. 
Mydaua (Zool.) ,uuSJf , decay, aUuding to the fcetid fmell of the animal to 

which It is applied, the Htinkard or Teledu ; a genus of Mudelida: 
Mydonoapo'riuDi (Bot.) f»uI»i.SHi,fuBgu*-Uke Beib,Tvifi feed; agenus 

of Fungi. 
Mydonotri'chum (Bot.) »"*"•-•'"(■ fungus-'ike fleih, 8f'.(, ifix's. hair; a 

genus of Fungi. 
Myelo'mlum (Bot.) ,««*•(, marrow ; a genus of Alga, 
Myeloph'ila (Ent.) ^uu^iot, marrow, pith, ^ihsi, loving; the brva lltes in 

ilem« of thiftlcB, feeding on the pith- 
Itly'gale (Ent.) fo/yixn, a Jield-moufc ; 3 genus of hairy-bodied fpiders, 

bmctlmes called (but erroneoufly) Bird-catching Spiders. 
Myga'lidsB (Ent,) a family of Arachnida, of which the genus Mi/galt ia 

Mygalu'niS (Bot.) fiuyiaih a field-moufe, ^^,a tail ; a genoi of Gtamina. 
Mygin'da ( Bot.) P. N. from Cmim. MgpnJ, of Vienna, a botanical amateur ; 
a genus of AquifoKacen. 

IMyiabei'llia (Oraith.) ftwa, a fly, Fr. atdlU, a bee ; a gcnui of Hiunming- 
[ birdi, 
Kyia'gra ("rnlth.) pUr., a fly, Sy/in, wild. 

320 MTU 

Myriomeles (Bot.) fjtvsUsf countlefs, ju«Xo», an apple ; a genus of Pom* 

Myrione'ina (Bot.) fAvpios^ countlefs, »?/(««, a thread ; a genus of Algx. 

Myrioneuron (Bot.) juv^to;, countlefs, >f up^v, a rib ; a genus of Cincho- 

Myriophylli'tes (Fos. Bot.) f*vpiog, countlefs, 4>t^xx«v, leaf ; a genus of 
Foflil ftems. 

Myriophyllum (Bot.) juvp»9;> innumerable, ^vkkov, a leaf ; a genus of 

Myrio'pteron (Bot.) fAvpitg, countlefs, irrsp»*^ a wing ; a genus of Aicle- 

Myrio'stoma (Bot.) fjtvpiosy countlefs, 0-r6fjta, mouth ; a genus of Fungi. 

Myriothe'ca (Bot.) juu/m;, countlefs, Bwti, a (heath ; a genus of Filices. 

Myriotre'ma (Bot.) fAvpiot, countlefs, rfSifAei, a hole ; a genus of Alg». 

Myriotri chia (Bot.) fjtupios, countlefs, 6p/^, rpi^osi hair ; a genus of Algae. 

Myripri'stis (Ichth.) /Avpios^ myriad, vpi<mg, a faw ; a genus of Acantho- 
pterygian fifhes. 

Myri'stica (Bot.) fAvpttrriKos, fweet-fmelling ; referring to the odour of 
the fruit ; the Nutmeg; typical genus of Nat. Ord. MyridicacesB. 

Myrme'cia (Bot.) f^vpfxfi^, an ant ; a genus of Gentianacez. 

Myrmeco'dia (Bot.) fjtvpiutft^-fi»»ff an ant ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 

Myrmeco'phaga (Zool.) fA.vp/Afi^-t)xos, an ant, <payv, to eat ; the Ant- 

Myrmecophagi'na (Zool.) fAvpfAv^-nxog, an ant, 4>ayw, to eat ; the Ant- 
eater ; a fub-family of Mammalia. 

Myrmecosty'lum (Bot.) (xvpfAft^-fiftos, an ant, aTuX»y, a pillar ; a genus 
of Polypodioid Filices. 

Myroba'laiius (Bot.) /Jtvpo*, an ointment, BeiXttv9s, a nut, becaufe fornierly 
uied in ointments ; a genus of Compofitz. 

Myrobatm'dum (Bot.) /Mi/pp«, myrrh,^«Tty«$,of a thicket or bu(h ; a genus 
of Verbenaceae. 

Myroden'dron (Bot.) fAvppa, myrrh, ^tv^povj a tree ; a genus oi Hunuri- 

Myro'dia (Bot.) /cAvpov, a perfume, ilfxv, fmell ; in alluflon to the odour of 

the plant. 
MyTon (21ool.) fxvpov, a perfume ; a genus of Ophidians. 
My'rophis (Ichth.) /Avpog^ a fea-eel, o^is, a ferpent ; a genus of Ophifurids. 
Myro'sma (Bot.) /uivppet, myrrh, o^/u*), fmell ; a genus of Marantaces. 
Myrospex^mum (Bot.) /u^ev, perfume, ^iri^ju*, feed. 


genu? of Legumi- 

ir;;^!!, the Mynh-tree, now called Bal&moditniiron 
MyrrlLi : the word was anciently, ss now, applied 
to the gum-refin aa well as to the tree. 

Myrrhl'diuln (Bot.) iJ-iffx, myrrh, iltn, likt ; a genus ot Geraniacea. 

Myrrhi'niiun (Bot.) t^i/fm, relating to myrtlE ; a genus of Melafto- 

ISjx'tbit (Bot.) a name liied by Diolcorides ; a genua of Umbellilerx. 

MyrBi'dlum (Bot.) /tufrin, the myrtle, iilsi, like ; a genus of Algn. 

Llyrai'ne (Bat.) lisfjiii, the myrtle ; typical genui of MyrfmaceiB. 

MyTBiphyl'lum (Bot.) i^upti-i, a myrtle, (iiJwo., a leaf. 

MyrtU'JlW (Hot.) dim. of -njrhii, the myrtle. 

Myitiphyl'lum (Bot) iBjTdii, myrtle, 9i*;iot, a leaf^ a genu* of Cincho- 

Myr'taa (Bot.) fiifrii, Lai, myrinj, the Myrtlt-ttee, probably from fiZfrn, 

fweet perfume, reFcrring tn iti fragrance; the Myrtle ; typical genus 

of Nat. Ord. Myitaceaj. 
uynu (Ichth.) flf,,, a fea-eeL 
M/aca (Zool.) /tuTB-n, a fmall fea-muflcl (dim. of /tit) ; a genus of 

ICt'scoIus (Bot.) fMt, moule, xtAw, fodder ; a genns of CompoHtie. 
My'sia (Zool.) /tiiii, a clofure ; a genus of Crullaeea. 
Mysothe'clum (Bot.) ftifn, loathfome, Bixi, a Oicath ; a genus of Fungi. 
Mystaci'dlum (Bot.) ,lli^^«^«.M, a moullache, iTi-j, like; a genus of 

Ujatn'olatls-a-um (Zool.) /iirrai, the upper lip, the moullache ; 

whiikered ; r. jr., VefpLTtilio m^aciim, which has coloured ftreaks like 

a mouftache on the upper lip. 
Mystlce'tufl (Zool.) ^urtnf, the upper lip, iStjc. a fca-monller ; r, g, 

Batena M^iccln, the Greenland whale. 
MyBtrl'ophla (tchth.) juunf.'.t, a fmall fpoon, Sfii, a ferpcnl. 
I UyBtrope'talum (Bot.) ^>:rrri>, a fpoon (ftaape), vi»Xi>, a leaf (petal); 

IB of BakiKiphoraces. 
I MyatroBpo'rium (Bot.) ftiitftr. a Cpoon.Jpara ; a genus of Fungi. 

Myatro'iylon (Bot.) ^^Tpn, a fpoon, £iX(., wood ; a gt^nus of Cclaf. 

322 MTT — NAC 

MyUla'cese (Zool.) ffiytUus, a muflel ; the Muflel Bunily. 

Myti'lidse (2Lool.) the family of Mollufca, of which mytilus is the type. 

Mytilime'ria {7A>o\.)MT^t'Uusy a muflel, /uf^/;, a bit or portion ; a genus of 

ICytUus (Zool.) Lot. a iea-muflei ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Myu'rus (Bot.) /uu^, moufe, o^^a, tail ; the plant Moufe-tail. 
My'^ra (Bot.) fxi^x was a kind of plum ; according to Sprengel, Cordia 

myxa ; a genus of Cordiaceae. 
Myza'cium (Bot.) jwu^afw, to be mucous ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myzi'ne (Ichth.) |t*t/^r»oj, a fmooth fea-fifh, literally flime-fifh ; a genus of 

eel-(haped fifhes, of the family Petromyzidse, or Stone-iuckers. 
My'xinoid (Ichth.) myxine^ flJo,-, likenefs. 

Myzocla'dium (Bot.) /bii^«, mucus, xAcDaf , a branch ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myzo'dea (Ichth.) jut/^a, mucus, (lime, iIJoj, like ; a genus of Gobioid 

Myzoga'stres (Bot.) |t*u^«, mucus, y«3-Ti»^, belly ; a genus of Fungi. 
Msrxom'phalon (Bot.) /wt^*, mucus, o^<]>«A0f, buUon or knob (primarily 

the navel) ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myzone'ma (Bot.) /uuj«, mucus, vn^«, thread ; a genus of Fungi. 
Myxopun'tia (Bot.) /wtJ^as, mucus, opuntia^ the Prickly-pear ; a genus of 

Myzospo'rium (Bot.) /uiJ^«, mucus, o-nipogj feed, a genus of Fungi. 
Myxo'trichum (Bot.) /uj^«, mucus, 9^»^, r^x^y hair; a genus of Fungi. 
My'zotrix (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Algae. 
Myxozo'oi^(Zool.) fAv^et, mucus, Zuotj an animal. 
Myzan'tha (Omith.) fxul^aai^ to fuck, avflaj, flower ; the Honey-eater. 
Myzi'ne (Ent.) |t*t;^««, to fuck ; a family of Hymenoptera. 
Myzoden'dron (Bot.) ft«C»» to moan, Js»Jfo», a tree ; a genus of Loran • 

Myzomela (Omith.) /uu{a«, to fuck, /tu'Xi, honey; the Honey-fucker. 

NaccaTia (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of Algae. 

Nacel'la (Zool.) dim. from yax>}, a goat-fldn ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Nacerda (£nt.) 

Naol'bea (Bot.) »««»», a woolly or hairy flcin ; a genus of Cinchonacero. 

Nac'raus-a-um (Zool.) French, nacre^ mother of pearl ; pearly. 

Nfemaa'pora (Bot.J injua, a thread, mfu, a Iporule ; from its refembiance. 
Nffimatella (Bot.) ni/ia, gelatine, ait,,,, lo colleft | a geniu of Fungi. 
Nsevn'iia (Etit.) navui, a mole or fpat. 

IfEe'vlUB-Cl-lim (Omilh.) Lai. Ijwtted, tawny, c. g,, Aquila Bicva. 
Nagassa'rium (Bot.) from the native word ; a genua of Cluliaces. 
Nagel'ai (Bot.) N^gi, its Japanele name, fignitying catkin-bearing. 
Nage'Ua (Bot. 1 P. N., a genus of PoinacBc. 
Nahu'aia (Bot.) P. N.. a genus of Onagraceio 

Nai'aa (Zool., Bot.) P. N., a river-nymph ; a genus of Unionidai ; in 

botany, a genus of the Pondweed fjmily. 
Nala (Zool,) P. N., a water-nymph ; a genus of frcih-water Worms. 
Najii or Haia (Zool.) it! Indian name ; a genus of Colubrine ophidiom. 
Najas ( Bot.) Nmiit, a water-nymph ; from its habitation. 
NOi'ma (Bot.) •S^u, running vroter; from in habitat; a genui of Hydro- 

Nanan'thai (Bot.)>S-ic. adtvarf, Mit, a I7awer; a genus of Compolitn>. 
Naildi'na(BoI.)BaWHi, its name in Japan; a curious genus of Berberidace« 
Nftnel'la (Ent.) dim. of Mni„, a dwarf. 
Nano'dea (Bol.) >%ni£in,, dwarfrlh ; a genus of Santalaceie. 
Naoo'dea (Bot.) ta.ulJn., dwarfifh; a genus of OnhidHieie ; alfii, in' 

Zoology, a genus of Parrots. 
Nanophy'tum (Bot.) iwif, a dwarf, ^urit, a plant; a gentu of Cliena 


Nanotra'soB (7^\.) .»», a 

dwarf ; Tfaj.. 

„, a he-goat i a genus of 


Napsa'a (Bot.) .«»= 

r.f.ofa wooded rale or dc 

11 ; a ^nu. 

s of Malvncea:. 



!i, iifl.,, a iioB 


IS of Ccfneraeei. 

Napellu? (Bot.)di 

ra. of KJfiu, 

a turnip ; fri 

im its bulb 

ous root ; fpecitle 

name of Acoaiti 

im Wi/w«-., 


Napoleo'aa fBoi.j 

P. N. in 1 

honour of N, 


typical genus of 

Nat. OrJ. Bi'lvil 


Na'puB{Bot.)/.a;. i 

1 turnip. 

Narave'lia (Bot.) m 

.raiual, its r 

ame in Ceylo: 


Karola'aua (Bot.) r< 

ifK„, ilupor ; 

; from the effifla of the fmell ; it has been 

conjeftared that 

Virgil's Nai 



< lulea. the yellow 

autumnal lily ; 

314 NAR — NAS 

Nardophyllum (Bot ^ >«p^0$, nardusy an aromatic plant, ^yvXXtff, a leaf; a 

genus of CompofltaB. 
Nardos'mia (Bot.) ^»f^ofy nard, o^/mii, finell ; a genus of Compolita. 
Nardo'staohys (Bot.) ^ifidty a fweet-fcented flirub, 0^0;^, a fpike; a 

genus of Valerianacen. 
Na'rdus (Bot.) vafi»sy a peculiar perfiiaei a genus of Gramina. 
Na'rica (Zool.) «ar«, a noftril, e. g^ Nafua narieay one of the Ape«, the 

muzzle being extended into a movable probofcis. 
Na'rioa > ^unexplained ; a genus and family of Gafteropodous 

Nari'oid8B> * \ Mollufca. 

Nari'na (Omith.) fpecific name of a Trogon, given by Z* raUlakt, in 

remembrance of a young Hottentot girl. 
Narihe'cium (Bot.) va^ti^, a rod ; it has a long ftem ; the Lancafhire 

afphodel ; a genus of Nat. Ord. Juncaceae. 
Nar'whal (Zool.) from a Gothic word fignifying ** beaked-whale ; ** the 

Monodon monofceros or Unicorn whale. 
Nasa'lis (ZooL) na/wi the nofe ; a genus of Monkeys, containing only 

N, larvatus, the Probofcis monkey. 
Nas'oia (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs of birth. 
NaseuB (Ichth.) nqfus, the nofe ; a genus of Fifties, the front part of whoie 

head is produced into a horn. 
Nsksmy'tliia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Eriocaulacese. 
NasomaoTila'ta (Zool.) nqfiUf the nofe, maculattu, fpotted. 
Naso'nia (Bot.) tuifus, a nofe ; from a remarkable protuberance ; a genus 

of Orchidaces. 
Na'ssa (Zool.) Lot. a baflcet ufed for catching fifh ; the Dog-whelk ; a 

genus of MoUuTca. 
Nassa'ria (Zool.) fame derivation ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Nassa Via (Bot.) P.N. in honour of the houfe of Naflau ; a genus of CompoHtae. 
Nas'sidSB (Zool.) a family of MoUufca, of which Nafa is the type. 
Nasso'vla (Bot.) P. N., fame derivation ; a genus of CompofitsB. 
Nas'sTlla (Zool.) dim. of naj/a, a wheel, from the form of the circlet of 

teeth ; a genus of Infuforia, 
Nasta'nthus (Bot.) vM^ic* crowded, S»Bo;, a flower; becaufe of thedeniely 

aggregated flowers and achenia in each of its capitula; a genus of 

Nastur'tium (Bot.) na/ust a nofe, tortus ^ tormented, from its efleOs : the 

EngllHi name of the Tro/nto/um majust and the Latin one of the com- 
mon Water-crL-fs. 

NaB'tus (Bot.) iHiriii, the Greek name for a kind of reed. 

Na'aus (Zaol.) from the great length, of the nole, itafo ; the Coatii. 

NaBll'taB-a-lim(Zool.)ifl(. iarge-nofea, r.^., Tockui Ba/lfuj. 

Natalen'aia-e (Zool.) Lai. reUting to Natal. 

Nata'lla (But.) P. N. from Natsl ; a geno! of Sapindaceff. 

Natttto'rea (Oroith.) plaral oF njialar, a fwimmei ; the Swimming-t 

Nathu'sia (Bat.) unexplained ; a genus of 01eac<;ie, 

Na'lloa (Zool.) unexplained ; a genu* of Oafteropodous Mollufca. 

Natlcella (Zool.) dim. of NmIci ; a genus of MoUufca, 

Nati'aidffi (ZooL) the famil)' of MoUulca, of which Natka U the type ; 

the Sea-fnaik. 
NaWoidte (Zool.) a family of Coluhrine ophidiani, of which JVd/h'ji i) 

Natrix (Zool.) Lai. a Water-fnake. 

Nattere'ri (Zool.) P. N. in honour of — NM,r>r. 

Nau'olea (Bot.) iiuf, a (hip, nytim, to endole; from Its huQ-lhaped lemi 

NaUols'rUB (Ornith.) txitXnfi!-, a feaman ; a genui of Scombroid Fiflies. 
Nau'ooiis (Ent.) tias, a Ihip, li/is, a hng ; a genus of Water-hugi. 
Nau'orates (Ichth.) tautfitn, commanding the fea ; the Pilot-filh. 
Nauember'gia (Bot.) P. N, in honour of John Samat Saiamhtrg, a writer 

Natme'ma (Zool.) <eu(, a Ihip, •i^^o, thread oi 

Nautil'idBB (Zool.) a well-known family of Tetiabranch Ccphalopodi, 

of which itmailui ij the type. 
Kauttll'teB (Fas. Zool.) foUil Ihelli allied to the •u./Z/u. 
Nau'tilQa (ZooL) dim. from ,m,t, a Ihip; the pearly Nautilus ii S. 

PompUius ; a genus of Mollulca, of the clafs Cephalopoda, 
Nava'li8-e (Ent.) peitaining to ihipi, f. ^., Lymenylon nomft, a t 

NaVicella (Zool.) Ul. a (mail boat ; a genu, of Mollufca. 
Navl'oula (ZooL) L^i. a fmall vefTeL 

NaTlanla'ria (Bot.) -.^k./j, a fmall reflel ; a genus of Gramina. 
Navua-a-um (Ent.) bufj-, indullrioui. 

Neba'lia ( ,„ . . ( unexplained ; a genus and family of Enli 
Nebali'adffli '^''^ i tr^cou, 
Noliria (Ent.) ftB/mi, fawn-coloured. 
Ne'brlB (Ichth.) nafU, a fawn-Ikin ; a genua of Cten 
Nebrita'na (Ent.) »BtiT>, like a bwo-lkin. 

326 NEB — NEL 

Nebulo'sus-a-um (Ornith.) Lot. cloudy, dark. 

Necke'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of N, J. Necker^ a German botanifl ; a 
genus of Mufci. 

Necro'bia (^Ent.) Mx^Ut a dead body, ^f0ft>, to live ; a genus of Coleoptera* 

Necro'des (Ent.) vix^^u^,, corpfe-like ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Necroph'aga (Ent.) fexp^^ , a dead body, ^ayoi^ to eat ; a genus of Coleo- 

NecrophlcBO'phagus (Ent.) »i»/w?, dead, <j>XMof, bark, ^kyot^ to eat. 

Necroph'orus (Ent.) vin^tf;, a dead body, ^t^ia a carrying ; the Sexton- 
beetles ; a genus of Coleoptera, of the family Silphidse. 

Nectan'dra (Bot.) vtjxTd;, floating, av^p, a»^po;, a male (damen); a 
genus of Lauraceae. 

Nec'tarine (Bot.) popular name of the fruit of the Amygdalus NeBarina, 

Nectari'nia (Ornith.) a name given by Illiger to a genus of Birds which 
fuck the ne^ar of flowers. 

Nectarin'idsB (Ornith.) the Honey-fuckers. 

Nectarobo'thrium (Bot.) ne6iarium, ne£tary or honey-cup, BoBpin^ a little 
pit or hollow ; a genus of Liliacese. 

Nectarosco rdtim (Bot.) ne^arium, neftary, c-uo^'^ov, garlic ; a genus of 

Nec'tary (Bot.) uxrap, ne£tar; applied originally, in Botany, to thofe 
parts of a flower which fecrete honey ; fometimes called the honey- 

Nectu'ra (Zool.) vifxTn;, a iwimmei, ovpu, a tail ; a genus of Amphibia. 

Necy'dalis (Ent.) iKKv^aXos^ the larva or nympha of the filk-worm ; a 
genus of Coleoptera. 

^edy^us (Ent.) mJwc, a paunch ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Needha'mia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Epacridacex. 

Nee'aia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sterculiacese. 

Neffle'a (Bot. ) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariaceae. 

Neglec'ti (Ornith.) /w3fA^, to negleft ; applied by Scopoli to thofe birds 
whoie flefti is not ufed by man. 

Negre'tla (Bot.) a genus of Leguminofz. 

Negun'dium (Bot.) meaning unknown ; a genus of Aceracex. 

Nebemi'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Nehemiah Grew, vide Grewia; a genus 
of Tiliaceae. 

Neil'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Rofaceie. 

Ne'ja (Hot.) without meaning. 

Ne'litris (Hot.) y»j, priv., ext/r/ov, a feed-cafe. 

Nelao'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of D. Ndfin, i botiinill, who accompanied 

Captain Cook. 
Nelumbift'oeaa (Boc.ja Nat. On!, of Dicolyledonom plants, of which (he 

genus Nrtumbhim Is the type and folitary genus. 
NelumTjiUm CBot.) from the Clngalefe Nilumb,. The AWKwfcKiwfptciofum 

was the plant which produced Ih-c Pytiiagocean or Sacred Indian bean ; 

a genus of Nelnmbiaceas. 
NemaDan'tbuS (For. Ichth.) n/it, 3 thread, bjeb.Sk, a thorn ; a genu* of 

Oolitic Ichthyodomlitts. 
Nemaoo'nia (Bat.) »;,«», a thread, Kimi, dufty ; a genui of Orchidicca. 
Nema'ctlE (Zooi) in/u, thread, ixfris, a ray ; a genus of Actinix. 
Nemadac'tyltta (Ichth.) ti^ua, thread, !«»rHis., a da ; the under rays of 

the pectorals being lilie hanging threads; a genus of Ctenoid acantho- 

pterous Filhes. 

Nama'Uon (Bot.) diir 
Nema'spora (Bot.) . 
Nomaa'toma (Bot.) .1 
Kemaa'tylia (Bot.) .i 

of >?/!•, a thread ; a genus of Ceramian Algx. 
un, a thread, ?n^ri l^d ; a genus of Fungi, 
to, a thread, fiifi*, a mouth ; a genui of Algz. 
:x, a thread, s-Tl^i-ti, a Ryle ; a genui of Iridacese. 

Nemalan'tbera (Bot.) vS^i-aTOf, a thread, , 

Nematan'thUB (Bot.) li/u, n thread, lEiJif, flower; a genus of GefneractK. 
Nematel'mia (Zool.) tS^i-iToj, thread, tJa^s, a pond; pond-threadB ; 

■of P 


Ne'mathrix (But.) va^b, a tliread, 9;<f. hair ; a genus of Algz. 
N6iiiatocDo'oUB(Bot.)tF^a-d;Tor,aihread, Kaxx»f,aberry;agenuBof Algic. 
Nomatoi'daa (Zool.) .j^a, thread, iTiii, like; an order of inteftinal worms. 
Namato'ls (£nt.) ti/ttrius, thtead-like ; referring to the long antennx. 
Namato'plata (Bot.) vF^a-BTOt, a thread, !t>.itu(, broad; agenusof Algie. 
Nematopo'ma (Ichih.) lifnt-it-rii, a thread, ■«/*«, a lid ; a genus of 

Mabcopterous Filhei. 
NematOBtlg'ma (Bot.) nHs-sTn, a thread ,_^jnii>d,- a genus oflridaceiE. 
Kemau'ohenea (Bot ) v^a, a thread, mix«'i 't"* n™'' ; * E^nus of Com- 

Neme'dra ( 

>t.) ."^ua. 

thread, Uftt, > feat c 
, a gTDie, fi»(, life ; li> 

foundation ; 

1 gcnuE 


( Nemeo'blUB (Ent.) .i 
Nsmer'tes (Zool.) >n^i(T>ii, unL'rring ; a genus ol 
Nema'ala (Bot.) a name giwn by Dlofcoridei to 
now applied to a geiiuc of Scrophularlatwi. 

I(ind of Antirrhinum ; 


HEM - 


Ne'mla (Bot.) nin'i, a wood ar grove ; a genua of SerophnlanKaE. 
Nemloh'thyB (Ichth.) «!««, thread, lx,ii„ a fifli. 
Nemooh'loa (Bot.) npx, a thread, j^>.i<i, giais ; > gmiu of Gnmina 
Nemopan'thea (Bot.) »(/*«, a grove, i>(., [he eye, arfij, a flower. 
Nomopll'ldse (Ichth.) a family of Fi(he« of which NranfAii is the type- 
NBmopll'ilft(Bot.l«i(»"i,agTOve,»i;i,J(,loving; Nat. Ord. HydrophyUacet J 
Ne'mophis (Ichth.) >nfia, thread, ifvt, a fcrpent; ageniuof Ribiad-QiapeA J 

Nemora'lis-e (Zool., Bat.) Lai. belonging to groves or woodi; 

Helix nnKrali; Poa Ktimrilii. 
Nemo'rtfl (Ent.) nnnm, a grove. 

HBmori-Ta'gua (Zool.) Lai. one that wanders In the woods. 
Nemo'slft (Omith.) ri/>ic, a wooded palhire. 

NamOBo'ma (Ent.) tS/4.», thread, irifii, bojy ; a genus of ColeoplEra. 
Nemo'telua (Ent.) tBfia, thread, Ti;nt. extremity ; a Keoua of Diptera. 
Nenu'pbar (Bot.) tin , nevr, nufkar, a water-lily ; a geniu of Nymphalo 
Neo'pbron (Omith.) ni^pm, chiMIIh in fpirit ; applied to the Scr 

Naot'tla (Bot.) tttvni, a bird's nelf ; in alhiGon to the interwoven Sbn^.l 

of th<f roots ; a genus of teirellrial Orchidaceic. 
Neottid'tum (Bot.) the genus KnHh, insi, like; a genus of Orchidaeen. I 
Keottlospo'rla (Bot.) mmii, a Be&.,Jpiira ; a genus of Algte. 
Nepenttaa'aes (Bot.) a family of Dicotyledonous plants, of which S^cntha 

is the only fpecies. 
Kopen'thea (Bot.) »•, prlv. nii^i, grief; becaufe fiippofed to dllpel 

TFxatiori ; the Nepenthe of Homer is fuppoied to hate b 

or psdibly tohaceo; typical genus of Nepenthacem ; Eaft Indiiii'l 

Ne'pata (But.) Iinl. arfiiflla, cat-mint ; a genus of Lablstm. 
Nepbelaphy'Uum (Bot.) tifUii, a cloud, ^iuXXa, leaf; a genua of I 

Ne'pheliB (Ent.) iif i>.ii, a cloud ; a genus of Annelida. 
Nepha'llnni (Bot.) from dim. •■tikx, a little cteud ; a genus of SapindaCE^^, | 

Nephelo'dea (Eot.) .i^ ix>i)f<(, doud-likc. 
Nepho'bolna (Bot.) ,iif„, a cioud. S*xx>, to call. 
Nephop'teryi (Ent.) >i>i, a cloud, rti^i/^, a wing. 

Nephfoda'nia (Bot.) .i^.^;, the kidney (referring to Ihape), ill*., a gland ; '■ 
a genui of AfclepiadacwB. 


Noptoan'dra (Bot.) ti^fit, a kidney (rafEmi 

a male ((lamea) ; a geaui of Verbenaces. 
Nephran'thera (Bot.) n^fii, a kidney, aiihi 

anthfrl ; a genus of Orchidacex. 
Nephr o'dium (Bot.)>i*fi(,akidney,irai(,like;agenini ofPolypod ioidFiliccs. 
Nephroi'a (Bot.) >if^c, a kidney ; a genUB of MEOifpennaceR. 
Nephrolepia (Bot.) n^fii, a kidney, Xim'i.a fcak; a genus of Poly- 

podioid FIlIcBS. 
Naphro'ma (Bat.)Ttf^, a kidney; from the form of the apothecia,- a 

genuK of Cryptogamla. 
Ne'phropB (Zool.) Hffii, kidney, £<)., eye ; a genus of Cruftacea, 
Nephro'Bls (Bot.) ti^fii, a kidney ; a genui of Leguminofie. 
Neph'thya (Zool.) unexplained ; a genus of Annelida. 
Napa'cula (Ent.) dim. oStuflU. 
Ne'pHB (Ent.) .«T,,„ fober, difcreet. 
NepUsa'liB (Ent.) refemhUng the genui ff^lu. 
Nepto'roeDUS (Ichth.) t^nni, difcreet, itiui, dilpofition ; a genua of 

Scombroid Fiihei. 
Neptu'nia. (Bot.) P. N., well known in mythology ; a curioui aquatic 

genui of Leguminolx. 
Nera'idfflf . (P. N. from ancient mythidogy; a family and 

No'relfl i X genus of A 

Nerel'dea (Bot.) relemhling A^n/', a genua of Annelides; agenusof AlgrF, 
Nerei'tea (Foi. Zoot.) a family or genut of folEI Nrmidc, or Sea- 
NsTsoaja'tia (Bot.) nrrru, a worm, (itmf , a bladder ; a genui of Algz 
NereoS^^'PBUS (Fon. Zool.) a fefllon of the folGl nimta, hating 

engraved markings (j-pnif, 
Nsrlan'dra (Bot.) the genua Xrr'iiaii, Saif, iiliii, a (tamen, i. t., implying 

refcmblance; a genus of Apoeynaceai. 
Ne'riene (Ent.) P. N., a wife of Mars ; a genui of AraneidiE. 
Herinffl'a (Zool.) P. N., Nerai, a fea-nymph ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Kerl'ta } (Hfi.'Tiit. a fea-ihell; a genui and lam I] y of Mol- 

Neri'Udte i '^ \ lufta. 

NeriU'na (Zool,) dim. of iVmW ; a genua of Mollufo. 

Meri'tonui (ZooL) the genus NcrHa, itftn, a cutting, from the notch in 

the middle of the outer lip ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Nertto'pBia (Zool.) the genus Nirha, (+.(, like ; having a Ih.dl lomewhai 

limilar ; a genus of MoUurca, 

330 NEH — N£U 

Ne'iium (Bot.) int^si humid, refeiring to its habitation ; the Oleander ; 

a genus of Apocynacese. 
Nervo'sa (Ent.) nervut, a fmew, ftring. 
Nesse'a (Bot.) P. N., one of the fea nymphs. 
Neslia (Bot.) unexplained. 
Neso'phila (Bot.) wrot, an ifland, 4>iXfi», to love; growing in moift 

places ; a genus of Campanulacex. 
Nes'tis (Ichth.) >«0>t(;, an ancient name of a fifti ; a geani of Mugiloid 

Fifties. t 

Nes'tlera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compoiitx. 

Nestor (Omith.) P. N., a genus of Scanfbrial birds ; family Pfittacidz. 
Net'tapus (Omith.) wrrat^ a duck, vaZ$, a foot ; duck-footed. 
Netta'stoma (Ichth.) mtt*, a duck, 0>t0/m«, a mouth ; a genus of Congroid 

Nettle (Bot.) an alteration of needUy or at lead both are of the fame Anglo- 
Saxon root, netel or rutdl^ and obvioufty refers to the needle-like (lings 

of the plant. 
Neube'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Iridacese. 
Neudo'rfiA (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Nolanacese. 
Neuman'nla (Bot.) P. N., a g-enus of BromeliacesB. 
Neuma'yo^si (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Caryophyllacese. 
Neuraoa'nthus (Bot.) mu^ov, a nerve, ax«vd«, a fpine ; a genus of Acan- 

Neurapo'pliyses (ZooL) nZpn^ a nerve, awopuMy to grow from; from 

their being developed to proteft the great nervous trunk. 
Neu'ria (Ent.) Mupoy, a fmew ; on account of the pale nervures Co plainly 

Neu'rica (Ent.) nvfixost fmewy. 
Neurocalyz (Bot.) uZfavt a nerve, cafyx. 

NeurocazpsB'a (Bot.) >iu^y,-a nerve, xapiros, fruit ; a genus of Cinchonacee. 
Neurooar'pum (Bot.) uZpov^ a nerve or tendon, xapva;, fruit. 
Neuroglo'ssum (Bot.) nvpo», a nerve, y^vg-a-aj tongue ; a genus of Algc. 
Neurogram'ma (Bot.) nZ^v, a nerve, ypti/xfA,»f an inscription ; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
NeurolSB'na (Bot.) ^lupov, a nerve or tendon, .\«tv«, a cloak. 
Neurolo'ma (Bot.) viu^v, a nerve or tendon, Xw/mo, a fringe. 
Neuro'nia (Bot.) nZpoVy a nerve ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Nouropeltls (Bot.) viu^, a nerve, wixrn, a ftiield; a genus of Con- 



endon, «iT«^ii, wing; having reticulate 

bnnous wing! ; an order of Inftrfta. 
Nauropteral'la (£nt.) >ii;^, a tendon, iTTt^i-, a wing ; the wing 

ture being diflinctly cinnamon brown, 
Neuro'pteriB (Fos. ZooL) >tif 

tve, nip;, a fem; a genm of fofiil 
■e, o-U-ft. a trough; a genus of 

genus of CraciferE. 
'ly applied to a portion of France, includiag 

Neuro'BoapltB (Bot.) nD^i 

NeuTOBper'ma (Boi.) .lEfw, 

Neuro'tjvpia (Bat.) ri£;», s 

Neua'tria (Ent.) P. N., forn 
Noimaudy, Brittany, anr 

NeVBri'ta(ZooL) P. N., a geniiiof Mollufra. 

Newt (ZooL) comiptioD of rM<,^,ir-n^^ a newt, 

Nioellil (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Graf-ua, NhiUi, a German enlomo- 

NiohoUo'nia (Boi.) P. N., a genu* of Leguminofoi. 

Hicaba'rloaa-s-um (Omith.) relating to Ihe ilUnd of Nicobar; applied 
to a pigeon only found there ; Caltanas miotatiai. 

Nioode'mia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariacea:. 

Nloolso'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. NUslfin, a writer on the 
natural hillory of St. Domingo. 
^^^ Hicothoa (ZooL) P. N. from Niattiee, one of the Harpiet; a genui of 
^^^L Entomoftraca. 

^^P Kiootla'nB (Bot. ) P. N. in honour of J. mvi, of Nifmei, who dtSl btoughi 
^^^1 it into Europe ; the Tobacco-phnt ; a genus of Solanareie. 

^^H Mic'UtanB(Zoo!.)Zd«. niaklng: i.g.,CeTcopitbre\>sniaiar: 
^^H Nldula'ria (Bat.) niJui, a nefl ; the pknti confiR of cups containing egg- 
^^^B like feeds ; a genus of Fungi. 

^^ft NlduU'tes (Fos. Zoot.)fl<^«i,anen, ;>.^.,.flone; folTil Silurian organirmi. 
^^H probably allied to the Bryoioa. 

^^K Kiebu'lula (Boi.) P. N. in honour of Carir,, Shbuhr, a traveUer in 

^H Nit 
^H Hl( 

NlerembsT'i^a (Bot.) p. N., a genus of Solanacez. 

.) dim. of iF/lfi-r, dark, black; the f«ds are of that colour; 
genus of Ranunculaceai j alfo, in Entomology. 



Niger. Nigra. Nignim (Zoot., Ent,, Bot.) Lai. black o 

Sciurus nigir, FriiUlarii nigra, Ribei mgrvm. 
NlghtEhade (Bot.) iioai their deadl; qualitien and gloomy ifpcft; 

genuj SaUntim, alfo the Alnpu Billndmin^. 
Nlgra'lis (Ent.) mger, bbck. 
Nigre'soana (Zool,. Bot.) Lai. fli^tlj black. 
Nl'grioopa (Ornith.) nij-ir, black, cafai, hcid ; black-headed. 
Higrl'na (Bot.) nign, to be black ; a genus of Scrophulariao 
Nlgripunotal'la (Bot.) nj^, black,funi3uin,a fpot ; black-fpotted. 
Nigrite'Ua (Bot.) mgrilU, bbck colour; a genu* of Otchiilacea. 
Nigrltel'iuB-a-Tim (Bot.) dim. of mg^r, bUck ; In alluilon to the colour of | 

the flowers ; hlackifti or dolk)', r. g., Joncus mgriullm. 
Migragiila'iia (Oniith.) nigtr, black, guia, throat ; black-throated, i. g.. 

Ctafticus mgrspilarii. 
Nigro-vltta'tua (Zool.) mgrr, bbck, vitLi, s bond ; black-banded. 
NUo'tlouB-a-um (Zool., Bot.) L^t. relating to the Nile. 
NUao'ula (Fos. Zool.) P. N., a geaiu of IblCI Cycadaccoui leatu of the 

llai and oolite. 
Ni'ma (Bat.) itnexplaioed ; a genun of Simarubaceoi. 
Nimbal'la (Ent.) dim. of mmho, a cloud. 
Hiobjs'a (Hot.) P. N. from Kiabc ; a genui of Hypoxidacece. 
Nl'obe (Bot.) P. N.. a (renut of Liliaces. 

Nl'pa (Bot.) its name in the Moluccaj; it yields Nccpah fugar. 
Nlpadl'tes (Fog, Zool.) mfia, a gpnu! of Indian palms which produce* I 

nnfah fugar ; a genus of folTil Palm-nuts. 
Hipbffi'a (Bot.) H4>>ri a fbow-flake \ a genus of Oefnerac«n. 
NipholDOlaa (Hot.) n)ii0.1.(, covered with fnow ; the induha are like ] 

flakes of fnow ; a genus of Filices ; aljb, a genui of Simarubaceje. 
Ni'phOQ (Ichth.) thia &lh it only found in Japanefe feas.and takes iu 1 

name from the principal iiland, Nlpi«i: a genui of the bmily i 


Nlptlo'QB (Ent.) n^ii, fnow; a genu of Coleoptera. 
Nlptius (Bot.) N4>a[| a fnow-fbke ; a genus of Ariftolochiacete. 
Nip'plewort (Bot.) bitter juice applied by country mothen to • 

befbie weaning^ the Lapfana communis. 
Ni'pttia (Ent.) Hi-iit. walhed ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Nlaa'na (Ent.) m/„,, ftight, from its tapi 

Nlao (Zool.) unexpUined ; > genus of MoUufca. 

NiHBO'Ua (Bot.) P. N. In honour of IVmhm Ni§^U, a French holinKt ; a 
I of Leguminorx : alio the fp«cific name of a Lathynis. 

h.) Lot. flight \ applied to the Sparrow-hawk, Acdpit«r 
JV^ui, perhapibecaoreof in rapid Bight. 
Nltela (Ent.) Led. brightoefi, fplendour ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Nltellum (Bat.) nilHa, brightnefB ; a genus uf Compolitor. 
Nitel'la (Bat.) nidi to Diinei a gienaa of Characea.of which the ftenu 

NiUdella (Zool.) dii 

genus of Infefti. 

ha, poUnied; : 

lU of MoUulca ; allu, a 

, |(Ent.)f"'-''^"''^'S'"" 
Nitidullito) I Coleoptera. 

ing ; a genus and famllj' of 

Ni'UdUB-a-um (Boi.) Ihinlng. 

Nltra'ria (Bot.) mtru^, nitre; it is found neat the nitre-works in Siberia, 
Niva'liB-e (Omitli.) Lai. fnowjr,!.^., Pleflrdphanii ,d^u. 
Niva'ria (Bot.) h™u, ibow ; the Lmcajm*, or fnow-flake ; a f^ui of 

NWea'rla (Ent.) mw«i, fnowy. 

NiTOlooatel'ia (Em.) n™™., fnowy. tatfa, the anterior margin of wing. 
Ni7e'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Ni-um, a coUeflor of Cape planta. 
NivBUB-a-um (Ornith.) Lai. fnowy, 1*.;^ tJyftea mwa, ibe Snowy Owl. 
Nivive'nteir (Zooi.) nmm,, fnowy, vaacr, belly j white-bellied. 
No'aoB (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dmmk Noaa, an lullan ptofelTot. 
Hootilu'oa (Ent.) Lai. a candle; applied to the Glow-worm, Lampyris 

Nocti'-vaguB (Zool.) Zol. night- wandering; hating nuflutnal habits,!. ;.. 

Spalacoput i»i^it>ii^i. 
Koo'tuOB (Ent.) pi. of BoflM, an owl; from their noflumal habit-, 

applied to the Night-mothi. 
NootiUi'iiia (Zool.) the A'cS^Ii or Great Bat. 

Nootuobomby'cidte (Ent.) haring affinities with JVoSm and Bamiy,. 
Noctuorrior'pha (Ent.) having the fotm Gu«tf ") of the NtSuM. 
NodOHa'Jis (Ent. ) -lai'sT", knotty. 

Nodoaa'ria ( Fos. Zool.) ^oJjd,, full of knots ; a genus of folHl Fotaminifera. 
Nodula'rift (Zool.) mdiA-i, a little knot ; a genus of MolluTca. 
NoeggBrath'lH (Fos. Zool.) P. N.. a genui of folTil Palm-like lea.ei. 
Hoe'tia(Zool.)P. N.,agenusaf Mollufca. 
NolM'ttUfBot.) P. N. in honouroft. C.A'.,/.(/f,a nurfi'rymanalPirii; 

alfo appUed to a clal> uf Rolei. 

334 ^OL — NOT 

No'la (Ent.) P. N., a town in Campania in Italy. 

Nolana (Bot.) nola, a little bell; in reference to the corolla; the typical 

genus of Nolanacex. 
Nolin'a (Bot.) P. N. from P, C, Nolin, an American botanif^. 
Noma'da (Ent.) Nomadesy wandering people; the Wafp-bees; a genus 

of Hymenoptera. 
Nonag'ria (Ent.) P. N., an ifland in the iEgean fea, faid by Pliny to 

have been the earlier name of Andros. 
Non'nea (Bot.) P. N. from J. P. Nonne^ a German botmift. ' 
Nonioni'na (Fos. Zool.) a genus of folfil Nautiloid organifms. 
Noran'tea (Bot.) from Gonoro-Antegri, its name in Guiana. 
Nordmannia'nus (Zool., Bot.) P. N. from Alexander von Nordmann, an 

eminent Pruffian naturalift ; e. g.^ Pinus Nordmanniana. 
Norfolcen'sis-e (Zool.) Lot, belonging to Norfolk Ifland. 
Nor'thia (Zool.) P. N., a genus of Mollufca. 
Nos'toc (Bot.) unexplained ; a genus of terrelhial Algae. 
Nostoca'ceSB (Bot.) a family of convervoid Algae, of which No/ioe is the 

Notacan'tha (Ent.) v^Tdf, the back, axa^oy a thorn ; Thorn-backs, armed 

Notar'chus (Zool.) Mlrr^f, the back, afxh* ^^^ 5 * genus of Mollufca. 
Nota'tus-a-um (Ent.) Lot, marked. 
NotelSB^a (Bot.) »0to;, the ibuth, ixaiec, the olive. 
Notero'phila (Bot.) itonpii, wet, moid, <|>»Xi«, to love ; a genus of 

Melaftomaceae . 
Noth'ium (Bot.) »3djf, fpurious ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Nothoclilee'na (Bot.) *6Qosy fpurious, ;^Xaiya, a cloak ; a genus of 

Nothoge'nla (Bot.) vodo-ymnrosy of fpurious origin ; a genus of Ceramian 

Notholiia (Bot.) >iQos, fpurious ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Nothosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) yoQogy fpurious, vaZfosy a lizard. 
Nothoscor'clum (Bot.) >o&oSi fpurious, 0^0^^*, garlic; a genus of 

No'thria (Bot.) »«flg#f , fluggifli ; a ieftion of the genus Frankenia^ 
No'thris (Ent.) »«dp«f, fluggifh. 
No'thus (Ent.) »«dtff , fpurious ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
KoUda'nidaBV . . n ( >«T»J<»wf, a (hark with fliarp-pointed dorial 
NQti'danus ) ( fin : a family and' genus of Galeoid Fiihes. 


a ridge, Hsiis, comely ; 

of torn 

a. genua of the PhryganidiE- 
an imitator; a gernii of 

; aUniliag ti 

a gpnus of Labiat 
elaltic gelatinou: 

oF Hymen 

Notld'anna (Foi. ZooL) ti 

HoUdo'bla (Ent.) .ir.;, Ihe back.&M, ti 
Hotiomi'muH (Ent.) .".=;, routhera , 

Notio'phUua (Ent.) Urm, damp, ^tkia, 
Hoto'Deraa (Bot.) •"tsi, the batk, >ijw> 

the pod. 
KotoohEB'te (Bot.) tSrof, back, j;»Tn, a briftle ; 
No'tooHOTd (Icbth.) «T.(, the back, tAti-ii ; an 

enclofrng the myelon in fome filhei, 
Notooyphua (Ent.) 'iTEii, the hack, .ufi,, bent ; a gei 
NQtoda'lphya (Zool.) .irai, the back, "SiXfii.the 

genuj of Entomoftiaca. 
Notodo'lita (Ent.) r^if, the back, iUis, ilnrcf a tooth ; from the tooth- 
like projeilioDi on the innei edge of the fore-viingn, which meet over 
the back. 
Notam'moita (Zool.) tin'!, the back, i/i/xK-atn, the eye; a genus of 

Notoseo'ta (Ent.) laTic, the back, titnnti a iwimmer ; the Boat-fiy. 
Notopocory'ates (Eos. Zool.) tint, a ridge, car^a, a genus of Cniltaeea ; 

a genui of foini Corab of the Chalk. 
No'topa (Zool.) .iriK, the back, i^, the eye. 
Noto'pterUB (Ichth.) ririt, the back, rrifn, a fin ; a genus of Herring- 

Notortai'zem (Bot.) i^tr, the back, ^(b. root ; having the cotyledons flat, 
and the radicle illiilng from the buck; a feftionof Nat. Ord, Crucifec^c. 

Notor'nffI (Oralth.) .ir.t, the foutli, =>i,, a bird, i. r, the " Southern 
bird ; " a fub-foIGl and remnt bird of New Zcala-nd. 

Nototbs'rlmn (Fos, Zool.) lirx, lbDtti,an(l ^xi-in, a wild animal; thi; 
Ibulhern animal ; a folTil genu* of Airftralian Quadnipeda. 

, , , -1 I >iT<(, the ba*, !?« (harp ; the thorait beinft uto- 

Noto'licliB f ,_ . , 1 , . . , . , . 

Y (Ent.) J duced in front, aver the bead ; a genus and 

NotO'iUa 1 J L 1 c. ^ , 

' "- family of Helcromerous Coteoptera. 

Hoty'lU (Bot.) .STst, the back, »■;*.(, a hump ; In alluiion lo the f.ngular 

calloiily on the Algma. 
HoTEMUli'na(Zool.)mKwiiii^a razor; » genua of Mollufca. 
Novebcpraoen'slB-e (Ichth.) the Latin adj. for what appertains to New 

York, North America. 

33^ NUB — NUT 

Nubeoulo'suB-a-um (£nt.) Lau covered with little clouds. 

Nucifira'ga (Omith.) nuces^ mjts,/rangOf to break ; the Nut-crackers. The 

Greek equivalent is Caryocata£tes. 
Nuoleoli'tes (Fos. ZooL) nucUw^ a little nut, and x/dtff , a ftone ; a foflil 

genus of Clypeid«. 
Nu'cleus (Zool.) Lot. a little nut, a kernel. 
Nu'oula (ZooL) dim. of nux, a nut ; a genus of bivalve (hells of the family 


\- (Zool.) nucula, a fmall nut ; a genus and family of MoUufca. 
Nuou'lid8B> ^ ' ' ' s ^ 

Nuciinel'la (Zool.) dim. of nucula ; a genus of MoUufca. 

Nuda'rla (Ent.) nudus, naked ; the wings being only (lightly clothed with 


Nudlbranchla'ta (Zool.) nudus, naked, branehia, gills; an order of 

gafteropod MoUufca ; equivalent to Gymnobranchiata. 

Nu'dipes (Omith.) nmhs, naked, /<rj, the foot ; naked-footed. 

Nudive'nter (Zool.) nudus^ naked, ventert the beUy ; naked-footed. 

Nu'dus-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lat, bare or leaflefs. 

Nulli'pora (ZooL) nullus, none, porus, a paflage ; appUed to coraUines 

having no apparent /or« on the furface. 

Nume'nius (Omith.) derivation unknown to me; a genus of Scolopacids. 

N, phseopus, and N, arquata, are the Whimbrel and Curlew. 

Nume'ria (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs of numbers. 

Nu'mida (Omith.) P. N., the Guinea-Fowl is named Numda from 

Numdia in Africa, whence it came. 

Nuxnmula'rla (Bot.) nummus^ money ; from the fimilarity of its round 

leaves to money. Hence alio Moneywort, Heib-tnvopence, and Ttvopenny 


Nummulina "I nummusy a coin or piece of money; a genus of minute 

Nummuli'tes) Animalcules. 

Nuxnmuli'tes (Fos. 2^1.) nummus, a coin, x/do;, (lone ; a large clafs of 

fodil Foraminifera. 

Nu'phar (Bot.) Arab. Neu/ar, the name for Nymphasa; a genus of 


17ut (Bot.) AngU^Sax* hnut; Dan. noot; Stved, noet; Fr. noix. 

Nuthe'tes (Fos. Zool.) \ovBtrfirzsi a monitor ; a genus of fo(fil Lizards. 

Nutmeg (Bot.) formerly called nots-muge ; from Ital, noce mofcada, 

mu(k nut. 

NUT — NYC 337 

Nuttal'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Thomtu Nuttall, formerly Profeflbr of 

Mineralogy at Cambridge, New England, who died in 1858 ; a genus 

of Malvaceae. 
Nuytsia (Bot.) P. N., the celebrated " Fire-tree '* of Auftralia ; a genus of 

Nyctage'lla (Bot.) dim. of NySiago ; a feftion of the genus Nicotiana, 
Nyctagina'ceEB (Bot.) an order of plants of which Nyiiago is the type. 
Nycta'go (Bot.) dim. of vu^, wx-rosi night ; the plant called Marvel-of- 

Nyctan'thes (Bot.) »x/^, vukto^, night, «»dof, a flower; a genus of 

Nyo'tea (Ornith.) »y{, wxrosy night ; N. nivea is the Snowy OwL 
Nycte'gretes (Ent.) wxruyfirtiSf watching by night; from the no£himal 

flight of the moth. 
Nyctemera'lis (Ent.) n.'^, ivkt^;, night, hfAipet, day, implying that it flies 

at both periods. 
Nyctereu'tes (Zool.) *t/^, wxrog, night, fvrif^ running. 
Nycteri'bia (Ent.) wxrtpig^ a night-bird, 0ii;, life ; a genus of wingleis 

infects parafitic on the Cheiroptera, 
Nycten nia (Bot.) >uxrip»Si normal ; fragrant only after dark ; a genus 

of Scrophulariacero. 
Ny'cteris (Zool.) »uiiTijtV, a night bird. 

Nycterisiti'on (Bot.) wxnfts, a bat, ^tTior, food ; referring to the flower. 
Nycte'rium (Bot.) vvxTtfcgy nocturnal ; alluding to the time of flowering. 
Nycthe'merus (Ornith.) »iJJ, »uict»;, night, »/m«/>«, day, e.g., Phalianus 

NySihemerusy the Silver Pheaiant. 
Nycti'bius (Ornith.) vtj, vuxtoj, night, (Si«f, life ; a genus of Goatfuckers. 
Nyctice'bus (Zool.) vy^, yvxros, night, xnBvg, an ape. 
Nyctico'rax (Ornith.) uJ£, wxro;, night, xop«^, a crow; the Night Heron. 
Nycti'nomus (Zool.) »t;J, vuhto;, night, »o/uoV, habitation; a genus of 

Night-prowling mammalia. 
Nyctipithe cus (Zool.) vw^, wxrog, night, wi9nxost an ape. 
Nyctisau'ra (Zool.) »u{, wxtog^ night, t-ecvpos, a lizard ; the No^urnal 

Ny'ctomys ( Zool.) ii5^, wxrost night, /t*uf, rat; a genus of South American 


Nycto'philus (Zool.) vt'^, wxrog, night, <piXoij a lover. 

Nyoto'phylax (Bot.) vy*Te-»f>yX«^, keeping watch by night ; a genus of 



338 NYL — QBE 

Nyland'tia (Bot.) P, N., the fame as the genus Mundia. 

Nylghau (Zool.) a Per/tan word, meaning Blue Ox. 

Ny'mpha (Ent.) h5/a-j>»», a chryfalis or pupa. 

Nymphae'a (Bat.) vy^c^»j, a Water-nymph ; referring to its habitation. 

The Nymphaa Lotus was the Egyptian lotus of the ancients ; the typical 

genus of the fplendid aquatic order Nymphzacese. 
Nymphsea'oeee (Bot.) an order of Dicotyledonous plants, of which 

Nymphta is the type. 
NymphaB'anthe (Bot.) vyju4>»j, a nymph, «»9of, a flower; the fame as 

Villarfia ; a beautiful aquatic genus of Gentianaceae. 
Nymphan'thus (Bot.) vv^4)»j, a nymph, ayfloj, a flower ; now included in 

the genus Phyllanthus, 
Nym'pliicus (Omith.) vufx^txigf bridal ; a genus of Parroquets. 
Nymphoi'des (Bot.) »u/u«p>j, a nymph, fHof, likenefs ; Tournefort^s name for 

the Limnanthemum. 
Nymphosa'nthus (Bot.) »j;/t*4>i», a nymph, «»0ef, a flower; a genus of 

Nymphaeaceae, now included in Nuphar. 
Ny'pa (Bot.) P. N., the name of a nymph; the Tupelo; a genus of 

Nys'sa (Bot.) probably the name of a Water-nymph; alluding to its 

habitation ; the Tupelo. 
Nys'sia (Ent.) P. N, fiom Nyjfa^ the birthplace of Bacchus; or from 

>vTa-tiv, to pierce or pricic, as its briftly thorax might do. 
Nys'son (Ent.) *Ca-7oo^ to prick or pierce ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Nysson'idSB (Ent.) a family of foflbrial Hymenoptera, of which N^Jfon 

is the type. 
Nysta'lea (Ent.) wrTaxiof, drowfy. 

Oak (Bot.) Anglo-Sax. acy ac ; queiy, conne<fted with oculus.? 

Obelisca (Ent.) obeliscus^Tx. fmall fpit; from the mark (f) on the foi-e- 

Obelisca'ria (Bot.) o5iX/<r«af, a pointed pillar, from the conical form of 

the receptacle ; a genus of Compolitac. 
Obeliscothe'ca (Bot.) oStXlj-Kog, an obelifk, fljj'x^, a (heath ; a genus of 

Obero'nia (Bot.) P. N. from fairy mythology ; a genus of Orchidacex. 
Obe'aia (Bot.) oifu'^ fat in alludon to the fiowcrs. 


Obe'ius-a-um (Zool,, Bot.) Lai. faX, plump. 

Obi' one CBo'-) P- ^r "■ gei"i> "f Chenopodiacca. 

Obla'tus-a-um (Zool.) Lai broailer than long. 

Otaliqua'ria (Ent.) nUiqam, oblique ; referring to the oblique dark browa 

OlDlO'ngua-B-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. rather long, longer than broad ; i. g., 

ObDla'ria (Bot.) vMui, an ancient coin ; a genus of Orabanchacae. 

Obova'tua-B-imi (But.) Lul. egg-lhapt-d, as to outline. 

O'brluin (Enc.]SS^ii, the young uf animals ; a gEnui of Coleoptela, family 

ObBCU'ruE-a urn (Zool.) Lat. ImtiHlnct, obfcure, ufed with reference to 

colour, form, or rebtioni ; t. g.. Bulimua ohpurui. 
ObBoIe'tuB-a-um (Zool. Bot.) L^l. worn out, poor. 
ObtUBilia'guea (Ent.) oiju/uj, blunt, /Sifua, tongue; a lub-family of 

Hymenopterj, fg called by Wellwood fnsm thf bluntntfi of their 

ObtU'BUS-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lai. blutil, dull, rounded olT. 
Obvolu'tua-a-um (Zool. Bot ) Lai. folded, tied about; f-j^ UiWx oiW<,/j, 
Oca'lea (Ent.) sii>,xa, to run aground ; a genus of Coltoptcra. 
OcoIdenta'Us-e (Zool,, Bot.) LjI. wclfem, teLtting to the welt, with 

particular reference to America. 
Ocea'nla ) , ilnLtaiis, caairui, the ocean ; a genua and family 

OceUa'ria (,Voa. Zool.) • 

if Med 

a little eye ; a fodll Zoophyte of the 


Oce'ailUs (Zoul.) lame derivation \ a gena-i of Nautilidx. 
OcellatuB-a-um (ZooL, Ent.) Lai. corered with eye-like fpots. 
Ocellura'ria (Bot.) larll-i, a little eye; a genus of Lichenei. 
O'celot (Zool.) Krllui, a little eye, fram the beautiful eye^lke markingi 

of the fur. 
Oohanopa'ppUB (Bot.) ix""i ^ leather Urap, tituu, the down on leedi ; 

a genus of Compolitic. 
Ooheto'phlla (Bot.) ixtfi. a ditch or canal, tixi», to love; a genua of 

Oob'na (Bot.) Greek name of the wild pear, to which it hai fbme n- 

lemblance. The typical genua of Ochnaceio. 
Oobna'aeae (Bot.) the Button-flower family of pUnls, of which O.-Am is 

340 OCH — OCT 

Oohra'ceua-a-um (Ornith., Bot.) ixf^f^ pale-yellow, e, g. Campephaga 

Ochrade'nus (Bot.) «;^f «; , pale-yellow, Mt, a nut or acorn : a genus of 

OchrandJie (Bot.) t^xi^h pale-yellow, avQoft ^ flower; a genus of 

Oohrea^a (Ent.) ochreusy ochre-yellow. 
Ochroca'rpus (Bot.) oix^Sy pale-yellow, uapvost fruit; a genus of 

Ochrooeph'alus-a-um (Ornith.) S>xF^»i pale-yellow,xf^aXi}, head; yellow- 
headed, e. g, Mufcicapa ochrocephala, 
Ochroleu'cus-a-um (£nt., Bot., Ornith.) o»^\%vnoi, yeUowi(h-white, e, g. 

