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it »Di nie ai»vi rroriacaof Torkej. TtuntlileJ j 

b; Uu. Kill 



'-'" ' - -lui G«7i»n of Autxi 


« ft !<M- LOCKE'S f>HILOSOF>H1CAL WORKS, ouitaiiilnK tbg Smv «■ Ih I 

Honuui UndBnULDdbr, the Coodut of tha UuddnUDdiARp Aec-, with Notct by i 

I. A. St. Joan, Eiq. BenDilliida anili Pnrlnif. IhTVqIl j 

. lalioli.wJth'ljidav^arfraiiiq/CifiiniH ! 


of Ki»iiriH,tiotiiiie»aiidiiitl«BliCKnircM. Parlrail'^romA ' 

1> 113- HISTORY OF RUSSIA ta Ihe proKnt lino, nnpUciI tr 

Toojci,iuid3«oB».biW. K.KiLtT. &•--'- -"■■ i-J-- >•--'- 

lil Sitomt, NilMa, md MnUMtapf. 

8Bg£uiiL Hoir Edllinfl, vith eatlmUi if MiOtnl *m4 ilal» Aitfnttiu. Com 



' ^. 

UUTION. Heir edttion, viUi the AuUkk'i lut comctinu, u idditiitiii] Led — ' 
uid 1 Gesenl Indu. Conplsti In two Toll. 

X, 131, it 122. OUUOTS HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION, h™> Die ?>I1 o 
BoauaEniit tsOigFRiicbRcioluIlcin. TmuIWiiabT ff, Hiu-trr. InS a 
VUh Ib^ ud Ferlr^li efX. emimt, CUrlefugHi, umi LtnU IX. 
THE NOBUANS, Xniulated bT W. HtlLTTT. In i inU. Porlrailt. ' 

« I M?0. FMrUfS CRITICAL ESSAYS, uonlrihuted lo tUc Eolenic Bct1o» ; 
£<htedV '- eTbiuhd, H.A. In 9 vdIi. 
'.LUTHEAVTABLE-TALK; nthLifeb)rA.CHui»H. PortroU. 


Uyafirm nilk tU StlNDAU) Lmuil.fricf Sf. ti. 
li 9. RABELAIS' WORKS. ComplBts In I Tali. Porlrwl. 
9 BOCCA^OS OECAMCROPt, ■ Mn^iU Tmulitkia, bj W, K. Kili,t t 





SKAKSPEARrs PLAYS AND POEMS, wltli life, hj CUAinu. In 1 1M. ' 

i t)K UK*. GrnbrtHthsd with VI pleniig Slitl A^mAiji, Ble^uitlT bmstd ' 

iaradTvktytloih, gillnlgn. Ii. I 

t crcLOPitDPfl or poLmcAL, coNSTmrnoNAL, : 

...Ih murodnctofj Ktnurtii bj tlic txr. J. Sbibku 

(^nleO ill 1 iaise clear Ijpt, n-ith )ieid-lioe> of Cinlenli}. Si. Bd. 

1 Tlic dime, on fine poper. with B unc JUmilr^liau h Lmch fl«J GilBBir. 

«k{ ■ iuUi/iil Awifi^tccciii aincHUrr. 3i. lU. 
THE WIDE. WIDE WORLD, hjEuiiMiH WfiHuiLL. CompW* to lVol,aiM 

Fnuiiipiea, gilt edsei. Sj. tiJ. 
■ ■ ' The tamt, lUatrflii ttli « 1^1% >>>Cil<' ai)wnljyn- SMl,ilUUj I 

booni in eloih, tilt edga. b. 


To wliicli ii ulded, The Scudilous Chrooicle. Id 3 loluniea. Fmlrali. 

9 OF THE DUKE, OF SULLY, frimt Hinuttr le Btmj 


i. HUMBOLDTS COSMOS; or, Sketch ol 

I lui^joiaciL 

103 ; or, fitetch of > Plmial Descriptiim of ( 
Noiei, tqr E. a Om. fk * Toll., wilt bi 3 
ilition (thongh pubMibed >t k low i pris) ii more comptelo | 

atUECe httherLoBupprwediBnincJodEd; uid tbmprehe--- — 

T. HUMBOLDT^ VIEWS OF NATVtIE, i^H ail>m'il Hki of Chmicrtu, f-c 
Kia upKiuiU 0/ 4011 ISbalrnUaiu an ITiiod. 


rineina, milk ■pwanli af S70 lUnitriiicyu. r r | 


Hiuid-BooktolheFoaiilimtbellrltiihlliBnim. ]tiaili}iil ITtU 


' ^^ BPHMIi SC EN L ^ 


EdiUaa. vUA wir'r 400 HfuMi/iwii. K^ 


AMERICA. Willi Gmen] Inda. *), 

. I. PYE SMITHS GEOLOGY AND SCRIPTURE. Filili IMilioo, wiUll™* 2^ ^ 


7. STAUflTON-S CHESS TOURNAMENT, iri>* IH^tr.m,. H^ 
■ - ". BRIDGEWATER TREATISES- Kmn. ou iLe \\\i»arj. R UU, k 

9 Vc4(. Jl«y 

EHBM u Nuanl lliMlon. JWIniit tf 

FROM THE MINERAL KINGDOM, Tnuliltil bj t.. Unnra - " " - 
rili OAmrid M'p of Ik, G'^rafh, of FU.Ii. 
04. BMoaSWATER TREATISES. Cnilmiu « the AdapUlk 

leJU*. K«.1 

Coroplele. with Ni 
l> 37. HUMPHItr. 



Fbitntaphn PouUTE,' bj 0. H. Lewis. }.v\. 

■"—"'' "~'=alllOl>.wlttP^l>fcloIT^M^^r. RuKMJnBirEM » ' 

" ~' -CIENCE; ". Studies of Uie fhjnai F uwbu 



_,, . 1111. Sum] siijlit, t 

]e Tgrninf , and Spint ftippiaf , 4c (i Uj 


- STANLEY ™ . . .- . . 


I UMGem 


PhilowBlir. Ke«Eililii;ii.r«raed. Xi 

.. . -- CINE, lij wnBiiiinil PIijKdi.1 

30. STANLEY'S CLASSIFIED SYNOPSIS oT Ihitch. dcmlsh, u.a Geir 

" ^mof DigMtioB, Edilmf bj Di. Giiixi 

LECTURES. ■"" '■ ' - ■■ 


l.lof Slij, lSo8. Bj J. W. ILq«.. Th 

dDU. Di)*blaToliUH.10K— ar, hiU-txiiuidiKii«autn,1S!i. 


Unifam xUh tkt Sliilimjj LuiAlI, tt li. ptr »2nu 






THB PBOTISOIil. DliLECTS. /<\ ■ii*^^^"- 


THOMAS WRIGHT, Bsa., M.A., P.S.A., H-MRSX., &c., 


VOL. n, G— Z, 


( i-'JAN 


Ga, tr. To go. Kartk. 

Gaam, (1) ad}. Cbnmj. Wdtt. 

(2) v. To dnib with dirt Btrkt. 
Gab, t. (^. N.) TiIkatiTeneu. 
Oabbakd, \mdj- lU-coDtiiTCd, u 
GABBaBM, J loonu ; Urge. Wat, 
Cabm, r. (X-J^-) To Ulk 1%; to 

GAmM>, (1) «. To t^ noBKiue. 

(2) *. A jotcT. 
Gabbb&iis, f. (1) Deceiti. Hhah. 

(2) Pixttle ) jeiU. 
Gabblb-batchbs, *. Biidi which 

mtlie a gretf noiie in the eren- 

ingi. NorM. 
Cabbo, 1 *. Tbe gme of thi«e 

ooBBo, Jcirdloo. 
Gabbl, 1. (^.-JV.) An excise. 
GABSBii)NK,«.(f>.) Acoineelotk 

or mantle. 
GABBBI.ILTIE, 1. A bsllad-iiDgn. 

Gabib, I. A large-holGd licTe. 

Gabli, (1) t. (/y.) A cBljle. 

(2) adj. High. 
GABi.B>roi.B8, t. Bodi pltMd out. 

ude the roof to lecure the thatch. 
Gablbt, I. A small ornamental 

gsble or canopj over ft tilwrntele 

Gablick, I. A ciow-bar. Une, 
OABi,ocEa, (. Spun for fighting- 

Gabbibl-bill, t. A local name 

for the saints' bell or ting-tang. 
Gabbibl-batcbet, ». The name 

of B ghoit DT night ipicit. North. 
Gabt, t. A aimideton. 
Gacb, t. nitb or diit of duUrea. 

Gad,(I)(.(^.>£) Agi>ad,oTafavp 

point of met*!; a spen; apole 

poialed with metal. 
And, come, IwiUngatalaif oCbitit, 
And witli %fadS ttwl wDl wilta thus 

And tiT It I17. Kt. Jnir., ir, 1. 

— --^- ^ ^,„^-^ Je] udhbIIj keep 

p Ibe fntinl of Uh Bimlii u Hti- 
axr Dulaii 1 nDoeaioo lo Qui hill 
wlii JTw ltd,, u thn call tk«B, in 
tbcir hud! : tut la ivhiu villiiv wud, 
Uk tetk pMM cA tisd mud with 
eowdin • lV<w «f tlii Batchudai 
U si|lit (bn bus ■ bunfln ud otker 
BMnnieiil, wliidi ia mUr * neMce or 
Bliriou ffitbvL 

^taMyj AJHT. CW<M, 1770, i, n . 

(2) ». A muBOring rod of t«n 


(3)(. AGaliIng.radiiD]>rodor 

stick. North. 

(4) L A tall, alender penon. 

(51 1, The gad-flf. 

(6) F, To flit about u a gad-flj. 

(7) tr. To run madly about the 
field, said of cattle. 

(B) D, To think ; to belicTE. Kat- 

(9) a. A wedge used in mining. 
" Pick and gad, and keep tbe 
kibble going," a very common 
motto In the mining diatrictt 
eipreuiTe of bustle and tcli- 

Gad-abodt, 1. A rambter. Weil. 

Gadahan, adj. Rognisb. Hertf. 

Qad-bu, *. Tbe gad-fly. 

Gad-bit, >. A naU-pasaer. 

Gad-bbibze, (. Tbe gad-fly. 

A. Hb'i a pnppT — 1 no iiica him (0 
notUDg bat my bald \ettet whan ahe^a 
got tiu f4j4nfH lb her tail 
Hf Cmmlrr rana'i CUccUm, 1703. 

Gasdbb, 1. A aheep's or calTi 

Gadb, 1. A gadling. 
Gadbb, v. To gather. 
Gadgeb, f. A gauger. North. 
Gad-sook, I. A long pole widi an 

iron crook. Somrrttt. 
Gadtnb, 'I >. A gmng ^joct ; n 
QADDiHo, /pilgrim^. 
GADuNe, I. IJ.-S.) A wonbless 

GAA-DAn., «. A sortof longitont 


Gadb, 1. Knoiis or i^tt of iron 

Gad-steel, i, Flemish tEeei, made 

in gadt, or imall ban. 
Gad-hhip, I. Ad ox-whip. Line. 
Gakbn, (. A gardea. Somernl. 
Gat, prtl. I. Qsve. 
Gaff, (1) i. Ad iron hook. Wfl. 

Called also a gufftr. 

(2) I. A gaffer. Lin?. 

(3) e. To tots up Ihree pence, l 
giiae in the North. 

G.\rrER,i. Anoldman;ionietinieB 
a gnndfither ; the foreman or a 
set of labourerB. }fetl. FormerlT, 
a common mode of addreia 
among (he lower clsuei, equiva- 
lent to friend, neighbour. 

lionl, master, fifudmatt, s^tr, or kiuire ; 
ludj, ntistrcsB, NOdwi^ gammer, or 
vhore i 10 tliey ao but buy my book, 
•Dd ]»y honeitly for it, it'i dU one la 

llODUt mm'l. Par Brill.. 1707. 

Gaffle, (1) «. A part of the cross- 
how used in bending it, moved 
in a part called the rack. 


(2) D. To teaie ; to incommode. 

(3) t. To chirp, or chatter. 

(4) p. To gad about. Wrtt. 
(5J «. A dung-fork. Somenel. 
(6) e. A term applied to ducks 
when feeding together in the 
mild. Norlhampt. 

Gaffled, oi^'. Silly. Norlhampt. 

Gafflock, «. A crow-bar. Derb. 

Gaffb, t. Spun for fighcing-cocki. 

Gapt, t. A sort of h«ok for catch- 
ing eele. WiiU. 

Gaftv, edj. Sospicloni. Ckeih. 

Gao,>. (1) To nauseate. Stff. 
(2) To gad about. 

2 GAI 

(3) To hinder motion bj tight- 

nesa. Norlhampt. 
Gagate, «. {Lat.) An agate. 
Gagi, (1) t. (.i.-M) A pledge; a 

defiance for batt)e. 

(2) V. To pledge; to lay as n 

(3) J. A bowl. Pr. Fan. Still 
used in the Eastern Couatiea. 

(4) I. A measure of slate, a yard 

(a) V. To hamese a hone. Bt^. 
Gaqbuent, t. An engagement. 

GAQGER.f. A nonconformist. £u/. 
Gambt, ». {Fr. gigof.) A leg of 

mutton. See Giggel. 
Gaggle, v. To cackle. 
Oaqoles, t. Tbe game of nine- 

pinl. North. 
Gacs, (. Children's pictures. Svff. 
Gag-tebth, I. Teeth projecting 

out. NOJttencl. 
Gabv, <ii$. Showery. Sim. 
GAHiiBir, I. A wonted short shirt 

with slecTCs. Bial. 
Qaibebeen, a^. Gay-looking. 

Kow lytewyM wbBt mle jon to conrtiersf 
TbeM minion niiaiaa Ernlilmni. 

Sir Tko. Ck^mifi ilatix »«„ Q 3, ». 

Gaignaqe,*. (.Y.-A''.] ProStigain. 

Gail, i. A tub used in brewing. 
Gail-clear, a tub for wort. GaiU 
diah, a vessel used to pour liquor 
into > bottle. North. 

GAiLLABD.flilj. (^.-JV.) Gay;frisky. 

Gaily, b^j. Pretty well in health. 

Gain, adj. i4earj convenient; pro- 
fitable ; easy ; tolerahlej tractable; 
deiterous; expert; actice; re- 
spectable ; accommodating ; goad 
tempered. Far. d. 

Gaihaoe, I. (J.N.') Profit. 

Gaincome, I. {A.-S.) Return. 

Gaincofb, e. To go across s Held 
the nearest way; to meet with. 
Sooe indeed tb ere bare lieeii, of a mora 


luU the time. 

D nude thdr Tojafe ia 

Oaini'dl, adj, Tractable. Yorkth. 
Iod'J] flDd him psia/U, bst ba tun jon 
And ^t him Tairlj, if jon can, t' hii lodg- 


». i- ei. Pi^riiii, ii, *. 

Gaingi\^N6, I. A mfsgiviDg. 
Gainlt, (1) adj. Suitable. 

{2) ode. Rearlil; ; eutly. 
Gaimsbikb,j. The barb of b liDolf. 

GAiN.apnK, p. To eicite by the 

pioBpecC of gain. 

Sure, in the Icnnd of 4b«ard«it bblq 
1 ihoaidchTDulfliiuaCaf theHadiBinblci: 
Save Tor th« nrerence of th' noaluacii 

Of niBn J a vilnei where I jent hive mil 

ore womltoni 

And nvinE that oi 

l»j™ wat« 

Gainbtiihd, •. To withstand. 
Gainstkivk, v. To strive againit. 
Gaibibb. See GarUh. 
Gaibn, ». Yarn. Yortili. 
Gait, (1) i. A path, or itreet. 

(2) f. Summer pastunge for 
Ctttle in ft commoD field. North. 

(3) t. A gait of water ii two 
buckets canied nitb t joke. 
(4) .. A goat. 

(5) ». A single sheaf of corn. 

(6) E. To set up aheavei of com 
ia wet weather to dry. 

Gait-bebde, I. Goat's beirl 
GAiTiNa,(l)aifj.FroIiesonie. Dori. 

(2) t. A sii^le sheaf of corn set 

oneod to dry. Norlh. See Gail. 
GAiTBK-BEBBiJt, t. Thc bcTry of 

the dog-wood tree. 
Gakin, s. A simpleton. Gbme. 
Gal, a. A girl, Var. d. 
OALAOANTiNa, ui^. LsTgc and 

iwkwlrd. W*tt. 

Galaob, 1 (. (fV. foJlDcAt.) A 
GALLACK, / cl<^ or patten, Um- 
tened with Utchett; anr cotne 

Tl] h«rt.|ik»d ii nl|fa wcH ttan I rsel, 
Ajid BT «!«> irmni (ut to ot bsL 

i^H. Sktf. Sml. Fii.. SO. 

Galantnebsi,!. Fathion in drei). 
Galaothi, I. A chaplet. Mam. 

detile, p. 244. 
Galahh, v. To cover the upper 

part of the thoe with leather. 

OAI.CAB., I. An ale-tub. YoritA. 
Galdib, t. Vulgar talk. Eatt. 
Galdiubnt, I. A great fright. 

Galb, (1) B. To cry; to acreBDi. 
(2)1. Song i noise. 

(3) I. A Gsalrated bull. K'tif. 

(4) V. (^JS. falati.) To sing. 
(b) I. Wild myrtle. Cumi. 

(6) ». (Fr.) Ajiy sort of exeret- 
cence. Line. 

(7) V. To ache iritb cold; to dy 
open with heat fferlM. 

(8) r. 7b ^fe a mim, to acquire 
the right of woiiiag it. Wat. 

(10) Gsol, or prisiM. 


. Johoe ud Moch for lotha 

Galx-hbadbd, I. stupid. Dmim. 

Galentinb,/. (Ft.) Aaortof aance. 
We have in the old cookery re- 
ceipts for Biieb dishes as "lam- 
preys ia galyntyne." 

(Mgnljfni. Ttia cruila of hrede, uA 

anel, gyngyyei, airi 
! It inth ^Tnegar, UA 
mgb a itriTnar. and 
Fenxft^Ctirt,f. 2S. 

Galkb, J. Wales. 

GALsr, adj. Marshy. Deren. 

OaliabDi adj. Qsy. See Guillard 

GaUardm, gaiety. 
Qalilib, I. A church porch. 



Galiks, r. A bndK. Senurt^. 
Galihsuh, \i. {A.-N.) The 

the ruah eypenu, oted u a drag, 
or w a MAioiiing foi dishes. 

Galinic,*. a gnmei-tbwL Conae. 

Galtot, a. (/v.) A Hnall veuel. 

Galiabaw, I. A girl who looki 

Gall, (fc.)'(l) «. A BarcMm, oc 
■evere joke; ■ giUins itroke; 
TexatioB, or trouble. 
(2) V. To ucj gallinSi urcsiUc 

I tana KOI jw fkaUig ud jaUnj >C 

(3) (. A lon^acei aftolt. 



<i) B. To frishten. Samtmi. 

(5) I. The oak-apple. 

(6) t. A defect in a tree. Siut. 
Gallacbs, (. Btacei. lertik. 
Gallant, (1) adj. Fioel; dcessed. 

(2} «. A 'gatoa in gay appinL 
Gallanted, wtj. Gallant, well 


Enter BobUs J 

Oranfi IW < 

Gallas, t. The g^lowi. 
Gallst-badk, 1. A beam in a 

chimne; to bang pot-hooks. 

GALLBi-Biwt, I. A woodpecker. 

Gallbt-cbow, *. A scareaow. 


GALLBT-TOiaX, (. A lOBg bu^ 

Our mckei quJckLj veigfa'd^ our ujlo ap 
^Hiaa Uiirtj milet *« put, n mile Enm 

braoght up winoi and cither merehui- 
diin, vhich tk^ luUkd in Thimw 
itiet«.ftt AnLaceaUcdntler-kef ^ they 
htd a cdtUdh cojiifl or uIth aamasM 
thenulTH. vliicb wen taalfiKDce of 

TliiiH half-peueg w 

It the En^h nl|j«ti. 

forbuld«ri Id 
NonrillutiDduit, in 

SloKi"! Sar^s) limiai, IW. 

Gallet-nobe, I. The figure-head 

OAU.TAH, odr'. French. Stai^fb 

Galliahd, (/v.) (1) aig. Gay; 

(2) >■ A quick lively dance, ia- 
troduced into EngUod ibont 

OALLiAssiaa, I. (A-.) Exuberant 

GALLLAaa (fV.) A large kind of 

Gallibkosab, (. A ictfecron. 

Gallic, b4i. Bitter aa gall. 

Gallic-bandbd, a4r< Left-handed. 

Qallibb, I. (I) One who keeps 
teami forhiie. Htr^, 
(2) A fight j ramping. Wtit. 

Gallioastt. See Gali^anliaff. 

Galligantds, (. An snimal above 
the Dtual size. Clone. 

Gallihation, (. {Fr.) Nonaenie. 

Gallikawtut, (. (1) A diah 
made of seieral aorta of meat 
minced, or of remnanti and 
•crapa. "A galiimmifity, one 
fricau^e." The Frmch Sehaoi- 
maitrr, 1636. " Loid, be 
hath snpped up all the broth of 
Uus gaUimat^ry, S^gneur Dieo, 
il a hum£ tout Le brouid de ce 
paatj en pot." lb. The word is 

_, Google 

ciublei OT dtioktblcL 

(2) UBOphnicWlf, Mj eenfuaed 

modier of Hiuigs. 
Qallimbut, *. Aijtiwg fri^itfol. 

Galliooh,*. (^Md.) AmtlliUp. 
Bjfpiii thn TnniD ths bml 1}tar(hui«l, 
Tfig Cjnnoutlwk^, stuck HiBS aore 

HiA foZEoeit oH : with b>ct> tin Gjpiiuii 

(1) A,. 



(2) A )m*T7 ne mad bir the 

GuLows, (ufv. Very. Var.d. 
Gaixow-t>be, I. Thegillowt. 
Galls, (. Springs or tret plicei ia 

a Held ; hue pUees in > crop. 
Gallt, (1) tp. To frishtonj to 

taimt; to harry. Wat. 

(2}a«. Wetimoiiti qi^M to 

Gatlt-bikd, t. The woodpecker. 



Gallt-qdh, g. A sort of culverin. 
6AtLY-»AK, r. A team kept for 

Ure. Wktt. 
GtUiT-nuLs, I. Smillsqunetilee. 
GAUiT-imAPs, <. An; anbacrauDE 

arnameiitB. GloBc. 

QuMomt, I. Sea fil^fi 
Galosm, I. Henty (fhMi Oie IrM). 
Gaub, b. (jf.-i) To j»w«i t» 

Galt, (1) I. A boar pig. 

(2) >. CUf. .S^ott. 

(3) D. To nib, or gaU. 
Qaltu, e. To throb, or mo*» 

qaicklf. Eatl. 
Galwu, i. (.4.^) The gtUowi. 
Gam, e. To mock. Nortk. 

L tort irf IOM« 
Idntwen Of stock' 

1 «. Ak 
Jing« wi 

Qaixoc, «. The pUot comfrej. 
djajjocu-MAaD, a. The ]t& luad. 

GALLOPU-Bmi, (. Poor beer fi 

immediate nte. Eait. 
GAU.IWIN, «. A aanlhoB w imd* 

Gallow, 0. (^-S.) To frighten. 
Qaixowat, a. A hma trnderftfteeD 

hands hifh; a hackBcj. Korth. 
Qallow-clafpeb, 1. A Tei7 wild 

the tega over the othn dothing ; 
euet of leather to protect the 
Bhoei and itocldnga from the diit 

IE likewiK thera iff«t tha ;*■&( irith 

deiccndiag to the middle of the 
thighs; a nmiuir though leaa 
SQiwtaatial habit worn bjiromeit 
to improTe their figure. 

Gamblb, I. (1) A leg. Smentt. 
(2) A bntcher'i staff. 

Gahboni, a. A gammon. SMtoH, 

Gambbkl, (/(at) (1) I. A pieee of 
wood naed by butcheie for ex- 
panding a tlaughteied animil, 
(2) (. Tbe leg of a horaa. 
(3)e. To tie by the leg. 
(4) I. A cart with railt. Htrrf. 

Game, 5. (!) {A..S.) Pleasnre ; 
sport. QamtBehe, joyfully, pUj- 

(2) A rabbit-warren. 

_, Google 


nd the ollia (Or or 

Gauehb, (. ^A.-S.) G«m«. 
Gahesteh., (. A diBsoluts oc de- 
bauched person of either sex. 
Tit B cHalugiie 
Of lOl lie aomaUri in tU court and city, 
Which loid lici vitli tbit lidj, ud whit 

Sport! with thU mercbint'i viTe. 

«. ^«. 7W«0«,i,l- 
She'i impadent, ujlord, 

Sllaicip., AU'i WcU, V. 3. 

GjMtiALiis, I. An aitkward ram- 

hlingfeUow. fforlh. SteGamoci. 
Gaumib, (1) 1. An old wife; a 

grandmother. See Gaffer, Gam- 

mtr-itaag, a rude girl. 

(2) B. To idle. 
Gauubrei,, I. The small of the 

le^. Devon. 
Gaumbt, l t. Spoil; fun; game- 


Gandeb, v. Tn ramble abaiit with- 
out ohject. Eatl, 

Gahdbbqooie, t. Ragwort. 

Gandbb-honts, I. The month in 
wbich B man'i wife ia confined. 
Gander-yiuximr, one who acta 
the gallant at that aeaion. Toga 
a ganderiiig, to gallant daring 
this aeawn, Var. d. 

GandbUiOfbd, a<||. Thoughtlesi; 
Giddy. Wett. 

GKVoY.adj. Idlydiapoaed, Shrapth, 

Game, (1) p. To yawn. 

{2)prel.t. Gone) went. North. 

GANB-riBH,(. Ahornbeak. Somer: 

trick pat upon > person. Gam- 
nuts, whims, foncies. Var. d. 

Gam HICK INS,!. Goaiiping. Enex. 

Gahhom, (. (,A.-S.) Sport; non- 
sense. Var.d. 

OAUuauTBE, I. The gamut. Palis'. 

Gahoce,*. Silly spoit. To gamock, 
to romp or play practical jokei ; 
to go feasting and froliicking from 
place to place. Shnpih. 

Gauy, 01$. Sticky. Himti. 

Gan, {l)prel.l. "■ - 

(2) . 

. old c 

. for 

(3) prel. t. of give. 
Ganch, p. {ItaL) To punish by 
suspending a criminal on a hook. 
Itbir fOnaca of patting to dnth (ttp. 

which !• to be let fell from on SigUnpnn 

oLflue, Aiii^Ae, piperiiehe, 

e. Sanies' TrtuU. 

biu tpnd SaioDei 
Gang, {A.-S.) (1) r. To go. StiU 
used in the North. Garner, t 
good goer. Norti. 
(2) *. A aet, oi company. For. d. 
(3)f. Asetof calTtfeet. Nerlh- 

Gans-boosb, I. The passage from 
r-house to the barn. North. 
Gaho-dats, t. Rogatim week. 
Ganqbbal, I. A vagrant. North. 
GANaiHo-oEAB, *. The macbinery 

of a milL 
GANOiNes-ON, I, , Proceeding*. 

Ganole, c. {A.-N.) To make ■ 

Ganhlinq, ai|'. Tall and slender in 
proportion to the bulk, so as not 
to support itself well. Applied 
to Tegetable productions. Warv. 

Ganqbiu., (. (1} A tall ill-m«d« 
(2) A lazy lout. 

Ganobil, (. A toad. North. 

GANaBMAN, : One who has tha 
oversight and payment of a gang 
or namber of eicavators. line. 

Gano-tbetb, 1. Teeth which 
project out of the moath in 



Gakq-tidb, >. Bt^tion week. 

Warvr-l Aliumi Bnglami, IW, 

GuTo-ivAT, i. A putage. 
GANe-nEEE, t. Bj>gition week. 
Gjuiheb, a. A ^Dder. For. if. 
Gannek-bead, >. A dance. Soalh. 
Gahhihs, (. TIie1jtrkiae;of foiei. 
Gahnoe, (. A atandard. 
Gamhoksr, ». A UTCm-keeper. 
Gabkt, ». A turkey. Dtvtm. 
Gannt-widoe, t. AwDoden wedge 

far iplilliiig limber. Wat. 
Gansb, (I) t. Merriment. Sua. 

(2) ii<|f. Thin; ilender. Kmi. 
Gakt, (1) I. (/i.-S.) A gander. 

(2) (. The gaonet, ■ Corniih 

(3) t. To 7«wn. North. 

(4) adj. Scanty. 

{5)oiif. Hearty; well. North. 
(6) r. A Till^e wike. East. 

Gamtreb, 1 I. a stand for barrel*. 
OAHnai,, J Norlh. 

Gamtt, adj. (1) Frolicaome. Satt. 
(2) Lean. Eait. 

Ganzas, t. (^m.) Geeae. 

GaOwe, e. To chide, firmtwr. 

Gap, v. To notch ; to jag. South. 

Gapb-seed, (. A IqiLctoub t«nn 
for an; tight. He wu looking 
for a little gapt-tetd, i.e. looking 
about for anj' eight or idle en- 
tainment. North, A strange 
light is called a g^p^t mtt in 

Gapebins, >. Sight-secdng. Var.d. 
Gapeshatch, $. A fool. Gloue. 
Gafe-bticb, r. (1) Alu^nooden 

ipoon. Sail. 

(2) An awkward country down. 

Gaii, e. To make ; to compel. 
Gabatwibt, adv. Awry. Sutg. 
Gabb, I. (.A.-N.) A ehesf of com. 
Garbash, (■ Garbage. Fiorio. 
Gabbbller, a. A person employed 

to examine apices, drags, &c., to 

Had out impoiitiea, or garble*. 

Gabboil, 1. 


Gabcil, (. Underwood. North. 

Gabolitb, I. Agrimony. 

Gard, .. {Ft.) a bang, or trim. 

ming to a dreu. 
OK'ESt.prtl.l. Made. 
Gabdebbace, (. {A.-N.) Annonr 

for the arm. 
Gardien, I. A goardian. Saffait. 
Gabdies, I. GoBidiani. 
Gabdemanqeb, t, {Fr.) A Cap- 

Gardeh, e. To put a hawk on a 

piece of tmf. 
Gardih-binbeb, (. Carenne pep-, : The black- 
cap. molaaUa atric^riUa allAao. 
Gabjiirobi, (.(jf.-A'.) (I)Award- 

(2) The neceuary <^cei in * 
castle or pilace- 

(3) A cloak or < 
dreu. '* Satigard. guderobe.'' 
French Jlphaiel, 1615. 

Gardetiance, (, (Fr.) A cheat, 

or pannier ; a bag for meat. 
Gabdwthb, I. (A.-N.y A reward. 
Oifcne nl genonB and golds. 
And aardmnet many. 
6rcirt»iuidn aod gntt hone. 
And tlkint lamma. 

Marlt Jraure. 

Gabdiamcb, I. Defence, guarding. 
1 gvt it nobly in the kiiga dtfcpce, and 
in (ha ftarmiaici Dt my fain qnunQi 
righL CidfMun'j Sum. At^'j Mirli. 


Re not DUelT tbioVed Uie npitaiDEi, 
and nniied Ihe citeuiia for Oieir «t- 
vnred fidelitif and good vill towarda 
their kynpe KDd nrereigna lordfi, but 
AlkA ulolled their ganovt and maniy 
dcTJiEci abtn't the atwrvi. 

Bali, Bnri ri, !6L SO. 


Oabi, (1) V. (_J.-S.) To nuke « 
cause. Pnl. 1^ pardt u^igarle. 

(2) a4j. (J.-S.) Reid;. 

He bad hji men nuken hem jwv, 
Duta LnnAmcvglitc ke Ua, 
To iftke vilh the kynn. 

fipntOHCff ^ AtkeUton. 

(3) I. (^.-S:) A dart. 

(4) 1. Gear; accoiilremenU. 

(&) (. Cosrae nooL 
GABI-BOAIHaD, ml'- Oid^T. South. 
Gahk-locks, >. The gafflei of a 

cock. Chah. 
Garett, (. A vatch-tower ; a 

room at the top of a faouie or 

QkBTAitilTL, I. An Ml^pear. iV. 

GAansH, *. The sea-nsedle. 
Gabtitb, t. Garble. Ncrlk. 
Gakoati,*. Thetbroat. 
Gabqu., If. (.^r.-AT. gargogie.) 
SABerLB, / A pnqeetinj; iiKMit of 

■ gutter in a building. 
Gaboit, I. A diaeaie in cowi af. 

fecting; tbe udder. E<at. 
Gaboilodij, I. {A.-N.) Part of the 

nomblei of t deer. 
Gabolb, p. To warble. 
Gaboddn, t. {A^N.) 

Gaiiodt, «. A diieaie incident to 

calves 1 a kind of murrain. Ntirf. 

Oabgut-boot,*. Bear'8-foot. ^015^ 

Gakish. adj. {A.-S.) (1) Pine ; 

splendid ; «howy, especiallf in 

Hot being nmtentetl vith thit, thou 


(2) Fright«Bed|Terjwild; tilT*. 
Far. d. 

Gabigouh, O) «■ {A..N.) To heal. 
(2) $. A reward. 

Gabland,!. (1) The ring in a tar- 
get in which the prick was aet. 
(2) A tmall collection ot ballwta. 

Oablb,*. Tospoilbutteriumalung 
b; handling it with hoi haoda. 

Gaklbd, a^'. Streaked; apotted; 
applied to animal i. 

Gablic-batbb, t. K stInluDg fel- 
low. South. 

Gablono, 1. A garland. 

Gabn. a. (I) A garden; a garner. 
(2) Yam. Kortk. 

Gabnaub, t, A dish in aninent 
cookery, of which an account 
nill be found in Ord. and Beg., 
p. 46a. 

Gabkabdb, (. Wise of Grana^ 

Oabhbmiht, (. {A.-N.) A gar- 

Gabnbb, a. A gtanarf; a store. 

GaHHBTOVB,*, {A.-N.) pTOTiaiODS. 

Gabnbtt,*. (I) TbepamegTBnate. 

(2) (ItaL) A aort of Qrework. 

(3) A sort of hinge. 
Gabnish. >. {A.-N.) (1) A Uble- 

aervice, conaisting generally of 

Hetaoftwelie diehea, aaucen, &c. 

To gamiih, to set the dishes on 

the table. 

(2) The feei pairl by a prinaer 

on entering the jail. 
GABNiaBiK, «. Oae i>bo holds tm 

his hand aomething disputed, 

until the claim is decided. 
Gahnison, I. (J.-iV.) A garriaon, 
Gabnitl'kk, I, An article of dress 

fashionable at the end of the 

17 th centui;. 

that jron na be in bve witb notJiiu 
but yDotBclvea, and may be jealona ^ 
biB n'ifet when indeed you come in-act.. 
c«Dtly to titkt a vfeir of jva penona 


baa bud to feM is thg nMt (!«•, 
comb out joTiT periwig, uiftiu jaar 

to garidiwa kfi bit»ght 

Wu it tlH noit «f hii hihiimabls 

Giut.wiNBLB, J. A reel to wiad 

ygrn upon. Nartk. 
GtMswrn,!. A reel. Abawoic. 
Gabkace, (Uff. Awkwird. (^mi. 

Gabuat, t- Trm^; urar. 
Gakbb, v. (1) To work j to cipeL 

North. See San. 

(2) To chirp, or chatter. 
Gabbbt, I. The head. Far. d. 
Gabkbttbp, a^. Haring imall 

iplinteiB of ttone inserted in the 

joint* of muojiry. 
Garju>h-naiu, t. Largpe spike- 

naili. North. 
Gabbt-ho, (. Looie improper 

language. N«rlhanipl. 
Gabs, i. iJ.-S.) Grau. Garring, 

a paature. North. 
Gabbb, *. A BOteli. 
Gabsimb, «. An old method of 

bleeding b; pricking the ikia 

mLh a lucet. 
Gabsom, t. EameU money. North. 
Gaohih, «. {A.-N.) A youth ; a 

GAaTf^nf. t. at gore. Made. 
Gabtbk, (. (1) A garter. North. 

(2) Corn in the ibeaf. Durham. 
Gabtb, (. (^.-&) (1) A yard; B 

imall iodoaure adjoining a 

honae; s garden; a warren. 

Gartktertut, garden creta. 


(2) A hoop, or band. North. 
Gabti.b-hbadbd,<ii$. Thoughtleii. 

Gab.ti.esb, a4}- Ueedleu. Eaat. 

\ GAT 

Gascoinbs, t. Gailr-gMkini. 
Gasb, (1) t. A goose. 

{i)prn.l. Go«i. 
Ga».houhd,*. AkiBdsfbonad 

valued for ita exeeUent ai^. 
G*iBnrL,«lj. Ghastly. JW. 
Gask-bbipbb, I. A yoBBg besit, 

which fais taken the boll, but i> 

not yet in calf. Norf. 

^""oin, }'■(')* ^"^'^ ^*'^- 

y^j, Dion, In mj eoaicicDGC, be bu ■ 
IqffH Ihit ihtll In nuneleH, the aiEhl 
of wboH fMtkimM Aotm khc pluave big 
e; e* llitD Lf lie beheld Uui taicbs of i 

(2) A gally-gaakin. 
GAaT,(l)t.(J-£) A ghoiti tpirit; 
(2)tF. To frighten; to be bight. 

Gabt-bibd, t. A lingLe partridge 
in the ghooting Msion. St^falk. 

Gaet-cow, (. A cow which doet 
not produce • calf in the season. 

Gastis, V. To frighten. Aser. 

Gaitbbh, a^. Frightened. Ltie. 

GABrrOL, a^. Frightful. Paiig. 

Gastnb, >■ An apparitkm. 

GASTNBaa, *. {d-S.) GhaitUness. 

Gabtotne, I. {A..N.') A solitude. 

Gat, t. (1) A gost. 

(2) An opening. Eatt. 

Gatchbi,, t. The mouth. Somarttl. 

Gatk, ». {A.-S.) (!) A itreet. or 
road. " Go thi gait," go thy 

(2) Gttia, along the Kentish 
coail, are waggoa-traclu where 
the cliff, fifty or sixty feet in 
height, ia cut down in a kind of 
trench broad enough for a wag- 
gon, and ibus forma a gradual 
aacent from the beach to the 
high land above. They are 
chiefly naed for drawini- aea-wced 
to rot with other refuse m 
manuie, and the crop* of the 


Iile of Tbtnet o 


(3') Aftnn-Twd. South. 

(1) Maaoer; fuhion. Other 

gatti, in Hnother muiner. 

Gati-doos, j. TbG street door. 

Gatb-dowh, «. A going down. 

Qatil, (. For Caftl., goodi. Baet 
HfHamtoun, p. 129. 

Gati-fennt, >. A tribute for leave 
to pau tbrough pta. 

Gati-pobt-bakoain, I. When 
the money ia paid oa the gate- 
post before the itock sold leave 
the Geld. Nartk. 

Gate-kooh, j. a paddock. 

GArEsow, I. A itreet, or lane. 

Gate-bcbadtlls, t. Tbediviaion 
of a road. Pr. P. 

GATE-aHQBD, I. A gate-wa;. 

Gatk-wab-d, I. (.rf.-5.) A porter, 
Gathkb, (1)>. Aaammaliptnck. 

See Gaddre. 

(2) e. To glean, Simerttt. 
GATHEasa, a. The money-taker at 

athealre. JUtyn Paptrt, 
Gathebbub, *. The teeth of a 

bone by vbich be drawi in his 

Qathesinq, t. BoMng monn hay 

Gathbring-tdb,*. AtabuKdin 

Gatliss, adj. HeedleES. Eait. 
Gattabos, adv. Gatewarda. Leie. 
Gattbkah, (. A green lane. Zinc. 
GATTEB-BnsH, 1 «. The Wild geldeT- 

Gattlbhbadbp, adj. Forgetful. 

Gat-tothsd, a^. Having teeth 
projecting out. 

» GAD 

Oadbbbt, (. An iron rack for b 

ebimney. Chtth. 
Gavbi, t. A louL Derb. 
Gauchab,!. Vexation. Po'.Sim^, 

p. 31S. 
Gauct, adj. Fat and comely. 

Gaud, (1) i. A toy, or jwece of 

Rnery. Goaded, adonied. 

(2) (. A jeat, or trick ; a jolli- 

(3) t. Habit; faabion. Yarlah. 
{4)e. To sport. 

Gaudibb, «. The larger beada in a 

GArDKBi, I. Finery. 
Gacdt, (1) adj. Gay; feative; 

flattering. Gaady-day, a fent 


I hue good uoH to Kt tbe cocke on 
Falifnat'l Jcokalui, IMO. 


ud u Itad mine awiT (ar nolUng. 

(2]>. Gaiety. 
Gaddt-dat, I. A showery day 
with gleams of sunshine. North- 

Gaifdt-fat, adj. Exeeasirety fat, 

a term applied solely to butcher's 

meat. North. 
GAUor-oRBiH, (. Light greeD. 
Gadf, v. To go off. Someraet. 
Gauohlino, adj. Tsll and slender. 

Gaub.c. TostareTacantty. JtfbrfA. 
Gauk-handbd, <i({r. Left.handed. 

Gavet, a^. Clownish ; awkward. 
Gaul, >. A Urge wooden lever. 

Gadlt, ». Blue clay. rar. d. 
Gauu, e. (1) To andeistaadi li 
diitingiiisb ; to consider. 


(4) To iiDear, or mauL 
Qadmbd, adf. Sailed, grimed, or 

made Sltb;. "Hi* htndt were 

gaumed ill otct." Wane, 
Gadhlem, iu^. (1) Half nUj. 


(2) Frozen, ■■ the flngen. 
Oaumt, adj. Sticky. Norlluaipt. 
Gauh, (1) t. A gilloa meuure. 


(2) Going; giTCn. NorlA. 

(3) Staring Tkcintif.JVorfAonfif. 
Oaunci, (l)r. To prance a hone. 

(2) adj. Gaunt. 
Qadmbsl, t. A lott of unce 
fonneilf «aten with geete, mads 
of flour and milk, and coloured 

Gaunt, adj. Redaced in itrengtb. 

othnn nc iu ojci to lubba. 


, A wooden frame for 

Gauntt, a^. Luxuriant Ntrlh- 

Gauf, (1) V. To gape, or (tare. 

(2) «. Noiif talk. Derbg. 

(3) B. To stretch the limbs 

Gaopkn, ». Two handfuls ; an im- 
moderate quantity. North. 
Gaopb, (. A simpleton. South. 
Gaube, e. (1) To ttare. 

(2) To CTT ont. 

GArBT, adj. Healthf; exabetwt. 

Gaubter, v. To laogh londly i to 

swagger. Cratai, 
Gauts, V. Toitareniddj. Worrt. 
Gautibon,*. a simpleton. iVor/A. 
Gadvt, I. A dunce. 
Gatbo, I. A gage, or pledge. 
Gatel, (1) a. A sheaf of eoni be. 

fore it is tied up. Satt. 

(2)1. The gable. 

(3) t. To stare vacantly. Cumi. 

(4) s. Vmtj, Gavtler, a nsorer. 

T m>ij«* hMtn w Tortode roberia-thirithA 

of the 

Ttrmet la angmt, IHI. 

(2) A crow-bar. North. 
Gavbb, >. Tbe sea erar^th. 

Gatbk-rah, I. Tho jBck-anipe. 

Gatt, (. A silly person, or half 

idiot. Wane. 
Gaw, t. (1) A boat-pole. 

(2) A stripe. SoMh. 
Gawcuu, t, A simpleton. Sc- 

Gawtin, (. A clownish fellow 

Gahish, a({r- Gay. 
Gawk, (1) a. A cuckoo. 

12) adj. Awkward. Var. d. 

(3) t. A fooL North. 
(i) I. A cuckold. 

(S)p. To bawk and spit. Z7«>Mi. 
Gawi-a-uocth, r. AgapingfooL 

GAwaaBAW, I. Aleft-handed man. 

Gawl, 1. Gold. Somertel. 
Gawle, p. To cry out. See Gob. 
Gawlbv, (. A blockhead. Ifiinr. 

Gawh, e. To look idly about. 

Gawhik, tt^. Stupid. A'dtM. 
GAWNi.jiret. (. Gave. £tter. 
Oawiikt, *. A simpletDD. WOi: 
QAWN-rAiL, *. A pail with the 

handle on one aide. Qloae. 
GawTi f. The channel to COnTCy 

water from a water-wheel. Late. 
Gat, (1) ■. A print, or picture. 

Still used in Essei. 





(2) 1. A. gij penon. Oamiyne. 

(3) a^. Qniek ; fatt For. dL 

(4) oiSi. Tolenble ; coniiderable. 

(a) «. The MMM «T moroing. 

(6) A imill rat in » patb. Zinr. 

(7) ^ fay Ml, a titrable t^ooe, 
* good while. WetlmortL 

OAT-(UBDs,(.CoBrt cirds. SaffvOi. 

GAT-rtooa, (. In tb« coal-pit* at 
Wednraburyin SUffordgUre.the 
tbirii parting or laming in the 
body of the coal it called the 
fay-fioor,\vo foot thick. Eemttt. 

OarLB, t. A gaoU 

Gatlt, adj. Tolerable ; quite welL 

Gatnb, t. {1} To BHimay. 
(Z) To aiail. 

GAVKKSgc, 1. Qaiet*. 

Gatnkbte, oilf. Readieit; neareit. 
At lAcjMyiuttei at random. Psj^. 

G&THrATna, t. The aword naad 

Oatn-btib, : The highway. 

Gat-fole, «. A beam placed acrosa 
the interior of a chiraneytohald 
the bangers for the kettlea. 

Gatbhkn, (. A rimptetiiD. Cmadi. 

Gatifahd, prtt. <■ Gaaping ? 


With groMliude lots. JTurU Jttkim. 

Gavbttk, e. To lodge. (?«nyne. 
Gaebl, •. The black currant. £en/. 

Also, the wild plum. 
Gaebt, (. A imall Venetian coin 

of the valoe of three farthings ; 

it was the original price of a 

newapap^, whence the now eur- 

rent name of Gaztllt. 
Vhat EDOuCnmi ukd ami pAinfU dr- 

Sonm UtTK-uence is tht v\a\e, lot tint 
tvfll eoBe to. B. Jimi., Fa, i, 2. 

Qn, e. To go, addieaud to honei. 
Id Derbyihire, the following ia 
the Hoonhym dialect: " 6tt, 
straight forwanl— /ff^U, to the 
right— ffoM, to the left— Cviws 
USar, to the 6rvia—Wotp, bait. 
SometimcB all the tenna are D««d 
in a breath ; an empbatis being 


quired ahedience." 
Qbai., I. The hole tbnngb which 

the metal, Ac, is poured into ft 

OiALB, V. {Fr.) To frteie, or 

become jelly. 

It fonai lilllc jnint or Ncdi within it. 
which ciare to it« DdcB, then grow 

Fartiimm Btura. 

GtALL, V. To griere. Northtonb. 
Gbah, >. The wild cherry. Var. d. 
Gkancb, «. A jaunt, or erraad. 
^l^l'^]'-{'t-N.) A giant. 
Gkant, m. a jay. 
Geakt, adj. ProBtahle. Ttottr. 
Gkas, (I)a. Anykindofmoienble 

property; busineu in general; 

■abject, or matter. 

(2) w. Tu drew. 

(3) t. A worthies* thing < 
persoD. GeaT7ae»i, mbbii 


The 1: 

the aide of a cart. 
Geabs, ■• Hone trappings. 
GiAnim, ait. Out of order. Lme. 
Gkasoh, a^. Scarce; rare. See 

Tljrt il thj dee, and lottlj u< •l\ij ]«A<a, 

Kich be thy rohu, end gnum In be bad. 

n.rbrpiUi'i SfU. /SnHUUd. lUB. 

_, Google 

GusT,(1)(. AjoiitiOTCroH-beiia. 

le tlu ftmiUi ud dORclickai nond at 

their erviniK. 

(2) part.p. GueBBcd. 
Ceat, .. (1) Jet. 

(2) The bole through iiMch 
melted meul is poured into ■ 
mould. MS. Larud., 1033. 

(3) P»ce. Nerlkumi. 
Gbat, (1)». Aj«r. 

(2)". Togo. 
Geb, v. To tum up the ejei ; to 

aneer. Nbrlli. 
GECK,(l)t. Adapfliifool. ' 

(a)B. To dope. 

(3) I. Scom; deriiioD, North. 

U) e. To tou tha he«d Bcora- 

GicKDOB, I. Gooie-grais. 
Gbd, (1) adj. T}tad. Deriyh. 

(i) I. A pike. Norlhnmb. 
Geddedi, adj. {A..S.) Dead. 
Geddib, a. Coo lis. 
GmBK,pre(. t. Went. 
GiDELrNOZ, t. A Ttglbond. See 

Geo KB, B. To gather. 
Ged-wakd, ». A goad. North. 
GSB, (1) ». To give; to thiw. 

far. d. Geed, gave ; je«t, givtD. 


(2)e. To agree ; to snit. Tar. d. 

(3) I. Ad afirout; obitinacy. 

Geeal, adj. Clear, yor*!*. 
Gbe-brid, (. The jay. Lett. 
Gbed, fret. t. Went. JVm/. 
Gkbue. v. To give guck. "jeeme 

Dr ;eve soke, lacta." Huloel. 
GbEbtng, s. The ladders sTid side- 

nili of a iTBggon. Midland C. 
Gees, *. A hawk'a jesses. 
Geese, *■ A hone's girth. Deton. 
Gbet, : (I) Jet. 

(2) GoBto. 
GsETKN.v. To >af ye. or jou, in- 
stead of thou, to a penon. 

"jCEfyne or sey jee, bmo." tMoet. 
Gin, adj. Deaf. Far. d. 

Geo, v. To walk ctrdessly. Mirf A. 
GsoaiN, I. A amall tub. 'North. 
GiaEziE-CHEESE, ». Very poor 

cheese, made of half-ikimmed 

milk. Eatt. 
Gbitlbsse, adj. Without booty. 
_ MoTlt Arth-ttTt. 

cnekoo. See Gmtlt. 

OperalioQ by which females are 
rendered harren. Antigonus, in 
the Winter'! Tale, act ii, threatens 
to gild his three dangfaten. 

(2) p. To cnt off the topa of ant- 
hills, and throw the ioiide over 
the land. Htr^ordih. 

(3) e. To cleanse nheat. 

(4) .. {A..S.) A tai. North. 
Geldino, >. A eunuch. 

Gelb, \t.{A..N.)Seai. Ct. 

SELiFVES. J tide, made into a jdly. 
Obii., (1) 0. To split. North. 

(2) : A large quantity. War%e. 
Qelwtd, fret. t. Glittered. StBg. 

Ant., i, 77. 
Geloitbb. See GiUqfert. 
Gelp, t. Thin insipid liquor. Ytirtth. 
Gklfb, e. To bosit. Ntmmal*, MS. 
Gelt, (l)i. (4.-S.) Money. 

(2) ai^. Barren, or impotent, 

yoTftth. From geld. 
GBLTir, w$. Guilty. 
Gemeah, adi. Common; Tulrar. 

Ceue-iedbbs, t. The fcKtbers 

covering 11 hawk's tail. 
Gemel, I. (A.-N.) A twin, or pair. 

Gemflt, a pair of hin;^. 
Gehbtrt, *. Geometry. 
Geuhan, I. A gentleman. 
Gbmuert, t. A jewel-hoase. 
Gen, (l)/Tep. Against, 

1,2) prtt. I. of five. Var.d. 
Gende, Dif|. Seat; pretty. 
Gbndes. c. To ring, or resound) 

to ehatterwith the teeth. Clmvat. 
^OKsm }"■ To engender. 
Gene, (1) ;,«■(. p. Given. 


(3) •. {J^S.) To foTcei to com- 
pel; to invite. 

GiKsra, (. (/v. cauif.) A knife. 

Gbhual, (. Tbe public Siaitip. 

GBiraBALB, «. Tbe ■rchdeaeon'* 

Okitk&o'-b, a^. {Lot. gntraiui.) 

Of noble binb. 
GiNUT, #, {A.'N.) The broom 

GiHKT, >. Tbe wild cat. 
GiMCE, (. {A.-S.) k conipuj; ■ 
cetinoe ; a people. See Giag. 

IT rlth m: 

OltflHO-l-EFFKR, t. 

Hh daiif sninf-fiffir in Uu Imig. 

OKI hit nuke, lipt i^ the ladder, wai 

■bowed hiipBeir ■ trt ttimbk footman. 

MeUon, JttniegOitirt IGSO, 

GiKiTiMa, «. A lort of taAj tpple. 


I. Tbe CI 

,. W. Wyre. 
GiKowAiE, t. A Oenoete. 
Gvn, adj. {J..N.) Ne«ti prettj; 

GiNTMiB, It. {A.-N.) CouTteijr; 
eiNTUKB, J bonour. 
GBNTiLi,a((j. (..^.-JV,) Genllei weU- 

boraigeoteel. GmtUUelu.ADtlj, 

GrnKTiim, ». Gentiliim. HoopeF. 
GsHTiLizi,, V. To «ct the gentleman. 

And left hii thiiAy fuue ontfl hii sonnfl. 
To sftilUt it h&« whni M wai gDiie. 

JVinsI/' Btggm Afi. 

Gttmv.adj- Projecting. Northumb. 

Gbntlb, (I) adj. {A..N.) Liberal ; 

free; of rtnlc to receive knight- 

M ;n[Ii u TDiDulf, M fmboni. 

B. t- n.. iMit Fi^, ii. 

(2) *. A gentlemm. 

Anjl UisKMlninMtbdcnB^ 
So iroiU to oar KCHation. 

(3) t>. To mike free, or place in 
the rank ofag«ntlemaii. Shalit^. 

(4) (. A m^got. Var. d. 
GiHTLB-csAFT, (. Shoenakbg. 

Tti> Princdr HBtaj d (M^ia and 

Ciinuiiu, ar eke ffaiUt C>y), iheiriiH 
vliat renowned prinai. nanea, and 
wortbiea. haia been of the UKcmikcn' 
tnda. boU in UiB and otber UwdoBiB 1 
lOiewifa whjr it'i eaU'd Ui» ffiartr Om/I, 
and that ttaer w a Sboemaker'a ion ii 
a Frinee bom- ISmo. London, Piinled 
b; L. How in FettieMLLaae, n. d. 


who waa to hand hii miitreaa to 
tbe coach, and walk before ber 
baiebeaded; in Uter times Hui 
leaned apon hii arm. 

Gbntlebt-w KN, *. The gentr;. 

Gbntsib, *. Gentililjr, 

GBKTBT-cnTFiN, I. A llang term 
for gentleman. Dekker. 

™"V}- <•'■■''"■■""'■ 

GiNZiE, (. An engine of war. 
GEOUEaii, (. Meniuration. 
Gbombtib, *. A ganger. 
Gbobsc-noble, (. A gold coin of 

Hen. VIII, worth about Gi. %d. 
Geobk, a. A but for geele. North. 
Gkotkb, I. (A.'lf.) A caster of 

Gbf, 1. A icuttle. Craven. 
Gbpon, f. {J.-N.) A poucpoint, or 

Gbb. See Oare. 
GiBABLOUB, 1. The gilliflower. 
Gbbbb, : {A-N.-j A htDdful of 

hay. SomerMt. 
Ok&dole, a. A girdle. 
Gibbvb, a. [A.-S.) A governor. 
GsuFAwcoN, t. A kind of large 

Gbbinisbb,!. ChangeableneN, See 

Gsmisa, adj. VM. 


(^MEIN, *. A gO&WCOD. 

GiBL, #. {A..S.) A ebUd or jroang 

penoD of either lei. 
Ont-LAHOBTiKB, (, PenoDt who 

Uoghed noiulf. 

lot bi nida boliljiDoidi get-laas^^t- 
who Ihinke Cfaer ue uem mem UHpt 
tkn nil llie bouc ont (J thi sinilDirB 
wl^ ntname MseihtiB. 

MOlm-i SinfM FeStieUw, IBDD. 

OsBHAJNBi*. A Mcd, or bud. S^i. 
Gbkuan, (. (Lat.) A brother. 
GntiiAN couB, I. The fingen, tl- 

hidingto tfae elovenlinew Mcribed 


tken to ^1 m Ui dntlu, vblcb ha 

nnertUr ntror'd «ilh h km thick frlu 

111 lin'd with fox tkuu; then to comb 

ud thnn 

Gnif, f. (I) To grin. A^orM. 

(2) To yawn. 

(3) To open ; to come naien 

loA.. {J.-S.) ] 
feagei'lyt etrw 

. (o Uu grounds, 
tber he fonnde, 

; wktflT thM itook, 

OkKM, (1)*. Qrtn. OniAy, pis- 
tnnge. Nortk. See Oar«. 
(2) Hekel. See Gare. 

GiRBou, I. {J.-N.) Tnuare; rB. 

^nioQ ttllB hiTO grraomt ftiHo iret^ 
nu nrne inlla the even. 

Gbbt, (1) ai|f. Great. i)niM. 

(2J Made. See Gart. 

\3)prtt. I. Puibed; pierced. 
Gtmrrs, part: p. Girded. 


GiAT, ad/. {J..S.) Chugeable 
Ikbabki, t. The gubage of an 

Gksine, adj. {A. S.) Ran. 
Gkbbune, t. {A.-N.) A b* 
See Gitarmt. 

(iiBiN, I*. {A.-N.) Childbed. 

Gsslini. I. (I) Goilin^. 
(2) The earl; bloMom of the 
viUow. North. 

Gisok, a^. Rare. See Otitiu. 

Gibs, (. Sort ; kind. Somtrut 

Gusi, V. (1) To gnen. 
(2) To aim at a mirk. 

Obbbbbawntb, I. {J.S.) A de. 
fenaiTe jacket, withoDt ileevea, 
compoKd of imall platel of meld 
overlapping each other.andionie' 
timea covered irilh TeWet. 

Of BHCTEB, I. The poioegranBte. 
OiBMiiB, t. A gTBDai;. Paitg. 
GiBNiNO, (. Deaire ; yearning. 

Obbbb, (. (A-.) Qowr«Uing. 

Vhoein ie the ane of IhljTtvnBge- 
Ime and gtm, hut oHiye in the an- 
UKrete election and cboiH at Ibe;re 
■jva. B.I',^iwH,inC«t. Zi(,ii,iM. 

p. Valued. 
Gbbt, >.' (1) {A.-N.) A deedi « 

hiitorj. or tale. 
f2) {A..S.) Agqeit. 

(3) A lodging, or atige for MM ; 
properlfi a getUhoiue. 

(4) Geiture of the body. 
Gestehb, e. {A.-S.) To lot^. 

'It. Lodging ! enter- 


GB3 i 

Gbbtli, v. (I) To pnace ■ bone. 

(2) To Mumble. 
Gestlinq. I. The tena ifipKed to 

the meeting of the memben of 

tbe Cioque Forts at Bomne;, in 

GssTona, I. {A.~y.) A tJe-t«lleri 

ft nlatcr of romKncei. 
GcsTLT, adt. (A.-N.) Fufaionsbly. 
Get, (I) (. That which ii begotten ; 


(2) I. Gain ! booty. 

(31 1. Stock t breed. North. 

(4) t. F»bioni coatomi behi- 

(5) ..' A goal. 

(6) B. To megger i to brag. 
Getlottr, a bragger. 

(7) V. To be (colded, or beaten. 

Gbt-asate, e. To make a begiin- 

ning of anything. Norlh. 
GiTABNi, t. A guitai. 
Gbtb, #. Jet. 
Gbtu, : (^A.-N.) A part of a build. 

iag Hbicb projects bejond the 

Gethb, prtt. i. Goeth. 
Gatos, part. p. Gotten; begotten. 
GiTODN, 1. A banner, two yards 

GbT'Fkhnt, a. An old term for B 

pUy which turned out -profitable. 
Gettino-awat, adv. Near; ap- 

proBChing to. S^ff'. 
Getts, *. Earningl, Var. d. 
Gewoaw, (■ (I) A fantastical thing. 

,' ifanulli 

u, iec8. 


Gbyn,(1) ». {A.-S.) Denial; reftml. 

(1) A common form for Agtj/n. 
For words with geya in compoai- 
tion tee Gain and Agayn. 

Getse, (. A kind of eagle. 

Geyt, (. Goati. 

GstiKSKB. part. p. Parched with 

thirst. North. 
Ghklls,*. The game oftrip. Grot. 
GflENOB, (. The depth of m furrow, 

Ghbkn, I. A garden. Brrii. 
GiiEUB, *, (/v.) Beggars; b term 

of reproach for the I^emiah Pra- 

GmzzsBN, *. Tbe gizzard. Line. 
Ghost, ». A dead body. 
Ghowbh, v. To brawl. Exmoor. 
Gbtbe, v. To gibe, or scold. North. 
Giambeux, I. Baota. Spender. See 

Gib, I. (1) A hoTW which shrinka 

from the collar, and will not 

draw. North. 

(2) A 70ung gosling. Liue. 

(3) A wanton woman. 

(4] (A.-N.) Abump.or swelliDg. 

(5) A hooked stick. North. 

(6) A piece of wood supporting 
the roof of a coal-mine. 

Gib- A-LA»B,(. A lamb j list dropped 

from its dam. Dnon. 
GiBBSH., 0. To chatter. GUher. 

gabber, idle talking. Gibiarah, 

Gibbet, (I) o. To hang. 

(2) (. A heavy mallet. 

(3) », A Tiolent fall. Saff. 

(4) To gibbet a toad, to place it 
piece of wood, and by ttrik. 

Ym may fancr cutlet. 
Ana forty I know not whatl, bot tlwfre 

ing one end precipitate it so M 
to kill it. 

Corao one pjod ibowrt, Ind fcrewtll mj 
iaeifKinK. Til Clii^,\Mi. 

Gibble-oabble,*. Idletalk. "Gib- 

bk-gabble talk." Saiekii, 6y 


GiaaoL, «. The second lear's apront 

(2) A Jew'a harp. North. 

of an onion. Tfat. See Chibiait. 

Gew-ooo, *. A gooseberry. Stjff. 

Gibbon, ) .. A hooked aUck. 
siBBr-aiTCK, / North. 

Gxwn,pTe: 1. Giielh. 

Gbtlbbe, : A gaoler. 

GiBBr-HBBLs,f. Kibed heele. Son. 


QIB 9 

Gtaar-LAUB, t. A cutrattd bmb. 

GuBT-LlttS, t. Legi thiniwr on the 

cilf side thin the otber. Dewtm. 
GiB-OAT,a. Amtlaat(icu(nted 

bU Eu dcI ue thlTbiUf bow into 

GiBB, V. (I) To mock, or }e)t. 
(2) To fit; to *gT«e with. Bail, 

CiB-risa, >. The milter of the 
ultnon. North. 

Gtfi-raaK, (. like common two- 
pronged birreit-fork. Norf. 

GiBKB, ». (fr.) Gime. 

GiBLKTS, (. Rags. fenf. 

GiBa.iDOB, ■. Gibberiih. 

GiB-BTAnr,(. Aqiiirter-itaff.^«rfA. 

GiD, (1) f. 

Aa^uUi cna and ^ h did mm und 

(2) «. A guide. 
h)pret.t. Gave. &nurnf. 
(4) I. A dizzinua in the held to 
which aheep ire liable. Norf. 
(6) I. The j&ck-anipe. 
GioDvn.faTt.p. (1) Hunted. 

(2) Guided j directed. 
GiODV, (1) adj. Angry; furious. 

North. To §6 giddy, to flj in a 

(3) Sheep ore aiid to be giddy 
when they have hydatidu on the 
brain. Line. 

GiDDTOANDEH.,(. The orch'ia. Dora. 
GiDBBNB, (. (A.-N.) A binner. 
GiDiNCa,*. Manners. PaUg. 
GiDLiNOiiu^r- Heedless. 7far(Aa«^(. 
Gib, 0. (1) {A.-N.) To guide; to 

O l4ird. mT idolfl ud eke my bod* g\e. 

Cimeu. C. T. 
Foble princta. jnv Tcuon do nprije 
So prDdQiitlj to rDTArn tbem maigye- 

l^dgMl^i SaiJiai. 
(2) To give. Far. d. 
Otu, (. Goiie. HtffBood, I53S. 
Ca*-EACii.B. A kind of eigls men- 

tioned in Levit.. xi, 19; Dcut., 


r, 17. 


{A^S,) If. 
iiiFsuna, J. I<Uing ibout, ipaken 

of girl). Northia^t. 
GimuiUB, adj. Cgretooi. Camb. 
Girr-OArr, t. (I) ConTemtian. 

(S) Mutul 


Wg strth tkaia |in*, Haj n 

wu |it» tsthem bcron, Hi4Ui(T Biiit 
■eeda (no nntwkil agiiM; fat/ij^ 

Mtkoi dcng fraa'iutica. fi^ 
foUn gifti. Latlmtr-i JMuw. 

GiFFiN, <. A trifle. AxMnrt. 

GiFfLi, V. To be mtleit. £i(f. 

Gm, (1) (. A bribe. 

(2) Little white apota under the 
niuls of the tlngen wen eailed 

iS) To givi a g^, to malce i 

GiFTT-DAT, t. A dij** work given 
by one neigbbonr to inMbsr. 

Gio, (I) I. A top. "Toopie, aibot, 
troinpe. A top, gig, or aim." 
NomtMlaior. The leim ia ip- 
plied in Soneriet to ■ mill 
whiptop, mida of the point of ft 
bnllock'a horn. It ii used meti- 
phoriciU; ia the phrue Iht fig"* 
up, i. «., the matter is in igitft. 
tian, the spirit moves One. 

(2) t. A long, slender boat. 

(3) I. A maohino formerly used 
for wiuBowing eorn. 

(4) (. A machine osed in niting 
cloth, to prepare it for dreiaing. 

(5) I. A flighty person. 

(6) V. To talk, or chatter. 

(7) I. A eock. Noniinale. 

(8) I. A toy made with geese- 
featben, used by fowlers to de- 
coy birds. 

(9) t. A fiddle. Juniut. 


(10) V. To eDgender. 

(11) (. A hole made in the earth 
to diy fUz. Lane, 

(12) *. To Ruke > noiw. 

(13) V. To butCD. Dmon. 
GioaA-ioBaii, (. The noiie made 

by the ihtlung of a bediUad, or 
other fraiDe. 
Giaarr, t. (Pr. gigol.) (l)Alego( 

lOMMtarifWfofBBttOB. lUa TOUT 

lifHt wltE ewm uul atmmrj, ud 
■an tki pvyt pat thenu lome eJHret 
■Uw, Vft^ ■ hudAil gf upcn, kuod 
H mtb fiD|s and iitar, irbsn it ia 
koUid veil, illiii op joot r4«^ lod 

GiooLa. See GIglei. 
GiaoLiNO, a({|. Fooliihlj merr?. 

Giggling-Jeitny, t, child ■IWB}'! 

Uughipg. Zrio. 
OiGQ-MTLL, (. Afnlliiig miU. 
■. SeeK.*. 

le dUlflcit 
rignify ■ flighty girl, 
of ramping. In MSS. of the 
15th cent, this vord ii foand 
nnder the forml gjifbott, gyblot, 
and gytot. 

«r, I .. A w. 



A wantoa giggltt Loneit, Tcry iborUy 
Twlkl DukB ill mAakiDd pandui. 

Mitiing,, Ftul Dmrt, act iii, 
Wliat ia tht nittcr, f»Uih pgM! 
Tirma H EfUlll, IHI. 
Vu I anll'd I >be bid do rellcw, 
Her tort Upi wan mniat andmellciwi 

SrmtiH Stntiy. 
GiQLKT.wiaa.ffifD. Like 1 vanloD. 
That than wilt gad by triuhl \a ^ifltl-mH, 
Amid tliilif armed loea to wek tb* ihame. 

a GIL 

Gio-mu.,*. A mill Died for perch- 
ing and burling cloth. 

GiQB. Bjf gig», a commoa oath or 

Chad > roDle tnnc now or late, diill tell 
it you, tf gigi. Gammtr Surlai, O. PL 

QiasT, (. A vanton wench ; a 

GiKi, V. To creak. NorlK. 

GiLCDP, t. The buttercDp. Dorttt. 

QihDta, adj. An old cant word for 

GiLDiH, a. A mare. 

Gild, i. A Tillage green. Norik. 

GiuKT, *. ( J.-N.) Trickery 1 deceit. 

GiLiTBFBEi, J. A trap; a device. 

Gill.,. (1) A narrow roekjvaUey 
branching out of one of the larger 
Diountain-dalei or puscB. "X, 
gill aignifji a low ground nere k 
water aide compaaaed with bilU." 
More't MS. addn. to Ray. 

(2) A rivulet i a dildi. Var. d. 

(3) A wantou wench. Hence, a 
familiar term for agirl or woman. 

O what a norld ii tU>, thai ve Bn DDtbinc 

private baie, 
UanimicdB of mr aanaoU. tlioatb the 


Winut't JUiimi StflmiU, li»3. 

(4) AUttlepot. Pr.P. 

(5) A coarae apron. Pr. P. 

(6) The jaw-bone. Somenel. 

(7) A pair of timber-wheels. 

GiLtABin., «. To talk nonaente. 

GiLL-ALs, *• Ale-hoof. Dgetm. 
GiLL.BuBirT-TAii., f. The igttU 

Ground i»j. Somerttt. 
GiLLBS, t. Horae hain twisted to 

form a flahing-line. Clieth. 
GitLBBT. See Giiery. 
GlLLBT, (1) t. ADiDitrumenl uaed 

in thatching. 

(2) " GiOtt, dim, from Giles, 
1. e. a little kid." LadyiDitl. 

(3) c To wedge the intemicea 
of atblar work with imall flint. 


Wluit, yon ■ooia IwTi her u InpiideBt 
u loiindr. H errut ^jUpirl, i gidder, 
1 mam^uid, lo h; ^ m mmr oolo- 

np. fiOnfiirl, li that ■ 

Tbon took-it 

/ word I ipoke^ 

— » PIO-. »«■ m uilwhin, KiUrt ffiUiatt. 

nUim, lU aumca, ItM. 

GlLI^HOOTKB, t. An ow). Chah. 

GiLLiVBK,*. Awintongirl. Nnrik. 

GlLLOVBBS, t. The general tern 
for camitiotii, pinki, uid iweet- 
willismi. Hence the modem 

GiLLooE, t. Plenty. See Gaiort. 

OiLLOT. See Gigbl. 

G11J.TV1NE-PIH, (. A bUck-lead 

GiLOFu, ». {Fr.) aorea, 
GiLotiB, ». {A..N.) A deceiver. 
QiLBT, I. Deceit. Sea Giltry. 
6iLiB,(. Akindofialmon. North. 
Gilt, (1) t. A spayed tow ; lyoaog 

«oir wbich bu not yet had pigt. 

(Z> V. To commit ■ fonlt. i>aAy. 

(3) I. Gold ; money, 
GiLTin, a^. Guilty. 
Gilt-poll, t. A fiib, the gilt-hesd. 

OiLTiB, V. To throb; to icfae. 

Gill, 0,9, Smart ; pretty. Far. rf. 
GiMAL, t. A Tiult. 
GiMBBB,(l)r. To gad about. JVor. 

(2) : A tbe->beep which bu 

been twice ihotn. lAne. See 

GiuBLS, B. To grin, or imile. Eait. 
GiHBO, 1. A baitard't baitnrd. 

GtHBOL, *■ A device ; a gimoBck. 

poiidai HjMii him, or Hme finivl or 
otfair TH oqt of fnw^ \c. 

BpOviIi., Sill, iiflriiatd. 

OnickACK,*. (I) Afrieceof ma- 


etunery; alermfortbtwoAiof 

(3) A conceited fellow. 

WliY, moit 1 be jrmt Ktj-pBBt.nm- 
waekf Iree har mo, yon Eiiinart, 
Ian jont gitjliiic and yoor inwHat, 

ye- rimtifLfaria. 1870, 

IcifBtBil. Lord hlEKoil Inn he 

t^B. Did jc noK n 
I if he did, "twu prin 

prinWIy vith ds- 
■daya. DMfif.AVirhiimi Wy^WO. 

GmsLL.*. A double tree. iforfA. 

GiULKT-iTi, *. A aqaint-eye. 

GiuLioi, I. A gimlet JVorM. 

GiuLiN, I. (1) A tab for atlting 
bacon. Norlh. 

(2) " Gymfyn, an initmioeDt 
Died for tapping a batrel." H^ 

(3) A grinring face; leitiaiaed 
laughter. Eait. 

GiMHACB, 1. A hinge. Sonuritt. 

OiuuAL, \t. A «ort of double 
aiMHiw, J ring. 

GiuMi, *. A hook. 

GiuuEB, I, (1) A female aheep 
from tbe foat to the lecond 
(hearing! one that baa not been 
ibom. North. A two yean old 

(2) Gimmer-lrte, a tree tiiat 

fwa double from the roM. 
A hinge. Var.d. 
A gimcrack. 
An old drab. NeweaitU. 
Giuuiw, I. A joint, or hinge. 
GiuiLi.adj, Neatjapmce. North- 

Gimp, adj. Neat. North. 
GiupLK, ». {A.'N.) A wimple. 
"iHSON,*, A gimcrack. A'nuoner, 

one who makea them, an inge- 

niouB person. Eatf. 
Gm,il)i.(ji..N.) An engine; con. 


GIN 5 

{2)fnl.l. Gave. Var. i. 

(3) p. To begin. 

(4) row'. If. Nw-lh. 

TliEj matt it ausued with Uh plra- 

iiDriifu be^ or !>' kR ofUvn^Mi 
tint KiU Dul-lic hant araam. 

Ec^rd. Man Qf^mmK-tel, 1S78, 

(5) f. A perpendicular iile,witta 
»nB» piojecting from tbe upper 
pirtito which ■ hone iifutened, 
Ihe horae moTing; in a circle, 
called Ihe giit-tiitf. Skrtpth. 
(7)'. A cranei ■ machine for 
moirliig timber. 

(8) I. The eotnula oC a ciU 
dreued and prepared fiilh cur. 
raati, lemon-peel, &c., and made 
into a pie, called b gta-pie. Eatt. 

GiNDE, V. To reduce to piecea. 

GiK-.rAT, t. Fat from tbe entrails 
•j{ ciltea. JVarf 

GiNQ, (_\):{A.-S.) Acarapaof; 

» of (he moTjffinff, 

Here'« inch a meriy ^Hff, 1 cqhU And 
ID ]D7 hrait Ut Bail b> t£e woWd'i end 
witlimclicoiiipsoj, iEMTM^ffirl.O.Pl, 
(2) EKcrementum. North. 

GiNCASO, <. A 

1^ laaaie let ■ 

doxeniiiTer rinn, and IhurfkugerB with 

Beritrt'i TntiU. IBSa, 

QiHOAWTEiE, I I. A dish Id aB- 

arsoxWDRV, j cient cookery, 

made chiefly of cod and baddock. 


GiNOKD, adj. Bewitched. Exrmor. 

ImesK, (I) I. A pate red colour. 

(2) adj. Brittle ; tender. Stntth. 

OiKfliK-QKATi, t. Grated ginger. 


GiN^WLiHi.t. A TCllDwlih colour. 
GiNQBBLT, ade. Carefnlly ; with 

. -ectedly i slightly. 
GiNaiB^FATiD,a4r. Light-headed. 


oiNQiBBa, l». {A.-N.) Oiiger. 

GiNaLB-aANOLE, (. A ipuigle, or 

showy ornament of dreaa. 
iiNOBEAT, v. To chirp. SlmmtT. 
GiNHK, ». (d.-S.) To begin. 
GiHNEL, a. A DuTOtr entrance. 

GiNNEos, a. A flah'a gills. North. 
GiNNiT, (. A nag; « nnle. 
GivttiC'K.adj. Neat-, perfect. Ettet. 
GiNODB, (■ An enpneec. 
GiN-TCBa, t. Veaaels for receiTiDg 

the ore fron rninas. Nortlt. 
GioDB,(. (,A.-N.) A ruler; a guide. 
Gip, t. (1) To reCcta. Yerk^ 

(2) To take the guta out of a 

(3) To cheat ; to anindle. Narf. 
GivcjEBB, t. C^.-.V.) A pouch, or 

GipB, (1) «. {A..N.) Annpperfrock. 
(2) (. A glutton. North. 
To gulp. North. 


In under dreii. 

puiulo." Nominalt, 


the Eait Riding of Toriiihire. 



Ginr-LKaBut,«fi. Ilui«g>leRder 

aoklet. NeriAtat^t. 
Ginr-OHioHS, (. Wild gulick. 

GtMT-Koai, J. Tbe com-nMC 
GiFTiAN, I. A gipiy. 
QiBD, (1) v. To itrike I to {derce ; 

to puBh. By fiii attd girii, by 

fiiiand itut*. 

(2) «. UeUphorioOlr. to lub 
with wit, to attack wiUi irordi. 

(3) '• A uicaim. 

(4) V. To ipring, or bound. 

Si) I. A fit, or apauo. Crovm. 
6) V. To crack; to break wind. 
(7) ». A prdle. 
(ej *. A boop. North. 
GiKDBKBw, (. A coane aort of 
Vow then ii dem ed from tllil itvb- 

of Ihe vHbbnw, vlileli ii ndlcd prd- 
tnw, whM k ■ wiMJUu ud nfflaent 
■Kit, lit (Or Mtvuita uoisto of labour. 

ar di«tiai^ and fit Indaed bat for 
If tmt atoOKcki, mi mdi wlicw 
I Bud mnch iveat botb ljb«ra]lj 

GtBDta, (. (1) A blow. Shr^h. 

(2) A jeater, or latiriit. 
GiKDtNo, «. A beam, Narlk. 
GiBDi.*. (1) a. A round iron plate 

for baking cakea. IfurtJi. 

(2) I, A great deal. Somertl. 

(3) V. To growl at. Samenel. 
GlBSLBS, (. A maket of girdlei. 
Gnu>i.B-eTEDE,«. The waist, "ffyr- 

deU-ttede,faiilxdiicOTpt." Palt. 
Soma thart. KanJy reAcbing to the 
eirdU'Steaji, or nule, Hani? to the lineH- 

,_ OxgiriU-ltci. 

OiBDLB-'VHEBL, *. A aoiall ipia. 


GiUMTiHaa, a. Latha (br b<wp«. 
OiMt, (1) B. {Lat.) To reralTC. 

(2) a. A circle. 
Giu,(l)*. To beat. 

(2)*. A rod. 
GiKL, (. (1) See GerL 

(Vj Aroebuekini(aB«cond year. 
GiBN,«. (1) TogriD. Norfk. 

(2) To yearn. 
GiHNB^iBAi, ». A great grinner. 

GiBNioAW, a. The carity of the 

mouth. jVor(A. 
GiBBKD, 01$. Draggle-tailed. £rm. 
GiBROCK, I. A && of the genua 

GtnsLr, 01$. Griatly. Cravnt. 
Girt. (1) See Gird. 

(2) <u$. Great XwM. 
GiBTB.WKBiiN. The material of 

aaddle-girtha. North. 
Girts, (. Oatmeal. Var. d. 
GiitT¥-uiLE,(. Milk porridge. .fiM. 
Gib, t. An oathj tuppoaed to be 

corrupted from Jeiui. 
By Oil. wai br SI. Charity, 
Alack, and fie ror ihame. Sinl.,iT,{. 

By Aj. muUv, eham not ildi, hnt yet 

chivoadiH^ie. OiiHHrOu-foihO.I^, 
GisAKHB, (. {J..N.) A bill, or 

battle-axe, nith b ipike dung at 

the back. 
Gi8B,(l)>. {A.-N.) Goiae; fuhion. 

(2) V. To dieas, to prepare. 

(3) «. To recline. 

Gi«KB, le. {A.-S.) Toiobstocry. 
liiu, J ^ere is a receipt in MS. 
LiiicMed.,f.288, "forhymtbat 

GisN.e. Togaapforbreath. North.-- 
GiBFBH, \i, A pot or cup made of 
□BSFiH,/ leather. " Gytpm-pofle. 
pot dt mir." Faltgratt. 

mce. LigcndtfCifUitJma.lUi. 
Giss.a. The girthof aaaddle. Dfsoa. 


CIS s 

Gim, (. (,A.-S.) A gnett. 
QiBTiHB, *. A^tment otc*ttle. 
OiSTHB, K. {J.-S.) To entertain. 

And dcyeth u wune hi betb dude, 
la hflf me hi beth i-gUtntd- 

Git, I. Tbe giit of s thing;. Denm, 

Gni, (. (1) A gDim. Chaacer. 

nj brodrcd fffU mftlcB thn ■ pllut 

liTTle. Ttricr^Wi Sp. f- Sm., 1U>. 


(2) Splendour; brightnea*. 
nu nihfl] TroT. or nnv nut Trnj 


U doth the daj Ug 

QiTH, t. (^.-£.) Com-cockle. 
GiTT, I. OApring. Oomii. 
<5^]^^"^|f. Adthern. 
GiTTON, I. (il.-JV.) A imlU *tan- 

dard. SometiDies, ■ bodj of 

troopt ■erring nnder inch ■ 

GiDST, t. A tonnunicnt. ^leiuer. 
Give, v. (1) To take, or ainime. 

A term in heraldry. 

(2) To yield. 

(3) To acold ; to beat. Far. d. 
(i) To fiei out, to lelinqniab, 
to giTe way, fail, See., from fatigue 
or weakneu. " My feet begin to 
give out," — " If you work too 
long your wii»l» will give oitt." 
I. of WigU. To gnt mar, to 
leave off, to yield. To give again, 
to thaw, to relax, to decreate in 
value. 7b gite Ike lime of dag, 
to with a good day to. To give 
tn fleih, to haie tbe akin galled. 
3b give batk, to give way. To 
give one He oisn, to tell him hit 

GiTBLB, V. { To gather, or 

coUect together. 
GivxH, 01^. Dispoied. 
Giwu, 1. Jens. 

Gtx,t. Eei of hemloek. Wilt: 
Gut, (. A wanton voman. 
Giz.DAHCi, t. A dance in diagniae, 

GiziN,e.(l} To gaze intently. £me. 

(2) To leak. WortA 

(3) To deck out, applied to 

GizLi,e.To walk mincingly. North. 
GizzKH, I. A ineer. NorlA. 
GizziHBD,*. Rattling of the throat 

from ttrangulatioa. Yorith. 
GizzMiiG, 01$. Giggling; ■ilty.i.ioc. 
Glabek, adj. <.Lal.) Slippery; 

amootii. DeBon. 
iLABBiTT. t. {Lai.) Baldneas. 
Glacb, v. To look scornfullT. Line. ' 
Glad, a^. (1) Pleaaant ; agreeable. 

(2) Smooth; eaay. From ;&!'■ 

GtADDBH, (1) e. Tothaw, Yorbh. 

(2) f. A clear place. North. 

(3) t. A plant, tbe gladiobu (irU 

Glaedib, I. The yellow-hammer. 

OLADDiNa, adj. Cheerful; agree- 

Oladdoh, I, The plant cat'a-tail. 

Gladi, (1) e. (A.-S.) To make 
glad ; to be glad. 

(2) .. Cheer. 

(3) adj. Bright; ihlning. 

(t) t. Ad open track in a wood. 

<&) prel. I. Ghded. 

(6) V. To look «ly. Bert,. 
Gladbr, I, One who nukea glad. 
Gladi - - -• - 


a, adv. More gladly. 
Gladlt, adv. Readily. Paltg. 
GLAoacHTFE, a. [A.'S,) Gladneaa. 
Gladsdu, adj. Pleaaant. 
GLAri, adj. (1) Polite. North. 

(2) Loneaome. fVeiliaorel. 
GLAma., r. To flatter. North. 
Glaik, oiti. Pooliih; inattentilie. 



GLA 5 

Glaiet, 01$. Giddir. 

Glairb, ». A puddle of mire. 

Cutnd. See Glare. 
GLAtvi,«.(l) Aiword. SeeGlate. 

(2) (_A.-N.) Aweipoa composed 

of along cutting blade attbe end 

of a staff. 
Glau. (I) I. Noisej crj; cluaonr. 

(2) (. A sore. Dernit. 

(3) V. To iDBlch. North. 
Glamodk, t. A cbuDD, or ipell. 
Glaus, *. Tbe haoda. KbiihumS, 
Glaub, *. The bank of a river. 

GtAPtN, B. Tobeglad. M.jtrfh. 
Glabb. (1) V. To stare earneMlf. 

(2) (. A aturing. Ettex. 

(3) (. Mire; lUDd. See auure. 
Qlarit, mirf. 

Seht monfhn the winter dno i 

Forin thKrlBlctUma, 
Bo fflttit IH the ^TOUid, 

In putnrei may be fomid. lb. 

(4)r.To glaze earthenware. Wat. 
Glare-horh, #. A glow-worm. 

Gj.Aa«, e. (1) To polish; to icouT 

barneu ; to ramub. 

(2) To glide. 
Gi.AStBB.B, t. An old caat term for 

Glasinob, (. Glast-worlc 
Glass, c. (1) To Tiew ai in a 


(2) To inclose in glass. 
CUiBsss, adj. Madeofglafs. Wett. 
Glabs-worh, I. A glow-worm. 
Glat, t. A gap in a hedge. West. 
Glateryb, t. Flattery ? 
Glath, adj. Public Hiame. 
Glatbe, v. To welcome ; to rejoice. 


Glattok, ». Welsh dannel. North. 
Gladcb, adj. {Lai.) Gray-eied. 
GLAnDEiK, «. A sort of gown in 

fashion under Henry VIII. 
Gladdb, (. Hot gleams between 

showers. Northampt. 
GLADMANnE, adj. Riotous. 

DiadiinfDlJie did Hjdn take lbs pnMno 
And alter lubtill ugnmcDti to stiudie tgbX 

lie first hid nli^ mnntt the M« 

Glavi, f. A slipper. Lane, 
Glates,?. (1> To flatter, Olaterer, 

(2) To leer, or ogle. 

(3) To slaver. 
GlaveraNDK, adj. Noisf. 
Glawm, v. To look sad. TorML 

See Glome. 
Glawh, t. Dried cowdang, uted 

for firing. Dtv. and Ciimio. 
LAI ong, Lj^-_ cianimyj sHinT. 
Glazene, a^. Made of glass? 

■» Pi; 1 


Glazenbk, I. A glazier. North. 
Glaze-wobm, t. A glow-worm. 
Glb, 1. (A.-S.) Minstrelsy; mirth. 
Glba, adj. Crooked. North. 
Qliad, *. A kite. NorlA. See 

Glbau, e. To cast up filth from 

the gorge, applied to a hawk. 
Glban, (1) tf. To sneer. Sonet. 

(2) (. A handful of corn tied 

together by a gleaner. Kent, 
Glib, ade. Glibly. 
Glbbt, adj. Consisting of glebe 

GLBDDB,ai^'. [A.-S.) Brigbti shin- 


GLK i 

Gi,»B. \ «. (I) (.JS. fled.) A 
OLiBD, / buraiag coll ; ■ iptrk of 
Are ; an ember. 

nuraglM in hkliwt mm llMla pl». 
fMtlie ha uroiita u ipuke of aMa. 

AmoDC tb* alMbf alle bi-mlU. 

CiriM. Filsiw, p. Sr. 
Ut ejM with tern uaiiiiC thefinitrinng, 
Wiuiti KHchiiif glut IBT heut ta cm- 
den InmMlL Drt/I., liit, M, 

(2) {J.-S.) A kite. "A pWe, 
Hiiftm«." Nontinalt. 

Gi.H, (1) V. To sqainL ATorfA. 
(2) .. t-<..5.) Pleunre. 
To balh bit limma in bocning tMa, 
It it bii sin Knd chiefa duin. 

IWlmilK't J^. f Sim., lUft. 
Oi.BB«, (1) f. (-rf-S. fffwO A jest, 
or (coff. 
{2)t>. To beguile. North. 

(3) (. The aame of itn old game 
of cards, played by three penooa 
with forty -foar cardi. 

Gl»ii, I. (^.-5.) A Buh of light- 
ning. Wtttnorei. 

Qlxbk, e. To slide. Oxfd*h. 

GLBiTiNO-arBiNG, (. A lurface 
spring. Narthantpl. 

Gliivk, ». A pronged pole for 
catching eels. Narlhampt, 

Qs-ta, adf. Smooth; slippery. 

(2) adj. Quick; adroit. North. 

(3) P. To glance slilv. 
Olb-uan, I. (AS.) A minstrel, 
Glihb, adj. Clammy. PalMf. 
Glihbband, a^. Glitlering. 
GtKiiMY,adf. Close; damp. Shropt, 
Glbhch, I. A glimpse, ffane. 
Glbndeb, e. To look earnestly. 

Glbnt, (\)pret.t. Glanced ; glided. 
(2) *. A glance ; a start ; a slip. 
{i)pret.l. Gleaned. Eail. 

(4) V. To make a figare. North. 
'Glebe,!. Slimymatter. SetGlare., ode. Quickly ; 

Glbvb, *. A glaTB, 

And AnhoQT sti 


Glbw, (. (jt.-S.) Hniie; mirth. 
Six Gle. 

i»l JTirlin, p. m. 
Glbwb, e. {J..S.) (1) To look ; to 

Uplilttd Iieliiilmd.MgdvIniiJ'iboato 

n.rinilb't TngiaU IUh.ISST. 
Who «Uo|it on, ud gititdi witb f«U i^ 
FroDOtiaciDg threatat and terDCs ot hje 

(2) To ^ow. 
Gleyolof, *. A kind of lily. 
Glbtub, I. The rbeam. Pr, P. 
Gleyngk, I. Minstrelsy. 
OuANDipnrf. a, Squinting. 
Glib, (1) >. A tuft of hair banging 

over the fuse, worn by tbe Irish. 
Thn Iriih ]irinc«m, and witli hor n fiflesas 

ai tjngel ibadi 



(2) adj. Smooth. Norlh. 

(3) B. To castrate. 
GLTBBEB,a4r-Woi'n smooth. Norlh. 
GuB-80ABDa, I. Boards tied to 

men's feet to enable them to 
walk in tbe pans of s*lt-norka. 

Glice, t. A jest. See Gttek. 

Gliddbb, adj. Slippery. Deton. 

Gliddbbed, adj. Glazed nltb tena- 
cious varnish. 

Glide, (1) v. To alide. Giydar, a 
slider. Paltff. 
(2) ». A gentle movement of a 

With Bilver ffliiis my pleuuit atraamaa do 
WlLtiie leapmg fithn pit; betwirt the 

Thi! grncioDiEondheth God K kind begno. 

I'or London a ue, with help oC asili and 

OTM. Fah. 

(Z) adj. Squinting; distorted. 

Glikeb,*. (l)Anythingthat glides. 

(2) A snare, or gilder. 
Gliebe, (. One wbo squints. No- 


6LI B 

Qltww, ». An nnexpcdcd glimpM ; 

a traniient TJew. KortM. 
Qlittk, v. To look. 
Qua, #. A bliiter. Lme. 
OUH, \v. To look ukanca, or 
aLiMB, JbUIj. 
'^""'^ 1 .. The m«c«. from th. 

OuuFBB, e. To gUmnier. 

GuMraTtparl.p. Caught a glimpK 
<tf. Glaac. 

Glim BTicK, *■ A ctndleatid:. 

OuNCT, \adj. Sonaoth ; ilippeir. 
BLINU, / 9an. 

GuMDBR, f . A ihalloir tab. J)«mm. 

auaK,B. ToiUde. Var.d. 

Glisb, (l)ti. To glitter. 

(2) t. A great lurpriie. Nortk. 

Ou*K, v. To glitter. 

Glistin, adj. Marit tggielent, ap- 
plied to cvei. Cheth. 

Glibtkk, v. To glitter. 

OuTBN, e. To lighten. YorJtth. 

GLimsQ, adj. StTi^ ; cruel 

GioAHiNO, (. Twilight. North. 
GLOAB-rAT, a$. Exeeasiielj (at. 

Oloas, (. Dried mw.dmignted for 

(Z) To look Intttnlly. 
imiii«at u 

IfycMcrUX, Pbdn-italtr, 1977. 

I swell. 

(3) To look tolkr; 

GLOBi-an. A flower, sappoaedto 
be a kind of daiaj. Kane Mela. 
■MniAMtt, MS. fny. Jac. 1. 

i GLO 

Oi.oaBiB, *. (I) A gtntlon. 

(2) Amiier. Samtnet. 
Globcd, d4'. Pooiithlf fond irfl 

Oi/OBi'DAUF, *. Damp in coal 
minei which fono) into Ibjck 
globaUr miati. Kortk. 
Olo-bbbdb,i. a giow-womi. Pobp. 
GiMot.prft.l. GUdedi felt. 
The itide he nut ud be foRh glcdt, 
Oniiua thfi Iduc Nuite» hv nde. 

vIrAnr h( MtrtU, p. 111. 
Glodin. Tbe tnnflowcr. Lme. 
Glob. To enjo; ? Chain- Play*, 
i,12B. TheUS.BodL,17a,i«ada 
Olobt. iVef. f. Glowed. 
Gloftabi,!. a glutton. Pr. Pan. 
Glomb, (■ A botiom of Ibread. 
Glovb, 1 ». (J..S.) (1) To look 
aujMBB, > gloom;, lowering, or 
SLOou, J iDllen ; to frown. 
mo H etude npe end ecbte wld btc. 
He l»de tbimnge n in the devjUe wmje, 

IiuUBim MS., lilt ttnl. 
If dtiier he lupctb or ghomtthr 

Tom Tyiw «^ bt Wifi, im. 
Whiit dTTfl], smuo, piscke op Tear 
hirt, ud lere oT el thli ; loeHu. 

(2) To make gioomf. 

Aufeht thet fjeoiiHiuiiithaBiUDefderxT- 
Jiwv, NigU Tk.. h. ii. 

GiyOHD, I. Cow-ba>i1. 
Gloom, t. A paasing cloud. WiUt. 
QisMniva, adj. Gloomy. 
GLOoMf. "I aiff. Qlowing ot 

OLOouiHO, J burning hat. Itie. 
Olof, c. To iCare. North. 
Gloppb, o. (.^.-5.) To euck in. 
GL0PFBN,1(l)ti. To frighten) to be 

OLOFB, J frightened, aatonithed, 
or itutled ; to itupify \ to dit- 
guat. North. 

(2) V. To Umeut, or rnonm. 

(3) .. A nen-ons agiution; a 
teadencT to lickneu. XWr. 


GLO i 

Olobb, •. To itBra. Set Qlan. 
Globi&tioh, *. {Ltt.) Bnuting. 
GLOKions, 01$. {Lat) Boutful. 
GiMBxtA ad}. Fat; greurjcor. 
SLOBT, Jpnlent. Sckll naed in 

Wuwii^ shire. 
GLOBT-HOLa, I. Acapboardat th« 

hftad of a staircaae for brooms, 

a*. Var.d. 
Globtthi, r. To defile. Pr. P 
GLOBB.C. (1) IJ.-N.) To MnmeDt ; 

U> interpret. 

(2) To Matter. G/uer, ■ auierer. 

See Glozt. 
Globs, b. To polish. iXe. 
QioTON, ». (j/.-iV.) A glutton. 
Glotten, e. To frighten. 
Glottknino, t. Atemporarf melt- 
ing of ice and snow. North. 
GiMnn, pTft. t. Glowed. 
Glohmubh, I. A lock of bail. 
flLODPiNQ, s4i- stupid and tuUen. 

Glodsb, (. A ttrong gleam ot heat. 

Glodt, e. Tolook lulky, or pDot; 

la plf fe of Ihretyive. 

WiUiiw, di SicTilam. 
Olouting witb. Bollea apiiEbt the forr thook 
Hw doltef d iMki. Biifbluted witli och 

look. eiirfA;i IN^auvy, ITM. 

GtocToua, aij(. (^.-Y.) GluttoBon*. 
Glove, p. To bevel. Craven. 
Glow-easom... (1) a glow-worm. 

(2) A bold impudeot penon. 

Glow-bikd, (. A glow-worm. 
Glowe, v. (1) To glow, or tingle. 

(2) To look ; to itare. Stilliued 

Glowhb, e. To itare. NorlA. 
GrowcuHO, adj. Quarrelaoae. 

Glowing, *. The diicovery of 
cockln in the water by a ahining 
reBection from a hubble which 
tbej make beiow, whes the inn 

ihJnea upon the gurftcB of the 
water in a clear (till dij. 

Gloi,*. Thesoimdofliqoidawlien 
shaken in a barret, miti. 

Gloim,(l)p.(.rf.-«) Tointerpret; 

Ko womsn ibiU inmed b Soliqim hud, 
Which Saliqne laud tlio Ticadh BD]iutl]r 

SUtufi.,7ni. f.i.t. 
Sere is m mutter vorthj ffitaaynfft 

SnUHT Oh-Ih, O. fU^aS. 

(3) «. {J..S. giam.) To SalUr. 

?or tfElI ha could hii ^^HJn^ ipcndKi 

la inch riin iuh that him hot beixi&c 


(3) *. An interpretation ; a gloas. 

(4) t. FUtterr, 
And Id uUllbit Iheir 
IllvD Borv crcdJtc t« th 
thu men'! fhta. 

Supk. ^ lUt Bii^Ly pL 7&. 
Gldbbe, t>. (-^.-&) To luck in; 

to awallow. Gbiibtre, a glattOB. 
Gum-cAiTEs, ». Calves reared for 

■took. iJcnM. 
Gldu, (1) t. A Bour croas look. 

(2) adj. Gloom;; orercaat ; 

(3) (. A tudden flash of light. 
G1.DH-UETAI., I. A name given to 

a stone found about Bradwell, in 
landa, in Staffordsh. 

J^'jodj. 8nlkj. 

Glum-pot,!. A gallipot. Samettet. 
Gluupbc, (. Snlkinesa. fforli. 
GtnncH,«. A frown. Nbrthumi. 
G].uR, (. Soft, coarse fat. Line. 

Sea Giorry. 
G1.UBE, ti. Tolookiulkf. Gkulty, 

aulk; looking. Eatt. 
Glustark, (. One who aqmnta. 

Glut, (1} p. {d-S.) To aw^ow. 

(2)«. Scan; refoie. 



(3) *. The ilimjr mbMaiiEe m a 

hawk's pumel. 

{4; A tbick wooden wedge for 

■piiltiug Uodu. 
Ol«tc«, V. Toiwallow. Qbttahtr, 

the throat. 
Glittbkh, r. To gather for rain. 

Oldt-wsdok, t. A thick wooden 

wedge. Etttl. 
Ghi, t. To iqnint. 
Gltbb, e. Td Kold. North. 
Glt-haltkb., : k biidle with 

vinkeri. for. d. 
Gltue, e. To look lilly. Nortk. 
Oltste, v. To look. 
GLTT,f7r«. /. otfflfde. Glidea. 
OLifT, prei. I, of gloiet. Looked, 
Ghacchkn, e. To grind the teeth. 
Ghao, b. {J.-S.) To gnaw. Lme. 

Gnaggng, ta giKagglaig. gnawing. 
Gnano, tr. To gnuh. Sttttac. 
Gmappi, p. To rub, or icratch. 
Ghakl, ». {A..S.) (1) To tnart. 

(2) To gnaw. U»c. 

Gnabi^band, I. A niggnrdly per. 

Gkaclbd, adj. Knotlfi tvtiittd \ 

crumpled. South. 
GitAasi, (1) B. {J.~S. faymm.) 

To anarl, or grawL 

^id fill; fHorri. ^pnu., f. Q , I, v, ^ 

(2) IF. Toilrangle, "Ignarrtin 
ft halter or corde, I Moppe onea 
breatbe or anarle one, je ittnm- 
ffle." Paltgrave. 

(3) t. A bard knot in a tree. 
Onabpr, e. To match at with the 

teelh. Palagratt. 
Gnaitb, (1) c. To gnaafa with the 


(2)(. A candle wick. Pr.P. 
Gnat, ». A term of conlempt, 

applied to anything small at 

OxATLiNB, adj. Bu>y aboat no- 
thing. Norf. 
Gmat-skafteb, : (1) The name tt 

a bird, alio called a Bg-pecker. 

1 GOA 

(2) A fool. VrjuKarfi RiOeiti: 
Ohatt, *. The bird called a knot 

(Irmga Cmutvi). 
GNATTBB.e. Tognunblej tognaw. 

Ghattbbi, adf. (1) FoU of gra*el. 

(2) Ill-tempered. North. 
GNAnamo, i. Forgetfuloeii. 
Gn A vx, pari. p. Gn awed , 
Gnawing, (1) : A griping. 

{2)». Gnu-Vrxpng. Norlhampt. 
Gnaw-post,*. Asimpletoo. Son. 
Gnedk, (1) adj. Sparing. 

(a)r. To need. 
Guz-w.prfl. I. Gnawed. 
Gnidb. v. (,A.-S. gnidoM.) To rub. 
Gnidok, e. To preta, or squeeze. 
Gnipb, (l)r. Tognaw. North. 

(2) I. Tbe point or ridge of a 

rocky mountain. 
GNOm,!. A churl; an old miser. 

GnOOHK, 7 . , r. 

OMOW.:)^'-'- t^""*"- 

Go, (1) B. To walk. 

(2) part. p. Gone. 

(3) v^if(A<fa, qaite the fashion. 
Gahtg to it, in the wajr of de- 
itruclion, in the course of b«ng 
deatrojed. Gone to it, utterly 
destroyed; hence the oprcision, 
il'tgotu to it at but, in allusion 
to a pitcher, dish, ttc. Line. 
HoBj does ilgaviith you! how do 
you fare? IlmD goel il 7 How 
are you getting on? North. To 
go apaimi, to meet. To go 
backward, to fall in debt. To 
go from a thing, to deny it. To 
gofimeard, to prosper. In Lei. 
ceatenhire, the Tcrb is oaed with- 
out the preposition, ai gobtg 
LtieettfT, for going to Leicester. 

Goad, (. A gad. 

G0AD9, t. (1) CuBtomg. 

(2) Playthings, for ^owili. iiditc. 

GoA», I., a' rick of corn in the 

ooFB.Jstraw in a barn. Goaf- 

ttead, the division of the barn 

_, Google 


mikin; the goif comp»ct. Nerf. 

The wiird ii found in Tuucr. 
GOAK, (1) ». The core of fniiti 

the jolk of m egg. North. 

(2) e. To ibrinki to dluoloiiT 

hj dlinp. Yorith. 
Goal, b. A term it tbe gtme of 

While An do valvlt his, irltb whlf- 

Ttunligi pune and Ui pcnsD both pi) 
tm hi) wK. ArflM'j *mfi, IMI. 

GoALB, t. A tepulchrtl tumuliu. 

GoAL-BHD, t. The g*ble^nd. 

GaAu,«. (1) To provide for. A^orfil. 
(2) To cfiip. f/erlh. 

GoAN, V. To yiwn, 

Go AMD I, parf. a. Going. Weitr. 

GoATBODBi, $. A brothel. For. if. 

GoATB, I, Stepping-gtooei. North. 

Gob, (1) >. A muciUginoui lump; 
» portion. Par. d. To " Mil by 
the gob," ii to "aell by the 
lump," to lell the whole la- 
getber. Wara. 

(2) 1. The month. 

(3) «. S»liYft. ;for/A. 

(4) V. To all np; to impede. 

Go-BAN,>. Anoath. "God'sbiD," 
or curie. North. 

GOBBIDB, 01$. BoMtfol. 

Gobbet, ». (1) {A.-N.) A monelj 

(2) A i>^ block of Hone. 
GOBBIH, *. (1) A peed; cloirniBh 

(2) A tpoilt child. Var.d. 
GOBBLB, (t) B. To do anything 
hurriedly. Var. d. 

(2) I. A turkey-cock, cilledsome- 
times 9 fobbtt-cack. Var. d. 
Gobbler, ID Suffolk. 

(3) >. A chattering. Dtrb. 
Go-bet. An old popular phrase, 

equivalent to go along. 
GoBETTi. V. To lidce the garbage 
oat of a fith, to drcM it. Bentrt. 




Goblet, a. Tlie moatii. Samert 
GoBOME, v. To cut iBl4igobi.> 

With nvrudone iv 
Hewn mt thu bnlkei 
With Oein benlB wuitiil 

GoBSLOTCR, ». A Yoracioui and 

■lorenly eater. North. 
GoBSTiCE, (. A apoon. North, 
GoBSTBiNa.f. A bridle. Far. A, 
GoB-TBBUBT, *. A atopid fellow. 

Go-BT, >■ To giee one the go-bg. 


■. Adimi 

tive penoo. Boat. 

Go.CABT, I. A maehine in which 
an infant it placed before it can 
walk without a anpport. 

Gocaa, i. A pitcher. Wiltt. 

- ■ JjBC. 

God -A 


GoD-CAKB, I. A lort of cake aent 

on New Year'i Day by iponaora 

to their godchildren, a practice 

peculiar to Coventry, 
GoDCEFT, f. A godfather. No- 

GoDVABD, >. (1) A fool. North. 

(2) A sort of Unkard. Florio. 
QoDDABTBT, ndg. Cautioiulj. 

GoDDiN. Good even. God^n, 

good day. 
GoDDiEHBLi;, (Met Better health! 
GoDDOT. An oath or exclamation, 

common in early writer^ and 

evidently an abbreviation of (Jod 

vof, or GodknowB. 
GoDE, ». (X-S.) Goodaipropeny. 
GoDELi, (1) ode. Goodly. 

(2) B. To icold. Aymtit* tf 

GODBLTBBDE, *. {A.-S.) GoOdoeU. 

GODEHESI, I. At gadattue, at 



OOD 5 

GoDEB-BiK, (. Tbe herb cUrf. 
GoDPATKEKs, I. Jurymen. /onMn. 
GODHEDE, I. GoodneiB. 
GoDLEC, ». QooSneu. 
GoDLvcHB, adv. Goodly. 
GoDNEDAT, I, Good-day. 
GoDPBiKE, I. A godfatber. 
GODSBHD, I. An UQCipected good 

fortune ; > meek on (he coBit. 

For, d. 
God's-oood, *. Teait. 
OopBKAmLD, iairty. God forbid! 

OoDsiB, *. A |od&(her. 
Gops-HAaK.*. A aga pUeed on 

houses to indieite tiie preunee 

of the plagne. 
With tnd tam meicie npun u, on tbe 
Thicb' Ithnufli llie word! In good) doUi 

Some with gali market or tokeui doe Hpie, 
Hwk muU or tokrni, ihew Ihioi the; 

GoDSNies. An eicIuDntion. 

Catl. TakehlmairBy.bisihnDipakib 

Crid, Qodjiagi the farme it mine, ud 

Site, Dtbite thoe Uuagi mother thnt, 

barhmghei Oriiimy, ISEl. 

God'b-fennv, ». Barnes t-moner. 
Gdd's-sai8. >. .4 cAiU kipl for 

Ood't take, a foster-child. 
God's-ban-tv, ». An oaih, or ex- 

GoD's-s'JNnAT, 1. Easier Sunday. 
GoD'a-TKUTB. >. A pure truth. 
GODWIT, I. The heath-cock, for- 
nierty considered agreat delicacy. 

'^LE }*■ ^-^-'^-^ Yellow. Eatt. 

GoETiE, ). (fir.) Witchcraft. 

GoFEB.s. (/>■) A sort of tea-cake, 
made of dour, tnilk, eggs, and 
currants, baked in *n iron di- 
vided into tmall eomputmenU, 


eilled a g^erinff Jroii. Lme. 
Oaftrinf-wori, a sort of crimp- 
ing peHonned on frilU, Ice. 

Qorr, I. (1) A game played by 
striking hard stuBled balls with 

(2) A godfather. 
j3) A fool, ^■o^tt. 
(i) A mow of hay. Eue». 

GorrtN, $■ A fool. Leie, 

CorrLE, V. To eal fait. Ettrx. 

GorvKAH, f. A clown. Oimi. 

GoritB, a4f- Pooliah. 

Gori.1, f. A small basket. Ibu, 

Goo, I. A bog. Gog-mir*, a 

GooB, >. The throat. 

OoooLE, c. To swallow. Cofffratt. 

GoooLBB, (. Eyes. 


ihells, the htlix aipera. 
GoooT, >. An e^. Crmtn. 
GoaiHo-sTooL, (. A cucking-stool. 
GooioN, I. A gudgeon. 
GoiQH, adj. Very merry. Dtw». 
GoiL. t. Spongy ground. 
GoiKQ, (1) t. A right of pasturage 

on acommoaforabeast. Suffolk. 

(2) Going le Ih* vautl, said of a 
bare when she lakes ground like 

(3) Going out, visiting. QabigM- 
on, proceedings. 

QoiBTEB, V. (t) To laugh loudly. 

GojOHE, I. (1) A gudgeon. 

(2) The gudgeon of a wheeL 
GoKE, *. A fool. Ooiy.agawky, ■ 

clown, Piert Ft. 
GoEEBT, arfr. Awkward. Far. li 
Gold, : {1> The plant turnsoL 

(2) The corn -marigold. 

(3) The wild myrtle. 
GoLD-BLOou, t. {,Dnt.) The mari. 


. Crow-foot. 


GOL 5 

Gqld-cop, (, The meuloir nnun- 

cului. Saul/t and ffal. 
OoLOEFOHB, >. Copper. 
GoLbEN-Bua. t. Thela<JytHrd.5i(jr. 
QoLDBN'CBArER.t. A grecQ beetle 

coTumoD in Jane. 
GoLDCM-cHAiH, t. The flonereof 

libuinum. Wat. 

GOLD-END-UAN, t. Opt 1|hO boyi 

fiigmeoti of gold or silver. 
GoLpEN-DHOF, ». (I) A kind of 

(2) A Tflriety of wheal. Var. d. 
Goj.DBH-EYE.t*- The bird ani» 

OOLDHYE, J clanffula. 
GaLDEN-ouiNEAB, t. FiUwort, the 

GoiDEH-BKBB, f . Orach. JVor'A. 
GoLDEN-KNOF, *. The ladybird. 

Bog myrtle. 




Oqldvinch, t. (1) Any gold coin. 
The word «u thua used a» earljr 
U the time of Elizibetb. ' 

Not ■ hw of tliy g^dfincka luif hen : 
uid gitfl ni« bat Ave gaineyi, uid I'll 
--■-- it ten if 1 do not better this <m 

BnmJiTMm tfStm 


(2) A parse. 

(3> The yellow-haminer. Leic. 
GoLD-riHOEB, t. A cleaner of a 

jakei. " A gold-ftader or jakes- 

famier." Vrquhart't Raitlaii. 
GoLDFLOWKB., >. GoldCD cudweed. 
GOLorBE, ». Orfrey. Nominate. 
GoLD-HEWEV, adj. {A.-S.) Of a 

gold colour. 
Gold-house, i. A treasury. 
GoLDiNO, a. The marigold. CA»i. 
GoLD-KNAP, ». Crow-foot. Haloet. 
GOLD-NEPs, t. A kind of early 

pear. Cheih. 
Golds, a. The corn -marigold. 
Goldsmith HIE, a. {AS.) Gold- 

amith's work. 
Gold-weicmt, t. To tht gold- 

w^ffhi, to the Dunateit parti- 

GoLDr, Eu^. Of I gold colOBr. 
GOLDTLOCKS, «. Tbe name ol a 

GoLK, (l)t. The jaw-bone. 

(2) a. A ditch, OF iioall atmni. 

(3) A hollow hetwaei) two hills ; 

Than tyr G&wayiift tiie goAt 
A gilave he tul^t, 

Vnrff Jrliim- 

(4) a. A whiripool ; a aluice. 
(5)a4i. Big I florid I rank. Eatt, 

(6) ii4l'- Promioenl. Ak^. 

(7) a. A fool. 
(8)«. The throat. 

Go-LESB. It. / eamiot go let*, I 
cannot pltiy for leas, a tsim at 

OoLET, a. {J.-N.) The throat; t 
part of armour or dreu which 
covered the throat. 

Golf, i. An old garae with k bnll 
and club, very faahion^le at tbe 
beginning of the 17th cent. 

G0LiASDs,r. lUotoua and unthrifty 

ended < 


tables of the richer ecclesl 
and gained their living and cloth- 
ine by practiaing Che profesaiaD 
oAmfToons aad jesters. 

Go-lie, e. To redincj to aubaide. 
Somerttt. Prtt.,vmit-Ua;part., 

Goi.ioNe, t. A sort of gonn oi 

GoLL. (1) A baud, or flst. Still 
used in the Eastern dialects. By 
goU, a very ancient Enghah 
oath, literally by tlu kand. By 
gale* or goUi, ia atill used in 
Suffolk. GolU is known in Suf. 
folk in the sense of large clumsy 

(2) To Btiike or blow with lio- 


GOL ii 

knee; to rusli, u wind doa. 


(3) The gullet. Nomim-Ie MS. 

More properly the ball of the 

GoLLAND, (, (1) Crowfootj lup- 
poseii to be the double crowfoot 
or yellow batch el or's-buttoni. 
(2) The corn-m.rigold. North. 

GoLi:.Aii. V. To ahaut; to laarl. 

Goi.i,DBB,«.{^.-&) Low *u1g*r lan- 
guage. Norf. 

GOI.I.KT, I. A hoUow in « bill. 
See Goh. 
Ttwn wu a compHDj ot gtntylTDen in 

for den in lli« purlewi m ths gcUtt 
beijdu Sloiij Slmirord. C. llrry TWyj. 

.G01.LOF, (1) (. A. large piece. 

(2) V. To Bw^aw greedily. 

GoLLS, >■ (1) Fat chopaj ridgei of 

fat on a corpulent panon. Eart. 

(21 Mucus bangLDg to tbe ninei 

of dirty children. /Narf. 
GoLDSeiANS, t. Galoihea. 
GoLP, t, A. tudden hlow. JDmon. 
G(H.ea, V. To awallawvoracioualy. 

Goi-BOGHT, «. The jaundice. 
GOLT, *. S^ff clay. Northampt. 

Clay which break) into flakea i> 

laid to be goUrg. 
Qou, t. A term of reproaoh. Wat. 
QoMAN, I, A man. 
Gotis. I. {V) (AS.) A man. 

(a) (..i.-^. ^v'x^i') Heed; care. 

7b 'a:te f ai»«, to lake care. 

(3) A godraolher. CotgraKt. 

(4) Black greue. 

QouEN, «. {A.-S.) Game i play. 
Gdukiiill, t. Aaillv fellow. WorM. 
GoKMACKa, t. Trick) ; foolery. 



falber of • hmily. OtmuHr wu 
applied to the wife, gaKiiiut. 

Go u tin, t. The gum. 

GoHiBEB, f. Cow-dajiy. 

GoN, (t) V. To give. AIh) the 
pret. I. gave. far. d. 

(2) pert, p. for agon. ago. 
Gone. Aterm InarcheryaDdbowla, 

whea (he arrow nent beyond the 

mark, or the !jiiwi beyond the jack. 

GosTASos, : (A.-N.) Aitandaid, 

GoNOK. (1) ., (A.-S.) A jakei. 
Goagt-farmer, a cleaner of jakea. 
" Gasge-farmer, maitler de iatMl 
irunrfi, gviynenm." Paiigrate. 
(2)t. Dung. 

(3) B. To go. See Gmif. 
GoNHBLLY, t. A Corniah hono. 
GoNUEn, g. An aged p«aoa. 

GoNNE, I. A gnu. 
GoHNCBBEAD. t. An jmbecile. 

Gdny, I. A great gooie. Gloue. 
GoocHr, f, Indian rubber. Far. d. 
Good, (1) adt. Very. 

(2) adj. Rich. 

(3) A measure of length, OOD- 
gilting of 4^ feet. 

GooD-BiLO'CHEB, (. A hrothCT-in- 

GooD-cHSAP, a. Very cheap, aa- 

swering to the Fr, ion-mavM. 
Gooo-DAWNiNe, (. Good- morrow. 

GooD-DAy, (. A holiday. Slaff. 
GoojiDiT, I. Shrove.[ide. North. 
GooD-noiHO, at^. Charitable. Eail. 
GooDED, prtt. t. Froapeied. 

GooD-riLLows, <. An old cant 

term for thieves. 
GoDDOBB.,*. (l)Goodmtn,orhuB- 

(2) The detil. Dmm. 
GooD-HnssET, a. A tbra«d-caae. 

For goDd-m 


. ShroveTue*. 



Gooom, >. A good thing. Yorktk. 
GoDDiNO, t. To go a goodmg, to 

fO (bout btfbre ChriilmM,u»ii»llr 
OD St. Thomai') day, to collect 
monejr or corn wherewith to keep 
the feitivd. 
OooDiiB, 1. Rather good, or Urge. 


Goov-iisa-nnxKx, t. The pUnt 

GooDucH, ads. ConTenieDtlr. 
GooD-Liu, o^', Hmdiome. 
. GooDLT, adj. Gay in appirel. 
GooDLYHEDB, (. {a-S.) GoodncM. 
GoDD-HAH, (. The mutet of t 


fellow. FhHo. 
GooD-UTND.i. GoodhumoDr. Eail. 
GooD-meTmigs, I, A ladj pitran. 

GOOD-KICHT, .. (1) A KHt of bll- 

Ud. Shakap. 

{2) The song made or mppoied 
to be made hy a criniiiial ahortly 
before big eieciition. 

GooD-ouTB,a{i'. Doingweil. Var.d. 

Goods, t. Cattle; produce of the 
dairy. North. 

GooDSCHiPE, I. {A.-S.) Goodneu. 

GooD-SFEBD, >. yeail. Florio. 

GooD-Tior, a^. Moderate. Sail, 

GooD-nifE, I. A featiial. 

Good -wo M AH, I. A wife. 

GooD-wooLtKD, luj). Prononaced 
generally good-'ooltd, meaaiDg- a 
capital or good fellow; when two 
men are fightin j, and the weaker 
one itili peraiita in atanding up 
to bis antiQoniat, they call hioi 
a food.'ookd one. Line. 

Gooor, (1) I. Good-wife. 

(2) e. To proaper ; to look good. 

(3) t. Sweetmeata. Stfffoli. 
Goou-reAK, 4. Corrupted by the 

old dramaliita from gonjert, the 

French diieaie. 
GooDTiNO. See Qeeding, 
Ooor, I. A kind of iweet cake. 

Eatl. See Oi^tr. 

2 GOO 

Croom, r. Tohai^down. Bepoii. 

GoOK. e. To file a saw. Far. d. 

Goon, t. (AS.) To go. 

GooBDT, adj. Plump, or roond. 

GooBi, I. (1) An old game. 
(2) A cant term for a particular 
aymptom in the laet eentrea. 
He bad btlika kHiie print* toUBJa 

Camf. I'mraW bt hxl got l-u. 

Wiiiln't Curifir a CHeJtM, ISDl. 
(3^ A breach made by the aea. 

(4) A limpleton. Far. d. 

(5) A tailor't imoothing iron. 

(6) The lean of the thin flabby 
part of a leg of leaL 

(7) n gtt gooti, to be well 
■colded. Northampt. 

GooSEBBBBT, (. Ti> play old gooti- 

ieny, to create confusion. 
Gooaa.Bii-i., 1. GooBe.giau. 
GooBB-CAF, I. AaimpleCon. 
GooascHiTS, t. The herb agri- 

GoosE-ETK, (. A kind of apple. 
GooBB-rEABT, *. Michaelmta. 

GooBB-FLKaH, (. The rooghnan of 
the akin from cold. Cor. d. 

Gooas-ooo I. A gooseberry. V. d. 

GooBB-oKABa, J. Catch-need. 

Cooai.HODa>, (. "A place of tem- 
porary conflaement for petty 
offendera, appended generally to 
a country houae of correction la 
aeiaiana houae, for security until 
they can be carried before a Bit- 
giitrale. Of amall dimeiuioDl 
generally : whence probably tha 
name, which I rather think i* 
confined toEaatAnglis." Moor't 

i MS. 


;. Tict Idmeaii. Lonri, IIMO. 
■loK, : A gosling. A 


000 G 

ginder ii called goattatliitift. 
vathtT. WiUt. la the North ■ 
gosling ia called ^DOMnun-aUcit. 
GooBK-HECKr. (1) Aitickruninto 
thatch to prcTCDt the wind blow. 
iog it up. Norlhan^l. 
(2) A wrtaficriperfoi cleaning; 

GooBB-SHisa,!, A kind of Bumgia. 
GooBB-TAnay, t, SilTer-weed. 

GoosB-TOHOni, *. Sneeze-wort. 

QoosB-TDKD.SBCaN, I. A eolour 
in apparel, mentioned in old 

GooSHAKBTH, I. Goofs-graii. 
GooiHiu, (. A gutter. WiUt. 
Gooaint, *. One who hai the care 

of geeae. Somerttl. 
OooTET, «. S<e GtiiUdt. 
Oon, t>. (1) To talk Talgari^ and 

(2) To inltch, or gratp. Cmti. 
GoppiH-ri;LL, «. A great handful 

OorpiHti, adj. Proud; tetty. NorfA. 
Gon,{\) adj. Rotten; mir;. NorlA. 

(2) ». A clown. Somentl. 

(3) *. An andedged bird. Weitm. 
GoBHKLLY,!. A pcnoD With a large 


A Hpolrfan to MitUh mod otliui ia 

pondf , moflto. ud rirttt ; * ihkrp 

nmiiger, « jwit% dntton, 

kiatiiUkt M«m>, 1009. 
Tht bclchju; forttUii balli well nicb 
kiiled aii 1 un ibut uat of doon BucTt. 
Utigtu, 0, P]., V. aiB. 
O 'tii uk nnconicioaftble gorleitifd 
ToliuDe, bincr bulked tlun k Untcb 
hoj. Wujt, Bm H. y. U Stffrai WtUm. 

OoKBLi, V. To gabble. Norli. 

GoscE, t. A wear ; a pool of water. 

GoBCHs, e. To grudge; togramble. 

GoKcocx, I, The red grouie. 

GoBCBow.i. AcaiTian-crow. 

Goan, t. (1) A narrow itream of 
water ; a deep bole in • riier. 
(2) An initrumentiuadin gaming. 

t COR 

Gou», (1 r V. To strike, at ipor. 
{2)parl.j>. Girded on. 

Oou, {1} (. A piece of cloth in- 
terted ) a di^onal aeam or gtU' 
Kt. It appean wmMimet to be 
uted in the Bcnie of a petticoat, ai 
inieited at the bottonl of a iblft 
or gown, in the phraH wvln- 
gore, i.t., under the clothing, 
often uted by earl; writeri. 
Qore-eoat, l gown or petticoat 
gored, or lo cut u to be broad 
at the bottom, and narrower at 
the top. ExmoOF. 
(2)1. Mod; dirt. 

(3) A-gare, hloodjr. 

(4) (. The lowest part In ■ tract 
of countTf . North. 

A )loping ridge in a field. 

(6) . 
hay. i 

To n 

Gomk-BLooD, *. Qotted blood. 
GouLL, \t. A clumtj fat lad; 
OOBBELL, / anv person that is fat. 
GoBOATsa, a. (Pr.) A womitl'* 

GoBOB, *. (J.-N.) The throat. 7b 

ffiM BBer the gi 

a he i[ck. 

G0BB«AONT,». IA..N.) A boerin 

lecond jrear. 
GoRQiB. t. (A.-N.) Armour for 

the throat. 
OoBaiT, *. A kerchief thrown orer 

a woman's breast. Baret, ISSO. 
GoBoiT, D. To tremble. U^ett. 
OoBisouN, (. (A..N.) A page. 
GoBi.i,D. To devour eagerly. South. 
GoBK.v. Tobesmear. Far.d. See 

GoBHA, «. A cormorant. North. 
GoBuiNQ, a({|. AwkwBrd. Leie. 
QosK, I. Atmall one-hsndled pail. 

Deriyih. A milk.pail. LeIe. 
GoBSB, I I. (A..S.) FurzA. " Tfae 
QOSB, ^flrae or gorse." Etgot 

OOBH1-,J (1559), 
Ibdth^d brien, Hbwpfnrus, pricking ;«v 

-- ."lli'ti 


., Google 


Gottet-HOOK. ». A bill-hook, be- 
ouieuudforcuttiiiggorK. Leic. 

GoBBEHOrpBK, t. The whinctatl. 

00K8B-UHMIT, >. The eommoD 

OomiT, t. The Jonlpcr-trea. 
Gob, (. {jt.-S.) A gooie. 
Oo8X. Impirtt. at go. 
OosHAL, (. The goibawk. 
G0111.INO-OBA8S, I. Catch-weed. 
OoiLiNBs, I. The btoHomi of the 

OoSLiNe-wK>D, I. Gooie-gttit. 
Gospeller, >. (1) An efingeliit. 

(2) The prieat who chanted the 

guipel for the day. 
ao*B,D. To guzzle, or drink. Deeon. 
GosSAMDBK. a. A fen bird, the 

mergtu merpajiMtr. 
Ooaa-HATCB a. The female and 

young of the wheatear. Leic. 
GOSBIB, la. (A.-S.) A aponBorat 
aoaiip, / liapliim ; an intimate 

GoaaiPiNO-FOT, t. A two-handled 

GoseiFamiE, «. (A.-S.) Tha rela- 
lioDihip betveen a person and 

GoBSONB, I. A ^d-Bon. Pr, P. 

GoBT, (l)». (^.-S.) Spirit. 
Ci)pret. I. Goeit. 

GoBTEAD, 1. AbayofBbBrn. iVoi/ 

OoaTEa, B. To iwagger, 01 over. 
bear in talking, Goaf^rn^, chat- 
tering, bluaterinj. Leie. See 

GosTLioHE, odo. (J.S.) Spiritn- 

OoTCH, a. A large pitcher. For. d. 
GatchbtUy, a large round belly. 
The earthen jugs, out of which 
tlw people in Noi^olk drink, are 
called gglcliei; and their atrong 
btet ia called nag. 

It wai irtar iua-ut when 1u urired at 
a pUkwnt Tilfage cm the border nl the 
ue, which coulAiited wh&t u there 
oallAd la inD. UaTtag depoiited hii 

na nib^ (Vnli, Umo, B. d. 
OoTB, a. A ilaice, or ditch. 
OoTEK,». (H'A gutter, 

(2} A (bower. 
G0T»B,(. An old man. WiU: 
GoTMAU), a, A limpleton. NarIK 
QoTHBLEN, B. (A.-S.) To fumble, 

H the Btomsch. 
GoTHsaLV, adj. Sociabfe. JVorfA. 

Go-to- BED- AT-HOOM, I. The plant 

goat's beard. 
GoToca, J. The matter of a fester, 

GoTT, I. A pitcher. See Ootek. 

Oavo. a. The plant woad. 

GoDD-sriNE,a. A goldfinch. Crmen. 

GoojEHB, », (Fr.) The French dii- 
eaie. OftenusedineiclamUiona, 
and finally corrupted into geod- 

We Mnt ^n rolki Inr* to pritte; whit 
the^Diijire! Sisiuf., Mir. W. Jf.X*- 
The soxjAw (baU dnour tbua Bnh aat 
£ie thej >hiU nuke □■ weeik Lta, t, S. 
GouL, a. (1) The gvtB of the eye. 


(2) A hut, or cottage. Cttmh. 
GoDLTB, »- A goaf of corn. Pab^. 
GonND, t. A yellow lecretion in 

the comerfl of theeje*. Ootm^y, 

or ptnrfy, running eyes. 
GocNS-CLOTB, a. Cloth luffieient 

to make b gown. 
GODBD, s. (1) A veiael for liqaor. 

(2) A receptacle to collect run- 

(3) A sort of false dice. 
GoVBDEHS, I. Torrents of rain. 
GouauAMDim, i. Gluttony. %en>. 
GoDBT, wjf. Dull-looking. HotOl. 
GousH, t. A stream. 

Goi:t,..( 1 H-'-JV.) Adrop. SAaieip. 
(2) A drain. Vnr. d. It ia stiU 
naed in Lincolnshire, not meiely 
in thit sense, but also applied to 


OOU s: 

1 ilidingdoorat the ntrcmit^ of 

■ drain, by means of which the 
water h r«taiQed io the drain in 

■ dry seaion, and let off in a time 
of flood. See Oole. It ii also 
used In some parts fbi a tinli, or 
vault for water. 

GODTE, e. {A.-N.) To drop. 
6oirrHi.iCH, adj. Gnodly. 
GODTODB, adj. (I) Rich ; delicate ; 

especially applied to made dishei. 

(2) Having the gout; gouty. 
Gouts, : The apola on a hawk. 
GonTTT, adj. Knott;; knobby. 

Gtjvm, 0) part. p. Oinen. 

(2) r. To make ■ mow. SteOoaf. 

(3) e. To sure laeanlly. North. 
GoTELB, r. To gain money bv ujiir;. 
QonRifAiLLi. t. {J.-N.) (1) The 

rudder of a ship. 

(2) Steerage; goTcmnnent. 
Govm-TnaBEO, adj. HiTing pro- 

jecled teeth. Derdy. 
Gow,(I} (. Wild myrtle. Flerio. 

(2) Let us go. Su^ToU. With 

the Suffbik fannera it it ■ pro. 

Torbial saying, that 


m go." 

i of round 


etiiael. North, 
Ge-wAv. Give over; ceaie, 
GoWBEBT, t. A goblet 
GqwcBB, I. Pieeea ef uimnr to 

protect the armpit wbea tbe imi 

OowB, (1) I. Alojforgaud. ffbr(A. 
(2) r. To cut dirty wool froro the 
tti!a of aheep. The refaae wool 
ia c^led ffowdeiu, IVorth. 

OowDKB, t. Fiituete. North, 

GownytABiN, ». A plaything. 

GovBR, I. (1) A great platter for 
potage. Rampth, 
(2) A sort of cake, formerly made 
at QtiiitmiB. See Gt^er. 

GtrwsB, I. A gauge, or meamre. 

6oiwK,#. (1) Acuckbo. Gmark-tpii, 
CDckoO'ipit. North, 

la. The I 

OowLAKE, .. A ulorer. Fr. P. 
GowiB. B. {A.-S.) (1) To howL 

(2) To cry Bullily. A'orf*. 

(3) To open, or enlarge. North- 

(i) To gum np. 

GowLia, a. Gulea. 

GowNBHAN,i.(l) A term formerly 
applied to a Londoner, from the 
peculiar coatume of the citizens. 
(2) A member of the nttiyer- 

GowsTT, adj. Dreary; diama!; 
frightful. North. 

GoWT, t. A link. Wett. See Gout. 

GowTE, I. A swelling. 

QowToNK, B. To gatier Ma candle. 

Gdie, v. ^A.-S,) To yawn. 

GoTiE, prer. I, Goes. 

GovsTBa., r. To rejoice. 

OozELL,*. (1) Aford. "Traghttio, 
any ferrie, a passage, a faard, or 
ffozell over from shore to shore." 
(2) A ditch. See Gtizzle. 

GozXAH, *. An old ttig grown yel- 
low from age. Contw. 

OozzABD, t, A fool. Line. 

Gbaai., a. (A,-N.) A large diah or 
hollow baain, fit far serving up 
meat. The SI. Graal waa ire- 
tended to he the veaael in wbich 
our Saviour ate the last aupper 
with hia apostles, and it was 
fabled to have been preserved by 
Joieph of Arimathek. 

OoAB, (1) V. To aeize ; to steaL 
(2) t. A map. or hite, 
<3) To rake upfront the dirt with 
the hands. Siutejt. 

Orabble, t. (1) To grope. 
(2) To grapple. Deeon. 

Gbabbt, iie{|. Fillhy;grimj. XMfA. 

Gbab-stock, (. A young crab-tree. 

Gbace,». (A..N.) Thanla; a gift. 
Horde grace, miafortDna. 


Qtu<!t-OT-WD,*. The pUnt huU- 

Gkack-wit E.f. A mid wife. Dwham. 
Qkacilb, adj. (Lai.) Slender. 
Gkaciodh, adj. (1) [Pr. gracieia.) 
Graceful; agreeable. 

(2) GntuitouB. Northmnpl, 
GiACT-DAT, t. Tbe daffodil. Dtvim. 
GkaddIi prtt. I. of grtdt. {A.-S.) 


Gbadk, prtl. t. (A.S.) Prepared. 

Gkadblt, adv. Decentlr; mode- 
rately; nearlT. North. 

Goadhatk. I. Aphyiiciaa. Si^lk. 

Ghaf, f. The depth of a ipade in 
digging; the qnintity turned up 
by (he spade at once. Also uied 

Gkaitb, V(1) .. {A..N.) A graft. 
OMTFa,J'(2)«. To graft. 

(3) ». A moat i a ditch. 
Gkaffkb, j. (fl-. grfffler.) A no- 

GBArrLB, V. To grapple^ Someriel. 
GbjifTi (. A ditch. Ooeni. 
GiAFTED-UJiAJr. Begrimed. JJcmni. 
GBArnNQ.TOOL, (. Asortofapade 

need in draining land. SirepiA. 
G-KAya,pnt.l.afgrmtht. Prepared. 
Gbailb, f. Gravd, or amall peb- 

, 1 ..(.<..; 

L, >the bo 
, J tuned 

the 1 

lung by the 
GoAiLiNo, f. A alight fall of haiL 

Obails, 1. Tbe imaller feathert of 

a hawk. 
Gkaih, (1) ». A icarlet colour u«ed 

by dyeri. 

(2) V. To itrangle, gripe, or 
throttle. Eatt. 

(3) I. The pron^ of a fork. Weil. 

\ GRA 

Gbainbd, od/. Grimed. WiUi. 
GsAinu>-roBK, ■. A pronged fork. 

Gbaimbb, a4j. Proad ; (tiff. Detum. 
Gbainimo, (. The foA of a tree. 

Gbains,«. a forked piece of wood, 

generally of aah, denuded of the 

bark, uaed in farm-housei to itir 

up the malt in brewing. Lme. 
GBAiH-BTArF. t. A qu«rter-ataff, 

with a pair of ahorl prongs at the 

end, called graitu. 
GbaitrCi P. {A.-S.) To prepare! 

to arrsnge ; to clothe, or drea. 

Qraithing, clothing, equipment. 
Hit Kue OilitliiB 
Scbe armllid In (tin ta. 

^Ikar imi Merlm, p. IIS. 
Gbaithlt, oA. (J.-S.) Re*dilj; 

■peedily; steadfaatly. 
Gbaeb, r. To crack. 
aB.Ait,at^.{A..S) Angry. 
Gba u ATOLTB,<.Smatterera.SifIf «>. 
Grami, (. {AS.) Grief; anger. 
Gbambbci, "1 1. {A.-ff.) 

oaAUNT-MEBCT, /Great thankt. 
Gbauebt,*. The art of Grammar, 

and as thia waa looked npon a* 

tbe foundation of all the arli, it 

wM oaed foe abstruse leamii^. 
Gbamfbb.i. AgrandfatliN. Gram~ 

fer-bmglegi, a daddy-tongl^a. 
GaAMHEB, I. (1) A grandmother. 


(2) Hire ; dirt Norlhmipl. 
GitAMMBBBD. Begrimed. Wett, 
GBAUUBa'a-piH, i. A large pin. 

Gbamflb, a. {Ft. gna^Oe.) The 

Gbahado, *. (^OB.) A grenade. 

Gbancb, t. To scrunch. 

Gbahd, adj. Very. Sunt. 

Gkamdam, I, A graadinotheT. 

Gbandabdb, \i. {A.-N.) A 
aiAND-GDAan,/ part of ancient 
armour, which leema to haTs 
been worn only by knighta nben 



GiANDic, (. GrandiDDthei. Norlk. 

Gkanditt, t. GrtttatMS. 

Oka hdudtb ■■.'■■tob-n a il g^.The 

popular Dune of imall fonil 

ibellB (frypha). Nortbanipt. 
Gran D-TKicKTB ACE, (. An old 

gtnie it orda. 
Gbanb, o. To groin. North. 
Gkahbin,*. Tbe fork of » tree. Zmc. 
Gkamkb, (. {J,.N.) A gnnarj. 

Dare yeu-H, qmjib jdP til not vo 


fTiBw ere 11 oe powns, 

Gbangb, #. (^.-^.) A enaaij; ■ 

fano-houe; t amxll huulet. 
Gkame, p. To grouii to marninr. 

Groniy, compbining. 
GaAHH>F,(. A ^ndmother. Tbrii. 
Okahmt-ikid, (.AiniiUahcll. Cami. 
Gkahht-kiakrd, a4'. Spoiled, m 

being broDgbt Dp by t gnnd- 

motber. Nurlh. 
GEANNv-TBasADs, ». Th* monen 

oftbecreepinfcrow.foot. CWmm. 
Gbamons, I. iFr.) Tbe long biin 

■bout tbe mouth of ■ cit. 
GkAMSEm, 1#. (A.-N.) A 
SK AUNTS YKK, J gnndiire. 
Gkakt, (1) I. Padendum f. 

^2) D. To act tbe proatilirtc. 

(3) To pnr grmi, to lUaw 

Okahtablb, ai{|. That ma; be 

Gbap, ». A TDltDTS. Set Crip*. 
Gbafe, (1) e. To feel ; to grope. 

(2) (. A three.prongcd fork for 
filling Toi^h dnng. North. 

GmApCB, *. Tbe coreriDg foi tbe 
gripe of ■ luce. 

Gkapihbl,*. (^...V.) Agrippling- 

GiAFLB, *. A book I 1 clup. 

Gkab, (. Grace. 

GnAiH, e. To gnaih the teeth ; to 

GBAaiKBs,*. Sheep, &C., fed tolelf 
on graai. North, 

r OBA 

OBABFLtir, (. Twilight. Dtpmt, 
GsABt-CAT, (. A hare. Par. d. 
GKABa-HBABTH, g. A feudal ler- 

vice o( a di^'g plonghiag. 
GsAetOH, t. A One paid on allen- 

atioa of eopfbold landi. North. 
Gbabs-tablb. See Earth-laile. 
Gbabb-widow, m. An unmarried 



G»At, pret. I. Wept. Northwui. 

Gbate, (1} I. A lattice, or grating. 

C2) V. To leiie ; to match. Brton. 

(3) *. Metal worked into tteeL 

(4) 01$. Grateful. 

(5) ». iOtrtm.) A fiib-bone. 
Obath, adj. Confident. North. 
Gbatiho, I. Separating Urge from 

■mall ore. Craee», 

Qbattbit, (. A itubble-IIeld. It i% 
alto a verb. "TbegeeaebegoDe 
■pMjfnn*Rp,"t.e.,tbej are turned 
into tbe field after the corn i* cut, 
to pick up the feir graini left 
Kmt and Suuix. Ray, howeier, 
•ays that in Kent it meani stub- 
ble, and in Sasiei the aflergraai. 

QBATncHiMQ, $, Dung of deer. 

OaATTtE, e. To click or ilrike to- 


. r. To n 



Gbaumt, «$. (AS.) Great. 
GBAnHTB.jMrf.y. (Jl..N.) Agreed. 
Gb^ct, (. Wort. Yarhh. 
GBAVB,(t]e. Todigi to bury. It 

is applied ipedally in Lincoln- 
shire to digging turves. 

<2)parl.p. Engraved. 

(3) I. A potato-hole. Line. 

(i) : (A.-S.) A bailiff. Yorhh. 

(5) t. (Dutch.) A nobleman of 

tbe loir countries. 
Gbateliit, (. A small migratory 

fiih, reputed to be the spawn of 



Graves, ». (1) The rafme it the 
bottom of Iha melling-pot in 
making tillow cudlet. 
(2) Greiiei. 

^e talthri. cuiilin, aad ibv grvta, 

Vum'j JK. A/I-' *^ 1^ "*' 

UKd in digging gr«Te<. Wetl. 
Q^jLTiD.adj. iLai.) Big with child. 
Qbattkqe, *. BariaL See Grave. 
Gbaw, t. The igoe, or nther the 

lenution before the fit. Nortk. 
GBAWiNSEBNe, >. A piece of iron 

formerly attached to a waggon 

U a drag. 
OsAWaouE, adj. Frightfoli ugly. 

GaAT, >. {A..S.) (I) A badger. 

(2) Twilight. 
GKATt-THO, ». A term applied to 

tapetCesfortumpterhonei, when 



Ga&TVKz, (. Steel boot); greavei. 

Gbau, e. (1) Tofaltea. 

(a) To become coreted with 

growing graia. Notf. 

(S) To chafe or rippla the >kin. 

G»B, ». An ear of com. 

GsBABLB, adj. Agreed. 

GaEABE.(l)i. Thefatofthehare, 
boar, wolf, foi, marten, otler, 
badger, or cosey. iSrtiue Imt, 
the xaton of the hart and hnck, 
when they were fat and fit for 

(2) 0. To grtate m f Ae JUt, to 

(3) .. Rancid butter. Tforlk. 

(4) (. A dim aaffiiaion over the 
*ky, not poaitiie clon dine ia. Eatl. 

(5) V. To graze. Paltg. 
Gbbast, adj. Grauj. Norf. 
GaSAT, {l)a($. Fimiiliar; high in 

faTOur wilh any one. Var.d. 
(2) Tb war* iy frtal, to work 
by qoBBtity instead of by the 

day. To itB by great, f« lell 

Gbeaten, v. To enlarge. Kent. 
Ghbat-habe, t. A hare in ill third 

Gbkat-hbabtbh, aifr'. BDld;mig- 

GBBATIII.T, ads. Handsomely. /« 
grealh, well. North. 


Gbeat-liee, adv. Very likely. 

Gbeat-mbn, (. Ad old term for 
nembera of pailtament and nor 

Gbeats, (. Grnits, or shelled OBta. 
Greaty -padding, a common arti- 
cle at Birmingham. 

GaBADH, t. A mouth. Yorlah. 

ORt\vt,\i. (A.-S. gfef.) A tree. 

; bnskiDs. 

. A wheedling ft 

1.. (.*.-S.(r 
]■ bough, or 

liaEAVEB, >. (1) B 


(2) Oriefs. 

(3) Befase of tallow-chaDdlen. 
See Oraoet. 

Gbbazaoate, I 
low. YoritA. 
Gbebtcbb, ». A greyhound Utch. 
GBECHDT.^et. (. Grew angry. 
Gbbce, I. A dwarf, Torit/i. 
QaEcTNOEs, I. steps. 
Grbde, (l)p. C^..5.) Tocry; to 

(2) ». The Up. 

(3) t. A small tab ased in wash- 
ing. Lmc. 

(4; t. A greedy person. 
Gbedel, ■. A gridiron. See Grid- 

gre, to take kindly. 
)f tlij most honor'd nitnre, take in jr«, 
DlJ^nntrJt'itfFoUg, mil. 
(2) «. To agree. North. "Ufrie* 
not well." Co»Jer'« Old BaBadt, 
p. fiO. 

(3)«^(^.-JV.) Degree) UiepriK. 


GuicB, 1. (I) A itcp. 
(2} A (it htrt, opon, &c. See 
Tboi went tiiey down into a lmmd» 

TluM noble irchen thro i 
fiehe of tbem ilew ft bartoT^rdtfc*, 
Tb« but that lirj lonJd ih. 

ScTig sfJJum BiU. 

Gbe>d, (. Gr«ediiie>9. 

GsEKDa, I. The itraw to mke 
nwnore in a farmjard, JCoi/, 

Grudy. v. Tb long for. Norlh. 

GsBiDT-onT, >. A glutton. 

Gbisk, I. A jovial fellow. A* 
meny a> a Greek, wu « pro- 
verbial saying. "Awr1aii,»good 
fellow, * mi^ companion, merie 
GrteAe, lound drunkard." Col- 

Opra, LLhenll, OT hte booKkeepen, 
moTT Onett, and ench lika itilci ui 
litln. BiaUlM SiclviK, bl, B S, b. 

OuiN, adj. (I) Ineiperienced ; 
untkilfiiL A nceo-iiom, ■ raw 

(2) tialb, applied to meat In 
Lincolnshire, coali just pnt on 
the G re are called giten- 

Gbxen-boms, (. The needle-fish. 

Gbeih.cbbbbc, (. Cream-cheeie. 

Gkein-dkake, (. The Ma^.flf. 

Gbeenk-wihcbabd, I. A alOTcn. 

Greeney, (. Tbe gieen groibeali. 

GKEBN-nsa, ». The cod. 

GnEEN-GooBE, I. (1) A Midanm. 
mer goose, fed on grass, and not 
like a Uichselmat goose, on 

(2) A cant term for a cuckold. 

(3) A prostitute. 
GuBH-HAND, «. One who is awk- 

vard at any work. 
Gbebn-hbw, (. A tribute paid to 

the lord of the manor for liberty 

to cut off tlie boughs of tree*. 

Okbeh-luid, t. Paiton land. 



QUEKLY, adv. UnikilfuHr. Shai. 
Gkebh-han, $. A ssvage. 
Gbebh^lv,*. The green giMbeak. 


The plant 

A woodpecker. 


QBaiH-sADCB, t. A tour Muee-ttUl 
med in the North. 

Tonukean eiBcUentfrmijaver. Taks 

ae toFTfll. white bmkd grated, pand 
caeb& Espial, lome apriga of miat, a 

Grsbn-iidi, j. Turf. Devon. 
GB.BBN-BT0NE, (. (1) Stonc newly 

hewn. ChaiKer. 

(2) The name given to soft slaty 

rock) in the Western Counties. 
Gbjeen-tail, I. Diarrhoain deer. 

Gbebh-wbbd, ». Dyer"! broom. 

GBEEor, adv. Very nearly so. Laac. 
Grbep, (1) V. To clutch. Dtmn. 

(2) t. A bunch. Somrrut. 
Gaxsi, t. {-d-N.) Step<iit^n;a 

(2) e. To cry out. See Grtle. 

Gbbfbs, t. OroTCs. 

Gbbite, j. Grief; anger. 

GbeOai., adj. (Lat.) Belon_ 
a flock ; associating together. 

QBEoaRiAN, I. A peculiar wig, or 
head of false hair, said to have 
been invented by a barber in the 
Strand, named Gregory, in the 
17th cent. 

Gbeoobian-tbib, I. The gallows. 

_, Google 


OuooBiH, «. A iptdM of ur- 

dttu. Wul. 
Gbbos , (. ( A-.) Wide Iodk brGcchei. 

Obbotowb, "1 „ . 

OUQivs, /'■ *'"*'"■ 
Qmt,io*, part, p. Prepared. See 

Qbkidlv, adf. Well'ineuiiii; ; good 

ol it> kind. Norli. 
Gbbini, I. A jtti't prodoM o( 

Gbiihs, (. A sort of spice ; gnias 

Gbbithb. Se« Grailht. 
Oebub, d. (_A..S.) To provoke; 

to griad the teeth; to cone. 

Qremihe, iDger. 
GBBHetfT, t. An ■greement. 

GBBNDB.por/, j>. Orionedi inirled. 
Gbbnb, (1)<. Plaf- 

(2)1.. Toro.r. 
Gbekihbd, (. {A.'S.) Greenneu ; 

Gbbobt, adj. Pool North. 
Gbbot, i. Euth; grit. 
Gbbf, iX)prei. t. Seized ; griped. 

(2) (. A fork. Norlhumi. 
Grbs, I. (I) Gr«M; pluita; herbs. 

(2) Ortue. 
Gbbsco, (. A gUDe at e»rds. Floiie. 
Gbise, I. Deer or gune io greiu- 

time. See Oreait. 
GsEasni, (. The jeues of i hawk. 
Gbbssiblb, a^. (_Lal,) Able to 

Gbbssof, I. A gnuhopper. 
Gbbbtb, oi^'. Greateat? 

And of lUs Dlher ucmaeu, 
Tbe> uvene belh the mill. 

William dt Storitn. 
Gbeeitnb, t. To graze. Pr. P. 
GaBT,(l)a'{(.{X.S.) Grealjloud. 

(2) firtl. I. Greeted ; accoited. 

(3) t. A anare for harea. Zinc. 
Gbbtandb. Crying; lorrowing. 

See Grtte. 
Gbetb, (1) r. {J.-S.) To cry, or 

(21.. Aery. 

(3)v. To be enlarged : to became 

big with child. 

(4) «, Great men ; noble). 

(5) I. Mach. 

(6) «. The com. 

Gune, t. (J.-S-) Grace; CkTonr. 
Gbbtinobb, (. (.<.-£.) Great things. 
Gketliche, ode. Greatlj. 
Gbbtte, pret. i, of grete. Cried. 
Gbbttbltlichb, adc. Greatlj. 
Gbbdb, .. (ft-.) Hail. 
Gbbvi, v. (J.-f/.) To griere; to 

Gkcvks,). (l)Anii(iurforthel(fi. 

(2) GroTca. 

(3) Gtieft. 
Gbbw, (1) I. Greek. 

(2) f. A greybonnd. NorlM. 

(3) 0. To adhere firmly. JTetf. 
Gbiw-bitch, I, A female grey. 




Bnt XodomoDt, u thoo^ be had hid 

Q^te^ the dike like to ■ jrrtntf he 
■prfiiga. EarimfL.Jrioilt.B'/.iW. 

Gbiwn, I. A snout. Iforlh. 

GBET-BaCKBD-CBOW,t.The hoodcd 

or Norway cron. Zinc. 

bottle. Itoiih. 
GB«y-B.*BM, .. The seed of the 

wild Tine. 

Gbbt-bibd, (. The tbnub. South 
and Weif. 

Gbbt-coat-pabbon, I. An impro- 
priator; the tenant who hirea 
the tithel. 

Gritoolb, «. The bluebell. Don. 

Gbet-bbh, I. (1) The female of 
the black-cock. 

(2) A kind of pear. 

(3) A large atone bottle. North. 


The c 

Unnet. North. 
Gbbtiiih, (. A alight ftU of anow. 

Gbbtnb, f. {A..N.) To grow com. 



Oa.Br.>vttBT, «. Come gnj ehfk. 
Gbbts, e. To hno the ^rtyt, to bo 

idle. NorlluBi^t. 
G Kir. sTOKBa ,i. Couu mill-atonei. 

Gbbtthk, (I) I. {J.-S.) Grace ; 

(2)pnf. /. Ap«el)i. SkeUm. 
GftzTva, *. (•<.-&) A greve, oi 

QMS, V. To bite abuply. South. 
GaiBBLB, (. A ihoot or ihort 

cutting; fron a tree. Wait, 

»"■}•■ <'>*'»""'*• 

(2) A *tep. Sec trraet. 
Gbichb, t. {A^.) To greet 
GuDDLB, (I) (. A gridhvn. Wttt. 

(2) t>. To broil. 
GkiPB, o. {Ital gridan.) To cut, 

Chen thnm^ hii tliirii the mortiJ itole 
HA/tyii. 4»M., 7, Q., n, Fiii, M. 
GmiDBLiN, «. (Fr. grit ii Un.) A 

pncplitb eoloor. 
A^ bii lore, Lod help ui, hdei lika my 
f mh'j raiUi>y, O. F1, li, «1«. 
GKiBVFni.L, ai|f. HeUncholf . Spgtt- 

Gribmb, *. The groin. Florio. 
Gbibvovs, a^!- Dingeioiu. 
Obit, i. A deep Tillej. fforH. 
Gain, e. To ahed the hoini, Hid 

ORlvr, f. A gnft. See Oraft. 
GRiFr-OBArr, adv. B;uriiieai»i 

right or wrong. 
GairvoDHs, i. Greelu. 
Qbitfus, (. GreBvei. 
GsirHOHNDBB, $. Greyhoundi. 
Gbipt, *. SUte pencil. Var. d. 
Gbi«, (1) >. Heitb. Shri^iH. 

(2) : A small eel. 

(3)f. Aahort-leggedhen. Var.d. 

h) I. A cricket. Var. d. 

(5) V. To pinch. Sommel. 

(6) I. An old ODt tenn for * 

(7) (. A wag. Corrupted from 

Grttk. "A merrr frig, m pUi- 
ttitl atrnpagnon." Miige. 
Ihtj drink till Otj ill ■en w marj h 
lud wtUm'd ikont like t UttD nljtri. 

Urn imbTTdmt* tMt bold^ 
ABdb*;m Ihtln bonH, 
Tr> Ike mfjiif I of tkg d>K 
nit hrnU* fiUM ann. 

Guu, >. A mt; K creriee. Nortt. 
Gbilich, 01$. Hideoai. 
Gbill, o. To anirl; to antp. BMt. 
GftiLLB, (I) adj. {J..S.) Stem; 

croel; frightAiL 

(2) o^. Sharp; lercre. 

To tremble, capediUf with 

o proTOke. 


(4^ V. To torment ; t 

(a) a. Guile; deceit. 

(6) f, H»nn ; injury. 

(7) a. A kind of amaU Sth. 
Qrih, (1) .. (A.-S.) Fnry. 

(2) V. To grin. Pabg. 

(3) a^j. Dirt; ; dark. Nortiuai^l. 
GaiiiALKiH, >. A cat. 
Gbinilb, v. To begrime. Sail. 
Okiiib, (1) a. Dirt. GVimy, diitr. 

(2) t>. To aalljr with aoot or 

coala ; lo dirty. Far. d. 
Obinqbibirb, (. A lawyer. 
GBUfiNS, t. A aprinkllng. North. 
GuHiiiB, a. A large pond. Batl. 
Gbih-sib, a. A piood p«r*on in 

Qbim-the-collikb, «. Golden 

mouse- ear. Gerard. 
Grihoh, t. A amall bit. fTttt. 
GBiNcoifEa,a. A cant term for the 

venereal diieaae. 
Ton mnat knor, tir, In a notiEeiBBn tia 
hlra the «rpigo, lii a 



jfleer tho pliinfl pen 

Jaiu^i AirmU, ItU, C 1. 


Qb:niiib, I, 

^-T. Jukun miiled cmca mon 

npiHi the ounpuT ; uid, upliiBg liit 
Wt thiuBli to Iha tip at tul uae, wotkid 
■ fWomirr ednMnill vith Ua lifht 
kanl, tko^ pOftsBiiif k is; pu> 
(al pieot o( putsBiMiB (Uihi mscli in 
Togine^bnt iunr,iuihuipiWt tbaoatobM^- 
luc) vktdi WH ftmifiuA AeniniBtcd 

GmiNDnfo-BODU,*. The home of 

1 un a fOrlonw crntor^ vb^t nhmll 
ktepo meo but thu I nmit goe btuce 
into the snoJuid'AHiH to priHo P 

I will cndnn tbw will ind UirUtilj, 
uKl tbcD cut tbu into biidevtU or 
fniiAn^-A0iij«logruid&tilltlioudie, Ih, 

Gbindlb, 1. A inuiU dnin. Si^. 
QftiNDl^-ODKB, t. k wont-down 

grindtl«ne. North. 
GsiNDLE-eiVNa, It. A gtind- 

Gbihdlet, *. A dnin. Svtth. 
Ghindls-tail, (. A tnmdleUil 

Gbihino, t. The ^iproach of in 

BigaeGt. Chtth. 
OuNT, t. Grit. Ent. 
Gbif, (I) 1. Strength; power of 


(2) tr. To gripe &at 

{i) I. {A.-S.) AahellowdnintD 
cnnyw^erDff the n«d», ploughed 
fields, &c. The word ii bUo ap. 
plied to nay tmall ditch or dniii. 

(4) a. Aajr kind of sink. 

(5) D. To hind ibeaies. Wttt. 
Gbipe, (1) (. (X-S.) ATDllureia 

f2)^:{A..S.) To adie, to em- 

(3) I. &. hnndful of en^yi^. 
" Fucicolut muuulii. PaigBM. 
An handfull, 01 frs>e of herbe*." 

(4) (. A kind of nnill bont. 

(i) : A thne-pionged fork. 

(6) (. A im*U ateh. Btrii. 

Gmhb, I, An indniBMiit of tor- 

G&IPIKB.I.IHI, «i A line to direct 

the tptde in cutting gripe. Wtrl 
GaiFLE, e. To grup. 
Gbippih, <. A elanched bu& 

GsiFFLKil di^'. Avarioiouei graip- 

•oogtt togi 


) priDcei BUl^e bu bm, but nana 
,t her obtaine : 
wU EdfiU to bimaelfa bar kiDgdoma 

A gretdj miuiHl ;rmltiJ iJfuIu. 
Haa nuifirad aton di nald. 

fisvbiiA, £hh 1/ Cli^, ini. 

Wiow i»wi aie >o bimpj and griffU. 

ColgTuJi Wilt InJopniir, U7I. 

GaiF-TABD, t. Aaest of green turf,. 

railed on twisted boughi. North. 
Gbib. .. C^.-Af.) (1) A costly fur, 

used in the middle Ige* for rich 

(2) (. Pig>. See Grict. 
GaiBAKP, aij. (fV.) Gre;. 
Gbibbit, v. To m«ke wry facesi 


■S.) FrigW- 




GaiBi-T, adj. Speckled. Yorkih. 

GsiBPiye.t. Twilight. 

Bcit«d npon tha ndeof a (ilTu atnwei 
fltan aloioai in xbtgnmig of tb« vitx^ 
iig. Afil. -fi^l., lii. C 1. 

Obisse, t. Greu, or herb. 

Gribski., adj. Gciily. 

Gkibt, (1) a. The quutitj of com 

sent to the mill to be ground. 

(2)t>. To gnash the teeth. WOU. 
GniT, (1} f. The leb^rab. Une. 

(2) V. To iqaeik. SomerMj. 
Gbtth, «. {A.^) GiBce; prote^ 


Gbiitlb, v. To (9iinrii)e oft iVorffi- 

Gkiebiti, v. To gaaih the tMtti. 

Obizli, *. A dtrUifa grer. i^nm. 
GsiziLS, o. (I) To (ftin, or hrogh. 

(2) To gnimble. 
OmttzLi-DmuirHitr, «. A penon 

alwsyi grinniilg. Devat. 
-Gta, t. A -rich kind of Inr. 
GutAHBB, part. a. Grcrwinj, 
QBaAKiNa, ». A lying-in. 
Gkob, 0. To aeek for. Line. 
CMMtK.c. (l)T(ipOTA;topoke 
tbont. JVoriA. 

(2) To make holei. 

(3) To loiter. Line. 
Cmmaw, t. A rtovM ; (Grty tel- 

Gbobhan, *. A Mi-bream two 

ihn* grown. Cornv. 
GBockb, *, A IrtioleUlc mertlnnt 

who tpectilaCed it tntrketi ind 

tim. ThiBnMtbeorigiailmmn- 

Ing of th« word. 
Gsoeas, e. To grumWe. 
^Mci, 1. A dtrarfith, ill-thriVen 

ehild. Line. " She ill lueslier 

ADdrMi, tbey hm gVowD up, 

mere tiny little ffrOBit." 
BMdi, «. (.^.-5.) To deruttlc. 
Gsorfe, pnf. (. EKgged. 
OKovsN,pat-l. p. Gro>Tn, 
Gu)fTE, >. Gt^jund, On file gnffe, 

III oU the ground. Grefiyliget 

mgnibbUag; *ith the face down. 

Giorr, (. GMwth ; produce. Bait. 
QBOrrB, *. A sort of atone for 

Gaos, adj. Angit- Uine. 
Grogi, c. To grudge ; to gmmble. 
Gboquin, \t. A coarse ItM 
sftooKBAM, J kind of ^k taffHy. 
GaoiNK, (1) (. {Ft.) A note, or 

(2) v.{A.-!f.) To gnmt like a 
pig; to gmmMe. 

(3) t. A banging lip. 


(ij (. A fhiward look. 

(5) e. To cut graii. Yorkt\. 
GKoiNB-nui, t. The ipiing. North. 
Gbdihi, *. Wooden bulwarka nied 

at ttie >e* tide to protect the 

banki igHinit (he eacroachiDcnt 

of the Ma. 
GaoLLiNO, I. Gnuabling of the 


forked ilick for carrying 
boodtei of atnw. Wf»l. 
QaouE,*. (^.-5.) A man. 
OsoHBB, f. A boy. 
Gxomx, \ t. The plaat gmm- 

□HOUALT. /wen. 

Ga.on, pari. p. Ground. Wttl. 
Gkohuek, parf. p. Ground. 
aBO)nniwri.>, i. The plaut 

Gbohdv,(. a grandmother. Ckntt. 
Ohoni, v. (^A-N.) To groan i to 

OnoHT, adj. GrtimbUng. Ft. P. 

Ghooh-obdbbbb, >. An officet in 
the royal hou»ehold whose duty 
it waa to aee that the barrel 
brought into the eellar were 
tight and full, and to dnw out 
the leei from cuka that were 
nearly empty. 

G>iooia-«iftTEa,>. An officer of the 
royal hooiehoH, whose hnslncu 
it was to aee the king') lodging 
fntnlthed with Ubles, cfaairi, 
(tonll, and firlttg ; as alio to pro- 
vide cardt, dice, &c., and to de- 
cide dlgpnteg srlBlng at eardi, 
dice, bowling, Sic. FormeHy he 
wa> Bllowed to keep an open 
gambling table at Ch^atmaa; an 
abuse which was not removed till 
the reign of GeiHge HI. George 
I and II played hazard in pubhc 
on certain ^ye, attended by th« 
ffrwm^orttr. The groam-parftt' 
is said to have mcceeded to tbe 
office of the maiter of the rereli. 
The word was tometimeB given 
to loaded dies. " Dice which be 


He wiU win jrrn 
St lrTMlih~blt lodL. wiihia tliii fnrtBiEM 
EiHHih to bn} ft buonf. Thof Till Kt 

Dpmoit it (befnum.farta'i tH thg CbiM- 
And for (he vhole j«ti Uuon^ M eraj 
w£cn then li plsf. S.Jau. ^fit., iii. «. 
Run, ud ondamir to bnhble Uie •portin. 
BclU IU7 be Kfocer'd l«l it tha froom- 

JrjUciw, follnr, toOow, lead iWn bT (be 

TUu the odd! ind then null bt rich. 

BthJunULTT. ISoB^ " 1 Hw ^ep end pn>- 
lifhHU Elming at th« ^nwn-portir'f i 
tHI,b»H oftuld.qlwi.dcrri Mmj in 

Aflyn'j iluf>, Jot. 8, IMS. 
kliipTiiiul I ihill nncr nted to 

111 fflt me a pack or fox-dofci, bant 
eierr dej, and ploj at Ihe fmm-torlcr'i 
at night. SUl^i Tnt^idoH. 

Gkoop, I. A pea for cattle; (he 
pltoe in ■ itable where the cowb 
or honet dung. North. 

Gkoot, I, Dr7 mud in *mKll piecei. 

GbooT'Risi, 1. A ridge in ploaglied 

Oboovi, *. A mine, or thiA. 

Orootert, niinert. North. 
Qkopk-holb, (. Any receptiele for 

OmoFiNO, t. A method of ciIcIudb 

trout bf tickliDg them with tiie 

Okofino-ikon, (, A gouge. 
Gkofii, », Cora chaff. Pr. P. 
Gvo%,prti. I. of ffrite. Feared. 
GaosB.&iB, I. A hat for geeae. 

GKOiBHi, (, (_J.-N.) Oooieberrio. 

GBoaHpOiJ,-. Fatithriting, Yorhi. 
Gft0B>. (1) A hawk waa uid to 

fljf groa, when after la^ birdi. 

(2) a^. Dull ; atopid. Paltg. 

{3} t. All thick ioft food, H 

porridge. Dnm. 

Gboisst, f. A groat 

Ghossolitib, I. ChrytoUtea. 

Gaoee-DF, r. To bujr up all tbe 

GaoBT, t. The ittr-thtatle. 

Gkob.vaib^. Aaortof fur. SeeFatr. 

Gbotindi, part, a. otgrtte. Weep- 

QooTONB, t. To inrfeit. Pr. P. 

Groddqr, v. To ahirer. 

GnODDLT, adj. Gmmhling; dia- 
eontenled. Ltic. 

Gkodlino, J. The drat approadi of 

Grohh, t, A grcfhouud. Shnpth, 
Gkound, (1) f. The bottom or 

(2)t. Tbepitnfatb«itre,wbich 
waa without benchea, and od ■ 
lenl with tbe Btage. QroundBag, 
one who atood in the pit. 

(3) I. An old muiical term for 
an lir on which Ttriationi and 
diriaiona were to be made. 

(4) I. A field, or farm. 

Ifi) I, An inclontre of graas-land 
out of (he reach of flooda. Gtoite. 
(6} t. A pUntttion of willowi,. 
&«. Wett. 

(7) 7b go lo grmatd, alvam 
eionerkre. Crime le the j/remd, 
buried. " And dranke lo long 
ontill the grotmd lookt blew." 
HtywooiFi Hitrarehie of tk» 
iUutd JngeUt,l6Zb,f.\H. A 
ma^nal note uya that thia is 
" a common proverbe In oor 
Eagliih tongne." 

Gbodkd-abh, t. An aab-tapling. 

GaouND-BAiT,»,ThelDche. North. 

GaovND-CAB, t. A tledge. Wett. 

Gbound-diob, f. Blunt-conieicd 

GnoDNDi, p. To grant. 

Ground -KLDiK, (. Dwarf-elder. 

Gkodnd-bttl, 1. The ahepheid'i 
needle. Oerard. 

Gbodnd-fibins, J. Root! oftreM 
and buibei for fueL 



G*oiiiii>.GDDO>OH,*. A man flth, 
tbe eoiUu ioriatala of lino. 

Gbodhd-bali, «. Tbe herb gnin- 

GsorND-iBiAc, 1. The yellaw wita. 

GnoDND-rrr, f . The plant ilehoof. 

Gbocmdlt, ofb. ProfouDdlf • 

Gkound-niidli, t. Tbe name of 

. Ee$t. 

. A Ready f aU of 

Gkovmdb, <- (1) 

Ann. Norttmtpl. 

(2) Sediment Par. if. 
Gkovhd-bill, (. The tbreahold of 

GKOuMD-aop, ■. A aop by iriiich 
the dr^< may be loaked up. 

G&onHD-awEAT, t. A penon aome 
time buried it laid to have talen 
a eroand-iweat. Eotl. 

Grodpfadb, I. (A*.) A carvet in 

Gbodsb, (. GraTeL Nnrlhtti^l. 

GoocBOMB, e^. {A.'S.) Loath- 
aome; tearfuL Omi. 

Gbodt, (I) J. Ground malt. In 
Mine parti, the bqnor nith malt 
iafoaed for ilo or beer, before it 
ia fully boiled, h called grmU, 
and before it ia tunned up in the 
Tcuel it IB called wort. A thick 
aort of ale wat alio called frmj 
and grouf-ale, 
nil Jollj graul ii joIlT and itoat, 
I nnj joo itonl It rtSl k, 

(2) V. To dig up with the inoiit, 
6ke a bog. Yorkih. 

(3) Fluid mortar, poured orer 
the couraea in building to fill up 
the interiticea belneen tbe atonea 

(4) I. A jocular term for one 
Kho takei anything fluid late in 

QmovTwa, part.p. Begrimed. V.d. Great-beaded; 

atapid ; ilnpidlf noiij. Santa, 
OnHtUuad, ■ blockhead. Ur^t- 
karfi JMebut. 

Omocra, i. Drep. Var. d. 

Gaouii,r. To eat vegetable!, bvit, 
&c. " She ii alwayi ^nMuisf 
nnripe gooieberriei and other 
inch rubbish." Ukc Ithaiaome- 
timei a more general meaoing, 
to derour. 

GmoTB, (1) r. To dig. Iforlh. 
{2) part. p. of gravt. Dug. 

(3) «. A ditch, or drain. Lint. 

(4) a. A deep pit aunk into the 
groand to aearch for minerala. 
Orme-mood, timber naed in anp- 
porting the roof or aidet of 

GxavKO, prti. f. Grew. 
Gsow, B. (1) To cnltl»»te wiy- 
tliing. Crvwtr, a cultirator. 

(2) To be troubled ; to mnrmnr ; 
to repine. North. 

(3) Tobeagiuah. Han^tk. 
Gbjjwblak, (. A digger. Pr. P. 
Gbowiko, t. The hot fit of an 

atue. North. 
Gkovhi, (. An engine to atreteh 

woollen cloth. 
Gkowv, adj. ^ tuna applied to 

milk when burnt at tiie bottom 

of the pot. LitK. 
Gbowndb, v. To bellow. 
OuiWHDEH, 11^. Sharpened b; 

Gkowhokh, (. A founder. 


obohobswilto, J Gronndiel. 
GftoweoMB, od;. Tending to make 
tbinga growi aa, "iia a Ane 

^roinmiu weather." Une. 

0BOWTH-HAI.rFaHHT, (. A Itt* 

paid in aome placet for the tithe 
of each fat animal. 
Gbowthohi,, t. A blockhead. 
"Capito, leatD,qoi a groaae teate. 
One tbal halb a great heade : a 


fiaowzE. V. To be chill before id 

■gue-fit. North. 
Gbot, a4i. Orej-heided with ige. 

GbOYNB, (l)r. TolRBMDt. 

(2) prtl. t. Grinned. 
GttozKN, *. A groTe. Sanuri»l. 
Gbozihs,*. The herb duck'imMt. 

GBotcr.BYES, *. Ooggle-«fa. 

Oru,i. Greek. 
Gbdb, (1) V. To jumble. Toride 

gnib, or be bitten by the grabs, 

to be ralkr. Eatl. 

(2) >. A little dirty anim*L 

(3) (. Vietaili; ■ yalgar phrue. 

(4) f. Idle mk. Norfolk. 
{S)e. To toil WDlimwUji to 

Gbubbkh, (. A rooting ue. Florio. 

GbDbbLe, v. To grab about. 

Qbubbt, adj. (1) Poor; itoaled; 
peeiigb. Wett, 
(2) Dirty. Norllum^t. 

Gbcbi, (1) *. A drain. Naif. 
(2) c. To cut the feitherg luider 
the wiagi of acoek. Acock- 
fighting phnie. 

Gbub-fbluno, 1 : Felling trees 


weytherooW. Eait. 
GBUBLIHa-IBON, I. Agonge. Poll. 
Gbvccbb, I. (X-.S.) To grumble) 

to muroior ; to grudge. 
GnucH, >. DiKOQlent; a grudge. 
Bf UkiDg peace under rondkcinii lUflh 
Aa mije Mlistt (in boUL-putei) ^ OnU 

itrfma^t Spider md fUl, IBM. 

Geuchbb, .. A kind of hawk, 
Gbdddt, a^. Greedy ; cavetoui. 

GnuDaiB, «. A grumbler. 

OBUDsme, I. A feeUt^; «-*;np> 

GBUDaiNOB.l •- Come wheatea 
QBUEL, Jmea!, hut lomewhat 

finer than bran. For. d, 
GB,nB, B. To pain ; to grieve. Urn 
GBUir, (1) (. A mine. Cnf^n-.t 

miner. Saaurttl. 

(2) V. To inub. Sf<^. 
GavrrLB, v. To growl. Sifff. 
Gbuitbd, jMrf.^i. Begrimed. Line, 
GanaaE, t. To grumlile. 
Gbdh, 4u{|. (1) Surly; angi;. 

WyiMii, Cemtrt W^, IBM. 

(2) Powerful, applied to the 

Ghdublb.outs, 1. A discontented 

GnDHiiei., >. The plant ^mwell. 
Gbduhdt, 1. Ad ignorant ptrsoo. 

GauuFH, o. To growL North. 
Grduphbt, *. A jostling among 

schoolboya while hiding anything 

one from another. North. 
Grdwft, adj. (i) Surly, far. d. 

(Z) Hard; stiff; crisp. Leic. 
Gruusel,*. Thedandelion. Devon. 
Gruh, I. (1) The upper lip of a 

beast. North. 

(2) Ground. Far. d. 
Gbdhden. See Grottndea. 
Gbundlikr. adv. Deeply; heartQy. 
Grcndwallb, a. A foundation. 

Gritnnt, (. The snout of a bt^. 
Gbdmbh, c. To scrunch. Shr^. 
Grcnt, o. To endeBTOor. Wat. 
Gbdnter, i. A pig. 
GacsTiso-cBKAT, *. An old cant 

term for a pig. 
Qhumtlb, (1)c. To grunt like « 

So boar ud tow, wben but slonn ia nJih, 
SnuSuf audHiiellitKithiihD|[mthe|£}i 


FeBoTA ui nnd (her vntiow *ll alma, 
Ajid mon uil gruntlt to Mcb Dlhon 
jnua. Xiy Is M< AiijBu^ 1701. 

(2) r. To be sulky. 

(3) •- A muiile. Worth. 
GRnNTLINO, f. A pig. 
Ganp. (. A trench. Eail. 
GanPTEB, e. To give op. Wiltt. 
GnnsLE, t, GriBlle. 

Gbot, (. Grit, or greveL 
Grittch, D. To .glutei to gram- 

ble. See Orveehe. 
Hfl t'enSoT with frficdom wQL aiAffruicA 

QDMrng ^^,^^jgj, 
Gbutnol, J. A blocUMkd. UrfU- 

hart't Raitlaii. 
Gbt, v. To hsie a alight iltiek of 

t:gat. North. 
Gbtb.v. To tremble; to be agi- 
-Gktpfb, ». Dngon-vort. 
Gbtle, adv. Hinrlbl;. See 0nifc. 
GaTMCBN, V. To grind. 
Gbtnnib, «. A «a>re. 
Gbthsttno, port. a. Oaadung; 

Gbtppi, v. To gnatch ; to Miae. 
eBTBB,ti.'(..4.-^.) To befirighMoedj 

trooblefl; vered. 
Obtzb, f . (1) To iqaeeze, or rob ; 

to wear or annoy. Senjf. 

(2) To grind between the teeih. 

Gdaoe, c. To engage. Pakg. 
Gdabd, t. A poilure of defente. 
GVAKDANT, adj. In a poiture of 


After mne Ilnat dii«iiirK«f tlidriffilKii, 

Jbieu on hii Iwcke AnidliM* takci, 
Vor fonDg iikuiiu b« lui lelt Wd 

Inhii right bud hit ovardnJ iword h« 
■kiklH, Cr«2 A^iiiHi IVoiH.lMe. 
GiMBua, «. Trimmings, fednp, or ; 
Other omameals applied opon a 
dreaa ; used also as a v., to orna- 
ment with goaidg or facingi. 
Tlu doiki, do^lstt, kc. Hcie fnfitt ' 

sir iHrmEDU widi ntriit 

r Tl. SUmg Dif. (/j^wif. 

ApbuiEHlrof clDtUirgcctH, withoat 

Bilher welt* or garde. 

*««■. ^,1, f^. Harl MIk.. t, SM. 

GuAaiSH, B. {J.-f^. To heal, or 

Odabt, \i. Some kind of poeti- 
OABYi, J cal or dramatic perform, 
ance. The word seems to have 
been preserved in the guarg- 
miraclei, performed io Comw^ 
so late as the 17th century. 

TbTi Tl on ot BnrtaTM Ijies, 

■"-- ■"■-o&Bd.y- 

n plijn I 


Gob, (■ (1) A pander, or go-be- 

(2) Atom of money. Lbte. 

(3) A roand stone that will not 
lay regular in a wall, called bIm 
a ffBibleslone. Oxf. 

(4) t>. To stop up. Norlhampl. 
GuBBABN, a. A filthy place i a 

drain. Wiltl. 

