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Full text of "A dictionary of books relating to America, from its discovery to the present time"

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S c <^- ^ \<^ . :=^'n<^ 

Cihrary of the theological ^tmimxy 




BibU0tl)eca Americana 

Vol. I. — A to Bedford. 






New York, September i, 1868. 



Books relating to America. 



Volume I. 

"A painfull work it is I'll assure you, and more than difficult, wherein what toyle hath been 
taken, as no man thinketh so no man believeth, but he hath made the triall." 

A ni. a IVood, Preface to the History of Oxford. 


Edition 525 copies 8vo, of which 25 are for presentation, 
and no copies on large paper, of which 10 are for presentation. 

yVb. Small Paper. 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 186S, by 


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of 

New York. 

Bradstkeet Press. 


As it is my intention to issue a preface to the whole 
work with the last volume, I now, at the conclusion of 
Vol. I., content myself with reproducing, with some 
alterations, the Prospectus issued December 5, 1866, 
and remarking that the list of authorities, therein re- 
ferred to, will be enlarged and reprinted with the last 

Hereafter the work will proceed with more rapidity 
and greater regularity. 

Joseph Sabin. 
New York, September i, 1868. 


After nearly four years' labor, in arranging and 
classifying the material which had accumulated on my 
hands in the course of some fifteen years of research, 
I am at last able to publish the following specimen of 
my projected *^ Dictionary of Books relating to 

Had the magnitude and extreme difficulty of the 
undertaking been presented to my mind in full propor- 
tions at the outset, I should never have attempted it; 
and, indeed, I may remark, that I have more than once 
almost determined upon its abandonment; but a deep 
sense of its importance, however imperfectly it may be 
executed, and a strong partiality for bibliographical pur- 
suits, have stimulated me to continiie my labor, until 
the work has attained such a degree of completeness as 
to justify its publication, and render its conclusion a 
task of comparative ease; and I now present this vol- 
ume as a fair specimen of what the work is intended to 
be, and respectfully invite for it a candid examination. 

The plan I have adopted is briefly this : An alpha- 
betical arrangement, under the names of authors, and, in 
the case of anonymous writers, under the most obvious 

In the arrangement of the Spanish, Portuguese, 


French, and Dutch proper names, I have followed the 
best authorities ; but, as these differ, I have made free 
use of Cross References, and remark, with Plutarch,* 
"On the subject of names, however, the irregularity of 
custom, would we insist upon it, might furnish us with 
discourse enough." 

Anonymous works are arranged with more difficulty. 
The subject most obvious to one mind is obscure to 
another. Books having reference to a State or City 
have sometimes been placed under the name of that 
State or City. Collections, Proceedings, and Transactions 
of Societies will be found under the name of the Society; 
as for the rest, they will usually be found under the first 
word of the title-page, particles excepted. The last vol- 
ume will consist of an Index of Subjects, which will 
obviate some of these difficulties. 

Review *' Notices" of the more important books will 
be referred to, and, in the case of a rare book, a capital 
letter following the title will indicate some Public Li- 
brary in which it may be found. 

The words "Relating to America" are used with a 
wide meaning, and it is probable that serious and proper 
objection may be taken to some titles of books intro- 
duced; as, for example, the various works by the early 
New-England Divines. It must not be forgotten, how- 
ever, that, in many respects, the New-England Govern- 
ment was a Theocracy, and the works of these Divines 
had much to do with shaping its institutions; at all 

* Life of "Caius Marius." 


events, they are books sought for with avidity, and 
bought at high prices by the collectors of Americana," 
and, if only for that reason, have a right to appear here. 

I shall not attempt to anticipate the many criticisms 
which may be made. I shall be glad to have errors 
pointed out and improvements suggested, and respect- 
fully solicit the cooperation and assistance of gentlemen 
who have given their attention to any or many particular 

I conclude this preliminary notice with the remark, that, 
whenever possible, I have examined the books for my- 
self, and have described them with all necessary minute- 
ness. Of those not within my reach, I have been com- 
pelled to content myself with such descriptions as have 
come under my notice in the list of authorities quoted 
on the cover of Part I. of this work,* or sometimes 
from a less trustworthy source — a Bookseller's Cata- 
logue. Should I wait to make this bibliography as full 
and exact on all points as I trust it will generally be 
found, I should never complete it. 

It will, perhaps, save inquiry, if I here state that the 
number of parts of which the work will consist is a 
question I cannot answer; yet, while I design to make 
it as complete as possible, my own remarks on the books 
will be distinguished by their brevity. 

The Parts will be issued with all convenient speed, 
and subscriptions will not be received for anything less 
than the entire work. Joseph Sabin. 

* This Dictionary is published first in parts, of wliich No. I, appeared in January, 


The Initials which precede the Numbers, at the end | 
of the Description, indicate certain public Libraries in ;! 
which the books may be consulted. I 

A. signifies Astor Library, New York. 

B. " Public Library of Boston. < 
BD. " Bodleian Library. ! 
BM. '' British Museum, London. i 

C. " Library of Congress. ] 
CP. " Library of Parliament, Canada. \ 
H. " Harvard College Library. | 
M. " Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. 

N. " New York Historical Society. j 

P. " Library Company of Philadelphia. ; 

Pa. " Pennsylvania State Library. 

S. " New York State Library. 

W. " Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. 

Occasional references are made to private collections, ! 
when the books are not to be found in public Libraries. 
Thus : 

J. C. B. stands for the Library of John Carter Brown. j 

J. C. Bt. " " " J. Carson Brevoort. 

G. " " " A. W. Griswold. ^ 

J. L. " ** " James Lenox. \ 

W. M. " *' " William Menzies. | 

R. " " " John A. Rice. 


11. means leaves. 

pp. " pages. 

n. p. ** no place. 

n. d, ** no date. 

... indicates the omission of words of a title regarded as unimportant. 

... . *' that the omission began in a sentence and extends to the 

end, or farther. 

. ... " that the omission began a sentence. 

II is used when there is a difference between the titles of diiFerent 
volumes of the same work, to mark the passage from 
one title-page to another. 

[ ] include words which are not on the title-page. When brackets 
[ ] occur in a title they are represented in this Dic- 
tionary by parentheses ( ). 

( ) are used to indicate leaves or pages not numbered by the printer. 
Thus: "(3) 1., pp. (3), viii. (13), 464," means 3 
unnumbered leaves, followed by three pages unnum- 
bered, 8 numbered with Roman numerals, 13 unnum- 
bered, and 464 numbered with Arabic numerals. It 
should be noticed that "pp. (4)" implies that all four 
pages are printed upon ; (2) 1. that one side of one or 
both the leaves is blank. Leaves blank on both sides 
are not counted, unless the contrary is stated, 

-}- is used when another edition of a work is described without repeat- 
ing the title-page. It indicates that, so far as is known, 
the titles of the two editions are essentially alike. 

Other references will occur in the course of publica- 
tion, all of which will be explained in the last volume. 

Works which have only a slight relation to America 
are enumerated briefly in the notes in smaller type — 
generally in alphabetical succession. 

A Dictionary of Books 


(B.) See A[ntrobus] (B[enjamin]). 

A. (G.) The Young Traveller in South America. 
A popular Introduction to the History and Resources 
of the Country. London^ 1835. i2mo. I 

A. (G. A.) Tecumseh ; or the Death of the Shaw- 
nee Chief. With other Original Poems. By G. A. 
A. [ynge]. Weymouth^ 1830. i2mo, pp. 78. 2 

'' The poem which furnishes the title to this little work occupies ten pages." — Rich. 

A. (P.) See Sharp (Bartholomew). 

A. (T.) See A[sh] (T.) and Allen Thomas. 

[Aa (P. Van der) ]. Naaukeurige versameling der gedenk- 
waardigste Reysen naar Oost en West-Indien, Mitsgaders andere 
Gewesten gedaan ; Sedert De Jaaren 1246. tot op desen tijd. 
Alles breeder te fien, in, en agter het Voorberigt. [This is the 
half title preceding Engraved Frontispiece, and a very long 
descriptive Title, finishing thus] : In het ligt gegeven Te Leyden^ 
Door Peter Vander Aa. 1707. 8vo, 30 vols. 3 

This collection of the most memorable Voyages to the East and West Indies, from 
1246 to 1696, contains translations of all the early voyages to this continent, and is 
illustrated by a profusion of copper plates. As each voyage has a separate pagination, 
the work is sometimes found bound up in 28, 29 or 30 volumes, and is worth about 
$20. There is also an edition in folio, 8 vols. Leyde. This indefatigable pub- 
lisher, who united within himself the functions of author, editor and publisher, also 
issued the plates to the above work separately, under the following title : " Atlas 
nouveau et curieaux des plus celebres itineraires j ou recueil de nouvelles cartes geog- 
raph. des voiages modernes de long cours, de depuis I'an 1246 jusqu'a I'an 1696." 
2 vols., folio. Leyde. He also published "'Grand Theatre Historique, ou NouvcUe 


Histoire Universelle tant sacree que profane." 5 vols,, folio. Leyde, 1703 ; and " La 
Galerie Agreable du Monde." 66 parts bound in 33 or 22 vols, folio., of which Vol. 
XVII. relates to America. 

Abbeville (Claude d') Histoire | de la Mission | des Peres 
Capvcins|en I'lsle de Maragnan et|terres circonuoisines|ov est 
traicte des sin |gularitez admirables & des| Meurs merueilleuses 
des Indiens | habitans de ce pais Auec les misiues et aduis qui 
ont este enuoyez de nouue'" | Par | le R.P.Claude d'Abbeuille| 
Predicateur Capucin.|y/ Paris\De Plmprimerie de Fran^ois\Hvby 
1614. |8vo. Engraved Title. 7 p. 1., 413 leaves, with Table. 4 

Puttick, 1859, £3. 10. o. The Island of Maranham is on the coast of Brazil, and 
this is the earliest account of it. 

Abbeville. L'arrivee des Peres Capucins et la conversion 
des sauvages a nostre saincte foy. Declaree par le R. P. Claude 
d' Abbeville, Predicateur Capucin. Paris^ J^^^ Nigaut^ 16 13* 
i2mo, 16 pp. 5 

Abad. Historia geogralica, civil y natural de la isla de 
Puerto Rico, por Fr. Inigo Abad y Lasserra. Nueva edicion 
anotada en la parte historica, y continuada en la estadistica y 
economica por J. J. de Acosta. Puerto Rico^ n. d. 8vo. 6 

Abbring (H. J.) Weemoedstoonen uit de Geschiedenis van 
mijn Leven, of mijne reis naar Curasao, en vlugtige beschou- 
wingen van dat eiland gedurende mijn tienjarig verblijf of het- 
zelve. Groningen^ 1834. 8vo. 7 

Relates the experiences, &c., of the author during a ten years' residence at 

Abbot (Abiel). Artillery Election Sermon, Boston, June 7th, 
18 1 2. By Abiel Abbot. Boston^ 18 12. 8vo. 8 

Abbot. Discourse at North Coventry, July 4, 1799. By 
Abiel Abbot. Hartford^ ^199- 8vo, pp. 16. 9 

Abbot. Discourse at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1809, with Ap- 
pendix. By Abiel Abbot. Boston^ 18 10. 8vo, pp. 28. 10 

Abbot. Ecclesiastical Peace recommended. A Discourse 
delivered before the Annual Convention of the Congregational 
Ministers of Massachusetts, in Boston, May 31, 1827. ^7 
Abiel Abbot. Boston^ 1827. i2mo, pp. 20. 11 

Abbot. An Eulogy on the Illustrious Life and Character 
of George Washington, delivered before the inhabitants of the 


town of Haverhill, on his Birth-Day, 1800, at the request of 
their committee. 'By Abie) Abbot. And the invaluable last 
Address of President Washington to the Citizens of the United 
States, the Legacy of the Father of his Country. Haverhill^ 
Printed by Seth H. Moore. [1800]. Svo, pp. 27 and 21. 12 

Abbot. History of Andover, from its Settlement to 1829. 
By Abiel Abbot. Andover^ Flagg ^ Gould. i2mo, pp. 204. 13 

Abbot. Letters written in the Interior of Cuba, between the 
Mountains of Arcana, to the East, and of Cusco, to the West, 
in the Months of February, March, April and May, 1828. 
By the late Rev. Abiel Abbot, d.d. Boston, 1829. 8vo, pp. 
272. 14 

Reviewed in the N. A. R., xxix., p. 199. Sou. R., iv., p. 123. Christ. E., 
VI., p. 259. 

Abbot. Self-Preservation. Artillery Election Sermon, 1802. 
By Abiel Abbot. Boston, 1 802. Svo. 15 

Abbot. Proceedings of the General Association of Connecti- 
cut Relative to Rev. Abiel Abbot. Hartford, 181 2. 8vo. 16 

Abbot. Statement of Proceedings in the First Society in 
Coventry, Conn., which terminated in the Removal of the Pas- 
tor ; with an Address. Boston, \%i\. 8vo, pp. 68. 17 

Abbot. Reply to Mr. Abbot's Statement of Proceedings in 
the First Society in Coventry, Conn. By the Association in 
Tolland County. * * * Hartford, 1812. Svo, pp. 48. 18 

Mr. Abbot published other Addresses on Temperance. Missions, ccz. 

Abbot (A. and E.) Genealogical Register of the Descend- 
ants of George Abbot, of Andover ; Arthur Abbot, of Ipswich ; 
George Abbot, of Rowley ; Thomas Abbot, of Andover ; 
Robert Abbot, of Brentford ; and George Abbot, of Brent- 
ford. By Abiel and Ephraim Abbot. Boston, 1847. ^^^^ PP- 
197. 19 

Abbot (D.) Oration July 4, 1803. By Daniel Abbot. 
Nashua, N. H., 1803. Svo. 20 

Abbot (G.) A briefe Description of the Whole World, 
wherein is particularly described all the Monarchies, Empires and 
Kingdomes of the same, with their Academies. As also their several 


Titles and Situations thereunto adjoining. Written by the Right 
Reverend Father in God, George^ late Archbishop of Canter- 
burie. London^ Printed for William Sheares^ 1 634- Sm. 8vo, pp. 
329. Engraved Title and Portrait by W. Marshall. 21 

In this, the sixth edition, the account of America commences on page 240. 
This work, which, according to Anthony a Wood, was known as " Abbot's Geogra- 
phy," contains a curious account of the " Discovery of America by the Welsh." It has 
been frequently reprinted. Copies exist with the dates 1599, 1 600, 1603. 1608, 1 61 3. 
Fourth Edition, 1617. ^th edition newly augmented and enlarged: with their severall 
titles and scituations thereunto adjoyning. 410. Land., 1620. Other editions, 1622, 
1635, 1636, 1642, 1656 and 1664. 

Abbot (Hull). The Duty of God's People to pray for the 
Peace of Jerusalem, and especially for the Preservation and Con- 
tinuance of their own Privileges, both Civil and Religious, when 
in Danger at Home or from Abroad. A Sermon on Ocasion 
of the Rebellion in Scotland Rais'd in Favour of a Popish 
Pretender, With Design to overthrow our present Happy Estab- 
lishment, And to Introduce Popery and Arbitrary Power into 
Our Nations, From which, by a Series of Wonders, in the good 
Providence of God, they have been often delivered, Preached at 
Charlestown in New England, Jan. 12, 1745-6. By Hull Ab- 
bot, A.M. A Pastor of the Church there. Boston^ Rogers and 
Fowle^ 1746. 8vo, pp. 26. M. 22 

Abbot. Jehovah's Character as a Man of War, illustrated 
and applied. Artillery-Election Sermon, 1735. By Hull Abbot. 
Boston, 1735. 8vo, pp. 35. 23 

Also a Disswasive against Swearing, 1747. + Convention Sermon. 1756. -|- A 
Dudleian Lecture, 1764. 

Abbot. Trial of Joel Abbot by the General Court Martial, 
Holden on Board the U. S. Ship Independence, at the Navy 
Yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts, on Allegations made against 
Him by Captain David Porter, Navy Commissioner. Printed 
from the Official Record on File in the Navy Department. 
Washington : Davis and Force, 1822. 8vo, pp. 152. -|- Another 
Edition. With an Appendix of Documents in relation to the 
management of Affairs on the Boston Station. Boston, 1822. 
8vo, pp. 236. 24 

Abbot (John). Natural History of the rarer Lepidopterous 
Insects of Georgia. Including their Systematic Characters, the 
particulars of their several Metamorphoses, and the Plants on 
which they Feed. Collected from the Observations of Mr. John 
Abbot, many years resident in that Country. By James Edward 


Smith, M.D., F.R.S., p.L.s. London^ tVhite^ 1 796-1 798. 2 vols., 
folio, pp. 208, and 104 Coloured Plates. 25 

" Abbot was a most assiduous collector, and an admirable draftsman of insects. 
His work is one of the most beautiful that this or any other country can boast of. 
The original coloured Impressions are seldom met with." — Swainson. " It is a valu- 
able acquisition to the botanist as well as the entomologist." — Rich. Sold at Edwards' 
sale for £i8 los. od.; at Saunders' for £14. Some copies are badly coloured and are 
of much less value. 

Abbott (Abbott A.) The Assassination and Death of 
Abraham Lincoln, April 14, 1865. Full Particulars, with a 
Short Account of his Life. By Abbott A. Abbott. New York: 
American News d;?., 1865. i6mo, pp. 24. 26 

Abbott. Prison Life in the South : at Richmond, Macon, 
Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh, Golds- 
borough, and Andersonville, during the Years 1864 and 1865. 
By A. O. Abbott, late Lieutenant First New York Dra- 
goons. With Illustrations. New York^ Harpers^ 1865. i2mo, 
PP- 374. 27 

Abbott (Austin). Popular Government successful in a Great 
Emergency. An Address delivered at Farmington, Maine, July 4, 
1862. By Austin Abbott. 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. 28 

[Abbott (J.) ] Memoranda of a Settler in Lower Canada, 
with hints to Emigrants ; by an Emigrant Farmer [Rev. J. Ab- 
bott]. Montreal^ 1842. i2mo. 29 

Abbott. Philip Musgrave ; or. Memoirs of a Church of 
England Missionary in the North American Colonies. Edited 
by the Rev. J. Abbott, a.m. London^ John Murray^ 1846. Post 
8vo, pp. 164. 30 

Abbott (Jacob). American History. Illustrated. Vol. i. 
Aboriginal America. Vol. 2. Discovery of America. Vol. 3. 
Southern Colonies. Vol. 4. Northern Colonies. Vol. 5. The 
Wars of the Colonies. Vol. 6. Revolt. Vol. 7. War of the 
Revolution. Vol. 8. Life of Washington. New York^ 1860-5. 
i6mo. 31 

These Histories were written for young people. 