Sylvia ochroleuca, 
Oohroina (Bot.) i»xf^fy fallow ; a genus of Sterculiaceae. 
Ochroptera'lis (Ent.) SixF^s% pale-yellow, wn^, wings. 
Oohro'pteris (Bot.) i>xf^fy pale-yellow, wripn, a fern ; a genus of Poly- 

podioid Filices. 
Och'!ropus (Ornith.) S>xf^fi pale-yellow, vovg, foot. 
Ochrosan'thus (Bot.) «;^p»;, pale-yellow, avQegy a flower ; a le£tion of the 

genus Goodenia. 
Ooliro'sia (Bot.) ixp^s* pale-yellow. 
OQhro 'stoma (Bot.) Sixf'h P^^^j crifxa^ a mouth. 
Oohrox'ylum (Bot.) iixf*ii pale-yellow, ^wXoi', wood; a genus of 

Xanthoxylaceae, now included in Xanthoxylon. 
O'chrus (Bot.) Stxf^i* P^^ > referring to its pale muddy-coloured flowers. 
Oohsenheime'ria (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Ferdinand Ochfenhdmcry who 

died in 1822. 
Ochthoccxsmus (Bot.) tSxp'ft pale- yellow, xwfAos, an ornament; a genus 

of TernftromiacesB. 
O'oimum (Bot.) fame as Ocymumy q. v. 
Ocke'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Oken; sl genus of 

Rutacez, now included in Adenandra. 
Ocnero'stoma (Ent.) Uvuftosj ufelefs, a-Tifxuy the mouth. 
Oe'nus (Zool.) exvog, hefitation, fluggifhness. 
O'crea (Bot.) Lat. ocrea^ a boot ; the name applied to the united (lipules 

which form a (heath round the ftem in the family Polygonaceae. 
Gotac'tis (Zool.) o*Tflt-, eight, axr/f, a ray. 

Ootadeula (Bot.) onri^ eight,»3if»,a gland or acorn; a genus of Cruciferse. 
Octo'ndria (Bot.) oxtw, eight, avr.p, kv^^^s^ a male ; having eight Itamens. 

OCT - 



OctariUum (Bot. ) mtiI, dghl, arUlui.-i feed-covering ; a genus of SinCalacea- 

Octa'vlll (Bnt.) P. N., a gBnui of Cinchonaceie. 

Ootavia'na (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fangi. 

Oothe'biUB f Enl.) ..Sr, a bank or Ihore, fi.Ju. to Uv ; a genui of 

Octho'diuin (Bot.) ixii'iii, wartcd ; referriog to the fkirface of (ilidea. 
Ootoble'ptiarum. (Bat.) i«t», eight, eiifajn, tli* eyelid ; a geniw of 

Brynid muici. 
Octobo'thrium (Zool.) i,rii, eight, BiBftt, a pit, having lour nip-lhapcd 

(Jepreflioni on each fide of the body ; a genui of Entoioa, 
Ootodl'oeraa (Bot.) uni, eight, liii^xi, a doul>l^hom ; a gcnii« of Bryoid 

Oo'todoa (Bot.) 01 TiS, eight, •iiiif. >)»Ti[,3 tooth J 3 genus of Cinchonace?. 
Oo'todon (7.ooL) J.ri, eight, JJtu,-, JD.-Tii, a toolh ; a genus of Rodent 

Ootogy'nia (Bot.) ht^, eight, yiKv, 
Ootome'rla (Bot.) i«T-, eight, ittfii 
Oato'merls (Zool.) {>it«, eight, fii/ 
OCtouooull'na (Zool.) odo. eight, « 
Octo'pera (Bat.) iets, eight, m^i. 


living eight pidilj 

a part ; a genua of CIcripBdee. 
II, an eye ; a tribe of Spidtn. 
1 eKtremity ; i feftlon of the genua 

Octophyl'lUB-a-um (Boi.) inr^, eight, fawtt, Inf, r. g, Aralii tti^hyUa 
OctopUca'tus-a-um (Zuol.) Lnl. Hght-folded. 

Oclxiptery'giua-a-um (Zool.) ««, eight, BTip^^, wxifuyt-..^ wing or (in. 
OctOpOdi'dfBl , (Ji-ri, eight, mStiirjJit, afoot; the Sea-fpidets ; 

Oc'topu.9 I 1 a family and genui of Cephalopods. 

Ooula'tua-a-lim(Zool.)Zj/, having eyes, or eye-Ukefpots.r.^. Cellepora 

Oou'lsi (F.nt.) xuIbs, in eye; on accoant of the confpieuous lligma. 
OauliTerUB-a-uni (Ziiol.)Kii/<ii,Bn eye./ro, to bear; f.f. EmyiKi'i^ni. 
Oouli'na (Zool.) cmi/vr, an eye; a g;eno9 of Corali i 0. viiginea la the 

common White-branched coral. 
Oculi'nuB-a-um (Zoal.) Lot. full of pyes, or eye-like (pots. 
Ooy'ftlua (Ornith.) i.i!«>M, fwlft. 
Ooy'dromuB (Zool.) imiis, quick, Ififfi, flight, eleape ; applied lothe 

O'ojrmum (Bot.) i^m, to fmell, it has a powerful fcent ; Biifil ; a genua of 

fragrant Labiatn. 
O'07phapB(Omith.)Iiiii, fwifl, 'fiidanild ^V^eon. 

342 OCT ^ODO 

Ocy'poda (Zool.) obxyj, fwift, woSf, volosy foot ; a genus of Crudacea. 

Ocy'ptera (Ent.) ooxisy fwift, wtj^ov, wing, a genus of Diptera. 

Ocy'pterus (Ornith.) fame derivation ; a genus of the Laniadse. 

O'oypus (Ent.) AxtJ?, fwift, itoZg, foot ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

O'cys (Ent.) wxy;, fwift ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Ocythoe (Zool.) P. N. in Mythology ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Odaca'ntha (Ent.) o^a^, biting, axayda, a fpine; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Odax richth.) oJ«£, biting. 

Odone'ctis (Bot.) o^9c, a path, y>ixT)}c,a fwimmer; a genus of Orchidaceae. 

Odones'tis (Ent.) according to Agaffiz, o5ot/j, a tooth, y«;rT«f , hunger ; 

perhaps from its voracity. 
Odontade'nia (Bot.) ohovs, 0^ovto;, a tooth, Mvy a gland or acorn ; a genus 

of Apocynaceae. 
Odontanthe^'ra (Bot.) oJoyj, aXovtoj, a tooth ; anthera ; a genus of Aiclepia- 

Odontarrhe'na (Bot.) aJoy'?, oJavto,-, a tooth, «<»pflv, a male (ftamen) ; 

having toothed ftamens ; a genus of Cruciferae. 
Odontas'pis (Fos. Zool.) o^oy;, o^avTay, a tooth, itctttii, a buckler ; a genus 

of Shark-like Fifhes, fb termed from the buckler-like afpect of their 

teeth, the only portions yet known. 
Odonte'Ila (Bot.) oSoy? , oSai-TOf , a tooth, with diminutive terminal; a genus 

of Algse. 
Odontha'lia (Bot.) Vhoviy e^ovTogj a tooth, Qaxxogj a (hoot ; a genus of 

Odonti'dium (Zool.) ehvsi ohvTosy a tooth, eTJoj, likenefs; a genus of 

Odo'ntia (Ent.) ohug^ oh^ros, a tooth ; from the toothed ftreaks and marks 

upon the wings. 
Odo'ntia (Bot.) oXw?, oVovtoiy a tooth ; a genus of Fungi. 
Odon'tidee (Ent.) the family of which Odontia is the type. 
Odonti'tes CBot.) oUvst o^ovt«c, a tooth ; fpecific name of a fpecies of 

Odontoca'rya (£ot.) ohovs, o^ovto;, a tooth, xeipvov, a nut, /. ^., having 

indented nuts ; a genus of Menifpermaceae. 
Odontocy'clus (Bot.) olovs^ oJavto?, a tooth, «i5*Xof, a circle; a genus of 

Odonto'des (Ent.^ the genus Odontia, tTJoy, likenefs. 
Odontodis'ous (Zool.) oJow?, oXovt*; , a tooth, ils-xos, a round plate ; a 

genus of Infuforia. 



' OdontC3gloa' (Bot.)iJ»ij, slinTJt.a tooth, y>.Jrr=, a tongue, alluding 

probably to the ctctt of the bbellum. 
Odontogna'tU CBot ) H.ur, •Ht,,, a tooth, y-iSt,, a mourh ; a genus of 

Odontogna'thufl (If hth.) "ou(, iJiviit.a tooth, ^.iiS«, a mouth ; a genus 

ofClupeold Filhes. 
Odontole'pia (Bot.) iliui, tSiiTic, a tooth, liils, a legale; a geniu of 

Odontology (Zool.) ilmf, tJJinii;, a tooth, lij.i(, adifcourtl-. 
Odontolo'ma (Bot.) JSjm, oli.toj, a tooth, Xif^a. a fringe; a genus of 

Odontolo'pliua (Bot,) iJoM, iSin'st, a tooth, ^.i-tm, a ca-ft; a genus of 

Odon'tomua (Zool.) U»m, ilinii, a tooth, Ti^B, a cutting ;» genus of 

Colubiine ophidians. 
Odontone'ma (Bot.) iJnii, Mt-tn, a tooth, to/**, thread; a genus of 

Odon'toiiTX (Ent.) ilgil;, itiiTi, a tooth, «u£, a claw. 

Odonto'pora (Ent.) ihis, ilnni, a tooth, wifni, an end, a boundary; the 

margin of the wing» being toothed. 
Odontope'taliun (But.) ihit, slirTti, a tooth, «ti>;19i', a leaf; a fi/Oioti 

of the genus M^finia, Nat. Ord. GcTaniaces 
Odontophy'llum (But.) iiius, tSimt, a tooth, ifuKAoi, a leaf; a genu 

Odonto'ptara (Bot) Hsi:, .Ji.T,,-, a tooth, itti^i, a wing ; a genui 

Odonto'pteria (Bot.) ileic, gSi>T>;, a tooth, nifii, a fein; a genu: 
Polypodloid Filices ; ullo applied to a genus of folHl Ferns, from Che 
blunt tooth-like lobes of their leaflets. 
Odontoschl'ama (Bot.) ihit, tlimi, a tooth, irxf^/ta, a divilion ; a genui 

of Jungermanniaceai. 
OdontoBo'rla (Bot.) iJarit, oliyToj, a tootb, j-afi,-, a heap, i. ;. the /on ,■ 
^^^ genus of Polypodloid Filices. 

I^^LpOdontOBpe'rmum (Bot.) iiii^s, oJ»Ti>f, a tooth, rwiffui, feed ; n geniu i 
^^^B Compolitie. 

^^HodoDtosteia'ina (Bot.) iS»(, iii>T,t, a tooth, rTi^u^i, a wreath; a gem 
^^^^^ of Car;ophyllai:efc. 

^^■OdontOBly'lia (Bot.) H^k, °:»7>[, a tooth, arZn,, a pillar, i. i., a llylc; 
^^^H j;enus of Orehidaeenj. 

3H ODO — (EN 

Odonto'triohum (Bot.) t^ovi, o^irrosi a tooth, d^i^, f^ix^^ ^^^ > ^ genus 

of Compofitse. 
Odosto'mia (Zool.) oim, a tooth, a-rifAa, a mouth ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Ody'nerus (Ent.) o5yif^»;, painful, alluding to the fting; a genus of 

(Eoan'thus '"Ent.) oT«oj, a house, avQosy a flower ; from the circumdance 

of this American fpecies of cricket living among flowers and not upon 

the ground. 
dSceoola'des (Bot.) olxtXos, domeftic, xkahg, 2l branch; a genus of 


(Schmea (Bot.) fame as iEchmea, which latter is the corte£t fpelling. 

^cis'tes > 

, > (Zool.) oUio-Tjjf, a colonizer; genera of Infuibria. 
UiCistiiia 3 

^co'doma (Ent.) olxoiofAogy a houfe-builder ; a genus of Ants. 

^COge'nia (Ent.) elxvyty^Sy born in the houie ; the moth occurs in 

CEco phora (Ent.) oTjcoj, a houfe, <fo^r», to carry ; the Cafe-bearers. 
(Sda (Ent.) oT^o?, a fwelling ; a genus of Homoptera. 
CEdeme'ra > ^^ >. ffi»^«J>a fwelling, fxtipis^ the thigh; a genus and 
^deme'ridee) 1 family of Coleoptera. 

^de'mium (Bot.) oTififAoi, a tumour ; a genus of Fungi. 
CEde'ra (Bot ) P. N. in honour of Gtorge (Eder, a Dane, Profeflbr of Botany 

at Copenhagen ; a genus of Compofitse. 
^de'ria (Bot.) otJi«, to fwell ; a genus of Compofitae. 
^dicne'mus (Ornith.) oXtioOi to fwell, xniju»», the leg; the Thick-knee. 
CEidipa'chne (Bot.) 6T5e;,a fwelling, «;^v»j, chaff (awn); a genus of 

^di'poda (Ent.) oi5««, to fwell, wouj, vo^os, a foot ; a genus of Orthoptera. 
CEdipodalis (Ent.) otJsw, to fwell, wcS;, »o5flc, the foot. 
(Edipo'dium (Bot.) oi5««, to fwell, wailj, woJ»j, the foot; a genus of 

Cryptogam ia. 
CEhlmanniel'la (Ent.) P. N. in honour of (Ehlmann, an Entomologift of 

LeipHc, the difcoverer of the fpecies. 
CSSnan'the (Bot.) otnoi^ wine, a^Boi, flower ; alluding to the odour ; a genus 

of Umbelliferse. The oUa^Qn of Theophraftus and Diofcorides was 

probably CEnanthe pimpinelloides. 
^'nas (Ornith.) the Greek name of a wild pigeon, of the colour of 

ripening grapes, from ohost wine; now ufed as the fpecific name of the 


^^H aioeo'tra (En 


QiOeo'tra (Ent.) i7»i, the vinf, inT/idm, to deflroy. 

ir'pua (Bot.l »'•((, wine, lapri;, fruit i a genus of SonthA 

tEnoph'ila (Ent.) «>«, wine, ^•kti, luting ; found in wine-cellats, tho 

larva feeding on tile corks of the Uottlei. 
(SQsths'ra (Bot jsriii, wine, a^a,a catching; the Evening Frimrafe; Co- 

named hecaule the roon aie fiid to fmell like wine ; and the sncienti 

fuppoled that, when mixed with drink, they panelled the power of 

calming the mall ferocious animals. Out CEnothera is not the genu9 

to which Theophraftus applied the name, being wholly American. 
a'txas (Ent.) iTiTT^ii, the or Breeie-fly ; a genus of Diptera. 
tE'thra (Zonl.) etymology obfcure ; a |^nui of Cruflacca. 
OgcerostylUB (Bot.) ry.ifjt, fwoUen, siZkn, a pillar (llyle) ; 3 genus of 

;coaomft (Ent.) lyxus. bent, -if.i, body ; ihould be Oncofoma. 
Ogio'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genua of CompoCtffi. 
O'giltfi (Bot.) P. K., 1 genns of Compofitie. 
Ogy'gla(Fo). Zool.) P. N. from 0,{3gr/, the Greek monarch; a genus of 

Silurian Irilobitea. 
Ohlendor'fla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulaiiacerc, 
Oiceopto'ma (Ent ) tiniltf, domellic, irivfia, cubmity. 
Olde'mia (Ornith.) irinr'^. a fwelling ; !t Ihould betEJimL; a genus ol 

Oi'dlum (Bot.) tliiu, to fwell ; from Iti wonderful poner of rapid growth ; 

a genua of parafitic Fungi. 

iOlosper'mum (Bot.) trie, alone, ivlfftm^ feed ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Olai (Bot.) Jx«J, a furrow, referring to the (lowers; typical genus of 

. Oldenbur'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genui of Compofitic. 
OldenU'ndla (Bot.) P. N., giren by Linneus in honour of H. B. 
OIilfKlamI, a Dutch Naturalili, who travelled in Africa. 
I 01dha'nila(Fos. Zool.)P. N, in honnororProfefTor O/ittja, of Dublin ; 
IB of Siluriar^iDophytes or polyzoa. 
Cyiea (Hot.) "»<'', the Olive-tc-e, which wai facred to Athena; the 
typical genus of Nat. Ord. Oltacer. 
I Olea'oeffi (Bat.) the natural bmily of plants of which Olra \i the type. 
' Olsa'ster (Hot) L^l. the Wild Olive-tree ; the EUaj,^,. 

■a'ceiM-ft'lim (Bot.) Lul. refemblinj; herbs (from o/uj, cabbage, 
rolewnrt); Ateca almun, the cabbage-palm of the Well Indlei has 

346 OLF — OLI 

acquired its name from the practice of cutting off the young buds 

and coolcing them like coleworts. 
Olfe'rsia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Oliga'crion (Bot.) •Xlytu few, ajcpoc, a fummit ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Oligac'tis (Bot.) o>tyof, few, anxiV, a ray ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Oligac'tis (Zool.) oXivas, few, axr/j, a ray. 
Oligan'dra (Bot.) iXiyn^ few, «>)j^, iy^pis, a male (ftamen) ; a genus of 

Oliga'nthera (Bot.) oXiyogf few, avdn, a bloflbm; a genus of Cheno|K>- 

Oliga'nthes (Bot.) oXiy«f, few, avfloj, a flower ; a genus of Compofitz. 
Oligarrhe'na (Bot.) oxiyof, few, ap/^fjv, a male (ftamen); a genus of 


Ollgoca'rpha > ,„ ^ (ox/yo? , few, »«#»«;, fruit ; genera of Com- 
^,. / >■ (Bot.) ■< 

Oligoca rpus ) i pofit«. 

Oli'gocene (Fos. Zool.) oxiycsf imall, Kouyis, recent; applied by M. Beyrich 

to certain beds a little more recent than Eocene. 
Oligochse'ta (Bot.) oX/yoj, few, x^hnt a lock of hair ; metaphorically, 

foliage : a genus of Compofitae. 
Olig'odon (Zool.) oxiyog, few, oiovst o}oyr Is, a tooth ; a genus of Colubrine 

Oligodo'ra (Bot.) ox/yo? , few, Ji^y, a gift ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Oligogy'ne (Bot.) oxiyog, few, yuv»?, a female (piftil) ; a genus of Com- 
Oligolepis (Bot.) ox/yoj, few, Xtirts, a fcale ; a genus of CompoHtse. 
Oligo'meris (Bot.) ox/ya;, few, fxspis, a part ; a genus of Refedaceac. 
Oligophyllon (Bot.) oXiV»f» few, 4>(;XXov, leaf; a genus of Compofitse. 
Oligo'rus (Ichth.) tfX»y«^i«, to efteem lightly ; Dr. Giinther*s name for a 

genus of Ctenoid Acanthopterous fiflies. 
Oligosporus (Bot.) oX/yo?, few, o-nopos, ieed ; a genus of Compofltae. 
OligOStig'ma (Ent.) oXtyaj, fmall, erriyfxay a mark. 
Oli'gota (Ent.) ox/yoj, fmall. 

Oligotlirix (Bot.) Ixlyos, few, 0^t£, hair ; a genus of Compofltae. 
Oligo'triohum (Bot.) oX/yaj, few, fl^'^, rpt;^os, hair ; a genus of Bryoid 

OUu'dia (Ent.) P. N., a town of South America, near Pemambuco. 
Olistophus (Ent.) oXi^-Bost fmoothnefs ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oli'va (Zool., Bot.) Lat, the olive ; in Zoology, a genns of MoUuica, 

popularly called the OUve-(hell *, in Botany, the Olive-plant. 

OliTa'ceua-a-um (Hot.) Lai. olive-coloured ; e.g., Mufricapa ainana, a 

OllTS (Boc) Lai. sIfch, an olive-plant. 

Ollve'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. J. Olhicr, a French botanill. 
Oliveto'nun (Ornith.) gen. pi. of alniitum, an olive-.7ard, thnt being the 

bird's frequent relbrt. 
Oli'via (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Fucoid Algi. 
Olmo'dia (Bot.) luicertain derivation ; a genua of ArtocarpaceiE. 
O'lophrum (Ent.) Jjii^tBf, confining all of one piece; a genus of 

OIUEtt'tmin (But.) atiu,!. pot-herb, fltcr, black, alluding to the colour of 

the fruit; specific name of the Smymium Oh/alrmi. or •■ Alex- 
anders ;" a genus of Nat. Ord. UmboUiferie. 
Oly^pla (Bot.) P. N., a genai of Hyperieacec. 
Olyn'thltt (Bot.) !iu.fl«, an unripe Bj, 
Oly'ra (Bot.) h.vpa, a kind of grain mentioned by Herodotus and others 

as fund for horfea, along with barley. 
OmalHn'thua (Bot.) iitattii, fmooth, Mn, a flower. 
Omala'siB (Zool.) ifia^i;, fmooth, axiji » genus of Mollufca. 
Omalift (Bot.) iyuaxic, level, fnunth ; a genus of Mufci. 
Omall'iijffi) (oF">.>Ci level, Anooth ; a family and geniu of 

Oma'Uum i ° -' i Coleoptera. 

OmnllpUS (Ent.) t/iavit, fmooth, viCcfoot; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Omali'stlB (Ent.)a genua of Coleopter*. 

OmalooU'ne (Bot.) D|iiiiVic,finooth,it].itn, acouch; a genunof CompolitiF. 
Omalo'pUa (Ent.) j^ialkic, rmooth, fr>.», armour ; a genus of Colfoptera. 
Onulothe'ca (Sot,} '.ftii>.ti, fmooth, Bixn, ulheath; a genua of Compolitoi. 
Otaa'seus CF.nt.) i/aii,, the whole? 
Omlirla (Foa, Zool.) ifjBfii, » (bower of rain ; a name formerly applied 

to foflil Sea-urchins, fitppoled to have fallen ftom heaven in Ihowera. 
Ombrophy'tmn (Bot.) iftSftt, a Ihovrer of rain, •finh, a plant; a genus 

of Balanophoracea, 
^^m Omi'a (Ent.) ii^i's, a piojeftion as of a wing or Ihoolder. 
^^h Oni'aa (Ent.) &M»r, broad-lhouldered ; a genus of Coleoplera. 
^^H Omlcrana'lia (Ent.) ■ nix/ii, the little o ; the winga are marked ivitli 

^H Om: 

Omio'doB (Ent ) refemliling the genus Omia. 
Ommaatre'plies (Zool.) i^f^a, the eye, * 

34-8 OMM — ONC 

Ommato'dium (Bot.) o/Ajua,-aTOf, an eye, tt^ost like; a genus of 

Ommatoph'ora ) 

Ommatopho'rlda; ^^""^ ""'*"''• ''^"' ^"''" '° '^"^- 
Omoe'a (Bot.) Sfxaiosf refembling; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Omo'plllus (Ent.) ofjLo^><oioSi bark-like ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Omopliro'nides (Ent.) o/t*9^p«», agreeing, united ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ompbalandria (Bot.) ofA^ecXof, a dimple, avvpt a*^;, a male (piftil^ ; a 

genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Omphalea (Bot.) ifji<pet\os, the navel ; having umbilicated anthers. 
Omphalia (Bot.) ofApakif, a navel, from the depreflion in the centre of 

pileus ; a genus of Fungi. 
Omphali'dium (Bot.) Oft^aXo;, a navel, iJie^, likeneis, from the many 

cavities ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Omplia'lium (Bot.) ofjt,p»\is^ a navel ; from the form of the fruit ; a genus 

of Boraginacex. 
Omphalo 1)1111X1 (Bot.) ofjtpaXas, the navel, Xo/Stfj, a pod. 
Omphaloca'rpum (Bot.) ofApaXiiy a navel, xeifnisi fruit; a genus of 

Omphaloca'ryon (Bot.) o/x<paXisi a knob or lop, xa^v, a nut ; a genusof 

Omphaloco'cca (Bot.) OfApuKosy a knob, xixxos, a berry or kernel ; a 

genus of Verbenaceae. 
Omphalo'des (Bot.) IfxpaXoi, a navel, iT^o;, like, referring to the feeds ; 

a genus of Boraginaceae. 
Omplialoperta (Zool.) IfxpuXos^ the navel, viXm, a light fhield ; a genus 

of Infufbria. 
Omphalo'pliora (Bot.) o/xpaXos^ a knob, 4>t^, to carry; a genus of 

Omplialospo'ra (Bot.) o/u^aXo'c, a knob, c-vofog, feed ; a genus of 

Omphalostig'ma (Bot.) ofApecXof^ a knob, erriyfxu^ a mark or fpot 

(ftigma) ; a genus of Gentianaceas. 
O'nagra (Bot.) named from the wild afs (01*0; <ty^(«;) probably because it 

was thought to feed on the plant ; a genus now included in CEnothera. 
Ouagra'cesB (Bot.) the natural family of plants of which Onagra is (or 

rather was) the type ; the Fuchfia family. 
On'chus (Fos. Zool.) oyiMf , bent or hooked ; applied by Agafliz to a genus 

of fo/fil Fifhes. 

I Onaid'lum (Bat.) Jyxiim, a little tubercle : plants lielonging to this 
genui have WBTtA, tumourA, or other eEcr?nxnces at the biiie of the 
labcllumi > genua of Orchidaceir. 
Onclne'tna (Bot.) gj-sst, a hook, tc/tx, a fUameni ; u genu> of Aadt- 

On'olnua (Bot.) o/iint, a hook ; a, genus of Myrainacei;. 

Oncoby'rsa (Bot ) oj^cu. i hook, Sipm, a hide, a Iheath ; a genus of 

Onao'cara (Ent.) iyioi, a mars, ai^uf, a horn ; the malei hare a mafi of 

fcalei at the bafe of the anteuDie. 
Oncagai'stra (Bot.) ^yxn, a hook, yrc^rT^f, belly ; a genua of Gefonacei!. 
Oncome'ra (Bnt.) °7uii a tuirour, unpSs, the thigh ; a genu of Coleo- 

OnoO'phorua (Bot.) o>i«;, a hook, •pifit, lo carr7 ; a genui of Mufci. 
Onoorhl'aiiB (Ent.) !)-iiM, a tumour, ^ri. the fnout; a geniu of HymeDo- 


I hook, fvyx'i- 

beak; : 

Onoorhy'nchn.s (Bot.j 

OncoBperma (Bot.) cym, a hook, tui^ft*. feed ; a genus of Palmz. 
Oncoaphe'nla (Zool.) oyxss, a hook, cfii, a wetlge; a geuui 

Oucospo'nun (Bot.) e>»(, a hook,iTng^r, leed ; a genus of Pittorpora 
OnoOBte'mnm (Bot.) c>...(, a hook, rrif^m, the Greek form of Hare 

a genus of Myllinacti. 
Onoosty'iiB (Bot.) zyx„. a hook, nC;u., a pillar (Dylt); a genu 

Cyperacex. " 

OncotyluB (Bot.) o)'ic(, a hook, uriXn, a cup ; a genus of Algie. 
On'oua (Bot.) i}-U(, a hook ; a genus iif Liliacex. 
Oneillia (BoL) P. N. in honour of Mr. 0-Ndll; a genus of Alga. 
OulollOgB'lea. (Zool.) Stuf, imx,'!. a lull or claw, gaUa, a helmet. 
r Onion (Bot.) from Fr. oigiuin, which perhaps from mui, one, the root 

having no offsets. 
K'OoiH'cua (Zool.) iiiVmc, the wDoJ-loule. 

lObro'ina (Bot.) Un, an afi, e/£|Kc, food ; alles are fond of it. 
EOiiDbry'ohia (Bot.) Un, an afi, 6fiK^, lo gnawj in alluhon to the fond- 
aeii of cattle for thefe planu ( Saint-foin ; a genus of Leguminofu!. 
Mbl'lue (Hot.) Ins, an als, x'^Xt- a lip ; formerly applied to the 

Konoole'a (Bot.) ini, a teOel, hXmi, to enchife ; a genus of Filice*. 


350 OyO — OPA 

Onocro'talusCOrnith.)3vof,an afs, zporaXov^ a creaking; applied by Pliny 

to a marfti- bird, which was thought to bray like an afs, perhaps the 

Ono'nis (Bot.) hos, an afs, ovoufxi, to delight ; Reft-harrow ; a genus of 

Ooiopix (Bot.) ovdjrwjof was the name of fome unknown plant mentioned 

by Theophraftus ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Onopoj/dum (Bot.J ovaj, an afs, wip^ofxeu, pedere ; the Cotton-thiftle ; a 

genus of Compofitas. 
Ono'pteris (Bot.) literally «* afles'-fem," from pvoy, an afs, wT*^»f, fern ; a 

genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Onos'ma (Bot.) ovoj, an afs, oy/u^, fmell, from the fuppofition that thefe 

plants are grateful to that animal ; a genus of Boraginace®. 
Onosmo'dium (Bot.) the genus Onofma^ iT^as, likenefs. 
Ontho'phagUS (Ent.) l^^oi^ dung, <|)ay«, to eat ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ontho'philus (Ent.) h^oi^ dung, «j)txe'«, to love ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ony^cliium (Bot.) ow^-uxos^ a claw ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Onycliius-a-um (Zool.) Lat. (haped like a little claw. 
Onyohogna'fchus (Ornith.) ovw^-o;^oj, a claw, yy«9of, the jaw. 
Onyollo'phis(Zool.)ovy^-i/;^oj,a claWjS^xf , a fnake ; the Claw-headed fnake. 
Onyohoteu'thidBB) r3>y^, a claw,Tiy9»f,a cuttle-fi(h; a family 

Ouychoteu'thia > t and genus of MoUufca. 

Onyohothe'rium (Fos. Zool.) ow^-uxos, a claw, flng/ov, a beaft ; a genus 

of foflll Mammalia. 
Ony'gena (Bot,) o»y^, a hoof, yhosy ofiTpring ; an exotic fungus found on 

buffaloes' horns. 
Cbsardium (Bot.) a genus of Defmidieae. 

Ooce'phalus (Bot.) «3», an egg, HtpaXti, head ; a genus of Labiatae. 
Oooli'nium (Bot.) ae'v, an egg-(haped cavity, xXivn a couch ; a genus of 

Oooo'cca(Bot.) woy,an egg ((hape) «o««<9j,a beny ; a genus of Sapindacea?.. 
Oodes (Ent.) Soi^tis, egg-like, oval ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ooli'tes (Fos. Zool.) aJov, an egg, xi&os, a (lone ; foflfil eggs. 
Oology (Ornith.) »ov. an egg, koyos, difcourfe. 

Oomorphus (Ent.) iiv, an egg, fxcfpn, (hape ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oonops (Ent.) «9v, an egg, o)-\>, the face. 
Opa'dia (Ent.) Inahs^ an attendant ; always flying with other fpecies. 

opalus, the opal, a gem ; from the various (hades 

OpaWUa I (p^^^ ( 
Ovallza'lia > C 

Opaliza'lia J C ^f colour on the wings. 

OperouU'ua (Bo!.) '/"nuliM, a lid; n genui of Convolvuliiceie, 

Oper'oulum (Zool., flot.) Lm, a cover or lid. In Zoology, applied to thr 
Cik-jreous oi homy mouth-coverinp: of fonie mollufci; in Botany, 
chiefly applied to the lid covering the theca of moiles. 

Ope'tlOla (Eot.) o.b'hii., a litUe awl ; a genua of Cyperaces. 

OpetiorhT'aahiis (Zool.) Mr-n, an a.vt\, ^uyx"-: ^ '>i»ut- 

Ophe'llft (Bol.) P. N., a genus of Gcntianace^. 

OpllBli'mua (Ent.) Sfii^ii, to increafe. 

O'phelus ( Bot.) i^piXit, helpful; a genu« of Sterculiacen. 

Ophi'ala (Bot.) dim. ffom o^iif, a icrpent; a genui of OphiaglolliceBE. 

Ophi'dares » 


Opbl'dla (ZooL) it»f, a ferpent,irlif,foTm or Ihape; an order of Reptiles. 

Ophldl'na (Iclith.) lf.t, a ferpent, with baa. term. ; a family of elongated 

a ferpeot, iiin, the neck. 

Ophl'dioida (Ichth.) !?w, a I'erpent, iHs,, likencli; the Snake-likv 

Ophl'dion (IchthO »'*'*■". a Uttle fnake ; one of the Vipe-filhcs. 
Opbi'dilimtlciith.) Jp<(,afeipEnt,ir3.r, likeneTsi a geous of Snafce-like 

Ophlooa'ryoa (Bot.) o^it, a fnake, nifut,. u nut ; a genus of Sapindacex. 
Ophioao'ma(Zool.) !+i{, a ferpent, i.if«»,hair; [he Britile-ftarB. 
OpMode'raia (Bot.) n^i, a fnake, ii^jus, Ikin; agmns of Ophioglodaccn, 
Ophio'dee (Ent.) ijut, a ferpent, iri«, appearance. 
Oplllogloaaa'cetB (Dot.) the natural order of plants of which afhisgkjfi^m 

ia the type ; the AddeiVtongue family. 
Ophiogloa Bum ( Bot.) if i[, a ferpent, yiij-Tn, a tongue ; Adder'n-tongue ; 

I a genus of Filices. 

Optaiosram'ma (Ent.) ipn, a fnake, x^mmi'i a line. 
Ophio'logy (Zool.) I^u, a lerpeni, >i}.if, a dtfcourli!; equivalent lo 
Herpetology . 
Ophlo'phagua (Zool.) i.^if, a ferpent, ^liyu, to eat. 
Opblopo'gOIl (Bot.) sfi(. a ferpent, ■wtr/^t, a beard. 
O'pblops (Zool.) .;,;, a ferpent, i|, reli-mliUnce \ a gf um «A ^jfjOKvi- 

35 » OPH -— OPH 

Ophio'pteris (Bot.) o^*?, fnake, it-nfM, fern; a genus of Polypodioid 

Ophiorrhi'za (Bot.) *4>»f , a ferpent, ^'/{«, a root ; Snake-root ; a genus of 

Ophioscor'odon (Bot.) o4>jo-<rxo^3o», or Wild garlic of Diofcorides. 
Ophiospe'rma (Bot.) a^i. fnake, a-niffxety feed ; a genus of Myrfinacete. 
Ophiosta'cbys (Bot.) o^i?, a fnake, a^etxys^ a bunch (fpike) ; a genus of 

Ophio'zylon (Bot.) «^tf, a ferpent, ^uXav, wood ; becaufe it has a twifted 
root and (lems ; or, as fome think, becaufe fuppofed to be an antidote 
to ferpents' bites ; a genus of Apocynaceae. 
Ophlsau'rus (Zool.) ^^x^ , a ferpent, g^euipaf, a lizard ; the Glafs>fnake ; a 

genus of Reptilia. 
Ophispe'rmum (Bot.) o^x^, a fnake, o-wi^fAOj feed ; a genus of Aqui- 

Ophister'non (Ichth.) o^ist a ferpent, a-riftoft the bread ; a genus of 

Serpentiform Fifties, 
OpWsu'rapliis (Ichth.) opuy a ferpent, otJ^«, tail, p«t^Sy a needle-fliai>ed 

Ophisu'ridSBi ^t t, l > ( * family and fub-family of Eel-like Filbes, of 
Opliisuri'nsBr 1 which Ophifurus is the type. 

Ophisu'rus (Ichth.) oft;, a ferpent, ot^^a, a tail ; a genus of Serpentiform 

Apodal Fifties. 
Ophi'tes (Zool.) l^tTftSy like a ferpent ; a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 

^o^iiy a fnake, ov^a^ a tail, fo named from the long 
Ophiu'ra > \ ferpent or worm-like arms, which are appended 

Ophiu'ridse) ^ *^ >^y to their round, deprefled, urchin-like bodies; 

^ a genus and family of Echinodermata. 
Ophiu'rUA (Bot.) «i>i$, a ferpent, (Zfx a tail ; a genus of Gramina. 
Ophryoscle'ria (Bot.) o^^y?, a margin, axXnpoff hard ; a genus of 

Ophryospo'rus (Bot.) O'ppvs^ a margin, a-wop^if feed ; a genus of Com- 

Oph'rys (Bot.) o^pus^ an eyebrow ; referring to fringe of inner iepals ; a 
genus of terredrial Orchidaceae, including the Bee and the Fly orchis. 
Ophthalmi'dium (Bot.) 04>daX/u0$, an eye, i72of, likenefs ; from the eye- 
like fructification ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Ophthalmo'bium (Zool.) op&aXfAi;, an eye, ^.0a>, to live ; fpecific name 
of a parafitc found in the capfule of the eye. 

OF! - 



O'pilaa (Ent.J etymology unknown ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Opiathoocella (Fos. ZooL) iiu&%, behinJ, x»i.i,. hollow; vcrlibta con- 
cave behind, convex or flat in front. 
OpUtha'camllS (Omith.) i<r»9i, behind, MfUn, a lock of hair; having 

certain elongated featheis forming a creft which bends hackwardB. 
Opisthoglo'saa (Zool.) SwirSi, behind, j'^Srra, tongue; applied to certain 

Batracbians with a tongue adherent in front and more or leTi free 

Opium (Bot.) iris, fap or juice : it wai called byDiafcDrides,^niii>is; im;, 

juice of the Poppy, 
Opll'amanua (Bot.) iwXi^filyK. part, of«, to make ready ; a genat 

of Grdmina. 
Oplothfl'ca (Bot.) SuMf, armour, 8n«, a (heath. 
Opo'puiaz (Bot.) iin-«^»|, mentioned by Diofcotides and Plinf, from 

iirac,juice,/aiiuc, the plant yielding it; a genus of UmbelliferK. 
Oporabla (Ent.) iw^fn, autumn, flit;, Ufa ; a genus of Lepidoplera. 
Oporan'Uiaa(Bot.) ii«^, autumn, aBJj{, flower; agenuiofAmaryllidac™. 
Opo'rina (Ent.) iwm/it, the autumn, from the time of its appearance ; i 

genus of Lepidoptera. 
OpOTi'nialBot.) Jritroic, autumnal; alluding to its time of flowering; a 

gcnui of Compofits. 
OpQBpe'rmum (Bot.) Jiij, juice, inufli«, ftcd ; a gvnus of AlgK. 
Opoa'tega (Ent.) S+, the face, iTiyw, a roof; alluding to the large eye- 
caps ; a gimus of lepidoptera. 
Opaa'rion (Ichtk) i4^fM, a little filh. 

Opalan'thUfl (Bot.) £+, the eye, a.fl).-, Hower ; u genui of Onagraceie. 
O'puluB (But.) deiivation doubtful ; Ipecilic name of the GudJel-role, 

Viburnum Ofutai. 
Opim'tis (Bot.) it was plentiful near Ofui (gen. O/m^i-V}, a city of l.ocrl* ; 

now applied to a gcnui of Ca^ceie. 
Opuntia'oBEB (Bot.) the family of plants of which Ofmntiu is (or lathet 

was) the type; the Indian-fig lamily. 

on the forewings. 

iMi'thus (!■"■ lehth.) >> 

riOnmge (Bot.) altered from LttI'm 
I reference to iln colour. 

[• Ora'na-outaii (Zool.) the Mala 
"Man altUe woods." 

r, hiUy, i 

a fpine 

of lam 

354 ^^^ — ^^^ 

Or'bea (Bot.) orhist an orb ; alluding to the flowers. 

Orbi'cula (Zool.) Lat. a little orb ; a genus of Mollufca. 

Orbicula'ris-e (Zool.) Lat. of rounded form. 

Orbiculi'na (Zool.) orbicutus^ a fmall orb or diAc ; a genus of living and 

foflil Foraminifera. 
Orbig'nya (Bot.) ^ P. N. in honour of the late celebrated French 

Orbignya'nus (Zool) \ naturalift, M, D'Orhigny ; in Bot. a genus of 
Orbigny'ia (Zool.) j Palmae. 
Orbo'na (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs of parents who had loft their 

Orchesis (Ent.) of^nv^u dancing ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Orche'stes (Ent.) hfxinvrns^ a dancer ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Orchida'cesB (Bot.) the Orchis family of plants. 

Orchi'dium (Bot.) o^;^iJ*o», dim. of o/);^*y, teJHs; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Orchidoca'rpum (Bot.) orchis, and xafvis, fruit ; orchis-fruited ; a genus 

of Anonacese. 
Orchidofa'nkia (Bot.) compounded of Orchis and Funkia (a beautiful 

genus of Liliacez,) because it resembles both ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Orchipe'da (Bot.) orchis ; pes, pedis y a foot ; a genus of Apocynacese. 
Orchipe'dum (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Or'chis (Bot.) of-xis^tejiis ; from the (hape in fome roots of terredrial fpecies ; 

typical genus of Nat. Ord. Orchidacea?. 
Ore'ades (Bot.) P. N., a peculiar tribe of nymphs in Grecian mythology ; 

fpeclHc name of a fungus, Agaricus Oreades ; from its habit of growing 

in regular rings, popularly confidered fairy rings. 
Orea'nthes (Bot.) literally « or^aj- flowered ; " a genus of Vacciniaceac. 
O'resis (Bot.) P. N., an Oread, or Mountain- nymph ; a genus of Cnici- 

fera j alfo, in Zoology, a genus of Mammalia. 
Oreotocheilus (Ent.) o^ixTAf, ftretched out, ;^iTAof, lip; a genus of 

Oregu'ra (Bot.) o^sy*;, to ftretch out, ovf«, tail ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Oreo'bolus (Bot.) literally *' mountain-fpread," from a^aj, mountain, and 

^«xx», to throw at ; a genus of Gramina. 
Qreoca'llis (Bot.) literally "mountain-beauty,** from o^cy, mountain, 

»«XXo;, beauty ; a genus of Proteaceae. 
Oreo'charis (Bot.) a;>o?, mountain, ;^«^tf, grace or beauty ; a genus of 

Oreochlo'a (Bot.) o^o;, mountain, ;^Xfl«, grafs ; Mountain-grafs ; a genus 
of Gramina. 

Oreoda'phne (Bot.) literally '' mountain-laurel," from !; 

ii^tn, a laurel ; a genas of LauracoK. 
Oreodo'ia fBot.) ifii, mountain, lifa, Cfedit ; a genus of Palmie. 
Oraoga'um (Bot.) g;gi. mountain, and C.'uin; a genua of Rofaceix. 
OreoiGs (Ornith.) Eftc, a chain ot hills, linlsi. to inhabit. 
Oraomyr'rllia (Bot.) !;«, mountain, and Jlf^rMu, agenusof tlmbellifen. 
Oreo'phila (Bot.l Jfoi, mountain, ^ain, to love; a genus of CompofitsB. 
Oreo 'phylax (Bot.) o^t, mountain, ^Jkaf, a guardian; a genus of Gen. 

Orea'pteriB (Bot.) iftc, a mountain, irTi^s, a fern ; Sweet mountain-fern, 

or " Oreadi' fern i " fpecific name of the Afpidium OriaftirL, 
Oreopj'raCOmith.)api.(, a mountain, ni;^, fire; a genus of Humming-birdB. 
OraOHcla'dluin (Bot.) ip^i, mountain, sxt£iKtt, an umbrella or paralbl, 

metaphorical I jr an umbel ; a genus of Umbellifenc. 
Oreoaeli'num (Bot.) "mountain-pariley," from J^ai, a mountain, si j.;'m, 

porlley ; a genus of Umbellifera, 
OreOHe'lia (Bot.) i^s;, mountain, ri^n, endive ; a genu) of CompoGtft. 
OreoBple'nlum (Bot.) i^t, mountain, «*><;<tn, rpleeowort j a g/aua of 

Orealhran'pla (Omith.) S/tt, a mountain, S^win't, s tittle bird tike the 

goldfinch; a genus of Tanagen. 
Oreotra'gos (Zool.) t^;, a mountain, T^ijH;, a he-goat. 
Oraotro'oMlua (Ornith.) ifoj, a mountain, trnchilui, a humming-bird ; 

Mountain Hnmming-bird. 
Orga'nica (Omith.) this name was giren by Mr. Gould from the refem- 

blance of the bird's note to " the founds of a haid-argan out of lune." 
Or'eanum (ZooLj arranged like the pipes of an ir^M. 
Oi^i'n (Ent.) l^ui^, the outltretched arm ; from the infcft's habit of 

extending the fois feet ; a gcnui of Lcpidopteta. 
Oriba'UdS (ZooL) i^i,-, a paling, giTit, walking; a family of Arachnida: 

the Wond-mitcB. 
Oria'anum (Bot.) ifat, a mountain, j^«t, delight, referring to its habi- 

Itation and odour; Marjoram; a genus of aromatic I^hiatz. 
Orioli'nEB (Orn:ih.) a Tub-family of [nceObres, of whicli •HtJui is the 
typical genus. 
Orl'oluH (Omith.) Litiniied form of Orhir, which was probably given in 
imitation of the bird's cry, 
Orion (Ent.) P. N., the handfomeft hunter of hi* race, (Hum. OJyd; v. 
iii.feq,); tJKcific name of a butterfly. 

356 ORI — ORN 


Ozittxy'ia (2kx>L) P. N., daughter of Erechtheus ; a genus of Cruflacea. 
Or'iuin (Bot.) 0^0*, a little hill, where it is chiefly found ; a genus of Cm- 

Or^enis (Bot.) offtiMf, a ftem or (talk ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Ormi'scus (Bot.) iffxU»9fi ^ finall necklace; a genus of Crucifere. 
Ormpoar'pus (Bot.) o^^o; , a necklace ; xa^nisy fruit. 
Ormosoia'dium (Bot.) op/uA^, a necklace or collar ; a^»^£^v^y an umbrella ; 

(metaphorically) an umbel ; a genus of Umbelliferae. 
Ormo'sia (Bot.) Sjp/uo;, a necklace, feeds were worn in necklaces ; a genus 

of tropical Leguminoiie. 
Ormosole'nla (Bot.) literally a <* grooved necklace," from offMs^ a neck- 
lace, ffnXn*, a channel ; a genus of Umbelliferae. 
Oni^ta'lis (£nt.) omatus, part, of omo, to adorn. 
Omatis'simus-a-uin (Zool.) Lat, fuperl. very much adorned. 
Oma'tus<a-um (£nt., Bot.) Lot, adorned ; e.g,^ Lupinus ornatus, 
Omithicli'nites (Fos. Ichth.) opuf-lBos, a bird, and tx*oft a foot-print ; 

fofni Bird-fbot-prints. 
Omithiolinology (Fos. Zool.) o/»«f-»flof, a bird, ?;^»»f, a foot-print, xiy^t, 

a difcourfe ; the fcience of follil footmarks of Birds. 
Pnxithid'ium (Bot.) o^is-iOos, a bird, iT^a;, likenefs; the upper lip of the 

fligma is beak-like. 
Omithoceph'alus (Bot.) ofus-t6os, a bird, nt^ecXn^ a head. 
Omithoohilus (Bot.) opw^-ido;, a bird, x^^^-^f* ^ ^^k ; a genus of Orchi- 

Onuthogalum (Bot.) l^vis-iBoty a bird,)'axa, milk; the Starof Bethkhein. 
OmithOglOS sum (Bot.) ofvu'iQo;, a bird, ykZe-ca, a tongue. 
Omithoi'des (Zool.) opns-i&cs, a bird, tJlog, likenefs. 
OrzUtholi'tes (Fos. Zool.) offvis-idos, a bird, kiQost (lone ; a general term 

applied to foflil Birds. 
O^tliology (Ornith.) ofnus-iBos^ a bird, koyog^ a difcourfe ; the Sciencf 

of Birds. 
Omithoptera'Us (Ent.) opunQog^ a bird, wripn, a wing. 
Omi'thopus (3ot.) ofing tdo;, a bird, vovf^ a foot ; claw-like pods ; a genus 

of Leguminofse. 
Omithorhynchi'iia (Zool.) opyij-tfl*?, a bird, fuyx^s^ ^ beak. 
Omithorhyn'OUS-a-um (Bot.) o^ns-tBosy a bird, fvyx^Si a beak ; having 

the form of a bird's beak ; the Duck-billed Platypus. 
Omiihozan'thum (Bot.) »^wf-<d«{, ^ t^ird, f«vd^f, yellow ; a genus of L.ili- 


Or'nis (Ent.) afm, a bird ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Or'mxs (Bot.) Lot. the Afh-tree ; tlie Manna-alb ; a genua of Nat. Ord. 

Orobanoha'ceffi (Eot.) the family of plants o^ which Orobanikr is the 

type; the Broom-rape family. 
Oroban'olie (Bot.) J/nSif, a kind of vetch, iyx"- *° ftrangle, heaaSk it 

chokes or (Iranglet the Orabui ; the Broom-rape ; typical geoiu of the 

parafitic order Orobanchacea;. 
Orobl'tla (Ent.) feeding on the vetch (Oraiia); a g;ima> of Coleoptera. 
O'robUB (Bot.) !^if, the bitter vetch; O. tuberolbs is luppoled to be the 

Chara mentioned in Cilar't Commentaries, on which, mined with 

milk, the foldiers of Valciius' aiTOy fiibfifted during a frarcity of bread. 
OTodUB (Fos. Omith.) w^>ric, beautiful, i)»f, a tooth; a beautiful genus 

of foUil ri(h-;eeth. 
Oroutia'oeffl (Bot.) the Swcel-flag family, of which OrmlinB, is the type. 
Oron'Uuin (Bot.) a Greek name adopted by LinniEUs; typical genus of 

the Nat. Ord. OiontiaceSB. 
Orope'tlum (Bot.) ifi;, mountain, frfo, to trnrel to; a genua of Gramina. 
Oro'phanea (Bot.) J{»f. mountain,, Lrig^Unels i a genus of EricaceiB. 
Oro'pbea (Hot.) g(e«ii, a roof-tree ; a genus of Anonaceie. 
OroBta'chya (Bot.) i^j, mount^n, nifyi, a bunch, (fpike) ; a genus of 

Oro'syluln (Bot.) " mountain-iirood," from J^w, mountain,, wood ; a 


, of Eigi 

Or'ria-root (Bot.) i. c. Iru-zoot, {Ira Fhrallna.) 
Orsoda'cna(Ent.);fT'J-"">a''»'^eufed by Arillotie foraniniiiO w 

eats the buds of pbnts ; a gemis of Culeoptera. 
Orte'gia (Bot. J P. N. in honour of C. G. Jr Orlrga, a Spanilh botaniO. 
OrthaSoria'olB (Ichth.) i^ayof/a-uif, a fiicking-pig ; the Sun-filh. 
Ortban'thera (Bot.).={fiij, ftralght, kiSh^i, flowety ; a genus of A 


Or'tbls I 2^^| (J^i,-, ftraight ; genera of fortil Bivalves, occut- 

OrthiBi'nal " ■> \ ^^^ ^jy [„ palajoioic ilrata. 

Orthocan'tbuB (Kos. Zool.) ijBis, (ira.ighl, £jis>eii, a fpine ; a genui of 

folTil Fin-fplnes. 
Orthocarp»'a(Bot.)8^«,ftialght,««(«i(, fruit; agenu»of SterculiaceH!. 
OrtbOoa'rpQB (Bot.) fame derivation; a genus of ScrophnlariaceB. 
OrLboce'ntrnm (Bot.) ((flit, ftraightj kIit^i, a prickle ; agenosofCom- 

55 8 ORT 

Ortho'ceras (Bot.) If&is^ (Iraight, Kifttti a horn. 

OliihochsB'tes (£nt.) Ifiis^ flraight, ;t;^/Ti}, bridle ; a genus of Coleopteia. 

Ortho'clada (Bot.) opflj?, ftraight, xXaios, a (hoot or young branch ; a ge- 
nus of Gramina. 

Ortho'danmn (Bot.) l^Gogf flraight, ^ay«f , dry, parched ; a genus of JLegu- 

Or'thodon (Bot.) 0^0;, flraight, o)ot;;, oiivros^ tooth ; a genus of Bryoid 

Orthodo'ntium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 

Ortho'genys (Omith.) tp&af^ ftraight, yl»yf , the jaw ; a genus of Tanagers. 

Orthognat'tus (ZooL) ofiie, upright, ytmBog, the jaw. 

Orthogo'nius (£nt.) ofOo-ywiot^ rectangular. 

Orthogram'ma (£nt.) 0^0;, ftraight, ypafAfAXy a marking. 

Orthono'tus (Fos. Zool.) ipBog^ ftraight, vwto;, the back ; alio a genus of 

Ortho'penis (Ent.) ipQot, ftraight, vif^s^ an extremity; a genus of 

Orthoplo'oesB (Bot.) ifBig^ ftraight, wXc»>», a web ; the cotyledons con- 
duplicate, or longitudinally folded ; a feOion of the Cruciferse. 

Orthopo'gon (Bot.) op6«ff, ftraight, iraSywK, a beard. 

Orthopt'era (Ent.) ofQig, ftraight, vripov, a wing. 

Orthop/xis (Bot.) o^tfci ftraight, wt/ftV, a box ; a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 

Orthora'phium (Bot.) ipQof, ftraight, /«f i^y, dim. of pa^is, a needle ; a 
genus of Gramina. 

Orthorhyn'cus (Omith.) opBit^ ftraight, fuyx^^i a beak; a genus of 

Hummi ng-birds. 
Ortho'sia (Bot.) Ifiuo'ity ftraightness ; a genus of Afclepiadacex. 
Ortho'sia \ f P. N., a surname of Diana. Pind. Olymp : iii. 

Orthosildse ) < 54' ; a genus and family of Lepidoptera. 

Orthosi'phon (Bot.) If^ti ftraight, ffi^m^ a tube ; a genus of Labiata?. 
Orthospo'rum (Bot.) o^aj, ftraight, <r»oV0C, feed ; a genus of Chenopodi- 

Orthoste'mon (Bot ) o/ifl^j , ftraight, yTi»/*«», a fpindle (ftamen) ; a genus 

of Gentlanace«. 
Orthotsa'nia (Ent.) ofda;, ftraight, ratv/a, a band ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Orthote'lia (Ent.) 0^0;, ftiaight, Tf^0(, an end ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Orthothe'ca (Bot.) o^0«, ftraight, Bn^m, a (heath ; a genus of Bryoid Mufci , 
Orfhothe'oiuZD (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Sterculiaceae. 
Orthotomos (Omith.) IpUst ftraight, to/ud', a cutting ; the Taibr-bird. 

I Ortho'triahum (Bot.) t^^i, nxiight.ifi^^-tfix't.biiti a genas of Mufci. 
' Ortho'tropla (Bot.)"{S<t,(baight,Tjiir»,to torn; a gcnusof Leguminofa'. 
Orthroaan'tliUB (Bot.) i/Bfac, morning, iiflo;, a flower. 
Or'tolan (Oraitb.) Fr. crlnl/mi Ilal. arlulam; from Aortuiaiiui, relating to 

gardens, which ic frequents; 
Ortygome'tra (Oraith.) ^ref i 
of the quails," applied by 
Or'tyx (Omith,) «Tuf. a quai! ; a genm of American Bii-ds, rclaleil lu i 

partridge ; the Colins. 
Orvala C^ot.) f ran*, orvalr, the herb Clary ; Ipi-citic name of a fpiTies 

Dead-nettle, Lamium Orvula. 
Oryohophra'gnitt (Bot.l J[tJ, a pickaxe, ^fiyfta, protcflion ; a genu* 

mmon name of the Embe riza icriuLma. 
, a quail, fiiiTii/i, mother; "the mother 
■jflsllf; AUrnvauJui and others to the 

Oryoter'OpUB (Zool.) i^unrnf, a itiggcr, b^i, a foot ; anti-lope-lboled ; J 

genus of Mammalia. 
Ory'oterothe'rium JFos. Zool ) ifunii, dug up, Bn^i'ei, a bead. 
Oryo'tams (Zool.) J;B>iTn^ a digger; a genua of Rats, 
Ory'otes (Ent.) jjuimt, a digger; a genua of Coleoptera. 
Ory'otU (jEnt.) t/innn, a digger ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oryoto'logy (Foe. ZooL) Simnisydug up, Aiyic, a dilcourfet the scienci 

of Extinct animaLi ; almolt displaced by Palsontalogy, j. k. 
OtyaiO' fEnt.) I. r. eater, ('pdyi, to eatl of the beetle Orycin ; 

fpec. name of Scolia orjiffspia^j, a fafiorial hymenopteious InfrO. 
Ory'gia (Bot.) Jjuyii, a digging; a genus of Mefembryaraa. 
Oryx (Zool.) ifii^, a gazelle or antelope, from isitair, to dig up, on accouni 

of its pointed horui. 
Ory'aa (Bot.) Lai. rice; A,„i. Oruii Gy,,t, ijij;^; the rice plant; a 

genus of Cereal gtafles, 
OryziVorua-a-um (Oniith.) Lul, rice-eating, f.g. Dolirljonyx ciyiivart:. 
OryBOp'aia (Hot.) nr^zj, rice, jj'ili appearance ; rice-like. 
Orjzor'nis [Omilh.) Ip^a, the rite plant, (which from Arab, onii) Sfti: 

I bird; the Rict-bird; a genua of Paifcres. 