Gdsbbb, *. Black mnd. Sum, 

GnsBiB-TirsHBD, a^. Haiing ir- 
regular projecting teeth. 

OoBBtNOa, f. Parings; fragment*. 

GcBBiNs, (. Awild class of people 
about Dartmoor. 

GnsBLa-aTONE. See Gub. 

GiTBBt, (1) 5. A crowd. Devon. 
(2) adj. Knotty. Northan^l. 

GuBBBNATioN, a. {Ut.) Govem- 

Wa. it 

t, tLat 


nower Rnd enlier ^vfr^nu 
laadei and pMplt withm i 

GuD-DBTON. Good kkh. 
GuDDLB, t. To gmzle. Som»r*4l, 
Gtrna, p. To do good. " I gvdti 
'em as long ai I could," that ia, 
gooded him, got Urn what com- 
fort and good I could. Moor'i 

-, Google '— 

OUD 5; 

QoDoiLL, (. (1) A paddlt. 
(2) The gutter in a street. Ovd- 
geli-hole, tbe KcepUcle for a 

GoDOKN, *. A cutting oF a pluit 

Kt in tb« ground. Wttt. 
Gddokoh, : (It The large pivot 

of the aiit of a wheel. » Tbe 

ffudgiom of the ipindle of ■ 

wheele." f/oinaiclalor. 

(2) A piece of wood for roofing. 


(3') Alie; a joke or taunt. 

(4) To twaibnB a gudgeon, to 

be deceived, or made a fool of. 

To gape for gudgiotu, ta look 

one for impoaBibililiei. 
GuDOEONH, I. The ringi which 

bear up the mdder of a ship. 
GcDoiL-noLi, t. A place for dung 

and other filth. Wetl. 
GuDLT. a^. Courleoua. Gmmgne, 
GuB, I, (/v. gueux.) A ihirper, or 

rogue I a low-Uved person. 

uigenioDi gue ak 

Simal Bial, p. SSI. 

Gmtotrr, a. A aoft damp plaee in a 

field. CAnt. 
Qdkrdok. (1) 1. (_J.-ff.) Reward. 

(2) r. To reward. 
GnERiioHiza, v. To reward. 
GuiKDONLKB. odj. Without reward. 
Gdbbw, .. (_A..ff.) War. 
Q0BBTBeHE,v.(^.-iV.) Tobe cured; 

to recover from aicknesa. 
GinBS,(l)f. Acorruptioti cfguetli. 

(2) a^. Barren, applied to cdwb 
ind ewBH. Sent. 

(3) t>. To anppou. Var. d. 
Gdkbs.shekp, «. Young ewei that 

have been with the ram, but not 

yet had lamba. Sun, 
Ottibt, t. A glunt. Norlh. 
GnCBTLisag, t. Municipal meet. 

ingi at the Cinque Porta. 
OmiT-iiiAL, *. A dinner-party. 

QvK»nmn>,t, j 

tion. Ndrlh. 

8 GVL 

Gpft, t. A fbol. Cumi. 
Guoaw,«.(1) Afiute. Pr.P. 

(2) A Jew'a harp. See GaBgatl. 
GuoDLi, V. (1) To cheat. Nortk. 

(2) D. To gargle. Warn. 

(3J t. A anul-shelL Ox^rMu 
GusoLBB, (. A funnel. Eait. 
GnioaHB, (. The tendoni. Nortk. 
GniDiB, ». (1) The arcs of circle* 

faatened on the fore-axle of a 

waggon, as a bearing for the bed 

of the waggon when it lodu. 


(2) Tendons. Nortkampt. 
GniDB-sToop, 1. A guide-port. 

GcinoN, I. (_J.~N.) A standard. 
Gdidkessi, f. A female guide. 
Gnu, V. i_J.-N.) To guide ; to go- 

GDILD-BB.OTBEK, «. A member of 
a guild or corporation. "A guUd- 
irolker, a brother of a titirj, 
company, corporation, or fellow- 
ahip." Nbmtuclalor. 

GuiLK, (. Aa mnch liquor as ia 
brewed at once. North. 

QuiLBBr, (. Deceit. 

GuiLB-BBARBs,t. Cheating aharca. 

Gui].-rAT, «. A worl.tub. Nerlk. 

GniLL, e. To be dazzled. Chfk- 

GciLrY.cnpa, 1. Buttei-cupB. Det. 

GuiHAD, 1. The name of a fish 
formerly caught in tbe Dee. 

GuiNEA-HBH, I. An old cant term 
for a proadtute. 

GoiPOK, I. (_A.-N.) The jupon, or 

Gdirdinb,!. Breaking wind loudly. 

GiiiBKBB. t. Mummen. Nortk. 

GniasiTTEa, 1. Short piecea of ar- 
mour for the thigha. 

Gditohbh,*. Avagrant. Middbtem. 

GniiENED, adj. (1) Strai^ly 
dreaaed. Gumiu^r ia uaed in the 
same sense. Line. 
(2) Leaky. North. 

GnLABDODB, t. A goUaid. tM- 
yardi), minttrelay. 



Gulch, (1) t. To iinllow. Wat. 

(2) I. A fst fellow. 

<3) V. To fell heavily. Var. d. 

(*) I. A beiTy fill. 
GuLCBi, <4r. (1> Fit. DeeoH. 

(2) Greed; of drink. 
G[i[j>KK, e. To ipeik load and 

iMnhly. Cumi. 
GuDM, (1) (. (^,.JV,) Gldlton;. 

(2) t. (A.'S.) Chriitmu. 

(3) >. LuniDU-dBj. 

{*) v. To bout; to lingh; to 

ineer. Her^. 
Gdlbd, adj. Amazed ; bewildered. 

GvLf, >. The itomach. 
G([i.F, 1 f . A breach in a pit 

owLF-JOWT./of marl, interren- 

iag between the joiDti of the 

rack. Norlkan^t. 
GoLr-HOLE, *. The mouth of a 

drain. Florio. 
Odlos, Ip. (1) To bulge 

GITI.E, e. To gulp down, Devon. 
Gull, (1) (. A diip« ; a fool. 

(2) a. An anfledged bird. Korth. 

(3) *. A goding. 

(4) ». The btoom o( tbe willow. 

(9) (. The name of a game. 

(6) V. To iweep away by force 
of rantung water. 

(7) (■ A breach made by a 

GuLLB, adj. (_J,-S, ff!/L) Gay; flne. 
GuLLSKY, *. Deceit: mockery. 
Gullet, i. (1) A imall atream. 
(2) A parcel, or lot. 

And tLfi naideTa bonge j 
nudiTe fdlatta in m 

Imiltv ITwisnO, Umf. Ate. n. 

[I.1L lyelli IB 

} GUL 

(3) A jack. JV»rf». 

(4) The arch of a bridge. Dttut. 

(5) A gore in • ihirt, Ik, 
GuLL^SBOPEm, a. An uiurer who 

lent money lo gameiter*. Dtillrr. 
GoLLioir, (1) a. (A.-N.) A wreleh. 


(2) Tbe colic. Ea»f. 
GuLLOwiNO, «{;'. Swallowing; dfl- 

deTi>iijidc IDd ffniioToina nnch of Ik 

(Uttou. Iwnmm BtlM. lt*l. 

GoLLi, (. Haity-pudding. YorlOh. 
GuLLT. t. (1) A Urge knife, called, 

in Urquhart'i Rabelaia, "a cdI. 

pone knife." 

<2) A ratine; a imall itream; a 


(3) A hand-barrow. Dnon. 

(4) A calPi pluck. North. 
Gdlltsut, t. A glutton. 

Nothicg tHhinde io numbei wltli tlw 
invindbLfl ^Duh trmuli, Ihoof h thoy 
were not tach Qunntiun borilerovi 

Bud ^LAdiibl« Be 

hdglitoing my walli 


The m 

drain. Norf. 
Gullt-uootb, «. A imaU pitcher. 

Gullt-pit, t. A whirlpool. Det«n. 
GuLoarrr, t. {Lat.) Greedineai. 
Gulf, i. The young of an auinul 

in iu lafteal ttite ; t. lery diui- 

nBtiie penon. Eatt. 
GuLPH, «. A mow. Norf. See 

Gdlsh, f. Hud; sediment. Sati. 

(2) Ribaldry. Northampt. 
GuLSHiNS, adj. ?at. Norlhamft. 
GuLBET, a4f' Groialy corpulent. 

-, Google 

Folic gncwu to tvHte. 

GnH-ooL*,!. CoDjeetaredbrNarei 

to UMn cUmmr hindi. 
Do th> loidi ban, ul tha i^uiM 

Kit Ihe mudIi, ui en, T« us yonr 
••miilit B.J-npjWwfff.v.i. 

to clothe*. Kent. 

(2) To itiok (oselbar, applied to 

the ejet whea not euilj opened 

m welling. 
GuHUT, aif). Thick and ■•ollen. 
GuHP. (. A fooL South. 
OuMFTioN,*. Talent. Var.d. 
Gduft, ii^'. LuD^y. Denim. 
GvMaHiis,ai{r. Quirrelaome. £u(. 

ConceiUd. NarlAaiapt. 
Gttw, t. A laT|:e fldgon of Kle. 

GuNDB, V. To break to pieeei. 

GiTMtnm »- (1 ) A (hooter. Si^blJt. 
(S) A man wtioie buiiaeu it vai 
to aboot vild fowl, before the 
incloture of the comtnoBg. Lme. 

GONNIHO-BOAT, \t, AlightDaT. 

ouNsiHO-aHOCT./row boat in 
Which the fenmen panne the 
wUd fowL 

GoiTOT-BAot,*. PadugMfbiropei 
eiported from England. 

OuNPownin, t. To drink gm- 
pDwder ippeara to have been 
coniidered verf eidting. 

Bring du m a:mBOf wine, boj, qnicUj, 

PH in ;Muo>edir,f» n* OriikB iM mid. 
Btwlimli, Zh. i^^. f-Di^ 1(13. 

GmaffTEB, 1. (I) One wko aboot* 

with a gnn. 

(2) A baiard. 
GoNtrom, ». A eannoa ball, 

which wai originally made of 

Gdoddid, ai{r. Spotted. Wetir, 

D em 

tIvoin,«4t. Oodd. 

Odf. Get np I 

OiiK,(lW. Ore, befsre it take* a 

metallic form. 

(2) adf. Green, applied to a 

wound, &e. Line. 
OuRDB, (1)t. To rinks, 

(2) part.ji. Girt; itmCk. 
Ovnna. t. (1) KU and itart*. 

(2) BraetnioQg. SemtrMl. 
Ghkoe, (. [Lai.) A whirlpool. 
GrsoBOH,(. Anmdescript.'IF^t. 
GuBOSDMs, I. PoUard meaL 
OiTBSipnra, (. SluAdnpaoditiC 

A hawking term. 
Gdrgli, t. The gtiUet. Ltk. 
Gtkst,!. Aatabbyhedge. Cdnm 
GvBitoND, t. {Fr. fmirmtnd.) A 

ploH, il w^t Terr 
fuaous gvrmond 


[Apleo.] ti ... __ 
Gdrsteh-dat, t. Yeiterdaf? 

»• iok w*Dd( la Uk wiie.' 

*^o"r";,,}'- AS"™"!- 
GuBBT-BUT, 1. A dnag^lsdge. 

Gdbt, «. Croats. n>ri«. 
GuBziN, a. Paiture. ami. 
Gdbh, (1)*. A gnat. Satl. 

(2) «. To frighten. CWjtmaat, 

terror. IFe.*. 
Gcsaiu., >. A gutter. 
GniB,». A girth. Wal. 
GoBSCHu,i,B, I, An old diih in 

GtrgSBT«, •- Pieces (tf chain jnail, 
cat in a triangular lozenge abtpe, 
Mid Sied to the garment under 
tlie armoui by mean* of anni)^- 

Gubboce,!. Aanddenguitofwiad. 

Gd*b.wbbb, a. A woven 

Gear, ». {^..M) Totute. 



CUft b 

Odstabd, «^ The gml bnitird. 
GusntiLL.t. A dirt; gutter. ffWi. 
Gut,*, fl) A Tcr; fit mu. 

(2) Aintei-i»araewluch smptiu 

itaelf into the im; ■ btf. Sea 

Goth, t. A girth. Jbti^A. 
GDTUva, *. A glutton. Craven. 
Gnr-scBAraa, f. A fiddler. 
QtrTTmo.parl.p. Begjimed.ZJnim. 
GurraB, (1) t. The boUow place 

in * crou-boff nbeie tl 

(2) t. To devour greedily. Peaoti. 
GoTTBas, (. (A-.) Little atieaks in 

th« beam of a hait'i head. 
GiTTTiDa, (. ShTOTe-tide. 
GDTTLx,tF. ToberaTeaom.iVarM. 
Gui-TLB-HSAD, t. A thoughtleu 

GowaoaK, i. Spurge. 
GewLZ, t. Marigoldl. 
Gut, i. Any stnngeJookiiig indi- 

lidnal; a term derived mini the 

cfflgieB of Gov Fawkes. 
GnTK, t. {A.-if.) To goide. See 

Git. (Tuymr, a leader. 
Gutti, j. a guide. 
GuTzxaDB, t. Ideo in di^gniif. 
GuzzLB, \t. A dnia at ditch; a 
Bowm, J imall itream. 
GwaHDias, «. A diiagreeible 

■enutioD in the fli^n or toes, 

uiaiig &om violent cold. Devon. 

la m\at parti of Cornwall it is 

pniiuHinced woadert. 
GwETBAU., I. Hooiehold ituS. 

GwYLB, i. A rsrine. Wtii. 
Gtbe, t. A counterfeit licenie for 

Grna,!. A guide. See GU. Gyde- 
rtitt, a female guide. 

Gtsbbb, j. Strapi to draw to- 
gether the open parts of armour. 

Gtdlib, aifj. Giddy. 

Gra, (1) V. To direct. See Git. 
(2) I. Aiilt-viBterditcli. Sum. 
ii)t. A weed ttaatgianiaeiong 
eora. Eai. 

Otls, (1) (. Deceit ; guile. 

(2) V. To deceive. 

(3) (, A brewing of beer. Sui$, 

(4) t. Wort. Oj^-lnibe, a wort- 

QiuuiuiDa, (. A dith in cookery. 
Gtki, (l)e. To grin. North. 

(2) A breach or hole in a bink. 

GYMaLOT, I. A gimlet. Pr. P. 

Gtnfui., 1. Full of tricki. 

Gyp, i. At Cambridge, a college 

■ervant, aiid to be derived tram 

Gr-Tuji, a vulture. 
QrBiN-raos, t. A tadpole. Rait- 

tail, by Mnttemx. 
Gtbon, ». (A.-K.) A lort of trian^e. 

GTRBoit, I. A fine paid before- 
hand. ifHnkmi. 
Gtbtbi, ». {AS.) Peace; pi»- 

teciion. See Orilhe. 
Gybt. (,1) I. (A..N.) A dMd; an 


(2)1. Juice. 

(3) I. A joiit. 

(i) pra. I. i p. ting- Gettest. 
GvTBLiCBiFB, I. RcdileMneii. 
GiTHBaB, f. Guiie. 
GvTRaea, t. A ghoat. Cravtn. 
GvTB,p. Tobanleritoquiz. JVbr**. 
Gtvbb, I. Sinewa <d the legi. 

Gttoitbsoiii, adj. Greedy, gUt. 

lonam. Durham. 
Otwbl, I. AjemL Sob.Glone. 
Oyweb, (. Jewi. 

TJiB /yKti taiim, am tiomn I 
Hj nata Wat j-mende. 

Ma. a contraotian of AaM. 
HkATDBBi, I. Fiahermeu'i line*. 



Ha^tb, «. (1) To ttop, or \ttp 
back. J}eve*. 

(2) To bite doM. Nartkan^f. 
Hab OB HAS, 1 Raabl; ; it mdom ; 
HAB-NAB, V b; fair mem aor foul. 
■OB-HOB, J It iiauppoaed tobe 
derived from AoAte ud naibe, to 
have uid not to hne; u much 
u to uj, whether yoa an lore 


And Ui hiRDiniEnt mt Uii> mum 
ki bnplaable, that vitiiArtiDn c 

™; j^^R"" "•''""'" ' 


Ifthetoj _. . 

ODBCuiHorottieT.ljjIaftflr jh£, faookv 
or CTOokB, ud b ba it rloht oc wrong 
has will tvnUa note luulaiwiiita ihe 
frindini-luFiiH. IW«K(iiiXvlut,lMl. 
mth tlut be ciicIh dnwB md •qiura. 



irwiiir. n, iii,°ge7. 

Habbb, r. (J.-S.) To have. 

Habbnbirb, I. Arcbitectoral de. 
corstions of lome tort, bat the 
exact neiniDg of the word i> 

HAHKaDASHBB, (. A ichoolmutec. 

Habkbiiinb, I. Salted cod. 
Habbbqeoh, ». {A.-N.) A bresit- 

pUte of mail or eloie iteel, or of 

Habilitate, e. To qaaUfy. Bali- 

Station, qualification. BacD». 
Habilitt,!. (Fr.) Faculty i power. 
Habilliubhts,*. Borden of gold, 

pearl, &c. in dress. 
Habitaglb,*. (.^.-A^.) Adwelling; 

a niche for a atatue. 
Habitcdb, a. {Lai.) DiapoaitioD 
Hable, t. {A..N.) A haTCD. 

t HAC 

Hacbsd, p^H.p. Hatdwd; em- 

Hack, (I) v. To atammer; to 
cough InMgiientl; ; to laboor in- 
defatigable. Var.d. 

(2) J. A hard-working man. Stiff. 

(3) V. To win ererything. Cumi. 

(4) t. A hedge. Lme. 

i^S a. A balf-door ; arack. Nerf. 

(6) I. A pick-axe, or hoe; a 
apade, or mattock ; a hatcbet 

(7) a. The place where the hawk'* 
meat wa* placed. 

(8) I. The place on which brick* 
are arranged to dry. JVetl. 

(9) 1. The lighta, liier, mod heart 

(10] v. To chatter with cold. 

(11) r. To hop on one leg. Wttl. 
Haceandb, pari. a. (A..S.) An- 
Hacebush, t. A heavy hand^^n. 
IIackbd, pari. p. Chopped, or 

chapped. North. 
Hackeb, (I) V. To atammer; to 

preraricate. North. 

(2) (. A aort of aie. Wett. 
Hack-booi, (. A bill with a long 

handle. SimtK. 
Hackib, t. The game of Goff. 
Hacein, (■ A pudding made in the 

maw of a aheep or hog, formerly 

a Btandard diah at Cbriatmaa. 
Haceino-codoh, t. A alight teaz- 

ing cough. Var. d. 
Hacklk. b. To dreia, or trim up. 


(2) : Hair, wool, or featheia. 

(3) ». A hog'a mane. WiUt. 

(4) I. An implement with iron 
teeth for combing hemp or flax. 

(5) t. A row of new-made hay ; 

(6) V. To dig up, liHc. 

(7) *■ A conical coTering of hay 
or atraw. South. 

<i) e. To ahackle beiati. Si^. 
(9} «. The atickleback. Dewm. 


HAC i 

(10) *. To fite together. 

Uacelbd, adj. Pee^h. North. 
Hacklis, (. (1) The long feaChen 

on a cock'a neck. For. d. 

(Z) Singieti of beam. GkMe. 
Hackuu., I. A tomtit, ilnwrn. 
Hacknbt, (1) (. A uddle-bone. 


(2) r. To ride. Ltte. 

(3) >. A common proititate. 
Hacknkt-hah, *. One who leta 

ant honei for hire. Hachtty- 
aua't wand, > rider'i switch. 
Knt, Lo iprad joui drc]« apou thfl 
ad. wifh littl* nminrini MmDonj 

STru ?.« 

iiCe,BB]ipLtaSlLil, Gtt 
A riding 


Hack-pdddins,!. a men made of 

■beep' I heart, chopped with auet 

ud Bweet iTQitB. Cumi. 
Hackslaveb, (. (I) A dirty 

llovenly fellow. North. 

(2) V. To itammer. 
Hacebtik. See Haxler. 
Uacevm • PLACKVu, (. Barter. 

Hacet, Afr. Witty ; artful. Nor. 

Haddih. Pret. i. pi. at Have. 
Haddis,*. Heath, or ling. North. 
IIadb,*. (1)A ridge of Itiad; a 

imill piece of greeniward at the 

end of arable land. 

(2) The underlay or inclination 

of the vein in minea. Hading, 

a atoping Tein. 
Hadb, (. A bigb putore. 
And on Uio krHti Itaa, aa on (he hifhir 

nie daintv cLmer growt, oT grufl tli« dd]t 
■ilk. Drtyt SA., liii, p. »1 

Hadbn, 01$. Ugly ; nntoward. 

Hadfash, I. Trouble. Norlh, 
Had-i-wibt, t. e. Had I known, a 

Mmmon phraae indicating re- 

Tor •hm tbrj ih 


A gutter or 

. To atammer; : 

1 of. 

Hafles, adj. Wanting. 
Haft, t. By tht haft, a common 

oatb. Loose in the h^, not 

quite honeat. 
Haitbi), adj. A term applied to a 

cow when, from long retention of 

milk, tbe teati baT« becMnerigid. 
HArriB, », A wnnglerj ■ crafty 

Hafts, *. Little ialandi in a pond 

for water-fowl to make their neita. 

Hafvb, e. To have. 
HAa,(l}f. A difiuon of wood to 

(2) (. A amill wood or encloinre. 


(3) >. A whita mitt; ■ pb« 
pboric light leea *t night. North. 

(4) t. An »pp««riiice of light or 
fire iipoD the nun«i of honei, or 

(5) .. The btlly. Iforlhumi. 

(6) i>. To hack. 

(7) *. A link in moues; uy 
broken ground in k bog. North. 

(8) e. To haggle. Wtii: 

(9) (. Idle ditorder. Somertel. 

(10) t. (A.~S.) A witch, or fieod. 
(ll)ti. To work br the hu, J. >. 
by the job. North. 

(12) 0. To tomeat. 
HAo'e-VACE, I. A tern of con-^'.PurioBtte. Bftum. 
Haobebbt, (. The name of « ahnib, 

the PrvKuipadva. 
Haobcbb, If. A gun, or bad!- 

HAOBDT, /bolb. 

Hao-cloo, (■ A cbopping'block. 

Hahk,!.. To tire with work. North. 
Haooa, (. The fruit of the htw. 

thorn. Berhi. 
Haooadat, ». A sort of woodea 

latch for a door. Yorkih, 
Haocase, >. A slattern. Devon. 
Haooab, (1) 01^*. Wild; Bntamed. 


{2)». A tenor; lomethingwhioh 

Within the dirk ihidg of in ancient wood, 
Iq wboeebUckbiuit thhtplACfioThornju 

Haooab-maksb's-bhop, (. A 

Haoskd, n^. Fatigued; tiied. 

Haooenbao, >. Ueat haked in a 

piO'CnuI. CortHB. 
Haqoib, e. To chatter irith ctdd. 

Haoois, a. (1} The entraili of a 

iheep, miliced with oatmeal, and 

boiled in ita atomach or pauni^. 


(2) To eool one'a haggia, to beat 

lonndly. Fiorio. 
Haobish, (. A term of contempt 

applied to a female. North. 
HAQoiaTKa, I. A magpie. Xent. 
Hasolb, (v.) (1) To teue, or 

worry. Ox/d. 

(2) To cut jaggedlT. North. 

(3) To haiL Narih. 

(4) To bargadn hard. 
HAoaLEK, a. The uppet-senaot of 

a farm. Wight. 
Haooleb, I, HawB. 
Haqbli-toothbd, ai^. Sot^gle- 

toothed. DetjoK. 
Habbt, adj. Broken or uneven. 

Applied to the surface of soil. 
Haoh, a. (A.-S.) A hedge. 
Haobb. .. {A.-S.) Fear. 


I. Haws. North. 
Es,(. (IJ Thecoalmi 

01»CD» and Auk, bj be 

me AmubM-, I 
ban iMggart, b( 

len cmooth delif bti 

d oT tbit cietnplan 
t'( Pttroarndty IBBB. 
HAOOABD,».(.rf.-W,) (1) A hawk 
not truned. 

(2) A loose woman. 

(3) A rick yard. Still wed in 
th« Wat. 

sluttiahly. Someriel.{r. Entangled. Bevm. 

HaO'TBACES, (. Fairy-riagi. 

tiAS-STONK, I. A alone with a hole 
in it, hung at the bed's head, and 
spppoaed to have the power of 
preventing the nightmare; ao 
called because that disorder was 
imagined to he occaaioned by a 
witch sitting on the stomach. 

HAO-TaoRN, «. The hawthorn. 



I. A tnake. thrii. 
HA.aovBK, 1. A muuioiL (i. t. 

Uaid-cobn, (. The plaati of irheit 

in winter. Northumb. 
Haib, (. {A.-N.) A hedge. 
Haifik, (. To toil. Etai. 
ILtiaOii- The woodpecker. JAropiA. 

See Hteeo. 
Haieb. An excUmationof defiance. 

HAiL,(l)n$. Healthy. 

(2) ». To roar, or erf. Somtr: 
^WLi, part, p. Draped. Tuner. 
Uail-tillow, 1. An eipreation of 

intimicy. To be hmlftUov wtU 

met with erery one, to mix in all 

•orla of lociety. 
Bo. nun thai tnt Ufa-ZcOw ■» with 

1*1 Salira,lll, i. p. U. 

■ double ImiD ; moA ibU the keepen 
liBd baiia ot their ccoiiii^ u tbey pre- 
tond. uid ihot iMtl^rJut uoDDr them it 
tliac Int vpniHh. IdUcr i*UilS\t. 

Hain, (1) (. To complain ; to eaie. 
(2)e. Topreteire. Nerlh. 

(3) tr. To eiclade cattle from a 
gnu field; to U]) * Held for 

(4) ». (k-JV.) MiJiM. OmI. 
(li) v. To poueti. Lne. 

{6} V- To heighten. Eail. 
Hainisb, adj, UnpleiMnt. Stmx. 
Haipb, *. A sloren. Crmeti. 
HAiB-BBAmn, (• The field wood- 

rnih (fanJa eamptttrit). 
Haibbtb, (. (AS.) The plant 

cleaver. CImu. 
HaiBT-i-ooEBD, mf'- Hanog lide- 

Hum, 1. The ub. 

• HAL 

HAiam, (1) (. The Ire-placb 
Shn^h. See Eifre. 

(2) V. To boiit about. Ctamt. 
Hait, a<$. (^..A^^) JoyfoL 
Haitcb, (. A ilight thower. 

Haitehji, miity, cloud;. Sumbx, 
Haitbb, v. {A.-N.) To heave. 
Haitt, b. To shake. Simtrtt. 
IIaiabi, v. To tramp about. Imc 
Hakchtp, >. A hatchet. Pr. P. 
Hake, (I) f. A htLnd-gun. 

{2)>. A hook. Var.d. 

(3) ». The drai^ht itoo of a 

(1) V. To meal about ; to dally 
Wintoaly. IVorth. 

(b) I. A hawk. 

(6) V. To be eager after. 
Hakid, (. A Urge pike. 
Hakil, i. Dreia. See Haeilt. 
Uaub, (, An idle fellow. Nerlh- 

Hakhje, *, A quartet of corn. 
Haeki, b. {AS.) To ran after. 
Hakkis, v. To tremble with pu- 

■ion or cold. JFeit. 
Hal, t. A fool. Yortih. 
Hala, adj. Buhful. Yerith. 
Halantow, (. A proceiiion to 

■atvey the parish bound*. 
Halcbi, u. To book on. 
Halchoo, I. HacUe. 
Halde, (1) t. iA..S.) A privn 

(2) pret. t. Held ; pt. haldm. 
Haldkb,(. Aplough handle. Line. 
V.i^t.,{\)t.{A.-S.) Health, lafety. 

Enumea, ill I 
Tali gntdilyii 

(2) adj. Whole ; well 

(3)0^. Wboleiall. HitUlg, holly, 


{i)v.(A.-S.) To pull, or draw; 

wlueh dJTeriljr halt ay ' 

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(6) (. A t«Dt, or pvrilioD. 

And to uorde ttic fiiie, ud nitliB 
dingf nu divun u dolb min; timo 
cbaunn to louldinnri bj rnioD <tf Ijing 
upon die gmuDU uid uiicoveifd, ADd 

UttJ^l B; 1&72. in cim. it<°. Til, MO. 
(6) V. To yei ; to hottj. 
(7J V. To pour out. DorttL 

(8) e. To procure by solicitatioD. 

(9) t. An iron implement for 
. hangjng t pol oter the fire. 


(ID)*. Thcrcngeof bricki taken 
immediBtely from the miker nA 
placed Id order to dr; before 

(11) *. A rake for gettins looie 
pebblei from brooks. Dnan. 

(12) t. A plough-hindle. Lha. 
Hale-bbkde, (. A lubber. 
Haleqh, t. {J.-S.) A tsiaiipl. 

Halisoue, adj. Wholeiome, 
Hale»tonb,(. Aflint. North. 
Haleiauds, (. Halliards. 
HALT.AH.ErB,i.Withhalfui eye, 


•0 declare, with haf-tm-iyt. 



IIalt-sakeii, adj. Raw, and inei- 

perienced. For. if. 
Half.bokd, «. A cant term for 

Halv-caps, t. Slight aaluUtioil* 

wilb the cap. Shaieip. 
HALnN.DBL, 1 >. (.4.-5.) Half. In 
HALr-DEL, JSomenet, a dreM 

composed of two different mate- 

riali ig called ■ haUen-deal gar. 

Hal».faced. a^. (J) Showing 
only half the £ue, tlie rut being 

0«orgE Ffcboudr hoii«t O earief shj 
cam'it thou In luilf-f^d, nmOed to t 
Titribai, iil, 8, ^ppl. to Sh., ii, Mi. 

(2) Drawn in profile. Ha^-fa€i 

Too iM.faei groatT yon tliick-clink^ 
But. B. if Buntutsto^ ICOL 

Halv-hauusb, f. The game of 

bop, >tep, and jump. Eait. 
Hale-iiktle, t. A common dreu 

of courleaans, apparently a abort 

tkirted loote bodied gown. 
HALE-LAnoHS. "None of yonr 

ha^-Uaighi," t. e., no half mea- 

iurei, do thinga on a larje scale. 
Halfly, adj. Half. 
HALF-HAHKOir, t. One of two 

bojawhomanageaatTam. Nvrih. 
HALF-KoaH,t. An old cant term 

for a periwig. 
Half.naued, a^. Baptised pri- 

Tately. Wni. 
Half-nowt, (. Hilf-priee. North. 
Halt.face,*. a platform, or railed 

door. Sea Hu^ct. 
Half-place, (. The middle of a 

Half-kocied, adj Silly. 
Half-saved, adj. Half-witted. - 

Ha LF-STB AIMED, adj. Simple. 
Halohb, (. (A.-S.) A saint ; a 

thing consecrated ; pi. hatomei. 
Halidoh, (. iJ.-S.) Holineaa t 

aacrtment; the tanctuary. 
Halie, f>. To potL See Hate. 
Kalior, adj. Holy. 
Halinq-whip, t. A flexible whip. 
Hali .PALiiEB,(.The palmer-worm. 

Halitdoui, a£. {Lai.) Taporova. 
Haliwet, (. (1) The balsam tree. 

(2) Any remedy against aickneM. 
Hale, (1) (. {A.-S.) A comer. 

(2) e. Futoere. Forman'i Diary. 
Hall, t. (1) A chief home; k 

(2) A trammel. SaffoUc. 
Hallacib, >. An idle feDow. 
HaUach^, idling, mory makii^. 


Hallagk, (. (fV.) ThetoUpaidto 

the lord o( ■ fair or market. 
Hail*n, f. The paasage bctveen 

pusage a 

iQ between the 

ram. Halbn- 

apudent beggar. 

Hallaiitivb, (. All Sunti' diT. 
UAU.E, (1) adj. Healthy. 

(2) >. A plough-handle. Dtvon. 
Haij.i-b'bn, t. All Hallow ere. 

Hallibabh, I. A great blue. 

Halliko, (. (I) A itudent in a 

h&ll at Oxford. 

(2) A net for birdi. 
Hallins, (1) t. Tapettrr. 

(2) Trying if geeu oi duclu ba 
with egg. Devon. 

Hallion, I. A reprobate. North. 
Hall-nioht, ». The ereniog of 

SbroTB Tuetdiy. The pretiona 

Sunday i> tomelitoGi called Hill- 

Snodaij. Devon, 
Ballowdat. >. A holiday. Satt. 
Hn.t.a-wUAig,\i. ThefeailofAll 
HALHEasE, / Sainti. 
Hall-placi, t. A maaor-houae. 

WliT I hid nihn muir n conDtn; 

]iuil», Ihst Uvei in 1 hMttatt, two 

mile fron a tova. 

ShLtMHll, Hi HnuruU, ISTl- 

Halm, «. A handle. 
Halmot-coubt, f. A court baron. 
Halowe Thitbsdaye, *. Ho!j 
. Tbursday. 
Halpacs, If. (_J.-N.) A ruied 


HALPB,pr((. I. Helped. 
HALrtDiparf. p. Crippled. Wight. 
Hals, t. (A.-S.) The neck. 
HAi.sB,(l)r. (.«.-&) To embrace; 

to clip round the neck. 
tai ImelT lumltl, tttm fMte of tnuna 

fr». r. Q., IV, lii, tB. 

(2)e. Toadjore. 

(3) t. HaieL Somerut. 
Bamenihs, a^. Kough ; rude. 


Haminy, (. Conjectnt g an eril 

prediction. Devon, 
HALerAHD. I. {J.-S.) The pillory. 
Halsh, v. To tie ; to knot. North. 
Halb.uak, «. (^.-£) An eieco- 

Halsoh, (1) V. To pnimiiei to 

preditt. Devon, 

(!)f. A tort of h»rd w(H>d. 
Halbteb, >. One who dnwi a 

barge by a ropa. /feit. 
Halsdult, adv. Comfortahly. 
Halt. (IJ : {A.-S.) A copK. See 


(2) prtt. tad jirel. t. of holdt. 

(3) I. Animal depoait. Samert. 

(4) (. A atnmg hamper. North, 
HAf™, (IJ e. {J.-N.) To go 

(2) adj. Lame. 
Haltikfath, (. A bridle.way. 



hm, whorcHD Ailtir-uct I 

B. j- R, b. ct Birm«3 P"!!', i. P- ITS- 

Thy bepnniiii wu kup-iack, and Ihy 

a.. Four J'layi ill Oh, F1, lit. 

Haltan*, t. Inferior ore. North. 


Halwetbukb, I. Holy Thuraday. 

Halt, a^). Hated. Froo^t. P, 

Halken,*. See/faboM. 

Ham, (l);inin. Them. 

(2)i. Ricblevelpaatuie; gionnd 
near a river. Wett. 

Uahbeb. " Hamhtr harelii." Cax~ 
lon'i Reynard the Foxt, Proba- 
bly wine-barrela, 

"A-zl'^Ha,}'- II™-™"'™- 
HAHBDBOHia, >. The arm-holea. 

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H A HCH ,(. The hi p-joint. yorlhtmi. 
Hahb. (. (1) Home. 

(2) A tkin. 

(3) A boraa-collar. 

Hambl. o. (1) To w«1k lime. 

HamtSn, limping, wtlldng laoM. 

(2) To lame dogi by AomlMf. 
Hamill'd-dp.ihO'' FiUlof buiineu. 

Bauel^bies,j. The ciosi-bin of 

a plough to wbicb the tracea ore 

HAMsa, I. Pieco of beat wood on 

■ hone'icollir to which the tncei 

HAH-rL>BT8, *. Cloth buikioi to 

piotect the lega from dirt 

Hamoahs, *. Antic*. Leic. 
Hamil, t. A handle. Someriet. 
Haminx, t. To aim; to hit. Lydg. 
Hauein, <. A pudding made upon 

(be bonei of a thoulder of mot. 

ton, after the Beih it taken off. 

Hamlen, t. (_A..S.) To We. 
Haulkt, t. A high constable. 
Haulins, >■ The operation of cat- 
ting the balli oat of the feet of 


HAHKAKrwABD, \adv. Home- 

Bauues, (1) tr. To ttimmer. 

(2) tp. To woA, or labour, 

(3) Hitmmtr and pmetri, the 
noiie made by a hone athking 
the hind foot againit the fore 
foot. To livt hammtr and tmgt, 
to be alwaya quarrelling. 

HAMMEB-DBisaxD, odj. Stose 
hewn Kith a pick, or pointed 

HAUuiB-MAtr, I. The man who, 
in Commll, bf a himnier, Blampa 
the inipreision of the Duchj lol 
on the face of a bloek of tin. 

HAUU1K.BCAFPLB, t. A miaer. 

ilAMMtswOKT, >. Pellilorv. 

Hahuil, >. A hoTCL North, 

} HAN 

Hahpir, r. To beal. Narlh. 
Hahfbk-clot, t. A ploughman. 

Hamfeklsooed, aifl. Led away or 

overborne. Warm. 
Haufibt, 01$. Out of repair. 

H AMBON, t. The hold of a thip. 
Mamh, (. A cant term for breeches. 
HAii-8AH,aA. Irregularly. CtmUi. 
Hamshacelb, v. To faaten an 

animal'a head to one of ita fore 

Haustices, t. Part of the tiameaa 

to a hone'a collar. North. 
Ham-tkebs, (. Hamea. Dmoii. 
Hauwood,*. a hoop paaied round 

the collar of a cart-hone, to 

attach the chain*. Smith. 
Han, (1) V. To have. 

(2) arfp. Hence. 
Hanabobohoh, (. A horae-colUr 

made of atrair. Dmon. 
Hahav, (. {J.-N.) A cup. 

■ <A London 

ererjr king, wilh olhtr priiiledga 1»- 
loDgiag to tha uid nuTor and dAj_, tX 
■au tonnition oT Did Ling by Bncient 

CmMnf'i Siparit, 1S70. 

Hahafbb,*. a hamper, or baaket. 
The Hanaper Office derivei iti 
name fi^m the drcurnitince that 
the writa were depodted there in 
a basket. 

Uahbt, a^. Unro];; wantoi. 

HANCBLBD.fiarf.p. Cutoff. 

Hahci.1. Many. North. 

Hand, (1) c To sign. Eaii. 

(2) I. Peiformaace. 

(3) «. A workman. 

(4) (, A bunch of radiahea. 

lb) I. A bog'i ihoulder.jtdnt 
without the blade-bone. SiyT. 
(6) To matt a hand on, to apdL 
Te hmt the Aoiuf m, to be «^ 
cnatomed to. Any hand qfort^ 


BAN ! 

Kady and prepired. Ta iand 

leitk, to co-openle with. 
Handband. I. {J.-S.) Foueuion. 
Bandbiatihq, >. Cutting off the 

turf with a beating ue. Deven. 
Handbow, t. The longbow. 
Uand-bbbdi, >. ^A^S.) A huid'i 

Hand-cannon, i. A musket. 
Hand-clotb, t. A huidkerchief. 

HAND'CLOrT, >. A towtL Iforik. 
Handichahp, I. A ruffle. Craven. 
HAMnLL, (. A fuUer'i implemeiit 
Handek, t. The lecond to ■ po- 

gitiit. line. 
HA>(DBa.HA>iF, f. Arnffle. Crmen. 
Handkmomi, 01^'. Meddling; 

handy. Nortk. 
Handkwabps, : A sort of cloth, 

formerlT made ia Euei. 
HANDrAiT, (1) I. Cntlodjr; coa- 

flnemeat; connecUcn or unioD 


SB. To betroth, or contract 
At 1«Dgtli, throng hi! ^«t impor- 
^d mhn Idm^^of (Af hii next Deighbonn 

HAMDmL,(l)f. A measure of four 

(2) Ta kmt a han^ul, to have 

much trouhle with. " Mn. S. 

Ufi >fa< bu a Md itm^iil with 

her mother." 
Handbdn, (. A mlTcrin. 
Hand-botbh-bkkad, ■- Oatmeal- 
bread, kneaded itiff. Lcne. 
HANvrcAF, I. A lort of game. 

IWO. aept. latb. To the Hi 

~ "-nd Strett, ■ ho 

in Loudan. Hi 

to kmn^ienf, a iport that L _. . . 

Mim, vhidi wu nri lood. 

Fttt^t Sitrt. 

Band-in- AND-BAKD-ODT, t. A 

game played by young people. 
HANDLE-OF-THK.rAci,*. Thcnoie. 

Let me adrlflA our TtoDtii^ nllanti to 
liiT^cu tndiiif with wbDrn tail voalli, 

kIm for divfTK otha vc if Mt conndw- 
■tioiu, tfirtiCQlmrlj thfLl of hnDE t1» 
kmiUtyikarfmai which if the; iboiiU 
chuicc to do tkrj mut nuke me of tha 

HANDLABa, f. A amaU windltu. 

Hahd-limi, f. A dron, or bind- 


Thoughlleu ; 

a^. Flneat ; ready. 
UAND-anvi, (. A ahirt ruffle. 
HAHD&DHHiHQiOijr. ContinQonily. 

Hand8-chau,(, l4gfat boDtehold 

work. Narihan^l. 
Hand-bleivs, t. A sleeve reaching 

to the hand. " Une manche. 

The handtletve ,• the ilecTe of a 

gannent." Nomtttclalvr. 
Hands HOCTTH, (1) adj. Quite flat. 

(!) edti. Uninterruptedly, entirely. 
Hand-spike, t. A wooden leaier, 

shod with iron. Cravtn, 
HAND-gTArr, t. A handle. 
HANnsraiaa, i, A wooden leier 

to a windlait. 
Hand's-turn, J. Assistance. 
Handsum, 0$. Dexterous. 
Hand -TABLE, I. A table-hook. JV. P. 
Hand-while, i: A momenl. 
Hand-woman,*. Amidnifcilemm. 
Handy, (1) a^'. Readyt eiperl) 

dona with the hand. 

(2) t. A piggin. Norlk. 
Handtcutf, f. A blow. 
Handy-dandi, *. A child's game, 

in which something ii changed 
from one hand to the other, and 
gneiaei are made as to which 
hand contains it. 
Handyeabt, a^. Holding bat, 

HANpToairai, *. Seiang by the 

Kane, (1) ■>. To throw. 

(3) *■ Frotection; iafegoMd.,Uw. 


it tlieir dnth, tliej sinMj give Jcgwlu 

ot bond^livei, Kuihng of brtd^Ut 

bnJiaing ofAwMi for the relief oT tn- 

nlloi. &i>iyi' IVm., p. JT. 

Hanq,(1)«. a crop of fruit. fioiJ. 

(2) (. A decliiitv. fori. 

(3) V. To itick, or tdbere. Wat. 
it) V. To tU. Somer-l. 

(&) Ibhnymif,toinTite«p>rtr. 
7V> Aon^ in ont'i hair, to icold or 
atniie. To hmif in Iht bell-repta, 
to be ukcd Id church tai then 
defer the miniige. 

Hahobt, (. A coatemplDOua term 
for k dependent. 

Hanob, I. The lighta, heart, and 
llier,arplDekofanHnimil. Wetl. 

Hanoedlt, adv. Doggedty. North, 

Hanoel, (. A reed, or nuti. 

Hahobh, 1. (I) The fnnged loop 
appended to the ^rdle^ to hug 
the dagger or am^ mord. 

(2) A pot-hook. 

(3) A hanging wood. Soitth. 
HAHSsaEL. (. A gambreL 
HANCoALLowe, (. A vilUin. 
Hanoins, (. TapeitrT. 

Hanoi NO- LsvBi., t. An inclined 

plane. Eail. 
HAKaiNOB, t. Land on the aide of 

thill, fforliampt. 
HAxeiNo-aiDE, I. The higher side 

of a Tein nhicb la not peipen- 

Hanoi NS-1T ALL, : The aide over 

the regulu Tein. Oerij/ih. 
BAHaiNO-wooii, *. A wood on the 

alope of a hill. 
Hanoli, (. A pot-hook. Var. d. 
Hahohan's-wases, (. Thirteen. 

pence halfpenny. Grate. 
Bang ukht, ( I ) j. Suapension. Pr.P. 

(2) To pbtu ttit hmtgmnl, to be 

enrsged. North, 
Hanonailb, (. Biti of partiallf 

aepual«d akin at the roota of the 

finger.naila. See Agnayitt. 
HAHG-iL»TB, (. A dangler. Si^, 
Hamqvlhooe, 1. A fl>h<hook. 

HAHiLOHa, «. The wileiof afoi. 

Hani, (1) t. A akein of thread, &e.; 

a rope or latch tor faitening a 


(2)e. Tofuten. 

(3) I. A hold on anything. 

Bhe liu ■ dvn'd Anl upon m; luart, 

U) V. To hanker after. North. 

(5) t. A body of people ; a con- 
federacy. Var.d. 

(6) t. A handle. Somrrnt. 

(1) ». A habit. North. 

(9) I. An ox driTtn mad by ill 

treatment. Middletfx. 
Hanker, v. To long for. 
Hanels, v. To tniat, or entangle. 

Hanktelo, I. A timpleton. South. 
Hanhibl, I. A had fellan. North. 
Hannieu,!. Onewhoteasea. Ybrit, 
Hannicin-hobt, I. An oM dance. 
Hans, i. Quantity. Haa. 
Hanie,(1J(. Thenpper part of a 

door-frame; the lintell. 

(2) V. To give hanael to. 
HANaiL.f.M.-iV.) The Aral money 

received in the morning for the 
■ale of goods, accounted Airtnoale 
to tbe aeller and purchaser; the 
fint nse of aiyibing ; a gift, or 
bribe. uae for tbefiral 
time. The firat purchaser in a 
ibop nevly opened Aanntt it, M 
the Grat purchaaer of the day doei 

Of bwl T on DO Ajlle iln, 
HtI fi nooit to beleri tharloi 
He idynkelli hjl II fill eieiy dejl, 
\ belere liyt noujt, ne never .bi/irejl, 

em or Vs'ifarl., 1701, f-S. 

The youDfrer bjthe coutmia gire Aouefi 

And now ^neu flrmlj lei on Erolmd, 
Himielf &nt Ht npon the ruratl bBnda, 

ElUKhUin the Litikei, Theron tnld beinr 
iluB. riiyil. t} FietH, 1S32. 


Th> WcO 

at bit fortimn inn Ua 

u, Hat K French 




.pojirf 0.1 



IVwIw-. roriB 


Haksblinx, (. A lort of thort 

Hahs-em-eildbb, (. (Dnlek, Kta- 
nlij/aekiitllteetilar)t ajoenUr 
term for an nnborB iiuuit. 
Tia Thdmn witlil). when he ssee deicda 
That lUDe hiih lipl hie hoiu ; He on hia 
A heHllh'lo Mmt-m-Ktliir Hemlti. 


at kam hum piett j ktider. 

HunTNoa, t. Tbe handlei to the 
meed of ■ scythe. North. 

Hantle, t. A handful ; Ininble, 
or labour. Var.d. 

H ANTT, a^. ReitWe ;iraiiton. North. 

H*p (1) B. To wrap up. 
(2).. A covering. 

(3) «. i,A.-S.) Fortune. 

(4) p. To >et on. Norl\. 
Hap-hablot.Ij. a conne eorer- 

HAPFAaLCT, J let. 

'Rxrvso-K.pret.l. Happened. 
Happa. What tbink ;ou? NortK 
Haffb, v. To happen. 
Happen, adv. Perhapi. North. 
Happkk, 0. To crackle. Wett. 
Hapfbhoaw. .. 
(hid bleiu the liird, I troir hit vonhip 

I am a niin that hath do \opper.gti\Dti- 

Tki Copic afaBarm't Courl, Ito, n.J. 

HAPPtHO, I. A covering ; a eoarse 

coverlet, far, d, 
Happt, o4r. (1) Rich. H^)py go 

btcky. anything done at a venture. 

Happy nan bi hit dole, mtj hap- 

pineii be hii lot. 

(2) B. To roaka happy. 
She happily Brt'd, He that her hoeenr 

Bad in himBeLffi foil power to lalTB tlut 

Ear error it/ pf id me to (I eonftaiel. 
If to he Ihoia ebiUe be a hapmueiie. 

HAPPVI.TCBE, 1 • n L 'j-*- P"*"?'- 
Baps, «. (I) A haip. Var.d. 
(2) Thelowerpanofabalf-dooT. 

Hafbk, r. To &iten. Berhi. 
HiLrTipaTt.p, Covered up. JVorfA- 

Hasub, f. A ihort hand-gnn, 
HAauEBDT, I. An arquebui. 
Hax, (I);**-!!. Their. 

(2) (. The bole in a itone on 

whicb tbe ipindle of a gata raiti. 

Har-trte,%ht head of the gale iu 

which the foot of tbe (pmdle ii 

placed. Dur/iaai, 

(3)j. Driiihng rain; fog. North. 

(4) adj. Higher. Norlhtmi. 
HARAOEODaE, ai^. (Ft.) Violsnt) 

Haeas, I. (Fr.) A itnd of honci i 
a atahlc. 

HAEBsaiEEi, 1>. Penoni vrhoM 
HAEBINGSBB, J duly it wa» to pro- 
vide lodgings for tbeir torda. 

Habbintswbe, I. A lodging. 

Habbib, t. The hom-heain. Eatl. 

HAEHEaGAOi, ■. An inn. lodging. 

Habbobodb, a^. Hoapilable. 

(1) 1.. To lodge in 

(2) I. Lodging ) protection. 
Haeboub, j. Tbe term applied to 

the lodgment of tbe hart or hind. 
The man who held the limer «a* 
tbe hariourir, and hia occupation 
wat called hariovring. 
Hard, (1) 01$. Sharp i grievont. 
(.2) adj. Hardy; atrong. Smith. 

(3) oi^'. Great; daugerona. 
4) adj. Sour. 

(5) adj. Full grown. Somertet. 

(6) Hard-ut, acarcely able. Hard 
iflii/ on, very ill. Hard and lAarp, 
acarcely; harihly. 

(7) adj. Miserly ; mean. North. 

(8) adj. Half tipty. YoriMrt. 



(9) «. A hurdle. 

(10) I. A imiU warble. Somen. 

(11) In tn sdiertiiemenC in the 
■Timu,' 184S, mention ii made 
of" piUi,>Uin, AonJt, orUnding 
places, on the ihore of the riTer." 

Hakdbiau.i. The hornhMm. 
Hakd-bt, ^np. Very new. 
Hakd-cobn, t. Wbeit uid lyc 

Hakdi, *. (J.-S.) To make hard. 
Hakprl, t. The tnck of the hind. 
Habdilt, adv. (^.-5.) Boldlf; 

Habden, (1) «. Hemp. SteHardt. 

(2) (. Strong cotrse doth. Line. 

(3j V. To grow dear. Norlk. 

(4) B. To air clothe.. Shvpth. 
Habdheads, (. Knapireed. North. 
Hakd-bdld, (. AatifTdiipute. 
Habdhow, *. The marigold, 
Habdib.b. (-<.-JV.) Toencourage; 

to embolden. 
Hakdiesbe, (. (^-JV.) Boldaeu. 
Habdihed, t. Hardihood. 
Hardihbnt, (. Courage; bold 

Habd-iboNi «. Corn crowfoot,' 

tripUx pafnla. 
Habdibiibiw, \i, Afield-moDse. 


Habdlb, B. To entangle. Doriel. 

Habdmeat, t. Com. 

HAKDtrEBi, ■. (A.-N.) Cmelty. 

Habdoce, I. A burdock. 

Habdb, I. (1) Couw flax ; the re- 
fute of du or hemp; Bmall pieces 
of coane matted lineu uied to 
ataff mattretsei. 
(2) Very hwd ciBdera. Bail. 

Habd -THISTLE, I. The terralula 

HABD-W00D-TH.BES, I. TtBti which 
change their leaTct aanuallT. 

Uauit.uouse, «. The shrew- 
mouK. t/orliampl. 

Habsisbt, t. Boldneai. Heame. 

2 HAB 

Habb, (1) a4j. Hoary; white. 

(2)pron. Their. See Here. 

{z)pron. Her; ihe. Exmaor. 

h) I. A thick fog. North. 

(5)0. To Bcare or haraai. 

(6) Tout the hanf, head apaiut 

the gooti giilett, tobalancethinga, 

to place one against the other. 
Habe-ebaineq, adj. Thoughtleaa. 
HabecOFFI, ■. A bastard. 
Habe-ndt, t. An earthaut. York*. 

Ha&i'b.iti, t. Wild campion. 
Hahe's-foot, >. Ta kite the hare'i 

foot, to be too late far anything. 
Habb-hbokn. a. A hare-lip. Vau;. 
Habe-sufpeb, *■ Harvest-home. 

Hakewe, *. (^.-S.) A harrow. 
HABonEBUBiBB. (. A soldicT who 

carried a harquehiu. 
Habi*, (1)». Derastation. 

(2) B. To harry. 
Hakifp, t. Catch-weed. Nurth. 
Habinoe, (. A kind of serpent. 
Habk, B. To guess at, Yorbh. 
Habkle, Id. To make an incnion 
HABTLE, Jin one hind leg of a 

hare or rabbit through which the 

other is passed to hang it by. 

Northampt. See Harle. 
Habi., (I) ». To confuse or en- 

(2) «. A fog. North. 
Hable, (1) V. To cut a slit in the 

hind leg of anauimil to hang it by. 

(2) .. Hair, or wool. North. 

(3) *. Three hounds. Oxfd. 
HABI.ED, adj. Mottled. North. 
Hablede, jiret. (. Hurled. 
Hahlinqb,*. Tliehocksof ahw*«. 
Hablock, J. Thecbuiock. 
Hablot, I. {A.-N:) a ribald, ons 

of a low class of society in the 
middle ages. 
HABL0'rBT,i.(l)(.,4.-JV.) Ribaldry. 

(2) A 


1> nil gocnE mut Ih^nr nincd at this 
I>«l^rHi^ in nipcct of Iho luce snd 


Ha«m. t. A conUg^oDi diKtw, 

HAnHAN-BECE, (. Ad otd onl term 

far a coDitible. 
Habiian8,>. Thcttocki. 
Harms, e. To mimic. Yorhk. 
Hask, (. Casrae linen. NbtH. 
Hak^iis, (. (J.-N.) Armour. 

HABNiN,aif>. Madeofboni. H'iifi. 
Habhh, I. (^.-S.) The bnuct 
HAB.NBSS, (■ (1) Armanr. 

(2) Any implement. JFal. 

(3) Temper t hniDouT. Simli. 
Harh-fan, *. The ikoll. Nerlh. 

See Hrm-pati. 
Harnsbt, t, A heron. Eatl, 
Hailo,*. TheADcienlNorniiaAue 
and ay. To cr^ oat iam ea 
anyone, to denounce him. 
Hakf, v. To grumble. Northtond. 
HAB.FCB, 1 I. An Iriih ihilling, 
HABF- ^which bore thefiguTe 
BHiLLivo. J of I harp, and ita> 
only north ninepeace. 
Bnt For men ihaU not Chtnke I bAgge a 

ThoMvhom I doacanmnnd'IlenfliAliiftte 
Sine pence (three qnvtm] wiUi hja lerpt 
befriendi me, 

utuuls me. Ttylar't Wortei, ItSO 
HABFEas.CDKD, (. A harpsichord. 
Habpbicali, (. A harpiichord ? 
nien out (he people javl ua hundred 

whMl. of carta , 

Thfir heiihu ud depth! nnU enr CDra- 
prehend. Sotyr a^^t B§pocTitH,\V&A. 

Habft, t. A kind of hawk. 

Eakr, if. Toinarl. North. 

Hakoas, f. The haneit. Wat. 

Hakrb, (1) t. The back upright 
timber of a gate, bt which it was 
bung to tlie post. Nomatel. 

(2) adj. Higher. 

(3) OHtt/Aarrf, out of order. 
Hasrrm, (11$. Mad; of hair. Eail. 
Harrek, adv. Quicker. 


r. RaTTett'homa. 


Harrtaoi,!. Confoiion. Far. d. 

HAKniDAH, t. An old hag. 

Hakkidqi, t. The Straight edge 

Harbihan, t. A lizard. Skrapih. 

Habbikotow, I. A hrthing! 
named from Lord Harrington, 
who obtained &om James I. s 
patent for makingbraufarthiogi. 

Tes. elr, it'i cut to pena; hiT^ienny 

(flhi ln£ tide then yon iujaMit.md4 

I will not bU> I MarrtufUm e! tb< tuB. 


A harr. 

And u AtertMj Rceiieili 

Habbisb, «&'. Harsh. 
Habrot,*, a herald. 
Harrow, b. (I) To ra»»fe, or 

conquer; to tear to pieces; ti 

distract. See Harry. 

{2) To fatigue much. Unr. 
Hakhov-ball, t. The frame of 

A kind of btwk. 

[lARRa, 1. The binges of a doorj 

the two endi of a gate. North, 

See Ham, 
Harbt, (I) B. (^^.-S.) To spoil. 

or plunder; totoimeut; to drig 

by force. 

(2) Wbenannmberofirorkmeii 
are employed together, and one 
soppliea another with such a load 
as he is unable to convey in time 
to the next, be is said to harry 
the man, and tbe peiion tbui 
harrUd or overladen is turned 
out of the party. Worm. 

(3) I. A rude clown. Cravtn. 
flARUT-BANNiNO, t. A Stickle- 
back. North. 

llARBT.aAUD, I. A low fcUoW. 


-vCooglc — 


HABBT.i«HOLxas, t. tiie i^nUa 

ertlacUi oF Liniieua. 
Habht-kacect, t. A gtRie Llct 

Habses, ai$. Astringent; dr?. 
Haeslct, >. A pig's cliitlerlingi. 
Hast, (■)(. A huft. Somtril. 

(2)pTel. I. Httrd 
Habt-clavee, (. Tbe mcUlot. 

HABTMAWa,*. Anel(ic»nitermfi)r 

the stock). See HaTjncm. 
HABT-or-OKEECE. 1 Afath«rt;iM- 
BART or QBiASE. j j/ono/greiut, 

t fai cajiDii, Sic. 


Habt.botal, (. Ah*rt*bichh*d 

escaped after having beea huDted 

bv the kin|orqneen. 
HAHT's-BTE.t. Wild ditiny. 
Habtyeyn.* A term of endear. 

ment. Paltgrave, \b*0. 
HAEtiM.a^'. SIoTenl}r.JVorfjliini;i(. 
Habum - dCABDM, adj. Very 

though tleu. 
Hakve, t. A haw. Bittx. 
Habvest-bief, t. Anj lort of 

meal eaten in harvert. Norf. 
HAETEiT-CABT. Men employed 

harneil earl. Tlie liirveat cart 
i< the lait load of grain. 
Habvest-babb, (■ Deaf ean. 

Uarvrstbbs, (. Beapen of com. 


tt. pronil Filinaile 

■ma vane doth danga 

r, li^Thesecoi 

e first being called t. 

Habvest-uah, : The eraneflr. 
Uaktest-bow, i. The aliiew 

moiiae. WiU: 
Hababdoub, t. [A.S.) A game- 

ater. /iaiardrie, gamiiling. 
Base, (1) t. SduU rain; misl. 


{21 e. To beat: to rub, Norlk. 

(3) B. To breallie ahurt. Line. 

(4) I. A hi>g'B haalet. Nvrf. 
(&] adj. Hoarse. 

Hash, (1) cdj. Hanhj rougt; 

quick ; parclied, or dry. Var.d. 

{2) t. A iluveai a' cluiterer. 

Habe, (l)i. Alish-baaket. ^Kw. 

(2) adj. Coanei rougli ; parched; 

dr;. North. See Hath. 
H asebbdb. >. A rough fellow. 
Haset, ad/. D171 rough ; unple*. 

aant to the touch or feeling. 

Haslb-oIL, (. A bPBling. 
Haslet. Sea Hanlet. 
Haspat, \i. a youth between 

HASFENALD, J lioy and man. 
Hahfin, t. An idler. North. 
HAsriNFULL.t. AhandfuL Nolli. 
Ha»bell.<. An implemeit «wd for- 
merly in breaking flai and hemp, 
Hassoce, t. (1) A reed, or ruth ; 

a tuft of ruabet. 

(2) A basket made of hatsoeki. 

(3) An;lbiag groniug thick and 
wild. Sumx. 

IIabsoce-hbad, f. A boshy head 


■. Eatl. 

HASTELBTa, I. Part of the inwards 

of a wild boar. 
Habtehbbh, t. Circular tins, put 

on 1 ipit, to reflect heat ou the 

meat in roailing. 
Hasteb, (■ (I) A tin meat-screen, 

to reflect the heat in roasting. 

(2) A auifeit. North. 


HAETeB.T, *. RoaitPd nut. 
HASTir.a4J.(^.-A',) Hosiy. Htati- 
Jticke. hasLilj. Hatlilokat, uioal 

Hastily, adv. Imp»tiently. 
HABTiNo-HAmNiss, I. ArmoHr 

Hastino)),*. a klndofpcii. .%^. 
HASTirfi. U^-A'.) «. Huii. 

Haetivenesib, I. Ruihiirn. 
Hastlxt, (. A prepaiotian o< 


if IVnit. Tike Sjpit iqna 

Hasthbr, I. A hatter. 

Habttbebb, (. A kind of com. 

IIasti-poddibb, 1 (■ Adiihmade 
BASTv-puDDitie, / by >pri»kli>ig 
OHtmeai (or mmeliniei jlnw) into 
■ pan of iHjJIing water, wliich It 
ttirred until it becoinei > thick 
paste. It ii eaten with milk, 
Mgar. or (resele. 

Hat, (1) a^. Mot. 

(2 ) itret. I. of hatt. Is Ctlied. 
hSprel. I. Ordered. 
(4) prtl. I. of hUlt. 
(b) pari. p. Heated. Mm-/*. 
(6) In « letter from tlie DutheM 
to the Dake of Buckingham, 
dated July 16, 1623. she uy>— 
" S6t" (i. t., her little daiigbter 
Moll) "will beeicfUenlafaial, 
for if any one lay her down, the 
will kick her legs oter her head, 
Ac. " " A> queer as Diei'i hat- 
tand, that went nine timei round 
hii hat and was [»ti«ued hj ■ 
ruih >t laat." 

UATBAr, *. The common list. 

II*T.BB.uABT, I. A hat-brim. 

IFatch. (1) ». (Fr. kaeher.) To 
engrave with line^i lo iulay, M 
with >ilveri to adorn. 

(2) ,. To ,me.r, or 

(3) (■ A wickrt, or iialt'-door. 
(!)•. Tofa»ten. Var.d. 

IIatcbeb, ». (fr.) Miiicwimeat. 
Hatchel, (1) t. Tlie inatrumeut 

villi vhich Sax ia lieiten. 

(2)ti. Tobeitflai. 
Hatchkb, I. Dania. Canne. 
Hatchet-paced, arf/. Thin-faced. 
Hatchhents, (. The oriiamend 

Hatch-up, i. A medley; a itory 

patched u[inilh liei. Var.d. 
Hatch-WAV, i. Au openiBgin B 

harn for pilchingthingi through. 

Hatbtul. adj. Pull of haired. (^..S.)(l} TocaU. 

(2) To be called. 

Hatek, (1) .. (.^.-5.) DreM 
(2) adj. Hotter. 



if the head. 

Hathb, (1) ». A trap-door In 
•hip. Howea, 1660. 
{1) Toil is a halki, lo be mat- 
ted together. Wttt. 

Hathbb. «. (1) Heath, oi ling 

(2) A tort of ale, forniertv- made 
in the neighbourhood of New 
caaile, by boiling the tops of the 
haTher plant to a won, and thm 
putting Hormwood to it, atid fer 
meating it. 

Hatie, I. Ilaughtineu. 

HATrKN. e. (.^.-S.) To hate. 

Hatkin, IT. A finger-sull. Aif. 

Hatous, a^. llitefuL 


tlxT-PiaCB, *. An orDtmeat of the 

l«U-i. MiHh S. To St. JiimH'i- 
didbnilneiiiiThthedukc. Orutpre. 

Hatsen, : (A.-S.) Clotha. 
Hattemb, parf.p. Called. 
Uattib, c. (I) Toexpoielodan. 

ger jlo hanas. 

(2) To entsngle, JVorfA. 
Hattil. t. A thutnb-atill. Deri, 
Hatti.b,o4-. Wild. C/iah. 
Hattoce, I. A ahock of corn. 



HAUBKBK,i.(-<.-yV.) AcoBlofmail. 
Hauch, e. (1) To gore. Weii. 

(2) To speak inth ■ broad 
accent. Diton. 

applied to potatoea when boiled 

Haud, e. To liold. fforth. 
Haof.kocetoh, a<$. Quite aiUr. 

Hadqb. a. (1) A hillock. Norlh. 

{2) Plat ground bf the aide of 

a ri>er. Norlh. 

(3) The blade which contain! 
the head of oata just before it 
breaks forth. Suff. 

Hadsht, adj. Haughty. 
Hauobtt, adj. Windy, ffotf. 
HADLt. A cut ; a wound. 
HAOEiT.od/. Verjnglj. SimlA. 
Hadl, (1) B. To carry anything on 

a cart or naggon. Glotie. 

(2) I. The hazel. Somerut. 
Haclin, n. To bawl; to halloo. 
Haulm, : Stubble; the topa 

of potatou, aaparagua, &c. So- 

HAULTB.'D<(f. (A..N.) High. 

HArLTO, a. Alhree-ptonged dang- 

Hauu, v. To lounge. Zei^. 
BAnM-0OBBAmD,«. Altiol. Yarkth. 


Havuto, r. To halt. Latie. 
^KTma, t. (A.-S.) The skin. 
Hadnob. e. {A..N.) To raiie. 
Haunch, p. (1) To throw with a 
jerk. North. 

(2) To fondle. Line. 

(3) To gore, said of cattle. 
HAifHiiDi,;)!!!^.^. Faitened. 
Haont, a. (A.-N.) Custom. 
Haunts, t>. {A.-N.) To practiae; 

to follow or frequent. 
HADNrr, adj. Playful, applied to 

cowa. Northampl. 
Haufobth,*. A liad lai^ain ; an 

aiikward fellow. North. 

neck, or throat. North. Hiaat- 

eol, a gor^t for the neck. 

(2) v. To heave up. Leic. 
Haubt. a. (1) A cough ; a cold. 


(2) Ahop-kila. Suutx, 
Haustuent, a. A atilT nnder-gar- 

ment to keep the body alraight. 
Haut, adj. (A,.N,) High; pioud. 

Haatehedi, haughtiness. 
IIauteik, oijj. (1) Haughl;. 

(2) J.oud. 
Hautkpacb. See Ha^ace. 
HADTEsaE. a. {A..N.) Highneii. 
HAtivE,(l)i. Thebelveof anaie. 


(21«. ToappTOaeh,iaidofhor»e». 
Hauzen.(1)c. To hug or embrace. 

(2) To elevate. 

Abont thA lime whenyetper m thewnt 
firm flct the cTCDiiig wmUrli, and uJADt 

Asd t'ulaiie to lUum iillis hcadi. 

Fcd^i Emumr ^ tU Oailcr, 1£8S. 

Hav, >. The spike of the oat. Aec. 

Havaok, a. (1) Family; race. DeB. 
(2) Sort. Exmoor. 

HAVANCi.a. Goodmannert. DamL, 

HATi!,(l)ti. Tocleancom. ChaK- 
(2) /fae<<ciYAyoii,Iwill gOKith 
you. Have good day. farewelL 

Hateu, t. {A..S.) A hank. 




'. The slough of t BDake. 

Have LBS, (11^. DeitJtute; poor. 
Hatbnet. *. A smdl faaven. 
Hatib, (1) 1. Oati. Havtr-eaie, 

■n OBt-cilie. 

(2)t. A gelded d«er; ctdledalBo 

■ iaeering. 

(3) I. The lower p»rt of ■ hirn- 
door; ■ hurdle. Shropih. 

(4) tr. To ulk nontense. North. 
HA-rKS-OBASs,*. Wildoatg. 
Hatbbidil, I. A liere for oatg. 
Havkkil, ». A haW.fiHil. North. 
Hayebs, t. Manners. Far.d. 
Hatib, *. (A.-S.) KfTecta. 
Hatby-scatet, adj. Heller.ikel- 

ler. Cumb. 
Hatil, t. A joung crab, SuUKC. 
Hatilbb. *. A crab. Suitex. 
Hatino, (. Fortune, or pouHsioni. 
Havock, i. The or; of tuldien 

when no ijuarter was given. 
Haw. (I)». A yard, or iQclMure. 

(2)i. A small wood. Norlhampt. 

(3) i. A green plot in a valley. 

(4) *. An excrescence in tbe 

(7) f. To look. Kent. 

(8) Azure colour, 
Hawbvck, \ t. A country clown. 

nAWBAW, / Var.d. 
Hawchauodth, (. One who talks 

indecently. Dreon. 
Hawchee, r. To feed fonlly. Elm. 
Haheh, I. pi. Hawthorn-berries, 
Hawtlin, (. A timplelon. Ctttnb. 
UAwiD.prW, t. Hillowed, 
HAWK,«.Cl)Alopping-hook. 0:ffd. 

(2) A fore.flnger bound up. 

(3) The board on which a muon 
holds his mortar. Northampt. 

Bawbet, t. (I) A boy's game, 
otherwise called hmkey. 
(2) Tbe harvett aupper, Hawhey- 
load, (he last load. Eait. 

'Hawkib, I. A nhitC'Cheeked caw. 


.. The diminutlTB of 



noODB.*, Thesmallhoods 


»er the heads <.A hawks. 


ESDAT.t. SbroieTueiday. 


Hawk, i 

A bandle. Berbv. 

HAWMEtL, ». A paddock, Knt. 


1,1. Awkwardneu. Lhie. 

Hawn, ( 

A hone-coliar. North. 




The hose, Yorkik, 


. (A.-N.) To raise. 

Hawthbb, 1. A wooden pin. 


E, 1. Ntinsentical talk. 

Haw,e, V 

Toconfound with noise. 


\». A hacknied per- 
B.JSoq; a rn£6an; an 


For to bn'nK an old iuUr lo the enr- 


e.^nUnifi] mhuIu.p.Sl. 


\t t dupenw lazlir. tbmt li* 

_._ _,jns]l 

Dvi prc^nies. Ladg JUmamy, i, 1. 

Hat. ». {A.-N.) (1) A hedge. 

(2) I. An inclosure. 

(3) (. A net, for catcbing rabbit*. 

(4) t. A round country dance. 

(5) t, (,llal.) A hit ! an eida. 

(6) V. To dry. Northampt. 
Hav-dat, (. Uproar. North, 
Hat-bikd, I. Tbe wUlow.wm. 

Hatcboue, (, (1) A sort of h^- 

(2) An implement used to draw 
out hay from the atack, for the 
porpose of testing its quality. 
HAVniacE, (. An old rural dance. 
To bt in hBydigfi. to be in higli 

Tloodi. numntiiiu, Tillies, woods, oek 


Of n^nplis that by Hun dan^d thdr tn- 
£iftM. Brime, Bril. Fail., U.U. 

And liglit fool nympbi cai duiea Uk lia- 
ViIhVvdai»H, iDdtriniljtniddeotniH. 



Aitd Tliili 

ilie, CamhriiM rilU 

on the onttkirts of a forest. 

Bma kn-i'n-si" -J"!>i'|t. tl'; l■l»^ . 


foijort,, i?. V. Arpira. 

While ume 

the rinp of bdlK ...d «Bti 


tlic b.<i:pi 

« Plj. ^^ _^^| ^^^^ 

HAVT.flrfj. BaDghly. 


H n«rr, n .^■■"^[f^?;^,^ 

Hay-thobn. ». Hawlborn. 

We t,igl,.ij dBu« our hi,.'^s-g««. 

Hat-tit, ». The willow-wreo. Lok. 
Haytt-taytt, .. The board used 


in ilie game of see-s.w. W»t. 

Hayqebho, ». A c»rter. 

Hayward,*. a person who guarded 
llie eorn anri farm-yard al nightj 
or »lio watciied cattle, 10 prevent 
them from breaking the fences. 


Haiabd. *. A pool for balls la 

be unt-gD 


games of ehanee; tbe plot of k 
tennis court. 
Haie. t.. To dry linen. Eiut. 


., Black bind-wetd-JFar. 


8. ». Afler-grasi. Werf. 

Hazb-oaze. ». Wonder, rwiift. 


«. Gruunti-ivy. 

Hazbl-bahth, I t.Aaortofloamjp 


I, t. A h«y-lufl. Pai«. 

Hav-jack, I. Tbe viliite.tbruat. 



loam, fonud in Etseic 


To h»wl. 

Hazknet.p. To foretell evil.JWwf. 

. Tlie rope hy-hich the 

Hazlb. (I) B. To heal. CrnBe*. 

yards id 

a ship are hoisled. 

(2) : The first process in drjing 

HAV1.8E. r. (A.-S-) To sslu.e. 

wa.hed linen. Easl. 


RTH,». Tlie pldUl rf4>. 

(3)fl^j. Siiff. aaclsy. Entx. 
Hazon. tp. To scold, mitt. 


EN,». Oround-ivy Wft. 

Hazzi.ed. adj. Bough or dry. ap- 

Havn, e. 

(1) To Uy in ground for 

plied to the skin. Norlhampt. 

!,»y, 1. 

taking tbe cattle off. 

HaJkr, adj. More noble. Gavagne. 


He. (1) 

(2) To 

.fdfe, or fence. Tflr-d 

(2)proti. Theyi she. 


A park ; an JDrlo.ure. 

Heau, (l)e. To behead. 

Hat bbt 

«. A net for catching 

12) .. A head-dress. Pabg. 

(3) lltadt a«d iaiU. a common 


B.«. H>y>e<-dl. 

game of tossing up pence. Head 


nor tail, nothing. To be off 


«■, one hIio niakei Euch 

tht head, to suffer in irilellect. 
Toga at head, to have (lie firtt 

Havs, .. 

Plain.. Slaff. 

bite. To headpoinh. to put the 


t. Tlie i.«dge-ip.r.ow. 

irmis oil tbem. Ta hevpon the 


head <kf il. ver. close to the jack. 


ED, Ǥ. ' Hare-lipped. 

a lenii used in bowling. Tojmf 


heads togtlker. lo consult. Heada 


». C^.-S) Hnytime. 

aU bolt,, pell-mell. Hiadt and 


;y(iw*». ihe refuse of tiniber-li-ees. 

Hay-spad.. .. A liMT^-shnped 

Tn your hrad. to your face. To 

orcu.linehay, ffV.(. 

gtwi we'a head for wathing, to 


L, 1. A puriion of wood 

submit to be imposed upon. 


, Ji«F, 1 Uke 1' 


. The< 

•deorn. Yoriih. 
Bead-od. (. The beic. For. d. 
HEADQBOw.t. Kktrmuh. Shri^h. 
Hbad-ebbt, ■. Tlic flrat bile. A'ui/. 
Hbadlahd, <. The fee paid lo the 

■pparilor in Linciilnihirr. 
Headlands, t. SteJdtandi, 
HlADLETB,*. Biidi. Wetl. 
HSADLiNE, IT. To Btlacb > ropc to 

B balliick'i bead. Sunitr*;!. 



Head-pennt. a. A penny for the 
corpse, rormerly paid to the cu- 
rate O'er and above the feei, 
after > funeral. 

Head-sheet, *. A theet placed at 
the top oF tlie bed. 

Head-sheets, t. A tloping plat- 
form lonaidi the ilein of a keeL 

HsADHTEAtN, I. Anose-band for a 


(3) Awiclterbuket. Norli. 
{4) M fiiU heq), abundantly. 
Heap-fidI, lirim-lull. 
IiAFiNOftTOCC, (. A atepping- 

li&F-HtAi., adv. In heipi, 

ILHamTt Ammiium MtrtriSuMi. lOB. 
Heabdek, >. Abeadland. Btdt. 
Heaee, >. A kiln, or fornace. 

llEABINO-CHITEa, t. An Old lUtlg 



^LEB, adj. Deaf. 
I. Coanc linen. Nttee. 
t. A hind in iu lecond 

HsAET.a. (I)Thetlomich. 

(2) Ingoed heart, in gond order. 
Next the heart, in a inorning 
failing. Ta break the heart ij/* 
anything, to bave alniajt com* 
pleied it. Heart and hand, fullf 
bent. To hate the heart in Iht 
mmilh. to be much frigiiteDid. 

IIkad«wohan. t. A.m\amU. East. 

Head-wad, a. A bard pillow. 

one; heart in a nuliAeU. to be 

UeAD-WAw:.*.(^..S.) Headache, 

very peiinrious. or oowanlly. To 

HtADT.adJ. Self-willed; ungovern- 

take heart iffgract. or A«ir(-o(- 


grali, lo tike course. 

B7 bin. are «>i pi.t. t«Jy riilpi con- 

He caxic onliin t1i< CMlle hkII tivdr.:.. 


Ha flnt liM. plond, mwi. rexpl. mil nurd 

(Did. H,^«.J, Troj. JrtlMi(* 180», 

Wh.^ Ii^ mj hurtuid b»n b«[ in tLe 

Hkal, tr. To lean on one aide, a> a 

ne'daUt nut, he. B«T.^«Mid,3>. 

Ri», llien-rorf , Enphufi. ibJ lati kart 

pour out; to rake up a Hre. 

o(!7™«, snnnirrrOioB.h«iliwr||fl«^ 

HEALBm, I. A liler. fFetl. 

ph«k«BpiU>K«u«k.^ E«ph.,1t.^>. 

Hbalino-oold, I. Money given bf 

Heaht.bkeaeeb. (. A love lock; 

tIjR king wben toDcbiiiK for ibe 

a mo<le of dressing the haii in 


ibetimeofChsrle. 11. 

Hbalingb,!. Thebed-dothe.. Oif. 

Hbabtiin, e. To egg on; to en- 

HmiLt, : The ikin lliat ihe youug 

courage. Eait. 

of a IXMtw wrapiied in. 

Hkabt-gbikf, ». Serere Eriet 

Hkah, a. The hiic of a neapon. 


Hrap,.. (1) a large number. 

Meabtful, adi. In high tpirila. 

(2) Aiiuarwrofspei'k. North. 



flEA fi 

Hbartdkowii, adj. Very fimd of. 

HBA.ftTBON,f. The card iicKZInm. 
HiABTH, e. Tobik*. Ntrlhampt. 
Hbabts,*. (1) BoBom compinioDi. 

(2} Foull thella (ibe pholo- 

d(mya). NortAatapt. 
Heabt-icad. <. Grief. North, 
HBAmT-sciBTi, *. The diiphnsm. 

BBABTgOHE, adj. Merry. Nerlh. 
HiABT-ipooN, 1. The luveL 

Hbast-tbei, I. The part of a gate 

which holda the b*r>. North. 
Hbabtwholk, 1 oifii. In good 
bbabtwbll, J apiiita. Weft. 
HEABTY,a4r- Well; havingagood 



0) > 

To I 

12) pari. p. Heated. 
HiATH, t. A sort of eoal found in 

HiATH-CBOFFICB. t. A pOOr honC, 

one who liyei on the heath or 

Toadiide. EnsHih Rogue, 1719. 
Heathen, «. A rude and boli- 

teroua perion of either aex. Line. 
HsATHEB-BLaBT, I. The bittern. 

Heathfowt, (. The hlack.eoeli. 

Headldt, edj. Delicate. Yortth. 
Heate, (1) E. To throw. 

(2) t. To pour com from the 
wuttie before the wind. Nerlh. 

(3) V. To weigh. 

(4) «. To Bupplant. 

(5) V. To twell, in fermenting, 
ai bread, cheeae, &c. 

(6) e. To ooze. When water 
oozes from itoae thej aaj^ it 
hemet. Soniert, 

(7) «. To rob. 

(B) I. In mining, the hoTi);ontcl 
diilocation when one lode a in- 
tenected bjanatbet in a different 

It llEC 

(9) K place on a common on 

which a particular flock of sheep 
feedi. North. 

(10) With Amreimd *w,with. 
might and main. 

Heavir, ». A crab; gnt. 
Heave-uf, (. A diiturbanee. 

Heavind-datb, *. Ealter Monday 

and Tuetday, to called from the 

Ciutom of lifting at that time. 
IIeavinc-oi-the-maw, t. An old 

game at cards. 
Heatisoue, adj. lleayy. Norlk. 
Heatlb, j. a dung-fork. Hertf. 
HiATT-CAEB, (. A flat currant 

cake. Conae, 
HiAiE, c. To cough. Hearj, 

home. North. 
Hkbbe, e. (1) To heave. 

(2) To have. 
HsBBEa-UAH, 1. A fliherman on 

theThame) below London Bridge. 
IliBBLE, (1) t. A narrow bridge 

formed bv a pUnk. Yorith. 

12) t>. To build haatily. North. 
Hbben, ». (A-N.) Ebonj. 
Hebolace, (. A dish in cookery. 

BcMam. Tile oriionni and eriwa, iwd 

oji i and J it bt not in Lent, aljc it 
lolkciofejTcn.ard drcHC it iDrth^ 
eutd tLBTBlo poH'doT-dmce. 

I. Tbe green woodpecker. 

Same in tLn tmlier treci, Bomfl in tbe lower 

Draytn'i PofyMum, Sooe 13. 
HacB, ». A imall door. North. 
Hecbele, 1. A bstchel for flax. 
Heck, *. The ditiaion rrom tha 
aide of the fire in the foim of k 



puiage in old hoaie*; in] 
cloiure of open-work ; the bolt of 
■ door. Heck-daoT, the inner door, 
partly psnel1e4, tnd the rest lat. 
ticed. Half-hick, the lower bilf 
of ■ door. Niyrth. 

(2) A hoy-rack. 

(3) The winding of a itream. 
(4} A aon o( fiahing-net. 

HicE-BOAKD, I. The loose board 
■t the bick of 1 cart. Nortkampt. 
Sometiines the board at the bot- 

Hbck-bhst, *. The blrd-cherrr. 

HBCKEHAL.f. Thelom-tit. Devon. 
Hkcklb,(I) V. Todretstoworftai. 

(2) V. To look angry; to beat. 


i3)(.IntrutiTe meddling. Yorkt. 
1) (. An artificial fly for fiihing. 

(&) I. Any covering, is the heckle 

of a flghtiag-cock, or the akin of 

an ox. North. 

(6) a. An implement for catching 

flsh in the Owe. 
IlBCELBD,;>i]r(. ;>. Wrapped. 
HscKLi-sFiKE, See Acrotpyrt. 
Hbckbtoweb, t. A rack-)taC 

Hbd, part. p. Cared for ; heeded. 

HiDDLKS,*. Small cord) in a loom, 

through vrhich the warp (loes 

after paiiing the reed. North. 
Hbde. a. (.^.-5.) Habit; dreti. 
HaniB, (1)». A male iheep. Unc. 

(2) adj. Hither. 
HbdSB, v. To mend heilgei. 
Hbdge-accbktob, t. The hedge- 

HBDOE-ALEH0i;sa, %. A smiU ale- 

HEDaE-BELLS, I. Great bindweed. 

HbdQB-bobe, 1. Rougb and un. 

akilful,>aidofBworkman. We»t. 
Hedob-bote, t. Fire- wood. 

H*D«B-cHAT, a. The bedge-ipar- 
rtnr. Norihampt, 


Hbdob-cbbbpbe, t. A wily thief. 
Hbogehoq, v. To divulge; to 

blab. Norlhmnpl. 
HiDOEHosH, *. SntBll, stunted 

trees in hedge*. Chrth. 
HBOSB-HonHD, f. A itinking kind 

of fungni growing; in hrdgei. 
HEDQE-jna.j. A kind of titmouse. 

Hedqe-mabbiaob, a. A clandea- 

tine marriage. Norlh. 
HEDQE-rKiBST, f. Ad ignonot 

Hrdqepeae, t. A hip. Still called 

hedge-ipeak in Gloucatenhire. 

Jnd^ it ii witb men u it !• w[lli 


•e or itda-aratt- 

, a. Hipi 

Hedge .1 

mender. Dtton. 
HEoaE-TB000H,a. Aditch. Dnoa, 
Hedqb-whbat, 1. A sort of corn 

much cultivated in Susiei. 
Hbdoy, b^. Eager. Leic. 
Hbdlai, I. A sort of cloth. 
Hedli-uedlt, I. Confusion. 
HEDLiHe, adv. Headlong. 

'. of aauce. Uert* 


EE, adj. High. 

BED, I. The head. 

EKDER, >. A male animal. Line. 

EBD9, t. Necessity. Norlhami. 

EEL, (1) t. The inside thick part 

of the hand. Cormo. 

(2) I. Rind of cheese, or crust 
of bread. Kar. d. 

(3) V. To overthrow ■ bucket. 

(4) To tift one'a heeli, or to 
eool otit't Atflt, to Bland waiting. 
Cauffhl by Iht heel, overreached 
in craft. Eiut, To turn vp tht 
heelt, to die. To take to tht 
heelt. to run away. Out at htttt, 
in debt. 


Hkbtden.*. a had vomtn (il«ff- 

damt). BtrH. 


Hbk[.s, I. Danger. 

H«iaHT,e. Tn threaten. 

H.KLEH. .. A qoick runner. 

Heihow, a. The herb alehoof. 


Heik, e. To »»ing, A heiktf. ■ 

H«L-fliNO. .. Tlie ring of the 

board for Eee-iaH. Yorkth. 

bbde of I plough. The wedjei See//B*e. 

■re lermtd hf^mign. 

HEitDOH,*. (rf.-S.) Health. 

Hbilb, t. Tlie game of iiiiie-pins. 

Heir, t. A young timber tree. 

Hbel.t*f,(. (1) The heel piece of 


HE.aEaa. .. A harrier. 

(2) Drsini of liquor. 

Heibdocb. *. The hedge Jiparrow. 

Hekl-tibb, ■. The awing-liar of 

Hkit, (1) 0. To thro* up. We,t. 

a harroir behind the bone. 

(2) >. Aconimand hf nhicli cart- 


ho<aes are turned tnihe Tight. 

HBivr.KBivv.a*- Tottering! hed- 

Hekst, fl<(;. Higheit. Crmm. 

■ating! tipsy. Ncrih. 

Hbkt, prel. t. Comraanded. 

Heke, .. A rack. See Htci. 

Hbeib. r. To raise. North. 

Hekfobb,). A heifer. MS. Je- 

Hefdb, t. The head. 

count,, A.D.Um. Still uied in 

Hrrz, prel. 1. Lifted up. 


Hefplb, p. To preiaricale. NorllL 

Hbl. ». A hill. 

HiFruL, 1. A wooiipecker. Craven. 

Hei,a»», exct iFr.) Alas 1 

Heft, (1)». Command. 

Heldak, <i<A>. (l)Rathert before. 

(2).. H«.mB;re.d,ing. 


(3) t. Weight 1 preuure. 

(2) In a greater degree. Gam. 

(^),. Great need. 

Helde, (1) e. To IbroBj toput; 

{i)t.. To judgeof "eight. Btr*t. 

(6) ,. A haft, ar handle. 

(2) (. Health. 

(7) (. A haunt. NortA. 

{Z) part. p. Covered. 

Hbftbd. adj. Accustomed. Dur. 

{I) prel. t. Behdd 

Heftfoif, I. A len.poriry handle 

(5)t.. To ride ; to follow 1 to ad. 

for griiidLng knivei, &c. YarkiA. 

»nce : to lead. 

Hegcan, f. A husk; cough. Dtton. 

(6)b- Toindine.orbedd. Pr. P. 

Heoob, a. (1) A hedge. 

(7).. Loyally. 

(2) A hag. 

(8) I. The wild tansy. 

Heoglino, aiS. Veiatioua; trying. 

(9) I, A amall apide. Jfcpoa. 

Hklding, ailj. Felling, ^caf. 

Hbqhe. e. Tn exalt. 

HEiDEaTi. iiee Havdiget. 

cattle; bucolic. 

IIbie-c^. High; (all. 

Hele, (1) a (^,-.S-.) Health ; sal- 

Ukighaw.( Awondpecker. Oi/^. 

vation, tfffcfc., helpless. 

Heiohb.b. Togoinhaate. Still in 

(2)t>. Toheal, lo-help. 

(3)e.(^-S.) Tocroieritohide; 


to roof or slate a huuie ; to earth 

Heioheh. t-. To heighten. Narf. 


HBiGH-oo-»aAD,i, In great ipirita. 

(4) B. To pour out. Witlt. 


Helen.*, Caves. 

BaiQH.How, t. An ocoaaional as- 

Helfrihowobt, a. The coiMofid. 

titant in • houM. n«e. 

mtdie. ■ 


Hblikoi, *. The rjtiidi. Palig. 
Hklkb. 1, DiUelied cragi; large 

nliite Claiidi. tfurlA. 
Hbll, {!) «. A term in tlie game 

in an tgc. Im/m lli ^f GMt. U33. 

(3)(. Acantternifortliedirkett 

p*r[ of ihe hoJe or <]iiii;F<ja. 

(4) 9. To )>DLir oiil. See Httt. 
Bblla. (. The Dightimre. Wat. 
Hblleci, t. A rivulet. Miegt. 
HsLuikiD, ail}. Swollen. Yorkik. 
HELi.rALi,iRo, >. A great tumult. 

HtLLiEB, t. A tiler, or thucher. 

Hii.t.i.'', (, Hardened Miot. Yorkth. 
Hell-baeb, I. A large rake. See 

HiLL.WAiN.f. A viiiantry naj^n 

»u|>poieil to lie Men in [be ikf 

at iiiglit. North. 
HiLL-wBKD, (. A troiiljleiionie 

kind of >iiiidweed. Northampt. 
Hbllt, adj. Helliih. 
Hum, (1) I. A kandle. 

(2) *. A hovel, or oathouie. 

(3) B. To cut tlie ean of wheat 
from the tiraw before thrMhitig. 

(4)(. A heavy cloud on tlie hilla. 

Hklhe-boof, r. A helmet. 
Helob, adj. Baihful. North. 
Hblon, r. To cover; to hide. 

Heli-, v. To mend, or repair. 

IIK1.P-A1.B, *. The lame a> bii.ale. 

HBLrEB, (. The itand for ■ baneL 

Northttotpl. i 

13 HBN 

Hblplt, 04j. HelpfKl. 

Heiiht. v. {A.-S. heuUm.) To 

em reat. Aytthilt nf Imnyt. 
Hblidm, arfj. Wholexime. 
Hilt. (1) mlv. Prulialily ) perlitp . 

(2) v. To mil. Une. 

(3)flrf». Healihy. 

(4) pret. I. Poured onL 
HiLTEE, (1)(. A halier; a hempen 


(21 e. To I'srgain aliarplv. leie. 
Hiii.Tiiii-<-KBi,TiB. aJ*. Diaorderljr. 
Hrlve, (1)*. Aliaft. 


(3) ». Goiiip. ; 
Helwalls, t. The end ii 

mill of a gahle liouie. Ch 
Hti-YCH , ade. Ixiodlv. 


u Him 

(3) I. The partition lietneen the 
hearth and the oven, open at Ihe 
top, in a place for baking cbIe- 
mine Kemtett. 

(4) adv. Very. Ameir. 
Hemkly. oAi, Secreily. 
Heuictcle, t. (Gr.) A aemicircl^. 

Tilt (nlwrad of hii iironl wii rcd.Hu 
hilt if pM. Ibc hl>de ttrmri like a 

perdL ' Oirtcrl-i Tmrli, 1038. 

HiHircoEg, t. (AS.) A piece of the 

liide of «D (iiimal alain in Ihe 

N-wiDOw, 1. The widow of 

Hkn. (I) Hence. 

(2) #■ Miiney giien by a wedded 
couple io pnor neigliboun to 
drink their hcaltht. 

(3) e. To ibrc*. Sommtt. 



HBH-AKr>-CHICEENl, I. Thc l*rg« 

double dtisy with imall ones 

graving round it. 
HsNBELLB, *. Henbtnc. 
HiN-CADL, (. A chieken-eoop. 

IIbnch-bot, ». A pige. 
HiH.coiTEK, (. The poiition of 

lilting on one'i heels. Durh. 
Hinds. (1) adf. {A..S.) Gentle; 

polite. Often writlen Anufy. 

Hmdelick, pnlilelf. Hmdetayk, 

couTteiy. {Gaatiyne.) 

A band. 
To Kize ; 


Hbh-pat, .. WUd orwhe. See 
Kenoe, {l)e. To bang. 

(2)(. The heart, liver, (nd lighli 

of >Q animil. 
Henole,*. Abinge. 
HEM-eoasE,*. The oiumu onwnni. 

Hen.hibrow, (. A kind of buz- 

zarci. North. 
Hbn-hurdli, t. A hen-rooit. 



■ cotqu 

,*. A meddling peraon ; 
in. Wt>l. 
: Henbane. 
Hen-uodld, «. Light dark kMDiy 

aoil. NorthBmpt. 
HENNE8, ade. {A.-S.) Heace. 
Hen-fem,(. (I)Th*pl»iit jeUow- 


(2) Dungoffovli. North. 
Hen-folleb,*. Ahen.rooit. Notf. 
HEN-acKATTiNa. %ee FiUy-faili. 
Hbht,<1)i. OppmiaiaVf. Shateip. 

(2) e. To .ow ™ri.. 

(3)(. The ploogh up the bottom 

of the furrow. Crmn. 

(4) a. To wither I to become I 



Hente, D. (^.-5.) Touize; totake 

hold. HmlfT, a thief. 
Hentikq,*. (1) A clown. North. 

(2) A furrow. 
Hen-wife. f. A colqiiean ; a feck. 

le» female. North. 
Kc0.pron.{A.-S.) {l)She. 

(2) They. 
HEOHs.jmm. Their. 
Hkfe. a. {A.-S.) (1) A compaDT. 

(2) The fruit of the rfog-rose. 
Hefe-bdon, t. The hip-bone. 
Hepfem, (u^'. Dexterous I ready r 

neat. North. 
HErpiNO-aTOCE, : A horse-btock. 

Her, (l);iron. Their. 

(2) .. Hair. 
Hebaldized, oif- Blazoned. 
HiaALDTi, J. {A.-N.) Misfortune. 

>.{A.-N.) A herald. 
ace, ■. Rue. Dekker. 
t. Herbs. Spfmer. 
<ET, a. Hemlock. 
E, .. A confection of 

}..(.<.-S.) Alodg. 
ing 1 thelier ; a 
hartiour; a goi- 

]RB, 1. The king's har- 

Hbbd, (I)(. A keeper of cattle. 

(2) adj. Prostrate. Line. 
Herdeb, I. Coarse flai; dressed 

HEBDEBa, (. A shepherdess. 
HiBD-oKooM, I. Akeeperofherd*. 

LaA TOKay a Aoit«, and HUyng homv. 



Bike, (1) »■ (^-S.) An atmj. 

(2) p. To l.e«r. 

(3)(. Hair. ^erfn,m*deofhair. 

(0>- Hire; reward. 

(6) «, Hoar froit. Lane, 
HEB.EAWAYB. Hercsbout. Vttr. d. 
HiRRtis, part. p. Praised. 

Y-Snrd lie Die kjn j Df lieitB, 

Heeemite, I. iA.-y.) k hermit. 
Hebence, adv. Hence. ITnA 
HiRBRioHT. oifr. In this place; 

directly. If til. 
HiBEs, (. Tlie ejeluhei. 
Hreued, pari. p. (A.-S.) Plan- 

Hebir, p. <^..S.) To honour. 

Htritgnff, praisiDg. 
Hehigads, *. (A.-N.) Upper 

Hkriot. a. (^.-5.) Warlike ap- 

HiaiTAGELiK, mfn. In fee limple. 
HiRiTBK, g. An inheritor. 
Heretn, v. To hearken. 
Heble, ». (1) A twiit, or ffllet. 

(!) A particular part of a pea- 

cock'a tail. 
Heklotb, : A ribalii, or harlot. 
Hkblotb. >. (A.-N.} White latcheti 

forinerl)! used to lie lUe lioie. 
Hkrhei-inb, >. Ermine. 
Hern, (1) : A herati. 

(2) ». A herring. SomerKf. 

(3)^riwi. Hera. 
Hbbnatb, t. Maroesa ; armour. 
Hebnb, I. (X-S.) A comer. 
Hebne-pan, a. (.^.-S.) Thesknll. 
Hebnbbwe, (. A aort of strainer. 
i-». A heron, 
K. '». {A.-N.) A ha«k 
to fly onlj at the heron. 
(, A herald. 



Hbbplb, v. To walk lame; to 

cree)). North. 
HEBmE, I. A hinge. Pr. P. 
Hebbet, a. A little wretch. JFtit. 
Hkbeihocobs, a. Yonngberringi. 
Hebbiko-f&bi, a. The aeason for 

catching herringa. 
Hbbbv, f. To rob. North. See 

Hebsall. a. Kehearaal. ^unttr. 
Her»b,i.(1) Adeadbody. 

(2) The framework whereon 

lighted candles were placed at 

funerals; a frame set oter the 

Herstdw. HearestthoD? 
Herte, c. To take heart. 
Hbrtkolowbe, ». GennaDiler. 
Hehten, a. Buckskin. 
Hertly, a4i, Hearty; strong. 
Hebt-bowee, I. A dish in old 

Hebts, 1. MliorUeberries. Wat. 
Hebtesten, v. {A.-S.) To make 

Heby, adj. H^ry. 

Hebyb, 0. (1)(^.S.) Toplnnder, 

or spoil ; to rav^e, 

(2) (AS.) To honour, or wor- 

ahip, Htrying, praise. 
Tho' "FniiJdeit Ihou leirTi to orol of Ion, 
And Atfrjiwitliliirnibi thyiaiHia^ve. 

llt»,pra. t. Has. 
Heslyne, 01^'. Madeofhazle. 
Heef,(. (1) A hasp, or Utch. 

<2) A hank of yarn, fforlh. 
Hespall, v. To harass. Herff, 
Hess, a. A quantitj of Tarn, eon. 

tiuning two skeins. 
Hebte, a. {A..S.) 

HBSTEBH.aiff. (laf.) Oryeaterdnr. 

Het. (1)0. To hit. Wftt. 
(2)prtt.l. Named. Lane. 
(i)prel.t. Promised. 

(4) Heated. Norlk. 

(5) Ha« it. North. 
HeTcn,(l)a. A thicket ; a hedge. 



(2) e. To turn tipiide down. 


Hewed, coloured. 

Hete. e. (IH-'-S) To promise. 

(3) o. la cookery, to cut or 

(2) (J.-S.) To be gamed or 


(i)(Fr.) A term in hunting. 

IlETELiCH.ladB. (^.-S.) Hotly; 
HETLiK, J eauerlv; fiercelr. 

(5) V. To knock one ankla 

against the other. North. 

IIbtel-iosgi?e», ailj. Fgul- 

(6) I. Acorn, or linnmon. Somert. 

niopLlied. Durlt. 

HEWEit.f. A coal-vrorker. Lane. 

Hi^ratu, adt>. (A.-S.) Hence. 

Hewiso,«. a method of cutting 

IIETHBNNLS. ». The Isnd of the 

wbeM «ith one hand. Detof^ 


Hemees. ». Heralds' coate, Perey. 

Hi;TaeB,(l).. An »dder. Var.d. 

Hewson... (1) Tlie lealheron the 

(2) adj. Rough i ugly. North. 

(op a( a horse's collar. Bedt. 

(:i) Nfarer. 

(2) A blind inconsiderate per- 

Hethbrius, ». Rodi twisted on 

soo. North. 

the topof a newlv cut iicdge, to 

Hewstrino, cdj. Short-breathed. 

keep the BtBkea firm. 


Hbthinq, .. (A..S.) Contempt; 

Hewsys, *. Eaves ol bouses. 


Barclay, 1S70. 

Hbthymsse, «. P^^nism. 

HEWT.arf/. High. 

Heting, ». (A.-S.) A promise. 

Hew-vbyn. I. An iron chisel, 

Hetter, odj. Eaget ; keen ; liitter; 

held in a twiated haile-rod. 

ill-natured. North. 

Heit. adj. (A.-S.) Highest. 

HErrLE, adj. Eager. Yorkih. 

Hev, (I) adj. High. 

Hbdci. (1)». AiieUe. North. 

(2) V. To have. North. 

(2) Theliip-houeofEcow. 

(3) e. To make haste, yorfal. 

Hbuck-fihoebed,«(>, Tbieriab. 

(4) V. To sport, or gambol. 


HeV-ba,>. a great noise. Yorhh. 

Heudih, t. The leather of > flail 

Heyday. ». Wantonness; a frolic. 

the swingle. North. 

But he erti liii Urin; b; his (eet and liii 

Heof,,. Ah<.me;..helcer. York,. 

Heuqh, (. A ri)|^d ateep hiU- 
aide;«r»vliie. North. 

yau°niu9t ksDW he-g one of yonr lu^ii- 

Heuei, (. The hiccough. Bevm. 

Heukv, adj. Itchy. North. 

Heyhote, t. The plant edera ler- 

Heunt, ». A mole. Wore. 


HlUSTKR, 1 . . 

Hey-bowivo. .. Thieving of yam 
from the master weavers. Norf. 

Heved,». (^.-S.) The head. 

Hetino, 1. (A.-S.) Haste. 

Hevede, (1)D. Tobeliead. 

Heylavt, t. Hailuo. Cotgr. 

{i)prtt.t. Had. 

Heyle, t. To hide. See Htit. 

HeVEDUCHB, adj. {A.-S.) Capitsl. 

HEYLuNiT. .. A headlODg fall. 

Hetel, ». Finelwine. Somtrmt. 


HEVENaiCHE, .. Thekjngdomof 

HEYLY,0rfB. Highly. 


Hevik, e. To become heaTy. 

Heyubnt, .. A fence. Shr^th. 

Hewk. (1).. {A..S.) Abmband- 

Hey-hube, g. The roebuck in hii 


HEY ! 

Hetndlt, mfo. ConrteoinlT. See 

Hbtnb, (1)0. Toewll. Pr.P. 
(2}.. An.i«r. 
(3) ode. Hence. 
{*) >. {A..N.) Haired. 



D old te 


Jl<i^,pm.t. H»th. line. 

Hezzlb.oi^. LoD)e;und]'. Yariih. 

Hejte, p. To promiBe. 

^l, {A.-S.) They. 

HiBBv, ». A coll. Dtvan. 

Hick, p. To hoisi up, Paltg. 

UicacocK, ». (1) The hiccough. 
(2) A term of contemijt. 

Hick, (I) e. To bop. For. d. 
(2) t. A conntr; clown. 

HicuKT, <u{f. Hl'Ditured. Afin-M. 

HicxBT, t. The hiccough. A chap- 
ter " of yeuiDg orhickee' occur* 
in Phayre's Segiineat of Life, 
W. letl., n. d. 

HicKEV, adj. Tipaj. 

HicELE, (1) t. To make shift. 
(2)». The woodpecker 

HicKLiBARNET. ». Hell. Norlh- 


Don^i Fotfilerm, ISSl. 
UiGEoi., (. A woodpecker. Wnl. 
Hick's. HAKE. HalttriagqfHieifi- 

mart, ■ game mentioned in the 

NomencUior, 1SS5. 


I. The hiccough. 

""="""' 1 t. Name! for Ibe 
h'igh^we'^' ^"oort-petker.See 

aiDK. i\) >- (A..S.) Afield. 

(2) r. To Dog. Hidiay, a beat- 

ins- V«r.d. 

(3 } Hidf-and-flnd, agameamonpt 

childteu. Moieutually now called 


HioE.BouND, adj. stingy. Var. d. 

Hide-vox, f. An old game, sup- 
posed to be the lame a> hide-aad' 

HiDEL, t. A hiding-place; an am- 

HiDE-THE-HoasE, (. The name of 

a gambling game. 
Hide-wink, ». To hoodwink. 
HiDLAMDB, orfr. Secretly. North. 
HiDLOCK,fldt.. Secretly. Var.d. 
HtDous, adj. (A.-N.) Hideooi; 

HiDY-BUCK, *. Tlie game of hide- 

and-ieek. Dorstt. 


ig. Agenb. of 
To forhode etil. 
Lolent com. 


motion. North. 
IlQOLB, e. (1) To effect an^hiug 
■lowly and peninaciouily. Eatt. 
(2) To rear an animal that hM 
lo>t its dam. Norf. 


HiGoLEB, I. A huckiter. iVortA. 
IiaH-DAVS, t. Feslivala. 
ItUB.DE-Lowa, I. Meiry-makingi. 

IroHESKSSE, f. The top. 
HiCH-iH-TBE-maTEP, oi/f'. Proud. 

iioH-iiNKt, *. A mode of drink- 
ing, by throwing the dice to de- 
termine whothall empty the cup. 
At hi^hjink», out on jt frolic, 
HioB-KicKED, e^. Conceited. 




High ilioea, ttt- 
eiicd b<r s tealher atring ia 

HiQH-H>N, J. Paltedice. FloHo. 
HiOH>ON.SND, <i>{f. Dear. roriiJI. 
HioH-PAD, t. The high mj. 
HiOH-PAtHBD, a<9. An old term 
for ■ aUg whaie harna are (all 

HiOH-RDN, M. Laiatiieaeia in cat- 
tle. Rull. 

HiaaT,(l)piirl.p.(J.-S.) Called; 

(2) e. To adorn, or make fine. 

(3) V. To dandle; to hop; to 
chaDf^ one'a poiition often. Line. 


.. QuiU 

t, adj. Long and 
atraggling, or entangled. Leic. 

HiQRTY, <u(i'. Pleaaaat; cheerful. 

HiOBK. Sec Jeter. 

ilii,pron. They. See Hi. 

HiKB.c. To twing; to put in motion ; 
to toiS) to tliro*! to Itrikej to 
hoist; to go away; to hurry. 
Var, dial. Brockettexplniat tliU 

tion." It is uied in a much 
atronger aense in Wamickahire, 
aa applied to the practice of 
hitting a load, ■'. e., killing it b; 
jerking it from a plank. 

HiKii, t. A awing. Norli. 

HiLBACE. (. Eitraiagaace in ap- 
parel. 7\mer. 

HiLD, (1) e. To akin an animal. 

(2) V. To lean, or incline. 

(3) t. To pour out. 

Thin nab ■ tnod r^n, la tbe pottutM 

(4) a. The Bediment of beer. 

(5} A common form of held. 
UiLDEBHAHD. Thc name of Pope 

Gtfgory VII. which became pro- 

lerbul for violence. 
HiLDBo, (, Tbe elder. Ifotf. 

HiLDiNR, I. A low, worthleaa ] 

aon; a ahufflcr. 
HlLDT-wii-DT, flrf/. Fickle. NortM- 

Hilb,(1)f. {.<.-5.) TocoTeroYCr; 
to root. Hiler, a tiler. 

(2) e. To.atrike with the homa. 
Weti. In Shropshire a person 
tosaed by a cow ia aaid to be hiled. 

(3) «. To prCECnL Lhte. 

\i) ». Acock of wbeai-ibeaie*. 
HiLiNB. t. A covering. 
The iLyUgnfri iberoof ■'hsl ho blpBe, 
Coolly for iLb nuneatc. PorHn^fon VS. 
Hill, e. To pom- oat, JVMt. 

,i. The elder tree. Pr.P. 
r. Hill' 

'eb, I, An owl. Cheth. 
HiLLiBB, (. A tiler, or ihatcher. 
HiLT.f. (l)Thehandleof aahield. 

(2) A curved piece of wood, for 
holding the atraw wbile tliatdi- 
ing. Norlhampt. 

(3) A young now for hreediog. 

Hilts, i. Cudgela. Jomon. 
HiLwoRT, ». Pennvroyal. 
lliit.v. To believe.' £b«n-(. 
HiMF, 0. To hall, or bm p. 
HiiiPLB, p. To hall. Leic. 
HiNCH, c. To be miterly. Line. 

old n 

See Hiru 



A hind of the I 

HiKDBR, (1) V. To bring damage, 
or hurl. Faltgreve. 
(2) adv. Yonder. Enex. 


of ■ cart. North. 
HiND.HUL,*. Thetanar. Nbrtk. 

The nWDe it jiTen by Cnlpeper 

to the wild ug«. 
HiKDEOce, adj. Kinderii^. 
ntnt,(l):{J.-S.) AMrf,m.tic, 

or UJmnrer; tomeliineB applied 

to May peiioD in an iuferkir ^r*At 

(2) I. A hart, or hind. 

(3J ado. Behind. Somtrttt, 

(4) adt. Hence; bdote long. 

HiNSBSAD, ». A ditUot degree of 

rebtloDibip. Imc. 
RiNS, V. To haDg. 
Httie-BT, I. A panute. 
UiHOB, (1) a$. Actin; ^ant. 


(2) 2>ii%«iv,M>getinBiae«a. 
BiNGCBa, *. The ean. JVorfA. 
HiHBiK, I. A hinge. S^. 
Htnai-K, : (\) A amall hioge. 

r2)AMveofwire. Eait. 

(3) The neck of a bottle. LtM. 
HiMOT, adj. Od Uie work, laid of 

HtNHT, (1) D. To neigh. 

(2) >. A cormption of honef ai a 

term of endeaimeat. 
Hint. (I) prtt. i. Took; Mixed. 


(2)*. A caoae, or ntject. MoioQ). 
HiF, V. (1) To akip over. 

(2) 7b haee o» lltt hip, to have 

at«n advant^e. l^ aivl tiagh, 

Htr-BBiAK, : The wild roae. North. 
HiPE,v. (l)Topaih; toiiporgore 

with the faoTQi. North, 

(2) To maka mootha at; to ccn- 

BipnAi;r, a^. Lame in the lup. 
HiPFAnai, «{F. (^.-S) limping. 
HirPAirr, f. A wiapp^ for an In- 

) HIR 

HiFFiD, adj. Metaaefaoly. 

Hippin, *. A wrt of oaier nicd in 
coaise baiket-making. fFeit. 

HippiNO'Boi.D,*. A loitering phoe; 
a comer for idle gouipa. North . 

UippiNO-aroHna.j. Large itepping. 
atODca Id a brook. When paa- 
Mble hj meani of indi itonei, 
the watar it uid to be h^pinailt. 

HiFFivs, I. Childieo'] clotba; 
cloaU. North. 

HiPPLK.i. Aamallhajeock. North. 

HiFFoo>.Ai,«. AfiTorite berenge 
in oldtimea. The following ii a 
receipt for making it. 
Tiks of dmnan 3 n., <tf Itaw ) u 
OL, of iTiiiia at of M OL) pvaaa [pon(Q 
thai mnaad pnt tbtm into ■ poula 
{3 aattU'i « foai timC at vliita wiae, 
«ithbiuapamd<tf natTj let lUateop 
toteUter, * night M Uu kul, doM 
eoTCRd in Hou bottia of (bu^ ptvMr, 
^ itonflj and wbon jon vmld oeenpy 

Scait I ttainne limuB doath or a idna 
■ boDllK anr the monlh (/the 
bottla.n>il M n iineh iw thnofh M 
!« wai ilnnk It Oat tims, kcnine tk 
mtdoae, for lu it iHU ke^ twE Ug 
qiint,aikir, ■BdiirluofUw wiatasd 

fiwiq/ a»IU, ch. 338, p. 3t4. 

"h^i }s«»-J^of*<- Of them. 
HiBCHiN, \i.(,A.-N.) Abcdge. 


HiKD, t. A heart. T\-itlrem. 
HiBDKHEH, *. {A.-S.) Attendant*. 
HinJiuu-DuiiDuii, t. An nproar. 
HiBB, (1) >. {A..S.) An armjr. 

More correctly hert, 

{2) proa. (J.-S.) Their; her. 

h) V. To hear. Somtn. 

(4) B. To borrow monej'. Sh^. 
HiBBN, *. An old cant term fur a 

HiHtHO, «, A fair for terranli. 

HiBNi, (I) a. (,J.'S.) A comer. 

(2) p. To TOD. S™«r». 

(3) t. Iron. 
HiBPLB, e. (1) To limp. 

(2) To litter, or bring forth. 


HIR s; 

HisscL, (1) (. A Bock ot iheep. 


(2) V. To fidget iboat. Nerlk. 
UimiT, I. (1) A auddcn riling ia 

the groand. 

(2) Tbat put of * ford in the 
SeTun, over which the water 
mas roDgUf. 

(3) ^J-S.) A brlDch, or boagh. 
HisK, B. (1) To drew breath with 


(2) To ipeak. North. 
Hon. Hia owd. Var. dial. Chap- 

miD wrote Aem, hei own 

HiBsli.. Himself. Var. d. 
HiBT, (. The hearing. 
HiSTBm. Be off! Line. 




Hit, (1) {A.-S.) It. In Anglo-Saxon 
and Middle Bngliih, the neater 
of the pronoun, which foims its 
genders thai, ht, tea, Jut. 

(2) 0. To find ; to agree. North. 

(3) *. A good crop. Wett. 
Hitch, (1) s. An elevation or de- 

preaiion o[ a itratDm of coal. 


(2) *. A slight twitching pain. 


{3)e. Toknoclcthelegsingoing, 

(4) t>. To lidgel; to change places j 
lo hop. North. 

(5) V. To become entangled. 

(6) V. To luapend slightlf j to 
tie. Wat. 

HtTcBAFASY, J. The name of a 

Suffolk game. 
HiTCHiB,*. The chape ofabocUe. 

HiTCBiNO, (. A corner of ■ field 

ploughed up and sowed, while 
ibe reit of the field tiet fallow. 

HiTB,o. To run about idlj. North. 

HiTSB,!. (,^,.£,) A wharf; a small 

HiTHBN, ode. Hence, 

HiTBBB-TaWABD, Orfp. Up tO thtl 

time or place. Eatt. 
HiTTmK, D. {A.-S.) To hit. 
HiTTiB, adj. Angrf ; ill-natured. 

HiTTBKiL, t. Pimples attended 

with itching. North. 
Hrrrr-Misai, adx. At random. 
BiTT-TiTT, (1) (. See-saw. Somtrt. 

(2) a^. Haoghlj. North. 
HiTK, (1) V. To urge ia vomiting. 


(2) t. A water-bleb on the skitu 

HiTY-auTT, adt. Helter-skelter. 

HiWE, I. {A,.S.) Hoe. 
HilTLT, adv. Titly. Gaaatpu. 
Ho, (1) rrLproti. Who. 

(i^pron. He; sbe; Ibey. £tiie. 

(3) t. To long for anything ; lo 
beanrioua, Wett. 

(1) An eiclamation command- 
ing cesution. 0x4 qfall Aa, out 
of all bounda. There it no ha 
icith him, he i> not to be re- 

Ob, nje; • plagOB on 'era. Itert'i no te 
wiUntaein, tluruemadderthanMueli 
hBiu. ffiwd m., O.F.,iii,SK. 

For be once luted tbc fur nuid of Fn- 
litigflsliinl Iff all (a 

lloi:e,parl.p. Helped. Etiex. 
HoAB, (l)<ujj. Mouldy. 

(2) r. To become mouldy. 
HoABT, (1) adj. Hoarse. North. 

(2)t. A cough. 

(3) t. To entertain as a host. 

(4) f. Cuid for cheese before se- 
paration from tbe whey. Cteni. 

Ho\STHEN, l s. An annent gild or 
HOSTMBH, J fraternity at New- 
castle, de^ng in sea-coal. 

HoAZED, adj. Hoarse. Exmoor. 

Hob, (l)t, Tbe side of a grate. 
(2) t. A country clown. 



(3) t. The Am of a ilcdge. 


(1) «. A tno-yesr theep. Corau. 

(5) (. An error, or £d«e >lep. 

(6)v. To Uogh loBdlf. &>iR<rwf . 
(7) *. A piece of wood let np 
b; \n>j* to pat hilf-pcDce on 
to throiT it with mother half. 


1t.AUd between 


J-bojhood <aA 

HoBBBLRKs, \*. Ucn wbo rode 

HOBBLBBS, j OpOQ light bobbiCI 

or imall luinei; a claii of 

HoBBtL, t. An idiot. NorIK 
HoBBiKS, *. Rank gTMs, &e., left 

by cattle. North. 
HoBBLB, (1) e. To tie the hind 

feet of a hone. North. 

(3) V. To trammel for larki. 


(3) (■ A place for hop. Eatl. 

HOBBLB-BOBBLB, (. Confution. 



balanced ; wavering. Eat. 

HoBBLEDTGia, odt. LlmpiDgljr. 

UoBBLBB, (I) t. A. woouen in- 
Btmment to confine a horie'i legi. 
HoBBLT, a^. Uaev»] ; rough. 
HoBBT, (• {1) A amaL hone; a 

(2) A imall kind «S hawk. 

(3) A gooBC. DarhtiM. 
HoBBT-BOBas, J. The dragon-fly. 

HasBT-LANTHOBJr,! I. Thc ignii- 

HOB-LAHTeRN. J fotuiu. V.d. 

HoBHr-owL, 1. The great barn 

owL Northampt. 
H0BC1.VNCH, a. A mde clown. 
Hob- COLLI NOTOOD,*. A term for 

the fonr of hearta at whiit. North. 
HoBBLBM, 0. {,<..&) Toikipoier. 
HoBBLBB. See Hoiitlert. 
HoBUU), a. A timpleton. 

t HOC 

HoBDOBBiM. *. An idtot. North. 
HoB-HALD, f; A fooliih clown. ' 

Hob. iN-THB- HALL, >. The name 

Stilar. tiM, to tell ranr taouxu (lie 
ttuUi, M were U M-»-(i<-AiU, u>d 
whibl mj brothR ud J wm qsw- 
nilint tbaat u ait, he ilimk bt ■■. 
Wfdurli,, 111 n-mt-ifir, 1CT7- 
H0B.J0B, (. A clamiyjob. 

pari. Sponging on 

the good. 

A pet-lamb. South. 


old boj'a game. 
HoBLEBB, f. (1) Men who tow 

Tciaeli by a rape on the land. 


(2) SentinelB who watched at 

beacons in the lale of Wight 
HoBLEBHOF, I. Great eonfiuion. 
HOBLiHo, t. A goblin or ghoat. 
HoB-MiN-BLiND. See HoodnuM' 

Hob-hail, t. A rade clown. 
Hob-nob, B. To pledge by touching 

HoB-FBiCK, (. A peg driven into 
the heel) of ahocB. North. 

HoB-BHAGKLiD, fliff. HaTing the 
handa or feet faatened. Lane. 

HoB-THKOBH, a. An old name of a 
goblin or apirit. Hob-lhrah- 
Imte, the millepede. 

HoBuu, I. A hubbub. 

Hoc, t. (.i..&) Theholybock. 

HoccAHOBE, (. Old Ehenisb wine. 

HoccHEB, J. A term in cookery. 
diikeu in iawhca. Tale chjkeDU, 
ul KiLi hem ' -- ■ 

Tmlce paneJ. J 

gnpa, and 

ehikciu ful. 

tbeRinDe. M . 

lKjinlM.doute. Jlmmo/Curir, p. 
HooHEPOT, *. (^.-iV.) A miilure 

of Tarloui thing) in the same pot. 

See Hoggepot. 
HocE,a.(l) An old game at cards. 


HocEKB, c. To oKmb upon in;- 

Uuagi to Bcnmble airiiwudly; 

to do uytfains elonuilr; to 

itammBT, oi buittte ; to Mtet. 

HacuKHBADUi, adj. Rub. North. 
HocEBT, t. A. large lump. Qlouc. 
HoCKKTiHOWi I. An impienent for 

CQtting tbe ndei of rieki. Wane. 
HocKBr, See Hmciei/. 
HocELB,«. TohMiaMBX.%. SHoKtr. 
Bocu,«. To hack. Wat. 
HocE-TiDB,!. An anaiial festint, 

begianing on the fifteenth da; 

after Eailer. 
HocE-eHiHB, t. Croaked ihina. 
HocB-AHD-Boss, >. The feet aad 

leg; bonea of awine, cut off at the 

Hoous, e. To cheat, wbenoe the 
term hoax. Spiriti are honntd, 
when laudanuin ia put iato them. 

Hod, (1) (. {A.-S.) A hood, cap, 
or helmet ; any coTering. 
(2) (■ A heap of potatoei, co~ 
TCred with itriir and aoil. Wett. 
(3} (. A hole ander a bank, >en- 
ii^ ai a haunt for fiih. Yoriih. 
(4)e. Toiiub:hjtohold.A(n-M. 

(5) «. A cbimtiey-hob. 

(6) a. Tbe crick in the neck. 
HoDDBH, adj. A term applied to 

eiret intended to be kept oier 

the year. North. 
HoDDiB.f. A thin vapour. rbnEit. 
HoDDiNO-ip&DB, t. A ipade lued 

in the feni, to take np a large 

portion of earth entire. Eaii. 
HoD-DOD, t. A garden »D(iL 

HoDDT, (1) a^. Well; in good 

■pirita. Eatl. 

O my child, my child— thy fitha ii 

prWtie imUia i^iiii, but thii wUl biwi 

hu hnit qaito. TU Cttati, lUl. 

(2) I. The nppennort width of 

net. Norf. 

'■ 1(1 


light. Dewm. 
(2) adj. Ditproporticnablj eloat. 
HoDBN, adj. Beaten ? 

^ whou directniu nndecdvieible, 

Ofl^mKiitoi ud PrthuBru. 

Adf-i Hammr ^tii Oarltr, ISSt. 

HoDENiNQ, *. All old caitoni in 
Kent, on Chriitmai Eve, when a 
horse's bead wm carried in pro- 
ceaiion ) it ia now diaconUnued, 
bat the tinging of carola ia atill 
called hodenmg. 

HoDKB-uoDui., adir. Hugger-mng- 
ger. Sielion. 

HoDOE, V. To ride geatty. North. 

Rooaii.tiio, pari. HobbUng. Leie, 

HonOB-POCBBB, 1 , . l,„»_t,11„ 

HODO^POEBB, >*• Al-o'^blm. 
HoniNo, (. Making boodi. 

Alio llu mmtir KbillB eiery ytn 
grilcyti elolh fur hadipigt, bat jW thie 
be ■ noH notabnlla UiU nyit tame Oa 
pluBta(ntliume,uitn>r hie hi4^iif § 
he to udu pwTiiiiuic* by ^aa to tks 
Boat pmfyta of (he plica ; awl Dial, W 
Ibt »[« or all* hi> lOdiniieii, and that 
he chuge aot the ptica with no diarg^ 
ud us thysfs do Uiai miy ba hut 10 
ths plsc^ withcot iTicB ud lenc of 

BIragbri lOS., Ump. B. 71. 
HoDUAH, (. A nickname for a 

canon of Cbriat Church, Oxford. 
HoDMANiKiD, I, (I) A tntil-abelli 

a mail. Simi\. 

(i) A iort of flih. BMa*. 

(3) A scarecrow. Wat. 
HoDHBnoD, a(£. Short) dnmn. 

HoDBBD, jMrt, p, Hnddled. 
Hods, t. Leather ease* 11011)^ 

put over tbe spora of coda when 

fighting to prevent their hurting 
j each other. 
Hobs, i. HiUi. 

HoT,|«f.(. H^at,pvi.p.{A.^) 
\ Heaiod np. ' 

_, Google 


Honr, I. A cow. Norli. 
Ho»», (l)f. The hock. 

(2) V. To throw anytbing nader 

the (high, tferfh. 

{i) V. To mock. Line. 

(3) *. To cut; on the b*ck. 


(i)a. ToA(9ail«n«'f Bwnc, to 

cut it quite ihort. 

(5) To drier kufi*. to nwre. 
HootTTBR, I. A sbeepe two yerei 

aid. Elfot, I5sg. 
Hoa-coLT, I. A yMrlins colt. 

Ho«oAH-BAo, (. A miner'i pio- 

lirion bif . Carmu. 

HoosABTiB, t. (1) A bou in it* 
ihird yew. 
{2] A limb after its fint year. 

Hoeai, (1) f. U-£-) Fear; care. 
(2)^. Huge. 

Hoi>aKFor, t. A tenn in cookery; 
wlieDce the moderD hodge-jiodgi. 
QteiiaJuffifot. T^(|H(,uliByle 
InB OD jnc]*. CMtbemiakpgti do 
thereto half wjsa oad hilf water; and 
dn thotta ■ Eod« qnutltA ot ojmwu 
nd aba. Sat it onr tba (jn, ud 
iwer it tat. Hake > lay« of br*d« 
tad tOcide. and \*j it tlierewith. Dg 
tliento pawdor-birt, and urre it fist. 

RosoBKDBHoir, >. All iiutniment 

for cuttii^ faedgei. Wane, 
HoaanL«,t. Upper itockingawilh- 

HoeeiT, t. A iheep or colt after 

it! Snt year. 
HosoiNS, (. The land ufted tiom 

the gravel before the >t«net are 

carted opon the roadi. Etnx. 
HoGSLB, e. To take up anything 

from nndergraund, at potatoea, 

he. Sopurtet. 
Hoe-sBUBBiNa, a^. Veryaordid. 

HooB, 1. A hilL See Bon. 
Hoe-sAWB, a. Hipi and bawa. 


HooBB, a4f' High. 

HoOLiN, t. (1} A boar. 
(2) An appie-turaoTcr. Eut. 

Hoax AH, I. A lort of loaf, 

HoeuiNA, 1. A name fiven to 
December, and to any ^ during 
that month, eapecially on the 
lait day j a new.y ear's -day ofTer- 
ing. Hajfmeiia.tuffht, New-yeat'a 
ere. 3teBn)ektlt. 

HoouiKNT, *. A depraved jonng 
girl. Devim. 

HoQ'MODai, I. The ahrew mouii. 

RoQ'UiiTTON, I. A iheep one year 

Booo, a. (from fr. haiil.go»l.) 
High ■Utout; a itTODg or Ixd 

Hos-oviB-BiOH, a. Leq>-frag. 

Hoa-Fiaa, (. Bairow pigs. Kyrlh, 
HooBiL, 1. A iheep of two years 


» Ant lliej hi 

Hoa-BDBBna, i. Aclowniih person. 

Hoo-SKKL, 4. The thick skin on 

the neck and ihoulden of a lu^. 

Hoe's-PCTDDiHo,*, The entrail of 
a bog, itufTed with pnddipg, com- 
poied of flour, cuiranla, and 
■pice. South. 

HoewBBD, 1. Knot^TMi. Noif. 

HoQ-wooi., «. The fint fleece in 
lambs. Rul. 

Hoar, adj. Fearful. 

Hob. adj. (d.-S.) High. 

HoiDBN, a. (1) Some animal re- 
markable for Tivadty of mottou, 
supposed to be a leveret. 


(2) t. An awkwtrd or ill-bred 
yoaih of either tei. 

(3) v. To romp iDdeceallj. 
HoiOB, I. A Idnd of imill abip; 

HoiL, e. To expel. Yorttk. 
Hoih^ adj. Whole; Mund. See 

HoiLi, «. The betrda of barle;. 

HotHB,«.(l) TohamiitooppretB. 

(2) To whine. Line. 

U. To hi 

Hoist, ». (1) Voice. 
(2) A cough. Eatl. 

HoiaTM, «. To lupporl. Enix. 

HoiBTiNO-Tai-aLovi. A DevoD. 
(hire cutloin, fonneil]' practiBcd 
•tLuamu fair, of cairjing i, hsnd 
with the flfat two fingera erect, 
■nd lurroimded fay flowera. 

HoTT, (1) V. To indulge in riotoaa 
■ad noiiy mirtlij whence, per- 
hapa, hoily-toity. 

He Hon aid luUi uid nntli imDn^ hii 
dmnVBb eomiAiiiDEii. 


(2) «. An awkwird, ill-taught 
child. North. 

(3) 1. A large atick. Lane. 


(1)(. A hood. 
:. k nook, or comer. 
: To romp ; to gambol. Som. 
To gore with the hami. 

HoEiT,f. (l)(.4,-5.) Scorn. 
.. (2) {A-N!) a plarthing. 
HoEY-po KT, a. HocDS -pocua. North. 
UoL, a$. Whole; pui«. 


A ribald, or harlot. 

Hold, (1) b. To halt 

(2) a. {^.-5.) A fortreaa. 

(3) t. A diapote, or argiUDent. 

(4) r. To take care; to beware. 

(5) t. Truat; fidelity. 

(6) V. To bet a w^;er. 

(7) V. To act a price on ; to agree 

(8) t. {A.-S.) Friendahip ; fidelity. 

(9) adj. FaithfoL 

(10) port. p. Held. 

(11) A atag waa aaid to lakt hU 
hold, when he weat into cover. 

tacJt, to keep cloie to the point. 
To hold hoiaehold, to live thriftilv. 
n be in hold, to be grappling 
with one another. To cry hold, 
the signal for aeparating com- 
batanta at tournaments. 
UoLDKBa, t. (1) The fangs of a 
dog. fFetl. 

(2) Sheaiei placed aa ridges on 
corn stacks to hold the coni 
down before thatching. Deri. 

HoLD-FDB,*. Pntrid blood. North. 
HoLDiHO, t. (1) The burden of a 

aong. Shakeip. 

(i) k fann. Comm. 

(3) A da; of holdmg, i. e., a day 
of Crial between two partjea. 

H0LDTN1.TCHB, ado. Finnljr. MS. 

Ibth cent. 
HoLi, (1) adj. {A.-S.) Whole; en- 

{i) part. p. Concealed. 

(5) e. To hide. Middlelon. 

(6) c. To make boles ; to ander- 

(7) V. To earth, as a fox, Ac 

(8) a. The name of one Dt the 



vorit tpartmentg in Ibe Counter 
priaon. Ii> hole, to aend to gaol. 

(9) f. A ganie played by ladies, 
conaisting in trundling little balla 
into eleven holea at the end of a 
bench, aniwering to the old 
French game of TVoii Madamt. 

(10) .. Middle. Crmm. 

(11) a^. Hungiy; comrortleaa. 
HoLsmz, J. Holea J ciiea. 
HotDB, \a^. {A..S.) Hollow; 

HOLES,/ empty. 
HoUEKi #. A foraiwtor, 
HoLiHADL, e. To beat. Somrr: 
HOLINTHE, I. A holly-tree, 
Holit£, f. Hollneaa. 
. HoLEBT, adj. HolloiT ; annk. 
HOLL, (1) adj. HoUow. 

(2) : A dry dilcb. Satt. 

(3) e. To thro*. 
HoLLAHD-cHiEEi, t. Dutcfa cheeai 

atye Match, 1639. 
HoLLAKDS, I, Dead branchea of 

neea. Sitits. 
Holland T-D AY, f. Holy-rood day. 

HOLLB, o^'. Sonnd ; well. SttHol*. 

Heller, better in health. 
HoLLEE, $. A holyhock. 
Hou.EN, I. The common holly. 

HoLUHS, I. A name given to the 

ere of the Epiphany at Brongh, 

in Weatmortltnd, where there ia 

an annual proceaaion of an aah 

tree, lighted at the top* of ita 

HoLLOCE, t. A sort of aweet wine, 

naed in the 16th centnry. 
Hollo w-uB AT, \ i. Any meat not 
BOLLOV-WAKB, / aold by biit. 

chera, ai poultry, ornibbita. Eiut, 
HoLLT, adB. Wholly. 
Holm, f. (1) Flat land near water; 

aamallialand; a deposit of wit at 
the conduence of two watera- 

(2) The holly. 
HoLH-sCBiBCB, 1 >. The miaael- 

BOLU-TBECSH, J thruah. Wttt. 
Houi,parl.p.{A.-S.) Hid. 

i HOM 

Ho-LoHDis, I, High landa. 

HoLFB, /lorf. y. Helped. 

HoLSTKR, V. To bustle. Exmuar. 

HoLSDU, adj. Wholeaome. 

HoLBTiV, Tn tie by twiating. Bedi. 

Holt, (1) .. (A.-S.) A grove or 
(orett; especially, a wood growing 
on a hill or knoll. StiU in nae for 
a amall plantation. 
(2) (. A deep hole in a river 
where there ia > protection for 
fiah. Oiier-Aeld, lignifiea a place 
in a brook or river set with osiera, 
and tbua affording a Cover or 

(3)». Aholing, going intoahole, 

or putting a ball into a bole. 

(4) V. To halt, or atop. 

(b) pre: I. Holdeth. 
HoLTLBSg, adj. Cueleaa ; heedleaa. 

HoLig,!. Debateaordisputea. LtK. 
HOLU S-BOLD 8, dije. All at OD 


figure. North. 
RoLT-OBOaTEs-KOOT, I. The plant 

Angelica. Nomenelalor. 
HoLTHAB, : All-Sainta-day. folf. 
HoLiBor, I. Wild hemp. 
HoLTB, a. Hulli; buika. 
HoLT-WAEB, t. A bonfire. Glove. 

HOHABKK, I. {A..N.) A VUUl. 

HoKABD, adv. Homeward. 
HouBBE, a. A hammer. Weit. 
HoHBLi, I. A duck. Dortet. 
Horn, adt, Cloaely ; urgently. 



at bonie. Eatt. 
HoMBCouE, I. Arrival. North. 



l-BABTBBT, f. nsTVest-bo 

HoMiLLB, f. I.arge feet. Wane. 
HoMBLT, (I) adj. Familiar. 
(2) ode. Pertly; aauclly, 
HoHBBB, 0. To mumble. 
HouBEBD, part, p. Hammered; 



tbruBh. JVett. 
Hotf EiTALL, *. AhomcUeuL £(»(. 
HOHi-TO, pivp. Except. Somertl, 
Hon ING, «<$'. Ridienloui. Wetim. 
HoutiHcasB, (. (J,-S.} Domettic 

HoiiUAKiH, «I>, Awkwird. " A 

big liommetin fellow." SAr^itk. 
HowHiBiD, aijr. l)ecafed;iiiDUld]i. 

HoMPiL, t. A loit of jicket, North. 
HouFEK, e. To hUDper, or hinder. 
H0U8OM, 01$. Wbolnome. 
HouuKB, 1.(1) LtTgelegt. Bed: 

(2) An iwkwtrd oiei^rowD girl. 
HoHDi, «. (1) (^.-S.) A do;. 

(2) A h»nd. Hotuten, bnda. 
HoHDBB, 5. A hundred. 
Uovit.BiLVBivB.:{A^.) Steding. 
aona. 0) t. {A.-N.) Sbtuoe. 

(2) t. A h*nd. 

(3) : A btckhone. 

(4)t. Slockingi; hoM. North. 

(5) E>. To delay. 

(6) B. To long far. North. 

(7) ■>. To iwell ; to iacreue. 
(S) t. An oi)-Gike. 

(9) t. A thin piece of itde 
bread. DettM, 

(10) B. To treat ill; taopiHMB. 

HoNKBT, (1) adj. (J..N.) NoMoi 


(2) adj. Chaste. 

(3) s. To do honour to. 
HoNBBTATC, V. {Cat.) To honour. 

HorualatiOB, adorn ment, grace. 
HoNBSTfe, (X-.V.) Good breeding; 

honour ; Tirtue. 
HONBSTHiB, t. Ornament. 
HoNESTT, t. The herb bolbonach. 
HoNBT, e. To sweeten i to coaxg 


boj's game. 

A imaU sweet 


HoNBTttALu, f. Ckne^flowen, 
which contain a aweet juice. 

HoNBTsnoE, t. The noodbine. 

UOHiraucELB, a. (1) The red 
clover. tVeit. 

(2) The yellow-rattle. 
HoNGE, e. To hang, 
HoHicoMB, (. A flaw or defect in 

a piece of ordnance. 

HoNiaHBD, adj. Starred with 
hunger and cold ; lean and mise- 
rable. LOLC. 

HoNOKANCB, «. (J.-N.) Honour. 

HoNOUB, (. Obeiiance. 

HoNOUBUKNt, t. Aa ornament. 
Honoxtride, adorned. 

HONT, 1. (1) (A.-S.) Ahantaman. 
(Z) A hind. Lane. 

(3) A haunt. Xyng jilUatinder, 
HoNTBTi, (. (A.-N.) Distaonaor. 
HONTLB, (, A handful. North. 
Hoo, (1) e. To halt; to deaiit. 

Set Ho. 

(2) A cry in hunting. 
Hood, t. The raised eniat of a 

HooD.BHD, I. The hob of a grate. 

HooDEBB,1 t. The two sheaiea at 
HOODS, J the top of a ahocic to 

throw off the rain. North. 
HoomtH, t. A leather bottle 

formerly ased by physiciani. 
Hood LE-cuii -BLIND, i. Blind. 

man's buiT. Nortkampt. 
HooDU AM -BLIND, t. Blind-mBD'a 


HooDMOLD. t. The moultUngpro- 
jecting over a door or window. 

HooFE. V. {AS.) To hover, or 
stand off. 

HooiND, 01$. Much fatigued. 

Hook, t. A curved instmraeDt for 
cutting some sorts of corn, dif- 
fering ^m a sicide in IjeinK 
broarl with a sharp edge, instead 



HooK-kAcnp, tuff, Craokedj 

bum p. lucked. 

HooUR, I. An old Mnt term fol 
■ ibopliflei. 

HooE-BBAUB f. Fannien, Nerlh, 

HooLB, luh. Wfaollr. 

HooLT, adv. Tenderlj ; gentl;. 

HooM, I. An oven. TorltA. 

Hoop, (1) t. A quart pot, >a cilled 
^m the hoops with which it 
wu bound, like » bineL There 
were genenllf tbreeou the qoart. 
pot, 10 tbit when three men 
were driDking, each wooid take 
his Aoop, or third part. 
Tbn En^JidimBn't heilthi, hit JOops, ou, 

ntctt't a^i Bona, f. SB. 

in i^nUliki 

Noiki Para FiuUtu. 

S/ioltir., 1 En. 71, IT, S, 

(2) t. Amealureof coni,eontuti. 
ing lecording to lome bur pecki, 
according to othen one. 

(3) *. A bnllfiach. Somtrt. 

i4) r. To brag. Line. 
5) Hoop-and-Hidt, in old gime. 
HooFEiv). A wild iwin. Kermtlt. 
HoopEBs-HiDi, >. Blind-mta't- 

HooBoo, >. A hobbub. fFanci 

".""■}"«<''-''■> H"~- 
HoosiT,*. A bone'i head dreiKd 

op and carried about with rough 

miuic for incontinenc7. Btrlu. 
HooaiNS, t. The bnik of a nut. 

Hoo8IVKa,eoni. Howeret. YarJttk. 
HoaT,(H{>- Hot; eager. 
HooTCB, v. To crouch. Htrtf. 
HooTCHEK, t. A hooked itick uBcd 

in gathering fruit. Btrit. 
Kooviiia, part. Hoeing. Wore. 

J HO? 

HooEB, *. A half coDgh peculiar 

to cattle. Nvrlk. 
Hop, (I) I, A dance. 

(2) e. To jog, or jolt, 

13 ) I. Wood for hop polei. Knt. 

(4) To lutpiluhBig, to He. 
Hop-ABoon, (. Apple.dampliBn, 

If at. 
Hop-ACKB, *. A ipace of ground 

oecupied b; a tho«iiand hop 

plants, about half an acre. Htr^f. 
Hop-cuBASB, «. The gwneof hop* 

Hop-noa, *. Ad implement for 
drawing hop-polei oat of tbe 
ground. Xeml. 

Hops. (1) e. To expect ; to trust 

(2) r. To think. 

(3) >. A valley. 

(4) I. A hill. North. 
{6)liaH.p. Helped. Far. dial 

Hop.HABLOT, See Hep-lutrlot. 
Hop-BOBBaa, i. Ladden for 

boning hopa. See Hortt. 
HoFHoiTLAD, *. A moth which ap- 

port in May. Wore. 
HopiiM, t. A treat to labouren 

after hop-picking. Kemt. 
HoP4-nooE, f. A lame peraon. 

HopoLANn, I. A cloak, or looee 
garment, made of cuane clolb. 

Hop-o-MT-THUUB,*. A dimiouiive 
peraon. Sometimea called hop. 

HoppB, (1) V. [A.-S.) To dance. 
Attondi in coDthf 

Poffli «■ Tima qfSi. II 

(2) ». Linieed. Pr. P. 
HoFPBN, (. A maggot, Sonert. 
HoPFBB,*. Aaeed.buket. Hopper. 

coke, a seed-cake with plums in 

it. Hr^per-hipped, having ia^e 


-.Coogk' —- 


HorpKR-Taocea, «. Tbe box in 
mill into which th« gnia n put. 

HnpFESTBKB, t.<J.-S.) A dtaett. 

HorPCT, (1) ». To hop. Somen. 

(2) (. A hand-buket. 

(3) I. The dith nted by minen 
to meuure their ore. 

(4)1. An infut in tnni. Yartih. 

HoppiSQ, ». (1) A dsncingi 
country wske, at which lUndng 
ii ■ principai amuiement. 
(2) The gMne of prison-ban, 
played by hopping instead of 
running. Btrkt. 

HopFiHO-DEiutii 1*. A lime per- 


^tyfTi«a-ti\D,ad}. Violently angry. 

HopFiT, I. A small tqnaie field, 

generally near a home. E—ei. 
HoPFi,!, tF.(l) To tie the feet of an prevent it straying; to 

manacle a prisoner. Hopplet, 

ttrapa for the leg) of horses. 

(2) To totter. Eal. 
HopPT, B. To hop, or caper. Weil. 
HoF-8COTCa, : A common child's 

game. Called hopieim in Tork- 

HopsHACCLBS, 1. A term used by 
A9Cbam,and conjectured byNares 
to be • sort of abacklei put on 
the loser i^ a race by the judges. 

Hop'io.t. AgtMpingfellow. Si^. 

Ho«nFro«,».(-4...V.) Thegambe- 

HoB,».(-<.-5.) Corruption. Jge^b. 

HoKCOF, I. iJ.-S.) A bulard. 
HoncoFFia, f. Cobbles of lime 

which, not hrang well bnrnt, will 

not slake. 
HoBD, t, (J.-S.) Treaanre. Horde- 

kotm, treasury. 
HoBD&si, t. Whoredonl. 
Horde, «. (A..S.) (1) A point or 


(2) A cow with calf. Devon. 
Uoa,{l)a4/.iJ.-S.) Hoaryigrey. 

mlw^iu uii 

AudnsnoUur «ilde. __ 

HonaeaiD, f. Hoaneness. 
HoBEwouT.a. Cudweed. 
HoKS, (1) .. {A..S.) A comer. 
Still used in Kent. 

(2) p. To gore. Norf. 

(3) In a horn wAm fie devil il 
blind, ipoken of a thing never 
likely to happen. Devon. 

HoBNAQs, ». A quantity of corn 

formerly given yearly to tbe lord 

of the manor for every oi worked 

in the ptongh on lands within his 

HoKN-BDBN, V. To bum tbe horni 

of cattle with tbe owners' initiall. 

HoaMcooT, t. An owl. 
Horned, ^r(. ;i. Mitred. 
HoBKEN,ai9. Made of horn. Var.d. 
HoBNBB,.. (l)Acuckold. fleiier. 

(2) A maker of horns. 
Hounbt, t. Tbe large dr^on fly. 

HoRNiR-scoBNin, >. Thc game of 

priioa-han. Notf. 
HosNRT, ». (1) A faliehood; a 

cheat. North. 

{Z) A name of tbe deviL 

HOBN-FRETTBR, *. A gTllb Wblch 

. iriit. Taimla t^m «i 

HokNici.*, I. A hornet. Sunea. 
HoRNiBCiE,t. A fish, called alN 

the green-back. Fallot*. 


I a4f. fiavii^ a 



HoKM.Tii, «. The lapwing. Eatt. 

HooN-BHooT. e. To iucliiMs or di- 
verge, Mid of any itooe or timber 
which ihould be parallel with 
the line of the mil. JVorM. 

Hoati.TBUMB, (. An implement 
formerly nied by cnt-pmtei ; a 

HoKHY-Bic, (. A boyi' game. 

HoBNT-wiHi, ». The lapwing. 

HomoLOGE, >. {Lot.) A elock. 
HaBONB, *. Horehound. Pr. P. 
HokoWB,'! a4r. Fonl. Still nied in 

UORmlsBB, >. A neat of bad eha- 

racten. Donel. 
HoKUBB,!, (£a/. jtorreo.) Granges 

or farm a belonging to monaiteriei. 
HoBBOccB, *. A ttoat woman. 

HoBBT, I. The boar.froit. Si^oU, 
HoBSAH, *. Money. YoriiA. 
HoKBBAD, t. A term of reproach. 
Uoit8.aBKB,f.(^-£l Abone4itt«T. 
HoBS-CHABOE, (. A horsc-loid. 
HOKSB, (1) t. An obttrDCtion of a 

Tein in a mine. Norlh. 

(2) I. A plank or other thing 
upon which anythingismpported 
by laying it acrou. 

(3) e. To tie the upper branebei 
<^ the hop-plant to the pole. 

(4) I. A reed or )traw f ntrodneed 
into a caik of ale or other liqoor 
by which part of tbe contenta ia 

HoBBi-Bizi, r. Wonder. Xbrth. 
HoBiB-BucB, f. The hornbeam. 

Bovai-BLOB, (. The large batter' 

cap, or king-cnp. Ltic, The 

manb-marigald. ffartAmigit. 
HoBSB-BBAHBi.*,!, Thewildroti. 

HoBBB-CHiBB, t. Germandcf. 

HoKii-con, t. A horae collar. 

HoBBB-coBir, *. (1) Beaua, pea*, 

oaU, &C. 

(2) Tbe amall com aeparated by 

sifting. Dnaa. 
HoBSB-couiuBB, I. A horac-dealer. 

Sotb witli th( binn thm eqyiTscitsi 
Clspi OB hu hud, ud jnsji ba may not 

II (hat hit nldlDr be aot under flra. 

inix'iffierWKXu, lU*. 
HoRBB-conFiK, t. A hone-dealer. 

HoBBB-DfiflT, t. The great while 

ox-eye. NertAan^l. 
HoKBi-coDuoTBiR, >. A coano 

maaculine womaQ. 
HoBBB-ooa*, I, A lort of wild 

H0B.BB-00LD, *. The crowfoot. 

HoBBBHiAD, adj. Marii t^petmt, 

laid of a mare. Sonitn, 
HoRBB-HBLif B, I. The name of a 

HoBSB-BOB, >. A break of land. 

Hoaai-KKATB, f. (ff.-&} A groom. 
HaBSB-EHOF, t. Knapweed. 

".".'.'.■■".■'}■■ T'" "■«»—■ 

HoaBE-i.BacH, >. A horae-doclor. 

HoBSB-LOATia, I. Aaoit of bread, 
formerly given to horaea. 

HoBBB.MA-eoo, (1) aife. All agog. 
(2) I, A large coarae peraon. 

HOBBB-HKST, t. A tircsamc repe- 
tition of an old tale. Gloue, 

HoBBB-KtsnTCAP, (. A bundle of 

HoBai-FBNNiBa, 1. The yellow- 
HoBBB-pLAT, f. Bough apoTt. 
HoBiE-iBOBB, f. The game of 

HoRaB.BHATCB, f. The clotbird or 

-.Coogk' — 

HOB 51 

BomsB-nTNGia, i. A gad-B;. Wmt. 

The dngon-dj. Northamft. 
HoBEi-BTDFFLBi, f. Holo nlde 

b; the honei' ftet in wet Land. 

HoBaB-iHiiTLi, >. The wild lat- 

HoBSB-iBsniH, 1. 'nie miiul- 

tbnitli. Northampt. 
Hoaai-TBYUB, i. Wild thjme. 

HoRSB-TXBi, t. The beam oa which 

the timber ii placed in a lawpiL 

HoRsi-wABi, >. Hone-waib. Btii. 
HoaarAKE, i. Soma ion of initni- 

ment uied in war. " Hontakeii 

liden with wylde fjtx." State 

Pigtert, iii, S43. 
HoKva, (1) V. To be aniiooa. 


(2) Come ne«rerl Deri. 
HoHi, (1) (. An iTtide of drett, con- 

iiating of tneechet and itockingt. 

(2) B. To embrace. 

(3) I. The iheif of con. Xorli. 

(4) I. The neck or throat. Ctmtt. 
Hdbblt, p. To receive the ucn- 

HoSEKB, pnm. Whosoerer. 
HoBHaAs, *. A hogihead. 

An other inira ot wBl«r^audui mold 
pnl a donbld fee tnr hii (wh) nrv, nod 
wc ihcnld ride likD EEDtlcnHi^ (ornUieT 

£«iA. Samlijw Jtfom^, 1M». 

Bo-SBow, e. The whole ibow; 
ever; thing eipoied to light. 

HoeiEB, (. A tof lOT who lold gar- 
menu read; made. 

HoBiACSiNG, I. Hnikineu or 
faonaneli. Leie. 

HoBSE, V. To buzz abant. Patur. 

HoBT, (l)t>. To lodge. 
{2)parl.p. Tried. Laiu. 
(3) To recimiBilhout one't kott, 
not to conaider the most uecei- 
Barj dccametancea. Ta it ot 
lUnt, at enmitj. 

Hona,(l)«. Toiwell; tofenoent. 
(2) f. A vendor of Mticles ant of 
■hop* or honiea. Huti»te J!*- 
eorA, 160*. 

HoaruB, v. {A..N.) To give lodg- 
ing; to rectile into an inn. 
Hoitflir, an innkeeper; alio, 
one who reiidea in an inn or 
hoiteL Hotielrie, an iaa, or 

HoBUB, f. A lort of }>lg without 
handle, Ocbm. 

HoeriLaiiiNTB, 1 i .(^.■JV.)Honw. 
Biian.itiaHTa,j'liold furnitaie; 
any aort of ntennla. 

HosTiNo, I. A hoatile incuKion. 

HoBTonn, f. (J.-N.) A goihawlc 

HoBTKiE, >. (^A.-t/.) An inn. 

HoBTTLDB, a<^. Hotpitabla. 

Hot, (I) pret. I. Ordered. 
(Z) ■. To m^e hot. Nott*. 
(3)«. A baiket for ranying dang. 

(4) >. A flngei-itall. Lmte. 
mpnm. Hii. Affbtt. 
(B)prtt. I. HiL 

(7) Hoti» the ^pur,yiirf eameat 
in a natter. Neitier hat rmr 
eM, under no drcnmatanoei. 

HoT-ACBB, r. Fain from inteoM 
cold in the fingers, &c. Leie, 

HoTAsoB, e. To move nimbly, 
spoken of the tongue. SiuKr. 

HoTCB, V. (J..N.) To shake; to 
separate beans from peaa, after 
tbmhing; tobereatlessitomoTe 
by sudden starts ; to iimp ; to 
drive cattle ; to boil cockle* to- 
gether. Norfh. 

HoTOHiL, V. To walk lamely; to 
shnflle or hobble. Midtand. 

HoTOBBHB, ■. To hop i 



HoT-cocKLB*,!, An oldCbristmu 
gune in irhich one pcnon liei 
down hoodiinnlitd, ud being 
■track, muit gnew nho inflicted 
the blow. 

HOTB, (l);>re(. f. Promiled. 

S2) >. A TOW, or promiie. 
3)». He.1. 
(4) e. ToaboatiOrmikeenoiie. 

UoT-BTiL, I. A feTer. Dnoa. 

HoT-Fovr, f. See Fote-hot. 

UoT-HOUSi, (. (1) Abagaio; from 
the hot baths there uied. Thej 
were of no better ftme ia early 
timet thu at preietit, whence 
the word wa< commonly uied to 
^nify ibrotheL 
VboB honu. Sir, wu, u thej •*;. 
lOuck'd doini in th* nbsitM, and now 
■hB profauH a htl-kjrute, ithicb ti, 1 
tUok, > TeniU haoH loa 

Sluhit., MaiM.fnrll., ii, 1. 

to K iai-ttmi, yonihill iinit tb«e ^ 
court] with cdUrtuig jodt QiiBtrCH, or 
k^nff nroF JDODCJ Bt priment, u well u 
in •irtku itoiei in a«deD. 

Hbitt, It win coit me laiuji nrnt ; 1 
wtm Mttn go to liilMn lot-tnuu . 

(2) In Mlt.worki, the room be- 
tween the furnace and the chim- 
ney towards which the imoke i> 
eonTcjed when the udt it set 
to dry. 

UOT-PXAB-AND-BACOir, >, A gtms 

like mie and twt. 
HoT-PLANBTB, I. Tfas blight in 

HoT-rOT, ». A mixture of hot ale 

and apiritB. , Gnut, 
HoT-BHO(r>ii, f. One third part of 

the amalleit coal, mixed well 

together with loam, made into 

litiii with wine, and dried for 

Hot-shot, «. An ineontiderate 

BoTSFDK, (I) a. A rash person. 

(3) a^. Wum, TChement. 
HiyTTKL, «. A heated Iron, thrth. 

1 HOU 

HoTTiB, V. To boil ; to be in a 
rage ; to tbi. North. 

Horn. I. A hat. 

HoTTLB, (. A Bnger-stall. Var.d. 

Ram, I. (1) Water-porridge. 

(2) The hipi. Cratm. 
(3} RDnndballsofleatheritnlTed 
and tied on the sharp endi of tho 
■pun of fighting-cocka, to pre- 
TGnt them from hurting one 

HoT-WATiaa, «. Spirit). 

HooDCnr, nJF. Cloudy. Wtit. 

HoDOH, ( I) n. To dissble by ent- 



(2) I. A fbol. Lane. 

(ZS >. A hollow, or dell. North. 

(4) «. A baiTo«,orden. E<ul. 

(5) V. To pant. South. 
HouoBiB, *. The public whippet 

of criminals. Neae. 
HonoBi.1, t. The shank of bee£ 

HouQHs, >. A dirty drab. North. 
HoDOBTt, f. Large clnmiy Eaat. 

HonL-BAMPBBB, I. Roilow and 

empty alomaclu. Cravtn. 
HocLT. See HbU. 
HouNGBi, f. Oroamenta on the 

collar irf a cart-horse. Xtt$l. 
HotJHCr-jooNCT, oijf. Awkward. 
HoDND-BBHK, >. Hoarhound. 
HocHD>BiBST, (. Nightshade. 
HonnDBD, part. p. Hunted j 

scolded. Dnim. 
HoDNn-FisB, *. The dog-fish. 
HoDNBTooT,*. A term of contempt. 
HouHDTB-BiBTi, I. The plant 

HouNB, t. A hound. 

Ho-DP, (. The huntov' hallo*. 

HoopBK, V. {A.-S.) To hoop, or 

Hoc^, (. A boTM. Cravm. 
HotTBBCHB, t>. To rush. 

BotjitM ths hithtlintiini hy 
HtytlienB and other, 

HuniH to vyAa. MarU JrlMm, 


HOU 51 

HoDSALL, 0^. Domeatic Celg. 
Houss, (1) (. Tbe kitchen or 

Ordinarj litting'room in a fonu- 

bouBe ; tbe hill. 

(Z)p. TQhide. YorJtih. 

(3) tr. To pat corn in the bun. 


(4)(. A bin; in which block tin 

iapulaftcr amelting. Dtr^h. 

(5) I. A paniiion in a cbui- 

(6) c. To atir up. Tin Beiim. 
(7]v. TogiowtbickgMCDrn.fuf. 
(B)i. A child'a coTcrlet. DeMn. 
(9) To it ai the hmm top ; to be 
in ■ great rage. Norlk. To ht 
oal ^ hinut aad kartour, to be 
Tuin^. 7b pul the Aouie mtt of 
tsndsuw, to came great diaoi ' 
li ihfla. d» yoD uke P 1 hive fflLI 
vimnt TOD ; lot I him midt hcj 
hn tnlnE tme lupptr, bnl if I i] 
bee coulTftined of neceiiitie to 

Houii-DOTi, 1. A peraon alwajt 

at home. Welt. 
HonsBLi, (1) V. (J.-S.) To ad- 

miniater tbe lacrametit. Hoia- 

lyngptoplt, comniuDicantt. 

(2) : The Eucharist. 
HousELiNoe, «. Tame animali. 

HonsiN, (1) a. Houiei. Var.d. 

(2)n. Toitif athome. 
HoDSR-op-ovFici, a. Ajakei. 

HODBB-PLACB, «. A tall. 

HonawTBDB, a. A hall in a houte. 

Houss-iFASiiiHa, t. A feut or 
psrt]r given toA'iendi when a new 
bouie ii taken, or the fint party 
given bj a newly married couple. 

HonsiirirE, i. Lighl-houKtBtfe, 
waa in the 17lh cent, a conmoa 
name for aproititute. "Merelrix, 
a Ufht-h/HuaBife." Tertncs m 
Sng^lt, 1641. 

HoDsiNO, a. (1) The coverings of a 

(2) Tlie leather fastened i 


borae') collar to tnrn over the 

back when it nini. 

(3) A petticoat. Une. 

(4) A niche for a ttatue. 
HoDSLiHO, f. The act of taking 

the Eucharist. 
Their toului^, ihriRi. and ncnneal* 
nnt nveientb wc take. 

VorWf dOin-t Kylmil, XW. 

HoiisuKO-BBLL,(. The bell wfaich 

announced the Eacbarist. 
Honaa, a. (1) (iV.) A short coarse 


(2) Large coarse feet. Eait. 
HouT, B. 0) To hoot- 

(2) To hold. 

HouTiNB, t. An owl. Somenet. 
Rovi&.interj. Pshaw I XiT I iVorM. 
HoDiB.v. ToladewRter'. Yorkth. 
Hove, (1) «. To lift or heave. 
[2)e.iA..S.) To halt, or hover. 

(3) s. To take aheiter. 
Uajit«T Yafaaanr had hat ndok put 
" — le bnt thil it benn to njnci 

a mde, Turpin wu be- 


uid had hit wi 

'e tjJle Toipin oiet 
Tola and Qnicit Jnncmt. 

(4) 17. To float on the water. 

(5) V. To move. Soaertet. 
ie) V. To behove. 

(7) «. The ground ivjr, or olehoof. 
(B)a. Dregs of oil. Pr. P. 
{9)1. A child's caul. Pabg. 
(10) adj. Swollen. Glow. 
Hov^E-DANca, t. The cuurl-dancei 
generallj contrasted with the 

Hovel, i. A canopj over a statue, 
HoTELLERS, t. People who go out 
in boats to land pauengeri from 
ahips. Kmt. 
HovBL-FBicES, t. Sticks nsed in 
tha tch ing to confine therodwhieli 
holdi the atraw at the eaves and 
ridge of the roof. Nortbm^t. 


(opatima vitbon^nh Ihtl bg iflw* 
HoriK,(l)e. To pick bopa ligbtlj 
in order to defraad the meuare. 
m a^. Open. Senl and Suu. 

(3) adf. Light, u ground. South. 

(4) f. A hols in s bank where 
fish reaort. 

(&} I. A circulir frame of stnw 
on which the bee-skep i« pUced. 
How, (1) I. (ji..S.) Cue. 

Wol Deigba wode tor djvd isd i«H, 

IFp thou iclutttt t WIDllDWt. 

(2)>. Ahfll. 

(3) adj. Whdle. Lone. 

(4) a4j. Deep, or low ; hollow, 

(Si)pnn. Who. Kent and Sutter. 
(6) A huntiDg-crj. See Heo. 

i7) An eicUtnation, Stop ! 
8) D. To eanglomerttt. Stffoit. 

(9) con/. In luch manner u. 

(10) She it Aoiff conw ge to. It., 
with child. 

HowAT. Come along. Norllmmi. 
HowBALL, I. A limplelon. 
UowBnmDi. f. A balbert. 
HowD. ». A atiain. A-or**. 
HowDiB,v. To walk heavU j. Cumi. 
HowDON-pAN-cAKT, I. AbaditU. 

Uotiidm-paii..eimter, an angrace- 

fiil mode of riding. Norih. 
HowDT-iiAW, «. The conctniion 

of the dar'i labour. Naee. 
Hotrnr -■wiwK,!. Xatidmile. Korih. 
How^D-roa, jmrl. p. Piovided 

for. wati. 
HowKt.j.BO,prfp.p. Spluhed.Zinc. 
HowiM, V. To hoot. 
UowBS, (1) >. Hawi. 

(_2)pra.f. {J^S.) HoTei. 
HowoATiE, B^r. (J.-S.) In what 

HowoT, a4i. Huge. Wett. 

Bn bill u Tery hmlrii and budt 

downsHiU. Ue UuiU or ImalluBi 


Biritrfi Anil, 1U8. 
HoWKT, Mg. Uiakji ehaSy. 

HowLBT, ». Tbfl bam or white 

owl. Narlh. 
HowLCKg. f. Boys who go roand 

on New lear'a Eto to wuaail 

the orcharda. Smu. 
HowLCT, I. The baru or while 

owL tforlh. 
Howi^KiTB,!. The(tomach.JVor(jl. 
HowNTB, V. To hnnt 
How-pond, t. A lllh-poad. 
How-«siDB, >. Hnika of oiti, 

HowarwoLD, f. A honiebold. 
HowBBE. More on 1 Dortel. 
HowBiHO, I. {A.-S.) Building; 

FroHjntUuT at BowatDLmdonSIOH. 
At that Ijiiic wu lunqriu Bins. 


HowsoHim, ii<ft>. HowaocTer. 
HowTB, I. (_A,-S.) A cap, or hood. 
Hox, e. (1) To cut the bamatilDg*. 
See Hoagh. 

(2) To Krape the heela and knock 
the anclei in walking. Qleiic, 

(3) To hoai, 

Befon vMd tune hu ibalL bH ntn to 
hare of bim, and with Ihu the litlka 
dflil vuuihttb, rurjlDg tJiat Bwaj 
with him vhich ia t£e end vUl Hmd 

the ihop'keqjen vbicb bfi borrowed, 
tbn otbcr beinK gild lo Uke fortj ibil- 
liB^i tot the whole debt, and jet ia 
•onndlr Aori far bii labour, 

Deittr, Efluk fUlaiwi, 1S3I. 

(4) To fret ; to perplex. r/orlA. 

HoxT, a4/, Undd; ; dirt;. South. 
Uor, (1) V. To he«Te, or throw. 


(2) t. A cart drawn bf one 

hcnte. Camt, 

-, Google — 


Horn. Horeied : abode. Wehr. 

HoiLBB, *. A mode of ihoatiiig 
■rrowi for trial, i^nrjrtam. 

HoTtiD, •. To make ■ hard bar- 
gain. CJt«tJt. 

HoTBK.caF, I. A drunkard. 

HotBD,a((r. Pinelroff. fiwoor. 

Hu, I. {J.-S.) Compleiion. 

HvB,(l)>. Aim^lltackofhajr; 
a Ifaick Bqaare lod, pared off tbc 
Hiiface of a peat-bog, when dig- 
ging for peat ; an obilraction of 
anything. North. 

(2) Thebiltofa weapon. Sa^Vi. 

(3) Tbe mark to be tbrawn at in 
certain gamea. Enl. 

(4) The nave of a wheel Owfd. 
HiJBBBD, o^r. Lumpy; knobby. 

Hdbbin,(, Aamall uvilformaUng 

nail*. Wat. 
Hdbblb-bdbrlb, *. Chattering. 
UCBBI.B8H0W, f. Confiuion; tn- 

mutt. North. 
HcBBOH, «. Tbe bip. LoHc, 
HnBSTACK, t. A fat awkward 

HvccHB, t. A hatch. 

UvCE, (I)f. Apodorbnik.Si>tt^A. 

(2) a. The part betwMn the thin 
and the round in beef. Dtvori. 

(3) 1. A hard blow or knock. 

(i)pret.l. Threw. Wetl. 
HcoKABAOK,{l)t. AMTtoflinen 


(2) adv. A ehiUltth phrau for 

being carried attrideoutheneck. 
HiTCKB, B. To h^ile in buying ; 


loag liHe I shnnull It, nw i* vy con- 
■UDE Dov to Alien. 

ITviHr'i Mint KvlH^UVa. 

HtrcKLB, t. The hip. l^klt-hant, 

tbebip-bone, IUghinth»ktiekU, 

in good condition. 

HuoKLB-DUCELB, f, A )oo«e Wo- 
man. Plaj/t qf Snifw Hoda. 

HtrcK-Mucx, I. (1) A atniner 
placed befbre Use hucet in brew. 
ing. watt. 
(2) A dwuf. IFttl. 

Hdckbbibni, 1. Tbe hock*. E*- 

Buoi-BHonLBBKBD, t^. Hump- 

HDCBST-BnB.t. The female breail. 

HvD, (1) I. A bulk, nr huD ; eipe- 
ciiUy the hulk or corering of 

nuti and otber frtat. " Hodd 
the walnuti," ia a term uied at 
Stratford-on-Avon, for remoiing 
the hniki, 
(2) D. To bide. 
h): A hood. 
(i) I. A term of coBtempt, 
What ye bnioMldM toolct, yK boUy- 
pnktf: TM Ooddi-poala, ye kiMa, 
ibi }H balun kinr art jm KAii«d 
allot UHmtr'i Strwmt. 

(6) B. To collect into hei^ 

HuDDBL, t. A heap. 5m<crt. 
HuDDBErN, 1. A well-gmirn lad. 

Huthtriim-lad, a ra^ed, uncol- 

tiTited boy. Eatl. 
BcDDicB, I. (1) The cabin of a 

coal-barge. North. 

(2) A finger-ltall. Wft. 
Hdddlb, (1) «. To embrace. 

(2) «. To icrtmble. SoDieritl. 

(3) t. A lilt. Inc. 
HODDLiB, t. A bungler. 
BuDDLiNa, t. One of the eiereiMB 

before taking d^rees at Ctm- 

Rvot, prtt. I. Went. Forjrodt. 
HuD-BKo, t. The hob. YorHh. 
HcDoi-iioooB, oift. Hugger-mug- 
ger. North.^. Thick; dumiy. WUtt. 
HoDEiN, I. A anger-Btall. Batl. 
HoB,^r«(. He; ahe; they. 


HciL, «. (1) An old term for ■ 

(2) A whale. 

Hoia, I. Hair. Cravm. 

Hons, I. Pemni placed on the 
Cornisti ctith to iniliMle (o the 
boatg, itationed off the laad, the 
courte of the ihoab of pUchudi 
and berringi. 

HurE, V. To hove. 

Hnrr, (1) i. A bully i k hector. 

A tool, bclilce. Yei. nr, much tiie umc ; 

A enck-iinis'a t>if tlitt k1 the •arid na 
Ittue. 0UAfl»'jJ^gait,lB83. 

(2) e. To swa^er. 

(3) f. Fermenlaticn I conftuiOD. 
Tlieirbniiu ueitsnmi'd, and la a cmiUnt 

And vhat wuriu oat It Troth and hoBUBiDv- 
BloCe. Cmjll, Sir SiAmim, 1871. 

(1) t. Light pul« for incloaing 
ftaitoimut while itewing. Gleue, 
(i) t. A gcurf; iueriutitioa on 
the akin. Eatt. 

(6) V. To offend ; to tcold. 

(7) I. OtTcDce, 01 diaplcaaure. 

(8) >. Strong heer. Far. d. 

(9) D. To remove a man from the 
bokrd, in chess or draught!. 

H0PF-«AF, I. (1) Strong ale. 

!2) A awRggeiing fellow. Eatt. 
3) Cauch-gratB. Htrrf. 
<4) A (ort of pen. H'nf . 
Hdpfli. (I] e. To blow niii|bl]r. 

(2) r. To rumple. Suff. 

(3J n. To waier, or ihift. DtB. 

!4) I. A meiTj-nieeting. Seat. 
&) t. A fioger-itill. Qnue, 
Korr-aantr, i, A bully. 
BiiFUH,t. A sort of muffin. Xmt. 
Huptt', t. A awaggerer. Yoriih. 
Hurrr-coFB, t. Blowi. Florio, 
Hoe, (1) v. To huddle-, to crouch 
np. PaUgr, Sometimu written 

(2) t. The itch. Somerttt. 

(3) p. Tocarrj. Korlh. 
Hoo-BOHB,*. The hip-bone. Norih. 
HnsBODSLY, ad». Ungelj'. 

Indeed I TU wctrj nt tk* fblf, bnt I 

EwdlvHt prupFr'iL nwn. liUri. 

Wlticrley, Ommlrr W\fc, 1S§8. 

Hdoquh, f. The hip. Craern. 
HnooBH-uuFriH, i. The Iodr- 

tailed tit. 
HuooBR, (1) I, An effeminate 

(2) V. To lie in nmbnih. Hatt. 
IIvoQEm-Mcooan, adv. (1) In ae- 

PritkH,Hcd,c>ut*ith-«i nme.IuB 
Ihj frioadf and, 'ilind, it I IhonKbt 
aavthiar wai dutie In imearr-mycsft- 

(2) ComfDrtteM; without order. 

HuQ-uE-cuiaK, (. Afowl'i meir;- 

tbought. Var, d, 
IlnouKNOTE, ». (Fr.J A pipkin. 
HcBT, adj. Huge. 

Iiidn. °^«If'>'AnK(iru^ 

HuHOLi. *. An owl. Florio. 
Hnia, .. iJ..!f.) A door, or threah- 

Huiaaan, *. (^.-AT.) An qther; 

one who nttendt at the door to 

iniroduce people. 
HuiTAiNE, t. (A-.) A atun of 

eight leraes. 
IIoKB, I. (1) A tort of looae upper 

garment, sometimes furnished 

vrith A hood, ud originally worn 

by men and soldier), but after- 

wtrdt chiefly by women ; a veil ; 

I woman"! op. 

{2) A hook. 

(3) The huekle-hone. North. 
Hdie-nbbbydb, a^. Haiiog ■ 

crooked bia 
HUKKEBYB, I. iA..S.) Huckilry. 
Hot, $. A hilL 
HuLCH, (1) 0^. Crooked. 

(2) t. A alice. Devim. 
HuLCHiN, $. A broad thick piece 

of bread or meat. Norf. 
UCLDE, e. (A.-S.) To flay. 
HDI.DBB, V. (1) To hide. IFnl. 



(2) To blow Tiolently. Devon. 
Hdl«, «. A. huak. Northumb. 
HuLED, pnr/. ;>. Covered. 
Hoj-FaaK, J. {A.-S.) The holly. 
Hdlie, nifE. Slowly. 
HoLK,(l)». A ship, or he»yr TBMel. 



(3) », A heaty lubberly fellow. 
f4)B. TobeierjlMj. Somrriel. 
(B) I. A cottas*. or hoiel ; ■ 
ihelter in the field. Norlb. 

(6) B. To lodge, or Wke shelter. 

(7) : An old excavated working, 
■ mining term. Dfrb. 

(8) V. To take out the entraill of 
an animal. Eail. 

(9)*. A heavy fall. Var.d. 
Hulking, adf. Unwieldy. 
Hvut-Y, adj. Aei^yiitap.d.Shn^$h. 
TuiagiD her with tliinuaiid tirgini f^iided 

ImagiD how the hu2H divell Blj<dEd 

Alns» pMie Diked damKll, iU prorided, 

Hiymaid, Traia Bnlaia, Um. 
How, (I) .. A hugk, or ihelL 
i2) V. To takt off the huak. 
(3} 0. To float. 
h\i. The holly. Var.d. 

(5) I. A pen for fattening cattle. 

(6) p. To throw. Var.d. 

(7)». A pigsty, or hovel. Yarith. 

(8) (. Room in a gnading-wheel. 

HuLLAan, (. An owl. Wett. 
Hulls, ». Tokisa; to fondle. 
Hollies, i. Large marbles. 
HDLLiNoa,t. (1) Huiksi chaff. 

(2) Coverlets. 

.. Tov< 

. Far.d 

ing wicker trap, for- 
merly uied in Torkihire for 
catching eeU. 

HoLiH. s. To walk unsteadily. Ltic. 

Hoi.ATa.iD, part. p. Hidden. 

HuLTE, e. To throw over. Weil. 

HvLVEB, ». The holly, flaftwf- 
headed, itMf id. Eatl. Seeltulftre. 
liTLwoBT, ». The plant poley. 

iBLr,ad/. Peevish ; fretful. Dm*. 
Hdh, (l)r. To deceive. A Aam, 

(2) ». Very strong ale. 

(3) B. To whip a top. A"*!!*. 

(i) V. To throw violently. North. 
HouANE. adj. Courteous. 
H CHANS, : Men. 

Tu Hie freeLj it to full onr ipjirtilM 

Hdkble, v. (I) To sloop. 

(2) To break off the beards of 
barlev with a flaU. North. 

(3) To hum. 

(4) To tat humble pie, to be sob- 

HuuBLE-BEE, I. Adrmtkard. Line. 

IIdmbioce, t. Hemlock: 

of ijght, by rcMoii of neltlM, *>■• 
Uocta, Had other cro»c wed« whidi 
growe titerein, and kepE froiu tie good 

mid Jiappn of tlie rHioe. 

J»t>fiinw Ufa fimflnun, IStS. 

HuHBira, I. (1) A person who 
hums, or deceives. 
(21 A sort 


HcHELoc, t. The herb hemlocic 

MS. 13(A etnl. 
HuuQUHPTioH,!. (1) Nonsense. 

(2) Self-importance. 
Hull It AN, «. A woman. Var.d. 
HtruHRLD, adj. Without horns. 

HuMMKB, (l)tr. To hom. Or bozz. 


(2) «. A ^dMhood. S^gblt. ■ 



(3) V. To ndg;lL Var. d. 

HcMHiNO, a4i. Strong; hMdy. 
"Such ktnuHing ilatC." York- 
illire Ale, 1697. See under fiii^. 

HuuHOCE, >. A moond c^ earth. 


HuMUCif B, (. An eutera nime foi 
■weiting; baths, introduced into 
England in the 17th cent. There 
were eatablishmenu of Ihii de- 
icriptioD id CoTent Garden, Lon- 
don, the >ite of which IB occupied 
by two hot«l8 which retain the 


and I, if w. 

iu. Jras. 

nuliniiiK jkunauMi wiih iim. 

llinBHf.^1. firMKirf Fori. 1891, 

HoMovRODs, ajr'' (1) Humid. 

(2) Capricious. Sheke^. 
HoHODia, t. Mannen; qnalitiea; 
. odditiet. 
Hpitp, (1) I. A lump. Will. 

Hjagyly, hunch-backed, fiiiniji/y. 

iboMplf, abort and broad. 

(2) ; A amall quantity. Noyf. 

(31 B. To gramble. Emt. 

(4) V. To insinuate. Cratem. 
HoHFH, «. Futuere. Matleaa't 

HDi(raTB.iDSEK, adv. Aitride. Ltaie. 
HnnsTBUH. (1) *. Ajetr'shgrp. 

(2) adj. Unskilful. NarlAampl. 

(3) I. Pudendum f. Wan,. 
HtFNCH, (I) t, A lump- 

(2) B. To shoie; to gore; to 

heave up. Far. d. 

{i)adj. Excited. Line. 
Hdnchit,«. Aamillhuncfa. Grote. 
HoNCH-mi esKD, aiK. Hump- hacked. 

Hdhcb-wbatqbb,(. Cold weather. 

BuNCKiTT, adj. Loneljr. Leie. 
HoKCBs-BSRiBH, >. The plant 
i lainuca. 