Abbott. Franklin, the apprentice boy. By Jacob Abbott. 
New York^ 1855. i6mo, pp. 160. 32 

[Abbott.] New England and her Institutions. By One of 


her Sons. [Jacob Abbott.] i2mo, pp. 271. Boston^ 1835. -f 
Reprinted^ London^ Seeley^ 1835. Post 8vo, pp. vi, 393. 33 

Abbott. Voyages and Travels of Marco Paul. By Jacob 
Abbott. New Tork^ Harper^ v. d. Six volumes, i6mo, pp. 192, 
203, 191, 208, 192, 192. 34 

Accounts of the adventures of a youthful traveller, in New York ; on the Erie 
Canal; in Maine ; in Vermont; in Boston; and at the Springfield Armory. Each 
volume contains from fourteen to twenty-two woodcuts. 

Abbott (John Stevens Cabot). An Address upon our Na- 
tional Affairs, delivered in Cheshire, Conn., on the National 
Fast, January 4th, 1861. By John S. C. Abbott. New York: 
Abbey iff Abbott^ 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 16. 35 

Abbott. The History of the Civil War in America : com- 
prising a full and Impartial Account of the Origin and Progress 
of the Rebellion, of the various Naval and Military Engage- 
ments, of the Heroic Deeds performed by Armies and Individuals, 
and of touching Scenes in the Field, the Camp, the Hospital, 
and the Cabin. Bv John S. C. Abbott. Illustrated with Maps, 
Diagrams, and numerous Steel Engravings of Battle Scenes, from 
original designs, by Darley and other eminent Artists, and Por- 
traits of distinguished men. New Tork^ H. Bill^ 1 863-1 865. 
2 vols., 8vo, pp. 507, 630. 36 

The same in German. Geschichte des Burger Kreiges in Amerika. Nornvick 
N. r., 1863-5. 

Abbott. History of Hernando Cortes. By John S. C. 

Abbott. Plates. Neiu Tork^ 1855. i8mo. 37 

Abbott. Life of Christopher Columbus. By John S. C. 
Abbott. Plates. New York^ 1856. i8mo. 38 

Abbott. History of King Philip, Sovereign Chief of the 
Wampanoags ; including the early history of the Settlers of New- 
England. By John S. C. Abbott. With engravings. New- 
York^ Harper & Brothers^ 1857. l2mo, pp. 410. 39 

Abbott. South and North ; or. Impressions received during 
a trip to Cuba and the South. By John S. C Abbott. New 
York^ Abbey & Abbott. i2mo, pp. 352. 40 

Abbott. Words of Patriotism and Wisdom now presented 
to the Freemen of Connecticut for their consideration. By John 
S. C. Abbott. 8vo, pp. 8. 41 


Abbott (Nehemiah). Fishing Bounties. Speech delivered in 
the House of Representatives, Feb. lo, 1859. ^7 Nehemiah 
Abbott. Washington^ 1859. ^^'^^ PP- ^- 4^ 

Abbott (Nehemiah). Government Expenditures. Speech 
delivered in the House of Representatives, Feb. 21, 1859. -^Y 
Nehemiah Abbott. Washington^ 1859. ^^^t PP* ^- 43 

Abbott (Simon C.) A Record of the Births Marriages and 
Deaths in Worcester, Vermont, from 18 13 to 1858, Alphabetically 
Arranged. By Simon C. Abbott. Montpelier^ 1858. 8vo, 
pp. 31. 44 

Abdy. Journal of a Residence and Tour in the United 
States of North America, from April 1833 to October 1835. 
By E. S. Abdy. London^ "John Murray^ 1835. Post 8vo, 3 
vols., pp. XII., 395 ; VIII., 415 ; VIII., 408. 45 

See Q^R. Liv., p. 392; W. R. xxiv.. p. 244. The republication of this work was 
commenced in New York, but suspended on account of its remarks on Slavery. The 
author accompanied Mr. Crawford, who was sent by the English Government to in- 
spect the prisons of the U. S. He gives much information on Public Institutions. 

Abdy. American Whites and Blacks in reply to a German 
Orthodermist. By E. S. Abdy. London^ 1842. 8vo. 46 

Abeille. Essai sur nos colonies, et sur le retablissement de 
Saint Domingue, ou considerations sur leur legislation, admin- 
istration, commerce et agriculture. Par Mr. J. Abeille, admin- 
istrateur des hospices de Marseille, depute du commerce de 
ladite ville pres I'Assemblee constituante, proprietaire et ancien 
negociant a Saint Domingue. P^r/V, Chomel^ 1805. 8vo, half- 
title and title^ 2 /., xiij., pp. 154. H. 47 

L' Abeille Americaine, Journal Historique. Philadelphia^ 1818. 
20 Parts. 48 

Abel. Traveller's and Emigrant's Guide to Wisconsin and 
Iowa. By Henry J. Abel. Accompanied with a new and im- 
proved Map of those Territories, with the addition of parts of 
Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Philadelphia^ Printed for the 
Author^ 1839. l2mo. 49 

Abelin. Newe Welt | Vnd Americanische Historien. | Inhal- 
tende I WarhafFtige vnd vollkommene Be-|schreibungen Aller 
West-Indianischen LandschafFten, Insulen, | Konigreichen vnd 
Provintzien, Seecusten, fliessenden vnd stehen-|den Wassern, 
Port vnd Anlandungen, Gebiirgen, Thalern, Statt, Flecken vnd| 


Wohnplatzen, zusampt der Natur vnd EygenschafFt dess Erd- 
richs, der LufFt, der | Mineren vnd Metallen, der Brennenden 
Vulcanen oder Schwefelbergen, der | Siedenden vnd anderer Heil- 
samen Quellen, wie auch der Thier, Vogel, Fisch | vnd Gewiirm 
in denselben, sampt andern Wunderbaren Creaturen | vnd Mira- 
culn der Natur, in diesem halben Theil | dess Erdkreyses. | Dess- 
gleichen I Griindlicher Bericht von der Innwohner Beschaffenheit, 
Sit- 1 ten, Qualitaten, Policey vnd Gotzendienst, Leben vnd 
Wesen, Barbarischer Vn- 1 wissenheit vnd vnerhorter Grausam- 
keit dess meisten theils dieser Wilden Leute, sampt Vn-|ter- 
scheyd der Nationen, Sprachen vnd Gebrauchen. | Item, His- 
torische vnd Aussfiihrliche Relation 38. Fiirnembster Schiffarten 
vnter-|schiedlicher Volcker in West-Indien, von der Ersten 
Entdeckung durch Christopho- 1 rum Columbum, in 150. Jahren, 
vollbracht. I Alles auss verscheidenen West-Indianischen His- 
torien-Schreibern, vnnd man-|cherley Sprachen mit sonderm fleiss 
zusamen getragen, extrahirt, in ein richtige Ordnung | der Mat- 
erien vnd Zeit, vnd in diese Kauffliche Form gebracht | Durch | 
Johann Ludwig Gottfriedt. | Mit zugehorigen Landtafeln, Con- 
trafacturen vnd Geschichtmassigen Kupfferstiicken, | zum Lust 
vnd Nachrichtung reichlich gezieret vnd verlegt, | Durch Mat- 
theum Merian, Buchhandlern vnnd | Kunststechern zu Franckfurt 
am Mayn. 1 Franckfurt^ Bey denen Merianischen Erben. \ 
M.DC.LV. I Fol. 4 p. 1. Engraved and Printed Title, pp. 661, 
2 p. 4 Maps and many Plates. 50 

Jean-Philippe Abelin published this work under the assumed name of Jean-Louis 
Gottfriedt. It contains a resume of the Histories of Acosta, Oviedo, Peter Martyr, 
Herrera, Laet, &c. An account of 33 Voyages to America, from Columbus to Spilber- 
gen and Schouten ; notices of the expeditions of Lemaire and Peter Heyn, the Con- 
quests of Brazil by the Dutch, and descriptions of Greenland and Spitzbergen. The 
first edition was published in 1631. Ternaux (No. 713) quotes an edition 1651, 
which does not exist. 

Abenaqui Springs, near Bellows Falls, Vermont [Statement 
concerning]. New Tork^ 1858. i6mo, pp. 16. 51 

Abercrombie. a Sermon Occasioned by the Death or 
Major Gen. Alexander Hamilton, who was killed by Aaron 
Burr, Esq., Vice-President of the United States, in a Duel, July 
II, 1804. Preached in Christ Church and St. Peter's, Phila- 
delphia, on Sunday, July 22, 1804. By James Abercrombie, 
D.D. Philadelphia^ H. Maxwell^ 1804. 8vo, pp. vii. 53. Post- 
script, I 1. 52 

Abercrombie. A sermon preached in Christ Church and St. 


Peter's, Philadelphia, on Wednesday, May 9th, 1798, being the 
Day appointed by the President as a day of Fasting, Humiliation, 
and Prayer, throughout the United States of North America. By 
James Abercrombie, A.M. Philadelphia^ John Or^wrc^ [1798]. 
8vo, pp. 38. 53 

Abercrombie (Robert). An Account of the Proceedings of 
the Presbytery, whereof the Reverend Mr. John Moorhead, 
&c., are members, against the Rev. Mr. Robert Abercrombie. 
In a Letter to a Friend. Boston^ I754- i2mo, pp. 42. 54 

Abercrombie (Robert). Remarks on a late Piece, entitled 
" A Fair Narrative of the Proceedings of the Presbytery of Bos- 
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Abercrombie (Robert). See Moorhead, John. Parsons, 

Abert. Reply of Col. Abert and Mr. Markoe to the Hon. 
Mr. Tappan, of the U. S. Senate. Washington^ 1849. 8vo, 
pp. 18. 56 

Abert. Report of the Secretary of War, communicating a 
report and map of the examination of New Mexico, made by 
Lieut. J. W. Abert, of the topographical corps, in the years 
1846-47. Washington^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 195. Plates. 57 

Forms Document, No. 23, 30th Congress, ist Session. 

Abert. Another Edition, with Col. Cook's Report of his 
March from Santa Fe to San Domingo, and Journal of Capt. 
Johnson. Washington^ 1848. 8vo. 58 

Abert. Journal from Bent's Fort to St. Louis, in 1845. 
Washington^ 1846. 8vo. 59 

Abhandlungen der Philosophisch-Historischen Klasse der K6- 
niglichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Berlin^ 
1855, etc. 4to. 60 

Contains several Articles on the North American Indian Languages, etc. 

Abingdon. Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke, Esq., 
to the Sheriffs of Bristol, on the Affairs of America. By the 
Earl of Abingdon. Oxford^ W. Jackson [1777]. 8vo, pp. 68. 61 

Abingdon. The Same. Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth 
Editions. Oxford^ W. Jackson [1777]. Each in 8vo, pp. 68. 62 



Abingdon. Another Edition. Dublin^ ^111- 8vo, pp. 48. 
+ Reprinted Lancaster [P^.], 1778. 8vo, pp. 30. 63 

Abingdon. The Same. Sixth Edition. Oxford \\']^^\. 8vo, 
xci. pp. 60. 64 

This Edition contains The Dedication to the Collective Body of the People of 
England, and replies to the several answers to the previous editions. 

Abingdon. Second Thoughts : or, Observations upon Lord 
Abingdon's Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke, Esq., to 
the Sheriffs of Bristol. By the Author of the Answer to Mr. 
Burke's Letter. London^ T. Cadell^ ^111- 8vo, pp. 74. 65 

Abingdon. The Same. Second Edition. London^ T. Cadell^ 
J 777. 8vo, pp. 74. 66 

" This writer attacks some eminent characters, particularly Dr. Franklin, with an 
illiberal severity, for which he deserves the reprehension of every considerate and candid 
reader." — Monthly Rfvieto. 

Abingdon. Speech of the Earl of Abingdon on the Abolition 
of the Slave Trade. London^ i'jc)2,' 8vo. 67 

Abingdon. Letter to the Earl of Abingdon. See [Linde, Dr.] 

Abington. Annual Reports of the Selectmen, Overseers of 
the Poor, and School Committee ; with the Taxable Valuation 
of the Town of Abington, Mass., 1856. Boston^ 1856, and 
continued. 8vo. 68 

Abington. Abington, Mass. : Rev. H. D. Walker's Address. 
Mount-Vernon Cemetery Reports, Oct. 1853. Boston^ 1853. ^9 

Abington Baptist Association: Minutes, 181 1, &c. Beth- 
any^ &c. 70 

Continued Annually, See Am. Q. Reg. viii, 149. 

Ablon (Claude d'). See Dablon. 

Abolitionism. See Slavery. 

Aborigines. See Indians. 

Abrahall (C. H.) Arctic Enterprise, a Poem. In Seven 
Parts. By Chandos Hoskyns Abrahall. London^ Hope^ 1856. 
Post 8vo. yi 

Abrahall (J. H.) Western Woods and Waters. Poems 
and Illustrative Notes. By John Hoskyns Abrahall, Junr., m.a. 
London^ Longman^ 1864. Fcap. 8vo. y2 


Abrantes (M. de). Memoria Sobre meios de promover a 
Colonisa^ao. Berlin^ 1846. 8vo. 73 

Abrege de la Revolution. See [Buisson]. 

Abrege des Fruits aquis par I'ordre des freres mineurs es 
quatres Parties de I'univers nommement la conversion du 
Nouveau Monde. Recueilles par un Pere Cordelier en Brux- 
elles. Bruxelles^ Franfois Fivien, 16^2. iSmo. Engrv. Title. 8 
p. 1., pp. 171. 74 

Abreu (A. A.) Carta Pastoral del Illustrisimo Senor D. 
Miguel Anselmo Alvarez de Abreu y Valdes, Obispo de Ante- 
quera en el Valle de Oaxaca. Madrid^ 1768. 4to. 75 

Abreu. Victima real legal, discurso unico juridico-his- 
torio-politico, sobre que las vacantes Mayores y Menores de las 
Indias Occidentales pertenecen a la Corona de Castilla, y 
Leon con pleno y absoluto dominio. Por D. Antonio Joseph 
Alvarez de Abreu. Madrid^ IJ26. Folio. 76 

" In consequence of this vindication of the Royal right to the revenues accruing from 
vacancies in the churches in America, the author had a pension of a thousand ducats, 
and the title of Marquis de la Regalia bestowed upon him by Philip V." — Rich. J. 
R. Smith, No. 39 Catalogue, 1865, quotes an Edition, Madrid, 1769. 

Abreu (J. A.) Coleccion de los Tratados de Paz, Alianza, 
Neutralidad, Garantia, Proteccion, Tregua, Mediacion, Accesion, 
Reglamento de Limites, Comercio-Navegacion, &c. hechos por 
los Pueblos, Reyes, y Principes de Espana, con los Pueblos, 
Reyes, Principes, &c. de Europa, y otras Partes del Mundo, 
(a.d. 1598-1700) fielmente sacados de los Originales por D. 
Joseph Antonio de Abreu y Bertodano. Madrid^ 1740-52. c. 77 

An important collection of all the early Spanish Treaties, many relating to America 
and the West Indies. 21 vols, folio. Some Copies on Large Paper. The " Prontuario 
de los Tratados de Paz," Madrid, 1749-52, 4 vols., l2mo, is a desirable adjunct. 
Ebert quotes the 12 vols, at 360 rix dollars 5 Q_uaritch at £5. 

Abreu (J. J.) Compendio da Historia do Brasil. Por J. J. 
de Abreu e Lima, Rio de Janeiro^ 1843. ^^°' ^ ^^^^* ^^^' 
traits. 78 

[Abreu de Galineo]. The History of the Discovery and 
Conquest of the Canary Islands. Translated from a Spanish 
Manuscript lately found in the Island of Palma. With an En- 
quiry into the Origin of the Ancient Inhabitants. To which is 
added A Description of the Canary Islands, Including the Modern 
History of the Inhabitants, And an Account of their Manners, 


Customs, Trade, &c. By George Glas. London^ R. and J. 
Dodsley^ MDCCLXiv. 410. 79 

Reprinted in Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages, Vol. xvi. Referred to by Cook. 

An Abridgement of several Acts and Clauses of Acts of Par- 
liament, relating to the Trade and Navigation of Great Britain 
to, from and in the British Plantations in America, and to the 
Duty of the Governors and others, His Majesty's Officers in the 
said Plantations. London^ 1739- Folio, pp. 44. N. 80 

An Abridgement of the Laws in Force and Use in Her Ma- 
jesty's Plantations, (viz.) of Virginia, Jamaica, Barbadoes, Mary- 
land, New-England, New-York, Carolina, &c. Digested under 
proper Heads in the Method of Mr. Wingate, and Mr. Wash- 
ington's Abridgments. London^ John Nicholson^ 1704- Sm. 8vo, 
2 I, pp. 284; ' Maryland,' pp. 71 ; ' New-England,' pp. 100 ; 
' Appendix,' pp. 285 to 304. n. 81 

An Abridgement of the Laws of the United States. See United 

Abstract of Royal Edicts. 1772. London^ Eyre and Strahan^ 
1772. Fol. pp. 14. 82 

Relates principally to Quebec. 

Abriss. 1779. See [Buisson]. 

Abstract of the Cases of Capture made by France. Philadel- 
phia^ 1800. 8vo. p. 83 

An Abstract of the Charter granted to the Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts ; with a short Ac- 
count of what hath been, and what is designed to be done by it. 
London [1702]. Folio, pp. 3. 84 

An Abstract of the Evidence lately taken in the House of 
Commons against the Orders in Council, being a Summary of 
the Facts there proved, respecting the Present State of the Com- 
merce and Manufactures of the Country. London : Printed by 
J. M'^Creery^ 1812. 8vo, vi. Erratum, i 1., slip "It was in- 
tended, &c." pp. 64. Index 2 I. + Same reprinted. New Tork^ 
18 1 2. 8vo. 85 

An Abstract of the Proceedings of the Corporation, for the 
Relief of the Widows and Children of Clergymen, in the Com- 
munion of the Church of England in America. Philadelphia^ J. 
Humphreys^ jun.^ m,dcc,lxxiii. 8vo, pp. 52. 86 



Abstracts of the Principal Regulations contained in the Acts 
of Parliament relative to the Trade of the British Plantations. 
Charlestown^ \']']\. Sm. 8vo, pp. 28. 87 

Acadia and Acadie. See Nova Scotia. 

AcARETTE. Relation des Voyages dans la Riviere de la Plata 
et de-la aux terres de Perou. Par Acarette de Biscaie. ParU^ 
1632. Folio. 88 

See Boucher VI., 324. Translated, London, 1698. See Acuna & Thevenot. 

AcciOLi. Memorias Historicas e Politicas da Provincia da 
Bahia. Por Ignacio Accioli de Cerquiera e Silva. Bahia^ 1835- 
37. 4to, 4 vols. 89 

Account of a Late Conference on the Occurrences in Amer- 
ica. In a Letter to a Friend. London^ 176 1. 8vo, pp. 40. 90 

" An imaginary conference, managed with decency and good sense, but the strength 
of the argument lies altogether on the Side of America. The Author is supposed to be 
Joshua Steele, Esq." — Rich. 