DBbe'olcia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of P. OJh^t, a SweiliOi rleTg)-man am 
naturallfl ; a genus of MelaDomaces:. 
Oioilla'ria (Bot.) .yJv-y™, a fwlng ; a gvnus of Algie. 
OBOillato'ria (Bot.) plants hulng an ifii/talti^ or I winging motion; i 
genua of Algi?. 
OlOUUfer (Zool.) Lai. hiving a Utile mouth, 

36o 057 — OST 

Osi'ris (Ent.) P. N., an Egyptian divinity ; a genus of Hymeaoptaa. 
Osmade^nia (Bot.) ixfA^y fragrance, a^ht, a gland; a genus of Com- 

Osma'nthus (Bot.) or/un, fragrance, &t6os, a flower; a genus of Oleaceas. 
Osmeroi'des (Fos. Ichth.) «(r/un^?, the fmelt,and §T^9s, iikenefs ; a genus 

of fofCl FiOies of the chalk, £6 named from their reiemblance to tlie 

Osme'rus (Ichth.) o<r/t*jJg»>f, fweet-fmelling ; the Snielt. 
Osmi'tes (Bot.) oa-f^n^ perfume ; it has a flrong fmell of Camphor. 
Osmo'phytum (Bot.) oa-fA^, fragrance, <pvrov, a plant ; a genus of Orchi- 

Osmorrhi'za (Bot.) ea-fx^, fragrance, fi^a, root ; a genus of UmbelUferse. 
OsmoBole'ria (Bot.) oo-fjtn, fragrance, &xkvf9s, hard ; a genus of Gramina. 
Osmotha'mnus (Bot.) oa-f^^, fragrance, QeifAyiost a fhtub; a genss of 

Osmun'da ) ((^<»*') Ofmund, (Irength; a genus and fiunily 

Osmunda'oesB) ' ( ofFilices. 

Osmunda'ria (Bot.) having ibme reiemblance to the Flowerin^-fem 

or Ofmunda ; a genus of Algae. 
Osmuoidla (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Algas. 
Osmylus (Ent.) or/uvXof , (Irong-fmelling ; a genus of Neuroptera. 
Osphran'ter (Zool.) oT^^avrnpics^ able to fmell, fharp-fmelling. 
Osphro 'menus (Ichth.) oc-<j>^i/Miv»c, tracking by fmell; the Gourami. 
Ospriospo'rium (Bot.) ta-vfiov, puhe (fhaped), ffvo^as^ feed ; a genus of 

O'sseus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. bony; compofed of, or armed with, bone. 
Osteole'pis (Fos. Zool.) o^Tiov, a bone, xiwif, a fcale ; a genus of Ganoid 

Fifhes, fo called from the enamelled bony character of its fcales. 
Osteology (Zool.)»aTiov, a bone. Xeyo,-, a difcourfe; that which treats of 

the bony (Iru^tures of the animals. 
Osteomeles (Bot.) ojtiwy a (lone or kernel of fruit, /uiiXo», an apple ; a 

genus of Ponuicese. 
Osteosper'mum (Bot.) 09-Tioy, a bone, cvipfxa, feed; alluding to the 

hardneis of the feed. 
Osterdy'ckia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cunoniacex. 
Ostracoo'oum (Bot.) oxr^auov, a (hell, kokms, berry; a genus of 

Ostrao'oda (Zool.) o^rpaxov, a (hell ; an order of Entomodraca. 
Ostracode'rma (Bot.) o^Tpaao*, a (hell, ^ff/Mff, (kin ; a genus of Fungi. 

OST — OTO jSf 

Oatra'legua (Oiniih.) ^«a, an oyfter, %», to collect i e.g., Hsematopus 

^ral^..; the Ojflci-catcher, 
Ofl'trea (Zool.) Srtfm, an Dyfler; the OyBei ; a genm of bisalve 

Oatrejefo'rmls-e (Zool.) a/!rcj, an oyrter./i™.'., diape,- oyfter-lhaped. 

Oa'trtoH (Om'th.) FrrtrA, oa/r.t,*;; I^!in,Jinlhh. 

OBtro'pB (flot.) «7mo!ogy unknown i a genm of Fungi. 

O'strya (Bot.) tttfin of Theophraftm, a tiee with very hard wood ; the 

Hop-ho; nbram ; » genua of Corylacei. 
OBtryo'ilitua (Bot.J tha genm qprja, .7J=s, lifcenefs; a genm of Legu- 

Oawa'lcU (Bot.) P. N., a genui of CompoGtR- 

Oayri'oera (Bot.) the genus OJ^rii, and crra, wai; ■ gcnui of Orchi- 

Oa;'ri3 fBot.) !n>fic of Diofcoridei, a fhrtib with dark tough branchei; 

Poets' Cadia ; a genu* of Santalaecz. 
Otaoh'yrlum (Bol.) ^:, vii,-, an ear, f ;gH», hallc ; i gemu of Gramina. 
Otaji'dra (Bot.) olt, iiij, an ear (Ihiped) iii(, irifU. a male (ftamen) ; 

a genua t>{ Oichidacez. 
Otan'thera (But.) tts, intii, an ear (Ihapt^d) Mofft, flowery ; a genua of 

Otan'thus (Bot.) wi, urn, an ear, 3>Be(, a flower; a genm of CompoCtre, 
OU'ria (Zool.) irifii, lar^-eared -, a geniu of Seals wttli external ears. 
Othoa'oB (Bot.) i!l»ii. linen ; alluding to the down; clothing of the 

oiigrnal plant ; a genut of CompolitE. 
Otl'na } ,, ("2;, 4ti(, an ear: a eenua and fiib-familv of 

OUrfn. i <^"''-* { M.ll„r,.. 

Otl'nn (Otnith.) a fub-family of Birda, of which Oi.i is tlie type ; thi- 

OUorhyn'otaua (Enl.) brii', a little ear; fuyx'i' ^ Ix^l'; a genus of 

O'tla (Ornith.) .t.'j, a buftani i a genua of Bu'di. 
OtOOO'rifl (OfOiUi.) t"(, i7«, the ear, nifts, a fprout ; the bird has, above 

the forehead, on each fide, a few elongated feathers, which it has tht 

power of raifing in the foim of a pair of p<»nt«d ears. 
Oto'cyon. (Zool ) s7[, iits, the ear, xiitt, a dog ; the Eared~dog. 
O'toBjrpH (Urnilb.) ■!;, srit, the ear, ya^, fi^iii, a Tulture; a ^nua of 

OtoliO^Ua (Zoul.) w (, viif, ui ear, j^ 


OTO - 


Otop'teriB (Fos. Bat.) wt, >>'Jc, an ear; sTi^it, a (em; slludbg to t 

eaT'lhipn] ptojection with which the bales of their Ie;iflet9 f 

Ot'ter (ZdoL) Anglo-San. a^r; Diich and Grr. sill,; common name o 

Lutra vulgaris. 
0'tnfl(Ornith.)a;;, iiJ(,ancir; the Long-eared Bat. 
Oude'nodon (Fos. Zool.J itiir, none, tiht, a tooth ; the upper as weU ai 

lower jaws being quite Dt neatly without teeth. 
Oimae (Zool.) common name of the Felis aniia ,- Poriu^. mfa; Ital. lont-a, 

i>. Mid,- ;^r. ohm; this laft was formerly written /'mm, and ii.^ 

evidently from n:.£, £a(. ;j»-. 
Ou'tea {Bot.) a Carib name. 
OUTiran dra (Bot ) literally, » water-yam ; " in the Malagafy and Poly- 

nelian languages, ouui means yam, and rano, in the former, fignifie* 

water,— ^.-K. W. Elth.—TVe Lattice-leaf plant. 
Ova'Hs-0 (Zool. Bot.) in/. egg-Uiaped, ova! ; c.^., SphiErium ovalr. 
OTa'tua-a-iim (Zool. Bot.) Lai. ovate, egg-Uiapcd ; r. g., Limna;* 

OMboB (Zool.) ™;r, a (heep, foj, a bull, an ox. 

Orifo'rmia-e (Zool. Bot.) Lai. egg-lhaped. 

O'via (Zool.) i„(, a Iheep. 

Ovo'i dea (Zool.) ™m, an egg, iSik, likenefi ; egg-like. 

0'TUla(Zool.) Lat. a little egg; a genua of Mollufca. 

Ovula'llB (Ent.) dim. of irvum, an egg. 

Q'weni (Zool.) P N. in honour of the celebrated anatomill and 

Profeflbr RUiard 0-wm, F.R.S. 
Owl (Ornilh.) Lai., ulula, the icreech-owl, from ululo, to howl o 

mil and iirw! are eilenlially (he fame words, the young of 

being termed hraileli, as remaiked by Dr. Trench. 
OsEe'a (Ent.) if t'c, fliarp ; a genu; of Hymenopteia. 
Oi'alia (Bot.) •£[!(, Iharp or four, alluding to its qualities, Woi 

typical genua of Oxalidaceie. 
Oxyao tiB (Bot.) »{i(, (harp, buth, ray ; the berries are djfpofed 

the Stat or Bitter-pepper of China. 
Osyan'ttiua (Bot.) .fw, fharp, a.S.t, a flower. 
Oxybaph'ua (Bot.) Jfir, Iharp. S«$», dye. 

Oxylielus (F.nt.) ofuSiXni, Ihaip-pointed ; a genus of Hymenoptt 
Oxycepha'lum (Zool.) (Ju:, iharp, ufii^n, head. 
Ox^e'm (£nt.} ilit, flutp, lifsi, i ham ; a genui of Diptera. 

r (hriek; 
the owl J 

>i -forrel ; 
Itorwire; I 

OXY ~ OZO jS; 

Oxycoc'cos (Bot.) i£u, (harp, acid, mJatit, a beny, fioni die (harp, 
acid tafte of the berries ; the Cranberry ', a genus of Vacdniacuc. 

Oxygna'tllUfi (Ent.) •£«, fliarp, j.y»9j(, the jaw; a genus of Coleoptera. 

0X7101311101 (Bot.) .Jul, Iharp, ItflK, a legume or pod; » genus of 

Oxylo'pbua (Eat.) i^is, Iharp, >.ifn, a crell ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Oxfnas'pis (Zcxil.) tiinu, to fhaqicn, ^m'li n Ihield; a genui of 

Oxyno'pterua (Ent.) ifiJiH, to niaipen, m^, a feather (anCennn). 

Ozyiio'tuB (OrnithO ifui, Oiarp, iSrif, the back ; a genus of LaniadiB. 

Ozyo'mua (Ent.j ^ii. Iharp, ii^ts, the fhoulder ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Oajpe'lalmn (Bot.) efuj, Iharp, »!«?.*., a leaf (petal). 

Oiypo'da (Ent.) tju't, Iharp, (rsCs, mSit, a fool ; a geniii of Coleoptera. 

Oxypo'gon (Omith.) o£ui, (harp, itiyar, a beard ; a gvcus of Huminitig- 

Oiypo'rUB (Ent.) <£il(, lliarp, «i^it, an opening ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oxyrtao'pus (Zool.) i(if-ftiitt, eaCAy turned ; a genu of Colulirine 

Oiyrllyll'ca (Zool.) ^it, Iharp, fiyx"i '>^'< ! > divllion of Cmflacca. 
Oxjrhym'cUB (Omith.) .£w, iharp, fiyx"' * l"**^ i = geoni of Picid*. 
Oiyrhrn'oua-a-um (Ichth.) tj«, (harp, /b^;c''> ' fixMit, '■£■! Monnynin 

Oly'rla (Bot.) »Jw, Iharp ; a genus of Poljrgonaisw ; 0. teniformis i< the 

Mounlain-forrel . 
Oiystel'ma (Bot.) ijit, iharp, ffrixi^a, a crown. 
Cxy'stonia (ZooL, Ent.) ojit, Iharp, itiVk. mouth ; in Zoology, a genua 

of Cruftacea ; in Entomology, a genus of Coleoptera. 
Oxyte'lldte \ ^^ , (■<£«> iharp, TiX«, eitremity ; a family and gtnu« 
Oiy'telUB > ^ 1 of Coleoptera. 

Ozr'tFopiH CBot.) ifuf, (harp, pointed, t^h, a keel; a genus of 

Ozru-'a (Bot.) (JVC, Iharp, gZp, tall ; a genus of Composite. 
Ozyu'ria (Ent.) i|w, /harp, iZ/ai, tall ; a genus of Eotozoa. 
Oyster (Zool.) ^nj/o-Sui, ^ru; io/m,gIr»,- Grr^i,!rrfu 
Olo'nlum (Bot.) s'ftc, a branch ; having branched filaments. 
Oiottaam'nufl (Bot.) I{ii, a branch, ^lijuiN, a Ihrub. 

3^4 ^yiC 


Paohe'tra (£nt.) ir^x^* thick, IrtfOf^ the abdomen ; a genus of Lepido- 

Paohl'ria (Bot.) etymology uncertain ; a genus of Sterculiacei^ 
Baohl'tes (Bot.) 9a%vs, thick ; a genus (A Orchidacese. 
Paohno'bia (Ent.) vax^ny froft, BUg^ life ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Paohnooy'be (Bot.) vAxyfi, hoar-ffoft, »tJj?i», a head. 
Paobycalyz (Bot.) vax^, thick, calyx ; a genus of Ericaceae. 
Pachyoa'rpus (Bot.) itax^i'* thick, xapvis, fruit ; a genus of A^se. 
Paohyoen'tria (Bot.) fretx^fi thick, xirrfotj a prickle ; a genus of Melafto^ 

Paohyoeph'ala (Zool.) ira;^v;, thick, xtptixn, the head ; having a bfoad 

and fliield-fliaped head ; a tribe of Entomoflracous Crudaceans. 
Pachyceph'ala (Ornith.) neix^i, thick, xt^Xn, head ; the Thick-heads of 

Paohychili (Ichth.) ««x*'^» thick, ;tirxoc, lip ; the Thick-lipp^n ; a 

divifion of Cyprinoid Fi flies. 
Pachyohllus (Bot.) irax^> thick, ;^it>0«, a lip ; a genus of Orchidacen. 
Paohycne'mia (£at.) ira;^;> thick, K*nfAfi^ the leg; a genus of Lepido- 
Paohycor'mud (Zool.) 9etx^, thick, xopfMs, a trunk. 
Paohyoor'mus (Fos. Ichth.) wctx^os* thick, xf/tUft the trunk of a tree ; 

a genus of fodil Ganoid Fifbes. 
Paohyden'dron (Bot.) ir«x«'J» thick, Itt^povy a tree. 
Pa'ohyderm, Paohyder'mata (Zool.) vax^s^ thick, )f^/e«», the (kin ; an 

order of Mammalia. 
Paohyder'ma (Bot.) wetxvsi thick, ^c^/ua, ikin ; a genus of Oleaceas. 
Pa.chyder'ris (Bot.) fretx^sy thick, Ji^^j, coat ; a genus of Compofitsd. 
Pachy'dltun (Bot.) frxx'^h thick ; a genus of OnagraceoB. 
Pachyga'ster (Ent.) wax^fj thick, y«ff^T>?/>, the belly; a genus of Diptera. 
Pachygloa'ssB, Pachyglos'sates (Zool.) 9»x^Sy thick, yxSo-ae^ a 

Pachygnatha (Ent.) v»x^Sy thick, yvdOos^ the jaw-bone. 
PaohyWna (Bot.) vax^st thick, XoCva, cloak or mantle ; a genus of Com- 

Paohylar'thrus (Ent.) iraxvit thick, &fBf09, a joint. 
Pachyla'sma (Zool.) 1r«;^;lJc, thick, Zxao-jwa, a plate ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
Paohylol3U8 (Bot.) imxvsy thick, x«^«f, pod ; a genus of Amyridacese. 
Pachyle'pis (Bot.) it»x^fy thick, xi»/f, fcale ; a genus of Compohtee. 
Paoliylo'ina (Bot.) «r«x^«»^^^^^»^*K'*»^^^'S^> ^^^"^ of Meladomacoe. 

Hieogtli o[ bod;r ; a geaus of 
gaius of MelallgmiceiE. 

Paohylo'pbla (Bot.) trax^'' thick, Ai^, tuft ; a genus of Onagraces 
Pachy'ma (But.) -wnx"'- thick, x"!^"- )"i™ i a genus of Fnngi 
Faohy'meiies [£nt.) sa;^, cbitli, 

Paohyme'ria (Bot,) ir«jtij, thirk, ^ 
Panliy'aa (Bot.) m^^nn, to thicken ; a genui of OrcLid: 
Paohyne'maCBol,) naxit, thick, iS/ta, i thread; liaving- thick filameots, 
Pactiyneu'ron (Eot.) irij^^c. thick, >iu^, rib, 1. 1. itt neuintion. 
PaobTneu'rum (Boc.) va;(;v(, thick, iiE^gi.a rili (netmtion) ; a genus of 

Paohy'notum (Bot.) ukx^, thick, «rj(, back ; a genns of Cnidfcrte. 
PaollTplllffi'ua fBot.) *BXW' thick, *ioiii, bark, rind ; a ffima of Fungi. 
Faahypbua'sina (Bot.) nsx^i thick, ^fiyfui, a fence ; a genus of Cruci- 

Facliyplir' «*j^f, thick, ^«it;ui, a leaf; a gtnus of Orchi- 

PaahTphy'tum (Bot.) n^x^i, thick, ^ urji, plaot ; i genui of CiafTulaceiF. 
Paohypleu'ila (Bot.) w^xii-, thick, rMvpin, rib ] a genui of Polypodioid 

Paohyplen'mm (Bot.) lame etjTDoIogy ; a genua of Umbeilifenc 
Pacbypo'dimn (Bot.) Ta;^*;, thick niSw, a UtUe foot (peduncle); having 

thick footn^iR^. 
Paohy'ptera (Bot.) i»ffi;(;i!(, thick, WTif.i, wing; a genoi ofBignoniaceic. 
Pachy'ptsriH (Fob. Bo(.) w^x'^i, tliick, oripx, a fern ; a genus of folHl 

PftOhy'ptWura (Bot.) watW' 'hick, »t(/i«, wing; aganuiofCompolitE. 
Paohyptery'glum (Bot.) BBajBd thick, rnfi}iin,i little wing; agenu* 

of Crucifenc. 
Pachy'ptila (Ornilh.) n^t'i, denfl!, n^n, a feather ; a geniu of Birds. 
Pachyrbi'iiUB (Ent.) vajtif, thick, ^'ii, faSi, a nofj or Ijiout. 
Pacbyrbi'zua (Bot.) tf«s;Ji, tliick, pijn, root ; a genus of Leguniinofic. 
Paohfirby'sDUH (Bot.) nxF<i thick, ^u}'j;ir, heik; a genus cf Compolits. 
Pftohyrhyn'oiia (Ent,) lexwi tliick, fvyx°'> " ihout or beak. 
Paoby'sa (Bot.) irB^'t, thick ; a genu* of Ericacea. 
Paohyaa'ndi:a(Bot,) irajtM, thkk, i.«f, Atlfi;, a man; having thick 

(lament ; a genii! ol £iipharblac£K. 
Pacbyspoadyiua (Fos. Bot.) 9*x"' thick twiiiutxt, a vertebra, 
PaobjBte'moa (Bot.) vajc''- thick, rTtfttn, a fpinilU: (Hyle) ; a geaui of 



366 PAC — PAJ 

II - -- — ' ■ - — - '— -- - — - - ■ ■■ — ^ . ^^ 

Paohystig'ma (Bot.) vax^s, thick, ^-rty/jte^ (ftigma) point ; a genas of 

Pachy'stoma (Zool.) vaxig^ thick, ar6fjt», mouth ; from the inner edgv 

of the mouth of the (hell being thickened to support the opercudom ; 

a genus of MoUufca. 
Faohyta (Ent.) irax&rtii^ thicknefs, fatnefs. 
Paohythe'rium (Fos. Zool.) vetx^t thick, Btipiov, an animal ; a genus of 

fofOl Mammalia. 
Pa'oos (Zool.) a Peruvian wood ; the fpecific name of the Llama, 
Pactola'lis (Ent.) ir«»Toj, compact. 
Pade'llus (Ent.) feeding on the Bird-cherry, Prunus Padvu, 
Padifolie'lla (Ent.) Padus^ the Bird-cherry,yo/ii/»i, a leaf. 
Padi'na (Bot.) «r«Jt»flf, like the Eird-cherry, ** Peacock-'weed " ; a genus of 

Marine Algae. 
Padinella (Bot.) dim. of Padina ; a genus of Algae. 
Pa'dus (Bot.) w«Jflf , LaU padusy a wild plum-tree ; the Bird-cheny ; a 

genus of Amygdalacex. 
Padero'ta (Bot.) a name applied by the ancients to a fpecles of 

Paa'derus (Ent.) feeding on Paderioy q. v. 
Paede'ria (Bot.) itaC^ifoost the herb Bear's-foot, as if veuhon ifoty boys* 

PSBdi'soa (Ent.) vm^iVn*}, a maiden. 
P8Blol)ius (Ent.) ir»iX#f , mud, clay, /S(fl», to live. 
PaBo'nia (Bot.) P. N. from an ancient Phyfician, Paon ; or perhaps, as 

fuggeded by Dr. Don, from Paonia, a mountainous country of Nface- 

donia ; a fpkndid genus of Ranunculacets. 
Paga'patSB (Bot.) nrayos, rock, vartw, to traverfe ; a genus of 

Pagellus (Ichth.) Lat. dim. oi pagina, a leaf, alluding to its flatnefs. 
Pa'gina (fiot.") pagina, a page or leaf; referring to flatnefs. 
Pago'phila (Ornith.) vayos, a pointed rock, <f>tXtw, to love. 
Pa'grus (Ichth.) ir«y^j, a name applied by Pliny to a kind of iea-fifti ; 

the Braize or Becker ; P. unicolor is the ** fchnapper " of 

Pagu'ma (Zool.) viyos, a rock or cliff. (?) 
Pagu'rus, Pagu'ridaB (Zool.) vayovpvs of Ariftotle, from mnynffAi, to fix, 

ow^a, a tail ; the Hermit-crab. 
Pa'Jeros (Zool.) fpecific name of the Pampas cat. Leopardus Pajeros^ 

Palsjohi'nua. PalwJbfnldiB (Foi. Zool. )».),«■«, old, JxAif.itm Sea- 

Palffimo'nldee (ZooL) P. N. from PaliHnoti, a iia.goj ; i geniis of 

decapod CruHaFcans. 
PftlEBOOran'gon (Fob. Zool.) oraX«rii, ancient, ■fi^»i, a cnb. 
PalfflonlB'cUS (Fos. ZooL) ««^llfil. ancient, cmfiui, a wooa-loufe. 
PalfBonto'graphy (Fos. ZooL) w.Xotit, ancient, S., a being, ^fiifa. to 

PfdteonCo'IOg; (Fc», Zoid.] vnXas;, ancient, ^, a baing-, >.iyi;, a 

PalBe'ophis (Fas. ZooL) aaxali;, ancient, Jpif, a ferpent. 
Paleeophyto'iogr (Fob. Bot.) waiialii, ancient, ^iic, a plant, /i^g, a 

dilcourri? ; a ikrcriptioa of FolGl pUnt$. 
Palteor'nia (Zool.) ma^.rJf, old, g^if, a bird. 
PalBBOBpa'lax (Fos. Zool.) VK>.=iii, ancient, o-«riX«f, i mole. 
FaliEothe'rlulU (Fan. Zool.) vm^alit, ancient, Bnftin, un animal ; a genua 

ofcKtinft Pachyiierms, 
Pal^Bo'sylon (Fos. Bot.) wnixiif, ancient, £i;>i», wood. 
Palaj'sauruB (Fos. Zool.) a^k^i,, ancient, riv/^i, a liiant. 
Palaaozo'io (Fos. Zool.) ««x«rif, ancient, {■», life ; the lenn i) now 

reflricted to the lower ftcondary rocks. 
Fal^oza'mla (Fos. Bot.) vii'-is, ancient, zdnu, a genua of Cycadaceoui 

plants ; a genus of follil Cycadeous plants. 
Faleeo'zoo'Iog7(Foa. Zool.) «s>xioi, ancient, fun, life, i^;, a difcouife ; 

a difcourfe or treatife on extinift animals. 
Palafo xia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of General Palafix. 
Palamede'a l .1 whJ-b^b, the palm ol the hand ; a genus and 

Pala'pteryi (Fob. Zod.) naX»ii(, ancient, ami^af, winglefs. 
Pala'quium (Bot.) altered from the native American name -, [he BnttEr- 

trec, 01 BalTia ; a genus of Sapotaceic. 
Pal'arua (Bnt,) iriKv, light, battle; a geaug of Hymenoptera. 
Pala'va(Bot.) P. N., a genus of Malvacea. 
Pala'via(Bol.) P.N. in honour of Palui, y VerJera, formerly a Profeff.-i 

at Madrid ; a genus of Malvaceie. 
Palea (Bot.) Lat. chalf, from tixxH, to viliraie. 
Falsa'oeuB-a-uro (Hot.) Ui. chaff-Uke. 
Palea'lia-e (Ent.* Lai, pertaining to chafi ; ftraw-caloured. 
Paloryx (Fos. Zool.) mWmi,, ancient, frjx, a Eimill at ta^isM*. 

368 PAL 

PalichthyoUogy (Fos. Zool.) vaCKaXii^ ancient, tx^uty a fi(h, xiyt^ a 

difcourfe ; the Icience of foffil Fiflies. 
Palicu'ria (Eot.) called Le PaVuour^ in Guiana. 
Faliml)ia (Bot.) vaXi/ABi»st living again ; a genus of Umbelfifene. 
Palin'dia > . retymology unceitain ; a genus and family of JL«pi- 

Palin'didSB) i doptera. 

Paliso'ta (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Falifot de Beauwds^ a celebrated French 

writer upon Grafies ; a genus of Commelynacese. 
PaliUTUS (Bot.) a Greek name adopted from Diofcorides. Our Saviour's 

crown of thorns is faid to have been formed from the pliant blanches 

of the P, aculeatus. 
Palla'sii (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Peter Simon Pal/asy an eminent German 

botanifl and traveller in Ruffia ; born in Berlin 174I9 died 181 1. 
Palla'via (Eot.) P. N., a genus of Nyctaginacese. 
Fallens (£nt.) Lot, pale. 
Palle'scens (Bot.^ fiallefceret to grow pale, e, g., CaxcTL paHefcens. 

Pallescente'lla (Ent.) Lot. paiUfcere^ to grow pale. 

Palliate'lla (Ent.) Lot, paUiatusj cloaked; referring to peculiarities of the 

PaUidula'Us (Ent .) pdlidulus, palifli. 
Pal'lidus-a-um (Bot.) Lat, pale-coloured. 
Palliobranctaia'ta (Zool.) palliumy a mantle, branchiae gills. 
Pal'lium (Zool.)Z3/. a mantle ; applied to the mantle of bivalve Alolluica 

which forms the depreffion on the internal furface of the fhell, called 

the "pallial" impredion. 
Pallore'lla (Ent.) Lat, pallor^ palenefs. 
Palm (Bot.) Lat, palma, Fr, paumcy Ital. palmo 
Paloia (Bot.) doubtlefs from palma, the hand, to the digits of which the 

fruit of the Date-palm was compared, and whence alfb it obtained 

the name of Da£tylifera. 
Palma'oeSB (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of which the Palm-tree is the type. 

This name (hould be written (imply Palma, 
Palmaci'tes (Fos. Bot.) palma, the palm-tree ; palm-like fo(Cls. 
Palmales (Bot.) /a/-wa, the palm-tree; the great alliance of which the 

Palmse are the principal reprefentatives. 
Palma'ria (Bot.) palma, palm of the hand ; a genus of Alga. 
Palma'ris-e (Bot.) Lat. a palm's-breadth or fpan ; alfo, palm-like. 
Palma'tus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat, palm-fhaped, e. g.y V\o\^palmata. 
Palmella (BotO weiXfjtis, a (baking or quivering ; a genui of Algae. 

PAL — FAN 369 

Paljniao'niia(idith.)/Mfi™.» pslt"! ""■«"< »1«'™; the Ctefted Menny. 
Palmifo'lias-a-um (Bot.) Lai. pilm-leaved. 
PEd'niipeB, p\. PalniiTpedBB. (Oinith.) Lai. palm-footed. 
Palmoglcs'a (Bot.)/a£Ha, 1 palm, yXtif, dicky ; a genua of Alg«. 
Fft'lmon (Em.) i-j-i^it, a quheriog. 
Palpa'UB<Ent.l/w/^«.,a teeler. 
Pal'pebrEB Zool.)iaf. efe-lids. 
Palpa'lla(Ent.) from peculiarities of the fdji. 
Palpi (Ent.)f a'f ". a feeler. 
Palpi'na<Ent, frum the large /a^ii. 

Paltono'phora(Bot.)«Fa*T«,adaiI,'pif», to carry ; a genus of Alg(P. 
Pftlto'riaCiJot. a getllhof Aquifoliactio. 

Pftlndft'lia{Bot.)^^''i-Wii,a marlh a genus of Zingil»etaee«e. 
PalUde'lla (Bot,) dim. frDin/u/w-A/-j, a marlh ; a genus of Bryacen. 
Paluds'llua (Knr.Jdim. (rom falm-u/h, a marth. 

Paludlcella'idffi J T and family of Polyioa. 

Paludi'Iia ) |^'w> ^ marih; the Pond SnatJ ; a genus ami 

Paludi'nidlO [ (^^'■> "i family of Mullufca. 

Paludo'Bua-a-um (Bot.) Lm. mmniy, <. ^. Carex faludrfi. 

Palu'dum (Ent.)gen. pi. otpalui.i marlh; ;. /. " of the matlhes." 

Palumba-ria) (£„,., ^,„i„,, j„^ ;. ,., dove-coloured. 

Palu'mlaUB (Omitli.) Lai. a wood -pigeon. 

PalustrallB ^ 

PalUBtra'aa > (Ent.) faluftr, maiihy. 
Palustre'Uft ' 

Paluatris-tra (Ent., Bot.) Lai. marihy. , 

Paly na l.Ent.) BaAwB, to fcattef ; a gi-nus of LepiJoptera. 
Pampas-gTQES (Bot.) popular name of tile Gynerium argenteum. friim 

Pam'phagUB (Zoul.) •■!!«;«>■»[, all-iffvoming. 

Pampba'lea (Bot.) i.f*?i>«-, to look round ; a genus of Compofitai. 

PampW'Ua (But.) mi/4f a.i, liebvc.l (.fall ; a genua of .Stynrac-it. 

Pam'pliilnS(Ent.)P. N a Roraani'umomi-. 

Pamplu'aia (Ent.) ■m^f^mt.niirm, very rich ; alluding to Its maikings. 

Panagee'us (tnt.) ««.«>■(, facred, 

Pana'gra (EB\.)-maiyfit,, quite wild ; a genui of i^pidoptera. 



Pa'nax (Bot.) ««»a^, a plant, the meaning of the word being ** cure-all ; " 

the Ginfeng ; a genus of Araliacese. 
PanaB'olus (Bot.) wavUxosy variegated, fparkling ; a genus of Algae. 
PanSB^tia (Bot.) apparently from vavaiTios, caule of all ; a genus of Com*^ 

Panca'lia (Ent.) vrayxeixos, very beautiful ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pancra'tium (Bot.) flxaj, all, xpcnvs, powerful ; a genus of Amaryllidacex. 
Pancra'tium (Bot.) «ay, all, xparvs^ potent, in allufion to medical qualities. 
Panda'lis (Ent.) P. N. from Panda^ a Roman goddefs. 
Pandana'cese (Bot.) the Screw-pines, of which Pandanus is the type. 
Pandanophy'llum (Bot ) ** f*a;idb«i/j'leaved " ; a genus of Cyperaceae. 
Panda'nUS (Bot.) from Malayan^ pandangi to behold, in allufion to its 

being confpicuous : the Screw-pine ; typical genus of Pandanaceac. 
Panda'ridsB (Zool.) a family of Entomoflraca, of which the following is 

the type. 
Pandarus (Zool.) P. N. from Pandarm^ 2l famous archer; a genus of 

Pande'sma (Ent.) wSf, wSv, all, tia-fxn, a bimdle ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pandi'on (Zool.) P. N. of a king of Athens; applied to the Ofprey, or 

Pando'ra (Zool.) P. N., Pandora^ a mythological perfonage ; a genus of 

Pandura'tus-a-um (Bot.) pandura, a mufical inftrument ; fiddle-lipped • 

e jr., Mefembryanthemum/'fl«^^rfl/««r. 
Pandu'riform (Bot.) pandura, a dddlei/or/na, fhape; fiddle-fhaped. 
Pa'netos (Bot.) probably altered from the native South American name • 

a genus of Cinchonucefc. 
Fangia'cesB (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of which Pangium is the typical genus. 
Pan'gium (Bot.) from an Indian name ; a genus of Indian poifbnous 

plants, typical of Pangiaceae. 
Pango'nia (Ent.) wSj, «ra», all, yoyla.^ an angle ; a genus of Diptera. 
Pan'gUS (Ent.) etymology doubtful ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Pani'ceus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. like bread ; e. ^., Carex panicea. 
Pa'nicle (Bot.) panicu/a, a tuft. 

Panicula'ria (Bot.) panicula, a tuft ; a genus of Polypodioid Filices. 
Panicula'tufi (Bot.) patiiculay a tuft. 
Panio'ulUS (JLooX.) panhula, a tuft. 
Pa'niciun (Bot. ) /"'"'J* bread, fome fpecies having been ufed for bread; 

Millet ; a genus of Gramina. 



Panis'ous (Zool.) vmitxos, dim. of «•«», a little pan. 

Panno'nicus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. Hungarian. 

Panno'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. ragged ; ragged-leaved. 

Panolia (Zool.) Ta»»x»j^, all-deftrudive. 

Panopse'a (Zool.) P. N. of a Sea-nymph ; a genus of recent and fo(fil 

Panop'lites (Ornith.) vavofrxhus, perfectly armed ; a genus of Humming- 

Pan'stenon (Ent.) »2», altogether, a-Tivaj , narrow. 

Pansy (Bot.) Fr. penfee; emblem of thought, in the language of flowers: 
(see Shakfpere :) the Hearts-eafe, or Viola tricolor. 

Panto 'phagous (Zool.) «5f,w5v,all,4)«>»,to eat ; equivalent to omnivorous. 

Panter'pe (Ornith.) wavTg^jif , all-delighting ; a genus of Humming-birds. 

Pantheri na (Zool.) referring to certain coloured fpots refembling thofe 
of a panther. 


_ \ (Ent.) wa»oDpyflf , mrewd ; a family and eenus of Bees. 

PanuT'gus > ^ ^ *' / G 

Pa'nus (Ent.)/>dr/«/j, a ball of wool ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Pa'nus (Bot.) irSvaj , a web of cloth ; a genus of Fungi. 

Panychlo'ra (Ornith.) w«»y, altogether, x^coposi light g^een ; a genus of 

Panzerel'la (P. N. from Panzer, a German entomologift. 
Panze'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Panzer, a German botanift ; a 

genus of Labiatae. 
Papa'ver (Bot.) papa, pap, Celtic ; formerly ufed in children's food as a 

fedative ; the Poppy ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Papaveraceae. 
Papavera'ce88 (liot.)pjpaver; theorderof plantsofwhich Papaverhthetype. 
Papa'ya (Bot.) native name in tropical America ; the Papaw-tree, Carica 

Papaya'cceae (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of plants of which Carica Papaya is 

the typical genus. 
Pa'phia (Ent.) P. N. from Venus of Paphos. 
Papi'lio (Ent.) Lat. a butterfly ; a genus of diurnal Lepidoptera. 
Papiliona'ceaB (Bot.) papilio, a butterfly; from the form of the corolla in 

a large feflion of Legiiminofaj. 
Papilio'nidSB (Ent.) a family of day-flying Lepidoptera, of which Papiiia 

is the type. 
Papil'lSB (Ent.) papilla, a nipple. 
Papilla'tus-a-um {Z.oo\.) papilla, a nipple or pioXuVkViT^ivt:^. 

372 PAP — PAR 

Fapillo'sus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lot. pufhilar or veficular, from papUla^ a 

Pa'pio (2^ool.) etymology uncertain ; a gnenus of Baboons. 
Fappoohro'ma (Bot.) pappus^ the down of feeds, and xfSfjta^ colour ; a 

genus of CompoHtae. 
Pappophc'resB (Bot.) pappus^ down of feeds, <popU$, to cany ; a tribe of 

Grades remarkable for their pappus. 
Pappo'phorum (Bot.) fame fignification ; a genus of Gramina. 
Pap'pUS (Bot.) nr«tff«rof, down, like the feeds of the dandelion. 
Papola'ria (Bot.) papula^ a pimple ; a genus of Fungi. 
Papyra'ceus-a-Tim (Bot.) Lat. paper-like,*.^. Betula /a/^roAr^. 
Papy'riUB (Bot.) Lamarck's name for the Paper-mulberry tree, BroMjpmetia 

Papy'rus (Bot.) papyrus^ the paper-reed, anciently ufed as a writing 

material ; from Syriac babeer. 
Psu^ba'trachus (Fos. Zool.) ira^«, near to, &arpax,9i^ a frog ; /. e. allied 

to the frogs. 
Paracoro'lla (Bot.) «ra^, befide, corolla. 
Paracyathus (Zool.) wa^«, near, allied to the genus Cyathus. 
Para'cyon (Zool.) wa^«, near to, xm»v, a dog ; a genus of Mammalia. 
Paradis'ea (Omith.) «r«g«56t<roj, a pleafure-ground. 
Paradisi'aoa (Bot.) fpec. name given from a fanciful belief that the 

Plantain was the forbidden fruit of Eden ; *. g. Mufa paradijiaca. 
Paradozu'rus (Zool.) vapaio^og, ftrange, puzzling, oS^ a tail; a genus 

of Mammalia. 
Paradoz'us-a-um (Zool., Bot.) cra^aJo^of, puzzling, e. g. Carex paradoxa. 
Paragalea (Zool.) wa^«, allied to, y«x>i, a weafel. 

Para'gia (Ent.) vapayuoc, flying near the earth ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Para'gnathis (Bot.) mapaytaQUt the cheek-piece of a helmet ; a genus of 

Para'lis (Ent.)/ar, a pair. 

Parame'cium (Zool.) w«^«/t*»)x»jf, oblong ; a genus of Infuibria. 
Parameoos'oma (Ent.) «r«/>a/t*>j»»»f , oblong, <r«/ua, body. 
Parapo'mpilus (Ent.) «r«^«, near to, and the genus Pompilus ; a genus of 

Para'ponyx (Ent.) mee^d, near to, like, ow^, the onyx, a veined ftonc ; a 

genus of Lepidoptera. 
Para'pterum (Ornith., Ent.) vrufd, near, wri^ov, a wing. 
Parascidium (Zool.) mcf-reiy like, 7«(«}(ov, an umbrella. 

Para'sia (Ent.) either a mythologiciil name, or perhaps from Parrkajia, 3 

town of Arcadia ; a genui af Lepidtipti^:?. 
Parasite, Paraaltioal (Zool., Bot.) m^iipms, one who iivei on another. 
Paraaitel'la (Ent.) dim. of vufirnn, a paralite, 
ParaBit'lous (Omith., Ent., Bot.) m-pisiTw, a parafite, one who livei 

Paraspliai (Ent.) «■«,«, near to, and the genus Sfihix. 

Parasta'flla (Ent.) wmpBi-i-ij-K, a reprefentation. 

Faratar'siiun (Omith.) vsp, near, TOfs-i;, tJie tfrfiu. 

Fa'rdalls (Zool.) mi^aXit, a leopard. 

Pardalo'tua (Omith.) !.i(!i;.»Ti,. fpotled like the pard ; a genui of 

Parda'athuB (Boi.) wijiii, a leopard, aiSi:, a Ikiwer ; alluding to ihe 

fpotted Il»wer9. 
Pa'rdia(Ent.)iiiij3»(,o leopard, alluding to thefpota; agenusof Lepidoptera. 
Pardi'color (Zool.l fardm. a Jeopard ; celtr, colour; party-coloured. 
Pardi'nua-a-um (Zool.)/iurivi,a leopard; panther-like. 
Pa'teaa (Zool.) irafian, to let paft ; a geniu of Coluhrine ophidians. 
Parenchyma (Zool., Bot.) aBfiyx<'f'^i from wafi/j^uii, to (hain through ; 

applied bj hotanilli to Ibme form! of cellular tiiliie. 
Pareathsaei'la (EnL) twniit&isn, an infertion; referring to certain wing- 
Foria'nee (Omith.) fmriii, a titmoufe ; a fiib-lamily of InceHniei. 
Parietarla(Bat.)^iTrf», awiU.from Its liabiut ; Pellitor)-: a !,'eous of 

Farinarium (Bot.) Farinari, the Guiana name of the fpeciet, 
Paiipaniiena(£nt.)^ir,/3rii, equal,/iE<Ki, a feather. 
Pa'rls (Bot.) par, ferU, equal ; from the regnlarlty of it) leaves and flow 

en; a eurioufl p"ius ol"Triiliaceffi. 
Pa'rkia (Bot,) P. N. in honour of the famous African tniieller, JWiw^.. 

i'aii; a genus of LeguminofiB. 
Parkinao'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Joi,, Parli^rir. 1 cclehtated boia- 

Inift, author of the "Theatre of Plan t^" who died in 1650, 
Parmaoa'lla ) . f •ifjui, a fmall ihield ; a genus and family of 

Parmaoa'mdffii" ^ "" *' 1 Pulmoniferous Mollufca. 
Parma'phorua (Zool.) 9ifii»,a ihield, 4^1^, to beai ; agenusof Mollufca. 
Sarme'Iia (Bot.) nii/^ii,a (hield; a genus of Lichen e«, 
Pamaa'aia (Bot.) P. N. from Mount Pari^f.^ : a Soaiilifiil genu« of Sf 

374 PAR — FAS 

Par'nidaa (Ent.) a family of Coleoptera of which Pamus is the type. 

Par'nus (Ent.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Paro'malus (Ent.) ira^/c*aXo;, nearly equal ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Paronychia'cesB (Bot.) paronychia, a medical term for a difeafe of the 
nail ; the Knot-worts ; the family is now generally called Illecebraces. 

Paro'tia (Omith.) wapa, befide, ovs, the ear ; the female having two ear- 
like tufts on the head. 

Par'ra (Omith.) /arr^, a bird of ill-omen ; a genus of Rallidas. 

Parrot (Ornith.) contraction of Frenchyparroquet. 

Parsley (Bot.) fome fay a corruption of Petrofelinum, q. v. but probably 
becaufe an herb to be chopped, alluding to its ule in fauces, &c., ley 
being only another fpelling of Ua, grafs, as in the fong — 

** Over the water and over the lea," 
but in Parfley it is ufed for herb, as Virgil, on the contrary, ufes Aer6a 
for grafs: In molli confedimus herba. — Buc. iii. 55. 

Parsnep (Bot.) the nep, which, from its fize, requires to be chopped up or 
divided into fmall portions before it can be eaten, as fchool-boys are 
faid to parfe their leflbns, when they divide them grammatically. 

Parthe'neas (Ent.) wapBUos, a maid. 

Parthe'nium (Bot.) wapQivioc, maidenly ; a genus of Compofitae. 

Partheno'des (Ent.) the genus Farthenos, sl^aj, likenefs ; a genus of 

Par'thenos (Ent.) vapQivogy a virgin ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Parti'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. divided. 

Partridge (Ornith.) properly />flr/r/VA,- like oltrich, from French, perdrix ; Lat. 
perdix ; Greek, wifhi^. 

Pa'rus (Omith.) Lat. a titmoufe. 

Parvidac'tylus (Ent.) parous, fmall, Jaxri/Xo?, a finger. 

Pa'rvidens (Ichth.) /flrrwj, fmall, dens, a tooth. 

Parviflo'niS-a-um (Bot.) />arwj, fmall, ^oj,^onj, a flower. 

Par'vulus (Zool.) Lat. very fmall. 

Pasca lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Pafcal, the celebrated French moralirt 
and epiftolift ; a genus of Compofitae. 

Pascuellus (Ent.) pafcuum, a meadow. 

Pasi'tes (Ent.) waaisi pofleflion ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Pasithe'a (Ent.) one of the Graces ; a genus of Spiders. 

Pas'psdum (Bot.) was-oraXu, one of the (Jreek names for Millet. 

Pasque-flower (Bot.) /'. c /?ay«<r, or Eafler-flowcr (French); hecauie it 
bJofloms about Eafter. 

FAS — PAT 375 

FasssdcB'ous (Ent.) fffatro-etkogj a peg, oixogj a houie ; a genus of Hymeno- 

Pas^salus (Ent.) va^o-aXo;, a peg ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Pas'ser (Ornith.) Lat. a fparrow. 
Psis 'seres (Omith.) plural of passer, a fparrow. 
Passeri'na (Bot.) pajfer, a fparrow, from having beaked feeds ; a genus of 


Passeri'ta.(^oo^*) ^^^^^^^^" u^^*^^^*^) a genus of Colubrine ophidians. 

Passiflo'ra (Bot.) this name (conftru£ted from Flos pafflonis) with its equiv. 
Paffion-flower, is faid to have been given to the genus from a fuppofi- 
tion of fbme of the older botanids that the appendages of the flower 
reprefent the paiCon of our Saviour ; their fertile imagination having 
led them to compare the five (lamens to the five wounds, the three 
ftyles to the Trinity, the column which fupports the germ to the crofs, 
and the filamentous rays to the crown of thorns. 

Passion-flower (Bot.) v'kU Faffifora. 

Pastina^ca (Bot.) Lat. a parfnip, probably from pajtinum, a forked plant- 
ing tool, from its refemblance ; the Parfnip ; a genus of Nat. Ord. 

Pastinacella (Ent.) feeding on the Wild-parfnip, Fapnaca fativa. 

Pas'tor (Ornith.) Lat. a (hepherd or herdfman, becaufe frequently feen in 
company with (heep or cattle ; fpecific name of a tern. 

Patacho'nicus-a-mn (Zool.) Lat. Patagonian. 

PatSB'cus (Ichth.) from araroixflt, the name given to certain images of 
Phoenician gods, from fancied refemblance. 

Patella, PatellidsB (2^ool.) pateUa, a fmall pan or difh ; a genus and 
family of Mollufca. 

Patellifor'mis (^t.') patellayforma^ (hape; difti-fhaped. 

Pa' tens (Bot.) Lat. fpreading, ^. i^., Salvia ^afe«/. 

Paterso'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Iridaceae. 

Patien'tia (Bot.) ** Several fpecies of this genus, (Rumex), have from time 
to time been ufed in medicine, but, on account of their general inert- 
nefs, they are now difcarded. Indeed, R. patientia feems to have been 
wittily named from the length of time it took to cure difeafes, and 
the exemplary patience required in thofe who recovered under its 
adminiftration." — Burnett. 

Patricialis (Ent.) putridus^ a noble. 

Patri'nia (Bot.) P. N. from M. Fatrin, a Siberian traveller; a genus, of 

376 PAT — PEC 

Patro'bua (Ent.) P. N., an ancient fumame ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Pat'ula (Ent.) patuhs, wide-open ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pat'ulus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. pateo, to ftand open ; fpreading, ftaoding^ o^pea ; 

e. g. Atriplex patula. 
Pauciflo'nis-a-um CBot.) />ai/«, ityr,Jlosy a flower. 
Paucispi'nis-a-um (Bot.)/>^u«, kw^fpira, a whotl. 
PauloVnia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Her Imperial and Royal Highnefs 

the hereditary Princefs of the Netherlands ; a genus of Scrc^hula- 


Faupe'lla (Ent.) pauper, poor. 

Paupera'na (Ent.) pauper, poor. 

Paus 'sides ) ( etymology doubtful ; a family and genus of Coieo- 

, > (Ent.) \ 

Paussus ) ( ptera. 

Pave'tta (Bot.) a Malabar name ; a genus of Cinchonaceoe. 

Pd'via (Bot.) P. N. from Pierre Paiv, Profeflibr of Botany at Leyden ; the 

Scarlet Horfe-chefnut. 
Pavo (Zool.) Lai. a peacock. 

Pavona'ria (Zool.)/>avo, a peacock ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Pavo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Don Jofeph Pavon, M.D. of Madrid, 

a traveller in Peru, and one of the authors of ** Flora Peruviana." 
Pavo'nius-a-um (Zool., Bot.) pa-uoninus, coloured like a peacock's tail, 

e. g.y Corallina pavonia. 
Pazillus (Zool.) Lat. a peg. 
PElzto'nia (Bot.) P. N', a genus of Orchidaceous plants named in honour 

of Sir Jofeph Paxton, Kt. 

Paykiillia'na (Ent.) P. N. from G. de PaykulU a Swedifti entomologift. 
Peaoh'ia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Charles VV. Peach, an intelligent and 

a£tive natural! (I ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
Peo'cary (ZooL) common name of a pachydermatous quadruped, Dico- 

tyles Tajagu. 
Peco'pteris (Fos. Bot.) «U», to comb, mri^K^ a fern ; the Comb-fern. 
Pec' ten (Zool.) Lat. a comb ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Pec'ten-Ven'eriS (Bot.) " Venus' comb ;" a fpecies of Scandix, with fruit 

like the teeth of a comb. 
Pectinalis {'Ent.') pe^en, a comb. 
Peotina'tUS-a-um (Bot.; Lat. floped two ways like a comb, toothed ; 

Pectina'ria) ,^ . 

V (Ent.) pe^en. a comb. 

PEC — EEL 377 

Pectimbranchia'ta (2^ool.) pedien^ a comb, branchia, gills ; a divifion of 
Gaderopodous MoUuTca, having combed or plumed gills. 

Pectiniooma'lis (£nt.) peSieny a comb, comu^ a horn. 

Pecti'nidSB (Zool.) the family of Mollufca of which pe&en is the type. 

Pectimfor'inis-e (Bot.) pe&en, a comb,yonRj, fliape. 

Fe'ctls (Bot.) an ancient name of fbme plant. 

Pecto'cera (£nt.) mixrog, or vfimrig, combed, *tp»s, a horn; having 
comb-horned antennae. 

Pectora'lis (Omith.) Zat. belonging to the bread. 

Pectripo'gon (£nt.) vtz-rif, (horn, combed, vvyotv^ a beard. 

Pectun'culus (Zool.) Lat. a fmall comb ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Pedalia'cesB (Bot.) the natural family of plants of which Pedalium is 

the type. 
Pedalium (Bot.) vfiieiXiov^ a rudder ; from the dilated angles of the fruit. 
Pe'date (Bot.) pesy pedis, a foot ; applied to foot-fhaped leaves. 
Pede'ila (Ent.) /«, pedis, a foot ; from the pofltion of the inie^'s foot. 
Pedesti'na (Zool.) pedejler, a walker ; the Jumping Hare; a rodent animal 

of the Jerboa family. 
Pedla'stre89 > ,t> n iP"y pedis, a foot, aftrum, a ftar ; a fub-family and 
Pedia'struml \ genus of Defmidiese. 

Pedioella'tus-a-um (Zool.) pedkidus, a little foot. 
Pedicelli'na (Zool.) dim. of /«, pedis, a foot ; a genus of Polyzoa. 
Pedicula'ris (Bot.)/>^<iSrWtf/,a loufe; formerly fuppofed to bring on difeafe 

in (heep ; Red-Rattle ; a genus of Scrophulariacese. 
Pedioula^txis-a-um (Zool., Bot.) peduulus, a little foot. 
Pedicu'lidaB) . r^^^w/w, a loufe; the Loufe-family and its typical 

FedlCU'llaaB) ( peduulus, 2l 

Pedi'culua f ( genus. 

Pedila'nthus (Bot.) -Br«J*Xfl>, a flipper, avdo;, a flower. 

Pedima'ni (T^ooXS) pes, pedis, a foot, manus, a hand. 

Pe'dinus (Ent.) irthms^ flat, level ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Pe'dipes (Zool.) apparently from a duplication of pes, a foot, on account 

of its divifion into two parts, feparated by a tranfverfe groove. 
Pedipilalis (Ent.^ pes, pedis , a iooty pilus, a hair; hairy-footed. 
Pedriolellus (Ent.) P. N., found at Pedriole, on Monte Roia. 
Peduncula''tus-a-uin (Bot.) Lat. flalked ; e.g-% Atrlplex. pedunculata. 
Pe'ganmn (Bot.) ««y«»tf», the herb rue. 
Pela'gicus-a-uin (Zool.) w6X«yiof, pertaining to the fea ; e.g. Thalaflidroma 

pelagica, the Stormy Petrel. 
Pelamy'a (Ent.) w»jX»f, mud, /tn/ra, a fly ; the Mud-fly. 

378 PEL 

Pelamis (Zool.) fr^Afl?, mud, clay ; a genus of amphibious Ophidians. 
Pelamys (Ichth.) itn'kctfxii^?^ name applied by Pliny to the young Tunny- 

fi(h, from vnXii^ mud ; P. Tarda is the Bonito. 
Pelargona'tus (Zool.) wgx«^df,a ftork. 
Pelargo'nium (Bot.) ittXa^oi^ a (loik ; from fbme fancied refemblance of 

the fruit ; a genus of Geraniaceae. 
Peleci'nus (£nt.) ^%\iwi^ a hatchet ; a genus of Ichneumonidse ; alio, in 

Botany the Hatchet-vetch. 
Pe lias (Zool.) P. N. from Feltas^ an ancient King ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Pe'lican, Pelicsui'ldsB (Zool.) n-exexa*, a Greek name for a bird. 
PeU'dna (Ornith.) mixChsU, livid. 
Pelie'Ua (Ent.) dim. of w«x«f, mud, or clay. 
Peliosa nthes (Bot.) irtkios, livid, dark-blue, &\Bos, a flower. 
Pelisseria'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of iW. ^^/^^r ; fpecific name of a 

fpecies of Linaria : Nat. Ord. Scrophulariaceae. 
Pe'lla (Bot., Ent.) wixxa, a cup; a genus of Ferns; in Entomology, a 

genus of Coleoptera. 
Pe'lliole (Zool., Bot.) pellicula, a thin (kin. 

Pellione'lla (Ent.) pellis, a (kin or hide ; the larva feeding on feathers. 
Pellu'oldus-a-um (Bot.) Lat, tranfparent ; e.g. Tetraphis pellucida, * 

Pelo'bates (Zool.) n-^iXtf,-, mud, Baivv, to go ; a mud-walker ; a genus of 

Pelody'tes (Zool.) ir»jX»f, mud, Jwrny , a burrower or diver ; a genus of 

Pelopee'us (Ent.) literally," the Plafterer," becaufe it forms cells with foft 

mud (wjjXo;) ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Pelo'phila (Ent.) w>jXtff, mud, «f»tX6<w, to love. 

Pelo'philus (Zool.) »»jAflf, mud, <|>»Xe«, to love ; a genus of Ophidians. 
Pelo'ria (Bot.) inxdipios^ mondrous ; from its having an unufual number 

of fpurs, e.g. Linaria vulgaris, B. Peloria. 
Pelorosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) vkxaap, a monfter, araZpos, a lizard. 
Pelta'lis (Ent.) wfATw, a fhield; fhield- ihaped. 
Pelta'ria (^ot.) wjXt>?, a fmall fhield ; inallufion to the form of the fruit ; 

a genus of Cruciferae. 
Pelti'dea (Bot.) wsXth, a ftiield ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Pelti'gera (Ent.) »eXT»j, /><•//«, a light fhield, ^^rtfr*, to bear. 
Peltis (Ent.) ttjXtjj;, one that bears a fhield. 
Peltoce'phala (Zool.) mi>.ryi, a fliicld, Kt^aXn, a head ; a tribe of Ento 


PEL — BEN 379 

Pelu'rga (Ent.) iruAey^^f, a worker in clay ; having f/oy-tfo^i/r^i wings ; 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pempe'lia (Ent.) nifjunXogj an old perfon ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pem'pheris (Ichth.) vifjt^nplty a name applied anciently to a fifh. 
Pexn'phredon (Ent.) mixip^fi^civj equivalent to tnOpv^w, a kind of wafp ; 

a genus of Hymenoptera. 
PenoB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Pena^ conjoint author with Lobel, 

of Adverfaria Botanica, 1570. 
Pensea'ceSB (Bot.) a natural family of Plants of which Penaa is the type. 
Pendula'ria (Ent.) pendulus^ hanging. 
Penduli'nus (Ornith.)^«i</tf/tfj, hanging. 
Penelope (2^1., Ornith.) P. N. from the wife of UlyfTes ; in Ornithology, 

a genus of Cracidx. 
Pen'golin ( Zool.) the Malay name of the fcaly Ant-eater, implying « rolling 

itfelf up " into a compact ball. 
Penichro'a (Ent.) «-ev(;^pd(, poor, deflitute ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Penicillalis (Ent.) penicillum^ a pencil, a brufh. 
Penicilla'ria (Bot.) penicillum, a brufh. 
Pe'nium (Bot.) fo called from its refemblance to the quill (ir»)»»e») on 

which the bobbin is wound in weaving ; a genus of Defmidiacee. 
Penkleria'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Baron PenkUr^ a German Ento- 

Penna ntii (Ichth.) P. N. in honour of Thomas Pennant^ a Britilb Na- 

turalifl, who died 1798. 