EcHp.riBS, «. The dog-lSah. 


apple. Sider,\eiO. 
HuNDT, e. To push. 
HoNSAKiAN, (. An old cant term 

fur a hungry person ; a thief. 
Hdnoaby-wateb, I. A distilled 

water, aaid to have been fint pre. 

pared for a queen of Hungary. 

A high nztitti tymtQt Hunffory-waitr. 

B tender topi of mujonup, 

H you an hoU l^vveB lour bnga and 
thumb, bmiH them a little, viA put 
them into the ipliit In i luge tlut. 
■toppliu; the noath of it cMe, snd Let 
it flUod tn the iim « a man place 
twcnt; or thirty dayi, uurdlng ii the 

audfuU ol 

PT, ITie. 

HoHQEit, B. To famiah. Craven. 

flunjerJoMif, bitten witli hunger. 

Hvnger-poiimed, ill from want of 

food. Huagtr-liit, staned. 
HuHGEBLiN, 1. A aurt of furred 

robe, derived from Hungary. 
HaNOBn-KOT, >. A miaer. Nerlh. 

HuNOBB-BTON*, I. A OUaTtZ pcb. 

ble. Line. 
Hdhskblb, I, Rafters. CAerh. 

Ujisoa-Y, arlj. (1) Poor,unpioduO- 
tive. said of soil. North. 
(2) Very mean. Devon. 

Hdneekkd, a^. Elbowed, or 
croolied. North. 

Hdneeb, t. A bannch. North. 

HtTNKH,!,. A miaer. Var.d. 

Huhnb, adv. Hence. 

Hunntb, b. (1) To fondle. 

SijtkmJ'i Jpelegs I" ■ 

"'siak-i ^^Fnmila)!, li 



Hmratrr, v. To qnurel ; to KohL 

Hunt, t. (^.-5,) A hD&taman. 

UuNTiNB-poLE, t. A polc for tam- 
ing uide bnnche* in puling 
tbroagh voodi. 


HCNTiNa-TBE-BLirrHBi ^ nimei 
HUMTiNo-THi-wHiRTiH, ] of dif- 
ferent boj'i piinei. 


formerly prevalent kt Eton. 

torn (till preident in Ireland, ibe 
late of Han, and aome other 
place*, on St. Stephen's Day. 

HuNT'a-DP, (. A tune on the bom 
played under the windowa <tf 
apmtimen, to awaken them. 

Hdkt.thi.toi, v. To drink dee^dy. 

HuPB, prtt. I. Hopped ; leapt. 

HuPFB, V. {A.-S.) To hop. 

HuBBUKB, a. The buidoek. Lnc. 

HuRCH, V. To cuddle. Somtrttt. 

HumcHSD, ad/. Ajar, bi a door. 

HniiDiM, ». {A.-S.) Whoredom. 
HuBDBK, *. See^Hardrn. 
Bdsdek, I. A heap of itonea. 

HcnnicK, I. U-JV) A hurdle; a 

Ktffold ; a rampait ; the term wu 

alio applied to the la^ie ihieldi 

termed paviieK. 
HoBDiBB, : The loint, or crapper. 

HuBDie, I. Sopei. 
HiTBoLB,*. Agate. WigM. 
HuBDBSVE, (. Centaury. 
HcBB, t. (1) A wfawe. 

(2^ Hur. 

(3) Hire. 
Hvtiv, Theirs. 
HuBE-soBB, t. Vhen the akin of 

the head ia aote from c 


(2)*. Abide,orci>rneriadoMt. 


iS) I. A bardie. KaU. 

(4) V. To be chilled. Crmtm. 
HuBL-BONi, 1. The kaee-bone. 
Hdblebat, t. a MTt of dart. 
HuBLBBLABT, 1. A hurhcane. 
HoBLcroOLi, 1. A whirlpo^ 
HcBLBi, t. Filament!. 
lluKLBwiifD, 1. A •rhirlwind. 
HmtLiHS, *■ (1) Strife. 

(2) The same of ball. Wmt. 

(3) A yauBR pen*. Weil. 

(4) Harrowing a tieid after the 
■econd ploogliing. Cltt*b. 

HubluK, I. Hvd chalk. SnJa. 
Hdblt, t. A tumult. Siaittp. 
HtiEN, (1) *. A hole, or comer. 


(!) 0. To mn. Stmtrtit. 
HvftFLB. See HarUe. 
Hdbr,i. A flat piece of wood, tied 

to a atring. and whiried round. 
Hir«BE,v. To learl. 
HcRxiBOB, I. A smart blow. North. 
HoBtticAHo. t. A water-speBt. 

HoEBiOH, t. A lint. FerifA. 
IIdbbisomb, adj. Hasty; paidon- 

HiritmoK, (. Qatntity; » heap. 

Hurbonk, e. To hum like baet. 

HuBRT, (1) V. To lead, or oany 

away. North. 

(2)v. Toshift; topaili; toqnar. 

rel. YoTbik. 

(3) «. A small load of Mra or 

hay. Eatt. 
HcBRTFuL, aid'. HMly. Wat. 
HuRBT-BEOBRT, >. CkinfusioB. 
HcEaLB,*. To shmg. Cttmi. 
Hdrst, I. {J.-S.) A wood. 
Hdkt.done, part. p. Bewitched. 

HoRTBLs, ». {A.-N.) To m«et t6- 

fether with liolence ; to daah. 
Hdbtbr, t. The iron ring in tb* 

aileofRSUt. North. 


HrnTLBBiaBT, I. The bilbeny. 

Hdb. (. (A.-S.) A faoDte. 
Hdsbahii, (1) I. (A.-S.) A farmer. 

(2) Aa ecODOmUI. Ihuiandrie, 

(3) A polUrdL Kent. 
HnsBEECH, t. The hornbeam. 



The n 


IIdsk, (. HoaneneM. 

KvsK\s,a.{A.-N.) A lort of boot. 

HvsB.ti. (1) To lootcneiiTlhj par- 
ticles from minerals b; runniag 
water. North, 

(2) To ihiu; the ibouldCTB. Ex- 

HusBBR. SeeffirinAer. 
Hussion, ». A cnshion. Yorkth. 
HcBHTA. Hold. Yerlah. 
HosK,*. (1) A eonpan; ofhsTtt. 
(2J t. A disease in cattle. 

(3) a^. Dry ; parched. Line. 
HiiSKiK, t. A dovo. Line. 
HcspiL, V. {A.-S. hou^iOer.) To 

disorder, or put to incanveaieDce ; 

Hdss, (l)e. To buzz. 
(2) I. The dog-fish. 
HusBBS, I, A dram of gin. South, 

Host, t. Silence i whist. 
HvBTiHOa, i.{A.-S.) Aconrlofja- 

dicature in the city of LondoD. 
HosTtE, e. (l)SEe Jurifc. 

(2) To vei J to auooj. Leie. 
HoBTLK-CAp, >. A boy's game, 

played liy toiaingup balf-peoce. 
BuiTTLBUKHT, t. Odds and ends. 

Hi!TCH, (1) t. A tioDgh, or bin. 

L *«.,-, 

(2) I. A coop for sn animal. 

i HTB 

(J) ». To shrug. CroBoi. 
HuTCB-CBOOB, t. A cnxdied atidl. 

HuTca-wOKB, I. Small ore M 

WMhed hy the sieie. Comw. 
HuTic, t. The whiochat.. SArop^A. 
HuiT,t. AGre-bob. Dtirt. 
Hdtteb, p. To ipeak confuMdlT. 

Huwia, t. pi. Hills. 
Udienb, I. Hocks ; ■oklea. Devon. 
HnvLDE, v. To hold. 
HuTBSEi.Ke,«. Flames,orspatks of 

Huz. e. To hum, or buzz. 
HuziiN,!. A hulk. Norlh. 
HuzzT, (. A hoiuewife. Devan. 
HwAM, adv. When. 
HwBi, .. {A.-S.) A whale. 
HniL-OAT. {^.-&) H(iw;inwlut 

HwoND, ». A hound. 

Ht, adj. High. Hj/efy, proudly. 

Hyan, (. A diaease amongst cattle. 

Htdul-tbb, I. The elder tree. 

Ort. Foe. 
Hykl, 0^. The wholes all. Nmrlk. 
Htin, I. A hyena. Shate^. 
Htohinolt, adt. Hastily. 
Hyl, ». {A..S.) A heap. 
HvLEo, \». The planet nnder 

An astrological term. 
HvN.jiron. Him ; it. Fl«*. 
HtnOE, adj. Courteous. 
Hynnt-fynny, (. An old g»me »* 

marbles, played in some parts of 

Tie von and Somerset. 
HrKm,pran. (_A..S.) Him. 

Hthene, I. Eyei. 

Hybih, I. A seducing womaa ; « 

Of chunaiBg vn Oie deep-iaibtutUsc 


Htbhbhakd, ». Ball-weed, 

Htkon, «. A corner. 

Htm, I. (AS.) An aMemblf . 

1.(1) A pr«Bior»uginenttoTerb», 
chiefly to the preterite* snd par- 
ticiple), Tcpreaentin); tlie A.-S. 
ge-, ai i-bleued, i-cati, i-ilcme. 
Such forma must be looked for 
under the letter of the verb, 
bkned, cast, timet, 

(2) con/ Ye». 

(3) *. An eye. 

IccLK, #. An icicle. North. 
IcB-BONK, I. The edge-bone of 


miatt »tu£t, [a 

ginlenl, ptotptclt did 

in (flldt Qi icB, 

Clwillid in irMte rulicrglitterinEiccfilt. 

ICB. (I)pr0f..'(^.-S.) I. 

(2) ti. To elie. North. 
IcsBT, J. The itcb. Somen. 
*«;^J.. An icicle. 
Idbl, adj. (J.-S.) Vain. In idel, 

in v«in. Idelicbe, Tiinlf. 
Idli, vi^. (1) Light-heided. 

(2) Birren. 

(3) An Bngnail is called an idU 
wart, welt, worl, or wheal, in 

Idliubn, 1. Gentlemen. Soma-: 

Idlbton, I. AUzTfellow. Somen. 

loLB-woftug, a. Wormi pretended 

to be bred in the Gogera of idle 

Ken thj huidi in t^j mulT, and waim tlia 
Wmtu In thf flcpri' endi. 

»LAiTBE,t. {A..N.) Anidolalet. 

H, ). Eyea. 

[falle, eonj. {A-S.) Although. 
■ :, ». (A.-N.) Tbe jew tree. Saff. 
LB. If thou Witt. North. 

louiODs, a^. Ignominioui. 

loui, ». Ignominy. 

lOBANT, 0^. Unknown. 

JOTfl, adj. (Lat.) Unknown. 

, «. Ice. Piert PL 

pren. (4.-S.) I. 

.B, 1. An iciije. 

I, V. To field. North, 

IE, I. An i«1and. 
_jv,ar$. Fruitful. Northampt. 
Ilb,i. (l)Anialand. 

(2) A amall fiat inaect found in 

the liver of aheep. Corme. 
I-LicHB, aiii>. Equally. 
Ilk, adj. (A.-S.) The lame. JOa 

(tarnelimet written ilitr), each, 

every. Iliadel, every part. Ilio*, 

,EB, : The wild awan. Dragt- 
.L.t. To alander; to reproAch, 


.LB, adv. Badly. 
,i.-rAnAHD,a<fj. Bad conditioned [ 


,LFiT,t. Ad ale Tat. Shre^h, 
-Lirr, V. To defame. NorlA. 
.LioHTBN, v. To enlighien. 


dude. Qod by Iiii ininiit*rio 
-n th«r nMni 

£ie^ Cabimi, leia. 


lLLtN8, I. The cover of a book. 

Derb. Perhaps for HirBn?*. 
Ii.L-THtNa, f. St. Antbojiy's fire. 

Illdstkatb, "I adj. Illuitiioaa; 

ILLUSTBE, J bright. 

Not doUi Uie king at flamev in ^a ] 

Ai her lUitffra^ bautvatrikei in me 

Illustsi, v. (^.-A^> To bring to 

ItiT, oA. Badly. 

In the iBoniipj we Isirne )i«t,lieniiH 

tnd duibx the dBT. 

I-LOUE, adv. (_ji..S.) Frequently; 

IlT, ». A gelt BOW. Devon. 
Iltbih, r. An inflamed Mre. 

IvtOEBiB, g. {A,-N.) Ptinting; 

lenlplnre. Jmagtmir, a sculptor. 
IiiAeiNATir, adj. Snspicioua. 
luAOTHODB, adj. IiDBginatiie. 

luBABN, 0. To ahul up. 

Imbase, b. To degrade. 

jm Enffiand, II 

Nuinbejra. I^oif. 

Ihbosuent, f. Sculpture. 
Tbeiice» wee were Led bv muiT inltani, 

bonee, rich in gold imiatnunli and 
ptinliiig. Bnbirri Trmcli, 163S. 

luBosn. See roiSo»»«i. 

ranm'l Jliiau England, U^. 

Ibbbaid, », To uphnud. 
iHDaEEE, ,, The bou)e-]eek. 

luBUSHUENT, I. An Bmbuib. 
luBuTE, (ii|f. (Id(.) Emboed 

luB, I. (1) The end of the noie 


( 2) Hoar froit North. 
I-UKLE, odD. {A.-S.) Together. 
\MS,z,prep. Near. Wano. 
Imitate, p. To attempt. Bu/. 
lUHAHlTIK, 1. (Zof. imnunifat.] 

Cruelty ; inhumanity. 
Ihuanuablb, adj. Liatleis. 
iMMAacBssiBLB, odj. {Lat.) Un- 

luMODND, e. To turround 


Foon with leit powr hsr jdratkiiu in' 
Upon Ibeu Unliht and ni 


f itreamed 

Sfhaler'i Dutirtai. 

TuuEDiAcr, (. Immediaie repre- 
•eoCation ; tlie deriving a cha- 
racter direclljr from another, u> 
u to MBnd exactly in hia place. 

luuoMENT, adj. Not momentout. 

Imuuke, >. An endoBuie by vail; 
a fortiacation. 

Imnek, t. A gairjencr. 

Imp, (1)». Agraftonhootiniertad 
into a tree, or any young shoot 
or lucker. Hence uied oa a r. 
To engraft. 

(2)t. Ayoungofftpringingeneralj 
a son. In Warner's Aibions 
England, Calislo ia called " Ly- 
caons impe." 

(3) i; A feather inserted into ■ 

(4) g. A small or inferior deriL 

(5) (. Grass, or pasturage. 
(6^ t.. To add. 

(7) ». An addition; aninaertion. 

(8) t. Each length of twiated 
hair in a fishing line. North. 

(9) V. To lob. Lane. 


Imtact, 1. An impnuian? 

Impaib, (I) t. Diminution) dii- 
Goto, fhoudul well, but pocket it (thi 

tbe neUat du't. ' 


(2) adj. {lot. tin/iar.) Unsquil ; 

iHPAkTuENT, I. Commanicttiaii. 
IiiFAiTsu, pari. p. Incruitcdi 

formed into a paste. 
luPEACH, (1) V. (Jr 

Tailop, or hinder. ' 


to imfotli. SfiHt., F Q., I, tin, M. 

(2) t. Impeichment { triaL 
luFALK, V, To encircle. 
luPAKLB, V. {Ft.) To debate. 
Ihpartebb. (. Persona indaced by 

artful pretences to part with 

iMPAsriAL, adj. PHtiaL 
luPATiBNCE, ». Anger. 
Impbcuniovs, adj. (Lai.) Hone]'- 

Stabli. Homen. foru. jtm mty itand 
like ui imaentmov wWc^niHler at 
Uitirdooru. lb> » lAd Shkh, ISW. 
luFBiATB, V. {Ltl.) Tocommuid. 
tntptratet, DMtM?. 

. (1) An old gune st 

(2) A Bort of cloth. 

{Ltt.iB^ernM) Go- 

IUPER9 ITERANT, adj. StTOnglf 

iMFETiaiNOUB. 91$. {Lit.) Itcfay. 
Then, rgadiirae, oT tU CRUtoret heteto- 

Hii^iy, Marnagt-liMtcT Matti'd. 

I lUF 

^l^rtnaA^l }'■ *■'"'«'■■ '^"^ 
iHPiNa-HBiDLi, I. A needle to 

imp bawka. 
iHPLBACH, n. To intertwine. 
luPLDNOE, r. To plunge in. 
iHrLY.v, Tofoldupi toeaUingle, 

(2) To lay down, or lay aa > 
atake or wager. 

Impobtable, adj. Intolerable. 

lMPOBTAirei(,».(fr.) Iinpotbinity. 
Ingiartaitl, impartnnalc. 

iMroBTLBaa, adj. Unimportant. 

Importuhact, I. Imponunitf. 

iHPOBrVNE, ». To import, or im- 

Bql the m _ 

dniyhedi ^nu.T*'. C~p ^^ '■ '"■ 

ItrpoaE, a. Command. 
luPDSTEKoDS, odj. Deceitful. 
iKFoavTOUBE, t. A confetrer. 
StKdi»U;r the more, jf the impaiylaan 
and \^et or the nlrae hais porfju 
science r^ Ha Diiage. 
' A»tiKl,ft)Lcnii.TO. 

iHPOtBHT, a(fj. (Lat.) Uncontrol- 
Ihpbbbs, (. A deYice. 
lupBiuE, t. Tounbarbonrtbebart. 
luPBiNT, B. {Ft. empnmttr.'i "T* 

Imfbopebt, », {Lai.) Impropriety. 
luPBUE, \^_ ^ ^rioB on a 

IHPBESA, f gj^jli^ J,g_ 

lie lad; dtty, with her 

Ncne or the phUtloiis, thit hire uy 

tiidgemeDt, iinpnwtA [theie medtemaj. 
int Uiey anQrore them to be ^ood. 

Fir^i Bat tern. 


■Kuud, tet doth not thit immw UJ 
Hunt thti I hiTi hM. Vlifri/f. 

In, (l)f>r9. (^.'£} Vvoa. 
{2} *. To cury in, ■■ eon iftci 

(3) eiMf/. That I if; thin. NortA. 
IlutnouB, a^r- ABiioat. Ltic, 
Ih-uo-ih. t. An old populw 
gambling guae, played hjr three 
pneni with fanr dice, each 
pcnon haTing a bos. Often need 
metiphoiical^, eipeeiall; ia an 

loetta^g ground. 
«fv. In a place be- 

Ihmwid, oifF. Hade In loopi. 

Ihbbis, vff. Natiw. 

IwctrABLs, o^f. UMeoueiMi*. 

biOAXTiADiic*, adj. Bed. 

Ihcakhation, «. a red ealonr. 
To mil IDO inamuint ; take v1i7(< 
ud 1 IjtellB nit, mi Waipw bame 
tondjA md wonhfl liit to. 

eirlamtlm MS. 

Ikcaxkatioh-powdkb, *. A pow- 
der to dear tbe light, Mentioned 
in receipt* of the 19th cent. 

iHCBHac See /tunue. 

iNCESTAHcr, t. Inosat^ 

Ihch, $. {Seotek.) Aa iriand. 

iNGHas. lb ie al kulM teOk, to 
be ler; near. Dnon. 

brcBMsouK, f. Caiue. See £*- 

iHcH-mAi., adv. Piece-tneaL 

Ihchosn, t. The inner pooch of 
aflihing-nat. tPomt. 

Iitea.piM, t. The tweet-hread of a 
deer. Celgr. 

iNcmanTS, t. Anything inddental. 

iMCiai, *. (Lai.) To cut ui. 

Iholspb, v. Ta call npoa. 

Ihcolamt, (. {Lat.) Oae who in- 

iNcounBora, a$. (J.-N.) Onin- 

Iwtioiin, (1) (. {J..S.) ArriraL 

iKCOuonoN, «. A rambUng in< 
iNcoNaiiTEMr, a({i. Blameworthji 
iHcoHTiHurr, ai~ 

npcFdiiiitT diucB I ^ai inwit. 
ft .bL, fUi 4'a IWl, if, 1. 
LoTB me Uttlt, Ice ue k»C( lit Bsltk 

Am. No, ho, Bihiio,bT 

St. HbIu, tlw mte ii not kn( wi«|k. 

JIIvl JtaiKr CiwtamC. S. 

iNCOBFiBn, uff. Incorporated. 

'h-001, «d». In piitnenhip. Aut. 

acBSATs, a^. (Lai.) Unertated. 

B. To in 

r. An incambraaee. 
) Toitiike. 


Incdstdmid, n^'. Accuatomed. 

■ [DAMMAaBUBHT, (. Injoiy. 
IT be think you inqnirii tOr him to hit 
Jn^ aiHm jMwfc Krbipi h« will ibrond 
himieliv riom thu diKovoiT. 

n>E, r. (X-I^.} Duk blae. 
(DEL, adv. In doon. Devon, 
miNT, v. To bargain. 
(DBS, t. A qointity. £iut. 
iDiFrssam', ■!$. Impotial. 
miGNB, 0$. {J-N.) Unwortbr. 
IDIBNIFT, V. To inault. 
iDiBBcnoir, : That which (• not 
itnigbt or direct. 
iDiBLT, adv. Zealouilji ear- 
'DISH, adj. Belonging to India. 

VB, oift". NotamD^ni. 

r, (. {Lat.) ibi introduc- 
poem or pla; 
r. (a.-N.) ludolgence. 
0. To inote. 
t, adj. {lat.) Clothed ; in* 

I. The kidnef. Ninik. 


iHicRK, ». (_J.-S.) To iniert. 
ItnrraBHATB, a4f. (I«(.) LawlsM. 
IifiHNiBABLB, o^j. Unknown. 
iNVAHi.v. To dvEunc. 

It mmj Hi n; fHudi, to Hn. 
ptt uid ctpiild not hftTV Tt Bfiin, 

' Ud tWMA^ 

iHVAKaTBBrE, «.(./.-£) ThcTight 

of iTjiag k thief. 
Ihtakt, t. A child; t kniglit. 
Ikvantbt, (. A jocnlir t«rm for 

IttrABCB, tr. To »tnff in. 
iHrAEB, V. To lie within. Semert. 
lNrATieA>i.t, ai{f. iDdrfatig&ble. 
ItmcT,jiarf.p- Infected. 
iMrBCTlTi, a^. CoDtagioo*. 
Invbbbb, ■- (Lat.) To bring in ) 

For the Sua** wd Plchta ii^im <ob- 
"""^SS^i AOiimt Af InJ, MBS. 
[NTBiT, a^. Annojing. 

' adj. {Lat.) Sbipe- 

, aiy. Unforttintte. 
[htbact, a^, {Lai.) Unbroken; 


nruDK, V. To pour in. 

rFutn. See Ituem. 

ta, *. (1) A low metdow. Narlli. 

.(2) A molehilL No^f. 

[OAN, t. An onion. Sufoli. 
iH-OANas, t. A chnrch porch. 

Tm Mtoin were •djndg'l to dig, and 
Tit It iHt tknn^ maeb oCn^ it 
tliu'd the ladfe Ik hnwi at Un ta 
lifiillir thai Hv ttrnta mm; tlu 
*"T*" Hnr thit, Mnt in ud Iw 
m«kt the jote Ui iM him (« U> 
oOee ud vptut torn* other In bii 
pba. Baiiif ut'd vhinlon, he u. 
■wend, beeufB Jfin bure me ttf inj 

Ihoatb, (. An eatruM. 

iKsmits, It. {Lq/. i 

m.) Ge- 

Ikoiniatx, e. To contrive. 
IxotNiosiTT, (. ContriTince. 
iMoatiioiTS, a4>. IngenDODi. A»- 

ganatg, ingennousneu. 
Inoennib, p. To Ecneiste. 

lNQ(lfI, t. Wit. 

Ihoineb, t. (Lat.) An inTcntor. 
Thqibt, adj. Snrrounded. 
Ihcle, (1) (. A favorite; ■ ptra- 
■ite. Often med in a depraTod 

{2) V. To wheedle or coax. 

Oh, if I wilt thii lU prist wonld Dot 
■tick to Die, bj JoTO I would wgU tJiiB 
old KTring iubji. 

Pint r-at efSirJtlmOUt. 

null hiRowi joined together 
by meani of ihort chains. Lme. 
Alto called ijingU-harTOw. 

iH-ooiNO, «. {A.~S.) Entrance. 

Ik-oood-wobth, a^. Well in- 

Inqkotok, v. To iurfeit. Pt. P. 

Ih-oeodhj>. Sec I»-ba»i. 

Imhabitid, atS. Uninhabited. 

Inbsbit, 1^ To obtain. 

Ihhiati, v. (Lai.) To gape. 

IxHiBiT, V. To pn^biL 

iHBiLna, V. {J..S.) To pon- in. 

Ihhobfital, oifr. Inhospitable. 

iNjaeT, a^r. Almost. IFett. 

iHioiN, V. To join together. 

IHJUBI, I. (j1.-!f.) Injurj. 

Ikjukt, >. (A.'N.} To injoie. 

Ink, 1. That put from the head to 
the bodj of a bird that a hawk 
was eUowed to prer upon. 

lHEi.arf. Inferior tape. 

Ikklimq,*. (1) A desire. Nbrtt. 
(2) An Intiniation ; snggeiti(Hi. 

here Pumeno nvo 


pitleineii. Thyeb <u mime njr) ihtj 
usdenUnd uot the ynbHonu Immi Uut 
irt litnlj cHpt into mr lininage. 

Ii not Uu bettar dun 

n« Wmialgm to It4 W. 

Ikehokh-matb, f. One who guns 
Ua Uring b; writing. Sakap. 

Imkli, j. a come lort of Upe. 

iNK-STANDAai, (. An inkituid. 

Inlaid, o^r. PrOTided. YiinbJt. 

Ihlawi, e. {J..S.) To ncdve. 

Ikuasid, j»ir(. p. {A.-N.) Id. 

Ih-lou, v. (J-S.) To invMti- 

lNLT,a<A>. {A.S.) Inwardlj; tbo- 

Ihhandi, ade. Within. 
iNNAniB, a4p. Innite. 
Immi, (1) >. {A^S.) A honte oi 

loi^g in i^deraL 
Kd* hid the gtoriou niiig Uns np hii 

llill. .SrOKU, Brit. FuL, I, uL 

(2) i>. To lo^. 

B« Uutfe uid lud llielfa mel by uddent, 
Upn the war i ud, k couorttd. went 
Dito m towue^ irti«n tlirr tMetheT iiMd. 

S*. To CDdOM. 5w(Mt. 
aA>. (.^..5.) la. 
iHiauw, oA*. Fresent);. Lant. 
iHMKKBsn, Mf'. (.^..&) Innoat. 
ImfBBHomi, adj. luner. Nwlk. 
Ihnih. If jon wiU. Lmt. 

» INS 

Ihwiv9, (1) (. A hvTHt. 

(2) a^. Bacloting. South. 

(3) (. A term It cricket. 
lHNioi.r, t. Strong thread, ft-. P. 
iNNOCKNt, m^'. Sillf I ignonnt. 

IVHOH-BABLKT, ». Bwlej «0«n 

the Mcand crop after the grooiid 
ii fallowed. North. 
■ Ihobkdisnu, *. DiiobediCDce. 
Inov, *. An onion. Warwk. 
In-ofimion, a^. Opioiatira. 
In-otx^ adv. MoreoTcr. 
In-placs, odr. Present. 
Inpoktablb, a^. Unbeanble. 
lNPouTDRu>,a$, Pictured J adom- 

, adj. Incomiptible. 
Ihpkinnable, a4r. Impregnable. 
iHann'i, e. {A.-N.) To inquire. 
In»uiitatioh, I. Diatniliance. 
iNftDiBATioK, 1. An inquiry. Eait. 
Ihbbd, adj. Bed iu conipleiian. 
Inbkdb, v. (J.-S.) To diicem. 
ie ninn hjrt ninit i^e, 

Tmisc, e. To ariie. 
iN-sAHa, adv. (A.-S.) Together. 
Ihiakib, a. (Laf.) MadneM. 
Insconci, p. To fortify. 
'nbcdlf, «. {Lat.) To engrave. 
iiraai-BD, adj. Atteated under teal. 
HaBNSE, >. To cauK to under, 
■tand; to impart knonledge. 
s.ifST, pari. p. Caat in. 
sarr.parl.p. Implanted. 
HaHosi, v. To come to ihore. 
Insight, i. A road in a coal pit 
that ia driven into the work. 
Ihbibtdiib, (. Begolaritj; itation. 

iHSOOLIXa, t. 

dttiuo Ilia CwnfiH at the fonaaid 
wa bahm ths uid Mat, k k Ic kof 

ud dilutin ii> ild. 

Impiijitim i/l(89. 


[HBTAOB^ 9. (Lai.) To Mbnild i 

OCT, V. (lal.) To ipptnnt. 
r, J. Suit or reqneit. 
oi, *. (Lat.) To iriw. 

with I 

of ahtrpen. 

nuU nn mi tnmp* 

b«nia«.Baiilii, ua jwnden, pmiii., u>t». 

ud iiu, piinidoa, tc. _ 

Smuil Qlumt, p. SSI. 

Imt&ce. «■ (1) A piece of Uad 
gaJDcd ftoia the lea, and lyiDg 
between tfae old aad new kk- 
banka. Xme. 

(2) Part of « common Held 
planted or town. Norlk. 

IirTBl.LioaNCBB, ». A apj. 

Imtbnb.b. (£a(.) Q) Toattendto, 
or be intent upon. MendaiU, 
attentire. /xfration, inteiuitr of 

(2) To atretcb 

(3) To 

(4) To be at leianre. 
IimNCHaNT, ». Intention. 
ItiTBNTiTB, a4i' Eameit. 

Tb™ thephord, wIiom intetla, 

Om tnrj iKmb i> iwi k ipye. 

Calfra^i 1*^1' IiUrrrMir, Ini- 
iHTiKoaAi.,*. Tnfficiinterconne; 
dealingbetween different penona. 
Intksesbb, k. To intereit. 
Ihtebfxctob, », (ta/.) A ilayer. 
IirraBMBAK.i. Something between 

Ihtcbiikll, v. To interneddle. 

With - 

( raw 

InTiuiiNABtEi adj. Infinite. 

J>(TBBinm><o,*- The agne. Norti. 

Intbhpablb, I. A parle;. 

INTBBPOBB, e. (£«(.) To iuterpoie. 

Intkboniiaib, 1 pari. p. Eb- 
mTHBDMliBn, J throned. 

luTiL, prep. (A.-S.) Into. 

iHTiiuno, a. An intimate. 

TioK who iB the l»l« enM (md lu's 
not u jel left it off) ctlled themKtra 
Godi tndil uinta, hii rxonnln, md 
(41 1 nuT to «aj) bis h^vu^V. but in 
redilj wm mwt OUw™ "nn Oodt 

A£*«iFj OiMnofuM, 1<7I. 

Ihtiu,<iA>. Within. 

Inn*. HyoawiU. North. 

lTiTO,prgi. ffitbinsihortof. Htr^. 

Ihtoxicatb, b. {Lat.) To poiaon. 

lNTTTDL«n,por(.p. Harii^aUtle 
in anything, or claim apon it. 

Imtbbat, 0. To treat. 

Imtbbatanci, I. Entreaty. 

Ihtuiatt, r. Treatment. 

iNTBEHCBAirr, adj. Not perma- 
nently diiiNbte. Shaie^. 

Ihtbihsbcatb, 1 

«, to luw. md bddlj futima 
■uHd tliugi, in wUch IhtiB Int 

'Mmtom, Stairiit.frmM*H, lii,». 

Intbrubtb, v. To intermeddle. 

Ikteb-ubwino, t. A hawli's mew- 
ing from the firat change of ber 
coat till ihe tnra white. 

'' 1 fljj. Intr 


iNTBoaoDB, (. An intmder. 

iHTBurLATB, a^. (Lal.) Boried. 

Ii(TnBS,(l)». AterminwreatUng, 
to put the thigb batweea tboae 
ofone'a advenar;, and lift him 

(2) eoiy. Inatead. Shrtpth. 

Intdrb, ». (Lat.) A brtiiae, or con- 
tHiion. ^auer. 

Intabsai., v. To enilaie. 

Imvbct,*. Tointeigh. Inveefivehf, 

Intent, c. To meet caauallj. 

Invibtiient, ». Dreai, habit, out- 
ward appearance. 

Ihtiebd, port, p- Environed. 

Iktocate, b. (Lal.) To inToke. 

Ittwabo, a/^. Familiar. 

iHWABn-HAiD, 4. A honaconid. 


Ihvit,!. (J.-S.) Conieienee. 
nut immyt hyn the don-wird, 

He kImI kki wtl InHlydia 
"Bta BO liknue o-diWc, 

n>t jwyl hn the nUen 4> 
1U bl* fin Unchith. 

Imwbbu^ r. To codrde. 
ImrooD, V. To go into > wood. 
LnnrH. adv. {AS.) Within. 
Ifoclib, (1) Hippocntci. 
(!) The bereragt etUed lii^o- 

Irui, 1. A mt of irine. 
Ikun, i. A. (pider. See Art^u. 
Ibali, I. Sj>me kind of {Wecioiu 

Ibibb, t. Ab old game, limiUT to 
buktunmon, bat moie compU- 

n« tijln, miHalBD. ion, dTAi, ud £«, 

U MtiC Uek-luic, doubln*, ta^^u « 

He flap hie noneT free vttli evglcav' 
■we. h)i(Dr>t Forfae, low. 

iBiaoBT, *. The Iriih people. 
Ibibh-totlb, I. An old ctnt term 

[or t beggar vho curied wire 

in a wallet, a* lacea, pint, he. 
Ibb, a^. Slow; tedioni. 
Ibelb, b. To trouble. Zaic. 
UoH, (1) t. To tute a cheeu. 


(2) 1. LaiativeneM in cattle,&c. 

Ibom-uouliw, *. yellow lump* of 

earth ot mA itooe foand in 

Iboh-bidko, a^. Unruly. Eatt. 
Ibob-wbid, t. Knapneed. 
Ibovb,*. Anger. 

l*av%,»^.{A.-N.) ko^, n^Bg. 
iBF, *. A fintaitic grimace. 
Ibbbcdfbbablb, B({f- Irreeorer- 

Ibiucvbablb, a^. Incnnble^ 
Ibbubatb, v. {Ul.) To wrinkle. 
Isaac, *. The hedge-tpirnor. 

Won. A eoimpBon ci Hi im gg t- 

IlB, (1) I. Wft. 

[Tj I it, I abilL Nortk. 
IiBLBON, (. An edge-bone of bee£ 
IiHKK, a^. High. York*. 
Ibiko, t. A aoit of podding, a 

Iii>HD, f. The aide of a diarch. 
IsLANDB, t. ledind dog* ) abock. 

Tblh, *. Emben ; partiiilei otMtot 


I will HC Id tbii, ead Ihsre I via nuke 
her lobe ftilioluto, BDHkT.uddiu^, 

Ttnta in Bvliit, Ml. 

withdiTipf » 

e tale. 

le forth. 

IssBB, (. £arth-w 
IisHiN, V. To ill 
Ibbit, I. Entraili. 
In, I wiU. Ii it > lit; art tbon ? 

IsTA, t. A MTt of plaiter nied in 

the 15th cent. 
It, (1) (sag. Yet Wat. 

(2)pnp. In the. North. 

(3)». A beating or eorreetion. 
Itch, e. (l> To be very n 

(2) To deep; to jet on 
Itch-buttock, The Mine guiE ■• 

Itbh, t. A hint. ITore. 
Itbmb,«. Trickt; capricet. Det. 
Itbb, b. (^.-M) To renew. 
iT.frr^. In. fnf tv, into. North. 
Itblb, t. (^.-5.} EfiL 
Ivm, «. Itj. A^J^(*. 
IVOUBI, ». (,A.-N.) Itotj. 
Itt-bcbh. The iTy-biuh wa* for- 
merly hung out at taTCtnt, to 


-vCooglc — 


. 1. A Jew. 
IwBBB, i. A ranedy. Pr, P, 
[WBIL*, adv. MeaDwbile. 

idv. (_A.-S.) Certiinly ; tra.l<f. 

An ule-tTM. Aim. 

, A loMl ttna tor the tenoD 

Jacb, *. A MTt of fringe. Dn. 
Jacbht, adf. {Lat.) Lyiog. 
Jack, (1) t. A defeaiJTB jieket 

qailuid with leather ; ■ boff jerkin 

worn bj laldien. 

(2)f. A uTt of jkcket, worn by 

(5) 4. The kniTe of etrdi. 

f6) (. A figure mide to itrike 

the bell in clock). 

(7) *. The mele of any uimaL 


(B) (. An ape ; a coicomb. 

(9) t. A tan of nater-engine, 
oKd in mine>. Sl^ff. 

(10) e. To beat. Crmtn. 

(11) I. A faKhing, or very inall 

(12) e. Toapayin. A/oeiAihorae. 
Jace-adaks, #. A fool. 
JACK-A.DAKDT, (. A pert little 


Jaci-a-liqs,*. a name for a clasp 
knife. North. 

Jage-a.lbht, (. (1) A atHflfed pup- 
pet which waa thrown at in Lent. 
(2) A Karecrow. 

Jaceanapeb, It. (1) An apei a 

i JAC 

JtOfUva, AmMk. ill data hctaaae 

Wmma'l MHim AyCn^, \B». 
Next commBlli fuhiou Jm ci ^m m fa, 
A fuU eamya^A rA pride, 
Thit huh bii gocdsoi in good elotlbo. 

And DQthiiur EDDd beaidB. 

Xovlrwili, Zmh i^ CliiUf, ]«lt. 

(2) A toit of cloth, in Gabion at * 

button 1." 

ACK-A-NOD*, * 


COM with ailTcr 

A timpletOB. 

(. A Uttl« coi- 

ACE-BAnK, f. 


The atiddebadt. 

ti-THB-KiuaB, a. An old 
name for the herb aance-alone. 
ACE.DKUH. 3adi Dr\ai{i ttdtr- 
tammaU, inhiupitahle treatment. 

Engliib gin. 

icK-iN-A-aox, (. A abarper who 

robbed tiadennen by iDbstituti]^ 
empty boiea for othen fall <rf 

TUi /«iHiH.*(>n, or thii dlTtll in 
muu •liape. vcahng (Ukc ■ player «n a 
■Uge,) pDodclHihd OD hii ueko, coJaea 
to a goUamiUia ittU, to m dnpcn, a 
habboduben, orinto uij other Hhdppe, 
vhero be kmnvn good itoro of luver 

jACE-iN-omci, (. An inaolent 
fellow in aothoiity. 


cap on s pole to marie a aand- 

Jaci-juuf-abodt,!. Aloealname 

for the plant angeHca tilaettrit. 
jAcK.aEKTCB, f. A familiar term 

for a hangman, deriTcd bma tiie 

name ti the public hangman in 

the teienteenlh ceotnr?, who ia 

allnded (o by Dryden. 



r. A dup kaitt. 

Iace-uan, I. A crMm-cbeoe. 

"Cheue mide oppon niuhei, 

cdled 1 freuhe cheeie, Dtjatkt- 

wum. JvKulL" Bgot. 
JiCE-NicuB, *. A goldflneh. 
JitCK-or-AUi-TRADis. I. A imit- 

teKr in many tbingt' 
Im-or-Dovnt, (■ An Hticle mcn- 

tioiMd by Chuicec u lold by the 

cook. It u laid to mun ■ diib 

of proTinoiu recooked ind mvcd 

np ■ Kcand time. 
Iagi.o*-fakib, f. An indiff^nt 

pie twice b»ked. 5rr T. Man. 
JicK-or-THB-WAD, «■ A luune for 

tiM ignii Eitans. 
Jace-poddino,*. Thebuffiionwho 

uxompuiied a moantebink or 


Ttelnd BBS 

■slnitlH for A Doulcr, mlD a painted 
iSn-i r^tMHa, 1670. 
I tdl jm, I had u leax itand among 
the nbble, to ■» a jnct-Midin)! tai a 
cutaid, at tamble mradf to MO I nlsT. 
SkaitMli, SLlks £i»grl, ISTO. 

Jace-boll,(. The roller of ■draw- 

wea JVor(*. 
Jacks, ». The tunup fly. Si#i». 
Jace.«bakp, It- A aticMe- 

jACE-inuT, *• A dwirf. 
JACK-sauiALiK, «. The awift. 

Jack-btohbb, t. Small cobbles of 

coaL Norlhampl. 
Jack-stbaw, *. The black'-ctp. 

jACK.-wBteor, (. A fat man. 

jACK-WlTH-THE-BUeH, 1. Thi* 

phrase oceaxt in Barclay'a 
Eclognes, 1570, and Beem* to 
mean a Jack-io-office. 

ignii faluua. 
Jackt, «. Strong ale. 


Jacob's - LATHBK, i. A stitch 

dropped in knitting. Norfhampt, 
Jacqbub, : Three-urd loo. 
jADDnn, (l)ai{i. Inflnn. Eatf. 

(S) (- A stone-cqtter. Gbiue. 
Jadbt, t. The properties of a bad 

or vidoui horse, lajadt. 
Jaq, (1) V. To cot, applied espe- 
cially to cloth. See Dagge. 

(2) v. To trim a hedge, &c. 


\i) t. A parcel, or load. 

US V. To carry hay. Wnl. 

{&) t. A quantity of com in the 

slrav, or of hay or tfaoma. 
Jaoobb, (■ One who works dniagtit 

hortei for hire. North. 
Jaqoihs-ikok, (. An iDstnunent 

used In fashioning pastry. 
Jaoodnce, ». {A.-N.) The garnet. 
Jaob, : Ragt. North. 
Jaoub, t. A ditch. Somrrt. 
Jaibtbb, v. To swagger. North. 
Jakbs, t. (1) A priiy. 

(2) Any kind of filth. Dm. 
jAEEs.rAsuEB,*. Onewho clean lea 


Lobe, tban a iakH-farnLgr'a ciothea da 


i\i.\i%, ad). [A.-N.) Lively. 

Jan, p. To iqueese. 

Jaub,*. The upright side of a door 

JA1IDA1.I.S, $. Rolls made oC tweet 

Jaubedx,*. {A.-N.) Annonr for 

Jambleue, ». (J.-N.) GunboUing. 

jAHHocK, (1) p. To best, or 
squeeze. Eait. The term jam- 
moel^d, is applied to ripe fruit, 
or fish, layingbelow many others 
and broken from pleasure. " I 
am Bsbamed to set these atraw- 
berries upon the table, tbey are 
so ladlj jamiHOdt^d." 


(2) >. A nft palpj inlatHica. 

(3) (. A lotf of Mt-brMd. 
/uirAiii, (. Tbe lume of ■ dti- 

1611. Sk Nmel-gatt. 
Jamb, (. Wire (hirt.bMloiw. IFatt. 
Jau'i-mabs, 1. St. Jamei'a dif. 

jAEtDBu, *. Tbe jnadiec Wat. 
J Am, I, A imtll coin ; propeily 

tpetking, a coin of Gcdol 
Janglb, V. (l)Topnle. " GarrtM. 

Ton but janglt." Tntuet in 

BngUtk. 1641. 

(S) To lOTS idly ibout. Iforth. 
jAMObBBOHt, a4t- BoutcrtMU i 

qDUTelaonic. Si^oli, 
Janivebi, *- {^.-N.) Jimitjj. 
Jannae, a^. Proper; ftiz; imart. 

Jamhoce, I. A buttr«H or sapport 

to ■ valL Norlhanpl. 
Jaknoceb, 1. Large lotie* (rf oit 

bread. North. 
jAirr, (l)ai^. Cheeiful. f/nrlh. 

(2) «. Ap . 

▼u it fall janly wif of pl^TiBg with 
Joar lait or wuitlAtfcuajHiwdcrApot 
« liu hand^ or thfi J«v«l ia hii eu, 
thai pqidiX'd Tfnr liHrt. 

Jantti., adj. Gentle. 

J AND ATS. The Qenoete. 

Japs, (1) p. (^.-S.) To jeitj to 

nock, /ofwr, Bjeun. J^tri*, 

Ifij, ^ifw BOt hfiiit hfl ii DO naJ fiil& 

(2) *. Tuluere. Jtpif, oopala- 
tioD. Paltfr. 

(3) I. A jeW. 
Iak, (1) (. Diword. 

(2)t. A Tcuel containing twentj 
nilona of oil. W4tl. 
m D. To ihike. 

(4) e. To Kold. Aim*. | 

Iarblb, ». To wet or benur*. 

Jabok, t. An old cmnt term foi * 

JAKOLa, >. To nuke a juring 

Jasbock, *, A Mrt of coiIl Ifm- 

Jabsit, a. Wool wfaicfa bti been 

combed bnt not ipnn into yam. 

Jabwobu, t. An insect peculiar l« 

manhj ^acei. Souli. 
Jabii, (. A bobwig. 
Jattkb, «. To ihattei; to tliake, 

u a carnage. Si^. 
Jafl, v. To giumble. North. 
Jadncb, v. (A.-N.) To ride bvd. 

* ' >». The janndice. 

Jaitnt, c. To run abont ; to wander. 
at^. Daahj] 
See Ja»llf. 
Wkr, I vonld iiua you, Tim, to be ■ Hue 

jAur, >. To ipliih ; to itrike ; to 
break by a mdden blow. North. 
Jacfbm, a^i- Spicioua. North, 
Javbl, t. (1) A worthieu penon ; 

Thuiot I> 



~' Tonm^inuii 

WTB aeTBa hmdRd, play the iharkiBr 

(2) A gML North. 
Jattbb, (. Idle talk. North. 
JaTTlb, ». To wrangle. YorfaA 
Jaw, (. (1) A lulgu term for 

., Google 

JiwatB, *. The ttMueh ol Mttk. 

Jawi-id^ct, a^. MachtkUgaed. 
Jat, (. A loaKKDiniD. 
Jatpis, t. The jiy. Ctrwm. 
Jassdf, (. A donke;. Zmc. 
Jbadnt, t. (<f.-JV.) A giuit. 
Jui-cocK, 1. The jack-iaip«. 
Jbb, (1} in$. Awrr. ^VorJil. 

(2) v. To tarn to one tide. 
JiBPB, *. A«e»rebe>tmg. JVbrfA. 
Jbvsi, I. A 1^ of mutton. S«e 

Jbldu'd, adj. Sererelr bniiied. 

Skll, I. A liTfc qnantitj. ffarv. 

Jblu, a^. Tellow. 

JnuiTT, (. A great eoit ; formerly 
*D andercost, irith pocket* be- 
fore end behiad- 

JuMrr-HAT, (. A popnlir tern 
fw t Jacobite, in tbe daji of the 

JUIHY- JBBBAHT, *. A fop. 

Jenk, v. To nmble. North. 
Jbkeit, t. Adidi, made partljrof 

miUc and dnnunon, ued in 

jBKNrrs, (. A tort of tni. 
jBHMT'BAt-K, I. A Small bcui Hoir 

tbe roof. North. 

JsMNT-BItUfT^Ut, t. TIm Iglit 

Jbnnt-coat, «. A child'! bed. 

gowD. Wetl. 
JmHinr-CBOHB, (. Acrane. MrfjL 
Jbhht-cbodli,*, Avita.Sonlh. 
jBHHr-B0OEBB,t. Anowl. A^trM. 
jBMHT-amcK, «. An lUdiu iron. 

Jbhht-tit,*. ThepanMMtnifaiu. 

iKtmr-wunr, *. TheignU-fotniu. 

We 11117 indead uvcU tafeet, 
Thit^K^MnUip ikmi'd u direct 

Thi Btnit w^ hoae in Biitir Bi^, 
in vandMig tun (honU •« n litht, 
WIbih TUiintsd B(tlu betiH, 
And lad hd foUovn utny. 

Aur JtsUa, 17*1. 

JiBuno, >. (1) A priiaB. 

(2) A prlTy. 
Jb&e, v. To beat, 
Jbbiih, *. (I) Tha auOe of a 


fa) Anns 

,2) An upper doublet, with font 
akuta ; an under waiitcoat. 

Jbboboah, t. A Urge goblet. Satt. 

Jbbowhdb, \i. a term ht lome 
JBkTHB, J part of the armour, 

JiBP, (. A flaw in doth. North, 

JstaBKAVtiT. I. A jacket nitbMtt 
ileeTti, fomed of imall platei of 
metal overlapping each otber, 
and wmetime* eoiercd with 

JaSBBB, J. {A.'N.) Theihortitrqa 
of leather, or lilk, which went 
roand tbe 1^ of a hai^ 

Jbbbup, a. Syrup, in fruit \m or 
pnddinga. MiiU. C. 

JasT, (1) I. {J..N.) A biilorj, or 

(2) t. A maik, pageant, or 

(3) >. To act a part in a nuuk 
or interlode. 

jBSTEBMEa, a. A part of light 
armour, pcfh^w the aame ai 

Jet, (1) V. iPr.Jeller.) To ttrat; 

to throw the body about in 

walking. Jilltr, a atrutter, or 


Aknif the itnsla m imillOi jtlthgyut*, 

Bia od(4dde diovc* him for u inward UKL 

SoBAwb, Cun ^Bmrli, 1S13. 

(2) •. To emit; to encroach 

(3) V. To throw, to nodge. 

(4) r. To tarn round, or about. 

(i) «. A deaeent Hrrtf. 

(6) *. To contriie. Hence, a 

(7)1. A large water ladle. £kt(. 
Jbdfcbtye, a. Jeopardy. 
Jewieib, r. a p' 


from alle rsuuiie jnnf^ 

AriH him if he wolds flitte 
Tbt Uw« lot t1i« coretiHD, 
Thm ime he ndi( hii juiw. Oomt. 
Jew*»>iabs, *. Akindof fiiB^. 
Jiwb'-uokit, : A (crm for old 
Romui coin*, faund in lome 
puis of England. 
Jbw'b-tkchp, I. A JeVi-lurp, 
Ju, (1) 1. The under-lip. Hence 
to iaig Ihejib, to look crolt. 

(2) (. A Itaad for beer-b*rreU. 

(3) «. To back, aaid of » hone. 
Jiditr, a hone which jibi, 

JiBBLB, V. To pick out. Narf. 

JtBBT, 1. A friakr girl. Eait. 

Jibs, *. Tatten. •' Tom toViii." 

JiCE, (. A small quantity. A»x. 

JicKB, I. The hiccough. Comu. 

JiFCLB, e. To be reaueaa. 

Jirrv, 1. An instant 

Jio, (1) *. A ludicToni metrical 
compoiition, rang bf the clown 
in an interlude, who occarionilly 
danced, and alwaj'a accompanied 
bj a tabcr and pipe; a droll 
(2)b. To rove about idly. North. 

(3) I. A trick. Ad old cant term. 
Jlo-BT-jowi., adv. Side-by-aidc. 

finidei, i woman nied not be uheni'd 

\»Mh, uA who due »y, Black ii hei 
eje. Tin CItaiti, IMS. 

Jibe, e. To creak. North. 

JiasAHABBK, (. A trick. 

JiooBB, f. (1) An earthen Teiael 
n>ed in toasting cheeae. Samerttl. 
ii) A constable. HamptK 
(31 A swaggerer. North. 

(4) A cleaner of orea. North. 
JiooBB-roMr, >. A pump for 

ibrdng beer into nta. 

a JIK 

JieoBT, *. To jolt; to flaunt. 
Jiasiif-siBFi, t. A fine cloth to 

aift the duat from grain when 

JioBB, I. Dregi. Suff. 
Jioquhbob, *. A knickntek; a 

cbild'a toj. 
Jto-MAEBR, *. Awriterofbtllada, 

U jon have thii Btnn^ moniter ho- 
BtAf in yni bell', wh; no jif.mtiti 
tAjoa. ffix. »X,0. F..iii,2H. 

Jio-FiN, *. A pin used to atop ■ 

machine when drawing. 
Jiog. (. The carriages belonging 

a Norfolk plough. 
Jibe, d. To creak. North. 
Jijj., t. (1) A strumpet. 
But the mad mall, when hee'i five parts 
Call hJn his drab, hii queue, hia jm, or 
Add in hii fair 'gini to rayle and n'Tt, 

whoie. Taylor-t Worta, 11130. 

(2) A pint. North. 
Jilt, ». To throw or fling, 
JiH, (I) adj. Slender I apruce. 

(2) ». A timber-drag. Eatt. 
JiKCKACi. (. A knick-knack. 
JiMUEs, i. A hinge. See Smmer. 
Jmr, adj. Slender; neat; elegant. 

JiNQLE, *. A carriage which pUe) 

for hire in Dublin. 
Jinolb-bbainb, f. A wild fel. 

JiNOLK-jAKOLBa, t. Trinkctt. 
JiMOLis, (. A hone-dealer, one 

who sells horses at fairs. See 

an account of horse -courierl in 

Dekker's Lanthorne and Caadle- 

light, 1620. ' 
JiNQLiNo, adj. Careless. Ltie. 
Jink, v. (1) To jingle. Eail. 

(2) To be gay and thougbtieaa. 

(3) To hurt an animal in the 
loini or back. Eail. 


JIN 6 

lunTT.RPimnB, (. Theatae-Aj. 

lit, t. To trick ; to cbett, or im- 

poK upon. S^fftiUc. 
JiRiLB, e. To jumble. N^tkumb, 
JmaT,adj. Such. Somertef. 
IiTTT, (. Anirrowpuuge. 
JoAH, ». A wiTt of cap. 
Job, (1) r. To itib oi itrike; to 

p«*. Vnr.d. 

(!) f. OrdHTC^ 

h)t. Taicold. 

\i)t.k%naiif\ecti>lmoodi. North. 
iosABDi, I. {A-N.) A itnpid 

Jobation, (. A icolding. 
JoBBiL, If. A *niUI quaotity or 

lOBBTT, J iMd. 

JoiiiB, (. A dealer in cattle. 


JoBBEKHQCLB, *. A tfaick-hcad, OI 

ffii Kiiti in in liii bnioi, huge juli- 

Bi^l jurnet'i bod, ths nit wilhint sll 
•mlE. Jlmf. iSnIirH, U, il 

ltvir» nOkr, BiUer, dvtipoiil, 
I'll dupci^liv tbi ifMflwal. 

ernii.,0. Ft, ii,Ml. 

JoBBiN, t. The unthateh. JVorM- 

JoBBLB, (. A anull toad, Leie. 

JoBLBT, (. At the mayor'a feaatat 
Crcat TarmoDth, it waa ninat to 
place on the ontdde of the Ggitd- 
uH two pappeta named John 
and Ben Joblet. No reaton baa 
been giTen for the origin of the 

Jdbbt,(. Ajoiit. JarkA. 
JoBLiN, t. A ainpid boy. Som»n. 
JoBiACR, *. & tnrkej*! wattle. 

JocADHT, mfr. (J..N.) Merry. 
JocKKT, (1) a^. LiTely. Af^. 

(2) a^. Uneren. SmI. 

(3) I. A thin mikii^-atick. 

JoBT, (. A i3MDg ntme for ■ fom- 
pennj-piece, aaid to haTC been 
takea from that of/o«i^AHume. 

Joo,(l)(. AamaUeBrtload.JVor/Jl- 

(2) «: To go. 

O Phedria, tkli ii but ■ Uni, we ax} b* 
ioggns, vhat do wb ipuiaing oni Iji- 
Dgqi IB Tun upon him f 


JoQCLouB, t. {A.-N.) Amingtrel; 

a moonlebank. 
JaaBNHT, ». A donkey. Somen. 
JoaoBLV.a^'. Untteady.JVorfAuHf. 

JoooiHBif. A pratnbenDce on tbe 
inrface (rf lavn wood. Au'. 

JoaoLK, I. A maaon's term fof the 
fitting of itonn together. 

Joo-TBOT, adv. Gently. 

JoHH-A-DBJiAiis, I. A dietming, 
■tnpid fellow. 

A. dull ud mddi-Bttdcd rual. peak. 

Ajid can hj nothiBa. 

S»akHp., Bad., il, 1. 

JoHN-Aiioiilt-THB-i>Aii»,«. Aman 
who ia a famiite among the 

JoBH-AHD-jOAN, *. A hetnu^io- 

JoHK.HOLD-iiT-eTArr, *. A para- 


JoBK-o-LBHT, *. A acaTecTow. 

The cuahion 

.. A ungk 

article of finery. 

John - that - oosa - to - bbd - at- 

NooN, >. The pimpernel. Norik- 


JOI 6 

Joics, a^. Merry, or pleumt. 
Joint, *. A diTiiion. 
JoiNT-OBASi, f . Yellow bed-itmr. 

JoiHTiNS, t. A joint. Ceht. 
Joim-aicKNiai,*. Thegout. MS. 

i&Mae, 1628. 
JoiHT-sraaL, It. A itool framed 
joiHED-aTooi^ J by jmneiy work. 
JomiKa, >. Cattle that are taken 

into patture for hiit. yorfhampl. 
JoiT. *• A ludden itop. Norlhun^, 
Jots, V. To bump. Ygrtih. 
JoLiT, B<$. (^.-JV.) Joyfol. 
JoLtiANT, t. Two penona riding 

on one borae, one on a fnllion 

baliind, are wid to ride jolilant. 

JoLi^(l)(. Thebeakof a bird. iVbrf. 

(2) t>. To peck, f/oif. 

(3) t. The jaw-boae of an animal. 
(4)(. The bead. 

(5) V. To walk lumberingly. 

OLLB, V. To beat ; to come in 


QLLICK, 01^'. Right. "ThafiDot 
JolSek." Stiff. 

A jonng gallant. 

iggielau, aud ot 
bitdi. CAmA. 
■Lna-BBAD, *. A fool. 
iLTa, t. Cabhi^ planta which go 
to ieed prematiu«l;. IFiirc. 
iHBBi, V. To jumble. 
roN&TRAiT, *. (I) An inatratnent 
uaed for lighting pipei. 
(2) A piece of forDlture, itand- 
ing on IboT feet, haring two 
hooka in front, for the purpoaa 
of lapporting a plate of toatt 
or other thing, or to hang on the 
iHTi of a grate m occaiion may 

JoHHicK, a4j. Kind and hottdta- 

ble. NvrtluMi^l. 
JooE, B. To crouch anddenlv, 


* JOU 

JeoKiHO*,*. Cora which ftlU from 

the ^eaf in throwing it off the 

atad. y»rt\. 
Jop, V. To (plash, ybritt. 
JoPBi, *. Bracea in rooft. 
Joa, V. ToJMtle. North. 
JoKnAN, t. (1) A Tcaael aomewhat 

in the fbim of a modern aoda. 

water bottle, oMd b; phyiidaDi. 

(2) A chamher-poL 
JouiAN-Ai,iioia>, *. Alarg* iweet 

JoBNBT, *. A >ort o( cloalc. 
JoBKFH. (. A name for ■ lort of 

riding haint, withbnttooi down to 

the akirta, oaed in the fiiat half 

oftbe 18th cent 
JoiKiN, (. A clown. 
Joss, (1) v. To crowd. Eatt. 

(2) t. A joiiing-block. 
Joas-aLocE, 1 a. A hone- 

joSBiNa-BLocE, / btock. 
JoBSEL, «. A hodge-podge. North, 

Stt Junta. 
JoaTLB, V. To cheat South. 
Jot, (1) V. To jog; to nudge. £stf. 

(2) ade. Plomp ; with a indden 

■bock. Sifff. 
JoT.suT.t. The inteitinnm rectnm. 

JoDDKi., n. To chatter ; to apeak 

JODDB, «. Bag*. DtBOK. 

JouiBAHOK, *. (jf.-N.) Enjoyment. 
JouK-coAT, I. A great eoat North. 
JoDKE, v. To sleep. A term in 

JouEKB, t. Rnshea. 
JonKCK, V. To bounce. Eatl. Tit 
ride iowtei»gbf, to ride joltingly. 
JonniNo, (. A scolding. Dmtm. 

I pnr Ihit Lord thit did jon hither sod. 
You nuj jour cnriinp, nrriuixM,jtmriiuH 
eni. ^nun-i QudiOtU, llS. 

JouKMoxn, p. [A.'N.) To nx. 
JouuiAL, a^. {Ft.') Daily. 
JODHN-CHOPPBO, t. A TegTatw of 

J0U«IMT, f. {A..N.) (1) A (kj*! 


JOU 61 

(2) A dar"! tiavelling. 

(3) A day of battle. 

JoDUp, «, Cold ibhcringt. SimlM. 

JODBKD. Finiihed. ffore. 

Joctn, t. (^..JV.) A touTdunent. 

JotrsTKB, (. A leUikr of flih. 

JovTK, I. (^.-iV.) A eombtt. 

Joima, *. A diih ia cookery. 
Jdmlu Df ftlDDLd njlk. Tika srtHi, 
bode JiDa, hewe hem, aad irjodc bcm 

SM hnn on tbe hrs, and Kcth thg 
ivwtei vilh the mTlke. lad cut thereon 
ncer and aUt, end eerre Lt fbitli, 

Ibniu i^Otn, p. IB. 
J<mAL, a({j. (Z«(.) BeloDging to 

Sown, I. A jeDy. Bewm. 
Jon, I. A jowl, OT jair. 
JowBL, t. The apece between the 

fitn of a brid^ ; a lemr. 
JaiTBB, «. To tire out. &^. 
Jowl, (1)*. A]a«. 

Be might 1i< en ou for hli >nl>, 1 bull 

'Riej cbeti:e bj >e>vIi iuj with each Mher 

(2) *. A largt thick diah. Bn. 

(3) V. To preaa upon tererely with 
data, not itriking or giving blowa. 
" Did foti give him a good dnib- 
bing." " No, but I gin him a good 
tidj javtittg." Suff. 

(1)0. To toll. Northvmb. 
JowLER, o4J. Thick. North. 
Jowa, r. To puafa, or ahake. Cmmh. 
JoWTNK, V. To peck. Pt. P, 
Jot, o. To enjoy, 
^ent to perpetiud, fweet, and ftowring 

JoTAtiCK, *. Enjoyment; rejoidng. 
JoTTNis, (. Youth. Gawoj/ne. 
JoTNTBma,*. ThejoiDUofannonr. 
JuB, (1) a. A alow trot. Bail. 

(2) V. To more alowly. SmUIL 
JiKuBO, t. (,J.'N.) The houae-leek. 
Jdbbb, t. A tort of JDg, ithieh held 

about a quart or more, 
Tith bred ud cb«M Bid nod ale In a 

Soffletnc ri|bt jaoa u for ■ day. Ctamttr. 
Jdbbih, «. A doBkey. 
JcBBKD, V. To jeopard. 
Just, 1. The lower eonrae of the 

great oolite. Namtan^l. 
JccE, t. (I) A yoke. 

(2) The oil in the fleece of wooL 

(3) A coat. Ltie. 
JoDAB-coLooB, t. Red, applied 

eapecially to hair er a be«rd. It 
waa a popnlai opinion that 
Jodu laoriot bftd red hair end 
JoiiAa-ToBCHBB, a, Lngt tordiet 

JcDioiAL, a^, Judiciotu. 
JcDiciouB, a^. Judicial. ShaJutp. 
Jdb, v. To flinch. Norli. 
Juo, (1) e. To nettle together. 

(2) I. A common paatore. 0^al. 
JoBAL, a4f. {Lat.) Noptial. 
JoooB, (1) "- (-*.-A'.) To judge. 

(2).. A judge. 
JuoBLB, p. (I) To mil together. 

millT tiken) ijnggUnf lA biCenn ud 
pleunre Uwether id ume. 

HflHrA jr« i^JVnnwrM.lsm 
(2) To jog. Wetl. 

Jttoolehbab, t. A ivamp. Dm. 

Jvos, >. An ancient nickname for 
the inhabitants of Brightop. 

Joii, ». {,*.-A'.) July. 

JoiBB. See Jevite. 

Jdib, (I) 1. A bird'! nect. 
(2) V. To ait on a perch. 

Juuo, I. An Italian coin, WMlb 

F. Wliat ujHt (bon min t Ottn fi m 
religion in the vorld, but ondr ftv 
forme i take here, and pqyhiniiandgite 
him tbia JtBa orcr and tbore, to hani 
himaelfe, and lo in Qoda UDa leC>ba 



Idle, (1) «. To tplub; to }aU; 


(3) 1. A htrd blow. Awr. 
JnLTT, e. To jolt. Dtvait, 
Jdh,«.(1) AJDlt) ttknock. St^g, 

(2) DsraeL )F<tf. 
JuuuL, *. A lort ot bitcoit. 

Jumbila ue (till made in Lei- 


bodoi vhitw </ am ; pat to tlie pute 

batHL md hi^m poand of iw«M bnt- 
tdj ud half ■ pint iXttoiB, ud u 
montd it ill nil tagethei with i littlo 

JiTHBiK, >. To itMiimer. 
JuMBLB, V. FutDcie. FJotio. 

JVMBLBHEHT,*. CoilflUiOD. ffi>r(A. 

JvuBNT, I. CattU of iL kindi. 
Juum, V. Fuluere.' UrqiUiart't 

Jump, (1) adv. Biaetlj. 
Ion ii > joutb, vbOB how lU I mllp, 
8iiie«lu lo/niHdotliiniiiTinnliHhii. 
llmUmfi Stunt, iiL 

fi)a^. Eueti luitd)!!. 

(3)e. Toi|7ee,sait,ori«Minble. 
Oood wit> m>j >i9 ; bnt Itt su tall job, 
Yma frUsid mut (tul (hna If b* hire 

^4) «$'. Compict ; neat. Iforlh. 

(5) I. A letthem frock ; * cott, 

(6) (. A «ort of boddkc iwed 
instead of ittyt. 

(7) e. To take an offer eagertjr; 
to riak, or huerd. 

(8) v. To meet with aoddCDtiUf. 

(9) I. A coSn. YoriMh. 
JonraB,*. Aminei'iborer. A'orfil. 
JvMPlHO-DUK, (. The meny. 

dwa(bt irf t f owL AbrfA. 

JouPiNO-^oAN, «. An old eonntr^ 

JoMPLr, ait. Soitablf. 

JoHPS, t. A aort of ati^a or boddioe, 

nied in the earliec part of the 

IBlh cent. 
JnuF-SBOBT.t. Uuttoafrom iheep 

drowned in the fen ditch«s. Btul. 
JuNAMK*, *. Land town two luccea- 

me jean with the aame grain. 
JuNCATi, 1 a. (1) {Ital, fiuncaia.) 
juKEET, / A tweetmeat, or daintj. 

(2) Cui^ and daated creuu. 

(3) A merry-making. North, 

(1) A biakct for catching Gih. 
JuNCEBB, I. A coutriTance for let- 
ting off water from a pond. Si^, 

JuNK-BDO, f. The green beeOe. 

JoHE, I. (1) A lamp. South. 

(2) AftToritediafa. Gbmc. 
JoNO'e-TiABB, J. Verrain. 
JcrARTi.v. Tojeopard. Jt^trdy, 

Jnpim'a-BBUtD, *. Honaelaelc. 

Jdpon, f. (.J.-JV.) The ponrpmnt, 

or donblet. 
Job, v. To *Mke, or bntt. North. 
JoBunirai.E, a. A meat. YonM. 
JouiVT, (. A pig>«at. Var. d. 
Ju», ». (_J..N.) Jnice. 
JnaaBLL, t, A aort of aalmigondi. 

JmililUe. Taka brsda nntel, aal 
t^rflD.apdiwpt^lttiiQ'drei dathanto 
Hfroon, lavia, ud nTt, and ait bnRh 
tbanto. Bol* it, ud meua it forth. 
Formi if Cuff, p, 11. 

JmwT, adt. Thia word it naed tbtj 
peenliarly in Herefordabire, aa 
instead of laying, " I have bat 
/Hit retamcd," tbey would m^, 
"I retained but jiui/" orinatead 
of " I have jiul aeen bim," " I 
aaw Mm bnt^f," ftc. 

Joari, (1) o. {A.-N.) To jonit, or 


., Google 

JuimnHT, *. Agiitment. 
Jmtice.v. (A.-N.) To judge. Jtu- 

titer, u wlouniiteier of justice. 
Jmrtt, e. Fatoere. UrgtAart't 

JnaTMAN-BOLDEit,*. A freeholder. 

JnsTY, e. To joort. 

Jut, {1} V. Toitiike; tothraw; to 

nm againit. 

(2) t. A >ort of pail. Xml. 
Jtrrut, t. Tbe fertile coigolitii^ 

ultiih nttore of earth. Mon. 
Ivm,i.{J..y.) AlowfeUow. 
JoTTT, t. A part of ■ bnildinf pro- 

jecting beyond the reat. 
Ju-DN, adj. Empty. North. 
JoTiHAi., t. A youth. 

On hit Lflft-udfl itood ii pert jmHiuIi, u 

naduto siie the welooioc to all com-, 

u I puuite is an old eommodlii. 

Jtmirm, : {A.-N.) Yonth. 
Jti, v. To itir ; to totru N»tK 
Itwan, (. A knick.kiuck. Ntih't 

Pterc* Paulttn, ia92. 

Ei.{I)pr«.f. Quoth; uyi. ivy. 
CtU; uy. fa nw, la (Am, a 

provirt implying, if yon win do 
me oDc fnoar, I inll do yoa 

ma br my wmch, 

rattle ((oiSnr: 
la (111, ODC EOod toume ukelh 
r. ilJ]niaiil<MlVriHrtt,£l,b. 

n«e ftopel 

I. To look. £u/. 

Kabib, t. Chilblunl. Northamft, 
Eai, (. A cow. 
Kas, v. To potter about. Leie. 
Eaie, a. A key. 

Kail, (1} «. Cabbage. KaU^ot, a 
large globular metal pot for 
cooking meat and cabbagea 
together. KuU-yardi, colewort. 

(2) «. To throw atone* awk- 
wardly. Svff. 
Kails, e. To decline in health. 

Kailet, k^. Anepttbet applied to 

red atony land. Ntrrlhm^t. 
Kaih, a. Rent paid in kind. Eatt. 
Kaike, v. To depart. 

To Uira of hia luidea. 
On elln for thy ka;ghUi«de 
Sncontn hrma ouch. 

KaiiAB, a. An emperor. 

I dnnma it Dot tlka hupy Ufa 
The neodie twtnn bag ta btani 

No jct the hloxa mto of all 
A n^htie kniiari mwiie lo ifmn. 
TutitnilUigr. tSomHUa,\y». 

Eaite, a. A waol.dreaaer. 
Kal, o^j. Hard. A term in mining, 
Kah, adj. (aaid to be CtUie.) 
Crooked. Clean tarn, all wrong 

Kame, I. A comb. North. 
KAupt, I. (A.-S.) War; battle. 
Kahot, adj. Croii. Cnmi. 
KANEEEDonTE, *. Perplcity. 

And thoflht * lord, noir rennlth my aort 
Fully to dothe, or faav« anonc oorafint.' 

Cianut, Tnj. f- Cra. p. lU, 

KANHiMe, I. A neaanre. Atf. 
Karl-oat, I. A he-cat. 
Kabl-heup, a. Hemp grown latr, 
EAzzABnLT, adv. Lean and ill- 

thri«en. North. 
KaA,Mq>tr. Qol North. 


Kura, <I) t>. To UdB ititBr oU. 

(2) Tbe bMt of anything. Irie. 
KcAK, (1) >. AipraiD. roritA. 

(2) e. To prop up ■ ort. Ntrih. 
Kbal, (. A cotd. Lbu. 
Kbauk, (. A ihalloir tab mad for 

cooling. Am. 
Kkalt, adt. Cowardly. Lane. 
Kbane, v. To comb. 
KBAim,(. Akindofferret. Sonih. 
Km/l-Mt, adj. A term applied to cidiir 

wben coiered with t thin white 

mould. IFett. 
EsAMi, 0. To tdinper. Cumi. 
E>AN«, >. Scum of ale, &c yonbA. 
Kb&tcb, >. To congeaL JHUl. 
Kbatobk, >. A cradle. Lame. 
KBAniTKiL, *. A inat-boDed, 

come creMnre. Ymrttk. 
KCATB, P. To itn^igle. Omt. 
Ebb, (1) V. To pant j to >ob. Lhu. 

(2) f. A TiUaio. Yoritk. 
Ebbbbs», (. Refuie theep. JVo- 

ateiKL, USi. See CuOimgi. 
Kb^lb, (. White opaqoe apar. 

Kbblocb, (. nie wild tnnip. 
Ebcchb, v. To catch. 
Ebcbthb, t. A hjtchen. 
Kick, v.(l) To lift; to reach. 

(2) To choke. 

(3) To be pert. Lmu. 
EaCBCoaN, V (. The windpipe. 

ebcebb, j Wttl. 
EBCKB&,(l)rii{i. Sqaeamiih. JVoWA. 
(2) (. An a*eilooker in ■ coal. 

Ebck-hamded, Slip. Left-banded. 
Kbcblb, nil. Unateady. Zahc. 
Kbcele-iibcilb, J. Poor ore. Derb. 
EiciLOCK, I. Wild miutard. Lite. 
Kbcet, adj. Like a kei. Line. 
Ku>. (\) part. p. (J.-S.) Enown; 

(.2)pret. t. Made known. 
Kanai, (1) r. To cram. North. 

(2) V. To adhere together. Conta. 

ii)adj. BriBk; Utiely. Eat. 
Ebbobb,*. Afithermau. Y»k»h. 
Kbpbt, adj. Pot-bellied. Narth. 

Ebbldcb, (. Charlock. ShrtftX. 

Ebb, 1. (1) Kine. Dtvoit. 
{2} A cake. Simtr$. A aort of 
paa^. N«rt]MKpt. 

Kbbcb, (1) t. The fat of ib ox or 
cow, rolled up by tbe butcher for 
the tallow-chandler. Itiiappl^ 
by Shakespeare to a batcher, and 
to Woleey, the tepated Mm of a 

fin nn, 1,1. 

(2) V. To cot gTMt and weedt. 


(3) V. To kde ont water. 

Ebbl, (1) r. {AS. eteltm.) To 
cooL Kttt,kttl.vat,tattiitr,iht 
vettel in a brewery dow called a 

Filth, Doiica 

■ 'i?..*' 

ath,Doiicoi, li, , ,_ 

(11^ or ill tdc ftt'i in the firt. 

(2) (. (Pr. paUt.) A 

(3) f . {a.S.) a atrong boat OMd 
by the Newcaatte co1U«ra. 

(4; (. A keel of coali it 21 tona 

4 cwt 

(A) a. A kiln, aa for lime, &c 


(G) J. A mddle for iheep. North. 

(7) >. To give over. ChthS. 
Ebblasi, (. Eeel duea. North. 
ExBL-ALLBT, (. A bowliDg alley. 

EBBL-riBTiBa, I. 'Wivet and 
daoghtera of keel -men, who 
aweep and clean tbe keela. 

ElBLiNO, (. A ttock-Eali. Vr^ii- 
Aarft Rabtlait. 

KEBLr- viNB, *. A black-lead pentiL 

KniN-BiTTBN, tdj. FMet-bilt«n; 
hungry. North. 

EiBF, (!)«. To live, inhabit, or 
lodge. Xnpii^-rwtH, the roon 
in which the Gunily uanaU; aita. 


Ecre Vim ^r^pj^ wb<t« court thsD czyiti 
And dfanr K«niL 

yicictiT, Piitpfc &!., r, se. 

Wonld it Dol TQ tliH, wbut Ih; lico did 

To KB tb£ dau^ foldHoTda^-tail'd ihup ? 
EtU, Satira, t. 1, p. SS. 

(2) (. Care ; oatice. 

Fu in BaptiiU't hif mj tnunn tia. 

(3) >. Paiton. 

(4) (. A reienoir for fiih by a 

(5) ». A ufe for mett. 

(6) t. A !■[£« buket. SonurMf. 

(7) e- To calch. Lane. 

(8) To yioe teep, or (aie *«p, 
totakeore.topi; Mlention. Ta 
ieep the door, to act the bawd. 
To keep cat leilh, to follow the 
example of. To ieep touch, to be 
faitbfal, to be exact to ao appoint- 

KcEFxa, (. A clasp. S^ffalk. 
Keeping, >. The lair of a bart. 
Kbbb, t. The mountain uh. Devon. 
Ekkve, l(I)e. To act up; to 

(2) i. A brewing Inb. Wat. 
Keezeo, (. A tieve. DemtK, 
Kkfblb, e. A poor horie. 
Keogb, d. To aftoat Lane. 
Keoot, ai^. Soft I pulpy. Line. 
Ke». "■ To lock. 
Keioht, yiir(> j>. Caught. Spemer. 
EbiK, v. To stand crooked. Lane. 
Ebil, t. A hav cock. North. 
Kkibtt, m^. Dainty. North. 
KsivEft, e. A bamper. Yorkth. 
Kbl, t. A sort of sonp. 
Sblcs, t. A blow. Lint. 
Keld, (1) c. To tbatnp. NorlAumi. 

(2) (. A well. CravtTh 

(3) t. The amooth part of water 
when tbe rest ii lougb. North. 

(4) adf. Covered with scales. 
The otter then thit keepi 
In Iheir wild riTcn, ui tlidi buhl, and 

And feed! on fish, ■hjcb nnder *Ua 

He with his iiU fceC ud keen teeth 
doth kill. Drayln, Ar»a'( Aw^ 

Kbldb. n. (A.-S.) To become cold. 
Kel»,(J)o. To cool. 
(2) I. Time and place; circam- 

Kblt, (1) (. A fool, or lubber. 

(2) I. Tbe incision mide by the 
aie when felling a tree. WariB. 

(3) o. To wrench. B'arw. 
Kbliage, e. Tbe plant arscimart. 
Kelino, *. A ipeciei of codfish. 
Kelk, (1) V. To beat leverely. 


(2) e. To belch. North. 

<3} «. A large rock. Cumi. 

(4) (. Tbe roe of flah. North. 
Kbu., (I) a. A child's ctnl ; »aj 

Cotering Uke net-work, ai the 
omentum in tbe intestine*, a net 
for hair ; also tbe conea of silk- 
worms, &c.; afllmoverthe eyea. 
(2) I. The garment worn by 
females neit the sldn ; a petti. 

J. Tore 

Kellow, I. Black-lead. North. 
KBIJ.DB, I, A white soft stone 

found in tin-mines. Comm. 
Kelp, a. (1) A crook to bang a pot 

over a Are. North. 

(2} Seaweed burnt forthe potten. 


(3) A young crow. Cumi. 
KEI.T, I. Undyed clnth made from 

black and white wool, 
Kkltes, t. (1) Order; condition. 
If the ornui of prayEr be out of JreUer, 
—iiaw on we pnjrf Barrai. 

(2) Rubbish; a confuted maas. 

(3) Money; cash, Yorkth. 

(4) An awkward fall. Norlh. 


Exm, (1) «. To comb. 

<2> (. A Btninghold. North. 
KsHBiHa,!. AhrewiDgtub. Line. 
KiuELiH, (. A tnb. 
EiHHET, adj. Pooliah. Shrignk. 
Knip, (1}>. {J..S.) Achuopion; 

a knight. 

<!) I. A boir. a(f. 

(3) V. To itrWc nith. North, 

(4) t. A ipedes of eel. 
KiupiftiE-HAN, I. A ttBirlor. 
KEHPS,(.Hiirimongwool. JVbrfL 
KuipsTSH,f, A female who cleaned 

EiHss, 1. A looM MRt ot ganoent 

for women. 
Kbn. (. (1) A churn. Nortk. 

(2) A meuure of Com. Yorbh. 

It i> a hundred-weight of hesvier 


(3)Kine; oien. 
KaHcB,«.(l) The put of ahaj- 

■tack immediitely in nae or 

cutting down. Su^. 

(2) A ipraiD. NortA. 
Hkhus, aitj, Natural; kind. Kendt- 

Hcht, nttarallf. 
K-Ksi,arlj.{A.-S.) Sharp; earnert. 
KiNiT, t. (1) A imall hoond. 

(2) Aah-coloor. 
Eknnb, (1) B. {A.-S.) To know; 

to knaw \ty right ; to teach. 

(5) t. Knowledge ; aigbt. 

mioptmiiujv hnilded. 
ioKlcf, Saanlfot Maut, Iftn. 

EiBNBL, c. Toharhanr, laidofthe 

Kennbn, «. Half a bniheL North. 
KEHNm, J. Come Welsb cloth. 
KzNHiNo, 1. (1) The dittance one 

(2) An inkling. North. 
Eensback, adj. Perrerse. Yorkth. 
KiNBB, V. To ibnt np cloie. Leic. 
KiNstLL, v. To beat. JVortA. 
Sghspbcklii>> adj. Coaipicaaiul* 

- — '-'-l. North. 


K(o, a, Ajaekdaw. 
KiorT, t. A cui. North. 
Kap, B. (I) To retch with dcknBH. 

(2) To He IB wait. YoHah. 

(3) To catch. 

Kbfe, (1) t. {AS.) Care. See Keep. 

(2) B. To meet. 

(3) P. To leave. 
Keppbn, v. To boodwinli. 
Keppt-ball, (. Thegameofband- 

Kbb, (. \A.-S.) Ba^eii; oecaaioii. 
An Imiidred knlfklsa god* oSiir, 
Hu bettu DO mar wepen ber. 

O, of WurvOi. r. B8. 
Kebch, t. k sort of pan. Danm. 

\ {^-' 

f cloth. 


embroidered cloth giwa by a 
lady to her knight, which he wai 
bound to place on hii helmet, 
and wear for her aake. 
EBncBBB, a. An aiumal'a canb 

Kebb, t. {A.-S.) T« recoter. 
Eaar, {Vjpart.p. Cut; curted. 

(2) t. An incition; the funow 
made b; a aaw. 

(3) *. A lajer of tnrf. Wat. 
Kebl, f . The loin, at kidaer. Wtit. 
Kebm, tr. To dig; to hoe. Srbum. 
Kebh, v. (1) To turn from flower 


(2) To cnnlle. Wul. 

(3) To talt tnaat. 

(1) To ilmmcr. Somir—t. 
Kkkmb, (1) (. The nunc fonaerlj 

giien to the lawait Iriih foot- 

(2) (. A low penon. 

(3) p. {AS.) ToMwwithcom. 
Ktmmg, corn-bearing. Kent. 

Kbbnbl, (. (1) (A..N.) A battle- 
ment. See CrmeUe. 
(a) A grain ; a pip, 

(3) A awelling or knob of fleah. 

(4) The dug of • heifer. North. 
Kbbnbllb, t. The kiog'i enl 


KSE ( 

Ebsf, v. To scold ; to fjiknaiic. 

KBams, I. Rock. Gaw. See Car. 
KcBKY, t. A. large aproa. Well. 
KBBR¥-iiBKB.i.BDrr, 1. A iniiteriel 
of wbich jerid» wcni fbrmeily 

KxuB,' (1) t. (^..5.) Wattz- 

(2) 1. CoDT^e. Nerti. 

(3)v. To cover a wall with rijte. 
Skosek, o. To chriaten. North. 
Eebve, ». (^..£) To cat; to 

KK»CBTS,prtl. t. Cut. 

ICesungs, (■ White bullace. Dtt. 
Cbslof, t. A stomach med foe 

rennet. Norli. 
Exas, 1. A cap. Damn. 
Eksson, t. A Chiiitiui. £moor. 
KmsT, (1) 0, To c«t. 

(2) t. A twist ; a kaot. 
KxaTKB, i. The abbreriation of 

CbiisK^iber. North. 
KssTntN, adj. CroM j quorretiorae. 

Kkbtin, 1. A spades of plum. Der. 
KBeTKii., *. An nddle-bead. Suf. 

Kjrr, If. Carrion; filth. Kel. 

Kethbnt, / «-av,tbe curio Q-dow. 
Kbtch, (1) r. To catch. 

(2) I. A tub ; a barrel. /Teif. 

(3) «. To become haid in cooling. 

Setchbb, «. An wund'a canL 

KtfTK, ». To cut. 


(2) 0. To dfninisli in nze. 

KxTTU, e. To tickle. 
Kettlb-casb, t. The purple oichii. 

KBiTLK.nAT, t. A sort (rf lealbti 

bat worn in the ISth cent. 
Kbttle-hbt, t. A net nsed for 

mackerel. South, 
EirTLi.rLNt, «. Niae-piui. 

Bniiirdt. laau-fvit, Boddj-boarls, 
ta>jJea, tmuirki, Bliovcl-boardi, Joi and 

Kbtti-b-biioci, b. a tmock-froek. 

Kbttt, u{i. Worthless. JVor^A. 
Kbtal, t. Coarse ipar. 2)n-A. 
KavBL,i.(l) Aborse'sbitj agag. 

(2) A large hammer. North. 
KavBLiKQ, (. Tbe name giTCB at 

Brighton to the skate. 
Kbtbkb, e. To corer ; to recorer. 
Kevih, I. Part of a nmud of beef. 

Kavis, V. To bhibbeT. £«c. 
KiTige.e. To renreUicldBg about t 

to beat. Line. 
Egtvbl, t. To widk chuaiily. 

Kbw.kaw, od*. Awry J wrong. 
Kewb, s. Irons for the boltomi of 

shoes. South. 
Kewti, r. To kitten. Pater, To 

mew. Pr. P. 
Kex, \ ,. (J..S.) Tbe drr stalk 

KECK8IB, / d{ hemlock, and some- 
times of other plants. 
Eev, I. (1) The principal daw in a 

hawk's foot. 

(2) Tbe fruit of the ash. 
Kbv.cold, a^j. Verj Cold. Shaie^. 
KiTH-wirae, i. The left hand. 

Ketubb, (. A enuU deacriptton of 

ferret. iS^im. 
EsyiAND, a^. Over-nice. Cami. 
Ei. Quoth. JVsWA. 
KiB, D. To fence', to hedge. Jlra. 
KrBBAOE, #. Re&ue. Eait. 
Kibble, (I) c. To braise malt, 

beans, &c. Shropih. 

(2) *. Sticks for firewood. £U- 
iHng-axe. an ue for cutting fire- 
wood. IFfti. 

(3) t. A stick with a knob, naed 
in several popular games. 

(4) t.Thebucketof adraw-weH] 
the abaft of a mine. Dnon. 
(5)v. Towslklamelf. B*^. 


EiBBLB-coTiBLS,v. Tocreue. Orf. 
EiBBT, adj. Chapped. Det. 
KiHB, D. To]«er. Zmc. 
EiBsir, (. An oaier bukct. 
EiCHBL, I. (1) {A..S.) A gmin 

(2) Rabbi; itonc. A qiurrTilitn'l 

Kick, (1) «. To sttmmer. EUt- 
hammtr, ■ atammerer. Dn. 

(2) V. To iting. Far. d. Kickith, 
irritable. North. 

(3) i. The plant pobui dm(i. 
(*) 1. A novelty. A kiek t» one'* 
gallop, a itrange whim. 

KicsLB, a<|t. Fickle. IFm/. 

1 (l)o4f.Alndl. 


Kickshaw, >. (laid to be derived 
Irom Fr. qaetgtie cAoit.) A made 
dith in cooker; ; a coicomb. 
With Iwiaama. rsjout, anl whsUoe'er 
Of conl7 Hctikam now in fuhiDn US. 

Kick-dp, i. A lort of balance used 
for weighing: halfpence in the 
latter part of the ISth cent. 

Kid, (l)prel. t. M>de known. 

(2) (. A fagf^t. Kidding, making 
kids or amall faggoti. 

(3) (. A pod. Var. i. 

(4) 1. A tub ; a paimicr, or bu- 
ket Suff. 

KiBC&ow, 1. A calf-crib. Chah. 

KiDDiN, a^. Made of kid leather. 

KiBDiEB^ ». (1) A butcher whoie 
boBineia wholly or principally 
liea in killing young and imall 
•oiniBla, M lamba, piga, calvea, 
and kidt. Stiff. 
(2) A huckiter. Eatt. 

KicKa-r-w.c.Br, \ 

Staiti up in hole^ itiiili 

Tlij grut lljhti laora 
ben. FcemiKiiJ.ltil 

EiDDLi, (I) 1. A wear in a river, 
with a narrow cut to catch fiih. 

(2) adj. Unaettled. Kmi. 

(3) v. To cuddle. Bat, To en- 
tice, or ecu. Son, 

(4J». Spittle. Wnl. 
(S) c. To rear or bring young 
animala up without their mother 
or dam, as a fbttl. The term is 
lometimes applied to an infant 
that bai loit its mother, wboie 
treatment it very little better 
than that of Che foaL Stff. 

KiDDoH.f. A loin of meat, Devon. 

KiDK, t. A abed made of boughs 
to keep a calf when sucking. 

KiD-roi,(. A young fox. Shaie^, 

KiDCB, adj. Brisk; lively. Ifoif. 

KiDWABB, t. Peaa, beana, &e. 

KiBVEL, f. A qnantity. YoritX, 

KirpB, t. A corruptioa of kith. 

Kirr, arlj. Awkward. Weil. 

Ki-isa. oi^'. Dirty, filthy, applied 
to children of two or tbree years 
of age wlioobeythe calls of nature 
as they walk or go about Eatt. 

KiLK, t. (1) (A..S.) An ulcer, or 

(2) A haycock. North. 
KiLEB, (. A term in mining for 

amall leathera to fasten chuos. 
KiLK, I. Charlock. Sua. 
Kill, i. A kiln. 
KiLLAs, «. Clay alate. Deri. 
KiLL-cLOTB, 1. A Bort of hood. 
KiLL-cow, t. A great boaster. 
KiLLtconp, t. Asummeraet. North. 
KiLLiHOBB,!. Aneartbnut.Connr. 
KiLLBiDOB, *. Another name for 

the plant arimick. 
KiLPAT,t. Greaaeclogged in wheel 

stocks. Doraet. 
KiLPs.j. Pot.hooka, North. 
KiLBON, I. The keel of a barge. 

Kilt, (1) v. To tuck np clothea. 


(2) odf. Slender; lean. Yorkth. 



KiLTSK, e. To dawdle. Etut. 
KiLTEBS, *. Tooli. Euex. 
KiHBEKLiN, t. Strangen. Dorut. 
KiuBLKD, pari. p. Humbled. 

EiHE, I. A tiinpIelDTi. 
Kiif BD, adj. Crosa tempered ; awry. 

~ :. Ste Xi 



' t(. A B&ltiDg tub. 

A lab. See Ktmbmg. 
B.iHFLE.v. Toainchfcom. 
ElHT, 0$. Mouldy. line. 
Kin, (1) .. {A..S.) Kindred. 

(2) s. To kindle > light. Staff. 

(3) t. A ehap, or chilblain. 

EtNCB, t. A amall qnantilj. line. 

Kinchin. An old iluig term fur 
joung. Kinchin-eo, a lad not 
yet instructed in the arts of the 
mendieant fraternity, Emching- 
morl, a girt of a year ai two old, 
fsiried at the back of a woman 
pmfeBamg to be her mother. 

Kind. (1) i. {A.-S.) Nature ; nalnral 
diapoaition. To go out of Had, 
to do anything contrary to one'a 
proper nature. Siadkit, unna- 

(2) (. Kindred. 

(3) adj. Intimate. North, 
h) a^. Tender; soft. North. 

(5) oi^'. Proaperoiu. R'etf. 

(6) (. A cricket. Someriet. 
KiNOA. Look yonder. Si^, 
Kinder, ode. Rather. 
KiND-HABT,i. Anoldjocalarname 

for a tooth-drawer. 
EiNDLi, e. To bring forth young, 

■aid of rahhita. 
EiHDLr, u^'. (1) In accordance 

with nature; natural; native. 

(2) Well i in good health. 
KiHE, (. (1) A chink. Nta-lh. 

(2) A weasel. Sum. 
KiNU, I. An infant'a clout. Sujf. 

KlXQ-BI-rOUK-LBATB,!. A Cblld'S 

game uaed in the tSth cent. 



KiNG-cDp, (. The marsh m 
KiNOBUz, J. Crowfoot. 
KiNO-FiNOBH, t. The amall purpis 

orchia, Northampt. 
KiHs-oDTTiB, t. A main drain. 

KiNo-BABsT, t. Mentula. Did. 

KiNO-BABBT-sBDCAF.i. The gold- 
finch. King-luirry-blaekcigi, the 

KiNoo, (. Mentula; a name given 
by the nurses. Urqukart't Sab. 

KiNo's-BLOou, *. An old name for 
the peony. 

"^^n^b!^""',}'- Themelilot 

EiNc'i-swoBD, t. TheLordMayor 

of London's aword, so called be- 

canse it needed not be caniel 
downwHf da except in the presence 
of royalty. 

Ktnife, I. A knife. Somirmt. 

Kink, o. (1) To laugh loudly; to 
loae breath in coughing. In Suf. 
folk, a rope ia aaid to tinh when 
it does not run oat even from its 
eoila ; the term ia more commonly 
used when binding a load of hay 

(2)TDtwiBt,DrenUngle. North. 

(3) To revive. £att. 
KiNEEB. t. An icicle. Dorset. 
KiNE'EADET, t. The chincoogh. 

KiNEi.rNOi,f. Periwinkles. Dorul. 
KiNBEDB, i. {J.-S.) Kindred. 
KiNSiNO, f. An operation for the 

cure of a mad dog. 
1 iflkt phviitLoiu wlmt thai coquhU wis 
For H mad done or lor a muikiiiil auap 
They told me, ie 

KiNBUAN, I, This term is applied 

apecially, in Norfolk, to a cousin. 

german , and in S uffolk to anephew. 
Kip, I. The hide of a yonng boast. 
KiTB, (1) t. An oaier-baaket, used 

for catching pike, &c 

(2) adj. Wrong. Ionc. 


KIP 6 

(3) V. Td be allng;. Inc. 

(*) ., A jriniace. Cftert. 

(b)v. To belch.orTomil. North. 

(6)(. C*re;atud;. ^»f. 
EiFLiH, (. Parta o[ cod-Sab, cored 

■epuatetf . Eatl. 
KiPFE, B. To keep. 
KiFFia, (H$. (1) Lively; gty. 

(!) Amoroui, Zone. 
KiFFEH'NUT, 1. The earth-nnt. 
EiF-TRiE, t. The Tolln of a draw- 
KiRBLB, «. The windltua of a well. 
KiBCHiB,*. The midrifF. Samertel, 
EiKK, (1) (. A. chnrch. Norlh. 

(2) V. To torn upward). 
KiBHi, J. A churn. NortA. 
KiBBOHE, 1 (cormpted from Ckry-. 
KTBBiic, J torn.) Chhatian. 

Ho, u 1 uD A tyrtin vkH. would I wno 
Ifenr I— B. Jnt„ IU> <^a lU, ii, !. 
KiBTTNi, t. A aort of itiace. 
KiBTE, V. To cat coal away at the 

bottom. A miaiag term. 
KiSB, ». (Iruh.) A baaket inwliich 

turvea are canled. 
KiBEji, (l)Tbeactornaiaeaf pigs 

In eating peu or barley, when 

thrown among itraw. 

Tm mut iut Ot itr^ifiel, ttmt r»- 
rii nmmt of com- 

>'f Cattfort, i%ii. C*. 
TakUttKtpMi, aa&kit$ tfu pat. 
•re vied ia the aame aeaae. Ta 
tin lit matter, to hit (be jack, 
• term at bowla. 


The garden panay. 
KiHBs, «. SmaU •ugar-plBnu. 


EisBura-BUNCH, t. AbHihofcTcr- 

grecDt sometimea aubatitnted for 
miiletoe at Chriitmas. 

KlBSIHO-COUnTB,*. SugiT-plimM 

perfumed, to make t^ breath 

Sore your piitol holdM 
NotlliDe hut perfDmei ar kutino-andlU' 
WOiIit'i D^Km e/Moiff, !>!>•- 
Hi hhIi mvltcdintl, calltd riling-cam- 
fiaortiMnHff-oynfia- Tike hmlf ■ poand 
of refined lu^r, beio^ beatea Bud 

JTar^ JeomflMa Coat, 1(71. 
EiasiKa-CBUBT, (. The imperfect 

cniiC of a loaf, where it hu atack 

to another in baking. 
KisT, (1) D. To caat. 

(2) (. A cheat. 
KifiTiNQ, (. A funeral. North. 
Kit, (1)(. A aort of fiddle. 

{i)pret.f. C^A 

(3) «. A atnw or nuh bwtet. 

(«) 1. A fan of tool). NtrtK 
(5)*. A vend of wood; apdl. 
An oatbouM for erttle. 


(7)(. Brood ; qnan^y. 

(Bt J. A dab, ix anew. Cormt. 

(9) >. Fleah f«r dogi. Ent. 

(10) t. A conntry clown. line. 
Kit-cat, t. The name of a boy'i 

game, of tome aati^nity, and atiU 

practiaed in many localities. 
KiT-cAr-oANHio, 1. A child's game, 

nith >Iate and pencil. 
Kit. CAT-BOLL, (. A roller in form 

like a double cone meeting in the 

middle. Eatt. 



Ejtchsn, *. A te»4ini; ■ 1 
ketUe. NarlA. 


KiTCHiKBtB-saiAD, *. Oat oket 

Ditde of thin battel. I^ne. 
Kite, (1) e. To atrikc. Ob*?. 

(2) V. To preserve. Stmertet. 

(3) (. The bellr. ^srft. 
KiTSLK, V. To tickle. 

KiTB, 1. (^.-K) (1) Knowledge. 

(2} Acquaiatanee. Kith and Inn, 

friendt ud reUiiont. 

Ncitkn fnUivMriiiitfeEr.tiM urtw, 

■lull be her carver in i hubuid. 

J^^'r JWnlicr SowM^ 1, i. 

(3) A region. 
KiTHB, V. (A.-S.) To mtke known; 

to manifett. 
JkiTiNQ, 1. A woithlcu feUoiT. 

EiT-KARi, <ulj. Carelen. St^g". 
EiT-ESTS, 1. Aah-kejt. 
KiTLiHO, *. A kitten. 


igoii fatQue. 
EtT'Facib, \t. Auit of biukiu. 


KiTFAT, I. Old elofgad greate. 

commonly hftTing an old wheel 
fixed horiioatall; at the upper 
end (or the coniHiienca of pUoiq^ 
the fleab or kit thereon. 

Kin'i.B,(l)e. TotiekU^ Ntrti. 
(2) V. To kittci. 
(3)» A kettle. 

KiTTLE-iKAp.f. 01d,yoang,arnn- 
■lulfnl haoda, onaUe to aiiist In 
the harTeit on e^nal term* with 
flrtt^ate vorkmen, but who help 
them tod do other work at that 
boar time at tugher wtgci thtn 
imul. Siff. 

KirrLi-itiacK. (■ A amock-fiock. 

XiiTT,!. (1) Aoonpanf. >F«/. 

. (2) The bundle of itraw by which 

mine* are blwted. NortiL 


KiTTT.cooT, «. The watei-nii. 

Weit . 
KiTT»-wiroB, I. (1) A apeciM of 

lea-fowl. £ul. 

KiTv, V. To lade oat water, Btd*. 

KivK. See Ktitm. 

KivEL, 1. A double-headed iiop 
pick lued for forming freeitoae 
in the Portland qauriet. 

KivsB,!. A ehallow tubforcooUng 
beer. Sun. 

Kii,i. (l)AVei. 

Bat be IwUi K certune coretcu Mlow 
U bit !aa,tt, BiLMrlj, ma u dn ii > 
iit, Ttraia ta EtgliMk, 1M1. 

(3) A wild plum. Smth. 
KiESHBD,<«J;. Huikyidiy. North. 
Kst^B, v. To browie. 
Kn&bblis,*. AchBttertr. Aui. 
Knack, (I) e. To goMh tbo teatbi 

to inap; to crack. 

(2) *. A duld'i pUythiBg. 

(31 1. The right way. Euee. 
Knacdb, (. (I) A fiimet'i hu- 

neii-m^er. Eul. 

(2) A dealer in hone41e*b. 

(3) J 

I old 

(1) A collier's bone. Glmie. 
(5) A hmband vho ii not able 
to procreate. Suff. 

Knack-ha-bdt, a^. FooUhardy. 

Khacee,>. ThegaueofDiu-hidei. 
Khad, (. A knife. 
Kmao, (I) 1. A peg for cloth«i. 

me. Topail;toriTet. 

(3l f. A deer'i antler. 

(4) t. The ruQ[ed lummit of ■ 
hilL Narlh. 

(5) v. To gnaw. Luw. 

(6) t. A knot. 

Knaoot, a4t. Crou-tempered. 
Khavb, I. Grumbling. North. • 
Khap, (1) V. To tap ; to ttrike. 

(2) V. To map. Yorkih. 

(3) V. To talk »hwt. North. 
(i)v. To browse, applied to deer. 
(&) D. To frightwa bird* ftoip 
com. Wtit. 



(6)>. netopof •hin;arUng 

(7)i. ThebadQfaflawer.Sinifk. 
Knafi;, r. (J.-£) A Ud. 
Khafpan, t. A TODgh game of 

foottMll pUjed in Soutb Wilet. 
Knaffe, I. (J.'S.) A knop. 
Enaffish, a4)'' Peevish. 
Ehafflb, n. To nibble, fferlh. 
Knares, I. The kidnef) ot taj 

■aimiL Si{f. 
Khakli, >. Adwuf. fforlh. 
Knablt, adj. Strong. Somen. 
KhaBiBX, I. A cliff. Gavojpu. 
Kkakrt, a4i. Knotty. 
Knabt, (. Saoff of a candle. 
KnaICh, v. To knock, line. 
Khaftib, 1 

'o nibble, ffbrf A. 

K»AVE,(1) I. (^.-a) Alad; »»«r.. 

nnt. Ktuat-ehild, n boy. 

(2) e. To leparate corn from the 

broken itraw or chuff. Wane. 
Knatb, 1 1. Tbe frtme contuning 
EHAFB, / tbe straw canied np the 

ladder to the (hatchn. EaiL 
Khawi, v. To know. 
Viritn, prtt. f. Kneaded. 
Kmse-hafbed, a4f. Laid by wind 

and entan^d, as com. Sooth. 
1Kk«b-holi.t, I. Bntcher't broom. 

ExKB-ENAPT, adj. Enoek-kneed. 
Khkistsads, I. Pieces of leather 

woni by thatcbers to protect tbe 

knees. Snwa. 
Ehvhtkinos, f . Garters. 
Khbf, v. To bite slightly. North. 
EnsTTAK, *. A cord for tyiag tbe 

monlbofawck. Smth. 
^tnw,:(,A.-S.) klLate. pi Kwm. 
KNiBBBna, t. yonng deer first be- 
ginning to have homi. 
KNiFB-oATr. Hospitable. Line. 
Eniplb, v. To pilfer. North. 
KHiQBTBODift. Chivalry. CAoMrr. 
Eniqbtle, a^. Quick; dcTei. 


t. A CDckold. 

EHiaBT-or.TKB-Pon-, >. A tntn 
hired to swear wisely, or give 
false bail ; a cheat ; a iharpCT. 

A hagii ^ tit ftml, qootli he, for n 1 
un Icumed : a felW iLat will ivcua 
jon any thing for twclrii p«ice; bM 
mdeede I urn a spinte tb jiiLtim uid 

muDc Blupe. okIt to Kt mEn ti^elber 
by tbt eiLKi, and aend »ala by bQ- 

^ut'j ifcm fntlBHUf Sigyl., 1»S. 

Khit-back,!. The plant comfrey. 
Knitch, I. A bundle. Semen. 
Knits, ». Particles of lead oi« 
Enittlb, (. A string attached to a 

sack or bag to tie it np. Sat». 
Kmdb, I. A round tnmoar. South. 
Knobbes, "[t. The hart in its se- 


Knobhli, c. To hammer gently. 

Kmobble-tbeb, I. The bead. Siff. 
Knobbly, a4i- .F"" °' k^ota. 
Knobloceb, *. Small round coal*. 

Zme. Called inUJia^ in some 

Knock, e. To move briaUy about. 

KHOCKiNa, t. A buntii^ term for 

the cry of bare-hounda. 

Knockinos, I. Native lead ore. 

Knocelbdbboinabd, (. A rough 
clown. Paligratie. 

Khoci-ue-dowk, I. strong ale. 

KwocK-gALTi I. A fboL Si^, 

KHOcs-STONEgi.Tbeitone on which 
ore is broken, in mining. 

KHonoBs.^rt.;. Kneaded. Wor(*. 

Knoddbn-caei, I, A cake made 
from a batch of bread by knead- 
ing bntter or Urd iaioit. Aerti- 



Khocm, *. (1) The co»ne p«rt of 
hemp. Wetl. 

(2) NtD«pin>. Yortih. 
Knokled, odr- ^*titigcn;g7 pra- 

Kholl, (1) I. A nmnd bill, of an 

neat eleTitioo. 

(2)v. To ton a bell. 

(31 1. A turnip. Smt. 

(4) r. Th« woodea ball med in 

the giime of band;. 
Eholbtib, «. ThecBiHirnftinfHt. 
KiiaF,,.m(J..S.) Abnd. 

(2) A knob. 

(3) A button. 

(4) The knee-cap. 

(5) A large tab. Cumi. 
Knoffid.o^f. Partiallf dried, ap- 
plied to clothea. Line. 

Knofpit, (. A imall lump. Satt. 
Knok, f. A dwarf. Norli. 
Knobhbd, cdj. Rugged. Gavty/jie, 
KNOKKiia, adj. Full of knots. 
Knot, (. (1) A bou, in archi- 
tecture; the ke;r of ■ vault; a 

12) A garden pUI. WtH. 
h) A rockr laminit. North. 
(4) A puzzle. 

ENOTcasL. To cry a vmrntm 
tnofcM, to gire public notice 
a man nill not pajr hia wife's 
debts. Lane. 

KNOT-OH.Aaa, a. Tbe palggmnm 
aviealart of Linnnua. It wai 
todentlf anppoied to have the 
power of atopping animel growth. 

Cocue, cone, Ocdtr, let'i be 
■IK, the chUd'i > f>Uicrle« 
ut thtr ibDu^d put him in 




KnoTLiNa, *. Chitteriin). Somm. 
Knottb, I. A bird, the eJacAu 

Billomiot Ktj. 
Knottu:! *• A KItle knob. 

' KOU 

KMonrNOi, «. Light com. CAak. 
KnoTTLMD, adj. Stunted. Satitk. 
KMomr-ToiiuY, ». Oatmeal with 
boiled milk poured on it. NartM. 
KNOWJ.ECHINO, I. Knowledge. 
Knowlsdok, r. To acknowledge. 
Ifixe arae lent iiiiiiplia, whidi buw- 

Bnaifnfi Wartt, B. t. 
Khowth, ». To know. 
Khubbli, (1) a. A little knob. 

(2) v. To handle awkwardi;. 


<3) V. To wrap up untidily. 
Khuohik, r. To giggle. Starty, 
Kmccekb, b. To neigh. Soufh. 
Khdckle, t. Cuius? Vrjaharft 

Kndcelbb, 1. Bandi of a book. 
Kkur, I. (1) A knot, or knob. 

(2) A round piece of wood 

used in a game called ims-^Jt 

Kncbl, (. A dwarf. Northmmi. 

See Knor. 
Kwm, part. p. Knit; tied. 
Kntl, «. A knell. 
Ekylle, v. To toll bella. 
KocAY, ». Ajakea. Pr.P. 
Kococ, I, A cuckoo. 

S, and « miMa liorke hjt *ell«, 
lit hit bwe htrtt j-w^e: ud 
e je ban (orijj hyt, ;e mnU 

And tT I aft vd CTflpfl the iiw£r» 

And the i>;rfe be id Ibe vaye, 
AnoaD Kbawe wjUe iwere, by cc 

IT H ban no^ T-Ju^e, take a jtovUe 
tlUlc.fl'ii-oriu., oiuaiDnyuHeeiiM 
woUe lerve tew. ForUmflMMS. 

Ebakbnel, (. A cake. 

frOdbiHj boTDja barTth dod. 

IViwt, JIS^ 16(i Mil. 

-vCoogIc — 

Kkytk, 1. A gnve. 
Ko, ». {j..S.) A cow. 
Kvi, t. (1) A tntll piece ofbruid. 
(2) The catch-word in ■ drama, 

Hnta Keape, tou us toj hmDU ; 

for yoai put ih hif. ffmpf. lab an 
Hill SI Cambridge with liie jw. 

KnNDBKE, adj. Nearer of kin. 
kottbr, i. a ' 
Ktdi ■ ■ ■ 


KyiHiTB,iii{|, Half-wi(ted. jKrq^Ji. 

Xymeat. Uertf. 
Evisa, a4f. Dirty. StfJ^. 
Eteb, t>. (.<.-£} To loolc Iteid. 

Ktetb, (■ Erectio penis. 

• flit Itmli^ Jfftiu kvtyr." 

KrLOEB, I. Small Highland cattle. 

KYiiDt,piiTl.p.(J..S.) Begotten. 
Kyne, I. KiD. 

Ktnobike, t. (^..5.) Akingdom. 
Ktnltme, I. The beartb.atock. 

KrrrB, prel. t. Caught. Heanw. 
Kyr«, 0. (J.-S.) To change. 
Ktme, «. (A^N.) Quairy. A 

hnnting term. 
RnrBn, pari. p. Caaght, 
Kn, t. (1) A kei. 

(2) Abnnj. Pr.P. 

ti,a^. Low. JforlA. 

Lab, I. A blab. " I^bie hjt Mrbjite, 

and owt yt muste." Provert, MS. 

lilh emt. 
L*-BEE. Let be. An eipIetiTC. 
Labbbr,v. (1) Tobathe. NortAumi. 

(2) To splaih with dirt. North. 

(3) To loll the tongue outj to 
Uck up. SoBiimt. 

Labbcb.s. To whip, beat. Perhape 

for Lamieee, 
Label, t. A tasaeL 
Lablb, tr. To babble. 
LAB3NBTrA, I. (Hal.) The name 

of an old dance. 
LABnAB, I. (^on.) Lips. 
Lack. (l)ti.{.rf.i.iV.J To tie;to bind. 

(2) I. A cioes-bcaiD. 

(3) *. To streak, ai witli Ueea ; 
to ornament. 

(<) B. To mil with apiritt. 
Lmtd cofte is often mentioned 
in writers of the latter part of 
tbe 17th cent., as also laced tta. 
Vo, fiith^ pnthce, capUia, l«t'i t>> 
drink B dish ofUe'd coffoe, ani talk of 
ths timu. WgciaUy. Plain-ieaUr.Jtll. 
(5) v. To beat. To btf t Img 
'- --■■ ■ gi^j 


him a good beUing. 
Laced-udtton, «. A term Ua « 

Ctslr. Oirfa<infiirmDtl(m,(irkldr 
CiUU. A Sns lacy •mllm 

Ijsiid.' B.Jo,u..M-iii.ofXat.J^n^ 

Lacb-hoksb, ». An implement used 

by lace-makera to support the 

pillow in their lap. Nortbaa^l. 

Lacert, f. {Lat^ A fleshy mulcle. 

Lachk, (1) e. {AS.) To calchj 

m «(r. {J..N.) Sluggish. 

(3) «. A mud.hoie or bng. Yarkth. 

Lachbebb, I. {A.-li.) Negligence. 

Lack, (4.-5.) (1) .. Blame; .spot. 
■ (2) V. To blame. South. In 
Norfolk, to lack any thing, is to 
have an indifferent opinion of it. 
{3)t. Want. ZocjtnairMmerly 
uied nucb in composition, in 
forming Buch nouni aa laektinm, 
one not poBsened of linen, lack. 
batre, a dull person, Ac. 
(4) ». Hurt, or damage. Leie. 

LAcKADAiBY,((wc(,)Alas! Laeka. 
daiaicai, very affected. 

Lacebe, v. To winder from borne. 


Lackey, ». A footman. 
Laceits, a. Oddi and endi; 

Lackt, v. To beat loundly. On. 
Lacit-botb, I. Thin-Boted tboei. 
LiCToiB, 1. [Lot.) A wiittite for 

, 1 "«'. 


r, (. A Uttle lad. 

To admit watn bji )eajug;e. 
\a)v. To fiuten with ire ' 

(4) e. To abnM much. 

(5) I. A drain, JVo;^: 
Labb-oobn, (. A long-handled 

pail for laijing inter. Dfr6. 
Ladb.paii., \i, a pal) for lading, 

LADi-scooF, JiViirtAdinpf. 
Lades, t. The frame work on the 

aides of a waggon. 
JLadb-saddle, I. A saddle fcii k 

borK canning ftliartheD. 

Ladob, v. To lay eggi. Snon. 

IiADOEN, «. To close the aeems of 
wooden ieB«el8 which have 
opened from drought, lo as ti 
nabe them bold wal«-. Chtii. 


plant arum mactdalum. 
LuiiEs'-BSDBTBAW, (. The plaot 

XjADiea'-couB,!. The plant $candix. 
LADUs'.cueBiON, «. Mossy saxi- 
LADiBB'-oLOiTaB, I. Bote^Uru pid- 

Ladibs'-haib, a. 'Die c^Um 

Ladies'- LA CB8, », Striped ribbon 

Lambs'- LooKivo-QL ASS, i. The 

Ladiis'-mantle, (. AldttmiOa. 
LADisa'-HTLK, t. ConfiiiH baleui. 
Ladibs'-beal, «• £ryoiua n^/ra. 
Ladies'-thistle, t. The can&M 

1 have been id manj a parlanr 
Whn* urniDiiB Lstc beai plenlji 

I hfard a latUrnvtij 

Botti a nighl aud^a ifsj, 
And ict oouM Bcvce IcJl nxntr. 

Dr. Wilii, tlu BttirfM. 

Ladle, c. To dawdle. Nmf. 
Ladbon,*. (5^011.) A thief. 
Lad's-lovb, (■ Southernwood. 
Ladon,*. a harthen. Sattlh. 
LAnT-BiBD, >. A prostitute. 
Ladt-bdddick, ». A kind of apple. 
Ladt-clock, I. The lady-bird. 

LADy-LONOinoB, I, A name for 

some kind of rsgetahle. 

For fnilt Ui«^ fritton, bedlezs, haiij' 
chDkn, and laig-lanffiiKt. 

lyiyi SKifmiam, Hi, t. 

Ladt-oe-thb-laeb, a. A cant teno 

for a prostitute. 
Lady's-boweh, (. The clematis. 
Laot'b-tihoeb, I. jtnihgK* legU' 

Ladv's-holb, a. An eld game at 

Lady's-niohtoaf, t. Cantertmry 

LADT's-BnrrtsB, >. The oame of 

a meadow plant. Nartkampt. 
Ladt'b-slipfeb, t. Helleborine, 

calceoba, or calcrta Marim. 
Lady's-suoce, a. The cardamine; 

The great bindweed. Nortkam^, 
Ladt'b-tabte, t. Boiled treacle. 

See Cieggvm. 
Labr, t. A barn. Yorith. 
Lave, i. Kemunder. Nm-fh, 
Laft, prtt. f. Left. 
Latt, \ I, The number of eggi 

"1 ». The nu 
a, J laid by a 
'. Ver.d. 

tiiwl fa 


LAO e 

Li.a, (\) adj. Ulei slow. 

(2) ». The last or lowest fit. 

(3) 0. To retard, 

(i) t. A stand for s binel; the 

Itavc. Norih. 

(8) ti. To crsck or split by ei- 

posure to the bud. Var. d. 

(6) *. The name of « game at 

Iaqabaq, t. A laz; fellow. S\^. 
L&OB, v. To wash. An old cant 

Of \rrt fixe eaJIqQBj fot a ^^tf-^Aii^E. 
And EDon. wUeD id llic cellcr It \% \ti&, 
llhe carmui and ■ine.parUn unit 1 
pikl. in^lOT'i Woria, V& 

LaGO*. v. (1) To ran. 


(2) To »pb«h with dirt. 

(3) To lay. 

Laoged, adj. Id ct>c1>, ttom heat 

or hasty drying. Leie, 
LaoobKi '. A narrow piece of 

ground; a green lane. Wett. 
Laqsih,*. (1) The projecting part 

at the bottom of the stave of a 

cask. Nartk. 

(2) The angle between the side 
and hottom of a wooden dish. 

(3) The pendent part of the hay 
on ■ stack, corrapanding to the 
eaves of a boiue. North. 

Laoh, I. {A.'S.) Law. Laghberar, 

Laostb, prtt. t. of lacckt. Cwght. 
Lao-last, t. A loiterer. 
Laslt, adt. Behind all. 
Lao-tail, i. A loiterer. 
Lao-tibth, J. The grindera. Flario, 
XiAO-wooD,a. The large sticks from 
the head of an oak. Dorul. 

) LAI 

Laqwokt, (. The butter-bnr. 
Laicbi, v. To catch. 
Laid, (1) adj. (fr.) Ugly. 

(2) Dead I killed. Su/. 

(3) Trimmed, as with lace, Stc. 
{4) Slightly frozen. Norf. 
(b)parl.p. Platted; contriTed. 

(6) When a coal-pit ceaaea 
working, it is said to be laid in- 
Laid in yimr disk, laid to your 

mpi any, thej »iU wnjl for revtn 
lit ° i^in'St i^lfll 

The vMIe liiin pleje ]i 


Laik, ». A layer. 

Lainch, t. A long stride. Nartlu 

Laink, (1) B. {A.-S.) To conceaU 

(2) (. Concealment. 

(3)pre(. t.pLoHayt. 
Laikeb, ». {J.-N.) A thong, or 

or othn mannji 1eIb;T men makjt 

LaIB, (1) t. Soil; land; dirt. 

(2) ». The haunt or resting place 
of a beait, wild or tame. 

(3) D. To fall; to lie down. 

LAtBD, (1) I. A lord. North. 

(2) adj. Learned. For Lered, 
Laibe. v. To wade through mire. 

Laibie, I. An aery of hawks. 
Laibly, adj. Idle. Cumb. 
Lmstowb. See Loy-ttali. 
Laitcb, d. To loiter ; to laugh and 



titter. Laitchety, idle, eve- 
less. Var. d. 

LuTB, V. To search for. North. 

Laith, (1) adj. Loathly. 
(2) 0. To incite. Yorlah. 

LiKB, (1) >. {A.-S.) A fault. 

(2) a. k aoit af fine linen, of 
which shirts were made. 

(3) p. {A..S.) To play. 

(4] *. A player, or actor. North. 

(5) V. To like. 

(6) (. An open put of the riier, 
or the waters in the fen, when * 
hud frost seta in, in ( drowned 
year, to which the wild fowl re- 
tort for food. 

(7) *- A smtll riTulet. Detm. 
ifi) 0. To lap up. Lane. 

(9) o. To poor gently. Norlk. 

(10) P. TobecostiTB. North. 
Laeb-wakb, t. The natchii^ of a 

corpse. See Ijehe. 
Laein, a. (1) A colloquial con- 
traction of ladi/km, which ia a 
diminuliie of lady. Our lakin, 
onr lady. 
Sj OUT lakin, ijT, not by dj vill. 

(2) t. A fault. 

(3^ s. To catch, or obtain. 

(4) r. To Ucki to be wanting. 
I,Ai., t. A spoilt child. Eatt. 
LALDH.tiu, (. A simpleton. Eait. 

LAU.OF, B. To beat. 
1.AIJ.OPB, >. A sUttem. North. 
Lah, r. To beat. 
Lamba«, U. To beat soundly. 

While the men arc lain« ta beara olf 
with Earn, h^, and ihoutdm, Happy 

^taoi Iwicakld hefor' ^™" '' 
Kiwt, o/Jfnr WetU, p. 115. 

Rnt, vitb Ihia hand wutuid thni ahout 

Aid with Oil da(ga Inttilie UmUM, 
IkatX ef'sa. S. ^Bma.. riga. i L 

Laubast, e. To beat. OitlTi Rai. 

Lahh.boq,!. Alamb before shear- 
ing. North. 

Laubie, I. An alembic. 

Lamblace, v. To black shoes. 
Ion that newli amt hnm ImiUclng 

Lambots, ». The drapery vhich 
eame fcoia below the tasses over 
the thighs in ancient anaODir. 

LAHsaBH, f.jii. Lambs. 

Lahbskin, ». A glutinous snb- 
stance found ia linegar. Liac, 

LAHasEiNB, I. A blow. 


: of i 

game at cards. Shropih. 

Lawb'i-lbo, *. Nasal dirt. Far.d. 

LAUB'a-aoA&TBKS,!. Wbitcgooac- 

Lahb'b-tongub, s. Rib-graaa. 

LAMB-encsLiNQs, I. The flowers 
of biid's-foot clo«er. North. 

Laub's-wool, t. A hquor, com- 
posed of ale and roaited apple*. 
Th< pulpc of th( roatcd ippla, in uobl 
herlDUreor flre.accardiiiE Ulho ptaX- 
neiK of the KpplcE (cipei^BliT the pom«. 

vater, laboured togftber unLiLl it conic 
Umia^f. 'jo^ot't'o^MTi, f. 1460. 

ni'i IU>, bf Q. PaU. 
Laub's-wool-sev, t. \Vliite orbi- 

calar maases of cloud. Devon. 
Lambtob,(. Tbebird's-foot trefoil. 

Lake, (1) t. (_A..S) Loam ; mud. 

(2) adv. Often. See Lomt. 
Lahen, t. An amulet. 
Laiietkb, 1. A lame man. NortK 
Lahioeb, «. A cripple. Weit. 
Lauinos, f. The partings of coal 



Slqf. The fourth puting in the 

boilj o( the coal la cBlled th« 

LAM.tAKENB, f. AmM nuoilahnn, 
Lam>i,(1)<. a plate of metBl. 

(3) e. To caich eeU. Suf. 
Lauuihs, adj. Huge. 
LAHHacE,(l)v. Toaloncli. Var.d. 

(2) I. A Isrge quantity. Korf. 

Lamp, (1) r. To ihtoe. 

A cluxrhntn did vlth hsr hoset ariu 

That lamfci clMtFr tbBI it did taefare. 

iXmitt, Cii. ITiri, lui, tl 

(2) t. A cradle of fire used ii 
■ coal-pit to make a draughi of 
air. Stiff. 
Lahpass, «. A disorder iocideid 
to horaea and cattle. 

fliE moulU ot IicbbU, nhea Bnch lon^ 
barbies grow in thdr aiouthfti, thai they 
cannot well fnd. JHwA., ^w. J)icl. 

Lahpay, 0. To beat. 
Lahpeb-eil, t. The lampre}r. £}wf, 
Lamploo, (. A boj'a game. 
Lampobs,!. (_DuIc>i.) a sort of thin 

Laupbon, I. The sea lampreT. 
hAMPasD, pari. p. Lamed. Wtil. 
Laupub. I. A Btkipid felloiv. 
LAu'g-DBAsa,!. Earlygrasa. Wut. 
Lahaky, t. {Lai.) A wool naie- 

Lanck, 0. To rouie or start up ; 

to BhoQt It. 

Lancboatb, ». {J.-N.) A sort of 

apear. prohibited by the ataiute 

of 7 Rich. II, 
LANCBKNiaHT, 1. (Ft. bufpunet.) 

A fool'ioldier. 
Lancelbt,*. Al»ueet. 
Lancbfesado, It. An ofBcer 
LABCEPRisADo,/under a corpo- 

rali the loweat officer of foot. 
Lanceb, i. a lancet. 

And cut thenielTH, alter their muiner, 

1 BtV', liiH, 88, oW edit. 

Land, «. The ground helween the 

1 ploughed Add. 




Lawd-daw, I. A crow. Ifortkampl. 
Land-dbakb, (. The land-tail. 

Landed, adj. CoTered with dirt. 

Landie, I. A mao who attenda at 
the mouth of a abaft to receive 
the kibble, &e. 

Landhhib, (. One who naaliea 

Landebh, I. A grate. North. 

Landpeatbbb,*. a bay of the tea. 

LAMDtBAPiBS, 1 I. Persons who 
l.ANDi.oupEn», K Oj their country 
LONDLBPEBS, J (0 Kvokl the la.w. 

WhetliiT the gorRiiDn of tLt eommrm- 
weillb haTe tuffend palmHtera, Im- 
tnnB-»ller9, atage-plajen, Bawce-boicH. 

vugabondB, UnOiaipers, ind lueh lika 

AnafM, TryaUr^tUan-i o 


Land-lhwo, t. Tbe aah-coloored 
ground liver-wort. Svff. 

Landmalk, ». A reaened rent, 
charged upoa a piece of land by 
the chief lord ij the fee, or a 
Bubsequent meatie owner. 

Land.memd.b. To level ground after 
wheat has been sown. GImie. 

Landhcbap,*. a landscape. Shirkg. 

LAND-SHAsn, (, The headland in 
a Geld. Devon. 

LAMDiHDT,*. Allnd-flood. Htrrf. 

Landbkip, (. A landscape. 

LAKDaTBAEE, ». ThB iroH which 
is fixed on tbe aide ol the head 
of Che plough. Batl. 

Lanb-wbih,!'. Best-bamnr. £^J. 
ANO-YABDs, I- Two BtaTCS Or 
18 ft. make a land.yard, and 160 
land-yards an acre. Conm. 

Lahb, t. A piece of iron at the end 


LAN 1 

ofthebeitm of i plouj^h to which 
the bona are Aiteocd. Line. 

Lanbimq, t. Goncalmcnt. Nbrlh. 

Lano, (1) adj. Long. !f«rih. 
(2) V. To belong. 

Lamsan, 1 «. Tbciocketofaipade. 

LANGIT, ; Wnl. 

Langak, f. The luh of ■ whip. 
Laku-atized, adj. Lcmg.ftced, 

LANODEBEr, I. {jt..N.) BuglOM. 

Lanoeb, v. To long for. Deem. 
Lanqele, (1) B. To bind tosether. 


(2) t. A blBDltet. FIneJiaU Ch. 

(3)11. To hopple ahone, Narlh. 
Lamobt, t. (1) A strap or thong. 

(2) A itrip of ground. W^af. 

(3) A chain to bind hone'i feet. 
Laboooldb, *. Spanieli npon the 

feet of bonea ^teced itith a 

hone-lock to keep tbem from 

leaping wrong. Narlh, 
Landle, V, To uunter iloirly. Eail. 
J^Ne.LDAHiNa-cAiE, I. A ctke 

made for •choolboys in the Taci- 

tion. North. 
Lanolt, oije. (j4.-£) AtongwhUe. 
Lanqoon, t. A lort of wine. 

Tbi ill Uie ipiiiC the; hm li iDrimd 

iritu potti^, iMimau, and lobften . 

Durfif, fM f uni'tf CrMct. 

lixsooT, (. The itrap of a ^oi. 

LAHADITKa, (1) I. {A..N.) To 


(2)i. (^.-W.) funtneai. 
Lanobkl, aii/ Lanky. Line. 
LANORerg, t. Palu lUce, loaded lo 

■a to eome np fualer or Iroy 

oftener than the other nmubera. 
LANasou*. n$. Tedioiu. 
Lanbtoe, a. 

flh« added, vltlmll, the nport sf licr 

in fcrmer Um^ how that flnt bcr lU 
«H lit, nd fltCB ft wu Imtjlot, and 
tlm it wai ale uune. 

Bmby, Aariifir MoHf, 1S09. 
Lavsttibh,!. Thestateofliugniilb 


LANSVAOcft, t. A liBgnitt. 
Lanqdishinb, a4). Coquetliifa. 
LAMOwomT, ». White hellebore. 
Laniib, j; {A.-N.'i A thong. 
Lake, t. The groin. Srcon. 
Lamkt, a^-. Very tall. Yar. i. 
Lanneb, '\t.{A.-S.) A apode* 
lanhakb, /ofhiwk. TheAmain- 
a the male, and the lawunf tb« 

Lannock,). Aslipoflind. WiU; 
Lansile, *. {A.-N.) Nibwort. 

LANaKBT, t. 

At a luao iavttt. 
B. ^ Fl„ Timtr Tmti, a, ». 
Labt, (1) .. {AS.) Urine. 
(2)tr. To beggar, yorfa*. 

^'^'iIloo, }*• Th««-e«ni Iw. 

llANTBKED, JMTI. ^. HlUlded. 

Lantbbln, ». A IcgUtd, or reading 

LANTiBN.pieB, I. The aaioolh sole. 

LAMTEBN-rcrv, (. A harry. Warm. 
LANTEitN-KTArr, (. A logger tied 

to a hona'i fool. Baff. 
IiAHTEKM-BWABH, t. Cooatona- 



LAnriFY,e. Tomoiitenwithlant? 
A pwdly peect irf puff p»c'( [paata], 

A llttLfi IvttyfieA, to hold tbD flldJuf . 
.4. WUm'i Iseoiul. Lad), Act iJ, Sc S. 
Lantobn, adv. (/V. Arinfata.) At 

a distance. A^orfA. 
Lahtbee, I. The har of a plough 

or harrow, la which tbc traces 

are attached. Herrf. 
Lantel, t. A horM-hoppla. ¥ark$A, 
'lAP, (1) r. To wrap up. 

(2) I. A covering. 

(3) t. (^.-5.) The skirt or Uppet 
of a garment. 

{i)prft. t. Leaped. Narlh. 
(b) I. Some part of the interior 


Bsr'i punmB, uid in, and tDod poplin 
Bf juthiii. J/irial One, O, Pi., i. 307. 

(7) ». Small beer. Nar/. 

(9) V. To Bc^. Somtritl. 
LAPAH.D, r. Podendum f. Devim- 
Lapassabilla, I, An old dince. 
Lap-bamdeb,, >. A cloie bond. 

Laf.cloiv, (. An &pran. 
Lafe, (1)«. To paddle in the mud; 

M go ilovenly. North, 

(S) ). A large ikip naed in a 

faim f aid for carrjiiig chaff, &c 


(3) B. To lap. 
Lapisi, e. To open in the string. 

Said of hounds. 
Laflove, (. The com eoniolTOlut. 

Lappiob, 1. A dancer. Comit, 
Lapsb. ^fi in Iht lapie, deserted, 

LAF-sraNK, (. The ttone on which 

a thoem^er beats his leather. 
Lascear, I. (Lat.) A ceiling. 
Laba.i- a roond piece of wood 

tnrned by the tamers. Dtven. 
Laiui, e. (Pr.) To baste meat. 


Lab-dbr, ». (^.-^.) Noise i railing. 

Labb, >. (A.-S.) (1) Learning; 
doctrine. Lare-fathtr, a school- 
muter, ■ l«Bcher. 

(2) {A.-S.) A rate or tax. 

(3) A bog. North. 
Labiabell, t. The aan-flovier. 

LabOb. (1) Large and long, cha. 
lacten in old music. One large 
contained two longs i one long 

(Z) {A..N.) Spadonsi liberal. 
Largely, fail;, Largtm*t, libe> 
Largisb, : (1) A boant;. 

(2) A gift to reapers iu harvest 

time. SiMx. 
Labiot, I. The witws!, Flario. 
Lakk, I. A mad pranic 
Labi-bbei., (1) adj. Long-heeled, 

Line. Thin-ankled. Northampi. 

(2) I. Larkapur. 
LABKa-LiBRs, (. Arable land not 

in use ; poor land. Far. d. 
Larmy, adj. Sorrowful. Someriet. 
.Labonk, ». {A.-N.) A thiet 
Labbice, adj. Carelesa. Yoriih. 
Labbup, v. To beal^ For. d. 
Labby, I. A scolding. Wat. 
Labt, (I) I. A wooden floor. 

Lartm-nailt, naili used for floor 

laths. Somir: 

(2)part.p. Taught. Yorith. 
Labt, m^j. Emptj. Far, d. 
Lab, .. {A.-N.) A lace ! a snare. 
Lab-chabobablb! Be quiet! Wat. 
Labb, a^. Leas. 

LASR,(l)a^'. EitraTsgant. Lath- 
ing, laTish. The latter word is 

atill used in the North to signify 

■ great quantity. 

(2) adj. Slack; dull. 

(3) «. A eord. 

(41 V. To beat. North. 

(5) a4r. Soft i insipid. Eatf. 

(6) V. To comb the hair. Lath- 
eoatb, a wide-toothed comb. 

(7) V. To rush. 

(B) t. Young grass, espedally in 

A loftahellad e^. 

Labhbb, s. a wear. Far. d. 
Labh-hobsb, : The second hone 

LA8gioii.LArui.r, •. Superfloity. 

Labb, 1 
LA8B, Vt. Diarrhcea. 

LASKB,tr. To shorten; to cut short. 
Laskbt, : A lacet. 
Labs, ai{r. Lazy. Wight. 
Labsb. V. (./.•&) TodecrCBsc; (o 



IN, aiS- Deurtcd by hit 

A. court in the Kentiah 
for leTving ratei to pre- 

aerre lae mmhei 

(3) c. To eitead. A^w/A 

(4) t. The groin. Sii/. 
Futoere. Xfrjuh. 

. Ballut. 

^ aiJr. Most luting. 
The coming-in of the 




Lastrel, (. A speciea of hawk. 
IiASTS, I. The perinSFum. S^f. 
Lasty, adj. Lasting. North. 
Lat, (1) I. {A.-S.) A latb. 

(2) B. To hinder. See Ut. lat- 
and, letting. 

(3) adj. Slow; tedions. Wat. 
W t. ?ubioa, or manner. 

(5) 01$. ^B' ! utitMsonable. 

(6) prei. I. of had. 
Lat-bbod, I. A Itth-nail. 
Latch, (1) v. {A.-S. tectum.) To 

(2) V. To inrite ; to entreat. 

(3) e. To rapport ; to hoid. 
(4^ «. To tvTTj, or kiter. 

(5) (. A ciou-bow. 

(6) e. To light, or f»U. Var. d. 

(7) P. Tomeaiure ■ mine for the 
ucertaining how much of it liu 
beennMd. Norli. 

(8) (. Fincf ; wiih. Somtri. 
Latcb-fam-, t. The diipping-pan. 

Late, (I) (. Connteouiee; be- 

(2) .. {J.-5.) Ab eril, orinjurj. 
(3)0. Tohelate. Shakap. 

Lat>-math, (. The latter math, 
Lateki, v. To delajr. 

IiATKBDHC, 01$. ( I)LMthfllL Lottfy, 


(3) TircBome; tedioai. 
Lath, (1) e. To Mt down. Line. 

% LAU 

(2)p»t.p. Bent down. 
Lathi, (1) t. A diiiiioii of a 
codntr,contaiaii^ three or more 

(2) adj. Hatefiil. 

(3) t. Injur]' ihinn. 

(4)«. Abarn.orgraBary. Var.d. 

(5) I. A weed. Somen. 

{6)f. Toinrite. Oeth. Ulh- 

tNji, an invitatioD. 

(7)». Rett I ease. Wort*. 
Lathir, (1) ,. A Udder. 

<2)». Part of a mill. 

(3) adv. Rather. Welt. 
Latht, orfj. (1) ThinanUth. 

(2) Strong, flertf. 
Laxin, I. {A.-N.) A langnage in 

Latitat, i. A noiae; ■ icolding. 

Lattaos, «. Impediment. Wat. 
LATriH, «. (^,.;if. iBl(<W.) (1) A 

miied metal, reaembling braaa. 

Hulm'bor Ht, u Dov. vith K^fA toud, 

Bt* Jmu., Tnuul, qfffot. 

(2) The word ia now used in 

aome iocalitiea for plate tin. 
Laitbb, e. To idle about. North. 
Lattici, ». (1) An old name for 

an ale-hoiuB or inn, whicli had 

generally a lattice window. 

(2) Plate tin. Comw. 
Latting, adj. Backward j late. 

Lad, I. (A..S.) A flame. 
Lacchaidb, a. Terraces on the 

aides of hilts. Deuon. 
Laddation, a. (Lai.) Prftiae, 
Laddb, (. Praiae. 
LauoM.and.lib.down, I. An old 


t carda, still used ii 

LtvOBB, part. p. Taken. 
Laoght, (I) ;ire/. t.mdpari.p.vt 

huxhe. Caught; took. 

(2) *. A ioft. Dtv. 

., Google — 

LKV e 

LAIIE.R (1) To l)e*t. tforlh. 

(S) To weed. 
LaOM, 11. To Bwoon. Someri. 
Lahnck, t. The >Knd-<e]. Wett. 
Ladncelkt, t. (A.S.) Ribwort. 
LAtrNCa,(l)p. To plant in tr«DChe* 

like celny. Wft. 

(2) V. To groan, fforc. 

(3) t. A trtp foi ««ls, &c. 
Lackchi, e. (1) To atride; to 

(2) To tlmw. 
Launde, 1. (J^N.} Aptain; an 
opea place in ■ wood { a park, ot 

LAONDaB. (I) ». (Fr. lavaiidier.) 

(2) t. To wash. 

Off did Bhii hcKTv her mpldn to her cvne, 

Viieb OB it Lid unceiUd chinetin, 

ZAHMlpuf tlur lilken fl^ru ip tLcbriuCr 

Sitiaf., Lmr'4 Camfiml. 

(3) 1. A gutter, or channel for 

Lauksi, b. To lonnge. 
IiAVP, V. To leap. yorifA. 
LAUSBAT,a<$. (£a(.) Crowned with 

LAUBaou, (■ {A.-N.) Theipuige- 

LAcmaa, t. {J^N.) LtnreL 
Laus, e^. {AS.) Loom. 
Lavandkb,«.('<.-^.) AlanndrCH. 
Lavaht, 1 (. A land-spring on the 
LBTANT, / downs. Smutx. 
LAVAiT, (. Unincloied ilubble. 

Latatbt, a. (£af.} A waahing- 

La VI, (l)r. To lade IB draw water. 

(2) «> To pour out. 

(3)B. To wash. 

(4) e. To flap down. 

(5) V. To gutter, aa a candle. 

(G)s. The remainder. iVorfA. 
JiATi.iABSD, ai{r. Long, or flap- 

A I wn nf*!! saw witli nMiniTtiiined be. 

Hil uin liiDf lain) lite > Dnr-lin'd 

Lateeb, v. {Fr. launer.') To work 

a ihip gainst the wind. 
Hov eaiK 'til when dcatiuT pnmt kind, 

With ftUJ ipiwl uils. to nm befon Ifae 

But (bd« that 'gilnit itiff pla tosxr 

Ud« le'at once re»1i'd end ikaflil loo. 

Diydtm-i Attnt Bidi, ICSS. 
Lavbl, (. The flap orer the top of 

the windpipe. 
Lavkndii- Ta lay in laven^tr, to 

pawn. An old popular phrase. 
Latbndbt. «. (_A.-N.) Washing. 
LivKB, 1 (. {A. JV.) A trough 
LATODB, / or basin to wash in. 
Lavbb, (I) a. A preparation of a 

kind of »ea.we«d for food, 

(2) *. Th« remainder. North. 

(3) ai{f. Hanging, applied to Ihe 


■hip. MMriUm. S*t. j, p. \6». 

LAvaaJ), a. {A.-S.) Lord. 

Laveboce, (. {>t..N.) The lark. 

Latibh, oi^. Rank, applied to 
herbage, Wttl. 

LAyoLTA,».(nfl/.) Asortotwalti, 
fbrmerlj much in fashion, in 
which the gentleman turned tho 
lad; ronnd aereral times, and 
then aaaiated her in making a 
high jump. 

Lavoub. See Lover. 

Latt, oiS- LsTiah. North. 

Law, (1) adj. Low. North. 
(2) (. Young plants, aa white- 
thorn, crab, briar, &c. ; also called 
Layer. Norf. 

Lawi, (1) v. To cnt out the balls 
of the fore feel of dogs. 

(2) o. To langh. 

(3) ai^. Rough ; bmtal. Wnt. 

(4) e. To go to law. Une. 
Lawbd. SeeZeweif. 
Lawqhi, siJi'. Low. 
LAWLBea, o^F. Not int^ect to oi 

recogniaed bj law. At Exeter 
the 29tb of Uay wu called tew- 


Am day, tad wu puacd in a 
turbulent manner tuider the im- 
pression tbat Buch conduct vu 
not puniihable on tbtt da;. 
Fonnerljr, on the election of the 
new bailiff at Kiddenninater, tbe 
hour immediately following wm 
■pent in the tame manner, and 
waa tenned iowfeit Aow. A 
ImeUn-matt wm an old tena for 
an outlaw. 

LAWNDsa, (. Tbe alidiag iron in 
the fore part of a plough. 

Lawmoblle, (. A blanliet. Pr. P. 

La'wkikn, a. A (ort of oil, naed 
to anoint tbe ean of deaf people, 

Lawson-etb, t. Low SundayEve. 

LATTTia, t. The number of eggi 
laid by a fovl before incubation. 

La-wII, v. {A.-S.) To laugh. 

Lax, i. (1) An old name for the 
(2) A part. Stmirut. 

Lat, (1) a^. Unlearnerl. 
(2) (. Lair ; religioui faith, 
ii) I. Butter-milk. 

!4) 1. A low, or fiame. North. 
5) *. A wa^r. 
(6)!'. Tore-itedtbeedgeofatooL 

(7) e. To deliver a woman. 

(8) r. To beat. Somertl. 

(9) (. Profit, or price; a job. 
One peFwin infanna another he 
bu aold faia horae, when he U 
commoaly Mk'd, " What «ort of 
a 1^ did you make of him !" 

(10) >. A bank. Wat. 

!\\)t. Summer paiturage.JVorf A. 
12) I. A Terj lar^ pODd, Norf. 

(13) V. To intend; lo provide; 
to contriTe ; to atudy. Eatt. 

(14) #. A poor-rate. Line. 
(lb) 7b fay on toad, to itrike 
Tiolenllj and repeatedly. 

Tkn gRater itrokei. tba flercdr wu tkg 

Bo Ibit Ihe Gieek» uid Trvruia all giii- 

loabt Ibeir dmdltue kzuKht : 
StiU HerniLe* did Uefonio^- 

Wmti't M. a^. 

To lay dtnen, to sow witb grtu. 
7b lay an «ir, to liaten. To lay 
to one'i hand, to help. To lav 
in tme'a dith, or fo lay in owa 
Lut uight you lag it, maaira, in mt £ii, 
Baw ihtX a maid of oun (whivi wo mut 

Had brc^ your bitchei Ih. 

Thit Ao' rnrcs Fhino viougbl mjKhtf 

in thy lyghl, 
Hs m> a pajiui. Irv ui ils4 » »r l)gU. 
Ooi'l JIVdHju, O. PL, 1, 97. 

Lat-band, (. A amall roller. 0^n(. 
Laten, a. A layer. South. 
Latkb, a. (1) A field of eloTer or 

(2) Yoi 

2) Toung whitethorn, fiwf. 

(3) A slice ftxini the breast of 
a fowl. Craven. 

(4) Cows' ordure. Norfh, 
LATBBLr,a(lp. Idleiraically.JKfrfjL 
Latbki, I. Pieces of wood uaed in 

splaaiiing a hedge. Wat. 

Layekt, adj. Earthly. See Lair. 
Yta it « beglut, uid alle tkat it duDii 
iri it lyftu Bbo*nd ^^ LaitM and 
rileean;ta. J(S. Ui<wiii,lUi «■(. 

Layeb, t. Loose women; from Laii, 
the Grecian courtesan. 

Bat haw may meu ttia ^ght ol beaatla 

„ , iwdty, I „ 

Airiirl'i IVBMit,lU8. 

Lat.tei, (. Tbe laitj. 

Latsbh, «. Leisure. 

Lat-stall, a. A dnngfailL Sea 

Latte, t. (^.-&) Ltgfatnlnr. 
Lai^thi, aijj. (J..S.) LoMbsoBie. 

Laylhely, loathly. 
Latvess, t. The rest of a apeir. 
Lazab, I. A lepei. 


LAZ ■ S! 

Lazarops-olappek, I. A door- 
knocker. Hollyimd. 1&93. 

LAiAsna.t. A chine of pork. ir«f. 

Laze,!'. To be lazy. 

Lazt, adj. Wicked. Ifarlh. 

liAzv-BACK.t. An iron rest placed 
ov«r the flre to support a frjiog- 
pan. Sic. Northampl. 

Laib, d. To laugh, 

Lb, I. A lie, or faliehood. 

Lea, (. (1} {AS.) Afield, or mea> 
dow, applied geoerilly lo gnut- 

(3) Aicythe. Yorhh. 

(3) The aeTenth port ot a hank 

of norsCed. Norlh. 
Lea, or Lo-a, i. A quantity ot yam, 

containing eightv yarda. 
Lb-acb, a. Hard nark. North. 
Lkach, (1) ». The leather thong 

attached to the jeaaea of tbe 


(2) I. Aaortofjelly. 

To make lar*. Mike lonr Jellj for 

jDor Idoik with calvH-Kflt. &■ yon do 

Jn"wh™"il7i Mliftake off the Wi 
bottom, ind Kl il over lj,e fltt 

jonr tuniM]!, being »3l •ise))! in «ii. 

I'f BiUgU, mt. 
(S) ». A common way. Dtetm. 

(4) a. A large pool. Lcate. 

(5) tr. To cut. 
Leachuan, t. A tnrgeon. 
Leach-tbouob. I. " At the ult 

irorlu in Staffordshire, theytake 
the corned aalt from the rest of 
the brine with a loot or lute, and 
put il into harrows, tbe which 
heing set in tbe lead-lrougJu, 
tbe aalt draina ilaeU dry, which 
draining thejr call Uach-brine, 
and prcaerre it to be boiled again 
•a the heat and itrongeet bdne." 
Lbad, (l)p. Tocaitcom. 
(Z) c. To happen. Deem. 

t LEA 

(3) ». A Tat. Narlh. 
LsADDEN, I, A great din. North. 
Leaver, a. (1) A tendon. 

(2) A branch of a veia of ore in 

a mine. Norlh. 
LBADBB8, (. The regular playen 

at an ordinary, thoae who lat 

down to play at the firat. Dft- 

ktr't Lanthorve and Cendit 

light, 1 620. 
Leads, ». Battlements. 
Leap, a. (1) The fat round the 

kiduCTi of a pig. 

(Z) The flap of a Uble, or aide 

of a folding door. 
LEAaoEO, t. A camp. 
Lkae, (1) c. Mingere. An old 

(2) «. A gutter. Dto'ham. 
Leah, (1) «■ A collar for honnda. 

LtttTO-hoimd waa an old term 
appUed to some aort of dog. 
(2J V. To teach. North. 
Leahb, (I) V. {.i.-S.) To flash, or 

mrr.fot Xtg. 
>r flash. 

Gan SaihfcomouttheikiM. 

Lean-to, i. A penthome. B^. 

Leap, (l)(.(J.-&) Awheel to catch 
fith. lane. 


. Halfft 

(3) V. Futuere. Thx dtyeMatch, 

Leafebs, I. Grey peas. IPett. 
Lkap-«boo,j. a well-known gane. 
Leafinq-bloci, It. A horae- 
LEAPtKo-smcK, J block. Gtene. 
Leafjnb, I. A leap. Fb/rio. 
Lbar, (Ij e. To learn. North. See 


(2J adj. Empty ; hollow. Car. d. 

(3) I. Pasture for sheep. Chah. 

(4) t.. To scowl. Eaeic. 
LEAB-doiLLB, a. VeiyamaU qnitlv 



XdA-SAND, *. The wbetUng-iloBe 

for > Bc;the. North. 
LiASt, (I): A put lire j * com- 

moB. f'ar. d. A piece of giannd 

of too or three xrei. S—at. 

(2) t. A corbel atone. Ghue. 

(3)11, To glean, rar.d. 
Lba8B.(1)». AthongoritriDKb; 

which 1 dog mi led. 

(2) V. To unite by s leaah. 

CiOBch tor emplc^niCDt. Siaiii)i., Sal r. 

(3) e. To luh. 

(4) A lia*k of dog», or of pw- 
tridgea, ms three attached to- 

LSA81H0, (1) pari. a. Lying. 

(2) *. An armful of com. 
X;kabow, ). A pasture -gToand. 

LXABTWisB f"^'- AHeast, 
Lkastt, iiifr. Dall; wet. Eatl. 
Lbat, (t) I, An artificial waler- 

COurae. Jraon. 

(2) V. To leak ; to pour. Doml. 
LxATB, (1) 0/$. Soft; rappte. Verb. 

(2) ». Eaie, or rest. North. 

(3) ». IntermiMion. JVorM. 

(2) B, To beat, 
LsATBao-coAT, J. The golden nu- 

LsATBEBSEAD, t. A blocklieBd. 

LuiHSB-HUHOxr, *. Inferior 

cbeese, Norlh. 
LlAxaEBiKa, adj. Huge, ff^nne. 
LiATHBav.BiRD, (. A bat. Someri, 
LlATHBB-STOWE, «, Ajoiatofbeef 

It the flaoii, near the ribi. Leic. 
Lkatheb-tb-patch, (. A sort of 

ttep ID dancing. Cutnb. 
Lkathe-wake, adj. Alible; pU- 

■hie. Yorith. 
L«aut6, t. {A..N.) Loyalty. 
LiATAMCE, I. Dough set for fer- 

taentation. Gbmc. 
LKATK-LooKBa, 1. The inepector 

19 LED 

of weight) and mcMnrei in ii 

Leaven-kit, t. A tmmI for pre- 
paring the batter of oat-caket. 

Leatenob, t. A luncheon. Kent. 

Leaves, i. Folding doori or abut- 

' "iii^2iiu7iSS™ 

Lka-wateb, I. Cleii water. Leie. 
Leaze, t>. To clean wooL Wat. 

■lole. Ilaia, SoKtr/t 1^ toUj.Wil. 
Lkbabd, I. A leopard. 
Lechb, (1) t. (^A.-S.) A phyaidan 

(2) B. To heal. LeclueT<^t, the 
art of healing. 

(3) V. To cut in stieei. Hence 
such terms in old cookery aa 
Ltekelardyt, Zeche/ri/u, Lrtlu- 
Lumiarde. Leehet, caket or 

(4) t. To adbere. Line. 

(5) a. A deep rut. YoriiA. 
LscuovR, I. (A.~N.) One who Htm 

gluttonously or luxuriously ; one 
of the clata of persons called 
otherwiee ribalds or harlota. 

Lece, e. To pour out. LtcUng. 
time, rainy weather. jVor/. 

Leceeb-cost, i. Good cheer. 

Leckb, I. Droppings. Yortih. 

Lectbr, I. {Lai.) A reader. 

Lbctorh,*. {Lai.) A reading-deak. 

LBnnEN, \». {A.-S. kdtn.) Lan- 

A wondnnu bird uaoDg tb* Kit tlier« 

That in plain ipoech nmg tore-fsya load 
Her Ifin aag lite hamin linniga tnw. 
Foitf,, nut, iii, IS. 
Ih* IiUh gf the biidi UMt HrhcUj ili* 
konr. J)n]rl«i,i'i9lyii»..iii,p.tloi. 



nmnch wUdIi iha nndentgdg welt ctrt 

ntt uj foule naj In hii Uien hint 
Ajid oonthe ho am ver in hit Itden nejuTi. 

Ow(. Toia, 107W. 
Lkddbk, t. A ladder. 

LDDE, rmuTeableprapert]r;luid. 

Thei bjen londi ud Isds 
^e jmj ttaer novt ailonde. 
Wat ihul pore men be i-pild 
WU nlOi be in Jonds 

Bot tbat DuideD brij;bt 

Sir IViilrm, iliilL 

Tborow hy> — 

Vepj Qod in 

ClaM^r.MS., 15U<u,... 
(2> AmiT,. 
Lbdik. See Lither. 
Ledoe, (1) V. To U; hsnds on ; lo 
beat. Somertel. 

(3) V. To Wj eggs. JVorrt. 
<3) >. The ban of ■ gate. Line. 

Ledged,*!). The tool used b; 
LEOED, l tbatchera for driving or 
LEQuKT J cleaning reed. Norf. 

Ledoino, adj. Poaitive. Ltic. 

Ledbon, t, (_A,-N,) A leper; a 

Led-will, adj. Led away b; false 

lighti. Eail. 
Lee, I. (t) (A.-!f.) Jay, pleaiare. 

(2) The side opposite to the 

nrind; ttaelter. 

(31 m.=. 

(4) Lye of ashes. 

(5) A lie. Norlk. 

Leech, >■ (1) A vessel bored with 
holes at Che bottom for ataking 
Ije. fiM(. 

(2) The cuticle ofmuttonorbeef 
which reioaiaa od the back and 
loins after it has been skinned. 

Leed-bowls,*. Hilk-leads. Yorii. 

Lur, adv. Willingly. See Lrft. 

) LBF 

LEirANGE,!. Asort of cordage. 

LiBrEKiEB. )■ An article of dreu. 
Bnidn bU lUi, tbeir ahndoiri, thrit 
•poti, Ibtic liwiiH, tfaeii UeftlAa, tke[i 

cardmaJi' curtianiift IHru inod«I ma- 
Irona, Sup*, lo Fkilautut, N 1, b. 

ment. See Z^e, 
Lbefest, o^. Dearest. 
Lebitaii., t. Quick tale. Cumi. 
Le-eqq, r. To waddle. Sommtt. 
Lbelly, 1 adv. Lojiall; ; faitb- 


Lbku,(i. [A.-S')To shell or dropout 
of the bnak. Lemtn, lipe nuts. 

Lbeueb, adj. Anxious; miset'lf. 

Lbeneb, I. One who lends. See 

Lekny, 04'. Alert ; active. 
Leeb, (t) >. ConplexioD; coloor. 

(2) I. The cheek. 

(3) adj. Empty. 

Bat It the fint encnuuter downe he lav, 
The hone mm feir.a».i *iihoul the man. 
Bari«gt..Arioito. lar, M. 

(4) t. The flank or lain. Somrre 

(5) ». Lesther. Norlh. 

(6) V. To sneak away. North. 
Lebbe, *. Tape. Kent. 
LEEHiHO,;Hirf. a. Sneaking. jVorM- 

Leebsfdole, (. A reed. 

Lees, t. {A.-N.) A leaah for dags. 

LtESE, K. To lose. 

ItierefDre Umt acdjt Tie not Uat, 
Hoir era Clah mid Spidr ■freea, 
Id colour blacks, and 1 all red. 

BtKlaUi, titMH ofBirU, IfllS. 

Lbbbb. a^. Actite Nartkuriii. 

Lebt, (I) (. A meeting of cross- 
roads. South. 

(2) r. To happen. North. 

(3) V. To feign. Yoriib. 
Littviii, prtt. I. pi. They beliere. 
Lef, I. (1) A dear one; a love. 

(2) A leaf. 
Ls*e, (i) adj. (J.-S.) Agreeable! 
pleasing: dear. 
(2) B. (_A..S.) To belie»e. 


LE? I 

(3) V. To leave. 
I.>nioN, I, A leomiaD, or loTer. 
Lbp-silvib, t. A CDmpiMitiOD paid 

wealds of Kent to tbcir lord for 

leave to plough and loir in time 

of puinage. Ktrmtlt. 
hmwaom, adj. LotcI;. 
Lkft, (1) pret. I. Remained. 

(2) Over tbt l^ ihoulder, con- 

reap from li'ci uid fortuDU ipcat in 

timefl fpcBt in the Krvicv ^ i Pooia^i 

■aucuar, viU lie owr lAc b/t i:l«Un'. 

Juaan lit Jf«ilate.^e»3. 

L>FUL, adj. Lawful. 
Leg, (1) P. To walk nimblj. 
(2) To matt a ttg, to make a 

Eeepiiu tmm 

■ agta, 

Or lulji^ lav tfft to a aoUeBaa, 
Or iovkiiiE dowDwArd wilb voor cvc lidi 
dOK. SfmrJi/, 6. PL.u.Ma. 

Td givt Ug bail, to fly from 
jnatice. To put Ihtittt Irg fare- 
moil, to aL't energetically. ^« 
As* irojtoi Ai* I^, he haa had a 
child sworn to him. 

(3) t. The last pUyet or comer. 

(4) #. A lODg narrow meadow, 
niuallf on the side of a brook. 

L«OBAN«, I. {A..N.) Licence. 
IiSOB, (■ A league, or treaty. 
LiQBH FONE. Aa old papular term 
for ready money. 

Uifi J^HtfoavtopaT bt Ihjdi;. 

Bui UH not Unouu tai often dcliT. 

Bat in tUi, heic ii golhinK ^ l>« 
■bated, aU uieir lueeeh \t Uormpcna, 
or <;» with Iheii ill cnitoine chej «ill 
dftaint Uiea. 

a. jrhuiiil, Sh^k » PrifM. 

lAauTXB, >. A Uwyer. 

LKooK,e. (1) (..^.-5.) To lay; la 

lay a wager. 

(2) (A.-N.) To eaie. 
LEaasBEH, a. A layer. N«rti. 
LioQET, i. See Ltdgtd. 
LiaoiHOB, (. Aaortofhalf-gailert, 

reaching from the ankle to the 

knee, worn iiith a lort of half. 

boot called a high.loa or low, 

Var. d. 
LiQHE, e. To lie. 
LBoitTKE, a. {J.-N.) One skilled 

in the law. 
Lia-BiN08,i. Fettera. 
LEO-TBAFia, a. A sloTen. Semm. 
Lair, adv. Ai soou ) willingly; 

rather. '• Ai It^." 

lioned to wail on the aerrice of 

LaiE, t. Body. Havthi. 
LaisER, (. (A.'N.) Leisure. 
hn»u, adj. Stout; alert. North. 
Leistib, a. A prong or trident 

used in ipearing salmon. North. 
Lbite, I. {A.-S.) Ligbtning. 
Leiths, f. Joint) in coal. Slt^. 
!.EiT*,t. Tracks ; footateps. Norlh. 
LaKK,(,l)parl.p.(,A.-S.) Taken; 


(2) V. To lock; to fasten. 

^3) J. A leek. Nol worth a leie, 

a common expression in early 

The beate Kint that cTcr wBi made 
But men wol teoda ther.tille. 
Ltgmd .!fUa caU.. MS. Strt., tSet. 

(4) V. To grin. Uu. 
Lblaho, a. A cow pasture. Wftl. 

Lklk, adj. {A.-N.) Loyal,' true. 

Lettlg. tells, or Uly, bithfnlly. 
Lelen, v. (A.-N.) To sanction. 
Lemk, (1) (. (^.-S.) Biigbtness) 


(2) B. To shine. 

(3) a. A limb. 

Lutna, t. A dried fig. WUlt. 


LiMHAN, ). (A.'S.) A lover, or 

LiuoH.TKii, $. The Terbena. 

Lehtbr, e. To glimmer; loihine. 
LsN, t>. IA..S. Ittnaa,) To lend. 
Lbnibd, (. The liDoet. Paltgr, 
Lence. (. A loin. Dertel. 
Lbhcb, «. To itoop in wBlldng. 

Lehchson, (. A ihelf in the ibift 

of ■ mine. 
Lendk, (1) e. (.<.•£) Todvell; to 

(2) >. [as.) Tbe loin. 

(3) V. To land. 
{i)parl.p. Given. 

LENnT, adj. Pliable. Da. 
Leki, ». (1) {^.J.) To ghe. 

(2) To lend. 
Lbnoe, v. {A.'S.) To dwell; to 

LsHOEftE, adt. Ijonger, 
Lehothe, t. To prolong. 
London rqjojice, and ^tb thjr God the 
^r ber whoH higbnti iHfftkt thj luppj 

r, Udi 

Lbneethe, (. Length. 
Lennock, adj. Slender ; pliable. 

Lent, (1) t. A loan. Sonien. 

(2) pari. p. Remuncd. 

Lbnt-cbockino, (. A ciutom in 
the Weit of England at Shrove- 
tide, when the boya go ronnd in 
tbe evening lo pelt people') doora 
with piece) of crockeTy. 

LiHTRD, part. p. Glanced off; 
■topped. Lmc. 

Lbhtbn. (1) adj. NiggardI;, in. 
loffleient ; like the faro of old 
timet In Lent. 
To think, uj lord, if yon delight not in 

Fem John, tnd h>11 > livei;, ta nd mml 
And lAtn lectnro. 

t LBS 

(3)*. A linden tree. 
Lent-bvil, (. The ague. 
Lekt-obain, t. The ipring cropt. 

Lbntioinods, (. iLal.) Scorfir- 
Lentinbb, $. A hawk taken in 

Leht-bosb, \ >. The daffodiL 

tEWT-LlLT, f Deum. 
Leode, t. {A.'S.) People. 
LEFANDB,}iar(. a. Leaping. 
Lefb, 1. (IJ A large baakei. 

(2) A rtorj, or lie. 
Lbpi, adj. Single. See Anlfpi. 
Lefpib, j.jif. Leaps; junipa. 
Lbphehode, t. Tbe atate of le- 

Lboasb, «. A learner. Fr, P. 
Lbbch, c. To trick. North. 
Lrhe, (1) v. {J..S.) To teach ; to 

(2)». Learaing. 

(3) *. (,A.-S,) Countenance ; 

complexion. See Leir. 


ftrddo men on tmi, 

Fijrrer mm otber fetter, 

Ihia mooko, chuunuu, other tnre, 

Fotm » 2DV St. n. 
(4)*. Sbame. 
LEBENEas, t. Emptincu. SeeZcer. 
LBRir.D. Totrail; tolimp. SmitA. 
LesBicE. f. To beat. DrvM. 
Lbrbv, 1. Learning) a leuon. 
Lek, ^rrt. f. Loit. 
Lese, (l)r. {,A.-S.) Togathersto 

(2) e. To glean, 

(3) B, To pick stonea from tbe 
surface of Uie fielda. 

(4) V. To releate. 

(5) t>. To lose. 

(6) t. (A..S.) A lie. 

(7) 1. A leuh. 

Lebbtb, •. iA..S.) To parinre. 
Lebino, «. (,A.-S.) A faltehood. 

Lesi, (. (1) Tbe groin, or flank. 


(2) Pactendmn f. Une. 

(3) The peruuBom. A(f. See 

LKSNxaBi, 4, Forgiveaea ; remie- 

LiiBss, B. To letien. 

Lbbsu, \i. The dasg of wild 

1.EH8SL, /beuti. 
Lebbkht, a({i. Leigt of ill. Var.d. 
LzsBiL.t.Awantoawomia. CuniA. 
Lbsboh, e. To tewli. For. <!■ 
Lbsbow, v. To feed, or pasture. 
Gentlj hlH fair florVt Utaio'd he alone. 
Tfarffllth tha frim putnrH, fr«lj A hi« 
Ir^tell'f JfMU, p. IfTt. 


(^.-X) II 

t jtkei. 

Lrbtal, (I) I. 

(2) adj. Saleable. North. 
Lbstb, e. To pleau. 
Lbbub. t. A leatow. 
Lbt, (IJ t>. (^..5. kllan.) To hin- 
Wliit lid nt Dun ths gntt Jemulem 
With viUiBut B^DBdront ronnd Abont to 
hem. JUrfti, IbiM, i, !^. 

Whj la JOB, who tett joa aow P 

^MaJWorli 0. Fl., t, 3M. 

(2) >. A bindiaDO, or impedi. 

Be wu deUin'd with u snlookt for M. 

(3)v. To counCerfeit ; to preteod. 

(4) pari. p. Leaied off. Line. 

(5) o. To leave ; to omit. 
Lbtch, /. (1) Desire; paaaion. 


(2) A wet ditch or gutter, fforli. 

(3) A veuelfor maklnglye. Eait. 
(i) A foppish fancy. Like. 

Lbt-down, adj. Asloniahing. 

HomuTt, Miai ^ NiKmaritl, 1«7S. 

Lbtb, (1) e. To leiTe, or dumiM. 

<2) ». {J.^'i To Bcconnt, or 

(3) V. To be klmo«t ittned. 

(i) part. p. Left. 
LiTBLOSTB, t. A diab in cookerj. 
LtUlorjt. T^ke *jnn, wni wryng htm 

Umnh 1 1 
Bvlke,. ■ 


Lbthe, (l)f. (Or.) Death. 

(2) adj. Little ; aupple; pliant. 
Lbthbb, (1) adj. Wivk'^d. Lether. 

and, RtUq. Aniiq., i, 62. See 


(2) (. The iliin. 
LBTHT,«e. (1) Hateful 

(2) DirtT. c™*. 

(3) Weak) aupple. 
Letipication. *, {Lai.) Rejoldng. 
LsTirr, e. To m^e glad. 

Aod At the dewntng of the (Ut, 

Be d«h Ibe Ijka. vid hiAdeth u. 

Oood-moicBW in )iti tinde. 

Tkt Forat tfrimtia. 

Lrr-iH.v. (1) Toitrike. Sttdh. 

(2) Todeceiie. Norf. 
Lbttabb, : A lattice, norw. 
LiTTKB, (1) t. Leather. Ltland. 

(2) e. To enter in a ledger. 

Lettrkbd, adj. Instructed ia let. 

Letteson, t. The lectern or read- 
ing itand in churches. 

LBTTBttB-or.MAKT, f. ThS <M 

narae for letlera of marque. 
Lbtticb, «. A aort of grey for. 
Lbttowe, I. Lithuania. 
Lbttiidri, I. (^J.-N.) f«a(iiiog. 


LEU i 

Ixxrw, I. The pilm of the btmd. 

IxTjan, pret. I. LiDghed. 
LbdTkheb, I, A vi^abond ; a tblef. 
LsDTH, I. Shelter. Smth. 
Lkuwih, t. Linen formerly oied 

far making table-cloths. 
LsTABLB, adj. Able to b« leiied, 
LiTATioN, t. The elevation of the 

Lbvi, (J..S.) (1) r. To leave. 
.(2)v. To believe. 

(S) 0. To d«elL 

(i) B. To live. 

(i)adj. Dear; willing, 

(6i (. laclination. 

(7) t. Leave. 
Lbvedt, «. (_J..S.) A tidy. 
LavaL, r. To agaeu. Fail. 
LtTEL-coiL,f. (Fr.) Agame placed 

cipeciallt at Chriitmai, of wluch 

that the loaer in it vai to give 
op hii place to be occupied hj 
anotber. Minsheu givea it thua : 
"To plaj at ImeO coil, G. jouer 
k cul l^ve : 1. e. to play and lift 
Up Jour taile when you have lost 
the game, and let another att 
down in your place." The word 
was often used Ggurati«elf for 
riot or diiturbance. By Sylvester, 
it ia called Ucel-tin, 
Tmif Jutice Brvnble hm kept Uwi-cofl 
Hflie LU our quarten. itole v/jtj our 
duililir. Jniait, TnU tjf a Tta, ^ S. 

The term wai also used in . 

B; the help of thii ^he, I msde 1 

Silboe play Unt di coiU witti h«-. 

TKa Ciatti, W 

LsTiN, (1} V. To aUeviate. 
Love ii I tnm. and a Icnini liiu 
lilt IcHii vt a loving aiceetliEart it. 
mu Barmliotu, Ift 

With Kidejiia t*nipral and with flrr irtsu, 
B, Uie EoJdei leate douu Ita-a l,cJ«u.. 

Ai when the llaahiag Imn hapi lo light 


LivENBX, (. A slight luncb, at 

eleven o'clock iu the forenoon. 

Lbtek, (1) adf. Rather ; better. 

(2) a. One of the chief aupponen 

of the roof-timber of a house; 

the lower moveable board of a 

barn door. 
Letek3,i. The yellow-Hag. South. 
Letebblb, : A lattice. 
Letbt,(. (/V-.)AblastonIhetrumpel. 

labour. B. 4- Ft., Dmili Manitgi, ii. 1. 

Levino, ». (I) Life. 
(2) Departure; death. 

Lew, (1) I. The part or aide shel- 
tered from the wind. 

(2) adj. Lukewarm. 

(3) adj. Weak. 
Lbwcouk. See Liteaynt. 
Lbwed, 1 01$. {A..S.) Ijiy; igno- 

Certca also h^t fantth 

de Englyih h> 


Lewn, j. a rate for church or 

pariah dues. Chttk. 
Lbwbtkt,v. Toworichard. Devtm. 

LEwifi, ,. (1) {A.-N.) Loyalty. 

(2) A sort of cup. 

(3) The plant resthanow. Somen, 


LnrTB, «. Wtrmtb ; sbelter; • plv 

of refuge. Fin-, d. 
JiiwaBKNB, (. k lort of fur. 
Lixsr, pret. t. 2 ptrt. i. TIiou 


Ff, qnath tlic lutlce, niclie nuntilg, 
Ikju int. duniHl, HDa Ulc. 

I<n<(l)(. (^.-JV.) Liw ; TcligioiM 

(2) (. (^.-5.) A flame, or low. 

(3) t. A lake. 

(4) e. To Ue. 

(6) >. A lea, or paiture. Ley- 
hreek, tward once ploughed. 

(G) *. The ituidard of meCali. 

(7) >. LMitiide;libert;;leuuie. 

LiTAKE, ». A «oneiiia»on. Fr. P. 

liETSHT, pre: I. Lteth. 

\jn9i,parl.p. {jt-S.) Laid. 

LinTB, adj. Loathly. 

htB»,e. To laugh, jtyeni. qflme. 

LiALE, B^j. LojaL 

Iiiujce, s. An alliance. 

i'i\tD,i. (_A.'N.) A hone, properlj 

one of a graj colour. 
Lib, (1) V. To cutrate. liiba-, 

a man wbo liba. 

(2) e. To lie down. Liihtge, a 

bed. Dekker. 

(3)f. HalfabiuheL 

(4) (. A baikeC. South. 
Li«ARDTNi, 1 (. The plant 

ubbaed's-bane, / ieopard'B- 

bine {donmicum pardalitMehn'). 
Libbabd, t. A leopard. 
tjiBBAT, (■ A billet of wood. 

Villi UuU he tooke a Uilit up, anij li«tetb 

Wanm't Albitna Snglaml, 1^99. 
LttW, t>- To lixe. 

And HI divTTib hj nfflaiU 

Ah nun of bin nbben diHf it, 
Fot-lbaa ihuh; u lltie, 
Wn doth hilt F 

i UC 

LiBiOAL, adj. Licention*. Lit*- 
raliy, Ikeatiooily. 

Bnl TiUinpr, mHl Uks a tiimil filkii. 
Did EiTe hu kuuUIdiu irnoblB (cnni- 

Air MiU tfSriilai, ItOt. 
Aod (in inoniice to jinr liiiral Jati 
Upon Iiu perun, S. f- Ft.CapIn*. 

I han ipok« tw libn'b, 

£. / Fl, Lillla Fr. Lfmyir, U. 
LiB-cBN, (. An old cant lena for 
a home. Dtkker. 

\>- Th, . 

_f («(ifuni teltpkiam). 

LiOAHE, .'. \A..S.) Tlie hodj. 

LiCBi,(l)». (^,-&) Thobodji 

(2) adj. (,J.-S.) Alike. 

(3) t. Likeneu. 



I^Lm iJi Sloriiam. 

LicH-OTFi., I, The icreech-owl; m 
called from the luppoied omi- 
noiuoeu of it« cry and appear- 
ance. See Like-owl. 

Ths fliriFldiig Ulih-ixit, that doth nerer 

BaL bodiuE duth, and quick hflrMlfintcji 

In dirkwDxe ^rw n, and lioUow Kpulchm. 

DraytiM'r OW. 

LiCH-ioDL, *. The night-raven. 
LicH-OATB, (. The gate through 

which the corpie waa carried into 

the churcb. 
LiCHWOBT, t. The plant pellilory. 
LiciBLB, a4j. Allowable ) lanfnL 
Lick, r. To thraih ; to excel. To 

Hck Iht eye, to be well pleued. 
LicK-DisH, s. A Eneaking fellow. 

, e. To CI 

To grease boola o 

LiCKERiBH, 111$. Dainty. 

Qmyooivajet.j'simeUftfrUk. AJlei, 


Lie b: 

LtcKET, I. Some London Athioa 

ft tady. Do you «'«r yvnr qoDiff. with 
A London beliw ; your Mamcl iieiucoat^ 
wilk two Eiurdg : tht bnflln vovn, «iLh 
the tufuffily np. Olid Ibe •elvM tin I 

°"" eaiM^HM^O. PL,V S&'9. 
LiciLT, odtr. Likely. Horlh. 
LiCKOBOuB, adj. Daint; i affected ; 



LiCKSOMi, ^. Pleuant. CAeiA. 
LicKspiTTi-E, 5. A pinute. 
LiCE-BTONK, I, The lamprey. 
LicK-TSENCHKs, I. A pamlte. 
Well fenced round, but nnlhilis hath, lir. 
iDto till! flooghty to*n dire eoWr, 
NeUher Sir ¥of,aiKSaZici-IVr<KlUr. 

LlCK-TWAT, *. 

. > p(ck.lhiDk,(Dd del 


LtCE-nP. ImpUea a small qoantity, 

^neiallf of ilctualt of any kind. 
"Ttaere'a i liei-ap indeed to giie 

preasing; di»alit£iiction, It i) 
lued to hay. straw, corn, and any 
kind of fodder or pod; "Have 
you any bay?" " Ihaveonlyjust 
t lici-tip." Notf. 
LicooAS, t. Liqaorilh. " A itick of 

Lid, .. (i) Alir'-.-cover. 
(2) A coverlet. Kent. 

'LiDOEB.adj. A mining term, applied 
lo the lop of the hearing pari of 
a pipe when 'M usual tpace is 
contracted lo a imall compass. 

LlDSBN, (]) aij. Long. Somen. 
(2) .. A song, or .tory. Wetf. 

LiDDBKON, a. A lazy liad fellav. 

LiDB, I. {J.-S.) The xaoatit of 


LiDaiTTt, (. Gat«» wt up tt tbe 

end of the Tillage) and elaewbere 
to prereiit the callle from itny< 
ing apon the sraUe lands. Line. 
Lids, (. (1) Manner; fashion; re- 
semblance. North. 

(2) Ban of wood suppoitingthe 
roof of * coal-mine. 

Lis, (I)e. To reside. 

(2] D. To subside. Brtrm. 

(3) f. Leesofwiae. Pr.P. 

(4) Ta Ue vilh a lalc/ttt, to tell 
a great lie. ToUtiy tUt vail, 
to lie dead before inlennent. 

Lib-box, i. A great liar. Weit. 

Li»-coup, f. A sale of goods on 
the spot nhere they stand. Ktni. 

LiKOEHAN, (. A subject. Shaieip. 

LiEQEK. See Lt^er, 

LiB-LEACH, ■] a. A boi, perfo- 
LiE.LATCH, I nued Kt bottom, 
LiB-DBOppBB, I Dsedfor sCndrnDg 
LIB-LIP, J Biier for lie. 

Lie-ley, e. Toliein grass, yeriit. 

LiETON, I. A ehnrcli-yanL mu: 

LiEVEB, ode. Rather. 

Liv, I. Leave. 

LirsLicHE, a($. Lively; pierdDK- 

LtPK-LiKtNS. An exclamation — Al 

LiFEB, I. A leaver, or deserter. 

LiFrr, V. To desert a girl after 
seducing her. Dtv, 

LiFLODE, 1. {jt.-S,} Living; sup- 

LiFT, (1) ». {A.-S.) The »iri 
the sky. 

(2) p. {J.-S.) To steal. Hence, 

(3) r. To aid, or assist. 

(4) f. Assistance. Staiix. 
ibS D. To carve a swan. 

(6) t. A trick at cirda. 

(7) 1. A fatiehood. &mtriel. 

(8) I. A joint of heef; IVul. 

(9) #: The meat taken out of ft 
flitch of bacon when the bam is 
left in. Northampt. 

(10) t. A pertDo of bad reiiDte. 



(II) «. A sort of moTMble gate. 
LiiTEB, I. (1) A thiet 

(2) A lever. "Levier. AIctctot 
fi/ler.- a sparre or barre of wood." 