Account of a Voyage. See Voyages, 

Account of Atlantic Steam Ships. New Tork^ 1838. i2mo. 

Account of Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean. London^ 
1799. 8vo. 92 

Quoted by Boucher vi.. 351, S>ee also Dalrymple (A.) 

Account of the Agreement which took place amongst the 
Burgher and Antiburgher Seceders, and Reformed Presbytery in 
North America, in Summer 1782. Glasgow^ 1783. 8vo. 93 

An Account of the Conduct of the War in the Middle 
Colonies. See [Galloway, Joseph]. 

An Account of the Customs and Manners of the Mickmakis 
and Maricheets Savage Nations, now dependent on the Govern- 
ment of Cape- Breton, from an Original French Manuscript- 
Letter, never published. Written by a French Abbot, who re- 
sided many years, in quality of Missionary, amongst them. To 
which are annexed. Several Pieces, relative to the Savages, to 
Nova-Scotia, and to North-America in general. London^ S. 
Hooper and A, Morley^ m,dcc,lviii. 8vo. Half Title and Title, 
2 1., VIII, 138. 94 

Account of the European Settlements. See [Burke, Ed.] 



Account of the French Settlements in North America. By a 
Gentleman. With an Appendix, giving an Account of Quebec, 
by P. Charlevoix. BosWi^ 1746. 8vo, pp. 26. n. 95 

Account of the part taken, &c. See Chatham (Earl). 

Account of the proceedings of the Illinois and Ouahache Land 
Companies, In pifFsuance of their purchases made of the Inde- 
pendent Indians, July 5th, 1773, and 1 8th October, 1775- Phila- 
delphia^ W. Youngs 1796. 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 55. 96 

Account of the Progress of the Reformation of Manners in 
England, Scotland, Ireland, America and other parts. 1702. 
8vo. 97 

Account of the Propagation of the Gospel in the English 
Dominions of North America, some West India Islands, &c. 
A broad sheet. Folio, pp. 4. 98 

An Account of the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts. What the Society established in England by Royal 
Charter hath done since their Incorporation, June 16, 1701, in 
Her Majesty's Plantations, Colonies, and Factories. As also 
what they design to do upon further Encouragement from their 
own Members and other well disposed Christians, either by An- 
nual subscriptions, present benefactions, or future legacies. 
London^ J. Downing^ 1 704. Folio, pp. 4. 99 

Drawn up by Rev. Mr. Stubs, ivitk engra-ving of the Seal of the Society. 

Account of the Society for the Encouragement of the British 
Troops in Germany and North America, with the motives of 
making a Present to those Troops and the Widows and Orphans 
of such as have died in Defence of their Country, particularly at 
the Battles of Thonhausen, Quebec, etc. ^ebec and London^ 
1760. 8vo. 100 

An Account of the Society for Propagating the Gospel in 
Foreign Parts, Established by the Royal Charter of King Wil- 
liam III. With their Proceedings and Success, and Hopes of 
continual Progress under the Happy Reign of Her Most Excel- 
lent Majesty Queen Anne. London^ Joseph Downing^ 1706. 4to. 
Frontispiece-, Title \ and pp. 97. P. lOl 

An Account of the Spanish Settlements in America. In Four 
Parts. I. An Account of the Discovery of America by the cele- 
brated Christopher Columbus, with a description of the Spanish 


insular Colonies in the West Indies. II. Their Settlements on 
the Continent of North America. III. Their Settlements in 
Peru, Chili, Paraguay and Rio de la Plata. IV. Their Settle- 
ments in Terra Firma, Of the different Countries in South 
America still possessed by the Indians, &c. With a description 
of the Canary Islands. Each part contains an accurate descrip- 
tion of the settlements in it, their situation, extent, climate, soil, 
produce, former and present condition, trading commodities, 
manufactures, the genius, disposition, and number of their in- 
habitants, their government, both civil and ecclesiastic, together 
with a concise account of their chief cities, ports, bays, rivers, 
lakes, mountains, minerals, fortifications. Sec. ; with a very par- 
ticular account of the trade carried on betwixt them and Old 
Spain, to which is annexed, A succinct account of the climate, 
produce, trade, manufactures, &c., of Old Spain, Illustrated 
with a Map of America. Edinburgh^ A. Donaldson and J. Reid^ 
MDCCLXii. 8vo, xvi., pp. 512. Map. 102 

At the end is "The accurate accounts published by Authority, of the Siege and Sur- 
render of the Havannah, the chief town of the Island of Cuba." 

An Account of the very important Debate in the House of 
Commons, July 9th, 1782, in which the Great Question of 
American Independence came under consideration. Sec. London^ 
1782. 8vo. 103 

Account of the Views and Principles of that Connexion of 
Whigs, called the Rockingham Party. * * * [London^ 1782. 
8vo, pp. 60. 104 

AcEVEDO. See Antunez y Acevedo. 

AcHENBACH (H.) Tagebuch meiner Reise nach den Norda- 
merikanischen Freistaaten oder, das neue Kanaan. Von H. 
Achenbach. Diisseldor/] 1835. 8vo. 2 Parts. Map and 
Plates. 105 

AcHENWALL (D. G.) Aanmerkingen wegens Noord-America, 
en de Engelsche Volkplantingen aldaar. Verhandeling, aangaande 
de tegenwoordige-Verschillen met de Volkplantingen in Amerika, 
door Johan Wesley. Uit het Hoogduitsch vertaald. Von D. 
G. Achenwall. Utrecht^ 1778. 8vo. 106 

AcHENWALL. Einige Anmerkungen iiber Nord- Amerika und 
uber dasige Grosbrittannische Colonien. Aus miindlichen Nach- 
richten des Herrn D. Franklins verfasst. Von Herrn D. Gott- 
fried Achenwall. Nebst H. John Wesleys Schrift von den 

1 6 ACOSTA. 

Streitigkeiten mit den Colonien in Amerika. Helmstedt^ ^111- 
8vo, pp. 72.4- First published at Stuttgart^ 1769. 8vo. M. 107 

AcHENWALL (Gottfried). Herrn Hofrath Achenwalls in 
Gottingen Anmerkungen iiber Nordamerika und iiber dasige 
Grosbritannische Colonien aus miindlichen Nachrichten des 
Herrn Dr. Franklins. Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1769. Sm. 8vo, 
pp. 94. H. 108 

AcKERMANN (F. X.) Das Kaiserreich Brasilien. Heidelberg, 
1834. 8vo. Map. 109 

Aclamacion|y|Pendones|qve levanto | la | mvy noble y coro- 
nada | civdad | De los Reyes, | por | el catolico | y | avgvstissimo | Rey. 
D. Carlos II.|desle. nombre|N. S. con festiva solemnidad. | El.| 
dia 17, de Octvbre Ano | de 1 666 1 Con licencia. | En Lima. En la 
Imprenta de Jvan de \ ^evedo y Zarate, 4to, 6 p. 1., and 43 
leaves ; large plate. no 

A90RES. Report of the Isles of Azores, 1591. See [Raleigh 
(Sir W.)] 

AcosTA (Bias de). Oracion Panegyrica|a las Hon-|ras del 
Capitan | Martin de Eraso, Secre- 1 tario de su Excelencia. | Dixola 
el M. R. P. M. Fr. Blasj Dacosta, de la Orden de Pre-|dica- 
dores, en el Convento insigne de | N. P. S. Francisco de Lima. | 
Dedicala. al Excelentisimo | Senor don Pedro de Toledo y 
Leyua, Marques |de Mancera, Senor de las cinco Villas, y su 
juris- 1 dicion, Comendador de Esparragal, en la Or- 1 den de Al- 
cantara, Gentilhombre de la Camara | de su Magestad, del Consejo 
de Guerra, | Virrey, y Capitan General | destos Reynos. | Con 
Licencia, En Lima, Por large Lopez de\Herrera, Jno\de 1642. 
4to, 4 p. 1., text, 12 1. Ill 

AcosTA (Bias de). Sermon | a las exeqviasjdel ilvstrissimo | 
senor Don Fr Gabriel de | Zatate de la Orden de Predicadores | 
Obispo electo de Guamanga. | Celebro las el insigne con I uento 
de nuestra Senora del Rosario de Lima|assistio a ellas|El Ex- 
cer"' senor Conde de Chin- 1 chon del Consejo de Estado, Gen- 
tilhombre de la Ca 1 mara de su Magestad, Virrey del Piru. | La 
real Avdiencia. | El Ilvstrisimo Senor Don Fer | nando Arias de 
Vgarte, Ar^obispo Metropolitano. | Cabildos, y Nobleza deste 
Reyno. I Predicole el Maestro, Fr. Bias de Acos-|ta de la mis- 
ma orden a 27. de Octubre, ano de i62J.\Impresso en Lima por 
Geronymo\de Contreras, Am de i(^1'J. 4to, 14 leaves. 112 

ACOSTA. 1 7 

AcosTA (Christoval). Tratado de las Drogas, y medicinas 
de las Indias Orientales, con sus Plantas debuxadas albivo. Por 
Christoval Acosta, Medico y Cirujano que las vio ocularmente. 
Burgos^ 1578. 4to, Title, &c., 12 leaves, pp. 448 ; Table, &c., 
PP- 39- "3 

Acosta. Trattato di Christoforo Acosta . . . della Historia, 
Natura e Virtv delle Droghe Medicinali, & altri Semplici raris- 
simi, che vengono portati dalle Indie Orientali, in Europa . . . 
Nuov. rec. della Spagnuola . . . In Fenetia^ F. Ziletti^ 1585. 
4to, 26 p. 1., pp. 342. A. 114 

Acosta. Histoire des drogues, epiceries et de certains medica- 
mens simples qui naissent es Indes, mis en franc, du latin de 
Ch. I'Ecluse par Ant. Colin. Lyon^ 1602. 8vo. 115 

Another Edition. 1619. 8vo. For a Latin Translation, see Garcia d'Orta. 

Acosta (Francisco). Vida de Maria de Jesus de Puebla de 
los Angelos. 1648. 4to. 116 

Acosta (Joaquin). Compendio historico del Descubrimiento 
y Colonizacion de la Nueva Granada en el siglo decimo sexto. 
Parh^ M. de Beau. 8vo, pp. 460. Map. 1 17 

Acosta (Joseph de). De Natvra|Novi Orbis|Libri dvo, | 
etjde Promvlgatione I Evangelii, apvd | Barbaros, | sive | de Procv- 
randa I Indorvm salvte|Libri sex. Avtore losepho Acosta pres- 
bytero societatis lesv. Salmanttca^ Apud Guillelmum Foquel.^ 
M.D.LXXXix. 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 640. 118 

The original Edition. Mr. Rich observes of Acosta, that he is one of the earliest 
writers who have treated philosophically of America and its productions. Dr. Robert- 
son pronounces him a standard authority, and Backer, in his Bibliotheque des £crivains 
de la Compag, de Jesus, observes : *' Joseph de Acosta, ne a Medina del Campo, vers 
I'an 1539, passa, apres avoir professe la theologie, a Ocana, en 1571 aux Indes occiden- 
tales, et fut le second Provincial de Tordre des Jesuites au Perou oii il sejourna 
pendant 17 ans. II mourut recteur a Salamanque, le 1 1 fevrier 1600. Son ouvrage, 
estime a juste titre, a ete reimprime assez souvent et traduit dans presque toutes les 
langues." Pinelo, however, alleges that the work is taken from the MSS. of Diego 
Duran, a Dominican Monk. See, also, Camus, p. 103. Clement Bibl. Curieuse. 
Priced in the Nuggets, £2. 2. o. Salva, los. od. 

Acosta. Editio Altera. Salmantica., m.dxcv. 8vo. 119 

Acosta. losephi | A costa, | societatis | lesv, | de natvra novi 
orbis I libri dvo. | Et | de promvlgatione | evangelii apvd | barbaros, | 
siue, |de procvranda indorvm | salute, Libri sex. H^f Colonics Jgrip- 


1 8 ACOSTA. 

pinae^ \ In offcina Birckmannica. Sumpti- \ bus Arnoldi Mylij. \ 
ciD.i3.xcvi. I 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 581. 120 

This text was changed, and inserted without the Author's name, in De Bry's Collec- 
tion. The first two books of this work are nearly the same as the same books of 
the " Historia Natural." The other six are different. 

AcosTA. Historia I natvral I y I moral delas| Indias, | en qve se 
tratan las cosas | notables del cielo, y elementos, metales, plantas, 
y ani-|males dellas : y los ritos, y ceremonias, leyes, y|gouierno, 
y guerras de los Indios. | Compuesta por el Padre Joseph de 
Acosta Religioso | de la Compania de lesus. | Dirigida a la serenis- 
sima I Infanti Dona Isabella Clara Eugenia de Austria. || \ Con 
Privilegio. | Impresso en Seuilla en casa de luan de Leon. | Am de 
1590. II [Colophon.] T[ Hispali, I Excudebat loannes Leonius. j 
Ano, 1590. 1 Sm. 4to. Title and ' Tabla,' 18 1., pp. 535. n. 121 

First Edition in Spanish. Quaritch, £i. 5s.} Nuggets, £1. 11. 6. j Fleurieu, 20 
fr. J Huzard, 22 fr. 

AcosTA. El mismo. Barcelona^ Coudret^ I59i- Sm. 4to. 
-\-Sevi/Ie, 1591- Sm. 4to. + El mismo. Ano i6o8.|Con Li- 
cencia. | Impresso en Madrid en casa de Alonso Martin. 4to. Title, 
I 1. Tassa y Errata, i 1. Licencias, etc., 5-12. Text, 13. 
— 535. Tabla, 21 1. + El mismo. Madrid., 1610. 4to. 122 

Priced: Nuggets, i. ii, 6.; Brunet, 8 c. lo fr. 

Acosta. El mismo. Data a luz en esta sexta edicion. 
D.A.V.C. Madrid.^ ^792. 4to. 2 vols. n. 123 

This is the best Spanish Edition. $12 to $15. 

Acosta. Historia j Natvrele, e Morale jdelle Indie ; | Scritta j 
Dal. R. P. GiosefFo di Acosta | Delia Compagnia del Giesu ; | Nel- 
laquale si trattano le cose notabili del Cielo, & de gli | Elementi, 
Metalli, Piante, h Animali di quelle : | i fuoiriti, & ceremonie : 
Leggi, & gouerni, | & guerre degli Indiani. | Nouamente tradotta 
delta lingua Spagnuola nella Italiani \ Da Gio. Paolo Galvcci Salo- 
diano | Academico Veneto. | Con Privilegii. | In Venetia^ \ Presso Ber- 
nardo Basa., All 'insegna del Sole, m,d,xcvi. 4to. 24 p. 1. 
Text, 173 leaves. n. 124 

The only Italian version, printed with the types of Aldus. Priced : Nuggets, 
£1. II. 6. Sold in New York, 1865, for $5. 

Acosta. Histoire | Natvrelle | et Moralle j des Indes, tant Ori- 
entallesjqu' Occidentalles. | Ou il est traite des choses remarqu- 
ables du Ciel, | des Elemens, Metaux, Plantes & Animaux|qui 
sont propres de ces pais. Ensemble desjmoeurs, ceremonies. 


loix, gouuernmens & | guerres des mesme Indiens. | Composee en 
Castilian par Joseph Acosta, & | traduite en Francois par Robert 
|Regnault Cauxois| .Dedie av Roy.|yf Paris^\Chez Marc Orry^ 
M.D.xcviii. 8vo. 8 p. 1., pp. 375. Table, 17 1. 125 

Sold at Puttick's, i860, £i. 15. o. Graesse quotes an edition 1597. Reprinted 
Paris, Marc Orry, I 600. Sm, 8vo, 6 p. 1., pp. 375. Table, I7 \.-\- Paris, Marc Orry^ 
1606, Sm. 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 352. Table, 18 l. + Pam, Adrian Tiffaine^ 1616. 8vo, 
8 p. 1., pp. 375. Table, 16 \.-\-Paris, Adrian Tiffaini, 1617. 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 375. 
Table, 16 l.+Also reprinted 1619 and 1621. 

AcosTA. Historie Naturael | ende Morael van de We- 1 stersche 
Indien : I Waer inne ghehandelt wordt van de | merckelijckste 
dinghen des Hemels, Elementen, | Metalen, Planten ende Ghe- 
dierten van dien : als oock|de Manieren, Ceremonien, Wetten, 
Regeeringen | ende Oorloghen der Indianen. | Ghecomponeert 
door losephum de| Acosta, der Jesuitscher Oorden : | Ende nu 
eerstmael uyt den Spaenschen in onser | Nederduytsche tale over- 
gheset : door Ian Huyghen | van Linschoten. || T[ Tot Enchuysen^ | 
By 'Jacob Lenaertsx. Meyn. Boeckver cooper ^\woonende op den hoeck 
van de Kerck hrugghe^\int Schrijfboeck. Anno 1598. | [Colophon.] 
Tf Ghedruckt t'Haerlem, | By Gillis Rooman, woo-|nende in de 
Jacobijne-strate, | in de vergulde Parsse. | Anno 1598. | 8vo, 7 p. 1., 
pp. 389. Table, 8 1. 126 

This Dutch translation, by Linschoten, formed the basis of the version in De Bry's 
Collection. It was reprinted in 1624, with the following title: 

AcosTA. Historie Naturael en Morael | van de Westersche 
Indien. | Waer inne ghehandelt wort van de merckelijckste 
dinghen I des Kernels, Elementen, Metalen, Planten ende Gedier- 
tenjvan dien: Als oock de Manieren, Ceremonien, Wetten, | 
Regeeringen, ende Oorlogen der Indianen. | Ghecomponeert door 
losephum de Acosta, der | lesuytscher Oorden : | Uyt den Spaen- 
schen in onse Nederduytsche tale overgheset : | Door Ian Huyghen 
van Linschoten. De tweede Y.6^\X.\q^^ t'Jmsterdam^\By Broer^ 
lansx. Anno 1624. 4^o> 4 P- ^-^ PP* ^77' Table, 3 1. Gothic 
Letter. 127 

Another Dutch version will be found in Vander Aa's Voyages, Vol. xx. 