Penna'ria (Ent.) penna, a feathec 

Penna'tula > .^^ , v 1 dim. oi penna, a quill; a genus and family of 

>- (Zool.) \ 
Pennatu lidsB) c Zoophytes. 

Penna'tus-a-iun (Omith.,Bot.) Lat. feathered, winged. 

Pennicil'liform (Bot.) pennicUIum, a pencil or brufh, yor«ra, a fhape. 

Penmse'tum (Bot.') penna, a feather,y^/a, a briftle. 

Penta'ceros (Zool.) vim^ five, xipag, a horn ; a genus of Echinodermata. 

Pentacnnitei ,^ ,. (Tiyre, five, «fiim, a lily, becaufe their joints 

> (Fos. Zool.) i ^ ^ 

Penta crinus 3 (are five -fided ; a genus of Echinodermata. 

Pentac'tee (Zool.) w»vti, five, a«T»j, an edge, from the five parallel rows 

of ambulacra} ; a fub-family of Echinodermata. 
Pentadac'tylus (Ent.) wnTa>a*TuXof, having five fingers, referring to the 

five plumes ; a genus of Pluma moths. 
Penta'gonal (Bot.) 'rri^Tt, five, ymia, a corner or angle. 
Pentagy 'nia (Bot.) 7si*rt, five, yvvv^ a female ; /. e., having five piftils. 

38o FEN — PER 

Fentala'amis (Zool.) s-ivn, five, iketa-fAetf a plate ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
Fenta'merus (ZooL) s-iyn, five, fjupis, a part ; five-partitioned: a genus 

of MoUufca. 
Fenta'ndria (Bot.) vim, five, athp, avhf^og, a male ; having five (lamens. 
Fentangula'tus (Zool.) nrtrrt, five, angulatus cornered. 
Pentape'taloiis (Bot.) vivrt, five, vcT<eX«y, a leaf, or petal. 
Pentaphy'lloiis (Bot.) vivti, five, 4>uXX«v, a leaf ; having five leaves. 
Fentaplata'rthrus (£nt.) vim, five, wXetris, broad, a^^v, a joint. 
Fentara'phia (Bot.) vim, five, ^a^/;, a fpike. 
Fentaspe'rmous (Bot.) iti^rt, five, o-vipfAo, a feed, five-feeded. 
Fentaste'rias (Bot.) wivti, five, aa-rtif, a (lar ; a genus of Diatoms. 
Fenta'stoma (Zool.) vitrt, five, o-rifxa, a mouth ; becauie of the Awe 

openings on the under furface of the head ; a genus of Entozoa. 
Fenta'stoxnus-a-uin (Zool.) fame derivation ; five-mouthed. 
Fentesty'lous (Bot.) wwti, five, e-rvXosi a fhaft, (ftyle). 

X fviiOos, forrow, mourning, from the black and 

> (Ent.) < white markings of the wings ; a genus and 
■f N family of Lepidoptera. 

Fen'thoruzn (Bot.) vivrt, five, opog, a column ; from its capfule. 
Fentremi'tes (Fos. Zool.) vivTi, five, remus, an oar ; a genus of fodil Cri 

Pentste'mon (Bot.) won, five, <rrKfJt.v*,SL fpindle (ftamen) ; in alluilon to 

the additional or fifth (lerile (lamen, the ufual number in Scrophu- 

lariaceae being four. 
Pe ntz a (Bot.) P. N. from Charles John Pentz, a pupil of Thunbei^. 
Peo'sina (Ent.) %fiis, 2i kinfman. 
Fep'lis (Bot.) an ancient name of a plant ; a genus of Lythracez ; alfo a 

fpecies of Euphorbia. 
Pe'plus (Bot.) Lot. a robe ; fpecific name of a fpecies of Euphorbia, 

(as well as Peplis). 
Pe'po (Bot.) vivon, a gourd or melon ; the Pumpkin : Nat. Ord. Cucur- 

Pepper (Bot.) alteration of Latin Piper. 

Pe'psis (Ent.) w/wtw, to fall down ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Peraca'ntha (Zool.) iripetg, extremity, eixetnOtt, a fpine ; a genus of Ento- 

Perame'les > ^ , ^ ^ »«/>«, a pouch, meL-s, a badger ; a genus and fub- 
Perameli'na > i family of Mammalia ; the Bandicoots. 

Perarma'tus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. well-armed. 

PER 381 

Pe'rca (Ichth.) wipxrit Lot. fgrcof 2l perch. 

Percsul'na (Ichth.) ^rr^a ; a genus of the family Percida. 

Pe'rcidae (Ichth.) pcrca, a perch, term, ida ; z, family of Acanthopterygian 

Percno'pterus (Omith.) vtpxvi-vmpoff dufliy-winged ; a genus of Vul- 
Percursa'ria (Bat.) percutfor, one who runs through ; a genus of Algie. 
Perdi'cidaB (Ortuth,) ptrdix, a partridge, with fam. term. 
Per'dix (Ornith.) wi/jJif , Lat perdix^ a partridge. 
Pere'bea (Bot.) probably the native American name ; a genus of Arto- 

Peregri'nus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. foreign, wandering, e.g.^ Scrophu- 

laria peregrina. 
Perei'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated writer on Materia Me- 

dica. Dr. Pereiray who died in 1853 ; a genus of Menifpermacez. 
Peren'nlal (Bot.) per^ through, annus, a year ; living more than one or two 

years, and thus oppofed to annual and bi-annuaL 
Pere'skla (Bot.) P. N. from A^. F. Peirejkiusy of Provence ; a genus of 

Pere'zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Perez ; a genus of Compofitee. 
Per'fidus-a-um (Zool., Ent.) Lat. treacherous. 
Perfila'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. threaded. 
Perfolla'tus-a-um (Bot.) when the ftem appears to pass through the 

leaf, owing to certain adhefions of the latter, e. g. Chlora per- 

Perfora'tos-a-iun (2^1., Bot.) Lai. pierced. 
Pergula'ria (Bot.) pergula, trellis- work, being fit for arbours ; a genus of 

Perian'dra (Bot.) trtpt, a round, avn^, avt^ii^ a male (damen) ; a genus ot 

Pe'rianth (Bot.) we^/, around, avdtf;, a flower ; the total of the floral enve- 
lopes, compriHng both calyx and corolla, when both are prefent, and 

equivalent to ** calyx " when there are no petals. 
Poriantho'podus (Bot.) uripi, around, a^os, flower, veZt, wohoi, foot ; a 

genus of Cucurbitaceffi. 
PeribaB^a (Bot.) mtpiBetiveo, to go round ; a genus of Liliacene. 
Periba'llla (Bot.) t»i^ijS«xx«, to throw round ; a genus of Gramina. 
Perible'ma (Bot.) vtpi0knf4,ec, a covering ; a genus of Crefcentiacegc. 
Peribo'tryon (Bot.) wip«, around, Bir^vi^ a cluder \ ^ ^kiwoa oI^'cvvw'^. 

3S2 PER 

Perica'ilia (£nt.) wf^xcxx*;^ , exceedingly beautiful ; a genns of Lepido* 

Pericallifl (Bot.) «rcp<»«XXJ!;, very beautiful ; a genus of CompofiUe. 
PericaLym'ma (BoL) vf^xcXv/Mfia, a garment or oorering ; a genus of 

Pe'ricarp (Bot.) %%fl, around, xttfwliy fruit ; the feed-vel^ of plants. 
Perichse'na (Bot.) wipi^^Miw, to gape ; a genus of Fungi. 
Perichse'tiam (Bot.) mtfH, around, x'^*'^*h ^ hair or bridle ; applied to the 

fcaly (heath round the bafe of the foot-ftaik in Tome mofles. 
Pericli'nium (Bot ) vipi, around, xxtftiy a bed ; applied to the mass of 

bncUiX which furrounds the flowers in certain plants. 
Pericli'stia (Bot.) vf0i*>/urros% far-famed ; a genus of Samydaceae. 
Pericly'menam (Bot.) vtpixXvfjutot, the honeyfuckle, from its creeping 

habit ; the wild honeyfuckle is Lonicera Periclymenum ; Nat. Ord. 

Perico'nia (Bot.) vifiKmnaif to fmear with pitch ; a genus of Fungi. 
Pericroco'tus (Omith.) vifi, around, »f«x0$, faffron ; &om its orange- 
coloured plumage. 
Perioy'ola (Bot.) vtpUvxXcst fpherical ; a genus of Palmacez. 
Perideraea (Bot.) wifihifaiWi a necklace ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Perideri'dia (Bot.) vjtptiipoun, a necklace, iTJoj, likenefs ; a genus of Um- 

belli ferae. 
Pe'riderm (Bot.) ttifU around, liffxet, (kin ; applied to the outer layer of 

Peridi^nium (/xwl.) wi^JtirU, to wheel round ; a genus of Infiifbria. 
Peri'dium (Bot.) mnptiiov, dim. of w«pa, a leathern pouch ; applied to the 

dry feed-cafe of fome muftirooms ; alfo ufed for the envelope of fbme 

Periechocri'nites (Fos. Zool.) flripis;^«,.to funound, x^/»fl», a lily. 
Perige'a (Ent.) wiftyiiot^ about or upon the earth. 
Periglo'ssum (Bot.) wipt, around, yXia-a-ot^ a tongue ; a genus of Afclepia- 

Perigo'nium (Bot.) wi^, around, yo»fi, a feed ; applied to the perianth or 

Peri'gynous (Bot.) wi^/, around, yyvn, female (piftil) : ftamens growing 

upon the calyx or corolla are fo termed. 
Perila'mpus (Ent.) t»i^iX«/c*«r«, to fhlne around. 
Perllla (Bot.) etymology uncertain ; a genus of I.abiataj 
■^eri'ola (Bot.) dim. of irnfat a leathern pouch ; a genus of Fungi. 

PER 383 

Ferio'mia (Bot.) vf^w/bti^y, a garment worn round the (houlders (tpi^/, 

dtf/M0;) ; a genus of Labiatx. 
Feriphra'gmos (Bot.) vf^/, around, ^fay/xis, a fence or hedge ; a genus of 

Feriphryga'na (ZooL) wtpij around, <p^uyat»t,z. dry flick ; the body being 

furrounded with fetaceous tentacles ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Feri'ploca (Bot.) «f^/ivAd»o;, folded, entangled; agenusof Afclepiadacese. 
Peri'ptera (Bot.) iri^/wri^a, a fhuttlecock ; from refemblance of flowers. 
Periso'mio (Zool.) wtpi^ around, ffaifAet^ the body; applied to certain 

plates which furround the body. 
Pe'risperm (Bot.) mtpi, around, a-wipfjia, a feed ; the albumen of albumi- 
nous feeds. 
Perisph8B'ricu3-a-um (Bot.) wi^', around, s-^edpa^ a fphere or globe. 
Pe nspore (Bot.) mpiy around, a-wopei, feed. 
Pexissodao'tyla (Zool.) Tttpta-c-osy unequal, ^axTvXo;, a toe; that divifion 

of the Ungulata having an odd number of toes. 
Periste'dion (Ichth.) wi^', around, arihov, a courfe ; from its fwimming 

in circles. 
Peri'stera (Zool., Bot.) wtpiirrtpa^ a dove. 

Periste'thus (Ichth.) »i^/, around, a-rnQos, the breafl; the Mailed Gurnard. 
Pe'ristome (Bot.) ari^/, around, <rTflft«, a mouth ; the fringe round the 

theca of many modes. 
Feri'toma (Bot.) wi^ro/t*;?, a cutting round about ; from bafe of calyx. 
Peri'ttia (Ent.) viptrrot, uncommon; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Periwinkle (Bot.) French, pervenche; Latin, vinca ; Lvw Latin, pervinci. 

The old fpelling was pervinke : 

" There fprang the violet al newe 
And frelh pen'inke, rich of hewe." — Chaucer. 
Perla (Ent.) Lat. a pearl ; a genus of acquatic infers. 
Perlellua (Ent.) dim. o{ perla, a pearl. 

Perlucida'lis (Ent.) perlucidus, very tranfparcnt. 
Permuta'na (JE.i\\..^ permutare,to change. 
Per'na (Zool.) an ancient name for a fliell-hfh, which took its name from 

its refemblance to a gammon of bacon {pcrnai) ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Per'nis (Ornith.) tirip»nf, the name of a bird of prey; the Buzzard. 
Per'nix (Ent.) Lat. fwift. 
Pernota'ta (Ent.) ^^rrno/A/z/j, well-marked. 

Y (Ent.) perUptdus^veVf T>lc\.X\. 

384 ^ER — PB.T 

Perodio'tious (Zool.) irq^»;, maimed, SfixnxoV, pointing, from the Ihortneft 
of the index of the anterior hands ; a genus of Lemuridte. 

Perogna'thus (Zool.) «r»j^f, maimed, y»«d«f, the jaw ; a genus of Mam- 

Perone'a (Ent.) iri^v»j, a buckle or button ; one of the Button-moths. 

Peropteres (Ichth.) «•»»?•?, maimed, ff-rf^v, a fin. 

Pe'rotia (Bot.) wn/»f , deficient ; /. r., the flower. 

Perpendicula'lis (ILnt.) perpendiculum, a plumb-line. 

> CEnt.) perplexus. confiifed, obfcure. 
Perpleze'Ua p ^ ^ ^ 

Perpusillus (Bot.) Lat. very diminutive, e. g. Omithopns per/>u/s//uj. 

Pe'rsea (Bot.) ufed by Theophraftus for an Egyptian tree. 

Pe'rBioa(Bot.)P. N. from Perfta^ whence the fruit came ; the Peach and 

Nectarine are refpectively Perftca vulgaris, and P. Uvis. 
Persica'ria (Bot.) the leaves refemble thofe of the peach-tree (Perfica) ; 

a genus of Polygonacea. 
Persicifolius-a-um (Bot.) Lat. Peach-tree-leaved ; c g. Campanula 


Persis'tent (Bot.) p^rjijloy to continue (landing: a calyx or corolla re- 
maining till the fruit is ripe, is To called. 

Persona'tus-a-\un (Bot.) perfona^ a mafk ; applied to corollas that refemble 
a creature's muzzle. 

Persoon'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the great Botanifl Perfoon. 

Perspecilla'tllS-a-imi(0inith.)/>^j;)5^^«///, fpe£tacles, e.g. Au^lS perfpeciUata. 

Perspectalis (Ent.) perfpeSius, well-known. 

Perspica'lis {Ent.) perjpicax, fharp-fighted. 

Pe'rtinax (Ent.) Lat. obftinate ; applied to a beetle, Anobium pertlnax^ 

from its pertinacious limulation of death. 
Portusa'lis (Ent.) pertufus, psirt. pertundo, to perforate, to bore through. 
Psrtusa'ria {Bot.) pertufusy full of holes ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Pertu'sus-a-iim (Bot.) Lat. perforated, full of holes. 
Per'ula {2ot.) perula, a little fatchel. 
Perversa'lis (Ent.) perversusy turned the wrong way. 
Pe'ryphus (Ent.) «rip»4'i;'«, to cling to, to go round. 
Petal (Bot.) wireiXovy a leaf. 

Fetaliform (Bot.) viraXovy a leaf (petal),/or«ra, fhape. 
Petalo'dUS (Fos. Zool.) friretXov, a plate, o^ouf,a tooth; having flat teeth. 
Pet'aloid (Bot.) »iT«Xo», a leaf, fl^o?, likcnefs; refembling a corolla in 

texture and colour. 

FET 385 

Petalo'ma (Bol.) iiix).n, a ptcal. X»nu^ fringe ; petals in calyx-teeth, 

PetaloBte'monea (Bat.) iriTs^Li., a leaf, mi^mt, n jlamen. 

Peta'ala (Ent.) mniii; or niTimB^i, to Ipread out, to fprawl ; a genus of 

Petasi'tes (Hot.) ■irairs!, a head- coveting ; the Butter-bur; a genus of 

Petasl'tla (Ent.) feeds on the Butter-bur, Priofa!, vulgaris. 
PetBBoph'ora (Omith.) ritutic, a broad -btlnimed hat, <f ifu, to cany. 
Petau'rua (Zooi.) mimufi,, a perch to rood upon ; applied to Ibmc of the 


PeUolB, tus-a-imi) 

V (Bot.) bflklai, a leaf.flalk. 

Petiole I ' '^ 

PeUvera'na (£nt.) P. N. in honour of Jum,, Prii-^,r, B.R.S. 

Petive'ria (Bot.) P.N., named by Linniusin honour of J. Pdhiir, F.Jt.S., 

a London apothecary ; typical genus of Petivetiacea. 
Petea'a (Bot.) P. N. in lionour of LarJ Pfire ; a fplendid climbing j[enuB 

of Apocynaceie. 
Petne'ua-a-um (Bot.) ■rhpa, a rock ; gfowing in (lony places, ;. ,f. 

HutchinTia fcti-^. 
Petra'rla (Ent.) iriTf., a rock or crag. 
Fetre'a (Bot. ) P. N. in honour of Saitrl Jamti, Urd Pilrc, a great patron 

of botany, who died in 1741. 
Petri'cola iyMol.) pttra, a rock, alu, 10 inhabit ; a genus of Mollulca. 
Petrlficattt (Ent.) ftirifnitui, turned to (lone, from its habit of counlei- 

feiting death. 
PetroOBl'lls (fiot.) *it(M, a rock, niWtst beauty ; beautifying rocks. 
PetCoaln'clA (Ornith.) nWfn, a ruck, ulynKti, a wagtail; a genus of 

Petro'Bale (2^ol.) hJtjii, a rock.yniiii. si marten-cat; agenuiofMarfiipial 

animaU, Ibme of which arc called Rock Kangaroos. 
Pe'tromys (Z0OL) viTp, a rock, (uit, a oioule: a gcnuiof Rodent Mam- 


Pe tromyzo'nldffl 1 

(Ichth,) - 

Petrophas'sa (Omith.) iriT?«, r 

Petro'pima (Ornith., Bot.) w-<i 

PetrophUol'des (Fos. Bot.) «, 

foini rones, illid 10 iheNDl 

T^, a flon 


a genus and 

family of 

the Lampreys. 

ck, ««ff.>'«, 

pigeon 0, dove 

, a Rone. « 

y.i^ to love. 

t^, a rock, 

9ih>.», 1 leilf 


Old. Protea 


386 FET — PHJE 

Fetroseli'num (Bot.) irir^oc, a rock, and 9%xvteit^ parflcy, fpom its habitat; 

common Parilcy : a genus of Nat. Ord. UmbelliferoB. 
Petro'sus-a-um (2k>ol., Omith.) Lat. rocky. 
Petu'nia (Bot.) the name for tobacco in Brazil is Petun; a genus of 

Pence 'dan UTn (Bot.) vivxtiawv of Theophradus and Dioicorkles, from 

mvK9i^ a pine, on account of the refmous {mell of the plant ; Hog's- 

fennel ; a genus of Umbelliferz. 
Peuoi'tes (Fos. Bot.) viv*^, the fir-tree; foflil coniferous wood. 
Pezi'za (Bot.) iril^is, a fungus without a ftalk ; now applied to a genus of 

Hymenornycetous Fungi, 
Pezo'porus (Omith.) vsl^o-vofos, pedeftrian, going on foot ; a genus of 

Scanibrial birds. 
Pfeifferella (Ent.) (Ent ) P. N., named after Carl P/ci/fer, a Getman 

Pha'ca (Bot.) <petK6g, a lentil ; a genus of Leguminoise. 
Phacelo'monas (Zool.) <^aa-fikosy a (kiff, monas ; a genus of Infufbria. 
Phaci'dium (Bot.) ^>axo;, a lentil, e7^«f, likenefs ; a genus of Fungi. 
Phacoca'pnos (Bot.) 4>«xaf, lentil, xaitvogy Fumitory ; a genus of Fuma- 

Phaooohcs'rus (Zool.) ^okoV, a wart, ;to7»f» a hog; the Wart-hog. 
Phacops (Fos. Zool.) <j>axflf, a lentil, i^, the eye ; a genus of Trilobites. 
Phacosper'ma (Bot.) <J>«*9;, a lentil, e-wi^-fw, a feed. 
Phasalis (Ent.) ^ai6i^ dufky. 

Phse'don (Ent.) P. N., a difciple of Socrates and friend of Plaio. 
PhSBdranas'sa (Bot.) ^uiB^ofy fhowy, «»«a-«-«, a queen, from the beautilul 

appearance of the flowers ; a genus of Liliace.T. 
PhaBiiicu'ra (Zool.) 4>aiva>, to difphy, cujS, a tail. 
PhaBnooa'rpus (Bot.) ^uivv, to difplay, Kafvc^j fruit ; a genus of Sapin- 

PJljeno coma (Bot.) 4>a;»», to fhine, xofxtt, a tuft ; a beautiful Cape genus 

of « EverlalHn;rs '' ; Nat. Ord. Compofitse. 
PhaBno'gamous (Bot.) (paivot to difplay, ytufxcty marriage. ; equivalent to 


PhSBno'poda } r <f>a«v», to fhine, wauj, volos, a foot (Uem); 

PhSB'nopus ) ( genera of Compofitse. 

PhfiBOChro'a (Omith.) <paicsj du(ky, ;^f «a, colour ; a genus of Humming- bird.*. 
PhaBOCOrdylis (Bot.) <f«ioj, durtcy, x^plvXr,^ a tuber ; a genus of Baiano- 

PHM — PHA 387 

Phssocy'ma (£nt.) ^a/^; , dufky, »Sf»«, a wave, /'. ^., on the wings ; a genus 
of Lepidoptera. 

Fhssoda'ctylus (Ent.) <(>«i^f, dufky, \iMtv\6%^ a plume. 

FhsBolSBma (Ornith.) 4>ai0f, dufky, katfxisy throat ; a genus of Humming- 

PheBOleuoa'lis (Ent.) ^euis* dufky, Xiux^f, white, 1. 0. grey. 

PhsBone'ma (Bot.) ^eueg, dufky, yn/u», thread ; a genus of Algae. 

FhaBopap'pus (Bot.) ^aiis, dufky, pappus^ the down of feeds ; a genus of 

PhaBoptera'lis (Ent.) ^«t^c, dufky, WTipo?, a wing. 

PhaBopthalmua-a*um (Bot.) (peuisi brown, o^aXf»0r> the eye, having 
<rytf-like fpots. 

FhsBo'ptila (Ornith.) ^me; , dufky, obfcure, wrrxov, a feather ; a genus of 

FhaB'opus (Ornith.) ^aiog^ dufky, nttZsj a foot; dark -footed. 

PhSBo' stoma (Bot.) ^oms, dufky, 0^6 fxa, mouth ; a genus of Onagracese. 

PheBtho'mis > /o • u > i*^^^ proper name Phaeton, (l^if, a bird ; a 

PheBthomithi'nsB) ( genus and family of Humming-birds. 

Phaeton (Zool., Ornith.) P. N., an epithet of the Sun ; applied in ornitho- 
logy to the Tropic-bird. 

Phaetu'sa (Bot.) P. N., one of the daughters of the Sun ; a genus of Com- 

PhaBUS-a-um (Bot.) <paiif, dufky ; e, g. Geranium phaum. 

Phainopi'pla (Ornith.) ^afoof, fhining, w'lwXos, a robe. 

Phai'us (Bot.) ^«o'f, brown, the firft difcovered fpecies being of that 
colour ; a genus of OrchidacesB. 

PhcUielopleu'ra (Zool.) ^««iXof, a bundle, «Xii>p0v, the fide; a genus 
of Chitons. 

Phakelu'ra (Ent.) ^a*iXoc, a bundle, oo^«, a tail ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Phalaoro'corax (Ornith.") ^aXanpog, bald-headed, uopa^y a crow. 

Pha'lacrus (Ent.) ^oiXa»^o(, bald-headed. 

PbalSB'na (Ent.) (pdxaiffi, a moth ; the No£himal Lepidoptera or Moths. 

PhalSBnoldSB (Ent.) ^aXai»«, a moth, iTSo;, refemblance. 

Phalangio'des (Ent.) ^«>«yy»tf?, a fpider, with terminal vh; ; a genus of 
Lepidoptera ; alfb fpecific name of a fpider, Fholcus phaiangiodes, 

^from the curious manner in which two of 

Phalangl'sta > \ the toes are joined together as far as the 

Phalangisti'naf ^ ^^ '' i lafl phalanx ; a genus and family of Kan- 

^ garoos. 

388 PHA 

Phalanz, pi. Phalan'ges ( Zool.) ^a\etyl, a fmall bone of the fingers or 

toes, {o named from the military term for a column or line of battle. 
Phalaris (Bot.) ^aXtf^, (hining, canary-feed being very glofly ; a genus of 

Plialar'opus (Ornith.) ^aXetpogj white, vovgy a foot. 
Phale'ria (£^nt.) (petXyipog, or vaXa^Sy white. 
Phallus (Bot.) the ^a\\as oi the Greeks ; a genus of Fungi. 
Phaloca'Uis (Bot.) ^etXog^ bright, fhining, xakXtst beauty ; a genus of 

Phal'oe (Bot.) ^aXflj, bright, fhining; a genus of Caryophyllacez. 
Phalole'pis (Bot.) <^aA0(, bright, XtvtV, a fcale ; a genus of Compoiitfe. 
Pha'nera (Bot.) (pavspaa vifible ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Phaneroca'rpus-a-um (Bot.) (panpof, confpicuous, Kapvjosj fruit. 
Phanerocotyledo'nesB (Bot.) ** vifible feed-leaves," Agardh^s name for 

the Exogens, from 4>«y£^df , vifible, xaTV'kM'*^ a (eed-lobe. 
Phaneroga'mia (Bot.) ^a\tpesj evident, ydfxof, marriage ; plants having 

vifible flowers and feeds, in contiadiflinftion to Cryptogamia. 
Phaneromy'cteres (Ichth.) ^avep? , confpicuous, /uwxtij^, nofiril ; a ie£tion 

of Malacopterous fifhes. 
Phanerophle'bia (Bot.) <puvipos^ vifible, <pu-^, ^xtBig, a vein ; a genus of 

Polypodioid Filices. 
Fhaxx'tapus (Zool.) ipaivofxaty to appear, tuovf^ a foot. 
Fhaxxtasma'lis (£nt.) <pavreta-fA,a^ an apparition. 
Pharbi'tis (Bot.) etymology doubtful; a (plendid genus of Convolvulacete, 

including the well-known ** Convolvulus major." 
Pha'rlum (Bot.) dim. from ^apost a cloak or mantle ; a genus of LiliacesB. 
Phama'ceum (Bot.) P. N. from P/;arnaces, King of Pontus, who firft 

ufed it ; a genus of lUecebraceae. 
Pha'rus (Bot.) (papof^ a covering, the leaves being ufed for packing ; a 

genus of Grafles. 
PharyngOgna'thi (Ichth.) ^apoy£, (papvyyot,the windpipe or throat, yyuQog, 

the jaw ; from the union of the lower pharyngeals into a fingle bone. 
Phasoo'gale (Zool.) ^a^xwXoc, a pouch, yaX?, a weafel or pole-cat. 
Phasooloxnys (Zool.) ^a0-»«Xo(, a pouch, /m?;, a moufe ; the Auflralian 

Phascolother'luin (Fos. Zool.) (paa-Koe'Kos, a pouch, Qnpiov^ a wild beafl ; 

a Marfupial Mammal. 
Piia'scum (Bot.) ^a^jtw, a kind of lichen mentioned by Theophraftus ; 
a genus of Mufci. 

PhassoIi'teH (Fot. Bot.) fimkii, the kidney-b«in ; a genus of follil 

Leguminou) ptanU. 
PhaBa'olUB (Bot.) f irnJjj, Lul. fiia/r/vi, or fJufioliii, the kidney-bean ; a 

genus of L*E«mino&. 
PhASiansl'la (%0<i].} phaJiaBvi^ a pheaTant ; from the beautiful plwafant- 

like arrangement oFthe coloum on the fliell; a genus of MoUufta. 

/ from Ibe bird haviae been bn)u?bl from the 
!^ , f (Ornith.)-3 bank- of the river fW., in Colchi.^ the 

*■ common pncaiant ii the P. Colchicus. 
FhaEiaaipeime'Ua (Y.M..') phofianiu, a pheafanti/vnnj, a feather. 
Phaylo'pHiB (Bot.) ^»u»«, worthlefi, IJn, appearance. 
PhBba'lium (Bot.) f.B«MB, a myrtle, from Fhikali,, in Attiea. 
PbabolittllH (Bot.) ^i, like ai, Si;iiTM, cow-dungi a genus of SapindaOHC. 
Phego'ptaria (Bot.) ^lyit, the oak, but fometlmes ufed for the beech, 

forijif, a fern, the Beech-iem ; from the refemblancc of the outUne 

of the frond; t.^. Palypodiom/*fgD/fc™. 
FbeUa'cdrium (Bot.) fi>.Xj(,cork,ltii/, oil^i, male(nameii)', a genns 

of UmbeUifera. 
Phe'llia (Zoul.) ^twiu the Cork-tm, from the tough appearance of the 

PhaQioea'lla (Ent.) ^uAxttt, purple'reJ, 

Phibalap'teryx (Ent.) flSnyti, grateful, »iifiiE, a wing ; a genui of 

Fhibalo'oera (Ent.) ^iBaXit, llender, iijfai, a hom ; a genui of Lepido- 

Phibaln'ra (Omitli.) ^ a«>jf, graceful, «^, a tail. 

Pluga'Ua(Enl.) P. N. from a town of Arcadia ; a genua of Lepidoptera. 

Philadel'phlouH-a-um (Bot.) Lai. Philadelphian. 

Pbiladelphus (Bot.) ufed by Atbenxus for a tree now unknown ; now 
applied to the typical genus of Nat. Oid. Phibdelphacem. 

PUlfl'ader (Zool.) {jLimiipt!, conjugal ; a genus of Marfopial animals. 

Phila'ntlltU (Ent.) f i>is, to love, siSh, a flower ; a genus of Hymeoa- 

Phile'don (Oralth.) (.xiS—,, given to pleafurc. 

PblleBope'tra(BDt.)fi).<K, tolove,iriTpii, a rock ; agenusofLeguminofz. 

PkUera'mUB (Ent.) fiXin, to love, if^uot, a delblate place; a genus of 

Phlle'Bla (Bot.) fiXirU, thiuviihneri ; typical genut of the fplendld otder 

390 ^HI — FHL 

Philesia'oeee (Bot.) the family of plants of which PhUefta is the type. 

Philhy'dridaB^ /f ^ i ^»>.8«», to love, SJ«^, water ; a genus and family 

Philhy'drus > ^ '^^'^ ( of Water-beetles. 

Philip'pia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Ericaceas. 

Philippoden'dron (Hot.) arborefcent (^ivS^ir, a tree), and refembles Phi- 

lippia ; a genus of ByttneriacesB. 
Phllly'rea (Bot.) P. N. from Philyra, the mother of Chiron, who was 

changed into a tree ; a genus of Oleaces. 
Philoore'na (Bot) ^txsotf, to love, xf^n, a fpring; a genus of Podofte- 

Philoc'thus (Ent.) ^(Xf«, to love, o;^of, a bank of a river. 
Philoden'dron (Bot.) ^t>.Sitv%foi, fond of trees ; a very curious genus of 

Pfailo'dice (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Eriocaulaceas. 
Philo'dFOmus (Ent.) ^iXi\9fA9s^ loving the courfe, fond of running. 
Philodry'as (Zooi.) ^tX6», to love, Apii«f, wood-nymphs, which is from 

$pD(, an oak ; a genus of Serpents. 
Philcs'terus (Ornith.) (pi\%»y to love, otirjjy, equality; the Republican 

Philo'maohus (Zool.) ^iXofxa^^os^ a lover of battles ; the RufF. 
Philomela \ ^r^ 'th^ i ^*^*/^''^*» ^ nightingale; the nightingales ; 
Philomeli'nsB) i a genus and fub-family of Inceflbres. 

Phllomyos'nidaB) . ( ^tXi«, to love, fAVMs^ flime; a family and 

Phlloiny'cus ) i. genus of Pulmoniferous MoUufca. 

Phllone'zls (Zool.) ^/Xoc, an adept, vn^»y, a fwimming. 
Phllon'thus (Ent.) ^iXf«, to love, e»do;, dung. 
Philo'pedon (Ent.) pkMy to love, irs^y, the ground. 
Philopy'ra (Ent.) ^iXi», to love, irS^, fire ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Philo'zerus (Bot.) ^Xs«, to love, ^tfis, arid ; from the foil. 
Phily'drum (Bot.) ^/xoj, a lover, tittp^ water. 
PhlSB^as (Ent.) P. N., a fumame of Venus. 
Phlebophyrium (Bot.) ^xi^, (pu0os, a vein, ^uxx«v, a leaf ; a genus of 

Phlebo'pterls (Fos. Bot.) ^xl4) ^^i^^t a vein, vrl^;, a fern. 
Phlebotham'nion (Bot.) ^xj-l, ^M0isy a vein, Qtifjtfes, a fprout ; a genus 

of Algz. 
Phlegeto'nia (Ent.) ^xiyu, to fcorch, To>0f, a fmew or tendon ; a genus 

of Lepidoptera. 
Piliegma'clum (Bot.) ^X%yp,tt, (V^me \ ?L ^iiw% o( ¥v\tv<^\. 

PHi — FHCE 39, 

It.) fViii, or filsvi, a (!>reek name far fome unknown phut ; 

now applied to a genus of Grafles. 
PhlcBo'dea (Ent.) ifKiKiSns, [t^fcmbling the bark of trees ; a genus of 

PhltB'omys (Zool.) ^f.wt, bark, ftii, a rnoulc ; a genus of Muridnj. 
PblCBopDra (Ent.) j *(.a,, bark, ai/at, a pafTagt. 
PhtcE'othripS (Ent.) p»«ir, bark; the genus Tir^j ; a genus of Thy- 

PWogftcan'thna (Bot.) p»."yi«, flaming, red, acaniki,, , a genua of Aeau- 

Phlogo'phllUB (Ornith.) JX»J, fTisyit, pilmr, the name of a flower, f,xit/. 

to lore; a genus of Hamming-birds. 
Phlogo'phora (Ent.) J>.»E. ^Xtyii, a flame, f«;ir., to liear; a genus of 


Phloio'biua (Em.) f>,..i,, batk. fliJ,, life. 

Phloiodlcar'pos (But.) ^^Hiiliitibark'like, na^ii, fruit ; a genus of Um- 

PhtolbphilUi (Ent.) ^kaiit, bark, ^, to lore. 
Fhloio'tiya (Ent.) f^u'i, bark, Tpn, to rub. 
Phlomldo'palH (Bol.) the genus Pilamit, and l^ii, refemblance, i. e. to 

Ihat genus ; a genus of LahiatiB. 
FhlomiB (But.) fJ-tftii, the Oreek name for mullein ; a genus of Labinto;. 
Phlomoi'daB (Bat.) Pklomi!, lUif, Ihape, refemblance ; muIldn-leaTed. 
Phloi (Bot.) ifki^, a plant fo calied, the word fignifflug a flame ; a Ijeau- 

tiful North American genus of Polemoniacez. 
PhlyoltBHo'dea (Ent.) pl.iicr<unt, a blilter, iTus, refemblance ; a genus 

of Lepidoptera. 
PhlyoU'dium(Bot,)pXiJM;f,ablifteror pimple, iTJct, likenefa; a ^am 

of Fungi. 
FUy'otle (But.) ^Xvun't, a blifter or pimple ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Fbo'beros (Bot.) faSt^t, formidable ; a genus of Flacourtiaceas. 
I FtLOCa (Zool.) Lai. a feal, from ^xt,. 
W. Phooosna (ZooL) fimiu,*, a parpoifu. 

f Pho'aidiBi ,211} ^°"" ''°'^ '"•■'' " '^■^'' '^'"■^ ^^""''^ ^""^ ^"*'' 

ta'aiami ( family terminal!. 

I RltBbe (Bot.) P. N., a genm of Lauracea, 
( Phceoica'lis (Ent.) ^aniwi, purple, red. 

I Pfacenlcsn'Qieaium (Bot.) f«>iiit«(, ctimlbn, •>Sri^K>, blooming, (torn the 
iwcrs 1 a genus of LiOranthacete. 

39* ^H(E — PHO 

Fhcenicau'lis (Bot.) ^Mvixasj crimion, caulhySi (lem; a genus of Crudferse. 
PhCBnice'rcus (Ornith.) (pttiroi^ to appear, xcpitof, a tail ; ibmetimes inac- 
curately written Phanicircus, 
Phcenioeus-a-um (Bot.) ^oivUtog, purple, cinnabar-colour. 
Phcsnioi'tes (Fos. Bot.) from Phttnix daftylifera, the Date-Palm ; a kind 

of foflil palm-leaves. 
Phcsnioocercus (Ornith.) (potvUtof, purple-red, »t^»«r, tail; having crim- 

fon tail -feathers. 
Phcsnicoci'rsus (Bot.) ^oXn^-ixot, purple, xlfaiov, a thifUe ; a genus of 

Phcenioocri'nites (Fos. Zool.) ^0tyi^-ixo;, a palm-tree, x^vav, a lily ; a 

genus of Crinoidea. 
Phcsnicop'terus, pi. PhoBnicoptera (Ornith.; ^otyuioC) purple, irri^oy, 

a wing. 
Phcs'nix (Bot.) ^oTviif, its Greek name ; the Date-palm. 
Phoenix'oplius (Bot.) ipom^, purple, movsi voiog, a foot (fl;em) ; a genus 

of CompolitaB. 
Pholado'mya (Zool.) ^otxas-ahoty a borer, /ut;«, a mollufk ; a genus of 

Pholas (Zool.) from ^wXtM, to bore; a name applied to a moUufcous 

animal which makes holes in (lones ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Phol'cus (Zool.) ^tfX«flf , bandy-legged ; a genus of Araneidse. 
Pholidan'dra (Bot.) ^oxU^ ^oxHogy a fcale or fpot, avinpy a»$^0;, a ftamen ; 

a genus of Rutacex. 
Pholi'dia (Bot.) ^oXtV, a fcale, iT^osj likenefs ; a genus of Myoporaceae. 
PholLdoga'ster (Fos. Zool.) ^oX/;, ^oXt^osy a fcale, yaar^p, belly; an 

ichthyoid labyrinthodont. 
Pholido'rpus (Bot.) ^oxis, a fcale, ^opvov, a meal ; a genus of Palmacese. 
Pholis (Ichth.) (pooXiof, to lie in a hole ; alluding to the habits of the fifh. 
Pholi sma (Bot.) ^oxis, a fcale ; a North American genus of Monotropaceae. 
Pholiu'rus (Bot.) ^oXis, a fcale, ovpet, a tail ; a genus of Gramina. 
Pholoe (Zool.) P. N. a Nereid:— 

" As Pholoe, mod that rules the monfters of the main." — ^Drayton. 
Phormi'dium (Bot.) ^opfxis-ihe, a baiket ; a genus of Algx. 
Phor'mium (Bot.) ^offjtoit a bafket, from its ufe in New Holland • 

Phormium tenax produces the New Zealand flax. 
Phoro'cera (Ent.) ipofig^ bearing, x«^a?, a horn ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phorode'sma (£nt.) (pofioa^ to carry, Ua-fAUf a chain ; a genus of Lepido- 


Pharolo'buB (Bat.) fifit, beiriog, liSii, a lob 

podioiJ FilicBs. 
Phoa (Zool.) fw, ligbt ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Fho'sphuga (Zool.) fSf, light, ifiryi, flight. 
Fhotiuo'pteriB (Bat.) fanitis, [hining, vn/U 

)r pod ; a gfnui of Foly- 

i fern ; a gtnm of Poly- 

d \ij Ariifotle, from fifo!, 
i of Lepido- 

Fhoxiahlli'diuni (Zool.) fi%it, pointed, xf'X.i 
Phoil'nus (Ichth.) *.£:.«, a river fiih, mention 

pointed ; the Minnow. 
Phoxo'pteryz (£nt.) ^i£>(, pointed, irr j^, a wing ; 

Piiragmitella (Ent.) fiirapxiUi, a reed, on which it feedi. 
Piiragmi'teB (.Bol.) (if«j.fjTB(, the great Englilb Reed, hence, an inclofurc ; 

thefc reeds being thus employed [ a genus of Gramina. 
Phragmi'lidia (Ent.) gen. of the above ; feeding on the Rred, Anindo 

Phragmlto'phla (Zpol.)lilerallr " the reed-lhake," from fhragmita, a reed, 

Pkragmo'aeTa,H (Zoi>l.) ffnyftit, a partition, aipai, i 

Phra'tara (Ent.) probably from ^firnf, a kinijnan. 
Phr8a'tia(Bot.) (fftiria, a unk orreftrroir; a genus of Orchidaceai. 
Fiu-lasotria'tlia (Bot.) ^fttm, to he rough, Bfu'f, t^;i;», a hair or liiinie ; 

a genuE of Bryoid MuTci. 
Phrygs'iiea (£nt.) f/iyaa:, a faggot ; a genut of Keui 
FhryBanella (Ent.) ^fityntii, a faggot ; from the limilarily of tile larvB- 

ia (Bol.) ^fiiyiyn, a (lick, laiiis, glory ; i genus of B 

Phrygano'deB (Ent.) ^/i^EM, a faggot ; a gunus of l.ri:pidoptera ; pei- 
1 haps given from lome fancied refemhlince to the order of inlefb, /"irj- 

Phry'niura (BoI.) ff w«, a toad ; a plant growing in marihen. 
Fbrynoao'ma (Zool.) ffim, a toad, e-a^o, body. 
FhtheiroBpe'rmUin (Bot.) ^tif, a loufi!, s-sl^a, Teed ; a gi 

Fhttieo'cbroa (Ent.) ^ui>, i. r., fJiii», to fade, ;Kfia, the Ikin, or rather 

complexion ; a genui of Lepidoptera. 
Fbthlru'sa (Hot.) 41811), a loule; a geni» of LoniAViacai. 

394 ^^U — ^H^' 

Phu (Bot.) the ^ of Diofcorides ; a fpecies of Valeriana. 
Fhu'rys (£nt.) ^v^, to mix or confound ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phyoe'Ua (Bot.) dim. of ^u»or, red alkanet, from its colour. 
Phy'oldSB (Ent.) a family of Lepidoptera, of which Phycu is the type. 
Phy'ois (Ichth., Ent.) ^%U'i a coloured fi(h living in fea-weed ; in Ento- 
mology a genus of Lepidoptera, becaufe fome of the fpecies are red. 
Phyoobo'trya (Hot.) 4)u»oc, fea-weed, /S«t^, a clufter ; a genua of Alg«. 
Phyoooa'stanum (Bot.) ({>ux«r, fea-weed, »«0^«yfv, a chefnut ; a genus 

of Algaj. 
Phyoo'des (Ent.) ^Sso^, LaUfucus; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Phy'oodrys (Bot.) ^Zxnt^ fea-weed, Ifjf^ an oak ; a genus of Algae. 
Phyoolapa'thum (Bot.) <{>tl»««, fea-weed, xi£v«d«v, forrei ; a genus of 

Phyoomy'oes (Bot.) ^v»»$, fea-weed, fAvnn^y a fungus ; a genus of Fungi. 
Phyoo'phila (Bot.) <f>S»»Ci fea-weed, ^xiv, to love ; a genus of Algie. 
Phyoo'pteris (Bot.) 4>uxor, fea-weed, irn^t;, a fern ; a genus of Alge 
Phyoose'ris (Bot.) (f>p»oc, fea-weed, ^i^f, endive; a genus of Aig». 
Phy'ous (Ent.) ^uxof, fea-weed ; a genus of Diptera. 
Phygan'thUB (Bot.) <f>vyi('y, to efcape, h^»t^ fbwer ; a genus of Iridacee. 
Phyge'lius (Bot.) ^yy«, flight, (hunning, or efchewing ; in confequence of 

having fo long efcaped the researches of botanids ; a genus of Scro* 

Phyla'oiuin (Bot.) ^uXaa-att, to preferve ; a genus of LeguminofsB. 
Fhy'llca (Bot.) ^uXtx^f, leafy, from its copious evergreen foliagv ; a genus 

of Rhamnacete. 
Phyllaoa'ntha (Bot.) 4>uXXov, a leaf, «x«>d«, a thorn or fi>ine; a genus 

of Algse. 
Phyllaolme (Bot.) <f>^A.A«y, a leaf, al;^if, chaff; a genus of Stylidiacea. 
Phyllacti'dium(Bot.) the genus Phyllaais^ d^ofy likenefs; a genus of Alg«. 
Phyllao'tis (Bot.) ^vWo^, a leaf, knrisy a ray ; a genus of Valerianace», 
PhyllSB'dium (Bot.) ^Wat-aioty foliage ; a genus of Fungi. 
Phylla'gathls (Bot.) 4>pXXoy, a leaf, uyaBiti good ; a genus of Melafto- 

Phyllam'phora (Bot.) ^vxx«y, a leaf, ^/u^w^vt , Lat, amphora^ a pitcher ; 

the original generic, and now the fpecific name of a Pitcher* plant i 

Nepenthes Phyllamphora, 
Phyllan'theea (Bot.) a fe€tion of Euphorbiacess, reprefented in PkyiUmtkmt* 
Phyllan'thera (Bot.) 'fv^xnt a leaf, clvdup*; , flowery ; a genus of Afcle- 




PhyUantha'nun (Bot.) ^iXUt, a leaf, it&,, Oovnty, froi 

filaments ; a genm of Trilliares. 
Phyllan'thus (Bot.) ^it.\n, a le«f, Wk, a flower ; flowers on the edges 

of the leaves ; a genus of Caftacer. 
Fhrllar'throll (Bot.) ti>, leaf, arSp"! joint ; a genus of CreTeentiacex. 
Pbyllau'rea (Bot.) ^taxit, a leaf, aumii.:, golden ; a genua of Euphor 

PhyVlla (Zool.) /(ix>.t>, a leaf. 

PhyUidia (ZooL) dim. of ^xxn, a leaf; a gi-nui of MolluTca. 
^^^l!f?°f. \ <ZoolO f iAJ...,a leaf, «*, the wave ; a genus of Mollufta. 
Phy'lliB (Bot.) p. N., one of Vlr^l'a nymph). 
FhylU'teB (Fos. Bot.) ^Cxxm, a leaf; certain forms of folTII leave),. 
PhyUo'bltlB (Ent.) »ix».., a leaf, fi.«, life. 

Phyllobryon (Bot.) ♦i!»J,i>t,a leaf, Bfin. mofi; a genus of Pipcracere, 
Phyllooao'tUB (Bot.) ^uXXk, a leaf, coBirt, a genus of Catlaceic. 
Phyllooalym'na (Bot. ) ^iXXii^ a leaf, •.iwitim, a covering ; a genus of 

PhyUooar'puB(Bot.)9iiJiAi>,aleaf, lut/wii, [ruit ; agenuBof Legumlnofz, 
PhyUooepb'alum (Bot.) <fixiAf, a leaf, H^axn, a head ; a g«nus of 

Phylloola'dus (Bot.) ^\t,n, leaf,ilLalif,'branch, having leaf4lke branch- 
let. ; agenusofTaxacen. 
Fll7UoonlA''tls (Ent.) ti\i.v, a leaf, nx'tur, tu fctape or giate ; a genus of 

Pbylloda'otylua (Zool.) ^i>.Xst,a.\e!iS,tainvXis,z toe, hiving leaf-flisped 

too; a genua of Saurians. 
Ptayllo'dSB (Ent.) ftxtjii, a leaf; a genuB of Lepidoptera. 
Phyllo'dea (Hot.) faXlaUnj, leafy ; a genus of Marantacoa. 

IPbyllo'dlum (Bot.) fuXXH, a leaf, iTiw, lUceoers; applied to certain 
organ" (wattles) of the Aoftralian Acaelai or Wattle-Uliei j th.- 
wactles ate enlarged petioles. 
Phy'llodoee (Zool.J I'. N., the name of n fea-nymphi in Botany, a genui 

of Ericacea. 
PhyUomoTpha (Ent.) ^[;>.*«, leaf, fia^jn, Ihape ; the Leaf-lliape; a 

genui of Hemiptera. 
Phyllope'rtba (Ent.) ^^XX>v, a leaf, ■itSv, to deltroy. 
PhyUo'pbUa (Ent.) ^lOAn, a ktf, {»><•, to lovr; a genua at Lcpi- 

396 PHr 

Phyllo'pliora (Zool., Bot.) ^uXXav, a leaf, ^ifoo, to carry. 

Fhyllopneu ste (Omith.) ^uKkn, leaf, nmuffrnty one who breathes hard. 

Fhyllo'poda (Zool.) ^^xxo>} a leaf, vm^ itehos a foot ; an order of Ento- 

moftracous Cniflacea. 
FhyllOBo'ma (Zool.) (pCxXw, a leaf, o-S/fxay body ; a family of Cruftacea. 

^ /'^^xXov, leaf, c-refAecy mouth, a genus and 

PhyUo stoma > /-^oqI) ^ family of Bats; P. fpeanim is the 

PhyUostomina) ^ J ,r . t> 

^ Vampire Bat. 

Phyllo'ta (Bot.) 4>t;A.Xov, a leaf, «?;, a)T0$, an ear ; a genus of JLeguminofs. 

Phylloty'lus (Bot.) ^vXXof^ a leaf, ryXoj, a knot ; a genus of Algas. 

Phymao'tis (Zool.) ^w/ua, a wave, axris, a ray ; a genus of A£tinie. 

Phymati'dium (Bot.) ^Z/au^ a tumour, iT^or, likenefs; a genus of 

Phymato'des (Bot.) <pviJietr(u$vfj full of tumours ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Filices ; alfo fpecific name of a celebrated Lichen. 
Phymatostro'ma (Bot.) ^ZfAa-aTofj a (welling, arpufAa^ a bed ; a genus 

of Fungi, 
Phymo'sia (Bot.) 4>ifio«, to conftrift ; a genus of Malvaceee. 
Phymosper'mum (Bot.) ^^fAa^ a tumour, a-vipfAOja. feed; a genus of 

Phy'sa (Bot.) 4>ytf-«, a pouch ; a genus of Mefembryacefle. 
Phy'sa (Zool.) (fiva-a, a pouch ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Physac'tls (Bot.) «|>waa, a pouch, «*tjc> a ray ; a genus of Algae. 
Phy'salis (Bot.) ^va-aXU^ a plant with hulks like bladders, from ^^m, a 

bladder, from refemblance of calyx ; the Winter-cherry ; an admired 

genus of Solanacex. 
Physe'ter (Zool.) ^us-jjtw^ , a blow-pipe or bellows ; a genus of Cetacea. 
Physio'tium (Bot.) <^So-«, a pouch, amav, a little ear ; a genus of Junger- 

Phyaiph'ora (Bot.) <^r«, a pouch or bladder, 4>lp, to carry, from the 

inflated capfules ; a genus of Violacea. 
Physooaly'oium (Bot.) ^va-a», to fwell, calyx^ from the inflated calyx ; 

a genus of Craflulaceae. 
Physooalym'ma (Bot.) <pwi»», to fwell, xuXvfAixay a covering ; a genus 

of Lythracez. 
Physoo'alyz (Bot.) fame meaning as "Phyjocalydum ; a genus of Scrophu- 

Physooarpi'dium (Bot.) ^vtm^ inflate, «af v«f , fruit, from the inflated 

follicles ; a genus of RanMTicwUcef&. 



PllJBOCar'pUB(Bot.)fu3-iB, to inflate, .ia,i«i(, frait i a genus of Rofacei. 
PhjEODBu'lon (Bot.) ifoaaM, tu inBdte, xiaiXss, a Item ; a genus of Algx. 
Physoohlte'na (Bot.) ^u^in, to inflate, ;k'^"""i ^ mantle, fram the 

inflated calyx ; a genus of SolanaceEG, 
Fhyao'alada (Bot.) fi»rii>, to fwell, kKsSx, i branch ; a genus of Cordi- 

PliyBoder'ma(Bot.)fijj-ilB,tofwcll,Sipfii., the cuticle; a genus of Fungi. 
Phyao'des (Bot.) ^r-JiK, fuU of wind; fpecifie name of a fpt-ciea of 

Lichenes, Parmella Fhi^fala. 
PhyaQai'pbon {Hot.) pmin, to inflate, r!^mt, a tube; a genus of Orahi- 

Phyaoape'rmum (Bot.) ^im, a bladder, (reir/us, a feed; a genus of 

PhyaoaU'gnm (Bot.) furais. to inflate, <rtiyiiji,pgma, a ftyle. 
Pbyaosto'mfiB (Ichth.l ^o-», wind, irrifiB, a mouth; having open air- 
Fhy'aula (£nt.) fuixxit, a bubble? a geniu of Lepldoptera. 
Pliytsl'aphaa (Bot.) pin-w, a plant, i;i.ipsF, ivory; the Ivory-bearing 

Phyteu'ma (Bot.) a name adopted from DioTooridei ; the Rampionj K 

genus of Campanulaoae. 
Pbyteiuno'psia (Bot.) the genus PA^Umu, and I<^'(, reiemblance ; agenui 

of Compofitffi. 
Phyto'aonia (lint.) ifv-iit, a plimt, nim, dult ; a genus of AlgK. 
Pbytoora'aa (Bot,) JutJ., a plant, Bfwiii afpring; the celebrated water- 

vine of Martaban ; a genus of ArtoearpaceK, 
PhyttB'oia (Eat.) ififtit, a plant, Hui, an abode. 
Phytoeeo'graphy (Bot.) ptin, a plant, yi, the earth, /jo^i,, to defcribt ; 

the icience of the diftribution of trees and plants. 
Pbyto'gi^pll J ( Bot.) furii, a plant, y/iifir, to write ; defcriptive botany. 
Pbytolic'oa (Bot.) fuTov, a plant, Lcca, lac; having crimlbn /rait; 

typiial genus of Phytolaccaceffi. 
Pbytolaooa'cete (Bot.j Nat. Ord. of which PA^uJ^m li the type. 
Phytolitha'logy (Fos. Bot.) furii, a plant, Aifltc, a (tone, liiysf , a difoiuile ; 

the ftience of fo/Iil plants. 
Phjto'logy (Bot.) finii, a plant, J.aye!, a defcription ; the fcienoe of 

Fbytolop'alB (Zool.) ^Tii, ; 



#— . 

Fhyto metra (£nt.) ^ut4», a plant, fMrf§Xfy to meafure ; the larvae are half- 

Phytopathology (Bot.) ^vrw, a plant, itaQokoymht the do£trine of diieafe. 
Fhyto'phagous (Zool.) ^utov, a plant, ^«y«, to eat ; plant- eating. 
Phytophysiology (Bot*) (pvroy^ a plant, ^uj-ic, nature, Xoyos, a deicription ; 

the fcience of the nature of plants. 
Phyto'sus (£nt.) ^tnov^ a plant. 
Phyto'toma (Ornith.) ^ut^», a plant, to/uji, a cut ; a plant-cutter ; the 

Phyto'tomy (Bot.) ^tfT«y, a plant, i-o^i{, a cut or incifion; the iHence 

of difleftion of plants. 
Phyto'zys (Bot) ^urov^ a plant, 0^6$^ (harp or pointed ; a genus of 

Fhytozo'on (Zool.) ^vtav, a plant, {[wov, an animal. 
Piaran'thuB (Bot.) viSf, fatnefs, 0*60;, a flower. 
Pi'oa (Ornith.) Lat, a pie or magpie. 
Pioa'ta (Ent.) ^/^a, a magpie ; from the contraft of colours. 
Pioatha'rtes (Ornith.) fiicai a pie or crow, KuBm^u, to clear; the baid- 

headed Crow of Weftern Africa. 
Ficea (Bot.) Lot. the Silver-fir ; a genus of Coniferae. 
Pi'oidaB (Zool.) a family of Scanfbrial birds called the Woodfteckers, of 

which/>ic:tfj is the type. 
Pi'oinus-a-um (Ent.) Lat. pitch-black. 
Pi'oipes (Ent,)pix, pitch, />«, a foot ; black-footed. 
Pickerin'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jofeph Pickering ; a genus of Legu- 

Pico'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M, Picot; a genus of Boraginacese. 
Picrade'nia (Bot.) vmpost bitter, «^j)v, a gland or acorn ; a genus of 

PicrsB'na (Bot.) mH^tt bitter; the OuafTia-wood tree; a genus of 

Pioram'nla (Bot.) wu^^^, bitter, Bafx^os, a ihrub. 
Picra sma (Bot.) mzpaa-fAos, bittemefs ; a genus of Simarubacese. 
Pi'cria (Bot.) vixfia, bittemefs ; a genus of Gefneracese. 
Piori'dium (Bot.) the genus Picris^ iTJoj, likenefs. 
Pi'cria (Bot.) mx^sy a bitter herb ; a genus of Compofitas. 
Pi'orium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Gentianaceae. 
Picrorhi'za (Bot.) vtxpof, bitter, ^i^«, root ; a genus of Scrophnlariaceap. 
Ficro'sia (Bot.) irUpos, bitter; a genus of Compofilte. 