(3) A mortiM. 

LiPT-LGG, I. An old term tot 

strong lie. 
LiQ, >. (A.-S.) A lie. Ugger, s 

W. Narthang)!. 
LiG-A-LAHB. 0. To iniim. JVoriA. 
LiQKANCE, «. (^.-iV.) Alleg^ce. 
LiooB, c. ij4.-&) To lie domi. 
tiiaOEi, I. A Carred wooden quoit 

naed at doddart. 
LiGOEit, t. (1) A corerlel. jtinc. 

(2) A line for catching; pike. Eatt. 

(3) A plank acroBS a ditch. £iuA 

(4) A long trader pole, nailed 
horizontally from itud to itud; 
to vbicb the iplinla are bound, 
prep>ntt0T7 to receiving a coat 
of clay or loam. Alio called v. 
rUtor. Narf. 

liioQiT, ». A r^, or fragment Wat. 
LlOQLE, V. To pull along. Norf. 
Light, (l)f. Toeallgbtenitomske 
or grow light. 

(2) D. To alight. 

Gome H/fil at& litten, jnn mtletiMi lU, 
Lad t, iIot; true 111 tell ta jut,' 

BtUti qfBMn Hood txi Ik* acu<r. 

(3) B. To he confined. 
li) I. An example. Eail. 
(hS*. A number, or qatntit j.Ltic 
(6) aiff. Weak ; aicklr. Somtr: 

LiGHTSN, t>. To clear up, said of 
the weatber. 

LiGHTBNiNa, I. Difbreak. Nbrlh. 

LtOBTEB,*. A leia number. JVorfA. 

LiGHT-BEKlED, a($. Looss in cha- 
racter, applied to a female. 

LiOHTiHO-sTOCKiS. A horte-btock. 

LiOBTLoKEK, odt. {J.-S.) Horo 

LiQBTHANS, I. The day. Dtkttr. 

LiOHTLT, oiJb. Commonly; I 



At which ttTn» iiffhtty, tiiough tber be 
in Iht fickilL ILey wIL] ipread tJKJT 

SiwJjIl' IVanb, L. 1, p. iS. 

Lib HT.o'- LOVE, 1. An old tune of 
a dance ; a prove) bial eipteuios 
of levitj, specially in love mat- 
Bell disco the morrii Iwentj mile ta 
And eelloH tothe tnneorffDUD^JdM. 

San lie bu oicouotEKd 
Some liplil o' lam a othei. end tli«e 

To pl>7, Ik. B.i-FI.,Climca, 1,4. 

Neit Ihein grew ihc diiKoiblin^diiile, 

LiQHi^niFH, adj. A tenn applied 
to com when the straw appean 
ripe, and the eaicontaini only a 
milky jiuce. Lint. 

LlOBT-SttiHT, J. A atrumpel. 

LlOHTSOME, fl^j. (1) Full of light, 
(2) Cheerful; gay. NorlA. 

LiGHT.TiBflBKBn, adj. (1) Weak. 
(2) Active; nimble. 

LiOLY, adv. Likely. JVor/AumS. 
The nener tcoelh dowoe ud dec^eth, 

are cleae dcetroyed and ligit lo be in 
hut i^»v/™<>T»,kWm«.p.l!«. 

LioN^i (. {A,-N.) Lineage. 

LloNBr, (1)B. To lighten. 

(2) adj. Strong; active. Cunti. 
LiG9, ». Ulcm on a l.or.e'i lip,. 
LiEK, {l)t.. To please. 

(3) p. ToCOFnpare. 
(4)v. Ti. grow i to thrive. 

(b) A couiiDDD expletive. " So, 


LIK ( 

Utt, I went diiMly." " He is i 
g;oad sort of maa lUe." 1^ go 
■tponUn, tu goon tri^. To tike 
of, to approie. 

LiKsroL, sifr. Pleuant. 

LtEBLT, adj. Suitable ; good-look- 

LiKiM, adv. Likelf. JW#. 

Like-owl, t. "A ihrichowlei a 
Bkeoali." Nnmatei. See XieA- 

LiiEROua, a^. Voluptuoat; le- 

LiEBRWisa, a^. Fleaiant. 
LiKEe, I, Likelibood. Wttf. 
Li^iNC,(. (1} Delight. CAniMT. 

(S) Condition. Nor{h. 
LiKNB, «. (A.-S.) To compare 1 to 


LiLE, niC'. Little. LUe-t 

litlle idue. JVorf A. 
LiLL, V. (1) To lolt out the tongue. 

(2) To aiiuage pain. North. 
LiLLiLo, I. A bright flame. 

LiLLT, t. Tbe wild conTolvulai. 
LiUji.royal, peonT'Toyal. South. 

LlLLTCDNTALLT, «. The lilf of 

the valley. 
LlLLT-DKW,*. Perapiration.A'br/S- 

LtLLrwHiTB, I, An old name for 
a chimnef .sweep. 


eake. iSinitA. 
Lilt, v. Toapring; to do anything 

nimbly. North. 
LiLTr-PAiTBN, (. A proititnte. 

LiHAILE, #. (,J..N.) FUingl. 
LiuATiKE, 1. A crooiied penon ; a 

LiuB, t. (1) A Tingo. 

(2 } A fiend. Nmf. 

(3) The baik of a nut. North- 
anpf. See Ltem. 

LiMBBCK, t. An alembic. 

For, like u in 11 limiicl. tli' htat of Are 
BsiKtIi K nponr, irliich itill mountiBg 
bighti. Ssiwiltf't DutarM. 

LiMBEB., (1) adj. Flexible. 

(2) I. A ihiU, or abaft, Wat. 
LlUBEKgouK, adj. Supple. 
LiuBHELE, adv. {J.-S.) Limb by 

LiHB-TBTMueB.t. A tailor. Mirft. 
Limb, (l}i<. To Bmear. 

(2) : Limit. 

(3) ). A thong. 

LtuE-ASH, (. A composition of 
lifted aihei and mortar, used aa 
a flooring. JFnt. 

LiUB-BDRKEB, *. A dwarf. 

Liked, o^', {J.-N.) Poliihed. 
LtMB-HOUND, .. (R-. (™«pr.) A 

(porting dog, led by a thong 

called a lime. 

No, an I bud, bU tbc Uwu-tam^ o' tlis 

Fity tbould lure drawn alter joa lij 

£. Jimi., firlt. r. 

Bat Talni, Uiat 
And bl] IhuLgi Ki 

JKlj could bemy, 

Limici, ad>. Very limp. 'Wben 
the Belli wanta its flrmneii of 
tone or feeling from fereriah 
aymptoma, a peiaon ia aaid "to 
ftta Umiei." Notf. 

LiHiT, (1) «. A limb. Shateip. 
(!)«.. To beg. 

Limitation, *. (Lai,) The pre- 
cinct allowed to a limitour. 

LmiTOUE, I. A begfing-friar. 

A Ifmglimr. a fi^ ml 

In alle the ordrei fourr le nuun uuk l»d 

Somocheof daliaiiDce bndralrlinaBRe, . 

c*4i.«r, c.if,caoe. 
LiHiTBOPHE, (. A, boundary. 
Liu-LiFTEE, I. A tenn of con- 

tempt. FloriB. 
LiuMEa,sdj. Base; mischierooa. 
LiMODS, a^. {Lai.) GlutinouB, 
LiuF, (l)e. To happen. 

(2) s. An inalmmenl for lepa- 
rating lead ore. 

(3) d^i. Supple; flicdd. 


MM ti 

(t) adj. InefBdent. Simwrwt. 
LiypBATic, adj. (Lai.) Mid. 
i negro ttofid bjaJL the while treui- 
blini. BOW ddJ tlicn lining up hu hindi 

p«t«L it) ekipe ont, ud in a timpliatie 
knndiiht ibont bie Hod T or 6 tima, 
•gelng. fiffhrr^IVoMb, IMS. 

LiMTSBT, adj. (1) Pliable; not 
(2) Lazy ; loitering. 

LiH, (1) 1. (AS.) Flu; linen. 

(2) «. A pODL 

(3) V. To cCBse. 

(4) *. A cireue. Cumi. 

(5) pari, p. Laid. 
LiNCBLH, I. Tarei in com. 
LiHCH, (1) «, To pmi« kfaont, 

m ,. A bdk of land. Kent. 
(3) *. A ledge, or iquar« pro- 

(1) f; A email itep; asteepfDot- 
path. Welt. 

(6) «. A hamlet on the ddp of a 
hUl. Ghue. 

(6) I. A small inluid cliff. South. 

(7) r. To beat. Abr/Jl. 

(8) (, A bauDch of iDnltOD. JVffrfA. 

(9) (. A ipot of TaiBcd groand. 

IiNCHBT, I. Uied for ZbieA, in 

the Mnus 2, 4, 3, and 9. 
LiNCHPiii, >. (1) The iron pin 

»bkh fluteni the wheel to the 


(2) A itig't penlJ. Shrepih. 
I-iMDjiBRiDBi, (. A miatreii. 
liNDB, », (^.^.) The linden or 

livn, (1) ■. To lean, or Iniline. 

(3) V. To beat. 

(3) A dog fiM« a bitch. In old 

boolu it 1» lometimea called Ig. 


f*) 4. A place to lie down. Eatt. 

Op« ludonDm. FUn. Titn. ibi tnafa 
lapidum carta niiili crJuiitDdiae erna. 
BtraelAinut. LoMofia*. WorkecfequU 
liu, Intll, mul nm.- etcb vgriu. 
Dp«e jteeadliodDiQam, qoiudo impina 

LmtD,parf.p. Intoxicated. JVorfA. 

LimHsn, I. A linen-draper. 

Pieeede eU t1i« dunei >t eourt bj » 
lortn^t. hKts eoqncil irith iajlon. 

LiNiB, (. A bundle. Devon. 
LiNKT, 1. Tinder. Wiat. 
LiHB-WAt, I. A itraight path. 
Lino, (. Heath. 
LiMOK, e, 1 1) To work hard. YBrtlM. 

(2) To loll out the tongne. O^. 

(3) Tu lean. Leie. 

LmotL, M, (Lai, Htigtila.) A thong 

or thread med bj aboemakei*. 
When iltdng, I offi * kneli dane, 
WlwH mala wna^t with kngitt ud 

lad ludei tmnd heTugped nniTaliixit, 
B,i-n,,Zltl, cfOi AiWb.Kt T. 

LtHQwoitT, *. Tbe plant angelica. 
LiitoT, ai(r. (1) Idle. Kent. 

(2) Strong; telL North. 

(3} Flexible. 
LtKHAT, >. An open »hed, Weil. 
LiNiATioH, I, (Lat.) Meniuration' 
LiNiHQ, *. (I) The loins. Somen. 

(2) Coarse fun putacroasafleld 

to prevent birds picking up the 

com or seed. Norf. 
Link, (1) i. A airing of iinstga. 

(2) e. To walk qnicklf. North, 

(3) p. (J-S.) To bum ) to giTa 

(4 ) *. (^..J.) A green or wooded 
bank on the ride of a hill between 
two pieces of cultiTBted land. 

(a) I. A sand-hill. NoHk. 
LiNUUNQ, adj. Idle. Shrtguh. 
LiHK-PiM, I. See Linch-jrin. 
LiHMAN, f. A flax-seller, Wett. 
LiNxa, e. To cease. 


But 7«l, inoa p«ii. Iinld on thr raiRM. to 

7« 1 lie tnitb to pruMcute hmtt *il1 
noir btgiBds. SHMa' KxMm/la.lKl. 

LtNH-TOEB, t. A lime-tree. Da^, 

LiHDLr, I. A lingel. Pr. P. 

LiHSE, V. To beat teverel^ Btvon. 
See ZfBcA. 

LiHBET, t. The atool on which 
women lit while spioning. 

LiNgET'WaoLsiT, I, A aoit oF 
eoiTie tloih apuo hj the cot- 
tagen' nivea from the bits of 
wool they picked up on the 

The rammoBi ther are tal 


ser'* lint; the milch ilaelf wm 

T-aTocE,jta bold the gun- 
■ "■ ; f - ■ ■ ■- 

caUed linM, 


Snviiy Oirl, O. n, li 

Lint, i. (1) A halter. 

(2) A tare. Zinc, 

(3) Old fiahins neti. Noif. 
LiHTii.,*. (FT.)\tixe.Norlhtmpt. 
LiMT-WBm, f. A linnet. 
LiNxr, adj. Lazy ; fat. 

LtOH,>. ThemainbeamofaceiliDg. 

Liom,!. (1) The binding or tiing« 

of cloth. 

(2) A miitDre. 
LiF, tr. (1) To leap. 

Ukt a irille-beut, whom hi 

And on (ipect«d death doth rndelr lip, 
lIHl daao'iUclT on luana and tiat dolh 
•kip. rtrfUyi/ylein.ltaa. 

Lip-cLir, 4. An old cant term for 

LiPE, I. A fragment. Cumb. 
LiFiN, e. To forewun, Sout^. 
LiPIEH, *. A bouK. 
LiFLEAD, v. To peranade. 
LiFFE, (1) i_ A ilip, or portion. 

(2) o. To lie down. 
LiFpiD, 01$. Looae; ravelled. fFnt. 
LiFFiN, (1) a^. Rainy. 

(2) V. To eipecti to trust in. 

LiPFBB, I. The apray from araall 

waTea. Nbrih. 
LippiNO-CLODT, I. A piece of steel 

welded to the front of a horse's 

shoe. Wal. 
LippiHO-TiME, *. A wet season. 

Ijppit, a^. (fi-.) Wanton. 

Wall, lo be hrieT, the nsn <riU ioon at 

sight turn VppU ; if 1 can but deriH Is 

qut bar cleulj of the nnDnerr, aha ia 

mjown. iiirTyD™i,0,Pl.,y,aB8, 

LipaKT,v. To lisp. Semert. 
Lir-aHOSD, i. A chip. Dmen. 
LiFSOUE, adj. Active; pliant, Berit. 
LiF-wiNOLB, I. A lapwing. Bedi. 
Lip-wiBK, adj. Qamiloua. Wight. 
LiacoK, V. To oil. Obae. 
Lianonoua, adj. Lecherous. 
Whilit Ihni Nutaglo souglit hii ovne 

LiQQDBT-tTici, I. Rest-harrow. 
Lisa, (1) t. (J.-S.) Countenance t 
complexion ; the cheek, 

(2) t. (A.-S.) Flesh. lyery, 
abounding wilb lean fleah. Norih. 

(3) e. To plait a ahtrt. line. 
LiHicuMPANCT, 1. The May lily. 
LiHiPOOFS, a. Long tails or tippets 

appended antnenlly to the bood, 
painng ronud the neck, and 
hanging down before, Lir^oigi 
and Itripaap were aome times uaed 
to lignify a fantastical person or 
thing! atrickorattatigem. Cot- 
grave transUtea " Qui sfait bien 



WD roiilet," by " ol 

fail hripoape." A sirl ii cillcd 

" i joaug litty-poept" {B.lfFl., 

Pilgrim, act ii, ac. I). A. prieit 

*u wmetiiiiei jwniltirly termed 

1 Itny-mm-p 

Thcie'i ■ girl th 

otiathj ItrjTof'- StfltoS-I 

il»K, ». To mmple. North. 

Lup, V. (I) To aniip the flngen. 
(2) To wslk lime. Saner/. 

LisHY, (1) 11, To reproye; to up- 
braid. Kmt. 
(2) 8. A blow on the ear. 

LiRT, 0. To throw. Cvmb. 

LiiKB, ». (Fr.) Liat of doth. 

LiBH, o>(f, Actiie; strong. Norlli. 

iiaBBT, a^. Flexible. Kent. 

Lhbb, (1) t. {J.-S.) Hippineaii joy. 
(!) V. {J.-S.) To eue ; to relieve. 

LiBsiN,') t. A clefl in a rock. 
iWNE, / atoac. 

LiesoH, (1) adj. Supple. " He'i * 
Uttam fellow." SAropih. 

(2) adj. Strong; agile. Nmf. 

(3) .. A nWTOw sUp. Somtn. 
Liar, (1) I. A boundary Itoe. 

lit TBT list, tie TCTT ntmoit bcnuii, 


1 flw. /7, IT, 

(2).. Cunning! artiflee. 

(3)«. The lug of tbe ear. 

(4) 01$. Beady. Eaies. 

(S)pre». *. 2p, Thouliejt. 

Tin™ litt, iorop (quod he,! for it he irf 

Inrnplumpl IUhoxiI Quicii^nwrfi. 

(6)i. Tbeflankofsbeaat. Norlli. 

(7) «. Tfae ilreak whicb appeara 

in heavy breftd. Weit. 
i'lsn, (1) e. f.<..S.) To pleaae. 

(i) t. ?teaaiire ; indination. 
I-tWLT, (1) orfp. Etuily ; dirtinetly. 

(2) Bijf. Quick of hearing. Eatt, 
LitTM, (I) ,, (^..5.) A peraon 

who read lome part of the cburch 

(2) *. To thickCD. Norli. 


LiSTT, adj. Strong. North. 

Lit, tr. To dye. lAI-hoiae, a dyung 

holue. North. 
LiTi, (1) lufi. Little. North. 

(2) e. (.rf.. J.) To hinder, ot delay. 

(3)t. Strife. 

(4) e. To depend upon. £«■*. 
LiTSN, I. A garden. North. 
LiTH.f. (]} Property. See Lede. 

12) ,. (A.-S.) A body. 

l3)pret. I. AUghied. 
LiToit,(l)i. (.^.-&) Alimb.or joint. 

(2) v. To relate. 

(3) e. To lUtea. 

(4) a^. Gentle; glad; calm. 
(a) adj. Supple; pliant. 

(6) e. To make gupple ; to aoflen. 

(7) r. To thicken liquid). 

(8) «§, Ob»equiou«. North. 
LiTHEX, adj. (1) {A..S.) Wicked. 

(2) Supple J pliant. 

(3) Idle; lazy. ^'or'A lilhtr- 
nm, idleneaa. 

LiTHUOHB, adj. Cheerful. Yeriti. 
LiTBKWALi, } I. The plant gTom> 

LiTHB.woBT, (. The forget-me-not. 
LiTBLiCBB, adj. Eatily. 

LlTHOGBAPHT,#. (O.) The art of 

cutting or engraving predonl 

LiTHT, adj. (1) Heiible. Var.d. 

(2) Heavy and varm, applied to 

the weather. 
LiTioioDS, aifj. Injurioui. 
LiTiiNO, adj. Very Uttle. 
LiTEOMK, adj. Giddy. Northamft. 
LiiSTEa, I. {A.-S.) A dyet. 
Litt, f. A >heep-cot. Somen. 
LiTTKH, *. A cburcb-yard. SmUk. 
LiTTBB, I. Nonaenie. Somen. 
LiTTBHMAH, t. A gToom. WonB. 
LiT-rLE-KAajE, (. A familiar tern, 

for the pillory, or atocki; or the 

bilboca. " A ttreite place in a 

pritone called litlell eate." Bf«t, 


Memi—s kind of itocku for the n 


Wai DM ita s Mditlnu fcDmt ou 

thetronblelnliraelt wmiTit not ■Mth)' 
to be cut ta bocudo, or Uf Jf-ABH- 


LiTTLB-HAiTaft, *. A hIkioI* 
Littlbbt, s^. Leut. 

LlTTLB-BTAHDI, 1. A ihtdf lue. 

LnrocKs, *. Rigs. Berh. 
LiTTY, adj. ActiTe ; ninihle. Wat. 
Uv%, *. (J..S.) Life. Ob litt, sUve. 
LirsLiHooD, *. IiiTcliaeu. 
LiVBLODE.t. (.</.-S.)Th>toDirbich 

oDc lives ; anppoit ; incooie. 
LiTiK, (I) V. TodcliTcr. 

(2) adj. Active; qtuck. 
LiviRBD, adj. tinderbiked. South. 
LiVEKBoa, adj. Red. Sab. Gbnte. 
LivntiNG, «. A pgddiiig of liver, 

rolled up in farm of i aamege. 
LtvKKBAD, adj. Cftked together, 

laid of ground. North. 
LiTiBsiCE, t. A hu^DuL Sunecc. 
LiTiBr.(l) (. Deliver;. Still used 

(2) (. An ■llowince of food or 
dotbing given b; a lord or knight 
to bis retaineii; hence, aa the 
clothing vras muallj of the tame 
deacrlption, a uniform ; a badge. 

(3) adj. Adhesive. South. In 
Line, clay or waip land it said 
(o be liBtry, vrhen, after having 
been veer wet, it hu set fut in a 

LiTBS-DATE, I. Term of life. 
LiviNO, f. A StXTo. Leic. 
hiVMB, adj. Lively ; having hfe. 
LtxOM, wfr. Amiable. Her^f. 
LiiEKD, n^r- Blasted and lank ears 

of corn. Aim. 
LiziAH, adj. Euily bent, tfett. 
Lo, t. A large poud. YariiA, 
LOACB, I. A fool. 
LoADBD, a4r. Bloated. Bmm. 
Load, \t. (_A.-S.) A ditch for 
Looa, /draining the water fiom 

fens. Zoii<f-tfon<,BleadiD^lone 

for diaia*. 


LoADim. See Ladam. 

LoArED. aij. " Laictne eretpne. 

Laafed or headed lattice." No- 

tntnd, 158 a. 
LoADT, a^, UeBTy. 
LoADY-MOt, t. A doable not. 
LoAK, I. (I) A amall quantity. 


(2) A Itme cloud hi with gate*, 

or through whieh there ia bo 

thoroiqihflue. N<irf: 
LoAi, >. To mew. Yorhih. 
LoAUT, a^. Damp. S^^. 
Loan, Ii. Aitae. North. A 
LOANING, /place for milking 

cons, ia also called a loaning. 

LoABT, I. A wbeel-rut. Stmer. 

Lob, (1) t. A lubber, or ekiwn. 

Thit M, qnotb hi. ud yoldu luH that 

"^^^i Alhan'' Engltaid,\iK. 

(2) V. To bang down, or droop. 

(3) V. To throw gently. For. d. 

(4) V. To kick. Sat. 

(5) J. A large lump. Unc. 

(6) t. the put of ft tree where 
it tint divides into branches. 


(7) I. A large taw. Haati. 
Lqbbatino, a4i- Unwieldy. IPeit. 

WbaC t htUmt aii^Bt tboiL 
Wilh a Hrenlj derill ! 
LoBBi, I, (I) Irregular veina of ore. 

(a) Stall's in minei. 
LoBCocE, t. A lubber. 
Uucb bettn werg tbc lOexIl 



thai tra Hnd tat aaOuag 

Iri3BKU.lN0, I. A sort of fith. 

For Tith cnaurn! t Tna;r ire SB, 
That al Uiii wortd ia bui aa tlie le 

-, Google 

Biht u tkt will witli the berinc, 

Bihl u Ui( nsrucnn ^th ohIii 

With vcnldii vo ud wnnEwianB 



LoBXiiT, «. A boute, 01 lodging. 

LoBLOLLT, *. A fanuliu term for 
tliick apood meat. 

Lob's-codkbk, (. A it«ir com- 
posed of imall lumpi of mot 
mixed with potUoea and onioni. 

Lob'b-pound, I. A jocular term 
for k prigoD. 

LoBBTABiiB, B. To go blckwlrd. 

Thm mibnt rliwt tls iioit dn£j dup 

To loiiUnH, Ikuk to that ttrnvn la 
e»9). Stimltt'i £■>«/., IT, Id, X. 

LoB8TBK-vots, f. Smll vlcker 
tnp Qted for catehiDg lobaten. 

LoBSTMi, (. (1) 'nie'«l«at. £at<. 

(2) A young Hile. Saff. 

Lo>BT*A(IB'U>DU, (. A WOOd- 

loau. Karth. 
LoBOBTom, (. A (Mil. Pr. P. 
Lost, », A looby, 
LooB, >. (1) A like. Nerlh. 

(3) A ctiitf ia B tein. i>n4. 
(3) A wheel nit. Sam. 

Loci, ^1) *. To grapple. An old 
term u wrettling. 

(2) t. A bundle of hay or wool. 

(3) I. A paddle. H«-ff. 

(4) D. To move tbe fore-wbeEli 
of t waggon croM-wiae. Dtvm. 

Si) To be t.1 bnk, to be in a 
ifflcnity. Cardi, whenfaced,ara 
»id to be locted, 



if. A .WD< 
" Lekdore, 
or loccheat 
t^." Pr. 

loccheater, aaU- 

LocnB,(l)(, A imall cupboard or 
closet ; a wooden cell for ptgeoua. 
(2^ V. To entangle. Nora. 
(3)(. ApiecaofwoodiapiMrting 
the not of ■ pit. Slurap^ 

LooKCT, t. ne hMk of a iword- 

LoDE-rDuowif. A furrow ploflgli- 

ed aetou the balla 1« let ofrtho 

water. South. 
LotEiMe. *- The h^i^oLit. So. 

LoeBKUi,*. AMKtnfchetpIijnB. 
haix».mt,4. NonaenM; * ligma- 
rote itory. Midland. 

IIOOK■.^U^I•>■T■, (. Alfa-kSfl. 

LocKa-ANDiUc*, (. A iort of 


LocK-ariT, >, A aMall cnt with a 
apade to ihow the direction in 
which a piece of land is to be 
divided by a new fence, t/mf. 

IiOcuBT, «. A cockchafer. Var.d. 

LoD, I. {A.-S.) A iMd. 

LoDAMri. An oldgameat Cauda. 

Thsn fDim'd Mm, hud to hMHl or 

TLst nneiHctid, Id ■ ihort itnde, 
thnr CDoli not dHol; bem away Uitii 
tutu. Earniifln'iSfigT. 

LoDDEN, adj. 

Bat had I thmiU ht'd kHn H Isrf'ni 
or bil tek'd, (rj'ii.koilU nut ud aotdcn 

LoBB, (■ (1) A regular *ein of metal 
ore. Lodt.pli)t, » flat lade. 
(2) Guidance, 
m A ford. OktK. 
(i) A driftway or cut for water. 
(a) A lesning-wall. Mute. 


t ol fatuog- 

L0D«HMAN, t. (A.-S.) A pilot or 

LonnTAB, (. The pole^ilir. 
LoDBwoBT, >. Watenerawfool. 
LoDOB, V, To entrap an aniiiul. 

LosLT, «ife. IioatUy. 


LOD & 

LoDOLLT, «. A imall girl. Wtil, 
LotNOB, I. {A.-N.) Priiu. 
LoEKT, t>. To Ir&vel quickly. Detm. 
Lort, (1) V. To offer. Cux^. 

(2)iu{r. Low. 
LoiT, (. A Boor of a hoiuc. 
LorTT, 01$- Muaiie. Derb. 
Los, (t)ii. ToDicillite. Cormc. 

(2) (. A perch in ineuure. 


tiOa-BVBN, (. An open drain from 

• sink. Wat. 
LoBK,t. {A.-N,) A lodge. 
LocQATS, t. (1) An old gune, re- 

■embling ninc-pini. 

(3) Sbeep'i dnn;. 
Looai, v. {A.-N.) To lo^e. 
LoeciR, (1) V. Td ihackte the 

Mad feet of i hone. 

(2) t. The irr^olir motioD of a 

wheel rounil its Kile. Eiui. 
LoaoKBHKAD, J. The laige tiger 

moth. North. 
LooQtH, (. A bundle. North. 
LooQY, a^. Thiekiel, as cattle. 

Loan, t. A lake. 
haaat, pnt. t. Laoglied. 
LoOBBB, ai{t. Lower. Rob. Gl. 
LoiNED.jmt. /. Covered. 
LofnE-riN, «. A term applied in 

Norfolk to the practice of the 

ploughmen to atop at the end of 

each ridge to talk. 
LoiTiMACKi, t. Ao idler. 

If Uie loiln-uctr be gene ipriiiginf [nto 
ft tavEnu^ He fetch him ncLlDK oaX- 

LOKB, (I) e. (AS.) To look. 

(2) pari. p. Locked. 

(3) *. The hatch of a door. 
LocBB, *. A carpenter's plane. 

LoKiNB, *. A look. 

Loll, (1) *. To (bndle. North. 

(2) *. A spoilt child. O^. 

(3) e. To box the ean. 
LoLLioo, >. An idle fella*. 
LoLLiKni, I. The tongue. Sam. 

Lollipop, i. A common aweet. 

LoLLOCK, a. A lump. North. 

Lollop, d. To lounge. LoBopt, a 

LoLL-Foop, f. A lazy fellow; a 
wheedling child. Si^. 

LoLLT-BANOBB,/. Aiortof ginger- 
bread. SoTiterut. 

LoLLT-coci, a. A turkey-cock. 

LOLLTPOP, I. Apuddle. Northampi. 
LouB, I, A laml). £on$ren, Iambi. 
LousABD, I. A banker. 
LoMBABD-raraB, a. Idleneu. 


Licmisri mutari. Tike mnitaid leed, 
■od Tiiahell. lad dryit it in hii oreae. 
Qrjnde it drre. Sane it thurrii 4 une. 
dnitB honj with wjm md rjnsjir, 
■ad Item Ll wel tondre, and mkUil 
IblUe jDQwf. And vhbi thon wilt 
■pende thereof, meke it thione vUk 
wyne, f^rmtqfCKry,f- M. 

LoMBABD-FiB. See £(«nS«r. 
LoHB, (1) adv. Freqaeotly. "<Mt 

and lame," i> a common phrate. 

Lomert, more frequently. 

(2) I. A limb ; a utenaU. 

(3) I. A loom. 

LouET, a. A apoilt child. i>«HMi. 

LoMMAKiN,(l)ai{i. Large; clumij. 
(2) a. LoTC.making. Hertf. 

LouPB, a. A ipeciea of Gah. 

FnrtkerBiice tkw llabei that (Hd> 
np« ireeta hei^ee, rootei, aad vMdee 
•bonta the banke iMei in bittei then 
thDK that Ine hy mndde and eliai* ; 
unoafe which HI aorte an than ftihea 
Uut are called Biii|<ta or laiwK, whidi 
an not holnoiBe ulhongh they laciM 

DitMl.fur fiMlIt qf Magiilmtu. 1S7«. 
LoupEB, r. To idle; to walk heiiil]'. 
LoHCHE, f. A great noiie. Fr. P. 
LowD, (1) I. (A.-S.) Land. A land 

in the dialect of Norfolk, signifle* 

• piece of land in a common 

arable field. 

(2) e. To clog with dirt. Eatt. 
LOHDAOE, a. Landing. 
IiaMi>>ETu, t. The epilepqr. 


LON 6h 

LoHiKiii-rtiTtiHo, I. RemoTil b; 

(tralth without pgyiDgthe rent. 
LONi, t. (1) The p&lm of tbc hud. 

(2) A lodging-hoQK. SoBitri. 

(3) Begging. iJeeM. 


LoHQ, (1) V. {AS.) To belong to. 
(2) e. To long for. 
(3j V. To reach ; to ton. Saff. 

(4) a($. Tough to the pakte. 

(b) at^. Great. 
LoHQABT, I. The end-board of a 

cart. Cheih. 
Long-bowling, t. The game of 

LONG-BULLiTS, t. A game pecDliaT 

to tfae North of England. 
LoNo-cBiFFLB, *. The ipeekled 

riper. Deton, 
LoNG-cKowN, (. A CDuniug fellow. 

LoHO-DOC, *. A grefhound, or 

ioNOB, (. Lnngt. 
LoNcrui., adj. Tedioul. 
LoHO-LADT, ■- A fiu^blng-candle. 

LoKG-LANB, >. The throat. 
IjOno-^^igged-tailok, t. The 

harry-long-legs. Norlhampt. 
Long-life, t. A pig'a milt. lint. 
LONCMir, prep. Owing to. "It 

LoNG-oraTBR, t. The ua craT-fiih. 

LONQ-FUKPLBB, (. Tfafi pDTple 

LoNosoMi, 9^. Tediom. 
LONOTAiL. I will come cnl md 
bmgtail, I tUI come dow and 


tailed titmonae. Soath. 

LoNo-To. Diltant from. For. d. 

LoNo-TOM, 1. The long-tailed tit- 
mouse. Iforthampt. 

Longways, adv. Lengthwaja. 

LoMGwoBT, t. Pellitorf of Spain. 

LoNiR, *. A blanket. Devim. 

LoKK, (. (1) A Uttle dingle. Weil. 

5 LOO 

(2^ The hip-joiet. Her^. 

(3) A nitiTB of Lancubire. 
LoNtaHG, $. See Loan. 
LoHT-TiGS, «. Dried Bg). Wul. 
Loo, B. (t)To abetter from the 

wind. Kml. See lae. 

(2) To areratate a dog. 
LooBS, t. Slime in wu<A ore ia 

fonnd. Dgrb. 
Looby, t. A clown or awkward 


Tvittnliim loMu, Thiitlnortb booblB, 
'"■--'•'-•- -idbeaniUiitlunBnUi 



LoocH, I. A place to la; atone in. 
LooiD, /lor^ ji. Supplanted, tfal. 
Loor, V. The lea term now ipdt 

htf. To bring a lewel close to 

the wind. 
LooiHDr,a4'- Sqlkjimiachieraui. 

Look, c. (1) To behold. 

(2) To eiped. NortA. 

(3) To weed com. Loeier, ti 
weeding-hook. Cunti. 

Look- ABOUT- YB, (. An old name 

Look'cu. See Lueaynt. 
LaoEEK, (. A herdiman. Suiiex, 
Loom, (1) v. To appear large, ea 
thinga often do by refraclion at 

(2) «. The track of a fish. Weil. 

(3) *. A chimney. Dvrham. 

(4) J. Any tool or uteniil. Cheih. 
LooHv, adj. Kancid and mouldy, 

applied to meat. JVprf. 
Loon', i. A loul; a wortbleis 

Loop, (1) (. A door hinge. North. 

(2) a. A length of paling. Sail. 

(3) e. To melt and ran together 

Loon, tr. To bow the head. North. 
LooRD,». (R-.ioiirA) A lazy fellow. 
Loos, (. {A.-N.) Praiae; hononr. 
Loose, (1) v. To discharge any 

projective weapoa. 



ciUIe I 

mtij drcM of Rtuncioaed womea, 
hence uied for luck wnmea them- 

Xtt if 1 fo ftmoul; tliv dHECDI' 1ri*e^ 
thvj jeer At me ; ifl go uaoDf Uia lao»- 
*'^'^--T, thej cry % fox oa bis^ 
n dfillj ntlired : uid iwor 
— > pud tnde, HIU inch 

LootB-LADDH, t. A loop ilipped 

down in ■ siockiag. 
Loot, c A botrd fiud to ■ itiff to 

reiDOTc the icum in boiliDg brine. 

LooTB. See I«o. 

LoDvut, *. An opening at the top 

of > doTe-cote. North. 
LooviTHO, (. (A..S^) Priite; 

honour. Loottyd, praiied. 
Loozi, (• A pig-ilye. Wett. 
LoF, (1) t. (4.-S.) A fle«. 
Ii joy JBO* « V lOM IreiJ* itnjM, 
Yfliui LnEB-tfdjilBua HVM- 

irJTliM CnK. 

(a)*. Tohtnglooselr- 
(3) P. To lonnie. Kesi. 
(4)<. The fiiggot wood of ■ tree. 
Lon, (1) «. To leip. 
(2)j>rt(. f. of fape. Leapt. jiiL 
iofini, thej leapt. 

(3) *. A leip. 

(4) tr. To abide 

o abide. Am. 

B, oifr. HiTinf long pen. 

duloHB eart. 
LoFi-BTArr,(. A itaff irith which 

to leap ditohei, Sio. 
LopiwAV, t. k foot and blidle 

way, not adapted for eaniagei. 

LopiRD, a$. Co«g<d*t«d ; clotted. 

MSS. o/lBMeHit. 
Lor-LoAca,(. The leech luedbs' 

(HrgeoBi. North, 
LoFLOLi,T, I, A laif fellow. Wttl. 
LoFPiB, >. To ourdle. For. J. 
LoppETiKB, 0^. Loitering I idle. 

LopriNs, adj. htxoe. Dtritt. 

hoavitm*,e^. Elofneat. 
LoBDiTH. See Fevtr-lMrden, 
LoaoFisT, adj. (J,.S.) EioeauTely 

LoBD-HATI-HIKOr-DPOtf-tia,*. A 

tenn for a Tiolent pain in the 

LoKDiNse, I. (,^..5.) Siri;iBMt(m. 
LoBDs-AND-LADiBB, *, The plant 


{2) pari. p. Lott. 

^™*™»;}.. A teacher. 

Lo»aiNK, ». (J..If.) A rein. 

LoBEL, (. {J.-!f.) A worthleu Fel- 
low; t, ■ooundre). 

LoEiuEB, t, (J.-N.) A bit-maker. 

LoBiHOB, I. (.^.-iV.) Iron. 

LoUB, (. {J.-N.) The laural-tiM. 

LoBBBUAN, *. {J.-S.) A teacher. 

IiOBtHO, I. Doctriae. ^pm»er. 

Loma.parl.p. Loat 

LoBB^.f. Adiih i a ancient oookery. 

LoKBtB.vp,i. Abmwi. ffOrfAMBA, 

LOBxr, AJf. Dirty. Nerilmn^. 

LoBAKD, *. (jJ.-iV.) A coward. 

LoBt,<l)(. {.i.-JV.lPnuBihanoDF. 

(2) «. To praiie. 

(3) ». Fane; report 

LoaiL, I. (J.-N.) A (conadrel. 

Another form of lortL 
LosRNQBMB, (, {J.-N.) flattery; 

Ijomi'aovm,t.{J.-N.) Aflttteitrt 

a liar. 
L08BTN, \i. AloacBge. Form»(f 
Loia, (1) r. To ipluh. North. 

(2)(. Buffletthir. Norf. 


L08Mt, *. A IjDZ. 

LossiT, I. A flat woadca dith. 

Losanif, adj. LOTnone. 
Loisy, adj. Lucky. 
Lo»r,pBrl.p. Famiibed. Ikrrf. 
Lot, (1) t. The tho«t of ■ trn. 

(S) o. To imigine. Wal. 

(3) *. Duel to the lord of the 

minor for ingreutuid egreis. A 

LOTOB, e. To go linpinglf. Lane. 
Lora, *. (1) (A.-S.) A tiibute. 

i2)GeataTei aspect. 
3} A loft, or aaor. South. 
Lo», p. (1) To Inrk; to lie eon. 

Of the iTDSFhe be wu do 

Tki itien^ Icfle leiiA int Qod 
Of min Sunaoun. 

(2) Toitnisglii toitriTB. 
LoTBBT, 1 *. A bedfellow ; ■ con- 
LDDBi, J cnbine ; a loier nils or 

LoTHB, (1) 01$. (_A..S.) Hatthli 

LoTBEB, (1) adj. (A.-S.) Unwilling. 


(3) V. To apUati. North. 
LoTBLT, oijj. Lotthiome. 
LcTFiBN, e. (^..£.) To lis ia an^ 

IlOT-TBLLBB, (. A WilWrd. 

LoTTiBT,!. (1) DiTination; witch- 

(2) A ehild't print. 

(3) To go to lottery, to qnarreL 
hon.jirel. t. Laughed. 
LoDOH.v. Towalkiloienly. Wat. 
LoDOHBT, I. A large piece. Btrit. 
LoBB-AHD-iTiix. An old phrMC 

eqoiTatent to alipayi. 
LoBQH, t. A hole in a rock. Line. 
Look, (1) i. A thump. Far. £ 

(2) a. Totiiiaih. 

(3) a. A kina of c 

t grtw. 

(4) t. A lattice, ^f. 

(5) V. To put in place. Somtrt. 
Lddeb, b. To lock. 
LoDEn,r. Aweedet. JVer(A 
LoDKiNC, adj. Awkward. North. 
Lou LB, a. Td ctrrr. Fer.d. 
Looms, a>|f. Geutle. Chnk, 
LouN, r. To beat, f/orth. 
LouNDEB, e. To acamper abonb 


LouNBB, \i. A large lump of 
lohnsb, j bread. 

LoDNT, I. A piece of land In a 
common Geld. Chtih. SeeLtmd. 

Loup,*!. To leap. North. 

LouF'TBB-LONO-LoiiNiH, *. Leap- 

LauPT.DiKB. t. An imprndent per. 
aon. Norlh. 

Loirftiia, adj. (J.-N.) Heavj ; dis- 

LoTiitDT, m^' SInggiah. Shm. 
LovBB, V. {A.-S.) To look or be 

discontented. Lottrami, dkcoiii- 

Lodbt, adj. Tbreateaing rain. 
LoDSK, e. To tbiok) to coniider. 

LoDaiBUE,«. Aplant. OitWtRab. 
LousTBB, V. (1) To loll aboot. 

(2) To mike a cluma; ratttio| 
noise; to work hard. South. 
LoDiT-rAia, J. 

Jn. L> rripoQ. 

._ 'chS, Theplaceor 

ll&m]tr|F vhtTB olde appsreU and bdfJi 
like ituffeiitobcKtld: i.\\t lovtuftUrit 

LocTE, e. (I) {A.-S.) To bendi to 
bow ; to make obeisance. 
(2} To loiter, or tmy. Httme, 
(3) To tork. See Lote, LeHtn. 
(i) To neglect. 
(i) To low, or bellow. 
(6) To milk a cow. North. 

Lov% (1) B. iJ.-S.) To praiie. 


LOV 6< 

fS) t. An oM name of ■ game. 
(3) D. To tet a price. 
(*) r. To prefer. 

LovB-ACHB, t. The plant lotage. 

LovB-BiND, I. TraTtllcr'a-joy. 

LovK-cABT, ». A lent cart. Ox- 

Love-DAT. (. A da; appointed for 
tbe aettlemeat of differences by 

Lors-BNTAMOLE, I. The nigella. 

LovB-rBAST, «. An annnal feait 
celebrated on (he Thunday neit 
before Eaiter.>mB8, 1. The amall 
pansy. Wane. 

LoTE-LiEiNO, t. (.-i.-S.) Gracioui- 

LoTE-x-oCKi, *. Locki of hair, 
hanging near or over the eara, 
faahionabie towarda the middle 
of tbe 1 ;th centurT. Sulon now 
term the cnrli wliich the; near 
on their temples bne-loeit. 

LovsLoun, a^. (A.-S.) More 

ha-vK-z-ofimva, «. Desire. 

LoTE-poT, a. A drunkard. 

I,OTiB.j. (I)(^..iV.) Atnnetor 
lantern on the roof of a building 
for the escape of amoke, &c. See 

(2) A chimney. North. 
LoTBBDiNQ, (. A lordling. 
LoTisouB, adj. Lovely. 
LoviEN.e. {AS.) To loTe. 
LoTiiB, ». A lover. Var. d. 
LovlNO-cDP, : Tbe grace-cap. 
Low, (1) », \A.-S.) a flame; heat. 

Unn/ngi, flaming. 

(2).. (.<.-S.Atew.) Atmallhill, 

more especially applied to ■ 

aepulcbral tumulus. 

(SJ V. To heap up. Dnan. 

(4) pret. I. Laughed. 
LowABUE, 0^. Commendable. 

Heme, thcnne. ig a-vertncmDcbe lau^t*, 
and oi greto merjte befi^rt God. 

CuCcn'j dri qfDniag Wilt. 

To ho iMjond a 1 

Low A NEB, e 

LowBKU., (1) «. A hell used in 

(2) a. The lire-belL 

(3) t. A term of familiarity. 

PeacB. geatle h/urleti. 

Ph. Too ir« a iweet dmnken yoBtli. 
Jli. No ntwe ot thii, p»d Iwirf. 

Flora'i Ftfuia, ISTO. 

(4) r. To aerenade a quarrelaome 
man and wife. A Northampton- 
shire cuBtom, reseniliiing the old 
one of riding Skimmiugton. 

liowi, prtl. I, Lied. 
LowEN.r.(l) To fall in price. Eait. 

(a) To condescend. 
LowBND,;iarf.^. Reduced in price- 

"The baker ia bncend ta dai" 

the coatraat to iiten'd, or raised. 
LowiK,(l)i.(.4.A'.) HireiTeward. 

m I. A lever, for. d. 

(3) D. To atrike as a clock wirh 
a Ion prolonged sound; to toll 
the curfew. linon. 

(4) r. To ahn^ with tbe aboul- 
ders. North, 

LowEBBT, r. To eiert. Dnoa. 
Lonra, i. Low grounda. Yorti. 
LowiNOS, I. See Luna. 
LowLE, e. To carry a heavy 

burthen in one'a arma. Devon. 
LowL-BABBD, odj. Long-cared. 

LowLTHEDE, a. (A.-S.) MeekncBa. 
Low-UBN, t. False dice, so ccn- 

structed aa alwaya lo turn up low 

LowHE, o4'. Sheltered. North. See 

Lao and Lrm. 
LowBB, (. An old cant term for 

Low-BOfB, a. A piece of rope 

lighted at one end. North. 
Lows, (. Low level land. Sxff. 



LoWKBN. t. To liiten. Donel, 
LoT-iDNDAT, *. The Snt Sundt; 

■fier Easter. 
Lout, e. To mockj to contemn. 
LowTBN, V. To be lilent. 
LowTBK, (1) adj. Loud. 

(2) ,. Lownew. 
LowTBS, (. Lair-Uodi. Yortih. 
Lcmjmi.prtr.pL They Uogh. 
LoTKs, V. To c*rve a aole. 
LoTT, I. A lute. 
LoEiNQE, I. A lollipop. Eatt. 
LoziN, <. A feut or merry-nikkiiig 

when acutlercomesofige. Shtff. 
LuBBxa, «. A giant ? 

An yoa tAll 



>re;onlaw! lUtbit 
r« '•» <*('£»«, itos. 
r. A turkejf-cock. 


LuBBSKD, 4. A lubber. North. 
M. WbD knock! It the dooie f 

JT. Frit 

r. T 

in the n 

Fellor. wbftt idlft'toju foctt Ihm ud' 

LoBBXULAHD, I. Cocsyoe. 

rendere stupid. 
Ldbbi', (. A dolt. Devon. 
LcBBiciTT, I. (La'.) Incontinent?. 
Ldbricb, adj. {Lai.) Incontinent. 


........jin.Brottttru then jou ill. 

Witch ajSimimMl,\iKi. 

Luc,*. Aamallpoolneu'tbeihore. 

LOCATNB, 1 ^ ^^j^„ i„ ^^ 

Ldcb,#. (1)C.^...V.) ApikB. 

(2) A rut. SmUk. 
LncBNiE, (. {A.-N.) Light. 
LttciBH. a. (I) A lamp. 

(2) A IjDX ; the fui of > lynx. 
Ldcb, v. (1) To mnke or be lueky ; 

to chance upon. 

IhU ivtlfi upon 1 marriol niniMn, 
and uk'd him how Un PinMi did, 
tboDglit hiiuelf in JiCtle l«u Ihio inp- 

prcKntlT lo bed, Ull lake ■ doH c^ 
diucardinm. iatharti Otttrt., 187I> 

(2) To top. 
Ldcu.d. Toknit thebniwi. North. 
Lqckeb, t. Sort or like. Otvim. 
LucKiNO-uiLin t. A falliDg-iuiU. 

Ldcib, I. Locki of wool tviited 

on the £n^r ol ■ ipinner at the 

dlMaff. Eatt. 
LnCKV, (1) J. La^e;euy. Ntyrlh. 

{2) To make one'i luciy, to cut 

om'i bteky, to depart in haite. 
LnDDOEEES, (. (^.-5.) The loins. 
Ldb, v. To Bift. A mining term. 
LtiFE, .. (1) Love. LuftT, a 

(2) The opea hud. 

(3) The ear of » tosd. NortK 
Ldft, 4. The wooden caie in which 

the candle ii cuned in bird- 

Ldft, ». {A.-S.) A fellow. 
Lua. t. (1) The ear. North. 

(2) A meainre of land, contain- 
ing 1 pole, perch, or aiiteeu and 
(3J A rod, twig, or pole. Wetl. 
(i) / cry b^, I am in BO 

LuoDOs. t. The wood-louie. 

Ldoe, I. A lodge, 

LcGKonB, adj. Unwieldy. Dtvon. 

Ldoqard, t. A sluggard. 

Luoqeb, >. Aatrip ofgriiuod. Ghne. 

LiroaiE, (. A noodea diab. North. 

Looaiaa. adj. Dull. 

LvQBK, part. p. Laughed. 

LnG-LAiN.l. Fullmeuure. Senwrt. 

Ldo-i-oaf, I. A heaTy fellow. 

LuoaouE, adj. Heaiy. Eait. 

Ldo-worw, t. Akindof eea-woim 
foand in the sand on tbe lea- 
cooit and used for bait. 

LniTBL. adj. Little. 

Thenli bit on EngliHli lie diia ud dark. 



I. Ei^' 

LtriK-LAK«,e, To be playful, Yorta. 
Lqkb, (1) e. {AS.) To protect. 

(2) ». A tunup leif. South. 
Ldkbb, f. A aort of veWet. 
LirEEWAa.D, t. A species of eherrj' 

which ripened io June. 
LuLLiia, t. Tbe kidneys. Cluih. 
LuB, ». (1) A woody Tallej. 

(2) A deep pool. 

(3) The chimpey of a coltage. 

Lumber, (1) v. To itamble. 
r2) 1. RibBldi7. Eatt. 
(3) I. Harm ; mischief. Far. if. 

(2) Long line* to call in litwki. 

LuNoa, V. (I) To friungs. 
(2) To lean > 

of Teal or lamb. 
LuHBiaH, adj. Heavy. Une. 
Ldmbbjkb, *. (Laf.) An earth- 

LuuE, t. A beam. 
LuuMACK, V. To tumble. S^g'. 
LcHiflocE, «. A lump. Leie. 
Lou Hox, I. A beaiy itupid fellow. 

LtnfF, (l)i. A kind of Gab. See 

(2) e. To be sulky. Dnm. 

(3)''. Tobeati tothump. Var.d. 
^^^™'''}-«. Heavy; big. V«r.d. 
LtTMFS, I. H»idb[icki for flooring. 

LinipT.iDHu«, *. A diih made of 

oatmeal, sprinkled with water, 

and boiled in Intnpa of about Che 

are foond to be dry meal in tbe 
inside. North. 

Ldh-swoofer. (. A chimney- 
sweeper. North. 

Ldn. I. Cover ta shelter. Wat. 

Ldmakt, *. Moon-wort. 

LuHCH, I. A thump. 

Ldncbedn. «. A lump of food. 

LtrHDr,ai|f. Clnmsy; heaty. Vor.iL 

Ldnbb, t. [Fr.) (1) Lunaey. 

(3} Tbfan^eDCoK, toholdhim 
with a long rope, and drive him 
round in a circle. 

(4) To beat. Saat. 

(5) To skulk. Narlhumpt. 
LuNOgocB, a4r. Vindictive; qnar. 

reliome; ill-tempered ; awkward; 
reitive (said of a horse). 
LcNGts, ». {Fr.) A Ions, awkward 
fellow. "A allmme slow-back, 
a dreaming gangrill, a tall and 
dullsU[igBm,tbathith no mining 
to his height, nor wit U> his 
making." Mmthm. 
Kdatss, firiel I wluit^ lungU t fin mt 

B. f n.,K«ish iifB<.ni.Psilli, Art ii. 

Ldhos,*. Afire-blower to a chemist. 

Iluit U fail tn.d»ke, 
Hit fwm, hii uphjEDt, h« tJiul puffi his 
C(hL B. Je*i.. AlA., ii, t 

hwQixi,p<wl.p. Tied. Lane. 
LcNT, K^'. Surly; cloHnish. Ea»l, 
Lnn,t. Loss; misfortune. CaieayBe, 


Each vorde (ih thonglit) did wosid ne k, 
Euh Imke did lurcSi mj bmriB. 

TtTttniO^i TngicM 1U». 1187. 

LoacB, #. (1) An easy victory. 


(2) A EBnie at tables. 

(3) To Ue at lurch, to lie in 
wait. To ffivt a larcA, to de- 

LoncAan, la. A glutton. 
LuRcaiB, I. A potato left in the 


BntThnire hHi4 with whom I bad to 
WeU done (fiiotb lu) let him fo b«ta 

~ to the Invt-bw wiU italc, 
Ih Btt tna tt the pratnt 

Jfin-./wJf^., p, 3«. 

tnd ^nck 

Lube. (1) ». " That whcrelA faol- 
conert ctU tb«ir 7oiing hanki, 
b; cuting it Dp [n the aire, being 
made of feath«rt tnd leilber iti 
>Dch wiae that in motion it Iook> 
not unlike ■ fowl." Lallum, 

(2) *. The ptlm o( tha tuuid. 

(Z) B. To give ft lend tod shrill 

07. Etut. 

U) t. A lercr. Bail. 

(5) *, A (ore on n eow'i hoot 

Loksn, V. To mcne bftckwftrdg and 

fbrvardi on s chair. Sameriil. 
LtrBieT-DiSB, >. PeriDfroyeL 
LnauBB, I. GarmentB. 
Ldkbt, (1) t. A tumult. 

(2)v. Todaln;(hiDgiiiabuny. 

(3) I. BuMle. Ltio. 

(4) r. To polL NorihmU. 

ib) V. To daub. Eail. 
Ldsa>d,«. a lizard. 
Luscioos, adj. Strong and oflbu- 

■iie in imell. Xrie. 
IiiiBH, (1) adj. Rich; loxnriant; 

incculent ; M applied to vegC' 

Then tremie ud nM of itrength, ud hirl 

■nd rofgj i> tlw Uide, 
Ind checn the hvebuidinia with hoiie, 

Shnbi hul md ilBHl !;)» > irr^e. 7.1. 

(2) <^. Limp. 

(3) I. A twig for Otltehiag. 

(4> t>. To iplaih in water. CioHi. 
(5) (. Intoxicating drink. 
Lcsmr, adj. Tiftj. 

1 LUS 

LuiK, (1) I. A laij, Inbberlj 

Bo, ho, u, ho, Appititnl hith vim I 
up, with a pes to TOD L nh jon haki 

What, thou pnt buh. Bid I, art thoa 
■o fvn ipent that Ihim but no hop* 
Is recorer! Ttma » Afttti, lUl. 

(3) V. To loU about idfy, to be 

He Je m; foe, ^md thou not him, nor 

Him tub Bt homo imhoDmvd ; BO|oodhf 

»W<Hr-i AOiiniM gufbmi, UK. 

LcKTinff the eemiuJl 

B«N ha* nn on, Wiw at bo«* iailiae. 

JTirjtoo, St. <^F>U.,m,6. 

LusEisn, ai{i. Ltijr. Li»4Mmm, 

LtrsoBT, «(i. (Inf.) DcMptiTe. 
For HTCccT, praperiT so ailed, tU. 
dirination t^ lotta, it ie too nueh appa- 
rent haw It nboaDde. For Uuorf Mle, 
the liata groBTii onder the Iwc hj 
them, to the riioe of man; men ana 

tht Bu' bT Ihniii; ind lor other bU, 
hj lierq, inxiIu, kc-, Iher ahoHUd, aa 
wiichsj, tc, a^ — -'- 

LussnaBonwaBi 1. Money of the 
duket of Liuembnrgh, which 
wai much debated, and forbidden 
by our early atatutes to be im- 
ported and passed for the English 
coinage, nhich itietembled. 

LnaatfM, 1_^_ Lovely; beautiful. 

LcsTB, (1) e. To like; to deike. 

(2) t. Liking; deiirei delight. 

(3) t. To bend OQ one aide. 

(4} I. A quantity. Bati. 
LusTicK, nfr- Lusty ; healthy t 

l»w<[L 7dHfCb>, O.PI.,i,S40. 
LuiTNn, «. (^jL&) To litte*. 


LU3 i 

LmttmH to ne, knid jngn, 
Tho God "tlfl br^DDjn^ 
H^dr i-mud htrtne with ^me. 
And the angcJn h brilil ■ ilbinne. 

rtnurn MS., BiMiiaii Liirarf. 

LnsTSBi, V. To buttle about. £m. 
Ldbtbino, I. A lort of plun lilk. 
LuBTT, adj. Pleuint i livelj ; gay 

LcBn-SALLANi, 01$. An oldtenn 

bi' ■ coloar. 
LoaTT-ouTH, a. A Itrong penon. 

thkt thon muit be better Me to Ullt 
becuue the n i jonnr hutU^yuU- 

LnsTTHKDB, 1. (^.-&) Plcuure-, 

l.vT,prtl.t, stooped. 

Ldtb, (1) tr. (A.-S.) To lie hid. 

(2) adj. Little. 

(3) e. To pliy on the lote. 
LuTBEB (1) o^-. Wicked. See 


(2) ». A laddec. " Sh«ll I fetch 
thittbire MhtrV Norf. 
Ldtbkbbh', 4. Leather! ; ttrings. 

LuTBOBUT. Oalj look I North. 
LOTON, ». A projection from a 

house; a haw window. Siut. 
LoTTEB, V. To scatter. Glouc. 
LuTTBB-FDTCR, t. AsloTcn. Cormc. 
LuzDBiABT, I. One addicted to 

Ldxdbiocb, a^. LuitfaL 

BliMt inutiBte, limiiow womui. 

Skaki,p.,Iitv A<ldr^m.,■•,^. 
What WDns diignu did em kinf nu. 

ThiD i bi thii fitfariou eonple lunr 
Wiiiltr f- Boicby'i rAracfCoM^, i, 1. 

LtncBT, (. (j^.-JV.) Lendaeu; 

Ldtbchbnb, e. To ruah Tiolently. 
LczBBH, (. A lynx. 

Enn bun the pucbiag lou. behold, I 

Ltau, I. A thoDg. " Tbe atring 
naed to lead a greyhonnd ia called 
a leeie.andforahQunda lyame." 

Ltbbkt, *. A gtiek, or ataff. 

i. sjlh to wjnde up thit then will ant 
Bjndeit tilupinoneudnieittovrBcpc. 

Ltccbd-tea, I. Tea and spiriU. 

Norlh. See Laced. 
Ltb, (. (1) A flame of fire. 

(2) Kindred. Pr. F. 
Ltebbt, I. A kept mittreu. Mel- 

banrke'i P/iiletianu, 1SS3. 
LmN, e. 

Irfunente, Rnd scflamBtJUDi iyfen it. 
JfkriJn, .^ntoHu'f Bewni^e, tijED. 19. 

LTiito-DOWH, (. Accouchement. 
Ltino-hodbi, (. A priaon. 
LvLBB-WDLSB, I. Liiuej-wooliey. 

Ltmphaclt, a^. Lame. 

CAaiMff'/B'm* fucMi., 
He [Vnlcui] pluflth tbe jHter, 
wjih bye lyi^tnailtyng, now ' 

Ltuptwioo, t. A lapwing. . 

For lykjDg o/byrdei, 

Or Jarko, oT IfniKliyUa, 

Ibjkt ioiBjcbe ■oqgepe. XorttArtlmre. 


Lm, ». LMve. MS. dated 1470. 

LijsT, ;ire(. (. Lictb. 

Lt!Tbir«lt, ade. (A.-S.) Wkk- 


Ha, (1) V. To milce. 

(2) 04*. More (for mo). 
Haae, t. A miggot. YorUA. 
Maapm INT, t. Along itoTj, Cumi. 
tlAa,(\)M. Ailattera. Norlk. 

(2) V. To dreiB otgligently. 
Mabble, «. To drcii ilOTeoly. 
Hacakon, "Ii. (ftat) A fop; ■ 

RtaAj tatnrtil; Hi iiih i 
Ts bcai (bit wciinii lalf in 

And no wqj At to tpcak to c]oat«d ifaooQ. 
Sttffy im Dotmc, BlL 1UD» JA, 

Hacakohi, (. {Ilah) A term ap- 
plied in the latter hilf of the 
last ceatatj to a fop oi dandy 
who dreated in the eiaggerated 
fuhion of the day. 

Uacb,».(^.-A'.) (l)AclQb. JforCT-, 

(2) Aconit. Somtrt. 
Mack-hohdat, I. The fint Mon- 
day after St. Aane's Day, July 
26, held ai a feaat in several 
locaUtiei, and in tome with bur. 

Macs-pkoof, adj. Hot liable to 

Uacacbina, I. A lort of Italian 

dance, danced by buffoon* in 

maikt. See Mattachin. 
Uacbau, t. An old name of a 

game at csrdt. 
Haohb, b. To match. 
Uachoond, 1 >. (1) The medieral 
MACOR, t name for Mahomet ; 
■lABOtiND, J any Idol. 

(2) Abngbeire. 
Uacilbht, a^. (Xa'.) Letn. 
Mack*, *. An old game at card*. 

3 HAD 

Mackbul, t. (A-.) A bavd. 
UAOE»iL-iET, 4. A Streaky iky, 

believed to portend wind aad 

rain, tiarthampt. 
Haceeoly, adj. Fuhionable. 

Maciibb, a^. Smart. Wane. 
Maokle, v. To contrive. Norlk- 

liACiLta, part. p. {^Lat.) Spotted. 
Macklks, t. A hawker. 
Macks, ». Sorts. North. 
Hacii, adj. Heat', smart. North- 

Macbio, I. A bswd. Middhloa. 
Mackowb, t. MacaroaL Fomt qf 

Cvry, p. 18. 
Macbtab,!. a poulterer and dealer 

HAD,(1)t. An earth-worm. Var.d. 
Content the, DepUei, mcirilei la^e im^, 

(2) adj. Angry. For. d. 

a) t. Madness. Glotu:. 

(4) I. A spedei of nightshade. 
Maddi,<i. (^..£) To become mad. 
Maodeb., (. Matter. North. 
MAnnsRS, I i. (_A. S. nujreSa.} 
UATBEKS, iThe May.weed 
i(AiTTHBa.N, J (onfAmtJt eolala), 
Haddino. To nmanuidding t^ier 

ani/thmg, to go furionsly aft^ it. 
Maddle, e. (1) To confuse, or be 

confused; to rave. North. 

(2) To be fond of. North. 
Haddocks, (. Maggoti. 
Mad-doq,i. Anoldteimforilrong 

Madeb-wokt, (. Mug-wort. 
Madoe, (. (1) An owl ; called also 

■ madge-hiAeltt. Cotgnae. 

(2) Pudendum f. South. 
Madqetin, «. The Margaret apple. 

Hadliit, t. A bad memory. Cmab. 
HADHiNo-woNBr, I. A popular 

name for Koman coins tound 

•boQt Dunstable. 

-vCooglc — 

■US- t 

Mad-pash, a^. Uid, or iaiKic. 

Vrqu/utrfi R^elaU. 
Madb, I. A diMuc of aheep. 
MA-ms, (^.-JV.) HrUlh! 
HArrLARD, I. A fbol. 
MAFrLB, \e. To mumble, or 

Maffliho, (1)(>i{i. Attrraapplitd 
to & iinall e&ter, e.;. " She's 
nobbmt 1 M^^In^ (eed«F," imt. 
(!) >. A nmpletan. Norih. 

Mao, (1) e. To cbtimr. 

(2) D. To teaM. 

(3) t. The jack M which qnoita 
■re throm. 

(4) (. Ad old Cuit term for ■ 

Mace, >. [l^t.) A iIiagJciBii. 
Maoecoli-b, 1 B. (j<.-W.) To for- 
i(AOHiooLD,/tirj die nJl -with 

MaOES, a. The handa. NorlAumb, 
Maoole, b. To leaze. Om. 
MAaaoTB, (■ Whiing. 
MADBOTr, a^f. Whimticd; fhtlic- 

Bome ; fidgety. Var. d. 
Maooott-fie, 1 . _„^i 
HAOOT-FiE, ]■»-■*■ mljple. 
Magqt-uanv-tebt, t. The wood- 

louae. Wtit. 
Maoit, I. A magpie. Line. 
Maonel. See Mangonel. 
MAQNiricAi., 01^'. MigiiiGaeat; 


BectoVfld ntwn him oaUkt tfltt atftn 

tht Tnildili minnEr, ud In mtpii fi a ll 

Mamificent, a4>' Muniflcenl. 
MAGNiricATE, V. To mignifj. 
MAOfrvioo,*. (Its/.) Agnndeeof 

Maonifv, e. To lignify. Dnxm. 
Maonofbbatb, d. (Laf.) To in- 

creue greatly. 
Magnt, I. A magpie. 
Maoddbb, f. A Blalk of a {rftnt. 
Mahbrbue, a. {A.-N.) Timber. 
MAHarrBBi, ». {Fr.) Waddings 

used to pod out the ihouldera. 

See Mach 

Mahomet ; 

, . (1) A giri. 

(2) Akiadeffiih. Ozeffi Rai. 

(3) The iron frame for the 
biking-itooe. Weit. 

Mai(ieein,i.(^.-S.) a little maid. 

Maidbn-baiil, t. The plant en- 
piibu Vtnera. 

Maiden aEBK,>. (l)'niecondftiDD 
of being ■ maidui. 
(2j The fint use of as; thing. 
So whan they und to a lyttelle towflo 
where a news pUlorr '» lEtte iiF,he 
that ujil he couide Irghtli uiemble 
people ta ^ther went to uie brfEy or 
(he towne which was ■ boodierj and 
deiired him that he woldfl |fve him 
leave to hare the nwdtnhtei ot the 

aSuihed the barllye ; foi be wjil not 

HAwsti-i.isa.t. Tbeplantia^^. 

Maidbn-lob, I. A worm. 

UAiDBNs.HONBBTr, *. The plant 

Uaibewodb, t. Dog's-fenneL 

Maid'b-lovb, *. SouUieniwood. 

Mail, (1) v. To pioioii a hawk. 
(2) tr. To milk a cow, when near 
calling, but oaee a day. Afai/len, 
the quantity of one (oiikiag.iVvrM. 
(&) I. A apot on a hank. 

(4) (. Tbat piTtof « <da«p which 
receiTea the ipring. 

(5) I. A defect in lisioti. DeMn. 
Main, (1) t, A tlirow at dice. 

(2) aig. Great ; tiolent. Far. d. 

(3)1. Might ratrengtb. 

(i) t. The thick part of meat. 

(5) V- To lame. Haliam*h. 
Main-bahfbb. (. A baaket for 

caiTjiag fruit. Sonwntl. 
Maikie, -) .. {A.-N.) A hooi*. 
HAisKiB, {hold; those who at- 

■lANT, J table or hoatei 
personal followen ; in a * 
lease, an army. 
Mainli, aA. Ver^jnuclb 




Pot, F*liiiir, fsnM atie as lagrj, bat 

Hain-th', «. A f'm pnt throngli 

the fbre-ule of a mggon br it 

to tam upon in locluBg. 
M&iNH, >• A firm, at SeiAt, near 

■ home, and in tbc owner'i occa- 

pation. North. 
Haihbwk*r, b. (J..&) To iwear 

MAIKTENAMCa, I. (_J.-Pf.) Be. 

M AIKTIN AHTLT.otfr. Miinly. A^DTf jl. 
Mai*, ., (^.-W.) A mayor. 
Maiblikin, 01$. Pooltih. fiorth. 

Dim, Ood's hotus.) A boapital. 
HAiST,(l)aif>. Hoit. Mtiit-uhat, 

generally. Craven. 

\2}fn». I.: Makes. 
Maihtbb, (1) *. (_A.-ff.) A .kUM 

(!) liud at in adjeMtre to tig- 

nih chief, a» the maUler itreet. 
Maisterful, adj. UeadiUong; 

MAiaTEoLiNQ, t. A &miliai term 

for a matter. 
Maistlins, adv. Moitly, North. 
liiia,it.isvt,:{A.-N.) Amiitreu. 


nary performance, or naiterly 
Hau, (1)(. (^.-S.)Acon>paiion; 
• hmband, or viffe. 

(3) t. An old cant term for a 

(4) t. An implement for cntting 
up peaa. St^. 

(5) P. TodOitOOMK. 

(6) : A aort, or btbion. Nmih. 
(7)r. Toas^atin. Ywlah. 

(8) o. To prepare. 

(9) V. To drew i ' 



A fooUsh 1obb]r out D' the W1J, vufo dcKfir, 

Ttj wluil thej are. try. 

k ^ ?t., Z<^ Ait)IM, Si. 4. 
To msite n(M, to lemple. Tt 
mait mnady, to undreii. TV) 
mat« aK ipfif, to uie great vio- 
lence. To mahefair weather, to 
coai a perton. 7b nuiic a mat- 
ler vrilli one. to pidt ■ qnarrel 
irith him. 7b ataie naagSf, to 
corrupt. To make to the ttw, 
to form to one's hand. ISait 
yovr nanneri, a eommand to I 
child to touch his hat or enrtsey 
in the presence of soperion. 

Maeb-bats, (. A qnwrehoma 

MAiE-BiaaAS,!. The annual pelrl- 

Maeb-cditnt, (1) t. A make- 
weight. North. 
(2) V. to intend. Efdur. 

Maki-hawe, I. An old hawk em- 
ployed to instruct a young one. 

Maeb-peace. «. A paciGcator. 

Uaebblt. adv. Tolerable. North. 
Makb-bhitt, (. Substitute. 

Letter in hiigniYt; 'bjawhe dmre nol 
/tifi.hj'cight heefMTtlh toliewllh 

up weight. 
Makke, «. A dish in cookery. 
Malrit. Take dnwen bepei, ud SMth 

Bl ta aoB.t, til Ihei be wliit'e u eni mylli. 

iSr^t'i' 'd^r'°i'r*' ''"^"^ ""■ 

udm^nhem tuBlle. ud KeAbeio 
in o^e, til the; tte eJ broji ; and Aoriuh 




Hakkdn, *. A nke far an oven. 
MiU.jtcK,*. A diatnrlttnce. Yoriih. 
Malahace.g. Tocutorcarreiwk' 

wardly. Rul. 
Malaeatoon. Ses Maltceloon. 
Halah-tui, I. The beam across 

an open chimney. Eait. 
Ualch, m^'. Mild. Ooen. 
Maldkop, I, A rnbj. 
Ualdvorf, I. A mole. "Te 

makeu anurUirorpBtoDdethere." 

WycU^te veriiOTa, Prolog. 
Mali, (1) a(^. {J.-N.) Evil. 

(2) I. {A.-N.) A budget ; a boi. 

(3) a. Dandelion. Soriit. 
Maj-bbdoche, 1. (.^.-A',) Calnmnf. 
Malicoltk, (. Melancholj. 
Malbcotoon, "l t. {Let. nuluni 

kind of late peach. 

And nuOdatKmi.yrXli niici choice 
wm icm ft* lMn-iii;d linllrtt. 


ingenuity or art. 
Bat tbe chul2 dunieU UuU had urn 

Of inch utoZtfH^iM, uid due forgery, 
Didnueli baleen her itniniiitreiiiitre. 
;!^wu./^e-, 111, i. ». 
Malb-filmoh, I. A bone euibion 

or saddle to carry luggage. 
Halisb, t. {Ft.) Uaeesinei). 
Malitalcxt, ». (A.-N.) ni-nill! 

HALQHAcioiia, adj. Ungracious. 
IdALaBADO, adv. In deipite of; 

DOtwithstandinK. The Italian 

form of moujrr^ 
Malhburi,*. (j4.-JV.) Misfortune. 

MaVuursd, illfortuned. 
Malick.t. Sorcerj; mare correctly 


Malicious, adj. Artful. 
Malign, v. To regard or act with 

Malinoes, g. Soldien are said to 

malmgfr, when thev feign illness. 
Malison, ,. (^..W.) ' Cuna ; male- 

Halbih, 4. (1) The diminutlre of 

(2) A alattem. Daxm. 

(3) A scarecrow ; B dnitf. Smwri. 
Mall, t. (1) A hammer, or club. 

(2) A plough-share, Someratl. 

(3) Au old name of a game, 

(4) A court ; a pleading-hoDse. 
Mallendesh, s. A disease inddent 

to horses, consisting of cradu in 
the knees, prodntiag ulcers. 
Mallioo, 1. Malaga nine. 

Sfaxiih Bifiy, tii, 1. 
.oifj.Melancholy: sad. 
:e will make the meir mind lie lede, 
wiU it make the w;Iifk:ij% glad : 

if MEirth end udesi 

When l' un Bde He drinke snin uke 
■giiiiw. AOtit P<gnri. 

Malloce, v. To sesndalise. Line. 

Malls, t. The measles. Exm. 

MaLLY, I. A hare. North. 

Ualu. «. Soil when wet, oi of a 
clayey and adhesiTC nature. In 
walking after a shower when its 
rather slippery, it is said to be 
maimy. Narf. 

Malsbeaoobs, 1 «. Caterpill*" ; 
hallisbaob, /canker-worms. 

Malseebb, e. To wander. 

Maltalknt, ». (fV.) Spleen; bad 

In liiiD bnrrni'd ecEiLt Endfre snd imtlt^ttnl. 

*™,?. e-.iii,iT,«. 

Malt-bug. i. An old term (nr a 

Malt-coubb, >■ The shoots when 

malt begins to run. Var. d. 



MAi,Ti,j>r<f. f. Melted. 
MAi.T-HO>ai, (. A ttroag, beiTj 

hone, likB ■ dray hone. Skake^. 
Malt- WORK, i. A greit dronk ud. 
Malub, 1. i■d.^S^ The mtUaw. 
MAI.TK8IB, (. The older Dune for 

Malnuej' wine. 
Uau , >, A «olt mati. 
Mahblb, 0. To atick (o injthiag, 

Mid of aoiL Eatl. 

(2) r. To «it with teemiiig dii- 

reliih. Eul. 
Uahklen, e. (if Jl) To miunble) 

to ehttter. 
Mamtaib, I. A pigta temple. 

froDi ffl<U(mm«rt<, a moaque. 
Mau MER, e. To heaitate I to itand 

mattering, and in doabt. Mam- 

mermg, heiitation, eoofiuian. 
It, wbcD ihd diyEoei Ca Hbd for hioi, 
tboQ ■unuuftuno doth doablc- 

Aufl taml^%». ^m-rac4, KtT. 
II would Bot hold. 
Bat bnnt In twain*, wlih hii mbUbiuII 

Bstimotthii ThiiiwkidilHet Iti 
CTon the- 1 un in ft mam m tr v u : Ah, 
whatihonldldol H. 

Mauuit, t. A puppet, oi doll ; an 

I hiTo •Rm (he citT of new NiDneb, 

uid Jnliiu Cnui Kied bv nunmu/t. 

Avry K-aiKu in lur Bummr. 1«0R. 

And then to hive x vntelied pnllug C»l, 

A wbioinff KUMimJiinber f6rtun« tondcr, 

To uuwer I'U not wed— I camiot loie. 

Shiiof., BcmttfJia., m, i. 

'niiii o'er mj hud, tai Uek '«m Into 
"b. ^ a, AIimJ Ftitims, ict ii, p. M. 

UAimocE, (I) t. A Pigment; a 

(2) t>. To mumble. Suff. 

(3) V. To manl, oi mangle ; to 
do clnmtitjr. Eail. 

7 UAN 

MAmcoTBurr, t. (Gr. fta^^ 
BpiifTos.) A ipoilt child. 

Mahfcb, *. A gTvU nomber. 

Mau-iwokk, a^i. Pnijored. JVn-f A. 

Maut, (from J..If. m'amit.) A 

UAMTTAn', (. A donkey. LmvL 
Mah, (1) V. Tb mdu a hawk tnc- 

AmoD) thorn ill a woithj ■■« ^warb^ 

Jfon^fiee, a common mode of 
addreaiing another when aurpriie 
or alight reproof ia intended. 
Jfan ^ wax, a iharp fellow. 
Uah-in-ths-oae, >. The ignit 

MAKAon, B. (^.-JV.) To thTMtea. 
Hanadsk, f . A club to inppl; poor 

people with goodi, on ptyment 

Dy"0<t»lnlent«. Iforlh. 
Mamantii, I. {A^N.) Idainte- 

Uahch, v. To mnneh. 
Mancbbt, >. {A.-N.) The flneit 

white bread. 
To mmttitt an u well the imMj pilata 
Aithat maie of Iha meal FetcL'd trfaa lay 
jiett of tint kind, compued with mj 
nenea of the bmd, doth hiok hin 
Drayl., Po^dU, nl, p. HD. 
lat Id In^ud «u SOMt mmtM 
?wi> nfSiOa, cap. It, ;. U. 
ii th< etale of life; of all th< nat, 
nmxcktt ii tha wbitsat, and the beat 
1«> FUloKfttn Bimitt, ItSl. 
Makcifate, part, p. {Lai.) En- 

Mahcifle, f. (A.-N.) A purroyor 
of Tictuala; a clerk of the kitchen, 
or caterer; an officer who had 
tha charge of purchasing proti- 
bIodi for an inn-of-coort, a col- 


If AKODWC, I. A bsboon. 
Hand, *. A demand. 

MaMDUI KNT,*. ( J- M) 

Mandeb., v. To crj i to gnuable. 

MandiliOK, \i. (JtiU, humHi- 


long jacket. 

A looH htmgmi |*ng«iit, mneli like U 
our Jtckvt or jompf, bnl witlutnt iIdv™, 

bfannrii: fe* vjat wtn nude with 
■ImH^bnt for DO othtr uc ttam to 
hufWthatai^ BmiUUBolm*. 

nil nn> ii tluoiitUT ftot, jft kg k 
■oker. In h« knkcUi M Ifew^ he 
DucBclud hii thint iilth wbif ud mWt 
nas ilME with wtu awl •)«( kws, 



Mahbk, (. A manor, or dwelling. 
Uanbblt, ode. Politelj. 
MAxe, ». (1) To be Mupified. 

(2) {A.-S.) To mingle. Wttl. 

{3} «, A BU^ of mtlt. North. 
Hanscoui, *. Hiied ton. Se« 

Mahob, t>. {A.-N.) To eiL . 

girie, a f eait. 
Uano-foddir, (. Hiied fadder 

faicom. rorixft. 
MAita-HANoi«, s4f> Mixed con- 

Auedljr. Vtr.d. 
Uakoohil, «. (il.-A''.) A machine 

uaed in Biegea to batter walla. 
llAMOotiisa, *. (Zof.) Totndein 

Mamhkd, I. (AS.) Manhood. 
Manicon, I. A ipeciei of night- 

MANiB,'a. (^.-A*.) Madneti. 
Manifold, e. To multiply. 
Hahiuh, «. A diminutlTe penon. 
MAMirLa, f. A lioodfnli a bundle. 


Mane, i. A piaak. Yoriih. 

Uan-ecih, a<^. Marriageable I 
maiia tppeteti*. Tor. d. 

Maneind, adf. Maiculine ; imps- 
dent i ticiooa. 

AviiMaiwltchl BsDM wiOi ha, mt a- 


An Ton tan*d HMO^nJ / 


Twu a VHUkd bock iha gare nu, 

A pbiBT miiitfii/ (iH, lunr mj bniiii 

^ottal S.^A.,Jlau.n(iiL,i>,t. 

Por a mad dona or for ■ nuHhtiW Biaaf 


Mahkit, a^S- Maimed. 

Mamliob, a4f. {d.S.) Homade. 

Uahhkk, (I) V. To dig and throw 
up btowB of diUhea oi banJu (or 
tbe pnipoae of bung mixed with 
miu^ or dung fOr matiure. 
(2) *. Sand thnwn op b; the 

MANMBBa.BiT, t. The U*t piece 
left on a plate. 

Mahnu, (. A little mu. Line. 

Hannibb, adj. (1) Manly. 
{2} Fondofman'tfleth. 

UAiniT, «. To qiproadi ta mam- 

MAK-au>u.BB, «. A ala^ of 

Hanexd, t. (><.-&) Vaaulageida. 

{?)e. ToeiD*e,or<sa>mmnnic*le. 
Manbhen, (. A twt of cake. So- 

MAHBBtr,*. Manhood. JfoucAi- 

;i*UeA«, manftdly. 
U«N'«-iioTHnivaB>,>. The plant 

jKiima Chriili. 
MANauETB, a^. (Let.) Gentle. 

Mtamittmdt, gentleneu. 
Maniwobe, ai^. Ferjnred. 
Maht, i>. To atoner. Cwai. 
Manielxt, t. (J.-N.) A (ouU 


UAH ( 

Mantlb, (1) V. To itietch one of 

tbe wioga after her legi, indtl^eii 

tbe otber, snid of a bawk. 

Ke ii tbcK Isake irbich nwlUt ia on 

wKS« Idgh tew'riBg, or Mcauliw low. 


iwinnoir. Ifanflr-uinKi, 
ring michine. 

(3) p. To frolh, a* ale. Entwor. 

(4) p. To nye tJwut Zmw. 

(5) t. To ape the fine lad;. Ziae. 

(6) p. To embivee. ffarlK 

(7) I. A. bine wanted aproB 
Horn bj female lenaiita when 
emplojeil ia roDgh dirtj work. 
Noif. Seeiienile. 

Mantlb-thb«, ». (*V,) A mantle, 
pieee of ■ cbinme; ; properly the 
great beam nhieh went acrou 
tbe apeniiig of the large chimney) 
in old boniei. [Fr. numiuu.) A 
MANT, / gown. 
Td nsUbliih it dixndoitd kidi, to 
ncall a itnggUng faair, to lettla the 

Brocaded flirv'n o'er Ui^far n«i(M ahine : 
Aod the rich itaji her taper ibipeeoDflnej 
Thsi all her dioa euita a KnceAd pridt, 
Ajid Bpartinr lores eiEiTonnH th' emctinx 
brid*. «l«i>'> JTuixttaiilH, ini 

Hahtooh,*. Pertitpt derived ftMO 


FLorio, "« great robe or mantle." 
Webster, ii, 25, mentiona "CQt- 
worka and manlaeat." 
Manual, t. (£af.) The 

And »itb liil Tnjuii Bnil« begun •> 
nvtoyt ot tbe nme. 

Hakt, (1} «. (J^S.) A mallitnde. 

(2) See Uaiok. 

(3) «4r. Undb HM. 

Maktkv, t. The mange in doga. 
Maht.* sxT, ». Tbe polfpoi. 

Son have (heir hcidi gn>*clb4; betwbrt 

Manttoldb, t. A norlh-counb; 

term for the inteWine*. 
Maffin, eon/. Perbapg. North, 
MAftDKULLB, t. (Fr.) A biwd. 
Uab, *. A email lake. ffort/Mmt. 
Maba^bam, 1 (. A balk leparat. 
ifiBB-BALK, J ing land in a field. 

Mabablami, «, 

liiikBdu, ponidoi, VHifWUAw, A«. 

Ar^i 5h>'i DarUxf, ii, 1. 

Mabacoce, 1. Tbe paMi(m-to«ei\ 
Mabblee, «. The loei TeDorea. 

A term naed temp. EUc 
MAiBLB^THaneB, i. The miiMl- 

thnjah. Northampt. 

Mabbbb, t. (A.'N.) Utrble. 

Mabcb, «. (.4.-S.) A boundar]'; ■ 
border ; aa the marehei of Wale*. 

Mabohai^ib, 1. (A.-N.) Hone- 

Habchanbib, (. {A.'N.) Mer- 

MAacs-BiBB, I. A fi^. £uf . 

Mabohi, (. The pUat amallage. 

Mabch-babe. Annadnaliareh 
Aora.ii ftverj old aaying. Mareh 
ia the ratting time of hares, and 
tber are tiien very eicitable. 

Ainaia a Jfirc* isr*; wbeic midneat 

Mir, be 

Ayimaf J ^ismmmu, lEe7. 
Id nept bittarlj— bot all of a 
•, I obiarr'd bH liHgo pe* 
r e;H look't nild, Hm Bcinf of 

-1 mull n> look il 


UitBc><rAMB, (. A iwart biieidt, 
like the modern mtcwooni, much 
mad formerly Id deuerti. Tbej 

Hirkhim {Countitg Farm*, 
IGI6), of vetj little flower, but 
with ■ greater qutntitj of 01- 
bvtl, pine DDti, piitices, ■]' 

mood*, and TO*edi 

Uasdli, (1) I 

(J..£) T 


(2) *. A pond foi cattle. Stff. 
Mabb,*.(1j Ademoaiabig, 

(2) A. term in wretUing. See 

Miutt-BLOB, t. Tbe manh mtn- 

gold. Norlhampl. 
Hautart, *. Yellow ragwort. 

Hark's-filt, f. The pUat flsabine ; 

. the hmla dj/nnteriec, of Lin. 
tliM^e-TAiui, : A term for long 
dark ealoured eioudt, which are 
well kaown to uilora, wbo hare 
aMorerb — 
W»t« iott, jmd mar^t iaiU 
Utlu tdftjr ihipt b&TO tov uHl 
M A>S*X,(.Tbe*tinki ng chamomile. 
Marbabiti, r. {J.-N.) A pearl. 

niiuikBOwnlraA.udaatlHiu' bbuJuni 


Amd Hther mantritta in mj brueu cap- 
JUiinu I>wt, O. PL, lii, m. 


}i. A margin, 

tpcarL Piert 

MiLBicBs, 1 t. A dueaie of the 
UABBTs, J matrix. 
Habin, (. {A..K) The lea-coait. 

Habibh, I. A manh. See Mamit. 

Bring rrnm tli« (wfol nuho, to o'Dipmd 

Tbe ErooDd vliereoD to churbh tbo Hnera 

tnd. Amsftif.i>«l,I,ii,f.W. 


Uabitikb, a^. lot matitiitie. 

Thii CuiBbarlkiid niti ont, ud Btnm^j 

dotli eoaihie, 
Tbii BMtini than witli tlul. both eubIj 

m^Umt. i)nqit.,Ps(roa.,Sim(iii. 

Uabk, (1) *. -A coin ti tbe Talne 

(2) 0$. DaA. See Uerir and 

(3) >. A wide gutter. Beton. 
Uabkbl, t. A *OTt of night-cap. 
Mabub, I. A nuurquia. 
Mabkbt.bbtbb, I. A iwa^erer. 
MABKBT-PBAJfr, odf. VcTT tipi;. 

Wareetl. ilarktt-fruk, and 
Mariit-mtrTy, in SJtrspiA. 

Habeet-flace, (. The front teeth. 

Habbkt-btbd, I. {A.-S.) A market- 

And tlieli bnt nielun plM'd 
Tbe wtrkti-*Ui ibont 

Srafbm, f^tli., wog nil. 

Hab«ho-8toi(b, (. Red ochre. 

Marl, e. (1) To marreL 

(2) To dreat Sih with rinegar. 

(3) Torarel. Dmm. 

*L*^roK I '■ ■"« ™"lin •"''=■ 
Masxock, t. (1) A frolic. NartK 

(2) AfboL roritil. 
Mabm,t. a jell;. Kau. 
Mabhit, >. A pot with hsokl at 

the aide. 
Habmobbt, (. A kind of monkey. 
Mabot, a. {A.-N.'i A nipple. 
MaROw, I. {Fr. maraud^ A icoun- 

drel ; a pickpocket. 
MABaDKgu, I. A marchioneai. 
MABaoisATB, (. A kind of mineral. 

Tha mr»iintaliiH» without ddubtfibDiDid 

with murfmutB ind aU rich mioenlli, 

Incidatid. HtfttrfiTnm^VOe. 

Mabbam,*. Sea reed-grat). Norf. 
Mabret, t. A manli. Horth. 
MAKBoaviNia. (Ft.) Goat'a leather. 
Harrow, i. (I) An equal, mate, 


or compuiioB ; ■ Iotct, huibaiu], 
or wife. Cola bu, " the glovet 
Kte not tKttrrtwt;" which he rea- 
dm inLMio, ffiUroftene fWH ««■< 

Bird! of > fethn, bat Ati tonther; 
Then lite p«tnHi ibirat jouriMrket gM i 

Out. If^lFarlPromoif-CtMOti. 

CIbou, Tonr dom m Tcry diintj^ 

A bmiDT bonn; Inrd I hid, 
A bin thftt wu mj vurnM : 

A bird whoM putdmo mada ne fltd, 
Aod FhOip 'ivni, mj ipurow. 

Avh/i Sotllm Uui. 

(2) Strength, 

(3) A wrt of 1 
Harrow LEBB, < 

Uakrdbb, t. (£a'.) Ltfender cat- 

ir intrrnal vigonr. 
1$. M*tehl«w. 

Many m ta, many come up, 
marry gip , and other interjections. 
MabbSali,, adj. MirtiAl. 

Fatneta, IKt. 

Ibo dHH) ofTrn with IotcIj 
iia. ""'-■- "- 

county rite, part of which wai 
originBlly payable to prieonen in 
the Marataaltea. Eait. 
Hakt, (1)(. Man. 

(2) ». Wb-, ^wRWr. 

But if Ihon long for warre, or jonng luhu 

StduuiI; aurl to pnrcbuc pniie, ud giTe 
Jlil foa tb« glBckc- Tufien.,On£a By. 

(3) t>. To traffic. Marlntr, one 
who marls or trafflca. Florio. 

(4) (. Beef killed at Martinmas. 
ud dried for winter use. North. 

(5) t. Lard. Smlh. 
Haktb, (. {A.-S.) Wonden. 
UuiTBL, V. To hsmmef. Renter. 


The fur of the OMf- 


Martialib-t, (. A loldier. 
Hartill, t. A marten. TapmlL 
Mabtin, a. A ipayed heifer. 
Martin 'b-uhos, «. Ringi mada 
with copper, and gilt in imitation 

Hartibr, p. {A.-N.) To torment. 
Habtliuas, t. MartinmM. Nartk. 

MARTLSHAB-BBSr, t. Bccf dlicd 

in the chimney like bacon. Em*. 
Uabtbonb, t. The marten. See 

Harvbi., I. Horehouad. 

Hart-budb, t. The flowen of the 

.And vbikiiig JUry.t«ii b^in 
Td dh tbflir goUflu eTH- 

3*4^,, Cfa., i, 3. 

MABT-HASi, I. The feast of the 

AnnanciatioB, 25tb of March. 

Mas, (1) 4. A colloquial abbreria- 

tian of master. Mathyp, mai- 

lla BirtidDiiiew Bunt, 
One tbit halb b«a ■ dtiieo, lisM a 

Ajld uow A guncMfl-. B.Jiml^SlKl^ 

Yoa mif perceyre by tho wmita bfl gAva, 


(2)prea. I. Makes. 

Mabcai., r. A caterpillar. Dtvm. 

I, a4j. {Lal.maaailtM.) Male. 

Mass,!'. (1) To be confounded; 

to doubt. Mattd, coufonndedf 

mad. AfaiHfRefK, aitonishment. 

(2) To turn giddy. 
Mabblin, 1. A drinking'.cup, said 

to have been made of the metal 

called maitiit. 
Masbr, t. A howl, or goblet of 


-.Coogk' — 

HAS ( 

KlioB, u if abaiit to unHh tjtrj- 
thing that cane before ni. They 
My, " He matlut (boat." Line. 

(2) I. A minh. WiglU. 

(3) .. A mixture. 

Mashu, I, A gtat deal. Camvi. 

Mabb-tat, ». The rat nhich con- 
tuiii the milt in brewing, which 
i> itirred op witb ■ ma»^taff', 
fonDerly called » mathel, or nw- 
tktret, matJirvU, or mah-nidder. 

MAsa-HoaTAa, nfc. Alltoi^ecee. 

HASB.RUI.S, (. See Math-fal. 

Mahk, (1) e. To infuie. North, 
(2) t. The mesh of a net. Nmf. 
(3)». A mast, Norf. 

Habekdk, adj. (J.-S.) Bewildered. 

Mabeei., (■ Ad old aort of 1ace. 

Maheilin, (. A mashing, 

MA8KaBD.a4i.(I) Stupified; atiBed. 
(2) Decajed. NorlA. 

MAaiiBT, t. Haiking; mtique- 

BitHfi ofBuof IfAmiat, C 1 
Haskin, *. A diminntiie of maia 

Hablim. See MatlSn. 
]i^AiLii>-KeTTi.B, *. A braia kettle 

for boiling milk. Leic. 
Masnkl. t. A club, or mace. 
Mabonib, I. A bricklayer. Liie. 
UAesBLADK, (. A diah in old 

MAB8BI.GI1I, I. Mixed com. 
Mabse«,». ApriTy,oriaWe<. Sb»ier». 
Uabtbd, adj. Fattened with mast. 
MA8TBB, I. The jack at the game 

Mabtbbdom, (. Dominion. 
MABTEBniL, a$. Imperiooa) head- 

HABTiavTAif., (. The left handle 

of a plough. 
Masticot, *. Onm maalic. 
Mabtt, (1) », A nuBtifl. 

Bsrif. BBMitiUi. BUriiitt linital h«l 
a maitn-iof wen u fit a iBjig to make 
■ nUwl or. _ 

(2) adj. Very Urge- ^*'«- 
lAiTLiK, T t. Anythinjcompoaed 
MASLiN, I of mixed material*; 
uBABLiN, faa, metal of different 
nBLiN, J orei united, or bread 

made of different kinda of gl«ili< 



Yet hnai nide of bnai Oicy do nt ; 
The Uitlier fu one loif bath UniD, 

Mat, >. A tool for itubbing fnrae, 

&c.-, a mattock. Narf. 
Matcb, : The wick of a candle. 
Maichlbbs, «*. Not matcbedt 


With natchiem eai» Marati and aiitorl. 

*™., y. c, IV, 1. ss. 
M ATC BLT, aiie. Exactly alike. Tin-, d. 
Mats, b. (1) (ft-, mattr.) To con- 
found, itupifj, and overpower. 
Imt. What, uo yog mid, that yon do 
SI. AM. Not aud, list luUi: hD«, I 
Bkatap., Ctm. of Emn, iii. S. 

(2) To deject. 

Enui^le in>ts of him your baplraie Joy, 
ABd iMBiyielf now ymUei, u ji i«. 

Sfou, 7. q.. I, », IS. 

(3) To terrify. 

Hn eyd mw no toronr, nop em heart 

nlifd tlifl hidiovaaeiie (^ it to luiiii«f«d 
mod. Ftmir., Jnad.. HI, p. EM. 

(4) To baffle, or defeat. 
Bi»SH of tbtir grot form, wiadome, 
and good piTemment, thCTinigbt only 
luT« mM ia cuterpriK 'n luJy. 

Cumimu. t) DaiHl. 

(6) To pntzle. 

Tour wine wittat than, tliaj andentaud it 

re TCTT gond cnucity in ale. 
Ot Will, O. PI., nil, US. 


Mi.TUB, >■ Tha womb. 
Materib, >. Mitter. 

Km rent ieh *ille Mile im 

HATrKLOH, t. Kup.weed. 

M&TB, (. A mawiog. Samenil. 

Hatbbii, t. 

Hew hadde il the QinH hethen 
Be* to-^uit dcmn to nidfAA. 

^rCAMT ■»( Jferlin, p. 80 

Fai he letc Criittn wedde hit)i«L 


MATTT.O^r. Httt«d. 

M ATWODBTB ,(. The pUntaiytrMgo. 
MAbDLiH-rAix, (. An uproar. 

UAUDBk, V. To mnmbti. Katt. 
Madfbkodk, I. (.f.-M) A mk- 

MAno,». Abrother-io-Uw, yorfJL 
MADwe, (1) «(»v- (-i.-^-) In 

(2) 1. Diilike ; enmil; ; iU will. 

(3) I. Mitfortone. 

(4) e. To let tt defiiDce. 
U Aux, t, A nuggot. Narlh. 

Mathik, t. The gteat ox-cjcd 

dais; {anllKmu etMa). 
Hathdh, t. A limpleton; 

cbiDgtliDg. Weilm, 
Matlv, \adf. Equal; ilikc; e 
UATif K, J respooding. Tbai,wheD 

two thing! ire alike, they either 

say, " Thit i> mail;/ b ' 

"That'iamo/In-." I 
Mattachin, 1 i.Origini 
HATACHiN, /with iwordt and 

buctleri, uauall; i 

diagoiw. Snppoied to he dsrired 

from the Spanigh. 
Do kill jour nBde, do, bat Cb 
And not « cholerick, dd, ta 

.^ rm THtlflnr, 

iicitue Sghtirg, thii irua tight tl 

two ■dTeTuhnstritinghiin^wboitn] 
the Ihinl, ind rtrcnging perhipi ll 
of him vhich he had receivEi) of 1 
other. l^l^^^., AmA, I, j, ( 

to4. W« lurv hrmght jeta e i 

rum. t 

I, bTjoa 

WUIt Srtil, O. PL, Ti, K7. 
Hirt of cloth. 
MATniMoitr, ». A wife. 
MATTmaei, i. The marlelei of ■ 

■t thoD think to 
,htt tbon brirnt 
in AfJiit, IMl. 


What, thoa lule, 
fliht with ■ HibHi 
itikmlerr Twm 

(2) A •Mrecron 
Maukt.o^t- Uaggptj; wUnuieal. 

Haul, (1} *. A mallet. 

(2) a^. Sticky loil. Ea*l. 

(3) 1. The mallow. 

(4) I. A moth. North. 

{ft) V. To draw, or tug ; to pall 

Haulabd, t. A mallard. 
Madlkb, I. The metales. Somen. 
MADLHr, adj. Clammy. Eail, 
Maux, oiff. (I) Soft) mellow. 

(2) Peaceable; qaiet. Nbrlh. 

(3) V, To haDdleorimear about. 

Madhblk,!. ABoftadheiiienieta. 

Mavhet, I. An idol. Mamteirit, 

idolaky. North. See Mammtt. 
MAVweiT, «. AiimpletoD. Norlh- 

-, Google 

m hvflBt iiBidfe. ud wutad Botiey^ 
^bJt-iil, SetHlfir J(go9, ISW. 

(2) t. A buket At Tirmouth 
thil term ii giien to ■ buket 
contiining flva hundred beniogs. 

(3) V. To commuid. 
Hadndib, t. To matter; to 

wander In talking. 

MaDNDIBINO, 1 ., n r - 

UADEiDRaL, «. A ptckute ihirp- 
. ened at etcb end. 
Hadmdt, ac{f. Sancf. O^mc. 
HACHas, V. (J..ff.) To gonnii 

Mauf, e. To mope tbant. Jfoii; 

• fool. NortM. 
Uaub, «. A root See irar«. 

Maut. Might. Norlk. 
Madtsek, 1 1, a girl. £lu(. A] 
HOTBBB, J plied in Baaei iron 
call]' to a great awkward girl.. 
r. IimiiuMtrtlutdtiwutiHmix. 
e^ O thoa'R ■ Nacfalk wmu (er; tb 

mudi. Ji.Amf'iXvI.Jfgffr.ilJ. 

Aw^, jcm tilk liki i fooUih ih«>JIa-j 

HAUTHntH, f. The oi^ered duij. 


Hatck, 04'. ( Wicked. 
Matin, t. Tbe mai^n. Skuts. 

MATii, (. (.^..5.} The •ong.thmah, 
aa diitinguisbed form the Urge 

Ih* tlmilh npln^ Ibg nialjdgKul plin. 

WhSD to Ih* miilhftd merle the nrbling 
tittii nip. Dn^l., Po^oK., Kmg or. 

Uatobtiai., Bib. (Lai.) Martial. 

Maw, .. (1) (AS. «ag:) Tbe 
itomacb of a calf. In Leiceiter- 
iblre, aheep, ealiea, &c, when 
overgoi^ed, are uid to be nuag- 
(2) An old g«me at eaidi. 


Eipeeted ■ let of hhw « priiBB-Tiiti 

Mhml rrit*ii, dtid bj St«<., 

En. rui, T, 1. 

nen tliirdiT follaw^ heaTiug of Ibe ■■», 
i luwuit&nil driUtr oi lew 
Iji odioa plej, end jet in eoui 

qneeDe. Hmrimgam, fyt^.^ it, i#. 

Tet in mj opiaioa it won not At for 
Ibein [fdiolin] to pbj at itaolbill 
■moBg weBchee, nor U luun-ehBiiee o 

S^taUaf, OHrlknw nfStaga Piij(,lSW. 

Mawblid, o^. Begpnaing to tom 

aonr. Said of beer, &c Norf. 
Haw-bodhd, ■<$. Coatira. Clu»\. 


Mawl, r. To make dirtjt to^coier 

with dirt. Line. 
Mawmbmib,*. a diah in ancient 

ittd of wjfl« 
rnger. Tikt 

^Fokc, end two[ 
end denf^ t}te 

iatoipntorerUx, lakeflDerofcantllo, 

ceat MfTdrc. 'Hie p;nn, witl delo, 
end FTje hem i liteU in grece, other in 
oile, and cut hem tdgidre. Taie 
clowea ud Boor of ennclis hool, end 
caet thereto. Tidte powdor i^ger, 

. IjUUifhil benede, cul nil thereto, 

end not to th^k. Teke bnwn oT apmi 
Ttniad, other of feunut, tt^iid uiaDo. 
and out thereto- Forme ^ Otirj,p-1. 

MAwmNHT, *. A diib in cookery. 
Tat to mke ■mw um i)'. Tekelheehen 
ud of deu Df npooi or of hennei, and 
heUce emile in ■ mortu. lUe m^lho 
of ihnuids, with the broth of freieeh 
beef, other fttiHb lloith, and pot the 
fleaab in the nrlke, other 111 the broth, 
ud Ht hem to the lyre, ud ilfC hem 
□p with doer oI iTi. or nftbon, or emj- 
doD, ea durnant u the blank dcdre ; 
ud with lolka of iireB end enTron 
for to make It idvw. Ami when il la 
dreal in diiabea with bluk dedre, atjr 
abon elmret de ^otet, ud ftrewo 
powdor (* nljntate ebovo. and eerre it 
fi^ Anu4rair3i,p.S4. 

MAWMiiH,w|t. I^>oUah; tiretome. 


lUW i 

Mawhi, adj. Stick;. Northat^l. 
Mawn, ». Peit. Henf. 
Mawp, v. To gsM on ; to wilk to 
tmd from ; la wilk ind gize, M 
. if out of mind or deliriooi. 

MAWPtTBBB, (. Monej. Lme. 
Mawsoll, t. White liorebound. 
Mawbit, (1)«. A limpleCod. IWe. 

(2)iR{r. SoftiadUitelet*. Wore. 
Maw-seih, I. The atomach of a 

Mlf aalted and dried. 
Hawth, t. Dog't-feonel. 
MAW.WALMir, t. A filth; meu. 

r. A dnnghilL KaU. 

Uat,(. (l)Aniud. 

(2) The blooom • 

(3) A m^ 
Mat-bectli, ] 

: The >inall co<:k- 
ehafer. Far. if. 
(1) Th« minb- 



(2) The Itdf't (mock. 
Hat-blouohs, 1. ThelilTofthe 

Mat-oahb,(. (l)Alrolic; ajeit. 

(2) A aimpleton. 
Uathap, adv. Perhipl. 
Matki,ii. {A.-}i.) To manage. 
MATNinHB, t. {A.-N.') The part of 

the inuour which coveied the 

Hathp>bjioiiii,(. (^.-JV.) One who 

giTM bail for another. 

Uat-pole, t. An tle-itake. 

MAr-waiD, t. Peverfew. 

UiEisiNi, I. A porringer. 

Mazid, adj. "A nitneat fromDe- 
Toaabire called the priaoner a 
mazed man, adding, ' I mean a 
man of uniound mind at timea.' " 
Timet. Ma; 9lh, 1844. 

MAZi-HBADiD,ai{|. Crack-lvained; 
atupiflfld. SonurHl. 

MAitR,:{A.~ff.) A wooden bowl, 
often carved and otberwiae orna- 
mented, made uaaall; of nunr 

tliQ Ant hfi ipojL'd, he m 

Altimu Uu of LnmlMidi, fill with wina. 
Call to t ■Mur (vhlchliB mliht lim 
iptnd). grml Briliimtt Tnf, ItOt. 

Maeli, «. To wander ai if itupi- 

fied. Cmni. 
Haizakd, f. (1) A familiar term 
for head. In Noifblk, it ia ap- 
plied to the face or jaw. 

k Ton s>B the 
>., bUfOi, ti,S. 



Mazxabdlt, oi^. Knotty. Somert. 

Mbacock,!. Ad efTemiatte fellow; 

one who ia the alave of hia wife. 

nuatoek. ' 1 had ntber have a huaband 
that wonid ivaddle ma thrin a daj, 
than inch a ona that will be fnll'i 
twice in half an bov. 

tititl, or that leti hia mlfe be hii 
Bllltar. Komtttlatir, lUC, 

Mbadbb, 1. A mower. Cemv. 
Mbad-uonth, I. {A.-S.) Jul;; 

the aeaaon for mowing. 
MiADOw, t. A field abut ap for 

ha;. Yorkth. 
Mbadow-cbaii, t. The land.rail. 
Mbadow-battlb, (. The ;e1Iow 

rattle {rAlnanf Atu critia galli). 
Mbao, t>. A pea-hook. EfHx. 
Uiabib, a. The minnow. Dntm. 
MbaiihQ, a^. Poorly. Wat. 
Hial, (1) t. The milk of a cow 

produced atone milking, f/orlh. 

(2) I. A apeek. Walm. 

(3) (. (.letL mtoL) A sand buk. 

(4)v. To melt. 


MBA a 

U«Ai~BKBAD, >. Bretd Bii4e of 
wheit, ground md not lifted. 

HiAL-SAiL, (. Hut; pudding. 

MiaIf-hodthbd, a^. DeUcaU 

Hbaxs, t. Monld ; sail. North, 

Ms&L-aKED, t. Huiki of oats. 

Mbal'b-miat, t. Meat enongh for 
• meal. Still \utd in Norfo^. 

Sot tnm mj wirdrolic inr cait loit. 
A / n. j9b<w( Jtui'j ArlKH, ut ii,«X. 

MVAXT-uoiiTBBl), (»$■ Sh;) back- 
ward. Eites. Delicate montbed. 
Notf. Fiur.«poken. 

Mian, (1) t>. To moan, or la. 
ment. See Uene. 

(2) t. An old term in masic; a 
part belTccD the treble and ban. 

(3) «. A female advocate. 
<4) V. To beckon. Wul. 
(b) V. To signify. Ltia 
(6) «. To limp. North. 

Meanblt, adj. (J..$.) Moderate. 
HlANELa,*. Spota in wbite hories. 

Mbanbvbkb, oAi. Meanwbile. 

MiANiNO, t. A Mat. Eatt. 
Meant, t. Meaning. Line. 
MiAN-WATKK. Wben cattle roid 

blood, tbey are aaid to make i 

mean-waler. Staff. 
Meab, e. To measure. Sommet. 
Meake, I. {Icel meit, a basket t< 

carry fish.) An old EaBt-Anglian 

word ligni^ng five hundred 

herrings in a net. 
MsABLtn, ad}. (l)Di>eased,applied 

to hoga, Ac 

(2) Mixed; mottled. 
MBASLsa, i*. {A..N.) Le- 


Heaslb-taw, t. The great throah, 


(3) A ilow dance. 
(3) A vein of ore. 
Ueabubiko-cast, *. A term at 

Hbat, (. Food for cattle. 
Ubatoblit, aij. Quite well. SouiJi. 
Ubat-babth, a. CultiTated land. 

Mbatr,*. Metheglin. 

MlAt-HAAL, ». Appetite. Crmen. 

Mbat-libt, t. Appetite. Wet. 

HCATLr, ads. Moderately. 

Mbat-wakd, a^. A term applied 
to i-TS peai which bo3 soft. 

Meat-wabe, t. Potatoes, beans, 
peue, and tlie like. In the Old 
Testament, meat alwaya signifies 
■omething TCgetible, farinaceoni, 
in cantradiatinction to fleih. 
Dentt and SomerKl. 

Meat?, adj. Fleahy. Far. d. 

MBADea, (. A brother-in-law. 

Mkawt, v. To imagine. Yorith. 

Mbaie, t. A hare's form. 

Meazlk, t. (1) A bliater on trees. 
(2} A BOW. £rmoor. 

Meazos, ». Mice. Svff. 

Mkblbs, I. {A.-N.) Furniture 1 

Mbchal, <n$. (-^'O Adnlterous. 

That done, itraifflit miudeT 

Onp of tbj baieat grwiDB, sua Lijjfod both 

Mbchb, I. {J..N.) The wick of a 

,T]o.iJ_6"^. _ 


The itrj\ hem n-dreueliB 

Foi hj« itMltTi ! 


MBDBeTs, 1. nie midit. 
Mbdetabde, *. Meadow cren. 
MsDiciNABLi, adj. Medicinal. 
MiDiH-BiLL, I. A dunghiU. Bui- 
fein'f Oial[^.1573. See^iiUni. 
Mkdlbe, oiJi. Of mixed materisl. 
Medlet,*. (A.-N.) Multitude. 
Medkatklk, t. MS. 151A eeal. 

See m«Hj(H«-ra«i«, 
Medwe, 1. {A.-S.) A meadow. 
Med-wobt, (. Meidon >«e«t. 
Meditoxks, (. (Cat,) Maika divided 
by the middle, balf mao half 
MsBcn, \v. To creep aoMf; 
HBECHEK, /topla;tniant. South. 
Meed, (1) (. Reward; ^ See 

(2) e. To deBerve. 
AM jttttj bodj mwii »b*tt«t grwe. 
Erimai'i SOht Jgi, UlS. 
Meidlcr, >. Wild orach. 
Heedless, adj. Tiiegome; un- 

iD«n«geable. North. 
Meei, v. To move. See Mett. 
Mbb-'loob, t. The lecood parting 
or laming in the oether-coal. 
Meel, e. To meddle. Union. 
Ueen, r. To ihiver slightly. Kent. 
MiEHE, di^'. Poor ; moderate. 
MiiK, : (1) A coolied kidsey. 

(2) A strip of grats land, fbm- 
iag a boundary between tw 
perties or parishea. 
h) A watering place for cstlle. 

(4) A meiuiire formerly em- 
ployed in the Peak of Derbyihire. 
Ubkee, "1 (1) «. {A.-S. mart.) A 
HSA&E, J boundary. 
(2) t. To divide. 
For bouuding ud jvtTvu, to hiB that 
will keeu it jiuUl}, it i> a bond tbal 
bidolelb power ind floire. 

•^ Serliei PL, L 6S, 1>. 

^^l». (1) A meadow.orfleld. 
ricUj dad in tfaj fvr foUfla flf 

(£) The plural of nMUf. 
Meet, v. To meet Kith, tignifled 
timea to countenct. To ie 
tcitk, to be even with. 

lepuion BE 

■ Jik bouBC, ■ 

e temper ot er^r 

pTt'tlmir lin, or ij^ 

ffn-JtrCi Comlry i^rion. 

Well, Us pnrent her, indEDemHther, 

or elM lie biU le •>«( urn* "M- , 

MEKTE&Lt, aiAi. Haodgomely; 

modeitly. North. 
Meet- NOW, oiiff. J nit now. North. 
Mekteblt, adv. Eaiilj. yorfal. 
Mso, «. (1) The mark pitched at 

in playing the game of quoita. 


(2) A cant term for a guinea. 

Hen lie magi and (melti ; I ns^eliid 

'^udml^Ssain of. 


r. Them 


leped. North. 
Meo-harbt. >■ A hoydeu. Lane, 
Mboiowleb, 1. A kind of large 

moth. ConoB. 
Meobim, \e. (Pr. migrmne.) 
/(I) A >ick headache. 
«'<x« in the hede. Take 

(J-, 1 

■aiall'' ffllid! 

ovnement, and ther 
Ser lS^''lSoj'ntjnge. IfX.lMtCnU. 
(2) A whim. 

Mbo-with-tbe-wad, a. A name 
for the ignii fatnua. 

MBiNT.porf.j). Miied. 

Heintbnaitht, adv. {A.-N.) Im- 


Hbikt, «. (^.-JV.) A 

retiineri ; an anuy. S«e Maitiit. 
iin%t,i.{J.-N.) Ajn«yor. 
HiiTCH, V. To meuurc or com- 

piTC f/orik, 
MxKE. t. {A^S.) To become meek. 
MiEBHiDK, f. MeekncM. 
MiEiL, o^. Great; much. 
Hekilnessb, «. Bigneu. 
MsKKUiLT, adj. Meek, 
let Ihii mikjn moat sun M auiiHlir 

Witb Ihi fnn aid tlu goodji tlut Ond 
WthU ud wjOt ud >i(tU tbg Kud thil 

Ha mil and ktr mnlndii lier to 

iKCiide. JTK Zlni«, SOSt, (. t. 

iSgixm, a^. Hod; loft; damp; 

Mid of the weather. Norlh. 
Ubldir, (. A kiln fall of oati. 


1 {1> V. To E 



To Loth mud to LjoncUe 
Tnlla Iniflf h« nwhi, 
Aid u iir Lnnulot de Lika, 
LDrdlicha vordri. MorttJrUim. 
(2) *. (J.-5.) A bov!. 

Hblbrb, (. A sort of ttkt. 

Urut,*. Tbemillet. 

MKLB-TtDi, I. (A.-S.) Meal-time. 

Mill, (1) v. To miogLe. 

(2) 1. (£a(.) Honey. 

And neh u neitha vutni Heme, nor 
nlowd, luU, nor f>)L 

^•nar'i AOumi Riglt^ 1 EM. 

(3) (■ The completioD of reaping. 
Diirham. Harvett-homc Call in 
Com. DoDclm. 

(t)prtp. Between. 

(5) *. A Htun in linen. JVorfA. 

(6) *. A wtrming-paB. So- 

(7) V. To awing or wheel alowly 

(9) I. A beetle. Ciinii. 

(10) t. A mill. 

Mill, \t. A aquare piece of 
MKLLKT, J wood fitted with a han- 
dle and nsed for tapping barrela, 
&c.j a mdlet. Line. 
M11.1.-1100B.B, t. A piauge through 

the middle of a houie. North. 
WS1.1.K, (l) V. {J-N.) Tomeddle, 

or be concerned witb. 
Not It ■mmnt men thU doe with nuon 




toiwtS. 4 

(2) V. Fatnere. 

Hm ve to <wU with.bini en but to Un. 


Ami t telle men with hei dothe evOa. 

(Sy ». To fight, or contend with. 

(4) t. Company. Jn iKtUe, to- 

(5) t. A hammer, ormallet. 

(6) f. A blackbird, or merle. 
Mellwkll, I. CodAih, or atock- 

MiLom, I. A garment worn by 

Hu.BH-DtCK, >. A aylian goblin, 

the protector of hazel-nnU. 

Melt, prel. I. of meli. Spoke. 
Melts, I 4. A meuure of lime 
HIT, /containing two bnaheb. 

MBLnt>, 01$. Heaiy, applied to 

bread. Dev. 
Meu AVB, s. Tiifleij grimace*. 

jr.) AbiU 

1. Tom 

of fare. 


rable; to 

p. To render memo 

In nin I ttdok, rlglit honDnnbls lord. 


. A memorial. 
(^..AT.) A family, 
>. The middle claaaei. 


Which VH nIM th* erjlt jaUMaeate 

iiwiivi,i.(J.-S,)'Deeeatj. Crmtn. 

UiNDB, t.(J.-S.) DeeeK 
UiKCB. e. TotMitap: 

Hbkdhbnt, t. (1) AmandiMiit. 

(2)Huiure. Var. d. 
Ubmd*, *. Ameodi; rdbmation. 
Utn, (1) V. To tpeak ; to tcIL 

(2) r. To remlmber. 

h) t. To »ou.. 

(4) t. A meta, or iutnunent ; 
■ mediitor. 

(5) t. A blut on the horn ; ■ 
bnnting term. 

UiNiDB,t.(n-.)^''>°^r- JVorfA. 
HiNiLD, adj. Spotted nhite ind 

HlNUfOMa, 04^. Of tn ordiRtrj 

HnnsoN, t. (^.) The ijteaUrj. 

Mbmok, e. To mil. 

MsHOT, (. A minnow. Drvon. 

Mehhts, I. An extentive common. 

Mkkodb, I. (^.-JV.) A Minorite. 
Ubnbal, (. (Zar.) The book of 

tccounti for proviiioni. 
MsNn.f. (.«.-£) Comelmeu ; de- 

cmcf i hoipitalit;. See Mtnilte, 
Hbkbsd, jiarf . p. Gnced, or deco- 

r*ted. Ctmb. 
Mehiu, ». Charity. YoriiA. 
Hbhbu. (l)t. (^.-AT.) Decency; 

honour ; reipect. 

(2) t. To do honour to. 
MiMtoNB, (. The meiuei. 
Hkht, (1) e. To aim tt. Pakgr. 

(2) part. p. Mentioned. 

ii^parl-p. Mixed. North. 

(4) V. To rcKmble. S»ulk. 

HsNTLK, >. A come apron. Bmt. 
Hknum, *. (Zow Lot. iMwula.) 
The minnow. 

MioLLSN, t. (^.-5.} Mnii. 
MiaB-poT,«.Apotl«gepot. Owmm. 
Mbkdi, v. To amerce. 

Th« hBth ha tbo pawn 
ToHAV* joiirpiine,uidiD t lOb toKivt 
Thut ikiU (Dr «m kM> TOW linius imk. 
Mil. tflnf. JCar., 0. PI., r, n. 

HnBcniB, t. The stock of a mercer. 
HiKCHi, (. The plant amallage. 
MiRoiAHLi, o^'. Hercifiil. 
UiKciiH, e. M^JV.) To thank. 
UsKCirr, P. To pity. Sptiatr. 
Mkboubt, >. (I) Wild orache. 


(2J White anenic. NwtX. 
MiBD, t. (A-.) Excrement. 
MasB, (1) 1. A lake. 

(2) Bij. Entire; abiolnte. Mtrely, 
limply, entirely. 

(3) t. A private curiige-road. 

(4) t. A mayor. 
Hkbiobop, (. Pimpernel. 
Mbbibadcb, t. Brine Ibr loakiag 

Mnwwi|tB,i. A dolphin. 

Mebobb, 1. [A.-S^ Marrow. 

MBBQilf, *. The mortu fonnd in 
old wall) ; also, a whita lort of 
marl, the refoie of a lime-pit. 


MiniLts, ». (A-.) The game of 

MiKiTOBiB, adj. {A.-N.) Ueri- 

MiRii, (1) a^. {J..S.) DaA. 

(2) t. A mark. 

(3) «. To ttrike ; to cleave. 

(4) V. To be distorbed. 
Hbbeik, >. Uied at the beginning 

of the 17th eentory in the lenge 

of puiti nntfieru,- bat the aenw 


U Ue SMi, not. 

flTCB to It in fetioMdti and 
writen of Um laner put of thxt 
centniy ud beginai^ of the 
18th it jndv tmlmrit aieUUia. 
U ii itill DMd u Emb wtth the 
meaning ofynAnJl Mi /. 
Mbklb, «. The blukbird. 
UpoB hli iakeifjftihimirU doth <ib^ 
f^hm II the Iowa inia, tki nit11tJii|;>l6 
In neh luotliic i^tiati Ibt JBjt^ 
bowica dotb pl^- 

Lr^lm't folfalHim, tanf IS. 
HiKLnr, 1 (. A amiU lund of 
MULIDN, J hnrk, fako aialim, 

Ac? lud ■»> {«Hk iwai lK«n«rlll'« 
ne connga to IM <a( bg kill'd : 
Tkn Ifd, nd Igfl BD tlw iMhlnd, 
UalMi it was Iks ImtiiK wind : 
Oit^-a an byiMa toA 
Two IM nuH nurlix ig ~ 


"■."™,}"«"<-<-«) - 

Mbkbokbs, I. A lort of fur. 
MiKBT, (1) <u^. Fair, applied to 

tb« weathei. 

(2) I. (Fr. nuritt.) The wild 

Hbkrtbavks, >. A cold pouet. 

Dtrd. Tha word t) ' " 

MBkmT-uaoiTur, a^, lU^tl- 

mate. North. 
UwKT-D&MCBU, (. The aurora 

Mb&«t-«o-ikiwm, (. An old oaot 

term for atrong ale. 
UiKBT-UAKB,!. Sport ; jouketing. 

^, SI. iiL, Set., «. 

UlKBTHKSB, t. loj. 

MiKBY-NioBT, f. A raitic balL 

MKBTB,«.GreatneaB; extent. Camb. 
Ubktuli.i,(. (A.-W.) Awondei. 
Huts. *4>- Dipped ; aoded. 
HiSANm, <. (J.-N.) UiMdven- 

}isacaAVST,adj.(A.-N.) Wicked. 
MucBivB, V. [A.-N.) To injure. 
Hbs*, (1) (. A mesa, or meal. 

(2) v. To Boothe. f/orlhunb. 

(3) a. Uoat. B»rtet. 
Mbbblbtb,(. (.4_JV.) Theleprttay. 

See Vnulra. 
Mesitsb,*. {A.-tf.) Trouble. 
MtSK, *. (1} A maih ; a jellj. 
For ken m mtjtbiuh oar boun all to 

And get DO eo;ii at a 

foils ffiuA ii, U. 

(2) A manh. Souik. 

(3) A gap in a hedge. Wat. 
MBBEiNa.eceLBythenwaa, Om. 
UiaLiNQB, I. The meulei. Line. 
MupBiBB, (1) V. (_A.-N.) To de- 

(2) (. A miitake. 
MBBs,(l)f. Apart; dining together. 


wti niuall]' arrangEd in finin, 
which were called mnta, and 
were WTTcd together; hence the 
word came to mean a aet of four. 
(21 (. A gang.orcompanj. Batl. 

for the table. 

(1) V. To aerve cattle with ha;. 

(B) «. To muddle. For. d. 
(6)Tnil7;iadeei!. CWnA. 

ijithgiTHH. auiaf.,L.L 

iisas\OK,$.(J.-N.) A a 
MuBB,(. (1) The mail. 


MiasiL,*. (I)Alepei;uiaatcHt, 

(2) A Ubie. 
Mbbbbnk, v. To dtala. Fr. P. 
Hi8»EHOKiu, t. A proTiiidil term 

for imall cloudi KptiUed from 

larger onei, vbieh ire caaudeced 

H preconort of rain, 

MtBSOB,!; Alotd'ibtili£ 
Mbstkk, t. Of.-N.) Oecagtiioo. 
Uiacoi, t. (^-^^0 Mod«rttioil. 

Metarablt, modezite. 
iiTT,{l)parl.p. MtMored. 

Wiitwtrdfif Smtltt, \t 


, , r. AbuiheL 

(4) A meuure of two buihela. 


W) I. (lot. nuta.) A bonndu;. 

(GJpret.l. Dreuned. 
Hktai., I. Mateiula for roada. 

HiTca, V. (ipparently from the Fr. 

mieit.) TosnaSTacandle. Nortk- 

MiTE, v. (1) {A.-S.) To meMora. 

(2) To drMin. 
U(TB-To&ifK, (. A form or bench 

for tbe dinner table. 
MiTBi., *. (-<.-S.) A dream. 
Hbtkly, adv. Hoderata. 
MMTiKMa, t. A poet. Droj/ian. 
Hin-BOD, I 1. A ideuuriiig 
Kin.wiND,/ rod. 
Ukti-bbi« (. {A.-S.) Dinner-time. 
Mrh>, (1) f. Mead. 

(2) a4j. {AS.) ConrteouB. 

(S)!*. Tobreattienthdiffidilt)'. 

Mbthpei., 01^'. (^.-S.) Wear)'. 
UmcDLODe, a^. {Lat-) Tlmoroni. 
Mbttlxd, adj. Potteuins mettle, 

Haitr tbo^htl that njva^ 
Humid luTS miidg dm to nfMId. 


MmuciBH, t. A writer in vene. 
MBTTin, a. A meaaurer. North. 


MiTEKLT, «|l' Buhfal;(li;imild. 

MEtT, a. The sea-mew ? 

About hit &ai a thouuid Ha-gnli bnd, 
l!h0 Mf^i aad tha balqroa. 

ilrww, ilrif. F—l. 
Hnr, (1)0. (Pr.MMT.) Tamentt, 

or ahed tbe fettbert. 

(2) t, A place in whicb falcona 

were kept ; metaphorical];, ao; 

doae place. 

Fottt Mmiui fnuB Iht larinniH khii. 
muie aha aU daj dU hide har bated hnr. 
*.!«-, 7. ft, I, T, SO. 
Abgot Ow dcHat pa«H of Qrtta then 1* 

a nlleT Love, 
To vhiehthe roHng nten &U UiM from 

3o ro^ea do orenhedovo it Uut acuce a 
llieopea'^niDoianahuieathiinr amidat 

(3) v. To keep ahot np. 

^n iliBt Ui* agle (hnuldiw ww-iJ, 




(1) a. A atack. North. 

\b)paTt.p. Mowed. Yarith. 
MawT, 1 ». The dung of the 

Kmyvd, part. p. Mixed. 
MitnA, a. A compaor. See 

Muza, a. {Hal) Half, or middle. 


MiutL-r ACID, ai^'. Red with pim- 

Utob, I e. (1) To ikalk, or act 
MBKOH, >b; itGilth ; to indulgs 

or truant DHdiciuH. 


(2) To pUr tonut. 
HtCBAL. See UeeluU. 
MiCBi, a4/- Much. 


MicaiB, <. An idler. 

(2) I. A. loaf of bread. 

(3)t. A ion of for. 
UtcKLB, (1) ntr. Much ; grut. 


(2) «. A heip. 
MtOEUV, ^orf. ji. Benambed. 

Mm, (IJprep. (-^.-S.) With. 

(2) (. The middle ; the centie. 
Til t^iimimgs and mil nflUfiiinuami 

n» fnia nima lime that ttin* MhlMgiii 
JimlbStwfdlbj trntut ii^&od la 
lb nwJ Auut, ud tkm [■ hDTHt dij I 

Aai DOB tilt tfiMnnt« ntietli tlwn- 
JiiSiiflitriiKiilfJtr, n. d. 

MiDASED, 01$. Middle-aged. Hty- 

WDod, ID 36. 
HiD-ALLET, f. The nave of a 

UiQDiK, iLAdans-hiU-TlTorM. 
uiDDiNO. J Midden-crow, the car- 

UiDDKi, 1. The midit. 
UiDDUt-BAND, I. The thong which 

paaaea through the two cap* of a 

UiDDLE-BBD, t, {J.-S.) The world. 

Corrupted in later writen to 


, / beam that takei 
the two leaiei of a harn-door. 
MiODLE-HrsAD, I. The threshing- 
floor. EMt. 


A go-be- 

HiDoi, f. (J.-S.) (1) A gnat 

(2) A dwail 
MiDOKN, 1 », The roetenterj 

■fiDOBBiu, / gland of a pig. 
Minaiaiiu-iAT, a. The fat of the 

intMtinei. Lrie. 
MiDiDONi, adv. Immediately. 
MiDJAN, J. Atmallpiece. Conw. 
MiD-MOKN', t. Nine o'clock, 
MiD-OTBBNom, I. Three o'clock 

in the afternoon. 
MtDkipk, a. The midriff. 
HiDsuHMBB-DOB, *. The Ma;-bug. 
MiDauHUBK-uAir, I. The man- 

MiDWALL, (. The bee eater. 
MiDWABD, adt. Towarda the 

Mipr, *. (1) Slight m-humoor. 

Mffy, apt to take office. 

(2) A mow, or rick. Iforlk. 
Mm-MATr, I. Nonaenie. Norlh. 
Minr, I. A nick-name for the 

deril. Oku«. 

(2) Uead. S 
MiOB. See Midgt. 
MioHTiDL, a4i. Powerful. 

[, and lihtTji, 

Dd mifflUfitt, a 

MiOBixsa, m^. Weak. 

OUt p«ople ttllt ben mtgUla. 

HiaBraoHKBB, i. Power. 

MiSHTT, (1) adv. Very; as, 
"M(jS(y good kind of people." 
(2) adj. Kne ; gay. Somtriil. 

MioHiABD, adj. (Fr.) Delicalc 

MiHBON, V. {Fr.) To flatter. 

Hike, e. To idle; to loiter. See 


MiKBLB, e. To inoeaie. 



: {A..S.) Grulneai; 

And br thii honnt light, foe ;M 'tii 

String &e nremiu of thaii gOdsd 

And Milm iUnt — Uitr thew'i to ms 

U cnepaildEwnroillid. 

UiLci, t. (^.-S.) Mercji; pitf. 
HU.CB, a^. White. SAmtup. 
MiLDBKii\x, 1 t. Coine caoTU 

MiLDiH, B. Td taro to datt. Zinc- 
HiLDNiss, #. Mercy. Lgdgalt. 


milei. fTeff. 
MiLoiK, 1. A pumpkin. Norf. 
HiLiON,!. ApDDipkiD. "kmiUon, 

ime gourde," Frmek Seioole- 

nmter, 1636. 
MiLioHET, (. " The thing the; ute 

to tun> about in the chocolate 

pot." Ladiei' Diet. 
HiLX-TOBK, R. A fork to hug the 

milk -pails on. 
UiLKMsas, t. A daii;; an; white 

diihet made with milk, Norlh. 
MiLE-sELE, 1. A milk-pail, ffami- 

Milksop, *. A coward. 

HiLK-BTOP, (. The pul or bucket 

used to carrf milk from the 
cowbouae to the dairy. Narf, 

HiLiT, r. To milk. WUtt. 

MrLL, v. (1) To rob; an old cint 

(2) To figbt with the flat*. 
Perhapi from meUt. 
UiLLAD, f. A miller. The children 
jnWorcatershire uied when they 
saw a lai^e caterpillar cnwlii^ 
on the ground 



MiLi.AKa.cOAT, (. A brigmdlne. 

In the fint pJiM wc an oitmm >ilt a 

nLtioD of ibKCU tbat jm blnsyi nukiu 

oonceriunj poeu. pi™, bnnxKou, 
libflj, lOn^, tDuu, nu tceuei, lovv, 
ladicB, p«nik«, ud Gr«(at.itrid|E«, 
Fnnch conqMtU. dotli, rtlinon. iniit- 
boiB potou, gunitum, KiWi-Mtttlf 
mga. fonbrrt'i naduaij, poLJlieki, pu- 

MiLLBD, oiji'. Tipay. JVanc. 

HiLLBK. There waa an old pro- 
»erb, "Every honeit nilltrhn 
a thamb of gold." Pulling Ihe 
miUa't tgt out, a pbraae Died 
when too much liquid ia pot to 
any dry or powdery aubaUnce. 

MiLLiiL, I. The large white moth. 

Miij.iaAT, I. A gold coin of the 

Hillsb's-tbuub, t. (t) The bnlU 

(2) A kind of codfith. 

(3) A fboL 

Millets, t. A diaeue in the fel- 
locka of honea. 

MiLL-iTE, I. The hole through 
which the grinded corn falla. 

MiLL-aoLMB, t. Watery place) 
about a mill-dam. 

MiLLiNiB, 4. A milliner waa ori' 
ginally a man, and aeems gene- 
rally ID baie perfumed himaelf. 

alcb llini br tl: 

Botelaxii, Siaicifor Monef, ItW. 

MiLN, \: A mill. Mitntr, a 

MiLOE. (. A melon. 

NBSBi, ». {A.-S.) Mercy. 
The rat in aheep. Wat. 

Hi show mercy. 


MiLWTN, ». Owen fi»h. Laae. 
MiH, o^r- Priml; silent. 
MiiniA.M, : A bog. 0erA(. 
MiMHOCKiNB, adj. Funir. ffVif. 
UlHPiNQ, At). Uinciag? 
I wurut tis Hnu aii^pu; eotutiy 
Hwr^ iKylitA JTgniHar, 1(74. 
HnrATS, v. (Lat.) To (hretUa. 
HiNCi, e. (1) To wtlk in (s iffeeted 



MJ liuiUblA put ^ hjar^ bnt to diipltj 
ud u^nUDt vlniMmn debnniti; jan 
Inow ^r hor, fbr Ion ii Mpud bliiide, 
hitiim lu ouBOt ]Bd(« •niliV ^"^ 
p*^**** m moiuUiii of k no&-tu1L ft 

Ihm'i Mwu* (** iHfr*r, do not 

conceal or toften an; tbiug in it. 

MiKCH, \t. {A.-S.) A nnn. 

, nlirnery. 

1 .. {A..& 

(2) A amall pM. 
Mind, v. To intend. 
HiNDiNS, f. Recollectian. HW. 
Mini, (1) «. Aof kind of minenl 

ore. It appeirt to be uaed to tbe 

faUoinng pau«ge for magnet, or 


WUeh doth ntncl u; ^bit (o ran thii 

£■ the ftj gMri of >di<toined nMe». 

Dtmi KmfU. O. K, m, 1st. 

(2) 0. (A.-N.) To penetrate. 

(3] r. To long for. Dnan. 

(4) The oldorthograpbyaf-MlM, 

Hdiitbb, t. (A.-lf.) A (OTt of fur. 
MiNQ, (1 ) e. To mh ; to kneid. 

(2) To mljiff at Me, to mention. 

tIaHk. B*yMy>,"M>itiinRikllf 


aaid I bbd tmkiphif, mppow of 
an agne or tbe like diieue, that 
U not a perfect fit, bnt te nnieli 
ai to put me in mind of it." . 

MiHoa. «. To mention. 

HiMoiHATH, *. One wbo mikei 
{nt-woA. Rag. 

HiHou, 1. (!) Mixture. 

(2) A contraction of mfne ngle. 

UiNOLscuu-PDB, a. AdiMgreeible 
mixture. Kmf. 

MiHaLS-UAxaLS, t. A confuted 

HiKO-wonTi*. Wormwood. Narlk. 
HiNicAL, a4/. Triding. 
MtN-inK.t.TheamallweaieL Afei/. 
HlNiraB-FiH,(. TheimallwtnEed 

MiNiKB, adj. Trifling. 

MiNiEiN, (1) a4r. Small; deiicate. 

(2)<. AlDte.4trinf I properlf the 
Tet KmHtt, knoviU BiiiiMi BDi iHM, 
An MUllUond iacSaic wilh the euo. 

Lntlae^t Taimi. 
UraiHua, If. {Lat.) AnTthing 
NiNiH, /lerrtmall. 

Qflt Twi roDfi, T<ia dvuf, 
Tod wnHmj, or hiuruiA EiLDt-ffrui Biidc* 

T Ill I Nliii I f till I I m i l M j i 

*«...*■, 5, VI. 1,48. 
HiniH, (. (0 A brown tom^ 

(!) The miimoir. S&mentt. 
HiNto^, (1) a4f. (A-.) AgreeaUe. 

(2) >. A lort of'gnn. 
HiNiBH. V. To dininieh. 
HtMism,!. (I) (.i<.-JV.)'Anoncer 

(2) V. To adminiiter. 
MlNlviB. See Mnevtr. 
Hrm, e. To aim at. Ba»l. 
MiHEi, s.^Fr.) A ufft of hr. 
HiHNB, v. (^-S'.) To think i to 

remember. Mm^nif-daji, the 


tatatenan in wbioh pnyen were 
MTered for th« wub of Ibe de- 

MiNKETH, «. Small pebUei, &c. 

UlHuaioN, f. A particle. 

AdJ BUe Uie aiyi^uuiqa of thut M^ 

CVn.'riIdi{»>i,,p. 41,' 

UimnNe-DAT, i. An ■■mTOMrj. 
MiHHiN.oH, g. A IdnctKon. Yoriih. 
HiiufiB,«. AriiinjlfucocDfgnuuid. 

HiHm, I. Mother, Nortli. 

Minous, (, A miaer. 

MiNTB, (1) e. To aim; to iatesd. 

(2) e. To beat. 

(3)v. ToiDveiit,orfi>ipi, MiWit. 

(4) B. To E«KDible, Samtntt. 

(5)t, Amite. Wetl. 
MiNCTB, t. A mite. 
Mif, (. A Dfmph. 
MiPLiN,!. A delicate fMu-. Dtri. 
Hm, *. (A.^.) A manh. 
MisABLi, a<f>, (Lot.) Admirable. 
Uisi, v. To puzzle. 

Haw ttiii rone my inter hath left me 

alone. and 1 HbiUbe •ur'iliDiinediaielj, 
Duiflf, ngl tm'd Critidt. 

Uuu-BANE,i. AaeparatJOD. JVoi^ 

UiKK-DBiiH, a. A bittern. 

Miaa-Btiin, *, Put of the title of 
an old ballad in tbe Btitiih 
Huieum is, "a WHmiag for all 
unmarried persona to have ttpe- 
ciall care in chonaiDg their maUM, 
l£)t the; meet with auch a myra- 
(MflK aa thit poor man did," 

HiKABouM, «, The proper fonn 
of tbe word Maraiimt. 

(2) t, Darknesi. 
MiKEaHDT, t. Tmlighl. Gbmc. 

lfiKKSOHE,.l»{r. D«rt. 

IfuL, o. To niere. North. 
KliBBBTT, t. Miachief. Somartit, 
MiKtH>. V. {A.-S.) To rejoice. 
UiKTL>,r, Toccuvble. North. 

MiBAGArr, 0$, UiitakoB ; mii* 

giTen. Smi- 
UiasoKSK.T. {A.-N.) Tn ^aagiM. 
'iiiaii.viiTtM,t.{4.-N.) WiififWxtt. 
MisBBDK, V. (J.-S.) To ii^ure, 
MiBBiHoiDEN, a^i- Ditoblig^g; 

diireapectfuIiUDbecoiDing. ('«■.<(. 
HiaaoKH.parf.p. MiabehaTed. 
HiBCAi, t. Miafortuae. 
MtacELLAHT.HAiiAU, (. A female 

dealer in trinket* and oraamanlt 

of various kinda. 

Vvw 1 wquid'be u un^nH. ud tij md 

KA dalchnt ; then ■ put lidjdf etate^ 
en out of ^onr mucttUny t^a d lumti 
then t waiting-woman, kCr 

M. Jam., CintHt'i Xm., ir, 1. 

iaAft de]i|£ta u JieVi h a litt^t^ 

conrt.en. ' a 

MiacBKBonB.p.Toceniare wnn^ j. 

UiBoaBTE, (. (1) (A.-N.) fiitSm- 
tone I injury. 
(2) Tbe devil. Soi^rtel. 

MiacHi«»-NioHT. t. iivf eve, 
April 30th ; ao called in Yorkahire, 
because many pranks are played 
by youths of both aeiea. 

. To 

MiBCBKACNTgt, (.^,-ff;) Aninfldcl. 

MiaoKEnKNTjj.A miaorea la-Dt^on. 

MiBOBsan.porf.j, Detected ; 'de- 
preciated. Iforih. 

MiBDoDHT, e. Tosntpect; to dia- 

MiHKNTKKAT, 0. To treat badly. 

MiaiB, a. A roiaerable pendD. 

MisKKiKE,*, (Zaf.) A laniciltation. 

HiBiBWB-iui,'*, An old popular 
name for a very violent colic. 

Ml3BBlCOBDB,». (I) (^,.-JV.) Com- 

paaaion ; mercy. 

(2) A thin-bladed dagger. 
MiBEKT, (. Incessant pain. Satt. 
HisBSE, v. (,A.^.) To 'be U at 

(2) .. lU »». 


UIS fl 

MiarAmi, i. Miifortniie. 
Huvni', ». (J.-ff.) Wrong. 
MiBOBi, V. To bedoubtfiO. Sonlh. 
ilit-aom, part. p. Oodc vroag. 
Hiss-HA«B, a. A confuted mixture. 

Tbtir lugugE .... ■ iiiil-iiul oT 

Aabickud Fortnnuie. 

fiirturf J IV»cli, IBSB. 
HteHTEBrDLi, ar$. MUcbieTona. 

His-KEN, P. To be ignorant of. 

H18KIN, (. (1) A imiU iMg.pipe. 

(2) A dunghill. 
MiBLBST, V. To molest. Var.d. 
HiiLiEi, «. To diilika; to diup- 

point. YortMh. 
HmiN-BUBH, t. The miatletoe. 

MiiLirpui, v. To diuppoint. 

MiB-MOTi, V. To tetze. Norlh. 
MisNABE, V. To incoQiniode. Cmiii. 
MisoN, >. Perhapi a sort of pui- 

Mke. See Moit. 

It nm talk iHth hln. he matn ■ liih. 
doth of hi! own MHintiT In egnpuiHii 
of BpuVf but if jm n^B him pvticn- 
iMib vhoiin K ncMd*. ha cu n>e bo 
twTinn'. hut in Spun ttcT hue iwtur 
iMd thu •ny KB htn; when (ptwr 
hmpj ilim!) thcT mil cnimbla it 
into wftto woUenoii^ md mako laitDV 
with it, for Ikejbmi not Bjtpod monol 
"*-*"* — — •!* beult|ii]«t 


flMll Arftw BVETT niffhtr 

HiiFBNBB, 1. Bad eipense, or em- 

Haf rtaunablv be ileemed nothing 
more than a vilfniifiEfpfiu'oroiirtmio, 
labour, and good humoDT. 

SamK't SiTmt.. nil.^'. UDJuitifiably proud. 

linnUTing Hearj, ttnagih'ang nitptoitd 



(2) *. Need ; want. 

(3) a^. Wicked. 
MisBAKi. V. To renounce. 
MiBiAT, V. To revile. 
MisBKL,*. (I)Acow-liaiue.l'iint*A. 

(2) Miatletjje. 
U18BBLDBN, \i. (_J.-S. millet. 
uiaaBLDiHE, J (on.) Ifiitletoe. 

Inl. and then wuh them, aad after- 

MiBBBT, 1. Peitapi for Minel. 
Hee voqU anpply the place well 
eno^h of » ■el^i'ic uib.r, with *Q 
effected gna to carrr her rami, open 


MtsBoifiBi, 1. Midiammer. 
MiBTA«,p. Totransgreasitotalte 

MisTiCH, a. A bad habit. North. 
M18TBB, <1) .. {J.-N.) Neceisityi 


(2) ». Sort of. 

Soch mxitir BjliiE me K«nielh to mirke. 

(3) B. Toaignif?, or be of con- 
MiBTiHBDB, 1. Darkneaa. 

MiB-TttE«, »§". Dira-aighted. Ifn. 

MiBTSEBH, t. The jack at bowtt. 

UiBTBV, v. To deceive. Devott. A 

miitry nun, a vei; deccitfdl 

MiawBM, I. A blunder. Northlaiyil. 
MiiWKNT, jinrf.p. Gone wrong. 
MiawoNTBD, <u$. Tender. JVorfA. 
MiBWBOBGHTjiflri./i. DoneamiM. 
MiT, e. To commit. SoulA. 
MiTAiHB, 1. (J.-JV.) A glove. 
UiTCa, a<|r. Much. 
MiTB, t. iA.-S.) A Uttle worm, 
MiTHp/iref. f. Might. 
MiTHB. e. (.^.-S.) To hide. 

niberi t 

To ai 

e up. North. 



MiTO,(l)«. Ltdks'gloY. 


I withont 


(2) «&■- Even. 

MiTTiNO, I. A darling. 

MiTBB, I. Amorlir. Somtr*. 

MiTiTS, ». Mwblei. Var. d. 

M:i, t>. To deui out. Fnf. 

MiziN, I. A dunghill. 

Mix-FLiNTON, «. The letter morel. 

MixTBLTH, ). Rye uid wheat 
ground together. SeeMaitlin. 

MizuAzs,*. Confqiiop ; a puizle. 
But ha* to plEHKie ncli wor^ fl«h 
nd blood, tind not the dinet wi- -■ 
■uture, i•■^cll■■■i«u«' 

UizzLi, e. (I) To go; to ran. The 
voH ii gometiniei applied to a 
lightriin. The following epigram 
ioTolvet both meaning! : 

Hov moDBTcbi die ii DuUj npliis'd, 
And tbiu it budit upon their Caiub be 

Ai lonf u Geoigo the Fosrth amid reign 


(2} To nritifj. 

Then their bodin being utiiSed, ud 
theii headei prettitj minrtiedwilh wine, 
the; whUr Hbrotd for h time, or eli 

(3) Totnccumb; to yield. £kier. 
Mo, ada. and adj. {ii..S.j More. 
HoAE, adj. Dark; hazj. Lou:. 
MoAH, a^. Mellow. North. 
MoABZB.r. To burn without flame. 

Moats. To play the ntoat$, to be 

Mob, (1) V. To dreis awkwardly. 


(2) r. To scold. S»f. 

(3) (. A tort of cloK cap, with 
two lappets. 

MoBBLi, t e. To veil or cover the 
UABLR, J head close. 

r HOC 

Tfana hsidi mud hcH inHiM in flu 
IiDeii,IbU no more iiwenoriheB thsn 
theii e^. Simif't TratU, p. (8. 

MoBiLB, I. The mob. 

Oir sobiHiT lore their eur and ple*- 

bom, the eonnnoDaJty gnunbUnf end 
poiitiTii, the eleriT imSitiaiu ud fro- 
nrd, ud the mcSiU n»d for m inior- 

Mam^brl, Qnawici Pari. ICTl, 

The progreii ^m moMIt to 
Bioi, ia leen in two of Dryden'g 
fteUca. Id that to Dm Sttat- 
Hon, he writes, 

Tbet dne prepuntion which It rejnirtd 
to all ^reet evented ee in particnlBr. 
tbil of railing tbe mcUla in the be- 
pnninjofthefonrthaiit. /■■U, ISW. 

In the preface to Cleomautt 

Folfbiui, with 

Bbort labbte- 

ittd bj FInWh ud 

cowardice, vhic 

Fubl.. itM. 
MoBLBB, \i. (A.-N.) Goods ; 
If oEBLBB, / household f umitnre. 
Moccinioo, I. A small Venetian 

coin, worth shout ninepence. 
MocHK, adj. {J.-S.) Great. 
Mock, (1) 1. Grosndfruit. Dnois. 

(2) (. The cheese, or compoaod 
of applm and reed in the wring 
or cider-presi. Dteon. 

(3) V. To plant, or build, in ■ 
quincuni, or irregular form, so 
ai not to produce itraight line). 

(4) A root, or itumpj a largp 
■tick. Dartel. 

K ladjr in her mUkeJioiiie 



}.» Hoclunf. 

iwpurpca*. Biirltm,MBt.t^ll4t. 

UociBEOOAK, f. A bug-bcu, or 

■toCK-BBOSAK BALL, *. A hoiUC 

leeldDg wbU DuUid«, bat i0*ag 
kpou lotcriiK'. 
Hoonu, >. {J.-&) To bMpup. 

HOCKET. f. A Di^n. 

Mocks, t. Trjflei. Somen. 
Moc.-BHABOw.i. TwiUght. finV- 
HoBDEK. See MMillier. 
Mode, «. (1) C-^--^-) Hood; 

jom >iif Ln« weit moderi tui qiulifled 

bRBCJoQ iDd ndiiH [nllT piHcd and 

caidDiled. £(iu Fmftn, i, 113. 

<2) /. {A.-S.) A mother. 

(3).. (J.-5.) Tb^womb. 

(4) (. The principal plite of the 

HomuT, adj. CommoBi trinil; 

HonoB, V. To bmite. Wane. 
UoDisH, a^. Puhionible. 
Hoot, adj. High-minded I mood;. 
Mob, (1") I. A cow. 

(2) t. To low. u « cow. 
Horn.!, B. [1) To do infthiTig 

bwllf . Vttr. d. 

{i) To fiHer in ipeecb. Norf. 

(3) To giick or cling to, laid of 
mould. Northampi. 

(4) To WMlB in triSet. North- 

TAoa, e. (1) To «oiaj me'i mU in 

(2) To moTe aff. r«*f. 
UoeaBBTig, (. The ptnncb. 
HoGHT, *. A nioth. 
Hoo-BHA,DB, *. Tttathadeoftree*. 

MoowBDB, 1. Magwoit. 
MoiDBB, *. To bewilder ; teUboar. 

HoiL,(I)«. To hbonr Tei7 bard. 

la Hi' etrlh m usaiU *j(h hnnpr, em, 
ud Hm. MIrr.fif iUf., li. 1110. 
I OBTn wu ID fUTC in brc Willi iHrltv; 


J&kIoUi, fumr 


Ai (I! our tnnll did not iHnit n nuMOi, 
Ih men dU nda isd dn« I4g boiM lie 

And ■ems could tnggg her aaTlthdIoDr 

Jfo»M, tojl'd, mjf d, tjr'd, Mil Ubr^ing, 

let ven we R. lonr honro Ihat B. note 
gnilif . Aijln^ rgr:^!!. ItSO. 

And I ban bun to^kDi udiuyfiju, fine 
thepretii'm piece of cfiBi — ' — 


^2} e. To become dirty. H'hI. 

[3) I. A lort of high thoe. 
Tbim wnr'it (to weu'ctbT wit ind thrift 

Mofla Df id let to hvc Ihj ihoa of ledhn. 
J. Brj/mn^i W m-ti j-Bpigr. 

(4) I. A mult. 
Uaii,'a,parf.p. Tumbled ; fWigntd ; 

perpleied. Norf. 
UoiLY, adj. HiTbig DO horns. 

MoiHB, (. (1) boB ore. MS, Med 


(2) A dungllill. Berii. 
MoilE, (1) I. Ciden Sea Jppte- 

(3) a<$. New, applied to li^ora. 
MoiTHBB, V. To pDule; to tire. 
Hou, (1) •. Huek. 

f 21 1. Rust ; ictb. 

(3) t. The meeb of a net. Sue*. 

h) p. To poll weB(4iei about at 

uin. Norf. 

(S) t. A doBker. 


IMC « 

MouBjtD. I. A deeeiier. | 

Mojj), (1) ». {J.-S.) Groaoi. 

(2).t. TbeHitureof theakuU. 

(3) o. To cnunple. North. 
MoLDtut, t. Mulled ale. 
MoLiiiN, (. A male. Wane. 
MtM^siona, t. Th« junb of m 

IfouiwABT, (. (J.-S.) A mole. 

Ijid. like > maldKarfi, mite hix !*•■ bii 
tja. Bmrr^ Ar'uiila, lujii. IS. 

MotB,(l)». A spot, Ot »t«D. 

(2) V. To apeak. 

(3) ». Fonn. 

MoLKDAT,t. AdayofburiiL Wut. 

•' Feast mads it a buriaU, sub- 

daft, or en^erment ooelje. ^- 

etmiim." Httloet. 
MoLEiNE, t. Scabs; craclu. 
Idot-s-SHAO, (. Acaterpillu. GUme. 
MoLBSTiK, a. {A.-N.) Trouble. 
Mdlhbbn, (. A female beron. 

HoLKiT, (. An efi^imnate bo]'. 

Moll, t. (1) {A.-N.) A meuore of 

(2) A prostitute. 

(3) A mole, Norf. 
MoLLABT, I. A m jkin. Lane. 
MoLLEWELLi, I. Tbe gea-eilf. 
MoLL.HiBM,*. Theberon. North- 

Mou-icRUBB, P. To belt. Wat 
HoLL-WAfHEB, «. ^ic «at«r. 

wagtail. Smth. 
HoLLT -COT, 1 f. A male per- 

or Ibinga relating to tbe hoaie- 
hold, but more particulMly in 

HOLLT-UANES, t. A ilittsni. 
MOLLTFBAIIT, adj. Friikj. 0»fi. 
MoLOUB,».(ta<.) Agrinding.rtone. 
Molt, r. To perspire. MoU-wuh, 

nottsni perBpiFUion. Ea>t. 
MoLTEB, F, To crumble. Nurth- 

ft wen 

liia.TKtrtUti.i, t. appean lo hMe 
been malt porcbaied uf the millet, 

vhicb bBTing been collected at 
iatenali and in imall quaotitio, 
■wn probablj of an inferior 
loLTLiHO, I. An an^c-btciy. 
HoLTLONO, t. A Bpre between or 
ratbei ^ve tlie kneet of cattle. 
loMiLBii>irr,<. Confusion. Wett. 
M0MB,(1)*'(^^-) A blockhead; a 

r«iHr-> Aikimi Svl»< 1»9. 

(2) .. An auQt. 

(3> at^. Smooth ; soft. NorlX. 
MoHEi., *. To mamble. 
MouKNi, (. An idol. Ayeni. ef 

MoHiNTANr, adj. LaBting foi a 

UaumRBD, part. p. 'Woiri^; 

bewildered. Far, d. 
MoMHiCK, (1) t. A icarecrow. 


(2) e. To cut awkwardly 1 to 

maul. Var.d. 
UoN-Aux, t. {A..y.) A dish in 

Ml,<^■am|. Tika UiLck mm of am 
mjllke, uil biifle hit iwer tbe An, and 

■nd tlieu talLC (wete anic eraiSet, ui 
preu ont tJiA qvaj, and bray hiM ill b 

creme. and bojle al toEcdnr ; and put 
thereto inire. and iii&OD, and May 

SEd, and bilea, and in the lettjrn^e 

poLaga atdbdynpii and draae Jyva « 

W^nur, Antiq. CiA., p. 81. 

MoNANDAV, ». (-(.-&) Monday. 
Still used in Westmoreland. 

MoNCE, a. Mtachsnce. yoTittA. 

MoNCBELCT,f. A diah in cookery. 


mita it to fotxtto. Seeth it in code 
brotli. CmI tlmeto hetbei jUewo, gode 

mjaad, powdor lort, uid urnon i tuid 
■ije it vitb B^ren ud vf tJods -, but Lit 
not HcUl urtsr. rbrmt df Oirj', p. 1- 

MoHi, (1) a^. Mtny. 
(a) •. Money. 

(3) 1. LuD«nt*tion. 

(4) V. (J.-N.i To idviie ; to id- 
moniib ; to tell ; to explain. 

(5) I. (A,-S.) Mind; opinioD. 

(6) pre: I. MmL 

(7) 1. A roontb. 
HoNBruLi., ai^. Sonowfal. 

Mim^/^woidtp&Iuicil ii pittie, would 
lelia). M^ i* IA> Mumt. Ieu9. 

HoNS-piHS, I. Teetb. 

HoNKen, e. (J.-N.) To ■dmoniih. 

HoNiT-BircKi.KH, (. SiItct »hoe- 

MoKST-spiNNiB, \i. A imdl 

anncb. ff'iuf. 



MONIAL, *. ( 1) A Don. 
(2) A mullioa. 

H OHIO DA, (. A coiner. 

MoNiBH, «. To admoniih. 

Monition, i. Admonition. 

HoHiBT. In Northamptonibire, 
■ bouae nhich ia mortgaged la 
uid le hoot the tHantey on il, 


I think that little matttf-ieMti will 
ip«rk,lli8t MDmitoLMpconiiiaiij with 


Aiflf , Aj ynftti il, YIW. 
HoNxno, (. A familiar term for ■ 

monk. VrqtAarft Rattlau. 
M0NE'«-CLOTH,f.AMrt of wonted. 
MoNKB'-aBOBARB, I. Tht plant 

patience, rumextalimu. 

HONHODTH-CAF, t. A lOrt Of flat 

cap formerly uied by tbe lower 

) uoo 

MoHNTLicHi, «$. Uaaly. 
MoNKADB. f. (A.-S.) Hom^e. 

MONHLAIT,'. {A.-S.) MaoilADghtCT. 

MoHsOPE, f. The plant orabat. 
UoNSTas, (1) V. {A.-X.) To ihow. 

(2) (. A pattern. C/uamer. 

(3) *. A mmter of mldie™. 
HoNaoB, adj. Monilroui; great. 

MoNTANTO. I. An old term in 

MoHTBHANCE, (. Amoont. 
MoHTBBO, (. (^lon.) (1) A bnnta- 

man'i cap, called eooietimea a 


(2) A game at cardi. 


cooling wine-gUuea. 
MoHTHLT, adv. Madly. 

TM man taUi maHUt. 

UoHTH-HiNDB,*. Montbly remcm- 

bnnce> of tbe dead. 
MoNTDBB, «. (A-.) A riding or 

■addle horse. 
Hoo, t. To mock. 
HoOD,(l}i. Aiweetbread. Demm. 

(2) t. The mother io vinegar. 


(i)paTt.p. Crammed full. yorltJL 
HooDLB, 0. To fold up. North. 
Moody, a^. [A.-S.) Angry. 
MooL, V. To mmple. North. 
Moon, e. (I) To moan. 

(2) To moM 1 to look idly about. 

MooN-cAU, (. (1) A ihapeleti 

piece of fleah in tbe womb, which 

made women beliere tbemielTei 

with child when they were not ; 

■ monater ; a fool. Cotgratie. 

(2^ A crying child. Smt^ri. 
HooMQB, t. Tbe slight iCifled roar of 

nest cattle when in nuit of food. 

MooHLiNQ, t. A fool, or lanatic 
I ZiB*(i ■ hDitiuid, u 

o-ltncd ana. 




MooH-MiN, *. Begstn, generally 
of the gipay tribe, obo tnielled 
■bout the rauDtry in eompuiiei 
of neaily &bandredperiOD8 etcb. 
They were jreat tUerei, md 
aiuilly dreased tberaieltel in > 
fantastic costume. Dekker giTel 
■ graphic account of them in bia 
Lanthome uid Candle-light, 

MooNB, t. The com-marigold. 

MooNBHiHB, (1) ». Smnggled 

(2) There waa a mode of dreaiing 
egga, called " eggi in mootuhine," 
lor which the following ia the 

Bmk than in a diih mm gone butter 
i thaiB OD 1 cliiftng- 

„. R^, <IBd 

Ee for tJum of u aniHi cat 

ialo rani i6am, aad frM la iimi 071 

oi bnltir, tboi p^ to tbem 'erjajce, 

pMeanntniK, ilittlBMlUindM ier»B 

uum. iiaft Acampl- Coot, y- 4i37. 
MooB,(l)», A farm bailiff. North. 

(2) o. To void blood. Yorfoh. 

(Z) I. A turnip. Devon. 
MooK-QOLLOF, I. A auddcii ti^aall 

acTDia the moon. Deem. 
MooBisB, a^. (1) Strong taated. 

See MoriiA. 
Do thim not nt« Irmie, I entrut, 

ODgh para, do not endurv I 

andcpji, m 
a Uttti Mlt 

titi, and tai Oie loiag ea 


(2) Wiahing for more. Smlh. 
HooB-FALU,t. Tbebloaaom of the 

HoOB-POOT, (. (!) Young moo: 
game. North. 
(2) An ignonnt fellow. 

Moot, (!) p. To diseuaa a point 1 
law, aa was formerly practised i 
the inna of conrt. Mootinff, 
diaputation in the inna of court 
H*t>lkiitatiitaulln«If u if helud 
■KuM Hxn jem in the inni of 1 

two plijru. he Ihinki u bud; of the 
nnLTemtie, u ■ yuai^ uphiiter dolk 
at tha gruumiE Khoole. 

Otriir]^! dmntitrt. 

(2) I. ContentiOD. 

(3)o. To Tontin the earth. Wttl. 

(4) I. (_J..N.) A note on a bora. 

(5) I. A atump of a tree. Wtil. 

(6) .. A moat. 
MooT-iND,t. Thebackiide. Sonlk. 
Moot-bail, ». (.J-S.1 A hall of 

aiwmhly ; a towD-hall- 
MooTiNa-AXB, J. A gnibbing.^aB. 

MoorsBN, e. To wonder. Yartth. 
MoozLBB, t. A itupid aloTen. line. 
Mop, i(ljtF. (.rf.-&) To make 
MOFPi, /grimacea. 

1 bikeie hM hath roM • Jackinipei of 

biijrature <-_■._. t,. . — _.,« 

lud ilBW bt 


Uj ami iKlliitig iul F. 

imitating an ape ; i 

(3) t. A dimlDDtiK, diatingnilh- 
ing youDg creatorea from the full 
grown of the aameipeciea. Often 
used to ^rla as a term of endeir- 

Mop, (1)». A fool; a doll, 
(g) I. A nspliin, GUmt. 
(3)b. Todrinliup. Var.d. 
{i) V. To muffle np. Mopptr, 
a muffler. 

(5) I. A meeting or &ir for 
hiring aervants, priocipallf tbr 
agricultural purpoaea, held afltr 
Micha^mas; similar aiiemblies 
which take place b^ort that time 
beii^ called ttatutn. 

(6) e. To fidget about. North. 

(7) «. A tuft of grata. fTetf. 

-,Coogk' — 

IfavAii-Kaivr. t, Th* gima of 

fajde-and-acck. Btto*. 
Hop-BTiD, iu{t. Short-iighted. 
MoFPiT, f . Jk littic guL 
Momt., *. A Wnniler. fonbA. 
MOFSBT, t. (1) A lloTeDlf womui. 

(2) A UtUa girL 
HovsiCAt., aiH, Low-ipirited. j^. 
MarsiAU, >, Avap-hudl«. X«'c. 
MopT, parf. ji. Fooled. Dram. 

K iw«ssa, (. See Mn^mwi. 
MouL, 1. A Ukcneu. Kw.A 
H0B.CBOF, (. PiiBpemaL 
UoBDuiT, (. (^.-JV.) Tbe tangue 

itoam. (1> ttJL {A.S.) QrMtei. 

(3) (L A Dwt. Ifarnfr. rooted 
up. Still uMdiD<Jloace>tenUiTe. 

U)t. (Lat.ttutra.) Delay. 
(5) t. A hm. Nort*. 

Hoas-aBKBYW, >. Tbe p}«jit de- 

MoKBiNO-AXB, g. An ase for grub- 
bing up trees. Qlimc. 

MoBEi., t. (1) (^.-A'.] A oommoD 
name for a bone, meaning origi- 
uU; a daA-coloured on«. 
(2) (J..;tt.) The Kbmum dmi- 
eamara, or wood night-ibade. 

Thoo HMt no wliBt keUebom 

r bulej from the maddiiu 

UoMBBKovi, 04*' C-^^) Obedi- 

CBt; dutifiil. 
Ua>lHB,ai{t- Dead. 
MoBioH, a. iJ^N.)A ntt of helmet 

witb • rial round it. 
Mo>i«B, mtj. ^uty. B tatta 

moritk, it taitei veiy good. 
MoasiH,!. Abeaatwbicbbudied 

of AinM^tr 

MoRE-BHKiii, I. A mockery. 5af<. 
U0U.AT10K, t. A great quaotilj. 

MoBLiMOt t. Th« wool of a dead 

UoRMAi., I r. A gangram, or 
MOKT-iLU., / cancel. 

lad IkcgU Hirt^Ml on bii ifeia. 

A qukalitj of the auinlcuBocB ihiU 

0' llu lUa. li,, JfufM ifMmtmy. 

UoMiB, & The abort point at the 

MoBMO.f. (Gr.) A ipectr». 
UQsoaopa,a.(fir.) AleatnedfooL 
HoBPBBw, I. {Ft.) a leproui 

The pwrTrAfv quite diKolonred th« place, 
Which bed the pow'r I' mttnicL Ikp Pyci o( 

MoBFioN, I. A sort of loiue. S«« 

(3) (Fr.) The morrii. 

(4) Afnngui. North. 

MoKB-BACKS-TO-THa-llU.L, t. 

□Id oamc of a game. 
MoBB-suKBBirOKT, & The plant 

MouTNi, *. A iDurrain. 
MosroHD, t. A diaeaae in horses. 
MoKBAN, t. Tarea. SetllL 
HasBiTB, a. (jf.-S.) A mtmage 

^ft, dcliTered to the bride the 

morning after tbe weddia|;. 
MoB«LB, e. To beat. Suit. 
HomiiN, a^ A oegia. 

• 1.. (A..N.) A 
' I aocirat cookei 

jfrjtA. uil color it with unitra, Do 
thereto po« dor fort, and pcwdordouc^ 

vtlh laeji coB^ vhTte, 

Atju afCtTj.t. 10, 

HoKKiB.FiEB, a. A weapon rati 



Ilia tntliih mmiintn laid ^gut tbB 
■riih bniTB biUi, hdlxrU, ud iwr- 
rinpi>H. Btfiuad-iBilu. 

Of tluFivich Toe bolan down iHfT^ 
fiici ud bowmen. Bijwl.. K. g. IT. 
MoKT, t. (1) An old out term for 

Hik pp^H >U, Dot 1 xvrl asoDi tlMm. 

(2) (X.A'.) Death, 

(3) A qiuiieit7. Var.d. 

(4) U<^V1vd. flmoa. 
MaKTAOioDS, 01^ Mortal. ^orM. 
MosTAisi, V. To gin kod bi 

HoKrAL, ai$. Uotutrom ; mnckr* 
fuL " That'g a moWa' raT*ge 
dog." " Ur ii irorth a mar^ 
light of moneir." 

U(»rsR,#. A loH of wu-caodlc 



MoBTEACLx, I. {/^.) An old gaac 

leiembliag bowl>. 
MoBTBK,*. {A..N.) Anight-light. 
HoBTivY, a. To tcaze. #«<. 
UoBTLiHO, I. A pool wretched 

person or thing. Notf. 

ii,wnrCuia lEoldtnfliwci 

AkukIu nnM, p. 5(. 

MoBTKBiriB, *. A diih ID cookerj. 
" Martreim <A t%h." Forme ^ 
0"fy, p. 83. 

Mortrva. Take hundi and pnrit, uid 
Hstb hem twdn. Take Uk lyn of 
hum aad cHTlhe pork, ud hews il 
mnlle, and griude It tllQ la domt. 
Mubrede nntcd, aid dothamo, and 
tnpa it w&i the aelT biotli, and ilya 
it nth jclkH of nnn.aiid «al theiegn 
powdei tbrt; boile it, and do thoreiii 
fuvdar of ITDVCr, aoEai, aafronnj and 
•alt, and Uika ttiat it be ilnudUig. and 
Aoef it with powdor of ^D^Er. 

Tarmt tfCtry, p. 11. 

HoiBS. n *^ Mota, to mak» an 

aSei of marriage. 
MoBBT, a*. <1) Healy. SiMw, 

(2) o^'. Roiigb,oi>hair7. JM. 

(3) .. A Jew. 

Mo»H, «. To beat to death. Ltie. 
HoiKEK, p. To rot. Harth. 
Moss, I. A motus. Norli. Mou- 
wood, itumpa of iFeei found in 

HoBB-c>OF,t. Cotton gnat-Notih. 
MosBBLL, t. A monel. 
Most, adj, GFeateal. 
MoBT-AN-iND, adv. Conthntally ; 

MoBTLT, adv. Generallf. 
HosTBK. ». {A.-N.) Appewtnce. 
UosT-TiuB, (xfn. Generally. 
MoaT-WBAT, ads. For the moit 

Mot, (V)prim. t. Hay; Inntt. 

(2) .. (/v.) A motto. 

(3) *. A iQark at ija<nt«. 
UOTK, (1) t. {A.-S.) A meeting. 

(2)t. Toholdcourtsof jmticej 


rS) B. To digcnaa. See Meot. 

(4) t. A mite. So»lh. 
^Xalk. Dtent. 

. The large white motii. 

(9) f. A at 
(J) a. Th 

the womb. 
(a) Phlegm. 

(3) A round piece at leather 
eloging a foot-balL Wett. 

MoTaEBiHo, I. The cnstom of 
going til visit parents on Mid- 
lent Sunday, kence called nas. 

MOTHEK-NAKKD, 9^. Quite nikod; 
tu neked as when horn. 


chief of the Udiei of honour. 
(2) Ab«rd. 


HoTBBB.iriT, t. No irit st all 

HoTBiBY, adj. Liquor a uid t< 
be molhtry when there i« x wbiH 
filimeat in it. 

MOTHwocE, I. Bithor flexible. 

UOTION, t. (1) k puppet.)bD«. 
L. Wlicre'i the dunbe ihow joiipn> 

L. Em mdj, m^ lord ; bnt idmj bi 
MlM ■ iiolin ; (DT pnppiU will ipral 
but inch nfmpt lui^u^ jon'kl octci 
DDdenund. Xhh ■■ ffraJu, IHO 

(2) A dDKle poppet. 

The i»fuii> Bji, Tcn lie, bi ii allei 
IHon;Hiu. £. Jm,, Bttl. Tair, v. 6 

MoTlvi, t. Hotion. Lydgate. 

MoTLADo, t. A aoct of mottlei 


MoTLBT, (. A dreu of T*rioai co. 
loon, the ordinvf dreu of i 

domettic fool. 

It thjKir, whsn out or wrly'ilui 



i. i- PI., mi wUluml Mutrf, iii, i. 
MoTOK. #. (1) {Ft.) a Iheep. 

(2)-A imall FrcDch gold coin. 

(3) A plate of irmoiir placed on 

the tight ihonMer. 
MoTONBB, *. A wenchei. Lf/dg. 

See JfutfoH. 
Uomt,i. (l)T»lk;opinloD.£<mc. 

(2) The mu-k in the game of 

piCch-and-tou. NortK 
lioTnti, parl.p. VLeaanA. HeytB., 

MoDCH, V. (1) To stroke gcntlf. 


(2) To pilfer. Btrkt. 
MoocBATo, t. A moustachio. 

ErMtiiii hii liitended mnckmloi, pro- 

cHded ui thla uiiirsn. 

Em. iMoil, p. U 

[ HOD 

MOOCBIHO, 0^. Shjr. LtlM. 
MouDT, t. A mole-catcher. 
MonOBT, (I) I. A moth. 

(2) prtt. I. Might. 
MocK-coBH, t. Mixed com. See 

MouL, e. To puU shout. Wttl. 
Mould, f. (I) A good form. 

" Ttiat borBc ia a gM>d motUd." 


(2) The opening of the aature of 

a child's ikull. Northtm^l. 
HouLDlB,*- Hooldi earth. 

UOOLDWAKP, 1 . . „„. 

MOWIBYWA^.J"- *""•''■ 
HOULDT-BAHD, (. An tnt-faUl. 



MouLi, e. (1) To heeome mooldf. 

(2) To dig. Devon. 
HoDLTiTBB, >. (J.-N.) A fee for 

grinding corn. 
UoDN. pra. I. pi. {J.-S.) Hay; 

MoDNCH-PBxsBNT, a. A glutton. 
MoiFND, I. A field fence, Var. d. 
MoDNDB, I. (I) Size. 

(2) A helmet. 
HoiFNoB, P. To whine. Nortk. 
Mount, (l)e. To equip. JVnrfAoMpf ■ 

(2)f. A hone-block. Var.d. 

I. Ailatten. 

, (. A i> 


[A.-N.) Amount. 
UouHT-BAiNT, ') I. Aq Did game 
HODNT-CKHT, Jat cuds, mill* 
cammonl; called eenl. 
MouNTBB, "I ».(ft-.)Theri«in|upof 
MOUMTia, J the hawk to iti pre;. 
Bat the iport which for that day 
Builiu woaJd pr^ucioillv ibBir to 

Lhpiiae, a 

' Fmi, Arui., f. 1 

K, 1. Pudendum f. 
MooHTODK, I. An elevated teat. 
MouHT-soBs, (. A sort of wine. 
HoDitiuBB. See JUoottm. 
MouKi, t. A tm'kej. Samtrmt. 
MauBKi, I. {Fr. MonM.) The part 



' of I bnec vheTe the heid united 

with the wood. 
MouKHivAL, ~) f. (1) Aterm tt the 

UDKHIVAI., / gUDe of gl««k. 
A mammal a ntha ill ttu ko, ths 
four kinn, qljeeDl» oe kuVBI, ud k 
eIoJe ii three of out oT tliv Bibrnud. 

Ci^biil QimtlUr, llimo, ICBO. 
A *wiirii«af DrpiQlcvU.OTiigkekat leut. 

(2) A 

tr the round. 


piece cut oat of a 


(2) M. A 

I (1) c. To mnmle. 

3T Melutomu, th 

It Enhi IK 

moulhed bub 

to IhAt irreligioiu and iGcdnt4 
pimphlflt,^nu AraJxiidBiAiitafWumen. 
By &uiil SftgU. 1«1T. 

Motr*Ei.-BCAB, I. A diatemper ia 

MotTBm-iKAP, (. A moaae.tnp. 

MoucTBK, r. (I) To be mayini. 


(2) To moulder. Wat. 
Mouth-hod, (. Food for cattle. 

HODTH-UAUL, c. To ling oat of 

tune. Wat. 
Mow,(l)<. A mock ; a wry fsce. 

(2) tr. Tu milie faces at any ope. 

Mimtmg, mockii^. 
Soaetimu lilLe kj ei IbU mm and ehatttr 

at me, SiLaJiaf., Tnif., it, S. 

Andmake tlieTD tolye and ininH like in ape. 

OUXyiUry if CmdiOKLI Di^. U\i. 

Found nobody at hume hut an ape, that 

aat in tha porch, and made mops and 

iTuJtV J^l. ^rUret Fto., ISSS, 

(3) f. The leB-tnew. 
C^l I. A MiWr-in-law. 

(5) f. A atack. Far. d. 

(6) e, Tutuere. Worft. 
(7);«™. (. M»y. 

HowcHB, tF. To eaTet-drop. 
MowiL, ■. Tbe mullet. 
Mowxa., (■ A mocker, or Bconier. 
MowBAT.a. Ad incloeure far rickt. 

HowiNU, «. Ability. Ctmutr. 
MowL, e. To knead. foriiA. 
Mow-land, m. Headov land. 
HowLT, f. A moth. Leie, 
MowsEFiABi, I. The plant oroiHt. 
Mow-BTKADB, I. Staddles. Devon. 
MowTHB, V. (,J.-S.) To apeak. 
Mov, adj. Cioie ; mu^y. J^WIA. 
MoTSHAnHT, part. a. (fV.) By 

MoYBED, jiort. ji. Stuck in the 

MoziL, f. A itiiTup-cup. Dman. 
MozT, adj. (1) Hairy. Nortiampl. 
(2) StupiAedwilhliquor. iVorfA- 

MoJTX, pret. t. (J..S.) Might. 
UuBBLiruBBLis, t. Depieiiion of 

Helancholj ia the cnait of eourtlera 
armea, md Dow Bverv baav ciHDpaDioD, 
beinc in hii awtli/Mlit, laia he i* 
neluicholj. Z»|y" Afy*". ', l 

We'd come id kiadneue to put joor high- 
ifuc. .^nlig. Aaffi. M X IVlua, p. U 

HocH, (I) ii<$. (.«.-&) Greati nu- 

(2) t. A wonder. CAtth. 
MvcH-How. Indeed I Devon. 


MucHis, «■ To itroke, or (mooth 

down. Devon. 
Mvcamai, t. SimOArity. 
Hdch-wbat, adv. Fw the vuMt 

Muck, (1) ». A trinal Una for 

moner. There ii s proiert) 4d 

Norfolk, "Where Cbere'i Back 

there'a monej." 

Not OH in >U KmoHiri^ttaaiMt 

With mm lar wnUli. or mitdil Urn loc 

He butM bnto •hkIv, )Ii« hiBfVr hut, 

■His ndttm fwie, tUn fowlr Uie (hn 

mut. £»<», Bimrit ^ IhUf, ISlI. 

(2)a4i- Moist; iF^ Lame, 

(3) «■ To minore tand. 

(4) V. To Ubonr hinl. Kmt. 
(A) 7b nm a nmcjt, to go mad. 

(6) *. A bniT penon. "In thii 
here buiineta, de iquire «u hetd 
muci." Kent. 
"""■""^l*. Ab.ndk«rebLef. 
'■• fSee 


T^J^'thw w,ll tofaica fct to irie. 

So to^J ™j«,I n>n>liuit)iT drtlet. 

K iiin;:l>J(r (nd liud hi b 

«« nppow U. UB. «. 