AcosTA. Geographische vnd historische Beschreibung der 
iiberauss grossen LandschafFt America : welche auch West- 
India, vnd jhrer grosse halben die Newe Welt genennet wird. 
Gar artig vnd nach der Kunst in 20 Mappen oder Landtafeln 
verfasset, etc. Colln^ Joh. Christoffel^ 1598. Foho. 128 

Boucher, Vol. i, p. 276, refers to an edition in 8vo, 1 599, and Mr. J. C. Brown's 
Catalogue contains the following ; 

20 ACT. 

AcosTA. New Welt, Das ist : Volkommen Beschreibung 
von Natur, Art und gelegenheit der Newen Welt, die man 
sonst America oder West-Indien nennet. C'dlln^ lohan Chrhtof- 
fel^ 1600. Folio, pp. 51. Gothic Letter. 129 

AcosTA. America oder wie man es zu teutsch nennt die 
Neuwe Welt oder West India. Vrsel^ 1605. Folio. 130 

Title as given by Ternaux, No. 293. Mr. J. C. Brevoort's List of Editions of 
Acosta includes one ''Frankfurt, 1617." Folio; quoted, from Meusel, Vol. in., p. 
228, who remarks that the German version was made from the Dutch by Johannes 

AcosTA. The | natvrall | and Morall Historie of the | East and 
West I Indies. | Intreating of the remarkeable things of Heaven, of 
the I Elements, Mettalls, Plants and Beasts which are pro- 1 per to 
that Country : Together with the Manners, | Ceremonies, Lawes, 
Governements, and Warres of the Indians. | Written in Spanish 
by Joseph Acosta, and translated | into English by E. G. If Lo)- 
don I Printed by Val : Sims for Edward Blount and William | Aspley . 
i6o4.|4to, 3 p. 1., pp. 590, 7 1. 131 

Some copies have the Initials " R. F." before the author's name. The Translator is 
supposed to be Edward Grimestone. Priced : Nuggets, £2. 2. o. ; North, £3. 7. o. 

AcosTA Y Perez. Album universal. Periodico semanal de 
ciencias y artes, con retractos, vistas, costumbres y biografias. 
Bajo la direccion de los Sres. Acosta y Perez. Habana^ i860. 
4to, pp. 400, and 37 Lithographic Plates. 132 

Acquest of Dominion. See [Bollan]. 

AcRELius. Beskrifning Om De Swenska Forsamlingars Forna 
och Narwarande Tilstand, Uti det saa kallade Nya Swerige Sedan 
Nya Nederland, Meri nu for tiden Pensylvanien, samt nastlig- 
gande Orter wid Alfven De La Ware, Wast-Yersey och New- 
Castle County, uti Norra America ; utigifven af Israel Acrelius. 
Stockholm^ Harherg Cf Hesseberg^ ^759' 4^0^ 10 p. 1., pp. 534. 

A portion of this work was included in the New York Hist. Coll., Vol. i, Second 
Series, under this title : New Sweden, or the Swedish Settlements on the Delaware. 
Translated from the original Swedish by the late Nicholas Collin, of Philadelphia. 
See N. A. R., liv., p. 328. 

Across the Atlantic. By the Author of Sketches of Cantabs. 
London^ Earle^ 185 1. Post 8vo. 134 

Act Encouraging the Importation of Naval Stores from Her 
Majesty's Plantations in America. London^ ly^S* Folio. 135 

ACTE. 21 

Act for a Company Trading to Africa and the Indies, June 
26, 1695. Edinburgh^ 1696. Folio, pp. 7. 136 

Relates to the Darien Expedition. See Darien. 

An Act for Disposing of certain Estates and Banishing certain 
Persons therein named. 1782. 4to. 137 

Act for Granting and Applying certain Stamp Duties, and 
other Duties in the British Colonies and Plantations in Amer- 
ica, towards further Defraying the Expenses of Defending, Pro- 
tecting and Securing the same. London^ 1 765. Folio. + 
Reprinted, Boston^ ^l^S- ^ o\\o . -\- Same . London^ Baskett^ '^l^S' 
8vo, pp. 66. 138 

Mr. Rich characterizes this 8vo as '• the Original Edition of the celebrated Stamp 
Act." I am inclined to think it first appeared in folio, with the following title : 
•' Anno Regni Georgii III. Regis Magna Britanniae Franciae & Hiberniae, &c." 

An Act for repealing Certain Parts of an Act postponing the 
Payment of Government Securities. Boston^ 1781. 8vo, pp. 7. 

Act of Parliament appointing Commissioners to inquire into the 
Losses and Services of those [Loyalists] who have suffered by 
the late Unhappy Disturbances in America. London^ 1783. 
Folio. w. 140 

An Act of Parliament for Encouraging the Scots African and 
Indian Company. Edinburgh^ June 26, 1695. 4to, pp. 8. 141 

Relates to the Darien Colony. 

Act of Parliament for Repealing the Stamp Duties and other 
Duties in the British Colonies and Plantations in America. Lon- 
don^ 1766. Folio. 142 

Act of Parliament relating to the Government of Her Ma- 
jesty's Ships, Vessels, and Forces by Sea. London^ 1780. 4to. 

Act for Registering Ships to prevent Fraud and Abuses in 
the Plantation Trade. 1698. Folio. 144 

An Act Prohibiting Trade with the Barbada's, Virginia, Ber- 
mudas, and Antego. Ordered to be Printed and Published die 
Jovis^ 3. Octob.^ 1650. Folio, half sheet. 145 

Acte d'Independence des Etats-Unis et constitution des re- 
publiques fran^aise cisalpine et ligurienne. Paris [1778]. 8vo. 

In French, German. English and Italian. 

22 ACUNA. 

Actes et Memoires concernant les Negociations qui ont- cu 
lieu entre la France et les Etats Unis de I'Amerique depuis 1793, 
jusqu' a la conclusion de la Convention du 30 Septembre, 1800. 
Londres^ J. B. C. Vogel, 1807. i2mo. 3 vols. pp. 368, 451, 
481. c. 147 

All the documents in these volumes are in the respective languages in which they 
were originally written by the persons acting under the authority of the French and 
American governments. " If they do not display much of the address for which 
French diplomacy claims credit, some important points of public law are discussed with 
ability and spirit, and though they are offensive in their nature, they form precious 
materials for the annalist. Collections of this kind which render state documents 
more accessible to historians and statesmen, are of great utility, and entitle the com- 
pilers of them to public acknowledgments." — M. R. 

The Acts of the Elders, commonly called the Book of 
Abraham ; containing a revelation made to him at a protracted 
meeting, to which is appended a chapter from the Book of Reli- 
gious Errors, with notes of explanation and commentation, from 
commencement to termination. Calculated for the meridian of 
Rhode Island ; but will answer for the New England States. 
Written by Himself. Providence., Printed for the purchaser., 1842. 
Square i2mo, pp. 160. 148 

" This curious book relates to the dissensions among various religious denominations 
in Rhode Island." — Bartlett. 

AcuGNA (Christopher). See Acuna (Christoval de). 

AcuNA (Ant. Gon^. de). Informe a N. R. P. M. General 
de el orden de Predicadores, Fr. Jhoan Baptista de Marinis. Le 
Orfrece el Press'" F. Antonio Gonzalez de Acuna, Dr. Cathe- 
dratico de prima de moral, Procurador de la Real Universidad de 
los Reyes. Diffinidor de la Provincia de S. Jhoan Baptista de 
el Peru en su nombres. 1659. 4to. 149 

" With an engraved title, but no printer's name. Evidently printed exclusively for 
the use of the order of Preachers, and consequently of great rarity. The author 
appears to have made a voyage from Lima to Spain, to give this account of the state 
of the religion of his order in South America, to his superiors. It is not mentioned 
by Nicolas Antonio; and Barcia, who collected every thing relating to America, 
evidently never saw the book." — Rich. 

Acuna (Christoval de). Nvevo Descvbrimiento del Gran 
Rio de las | Amazonas. | Por el Padre Christoval | de Acuiia, Reli- 
giose de la Suprema General Inquisicion, | Al qval sue, y se luzo 
por Orden I de su Magestad, el ano de 1639 | Por la Provincia de 

8vito|en los Reynos del Peru|Al Excelentissimo Seiior Conde| 
uque de Oliuares | Con Licencia : En Madrid., en la Imprenta 
de Reyno.,\ano de i64l.|Sm. 4to, 6 p. 1. ; viz. : Title, etc., pp. 

ADAIR. 23 

3 J Al Lector, i p. ; Certificates, 2 1.; Clavsvla, etc., i I. ; Text, 
46 1. 150 

This little volume is highly prized by collectors of rare books, and has sold as high 
as £165 but, according to Barcia, its rarity is not owing to a rigid suppression of the 
work by order of Philip IV., as is stated by most bibliographical writers, but from a 
very small number of copies having been printed. "It was probably not intended for 
sale, as it is not furnished with the licenses and privileges usually prefixed to books 
published at the time. Acuna was accompanied by Artieda, a brother Jesuit, and 
the object of their voyage was to ascertain whether the treasures of Peru might not be 
brought to Europe by way of the river Amazon, without going through the South 
Sea (at that time much infested by pirates) and round Cape Horn." — Rich. The work 
was suppressed by the Court of Spain, on the ground that it might prove advantageous 
to the Portuguese, who had wrested from Spanish dominion the Brazils, and the 
Colony of Para, on the mouth of the Amazon. Peignot says: "On connait trois ou 
quatre exemplaires, tout au plus, de I'edition originale." 

AcuNA (Cristoval d'j. Relation de la Riviere des Amazones. 
Tradvite sur I'original Espagnol, par feu Mr. de Gomberville ; 
avec une dissertation sur la Riviere des Amazones, pour servir 
de preface. Paris^ Claude Barbin^ 1682. l2mo, pp. 238. 
Map. c. 151 

Faribault (No. 3) and Brunet quote this edition as in 2 vols. There is an edition 
with the following imprint : Sur la Copie imprim'ee a Paris, 1682. + Another Edition, 
1682, 3 vols., and another with the Voyage of Grillet and Bechamel to Guiana in 
1674. i2mo, 4 vols. 

AcuNA (Christoval de). Voyages and Discoveries in South- 
America — The First up the River of Amazons to Quito in Peru, 
and back again to Brazil, By Christopher d'Acvgna — The 
Second up the River of Plata, and thence by Land to the Mines 
of Potosi, By Mons. Acarete — The Third from Cayenne into 
Guiana, in search of the Lake of Parima, reputed the richest 
place in the world. By M. Grillet and Bechamel. Done into 
English from the Originals, being the only Accounts of those 
Parts hitherto extant. London^ /or S. Buckley^ 1698. 8vo. 152 

Pp. viii. ; Map; Text, 190 pp. ; Title, " An Account of a Voyage, etc. By Mons. 
Acarete du Bis.ay, 1698." Map, etc. Text, 79 pp.; Title, "Travels of Grillet 
and Bechamel, etc., 1698." A Letter, i leaf, and Text, 68 pp. Acarete's Relation 
is in Thevenot's Collection. The Original of Grillet and Bechamel's Voyage has 
not yet been discovered. 

AcuNA. Bericht von dem Strom derer Amazonen. Wien^ 
1729. Sm. 8vo. 153 

AcusHNET. Reports of the Selectmen of Acushnet on the 
Financial Affairs of the Town. New Bedford^ i860, and con- 
tinued. 8vo. 154 

Adair (James). The History of the American Indians j 


particularly those Nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East and 
West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina and Virginia : 
Containing an Account of their Origin, Language, Manners, 
Religious and Civil Customs, Laws, Form of Government, 
Punishments, Conduct in War and Domestic Life, their Habits, 
Diet, Agriculture, Manufactures, Diseases and Method of Cure, 
and other Particulars, sufficient to render it a Complete Indian 
System. With Observations on Former Historians, the Con- 
duct of our Colony Governors, Superintendents, Missionaries, 
&c. Also an Appendix, containing a Description of the Flori- 
das and the Mississippi Lands, w^ith their Productions — The Bene- 
fits of colonizing Georgiana, and Civilizing the Indians — And the 
way to make all the colonies more valuable to the mother 
country. By James Adair, Esq., A Trader with the Indians 
and Resident in their Country for Forty Years. London^ Edward 
and Charles Dilly^ mdcclxxv. 4to, 6 p. 1., pp. 464. Map. 155 

"Mr. Adair points out various customs of the Indians, having a striking resem- 
blance to those of the Jevv'S ; and the great object of his work appears to be, to prove 
that the aborigines of America are descended from that race. Some distrust appears to 
have fallen upon his statements, although he himself says that his account is neither 
disfigured by fable nor prejudice." — Allen. See, also, Faribault, No. 5, Volney and 

Adair. Geschichte der Amerikanischen Indianer. Aus dem 
Engl. [Von S. H. Ewald.] Breslau, 1782. 8vo. 156 

Adair (J. M.) Unanswerable Arguments Against the Abo- 
lition of the Slave Trade. With a defence of the proprietors of 
the British sugar colonies, &c. Published for the benefit of 
the starving tin-miners in Cornwall. By James Mak'ittrick Adair, 
London^ ijgo. 8vo. 157 

Adair (R.) Biographical Sketch of General Robert Adair. 
Washington^ 1830. 8vo. 158 

Adalbert. Aus meinem Tagebuch. Von Adalbert Prinzen 
von Preussen. Berlin^ 1847. 4^o- '^ Plates. 159 

Adalbert. Skizzen zu meinem Tagebuch. Berlin^ 1847. 
Folio. 45 Plates, some of which are colored. 160 

'* Ouvrage de luxe execute par d'habiles artistes, et dont ou n'a tire que cent exem- 
plaires qui out ete distribues aux nobles amis de I'auteur." — Friedlander. 

Adalbert. Bericht iiber das Mosquitoland im Auftrag des 
Prinzen von Preussen, &c. Berlin^ 1845. 8vo, pp. 274. 2 
Maps. 161 



Adalbert. Travels in the South of Europe and in Brazil, 
with a voyage up the Amazon and its Tributary the Xingu. 
By Heinrich Wilhelm Adalbert, Prince of Prussia. Translated 
by Sir Robert H. Schomburgk and John E. Taylor. With In- 
troduction by Baron Von Humboldt. London^ 1849. ^ vols., 
8vo, pp. 732. Maps. 162 

*' If human civilization should ever penetrate into these fastnesses, the structure of 
this great net of rivers from north to south, may open channels of communication such 
as are unknown in any other part of the world." — Humboldt's Introduction. 

Adam (L.) La Question Americaine de I'Abolition de 
I'Esclavage aux Etats Unis. Par L. Adam, Magistrat. Nancy^ 
1861. 8vo, pp. 72. 163 

Adam (Thomas). The Missionary's appeal to the religious 
public ... the Mission in the Island of Trinidad . . . London^ 
1824, 8vo. 164 

Adam (Thomas). Missionary's Farewell Sermon : Island of 
Trinidad. London^ 1823. 8vo. 165 

Adam (W.) Genealogy of the Adam family. By William 
Adam, of Canaan, Litchfield Co., Conn. Albany^ 1848. 8vo, 
pp. 16. 166 

Adam (W. J.) Journal of Voyages to Marguaritta, Trinidad, 
and Maturin, with Travels across the Llaneros and descent of 
the Orinoco, in 1819-20, comprising Interviews with Bolivar, 
and characteristic anecdotes. By W. J. Adam. Dublin^ 1824. 
8vo. 167 

Adams (Abigail). Journal and Correspondence of Miss 
Adams, daughter of John Adams, second President of the 
United States ; Written in France and England, in 1785. Edited 
by her Daughter. New Tork^ 184 1-2. i2mo. 2 vols. Plate 
of the Battle of Trenton and Portrait of Washington. 168 

Adams (Amos). The Character of a Christian's Life and 
Death illustrated. A Sermon upon the Death of Mrs. Lucy 
Dudley, Oct. 24, 1756. Preached at Roxbury, Oct. 31, 1756. 
By Rev. Amos Adams. Boston^ 1756- 8vo, pp. 26. 169 

Adams. Concise Historical View of the Difficulties, Hard- 
ships, and Perils, which attended the Planting and Progressive 
improvements of New England. With a particular account of 
its long and Destructive Wars, Expensive Expeditions, &c. With 
reflections, principally moral and religious. In two discourses, 


26 ADAMS. 

preached at Roxbury on the general fast, April 6, 1769 ... By 
Amos Adams, a.m. Pastor of the first church In Roxbury ***. 
Boston^ Kne eland k5f Adams^ 1769. 8vo, pp. 66. + Same. Boston 
printed. London reprinted for Edward and Charles Dilly^ '^11^' 
8vo, Title, I 1., pp. 68. 170 

For an account of this rare work, see the *' Massachusetts Historical Collection," 
Vol, xxviii., p. 280 j M. R., xLii., p. 156. 

Adams. Expediency and Utility of War in the present State 
of Things. Discourse before Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company, June 4, 1759. By Amos Adams. Boston^ 1759. 8vo, 
pp. 32. 171 

Adams. Religious Liberty an invaluable Blessing. Two 
Thanksgiving Discourses, preached at Roxbury, Dec. 3, 1767. 
By Amos Adams. Boston., 1768. 8vo, pp. 57. 172 

AdamsI. Songs of Victory directed by human compassion 
and qualified with Christian benevolence ; in a Sermon delivered 
at Roxbury, October 25, 1759, on the general thanksgiving for 
the success of His Majesty's arms, more particularly in the re- 
duction of Quebec ... By Amos Adams, a.m. Pastor . . . Rox- 
bury. Boston., Edes iff Gill., '^IS^- ^^^^ PP- 29. 173 

Mr. Adams also published Sermons on the Ordination of Jonathan Moore. Samuel 
Kingsbury, Caleb Prentice and John Wyeth, A Dudleian Lecture, 1770, and other 

Adams (Arthur). See Gray (J. E.) 

Adams (A. C.) Waiting upon God, the Way to secure our 
Country's Welfare. A Sermon. Portland., 1845. 8vo. 174 

Adams (C. B.) Catalogue of Shells collected at Panama, 
with Notes of their Synonymy, Station and Geographical Distri- 
bution. By Charles Baker Adams. New York., privately printed., 
1852. 8vo, pp. 342. 175 

Adams. Contributions to Conchology. By C. B. Adams. 
New York., 1849-52. 176 

Adams. First Annual Report on the Geology of the State of 
Vermont. By Charles B. Adams. Burlington., 1845. ^^^^ PP- 
92.-|-Second, 1846. 8vo, pp. iv., 267.-!- Third, 1847. 8^^? PP- 
32.-|-Fourth, 1848. 8vo, pp. 8. 177 

Adams. Fresh Water and Land Shells of Vermont. [A^^ 
imprint.'] 8vo, pp. 19. 178 

ADAMS. 27 

Adams (Charles Francis). An Address delivered before the 
Members of the Schools and the Citizens of Quincy, July 4, 
1856. By Charles Francis Adams. Boston^ Little^ Brown (ff 
Co.^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 36. 179 

Adams. An Address on the Opening of the new Town Hall 
in Braintree, July 29, 1858. By C. F. Adams. Boston^ 1858. 
8vo, pp. 86. 180 

[Adams.] An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs, by 
a Whig of the Old School. Boston^ 1835. 8vo, pp. 52. 181 

[Adams.] Further Reflections upon the State of the Currency 
in the United States. Boston^ 1837. 8vo, pp. 41. 182 

Adams. The Life of John Adams, Second President of the 
United States. Boston^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 684. 183 

Also on large paper. Forms Vol. I. of John Adams' Works, lo vols., 8vo. 