PIC — PIL 399 

ria > ,„ ^ 

.,. r (Ent.; piaus, painted. 

Piorotham'nUB (Bot.) wttcpiff bitter, Q»/4.tos, a ihrub ; a genus of Com- 

Piote'tia (Bot.) P. N. in lionour of tlie celebrated M. PUiety of Geneva ; 

a genus of Leguminofss. 
Plc'tus-a-um (ZiooL, Bot.) Lat. painted. 
Pi'cus (Ornith.) Lot, a woodpecker. 
Picum'nus (Omith.) dim. form oi pkus^ to meet the popular term Picu- 

lets ; a genus of minute Woodpeckers. 
Piddingtonla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lobeliaceae. 
Pieran'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sapindacex. 
Pie'ridSB (Ent.) P. N., a family of diurnal Lepidoptera, of which Pier is 

is the type. 
Pi'eris (Ent.) P. N., one of the Mufes ; a genus of Lepidoptera ; alfo ufed 

in Botany. 
Piesar'thrittS (Ent.) «(!(«, to comprefs, olpdf «», a joint ; flat-jointed. 
Piezophyriua (Ent.) «-(t^«, to prefs, ^uXXav, a leaf; from its remarkably 

compreded antennae. 
Piezorhyn ous (Ornith.) »ti{«, to comprefs, pvyx^s^ a beak. 
Pig (Zool.) Dutch, bigghe, big. 
Pigeon (Ornith.) French, pigeon ; ItaL piccione. 
Pike (Ichth.) becauie the head is peaked ox pointed; the fcientific name is 

Pila'ris (Zool., Ornith.) Lat. like a ball. 
Pil'chard (Ichth.) this word is probably from Anglo-Sax. pylce, the covei- 

ing of a faddle ; in allufion to the foftnefs of the integuments. 
Pilea (Bot.) piUtu, a cap ; a genus of Urticaceae. 
Pile'olus (Zool.) Lat. a little cap ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Pileo'psis (ZooL) v/Xof, a cap, o>f>tf, appearance. 

Pileus (Bot.) Lat. a cap ; applied to the cap-like expanfion of a mufhroom. 
Pile -wort (Bot.) the popular name of Ficaria vema, becaufe its tubers re- 
mind the furgeon of hasmorrhoidal facs. 
Pili'ferus-a-um (Bot.) mXos, a cap, wi^a», to bear ; cap-bearing. 
Pilleria'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of PiUery a German entomologifh 
Pilosa'lis (Ent.) pilofus, hairy. 
Pilosa'ria (Ent.) pi/ofis, hairy. 

Pilosella (Ent.) feeding on Hawk-weed, Hieracium Pilo/eUu. 
Pilo'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. hairy. 

400 PIL — PIN 

■ - , ■ 1 ■ - ■ — 1 * ■ — ■ 

Filula'ria (Bot.) piluhy a little pill ; from the fhape of its feed-veflels ; a 
genus of Marfileacese. 

Pimele'a (Bot.) «-</mix^, fat ; a genus of Thymelaceie. 

Pimelono'tus (Ichth.) mfeeXii, fat, v£tc;, the back ; a genus of Siluroid 

Pimen'ta (Bot.) from the Spanifti pimento^ the name for Indian pepper. 

Pim'pemel (Bot.) French^ pimpreneUe ; Latiriy pimpinella, 

Pimpine'lla (Bot.) altered from bi-pinella, twice pinnated, from the doubly 
pinnate leaves ; Pimpinel; a genus of Umbelliferse. 

Pimpinella'ta (Ent.) feeding on the Burnet-faxifrage, PlmpituUa Saxifraga. 

Pina'oese (Bot.) Lindley's name for the Coniferae, of which IPtrau^ the Fir- 
tree, is the type. 

Pina'nga (Bot.) native Indian name of a genus of Aiiatic palms. 

Pina'ria (Bot.) vrmetposi ftiabby, fqualid ; a genus of Cruciferse. 

Pinaropa'ppuB (Bot.) »«v«p»j, fhabby,/fl/»;&w,the down of plants ; a genus 
of Compolitae. 

Pincenecti'tia (Bot.) Profeflbr Scheidweiler of Ghent fays that about the 
year 1836, Galeotti fent to Van der Maelen fome plants whole half 
illegible ticket appeared to be Freycinetia. The gardener to whole 
care they were configned changed the word to Pincenedtitia, and €0 it 
has remained ever fince. 

Pinckne'ya (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Pinciney, an American botanid. 

Pi'ndalus (Omith.) ancient Greek name for an unknown bird. 

Pinel'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Araceae. 

Pineta'ria (Ent.) pitutum^ a pine-grove. 

Pinete'llus (Ent.) pinetum, a fir-wood, which it frequents. 

Pine-tree) C vitvs^ Latin, Pinusy apparently conne£led with Celtic 

Pinus I t Beriy a mountain, as in Ben Lomond, Apennines, 

Pinguedine'lla (Ent.) pinguedo^ fatnefs. 

Plngui'cula (Bot.) pinguis, fat ; the leaves are greafy to the touch ; a genus 
of Lentibulariacese. 

Pinguioula'tus (Ent.) pingukulus, fomewhat fat. 

Pinguina'lis (Ent.) pinguisy fat, from its greafy appearance. 

Pinia'ria (Ent.) from feeding on the fir-tree, Pinus Abies, and fylveftris. 

Piniarie'lla (Ent.) feeding on the Pinus, 

Pini'cola (Omith. )//;iw, a pine-foreft, colo, to inhabit ; the Pine Grofbeak. 

Pinioola'na > 

Pinioole'lla 3 ^^^^'^ P'"''^y a fir-tree, cokre, to frequent. 

Pini'tea (Fos. Eot.) pinus, the fir-tree; foflil wood allied to the Conifera*. 

PIN — FIE 401 

Finivora'nus-a-um (Ent.) pinus^ a fir, vorare^ to devour, *. g. Retinia 

Pinna (Zool.) Lot, a fin or wing; a genus of Mollufca. 
Pinnati'fidus-a-um (Rot.) pinna, a feather or leaflet,/^m&, to cleave ; pin- 

natifid ; applied to leaves irregularly cut towards the mid-rib. 
Pinna'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. feathered ; pinnate. 

Pinnothe'res (Zool.) iTWorin^s, a name which occurs in Ariftotle, means 
*' pinna-guard/' from vina, the fhell pinna, rfipioty to guard, and was ap- 
plied to a fmall crab inhabiting the fhell ; the Pea-crabs ; a genus of 
Brachyurous Cruftacea. 
Pin'nula (Bot.) dim. of pinna, a feather or leaflet. 
Pinnula 'ria (Fos. Bot.) pinnula, a little feather ; a genus of fodil coal-mea- 

fiire plants. 
Plnta'do (Omith.) Spanijb, pintado^ painted ; another name for the Guinea 

Pi'nus (Bot.) Lat, the Pine-tree ; a genus of Conifera. 
Pio'nea (Ent.) irim, fat, fleek ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pi'per (Bot.) wiirtpij pepper, from irivrot, to diged ; but perhaps, as dated 

by Galen, from an Indian word. 
Pipera'ceaB (Bot.) the family of plants of which Piper is the type. 
Piperi'tus-a-um (Bot.) of or belonging to piper, pepper ; pepper-like, /'. e., 

having the fmell or biting tafte of pepper. 
Pi'piens (Zool.) Lat. piping, chirping. 

Pip'it (Omith.) popular fynonyme for the Titlark, Anthus pratenfis. 
Pip pin (Bot.) this word is derived by Dr. Johnfon from the Dutch pup- 
pyngke, but it is furely more reafbnable to fuppofe it from Pepin, the 
king of the country from which the fruit was derived. 
Pi'pra 1 • u \ 1 ^'^p'h ^® name of a bird in Ariftotle ; a genus 

Pi'pridfle) (. and family of Pafleres ; the Manakins. 

Piproi'dea (Omith.) the genus Pipra, st^os, likenefs. 
Pipta'nthus (Bot.) mTFret, to fall down, avfio;, a flower; a genus of 

Piptathe'rum (Bot.) vtvrw, to fall, AQvp, an awn, or fpike of com. 
Piptoca'rpha (Bot.) wiu-To;, to fall down, xeip^es, a carpel ; a genus of 

Pipto'ceras (Bot.) irttrreo, to fall down,xi/>af ,a horn ; a genus of Compofitae. 
PiptochSB'tium (Bot.) wtVrw, to fall down, ;5;a<T»:, a briflle (awn); a 
genus of Gramina. 


402 PIP — PIS 

Pipt9ohla'mys (Bot.) ir<irTa», to fall down, ;^x«m«'»» a mantle (floral 

envelope) ; a genus of ThymelacesB. 
Pipto'coma (Bot.) »/wt«, to fall down, x«/u9}, a tuft ; a genus of Compofitae. 
PiptolEe'na (Bot ) ^r/vrw, to fall down, Xbmu^ equivalent to ;^Xa4V«^ a 

mantle ; a genus of Apocynaceae. 
Fiptolepis (Bot.) vIvtm, to fall down, Xfwtf, a fcale. 
Piptopo'gon (Bot.) mvrot^ to fall down, «i»y«v, a beard ; a genus of 

Piptoste'gia (Bot.) ntvr»^ to fall down, a-riyn, a covering ; a genus of 

Piptostem'ma (Bot.) vivrm^ to fall down, rrifjifAo, a wreath ; a genus of 

Pique'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Andreas Plquerioy a SpaniOi botanift. 
Pisana (Zoo1.)/j/wot, a pea, referring to fliape. 
Pisa'nia (Ziool.) P. N. from Pifot in Italy ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Piscato'riuB-a-um (Ichth.) LaU relating to filhermen ; t. g, the Fifhing 

Frog, Loplicus Pifcatorius. 
Pisces (Ichth.) pi. of fit/as, a fifh ; the great divifion of vertebrata called Fifties. 
Pisoi'culus (Ichth.) dim. oipifcis, a fifh ; a little fifh. 
Pisci'dia (Bot.) pifcis^ a fi(h, cado^ to kill ; parts of the plant being ufed to 

flupify fifh ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Piscinalis-0 (Zool.) Lat. pertaining to a bath, /. e. found in bath-rooms, 

e. g. Valvata pifcinalis, 

Pisorvorus-a-um (Zoo1.)///c/j. a fifh, voroy to devour; fifh-eating ; equi- 
valent to Ichthyophagus. 

Pisifor'mis-e (Zool.)^i/ww, a pe2ifformis, fhape ; pea-fhaped. 

Pis'mire (Ent.) popular name of the Formica rufa. 

Pisodono'phis (Ichth.) m<ros, pea, oUCs, oJoi'T*;, tooth, o^ij , a ferpent ; a 
genus of Snake-like fifhes. 

Piso'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Pifo, an eminent Italian phyfician ; 
a genus of Nyftaginacese. 

Pisso'des (Ent.) wWa, pitch, sTJ&j, likenefs ; a genus of Coleoptera, family 

Pista'oia (Bot.)faid to be altered from foujiaq, its Arabic name ; the Tere- 
binth-tree ; a genus of Anacardiaceae. 

Pistaoi'nus-a-um (Ent.) being the colour of the Pjflachio-tree, 

Pi'stia (Bot.) etymology unknown ; typical genus of the following family. 

Pistia'oeSB (Bot.) the Duck-meat family of plants, of which Pifiia is the 

FIS - 


PiatUli'dltUCi (Bot.) dim. of fi!/Iiiimn, a pinil ; applied to the «]u[valent 

of the piilil in moiles and liverworts. 
PiBtim'farus-a-um CBot.) f^Jlilhm, a piftil./^ri., to ban. 
Pistil luni (Bot,) Zj*. a peftle (pilHl). 
Piatoaau'ras (Fos. Zool.) uinii, tnio, a-aZ/is, a ferpBQt. 
f I'sum (Bot.) Lot. a p«i ; a genun of LegamiBoCx. 
FitEta'gUS (Omith.) etymology unknomi; a genos of TbrvQiBa. 
Pitoair'nla (Bot.) P. N. in hoDour of Or. Pilaarn, an eminent phyGcJan ; 

a gpnus of Bromtliaces, 
Pltbe'cla (Zool.) niinxis, an ape; a genia of qnadiumanDus an!mal< □ 

the family Cebidc. 
Pithyor'nis (Ornith.) h.'tm, a pine-tree, Jfiij, a bird. 
Pit'ta (Ornith.) ui'ttb, pitch, rtferting to colour; the Ant-thruflies. 
fc PittoBpo'nim (Bot.) tjJtti^ pitch, TTrojar, a feed; the fcedi ate cofered 

with a lilack reiinoua pulp ; tyjncal genus of Pittofporaceie. 
Pituo'phia (Zool.) b-ithi, the pine-tree, Jf if, a fuake; a genua of Colubrine 

Pit/luB (Ornith.) «;™;L«,a quick fonnd or movement ; agenus of Tanagcrs. 
Pityo'ptlBgtia (EhL) tIt*(, the piop-tree, f"j«, to eat. 
Pityopait'tacuB (Omith.) whw, the pine-tree, -ii-rTxni!, a parrot ; the 

Parrot CrollbiU. 
Plaoen'ta (ZooL, Bot.) wlmiSi, a flat cake. 
Flaco dlum (Bot.) tkuia,, a flat cake, iT!», likenefi. 
Plftoode'rmata (Fob. Zool.) wxi^, *;iaii[,aplate, y.ffix,(kin: a genus of 
jutin-ft Fifhes. 
[ plaao'des (Ent.) nf-nxAi, Bat. 
\ Pla'oDld (Ichth.) <.>.ii, ^k^^h, a plate, iTlx, UkenelV. 
1: Jlaoothallus (Bot.) »*iij, ir^izjcii, flat, BiXkif, a young Ihool. 
r Kaou'llB (ZooL) wAi£, irlBtfe, a broad plate ; a genus of Mollufca. 
b maon'BS (Ent,} vi.xx>v,, a flat cake. 
I FlBElaa'tliaa (Bot.) vxiyitt, oblique, Mit, a flower. 
ltIftgia'ta(Ent.)p;n^fl, a looe, from the pattern of the wings, 
jyiagiau'las (Foa. Zool.) abbreviation of PtagiaulacsJm, from vkiyiti. 
oblique, «li«f, a groove, Qtit, a tooth; having reference to the 
diagonal grooving of the premolar tooth. 
ftSlagiaole'lla (Ent.) filaga^ an open ground, ciJcn, to frequent. 
I naelodao'tylitB (Ent.) wxiyw, obUque, U^nkii, a plume. 
|r Slaglo'dera (Ent.) «»i).,.(, flaming, tifn, ths neck ; a genus ol phyiij 
phagoui Bcetlct, 

404 PLA 

Pla'giopus (Bot.) vXeiyt$s, (lanting, vm!;, a foot; a genus of Bryoid 

Plagioste'mon (Bot.) wXaytog, flanting, a-tn/xw, a (lamen ; a genus of 

Plagio'stoma ") . i irkayiosy oblique, fftifxety the mouth ; the name 

Plagio'stomes ) c of certain bivalve MoUufcs. 

Plagiota'xis (Bot.) vxayiof, flanting, T«|if, arrangement; a genus of 

Plagio'tis (Bot.) mXayiorvis, a Hanting direction ; a genus of Labiatee. 
Plaglo'tome (Bot.) «x«}^i0;, flanting,T»/u}}, a cutting ; a genus of CompofitSB. 
Fla'gius (Bot.) fuXayiosi flanting ; a genus of Compoiltte. 
Plana'ria (ZooL, Bot.) planus, flat ; in Zoology, a genus of Annelids ; in 

Botany, a genus of Leguminofae. 
Planax'is (Zool.) planus, flat, axis ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Plane'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Planer, a German Botanlft. 
Plane-tree (Bot.) abbreviated from Platanus. 
Pla'nioeps (Ent.) " flat-headed," from planus, fiat, caput, head ; a genus 

of Hymenoptera. 
Planicosta'tus-a-um (^Zool,^ planus, (Iraight, flat, cofta, a rib. 
Planidul'mia-e (Bot.^ planus, flat, culmus, a ftem ; flat-ftalked. 
Planipen'zxes (Ent.) planus, f[3.t, ptnna, a feather, /.<?. having flat antenna* ; 

one of Latreille's three fe£tions of the Neuroptera. 
Planius'culus (Bot.) Lat. a little flattened. 
Planorlbls (XooL) planus, flat, or^/V, a di(k ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Plantagl'neus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. plantain-leaved. 
Planta'go (Bot.) planta, the fole of the foot, from the (hape of the leaves ; 

the Plantain. 
Plan'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of IridacesB. 

Plantigra'da (ZooL) planta, the fble of the ioot, gradior, to walk ; appUed 
to an order of carnivorous animals which place the whole of the ible 
of the foot upon the ground, as the bears, etc. 
Plantigra'dus-a-um (Zool.) fame derivation ; flat-footed. 
Plappe'rtia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Chailletiacese. 
Platalea (Omith.) Lat. a fpoonbill. 
Platana'ceae (Bot.) Tplendid Nat. Ord. of plants compofed of the g^enus 

Platanus, or Plane-trees. 
Platanoca'rpum (Bot.) *'/>/a/a;///j- fruited ; " from platanus, and utifxo*^, 

fruit ; a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Platanthe'ra (Bot.) vXttrCs, broad, «vd»)^, an anther. 



•„ Ipreiduigi in iUuDdd to the hnndiei uid foliage ; 
iaam, to make a nolle bf (trlkingj a genus of 

a genuj c 


the Plane-tree. 
PU'taz (Icbth.) a 

ChietDdont Filhes. 
Fla'tea (Bot.) sXitw, broad ; a g;enui of OlaciiceLL' 
Flates'aa (Ichth.) L^t. a tUt-filli ; the Plaice. 
Plathyrne'nla (Bot.) ■Jj.Tiif, broad, J/^m, Otin or r 

Platis'ma (Bot.) w/lktui, broad ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Plato'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Waio; a genua of Gramina. 
Flato'stoma (Bot.) vksii!;, broad, r-iiita, a mouth ; a geniu of LahiatEe, 
Platu'nium (Bot.) wXbtbb, to widen ; a genus of Labiatie. 
Platyoap'HOB (Bot.) vkmii. htoad, «wii(, fumitory; a genus of 

Platyca'ra (Ichth.) »i.«tu(, broad, KifK, the head ; a genus of Cyprinoid 

Platycar'pha (Bot.) lakwris, broad, •»("»«, a (talk ; a genus of Compolite. 
Flatycar'poa (Bot.) vIethV, broad, xafrii, fruil ; flat-podded. 
Platjcar'puin (Bot.) •Xa-nJt, broad, mtf nit, fruit ; a genua of Bij;noniace». 
PlatyQe'raua(Omith.)ii«TT:(, broad, ■ii^.»,a tail ; a genus of Panakeifs. 
Plntyoe'ritim (Bot.l literally " broad-hom ; " from vKx-rii. broad, xifxi, 

horn ; a magnificent Aultralian genus of Polypodioid Ferns, including 

the "Stag's horn," and the "Elk's horn." 
Platy'oerUB-H-Uni (Ent.) rXoTn, broad, u^, a horo. 
Platyobei'lus (Bot.) axrri;, hroad. ^IVw, Up ; a genni of Compolitie. 
Platychi'Juai (Bot.) ^lari,, broad, ^ft«, a lip : i. <- the corolla. 
Flatycla'duB (Bot.) nr;i.i>TK, broad, jt>i3i;,a branch ; a genua of Conifene. 
Platycne'iala (F.nt.) naTiit, broad, *>b>ii, the leg, having the llbis 

much dilated ; a genus of Neuropteia. 
Platyco'don (Bot.) mkini,, broad, (■!<.,, a bell, from the width of the 

corolla ; a genus of Campanulaceoj. 
Platjcra'ter (Bot.) u)..T<>f, broad, i^rn;, a bowl ; a genus of Hjdran- 

Platycri'nufl (Foi. Zool.) ^/.iti,, broad, .^/.i., a lily; a genus of 

PUtydac'tylUH (Zool.) ir;^ 

iioad, )i. 

Platydo'nia (Ent.) *x> 
PlatydBTUB (Ent.) sx* 

I, hroad, l•|fti^ bat. 
t broad, )■/«, the neck. 

4o6 BLA 

Platy'dia "i {vXarvsy broad ; a genus and family of Lepido- 

Plat/didae ) ^ ^^'^ \ ptera. 

Platyel^'mia (Zool.) wXasTy?, broad, tXfxtvs, a worm ; an order of Helmin- 

thia or paraHtic worms. 
Platygram'ma (Bot.) wXarvsy broad, yfafxfxa, a line or infqiption; a 

genus of Lichenes. 
Platygy'na (Bot.) vrXarvu broad, yv>n, a female (piftil); a genus of 

Platyle'pas (Zool.) vXarvst broad, ktirasi^ limpet ; a genus of Cirripedes. 
Platylepi'dea (Hot.) vXaTt/^^broadyXEor/ci^o; ,a fcale ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Platyle'pis (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of CompoiltsB, 
Platylo'bium (Bot.) vXetrvti broad, Xo00;,a pod, in reference to the broad 

Platylo'ma (Bot.) vrXarCg, broad, aJS/mo, a fringe ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Platylo'phUS (Bot.) vXarvs^ broad, X«f oc, a creft ; a genus of Compolite. 
Platymeto'pus (£nt.) ntXarvs, broad, fjtiTvxov, forehead. 
Platymi'scium (Bot.) vkarvsi broad, fxia-»os, a ftem; a geous of 

Platy^na (£nt.) irXaTt/vas, to make broad ; a genus of Diptera. 
Platyne'ma (Bot.) vXktvs^ broad, w/xa, a thread (filament) ; a genus of 

Platynobla'staB (Bot.) vXarig, broad, ^x««-TOf , a fprout ; a ie£tion of Algae. 
Platynocheilus (Ent.) Vkarvvot, to make broad, x^^^^y ^^^ ^'P* 
Platyno'ta (Zool.) wXeirv;^ broad, vZrog, the back ; broad-backed. 
Platy'nus (Ent.) vXetrvWf to make broad. 
Plstype'talum (Bot.) vrXarvg, broad, mirakovj a leaf (petal) ; a genus of 

Platyphyl'lum (Bot.) vrXaTus, broad, 4>i;.>.Xov, a leaf; a genus of Lichenes. 
Platypo dium (Bot.) mxarvs^ broad, vovg^ «roi«;, a foot ; a genus of 

Leguminofse. / 

Platy'pteris (Bot.) vrXarvst broad, wripov, a wing, from margin of feeds. 
Platy'pteryx (Ent.) vXan^c broad, vrri^^y wing ; a genus of Lepidoptenu 
Pla'typns (ZooL,Ent.) vXktvsi broad, vreZs, a foot ; in Zoology, a fynonyme 

of Omithorhynchus. 

Platyrhaph'ium (Bot.) vXarvg^ broad, pa^isy a needle ; a genus of Com- 

Platyrlil'nos (Zool.)i 
Platyrhi'niXB (Ent.) {" """"^''^ ^'°'^' ^'''»^' °^^'5 broad-nofed. 

Platyaa'ce (Boi.)«> 
PlatysB'ma (Bot.) v, 
Platy'sma (Ent.) ts'.in^r^ 

Platyso'ma (Eni.) vk^ri,, 
PlatyaoBiua (Fob. ZooI.) fa 
Platyapermum (Boi.) « 

Platyapo'ra (Bot ) 

Platyste'gia (Bot.) «»«!.)(, 

Platyatem'ma (Bot.) arm 


Platyate'mon i Bot.) wXbtui, 

of CaUfomian Papavcrace 

, broad, •iisc, a fhieW ; a genus of Umbdlifm. 
;,broad,irnjUa,a m[>und; a genus of LegaminofiF, 
ji|Ua, anything flat ; alio, in Botany, a genui of 

, irHfii, body : a genus of Coleoptera. 

rivation ; a genus of Ganoid Fiihei. 

xsTw, broad, rviffta, ieed; a genus of 

I, broad, ffwlfit, feed (fporei); a genUi of 

, broad, (T-rij-Bi a covering: a genui of I.tgu- 

Ti![, bioati, silft/ia, a ivTcath ; a genua of 

; a verj' curious genus 

u-k (IHgma)i a very 

{(tyle)j B genus of 

n PapavetacBi. 


Platyatig'ma (Bot.) •!«. 

curious genus of Culifoi 
Platysty'Us (Bot.) mXitri. 


Platy'tea (Ent.) aXicrirgt, breadth ; a genui of Lepidoptera. 
Flatytha'lla (Bot.) vJ^itrii, broad, Bih^i:, a Iboot or fprout. 
Platythe'ea (Bot.) «» «Tiij, broad, Sb'^b, a Iheath ; a genus of Ttemandracefl! . 
Platythrix (Zool.) ™j«tbi, broad, 9/i, hair. 
Platyzo'ma (Bot.) 9t\tni, broad, Ji|it«, a girdle ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Plafzift (Bot.j P. N., a genus of Compofitro. 
Pla'xla (Em.) olif. anything flat. 

Plaze'rlum (Bot.) vXiifa, to wander ; a genus of Gramina. 
Pleco'ptera (Ent.) wxUk, to fold, vi-rip,,, a wing. 

Plecoatig'ma (Bot.) v^iiic, twilled, imy{'K,ftignia; a genus of Liliacem, 
Fleoo 'stoma (Bat.) irJ.tU[, twifted, rri/jta^ a mouth ; a genus of Fungi. 
Pleootre'ma (ZooL) mj.i>B, to told, Tf>v»a an opening. 
Pleoo'trioliiim (Bot.) w>.m,,rviined,Bfii,if'4X'i,^^'r ; a genus of Fungi . 
Pleoo'tua (Zool.) vxinv, to fold, ^t, iirit, an ear ; a genu) of Bats. 
Pleota (Knt.) wAi.rii, (wifted. 

Vleotane'la (^Dot.) wXitTin, a coil ; a gtniu of Apocynacen, 
Ifotan'thera (Bol.) bTlUk, to twine, iiSif, an anther; a genus of 


4o8 BLE 

Plectooar'pon (Bot.) ir\%%v, to twine, xa^vof, fruit ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Pleotooe'phalus (£ot.) n-xixw, to twid, »s^«xj}, a head; a genus of 

Flectoco'mia (Bot:) 9rXfxw, to twift, xoftii, a lock of hair, a tuft ; a genus 

of Palmae. 
Pleotode'ra (£nt.) «Xi«T«f , twifled, Vifn^ the neck ; a genus of Coleoptera. 

Plectogna'thi (Ichth.) vkixris, twided, yvaQost the jaw, from the union 
by indented future of the right and left halves of the upper jaw and 

Pleotorham'pus (Omith.) wXtKrisi twided, pafx^is, a beak ; fbmetimes 
written Plectoramphus, N. B. — Natural! fls feem too often to forget 
that the initial f in Greek being afpirated, all words of Greek deriva- 
tion which commence with f muft be followed by A, which they re- 
tain in compoiition. 

Plectran'thus (Bot.) wX?»t^»v, a cock's fpur, ayflaj, a flower ; a genus of 

Plectrocar'pa (Bot.) wXAHT^flv, a cock's-fpur, *«pir»f, fruit, alluding to 
fhape ; a genus of Zygophyllaceae. 

Pleotroma'ntis (Zool.) wXn*T^ov, a fpur, /uAvrt;, a frog ; a genus of Tree- 

Plectro'nia (Bot.) orxiJitT^av, a cock's fpur, being a tree with large fpines. 

Pleotro'phanes (Omith.) wXnfxr^^, a fpur, ^aUm^ to (how; the Bunting. 

Plectro'tropis (Bot.) irXnxT^v, a cock's-fpur, npintoj to turn ; a genus of 

Pleio'meris (Bot.) vktXcs, full, /Jtip^s, a part ; a genus of Myrfinaceee. 

Pleionac'tis (Bot.) vktXos, full» «*t/j, a ray; a genus of Compofitz. 

Ple'ione (Bot.) P. N., the daughter of Oceanus and mother of the Ple- 
iades ; a genus of Orchidacese. 

Plekocheilus (Zool.) wx«*», to fold, z^Txos^ the lip. 

Plen'ckia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. J. PUnck ; a genus of Mefembryacese. 

Pleooar^hus (Bot.) «Xir«j, full, Kup^ogf a chip (ftipule) ; a genus of 

Pleocne'mia (Bot.) vXiXos, full, zvnf*n, the fpoke of a wheel ; a genus of 
Polypodioid Filices. 

Pleopel'tis (Bot.) vrXiosy full, vixrrit a (bield; from the form of the 

Pleostio'tides (Bot.) wxiosy full, artztof, fpotted ; having two, three, or 
four rows of feeds attached to the feptum ; a divifion of Bignoniaceae. 
Pieotbe'ca (Bot.) wXtec, iuW, ftn***,^ ^«axVv, ^ ^<twM of Cinchonacea. 

PLE 401 

PleTo'ma (Bot.) w;i^^;u>, Fiiloeu, in alluriOD totheceUiof thecaprulo 

a genus of MeUdomaceeB. 
Pleaioaau'rUH (Fos, Zool.) m\wi=i, near, alliej to, s-aC^j, a liiard ; : 

genus of foflil marine Reptiles. 
Pleatdodon (Z™1.) >t.i.<r., to wound, J!«i, S3<„«,, a toolh ; a genu, o 

on ) /-/ 1 , ("^-'fi'tt crowded, iiiist oJ'i 
rn'OdBBi "^ ™ ' I gEnus and family of Reptile 



Pleuraoui'thUB (Fos. Bot.) vxiifn, the Cde, ±.a>8>^ a thorn or fpine. 

Pleuraa'dra (Bot.) miiufi, a rib, iiii^ aiVi, an antherj ribbed anthers. 

Pleurt'dium (Bot.) ™jii.^, arib, iTS.f, likenefs; a genua of MuTci; alfo 

one of Polypodioid FLlicej. 
Pleurohratt'ohldiBCZool.) mtiL);!., alung, fl^j.;^;iB, gills; adi'ifionof 

Pleuracal'lls (Bot.) vXiu^i, a rib, iii>.Xn, beauty ; a genus of Ericacex. 
Pleurochi'ton (Bot.) v>.iii^i, a rib, xit», a tunic ; a genus of Marchan- 

Pleuroooo'ouB (But.) niniifiv, a rib, ■ 

1 berry ; a genus of Confer- 
; the ribi 

Pleurode'les (Zool.) irlini{i> the Me, iaKiaftm, t 
piercing the (kin ; a genus of BaUachions. 

Pleurodes'nila (Bot.) vktufit, a rib, hrfiii, a band or chain ; a genus uf 

PleUTQdo'nt (Zool.) vXvifi., thi- fide. lire;, iJi.Tix. a toolh ; a tribe of 
Sauriins, whofe teeth are anchyloled to the bottom of an alveolae 
groove, and impported by its jide. 

Plaurogo'niunt (Bat,) wUufii, a rib, yirjai, an angle ; a geaus of Poly- 
podioid Filices. 

Pleurogram'ma (Bot,) jDjopn, 
Polypodioid Filices. 

Pleurogyne (Bot.) 7rl.iiif»,a rib 

yfa/ifin, a marking; a genua of 
1, futi, a female (plllll) ; a genus of Gen- 
rib, yiifiu, to bend ; a ledion of Polypo- 

Pleurogyra'tiB (Bot.) 

dioid Filices. 
Pleuromo'nos (2^1.) oUu^i, the Tide, n»w,i monad; the Giament 

eitending from the concave tide of the body ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Plaiironec'teB ) ,. . . . (wxiufiLr, the fide, nt«T>if.afwimmer; (wim- 
PlBuroneo'Uda f ^ ^ ' '^ 1 mers on Lhe fide ; the Flat-tft«*. 

410 FLE — PLI 

Pleoro'phora (Bot.) wXtvpit, a rib, (pip«f, to bear ; a genus of Lythraceae. 
Pleuro'phoras (Zool.) vxit/^oy, a rib, 4>f(«, to bear ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Pleoropliylluixi (Bot.) irXiv^'v, a rib, ^i;XX0y, a leaf; a genus of Com- 

Fleuro'plitis (Bot.) vXtvfif, the fide, iTrXhfiSi armed ; a genus of Gra- 

Pleoropo'gon (Bot.) vXiUfw, the fide, wciyttv, a beard ; a genus of Gra • 

Pleu'ropus (Zool.) vXiv^o, the fide, •nroSf, a foot. 
Pleoropy'zis (Bot.) vrXivpot, a rib, wv^ig, a box ; a genus of Fungi. 
Pleurorhi'zesB (Bot.) vUvpiv, the fide, fi!^; the radicle; a {e£tion of 

Pleurosohis'ma (Bot.) irXtv^, the fide, 0-;^iVfta, a flit; a genus of 

Pleurosohismaty'pus (Bot.) the genus PUurofchifma^ rvvog, a type or 

pattern ; a genus of Jungermanniaces. 
Pleurospei/zniun (Bot.) vXiv^v, a rib, o-wipfAu, feed ; a genus of Umbel* 

Pleurosta'cliys (Bot.) »xiy^«y, the fide, irrax^s, a clufter ; a genus of 

Pleuro'stemon (Bot.) irXiv/>9v,a rib, a^ttfAw, (lamen ; a genus of Onagracez. 
Pleurosty'lia (Bot.) vXtvpi*, a rib, cTuXav, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of 

Pleuro'ta (£nt.) «rXit;^V, a rib, referring to the rib-like (Iripes on the 

wings ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
PleUTothal'lis (Bot.) vXtvpov^ the fide, fiaXX^f, a branch ; from the one- 

fided arrangement of the flowers ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Pleuro'tozna (Zool.) «rXit;pov, the fide, tofxfi, a flit ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Pleurotoma'ria (Fos. Zool.) refembling the genus PUurotoma ; a genus 

of foflil Molluflcs. 
Pleurox'us /'Zool.) vUvfiv, the fide, ojy?, fliarp ; a genus of Entomoftraca. 
Plioa'tula {Zool) fiUcatus, folded, plaited ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Plioa'tus-a-iun (Zool., Bot.) Lat folded. 
Plioipen'nis (Ent.) ^//fo, to fold,^MA<z, a wing; one of Latreille's three 

fe£lions of the Neuroptera, equivalent to Trichoptera of other writers. 
Pli'nla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated Roman natoralift ; a 

genus of Myrtacese. 
Plin'thine (Bot.) wXitBiuu refembling brick-work ; a genus of Caryo- 


Plln'tllVia fEnt.) *ki>e>r, a brick ; brick-Qiaped. 

Pli'ooene CFos. Zool.) sXt/oi, mare, iiwii, recent ; applied by Sir Charles 

Lyell to the Upper Tertiary (trata, becaule containing more recent 

teHacea than the Miocene or Eocene. 
Plio'lopliU8(Fos. Zool.) wWi..-, complete, XSf.t, a creft; a foflil Mammal. 
Pliopithe'ouB (Fos. ZooL) wUTn, complete, nr/Sn'ti, an ape; a ToiGl 

ape from the Miocene depofits. 
Plioaau'rua (Fm. ZooL) irnrw, complete, raZfi:, a liiard; a marine 

reptile from the Upper Oolite. 
Plo'cama (Hot.) m»s.o^)i, a lock of hair, from its pendulous bnnchcs. 
Floca'mium (Bot,) ai,hta/Aai, a lock of hair ; a genus of Marine AlgK. 
Plooan'dra (Bot.) tI.m, a plaiting, iiif, itifi;, a male (damen); a 

genua of Gcntianaceie. 
Plooa'ria (Bot.) vXnn, a plaiting; i. genus of Alga;. 
Plooe'ua (Ornith.) vMx^, a web, from the (kill with which Ihcy build 

their ncfts ; the Weaven. 
Ploooglot'Ua (Bot.') v>,9afl, a twilting, yXi'na, a tongue ^ a genus uf 

Floe'sslen (Bot.) P. N., a geniu of Amjridacex. 
Plola'rlum (Bot.) wktiiifii,, a little Jkiffor boat ; a genus of Temftronii- 

Plasalea (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Sapindacen. 
Plo'Ua (Bot.) P. N., a genu, of Myrilnacea. 
PIo'tQB (Ornith.) wkiiT.r, a (winimer; ttie Dsrtert, 

Plo'ver (Ornith.) fr. flmiiir, eqniv. to " rain-foreteller," beeauTe the bird 
is moftaftive in rainy weather,— "MuDie'a Feathered Tribes. VoL 11." 
Junius lays; aen? ^/uvio ; Skinner, quia ^wiugaudet. 
Flu'ohea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compolitc. 

Plukene'Ua (Hot.) P. hooourofZnwan/K-Anirf.BnEngliflibounili. 
Plum (Boi.) A«gl«-Sax. fl^mi. 
Pluma'rla (Ent )fJumii, a feather. 

Plomatel'la \ ft \\ i^""- °^ pb^iala, feathered ; a genus and 
PlumatoI'lldBB) * '°° "' j family of Polyioa. 

j-probably from a reference made by Pliny to 
\ (Bot.) \ plants uredrocureancye-complaintcalled 
Plnmbago J ' ■" ( Pi^^bum 

PlumbeVlu* (Ent.) /Jiinriim, lead; lead- coloured. 
Plu'mbeolft'tUB-a-Um (Ent.)^/«mi;i/j, lead-coloui 
PluiD'beua>a-iuii (Hot.) Lai. teod-eoloured, 

412 PLU — POD 

Plumie na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. Plumiery a celebrated French 

Plumi'gerus-a-um (Ent.) //«»»«, a feather, ^^r^r^, to carry. 
Plmno'sus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. feathered. 
Plu'mula (Bot ) Lat, a little feather; the plamule is that part of a feed 

which forms the ftem, in oppofition to the radicle. 
Plumula'ria (Zool.) plumuh, dim. of pluma^ a feather; a genus of Zoo- 
Pluridens (Bot.) plures^ many, detu, a tooth ; teeth of calyx like Bidau; 

a genus of Compofitse. 
Plurimam'mis (jLooX.) plures, many, mamma, a nipple. 
Plu'sia > .^ N C frXova-iog, rich, /. e. in colour ; a genus and family of 
PlusiidBBJ ^ i Lepidoptera. 

Plutella ^ rflrXuTo?, waflied, from the fmeared markings of the 

Plutel'lidee 3 ( wings ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 

Pluvia'lis-e (Ornith., Bot.) Lat. pertaining to rain, rainy. 
Pluvia'nus (Ornith.) pluvius, rainy. 

Plyctol'ophus (Ornith.) «rXex», to fold, Xfl^aj , a creft ; a genus of PHttacids. 
Pneumato'phorus (Ichth.) wivf^tfaris, wind, air, ^f^«, to bear ; referring 

to the fwimming bladder. 
Pneumobranchia'ta (Zool.) trnifAm, a lung, Bfayxiec, gills ; a fynonyme 

of Pulmonifera. 
Pnemnode'rmon (Zool.) ^tvfxmt a lung, lipfxtc^ (kin ; a genus of Pteropod 

Po'a (Bot.) «r«a,grafs or pafturage, which from «ra«, to feed ; Mesidow-gnSk ;■ 

a genus of Gramina. 
Poaci'tes (Fos. Bot.) /oa, the Meadow-grafs ; certain foffil Monocotyle- 

donous leaves. 
Poa'phila > ,rr n («»'•«• graft, ^tX>«, to love ; a genus and family of 
Poaphil'idSBi i Lepidoptera. 

Pooillopo'ra {XooX.') pocHlum, a little cup, porus^ an opening; a genus of 

Poda'brus (Ent.) ^o^aBpog, fmooth-footed. 
Podali'ria (Ent., Bot.) P. N. from Podalirius, (on of -ffifculapius : — 

itiriip ayecBit Tlo^tcXglptos h^i Ma^dttv. 
(The two Ions of ^fculapius, (killed in leech-craft, Podalirius and 
Podan'thes (Bot.) xvity «»bofr, * loot, 'A^ z. ftower. 

BOD — P(E 413 

Podar'ois (Zool.) ^otaficnt, iwift-footed ; applied to fbme of the Lizards. 
Podenceph'ala (Zool.) ^o6f, froS^f, a foot, lyxi^ecXesy the brain ; a genus 

of monders in which the brain hangs by a pedicle. 
Pode'timn (Bot.) ^ovs, wahf, a foot; applied to the footftalk of the 

tubercles in the Cup-lichens. 
Po'dioeps (Omith.)/oJ5r*, the rump,/«, a foot; the legs being thrown 

far back ; the Grebes. 
PodicepBi'nsB (Ornith.) the family of Birds of which Podkrfs is the type ; 

it (hould be Podicipina. 
Po'dium (Ent.) wflJiOK, a little foot ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Podo'a (Ornith.) «roj;f, «ro)«f, a foot, ««, a fringe ; a genus of Pelecanidz. 
Podocar'pus (Bot.) tovs, ^oiisy a foot, *«^«r»f, fruit ; having ftalked fruit ; 

a genus of Taxacez. 
Podolepis (Bot.) ^ovd a foot, M^ift a fcale; the flower-flalks being 

covered with them ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Podolo'bium (Bot.) ^ovt, wohg, a foot, Xo/Stfc, a pod ; with footftalks ; a 

genus of LeguminofjB. 
Podophyrium (Bot.) ** abridged from Anapodophyllum, a word fignifying 

a duck's foot ; the leaves bear fome refemblance to that, whence the 

EngliOi name DuckVfoot." — Paxton. 
Podospei/inus-a-um (Bot.) ^ovs, ^isi a foot, c^iffAx, feed. 
Podosphe'nia (Fos. Bot.) «roi;c, notify a foot, o-^nvt a wedge ; a genus of 

microfcopic foflll plants. 
Podu'ra (Ent.) vtous, ^eiis, a foot, wpa, a tail ; the Spring-taib ; a genus 

of apterous inieOs of the order Thyfanura. 
PcBcilasma (Zool.) «r0{it/X«f, /potted, iXotf-fco, a plate; a genus of Cirn- 

PcBCilocam'pa (Ent.) «rotx/Xcf, variegated, Mei/xmj a caterpillar. 
PcBcilooeph'alus (Ichth.) ^omixost many-coloured, xi^aXi?, head ; a genus 

of Serpentiform Fifties. 
PcBCilophis (Ichth.) «ro(x/Xoc, many-coloured, 0^1;, a fhake ; applied to 

the Pipiro, a ierpentiform fifti. 
PCBCilo'poda (Zool.) <roi*/Xof, various, -royV, froiis, foot; a diviflon of 

Entomodracous Cruflacea. 
PoBcilo'ptera (Ent.) «r«i«iXflf, variegated, irrifof, a wing; a genus of 

PoBcilo'pterus-a-um (Ichth.) ^roix/Xof, variegated, ^m^ivy a fin. 
PoBOilurioh'thys (Ichth.) 5r«(Jt/X«f, variegated, ou^a, tail, tx'^vsj fifti ; a genu* 

of Weft Indian Fifties. 

414 ^<^ — POL 

■ — — — — — — ^ — , . „^ — _ _ _ 

PoB'cilus-a-um (Zool, Ent.) vr^iKiXoi^ fpotted, many-coloured. 

Foen'sis-e (Zool.) LaU relating to Fernando Po. 

Foe'phagus-a-um (Zool.) Arou, grafs, ^«y«, to eat ; e,g, "Bos poephagusy the 

Poe'philus-a-mn (Ornith.) «•*»», grafs, ^iXi« to love. 
Yak or Grunting Ox. 

Pogo'nia (Bot.) vrdryvv^ a beard ; from the fringed lip of the flowers. 

Pogo'nias (Ornith., Ichth.) ^orymiets^ bearded. 

Fogonoohe'ruB (Ent.) ^Soym, a beard, x*k> ^^^ ^"'* 

Fogo'nus (Ent.) «r«y«», a beard. 

Foikilopleu'ron (Fos. Zool) {rw«<Xoj, various, irXii;^, rib. 

Polncia'na (Bot.) P. N. from M, de Foinci, governor of the Antilles ; a 
genus of LeguminofflB. 

Folnset'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Poinfette, who difcovered the 
plant in Mexico ; a genus of Euphorbiacese. 

Foln'ter (Zool.) becaufe this fporting dog is trained to (lop and point 
towards the game. 

Fola'chiUB (Ichth.) Latinized form of Pollack, 

Folani'sia (Bot.) iroXt;, very much, anffos, unequal ; (lamens ? 

Folemis'tria (Ornith.) froXtfAiTrn^iog, warrior-like j a genus of Humming- 

Folemo'nium (Bot.) «roXi/MOf, a battle ; from a legend which ftates that 
it caufed a war between two kings. 

Folia (Ent.) «roXiflf, grey. 

Poliooeph'alus (Zool.) «rtfXi#?, grey, Ki<paXri, head ; grey-headed. 

Polis'tes (Ent.) «roXi5-T«f, the builder ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Folis'tichus (Ent.) ^oXv^, many, a-rixvi^ a line. 

Folita'na (Ent.) politus, polifhed. 

FoUen (Bot.) Lot, fine flour, applied to the farina contained in the anthers 
of flowers. 

FoUex (Zool.) Lat. the laft joint of the thumb. 

Follicliia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Adam Follhkf a German botanift. 

FoUi'cipes (Fos. Zool.) polUx^ a thumb, pes, a foot ; a genus of foflil 

FoUin'ium, pi. FoUi'nia (Bot.) applied to the />o/Ar»-mafles in Orchida- 
ceous and other plants. 

Folo'ohrum(Ent.) «rtfXy, much,«;^;^«, yellow-ochre; agenuS of Hymenoptera. 

Folo'nicus-a-um (Bot.) Lat, Polifh. 

Folyaohy'rus (Bot.) «rox«f, many, a^vft, chaff". 

Polyaderpllia (Bot.") toXu«, many, «Xi\<9c«, a brother. 


Polran'dria (Bol.) r-^ii, many, iinf, «>»/«(, a male (ftamenj ; having 

many (iamens. 
Poljuu'gium (Bot. ) n\is, many, iyyi'ij, a vcfltl or capftiie. 
Folyan'thea (Doc.} iriiilr, many, avSic, a Aawer; a genns af LEliacen. 
Polyan'thuB (Bot.) lame derivation ; a name applied to certain varielic* 

of Primula. 
PolrTjltt (Ent.) ■rtXiSsii, long-lived ; a genns of Hymenoptera. 
Foty'borua (Ornith.) triXu^ifgc, much-derouting ; a genus oF Falconids. 
Polybo'trja (Bot.) *aXr-(, many, Si-rfi, a bunch o( grapes (raceme). 
Polycar'pon (Bot.) mxit, many, t^ftii, fniit ; a genus of IllecebraceB. 
Folyceph'alus-a-Oin (Zool.) ttixii, m^ny, xifi^n, heai ; many-headed. 
Poly'cera 1 .^ . , firoliiit, many, iii{j«,ahorni a genuiand divifion 
Polyca'ratal ' t ofMoUulca.. 

Polyotalo'roB (Ent.) in\6;t^xii(is, many-coloured. 
Poljcna'mum (Bot-) nkii, many, ninji, a knee ; haring many joint). 
Polycom'mata (Ent.) ■riJ.iJt, many, li/xfta, a mark or (lamp. 
Polyootyle'dons (But.) vsauc, many, ■>Tu;iHSa>, a cup; having many 

Polycystl'na (Zool.) rt>.ii, many, KuaTit, a bladder; a group 0/ the 

Polrdao'tylua-a-iin (Ent.) •■j*if)i«TiAi(, many-fiageiBd, many-plumed, 

i.S- Alucitina^jrfflSya. 
Polydsa'mft (Ent.) irtxSt, many, Jwiuac, a hard; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Polyde3'nraB(Zoo!.)»oAi;(,maQy,Iij-«M,abundle! from the numerous 

group of limbs arranged along the body; a genus of Myriapoda. 
PoIy'djTiaua (Ent.) «»J3^r.(, very moift. 
Poly'sala (Bot.) nXii, much, yixa, milk; torn its reputed efTeflt on 

milch cattle. 
Polyga'nda (Bot.) waxic, many, ;«^u, marriagB. 
Polrelot'tu3-a-um (ZooL) T>*ii(. many, jiXStti, a tongue. 
Poly'gonal J (Bot.) j ■«*!;[, many, >o»o, an angle or comei ; many- 
Polygoaalia J (Ent.) t cornered, 
Polygona'tum (Bot,) niil;, many, yim, a knee, in alluTion to ftem ; 

I Solomon's Seal ; a genus of Liliacca. 
toly'goimia (Bot.) Ti».i;, many.^i.u. a knee or joint ; Perficaria ; typical 
genus of Polygonacca. 
^ygram'mata (Ent.) nXii, many, yfifi^', a mark. 
Polygrammo'dea (Ent.) rt>.ii, many, yfki^i**, a line ; a genus of Lepido- 

41 6 POL 

i ■ " ■■ ■ 

Poly'graphua (Ent.) «roX^f, many, y^a^i, a drawing ; alluding to its 

Folygy'ra (Zool.) «'0Xi;f, many, yt;;of, a whorl ; a genus of Moilufca. 
Polyi'des (Bot.) «roXi;;, many, iT^of, appearance ; multifarious. 
Polymi'zia (Ichth.) ir«Xv/ui{<a, a mingling of many chara^eriftics ; a genus 

of Acanthopterygian Fifties. 
Folym'nia (Bot.) P. N., Eolymnla was the name of one of the Mufes. 
Polymor'phus-a-um (Bot.) «rflX«tf, many, /ua/^ij, a ftiape ; variable. 
Polyne'mus (Ichth.) iroXjJf, many, »^/t*«, a thread ; alluding to the free 

thread-like appendages below the pe£toral Hn ; the Mango-fi/h. 
Pol3m'oe (Zool.) P. N., one of the Nereids. 
Polyo'don (Ichth., Ent.) «vXi;f, many, o^wv, a tooth ; in Entomology, from 

markings on the wings. 
Polyom'matus (Ent.) {roXvofcft«TOf , many-eyed ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Polydum (Zool.) «r0XvC) many, wor, an egg ; a fpecific name of a Polyzoon ; 

from the numerous round granules on its body. 
Po'ljrpfl'iT (Zool.) the ftrufture which forms the habitation of Polypi. 
Polype (Zool.) froXvfrouf, many-footed. 
Polypet'alous (Bot.) ^oXvsy many, friTaXov, a leaf or petal. 
Poly'phagus-a-um (Zool.) «raX:Jj, much or many, ^«y», to eat. 
Polyphe'micUe") „ . r P. N. from Polyphemus; referring to the large 
Polyphe mus ) ( eye ; a genus and family of Entomoftraca. 

Polyphyllus (Bot.) •••Xyj, many, ^yXXav, a leaf; e. ^., lAyginvL^ polyphylltu . 
Polypi'de (ZooL) a name given by Dr. Allman, in place of the woiti 

Poly'pidom (TLooX.) polypus^ the polyp, domus, a houfe. 
Polyplec'tron (Omith.) ^oikis, many, ?rX«*T^i», a fpur; having two fpurs 

on each tarfus ; a genus of Gallime. 
Polypo'dium (Bot.) «r«Xi;f, many, «roj;{, ^oUsi a foot ; from the numerous 

fegments of its leaves, fomefay of its roots ; a genus of Filices. 
Poljrpo'gon (Bot.) «roXuc, many, ^dym^ a beard ; a genus of Gramina. 
Polypri'on (Ichth.) <raXyf, many, «r^»>, a faw; a genus of Percoid Fifhes. 
Folypty ohodon (Fos. Zool.) a-oXw^, many, ?m;;^;>j, a ridge, oJowc, a tooth. 
Polyrrlii'za (Bot.) flraXyj, many, //fa, a root ; fpecific name of a fpeciet 

of Lemtta, 
FolyBipho'nia (Bot.) «rflXyf, many, trt^w, a tube; a genus of marine AlgK. 
Polysta'chion (Bot.) jroXyj, many, <rT«;^r;j, an ear of corn ; many-fpiked. 

Folystio'ta (Ent.) «r«Xu, much, e-TixToc, fpotted. 


Poiy'fltoma (Ent.) ToXt/f, many, <rT«/ut«, a mouth. 

POX — FOM 417 

Poly'tela (Ent.) ^fXvnXins, magnificent ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
FolythcUA'mia (Zool.) s'oXuf, many, Ba\»/A0s, a chamber; an order of 

Poljrt'mus (Omith.) ^roXvrfAfir^s, deeply-cut ; i. e.^ the wing -feathers -, a 

genus of Humming-birds. 
Poljrto'ca (Bot.) 9r»XvriK0Si bringing forth many young ones, prolific ; a 

genus of Gramina. 
Poly'toma (ZooL) froXt;;, many, ri/xvos, to cut, from its felf-dirifion into 

many fedtions ; a genus of Infuforia. 
Poly'trichum (Bot.) a-aXyc, many, flp/f, r^ixosj hair, alluding to the 

calyptra ; a genus of Mufci. 
Polytro'pia (Bot.) iroXy?, many, r^i^tst a keel ; a genus of Legumino£e. 
Polyuran'odon (Ichth.) «roXuf, many, oZpa, tail (prolongation), 0^01;;, 

oJo»Tflj, a tooth. 
Poly'xena (Bot.) P. N. from mythology; a genus of Liliacese. 
Poly'xenus (Zool.) ^oXv^ivos, very hofpitable ; a genus of Myriapoda. 
Polyzo'a (Zool.) froXuf , many, (»«, animals; compound animals; a divi- 

flon of mollufcan Zoophytes, fometimes called Bryozoa. 
Polyzo'ne (Bot.) iroXt;;, many, Z'^vn, a belt ; a genus of Chamxlauciacese. 
Polyzo'nia (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Ceramian Algse. 
Pomaca'nthus (Ichth.) «r«fca, a lid, etxavBa, a fpine. 
Poma'oeeB (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of plants, of which Fomum is the type ; 

the Apple and Pear family. 
Pomader'ris (Bot.) frw/ua, a lid, ^i^^tf, a fkin, in allufion to the berries ; a 

genus of Rhamnacese. 
Poman'gium (Bot.) 9r£/ua, a lid, lyy*^**'* ^ ▼eflel or capfule ; a genus of 

Poma'ria (Bot.) ^Sfxet, a lid ; a genus of Leguminofse. 
Poma'tia (Zool., Bot.) «'£/««, a lid ; /. r. operculated, as in Helix pomatia ; 

in Botany a genus of LauracesB. 
Pomatoder'ria (Bot.) fame etymology as Pomaderris; a genus of 

Po'maz (Bot.) irMfxeii^u^ to cover with a lid ; a genus of Cinchonacese. 
Pomba'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the Marquis de Pombal^ a Portuguefe 

(latefman ; a genus of Violaceae. 
Pomegran'ate (Bot.) from pomum granatum^ the grained apple, once 

applied to it ; now called Punka granatum. The fruit was formerly 

called Mala Punica. 
Pomereul'la (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gramina. 

41 8 FOM — POR 

Pomeri'dian (Bot.) />^, after, meridiesi mid-day. 

Fomi'ferus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. apple-bearing. 

Fompadou'ra (Bot.) P. N. in compliment to the celebrated Madame 

Pompadour; a genus of Calycanthaceae, 
Pom'pholyx (Zool.) «ro/tx^oXz;^, a bubble ; the name alludes to the reiem- 

blance of the Lorica to a round fiat fmelling-bottle ; a genus of Infufbria, 
Poznpi'lidSB (Ent.) a family of Hymenoptera,of which Pompilus is the type. 
Pampilus (Ent.) wo/tur/x*? , an efcort or guide ; a genus of Hymenoptem, 
Po'mum (Bot.) Lat. an apple ; the Apple-tree, 
PoneB'a (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Sapindacese. 
Poncele'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Epacridacese. 
Ponga'mia (Bot.) from the Malabar name Pongam, 
PontedeVa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Julio Pontedera^ an Italian botanift ; 

a curious genus of aquatics, typical of Pontederaceae. 
PonthieVa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. de Ponthieu, a French merchant ; 

a genus of OrchidaceiB. 
Pontoppida'na (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lecythidacese. 
Pooph'agus (Ent.) win, grafs, ^uyvy to eat ; herbivorous. 
Poo'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Gentianaceae. 
Pop'iai* (Bot.) from Lat. Populus. 
Poppi'gia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Verbenacese. 
Poppou'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Anonaceae. 
Pop'py (Bot.) Lat. papa'oer, Ital. papamero^ Fr. pa'vot. 
Popula'ta (Ent.) feeding on the Poplar, Populus. 

Popule'ti > rgen.fmgular and plural of /o/>tf/«rftfOT, a poplar-grove, 

Populeto'rum) ' \ implying that the infects frequent thefe groves. 
Pop'ulus (Bot.) Lot. the Poplar-tree, probably from «ft<«r«xx«, to (hake ; 

i.e. by the wind ; a genus of Salicaceae. 
Pora'na (Bot.) ^opsCoty to travel, from its fpreading branches. 
Poran'thera (Bot.) vopo;, a paflage, ivQupa, anther ; a genus of £uphorbiace«. 
Pora'ria (Ent.) «•»/»?, the ftone called Tufa, which it refembles. 
Porca'iiUS-a-um {Zool.') porcus, a fwine; fwine-like. 
Poroe'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Anonacese. 
Porcella'na (Zool.) Co called, becaufe their fhells are fmooth like porce^ 

lain ; the Porcelain-Crab : a genus of Cruflacea. 
Poroell'io (Ent.) Lat. a little hog; the Wood-loufe. 
Poroeirus (Ent.) Lat. a little hog; fpecific name of a fphinx moth, 

Chcrrocampa Porcellus, 
PorlYerU8-a-Um (Zoo\.^ fori, pot^^ o\ op^ulu^, y^rp, to bear. 