Mucua, V. To b« dirty. Wat. 
UaoKBTTT, ailj. Dirty. A(^. 
McCK-roBK, (. A dnng-fnk. 
Muck-hill, t. A dunghilL 
Hnci-BooE, I. AforktopnII dung 

up when tMinpled upon. Ijtie. 
HvcKiKOEK. t. A po(ket-h*Dd- 

kwchief. Amv. See jr«nl«M{<r. 
Hdokii*,*. T«41«an«age. ^nt. 

H«(FEiK-voarK,e. To tMofi. flavoa. 
HucKLiTON, t. An old Bale nt. 
UDOu.iB<e, -<«- Oif^T. 
Mdce-oit, v. To dew tfae MlUi 

of cattle from dung. Yarkth. 
MueK&B, V, (,^..5.) To heap- 
Udc BacDTOBHiH, J. A dirty penan. 

Mdckbbn,*. a duDghilL "Mvet- 

*ai up to tlie huckten," k dang- 

hill up to the hocki, i. e., very 

MucEBHAJii, t. Twilight. Norfk. 
HccK-SPBOtrT, «. A dirty fellow, 

more pvticolsrly (u«d in the 

cau of children. Une. 
MocK-ircKi.*, (. A dirty, untidy 

MncK-WATis, (. The drainingi of 

HncK-wau), t. Gooe-loot. Abt/. 
MncK-WBT, a^. Tery iloppy. 
Mtrci-woBM, f. (1) A miier. 

(2) An upitart. 
Mdcet, mjr. Dirty. 
BDCKT-waiTB, w^'. A peraon 

who is pile and lallow is >aid to 

Mud, (1) V. To biingfup. WOU. 

(2) t. A itupid fellow. JT^U. 

(S) ■. A nnall mil lued bj «ah- 

hlen. JViirfA. 
MuD-cKooii,*. A hcgaihwft, vith 

tbree flat prongs, and a stoM 

long wooden handle. Natf. 
UuDPLk, V. To confuse. £wf. 
MuDGB, t. Mud. 3f(«. C. 
MuDeaucr, o^r- Bmken, aa Hraw tattle. £ut. 
McDoiH, t. Oiiiky day niadior 

daabing. Noif. 
MuDMiu, t. The fat aboat ihe 

iatMtinM of a pig. Ltie. 
HoDjiHBAX, v. To build uMh or 

clay waits. Narthtttifl. 
HuD-LAHB, (. A pet-Umb. Sm<A 
HmLAMBia,*. A tnw,.perhapa 


mm H 

peeiili(T to the riter Tbune*, 
tpplied to poor boyi who obCun 
k leant; living b^ picking ap 
hilfpence tfaroim in the mod, 
■nd offering to attiit people out 
of their wberries, with their lug- 
gBgs, &c. 

Hdi>-bhibi>, «. Sbeep of the Wge 
old Teuwiter breed. JVorM. 

Mir». t.. lA.-y.) To change. 

MccT, adj. IJ.-N.) Dunb. 

Mvrr, (1) f. A atupid fellow. 

Did fEafii aaa dh Ihn laoB-bone m 
\n&'bim u kini obn. 

(2} B. To apeik indiidnctly. 

(3) adj. Dumb. Leit. 

(4) (. A mitten. Yorlmh. 
Mrrrcrn, j. A imell muff for the 

Mdftli, (1) e. To ipe4k tbi<^1y 

and indialiDCtlj, u thoagh one 

had one'i mi^fflt, or mouth fnll. 

(2)f. Moothful; luncheon. AfiJ-C 
MorrLB - ouiNS, j. Bmuela 

qmuta. Iferliianpt. 
HDrrUK,!, A wide band or <rr*p- 

pcT covering the chin and throat, 

■nd aometimet nearly all the fkce, 

ifom formerly by ladiea. 
Murr-xoB-Mm. Not a -word more. 

HDa,(l)«.Apot. Nm-lh. Mtisftr, 

■ liafwker of pola. 

(8) u. To lupply ^rith beer. 


(3) «. A fog. Nortk. 

(4) t. The rump of in animal. 

f5) t. The moath ; the 'face. 

(6)'*. A iheep without tiom. 

UnatD.pnil. t. Stirred. 
HosnoH, (. The «aul 'or fkt In 

the inwardi of a hog. A'orM. 
MuooAsir, 01^. Bnllen. Emoer. 
MDoa*K,t. (1 )A dealer iu ctocktiy. 

r IHS. 

MusSBTa, t. (1) ChitterBngi. 

<2) A eriipy mffled riifrU Wml. 
Mnoau. v. (1) To be reitleaa. 

MvgtSHg, moTJng about, revttea*. 

A nune will aay of a baby, " I 

JQmpa up aa toon ai I heara him 

nu^fiiyin hiaflannel." Somen. 

(Z) To drizzle. YartiH. 
Mdbslbtoht,!. AmongreL StH^k. 
t/ltiaor, (1) s^r. Cloie and damp, 

applied to weather. 

(i)i$. H>lf-iuloiicat«d. Amt. 

(3) t. The white-thrott. MrtJL 
HiroHouaE, t. (I) A pot-honie; ■ 


(2) A pottery. iFttl. 

MoawoBT, (. Wormwood. Narlt. 
For hjn that k wtrj off tiknBe ia 
mBfSi FgnltUtBbtnannin^Ui 
iornVT, take mi t§ g n »rH ukd bnn it 
■poa brill, uLdn«Klu] fnl«tiowcrv- 

a Jotnn'. YAmlfi 

«yti of ui]onu9 or fit 

, it bjD Vi dr^pkc, and aiioBa 
the vOTBHie tchal h uih fro hym 
that » BMB wold nupoM tl tAiiin 

"■"-'•'-" '■'SS'Sif-. 

Udlct, «. A blemiah, or defect. 
Mo-MiU in TonnaV, 
OrLnyoDitieiaoii, miiu. orfortwu. 


MuLBBsnB.e. To eramble. 

MDLCH,t. Half-rotten atraw.ikff. 

MttLDsT, 1 «{). Rnely powderad, 
HDLTKi,/«ppli«d to earth. Norf. 

McLSBA, t. A weaael. SmitrMt. 

Mdi.«t, I. {Ft.) a mule. KmttA 

Mui,FBB,fi.(l) To atifle,oT (mother. 
hi Unadnbire, a paraon welt 
wrapped up htaid to^be mt^irtd. 
(2) To moulder. 

Mulish, *. (A..N.) A woman ; ■ 

MnLiTSH, I. A muleteer. Ekalmtp 
Hull, (l)r. To nin wflty. 

(2) K. To rub, or hniiae. Var. d. 

(3) B. To Hew. 

(4) *. Soft, iRcakbv aoU. Aor/. 



(S)*. Dait; rubbish. North. 

(6) v. To poll about. Wnt. 

(7) f. A blunder, or fulure. 

(8) t. A cow. 

Ai tbrn dkln OHO pnt SE thi tam of liBll, 
And turn'it th; Id to > lorelj •mtl. 
Defend m; rnnp^ ]fr«Kt Jdvc» gnut thii 

Kit lin to ooinfort ma In ill thii friet. 

HoLLEDifiarf. p. SofUnnd. 

Peue li t TOT •poplu'r, lethugr; 
■bU' J, dut, dHpT, iaiesiilile. 

JWiqi., Csrul., IT, G. 

Mwu-BTs,*. {1)(-*..A'.) Spun. 
(2) Pincen for (mrling hiir. 


,t. Ac< 


MoLLiamuBi, t. lU-homour. 
Mdllict, »■ Helbegiio. Somentt. 
Mulling, a^. Numb or dull, uid 

of pain. £«ie. 
MoLtocK, I. (1) A he^ of lub- 

biih. ifvUocky, dirty. 

(2) A meu j a dilemnia. 

(3) A aCump of a tree. Wml. 
Muu-T, v. To bellow ; applied 

rather to the grumblias noUe 
of a bull, which doei not smount 
to bellowing. Si^. 

MiTLNi, I. (,J..S.) A mill. 

MuLP, V. To be lulky. Eal. 

McLHE, I. Sweet wine. 

MoLBT, *. Rublnib. Bedi. 

MoLTiM-T, e. To magnify 

Multon,*. {Fr.) A theep. 

MuLTiLL, (. The iDilw;n. 

MuH, >. (1) Silence. 

(2) Silent, (ccret anger. Eiux. 

(3) A ion of liquor for drinking. 

(4) A beetle. South. 
Mduhls, v. (1) To adhere. S^f. 

(2) To nimple. fforthatnpt. 


MuH-BUDOBT,(. Acant Bxpreuion, 
implj^ng ailence. 
Bat mumteiatt for Cimiophiie I opie- 

Not did I mr winch oratuA^ it, 

For lb; deu Hke I ^uothihe, •mibuigti. 

with eardi or dice. 

But laving eardei.lett'i^ to dice awhile, 

To »Hi|e, traitrippe, huirie, m ■■»■•- 
eiima. HuUneiri Bog)., KIT. 

[2) adj. Stupid ; itariug lacantlf . 

MmiiKB, t. A maiker. 

Mdmf, (1) e. To beg; to cheat. 
To go a mvmpitig is to go about 
begpng as the; do ou St. Tho- 
maa'g day in Lincoln, and at 
Cbriituiaa geuerallf ia other 
places. Imc. ifurRpM^day, the 
twentj.fint of December, when 
the poor go about the countt?, 
begging corn, ttc. Htr^. 

(2) V. To bruiie. North. 

(3) V. To make grimaceti to 
■crew ap the mouth. 

(4) e. To be sulky. Suff. 

{5) *. A protuberance, or lump. 

(6) t. A knotty piece of irood; 
a root. Gbme. 

(7) ». A hop and jump. Norf. 
MuMPiB, t. A profeaiional beggar. 

How, lirt no tliildreDl hi. hi, ha, mj 

doutal under «lii, lir, he bu ■toekt lU 
(he pariehei ftboot u witli hit offeuiuf 
■Iremdf, there'iheTflrajiuHfwriiiElHii 
bat hu one of *eni lit bcr beck. 

Uueh bkB u oldiHMHpfr.tolnndentead, 
Witli atlintil-bue oat, udil«if[ itiS 

and enun there dk 

When ka duuhler iiw him her teuiQitn 
did fell. Tkc NorfiU GarUml. 

MuuPB, I. Sulkineii. 

Ten to one, I knnvthcaiiu of ;diii 
■nileoDCU. Tlu SefanuUian, ISTS. 

MuK-BurriN, i. The long-tailed 

tit. Wore. 
MuH, (1)<. Themoatb. 

(2);ir<*.i. Muat. 

(3) AfinjIiA, rotten fish. Conue, 



Mdkchatoes, (• Moailachio). 

MUNCB.PttRSBNT, ». ObE who 

Uket bribes. 
Mdncokh, g. Mixed com. North. 
MuNDAiNE, adj. ^A.'N.) Worldly. 
MuHDEFiB, e. (Za(.) To Dikke 

MuNDLB, *. (1) A slice uied in 
makiDg puddiiiga. North. 
(2) An instrument for waahiog 
potatoes. Leic. 

HuNa, (1) part. p. of niin^. Min- 
gled ; kneaded. IFe mere all mung 
ig> in the tamt troagh, all have 

(2) I. Kneaded food for fowls. 

(3) t. A crowd. Chish. 
MUNOB, : The mouth. Norf. 
M<JNOBLiNa,par(. a. Murmuriiigi 

MuNOEB, (1) a. A horse-collar of 

(2) V. To grumble. North. 
Mdnot, a^. (I) Snltry. Weit. 

(2) Damp ; close. Northanqit. 
MtTNiTB, V. {lal.) To fortify. 
MuNHioK, I. A mullioD. 
HcHBwoBN.iuJi- Porsworn. Yariih. 
Mhht, v. To hint. North. 
UuKTE, (1) e. To give ; to measure 

(2)pret. t. Mounted : went. Piers 
Pi., p. 461. 
Mdhtblatk, \t. A sort of pot- 


MuNTiNs, (. Intennediate nprigbt 

ban Id ftaming. 
MDPPEli,j>iir<./'. Crowded. North- 

MoB,*.\l) A severe cold. 

Deafe am, blind ejes, the pslsiCj gfinXe, 

And cold woi 
fur. BeaU 

(2) A moose. Devon. 

I. (X-iV.) A naU. 



}f, A sort of 
caonoD, charged witb small balls, 
■o as when di»charged to iweep 
ft considerable apace. 
MuKDEBiNQ-piB, 1, The butcher- 

r, adj. (A..S.) Joyful. 
■" .(A..N.) A wall, 
squeeie. Conm. 
(3) adj. Soft; demure. Eait. 
MuBE-UEABTBD, odj. Tender- 
hearted ; mcck. Noif. 
McaELi, adv. Almost. ComtP. 
MuKENOEB. t. A superintendent 

ofthe town nails. Cheih, 
Mcsri.Es, t. Freckles. Bivon, 
MuBQE, r. (.f.-JV.) To gladden. 
Mun.GiF{, ». A quagmire. Cheih. 
MuEQoaT, adj. Merriest. 
Mdhke, (I) adj. Dark. 
(2) I. A secret board. Nortk- 

MuBEiNQ, aitj, PenurioDS. Norlh- 

MuBEiNs, adf. In the dark. JVorM. 
MuHj., V. To crumble. North. 
MuBLE, V. To muse attentively. 

MuBNE, adj. {J.-N.) Sorrowful. 
MuBNiTAL, a. Four eards of the 

same rank. See Moumival. 

to Don < 

MuRRAiN-BEBBrE.s, 9. Thc bcrj 

of black briony. Wight. 
MuBEfi. See3forey. 
MonREY, adj. Dark red. 

(2) V. To malce merry or joyful. 

Pieri Fl. 
MuBCNS, ». (ft"-) Chickweed, 
MuBiE, c. (.J.-S) FleiiBaut;joyfu.. 



Hds, *. Th« moutb. 

HosABi). (. (A..N.) (I) A 1 

^) A fool. JJiwo.1. 

MUBCADINB, 1 , .^„^_i„. 

And I will have alflo Tjne de Rj&e, 
With De* maid cUryv, th^t it good us 

Mutca^U, toKntTnc, Knd bulard, 
With tpocTU and pyiaent eaibjtit kfle: 

^ifl unucoJiiHr ildyft for (be bride i 


To DUkl (hem mu __. 

Tko Hail •^Vmclach, 1609. 
Let landlords or whaereT etey, 
nie iKwjen ihaU be sue tf pay. 
BaTCn^ it !■ of nimljle lege, 

MuBCET, s. A muBcle. 

MuSCOVT-GLAa», J. Tile. 

Mdbciil, t. A puituie. 

uuBEE, I ing in a fcDcc or Ihicket 
MDBET, rthroagh which game 

Tie BB bud lo find i han nithcnti 
enai'l TkitrafiUinf atit, j-c. 
We tcnne tbe plao vhere ibe littetb. 
hei forme, tbe pLue< ilmi^ the 
vbieb ibo EocB to r^KS9,\tiimttet- 

nr' die nbt 

myth ing 

MOBBT, B. C-i.-JV.) Togaie. 
Mdsh, (1) ». Doit; 
nuhed. Norn. 

(2) I. The but sort of iron ore. 

(3) adj. Silent ; quiet. Eatt. 
MusRBD, adj. Subdaed; gpiiit- 

broken. NorUtampL 
MnsHERON, 1 . , _ 

'- ^. A masbroom. 


iiet in the floor of > coal nine, 
occasiODcd by the piojection of 
bwaltic OT other itony lub- 
ittncea. North. 



MonciANMK,(, Am 

Unima, (■ A maii 

neat, I mutjlteT." Nemiiimk MS. 
yuBE, (1) (. Tbe pUnt eranea-biU. 

(2) e. To pick up loocc c<HrB, 

Btid of pig* tnmed iato itnbble. 

MtrBUL, J. A cilaiHlIir. Sroon. 
Mdbkbt, (. The mile of the apar- 



I boi»lit ■ hiAet ctf wtHfia tt tbe 
oniintitT of b*ia iptclu lor ■ pen^ ind 
Ar*^^"^. end i hufnll at fidre pryhra 
lor M aiuiuiiicUed covcoBbenlbm 
bongbt m pecka fir threa pence, and 
nhuUiiu, then hMh teCMCMt llTa 
or liie carta load ol them in one da* to 
thcii hop. T^ler'i Worka. 1S30. 

MtTBKou, *. (Fr.) Tbe note-bud 
of a bridle. 

Hdbb, (. (I) A icramble. 

■nilsn. S. /m., Kt^ £a.Jy, iv, S. 

Tbeill tbiDV dawn nld tn •uuiu. 

,TwBS Ho wen, captain, I wonld joa 
oflUA mi^ inch enolher mts, at all 
adfcntarai. A Mad. W., 0. FL. t, 3*0. 

(2) A twin of endeKineiit. 
What ailt TOO, aweaOieutF AnTmiiiot 
■eU? Bpcak, Eood WW. 


(3) A moMe. 
MnsiBix, s. A lump. 
MuBSBR, ». (from Fr. mtaier, to 

hide.) A hiding place for gune, 

Stj wt can gnd 
ir wildeit parti, ^onr tnmlnga and 

.T. (1 W. 

•) V. To I 

!> ^%, O. FL. V, 4S3. 

Ground applet. Wft. 
(4) s. A liquor inde of honey. 
Mu8TiLn,t. Armour for the b«dy. 
MasTiB, V. To Ulk togetber pri- 

-, Google 

Uun^BBBTiLLimsi, *. A unt of 
miied grej woidlen dolh. in tue 
tiU the Ifttter part of the 16th 

MuT. Hiut; migbt. 

McTCH, 01$. Ilslf-rotten itniw. 

Mute, (1) v. Said oftfae h»wk) 
and other birda when thej drop 
their dung . 
Vm tl]S mkt, tte pluub-tiec, ud ths 
The itock-dore ud ths bluk-bird ihonld 
Wbou mutinff an tho» trca d« nuke ta 
fiot-curing hjphea uid the mlacJloe, 

Cl^jqr'i TiCt, KU, aJ Anna, 1014, 
{2) t. To mew ; to moult. 

(3) *. A pack of hounds. 

(4) I. A mule between a ahe-MS 
tnda horae. 

If imK, adj. Mutiiunu. 
MnmNG, adj. Solky ; grum- 
bliag. Coma. 

HiTTTON, t. A proititote. 

I im au thit loToiD inch of nir mul- 
BUKUih- gnd ths Ont letta at mj 
uune huDi with latchuj. 

MnTTON-MONaEB, I. A debauched 

Hour itlionoii bandj p 

.1 Ton,,ol 

Ii 't pMiiUe that th* lord Hipolito, 

llEdUalin book, ibwli be ■ nuiMni- 

■uiy« j* A». in., O. FI, iii, ;. lOt. 
UuTTON-TDPB, (. The young shoots 

of tbe goose-foot. 
UuTTT-cAu, (. A limpleton. 

MvTtr&TB, part. p. (£af.) Bn-- 

mvwKH, pra. pL Thejmtf. 

1 HAB 

Hnz, Mack. Mmeat, » dn^iOL 

Mnzms, (. A cobweb. JVerfft. 
Hd>ii.b{1)*. Tbe face. 

(2) e. To grub with the nuMiL 

(3) V. To trifle ; to skulk. YtriA. 

(4) B. To drink deeplf. Lint. 
MnzzT, adj. Half dnmk. 
M-EDOrNe-mrt, *. A dnnghill- 

pit. Ilampak. 

■ervg it /orth. AnH if Curt, p. IS. 
Mtb, ii<$. (_ji..S.) Pleasant. 
Utbi, b. To mince. 
MT.BOw-Fia«iD, : A game men- 
tioned in Tayloi'i Motto. 
MTiSB, 0. (_A.-N.) To faiL 
MiaTBOWE, V. (,A.-S.) To miitnnL 

(2)«. A hat 

B.8. Siinli,h<hiildDiB: htn'inB^ni 

inch I'nne in JODT life. Ch. A mm 

(3) t. Tbe summit of a hill; 
an elented piece of gitmnd. 
(4} t. The shoulder of iron stick' 
ing ont abool the middle of the 
bolt in a lock. 

(5) «. To catch; to take un- 
eipeetedljr. Var.d. 
(6)0. To steal; toiler. 
Naball, t. A fooL Sowlatd, 1612. 


NAB 6 

Nabbihi, (. A gtme at tnarblcs 

praetiied in Ni^olk. 
Nabbitt, *. A dwarf. Eatf. 
Nabblb, s. To gam. NorlluMipi. 
Nascbbt, (. An old cant term for 

Nab-nahnt, f. A louie. Eatt. 
Nabst, t. An absceis. Narihampt. 
NACKKND01.E, >. Eight poimds of 

meiL Late. See Jghendolr, 
Nackik, (i) v. To inap tbe 

fingen. mUi. 

(2) «. A colt. Devon. 
Hacking,!. A handkerchief. Comtt. 
Nadde. Had not, for nc hadde. 
Naddlb, e. To nod. Deeon, 
NxvE, ■. (£«t.) A tpot ; a fault. 

^ryrf, Viriu 0>i Z&d ButiKSM. 

Naf, (. Pudcndam f. North, 
Naffb, V, To grumhle ; to haggle. 

Nao, v. (I) Id nick, or ilit. Unc. 

(2) To Ml, "He nagi away 

famoualy." B'artc. 
Naoi, ». (.i^JV.) The bullocla. 
NAeoiNo-PAiN, I, A alight con- 

iUdC paiD. Wat. 
Naoole, e. (1) To gnaw. ^orfA. 

(2) To tosi the head. Eait. 
Naoclrd, adj. Tired. 0.^i/. 
Naoot, adj. Irritable. North. 
Naokb, (, A miser. North. 
Naif, adj. (A.'N.) Having iti true 

natural Instre. Ajeweller'3 term, 

applied to a predoua stone. 
Nail, t. Eight ponnda' weight. 

Nail-bit, i, A gimlet. Herff. 
Nailbcrn, a. An inlerinitt«nt land- 

spiing, irregular in iti visitation 

and duration, pecnliar to Kenl. 
I4AiLaD,parf.ji. Caught. 
Nailes, I. AnuJ.seller. 
Nail-nafes, (. A gimlet. North- 

NAiL-FAaastt, a. A gimlet. 
NAiL-arftiHo, J. A hangnail. 


Naitb, e. To deny. JVaUme. Pr. P 

" [E, V. {A.-S.) To make naked. 
Naeed.botb, a. The autumnal 

crocna, which flower* wilboat 

leave). Nor/. 
NAKBti-ouLL.a. An unfledged bird. 

SAKEu-LADiBa, ,. Tbe pU»t 

^AKBB, t. {Fr.) Mother of peart. 
Nabeb, 1 ^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^j^ 


Naiettb, t. A sort of preciona 

Naeins. No kind of. 

Nakee, a. The neck. 

Nakne, v. To make naked. 

Nale, I. An ale-hoDte; id the 
phraae atti nak, a corruption of 
the A..S. et |ian ale, at tbe ale. 

Nalle, 1. An awl. 

Nam. Am not, for ne nni. 

NAHB,jiret. t. of nime. Took. 

Nahb-cakds, s. The cards vrhich 
it i» customary (o send to frienda 
by newlymEuiiedpeople, Var.d. 

NAuecoTHHBDE,<(.(.4.-.S.) Fame; 
celebrity, ^yeni. of Jnicgt. 

Nauelesb, adj. Anonymons. 

Namei-t, adv. Especially. 

Nauuet, t. A luncheon. South. 

Xamore, adv. (A.-S.) No more. 

Nan, (I) adj. None. 
<2) t. A small earthen jar. Dn. 

Nancy, t. A small lobster. East. 

Nang, v. To intuit. Wat. 

Nanoates, ad„. {A.-S.) In no 

Nanohail, ». A hangnail. 
Naneins. (A.-S.) No kind of. 
Nannaces, (. Trifles. Eatt. 
NAHKLB-BaEKiES. Sce AtAtrrg. 
Nanny, *. A proatitate. Namtj-- 

home, a brothel. 
Nannv-bbk. At nice as a nitiuq^ 

hen, affectedly delicate. 
Nan-pib, ». A magpie. North. 
Nantsbscase, conj. Incite that. 




Nakihimg, t. (J.-S.) Kothii^. 
Nantli, v. To triQe. North. 
Nap, (1) B. To seiie. North. 

(2) I. A blow, Devon. 

(3) V- To cheat if dice. Groie. 
I*) I. A hillock, Wat. 

(5) ai$. Expert. Yorith. 
Nap-at-nooh, ». The purple goat's 

NAPE,(i)e. To behead; to kill by 
a blow in the ne^Ic. 

(2 ) I. A hole, or fracture, Sevan. 

(3) I, A piece of wood employed 
to support the fore part of ■ 
loaded wag^n. North, 

(4) To nape (in laying a hedge 
or fence down) ii the cutting the 
branch partly through, in order 
that it may be laid close to the 
bank; new or yonng ihooti 
spnng out at the place cut, and 
the branch lenes to fill up a 
chasm that wai deficient in liie 

table linen. 

Eoida the erat cliei^u o[ lictoili, 
aDd ^TEHt AttendnnFe ol the taraaU, 
■adffieqt spoil ot jwptn imd hovabom 
AtofC the ^DOdman sIk Jooseth hii 
or 11 . MP ui ""P^T^ ^1^ 

Naprt, t. A napkin or hand- 

Napkih,!. Apoelict-handkercbief. 

To nuke Nsfli iistrl. Take of tlie 
£aest floncr half a pecb, the whitn Df 
a doun evgs, fiue earar tvrn pound, fia 

witb >fewb«unBliiioa>,uidHDuSDe 
graled breaa, Itir Ihem well ttwether 
101 flDCl; miiEd ; nilli thia, filT thin 

todWarenUj bot, snd -hen lliej ub 
well hai'denf d, take Uiem onl, bmlir or 

them >lip oat (h« eaiier ; ' and kup 
tiim in papAred borea m a dr; plue. 

Nappe, ». To sleep. Chaucer. 

Nappkk, t. The head. Tor. J. 

Nappbbn, (. An apron. North. 

Napfibs, f. The kneel. Lmc. 

3 HAT 

Nappt, a^i' Strong, applied (o ale. 
NAB,a({i, Nearer; near. 
Nabd, t. Fepperwort. 
Nabi^ (1) I, {Ut.) A nose ; the 

noitiili of a hawk. 

(2) adv. NcTCr. Devon. 
Nabobs, iu(r- Narrow. 
Nasls, «. (1) A hard swelling on 

the neck. Gbme. 

(2) A knot. 
Nasn, (. Never a one. Wetl. 
Nahm-bdt. Used in the lenseofan 

excuse. " John , yon must come 

to work for me in the morning." 

" I can't, air, a corse I mm-iBf 

must go to Mr. A.'s lo-mortow." 

See No-6at. 
NAaaB, adj. Nearer. 
Narsel, (. A nostril. 
Nabbow-wbioole, t. An eamig. 

Nabbt, 01^'. Neither; none. Wttt. 
Nabwe, adj. {A.-S.) Nanow; close. 
Nab. Was not, for ne oat. 
Nash, adj. [1) Finn; hard. Dab. 
■ (2) ChiUy. Wilt: 
Naee, «. An old cant tenn for a 

Nast, t. Nastiness. Wetf. 
Masteh, d. To dirty. Samera. 
Nabtic.o^'. Short-breathed, Dot. 
Nabty, adj. Spiteful, Var. d. 
Nat, I. {Fr.) A mat. 
Natal, adj. {Lat.) Presiding over 

nativity, a tenn in astrology. 
Natch, ». A feat. Natf. "You'va 

done a rare natch." 
Natcbeb, t. The battlements of ■ 

lower. Kent. 
Nate, (1) v. To use. NorlAamb. 

(2) a^. Bad. Ktnl. 
Nathe, >. The nave. 
Nathkiesbb, adv. Nevertheless. 
Natbemobe, aih. Not the more. 

Idpaiaage. 'nintl 



Natitx, ». Nattve plice. Var. d. 
MArnnTT-Pis, i. A Chri»tnaa»-piB. 
Hatlinb, adj. OrnameDtdj fan- 

dfuL Narthaa^t. 
Natlinob, 1. Chitlerlingi. Dnioa. 
Natrkllk, *. TheccowQ. Nmti- 


To leoU; 

VxTmxD, a^. Hl-Umpered. 

Nattebjack. I. A toad. Suff. 
Natilb, e. (1) To knodt. North. 

(2) To biuj-one'iietfiritli trifles. 

Naitt, aiij. SpruM ; neat 
IJATTY-BDZE8, >. Coatribution paid 

periodically by workmen to the 

trade onion to which they be- 

loDg. York. 
Nattt-ijids,*. Young pickpockets. 
NxroBABLB, odf. (1) NaWral. 

Natobai, (1) t. Hatife diipo* 

i2^ a^. Kind I charitable. Line._ 
3) a^. Legitimate. Cooatantly 
naed in this tente by — '- 

(4) I. An idiot. 

(5) adv. Qoite. Dortel. 
(G) «. A term at the game of 

Natckkukx, adj. NatniaL 
Natt, adj. Fat and lean, in good 

order for eating. Dmon. 
NACFaAoiAta, e. (La(.) To >hip- 

Nauobt, adj. Bad, naughty. Bt 
naught aahile, wu a phraae eq-" 
valent to, Go and be hangedl 
HtfiT, ibl In better aBiili^<d, ind 1( 
namfiltKUIt. .<t)rmlii>i(, i,l. 

Coma awtj, ud ha maakt ovtib. 

SUmt i)fS. ilsriu 

Nausht-head, (■ A blockhead. 

Nadostt-boose, ». A brothel. 
Nauobtt-fack, a. A term of 


She'i I viriel--* ttmufllMMcl. 

Mn^rims Girt. OJA., <i, p. M. 
HuiDf two lewdB Jiothtan, no brtto 
than wn^Uji pub. 

He oll'd me (ntik, - 
doxj, Mid the Tilest nit 
Lad been ui urut wupyM^T"^^ 

Naon, ». Nothing. S^t^■ 

Naitnt, p. Ta bridle ap at any. 

thing. Leie. 
Nauhti-b, o. To elevate. JVortt- 

Nate, (1) ». The naval. 

(2) Have not, foe u haee. 

(3) (. The vood on which the 
(Irawia laid in thatching. O^d. 

NATBQon, I. An auger. 
NATEI.-GAUI., (. A diieaie. 

e-f all, withnt grief*, 

k leil. 

NAT>L-HOLE,f. The hole in a mill- 
Stone which receitea tbe grain. 
Navet, I ^ ^^|._j [i,pe.,e(j, 

Naytv, ». An excavator. 
Natt, (. A canal. North. 
Naweh, m^'. Own. 
Nawl, I. (1) The navel, ^omert. 
(2) An awL 

Aiid in 111* pocket cktj h 
oil lioi;eI and hiiMAPl. 

B. f- PI., rniu* Fim^i, iv, 


Nawtk«etebb, », Anci 

nattie Ltttert, p. 51. 
Naztt, a<|i. Naaty. 
Nat, (1)1-. To deny. 

(2) «. Denial, /t ii m nag, it I 

not to be denied. 
Nat-bay, *. A refusal. North. 
Nat-wabd, ai§. Towards a ite 

Youwonld b<li«reiiiyaayii>g 
Ilmu'er «« lean (o the MjnmW. 

Skitiif., Wmin'! TtU, ii, 1 


we, i», A fool; 
A iloped I 


Nasv, a^. Intoxicated. North. 
Naielh,!!!^'. Ill-tempered. YorttA, 
Nb, adv. {AS.) Not; not. 
Nkasik, *. A tenn of reproacb. 

Nka-uakins, ode. No nutter. 

Nbany, 0^'. None. 
Nbaf, I. A turnip. C«nw. 
NiAPBNS, adv. Both hinds full. 

NiAB, (1) ai^'. Nemer. 

(2) adj. PsDnhoqa. Var. d. 

<3) adj. Empty. iimfJI. 

(4) con). Neither. £inc. 
(a)*. Ttaekidaer- 

(6) Niar tide of a liwte, Uie 
left aide. 
Nea»-bahd, aA'. (1) AlmoU. 

(2) Near. 

(3) Probably. 
NBAKmQ-ci.oTsia, t. The linm 

worn neit the sfciB. 
NRAB-NDWimfD. Notlang;ago. ^(»/. 
Neast, >. Night. Daim. 
Nkat, i. (^.-5.) Horsed cattle of 

ths 01 speciea. Ntal-hemt, a 

Neatbissb, *. A female keeper of 

NsAviHa, I. Froth. 
Nib, (1)(. A beak; the now. 

(2) V. To kin. North. 

(3) t. A Bcythe handle. North. 
li)». The poleofanoT-cart.S'MiM. 

(5) I. The ninip. 

Nbbbob, *. A neighbour. North, 
NscAVTca, ■. {Laf.) The book of 
■ocoanti of thesLuBhter-honte. 
NsoEisAiBK, adj. {A..N.) Ne- 

NBCBsiirr, i. Bad lllidt apirit. 


Neck,.(. The plait of a oip. 

NacE-BAHD, (. A goi^t. Pcbfr. 

NiCK-BAiBow. t. A akrioe no 
irhich relics or itoagei were car- 
lied in procetsiDni. 

Nboe-sbiae, «. CMnplete mil. 

NxcE^OLLAE, I. A gorget, 

Neckinq, r. A neck-kerohirf. 

Nece-ebboueb, a. A kerchief tat 
the neck, "CoIUer de in Un. 
A partUt, ntcktiercher, or gor- 
get." Nomtncl. 

NECE-op-TSE-roor, ». Theinitep. 

Nece.pit,i. Thebendattheback 
of the neck. 

NecK-TowEL, (. A small toweL 

three draughts into wbicb a jof 

of beer is divided. Euex. 
Kbce-wseo, I. Heipp. 
Ned-cake, t. A rich rirdle cake. 

Neddeb, (1)>. An adder. 

(2) adj. Inferior. North. 
Neddt, t. (l)AiackaM. 

(2) A simpleton. NoddgUk, 

Nede, v. {A..S.) To force. 
NiDBriTL, s^'. lodigeat. 
Nedeller, t. A needle-maker. 
NedexiInoei, ad». Neceiaariif. 
Nedeli, wb. {A..S.) Neotaurily. 
Nedinbx, (. Need i trouble. 
Nediboop, (. A spider. 
Nedlbb, I. A maker of needlea. 

Pirrt PI. 
Xbd.btoeeb, s. Tbefourof ipadei. 

Nee, 01$. Nigh. 
NEBD-riBE, t. Ignition prodnced 

by robbing wood. North. 
Needle, (1) e. To nettle. 

(2) t. A piece of wood to 
ilrepgtben a post. Eat. 

(3) To Ail the netdU, t« abike 

Needle-hovee, «. A 


KiBi>i,a.potNT, (. A Bbaiper. 
NilDLBB, (. A keen man ; a n^:gard. 
NiEDLs-WEKD, I. Shepherd'! ~ ~ 

NiEPLB.wokK, *, The timber and 

plailer frame-iTork in old hooaei. 
Needurnt, (. MeceasaricB. 
Herds, (1) oifii. Of neceiBity. 

(2) ». NecessiHei. 

(3) eonj. Indeed. Somerut. 
NiEDBLiE, ode. Necesaaiiljr. 

^enfore Tie prayed that if tlie king 

. A needle. 

Neeh, I. The eyea. Yoriih. 
I4bep, (. The draaght-tiee of a 

Neebk, t.. To tneEze. 
Nbest, adj. Next. North. 
Nbktete, t. Sec Nephew. 
Nkezen, s. pi. Nests. To go a 

netifning, nesting. NoriAampl. 
Nkezle, v. To nestle. 
Nefuh, adv. Never. 

Ich wojl wBl (hErinne lo criitnye 

William da Shorikam. 

Negh, a4}. Near. Neghtt, neaiest. 
Neohe, b. {A..S.) To approach. 
Neohen, (. Nine. 
Neglection, J. Neglect. 
NeoliCknI', adj. Heckleii. 
Neoon, *. A miser ; a niggard. 
Neif. ». (1) {A.-N.) A ierf, or 

(2) The fist, or hand. 
NEmHBODB, r. (1) To auociate. 

Norf. "Though we live next 

door, «a don't tteigMour." 

(2) To gossip. Yarkik. 
Neiet, adj. Neit to. Devon. 
Nbint, (1) V. Togo. "How that 

bone didnWntalong!" ShraptA. 

(2)5. A heating. '■ I'll give jon 

a,nemting." Sluvpih. 
XEiTHEs-or-BOTB, odj. Neither. 


6 NES 

Nbivcl, v. To give a Uow with 

the neive or fiat. Cvmi. 
Neeed, I. little or nothing. 

Neeist, adj. Next. 
Nelb, i^f. Conardl;; evil. 
Nell-eneed, 114'. Knock-kneed. 

Neme, t.- (1) Care. Take neme, 

pay attention. 

And iebe eche] leueb hit An Ebtlijeb, 



(2) An uncle. 
Neukl, adj. Nimhlei skilful. 

Nemly, quickly. 
XiuELiNE, e. To name. 
Newpme, v. (_J.-S.) Ton«ine;lo 

call. Nempi, named. 
Nese, (_A..S.) Neither. 

■. Will n. 


NEtia,atfB. "WnwaahewM/'ranch 
theaame as he was. "Pretty 
turn one," pretty much the same. 

Nente, adj. The ninth. 

Nef, t. 0) A turnip. North. 
(2) Cat-mint. Poiyr. 

Nephew, i. (Lai. ntpot.) Grand- 
son; descendant. 

And jmr YOOBg uid t«ll 

Nep/ieui, hi« [yijiu bod^] Bona, (frov up id 

B. Jinu., Muq. (ifAKiwt, lol, vi, p. 135. 
Tbig peopled rertne ;ct to Fruitrall ■>■ 
Qt Ttrtiumf nephevn. 

Sprmcr, iiunj afBoKC, vili. S. 

Nepein, (. A nectarine. Soatfn. 
NBPPBB.ED, adj. Peevish. Yorkth. 
Nefte, t. {Lai.) A niece ; a grand- 

Neb, adv. Never. 
Nerb, (1) adv. Nearer. 

(2) Were not ; bad it not heea. 
Nebf, ». (A-tl.) Nerve; sinew. 

.a^. Badly treated. A'orM. 
Nebvalle, 1. A kind of ointment. 
Nebcoce, 1 j. An unSedged 


NssE-THRrLLB, I. The noirtcil. 


NBOHiNpti. To make tender. Clieah. 
Nmgp, B. To peck. Line, 
Hesfitb, (. Cilimint. . 
I4ess, (. {A.-S.^ A. prDmoDtoty. 
Wjtbant bridgD ihs T«ntan, 
Tknntb tell Ckuibdu bsA fmlH Spt<>' 

mm. S^lt., Drbarl. 

Nbbsi, (1) a4f. Suft. See fftth. 

(2) t. A ne*t. 
Nebrle, v. Ta trifle. Siai. 
Nbsslk-tkipb, l ». Theyoungest 


JJEBT, (. (1) A caUection of aitidea 

(2) The aocket of (he eje. 

Nkstabub, I. (X-S.) An intestine. 

Nest.coce, t. A man who has 
never travelled. 

NBtTLB.B. To fidget abmit. Norlh. 
To trifle. Sun. 

NEr,r.(l)Towa)hclothe«. YoriiA. 
(2) To make water. South. 

Meth. Huh not, for ne iaIA. 
Ac liT nun uliolde i-mttnid be. 
That Bifi nou denthei gigne. 

mUum & SiMiUTn. 

Nkthbboiib, >. A neighboar. 

NETHELBBeB, odn. Neverthelesi. 

Nethbk, e. To starve *i(h eold. 

NmraaB-sTocKS,' i. Slockingii 
that i», lower itocks. The 
breeches were the iipper-itDcks. 
Thua, imil-de-chm>m, and bat- 
de-cAauuei, were the old French 
names for those tvro patta of 
^ess; the latter having retail ' 
the abbreviated name ot Sat. 
Then hare they iu^Her.ihctfi to il ._. 

eo fine] tor th&t id thought too DBie,bal 

of jirMT, wonlcd, crewflU, ■ 

and tnch like, or eli it the 


tit lejne, vUh qaiikti and electa 

ibontthBin , 

interlaced with ioWb ot uIyb thiede. u 

ii irDODderfoU to hehcilde. 

ShMtj'i 4*^- ofAhnKt, p. 3L 

Tbg tttlUT-itadi wii of the pirert 

Gruwda ailke. Omn^i Qafp, f-e. 

NsTTiMO,*. Urine. MidlliNorth. 
Nettled, a((r'' FroToked ; irritated. 
Nettlb-housb, ». A Jakes. Norik. 
Nettle-sphinoi, I. The nettle- 

raah. Eail. 
Nett-dp, (u{r. Exhausted nith cold, 

Neuf, (. A Maze. Devon. 
Neultt, t. A novelty; a dainty, 

N'snun,*. Modulation of the voice 

in ainging. Ntmtinatt MS. 
Neve, (. (1) A nephew. 

(2) A ipendthrift. 
Nevile, d. IA.-S.) To snivel. 
Nevenb. tr. (^..&) To name i to 

Neter-a-delb, t. Never a bit. 
MG7Ba.TBB-L*TTBBE, adr, Never- 

Nepm-Ot-UlUn, ' the wiae mBrkei 
Uont^u h>t;ide the kysge, end put- 
poeede to kavo tftken hjrm. 

And lie hare otten been a TooiDf 

And yet ch'an «i«r Ik, HrTcW Sof. 
Nbteb-wrebe, adv. (A.-S.') Mo- 

Netih, ». A aort of fur. 

Hsw-AHti-sww.adv. Freshly; again 
and again. 

New-beab, 'If. A cow which hu 
NEWCAL, J lately calved. 

Nbwc astle- hosfita litt ,1. Boast- 
ing a friend to death. North. 

Newcowk, I. A stranger; a new- 

KtDga plead thon tn; pi 

_, Google 

hat atMMiK, wife; TM'U 
1. W. UjDii»lMfat«ic-»i, 
It hitter of anjr here, far a 

: i. «ilt r„ 0, n., Tii. BM. 
I^BWDtcLK, ». A DOTtlty. Ecat. 

N«WB, (1) K. (,i..S;) To renew. 

(2) oAi. Nenlf. 

(3) aiij. Fretted. 
NiwiLTiE, (. A noTelty. Paltgr. 
New-fanoled, ailr-New-rasliioned . 

NacifangeiaetK, incoiutincy. 
Newinq,!. (1) A new-yeac'a gift. 

(2) Yeast. Enex. 
Newbt-one, ffilf . Much the tame. 

Newt, ». {A..S.) The water-llzaid. 
Nezino, (ufc. Very near. 
NsxT.DAT, f. The day after to- 

Neit-doob, ftrep. Cloie. 
Nextb, adj. Nigheit. Chaucer. 
NBXr-w*r«, 4*. DireeHj. 
Neyb, (1) oA. New. 

(2) V. To neigh. 
Nettene, I. Dueaae. 
NiAiBE, V, (/v.) A Bimpleton. 

'm*ai8b }*■ *'*"'^ *■ '*"°S l*"k. 
Nib, (1)'*. A Bcrthe-handle. Derb. 

(2) (. The thaft of ii wtsgon. 

(3) 0. To «at inl«fr«em«nt«. Uae. 

(4) e. To criticiBe; to eiuninc 
cloael]' into. 

Tat Chii ni not tbe ntlniiiiuta eryl, 
Ibire ajiUfd Chriit'a hiiAe ifieT their 
pbuure. BntUkBiilio/rKflitT.'m.Wi. 

Nibble, b. To fidget with the 

Nice, adj. {A.-N.) (1) Faaddiona. 

(2) Poolith ; strange. 

(3) CleTer; good. Nortk. 
NiCKD, ». A nmpper for the boaom. 
NicELT.odj. WeUinheilth. Ntrth. 
NicET, adj. Agreeable. Yorkth, 
NiCBTEB, *. (A.-N.) Folly. 
NicH, f. To Btir 1 fire ilightly. 


NicB!L,(l)«. TocHtrate. Yoritk. 
(2) «. One who paya nothiag. 

Nicholas, 1<. St. Nicholas was 
iicELiB, /the patron aaint of 
Imys. When aboy is hard presied 
in any game depending upim 
actiTity, and perceives bis aatago- 
niat gaining grannd upon him, he 
criea out Nie'lat, upon which he 
is entitled to a suapeMion of the 
ptay for a moment : and an any 
occasion of not being ready, want- 
ing, for instance, to faxtee his 
■hoe, or remedy any acddental 
incoBTenience, the cry of f/ielat 
entitles him to protection or tttt- 

ICE, (i) e. {AS.) To deny. n. 
nick aith nay, to deoy, a com- 
mon phraae in old English. 
(2) t. A raised or indented 
bottom in a beer-can, by whioh 
the customers weie cheated, the 
nick below and the froUi above 
filling up part of the measnre. 

'ith cuina at bccre, (malt icd in fiihs 

And tho 



Old NoU thU uoxs from biftuUiiiiE Is 

ira InKiiruu honuly to be ut> poliLT 
ber VBy at life, reiolved to l«an off 

Mh; in onicr la pnfian tat her 
iiatge over Hadge Afoor. BtU wlien 
LA porpota to depart thia life is fo na 

(3) B. To catch in the act 

(1 ) t>. To take a thing aprspos. 
To nick the nick, to hit exactly 
the critical moment. 


ud K mDcfa of mTstcria in the Tiuht 
hDEaouring of a huiiDtiable nord, tHiit 
then 19 tmt vary aaa^ bopa- 

tatkm^l atunaliimi, U71. 

(6) r. To deceive, Or cheat. 

Nicfd, chCRted tX dice. 

(6) 0. To -win It dice. GroK. 

" To tje or nicie ■ cost at dice." 

Plorio, p. 280. 

m s. A Tiink. North. 

(S) V. To cot vertical scctioDs in 

a mine from the Toof. North. 

(9) lb knock a nick in Ihepoil, 

to make ■ re<M>rd of. In the nick, 

NiCKEB, (1) V. To neigh. NortA. 

<2) I. A boy'i gune. 

(3) *. A lyren. Ajekb. i^ Inujil. 
NicKiK-PKCEEB,«. A woodpeckcr. 
" N(n-ih. 
NicEBRB, I. 'Wild felloiTS who 

■mused thenteelveg at night with 

breaking peoplc'a windows with 


Eiidlen at riu^ atmia of ^Kp- 

Hi> Kittcr'd peno the flying nictirflinga, 

And with ths copper Bhow^ the ceHmeDt 

'Wbo £u not liMid Uie lomrer'i midniiht 

nut tremblod at 


Qay't Traia, 1737. 

NicEET, a. A small f^got. ITett. 

NiCKjN, ». A simpleton. 

NicuHS, adj. Convenient. Somera. 

NiotLi, p. To more hastily and 
awkwardly. Wett. 

UicELKD, adj. Beaten down and 
entangled. Eatt. 

Nici-NiNNT,«. A BQipleton. 5m(M. 

NlCEOUFOop, 1. A lery simple 

JTn. F. Cid I nurv i fooliih hiber- 
dt&her tobcpi¥CTD'd Djlmn? ontapcn 
thee, mckampoop, lit orda thee, 

Utt. S. Th, ytn irifiniMiip, yon aie a 
»»% fellinr to pleaM 1 Koman In- 

NicKOFiT, I, A qu^mire. Kenl. 
NiCE.sTiOK,<. AtMj. NerthttB^. 

NiciT, I. A faggot. Weil, 
Nicky-cox, ». Asimpletm. J)n>. 
NiDDK, p. To compel. 
tliDDKBEn, adj. Cold and hnngry. 

NiDDiCK, I. The nape of the neck. 

NiDDicocE, 1. Anoodle.orumple- 

II buried in the ope. 
^Ida, for hfling Bnch e noee, widKEon 
id niddicock to dye for intt. 

u to offer 

nun ■ ndde I 

NiDDT, t. A fool. Devon. 
NiDDy-NonDr, i. A child's game. 
NiDDTWiT,*. An idiot- Durh. 
NiDs, I, ^ji.-N.) A biood of pbet- 

NinaaLiNG, >. A mean inhospitable 

fellow, line. 
NiDEs, ode. Neeenarilf. 
NiDOELiNQ,iii{i. Underhand; mean. 

NiDOKLT, I. A petty dealer. Leic. 

' Jleries. 



r^S'l. yon nnjpliy wit 

NiQOST, (1) «. The performance of 
midnifeT7 by an elderly woman of 
the same or neigbbouring village 
where the means of the party 
cannot procure a profeiaional 
man. Notf. 
(2) I. Part of a plongb. ImL 

NiDiNO, I. (_A.-S. n^ing.) A base 
wretch ; a coward. 
Heil w<iitby to be called i iii£iu, the 
putH ofwhiHe Mnl beats bm natly 
towirde iHWTeUp'.-who wiU not nu and 
reach hii hiod to bear nphia temple. 
BoikU m For. IVmb, p. SSS. 

Nib, (J.-S.) Nigh. 


NIE 7< 

IfiioB, 4. A rdatire in g«ii«rKl. 

Nnr, coRJ. If. Samen. 

NirF, e. To take olltact. Iff I. 

KiiTFLB, (!) 0, To whine; to 

(2) e. To pilfer. Norlh, 

(3) r. To eat hastily. Bedi. 

(4) ». A spur. Eail. 
NirF-NAira.j. Triflei. Niffy-naffj,. 

a trifler. North. 

. {A.-li.) (I) A tride. 


The I 

it vu not firr to aeEkB, 

■-cbow.Ij. Abi 

craw." Aomtiufe JIf & 

NiSHTEKTALE, (. {/t^S.) Nlght- 

JTue. .^X. .flljrl. in Z>. Pril>«, p. to. 

(2) A glandule, fifritil. 
NiFLiNO, a^. TriSinf. 

DotKug. LtJy AUnon^, E S b. 

Nio, (1) e. To clip monej. 

(2) (. A amall piece. Eiiex. 
NiOABDiE, 1 .. (^...V.) Stingi- 

NiQGBB, (l)e. To laugh vulgar] J. 

(2) ». A fire-dog. Nortk. 
NiooLE, V. (I) To trifle with. 

religion. Miai.,Bmf.<ifl)uEatt. 

(2) Patuere. Dtkker, 1616. 

(3) To deceive i to pilfer. 
(5) To walk mincinglj. North. 
(G) To eke out caiefuil;. Eait. 
<7) To nibble. Wtst. 

(8) To dawdle. ftKf. 

NiaQLiNQ, adj. Mean. Wett. 

NtOH-AOEN, ads. Probably. Ltie. 

NiQHE,e. To approach. SmNtght. 

NioH-aAKS, adv. Probably. Leic. 

Nioar-BAT, t. A ghoat. North. 

NlOHT-CAr, I. (1) A cant term for 
■ diaaolute fellow, occurring in 
the Devil's Law Case, i, 1, 
"Among a shoal or swarm of 
reeking nighl-capt." 
(2) A driok b^re going to bed. 

a bicratar valtinj bj nigklcrlalfstt^- 
otthuciV. CaUknf'iBiforU.lfflO. 

NicHTGALE, I. Tbe nightingale. 

I4:eHT-CKAB, I. Night-elothes. 


To waah and pniwre nifflU-glotat to 
keep tbe liaDdi wliile, louioUi and aoft. 
Take pure white wax Toui pound, ap«< 
ma^eti %m ouncea, oil of the greater 
cold leedi, ckanaed aiKl tUvrn witliimt 
tn, and m^iattry of biamuth or tin- 

biimt Bllom flndv powdered, ai each 

vater, and a'hen the; art mBltfd, sCiT 
Ihem veil together, to ipcorporv^ 
them^ tbEii, having wash'd firat jaa 
lEloTei in several valera, and et«ept 
Ihem twetva boon in crcani, dip theea 
in thii compoiitioii wLUat it ia hot. 

Tke qatm's Xsfal Cookery, 1713. 

NiGHT-jAB. See Night-cToa. 
NiOHT-EiBCHEr,(. A ladj'i neck- 

NiOHT-BAIL, I, A sort of lOOBe 

robe, or pendent vest, thrown. 
OTcr the other dresa, which waa 
sometimes very coitly. Among 
the extravagiucea of fine ladies 
are mentioned, 

Tliit jout lugM-raiU of hnj poonda o- 

'* " " Mai., Cils Jfai. 

NiGHT-BAVEN, ». The bittern. 
" Afi/icoraiT, a nyfe-rawyn." 
rainalt MS. See Nighl-eroa. 

NiQHT-BULE, *. Nigbt-rerel, c 
night- work. Shaitip. 

NioHT-sHADE, I. A prostitiile. 

" A'o- 



NlOHT-iNAP, t. A robber. 
NioHT-sFKLL, *. A chtntt tgiiidit 

NiQHT-WAaD, t. The nisht-wilch. 
NioiT, M. A coward. 
NiGHBNoa, I. A limpleton. 
Nio-KOG,«. Fuluere. 
HiOBDH, 01$. (_Lal.) Black. 
NiKiE, I. An icicle, Pr. P. 
Ktut, I. Tbe upper portioa of a 

fliiL Sin^iR. 
NlLL, (1) v. Not to nil)) to be 

•Tene to i for lu viill. 

I lute in fOB the hhib afffCtuiii 
To Kill or nil:. 10 Ihink Ihinp «wd ta bad. 

Aht that lliii iDT* villbE DO better niidc. 

(2) *. A needle. 

(3) >. A niiL SDnwri. 
''^"■jt. (l)K-5.) To lake. 

(2)' To iteal ; to pQfer. 

(3) To iralk with short quick 
■tepi. NorlA. 

(4) To take care. 

(&) To me a fidgetj' motion or 

noiie. leie. 
NiMBSB, adj. Active. 
Nimble-tailors, i. A field-pea. 

NiMQiUMEit, I. A doctor who ■(■ 
tended eapedallr for the venereal 

NiNiaTT, I. (Z41/.) Satletj. 
NiUBL, a(|r. (1) Nimble. 

(2) Capacious. 
NiNCDHFOop, I. A limpleton. 

See Nieiompoop. 
NiND. Needs must. Line. 
NiNE-ETEB, (. A small kind o( eel. 


I. An old ni 


}: A litople- 
adj. Unccrt^n. 

NiKNTTEfts, I. The white water- 
Afool. Diyuh, 

'. (1) .. 



I anoint ; to beat. Var.d, 
A satirical taanl. 
WUl, dldit tboB heue tbae lidia u Utt 

Whit ajleth tb(m? fron their nitra 

Dawn f Fiti., 0. B., i, ISS. 

(2) V. To tannt. 

(3) (. A cant Una for a pick- 

OnEof Ihemie HnSp, I took him in tbo 
two-penuf gilLcr; at Ibe Fortime. 

Boarint a., O. ri, li, 113. 
Fimpa, nipj, and tints, priDidoa, higbTsj 

All irhicli ^ere m^ familian. 

Batal Gimt. p. ^1. 

(4) V. To ateal. To nyp a bong, 
to steal a purse. Hamutn't 
Caveat, J567. 

For JODki and itarei thcjjiBj full dear. 

(5) V. Tosaatchhastily. Yarigh. 

(6) P. To pinch. 

(7) >. A niggaidl J felloiT. 

(8) ». A turnip. Sv.ff- 

(9) *■ A paudon. Leic. 


: Var. 


■ penny, ft 


tfiU On E^ud. 1 

kant A int offtle for 

lime Ut, uppie ide. nifWifiu nle. _ 

ITciitaffoa m ir.,Sl. 
L^T. Ililne. jon need not lij TSUI 
To better mpUato tbiin Ibere ii. 

Tint irlicu thi> irifDnfsteiii, thii Imffe 

cippe.uthej ollit, tbu 

the ewneit tn it, ud ip' 
npoD it. ^Mto*! J 

4 ipcDtl the mH- 

Nippi, o^'. Hungry. Darnt. 
HiPT, ail>- Bleak ; aickly. 
NiBKEK, (. A fimBhiog itroke. 

NlBKOF, f. A donkey. Dorief. 
NiRT, o^'. Cut ; hurl, fiauajnu. 
Ninvu., I. A dwarf. 


N18OU..1. Theuaallat ofabrood. 

NiaoT, I. A l»y jade. SJaltM. 
NiBT, <uf>. (1) Nice. Zinc. 

(2)prq>. Nigh. Samaset. 
NiBTi. lie leiile, knen not. 
NlT, oA. Not jet. West. 
NiTAUosT. Notbiog like it. £duM. 
NiTCa, (1) I. A small bundle. Pnr.d. 

(2) adj. Neat. Oorm*. 
NiTEB, «. A amart peiion. 

Hs that waa BdmiRd bj nilcn fta bli 
tobaof oallantn. 

mit.l.iit Fearl, O. P., "i, BBS. 

paDHieaud the marrpild, 

'^^^BeUoM, iai4. 


NiTBE, (. Wickedneu. 

NiTHsa., I. A grimice. Wore, 

NiTHiNO^. (^.-5.)AbaM worthless 
men. Also, sparing, parsimonioui, 
wicked, mean. See Niding. 

NiTLK, adj. Neat; clever. Var.d. 

NiTODB., «. {Lat.) Brightne*8. 

NiTTiCAL, adj. Nitty ;loiny. 

NnriE, adj. (1) (inf. nMte.) 
Splen^d -, shining. 

Thya hya my chalil of n 

Nnt, (!) ». Nothing. (Slwig.) 

(2) c. To impoie apon. 
No, adK. Nor; not. 
Noah, (. The foot or swing ploi^. 

Noah'b ABE, I. A clond fortned 

somewhat like an ark, and in£- 

NoAN,!. To tolL" The bell BOOM." 

Nob, (1) ». The bead. Nob- 

Ihaleher, a penike-maker. 

(2) e. To strike, or beat. Norlh. 

(3) I. A young eolt, Uertf. 
Naitji'calt, a youngcolt. Gionc. 

NOBBU, (1) *. A lump. EMit. 

(2) p. To beat ; to rub. North. 
NoBBLE-ruB, 1. The head. Stiff. 
NoBHLi-, adj. Round, like pebbles. 
Nobby, (1) edj. Fine. 

(2) ». A fooL Eait. 
NoBiLB, *. (J^N.) Grandeur. 
Nobu.i,ajit, I. Nobility. 
Noble, ». (1) A gold cirin worth 


(2) The oavel. Eait. 
Noblbbsb, 1 f.(.<J.-A''.) Nohlenesi; 
HOBLcr, j dignity ; spiendouT. 
NoBBON, ». A blow. Nartk. 

pulsoty muriage in consequence 
of the interference ctf the parish 
officer*, the woman being preg- 
nant and likely to be chargeable. 


Tio-mm, prip. Only ; eicept. W«r/*. 
NocKHT, t. (£0'.) A wicked nian- 
NoCE, (1) t. A notch, eipecially 
tbat of an arrow. 

(2) r. To «et the arrow ob the 

(3) 5. The fundament. 

h) I. Podendiun £. Ftario. 
(5)«. TofiBuboffanutidewith 
a dUfereat matentl. 


NOC 71 

NoccLi, I. A mallet, tforf. 
NocKT-BOT, t. A dull fellow. 
Nod. The land b/ Nod.'beA. 
NaocoCE, t. A limplelon. Somen. 

NODDIK-FSAK, >. A fool. 

Noddle, t. The bead. 

NoDDT, (1) I. An old nune of a 

game at earda. 

(2) I. AfooL 
En von ana* hitlier^ poon 1 wu nme- 

^lelmiiEddiKbtcdiDine, nowTuaaiHi^r 
Om.f 7i»„0.?l..i,174. 
(i)adj. Sleepy. 

(4) (. A carriage which pliei 
for hire. DitbBn. 

NODDT-HEADED, odj. TipBf. Oxfd. 


A fool. 

kngth hardly nadentaod with much 
ubH, whanoBHiilwl that I am. 

IWnua » Airlift, lUl. 
N0D6BCOCK, (. A aimpletoD. See 
Ttes poon nadynroet contriTing the 

vi^ hit danlinE Simphoroiia. 

NoDiLE, I. The head. iVomi- 

NoDocE, *. The oape of the neck. 
NoE, p. To know. 
Nog, (I) (. StroDgale. 

(2J». A piece of wood supporting 
the roof of a miae. Deri. 
(3) B. To iDOie on. North. 
HoBBBB, adj. StroDglimbed.iVor/A. 
NoaoEN, adj. (1) Made of hemp, 

(2) Thick; clumsy. Wat. 
NoooEOBEAD, I. A fool. DoTtet. 
NoGoiH, 1. (1) A krge-bellied 
earthen pot ; a mug. 
(2) A lump of anything. 
NOOOINO, t. (I) 

Tkcnce lo Clovoa 1 came the quiclur, 
Vbenl'dgiveamy Bkiaror hqoor; 
Noaa vai iWb to cntertaiii ™ 
^lyof Vulcamia; 

a ntyMv of Vukamiai 
afloid't mewelcomc-FMSltf, 
,j. aeam-niBt puaa grew mply. 

\ NOM 

(2) The lUfiag up of Oe liter- 

■ticei in a woodeo bmlffing. 
Noddle, v. To w^ awkwdly. 

Nosos, t. The handle of a tcythe. 

NoGOT, orfj. Tip*y. North. 
Noos, I. (I) Hemp. ShrnptK 

(2) The thank bones. YarMt. 

{A.-N.) To trouble; to 

o inji 

NoiLa. t. Coaru, refuae locki of 

WOOL Salt. 
NoiWT, c. To beat. For. d. 
NOINTHBNT, 1. An ai 

NoiBE, (l)i'. Torepo 
(2) a. A party of m 

Oa. WhaimThDldhnn^benotaftiid, 
ana thou irert dead tvara Bothiny^ Qa 


e Orpheua. 

L and tilav ' 


(3) V. To make a noiie. 
Noee, «. A nook, or comer. 
NoEEB, 1^ Aiimpleton. 
NocBTT, I. A corner of ground. 

NoEEBD,fiiir(.|i. Notched. 
NoLDE. Would not, for nt wnidt. 
NoLE, I. A bead. 
Noi-T, a. Black cattle. Nortk. 

No-HAITEB8, o^. Not welL S^/f. 

NoHBRiL, t. {Fr.) The centre or 

bou of a ihield. 
NoHBHCoLL, I. A blockhead. 
Nous, (1) prtt. t. of nine. Took; 


(2) g. A name. Nomeiiehe, 

NoHiNB, t. A long tpeecb. North. 
NoMMEB, 0. To number. 
NoupKBE, a. An umpire. 
NoifPioN, >. One poueaaing more 
knowledge than the common 


Not 01 

NoNATiDN, a^. Wild and ibcO' 

herent. Wat. 
Nonce, idv. Deaigncdly. Eurx. 



N0» 7) 

NoNk, (1) t. {J.-N.) The hour of 
two or three in the ifterDoan. 
(2) adv. Not It lU. Far. d. 
NoNEAKS, adv. Juit now. Norf. 
NoHES, t (. The phrue /or lit 
wrropted into/ar 
ie«, repreBcnU the 
J.-S. for fMB «lMi, i. e., far the 

NoNR-go-PEBTTr.f. London-ptide. 

NoHEBDCH, J. (1) One without 

Oldi Hcetiir'i OTK^mitdi at pike and 
DingTBce to Juno for a itUtt j dunce, 

BoKLadi, TfuHi af%.aiHl Di., 1S13. 

(2) Black nOTUueh, trefdil-aeed ; 

tehile nomaci, rye-grau-Beed. 

HoNKTSS, ». {A.-S. naaet iyaei.) 

No kind of. 
NOKNE, I. (J..S.) A nuD. 
NoNN0CK,(l)r, Toidleawaytime. 

(2) I. A whini. Eatl. 
NosNr. .. A aiUy feUow. £att. 

Nora^/it^, trifling;, acting; fool. 

NoK-FARELio, 1. One without 

Wh;, raiUi, a miin tliet wen a nn-partla. 

'^n^n*'power'}*' Nonplus- 
NoMBiCAL, adj. Noiueniical. JVtit. 
NoNSKAiTH, I. A. longing. Cunii. 
NoKmONi, ». Pudendum f. fiorio. 
Noodle, (. A blockhead. 
KooK, t. The quarter of a yard- 

XOOK-SHOTTEN, Ol^. (1) HlTing 

nooki and comen. 

(2) Disappointed ; miataken. 
Hookt, adj. Having nookl, 
MooLED, a^. Curbed. North. 

NooHSCAFE, I. The time when 

labourer! reit after dinner. 
NooNSBCN, I *. A repast taken at 

Haircjt folki, nitli curdi and ektuted 


tinller cikea. 

NoOHSTEAD, (■ The meridlAD. 

itripling; properly, 
foiter child. 
NoozLE, e. To nestle. Somertel. 
Nope, t. A bullfinch. 

I phitomell the nat, tlu liuet we 

And ij that warUing bird, tlie wwd-lvJ 

Thfl redaparrow, Ibe ««*, the red^breut. 
and tlic vten. 

Draiton-i Poln-Mian, Ktng IS. 

NoPFET, (. A bunch of wood or 

straw. Narf. 
Nob, cmtj, Thau. 
NoB-AND-spBLt, g. A boj'i game, 

resembling Ibe modem trap-ball. 

The little wooden ball naed in 

this game was called the nor, or 

nur, and the receptacle in which 

it vu placed the tpell. 
NoBATrNQ, pari. a. Chattering. 

N'oKATiON, ». Rumour. Far. d. 
NoaroLK-CAFON,*. A red-herring. 
NoaPOLK-DtruPLiMO, t. A glo. 

bular pudding, made with dongb 

NORICE, *. (,*.-K) A nurse. 
NoftiE,D.(-<.-itf.) To nourish. 
NoHiSTBY, ». A nursery. 
NoBN. Neither; nothing. Weil. 
NoBBEL-WAOE, I. A lorimer. 
NoBBTHiNG, >. Nourishment. 
NoBT, I. Nothing. Somerul. 
NoBTBLBlE, I. (A.-N.) Nurture. 




NOBTHKBJNG, odj. Wild. !Feil. 

NOBTH-BVE, V. To Squilll, Sllf. 

NoBTaiBH, adj. OTerresching ; 

griiping. NarlAampt, 
NoKWAi, «. A nhetstone. Dnnn. 
NoBWAT-NECEci-oni, I. The pil- 

NoBwooD, (. A nickDime ; a b;- 

word. IMc. 
NoBY, 1 ». {A.-N.) A foster. 

NVBT, Jchild. See JVbery. 
NosE,(l)». Aoeckofland. &ni/A. 

(2) p. To amell. Viir. d. 

(3) To pay Ihroagh l&t aOK, to 
gtie aa extraragaaC credit price. 
To mtaturt notes, to meet. To 
put Dnc'f RMe oul iff joint, to 
riral one ia tbe favour of another. 
7^ make a bridge of any one'* 
itoM. to pais by him in drinking, 
To mate a ptrion'i note twell, to 
make him jealous. A noit qf 
uiex, a prombial phrase for any- 
thing very accommodating or 

To jaia rtliglan, a maa 

NosB-oio, t. The toe-piece to a 

shoe. Well. 
Nos»i.iiiG, adv. On the note. 
I4o»THiBLBS, \a. {A.-S.) The 
HOSBTHBTLLEa,/ nostrih. 
Noaii., V. (1) To encourage; to 

(2) To grub in the ground. 
NoRiu.i.1. Ablackbird, 
NosiKQ, I. The exterior projevting 

edge of the tread of a stair. 

KoBTOCK, I. A falling star. 
Not, (i) For ne ibo(, know UOL 

(2) «. A game resemblii^ bandy. 

(3) adj. Weli tilled. Euex. 
NoTAGE, r. To notice. Norf. 
Notch, (1) », Pudendum f. 

(2) Oulofruifch. outofboundi. 
NoTCHET, «. A clever feat. Bm(. 
NoTB, (1) », (^.-S.) Advantage. 

Ayeni. of Inati/t. 

(2) B. To proBt. lb. 
3) ,. A nnt. 

(4) /. Cattle. North. 

{h) ,. {A.-S.) Busineaa; use, 

(6) V. To Dse, or poaiess. Liaic. 

(7)c. To contend with. 

(B) D. To push, or gore vrilh 

homa. North. 

(9)«. The time a cow is in milk. 


(10) v. To eat. Bitrham. 
Noteless, a^. Stupefied. Ei»tx. 
NoTBBEK, (. A notarj. 
NoTTDLHEnE, (. Froftt ; Utility. 
NoTHAG, t. The nuthatch. 

Not- HALF-SAVED, Odj, Foolith. 

NoTHELES, coTij. {A.-S.) Nevcr 

NoTHEB, eoni.(^.-5.1 Neither; nor. 
NoTORiE, adj. {A.-N.) Notorious. 
NoTHiFiED.part.y, Noted. North. 

NoTT, (1) B. (,A..S.) To shear, ot 

(2) adj. Shorn ; cut cIo*e. 
lina|i]iing all tho fat nhf ep lif met, to 

thcT nn way frnn lijm, be muHcred 
a vhole flocke of gooA noU cwh. 

NoTTjtuY, I. A skeleton. 
NoTTLE, adj. Foolish ; nanton. 
NoTT-FATED, \adj. Having the 
NOTT-BEAUBD, / hair clow cut. 



without beard. 
NoucHl,(. Ajeir«l. See Oueie. 

weU. Amr. 
KoiroHTr, a^. (_J.'S.) Pocie«»ed 

of nathing. 
Nodi- See ff«lt. 

NouLD. For ne mmld, would ikot. 
Noon, adv. {A.-N.) No. 


^•\:{A..N.') Am 

or dclurtc. 

(2) To entu 
The Baud eu] 
in the nnrt, J 

urniiux uir la rcuun,^ ihTnis 
otnnittd from tbc nUiih and tut af 
tkg dehihti ulieiucln in then, made 

mi^7iifi^jaiMt I., \ea. 

he ne cmld, 
Bnt at emch viurd wliict be iTicmld ppcake, 
tj Ood'i blood iweare he soidil. 

NODMT, «(f- Peexieh. A'ori*. 
NooT-siLD,«. Corn^ rent, origi- 

ntUj' pud in neat or cattle. 

NovTHB, (1) *. Nought. 

(2) adt. Now. 

(3) p. To defj. 

KoTKLL, "I ». (Pr.) Newij any. 
N0VSLL8, J thiog nev. Noeelrie, 

We in 

NovBit, I. High land iboTO a pn- 
dpitoos bank. Suits. 


NovDM, I. An old guoe st dice. 
Now-AND-vow, 0^. Once aad 

NowEL, .. (^.-JV.) (1) Chrahnw. 

(2) Aciyofjojr. 
NowiK, I. Horned cattle. JVorM. 
Nowrra, oifr. Fooliib. 
NowLB, *. The nttel 
Nowp, I. A knock on the bead. 

Sow%c,adv. Nowbore. 
Now-KioHT, odto. Joit ai 
NowT, ». Cattle. 

Ooodly nnil.lwth bt aaa bigte ulih boM. 
Cliackfari, VoriUHfl ifWaia. 
NowctrviB, ath. Snrclj. 
NoTB, e. (i*,-JV.) To umoyi to 

NoTBACNgE, *. (.rf.-A'.) Trepan; 

NozzLB, 8. The noie, ntore etpc- 

ciall; of bellowB. 
Nun, (1) I. The nape. EmI. 

(2) B. To Dudge. NoTti. 

(3)(. A canttermforahnband. 
Ndbbin-, «. The atump of a tree. 

NcBHE, V. (1) To bmiie with the 


(2) To doable up your fingen. 
NuBBLiNca, 1. Small coil. Wvrc. 
NuBH-AraB jwrt.?. (£"(-) Clouded. 
Ndch, v. To tremble. North mm b. 

work. North. 
NuDDLE, (1) V. To stoop in walk- 
ing. Var. d. 

(2) n. To go aloag haitily. 

(3) f. The nape. E<ul. 
Nudge, i. A gentle puih. 
NuDaEUNa,<i<$. Strong and hearty. 

NuDBiKG, pari. a. (1) Cheerleii 
loUtary living, from penoriDus 
babita. Aoi/. 


(2) Bird's-nKting. Leie. 
Ndften, adj. Cooked Bufflciently. 


Nno, t. (1) A rough piece of tim- 
ber. Somertel. 
12) A. knob. Devon. 

(3) A term of endearment. 
Ndooino-hocbb, (. A brothel. 
Noo-BSAD.t. AMockhetd.&tnun*. 
Noll, t>. To best leverely. 
Ncif, 01$. Stu{nd; benumbed. £iuf. 
NnmLKs.f. Theenirdlaof adeer. 
NvMBBODS, adj. Numerous. 

The ^eatcBt part o! po«ti hivs tppb- 
Rdled thor pdcniiill umstioiw, in ttnt 
nstnu klade or vritint whUh ii 

TIOHPOBT, (1) «> An impoitliume. 

(2) r. To be u anoonceroed in 

an; mitter w t pD«t. Naif. 
NuHFB, J. AfboL JJfrsn. 
Nun, I. (1} Noon. 

(2) The amBll titmouse. Namtael. 
Nunc, (. A thiak lamp. South. 
NoNCH, I. A luncheon. 
TiuKCBioM, *. A lump of food. 

NrNCLB, V. To cheat. For, rf. 
NuNNERT, <. A cant name (ra ■ 

KDNauAii, I. One whonererrfr. 

tnma from an errand. (^Caat.) 
NoMT, V. (1) To make an eSbrt. 


(2) To bo loUen. Nor/. 
Hdntihs, a^ Awkwaid-looking. 

NoiTTT, 0^. Pormal ; old-^hioned ; 

ftuijr; mean; atuntir. Var. d. 
Ndp, "I . , - „, 

r NYU 

HvuiiBBRo>Koos> I. Auoldiuma 
fbi watcbei made in that town. 

NouB, V. To twiit. Nortkmi^t. 

NuRLT, ai^'. Knottf ; ill-tempend. 

NdkpiN, (. A tmall penon. Hertf. 

Nukbe-oabdin, *. (1) A nnnerir- 

(2) The erdi-apple tree, 
NuB-SFEiiii,*. Aboy'g game, aimi- 

lar to trap-baU. Line. 
Ndubow,!. a Seld-monae. Staff. 
NnBT, V. To nurture. 
NngHiD, adj. Starred. Eatt. 
Nut, I. (1) The part of mutton 

called the pope's-eye. Cotgr. 

(2) The notch which holdi the 
atring of a croaabow. Nonencl. 

(3) A tort of small vase. 

(4) A aimpleton. Yorith. 
(5)Tbeatockof awheel. Var.d. 
(6) Sweet-bread. Eatt. 

NuTCRACKKBB, (. ThB pilloiy, 

NuT-cRACK-HiaHT,*. All HbIIowb' 
eie.whenitiiciutomaiy to crack 
nuta in large quantities. North. 

NirrcKOUE, I. A nutbook. EoMt. 

NuT-noDK, (. A bailiff. 

NnTUEaa, (. The teiticlea. 

NuT'STEUBLia, I. The ahoota &aiD 
the stock of a nut-tree, bAm it 
haa been cut down. Northma^t. 

NCTTEN, 1. A donkey. Wighi. 

Nnr-TOFPEB, ». The nnt-pecker, 

Nirm, *. A Isrm of endearment t 
also, a Bicknanie for Ursula. 

!NDTiTOCB,a($. Nutritious. Stroiuii 

Nuy, (. Aonoyance. See Nm/t. 

Ndzelk,(1)i'. To nurse. Draytm. 
(Z) V. To loiter. North. 

(5) >. The noiie of hellowt. Sutx. 
I*') SeeNouMlt. 

Nr, I. A brood of pbeButata, 
NrAs, »- A cub. See Niat. 

Aad ii a trice dsyaor Ihem nncdii;. 

NrK. ». (1) An eye. 

(2) Annojance. See Nuy. 
Nvuious, adj. {Ut.) - 


Nthfhal, (. A poem rebUog to 

Dymphi. Drayton. 
NiHPHS, (. Toung female beea. 
HrsaBiK, : A dish in cookery. 

MMtft. Tike tbe (hndae part of town 

tooeder t>l it be u tovb u ao; Ijmt. 
Cut tbento nlti ind iln It ii > dvube 
boOu, in thebnUioiii, nDd let it out wtth 
tliT llnnn qnnpatUche in m chovfer 
wilb J*, ml frn it wel. And >U>ii 
it ii TBOw;, lib it ont, and cut Ihento 
ingii, etc 

NiTTB, e. (^.-S.) To die; to re- 
NijB, o<§. {A..S.) Nigh. 

O, (1) o4). One. 
(3) (■ A circle; ■ cipher. 
ii) I. A Uroentttion. 
(5) (. The iToof in vesTiog. 

Oaf, I. A fool. 

Oak, t. The club in cards. (Fesl. 

Oak-oohe, (. The fruit of tbe 

OAi-vua,: The cockchafer. Wett. 

Oaut, 111$. (1) Ligbl, uid of land. 
(2) Mellow. 

Oa>,i. a waterman. 

Oast, ». Curd for cheese. tferlA. 

Oast-hod BE, (. Akilaorveiselfor 
drying hops. fimfA. 

OAT-BB.USH, (. The turned.up stub- 
ble of oiti. Leie. 

Oat-pi-ioiit, I. Chaff ofottt. Eat f. 

Oat-heal, t. A name for the roar- 
ing boys. 

Singjei in my pot-menli, 
Bo mid frank i-ith 

Oatb. (1) To tote one't mSd <ml; 
to leaTB off (be wild babila of 

(2) ^Vben * hoise falls upon his 

back, and roUa oTcr, he is Mid 

to earn a gallon qfoati. 
Oavib, 1. The eavei. Euex. 
Obabni, I. A prepaniliDn of mead, 

with the addition of spices. 

BD, (. A hairy caterpillar. Derb. 
Obeisbac T, oift. {^.'?f.) Obedient. 
Ob ESSE, J. An old name of a game. 
)betsadhce, I. (^..A'.^ Obedience. 

Chaucer uses Oi^itiiiy. 
Obfescate, adj. (Lot.) Obscared. 
Obit, i.{Lal,) Funeral ceremoBiet. 
Obitebb, I. Small omamenli. 
Objectiom, t. An argument. 
Oblatbation, t, (,Lal-) Baric. 

Oble, t. A sort of wafer cake of 

fine flour, often sweetened with 

honey ; the consecrated wafer. 
Obligate, d. To oblige. Var. d. 
Oblocution, t. (,Lal.) Inler- 

Obbaid, v. To upbraid. 
Obruted, part. p. (_Lat.) Over- 

Obs-and-bols. An abbrCTiation 
of the vrords oijeclionet ft tobi- 
iiontt, in the marginal notes of 
books of controveriial divinity. 

Bale, EruniDi, 9k. i 
labyrinth of intricaltle qne 

iplode, u ■ rust 
lehool divinity ^ a 

OnscENona, adj. Obscene. 
Obscube, v. To disgniie. 
Obbecbate, d. {Lat.) To implore. 

Obitcratimt, entreaties. 
OBSEttuiouB, a^;. Belonging to 

OssEdiTr, (. ObieqaioDsness. 
Obsebtancb, I, {J..N.) Kespect, 


Obsebvant, (. A penon n}io ob- 
serves ; sn nbseqaions atteDdant. 

Obbekve, 0. To obey ; to pay re- 

Obhesbiok, t, (Lai.) A beiiegiiig. 

Obstaclb, a4/- Obatinate. 

Obstination, *. Obstinacy. 

Obstuict, part. p. {Lai.) Bound, 

0B8TB0POLOUS, odj. Obitrepcrous. 

Obtbect, v. {Laf.) To slander. 

Oc, cotd". {A.-S.) But. See Ac. 

OccAMY, «, A corruption of the 
word alchemy. A compound 
metal to imitate silver. 

OccASE, t. A fall. 


Occident, ». {A.-N.) The west. 
Occi», V. {Lai.) To kill. 
Occupant, ». A prostitute. 
Occupy, e. (1) To use. Ocmpier, 

a tradesman. 

(2) Futuere. 
OccDBBE, V. {Lat.) To meet. 
OccusBKNTa, (. Incidents; qua- 

OcHBK.e- (,A.-N.) To break; to 

OcHiuT, \». AniMdroetal. See 
ocKAur, _) Oceamy. 

OCIYITY, J. (ZiO/.) Sloth. 

OcuB, (. The cockchafer. Somen. 
Odd, (1) a4i. Alone. 

(2) aito. Lonely ; outoftheway. 

(3) No oiidi, of no consequence. 
Odd-emat-tAortly, a chance time, 
not far off. 

Odd.coue.shobts.I «. Odds and 


3,1*. Odd 

USE, la. A solitary house. 

ODDLiNos, jLeic. 

Odd-mabe, ». That part of the 

arable land vhich, in tbe coi- 

tomary cultiTation of « f«rni, i« 

9 OFF 

applied to a particular crap. 

0DD8,(l]t>. To fit; to make even. 

(2) e. To alter. IVal. 

(3) adv. The contrary to. Leic. 
Oddy, (1) 1. Aanail. Oddy-doddy, 

ari«r-in(ul. OtfS. 

(2) adj. Active ; brisk. Oxfd. 
Ode, I. Woad. 
Odib, (1) adj. Other. 

(2)coii). Or. 
ODEawoRT, (. Tbe plant dragance. 
Odiblb, adj. ( Lai. } Hatefal. 
Omoa»,adJ. IlUasted ; Jll-scented. 



A thmd'bore thirki odd that nerer 


Jid hid wueluniH 

B. Jauoa, ears X. aul .^ lai H. 
Odukdod, ». A acarecrow. Berit. 
Odobadnt, adj. {A.-N.) Sweel- 

Odb-pitikins, ». A diminotiw 
adjuration, corraptedfrom Gai'» 
pity, God't link pilg. A num. 
ber of old oalhs were formed 
thus with Odi, as Odtiuggett, 
Odtboditini, &c. 

Obeliad, t. (Fr. oeiOade.) A 
glance of the eye ; an ogle. 
ATni>roD9 jrlinces, rnirkipj otHiaJet. 
Qreenf, Diiptit. betvj. a Hi arid Site 

O'bblat, I. A cloak. North. 
Oebts, prep. In comparison of.. 

Oes, t. Eyes. 15fA eent. 
Of. This jit^. is used provincially 

and familiarly in tbe senses of 

at ; in, or on ; from ; out of, tec. 
Ofcokh, (. Ofi'al com. Tutier. 
Ofdawe, v. To recover. 
Or-DitAD.a^. (A..S.) A&aid. 
O-FBRHB, adv. Afar. 
Off, (1) *. The Lne fro« which 

bofi commence in ■ game of 



OFF 71 

(2) 05 at hookt, off Ihe hooii, 
out of temper, or nnwell. 

Orv-AT-siDE, a^. A littte diior. 
dered in mind. NorlK. 

Offends, v. To hurt. 

OiTFKMsiouK, I. {A.-N.) Offence. 

OFFENaiouB, adj. Offeniiie. 

Off-hand, «, In Suffolk, e nan 
holding; a second fum on which 
hedocf not ceiide ia laid to farm 
il off-hand. 

Office, : TheuTes. Wat, 

Oftlins, ait. ShuSintl^^. North- 

Offkehde,*. (j^.-M) Anofftiing. 
OFF-8FB.1NO, ». Oripn. 
OFr-TooK,jire(. (. Hit, 
Of'Loho, adv. For s long peiio<i. 
Of-t ASK, port. ^. T«k6n. 
Oftxb, oifB. Oflener. North. 
Of-wa(.eed, nijf. (il.-^.) Fatigaed 

vith iralking. 
Oqain, adt. Agiin. 
OoAissAOHB, (. A conlra^ctioii. 
Oon. adt. A^tiit. 



f)aBK,pret.t. Ought. 

Ogles, *. Eyes. (Cant.) 

Odos, >. Caves along the shore. 

Oil, ti. 7% oil Au old wig, to mike 
him tipaj. North, 

OlUY, adj. StDooth ; Battering. 

OiHiHBHT, 1. {A.-N.) Ointment. 

OtNT, v. To anoint. 

Ow.t,fret.ft. Ached. 

Oee.cobne, (. An acorn. 

0KEe,B,(l)i'.(^.-S.) To lend mo- 
ney on usury. Okertr, an usurer. 
(2) ». Usury. 

Okebs,!. {Lat.ocrea^ Rough boots 
for ploughmen. 1 6th cent, 

Okv, adj. Sappy. iVor(A. 

OiD,aif|.(l} tamoui; great; abun- 
dant. Wann. 

ra poftet to li«U-gDte, be 
"""* j5l(i.,ii,S. 

limucine there LI oUiDiTTLDKhniaDir (hem. 

would luxe 

Ou>-caAT.AHD<jEBEiN,(. A game 

Ou>-coLT, t. An old beau. Var. d. 
Oldewabd, adj. Aged. 

Fv wfMUU h uaD dnwith inlo tidetoardt 
Wei ofte hii boues ateth. 

Old-file, i. An old miaer. 
OLDBAuas, «. A aort of cloth. 
Old-killed, adj. Squeamish and 

Ustless. North, 
Old-land,!. Ground newl]' broken 
up after lying long untilled. 

Old-lins, t. Urine. Yortih. 
Oli^'Uaid, ». (1} The lapving. 


(2) A large pincntluon, iteadied 

with lead. Narlhampl. 
Old-uan, (. Southernwood. 
Old-uan's-beabd, *. Tbeckmatis 

vilalba, or traveller's-joy. North- 

OLD-UAN's-GAitE, a. Astragali. 
Old-uile, (. Skimmed milk. 

Old-pbq, (. Cheeie made of old 

miik. North. 
Old-saeah, T ^ j^ y J 

Old-shewb, >. An old name of b 

Old-shock, ». (probably from 
.^.-S.iEeoeea,the fiend.) Agoblin 
said to haunt the highnayi in 
the shape of a great dog or calf. 

Old-sow, a. A wood-louie. Eaal. 

Old-t. ... 

□ old « 

dieted to goaaipiDg. 
OLD-wrrca, (. The cockchafer. 

Olifadnt,». W.-M) An elephant. 


Olivbk, (, A jroaagteliinelTeT. 

OuvEKt, *. (^.-K) An olive tree. 
Olivis's^ccu., I. A cbuubct- 

Ou<M(D, 1. Land broken ap (ram 

Ollit, (. Fuel. 
O-LOHKE, aiv. Along. 
Olvpbancb, i. Boigterant meni- 

ment ; a romping maich. 
Oman, ». A voman. 
i}uAiia,prep, Amonf. 
Ohabt. Almott. dtmi. 
Ohbsi., I. (I) The ahade. Lmc. 

(2) A hammer. Shropii. 
Ombbb, 1. A game at cards, of 

Spanish origin. 
Ohe,i. The ateam or Taponr arising 

from hot liqnida. Dn/ielM. See 

OuELL, jR^. Between ; among. 

OxraT-rLOOB, «. The fourth part- 
ing or laming in the nether coal, 
u it lies in the mine. Staff. 

OuKinM-OATHEsuu, I. A mitcct- 
laneona collection. 

OuFEsLoar, I. An obatacle, or 
difficnlt7. NorlAampi. 

Ompdblodt, ». To contradict. 

Omt. See OatHj/. 
On, (1) prep. In. 

(2)a{i'. Oae, 

(iSprtp. Of. Ver.d. 

(4) Often used for m-, aa a pre- 
Onanb, adv. Anon. 
Ohbeab,b, To uncoxer, applied to 

the opening of a qnarry. If ill. 
Onbbaid, r. To upbraid. 
.OiiDE,(l)j. Zeal i malice ; hatred. 

(2) .. (J-S.) Bretth. 

{3)pm-t.p. Oidatned. YtriiA. 
Ondii», v. To breathe. Pr. P. 
Oh-bbmxb, aik. Back ; at a dia- 

the modem nw^e-ef-nolr. 
Oneb, (l)jir«(. (. Dwelt. 

(2)jMrf.j>. (^.^.} United. 
Oneoeb, tdp. Behiod. Cketk. 
Onebede, *. (_A.-S.) Unity. 
Ohelotb, (. An oblation. 
Onehente, I. A reconciliation. 
Ovani:*, prtp. Ag^tt. 
Onenebb, (. Unity. Caleitdtr t^ 

ScriptuTt, 1575. 
ONB-or-na, a. A prostitat«. 
Ombatb, r. (i«t.) To farther. 
ONEBXT.a^. Lonely. KartA. 
OxEB.adr. (J.-S.) Onee. 
ONE-aHEAK-aHiEp, *. A aheep 

between one and two yeara old. 
Ontemqe, e. {A.-S.) To receive. 
ON-riHKOUE.a'b. (^.-5.) Afaroffl 
0HeoiK«8,>. Proeeedinga. A'oHJl. 
Onhavde, ode. In the hand; to 

the will. 

OvsKLOipari.p. Bowed down. 

Onicj:.b, ». {A.-N.) The onyi. 

Oninq, a. {A.-S.) Uniting. 

Okion, t. A yoDng child. Wfl. 

ONiOH-FBNHiBaia. Thenamegiven 
at Sklcbeater to Roman coina 
found there, and du7ied, acotn^' 
ing to the legend, from a giant 
named Oaion. 

Ok-lenthe, adv. Afar. 

Onlbpi. See Atiifpi. 

Ohlibbt, mfe. Only. Chttlt. 

Onliobt, e. To alight. Wttl. 

Onlike, (nif. {J^S.) Alone. 

Onuothede, I. Idleoett. 

On-loft, die. Aloft. 

Only, a^. Single. 

ONNiBB,in{j. Slightly tipay. North. 

Ohone, adv. Anon. 

On-o-nena, adv. Alwayi. Xone. 

Onbay, (. An onaet. 

Onset, a. A dwelling-houae and 
out-buildingi. North. A alsgle 
farmbosae ia called an oatfea^ 

Ovwmv, adj. Dwardah. North. 

_, Google 

Oh-itand, (. The rent paid by the 
out-going to the in-foing teauit 
of a ftrm for luch lud M the 
other hu rightfuUf eroj^ed be- 
fore le>Ting it. Norlk. 

ON-iTmjkTK, adt. Apirt. 

Okbwibb, ■- To uuwer. 

Oh-thendb, a^. Al^ect. 

Onti-toup, 1. A molehill. Gbmc. 
Sm Wimt. 

Oo, (1) adj. One. 
(2) adv. Aye ; ever. 

OoBiT, 1. The liTTB of the liger- 

OoD, (. Sea-weed. Kent. 
OoM, «. An oven. Nortk. 
OoNABLE, adj. Unwieldy. 
OoN-iQO, (. An egg laid before the 

then ii fanned. Weit. 
OoKT, 8. A wint, or mole. West. 
OoMTv. iu{|'. Empty. Dtvmt. 
OoH, a4/. Houyj aged. 
OosB, "I t. {A.-S.) Soft mudj the 
owBE, lihlue clay. Ootg, loTt, 
woo BE, J said of ground. 
OoBEB, (. A tort of muk for 

frightening people. Dortet. 
OoBT, I. i^A.-N.) A halt, or aroiy. 
OoTH, adj. Mad. Pr. P. 
OozLiHQ, ai{i. (1) Mean-looking. 


(2) Hairy. iVortA. 
Ofe, t. Ad opening. ITei'. 
Ofk-i.and,«. Land plonghed every 

yeir. Si(if, 
Ofbn,{1}>. AlargecSTerp. When 
a vein is worked open to the day, 
it is laid t^i be optn-tatl. A 

(2)a4i. Mitd.sud of the weather. 

(3) adj. Not ipayed, laid of a 
heifer or H«. Eatl. 

(4) Uncovered. 

Opbn-ehb, a. lA.-S.) An early 

name for the medlar. 
Ofen-tail, I. The medlar. 

Opib, (. A bumper, or full glan, 

OFBftAHCB,*. Operation. 
Opbbaht, adj. Operative. 
Opb.tidb, 1(. The early spring, 
OPBH-TiDE, / the time between 

Epiphany and Aah-WediiMday. 
So litUb oft'itii ODKth futiDE Lenu. 

Ofib, t. (^A.-N.) Opium. 
Ofihion, (1) ». Credit. 
(2) f. To think. Sag. 
Oprii.n.Tioit, I. (Lai.) An obstruc- 

OpFOKTCiiiTr, a. Character ; habit. 

Opfobe, n. To argue ( to qnesUon. 
Offbbbsk, v. (A.'N.) To ravish. 

Opprttiion, rape. 
Optic, g. A magnify iag.gUss. 
Opvnctlt, adv. Opportunely. 

And you ihall mvch a iriiole day oDbQ 


OB,<l)prep. Ereibefore. 
(2) conj. Than. "Rather or 

Ob-a-one. Ever a one. Smth. 
Oration, t. Uproar. Var. d. 
OttATOBiE, ». {A.-N.) A private- 

Obb, *. A panel. NomnaU MS. 
Obc, \i, a marine animat, the 
OBI, [ nature of whicli leemi not 
weU deSned. 

-> of tlie 

OacEL, a. [A..N.) A small vase. 
OBn, #. (^.-5.) (l)Apointoredge. 

(2) Beginning. Ord and endty 

the beginning and end. 
Obdaih, e. To intend. Dev. 
Obdeb, I. Disorder. Wat. 
Obbbbed, adj. In orderi. 
OoDiHAt,, I. {Lai.) The ritual. 
Obdinancb,!. (1) AppareL Poll;. 

(2) Fate. Sbilttg>. 


(3) Oiderlj diipotiKoD. 
OxDiNjutiE, 1. (A..!f.) An ordi. 

OsDiNABV, I. (/i-.) A public din. 

ner, nhere each pajg hit ihare. 
OaojNATK, adj. (Lat.) Regultr; 

Orb, .. (1) (A..S.) Grace; favour. 

(2) A BOrt of fine wool. 

(3) Set-weed waslied on ihore. 

Obell, t. Red ochre. MariAam. 

Ousts, ». (A.-S.) Trial by battle. 
A term in early cbarten. 

Obf, a. (A..S.) Cattle. 

OnrBAYB, *. (A..N.) Gold em- 
broidered upon cloth or velvet 

Oboaueht, (. Wild marjorum. 

Obqanal,*. An organ of the body. 
Obc3lg, i. An organ. 15/* cm/. 
OftODLODH, a^. {A.-N.) Proud. 

OrsalyU, pride. Orgillom, in 

Oeiei.. .. (^,.iV.) A recess within 

a bnilding; a little naste room 

next the hall in large lioosea and 

monaateriei, where particular 

persons dined. 
OaiENT, r. {A.-N.) The east. 
Obigikal, adj. Beloved. Zinc. 
0aisE,e. To plane, or make smooth. 

OBiaoN, a. (A.'N.) A prayer. 
OsiBOKT, «. Thehoriion. 
Obisbb, t>. To mike ready. 
Obl, ». The alder.tree. Weal. 
Oblikg, a. A stinted child. North. 
Oblihcb, *. The teeth of a comb. 
Orlobk, a. {A.-N.) A clock. Or- 

iBger, one who keeps clocks. 
Obn. (1) V. {A..S.) To ran, or 

(2)*^. Either. Somerael, 
Obhact, j. {Lai.) Refined lan- 

Obhabt, I. Ordinary, for. d. 
Okhate, a4i. (Lai.) Adorned. 
OanATEiY, edt. Orderly. 

3 CRT 

ORNATcmE, a. {Lai.) AccomplUh. 

This ioitlBBUi for tlie farther o™,. 
ought lo bi ]=arBed, to hK.s Jno^^dM 
lalaimsu.BDd tcbcaptalnlbefain 

OnuDBBN. See Amdem. 
OB.ttR,prel. t. Run. 

O >wrt* letcdj, w»l thej sai wo. 

The Jhaiuli.mme mome, 
Tor drede tho the blodu dropen 
0^ swote 0/ hjm doun one. 

Obnele,*. Br 

vy; spite. 

Obpbd, ad/. {A 

-A) Bold; .tout. 

Bonka, Vm 

get, and bueoni. 


n .'nd K.r»«,.. 


Obpbanbie, I 

The condition of 

being an orphan. 



•/Uioni £n^I^uHf, I5BS. 

Obfhabion, J 

A sort of musical 

haped like a lute. 

but strung » 

th wire. 

If I forgft to praiK onr oaUo cinu. 

SDch miiilc u the 

esTM fic^'ii^re 

Thu lome loirii'd 



I, lute, bmaore. 


Obphiok. ». A 

musical initnunent. 

e been 

ented ii 

Orpine, ».(1) Yellow arsenic. 

(2) A plant, ledam telephium. 
Obb, a. A ball of wood used in the 

game of doddart. 
Obsadt. See Aratdine. 
Obt, I. A scrap, or trifling frag- 

Where ihoniaLehaielhij gold? Itii 



joa pnt off jour niuUed orli, jonr 
■ "'o'teSJ. JWiHr-. Ar4», 1«S1. 

Obdi., 0. Tolongfcor. }F<«f. 

Oktalr, I. The plint orpin. 

OBrsLLE, I. Theilder-tree. Pr. P- 

OicBivE, J. A bonC'hRndkdktiife. 

OSBT, I, A «ort of wire, mentioned 
frequeatl; in the writen of the 
14th and 15th centoriea. 

Obhitkk, 1. An ofater. MS. 1543. 

Obiakd, I. Ad oiier-bed. PaUgr. 

OsziN, (. An oigang of Und. 

Oblante, adv. Ailmt. 

OtMOND, *. A urt of iron. 

OSNT, V. Toforbode. Wat. 

\t. Theaeae^le. 

Ai ii till worn to tht Aih, irho tiika it 

Skakup-t CorvAcena, it, T. 

Osi, e. (1) Toittempt; to begin; 
to offer. For. d. In Sbiop*!^ a 
neir aervant i« laid to on (pro- 
mise) irelL 

(2) To toake free with. There 
IB B CbeihiTe proierb, ota^ 
comet to boNing (i. t., Uaainf.) 

Obt, p. To attempt; tooflte. lac. 
See Om. 

Oeibll, adiD. Periiapa. Yori»h. 

OsTADB,f. Aaort of woollen cloth, 
brought formerly from the 

Obiatli, 1. {A.-N.) An inn, or 

OSTBHT, *-. (£(i/.) An appearance ; 

a prodigy. 
Obtsxubht, f. FDmitnre ? 

mrydhora of chuyte 
™™ 'mWMa 

urt^yn bokji a , 


Qwim, ». {A..N.) An inn. 
Obtsoobb, *. An inn. YoriA. 
OaTiLLEB, t. An ottler. 


OiTBictt-BOkUE, ». Wainscoting. 
OBrTLHBHT, t. FumitoTe. 
Obttbk, a. An oyiter. JVon. MS. 
Othe, c. To iwear. 
Orvaa, emj. {AS.) Or; either. 
OnunsATEB, adv. Othmtaya ; 

OiBiB-aouE, a4r- Some otbera. 
OTBxn-WBKKt, a4». Inaome other 

OTBSB-waiLB, adv. Sometimei. 
Ottbe, v. To utter. Zyi^. 
Otwo, aik. In two. 
OncHE. a. A cUap, or fihoU; a 

Of Kjrdils and bnnrfiui. ot oieektt ni 
Fottji ud peni uil boUii for th< fat oC 

own, or poaaeiB, pnl. I. ought. 
It happc thin, a mBi^annt man 

Of u oDcet ibU nn enqsiie 
Wlut bin n> bat lo da. 

A Jftry Jai s^a Stt/itiat. 
Knair than I fiiit tm plnadi tint Temu 

Such andeierred gncc: next, that jon 

tboi^t ■!« 
The gntot meadt 

QrnU Brilema ntyj, laOR. 
OuoBT, a4f. SoitAble. Sunex. 
OcoHTE, I. Aught ; aayihinj;. 
OuM»B, ». (1) The grayling. JVorM. 

{2){J.'N.) The shade. Oumert, 

shaded with tnea or buildings. 
OoNDE, I. (A..N.) (1) A oarL 

(2) A sort of l»ee. 
OoNsuro, *. {A.-H.') The cutting 

of cloth in the aha^ of warea. 


OUN 7 

Oundt, a^J. W*vy, easij, u h^r 

l*id in rolls. 
OiTNiN, f. A wenk spoilt boy. 

0<TNKL,>. {A..S.) Thedenj. 
OnPH.s. A fairy. Shaitip, 
OnRN, a^. Oura. Var. dial, 
OoRt, adj. Dirty; untidf. Line. 
OusB, (1) a. Tbe liquor ia s t*n. 

ner's vat. 

(2) V. To bail watei oat of a boat, 

or out of one pond or ditch iaio 

another. Line, 

^ooasl }'• '''''* '''«='''^'^ 

OosEN, (. Oxen. North. 

OufiiT, t. A few Bmali cottages to- 
gether. North. 

Oust, r. To tum out. Vttr. d. 

OtTT.ASD.oirT, oifD. Thoroughly. 

OnTis, 1. (1) The octaves of any 
fesst of the charcb. St* Vita. 
(2) A tumult. Nam. MS. 

OuT-BBAz, e. To bear oae out. 

On-noan, part. p. Carriedout. 

OiTT-Bv.oifi'. A short distance from 

Out-cast, t. SeAue of com. 

.Oor-cATca, b. To oTertake. tforlh, 

OuT-CEPT, V. To except. 

Il'd pla; him 'enine i koiilit, « a giMd 

cotmtie i' the liiEgdome. — Oulcat 
Kent- tor the™ tho J landed all [ontfi!- 

il. Jakion, Talc of a 1% 
A going out. 


Odt-dobnib, a, A secret comer. 
0(lT-CDTED,;iiirl.^. Expelled? 
She. of the ^At and goddeuea berare the 

Wu or the god! SDil ruldHiM ta nan- 
famnnie oot-eotii. 

Warwr'i Aiistna Bugtaiti, 1 S99. 

OnT-cBTit. Anauction. OiU-Briir, 

ui auctionmr. 
OttT-noME, parf.ji. Vadoae. 
OvTsucsB, adv. Utterly. 


OtiTBti, (1)01$. Foreigu. OuUner, 
a foreigner. Zinc. 

(2) adv. Out of doors. JVbWA. 
OuTiKiuE, E. (.^.-5.) To deliver. 
OvTBB'OovHKiNi}, f. A cloak, or 

hood. Stratford Rtcardi, 1427. 
OcT-fALL, (. A qnarrel. North. 
OcT-FAaiNG. Lying without. So- 

Ottoahq, j. A road. North. 
Oui-oo, V. To go faster thu 

Oni-HAWL, V, To clean ouL S«^. 
OuTHBis. >. {Hed.Lat.hitttniim,) 

OoTaxB, adj. Either. 
Odthoui, r. To reaiiC. 
Odt-hdkhe, 1. An outlaw. 
OuTiHQ, i. (1) A featt giTen by an 

apprentice to hia fiisnds at the 

end of hia time. Line. 

(Z) A going ont. 

(3) An evacuation. North. 
OnTLANDisH, adj, A term applied 

to the ii^abitauta of that portion 
of the border which wsi formerly 
lunArn by tbe name of the De- 
bateable Land, a district which, 
though claimed by both England 
and Sootland, could not be «»id 
to belong to either country. 
OoT-MUPa,*. Excesses. 

Tho' it he late. 111 rentoro lo diionei jo, 
1 do not like lonr n£-£t(uv. 

OcTLss, (. (1) An auiiual not 
housed. North. 
(2) Ont-standing debt, Yoria. 
OuT-LESE, «. Tbe privilege of com- 
mon for cattle. North, 
OuT-LBSB, conj. Unless. Yorkah. 
Odthik, *. A stranger. North. 
OcT-oT.prv. Without. 
lytblnf pleu 
loss eii(.^f el — ,. 

OuTPABTEBi, t. ThievM. 
Oirr-mr, v. To put out. 
OiTTBAGE, a. {A.-N:) Tiolence. 



OoTKAKB, i. An out-ride, or 

OtiTftANCE, I. (^.-JV.) Canfuuon. 

OuTsicuiDAHCB, t. (/>.) Over- 
weening pieiumptit 

Odtrelt, adv. iA.-N.) Utterlv. 

Odt-bidbbb, t. (1) Officer! em- 
ployed by ■heriS'a to aummon 
peraoDi to their courtB. 

(2) Men who ride well up ^itb 
the bounda. 

(3) Hishwaymen. SmaerMl. 
OuT-itoFK, J. A public tuclion. 

OiiTs,(l)i. Undentoadinsisciue' 


(2) adv. At variance. Craetn. 

E, V. {J..S.) To plnck 

ODreBTna,*, (1) A ratepayer who 
doe> not reside in the _puish 
where he holda the property for 
which he p»ja ratea. Notf. 
(2) An emigrant. YorliA. 

OuT-BHiirrs, t. OutikirH, or 
auburba of a town. Eatl. 
And poore lefaallen and souldien wan- 
der ill bidie Una, and Uie ml^lUfia 

hacLu. Haii'iPitteiPnuulttH.liK- 
OOTSHOT, I. The projection of the 

ir the 

other- North. 
OuTJTDE, (1) edv. At the moit. 

For. A 

(2> a4i. Lonely; solitary; re- 

tired. North. 
Outstep, (1) any. Unleu. 

(2) adj. Lonely. Danel. 
OuTBTBAT, p. To eaUr^. "The 

epiatlei atreytnes auffryd not 

lenger thia to ben tmlttrajfed," 

Wycli^e Vertiont, i, 66, the 

Latin of Jerome being nagari, 


OnT.TA»B,(l) V. (J..S.) To deliver. 
{2) pari. p. Except. 
And alio InfljgDeilDjknj^UTdn- 
nitie, iiia;ettT,udcn)Viie.w)tlitUtEe 
Joidetlijppea, pown, and uijiik|6a ta 
tha rDTCuydkintolydnnitie and crown 
belongiDg, and al Mher Hrdihippca aail 
poaieafou to ma in any manor of wjao 
partavnjn^, vhat auoe anil eondicion 
Uiei be of, avt.laJcj the landn and poa- 

chued iud bnuplitf. 
Imtnawnl ^ r«i>uf in qf^tiMni II. 
pari. p. Taken out ; 

Uponhyanord 1o ; eve anawtre, 

To bym waa every IhicK niylit. Gmcrr. 

OuTWALB, I. Refuse. North. 

Outward, i. An outiide. 

OuT.WBLLE. e. To pour out. 

OtrTWEKiNQNEa, I. I,.d.-S.) Abuse. 

Odt-wbishe, e. {J.-S.) To dis- 

OvENED, adj. Shrivelled; tiekly. 

OvEK, (1) odj. Upper, 

(2) prep. (A.-S.) Above; beyond. 

(3) arJo. Too. 

(4) ado. Compared with. Weil. 
(a) adj. Important. Exmoor. 

(5) V. To get over. North. 
OvEBAiaKE, I. A gutter. 

OVEBANENT, ttdv. OppOBlte. 

OvEBBiDE, tr. To outlive. 

OvEHBLOW, B. To blow hard. 

OvEBCATCH, e. To overtake. Leic. 
Oteb-cloveb, I. The name of s 

hoy'a game. Oir/; 
OvEB-cBAFFiD, odj. Surfeitcd. 

OvBZCBOw, ». To crow over. 
OvES-UBBEF, f. To overahadow I 

to drip over, aaid of a roof. 
OvEiiE, I. (_A..S. oftr.) The ihore. 
OvBBXBTE, adj. (jJ.-S.) Uppermoit. 
OvER.BYEDi^rf.;. Overlooked. 



1 Lord) diiHmble, ' 

Bat wkr timM Ton duiill diuemblt 
nther. Grot Brilana Trc)i, 1609. 

OvKKTACE, e. To cheat. Samtriel. 
OTEK-rLowiJ, pari. p. Intoxi- 

Ovn-TLDSH, I. Superdnilf. Eatl. 
OviM-w%KT, pari. p. CoTcredwith 

OvBK-VKOST, *. Hoar.froat. Leie. 
Otisoanobb,*, Onewhocscapei. 
OvEHQBT, e. (l) To overtake. 

(2) To get oyer. Leic. 
OvBBOivtE, e. (1) To ferment. 

(2) To thaw. Eait., V. (1) To paaa over. 

(2) To go awa; from. Leic- 
OvKB-H.^ND, t. The upper.hand. 
OvEKHED, s. A cut givcn ovcr the 

Otebhbbbb, adj. (.f.-5.) Su- 

Otebhew, «. To OTergrow and 
OTerpower, n itrong planti do 
wetker ones. !forf. 

Oteb-hie, it. To overtake. Nerlh. 

OvKB-nip, t). To hop over. 

Oteb.qope. «. (J.-S.) StDguine- 

Oteb-hodbe-hen, I. SmaU wire 

Otbbist-webke.i. The clerestory. 

Ovbb-ieep, (. Good hiing. 

OvEBi.AMD, >. A home withont 
roof. Overtand-farm, land with- 
out a hoase to it. Devon. 

Ov>BLABOEi,T, adv. FuUy. 

Otieijitxb, (. A piece of wood 
on which the lieve a placed. A 
mining term. Derb. 

OTIU-I.EDE, r. To oppreai. Lydg. 

Oteb-lie, e. To oppreti. 

OvEii'LiotiT, e. To alight. Weal. 

OvE&LiNo, t. A nia«tcr{ one placed 
over othera. 

OvEB-LtVE, t. To outlive. 

Otbblooe, ■>. To hewitch. 


)TEH.LT,(l)(H(i.Saper1kiKl; upper. 
In nil mjchs M nU Ikt slnnnitii ud 

■nd allii Ike wttcIijfic 3\ta ^uttji 
jtnd Tertnei of the D^rfjrbodvH. under 
Iho clerkj) of vhom all the liDd;n 
henetlio htn mevjd and forentd. »- 
cejtTjn^ bj Ihor mijlit owlher life or 
dcthe (ftTi thein diipoucion. 

Uptime, MS.liacral. 
(2) ait. Superficially. 

IRE, 1. One i 
and above Id 


]VEB.METH, 1. The part of the 
article not used. It ia employed 
where a portion of lead haa been 
uaed for covering, and the ottr- 
vnih or remaning portion left. 

]TEBNOUE,par(./). (.i.-S.) Over- 
Wlfwnre 4Dd wnkt is londe 


« Bit. II. 
OVEB-PEEB, V. To overhang. 

OvEK-aUELLE, C. (A.-S.) To 

vEB-Bio HT, adv. Oppo^ le ; aerou. 

OvE«-Bo», V. (1) To leave un- 

finished. Wat. 

(2) To mn away from. Lew. 
0VIB.8AIL, 1 ~. „„■.„, „ 

OvEBB, I, The perpendicular edge, 
usually covered with grate, od 
the sides of salt-water rivers. 
Otebbcape, v. To escape. 


OvEBSK, V. To overlook, 
Otebbeeh, (l) part. p. Deceived. 


C2) adj. Tipay. 
OvBBSiBO, I. A person appointed 

in ol d w ills lo oversee their execa< 



,f. T«« 
OvEiaHoor, V. To get drosk. 
OrmsutT, t. The linUl of a 

Otbrstocer, *. Upptr tloAingt ; 

■It (rid nuni fur breeehei. 
Vbj war-ftneli, bi the; naSl vtth ulk« 

Nnu bMHBC thn like ■ netliec piin of 
•todu. Et)miii Bftgma, 

Omi-rraftT, t. The clerettDiy. 


BntliAirAat thuforthefltti T umre 
i mmt have mrritivtai tbn then. 

Baward, Man i^ Nsmnarttt, ISTB. 


mitched aife, B woman of tuj 

(yvaxiKis.v, part. p. Tatoiicated. 
OVBSTK, 0^. {A.-N,) Open. 
OvBHTBmowE, V. {A.-Sj) To fill 

OVERTHITABT, (1) oAk. {A^S.) 

(2) adj. Cross; coatiadietor;; 

(3) p. To wnn^e. 

(4) ». Contradictian ; qnuT«Ung, 
OvEH-TiuELicHE, ade. (i(.-S.) Too 

Otee-weltid, part. p. Onr. 

lamed. NortH. 
OfERWEHiLE, V. To omtaTii ; 

OvBft-WHiLB, oib. SoiiietiiiiM;^ 

Oms, (. The e*vei. Dttoiu 
Ow, jiron. Yoa. 
Owe, e. To powaa ; to own. 
Owen, aij. {J..S.) Own. 
OwHiHE, oib. (.<f.-&) Anywhere. 
Owl, (1) «. A moth. Suutr. 

( 2) i. An old name of s gsme. 

<S) .. Wool. North. 

(4) V. To fTj abont. Wat. 

(&) lb <<Ktt oic^ to be offended. 
OwLEB, .. (1) The alder. North. 

(2) A smaBEler. Somih. 
OwLouLLBB, v. To pry abont. 

8 0T3 

Owl's.ckown, (. Wood cadweed^ 

Owi..T>Mi*B,>. The miitel-tknuh. 

OwLT, adj. Tired; half atapid. 


Owv, ». To aduiowledge. 

Owned, a4>. Fated; deitiaed. 

OwMTT, silr. Empty. Exm, 

Oyra,prtp. Oyer. Crniii. 

OwsiaB, adf. Soft; marshy. linf. 

OwtE, (. Anything. North. 

O'WTKDiparl.p. Put out. 

OwuNB, *. An oven. Dmm. 

Otma.pra. t. Ought. 

Oe-bow, 1. The bow of w«od that 
goet aronnd tbe neck of an oi. 

OzET, a^. Of mitDre age. Glauc. 

Oi-BTi, (. The larger titmoiue. 

Ox-rEKT,f. (inahorse)i9wbentbe 
hem of tbe hind-foot eleaiei jint 
in the iiery middle of the forepart 
■hoe: they are not common, but 
Tery troubleaome, Bad often make 
a Mne halt. 

OxLiP, I. Tbe greater cowillp, 
primitia eltfior. 

Ox.RKiK, (. A bide of land. 

OxT.part.p. Perplexed. Warn. 

OxTBB, t. (AS.) The annpit. 

Oxr, adj. Wet ; toft ; oo»T. South. 

Otb, (. A grandchild. North. 

Otinqb, furt. a. Yawning. 

OVNONE, I. An onion. 

Oys, (. Uie;ciiitam. 

Oraa, t. To nte. 

Otbteb, (. An ojit/«r of Teal ii tbe 
btade.bone dreesed nith tbe 

OvgTEK.ce*yiT, *. 

To nuke ojriiw-cfciid. Tske time 
qiufta of LiTflt oyiten, waili them ftoD 

vufa thsn In varm wdter, di? tlicm ii 
a linmn rlnh, and mince tlniB vaj 


cnmjit^ ■ Litti« lonr, ukd hilf « pint 
of whjte-winc puL ueH into imill pau 
with cnut, ud well hnKncd, tHke 

pUtA with tnnr icnped on the M. 

OvBrEu.Y, ■- A kind of ^reen 

phuD, vbioh ripened in Augatt.^. Soft; mudd;. Sea Oh*. 

P. To lit p and q, to be of flnt 
quality. To mitidp't and ^i, to 
be careful in behaTiouT. 

Bring m> quart nfraaliio, right linc; 

And loolEe^ lan ngue, that ft be pet mid 
tm. kimtMit, £wH ifEarta, 1(13. 

P-jACEST, J. Ad abbreriatioii of 
pilot-jaehti, now applied to a 
pecoliar kind of rough great- 

Faoadilb, a. A eolhr to rapport 
the band or gorget. See Pic- 

Paci, (1) e. To parae, in graminaT. 
(3) V. To paei. 
(3)(. Adroveofanes. 

pACB-EQGS, \: Hud boiled 
PA8c>i-BGas, feggi, stained va- 
rious cidoura, diatributed at 

Paouiht, I. Peace. 

Pack, (I) (. An agreement, or 
It WBa fonnd itrupht that thig wn > 

(2)*. Aqnantityorheap,applied 
especially to animals. 
(3)*. AnieaEureofco«lt,three 
'Winchester bnshela. 

(S) t. A term of repToaeh. 
PACE-AHD-nNNT-DAr, ». The 

last diy of n fair, when bng»na 

are sold. Somen. 
Packh, I. A penon employed in 

barreling herringa. 
PACEsr, f. (I) A hone'pannel to 

carry packa, CHeth. 

(2) A false report. Far. d. 
PAca-GATE,(. A gate on a^oei-imji. 
Paciing-writb(, (. A sott of 

Paci-hak, *. A pedlar, whoae 

bundle ia popularly called a pack. 

PACE-KOMDAr, ». The Monday 

after the lOlh of October. 
PACE.»TAFr, (. A pedlar's Maff. 

We find a well-knom phras» 

written lometimei, " As plain a* 

Face-thbead, t. It) tali pack- 

Ikrtad, to naa indecoront lan- 

gniEe well disguised. 

PACE-THBEAD-aAHQ, ». A g»ng 

which will not hold long to. 

gether. Line. 
Packwaz, (. Paiwax. 
Pack-way, *. A path for paek- 

horae* only. Eait. 
Paget, adj. Ketiy with thick 

clouds, portending a storm. Line. 
Pacobi, (. A sort of wine. 
Faction, >. {Lai.) A combinltioD ; 

an Bgreement. 
Pad, (t) «. A footpath. Nartltampl- 

(2) V. To rob in the streets and 
roada. Padder, a footpad. 

(3) ». The act of robbing. 

itat H paiduH for hearts 
■iiii^ .. .Wb«,rpbn> 


FAD i 

(5)i>. Tosaitowilk. 

(6) I. A )art ot aaddle on nbich 

mtrket women ride. 

S7) (. A pannier. Notf. 
8) *. A certain qnantity of wool. 
(9}>. A quireof bIoltinep«p«r- 
(10} «. Afoi'afooC. 

(11) », A lirewing lub, Betort. 

(12) Jpad in the straw, lOme- 
thlng wronB. 

Faddlk, (1) c. To lead a cliild. 
FaddWas-ttringt, leading-itriiigi. 
<2) t>. To toddle about. Eait. 

(3) p. To trample. Norf. 

(4) n. To abuse. Exmoor. 

ib) I. A iplde for clMOing a 

ploagb. Wett. 

(6) V. To tipple. £mi. 
Paddle-staff, (. A Maff witli a 

■pilie at one end and spade it the 

other, used by mole-calchert. 
Paddock,*. {A.-S.pada.) A toad. 

Ta tumpaddock to haddock, to 

■poil, to nute one's property. A 

Norfollt pbraie. 
Paddock-chebb, «. Tbeasparagas. 
Paddoci-bcd, (. Frogi' ipawn. 

PADDOCE-SToaL, s. A toaditool. 

Padddw-piph, $. The plant Salo- 

Paddt, adj. Wormeaten. Kent. 
Paddt-noddi, a. Embarraument. 

FaD-fdOT, *. A goblin. Yoriih. 
Padoe, (. A large kind of motb. 

Padoe-owi., i. Tbe comnon owl. 

PADQEr, t. K imBll piece of tow, 
for spreading ointment on tobiod 
round a wound. Northampf. 

"■ "l hone for car- 

LD-HACK,'! (. A h 

'AD-NAG, / rying pi 

L pariih pound. 

pADSTOOL, «. A toaditool. North. 
FAD-iHK.>oor, tr. tttvtXk. Nttrlh. 


PaouaioTi t. A Bort of lilk. 

PArrELDEK, (. Baggage. Cumh. 

Paftlihc, adj. Trifling i silly. 

Pao, e. To carry pick-ft-back. Iabc. 

PaOahent, 1. A sort of frieie. 

Page, t. A boy-senant; applied 
in East Anglia more etpeeially to 
a sbepherd'a oi biicklayer'g 

Paqenci, t: A scaffold; a Itige. 

PAesTiPOoa. The young of lizards 

or frogs. Coma. 

\t. The cowslip. 

Blueliuebclli.psjb), [iiuii 


Paid, (1) part. p. Pleued ; si- 

(1) part. p. Intoxicated. 
(3) .. A aore. Staff. 

Paik, e. To beat. North. 
Paiu-ri, (. (J-N.) A couch. 
Pain-balk, t. An old instrument 

of torture. 
Painches, t. Tripe. North. 
Paihcbis-waogon, 1. Incessant 

labour. North. 
Paine, v. {A.-N.) To endure pain. 

And made him to be done on n croue, 

for thit he ahould «?ue therEOn Innge 

Paine-uatni, 1 t. (J..N.) 

FAiNt-DE.HAiNE, J Fine brcttd. 
Painfully, (ufv. Laborioutly. 
PAiNiKa, #. Torture. 
Faint-rouse, >. A pentbonse. 
Two Jngrie Worn. ufAb., 1599. 
Paintice, (. A penthouse. Dtrby. 
Paik, (I) e. To grow mouldy, as 
cheese. Wetf. 

(2) I. A pack of cards. In Corn- 
wall it is used to signify a num- 
ber of things, greater Utan two. 
Fair qfitairi, a flight, 

Paike, e. (^..A'.) To impair. 
PAiniNO, I. A matriageftast. Dm. 
Pair-of-wdod, I. Timber to lup- 
port the broken roof of a mine. 


PAl 7: 

FAnuMTAi^ «. Tkree orii of b 

■ort; now corrupted into the 

nnawMtlnll nari frioL 
Faibb, v. To opM ■ bi^ or hMk 

^ Bhatwg u with 1 knife poiat. 

Paistek, e. To nmfllc upi 
Fait, •. Tbfe rat of ■ whttL 
Pait&ube, I. (J.-N.) AinMVt for 

defebdiig tbe hone'l neck. 
Paiwdbv, *. Sailfivge. 
Pau, (1) «. Te peep. 9^lk. 

(2)». Apfrk. 
Pal, •. Ttro tojBtm or iMa4i in 

•toelutrg knitting. 
PAiABBAs,».(^«m.) Wonli. Pau- 

eat palaifat, few vordi. Ei- 

]R«MioBi often pnt in tbetooatht 

even of penotn b* in lite, b; 

our etri; dnmitiita. 
Palacv, *. A (torehouse. ihvoiL 
FALAstira, i^. Belongiai; to i 

palice. CAaac, 
FAi.ATta>, (1) adj. Beloiifiiiig lo 

tbe eonrt. 

<3) *. A mme for what wii 

olherwlie called > laUe tippet. 

L$di^ Diet. 
Falatbb, r. To flitter. Fat. d. 
pALCH, tu (1) Ta walk dowlr. 


Fals, (I) J. A imall foitreal. 
(2) I. A itripe in heraldry. 
(3)». U..3.) Aditeb,ortTench. 
liS t. A bonndarr. 
(S) *. An ioeloiure for cattle. 

(«)e. (^.-iir.)TaMakeptde; 
tutn pale. 

(7) t. To beat btrlej. ChtA. 

(8) Te tB9> thtpait, to oatitrip 

Palbib, (. (_A.^N.) A p»Uee. 
Palistbal, adj. {Ut.) Athletic. 
Palkt, t. The bead or bcWL 
Palbw, a^. {A.-S.) Pale. 
Palimquan, (. A dihmonier. 

PatLADB, *. A lidk cMh. 8tt 

Pallat, *. A wrt of wine, irnon;- 

moDi with daret. "Via datret. 

Wine fwilBf, or otarel wiae." 

Fall-coat, t. A abort cloak with 

pALL>,(t)t. AiortorBne doth, not 
■nfrequratl; nwationed in onr 
earlf wrtten, and aied to covei 
Mrpsei, wbcDce the modem tf. 
plication of the word patL 
TMi twtjUB »-l»i*ji itnnit wu 
Witk Hill, tbe nuMuac t! luH hacA- 
DndB. ClniiLriIiiJ»,p.M. 

(2) V. To lanrnkb i to tnrn pale, 
Pallbv, m^. (t) Seanlea* teoA 

eiceiaiTe drinking. Yarhik. 

(2) TD[««d pale. Btnut. 
PallSi, a^. Broad. 5*mefMf . 
Pa&1,bI>, b. (,.<..£) To knock. 
PALi.MrB% (. (A..N.) A chad'a 

Pall-hobbb, *. Ahoraewfaiekcar- 

PAUjAM^ir, (. A Tobe. Shak^. 
Palliakd, (. (J-ff.) (1) A peraoD 
of baie cbaracter; a whore- 

(S) An old cmnt terai for a dau 
F beggan. See the Fratermityt 
"■ '- Kfaa.ia7S. 

r. Tenti. Northmib. 
!..(«-.) A pun. 
kiUiB, /imported fani 
France ia tbe time of Jamea I. 
It ia tbns deacribed by Cotgrave, 
"A gaMe wbenin a round bent 
bowle ia with a a^et stnieke 
through a high arch of jron 
(atanding at nther end of an ally 
one) wliich be that can do aA the 
feweat blowea, or at tbe Dnmber 
■greed on, winnea." 
P*tM, #. (1) Tbe broad part of a 
full-frown deet'i horn. Paimtd- 
dter, a *tag of full gMWtb. 
(2)ThecatkiinoftfaewiUow. Tbe 
word oeenn ia Palagravo, 1530. 


-pALHSB, t. (1) A wood-lonte. " A 
worme hiiins * |reat many 
fcete." HoUyianiTt DicliMarit, 

(!) Aitickorrod. 

minulj uiiat mt lbs pDmpiu^ of ft 
hiwd. m Ihe wMhini Md Irimioiiigof 
• 1»Uy. MaJmU, I*Bw»™li,l8n. 

Palu-obabs, t. The nei meadow 
graaa, poa agaalica. Norlhampl. 

PALMiNa-Dici, t. An aid method 
of cheating St dice. 

Palm-plat, f. {Fr.jea-de-paiamt.) 


Palfbd, 01$' Dirkened. 
PalSteb, I. Apilgrim'aitiff. 
Palt.». (1) Abloir. SeeP«». 

(2) Rcfiue; nibbiah. Northampt. 
Paltis, v. To hetitate ; to pre- 

PALTiftLT, adj. Pattrj. North. 

uvtbiDB, then dDdiug Ihai suUirh 
Willi me. nrniH >a Eng&ih IMI. 

Paltoce, f. {A..N.) A sort of 
doublet or cloak detcending to 
the middle of the thigh. 

Paltkinq, (. Sometlung worth. 

Paltbt, t. Rubl)i«h i refnM. Norf. 

Paltbibb. See Pmite. 

Pals, ». A roll of bran giien to 

houadi. Fr.F. 
Pah, I. The knave of clabl. 
Paub, (. The mantle tiirown over 

an in^t befoFe cbriatening. 

Pauent, f. A pavement. 
Pauht, a4i. Thick and gnmmy. 

Paupb, v. To pamper. In Norfolk 
they uf, " To live like old 
P<im;i," L e., to live penuriomly. 

Pamfiliom, (, (1) A lort of fur. 
(2) A coat of Afferent eolonn, 

worn by MrraBti. HottjiSaitd, 

Paufinatioei, (. palling leave* 

that grow too thick. 
Pavflb, v. (1) To indnlge. Narlh. 

(2) To walk ai if the feet were 

tender. Eait. 
Pan, (1)«, (4..S.1 TheakoUithe 


(2) I. The piece of limber in • 
houie which lies on the top irf 
the pa>ti,aDd lupports the heama. 

(3) c. The hard earUi below that 
which ia moved by the plough. 

(4) V. To unite ; to agree ; to fit. 

(5) t. A tadpole. Sonunet. 

(6) *. A cant term for money. 

(7) V. To bind Armly, aa a bam 
floor of clay, anyiollin a field, or 
gravel for a road or foot path 
which unitei adhesiiely and 
firmly. I/aif. 

Panablb, adj. Likely to agree. 

Panachb, .. (1) IJ.-ff.) The ptnme 
on the top of a helmet. 
(2) Any amall taitel of libbona. 
Laditf Diet. 

Panadb, *. (rf.-JV.) A sort of two- 
edged knife. 

Panado, j. a candle of bread. 

Claut oJBantui, ITOa. 

Pawatbt, a. (J-N.) The itore- 
honie for bread) whence onr 

IlEm >t nppn a ment oF potigt. a pete 
of mnttop, and a reinnk il aai aaid 
kecb^n, a c«t of chele brede at our 
ftmitfyr, and a gaion uf ate it onr 
Dnttrje^ iifm at tfut mpper a eliete 
loff ind a Biianchiit at onr P«*'>y 

_, Google 


Panabt,*. Attorehouiefor liread. 
pANCAE>.TcriiP*T, t. Sbrave- 

Panch,*. Broken piecei of pottery. 

Panchbon, (. (1) A pan. Far, d. 

(2) An earthen bowl. North. 
Panckoce, t. Ad euthen pan. 

Pandbl, I. A shrimp. Kent. 
Fandetaff.j. Witerandoatmeal 

bailed together. North. 
Pandoke, I. [Hat. pandura.) A 

miuical inttrumeat, ■omewhat 

reiembliDg > lute. 
Pandoclde, t. Acastard. Somert. 
Pan*,*. (I) Adivisianiapinnel. 

(2) (^.-iV.) A bide or aide of fur. 

(3) The quantity of clay or brick 
ni^gin iwtireeDtwo ituda. Eail. 

Pambd, adj. Striped. 

Pahbh-hosb, t. Breechei orna- 
mented with euta or openings in 
the cioth. where other coIoutb 
were inserted in silk, and drawn 

Panil, (. An DDchaile wotnan. 

Panes, *. Parsnipl. Cormr. 
Pano, d. To ituff. North. 
Pahqik, (. A aniil) pan. Eati. 
Famice, t. A coarae grain like 

Pankin, *■ A aniall pan ; • jar. 

Pannaob, t. The mut of oak and 

beeeh which swine feed onia the 

Pannau, I. A cant term for bread. 
Panniclb, «. (Zd(.) A membrane. 

boajB. pjrttjllea, pamaeUi, Bt ikjn, 
and o^r lucb. be utit Knrdyd b« vemj 
rcitorjnff.forthfl mBter of arm »m the 
■cede oT We parcnliL MB. litk tent. 

Pannieell, 1. The crown of the 

head. Spetuer. 
Panniein, : Fretting. St^oik. 
Pan-pdhdiko, a. A pudding baked 

Panbhard, (. A bit of a broken 
pan. Dorttt. 

Panbhoh, I. An earthenware ves- 
sel, wider at tbe top tban at the 
bottoDi. Line. 

Panbt, t. {Ft. pauA.) Tbe t>JoJa 

Pant, i. (I) A public foonlain ; 

a cistern. North. 

(2) A hollow deelivit)'. Wat. 
Pantable, «. A sort of high shoe, 

or shpper; perhaps corrupted 

from pantofle, 

therefore jour feete must needi be 
hlEbET in tbe initflti, 

L/i,, BfJimiM, Cettt Cm., C S b. 

Pantalonb, t. (Hal.) A zany, or 

Pantaloons, ». (/V.) Breecbes 

and atockitigs all in one piece. 
Pantab, (. A dangerous disease in 

'antib,». (,*.-A^,) Anet,or«narB. 
Pantsbbk, (. Tbe keeper of tbe 

Pantile, (. A diaaenter, more espe- 
cially a quaker. Paniilt-thi>p, a 
meeting- hoaae. 

Pantlbb, (. The aenaot who had 
the care of the pantary, or of the 

Panto, r. To act seriously about 
anything. North. 

PANTorLB, *. (Fr. pantoiffle.) A 
slipper. One page waa considered 
aa attached to the panlqfla, it 
being hia office to bring them 
when wanted. Hence a dangler 
upon women was called tguirt of 


1 CAD tfiit am joui tRDcbrr. fill jour wine, 
CuTj ymi piui^Cfr, tod be tomstuiict 


Thj IBM wdOi he. .—,_..„ 

l£w ipi^b npoa th», that thou i 

ni qnaka Bor bite bn fM-eiitui|iUig 
■nue. J><ni>u, SUyrH, iKt. 

Ajtd Qi>t yaa an with fiJT iHconlAg 
gnce, end modiih cringH, Touch your 
gnllutn 'fuioHt HUT tfnirtf ^ tA4 f OH' 
Ink withiD the kinr> dnnrinion 


Papalin, >. k p&piit. 
Pafat, ». (jt..N.) The papscy. 
Pafdelb, *■ A Mdd of uucc. 

"HarM in.pqKfcfc." Farmt t^ 

Cary, p. 21. 
PxpWAT, \». A p»rrot; a v«in 

PAPINJAT, /penoB. 

pAPii.A>B,(.(>f.-Ar.) A. hypocrite. 

Papelabdie, (. Hypocriiy. 

Papslotk. t. A. sort of caudle. 

Paprkh,<»{i. Madeofpaper. Wat. 

Papsk-fictdoe, 1. A print. Wraf. 

Pap-bbad, ». A noman't nipple. 

pAFiiH, I. A pipiat. Devon. 

Paflek, t. Milk-potCige. Somert. 

Papmouth, «. An effemiDate man. 

Pappb, r. To pampOT. 

Pap-wobt, 4. The plant mercury. 

Pai, : (1) A penforheutB. £iul. 
(2) A imall fisfa, conjectured to 
be the young of salmon. North. 

pAaADiBs-APPLB, J. A froit, pro- 
duced by grafting; a pearmaiD <hi 

Paoaffb. (. A paragraph. 
Parage, t. (A.-N.) PareaUge. 
pAKAOOH, (1) V. To excel Breatly. 

Pakailis,*. iJ-N.) (1) App««l. 

(2) Men of nwfc. 
Pakaii, ». {^.-N.) PandiK. 
Pabauakboit, *. A aMr.{elder. 

pARAMENn, ». {A..N.) Faniita)«. 
Par-amodb, *. (.A-N.) ho^ei 

Parauodb. t. (,J..N.) A fmx. 
Pakaktmfb, *. (Or.) A bridec- 

Obt »i«Tri»»*ed, 
Though poor knd this, vouM havo been 

Bt rnru poranjFMJIt, ebid in thti facet 
Wool thui Dwu Oods ■fforied. 

tmamtlrlm^^4 PimvaiUM, 1B5B. 

PAiUODiro, •- (h«I.) Apertttqutt. 
Pabatauht, aA. (ft-.) Before- 

Pabatihtobx, adv. (A.-N.) Baply. 
Parboil, v. Td boil |:«itl7 or 

Parbrbak, »- To Tomit. 
Pabbbbaeino, nft- VnSul. Ex- 


. (A.-N.) Petcep- 

Pabcel, (1)*. Part. , It ia joined 
nilh different worda in the leuae 
of partly. Hi parcel-giU, putly 
^U.parcel-potl, &c. 

^Eitparcil.ffHt to many goRI. 
Ki^ipartelUtlalrtiiuin.farciU-iintil^iili u 
WieiSmal.^ Eftf., SW. 

(2) A great deal. DewM. 

(3) (A.-N.) Paraley. North. 
PARCBL-HBt-B, adv. (_A.-S,) By 

ParoenCb, I. One Who has an 
equal share in an inheritance. 

ParchBhin, t. (Ft.) Parcbment. 

pARCHMENt, t. A aort of lace. 

Pascsmenteb, (. A maker of 

Parclobb, I 

OS, J titioQ between two 




(2) A pirloBT. 
Fakdal, t. {Lttt,') A Isopard. 
Paui«, \{A.-N. par Dit».) 

PAKUT, / coonnon oatb. 
Pakdonik, t. {A.-N.) One lAo 

■old pvduni ud indii1g«nG«i. 
Fabdubable. See Pirdurailt. 
Pa&s, r. To inpMi. 
Pa»«i, », PeriL 
Pakili, v. To appire). 
Pabbll, I. Whiles of tsgl, bs; 

ult, milk, and pump water, beat 

together, aad poured into » vesiel 

of nine to pieieat iti fretting. 
Paisuintb, a. (1) AdDramenti. 

ai clothei to a pergon, famiture 

to a bouK, &c. 

(2) Theskin of deer, &e. 

(3) PavemcDta. Norty 
Fauhtilb, I. {A.-N.) Kindred. 
Pabintbblihaoic, aifr. (A,.fi.) 

Paub, r. {A.-S. paran.) (1) To 

(2) To give a leaa quaatity of 

milk. Cravtm. 
Fabvat, "I ne/. {A.-N.) By my 

PABRT. J faitk 1 
Pab>aitnb3b, a. (^.-W.) Perfec- 

Fabibt, (u^. Perfect. 
Pabvoubh, v. (A..N.) To corn- 
plate ; ti> pttforiD. 
PABroBNiBH, t>. To foniieli en- 

pABOBT, I. (Fr.) To roaghcaat a 


Mufoii. a fwytlirr : i naghmaHiii, or 

le Uiu trimiiwUi vallB viUi rtnth cu>- 

SmnuL. JS8S. 

■itbin, and pDr« black poliHlit muble. 

Fakibtaht, 1. Tbe plant pellitorj. 

HoUyband, 1593. 
Fabinoal, a(^'. (^..AT,} EquaL 
PAJUHo.-arADB.t. A breaat-plough. 


PAsia-BAi<L,(. Atennii.balL Pali. 
Pahib-cahiile, (. A large sort of 

Pabibbsh, (, {A.-N.) A pariib. 

Pabibhino, a. A bamlet dependent 

Fasish-lantkrn, ». A popola* 

name for tbe mooo. 
Pabis-wobi, a. A iort of jewel- 

Pabitob, f. An apparitor. 
Pari,). (I) A >ort of flibing sal. 

Holfyiaiui, 1593. 

(2) A geld, or elate. Depm. 
Pabeeh, I. A cake cmapoeed of 

oatmeal, carrawa; aeeda, and 

treacle. Ale and parken ia a 

common marning meal in the 

North of England. 
Paheib, (. The keeper of ■ park. 
pABELBwra, t. The plant apaM 

Pablahte, d. To hold pttrlej. 

The plue sppoinWd, f»rlail« him in 
limpla mesninj meet, 

Wartir'iJtbisini Eaglaiid,UV3. 

Pable, a. A pailey. 

To the one v« agmd, thU tJtiHE iim- 

vould irhewere Dot too terrible: tythtt 
WH nittcieDt, ud tbat ftAUpninf ni^il 

SmclaHiU, Starcifiir Many, ItOt. 

Pablbksnt, I. {A.-N.) A meeting 
for talk or conanltation. 

Pabley, v. To argue. Yorkik. 

Fabliauent, t. A kind of criip 
gingerbreacL NorlhampL 

Pablish, adj. (1) Feiilous. 
(2) Acute ; Bbrewd. North. 

Pablodb, a. {A.-N.) A room for 
private coRvenation ; tike com. 
iDOn-iaom in reUgions hoiura 
into which the leligioBi with- 
drew after dinner. 

PAnLOBS. adj. Perilouj. 

pABMACiTv, (. A corruftioB of 
BpenDBcctL. Shait^. 


Pabhibaht,*. SotnaiorlofUqiior. 

TiM Smiliei'i lUxqi It Kheniih. Ue 
hetltbl, ic. i)«<w, Gufl Bamt. 

j«(ff. San Dwdlfl Sim. 

Pabnu, ». (ItaL ptInmeBa.) A 

ilut; a loau girL 
Pakocb. (. A paiiih. 
Pakoce, t. A mteting W take an 

account of reatt and paanage in 

the wealdi of Kent. 
Fakodb, >. (Or.) An adage. 
Fakoliit, ». A great talker. 
PaboW, t. The rind of fruit. 
Pabpoiht, ». (Fr. pinre-i-^jomi.) 

A thin wait, the ttonei af vihicb 

are placed on the edge. Cnaen. 
Pamki, (1) r. (^.-S.) To inclose. 

(2) t. A young leveret. Bnan. 
pABRELL, a. (^..M) A chimDey- 

Parroom, ». (1) {^.-S-) Aq in- 

clwure; cattle.slall. 

(2) A little park. 
Pabkokkn.v. Toineloae,or thruit 

in. P. PI. 
Pabsasb,!. Anoldginieat cardi. 

'*fa"'e.}'- S«i''«'- 

A. fin BKt lone that hniili mj heart b; 

PaMEV, «. Pertonal charmi. Cumi. 
Vak31i..:(,A.-N.) Panley. 
Pabsoh, ». A black beetle. Leic. 
Pamoner. *. A parishioner. 
Part, (1) : To depart. 

(2) t. (A..N.) To share. 

(3)*. Some; a little. North, 
Pabtablb, adj. Partiking. 
Pabtakkb, I. An aatistant. 
Parted, a^. (1) Endowed nitb 

parts, or abiliiies. 
A Tonth of t»d hope 1 well rHendei 
fPtltd. Sailw. Hm. 0. F.. i 

(S) Departed, or dead. 
pARTEL, (. A portion. 


pABTtAi., «fl. Impartial. 
Pabtioulak, ». A great friend. 

Partib. *. {A..N) A part. Par- 

Pa^i'sab, ». (.i-JV.) A son of 

pike, or lance. 
Pabtlbsb. (11 adj. Without part j 

destitute. Barclay. 1570. 

(2) adv. In part; partly. Eait. 
Pabtlbttb, s. a ruff or band for 

the neck, worn by women. 

Ai fniiit)ettei, Mlettei, atrlltlla, and 

bneelettei. Fnt ri, O. PL, i, 8*- 

Her fartUt thu, her pulofletbe t'utJier ; 
Sflt. Duiirl. in, ii, ai 
Partlinos, adv. In part. Dvrh. 
Pastbich, t. A partridge. 
Parturb, t. Departure. 
Pabtcbb, ti. To coofoand. See 

PARTi-CLOTa,». Cloth of different 

Pabti-coloubku, o4i. Variegated. 
Pabti-^bllow, «. A oopsMoer. 
Pabdrk, ». {A.-N.) An ornament. 
Pabtxneb, ». (A.-N.) A pink. 
Pabvib, t. The porch or portico of 

a church. The parvis at St. 

Paul's was a common place of 

meeting for lawyers for coniolta- 

Fabwbobblk, (1) t>. To talk 

qoickly. Wftl- 

(Z) (. A parley, or conference. 
Pak-yabd, «. The farmvard. Si^ff 
pAg, .. i_A.-N.) A pace; afoot-pace. 
Pasch-kgos. See Pact-Eggt. 
Pasb, «. (l)Tohftup. North. 

(2) To ooie out. Dorttl. 

(3) I. Eaiter. 

Pabh,o- (1) To beet with rioleaces 

(2} .. A faU of rain or anow. 


(3) «. A great number. North. 

(4)». Anything decayed. JVwtft. 

(5) a. Biains. Chnh. 


to be irue n-liich wjeth Ibii tbe.. ._ 

than tkit there ilioidd be iliriija tat 
or otbm exrelleil padimg€ bu, vbiwe 
life ind lertOB )]Kiiild plnclu fDmarda 
the will, diligfloce, labDore, ami hope oT 
*U otliei. Atittm'i Toiofli, 

Pasuet, t. A partnip. Willi. 

Pass, (l)e. (^.-A'.) To eicel 

{2)**. Togo. 

(3) e. To die. 

(4) D. To Buccted. 

(5) V. To repoit ; to tell. Devon. 
(G) f . To have regtrd for. 
(7) r. To toU the beU 

(S) t. A beating. Curmr. 
(9) I. A frame supporting atoaei 
in forming an ardi. 

P*«BjtDO,(. Afencingti 

PABB:tQE, «. (1) (fr. pane dix.) 

An old game plajred with three 

(2) A ferry. Devon. 

Passaoir, t. la Ifae toilet of the 
latter end of the 17th century, i 
term giien to a curled lock of 
hair arranged on the forehead. 
Lediti' Diet. 

Pasbamen, «. (n-.) A tort of lace 
in faahion in the ISlh century. 

Fasbaiiezzo, *■ A tlov dance, 
often corr opted to paisa-measure, 
puiy.meuure, or paiaing-mea- 

Bitiarfi IV»b, ItSS. 

Pasbbhobk, (. A puaage-boat 

Pabhib., (. A gimlet. Leie. See 

Passinq, adj. Exceeding. See 

Pabbion. (1) t. Emotion of aoT 
kind ; lorrow. 
(2) e. To feel or eipreu paiiion. 

Pabsioneb, t. (Lai.) A book con- 
taining the livet o[ (aintt. 

Pabsionati, (1) adj. Pathetic 
{2) V. To expreii piauon. 

Pass-ov, e. To adjudge. 

Pabst-meabubk. SeePdi; 

Past-all, adj. UncoutrollBble. 

Pabtauhce, I. Faatime. 

Paste, ». (1) Hard pieaenes of 

(2) Falee jewellery. 
Pastsel, ., (Fr.) A perfuming balL 

to. S&i^wU, Jmonnl Bigalii, lB»a 
Pastklek, 1 .. {A.-N.) A baker 
rABTEKEB, L of patlTy ; a eanfec- 

Pabte-royal, r. An article of con- 

Hov to make pajlt-nt/ai in Aurta. 
Tikeeuear, tlieqiunliljnf rouronscea. 

pleiiant diaconneB and prettie wt 
Stiit'i ^irtow. 
Faeb-bane, t. The hank at the 

game of passage. 
Passe, t. Extent. 
Pasbe-flaminqo, I, A kind of 


then dry it btTore the Are, and when it 
ii drr. boiiL op and keepitallihejear- 

ivh anuitwmaiiD^hi. ien. 

Pabtoul.*, (J.-lf.) A shepherd. 
Pastbon. ». iFr.) A fetter for the 
legs of uniulj hones 


PA9 1 

PAinnu, •. Tofctd. 

Pat, (1) t. A ha;-(raugh. Au*«r. 

(2} o^. Pen ; fiidT- rurifA, 
Patacoon, t, (^m. jHfoc^) A 

SpaoUh coin, worth 1>. 8il. 
PATAeot, •■ To Otigac. AiirfA. 

pATAND.f. (^..JV.) The knrait (ill 

of timber in ■ pirtitian. 
Patch, (1)1. A fool. 
TU id»t, the latet, Uh iIiti. tks boobj, 
The propertT, fit dpIt to be bcat«a. 

Mat., Nm jr., T, 1. 

(2) «■ An ill'Batured, diaidiliging 
penon, uKd chiefif by joung 
giclj tovwda eicb other. Suhm'. 

(3) a. A cheiry-itone. Uoaii. 

(4) ». A cWld'» clont. »■«(. 

(5) ». Ito potnA itfKm, to impntc 
bUme. Eatt. 

Patcs-fahnki., *4'. Shabbr- 
Pati, (1) t. A ba4«r. iVvrlA. 

(2) (i($. Sickly. ExmeoT. 

(3) «. A boat. UlA eraJ. 
Patins-cdt, mf), TobKCo cat up 

and lied, for imoking. North. 

PATBuao. «. A chamber caanao. 

Pa*bboh, li. {Fr.) A workman' > 
rATBOii, J model or pattern. 

Pathskibb, adj. Sillj, *pp1ied to 
■beep that have the disease called 
" water on the bnin." StMea. 

Pathktical, 01^'. Affected. 

Patisnati, adj. Patient. Wttt. 

Fatiskdi-doce. t. Snakeweed, 
polggoymm biilorla. North. 

Patiint, e. To tranquillite. 

PATIBKf ABLE, oif/, Paticnt. Dteon. 

Patibb, tr. To iplMh in Water. 

Fatkb, >. To pray br repeating the 
paternoster ; to mutter. 

Patkico, >. An old cant term 
among beggin for a hedge prieit. 

Patbon, I. {Fr.) A master. A 
term used by jockeys with regard 
to their employers ; (emerly ap- 
plied eepeuially to sea-captains. 

Pattblkau, t. An artide of wo< 


men's dreia forraedr made in 

PAmN, t. A plalstcr. 
PATTtxa, ». Stilts. Noif. 
PAtrm, p. (1) To mutter. See 


(2) To M in buiy repeated 

Pattebh, 1. A pittance. Norli. 
Pattvkn, It. An Iriih merry 
PATaos, / making. 
P*TTBB8, «. Broadiides dedicated 

to religious subjects. 
Pattici, I. (1) Asimpletcn. Weil, 

(2) A little JDg, Wat. 
PATTiKKTe, t. lie Bced'TesseU of 

the uh. Northampi. 
Pattt-pak, >. An article of paltry. 

To oak* nld butter paila t>rfMtly«aiu, 

or puLia. Take to crerj p«k of nonr 

em. uid wijrk U vtU ti^itbir, with 
mi •iKlai-i'SUti y<» >■>! Iwitm • 
^mtdvitl of niUiUid bat littlA valor. 
OTjonpst oat tht inillor'i e;«; Uiis 
putA k gaud tm}J for ^typam ud 
patty. fiomttiiBea for tLi# paKo. put lq 

wljtei and lii poundi of bolter, 

Tlu qatm'i S^ Cuntny, ITIS. 
Pai7k, e. To pant. IFeil. 
PA.j)fY, adj. SIt ; pettiibi coiu 

ceited and proud. North- 
Pauky-bau, «. A bag for collectii^ 

(ragmenls from a wreck. Nmf. 
Paci., (1) p. To puiale. Norlh. 

(2) 4. A diiiiioB of tenantry lan4 
at Brigbtan, containing about the 
Eightli part of ■ tenantry acre. 

(3) (. A catch for preventing 
a wiodlaM, Stc., from returning 

Paulino, t, k coTfring for » cart, 

Pavltbiho, pari- a, PiUenag. 

Pauhe, (. (I) (Fr.) The palm of 

the band. 

(2) {FT.) A tennis bsJl. 
Padui»b, <u^'. Awkward in baa. 

dling things. Semtrttl. 
Paumob, «. (]) A cou a( nail. 


He fiercEdd tht msylei, 
11n£ the i^ovde peuiellA 
In liii nimche Luicu. 

Mtrli JrtJnm. 

(2) The vtblii (riMlw. 
Faunoh-clout, $, Ti^pc- 

pAnNCH-QDTS, (. A pCTlOD With • 

l«rge atomtcb. Saulh, 
P&hnhi. Set Pttitd. 
Padheoki. t. Acwtof Buil-' 

And a pru |{rd 
Paop, 1 b. To go awkwardly in 
PAUpiv, /wjOking. WorM. 

pADtATlOH, 1. A ptiue. D#*MI. 

Pauir, e. To luk. NortA. 

Padsir, aiS. Cilmw. 

Padt,p. (1) (ft-.fjjNMAmv) To 

kick I to b«tt. NorfA. 

(2) To wilk heavily. 
Padtoh, «. To vslk in bhuI. 

P*nT>N«». 1 ». (1) iJ..f/.) A 
PAVTHiB, ^ngBbond;alibcr- 
PAWTiNiiu, J line. 

(2) (A.,N.) A piine. 
Patasb, m. a Ml] f«r tba lib«ity 

ofptuing oyer th* tonilory al 


pJ™,l •■<*■?•■ '«'^»?-' The 
PAViN, (■n»™eo'aB™™Spaiii8li 

Patbd, a^. Turned hard. Eiul. 
Patw, I. The lUJl of a shop. 
Patilkb, (. {J.-f/.) A nw <: 

tdoyed in pitching tenU. 
Patiw \4. {A..N.) A wrt rf 
PAVSU, J la^eihicld. Fmiitr,! 

soldier armad with a paiiie. 
VAvont,i.(,llaL) ApeM!«ck..^mf 
Patt, t. The hard peach. 


or hard pc 

■fiff, 04 ^4rkifH 

pAW,(l)o(?f. Naughty. An affeeted 
word, faihioDable in ihe Utter 
half of the 17tt) cent. 

(2) ft 


KiuT<ni!^l tbit'BajMwwiffd- 
OELmntl, tk, Vwi'iUi JTuUr.lSn. 
O Bettj, UiaLI ■ run p» (hiii;. ud 
■iDit jw H miub H H tkought oa. 

Or^H, Sir SiXiKpa^ U7I. 
Pihiw, VAneb ud pimp, tut vordt ; I 
kiun thsn art u hoDHt fdl>.<>. 

r. Pie! 
pAWK,t. (I) To throw abontAwk. 

wardly. Aif. 

(2) To do a thins "«^Hj; to 

learch for wreck. Not^. 
Pawkt, adj. (1) awkward. 

(2) Artful; cunning. 
PawMi v. To trick in gaming. 

At pli;. Indeed. Ihej vill b« too ou- 

vo crime to pcvw bandioiwly ; and hr 
diioluDf, jw nuf he wilcta'd ftvm 
Bight to oocDlng -, Held eisrdie lUo. u 
moch u u; irbere. In iliort. foe a 

Jownty tiora^h SngLad, Vi 

(2) The palm of the hand. 

(3) Amauoreofonefoot. 

(4) Some place in London. "Ton 
iDuat to the Pnton to buy Uwn." 
Wflaard Hoe, 1607. 

Pawncooi, e. Aicarecrow, Sonur. 

PAWN-SAorcs, (. A miterly fellow. 

Pawt, b. To potter about, line. 

Pawt8, t. Flat boardi fastened on 
Uie feet to enable men to walk 
lafely on niud or ooia. No);f. 

Pax-wax. See Faiaax. 

Pat, (1] v. To nuke smendi. 

(2) V. To beat. 

(3) «. To aatlgfy ; to pleaie. 

(4) I. SatiifactioD. 

(5) 0. To covet with pilch. There 
it a proverb, " The devil to pajf, 
and no pitch hot." A ship hu 
her bottom well jiaid. 

Patih, I. {A.-N.) A pagan. 
Payl, (1) I, The band of a tnb. 

(2) n. To beat, ShropiK. 
Paii,ino, f. A heating shower. 



PAT ) 

Fatloun, (. (A.-N.) A tent. 
Patman, *. A tort irfcheeK-«ike. 
Patmbnt, *. Injury. Liite. 
Patmb, I. (1) {Fr.) Bread. 

(2) Afleld, orpl^n. 

(3) A coat of miil 

PAr«, .. (1) (J.-N.) A coanliT. 

(2) Pitch. 
Pathauncb, t. Paniing. 
P*««, e. {A..ff.) To riiie wilh a 

lever. Samertel, 
pBA, (1) t. A pcihen. 

(2]t>. To look with one cfc. 

(3) f. (Fr.poidt.) A weight nted 
with the Iteelynrd. Soulh. 

pBA-BLUFP, *. A tube Ihrougb 
which boys blow peu. &if. 

Peach, p. To betray ■ Mcret; to 
inibrm againtt. 


I, A Bimpleton. 

Peak, (1)1. Lsee. Far.d. 
(2) o. To pry. Norf. 
i.Z)adJ. Weak; languid. Norlh- 

Peaiish, (ii$. Simple; mde. 
OnahimUt] he. DntilllbecluK,loDKrut- 
IHij HUH him ID iptohii gnnD^ villiia 
Wanui'i jmmi Buelaii, leK. 
pBAKBELS, $. The inhabiianti of 

the Peak. 
Peal, (1) >. An uproar. NoriM. 

(2) (. A batch of bread. Daunt. 

(3) V. To pour out. Gloat. 
Pealb, f. To cool. Yorkth. 
Pealing, I. A kind of apple. 
Pman, t>. To belt. Otmh. 
Peabe, v. (1) To peep. 

(2) To perch. Cr<am. 
Pba«,.,.(1) Anything predoui. 

(2) The part o( a deer'a born 

above the bun. 
Peabl-coatbd, oilr. Curly fleeced. 


PsABitHB, «. Coarae bone-Ucc 
Peabhaik, : {Fr. pamam.) A 
kind of apple. 

Pbabt, adj. Briak; brely; well. 
Pronounced in lome partape-wt. 

Then wtM a trickne giilc, 1 wot, «Jb«it 
Ai pturt u bird, u itnilc ■« bonlt, u 

Pbak-wabdih. See Wardtn. 
Peai-and-sfobt. Grey pew boiled 

in the shell, eaten with butter 
and salt, and the company thitiw 
the ibellt at each other. 
pEAe-BLoasoM-DAUP, t. A damp 

Peabcod, I. The ihell of peaa. 
Peaks, (1) v. To appeue. 

(2) r. To isiue from a puncture 
in the form of peas. Somenel. 

(3) I, A pea. ^etuer. 
igh. See Pcue. 



I. Peaie-atubble. 

Pea BE-H ALLOWS, >. Peaae-straw. 

Pbahe-balu, I. Peaae-atraw. 
FKABE-roBBiDaB-TAWNY,i. Diugy 

Peashah, (. Peate-alraw. SoHth. 
Peabipoobe, a. Peaa and beana 

grown together ai a crop. GbxK, 
Peason, a. The pi. of pta, but 

formerly uaed aa tbe collective 

Prick snim i 

m, if tbr B^trdoD 

'ea-bwad, t. A peaacod. North. 
'eat, t. A delicate peraon, uiually 
applied to a young female. 

on are B prettj «nr/, indltfertnl Ait too. 


PEA ? 

PsAWca-w*!., t. A lort of coal. 

ployed in breakiDg atanei. Staff. 
PiccANT, adj. {Lat.) SinninS' 
If Uat th; light eje caiuc th« lo trui- 

It ptfomt in tbt Ixidr, iLrilu it dud -. 

Onxn't ^if'nml, UTT. 

' Vt. A drinking-onp. 
Pech, v. To puit. nimi. 
Peck, (1) p. To eat. 

(2) I. Meat ; vietuala. £mc. 

(3) (. A large quantitj'. far. if. 

(4) V. To pitch. 

(5) V. To stumble. VoritA. 
Pkckisb, adj. Hungry. 
PbCKLED. adj. Speckled. 

jHUb tbB patrii 

inunW- ■■ 

rteftat ,. 

Bialoyi, Jnal. ifMli, 

PicTOBAL, I. (1) {Lat.) AimouT 
far the brewi. See PtUrtl 
(2) A prieBC'i stole. 

PiCDLiAH, ». A mistreii. 

Pkcithiai., adj. (Lot-) Belonging 

PbcdniouB, adj. AvaridDus. 
PicuBiocB, adj. Precise. Eail. 
Pbd, I. A hampei without a lid, in 

which fish are carried. Beat, 
pBOAiLB, (. {J.-N.) Footmen. 
P«DANT, t. A teacher of languiget. 
PiD-BKLLT,t. AprotnbeiBatliell;. 

Pbdder, (. (I) A buket. 

(2) A pedlar. Var. d. 
PrnDDtK, ». Eraplojment. North. 
Fbddle-baceed, adj. Carrying a 

pack on the back. 

Pedir, t. A imall farmer. Line. 
Pedk*at, (. A lort of dolh. 
Pbdoei., e. (1) To pick and eat 

com in the fields, Norlhavtpt. 

(2) To bargain. Northempl. 


I'll ci>e a ■ 

wmE "nd -- - -- 

r^nc^. Boarin^ OvkO- FL, vi, 108. 

Pidlab'b-fad, (■ A wtlking-stick. 

Pednahsni, adt. lij'mg in bed 

head to (eel. Cormc. 
PEnwPALV, t. The tomtit. Comw. 
Pbe, e. To look with one eye ; to 

squint. PeeiJ, blind with one eye. 

Peb-dbe, (. A young lad in a keel. 

who attends to the rudder. JVor(4. 
PEBB,(l)..(Fr.) Agrudge. 

(2) r. To flatter; to gain favour 
by carrying gogiip and talea. 

(3) >. A prong, or pitchfork. 

PaEian, adj. Thin. Donet. 
Peel, ^1) v. To atrip. Peeie^ bald. 
12) >. A square tower. North. 

(3) I. A pillow, or bolster; B 
cushion used in lace-making. 

(4 ) I. Noise ; uproar. Yortih. 

(5) I. {Fr. ptUe.) A board trith 
a long handle, used by bakers to 
put their bread into the oven. 

Peil-beab, f. A pillow-eaae. De«. 


e PilKtb 

pillow-case. Dn. 

Peblek, I. (1) A crow-bar. Kent. 
(2) A London policeman, because 
the police was established by Sir 
Bobert Peel. 

Peenoinq, adj. Fretful. North. 

Peep, (1) : A flock of ehickeos. 
A uuntrj-Biiti KM hii ■onDB, with a 
buket full o! chickeni lo litiltiidlulyi 


PBB ; 

MiitrMii, BIT '■It™ lulh KBt ion hen 
"(^(•j^'^, fTU,>iulHH<w,lS14. 
. To cbirp ; to iqaeak. It 
be UKd in the aulho. 
m of the Bible, luiih 
Tiii, 19, in tbe khm of (a speak 
Itom the itoniich like ■TeDlrilo- 

l uj cat hu wound. nwU hi4 wtpiw, 

(3) (. Aa ejre. Sonurttl. 
Pbbfbb, t. <I) An ei^-pie. 0««on. 

(2) A looking-glui. 
pBkPEBS, >. The ejea. 
PsBPi, *. The pipi on cudi. 
Pbbvi, a4f- Sleepy. 
Pbib, (1) V. To p«cp. Pen^, io- 


(2) e. To pour. Oi^. 

(3) I. The mianow, iSbintfri. 

(4) m^. Tender; d*hc»te. LiaB. 

(5) wtf. Poor. OunA. 

PiBBE, «. Towalt' cauuqaentiaUj. 

Pi», t. (^.-JV.) PMce. 

Peit, 1. (1) A pit. Somerttl. 
(2) " A ftty nirowe ptUi whethy 
the iheepe puie over iuto the 
■alt rainhei to fede them at a 
iQwe water." T/u Neve Mefa- 
nwrpAotu.ieOO. MoTf. Nete.MS. 

Pektkb. See Peter-tee-mt. 

Pbetuii, «<$• (1) Fooliah; tiiSing. 


irna^Eiiic tkie i 


(2) Piercing cold. NortK 

(3) Witty ; subtle. NortK 
Pbb-wic, v. To peak and pine. 

Pbb-wit. f. The Upning. 
Pbezb, e. To ooze out; aaid of ■ 

caik that leaks. Stmei. 
Pb»f, r. To cou^ faintly. North, 
TBI, (1) o. To beat. 

(Z) V. To moie briakly. 

(3) i. A leg. 

(4} «. A Woth. 


PBe-4.i,«NTEBH, 1. The ignU' 

Pboai-ls, \ 1. Hawthocn berries. 
FiOAjj.*, J Bett. 
PBa-ricHED, *. A Weit countiy 

game, played with ahaip-pointed 

PBoaBNi, (. Cfaihlirea'i toetlL 

pBsar,i.(I) A aleniler poker, bent 

at tbe end far raldng the fire 

together. Si^. 

(2) The nettle-creeper. £««. 
PKOQr.waiTE, 1 «. The 

cap. Norlhampt. 
Pboka, ■. Mr. Todd ia mistaken, 
or tbere ii another meaning to 
Ihia word; he eiplainsita* "a 
■ort of moving macbine in the 
old pageants j" bnt it means, la 
appeati from the following ex- 
tract, the bill fixed up at pageant* 
to give aome account of their 


Peco, a. MeotBla. 
Pie-TAN«ABn,t. A tauliard marked 

inside by graduated pegs for the 

pnrpose, it is lairl, of dividing 

the Uquor into equal portions. 
P*o-Tit*NTD«, I. A romping girL 

Eatt. Geae to Peg Trantuni't, 

PiiOH, B. To pant. 
Pbime, (\) : {A..N.) Torment] 

pain ; penalty. 

(2) It. Toputtopaiaj totortuTh 
Pbinthouse. See Po Jn/AouM. 
Pbikbm, v. To diuuDiih ; to ii^jur^ 

Pbuadncb,*. Peatmtt. MS. dated 

Pbibb, (1) ». (fV.) A weight. 

(2) V. To wdgb down; tis 

Peitbbl, t. A. breastplate; tb4 

strap that croiaea tbe breait of s 


nX 7! 

FiKt, t>. (1) To PIT atMrit. SMPMri. 

(i) To project oa\. 
f»Kl»a, adj. IgaorttI ; tiHr- 
PkU, (. A pkclt 15IA taa. 
PBL, >. (.^../IT.) A poit «t which • 

kni^ would eicrdiefor jOnMiOg. 
Pilch, •({;. Wnk ; r«iat. Tforth. 
Pkuibb, r. To encnmber. Omni. 
Pblbrin, (. (A.-N.) A pilgtim. 
Paul, (. RefuM ; nbUih ; Applied 

RiinnioDlr to moacy. 
Hidiull, when art thon f «liit^ becovu 

s tkufr 

Or tnm tkeii coDnmtlciti laal Uon flM, 
Slth Uisf at rich m Kicnu not in wM/ 
DURA, &9Miy( ^ni^, 1«1. 
PU.K, c. To belt. North. 
pKLL, (1) ». (^.-W. ) The «ldn of m 
aHimtl 1 For. 

(2) 0, To drive forth. 

(3) : A broad, sbiUott piece ef 
water, larger than a peCd, and 
emtlter -ftac a lake. Sattex. 

(4) B. To W«.h ia*o i«ll» or 
poola, as wattt dose «beb it 
flomTeryiiolentlj. T^ptttaKay 
b to walh aw^y the ground b; 
tbe force of water. Sattx. 

(SJ I. An eHPthen »e«el. D^tim. 

(6) t. A heavy ihower. Nerlh. 
pKLi,aa, *. A peg, or pta. 
PRLi.Bai, \i. {A.-N.) Afurgar- 



, (. A >ort i>f Oat«. Corav. 
, I. (1) A bullet. PeHet. 
ffuiu, a aort of inuUl cannoD. 
(2) DoDgofaheep. 
pBi.t..wooL, (. Inferior wool <nt 
off after the aheep'a death. 
A peUet. 


I. Rain ; sleet. JVorfA. 

PaLiBi-, (l)adj. Obatinatetcrata; 
misehieiom. North. 

(2) : k blow. Bedi. 
PKLT, (1) V. To itrike ; to pat. 

f2) t. A blow wiih the AM. Bit. 

(3) (. R^^ ; panioD. for. i. 

(4) «. To subtoit. 

(5) «. ThebodrofafdwlkBled 

hy a hiwk, A terra in ftlconry. 

(6) t. Tha skin. North. PeUry, 

(7) *.' A miaerlj fellow. 

(8) e. To he in a rage. 

(9) *. The wei of plueUag fea- 
tben frDm geeae when aliTC, 
which i( done in Liocotishire 
four timet during spring and 

(10) >. A gnne at cards pbfed 
bj H)ree people. 

PalTta, (1) v. To beati to patter. 


(!) >. Auvthing large. Cwmi. 
Pbltino, o^. (1) ABgry. 

(2) Paltry I wonhlaai. 
PcLT'Kof , *. A disease in iheep. 


P»H1»T, ». VvX. 

PBLTaa, n. To plfer. Ltit. 
Pvt, (1) t. To shut up ; to canine. 


iboweia the proud 

GrtU BnUmu Xrcsi, 1MB. 

(2) I. A cant word for a prlnn. 

(3) t. A dam to keep the water 
before a mill. 

(4) I. A feather ; a qaill. 
(!>) f. A apigot. Somtrirt. 

(6) «. A barrel for making 

(7)*. A Bow'a pndendam. North. 
Pbnamo*, I. (_A.'N.) Repentaneh. 
PiNAHCE-BOA&D, *. The pillar^. 
Pehant, t. One doing penanee- 
PiN-«AuE, (. A beggar^ oan. 

Pen-book, s, A amal. WMdea pail 

with a hd. Ltie, 
Pence, t. Tbe yellow rattle. North. 

Pehchb, (. A dish in cookery. 

For to make t pOKii oT e^ei. nk 



uid brti hen. ■Dd cut hem in ihe 
wiUcj ina iRcr uk ■ chne, aiul kcir 
Jt Ml tawT |iiirtj», ftDdcutin the weter i 
wti Md^k. Ilk bm o«( of the water. 
md vuch htm in dene mHr. uid ink 
wHte] bncd. end wdikt jt vjth milk 
ofiikav. AndiftadonoierthefiFni 
■nd after foraj yt wjlli fjagtrcr ana 
wjth mmjn. andcolowrjlwjilifafron, 
"* '•i?ta^"' '*J^ L lh''-■-"- 


PiMoiia, «. To paial. 
Pbnclbbe, (. A icribe. Oltitdtr 

o/Scripture, 1975. 
Find, (I) v. To lc«n. 

(2) e. To depend ; to belong to. 

(3) I. Pr«uure; itrua. Sifff". 

(4) 1. A roof Tinlted with 
muonry, but not joined. 

(5) V. Todiitreu; to be in need. 
Bail. ToniaiDsdiitiMBedwKT, 
u, " He cime peitdia' ilong fit to 
bunt." Notf. 

(6) t. A cue ot neceuity. 

Fbhdall, I. A kejitone. 

PlNDANT, t. (1) ' 


(2) ADf hanging 

pBHPANT-rSATHEM, >. Tbt fe«- 

tiien at the jointi of ■ h&wk'i 

PlNDiL, *. A pendulum. North. 
PKSTtLE,ada. Suddealj. "Hecune 

pmile upon Mm." Htrtf. 
Pbhdlb-btoh B,t.Tbeapper coane 

in k itone-irit. 
PsHDOLLr, (. A cbild'* doll. Litm. 
I^ndi;q*h, $. The penguia. Siel- 

PsHiixai, t. Wooden boudi. 
Pbhfkathebkd, atfj. SbEbby.ZtMC. 
PiNtH.1, adj. (A.-N.) PtuDitaking ; 

PiNHAN, (. A writer; ■ clerk. 
PiNNiD, a4f. Winged. 
Penmkb, j; a cue Ut bold pent. 


pBtrxm, 1 ». {A.-S.pemuat.) The 
PK NN IN, / inclosed place where 
oien and other animtla ace fed and 
watered; any temporary place 
erected to contain cBttle. Somer*. 
PaNNiTAia, (. A tort of fur. 
PiMNiLsaB-BEHCB, I. A popular 

term for a iMte of poverty- 
Pa n kino -tiui, ( Bedtime. Oxfd. 
Pennock,*. a imall bridge over a 

PaNHT-EAKTH, ». A Btoney earth 
full of rouad ifaelli, found in the 
fallen'.«arth beda. Nortlianq)t. 

PaNNT-VATRBB, (. A penuiionB 

Alaa, Ihia i 

Bsrii^t., Bf., ii, 31. 
:i-nonsi, «. A low 

PaMNT-MaABnaK,(. Tbeday above 

the penny-itone. 
PsNNf-poTS, t. Hmplei on the 

face of a dmnken perion. 
Pknnt-pkiok, (, An old name of 

• game. 
Pennt-stohs. >. (1) A sort ot 

coane woollen cloth, uied in the 

17tli cent., eapecially for linlnga. 

m Tba beat iron ore. Shn^th. 

(3) The game of quoits plajied 

with itonea. 
Pehht-waotail, a. The vrater- 

wagtail. Eatl. 
pENKTwiEn, t. The plant Tittle. 
PiNNT-WHip, a. Very imaU beer. 

Penonckl, (. (A..N.) A banner. 

See PtntiL 
Pbnb, ». (1) {A..S.) Pence. 

(2) The long hair of deer. 
PaNSE, r. To be fretful. Eatt. 
Pbnbbt, a^. Fretful ; dull. 
Prnbi, I. {A.-N.) Tbougbt. 
FEN«iL,t. A large bill ter. Somar*. 
Pbnsil, 1 1. {A.-N.) A pen- 
FBKiBLL, L dant, or ornamtatal 

PiHairBBBD, *. PenuTcoeu. 



■,i. Thcf 


male being called a coi-i 
ViiTT, pari. p. Appended. 
FiNTACLE, a. A figure of tbree 

intersecting triangleg, used b; 

PsNTBD, ai{i. Belonged: pertainol 
Pbntcniy, 1. A dungeon within 

,1. The miiael-tliiaab. 


Pbnticb, (. (1) The part of a loof 

nhich projects over the wallj a 

ihed over a door. 

(2) A eaaiiai blind to protect 

■tore> outside * door from the 

tun and rain. 
PBNTICI.B, ». A co»ering. 
Pbnulb, I. (Lai.) The icrotum. 
Pboh,(. AbaibedjtTelin. 
pKoniN, t. Peer*. 
FBF1U.BB, t. Water punlaia. 
PiFiNNXBT, «. The part of an 

orchard where fruit-alonei are 

act for growing. 
Firt*..i.(_A.~N.) People. PepiiiA, 

to fill nith people. 
Pbffek.v. (1) To beat', to hit with 

■hot, inowballt, &c. Satl. 

(2) To acold. Fur. d. 

(3) To OTerreach. Zinc. 

(4) To late pepper in Ike note, 
to be angry> or take offence. 
BccaoH I enlErtiined ihii geutlemu 
for mj ucicDt — he iakft pfpfw i' IK* 

(JU(wi,° JfiiyZtey/iii, p. Ts! 
Pbppbbbd, part. p. Infected with 

btei vetterea. 
Peffibkb,(. a grocer. 
PBFPBitiDaB, (. The barberrf. 


t. Atump,or>we11inf. 



PxrsB, V. To throw at. Var. d. 

Pbb, v. Liqnid pen when it ftll* 
atring]'. Lane. 

PBaADVBNTUOE, "I lufv. I^A.-N.) 

FEBADNTXB, JPerehance. 

Pbbboil, r. To boil alowly. See 


Nil, wife, (gnoth tit) (hou Built ba 

for imtoe vorrtdjt of > pwSoi/J at. 

%<iiU«di, KnwH rfStrtt, KIS. 
PiKCAaB, adt. Perchance. 
Pbbcbitahci. a. Perception. 
Pebcbitb, v. Ill underataud. 
PiscKL, t. A parccL 
pBi.eBi.-iisj.K, adv. {A..N.) Piece- 


A abort iword. 

BBC as. V 

(1) To pierce. 

(2) To perish. 

K, 1. A pardiment- 



. A large wax candle. 

caUed alto k Parii'candle. 

Bat looke 

for nuooUiisT matter in tba 


d in»t imoolli in the scrdgH 




Pebcoce, a. A kind of carl; apple. 
PBBDft, \exBl. {A..N.) BjGodl 


Pbbj>icle, >. The eagle-atone. 
PbbJ>on, (. A perdanuni, or plea 

by which land wai claimed ander 

a gift apecial. 
Pbbdd, (. (Ft.) a aoldier teat on 

a forlorn hope ; a perton in a 

deaperate itate. 
Pebdobabce, adj. Everlasting. 
Pekdcrb, c. To endure. Perdura- 

biUly. endurance. 
Peei, (1) ». (^.-A'.) A peer. 

(2) B. (^.-iV.) To appear. 
Vzi.Ka\i., adj. (A.-N.) Equal. 
PioxoKiNB, I. A kind of falcon. 
P....W., .. A i,.». 
Pebfect, ai(). Sure. 
Pebfit, a4f. Perfect. 
Pebfobcb, (1) V. To force. 


<2) will. Of DMcadtr- 
FuFOBu, V. To compete. 
PmworBHm, e. To ccmplete; to 

Pbboi, t, (Let.) To ^ m. 
Prkiclb, 1. (Zdf.) A dniger. 
Pmib, 1. {A.-N.) A pgu-tree. 
PauLODSLT, lufe. DugtroDlly. 
Pmuod, v. To male to ceue. 
PEKIBH, e. (l)Todeitro». 

(2) To pdo, or injure. Sitt*. 
PxRi ■HID, port. ^. Stincd witti 

PiRin, luf;. {Lai.) Skilful. 
PiKnriNKx, ». A periwlft, 
PiB-jiHKTi, ■).. (^.-W.l A 

PlBE, (1) *. A {Mirch. ^u/l 

(2) : A pHk. rorjtfA. 

hSaij. Proud; dkted. 

(41 «. To adorn. 

(&} t. A woodtn frimt igldnit 

which uwB Umber i> let op to 

Ary. Satt. 

(6) V. To e»iDlhe MrcAin;. 


(7) t. To prtck np tbe etn. 
pBBEBHS, *. Young rooki. Nurih. 
Pbbkih, ». Water cider. 
Pebe-itf, v. To lift the hetd di>. 