Adams. An Oration delivered before the City Council and 
Citizens of Boston, July 4, 1843. ^7 ^* ■^- Adams. Boston^ 
1843. 8vo, pp. 39. 184 

[Adams.] Reflections upon the Present State of the Cur- 
rency in the United States. Boston^ 1837. 8vo, pp. 36. 185 

[Adams.] Speech of Charles Francis Adams on the Union. 
Delivered in the House of Representatives, January 31st, 1861. 
8vo, pp. 8. 186 

Adams. Texas and the Massachusetts Resolutions. By 
Charles Francis Adams. Boston^ 1844. 8vo, pp. 54. 187 

Adams. What makes Slavery a Question of National Con- 
cern .'' A Lecture delivered at New York, January 30, 1855. 
By Charles Francis Adams. Boston^ Little^ Brown ^ Co.^ 1855. 
8vo, pp. 46. 188 

Adams. The Charles F. Adams Platform ; or, a Looking- 
glass for the Worthies of the Bufl^alo Convention. Washington^ 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 189 

Adams (D.) Oration at Fitchburg, Oct. 12, 1801, at a 
meeting of the Militia Officers of the Fourth Regiment. By 
Daniel Adams. Leominster^ 1802. 8vo. 190 

Adams. An Oration, Sacred to the Memory of Gen. George 
Washington, Delivered at Leominster, Feb. 22, 1800. By 

28 ADAMS. 

Daniel Adams, m.b. [Motto.] Leominster {Mass.\ Printed by 
Adams & JVilder^ i8oo. 8vo, pp. 25. 191 

This Author also published a Geography, of which the Fourth Edition was issued, 
Boston, 18 19, l2mo, pp. 336} and a Medical and Agricultural Register for 1806-7. 

Adams. Government and Rebellion. A Sermon delivered 
in the North Broad Street Presbyterian Church, Sunday Morn- 
ing, April 28, 1 86 1. By Rev. E. E. Adams. Published by 
Request. Philadelphia^ Henry B. Ashmead^ i86l. 8vo, pp. 23. 

Adams. The Temple and the Throne, or the True Foun- 
dation. A Sermon, Preached in the North Broad Street Pres- 
byterian Church, September 26th, 1861. By Rev. E. E. Adams. 
Philadelphia, H. C. Peck, 186 1. 8vo, pp. 28. 193 

Adams. (E. G.) An Historical Discourse in Commemora- 
tion of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the formation of 
the First Congregational Church in Templeton, Massachusetts. 
With an Appendix, embracing a survey of the Municipal affairs 
of the Town. By Edwin G. Adams, Junior Pastor. Boston, 
Crosby, Nichols^ Co., 1857. ^^o, pp. viii., 175. 194 

Adams (E.) Connecticut Election Sermon. By Eliphalet 
Adams. New London, 1710. i6mo. + Another. May 10, 
1733. ^^"^ London, T. Green, 1733. i2mo. 195 

Adams. A Discourse putting Christians in mind to be ready 
for every Good Work. As it was delivered in Boston, Octob. 
20, 1706. By Eliphalet Adams. Boston, N. E., Printed by B. 
Green, 1706. 8vo, pp. 60. 196 

Adams. A Discourse occasioned by the late Distressing 
Storm, Feb. 20, 17 16-17, delivered March 3. By Eliphalet 
Adams. New London, I'Ji'J. l2mo, pp. 31. 197 

Adams. Discourse on the Death of the Hon. Gordon Sal- 
tonstall. Governor of Connecticut. By Eliphalet Adams. With 
Appendix from the Boston News Letter. New London [1724]. 
i2mo, pp. 60. 198 

Adams. Eminently Good and Vseful Men, the Glory and 
Defence of the Places where they live. As it was set forth in a 
Sermon at Stonington, on the Death of Rev. James Noyes. 
New London, T, Green, 1720. l2mo, pp. 46. 199 

Adams. God sometimes answers his People by terrible 
Things in Righteousness. Sermon on the Meeting-house in 



New London being struck by Lightning, Aug. 31, 1735. By 
Eliphalet Adams. New London^ I735' i6mo, pp.46. M. 200 

Also, Sermons at the Ordination of William Gager, John Owen and Thomas Clap, 
and on the Death of J. J. Fabyan, Mrs. L. Adams and Mrs. M. Bulkley. 

Adams. Manual Pereira, or, The Sovereign Rule of South 
Carolina. With Views of Southern Laws, Life, and Hospitality. 
By F. C. Adams. Charleston^ 1853. i2mo, pp. 303. 201 

This was printed in Washington, 1853, and some copies have that imprint. + Re- 
printed. London^ 1854. izmo, pp. 400, 

Adams. The Story of a Trooper, with much of interest 
concerning the Campaign on the Peninsula, not before written. 
By F. Colburn Adams. New Tork^ Dick and Fitzgerald^ 1865. 
i2mo, cloth, pp. 616. 202 

Adams. Uncle Tom at Home. A Review of the Re- 
viewers and Repudiators of " Uncle Tom's Cabin," by Mrs. 
Stowe. By F. C. Adams. Philadelphia^ 1853. 1 2mo. -(-Re- 
printed, London^ Clarke ^ Co^ 1853. i2mo. 203 

Adams. Justice in the Bye Ways. By F. C. Adams. New 
Tork^ 1856. i2mo. 204 

Adams (G.) Genealogy of the Adams Family of Kingston, 
Mass. By George Adams. Boston^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 64. 205 

Adams (G. W.) An Oration delivered at Quincy, Mass., 
5th July, 1824. % George Washington Adams. Boston^ 1824. 
8vo, pp. 24. 206 

Adams (H.) An Abridgment of the History of New England, 
for the use of Young Persons. By Hannah Adams. Boston^ 
1805. i2mo, pp. IV., 1 85. 4- Same. Second Edition. Boston^ 
Belcher ^ Armstrong^ 1807. l2mo, pp. vi., 5-188. 207 

Adams. An Alphabetical Compendium of the Various Sects 
which have appeared in the world from the beginning of the 
Christian Era to the present day, etc. By Hannah Adams. 
Boston^ 1784. 8vo. 208 

Adams. A View of Religions . . . Second Edition. Boston 
[1791]. 8vo. 209 

Adams. A View of Religions, . . . Third Edition, with 
large additions. * * * Boston^ 1801. 8vo, pp. 504. -|- Same. 
A New Edition. London^ 1805. 8vo. 210 



Adams. A Dictionary of all Religions and Religious De- 
nominations, Jewish, Heathen, Mahometan, and Christian, 
ancient and modern. . . . Fourth Edition, with large additions. 
New Tork, 1817. 8vo. 211 

Reviewed by S. Willard, in the North American Review, Vol. vii., p. 86. 

Adams. An Appeal to the World on the Controversy re- 
spectirig the Revolution of Harvard College. By Hannah 
Adams. Charlestown^ 1814. 8vo. 212 

Adams. A Memoir of Miss Hannah Adams, written by 
herself. With Additional Notices, by a Friend. Boston^ Gray^ 
1832. i2mo, pp. IV., no. Portrait. 213 

Adams. A Narrative of the controversy between the Rev. 
Jedediah Morse, d.d., and the Author. By Hannah Adams. 
Boston^ 1 8 14. 8vo, pp. 31. 214 

Adams. A Summary History of New England, from the 
first Settlement at Plymouth, to the Acceptance of the Federal 
Constitution. Comprehending A General Sketch of the Ameri- 
can War. By Hannah Adams. Dedham^ Printed for the Author^ 
m.dcc.xc.ix. 8vo, pp. 513; List, i 1. 215 

Adams. (H. G.) God's Image in Ebony: a Series of Sketches 
demonstrative of the Mental Powers and Intellectual Capacities 
of the Negro Race. Edited by H. G. Adams. With a Sketch 
by F. W. Chesson, and a Chapter by Wilson Armistead. Lon- 
don^ Partridge ^ Okey^ 1854. l2mo, pp. 188. 2 16 

Adams (Israel). A Narrative of the Life of Israel Adams, by 
Himself. 8vo, pp. 36. s. 217 

a conjectural title, as the only copy known lacks the title-page. The author served 
in the War of 1 8 12. 

Adams (Jasper). Characteristics of the Present Century. 
A Baccalaureate Address to the Graduates of the College of 
Charleston, delivered 31st October, 1834. By Jasper Adams, 
d.d. Charleston^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 11. 218 

Adams. An Eulogium pronounced 23d January, 1835, before 
the College of Charleston, on the Life and Character of the late 
Elias Horry, Esq. By Jasper Adams, d.d. Charleston^ 1835. 
8vo, pp. 26. 219 

Adams. The Moral Causes of the Welfare of Nations. An 
Oration delivered ist November, 1834, before the Society of 

ADAMS. 31 

Graduates of the College of Charleston. By the Rev. J. Adams. 

Charleston^ 1834. 8vo, pp. 40. 220 

Adams. The Relation of Christianity to Civil Government 
in the United States. A Sermon before the Convention of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of South Carolina, 
Charleston, JFebruary 13, 1833. By Rev. Jasper Adams, d.d. 
Charleston^ 1833. 8vo, pp. 56.-j-Second Edition. Charleston^ 
1833. 8vo, pp. 64. 221 

Dr. Adams delivered other Orations and Sermons at Geneva, Charleston, &c., on 
the Appearance of a Comet ; the Eclipse of" the Sun, &c. 

Adams (John). Poems on Several Occasions, Original and 
Translated. By the Rev. John Adams, m.a. Boston^ I745- 
i2mo, pp. 176. m. 222 

Adams. Flowers of Modern History, comprehending the 
most remarkable revolutions and events of modern times, to the 
Conclusion of the American War. By the Rev. John Adams. 
London^ 179^- 223 

Adams. The Flowers of Modern Travels, being elegant, 
entertaining, and instructive extracts, selected from the works 
of the most celebrated travellers. By John Adams, m.a. Lon- 
don^ 1788. i2mo.-\- Boston^ ^^191- l2mo.-\- London^ ^199- 3 
vols., i2V[io.-\- Boston^ 1816. 2 vols., i2mo.4- Baltimore [n. d.] 
8vo. 224 

Adams. Choix de Voyages modernes, &c. Traduit par J. 
F. Andre. Paris^ ^799- 2 vols., 8vo. 225 

Adams. View of Universal History, from the creation to the 
present time ; including an account of the celebrated Revolu- 
tions in France, Poland, Sweden, &c. By Rev. John Adams. 
London^ ijgS' 3 vols., 8vo. 226 

Includes the British Colonies in America. 

[Adams (John)]. A Collection of the Speeches of the Presi- 
dent of the United States to both Houses of Congress, at the 
Opening of every Session, with their Answers, etc. Boston^ 
Manning i^ Loring. i2mo, pp. 282. 227 

[Adams.] A Collection of State Papers relative to the first 
acknowledgment of the Sovereignty of the United States of 
America, and the Reception of their Minister Plenipotentiary, 

32 ADAMS. 

by their High-Mightinesses the States-General of the United 
Netherlands. At the Hague^ 1782. 8vo, pp. 96. M. 228 

Republished in England, by Mr. HoUis, with the following title : 

[Adams.] A Collection of State Papers relative to the first 
acknowledgment of the Sovereignty of the United States of 
America, and the reception of their Minister Plenipotentiary 
by their High Mightinesses the States-General of the United 
Netherlands. To which is prefixed the political character of 
John Adams, ambassador. ... By an American. Likewise an 
Essay on canon and feudal law, by John Adams, esq. London^ 
Fielding^ 1782. 8vo, pp. lOO. 229 

This edition also contains the division in Parliament on peace with America, Feb 
17, 1782. 

Adams. Consideratien op de Memorie aan H. H. M. M. 
geadresseerd door John Adams. Leide^ i']%i. 8vo. 230 

Adams. Correspondence of the Late President Adams ; ori- 
ginally published in the Boston Patriot, in a Series of Letters. 
Boston^ Everett and Munroe^ 1809. 8vo, pp. iv., 36. 231 

Adams. Correspondence between Hon. John Adams and 
the late Wm. Cunningham, Esq., commenced in 1803, and end- 
ing in 1812. Boston^ \%^'}^. 8vo. pp.219. 232 

Set " Jefferson's Memoirs," by Randolph, Vol. iv., p. 389. 

Adams. A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of 
the United States of America. By John Adams, ll.d. London^ 
C. Dilly^ M.DCC.Lxxxvii. 8vo, pp. xxxi., 392. 233 

First published in this form as a complete work. Reprinted, Boston^ i?^?- iimo 
+ Ne'w Tork, 1']%'] . + Philadelphia, Hall & Sellers, m.dcc.lxxxvii. izmo, pp. xx. 
3-390. The following year the author wrote the second and third volumes, and the 
work was published with the following title : 

Adams. A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of 
the United States of America against the Attack of M. Turgot. 
By John Adams, ll.d. London^ C. D'llly^ mdcclxxxvii-viii. 
8vo, Vol. I., pp. XXXI., 392; Vol. II., Title, i 1., pp. 651; 
Vol. III., Title, I 1., pp. 528, Index, 18 1. 234 

Adams. A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of 
the United States of America, Against the Attack of M. Tur- 
got in his Letter to Dr. Price Dated the Twenty-Second day of 

March, 1778. By John Adams, ll.d In Three Volumes. 

A New Edition. London^ J^^^ Stockdale^ 1794- 8vo, pp. 8, 

ADAMS. 33 

XXXII., 392; 2 p. 1., pp. 452; 2 p. 1., pp. 528. Index, 18 1. 
Portrait. 235 

This was reprinted as a Third Edition : Philadelphia^ W. Cobbett, 1793. 3 vols., 
8vo. Stockdale re-issued his edition with the following title : 

Adams. History of the Principal Republics of the World ; a 
Defence of the Constitutions of government of the United States 
of America against the attack of M. Turgot . . . London^ J. 
Stockdale^ 1794* 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xxxviii., 392, 451, 528 and 
Index, 18 1. 236 

" This work is not, as its title states, a defence of the American Constitution^ but a 
warm defence of the Constitution of Great Britain. It is the best anti-democratic 
treatise that we have seen 5 for Dr. Adams appears to dread that that is the extreme 
to which his countrymen will naturally lean, and he has exerted his best endeavours to 
obviate that evil." — Monthly Review. This writer has not distinguished between 
republicanism and democracy. The work did much to familiarize the European 
mind to the novel state of things then taking place in America. It includes the opinions 
of eminent writers on various republics of the world. 

Adams. Defense des Constitutions Americaines ou de la 
necessite d'une balance dans les pouvoirs d'un gouvernement libre 
par M. John Adams. Avec des Notes de M. de la Croix. 
Paris^ 1792. 2 vols., 8vo. 237 

Adams. Correspondence of John Adams, Esq., late Presi- 
dent of the United States, concerning the British doctrine of 
Impressment, and many interesting things which occurred during 
his administration. Baltimore^ H. Niles^ 1809. i2mo, pp. 72. 

[Adams.] Discourses on Davila. A series of papers on 
Political History. Written in the Year 1790, and then pub- 
lished in the Gazette of the United States. By an American 
Citizen. Boston^ Printed by Russell and Cutler^ 1805. 8vo, pp. 
148. 239 

[Adams.] A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law. 
London [1782.?] 240 

Adams. Essay on Canon and Feudal Law ; with the Politi- 
cal Character of the said John Adams. By an American. Phila- 
delphia^ Robert Bell^ 1783. 8vo, pp. 62. 241 

The same as No. 239, with another title. It was published with another tract: 
" Observations on the Commerce of the American States." It was first published in 
the Boston Gazette in 1765, reprinted in the London Chronicle^ afterward by Almon, at 
the end of a tract entitled " True Sentiments of America in 1768." 

Adams. Four Letters : Being an interesting Correspondence 
between those Eminently Distinguished Characters, John Adams, 

34 ADAMS. 

late President of the United States, and Samuel Adams, late 
Governor of Massachusetts, on the Important Subject of Gov- 
ernment. Boston^ 1802. 8vo, pp. 32. 242 

Adams. History of the Dispute with America, from its 
Origin in 1754. Written in the Year 1774. By John Adams, 
Esq. London^ J. Stockdale. 8vo, pp. 89. n. 243 

'* The avowed design of this pamphlet is to pursue the tories through all their dark 
intrigues and wicked machinations, and to show the rise and progress o\ their schemes 
for enslaving America. The Conduct of Bernard and Hutchinson is treated with 
great freedom and asperity; nor is the indignant author less sparing of some eminent 
statesmen in England, under whose influence they projected and pursued the inauspi- 
cious system of American Taxation." — M. R., Lxx., p. 477. The work is an 
abridgment of the Letters of Novanglus, which first appeared in the Boston Gazette, 
1774, which were reprinted in another form in Almon's Remembrancer for 1775, then 
translated into Dutch, with the following title : 

Adams. Geschiedenis van het Geschil tusschen Groote-Britan- 
nie en Amerika, zedert deszelfs oorsprong, in den jaare 1754, tot 
op den tegenwoordigen tijd. Door zijne excellentie, den Heere 
John Adams, Schildknaap^ gevolmagtigden staatsdienaar der der- 
tien vereenigde staaten van Noord-Amerika, bij de Republijk der 
vereenigde Nederlanden. Te Amsterdam^ Bij W. Holtrop^ 1782. 
8vo, pp. VIII., 156. Portrait by Vinkeles. N. 244 

Adams. The Inadmissible Principles of the King of Eng- 
land's Proclamation of Oct. 16, 1807, considered. Originally 
published in the Boston Patriot. Boston^ 1809. 8vo, pp. 20. m. 245 

Adams. Letters of John Adams, addressed to his wife. 
Edited by his grandson, Charles Francis Adams. Boston^ 1841. 
2 vols., i2mo. pp. XXXII., 286; XX., 282. Portrait. 246 

Adams. Memoir to their High Mightinesses the States 
General of the United Provinces. Leyden^ April 19, 1781. 8vo, 
pp. 14. 247 

Adams. Memoire a leurs Hautes-Puissances les Seigneurs 

Etats-Generaux des Provinces-Unies des Pays-Bas. , 1781. 