^L fort 
^H Port 

Po'rina (Bot.) riifiHijtmnibliDg anay, from ri/sf, the Tufa-Done. 
Porlia'ra (Bot.) P. Nt a genus of Zygophyllacae. 

Poro'pliora (Bot.) wifts,a pore or pafiage, fifUjlo bear; 3 genus of Fungf. 
PoropiiyriUJn (Bot.) xiftt, a pore or palTage, piJAJat, a leaf; a genus of 

Poropter'idea (Bot.) itifK, a pailage or pore, trtifii, a ftrn ; a feftion of 

Paro'atsmEl (SoL') wipa; a palTage, Fri^u/ua, a wreath ; ! 
Porothsleliiii (Bot.) ni^t, a pallage, OnXn. a nipple ; a genu) of Fungi. 
Porothe'lium (Bot.) fame tlerivatloD ; a genua of Lichene". 
Porotriclmin (Bot.) BJ^n a palTage, Sfif, r/'i^'s, hair; a genus of Brynid 

Porphy*a (Bot.) «ff ija, purple, a genua of marine Algi. 
Porphyra'lia (Ent.) mfififit, purple; from the prevailing colour. 
Porphyran'tliiia (Bot.) jnffi^iti, purple, Sifli;, a flower; a genus of 

Porphy'raa (Ent.) TcfpifK;, purple. 
Porphyreolo'phEe (Omith.) wtffifisi, purple, »ifo(, a creit. 
Porpb/res (Omith.) vaf^ifut, purple. 

Porptiy'rion (Bot.) irc^iiftui, purple ; a genus of Saidfiagic«e. 
Porphyri'tica (Zool.) vaffufx, purple ; from the colour of the body ; 

applied to one of the Salamanders. 
Porphyro'ooma (Bot.) ti^v^i, purple, ii{|ii», a lutt ; a fuperb genus of 

Porphyro'phDra (Ent.) ntffifo, purple, ;lp, to carry ; a 

eodiineal-bearing infeOs. 
Por'poiae (Ichth.) ProKli, piirc-/«ifii,hog-li{h; fomctimes writli 

popular name of the Phoeina communis. 
Porreote'lla (Ent.) Lai. pamaui, out-ftretched, 
Poireo'tUB-B-um (Ent.) Xn(. ftretehed out, extended. 
Por'rigenB (Bot ) Z,a(. fpreading, rf., AchyrantheJ/srrifrai. 
Por'rmn (Bot.) Lat. a leek ; the common leek Is Allium porr<i>. 

of Lfliacea:. 
Portale'Bil(Bot.)P. N., a genasof Compofitat 
Por'taji(Zool.)irifT«E.a"lf; the Nylghau : a gcnii!i of Mam 
Portonsohlo'gla (Bot.) P. K., a genus of Celaftraccw. 
Porte'Bla (Bot.) P. N., a getius of Meliatea;, 
Portlft'ndia (Zool. Bot.) P. N. in honour ot the DiKhifi «/ /= 

applied to a genus of Cinchonacez ; in Zoolo^,k ^p:^kat tfi 

4*0 POR — POT 


porto, to carry, /or, milk, from the juicy nature 
of the plants ; but fome fay from porUdoy a 

Portulaca'cesB | | little gate, from refemblance of the leaves ; 

L *^^ Purflane genus and family. 
Po'ruli (Bot.) porales ; dim. of wS^y, a paflage or pore. 
Po'rus, pi. Po'ri (Zool., Bot.) watf^a?, a paflage; pores. 
Posido'nia (Bot.) WoviChvn^ the Greek deity, called by the Romans 

Neptune ; from its marine habitat ; a genus of Zofleracese. 
Posi'donomy'a (Zool.) P.N., n0rii^£y, Neptune, /uwo, a muflel ; a genus 

of Mollufca. 
Posoque'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonaceie. 
Potami'des (Zool.) vorafxigy a river ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Potamo'bius-a-um (Zool.) vot^/cao;, a river, 0iov, to live. 
Potamochlo'a (Bot.) iro-ra/xog, a river, ;^;X»a, grafs ; River-grafs ; from its 

aquatic habitat ; a genus of Gramina. 
Potamoge'ton (Bot.) noretfjios, a river, yurm, a neighbour ; Pondweed ; 

a genus of Fluviales. 
Potamo'pllileB (Bot.) v-orafxis, a river, ^ixi», to love ; the French botanift 

Richard's name for the NaidacesB. 
Potamo'philus-a-um (Zool.) woTa/u^f, a river, ^iXiw, to love; frequenting 

Potamopliyll'ites (Fos. Bot.) voretfAif, a river, ^«xx«*, a leaf. 
Potamopi'tys (Bot.) vreretfAOi, a river, Trirvsy a pine-tree; a genus of 

Pota'to (Bot.) from the fimilarity of its tubers to thofe of the Convolvulus 

Potato'ria (Ent.) potator, a drinker. 
Potato'rum (Bot.) Lat. of drinkers ; the fpecific name of a Strychnos, 

which is ufed in India for clearing muddy water. 
Potentilla (Bot.) potens, powerful, from the aftringency of the root ; m 

genus of RofacesB. 
Poteran'thera (Bot.) ^t-rvg, a drinking cup, a>6»j/»«, anther ; a genus of 

Pote'rii (Ent.) feeding on the Salad Burnet, Poterium Sanguiforba. 
Poterioori'nites J .^ (weT«7tov,a goblet, and the genus^wrwnw; 

Poterioori'nus 3 * (a genus of goblet-fliaped Encrinites. 

Pote'rium (Bot.) poterium, a drinking-cup ; formerly ufed in the « cool 

tankard ;" the Salad-Bumet ; a genus of Sangufforbacex. 

i, refembbnce, i 

■„ to that 

n appellation given to thefe planti 

Fothomor'pb.e (Bot.) the genu 

plant ; a genus of Piperacwe 
Po'thOB (Bot.) from Paii^, the ( 

in Ceylon; a genua of Orontiaceic. 
Po'tia (^Ichth.) etymology obfcura ; a genus of Cypiinold Fifties. 
Po'tima (Bot.) irgTi^toc, fielH, drinkable ; a geuus of Cinchonacex. 
Po'toroo (Zool.) native Auftralian name of the Kangaroo Rat. 
Pot'Ua (Bot.) P. N., a genut of Bryoid Mufci. 
Fot'to (Zool.) native African name uf the lemurine mammal, Perodic- 

Pot'taia (Bot.) P. N., a geam of Apocynarea. 
Pouohe'tla (Bot,) P. N., e. genus of Ciuchonacea, 
Poupor'tla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of AnacardiacecG. 
Foiirou'raa (Bot.) piobably the vernacular nai 

Pourra'tla (Bot.) P. N, in honour of M. Peai 

: \a Guiana; a genus of 

<f Touloafe ; 


Foute'rla. (Bot.) P. N., a geniu of SajHtacex. 

Pouzol'zia (Bot.) P. N,, a genus of Urticaccse. 

Pozo'a (Bot.) P. N., a genua of UmbeLU'eiiE. 

Prajal'tua-a-iun (Bot.) Las. very high, 

Erseangu'sta (Ent.) frxangajlui, very narrow (wings). 

PrffiaooelTa (Ent.) dim. oi/tr^ax, early; i. r. appearance in Ipring. 

Prs'oox (Ent., Bot.) Lat. precocious, tarly. 

Preelatel'la (Ent.) frtlatui, cholen, preferred. 

Prffllonga'na (Ent.) frtUngur, very long. 

Prffintor'auB-a-ura (Bot.) Lai. bitten oH; terminating abiuptly ; applied 

to fuch roots as thofe of the Scabiofa fuccifa. 
PTEe'nitena (Bot.) Lai. very glittering ; e.g.. Primula /i-am/toH. 
Pran'gos (Bot.) a native Tartar name ; a genus of UmholliferiE. 
Prani'ga ) trmZi, to full headlong; a genus and family of 

IPraalna'na (Ent.) rfiract. leek-green, 
Pra'aium (Bot.) rfirw, the name ufed by Diofreridei for the plant Hore- 
hound; a genij> of LaraiaicB. 
Fr^ophyllum (Bot.) rfira, a bck, pi).T.n, ■ leaf; from rimilarlly of 
form ; a genui of Orchidacero. 
^. ^ [ (Ent.) *™(«w, a meadow. 

422 PRA — PRJ 

Fraten'sis-e (Bot.) Lat. growing in meadows ; e. g., AXojtecurus //ratatfis . 
Prawn (Zool.) popular name of Cruftaceans of the genus Pandaius. 
Fra'zis (Ent.) ^petTa-Uy ^pd^M, to accompUQi ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pra'ys (Ent.) ^pavs^ gentle, delicate ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Precato'rius (Bot.') />recator, one who prays ; becauie the feeds are uied to 

make rofaries ; e. g., Abrus precatorius. 
Prehen'sile (Xool.^ prehendoy to take hold of. 
Prem'iia (Bot.) ^rpifxDov, the (lump of a tree, becaufe the /pedes confifls of 

flirubs and fmall trees ; a genus of Verbenacese. 
Prenan'thes (Bot.) ft^nv^;) drooping, avdo;, a flower; a genus of Compofitse. 
Preonan'thes (Bot.) wpfioov, a projection, &vBos, a flower; a genus of 

Preoper'oulum (Ichth.) prat before, operculum, a lid or gill-cover ; applied 

to one of the four parts of the operculum of fiflies. 
Prepu'sa (Bot.) from an anatomical term, and referring to the inflated 

calyx ; a beautiful genus of Gentianacese. 
Pres'byter (Ichth.) ^pio0os, blind ; fpecific name of the Land-fmelt. 
Presbyteroi'des (Ichth.) the genus PrefyUr, iTJo? , likenefs. 
Presby'tes (Zool.) Gr, «r{iy^uT»}f, an old man; from the old-fafhioned look 

of this Ape ; the Capped apes ; a genus of Simiidce. 
Preslia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the celebrated German writer upon 

Ferns ; a genus of Labiatse. 
Prestoliia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Apocynacese. 
Pretio'sus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. valuable. 
Prevos'tea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Prevofly of Geneva ; a genus of 

Pria'pulus (Zool.) from Priapus, a myth (logical name; a genus of 

Priestley'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Pr'teftley, the celebrated chemift ; 

a genus of Leguminofae. 
PrieTir'ea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onagraceae. 
PrimsB'vus-a-um (Zool.) Lat. of the firft age. 
Prima'tes (Xoo\.) primus, firfl; Linnzus's flrd great divifion of Mammalia, 

which includes Man. 
Primno'a (Zool.) ^fv/xvo^, an end, w^v, an egg ; a genus of Zoophytes. 
3Pxl tenia (Bot.) primus, firft, from its early flowering; the Primrofe. 
Primula 'cesB (Bot.) the Primrofe family, of which Primula is the type. 
Princypsis (Bot.) the genus Prinos, Hny refemblance ; a genus of Com- 



Prlnfzla (Bot.) P. N., a spn\a of Compofit*. 
Ptiodon'ta (Zool.) «■{.'», a faw, tiiit, •isiTJc, a tonth. 
Prionaoh'nB (Bot.) ir^fo., a faw, ix'^, 3D awn ; a Ecnus of Gramina. 
Frlonaa'thee (Bot.) ifix,, a faw, a.flst, a flower ; a geoiis of Compofita!, 
Prion'idiB (Ent.) a genus of beetles, of which Prlmm a the tjpt. 
Prioni'tea (Omith.) ^f Ju., a faw, from the lenaMd mindihles; Dligei'* 

name for the Motmots. 
Frionl'tis (Hot.) *faa, a faw ; a genas of UmbeUifeix. 
Prio'nluni (Bot.) t^'b*, a faw ; a genua of JuncaceK. 
rrlonoohiluB (Omith.) v^tn, a faw, x''^''i '^ ''P- 
Friono'des (Ichth.) rfim, a fan, iHad likenefi; a genus of the family 

Prion'odon (Zool.) rf!m,a faw, •!«!!(, iJirTM, a tooth; a genus of carni- 
vorous animsla of tiie family Felidas. 
Pr!oil'oii7X(£nt.) rflnt.^ <aw,J>i{,giuj^i(,a claw; igenusof Hymenoptera. 
Prlo'ntlB (Ent.) trjiiHi, a law ; a genua of ColeopCera. 
Prio'ptera (Ent.) n-pim, a faw, xri?!., a wing ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
PrioSoe'liB (Ent.) «■?;«, a faw, *nkl„ a fpot. 
Prisma'tiQUB-a-iim (Zool, Bot.) Lai, reflefling the prifmatic colours, or 

angular like a prifm. 
PriamatOoar'puB (Bot.) TfiV^i-nTM, a prifm, na^rii, fruit ; a genus of 

Priatacan'thus (Foe. Zool.) -r^lmt, a faw, ima^Sa, a fpine; a genus of 

eKtinift Filhes, 
PriBlddao'lyU (Zool.) rfi^r,,, a faw, 3^»mJ«, a toe; the Rough-toed 

Pristda (Ichth,) rrimi, a faw ; the Saw-filh. 
Priato'nyohuB (Ent.) rfims, a faw, i-ni-ox''' ^ '^'*"' 
ProTjOBOldtt'lls (Ent,)^roio/;;i, a trunk or fnout. 

alfo in Botany, as Martynia ftaS^ciJai. 
Proboacldi'fara (Zool.)^™i^ii, a trunk orfnoutj/rroitocarry; a gtoup 

of Mammalia. 
ProboBOi'dlform (Zool.)/roio/;H,a trunk or fnout./orMa, Ihape, 
Probo'HOia (Zool.) Lai. a trunk or fno>il. 
Prooella'ria -i ^ 

KoclWldet (O™*.) J '"'"■■ • """■ '■ '■ "" '"'"-'•'''•' "" 

Proo<illa'ta(Enl. )piviella, a Itorm \ from Ibme cloudy Dialkinga on the wlngt. 

424 ^^0 

Proohil'odus (Ichth.) <r^, forwards, ;^;«A.of, a lip, o^ovf, tooth ; having 

remarkable thick lips fringed with teeth as flender as hairs ; a genus 

of South American Fi(he8. 
Froc'nias (Omith.) derivation uncertain ; the Swallow Chatterer. 
FrocGB'lia (Fos. Zool.) *fis^ front, xciXofy hollow ; having vertebrsB with 

the cup at the fore part and the ball behind. 
Pro'oridaB^ c P. N. from Procrh, a daughter of the king of 

Fro'cris i ( Athens ; a family and genus of Lepidoptera. 

Frocru'stes (£nt.) a mythological name ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Froctono'tus (Zool.) tr^wxTAf, the hinder part, »wTOf, a ridge ; a genus of 

Frocum'bens (Bot.) Lat. leaning forward, or proflrate on the ground ; 

e. g,, Azalea procumbens. 
Fro'cyon (Zool.) x^oMwit, one who fharls like a dog ; the Racoon. 
Frocyonoi'des {XooX,^ procyon, a racoon, fD^f, Ukenefs. 
Frodroma'ria (Ent.) ^pS^pofAog, a fcout. 

Froduc'ta (Zool.) Lat. drawn out ; a genus of Brachiopodous Mollufca. 
Frofugella (Ent.) profugus, a fugitive. 
Frofimda'na (Ent.) profundus, deep. 
Frogemma'ria (Ent.) progemmans, budding forth. 
Froglo'ttis (Zool.) xfoyXMo-a-if^ the point of the tongue ; applied to each 

fegment of the tapeworm. 
Frogna'thio (Zool.) ^po, forwards, ytaBtgy the jaw. 
Froli'ferus-a-um (Zool., Bot.) proks, offspring, yrro, to bear ; e. g, 

Hynum proliferum,. 
Fromero'pidBB j . _ . , . ( allied to Merops ; a family and genus of 
Fro'merops 5 (. inceflbrial Birds, family Upupidae. 

( (Zool., Bot.)/ro«w, leaning forward. 
Prone ) 

Pro'nuba (Ent.) pronuba, a bridefmaid. 

Pronubella (Ent.) dim. oipronuba, a bridefmaid. 

Fropinquella (Ent.) dim. oi propinquus, refembling. 

Propithe'cus (Zool.)/r<y&^, near, allied to,pithfcus, an ape ; to exprefs its 

Fropugna'ta {Ent.) propugnatusj fought for, defended. 
Frorooeii'truin (Zool.) tr^o^iotyto flow forward, xiyTpov, a point; the loticm 

being pointed anteriorly ; a genus of Infuibria. 
ProscarabsB'us (Ent.) having a refemblance to Searabaut. 
Froserpin&'oa (Bot.) prof^rpo, to creep ; a genus of Haloragacex. 


Proaobranchia'ta (Zool.) i-jit, in front of, Bfiy^'ii the windpipe. 

ProBO'dea fEnl.) rfcuiins, (linking. 

Proao'pon (Ent.) r/iiiutoi, a oiafli. 

PrOBOponia'oUB (Fos. Zool.) frpima-w, a face or mail;, J.iintti, the Wood- 

loufe ; the name has been given irllead of PaliEociangon. 
Proater'non (Eat.) rfii, front, r-riiitr, the bread. 
ProatheacailthuB (Icbth.) Tpi^Bi, in front, &xm6^, Ipine; a gcnu« of 

FuTiform Fillies. 
Proatra'tua-a-iun (Boc.) Lai. trailing. 
ProayTO'na (Zool.) imeiplained ; a geniu of Ophidians. 
Pro'taa (Ent., BoL) P. N. from Pnlm, ihe changeable god. 
Pro'telea (Zool.) <r^, in front, TJiw, extremity, from the t-xteiided fnout ; 

theAardWolf; a genus of Mammalia. 
Proteroglo'saa (Zool.) a-fiii^t, in iiaat.yi.&jci^s tongue; applied to 

eertuin Batiachians, with a tongue free in front and adherent behind. 
Pro'teus (Zool.) P, N., a fea-god ; a genus of Amphibia. * 

PratoCOQ'cuB (Bot.) rfi^ii, firit, iig<*ic, berry; microfcopic regetablea 

of the (implell poffihle ftmcture. 
Protane ma (But.) trfanis, firft, nfta, a filament ; a genus of Alge. 
Protono'pfllB (Fos. Zool.) it^'titk, a cord, S-iit, rdemblance. 
Proto'pteres (Zool.) rpint, the fiill, earlielt, rrifi,, a ho ; an ofcubnt 

form between Fiihes and ReptUei. 
Proto'ptaruE (Zool.) x-^tai, hrfl (rudimentary), rnfit, a hn ; a genus of 

Protor'nlB (Fos. Zool.) r/^ii, RtH, Spit,i bird ; an earl; fol^l bird. 
ProtoroBau'rUB (Fos. Zool.) <r^i^, earlier, imii^c, a lizard ; an early 

foffil reptile, known as the foffil Monitor of Thuringia, 
Protozo'a (Zool.) !rpi-T«, fiid, JmS, life ; the lowed clafs of the snimal 

kingdom, corrcfponding to the true Infulbria. 
ProtoBo'ic (Fos, Zool.) wfiT,i, firit. >«, life. 
Pro'tula (Zool.) rpi, before,, a knob; a genus of Annelids. 
Prul'Qa(Bot.)Z^/.hoar-fnilt; a mealy fubOanceon the furface of fome plants. 
Pruiuo'aaa-a-uin (Hot.) Lot., hoary-froded. 
Pnma'ta (Ent.) from feeding on Blackthorn, Prvtm fpinofa. 
Frunella (Bot.) from the Girm. Dii Brcanir, a name giien to an aiieAion 

of the fauces forwhich it was ufed ; or perhaps from ^tmna, a buralng 

eoal, being ufed to cure bum.i j Self-heal ; a genus of Lablatz. 
Pnmeto'min (£nt.) gen. pi. of fm/irium, a doe thicket ; fuch being the 

relbrt of the inleA, 

426 PRU — PSE 

Prunia'na (Ent.) feeding on various fpecies of Prunus, 
Pru'nus (Bot.) Lat, a plum-tree ; a genus of Drupacese. 
FrynmEicaii'tha (Omith.) «'^/u>o'f, the hindmoft part, a«ay0«, (pine ; a 

genus of Humming-birds. 
Psalidoco'ptus (Ent.) >|/aA./j-iJaif, a pair of (hears, xtforrw, to cut off ; 

alluding to the elytra being cut with a delicate outline and incifiires ; 

a genus of Coleoptera. 
PsaUdogna'thus (Ent.) ^^aXiVi^^f , a pair of (hears, yvodo;, a jaw ; a 

genus of Coleoptera. 
Psalio'dus (Fos. Zool.) \a.\U^ a pair of pincers, oJoi»j, a tooth. 
Psalu'rus (Omith.) ^ax/;, a vault, avfo.^ a tail ; fpecific name applied to 

birds which have the tail much arched. 
Psam'ma (Bot.) ^dfxfxosy fand ; Mat-grafs. 
Psazmnad'chus (Ent.) •\>afAfAos^ fand, o1m.6s^ a habitation. 
I^sammi'sia (Bot.) P. N. from Pfammis, a King of Egypt. 
Psammol^ia (Zool.) ^a/u^oc, fand, B/ov, to live ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Psammo'dromus (Zool.) ^^eifjifjios, fand, Jpaftirv, to run ; a genus of 

Psaxn'modus (Zool.) -^otfAfAosy fand, o^ot;;, a tooth ; fo called from their 

rough upper furfaces. 
Psammody'tes (Zool.) ^etfAfxo'hinyiSi a fand-diver, equivalent to Am- 

Psammolnys (Zool.) ^'^/xfxof, fand, ft?;, a moufe. 
Psammope'rca (Ichth.) -vl^aft/uof, fand, <r»^*i» {perca) a perch. 
Psfiumno'phidsB-k , . ^^'^f^/^os, fand, o^t?, a ierpent ; a family and 
Psam'mopliis ) ( genus of Colubrine ophidians. 

Psammo'phylax (Zool.) •\,ei(X[xos, fand, ^wXaf, a guard ; a genus of 

Colubrine ophidians. 
Psammosau'rus (Zool.) -^otfxfxos, fand, a-aZfosy a lizard ; applied to the 

Land Monitor. 
Psaroli'tea or Psaroni'tes (Fos. Bot.) ^a^j, fpeckled, Xifloc, a (lone ; 

applied to certain fofldl tree-ftems. 

,, r4*}Xa^aA>, to grope in the dark, becaufe the 

\- (Ent) •< Beetle is found under ftones, &c.; a family 
V and genus of Coleoptera. 
Psen (Ent.) 4flv, the gall infe£t, Lat. Cynips ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Pse'phis (Ent.) •\>i<pets, darknefs, obfcurity ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Pset'ta (Ichth.) 4?iTT«, a turbot j the genus of Fifhes which includes the 

Turbot and Brill. 

i of chstodont (hriftle-toothed) 


Paettua flchth.) ^t., a toibol ; a gt 

PsBUdao'henela (Ichih.) ^ilSbi, falfe, i 

Siluroid Fiflies. 
Paeu'deohia (ZcmI.I .^iuSb(, falfe, !x'f. ^ Wper; the "Black-Snake" of 

Aultralla ; a geniu of Colubiine ophidians. 
Paeudl'na (Ent.) J.ii/!«i, Ealfe ; a senua of Lepidoptera. 
Pseudo (Zool., Bot.) 4iLjrf(, felfc ; a prefix ufed to imply fome ftighl 

relemblancef or imperfti^ analogy, 
pBeudobomby'oea (Ent,) 4'"'"!. f»ire, ffoiaijM/; a divifion of noflurnal 

Paeudobran'oliiaa (Ichth.) -{.iMi, hlS;, 8fiyx"> g'^- 

PseudQCer'TOS (Zool.) 4iu!S(, falfe, irrfui, a flag. 

Pseudoaordy'lua (ZooL) the falfe Cordglui ; a genus of African 

Pseudo- deltoi'dse f Ent.) -^loiis, falfe, JiAT«, a writing tabkt ; which 

refembled the letter Delta {&), in confequence of the moths lilting 

at reft with wings folded (omewEiat In that Ihapc. 
Paeudola'rlz (Bot.) ■f.t^i,, lalfc, krix, the larch ) the Chlnefe Larch. 
PaeudoU'Ta (ZooL) JjuJw, felfe, o/™, a kind of fheU ; a genui of 

Paeu'domya (Zcxil.) J.iuJb(, iiUe, ,«D(, a monri!. 

Pseudo- pla'tanua (Bot.) i,uii,, falfe, rkiwi, (platanus), the Plane. 
Pseudo'pala (Ent.) -^niiin, falfe, i-fic, appearance. 
Paeu'dopua (Zool.) |iu1b(, lalfe, tom, a foot; a genus of fhake-like 

Pseudoapretella (Ent.) Jji,K(, &lfe,j^rrfi«fl, a fpecles of Moth. 
Fseudoterp'na (Ent.) ^luHi, faUe, Tiprtcr, delightful ; a genus of 

Pseudotetra'mera (Ent.) ^M;. falTe, Tirf*, lour, f^ifii, a part j hecaufe 

having really live, though apparently only fonr, joints of the taifut ; a 

PBeudotrl'mera (!!nt.) •^viiJii, (alle, i^iV, three, fufiu a part ; hecaufe 

thi^je bevtiei have really four, though apparently only three, joints of the 

tarfuj ; a divifion of Coleoptera. 
Pai(Enl.)fromtbeGreekletter-|.,with which It is marked. 
Fal'dium (Bot.) ^J)"! i che Greek name of the Pomegranate ; nowapplieil 

to I he Guava. 
PaUo'cera (Ent.) J'l'i'fi naked, xifu^, a horn. 

428 FSI — FSO 

Fsilo'gyne (Bot.) ^iXo;, bare or naked, and yw^, pidil; a genus of 

Psilone'ma (Bot.) 4*^^C} ^^f^ ^^ naked, and ynfxa, filament ; a genus of 

Fsilo'nia (Bot.) 4^^^?) ^^^^ or naked ; a genus of Fungi. 
Psilono'tus (£nt.) ^tXtf;, bare, i/Sirof, the back ; from their appearance. 
PsUopilum (Bot.) 4.iXoV , naked, wXXos, wool ; a genus of Bryoid Mufbi. 
Psilorhyn'clius (Ornith.) ^iXa;, thin, pvyx^f* ^ ^^^ ^r fnout. 
Psilosta'chys (Bot.) ^tXtfc, naked or bare, and a-raxvs, a cluder; a genus 

of Euphorbiacese. 
Psiloste'mon (Bot.) 'i^ikist naked or bare, and a^tni*m, a ftamen ; a genus 

of Boraginaceffi. 
Psilos'toma (Bot.) ^tXtf^, naked or bare, and c-ta/uo, orifice ; a genus of 

Psilosty'lis (Bot.) 4«>-*f» naked or bare, vrlxos^ a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus 

of Crucifei"8B. 
Psilosty'lum (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Crucifers. 
Psilotham'nus (Bot.) ^iX*;, naked or bare, and BaifAvos, a little (bnib ; a 

genus of Compofitae. 
Psilo'triclium (Bot.) ^iXof , naked or bare, flgif, rpix^f, hair (filament) ; a 

genus of Amarantaceae. 
Psilo'tum (Bot.) 4i>«Tj»f, nakednefs. 
PsilozV^on (Bot.) 4>X0;, naked or bare, and ^i/Xov, wood ; a genus of 

Psilu'rus (Bot.) |tXo;, naked or bare, and oi;^«^a tail; a genus of Gramina. 
Psithyri'sma (Bot.) 4*9«'?*»"/«*«» a whifpering ; beautifully adapted from 

the celebrated line of Theocritus : — 

A^V Tl TO ^iQvflO'fXa »0U k iTiTt/C) X. T. X. 

(Sweet is the whifper of the wind among the fir-trees !) 
Psittaoa'ta (£nt.) psittacw, a parrot, from a refemblance in colour. 
Psitta'cidse (Ornith., Zool.) the Parrot family, of which Pfttiacus is the type, 
Psittacoglos'sum (Bot.) ^^trraxod a parrot, and yXZ^ra, a tongue, from 

the form of labellum ; a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Psitta'cola (Ornith.) dim. oi pftttacusf a parrot. 
Psit'tacus (Ornith.) '\,i'rree,K0Si a parrot ; a genus of scanforial Birds. 
Psittiro'stra (Ornith.) pfatacus^ a parrot, rofirum^ a beak. 
Pso'ous (£nt.) -^itt, to rub or grind, becauie the infeO is fuppoied to 

make a flight noife like the ticking of a clock ; the Book-louie ; a 

genus of Neuroptera. 


Pao'doB (Ent.) +•!)[, equivalent to rirJIief, lOi-coloured. 
PaDli'nua (Zool.) ^ii.(, fmoke ; a genus of EchinodermaU. 
Pao'lua (Zool.) 4**M> foot, fmoke; a genus of Echinodermau. 
Psopb'ia (Ornith.) -i-ifn, i (hrill found ; applied to the genus of Cnuiss 

which contains the Trumptter. 
FBophaosr'piiE (Bot.) 4'?°f> lounding, ita^i, fruit ; a geniu of Legu- 

Pso'ro (Bot.) ^Kf It, warty, rough ; a genus of Bryoid Mufci. 

Psora'lea (Bot.) ^afakUi, fcurfy, warted ; fiom tht? tuberculated appear- 
ance of caJyx ; the Wart-vetch ; a genus of Legnminofx. 

PBorioop'tera (Ent.) ■lufmic, ilehy, mangy, n-ipoi, a wing, 

Psorophy'tura (Bot.) +»;•(, warty, puTiv, a plant ; a genus of 

Psorospermum (Bot.) 'ifUfit, rough, rriffnt, fctd ; a genus of Hyperi- 

Psy'che (Ent.) ■l-ix.''< ^ butterfly, typiciii of the loul ; a genus of Lepido- 

ptera; alfo, a genua of Mollufca. 
PayoMcUB (Ent.) 3 family of Moths, of which P^ic is the type. 
Payohl'no (Bot.) •f^x^i ^ hulterflyi from wing of feed; a genus of 

PBlfOhoi'des (Ent.) refembling P.gdi (ilix, likenefs). 
Psycho'tria (Bot.) 4«j:b, life, iarftln, healing; from its medicinal 

qualities ; a j;enus of Cinchonaceie. 
Payohro'phaa (Bot.) 4''Xf'ii cold, ^.*!i», to love; a genus of Raruncu- 

Pay'drax (Bot.) 4"5p^> > blifler or pimple ; a genns of Cinchonacea. 
Paygmatel'ltt (Bot.) dim. of iZy^i, a fan ; a genus of Algio. 
PByg'mium (Bot.) -l^ffi a fan ; a genus oF Polypodloid Fillco. 
Psy'lllum (Bot.) iiXkiiu ancient name of a plant, perhaps flea-wort; 

fpecjfic name of the Ji'ilja-plantain, Phuitago Pfylliim. 
Psyllocar'pUB (Eol.) +il*l.(, a flea, ■>,»•(, fiuit; a genus of 

Paylo'iylon (Bot.) ■iixkit, a ilea, Jd»»», wood; a genus of Lythrwea. 
Ftar'mica (Bot.) <rT<i|V""t< that caufes Iheezing; fpecilic name of a 

Pteraca'nthua (Bot.) aTifi., plume or feather, and acanlhui ; a genus of 

Ptoran'dra(Bot.) rtifi,, plume or feathtr, Kvit^, >iri)>ir, itlps,* ((anien; a 

genu of Malpighiacsie. 

430 PTE 

Pteran'thus (Bot.) Trt^v, a feather or wing, and &yB«Sj a flower ; a genus 

of Illecebracese. 
Ptelea (Bot.) frnxla, an elm ; a genus of Xanthoxylaces. 
Pterich'thys (Fos. Zool.) irre^v, a wing, ix&^s, a fifli. 
Pteridifo'lius-a-um (Bot.) ^rripis-iiegy a £ern, folium, a leaf; fern-leaved. 
Pteri'nea (Fos. Zool.) ^rn^ ev, a wing ; a fub-genus of foflil (hells. 
Pte'ris (Bot.) Tnfst a fern ; the Brake ; a genus of Filices. 
Pterooar'pus (Bot.) ^mpivf a wing, xapvref, fruit ; a genus of Legu- 

Ptero'ceras (Zool.) xrtpoy, a wing, xipaf^ a horn ; a genus of MoUuica. 
Pterochilus (Ent.) ^rrtfev, a wing, ;^i7x»f, a lip ; a genus of Hymeno^ 

Pte'rooles > .^ . , ^ (^rtpovf a wing, xxtigj a hook, from the two or 
Ptero'clidas > ( three long tail feathers ; the Sand Groufe. 

Pterodon'ta (Zool.) ^rtpev, a wing, chovsf o^ovresf a tooth. 
Pteroi'des (Bot.) <rTi^#^, a fern, iTJay, likenefs ; fern-like. 
Ptero'malus (Ent.) ^ripufjiK, plumage ; a genus of Hymenoptera, 
Pter'omys (Zool.) ^mpivy a wing, /i*ilf , a moufe ; a family of Bats. 
Ptero'nia (Bot.) ^rtpov, a wing ; from the feathery fcales of the receptacle. 
Pterophanes (Ornith.) ^mpSy, a wing, ^etiveo, to fhine; a genus of 

Pterophori'na (Ent.) a family of Plume-moths, of which Pterophorus u 

the type. 
Pteroph'orus (Ent.) vrnpo^ipoSf feathered, plumed; a genus of Plume* 

Ptero'poda (Zool.) ^rt^v, a wing, xdsy ^dVos^ a foot. 
Pterosper'mum (Bot.) 9mpoy, a wing, cvripfxa, feed. 
Pterosau'iia (Fos. Zool.) irn^v, a wing, amjpos, a lizard ; winged 

Ptero'stichus (Ent.) ^rrf^v, a wing, o-rixosy a row or line. 
Pterostig'ma (Ent.) ^npov, a wing, a-riyfAyi, a mark ; the wing-fpot on 

Pterosty'lis (Bot.) <rTi/)«v, a wing, o-ryAav, a pillar (ftyle). 
Pterothe'ca (Zool.) ^tipiv, a wing, ^nttn, a (heath. 
Pter'uthrus (Ornith.) irTi/)tfv, a wing, ipu&pos, red. "To be confident 

with etymology, it fhould be written PUrerythrus, but (hould it be 

thought that this is taking too great a liberty with the original name, 

we may, at lead, venture to write it Pterythrlus" — Strickland. 
Pterygo'dium (Bot.) ^r%fvy£hnty wing-like ; i.e, the fepals. 

Ptcrygo'tua (Fos. Zool.) m,.!., a wing, out, i-rii, the ear ; a ger 

foUil Cniftaceans. 
Ptilodlo'tyon (Fos. ZooL) *t;a«, a feather, J.'«tm., a net; a ge. 

Silurian Polyioans. 
FlilodoTi'tiB (£nt.) TTi>.or, a fi;ather, tSiui, i3i>T9c, a tooth. 
Ptilo'phora (Ent.J Tiilo, a feather, ^ipis, to carry; alluding li 

FUll'nua (Ent.) m'Xn, a feather ; a geniu af ColeopterL 

I (Ent.) nnexplained ; a family and genus of Coleoptera. 


PtiliogonyB (Oraith.) ■, 

i.u, the knee; it fliould L 

r, TsZ,, a foot. Should i( not b 

feather, firy-c'i' * teak ; the Sali 

thick ; It Ihauld b 

Pmon'opus (Ornith.) *r;;i>v, ; 

Piikpki ? 
Ptiionorhy'nohus (Ornith.) r 

Bower-bird of Aufiralia. 
PtUo'phaoua (Ornith.) •rr.'xn, a feather, i 

PtUo'ta (Bat.) rrl>.i,, a feather ; a genus of marine AlgJB, 
Ftoms'ptaagns (Ent.) rrifta, that which is JalLen ot killed, fiy^, to eat, 
Pto'aima (F.nt.) i-rainfi.t, fallen. 

Ptycho'ceras i Zool 1 J'"'™*"' ^ '"'''' "f'^' * ''°"'; ^e^nus 

Ptychoce'ratlte i *"' ' \ of fodil SheUs. 

Ptychochoi'lua (Ichth.) rruxi, a told, xi'>"(- lip ; a genus of CyprinoiJ 

Ry'ohodoB (Fos. Zool.) rTux'<> " f°^^' °'"''. = ""^l"- 
Ptyohogna'thua (Fos. Zool.) ini/xn, a ridge or fold, yiBii, a jaw. 
Ptyoho'lapia (Fos. Zool.) mx:i, a fold or wrinkle, Uris, a fcale; a 

genui of Sfluroid Filhes. 
Ptyoholo'tna (Ent.) o-rif, rtuxif a fold, Xiftm, the edge,- the edge of 

the wing folding over. 
Ptycho'atomus (Ichth.) <nvx', a fold, riii^it, mouth ; a genui ot Cypri- 

noid Filhes, 
PlJCliozo'on (Zool.) rnixili, » fold, ^m., an animal ; a g^nui of Geckos. 
Ptyoda'oty!ua(ZooL)m:.., afan, )ixT^;i«, a toe; beeaufe haiing a fan 

foot ; a genus of thick-tongued Liiards. 
Pu'berum (Boi. )/»;«■, downy. 
Pube'scem (BoC.)/i'i^, to grow haiiy, 
Pubioomella (Ent.)^bj, hair, down, iirnu, a horn, from its antcnnx. 

43* J^UD — PUN 

Pudibun'da (Ent.) puMundus, moded. 

Pudori'na (Ent.) pudor, modefty ; from the blulh-like colour of wings. 

Pufla'nus (Ornith.) P. brevicaudus is the « Mutton bird " of Bafs's Straits. 

Pu'gio (Zool.) Lot, a digger; e.g. \Jmo pugio, 

Pug'naz (Xoo\.^ pugnax, quarrelfbme ; e.g. Machetes ^vgw^x, the RuC 

Pulohella'ta (Ent.) pulchert beautiful. 

Poloherius-a-um (Zool., Bot.) Lat. beautiful, little ; e.g. Clarkia puUheila. 

Pulcherimella (Ent.) pukherrimusy very pretty. 

Pule'gium (Bot.) Lat. pennyroyal ; Penny-royal or Mentha Ptdegivm. 

Pulez (Ent.) puUxy a flea ; a genus of Aphaniptera. 

PuU'oidsB (Zool., Ent.) the family of which Pulex is the typical grenns ; 

the Flea family. 
Pullella (Ent.) pullusy dark-coloured. 
Pul'lus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. dufky, dark-coloured ; fpecific name of a (pecies 

of Carex. 
Pulono (Zool.) Lat. a lung ; plural pulmones^ lungs. 
Pulmona^ria (Bot.) pulmo, the lung ; from its former ufe in pulmonary 

complaints ; a genus of Botaginacese. 
Fulmona'ria {Bot.') pulmo, the lung; Lung- wort; a genus of BoraginacesB. 
Pulmoni'fera (Zool.) pulmo, a lung, fero, to bear, 

Pulpa'ceus-a-um 1 
Pulpo'sus-a-um (Bot ) Lat. pulpy, flefhy. 
PultensB'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. Pulteney^ who wrote a Lifb of 

Linnzus ; a genus of Leguminofse. 
Piilvera'ceus-a-um (Bot.) puWis^ duft. 
Pulverosel'la (^nt.) pulverofus^ covered with du£l. 
Pulverulen'tus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. covered with duft, dufty. 
Pumila'ta (Ent.) pumilus, dwarfifh. 

Pu'milus-a-um CZool., Bot.) Lat. dwarfifh ; e.g. Agrdfkls pumila. 
Functa'ria (Ent.) punSium^ a dot. 

Punoticosta'na (Ent.) punSiumj?^. fyot, fo/?a,the front margin of the wings. 
Punctidac'tylus (Ent.) pun^um,si dot, da^^lus, a finger; from refemblance. 
Punctifor'mis (Bot.) punSiumy a point,yorm«, fhape ; pointed. 
Punotula'ria (Ent.) pun£iulumy a little dot. 
Punotula'tus-a-iim (Zool.) Lat. dotted, pointed. 
Punoturel'la (XooX.) punSium, a fmall hole. 
Pungi'tius (Ichth.) pungo, to prick or fting ; fpecific name of the ten- 

fpined ftickleback, Gafterorcu8/tf;i^///ir/. 

I (Bot.) pulpay fle(h. 

Pu'niaa(Bot-) ^Minr, Carthaginlin, betaufe brought from Africa; tlie 

Pomegranate-tree ; a genira of Myrtacete. 
Punioaa'liB (Ent.) /mnicnii, red, purple. 

Pttni'ceUB-a-um (Bot ) Zat, carmine-ced ; r.g. CMinchxa /•niuinit, 
Puntaz ao (Ornith.) Ital, /tunfasso, a promontory, 
Fu'pa (Zool. ) fufia, 3. doll ; applied to chryTalides, from a relemblancc to 

a fwathed child or itiiimmf . 
Papillft'na (Enl.) fiijiilla, the pupil of the eye ; from its wing-lpots. 
Pupl'na (7Mo\.)papa, a doll. 
Pur'pura (ZooI.)tii^^ Lal.purpma, the Purple -filh (moUuflc); a genuj 

of Mollufcn. 

Purpura'lia \ 

PttrpuTfta'oens (Bot.) dim. pirt. from purpura ; becoming purple, 

Purptireria (E-nt.) furpunui, purple. 

Purpn'reo-OCeruTeuB (Bot.) Lai. violet-cobured ; r.g., Lithofpern 

putpHreo-tiervlevm . 
PuBa'ria (EM.)p<-fi, a little maiden. 
PQBDhii'nlB f Bot.) P. N, in honour of tlie celebrated Polilh botanifl 

genua of Liliaces!. 


PualUa'ta ! 

PuBil'lua-a-um (Zool., Bot.) ia(. fmall, puny; r. g. Geranium /n/itfum. 

Puatula'tus-8-um (Bat.*) Z<ir. blidered. 

PuBtulo'pora (Fm, Zool.) hating the^™ placed on faJtaUi. 

Pu'ta (Ent.) from pitm, clear, difflnft. 

Futo'rlus (Zool.)^sr', a ttench ; (pecific name of the Foumart, Mnflela 

Pu'tria (Bot.) puicr, rotten ; from a refemblance to rotten wood. 
Pyonan.'themTim (Bot.) mrmlf, ihlct, i'Aink, chamomile (?) ; a genui of 

f (Ent.)^u/]^iira, purple colour. 



PjOQOgOH'idEO (Zool.) »« 

of CniniceiE. 
Pycnotbe'Ua(flot.) «i.Jr, i 
Pygffi'ridtB (Ent.) myi. thr 

the infefli. 

I) , firvoit, thick, 9]>i^ 

Js'.Ti,, a tooth ; a 
knee; the fea-fpideri i an order 
nipple ;agenua of Cryptognmia. 

Pyge'rythruB-a-um (Zool.) -ruyi, the rump, l/uflfii, 

Pygmse'ola (Ent.) dim. of rayfi-iBti, dwaifiOl. 

Pysniaa'jia > 

_ , y (Ent.) nyumai, piEHiv, dwarfifh. 

PygmeataJ ' f n, • 

Fygobron'chia (Zuol.) equivalent to Antluo-branc 

gioup jf Nudibcanchiate MnUufFa. 
Pygoce'plialus (Pos. Zool.) ruyit, thick, folid, upaxli, the head ; 


Pygo'pidEB 1 ,., , , ,' iniy<i, the rump, rtit, neis, foot: the Riai 

, > (Zool.) < 

Pygopua ) I tretLiiarda. 

PygO'pteruB (Fos. Zool.) jmyh, the rump, nrtfii, a fi 

devebpment of caudal 11ns ; a genus of follil Filht 

Pylog'nathua (ichtli.) riXn. a gate, yniSii, the jaw. 

Pyralia'ta (Ent.j/^rafi/, an inliit formerly foppoled ti 

Pyralal'didffi (Ent.) Pj,™Citj, a&mily of Moths, .13.,, refemblance. 

Pyramlda liB-e (Bot.) pyramid-lhaped, coaical; r.^. Orchis jbf rani 

Pyramida'a (.EnL) •L^Kfiic, a pyramid, itlis, liktoels; alio a 


exprefs the fplial, li 
(Zool.) -{ ed, and pyrayniJ Ihape of the rhell; 

] J ed, and pyraviid Ihape of thi 
t genus and family of Mollufra, 
nif, fire ; a genue of Tacagers, confifting chiefly g 

Pyra'nEa (Ora 

fcarlet -coloured bi 
PyraBtra'na (Eat.) tZf, lii-e, icTfn, a (lar. 
Pyraua'ta (Ent.) fyia^fia, a name eKptelTive of a love for hot fun-lhL 

from m[, fire, 
PjTft'zus (Zool.) B-u^K^a, to linge, alluding t< 
Pyrella (Ent.) feeding on the pear, P^rai. 
Pyrena'lCU3-a-uni (Bot.) Lst. Pyrenean, i. g. Valeriana Pyta, 
PyrenaB'trum (Bot.) rufm, flonu,anii iiTTfO., a ftar ; a ge 
Pyre'niiiin (Bot.) itk^v, a flone; a Eenua of Fungi. 
Pyreno'myoetea (Bot.) rvfri., a. kernel, juiiinc, a fungus. 
Pyreno phora (Ent.) n^nv, a Rone, fii^, to bear, 
Pyrano'thea (Bot.) nifB^ a kernel; a genua of Lichi:nes. 
■Pyrano'triolinm (Bol.)nj^>, a kernel, fifi'f, Tfi;^^!, buir ; a genus of Fin 
Pyre'nula (Bat.) dim. of supi, a Done ; a genus of Liclienei. 
Pyre'thrum (Bot.) vif^t^ff, an ancient Greek name of a plant, ji 

from its hot talli: ; Pellitory \ a genu.^ of Compofiln;. 

r tu tlif houfi-fpanow, 

luiUiing ; a genua of CralTulafeEe. 

', the Hiell bdng turreted ; a ^nu> ol 

Pyrgi'tl [Omith.) TVfyiTui was applied by G^t 

Pyrgo'mtt (Zool.) rifj-^fia. that which i» fu 

PyrgQ'aaa (Bot.} wify-cr.. t 
Pyrgula (Zool) rilrt'n, » 


Fyr'gas (Bot.) tuow, t tower ; a genui of M^rrlinaceiG. 
Py'riform (Bot.)/^nu, a peu:, forma, Ihape ; pear-lhaped. 
Pyroobroa (Bot.) m^ fire, and xf*'> ™lour ; a genus of Lichenei ; alls 

ufed in Entomology. 
Fyro'dea (Eat.) Tu^m, liery. 
P/rola (Bot.) dim. of P<,r^, pear-tree, having r.milar leaves i Wintet- 

Green ; the typical genm of Pyralace*. 
PyroU'rlon (Bot.) " Fire-lilj'" (*3f and ?.iifnt), from colour of (lowcti ; a 

gen UK of Ani2r;llidaceiF. 
Pyro'pallB (Ent.) iSp, fiie, H, ihe eye 
Pyro'phlla (Ent.) wu-^ii, wheat, piJjf', to lore. 
PTro'phorum (Bot.)/>^nu, a pear, fii^, to bear; a g«nu9 cf Pomaceie. 
Pjrroso'ms (Zool.) ■i;^, Are, rSf^K, Ihe body; a gt'nua Df MoUulca. 
Pyro'stonia (Bot.) np, lire, and rtifiji, mouth ; a genm of Verl 
Pyffhan'thUB(Bot.) wuf^.i. red, and i.Saj, a flower; a genus of Com- 

Ptrrriio'carax (Ornlth.) n^^su^f of Pliny; from ru^^, red, jiI^, a 

crow ; the feet and beak being flame-coloured. 
PyTrliol[o'mus-a-um(OmItli.)ni;pj!it,red,t.a>jUii.che throat; led-thtoated. 
Pyrrhopap'pUE (Bat.) tuffit, red, and trai-inc, feed -dawn; a genus of 

Pyrrbophre'na (Otoith.) iTLi/^M, red, f«i»i, to difplay; « genus of Huni- 

Pyrcho'sia (Bo:.) trufftt, red ; a genus of Polypodloid Filiccg. 

Pjrrtiotlio'rai (Ornith.) ruffti, red, Morj.t.the breaft. 

Pyrrhotri'cbla (Bot.) mp^ir, icd, and Bfi^, rfi^ii, hairy furface ; a genus 

of Leguminofie. 
Fjr'rimia (Ornith.) miffiUts. from in/f J(, flame-*olourcd ; the Bull-finch. 
PTiThullpen'aula (Ent.) wjffii, flame-coloared.^tw, a feather. 
Pyrrs'ooma (Bot.) -wtif^H, red, (i^», tuft ; a gunui of Comporitte, 
Py'rula (Zool ) fymi, a'pcac, from the [hap« of the Ihell ; a genus of 


43* , FTR _ QUJI 

F]milei'r!a(fiot.)/y'''''>Bprar (Ibape of fruit); a genus of Santalacea:. 
Py'nifl (Bot.) Lai. a pear-tree, perhaps from Fim, Celtic ; the Appb and 

Peat! Nat. Ord. Pooiifera. 
Pytbogore'a fBnt.) P.N. in honour of the celebrated aadentphiloibpher^ 9 

P7'thion(i3ot.) > ancient Greek name fora bulbous plant 

of Aracen.. 
Py'Ulon(Zaol.)P. N., amythclogicolnimc; a g<jiiis of Ophidians. 
Pytlio'lllum [Bot.) »iifl», to rot ; a genus of Araces. 
Prxidanthe'ra (Eat.) in^il»r,a little box, aDdilySnfw, an anther ^ i 

Pyiida'tus-a-uin (Bot.) Tuji't.a box; jointed; f. J. Scyphophorus 
Pyxidio'ultim (Fos, Bot.) Lai. a fmall i»x, 
Pyxi'dium (Bot.) iTvl'i, a box, iBjj, Ukenefs ; a capGik (iich a 

the Anagallia. 

Quad'raoua (Ichth.) juciucr, fooi, ma, a gir-pike. 

Quadra'ta (But.) Lai. fonr-comeied. 

Qtiadre'lla (Bot.) fuilmr, four ; a genua of Capparidacea:. 

Quad'rla ( Bot.) P. N. in honour olAxltintJih ^aifro.a Spaiiilbci)lti*ati 

Quadri'fld» (Ent.) jaaJrifJiu, cleft into four parts. 
Quadrimaoula'lia (Ent.) jaalaar, four, maiub, a fpot. 
QuadriDOta'tua(Ent.)jKa(i»r,fQur,ii«(a(iu,diftinguiaied; inallunon to the 

maltfeK having fborof the jointi of the anterior taifi diftinflty dilated. 
QUftdrlpunolalis (Ent.) jKa/iMr, four,/«iicam, a fpot or dot. 
Quadripunota'tua-a-iun (Ent.) jua/wrc, four, puiSaiui, fpotted. 
QuadllBorlp'tua (Zool.) yiudior, four, fctitMi, marked ; applied I 

Paradoxurus liaving four black (tripes along the bad 
Quadriatdgmalis (EnL) ^wmar, four,_^5rt*j, a mai-k. 
Quadrival'via (ZooL, Bot.) piojwr, four, whu, ™lw or 
Quadrivitta'tus (Zool.) ^tuSm; four, wUa, a tiofiet ; having fcor b 

(udinal grrjr bandi. 
QuadTu'miUiB (ZooLlfiufMr.fbui. imH,! hand; adivifion of \ 
Quadru'peda \Zoo\.) ibol; > general tom fcr i 

Iboteil mammals. 
QuakinS-Smse (Bot,) popular nanw of Briza. 
QUa'leA 1 But.) unceiuin -, a getea o( Vochyaoti. 

QuB'moollt (Bot.) native Indian name Ij^iiyin^ ^' dwarf hean ;" a genui 

of Convolvukceic. 
Quapo'ya (Bot,) naliue name; a genus of Cluiiaceff. 
Quarti'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Lythmccie. 
Quaa'aia (Bot.) P. N. in lionour tif Qmjf^, a negro llase of Surinam who 

firit Died it medicinally; a g^iua of Simatubaces. 
Queltia (Bot.) P. N. In honour of Nkid^ L, {l^^li. 
Quar'oitron (Bot.) fucraa, the oalt, ciiriM ; equivalent to " oak-eifton ; " a 

fpeciea of oak. 
Quer'cus (Bot.) Lot. an oak ; a celebrated genus of Corylacen. 
Que'rla (Bot.) P.N. in honour of Z).™ J, i^rr g Mariii-a,3. Spanilh futgttJn. 
Qiiei-gue'duIft(Oniilh.)£o(. akindofduck, ateal. 
QuiEe'sia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of Olacacex. 

Quince (Bol.) Kiiii-m n^i^,, Cydonian apple; Fri«ci. ifrlng : Italian. 

Loisgnu ; the fruit of Cydonia vulgaris. 
Quina'tia (Bot.) P. N. ; i genui of Alieiaee». 
Qolnque-oarlna'tUS (lehth.) piinqui,.&te, eariuaUi, keel-lhaped ; apptie.1 

to a Cray-6(h, AHacoldes qaiKque-biriiKini, 
Quinqueolrra'ta (ichth.) jaiMju/, live, lirrui, a curl. 
QulDque'EduB-a-Um (Bot.) jainjui, &ye,Jimlir, la [lit. 
Quinquefo'llus-a-um (Bot) yuuijuf, five, fiJiuin, a leaf; i. ;;. Parrax 

Quintillift (Bot.) P. N. ; a genu? of Gefneraceu. 
Qulntl'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Efcallonioces. 
Quia'oalua (Omith.) etymology uncertain ; the Orakle ; a genus of Birds 

called boat 'tails. 
Quiaqua'iis (Bot.) juu, who, pialh, what kind ; from the uncertainty ; a 

beautiful Indian genui of Combretacex. 
Quivl'Bia (Bot.) from B«i Ji gn/ni, name in the Itle of Fiance. 

Raoa'rta (Bot.) uocertain ; a geaw of Saplndaci 
Ba'cetne (Bot.) raamm, a bunch of grapes : aD 

Raoemo'BUB-a-nm (Bot.) t. g. Paffiflora raceimfii. 
BUilli'oerUH (Ent.) ^iljpt, a ridge, mifmi, a horn (an 


- ttAf 

Raohiodon'tidEB (Zool.) ^i;^'!, a ridge, iiu,-, iJuti:, a tooth ; the fpin 

toothed Sei-pent9 ; a family of Colubrine ophidians, 
Ra'ohla (Zool., Hot.) fix,'i- ''"' bafk-hone ot ridge ; in botany the i 

Qallt of a fern-leaf or rather >™/. 
Raoli'tdft (Zool.) deri ration unknown ;■ a genus of Ophidians. 
Raco'ditun (Bot.) /««;, a lorn garment ; from the appe 

Haooml'trium (Bot.) finsi, tattered, ftWfa^ a hand ; a genus of Bry 

Raooon' (Zool.) conamon (native) name of Procyon lotor. 
Bacopilum (Bot.) fims, tattered, rTxas, a cap ; a genu 

Raoou'bla (Bot.) P. N. a genu* of HomaliaceK. 

RadamEB'a (Bot.) P. N., named after Xad-ma, Queen of Madagafcai 

genus of Scrophulariacex. 
Kad'ilia(Bot.) P. N.; a genus of Gramina. 
Raddi'aia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of Hippocratacea:. 
Rodenia'chia (Bot.) P. N. ; s, genus of ArtocarpaceiE. 
Ra'dift (Bot.) fiiiu, eafy of acccfs ; a genus of Hi-modotacee. 
Badia'ria (Zool.) the A!d^ animals, properly so called. 
Radla'la (Zool.) raalW, the fpoke of a wheel ; having the oigani of ft 

and motion dilpuled circularly around a centre or aKb 
Ra'dlOle Bot.) radia^lum, a little root ; the rudimentary root t 

Radi'cula (Bot.) dim. of nJix, a root ; a genus of Cnicifen. 
Radl'ola (Bot.) radialm, a little ray; from the radiated capfuk; a 

Radioli'teB (Fas. Zool.) so called from " the ra£alcd flmctHie of the outei 

layer of their opercular-looking upper talves ;" a genui of Cretaceous 

Kad'iBh (Bot.) Zfl/;«, ralix. 

Radiu'flla (Bot.) a genus of Leguminofa. 

Rad'ula (But.) LjI. a fcraper; a genus of Jungeimanniacei. 

RadUlo'typUS (Bot.) the genus RaJvIa, tyfa,, an image; i 

^ _ . , \ (Bot.) in compliment to Si, Thim^ Slim/ml Raffa, 

Ra&ie'aqiiia (Bot.) P. N, in honour of the celehrated RaJimfjHf a 
of CompofitK. 

RAF - 


EaTnia (Bot.) P- N. in honour of C. G. S^fi,, of Copenhagen, a writer on 

botany; a genui) of LeguminoriE. 
Raalo'pteria (Bot,) p^n/'h to brealt in pieces, ittI^e, a fern t a genus nf 

Polypadioid Fillces. 
Rag'wort (Bot.) common name of Senedo Jacobaa. 
Ra'ia (Ichth.J ZaI. a ray or (kate. 
nai'idfflOchth.) the family of the Rays. 
Kaja'nla (Bat.) P, N. in hoDOttr of Ji^t Xay, a dininj^ilhed Englilh 

Ralei'ghift (Bot.) P.N,; a Emus of CunoBiaceiB. 
Ralf'aia (Bot.) P. N. In honour of Jti„ Half,, of Penzance ; a genus of 


Ral'lUB (Omith.) Latinized form of rjiY, which h foimed from the ibund 

made by the bird ; a genus of Glallx. 
Ram (Zool.) A-gta-Sax. and Dutch, ran; Cm«M, ram<n. 
Ramali'na (Bot ) raMofr, a withered branch ; from its habitat ; a genus of 

Raman'ta (Bot.) Lot. chips, Ihaiings ; applied to the foft chaff-like hairs 

growing upon the petiole of ferns. 
Ramon'da (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. L. Rammd, a French botanid ; a 

genus of Sulanace^G. 