Pebey, <]4f. Sancf. ff'Mf. , 
pBBiBo, 01$. OrnaUented, «ipe. 

cially ^th poTli. 
Peblih, It. The piece of timber 
PDBLiN, / which rmi> along under 

the middle part of the span of ■ 

PflBLouB, mff. Pernom. 

PiBif AFAY, txcl. {A.-N.) Bf my 

faith 1 
Pbbn, (I) e. To pick ahd Snu 

(2) To prsaper. Somtr: 
Pbrhel, g. (1) The jjirapemei. 

(2) A weakpSicklyperson. Mare. 
Pebpend, v. To coniider atten- 

Which itnuDg eient wliilit tb>t I iIm 
jvrpmJ uid to miadA caU, 


« da tMlBlii m* TiHt ml ar 
BdloflU. StMH- m m <ft u ,wa. 

, The tdamb Kiie 

PebVevdicle, > 

of a quadrant. 
PEBFEi(«ict>LABt,r. TfattealieM. 

Ceptts'* Witi, Fitt, and famM, 

Pebfeht, t. A thin wall, the Konea 

of which are htrilt on the edj*. 

PEnpKNTitiE, I. A porcupine. 
Pebpekt-btowK, (. A large tl«M 

reaching through a Wtl). 

FEKFEtDANA, (. (Let.) A ^MUj 

chtth, called more tmnUj ever' 

PkbplaNteo, part. p. Haited 

PaaaoiBa, v. To iniinire hto. 

Pbbbaukli, (. (from Lat.peMtH- 
Imlo.) Circumlocalian. CMMt. 

PEBBi, >. (A.-./f.) A diih fn oM 
cookery, made chiefly of peal, 
oniong, and tpicea, 

PiBBiB, I, (I) (J.-y.) JMrelt; 
precioni rtonea. 
(2) A ludden atom ; a >qa«11. 

PcBBriBB, I. A miliMry roadrine 
for throwinf If^e linnet ; ap- 
plied, at a later {H»iod, )o a tott 
ofmortarfbr throwing atone ihot. 

Paaar, t. X Httle Cuf dc^. TfOrlM. 

Fibbt-daNcebs, *. Tire mrora 
borealit, Bui. 

Pebb, *. (1) Ahlneith-gTafoolbDr. 

(2) AaortofeMb. 

(3) Persia. 

fmaat^vin, pari. e.(A.-N.) Pieic- 

PaasE, B. To pierM. 
PitLat,:(A.-N.) Equality. 
Peksib, (, An auger. 
PlBSBVBB, V. To penerere. 
Pebbsa!.!., diC*. Partial. Heywood, 

.) ADMtor; B 


pBasoNABLi, a^j. Fenonall; viri- 

11/ iaied^lordeorWineheiteruiediiDto 
the kjDK tliat ibE iyng hi> hUiei, « 

mmiU. SM^nry FI, t^. 

PiBSONB, (. A pirsoD. 
Pbb3fbctiti, (. A reflecting- 

FiBiFiciL, I, Ad optic-glui. AU 

iivmuar, 1G34. 
Pebstahii, v. To nodentand. 
Pbbsdade, >. Penuasion. 
PiKSCAPBBs, «. (I) Piatols. 

(2) Span. 
Ferbwat, v. To mitigate. 
PcBT, adj. Delicate; lubtle; of 

good sppMnnce. See Peart. 
C«1 u°i cucamber iroDld ww 

pBRTi,e. To part. 
Pmtelwt, I. The name nf a hen. 
PiRTLT, ode. (^.-JV.) Openly. 
PsaTaicHE, I, A partridge. 
PiRTTTBBK, V. To trouble. 
Pbbtt, (. Part. 
Pbrdb, t. A aoit of cup. 
Pbrdsi.v. Toexaminei toinney. 
PtRvmBB, I. {AS.) The peri- 

pESANE, 1. A goi^t attactied to 

the helmet. 
Pes, t. and e. Perhapa a piece,and 

17 PET 

Peiiblk, adj. (J..N.) Peaceable. 
pRHiBLKTf.t. (^.-JV.) Acalm. 
Pebe, <. A peaiA. 
Pesoh, (. {A.-N.) Ad iuttniment 

used for weighing. 
Pbbs, *. A hutock. A(^. 
PiSHANT, arfj. Meaty? 
Shehron^hthJmba^4.hiubmd[i] help'd 

llr tomadT Bat her duwu an 
nu me reuh tlij brechei. 

Sal F*fTV *°^ pBlching of Hod; her 

PEBcaALMK, t. Pease-Straw. 
pEBCOD-scALnmo, a. A men?- 

makiog in aummer eveningi, 
at ffhichthe company are treated 
with green field peaa boiled in 
thcBheUa. Yorkth. 

Pkm, (1).. (^.-iV.) Peace. 
(2) V. To appease. 

Pebkn, a.jil. Pea«. See Ptamm. 

PBasiFB, 1. A aort of cnp. 
pEaBDu, (. Pease-hudm. Shn^h. 
, They tay, " He's as proud al 

Pesteosd, part. p. Teazed ; em- 

Pbsterueht, t. E mbairaismeDt. 

Pestilent, adj. Exceeding. 

AiDoneil the rtrt, one mjCltnl fine, 

(Hii heiud no bigger idongh then Ihiiu) 
Wdkl on bS're the rSt. 

Pestle, t. (1) A leg of ao animal, 
eapeejally of a pig. A. pttllt-pie, 
a large standing pie coataining a 
whole gamEnon, and sometimei a 
couple of fowls and a neat's 

Tet r eu set Bj (Mlin'i dieting. 
A p^ttU of ■ brk, or p]o*fir'i vmg 


(2) The short staff of a con- 

Pbbtlb-hbad, (. A blockhead. 

Pbt^, ». Pity, Ptleote, compas- 

Petbr, (1) txet A very common 
oath, or imprecation, in the early 
English writers; by St. Peter I 
(2) f. Aaort otwlne, See P<<er- 


u tDuch tim* iba^t. "^ ' "" 
Settr^ AuenrHt suf Ciartclen, ISm. 

(S) Peter Becmi to have been ■ 
ramiliir epithet applied to the 
mtermen, fiihertnen, and ma- 
rinan of the Thames, Giff. 
(7) To go IhTough SI. Pelrr't 
nndit, to be MYerelj corrected. 

Feteb-boat, I. A boat biult iharp 
at each end. Suff. 

PiTEit-HAN, t. A. fmniliBr term for 
a flsherman, from the occupation 
of St. Peter. 

Pi;™b.8«b.m«, 1 1. (Said to be 

FErBB.BEMiNB, Tniptionof Pc- 
piTRB, J droXimeDU.) 

A rich Malaga vine. 
Fftff-t^'me ihtit wuh thj novl, 
And UolLigo glHDei foi thee. 

JfidiU., qwL 0<fHy, iii, 1. 

pETBK's-riSB, ». The haddock. 
Haddock hw tpoli on either 
aide, ufaich are taid to be tnarka 
of St. Peter'* flngera, when he 
eanght that Aih for the tribnte. 

Fbtsr'b- STAFF, I. A plant, the 
i^nu tartafiu, or great mnl- 

hj the country people to the 
fo»ii peotacriBal rertebne. 
Pkth, t. (1) Cram of bread. 

(2^ A nell; a pamp. Wett. 

(3) A road up a iteep hiU. 

FiTHik. e. To nin; (• ramg to 

do anything quidUy or in a 

hurry. iVor(4. 
Parrr. a4j- {A.-N.) Uttle. 
PEnriOH. I. An adjuraticHi. Ea»l. 
PanronT, a$. Supplicatory. 
Par-Lip, «. A hanging-lip. North. 

18 PHI 

Pethar, *. The imatletl p^ in a 

inter. Eatt. 
PirKiL, a. Set Peilrel. 
PetooLl, t. A chalky clay. Florio. 
Fbtrohbl, I. A gun fired from the 

PaTTicoAT, a. A man') waiatcoat. 
PiTTiBBia. Mean gram mar scfaolara. 

Petti OHBw, ] 

■ A pedigree. 

If gtatn, DidHinE, nigbl eonnj k gtett 
Prom anDcieiit king CadnlMn 1 h»a 
V«Mr-> AMcM MosbmJ, IG39. 
PrrriHB, a<$. Pasiionate. 
Fbttlb, f l)a<||. Pettish; peevish. 


(i) V. To triae. 
Pbttudhb, (. A spittoon. 17M 

Pbttt, a. A pril7- 
Pbttt-bbssions, a. A lortc^ sta- 
tute fail at which sensnl* are 

hired, Tforf. 
PBTTV-aiNOLKe, a. A hawk's toe*, 
Pbttv-tobs, a. The feet of a pig, 
Pbubt, adj. Snug. North, 
Pbthatb, a. (A.-W.) A sMice 

Pevy, tt. To pelt. Northan^t. 
Pkw, t. A cow's odder. Gloue, 
Paw-FBLLow, I. A peraonnho ut 

in the same pew at church; a 


>u. Sli^of., BicK in. it, 4 


Pewther, ». A pewterer, 
Petl, d. To weary. 
Phantasib, «. To fancy. 
Phariseb, a. Afairy. Far. d. 
Pbaboah, a. A strong ale. 
Phebb, 1. A companion. For 

^»"zb''1«- ■'<"='■«««• '°>«"-. 

' fto humble. 

Phbwtbbbb. See Ftvttrer. 
Pbilandkb, «. (Gr.) To make 



Philip, i. A familiir appellatic 
for ttpnrrow, contracted to PAi>. 

FsibLAMOT, (. The colour of ■ 
dead leaf. 

tremElj. ihir/iy.^Cfr/Kow ri/i.lMO. 
Fciii.osopHEk'i.Eaa,*. Amedidne 

for the pestilence. 
Fbilosopueb's-oame, (. A game 

somewhat rese tabling cheas. 
Ph<bbe, a. The name of an old 

Phrase, a. A habit, oi cuBlom. 

Phrenst, <ii$. Haatj ) paasionate. 

PHUNKT,a4l. Saturated with rain ; 

a term applied to Isnd. WariB. 
Pht '. An exclamation of diaguat. 
Phybnomt, I. The visage! phy- 

ta be dejected in tpiiit, paTfi iu pkyt- 
Jtfrw m ai Xami, WO). 
Pi ACHE, t. A^oBiza; an areade. 
PiACLE, t. {Lat.) A mortal crime. 
PiAsoT, I. A magpie. Norih. 
PiCABO, 1 », {Span, piearo) A 
PICAROON, J" rogue. 

defy. ' Sfomlkeyfty.ii.'i. 

BetH^- Codgeil'd 1 vliy, Jtni CDwBl^T 
nKDl, who sT^nld raiigel nt t 

pirata, that are donbtlcu locAuig for 

Bwfay. -« RrtiwM W^t, 1680, 

FicCADBi., I (; (fV.) A piece 

Bet Uf^iher about the ikirt o/ a Rnr- 

eallcd FicioAllt look desominaiion 
ham Ihii, Hat one Himm a lajlor, 
who built it, got molt ofnii eitate bj 

9 PIC 

pkcaditlit. whlcfa Id the loit tf9 vat 
Bbuutt GtotKgrapMa, lABl- 
TwUI lit but icanWy npon thii collul 
jicWj. "b. y^.'pilgnm, ii, 1. 

InndrBie it tlien ilireBdlj trooWed ia 

fitlinff him a niffc» lii» perpetual! badse. 

Otirlmry's Sets Clutraclm, lalB. 

And BniDii; the lat, jellow lUrch. (hs 

amDng n.. Mte, Turner, lieinc nrml- 
noted to be the flrat contriTer, iiappilj 
in l^DEhind, hut Ibc origiaal capie out 
of France; irhith fatiii^ind coUmr 

lenuicei. Wiltm-iLifitfJimal.lKS. 
PiccADKi, \i. (ft-.) The natne 
' ■ game. 
it lindi to rojB thej dirtil ye, 
I then with the money 

To looge it at fia^lty. . 

FuctHM't EpJgraiu. 
FiocHE, (1) 0. To pick. 

(2)(. Abee-hiTe. NorlA. 
PiccHETTO, (. A game at cardi. 

''pJ^O^HE,}'- ^*^ 

PtcBED, pari. p. Faatenedi tito- 

*ted. Gavraj/ne. 
PiciERE, 1. {J.-N.) A bone'i 

Pick, (1) ti. To flingi to throw. 

(2) V. To go forth. 

(3) V. To pla; at piteh-and-toai. 


(4) >. An emetic. Narlh. 
(5)1. AapiVej the abarp point 
iu the centre of a buckler. 

Tate down ray hocWer, 
And iveep tlie eoboehi oR, lad grind Ih 
pidroa'i. B.i-Fl.,Cufid-iBnnisc,ii,l. 

(6) (. A fork. 



(7) ». A pitchfork. North. 

(B) ». A diamond at eaidi. 

Sometimea, a ipnde. 


PIC 7 

(9)«. TodreiBontfinelr. Pieted, 

Til iDCli tpiclnt lencw, niX * hiin 
AJwul liu «hDle bulk, but it ilBnas in 

print Cluif-uu-iMF<«U,0.rL.iyM6. 

Certain fjoaiiit, wtl, nnd imt coipjw- 

(10) *. A biiket Died for drniring 
coala Dp out of ■ pit. Cheih. 

(11) a*-. Thin ; delicate. Line. 

(12) e. To glean corn s aecaad 
tine. ITitl. 

(13) «. To trorm out ■ aecret. 

(U) Piei a tiani, to crouch for 

■ fsTOor. Pieit and hearli, red 

*pOl> on the body. 
Pici-A-BACK. Ihridepiei-a-baei, 

to ride on the back andihoulden. 
PiCKATaiB, *. The noodpecker. 

PicE-CBKEBi.t. The titmouse. £<uf. 
PiCKEDEVANT. See Piie-daanl, 
PiCEKEB,*. (^UB.) To roh.orpil- 


Too niiiehfiiciii(«u ii not mm];. 

Bn Join. BUrairiH. 
PicUN, «. To iharpen the pointa 

of iiiTthing. 
FicEEB,!. A gipsy, or tramp. Suti. 

PlCEEBEL, 1 , 

f'' A ynng pike. 
Picket,!. A wooden atiketowhich 

horae* ire tied when in cnmp. 
PiCKiNo-HOLi, t. A hole in a bam 

to receive the aheavea. North. 
PicELa, (1) >. To pick. 

(2) tr. To gleao a field a (econd 
time. Etui. 

(3) B. To provide. North. 

h) ». A small quantity. North. 

(5) r. To cut iqueamisliljr. 

(6) n. To loak wheat. Wat. 
(l\i. A'hayfork. SomerKt. 
{8)», Amiachievouaboy, Deton. 

PicEiB-HEKBiKe, «, A merry. 

) PIE 

PicKLiNo,*. A tort of cBDvaaa used 

for Bieve*, ttc. Uru. 
Pice- PIE-OWES, i. A aummenel. 

PiCE-FocEET. (. The ihepherd'i 

purae. Northampt. 
Pick-point, .. A child's game. 
FicE-Fusai, 1. The plant iputrey. 

PicKSOME, adj. Hungry. Suuex. 
FicK-THANE, I. A flatterer. 
Witli plnaing tilM bii lord'i ?tiin an he 

PicoiaK, f. {A..N.) A pick-axe. 
Piconr, t. Piracy. Remleigh, From 

tlie Spaniah piciro, a thief. 
Pi(rr.HATCB. A notorioua haunt of 

proititutei in ClerkenwelL 
Lpickt-hMck pair of pockf? limping lep, 
Aadiim libB one that fEn 111 iJuicklBi lien. 

Piddle, (1) r. Mingere. 
(2) V. To work in ao inefficient 

manner, daing little or DOthiDK. 


(3)0. To eat daintily. 

(4) >. Aamalt inclosed aeH-fltrti. 
PiDLiNO, adj. Paltry; wretched. 

I^Jj/ B- Pigeon*, pox I that'i pidUtrg, 
chil4^ Dutfty.Marrtage-lnJtfm^tk'i. 
Pie, (1) t. (A.-N.) A magpie. 

(2) 7b nuule a pie, to combine in 
order to make an adTBntageoai 
contract. Narlh. 

Tbe Frtneli partj are maling (aa the 
term it) a cv# or practiae to welter thii 
comt. i«HM l>nq<«Hl«iK<, 1W3. 

(3) t. The aum total. 

U) t. The Popish ordinal. 

(5) I. The beam aupporting the 
gin for loading timber. 

(6) I, A pit in the groond ioi 
potatoes, or rather the heap tf 
earth uid Itraw thrown over them. 



(7) ». ArecepUclefbr rape-ieed 

PiB-APFLB, I. A fir-cone. Northamp. 
PiBCE, t. (1) A prostitute. 

(2) Amkofwine. 

(3) A little while. North. 

(4) A field, or inctoaure. Wett. 
(5', A coin nonh (nenty.two 

Fi EC E-OF-SNTi at ,f. A merry fellow. 
PiEriNCH, t. AchafSnch. Var.d. 
PiBFiCEBD, adj. Piebald. Devon. 


tummary juBtke held at fairs. 
PiBDST, adj. Comfortable. North. 

FiB-wiFB,!. The lapwing. Eatt. 

Piffling, par/, a. Engaged in tri- 
fling occupitioai. Norlhampt. 

PlFLB, tr. (1) To pilfer. NorlA. 
(2) Tobe tqueamiih. 

PiFLKB, ». (A corruption of pipe- 
filler.) A boy or giil employed 
in a weaving factory to fill or 
wind the thread on the pipe. 

Pio,(l)». Awoodlouse. Var.d. 

(2) I. A lar^ lump of mucous 
matter in the qom. Var. d. 

(3) t. Siipence. A cant lenn. 

(4) To pig together, to sleep to- 
gether in one hed, Pig tyei, 
very small eyes. 

PiGACE, I. {A.-N.) An ornament 
worn on the sleeve of a robe. 

P10U.L, i. The hswthoni berry. 

Pie-cHKE>,t. All edible* compoaed 

Pia-coTE, ». A pigsty. Welt. 

PlGEOH-FELT, f. TIlC fletdfoTC. 


PiCEOH-BOLEs, t. A gtme like oiD 
modeni bagatelle. 

PtoeoN-PAia, t. Twins, when boy 
and girl. 

PiQEONs, J. Sharpers, who, during 
tbe drawing of Che lottery, waited 
ready mounted near Onildhall, 
and M Hion ai the first two or 
three numbers were drawn, which 

I pre 

they received from a confedenle 
on a card, rode with them full 
speed to some distant insurance 
office, to insure the number. 

PiooATOEr,«, Great trouble. Etitr. 

PiooiNS, s. (I) Small wooden ves- 
sels, like half-barreli, with one 
slave longer than the rest to 
serve as a handle. 

(2) The joists to which flooring 
is filed. Dfcon. 

PiooLE, V. To root up potatoes 
with the hand. Northampt. 

PiQHT, (1) part. p. Pitchedj placed. 
(2),. Pith; strength. 

(3) s. An inclosed piece of land. 
PiOHTLi, I. A smalt inclosure be- 
hind ■ cottage. 

Pio-HiiLL, I. A pigsty. North. 
Pia-iN, V. To crowd into ■ tmsll 

space. South. 
Pio-iRoN, ». A fiat piece of iron, 

inlerpuaed between the fire and 

meal to retard the roasting. 
PioLE, t. The plant shortwort. 
Fio-i-EATEB, a. The cotton thistle. 

PiQLiNO, adj. Trifling. 
PiQNOL, *. (PV.) The pine-«pple. 
PiB-HUT, a. An eartb-nnl. 
PiQ-FOEEE, I. A pig-driver. 
Pio-SCONCE, t. A dull fellow. 
PioscRow, ». A pigstv. DniM. 
ProB-HALE8,a. Haws; the fnut of 

the haHthorn. Someriet. 
Pia-SEIN, I. A saddle. 
Pios-LoosK. 1. A pigsty. Weil, 

PlO8-LOD9E,».Aw00dl0QSe. SotHITI. 



, A kind of caterpillar. 
MoS'WBiBFEit, t. A low whispcr. 
Pio-TAiL, ». (I) A leuer candle, 

pDt in to make up weight. ¥ort». 

(2) Goote-gTBat, Northampt. 
Pio-TBEE, I. A pigsty. North. 
PiQwinoEOH, 1. Anything small 

and fairy-like. 
PiowiaaiH, (. A dwarfs 
PiK,«. Pitch. 

., Google 


PiE.AZB, t. The KE of ipidei. Wni. 
FiKi, (1) ■>. To i»c1e 1 to Kispe. 
(2) *. A lUff. 

(3).. A turnpike. Far.d. 

(4) I, A havfork) > pickue. 

(5) 1. The top of a hill. 

(6) t. The long pointa of the 
ihoei introduced into Eagland 
■bout 1381. 

(7) *. A \uffi h«7cock. Norlh. 

(8) >. To *ie«l. 

(9) tr. To peep. 

(10) e. To run «w«y. PJa-<^, 
b^one. A'oi^ 
(in>. Tocleanae. 
(12) t. A piece of ploughed land 
Tunutng to a point at one end. 

PixBD, 01$. Pointed. 

FiEi-DETANT, t. The heard cut to 
ft aharp point in the middle, he- 
law the chin. 

PiKB-BABHKTa, ». (J.-N.) A plnn- 

PiKB-HOLB,». Aholein thevratlof 

a bam to admit light. 
PiKiL, (. A two-pronged hajfork. 
PiKELED, adj. Fine and small. 
PiEuET, I. A lort of Ihin cireulftT 

tea-cake. Var. d. 
PiEE-PENirr, t. A miter. Pr. P. 
PiKEB, 1. (1) A small &ihlng-1ioat. 

(2) A tramp ; a gipsy. Sua. 
PiKBB, I. Short butti which Gil up 

the irregularitf cauied by hedgei 

not ruaning pualleL 
PiBE-HTAvr, a. Ai plain or clear u 

a pke-ataff, ii a lerj old phraie. 

Ion nub k dimbb. vhen all ia aa plaine 

•a a flinty i Jim ankgakoK in* 

bohuah, in which ia nenr anj at aQ, 

AmI. Thna, ^"^^ T took two kiag- 
dooa fiv BT lii^ an* drrided them inl« 
tiro gebenl hcada. wherein 1 ahflw'd at 
'uge. iiMiU drectnaDj, >od at dor ai a 
fitt fl^ Ihat tha Unidomi at llua 

■uddlaiboiitthikiDEdoiDi in the olhiM 

vorld. Tie SOiarial, ITIB, 

Pike-wall, i, A wall divergii^ to 

tov,$. Thepoint of an anvil. 

, *. A gipaf. Xent. 

I. A heavy club. iVorfi. 

of akini of for. A pileht, or 
leather coat, aeemi to have been 
« common dreaa for a caimin. 
(3) A flannel wrappei for an ibi. 
(ant Vtr.d. 
?ILCH-FIH, >. A large pin. Tfarf. 
i'lLCsDW, It. A technical word 
ftlcsaite, / for the mark of a 
paragraph ; the mark tS~ 

PiLR. (1) >. A mull tower. IforllL 

(2) a. (Lat.) A javelig. 

(3) J. The head of an mrow. 

(4) (. A aorl of poker, med b; 
bakers. SeePMi. 

(5) t. The obverae aide of a coin. 
See Cnu-atui-FUt. 

(6) r. To break off the awn* of 
barley wilh an iron. 

(7) ». A weight. 

(8) (. A blade of gnss. North. 

(9) r. To nelt a coat. Somertet. 


n pill lelveU. aattin, taffaty. 

PiLE-uow, 0. A wooden hammer 

uaed in fencing. Lane, 
Piles, i. The awni of barley. North. 

A fish-spear. Edtl. 
lALve, 1. An ointment 
'■ grease, iainglass, &c. 
PiLiBE, 1. A place on the dowo^ 
consisting of tufCa of long grass, 
rushes, short furse, heath, &c., 
interrupting their equable smooth 
surface. Carmo 


PIL 7 

FiLioL,*. Wild thftne. 
Pill, (1) «. To pUlago. 

Vnib iirieToui luea, mi luite Jmt theiF 
lieirU. fAsJrci^., Sici. i], ij, 1, 

(2)». The husk of B nut. 

(3) ». To peel. 

(4) », A imall creali. fler^. 
Etbq u » ttiuRon, or & pikc^ dotb «X"i 
Tke cieelu laifiilt in rmra whgn tti 

(5) ». "JVtf ot hempe, til." 

(6) *. A sort of pitcher. SmtH. 
\l) I. The refute of a hawk'a 

(8) *. A rock. Samenet. 
Fill-coal, 1. A sorlofpeat. ir«(. 
PiUBD, adj. (1) Bald; bare. 

• fr.ther.ibml It™. AIh 

Iheii leg! . 



(2) "Pyilta. icalled, lig»aa." 


PlLLBK, (1 

.. A robber. 

(2) t. " 

Pylltr to do jmtioe, 



. Barley. Conuo. 

Pjilet, I. 

A hide. Pr. P. 


a, t. A pillow. 


1. iA.-N.) A sort of 



aiold u 

the be^iDDing of the 

14th cen 

(2) A term of endearment. 
Pillion,*. (l)Theliead.dre>iofs 

(2) A aaddle on nhleh a woman 
rides behind a mko. 
PiLLiwiNiEa. \t. An old inttru. 

prBEwiHKES, J meat of torture. 
PiLunriBu, (. A pillow-CBSe. 


1. DuiL Devon. 

PiLHBB, J. Fine ruin. Bmen. 
PiLBAQ, *. A fallow field. Sut^a. 
Pii-T, pari, p. Placed. 
PiLWB, J. (J.-S.) A pillow. 
PiLWEBEse, M. A pillow-ca»«. 
PlifE, V. To prr- tfvrlA. 
PiMEHT, a. A fanirile drink In old 
timei, made ai followa : 

Take clDirii, 

glljllpllB, u 

tluid party ho 


To beigke iDrdinia •ndtoonnt. 

Jrlia<ir ajii Utrtiii, p. 118. 

PiUQENBT, a.A tmall punple. iVoi^. 
Pimp, (1) v. To bind ; to couple. 

(2) 1. A little fagot. 
PiHpiNO, a^. Little; mean i pUifiil. 
PiMFLE,t. The head. Var. 0, 
Pin, (1) .. A pes. 

(2) a. Tbe middle point of ■ butt, 

to ahoot at with arrowi. 
3) t. The hip. Sonurtat. 



(i) V. To do in bute. Lane. 
(7) In a merry pin, a merry 
humour. On liepin, watcbful. 
FiN-AND-WBB, (. A >ort of excras* 

FiN-BAeiBT, a. The youngeat child 

of a family. 
FiH.BouKB, a. A sort of earthen 

In pai]i, lila, dukei, buoni, fintaUui, 
Iheii KoiDlied t-cwiu morllf tktj but*. 

Pt>r-CAaB, 1. Apinnuhion. North. 
PiNCB, (1) V. To plait linen. 

(ij t. The same of pitch-half. 

penny. Iforlk. 
Pjnch-beck, a. A miierly fellow. 
PiNcai, B. {A.-If.) To object ; to 

ind fault. Chaucer. 
PiHOHEH, a. The tom-tit. Bsdi. 



PnecBER, (. The llrpi 

PiHCHBBirio, : AnMTwig. Smilh, 
PiHCKANii, 1. A term of CDdear- 

PiNCOD, ». A pincuihion. North. 
PiNCDSBioH, (. Tbe meet ictbiona. 

PiHD, (l)v. To impDUnci an animal 

{i)adj. Mouldy; Umted. IVeil. 
PiNDBK, I. The officer who had 

the ebarge of thn poand, and 

whose duCf il nai to cod&dg atraj 

PiNB, (1) .. (4«S.) Pain ; grief; 

(2} e. To to 

(i) >. Tlie end. Sonunel. 

(6) t>. To utter a low wailinB 

PiNECB,j. The bug. See PimcMS. 
Pi Nr ALLOW. 1. Winter fallow. 

PiN-riATHKBi,!. Incipient fefttheri 

ofbirda. Northampl. 
PiHrou), I. A pound foi cMlle. 
PiMG, (1)1. Atweetwine. 

(2) V. To ihoie. Wat, 
PiNOK, p. To prick. 
PiNOLi, (1) V, To eat with little 

appetite. Pingler, a imall eater. 

(2) e. To labour haid, without 
much progreaB. Nerih. 

(3) a. A small incloiure. Norlh. 

(4) t. A clump of treet. Narlh- 

PiNQUiDO, I, A aort of wiae. 
PiNOOT, I, A anuill croft near • 

honie. Lane. 
PlHoewia, 1. A icarecrow. Yorlih. 
FiHOEWiLL, (■ A boil. Ermoar, 
PiHiNa-BraoL.f. {A.-S,) Acucking- 

Pinion, (• The ikirt of a gown. 
PiHioNs, I. Refiue WOOL Somen. 
Pink, (1) »&. SmalL 

S2) (. A minnow. 
3} I. A amall Teuel with a 
■traight narrow item. 
Hit ptnAl, tliii paintsd fhiit, thii cockle- 
To hiiDE her flgkts out) and deUe &c. 

S. t "-. IfdMn'i Pr, ii, «. 

(4) t. A pinch. 

(5) P. To peep ililf ; to wink. 

(6) V. To tttb. 

(7) t. An old game at cuds. 

(8) 0. To adorn. Somtriel. 

(9) *. To dye a piak ctdonr. 

(10) I. Tbe chaffinch. Somenel. 
PiKKANi, I. A term of endear- 

PiNEKKNi-joaN, 1. Heart's.eaae. 

PiKKsa, (1) a. Arobber ; aruffian. 

(2) 0. To wink. Smth. 
PiNEETT, i. The chaffinch. Narfh- 

PiHE-EYKD, adj. Small-eyed. 
PiNKiNO, adj. Poorly, Atrwl. 
PiNENEEDLE, f. The plant ahep- 

PiHK-o'.HT-joBN, *. The pufy. 

PiMKBTaiiN. t. A very narrow boat 

uaed on the Seiem. 
PiNE-ni', B. To bluah. 
PiNN, V. To do a thing in baste or 

eagerly. Lane, 
Pinnace, i. A tort of Small veateL 
PiNNE, V. (A.-S.) To bolt a door. 
PiNNEa, 1. (1) A narrow piece of 

ctotb ronnd a woman's gown neu 

the neclc ; a peculiar head-droa. 



,__. lu« (tie king 

vithhupamwig. hnt uotalUred ttbll; 
uid mv llAj CutluiuinA in & mkcfa bj jdknmtlDHidiiMHeroii. 

(2) I. A pinmaker. 

Thenn to Shabncn, durl; loTcd, 
And fwpmiuTi vdJ spprdTCd- 

Dnmim BtnOr. 


Cms IroiD bujinr or\ak wiLh pzHniiif . 

PlNNST, t. A small salad baikct bj 

which tea-kale i* told. 
FiNKiNo,*. Loir muonry aapport- 

Ing a [rtme of 
PiNNocK, (1) (. The hedge-spar- 

(2) I. A tanael under * road to 
ctiTj off the water. Sufeai. 
(3} D. To pluck the qniU feather* 
from one viing of ■ bird to pre- 
vent ita flight. 

PiNNoCKB, *. Fine clolhea. Shng»h. 

PiNVDLD, I. A little bridge. Sutiex. 

PiNKoHADE, t. A coafectiaa made 
chiefly of almonds and pinea. 
1 * (J..- - 

PiK.PANMiBKLr, odj, Miacrlf. 

Pi»-PATcnB», (. PeriwiDklea. Eatl. 

PiM-FiLLDW, (. A pincushioD. 

PlHSOHg, 1. (1) Thin-Goled shoes. 
(2) A pair of pinceit. 

Pintado, t. (1) 

Upon tfea arpcti wen i 
coHKiTBd ^niaJo table cloaLi 
lout. Btritri'i n 

(2) (Spaa.) A guinea fowl. 

For tote pynlnttH. Ittt tjaKhtSe, 

with 1WAU njlkc, and thut «tl» theniB 
togethn. snd ihin Uursf make i nlu- 
ter, ud le; ts, tuid anojnla it vita tba 

PlH-wiNa, I, The pinion of a fowl. 

PiKT, J. The peony. 
PiOL, I, A aort of lace nsed in the 

ISlh cent. 
PioNEs, a. (_J.-N.) The aeedi of 

the peon]', fbrmerly nsed aa a 

PiOT, t. A magpe. Piolfy, xariB- 
gated. North. 


Mb, less. 

1 FIR 

Pip, (I) 1. One of a nainber of 
blosiomi where flowen grow in 
cluaters npon one stem. H'm-ic. 
(2) I. Ai^er. Eimaor. 
(3; I. The lues venerea. South. 

it) *. To take offence. Exmoor. 
b) I. A apot on carda, la the 
aeven of diamonds is said to hate 
Pipe, (1) >. The windpipe. 

(2) «. To wheeze. 

(3) ». To cry. 

(4) : A beer-cask. North. 

(5) a. A charge of powder, or 

(6} I. The cell of the qneen bee 

in a bite. Weit. 

(7) *. A small rarine adjacent to 

a larger one. Cheih. 
PiPKs, t. An innkeeper. Dtvtm. 
PipiBE, t. The lilac. 
PiPi-STOppaL, 1. A tobacco-atop- 

per. North. 
PipiK, 1, The windpipe. 
PipiKD, f. The noite of bees when 

preparing to swarm. North, 
PiFioN, I, A }roung crane. 
PiTLE, e. To pipe. 


PippiM, .. (1) A pipkin. Line. 
(2)An earthen cream-pol. Norli- 

Pifpiw-pjK, t. An apple-irie! 

If tber* wen (O !) u Hdwimt or cmna 

Between ni (milk.whiM mitrii), I wcnld 

But, mett I with a bntter'd fippin-pit 
FloetEDE npon 't : tbaE woald X mete m* 
bwte. Dania, Scotrsl df l\lUl,, ISII. 

FiausaE, v. To akirmiah. 
HeBTtimijr meet heartt, jmd mdififmn 

n< ClUaU. 1U3. 
PiME, * (_A.-N.) A pear tree. 


PlKi^ V. To *pin ; to wind. Wat. 
PiKLB, I. A brook. 
PlKLKD, a^. Flit. Dtvtnk. 
PlRLT, atfj. SmiU and rouad. 

Pirn, j. (1) A wuTn*! loom. 
i>si^., laso. 

(2) A raand ]nec« of wood to 
wind thread on. 

(3) A *Uck for twiiting od th« 
noH of refractory boiM*. North. 

PiBNBD, Off). Dried up; pined. 

PiRTLK. e. To »l»Ter. 
FiiKT, *. A fuiy. A vtilatioa of 

pixg. Dreon. 
PiiHBT, «. A *l]]^ier. 
PiBFiB, *. To make mitcblet 

PiBSANNAT, (. The ant. SIrcpfA. 
PiBsiNO-cANDLB, t. The leut 

candle in a pound, put in to 

make np weight. 
PiBBiNa*WHiLB,f. Aieryeommon 

phrua among tha wrilert of the 

Ehxabelhan period for a abort 

I ihiill eutmit JD1U mirtrcu, Uadua 
Eipectalion Jf ihi be Biiom|[ Muae Itdlei, 
to bare paticim bot jt siutna-ttkiiA 

S. Jan., ilatn. laJf, i, 7. 
But lo mr tnu'acH, 1 kad lot the 
power u 1 Tu uying to keep from tou 

PisauoTx, t. An ant, Weil, 

it wu to read or sing the epiatle 

in the church aerrice. 

(2) A wild ^aorderly feUow. 


I. Tow 

. t. A iwaggerer. 
PiaTOLBT, 1. (I) A Spaniah coin. 

(2) A amaU piatoL 
Pit, a. (1) A apot, ot mark. 

(2) A pond. 


Paum, I. i^.-N.) Foot'ioldiera. 

See PedaiUe. 
PiTACNCB, I. (A.-N.) A meiB of 

And eek in otherwitg alu 
Mjn ere vith k pxjd piUHiut 
Ik fed4c ot redvnEe i^ nnm^aaev. 
Of Idonie. iQil oT Anudu, 

fiMW. MS. Sue. JiUif. 
Pitch, (I) a. The height to which 
a falcon loared, before the stooped 
upon hei piey. 

(2) a. The height of anj'thing. 

(3) e. To fiah nith a boat and a 
piCcbin-net in a proper poaitioa 
acroM the current bo that the 
fiih 11187 l>c caught. Someriet. 

(4) t. Weight, or momentum. 

(5) V. To load hay or straw. 

(6) a. The quantity taken up on 
B bay-fork. Wat. 

C7) J. An iron crow-bar for 
making holea in the ground. 

(8) 0. To paie roughly. Saittk. 

(9) e. To ait down. 

(10) (. A akin of fur. 

(U) Pilch atidpay, to pay ready 


Thit piM aid fag, or keep Uii 

Bnt who Ihu wint. BhaU Ihid i 

So ^Qod for him. Tiaaer, p. lib. 

Pitch- AND -HDBTLg, t. The game 

of chuck-farthing. 
PlTCH-BAaaaL, i. A jocular term 

for a tailor. Jor^n't Triumphi 

of London, 1S78. 
PircHiD.AWAT, a^. Emaciated. 

PiiCHiD-ifABsiT, J. A market 
where com ia bronght and aold by 
the aadi, not by the sample. 

PiTCHBB, f. (1) The man who 
pitches corn or bay up 1« the 

(2) A fierce maltiff. Yorlitb. 

(3) A pollard willow. Wml. 
PiTOHBiUMAN, *. A hard drinker. 
Prchcts, a. Broken crockery. 



FrrcniKG, *. (1) PredpitatiOD. 


(2) Tbc ptTemCDt. 
Pitch ISO- AiK, t. An Hxe fur fel- 

liDs timber. Shropih. 
FiTCBiNB-piNci, i. Peace paid in 

fiira and muiieti foe i-nnj bag 

Pitch tKo-PKONG, *■ A pitchfork. 

Fjtch IK-MIT, I. A large triangular 

net xttxched to two pole>, and 

uaed with a boat, to ntcb ulmon. 

Pitch-folk, e. To lell for doable 

what wia glien for it. Oxfd. 
PiTCH-cp, t>. To itnp. Wight. 



, a. (A..N.) Pity. 
Pith,*. (1) (.^.-S.) Strenftb;force. 

(2j Crum of bread. i>fliMi, 
Pitbbs, c. To dig earth ligbtl;. 

PtTHEST, ruff. PiUruI. Dttati. 
PiTieANatitHr, adj. Prett; well. 

PiTLE, J. A croft. Var. d. 
P.t»anWin«,i. ThenamegiTen 

St Newcattle to the lingle pink. 
PiTODB, adj. Pitiful; compUBoaate; 

exciting compaiaion. 
PiT-BTiAD, (. The place where 

there bM been * pit. Ckah. 
PiTTEK, B. (I) To iqueak. Eatl. 

(2) To make a low and thrill noiie. 
And when hii pilUrinf ttavamea br Iov 

(3} To griere. 
TirTER.PArrBa, v. To beet ince»- 

lantly ; to palpitate. North, 
PiTTiiKB, r. To fidget iboot. Wat, 
PiTTFUL, a4j. CompaiiioDate. 
Piz, B. To pick up applea after the 

TDliii crop is gathered. Wat. 
PizLiaciD, (. AaortofoiL 
Tixi, t. A fair;. DeBon. 
PixT-pnrr, >. A broad Ipedet of 

Ptxr-BiNoe, I. Thefiirf drclet. 

' PLA 

Piir-eEArs, *. The eotangled knota 

in hones' manea. 
PntT-sTOOi., ». The toadstool. 
PizE, adj. Peeviih. Wett. 
FLACAxti, (, (1) A lori of breut- 


(2) A printed sheet, folded to 

fonn B quarto book. 
Flacb, i. (1} A houie, ot red- 

(2) The greateat eleietion which 
a bird of prcf attain* in its HighL 

(3) /tijifaM, in company, preaent. 
lb™ wu the (n» iloiis, when dou w» 

faiK >>• f l>«. Spmj., F. q., I, Li. 38. 

I gentlemaa't teat. 

Itol I inlhtd. iar, I kUc LgEdDB ; Our 
pltiit.kaMe in the couDtr? u worUi m 

Wfcluiiiy, Cwntfy ^lA, lies. 
Placent, I, An amulet. 
Placidioub, adj. Placid. 
Fi.AciHATioN,(.(JI/tif.£af.) Alone- 

Flack, t. (I) A portioD, or pieca. 

(2) A piece of money. Cumb. 

(3) A plot of ground. Ltic. 
Placket,*. OjAwoniui'i pocket. 

(2) The lUt in a gowa or petd. 

(3) A petticoat, or ihift. 

(4) Podendum t 

Placket-baccet, 1. Mentnla. 
Pi.ACKKT-wQEKDi,iNa,i. SedodDg. 

Eomui, JUai> qf HnmMJal/lim. 
Plasdk, jiref. f. Pleaded. 
Pi.AGE,- 1. (Lai.) The pl^ne. 
PLAoais, a. Cowslip). 
PLAOur, ade. Very. 

(1) adj. Simple; dear. 

(2) ». To ci 

, Play J eport. 
14; t. Afield. 

(5) I. An open space )niTomid^ 
by honse». 

(6) adj. Moderately well. Donet. 

(7) I. A aort of flannel. 



Flain-sonb, >. Simple nwlodj. 
Plaint, i. A complaint. 
Fi.Aii'niw, I. A pl»j--ground. 
Flait, t. A >orl of tmall ihip. 
Plavch, P. To pl»«h hedges. Staff. 
Plakcbed, adj. Bovded. Donel. 
Planchbb, ». (1) (Fr.) A Unrd. 
Boonle, u flinauiifr. Cnlitnlv*. £i>lw(. 
tTpiw tbfl cnnutd dotb Ue 
A hollow pljmckgr. 

Ifflf, Mati Mtbaarfk. 

(2) A boarded floor. Norf. 

(S) A plite. 
pLAHc, (. The ihtfl of * croubon. 
FlaHbt, (1)«. Climate. NorIK 

(2) la plantti, ig planelt, pBr. 

tisll;, irreguladf . North. 
PLANKI-iTaUCK, Ol((. PaTtlftic. 

Plangi, e. (£a(.) To lament? 
If thou pnm oot m; kIofus iTBie, dot I 
"'^m^i'^Buu Etglnd, IBM. 

Planibs, p. (1) To corer with 
tbingi in confuiion. Lme. 
(2) To beat aheet copper with 
hammeitliUitia perfectly amooth . 
Ptaniihiag miiit are milla for 
doing this bf Tnachioer;. 

Plant, (1) a. (Lot. pbmla.) The 

(2) I. A atick, or cadgeL 

(3) I. Ad aim. Middi. 
U) o. To hide, or couceaL 

(5) I. A faou, or cheat. A cant 

pLANTAGi, a. Anything thst it 

Plahtino, (. A plantation. Eatt. 
Plabad, adj. In ■ fine condition. 

Plabh, (I) v. To interwesTe 

bnncbea of tree ; to cut and lay n 


(2) I. A ahBltow pool. 
pLABHT, a^. 'Wet under foot. 
Plat, (1) t. (J.-N.) Anytliiag flaL 

Platnat, flatneat. 

(2)>. Place itituation. North, 

(,3) ». A map, or plin. 

(4) s. To apread lilie plaister. 

(a) a. A amall bridge. ChetA. 
Flat-blind, a4r. Quite blind. 
Flati. (1) I. A piece of ailier 

money I often applied to illegal 

(2) f. A coiering for (he fira at 

(3) ». To rivet. North. 

(4) I. The mould-board of a 
plough. Norf. 

Flatb-boni, a. The ahoulder- 

Flatb-kand. a. The flat riba of 
beef. Northatupl. 

FtATK.TBIBCHKB., ». "A pMt- 

traiehrr layde under the pot 

upon the table to lave the table- 
cloth deane, bani." Withal^ 

Dictionary, 1634. 
pLAT-TOOTsn, adf. Splay-fooled. 
FlaTtobh, a. (1) A ground-plan. 

(2) The 1i«t of dinsioni in k 

play, &c. 
Flatly, adv. Plainly. 
Flatnokb,*. Aaortofcla]'. SmIA. 
Platti, e. (1) (.i.Jtf.) To throw 

down fiat. 

(2) To journey. 
Flatti, adj. Uneren, having bare 

spots, aa field! of com aometiioe* 

have. Satiex. 
Fladbive, adj. Piauiible. 
Flaw, (1) v. To parboil. Eetf. 

(2) t. A pool of water. 
Plat, (1)1. (J.-S.) Sport; game. 

f2) e. To take one'a pleatnre. 

(3j *. A country wake. Somertel. 

(4) a. A plash, or pool of water. 

(5) f . To boiL 

Plat-oall, (. 

Give jKiatptavifaU ■ itools. 


Plit-fekf, I. To offer tha leaat 

PtATToua, ». {J..N.) A pleader. 


^ To in 

PLtAcnr, adj. Mellow; pondery. 

Plean, I, A goiiip. North, 
Plrasadnge, r. (^.-A',) Delight. 
Plbasauntbb, I *. A Bort of lawn 

PLBASADNCB, Joe gauze. 
Please, e. To latisff . JVorM. 
Plba^urbs, «. OrninietitBfordreii. 
Pleck, I. (1) A place, oi gpot. 


{2) A tmsU iaclosure; » field. 


(3) A parcel ; a >niaU packet. 
Pledse, tr. To be a surety for 

FtBDevT, f. A aiuan plug. Line. 
Plee, s. {A.~ff.) Pleading ; dispute. 
PtECNFiE, (. A teU-Ule. Norl^. 
VLZioBTn, prtl. I. Plucked. 
Plbiohen, b. To complaia. 
PLEKE, e. (^.-M) To fill. 
Plenbb, a4}. {J..N.) Full. Pfe- 

nerI(eA<, fully. 
pLENNT, ir. To complain fretfully. 


PiBNiETBE, 5. Plenty. 
Plbntetoubnbsb, t. Abundance. 

PLENT^TIDES, 1. Full tides. 

Ples, 1. A palace. 
Plebadnce, I. (_A.'!f.) Pleasure. 
PLBtEKT,*. A &o«er-gsrden. Line. 
pLESiKQB, (. A pleasure. 
Pletb, ». {J.-N.) To plead. 
Plethan. v. To plail. Corna. 
pLETTB, 0. (J..S.) To Btrike. 
pLETiNB, (. (^.-A.) AoaBBuiance, 

or warruiiy. 
Plex, (. (Jfni. Lat.) A gUeld. 
PLET-rasB, ». (.rf.-&) A play. 

PtETNB, B. {J.-N.) (1) To eom- 

(2) To eiplun. CAmcer. 
Ti.'KTT,prti. I. Playeth. 
Plibbs, (. Pincers i Iweezen. 
PLir, (. A plough. Yariih. 

>. To tv 

IT plait. 

(b) t. A piece of lawn. 
{6)piu-t.p. {J.-S.) Plucked. 
P1.1M, (1) o^i. PerpeaiUcalir. 

(2) >. A plummet. 

(3) adj. Stout end fat. 

(4) V. To ineU; to increase Id 
bulk. Var.d. 

(5) adj. Pliable. Her^. 

(6) V. To pounce upon. 
Plish, t>. To excoiiste. North. 
PuTB, V. To plait. 

PuTH, ». {J.-S.) Injury. 

Plocs, I. A block for chopping 

wood. Weit. 

(2) A small Held. Her^. 
Plodoe, v. To walk ia natei ; to 

plunge. Northwai. 
Plod, r. To clog. Staitx. 
Ploohb, «. Pleasure ; game. 
Plokb, v. To pluck. 
PiJiMMLB. See Pbtmaile. 

Flooe, (. A pimple. North. 
Plof, 0. To fall into water with 

Flobbbtt, t. A iwampy meadow. 

Plot, a. (1) A plait, or map. 

(2) (A.-N.) A patch. 
Plots, 0, To scald a pig. North. 
Plotter, s. A contiiver of dra- 

niatic plot). 
pLODCH, (. A pimple. 
PLODau-BALB, «. The handle of ft 

Plovch-irok, (. A ploughshare. 
Plougbjaqb, a. Labourers who 

beg on Plough-Monday. Line. 
Plodoh-joooeb., a. A ploughman. 

PLouaauBLL, *. A small wooden 

hammer fixed to the plough. 
Plocoh-uondat, ». The Monday 

neit after Twelfth-day. 



Plodgb-paddi-s, (. An lattrnniMit 

used for clcantiiig tbe plaugli. 
pLODOH-iocK, I. A ploughshire. 

PLODQH-BTAFP, 1 .. The plODgh. 

PLOuaH-KTDFr, (. CarTed wood, 
genentllf aih, foi ploagh*. 



I'Jiiv'n hi) 
et pfflpjtuiiu, and the Lafluen 


T^thr'i Werka. 1S30. 
PmnBCB, o. To plunge or Boance 

■bout; to be confuied. 
Flout, i. (1) A long nBlking-atick. 


(2) A plant. Somerttt. 
pL0UT«», V. To nBde. North. 
Plotck, t. An old cant term for » 


PLoemB, V. (.f.-N.) Weeping. 
Vhvr, (1) i. A tin ferule tliraugh 

wliich boys blow peia. Zine. 

(Z) : ¥lw. or down. Ltic. 

(3)v. To puff np, OT iwell. iXf . 
Pldfh, », A plough. yai4iA. 
Plufft, ai(i. (1) Poroni; ipoogj; 

■oft. ZlecDiL 

(2) Pat I corpulent. Leie. 
Ptva, I, K little periDo. Eait. 
Pldost, 01$. Short, thick, and 

ilurdy. Notf. 
Fldh, 01$' <t) Perpcidicalar ; 

eiBct. TofitpliBK, to fit accu. 

ralelf. It httpptiu phowHji, 

opporlunelj,j>istaiit should do. 

(2) Very; eiceedingl»j quite. 

(3) Soft I light. Wat. 

(*) Seuiible; honest. North. 
Pldmaili, t. Plumtge; featbetl- 

Pldw. (. A ploughed field. Saff. 

PLOWDiNO,;iflr(.o. Wading through 
thick and thin. NoTthampt. 

Plows, I. Pl&y. 

Pi.owLicB-iioNnAT,t. An Old Nor- 
folk name for Plough -Monday. 

Pu)T, f. A meriv- meeting. North. 

Pluce, (I) (. Courage { ipirit. 


Out k;niB and BobyD rode toQiler, 

ForiotTi u 1 jnn aaj. 
And the; •bnU pluckt hyStt, 

Ah they went DT the wev. 

Boim Baei, i,7i. 

pLUCEiNa, t. The wonted plucked 
from the machine while tba wheel 
ii turning. North. 



PLUu.BKrTH, a. Plnm-porridge- 
Where the nirate ii bnt. then he om- 
hitci Diut, for Ilk arguing ki but the 
eOnc; or Ibi eUing; goud biu hat 
hotdi bre«dei goad pnrilioDi. and the 
pope hce b«t CQDCladrH agniDlt, in 

plum (raft. Otftiir/i Clanu 


Or ehmc, and in tTij nDijnotb mini 
joyn mill tane aewmte eoncreiailiiin, 

ma!, in apcctatjon ol a gift on UieLr 

SiMxri, Jfn i^Nacmirktt, 1 VJS. 

FLUJiMy, 01^'. Soft; mouldy. Dnen. 
Pluup, (1) a. A crowd or group of 

(2) a. A flock of wild fowl. 

(3) ». A clump of trees. NoHh. 

(4) *. A pomp, or draw-well. 

(5) J. A hard Uow. 

(6) adj. When the pithi, after 
rain, are almoit dry, they are 
■aid to be pbta^ i that it, the 
earth haa jnst moisture enough 
to fill up aU the crericea and thus 
make it plump. Kwnt. 

m .. T« plmg.. 

(B)t. BcudbrokenorcntintoB 



n which i«1t is ttrewcd, 
and w&ter thrawn oter it. Narf. 

Pldmfihdicdlab, adj. Perpen* 
dicular. Norf. 

Plumper, *. A. wft ba)!, which old 
ladiea nho had lost theii teeth 
pat in their monthi to plump 
their cheeks out. Ladiit' Did. 

pLVH-rooKiDaE, (. Porridge with 
plums in it, an old faiorite diah 
at Christ ma*. 

Pldhp-patb, », A stupid fellow. 

Pluu-puddinq, (. A Notthampton- 
shire game at marbles. 

pLUHPr, ». To chum. Carnie. 

Pi.tiM/rB£E, I. Pudendum f. Ma- 
riagt Iff Witt and Witdime,f.\6. 

pLtTNGE,*. (I) A deep pool. So- 

(2) A difficulty. 


to a pnXfbuigi. eo^i Uartfrt, 

Pumor, adj. (J,.Jf.) Balnj. 
PtVHKKT, ». A coane woollen 

pLUHKT, adj. Short and thi<4i, Sm'. 
Pt-CNT, ». A walking-stick with a 

large knob. Glove, 
Px,asB*B, I. The tbin hoops that 

hold a beiom together. Weil. 
Fl.T> c. To bend; to complj. 

Pltik, I. A street prostiCnte or 

Pltmodth-cloae, I. A (tick, or 


Xanrin; itfll the mbleas oT > buI- 

Po, t. (J.-S.) A peacock. 
Fdachsd, adj. lindden into boles, 

said of land. 
PoACHiNO, iu{r. Swampr. Detma. 
FoACHT, orf;. Wet and soft. South. 
FOAD-MILK. (. The dret milk gJTCE 

by cows after calving. Stmex, 
PoABB-BUNP, a<$. Dim.4ightsd. 

Bol^dand, 1693. 
PoAT, «. To kick, Dtvm. 

1 POP 

PoBS, ». Pottage. Crapen. 
PocHE, t. (..^.-JV.) A pocket. 
PoCSBi.s. A dish in ancient caok> 
ery, consisting principally of eg^s. 
PocHiy, a. A hedgehog. Somtnet. 
PocHiT, t. A pollard tree. Line. 
Pock, v. To push. Somerttt. 
PocK-AUt,(. Apockmirk. NorlA. 

f.(l) An: 

'c of hops ; 

(2) A Inmp of bread. 
PocKKT.CLocK, ». A watch. 
PocK-rBEDDiN, \adj. Mailed by 
pocK-raETTrn, /smallpox. 
FococK, I. A peacock. 
Pon, {l)t. Afoot. North. 

(2) I. A large protuberant bdly. 

Poddy, round in the belly. 

(3)#. The body of ft cut. South. 

(4) «. A young jack. 

(i) r. To put down awkwardly. 


(6) V. To go. Leie. 
PoiiAat%^.{J..lf,) GoDlinthefcet. 

Bemers mentions this disease in 

hswki as the podagre. 
PoDABT, (. A young sheep. lAne. 
PoDELi.1, t. A puddle. 
Fodder, t. (1) Beans, peas, vetches, 

and such Tegetables as bsie pod*. 


(2) The holder of the beans or 

coDDten at cards. L^. 
Pod DEB-OB ATTSif, I. Fodder stub- 
ble. Kent. 
PODDiBB, *. Porridge. Craetn. 
PoDDLE, «. To walk totteringly, 

like a child. Nwrthampt. 
FoDE, I. A tadpole. 
Pooas (1) I. Porridge. 

(2) a. A pit ) a cesspooL JTenT. 

(3) I^ To ilir together. Eait. 

(4) I. A disease of rabbits. Lete. 
PoDoiK,s. A pewter platter. Wett. 
PoD-THisTts, ». The cordtnw 

aenui's. Noriharapt. 
PoD-WASE. See Poddrr. 
Foe, «. Atnrkey. North. 
Porr, e. To run fast. Line. 


POO ; 

Poo, I, A pmh. Somertet, 
FaaH, I. A poke, or tack. 
Po«Kiii,(. A religious fiDttic. Salt 
PoGT, a^. Intoxicated. 
PoBKADB, t. (\) Tadpde*. 

(2) Moiicil notes. 
FoicH, ». A him to tske hees in 

after they hue Bwamied, Tor***. 
Fdiohittino, *. {Fr.y Putting 

Boring ■ilDOM of > Mrtajne Idnge of 
EualiDde, which caued Iih doublet! to 
be balft itocknl w^h rmaUe'u of 
Tfltret ciUad in thou Atjap^gmitittft 
oTsdiiaMnt*: wbycb (mCMmeih) wu 
a piodlj aampk. 

IiHtUiKm ^ a ffnif (mm, UIS. 

PoiOHiBT, (. (A-.) A wriatbsnd. 

PoiNADo, 1. A poniaid, or dagger. 

POIMAUHT, orfj, (X-A^.) Sharp; 

Pdin£, «■ A dwarflih person. 

Point, (1) i. A lagged lace, oted 
in ancient dieai. T^lrtuiapeinl, 
to tie the laces vhich beld the 
breecliei. 3b tatruM a point. 

(2) t. A deed of armi. 

(3) e. To ahow, or explain ; to 

(4J P. To paint, or portraj. 
(5; V. To appoint. 
So both afVDBt the fpyiUfd itj 

(6) /n ^QoiipiRiif, in good con- 
dition. TopomI, exactly. 

IBB, J" the gi 


tj.Stade. With 
e gresteat ei- 
Bctnett; precipe, or nice to excess. 
Thm for the nnpUil honr ill (llted pnn(- 

When men (imiauil;) now ih guiih, gtv, 
Iiiclit, tftaet, tene, quaint, aire, nrft, >lI1 
imiil Icrici. RiK. Plamm, liSS. 

PoiNiBi., ». (1) i^-N.) A Sljlns, 
or pencil, for writing. 

'nienne loked attir lir Zaku; 
TablQ mni fottiUl Ivle. 

! t>OE 

S2) A tnbtle ailment. 
3) Chequer work in floors. 
PoiMTiNo-aTocE, I. A laugblns- 

PoiNTLiT, a. A amall point, or pro- 

PoisB, ». {A.-N.) Weight 
PoiBoHFULL, adj. Very wicked. 
<iuU ail, lasnltgaT What laiat, (has 

Poisons, 1. Weight. 



Poir, (1) r. To push with the feet. 

(2) M. A poker. Yin-kth. 

(3) adj. Forward. Bail. 

Pom, (1) I. Abag,oraaik. North. 

(2) I. A large long eleeve, in 
fashion at the end of the 14tli 

(3) V. To tliruit, or lean forward. 

(4) 5. To gore. Wnl. 

(5)e>. To give an offence. North, 

(6) t. Scurf in (he head. Ziae, 

(7) ». A haycock. Dnm. 
is) I. A linger-atall. Cratm. 
(9) a. A cesspool. EmI. 

POKK-CAHT, ». A miller's cart. Eait. 
Poked, adj. Consumptive i said of 

PoKB.DAT, t. The day on which 
labourers receive their Bllowaace 
of corn. Sufali. 

PoEB.MANTLB, 1. A portmaotefto. 

PoKB-puDDiNO, ». (1) A long pud- 

(2) The long-tailed titmoaae. 

FoKK.aHAKCiNs, s. The last pig of 
a litter. North. 

Pokey, adj. (1) Sancy. dumb. 
(2) Very imall. 

PoxiNa-BTicK, 1 a. An impleoieDt 
POKES, J for aettLng th« 

plaji* of a ruff. 


A ruffe *boD( hJa ncfk. uol lElie A rulSta, 
bnl inch bnwd, nilb tn.)! ult. u If ■ 

kn. 'm.. (Oi^iii, sso. 

Tout raff mut lEaud in vrii^p "^i Tor 

thfct porpDH «l fctix^-iliett niih fiir 


MiidUlo*'! Blart MaiUr Qmtl. 

Po«iT, P. To fattei) fnr pork, i*ic. 

PoLAiL.i. (.^.-A^.) Poultry. 

PoLBEK, I. A kind of eirly harley. 

PoLDKK, *. Manhy toil. Kent. 

PoLEAPB, t. A leather >trap be- 
longing lt> some part of cut bar- 
neu. Var.d. 

POLK-HSAD, I. A tBdpol«. 

PoLEiN, ». (A.-N.) (1) Poullrj. 

(2) A pulley. 

(3) The point of piked sboe^ 
PoLE-FiECE,f. Awoman'i caul. Dn. 
Poles, t. A barber. Chtih. 
Pol-evil, (■ An eruption on tbe 

neck and can of borsea. Wett. 
PoLB-woaa, (■ Tedioua busincBB. 
PoLEiNB, I. Tbe koee-piecei ia ar. 

PoLLDAVY, I. CaoTia, or eouti 

Poll-evil, i . A discus of the head. 
Tbe Appoplny , fiJlliig eril], 
FM nill. nnker in'Se'^e,"' 

PoLLED-orr , o^r- Intoxicated. VarJ. 
PoLLEHOBB, 4. A pallird tree., (I) I. A hen-roost. Norf, 
(2) r. To beat water with a pole. 

. Clotb for gar- 

rough onthe other, as velvet, and 

■itnilar materials. 
PoLi^v. t. {A.-N.) A pulley. 
PoLiSBES. t. A sninck-frock. Dee. 
Polk, », A pool. See Pulk. 
FoLEE, t>. To put. 
Poll, (1) ». To rob; to clif.«t. 

lyngi ffWe mine nnW « cfrtejeo 

(2> ». Tba bead. PoUage, a 
head- tax. 

(3) D. To cut the hair. 
(4)0. To cut down or lop a wood. 
Pollard, (. (1) Clipped coin. 

(2) A st^ witboui; horoa. 

(3) Bian, or coarse flour. 
FoLLAX, t. {A.-S.) A heavy hal. 

berdi the aie used by butchers 
to kill cattle) a pole-axe. 


rt of darl 

A pollard tree. 
POLiiETTES, t. [A.-N. ioTtpauUllet) 
Pieces of armour for the tboul- 

FoLLiNO. f. Retaliation. 
PoLLKDHPTions, adj. Restive; un- 
ruly. Kent. 



|(. A tadpole. 
In a rage for Bgbtinf . 

Vhich KiDBvliit tu tva kaem in fuhiou 

Saiclaiit, Kmaa ^^. imf IK., 181S. 

PotaoN, (. Armour to cover the 

neck and ahoulders. 
PoLSHBN, V. (A.-N.) To polish. 
PoLBUKED, V. To lop a tree. 
PoLT, e. (1) To pelt. 

[■. Tajo 

(2)#. A hard blow. Var.d. 

(3) V. To cut, or shave. Sonurt. 

(4) adj. Saucy. Kent. 

(5) : A sort of rat-trap. Ktnl. 
PoLTATE, ». A potato. Comw. 
PoLT-rooT, ». A club-fool. 
POLTiNO-LtK], *. A long slender 

rod, used for beating apples otT 
thetreea. Oltnie. 
POHAOB, *. {I) (ia(.) Cjdet. 
(2) A pumicc-ilone. 


POM 71 

PoMAMDBm, *. A lort of perTutne, 
in form at a bill, norn ibout the 

Vetch n^bivt waited ekiTct,BjputUfl 
■ud iKmniuUrr- 

Slia-liPta, Jm-mmi SifotU, UK, 
Poui, (1) V. To pelt. North. 

(2) e. To pammel. Corme. 

(3) I. A TOODg rabbit. Daoit. 

(4) e. (/v.) To grow round, like 
■n apple. 

FoHi-DoaRTB, \t.(A..N.) ASth 
- LB, / in old cookery. 

htm wd, uid tfike jw 

— ' -' Kl jiniaii, uil 

floer, and ut erDetboftcthcipjt. And 
if tliilll wilt, tikt, lor Jun^, ulron, 
uS KCTC it fgiUi. 7onuD^Ciir)f,p.Sl. 

FoMEBASKADi, 1. {A.-N.) A pome- 

Pouci., (. {A.-N.) A bill, or knob; 

the top of the head. 
FoHKLBE, adj. (fV.) Spotted. 
Poif i-WATiB, a. A kind of apple. 
Tht wilding, fuLud, tLeb tUe wel-kmiwD 
Audiundry other ihiiti, nf gtwd, yctaCTB- 

ntut have their lubdrr umn in ■nudrr 
coimtrin pUii^. 

Dniftim'if<>fyMtH, Sonc IB. 
PoHPU, B. To iteal. Leie. 
Pouica, (. The leiiduB of apples 

after the juice hai been extracted. 

FouHADO, (. A particalar mode of 

vaulting on a hone. 
FuHUEi., (. The ends projeoting at 

the back of a cart. NeHktw^l. 
ToMas,t.(A..N.) Thelungi. 
POKPAL, atf}, PompoDi. 
ToMPeo, perl. p. Pam 

POMPILLIOK, 1. (ft-.) Al 

made of black poplar 1 

POMFION, *. (ft-.) A 1 


PoBf riRE, f . A kind of apple. 
PoupLi, D. To go unsteadily, 
FoMRTiR, e. T« doctor with ialret 

and ilopi. IVewl. 
FON, t. A pond. Penned, kept in 

^e cJttiteDi, like Aftnfipikea, the leuen 
fttde the Kreitc, 

Wanici'4 JIUbui Englaai, lEH. 
PoHD-BAT, I. A dam of earth 

thrown acrots S pond, with a 

conTeaient outlet at masonr? for 

the supply of water. 
FoNCHONO, (. A puncheon fur 

making holes in iron. 
PoNBNT, a({j. (/'"'.) Western. 
PoNET. A term among gamblen in 

betting, for £50. Ridinj the 

pones, receiving money in ad- 

Tsnce. Northampt. 
PoNjKT. See Poigniet. 
PoNT,r. To bruise, to indent. Wet/., Tainted ; f,ttiti.DorKl- 
Poo, t>. To pull. North. 
Pooch, (1) ». Ajug. SmfA. 

(2) V. To thrust out the lipi lul. 

lenly. Wett. 
FoocHEi,, V. To make months at a 

person. Exmoor. 
PoonLE, 1. The English Channel. 

Poodles, t. The young coalfllh- 

PooK, (1) 1. A haycock. Wat. 

(2) I. Tbe belly, or itomach. 

(3) I. A calf s ttoinacli for rennet 

U) •. To kick. Bewm. 

(5) I. A veil. Simert. 

(6) B. To pnt together. Ammt. 
PooE'Hebdle, t. The cockle or 

abepherd'a-naedle. Sumx. 
Pools, i. A measare of work in 

PooLiHO*,!. The fat from an wii- 

mal's inteatines. North. 
FooLi, 1. The apacea on each side 

of the thiesUnB-floor of k'btru. 


POO 3 

Poot-iraAv, 1. A reed. SmM. 

POOLV, (. Urine. JFeH. 

FooMEH. 1. Anything i(U7 Urge. 

Poon, V. (1) To Idck. North. 
(2) To beat witb the Git. "I'll 
give yon Apaoniiif." Sliraprh. 

PoQF, e. To cbut ; to cozen. 

FooF-NODDT, (. Tbe game of lore. 

PoopBpt. Gulpi ia drinkiag. JVin-ft. 

FooK-AHD-KicB, (. An ^ ii«iDe 


Hiik nhen dried 

id ulted. It wu>.lway)be«l«n 
before it vu cooked. 
ImnU not be c« onii [nl^km] UulihooU 

PoOk-LAMD-DAtnT, I. Th« 01- 

eye. Norliimpt, 
Pook-wah'b-wkatbih-blabi, >. 

Pimpernel, anoffallu orvnuw. 

PooBLT, adj. lUtlier unwell, 
PooT. (1) f. A pullet. C/uth. 

(2J ». A pool of water. 

(3) V. To CFf. Somtriel. 
PooTT, ». The girdled >najl-»bell. 

Tor, (1) I. A ihort ipice. Ltme. 

(2) r. To cUDg > whip. BerJti. 
Pop-ABoura, (. Yeiit dumplingi. 

Pdf-olovi, *. The foi-glOTC 

Pope, (1) (. Humui excrement. 
A term of contempt. "Lpepiot 
■ thing," something worthlew. 

(3) e. AlTam eionerare. 

(3) *. A miied liquor. " Mak« ■ 
biihop with cbampigne inatead 
of port, and you have a po^" 
O^^ord Nighteap. See BMiip. 

(4) 1. HentBla. 
(9) #. A weeviL 

(5) t. The eoamim red popp;. 

i POP 

PopB-joAN, t. The nameof agaac 

Fops-JOLins, I. An old garni at 

PopBLOT, I. {J^N.) A deceittr 
PoFEBiN, \i. A aoTt of pear, flnt 
poppuiiT, / brongfat fnun Pope- 
ringen, in Flandera. 

1 TCDueited him \o bdH no 
A XithcUDe pw. UKl lud I ant loikU t« 

H« trould hive umtoc^ uid viTen me a 
rorftin. WimM Sifr Vatd. 

PoPis-BTE, f . A popular torn for 
the giand and fil round it in the 
middle of a leg of mutbiB. 

PoPBl-BiAD, 1. A long-^aodled 
broom far iweeping (xiiii^. 

Pop«T, ». (A.-N.) A pDppei. 

Pop-onN.t. Elder-wine. Souik. 

Pop-bolt, ». Hypocriiy. 

PopiLioH. See Pon^iibm. 

PopiNJAT, (. (A.-y.) A parrot. 

PoFLAiH, (. Tbepoplw. Wett. 

PoPLB, e. To hobblei to gopoking 
about. Exmoar. 

PoFLEB, I. Pottage. Dtkktr. 

PoFLBT, *. A term of endeamient. 

Popped, aiC'. Nieei; dreiaed. 

PoFFEK, t. (!) A dagger. Chmittr. 
{2) ApirtoL 

PoppBT, I. A puppet ; an idol ; a 
darling. Ptipptt it IB Mmc part* 
used at tbe name for a bone in 
a team, while darUt^ ia tbe eor- 
responding name for a mare. 

PoppiLABT, I. The poplv. CiImIL 

FoppiN, *. A puppet. EoMt, 

PoppiHO, uijf. Chattering; blab- 
bing. TTal. 

FoppLS, (1) The poplartiee. Zatt. 

(2) f. A bubble. 

(3) V. To bubble np. Nortk. 
It) p. To tumble about. Satl. 
h) V. To talk Donienae. Noif. 
(6) #. Tarei. 

{1)i.{A^S.) A pebble. Var.d. 
Torrr.aifj. Soft; tender. North' 

PoFPV-PtLb, (. Opium. Ntrth. 


FoBBEAOLB, (. A kind of (htTk. 
PoKCBL. I. (A.'N.) A young pig. 
FoBCHiAN, «. A parochiia. 
Pakc-FiBCB, : A porpaiie. 
PoBCtrno, ».(^— V.) Aporcnpine. 
Po«, (1) »- Power. 

(!) p. To Bupplj plentifully. 

POKKD-uiLK, >. Milli thtt curdles 

in boiling. Kent. 
Pout, *. (Fr.) Ayonngonion. 
PoBiBULr, orir- Wexk-aightcd. 
PoBKBB, I. (1) A voung hag fatted 

(2) A iword. Siitdmll. 
PoBKLiHQ, t. A imall pig. Sail. 
PoBSY, a((f- F"! plump. KorlA. 
PoBLiwa, I. Purlieai. 

There wjli a companT of geptjhnep in 

for dere m the ^^1 JD the gallel be- 

RUtylmf u t)ieie vu ODe wtiich bad A 
WDlchnuii to tail KrvBTite, ■ (;ood 
irchR. A a Xtry Talyi. 

PoBFiNTiNB, I. A porcupine. 

PoBPiN, (. A hedgehog. Somtrtet. 

PoBB, (1) ». To puih. Coma. 
(2)v. Id cnm with food. SMterv. 

(3) *. A plumber, or glazier. 

foB.iLi,».{A-N.) ABort of pottage. 
PoBSKTNK, 1. (X-W.) Adiabmade 

thereto wyt grei, uidapartr of tu^r, 
^cre; anil soak ;t thykke wuC Oowr 

., $. A deep plate foi 

Po&BtwtooLB, I. A tadpole. Nerti^ 
Port, (1) ». {J.-N.) Carriaget 


(2) I. State; attendance. 

dU. ' Siaia^., lim. i^ Sir., i, 1. 
) tr. To carry in a lolemil 
anner; a military tenn. 

Both ccowu >nl kiDgdomi. in their cither 
hvul. a. J«(, EfitLU. 

(4) A caned piece of iron at- 
tached to the laddle or stirrnp, 
to carry the Isnce when held 

PoBTAOB, a. A porthole. 

FoKTAOUE, I. A Portuguese gold 
coin, worth about £i lit. 

PoBTAHCE, a. Deportment. 

P;™^;^_}». AbrevUry. 

Pqbtcullib, t. A coin strnck la 
Elizabeth's reign with a port. 
cullis OD the reverse. 

PoBTBCDLise, >. {A.-N.') A port- 

PoBTED, part. p. Supplied nith 

PoBTB-MOTB, ., {A.-S.) A mnui- 

cipal meeting, or court. 
PoBTEB, e. To portray. Pabg. 
PoBTE-sALE, t. Alt opcu Sale of 

POBTLBT, ». A little port. 
PoBTUANTLE, t. A portmautcau. 

\llk cent. 
PoBTUANTDA, >. A porlmanteaa. 

Wliich ihewelli tint ha i> the ants- 

PoBTFANE, ». {A.-N) The cloth in 
which bread was carried from the 
pan try to the table. 


Pqbtbaldt, : (A.-N.) Safe port, 
PoRTDttE, ». {A.-N.) Beha«iour. 
Poe, (. (A..N.) A pledge. 

Posm, (1) ». (A..N.) To rappme ; 
to put as « supposition. 
(2) «. A cold in tbc head. 

: 11 good br ■ c 


Krt, HaiuitU cf lit jif,,isn, 
(3) », A hoard of monef. NorlA. 



t. A great quantit;. 
"o Tomit with violence. 
A small pot or skillet. 

VoanKT, .. „ p„. 

Poas, (1) e. To dath .. 
iplash i to piiih. North. 

_ (2) »■ 

waterfall. Yoriah. 
A number o[ people 


PoBaEDi, c. To posseu. 
FoSSEsa, p. To infarai; to per- 

PoB8KBaiON«KS, *. (1) Rightful 

(2) Heligious communitiei en- 
dowed with lands. 

PoaaiasiONiNQ {(orProeemoning) . 
Going the bounds of a pariili an 
Holy Thursday. Korlh. 

PoaaiT, I. Wine or treacle boiled 
with milk, a drink luuslly t^en 
before retiring to rest, and pre- 
pared especially for a bridegroom. 
■' •■ Vii mainiDBS dnnght ■ 

batliwell dined, bi 

Ikt llxm, IDOE 

IasUt, fn (he poucl— 

nil be lairful, too. 1 
enoUng— cudaua fsiul 

Cassia Let. thou twk'it u pitiTiiil;, In 
want of tlij uarairiE'i fouil, tlial, o' 

•1 POT 

Poaarvo, «. (FV.fiottHn-.) An se- 
tion between thrusting and 
knocking. Lmie. 

PoasiBniTiKS, ». A person's in- 

PoasT, adj. Short and fat. North. 

PoBT, I. (1) A courier, or apecial 

(2) The door-post of a liclual- 
ler's shop, on which he chalked 
up the debts of his cuslomers, 

IWe Anla ilist cardi igd ale-honie ply. 

And llity Wrii'd begjen'om "f'doo™."^ 
i. iJMM^fl-B-(,,lllS. 


riii. ii Ibe 

liBH bni r«de Ibgraon, 

"... I. ap, wlitn God ieDdt earm 
X wiu duchtrge your foasl. 

SaelaxU. Kiuat of Cbiiii, 1811. 

(3) Sheritik had formerly posts 
before their doora, on which pro- 
clamations, &c., were affixed. 
Hence the pbraae, to pott a 
peraon for refusing to fight • 

(4) t. The ilikes In gambUng. 
PoBT-mo-PAiit, #. An old game at 

built of uprights and cross pieces 

of timber, not plastered over. 

PoBT-Biao, I. The gray flycatcher. 

PoaTsas, I. A poiL Notf. 
PosT-BotrsB, I. A post-office. 
PoBTiK, I. A petile. 

POBTIBBER, t. Pots. BtrllM. 

FosTLE,*. (1) An Apostle. 
(2) A short GOmmentary ; a 

FoBT-MBT. 1. A sort of dessert. 
A small pin. 

, .. To strut. Wight. 

PoBTPoBE, e. {Lat.) To place 

Pot, (1) *. A belmet, or inaU 
scuil cap; the scull. 

(2) s. A stick with a widur 
guard, for eudgel-plsying. 

-., Google 

(3) A wicker tomI to tike Gih. 

(i) (. A hog's black-pcddfns 
mide with the bhiod Mid grit* 
ungToand. 0m)N> 
m V. To drink. 
(6) e. To dwfliTfc 
PoT-AFPLiB, (. A ipeeiM of apple. 
Mill pBliDOim. PliB. iioliU luauntli, 
tAtfvfiww, FaUpfiet; poffloi, 


PoTATO-PiK. Potatoei, long after 
theii introdnction iato this coiui- 
trf, were coniidered ai great de- 
licacies, and cooked in tariona 
fancilhl wa^i. 
Let me beg jDiir diventoB, Udj i I-U 


uici, pDUto't,waibet, b 


MoBtri, Man if Nit 

t tnat 


k fotata-pifa for nppa.— Tmke l*reo 
pDBod Of [fciled nQd blancbf d poUUru, 

■Dd pat IbEm in your pie, tben take 
jgUa of tg|<. and iliced lemoti, mil 
■ix daE» qauUrcd, put tlili into jour 
orm, then toalce a ibarp ^ndie of 

Et it ia when yon lekc your p^e cmt uf 
SOTCIL ZW» 6Bttl-^. Dcl!>Al,16M. 

P<rT-Boii.iK, f. A bouMlkolder. 

PoT-oAK*,i. A Norfolk dumfding. 
PoTCB, V. To poko ; to piub. 



A pot-hook. 

It wu th« euitoiD 
faroerly, eien among ler; lub- 
■lankijil ftrmert, to eook aoljr 
three timea a week, of which 
SamJav «raa a1 nayi one ; theae 
6a,jt or periodiaai cooker; were 
ctlted foi-iagi, and were the 
daj't for receiviag friend*. Narf. 


Por-DiiHO, (> Fannyard dongt 

PoTi, (1) 0. To paah with the 

feet ; to kick. North. 

i_2) c. To creep about moodily. 

(3) ». A piece of wood med by 

Ihstchen lo open the aid tbatch 

in mending it. Ox/d. 
PoTHCABT, 4. An ipolhecary. 
Pomn, part, p, PUited. 
P0TK-BOLK,i. A amatl hole, through 

which •a;thing i* puthed with a 

aticki a confuied place. Soauri. 
PoTKNT, .. (1) (A-N.) A dnb, 


(2) A potentate. ShaJtf^. 
PoTBNTijii., adj. (-*.-?/■.) Powerful. 
PuTiBMeB., (. A pouch. 
PoTiwa, t. A dittt im aocient 


Folna. Take pottn of heiba Ijriel of 

half a quarl, and fyLLe bein fuUe of ^n 

u ponte^crT^ea. Hi 
pim paati ttje hem i 

ite'etin theboliUieretbeicitTa 

itbrUi. AnM«^^H%pSl. 

PoT-ouN, I, A abort wide gnn, re- 

lembliDg a mortar. 
Da^p haodEoona, bakes, ItagbmieT^ 

ealveriu, eliDgi, 
ritfnm, (akin, tannoaa, donbla and 
dcMie. Eettmafi Sfidcr md Flit, ISM. 
PoT-H AHOLi, I. A poi-hook. Nartk. 
FoTHELOHjt, e. TodigiD theearth, 
PoTHEK, (1) tt. To *h^ about. 


(2) *. A tumult. 
PoTHEBT, ai^'. Hot; cloie. Wat. 

POT-ESIOBT, 1 .... 

POT-MAgTIK, ; '• * I"™"''"™- 

PoT.LADLE, t. A Udpole. Bail, 
Pora, t. The panniere of a p^- 
■addle. Wat. 


?OT 7 

P^'™ 1 .. Apotaberaibto. 

PoT-BiCK, a4f. Tipaj. 

PoT-irFTEH, /larl. p. BDrDed to 
the poE. NoTth. 

PoT-BTici, *. A staff. 

FoT-BDOAH, (. Sugar far putry. 

FoT-Bnai, adj. ConQdent. 

ForrEN, (. A Btitt. Narf. See 

FoTTENaeB, *. A porringer. 

PoTTEa, V. (1) To go about Mij. 
thing in a slow and awkmird 
manner. A hone i> laid to pot- 
frr.wbenhei] tender Id the ft«t, 
and goca ill in conieqiience. 
{2)ToconfuM. rorirt. 
(3) To poke ; to itir. HartX. 

Pottle- BELLI ID, ai{/. Fat-bellied. 

FOT-ITABBLERe, 1*. PersoDi eii- 

POT-WALLINEB,a, I titled tO (otC 

roT-w*LLOFBKg, J for memben 
of parliament for the horotig;h ia 
which they have boiled their 

Pott, ad}. CIo*e ; conAned. Wtt(. 
Pod, f. A pan, or platter. Laac. 
Ponoi, ». (I) {A.-N.') The pnlie, 

(2) Filth. Paves, dirtT. Horth. 
PoccH, (1) V. To puih. Wett. 

(2) ». (^.-A'.) A pocket. 

(3) V. To paunch an animah 
Fono, I. A boil, or nicer. Stutex, 
PooDKE.-Fom', I. Pepper. 

POCDBBIHO-TDB, ». (1) The tub 

naed for lalting meat. 

(2) The eradle or bed in which a 

penon alTecffil with the juei 


'. PuWeriied 


Poudre] (1) ,. (J..!f.) Duit. 

(2) t. PuWerlzedipice;batwhen 
naed in cookery receipt! hy itielf, 
it luuallr aignilBea pepper. 

(3) V. To salt meat. 
PocKE, ». (l> The devil. 

(2) A bliater pimple. Norlh. 

9 POU 

PotTL. FmL 

PoDLAiira, i.(,A.-N.) P^ted ihoei. 
PODLCHB, V. To poaeh. 

PoHLDER, 1. {A.-N.) Powder. 
PoDLT, {1) F. To kill poultry. 

(2) (. A chicken. 
FouLTEK, ». A dealer in poultry. 
PooMCB, (1)0. {-<.-M) Topwfo. 

rate ; to cut glau or metal for 

ting. Ponaced work waa very 
faahionable ia cloth for dreawa 
in the fifteenth century. 

tliepl^a'^'Uhuin. Sv<U, On, IBI. H. 

(2) 1. A thump. But. 

(3) t. A puncheon of iron. 
(4)(. The pulse. Gata Rom, 
p. 318. 

(5) t. The claw of a hawk. 
PoDNCET-Box, t. A box perforated 
with imall bolei, for carrying 

PoDNciNQB,!!. Holes itamped IN 
ponxcea, jclnthei, by way of 

Pound, (I) t. A head of water. 

(2) I. A cyder mill. Dn. 

{i)v. To beat, or knock. Gtoue. 
PoDHDOAENET. (. A pomegranate. 
PouMD-uEiJi, adv. {A.:S.) By the 

PouND-NBEDLE, ■. The Damc of ■ 

FoDNDREL, a. A popular term for 
the head. 


PouNSONE, r. [A..N.) To punch, 
PoDFE, «. To make a noiae with a 

PoDECHACE, 0. {A.'N.) Tot^VTide. 
PouBD-uiLC, t. Betatlinga. Aum*. 

PoDBBiT, a. {A.-N.) OarIi<A. Htrtf. 
PoDBiBH, «. {A..N^ Toimparerisb. 
PouBTBAiTUBE, (. A picture. 
PotrsB, (I) e. To puih. 

(2) (. Hazy atmoiphere. Laite. 

(3)f. Rubliith 1 lumber. North. 
PoDBBMBHT, f. BrfoM ; dirt. North. 


POU 1i 

PauBEODDi, I. An «]« panel, with 
nun, augiT, nutmeg, and touted 
brcid ; nsiully intioduced during 
Chriitmu in Cumberland. 


PoiTT, I. A young bird. 


PoTEBT, ». (_A.-N.) Poverty. 

PorBBTT-W*BD, (. Purple cow- 
wbeit, lo named because it be- 
tokeui a poor loil. Wight. 

PovBi, I. An owL Gloae. 

Pdtioe, (. A fungui of any kind. 

POTBE, \i.(J.-}f.)'PoOi.P(ivnile', 

PoTBisB, «■ To impoverish, 
Pow, ». (I) The head, North. 

(2) The priclcleback. Somenil. 

(3) A long pole ; a fiahing rod. 

PowcHE, t. A flah'i crop. 

PowDEB, «. Haite ; buttle. Cmab. 

PowB, ». {J-N.) A claw, 

PowEB, (1) ». A great number. 
BM. Bnt if tbe i»[i}DKr fee bnt mil 
paid, he'Jl Ukc piini Dpnii Ifei cbMl 

I. Wh;. John, t)ieTe mutt be a 

re >• plTOti u flih. 
Jdditim'a Dmamff, 

(!) «. The Bah gadat ntitmtui. 

(3) me. (,,/,.Af.) Poor. 
PowEBATioN, f. A peat qDanlitji. 

PowL,r. Topoll. Powfcr, a barber. 
Pows. *. The palae. 
PowsK, (. PuUe. HfTtf. 
PowsELB, (. Dirty TBgi. Cheth. 
PowBEUEHT,*. A miichievoua per- 

PovBET, 0$. Fat ; decent-looking. 

FowBS, I. A blister. 

PowBoDDT, I. A Yorkshire pud- 
ding. See Potutodi. 


PowT, (1) e. To atir np. North. 

(2) *. A hiTcock. Kent. 

(3) (. A fish. 

PowTLi, c. {1} To come forth oat 

of the earth. North. 

(2) To work feebly. Nortiimi. 
Pow-wow, adv. Flat on one's 

Pox, t. Any pnstulei; etpeciaUy 

tlte amallpoi. 

Pox-BTONE. f. A bard gray stone 
found in Staffordshire. 

PoT, t. A long boat-hook. Zinc. 

PoTNBT, I. A small bodkin. 

PoTsiB,>. Potlea. 

PoYTEEL, t. {J.-N.) A rtiff tto- 
macber of wood formerly worn by 
women withiu their stays, anawer- 
iog to the modern busk. 

PRACTICE, I. Artifice. Fraetuaai, 

pBACTicE, (1) a4). PracticaL 

(2) (. Praclice. 
Fbaise, (1) : Opinion. The old 

writeis spoke of good praise wid 

bad praise. 

(2) e. To express pain. Dortet. 
Pbajant, adj. Swaggering ; con- 
ceited. Wight. 

PoAHCEB, «■ A light woman. 

Pbauno, f. Tying a bladder with 
pease therein, or a tin, or some 
rattling thing, to the tall of ■ 
dog, and setting him at liberty 
with it. Eatt. 

Pram E, ». A prawn. Paltgr. 

PaANi,(I)e. To adorn ; to deco- 

m V. To be tubtle. 

(3) adj. Frolkksome. 
PB^\SKRo,adj. Variegated. Hantpih, 
PajiHEiN, adj. FtdiuI. Craeen. 
Prankle, (1) P. To prance. 

(2) t. A prawn. Wight. 
Pbasb,!. AsmallcommDn. Corme. 
PiuT, t. The buttock. Dtlker. 
Pbate-afacb, 1. A talkative per- 



PmlVe, eilj. DepriTed. Pravily, 

P«AT,(])e, To driTe ill the ctttle 
into one herd on ■ moor. To 
prajt ike moor, to learch the 
moor for loat cittls. Sanumt. 
See Prey. 

(2) r. To lift up. Siff. 

(3) t, Preai ; crowd, 
PfciiBL, (. (^A.-tf.) A little met- 

A eroird. See 


iiltn\taji: what>h>llwEaoiiinl>F Bj 
m; ruth iqaoi ipoLher) if I miKht conn 
vaenpreafi of people vera, 1 coulde 
get montje inoogh for u. 

lUu mi Qmcit Jnlwira. 

(2) r. To pTeai ; to endeiTour. 
And pmien did prHur befon thy ncr^- 
•CHt. Looting GioMafor J^iubn. 

But for fell her wordci he woldd ii« pi 
mmjiv but Btyllfl prtaad to como m. 
So longd thef itode chvdmgd, l)int tha 
good Dui came upon Uieiu, and uked 
them whv thi^ bnuled h. 

TWa i- q<dikt AtutMTa. %. i. 

PsiACHUENT, (. A BCrmoii. 
PiAAUBULATiOK, 1. A prMmWe. 
Pbiasek, (. Rennet, Yurkth. 
Fbecatiok, f. {tat^ An ioToco. 

POBCEDKNT, t. (1) A prOgnOltlC. 

(2) A rough draft of > vritiag. 
Pbecelle, r. To excel, 
Pbecipt, f. A wirraat. 
PascEaBioNiKB, t. Ciodlei uwd 

in proceaiion it Candlemu Dif. 
pBBcii, adj. {A.-N.) Delicate. 
Pbkcisian, t. A Puritan. 
TlieH niEn far all tho world Uk« our 
ino,fDciDii]s'cniii DC uint thej iBlha 
Wm plurtdSn all tliechn«h. 

Pbbde,!. Baotf. 

Fbbdistihb, >. (^.-JV.) Predeiti- 

FBBDicATtoK,i.(£ar.) Prwching; 

1 PBK 

PuiDT, adv. With eue. Comm, 

Pbken, b. To trim treei. 

Pbibvi. See Frnt. 

Pbbezk, e. Mingere. North. 

PiiRrB, (. A proof. 

Pbifizid, part. p. Appointed. 

" The prefixed hour." S/Mktip. 
Pbiise, v. {A.-N.) To appruM. 
Pke», (I) I. A prick. 

(2j e. To ride quicklj. 
Pbblationb, >. A pUciDgoneoTeT 

or before othen. 
PBEUEDIATI, D. To adTocatfl • 

Pbehiai., 111$. By wif of reward. 

Tlufe agg b'alti lott Ihs lut, tha flnl'i in 

Pbimtb. I. {Lat. 

Tha cytie of LoDdon. throu^ bii men 
Wai Brat prirjlegM Co baT« both myer 

orfe. In the first place. 

PsBHTia. (. An appren^ce. 

Pbefabate, adj. {Lat.) Prepired, 

Prkpabk, 1. Preparation. Shaketp. 

Pbbfbkbbd, part. p. Premedi- 

PBBF091TOOB, I. A monitOT in • 
ichool. Harmann, 1530. 

Prepostsratb, v. To make pre- 

PsBBANDB, f. A pretent. 
PBEBcaiPT, adj. Giten in writing 

" Bj nho«B prttcr^tt order, all 

wai lo be done." 
Pbbbb, (1) a. {A-N) A crowd. 

(2J B. To crowd J 10 preas. 


pRSBBNCs, I. Ontwaid appemsce. 

PaissHT, (1) adj. Immediate. 

(a)t. X while Bpol on tfaefagcr- 

■uiL Wat. 
pKBseNTAHiK, odj. Present. 

PBEaBNTEB.RB, I. A prDalUutc 

Prshentlv, I. Immediate)}'. 
Pkesheh, 0^'. Preciaiu.iir5.ila/ei 


Pkessbb, (. One who ironi linen. 
Fbiibiho-ikon, I. Aa iron foi 
inioothiDg Itnen. 

Prbbtb, (1) adj. {J-N.) Ready. 
Prattb/, readily. 

(2) ». {A..N.) A loani money 
paid in advance. - 

(3) adj. Neat; proper, 

(4) (. A itpnlchr^ tumulua, 

pKBansuLTB, V. To enchant ; 

Pbetbnce, >. A deiifn. 
Pbktbnd, v. (1) (J.-N.) Toclaint. 

(2) To intend. 

(3) To forebode. 
PusTBuam, pari, p. Intended. 
pRBTK^iT, part. p. {Lai.) Paued. 
Fbbtbbhit, v. {lal.) To omit. 
pBETO, t. A loan. 

Our great lindlordi bn^e him with 
lortJrcnU, wilb finci, ■ud frttaer, an4 

Fbetoby, (. {Lai.prittotritia.) Tlis 
h^h court. 

Ebbttii-t, adv. Very. 

Fit. W{J1 »id, Howdce ; lor my Iidj- 
Blilp it e'en it tlje inilgmp. I un to 

yourprocHdiaKHphmtber? HowdidHbA 
Wid. O nt lint, ihc wa tlie prtttilUst 

Pbbttt, adj. Fine; crafty. 
pBBTTT-riTB, a. A modtrate quan- 
tity. Berki. 

PBBnt.T, oAi. Secretly. 
Fbevk, V, To prove. 

Fbitbnt, It. {Lai.) To antidpklcj 
to (TO l>efors. 

■bet, I. The herd of catile driien 
from the common paiture and 
impoimded: if any amonic them 
belong to personi in an adjoining 
pariah, a triSing gum ia paid to 
redeem them. Norf. 

Pmythenow. I beg. Cranm. 

Pbial, t. Tbrea carda of a lort. 
See Pair.r^al 

Pbice, ». {A..!f.) Value; esli- 

Fbiceb, 5, One who regulated the 
pricea in a market. 

PatCH, >. Weak Hqnor. North. 

Pbiohell, a. Ad initrument for 
dreiBiug flai. HoUi/baiid, 1593. 

Fbicb, (1) ». The peg in the centre 
of a target, to hit which gave 
the fint prize in archery. It via 
hence uied frequently in a meta- 
phorical tenae to aignify the 
prise of anything, or aupeiioi 
(2),. A goad. 

(3) V. Togoad;toBting. 

A fryer thitt preadied lo the people on 

Jcpnde (u tlic mRDcr of some fixflei a), 
wbiciebnisnge M »o iBore • "oiun 

wcpte. Heparnjviiiglhiil. ihoujiht is 
lUsi aKi Qtackc Annstra. 

(4) a. A Bkewer, often used aa 
the peculiar charactenElic of 

bvlcben Biake thei 
I aeit dwelt with k 


is) (. A point IX dot. 
(•) B. To wound. 

(7) p. To ride hard. See Prtkt. 

(8) (. A term of eDdcBtment. 
h)v. To germiDite. 

(10) >. A period of time. 

(11) c. To trace a hare's foot- 

(12) 'v. To turn (our. Wttt. 

(13) t. To trace the ftootBlep* of 
■ rabbit. Narlhampl. 

Pbickasodk, (. {A.-S.) A bard 

Fbicksi., (. (1) A l^t hortemaa. 

(3) A bradawl. 

(3) A tuoae woman. 
Fkickbt, I. (1) A back in h!i 

aecond ytai. 

(2) Aval taper, 
PnicE-HOLLON, t. The MIy. Zinc. 
PBiCKiNoe, I. The footilepi ofa 

Fkickle, (1) /. A nicker basket. 

(2) 0. To prick. North. 
pBicE-LocaE. : An old nickname 

Pkick-fost, I. A timber framed 
into the principal beam of a floor. 
Fbices, a. A game like bowli. 

Vho witb hei heUiih Doarage, ilDntuid 
Al^a the bnmt of maDT LaHfi-iAa/7 Bhot. 

Pmcetivbkb, 1 ». The ipindle. 
PBiCKWOOD, / tree. 
PaicKEONo, f, MuBio set down in 

Pbidb. (1) I. The mod limprej, 

(2) Good eondition, said of ■ 

(3) Splendour. North. 

(4) LameDeu ; impediment, 

PttiDT, adj. Prond. Comw. 
Pbib, f. PriTCt. 

{2)e. TolookinquiiitiTely. 


ok. DH iTtfc. 

pBiE-0BA8a,». Any common wortb- 

leis grata. Zinc. 
Pbiest-ill, s. Tbe agne. Devon. 

Pbibtb. See Pntt, 

Pbick-madau, t. Stonecrop. 

PaiQ, (1} >. A coicomb. Pr^gUk, 

FiiiCEMEDAiNTV.g.AEnicBl person. 


pBiCK-mcKLB. ». A dry hedge of 

B. S. Well I p™l«; ona ™r. I am » 

thorns to protect a new))' planted 

rerj fine . . . . . I iloBi Unnk mj hud 

fence. Norlhatupt. 

dT'^'-t^'tcaandrel minpiT'il to 

Fbtce-fennt, a. An old gamUing 


BrtBtj pound, wilh toj one hert 

HUhiBa IhK. 

(2) e. To steal, OTigiRsllT a taut 

"^ S*=AkH,IVw riA«, 1871. 


(3) V. To ride, no doubt from 

(4) t. A email pitcher. Smith. 

(5) A brass skellet. Yartih. 

(6) p. To higgle in price. North. 
Pbtq-nafpbb, r. A hnEe-atealer. 
Pbicbtbb, I. A thief. 
FaiJEi.,*. An implement for fbicing 

naiLe out of wood. 
Pbieelle, v. To drive. 
PaiEEBE, I. A rider. 
PBiLi.,(l)t. A small stream. ITrMf. 

(2) V. To turn Bour. Devon. 

(3) I. A child's whirlig^. 



PkiM, $. (\) PriTCt. Tuuir. 

(2) Fry of imelli. Eail. 

(3) A neat girl. Ycrtth. 

(4) The spindte-tree. 
PkiHAX., ailj. {Lot.} Origln&l. 
Pkiua-vibta, 1. Tbc game of 

Pkiub, (1) (. Six o'clock, tM. 

(2) {Lai.) adj. Pint. 

(3) adj. Excellent. 

>. To t< 


(5) t. The foatKef 

(S) adj. Eager i mui> appeCeni 

(7) «. A term at primerd. 

Pkiued, ai^. (1) Half intoxicated. 

(2) Spotted from diseaae. Stfffdlt. 
Pkiublt. ade. Very «e1L MirfA. 
Pbiues, a4j. {A.-N.) Fint. 
Pbihebo, <■ An old and once very 

popular game at cardB- 
Pbimkbole, ». {A.-N.) Theprim- 

, g. (.i.-A'.) Spring. 
Pbiuinebt, : A difficulty. North. 
pRiHF, r. To tie formal. Cumb, 
PKru.pBiNT, ». Privet. 
pKiHT, adj. Early. 
PaiN, (1) adj. Prim. 

(2) t. A pin. North. 
Pbjmado, ». A ahajTier. 
Pbincipal. I. (1) A heirloom. 

(2) The beat hone led before the 
corpte of it> onner. 

(3) The comer poit of ■ home; 
■ part of a roof. 

I will Ubch (hBD a JeHon wtaih the 
bearing, ftoai princoela, haiF gentjLtj 
fint ipraDK up. 

Brcm/i ^iapfiir<mJIfit.C.,^*. 
la leach mmnj prood, frriiictxt* Hcbolul, 

ro puffed up viUi tlw opinion of 

( FBI 

Pbincod, f. A pincnshion. North. 

Pbinble, >. A imall tilver Scotch 
coin, about tbc value of a penny, 
cuncnt in tbe norlh ofEngland. 

pRiNiT. Take it. Wiltt. 

Fbine, e. (1) To adorn; to be 

(2) To be fomard. North. 

(3) To gaze upon. Wat. 

(4) Tbe barley is jnit prkitiitg 
out of the ground ; juat making 

Print, (1) f. An impreieion ; an 
image; a mould. 

(2) ». Privet. Nort/umpl. 

(3) /n print, with great ex- 

(4) adj. Cleat and bright. Sent. 

Pbiob, *. The crois-bar which 
holds tbe doore of a bam. 

PaiaE, (1) a. Empriie; ■ hazard- 
ous attempt. 

(2) t. The note blown on the 
death of a deer. 

(3) fl4r- Fine; good, 

(4) ». A lever. For. d. 
Pbison, t. (A.-N.) A prisoner. 
PaisTiNATE, ofr. Former; ancient. 
Pbitch, (1) e. To pierce, or make 

hole*. Eail. 

f!)!-. Towithstand. Wat. 

(3) (. A pointed initmment of 

FiiiTcirBL, f. (1) An instrument 

for making hole) in tile ground. 


(2) The iron with which tbe 

smith forma (he boles in the 

E'siTTLB, B. To chatter. Hence 

Pbivado, e. (^an.) A private 

Pbivate, t. Privacy; inlereit. 


Pritt-bvil, I. Adi9uieofb>.nk). 

Prizall, I. A prize. 

Pkizb, e. (1) To Caice open vith ft 

(2) To &Tour an affected limb. 
FoOANDEK, adv. FeridTenture. 

FaoBABLB, a4/. Capable of being 

pROBAL, adj. Probable. SAaitip. 
Pboceri, 01$. (£<i'-) Large. 
pROCBS, t. A Blor;, 

r relation ; 

Phocbank, adj. (Fr.) Near. 
Fbocltvb, v. To be prone to. 
Proct, «. A large wooden prop. 

pROCTOH, (1) ). One wbo acta for 

(2) #. A cant term for a beggar. 

(3) p. Tobnllji toiwagger. 
Prod, a. A goad. North. 
Prodigal, adj. Proud. Her^. 
iWrACE, f. An eiclamation eqni- 

valent to " Much good ma; it do 

The dinner*! hulF done beTore I uv gnte, 
Aai bid Ihe old kDlRht mi lug funl 


PaoGDB, (1) e. To iteal. See Prif. 
(Z) t. A goad. Nor/ 
I'i) V. To tr; to find or obtain 
anything j to pry into holes. 

PnoBCiii, I. (_Lal.) A preface. 

PooiN, \v. To prune; to drew 

froignb, J Ihefeathenai birdado. 

Pkoinbr, I, A pniner. Somernt. 

PaoiNiNQ, ». Prjing. Lme. 

Phobator, "I . 

Froee, p. (1) To entreat; to in- 

(2) To «lir, or poke abont. 
Prokeh, t, A poker. Wane, 
pROEiHO-apiT, t. A rapier. 
PnoLixioua, adj. Prolix. 
Pbollb, d. To Bcaicb \ to proitl ; 

to rob. 
pROLONGEE, ». (1) " For two pro- 

PaoFER, ». A rabbit bnrrow. 
PHofETB, s. Buskin). Exmoor. 
PHorrEa.e. Tododgeone. Devi 
PaoELiOATE, P. {Lai.) To dr; 

(2) A mathematical inatruoient, 
'aOHigc DOUBLY, adv. Accident- 


1, part. p. {lat.) Dis- 

r,a. Apromontnry. 
PnOHOTEB, ». (i) An informer. 

(2) An aperient. Norf. 
Promote, e. To promote. 
Prone, ai^. Changeable. 
Paos-G, I. (I) A havfork. South. 

(2) A point. North. 
Vaaar,iidj. Ofanexcctlentqualil;i 

applied to land. Warvi. 
Proofv, odj. Nutritiout. SwfA. 
Prop, v. To assist. North. 

^,{,\)adj.{,ItaL) Belonging 

Spm.. P. q.. I 



(!) ede. Very , 

(3) e. To (ppropriBW. 

li)ad/. Handaome; nitt}. 
PKOr>a.TiEB. I, DreiMs of acton 

■nd machinery of the lUge. 
pBOPEKTv, f, A disguite. 
Profici, adj. (£«'-) Propiliout. 
pRoriNK, (1) ■. {Lat.) To drink 

(S ) I, An eieuie ; an atonement. 
Peofonkd, part. p. {lat.) Ph>- 

PaoFos, t. (Pr.) A propoiition. 
Puipo.nNDEB, >. A rnonDpolnt. 
pKOPKiH, >■ Prnpertf; poHSNioni. 

nun uusiuorc id m.^^^u.^^^^^^ 

PnoFDLSB, V. {Lat.) To repulse. 
PoJMCsiBE. D. To prescribe. 
Pbobpectitb, ». A penpective 

time iweiriug inC cL-flnK to flud 

nhelhcr ' B barn.ri fcavtr or no, 

EaiUs'l Starckjor Mimef, 1009. 

Fbosfebatiok. s. Proipmty. 

PnoBH.t. ConvrnalionjUUi.A'arht 

Prossih, adj. Bold) forward. 

Pkotenie, *. Exteniion. 

pBOTBa, a. A poker. £<uf, 


An Ufbe foolc eannot fom ■ Ije f« 
hit pLTBiore. but kv frotkoiave vjjl 
faint ■ ibwc tfl miintcjne hiB fooluli 
bBtuu. Si^, Jf«T r, r. 41. 

Pbotuct, f. (laf-) Deli;. 

Pbotbitb, adj. {Lat.) PiequeaUd; 

well Imonn. 

The fnnrtli moflt prointe and inuiifeft 
fF-rijA''] J'AUJM nf Ou XimU. ml. 
P»OD, ». See Pravre. 

i PUA. 

Pbofd, a^. (I) \tlxuit. 

(2) LuxuriaDt. KoHh. 

(3) Full i bigh. Lot. 

H) Maria appeteu. IforlL 

(b) Swelling and inSamed, aud 

of the Bub. Wetf. 

(6) Projecting I extending. Zeie. 
Pbohd-fbab, (. A Idnd of peat 

mentiooed hy Florio. 
Pbodd-tailob, I. Til e geU finch. 
PBonLEB,j. A thief. 
pBOTAHD, 1 1.(1) PraTcnder; pro- 
FBOVAST, Jiiiion. 

(2) e. To aappljr with prort^on. 

SbooU not only luppt; ber inhabtttvti 

(3) adj. Anything proiided. 
Pbotant-mastie, «. The otGcer 

who pro?ided apparel fbrsoHien. 
Pbotende,!. (.^...V.) A prebend; 

a atipend. 
pBOTiADNCE,..(.rf.-A'.) Prorisiaii. 
Prothocb, *. A purveyor. 
Pedvokbhbnt, «. ProTocation. 
Pbovdloe.o. {Lat.} To publish, 
Paow, I. A small boat attending ft 

larger reraeL 
Pbowb, 1. (J,-N.) Honour ; profit. 
Pbowbssb, I. (J.-ff.) Integrity. 
Pbowbe, t. Pioweii. 

Pboit, a^. Prolicaome. JVtrM- 

Pau. See Frowe. 

PauDOAN,*. Pert; proud. 

pBuaax, (. A partner ; a doiy. 
K hit pm/^ upi™ -to >o mnrii itrnk. 
or K pax uuM, u to bmr to hII. he 
Till be inie te driike up ill Ibe niaai. 

Clih-t'i autr-a-r. 
Pbunb-tkeb, a. A plumtree. 
Pbut, I. An excltnUioa of owi- 

Fkute, o. To wander about. 
PaciTEN, e. To be proud. 
PoAtrr, a^. {J.-N.) StinluBt. 


PUB 9 

PoB, (. The poop of ■ tcskI. 

PoBBii,a(tj. Plump; &t. JVort*. 
FuBLB, (. A pebble. 
PncKu-a, ». (J=V.) A maid. 
P»CK, (1) : A hobgoblin. 

(,2) pari. p. Picked. Warv. 
FtrcKEB., I. (1) Confmionj per- 

plexit;i fright. 

(2) An uneTen fold in sn article 

PccKEiiiDaE, t, A diatemper in 
cilTei, aupposed by the Tulgai to 
be commnnicBledto them by the 
farn-owl or goat-aucker. 

PucEETS, t, Vestt of caterpillari. 

Pock-fist,*. (1) Thepnff-bstl.ot 


(2) An empty bositiD| fellotr. 
Pdcele, s. (1) A ipiril, or ghoat. 
Prom pact. 
(2) A pimple. Sab^. 

PlTCK-MBEDLE,>. Tht KOndtX ptC' 

(tn. Hampth. 

Pdckrel, (. A flend, oi gohlin. 

FnCKaT. ». A quagmire. Weil. 

PnD, ». The fist. Iftit. 

Fdddehinq,!. The ancient offering 
of an egg, a handful of gait, aarj 
t bnndi of matchet, on the llrat 
Tislt of a voung child to th« hnuie 
of a neighljour. NorlA. 

Pdddek, I. Confusion ; agitation. 

PVDDERinO-l-DLK, ». A polC for 

■tirring up. 
PuDDiHQ, $, A atufiied cnthion pat 

on a child's forehead when it 

begins to walk. 
PvDDisQ-aAO, I, The long-tailed 

PuDDiNO-Dip, t. Saace. YorisX. 
Pdddino-filleb, (. A glutton. 
PuDDiNO-ORAss, I. PcnnjrnysL 
Pdddino-headed, 111$. Stupid. 
PoDDiNe-aoiE, i. Large wide 

FttDDiNO-noDBE, 1. The belljr. 

FIving hit rictoiOt ILu an hover tt Irut, 
liike nuto Wooliur. tlut uiue nisning 

Hii gnuUiiy tniw at length began to 

MU, BoKlandi, Kniae if ChMi, Mil. 
The amgh IbiC nightl; hrtikeg mi ilapa, 
Ths winds wilhin m; piuUin; iiwH, 

antiflK^ZMit !^ff<^(i, HIS. 
PuDDiNG-FiE, I. A piece sf meat 
plunged in buter and baked in ■ 
deep diih. In Kent. pudding> 
pies are flat, like paslrj'- cooks' 
etaeeae-cakea, made wilh a raised 
Cruat, to hold a small quantity of 
coitsrd, nilh currania lightly 
sprinkled on the surface. These 
are perhaps the real andent pud- 

Hid er«r John of LtjAta pnmhecf 
Of ludj an Antichriit nt puadinff-pfe. 

Ahl hcrw it tickltf c 
how bany mad rroiif 
mbhiag of orchards. 

Jit. And U»D had'it 

r Inngi to think 
nd staling p«lt- 

e-roEi, I. The long-tuled 

The skewer 

hich fastened the pudding-bag. 

DINH-BOFB, f. A crRSset-iigbl. 

nrMQB,». The intestines. A-oWA 

' us Di NO -TIKI, a. Inpuddmg-timr, 

for it vaa formerly the prevaibng 
cDBtom to begin with pudding. 

ncj in Hffliii, itil 

tobacco, mentioned in old writers. 

FoDDLi, (1) a4j. Short and fat. 

(2) V. To make an embnkmeat 
or pond water-tight by lining it 
wilh very wet day wdl trodden. 

-., Google 


(3) e. To tipple, Dmm. 

(t) (. A spud. 
PoDDocE.f. (1) AimilliiidoniTej 

ft piddock. Hamptk. 

(2) Tbe kite. NorHaagrl. 
Posem, t. (1) An owL Leie. 

(2) A ditch. Um. 
PuDQT, a^. (1) Muda^. Tforli' 

(2) Short ind rtordy. 
Pus, (l)f. Pity. 

(2) e. To chirp like birds. 

(3) f. An •nimal'i udder. Wttl. 

(4) V. To put iDto ■ pew id 

Het huh not K«H (ha iiuidn oT i 

PrrriH, t. A wrt of ^ple. Sider, 

Povr-sTONE, (. A porous itone 
deposited by cilcireous mteri. 

PuFr-wiNos,(. A part of the dre«i 

which tprungfram tbe shoulders. 
Pdq, (1) 1. A silmoD iD its third 

(i) a. To eit. Will: 

(5) I. A sort of loim. Staies. 

(6) V. To Bwesit. WartB. 

(7) e. To pnll. Wore. 

(8) tr. To ear. WUIi. 

(9) t, A dirty person. Leie. 
Poo.nttiNK,». W»ter.cider. »>*/. 
Pdooakd, *. A thief. 

PooQBH. 1 >. A gable-end. 

puaOTNO-iND, / i^nton. 
PtroQiHe, t. Refme wheat. R^om. 
PnoOLE, V. To stir Ihe Hre. Eisex. 
Puooy, ad). (I) Damp; foggy, 

(2) Dirty; nasty. Lac. 
PnaiHELLO, t. {IlaL) A puppet; 

the prototype of Punch. 

UI7 to the itudin; gninnmnt and 

imimmciil (jbonl ibe tlHluio nf ?wi- 
■<Ua) miEht paubly be » contriV'd, 

tadshDuJd he ■hletodo kiiuuir. 

£ic*ar^i MHrraJigiu. 1S71. 
Pna-MIRB. 1. A quagmire. Deri. 
Puaa, (. The iulegument or chaff 

of sniill seeds. Narlhampl. 
PoQ-ToOTB, t. The eye-tooth. 

Pdish£,(. (n-.) A tmall creature. 
Pd.3B*koe, », tJ.-N.) Power. 
FuK>,(l)t. A gray or dark colour, 

(2) B. To Tomit. North. 
PuL. ». (AS.) A pooL 
PtiLCHE, e. iA.-N.) To polish. 
Pdlchkb, ». St. Sepulchre, 
Pdlchbitude, I. {Lat.'s Beauty, 
PuLDRONB, ». {A.-N.) Armour for 

the shoulder and upper part of 

Pule, (I) v. (perhsps from Fr. 

piailUr.) To cry. PuUr, a weak 

puling person. 

(2) I. A ]iew. Ltmc. 
PuLETTE, t. (A-ff.) A chieken. 
PuLTijJ, I. A rat boy. Wnl. 
PuLiD, a. A Idte (the bird). Line. 
PuLK, t. (1) A djinply person. 

Pulig, fat and short, £iu^ 

(2) A coward. Linr. 

(3) A puddle, or shallow pooL 
Norf. See Pott. 

PuLLAiLE, ». (j(.-;*r.) Poultry. 
Foullailler, a poulterer. 

PULLBN I*' '^<•''''^■ 

Hiat csrat, like a Mie foie, my pull^'ii to 

amHn-eirt.,0. PL, ii,«3. 

She can do pnttr well in the faMttj, aii 

a.^- Fl.,fkanifit Lad), y, i, 

Pollen, i. A small cmb. ^orfA. 
Puller, i. (1) A lofl for poultiy. 


(2) Pwt of the wewer't web. 
" Props or itayea beiria; up the 
neb : the pttUert and hameuu." 
Pdi-let-pibcu, t. Armour for the 

PcLii-DTER, (. A CBmage-way over 
the banki of the sei. IMe. 

PirLFATODN, I. A lort of cake. 
With s French troop of fstfiUymt, 
BucliviMiii, kud:>lii»>, gnail >di1 

Hibtifi MtcrBOiaai, 0. PL, ix. 134. 

PoLL-BKED, », The artimdo dmia 
(literally pool-reed). Someratl. 

Piii.Ls,j. The chaff of pulie. North. 

Pdlnent, t. (^t.) A tort of pot- 

PdLSE, (. Pottage. SOBKrHt. 

Fdlset, >, A poultice. North. 

PcLsiDOB, t. Pulie. 

Pui.TBBa, t. TbenieniDniineawha 

conve]' the coal ftaia the hewen. 

PcLTiiit-wsDKBiDAT, t. Aih-Wed. 

PuLTiLio, 1. A Mrt of perfuRifl. 

boiH, Ihcu UKtice botlili, Uiii piir or 

All 101 

your ^Lnnen. Portugal «v«ti to bora iq 
Tovi cluuiiber- 

SiaJuttt, Buty Air, Itftt. 

FDLWEB.K, I, A pillov. 

PuM, V. To thump. Norfh. 
Fduble-hose, I, A large ocugc. 

PouuACB. See Pommace. 
PuHMBt., e. To beii. 
PuuHBL-rooTBD.ail'- Club-footed. 
- Wal. 
PuHMEL-Tan, *. A whippletree 

for honca. 
PuuMiB, adf. Lai^. North. 
PuMMT, adj. Palpy. 
PuuF, n. To aak a Tariety of qne). 

tioni of « penon, with ( itew to 

draw all Iheinforinttion pomUe 

from him. 
PuuFioN, I. A pumpkin. 
PcH n-K-r OOTID, ai{r. Ctub-footecL 

Pun, (1) V. To poand. 

(2) *. A amall akillet. Line. 

(3) I. A child'* pinafore. Dteo», 

(4) t. A ilow perioa. North- 

Fdncb, (1) a4i. Short and fat. 

(2) e. To kiek. Yorkth. 

(3) >. A hard blow. 

(4) n. To work haid. Oxfd. 

(5) (. A kind of hone. Suf. 
PuHCH-CLOD, (. A clodhopper. 

PnNOBioN, f. (1) An upright tin). 

her in a paitition \ a joiat. 

(2) A bodkin. North. 
Pdhctbd, part. p. {Lat.) Punc- 

PoNCnoN, (. {Lot.) A puncture. 
pDifD, ». A pound. North. 
PoHDEK, (1) t. A mortar. Yoriih. 

(2) B. To b«l«nce eTenly. Ent. 

(3) V. To puzzle. Walm. 

(4) I. A crau bar attached to 
the BbafCa of a cart, to keep the 
body in a horiionlal pciitlon 
when loaded. Northampl. 

PuNDLB, t. A dirty alovenly girL 
Pdn OLE-TREK, ». The wooden 

croaa bar to which the horaea are 

fattened when they draw plougha 

or harrowi. Norf. 
PtrMaAa,t'. To read a book. South. 

Vr IvmlJ ttf^ veil, and then Otef 

Dmamii, Tki jUna'f thi Katttr. VXi. 
PoNQ, (1) t. Apurae. 

{2)pitTt.p. Pushed. Exmoor. 
PoHOAK, (■ A crab. Ktnl. 
PonoKm, part. p. Pricked. 
PDKOELL.e. To poke. Narthangit. 
PcTHOEBjV. To spuiige upon. Wut, 


PUM 1 

PoKOLCD, adj. ShriieUed. Sail. 
PnNiCB, e. (J-tf.) To punish. 
Pdnish, ». To giTB p»iii. Leie. 
PuHiBBUiNr, t. Pun. fF'ftf. 
PoKiTioH, *. PiinighmenL 
PCNK, (1) ». A proatitulc. 

(g) Touch-wood. North. 
pDXKT, (1) adj. Dirt;. Derb. 

(Z)». A chi[niiey-»weeper. farjbA. 
PoHBE, V. To punch. North. 
PuBT, 0. To push with force. 
pDBT, \adj. NMtitidy. Narth- 

VVttTT.i ampt. 
Pdhto, (. A tenn in fencing. 
Pqot, f. A pole for propelling 

baigei. North. 
PnPFT, t. A puppet. Eatt. 
Ptr», (1) e. To kick. North. 

(2) (. A poker. Litit. 

(3) (. Aniileiheeponefeu old. 

(4) (. A boT. Dorttt. 
PdsbiiInd, a4i. Short or wekk 


Some furhlinit tnrber povled him, to 

"t 111' h'i" "> nnMuallj. "nil l™ve 

Se Mxa' '" if™ i.° liiit^'im. 
Pdbchabi, t. (I) Bootf. 

(2) LeTeni^ ; > fulcnini. 
PuiDT, (1) nifi. Surlj; proud. £uf. 

(2) I. A thiekMt fellow. North. 
Pdbk, (I) e. Topuriff. 

(2) a4f. Poor. 

f3) flrfe. Very, 

(4) o^'. In good heiltb. 

(5) J. A ouit l«rm bu ■ proili- 

Fuu-cASB, (. Animtli, when well 

PuRELiNo, t. A Puritan. 

Pc»BLi, ml». Prettily; perfectly; 

PuarLK,(l)(. Ahem; gold lisioe. 
(2) r. To omunent with ttjm- 
mingt; to embroider. 

Pdboatokt, I. The pit of ■ fire- 
place. Wtst. 

PuRoiHa-puB.L, (. A alight relax- 
ing medicine made from beet- 
TOOt, coriindei, MIU14, &c 

a PUR 

PiTRaT, s^. Proud; conceited. 

Pdrie, t. {Fr.) A sort of potti^e. 
Puritan, t. A cant term for ■ 

PcsEBT, 1. A apeciei of wheat. 
Pou., (1) (. A circle made by the 

motion of a fluid ; aa eddy. 

(2) F. Toruninciiclesoreildie*. 

(3) >. Aborder.orhem 1 afringe. 

(4) I. Watch, or guard. Conuc. 

(5) t. Ale mixed with wormwood 

PoKLB, V. (perfaipi from Fr. par. 
filer.) (1) A term in knitting, im- 
plying the act of inverting the 
atitchea lo give the work adifferent 
appearance in those paiti. Noj/'. 
(2) To prow!. 

PUKLBV. (I) I. A porlien. 
(2}a.j>. Weak-iighted. WiUi. 

Pdbuciib, 1. A llouriih in wriling- 

PDBI.1N8, (. Timbera which Ue 
inside the rafteia to iCiengthen 

PcRL-BOTAL, 1. A iiquor. 

Take cjder ud oida it u before di- 

, iwell 

dry«d, pui it iato a eanrai-bii^. Hiid bj 

midJle la'or ll'^yi" and S^'inchM 

■ nd luie, u that it nil add a curkma 

•omq diTmicai dr 


Pdrn, (. An inatrnment for hold- 
ing a licioua hone by the note 
whilit (hoeing. 

PuKPAiN, (. A napluD ; a conttter- 

Pdkflbb, (. A ipeciei of orchi*. 
See Long-purplt: 

Pdkfbestdbb, (■ An encroach- 
ment on public property. 


PUR 7 

PcraPBWB,*. (^..JV.) Anindoinre. 

Pdrpubing, adj. Purple coloured. 

Fdbe-baklbv, t. Wild biile;. 

FuRaBL-WAT,f. The boundar; line 
of 1 parish. 

PnnsB, V. To Uke parses ; to rob. 

PoHH, I. A ipeciea of vild avine 
formerly common in the moun- 
tain diatrieti of the lale of Mao. 

Pdbse-lkech, I. An eilortioner. 



muiiur. SUtala'i Dabarlsi. 

Pdkbk-het, *. A net drawn to- 
gether It the ends nith a itrins, 
used to catch rabbiti by being 
eitended over their holea. 

ntklniLtd hooks, or take a wliale wilb a 

emet. then may yee relourne witt a 
hoi^e, and an emptre paria, 
Saolamli. Sn^cifor Mimr}, 1609. 

Purses, i. A popular name for 
■parks which crack and separate 
as they fly out of the fire. 

PuKSLEN,«. Porcelain. 

Va'BXT,pert.p. Gone anty. 

PuKT, V. To pout; to Bolk. Wat. 

Vv3.Tt,:{A.-N.) Purity. 

PuiTKHANca, t. (1) Au ap- 
(2) An animal's intestines. 

PvnTiNa-GLtrMPOT, 1, A sulky fel- 
low. Devon. 

PrrRTiT, p. (A.-N.) To provide. 

Pdbvbtjincb, I. (1) (J.-N.) Pro- 

(2) Foreright. 
PiTKTii., r. To live by artful means. 

PuBWATTLz, *. A apluhed hedge. 

Pui-wiaoT, (. A tadpole. Aijf. 
Pi7SH.(. (1) AboiL 

(2) An eidamatioD. 
Pdshibi, (. ToDDg canary-birda 

which can juit fly but ca: 

feed themielvea. 

1 PUT 

PosB-FiN,(. An old gambliuf gtme 

with pins. 
Puaa-PLOuoH, 1. A breast-plongfa. 

FuBKiLS, >. A pustule. 
PusEiTCBiN.f. AtaJe-teller. tfal. 
PuBir, adj. Wheezy. Somtrut, 
Put, (1) I. A dawn. 

Haw than look'et lik« an heir Indeed, 

lindit Ihc KnTTj phiE of a mccr conn- 

(2) V. To push. North, 
h) t. An attempt. Wane. 

(1) I. A game at cards. 

(5) (. {A.-S.) A pit, or cave. 

(6) .. A mole-hill. Suff. 

(7) e. To stumble. Norf. 

(8) (. A Bort of cart which torn* 
up to discharge the load. 

(3) e. To bring the coals from 
the workings in a mine to the 

(1 0) t. A stinking fellow. Dnon. 
Pdtaik, I. {A.'N.) A prostitute. 
PuTATLit, ». {A-N.) Low people. 
PoTCH, (1) 1. A pit; a puddle. 


(2) e. To hand up with a pitch- 
fork. Somertet. See Pitch. 

PoTCHsiN, >. A wicker bottle Into 
which the spigot ia put in order 
to strain off beer to cool. Wtti. 

Pdt»B!k,i. {A..N.) Whoredom. 

PtiTHERY, adj. (1) A term applied to 
a sheep when it has water on 
the brain. Saaaex. 

PnTOlfB,».(.J.-W.) A' 

Put-pin. See Puiftpi 

PoTBB, e. To cry. North. 

Pdtteb, ». A lever. Suff. 

PuTTtcB, (. A stoat, or weaael. 

Pdttook, ». (1) {A.-S.) A kite. 
(2) A prostitute. 

PuTTocK.cANDt.E, ( A amsll can- 
dle pat in to make weigbt. Kent. 


PUT 7i 

PnT'UPOM. «. Tocijole) to dcceiTe. 
PuXK, J. A place on irhich jm 
cumot trewl witboat dtnger of 
dnlfin; into it. Sommtt. 
Pitt, 1 i. A boatmu'i pi^ foifced 
ror, I tt the end, with which be 
piubei the brat ilong. Line. 
PtrizKL.I (. (IlaL) A filthy drab; 
roiLB, /■ proititDte. 
Bo DOT Tet mmj iiQjlo or ftaeHatha 
huid. ' SlJiL,Imil.-/jiHsa. 

Somb mthj qncvii, ciwcLflllj our pub 
lUiolFixa, UK thii ofljM theft, 

Sttfk. JfoLjir Hercd., K07. 

Pdzzlb,!. Apieceofwood&itened 
to a dog'i lower jaw, and uied in 
tmning it. 

PnzzuUit. (I) Poiion. PiumD;^ 
poiioDOai. Cnatn. 
(2) Malice, tfort/i. 

PwiNE-END, 1 t.lheahBrppoint- 
FWlNBN-END, J cdendof a bouae, 
where the wjUl riaei perpendicu- 
larly from the foundation. So- 

Fybot, a. The fonnh part of ■ 
buihel. Lymtu' Stmnmt of 
London, 1, 616. 

PrcLi, t. A amall field. Berii. 

Ptb. Faiier nf the Pye, the 
chairman of a couTirial meeting. 

Ftke, e. To moTe off. 
PVNANDS, adj. FainfuL 
Ptne, (. Punighment ) tortnie. 
Ptonino, (. A militaiy work of 

Ptoahid, t. The ipiie of a church. 
PntB, V. To pry. 

Q: The mark id the college ac- 
coanta at Oxford foi half ( 
farthing. See Cue, 


Qv,f. Acne. S&iffrip., ed. 1623, fol. 
QOAB, .. (1) {A.S.-) A awl rf 
lamprey; an eel-powt. 

(2) An unfledged bird. 

(3) Anything imperfect. 
QuABBi, (. A quagmire. 
Quack, v. To be noiay. Weit. 

Qd AC KINO-CHEAT, t. An Old Cant 

term for a duck. 
Qdacele, p. To choke. Ea»t. 
QoACESALVEB, uow uaually abbrc- 

Tiated into qitaek. 
The meaiLt the; pnctu'd, not ridicntoiu 

or chnttag oHctiibcrt. or mountebHiki. 
B; them applied. 

MoMM., A 7eri W<inaii, ii. 9. 
QnAD, fldj. (^..5.) BadT wicked. 
QuADDLB, r. (1) To ahriiel ap. 


(2) To hoil sently. Horf. 
(icAOor.adj. Short and Ihick.Eatl. 
QdadKiV. To tpoil; to breakdown. 
Qi^ADLiHa, t, A codling. Norf. 
<iv\DB.\T,adJ. Arranged in iquares. 
QVADsiLLB, 1. Square piecea of 

peat or turf, fflo/1 

'. game at carda. 

QcAOQE.v. (1) To quiier; to ahake. 
Shin I bs like Die iniTjH orimre cLoll), that 
To him a Itrultini nauth mai qtuuip' 
with tat TnuAalm afTcrmi. 1M6. 
(2) To tickle ; to eicite, or prick 

Qdaoqi-b, t. A tremulous motion. 

QnAoar, adj. Soft and tremuloaa. 
QOAiD, adj. Broken down; de- 

Qdail, (1) V. To oyerpawet. 

(2) •. To go wrong. 

(3) n. Toiield; to fail; to de- 
crease ; to faint. 

(4) t. To curdle; to coagulate. 

{b) t. A proatitute. 

■riJt thtD mTor B0. 




QUAIL-UDTTON, t. DiMUcd mut- 

Qdaiht, 01$. Nest; ingenions. 
Qiuiin/ii««, be>uty. 

<)uAitiTa, V. Toicquamt. 

<lD*i«, ,. (A.-N.) A quire; > 
book. Book) were written in 
bnndlei of eight leirei, or four 
double leiiei, which were nfler- 
warda bound Id a volume. Each 
of tUeae bundln, from the tinm. 
ber of piecei, or double IcaTei, it 
contained, ira> called in Latin 
puiltmio, the Anglo-Norman 
and Engliih form of which wai 

QtTAiBT, 01^. Indigeitible. North. 

QUA.T, .. A quoit. 

QiTAKE, (1) e. To ahake. SAatiip. 

(2) ,. (A..S.) Trembling. 
QuAKBB-oaAiB, I. QuakiQg grass. 


Qdalb, e. To kill. See Quelle. 
QUALiFT, V. To appeaie. 
QuALiTT, I. Profeaaion. 
QtTALiTT.ifAKE, t. The gentry. 

QuALME, *. (^.-£) Sickneu; pei- 

QuAMP, adj. Still; quiet. Gloae. 
QdaNdabk, (. Aatrait; a quandary. 

QuAHDOBOH, t. A polite speech. 

QiTAHK, r. To overpower. Weil. 

Qdant, I. (I) A pole nsed by 
bargemen to push on their craft 
in adverse or scanty winds. Eat, 
(2) A walking stick. Kent. 

QcAPPK, c. To qnake. 

QuAS. (1) f. A qnarry. Well. 
(2) V. To co^ale. Somen. 

.QoAtta, V. To cut Into piece*. 

QtrABBL, (. See Quarrel. 

lata lOKe lo^im that pen that Is 
» bnken vlth a Mlkcn thmd ud ■ 
fnUuHi. JlidiealMS.,\iatat. 
QoARiEB, 1 t. A wai-candle, con< 
ttuAaiON./sitting of ■ aqoare 
lump of wax with a wick in the 

Qdabibn, v. To struigle. 

QcABL, B. To quarrel. Semenef. 

QoAHne, a4f. (.<..JV.) Square. 

QuABKii.,1. (_A.-K.) (1) An arrow; 
but more eipeeiali; a square dait, 
thrown from ■ croai-bow, or. OD 
a larger scale, from an engine. 
(2) A square of glass. 
The lounge ii a m«t bnutiful flgua. 

SkaJnU, 1%4 Samn, IBM. 
(3J A quarry of atone. 

(4) A private combat. 
QuABB.Ei.0DB, ailj, QuaiTelsoiDe. 
Qdabrier, I, A quarryman. 

the body. 
QcABBT, (1) I. Prey, or game. A 
hawking term. 

(2) ,. An arrow. See QuaTreL 

(3) adj. Fat; corpulent. 

(i) I. (Fr. jtUTTHLi,.) A thia 
square brick for pacing the floon 
of kitchens. Nbrthampt, 

(5) t. A aquaie of glau. 3ae 

QuABT, I. (I) (Pr.) A quarter. 

(2) Threepoundaofbutter. J>le. 
Qdabtbb, (1) f. A distnrbsDce. 

f2^ (. A square panel. 

(3; t. An upright piece of timbu 

in a partition. Semeriel. 

(4) e. To drive B carriage ao m 
to prevent the wheels going into 
the ruts. Northampt. 

Qdabtebaoe, t. A qnarter'i wagei, 


QUA ] 

QuAKm-CBOWN, *. A. coin. 

iDgDt. smrlir-crnnKi, and trfie nrietr 
OTiKlur tojnt in cvtn rsome did tve. 

QVAKTIftiB, (. A lodger. DtlXM. 
QuABTBR-BViL, <. A diieue in 
' p. Jb^A. 


(. A 

three part* amrted. 
Qdabteboh, t. (^.-JV.) Aquirter. 
Quaktek-blihsb, i. Rop«> or 

chiini lued op ihipboird in tbe 

16tb cent. 
QrAmTBR-STAfr, t. Attaffaiedin 

eDiDb4C, held by the middle ao u 

to itrike «ilh either end. 
QcabtleI I. A qauter. 
QfABB, 1. (1) A pompion. 

(2) A pod of foUDg peas. 

Qdasiuddo-sundat, 1. The first 

Sunday after Easter. 
HvAiTK.parl.p, Smashed. 
QnAT, (1) ,. A pLmple, or spot. 

(2) t. A diminutive person. 

O joaag jnAi I inwntineDK ti pbfned 

{3)e. Ton 

Uate. Somenel. 

(4) 0. To flatter. Dnon. 

(5) e. To squat down. Dorwel. 

(6) t. The Jitting of ■ hare. 

(7) prtt. I. Quitted. 

(B) 7^ go la gtuit, ilTaiale^MFe. 
QuATCH, (1) V. To peach; to 

(S) a4i. nat. Shakfp. 
(3) t. A word. B»ki. 
QnATBB^JADEi, (. The qnartert 
of the hour atrudi by the clock. 

QvATaiKs, ado. In good con- 
QlUTBOH, t. {A.-N.) A qulrlem. 
QtTAtroHT, V. To drink deeply. 
Quatb, «. To shake; Co tremble 
QcAVB-uuB, 1. A qoagmire. 

1b midst of which « moddie miosnun vu, 
InU> Ibe ume m; horK did I^i. ard liy 
Up to tha hellie, wljicb mi fliplit did itaj. 
Mirr.for Mofiil., p. tSi. 

QuATmBT-uATBKr, o^f'. Unde- 
cided. Eait. 

Qdayin-qoo,!. Aqoagmire. Willt. 

QoAWK, e. To rumble interndly 
from wind. Leic. 

QlTAT, (. See Whtf. 

QnATBD,fMrf.p. Subdued. Renter. 

Qdb, (. A small piece of money, 
estimated at half a farthing. 

QuEACB, : (1) A thicket. 
Id Ibe nomse ar tbe iriicld, taoA 


ir, IWiiu)i.,p.3S!l. 

(2) A plot of ground coTeied 

with queaches. Eatt. 
QcBACHY, adj. Wet; swampy. 
QuEAL, V. To faint. Dm. 
Qdeah, (. A woman ; a drab ; a 

QiTEAar, 011/(1) Squeamish ; deU- 

(2) Rather sick. Berkt. 

(3) Brief. Dmon. 
Qubate, t. Peace ; quietneu. 
QnsAig, (. A plot of marshy 

QuEcoBD, (. Aq old game sap- 
posed to resemble shoiel-board. 

Qded, (1) adj. {A..S.) Bad; wicked. 
Quedna, iciquilj. 

(2) ». An evil person. 
QuEDB, i. (1) {A.~S.) EviL 

(Z) The devil. 

(3) A bequest. 
QoBDBii, e. To sWver. 
QuEE, >. A female ctlf. NortlL 
QnsED, (. The cud. 

QuBESLE, P. To swing backward* 

and forwards, crouching down 

on the heels. Leie. 
QuEBB, V. To squeeze; to pinch. 

QuKEi,, p. (I) To extinguish. Lite, 

(2> To grow flabby. Demn. 


The' pencil geraniuTii, geranium 

striatum, Northampt. 
QuKEN-BKBs, ». The queeoof clobs. 

QDEBH-cAiit, *. A email hearU 

shaped pound-cake, ybrthampl. 
QBiBN's-GAum, ,. A E»me at 

QnBeN'a-ooLD, *. Part of tlie an- 
cient revenue of (be queeni of 



flowen of the guelder-n»e. 
Qdees, (1) adj. Bad; couulerfeit. 

(2) t>. To puzzle. 
QuEEttaniBT, I. A quiz. Hertf. 
QcGGB-wsDaKS, I. Large bocliles. 

QcEE3T, \ I. A wood-piieoa. 

anBisrJ Wat. 
QuEEVE, V. To vibrate. Bedi. 
Qdiint, "If. Pudendum f. A word 


Next her nak« bde. 
That naam mab ml^ht y-n. 

QoEiNTANcE, (. Acquaintance. 
qoEinTS, t,l) adj. {A..if.) Strange; 
GUriouf; artful; aeat. Queiniise, 

(2)parl.p. Quenched. 
QnEiiB,;we(.(. Crept. 
QuKE, c. To quack. 
QUKLCR, t. A blov. 
QUKLLB. v. (_J..S.) To kill. 
QuKLLio, t. (§jim.) A ruff for the 

Qdelme, e. (A..S.) To kilL 
QnBLTBT. B<f>. Hot;iultry. Dte. 
Qdbme, (1) p. (.^^.-5.) To plewe. 

TuejIoidM to J^BM. 

Pm n IThiKl qfEin. 
(2) *. Pudendum f. A word at 
leatt a* old aa the I6th cenL 

(3) o. To beqaeath. 

(4) 7b queme a thing into one'a 
hatid, to >lip it into the hand 

Quench, v. To put in water, 
QuBNQEEi, «. To conjure. 
Qdbn.noes, ,. Quinces. 
QoEKTLr, adv. Easily. Gawaynt. 
Qdeshliko, t. A kind of api^le ; a 

QoBAELE, a. {A..N-) A complaint ; 

a aubject of dispute. 
QoBKEVTEO,!. Adioiister. 
Qdbrk, (1) p. To moan ; to gnint. 


(2) I. A moulding. North. 

(3) t. A quandary; trouble. 
QuBBEBH, e. To choke. 
QCEBH, t. (.i.-S. ntvorx.) (1) A 

hand mill. 

(2) Corn. Shropih. 

QcEBFO. See Cuerpo. 

QuEgDHE. 1 P. TotaflbCBle; to 
auEBSou, J smother. Iforf, 

Qdest,(1)(. The sides of an oven. 
Pies are said to he qunied when 
their sides hsve been crushed 
by each other, or so joined to 
themas to be lessbaked. North. 
(2) V. (A..N.) To Bi"e toigue. 
as a spaniel does when he comei 
on the scent of the game.^. (£a/.) Profitable. 

QoETHE, (1) t. Harm. See Qaedt, 

(2) V. To bequeath. 

(3) V. {A.-S.) To decUie. 
(1) 1. Cry; clamour. 

Qdetouse, (. A scab, or swelling; 

QuETBB, ai^. Lively. Weit. 

QoBW, adj. Cold. 

Qcir. See Qay- 

Qdbzzen, e. To suffocate with 

noiioos vapour 1 to tniotlieT. 

QuiB,*. A (aunt. 
QuiBiBEs.s. Cubebs. 
QuiBLiN, a. To try to deceive. 
QnicE, (. A wood-pigeon. Qlaue. 
Quiche,! t>. (.^■•S. cucian.) To 


Quick, (1) «^- {A.-S.) Alive. 

<2) a^. Pregninl. 

(3^ 01$. Shup. Dnim. 

(4) (. The hiwlbora pliDti ut 

for ■ hedge. 
Quick-beam,*. A imall tree of the 

uh ipeciea, remvliable for the 

qaickaesi of iti growth. Svuex. 
QuiCKBN, (1) t. To work with 

yeaat. North. 

(2) I. Couch.grui. North. 

(3) p. To conceiTB with child. 
QmcKEKgf. A quickset hedge. Wttl. 
QniCKLiHoa, i. Young iutecti. 

QoTCEHiax,*. Aquigmire. Daion. 
Qdicki, f. Couch^grui. Norf. 
QuicEBiT, «. The ^oug pUnCi for 

■ hedge. 

doth ittaj. Atmvu^, leiK. 

QuicswooD, I. Thorni. Yorltth. 
Qdid, I. The CQd. 
Qdiddilnt. I- [Lal.ejidimium.) A 

jim or pmene made of quincet. 

A term foood ip old citulterf- 

Qdiddeb,*. Avery old hone, which 

let! the hiy or grua fell which 

be hM chewed, ii called a guidder, 

and the hay he dropi guidt. 
Quiddity, i, A aublletf . 
Qdiddle, e. To auck, ai ■ child 

doea hii thumb. Norlhanipl. 
QuiDLiHO, t. A codling apple. 
Qdiruh. (. (Lat.) (IJTheotSdil 

diichai^ of an account. 

(2) A floiihing hlow. (Cant.) 
QuirriNo-pOTa, (. Halfgilla. iW. 
QuiL, I. The reed on which the 

weaven wind their beadi for the 

QuiLK, 1. A haycock ready for 

carrying; ft heap of injthing. 
QoiLKiK, t. A frog. Cartue. 
Quill. (1) «. The fold of a roif, 

which waa plaited and quilled. 

(2) «. To form Bue linen into 

6 QUI 

imall Tonud foldi, fit lo admit ■ 

(3)1. The atelk of a reed. 

(4) I. The faucet of a barrel. 

(i) In the quia, written. 
QciLLiB, I. An unfledged bird. 
QciLLET,*. (l)Aquibble;a trick. 
ibop fiaUili ri Ou law, 

si^iHi^.yi He*. 71, it, 4. 
I pliilDsoplij, Hiid Torking 

Who Uking Uu opportnnilic of tkg 
hidra(arei,LiiiDinj mattera diitntted, 
liuklni xai ealu^lin; anm with 


sttioDi tb 
bold off, u 

d deUy judgi 


(2) A furrow. North. 

(3) A croft. Divm. The word 
ocean in Ihia aeiue in as act of 
23 Hen. VIII, relating to Nor- 
folk and Suffolk. 

Qun-L-TUKN, (. The initrament in 
wbicb a weaver'! quill ia turned. 
" The tpoling wheele, or quit 
tnrne." Nomenel. 

QuiLLT, D. To harden ; to dry. Dev. 

Qdilt, (1) p. To beat. Var. d. 

(2) t. To be fidgety. Smtih. 

(3) >. To rvallow. Wat. 
(4)a($. Almoat worn out. Wight. 

QiriN, t. A apecici of apikenard, 
QuiNCB, (. The king's-eviL 


Take the qdincH and pot then iuta 
bollinE water nnpHsd: Uien let thon 
bi^ icrj fail nnconitd that they may 
not tqlonr; and wli™ OiBj ant tnrj 
t«Dder, take thein off and p«l tliiuQ, 
— J !.__. -■-■.pjptjfy unallwLthiiigari 

iba al it thidcoau lo oat lika ■ 

•i BilijU, ItTL 


(2) *. A twitch, or jejk of the 

(3) V. To make a loise. 
QuiN^, .. (fi-.) A wedge. GIbM. 
Qdinnt, adv. Not quite. Eatt. 
QuiNOLA, ». (^».) A term in 

primero (or ■ chief card, vhicb 

Traa of every loit, like pim at loo. 

QviNSB, V. To carve a pic 

\a qwHtiKg ploTcn, and Id w^ 

J to be tilted at; in 

old putime. 
Qdintek, f. A two-year-old sheep. 
QuiNTuas, I. Dfllivery) cure. 
Quip, i. A ihiirp retort, 
QciKTOiLi. See Odrbaily. 
QuiRE-atBD, t. One lately Oat of 

priaon, atid seeking a place. 

A cant term found in Dekker. 
QoinE-curviN, t. An oid cant 

term for a churl. 
QoilusoN, a. (j4.-^.) Acomplunt. 
Quire, (1) *. A paneofglau in 

farm of a rhomb. 

(2) e. To grunt; to compliia. 

(3) t. The clock of a itocking. 

SI) V. To question any one; to 
law him out. Nort/ianipl. 
QciBEV, adj. Sportive. Liai!. 
Qdiseks, f. Chnstmas mummen. 

Derb. {A..N.) 
^ia\6t%,t.{A,-N.) ArmoDrfor the 

QuiBET, adj. Dejected, North. 

Qoiar, I. Tiieringdovejiometiniei 

called a troodjuiil. 
QuisTER, I. A bleacher. Nomt. 

QoisTEON. .. {A.-N.) A beggir, 
QoiT, (1)1.. To remove. 

(2)part.p.<^QitUt. Acquitted. 
Quitch, if. To flincb ; to stir. 
QDiTCD-aBA«s, (, Dog'a grass. 

r QDO 

Qditclaim, 0$. Free &om cldm.' 
QtriTB, (1) e. {,A.-N.) To pay off, 

(3) v. To acquit. 

h) adj. {A.-N.) Fieeiqniek 

(4) adj. White. 
Qditelich, adv. (A.-S.) Preely; 

at liberty. 

QniTBKiNT, adv. Euliielr. 

QotTE-FATH, 1. A dry and cbu 
footway or road, A^or^ 

QniTTEa, «, Matterfromawoand. 

QoiTTEm-aoNK, t. A diaeaM ; pro- 
perly a hard swelling od the 
crown of a hone. 
Crfrtrue-inb, ud 

acevEB, J 

afChMi, ISll. 

adj. Nimble, agile. 

JUtae that higbt mBiiU 
wliich n fuU iKtifr >nd iwitt. 

QuiizLK, t. To suffocate. Noif. 

Quo, Quoth. 

QuoB, (1) *. A bog. WmI. 

(2) V. To >tir ; to move. 

(3) V. To beat. 

Qdod. (1) (for OwIA.) Saya. 
(!) a. A prison. 

(3) V. To fish for eels irilh a num- 
ber of worm I Btrang on a thread 
of worsted, and tied up in a 
baneh. The worsted hanging in 
the teeib of the eels, causes 
them to be caoght, Hangiik, 

Qdodlino, f. A codling. 

QoQiF, (. pi. guoivn. A cap. 

vDu^d iDirt^ dvnn in jupivet 


QnoiL, r. (1) A tumult. See CaiL 
(2) A haycock. Leie. 

QD0il.Eas, (. The breeching, or 
that part of a cart-horse's har- 
ness, which is placed behind to 
ensbte him to hold back the 
cart, when going down hilL 


QUO 7 

QvoiNB, >. Coin. 
SiTd mn to toUin what nwi'ju hut ? 
Mj (uiii>lit «iiti.U.j!™nn. 

QooE.^rrf.^. Qiuked. 
quQNDAM, 1. (£a/.) A penon 

formerly in office, equiTilent to 

the French ei-daitmt. 

The king, (beeiDK he had KiTed hi> 

QvoNiAM, I. A lort of drinkiag 
He drinke ii mre to go, whether it bg 

QuoHS, f. Aband-mUlforgrinding 

BUitarf-ieed. Eait. 
QcoNT. See Quant. 
Quop, V. To tbrob. For. d. 
Qdoklb, (. A (pindle. 

r. Ad ipflHinniBtory pugtule. 

To notice; to write 

(JooTiDiAL, adj. Daily. 
QuOTBD, I part. p. Qoyed ; 
aooTT, \ glutted. SoBi*. S« 
anoTTBDj Qml, 
Qdeup, p. To quiel. Oif. 
QuvLLEB. See QuiUer. 

0, fir, Tour <rhiiinD ia but e nyTUf jet, 
|ou wiJl be DiDit mnjeiticair when it ii 

Qvr,*. Acow-CBlf. 

QuTCB, (. The fuize. Fr. Pan. 

Ba, ». (A.-S.) The roe-deer. 
Raas, v. To anstch; to take from. 

See Race. 
Raatb,s. Heart; condition. Craeen. 
Bab, (. (1) A wooden beater to 

bray and incorporate mortar. 

(2) A aort of loam. Comw. 


Rabati, 0. To reeover the fiat 
after the hand has been lonered; 

Babato, I. A bend, or ruff (from 
Fr. ratal.) ' See Beialo, the 
more uaual form of the word 
among our old wrilera. 

Babbate, tl) V. To abate, or 

(2) J. Abatement. 

Rakben, t. (J.-N.) Tumipa. 

Habbetibo, I. (1) The lapping 
over of tbe edgea of tno board* 
fitting together, cut far that por- 
poae with what is calledaraiieN 
plane. Properly, rebalmg. 
(2) The groove in tbe atone* 
«ork of a window to admit the 

Babbikh, adj. (1) Rash. 
(2) Extortionate. 

Rabbit-it. A common exclama~ 

Od-rabbit-U I and contracted 
thence into See Odt. 
RABBTT-aucKKB, t. A tQcking 
young rabbit 

I prefer m dWs ronj before » ni**»i- 
ncbr, Biid ID U]dEDl beniie heron ■ 

Lflf't Sid^mim, T, 2. 
Rabbli, (1) e. To gabble. Norlh. 

(2)». A sort of Take. 
Rabbleuent, I. (1) Idle talk. 


(2) Dregi, or refuse. Somert. 

(3) The mob. 
Babblb-rote, f. A repetition of a 

long roundabout itory. Devon. 
Rabihbt, la. A tort of amall 

Babinb, I. Rapine. 

Rabit, «. (1) (A,.N.) Awttr-horse. 

(2) A sort of drinking-vesiel 

made of wood. 

StroDE heeria rabiU and eheaUnir peimy 
. euu. FnmitifTotiMKitiAii,\m. 


R&c*,(I)(i. To teu;toiDitch. 

(2) V. To era.e. 

(3) t. The meeting of tiro tidet. 
[i) : A imall ttream. Yoriih. 
TheartiGctal cut to a. HBtec-mill. 

(5) t. The peculiar Qavpur or 
tute of nine, or the original dii. 
poaition of anytliiog. 

Then ome not nx da;i linu from Boll 

or jTthaiurj. wbick ihill tpcnd itielT 
For Bf IiuIt'b hmmDr. 

Or. \t^ DDBBier lirFuJy- 


(6) (. A great number. 

(7) I. A Ihruit with a dagger. 
Is) I. Rennet fat cheeae. North, 
h) ». A airing. Owon. 

(10) I. A calfi liier and Inngi. 

(11) (. A courae in btiildiag. 
{12) I. {Span, rayi.) Apie«of 

Racen, 1. A pothanger. Yorith. 
Bacess, f. (1) A ipeciea of tarea. 

(2} Early peas. 
Racb, t. Ruahea for tliatching. 
Rachi, (1)». {J..S.) Aaeeniing 

(2) V. To streteb. 

(3) 0. To Caleb. 
Racing, .. (fr.) A root. 
Racino, (. Raking up old ilories, 

or rubbing old aorea. ffeil. 
Rack,(1)«. Light, thiDcloudi; milt. 

(2) p. To po'ir off liquor, "To 
ttntine wine through a sacke i to 
take away the ttrength of it : to 
racit it." Nomaicl. In aome 
diitricu the word rack ia atill 
uaed in the limple leoie of to 

(3) I. A track, a trace. Weil. 
{4> t. A rut in ■ toad. EomI. 
{S)i. The neck of mutton. 

(6) V. To care for. Raekltu, care. 
leu. North. 

(7) 1. The part of a crOK-bow in 
which the gaffle moved. 

(8) t. A hone'i pace, betireen a 
trot and an amble. 


(9) : The colt-iron of a grate. 
flOl B. To relate, 
aije. Toenaggerale. 

(12) a. A liquor made chiefly of 
braudy, lugar, lemont, and 

(13) p. To break op. Ltic. 
(U)<. A trout. Northamb. 
(15) To wart by met (jftfe, to 
be guided by the eye in working, 
without line or rule. To he at 
raci and manner, to live ei- 
peniively, or with beedleaa ex> 

iraploj'd, > 

le Filatine 

1 thg iRd 

icKBT, «. (1) A tort of net, uaed 
in playing the game lo called. 

(2) >. A hard blow. Eail. 

(3) .. A struggle. North. 

(1) I. A buatle, or noise. Hangnk. 

ooK, (. A pol-book. 


Racklb, (1) adj. Raah. 

(2J adj. Rude and unruly. North. 

Koctlr-deed^ooseconduct. Camb. 

(3) Noiiy Uik. Wft. 
Racelino, I. A diminutive pig. 

Rackbidbb, t. A amall trout. 

Racks, i. (1) The aide* of m 


(2) A kitchen fire-place. Eitix. 
RACc-STArr, i. A itaiFfor adjuit- 

ing the mill-BtonU. 
Rad, (1) prel. t.oirtdt. Conn- 


(2) adj. Afraid. 
Radcoli, f , A ndiib. 
BADni.K, (I) 1. A hurdle t • lath. 


(2) «. The ude of a cart. 


(^) V. To banter. Iforlh. 

(6) To raddle the bona, to ^ve 

■ soDnd beating. Lane. 
Baddlinc*, t. (1) Mane; i 

ployed in bribing tX elections. 


f!) The irindlng* of ■ wilL 


Baddlks, \ f. Long green 
KADDLiNQS, J >lick>, uacd fat 

making a hedge, and wtaich far 

that purpose are wound or woren 

between uprigtat stakes driven 

into the ground. Santx. 
Eaddlb-man, 1 (. Aperioavbo 

about the country for aale, prin- 
cipally far Ibe purpoie of mark- 
ing abeep, A'oi/. See Ruddlt. 
Radb, I. (1) An aaimal'i maw. 

(2) The rail of a n^gon. 

BaJ>igdndb, a. A disease, appa- 
rently a sort of boil. Piirt PL 

Radblt, aiv. {A.-S.) Readily; 

Kadetori, t. {A.-N.) Tapestry. 

Radio, ». {A..S.) A radish. 

RADNBasB. t. Fear. 

Rabbs, ». Cart-raili. North. 

Rafs, {!) prtt. I. of me. Torej 
(2) ad). Weak, or foolish. Si^. 

TUwr,{l)v.{Fr.TitftT.) Toiweep, 
or huddle together. 



I and effect* ] 

Chni rrf Dp 

(2](. Plunder. Kent. 
(3) a. Abundance. North. 
(4)1.. To.eiie;lorob. 

(5) t. A coDfiiaed heap. 

(6) : Kefuie: rubbish; lowpeople. 

(7) iK^. Idle and dissolnte. North. 

(8) t. A raft of timber. North. 
BArrEBTOKT, a^. Masterful. Line. 
Barriea, a4r. Low; shabliy. 

(3) V. To stir anything aboat. 

(4) V. To fidget about. Liitc. 
(G)t. Refuse. Leic. 

SArrLBCoppiN, (. A wild fellow.' 

Ratpliho, ad}. (1) Idle ; anthink- 

ing. Notf. 

(2) Loose i vorthlesB. Ltic. 
BAPra, t. Long eoaim strawi. 

Raplb, e. {A.-N.) To play with 

Rapobt, (. A radish. 
Bapt. (1) t>. To irritate. Dorttt. 

(2) ai^. A fusty smell. Raffintt*, 

staJeneu. Eatl. 
'&\rit,, prtf. t. oi rtvt. Took. 
Raptbb-ridoino, (. A method of 

ploughing used in Hampshire. 
Raftt, a4i. (1) Damp; cold; misty. 


(2) Randd;fusty. Notf. 

(3) Intemperate. Sovth. 
RAtTOLB, (. A disb in ancient 


Aq^olt- Tnke fwyn« ]j*art» and »eth 



canen Ijeheidee. cheu grUjd. bi_ 
wbjle gr«e, poidorJonce, and nf 
uapptea. TtJu the caLlc of ifadwyn^ 

Haht > cn»t in a Inpe; aDd Isy Iha 
baUei thereinne,and Ij^e il^ and wliaa 

of ajten. iitb poa^or tort and aaTroB j 
anil MTYB il fanh. R»m#ii^C»rjr,p.S7. 
HaQ, (1) s. A hard sort of rock. 
" Rovley-rag" is the basaltic 
alone brought from Bow ley in the 
Co. of Stafford. Wane. 

(2) I. The catkin* of the hSEeU 

(3) I. Grizzling rain. North. 
{i)«. (hlraega.) To abuse. 
(S) t. A herd of young colts. 


(61 ». A cant 4ermforif»rthiiig. 
(7) 1. A Oat whetitone for * 
BCj'the, made of ragitone. 
Raoabbabh, *. Low idle people. 

RAOAMUFflN, 1 t. A low 


Rags, (1) v. {A-N.) To romp; to 


(2) (. A broken pin. Someri. 
Raoeuan, f. Anajnefortbsdcvil. 

Raqioub, adj. FurioDi. JVorfA. 
Raqbbie, I. (A.-N.) Wintonneia. 
Badbababh, I. A rigamuffia. 

UD-alphabfitical rpgffab/ufnt. 

Raooalt, o^f- ViUanous. Yorith, 
Raoqed, adj. Fall of fruit, laid of 

fruit trees. 
Raoobd-u>bih. (. (1) A papular 

term for the keepers' foltowen 

in the New Foreit. 

(2)A plant, the lychaii^flatcuaili, 
Raoqold, >. ATiJlaia. North. 
Raoodlio, pari. p. Sawed off. 

Jtii.aBis, prtl. t. Reached. 
Raouan's-boll,! I. (1) An old 
BAOMAN.BOLL, ^popular game, 
BABHAN, J inwhichacer- 

' tain number of personal cfaarac- 
terg, good and bod, or of pro- 
Terbs, Sec,, were written, with 
leals or itringa attaehed to each, 
and, the roU being closed up, 
one of the penoni playing made 
cboice of a string, and wis to 
take to himtelf the character or 
Hjing whieb, when the roll nta 


opened, he might have hit npnn. 

See ray Jneedata Lileraria. 

(2) The term, adopted from this 

gaiqe, wai at timei given to 

documenCi of different sort* ia 

the form of a roll. 
Raooo. I. (ft-, ragout.) A highly 

seasoned dish. 
Rao-pikck, ». A large net. 
Rao-kiwi, t. Hoar frost. Line, 
RAQKowTses, n. To romp. Exm. 
Raostib, r. To aw^ger; to bully. 
RAawKsD, I. The plant ragwort, 

tejifcio Jacobaa. 
Rahti, v. To tear. YorMt. 
Raid, (1) part.p. Arrayed; fnr. 

(2) t. A hostile incuDion. JVilrf A. 

(3) adv. Early. Kent. 
Raiee, e. To proceed. Morfe Arlh. 
Rails, o. To roll, or flow out. 

Rail, (1) *. A part of the dress, 
worn formerly round the neck of 
women. The night-rail geemt 
to have been eqniTalent to a bed- 

(2) ». To coner with network. 
(3)e. To set ; to place. 
(4] e. To winder abroad. 

(5) ». A country walie. Var. d. 

(6) o. To provoke to anger. 

(7) 0. To talk over anything. 

Raillon, I. (Fr.) A sort ofthree- 

edged dagger. OjntTt Rab. 
Raiuk, r. To tyrannize over. 
Rain, i. (1) A ridge. North. 

[2) A meesnringrod. 

(3) A bound, or limit. 
Raih-bibd, 1 1. The 


Rainbow-kidoks, I. High-hacked 
ridgei of land. Northampt. 

Raise, (1) t. A raised monad, a 
cairn of itones. North. 

(2) t. A robbery. NorlK 

(3) V. To expectorate much. 


Raihinr. *■ Viecti under the end 
of a beam in u wall. 

Rait, e. To lo^ timber, hemp, or 
flu, to teasoii it. Nortk. 

RikiTCB, I. A tthite line in ■ 
horse's face. Yarhh. 

RA.ITH, : Weeds, etrair, Bk., in a 
pool of water. Wfl. 

Rakk, (1) e. To cover, "To rake 
lip the Bre," to prepare it for 
keeping alight all nighl, whichii 
uiuall; done by laying on a large 
piece, alvoy) called the rakiaif 
eoal, and coveting it orer Trilh 
Cindera or coil-glack. The term 
raie a alio uied to eipreaa the 
act of cle*riag out the aihei from 
the bar) of the grate. 

(2) «. To walk about or ramble. 

(3) >. To atari op luddeoly. 

(4) V. To rooM op. Sotnertel. 
(S)>. To reach. 

(6) V. To deiiite from * perpen- 
dicular line. 

(7) 1. Coune; a road. 

(8) e. To By wide of the game ; 
a tenn in hawking. 

(9; (. A rut, or crevice. North. 

(10) ». A quarry, or mine, 

(11) e. To break on the ahore 
with B long grating aound, taid 
of the aea. 

(12) D. To repeat a tale, ffur- 

And that iil» in thv nid wdmott, 

boneat penoni to b« coDstiblei, uid 
Bcuvf n^fn, and 4 common budle, and 


n of Ic 

character. 17 1 A ctat. 
Rake- STELE, I. A rake handle. 
Raket, v. To rove abouL 
Kaketine, (. A chain. 
Rakiekk, f. One who goes raking 

about. Fieri Fl. 
Bakinq, odf. Violent, lith cent. 
RAKS-jAEEa, *. Wildpianka. 
Rallock, «. To romp. North. 
Rally, (l)r.(fr.ra«ter,) Tojoke 

B perion, or make fun of him. 

(2) (. A projecting ledge in a 
wall. North. 

(3) ». A eoarae aieve. Eal. 

(4) >. A tDultittide. Bemn. 
Ralph-sfoonks, t. A fool. South. 
Rah, (1) *$'. Fetid; pongent. 


(2) p. To loae by throwing out of 
reach. Somtnet. 
Ramaob, (1) adj. (_J.-N.) Wild. 
Saau^-Aiuat, a irild or untaught 
hawk. To have a ramage tast«, 
to taate of game. 

(2) V. To run about wild. 

(3) a. The vrild aong of birda. 
When immelDdioiu wiodi but made tliee 


id bdtoT. 

Rahabt, part. p. {Fr.) Gathered 
RAUBBitoB,i.(n-.) Atortofawifl 

Ramble, o. To stagger. Weit. 

Rambooz, (. A Goispaund drink, 
formerly uaed at Cambridge, and 
made of egga, ale, wine, and 
augar; or, in tnmmer, of nulk, 
wine, augar, and rose-water. 

Ramcaobd, adj. Withered. 

Rahb,v. (l)Ta atreich, »i peratm 
do when rouaed from ileep. 
(2) To pull np. North. 
h) To ramble. Yorbh. 
{t) To cry, or aob j to ask f<« 
anytbiiig repeatedly. North. 


HAM 7 

(i) To plunder. Line. 
Bauekin, 1». (Fr.) A lort Of 

KAMEaDiM, i cheetecake. 
Rahbli,, t. Bubbiih; eipedally 

rnbbiah of masoni uid brick- 

The ?Ict« riddii^ hvb; th« earth and 
£dfi«L, Bill. qf'Sal. 
)0D, ». Copse-wood. 
'. Shavings or cliipi. 
Rakes,*. (1) Dead atalks of pota- 
toes, &c. ; the remain) of a branch 
when stripped of the leaxea. Dee. 
(2} A skeleton. Someriel. 

muno dodcorpi 

Bampallioh, «. A rioloos fellow. 

As 'Wrr. 

US. A 

eU, JVd, S 

EIahils, I. (from Lai. naitula:) 

Twigs i underwood. Craven, 
tAuiLLiB, I. A tie wig. A word 

in use in tbe time of George II. 
KAU-HEADiD,pi:r(.^. Cuckolded. 
Rahjolloge, v. To sbuflle cards. 
Hkklik, adj. Clnmsf. Nortkampl. 
Rauuakb, ti. To behaie Tiot«iul]> ; 

to tesT about. Line. 
SaHueD, adj. Eicessive. Kmt. 
Rahuel-cheise, (. Baw mea]. 

Bahhilt, adj. Bank; tall. 
Ramuisu, adj. (1) Violent; nn- 

(2) Rank-, pungent. 
Bauovb, adj. {Pr.) Branchy. 
Bamp, (I) B. To be rampant. 

(2) a. A highwayman. 

(S) r. To bend. 

i4) e. To grow Inxariantly. 
5)(. Tbestopebetweenahigher 
and a tower wait. 
(6)e. 7\iraBi;>aniJreaB«,toget by 
fail or foul means. Ta ramp up, 
to exalt. To ramp on, to thriie, 

Kanfadobon, I. A boisterons 

fellow. North. 
Bamf ABB, p. To be riotous. 


In Ckat lit iML 

[a«f., (1) V. (A.-N.) To climb. 
(2) B. (.^.-.S.) To rusb. 
(3} ■. A rampant, impadent 
woman ; a harlot. 
NaT. ^e on th«, Wnm rampt, thon lyg, 
wllh ul tint take Ihj put. 

Bahper, (I) t. A turnpike road; 
applied especisllito roads on the 
sile of older Roman roads. Lmc. 
(2)v. Taramptr a mike 
it lery convei. Nor/. 

Rahfice, (ujj. A term applied to a 
bough of a tree, wbicb has lesser 
branches standing out at its ei- 

Raupimo, a4). (I) Latariant in 

growth; coarse and large, applied 

to lace, &c. 

(2) Eager; acrazy longing. Btrii, 
Rahpirb, (1) t. A rampart. 

(2) c. To fortify with ramparts. 
Rampibh, a^j. Bampant. 
Rahpse, v. To climb. Someri. 
BahPbinO, iul|. Tall; lofty, 
RAicEACEiiTiNa, I. A rioioni 

Coontry fete. Devoit, 
BAU-BAiBE,e. To run backward in 

order to take ■ good leap. North. 
''*"''' I ». Wild garlic 
Rams-clawb, I I. Crowfoot. 

BAuawACELE, (1) s. To ransack. 


{2) adj. Loose ; coafbaed. 

(3) V. To entangle. Nor/. 
RAu's-aoBti, (. A sort of net to 


incloie fiih that come in withthe 
tide. Someriet. 
Rausonb, s. a kind of priic, 

Ram-btag,*. a gelded ram. SnrfA. 
RaHITAU, «$. Wild. North. 
Kahstoncoe, (. Ribwort. 
Kan, <. (1) AMjing. 

(2) Vialence ; open rapine. 

(aiThehankof.itrins. Weit. 
RanCS, ». A kind of oiwble. 

Sjflvalo'i Duiartai. 
Kahch, : A icratcta with ■ cliw. 
Ranchet, (, A sort of liread. 
Rancon, I. A neapoo reiembliog 

Rancocntis. ». (Fr.) A meeting. 
Rahd, (1) •. A long piece of beef 

cut ant betveen tbe fliak '-' 

the hultiKk. 

Th*j anxt with thopping tnii 


(3) I. A itrip of leuher ; a hank 

of twine. £<ul. 

(i) I. A miTfin, or border. 

(6) (. Ruibei on the edge of a 

river. Narf. 

(6) p. To caovui for Totei. 

RandaN,!. (I) An oproar. Gloae. 

(2} The produce of t, lecond 

dfling of meal. Bail. 
Randeh-tahdbm, (. A tandem 

with three hones. 
Randiho, (1) oAr. Pieeemeal. 


(2) (. Riotous liTing. Somtrt. 
Randlb-bale, (- The cross piece 

of wood in t chimney, on whicb 

pothooks were faung. Yoriih. 

See Annel. 
Random, [1) •■ J^ itraight line. 


(2) To livt at random, to lire 


bud Irhvc to lire ini>Te ^tntidomHibirim 
wfliii fidt vetatu)- 

Twna ii Stgliik, \ta. 

Randon,». {l)(,*.-K)Porce;i»- 

Ha Tod la bin with gret miom. 
And "itli Ilonrelii li fimlimui 

Bhu qfHmMteiiM, p. 138. 

(2) A long ipeech. 

(3) e. {Fr. randmuur.) To stwj 
in a wild manner. 

Stall Itwe tlifla (He to milini of their 
wUl. ftm* ^ Pott., O. ft, i, 116. 

r, (1) adj. Boiilerous. 


2) adj. Muia appetenl. Nortk. 

(S) I. A tinker; an itinerant 

beggar. Norlh. 

(*) On (*e randy, liring in de- 

Bandtbdoze. I. An nproarions 

feut. Norlhan^t. 
Randi-dandt,i. a Tulgar quarrel- 
some woman. North. 
Randtbow, «. A ditturbance. 

Rami, adj. Coarse; applied t» 

linen, &e. Wat. 
Rakes, I. Tbe tkeletoa of abiid. 

Devon. See Ramtt. 
Rano, adj. {A.-S.) Rebelliou*. 
Ranob, (1) ». A lieve. 

(2) V. To take a range with gnns. 

(3) <. The shaft of a carriage. Dev. 

(4) r. To cleaoso bj waihing. 

Rahge-bbead, \t. Tbesecond- 
BANOED-BKEAD, J bett whcatcn 

bread. From ranje, a sieve. "Bread 

called chete breade, raanged 

bread, or cribel bread. CUarim 
panit." Hulofl. 
Ranoeb, *. A rack for a chimnej. 

Ramglb, p. (1) To give gr«Tel to 

a hawk to bring her to a itomacb. 

(2) To move about in a nnooos 

manner. fTnf. 
Ranisb, ni|r. Ranenoui. JJraoit. 
Kane, (1 ) adv. Furiouslj i violenlly. 



■ puiioD. Cketh. 

. Stro 

(4) adj. ExcemiTe. 

(5) 111$. Thick ; abandut. 

(6) adj. Close ; plenLitnl. Crmen. 
(?) adj. Wrong. Lmc. 

{8)». Arowofpeupic Wight. 
Rannacc,!. Abadfeltow. North. 
Rahhel, (1) •- A itrumpet. 

■Itliou^h it "' " " " """"" 

K"liilll'AuTt«fl, U thiA WUDSCot-faccd 

GairutHanejt, Pierat't Sttpenroff.^ ISOO, 

<2)b. Tonifflethehiir. ror*»A. 

(3) «4'' Hungry; Tonciout. 

Kahkel-tui, If. The croii- 
»ANNiL-BADK,/be«in id « chim- 

DCf, on vhicb poti are hung. 

Bannioal, I. A worthleH fellow. 
Ranht.i. Tbe abrew-tDOute. SuJT. 
Ranpick, adj. A tree beginning to 

decay at tbe top from ige, and 

having hare dead braochea in 

consequence. Alio called ilag- 

keaded. See Rampicll. 

(Mj the DlgbMroiF i 

'hm Blow 


ipoa mat nmmtci tree. 

■iot, or drink. North. 
To beat aererely. 

RAtIT, V, To 

Rakter, (I) t. A large beer-jug. 

(2) V. To pour liquor from a 
large into a amaller veaael. 

(3) r. {Fr. rentrer.) To dam. 


{*)v. To patch a gamenl neatly. 

Bahtipiii, I. An aaa. DorttI, 
Rantifolb, (1) >. A romping 

chUd. Wnt. 

(2) r. To make a great noite. 




Rabtt, aif. PriatTi wild. Norlh. 
Rahtt-iantt, adj. Very angry. 
Rap.c. {I)Toieiie;toTaTiah. 

(2) To boait. Btvon. 

(3) To hazard. North. 

(4) To excbange. Par. d. 

(5J 7b rap« ami retutf, or rap 
end rend, to leize and plunder. 
Rapk,(1)i, (^..5.) Halle. Rapily, 

(2) ode. Rapidlyj baatily. 
(31 V. To Ileal ; to plunder. 

(4) V. To raviah. Ka^ffW, given 

(5) p. {A.-'s.') To lake captiTe. 

(6) V. To bind tightly. Dmm. 
h) : A diviaion of a county. 

(8) ». A heap of com. 

(9) .. A turnip. 

(10) V. To acratcfa. Sonurti. 
il\)t.{A..S.) To prepare. 

^ ' [cookery, 

S^l. Tike Iiilf ^j|ea,uilLtU nlKBi, 
pike hflm, flud wmulie hem in wefer, 
ekalde hEm in wvne, limy Jiom in a moF ■ 
tar, Knd dnwg hem ibartl' a iIn]rnoI. 
Cut hem in ■ pol, and therewith powdor 

ArnH^Ciir)', p.lT. 
ice for flah. 

M. Ink the crnttyi of 

Si 'IK 

up wjlh irjB. ud wiyng hem thorw a 
doth, iBd do tlierelo canel, that jl be 
*l cgtowrjt of onel ; and do thenta k»le 
elowyi, Bucyi. ud qnibihi. TbgfyKh 

oilier niuer fyeeb. M Ihit yt bo rroch, 
and weL yfryed; and do yi in diichiB, 
and that rap upon, and aerve jt (ortli. 


SAP 1 

Rapsb, *. A rape-maker. 
Bap[d, ii4r. (l)Gay. I'ar. d. 

(2) Seiere. Al " rapid pun." 

Bapis, (. A diuolule low penon. 

Ratpk, v. (J^S.) To liuten. 
Eafpek-dandikb, *. Bed bu- 

htnien. North. 
Bafping, «$. Large 
Raps, t. (1) Ggmei. Shrink. 

m Nen. Yerith. 

(3) A dUoiderl}', bouting penon. 

(4) The small inteatinei of a pis- 

Rapbc&llion,*. a lov, ditorderlf 

Rapt, v. To raTiih i to carry off bj 

Rau, (1 } V. To roar. Nortk. 

(2) adf. Early. Drem. 

(3) a((f. ReaUy. Somtrttl. 

(4) ai^. Raw; underdone. 
(9) n{r. Pine;greal. Son/A. 

RAiNiHa, alii- Thin, aaid of cloth. 

Rasalgek, t. The fume of mlne- 

ral>. An alchemical term. 
Raboal, (. (1) (^.-iV.) A lean 

beaat ; a deer not S( to hunt or 


' MeiapioTt — u one ihaald in Tcproeii 

(2) adj. ConilDOo ; lav. Em- 
ceyie, low people, refuie. 

Ba«cai.itt, », The lower nrdert. 

Rascot, t. A sconndrel. Cumb. 

Base, (1) (. {A-b.) Anger. 

(2) n. To inarL 

(3) V. To icratcb. Suffeli. 

(4) «. To era.e. 

(5) (. An eruure. 

(6) t. (,A.-N.) A channel of the 

i') »■ 


Rasek, *. The piece oftimbrr in 

limber buildings to which the 
horioini of the raftera are fai- 
Kash, (1) e. To match, or aeize. 

(2) ■>. To itrike b? a gUncing 
blow, applied particularly to the 
(imke given bv a bou. 

(3) •. To tear, or rend. 

(4 ) a. A lOrt of inferior eilk. 

VeI.el, hul 

• |eri(inwu,>Ddltl.<kdb<»ii 



(5) «dj 
Com ia 


Brittle. Comw. 
Looaened with drvness. 
Mid to be rck when it 

i» ao dry that it fails out with 
handling. Narlh, 
Basukd, edj. Burnt in codcing. 

Rabhek, «. (1) A hoi on the ear. 


(2) A ra>h. North. 
Rasino, t. (t) Aihaving. 

(2) Ahlnhiwringnoiie. North. 

7. To pi 


Rasoub, I. Tlie >fford-fii 
Rabp, (I) f. A raspberry. 

(2) e. To belch. Eait. 

(3) I. The ileel of a tinder-hoi. 
Rabfbr, f. (I) A hedge, (Cam.) 

(2) An eilraordinary leap taken 

in hunUng. 
Rarpib, (. (1) The raspberry. 

(2) The name of a wine. 
RAiSELi, ». The land-whin. Suf. 
RAiSLS, V. To atir the embera in 

an o¥en with a pole. Ea*t. 

, f. Ai 


Rastt. adj. Rancid ; obicene. So~ 
. mentt. See Xeailg. 
Rabcbe, I, {A.-N.) A scratch ; en 

BAT,;ir«. /. Reads. 
Ratafia, i. A spirit distilled from 
the kernel) of apricots. 


BAT f 

Ratcd. (1) e. To ipot, or streak. 


(2) .. A «tr«igbt line, Nartk. 

(3) It. To pult or tear atunder. 

(4) 0. To tell falBchoadi. Line. 

(5) A subsoil of claVi mixed 
with stone and gravel. Henf. 
Ralckd, gravelli stone. Dtrb. 

EATCHiB.(i)».(J(.-JV, rocA«-.) A 

rock. Lane. 

(Z) adj. Rocky. 
Ratchet-whkbi., (. A vheel vritb 

curved teeth, for a psll or detent 

to work in, to prevent its going 

Ratchets, *. Rat-holei. Leic. 
B*TE, (l)p«r(.p. ILtified. 