8vo, pp. 15. 248 

Adams. Speech of the President of the United States to both 
Houses of Congress, delivered in the Representative Chamber 
on Thursday, November 23, 1797. Philadelphia^ Joseph Gales. 
8vo, pp. 8. 249 

[Adams.] An Address in answer to the Speech of the Presi- 
dent of the United States to both Houses of Congress, at the 

ADAMS. 35 

Commencement of the present Session, Reported by a Select 
Committee on Monday, Nov. 27, 1797. Philadelphia^ Joseph 
Gales. 8vo, pp. 6. 250 

[Adams.] Thoughts on Government : appHcable to the 
present state of the American colonies. In a letter from a gen- 
tleman to his friend [George Wythe, of Virginia]. Philadelphia^ 
[John Dunlap']^ mdcclxxvi. i2mo, pp. 28 + Reprinted, Boston.^ 
y. Gill, 1776. i2mo, pp. 16. + Same. Abridged. Boston, 
1788, &c. 251 

Adams. Twenty-Six Letters, Upon Interesting Subjects 
Respecting the Revolution of America. Written In Holland, 
In the Year 1780. By his Excellency John Adams, While he 
was sole Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States of 
America. For Negociating A Peace, and a Treaty of Com- 
merce, with Great-Britain. \_London'], Printed for the Subscribers 
[1786]. i2mo, Advt., I 1., pp. 87. H- Reprinted, New York, J. 
Fenno, 1789. i2mo, pp. 64. 252 

These Letters were addressed to Dr. Calkoen, of Amsterdam, and were printed for 
private circulation. 

Adams. The Works of John Adams, Second President of 
the United States ; with a Life of the Author, Notes and Illus- 
trations, by his Grandson, Charles Francis Adams. Boston, Little, 
Brown iff Co., 1856. lO vols., 8vo, pp. xii., 684; xii., 542; 
2 p. 1., 576 ; VII., 588 ; 2 p. 1., 496 ; 2 p. 1., 550 ; XX., 675 ; 
XXI., 691 ; XX., 643 ; xi., 520 ; 18 Plates and Fac-similes. 253 

Three hundred copies printed on large paper. See N. A. Rev,, lxxi., p. 407 ; Liv. 
Age., XXI., p. II. 

Adams. Address to the Federal Republicans of Burlington 
County, on the Re-election of President Adams and Governor 
Howell. Trenton, Sherman, m.dccc. 8vo, pp. 32. 254 

Adams. Brief Consideration of the Services, &c., of Mr. 
Adams. See [Gardner, John]. 

Adams. Deeds and other Documents relating to the several 
Pieces of Land, and to the Library, presented to the Town of 
Quincy, by John J. Adams. With a Catalogue of Books. 
Cambridge, 1823. 8vo, pp. 67. M. 255 

Adams. Facts and Official Documents, Relative to the fit- 
less of General Jackson and Mr. Adams for the office of Presi- 

36 ADAMS. 

dent, and to the conduct of the parties supporting them. [No 
imprint.] 8vo, pp. 16. 256 

Adams. Political Sketches inscribed to His Excellency John 
Adams, Minister Plenipotentiary, from the United States to the 
Court of Great Britain. By a Citizen of the United States. 
London^ C. Dilly^ mdcclxxxvii. 8vo, pp. iv., 96. 257 

" These Sketches are written with mueh spirit, and that zeal for America and its 
cause, which has animated her numerous authors and defenders." — Critical Review. 

Adams. A Selection of Eulogies Pronounced in the Several 
States in Honor of those Illustrious Patriots and Statesmen, 
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Hartford^ D, F. Robinson 
&" Co., 1826. 8vo, pp. 426. 258 

Adams. A Selection of the Patriotic Addresses to the Presi- 
dent [John Adams] of the United States, together with the 
President's Answers, presented in the year 1798. Boston, 1798. 
i2mo, pp. 360. 259 

Adams. Sketches of the Public Services of Adams, Clay and 
Crawford .... By a New -York Republican. New Tork, 
1823. 260 

Adams. Vindication of the Conduct and Character of John 
Adams, Esq. In Reply to the Letter of General Hamilton. 
New York, 1800. 8vo. 261 

Adams. Vindication of the President's Nomination of a new 
Embassy to France, 1799. 8vo. 262 

[Adams (John) ] and [Leonard (Daniel)]. Novanglus and 
Massachusettensis ; or, Political Essays, published in the years 
1774 and 1775, on the Principal Points of Controversy between 
Great Britain and her Colonies. The former by John Adams, 
late President of the United States, the latter by Jonathan 
Sewall, then King's Attorney General of the province of Massa- 
chusetts Bay. To which are added a number of Letters, lately 
written by President Adams to the Honourable William Tudor ; 
Some of which were never before published. Boston, Hews ^ 
Goss, 1819. 8vo, pp. 312. 263 

Notwithstanding the positive statement on the title, it is satisfactorily settled that 
Daniel Leonard was the author of Massachusettensis' Letters. Some of the papers 
signed Novanglus were reprinted in London. See Nos. 243 and 244. 

Adams (Mrs. John). Letters of Mrs. Adams, the wife of 
John Adams. With an introductory memoir by her grandson, 

ADAMS. 37 

Charles Francis Adams. Boston^ 1840. i2mo.+Fourth Edi- 
tion, revised and enlarged. Boston^ 1848. iimo. 264 

Adams (John, of Waltham-Ahhey). See Juan y Santacilia, J. 

Adams (J. J.) The Charter Oak, and other Poems. By 
John Jay Adams. New York^ Samuel Colman^ 1839. i2mo, 
pp. 60. 265 

Adams (John G.) Our Country, and its Claims upon us. 
An Oration delivered before the municipal authorities and citi- 
zens of Providence, July 4, 1863. By Rev. John G. Adams. 
Providence^ Knowles^ Anthony iff Co.^ 1 863. 8vo, pp. 30. 266 

Adams (John Q.) An Address delivered at the request of a 
committee of the citizens of Washington ; on the occasion of 
reading the Declaration of Independence on the fourth of July, 
1 821. By John Quincy Adams. JVashington^ Davis and Force^ 
1 82 1. 8vo, pp. 3i.-hSecond Edition. Cambridge^ 1821. 8vo, 
pp. 34. M. 267 

Adams. Remarks on the Address. See [Fendall (P. R.)] 

[Adams.] Review of the Address delivered by Hon. John 
Q. Adams at Washington, 4th July, 1821. Boston^ 1821. 8vo, 
pp. 28. 268 

[Adams.] A Vindication of Mr. Adams's Oration. Concord^ 
N. H,, 1821. 8vo. 269 

See, also, Niles' Register, Vol. xx., p. 326. 

Adams. Address of John Quincy Adams to his Constituents 
of the Twelfth Congressional District, at Braintree, Sept. 17, 
1842. Boston^ 1842. 8vo, pp. 63. 270 

Adams. An Address to the Members of the Charitable Fire 
Association of Boston, May 28, 1802. By John Quincy Adams. 
Boston^ 1802. 8vo, pp. 25. -|- Second Edition. Boston^ 1802. 
8vo, pp. 25. 271 

Includes a handsome tribute to the memory of Geo. R. Minot, which is reprinted in 
the Mass. Coll., viii., 105-110. 

[Adams.] The Administration and the Opposition. Ad- 
dressed to the Citizens of New Hampshire. By Algernon Sid- 
ney. Concord^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 20. 272 

[Adams.] American Principles A Review of the Works of 

38 ADAMS. 

Fisher Ames, compiled by A Number of his Friends. Boston^ 
Everett iff Munroe^ 1809. 8vo, pp. 56. 273 

Adams. Remarks on J. Q. Adamses review of Ames. See 
[Lowell, John]. 

Adams. Argument before the Supreme Court of the United 
States, in the Case of the United States, Appellants, vs. Cinque 
and others, Africans, captured on the Schooner Amistad, with 
a Review of the Case of the Antelope, delivered on the 24th 
February and ist March, 1841. New York., 1841. 8vo, pp. 

135. N. 274 

Adams. Correspondence between John Quincy Adams and 
several Citizens of Massachusetts, concerning the Charge of a 
Design to dissolve the Union. With An Appeal to the Citizens 
of the United States. By Franklin Dexter. Boston^ 1829. 8vo, 
pp. 80.+ Second Edition. Boston^ 1829. 8vo, pp. 48. + Same. 
Washington^ 1829. 8 vo, pp. 56. ^75 

Adams. The Duplicate Letters, the Fisheries and the Mis- 
sissippi. Documents relating to transactions at the negotiation 
of Ghent. Collected and published by John Quincy Adams, 
one of the Commissioners of the United States at the Negotia- 
tion. Washington^ Davis and Force ^ 1^22. 8vo, pp. 256. 276 

Adams. The Treaty of Ghent and the Fisheries ; or. The 
Diplomatic Talents of John Quincy Adams candidly examined. 
Boston^ 1824. 8vo. 277 

Adams. An Eulogy on the Life and Character of James 
Madison, Fourth President of the United States. Delivered at 
the request of the Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council of 
the City of Boston, September 27th, 1836. By John Quincy 
Adams. Boston^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 90. 278 

Adams. Eulogy on the Life and Character of James Monroe. 
Boston, August 25, 1831. By John Quincy Adams. Boston^ 
1831. 8vo, pp. 100. 279 

Adams. Notice of Mr. Adams' Eulogium on the life and 
character of James Monroe. Washington^ 1832. 8vo, pp. 36. 

c. 280 

Adams. The Jubilee of the Constitution : a Discourse de- 
livered at the request of the New York Historical Society, in 
the City of New York, on Tuesday, the 30th of April, 1839 ; 

ADAMS. 39 

being the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Inauguration of George 
Washington as President of the United States, on Thursday, 
the 30th of April, 1789, by John Quincy Adams. New York^ 
Samuel Colman^ mdcccxxxix. 8vo, pp. 136. Plate. 281. 

See N. Am. Rev., liv., p. 211. 

Adams. A Letter to the Hon. Harrison Gray Otis, A Mem- 
ber of the Senate of Massachusetts, on the Present State of our 
National Affairs. With Remarks upon Mr. Pickering's Letter 
to the Governor of the Commonwealth. By John Quincy 
Adams. Boston^ 1808. 8vo, pp. 32.+ Second Edition. Boston^ 
1808. 8vo, pp. -^2. + Albany^ Printed by John Barber [1808]. 
8vo, pp. '^2.-\-New York, 1808. 'ivo.-\- Hallow ell, 1808. 8vo, 
pp. 24.+ 'S'^^ Harbor, 1808. ^yo.-^- Boston, Printed; London, Re- 
printed, R. J. Johnson, 1808. 8vo, pp. 32. 282 

Adams. A Letter to the Hon. John Ouincy Adams, occa- 
sioned by His Letter to Mr. Otis. By Alfred. Printed in 
America. [^New Tork'], 1808. 8vo, pp. 43. 283 

Adams. Verdict of Condemnation. By an Old Citizen of 
New York. On the Appeal of H. G. Otis & Co. to the People 
of the United States, in grand Inquest ; for the decision of their 
Controversy with John Quincy Adams. New Tork, 1829. 
8vo. 284 

Adams. Remarks and Criticisms. See [Coleman, William], 

Adams. Letters from John Quincy Adams to his constituents 
in the Twelfth Congressional district of Massachusetts ; to 
which is added his Speech in Congress, Feb. 9, 1837. Boston, 
1837. i2mo. 285 

Adams. Letters from Hon. John Quincy Adams, read at 
the recent Celebration of West-India Emancipation in Bangor, 
Me. , 1843. 8vo, pp. 8. 286 

Adams. Letters on the Masonic Institution. By John 
Quincy Adams. Boston, 1847. ^^' ^^o- ^^7 

Adams. Lives of celebrated statesmen, by John Quincy 
Adams, ll.d. ; with a sketch of the author, by the Rev. Charles 
W. Upham. New Tork, IV. H. Graham, 1846. 8vo, pp. 105. 

James Madison, Lafayette, and James Monroe are the statesmen referred to. 

Adams. The Lives of James Madison, Fourth President of 
the United States, And James Monroe, Fifth President of the 

40 ADAMS. 

United States. By John Quincy Adams. With Historical 
Notices of their Administrations. Buffalo^ 1850. + Reprinted, 
Philadelphia^ J, L. Gihon^ 1854. i2mo, pp. 432. 289 

Adams. The New-England Confederacy of mdcxliii. A 
Discourse delivered before the Massachusetts Historical Society, 
May 29th, 1843. % J°^" Quincy Adams. Boston^ 1843. ^vo, 
pp. 47. 290 

Also, in the Mass. Hist. Collection, Vol. ix., Third Series. 

Adams. An Oration delivered before the Cincinnati Astro- 
nomical Society, on the occasion of laying the Corner-stone of 
the Observatory. By John Quincy Adams. Cincinnati^ 1843. 
8vo, pp. 72. 291 

Adams. An Oration addressed to the Citizens of the Town 
of Quincy, on the Fifty-fifth Anniversary of the Independence 
of the United States of America. By John Quincy Adams. 
Boston^ 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. 40. 292 

Adams. Oration delivered at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1802, at 
the Anniversary Commemorative of the First Landing of our 
Ancestors at that Place. Boston^ i%02. 8 vo, pp. 31. + Reprinted, 
Plymouth^ 1820. 293 

Adams. An Oration delivered before the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Newburyport, at their request, on the Sixty-first Anni- 
versary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1837, by 
John Quincy Adams. Newburyport^ 1837. 8vo, pp. 68. 294 

Adams. Oration on the Life and Character of Gilbert Motier 
de Lafayette, at Washington, on the 31st December, 1834. By 
John Quincy Adams. Washington^ Gales and Seaton^ 1835. 8vo, 
pp. 104.4- Another Edition. New Tork^ 1835. 295 

Adams. An Oration, pronounced July 4th, 1793, at the 
Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, in Com- 
memoration of the Anniversary of American Independence. By 
John Quincy Adams. Boston^ Edes & Son, 1793. 8vo, 2 p. 1., 
pp. 1 6. 4- Second Edition. Boston, ^793- 8vo. G. 296 

Adams. Poems on Religion and Society, by John Quincy 
Adams : with notices of his life and character, by John Davis 
and Thomas H. Benton. New York, 1848. i8mo.-|- Reprinted, 
Auburn, 1854. i8mo. 297 

ADAMS. 41 

Adams. Present State of our National Affairs. By John 
Quincy Adorns. ' Albany^ 1821. 8vo. b. 298 

Adams. Report on the Apportionment Bill, House of Re- 
presentatives, July 16, 1842. \_lVa5hington^ 1842.] 8vo, pp. 
12. 299 

Adams. Report on the Massachusetts Resolutions : House 
of Representatives, April 4, 1844. JVashington^ 1844. 8vo, 
pp. 23. 300 

Adams. Six Letters from John Quincy Adams to Edward 
Livingston, on Masonry. Philadelphia^ C. T. Jones^ ^^SS- 8vo, 
pp. 32. 301 

Adams. The Social Compact Exemplified in the Constitu- 
tion of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With Remarks 
on the Theories of Divine Right of Hobbes and others, concern- 
ing the Origin and Nature of Government ; a Lecture delivered 
before the Franklin Lyceum, Providence, R. L, November 
25th, 1842. Providence^ Knowles^ Vose^ 1842. 8vo, pp. 32. 302 

Adams. Speech of John Quincy Adams on the Case of 
Alexander McLeod, House of Representatives, Sept. 4, 1841. 
Washington^ 184 1. 8vo, pp. 12. 303 

Adams. Speech of John Quincy Adams on the Causes of the 
Failure of the Fortification Bill, &:c. ; delivered Jan. 22, 1836. 
Washington^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 16. 304 

Adams. Speech of John Quincy Adams on War with Great 
Britain and Mexico ; with the Speeches of Messrs. Wise and 
Ingersoll, &c. Boston^ [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 36. 305 

Adams. Speech of Mr. John Quincy Adams (suppressed by 
th€ Previous Question) on the Removal of the Public Deposites, 
and its Reasons. Boston [n. d.] 8vo. pp. 32.4- Another Edition. 
Washington^ Gales and Seaton^ 1834. 8vo, pp. 43. 306 

Adams. Speech of John Quincy Adams upon the Right of 
the People to Petition ; on the Freedom of Speech and of Debate 
in the House of Representatives of the United States ; on the 
Resolution of Seven State Legislatures, and the petitions . . . 
relating to the Annexation of Texas to this Union. Washington^ 
1838. 8vo, pp. 131. 307 

Adams. Speech of John Quincy Adams on the Joint Rcso- 


42 ADAMS. 

lution for distributing Rations to Fugitives from Indian Hostili- 
ties in Alabama and Georgia ; House of Representatives, May 
25, 1836. Washington^ 1836. Svo, pp. 8. 308 

Adams. Speech of John Quincv Adams in relation to the 
Navy Pension Fund ; delivered in the House of Representatives, 
28th December, 1840. [Washington^ 1840.] 8vo, pp. 8. 309 

Adams. Substance of the Speech of John Quincy Adams, 
with Part of the Debate, in the House of Representatives, upon 
the Bill relating to the Collection of Duties on Imports. Boston^ 
1840. 8vo, pp. 30. 310 

Adams. Texas. Extracts from the address of John Quincy 
Adams to his Constituents, at Braintree, Sept. 17, 1842. Trans- 
lated into French and Spanish from the National Intelligencer of 
Oct. 22, 1842. Washington^ 1842. 8vo, pp. 32. 31 1 

Adams. Tariff — Manufactures. May 23, 1832. Mr. Adams 
from the Committee on Manufactures made the following report : 
8vo, pp. 36. 312 

Report No. 28, 22d Congr., 1st Session. 

Adams. Vindication of Gen. Jackson's Invasion and Occupa- 
tion of Florida, etc. \_Washington^ iSlS.~\ 8vo. ^-3^3 

Adams. Address of the Central Committee friendly to the 
Election of John Quincy Adams as President, 1828. 8vo, 
pp. 24. ' 314 

Adams. Facts and Opinions respecting Mr. John Quincy 
Adams ; and a fair view of the Militia-men Story. [No imprint.] 
Svo, pp. 8. 315 

Adams. The life and public services of John Quincy 
Adams. With the eulogy before the legislature of New York. 
By Wm. H. Seward. Auburn^ 1849, ^^' i2mo. 316 

Adams. The political character of John Quincy Adams 
delineated. Being a reply to certain observations in the address 
of Gen. Peter B. Porter and others. Albany^ Printed for the 
Albany Argus^ by D. M'Glashan^ 1828. {Reprint from the Argus.'] 
Svo, pp. 30. 317 

Adams. Principles of Mr. []. Q.l Adams' Administration. 