^ , y (Onuth.) Ufifiiii/A 

Ram'phia (Ent.) fiftfn, a beak. 

Ratnphomi'oron (OmIth.) fiftfi;, a lieak, /tixfii, fmall ; a genu$ of 

Ramphorhyn'ohug (Fm. Zool.) finftt, i beak, ^uy^n, a fnout. 
Ham'phUB (lint.) fB/ipii, a beak. 
Ram'aons (Bot.) common name of Allium uriinnm; from AtgloSax, 

Ramtina (Bot.) raa-tiS!a ; an Indian name for the oil procuied from the 

feeds ; a genus of Compofitie. 
RamuIa'Tia (Bot.) ranui, a branch ; a genus of Algse. 
RaDm'»ia(Bol.) a genus of Acanthacese. 

Ra'na (Zool.) i.itl, a frag ; the common frog is Jla/a temporaria 
Ranales (Bot.) the great alliance reptelented by the Hanunculacea. 
Handalia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genua of Erlocaubceze. 
Ran'dia(Bot.)P. N. in honour of 7. Raid, FJt.S., » London bol a nin ; a 

genus of Cinchonao*. 

a beak ; the Ton 

RAN - 


Bans'Ila (Zool.J dim. of raiia,a frug; the Frag-lbell; a genus oFMoUutca. 
liaa'gifer (Zuol,) rai^bearing or nn^btaiiog; ipecilic name of the 

Rttngileri'Dua-a-um (Bot.) rj5ji/>r, the r 

Rallhyla (Zool,) rana,a fiog,and the genui H^: the " graen-ftog " . 

Ra'uioeps (Ichth,) Lot. frog;-head«d (roM aod capul.) 
Rani'vorua-a-um (ZooL, Omith.) rata, a Bug, m-b. to 

Circui rank«r„,. 
Basmiui'ssa (Bat.) P. N. ; a genus of Cappan'dacete. 
Ran'tus (Ent.) ;a>Ti(, fpottetf, (peckled ; a genua of Coleopt 
Ranaiintila'oeEe (But.) the Cnrw-foot {amily of plant), of which Rani 

cuius 19 tilt type. 
Ranimcula'stntm (Bat.) litcially, 

Ranun'culuB (Bot.) ranj, a ftog; it inhabit! humid places; C[ow-f(KA| 

typical genuB of Ranunculaces. 
Rapa (Bot.) Lui, the turnip plant ; a gunut of Crucifuriit, 
Rapa'ita (Zool.) n>jM,a turnip; a gemra of MoUuIba. 
Kape (Bot.) rufu, turnip. 
Raphania'trum (Bot.) formed from the genus R^fkaKm; a genu* 

Raph'anua (Bot.) ^«fii»[, a radiih; probably from ^s, quickly, fm'Mi, to 
appear; fromit; rapid genninaTion. The Radilh ; Nat.Ord. Crucifiern. 

Raph'Ia (Bot.) ^a^i, a feam ; a genus of Gramlna. 

Raph'ldes (fiot.) pn^i't, a needle; applied to acioiW or otbu ccyfttl* 
icaltered among vegetable lifiiie. 

^•^^^^ I (Ent.) 

Raphidi ids) ^ 

Baphigloa'aa (^nt.) ^a^i'r, a. needle, ytJurst, a tongue; a genus of 

Raphigna'lilUB(Zool.);*(«'ft* needle, yiia«.lhe jaw oi oujtnh; 

of Arachnida. 
Raphiona'omo (Bot.) /«f>ii, a netdlc, ix/A •>, a point ; a genaa « 

Rapliiorhjn'cliua (Ent.) fafii,aaa:t5ie,fCy)(ii,a fnout ; a geoai of Diptcn, 
Sapbiaatlttie (Bot.) "needle-doHcr," from jsfi't, a needle, ■idM,adgm[j 

J g«nu.i of Loafac[£. 

a needle ; a genue ;!nd familj of Nenropters. 


Eaplll3'toma{Zcx)l.)/«f;(,a needle, n o>it, mouth i a genus of MoUufca. 

Baphyrua (ZooL) a genus of Sponges. 

Bapiaau'duB-a-um (Zool.) rapa, a turnip, mvdn, a tail ; r. g. Thcca- 

dixctyhii rapiijiiih, the turnip-tailed Gecko. 
Ra,pi'nia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Campanula cen. 
RaplB'tmm (Bot.J rafum, a turnip ; from its having liniilar lea»M ; a 

genua of Cniciferie. 
BaptoVea (Oralth.) raptsr, a ferzer or fnatcher ; an order of Bints lb called 

from their habit of felzing and retaining; their prejr with their powerful 

Bapim'oulUB (Bot.) dim, of Sapa .- from refemhlance of root ; a genus of 

Rapun'tium (Bot.) from Rapj; from refemblance of root ; a genus oi 

KaaOTsa (Ornith.) Lm. "fcratchera" or » fnapers ; " an ordtr of Birds 

which fcrape up the foil with their feet. 
BaBpal'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the oJebiated French chemillj a 

genus of Bniniaccffl. 
BaBtrl'teH(Fas. Zool.Jr^ir, arakeor hoe; the Silurian Sea-pen^ which 

haie lubercuiar projections along the axis or (lem. 
Bat (Zool.) A^tglt-Sax. ntt; root of Latin rodt, \o gnaw. 
Bath'kea (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Leguminofie. 
Batzebu'rgla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Gramina. 
BAtaebui^'na (Eat.) P. N. in honanr of Sal^riurg, the author of 

" Forft-Infekten," (1840) and other works. 
Rauwol'Oa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Saa-unif, a phyfician of 

Augfburg; a genus of ApDcynacez. 
BavaliE (Ent.) ravH, fpejiSii. 
Ba'ven (Ornith.) ^/mShi. hn/a,. 
Bavenala (Bot.) one of Adanfun's names, moil likely without meaning ; 

ageuiisof Mufacei. 
Ba'vld.U3-a-um (Ent.) Lai. grey, oi- daric-colourcd. 
Ray-graBB (Bot.) comipted from the Mr. ha-jic, which word is in Ihe 

French New TeiUnwnc employed far tans ; the Lolium perennc. 
Reaumu rla (Bot.J P. N. in honour of Riiai A. E. * A-aBJFar, an Ento. 

Recc'hia (Bat.) P. N. ; a genus of DiUeniacue. 
Reolu'sa (Ent.) £af. a rcdufe. 
Bsolu'zla (ZooL) P. N. ; a genut of MoUulch 

REC - 


Raota'lia (Ent.) TiSai, ftraight. 

Rectongula'ta (Enl.) riBai, right, ttgulat, an angle ; refeiring to ll 

fquare fpota on the apical part of the wing. 
Rectri'cea (Ornith.) rnffof, a nil«r, governor ; applied to the ta!l-fe>thenl 

of a bird, afling fomewhat as rudders to guide its flight, 
ReouTTa'Us (Ent.) l^i. TnnTtKn. bent backwards. 

■D ^ ' »- KOmith.)r^«r..«, bent backwards, MjSr™, the biU, J 
ReourVos-a-Um (Bot.) curved dovmwards, i.g. Carex rtmrva. 
Redlmlta'oa (Ent.) Lai. rnffmJfui, crowned, wreatlitd. 
Redoute'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of P. J. BiAuli', a celebrated French^ 

botanical draughtsman; a genufl of Malvacec. 
Redow'skia (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Cmcifene. 
RedUctaliB (Ent.) LjI. riduSui, drawn baelc. 
Redun'oua-a-um (Zool.) Lot. crooked, bent back. 
Reed (Bot.) A^^s-Sax. hrroJ; fclentific name, Arundo. 
Reeye'sia (Bot.) P. N. In honour of JoAn Sir^a, of Canton ; a j 

Regalls (Zool,, Bot .and Ent.) Lot. mji\, e.g. Ofoiunda rtgalii. 
Begma'lia (Ent.) inf. r^ta, a queen. 
Regnoaau'rus (Fos, Zool.) " royal Saurian," a follil from the Wealden. \ 
Regu'lecuB (Ichth.) nx, king, halinu, herring ; i. t. king of the Herrinf 

the Deal-filh. 
Be'gulUB (Ornilh.) Lai. a fmall bird, perhaps a wren ; nowapplied n 

genus which contains the wrent, 
RelohaTdl (Bot.) P, N., fpecific name of a Geranium, in hononr of 

Rrkhard, a French gentleman who difmvered it in Minorca. 
Reiohe'Ua fBot.) P. N. ; a genus of HydrophyllaceiB. 
Heichenba'ohia (Bot.) p. N. ; a genus of Nyrtaginaeem. 
Rain-deer (Zool.) this word ought certainly to be .ffoufdeer ; the an 

was formerly called fimply the Ram, a word of Danilh origin, aniwc 

ing to the Saxon Ar™, or ^r-naf. 
Bei'throdnn (Zool.) fiXf-, a river or dream. 0»j, <Ai>ni. tooth, 
Rejecta'ria (Ent.) rrjtSlM, part, from ryVtis, lo throw away, 
Reiou'ia(Bot.)P, N,; a gcnusof Apocynacea:. 
Relhania (Bot.) P. N. in honour of *™. Riii^rJ RMm, ■ wri 

Botany ; a genus of CompoCtK), 
Ee'migea (Omilh) nmix, nmigh, a rower ; ajiplied lo the quilU of ■ 

bird's wing", ftning for propuUion. 


Baml'Bia t „ , 

>■ I^Enl.l remro. to raw. 
BBmi'jift (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Clnchonareip, 
Eetaipea fEnt.) rtmr; an oar, /wj, foot] oar-footed; a genus of 

Eeml'rea (Bo'.) it) native name in'Guiana ; a genus of Cyperaceie. 
Remo'ra (Ichlh.) Lai. a hindrance ; applied hy Pliny lo a fi(h whlcli the 

ancients thought could flop a Ihip by adhering to the rudder; the 

Seinus (Ent.) Lai. an oar. 
Remusa'tlft (Bot,) P. N. ; a genus of Araceie. 
Bemuta'tuB-a-um (Ent.) Lai, changed. 
Renantha'ra (Hot.) rf.t, a kidney (fliaped) itiif. anther; a fplendidgenui 

of Orchidacex. 
Honeal'mta (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F. Es" M. L. Riii^mi, the firft a 

French Phyrician, the others Botanifl; a rplcndidgenu^ofScitaminEK. 
Benesge'ria (Bot.) P. N. j a genus of CluTiaceu. 
Bengi'fo (Bot.) P. N.; a genus of Clufiaceie. 
Renitor'inia-8 (Bot.) Lot kidney-lhaped ; i. g. Oxyria rniifirmli. 
Een'liett (Bot.) the name of thb Apple ia from la Ko-ulii, or the Little 

RenselEe'rla (Bot.) P. N. ; a genus of Aracee. 
Repandalla (Ent.) rrpambii, bent backward, turned up, 
Repa'ndra (Bot.) r^andti, bent hack ; a genus of OrchidaceK. 
Eepan'dua-a-imi (Bot.) Lai. fpread out; applied to a fungus, Hydnum 

rrfanJum, it refers to the irregular form which the pileus often ailiimt'.. 
EepMl'la (Zoo!.) reflo, to creep or crawl. 
Eepto'nla(Bot.) P. N.; a gtnus of MyrfinateB, 
Itaqnle'iuB (Zool., Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. R^<,ien of Avignon, a 

French botanill ; alfo a genus of Mollufca. 
Reae'da {Hot. 1 iv/rti, to calm, to appsaft; from its medical qualities; 

typical genua of N^t. Ord. Refedacete, or Mignanrtte family. 
Reesda'oeffi (Bot.) the Mignonette-family, from the typical Ri/rJa. 
Reaede'lla (Bot.) dim. of Rr/ala ; a genni of ReTedaceiB. 
Rest-harrow (Bot.) common nameof Ooo'nii. 
Restla'aeiB (But.) the family of plants of which Rifils (s'the t;^. 
Rea'tio (Bot.) Lai. a rope-maker, from Its ufe at the Cape of Good Hop^ ; 

typical genui of Nat. Ord. RefKacew. 
Retanll'la (Bot.) its name in Peru ; a genui of RhamnaceB. 

Reto'porB (Zuol.) rrte, n ntt, fiom, an optning; i. r, a porous i 

a genus of Polyiua. 
HeticulaTla (Bat.) rtikulum, a avt, from ita appearance ; a gemu of 1 

Retioula'tuH-a-um (Zool., Ent., Got.) Lat. net-like, reticulated ; 

Rflticulospl'ra (Foa. Zoo!,) rciiailua, a little net, J^/ru, a coil ; from tba J 

leticulation of the extreme Tpino of the whorl. 
Retlna'rift(Bot.)fBT>yn, refm, gum; a genus of RhamnaceaJ. 
Reti'nia (Ent.) nlc, a net, from the net-tike nurkinga of the n 

genus of Lepijoptera. 
Retlnlphyl'Ium (Boi.) (t|^^<^, gum, ^, a leaf; a genui of Cin 

Retlnoden'draQ (Bat.) ^nrim, gum, Vtii^a, a tree ; a genus of Diptenv 
Eettllospo'Ta (Bot.) ^>it»r, refin, J)mv, i«eda ; the feedB bdng o 

with refin. 
Retroapi'nia (Ichth.) retrt, backwards,;^™, prickle, fpine. 
Rettber-gla (Hot.) P. N. ; a genus of Gramiua. 

Bot'zia (Zool., BoL) P. N. in honour of A. J. Rcli.iu,, Profeflbr c 

Natural Hillary in Sweden ; alTo a genus of Mollufca. 
Revaya'na (Ent.) p. N. in honour of the Naturalilt Rrmy. 
Rhabarba'nuu (Bot.) the on'ginal name of Rhubark, from Rha, root, a 

Lai. Sarianm, of the barbarianl. 
Rhab'dla (Bot.) fiSin, a wand ; a genus of Ehretiacex. 
RJiab'dion (Zool.) fuBiitr, a little rod ; a genus of Cohibrine ophidiins. j 
Bhali'dium (Bot.) faBim, a wand ; a genus of Algz. 
Rhabdochloa (Bat.) fiBiat, a twig, x^w, grafs. 
Bbabdoai'dcu-ia (Foe. Zool.) ^igiii, a wand, itd-rin the a 

pores being widely separated- 
Bhabdoccs'la (Zool.) (aSin, a wand or rod, ■»>,•(, hollow ; a tribe offl 


Rbabdooil'niim (Bot.) fiBlit, a Shah, tfim, n \j\y; ageouiof UliaevE. 
Rhabdol'dea (ZooL) fiSli!, a rod, i!i^, form ; rod-like; ftripcd-looking. 
Khabdomo'naa (ZooL) fiSin, a wand, mmm ; a genos of Infufoli*. 
Rhabdosala'dlum (Bot.) fiSht, a Ihaft, rxMae,, ao umbrella or pirafol | 

a genua uf Umbellifecx. 
Khabdoso'ma (ZooJ.) piSSts, a rod or Dick, iS^n, body ■ a genus ol 

Colnbrine .Dphidiaita, 



Rhabdothmn'ima (Bot.) ^-fiSai, a fliaft, fli^w;, a llirub; a genus of 

Bhabdotha'ca (Bot.) f'^'i'S ll>aft,S.iitit, a Itwath ; a genusof Comp£>litir. 
Ehadooalyx (Bot.) fuBitt, a (haft, calyx ; a genua of Cardiann. 
Eliagadi'olua (Bot.) a dim. formed from }i*yii, a flit, from the divifion 

ofF^yx; a genus of CompDlhae. ' 
Rb-aeiga'ater (Ent.) /aj-iij, a flit, ^bttiS^^ belly] a genua of Hymeooptera. 
Kbago'dla (Bot.) ;x}wSii(, like berries or grape) ; Its principal dininflion; 

a genua of Chenopodiaceoi. 
Rhagro'atia (Bot.) fx, root, agr^h, wild ; B genus of Chenopodiacez. 
R.Viamn a'nam (Bot.) the BuckthorD bmily of plants, from the typical 

genu, Siamn^. 
Rham'nophla (ZooL) pi/tni, x prickly Dinih, I^r, a fnake ; a genus of 

Shamno'palB (Bol.) the genus SAamnai, and 1-^s, lElemblance ; :i gvuus 

of Flacourtiacea. 
Hham'nufl (Bol.) fifi-ici, Lai. rhamnM, wai applied by the ancients to a 

prickly Ihrub ; Buckthorn ; typical genus of Nat. Ord. Rhamnaceie, 
Ebamphlaa'rpa (Bot.) /^pil, bent, lapirit, fniit; a genua of Scrophula- 

Rhampbich'tliya (Ichth.) fd/Afus, a a 
BhamptiooEB'nua (Omith.) fDmetime 

a crooktd lieak, tBj'ii, (Irange. 
Rhamphoaper'miun (Bnt.) fxfi^ii. 

Rhaphido'phora (Bot.) f. 


■oked beak, 7^uc, a tiih. 

bent, arifwh ^^ i a genus of 
leedle, fifi, to bear; a geous of 
1 needle, ^{^>.», a leaf; a genua oF 

RhaphldophyTlum (Bot.) fi 

Rhaphido'spora (Bot.) ^n^It-ilij, a needie; rri/ai, feed; a genua of 

Rhaphio'cera (Ent.) ^mpk, a nei'dle, li^w, horn (antenna;) ; i genus of 

Rtaaptal'odon (Bot.) fa^s, a needle, «!«!(, H'm,,, a tooth ; a genui of 

Rhaphiolepla (Bot.) ^af.'t, a needle, ;Liirf(,afcale; a genua of Fomaceie. 
Rhaphiape'rmtim (Bot.) /d^f, a needle, n-i^n, livd ; 3 genus of Scro- 

Rhapbl'telus Ent.) (Mfis, a nvcdle, t>»i, Hiremity- 

446 HHA — RH! 

Bba'piB (Bot.) ia^U. D needle ; fium [he acute uwns of the 

genus of Fan palms. 
Rhapon'tio^Ia■a■um(Bot.)'*»^""'t, J*iin(;mj, of Poacus, neart 

fpeclfic name of rhubarb, becsule it grows near the river R 

Bhaptoat/lum (Bot.) ;«tiJ(, fewn together, r lEur, a (lyle ; 



ia (Bot., Ent.) P. N. in honour of /ftnr. rjan 
Jliin, a patron of botanillB. 
Rhegma'todon (Bot.) fiy/ja, a tent, iliut, iStiTtti a tooth ; a genui 

Bryoid MufcL 
Rhego'atorfla (Zool.) f^yta/n, to bear away, n i|Ua, mouth ; a genus ol 

HiieTim (Bot.) the ^iar, of Diofcoridei, (aid to be derived from the ri' 
Sia, in Rulfia, now the Volga ; the Rhubarb plant ; a genu* of Pol 

Rhe'sia (Bot.) ^rfi[, from fiy 
Ehi'na (Ichth.) ^;.,a tout ; a 
Rhtnaoall'tllUH (Hot.) f'n, a fiiout, am 

Rhinac'tina (Bot.) jiis, a file, bit.'., a 
RMnantlia'oeaa (Bot.) the il-ition 

J/Aiarmti«i, Sic 
Ehinauthe'ra (Bot.) ^;.», a file, £.i 

< break out; a genus of Melofton 
of Rays or .Skates. 
■latBx, a thorn or prickle ; a geniii at 

a genus of CompoGtiE. 
rrophulariacEiB repreTented Ij 

Rbiuan'thtta (^ot<) . 

Hhlnexjliia (Zool.) 


anther ; a genus of Fla 

li'.iafnout, i.flo!, flower; Yellow-rattle ; a g;enu« t 

pi", a fnout, ij^ii, a viper; a genus of Colubrim 

Eblnoba'tids (Ichtlt.) a genus of Filhes, of which JHInai^iui is the tyi 
Hhmobatus (Ichth.) ^.>i-e«7.i, ancient name of a filh. 
Rhtooboth'tyum (ZooL) fn, nofe, SH,'!, a hole or pit ; a gen 

Colubrine ophidian.*. 
BhinOOaTpUB (Bot.) fn, a fnout, snfint, fruit ; a genus of Anacatdi 
Rtunocerl'na(Zool.) rhinaurai i a fub-family of Mammalia. 
Rhino'oerOB (ZooL) /iMMpaj of the Greeks, from /.'., ;.iij, the not, ■■(•■ J 

Rhino'des lEnt.) /itwlnf, (hout-^ke, 

Biunolo'biiim. (Bot,J /it, a fnout, Acflw, a pud ; a genus oi Aftle^ijdaoria 


'} <--•' n 


i crefl ; the Htnle- 
gema of Diptera. 

Rhinomy'ia (Ent.) foii, a hide, f^u'Ja, to fuck ir 

Rhinon'ohUB (Ent.) fi; a rnout.t^nmt, a curve. 

Rlliuope'talum (Bot.) /hk. a hide, whainr, leaf; a genus of Liliacex. 

Khmo'pals (Ent.) fh, nole, iin, refemb lance i a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Btaino'simua (ZaoL) fiti-mfiis, Shah-noSai ; a genus of Colubrine 

Rhinoate'gla (Bot.) fit, a fnout, <rTi>'ii, a mvering ; a genua of Santalacez. 
Khino'atoma (Zool.) fit, nofe, /ti/tar the face ; a genus of Colubrine 

Hhino'trJohum (Bot.) ^i'., a foout, fl^ij, t(ix"< '■*''' i ^ genus of Fungi. 
Ehipi'oera ) J /i^V. ii funp "if»f. a horn ; having fan-lhapcd 

Rhlpioo'rldfflf ( antenna ; a genus and famiJy of Coleoptera. 

Bhlpidium (Bot.) dim. of ^itni, a fan ^ a genus of Polypodioid Filicei. 
Rhlpidodan'dron (Bot.) ft^it-itii, a fan, li.Sfsv, a tree. 
Hhipido pteris (Bot.) fii«, a £ui, "Tifn, fern ; a genus of Ealypodioid 

Hhipldos'lptaon (Bot.) ^>irir, a fan, rlf ar, s tube ; a genus of Algx. 
Rhipldu'ra (Ornith.) ;nr;(, a fan, si!p, a tail; the Fan-tail; a genus of 

Bllipoaeph'alus (Bot.) ftric, a f: 
Ktiipozo'nium (Bot.) firis, a fan, 
Rlup'salla (Bot.) /,'4, a willow br 

a llngubr genus of Caftacex, \ 
Bhisotro'gtU! (Ent.), ;i(, fnout, if^-ifayii, a gnawer. 
RMzobola'csEB (Bot^ the Natural Order of plants of which the follow- 
ing is the typical genua: — 
Bhlzo'bolua (Bot.) fi^i-8it,i,, throwing out roots ; the aame genua a 

Caryocar ; the Souari-nut tree. 
BMzobo'trya (Bot.( j'{>, root, Si-t!vt, a bunch ; a genus of Cniciferie. 
BbiZQCa'rpon (Bot) ;;(«, root, xnfrit, fruit j a genuioFLirhenea. 
Khlzoosph'ola (Zool.) ^.'fn, a root, iiifK).H, head ; becaufe the head of 

thefe apparent worms, which li inferted ioto the body of its hoft, 
9 like thofe of plants ; a genus of paraTitic Crultacea. 

1, (i^iXd, head ; a genus of Algx. 
^■»T, 3 belt ; a genus of Algie. 
nch ; referring to ita flexible branches ; 
ith cnrd-like Hems. 

Bhizachi'luB (Zool.) /.f>, ro 
Rhixoolo'nliun (Bot.) ^c, \ 


RMzocoo'cum (Boi.) ;;(;., m 

p ; a geniu of Mollulca. 
, a young (hoot; B ge 

icrry ; a genus of Alga. 


rofs the rtMci^^H 
tame for tlir^™ 

44) Klil — RHO 

SblZOoto'nla (Dot.) /ffn, 3 root, iniHi, to dellraj ; it defln^ tl 

it growl on ; a genu* of Fangl. 
RBi'aogeilB fBol.) ;;;*, root, ^mu, to pn>du« ; LindlEf's 

great tribe icprtHeiitfd in tite RhiianthaFez. Ac. 
Rhko'lftHa (Ent.) ;;{;., a tool, hSk, a (tone. 
Rhlzt/ma (Bot.)/it«, a root; applied to 3 fubtcrraieao (rieqriDg fteni 

like (hat of Irli. 
RbEzomor'pha (Bot.) |k{ie,3 root,fu^ii,Oiape; from lelecnblsnee Td tht 
rooti of irea ; a name glren to abnonnal roodltions of FuDgi vrha 
developed En the dai^ ; not a fHentiEc|{;enu<. 
Ithi'zDinyB(Zi»L)/:;>, arD0I,/4i;,-, amoure; uredforlhel 
Rtdia'nium (Bot.) 'fltjL, root ; a gvnus of Brjroid Mufci. 
Rhfzoph'oTB fBot. );;(;«, a root, (i«;i«, to bear; the ivtAi gcrmlnme 
Ihe branche!; the Matlg^o^^-I^«! ; tjTiical gtrnus of i! 
Bhlaophora'oeaa (Bot.) the Mangroves 
Hhlzo'poda fZool.) /I'Ju, a root, «-jl[, T^ij, a foot; a gtrwp of d 

Rhizopo'gon (Bot,);.'{i, 3 mot, -rip^Bt.a beard; a genus of Fungi, 
Rhl'zopItE (BoL) r'^E, lOot, mnit, wolsr, foot ; a genus of Fimgi, 
Rhizoape'rma (Bot,) fit«, root,, feed ; a genus of Marfiltace*. 
BtliEo'stoma (?^L] ^;((s, root, m^uB. face ; a genu^ of Medda. 
RhodaTnlna (Bot.) fiixfmt, a young (hoot ; a genus of MTrtacei . 
Bboda'lithe (Bot.) fHa, a roTe, bin. a flower ; in alluiion to (he eolm 

of the flower-head? i a genuj of Aulhalian Eve 
Rhodaria (Ent.) ;i)oya nsTe ; from its rofy colour ; a ^nut of l.epidop[e4l 
Rhodaz (Bot.) ;<!hJ, a dwarf rofe ; a genu* of Cidacei. 
Kho'dea (Bot.) ^«>., a rofe ; a genus of Lillacem, 
Rbodiola fBot.) jJJn, a rofe; its roots fmelt like rofes; Rofe-tmrt; 

getiUH i;f Crall'u laces. 
Rhodoceph'alUB (Bol.) ^iln, a roTe, ■ifw;Li!, head ; a genns of Fungi. 
RhodOoerldSB (Em.) fUn, a rofe, af^, a horn ; from the rofy-ti 

antenng; ; a, family of l.epidoptera. 
Rhodochl'ton (Bot.) fiSoi, a rofe, ;t;sfTii, foliage ; ageniwof Soopfav- 

Rhodoct'atus (Bot.) jfln, a mfe.ji; 
Rhodocoina (Bol.) fH,,, a rofe, tif 
Rhodocri'nus (rna. Zool.) /Sov, rofe, i^ 
enirinite ," :i ^nui of Pibtozoie encrloi 

RHO 449 

Bhododao'tyliis-a-um (£nt.) pS^, the rofe (referring to the colour), 

^«xTt;X0;, a plume. 
Bhododen'dron (Bot.) poSov, a rofe, Siv^poy, a tree ; a magnificent and 

well-known genus of Ericaceae. 
Bhododer'xnis (Bot.) pSiev^ a rofe, Upfxet, (kin ; a genus of Algae. 
BhodolEe'na (Bot.) fShtv^ a rofe, XaUa^ a mantle ; a genus of Chlscnacez. 
Bhodo'inela (Bot.) ^«$oy, a rofe, /miX^;, a limb ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 
Bhodome'nia (Bot.) fSUy, a rofe, foi*, implying intenfity ; i. ^. of colour ; 

a genus of Marine Algse. 
Bhodomsrr'tus (Bot.) fS^ov^ a rofe, myrtus, myrtle ; a genus of Myrtaceae. 
Bhodo'na \ ,ry f/9o3a»y, a bed of rofes; a genus and family of 

Bhodo^nidSB) 1 flender-tongued Saurians. 

Khodone'ma (Bot.) fS^of^ a rofe, v?/Ma, a filament ; a genus of Algse. 
Rhod'ope (2^1.) P. N. ; from claffic geography ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Bhodophae'a (Ent.) pohr^ a rofe, (pmogj dull, dufky ; rofy-grey ; a genu* 

of Lepidoptera. 
Rhodoph'ora (Ent.) pihv, a rofe, ^opiet^ to carry. 
Khodophy'ceas (Bot.) /o5oi», a rofe, <pZ»os, Lat, fucus, fea-weed ; a family 

of Algae, equivalent to the Rhodofpermea3 of Dr. Harvey. 
Rhodo'psis (Bot.) ^oJw, a rofe, o^tj, refemblance ; a genus of Portula- 

Rhodo'ra (Bot.) |J«>o», a rofe ; alluding to the colour of the flowers ; a 

genus of Ericaceae. 
Khodora'ceaB (^Bot. ) a fub-family of Ericaceae, with Rhodora for the type. 
Khodorhi'za (Bot.) p^hw.^ a rofe, ^'/{a, root ; a genus of Convolvulaceae. 
Bhodosper'meaB (Bot.) p»hw^ a rofe, f^ip/ua, feed ; a fedlion pf Marine 

Hhodo'stoma (Bot.) ^a^ov, a rofe, o-rofxa^ mouth ; a genus of CinchonacesD. 
Rhodotham'nua TBot.) pohv^ a rofe, Qa/xvo^f a fhrub ; a genus of Ericaceae. 
Rhodoty'pus (Bot.) ^o5o», a rofe, riJwof, a model or pattern ; a genus of 


RhGe'as (Bot.) pioty to flow; fpeclfic name of a fpecies of Poppy. 

Rho'gmus (Ent.) ph>y(xhi a cleft ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 

Rhomb a'lis-e > 

^, ,, . r (Ent.) rhombus, a four-fided figure ; a Thomb. 

Rhom'bicus-a-umf ^ >* ' ^ ' 

Rhomboida'ria (Ent.) pofxBcti^r.s, rhombus- (haped, lozenge-fhaped ; from 

the form of the markings. 

Rhom'bus Tlchth.) La/, a turbot ; the 'i'lirbot. 

'2 O 


Rhopala (BolO ™/jii. il 

aboriginal iK 

It.) fhrakn. 

in Guiana ; a fpletidid gi 

club, i>n/ji, 3 knee ; B 

of I. 





Rhopalodon (Fos. Zool.) ^J»Xi>, » clnb, JJoit, ffi,fr«,-, a tooth. 
Bbopalomy'oea (hai.) fivaija, a dub, luumc, a fiingui ; a genuiof F 
IUlUB(Bot.) 'ftZs, LjI. rhm, a fmall tree ufed in tanning; the Sdh 

Xss ; Nat. Ord. Aoacardiacece. 
RhTEUio'phila (Bol.) ;Jzf itii;, a mountain-ftream, ^X\a 

genm of Lythraceie. 
Rhy'ma (Bou) fu/m, a bow-fliaft ; a genus of ClufiaosD. 
RhjUchan'thera (Bot.) /iyxw. a beak, e>Sh{, anther ; a genui of Orchi. | 

RhyDCfaaa'pia (Omith.) ^uxieki b beak, irav, a Oiii^ld. 
RbyBehel7t"ini (Bo(-) /■7X'f> * '»^' (""■f. a caprule; a genu 

Rhynahich'thys (Ichth.) |iii}-;^ir, a beak, >;];^vc,a Alh ; a genus of Acanlhd- I 

pteiygian fiHes. 
Rliyiichi'lia (Ent.) ^ij-XK, a beak or fnoui. 
Rhynohi'tea (Ent.) fiiyx"^ » (trnxt ; a genus of Caleoptera. 
Rhya'chiura (Ent.) fi^n, a fnout i a genus of Hymeooptera, 
RUynchoca'rpa (Bot.) fi^x^,! beak, ii.^nf,-, fruit ; a genus of Cucur- 

Rhyiiahoi:a.'rpua (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genuj of Compofitie. 
Rlljnchoao'cotls (Bot.) fvyx'lt' beak, nimt, a berry; a E*I"" of Alffe. \ 
Rhynchoco'rys (Bot.) fiyx'" ' ^"^i "V"! '^ helmet; a genus of 1 

Rhyncho'dea (Ent.)^;(«(, afiiout, irlii, lefemhlance ; beak-like. 
Rhynchoglos'aum (Bot.) f^y^'tt a iieak, yhim, tongue; a genus oFJ 


Rhynoho'lepia (Bot.) f^x'^i » beak,*iir;i,a Icalc; agenusof Piperaceic. 

Rhyachons'mB (Bot) 'fiyx''i " '>™''> *V*". ^ thread ; a genus of Alg^, 

Rhynohope'ra (Bot.) ^t/;iCti, a beak, trn>i,a pouch; ag:enusofOrchidaceK. J 

Bhyn'^hape'Caloia (Bat.) ^iyx,''-> ^ l"^' '>'«>->'i o leaf (petal) ; ■ genu J 

of Lobeliacea;. 
Rhynoho'phOTa (Ent.) fiy}i<t, a beak, fs;», to carry; the Snouted 1 

Beetles; a diiifion of Coleopteia. 

rna-a-iim (7jxA.') £une derivation ; fnout-bearing j 1 

RHY 45 1 

Rhynohopsi'dium (Bot.) ftiyx»iy a beak, and the genus Pftdiumy the 

Guava ; a genus of CompofitsB. 
Rhynchosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) fvyx^f> a beak, o-ot/po; , a lizard. 
Bhynoho sia (Bot.) fuyx's$ ^ ^^^k ; a genus of Leguminofs. 
Rhynchosper'mum (Bot.) fvyx^ft a beak, antfiAa^ feed; a genus of 

Chinefe Apocynaces. 
Rhyncho'spora (Bot.) ^vyx^i* a beak, a^o^Ay a feed ; Beak-ruOi ; a genus 

of Cyperaceae; 
Rhynchosporella (£nt.) fii;il taken at Kihnun, N. B., hovering over and 

fettling -on the Rhynehojpora, (Ace. Lift of Brit. Lepid.) 
Rhynohoste'gium(Bot.) fvyx<iSy^ beak, ariyoj, an urn (capfule) ; a genus 

of Modes. 
Rhynchostylis (Bot.) pvyx^h a beak, (ttSaoi*, a pillar (ftyle) ; a genus of 

Rhynohothe'ca (Bot.) puyx'^^ * beak, ftj*i», a (heath; a genus of 

Rhyncho'tus-a-um (Zool., Ent.) having a fnout or probofcis (pvyxos). 
Rh3rncoli'te3 (Fos. Zool.) fvyx'Sf a beak, x/S«j, a ftone ; foflil beak-like 

mandibles of Cephalopods. 
Rhyncone'lla (2^1.) dim. of ft/yx^f* ^ ^^^^ > * genus of Mollufca. 
Rhyn'cops (Ornith.) fvyx^s, beak, »4.,face; the Skimmer or Sciflbr-Bill ; 

a genus of web-footed Birds. 
Rhynooteu'this (Zool.) fvyx^h ^ hcak, nvQigj a cuttle-Hlh or fquid. 
Rhy'nea (Bet.) P. N., a genus of Compofitse. 
Rhjrpo'des (Zool.) pv^d'hns, dirty, fmeared. 
Rhytidan'the (Bot.) pvris-iiost a wrinkle, aSvfl«j, flower ; a genus of Com- 

Rhytidole'pis (Fos. Zopl.) purts-t^os, a wrinkle, Xnr/f, a fcale ; Sternberg's 

excellent name for the Sigillaria, referring to its corrugated bark. 
Rhytidophyl'lum (Bot.) furiftios^ a wrinkle, (pvXy.o*, leaf ; a genus of 

Rhytiglos'sa (Bot.) purig, a wrinkle, yXSig-Ta, tongue ; a genus of Acan- 

Rhytirhi'nus (Ent.) pvrlst a wrinkle, plv, a nofe or fnout ; a genus of 

Rhy'tis (Bot.) /put/;, a wrinkle ; a genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Rhytis'ma (Bot.) pr/f, a wrinkle; referring to the appearance of the 
plants to which they are attached ; a genus of parafitic Fungi. 

452 RHY — RIC 

Rhytisper'miim (Bot.) fvrU^ a wrinkle, a-^i^fAeL^ feed ; a genus of 

Hilbes (Bot,) this generic name originated in the fuppoHtion that our 

currant and goofeberry plants were thofe to which the A rabian phy- 

ficians of the eleventh and twelfth centuries gave the name of ribasy but 

which have fince been difcovered to be a kind of rhubarb, Rheum 

Ribas. — Paxton. a genus of GrofliilariaceaB. 
Bibesia'cesB (Bot.) the Nat. Ord. of plants better known as Groffiilari- 

acese ; having the above as its typical genus. 
Rlb-grass (Bot.) thofe plants which have been obferved to be eaten by 

cattle have often obtained the name oigrafsy though differing in every 

other refpeft from real grades. This one is the Plantago lanceolata. 
Ric'oia (Bet.) P. N. in honour of Pietro Francifco Ricci, 2l Florentine 

botanid ; typical genus of Ricciacese ; a divifion of the Ciyptogamia. 
Riociella (Bot.) dim. of Riccia ; a genus of Ricciacese. 
Bicciooar'pus (Bot.) the genus Riccia^ and xagwoj, fruit; a genus of 

Kichsela (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Mr. Richie, a traveller who died at 

Tripoli in 1820; a genus of Loganiaceae. 
Hice (Bet.) Lat. oryza ; Gr. opvl^ec; Arabic^ eruz. 
Bichar'dla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Louis daude- Marie Richard^ an 

eminent French botanift, who died in 1821 ; a fplendid genus of 

Orontiaceae, often called the Ethiopian lily. 
Richsurdso'iiia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Richard Richard/on, an Englifli 

botanifl ; a genus of Cinchonacese. 
Richardso'nii (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Sir John Richard/on, M.D. 
Ri'chea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. Riche^ a French naturalift who 

accompanied D'Entrecafteaux, and being loft three days on the coaft 

of New Holland, lived upon the berries of an allied genus ; a genus of 

Riche'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Euphorbiaces. 
Bichte'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitae. 
Ricinocar'pus (Bot.) the genus Ricinus, and Kaonog, fruit; a genus of 

Rici'nula (Zool.) dim. of Riclnus, the Caftor-oil plant, the berries of 

which the fhell refembles ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Ri'cinus (Bot.) Lat, a tick ; from the refemblance of the feed ; the Caftor- 
oil plant ; a genus of Nat. Ord. Euphorbiaceae. 
Rico'tia (Bot.) P. "N., a ^eiwis ol Cvwcvivi^gt. 

RID — RIF 453 

■ ■■^■^l. ■■ ■.■■I... ^■^^^■M ■ . I , ■■» ■!■ ■■■ ■-■■.■■»-...,_.M 

Ridderiia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofitz. 

Bidibun'dus-a-um (Ornith.) Lat. laughing. 

Ridorfla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Umbelliferae. 

Riedle'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of M. RiedU^ who accompanied Captain 

Baudin round the world ; a genus of Byttneriacex. 
Biencour'tia (Bot.) a genus of Compontas. 
Hiesenbacliia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onagraceaa. 
Bi'gens (Bot.) rigeo^ to ftiffen ; e,g, Gazania rigem. 
Rigidella (Bot.) r/g-iiv/jrig^d, in reference to the ftiffnessof the peduncles, 

when fupporting the feed-vedels. 
Ri'gidus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. ftiff, hard ; e,g. Carex rigida. 
Rimo'sus-a-mn (Bot.) Lot. full of clefts. 
Ri'mula (Zool.) dim. of rima^ a fifliire ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Rinde'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of R'mder^ Dean of Medicine in Mofcow ; 

a genus of BoraginaceaB. 
Rin'gens (Zool., Bot.) Lat. gaping, e.g.^ Melicerta r'mgens, 
Ringfoula (Zool.) dim. of r'mgens^ grinning ; a genus of MoUufca. 
Rino'rea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Violaceae. 
Ripa'riu3-a-um (Ornith., Bot.) Lat. frequenting rivers, growing on river 

banks ; e. g. Carex riparia. 
Ripi'dium (Bot.) fiTihwy a little fan ; the application is not evident ; a 

genus of Gramina. 
Ripidode'ndron (Bot.) piwis-Hof^ a fan, Zhifv^ a tree; a genus of 

Ripiph'orus (£nt.) ptvlg^ a fan, ^opi«, to carry ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ripf dius (£nt.) ^'tfrtV-tS?;, a fan ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Ripo'gonum (Bot.) p'i^o;^ a flexible twig, yof9f, a (hoot; a genus of 

Risscya (Zool., Bot.) P, N. in honour of Rijfof a French zoologid; a 

genus of Mollufca ; in Botany, a genus of AurantiacesB. 
Riva'ta (Ent.) rhus^ a rivulet ; from the wave-like markings. 
Ri'vea (Bot.) P. N , a genus of Convolvulaceae. 
Rive'rla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofae. 
Rivi'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of y^. Q. iff/w/M«, a botanift of Saxony, who 

died in 1722 ; a genus of Phytolaccaceae, bearing racemes of red berries. 
Ri'vula (Ent.) rivulusy a little brook ; a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Rivula'lis (Ent.) rhulus, a rivulet. 
Rivula'ria (Bot.) rivulus^ a dream becaufe it grows in rivers ; a genus of 

Frefh-water Algae. 

454 RIV — ROH 

Hivula'ris-e (Bot.) rivulus, a brook ; growing in brooks ; e. g, Saxifraga 

Roach (Ichth.) Anglo^Sax. reohcJu; Dutch, rock; Germ, roche ; common 

name of Leucifcus rutilus. 
Holsbia (Bot ) P. N., a genus of Apocynacese. 
Hober'gia (Bot.) P. N. from Laurent Robergy Profeflbr of Medicine at 

Upfal ; a genus of ConnaracesB. 
Bober'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of itf. i?o^«r/, a Corfican botanifl ; a genus 

of Taxaceae ; alfo a genus of Ranunculaceae. 
Rober'tsla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compoiitx ; alfo a genus of 

Bobertso'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Saxifragacese. 
Bobique'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Rob'in (Omith.) Lat. rubecula, from rubeti, to be red. 
Hobinla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jean Robin, a French botanift, -who 

died in 1597; the falfe Acacia; a fuperb genus of Leguminous trees. 
Robso^aia (Bot.) P. N , a genus of Groflulariacese. 
Bobustalis (Ent.) robujius, ftout, ftrong. 
Roc'ambole (Bot.) common name of Allium Scorodoprafum. 
Roccella (Bot.) Port, roccha, 3, rock ; from its place of growth ; Orchil, 

a genus of Lichenes. 
Rock' et (Bot.) French, roquette; Italian, ruchetta; corrupted from Latin, Eruca. 
Roden'tia (Zool.) rodo, to gnaw; the Rodents; fo called from their habit 

of gnawing or nibbling their food. 
Rodi'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rodig, a friend of SprengePs ; a genus 

of Compofitae. 
Rodo'pis (Ornith.) po^ov, a rofe, ob^, refemblance ; a genus of Humming- 
Rodrigue'zia (Bot ) P. N. in honour of Emanuel Rodriguez, a Spanilh 

phyilcian and botanift ; a genus of epiphytic Orchidaceae. 
Rodschie'dia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Crucifera. 
Roe (Zool.) Anglo-Sax. raa, rah ; the Capreolus Dorcas. 
Roea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofae. 
Roella (Bot.) P. N. in honour of G. Roelle, Profeflbr of Anatomy at Am- 

RCBSella (Ent.) P. N. in honour of A. J. Rofel, a painter and entomo- 

logift, who died in 1759. — (Ace. List Brit. Lepid.) 
Ro'hdea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Michael Rohde, of Bremen in Ger- 

Rohlia-gift (Bot.) P. N, a geaiw of DiUeniaeea, 

Eo'hria (Bot.) P. N., a pinii! of Compofita. 

Rolan'dra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of D^itiil SiJa«^. o pupil of Lin- 
naeus, who viGted Surinam ; a genua of CompontfC, 

Rolda^a (Bot.) P. N,, a genua of Compofitre. 

Bolflnlda (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compofit^. 

Rollandia (Bot.) P. N., a genu* of Lobeliacex. 

Rolll'ttla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Anonacae. 

Rolo'fa (Bot.) P. N., a genus of MefembryaceiE. 

HomanzO'Via (Bot.) P. N., a genus of HydrophytlaceEC 

Eome'ria (Bol.^ P. N. in honour of J. J. R!m,r, Profellor of Bolany at 
Landlhut, who died in i8iq; a genus of Papaveracei. 

Ronme'jra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Papaeeroceie. 

Romu'Iea (Bot.) unceilain ; a genus of Iridacex. 

Rona-bea (Bot.) p. N.. a genus of Cinchonacea:. 

Hondele'tia (Boi.) P. N. given by Lintiius in honour of Kti^M^. a ctle- 
brated phy<ician of the iGth century-; a genuB of CinehonacetL 

Bora'lla (Bot.) dim. of nu, roru,iew ; a genui of Droferacae. 

Borenua (Ent.) dim. of™, dew. 

Bor'qual (Zool.) from a Norwegian word lignifyiog " whale with folcli," 

Boaa (Bot.) Xai. a rofe : the fii., of the Gretlts wa» not a rofe, but pro- 
bably the pomegranate- flower. 

RoBa'CeUB-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lot. roCy, rofe-like; arrangol like mfe- 
leaves ; r.g., Muia ra/acm. 

BoBeeoola'na (Ent.) r^a, a rofe, nltrr, to frequent. 

HoBali'na (Zool.) r^a, a rofe; a genuj of Foraminifera, the chumbrn 
of which are difpoftd in a rofe'like mLumer. 

BoBa'ria (Bot.) ro/jrius, rofe-like ; a genus of Cryptogamia. 

RoBCo'ea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of (f. Safiiv, the hiOorian of the 
Medici, who died in 1831 i a genus of Zing^berace*. 

Bo'EetlB-a-Otn (Omith., Bot.) Lai. nify, rofe-coloured ; arranged lilce 
rofe-kavei ! r, g., Bryum nfium. 

Roaleratam'mJa (Ent.) P. N. in honouc of P!/^Jur ™i No/lTfl^mm. a wri- 
ter on Entomology ; a genus of t^pidoplera. 

Boamari'nuB (Bot.) rai, dew, nurmn, biJanging lo the li-a ; it might be 
tranllated " fea-fpray ;" Roftmary ; a genus of Labiatl. 

Bos'inaraB (Zool.) the Norwegian word Siifmar Utinized. 

BoB'sla (Zool.) P. N. in honour of Sir John Rrfi ; a fub-genui of 
Cephalopodi. . 

456 HOS — RUB 

Kostella'ria (Zool.) roftellum, a little beak; a genus of Strombids or 

RosteUa'tus-a-iun (Bot.) roftellum, a little beak ; from fancied reiemblance. 
Rostellum (Bot.) Lat. a little beak, 
Kostralis (Ent.) roflrum, a beak. 
Kostra'ria (Bot.) roftrum, a beak ; a genus of Gramina. 
Rostra'tus-a-um (Bot.) rojirum^ a beak ; beaked, e. g.y Mnium rtftratum. 
Kosula'tus-a-um (Bot.) rofa^ a rofe ; having the leaves arranged in little 

rofe-like clufters. 
Rote'lla (Zool.) dim. of rofo, a wheel ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Rot'hia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A. W. Rath, of Bremen, a Oerman 

botanid ; a genus of Compofitae ; alfo a genus of Leguminofae. 
Rottboriia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. F. RotboU, a Danifh botanift, who 

died in 1797 ; a genus of Gramina. 
Rottle'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Rev. Dr. Rottler, a Danifh midionaiy ; 

a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Rotunda'ria (Ent.) rotundas, round ; from the rounded form of the 

Roxa'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Roxana, wife of Alexander the Great ; 

a genus of Lepidoptera. 
Roxburg'hia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of JV. Roxburgh, M.D.^ director of 

the Botanical gardens at Calcutta, who died in 1815; typical genus 

of Roxburghiacese. / 

Royd'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sir J. Royds ; a genus of Capparidaceie. 
Roye'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Adrian von Royen, Profeflbr of Botany 

at Leyden, who died in 1779 ; a genus of Ebenacese. 
Roylea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr. John Forbes Royle, B.R.S, formerly 

fuperintendent of the Botanical gardens at Saharunpoor, who died in 

1858 ; a genus of LabiatsB. 
Royston Crow (Ornith.) common Englifh name of the Hooded-crow ; 

Corvus Comix. 
Rube'cula (Ornith.) rubeo, to become red; fpecific name of the Red-breaft. 
Rubellus-a-mn (Ent., Bot.) Lat. reddifh ; e. g. Arenaria rubella. 
Ru'bens (Zool., Ent., Bot.) Lat. red, reddifh ; e. g. Trifolium rubens. 
Ruljer, ru'bra, ru'brum, (Ornith., Bot.) Lat. red. 
Ru'betra (Ornith.) ruber, red, reddifh ; fpecific name of the Whinchat, 

Saxicola rubetra. 
Ru'bia (Bot.) rafter, red; the roots are ufed as a dye; Madder; a genus 

of Nat. Ord. GaWaces. 

RUB — RUL 457 

Bubi'cola (Omith.) rubus, the bramble, colo^ to frequent ; fpccific name of 

the Stonechat, Saxicola rubicoh, 
Rubicon' dus-a-mn (Zool., Ent.) Lat. red, ruddy. 
Hubida'lis (Ent.) rubidus, red. 
Bu'bidus-a-um (Zool.) Lot. red, reddifh. 
Rubigalia, Rubigina'lls (Ent.) rubigo, raft ; raft-coloured. 
Rubigino'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. raft-coloured ; alio glandular ; g. g. Rofa 

rubiginofa, fweet-brier. 
Rubricalis (Ent.) having the colour of rubrica, red earth, red ochre. 
Rubricol'lis (Ent.) ruber, red, collum, the neck ; from the red collar. 
Rubricorius-a-imi (Omith.) fame derivation. 
Ru'bripes (Ent.) ruber, red, pes, the foot. 
Rubrocinc'tus (Ichth.) ruber, red, cinSius, banded ; red-banded. 
Rubrotibiella (Ent.) ruber, red, tibia, the (hank. 
Rumbus (Bot.) Lat, a bramble ; a genus of Nat. Ord. Roiaceae. 
Rudbe'ckia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Olof Rudbeck, Profeflbr of Botany 

at Upfal, who died in 1702; and of his ion, who died in 1740; a genus 

of Compoiltx. 
Rudd (Ichth.) the Leucifcus erythrophthalmus or Red-eye. 
Ru'dis-e (Bot.) Lat. rough; e.g. Rubus rudis. 
Rudorphia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of fV. J. H. Rudolph, a botanift of 

Jena ; a genus of Leguminofse. 
Rue (Bot.) Lat. ruta. 
Ruel'Ua (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Ruelle, of Soiflbns, a botanift and 

phyfician to Francis I. ; a genus of Scrophulariaceae. 
RuficUia'na (Ent.) rufus, red, dlium, a fringe. 
Ruficincta'tus-a-um (Ent.) rufus, red, dnaus, girt about. 
Rufi'na (Ornith.) rufus, red. 
Ru'fipes (Ornith., Ent.) rufus, red, pes, a foot. 
Rufogimla'ris (Ornith.) rufus, red, guia, the throat. 
Rufo-Vlre'scens (Bot.) rufus, red, virefcens, greenifti. 
Ru'flllU8-a-um (Oraith.) Lat. dim. rather red, rafiet. 
Ru'fus-a-um (Zool., Oraith., Bot.) Lat. red. 
Rugi'lus (Ent.) rugo, to be wrinkled or crampled. 
Rugo'sus-a-um (Bot.) wrinkled, corragated. 
Ruiz'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Don HippoUto Ruiz, one of the authors 

of " Flora Peraviana " ; a genus of Byttneriaceae. 
Rulln'gia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. P. Ruling, author of »* Eflay on 

Natural Orders ; " a genus of Byttneriaceat . 

458 J^UM — RTA 

Ba^ex (Bot.) Lot. a fpear, referring to the fliape of the leaves; the 

Dock ; a genus of Nat. Ord. Polygonaceae. 
Ruinia (Ent.) P. N., the goddefs who pteiided over fuckling ; a genus 

of Lepidoptera. 
Rumlnan'tia (Zool.) ruminart, to chew the cud ; the Ruminants. 
Bunci'na (ZooL) Lat. a plane ; a genus of Mollufca. 
Bupes'tris-e (Bot.) Lat, growing upon rocks, e. g. Draba rupeJiHs, 
Rupicapra'ria(Ent.)n//ifa^ra,a mountain goat, a chamois; from the colour. 
Hupi'cola (Omith.) rupesy rocks, colere, to frequent; equiv. to the popular 

name, Cock of the Rock. 
Bupicola'lis (Ent.) r«/<v, rocks, colere^ to frequent. 
Bup'pia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of H, B. Ruppiy a German botanift ; a 

genus of Juncaginacese. 
Bus'cTis (Bot.) rufcum was applied by Pliny to the Butchers* broom ; a 

fufTruticofe genus of Liliaceae. 
Rush, (Bot.) Anglo-Saxon, rics, rifc^ a rufll ; Latin, rufcum, butchers'-broom ; 

applied to the genus Juncus. 
Busi'na (Ent.) the fame as Rurina, the goddefs of the Coimtry (Rus). 
Russa'tus-a-mn (Ornith.) Lat. clothed in red. 
Busselia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of A, Rujfell, M.D,, FJl,S., author of 

" Natural Hiftory of Aleppo " ; a genus of Scrophulariacese. 
Rlis'sula (Bot.) rujfulus, reddifti ; a genus of Fungi. 
Rus'sulus-a-mn (Ent.) Lot. reddifh. 
Rusti'colus-a-um (Omith.) rus, the country, to/o, to frequent; living in 

fields or meadows ; e. g. Scolopax rujlicola, the Woodcock. 
Rus'ticus-a-um (Ornith.) Lat, rural, ruflic; e, g. Hirundo ruftiea, the 

Ru'ta (Bot.) fvrn, rue ; it is nearly the fame in mod languages ; Rue ; 

typical genus of Nat. Ord. Rutaceae. 

, > (Ent.) etymol. uncertain; a genus and family of Coleoptera. 
RT1X6 llClSB/ 

Buticilla (Omith.) rutilus, red, cillo, to ftir or agitate ; the Redftart. 

Butidoso'ma (Ent.) pvrls-i^as, a wrinkle, cZfjtet, body. 

Bu'tilans (Bot.) Lat. red, glowing ; e. g. Thyrfacanthus rutilans. 

Ru'tilus-a-uzn (Ornith.) Lat, red, inclining to golden yellow. 

Bu'yschia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F. Ruyfch, M.D., a celebrated Dutch 

anatomift, born 1638, died 1731 ; a genus of Marcgraviacea;. 
Bya'nea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of John Ryan, M.D., F.R.S., a corre* 

ipondent of VahVs *, a geivvx* ol "?^SC\^oTaLCfe«t, 

Si'F — SAC 

Bypoph'aga (Ent,) ^uni, dirt, filth, ^iyf, to eat ; a geouE af Colrapt«ia. 
EyUdooar'puB-a-imi (Bot.) ,'ut((, a wrinkle, tafwii. frait; !.g. Hedy- 

farum rglidncarjuim. 
Rytiphlai'a (Bot.) janii, a wrinkEe, f Xi>>(, bark ; a genus of Algi. 
Rrtirh,yiiohUE-a-iUn (Otnith.) ^t.V, a wrinkle, plyx"i » beak; r.g. 

Rallus r^rirV*"- 

SaTjal (Bot.) a name given by Adanfon, meaning unknown ; a genus of 

Sftbbtt'tla (Bot.J P. N. in lionour of L. SMmi, a celebrated Italian bota- 

niA ; a geniu of Gentlanaces. 

(fatcUum, fine fand ar gravel ; a genui and family 

Sabulo'suB-a-uin (Ent.) Lui, fandy, gtavelly. 
Sabuira'liB (Ent.) Lai. fandy ; fand-coloured. 
Saoca'tus-a-um (Ent., Bat.)^cfiii, a fack or bag-, in Ent. applied to a 

rpider, from the bag of eggs it cirrie* fixed lo its fpinnerets. 
Saochaji'na (Bot.) /aHAaruw, fugat; from its fweet talle; a genus of 

Marine AlgiB. 
Sacoliaropll'oram (Bot.) fiahamm, fugar, fcrc, to bear ; a genus of 

Sac'chanun (Bot.) Lai. fngar, from the Sanfrrit fariura, Greek rit^'h 

trixx^fi the Sugar-cane; a genun of Gramina. 
aacci'dimn (Bot.) dim. of ramiici a bag, tTlif, likenefs ; from the form 

oflabellum; a genus of Occhidaees. 
Saocochi'lua (Bot.) niumi, a bag, x'^Xni, a lip ; from the form of the 

laliellum ; a genun of Orchidacete. 
Saocoglo'ttlE (Bat.) nAiWs, a bug, yltrrrif, a lip ; referring to labellum ; 

a genus of Humiriac™. 
SacQo'gyna (Bot.) «■«»■«, a bag,>inn, pifW ; 3 genus of Jungermanniat 
Saccoto'blum (Bot.) tinum, a bag, xiBw, pod ; a genus of Orchldacem. 
Saoaolo'ma (Bat.) ramt, a bag, Affia, fringe ; a genus of Polypodioid 

Sa'caomyB (Zool.) rimut, a bag, /iZs, a noufe, from tbe great fiie of the 

cheek -pouches ; the Pouched-rat ; a genus of Mammalia. 
Saccopefalnm (Bot.) einatii > bag, nraXgi, leaf (petal); a genua of 

460 SylC — SAL 

Saocoph'oras-a-mn (Zool.) ffaxKasy a fmall bag or pouch, p»fkm^ to bear. 