(2} p. To chide. Line. 

(3) adj. Rollen. fK«i. 

(l; D. To season by exposing to 

the weather. North. See Rait. 

(a) 0. To call anay. Jfmi. 

(6) p. To rule or govern. A-orW- 

Ratbin, *■ A coarse woollen clolh. 
Rathb, (1) adj. {A.-S.) Soon-, 
early; eager; aniiuus. 

(2) V. To rede, or advise, 

(3) adj. Savage ; baity. 
YlKTatLXTi, pari. p. Fixed; rooted. 
Rathek, o4f. Earlier; former. 
Rathe-kife, a^. (1) Early ripe; 


So it is no le«e onlinarj that t1i«e 

(2) *. A ipeciei uf early apple. 

'RfiTBKB.-i.ifoa, adv. For tbe most 

part. NarlA. 
Ratheslt, adv. Raiber. Yortih. 
Bathes, i. A frame placed on a 

cart or waggon for carrying h»y, 

&c. Craeen. 
Rathebi', adj. Earliest. 
Rathliee, adt. Speedily. 
^uriritD. parl.p. Scolded. 
Ration, i. (Lat.) Reasoning. 
Raton, ». (^.-Ar.) A nit. 


Ratoneb, I. A nl-catcher 
Rat9, «. Fragments. Norlh. 
Battbh, t. , A Tat. North. See 

Ratten-crooe, I. A loi^ crook 

Teaching from the ranneU bank to 

the fire. North. 
Rattice,(. a sudden and confused 

noise, as the falling of earthen- 

ware. Norf. 
Rattle, (l) v. To stutter; to have 

a difficulty in speaking. 

(2) ». To beat. North. 

(3) : A babliler. 
Rattle-babt, >. A forward cbat- 

Rattle-bone, a^. Worn oat; 

Rattle-heads, (. A name given 

sometimes to the Caialien. 
Rattle -no USE, i. Ad old name 

. giuily creature 
RATTLETaAPS, (■ Knick.knacks. 
Rattoce. I. A great noise. Eatt. 
Ratv, a^. Cold; tempestuous. 

RadOh,*. a tortuous course. Weit. 
Radoht, ;iref. t. (1) Reached. 

(2) Recked ; cared. 
Rauqbteb, », A rafter, 
Rauk, (Ifi. Smoke. Sutnx, 

(2)e. To markitoBCratch.iVorH. 
Radl, c. To pull about; to ravel. 

Rack, (1) v. {A..S.) To shout, or 

(2) To sprawl. Eatt. 

(3 J To stretch ; to grasp. North. 

Raoheb,!. Akiudofflghling-cock. 

Rahn, I. The roe of sslmon pre- 
pared as a but. North. 

Raunch, d. (1) To crauQch. Devon. 
(2) To wrench out. 

RAONiHo-ENirB,(. Acleaver.H'n'. 

Radhson, ». IJ.'N.) ttaniom. 

Raut, v. To bellow. North. 

Ravaki, «. A violent mad fit ^ 
pasHon. attended with loud voci- 
feration. Norf. , 


Savi, (1) e. (J..S.) To tetr up. 

(2) t. A rent 

(3) B. To cry onL 
Ravb-boabos. See Eme.baard*. 
Ravel, v. To talk idk. North. 
Batbl-bbead, I. A middle lOrt of 

bread. Ktnt. 
Bavellbd, adj. Confaud. 
" Whitj-brown 

Ratbn, r. TodeTonrgreedilr. 
kavenodb, / 

I'-^-^O Aplnn. 


Satis, t. Pramei of wood laid 
OTer a waggon, so aa (o enable it 
to cin7 a larger load of bar, &c. 
Une. See Ralkf. 

Ravb-dp. f, (1) To Take up 


>n. Line 

Ratetne, I. Theft. 
Ratine, (1) b. To take b; force. 

(2) (. {A.-N.) Rapine. 

(3) adj. Ravenoui. 

(4) t. (^.-itf.) Birds of prey. 
Batinoub, (. A plunderer. 
Ratibabli, \adj. {A.-N.) Via.- 

R*viaaiNo, 'adj. (A.-k) Rapid. 

Ratiboub, adj. Ripiciout. £iuf. 

Ratlin, s. The threads vhicb 
part front tbe warp when the 
cloth is cut up. Dot being cut in 
• line with the threads in the 
wooffrazled, Nmf. 

Raw, (. A row. 

Raw.bocbe, I. A roe-buek. "The 
raa-iufiK is tbe fint yeare a 
kid." Rtlunu from Parmuatu, 

rising on the aurface of milk 

which hai not been heated. 

(2) A name for the de«il. 
RaWhede, t. Rawness. 
Rawinos, ». Aftermalh. TutKr. 

Still used in Norfolk to signify 

rongh grass to be mown, but 

pronounced rowaru. 
Rawe, I. Mix. Northampt. 
RAiiBy,a<$. Rawandcold. North. 
Bawlt, adj. Untkiirul. 
Raw-mouse, i, A bat. Somen. 
Rawm, b. ToeatravenooBly. B'w*. 
Rawness, *■ Rudeness. 
Bawht, ni^!. Meagre; having little 

flesb ; tall and thin. Somert. 
Rawp, (. A hoarseness. Yoriih. 

Tbe MtDTgy of the chorcfa, tbongh ex- 
text, nll'd br Km another kind of 

upon CUruLnuis daj ? 

fi»>lr> LeIUn, KM. 
Rax, v. To stretch oneself, as after 

steeping. North, 
Raxe, v. I,A.-S.) To hawk befor: 

Raile, e. To hreatfie ; to noiirisli. 
Rat, (1) «. (_A.-N.) Striped cloth. 

(2) I. A slip of gold or silver 

(3) (. Array: order. 

h) e. To dress. SoMtnet. 
(5) n. To bera; or defile, North. 
C6)».((^.-M) A king. 
(7)i. A sort of dance. 

(8) I. Disrrhiea. Yorlah. 

(9) B. To erase. 

(JO) I. {Fr.) A path, or track. 
RAYEn,part.^. Stri]>ed. 
Baten-8iete,». a sieve for cleana- 

ing clover. Dortet. 
Ravhinq, pari. a. Grinding, 

It m deteimiDed tM& agned thU tlie 



dith i 



gafntrla Ttke ivelt porbc. dalF^ 

tfaerto pouder w cktwes, ponder of 

Golonr bit wilh laJTraiit and mcdel tl 
b^Hlflr ', and Ihen hillB tbe ituffure in 
pHiM nt men malien niKlieva; and 

the nti/Heekt, ud wbcD tbid bjn bovicd 
take faoDi Dp, Hnd Iaj three of liom id n 
dif^, BDd pourc broTliD tburto^ and 
take ^nted choe ncdelet with pouder 



r. 4iUi,. C 


9 REA 

Rbadt-pole,*. ArodpUcedacroii 
s chimney to support the pat- 

RiAF, e. To ravel, or entangle. 

Reape, t>, To long for the accom. 
pliihment of b thing; to gpeilc 
continually on the same aubject. 

RiAin, ». Pranka. Coigr. 
RiKV, (\) a^. [A.-N.) Ro.T«l. 
(2) t. A Spaaiah coin, of tbe value 

R«ALTfi, ». {A.-N.) Royalty. 
Rbau, (I) 1. Cream. Ream hit, 
ream-mnj, » crurn-pat. North. 

Reach. (1) f. To give 

a box on the ei 

ttra^hl space 

betweea one point and another. 

(3) ». A while mark duwn « 

itorse'a face. 
Reaok, 0. To arrive i to reach at. 

Rbackkd.v. Tojadgeofj togneaa. 

Read, (1) (. Rennet. North. 

(2) V. To comb the hair. North. 

(3) o. 7V> read the imeardt. to 
itrip the fat from the iatesiines. 

Readship, (. 

I1..B», (1) .. 

f denied either to alio^ 
Canlidencej truth. 

nake ready, 
Xji) V. lo aaaiii. North. 

(3) adj. Rid of. Ettex. 

(4) V. To comb the hair. North. 

Batow,i. (1) (^..JV.) A raj. 

(2) A streak. 
BAv-t^LvBT, ». Striped velvet. 
Raze, t. A Bwiagiug fence in 

RaIwr, adv. Rather. MS., ISth 


(2) To hold out tbe hand to re- 
ceive anything. North. 

(3) V. To atretcb; to widen a 

(4) Bread is said to ream, when 
made of heated or melted corn. 

Reauer, 1. An implement used to 
make a hole larger. Somerset. 

Reah.peh^it, (. Peter-pence. 

Rean, (1) I. A gutter or water, 
course i a furrow between the 
ridgea of ploughed land to take 

(2) B. To droop the head. Sufoli. 

(3) f. To eat ratenoiialy, Wnt. 
Reap, e. A bundle of corn laid 

down hy the reaper, to be ga. 

theted into aheaves by the binder. 
BEAprNo-HooE, a, A sickle with a 

amooth edge, not serrated. 
BaAB, (1) adj. (^A..S. hrert, raw.) 

Underdone. A rere-egg, waa an 

egg boiled alightly. 


nare Diiik«a u tickt 


(2) a. To niu ; to ri*e> 

(3) e. To cure a gootc 
US V. Tq mock. i)«vM. 

(b) r. To Jh; limber on tbs roof. 

(6) r. To eipectortte ; to Tomit. 
Rbabd, t. Voice; fime. Jyemi. 

'. The hip-bone 


r, 1 I. A feut giT«n 
>-ALS, /to theworkmeD 
It roof i* put OD the houie. 
■MIME, (. Aveiaofcosl 

liiacending perpendiculvlj in 

the mine. 

lot . . . villi > plnriic did ctckh 
lie Bnitoni, tUoc li-il el> u iBuI rctalnl 
from tlieir Inue. 

Rbbato, I. (.Fr.) A aort of plxited 
rulf which turned btck on the 

■honldera, lad tppean to h«ve 
been supported by wirei or prop*. 
FInH jDu la hin, madiuD*. a rnlfc, 
of cDtvurke i;dgnl; it Bot Uie wyu 

Keabe, i. See Sea. 

Reast, v. To take oBTence. Litu. 
Rbaitid, aif|. We»rj. JVor/ft. 
Beastt, adj. (1) RHDCid; applied 

ThnnigK roily too beuUr 
Mueli Vcw i> riu^. T 

(2) Beitire. £»(. 

B«AUiiB...M.-JV.) A realm. 

Reave, o. To uaroof; to blow the 
thatch off. I^erf. 

RiAWE, D. To idle in neisbboor*' 
hnusea. Ijiuc. 

RiAWF, t. A hoane cold. Lane. 

Reawt, adn. Out of doora. Lane. 

Heballino, (, A method of catch- 
ing eeli with eaith-worin» at- 
tached to a ball of lead. 

Redanded, jHirf.^. Adorned with 

Hinht Pnr lovB 
BriiUi tU) ili«r|« bigu or yont ^'H" 

Rbbbit, f. To rivet. Yaritk. 
Rebecs, », {A.-N.) A lort of 

REBELI.EB.. (. A rebeL 
RiBELUNQ, a. Riveliars. £f<ywao({. 
Rebesk, I. AraheEqtie. 
Rbbokb, v. To bek'b, or cast np. 
Rebound, i. At rtbautid, at once. 
Hecche, v. {A.-S.) To care for. 

Receite, t. A receptacle. See 

REcarTAar. adj. That which j» 

RECE«T,;>ar(p. Withdrawn. 
Hechttb, (1) I. (,A..N.) A pUce of 

refuge ; a fortreii. 

(2) B. To receive into a fortreis; 

to liarhonr. 
Recuabe,!!, To callback, eipecially 


'|bJ;'. C&relets, ne- 
' f gligent; indifferent. 

JtreleifM theiiiDitht 
•uou rteifleii yomlk 
cnhy ddlini I 

bmrileklias. UrmcaiMXngHlk.H 

Mirt.for Mtf. 

Recbeh, b. To reach. 
Rech lesly, adv. Careleiily. 
RsCHLESSijiiBaE, 1. C>re)«gsaes>. 
Recidivate, v, (In/.) TorelKpie. 

to calcuUte. 

(2) I. A hand-baaket. Samertel. 
Beckan, *. A [Bl-hook. North. 
R&cket, I. A. child'* long coat. 

RecELiNa, I, The irnalleat in a 
brood of .nimal,. Norli. 

RlCKON-CB.ES A K, ». A CTdOk in 

e cliimney to hang puis on. 



bing- place. 
Recline, h. To incline towanii. 
Reclcbe. n. (Lai.) Tu shut up. 
RaootAOS, «. (^..JV.) Wanlonne». 
Recoldk, v. {A.-N.) To recoliect. 
EECOHroR-re, v. {A.-N.) To en- 

Reconcileueht, I. Misprision of 



REcoKD,(l)e.(.4.-JV.} Teitinianr- 
(2) B. To chatter like birdi be- 
fore they can aing; to ptactiie 

Recodr.c. Tureci 
Recourse, ». A repetition. 
Recovkk, v. To start a hare from 

Recovekkr, *. A remfdv. P. Ft. 
Rhcbated, adj. {A.-N.) 'Reerta.-t. 
Recrbahdise, «. (.^.-iV.Xl) De- 

■ertiun of One'a Ellegiance. 

(2) Cowardice. 
Bbcreant, t. {A.-N.) One who 

yields lo his adversary in comb**. 
Recte, v. Id ascribe. 
Heculb, (1) e. {A.-N.) To M 

{2)1. {Ft.) Apamphletorbook. 
REcnMBBNTiBDS, ». A great blow. 

Rbcufbratk, V. (Caf.) ToteeoTer. 
RECtiKATiTB, (■ (Zjil.) Areniedy. 
Recuke, (1) «r. {A.-N.) To re- 

(2) t. Recovery. 
Rkcureless, adj. Irrecoverable. 
Red, v. (1) To put in order; la 

clean. Norih. 

(2) Todei,rive;torid. Ent. 

(3) To comb the hair Kith ■ 
wide-toothed comb. Midi. C. 

(4) Taajipease. Cumb. Redder, 
one who aeparalea combalanls. 

Redai:t,(1)d. Toforcebickwardi. 
(2) part.p. (Lot.) Reduced. 

(laf.) To refute. 

RedarffualuHi, reftitation. 
Red-backs, i. A local term for 

combrash limestone, Northampt. 
Red-cap,(. The goldfinch. North- 

RBD-C0AT9, t. (I) Lobsters. 

(2) Soldiers. 
RED.coRN-RosB,(.TheHil(l poppy. 
Red -CRAB, t. The sea crayfish. 
Redden, ti. (I) To Cure herrings, 

(2) To blush. 
Redctno, (. A species of apple. 
Reodlb. SneRnddle. 
Beddohh, t, (^A.-N.) Strength) 




BiDDTiHo-CDMB, t. A larg« tooth 

CDnib,theteetbof«liicbwe wide 

spirt. Ltt»e. 
RiDB, (1) (A..S.) V. To idtiM. 

(2) t. Counael; advice. 

(3} r. To eiplain. 

(4ii>. To tetii to maintain. 

(5) «. To spread abroad. Wtgt. 
Bedbl, t, (^-5.) A riddle. 
Redkb, (. An adtiier. 
RiDKVABLS, a^'. RcapoDiible. 
KsDOSK. *. A chain patiing from 

the rodi of a waggon oyta the 

hone's back. Kml. 
RiD-QoWN, t. A pecolitr eruption 

of the skin in iafanta. £mc. 
RsDiB, V. To make read;. 
Ekdifii, v. To rebuild. 
Bedino, a. Rnddle. Somrrmt. 
KEDiKO-UNoa,(. A data of feudal 

retainers, called alio rod-knights. 
RiDiKOs, (. Tiding). 
Rkd-inele, a. Red tape. 
Red-knbes, I. Water-pepper. 
Red-lani, t. The throat. 
Red-lattice, ». A lattice window, 

painted red, the old diatinction 

of an ale- home. Rrd.lallice 

phrattt, ale-house language. 

No, I ua not Sir ItBetj Balnrdo : 1 un 

not u wcU luio>n U; m; wit.ii an tie. 

Maritim't Jntm. ^ MclliJa, act t, 
V.zoLn, adj. (AS.) 'Wilhoutcoun. 

sel or adiice. 
BEDLiD.^orf.;!. Twisted, 
Bed-had, adj. Quite mad. Durh. 
Bed-maileeb, I. The corn-poppy. 
Bedoute, v. (A.-N.^ To dread; to 

RED-BAtTLE, (. The plant lOOK- 

irort {ptdiadarit). 
.BEDaBCBi, v. (A.-N.) To mike 

ttraighti to remedj; to recover. 
Red-bow. t. The state of barley 

just before it ia fit to cut. Norf. 
BiDe, a. Blushes ; red tints. Wett. 
Red-sbab, v. To crack under the 

hammer between hot and cold, 

said of iron in forging. 

2 SEE 

Bed-bhanks, a. (1) An old popu- 
lar name for the Scottish Higb- 
latiders and natite Irish. 
(2) The plant ;iem«iri«. North. 

Bedstheae. I. A kind of cider 
apple; tbe cider made from it. 

Red-tail, a. The redstart. 

Redcbbe, v. {Fr.) To redress. 

Bbddbbeb, a. One who bought 
stolen cloth and disguised it \>j 

Eeduce, le. (Zai.) To bring 
RBDOCT, / back. 

BEDucEUEHr, a. Reduction. 

Bbd-watbb,*. See Sfend-wofn-. 

Bed-weed, a. The Held poppy. 

I. The bullfinch. 

Bid-winds, a. The winds irbich 

blast fruit. 
Bee. (1) a. A disease in hawka. 

(2) s. To pass corn through a 
siere for the purpose of cleansing 
it from chatr and other refuse. 

(3) I. A river, or flood. " All ia 
in a rtt," that ia, overflowed 

BsEAN, a. A gntter. Liok. 
Beeakged, part. p. Discoloured ; 

in stripes. North. 
BiECE, J. A piece of wood Hied to 

the side of tbc chep. KeTii. 
Beech, a. i^A.-S.) Smoke. BttOty, 

Beechi, adj. Rincid. Northan^t. 
Reed, (1) adj. Angry. Yerith. 

(2) I. Straw prepared for thatch. 
ing. Seed-biUy, a bundle of reed. 

(3) «. To thatch a bouse. 

(4) I. A small wood. EomI. 

(5) a. A cow's fundament. i)(rj. 
Rekd.blade, a. The poa aipiaiiat. 


Rebden, a4>. Made of reeds. 

Rbedificatiok, a. {Lat.) Re- 

Reu>-macb,«. The plant ^AJetiB, 



RBB 7 

i. A fen. Pr.P, 

.. 1 I. A thicket of 

ID, ! FMds on tbe edge 

r. Nor/. 

[E, (. A Blake in the 

thippen to which an oi is tied. 

R«ir, 1. (1) (_A.-S.) Theilch; iny 

eruptive disurder, Se^y,Kt.hbj, 


(2) Duidciff. CttTKiridgfh. 
Reek, (1) i. I,A.-S. reran.) Smolce, 

or vapour; penpLralion. 

(2) 1. A ricli. Reei-tivK, tbe 
time oF atacking hay. 

(3) V. To D0« out. 

Pot ciUlmmt. A gtatie pot lo irell 

(i) v. To retch. 

(5) oiti. Storm; . North. 

(6)*. Lineige; family, yortth. 

m V. To waste avay. Norlh. 

(8) «. A cant term for money. 
Reikino-cbjioe, I. A pothook. 

RiiK-sTAVAL, i. A rick-at>ddle. 
ReiLS, t. Lilies of feathers placed 

■crosa the open ridingg in a 

foreit to keep tbe deer nithin 

RBBii,(l)ti. Tocaoan. North. See 


A very fine ai 

_ _ I. A ahriek. Lane. 
BKir, e. To trail in the dirt. Wtil. 
Reeple, (. A horizontal lieam in 

the roof of ■ coal-mine. Wfl. 
Sbes, l (.(^,-5,)lnipetiia;iiolence; 
BE8, JoDiUugiit; haile; an ex. 
Thei maVelh w«tb mi wnit 

To mi 

uld Is the Hal; Luad 

1 BEF 

RaiaE, (. A wave ol the le*. 
Reesdme. v. To pnt pease jnio 

imall heapa. Line. 
RGE-BuPfKH, t. A aecond sapper. 

Lcne, See Bere-npper. 
Rest, v. To amooih ; to pnt in 

order; to comb. North. 
Rbetle, t. To repair. North. 
Reeve,(1} r. To separate niDnoned 

corn from amall teeda, wilb a 


(2) e. To wrinkle. Somen. 

(3) 1. Tlie female ot the rutf. 

(4) f. A rope of ooioca. North- 

(5) To reeve through, to trani- 

Reevxd, adj. Streaked with din, 
appliei) to linen. Northampt. 

Rgezkd, adj. Rancid. North, 

Rbt, t. {A.-S.) Plunder. 

RBracT, oi^'- C^'-) RecoTeredifed. 

RiiEBBE, c. To revert. 

Rktkllk, r. (Lat.) To refate. 

SirricB, I. Remnanta. North. 

REriotjKB, t. To picture to tbe 
imagination. Chancer. 

REFLAiam, ». (A.-N.) Odour. 

Refocillatiok, I. {Lai.) Resto- 
ration by refreshment. 

RKroRu, o. To repair. 

Revosuado, a. <,^i»i.) An officer 
who, for some disgrace, iraa de- 
prived of hia command, bat re. 

REroDRME,v. To renew, or remake. 

RsTRAiii, [I) I. (_A.-N.) The bur- 
den of a song. 
(2) t. To restrain. 

Reiuiide, r. (A.-N.) To cool. 

BsTSET, 1 >. The burden of ft 
BEiKAiDE, J song. 

Rbtbcnge, p. '1 o infringe. PaUgr. 

Refte, (1) pret. I. »aA pari, p, 
Tookawoyj robbed. 
(2) ». {A.-S.) A crevice. 

RsruQE, (])<. Refuae. Sutter. 
(2) t>. To separate the inferior 
aheep or lamba from • flock. 


Brfcib, (1) 0. Todeuf. 

(2) t. A refutfl. 
Refdts, \:{A.-tf.) Refngei*D 

Eeoal, (. A groote in timber. 

ItEOALiE,i.(^.-JV.) Rojaltj; Mve- 


cior di 

(. SweetmeaUof B nipt- 

A portahli mi 
insiruTtieni, made like an or 
Begenkbate, d. To desencra 
Reciubht,!. (^.-JV.) 

Sbo tbaoVd UiE niinpli, Ite htt londc 

AwnVsrit. I'll!. 

Rbqle, *. {A.'N.) A rule. 

Heonk, {1) B. {.i.-A',) To reign. 
(2) I. A kinttilom. 

Kboobob, d. [Ft.) To vomit. 

EEBm*CK8, .. [A..N.) Tlianki. 

Beghatb, e. {A.-N.) To retail 
wu-el. Stfraler, Ttgratitr, i 
reuiler. Regrelrie. aellins bf 

Reorbdience, a. (Zof.) Return. 

Reobeet, >. A aiilutstion; B greet- 
ing again. 

Reuubbdon,ii. (..«.. IV.) Toreward. 

Rebetr, v. (1} (,<.-iV. Tthniter, 
rikeler.) Toencourage.urclieer; 
to revive! to recoyer counije. 

He my belt Ihrele hyni, 

TI.eXr. Ki, l« hi. 
TMmiUf JljiiUrlH, p. 116. 
BEHrrouB,*. SomeiortofretBiner 
or bouaehald dependant. 

nits, and Go liciii hum a^eiii Cn«iea 
ordenaimu. Wj^etifft. 

BBtvnMOs.t. Bobberiea.>e. 


Reich, i. The ray flsli. 

Reiki, (I) f. To reecb. Norlh. 

(2)i. /LCliiSacK NomiMik MS. 

(3) V. To idle about. 
Rbilk, r. To roll. 
RsiMBASK, B. To return to the 

E»iH.(l)p. To hear the head in a 
conatrained poatnre. Sail, 
(2) I. {A.-S. regm.) Rain. 

RBIMABI.B, a^. {A.-N.) Reason- 

BEiTERS, / aoldien. 
Reus. ». Sea or river weed. Wetl. 
Rejagqe, v. To re|>rove. 
Rbjoib, 0. {J.-N.) To rejoice. 
Rejolt, (. A ahock. 
Rbjoubn, v. To adjoarn. 
BajuuBLB, v. To roll about. Ltne. 
Rbir, (1) V. {A.-S) To reckon. 
{2) V. To enter. 

Foitcr, a»(le, letmeinnti. 

Bna qfHamflmai, p. 17. 

(3) .. (A.-S.t Haste. 

(4)11. To rake. 

(i) a. A amall bnndle of liaj'. 

Bekenkn, p. (AS.) To raekoB. 
Reeils, a. {A.-S.) lacense. 
ZTKVi.p,{A..S.) To care 1 to reck. 
Relaie, : A freih let of hounds. 
Helatb, b. {Lai.) To refer ; to carry 

to an accouDi, or enter in a liat. 
BstB, e. To roll, to apread. 
BiLBABB. ■>. To lake out of pawn. 
Rblebt, i. The meeting of four 

road) in the tame point. Eatl- 
Belefb, a. What ia left; refuse. 
Ki.i.uni,v.(fr.TvteiHir.) Torelai, 

or alacken ; to melt. 
Bnt notliikc mkht rtbHthet hiitr lliilit. 
Tboa at a pratl ~1iirh nmiiininn reUnI, 
Bui lintKar made of de'( 



KEL 7 

BiLBVAiNTHKs, f . (1) Retnalndert. 

{2> Reveaue derived Truiu Snu, 

&c., payable by a tenant oo the 

death of liii anceiior. 
Bxi-Bis, V. {A.-N.) ToKilor«ili) 

RttiCK-suHDAT. (. The third 

Sunday after Miiiiummer day. 
Kelioion, (. A scruple of coa- 

BiLioious. 1. {ji.-l\'.) A monk. 
Religimtiil^, tlie Ittite of being 
under religtoaa tors, monk- 

RsbLT, (. A coane aiCTO. Eatt. 

Seltr, t. Sea-weed. 

Relume, v. To lisht agaia. 

Rblt, v. To poliih. 

Rem, (. Cream. See Rtmt. 

Remanent, i. A reoiainder. 

Remblb, v. To remove. Unc. 

Rbm«, (I) V. (A.-S.) To cry, or 


(3)B. U-S.) To make room. 

(4) B. To froth. 
Rbubdiate, adj. Able to remedy. 
Keheiii, (. A play-day for school- 

Rkmbni, e. \\) To remind. 

(2) To bring back. 
Remehcie, if. (Fr.) To thank. 
Rbmetio, ». A remedy, Wara. 
Remeve, v. To remove. 
RKMiHBAiLa, *. (.^.-A'.) Leannga; 

Rbulant, *. Remainder. 
Rbmlkt, t. A remnant. Wttl. 

Bbmmah, v. To beat. Craven. 
Kbmmand, t. To diaperae. JVorM. 
Bbhmon, v. To remove. Yorluh. 
Remordb, c. (1) {Lai) To rebuke. 

{i){A..N.) Tofeelrcmoraeito 

■ting with remoDC. 
Bbuoobb, i. Compaialon. Stmortt. 
fiU, cuoipasuonate. 

RcMtrcE, a4j. Croia tempererl, 

Rl«DK, V. {A.-N.) To remore. 
Rbnabli, ad). (1) Reasonable. 
(2) Loqnaciam. North. 

e. To jerk the bead ? 
A ipeciei of apple ; the 

ipplf > . . . ytt wlieie out hoiteil lotriala 
Uj c!j ird 1 1 wrrn, rruiieierlokiiigHeiinB 
tLnfl, pliuted, Lfv bia gmt ODttB and 
tuB iiKluuie, Ibc ■■«! cbuiy, lbs 

Uaiarhi fcrimi. of SaU,\iia. 
rheriMl: Hliicb Uuiigta firtlitftom the 
Bio«uel\iroii^hbli (iflreuw d ice, ainma 
Upon Uje pipLHJi tlock, the pi|iplQ bccing 

'BM^i.TRti,parl.p.{Lat.) Renewed. 
Benay, I. A renegade. 

atb, e. {A..N.) To refute 1 to 

cH, r. To rinae. iVor/A. 

Bgnckt, adj. BuitteroiK. 

Rehcountek, t. {Fr.^ To meet. 

Bendeb, v. (t) To melt dnvrn any 
fat lubstance. The proceu o[ 
making iard and candiea i* colled 
rendering. Line' 

(2) To diiperae. North. 

(3) To confesi. 

(4) To give a finishing coat of 
plaster lo a nail. Far. d. 

Remdleb, I, Itennet for cheese. 
tENK, (1) V. To rein i to tie op. 

(2) *. A water-course. See Sean. 
Ren£, v. T« deny. See Renagi. 
Beneo, d. To call a guit at cardt. 

Eknete, \t.(^A.-N.) Todenyjto 
BBNBQE, J reoomice; to aiqure. 

ReTKyed. renegade. 
Bbnok, (1) .. {A.-N.) A rank, or 

row. Rengaile, ranks. 

(2j o. To set iu order. 


Rkhois, >. The tteps <rf m Udder. 
UsNiiH, tr. To prepare; lo fur- 
nitli. Peres. 

RtHE. >. (^.-5.) AmaniRkiiiKht. 
Aword uud chiefly in th« melricul 

Reney, <ii(r. Rank. Norlk. 
Rbnlbisb,«. Rennet. Paligr. 
RiNNB, B. (I) (^.-S.) To run. 

(2) (^..5.) TopuU; toiDRtch; 

to rend. 
RiMHtNa, 0) *■ Bonnet. 

(2) adj. Thin ; Uquid. A term in 

cookery, the coDlniy to ilandmf, 

RKNHi»a,a4'. Pasuonate ) foriDui. 


REHOiflf, adj. Renovned. 
RiNOVKLAKcs.t. (A.-ff.) Renenil. 
RaNOTBLLE, B. To rencv. 
Rehtt, adj. Handiome; well. 

ill aped. North, 
Rbnvkbsk, b. (fr.) To reTcnei to 

HEr^IB, o. Todenr. 

HiODRE, V. To commend. North. 

Hkp, (Ij part. p. Reaped, Eaix. 

(2) (. A lean horse. 
Repaibb, (1) V. To retort; to re- 

(2) : The haunt of a hare. 

(3)1. A carrier or ua-Bib. 
RKFAiaE, V. {A..N.) To appeaie. 
Repabbl, I. Apparel. 
Rbfakeu-BiD. To repair; to rebuild. 
Repay,!. ItepaTmeiit. "Forihe 

r^ioy thereof." Coplty'i Will, 

Fih, and FatKin. 1614. 
Repb, a. A handful of com, Ice 
Rbfbal, In. To recall; lo call 
BBPBL, /again. 
Bepbbcute, tr. (Lat.) To ithke 

Rbpbte, I, " Fote, or reptte of a 

dittye, or verse, vbiche ii often 

repewd." Huleet. 
Rkfstobt, adj. Disobedient; mas- 
terful. Line. 


•ocB.a. AitaffforbcaU 

To fill? 

Thd migWj uiiiftn*, sSM^Iony 101 '• 

Til' ioiprti-U 

hBi'm wbne fDoUloole ii 


Qarla. n^tfir W«ma. 


V. To revive. Paligr. 

Bbplbt, (, 



e. To gallop itraight 


and back Bnin. 

KiFON, r. MoTlnf- force. 


(. Repose. 

A long staff. Cheth. 


1. Represiinj. 


1 t.. (A-.N.) To re- 

y proTe. Rtpreeino, a 

BBPBBR»B,J reproof. 

Befbiue, e 

To grumble. 

Rbpbibb, (l; a. (^..JV.) Reproach; 

(2)e. (Fr.) To take again; to 

Whom ma he murked frolilj to iriii: 
From th' earth, taiL fron btt vonib nea 
■piritilortfwiu, ,:ipeu,,KQ.,ll.ii,K 

(3) 1. Right of relief. 
Rip&oor, «. Confutation. 
Refbohchablb, adj. Lamentable. 

"YetisthBdethuf thesoule . . . 

much more riprauehatle." Cas- 

ton't Art of Uying Well. 
Rbpby, s. To reprieve. 
RaprsK, B. {Lat. Trpugwi.) To 

resin ; to light against. 
Refunge, b. [Lot.) To goad; to 

Rbpdbveakcb, >. Provision. 
Rebaob, (, {A.-N.) Arrears. 
Rebd, t. Noise; roar. 
Rbbe, (1) B. (A.-S.) To raise. 

(2 ) adj. Moderately flexible; Arm, 

but not too hard, as applied to 

meat, Sec. 
Rrbk-bankkt, (. A second course 

of dessert after dinner. Paltgr. 
Rbbbbbace. b. {A..N.) Armour 

for the back of tlie arm. 


HEB ; 

BeftSBBAEi, 1. {A.-N.') Su;qwKd 
to be the projection put on tbe 
crupper to pre»eiit tbe horeeman 
being puihed over the borie'* 
l«ii by tbe thruil of & lance. 

BsaKDEUAiH, #. (A-.) A back. 
haaded Blralce. 

And incOi ■ blow he lent liiiii u be pu^ 


r. Armourforlb« back- 

without grate. 

r tapeatrjbe- 

(2) The acncD 

hinil tlie altar. 
Rkke.hodbe, I*. (^A-S. hrtre- 
BEAB-u ouss, / mm, fiom hrtrm, 

to agitate.) A bat. 
Rebe supruft, «. (Fr.) A lale »ap- 

per i/ter the onliiiu7 sapper ; ■ 

■econd a upper. 
Rbbtailb, (. 
Then ihibnei nod ihekebottf xrandtd In 

Ihc Bjre, 
Bol iljrjiBt of .LI. the Immpel of tenowne. 
And by fliidbj, a loud tYr'fliVf he mnKC; 

Bbi. See ffeea. 
Resaivb, v. To receive. 
Resaloas, t. Batstiane. 
RBflcoDs, t. {A.-N.) Reacne. 
Re»e, (1)«. About. 
(2) V. To rai.e. 

R«9KMBLABLK. adj. Like. 

Resent, r. (I) {Fr. riumiir.) To 

VeiT hot — uiiitr? hot, npon mj hoDimr 
— phuo, injr lidj WlumKj— liow doci 

botriblj tftiin'd. 

i)ray(. J-ofyofl., 

inkjgiiinjT wh««h)'«e glionl 

obugaiiim . . _. 

Samnt, Scrm. t on Frajiir- 

Rebbt, (1) V. To receive ; to b«r- 

Wyth hi> owoe icupoa son wttU liim 
Vjtlfihalniiflil WitfSeiinei.f.ta. 
Hesb, 01$. Fresh; recent. Eatl. 
RiBHES, ». The wire-niah. Yeriik. 
Rbbiancb,(. Bftidence. Setiant, 

reiident. Setiant, iobabiUnta,, adj. A term in hunting, 

■ppliedtoadeerwbich hid quite 

ieftoif growing. 
Resile, o. (ial.) To ipring back. 
Rebiluatioh,!, (Zal.) Keiragres- 

kkt It b= iTol elondviif.' Haie ii', ind 
line il (onh. Farvu ofDurj, p. U. 

Bbsolutioh, I. Conviction ; aian. 
Resolti, o. (1) To diisolve. 
teuM. lo ridllin of tVouWe"^"' '"'" 

(2> To relax. 

(3) To convince; to tati.fy. 
Resoun, t. (^A.-N.) Diicourae. 
Rebodkd, v. To apring up again. 

Yn Mieni . . . . the life Tivmrdid. and 
Caxlm'i Beldcn L^tiU, baciu. ^Ctm. 


RiiPAHi, 1. {Lat. nupU.) The 
mpbeny. which word i» s eon- 
traction of rt^iati-berry. 

Umict. p. ISB. 
Xiapi, *. The rupbeiTf. Timer. 
Bmpect, 0. {Lai.) To postpone. 
Ekbpictive, ad/. Reipectful; le- 

BKiPicTLiaSi oi^. Regirdlen. 
BisPicB, I. (1) {J..N.) BMpect. 

Brspite, v. (_A.■^'.) To excuse. 
RciPLiNDi, «. To thine. 
Bbspondb. (. (^..JV.) A> iiuwer; 

anvttun; which uiiwera to an- 

KiMADHT, t. An ogee-moulding. 
BaiT, (1) I. The support for the 

muiket in Ihe older period of the 

use of <ire-inni. 

(2) V. To arreit. 

(3)». To conciude upon anything. 

(4) I. The wood on which the 

plough- coulter i* fixed. 

(&) (. A wrest bj which the 

■tringi of mu)ica1 indrumenU 

(6) To ift tip ml, to (land apoa 
Doe'a urdi. A phraie in Ihe 
game of primero. 
Bestahkatioh, i. (_Lal.) Beito- 


B« praniMlb mCwnifiiio ta ■ forkiiUin 

mcUiiliiiUen; vliiJitlieeliliiaforij 

". ornpirtB], fora 

klnufthe bqaot 


Re STAT B, V. To atop. 
Besthabkow, 1. The onoait or. 

BBanrnB, e. (_Lal.) To reilort. 
RisiTi,TAHCB, I. (Zd(.) Betwund. 
Bksvebib, : {Fr.) Madneii; 

dream ineu. 
Bet, ( I ) v. To toak in water. £»/. 

(2) *. A Wirt. Kmf. 

i REU 

Bbtaliaiios, ». Bepaymetrt. 

Bitch, (l)ti. To reach ; to atretf h. 
ing out Ihe armi and gaping on 
fint waking from a nip taken 
during (he da; ID a chur. Wcnc. 

RETCBLKag. &Ee Reehtlttu. 

BetchoPi*. Truth, corrupted from 
righiihip. "I am hii b air, and 
that'i my rfltiap." Somer: 

Retin, t. {A.-N.) Garriaon; fol- 

Sjn DrgiinuBt j« wliom went, 
Aud >n*r hj( Him (cnt, 


Rbtbmaunci. t. Betinue. 
Retinnys, t.;>l. Uetinuei. 
RBTuEBKB-rouNai, #. The plant 

huglois. MS. ISfA coil. 
RsTHoa, I, A rlietorictan. 
Ret[bi, t. (1) A retreat in wu-. 

Dutil mth apui fliilit rram Held Ihei flew. 

(!) A place of retreat. 
And nnlo C<i1>ii (to bii tltwi rttin) 

^rtC"- »'"». ili, 18. 
Bbtlooe, I. The coinman char- 
lock. Nmf. 
Betour, 1. (,J.-N.) Betnm ; n- 

SomE Df tlitir lOdpngt 10 abKnr* u4 

Hamuiet lUeLqfF, Imp. 
Betkietx, 1. An old sporting term 

for the reeoTeiing of game once 

Wt*]! h>v> a fligbt at ani^iga, ititDte. 
And liiid bnt we'll brlnfwu to MartMf. 


SBU 1 

Kbduc*. (l}(Cr.]Th«tidg. Jr& 

Iblh cent. 

(2) A cold; a rhenmttiim. 
Reuse, v. To command higliW. 

Rbtb, \{l)i.(J..S.) Abailiffii 
REEVE, J'ttewaril, or ovcneer. 

(2) V. To rob; to bercaie; to 

take from. 
Retkl(I)'- An aiiiiiTenary feast 

in commemoration of a churcb ; 

(2) B. To stray. Ltic. 

Revsloob, (. A riotout li«er. 

Revelrie, (. Pleagiire. 

RBvBL-RODr,a. Abnisteroiurci«l; 
an unlawful asMmblf. 

Reveli, 1. Tbe broken threadi eait 
■aide by womsD at tbeir needle- 
work. Hampth. 

Rev«l-twine,». Aflne twine. Wat. 

Rbvenoehent, a. Rerenge. 

Reterb, b. To reierberaxe. 

Rbtese, a. A rirer. 

RfTCMi, (1) V. {A.-N.) To over- 

Revert, v. (Lai.) To turn back. 
KKVBgTB,}Mir/.^. Clotbed. 
Rrvestrt,!. Theiilaceinachnrch 

where tlie print revealed himielf 

orput ontbeaacredgarmend. It 

hea been contracted into veiliy, 
Revettk.b. To ttrike back or again. 
^BviiA^B.pari.p. Plaited, laid of 

linen, Sm. 
Rbvt, r. A term at carda ) to laj 

aboTe the atakea. 
Ra'W,t.(l) Aroir. Thensualfonn 

of the word befora the 17lb 


(2) The ihadfaide of aitreet. Dtv. 
Rewalt, p. To aurrender. 
. Reward. (1) a. (^.-JV.) Regard ; 

i3) (. A preaent. 

9 BIB 

(3) I. A deuert, or conne of frnlt 

REwnBH-aAT,a. A itraw hat. ffeil. 
Rews,v.[J..S.) To pity; la regret. 
Rewino, a. (AS.) Piiy. 
Rbw[,esbb, a({r> Without rule. He}/' 

imo4, 1556. 
Rewlv, oi^'. Qnieti tranquil. 
Heein. (Dt. Rushei. JVeil. 

(2) V. To infect with > di>order. 

REY,e. Toamy, todmi,orc1ean. 
Rbtes, #. Dances. Chaactr. 
REvai, \v. {A.-S.) To make an 
HBTCE, J inroad or miiitarj *ip«. 

Reizlb, (1) B. Towheeie. JVwH. 

(2) t. A weuel. 
BasvH, t. Spleen; caprice. JUeO' 

malK, choleric. 
Rhihe, b. To talk nonienie. Dmrtt. 
Rbiub-boval. t. AfarmofTerie 

conaialing of sCanzai of ten linei. 
Rbisohe, >. The bead or bunch of 

oata. Chtth. 
Rhodobtadrotic, tt^. (from Gr. 

polov and n-avpDc.) Snty- 

The pud M he 

it thM 

B. Jam.. Halt, if Tort. hla. 

Rial, t. Aii En;;1iih gold coin, 
worth about tifieen ahillingi. 

Rialle, (1) adj. Royal. 

(2) (. The mother of liquor. 

Rialt£, t. Roiaity. 

RiAUB, t. A framework, or skele- 
ton. Well. See Rame: 

Rib, *. (1) A tcraper or rasp for 

(2) An implement for dresiing 

(3) Water-cress, ^l. 
RiBANiHO, I. A border, or welt. 
RiBAUD, t. {A.-N.) Another name 

for persons of the dan of so- 
ciety called alio leehourii ; a prn. 
fligate Ion perwui. Bibaudrit, 


. Riimdaur, t teller of 

adj. Obicene ; 
■IBAUDHED,/ filtby. 
Rib-baste, v. To best leierely. 
RiBBLi-KABBLi, t. (1) Diiordcrlj 

(2) Indecent Ulk. NerlA. 
RiBBLB-Kow. *. An inreotory; a 
Tliii vltih 1 rMlt-rev nbnno. 
Of tcunj UBU IB Knn-J -trMl 

i:;>lfM'. Warli. 

RrBi. •. To rend. Ifarlh. 
RiBiBB, >. A musical inttrument, • 
gort of fiddle. Ribible, a. imall 

.AST. «. A severe beiling. 
. Binding in hedgei. Kent. 
H, (, Some piece of leather 
or worn in flai-dnasins. 
I. (1) A tuminB- wheel tat 

(2) Branchei. See Rim. 

(3) Pease-Blraw. Norf. 
(1) ,. {A.-S. ric.) A 



(2) V. To enrich ; to become rich. 

(3)r. Togo; to prepare, or dre». 
RicGELLE, «. Incenie. Fr.F. See 

RicHkLV, adv. (A.-S.) Noblr. 
RTCHE3BK, I. {A.-N.) Wealth. 
Rick, (t) I. An ankle. Soath. 

(2) D. To iprain a joint. 

(3) P. To acold. Lane. 
(4) : A rick, or ataek. 

RicsLB, (l)i. Aheap. Ntrth. 
(S) t. The long line of graii, 
barley, Hic., formed by tucceiiive 
depoiiti of tiie drag-rnke. Norf. 
(3) r. To nuke a rattling noise, 

RicENEST, J. Arickysrd. Smth. 

RicE-STKDDLE. «. A Rooden frame 
placed on stoneg, on which to 
build ricka. Smiih. 

Rior, adv. MiMerly. EmI, 

\ &1D 

Rid, (1) ■>. To finiih, or complete. 

(2) «, To interpose ; to part two 
•rlio are fighting. Lane. 

(3) (. A hollow place in the 
gravel where ulmon deputit 
their roe. North. 

(4) c To dear awtj, 
RroDE, p. To rescue. 
RiDDENER. V. To chatlCT. Lme. 
RinneB, (. A large aieve. Oxfd. 
RiDDLi, (0 V. To dam ■ hole. 

(2) t. The ring to which the 
neck-rope of an animal iafulened 

(3) V. To rednce. ieir. 
RiDDLK-CAKES. t. A coanc lort of 

oat cakes. North. 
Riddled, ^nrf./. Wrinkled. 
~ >. Adealerin wool. Zinc. 

Riddle-wall, t. A fence of split 

rorked crosawite. Kad. 
Ride, (1) t. A ssddle-horse. Norf. 

(2) V. To plunder. North. 

(3) tr. Putnere. 

(4) «. To be carted for a bawd. 

(5) *. A amall stream. Hants. 

(6) I. A htile-rod. The dump 
of rods risingout of the stmeroot. 

(7) I. A part of a forest. 

Ride able, adj. Passable with 

RiDELEDgporf.p. Plaited. 
RiDELi, \i. (A.-N.) CartaiuB; 

RiDDELi, J bed-cnrtaina. 
Rider, «. (1) A mosi-lrooper. 

(2) A traveller ivbo oirriei pat- 
terna and aamples aa an agent to 
obtain orders. 

(3) A Dutch coin, worth about 
27 shillings. 

(4) Eight sheavea of com put up 
together for protection against 
the weather. Cheih. 

(&) A rock protruding into ■ 

RiDEB, (. The iron hingea on a gate, 
by means of which the gate is 
hung on the hooka in the post. 


RiDSE-BANS, *. Tbit part of the 
harness which goea over the ud- 
dle on > borie'B b*ck, to lupport 
the ahafti of the cart. 

Ri DOB- BONK, I. The weather, 
boarding on the outiide of 
wDQden housei. Soutk. 

BiDoiL-BACK, #, A back with a 
ridge in the middle. 

RiDQLiKQ, *. A refuie sheep. 

RiDiNQ, I. (1) Any ceremonial pro- 

{2) An encouDler. 

(3) An open mad cut throi^h • 
wood. North. 

(4) Riding of tht vilch, the 

ItiDiNa.aAO, t. The nightmare. 

RiDiNO-ENOT.f. Aiunningknot 

~ t. Couplet 



RiDiNQ-sTocKiNoa, I. WoTstcd 
stockings without feet, used in- 
stead of gaiters. 

TtiPLEsa, adj. Uniisiling. 

KiDLiNO, t. A riddle. Norlh. 

RiDOTT*. ». (Hal.) A ball. 

RiDODB, aifj. (_Fr, raideur.) Great 

Rids. The ridi are ont, t. e., the 
sky is Tery bright at suDrise, or 

R[B, tl)V Pun.' 

(2) a. The raised border of s 

(3) tJ. To aie»e com. fforli. 
Rire, {!) adj. {A.-S. r^.) Pre- 
valent ; common. Sffely, com- 

(2) a4i- Ready; qnick at learn- 
ing. Cvmi. 

(3) t. The act of plundering. 

(4) adf, Inrectioas. Norlli, 

lb) P, (J.-S.) To thmat through. 
(6)t. A salt-water pond. South. 

(7) ». (A.-S.) To rip, or thruit 

UiT,s,(l),.{J..S.rsf.) Agar- 

(2) *'. (-^.-5. krif.) The beUjj 
the bowels. 

(3) oiAi. Speedily. 

(4) V. To cut up. 
Rirp-BAF»,». (1) Rubhiih ; refasei 

low people. 
(2) Sportj fun. 
Ri»LB, {l)v. To raffle. 

{2) t. What is now called a hale, 
affixed tu the handle of a scythe, 
for the purpose of collecting the 

RiwLiD. part. p. Raffled ia tempsT. 

RiFLEO, a. (1) (J..S.) A plsn- 

(2) A hawk which teiies a bird 
hy the feathers instead of ths 

Rii'LV, adv. Speedily. 
Rift, (I) «. To dig the groDnd 
to plough. 

(2) e. To tnm up in lumps, said 
of mould. Zinc. 

(3) B, To belch. 

(4)(. Acleftiacrevice. 

(5) : A pole. 

BirtEB, t. (1) A blow DO the ribs. 
(2) Rotten wood powdered. 

Rio, (1) (. (AS. ricg.) The back. 

(2) I. A ridge or elented part 
in ground. 

(3) t. A prostitute; a wanton. 
Rtggith, wanton, 

Imnwdot rigg. I Oiid'B (onniel Dslc 

Or wantoa rigg. a letchcrdiuolnU. 
Dtmifi Scoi^gi iif IbOf 

(4) I. A frolic. 

(5) s. A rib in a stocking. Eait 
(6)r. To clothe, Var.d. 

(7] r. To ride pick-a-back. North 

(8) D. To make free with, 

(9) p. To romple. O^A 

(10) V. To tumble about. 



(11) t>. To get thioagh thefmee 
of a field. South. 

(12) t. A ttrong bUltoTwiad. 

(13) (. A tub for new cider. 
(141 (. A iheep hiTiDg only one 

RioADooN, (. An old Frmcb dance. 
SiaATT, (. A (inall channel rrom i 

•treim mtde b; rain. A'DrfA. 
RiooiD, (1) pari. p. Laid on iti 

hack, ai a iheep. N'rrth. 

{2) adj. Muitrtiour. Dorwt. 
BioSEN, t. The ridge, eipeciallj of 

a houic. Riggi»g-ttottet, ilalei. 

RioDBB, t. Lead half mdied. 

RioooT, (. A gutter. Lanv. 
HiQOOT, \». An animal half caa- 
BiDaiL.jtrated. See Rig. 
BieBT, (l)<i'Ci. Good; tme. 

(2) adtt. Rightly ; eiactly. 

(3) «. A rite, or ceremony 7 

Tf the DUH ind the aapper of the Lord 

blonde, %nA the nippa of ibb lioiA aro 
A liiio Dixlegui, Lond., Ihon Day. 

(4) «. To put in order. Eatl. 
(b) To da right, to pledge in ■ 

Bi^h^nK hu midc ms vtmMimg ihot- 

ril pWgi JO •( twice. 
Ill w^dont, do lu rigU, 


RiaHia, V. To leu, or cut, 

RioHTiB, adv. IA.-S.) Right!'. 

RiOHT-voKiH, adn. Direct. 

Rightful, adj. {J.-S.) Jutt. 

BiOHTLs, V. To let torigbti. Lme. 

RiOHT-ON, adv. Dowarigbt) vio- 
lently \ poiitiTely. R^hl-oul, di- 
rectly, completely. 

Right-sharp, ai^r. In one'a lenwt. 

RiSHT-siD*, V. To let right. 

" -I, «dj. {A.-S.) Righte- 

RiOLBT, I. A thitt, aquare piece 
of wood. 

RiowABOLB, I. Confused and un- 
connected talkj an uomesning 

RiouurroH, i, A wanton wencb. 
Devon. See Mutton. 

Riooi., I. (i<o/. rigolo.) A circle. 

Aboat the raonminf ind eoDpcnled rire, 

Of Ihu blick blund > wauy rr^gj piei. 

RioOLAGK, I. Wantonneu. 

Rio-nnrr, t. The dead skin co- 
vering a scab or ulcer, f/orlh. 

BioEBT, I. A hoyden i a mnton. 

RiowEiTED, part. p. Thrown on 
the back. 

R.«s, (1) ». (,/..&) A kingdom. 

■ (2>e. To govern; to rule. 
(3) adj. IA.-N.) Rich. 

R1RIL8, >. {A.-S. rectli, n'eyti.) 

RiLi, V. (i) To vex. Bail. 

(2) To stir up liquor and nrnw 
the sediment. Eatl. 

(3) SeeSoiL 

(4) To climb, AuiRT. 
R11.LET, t. A ainaJl ttreaiD ; a 

ni* wtla vhich [n one pool hmth ubiding, 


RiLTs, t. The frait of thebarberrv. 
RiH, (1) (. {A.-S. rtcma.) The 

peritoneum, or meiabimne io- 

cloiing the intesiinei. 

(2):(_A.-S.) A crowd, or rabble. 

(3) P. To remoie. Glouc. 
RiUBLK-KAUBLE, adj. Noniensical. 

" Rimile-ramSIt talk." OtelTt 

RiUB, 1. (1) (J..S.) Margin, or 


(2) (A.-S.) Hoar frost. 
RiuEB, t. A toot for eolai^ng 

•crew-holei in metal. 
RiHB-STOCi, I. A wooden calendir. 
RiuiyB, e. To compose ia rhyme. 


RiMODR, (. A poet; a writer k 

RiHFLE, I. A wrinkle. Eatt. 
KiuFi.tD,part.p. Pqckered. Eiiex. 
Rims, i. Tbe staves of ■ ladder. 

RiHTHB, (. Room. 
RiH, (1) s. To run. 

(2) (. (J.-S.) A amsU stream. 

(3) ». Brine. Norf. 

Bind, ())i>. To melt fit. Line. 

(2) pari. p. Frozen to death. 

BiNDE, (1) V. To destro;. 

(2) I. A thicket. 
RiNDKL, t. (I) (J.-S.) A itnall 

rivulet! « gutter. 

(2) A sieve for com. NortA. 
Kindles, i. Rennet. Leic. 
RiNs, (1) t. {A.-S.) To touch. 


<2)(. Rindibark; the akin. 
RlHEB, t. {A.-S, rbinan, to tuuch.) 

quoits, when the quoit louchea 

the peg or mark. 
SlHQ, (1) D. To surround. 

(2; I. The circle round the 

mouth of a cauoou. 

{3):i,A.-S.) To sound. 

(i) I. A row. Sent. 
RiNHE, *. (1) The trimming of a 

cap. or of any other part of dress. 


(2) A row of plants. 

(3) A large heap of underwood. 

(4) A water-tub. Keal. 
RiNOBiNs, I. Cosne rtour. Fail. 
RiNO-HEAD, (. Ad engine for 

stretching woollen doth. 
BiNOLE, (. A small ring. Ringitd, 

married. Eail. 
Rinuleadeh, *. The person who 

opened a hall. Hallyiimd. Did., 

BiNouAH, t. The third liuger of 

the left hand ; Ibe ring-linger. 
RiNOe, t. Fattens. North. 
RiNO-TAW, I. A game at marlilea. 
RiHO-Tan-jACK. See Collar (2). 

5 RIP 

RiNG-WALR, a, A stag's track. 
RiNisH, adj. Wild ) rude t unruly. 

Kink, *. (1) A ring. Deri. 

(2) A man. See Sent. 

RlNElH. 1. A fox. Suf. 

RiNNA&s, I. RuDueri. 
RiNT, p. To rinse. North. 
RioTE, I. {A.-N.) (1) Adisturbance, 

(2) A company of men. 

(3) A term for a rabbit. 
RioTisB, (. Gluttony. 

RiPi (1) V. To plunder. North, 
m P. To chide. Wat. 
(3) r. To be very violent. Eaal. 

(1) t. A disreputable woman. 

(5) (. A lean animal. 

(6) 5. A basket for carrying fish. 
{7) ». A whelstone for a scythe. 

(8) s. Apiece of wicker-work on 
which lines are coiled. Harttepoot,^ 

(9) News; a current report. C^oii. 

(10) r. To reap. Kent. 
Rife, (IJ t. (Lai. ripa.) A bank. 

(2) B. {A.-S. hrypan.) To ex- 
amine strictly and ihorooghly. 

(3) V. To inquire after. North. 
f*)... Toripeu. 

(5) V. To grow old. 

(6) adj. Learned ; clever. i>eiiim. 

(7) a^J. Ready. Pien PI. 

(8) adj. Prepared. Narthatnpt. 

(9) adj. Prevalent. North. 

(10) B. To cleanse. North. 

( 1 1 )e. To break up rough ground. 

RiPE-UEN, (. Reapers. 
RtPiBa, *. A robber. Dark. 
RiPLE, IT. To utter falsehoods. 

RippHB, 1 (, (I) A person who 
RippAB, I brings fish from the 
KipiEK, J coast to sell iu the in- 

I can lend yaa speedier qdverlhemejit 
of lier the neit tifitr tlint 

WlW-j, 0. Fl.,»i,l»7. 


(2) A pedlu ; a higgler. Soulh. 
Whtrc now TDu're fnia 
To bira ■ ripper mnrp, 

B. f h., NMi floii, T, 1. 

SrppiHG, adj. Great. Somtrt. 
RippLB, (I) e. To clean flai. 
^swei). 1660. 

(2) P. To scratch. iV(w(A. 

(3) *. A imall copi;iM, Her^. 

(4) I. A particular mantlet of 
plunghing, by laving the latid 
two furrowi togeiher. Narf, 

IT. adj. Nimble; quick. 

J Lranchei-, buihea. 
To Ibe fOml Om fare, 

To His lime, ina a the hue, 

Tluit tireiltii In the riii. 

Set Hme-tiitgi end riia, ths fnnlin to 
Tiilu huudrciii dT nowei in b net at a einp. 

Ri8«, V. (1) To ralie. 

(2} To yield; to proilnce. Suff. 
KisEiL, f, A pea-slick. Wane. 
UiBH, (l)t. A rush. 

Thoni itiivBvlehemnon«»riu*(. 
(hmr. Vs. Sm. A.lii.. 134. f. fll. 

<2) P. To gather rushes. 
(3)(, AsicUe. 

(4) adv. Directif ; quickly. South. 
RtsKsws, t. An article of confec- 
fiyiAiKi of 1^1. Tike fjliei and ni- 

tlifrelo Boile nimilon, sinl hule i|hki. 
M»ke biDlHi ttcreor. Frye in o;le, nnil 
ien>;lieni Inrlli. Anu^Cury.p, 3!, 

nisHaNDBT, *. Loose com left in 
the field, and become ao dry as 
to be rather brittle. Wight. 

Ri8(No,». (1) least. Emt. 

(2) A iniail ihaceai, or boil. 

RiBiHo.LAHK, >, The skylark. 


Riap, (1) >. A branch, or twig. 

(2) B, To make a noise. North. 
Rispa, t. The stems of climbing 

plant* generidlyi the Irujt-bear. 

ing steins of raipberriea. EatI, 
V.1S3Z, pari. ti. Kiien. 
RiBT,*. (1) Arise. Norf. 

(2) An advance of price*. Nor/. 
RiBTi, (1) P. To reat. 

(2) I. Rust. 

{i)pret. t. Arose. 

(4) p. To rend, or tear. 

(5) adj. Furious ; fleree. Yorbh. 
RiT, {l)jjrM. (, Rideth. 

(2) B. To dry flax. Kent. 

(3) p. To swallow eagerly. f/erl». 

aioiied by rain. South. 


I. FrankinceoK 

Stalks of potatoes. 

RiTLiNo.g. Theyoungeat otalitter 

of pigs. 
RiiTE. p. To teat! to rend. 
BiTTLB, P. To wheeECj to snore. 

RivAGE, ». { Shore; a 

RiFAij-e, •- {A.-N.) A landing- 

Biv*L, ». An associate. Shatt^. 

RivAVE, P. (^.-M) To hawk by 
the riverside; to fish. 
Bot now hjm Ijite noglit plnjo. 

tivB, (l)tr. (^.-JV,) To reach [to 

(2) I. {A.-N.) The sea-shore. 

(3) I. A rake. \hth ctnt. 

(4) e. (AS.) To split asunder. 

(5) p. To est greedily. NortA. 

(6) in$. Amorous. B'tjAt. 

(7) IT. To belch. 


RiTELED, pari. p. Wrinkled. 

" Siveld clieekt." 
KiVKLis, adj. {J..S.) Wrinlcled. 


rough .V 


WOTQ hy the Scot!. 
RivBLLB, I. A rivulet. 
RtVEL-KAVBL, I. Nonjense. 

the man "n 'the mMn."'" "" " _ '^ 

BivEN, adj. Croit-tempered. Line. 
RivEBET, I. A rivulet. 
RlTEaiNQ, «. HiwkiDg; by the river 

BiTET, *. The roe of B fiah. 
Rivets, i. Bearded whe>l. Eait. 
RiTiNQB, f. Refute of corn. 
Rivo. An exclamation nied in 
' Bacchanalian revelry. 
Thru tben't mjr cliub. mj epicure. Qud- 
Iliat rube hii guii, cJapt liii panocli, ind 
SiH. Xarilat-i What you rill, ect ir. 
Biz, t. A reed. Exmoor. 
Rixv. (1) adj. [Lat. rixom.) 

Quarxelsame. IPeil. 

(2) ». A h»lf.c»atr«ted horse. 

BizzER, (. A long slender pole, 

commonly cleft or divided in two, 

and used to conllne the iplinta 

in a building or faggots in a yard. 
BizzLE, n. (l)To creep. Gioite. 

(2) To roast ilighlly. Cumb. 
BiTTLECHE, c. To govern. 
g^ |». Peace; quiet. 
Bo&cH, t. A rash on the akin. 
BOAD, (1) I. An inroad ; an incur- 


(3) (. Way I manner. As " 

this roaif." 

}adj. Streaked, u ba 
with alternate rov 
fat and lean. Narthampt. 

nED, \ ad 

Roan,*. A clump of whins. North- 

BOAPT, adj. Viscous, South. 
RoARBR, I. A hroken-vrinded horse. 
RoAniNO, adj. Quick. Var. d. 

b»t. Baxlutii, Emac iif HarU, ISIS. 
Winn I ptitepe lo miuy riHing-tiV'i, 
■nd itlier idle jriillaiit*. thai have neiilier 
implo^Dicnr to tramt abtoed, ner vhen- 

BoAST, (1) tr. To ridicule any one 

(2) To rttlelheraait, to Cake the 

J hod, dukfl of Buwyn, wbinh nilfd th 

ml. Bud gnieniEd both b;ng Clin rice 

jDg. ■wigere^me. 

To imeB of the roetl, to submit. 

Or fnrCEIl u' ffie, icrllle, Bod inc» of Oi 
roil. Hi'imrferMi^iilrMaAm. 

Roaat-meat eiothei, holiday 


An aecoant of f^mon'i wHding, and 



SoiiTiNa, a^. Coane and nnlc 

Bob, >. Fruii jelly. Eail. 

BoBA, I. {IlaL) A prottitutc t mar 

UBuallv bona roba. 
BoBBLB, t. (1) An implenient fo 

itirriQg doiigb ID theoven. Weil. 

(2) Friiolou) islk. Leit:. 
RoBBLF, adj. Fault/. A mil 

in the fourteentli century, men- 
period lad in Piers Plougbnutn. 

RuBEBT, I. The herb tturk-bill. 

RoBEKTca, 1. Rubric. Cot. Mytt. 

Robin in tht hote, the lychtiii 
RoBTNET, ». (Ft.) The oack of a 


The che«lip, or v/aoA]im»e.Huhel, 

RoBiN-OBAT, ». A bonnet NorlK 

RoBiNHOOD, t. The red catupioD. 

BoBiN'a-nNCUBBioN, 1. The ex- 
creicence* of mota-like flbrei on 
the younger brsncbesof Ihe dog- 
rose. Norlhampi. 

RoBLET, (. A large chicken. Eail. 

RoBSON-DTEB, *. A poBd IB 8 Vil- 
lage. Lint. 

BocciLLQ, ». A cloak. North. 

Roche, ». (1) {A..N.) A rock. 
(2) A aort uf wine, suppoied to 
be Rochelle. 
{3) Refu5e, gritty «tone. 

RocHEBB, t. {A.-N.) A rook. 

Rqcuebteb-kaktb, 1. Saltpetre. 

Roca.T,». (l)(^..jV,)Awoman'> 
uuter dreai. \blh cent. 
(2) A little blue cloth cloak. 

1 HOP 

(3) The piper flab. "A rochet 
or rou^et." Nomencl- 

RocHLiB, : The rattle. Her^. 

Roci, a. (1) A lort of distaff. 
(2) A Tery hard cheese, made 
from tkimmed milk. Hampih. 
(31 A young hedgehog. SomerMel. 

(4) A pcrsun half-witied is siiid 
to have had a roci too much. 

RocEKL, 1. A n-oman's cloak. 

RocKEB,j. {l)The long handle of 

a emiih'a bellows. 

(2) A long wicker «ieve. Bed: 

(3) A nurse. 

Rocket, (. ) A cloak without a 

(2) A row of holes made by 
dibbles Ihe whole leBgth of the 
stetch. Norf. 

(3) A portion. Suf. 
RocEiNa-PAN,«. A vessel used for 

melting alum at Whitby. YorJtih. 
RocKLED, adj. Rash and forward. 

RocESY, a^j. Carious in the bark, 

applied to tree*. Leic. 
RocET, adj. Tipsy. 
RoDDAU, ■. A bed of sand resting 

on the clay iMneath the peat, in 

the fens of Cainbridgesliire. 
RoDK, (1) (. (J..S,) A company of 

(2) I. A harbour for ships. 

(3) I. (,A.-S.) The compleiion. 

(4) tr. To spawn. Suff. 

(5) 7b go lo rode, to go oat to 
shoot wild-fowl as they pass over 
head on (be wing. S<nner»et. 

:parl,p. Lean mingled with 

fat. f 
RoDE-LAND, (. Land newly brought 

RODE-NET, I. A sort of net for 

catching birds. 
ROD3-G0I.D, f. The marigold. 

Root, adj. (AS.) Red; ruddy. 
RoE-uoB, (. A young female hind. 
RoET, I. Pasture ground. BerH. 
YLorz,pret. I. Tore. 


RoroAM, ». The w»ist. Beeon. 
ItoQE, E. To tramp, u beggars. &c. 
RooER.f. (l)Thesheph(Td'anaaie 

RoTSTON-CROw, «. The liooded 

for tl 

(2) A 


(3) Mentula. [^f>M. Rab. 

(4) Roger <iftht £u/(fry, a goose. 
RoGEBiAN, t. A naoie for a wig. 

HaWi SaliTtl. 
ttorFLisa, adj. Diiorderlj. JVor/J- 


( A sudden 

of the sir, whirling up the duet 
oa H dry road in peirecllj' calm 
weather. Norf. 
RoGGAN,!. Arackiug-BlDue. OafM. 

"mo'U }'■'•'■■'•' ''°''""- 

RoSBE. adj. Rough. 

KoouTB, prel. i, oireci, {■4..S.) 

BooHTLESSi, adj. Careleai. 
RoonE, (1) I. A professed heggar. 

(2) p. To wander ahout ai a 

vagabond. Colgr. 
SootiE-HooaE, J. The house of 

correction. Korlh. 
RoioNous. adj. (J.-N.) Scabby. 
Ron,, (1) e. To romp; to trouble, 

or vex ; to perplei. North. 

(2) D. To stroll about. 
Uaidei uiitc m\ 

Misty ; cloudy. 


RoiY, 1 adj. 
toLL, f. To collect barley into 
heaps ready for pitching into the 
waggon. East. 
RoLLE, (1) r. {A.-N.) To enroL 
(2) ». A portion of the hair 
brought in a large curl over tb^ 
forehead. I6th emi. 
Roller, i. A bundle of reed. 

, ». A aledge used in coal 
. North. 

L,o. TorampabaatitorolL 
a^. Uaneo ; rough. 

i. Coarse hempen cloth. 




■i Tnuu Trdf riia. 

'or joa all. but 1 will have a rot-tXfffftM 
W'yclurity. Ccmnlry W\ft, leSS. 
t. (1) A game played 

A Fiemish horse. 

BoiLiNG,^ar/. a. Fidgeting! climb- 
ing about. Nortkampt. 

Roily, if. To backbite. Wett. 

BotST, V. To bully; to riot. 

Roister, (1) e. To be rude; to 
ramp aboot. 
(2 ) s, A rioter ; a bully. 

He"-«lil'M unwiKtl. then the mace of 
M.™ in hud. iiirr.for Mag., p. 484. 
Tills is the isrv nniUr that icsi'il tad 

. tmUDdmo.iit. ncBcformtim.ltli. 

BoisTEBEB, t. A swaggerer. North. 

nith a 

K pudding made by spread- 
ing preserves on a tbin flat paste, 
and then rolling it up length- 
wise. It is inentioned in the 
writinp of Taylor the W»ter- 

(3) A Tulgar person. Liiur. 
RonaOb, (1) V. To set a ship lo 
rights; to clear the hold d 

RouANCE. (. The French language. 
RouAsiNO, adj. Romantic Wtri. 

I. {A.-N.) (1) A bcNdc 


(21 An 
Bomb, b. To shiver «Hb cold. 
RouBBL, t. A rumbling noiBc; 

Rou-Booai. *. A cant tCTm fa 

wine, Dtiier. ' 
Soke, (1) e. To growl; to rou 

See Renu. 

(2),. Place; office. 

BouB-HO&T, t. A cant tann for a 

RoMSHT, If, To laiBG ■ false 
KOMAHT, J report; to exaggerate. 

BoHUV, t. A drinkiiig'.cup. 
RoHULE, V. To whisper. 
BoMiiocK|«. To romp boislerously. 

Rom NAT, *. Aaortof Spinith irine. 
BouoNGOVB, (. A seller. 

The liite ii, hede tha uthnnte of lbs 

tliinge tliet mc n;]e lelle. ue doth Iba 

JytMU tjflme., p. S3. 
RowpBTAL, 4, AmdegirL JTftt. 
RoMULiK, adv. Abaniitiatl; ; plen- 

Ron, I. (^J-S.) CoDvenUian. 
RoHCB, e. To romp. North. 
Ronclbd, part. p. (_J.'S.) Wrin- 

RONDUBE, I. (Fr.) Ronndness. 
Rons, (1) i. Tbe roe of a G)h. 


(2) *. To protect ; lo console. 

l3)prel.l. Rained. ChatK. 
RoNBTTE, I. CircaUr. 
RoHEt, I. Thickets; brushwood. 
RoNOK, F.(^..iV.) To gnaw, a^eil. 
RoNGB, *. The bars of a ladder. 
BoHE-iuPi, ai{'- Quileripe. Cheih. 
RoNNEB., I. A aort of coarse cloth. 
RoNMiNO, I. Rennet. 

RouTON, I. (I) (Fr. rojnmx.) A 
mangy, or scabby animal. 
(!) A t.l ..m... 

Roo, ttdj. Rough. DfBon. 

Rood, 1 (. {A.-S.) The cross, or 

, 1 ,. {A..S. 
Ei I cruclBi. 

The candles burn- 
ing before the rood. 
IUd, Mjd for the ro^.lnU. iij.i jd. 
US. AccoonU of St. Mary'j, 
Lttcattr, UK 
RooDT, aeS. Luxuriant in growth. 

RooFiHO. t. The riiige-clp of 

thalched roofs. Norf. 
Rook, (I) *. A sharper. uEually as- 
soclatedwith gsmbleis. Rookery, 
a place of reaort for rogues. 

, staj fo 

B, IflTS- 



•ten, wUaonl/ailKiwm. 

pl.j, Hint Ihcy only tent to ipoil tlis 
fancj of iliiwe tliat Uo Hut. ibej 

(2) V. To cheat. 

Well, I'll gs la NiwiBBrket, and neier 
I gn to tnlire. let vhit 

im, I go to twelie, and 
IE Idf. lb. 

(3) I. A crow-bar. Shropih. 
(4)o. To huddle together. Wett. 

RooKBBT, $. (1) A disturbance ; a 
scolding. South. 

(2) A room with a window af 
lalh without glass. Narf. 

(3) A nest of disreputable houses. 

RooL, V. To rumple. North. 
Boo>(,t.(l) Place.oroffice. "F'-we 

roumet of lordly digniiie." Bar- 

clag't Etiogitt, 1570. 

L. Cheil. SaJr 


(t) A hoi at a play. 


(3) Dandriff. Samrnel. 
RoouEB.,1'. To go roomer, to tack 
about to gain the itiud. An old 

BoouTS, (■ Boom J space. 
TlootiTBT, adj. Roomf. Northati^t, 
RooKE, •■ VerroUion. 
SooF,#. Hoariencii. Ri>ap!/,itoute. 

BoosELiHO, adj. S!o|iiiig down, 

RooaiK, I. A rouser. A man ii 
aud to be araoier who does any- 
thing very well. Line. 

SoDET, V. Td drive. Dtvon. 

RoosT-coci, I. Tb« common cock. 

Root, ». (1) A rut, GloM. 
(2) Th«aum total. 

RooTAQB, 1. Extirpation. 

RaoTEK, f. A rough attack ; a ruih' 
ing noiie. North. 

RooTL», V. To root op. Btdt. 

RooTT, adj. Bank, said of planti. 

RoovE, V. To dry meat in the 
chimney. GIouc. 

RoozE, B. (1) To scatter. ConuB. 
(2) To commend. Lane. 

KoozLB.v. TorouscTJolentJy.Ine. 

VMr.prel. t, ot repe. Reaped. 

Rope, (1) (. A measure of twenty 
feel. Devon. 

(2) ). A bundle oF twigg laid 
acroBi a gutter to aerre ia place 
of a plank. Devon. 

(3) tr. To tether ■ horae or 
cow. Nor/. 

(4) ». A dWMf. Somertel. 
RoPBK, ». (1) A rope-maker. 

(2) A rogue. 
BoPB-BiFE,iiiij. DeserriDghEDgiDg. 

HamU, 1660. 
RoFEST, I. Roguery j anything de- 

*erving a rope. 

mpcrji. TirH LaAui oj Ltutoa. 

'BiofKs,t.(J.-S.roppe».) The small 

RoFE.TtucES, t. Tricks that may 
lead to a rope ; roguery. 

KoFPE, t. The entrails. Ayenb. 
0/ Ima. See Ropf. 

RoPT, adj. Thick and coagiil uteri, 
(aid of liquor. Line. Bread is 
rqjjy when a sort of leconri fer- 
mentaiioQ takei place afier 

RoaoELAVR, »- A very ihoH clo»k, 
fashionable in the earlier part of 
the last century, and said to 
derive its name from the Due de 

RojiDE, I, Sound ; noise. 

RoRE, (i)». (tfl(.) Dew. 

(2) c. To barter.ormerchandize. 

(3) ». Stir ; noise. 

'^"iD W"- ^^''^ '°'™^- 

RoKY-TOBV, adj. Showy; gay-co- 
loured. Devoti. 

Ro9ARy, t. Arose-buah. 

Rose, (1) I. The perforated lop of 
* pipe, as the apout of a water- 

(2) : The eryaipelaa. 

(3) V. To praise. 

(4) t>. To drop out of the pod. 

(A) t. Tlie fundament of ft eat. 

RoBEAN, adj. Bearing Toie* ; red. 

ROBKE, t. (Fr.) An article of con- 

Take Ihjkmjlk u loforo irelisd. 



Sot Riign, . 


iceth il 

lit of nlmannde injrlke. 

than tik ihnoiidja, ud tcmpei ken. 


; and aRCF Uk Haek of 

uonls i<7lh the mjik, mi 
lalhctjn to hq^le, mud do 11 

jellow jlone found in tbe mail 

in HimG pirta of Suffordifaire. 
RoacN, di^. (1) RoiT. 

(2) ThepLolroie. Norf. 
RoBE-NOBLs, I. A gold coin wortli 

six tee a ahillingt. 
RosKK, "1 1. IA.-N.) a roM- 

SOBIAS, J tree. 
RosB-KTAL.a. AgoldccHnformerlif 

north thirtj liiilliagi. 

ROSIL, t. RotlD. 

BuaiLLT, adj. Suidjr and sritt^, 
like rosin, applied to toil. Eait. 

Robin-end, t. A ■lioemalier'B 
threwl. North. 

BoBiNNBD, pert. p. Intuucated. 

RoBFi, tr. To belch. 

Bobs, .. (1) A nioraai. Herrf. 

(2) Kefiueofplanti. 
RossEL, V. (1) To heat ; to roaiC. 


(2) To kick BCferely. Shropth. 
Ross-land, i. Heath; land. Eatt. 
Host, (1) ad}. Hot; freth ; reitiv«. 

Applied to a horae. Leic. 

(2) t. A horrj. Leic. Rdty. 

tvntd, hastv. 
BoBTBK, ». A gridiion. MS. 1S(A 

RosTLE, ■>. To ripen. Lane, 
Rot, t. A party of aii loldien. 
Rote. (1) a. iA.-N.) A mutical 

idBtrumcnl, somewhat reiembling 

the hurdf-gurdf. 

(2) ». U.-S.) A root, 

(3)(. Writing j a record. 

(4) V. {A..S.) To rot. 


{SJ (. Practice. P. PL By roU, 

hy heart. 
Rdten, adj. Rotten, 
RoTBT-TiHE, *. The time of mt in 

animali. P. PI. 
RoTHBK. t. (1) A homed beut 

(2) (J..S.) A rudder. 

<3) A sailor. Ibth cent. 

(4) Strong manure, for forcing 

pliuti. I6lh cent. 
RoTouB, I. A player on the rote. 
Rotten -BOASTED, adj. Too mach 

roasted ; DTerdoae. 



Rou, 01$. Cold; damp, fforlt. 
RoDCBED, pari. p. Wrinkled. 

Rood, i. A fiih called by Yarrell 

the red-eye. tforf. 
RooDOE, I. A coarse cloth. 
Rouse, v. To gnaw. Soaertel. 
RoQGBT. See Soehtt. 
RoDDH, (1) adj. Luiuriant, said of 

giasi. Norlk. 

(2) f. A copse. Shropth. 

(3] e. To trump one's ad Tenary'B 

card at whist. 
RoDOBED, adj. Streuked, or spec- 
kled. Da. 
RODOH-LEAF, I. The true leaf of a 

plant, in distinctioD from ill 

seed-leires. Wetf. 
RoDOHNiBB, J. Plenty J abundance. 

RoDOH-BFDN, a^. Unpolished. 
RouEE, (!) e. {A.-S.) To lie close. 

(2)0. To wander. 

(3) r. To be reitleSB. 

(4) I. A great nuinlier. North. 
RoDUE, adj. {A..S.) Roomy ; wide. 
RouNCE, V. To move baatily. 

RouNCEVAL, a^. Strong; large. 


sou 8 

BoinrciE, \M.(J.-fl.) (1) Acom- 

any bone. 

(2) A ..l«.r .on... 
Round, t. (1) A sort of dance. 

(2) A circulsr turret. WiUon. 

(3) A troop of loldiera. 

(4) Genflfmai qf the nmttd, 
loldiera ippointed to iaapect tbe 
lentineii, ni.tches, !cc. 

(5) Plain ipeaking, Or_ftl. 

(6) A kind of target. 
Bound-about, t. The boundary 

hedge of a coppice. NorlAampl, 
Bound-dock, (. Tlie common mal- 
low. Somtrtet. 
RoDNDEi., *. (1) A circle; any- 

(2) A little round mat to place 
under n plate. 

(3) A round platter to lerve 
fruit, generall; ornamented with 

(4) A roundeUv, or catch. 

(5) A round mark in the acore 
of a public bouse. 

(6) The midriff. Somertl. 

BouNDBLET, (. A rundlet. 

BouND-rBOCK, I. An upper gar- 
ment, worn by mitica. far. d. 

RoDNDGE, 1. A great noise; a 
■ioleni puah. Norlhumi, 

RouND-HOUHE, I. The priion into 
which the watchmen committed 
offenders taken in tbe night. 

KouNDLY, offti. Plainly; quickly; 

BooMD-KOBiN, t. A imall pancake. 


BoDND-anATiNQ, t. A chiding. 

RouND-TAo, a. A child'a game 

Round-tilth, t. The >owiiip of 
land coiitinuoualy without fal- 
low. iTeii/. 

RoDNE, 1(1) «■ {A.-S. nintini.) 
BOUND, / To whisper. 

And preiMi] UiJie jKaij-Berthd, 
Apvc bj hcjuKlve. 

LIB Bare, Ftmbr- draid-, b, i. p. 15, 

Ecliq. AbUj., i, 241. 

(3) V. To counsel, or consult. 
RouNdE, (1) tr. {A-N.} To gnaw. 

(2) .. A wheelbarrow. 
RouNBBFici. See Rampick. 
" r, a. A aort of fleah colour in 

, Then. 





Rour, (. A public sale or auction. 

Roupi, I. (1) Outcry ; lamentation. 
(2) A di$eaie in fowlj, 

Rourr, adj. Hoarse. Sun, 

Rous, 1. Boasting. North. 

Rous -ABO DT,arf>. Unwieldy. Wttt. 

RousB, (1) (. A bumper, in drink- 

(2) r. To flutter. A term in 

(3) V. To turn out. 

(4) I. Noisy mirth, Bevim. 
BousEN, I. A report. Devon. 
SousET, (. Bough grata not eaten 

by cattle. Berkt. 
RouHiNQ, o^. (l)Roughi )ha|^. 

(2) Great. 
^°";i} ad;. Filthy. 

., Google 

I, ind BIT 

I ItHn^it it ffttl, 

bouuilcii diiljt,!uiiH|UiiinlejiHir(RH)i 
ncu vTLih tho hUiomiuflido, iv^rcl^ ind 
dclaUbk bcbHor of ill Oiat mHqi 
luaed nliblimintof nkelnlltl. 

B*nnam-i Oiputfor Cemma 
Cnnitart, 1EBT. 

Root, v. To hunt, oi setrch. To 

BouTB, (1) 1. A comptny . 

(2) V. TouwmbUin teompsay. 

(3) t. A violent itir. Dtvon. 

(4) t.. To iDore ; to ro«r or bel- 
low, u animsli ; to holloir. 

He 1yc(h r<mliiK toil inorMnti nil night 
UHlillda;. TtTrKC4 it Sugiiit, ISJl. 

(5) tt. To belch. PaUg. 

(6) p. To lre»k wind. 

(7) J. Coane graw. Eail. 
Routed, pari. p. If an animal 

itrays and i>tKiunded,itreii]aini, 
when uaclaimeij, three innBets 
and three lunrisings in the pound 
or pinfold ; aTterwardi it it taken 
to the roBt (ot green) yard, till the 
owner can he found, and is then 
■aid to he routed. Line. 

RouTa. (1) adj. Rough, 
(2^ (. AbuiiiUnci. mrlh. 

RotTTRB, I. (_J.-S.) Compassion. 

RouT-ODT, (. A Saturday pie. 

RovB. (1) e. (A.-S.) To cleare. 
(2) B. To ihrug with the shoul- 
ders! toitir up. 

. To thoot an arrow at an 


(*) .. A u 


sr of ploughing. 

(5) .. {J.-S-kreof.) A»cah. Suff. 

(6) e. To unravel. Ltic. 
Rovea, ». An archer. 

RovEKS, f. Arrows shot at an ele- 
vation, generallv at 4S degrees. 

Row, (1) »■ Adisturbance. 
(2> e. To look for. Htrrf. 
h) V. To rake about. North, 
(i) ». A hedge. 

Rowans, t. The berriea of tbe 

i ROT 

Row-now,!. The sparrow. Norlh- To move gently. O^d. 
Rowdy -DOW, t. A hubliub. 
RowE, (1) a^'. Rough; angry. 

(2) pret. I. Rushed. 

(3)B. To dawn. P. PI. 

H),. A ray. 
ROWKLL, I. t,A.-N.) The circular 

wheel of a apni. 
RoWE^ill, t. Afler-grasa. Suff. 
RowET, ». Withered grass. South. 
RowL, a. A wake, or revel. Som. 

Row LAND. HO, t. A Christ IDBS 


6oiue jouthfl Till uov a raummihff n. 
Sonic otlion pi>L. "^ Binelatid-io- 



RowNKT, adf. 

Uneven, applied to 

cloth, h»vi 

ng some thread* 

.lonter than 

others. Eait. 

Aa organ. Nor- 


ROWTH, 1. A 

oot. rorisA. 

ROWTY, adj. 

Over-rank, taid of 

grass. North 

Row-cp, t>. To 

devour. Ctimi. 

, adj. Roug 


Roi,!!. To soften; to decay. Boiy, 

decayed. Northampt, 
RoXALL, V. To wrestle. Wight. 
RoxT, ad/. Rotten, said of fruit. 

Roy. (1) ». {J.-N.) A king. 

(2)p. To swagger; lodomineer; 

to indulge in convivial mirth. 

RoTALET, I. A petty king. 

SellKm Tarlarinim, ] 

RoYALizE, V. To make royal. 
But now relurwl. to nynlin Iiii hme 
Whme mi)iliUe Ibooihti at Itanaun 



ItoTALa, I. Taxn. Scuth. 

KoiNB, (. (^.-A'.) A leak 
KovNB'TaBB, (. Tha iDooncain-uh. 

KovNisH, adj. (1) (Pr.) Scabby ; 

(2) Mean;bi9e. 

RoTsTEB, <. Aninventory. Yariili. 
KovTUBB, P. To b«ha»e turbu- 

Uiilly. YorttA. 
ItoziH, (. iWquiiiitiaiyiag. Wttt. 
Rub, (l)(. Any uneienncu of Bur- 

(ace; an iinparreclioii. 

(^) (. A land-atone foi ■ scribe. 

(3) e. To <la woik bastily. 

(4) ,. A .light reproof. 

(5) I. A sniatleriiig oftnTthing. 
IlUBB*cftoc«, *. A .lattern'. Weil. 
Rub BADE, *. Ruhbisb. 
KtlBBBLi.. (. (1) RefuMafmBTOD's 


(2) A tort of hud chalk. Bcrti. 
Rubber, *.(1) A limiccd number 

of ganiea by which the Makes 
are reckoned, aa a rutier at 

(S) An implemcut for cleaning 

the dr«S3. 
Rubbino-folb, >. The pole nith 

which the Hshet are itiricd over 

an Dien. Korlhampl. 
RoBiFT, t. {Za'.) To make red. 
Rubin, », (J.-N.) A mby. 
Ronioua, adj. Rather red. 
Rdb-ofFiV. Toaneakamyi (DTun 

away wiUi anything. 
RuBOUB, t. {J.-N.) Hedn«». 
UuBaicK, t. Red ochre. 
Rock, ll) v. To crouch, or iqnat 

down. North, 

(2)1.. To huddle together. CheiA. 

(3) e. To gather together in 

(6) c. To creue linen. 
(7)(. A plaitjs wrinkle. 

(8) B. To repent, line. 

(9) f. A Biiiaa heifer. Somtntt. 

i BUD 

(10) t. A rut in a road. ffer^. 

(ll)>. The fabuloui bird, called 

more usually ro^i, 
RucKEa. u. To squat dawn. Weil. 
RocKkT, P. To ranle. Ox/d. 
RucEiNO-HBi', (. A lien which 

Ruckle, (1) e. To rumple. 

(2) I. A itiuggle. Kent. 

(3) D. To lie cloae together. 

Rdcklisq, «. The least of a brood. 

. To make a diitutb- 
Rdcey. a^. Full of meks. Norf. 


n uproi 

Run, (1) F. To polish by rubbing. 

(2^ t. A reed. Sominet. 

(3) I, Red. NorlA. 

(4) t. A ipecieiof Alb. 
Rddde, (. (^..5,) The compleiion. 

See Rodt, 
RotinKH., I. (1) A coine tieve. 


(2) Copulation. Somernt. 
Sdddebibh, adf. Hatty in temper. 

Rdddle, (I) I. Bed. 

(2) (. The red ochre with which 

aheep are marked. 

(3)r. To make a fence of split 

sticks plaited. Kent. 
Ruddle- WATTLE, i. A hurdle of 

interwoven hazle rodi. Kent. 
Rdddock, ». (1) l_A.-S.) The 

rohit] -redbreast. 

(2) A kind of apple. 

(3) Red ruddocii, gold coin. 
RuDDDCKa, I, The fibroua parti of 

tallow which will not melt. 

Rudesbv, (. A rude person. 
RuDOE, I. A partridge. Comw. 
Rudqe-wash, (. A tort of coarse 

kersey chitb. 
BcDLB, (. A beverage compoied of 


BUD i 

warm beer and gin, tugar, and 

lemon peel. 
RuD-BTAKa, *. The atake to which 

an 01 ia tied m hi> liaU. Durham. 
Rddi, ai^. Rade. Sutiix. 
Rui, (1) «. To aift com. Wat. 

(2) (. k joaag goat. Somtrttt. 
RoB-BAnaAiH, 1. A. bad bai^ain. 

Rdil-bohe, I t, A. material naed 
uwEi-BONa./in aaddles, olten 
mentioned iti the earl; metrical 




TftkB of the nti% of a hut. ud lniTyuge 
gj" H llu oooiFin to diynko in tha 
I^ ^>f CI V !«iyi^ Alaii, IS CR. 
Bd^f, (1)*. Aiortoffrill. 

(2) a. An old game at card*. 

(3) V. To trmnp, at carda. 

(4) V. A. hanking term ; to hit 
tlie prey without Giiag it. 

(b) I. A roof. 

(6) (. The height, or extremity. 

(7) a4/- Rough. 
ROFfATOKT, I. A rODgh, hoiateroua 

RoFTBT, I. Farze. Bormt. 
RurriAN, 1. The devil. (Cant.) 
RuFFiHBB, I. A raffian. North. 
RCFFLB, (1) t>. Todiawinloplaita. 

(2j «. The tnrned.dowii top of a 

boot, hangiDg in a looie manner. 

One of 111* mwcUi of nj lilveF iinin. 

(bifIibI LoU of the rigjti of mv boot. 
B. Jm, Bttry Ma kU efS., fr. t. 

(3) 0. To iwagger ; to bully. 

(4) (. A buatle, or tumult.' 
RoFFLSB, t. A bully. 
KuFFHAHS, *. WoDd«, or bnBbea. 

(Cant.) . 
Rdff-feck, a. Bacon. (Cant.) 
BoFF-TBEa, (. The roof-beam of a 

Roo, sijr. Snug. Devon. 

Ruaa, «. (1) To ntinkle. Somer: 

(2) To ilide down ; to sweep 

away quick! y. Dnas. 
RuooE, I. (yf.-S.) 'I'he back. 
RuoaLB,(l)ti. Towalk about with 


(2) e. To plar the hurdr-gurdy. 

(3) t. A child'a rattle. Devm. 
Ruaoy, adj. Rough. 
RuoiH.f. A sort of inferior linen. 
RuiD, adj. Strong; rough. 
Ruin, (. A pole of four falll sUnd. 

iiigi a woodinan't term. At the 

first fall, it ia a plant or wicket ; 

at the second, a white pole: at 

tlie third, a hlnck pole; and at 

the fourth, a ruin. 

BuiNAi-a, E. To ruin. 

Buisx, V. To driTe away, Dfvim, 

Rdlb, (1)«. Rough aport; 

(2) V. To fall out. aa gn 

(3) 0. To ait in strange postures. 

(4) V. To barter. Devon. 
RuLB-aroKi, «. A carpenter'a too!. 

», thiin leyd (he moIi-ibK, 


• Hm/mj 

RuLT, edj. Rueful. 

Bdk, (i)adj. Odd;cpieer. 

(2) (. Old-faahioned rubbish. 

RoH-BABaa, 1 a. Warm drink of 
bdu.boozeJ any kind. Yorieh. 
Rum HI: EM I NT, a. Arumhlingnoiie. 
RutCBuLLiOH, t. A great tumult. 

Rdubob, 1. A TOD before leaping. 

BvuBDBTiCAL, eiff. Boisterouii 

Rdubdstioub, adj. Ohatreperous. 

RDM-DnEK, e. A groteaque figure. 

RtTu-FcsTiAN, 1. A drink made 
with the yolks of twelve eggs, a 
quart of strong home-brewed 
beer, a hoiile of while wine, 
half a pint of gin, a grated upt- 


tntg, the juice from the peel of i 
temOD, > luitll qaanlity of cinna- 
mon, and Bugai aufficienl to 

RoHGUMFTioDa, edj. Sturdy in 
opinion ; fornud ; violent ; rash. 
KoMdAQE, (. Lumber. Wfit, 
Rduuel, I, Fragraenti of bricks 

RuuuEL-GUUTTON, «. ScDse ; wit. 
RuHUBN, V. To move things out of 

their places. Yorti/t. 
BOUMKK,*. A. large strapping lasa. 

HvttUKT, t. DandrifT. Coram. 
RnuMDETON, e. To mutler. 
RuHNKT, I. {A-N.) Budge fur. 
Roup-AND-STUHF. adv. Entirely. 
Rduped, adj. Rancid ; acrid. 

RcMFEiN, t. (1) A large drinking- 

glass. Norf. 

(2) A fowl without tail. 
RCHFLB, «. A large debt, contracted 

bj little and little. Someriil. 
Rnupns, >, An uproar. 
RuuscuLLioH, I. A bad, idle, 

worthless fellow. Line. 
RrHSTiCB, f. (G«rnt.) The game 

Run, c. (1) To lew slighlly; to 

darn stockings. 

(2) To risk anything, 

{3) To suppose. North. 
RnHAOATE, *. A mnaway, 
RnNAWAT-cnoF, *. A poor crop. 

RuNOH.t. Wild mustard, orradish. 

Ranch-tallt, dried charlock. 

RuNDBL, ». (11 A circle. "The 
circle or rundle about the apple 
of the eye." Ifamtncl, See 

(2) A hollow pollard tree. fFnL 

(3) A young ' 


vith n 

1 it; I 

y BUS 

■ wheel npon which the hoop 
fiU. Line. 

(2) A staff. North. 

(3) The step of a ladder. 
RuNdE, t. A long tub with tno 

handles. Lane. 
Rdnqel, ». A stupid boy. Lfic. 
RuNOELiNQ, adj. Restive. Leic. 
RuNisH, of^'. Fierce 1 violent. 
KuNKLB, tF. To wrinkle. Narllt. 
RuHNAHiiT, adv. Currently. Eail. 
RoNML, t. (1) A small stream, ur 

brook. See Rundel. 

(2) Pollard vrood. North. 
RoNNBB, J. The upper millstone. 
RdnNino, (. Rennet. Wtit. 
RntiNiNo-Bor, i . A jockey. 
RuNNiNO-BDlL, I. A string of iron 

fixed on a cross-bar in the fi'onc 

of the harrow. 
RuNNiNQ-FiiTEit. (. A fitter's 

RuNHiNa-FoiTitAL, *. A breBst 

RDNNiNa-sHOEs, t. Fumps. 
RuNHDLus, », Rennet. Hertf. 
Rdn-out, v. To sprout. Devon. 
RuNEia-LAHDB, (. Ridges lying 

paiallel in aiiinclosed lands, and 

belonging to different persons. 
Kom. .. (1) i. m. 

(2) A rough rude person. 

(3 ) A dnarf. 

(4) The slump of ■ tree) the 
stem of a plant. 

(a) The rump. North. 
Rdntt.oi^. (I) Dwarfish. Yorith. 

(2) Rude ; uncivil ) cross. Eatl. 
RuBALB, I. Country people. 
RuBD, (. Noise. See Reard. 
RuBFiH, f. A ringleader. Somen. 
RcBB,p. (l)Toe.tol. 

(2) To slide downwithamstling 

Rush. t. (I) A merry making. 

(2) A patch of underwood 

(3) A disease in cattle North 
Rvgu-BEABiHo ( The day of B 

church's dedication. 

BUS [ 

ntJ3n-BiTCBi.Bit,». A«wt(h-buckler. 

RnsHK, V. To rituli down. 

RusiiEWCs. See Riihrait. 

Rii>HtN, I. A tub of butter. 

RustHIKO, I. lUfregliment. fferlh. 

Rusuv-uiLa, t. A apoitive imit&. 
tioii of millg, made b; the shcp- 
lieriii in runnitig WKter, and cam- 
poicd of rusbe). 

lerdi pudb Bra 

RusiNGi, I. A bout. 

UiTSFicB, '. A sort of red w 
RiiBSEL, (1) e. To wreitle. LUt 


[nd of >a 

(3} *. An old name for tbe fox. 
RusBKTB, I. Clothrs of a rnsai 

coli>ur; th« hallda; drelt of 

Auil. for Uie lietttr credit of the irnrH. 
lu tkcir frab niH/i 


Bverj one 401b go, 
bnifl.. Set., ii. 

KTiKs, *. (I) Coane cloth of 
■ (liagy brown colour. 
(2) One clothed in nweti ■ 

A ipeciw of apple. 

RoaaoL, I. A reed. Jgent. qf Ina. 
Rust, {1>». To rooit. 

(2) t. Mildew in nheat. DeBon. 
Rui-T-B.iLLt. (. Telbw lompi of 

irnn ore found among the cb*lk. 

RdST-BUBH, I. The mtharrow. 

Ki'iiTicoAT, (. A clown. 
RusTitBE, (, (.^..A'.) A nfl. 
RusTr, (ufj. (1) Filthy. 

12) Rssiiie. 

Ruai'T-FUBTT-DDBTY, «, ExCei. 


■ivelj dirtf ; ipparently a word 
inTenled bf Taylor, the Water- 
KuT. (I) V. To be nuri) appetenc 

(2) V. To throw. 

(3) t. The duhing of wavei. 


(4) D. Ta ttep a ml, to be 
meddling. Sent. 

RuTBB. «. {J..S.) Compmion. 

RuTiKLE, V. (DnfcA.) To ilide. 

HvTTiiN, (1) B. {A..S.) To enore. 
(2) t. Tbe itick with which bri- 
ber is beaten up. Yorith. 

RcrrSR, », (1) A directory to in- 
dicate the courae of a TeaseL 
My tahln are not Tfit one qnuter nap- 
tied of uota out c^ their Ikhia i which 

(2) A German rider, or trooper i 

a dashing gallant. 
Rdttlb, b. To rattle. 
RuTTLiNB, (. A gurgUng noiae in 

the throat. SoiUh. 
Rdwet, *■ A horn, or tmmpel. 
Rdzr, v. To eilol. North. 
RnzDRE, 1. Tbe sliding doira of 

eanh, &c- Daunt. 
Rdzzom.i. Aoearofconi. rortti, 
RulE, (. Rye. 
Ri>. t. A disease in hawlis. 
RvELANDS, I, A local term for the 

iiirerior oolile. NorlhatHi/l. 
Rte-hqusk, s. a bat, Gloae. 
KrsH.i. Afiih.lbeniffe? Farms 

of Curg, p. 20, 
Rvm, r. To remoTC. Norlhampt. 
RvNTT, Iwet Stand off; by 
BiHi-vi, J jour leave 1 North. 

Sa, {Fr.) A large tab. Sea So. 
Saao, I. Urine. Dortet. 
S&AN, edt. Since. North. 

-, Google 


Sabatinh, t. (/v.) (1) Steele 

veringB for the feet. 

(2) Slippen or clogs. 
Sabbkd, pari. p. Saturated. Stut. 
SkBLE, I, A BBbre. 
Sabkas, t. Salve; plaster, 
Sacublle, «, {J..ff.) A small lacV. 
Sacqevbbel, t. The iron door Co 

the mouth of a stove. 
Sack, (1) j. Sherry; any Spanish 

vrliite wine. Canary mei, a 

Malaga sweet wine. 

(2) A loose upper girment; > 

(3) Sact and tram road, ■ horse 
road. Ta gel Iht lack, to he dia- 
charged fnim a place. 

Sack-bdt, I. A hiss trumpet. 
Sace-cides, (. A miitnre of sack 

I. Whilst thrH 

CrEsm railed tof^c 

bat the j^Uu or eigtit or nine egf 
with tunc Hck, and put it iulo voi 
ikillcL luetriDKit itittfot till itcDTue 
a eoTfl, (hen ran It Ihnngta a itTiuiic 
and save yoni enrd. beinf aerendfro 
ymuwhej. leawn it wltli beuen dun. 
man, jiDnr, natmcg, ni;Br, aid ii» 

Oc Dnl]r Mhe a quart ol cream at_ 
set it on IhP lUv. bdiI when iL ig boiled, 
dtop ia two ibooofttlt of "" "*" """ ''- 

enidiiag, tbeu guaou it with intar 

7b e>>»'j Eoiial Caeliry, 1713. 

SaCili.t. Tosaanterabout. Line. 

Sacklisb, aefj. Faultless; simple; 

quiet. North. 
SACK-FOBSfiT, 1. A drink formerly 

taken on the evening of the ned- 



' of a 


beat them verj veil 

good and hot: letlhecrea 
stir all togeUier over the i 

A Tma tf/mOtnmai-i BtUfU.VITt. 

Sackt-wink, .. " Sacfct wine or 
wine strained through > bag: 
hippocras." Nomenel. 

Sack-whet, ». Wine-whey. Devon. 

Sacbahent, *. (£<if.) An oath. 

~ACRABiB, I. (A^N.) X holy 

Saciie,'(I) t. (.*..jV.) To cod- 

(2)^- 'a consecration. 
(3) f. The peregrine falcon, the 
male of which nas a tacrel. See 
Sacrbab,*. a receptacle for relica. 

meut. Saering-ieil, the small 
bell rung at different parts of 
the mass. 
SAD,aif>. (1) Serious; discreet. "A 
tiaieilerl By my faith, you have 
great reason to bctaif." SAaieip., 

Bather thu for inything in it, which 
thonld helpe gond vddt itndje. 

Atekam, p. 97. 

(2) Dry; firm, aaid of bread. 

(3) MesTy, solid, said of Tamus 
tnateriall. North. 

(4) Heavy; applied t 
when the dough doei n 
properly. North. 

(5) A dull dark coloor. North. 
Sad-bad, adj. Very ill. Nor/. 
Sajide, b. (_A.-S.) To makeieiions 

Saddeh, v. To harden ; t« make 

solid. Line. 
Saddle, v. To impute to. Far. d. 


Saddls-sack-ckow, (. TbeBoT*- 

Sa DOLE- BACKED, Otji. IiDV biclccd. 

Saddle-babi. 1. The horizontil 
iron bar) of b window. Horih- 

Saddlbd, part. p. Ovcratockcd. 
Sapdli.tkee. t. The wooden 

■raon oF a saddle. 
Saddued, yor/. p. Settled; made 


'. To SB 

Sad- IRONS, : 

Midi. C. 
Sadness, I. G 
Safe, (1) «. 


(2) adj. Sh 

To tf 

«; certain. Var.d. 
ill age. GainBynt. 
T. t. A passport. 
Safeguahd, (1) I. A lar^e petti- 
coal, worn overthe other clothe*, 
to protect them from dirt; the 
riding-dress of ardinarjr femalea, 
called ■(q/e.(£trf,inBomeparti. 
Male you rudj stnight, 

Ydut tafeffiurd, cloke, ud jour hood 

double i^ldinf von ihqll antile, 
BQ JsqneB sbKlLhe Act before jon. 

Thus on s double 

cloaLe md aofrgvardi. 

1 Xirry D«., 

(2) V. To keep safe ; to protect. 

And litiuf tlitnce a cabinet, tmt 
jewelli and nch jtiin, inlreats thM 
wortli; eeiitluQAn to tt^eguard tbeED, 

Scricrfi Tnueli, IdSB. 
Saffi.e, o^i. Dull 1 sad. Line. 
Safklow, f. Bastard saffron. 
Saffo, ». (Hal.) A eatchpo)e. 
Saft, ». Safety. North. 
Sao, (1) B. To decline io heiltb. 


(2) p. To subside. Kent. 

(3),. TocreaM. 

I I. A. kind of reed ; a sedge. 
' ti. To bend, or oppress. Narlh. 
thee. I. A sort of woollen 

. Tnke t quart of 

s qn-rter of . 

Tkc Cloul afBatitia, ITU. 

Saoeb, I. A lawyer. yiiriiA. 

Saoo, v. To liang down, as op- 
pressed with weight. Toitxggon, 
to walk heavily. 

Thii Hid, the iicd etrect ta^i aSij 
on algne. Urs^t. p3)M., ivl 

Sagoarp, I. The vessel in which 
crockery is laken to the oven for 
firing. Staff. 

Saohe, (- Speech. 

Saohetele, c. (_A..S.) To be r^ 

Saqination, f. (_Lel,) Fattening. 

Said, part. p. Wearied; quieted. 

Saiq, I- A saw. Lane. 
Sailb, v. (A.-N.) To assail. 
Sailins-wabe, f. Canvass. 
Saillb, 0- (A.-N.) To leap. Sai- 

hmrt, dancers. 
Sailob,*. Aninaect,thecai>(A<o^ 

Sails, t. A hawk's wings. 
SAiL-woDND,^ar(. ;i. Twistedlike 

windmill sails. jSn^. 
Saiuk... {\){A.-S.) Lard;fM. 

(2) A crack in crockery. Imk. 
Saind, a. A message. North. 
Saine, (1} V. To EigD vrilb the 

ctosi ; to bleu. 


8AI I 

(2) part.p. Seen. 
^•^Nrij'-t^) Thegimeotcent. 

(2) A ci.ictiire, or girdle. 
St. john'h-woet, 1 „ 
BT. PETSK's-woRT, /'■ "xpencon. 
Saint's-bkll, ». The naall bell 

which Galled to rellgloud service. 
Saiut, ai(;. PoOTisorrv. Narth. 
Saki, (1)(. (X-5.) GiiiUi >iD. 

And aie he ttaolcde tb>t for odk 
Levedj. wyXatttut tate. 

(2) *. (A.-S.) ContentioD. 

(3) e. Ia..S.) To kill. 

(4) ». Reason ; csnie. Daxm. 

(5) *. A land-apiidg. Weil. 

Salads, i. (A.-N.) (1) A lart of 

helmet. SeeSafe(. 

(2) A aalad. 
Salamandek, : A latge poker; 

an iron pUte for cnlinar; pur. 

Salauok, (. An old cant term for 

the mats. 
Salandink,(. (A.-N.) Calcedonr. 
Saj-e. (I)». (^,-ftr.) A hall. 

(2) V. {A..S.) To gladden; to 

(3)«. PartottheCDllarofscart- 
horse. Ea»l. 

(4) I. The willow. Sonunel, 
Salbbbous, at0, (_Lal,) Coarse ; 

Salebe, (. {A.-N.) A lalt-seller. 
Sales, *. The upright stakes of a 

SALET.t. {A.-N.) A light helmet; 

a (knit-cap. 
Salbwe, v. {A.-N.) To salute. 
Salk-woktb, ai$. Readv foi lale. 
SAi,r«, B. {A..N.) To save. 
SALaHB,t. A willow. 
Samanck, «. Salljring. ^eiu. 

1 SAL 

Salie, 0. To dance. See Saillt. 
Sale, t. The shorter part oiaflsol. 

Salle. Shall. 
Sallbt, t. .K satad. 
SALLia, I. Hog's lard. Gtoue, 
SALLr,{l)». The willow. Wett. 

(2) V. {Fr.) To run from aide to 

(3)t. A tottering situation. £iU(. 

(4) The pluffj part of a hell-rope. 
SALLV.wiTHr, *. A willow. WiUt. 
Salub. f. To aing psalms. 
SALMON-aPaiNT, I *. A joung 

Salopb, ». {Ft.) a dirty sluttish 
Salfe, t. A species of fish. 

Salsutteil, (. A kind of small 

fish. Wat. 
Salt, (1) i. {Ut. lallm.) A leap. 

And fiiikiBg Ismb. 
Uike nuloi lalU abant lEiir acy.inct'd 
dami. £« Jmuoii. Fuim aflMligkl. 

(2) (. A salt-cellar. 

(3) I. Pointed language; wit. 

(4) .dj. M.,i. .,p,K... 
Salt-cote, t. A salt-pit. 
Salt-eel, i. A game resembling 

hide and lind. 
Salt-OEM,*. A sort ofcrrstalsalC. 
Saltimbanco, (. {Hal.) A moun. 

Salt-kit, a. A salt-box. North. 
Salt-pie, t. A salt-bon. North. 
Salts, (. Marshes near the sea 

oTerifloned by the tide. Stuiex. 
Salt-weed,<. The toad -rush. St#. 
Salue, d. (A.-N.) To salute. 
SALUTir, adj. Salotuy. 

tretys of pW- 

of kiUEolLreduul salt p(' 

llullJ. KI 

., Google 

SAL f 

Salvadb, e^f. StTlge ; cruel. 
Salvlb. (1) To»>r. 

(2) To laht a matttr, to make 

up 1 quarrel. 
S*M, e. (1) To eonect together. 


(2) To put ID order. La»e. 

(3) To ■kim. Narfk. 

li) To curdle milk. North. 
(9) To Hand lam, to pay the 
reckoning of several penoaa. To 
$tmd lam for, lo be •urely. 
Sauaks. The skirt of a maatua. 

(Ml tL'wlitjie, snd draBc'lltmthnrsfi 
■ ilyour. and pot in the itjnor eruilM. 
DothcrcU] tug;ar Ihfl tliridde pari and 

thvrcLnne blonm of elren, and bake it 


Sambukb, t. (Lai. tamiuea.) A. 

Sambdb, (. A taddle cloth. 
Saucast, I, Two ridget ploughed 

together. Cvmi. 
Saucloth, (. (1) A aampler. 

(2) A sort of jacket. 
Sams, (1) adv. {J.-S.) Together. 

In tami, together. 

(2) .. (A.-S.) Shame. 
Sambkill, conf. At long u. 
SiLtiSL,adj. Gritty; tandy. Norfh. 
SAHBLisa, adv. SimiUrlj. North. 
Sami, iu$. Soft ; watery. Be^. 
Samite, .. (1) (A.^N.) A rich lUk, 

often interwoiea with gold or 

tilver thread. 
Or waM tUer uij velvet cmufljn T 

(2) A dieu or robe made of 

In aUken uni/i iliit wu light airiT'd. 
Ajid hvr ffljre lockt Tera wavgn up in gold. 
Sptxi., F.Q.,m,nZ IS. 

!0 SAN 

SAMUiN-BRicEa, (. Bricks iuauf- 

ficiently burnt. Eatl. 
Samuoditheb. Tell me how you 

do. Norf. 
Sammt, (1) a^/, Claiomy; cloie; 

heary. ^ropMli. 

(2) .. A fooL Far. d. 
SiHtino, part. p. Aasembled to- 

Sau-ope, adj. Half open. Dtvm. 

Samplabie, t. An eiemplar. 

SAUFLAiia. a. Young trees left for 
atanden in cutting down under- 
wood. Oxfd. 

Sahfleth, t. A aampler. North. 

Sampson, «. A drink made of 
brandy, cider, sugar, and a little 

Sampion'b-pillab, 1 t. An old 
b&iif80hV(«8t, f iBihioned 
inouaetrap which kills the mica 
by letting a block of wood fall 
upon them. 

Sam-sodden, •■$. Sodden, aaid of 
meat not drested enough. Dornt. 

Sah-sode, 01$. Half uwed; half 

' [■». A hand-naplun. 

Sancbbe'll. See Sainfi-UIL 

SaucitbD, part. p. Ratified. 

Sancohb, «. A quagmire. YorltMh. 

Sanctiuont, t. (Lai.) Holineia. 

Sahd-blind, adj. Nearly blind. 
Qui a axrtii vine. Tliathatb adinand 
ill evuight: that uttk wmcnluit by 
d.j light, won, afUr the sua riaing, 
■nd never a whil at night -. taxi HatT 

SiLHDt,part.p. Sent. 

Sakded, adj. Short-aighted. North. 
See Sand-blind. 

^^ANmNO 1 .. A kind of flah ; the 

iANDLIHO fP'*''^* "■■ •"'*■ 

Sahdeheb, f. Red ochre. 
Sandbbs, ». Sandal wood. 
SAHDEBMAH,(.(.itf.-5.) A messenger. 
Sandbybb, t. Scoria of glasa. 
Sakdoatb-hattlk. I. Stamping 
in dancing. North. 


S&HD-TOT, f. A UTid-hilL Somen, 
Sahdweed. (. CommoD apurrey. 

Sanb, .. (I) (^.-iV.) Blood. 

(2) A song. NartI,. 

(3) A handful of com- Dwan. 

(4) San; u it, indeed it ii. 

Sanqabede, t. i^A.-S.) A chantry. 
To Ihe lepullijrr Ijght vi. liyvM of been* 
lo pmy POT me and mr wjffs in Iho 
«mmon uigcrid. Wi!!. rfllaf IMt. 

Sahsakek, I. (1) Rack puncb. 

(2) A hard drinking hout. 
Sanginahis, I. The plant milfoil. 
Sanoino-eatbeb, (. The large 

dragon- fiy. 
Sanglant, adj. (^Fr.) SanguinaTy. 
SanBbe, (. {J..S.) Singing. 
SAi^ouivt,adj. Bed complezioDed. 
Sane,*. (1) (^.-iV.) Blood. 

(2) A U^e quantity. Crnnb. 
Sannoce, r. To cry bitterly. Eail, 
Sannt, e. To utter « wwling cry, 

without ipparent canae. Not^. 
SANa,jir(p, (ft-.) Without. 
Sahtal, *. A land-eel. 
Sap, (1) V. To drench. Sapty 

drinking, exceuive drioJung. 


(2) p. To pat ■ toait in liquor. 

(3) .. Ale. Shef. 

(4) t. A ailly fellow. 
Safe, *. Soap. \blh etttl. 
Sap-heap, >. A blockhe*d. 
Safid, adj. High, or putrid. Leie. 
Sap-scull, (1) *. A tooL Craom. 

(2) aid'. Soft, like »ap. Var. d. 
Saft, adj. (1) Beginuing to be 

tainted, aa meat, 

(2) Foolish, 

(3) Sickly, 

Sab, v. To earn ; to serre. We*l. 
S&BADIN, a. The lardine Hone. 
Saoce. (■ (1) A amall haii liere. 

(2) Vegetahlea. Esmcx. 
Sabckl, t. The pinion of a hawk's 

SABCVNBBBE.f. "Abruelof Mrcy. 

Sabj), c. Futuere. A word much in 

use in the 17th cent. 
Sabe, adj. (1) Withered (ad dry. 

See Sear. 

(2) Tender; rotten. Kent. 

(3) Sore. Worth. 

S ABE-BASED, mf). Stlugy ) Dnlcind. 

Sasfit, I. A table-ctoth. Devon. 

(2) A porridge-pot. YoriiA. 

JABKLE, t>. To rake; to harrow, 

;ablinisb, I. Aioitof Bilk. 

I. A sort of oath. Shropih. 
, (1) adj. Inanimate- 





, , cloth. 
Sabplar, I. A pocket, 

a>ck of wool. 
Sabba, V. (1) To serve. North. 

(2) To aev. YorM. 
Sabbabinb.i.A pottcallis,arfidling 

Sabre, adj. ^A.-S.) Sorer. 
Sakreliche, adv. (A.-N.) Cloaelyj 

close together. 
Sabs-a-uihb. a gentle impreot- 

tion. Eaet. 
Sabsenb, t. L*]^ bolder atonel. 

Sabsin, ; A Saracen. 
Sabenit, I. A thin slight silk. 
Sabt, (t) adv. Softly. Dnon. 

(2) See Aitart. 
Sabties.qiAi. Indeed. North. 
Sabtbiw, t, A sort of hoe. 
Sabteb, t. A scuttle for a stable. 
Saeakaba. I. A sort of legal writ, 

A corruption of c«-(wrori. 
Sabhoons, ». Leather worn under 

the boot at the lower part of the 

Sabih, t. A reaping-hook. Devoit, 



Saihk, (. A lock 

Sabsi^, adj. Droway. Sonifri. 
Sati, e^. Salt. Dortel. SatepoU, 


<. To>e 

Sateb, I, Salurdty. 

Quick let. ^ropth. 
lOLI, oifv. GiviDg »tU- 

r. A itnff b«ttre«n lilk 

Satis "I 


Satle, v. (1) To hang down ; to 

fill. YorkiK 

(2) To ihacklc; to embarraia. 
Sattane,*. a canjinal'i rochet. 
Sa'Ttbt, •!<$' Qaiet ; aettled. LaiK. 
Sattib, a^. MMled. Northumb. 
Satty, t. A lort of frigaie, 
Satobant. adj. Satiating. 
Saturitik. t. {Lai.) Satiety. 


Sauce, (1) e. To gamiih ; lo adom. 

(2) ». Impertinence. For. rf. 

(3) e. To box the can. YorktK 

(4) V. To aboK. 

(a) ». Anjr TSgetables eaten with 
tpeirt. ATor/-. 
8ado>-boz, 1, (I) A uncy fellow. 
(2) In the folloving paiiige it 
leema totaBie a different meaning. 
VhrtliEr the goTDnon of tKi commDii. 

tellert, Btage-ptajen. saica^iottt, «d- 
terlndm, pnppit ^cra. iojtorwa, 
tagaboDoa, linO'lBaiiert, and aoeh lika 
ODUniii ■akt^hifu, to pnctiac ihalr 
Boffint tilcka aad rofah indci within 

dcceiTO t}io aimplo pujilo wiUi tlidi 
Vila tomrit and i»lt«io. 
Vewlm, JVyiU eft Mam-i onmt lOfi, 1892. 

Ad impudent 



Sadcblino, t, A Mucj fellow, 
Sadcb-madahb, t. A dish in 

ancient cookery. 
SAvci,adj. UntidT! dirty, ffeit. 

fiAo», *$. iJ^N.) Safe. 

Saoft, adj. Wei ; aoaky. Nirllt. 
SA<iaH,(l)f. Atrencb,orcliiniieL 
See Sough. 

{2) prel. I. o( It. Saw. 
(3)(. Theaallownillow. Narli. 
Sauohte, t. Tranquiliiy. 

I. (A.-S.) To be paci- 

fied j 


Sadl, (1) 0. To beat. YorHth. 

f_2) t. The solid substance iniide 

a coiered button. North. 
Sadlceby, (. The department of 

the sauces in the baronial hooM- 

Sault, e. To usaulC. 
Saitu, c. To walk lazily, or 

dreamily ; lo repeat too often. 
Sauubeh, (. Armour for the 

Saunce-bell,*. The SBcnng-belL 
Saundbbs, t. Sandal waad. 
Saun-iail, ado. (A.-N.) Withont 

SACNB.prgi. (J-ff.) Without. 
Saunt, B. Tovaniah. fforllt. 
Sadnteb.wbeej.,/. a wheel wbich 

works facewise from a apur- 

wheel. WmI. 
Sack.*. Urine from the cow-hoa*«. 

Saobih, (. Tinegar. CumA. 
Sauk-fool, I. A Banking puddle. 
SAusErLEUB, 1. A red spot or 

scab on the bee. 
Saut, t. Salt, fforih. 
Saute, (1) o. {A.-N.) To asuniU. 

(2),. AnaaaanltiBleap. 

(3)e. (A.-N.) To jump. 
Sautes, i. The Psalter. 
SATAaaiN>. SiWtition. Heywood, 


Sate, (1) i. {Lat.) The herb ta:ge. 
(Z) V. To houae hay or cora. 

Savr-au, (. (1) Ad appendage to 

..,...,, Google 

SAV ( 

' •candlestickforljurninglheeDd* 

of candles. 

(2) A child's pinaforp. Carmo. 
Savegdard,*. A wBirirobe. Dtvon, 
Sateloy, I. A iai^ tauaige. 
SAVEHENT,».(^.-Ar.) Safetyipro- 

s,adj.{^..y.) Fr«gr»nt; 

Miiuitl., 0mir 0/ CAmi, C U 
Savour, ». (^,-jV.) Knowledge. 
Satodben, 0, (A..N.) To iBvour. 
Satodroub. adj. Sneel. 
Saw, ». (_A..S.) A saying. 

J'imiploi Conapaidcncc, p, 16a 

Sawce, p. To make salt. 

Sawcistbb, t, A sort of Bsasage. 

Sawde, .. (^,-A'.) Hirejpg)'. 

Sawb, ». {A.-S.) Speech. 

Sawob, 1. (.,i..S.) The herb sage. 

o . j._,. cookery, 

- Keth it wel. 

luiu frmat, 11 iinilB. ibd medle it vith 
ijreii and brtde jpHlal j ilo llients 

foilM of m™. Wete it wiUi a bHtar 

Sawl, .. (I) {.<..J.) The «mL 


(2) Liquor; drink Norli. 
Sawney, (1) ,. A alupid fellow. 

(2) adj. Lncky, North. 

(o) ». Liquor. r*ri»A. 
Sawsk, r. To carve ■ tench. 
SAWaKKLiNG, ». A sausage. 

Saw-wurt, t. k plant, the «er- 

Sax, .. {l)Ak™fr. iinc. 
(2) A imail sack or satchel. 

Say. (I] A common slibreyiRtion 
of assay. To tote the lay. to 
draw the knife along the belly of 
the deer, near the briikel, enough 
in length and depth to discover 
hovr fat he is. 

(2) In Suffolk, where cattle have 
once broken into good pasture, 
they are said to have got the my 

An opinion. Var.d. 
Influence i away. Narih. 
A serge, or fine woollen 

9TKR,». Amasterof laaty, 

ries the value of metali in 

t, I. A lamprey. Lane. 
a, A mere nominil ad- 

ScAH,«,(!) An ape ; ft baboon. 

(2) A poor Vfrelch. 
SCABADO, ». The Itch. 

Scabbard, J. A scabby person. 
ScABBLE.p. To rougli-dreBB atones, 
ScABLiNEB, (. ChippioE) of sioue. 

ScABRiDDB, ». The BCabioui. 
ScABY, oiij. Stingy. North. 
SCAO. (!);»■«(. /. Shed, 

(2)». A short shower. SottwrMt. 

(3) I. A wild black plum. Ami. 

(4) #. A csrcne. 


SCA 8 

ScADDBT, part. p. Shidcd. 
ScADDLl. ( 1 ) adj. Thicviih. St»i. 

(2) adj. Wild; akiUuh; Mid of 
young hone*. Jiorih. 

(3) «. Milchief. Nortk. 

H) adj. Timid; shy. Yorlak. 
ScADi, pTft. t. ScTcred. 
Scats, (l)v. To wander ibout; to 

lead K tigabond life. lAitc. 

(2) adj. Wild. North. 
ScArr, I. A acirf. Talham't Royal 

Oakt. 1660. 
ScArrsL, f. A small aptdc naed in 

dnining. SufffltUi. 
ScATTEBUH, t. Part of llie capari- 

ionnient of a hone. 
ScAFFLE, E. Td acnmble. Somen. 
ScAfiLiNO, I. (1) An eel. Cktth. 

(2) part. a. Working hard to 

obtaia ■ liTelihood. Crarm. 
ScAa, I, A (rout. 
ScAOE.r. Tothmwaitick. Yorith, 
SCAOOI.E. (1) in$. Timid. North. 

(2) V. To clioak, or gtnnglG. Ltic. 
ScAOOT, adj. Shaggy. Glove. 
SCAIT, V. To have diarrhcea. Dee. 
ScAiTHFrL.iii^'. Gi<en to breaking 

puturei li*ble to be ovemiD b; 

ScALADO, t. A icaliag of walls. 

Om mde nHHt muUeiitlj depieled hii 

fiiriH-Ci Troili, 1S3S. 

ScALARV, adv. B; slept. 
ScALBsOBES.t. Herb Cliristopher. 

MS. Ihth ttnt. 
Scald, (1) adj. Scabbf, particD- 

larly in the head. 

g) >. A disease on the ikin of 
e head ; scurf, or scabbineii. 

(3) adj. Mean, thabb;r. 

thigutu, S\iiiap,if'r. ir. IF., iii,l, 

(4) o. To infect nith hut ve- 

(5) t. To acoroh, Ifotf, 


(6) f. A scorched op patch in ■ 

barley field. Bait. 

{7} V. To boil paitiaUy. North- 

(7} (. A multitude. Eatt. 
SCALD-CBBAU, 1. Cteun rused bj 

heat. IFeit. 
Scalding, at^. Partial. Or/d. 
ScALDBAD, (. One who boils rags. 
ScALi, <I) V. To spreRd; to dit- 

pcriie aliroad ; to separate. 

<2) B. To weigh as in scales ; to 

(3)t>. To best. Yorith. 

(*) •. To Ijring down fruit from 
trees bi throwing at it. South. 

(5) B. To ciiange. Dorset. 

(6) B. To stir the fire. North. 

(7) 1. A drinking-cup. Somerttt. 
(B) I. A tteep hill. Norlh. 

ScALB-DisH, 1. A milk-skimmer. 

ScALK-iN. B. To plough in with a 

shallow furrow, in order to bury 

stubble, &c. Nor/, 
Scales, f. The outer cuts of a' 

piece of timber with the hark, 

not thick enough lo be called 

ptmks. Dnoti. 
ScAL-piBN, (■ Spleenwort. 
ScALL,#.(l)(^,.&) Askindiseue 

of the hesd, now termed a scald- 

head. "A leali, impetigo." 


(2) {J..S.) A scale. 
ScALLAQB, (. A iich-gate. Wnl. 

ScALLE, (. {A.-N.) A scab. 

SCALLZNQE-aATB, >. The Uch. 

gate. Hanqit. 
ScALLBwoki, t. An old name of ■ 

ScALLioM, », (!) {A.-N.) Tha 

aperies of (mail onion called a 


(2) A wild plant which taatea 

like an onion. Lane. 
ScALLioNS, t. A beating. North. 
Scallops, i. An awkward giil. 


SCA e 

Scalps, ». The rindi or refnie of 
tumips Ulc in the fields by thMp. 
Scaly, a<^. (1) Mean. 

(2) Miacliievoui, thievUh. 
Scan, t. A stain. Norlh. 
SoAUBLK, (1) e. To icramble; to 

shift. SeambUng-dayi, days in 
Lent, vhen no rrgulir meals 
were prayided, but every one 
shifted Bs he could. 
(2)e. To squander away. 

(3) t. Dissipiiion ; profiisiOD. 

(4) e. To defeat ; Co balk. Wetl. 
(b) t. To entangle; to throw 
into confusion, llampt, 

ScAMBLiNO, adj. (1) Scattered; 


(2) Sprawling, Hfr^. 
ScAUBLiK, I. A paraiice. 
SCAME, V. To injure. 
ScAuiNi, (. The icammoDy. 
Scaup, t. A rascal, 
ScAHro,t>. To run in » hurry. Zone. 
Scan, t. To scold. Dnoa. 
ScAKDHBT, ». A dmnkard. Ware. 
Scant, (1) adj. Scarcei iurafH- 

(2) adv. Scarcely, hardly. 
(3; (. Scantiaess, want. 
Like (be ant. 
Id plenty hmid for tunc of icimt. 

(2) A scantling or pattern. 
SpANTiBH, adj. Scarce. North. 
ScANTiTi, t. Scarcity. East. 
SCANTLE, V. To become scanty, to 

lessen in quantity. Drayltm. 
ScANTLiNQ,"! (. Asmallportionor 
SCAHTLoVi, /sample of anything. 
Scantlings, >. Thin joists. Leie. 

ScAFB, (1 > r. {A.-S.) To escaps. 

S2) I. A misdemeanour. 
3) (. A trick ; an evasion. 
S APE- e ALLOW B, t. A bad fellow. 
ScAFB-oBAiiE, 1. A bair-brained 

ScAPE-THBiFT, (. A thrifUcss 

ScAFLAR, f. A narrow piece of 

cloth worn by monks over the 

rest of their dreu, reaching 

almost to (he feet. 
ScAFPLB,'V. To rough-hew stoaei. 

Scab, (1) v. To frighten, line. 

(2) ,. A scarecrow. 

(3) ». A shred, or piece. North. 

(4) adj. Exposed to. Siattx. 
Scab, 1 ». (A.-S.) A cliff, or 

BEAK, L precipice; a bare and 
SEBRBB, J hroken place on the 
side of a mountain. 
ScABAB, f. (1) {Lat.) A beetle. 
(2) A term of contempt. 
Ko, yon leatch, 
m ttiuider jou lo piECfu. 

B. Jau. .4liitm., i, 1. 
Mnrt 1 miD of hBBOM wait joor W- 

diveruQn tLroTigli the DflEligcBca of 
tuchs KoroA. 

Diaiiy. MaimsFuiU, \ISSI. 
WlAd a conitnble to a man oTirfir- 
~ 'nmksareelii^wanhipf 

ScABBOT, *. A kind of beetle, 
ScAB-BDOQE, *. A bngbsar. 

SCABCE, (l)«. AsieTG. 

(2) a4j. Stingy ; sparing. 
ScAB-cKDw, t. A figure set up in 

the fields to frighten the crows. 
ScAKD, t. A shard. Yartth. 
SCAKB, (1) e. To spend. Sufdl*. 

(2) adj. Lean ; scanlv. Eatl. 

(3) adj. Wild ; shy. North. 

(4) A cur to drive away pigs and 
poultry. Notf. 

(5) rue got the tcare of him 
I hold him in fear. 

ScABE-BBAs«, I. A sUck from ■ 

ScABBT, *. The plant skirret. 
ScAHT, tr. To wear loose, like s 

ScAB-FiBR, f . An alarm of fire. 


SCA t 

ScAKipiKD, part, p. Trightcned. 
SCARL, I, A liugbear, 

ScARiiuNT, I. A son of tpice. 
ScABN, f. Dung of cattle. Seam- 

bre. a dung-bee. Norlh. 
SCAiiNT-HouaHS, f. A dirt; drib. 

Scarped, part. p. Dried up ; 

parclied. lAnc. 
ScARBK, D. To diipene. 
ScARBTBi, ». (J.-N.) Sordly. 
ScART. r. To ictatcb. North. 
ScARTKtts, t. The dun of a cow. 

SCARYVQirr, adv. Aikeir. 5i>- 
ScAT, (1) (. A paaung thorer. 

(2) .. A blow. Wfl. 

(3) V. To duh, at bunt; to 
■Up. n>(f. 

i4) oiff. Broken ; ruined. Gmtu. 
5) adj. Scared. £^f. 

(6) iKct. Get aloDgl A^fn-M. 

(7) : A cODtinuance. Ifeif, 
SCATCQ, (1) ». A dry hedge. 

(2) *. (iV.) A borae'i Ml. 

(3) ». A still. 

(4) It. To go upon atiltl. 
ScATCH-PAWKD, odj. Left-haoded. 

SCATB. (1)«. Injury; diminution. 

(2) e. To have dianhtea. Gbnic. 

(3) (. A woman of loose cha- 
racter. JVi>r(A. 

ScATHK, (1) (. {J.-S.) Hann; 

daiaage. Seaiheful, deitnictiTC 

(2) V. To damage, or injure. 
ScATHEKED, adj. Said of feet in. 

grimed by water and gniall coala 

getting into the ihoei. Nor- 

ScATLOB, (. Loas; hurt; prqudice. 

ScATTB, ». (1) (^..5.) Monej. 

{2) Atai. 



ScATTT, flip- Showery. Souti. 
ScaD, 1. A fig. Norlhumb. 
ScADBEKK, : A acabbard. 
ScAnUT, adj. Glossy ; shining 

Scaup,!. (1) A IWn soil. Yorktk. 

(2) A scraggy penon. 

(3) Thescstp; thehead. Yorkth. 
ScAUPT, 1. A bare piece of gi ound. 

back while aicending a hill. 
(2) V. To push Tiolenlly. Wat. 

ScAVEL, t4j. Voracious. Norlh. 

ScAVEL-AN-Gow.f. Coufused talk- 
ing. ComiB. 

ScAVEHNiCE, t. A hare. Cormt, 

ScAViLOKES,!. Panuloons. 

SCAir, (. The elder tree. Coma. 

SciD, t. The parting of the hair 
on the head. " Hoc discrimen, 
Angliee, the tetd of ihe beds." 
Niminak MS. 

SciDi, t. To spilt. Lane. 

ScBLEROcB, adj. {Lat.) Wicked. 

ScELLQii, t. An old cant term for 
a thief. 

SciBT, (. A deacent. South. 

ScBADDNg,». Young bees. North. 

Sca\i.B,i.(Lat.) A scale or ladder. 

ScBEPT, I. The auncel- weight. 

ScHELi., V. To overturn, iinc. 

ScusLTOL, adj. Reasonable. Ayeni. 

SCHEUE, *. A pleasure party. 

^Bc""*"' }'■ (■^-*) Askable. 

Hit idupfclh jel man drflbe, 
And ihjft fruu pambn-le. 


iCB-KK,i.(A.-S.teaTV.) Thepubea. 
"Hec pubes, mjijce, «c*ere." 
Nominale US. See Share. 
And moke i piastre of Ckkamynte aoA 
bet«7b y-Mudrii] and of poudir ftf 

of kirer jjocdJid logiden, and al vuB 


._. tMfftno 

MiJiait MS., Itl* enil. 
ScHiLDEN, P. To bring forth a 

child. SeAyld, a child. 
ScHiLDEK, (. (1) Prol«cMr. 

(2) The shoulder. Late. 
ScaisMi, : FriTolout cicniea, 

ScHOAT, 1. A knudiag; troag^. 

ScBOCHs, V. To Bnipect. 
ScBOrtx, pnt. t, Pnahed. 
With ttiKt he lUrt spp ftv jl Bd 
Anil hI^ tbe terd into ths (Bin 
And cult k locrd and udp niori 

.. c-*.. 

S). Tba biir of 
To pot btck the 

School. (1) b. 

ean. Vor-d. 

(2) J. A ihotlofBah. 
SoHooLiNS, t. BdncitiOD. Var. d. 
ScHooL-tturr, (. The uniTenlt;. 

ScHORB, *. A «care. 

ScHOirm, *. Btttlet conflict. 

ScHRiWABP, <. A font fellow. 

ScHBoaoB, e. To preu; to rnb. 

ScHDNCHi, e. To iliove. " I 
lAmehid him away." Sutt. 

ScHTMB, (. Pieco, or ihives. 
Warmr'f Jntiq. Ciil., p. 12. 

ScBtT, t. The womb. " Hce 
tiii, a Mtyv that a Bchfld iti 
tev;din." Nomiiiate MS. 

SciBNGi, I. A Bcion; a ahoot. 
BejEttoa CKdiBat as pled dg I'uiiie, 
vitgnlu»ti 1 jBonJ ihoou or icimca 
that gnnr* Dot st Ihg lootu si ddM of 


SciBNT, adj. Letned. 
Sciential, (B^f. Scieutiflc,oi tctch- 

ing knowledge. 
Scihhinoeh,!. Bate money nihbed 
over or cased with >il«er.' Ktnt. 
To wash. Durham. 


e. To bi 

1.. Abowlfi 

for slraiuing 

SciTTLB, adj. Skitli«h. Kent. 
Scmutn.i. Ashrewd turn. ffa»U. 
SCLAT, (0 I- (.^S-) A «l«te. 

(2) V. To b«tt with violence. 

ScLATBSB, <r. To be negligent. 
ScHLAU,'! e. To claw; to aciatch. 

Solacn'db«, I. (.i.-JV.) SUnder. 
ScLiEzr, adj. Having the thread* 

irregular, sttid al cloth. Beeon. 
ScoAD, e. To scatter looie earth, 

as mole-bill>,&c. Devon. 
ScoANia, t. StoDca; paiemcnt. 

9coAT, V. To atop a wheel. 
ScoBT, 1. A chaffinch. Yorhh. 
ScoCHoH, I. An eicntcheon. 
ScocKEB, I. (1) A rift in an oak 
. tree, especially weather-bltsted 

by lightning. 

(2) A i«nt occasioned b; water 

•oaking down into tbe body 

of a pollaidoali, and by a aevere 

frost following. Ninf. 
ScocsisD, adj. Sappy, at timber. 

ScoDBB, It. To whiz along. 
Scoo, r. To brag. fFitl. 
ScoiL, (. Rubbish; the head of a 

quarry before the atrata appear. 

ScoiArt, ». To attend school. 
ScoLDTHO-erooL, (. A cncktng- 

ScOLi, ». A scale. Pr. P. 
Scollop, r. To notch. fFff. 
ScouBEK, t. The maoknd. 


ScoKi, Ir.Toikim. 
■KOUTNi, J a ikimmer. 
ScouFEti, r. To diteamllL 
ScoMriaa, r. To diacomflt; to 

■tifle. north. 
SoouraBK, «. To scorch tcTerely. 

ScoHCR, (I) (. A blockhonie, or 

•mail fort. 

(3) *. The hud ; the ikuU. 
(3)(. AUowni. 

(4) I. AtortofciDdlelHck.with 
■ tin back, to be bung agaioiC the 
walL North. 

(5) (. A icreeD. Cunti. 

(6) *. A uM at one tide of the 
fire-place in the old lai^ open 
ehimnef. North. 

(7) B. To eat more than another. 
(B) c. To iiupoK s pecuniatj 
mulct Oxfd. 

(9) B.To carr; on gaod.humoof ed 
raJUer;. North. 

(10) (. The pavement. Corma. 
ScoH, «. A barley-meal cake. 

ScoKi, t. A ikreen. Cimi, 
Scoou, (. A yeDowgelatiaaui tuh- 

ttance found about the rooti of 


M, frfl 

Scoop, i. (1) A wooden iboTel for 
taking up com; an inilrament 
for icooping. 

(2) The D^ and breaat of mut- 
ton cat aa one joint. Deton. 

ScDoas, e. To dlKOone with. 

Scoot, i. A comer; an tagDlar 

portion of a field. 
ScooTiB, t. A squirt. Eatl. 
ScoF, 1. The bead ; the scalp. 
Scope, (. A sort of basin with a 

handle to lade water. Lane. 
ScoFi*LAw, t. A distance giien to 

one running a race. Dortit. 
ScDPFK.(. (^.-5.) (1} A scoop. 

(2) A leap. 


SoDPPSRiL, t. A sort of smtll sjdii- 
ning top for boys to set up be- 
tween the middle finger and 
thumb, MS. Diet.. 1540. 

ScoM, (1) (. A mark, or notch. 
{2) V. To beat so as to mark th« 
akin. Da. 

i3) >. An apple eore. Olouc. 
i) *. Tnenlf yards. 
(fi) I. Twenty pounds weighL 

ScOBEL, t. A squirrel. Pr. P. 

ScoBEB,!. Aiconti a sconrtr. 

ScoaiNO, I. A tenn in Norfolk 
farming, for a method of pre- 
Tentingthe soil when moist from 
turning up in whole glossy iiir- 

ScoBE, >. An apple core. Shr^th. 
SC0BT-A.BOUT, V. To dlsturb ; to 

injure. Wann. 
ScOBTR. t. Scorn. 
Scobs, e. To barter \ to exchange. 
Scotch, t. (1) To amerce ; to £ie. 

(i) To cut slightly ; to mince. 

(3) To spare; to refrain. Norf. 
For when thev comfl to rcrin^ unto IwIt 
ud neeeHune ok*, then tlie;r <"" 
itieke U ■peunit.aBdiaifcAUitnat, 
4bd ercrj UIUIK is Uk nmchr 

SraJ't PsUmt. 

(4) To stop the wheel of a vehicle 
with a stone, &c. 

(5) To deduct. 

(S) OH(ii^afJ(co<rA,eicessiTely. 

/ did not leolch my mind, I told 

him my full opinion. 
ScoTCB-AHD.ENOi,iBH,«.Tbe game 

of prisoner's base. Cwab. 
ScoTCB-coLLOPB, 1. A fncaii* 

ScoTCH-riDDLE, >. The itch. 
ScoioH-POQ, It. A sort of misty 

Scotch-hop, >. The game of hop> 

ScoTCH-NioHTinoALBiS, Theowl. 
Scotch-pint, t. A quart. North. 
ScoTE, (l}i7.Toploaghup. Htrtf, 

(2) I. A dngstaK Qletui. 



(3) t. A prop. Wight. 

ScoTH, B. To clothe; to corer 
ScoTOUT, I. Dizzlnen ia 

ScorrESiNO, (. Darning • bundle 
of pease-Mraw it tbe end of bu- 

TCBl ; tt cuitoni WDong boji. 

ScoTTLe, V. Tocatng^ly. Wiltt. 
ScoTTiEs, ». Aboy'i game, pelting 

with (tulble. Sufolk. 
ScoDB, B. A rod QMd in thatching. 

ScoDCB, 17. To ttoop. Northangit. 
ScacLiV. To burn fiercel J ; to look 

red, like fire. Darm. 
Scoup, V. To le»p at prey. Paltgr. 
ScoDB, (I) t. A Cunialt. Someml, 

(2) 1. A icourgiog. 

(3) *. To deepen the ditch, 
■nd throw the soiL igainat tbe 
hedge. North. 

(4) t. A ahitloiT, grsiellf put of 
■ river. Warv. 

ScouBoi, V. To iweep with ■ be- 

M>m. Kftit. 
ScoDBiNQ.t. (l)Abeiting.JV(wM. 

(2) A diutbtE^. Far. d. 

(3) A difficult .£fiir. Ym-liX 
ScouRiNQ-BTici, (. A Btlck for 

cleaning oat ■ gun.harrel. 
ScouBSK, V. See Smn. 
Scout, (0 >. A high rock. 

(2) : A cant term for ■ wtteh. 

(3) >. A college entnd boy. 

It) t. A imaO ditiiion of Und. 


{b) V. To pelt. Northampt. 
RconTSEK, 1. An uproar. Iforth. 
ScoTK, t>. (1) To ma fait. Eatl. 

(2) To above. 
ScoviL, (. A haker'i maulkin. 
ScovBH. >. The neck of lamb. 

Scott, adj. Uneven; irregular. 

Scow, (,' The name of leTcrtl fieldi 
in Norfolk where formerl; were 

coppicei. Probably the aine 

word u thavi. 
ScovDBS, *. Ahuatle. Scmedtttd, 

overheated irilh working. North. 
Scot, adj. Thin, pnor, applied to 

■ilka or itufl^. Contm. 
ScBAB, (1) B. To claw ; to acriteh. 

Hena icrai ■ garden. Eait. 

(2) ». The cnb-apple. North. 
ScRABBEO-Ecoa, *. £ggl bailed 

hard, chopped, and mixed with b 
leaaoDlag of butter, «alt, and 
pepper. Used in Lest. 
ScKABBLi,v. (1) ToBcratch. £tac. 
(Z) r. To acramble. Someriel. 

(3) V. To acrawl. 

(4) P. To fumble. 

(!i) >. Thoma andbrian. North- 

ScBADOE, V. To trim and ttrengtheQ 

a fen-bank. Eail. 
ScKAFTiBCB, I. The CTay-flsh. 
ScKArvLB,*. (l)ToaGiamble; to 

wr»ngle; to shuffle. 

(2) To be induatriouB. 
SCBAo, I. (1) A ghoit. North. 

(2) A lean perion. Devon. 

(3) A forked branch. Wat. 
\i) Offal. Yorhh. 

(3) The neck of mutton, and 

hence that of a man. 
SCBAOQED.^orf.p. Hanged. 
ScBAOOLE.e. Toacramble. Donet. 
ScBAQQLiNQ, odj. Straggling. 

ScBAQor, adj. (I) Lean. 

(a) Shaggy. Gloae. 
ScRAiL,(. AteaamiKrableanimaL 

SC8AII.ED, port. p. Beaten down 

irregularly, as corn. Northampt. 
ScsAiLB, >. Thecuttingsofhedf^a. 

SCKALL, •, To swarm. 

with h 

d with 

ScsAu, a^j. (1) Awkward) dii. 



(2) BenDmbed with cold. Wni. 
Scbjlub, B. To rake together with 

the lunds. Yurlah. 
ScRAtfMiiH, (. A acratch. Wttt. 
SCRAUP. V. To <n«ch M. North. 
ScKAN, >. (l)Victiuai; food. 

(2) A bag. Wii/.. 
ScRAHCH, D. (I) To crtinchwith 

(2) 1'o tcratch deeply. Eatt. 
SCBANCHUU, t. Crisp gingerbread. 

Scrannel, adj. L«»n ; tlender. 
ScBANNY, ai^. <1) Thin. 

(2) Wi^d; distract. NarthaB^t. 
ScKAN9, f. KefuK. Donel. 
ScRANT, t>. To icorch. A'onurNf. 
ScEAP, (1) «. A plan, or tcheme. 

(2) A pUce baited with cliaff, 

corn, &c., to catch tparrows. 
ScaAp.cAKE, ». Tallow-melter'a 

refuse ; greavei. 
ScRAPB-oooD, *. A miser. 
Scrapped, adj. Spoken of loil 

which is eaaed or hirdened on 

the surface. 
Scrapple, v. To grab aboat. 

Scraps, ». The dry, husky and 

skiiiny residuum of melted fat. 

far. d. In Uampafaire they are 

made into puddings c^led Scrap- 

ScRAPT, part. p. Slightly frozeo. 

ScBASE, It. A aurface wound. 
acRA^o, / Northampt. 
SCBAT, (1) f . To scratch. 

(2) a. The itch. Salsp. 

{i) I. A hermaphrodite. 

(4) a. A miserly person. Wetl. 

(5) », A sn^gerer. 

(6) adj. Nearly worn oat. 

(7) I. A Tack for pigs. Bfdi. 
Scratch, a. The gtone which forms 

the stratum immediately under 
the soil, liitie. 
SCB*TCHED, pari. p. Slightly 

Sc«ATCBiNa«, t. The cellubr inb- 


itinee of the omentDm of a pig, 
Uidl. C. 

ScBATCH-wiiD, a. Clirers, gaiiun 
apttrine. NoTthampt. 

SCRATK, t. An old woman. 

SCKATTLE, p. To scratch, a* do- 
mestic fowls do. 

ScsAOK. r. To scntch. Yorkah. 

ScRAV. «. The surface; the riad. 
Tr> culicravt. to cut ttirf. 

ScRAWF. I. Refuse. Wat. 

ScRAWK, I. To scream. Leic. 

Scrawl, (1) v. To crawl; to stir. 

(2) I. Sort of crab. Hoc. 

(3) V. To throw things about in 
Scrawled com ia com that hu 
been hcut down and twisted 
about by wind and rain. Hampi. 

Scrawling, a^. Slight) meau. 

ScBjiWLr, adj. Thin, as corn. 

ScRAWM, V- To throw for a scram- 
ble. £eic. 
ScRAwur, ai^. Awkwardly tall; 

ungainly. line. 
ScRAWN, 0. (I) To clamber. 


(2) To swallow, Narlhampl. 
Schawv'lin, aij/. Poor and mean. 

ScREAE, V. To creak. 
ScREDi, a. {AS.) Dress. 
ScRER, (1)0. Tothout. Line. 

(2) t. A precipice. Cvmi. 

(3) t. A coarse sieve, or drainer. 
ScRRECH,*. (1) The swift. Wal. 

(S) (,A.-S. acHc.) The missel- 

thrush. Var.d. 

(3) The screech J) wl. 
Screech -OWL, a. The swift. Wiff/it. 
Screechy, adj. A term applied to 

land, when the icratch or rock 

is covered with a Tery thin layer 

of earth. Lme. 
Screed, (l)t. (^.-5.) Afrtgrncnt. 

(2).. A tear; a shred. Var.d. 

(3) (. Scrip. Dtwn. 


8CB e: 

(4) «. The border ef t cap. 

(b) t. ABlipoflind. Line. 

(6)parl.p. Aroided. Dorsrt. 
ScaK»DL«, V. To cower over the 

eiiiben of a fire. Devon. 
SCH.KBN, t. A high ilaading liere 

for eletOBing corn. North. 
Screes,*. Febblea. Nartli. 
ScHBET, (1) a^. Flexible; lapple. 

(2) ». Htlf a qiurtsr of a sheet 
of paper. Eail. 

ScBKEVE, V. To mo with corrupt 

ScKEiK, t. The dawn. North. 
ScBE^HiN,*. Diacretioa. Heyaood, 

ScRSTK, flij. Slight; limber 
ScRKW, (1) t. A miier. 

(2) .. A prostitute. 

(3) V. To liaTB the belly-aclie. 
ScnEW-BOK, J. Aiortof sbell-fish. 
ScBEWDT. V. To crowd. Bfdf. 
ScBiwzEK, «. An unirekome Ti- 

sitor. Northampt. 
ScRiBBLi, e. To card noal. Dfmni, 
ScB.tBBi,iNO-i.ABC. ». The yellow- 
hammer. Nortkampl. 
ScniBi(,(l)e. To write; to mark. 


(2) t. A thin meager animal. 

ScHiPE. c. To stride. Somfrset. 
ScBioc, s. To aqueei:e out. 
ScniaaiHS. I. Apples left on a tree 

after the ingathering. Gfoitc. 
ScaiGGLE, V. (1) To writhe, or 

struggle. Ea,t. 

(2) To scrawl, Norfhampt. 
ScRiooT, adj. Scratch;. North- 

Schike', r. To scream. 

ScaiB. (1) V. To brniae. Wight. 

(2)«. A small bit of anythiDg 

edible. Norlhang/t. 
ScitiitEo,adj. Shrivelled up. Dee. 
ScBiMEB, I. (Pr.) A fencer. 
ScRiuHAOE, «. (1) A slcirmish. 

(2) A dwarfish fellow. Weil. 
ScaiuuiTv, adj. Sling;. fFeit. 
ScRiup, V, To piDch; to ipme. 

Defoe, ' Hitt. of Union,' speak* 
of "a terimpt quorum," i. e.. 
a bare quorum, only just the 

SCRiuPTioN. t. A Ter; small por- 
tion. Norf. 

ScBiNp*. A small vein of ore. Deri. 

SoBiNa, I. {J.-N.) (1) A writii^ 
(2) A cupboard. 

ScRiNOH. V. To cringe; to sbrinlt. 

ScKinsT.part.p. Screwed. Cornw. 

ScniNNT, ( l)n. To press or squeeze 
together. Norfhampt. 
(2) adj. Selfish ; greedy. 

ScBiNT. e. To scorch, or single. 
. Someriet, 

Scrip, t. ( 1) A writing ; a list. 
(2) A little box. 

ScDiFFAOE, t. The contents of s 

ScRirrottT, I, (Lai. tcriptorimii.) 

A nriting desk. 
ScRiPTOBE, *■ {4.'N.) A writing; 

ScaiT,». Awriting; adeed. 
ScBiTCH, (1) e. ToahrieV. Dee. 
(2) t. A tbrusb. See Sereeeh. 
ScRiTHE, V. To niithe. 
ScaiTTicK, (, A mite of moDey. 
ScRUE, t>. (1) To describe; to 

(2) To shriek. North. 

(3) To emit pnrulent matter. 

ScRiYENER, I. A writing-master. 
ScBiviHO-iBuH, I. An instrument 

used for niunhering trees for sale. 
SCROBBLB, c. (1) To Write in an 

uncouth and unsightly manner; 

to make unmeaning marks with 

(2) To scramble. Weit. 

ScHOBT, abj. Poor and wretched. 

ScooFF, «. Befme of wood. Dort, 

ScROG, *. A stunted bush. Var. d. 

ScROGQLiNQS, t. Small worthless 
apples left hanging on the (raes 
after the crop is gathered. IForo. 


BcKoeoT, «(f. (I) AbomidiDK ii 

(2) Twiited ; itanled. S—t. 

SCBOQ-Lios, I. Btndj l«gi. Nmf. 

ScKOQS, *. Blaclithom. 

SCKOUB, «• To walk iwkwardty. 

ScBOOBT-osABS, t. ScDrvy-gntt. 

ScKDOF, (. Dt? acilii. Lane. 

Scaoop. t>. To creak. Sou/A. 

SCBOOT, >. A weddf cbild. North- 

ScBOnai, (1) E. To •qnwie In b 

(2) a. A gTMt eraih. 

SCBOW, (1) ai{r. Cion; inrlr. 

(2)*. Uprou-; eoDfalion. Yurktk. 

(3) *. To work hard. North. 
ScRowi, *. A icroU) etpecully > 

SnowL, s. To broil t to rout. 

Scaov-now, i. An aprov. North. 
Scaoixi, f. A term of contempt ; 

* scrubby fellow. 
ScBDB, (1) >. A meio fellon. 

(2) V. To get rid of. Dtton. 
ScBUBBADo, (. A cant term for 

the iteh. 
SCBUBBiD, aij. Squalid ; ahabby. 
ScBuci, s. A (nice at pla;. Eatt. 
ScKOD, *. {A.-S.') Apparel) doth- 

ScKUDDT, a4r. Dwarflih. North. 
SODDB. r. To rub. 
ScBUDOB, >. A pioatitDte. Dewm. 
ScBODaiL, e. To iqueeze through 

k narrow apeitorc. Northan^. 
Scsuri,*. (1) Puel of >11 >(>rta 

collected oa the edge of the 

(2) The nape of the neck. 
ScBuaoLE, V. To itruggle. 
ScBDUP, (l)t>.Tocrannch. Somer- 

(2) t. To double op. ZJeemi. 

(3) ac{t. Criap. South. 

(4) I. A mean piece. Norlhanyi. 


ScKvuPLi, ». To raffle. jC«ie. 
ScRuiiPLiNo, >. AamallihriTelled 
apple. Hamp: 

SCBDHTiouB, adj. stingy. S\^ff. 
IcKUNCH, 0. (1) To crauncta. 

(2 ) To cruah with toaie alight 

noise. Somh. 
ScBONCRLiN, », A small apple. 

ScBOMOS, V. To shrink. Ltie. 

be$aDi, Jkc Zone. 
SCRUNTT, adj. Stunted, Far. d. 

SCROFULDDB, Ol^. DoubtfuL 

SCKUS«, (1) B. Ta sqnash; to 

:. Eatt. 

ScBUBH, >. A club, 

Scbhtcbbli., «• Befuie of wood, 

8cBrTHiNO-BAo, t. Tho bag 
through which cider U atrained. 

ScBT, ». A flock of wild fowl. 
ScsTB, V. To descry. 
ScHTLi, t. Coueh-grwa. Wttt. 

ScucH, : A hanging-ahelf. 
Seen, (1) *. A ecab. West. 

(2) s. To apill. Devm. 

(3} *. A andden shower. 

(4)t. AflockofUrka. Osfd. 

(S) D. To clean with saliva. 

ScuDDicE, ai^. Of trifling value. 

8cua, «. Shadow. Durh. 
ScofT, (1)(. The back of the neck. 


(2) V. To walk shnfllingly. 


An implement for 


raping ai 

;. (1) • 

A garden hoc 


. (2) t. A kind U lirge hurow. 

(3) «. Ad outer ganneDt worn 
by children to keep their clothes 
clean { • pinifbce or ipron. 

(4) e. To kick one'iihoei about. 

(5) I. A hnrrr. IMe. 
SonrrLEK, t. An implement re. 

•emblicg a ploogh, uied for 

weeding; turnip fielda. Line. 
ScurrLiHaB, i. Refuie of wood. 

ScuFTiB, e. To huny and bustle. 

ScDO, (1) p. To hide one self. 


(2) I. A sheltered place; * 
hiding place. 

(3) (. A squirrel. HampMh. 
(4}t. The slope oCahill. yortih. 

ScuooEHT, ». Secrecy. YorM. 
ScvLK,*. (1) {A.-S. icylca.) An 

impure penon. 

('^) A compaoj ol fbiei. 


If T lilvvr-KiJed jMIi nboDl mj rtnuu 
dD iireep. Ihayt PotgtM. Sottg^ uvl 

Sculp, «. (1) (,lal.) To engnie. 

(2) To scold. Deom. 
ScuLSH, f. Rubhiih ; trash. KtttI, 
ScvLVKKiNQ, adj. Sculkisg. Line. 
Scon, (1) r. To tike the scum off 


I. Tom 

(3)i. AlowfeUow. 
(4} e. To strike an; one on tht 
ScuMiisHED, jiarf.p. Smothered] 
iuflTocUed. ^or(A 


{2)s. Dung. 
ScDMVH, (I) e. To danb. JFeit. 

(2) t. Wander. SmHtTHf. 

(3) >. A fire-shoTel. Yariih. 
ScDN, p. (1) To shoo. Dmnt, 


f2> To reproach pablicly. Somtn, 

(3) To throw a stone. JVorfA. 
icuNNKH, V. (I) To loathe. Norfh. 
(2) To notice. Norlkiinii. 

IcDNHiNo, >. A disease of the 

icnPFiT, 1. A shoTcl of wood 
edged with iron, used bf marih 
men to throv nater out of 
ditches ; a wooden scoop used by 
mallEters. "Kicv^ial." Tuuer. 
Icus, V. To more hastily, yarlah. 
IcDRE. tr. To secure. Soulh. 

. A little hit. Var. d. 
. A ipy. 


uid fut to duke Eicheid. king 
Tolidon Ftrgil, Itaiul., p. 151. 

ScDKairnMOE, v. (1) To lash 

tightly. Dtw. 

(2) Putuere. Dai. 
SCIIB.&T, e. To go or porsne hastily. 
ScvT, (1) *. The tail of B hare or 


(2) t. A hsre. 

(3}aijr. Short, as a garment, &C 
Scotch, (1) v. To strike ; to whip. 


(2) I. CODch grui. Wetl. 

(3) e. To cleanse flax. Ware. 
ScuTCHiLL, t. A long dark passive. 

SctTTCHioH', *. A key-stone of a 

ScDTCBnT, I. The refiueof wood. 

ScDTB. f. (1) A coin of the ISth 

cent, worth half a noble. 

(2) A gift; a reward. Dor»e(. 
ScuTLiH, I. A small tart. Hampt. 
ScuTTEa, t. (1) To suffer from 

diarrbisa. Nnrth, 

(2) To run about. North. 
ScDTTi.1, (1) •■ To w«lk fast. 

if liB bill [Dund the pKilwjiibR'i itone. 
CliMV, SMiir"! lirMu, IBiJL 




(2) *. A wooden platter. 

(3) I. A piece of wood used in i 
fame like trap-ball. CheiA, 

(4) (. A ihillaw bukel like a 
bowl ; u a eoal-icullU, 

(5) e. To ikulk. Narthamp. 
ScDTTLBs, t. Tbe hstchei of a ihip. 
Scmruci, : A little bit. North- 

SooTTT, a($. Of ibort aUInre. 

ScurTT-WH.EN.t. Thewren. Wttt. 
Scr,(. A icyihe. Cumb. 
Si, (. [A-N.) A aeat ) ■ aee ; a 

Beat of goieniment. 
StA-ADDu, i. The pip«-fiih. 

Sbablb. ai{t. Viiible. 
Sba-bottle, t. A apecjea of let- 


r, A coiTooiaiit. SimlK 

Sba-hoo, (. A porpoise. 
SiAKT, a^. BoEgy. Shrqpih. 
SiAL, (1) >. A pait of boTse 


(2)*. TimCiietMn. Eatl. He 

keeps bad *eali,he atajrt ant Ute. 


(3) e. To Auten cattle in their 
atalls. Crav. 

(4) $. A aalt furnace. 

(5) t. The sallow. Yortah. 
SiAW, \i. {A.-S. til) The bows 

SALES, /of wood or metal tbat go 
oa tbe collar, called elaewheie 
pamti. N<itf. 
Sbaltb, '(. (A^S.) Salt. ffiSum 

de Shoriham, 
Sbalvk, t. [J..S.) Salve. 
AdiI for atkonie lubecrift. 
And f« Oe gmir nahn. 

Seam, >. (1) (jt.-S.) Fati graaie, 
opeciallf lard. Norlk. 

(2) A horse.load of wood. 

(3) .\ imtuDi of coaL NDTth. 

(4) A. quarter of an acre. 

(5) A quarter of corn. 

Sea-usll. 1 1. a imall and eom- 

SKA-HEW, J mon specLej of gull. 
Seau-eent, (1) adj. Ragged. 

(2) e. To unsew. 
Seahs, «. Marks of annllpoi. 
SsAit-aET, t. An implement oied 

bj ihoemakera for imoolhing 

Sean, (1) adv. Soon. North. 

(2).. Aiortofnet. 
Sea-nao, t. A ship. Wtrtm. 
Sea-fine, t. Tbe plant thrift. 

Sea-fte. t. The oyater catcher. 

Sbae, (1) (. The jellow between 

tbe beak and the eyes of a hawk. 

(2) ». The touehhole of a piatoU 

(3) t. Pudendum f. L^ht of the 
leare, loose in character. Tickle 
qfthe mar, immodest, wknton. 

Slie Uiat iB (ayre, Id 
Acd oa comoD ii 

1 w}tl> fjled 

1e vbjBperfngc in (he e 

Cffwrntae Stenlary tmd Jaiovtft, nA. 

(4) adj. (_A^S.) Dry ; withered. 
Seabch, (1] «. To penetrate. 

(2) (. A tent, or probe. 
SsAB.CBtKO, a4j. Keeni piercing. 
Sear-cloth, i. 

To mike i •aa-clM. Tirgini n-oi. 

•permii c6li,T™ice tnrpentice, ojl ol 

CoMtaiafKnifi Ckact Xmaal. ISTO. 

JEAKV, adj. Worn ; thin. Devon. 

Sea-snail,*. Aperiwinkte. Kent. 

iEASON, e. (1) To pounce on any- 
thing, hke a hawk. 
(2) To copnlaie, aud of catlle. 
Eliot, IS59. 

Seasonall, 0^. Seasonable. 

Seat, (. (1) The summit of ft 

(2) A neit of cggi. lot. 


SEA 8: 

SlAT-ttODB, t. Hizeltwig*. SSropt. 
Scats, >. A gann. Sonenel. 
Ska-tile. i. A leil. 
Seatei, I. Ruahei ; the pith of the 

nuhes dipped in greiu, and aud 

(U candles. North. 
SiA-WASB, 1. Sea-need. North' 

Seawterted,*. a riaipleton. tone. 

Seblet, 1 I. The buket from 

■IBLET, J which the tower ciils 

tail seed corn ; a Beedle«f. North- 

Seblkt-cake, *. A cake made far 
the ploughmen at the end of 
wheit Boninj. Northtmpl. 

Secatoub, t. An executor. 

St.csai.s,proti.{A.-S.) Such tone. 

Sbohe. r. {A.-S.) To leek ; to lisit. 

Seck, i. a uck. 

SECEERLr, ttdv. Aa nsnaL North. 

Sbckkt, I. A term of contempt. 

Secohd, t. The after-birth. 

SECEBT-HouaE, 1. A countrj leat. 
■Sect,.. {I) {A.-N.) k wmK. 

(2) Sei. 

(3) A tmall htmmer for chipiung 

Sbctdbe, ». An eiecntoi. 

Sbcobe, a^. Sore) certidn. 
Sbdu, v. To loll to ileep. 
Sbdoceb, (. The hellebonafieUdia. 
Sbdow, (. A Asb, the aurata. 
Seb. (1)>. (^.-£) Tbeaea. 
(2} D. To kKdi OD) to protect. 

t SEE 

(3) prtt. t. Saw. 

(4) Touttht dtBil. to get tipqr. 
Sebch, <. A Und-apring. ChttA. 
Sebd-bibd, I. Ths waler.wacltiL 


A baiket out of 

BOPPBB, Jiwbich seed-corn 

sown. Var. d, 

\ To pradaee seed. 

IS, I. Seed-tims. YorhK 

, 1. Seed-time. Htrtf. 

I. Lud newl; laid to gru*. 


SBBDr, adj. Miierable-looking ; 

literally, run into teed. 
SBEina-aLAM, i. A lookins-^au. 

Seek, (1) b. To itarch clotbei. 


(2) He U to iMi, he ii at a loaa. 
Sekeino-kake,>. a imaJl-toothed 

Sekl, (1) f. {A..S.) Heppinea; 
good fortune. 

(2) 0. {Fr. ailkr.) To cloae the 
ejelidi partiallf or entirely, by 
pauing B lioe thread tbrongh 
them. Often uied metaphctfl- 

Hiiu eyn no mon m vuiu 111111 reed, 
Bnl irrlti an irllli deilli, ihall lisie Clteir 
dadly meid. Spmi^ F. Q., I, lii, ». 

(3) e. To wainacot. 
(4J .. A lieie. Lane. 

(5)«. Time. " I dont know mndi 
of her, only just to give her the 
»ee( of the day." That ia, "good 
morning," or " good evening." 
(I>) Seeli and meaU, a terrant, 
hiring himielf, aaka bii master 
" if be would stand teelt md 
nuali," i. t., if be would promise 
the uaual timet for rest and le- 
freabment, aa well at for tbe 
commeneement and ceuation of 
daily labour. 
Seelb,«. a canopy. SeeCtU. "Tbe 
king ihdl lide opyn beded ludn 

-., Google 


•(Kb of cloth <rf gold twn^tkrii." 

Rullaiid F^en, p. 5. 
SisLBH, adr. Seldom. Lou/. 
SiKLS, (. The iTooden exterior of 

the eolUr of ■ cart-huneu. 

Sbiit, a^. (1) (A.-S.) Simple; 

But I wu M 

(2) We»k in bod;. Lane. 
SiKii,v. TothinlciimagiDe. Devon. 
Sbih, (1) 1. (^-M) A cow') dug. 

(2) a^. Skilled ; experienced. 
Itl 1 iclioolsiutn 

Skati^., TOm. if Sir., i. S. 

SiiR, (1) t. An OTerlooker. Somen. 

(2) wff. Sure, North. 

(3) a^. Several; divert. North. 

(4) V. To Btiure. North. 
SiiBQiNO, t. Seirching. 
See-saw, t. A iwing, formed bf a 

plank on a fnlcnim. 

An old nime of 


a game. 
Seitrs, «. (1) {A..S.) To boil. 

(Z) To iteep; to infuw. 
Sia-TBB, >. Cloth wain tiU it It 

threadbare. North. 
Saarr-CAp, i. A cap made of 

nuhei. Gmb. 
SiPBTE, o^f. Seventh. 
Sao, (1) V. To totter. 

(2)(. Ahardhomjr tnbitanceon 

the heel oi foot. Lme. 

(3) (. A caitcaled bnlL North. 
8". 1 . ,j_<,\ A 

Sk6«, (1) ». (,A.-lf.) A leat 

(2) V. To betiege. 

(3) *. A jakei ; a atool. 

Tkit ttlui bwn no neda to |g ofl* to 
Jf<^i«J JTS. 1(U «)■« , 
Seor, 1. {J.-N.} A *nbject. 

Sbooard, (. A mrt oF riding anr- 

tout. Wetl. See St^tguard. 
StooB, (1) E>. (..«.-£) To laj. 

Of bolv (hjufl rnvan. 

WilS^ ii Sianiam. 

(2) (. (_A..S.) Sedge ; the water 
flower de lace. Still used in Norf. 

HU in tke tofa. fut br Iho riTFr'i lide. 
Wmbit goH la BUI, lign. C * b. 

Uk< tttten hut tlis anaei-iri»ini mi. 
Bftmi. Bril. Pat. 

(3) (. The hedge-aparrow. Denitn. 
SiQsON, «. A poor labourer. T)attr, 
SEoaauMB. >■ Ragwort. Yorkwh. 
Saaar. adj. Hard, uid of akin. 

SaaiiE.jiref. t. Saw. 
Sbq-hkad,j. Ablockheid. Crimeti. 
Seokiie, (. A foong penon who 

i> overgrown and gieedj. 
SaoKKOATE. r. {Lat.) To separate. 
Seas, t. Sedges. See Stggi (2). 
Sill, 0. (1} {A.-S.) To aaf 1 to 


(2) s. To go; to arrive. 
Sana, f. See&iM. 
Seigh, (1)>. Aaieve. Lokc. 

(2)e. To tag i to hang hewilf. 

SbiOm. Bill- Seven. Lane. 
Seionorib, (. (^.-JV.) Lordahip; 

SaiiiNoa, (. AsMuling; usatdt. 
Seihde, {A..S.) Siog^ 
Seine, e. To lign. 
Skint, i. (1) (A.-N.) A saint. 
(2) (A..N.) A girdle. 

SBTKTtlABIB, «. (A.-N,) A Stlie- 

Sbihubje. See SttfmtrU. 
Seite, I. Sight. 

SiiT-HonaB, t. A dwelling-houM, 
Seivi, t. A dwaif-niah. Cumb. 
Seisin, >. {A.-N.) Postetsion. 
SaizuNO, t. A young carp, 
8au, «.$. M..5.) Sick. 
Sbkbbc, (1) A|f. Secure [iur«> 
(2) e. To lecnre. 


8EK » 

Sbkie, v. To put in a Bade. 

Sbl. /. 8«1f. North. 

SiLADiNB, (. ChulcedoDf. 

Sblcodth, a^. (,A.-S.) Straase; 
wonderful. Selionthhedt, the 
qoalitv of being iroaderfuL 

SiLD, adj. Scarce. 

^MLMN }»*'■(■<-'■) Seidom. 
Sble, (I) «. (^,-S.) Time; leaaod. 


1%) ». A ;oke for cattle. 
Sblen, r. {A.-S.) To led. 
SiLEBi. I. A cellar. 
Selebklli, t. A muk, or viiai. 
SiLr, a4j. {A.-S.) Same. 
Sblv-beal, t. Tbe jmuuiln md- 

SBLriBBiHiIf. Self-conceited. Her^. 
SsLrLT, ofb. By one'i lelf. 

S« we not htnging m the ciondi each 
So manj ieai» itiU thmtomj down to 

Suppoited onlj li^ W iure*s sgiUtiDB 
(S^ leo weak tor the Imil waighl'i 

fouDtlntion) F Sulvutet'i Dubartat. 

Sii.r-DMED, (>4). United to icaelf. 
Sblf-wildnebs, (. Obatintcy. 
SiLioN, (. (A.-N.) A ridge of Iind, 

or gronad ariiing between two 

Silk, cdj. {A.-S.) Such. 
Sill, (. (Z'r.) (1) A saddle. 

(2) A cell. 

(3) A failure ; a disappointment. 

(4) A porpoise. fJorfh^intb. 
SiLLANDBK.t. IFr.) Adryscab on 

• horse's knee. 
StLLK-o. part, ^. Sold. Line. 
Selli NO kb's -HOUND, I. St. Leger's 

roand, a faTorite old dance. To 

danet S. I{.,tamere. 
Sbllicb, \iu{i. {A.-S.) Happy; 

; 5EU 

SciooRE, (. Tbe canopy of k tied. 
Sblt, (1) (. Chance. CAeih. 
{2)pttrl.p. Sold. Narl/i. 
StLTUK, t. (A..S.) Advantage! 

The bidcbop thae iruida leth, 

muiam ji Sicn^tm. 
SEL-TiaiiB, ade. Seldom. Someriel, 
Selvkdoc, 1. (1) Tbe edge or list 
of cloth. 

(2) Tbe crust on the sides of a 
iosf. Northampf. 

(3) Joiots or partings in the beds 
of a quarry., pTon. (A.-S.) Self; same. 
SKLWTLLr, nrfj. Self-willed. Pr. P. 
Sblt, a^. {a.-S.) (1) Happy. 

(2) Timid; (earful. 

(3) Simple \ harmless. 
(i) Wretched. 

SsLrBLS, adj. Comfortable. 
Seltneb, j. [A.-S.) Happiness, 
Sbu, (1) 1. Needlework. 

(2) tr. To think. Dam. See 

Sehaht, a^j. Stender. North. 
Sehanee,«. Glueormortar.A'orM. 
Semblable, (1) adj. Like, re> 

HoUiuh., Duct. a/ScolL, B S b. 1 a. 
(2) s. Likeness. 
SehulablyioA. Like; ina^milu 

Seublandi, (1) «. (A.'N.) Ap- 

to tbHK 


OnalBriUiiui Tnfe.llOt. 
Sehbutivi, ad/. Resembling. 
Sbhbladht,'! t. Likeness; sem< 
asuBLANT, Jblsnce. 

Bsi intllnl or likiag or diilibJQK the 
nuHnge. £'wU(i'in>rb, page sea. 

SiuBLAND. See Stmtbmde, 

_, Google 

SEU t 

SnaiLiDB, prtt. t. (A.-S.) A*- 

SiMKtiCHE, adj. (J..S.) Seemly. 
Sbhin, V. ([) To aeeoi; toippcBT. 

(2) (A.-S.) To look. 
SuuNANT, I. {A.-N,) Comelliieu. 
Sbuihde, edt. Si;emiDg1]r. 

SlUKNIl, (. {J..S.) ChlDM, 

nuH irhelinu that tnulcQ ni tfat h 

Withune hnr moda body hj ttnenr. 

anm. Uladiai, p. 3B. 

SiMEiLiNe, t. A kind of cike, 
nixed with fruit. Norlhumi. 
Called KiMMi, ia Luicubiie. 

Sbhicopi, (. . A luilf clMk. 

SiMiNutr, 1. A lemiDirj priett, 
or BD BD|iiibDiu educated h ■ 
popith print in a fi^eign ««• 

imiM pnlUbi 

ru»-i £i^ y/ow i, isu. 
SiuiNoi, adj. {AS.) S«ieiiiblinj, 
SaMiBOUN, >. (J-N.) A low tone. 
SiKLCT, t. A imelt. 
SuiMiHT, a^. Soft and dlky. 

Sbmiiit, adj. Supple. Norli. 
SiuoTHi, pari. p. (Lai.) Se- 

SjtMFtTBB, (. A umpitren. J?all. 

SauT, 04/. Brisk. 

Smr.TiF, nifr- (J-tf.) Onlj hUI 

•liie. P. PL 
SxB, (I) prtp. S!ne«. Nerti. 

{2) TbErii;. 

(3) V. To iijr. Singiih. 
Sehaob, t. Find and pajmentt 

leiied at the lene court. 
Senbt, (. Sign ; appeanaee. 
Sehce, ode. Properl;. Smth. 
Senche,«. TooffeTorplacsbefoTB. 
Sehoioh, (. (£«(.} GroundaeL 
Send. 7b eomt tend, to go to 

meet To go la mid, to aeeom- 

Cj any one part of the waj 
le. Hirff. 

Sehdal, $, A kind of thin Cfpnii 
lilk. SetCmdaL 

TliT imock of iill botji fbiv and irlutOp 
Witli void chibrwdvr'd ^■■geoulj^ 

ThT pctlicrutcif tokJsUniht 
And thii I lMU«lit Ili« BlidlT. 

Sene,!. (1) Aa ecclniaatical court, 

for correcting neglect or omii- 
tiona of the Ciiurch Ree>ea, Ice 

J(5. CoteMTli. 18, L U. 
(4) (. An aiseiohly of geholara. 

1. Wildu 

SiHBVR, p. To change, ai a corpse 

doe* ; to warp, like wood. Chttk. 

Sbnpt, g. Appearance; likelihood. 

Seng, t. Shelter; abade. YorhA. 
SiNoiLLT, ofh. Conliaually. Jtorit 

Senoleb, 1. A hawk'a clawa. 
SiN-aBKKH, ». The house-teel. 
Skknb, t. {A.-S.) Sin. 
Sennbt, I t. A word chiefly oc- 
riT, I cniTiDg in the af 
BT, rdirectioDi of the 
T, J playi, and indicatii 



, , indicating a 

t of notes on the 

Let, different from 

Sennit,!. SeTenn^hls,orBweek. 

Sennktb, I. Muitard-ieed. 
Sbhosb, U ,^,.y\ To Bin. 
^nvtmu DA falle ine waahijiie 
Al that he heth iiencfftd her 


SBNeB,(l]*. To nndcnlind. Waf. 

(Z) No Kiut, not good. Sail. 

Sbhsid, a^. Pouessed of one' 

Miuet. ■' Poor thiagi ibc'a hudiy 

StuHKTOi.L, ad/. HningamCBniDg. 