1828. ^ 318 

Adams. Proceedings of the City Council [of Roxbury] on 



the Death of John Quincy Adams. Roxbury^ 1848. 8vo, 

PP- 7- 319 

Adams. Sketch of the Life of John Quincy Adams. Wash- 
ington^ 1824. 8vo. 320 

Adams. Sketch of the Life of John Quincy Adams. New 
Tork^ Sickels^ 1828. 8vo, pp. 16. 321 

Adams. The striking similitude between the Reign of Ter- 
ror of the Elder Adams and the Reign of Corruption of the 
Younger Adams. An address adopted by the Albany Republi- 
can County Convention : together with resolutions expressing 
their sentiments on the Presidential Question, and nominating 
the Hon. John Taylor for Presidential Elector. Albany^ Printed for 
the Albany Argus^ by D. M' Glashan^ 1 828. 8vo, pp. 8. 322 

Adams. Testimonials of respect to the Memory of John 
Quincy Adams by the Legislature of Massachusetts. [No im- 
print.] 8vo, pp. 28. 323 

Adams. Tokens of a Nation's Sorrow. Addresses in the 
Congress of the United States, and Funeral Solemnities on the 
Death of John Quincy Adams. Washington^ J. & G. S. Gideon, 
1848. 8vo, PP 40. Portrait.-I- Second Edition. 1848. 8vo, 
pp. 40. Portrait. 324 

Adams & Condict. Report of the Minority of the Com- 
mittee on Manufactures, submitted to the House of Representa- 
tives of the United States, Feb. 28, 1833. By J. Q. Adams and 
Lewis Condict. Boston, 1833. ^^°- 3^5 

Adams. (J. S.) Town and Country ; or. Life at Home and 
Abroad, Without and Within us. By John S. Adams. Boston, 
1855. i2mo. 326 

Adams (J. M.) Address to the People of Cumberland County. 
By John Milton Adams. Portland, 1853. ^^°' PP- ^4* 3^7 

Adams (Joseph). The Death of the Righteous to be lamented. 
Sermon on the Death of John Fabyan, Esq., March 30, 1756. 
By Rev. Joseph Adams, a.m. Portsmouth, N. H., 1757. 8vo, 
pp. 16. M. 328 

Adams. A Letter from Mr.Joseph Adams, to the Rev. Mr. 
Thomas Barnard, of Newbury, with Mr. Barnard's Answer 

44 ADAMS. 

thereto. Boston^ 1743- 8vo, pp. 15.4-The Second Edition. 
Boston^ Thomas Fleet^ 1743- ^vo, pp. 16. 329 

Adams. The Necessity and Importance of Rulers, Civil 
and Ecclesiastical, &c. Sermon at Newington, March 13, 
1769. By Joseph Adams, a.m. Portsmouth^ ^1^9' 8vo, pp. 

24. N. 330 

Adams (Josiah). Address at Acton, July 21, 1835, the first 
Centennial Anniversary of that Town ; with an appendix and 
map of the Concord Fight. Boston^ 1835. 8vo, pp. 24. 331 

Adams. The Genealogy of the Descendants of Richard 
Haven, of Lynn, Massachusetts, who emigrated from England 
about 200 years ago. By Josiah Adams. Boston^ 1843. ^^^^ 
PP- 54. 332 

Adams. Genealogy &c. . . . being a Republication of the 
first edition. With Additions. Boston^ ii^(). 8 vo, pp. 54, 50. 333 

Adams. Letter to Lemuel Shattuck, Esq., of Boston . . . 
in Vindication of the Claims of Capt. Isaac Davis, of Acton, to 
his just share in the Honors of the Concord Fight. Also depo- 
sitions of witnesses, &c. Boston^ 1850. 8vo, pp. 24. 334 

Written in answer to Shattuck's "History of Concord." 

Adams (J. W.) Letter to the Honorable Secretary of War, 
on the examination of officers for colored troops. By Julius W. 
Adams. Brooklyn^ Sept. ist^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. 335 

Adams (Mr.) Speech of Mr. Adams, of Mississippi. On 
the Bill to Remove the Indians West of the Mississippi, de- 
livered in the Senate of the United States, April, 1830. Wash- 
ington, 1830. 8vo, pp. 31. 336 

Adams (N.) Annals of Portsmouth, comprising a period of 
Two hundred Years from the First Settlement of the Town ; 
With Biographical Sketches of a few of the most respectable 
inhabitants. By Nathaniel Adams. Portsmouth^ Published for the 
Author^ 1825. 8vo, pp. 400. 337 

See N. A. R., xxii., 215, 

Adams (Neh.) The Life of John Eliot, with an account of 
the early Missionary efforts among the Indians of New England. 
By Nehemiah Adams. Boston^ 1847. i2mo. 338 

Adams. A Sermon preached to the Congregation at the 

ADAMS. 45 

Essex Street Church, October 31, 1852. The Sabbath After 
the Interment of Hon. Daniel Webster. By Nehemiah Adams, 
D.D. Boston^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 23. -f Second Edition. Boston^ 
Press of Geo. C. Rand^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 23. 339 

Adams. The Sable Cloud ; A Southern Tale with Northern 
Comments. By Rev. Nehemiah Adams. Boston^ Ticknor ^ 
Fields^ 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 275. 340 

Adams. A South-Side View of Slavery ; or, Three Months 
at the South, in 1854. By Rev. Nehemiah Adams, d.d. Boston^ 
T. R. Marvin^ 1854. l2mo, pp. 214. 341 

Adams (S.) On the Conduct of the Society for Propagating 
the Gospel. By Samuel Adams. London^ ^l^S' ^^^ 34^ 

Adams (R. S.) Nineveh Threatened — A Sermon preached in 
St. Andrew's Church, Brooklyn, Dec. 30, i860. By Rev. R. 
S. Adams. New Tork^ Mann ^ Stearns^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 16. 343 

Relates to the Southern Rebellion, 

Adams (S.) An Oration delivered at the State House in 
Philadelphia, to a very numerous Audience ; on Thursday, the 
ist of August, 1776, by Samuel Adams, Member of the *** 
**** ******* the General Congress of the ****** ****** of 
America. Philadelphia^ Printed; London^ Reprinted^ Johnston^ 
mdcclxxvi. 8vo, Title, i 1., pp. 42. 344 

An undelivered oration. See Wells' Life of Adams, Vol. ii., p. 439, Vol. iii., p. 
403. There is no Philadelphia edition, " Mr. Adams, the American Cicero, de- 
claims with warmth and energy against kingly government and hereditary succession. 
There are passages in this oration which would have done honour to a Roman trib- 
une, when the republican spirit of that mistress of the world was at its greatest 
height," — M. R„ lv., p. 397. 5«, also, Anal. Mag., iii., p. 231 j Am. Quar. Reg., 
XIII., p. 269. 

Adams (Thos.) Democracy Unveiled, in a letter to Sir Francis 
Burdett, Bart., m.p. By T. Adams, Esq., lately a resident in 
the United States. London^ Chappie^ 18 13. 8vo, pp. 521. 345 

The Monthly Re'view, Vol, lxx., p. 275, says that the title of this bulky volume 
should have been " The Evils of Democracy exemplified in the case of the United 
States of America." 

Adams (T. M.) Cool Address to the People of England on 
the Slave Trade. By T. M. Adams. London^ 1 788. 8vo. 346 

Adams (W.) God's Eye | on the | Contrite | or a | Discourse | 
shewing I That True Poverty and Contrition of Spirit and Trem- 
bling at God's Word is the Infallible and only way for the Obtain- 

46 ADAMS. 

ing and Retaining! of Divine Acceptation. | As it was made in the 
Audience of the General Assembly of the | Massachusetts Colony 
at Boston in New-England ; | May 27. 1685. being the Day of 
Election there. | By Mr. William Adams | Boston in New Eng- 
land. | Pr/Vz/f^ ^}' ^/V^^r^/ P/Vrr^ /^r Samuel Sew all^ 1685. | 4to, 
Title, I 1., pp. 41. 347 

Adams. The Necessity of the Pouring-out of the Spirit from 
on High. Upon a Sinning Apostatizing People, set under Judg- 
ment, in order to their merciful deliverance and Salvation. Fast 
Sermon, 21, 9, 1678. By Rev. William Adams. Boston^ ^^79- 
4to, pp. 48. M. 348 

Adams. A | Discourse | Delivered at New-London, | October 
23d A.D. 1760. 1 On the I Thanksgiving I (Ordered by Authority)! 
For the Success of the British Arms, in j the reduction of Mon- 
treal, and the conquest of all Canada. ! By William Adams. | 
New-London : \ Printed and sold by Timothy Green^ \ mdcclxi. | 
Small 8vo, pp. 25. h. .349 

Adams (Sir W.) The actual State of the Mexican Mines, 
and the reasonable expectations of the Shareholders of the Anglo- 
Mexican Mine Association, being the substance of a letter ad- 
dressed to the Directors of that Company ; with a Supplement, 
containing additional Data, confirmed by recent intelligence from 
Mexico ; and an Appendix of Original Mexican Documents. 
By Sir William Adams. London^ Sherwood^ mdcccxxv. 8vo, 
pp. IV., 87. 350 

Adams (W.) An Address before the New-England Society of 
New York, Dec. 22, 1852. By Rev. William Adams, d.d. 
New Tork^ 1853. ^^^t PP- 5^- 35 ^ 

Adams. Christian Patriotism by William Adams, Pastor of 
Madison Square Presbyterian Church, New York City. New 
Tork^ Anson D. F. Randolph^ 1863. i2mo, pp. 21. 352 

Adams. Christianity and Civil Government. By Rev. Wil- 
liam Adams. New Tork^ 185 1. 8vo, pp. 48. 353 

Adams. Madison Square Church : Jan. i, 1858, 1859. 
i2mo, pp. 12, 16. 354 

Adams. Prayer for Rulers, a duty of Christian Patriots. A 
discourse preached in the Madison Square Presbyterian Church, 
Jan. 4, 1 861. By Rev. William Adams, d.d. New Tork^ Rudd 
^ Carlton^ 1861. i2mo, pp. 41. 355 



Adams (W. E.)- The Slaveholder's War. An Argument for 
the North and the Negro. By W. E. Adams. Manchester^ Un. 
and Emanc. Soc.^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 24. 356 

[Adams (W. T.)] Brave Old Salt, or Life on the Quarter- 
Deck. A Story of the Great Rebellion. By Oliver Optic (W. 
T. Adams). Boston^ Lee^ Shepard^ 1866. i6mo, pp. 330. 357 

[Adams.] Fighting Joe; or, The Fortunes of a Staff Officer. 
A Story of the Great Rebellion. By Oliver Optic. Boston^ Lee 
isf Shepard^ 1866. i6mo, pp. 326. 358 

Adams. The Yankee Middy ; or. The Adventures of a 
Naval Officer. A Story of the Great Rebellion. By Oliver 
Optic. Boston^ Lee iff Shepard^ 1866. i6mo, pp. 332. 359 

Adams (Z.) Answer to a Pamphlet, lately published, entitled, 
" A Treatise on Church Government." By Zabdiel Adams. 
Boston^ 1 773' Sm. 8vo, pp. 87. 360 

Adams. Sermon before his Excellency John Hancock, Esq., 
Governor, etc., May 29, 1782. By Zabdiel Adams. \^Boston~\^ 
Fleet Cif G///[i782]. 8vo, pp. 59. 361 

Adams. The Duty and Importance of Making the Scrip- 
tures the Rule and Standard of Preaching, delivered at Westford 
in presence of the Pastors and Deacons convened to confer with 
the Rev. Mr. Scribner relative to certain Doctrines he had been 
charged with Preaching. By Zabdiel Adams, of Lunenburgh. 
Boston^ 1782. 8vo. 362 

Adams. The Evil Designs of Men made subservient by God 
to the Public Good ; particularly illustrated in the Rise, Progress, 
and Conclusion of the American War. A Sermon Preached at 
Lexington on the Nineteenth of April 1783: Being the Anni- 
versary of the Commencement of the War between Britain and 
America, which broke out in that Town on the 19th of April 
1775. By Zabdiel Adams, a.m. Boston^ Benjamin Edes iff Sons^ 
M,DCC,Lxxxiii. 8vo, pp. 39. 363 

Adams. The Happiness and Pleasure of Unity in Christian 
Societies, considered. Sermon in Boston, August 26, 1772. 
Boston^ 1772. 8vo, pp. 44. 364 

Adams. Masonic Sermon at Lancaster [Mass.] June 24, 
1778. Worcester^ 1778. Sm. 4to. w. 365 

48 ADDEY. 

Adams. The Nature, Pleasure, and Advantages of Church 
Musick. Sermon Preached at a Lecture, Lancaster, April 4, 
1 771. By Zabdiel Adams. Boston^ '^11^- 8vo, pp. 38. 366 

Also, Sermons at the ordination of Ch. Stearns, J. Foster, Kingsbury, Noyes, and 
E. Whipple, and other discourses. 

Adamson (J.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de 
Camoens. By John Adamson. London^ 1820. 2 vols., crown 
8vo. Portrait. 367 

Also on large paper. " An elaborate performance." — Lowndes. 

Adamson. Bibliotheca Lusitana \ or Catalogue of Books and 
Tracts, relating to the History, Literature and Poetry of Portu- 
gal ; forming part of the library of John Adamson. Newcastle- 
on-Tyne^ Hodgson^ 1836. i2mo, 6 fasciculi^ pp. 115. 368 

Includes some Brazilian Bibliography. 

Adamson. Catalogue of a valuable collection of rare Editions 
and Translations of the works of Camoens. London^ i^^6. 8vo, 
pp. 24. 369 

Adamson (M.) [Pseud]. A Friendly Epistle to Neighbour 
John Taylor of Norwich. Containing an earnest invitation to 
him to join the Quakers, and not attempt to raise up a New 
Sect, when there are so many in the world. By M. Adamson. 
To which is added a Short Dialogue between Timothy Tell- 
Truth, and Obadiah Friendly. Third Edition. Boston^ Re- 
printed^ 1758. 8vo, pp. 23. M. 370 

Adamson (T.) A Reply to " Considerations and Arguments 
proving the Inexpediency of a National Copyright Law, by John 
Campbell." By Thomas Adamson. New Tork^ 1844. 8vo, 
pp. 20. 371 

Adamson (W. A.) A Sermon preached at Quebec, in 1854, 
on the day set apart for humiliation and fasting on account of 
the war between our Country and Russia. By Rev. W. Agar 
Adamson. ^ebec^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 14. 372 

Adderley. Letter to the Rt. Hon. Benjamin DisraeH, m.p., 
on the Present Relations of England with the Colonies. By the 
Right Hon. C. B. Adderley, m.p. With an Appendix of Ex- 
tracts from Evidence taken before the Select Committee on 
Colonial Military Expenditure. London^ Parker^ 1^61. 8vo. 373 

Addey (M.) The Life and Military Career of Thomas 


Jonathan Jackson, Lieutenant-General in the Confederate Army. 
By Markinfield Addey. With Portrait. New Tork^ 1863. 
i2mo. 374 

Addey. " Little Mac," and How he became a Great Gen- 
eral. A Life of George Brinton McClellan, for Young Ameri- 
cans. By Markinfield Addey. New Tork^ J. G. Gregory^ 1864. 
i6mo, pp. 352. 375 

Addington (Right Hon. Henry). See Crisis of the Sugar 

Addison (Alexander). Charge to the Grand Juries of the 
County Court of the Fifth Circuit of the State of Pennsylvania 
at December Session, 1798. [On the Alien Act.] By Alex. 
Addison. Washington \_Pa.~]^ 1799- 8vo. 376 

Addison. The Liberty of Speech and of the Press. A charge 
to Grand Juries. By Alexander Addison. IVash'ington [Z*^.], 
1798. 8vo. + Another Edition. Albany [n. d.] 8vo. 377 

Addison. Observations on the speech of Albert Gallatin on 
the Foreign Intercourse Bill. By Alexander Addison. Washing- 
ton^ Pa.^ 1798. 8vo. 378 

Addison. An Oration on the Rise and Progress of the United 
States of America, to the Present Crisis : And on the Duties of 
the Citizens. Delivered at Washington, Mav 15, 1798. By 
Alexander Addison, Esq. Philadelphia^ 1798- ^^o? PP- 4^- 379 

In relation to the impending war with France. 

Addison. Rise and Progress of Revolution : A Charge to 
the Grand Juries of the County Courts of the Fifth Circuit of 
the State of Pennsylvania, At December Sessions, 1800. By 
Alexander Addison, President of those Courts. Philadelphia^ 
i8oi.-|-Another Edition. Whitehall^ Wm. Toung^ 1801. i2mo, 
pp. 36. 380 

Addison. Trial of Alexander Addison, President of the 
Courts of Common Pleas, in the Circuit, consisting of the 
Counties of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington, and Alle- 
ghany, on an Impeachment, by the House of Representatives, 
before the Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Taken 
in Short-hand by Thomas Lloyd. Lancaster^ 1803. 8vo, pp. 
154. -h Second Edition, with Additions. Lancaster^ 1803. 8vo. 


Additional Facts, Remarks, and Arguments, illustrative of the 
Advantage to the People of the United States, of a National 
Circulating Medium. Washington^ E. D. Krafft^ 1822. 8vo, 
pp. 22. 382 

An Additional Number of Letters from the Federal Farmer 
to the Republican, etc. Printed in the United States^ 1788. Sm. 
8vo. M. 383 

Additions to Plain Truth. See Plain Truth. 

Addoms (J. S.) On the malignant fever, w\\\c\\ prevailed in 
the city of New York, 1791. New York^ 1792. 8vo. 384 

Address. See [Brown, C. B.], [Dalrymple, Sir J.], [Living- 
ston, Wm.], [Reed, Wm.], [Tucker, Dean], [Webster 

An Address and Recommendations to the States, by the United 
States in Congress Assembled, with sundry papers referred to in 
the Address. Philadelphia^ Claypole^ ^783. Title, I 1., pp. viii., 
26. -f Same. Hartford^ Reprinted^ I'j^'^. 8vo.4-Same, with the 
Newburgh Letters. Boston^ 1783. 8vo, pp. 62. ■\- London^ 
Stockdale^ jjS^' 8vo, pp. 91. 385 

" Should we now think ourselves little interested in the subjects of these American 
State Papers, we may, however, be much gratified in perusing them, as pieces of 
fine, energetic writing, and masterly eloquence. It would be a curious speculation 
for the philosophical enquirer, to account for the perfection to which the English 
language has been carried in our late colonies, amidst the clamours and horrors of 
war." — M. R,, XLViii. 

Address at Havre de Grace, on a Pamphlet denouncing June 
4, 1 81 2, as the day of awful Visitation of the Almighty. Balti- 
more^ 1 81 2. 8vo. 386 

An Address from the Brethren's Society for the furtherance 
of the Gospel among the Heathen, to the Members of the Con- 
gregations and Societies of the Brethren, and to all those Friends 
who wish Success to the Missions of the Church of the Breth- 
ren. London^ 1 78 1. 8vo, pp. 16 and 4. 387 

Gives an account of the hurricanes at Jamaica and Barbadoes in 1780. 