Sacralgia (EnX.') facrarius, a facriflan. 

r name given by Mr. Gofle to a genus and fzxaWj 

SagEur'tia 1 / of A^Hniae, from the ancient Sagartians^ who 

Y (ZooL)'v 
Sagarti'adaB ) ] captured their enemies by means of a noofe, in 

k ailufion to the mifGle cords of the animal. 

Sag'da (Zool.) a precious ftone mentioned by Pliny of a leek-green coloor ; 

a genus of MoUufca. 
Sagenocri nites (Fos. Zool.) o-aynfni a fifhing-net, xfUov, a lily- ; a g^raos 

of Crinoidea, or Stone-lilies. 
Sagi'na (Bot.) Lat. fomething nouriihing ; (heep-food ; now applied to 

an infignificant genus of CaryophyllaceaB. 
Sagitta'ria (Bot.^ fagitta, an arrow, alluding to the form of the leaves of 

fome ipecies ; a beautiful aquatic genus of Alifmaceee. 
Sagitta'tus-a-um (Ent,) fagitta, an arrow ; having arrow-head marks on 

the wings. 
Sagittilin'gues (Omith.') fagitta, an arrow, lingua^ a tongue. 

/ c fis^i Malay name of various plants ; the Sago-palm ; 

y (Bot.) J Nat. Ord. Palmae : Sago is prepared from the pith 
^ of thefe palms. 
Salaccen'sis-e (Bot.) P. N. relating to Mount Salak, in Java. 
Salaman'droid (Zool.) (ra.Xafxa.vtpa, a venomous lizard, falamander, tX)*;, 

refemblance ; Salamander-like. 
Salar (Ichth.) Lot. a falmon. 
Salep (Bot.) Arabic, Sahleb ; this name is applied to a firina procured 

from the dried roots of a fpecies of Orchis. 
Salicalis (£nt.) feeds on Sallows and Oilers (Salix Caprsea and viminalis.) 
Salica'rius-a-um (Omith., Bot.) /i//x, a willow; willow-like; in Bot. 

from refemblance of leaves ; e.g., Lythrum Salicaria. 
Salice'tmn (Bot.) Lat. a collection or plantation of fpecies of willovv. 
Saricis (Ent.) feeds on the willow (Salix.) 
Salicor'nia (Bot.) fal, fait, cornu, a horn ; Glaflwort or Saltwort ; a geous 

of Chenopodiaceae. 
Salisbu'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of jR. A. Salisbury, F.R.S., a dis- 

tinguiftied botanift ; a remarkable Japanefe genus of Taxaceae. 
Sa'lius (Ent.) Lat. a leaper or jumper ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Sa'lix (Bot.) Lat. a willow-tree ; the Willow ; typical genus of Salicacea^. 
SaVmea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Frinct Charles of Salm Dyke^ in Hol- 
land ; a genus of Compofitse. 

SAL — SAN 461 

Sal'mo (Ichth.) Zat. a salmon. 

Salmon (Ichth.) French, faumon; Lat.falmo. 

Salmo'nidBB (Ichth.)^OTo,the fabnon ; the family of the Salmon and Trout. 

Sa'Jmulus (Ichth.) dim. oifalmo, the salmon ; the Samlet. 

Salopiella (Ent.) was firft captured in the county of Salop ; (pecific name 
of a moth. 

Salpiglo'ssis (Bot.) a-AXtiyi, a tube, yxZ^a-ct, a tongue, in reference to 
the tongue-fhaped ftyle in the tube of the corolla ; a genus of Scrophu- 

Salpin'gid83| ,, >. J (T»Xmy^-iyyoi, a trumpet ; a family and genus of 

Salpin'gus > c Coleoptera. 

Salsafy (Bot.) name given to the efculent roots of Tragopogon porrifolius ; 
corrupted itovafol-fequensy following the fun, which the flowers do. 

Salsola (Bot.) falfus, fait, from its faline properties ; Saltwort ; a genus 
of Chenopodiacese. 

Saltici'dae (Ent.) fam. of Spiders, of which the genus Salticus is the type. 

Sal'ticus (Ent.) Lat, dancing, jumping ; a genus of Arachnidae. 

Salvia (Bot.)ya/wo, to be in good health, in reference to its healing qua- 
lities; how highly these were efteemed by the ancients may be 
gathered from the verfe: — ** Cur moriatur homo cui Salvia crefcit in 
horto ? " — a genus of Labiatae. 

Salvin'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Antonio Maria Sahini, Greek Profef- 
for at Florence, who died in 1729 ; a genus of Marfileaceac. 

Sambucalis (Ent.) feeds on the Elder, {Sambucus nigra and Ebulus.) 

Sambu'cus (Bot.) faid to have been fo called from aafjiSvxn, an ancient 
mufical inftrument, perhaps the dulcimer, which was made of its 
wood ; the Elder ; a genus of Caprifoliacese. 

Samo'lus (Bot.) Celtic^ fan, falutary, mos, a pig ; the plant originally fo- 
called was pigs' food ; Brook-weed ; a genus of Primulaceae. 

Sam'pllire (Bot.) from the French St. Pierre-—''' Galli enim et Itali Her- 
bam San£ti Petri vocant." — Ray., Syn. Stirp. Brit. p. m. The 
true Samphire is Crithmum maritimum. 

Samy'da (Bot.) Greek name of the birch ; a genus of tropical plants. 

Sa'nctuary (Bot.) corruption of centauri/, (Erythrsea Centaurium.) 

Sando'ricum (Bot.) fantoor, the aboriginal name ; a genus of Meliaceae. 

Sanguina'lis (Bot.) fanguis, blood ; fpec. name of a Digitaria : this is not 
taken from its colour, but from an idle trick which the boys in Ger- 
many have of pricking their noftrils with the ipiculx till they draw 
blood. — Curtis. 

462 SAN — SAR 

Sanguinaona (Bot.) fanguht blood, from the blood- coloured juice of the 

root ; Blood-root ; a genus of Fapaveraceae. 
8aiigaisorl>a (Bot.) fanguis, hlood,Jbrheo, to abfbrb ; Burnet ; typical genus 

of Sanguiforbacece. 
Sani'cula (Bot.) finoy to heal, from its fuppofed healing qualities ; a genus 

of Umbellifeiffi. 
Sansevie'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of SanfevUr, a Swedifli botanift ; a 

genus of Liliacese. 
San'talum (Bot.) fundul-fufed, its Perfian name ; Sandal-wood ; typical 

genus of Santalaces. 
Santoli'na (Bot.) fan^us, holy, //ni/m, flax, from its reputed medicinal 

qualities ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Sanvita'lia (Bot.) P . N., a genus of Compofitae. 
Saphe'nia (Zool.) a-a^viv^s, clear, diftin£^. 
Sapin'dus (Bot.) fa/>o Indus, Indian foap ; the fruit gives a lather to 

water which cleanfes linen ; typical genus of the fplendid arborelcent 

order Sapindacese. 
Sa/pium (Bot.) faj>0y foap, which is perhaps from Celt.fap, fat ; from the 

fatty exudation from the wounded trunk ; a genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Sapona'ria (Bot.) fapo, foap ; from its fap giving a lather like that of 

foap ; a genus of Caryophyllacex. 
Sapri'nus (Ent.) au^plZu, to putrefy ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
Sa'racha (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Saracha, a Spanifh botanift ; a 

genus of Solanacese. 
Saroan'thus (Bot.) ^«^^, flefli, AvQos, a flower, a genus of Orchidaceae. 
Ssurcio^phorus-a-um (Ornith.) ffupKiov, a caruncle, ^fiv, to bear ; having 

Saroooap'nos (Bot.) a-ap^, Tapxisy flefh, Ha^rvis, fumitory ; a genus of 

Saroocaulon (Bot.) 0-«/>J, ffapKOf, flefh, xavA^f, a flem; a genus of 

Sarcooeph'alas (Bot.) a-af^, ffetpxis, flefh, xttpaXn, the head ; a genus of 

Sarcochilus (Bot.) va^^^ ffapxist flefh, ;^iiX«f , a lip ; a genus of Orchidacez. 
Sarooohi'tum (Zool.) ^«^{, a-a^xof, flefh, ;^;»t»v, a coat or crefl ; a genus of 

Saroococ'ca (Bot.) o-a^, ffttpxis, flefh, xUxog, a berry ; a genus of Euphor- 

Sarcocolla (Bot.) rAp^y r«fii»f, flefh, uiWec, glue; a genus of Penseaccat. 

aaroodac'tyliB (Bot.) rif^,, flelh, and h 

of AurantiactsG. 
Samo'de (Zool.) s-s^uJin:, Belhf ; applied to the g 

tranrpart-nt fubftance found m the nmplelt forms of living cr 
Sarcode'rma (Bot.) .^^ r»^.ij, flelh, j;,^^, (kin ; a genus of Algre. 
Baroodlo'tyoa (Zool.J, mfxit, Helh, S.'muo., netivoik; a genui of 

SarooSlottia (Bot.) ri/^, tufnii, flelh, and j'^i.sTTit, a lip ; fubd^ce of 

labellum ; a genus of Orchidacen. 
SaroolEe'ua (Bot.) nifi, rxfuis, Re{b, and Xmh, a nanlli; ; a genus of 

Sarca'lobua (Bot.) jif^, etfxii, flelhj y-sBht a pod ; a genus of Afole 

Saroophycua (Bot.) s-»^J, myiiit, flelh, fimi, fea-weed ; a genus of Algip. 
Saroophyllia (Bot.) »«,;, nfiii, flefli, and fio,*.'!, leaves; agenui of Algi. 
Sarcapby'lltim (Bot.) »af£, ra/it>[, flufll, fuAXn, a leif; a genus of 

Sarcophj'te (Bot.) iii^£, rtfxii, flelh, f my, a plant ; agenui of BalaaO' 

SarcopTr'amia (Bot ) rif^, mftii, flelh, 

of Melallomacex. 
SaroDrhatn'phiia (Ornitii.) iri^, imfxis, 

of birds of prey ; the Condors. 

Sarcoaojf'phuH (Bot.) ripj, «,»J(, flcili, 

Sarooatem'ma (Bot.) sif^, tufnit, flefh, 

SarooaUg'ma (Bot ) ti^, 



SarcOStr'lea (Bat. ) rs^, rmp 

of Hydrangeaccie. 
Sarcozy'gium (Bot ) rif^, ra^iic, flelb, ;it:>'9>, -. 

oppofite leaves ; a genus of Zygoph yllacci. 
Sargaa'aum (Bot.) Sfamjh, /irjat,, fea-weed ; Gulf-weed; 

Marine Algat. 
aorma'tioua-a-um I^ZotA., Boc) Im. belongiag to Poland. 

464 SylJi — SAU 

Sarmenta'ceae (l^t.)farmentumy a long fhoot or twig ; Ventenat's excel* 

lent name for the Vitacea, 
Saro'pocla(Ent.) «-«^o?, a befbm, 'rovfy9rotoi, afoot ; a genus of Hymenoptera. 
Sarosan'thera (Bot.) ^-a^f, a befom, atBnpet, anther ; a genus of Temftro- 

Saro'tes (Bot.) ffupeornsy a fweeper ; a genus of Byttneriaceae. 
Sarotham'nus (Bot.) trapos^ a broom, 0«/i*mc, a flirub ; a genus of Legu- 

Ssuro'thra (Bot.) a-apooQpof, a fweeping-broom ; a genus of Hypericaceae. 
Saro'thripus (Ent.) <r«^9^flv, a fweeping-broom, ^rouf, the foot ; from 

*' the brufhes of hair which are attached to the fore-legs." — Curtis. 
Sarothrosta'chys (Bot.) the genus Sarotkra, and a^dx^St a fpike.; a 

genus of Euphorbiaceae. 
Sarpedo'nia (Bot.) P. N. in mythology ; a genus of Ranunculaceae. 
Sarrace'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Dr Sarraxin, a French phyfician ; 

typical genus of North American Order Sarraceniacece ; the Watei- 

pitcher or Side-faddle-flower family. 
Sarsapari'lla (Bot.) literally " thorny vine," from Spamjhy zarxa^ a bram- 
ble, parilla, a vine ; a genus of Smilacese. 
SaVsia (Zool.) P. N. in honour of JM. Sars, a learned zoologiil ; a genus 

of Medufae. 
Sasan'qua (Bot.) the Japanefe name ; a beautiful fpecies of Camellia, 
Sas'safras (Bot.) formed, through the Italian, from Lat. faxum, a rock, 
frango, to break ; Span, falfafras ; Fr. fajjafras ; a genus of L.auraceae. 
Saturatellus-a-um (Ent.^ faturatus, full, rich (of colour). 
Sature'ja (Bot,) Jfatter, the Arabic name for all labiate plants ; Savory • a 

genus of Labiatae. 
Satur'nia (Bot.) P. N. of Mythology ; a genus of Liliacea; ; alfb the 

" Hen and Chickens " Daify, 
Satyri'dium (Bot.) the genus Satyrium, iTSof, likenefs ; a genus of 

Saty'rium (Bot.) fatyrus^ a fatyr, from its ftrange figure ; a genus of ter- 

reftrial Orchidaceae. 
Safyrus (Zool., Ent.) larvpos, a fatyr, a fabled animal and companion of 

Bacchus, reprefented with pointed ears and a goat's tail and legs ; 

applied both to a Monkey and a Butterfly. 
Sauoia'nus-a-Uin (Ent.) faudus, wounded, injured. 
Saurauoa (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Sauraujo, a Spanifh botanift f?'] ; 

a genus of Dillcniaccsc. 

SjiU — SCjE 465 

Saurocepli'alus (Fos. Zool.) o-aZfog, a lizard, xif «Xn, a head. 
•Sauroglos'sum (Bot.) aaZposy a lizard, and yxZa-ffat^ a tongue ; a genus of 

Sau'roids (Ichth.) p-avpesy a lizard, ttiogj likenefs ; Lizard-fi(hes. 
Saurop'sis (£nt.) aaZpo^, a lizard, o-^ts, reiemblance ; alfb a genus of Foflll 

Sauroptery'gia (Fos. Zool.) ffeuj^t a lizard, ^rrifv^y vrrifvyos, a fin. 
Sau'ropus (Bot.) a-aZpogf a lizard, wovsy a foot ; a genus of Euphorbiacese. 
Saurothe ra (Omith.) a-au^atvnfi a ipike, from its long (Iraight bill. 
Saiiru'rus (Bot.) a-avfof, a lizard, ou^a, a tail ; typical genus of Sauniraces. 
Saussu'rea (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Horace Benedict de Saujure, a Swifs 

philofopher and botanid, who died in 1799 ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Saute'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Marchantiacese. 
Sautie'ra (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Acanthacese. 
Sauvage'sia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of F, B. de Sauvages^ a French phy- 

fician, who died in 1 767 ; typical genus of Sauvagesiacese. 
Savasta'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Melaftomaceae, 
Sa'via (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminoise. 
Savlg'nia (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Savigny^ a French naturalifl. 
Savignya (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cruciferas. 
Savinio'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Malvacea. 
Saxa'tilis-e (Omith., Ent., Bot.) Lat. that dwells among flones, ^ g. 

Veronica faxatilis. 
Saze-Qo'thsBa (Bot.) P. N., named in compliment to his late Royal 

Highnefs Prince Albert. 

Sazi'oola > .^ . . ^ isaxum. a. rock, coio. to inhabit ; the Wheatear 

y (Omith.) -N / , 

Sazicoli nee) ( genus and family. 

Saizi'fraga (Bot.') faxum, a ^onc,/rango,to break ; from its reputed medical 
qualities in calculus ; typical genus of Saxifragacese. 

Sca'ber-bra-brum (Zool., Bot.) Lat. rough, fcurfy. 

Scabe'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Algae. 

Scabio3a(Bot.)y^a^/^j, lepiofy ; from its medicinal qualities ; the Scabious ; 
a genus of Dipfacacese. 

Scabio'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lat. rough, fcurfy, e. g. Centzureai /calf iofu. 

Scabra'lis (Ent.)/ca6er, rough ; alluding to the raifed fcales on the fore- 

Scabri'ta (Bot.^/ca6er, rough, fcurfy ; a genus of Jafminaces. 

Scse vola (Bot.) /cava, that ufes the left hand ; a genus of Goodeniaceu;. 


4^6 SCA — SCE 

^ , {/caiaria, a daircafe, from the fbiral tuneted and 

Scala'ria > i 

, V (ZooL) < ribbed form of the (hell ; the Wentle-traps : a 
ScalariidaB) ( ,. .. ^ ,, ,, ^ 

^ genus and family of Molluica. 

Scala'ris (Ent.) Lat. of or belonging to a ladder. 

Scale-mosses (Bot.) popular name of Jungermannlaceae. 

Sca'lia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Compodtse. 

Scali'gera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Leguminofx. 

Scalige'ria (Bot.) P*. N., a genus of Umbelliferae. 

Soalio'psis (Bot.) the genus Scalia, and 2>(»»f, refemblance ; a genus of 

Sca'lops (Zool.) a-xk'ko^'t » mole ; the Shrew mole; 

Scalpelliim (Zool.) Lai. a lancet ; a genus of Cirripedes. 

Soammony (Bot.) it is uncertain from what plant the fxafXfAoniat of the 
Greeks Jwas derived ; the name is now given to purgative refins 
derived from Convolvulaceae and Afclepiadacese. 

Scan'dix (Bot.) a-xmvh^y a kind of wild pot-herb ; a genus of Umbelli- 

Scapa'nia (Bot.) ^Kuiravni a a hoe ; a genus of Jungermanniacece. 

ScaphidfidflBV (Ent.) dim. of a-KcKpls, a bowl ; a family and genus of 

Scaphi'dium / Coleoptera. 

Sca'phis (Bot.) fl'>ta<fii, a boat ; a genus of Lichenes; 

Scaphlso'ma (Ent.) <r«a^iV, a bowl, criS/ua, a body, a genus of Coleoptera. 

Soa'phium (Bot.) ^xapuy a boat or (kifF; a genus of Sterculiaceee. 

Soaphyglo'ttis (Bot.) (rxa(pn, a boat, yxSirra, tongue; a genus of 

Soarab8Bld83y . r o-x«^a/S«»?, 2^/.y?tfra3<fw, abeetle; a fanailyand 

Scarabse'us ^ t genus of Coleoptera. 

Sca'rabus (Zool.) applied to a genus of land-lhells, probably from a 

refemblance to the heetle^ fcaradatu. 
Scarede'deris (Bot.) etymology uncertain ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Soari'ola (Bot ) doubtful ; fpecific name of a ipecies of wild Lettuce. 
Scari'tes > ^t? \ ( ^^^' * ^^"^ °^ precious ftone of the colour of the 
Soari'tidse ) » fifh Scarus ; a genus and family of Coleoptera. 

Soa^rus (Ichth.) Lat a very delicate kind of fifli mentioned by Pliny, of 

which (hange tales were told ; a genus of Labridae. 
Soeli'dosau'rus (Fos. Zool.) p-xiXlg-i^os, leg, a-aZfost a lizard. 
Soeli'dothe'riiun (Fos. Zool.) a-xikie-i^ast leg, 9npiofi a wild animal. 
Scelochi'lus (Bot.) tfUffXo;, the leg, and ;^6rxof, lip ; from the form of 

labellum in this Epiphyte ; a genus of OrchidaceaB, 

.ICE — SCH 467 

Soensde'smUB (Bot.) 7»iri,a tent, W^Je, a chain; arranEed in lingle 

lineir Ceria, die hy lidi: ; a genus of Delmldies. 
Sce'pa {Hot.') e-iiim, a cOTcring ; from Its econoaiical ulcs ; typical gemii 

of Nat. Ord. Scepacet. 
Soepaa'ma (Bot ) miricttia, covering, (helter ] a genus of EuphorbiacKp. 
Sce'pseotham'nuB (Bot.) vihtb^, to Ihelier, Si/xuti a llirub ; a genui of 

Saep'ais (Ent.) rxt-ral^a, to fheiter ; a genua of Diptera. 
Soeptran'tllil9 (Bot.) o-m»t^h, a ftaffor baton, itSt,;, flower ; a genus of 

SoBptromy'opa (Bot ) *«;vTpn. a ftalf, ^S.-ij, a fungus ] a fcflion of 

SohaafTe'rla (Bot.) P, N. in honour of Jm^- ChriJIiMi S^h^cftr. a German 

nitiualift ani( writer upon Fungi ; a genus of Rhamaaeea!. 
Soktenlel'nia (Bet.) P. N, ; a genus of Cinchonacei. 
Sohalleria'na (En[.) P. N. in honour of Sdailcr, a member of the 

fcicntil^c focieties of Berlin, Halle, and Jena, who publiflie<l fevenU 

works between 178; and iSoJ. 
Sohaagl'ula (Bot.) P. N., a genas of Ctienopodiaceic. 
Sobasma'rio (Bot.) P. N., a genua of Lichenes. 
Sobau'era (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lauracea:, 
Schaus'rla (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Lablatce. 

Schedono'rus (Bot.) ir;^i!i>, near, xfif, a mountain ; a genua of Gramina. 
Hoha'fflara (Bot.| P. N., a genus of Araliaceas. 
Sohelham'mera (Bot,) P. N. in honour of C. C. SMhamm^, Ptofeflbr 

at Jena ; a genu.; of MelanthaceiE. 
Sohello'lepia (Hot.) ri.ix»«, to dry or pareh, VjTi'c, a fcale; a genus of 

Sohalve'ria (Bat.) P. N,, a gi-nus of Scrophulariac™. 
Boheppe'ria (Bot.| P. N., a genua of Capparidacea-. 
Soheuchze'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Jnh.. .i„J J^m^ S.htacU^r, 

German bolanifts ; a genus of Juocaginaceai. 
Sahis'kia(Bat.| P. N., a genu; of I.iliairex. 
Sobll'lera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the illultriuui German poet and 

dramatilt ; a genus of Byttneriacee. 
Sohille'ria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the fame ; a genu? of PIperace.B. 
Sabl'ma (Bol.) rxZ"! to fpUt or cleave; a genuij uf Ternltrckmiacex. 
Scblm'pera (Bot.) P. N. In honour ol the dillinguilhed bryologilt; a 

genus of CrucifcrK, 

468 SCH 

Schi'nus (Bot.) y;^rw?, the Greek name for Piftacia Lentifcus, the MaiHc- 

tree ; a genus of Terebintaceoe. 
Schin'za (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Euphorbiacess. 
Sohis'ma (Bot.) a-;^'^^, to fplit ; a genus of Jungermanniacese. 
Schismato'pera (Bot.) fl';^;iV/u «-«»#?, a cleft, <r»»^«, a pouch ; a geaus of 

Sohismatopte'rides (Bot.) (rxitrfAa-aros, a cleft, ^rrifisy rrtpi^s, a fern ; 

a feftion of Polypodioid Filices. 
SoMsmo'oeras (Bot.) a-j(ia'fA,»y a cleft, xipof^ a horn; a genus of 

Schis'mus (Bot.) ff;^l(rfxa, a cleft ; a genus of Gramina. 
Schistan'the (Bot.) trx^^ris^ cloven, divided, avQos, a flower ; a genus of 

Sc]ii'st3S (Omith.) a-xZogy to divide; in allufion to the forked tail' a 

genus of Humming-birds. 
Sohisti'dium (Bot.) <rx^(rros^ divided; a genus of Bryoid Miifci. 
Schistocar'pha (Bot.) (rxto-ros, divided, xap<posy a carpel (literally, huflc) » 

a genus of CompofitsB. 
Schistoce phalus (Zool.) a-xio-rog, cleft, divided, xi^aXn, head ; a genus 

of Entozoa, or inteflinal worms. 
Sohisto'gyne (Bot.) a-xitrrS-^ divided, >«»»?, a piftil ; agenusof Aiclepiadaceae. 
Schistomi'triiun (Bot.) Txitrtosy divided, /utT/Mav, a little veil ; a genus of 


Sohistoplirag'ina (Bot.) p-x^^s, cleft, <ppeiyf4,et, a partition ; a genus of 

Sohistophyllum (Bot.) a-xttrros, divided, ^pvXXev, a leaf; a genus of 
Bryoid Mufci. 

Sohisto'stega (Bot.) a-xia-reg, fplit, <rriyfi, a covering ; a genus and fa- 
mily of Mufci. 

Schistoste'phium (Bot.) o-xio-Tog, divided, o-rKpaty a wreath ; a genus of 

Sohiwere'ckia (Bot.) P. N. in honour oi Andretv Schivereeky a Ruflian 
botanift ; a genus of Cruciferse. 

SchizaosB'na (Bot.)tf';t;i^»,to Iplit, «*<w»a,a thorn ; agenusof Polypodiaces. 

Sohizachy'rium (Bot.) <rx/t«, to divide, &xy^^* **"^ ; a genus of Gramina. 

Sohizsa'a (Bot.) tx^K'^^ to cleave ; from the appearance of aggregate fan- 
like fpikes ; a genus of Polypodiacece. 

Sohizan'dra (Bot.) tf-;^/{«, to divide, «»»»>, «vJ^of, a ftamen ; typical genus 
of Schizandracex. 


Sohisan'Silim (Bol.) a-xi?-. to divide, =^^^5^ a vell^l (feed-veflil or 

eapfule); i genus of CinchonaceB. 
Sohizan'tlieB (Bot.) »x't"> to divide, irf^, a flnwer; a genus of 

Sohizan'ttmfl (Bot.) r^il^ii, to cut, SrSai, a flower ; a genus of Scniphu- 

-rll,,,, a Oiicld. 

ipiii, fruit ; ^ divliion of Mufci. 

Sohizaspi'dia (Ent.) a^^iin, to i 
Schizooar'pla (flot.) j^'C"' *" ' 
Soblaooar'ptlin (Hot.) ix't"' ^ diTide, xc^t, fruit ; a genu* of 

SQhizoca'rya (Bot.) fX'Z'i^" divide, li^pim, a. nut; a genus of Onagiawi, 
BcMzo'cIiiton (Bot.) ex'^'^ 'o divide, x''""' ^ i""'^ ; " genus of 

SchiaQihlEe'na |Bot.) rx't"- '" divide, x^""». a manllf; a genoi of 

Polj-podioid Filices. 
SoMzoollla'mya(Bot.)rKi'I"Ttofplit,s;Xafw'[, iitiantle;ageniiBof Algie. 
Sohlioco'don (Bot.) 'x^M, to divide, juM»,, a hell, fiom the deeply deft 

corolla; a genus of Polemoniacez. 
Sohiaoder'ma. (Bot.) rxii"! to divide, Sip^u, (kin ; a gelius of Fungi. 
Sohlzodio'tyon (Bot.) rx-i't^° divide, l.'«>, a net; a genus of Alga;. 
Sobizo'dlum (Bot.) rxJ^K, to divide ; a genua of Orchidacea. 
Sohi'zodon (Bot.) r^'^'i to divide, oSgi!i, tifitts, a tootb ; a genus of 

Bryoid Mufci. 
Sctai'zodari (Zool.) trx'tif, to divide, tliw-ilnrii, a tooth. 
Sohiz agios sum (Bot.) v;(7b, to cleave, ^.kiwra, a tongue; a genut of 

Sohizcigo'aiiim (Bot.) rxiZ'i to fplit, yailm, an angle or joint ; a gtaui 

of Algis. 
Sotiizo'gyna (Bot.) rl^lf", to divide, ;rt»r», a piftll ; from the deeply cleft 

(llgma ; 3 genus of Cumpolitie. 
SchiaolEB'na (Bot.) iX't", to cleave^ x.r»a, a mantle; a genui of 

Schizo'lepia (Bot.) 'Jt^/fv, to divide, Xnfi, a tVale ; a genus of Gramina. 
SohizoloTblum (flot.) rx'i"! to divide, >.tSi;, a pod; a genus of 

SotaiKoIo'mn (Bot.) r^i'tii, to divide, ikKfU, fringe or edge, alluding to 

the fronds ; a geont of Poiypodioid Fillces. 

' BohlzoineVia (Bot.) rj^'t*, to divide, ^ui^ic, a part ; 

of Cun 

47© SCH 

Schizo'mQris (Bot.) fame derivation; a genus of Algae. 

Schizone'ma (Bot.) o-x'tK^i to divide, yt/Ma, a filament ; a genus of Algae. 

Sohizono'tus (Bot.) o-x}l^»^ to divide, rwro;, a ridge or back ; a genus of 

Schizope'talon (Bot.) <r;^if«, to divide, ?rrraXof, a leaf; frono the lacini- 

ated petals ; a genus of Cruciferae. 
Schizophrag'ma (Bot.) vx'iK^^ to divide, (pfay/jiety a partition ; a genus 

of Hydrangeaceae. 
Schizophyllum (Bot.) j";^i{<Wrto divide, ^vk^$v, a leaf; a genus of Fungi. 
Schizopleu'ra (Bot.) ^x'i^'i ^^ divide, wXiw^iy, the fide; a genus of 

Sohizop'teris (Fos. Bot.) cxZoa, a cleft, irri^tst a fern ; foiOl ferns To 

called from their deeply cleft leaflets. 
Sohizosi'phon (Bot.) ^x^Z^y ^^ ^P^^* o-i^9,,sL tube ; a genus of Algae. 
Schizosta'chyum (Bot.) ^X'Z^^ to divide, <rT«;^f , a clufter ; a genus of 

Schizostepha'nium (Bot.) ^;^/^«, to divide, 9-Ti<peiu*, a wreath ; a genus 

of Amaryllidacese. 
Schizostig'ma (Bot.) cx*K^i to divide, o-riyfAa, a mark; a genus of 

Schizothe'ca (Bot.) vx'iZ^, to divide, difii«i, a (heath ; a genus of Cheno- 

Schizothe'cium (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Fungi. 
Schi'zothrix (Bot.) ^x'^^y to divide, fl^i'J, hair or tuft; a genus of Algar. 
Sduzy'lon (Bot.) a-x'^^i to divide, JwXo», wood ; a genus of Fungi. 
Schku'hria (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Chrijiian Schkuhr, a German bota- 

nift ; a genus of Compofitae. 
Schlege'lia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the eminent German metaphyflcian ; 

a genus of Crefcentiacese. 
Schleiche'ra (Bot.) P. N. in honour of -a Swifs botanift ; a genus of Sa- 

Sohleide'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of the eminent German author of 

*' The Plant ; " a genus of Ehretiacex. 
Schler'odus (Fos. Zool.) a-xXft^ig, rough, «W;, a tooth; foflil fiflies (b 

called from the minute puftules on the furface of their teeth. The 

jaws and teeth are the only portions yet found. 
Sohlothei'mia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Mufci. 
Sohmidelia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of C. C. Schmidely formerly Profedbr of 

Botany, Academy ol "EtW^eti-, ?l ^«iv>aA cA ^%^vcl^^^««&. 




honour of Schnildi.a Ger 


(1 ; a genus 

of Compofitie. 

Scbobe'ria (Bot.) P. N., 

SchcBnefol'dia (Bot.) P. 

N., a genus of Gramina. 

SohcEol'culua (Ornith.) 

dim. of Bj;(7i»r, a reed 

fpeclfic name of tiic 

Reed Buating; Emberiii SihxiLnlui. 

SchcBai'dium (Bot.) ix 

~.t., Lai. fil,t«„j, a. laOi 

iTii, K& 

mbLuce; 3. 

genus of Gramina. 

SchtDno'batea (Ent.) ax 

-Hi, a rape of mlhea, g" 

., to tread 

SchtBnobib'ioB (Boi.) ir^ 


genus of T 


Schceno'biUB (Ent.) rj;''' 


5 found an 

ong nilhei. 

SolitEnobry'uia (Dot,) r 

t«N„, a ruOi, ep«,, ifp« 

, a mcfs 

a genu! of 


Sohranocaulon (Bot.) rx'^'i, a ■Til'. »=«-»*,-, Lai. 

aul,,, a lie 

m i a genus 

of Melantiiacei. 

^«.«,anilh, n^.-«,alE 

V ; fpecifi 

c name of a 

Iperies of garlick. 

SohmQoliQ'na (Bot.) rx 

!.«, a nilh, ;i.-r.<s a ma 

otle -, a ge 

nus of Um- 


SobtBtto'paia (Bot.) tliu 

genui Silanui, i^ir. tefe 


a genus of ^H 



orchid ; 




Sobcenory'phltim (Boi. 

^X«>'!, La,. /<i,™., a 

nilh, ..,; 


g^nw of Gramina. 


SohcB'ntiB (Bot.) TXf'"'' 

a con] ; it is made into 

coidagc ; 

. I,„. o, ■ 



Soboapfla (Bot.) P. N. in 

lionour of John SikipJ, 


botanilt ; a ^1 



Soho'Uera (Bot.) P. N.. a 

genus of VacciniaceiG. 


Sohombur'ghia (Bot.) P 

brated traveUer in De 

tieraia, and diftoverer of the Victoria Regia; ^| 

a genutofOichidaceiE 


Soho'nla (Bot.) P. M., > g 

enus of CompoCtK. 


achori'geram (Boi.) odb 

g names ; 

■ g"- '• ■ 


Soha'Ua (Bot.) P. N. in 

lonour of R, van dir SiIkiI, Jacqu 

r,n.„- ■ 

traveUer in America; 

genus of Leeuminolk. 


Bohouabffl'a(Boi,)P. N, 



^ 1 


47* SCH 

Schouten'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Meliacea&. 

Schou'wia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. F, Schoww, a celebrated Danifli 

botanifl ; a genus of Craciferse. 
Schradera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Hen. A. D, Schradtr^ a German 

botanid and Profeflbr at Gottingen ; a genus of Cinchonaoefle. 
Schran'kia (Bot., Ent.) P. N. in honour of Francis Paulo ie Schrank^ a 

German naturalift ; a genus of Leguminoiae. 
SclireTDera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of an eminent German botanift and 

Profeflbr at Erlangen ; a genus of Celaflracese. 
Schreberia'na (Ent.) P. N. in honour of Johann Chrtftian Damd von 

Schrebery author of " Novse Infeftorum Species," &c. 
Schreiber'sia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonacese. 
Schrenkia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Umbellifene. 
Schuber'tia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ikf. Schubert^z Polifti botanift ; a 

genus of Conifers. 
Scbuchia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Vochyaceae. 
Schu'fia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Onagraceae. 
Schultes'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of an eminent German botanift • a 

genus of Gramina. 
Schult'zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Carl Helnrkh Sckultti, a celebrated 

German botanid ; a genus of Umbelliferae. 
Schumache'ria (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Dilleniacese. 
Schwa'bea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Acanthaceae. 
Schwagriche'nia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Frederick Schnvagricken, a 

Profeflor at Leipzig ; a genus of Amyridacese. 
Schwal'bea (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Scrophulariaceae. 
Sohwan'nia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Malpighiacese. 
Sohwarz'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour^ of C, Schivarz, a writer on £ntomo- 

logy ; a genus of Marcgraaviaceae. 
Schwaxzlel'la (Ent.) P. N., fame derivation. 
Schweig'gera (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Profeflbr Schiveigger^ one of the 

authors of a Flora of Erlangen ; a genus of Chufiaceae. 
Schweigge'ria (Bot,) P. N. fame derivation ; a genus of Violacese. 
Sohweinit'zia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of ilff. Schiveinitx; a genus of Mono- 

Schwenkfeld'ia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Cinchonaceae. 
Sohwen'kia (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. T. Sehnvenk, Profeflor of Medi- 
cine at Jena ; a genus of Scrophulariacese. 

:nus of UrticacKffi. 
I ; 3 genus of Algl. 
in umbrtlk, ^iwtt, a leaf; a g 

n umbrella, fiwiiii, to inflate; : 

aohychowaltya (Bot.) P. 
Soia'dium (Bot.) uiiiiSirt, 
Soiadophyllum (Bot.) ' 

Aral [area:. 
Sciadophy'siam (Bot.) ti 

of Bryoid Mufci. 
Sciadopl'tya (Bot,) nuiim, an umbrella or parafol, i-.tu;, pine; th 

Umbrella pine; a Japaoefe genua of Conifera;. 
Sdlai'Da (Ichth.) r*Ui,x, a fea-GOi ; the Maigie. 
Boiag'nfdSB (Ichth.) the tamUy of the Maigre filhea, of whifh SnV,a is thi 

Solee'nalda (Ichth.) refembling (iTiu) the geaas Sciaira. 
Sola'phila (Bot.) o/x, Ihade, ^xIb, to lore ; a genus of Artocarpacex. 
Soteph'Uua (Ent.) rxti, Ihade, pMi"., [o love ; s genua of Coleoptera. 
SoU'la (Bot,) nilijA, to injure; the roots are poilbnoas; Squill; : 

Scincoi'iliailS (Zool.) the genus &injvj, tTin, likencfa. 

_ , j-i.Wjn or rn'iyxis, the land crocodile c* -""■■ 



3ciimap'«US CBot.) ,iiu,lK^i( of the Greeks wai an ivy-like tree ; i 

of Orontiace«. 

Soioliia (Bot.) o^U, Ihade, 0i«, to lire ; a ^nus of tlrticares. 

Sciophila (Bot.) rxlm, Ihade, ^iIb, to love ; a genm of Urtlcacea:. 

SGiotham'nua (Bot.) mU, Ihade, Si/Ant, a Ihrnb ; a genus of tlmb^Uifers. 

Solplo'ntim (Bot.) the Calamui Siifianrm yielda the walkiog-anes, and 

bcara this name in common with the noble Roman, P. CcrniHai, upon 

whom his father when blind leaned a> on a ftafl", and who was called 

Scipio by hia fellow-citiiens. 

Soirpid'ivua fBot.) dim. of StiV^m, an allied genus; agenua of Cj-peracea. 

Soir'pBB (Bot.) Za/. n nilh ; a ^nua of Cyperaccaj. 

Solr'teB (Ent.) nifTu, to Ikip, leap. 

Sciaaurel'U > f dim. of yi/^™,a rent or cleft; the Little Hi p- 

SoiBSrael'lidEB J *- ™ ■■' 1 Ihells ; a genua and family of Mollufca. 

Soltami'iteai (Bot.) fiitamnU, dalnliet; the TpleDdid Hat, Ord. of plants 

reprefented by the Ginger-plant, 3cc. 

aoi\iri'n.a.(Zoa\.)fii«rui;a rub-family of Mammalia. 

Saiuro'ptBrua (Zool.) /;«/■■«, a fquiirel, -riifit, a wing. 

Sclu'ruB (Zool.) Lot. a fqnltrd. 

!■ (Zool.) i about the Nile, mentioned by Pliny ; 
( and family of Reptilia ; the Skinks. 

474 SCL 

Sclare'a (Bot.) Latinized from the word Clary, a well-known fpecies of 

Solerach'ne (Bot.) ^xXufist hard, eix^^y ^^ ^^^ ? ^ genus of Gramina. 
Sclersoi'thus (Bot.) a-xXn^isi hard, avBos, a flower; from the dry, juiceleis 

calyx ; typical genus of Scleranthaceae. 
Scle'ria (Bot.) vx\ni«it hard ; a genus of Gramina. 
Solero'basis (Bot.) rxXti^tf^, hard, ^u^n, foot or pededal; a genus of 

Solerooar'pus (Bot.) a-xXn^is, hard, xaf^ig, fruit ; a genus of Compofitse. 
Solerochae'tixim (Bot.) vxXvi^Sy hard, x<^tT)), a tuft ; a genus of Gramina. 
Sclero'ohloa (Bot.) a-nXfi^is, hard, ;^X0a, grafs ; a genus of Gramina. 
Scleroooc'cus (Bot.) tf-xx^j^tf; ,hard, xixxog, berry ; a genus of Cinchonacese. 
Soleroder'ma (Bot.) g-xXnpos, hard, Up/jia, fkin ; a genus of Fungi. 
Soleroder'ma (£nt.) o-xXtifos, hard, ytfixa, a fkin ; a genus of Hymeno^ 

ptera. , 
Sclerodon'tium (Bot.) o-xXn^s, hard, ohvg^ olovros, a tooth ; a genus of 

Bryoid Modes. 
Solerolae'na (Bot.) a-xXupis, hard, XaXva, an envelope ; a genus of Cbeno- 

Solero'lepis (Bot.) ^xXnfis* hard, x%*U<, a fcale ; a genus of CompofitaB. 
Sclerolol>ium (Bot.) vxXn^St hard, XoBog, a pod ; a genus of Leguminofae. 
Scleromltrion (Bot.) g'xXupos^ hard, /utr^a, a chaplet; a genus of 

Soleroon (Bot.) g-xXtipig, hard, o^y, an egg ; alluding to the fruit j a genus 

Sclero'phora (Bot.) vxXn^os, hard, ^o^e«, to bear ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Solerophy'ton (Bot.) ff-xXupot, hard, ^vrivy plant ; a genus of Lichenes. 
Sole'rops (Zool.) g-nXtipos, hard, m^', the eye; e.g.^ Jacare y^/fro/x, the 

fpeftacled Yacure. 
Solerop'teiis (Bot.) a-xXtipis* hard, ^mpist a fern ; a genus of Orchidacese. 
Soleroscia'dium (Bot.) e-xXv^ogy hard, e-Kiah$y, an umbel (literally, para- 

fol) ; a genus of Umbelliferae. 
Solerostem'ma (Bot.) g-xXtifigy hard, a-rifx/Mty a wreath or chaplet ; a 

genus of Dipiacacex. 
Solerosty'liB (Bot.) rKXtipos, hard, o-tDxov, a pillar ((lyle); a genus of 

Solerotham'nua (Bot) a-xXn^is, hard, BafAws, a (hrub; a genus of 

% (Bot.) o-xXfifisf hard, diixi}, (heath ; a genus of Lobeliacez. 


Scle'rothrii (Bol.) minfii, hard, flplf, hair; a genus of Loafaceic. 
Solero'tium (Bot.) o-»j.BfjiTB(, hatdneft; a genus of Fungi. 
Sclero'xylon (Bol.) ffii»tp{i(, hard, JiIXsf, wood ; a genus of Myrlinacere. 
Soo'biform (Bot.) yioiii, powder or dud produced by (awing; like fine 


■m, xifAir 



, an earth- 

worm, #. 

Ij,-, to ea 

,," from <r. 


„, worm, 


Saolecooa'mpa (Ent.J rxulnf - mu, 
ScolBCo'phagua (Omith.) cmiinf-i). 
Sooleoo'triohimi (Bot.) "hairy-wo 

Tflx'l. hair ; a genus of Fungi. 
Sco'lia (Ent.) r»tJ.i»[, crooked, curved i a genui of Hymenopttra. 
Scoli'adas (But.) a famQy of Hymenoptera oF which Scolia is the typical 

Scol'obua (Bot.) a genus of LeguminoJx. 

Seoloch'loa (Bot.) ri^i-is, a prickle, ;i;Ji'«, graft ; a genus of Gramina. 

Scolopaci'na (Ent.) fisln/iax, a woodcock ; from a reicmbUnce to the 

plumage of this bird. 
Soo'lopax (Ornith.) Lai. a woodcock. 
Scolope'cdia (Zool.) Lai. a centipede. 
Scolope cdrlum (Bot.) r»;^9rir}^, a centipede; Hart's longue; a genus 

of Polypodioid Filices. 
ScoIosan'thUE (Bot.) nwXit, a thorn, £ihc,a flower; agenusof Cinchon- 

Sooloapermum (Boi.) vzS>ii 

Soolyman'tliua (Bot.) rxiiu^i 

Scol'ymoaepta'alua (Bot.) irashij^ef, 1 thiflle, iiii^>.>, head; a genu! 

prickle, rrif/m, feed; a genus of 
thiHie, i^m, a dower; a genus of 

Soo'lymuB (Bot.) axix- 

>r, a I) 


ScoJy'lua J ^ ^1. 

of tree 

Scomber (khth.) i^. = 

1 macke 


i; the plants are fpiny; a geaus of 

H, to wind about, J. e, beneath the bark 

a family and genua of Coleoptera. 

; typical genus of the family Scumber- 

Scomber'eBOX (Ichth. )/o«Jcr, a mackerel, f/ix, an old name of a 

the Gar-pike or Skipper. 
Scom'beroid (Ichtii.'} fiomitr, a mackerel, i'J«, refemblance, 
Scopa'ria (Bot.)fiapariai, a (weeper ; a genus of Scrophulariaccje, 
Scopft'rta (Ent.)/Djl», a broom or befom ; alluding to itt appearance. 

47^ SCO 

Soopa'rium (Bot.) Jcoft^, a broom ; fpecific name of Spartium, the 

Broom ; from the u£e made of the twigs. 
Scopeloso'ma (Ent.) cxi^nxos, rock, a-Sifjta^ body. 

ScopelldaB^ /t u u n f*"*^**^*** * crag; a family and genus of elonga- 
Sco'pelus ) '^ 1 ted Fifties. 

Soopolia (Bot., Ent.) P. N. in honour of G. A. Sco/nliy a celebrated 

Profeflbr of Botany, who died in 1789 ; in Bot. a genus of Solanaoeie. 
Soopoli'na (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. A. ScopoHy a celebrated Profeilor 

at Pavia, who died in 1787 ; a genus ofSolanaceae. 
Soo'ps (Omith.) a-xtSf^j an owl ; a genus of the Crane family. 
Soo'pula (Ent.) Lot, a little broom, a brufti. 
Scopula'ria (Bot.) fiopula, a little broom ; a genus of Orchidaces. 
Soopuli'na (Bot.) /co/>ulus, a rock ; a genus of Jungermanniacess. 
Soopulip'edes (Ent.) fcoptda, a brufli, pes^ pedisy a foot ; a genus of 

Soo'pus (Omith.) trxcira;, a fentinel, an obferver ; a genus of Birds. 
Sco'rdium (Bot.) <rxop^ioy, a plant finelling like garlic ; now the fpecific 

name of the Marfti Germander, a fpecies of Teuerium; a genus of 

Sooria'lis (Ent.) a-Ku^Uy the drofs of metal. 
Sco'iias (Bot.) ffxMfUy Lat.fcoria, fcum, drofs ; a genus of Fungi, 
Scorodo'nia (Bot.) <rxo^o}ov, garlic ; fpecific name of the Wood-fage, or 

Hedgerow Germander ; a fpecies of Labiatae. 
Soorodopra'sum (Bot.) ffKo^oht^ garlic, w^ajrAV, a leek ; fpecific name of 

a fpecies of Garlic. 

_, , /-(rxop^iosj fcorpion-like ; from its fuppofed 

SoorpsB na ^ n i 

/ 4^ (Ichth.) •< power of infli£ting incurable wounds ; a 

^ genus and family of Bull-headed Fi(hes. 
fo-xap^tci*^ Lot. fcorpioy a fcorpion ; a g^nus 
\ (Zool.) < and family of Annulofe animals; clafs 
Scorpio'nidSBi ( Arachnida. 

Soorpiu'rus (Bot.) e-xo^jrw?, a fcorpion, 01/^, a tail ; the Caterpillar-plant ; 

a genus of Leguminofae. 
Soorzonel'la (Bot.) dim. of Scorzonera ; a genus of Compofitoe. 
Scorzone'ra (Bot.) the Spanifti name for a well-known pot-herb ; a 

genus of CompofitflB. 
Soo'ticus-a-um (Omith., Bot.) Lot. Scottifti, e. g. Ligufticum Seoticum. 
Sooti'phulos (Zool.) a^rrosy darknefs, ^Ixtsy a lover; a genus of Bats. 
Sooto'sla (Ent.) a-xorist darknefs. 

SCO — SCr 477 

Soott'ia (Bot.) P. N. in honour oi Robert Scotty M,D,i Profeflbr of Botany 

at Dublin ; a genus of Leguminofse. 
Scriptura'lis (Ent.) fcHpturaf a marking. 
Sorofala'ria or Scrophulaoia (Bot.) it has tubercles on the roots like 

fcrofulous tumours ; Figwort ; typical genus of Scrophulariaceae. 
Scrupo'sus-a-um (Bot.) Lot, rough. 
Scuta'tus-a-um (ZooL, Bot.) Lot, (hielded, Ihield-fhaped ; e, g, Rumex 

Scutella'ria (Bot.) fcutella^ a falver ; fkuU^cap ; alluding to the figure of 

the calyx ; a genus of Labiatas. 
Scu'tia (Bot.) fcutunty a (hield, from the form of the difk ; a genus of 

ScutioaTia (Bot.^ fcuticoy a whip ; in alluHon to the form of the leaves ; a 

genus of Orchidacez. 
Scuto'sus-a-um (Ent,) fcutum, a fliield. 

Scutula'tus-a-um (EntJ) fcutula, a lozenge-fhaped figure; diamond-fliaped. 
Scu'tum (Zool.) Lat. a fliield. 
ScydmaB^nidfe (£nt.) the family of Coleoptera of which Scydmanus is the 

typical genus. 
Scydmae'nua (Ent.) o-xvhfAanoe, to be angry ; to be of a forrowful 

countenance ; a genus of Coleoptera. 
So7lla'rid£e> j(r»f/XXa^0f, the Hermit-crab; a family and genus 

Scjr'llarus > '^ \ ofCmflacea, 

Soy llidBB) ^T L L ^ («"««'>■ ^•'» to tear or rend ; the Dog-fifti family 
Scyllium/ ( and genus. 

Scym'nus (Ichth.,Ent.) o-xvfjaosj the lion's whelp ; in Ichthyology, a kind 

of fliark ; in Entomology, a genus of Coleoptera. 
Scyphan'thus (Bot.) a-nv^es, a cup, &v6»gy a flower ; a genus of Loafaces. 
Scy'phia (Zool.) a-xu<pos, a drinking-bowl. 
Soyphoph'orus (Bot.) a-nu^esf a drinking-bowl, ^t^, to bear ; the Cup 

Lichens, a genus of Lichenes. 
Soy^tala (Bot.) <r*wT«x»j, a flick or cudgel; a genus of Compofitse. 
Scyt'ale ) /^ t^^ (^xuraXu, a club ; a genus and family of Colubrine 
Scytalidae) ( ophidians. 

Scytalia (Bot.) fame derivation ; a genus of Sapindacez. 
Soy 'talis (Bot.) fame derivation; a genus of Leguminode. 
Soytalop'sis (Ichth.) o-xurukov, a club, o^i;, likenefs. 
Scytalopus-a-um (Ornith.) «rxuT«x»y, a club, ^roZsy foot ; club-footed. 
Scytan'thus (2ot.) yuvr is ^ leathery, olrSo;, flower ; a genus of Afciepiadacea?. 

47^ SCr — SEA 

Scythro'pia (Ent.) rxuB^s^ fuUen, «4, the face. 

Scy'throps (Ornith.) TxvQ^ot^ig, gloomy or angry-looking ; the Auftra- 
ilan Rain-fowl. 

Soythyme'nia (Bot.) o-»ut«c, leather, v/jtw, a membrane; a grenus of 

Soyto'des (Ent.) e-xvTaH^fiSi like leather. 

Soytole'ptua (Ent.) <rxDT»c, Ikin or hide, X9irris, peeled off, dripped. ' 

Soytone'ma (Bot.) o'Kurost leather, f?/tx«, a filament ; a genus of Algz. 

Scytop'teris (Bot.) o-hvto9<, leathery, irrtpij, a fern ; a genus of Polypodi- 
oid Filices. 

Scytosi'phon (Bot.) o-xut*?, leather, <ri<p»9j a tube ; the fronds are cori- 
aceous and tubular ; a genus of Algae. 

Soytothalia (Bot.) a-uvrit^ leathery, 6ax.>iis, a (hoot; a genus of Alga. 

Scytotham'nus (Bot.) auvri;^ leathery, Bufjtfos, a (hrub. 

Sea-bear (Zool.) the Ar£tocephalus utfimis. 

SrZool.') applied to certain fpecies of Phocidae. 

Sea-devil (Ichth.) applied to the genus Lophias* 

Sea-ear (Zool.) the fhell of Haliotis. 

Sea-eggs (Zool.) the different kinds of Echinus. 

Sea-fan (Zool.) certain fpecies of Polypifera have this name. 

Seaforthla (Bot.) P. N. in honour of Francis, Lord Seaforth — **' Botanices 
periti cultoris et fautoris ; " a genus of Palmse. 

Sea-fox (Ichth.) applied to a fpecies of the genus Squalus. 

Sea-heath (Bot.) the fpecies of Frankenia. 

Sea-holly (Bot.) the Eryngium maritimum. 

Sea-kale (Bot.) the Crambe maritima. 

Seal (Ichth.) Anglo-Sax, fde or fol; the common Seal is Calocephalus 

Sea-lavander (Bot.) the Statice Limonium. 
Sea-leopard (Zool.) the Stennorhynchus Wedellii. 
Sea-lion (Zool.) the Otaria jubata. 
Sea-mouse (Zool.) common name of Aphrodita aculeata. 
Sea-needle (Ichth.) a name for the Garfifh, Efox. 
Sea-nettles (Zool.) common name of the Acalephae. 
Sea-pens (Zool.) applied to the Anthozoa. 
Sea-pike (Ichth.) a name of Belone vulgaris. 
Sea-pink (Bot.) a fynonym for Thrift, Armeria maritima. 
Sea-rooket (Bot.) t\\e CaVAVe mM\\\rcWk. 


Sea-snipe (Ichth.) popular name of Centrifcui fculopui, which hu a 

long tubular ftcoit. 
Seba'a (Bot.) P. N. in honour of J. Sria, an apotherary of Amfterdain, 
SBba'Bte3(Ii:htli.)irfSz3-tJc, imperial; agenuaof Fllhet,&mI1yScorpEenid]r■ 
BBl)aBtian'a (Bot.) P. N. In honour of Sciajliin FuUU',!,!!. French bolanift ; 

a genua of CompofitlB. 
Sebi'fei-a(Bot.)7;&m, tallow,/<TO, to bear; a genus of Lauraceie; alio 

uled adjeftively. 
Sabo'pliora, (Bot.) " waK-bearer," Uom fdum, van, fire, to liear ; a genua 

of Myrifticaceie. 
Seoals (Bot.) an ancient name derived from ftat, \o cut ; Ergot of Ryu ; 

a genua of Giamlna. 
Seoamo'lte (Bot.) Ar^kf^uanuaiti ; a genus of Afclqiiadacena. 
Seollella'rtim(Bot.)gen. pi.; of,orbeloiiging totheSecliEllesarchiptlaeo, 

r.g. Lodoicea Sulullanm. 
Se'chlum (Bot.) rnxf^o), to fatten; it ii given to hogs; a genus of 

Seaoadariea (Ornith.) applied to thot quills which arife From the Jium,! 

bone of the wings. 
Seoonda'tia (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Apocynaeee. 
Seao'tium (Bot.) cwii, a hollow trunk of a tree ; a geous of Fungi. 
SeouTlda'aa (,Bot.)fic-rii, a hatchet ; alluding to the form of the end of 

pod; a genus of Polj'galacea: ; at(b uTed as a fpecific name for the 

Hatchet- vetch, CoroniUa/Kunolisu. 
Soourl'fera (Zool.)j5™™, a hatchet./^ro, to carry ; a family of Hymeno- 

aecuri'gera(Bot.)/«iirii,ahalcliet,^iTs, to carry ; agenuiof Legaminofai. 
SBOUfi'uegB (Bat.') ficurii, a hatchet, nige, to refufe ; it is extremely hard ; 

a genus of Euphoibiacex. 
Sod'dera (Bot.) P. N., a genus of ConyolTOlacex. 
Sedga (Bot.) the genua Carex ; Nat. Ord. Cyperaces. 
Be'dura(Bot.)/Ai£'n, to fit; from the manner of its growth; Stonecrop ; 

a genua of Cialliilaceic. 
Seetze'lua (Bot.) P. N, in honour of M. Su!:^n, a Dutch botaniH ; a 

genus of Zyguphyilaceie. 
Sesaatrella {BaiJ)figrJlrr, a cmering. 

Sege'atria(Ent.)^j^rw>i,apacking cloth or garment made of an imab' (kins. 
Segeta'lla (Ent. ) fi^n, corn lanJ; the larva feeding on the roots of 

various gradts. 

48o SEG — S£L 

Se'getum (Omith., Bot.) gen. pi. oifeges, corn land, e. g„ Chryiantheimun 

Sogi'strium (Ent,')fige/{rum, a packing cloth or garment made of animals* 

fkins ; a genns of Spiders. 
Segui'era (Bot.) P. N., a genus of Petiveriaceae. 
Sehi'ma (Bot.) etymology unknown ; a genus of Gramina. 
Seidlia (Bot) P. N., a genus of Dipteracez. 
Seimatospo'rium (Bot.) cn/uket, a mark, d-Topa, feed (fpore); a gemis of 

Selri'dium (Bot.) attpa, a cord, fT^o; , reiemblance ; a genus of Fungi. 
Seisu'ra (Ornith.) ffiivj to fhake, «(//>«, tail, from the tails being always in