; ud the wBndjinK 

SiNBEN, ». To incenie. 
Sbnsine, adtr. Since thcB. Ciami. 
Sent, t. Auent. 
Skhtenci, ■. Meaning. 
Skntine, t. {Ut.) A keauel. 
, SENT-rcLL, adj. Full of waait; 
Seni-bwibt, a^. Sweet-icented. 
The ini^nwt ipple, ud utringentpm. 
Senvt, >. (A-. mwe^) MiuUtd. 
Sentb, ) 
acHIB, w. A ifDod. 

Sep, <. (^.-£) Sheep. 

Sept, I. An tocloiore by raflins. 

SiTTicAL, at^. Cauiing patre- 

Sepultdke, (. A grave. 
SsavACEi, 1. (£al.) Palloveri. 
Sebuble, *. (Xoi.) foUowenj 

SsaDBKCB, I. Sacceuion, ngnlu 

SsftnENT, >. [Lai.} A follower. 
SBaoEaTEK, (. SequeaUation. 
Sbb, oiti. Sure; uTo. 
Sbbb, (I) The lame aa S»r,q.T. 

(2) liiff. SeTHial; manr. 

(3)*. The claw of a t^d of pre;. 
Sebelopes, \adt. {A.-S.) Seve- 
■■mBi.BPES. J rally; bythemtalvea. 
Sbrbhb, (_Fr.) The unnboleiome 

air or damp of the eiening. 
Sbdew, >. A diieue in honea. 
SbbeWe, I. {A.-S.) Sorrow. 
SsBEVENBBBB, t. CuTUdnea* ; 

Wiliiam it SioHlttm. 

. adj. Sorrowful. 
Sebob, <. (1) a wai taper; adel^ 

(2) A aleve, or colander. 
Sbrqeaht, I. (I) {.l.-N. from the 
Lot. itrvitM.) One who aerTea; 
a aoldier ; an attendant. 
(2) A sfaerira oOcer. 
Ikbie, t. (^.-JV.) A icriea. 
iEBiM, (. Glue. 
iKKiouaLr, adt. Seriatim ; in 

Iebis, t. The akin about the lega 
aud feet of a hawk. 


Serpblc, I. Wild tbjme. 
Sbbebntinc, (1) a4i. PertaininK 

to the aerpent; made of the 

(2) I. A tort of cannon. 
Sekfbntieb, *. To wind along Uke 

Sbbpet, t. A ruih basket. 
Snax, •. (J-N.) To join cloaelf. 

Serred, preaied together. 
Sbbbi, ac(j. Idiotic ; mean. Line. 
SKKTEg, adt. Certainly. 
Sebtlb, v. To tnrptiie. Ettex. 

The cavet of a 

Sebvaoe, f. {A..N.) Bondage. 

ing to mialreia, the tady loved. 
Serve, v. (1) To deaerre. 

(2) To earn. Wat. 

(3) To relieve ■ beggar. Dtrb, 

(4) To impreguate. South. 
Sebtbe, I. Service. 

Sbbvbb, t, " Le donnenr. A player 
or ttneri he that in pUyeng 
caateth the hall." Nomtnel. 

Sebtice, >. (1) Allowance of food. 
(2) The fint Mroke of • bkU at 


BBB t 

Si*TioB-nBB, 1. The Mrb-trae. 

SBaTINO-UAMD. I. A waitcT. 

Some bottlt-ile (qiiotb be\ what Mt 

To, lii (uid ilie) I pnj' mnl ia, 
Tlini ibe ni imima-iimd. 

SimltHdi, Xmm -fCkMi, Itlh 

SiBTiani,a4r. Obiequioiu. Pr.P, 
Sbbtoili,!. Tbe wild hDncyiu<:Uc. 
Sia, t. Cetution. 

(3) To give •dnn to. 

(4) To tfi. 
SasKAB, (. A. iniill coin. 

SisoQfts, «. ScUiora ; cuidle- 

Sias. 1. A kind of put tnrC. 

Sbsiiho, I. An ■Keument. 
SiiBioHt, f. (I) Poautiioni. 
(2) A difficult job. North. 
SiBSLB, t. To chMge icila oflen. 
SBBsr, e. (ft-.) To etue. 
Sbst, cori. ;. Ceaicd. Heywtod, 

SsiTiAN, $. A tpedu of apple. 

Sbbtbon, j. a ciatein. 

Sbt, (I) perl. p. Stated. Common 

ID tbe Sliubetban peiiod- 

(2«E. To let; to hire. 

(31 (. A leue or grant. 

(4) ». To place to account. 

(5 V. To tettle i to Innd. 

(6) B. To protect ; to aceompuif . 

(7) I. A joang iboot of a plant. 

(8) ». To puih, or propal, Nnae. 

(9) (. A game at wbiat. Eatt. 

(10) V. To win tbe game. Bail. 

(11) 1. The portion of a potato 
eonlaining an tjt. Narfhampl. 

(12) part. p. Aitounded. £wf. 

(13) t. Agambrst. Yorith. 

(14) r. To attre at. Leie. 

) SET 

(IS) : Kipotal. Norik, 

(16) «. A place in a river where 

aUtionarr neti aie flied. ffotf. 
(17) To ttl by, to value. To 
tti doun, to rebuke. To «/ at, 
to put a price on. To itl on, to 
pat yeait to wort. 7b ie< ip, to 
be refractory, to oppose. 
SiTArooT, t. A game peculiar in 
the North of England, a acbool- 
bo; mlmickry of Border warfare, 
the foraj, the raid, the capture, 
the releate, and tbe piUige. 


*• 1 .. {A..S.) 
'■ (valerian. 

■S.) Garden 

AlmuuH m, ponuaefiTBHB^ 
Kuiei, ua jofnBo'f. 

Of ^ IFinnhi, p.4!n. 
Wont ^ia^ khen Mij ni in herpriiBa. 
Td get nreet nfyMiU. i>nqfr BA, it. 

SiTH, adv. {A.-S.) Situx. 

SrrHB, e. (A.-S.) To boil. See 

Setbin, adr. {AS.) Since; af- 

SiT-niDOB, >. A quickiet. Eatt. 
Sbtillb, 1 
BETIL, Vt.(,A.-S.) Auit. 

Sbtlino, (. A aapltng. 
Sbtnbssi, I, A decree. 
Sits, t. The plaita of ruffs. 
Sbt-sttck, 1 t. The bar wtuch 
BETTiB-STicK, J Itccpa parallel the 

lenti them from chafing the 

faoraei. ^i»/. 
Sbttkb, t. A long bench, with a 

back; a lofa. 
Sbttbh^n, «(/. Short in growtL 

Sbttbb, (1) V. To cut the dew-tip 

a BetoD,BDd cauae an iuue. Nvrli. 
(!).. Anraura. 
SBTTBK-GKAsa, It. The plant bear>- 
sirrsn-woBT. Jfoot, which ii nud 
forietona. YoriiA. 



t. Ad editor. 

SrrriNO, a^. Weitera, as the 

place of the uttiog tun. 

ConedT'd h pot a pride. 

Tn SflTon on the taat^ Wjre on the uliiiu 

•ide. Dn^l. FslfM., ni, p. TBI. 

Settino-fin, I. A dibble. Olaue. 

SETTiNQ-aTicK, I. (1) A itick for 

mildng the Kti or pkilg of 

(2) A dibble. 
Settli, (I) t. A long leat with a 

back. North. See Seiilie. 

(2) V. To fall in price. Lfne. 
Skttli-bbd, t. A folding bed. 
SBTn,i-aT0HB8, I. Slonei at the 

edge of a ^ttet in a cow-bonie. 

Skttsousk, >. Setter-grau. No- 

mm. MS. 
SiDDH, t, Awet ditch; t drain. 

Norlh. See Sough. 
3iuNB, adj. SsTen. Camt. 
Sedbkhknt, ,. {A..N.) Security. 
SEirurf, >. [A.-N.) Cerlainty. 
SiVANTLT, aio. Becomingly; fiti J. 
Skvi, adj. Seveti. 
Sm-HiQHT, Ir A week, now 
BEVEN-NfOHT, J eontracted into 

lamight. It wu the cuitom of 

the Anglo-Saxon! to reckon time 

by nightt, and not by daya. 
SivBN-TEAB, t. A proTcrbial ei- 

preaiion for a long time. 
SiTEEiALa, >■ Portions of common 

asiigned for a term lo particular 

Sbtbbt, t. A compartment of a 

Taulted ceiling. 
Siw, (1) V. To wipe the beak of 

the hawk. 

{2) part. p. Sowed. Ime, 

(3} V. To lament. 

(4) V. To ooze out. Syff. 

h) e. To dr^n land or a pond. 

(6) I. A covered drain or wet 

(7) 01^'. A cow dry of milk. See 

Skwaht, f . The plaice. NorfAumb, 

.) To follow. 

(3) V. to make eoit for. 

(4) tr. To aaaay meat at Ubie. 
Sbwbll, (. A icarecrow, nied 

eapedally to icare deer; a bng- 

Sbwkh, I. A ficb of the lalmon 

tribe, caught id the Wye and 

other Welih riven. 
Sewbnt, adj. (1) Comeniect; fit. 

(2) Even; regular. Weil. 
Sbvik, f. (1) The officer who 

placed the dishea on tbe table. 

(2) A buck three yean old. 

Seujtrtt, a bock four year* old. 

SiwBB, >. {A^N.) Diibe* of meat. 
Skwstbb, ». A lempstresB. Pr. P. 

Slill uied in Somerset. 
SexTAKY, I. A meaiure, generally 

estimated at a pint aod a half. 
SaxTE, adj. Sixth. 
Sbitbi, I. Tlie lacristy. 
Sit, I. A ikimming diih. Wat, 
Sktb, v. (A.-S.) i,l) To Bay; 

Sbtlk, v. To lail. 
Smysdk, part, p. Bailed. 
Setnoubb, I. {A.-N.) A lord. 
Skint, .. {A.-N.) A girdle. 

SiTFBB, (. A droDkan). Ciiini. 

Ska AD, (. A meadow. 

Sbab. I. (1) A icab. Shabby, or 

thatiid, mangy, ilchy. 

(2) The itch in animala. Well. 
Shabbaboon, I. A mean fellovr. 
SHAB-oir, e. To ilink off; to 

abscond. Narlh. 
Shab-bao, 1. A beggarly fellow. 
Shack, {D v. To shake. 

(2) I. Tbe grain left after glesn- 

(3) D. To ihed. Far. d. 
h) p. To wander about. 

(5) (. A vagabond. 

(6) I. Liberty of winter paa- 
turage, tbe lordi of manors baying 
the privilege to feed their aboep 


SHA a 

■t pleaiDiB upon their lenuiU' 
Uitds during the lix winter 
moDthi. Eatl. 

(7) «. Liberty for pigs to pkk 
op the com ihafcen out in the 
field. JVoi/. 

tone log. Jll HWmii; Jtv. 

Shack-bas,!. a mendicant. Neif. 
Shace-bdlt, 1. A ihackle. 
Shacked, aJj. Shaggy. Wat. 
Sbackblt, v. To icitler, or ibake 

Sbackkt. I. A iiDiIl loid. Iferlh. 
Shack-fore, 1. Afork fonhaking 

Btrav off the btra floor. Yoririh. 
Shack-holi, 1. A hollow in the 

ground which receive* the anr- 

face water. Cnan. 
SnACKiNo-TiHi, f. The leaaon 

when mait ii ripe. 
Shacklk, (1) I. Stnbble. Htr^. 

(2) t. An iron loop monnir on a 

(3) a. A Iwiited band of ruahei 
or Btraw. Somtrul. 

(4) t. The wri.1. iVor(A 

(5) V. Futuere. 



Shacklb-hbt, a. A flue net. ffyrlh. 
Sbaceles, 1. Cow-chaiai. tfarth. 
Shacklinq, aifi. Idle. 
Shackuickb, t. Loclia for fetters. 
Sbackt, adj^ Shabby ; raeged ; 

■haky. Narf. 
SKAD,prel.l.{l) Excelled. Lane. 

(2) Divided. Lane. 
SnADBBtD, t. Aminnow. 

Sh ADOBE w, a. 

IKBplay thj Mmit--- ■--" — -"" -■ " 


SsAPB, (0 *' A abrd. 

(2) t.. To abed, yorlh. 

(3) », The parting of the hair on 
the head. &etS/ud. 


^ Aaheath. Si#. 
t, (. A water-gate. 

t. (1) {Lai.} An uninvited 


(2) A bon.gtace, 
Sbadt, adj. Sby. Northampt. 
Shaff, t. Chaff. 
SaAFFLa, p. To ahoffle, or walk 

lame. Craeen. 
Shaffus, (. A bungler. Yorhh. 
Shafflino, ad}. (1) Avkwacd in 

peraon. North. 

(2) Indolent. 
Sbaft, (1) : (A.-S.) A creatnre ; 

anything created; creation. 

(2) An arrow ; a spear. 

(3) The handle of anything. 

(4) A maypole. 

(5) A pit. North. 

(6) A net for birds. 
Sbapthan, 1 g.{A.-S.) Amea- 

lanre taken from 
),J the lop of theei. 

of the palm, reckoned at half k 

Into the ichuldvn gf ttoubalke 
A icb[flMmJ4 Luge, Jlforte Artknrt. 
The thrart miit het. and is » tne it 

Ajid eobared in tha mbe a f Jlo^iwH deepF. 

Shaq, (l}p. To shake; tojog. 

(2) f. A tort of doth uied fijr 

(3) I, Rough hair. Dnon. 

(4) V. To make or be rough. 

(5) «. A slice of bread or cheese. 

(6) e. To ateal away. GUmc. 

(7) I. A connorant. South. 

(8) «. A blackguard, Suff. 
Sbaoa^ntkr, I. A sboulder of 

pork roailed, with the blade-bona 

cut into it. DeviM. 
Sbaokhcbb, a. (1) A faand-gon. 

(2) A sactbnt. ■ 
Shao-foal, I. A name given to a 

auj^ied ghost or spectre. Liae. ■ 

_, Google 

SHA 9i 

Shao-bat, t, A htt made Tcir 

long ID the down. North. 
Shao-baq, 1 *. a r^^d or beg- 
SHAKB-BAQ, / gsrty fellow ; >rag- 

ged soldier. SAt^, rag, and 

bobtail, for what we now call 

"tag, mg, and bobUuL" OalTi 

Shail, v. (1) To walk erookedlf, or 

aa if the boDei were looae. S)utitr, 

a mpplc See SKalt. 

(2) To wander about inaftgrant 

manner ready to iteal oi poacb. 

Shake, (1) r. {AS.) To dtnee. 

(2) o. Patuere. "Latenut,Kn- 
gUcB a achakere." Nommah MS. 

(3) (. A crack. Norlh. 
(1) t. A fiaawe in the etrtb. 
h) V. To brag. 

(6) I. A rate ; a quick motioa. 
He went a great ihaiti I'll do it 

(7) To ihait tie tliov, to ptaj 
at dice. !io great ihaiei, not - 
good for macb. 

Sbakb-bao, t. (I) A lai^ game. 

li) A 

one early dramitiat* in a Iicen< 

SsAir, adj. Weak. 
Shaldeb, (1) t. A sort of nub. 

(2) : A kind of ilate. 

(3) p. To tumble down. 
(1)». A hu»k. "Nothing 




Shake-dohn, (. A temporv; bed 
on the floor. 

Sbakkh, adj. Poor; mean, fforth. 

Sbakeb, (. (1) A bad character. 
(2) Condition; bargain. South. 

Shakb-tihb, «. The seaion of 

SHAKE-ur, I. A reprimand; a lec- 
ture. Norlhampl. 

3BAK'roB.Ki, (. A baj-fork. 

Shaunb, j. The ague. North. 

SHAEiHQ-NAnGHT, 01$. Worthleai. 


old popular coantrj' dance. The 
phrue, lb dime* the ihatiHg. 
i^-lht-ihetlt, wai often nied b; 

(2) : Loom ore from a mine. 

(3) B. To itraddle in walkii^. 

(4) V. To Blip or alide down. 
lb) I. An earthen pan. Somertet, 

Sbalii,*. (1) iA-S.) Amu; • 

(2) Chalk, 

(3) Some part of armour, 
Shali., t. A ihoal. Deron. 
Shallioo, <!$. Scaatf, applied to 

die». Dortet. 
Shalloon, i. A sort of wo<dlen 

Shallop, i. A Teasel witb two 

Sballow, t. (1) A fish; the An- 
■cale. Eael. 
(2) A meaaure, u "a tJaSne 

Shalm, (1) ». Tbe tapeatry of a 


(2) «. To shriek. Sof. 
Shalhik, t. A psaltery. Chauear. 
Shah, (1) IT, To bumbi^. 

Why, l*m tart jDU jok'd Qpaa me, and 

wu il lellinr jDn in IDUpid doll lis, 
•FiiE a dull ita, vhich iho ills wig itie 
Kntbor odIj licetaB at hlmKlf ; uid 
EukiD! biniKlf believE 111 ■ good jeit, 
pnls till I*™ onlj up™ hiniiel/. 

Wfcluriit.etidii-ditltr, ltT7. 

(2) t. Shame. North. 

(3) V. To blush. North. 
(1) t. Tbe cape of a cloak, 

SSAUBLB, V. <1) To walk twk. 
wudjjrand nnateidilj. 



(2) To ditperse. £i 
Shaublsb, (. Tbe wood frame of 

ft cut which h(Dg> 0>«r ft *hftft- 

hone. Midi. C. 
Sh AMU-DID a, 4. A.dcith of ihame. 
Sramew, I. An orntoieDted KOOD. 

See CAomnMi 
Sbamuock, v. 
Skawnkl, t. J 




li mifi, leis. 

Sbah-thatch, t. A teaiporu7 
thatching in cue of rain. Ltie, 
Shahs, t. Gaiten. Liiw. 
Shan, (1) (. Shame i ihamefaced. 

(2)i^.Baihful)conraK<L A'orM. 

(3) adj. Wild. Line. 

(4)e. To turn out the toes. yortoA. 
Shahdibt-dan, t. Aiortofimall 

Skandlichb, a4i. {^.-S.) Vile; 

SBAHDr,a<$. (1) Sbabbr;antidr. 

(2) Gentle ; mild. Norlli. 

(3) WUd; notteady. Yarkih. 
Shanot, (. A riot, fforlh. 
Shahk, t. (1) The upright part of 

a candlestick. 

(2) Tbe taonel of a chimney. 

h) The apoke of a wheel. Dee, 

(4) The projecting point of a 
hill, joininE it with the plaia. 

(5) Twilight ; dnak. Var. d. 
Shanes, t. (I) A tort of for. 

(2) SUtei. DuThiao. 
Sbank'b-hao, adv. On foot. 
Shannt, ai(r. Wildj ihame.&c«di 

half-idiodc. Eatt. 
Shantkoos,*. Hair-bricks. 
Shahtt, a^. Smait ; gbowf. 

i SHA 

Sbapb, (1)«. (_A.-S.) To make; 
(2)«. Tomaka itself coDTeuient; 

(3) (. Ii4.-S. i/ette^nt.) Fuden- 
a womans tA<gipe, eon," Tbe 
word ii Btill used in this unie in 

(4) t. A dreii of diiguiie. 
(3) p. To coinmcnee. North. 

(6) t>. To teU a tile. 

(7) (. A mesa; a litter, Devim. 

(8) t. A picture. Dmm. 
Shafbh, f. A pnide. 
SHAPiNa-KHiFE,i. A Shoemaker's 

Shafly, aAr. (A.-S.) Comelj;be- 

Shapfeh, t. A maker ; i creator. 
Shappeeoon, ■^^ '~ '. ' 

»,\». {FY.) J 
, /nra, otbo. 



Shapb, t. Oati without the gnun. 

Shakchb, e. To search. ilf.S. 15/A 

Shakd, ». (1) A [uece of broken 
pottery, or of stone. 

(2) Tbe sbeU of insecU ; the 
scales of an aoimil. 

(3) A notch. Var. d. 

(4) Agapinafencoi an opening 

(5) Cow dung. North. 

(6) To lakta ihard, to get tipsy. 

Shake, (1) v. {A.-S.) To cut. 
(2) *. {A^-S.) The pubet of s mu. 


8«e Seer. Shart-hmt, the oi 

mt'.{^.-S.) Sfenluia. 

■1} I. k vile wamui. Deson. 

(51 f . The sjcimow. H'ert, 

(6) (. A crop of grua. Semtrt. 

(7) p. To ridicule toy ore. Li«c. 
Shasetil,j. Agardenfork. Shropi. 
Sbabe-wobi', f. Tlie Dime a( a 

Sbabqe, k. Futuere. JVorJA. 
Sbao-okass, (. Long coarse grug, 

groiring in manfay land. Line, 
Shab-hoo, I. A yearling «heep, 

Share, (I) r. To defraud; to 

■windte. Shari-gull.iAarier, one 

iTho preyi on timpletoni. 

(2) t. A thief, or iwindUr, 

(3) I. A notch. Gloue. 
Sbaru, v. To make a confuted 

bauing or chatting noiu. 
Shahn, ». Cow dnng. JVorlA. 
Sbakn-huo,*. AcociichifeF. Svti. 
Shabnkbddb, f. A beetle. 
Sbarp, (1) adj. Cold; tmij. 

(2) I. An old term for atword. 

(3) ». A cart-shatt. Wtif. 

Sbabflinob, (. A lort of naili. 

Sharps, t. Coarse flour. 

SsASBOOHS, t. A aort o( atifT lea- 
thers tied round the imall of the 
leg to mike the boot* loolc 
amooth and ia shape. Oloue. 

Shasor, I, A wine-cooler. 
Sbatekinq, adj. Datliing. 
SaATii, V. To cbaitiae. 
SBATTEn, part. p. Beapattered. 

Sbattbb, (1) V. To aprinkle. Kent. 

(2) e. To icatter. Dornf. 

(3) *. A nnmber, oi quantity. 

Sbattbr-pati, (. A giddy penon. 
Sbattbrt, adj. Looie. XbrlAamp. 
Shavl, <l>aiJr. Shallow. Var.d. 

(2^ (. A wooden aboiel. Amnr. 

(3) 1. A small wsahing-tnb, 

without itaTes, Kent, 

(i) V. To wiugle. Line. 


(5) V. To caat the firet teeth. Wttt- 

(6) (. Salve for bruises. Devon. 
!hadii, v. To trample upon. 


r. (1) A coppice. KtTtl. 


Shatelinb, t. A jocalar (erm for 

Shavir, t. A fellow, naed in anch 
Bipreasiona aa : a cunning ihaver, 
a alj fellow ; a young thaeer, a 

The nrtggcTuig luQUui, tbat doth TKtlmce 
TliA njceit DjmpLB will navvr iCMrcc le- 

SHATsa, I. Sbafti. Wetl, 

(Z) I. A thicket, or small wood. 

(3) V. To rub the akin oS by 


(1) (. The Uatet and attlka of 
potatoea. North, 

Sbawi, p. To show. 
Shawh, 'I f. Amusical inatrament 
8HALH, [reiembling a hautboy. 
Sbawnti-, adj. Showy. Not/. 
SHAWs,(.Topaof turDipa,&c. Ztne. 
Shay, t. (1 ) A chaise. 

(2) A light colour, fenf. 
Shazzaabino. (. An awkward 

peraon. Devon. 
SaCAn, (Ij V. To alope anifoitnly. 


(2) I. A roagb pole. Kenl. 
SHRAf, *. A iheqf of pnlleyi ia 

several on ons block. 
Sbral, (1) I. A summer hnt. 

(2) V. To shell peas. 
Shrab, (I) V. To reap. Var.d. 

(2) I. A cnip of giuB. Snon. 

(3) V. To gnaw ; to tear with the 

(4) (. A sheatb for aciaaora. Wtil. 




SHBBi>,'/teT7. SetSHard. 
Sbbaa-obass, (. A kind of ledge, 

or coane gran. 
Sbbak-boo, \i. k (beep after thi 
iBBABiNO, / fintahearing.JtfiiLC. 
Sheabiho-knife, I. A tool ujed 

for shearing a roof. Yortth. 
Sbbarhan,(. The man nho shean 
the wDnlUn cloth in manufac- 

SEiAS-WATan. (. The lea.mew. 
Shsast, a4i' Covered with itaeai- 

Sheat, t. (1) A TOung pig. Soulli. 

(2) Theshadfiih. 
Shbatb. I. (1) The prepace of »a 

(2) A lalt water fanntaiii. 

(3) The pirtnhich connect! the 
apit and the beam in a plough. 

Shiate-okajb, (. Squueium Aw- 

Sbid, (1) V. To aeparate. 

(2) «. The partins of the hair it 
the head. See Sctd. 

(3) I. Difference. Zone. 

(i) I. The ridge of a bill, from 
which it aeparatei, and ilopea in 
oppoaiM directiong. 
<i)v. ToBpill; to pour. 

(6) V. Mingere. Devon. 

(7) I. The tbeath of a knife. Eiuf. 
(S)a. The handle of a pail. Sanm. 
(9)). Alub for cream. Line. 
(10) r. To excel. Lane. 
i\l)part,p. Surpriied. Yoriih. 

SHaocLC, f. A channel of water. 
SsEDEB, (. A female sheep. Line, 
Shiedinqb, (. Shaken corn. 
SHBELr, I. The chaffinch. North- 

Shken-nkt, f. A dr^-net. 
Sbeenstsadh, t. Spatterdaahei. 

Skibf-bitib, t. Atbief. 

Boni(tr, B gorbtllT ftllow. 

Jr« tB tluXocm,ieOt. 

Who ia ii tlill ckact! let ne ue. 

iWeakt ii optk] <A.4ktfp-bU^. pre Ton 
enF SiaJ'Kll.BMiyriur.liSt. 


SHicEp-BjtcE, (. The atarling. 

Sskep-baie, >. A aheep-walk. 

Sheep'b-eye, r. A wanton look. 
Shkbp's-foot, », A haninier with 

a claw at the end. 
SBBBp'a-sLiTE, t. Sheep's pasture. 

Done I. 
Shif.p-tkat.^. (1) Alargeburdte. 


(2) A trough for aheep. 
Sbbep.wasb, (. A fcEtiral at the 

time of aheep-waahing. North. 
Sheek, (1) adj. {A.-S.) Fure; un. 


(2) aiJr. Clear ; tranaparent. 

(3) adj. Sharp ; cold. GloHC. 

(1) (. A sheath. Somen. 

(5) adj. Brittle. Eatt. 

(6) adj. Odd; aingular. Norlh. 
(7)aA.. QuicltjatoQce. Var.d. 

(8) t. A Gihing apear. Statex. 

(9) V. To roll from one aide to 
the other. 

(10) t. To steal off. 

ill) adj. Bright red. Norf. 
Sheib-book, «■ A grappUng-hook. 
SHEEB-TBnsanAY, I. Maundy 

Sheet, r. To shoot down. See 

Sbeetino, i. The water-fidl of a 

mill-dam. Noribaiipt. 
SBB-r AUiLiAB., (. A kept miatreas. 
Sbbfe, t. A ahive. 
SHEvrc, a. Thirty gadi of ateeL 
Shbkilb, *. Ague) a fit of tiem- 

Sbeld, (1) iu$. Shallow. 

(2) t. A shield. 

(3) adj. Variegated. 
Sheldappi,!, (. The chaffinch. 

NorKtnel., l.^SS. 
Sbelde[(,s. To shoiel earth down 
■ bank to giTe it a greater alope. 


SoiLDRAKR, ». A nriegated kiod 

of wild duck. 
Shkldbaps, *. The eormonuit. 
Sbell, I. The htu'd horn; part of 

the neck of a hag muiufaicturcd 

into bniitn. Ea*t. 
Shellsd, adj. Piebald. Eatf. 
Shkllbt, : A Mrt of bad ilate. 

Sh»ll-»irs, *. The phosphorei- 
cence aoraetiniei exhibited ia 
farm-jirdi, Ac, from dte»ytd 
■trsv, &c., or touchwood. Kent. 

Shellt, (1) t. An ait in a river. 

(2) adj. Staty, uid of itone. 

Sheltbdn, «. A aqaidcoD or di- 
viiion of loldien. 

Sheltt, I. A Shetland pony. Norlh. 

Shelte, it. (I) To remoie the inr- 
face of land with a ihovel. Siif. 
(2) To turn minure, fee., Out of 
a cart, bj raising the fore part. 

Shelvinob,(. Additional top-aidei 

to a cart. North. 
Shbhibe, v. (-1.-S.) To glimmer. 
Shikchb, d. To poor out. Gomer. 

See Skint. 
Shsndi, f. (I) {AS.) To dealroy; 

(2) To defendi to protect. 

Oor noble QnMne minbetb in huiUi i^ 

Good Lord. pr««*n lo Nettor'i dnu, 
tliat tilt tby traUie maj kajt. 

fram blomlj hindi of foirmim too, good 
Lord, lior uYc and thetid : 

ilill be defend. SimW BiiimrUi,\iai. 

(3) To pnniih. 
(4)' To forbid. 

Sbendbhif, t. Rnia; punithmest. 
Shine, a^. (J.-S.) Bright. 
Sbsnk, (. An implement for skim- 
miDgthecreamoffmilk. ¥«rith. 

Siir.iiT,(l)parl.p. Blamed; scolded. 

(2)pirt.p. Rqined ; pnoished. 

(3);)ar/.;i. Confounded; abashed. 
SBKo.prfm. (,A-S.) She. 
Sbepik, t. See Shippra. 
SaiPHKRD, (1) (. The long-legged 

(2) o. To saperintend. Northan^, 
SH«PHKHn'B-KKr, T », A popular 

that nws after aonset. f/orthamp. 
Sbbpherd'b-pouchk9, «. Clover 

pimpernel. Si^f. 

Scarlet pimpernel. Northaapt. 
Shepfeck, t. A hay-fork. Glove. 
Shepster, t. A theep-ahearer. 
SoEpBTEBT, «. A starling. North. 
SasBDBD, adj. Scaled ; covered 

Kith a shell. 
Sberi. (1) D. (.^.-A) To cut; (o 

Sherewe, t. A sheriff. Lydg. 
Sbebitted, adj. Ruddy, applied 

to the aky. Liai:. 
Sbiritv'b-mak, (. The teven- 

Sberi. r. (1) Toihrog. 
(2) To cheat. North. 

Shebn, (. A vessel into which the 
cream is taken np from the milk- 
pans before it ja made biftter. 

Sbkket, e. To •culkEwi;^- 


Sbhbll, *. GraTcl. 

SmtT, (1) prel. t. Shot. 

(t)prel.t. Slipped down. 

(3) J. Running witer. Dno*. 
Sbct, Id. To mend; to join. 
aHDT, / Nortlutmpt. 
Shbtab, t. An archer. Pr.P. 
Shktb, e. (1) {J..S.) To ihool. 

(2) To throw down. Var. d. 
Sheth, *. A diiiBion of a Geld. 
Shiu. Ad intdjectioa of diiip- 

Sbbvk. See Shin. 
Shbtiri, d. To ihi«er, 
Shbwds, t. Hunktofottl. Nerlh. 
Shbwik,*. Awilneii; aneumple. 
SaiBBAND, t. Aihoeitrii^. Yorith. 
Shicklis, (. Thin criip ginger. 

bteid. f/orlkampl. 
Sbidi. (1) J. A thin boud ; ■ bil- 
let of wood. 

(2) V. To ibell p«u, &c 
Shidik, (1) c To ihiTer. 

(2) (. A icold. 
Shiil, >. A ahepherd'! but. 
Sbkld-boabd, I. Put of a plongh. 

Shiild-bonb, (. The blide-bone. 

Shife,!. The wheel of ■ poller. 
SHirr, B. (1) {J,-S.) To mow 

tbont, or awrif. 

(2) To remove one*! dwelling. 

(3) To be changeable. North. 

(4) To diiide. Ahki. 
(&) To deal carda. 

(6) To change linen, or one'a 

(7) To liak. U»e. 
SaiFTiNiNa, *. Achuge of linen. 
Shiitbb, f. (1) A cozener. 

TTd pipmr, iu abunir da ftait, an 
iftonMnr. Ai*j/l(r. •—^— -- 

3d dufliti ^uUi g*inB, 

(2) A inperintendent. North. 
Shiftiho, (1) a^, Cbtngeablei 

lloD. he Kornei tobe connled a ikiftiiu 

gom liqaor ud gooA CQiiipqDy. Ue kI- 
doiDfl deparU wilJiDgly uutitl Peter 
FoTWtT Hit» him Dili at the d»T«- 

(2) a. The partition of land among 

eohein, where gavellund prevail*. 

Shifts, i, Parli of a firm allotted 

for the reception of atock or 

CTDpl. fforf, 
SHirrr, a^'. (1) Reatleaa. Leic. 

(2) Cunning', artful. Craeta. 
Shioc, k. {J^S.) To fling; to *hj. 

Aai ot hji lou «at iV<ns. 
Aad food nercfc «■« ilnjae. 

Shiosid, a^. Bewared. NortK 
SniLBOABDa, (. 1'he board* or 
projecting leren of an underahot 
WBler-wheel, by meani of which 
the water tama the whecL 
Shildi, b. {A.-S.) To ihield. 
Skill, (l)<ii{r. ShhlL 

(2) V. To ihea 

Shiu,a, t. A atony beach. Duni. 
Shillin, t. Shelled oatt. Craeen. 
SbillihcbIk,#. AihiUing'i worth. 
SaiLLi-BHALLT, o^j. Irreiolate. 
Shilstonm, "1». Slitesfor 

HaiLLina-STONBg, /roofing. Dn. 
Shilt, (l}prM. /. Shield*. 

{2) part. p. Shielded. 
Shim, (1)i. Appearance; a shadow. 


m >. A bright white. Chah. 

(3) I. The itrake down the &ce 
of a bona. 

(4) (. A horse-boe for dearing 
weedi between rowi of beans or 
hops. Kent. 

(ft) (. The ignia fatnui. Etta. 

(6) II teems. WUtt. 
Shimble, a^. Loose. Wft. 
Shiumbk, b. To glitter} to glim- 


in the channel of i 
(2).. To«.m«. 



(3) ». To gtiner. Su$*. 
SHiM-aHAK, I. NonaCDSe. 
Shin, (1)0. To trump. JVorM. 

(2) Shidl. We€f. 
SaiNBAUD, J. Arrcoui for the Mia. 
Shindkb^ p. To ihiTcr ia piecea. 
Sbindle, t. The deft stone oat of 

which slates are cut. 
SsiNDT, (. An nproar. 
Shine, (I) *. Light; lustre. 

{3 )Bdp. Entirely; ulterlj. SotiKrt. 
Sbiner, I, A guinea. (Csnt.) 
Shin-ikast, t. A good fire. JVorM. 
SBtNaLB.P.Tohsmmeriron. Weil. 
Shinqles, t. (1) Planks; thin 

pieces of oak wood used as tiles 

for roofs, steeples, &c. 

(2) The loose pebbles on the sea- 

(3) A Mnd of eniptioi 

of tl 

r. A skimming-dish. Derb, 
saiNLOCE, (. The plant rocket. 
Shinnkb, I. A nether stocking. 

No7m<tcl. 1&S5. 
Shinsbt, ». Another name (or the 

game of bandy. 


,. (1) > 

(2) Sheep. !Feil. 

(3) An ornamental piece of plate 
former]; placed on the tables of 
the rich, so named from its form. 

(1) An old local name in the salt 
works for the vessel into which 
the brine was eoDTey ed by troughs 
from the brine-pit. 

Ships, f. A shoyd for catting turf. 
Shiplxt, t. A small ship. 
Shifhan. #. iJ.'S.) A mariner. 
Shipman'b-cabd, t. The chart by 

Sbippen, (. i,A.-S.) A stable, or 

stall ) a cow-honse. 
Shib, t. The cherry-tree. North. 
Sbirb, (1) m^. {A.'S.) Clear; 


(2) adj. Thin. 

(3) adj. Clear, appUed to an egg 
that has not a tread in it. tine. 

(4) adv. Immediately. North, 

(5) e. To pour off a liquor to ii 
to leave the sediment. Northumt, 

Shibe-oeab, t, A commodity 
brought from any of the neigh- 
bouring counties is called shire- 
gear, in Norfolk and Suffblk. 

SaiRE-uAN, >. A man not born in 
Norfolk, Suffolk, or Essex. Eait. 

Shibb-way.s. Abridle-way South. 

Shike, (t) B. To slink from any- 
(2) *. A cheat. See Short. 

SaiKKY, adj. DeceitfoL &nah. 

Shibl, (I) adj. ShnU. 

(2) r. To cut with shears. Yortih. 

(3) B. To romp mdety. Oeeon. 

(4) K. To slide. Norlhumb. 
Sbibl-coce, «. The missel-thrush. 


. Tom 

Shibt-bamd, (. The mistband of 

SaiBi. a^. Sharp and cutting, 

applied to grass. 
%an,part.p. Shut, 
Shitebticke, \t. A miserly fel- 

Sbitpiss, I. A bully. 

Shitbac, *. An oak-apple. WUtt. 

Shittbl, Bi{r- C'^.-^) Ineontttnt; 

Shitteb, 0. To suffer from diar- 

rhcea. North. 
Shittilwiei, f. A sfaottlecodc. 

nth eenl. 
Shittle, I. The bar of a door. 
Shittlb-biaihed, adj. Tbouglit- 

Shiitlicock, r. Aehangekbli 

of contempt. North. 

ries; trifles Colei 
SHtTTLBB, * Buns giTen to cbil. 
dcen. SulL 

SHI 8i 

SntVB, (.'(I) A slice of breail, or 

■ny other eatable. 

(2) A »iDaIl wedge. Eail. 
Shiver, ». (1) A >m»U liice. 

(2) A tplinter. Lme. 

(3) The wheel of a pulley. 
Shivbi, (. The refuie of flax. 
SaoAD, *. Loom »tone» of tin 

laixed'with the earth, indicating 

Shoad-btons, f. A >tone made 
amooth by the action of water. 

Sboaf, », A aheaf of eoin. Notf. 

Shoabo. To tail a ihoard, lo 
drink too mnch. Bnaoor. 

Sboat, ». A young pig- yar- f*- 

Shock, (1)»- AUesdofronghhair. 
(2) a. A cough-haired dog, pro- 
perly ipelt though. 
Dew, ielictt nud.m, 1 Kn your little 
punqoll, J0Iirip«rII>w,I0liIJ»M*,Joll' 

tni ptaja md purti lo 'tm. pit»"ig 
ffl^ 0D( of thiir iJactit far em, foi- 
lectiig reenpli, new iMgi. "om™, 
pagef, and footmen (or 'era. 

(3) ». TwelTC »heave> of com, 
North. "A aftoci* of wbeate, 
meta tritici." Wilhah' Diction- 
arte, 1608. 

(4) f. The DDinber of sii dozen 
of certain articles. FiU-boieaare 
lold by the jftoct. 

(5) V. To butt, like a ram. 

(6) 0. To aponge. Norf. 
SaocKBS, t. A person of bad cha- 
racter. Craeea. 

Shocu-h,*. To shake out of place. 

SH0D,part.7. (1)(^-S.) Corered; 


(21 Shed. Dtvon. 
Shoddt,*. Auiaiiufactared article, 

made from woollen r^. Nbtf. 
Shodi, (I) e. To divide the hair. 

(2) part. p. Shod. 


(3) See Shoaa. 

(4) ». A shed. Norf. 
Shodere,!'. Toqui»er;to>hadder. 
SHOD-SHOYEt, ». A wooden sho'cl, 

shod at iti eitremity with iron. 
Shoe, (I) prm. She, 

(2) To triad tht ihoe mrry, to 
be unchaste. To tread the ikoei 
ttraifhl. to be upright. To ihoe 
the cobler, a peculiar moTement 
in iliaing. To thoe the gooit, to 
be tipsy. To thrOK an old ihoe 
qfler orte, to give him luck. 


variety of polyanthus which has 
one Buwer sheathed in another. 

(2) A wild flower of the genus 
q/pripedivm, called, in E. Suaaei, 
' is-and-clogs. South, 


. Then 


_ Chrigtmas game. 
SHora,pref. t. (1) Fnsbed. 

(2) Shaved. 
SHoe,r.{l) To jog; to shake. 

(2) To steal sway. 
Shoqole, V, To jog. 
Shoke, pref. f. Shook. 
Shoikb, v. To rush. 
Shold.oi^. Shallow. Ft. P. 
Sholk, adj. Shallow. 
Sholobs, (. A soldier. South. 
Sholt, ». A shaggy dog ; a car, 
Shohe, *. {A,-S.) Coufusiou. 
Shouuakt, adj. Sloveoly. 
Sbohuocss, a. Shoes. Warvi. 
SBONDB.(l)t.(.^.-£) Dishonour; 

(2) r." (J.-S.) To shun. 
Sbonk, (1)0. Tosliun. 

(2) (. pi. Shoes. 
Shonk, a4f. Hearty i healthy. Weit. 
Sbonto, I. A donkej. Wight. 
Snoo, t. A shoiel. £anc. 
Shoods, s. Oat^^hatr. North. 
SHoor-FORE, I. A fork for pitching 

sheaves of corn into the waggon 

or into the itack. Si^. 


Shook, (I) p. To sbrog. Yorkah. 

(2) pari. p. Split. 
SaooL, (I)». A shovel. North. 

(2) r. To saunter about. &uf. 

(3)d. To beg. Var.d. Shoaling, 

going about begging liqaor. 

Shoolsb, I. k lazy fellow. Stu>. 
S BOON, I. The old plural of shoe. 

See Shone. 
Shoohb, v. To ahift for a linug. 

SaoOT, (I) V. To aufler ^m diar- 

(2) I. A ipout for rain-water. 

(3) I. A young pig. Smth. 

(4) (. The game of ifaoiel-board. 

(5) *. A narrow steep lane. Wight. 

(6) t. A woof. JlevEiii. 

(7) n. To take the wont cattle 
from the drore, to preient them 
from injuring the rest. 

(S) I. The crick in the neck. 

(9) B. To contriboM. Odd.fel- 
lowl ihnol aiipence or more each 
to help a brother-member who 
ha* lufiered lou tcoja fire or 
Boma auch cause. 

(10) To thoot the cYieaX t. 
landlord by leaving houie or 
lodging without paying rent. To 
thooi cvaptut, to shoot wide of 
tbemaik. Shoot tht gtdf, ^i 
game. Tothoot theeat,^oyo 

SHOoraBED. *. A ahoemaker'a 

thread. Hotti/band, 1&9 
SHOorTi adj. Coming up regularly 

in the ions. Shnpth, 
Shoovkh, adj. A term applied to a 

colt or calf when parting with its 

early teeth, and to trees putting 

(ijrtb their leaves. 
SBara,prti. t. Made; created. 
Shokb, (1) (, A icore. 

(2) prel. t. Cut ; sheared. 

[35 ,. A .ewer. 

W o. To threaten. North. 

(5) I, A post used with hordlei 

in folding theep. Bortet. 

1 SHO 

SBOKB-Poar. 1. A bnttresa. 

Shobbs, (. The pnbes of a man. 

See Share. 
Shore-up, v. To prop up. 
SicoRiHO. adv. Aslant. Eatt. 
Shoblino, (. (1) A shaveling;* 

(2) A shearling, or sheep of the 
first year's Bhearing. Simth. 

(3) A sheep-ekin, when the fleece 

Shobst. (. A short pole on which 
hedgers carry faggots. JVbr/A<nxp, 
Short, (\) adj. Peeiisb. 

(2) adj. Ligbt and crisp. 

(3) ad/. Small; portable. Somert. 

(4) adv. Wide of the mark. ■ 
phrase in archeiy. 

Sbostekino, «. Anything put into 

flour u> make cakes short. 
Short-heeled, adj. Unchaste. 
Sbobts, t. Coarse Sour; refuse of 

SHORT-aTAB.T,i, A specios of apple. 

Short- wAi8TBD,iu{i. Angry; cross* 

Shoghinob, ada. Aslant. Eaii. 
Shot, (I) ». {A..S.) A reckoning 

at an inn. 

(2) adj. Firm; secure. 

(3)«. A handful of hemp. Kent. 

(4} ». A yonng pig. 

h) I. A kind of trout. O^at. 

(6) I. An angle of land. 

(7)f. A stitch in the side. 

(8) (. (A..S.) An arrow; any 

missile hnrled with a projective 


Well, if jon bt gut, keep your iUitanca, 
B.Jm., Btirt Aim »( i^S., v, •. 

..,...,, Google 

Sbotbk, i. (1) (_J..S.) The ye»- 

(2) A imill piniuce. 
SaoT.ruxKiN, #. The hoat'i pot, 

given whsD the gueiu hi?e 

dmnlc abore s ■hilling'a worth of 

kle. iJ<ri. 
Sbot-icb,!. Aibeetofice. Cravtn. 
Sbot-mst, (, A niRckerel net. 

Shot-pot, (. One whn apendi lo 

tnoch in the alE.houEe t» to 

entitle him to the ihat-flagan. 

Saara, i. Tfae refute of uttle 

tiken onl of a drove. Oinm. 
Shotsili, If. Eraning. A term 
iHDTBBLK, Jiued bjr gnnneri on 

the Oaie (Norf.) for (he time 

when wild-foul and crepuieular 

birdi iboot, icud, or fl;. 
Shotbhipi, t. (AS.) A club of 

which each member paji a lub- 

icription ; > guild. 
Sbottzh, adj. Sour i curdled. 
Shottih-bbbbiho, (. (1) Agutted 

herring, dried for keeping. 

(!) A lean penon. 
SBOTTLsa, ;. Ban puling thiODgb 

morliied holei in poati. Line. 
Sbotts, «. Aipedetof uialltroat. 

Shot-window, *. A projecting 

Shoddb, f. A «hock-dog. 

SHODLnxK-cLAFFiK, I. A baiUff. 
A pllut (u -B toniui them} wbo (m 
wft aflerwardi anderttoDd] hid uar- 

^^^(V» Smnk for tfrmi), IM, 

SnoDLDBB-BPtis,!. An ironipike 
for inpporting ihelrei agtintt a 
wall. Wttt. 

Shoulbhb, a. The bird ihoreller. 

SuoTirt,parl.p. Shaped. 

Shoofs, (. The hipi. North. 

SHOUBB,(I)t. A conflict I combat. 
(2) e. To ride quick ; to tcour. 

Shoct, t. 0) A UlL Yartih. 

(2) A unall Oat-bottomed boat. 

Shodthbb, t. The ihoulder. 

SaovB, «. (1) To germiaate ; to 
■boot ; to cait the Gnt teeth. 

(2} To pnt the loose com into 
heipi for the convenience of 
being taken up. Sun. 

SHOv».aBD,i. (l)Akindofdack, 
theana>e^7>Mfa. ■■ Herenihoea, 
thmilardei, and bftternea." iVo- 
etamalion, 1»69. " Pellecannt. 
Pale, trutje, poche, ^ cochlearia 
tpecie. A thoBtlard: a ichofler." 
//emenel., 15S5. 
(2) AihoTcl. 

^^H^-C^' } '- *" °'*' ^°'"' 
SaoTBLL, I, The bird thoreller. 

HoUybmd. 1593. 
Show, t. To above. Eatt. 
Shdwei,,(. a blind for a cow's eye, 

made of wood. South. 
Showbb, adj. Sure. 
Show-haceli, e. To be willing to 

fight, fVigU. 
Sbowl, (1) (. A above). 

(2) ttdj. Short ; depreaaed. 
SBow.orr, v. To begin. 
Shows,*. Prim*; picturei. Dtvm. 
Shbaddb, ». A coppice. 
Shkaf-tidb, 4. Slu^vetide. 
Sqbab, r. To geld. 
SHBAOEKa, I. Coane metal poti 

in which warea are baked. St^. 
Shoaos, (I) «. Raga; pitchea. 

(2) t. The ends of twigg or of 

laTzt; clippingi of live fence*. 
Shrail, t. A light rail, or fence. 

Shrahuid, part. p. Bennmbed 

with cold. Wttt. 
Shbap, f. (1) A thicket. Betic*. 

(2) A trap for birda. 
Shbafk, r. (1) {A.-S.) To icrape. 

(2) To icold. Smtx. 
Shbatxl, t. Dry faggot. St^ff. 
Shbavct, t. A looM aubsoil, be- 
tween clay and aaud. SKfteir, 


8HB I 

Shxbd, (1) V. To cut off the 
smaller branches of a tree. 

(2) e. To cut into ahieda. 

(3) r. To spread manure. Smtlh. 
(i) I. A cant term for a tailor. 
(5) V. To contrive. Northampl. 

Shoeddeb, ». Apenoo whoshredi 

Sbrbde, (1) c. (A.-S.) To clothe. 
(2)parl.p. Clothed ; covered np. 
(3) B. To cut through. 
Sbokd-pii, \: A mince-pie. 
Ho mattec tot plonib.potrU(e, or jlrirf. 

Or a whole ott offered in lacrifii 
lo Comni, sot lo Cliiiil, &«. 


Shbesf, adj. Thin. Norf. 
SBBBri, (. A sheriff. 
SHttKO, o. To lop trees. Semeriet 
SHaKNKE, V. To pierce through. 
Shbew, (1) e. (^.-5.) To cune, 

(2) .. A wicked person. 

(3)1. A scold. 

(A) I. Aicren. Someriti. 

(5)«. The field mouse. Norlh. 
SBaBWD, adj. MalictOOB; cursed. 
Shbich.,!- ^....c.t„, brick. 

'^•\e. {^..S.) Toshri. 

Sbkide,!'. To lop wood. SeeSAr«I. 
Shsid-fie. See Shred-pie. 
Shkievt, adj. Hating lhre»d» 

withdrawn. Stuiex, 
SHBirr, (. {AS.) Confession. 

Shriff-fader, a confessor, 
jrif thft penoD hatft s preat 

«j iif Erf, /7. 

Shsioht, (1) prei. t. (A.-S.) 


(2) ». A shriek. Spentrr. 
Shbiib. (1) V. To shriek. 

(2} (. The lesser butcher-bird. 
Sbmll, b. To utier shrill soand!. 
SaBlMF, (. Anything very smalL 

SArinip«AiR, a very little bit. Niyrf. 
SaBiHMBDiPart.f. Cliilled. CormB. 

Sbkinb, : (1) A chatnel-honse. 

Haliyband, 1593. 

(2) G. To enshrine; to deify. 

(3) D. To dry. as beans in ■ hM*. 
vest field. NarHiampl. 

Shrif, v. To chide. Kent. 
Shkixb, «. The mlssel-tbrash. 

Sbbivb, g. (1) {A.-S.) To confess. 

Mn'rer, a cotifessor. 

(2) To regard; to praise. 

(3) To prune. Kent. 
Sbbocelbd, adj. Withered. Kmt. 
Shrocbop, t. The shrew-moaBe. 

SHBOy.^we/. (. Shrived. 
Sbbog, t. A person of low stature. 

Shroos, t. Shrubs; briars. 
Shbouf, s. a bUck worm found 

in horse-dung. fur. d. 
Sbbood, n. To lop trees. Gbmc. 
SasMOK, pret. t. Shrieked. 
3aBOUDi,r. (1) To hide; locon. 

ceal; to Cover or shade over. 

(2) To huddle together. Paligr. 
SHBoroBs,.. (^.-5.) Clothes. 
Shbouoh, «. Fragments of sticks, 

cindera, &c.; refuse ; sweepings. 

Narf. SetShruf. 
Shbote, r. To be merry. 
Sbboye-fbbnticbs, ». Ruffianly 

fellows, who at Shrovetide in. 

vaded houses of ill-fame. 
Uofe cnull then tAreH^prmliet*, when 

Dnukk la a brotheLI home, are hid to par. 
Bmauufi Jfo^uwr, 1»8. 

Sbboteks, «. Children who go 
from house to house at Shrovetide 
singing for cakes, which are 
called throve-caJiei, 

Shbovt, adj. Shabby. For. d. 

Sbbow, (. A shrew. 

A qaiet oui (lo wrath and annr Oow) 

Malch-d with a queane H moil •he.devill 

Ilial kept him in obrditnn with faer ft. 
Soieimittjimaia efSf. f-D.,n.i. 

Shbowabdlt, oifr. Cursedly. 


SsMJWDi, (1) 1. Plicei nndcr 
ground ; vuilti ; deal of wild 

<2) (. The tops or branchei of 
pollard ireet, Norf. 
(3) p. To cut or lop the br»nche» 
of pollirdi. Norf. 

SsBOWDT, a^. Weather nith fre- 
quent Bhoi>era,cauaiag people to 
tkrowd, or take shelter. Norf. 

Shkdb, (1) V. To ruin i pertou at 
gunbliag. Somerset. 
(2) Ta thrvb about, (o get along 
talerabl}' welt. " How do 70U 
manage this eold weather?" 
" Well, lihrub abotU pcetty com- 

Snuvei, prit. I, Shrieked, ftif. 

SaKVBDK, jiTtt. t. Clothed. 

ShkcddIiOiI/. Qrate; aleru, Nort/t- 

Shbuff,*. Rnbbiih wood naed for 
fuel. Var.d. 

Shbump. p. To ihrinV:. Ifeil. 

SxBUUpgED, part. p. Beaten, in 
gamea. Devon. 

SHKDUF-BHOULDaKir,a4i. Hump- 
backed. South, 

Sh>cf>, v. To incloie. 

Shock, (1) ». A hmk, or pod. 
(2) IF. To ihake. Suitex. 

Shuckbh, v. To shuffle. Devon. 

SHUCEI8H, adj. Showery, change- 
able, applied to weather. South. 

Sbccile, c. To chuckle. Florio. 

SsnCKLSD, pari. p. Beaten down 
by hail or wind, applied to 


;. fitrf. 

Shdcey, a4>. Deceitful. Lino. 
Shdddk. (I) e. To ahed. 

(2) ». A shed, or hoiel. 
Shuddik, v. To ahiveT. 
Shuft, e. To puah. Norf. 
Shbo, (1) B, To writhe the hodyj 

tojog. Soneriet. 

(2) V. To ahrugi toacratch.&Mi/A. 

(3) adj. Menacing. Devon. 
(i),. A slow jogging Irol-JVor/: 

(5) ». A concussion. North. 

(6) B, To shake Tiolenlly. Abrf. 


SaiTOOT-avow,*. Aawing. J^'orfA. 
SevLntti, They should. 
Shuldeke, adj. Craggy. 
Sdhll-bane. 1. The ahoulder 

bone. North. 
Shclvi, ». A »ho*el. Eait. 
ITB. SoulA. 
Topiuh. South. 
I. To treat unkindly. 



Shunts, 0. (1) To shon. 

(2) To puah i to move from. 

Hence the modern railway phrase, 

to »Sun/ off the line. 

{3) To put off; to delay. 

(4) To alip down, as earth. 

(5) To shy, or start. JTane.,i. (A-S.) TheCreator. 
SHnppici, (. A hay-fork. Oloue. 
Shitbet, I. A shift. Deeon. 
Shukl, p. To trim the nivk-feathen 

of a fighting-cook. Norlh. 
Shubne, P. (1] Cacare. 
(2) To avoid ; to abua. 
GiiE DDjoiis u Sajnt CotlBke, 
And gsrijckc tg Snjnt Cyry«fce, 
ir je wvlL iJlnnu \ie JiQidr -ke ; 
it ibaU have them bi Queue lijtL. 
SaUl LavaofS^iiri, 

Shubtt, P. To bustle about. Devon. 

SacT, (1) t. A lock on a river. 



, The ii 

e of a 

from rain, &c. Wett. 
(3) V. To weld iron. Wett. 
(i) ». A narrow street. Weet. 
(b) p. To spend ; to be extrava- 
gant. North. 

(6) p. To agree. Dorerl. 

(7) p. To do ; to manage. Kent. 
(S) (. A abutter. 

(9) To get thai, to get rid of. 

To lAut up, to atop. To ehut 

out, Co leave olT ploughing. Bedt. 
SbCTTul, 01^'. Eilravagant. North. 
Shdtheb, v. (1) To sbiver. iiac. 

(2> To alide. Leie. 


SHU 81 

Stout poleg. Warv), 

Riddance. Narlh. 
The Satur- 
. foil of earth. 

. CoTe 

I. Ttie CTening. Eaat, 
Havinp; tpent % good part of the daj in 

rudi PorUniouth. w] 

Shuttle, ai|;. Slippert; unceruin. 
Sh ARB, ». TI16 game of 

sliuUlccock. Korlh, 
Shdttle.hb*i>ed, fl^'. Foolish. 
Sbt, {■)«. To Mart; to fling; to 

avoid any one. Far. d. 

(2)D4,-.Keen;bold; thiip.Norlh. 

(3) I. A light fence: 
I. {A.-S.) A relBiion j b com- 



I. Th« buiQs of 
■natriiDoiiy. ' 
(Lat-) A hiiuDg. 
(Luf.) One who 
hitiea. Lydg. 
S1B1.EB8, (. Without yodred : de- 

S]BLETT-CAKE3, (. Cakci madc by 
the farmera' wito in Dedford- 
shire after irheat-aowing, to aend 
as presents to their relationi. 

SiBHAN, (■ A relative. 

SiDNEasB, (. RelMionahip. 

SiBKEBE. >. (_J..S.) Kindred; re- 

SioCATK, adj. (£o(.) Dry. 

Sici, «. (1) (^.-S.) A gutter, or 
drain. Sonuriet. 
(2) A cant term for a sixpence. 

SicH, (I) adj. Such. 

(2) t. A bad man. Devon. 

Sick, (1) i. A tmat] slretm, or illL 
(2J adj. la trtvul. Xorlh. 

i SID 

SicEE, r. Toiigh; to lament. 
SicEEH. See SUtT. 
SicE-rEATHERa, f. The yODng un- 
grown featheri in monlting. Dtv. 

SicLATODN, (. {A.-li. from the 
Arabic.) A sort of rich ituffi 
also, a dress made of ncla/oun. 
See Cielaloun. 

Si CUB., 01$. Sure; secure. 

%ni,prtl.t. Sav. Wett. 

SiDDBK, (1) adj. A.-S.) Wider. 
(2) e. A term applied to barlef. 
A little lain on the bariey, after 
it is cut, makes it ridder, or work 
better in the cl>tern. Midi. C. 

SiDDow.'l Difr'- A term applied to 
siDDA, /pets which boil soft. 
Glouc. (Dim. of teelht, to boil.) 

Side, (1) a^i. (A.-S. tid.) Long. 
HisberdsKU jiJ«»iih nuelieUtB, 
On Jiis hecde Lis lutt ht bare. 

Curm lI<t<iii,MS. 
Thcyr cot» be ki t)it, that the; ba 
fajne to tuckttbeia npnlien Itiejride, 
■e H'omcn do tliejrr kjrt^Is wbeu tliejr 

oicIhIj cut about ber heiid. 

IWncl in Eiigliili, IHI. 

(Z)v. To decide: to coincide; 

10 set aside. Norlh. 

(3) V. To lake the part of another. 

U) r. To be equal with. 

(5) e. To carve a haddock. 

(6t adj. Rough. Daon. 

{7) V. To put in order. Crstm. 
SiDE-BOABoa, t. The rails of a cart. 
Side-box, t. A seed-lepe. Sonlh. 
S [ DE-CO ) TS, (. The long coats worn 

by yonng children. 



y, 167. 

Others thst CInl 

adj. With long 
I and Spidn apponell 
US LD lidt-gardtd coatet, 


SiDi-LANDi, >. ThelieatDuidiof ft 
ploughed Beld, where the plongb 
luu been turned. Sim4h. 

SlDE-LAHIBLB, (. HopplcS foT 

SiDE-Li-T, t. Afresh get of hounds 
to be Uid in on tlie scent. A 
honting term. 

SiDC-LiKB, o^l- Such like. North. 

Sidelike, adv. In eTen rovs. Dm. 

SiDBMHO, (I)iul«. Sluicing) side- 

Ood b« thipkeO. hcc taith thn wilta 
with Bu hunfl rutGu^l. 

(2) (. Balks between the ridgea 
of iiloDglied land. 

SiDELOHO. V. To pieveat an animil 
from straying, b^chiining a fore 
ind a liind foot together. Yoriih. 

SiDiN, V. (A.-S.) To lengthen. 

SiDBNANDiH, odv. On One side. 

SiDENED, adj. Crooked; all on one 
Bide Leie. 

SiDENESB, (. Length. Palt^. 

SiDKR, I. An orderly person. Lane. 

SiDE-aaEAB, adr. On all sides. 

Side-sleeves, a. Hanging sleeves. 

SiDEguXH, >• Assistants to church- 

SiDK-wATXEs, «. The beams fomi- 
ing the angle (tf the roof. North. 

SiDEWAT, t. A bye-vay . 

S tDB w ISE, adv. B readlh wise. North, 

SiDOOBEN, I, A part of the dreas 
about the bosom. 

SiDiTHBBVM,*. A creeping person. 

Sidle, v. (1) To go sidevays; to 
saunter. 7b go tidie-tidh, to 
■idle along. 

(2) To hang-to at the »ide of, or 
aboDt, a person, for the purpose 
of ia}ing something. South. 
(3> To lit down gently. Devon. 
(i) To shrink ; to crouch. 

SiDNna.t. Seed-time. fFe$l. 
SiaT,adj. Moody ;surlT. Skurt. 

Sib, (I) V. To strain milk. Paliy. 
(2)prtl.t. Saw. 

(3) a. A drop. North. 

(4) r. To stretch. Yortth. 
SiEQE. ». (1) (J.-N.) A seat! a 

situation. See Segt. 
(2) Rank, or eatimatioii. 

(3) Stool, or discharge of fieee*. 

(4) A com paat of herons. When 
a heron was driven from her sta- 
tion, she was said to be put from 

SiBLE, V. (Fr.) To vault. 
SiKsiN, I. Yesst. Kent. 

SlETHEB, '] 

\-t. A kind of ehivei. 

SiBVEB.'a. All the fish caught in 

one tide, Smkx. 
ScFE, r. To sigh. Var.d. 
SirPLEUKMT, *. (Fr.) Whiatluig. 
Sio, f. Urine. Sotdh. 
SiaALDBT,(l}(. Decdt; trickery; 

conj oration. 

(2) B. To charm, or conjure; to 

SiGGE, V. (J.-S.) To say. 
SiooKB, V. To leak. Comu. 
SiOH, (l);?rp(. (. Saw. 

(2) t, (AS.) A drop. 

(3j B. To become lai^er. North. 
SioH-cLODT, I. A cloth for stiain- 

ing, See 5i>, 

" great qi 


(2) pret. t. Sighed. 

(3) I. The opening in a helmet 

liQBTi,B93, adj. (I) Invisible. 

(2) Unsightly. 
liQHTB, «. (I) Spectacles. 


(2) Efea. Somtrttt. 
SiQBTgOMB, a4i. Sightly. 
SiOBTT, adj. Glittering. 
Sign, c. To iaCend. &mfA. 
SioNATiOH, t. (£<i(.} Signification. 
SiGN«,». (^.-W.) To appoint. 
SioNirsB, (. (Lat.) The zodiac. 
SioNiriADNCB, *. \ji..!f.) Signifi. 

SiONiTiCATiON, I. Importance. 

SioNiouzE, V. To hear rule. 

SiONiORT, I. (I) Goiernmeat j do- 
minion; lordship. 
(2) Senioritr. 

SiON-TsBi, (. A baam in a roof. 

SioaiH, t. The houaeleeli. 

Si«. (1)B. Toiigh. 

(2) (. A ligh. JFarv. 

(3) adj. Such. 

(4) t. A «icli peiaon. North. 
SiEEB, adj. (_A.-N.) Secure ; 

SiEKBLYS, adt. Certainly. 
SiKxKNBSSB, t. Security. 
SiEis, t. A acythe. 
SiLCE, t. A apoon ? 
Tate vetoj'U iii 


Kbdl boiM iXjr 
ji hott pot to S u 
■pon the dng lud \ . . . 

and iuen put a Li. upon lij li. of in 
cury. aud it cliaLl lj« tninjd jn to li 

D, adv. Seldom. See Seide. 

SiLDi. (. A ahed. 

Silk, (I) i. A canopy of a bed, &c. 
Siled, canopied. 

(!) s. To drop 1 to link ; to strike 
down ; to flov down ; to bint. 
(3) e. Tostrain; toakim. &ling- 
Jith. a mUk.strainer. North. 
(*) t>. To Loil gently. North. 

(5) I. Sediment; Atth; Mil. 

(6) e. To poor down witb rain. 

(7) t. A aicve. 

SiLOBEEK, 1. The hoDteleek. R'nf. 

r siu 

SiLKBm, t, A cooit-cird. Someritt. 
SiLE-SBAB, I. A sort of fine ihag 

Sill, .. (1) (^.-S.) A H»t, or 


(2) A step. OajM. 

(3) A stratum of coal. Staff. 
(41 The shaft irfaeaTTiage./tfiirfa. 

SiiiK, p. (1) To wpand; to swell. 
"Ball tyUed or paffed onelye 
wyth wynde. Utrii." Hnloet. 
(2) To give or sell ? 

Thin iRyde tlie bjiihop, je idbj tif^e 


icdtlb va 

•d Qmict, A^ 

SiLLEB, (. (1) Silver. North. 

(2) A canopy. 
SiLLT, a^. Sickly. North. 
SiLLTBAUi, t. A aillabab. Line. 
SlLLT-BOLD, adj. Impeitinec^tly 

SiLLT-HBw, (. A child's caul. 

Silt, (. Sediment. To tiU-ttp, to 
ohatmct a stream by the accu- 
mulation of sand. 

SiLVEB-BulB, #. The honseleek, or 

SiLVEs-CBAicr, s. The white la- 

SiLVEo-GBASS, t. Ttacaiomagnilit 
variegata. Northanpt. 

SiLVEK-wKED, «. The plant ar^eti- 
tine, potentilta mutrim. 

SiLiNO, f. Tapestry. 

Sim, c. To seem i to think. Wat. 

SiHATHiN, a. Partiahty. Devon. 

SiHBUKO-cAKEs.t. Currant cakci 
eaten on Midlent Sunday. Lone. 

SiwB, I. A frame of straw used for 
setting pans on. North. 

SiuiLLiTT, t. A likeness. HaU. 

SiHlT, adj. Smooth. Cravtn. 



SlHHl'i $. A limpteton. South. 
SiuLTN, I. A sort of fine cake for 

SiHHiT, adj. Smooth. North. 

I, {A.-N. «im«w/.) A sort 


of fine I 


■ large plum cake, with a 

bat very hard nised cruat. 

Bodden brud, mViA bs attti tnvutt 
a Gzukndi, be veric nowliolewiut- 

Aniliia, ciu<] by Todd. 


SiHOH, >. (1) A tiUy peraon i an 

(2) A cant tenn for sixpence. 

Si^pEa-DR-cocKiT, «, An affected 

female ; literal);, a almperiag co- 

Upriffht u a CAndle itAnddh la b HdckBt, 

Stood >Iie tint rli;, to liir^tr-ic-cediit. 

Seifuood, IHakfut. 

SiMFiK, e. To simmer. Eait. 

SiMFKHT, V. To mince worda af- 
fectediy. Lane. 

SiuFHOKBR, I. A musician. 

Simple, adj. (1) Mean ; wortblesa. 
(2) Weakly; infirm. Shropgh. 

SiuPLBSSB, t. {A..!f.) Simplicity. 

Siunon, I. Gnmadael. Ea*t. 

SmuLACU, >. {Lat.) An image. 


SiH, (1) iidB. Since. 
(2) V. To stand. Eatt. This 
word is uied in a nery peculiar 
vay in Norfolk, nliere tliey would 
Bay. "Doa'tnn talking, but go to 

SiHALD, s. A signal. 
SiND, c. (I) To empty out) to 
quench thirst. North. 

(!) To wash down; to rinse. 
^bdndk'r I'- To separate. 
S[HDT, adj. Soft-spoken. Divim, 
Sine, (1)5. To assign. 

(2) ado. Afterwards. 

(3) V. To strain. North. 

(4) V. To cease milking a cow. 

Si HE WATS, adv. Sundry ways, 

SiNEwaT, «■ Mustard seed. 
SiNET, (. The bladder-nut tree. 
SiNGBL, (. Shingle. 

SiNCERiE, f. (/v.) An apish trick. 

at the edge of the elbow ; the 
fanny-bone. Northampl. 
SiNOiNo-BRKAD. .. The Conse- 
crated wafers in the Romish aet- 

kneaded cake, with currants in it. 
SiNai.E, (I) ac^. Pure; disiuter- 

(2)a4i. Weak; silly. 

(3) a. A handful of gleaningi 
tied up. North. 

(4) *. An animal's tul. 

(5) Single beer, weak beer; 
douile iter, strong beer. See 

SiNOLB-QusB, *. The orchis. West. 
SiNOLE-HONEy, I, Small coins. 
SiMOLEHE, I. A wild boat. See 




SiNOLBT, (. (1> Au nnlined waist- 
coat. Btrb. 

(2) A waistcoat made of undyed 
woollen, lane. 

SiHOLE-TEN, I. A tenth card. 


SIN i 

SnrsLGTON, t. A limpletOD. Wal. 
SWGLE-woHAN, (. A proititute. 

SlNO-aoNO, t. X dnnting aoiig. 

SiNODLAB, «Jj, (1) Choice; ex- 
(2) Single; bnely. Norf. 

SiNsuLL, 1. A borse-girtb. 

SiNiSTBAL, orf>. Sinister. 

StKK.A-PACK, 1 „. 

f t.>nque-pEee. 
SiNK-DiRT, J. Gutter mud. Zanc, 
SiNKEB, «. A cesspool, iinc. 
Sinkers, J. Stocliings witlioutfeet. 

SiNEiNQ-PAFEB,!. BlottiRg-paper. 
SlNNETE, I. A lort of clolh, 
SisNOCK, *. A long staff with a 

[. adv. Since that ti 


Stnt^b, 1. A eincture. 

SiFE, r. To ooze or drain out 
slonly. North. 

Sippet, (. A sop of bread to put in 
soup. Urq. Sai. 

SiFPLB, r. To sip ap. 

SiPHEs, *. A bonuegrace. Florio. 

Si-ftDES. (Zoi.) Advertiiements or 
bills geuerally commenced thus 
formeriy, and were hence called 
liqtuaei. " A tiquii, or publicli 
Dote, cry jiuilie, eu eedttle." 
Ibe; Hand tike ll]e devil'i li.^u >t > 

V lame the natlieniatlL'ka ^ 

^Uloiniet hiLpd, Bod there fCia t poois 

t^mi, anch u forlome bmlnen dh to 

UofloH'i Saailam Gealalicim, ISl^ 

Sir, #. (1) {J.-N.) The Wnslition 

(2) A gentleman. Shaie^. 
SiaE) c. A breed, i>r sort, aa a good 

fire of pigs, cabbages, &c. Eait. 
Siit-aABiLT, *. A close stooL Eatl. 
SiR-josN, t. A priest. 

SlB-JOHN-BARLBltCOaN, .. Ale. 

Sias, orf). Sorrowing, Norlhampt. 

SiBoiNS, 1. A salie for wounds. 

SlRPLE, D. To lip up. 

SiRHAF, (. A hard biow. Union. 

phraae raw your revtrence, said 
It * Ifind of apolog; tiefare the 
utterance of anything th»t might 
be considered objectionable in 
speaking to a luperior. 

SiRTEog, (. Service. 


IV thee helM m. 
-■■lught never 1 

^lAuub, mn u 

Sis, *. (1) Ad abbreviation of the 

name Cicely. 

(2) {J..N.) The cast of six upon 

the die. 
SisB, ». (1) A wax-t»per. 

(2) The assizes. 

(3) A lesson, or task. North. 
SiSEKxaA, ». A hard blow. Eait. 
Siskin, a. The greenfinch. 
Si9oi;r, a. A penoa deputed to 

hold assiiei. 
SiES, (IJe. To hiss. 

(2) I. A great fat woman. Bxn. 
SissLE, I. A thistle. Suuex. 
Si&T,pra. I. Thou seest. 
SisTRR, t. A sewster. 
Sit, v. jl) To support ; to endure. 

(2) To keep the night-court. 

(3) To lit effgt, to remain too 
long a guest. To til on, to burn 
in the pan, said of milk. 


Siren, (. (J.-S. tick.) A tmaU 

Skb«, (. (1) A Btudent at Cam- 

water-course. See Sice, Siet. 

bri^, answering to the Oxford 

Site, s. Sbsme; diagrxce. 


S.T-FAST, ., A ton ol iwellins on 

(2) Anasaiier.orjuror. 

■ hont't back. Cotgrmt. 

(3) A thin piece of brast with a 

Situ. (IjiXte. SLnee. 

(2) .. A w»T ; jonrney 

cut bullets. 

%,Ta^(l),.(A..S) Time. 
(2) t.. To Mroia liquor. 

S«.KO. ., (1) Yeast. 

(2) Weaver's size. North. 

(3) e. To ligh. Eatl. 

SizLB, V. To saunter about. Norlk. 

SiTHB-CKAOLE, *. A nck of wood 

SiZY.adi. Sticky. South. 

futened to a >c;the to etrry the 

S.ZZ.N, ,. To his,. North. 

mowed barley dean into the 

Sjzili, v. (1} To make a noise 


between a sigh and ■ his*. 

SlTHBH, 1 

(2) To dry and shrivel up with 

BtTHEM.s, \adB. (A..S.) Since. 

fiissiug. Sujr. 

(3) To burn. Euix. 

SiTHiu, ,. Cyder. 

Sizzup, (1)«. A blow. North. 

(2) r. To beat. North. 

Inoi litltm. DC inm prrnc. ' 

Sbadhle, (I) .. Damage ; injury. 

(2) adj. Ravenous; mischierout. 

SlTHT-HANOU. *. A GOw'l tall. 

Sbaddonb,*. The eggs of bees. 


SxADE, ». (AS.) Harm ; mischief. 

Sin-AND,«f;'. Becoming; luitable. 


SiTTiN-ON, adj. Short in nature. 

Skafe, adj. Awkward. Line. 

SiTTiNOB, I. Slalule fain for »er- 

Skao, ,. An acddentil blow, a 

yant». JVorrt. 

slight wound, or rent. Someriel. 

Siva. (1) t. A lieie. 

(2) V. To follow. 

(3) ». A icythe. SouiA. 
SiTEDBR, «. Refuse of bran. 

^"*"'' 1 ..A crooked sword or 
*"*"• I. BcimiUr formeily used 
'"ynbJ by the wild Irish. 

Six. A cigi of lir. a cup of beer 

Skain, I. A scarf for the head. 

Bold at aix ahiliingB a banel, 

Skalbs, t. An old nanie of a game 

temp. Jame. I. 

which appears to have resembled 

Six-Lova, >. A tenn in the game 



Skalle, 1 .. A drinking cap, or 
8XAYLB. J- goblet. 

Six-o'clock, t. The >tar of Beth. 

lehem, which cloua iti petals 

SKANKY,flrfj. Long; lankv. Bortft. 

about that bour. Northampt. 

Sbanbback, adj. Haring some 

Siza, (1) », Formerly, a portion of 

bread or drink which icholars 

Sbahne, J. Terror. 

in Cambridge receiTed at the 

Sbabe, 0. To hurry. Coritm. 

buttery; now, anything had by 

Sxatcheb, t. Stilt). 

the Btudenti at dinner beyond 

SKAt-ELt,*. Aiortotspade. Tauter. 

{2) ,. AMiMi. 

Skbab, .. (1) Gravel, or pebbles. 

(3) a*. Six. Lane. 


(*) ». The third part of an 

(2) A dagger. 


Skbbi, (1) .. A milking pwL 

SizKLv, adj. Proud; ooy. Norlk. 




(2) 0. To sheU. m»lm. 
Skbblibo, I*. The inoCT part of 
SKILLINQ, Ja bora, nhere tbe 

elnpe of tbe roof cornea. Soul/i. 
Skcemish, a^. Sqneamiah. Weil. 
Skeeh, (1) t. (A..S.) A iword. 

(2) V. To sqiunt. Itie. 
Sebeb, (1) f. To move slDog 

quickly, aod lligbtl; touching. 
(2)r. To clear awEf. 

(3) D. To mow ligbtlj over. 

(4) ». The place where cockles 
■le gathered. Cumb. 

Sebeb-detil,*. Tbeawift. SoTiiert. 

Seberinqb,!. Hay made from pas- 
ture land. W'm/. 

Skeet, adv. [A.-S.) Swifily. 

Seeetb, I. Long scoops uaed in 
bleaching linen, and also to net 

S«>0, .. (1) A wild plum. Rorio. 

(2) A atamp of a branch. 

(3) A nooden peg. 

(*) A rent in cloth. Her^. 
SaaaEn, i. A ■almon.lioDt. 
Skxke, I. A conteat. 

Ana with ikciu ta& with lUht, 
Hie wayH loluil wcls apMBbt. 

AHIaUT and UtrUn. 

Seeiib, adj. Shy. Norlktimb. 
Skbldes, v. To iwindle. 
Skele, (. A leuoa. See SkOt. 
Seelino, I. A alope attached to a 

building. Berkt. 
Skelk, v. To ihrink, laid of 

Skill, (. A sbeU. NortK 
Sk*ll-boo8b, t. The head of the 

atalls of cattle. Norlk. 
Skilled, a^. Twisted into a 

carve. NorIK 
Seellebed, aHj. Warped. North. 
Sai.LrT,:{Pr.ttaitltet.) Aamall 

pot with a handle. Lane. 
Skbllum, (. A aconndrel. 
Skelly. (1) B. To iqniDt. North. 

(2) a^. Thin I 

t SKE 

(3) V. To leap awkwardly. Cheih. 

(4) tr. To kick severely. Eatl. 
Seelfek, a. Anything large. 
Seelfinq, adj. Large j full. 
Skelt, ». Aniiiiour. North. 
Seelteh. I. Order; condition. 

SKJtLve, V. To incline. Line. 
Skeuuel, I. {A.-S.) A long form, 

or atool. North. 
Sken, 0. To squint. Lane. 
Seenehadah, t. A dish act oo the 

table only for show. Cwnb. 
Seemt, V, To haie tbe diairhiea. 

Skenteh, *. An animal which will 

Seep, i. (1) A basket made of 
rushes or straw. Var. d. 
(2) A wooden measure. Zinc. 

Seepe, I. A Ashing vessel. North. 

Skek, c. To alide.or skate. North. 

Seers, (1) adj. {A.'S.) Clearj 
free; pure and unmixed. 

(2) V. To escape from. 

(3) V. To scare away. 
Seebbe, a. A cliff. See Sear. 
SEEaBT, a4f. Slaty, aaid of eoali. 


Seesb, e. To frisk about. Coma. 

Sket, (1) adv. Quickly: imme- 
diately. ' 
(2) I. (^..5.) A part ; a region. 

Sketch, i. A latch. North. 

Sekdl, d. To look askant. KnU. 

Skew, (1) adv. Aslope. 

(2) e. To cast oa one side. 

(3) .tF. To slope the edge of a 
itone ; to chamfer. Cotgr. 

(4) «. A sort of boat. 

(5) tr. To throw violeatly. JVorM. 

(6) I. An old cant term for a 

(7) V. To toss up. 

(S) t. A projection. Yorbk, 

(9) (wCJ. Piebald. Chah. 

(10) (. A bitd's Uil. 

(11) $. Thick drizzling rain of 
short duration. 0>mie, 

(12) e. To skewer. Somrrul. 


SsBw-BAUi, adj. Piebald. 

Uniif kc and you aball tlaie 

Og tlie tnat coumiBuio, uU! * 

fi ClUraclcr, f-clW. 
SiEw-BooLisH, a^j. SkitUah, said 

of a harae. Zinc. 
Skiwe, r. To fall im^ 
Seew.the-dew, t. One Tho ii 

Seew-wahp, kIei. A.wry. North- 

SEEW-KHirr, a<;e. Aalant. R^Mf. 
Sbewv, alio. Askew. Somtrnl. 
Seeti., d. To ovcrtuTD od one side. 

SvEiL-BSAiT, (. The partition of 

Skeyld, adj. Particoloured, yor*- 

Seevbe, e. To ran avay. ConuB. 

Seicb, e. To frolic sbonti to run 
alily. Smtlh. Siicer, a lamb 
nhich kilta itulf b) its excess in 
wtivily, Weit. 

Seid, (1) e. To hook the wheel of 
> WIggon in deacending a hill. 
The iroplement used for this pur- 
pose is i:alled a tkid-pan. 
(2) t. A sledge, or timber-cart. 

SciDDEr-cocE, (. The water-iail 

Seideb, t. A akate. Niirihttt»b. 

Seie, t. {A.-S.) A cloud. 

Skiev, (. A wheel of steel used 
instead of a coulter in lomepani 
of Liucoln shire. 

Seibi., I. A beer-cooler. Will*. 

Skiff, (1) a^. Awkward; dis- 
torted. Wett. 

(2) p. To shift; to remove. 

Skivf-dish, (. An implement uaed 
bj batten for forcing down the 


I. A shallow tub. lAac. 
urr.BANDED, a^j- (1) loeipert 
nith the hands ; unable to throw 
•traight. North. 
(2) Left-hinded. Soaurt. 

Tho iiij. >jfle of the floka 
Seril, owr« ijro fydecoke 
Fiyne*aJiLIi(y^i. ForKngtm^S. 

(2) V. (AS.) To ordain ; to 

(3) (. An appointment. 
Skile, (1) V. To sepwate. Durh. 

(3) I. An iron slice for akimmin; 
the fat off broth. North. 
(3) (. Reason. See SUIL 
Seill. (1) ». {A..S.) RaaoA. 

(2) e. To signify; to matter. 

It liiUi not, vhdher 1 1» kiod to aiiT 

Stirliy-i Otmatet, O. Fl.. ii. 3S. 

(3) e. To knowi to understand. 

(1) c. To huU oita. i)non. 
Skillet, *. A long-handled melal 

Skillch, *. An onthouse ; a pent. 

bouae ; a sort of pantry. Souih. 
Skilly, ». Water from boiling 

meat thickened with oatmeal. 
Seiltt-boo^s, t. Half, boots. 

Seilvinbb, t. The wooden frame 

fixed on a cart to widen it. 
SiiH, e. To mow. 
SEiHBi.B-8CAHBLB,a4J- Rambling; 

Hue*! K iw««t detl of teimbh.3Minbk 

Seiiie,(I)(. Arayoflight. Yorhh. 

(2) V. To look at a person in an 
underneath way, the head being 
held down. Line. 

Skihmbk, v. (1) To friak or flutter 

about. Eait. 

(2) To shine. Dta-A. 
Seimuinoton, I, A popular cere- 

moDj' of pnnishing a man who 

alU>wa himself to be beaten bj 

Seimfiho, a^. Scanty. Saatk. 
Skihpb, : The refute of in. 

SxiHrr, mf'* Sewitf, Lde. 


Skinch, t. To give •CBntmeainri 
to be pinching:. SOiichirig, an 
row-minded. Line. 

SuN-rLiNT, t. A miaer. 

SKiNor, a^. (1) Cold. Sufali. 

(2) Stingy. Liae. 
Seine, ^1) e. (_A.-S.) To pour o\ 

liquor ; to 311 the gUsa. 

itiukcL Ta/lar'M War 

(2) e. To serve liquor. 

Bnch viae u Gunyaiedfl doth 

DTJt« the fi 
liim. Sjtjrii]', /I 

(3) .. Driok. liquor, 

(4) », To drink. 

(6) V. To «py, or peer Rboat. 

(7) <. A popular term for the 
pawn lategt at breakfast. 

Seihkeb, t. (I) A cup-bearer. 
"Pociilator. Theprinceijfa'niijr, 
fillcup, or cap-bear(r." Nontaiel. 

Th« Fhrjglaa iHnitr, vith hl> laiiih 

■iKmer. Sfhata'i Dniartai. 

Hang np lU Ibe poor faop-drfnteri, 
CriBi DA Sro, tOA king ot iHnterj. 

Vat th; MDHrto, lirdT Mmim, 
Witty «n, and loitj drinktti ; 

And are djj and thirtty ever ? 

Seineino-fot, a. The Teasel from 
vhich the liquor la poured. 
Ornea, pot I tena le Tin. A cia or jag 
whorennl wine i> flUed Rnd powieil : 

SEINT.ST, ». Thin ikia. Fbrio. 
Skinneb, t. A dealer in ildai. 
Seinht, a^. Lean ; mUerly. S»NiJL 
Skif,*. (1) a ship. 

I 5EI 

(2) A basket made of rushes. 

(3) AuteneilfortakingupjelSt. 

3EIP-JACE, t. (1) A dwarf; a pup- 

pyish fellow. 

(2) The menrthoaght of a fowl. 

made into a little toy by a twisted 

thread and Small piece of stick. 
Skip-eennbl, «. Afootboy. 
Skifpbb, *. (1) The master of a 

(2) A cant term far s bam. 
SsiFrET, (, A wooden vessel for 

lading water. Line, 
SsippiMa-Bi-ocs, (. A block to 

assiit in mountingahorse. Norf, 
Seir, (1) V. To graze, or touch 

slightly i to jeik, Semeriel. 

(2) adj. Sharp. Sua. ^ee Steer. 
Seike, adj. Loose; open. Ltnc. 
SsiKOALiAHD, (. A gay feUovT. 

Skikl, (1) p. To scream. JVor(A. 

(2) V. To slide. Yortih. 

(3) t. ToshriTelup. Eat. 
i) I. Pebbles. North. 

gEiBHX, c. To skirmlsli. 
Skibb, d. To scour a country. 
Seibbit, I, Tbe waler-parsnip. 
SciUHOCE, I. A scrap; ■ trifle. 

Seibt, o. To aqniit. SHrltr, a 

syringe. Somtntt. 
Skibtinq, (. (1) The diaphragm 

of cattle. Somtrtet. 

(2) A sott of hair-ploughing, 

preparatory to beat-burning. 

Seibts, p. To lit i^im otu't iliirti, 
to meditate revenge against binl. 

Skisb, p. To nm fast. Wight. 

Seibte, r. To arrange; to manage. 
ScsthjUe ScaUlindii bf AjJlB 
Hg tolls' u kjm l;l[>i, 

Bd wmne It b ji wills. XotU AtlUn. 
(1) P. To slide. Somen. 
Dlarrhcea in animals. ZAae, 
A scud of rain. Devon, 
[i) a^. Hasty. 



Sim, 1 e. Mtrdit 

■KiTTCk, J Var. d. 
SKITI.T, adj. DiminutiTC. We,t. 
SKirm-iooTi, \t. Hilf boot), 

RKITTBIiVAHPB, J Uced in frOUt. 
SlITTia-BBAIHCD, adj. TboDght- 

Icu. JVorM. 
SiirraBtNO, a^. FUnuT- Demm. 
SxiTTER-iriT, $. A. hirebnincd 

fellow. Chak. 
Skittli, r. To b«cV. Wat. 
SciTTr, <. the moor-hcD. Somtrt. 
SciVB, r. (1) To p«re the thick 

parti of hidei before turning. 

Skivitigt, the piringg of hidei. 

(2) To tarn ap the eyei. Zinc. 
SiiTEft,*. Atkewer. ^mtr-mmd, 

dogwood. Wat. 
Skiwimiin, adj. \WTJ. Bail, 
Skiezli, (. A Urgie Uw. Bcul. 
Sileihb, I. A. curling inm. 
SsLBM, V. To ««*1 «Iyly. Htrtf. 
SiLisTE, (. A flat iDslnnnent for 

ipreadtus aaj'thint. 
SiosasR, I. The leg of on old 

ttocking, lued a* a gait«r in 

(now-time. Iforlh. 
Skool, (. The cry along the coaat 

when the herringi appeal flnt 

for the teaton. 
Skopk, c. To loiler. 
SioFPOLOiT, 1. Rom[nng and &o- 

Ucking. Sal. 

'.=:;}•• t-'-*) '..»«». 

Skotb, ». A prop. Wifht. 
SiomrEKs, (. {A.-S.) Archer). 
DiKorerli of icholtf'meiie 

Xorli JrUuri. 
Skodt, «. Theaak. NorOtimi. 
Skoie, t. A sheaf. Wal. 
SioHiK, s. To be ihackled. 
SsoiLEa, *. Ad old game played 

with pins. 
SxOTMOUt, ofi. 

14 SLA 

SKaAH, (1) D. To benumb with' 
cold. Smiurtel. 
(2) a^'. Benumbed; awkward. 

SuAuif, B. To grope about. 

Sired, v. To itride. Stmerut. 
Seubd, (. A border 'of dolha. 

Skkbbc, b. To creak. North. 
SiRKiHQs, B. To squeeze. Nertt. 
Skseht, d. To scorch. Wat. 
Sesiir, >. A magician's attendant. 

Dt. Dee appliea (hii terni to the 

person who looked for apirits in 

hii glass or holy stane. 
Sksiki, t. To shriek. North, 
Sekilb, I. Small underwood. South. 
Skbuntt, adj. Stunted. Cranat. 
Serusili, t. The cracklin of pork. 
Skbt, t. A coarse sieie. 
&Kwn, I. A pr«dpiee. North. 
Skdlk, tr. To sloop. Imc. 

SsuLi., I. A party, 

A kunsb ihiU of hojci ind sirta did 

pdt U him vitli lUiiu, 
And liTinz on with at&vn uid wbippea did 

bnake uoth AuK Emd t»Da- 

(Tukt'i iUtHmi Buflani, ISM. 

Sbubt, f. A trout. 

SKDtciiaB, (I) t. Fonlneu made 

with a dirty liquid. Somtrtet. 

(2) «. To make fouL Sotn. 
Sect, v. To crouch dowo. Kent. 
Seute, I. A small boat; a wherry. 
Skutt, adj. Smart; dean. Eatl, 
Set, p.(l) To shy. 

(2) To peep. Sb^. 
Sevbt.oJJ. Shyi relnctant. YerJtth. 
Seti, I. (^.-&) A cloud. 
Setub, v. To squint, line. 
Si,**, (I) ai(i. Adhesivet slabby. 

(2) ,. IJ.-S.) A wet pUce, or 
puddle. North. 

(3) I. Foot pavement. Line. 

(<) I. The outer cat of a tree 
when sawn op into planks. 
(i) I. A maaao'i boy ; a dmdge. 


SUl t 

(6) (. The wrrneck. Ifortlt. 
SLABBAB.D. adj. Sluggiih; slow; 

tardr, Pr. P. 
Slabbeh, e. (I) To dirty. ITeil. 

(2) To Bmear with ipitUe. SIa6. 
btring-bib, s cbQd'a breut-clotb. 

(3) To eat greedily. 
Slabbbbd^odllion, t. Ad old 

term of contempt. 
Slabbv, 01$. Sloppy. 
Slacbn-bdsh, t. The bUck thora, 

or tloe.tree. Nartfiampt. 
Slachb, «. To idle. Yarkth. 
Slaci. (1) {A.-S.) adj. Slow. 

(21 mi*. Low-»piriled; l»iy. 

(3) adj. Depieased, uid of (rkde. 

(i) a^. tladetdane, aud of 

bread or meat. Slaei-oven, One 

which bikes alowly. Kent. 

(5) V. To put off; to procraa- 

(6) I. A loDg pool in a itreamy 

(7) : Low pDand; b valley. 

(8) f. To cool in water. North. 

(9) D. Hingere. Wore. 

(10) V. To queocit the ihint. Ltic. 
81.ACEEN, t>. To fall in price. 
Slackbt, adj. Slim. Comw. 
Slacbtbacb, i t. a ilattera. 

■LACEnHTBAMi, / Line. 
Slack DMTWtBT, ». A ilatteru. 

Sladdbbt, a^. Wet and dirty. 

Sladb, (l}t. iA.-S.»!ad.) Avalley 

And utrit, that (a (laduud gloonydim 


L dried 1 

(3) (. A broad itrip of green- 
twird between two woodi, gene- 
rally in a T*lley. Norihampt. 
(i) I. A iledge. 

(5) «, To carry on « iledge; to 

i SU, 

StiDE-Dowtr, e. To draw back 

part of the monld into the inter- 

fiiTTDW, with the plough drag. 

ging, or itading upon iti aid* 

SLADEBTNa-naAO, «. A amall alid- 

ing carriage, without wheel*, 

drawn by one hone. ChtiX. 
Slab, t. A aloe. North. 
Slaeb, t. Aalylook. Btrkt. 
Slab, (1) «. Refuae 01 droal of 

orea ; atony coal. 

(2) adj. Miry. Pr. P. 
Slaobb, r. To ilacken. ff'eif. 
Slao, t. A aloe. Watm. 
Slaib, «. A bobbin. 
SLAir, t. A (hnllaw diih. Norih. 
Slaiv, (. Smut in corn. Csnii. 
Slaiht, v. To bring forth yonng, 

raid of cowB and marea. KaU. 
Slaib, d. To walk about idly or 

slovenly. North, 
Slaibu, t. Mud. Norlhvmb. 
Slaibtkr, p. (1) To beat aeverely. 


(2) To do aloTenly or »vk. 
wardly. Far. d. 

Slait, (1) r. To alake lime. Daott. 
(2} t. A place to which one it 
accuatomed; properly, a )hMp 
run. Wat. 

(3) p. To iccoatom. 

Slaib, (1) ir. (.,^.-5:) To Aoatt; 
to fail. 

(2) E. To anbiide; to qnench.' 

(3) P. {A.-S.) To untie. 

(4) p. To amear. For. d. 

(5) D. To lick or alabber. Line. 

(6) adj. Soft, aluBhy. Dwh. 

(7) (. An accumulation of mud. 

(B) t. Very imall coait. North. _ 

(9) p. To put out the tongue. 

(10) (. Leiaure; opportonity. 

(11) *. A light stroke. North. 
Slalk, adj. Violent t inflamed. 

North. - 


lAM, (1) . 

t of a 

(2) A (Cim U irhiat, UMd wben 
one part; iriaa a game before the 
other haa gained a trick. 

(3) V. To llirow tosetber lio- 
lenUf; to fling down ; to beat. 

(4) t. The tida, at the «Imi of a 
hill. Domt. 

(5) »4f. TaU and lean. Iforih. 
m *. A kind of miucle. Soitlh. 
(7) A pecnliar mode of ringing 
tbe belli. ffBrlhampl. 

(SJ V. To do aii;thing in a alo- 

Tenly manner. Ltie. 
Slam-bano, adv. With great no- 

ICUM. fPtit. 
Slamun, It. A famalt 

Bi.Aii>iaHciH, J iLaveD, 
Sl&mmack, v. To walk iloienlj, 

to do awkwardly. 
Slauuino, adj. Big. Wrtl. 
Slahpahbko, (. To cut of the 

rian^fWMiet, Or give tb« alom- 

SLAKTEAaH,*. Ailattan. YorMt. 
Slanb, *. Sloei. Dmm. 
Slaho, (. (1) A tort of ordnaBce. 

(2) The cant language. 

(jtj A long alip of land. Var.d. 
Slanoam, I. A ioatiih fellow, 
Slane, (1) 1. A ilope. Kent. 

(2) o4f. Slender. North. 

(Z)t. Sea-weed. 
Slant, (1) «. To ntnerate. 


(2) r. To mock. 

(3) ». A ily or indirect jdte. 
Northanipt. See SUni. 

Sunt, *. A alattetn. Wttl. 
6i^p, (1) oOb. Suddenlyi preeipU 

( iLK 

tatetj. Sltpbemf, tlap.diah, head' 

long, violently. 

(2)11. Toapillhqnor. fortiA. 

(3) >. To leU the tongue out. 

(4) t. A gap. Sonurttt. 
Slap-dabh, t. BoBgh-cait, in ma- 

tonry ; a coarte way of paiating 
the walU of a room. 

Slafx, (1) o^r. Slii^ry; toft. 

(2) V. To walk about the hooie 
with dirty ihoes. Oxfd. 

SLAPB-rAca, I. A faic-apoken hy- 
pocrite. li»e. 

Slapii., t. A large piece. Sun. 

Si.Ap.aoD9K, «. AtciiUery, JVh-M- 

Slappiho, (1) a4}. Very lai^. 
(2) Cotaff ■ tlvpi^- g«nK to 
gather cawalipi. Northampl. 

Slatpt. ai$. Impoifeclly baked. 

SI.AP-BAIICS, f. A parautc. "A 
Uckediib, a lickeriih fallow, a 
•fafiMiMf." NoTnatrlaler, 15$b. 

SLAp-aHou, I, Shoe* with looae 

Slake, (1) «. To imaar. Sloryw 
bedaubed, Eatt. 

(2) I. A hint; an impUed re- 
proach. LiM. 

Slakt, (1 ) P. To apkab ; t» 'ht- 
daob. Yorith. 

(3) P. To Itlte. Hir^ 
(3) t. A quantity. Liat. 

3i,AM,(l)a. AgMh. roTjb*. 

(2) B. To intertwine. 
Slabsiho, aif). Wild; gay. 
3I.ABHT. adj. Sloppy ; miry. Nerlk. 
Slat, (1) p. To ittike ; to 1I19 ; to 

beat againat with Tioteaoeb 

(2) (. A tlap, or blow. 

(3) V. To apUt ! to ciadt. ITerf, 

(4) e. To incite. North. 

(5) g. A ipot, or stain. TorltO. 

(6) part. jf. Dirtied i weitad. 

(7)*. An iron healer foe amoetk 
ing linen. Samenel. 


SLA ( 

(SJ t. Tbe flat step of k Udder. 

(9) V. To drip at raa down. 

Midi. C. 
Slat.aee, >. A nuttock «ith k 

ihort UG at one end. Dtv, 
Slatch, I. A. short gleam of fine 

Slatcbin, 01^'. Untidy. Cumb. 
Slate, (1)0. To btit an animal ; to 

{2) p, To ba augrj. 

(3) t>. To ridicule. Var. d. 

(4) 1. An old cant term for a 

(5) t. A pod or husk. Hantpih, 

(6) adj. Applied to a woman 
when ber petticoat Mis belovr 
bcr gown. 

Slate.kibs, (. The joint of beef 
belween the top.riba and the 
brisket ; the short rib*. MidL C. 

Slate.btonks. t. Slatei. 

Slathih, t. To slide. NortK 

Slats, t. (1) Dark blue ooce, left 
by the ebb of the ae*. Suff. 
(2) CroBi piecei nied in bardie*. 
Midi. C. 

Slatteb, «. To waate \ to apill ; fo 
be negiigeat or tlorenly. 

Slattsbpottch, 'la. A boj'a 


Wien thcj wcra bojn >1 trap, or ilnltcr- 
T£^ twtaX. Oayim, ftri, Ngttt, p. M. 

SLATTKEtHS, «. Belio. Ltoit. 
Slattbbt, adj. Wet. 
Slatt, adj. (I) Uuddjr, 

(2) lucnuted inaide, aa a kettle 

after long uae. Leic. 
Sladohmebi,*. (Cirm.) A aabre. 

BnIdH tliMe, we b»e the fienw Bn- 

pyku ind cothui ilai4fiiiiaui. 


Slavm, e. To amear. Ue. 

SI.AVBR, 0. To atnun liquor. 

1 .. {A..N.) A pil- 
J grim's manlle. 

Slatbb, (1)11. Toalobber. 
(2)«. Saliva. 

Slavtkn, a. A large piece. Aim. 

Slawb, lA.-S.) part, p. Slain. 

Slat, (1)i, "Theafay ofaweavet'a 
1 ooDie haling t*eth like a combe." 
Nbmenel. The word is still uaed 
in the north for the part of the 
loom that is pulled h; the hand 
among the threads. Norlh. Then 
are peraopa at Norwich who 
call tbemselvea ireddlt-and-ilaj/. 
tmaJkertfOT avaU-and-siaie-Tiiaitrt, 
who make some part of looms 
for weavers. 
(21 a. Coaiae wooL Sevoia. 

(3) a. A lane or way cat throngh 
a whin, broom, or other cover. 

(4) I. Wood cut and Uid in t«- 
gulat TOWS, for tying up. Slay- 
iMotlk, a sort of hordle. Sent. 
(a) aift>. As willingly. » I woold 
afay do it aa not." Seauriet. 

Slat-window, a. A window with 
a casement opening by tuining 

Idiff. Plima;r. 

r. Satt, 

Sle, v. (AS.) To slay. 

Slea, v. To wither or dry, applM 

especially to corn. Clieih. 
Slbah, v. To slumber, tone. 
Slbavk, p. To tear down. Hei^. 
Si.BAVB-Bii.K,'! t. The soft floB-tilk 
BLBAVK, / used for weaviag. 
TLe hub with datfidiUiea aif;ht, 
WJth Eru^ like iltane. wu mailed. 


Thm idle, imsialerul skein of (MtHitt. 

Siatcip., Tro. f- Crm., T,l. 

Slboi, (1) e. Ta aaauage; te 

(2) B. To cool. Nora. 

(3) B. To splash. Northaaipt, 

(4) a. Small pit coal. Yorktk. 
<&) V. To make sleek. Pabgr. 

Slecxins, a. Weak liquor. NwlK 
SuD, (1) a. A aledgc. 


SLB ec 

(2) (. A ilcdge hammer. 

(3) 9. To valk Umeir or hob- 
bling. Yorith, 

Slide, <. A Till e;. See SImb. 
Slsdob, v. To (hift off. Dttrh. 
Slidgik, t. The lower itone Id the 

hopper of n milL 
Slidik, a4f. ('^.-S.) Blipper;. 
SLED-raoDOH, I. A penon iluggiah 

in hii gait. Crmai, 
Slu, «. A >lae-lree. N^orth. 
Slicch, (1) t. Mud, the deposit of 

« the » 

■. See 

Slad Kod SIotA. 

(2) P. To dip op water. North. 
Sl-SKKE, P. To milce aniooth. See 

Slbkibk, I. Ad impIemcDt al iron 

foi draiDing the iluDt Uken from 

SLKEPKa,*.(0 Abeamofwoodiup- 
porting something on the ground. 

(2) The gtump of ■ tree left in 
the ground. Norf, 

(3) Grain! of barlejr which do 
not Tegetate in malting. SAropiA, 

(4) A raiblighL Norf. 
StBBr-eiCK, adj. 

Apid Epieim. tboB nther ilqrt'iC, thj Hlf, 
Wben Uioa didit fbije thee inch ft tUep- 
lia eU. S/Ualti'i Duttrli. 

Slbbp-wobt, (. (ffir.) Letlnce. 
Slebpt, oijr. Tuteleii; iniipid. 
Slkib, (I) ». {A.-S.) A Uiyer. 

(2) p. To iwillorwashout. Ltir. 
Slbebk, b. To give a leering look. 

Slerinfffilloie, acunning fellow, 
lo nuke Iheg dretiac (ir thou cuit hnre, 
ThiU tonnoo hwnu on Mn-mm, ihcra 
Sia ilHTuin Kome, idlli fbola nofimdiit 
0B fptiiuid itf Gnca i bat Hre Gkc cn^inf 

Mow Dp ftlitfL then itnigkt oravbelni'd 
Move. £Hui,SmHvic/A%,iail. 

Slutb, >. (1) {Fr. la mmche.) 

England and France, oeeanii* 
Britatmiaa." Colei. 

(2) 0. To clMTe. North. 

(3) «. The cuttle-fish (?) 
StztT, {I) a4/. Oblique. Pr.P. 

(2) *. Cow-dung. Yorhih. 
SLiavs-RiiND, (. The cuff attached 
to a ileeve ; alio for the wriitband 
ofaihirt; "poignel de bi cbemue, 
the (Iee(ie-A>nuj of a shirt." Col- 

•kirtt, and aUttt-Mtndt ^amiabcd vith 
tMHaa ol fiAd. 

Ziiomi'i CtlliclMvt, ti, BS6. 

SLserBLBBe, n^. ?ntile, nseleu. 

SlkbzV. See Siazf. 

SLtrr, pari. p. Sluhed. Somertel. 

Sleidbd, a4j. Raw, Dotwisled, a* 

Slbiqh, <l4j. {J..S.) Cunning. 

Slbiqbt, (1) *. {A.~S.) Con- 
trivance; the knack i^ doin^ 
(2) adj. Smooth. 

&LXIHT, pari, p. Shpped; pushed. 

" LIH, ».(X-S:) Cunning 1 con- 

Slbh, V, Tn slope. SoTnerM. 
~i.BNCH, (I) E. To hunt private!]', 
aa dog) do to steal food. North. 

(2) V. To cnt only one side of a 
hedge. Cheth. 

(Z) p. To quench the thirst. 

(4) (. The part of a cow close 
to the hritVet. Wft. 
Ilbnt, (I) B. To slope; to ahde. 
(2)(. A gentle slope. 

(3) ■. A wittidam or sarcasm. 

(4) p. To Jest, or be sarcastic 

One Pratfiu, ■ plnuniit nnctitcd 
mm, and thit onU ilnl Iselj. It. 

(5) A deep puddle, or amall pit. 

(S) p. To rend, or tear. Jhrut.. 
S1.BPB, p. To drag. 


Elebkib, (. The Iparerib. Wat. 
Slktch, p. Tq itop. ffighl. 
Slsti, e. To let a dog at anytbini;. 

Slbutb, I (. The track of an 
8LEUQH, Unimal. SleulA-hound, 
BLTTTH, J a bloodhound. 
Slkdth, «. A herd of bears. Bookt 

i^HimHng, 1586. 
Slbcibb, ». {A.-S.) Sloth. 
StKVB, e. I^A.-S.) To cleave. 
Sliw, n) n. To turn round. 

(2)e. To became drunk. rorAfA. 

(3)». AiortofsioTC. 
Slewbb, v. To give mvj. 
SLBr, >. A weaver'a reed. North. 
Slibbkh, (I) adj. Slippery. 

Noir the moimMUiikl ue u bniie ig 

of men who u if Ihey wi^nt to l»w wilK 
a diKue, pity bootj wiili a sidkueeB, 

and purge thm wane then their doe) [ch. 
£ocr Sobin, \tM. 

(2) r. To aUp or lUde. Nortti- 

SuBBBR-SLABBEK, a<^'. Verf care- 

Slicb, I. (1) A Are abovel. Wetl. 

(2) An implement for himinj 

meat in frying. Paltgr. 
Slicb-sea, adj. 
TliewiDdiiiE rivenbordered all their banln 
With ilicMsa nlden, and grecD Dainra loil, 
With trcmblijif poplart^ and with willowa 

And many tr«t beuile. At to he made 

Sgltallr'l Zlnlisrlal. 
Slicben, adj. Smooth. Lane, 
Slice, (1) adj. Smooth; ebpper;. 

(2)fl4*- Clear; eniirely. mil. 

(3j (. Rabbit'i donm. Ea»l. 

U) p. To make ileek. 

(6) tr. To run awav. Leic. 

Slickih, adj. Smooth. Lme. 

SiiCKBHsiDEa, *. A apeciet of 
mineral sulntance in minei in 

S1.1CKET, a. A thin ilice. fltr*». 

Sliceino.btonb, >. An implement 
for sharpening seithea, made by 
gluing sand or emery on both 
aides of a flat piece of wood. Zeie. 

SLicEtEB, «. An idler. Devon, 

S'Lin. An exclamation, or oath. 

find I ibal 


Ue klHe hei though. 

Bivulalfk'i Jminlai, lUO. 
SitDBK^, pari. p. otilide, 
Sliddeh, (1}!'. To slide. 

(2) adj. Slippery. 

(3) •■ Alongpieceof greensvard 
between two furlongs. North. 

Slide, a. A sledge. 

Slide-bdtt, $. A dung sledge: 

Slide-oboat, t. The game of 

StiDEBs, t. Beams supporting 

shafts in mines. Norlh. 
Slieb, e. To look slily nith an evil 

design. Glow. 
S'LirE, t. An exclamation. 

Marshal dr 

re beholding, these 

Slift, $. (1) A slip. ay. 

(2) The fleihjr part of • leg of 
beef. Eatl. 

(3) A scion of a plant, for pnt- 
pagatiOQ, not cut, but pulled off 
at a joint. Norf. 

Slitter, (1) D. To crack. 

{2)». A crevice. Laac. 
Sliobt, (1) «. An artifice, or COD- 


And mat, aMB'i bj mi^c riiiUf , 

htiof.. jG«^, ii; C 
(t) I. A triOe. 7«f. 
(3) «. To ii«D linn. 
(4)0. To cut. 
(!>) e. To alike lime. Devvn. 

(6) e. {Dvlch. tlyten, to weir.) 
To -wetT. "You'll KMn ri^A/ 
np tbiX thin coit." JVorf. The 
prtl, t.isdsf, xad pa$l p. tlUttn. 

(7) (. Wur and teu. ^or/: 
'Sliomt, I. An eiclsmition, con- 

tricted from " by Ihii light." 

Sliohtt, adj. Slim. £iuf. 
She, «$. (.^.-5.) Such. 
Sliu, (1) V. {j1..S.) To make 

(2) a4i. Smooth; ileek. 

(3) e. To ilide. 
{«) P. To cleave. 

Slieeib, b4/. Smooth, 
Slih, (1) adv. Sly ; cnSy ; Vorth- 
leBB. Var. d. 

(2) (. A wortbleu fellair. 

(3) p. To do work in t cweleu 
or deceptive manner. Sim. 

(4) To $Um tbe teeth of the pigs, 
by giving tbem their meat too 



To ilip or pui qnickly. 

Sliu BEK, *. To lie at eue. GbtK. 

Slihe, (1) V. To mnie without 

dropping; a term in rtlconry. 

And ilKi Alii dcuH mid keep clean 
aU, Ukd all mimuT of putidi, |rtiddlea, 
damt, apriafB, locki. rnnlvti, becka. 

ttuua, and liangsmui qaagniirn. 

Sliuut, edf. Of itight texture. 

SLtHstACEET, i^f. Vtif thin iu 

texture*! flabby. Eatt. 
SuKir,adj. Lazy ; dawdling. A^. 
Slinch, e. To *iie»k ofT. Dur/t. 


Slino, v. (1) To cut. 

(2) To move quickly. 

(3) To bring forth young ptt- 
matarely. Siut, 

Slinoe, (1) I. A blow. 

(!) v. To iknlk about. NeriA. 

(3) F. To cringe. Nortkampt. 
Slinsib. *. One who iteala, Ac, 

from dotbieia, materiala to ba , 

worked up or finished. 
Slihobt, (. A alip of ground. 

Slink, (1) adj. Slender. Saff. 

{2)m. a ineakingfelioK. Nitrtk. 

(3) t. A premature calf. 

(4) t. A patch of vret paatnre. 

Slin-pole, (. A limpIetoB. Dee, 

SLt?, (1) (. A nooae, e>|wci»ll7 

that in which greyhounds were 

held, before Ihey were luffeied 

to atart for game. 

Eren aa a grcwnd which honlcn bold in 

Doih itrirt to link tbe itring, or ili^e tba 

(2) P. To loose a greyhound from 
the tBp. 

(3) (. A lort of counterfeit 

Jtom. What eonntarfrit did I gjre yoa ? 
McT. The (Up. lii, tkc lbs . on jgu not 
Cgnceiii? Sliii]irrf.,Som. i- Ji,l.,a, t. 
CertaiD iNfu. vliich an coimUrfoit 

with liWer, wbick tho 
all ilift. 
TkemafmOin/ tul, fi, 

pMiige betweeD 

(4).. Ana, 

two buildinga. 

(S) (. An outude coveringt a 

■healh, A maker of eheatha for 

Bwordawas called a Mteard-tUpef. 

(6^ : Clay ready for the potter. 

mv. To cast a foal prematnrtil;. 

(8) (. A young pig. Camw. 

(9) I. A butterfly. Somtrtel. 
Slipcoat-chebsb, I. A sort of 

cheeie mentioned at the clOM of 
the 17th cent. 


8LI a 

SiiPK, (I) e. To take twxj tbe 

(2) J. A alice; >>Up Iforlh- 

Sliffbb, (1) adj. Slipperj, 

Tlis miglilj VolgM >UWIj itiMBU, 
In winter lUpprr at the jliMf . 

TnrierBilWi Efiit'apkrtaiuiSo'iiuttBt, IGM. 

(2) t. A gkidpsn. ^erfr. 
Slipfeky-whelps,>. Dropdump- 

lings. Su/1 
Slipfid, aiij. Slender. Suuex. 
StiPPY, offc. Very quick. 
Slip-shelikrs, t. Eipe nuti, lUCli 

as eaiiljr leave the husk. Warvi. 
Sup-SBoK, I. A loose Aoe, or 

slipper. Still in use io Noifolk. 

Under thii a pair of ali« dnwen, 

or red Sip^tkoa, picked at tlie ue, ud 
pktcd oa the uaL 

*»■*•», WS3, 

The left-hand «)de. 



Slipbthino, (. A knsTe. 
Slik, t. To slide. KoHk. 
SLutaDF, V. To Up np a liquid 

Boitil;. 5ut. 
Slissb. «. A large iledge, f^rmerlT 

used in agriculture. NortK 
Slit, (1) D. (^.-5.) To ideave, or 

cut through. 

(2 ) a. A part of the dress. ^U- 
eote, a Coat open in the froBt. 

The tiuB ■"• roairti out of wilt. 
And toke tlie ra»iiui)[er bi (lie dil. 

Artiour tad MarliM, f. M. 

(3) I. PudendniQ f. JVbrfA. 

(4) t>. To ihTust back a loi± 
without the Icey. Sh»». 

Slits, a. The plant cidamani. 
Slitheb, d. (1) Td slide. 

(2) To lounge about, lele. 
Slithbbind, ai^. Slow ; indolent ; 

slippery, in character. Line. 
Slitih, tdj. Wearied. 
SLnTBmT, a. Treacle boiled bnrii 
Slit^ (1) r. (A.-S. sijM.) To 

■lice, or cMp ott; to ipbt. 


(2) a. AslipiieHp. 

(3) a. To slip down. Fal/ffr. 

(4) V. To dreu eareleanly; to 
have the dress rumpled, Cumi. 
(a]ii. Toineak; toskulk. A'lH'M. 

iLiTE-ANDKBW, «. An idle feUoW. 
iLivxNp^rf.p. Glided down. 
(lives, a. (1) A slice; a splinter. 
(2) A wooden imiilemeiit formerly 

mug y, 

(3) A slop « 
navigators. Line. 

(4) A lock of combed wool. 
Slivekly, adj. Dceeitful. Line. 
Slitino, (1) .. Ablo«. 

(2) a. A slop won) bj hawkm. 

(3) ii4r. Lazy ; bad. North. 
Slizc, r. To look sly. Willi. 

^BLON ["-(-^-^O To slay. 
Sloacb, e. To drink hard. Norlh- 

Sloits, (. The trade of a waggon. 

Slob, a. The itar-fish. Ifurl*. 
Slobbbb, aif. Untidy ; wet. (Pea/. 
Slobbbber, a. (1) A slovenljr 

farmer. Norlh. 

(2) A jobbing tailor. For. J. 
Slobbbby, a^j. Sloppy. 
SLoa-rDBBonriNQ, a. A me^od 

of ploughing. Narf. 
SLDCK,(I)t>. To induce; to entiM 

•enanti from ttaeir placas ; to 

steal. tPitt. 

(2) adj. Loose. Sua. 
BLDGEEN,e. To shake; to ^nench; 

to suffocate in rand. 
Slockbt, e. To pilfer. Benb. 
SLocxino-aroNB, a. A rich and 

tempting stone of ore. Cornv. 
Sloceibt. adj. Slovenly. Sun. 
Slocebteb, (1) r. One tbat slockt 

or eatices away men's serrBOU, 

(2) p. To waste. Samert. 
Slod. {\)prel.t. SUd. 

(£) r. To wade through mire. 

(3) a. A short cake baked bcAn 
tbe ymoA goea into the orra. 


SLO 8 

StODinK, J. Wet mod. Wnl. 
Slodb, {i)prtt. I. S|ilit:*Upt. 
(2)*. The track of eart-wheeli. 

Su>rp, p. To Mt *lo*enlj. 

Sj-oo, p. To lag lichind. 

SLOBAKDia, (. {A..S.) Sloth. 

Sloooib, v. To be bIotcdI;, or 
negLgent. Far. d, 

Sldooit,!. a iloTcn. Norlhtt/Hpl. 

Sloohi, (. A bog; a ilangh. 

Slouae, <u{|. Untidy. Weil. 

Slohb»e,'|>. ( J.-A) To ilum- 
■LOMBB, / ber. 

Slomuaeik, ai{). SlarenlT ; uDtidf. 

Slohouu, 1. Slumber. 

Sloh, <t4l. Sly. Comb. 

Slonb, (!) B. (AS.) To bUj. 
(2) t. The iloe. West. 

SiosBKV*., part p. Cait, 

Slonu, v. (Firm.) To devour. 

Sloo, (. (I) A alough. 

(2) The inner bony prominence 
from the quid part of i coVs 
horn, vhich bleedavhen broken. 

Slood, I. A deep cirt-mt. CAah, 

Sloox, *. A gentie ileep. 

ShoOUY, adj. Dull; (low; iniCtiTe. 

Slooh, pari. p. Slda. 

SLOor, D. To chai^. Wilti. 

Slof, (J) (A.-S.) I. An onter gar- 
ment iDMie of linen ; a smock- 
frock; a night-gown. 

(2) t. A buakin or tammer boot, 
ft^uonable in the ISlh cent. 

(3) a. A pocket. Lane. 

(1) e. To bend, or bevil. North. 

(5) P. To wel, Wal. 

(6) I. The itep of a gate or 
ladder. Norlh. 

(7) t. Underwood. £ait. 
Slofb, e. To defraud. NorlA. 
SLonTt,adj. Rotten throngb duDp, 

applied to Tegetablei. Sortel. 
SLor-Hoas. See Sb^. 
Sloppes, ai^. Loom. Somerttt. 
Sloffbti, a. A ilul. Lane. 
Slop*, : 'Wide breechei. 

t SLO 

A denda «tfi^ bIqh c«di^ to jonr docke. 

How fall of choln be ii ! jet go long ■■ 
thoH hiiie fflopj BwiEge about him. ho 
vill be !■ niae comptiiH- 

Vki fai fit Mixme, ltO>. 
Slof-ullbb, a. A dealer in old 

Sloke, (1) I. Dirt ; mad. 

(2) p. To grup. Lane. 
Slobf, v. To aob heavilj'; to eat 

in vulgar manner. Norlh, 
Slokbisd, pari, p. Bedaubed, 

Slosky, (1) D. To daub, or toil. 

(2) I. The blind worm. EaU. 
Slot, (1) i. A fort. 

(2) I. The elaap or bolt of a door. 

<S) I. The print of a deer'i foot 

on the ground. 

(4) V. To track. Han^ih. 

(5) t. A iinall quantity. Nortk. 

(6) «. To slaih ; to aubiide. 

<7)f. A young bullock. North. 
(B) I. Sticky clay. Zinc. 

(9) >. A wide diwb. Devon. 

(10) *. A hollow tuck in adien. 

Slotcb, I. A (loven; ft elownith 

Slots,*. (l)The pit of the st«. 

(2) The bar of a gate or Udder. 
Slotkb, ». To stab. Midx. 
Sloth, >. A slough. 
Sloi^eb, (1) t. Filth; liquor apitt. 

(2) V. To beipatter with mud. 
SiLOTiisa, adj. Slovenly; wicked. 
Slottit,!!. Towalksllpshod. WetL 
Slouch, I. (1) A laiy or lubberly 

(2) F. To put the foot in water. 

Slocdbino, adj. Loutiab. Dee. 
Slovqb, {^pret. I. Slew. 

(2) (. Tbe cast skin of a snake, 
or of any animal. 

(3) *. Thealimeof anakea. Lout. 

(4) (. A husk. North. 
Sloum, it. To slumber. Yoriih. 


8L0 S 

Slookoi, (■ An idler. NerlA. 
Slodth, t. A herd af bean. 
Slots, pret. I. of ilivt, 
Slotbw, (l);iar(.jj. Divided. 

(2) (. A knne. , 

Sloten-wood, t. Southernwood. 

Slow, (1) (. ^J-S.) A ■laggu'd. 

(2) a4f. DqU; blunt. 
S1.0W-BACK, (. A BlaggaiiL 

like BiXa, they went (bout with impn- 

njlmg Ht him u ( tisv-bftdie ind 

Stownr, «. A doten. Yarkth. 
Slowe, (l)e. Toiltckcn; to make 

(2) t. (.4..£.) A moth. 
SLOwiN,j>r(f. f.^. Tbey tleir. 
Slownkb, I. (J..S.) Sloth. 
Slow-wosu, (. Tbe blind-wono. 
Sloz, e. To pilfer. Willi. 
Slot, (. A ilnggBrd ? 
Havtcdiuuwera cih!oe,i ili></,i'naU)ii, 

A fosrth In 



. Anj Tiicaoi labitaoee. 

(3) r. To do alorenly. 

(4) p. To be»t up. 

(6) p. To dreii wool. North. 


Slcbbbkbb, «. A tauchieron* or 

torbolent fellow. 15M cenl. 
Sldd, (. Mire. 

SLDDDBtt.B. ToeatjIovenly.A'brtA. 
Slukb, p. To glide. Dnon. 
Sluq,p. (1) To lay in bed late. 

(2) To be iiegligent. Yorkth. 
SLca.A.HED, I. A aluggard. 
SLvaaABDT-auiBB, (. The habit 

of ■ tluigaid. IFeit. 

Slcqot, oifj. Slaggiih- 

of hom han^ng Idom ona cow'a 
SLUo-HonNDS. See SkutA. 
SLUMBBT ;"*■ Sleepy. 
Sluiip, (1) 1. Mud, orboggj earth. 

(2) p. To itip or link into a bog ; 

to fall in tbe dirt. 
Sldne, I, An abortiTC calC Sail, 
Slukkch, adj. Shriielled ; lean. 

Slub, (1) f. Thin mad. EomI. 

(2) P. To Blip a die out of the 
box 10 ai not to let it turn. 

(3) t. A alide. Midf. C. 
Sldr-bow, (. A Bort of bow fbr 

Slubbup, v. To iwallow greedilf 

and noiaily. iVoi^. 
SLDHiir, p. (I) Toimear. Nor/k. 

(2) To do negligently. 
SmttT, adj. Slutliih. tferlh. 
Slush, (1)«. Wet mud. 

(2) p. Toipill. Var.d. 

(3) adj. Wafteful. Nora. 

(4) p. To wash with much otter 
without rubbing. 

(5) t. A draokard. Neaic. 

(6) (. Poor or diteased cattle. 

SLDsg-iiiiciET, a. A great drinker. 

Slct-obati, (, Orating in the 
hearth, through which tbe ubei 
fall, leading the cinden. Leie. 

Slut, i. An apron. Lane, 

Sldttt, adj. Dirtj. 
Slt.bootb, (• A >ly fellow. 
5lti>oh, (. CDnning. Cornm, 
Sltghe, <n$. Craftj; aly. 
Shack, (1) «. A abp. 

(2) adv. Suddenly, or ahirplr. 

<3} «. The Buien uil of a thip. 


Smack Bft, v. to Uu. 

Smace-bmooth, adv. (1> Beck- 


(2) Quietly; pleumtl;. 
Smalb, (1) a^. SnuU. 

(2) f. A hare'i form. £uf. 
Smali., (1) (. The afock of ■ piUv. 

(2)<irff. Young. Narlh. 

(3) arf>. Poor i weak. 
SIIALL1.0B, f. WeMr pinley. 
Smallohb. t. Small quanlitiei. 

Sh AIJ.T, a^j. Very imiU. 
SuABADOB,*. A ipeciei of emenld. 
Shabkt, I. A wgmui'B ihift. Dort. 
Smabt, (1) adj. HuCy ; iwift. Leic. 

(2) adj. Fioelf dmsed. 

(3>aE{r. Considerable. 

h) adj. In good health. Her^. 

(5) p. To andergo ; M iojure. 

SitAKTtSB, adj. Middhng. BtrJtt. 
Smakylb, V, To waate away. 

Smabtwbui,*. The plant anmart. 

SMAeBBB, «. (I) A patter of caan. 

teifeit coin. 

(2) A pitman. NorlD. 

(3) A tmall gDotebeny pie. 

(4) Anything Tery luge. 

(b) An employer who compels 

hit workmen lo buy gooda at a 

tmck-ahop. JVo>^ 
SuATCH, (. A Uate ; a Itiroui. 
Shaiteb, p. To intermeddle. Calet. 
Shawm, e. To smear. Donel. 
Shat, b. To refuse. SliropaA, 
SuBAGSE, a<$. Lean. £iuf. 
Smbath, «. (l)The»aiew {Mer- 

gat aliellia). 

(2) An eitenaivB open level. 

Shecen, v. {AS.) To taite. 
Smebes, I. (j1..S.) Flour. 
Smidub, t. Meal. Dwh. 
Smeddm, f. Duat. Ifetl. 
^"""'I*- A stench. Dimn. 

SiiiKca, t. Dast or snuAe ob- 
scuring the air. Var. d. 

Smeeot, <2(|r. In a state between 
aweetneu and Umt. 

Smgbter, (. A tcimitsr. DeiUr. 

Smeetb. (1) V. To amooth. North. 

(2) B. To rub with toot. Narfk. 

(3) t. A level {riun. Ao>/. 

SUBEE, V. To flltt«r. 

Smbeid, 04;. Smoky. 
SHELL-rEAST, (■ A panuils. 

Vn iHlilin. BO WmocI, airi tnit Is lo- 
piu. Apiru^te: Biinc((6uf: iflot- 
terer : k trendHT'triBlld. NommelaL 

Sh ELLIN o-CHBTB, (. (1) An or- 

L-aMoCE,a. A great wencher. 

Ueruiu. Capiloliiio, mDlkmna, 
ano^liijw.Theocr. BsoE Inii toua- 

SuELT, (. (l>Agnll; atinpletnB. 

(2) A cant name for a half- 
guinea. See M*g. 

(3) The apading. IfartA. 
SuBLiENE, adj. {A..S.) Odorife- 

(Z) .. (4..S.) Grease. 
SuBBBWOBT, *. The belt nercnry. 

SuEBTB, (1) V. To smart. 

(2) adj. and adv. Quick ; faat, 
Smbte, (Ijjire^f. Smote. 

(2) «. A blow. 
SuETB, I. An ointment for taking 

away hair. 
Smbthe, a>$. (J.-5'.) Smooth. 
Smetbi-man, I. (_A.-S.) A amith. 
Shedsb, t. A hare's track. 
SMiDEEE,(l)«{i. Amoroua; imiik- 

ingi fawning. 

(2) V. To look anoromly or 



Ko, no, I ue I cu mike Ion Vnt 
JloMiuHl, Tl^ Jfu'i lit Jtulcr, IMl. 

Shicket, I. A imock ; • woman'i 

Sjiiddt, «. A imitlir. 

Smiddt-odu, 1. The refuse of ihe 
■midd;. North. 

SiiiD-MEAi, (. Coitte meai. Wettm. 

Smib, (. A sm^ kind of fi>h. 
"Apu«,*m>(." JV'omfiicl. " Ib 
E«Bex iB I fyaihe called * tnte, 
whyclie, if lie be longe kept, will 



To ferment. North, 
(i) I. (PeiliBpa from A.-S. ttmy- 
gela, a cone;-ho1e). The aiuall 
gap in « fence made and uied by 
a hire ot rabbit. Noif. 

The splecm of an mi- 

Smibch, v. To innv. Her^. 
SuiRE, a({i'. Neat; trim. 
Suit, {Vjpre: t. Smiteth. 
(2) : A cot 

(4] I. RecreatioB ; putime. 
(h) V. To mack abeep. 
\6)patl.p. Uariied; adorned. 

(1) t. To mar ; to deatro]'. Dtt. 
(8) J. A black apot. L(mc. 

Skitcb, I. Dirt ; amoke ; dnlt. 

Suite, t. A Tery imall portioii. 
Smitck, I. A tcimitiLr. See Smeefer. 
SuiTBE, P. (A.-S.) To forge. 
SuiTHBH, V. To tcatter meat on 

die h nard before baking oat-caket. 

Shitsxs, (1) a^. Light; actiTe ? 
fiinn w» ntilia and imerte, 

^lUiiH ifAitlir, ilii, 10. 

(2) f. Light run. Ent. 
{3)e. To wear away, aa iron 
nhbing agahnt iron. Nmihaa^t. 

Shitheb», : Fragment*. 
'Shii^bky, (. A imithr. 
SuiTHu-coAL, I. Minerd coal. 

"Seacole; imtlhe* eaUi atone 

cole." NovKKcl. 
SuiTHDM, (. Tbe du9t or powder 

of lead ore. SiaffonUh. 
IWCTS, (. Particles of toot. Craem. 

Imittoce,*. a Terj imkll particle. 

Shttt, (. Tbe anntr of a candle. 

Ikdck, (1) t. AwoTnan'llhift 

(2) r. To be addicted to women. 

iuocE-FACiD, adj. Beardleta. 

SmoCk-uill, (. A windmill atand- 

ng on wood alone. Eait. 

□□I, B. To smear, or smndge. 

Smoke, e. (l)Tofindoutj to di*- 

i&moD ; thev pniy 

(2) To aboie. DePtit. 

(3) To beat soTerely. Norlk. 
SuoEiNQ-incK, !• A firebrtnd. 

SuoLT, (1) ladj.) Mild. 

(2) mCi. Smooth and ahinrng. 

(3) «. The young of the salmon. 
Shook, v. (1) To amear. North. 

(2) To imoolh; to pat. Wnl. 
Smookw, •. To araear. Siat. 
SuooT, (I) *. To pat) through 

with difHcnlty. North. 

(2) (. A narrow passage, iinc. 

extirpating hair. 
SuooT-goLE, (. A hole in a feace 

far hares or sheep. North. 
Smooth-eban, 1. Tbe «m>oth 

Smofflb, a^. Ciitpi brittle. 

Shore, (I) «. To anothcT. 

(2) V. To iwarm. Ba*t. 

(3 I, A awarm, or crowd. Enl. 
SuoBTB, V. To e^joy one'* aeU. 


Shot, pret. t. {A.-S.) Bnilu 
SuoTCH, V. To Uot; to 

Smotbblich, ml'. Smatty. 

Hot I 

daub. Someritl. 
(2) (. Smokioeii, 

ig fln drinking «( KlUi^diipcae, 

But Diit the 

And hv vnnid teach bli btmino lomD 

Fnaili, Jtwc'li, Itiliui, they the like 

Bat tb' £Dgliih to di^nee tiiem lU did 

Hie BOH •iHVid imoLe irith 1117 eou elire. 
Saclxmii, Kiuaa tfSp. ^ S, o. d. 

SuoTHBB-ri.r, (. The beui iphii. 
SuoTLT, adv. Pleuantly. 
Smottkr, a^. Smug. 
SHoncB, (1) t, A loud or cosne 

(2) «. A low hat. Dmon. 

(3) e. To iiDDggle. SmoueA^, 
a amuMler. A'o^ 

Shoucheb, «. A kill. NorfA. 
SiiouLT, adf. Sultry. Kent. 
SHODBiE,jiret. f. Smarted. 
Smoos,*. a Jew. St^. 
SuouBB, (1) r. To fondle. Line. 

(2) A hole in a hedge through 

which game pataei. 
Suonr, B. To work bji-work. when 

oat of constant employment. 
Snow. .. To imirk. iVorM. 
SuuDOB, (1) P. To be imeaced. 

(2) V. To itifle. JVbrJA. 

(3) *. Smoke, or doie Buffo- 
catii^ air. North. 

(4) V. To laugh, ffewe. 
Shitdot, adj. ClDie, or Bultry. Line. 
Suva, (1) aJJ. Neat ; trim. 


ilh) li 

'Cold Sal 

(2) >. To dreu up neatly. 

(3) «. A neat handy fellow. 
(4)e. To steal playthings when 
the game ii out. A boy'a term. 

Shcoblb, e. (1) ToUh, 

(2) Futoere. 
SuuOHEss, 1. Neatneu. 

Shdlt, a^. Demure-looking. 

Shcb, (. Driraling rain. Eatl. 
Smubh, (1) a<$. Smut. Deri. 

(2) p. To imoulder. Northunib. 
Shut, (. A friable black earth, in- 
dicating the pieience of coal 
beneath. Slaf. 

SUDT-BALLS,*. Puff-blUs. A^OrfA- 

Smctch, (1) p. To blacken. 

B«lbrB the wil hmth nmtch'd it. 

B.Jimi., Undmp.,-n. 
(2)». Dirtiatain. 

(3) p. To burn without flame. 
SuuTCHiii, *. Snuff. HawelL 
SvuTTr, adj. Obscene. 
Snaab, adj. Greedy. Cumb. 
Snabblb, p. (1) To plunder; to 


(2) To eat greedily. Donel. 
Snacb, >. Snnffofacandle. Euex. 
Snach, (1) I. A anare, or trap. 
For wbich thcj dldjinpEire 
A ner fmnd n«A, whirh did my feet 
iuLue. JfirT,/«J<rV.,p.lBS. 

(2) V. To pierce. 

Snack, (I) p. To anatch. North. 
(2) ,. A ihare. 

(3) (. ProTiaiona ; a Inneh. South. 

(4) (. A dried fungui. Gloue. 
Snacebt, i. A auh-holt. 
Snaftle, p.(l) To cbealjoraleal. 

(2) To ipeak through the noae. 

(3) To talk nonsense. Eal. 
(1) To aaunter. Cami. 

Snafflbd, part. p. Beaten down 
by wind or hail, applied t« ripe 


SNA { 

(2) e. To cat off the twigs and 
■mall brtnehes from a tree. 

(3) t. A lump on a tree where a 
branch has Leen cut off. 

{i) t. (A.-S.) A inail. SvtKX. 

(5) I. A pot-handle. Dertif. 

(6) I. A tooth 8l«ndiDE alone. 

(7) f. A violent scold. Someriel, 

(8) V. To teaie inceuantly. Wnt. 

(9) V. To chide pettishly. Leic. 
(10)1. Arent in clothes at ngtat 
angles, instead of longitudinal. 

Snaoole, v. To nibble. Kent. 
SKASaLB-TOOTH, «. A tooth Stand' 

ing ont irregularly. IFeii. 
Snacot, ik$. (I) Full of snagi, or 


(2) Snappish; ciou-tempered. 

Shaicb, I. A thief in the caodle. 

Snail, (1) tr. To walk slowly. 

*'SeeiTig a widow mailing oret 

London Bridge." Copley'i Witt, 

Fifi, tmdPaneiet, 16U. 

(2) t. A military engine, which 

covered the assailants like a 

SNA1L-H0B.N, f. A snail-shelL 

Shail.qobned, adj. Having short 

down-banging horns. Noif. 
"Snaim, escL A contraction of 

Dr. Raatvi. 

amiiil whit tau thou 



Hit Ladj HonneywDol's nmU-tutlit. 
Take ■ qiiut lA •heU'd.inulu, wuh 
then In ull sod wiUr, tben mUd 
^d 'Zd'ihnSch T° "''!",'"'"■ 
MS. Siixipli, ]7tA cml. 
Snaei, (. A term of reproach; a 
poor creature. 

for thoae poorv ttutiei vho feed on 
nranion^ ■ Eliiii)it« Uuongh the kcj- 

or 11 liKht throBEh the tale, nrnrf 

ble, or a liitht throi 
bs ill Iheit pKapecl 

Snaeb-bird, r. The wryneck. 

Snakb-spit, ». Cuckoo spittle. Suf. ■ 

Shakes-stano, t. Tbe dragon-fly. 

Snai-,(1).. a bit. 
(2) 5. A smsl] crisp piece of gin- 
gerbread. North, 
(3)». A ladj a servant. YortilL 
(4) e. To do hastily. Eatt. 

Snap.afflb, >. The long fir cone. 

SNAF-nttAQOK. I. (1) Abug.bear. 

(2) A domestic am iisement among 
children in winter, by putting 
raisins into a diah with brandy, 
wtiich it set fire to. 

(3) A plant. 

Shape, (1)#. Awoodcock. Somen. 

(2) tj. To wither! to irine away. 

(3) p. To chidei to check. Ifortk. 
h) e. To snub. Line, 

(51 ». A pert youth. North. 
(6) t. A spiing in arable ground. 

Snaphancb, «. (1) A spring lock 
to a gun. 
(2) A gun. 

Snapixo-fole, *. A strong fish- 

Shapi:.e,p. To nip like frost. IFett. 

Snaffeb., (1) (. A woodpecker. 

(2) e. To stumble. 

(3) V, To crackle. Berii. 
Shafpiho-tonqs, t. The name of 

Snaf-sace, 1. A linapsBck. 
Shapsbs, (. Aspen. Wight. 
Snapv, adj. Marshy. Boriet, 
Shaks, I. The string stretched 

tightly across the lower head of 

a drum. Somertet, 
Snaki., (1) a, A snare. 

(2) e. To ensnare; to entangle; 

to strangle. ?forlh, 
Snarhb, v. To snarl. 


SHABxa, (1) t. The tanff of a 

(2) t. Ta niiiff « cuidle. Eatt. 

SiiABTT.aiCi'. Crou;G«ptioiu. S»ff. 

Snat, (. Tbe burnt NuiB of a can- 
dle. Nortk. 

Snato, (1) t. A lund of trap or 
weel for fiih. 
(2) A hup. Samertet. 

Snatchet, (. The faatening of a 
window. Coiei. 

Skatcb-hood, I. A boj'« game, 
meniioaed in a statute of Ed- 
ward 111. 

Snatch-tabtt,*. a greedy fellow. 

Snatcht, a4r'- Irritable ) iDappiih. 

Snaths, e. To prune. North. 

Snattbd, adj. Saub-noltd. 

Snattkb*, t. An old name for cai- 

Snattli, e. To dduj. Yariih. 
Smattock, *. A icrap, or ftag- 

Bvt u Kit the Mtw to Tiino, It 

that the devil amid not piece il lo- 
gelber. Sjslai. fal. HtUi. 

Skadqht, pnt t. Snatched. 
Skatbi^ v. (1) To ipeak through 

the note. Cravat. 

(2) To BUmmet. Oomr. 

'."S}'- ■"■■"■"• ""•'»■ 

Skaib, r. To prune. Yorhh. 
Sneak-bill, i. A miaer. 
SKBAKMt, I. i amall bowl of 

SHBAUNa-BtrDOB, t. Acut-pBrte. 
Sniaeibt, t. A poor-apirited 

Shsap, «. (I) To biotrbeati to 

(2) To nip. 
Snkoc, (1) I. The latch of a door. 
Snaek-b<Bid, b (tring fastened to 
the latch, pMtins.tbrough a hole 


in tne door for the pnrpoM of 
drawing it up from the outside, 

(2) v. To Utcb a door. Nortk. 

(3) (. A piece of b field jutting 
into another field. North. 

SNECK-niuWN.aiff. Stingy. TVarfft. 
Snbcket, /. A litch, or sneck ; 

a itriog which draws up the latch. 
iNaci-sHAKL, B. To eoUnglc. 

!ned, t>. (1) To h>p. North. 

(2) To catch. 
Skkodki, adj. Slender. Dvrh, 
"•NEi, r. (1) To meeze. Somtrt. 

(2) Toahotutd. North. 


11. The 1 

SxEEit, e. To grin. Norf. 
Snecze, (. SnufF. Lane. 
SHEEZsa, (. A hard blow. Stf^. 
Smejcikwobt, f. Hellebore. 
Snbeziho-fowdeb, (. Soofl 

with tlie ] 

, Mft. 

Anb end ladieut ctJl'd UuiTet uid 
Inporee) il witb theee nniee. 

Otrttrtlfniell. 18SS. 

Shbo, V. To gore. North. 
Snekb, 1. A cold in the he«d. 

Snsll, (1) a^. Keen; jdereuir. 


(£) V. To pierce, aa air, S[c 

(3) t. The short thick stick with 

which boys pla; *t a (ame c«Ued 

eel and dog. 
Snellb, adv. QniiAlf. 
Sheb, v. To BDort. 
Snerk, e. To ineak off. OiefS. 
Shibflb, v. To ibriTel. Norlk. 
%»ta.t,v. ToiuEerat. /inc. 
Snedl, f. A sneaking fellow. 
Shbdls, ■. The iniernal lining of a 

sbeep'i nostrils. North. 
Shbcib, #. A noose. North. 
Snbte, t>. To weak. Sevvii. 
Sneveb, adj. Smooth; sleadcr. 

Shbvil, t. A snail. North. 


%itww, prtt. t. Snowed. 
Snew-bkih, t. A leathern ipron. 
Shib, 1. A reproxch ; a Biiub, 
Smbbe, e. TorepToich; torebnke. 
Snibblb-nosi, (. A inattj nou. 

Snick, i. A notch. North. 
Skickbi, (1) V. To giggle; to 
laugli ID the )leevB. 

■milclipini nch oUier, ud begHi Is mi>- 

(2) (. The tow Boin by which a 
mire cilia her foal. Eatl. 

(3) I. A glaadered hone. 
SniciBB-BHBB, (. A largi cUip- 

kaife. Notf. 
Sniosbt, I. A miaerly fellow. 

Shicelb, (1) s. To tie ■ nooM. 

(2) I. A slip-knot. 
Shick-df, (1) V. To uneze. 

(2) *. An old phrue of contempt, 
equiralent ts f and 3« ianged .' 
IT jny miitmi voold ba ruled bj him, 
Sophu nighl bs tmet-tip. 

It thn be net, M them n njct^. 

(3) (. A Bligbt vlmenl. Eaif. 
ShickTi t, A amall field. Soimerttt, 
Sniddle, I. (1) Gieen niabeti 

aedgo. Norf. 

(2} Long coane grata. Wttt 
Snidoe, v. To luuig on one. Laae, 
Shibstt, a4i. SconifuL A^orlA. 
Shift, (1) v. To laaff up; to 


(2)t. 31eet,oriUghtiaow,^orji. 

(3) t. A moment. Zmic. 
SNimu, V. To anedi, m iliuflU. 

8NiimHo-TAi.Ti, t. The vahe of 
• ateam-engiae, ao oiled from 
the nolle it makea. 

Snio, (1) «. A amall eeL Nortk. 

f2) a^'. Cloae and pmate. Dtpon. 
3) V. To chop off. South. 

\ am 

(4) •, To draw heavy anbataneet 

without a aledge. fforlt. 

{&) V. To ineak off. Narthm^l. 

SnioeBa, e. To sneer. Eait. 

Sntgqle, (1) V. To catch eels with 
a bail on a needle tied to the end 
of a itriog, which ia pushed with 
a thort stick into any hole where 
an eel may be supposed to lie. 

(2) V. To shuffle the hand for- 
wards, a boy'a tenn at marblM. 

(3) : Asnail-ahell. yortianpt. 
Shili, I. A snail. Yarkik. 
Snif, I. A small piece, Norti. 
Shipe, (. (1) A taicastic answer to 

an imp^inent qoestion. 

(2^ A pendent icicle. Mid. C. 
Shife-knavb, t. A scamp. 
Smipfbb, m. (1) A tailor. I7th 

(2) A morsel. 

SHiFPKitB,5. LargecntterafoTiron, 

copper, 4c. 

Sbiffib-bkafpwi, a^ Small, in. 


""'*™"' "iW !K[*ta7r«o«, im. 

^r«F"cE, }•■■*■ small bit, Var.d. 
Smipft, »$. stingy. Far. d. 

Ships, j. Sbarea. yar. d. 

Snif-bnu, a. (1) Aiattle. 

Snibl, v. To shrivel i^. North. 
8iiiBP,v. To wither;topine. Cumi. 
SKiBHELa, I. The noatrils. JVor- 

Snibt, t. A wheeae; asappreaaed 

langfa. Narth. 
Snimtt, a^. Saney. Cnmeu. 


(1) . 

To confine by 


SmcBBL, *. (1) Tfae piece of 
wood by nblch the *dp«HIuod* 
oUi are iwept off the menure. 
(2) A tool Died in tbitchios. 

Sicm, (1) t. (^.-5. tnila.) The 

Tbe icillEU woodcock, and hit sdghboiii 

(2) tr. {A.-S. mytim.) To blow 
■ thenoae. 
Shitib, e. To drift. 

(2) r. To ahouDd. Line. 
Svnaiso, adj. Nippingi cutting. 

will untie when tme of i(t eadi 

i> pulled. Norf. 
Shitc, *. To ««ann. " As thick 

u thej could mive," Narthampt. 
Snivel, e. To whioe. Var. d. 
Shitblabd, j. One who ipeaka 

through hii DOM. 
SHivBLiMO-Fitosi, t. Ahotf.froit. 

Snivbl-nosb, t. A niggtid. 
Snivelt-slatebt, ^. Eootty. 

Sniving, adj. Raw, cold, and 

■leetj. Northampl. 
Shivi, nil. (I) Niggirdlf. North. 

(2) Raw and cold, with rime 

^ott. Ltie. 
Snizt, 0$. Cold. Cmnb. 
ShoacH, B. To»niffle. Var.d. 
Snob, (1) r. To lob Tialentlf. 
•elL tikg comfoi 

flntUfj'd; ton . 

(2) *. A iontneynMn ihoemaker. 


is) a. A Tol^ penon. Var. d. 
4} >. A iiniTenitj term for • 

(SJ (. -SiKit SoBurtiL 

\0 SNO 

(e) (. The appendage to tho' 
beak of a turkey-cock. Wat. 

SsocK, I. A imart blow. Wat. 

Skod, adj. Smooth; denture. North. 

Snoddin, v. To imooth. Yoriwh. 

S.vorr, (. The eje of an apple. 

Snonaa, (. A aweetheart. So- 

3ko8. {1) p. To ihi»er. 

(i) adj. Smooth; withoutbeard, 

4pplied 10 corn. SnOji-ntall, malt 

with few comba or taili. 
Skokb, e. To ferret out. North. 
Shoo, i, A book. Norf. 
Snood, i. (1) A fillet, or riband. 

(2) A amall hsjr line lued bj 

fiibermen. North, 
Snouk, v. (1) To lie hidden; to 

aneak; to ]it in wait. Norik, 

Thej knoir fmiHj jvi JLTC riever out of 

mj Uil. tnoohiff in ererj hclEj — cot- 
quHiul wtM thould do it but von. 

(2) To iinell; to follow b; the 

(31 To aearch out. Line. 

(4) To lean the head forward in 

SNooL,(l}f. A ineaking, diahoDMt 

feUow. North. 

(2]v. Toamearhy mbbingwitb 

tbe noae and mouth. Wttt. 
Shooee,*. Abriefalumber. Var.d. 
Skooilb, t. To nestle. Unc. 
Shop, c. To eat off; to browse. 

Shdhbe, «. A little comer of land. 
Snobt.c. Tolaughloudly. Yortih. 
Shoktbh, : The wheatear. Doritt. 
Shot, (1) i. A miserable fellow. 

Snot, as a term of contempt, 

occun in old plaja. " Farewell, 

father not." Norlkuard Boo, 


(Z) I. The inuff nf a candle. 


(3) adj. Hindsome. North. 
Shotcb, (1) V. To apeak through 

the note. Wnt. 


(21 1. A knot; a notch, 5i# 
Shotek-oob, (. The red part of a 

tatlcej'a head. North. 
SHorrBB, V. To cry; to whine. 

Snottbb-ciodt, ». A pocket- 

handberchief. Nerlh. 
Shottt, adj. Mean. Var. d. 
Snodl, I. (I) A imill quanttt)', 

(2) A thick piece. Berla. 
Snoop, «. A Uoir on the bead. 

Snoht, e. To anab. Dorirt. 
Snoctband,*. (, I) One wbo rudely 

interrupts conTcisation. 

(2J The iron round clog loleg. 
Snodt-bolb, *. A liole in a hedge 

tbtough which game paisei. 
5NOW.BA1.L, t. The Guelder rose. 
Skow-bankb, 1. While fleecy 

cloudi. Eait. 
Snow-bokbb, t. Bemoan tt of aaow. 

Snowi, ». The head. Somirnl. 
SKOvn-rAit.K,adJ. Fair in feature ; 


. Qreat weira on 

. To pry ig 


Snowze, I 

Smozt, adj. Comfortable ; improT- 

ing in health. Leic. 
Sh[ib,{1)i>. To rebuke; totreat 

contemptuoualy. Per. d. 

(!)(. Alumpiaknot. 
Shubst, a4j. Blunt. 
Skdche, *. A mean fellow. See 

A tripling boolhe, moit lile ■ drxme or 
nacii. iVorti'/ Ph.i. a67»), p. 1S6, A. 
Sndck, t. To imell. Ne^. 
Sndddle, v. To nestle. North, 
.Snudbt, a((f. Sulkyj glum. North- 

Snddb. (. A fillet, or hair-lace. 
Yiv, juiUeToiMii, vith 1h« ufFron 
CumiUn.. " wii Buu M 

n< Ah lamiUn Letm, IHO. 

1 SND 

Snudqe, (t) I, A miier; a mean 
or inekkiog fellow. 
Thai your iiubindrje, methinelB, it 

^t o^ very evil] prorq, tlua the 
labour or k jFaal bntbande, that knonth 
ireU irliat le doth. 

Aicham'i TaiopK, p. S. 

(2) 0. To he snug, 

(3) V. To move about penaiTdy j 
to ineak about. 

SNuoeE-SNoWT, «. A dirty fellow. 
Snde, t. To turn up the nose with 

conlempl. North. 
Sttvn, (1) t. Anger. To take in 

maff, lo be angry, or take offence. 

For I tell jon Crae, 1 lah: il higlil j ia 

B< JoKs- Poetmltf. li, 1. 
And whereu if in MCf^anddutaite yon 

(2) To im^f pq^ier, to take 

might tra^pmfer oUe, 

CiCySiflil.Bip, O. n, B, Has. 

Skupfkim, la. A ainall muff, for 
SNUFTEiN', J cold Weather. 
SNi;pTi.iHa,(uf/ Sneaking. 
Snuft, I. (1) Smoking paper. 


(2) The projecting fliamenta on 

the lopofagooseberry.&c Ltic. 
Snopter, p. To snort. 
Shvfiv, adj. Quick to take offence. 

Sndo, a$. Tiglit ; handaome. Lime. 
Shuqglb, e. To nestle; to press 

close together. Eatl. 
Snubl, (1) V. To talk through tha 

(2) /. A cold in the head. Suff. 

(3) t. A nostril. North. 

(4) e. To swell. Bidi. 
Sndkp, o. To thri'le 

acorcbing or barning. Line. 


-vCoogk' — 


Smdhh, (l;i. SduIT. 

(3}o. To' bend. Noriliaw^. 
Snubkin. >. AdclicicT. B<ut. 

Smuzzlk.d. Toeuildle;t(ihidetbe 

fact in oDc'i boioni. 
Shv. (I) V. Ts tneer it. Lane. 

(2) (. A quanlitv. North. 

(3) t>. To aton together. Norti, 
Smve, e. (PIhh.) To cat. 

Let fulchion, polu, Inoice, or hilbErl try. 

He niRie th« naked to the mj ikiB. 

Shtt, *. Sleet. 

So, (1)». (..f.-iV.) A tnb. 

He bm to Uu welle, water' up dror, 
And Aide tfaa t miehcl B. BaBiiotf 93S. 

(2) I. A Urge tub, holding rrom 
twenty to tliirty galloni, cairied 
b; two men on ■ pole. Line. 

(3) (^.-S.) A);iou. 
Allul IhilornoBi cnben to 
LnkElh ID ubh dulh on liii In. 

air Orfluii, (d. Iam|. 

(4) prvf. f. Saw. 

(5) adj. Pregn»nt. GIme. 

(6) luff. Thereibuutt. Var. d. 
Soak, (l)i. Aland-lpring. Wett. 

(2)r. Tobakethorougblf. fiut. 

(3) V. To become dry. 

(4} tr. To lit Uxilj oter the fire. 

Soaker, *. A dmnkard. Tor. d, 
SoAKiHO-itot, *. A barren doe. 

SoAKT, <4''- EHfemiiute. Dtwit. 
SOAL, *. (1) The bottom of the 

work in ■ mine. Saner*. 

(2) A dirty pond. Jfnt*. 
Soak, *. (1} An iron trace oied in 

plooghing. North. 

(2) A abort rope for polling the 

tram in a coal mine, ffarlh. 

(3J A hor.e-load. Wal. 
SoAui, adj. Maitt and wirm. 

3 SOC 

Soap, *. A drop, or amall qnantitj 

of liquid. Craen, 
SoAp-TO, V. To eiehinge. Crartn. 
SoAui. t. A deer in iu foonh year. 

Sob, e. (1) To frighten. Lme. 

(2) To luck up. Suff. 
Sobbed, jxtrf. >. Soiked. Wane, 
SoBBLE,* To beat leverely. AWUt. 
SOBBBSAULT, (. (/V.) A iiimiDerKt. 
SoBKX-BAWBi, t. A uuce for fiah. 


out tlie feve ibove, mad lerve it for.h. 
SoBBBTi, : (A.'N.) Sobriety; 



To put in 

luae. MS. 

Ibth emi. 
SocB, t. Co)npan<oiu;frJeDda. 
SociATiOH, I. (.Lat.) CompanioD. 

SooK, (1) t. (Fr.) A plongbshare. 
(!) *, The drainage of a ima- 

(3) *. Heavy rain. Eett. 

{*) V, To throw, fforlhimpl. 

(A) V. To strilie a hard blow. 

aide of a manb embankineDt la 
carry off the water which loakt 
through it, Norf. 


rtof ir 


Sockets, i. Piecea of plate armour 
put on the tide of the aaddle at 
tonmameDta, through which the 
leg! were tbruat, thai they might 
protect the ttugba. 

SocKHBAD, f. A Btupid fellow. 


Sdcoub, (. {A.'N.) Succour. 



lort of mirafc, u 
either on the ecu 

of Lincoln. 
Sodden, ^rt. /I. Boiled, 
SODDSK, o. To bnil »iowlj. North. 
SoDDY, adj. Sad ; hetiy. North, 
aoDEKVN, «. A subdeftcon. 
SoDENE, (. {A.-N.) A iiibdein. 
SoDEN, adj. (A.-S.) Sudden. 
SoDOEK, t. The ihell-fiBta called a 

wbelk. Eatl. 
Sddh. (. (1) Small naila. Sontrt. 

(2) A pai^kaaddle of canvass 

Muffed wiih siraw. North. 
Son, adj. (1) Warm; moiat, or 


(2) Fooliih ; weak. Var. d. 
SoPTE, adv. (AS.) Gently ; euily. 
Soften, v. To thaw. North. 
SoFT-LAKS, t. Bays formed bji the 

ie» in the softer porU of the cliBa. 

SoFTHRT, t. A iimpleton. North. 
Soe, (■ (I) A quagmire. Devoit. 

(2) A blow. Weal. 

(3) Amassofcerth. Leie. 
SooBB, (I)., (/v.) Aioldiw. 

(2) A Kea-inairct wbich takei 
poMcsilon of the shell of another 
dali. WigAI. 

SoQBT, I. (A.-N.) A lobject. 
SoooY, inir- (I) Wet; twtuopT. 


(2)Pullofaeih. Norlhaab. 
SoOH, 1. A ilumber. Dfvoii. 
So-How , \txcl. A erj in hunt- 
SO.HOE. ling the hare. 
SoiQNE, a. (A.-N.) Cue. 
Soil, [1) "■ To Mioil. 

(2)v. To resolve a doubt. 

(3) 0, To feed cattle with green 
food. far. d. SoUinff, the last 
fatieuing given (o fowls. 

(4) V. To .1 

a milk oi 


(5) (. The fr; of the coal-fish. 

(6) I. A rafter. North. 

(7) To takt ittil, lo take water. 
An old hooting term. 

1 SOL 

Soii.IT, Be quiet) gooffqnicUj* 

SoiLURE, (. Defllement. 
SoiLTNESB, (. FiitMneii. Palifr. 
So-ma,adv. la such manner, £u^ 
SoiTr, oiij. Dirty; dingy. 
SojouR, ». (_A.-N.) Abude. 
SoKB, (1) I. {A.-S.) A locdBhip, or 


(2) D. {A..N.) To suck. 
SOKBN, ». (Ij (AS.) Atoll. 

(2) A dittrici held by locage. 
SoKEB, I, Succour. 
SOKEBKL, I. A child not yet 

. The pointed end of & 

Ki/i§g AltMimder, 441G. 
CE, t. A penally, or floe. An 

SoLAB, t. {A-N.) Ccntotatioii: 

^soi^DE }'-0") Aiddier, 
Soldier, (i)(. The lea-tortoiie. 

(2) (. The fielil-poppy. North- 

(3) T. To bully. fi»(. 

(4)t. The fish called also a Car- 

(5) f, A beetle of a browniih red 
colour, l^orf. 
SoLDiKB-BAHDT, 1. The iticUc- 
back. Northampt. 

SoLDiRBa'.cAFs, t. Thc flowers d! 

the nionkshoud. Northampt. 
Soldibb's-thidb, 5. An empty 

Sole, (1) (. A collar of wood, put 
round the neck of cattle. 

(2) I. The lowest part of any. 

(3) 1. The bottom lein or loda 



(4}>. Tbedoor nfanoiGD. Line. 
{!>) : A pond. Kmt. 

(6) e. To pull or handle rudel; ; 
to pull one'i e»ri. Devon. 

(7) tr. To uiault. SoHng, «n 
assault; a beating. Narf. 

(8) ». A stake driven into gromid 
to fastCD liurdlei to. Weil. 

SOL*iN, (t) adj. Single ; left alone. 

i2) (. A meal for one penon. 
3) adj. Sullen. 
SoLBMFNE, adj. {A.-N.) Soleioa. 
SoLEii, 1 », {A.-N.) The upper 
soLLAR, / room in ■ bouae; a 

Hutil; iluD irnit Oui all. 
And K^ht bin in tke aujdni hull, 
lb f hiimlHri bigh. « nognl >t hide, 
Anil 111 sqUt9 on ilka tide. 

Immni and OaKin, BOT. 

Sols, i. The (ill of > vindow. 

SoLE-TRKK, t. Apiece of wood be- 
longing to itowces, to draw ore 
up from the mine. Derb. 

SoLPB, V. To call over the noles of 

T|. hi God i Iba rnldii. and >o it i> vd 
I tolfs and linage aTter, and ii me nerero 

hare. Bttiq. Aslif., i, £92. 

SoticiT, (I) ». Solicitation. 

(2) V. To he soUcitout. 
Solid, k^). Serioui. Far. d. 
Solid, \adv. Trulj; indeed. 
SoLL.D. Topnilbyiheean. North. 
SoLLEBKTs, I. Fart of the armour 

of the feet. 
SoLLOF, c. To lollop ahoQt. Eail. 
Solly, (. A tottering and uniafe 

condition. Sua. 
SoLHAS-LOAP,'! t. Bread given to 
gouAS.CAKB,Jthe poor on AU 

Souli' Day. North. 
SoLHB, V. {A.-N.) To «ing by note. 
1 luive lie pTMt and parwm 

rruieOi. PienPl.,j\iM 

t sov 

SoLouoKs-iEu., I. A name of 

Soi.o'KKo, part. p. Soiled. 
SoLSBiLB,». The sunflower. 
SoLTCH, r. A heavy f:ill. Lane. 
Solve, <idj. Believed from. 


<, for 

CluiMbitlapH't FAonnuudi. ICSB. 
SoLVEQS, f^ A term of reproacb. 

SoLwv, adj. {A.-N.) Sullied. 
SouDEl, (. (A.-S.) Somewhat. 
SoKEAT, : Something. fFeil. 
SoHEM, adv. (A.-S.) Togetlier. 
SoitsK,i.{A.-N.) Aaumpterhorae. 

And lUe nur folk i> overeomt 

Arliimriad ifrrli-t, p. 181 . 

SouEB-CAarLE, 1. Awoodeatonet 
on wheels, used in eiegei. 

SoUEKLAHD, (. Ground Ittt fallow 
all the summer. Kent. 

Soubus, a, Tlie rails of a cart. 

jiiETUiHO. To git tomething about 
one, to gain property. 
M; koDwledg in phiaiijue and in aitro- 

SouEWHEK, adv. Sometime. Sutt. 
S91111E, (. U.-N.) A lum. 
SoMUBRBD, iK^'. Tart, applied to 
ale, &c. Wetl. 

one who look care of tbe haggage. 
adi'icF w Robrrt Enkioe tbc jirmpifr- 

SoNANCE, t, Sound. HeytBood. 


SoHiVLiE, adj. Loud louading. 

SoNciE, adj. Fortunate. 

Sonde, t. (I) (ji.-S.) A mesuge; 

(2) t. (A.-S.) Snnd. 
venlji pecuUarly. 
Saidfrlitlu hlfl mm uloned 

SoNOTtiNEBs, ». Diversity. Pabgr, 

SONi, (n ddiF. (J.-S.) Soon. 
(2) .. A wn, 

SoNSBWAHiE, t. (A.-N.) The sci- 
ence of interpreting dreams. 

SoNOLE, I. A handful of gleaned 
corn after it haa been lied np. 


Td breve beer.— laqurUn of unite. 
2 qoertenorwlieete. Squirtenufntei, 
40 pDnnde weTeht of boppvA. — u> m^e 
CO Wllyi ,/ mgfl (ccr7 the birel of 
■ell conlejnfni SS griooci, and Oi» 

SoNizANCB, a^. Sounding. Petle. 
Soukkh, pari, p. Sunk. 
SoHN, n. To think deeply. CuaU. 
Sonne, (. (AS.) The ann. SoimuA, 

like the aun. 
SoNTKosB, I. A term of reproach. 

SooDLEi v. To go with reluctance. 

SooK-LAHD, I. Aggirt-Lanil. Sutt. 
SoOL, I (. Anything eaten with 

■OWL, L bread, luch u butler, 

■owu., J cheese, Sic 

HaiM, TE7. 
Soon, V. To drink long nith a 

aucking noise. Leie. 
Soon,*. (I) Evening. Var.d 

(2) An amulet. Conrn. 
SooND, V. To awoon. Cumb. 
SooNKB, t. A ghoat. Dortt. 
Soop, I. (1) A aweep. North. 

(2) A aup. 

Thi> montli mv Imvfr ihall previU. 
And u tbt •EUDD, u mi Acam, 
To ling tl:e praiie of milk ana cream. 

Four BaUB, \t9S- 

SooFERLOtT, g. Play lime. Soulh. 

SooPLB, (. The part of e flail 
which Btrikes the corn. Norlh, 

SooB, I. Mud; tilth. 

^^°^''°;}.. The akin of bacon. 

SooBT, V. To punish. Someritl. 

SooTi, ad;. Sweet. See Satt. 

SooTiB, e. To court. Devim, 

SoOTKnEiN, (. A moon-calf. It 
wai pretended to be engendered 
in Dutch women, by the foot- 
stovea they were in the habit of 
putting under their petticoala. 

Sooth, ». {A.-S.) Truth. 

Soothfast, adj. True. 

SooTSLE, V. To walk lamely. MidL 

Soo-TBB, (. A atang for earrying a 

SoF, 1. (1) A hard blow. Devan, 
(2) Se^mt dtnayn, atrenglhen- 
ing draughts or viands. Robton. 

SoPE, (. (1) A small quantity; t 
sup j a hasty repast. 
(2) A simpleton. i^iRC. 

SopEEK, I. Supper. 

SoFHEHB, >. (.^.-A'.) A lopbism. 

SoFFE, 1. A collective body. 

Tbe5 tetl in Att ono. 

wAh flaTDude iverdei. 

iforti Artlmn. 
SoFFBB, I. Coofasion. Nurlh, 
SoF3,*. (1) Small detachedcloada 

hanging about the aides of a 

mountain. North. 

(2) Tufts of green giBsa in the 

hay. Niyrth. 
SoFS-iN-wiNB, (. (1) Pinks. 

(2) A kind of apple stained red 

in the inside. Notf. 
Sob, s. (I) Sorrow. 

(2) A wooden tub. Zinc, 
SOKANCB, (. Soreneai, 


SoM-APPLi, «. The fruit of the 

SoBDious, o^. (Lat.) Filthy. 
SoBDB, I. Fillh; fluid refute, fiuf. 
Soma, (l)v. Tounr. 

(S) I. A flock oF melkrd*. 

(Z)part.y. Grieved. 

(4) a^. Kiceedinglj. Far. d. 

(5) ai/j. Vile ; ud. Car. if. 
SoBK-AQE. : A hawk in her fint 


II bar dowikT Mfta^ ihv but niff« 
So >ti«ii > dni, nu; i t be IboiukI enmirli. 
eurJ<i. Fmilfir Wbrma. 

SOBB-HAWI, t. (A-,) A JOPng 

hawk ; ■ term ia fileonr; for ■ 
tuiwk, belween the time when 
■he ii taken from (be ejrie till 
•be hu mew'd her feithert. 

SoBBOHE, (. (J.-S.) Sorrow. 

SoBEHOH,'|(. An uninvited visit 
•OKH, /from which ime cannot 

SOBELL, f. A buck in ils third year. 
SoBKLT, adv. Surelj. Notf. 
SoBE-BTiLL, edj. Implicalile. 
SoKaiB,i«{r. More lorrowfuL Line. 
SOBHiT, (. Soreueai. 
SoKOWE, tdj. Bad ; lorry. 
SaaroKneD. part. p. Surfeited. 
SoSKEL, aifj, Cbeilnut-colaured, as 

applied to ■ hone. 
SoBBOw, I, Sorrel. Saulk. 
SOBBT, f. A tort of pottage. 
SoBT, <i) (. (A..N.) Chance; dei- 

(2) (. A lot ; rank tn life. 

S*4*«(i., Trn. f Cm., i, 

ThByliv^c] tn^herin^LieBf^f» 
FoTLic flv>; yeiira wilh auod reporT*. 
Bfil•.p^ SI SI. Aliau, A.D. ISIS. 

(6) a. A let, or cOBipan;. 

Bv a tort of GouptTY relluwa. 


(7) V. To approach ; lo tend to- 

(8) Q^a tort, correaponding to. 

Wordt qfa nrl, a quarrel. 
SoKTANCB.f. Siiitableneu 1 agree- 
So bt'eh-billtokt'eu, ». A Lan- 
cashire game. 
SoBTis, t. {Fr.) " A little knot of 
small ribbona helw een the bonnet 
and pinner." £affi«'i)io/., 169<. 
SOKTiLEOiK, (Z'r.) Fort II ne-tei ling. 


clalbs, made in the Eastern conn- 

SoBWATOBiE, a. A place of lorrow. 
SoBWE, ». {A.-S.) Sorrow. 
Soar, adj. (1) {A.-S) SorrowfuL 

(2) Badi poor. 

SoBZLB, t. Any itringe miitnre. 

SOBjE, I. {A.-S.) Sorrow. 
SoBH, B. To dip or plunge suddenly 

in flying. Norlhampt. 
SosK. (!)«. A reward for houndi 

when Ihev hive liken tliRir game. 


(Z)*. Anything dirty ormuddy; 

■ puddle. North. 

(3) V. To go about in the dirt. 


iiiied m 

(5) p. To pour out, Somertet 
{6)1. An ankitard fellow. 
{',)>. A heavy fall. North. 

(8) adv. Plump down. Line. 

(9) V. To fall tiolently. Line. 

(10) 0. To press hard. Yorkah. 
(Ujf. Tolaplikeadog. JVorii. 

SoiH.ABOiiT, c. Tu mix liquor* 

ahoat in a confoseil manner. 

Saas-BBANOLE, (. A aUtten. 

SossED, /larf . ^. Saturated. Lane. 
SoaiLE, e. To make a slop. Stat. 
So8si.iNOH,». Tea-leavea after they 

have been infuied. Narlhan^t. 


803 t 

SoiV, pari. p. Mid e dirty. 
SaiTaxs.p!.(J.-S.) Sistera. 
Sot, #. (A.-If.) A fool. 
SoTi, (I) Bdj. (A.'S.) Sweet. 

(2) ». Soot. 

(3) ». Salt. North. 

SoTBD, pta-l. p. (A..N.) Saeltei. 
SonLTCH.DiAi. Subtly; cunningly. 

Satcli/ck for Ktlx 
Theidunlhekjngt hctl; 
"' ' — ■- ■' Hiipirtti 

lima of Bd. II. 

Sots. adj. (^.-5.) True. Solher, 

SoTBBixD, ailj. Inveterate? 
But ItU iDcdki 


a on hdng no (sIUJm 

SoTBE, f. (^.-5.) Troth. 
Sotuss, pari. p. Bulled. 
SoTUEK, e. To (Odder. Htywood, 

Sothehne, 01$. (A..S.) Southern. 
SoraBKT, iii{i. Sweet; larauiy. 

With JO/icnr bultir Uieir bodin anojnlcd. 
Jl™rfj;o. PUt.W. 

SoTHFASTKEsa, 1. (^.-5.) Tmlh. 
SoTHNESB, I. I^A.-S.) Truth. 
SoTH.BAW, «. A true uyiag. 
SoTiE. s. {A-N.) Folly. 
SoriLi, (1) adj. Subtle. 

(2) ». {A..N.) To .pply we'i 

cunning skilfully. 
SoTlLTiES, (. Device* of putiy 

pUced an the table *t feuta. 

. Sonifrtel. 

SoTTKFKB.. I. A dnmkstd. Dnon. 

Soma, B. (1) {J..S.) To hiul 
gently, far d. 

(2) To make a noiie in boiling, 
M ftthickBubstsncedoei. North. 

SoTDLARE,*. (iriii.) Atari ofihoe. 

SoT-wesD, (, Tobacco. 

SoocB, I. To ion. Somertel, 

SoucBE, o. {A.-N.) To (uspect 

Soudan, t. A lullan. 

SoraBD,part.p. {J.-N.) Conull- 

dated ; futeiied. 
SouDR, I. {A.-N.) Wages. 
SouoLETs, I. Small ban of iron 

uaed for holding or aecnriny 

SODOH, (l)t.(.^.-S.) A murmur or 
roaring ; a bulling. 

(2) ». (Pronounced Stiff.) An 
underground drain. Midi. C. 

(3) (. A plough blade. Chah. 

(4) ». (/>. leau.) A brewing 
tub. Line. 

(5) I. A Bubaiding or ainking in 

SouQHT-To. Solid ted. 
Souke, iA..N.) To luck. StiU in 
uae in the North of England. 

K' > ilnipB of bind bj anj < 
Ue upon the corponi. 

i. ii, f. J», 

SoDKiNoi-TEai, I. {A.'S.) A foa. 
ter- brother. 

Soct, (1) r. (Ft. laoulnr.) To a»- 
ti«fj with food. 

(2) t. The black spongy part 
adhering to the hack of a fowl. 
(3)b. To toil; toBtain. 
(4) 1. A moth, eapecially the 
hfjiiahu hanmU. Yerluh, 

SouLAOi. See Soutage. 

Sol't-CNDi, ». The passing bell, 

SociniR, s. {A.-N.) Wagea. 

Sdule-hke-e, I. Health of the aooL 

SoiiLs-TUBNODi, «. Old FceQcb Sil- 
ver coins, of which ten made a 

SocLiNo, (I) I. A hoy't ceremony 
in aome diitricta of going shout 
begging cakea on the eve of All 
Soula' Day, called Soul-cttitM. 
(2) pari. a. Bathing; ducking 

SoDLifAS-DAT, I. All Souta' Day. 

SocL-eiLvia, i. The wagea of a 
retainer originally paid in food. 

Sound, t. A awoon. 

Sounds, e. ^1) To heal. 


sou i 

(2) To tend to. "Thri thin; 

MiwDdeth to ■ ^ood purpote, 

c«(« eAeit lent a ionne fin." 

SoUHDia, I, A herd of wild iwine. 
SoCNDLisB, 0^. Botlomleu, that 

ctnnot be taunded. 
SoDKE, f. (_A.-S.) Sound ; naiae. 
SoDP, >. To »o»k, Norlh. 
Soon, V. {A.-N.) To lup. 
SocpiNaa, «. Spoonmeit. Bnt. 
SoDPLB, a^. {A.-N.) Supple. 
SoopLB-jACE, a. ( 1 ) A Tine-bruch; 

■ tongh itick. Warw. 

(2) A cane. North. 
Soupr, (u{r. Swamp;; iponr;. 

SoDK, (1) adj. Coane, appKed to 

gnu. Zinc. 

(2) ai{f. Coarae; froi>', applied 
to animala. Ltie. 

(3) t. KUb ; din. 

(4) To ie lied to the tear apple- 
tree, to have a bad hnsband. 

SouB-A.B-aoDR, adj. Very lonr. 

SauBD, adj. (fV.) Deaf. North. 
SoOBDB, ». (/<..JV.) To rise. 
Sodt-Doci, f. Sorrel, far. d. 
SouBiHO, >. (1) A ipeciet of aonr 


(2) Vinegar. Weil. 

(3) Dough left io the tab after 
the oat-cakea are baked. North. 

SonR-uu.!, ». Rutletmilk. North. 
Sovit-HOLD. Yelloir freckles io 

SooanoKCii, I. (A.-N.) Predomi- 

SovRa,*. (1) A rapid ueeat; a 

source of vriler. 

(2) Onions. Deri. 
SouB-eop, I. An ill-natured pei- 

■on. Soulh. 
SocKST, par/, p. Drenched. 
SoDBi, (1) t. The ear. 

(2) a. (Fr.) Aamallcoin; a «>«. 
' (3) I. A blow. North. 

(4; ode. Down violently; dead. 

(G) $, A dip in the water. Var. d. 

(9) V. To be dilijeiit Somertet. 

(J) a. A corbel, in architectore, 
So(PBB-caowN,(. Afool. South. 
SouTAQB, f. Bagging for hapa. 

SovTBVtst, I. (A.'N.} Aiabdean. 
SouTWTCSE, r. A cormptioa of 

Soutage; a sort of coane cloth 
or bagg'^B '^"^ ^°' hops. 

SoTE, I. Seven. SBtneriet. 

So vxiTAHCK, I. (i^r.) Remenibrance. 

SoTKBAiNB, adj. {A.-N.) Excel- 
lent. SoBfrainfy, above alL 

SOVIBITMI, t. {J..N.) (1} A 

major, or provoat. 

(2) A huaband. 
SoTiBTBiT, *. Sophiatry. 
IT jQ bnnrt In HTufry or booke-UminV- 
U^smod-t Spiietf- FUi, IcSt. 

liied the < 

Sow. (. (1) The bead. Lane. 
(2) Afy *oir'tjn;;(if,ihcname of 
an old game at cards, mentioned 
in Taylor'l Motto, 1622. 

SowDB, *. To solder. 

SowDiABS, (. {A.-N.) Soldienrt; 

SowDLB, 0. To creep. Dtvon. 

Sow-DBtTNK, t. Beastly draak. 

SowDWOBT, (- The columbine. 
Sows, (1) t. An ancient warlike 
engiine for battering walla. 

(2) «. A term of reproach for a 

(3) p. (a.-3.) To row. 

(4) t. A woodlonae. 

(5) •. <ifl(.) To sew. 

(6) : A blow. 
SowBL, s. See SoU, 


SowBHS, I, A NarlhamberlBnd 
dish, made of oatmeal, soBked 
water till it turns iiDur,aDd boiled 
with millt to « jelly. 

SowEBB, 1. Buck) ia their foaith 

SoVfiDS,parl. p. Strenglbened.