An Address from the clergy of New York. See [Cooper, 

An Address from the Members of the Constitutional Body to 


their S , on the Change of the Ministry. By an American 

Loyalist. London^ Bladon. 4to. 388 

" A feeble attempt at obscene allegory." — M. R., Ixviii., p. 540. 

An Address in regard to the Memorial of the Surviving Offi- 
cers of the Revolutionary Army, now before the Representa- 
tives of the Nation. Washington^ 1828. 8vo, pp. 11. 389 

Address of a Back Settler to the Impartial Public, dated Keo- 
wee^ Sept. 25th, 1774. 4to. 39O 

An Address of Christian Counsel and Caution to Emigrants 
to newly settled Colonies. London^ 1841. 8vo, pp. 7. 39 1 

No. 6 of Tracts relative to the Aborigines. 

Address of Democratic Members of Congress to the Democ- 
racy of the United States. 8vo, pp. 8. 392 

Address of Members of H. of R., 181 2. See [Quincy 

An Address of Members of the House of Representatives of 
the Congress of the United States, to their Constituents, on the 
Subject of the War with Great Britain. Alexandria^ S, Snowden^ 
1 81 2. 8vo, pp. 35.4- Same. Philadelphia [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24. 
-fSame. Northampton^ William Butler^ i8i2.+Same. Hartford^ 

1 81 2. 8vo.+Same. Boston^ 18 12. 8vo, pp. 29. + Same. Bal- 
timore^ 18 1 2. 8vo, pp. 35+Same. London^ Longman &' Co.^ 

1813. 8vo. 393 

See the Monthly Reviezv, vol. Ixx., p. 64. 

Address of the American Society for the Encouragement of 
Domestic Manufactures to the People of the United States. 
New Tork^ Van Winkle^ 1 81 7. 8vo, pp. 32. N. 394 

Address of the Congress to the People of the Confederate 
States. [Issued from Richmond^ 1 864.) 395 

Address of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church 
in the Confederate States of America, to all the Churches 
throughout the earth, as reported by the Rev. J. H. Thornwell, 
from a Council appointed to prepare it, by the Assembly at 
Augusta, Ga., Dec. i, 1861. 396 

Address of the Free Constitutionalists to the People of the 
United States. Boston^ Thayer^ Eldridge. 8vo, pp. 54. 397 



Address of the Friends of Domestic Industry, assembled in 
Convention, at New-York, October 26, 1831, to the People of 
the United States. Baltimore^ 1831. 8vo, pp.44. 398 

Address of the Home League to the People of the United 
States. New Tork^ 1841. 8vo. 399 

The Address of the People of Great Britain to the Inhabitants 
of America. London^ T. Cadell^ mdcclxxv. 8vo, Title, I 1., 
pp. 60. 400 

•' This address is said and believed to have been written by Sir J. D. (Sir John Dal- 
rymple), and printed at the public expense, to be distributed in America, where the 
greatest part of a large impression has been sent apparently to co-operate with a late 
conciliatory resolution of the House of Commons. It is replete with expressions of 
tender affection for the inhabitants of the colonies, and paints the measures and inten- 
tions of government toward them in the softest and most pleasing colours." — Monthly 
Review, Liv. 

The Address of the Society of the Constitutional Republicans. 

Philadelphia^ 1805. 8vo. 40 1 

Principally relating to Pennsylvania. 

The Address of the Southern Delegates in Congress to their 
Constituents. [No imprint.] 8vo, pp. 15. 402 

An Address of the Twelve United Colonies of North-America, 
by their Representatives in Congress, to the People of Ireland. 

Philadelphia^ Bradford^ IJJS- ^^'^i PP- 10. 403 

Address of the Twelve United Colonies to the Inhabitants of 
Great Britain, July 8, 1775. [Philadelphia^ '775-] ^vo, pp.8. 

Address on the Past, Present and Eventual Relations of the 
United States to France. By Anticipation. New York. 8vo, 
pp. 20. c. 405 

An Address to an Assembly of the Friends of American 
Manufactures. Philadelphia^ Aitken^ 1787. 8vo, pp. 30. 406 

An Address to Christians of every Denomination in the 
United States, on the subject of the ensuing Presidential Elec- 
tion. 1800. 8vo. N. 407 

Address to Christians throughout the World, by the Clergy of 
the Confederate States of America. [1862.] 8vo, pp. 16. 408 

Address to a Provincial Bashaw. See [Church, B.] 

Address to Manufacturers, Traders, and others, on the Im- 
portance of Preserving the Colonies. London^ 1832. Sm. 8vo. 



Address to Men of all Parties in the United States by an 
American Constitutionalist. Philadelphia^ 1804. 8vo. 410 

Address to Persons of Fashion relating to Balls, etc. Boston^ 
i-jb-j. 8vo, pp. 56. 411 

An Address to Protestant Dissenters. See [Priestley, Joseph]. 

An Address to the City of London, with Continuation. 1762. 
8vo. 412 

Partly relates to the Conquest of Canada. 

Address to the Clergy, 18 14. See [Plumer, William]. 

Address to the Congress of the United States, on the Utility 
and Justice of Restrictions upon Foreign Commerce. With 
Reflections on Foreign Trade in General and the Future pros- 
pects of America. Philadelphia^ 1809. 8vo, pp. vii., 97. 413 

Address to the Democracy and the People of the United 
States, by the National Democratic Executive Committee. 
Washington^ McGill ^ Witheroiv^ i860. 8vo, pp. 16. 414 

Address to the Democracy of the United States, on the Duty 
of the Democratic Party at this Crisis [1862]. 8vo, pp. 26. 415 

An Address to the Electors, and other Free Subjects of Great 
Britain, occasion'd by the Late Secession, in which is contain'd 
a Particular Account of all our Negociations with Spain, and 
their Treatment of Us, for above Ten Years past. London^ 
1739. 8vo. 416 

Address to the Fair Daughters of the United States, calling 
on them for their advice and interest in the present important 
Crisis. Kew Tork^ 181 1. 8vo, pp. 14. 417 

An Address to the Government, the Merchants, Manufac- 
turers, and the Colonists in America, on the Present State of 
Affairs. London^ ^775- 8vo. p. 418 

Address to the Inhabitants, &c. ^S"^^ [Rush (Benj.)] 

Address to the Inhabitants of New Mexico and California, 
on the omission by Congress to provide them with Territorial 
Governments, and on the Social and Political Evils of Slavery. 
N'ew y'ork^ Am. Anti-Slavery Society, 1 849. l2mo, pp. 56. 419 

An Address to the Inhabitants of the New Settlements in the 


Northern and Western Parts of the United States. New Haven^ 
T, and S. Green^ [J^h ^^^ ^793]- i2mo, pp. 6. 420 

An Address to the Interior Cabinet on the Affairs of America. 
London^ 1782. 4to. 421 

Address I to the | Members of the Congress] to be held | At 
Philadelphia I on I The first of September, i'j']\.\Boston^\ Reprinted 
and Sold by Mills and Hich, | 1 774. | 422 

Address to the Merchants of Great Britain, or a Review of 
the Conduct of the Administration, with regard to our Trade and 
Navigation, with a Justification of the Convention concluded 
between Great Britain and Spain. By a Merchant Retir'd. 
1742. 8vo. 423 

Address to the People of America on the Prospect of a War 
with France ; recommended to the perusal of the People of 
Great Britain. By a True Friend to his Country. London^ 
1798. 8vo. c. 424 

An Address to the People of Great Britain, containing 
thoughts entertained during the Christmas Recess, on the Inde- 
pendence of America. London^ Milne^ I jS'^. 8vo. 425 

" A strenuous advocate for that British Declaration of American Independence that 
has lately taken place, as well on the ground of policy as of necessity." — M. R. 
Lxviii., p. 363. 

An Address to the People of Great Britain in general, the 
Members of Parliament, and the leading gentlemen of opposition, 
in particular, on the present Crisis of American Politics. Bristol^ 
Newberry^ i'Jj6. 8vo, pp. 79. 426 

" This writer professes to have substituted persuasion for argument, and gentle re- 
proof for bitter invective; the Americans, however, will think him bitter enough. 
He reasons, nevertheless, well on some points, and throws out many sensible remarks." — 
Rich. See M. R., liv., p. 327. 

An Address to the People of Great Britain. London^ Cadelly 
1779. 8vo. 427 

" A warm and seasonable exhortation." — M. R., lxi,, p. 231. 

An Address to the People of Great Britain, on the Meeting of 
Parliament. London^ Cadell^ ^779- 8vo. 428 

M. R., LXI., p. 467. 

Address to the People of Great Britain on the Propriety of 
Abstaining from West India Sugar and Rum. Ninth Edition. 
Boston^ 1792. 8vo. 429 


An Address to the People of the American States who choose 
electors . . . To which is added a short sketch of the biography 
of Gen. George CUnton, and several essays. IVashington^ 1808. 
8vo, pp. 54. s. 430 

An Address to the "People" of the Several Sovereign States 
of the United States, on the Frauds committed on their Elective 
Franchise, under Official Orders, and the Danger of the People 
being reduced to mere Serfs to a Tyrant Despot, under the 
Pretext of Negro Freedom, Military Necessity, Union and Lib- 
erty. [186 1.] 8vo, pp. 16. 431 

Address to the People of the United States. Providence^ October 

21, 1844. i2mo, pp. 15. 432 

Relates to the Constitution adopted by Rhode Island in 1842. 

An Address to the People of the United States, drawn up by 
order of the National Institution for the Promotion of Industry, 
established June 1820, by delegates from New-York, New-Jer- 
sey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, 
Ohio, and Delaware. New Tork^ J. Seymour^ 1820. 8vo, pp. 

22. 433 
Address to the People of the United States in behalf of the 

American Copyright Club. 1843. ^^°- 434 

An Address to the People, on the Subject of the Contest be- 
tween Great Britain and America. By ***** ********* ^^^. 
don^ IVilkie^ l']']6. 8vo. 435 

" A zealous invective against the Americans." — M. R., liv., p. 156. 

An Address to the People of the United States on the subject 
of the Presidential Election. New York^ 1828. 8vo. p. 436 

Address to the People, Representatives, and President of the 
United States, on a National Education connected with the 
Militia System. Washington^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 8. 437 

An Address to the Public. Philadelphia^ 1768. i2mo. P. 438 

An Address to the Public, containing some Remarks on the 
present Political State of the American Republics. Exeter 
[1787]. 8vo, pp. 36. M. 439 

An Address to the Representatives in Parliament, upon the 
State of the Nation. * * * London^ Almon^ ^119- 8vo, pp. 
38. 440 

See M. R., Lxi., p. 467. 


An Address to the Republicans and People of New York, 
Pennsylvania and Virginia, upon the state of Presidential Parties. 
By a Citizen of New York. To which are added, Questions 
and Answers on the Presidential Elections. New York and Phila- 
delphia^ 1824. N. 441 

An Address to the Roman Catholics of the United States of 
America. By a Catholic Clergyman. Annapolis^ printed by 
Frederick Green ; and Worcester^ reprinted by y. Tymbs, at the 
Cross^ MDCCLXXXV. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 120. 442 

An Address to the Rulers of the State; in which their Con- 
duct and Measures, the Principles and Abilities of their Op- 
ponents, and the real Interest of England with regard to America, 
and her natural enemies, are freelv canvassed. By a Friend to 
Great Britain. London, Bew, i??^- 4to. 443 

" This writer recommends most earnestly an effectual reconciliation with the Amer- 
icans, by the most ample and unreserved concessions on our part, even the granting 
them (what they are already in possession of) their favourite independency." — M. R., 
Lix., p. 73. 

Address to the Soldiers of New Hampshire, from the Granite 
State Lincoln Club of Washington, D. C. Washington, L. 
Towers, 1864. 8vo, pp. 8. 444 

The Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United 
States to Congress, to the Year 1837. New York, 1837. 8vo. 

The Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United 
States, from 1789 to 1839. Together with the Declaration of 
Independence and Constitution of the United States. With 
Portraits of the Presidents. New York, 1839. 8vo, pp. 632. 

The Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United 
States, from Washington to Harrison. To which is prefixed 
the Declaration of Independence, and Constitution of the United 
States, together with a Portrait and Memoir of W. H. Harrison. 
New York and Boston, 1841. 8vo, pp. 732. 447 

Addresses and Messages of the Presidents of the United 
States, from Washington to Tvler, embracing the Executive 
Proclamations, Recommendations, Protests and Vetoes, from 
1789 to 1843, together with the Declaration of Independence 
and Constitution of the United States. Fourth Edition. New 
York, 1843. ^^°? PP- 794- 44^ 

Addresses of the Successive Presidents of the United States to 

ADET. 57 

Both Houses of Congress, at the Opening of each Session, with 
their Answers ; from the Commencement of the present Gov- 
ernment to January, 1805 ; with the Inaugural Addresses during 
the same period, and the Farewell Address of George Washing- 
ton. Washington C'lty^ 1805. 449. 

Addresses on the Presidential Election. New York and Charles- 
ton^ 1812. 8vo. c. 450 

Addresses, Remonstrances, and Petitions, Commencing the 
24th of June, 1769, Presented to the King and Parliament, from 
the Court of Common Council, and the Livery in Common 
Hall, assembled, with His Majesty's Answers, Likewise The 
Speech to the King, Made by the late Mr. Alderman Beckford, 
when Lord Mayor of the City of London. Printed by Henry 
Fenwick. i2mo, pp. 151. 45 1 

Includes some notice of the Quebec Bill. The Declaration of Independence, Dr. 
Price's Works, Sec. 

Adela. Extract from a Despatch to Mr. Stewart, her Ma- 
jesty's Charge des Affaires at Washington, respecting the seiz- 
ure of Mail Bags on board the " Adela." Br. Pari. Papers., 
N. Amer. London.^ 1864. Folio, pp 3. 452 

Adelung. Mithridates oder allgemeine Sprachenkunde mit 
dem Vater Unser als Sprachprobe in beinahe fiinfhundert Spra- 
chen und Mundarten, von Johann Christoph Adelung, Chur- 
fiirstl. Sachsischem Hofrath und Ober-Bibliothekar. Berlin., 
1806-1817. 5 vols., 8vo, pp. XXII. and vii., 686 ; xxiv., 808 ; 
XII., 708; VI., 474; XII., 530. 453 

Vols. 2-5 were written by J, S. Vater. This is a history of all known languages 
and dialects, with an account of all the books printed in or relating to them. The 
second and third parts of the third volume — 1813-1816 — contain the languages of 

Adelung. Geschichte von Californien. See Venegas. 

Adet. Authentic Translation of a Note from the Minister 
of the French Republic to the Secretary of State of the United 
States. New I'ork, 1796. 8vo, pp. 38. N. 454 

Adet. Notes addressees par te Citoyen Adet, Ministre 
Plenipotentiaire de la Republique Fran^aise pres les Etats Unis 
d'Amerique, Ju Secretaire d'Etat des Etats Unis. Philadelphia^ 
B. F. Bache., 1796. 8vo, pp. 95. 455 

Adet. Notes from Citizen Adet, Minister Plenipotentiary 



of the French Republic, near the United States of America, To 
the Secretary of State of the United States. [In French and Eng- 
lish.] Philadelphia^ B. F. Bache^ 1796. 8vo, pp.95. 45^ 

Adfywiad cvefydd Lloegr Newdd. Carmarthen^ iSoo. i2mo. 

Account of the Revival in New England ; in the Welsh Language. 

Adger (J. B.) Christian Missions and African Colonization. 
By Rev. John B. Adger. Columbia, S. C, 1857. ^^^5 PP- 53- 

Adger. A Review of the Reports to the Legislature of 
South Carolina on the Revival of the Slave Trade. By Rev. 
John B. Adger. Columbia, S. C, 1858. 8vo, pp. 36. s. 459 

Adirondack Iron and Steel Company [Circular]. New Tork^ 
1854. 8vo, pp. 47, and plans. 460 

The Opening of the Adirondacks. With a Map and Illustra- 
tions. New York, Hurdle Houghton, 1865. l2mo, pp. 82. 461 

Adis (H.) a Letter from Syrranam to Lord Willoughby, 
General of the Western Isles and of the Continent of Guiana, 
1664. London, 1664. 8vo. 462 

This title is taken from an English Sale Catalogue. I find no other account of the 

Adlam (Rev. S.) The First Church in Providence not the 
Oldest of the Baptists in America. Attempted to be shewn by 
S. Adlam. Newport, Cranston, 1850. 8vo, pp. 28. 463 

Adlard. The Sutton-Dudleys of England, and the Dudleys 
of Massachusetts in New England, from the Roman Conquest 
to the Present Time. By George Adlard. New Tork, Richard- 
son, 1863. 8vo, pp. 160. 464 

Administration Dissected. In which the Grand National Cul- 
prits are laid open for the Public Inspection. London, Barker, 
1779. 8vo. 465 

" A review of the present circumstances and situation of Great Britain, so far as 
both have been obviously affected by the conduct of government since the commence- 
ment of the unfortunate war with the American Colonies." — M. R., lxii., p. 82. 

Administration of the Colonies. See [Pownall (T.) ] 
Adolphus. History of England, from the Accession of 



George the Third, to the Conclusion of Peace in the Year 1783. 
By John Adolphus. London^ 1802. 3 vols., 8vo. 466 

Other editions, 1805, 1816, the last continued to the Death of the King, 1840-45. 
8vo, 7 vols. The work contains a copious account of the American Revolution. The 
Political State of the British Empire, London, 18 18, by the same author, contains 
some references to the British Colonies in America. 

Adrian (Dr.) Reise-Scenen aus Amerika. Herausgegeben 
von Dr. Adrian. Erster Theil. Frankfurt^ 1836. i6mo, pp. 
366. 467 

Adrian. Chapin's Adrian City Directory and Advertiser for 
1865-6. With a List of the principal Post-Offices in Michigan. 
Adrian City^ Chapin ^ Bros.^ 1866. 8vo, pp. 172. 468 

Adrift in Dixie. See [Estabrooks (H. L.)]. 

Advantages of the Definite Treaty to the People of Great 
Britain demonstrated, to vv^hich is added a copy of our Treaty of 
Commerce vv^ith Spain in the year 1715. London^ 1749- 8vo. 

The Advantages of the Revolution Illustrated, being a View 
of the present State of Great Britain. London^ ^753' 8vo. 470 

Advantages to Great Britain from the approaching War, to 
which is added two curious plans of the Port and Bay of Havanna, 
and of Porto-Bello. London^ ijlj. 8vo. 471 

Advantages which America derives from her Commerce, Con- 
nection and Dependance on Britain, addressed to the People of 
America. New York^ ^11 S- ^^o. 472 

Advantages which Ministers in the Colonies may enjoy by 
conforming to the Church of England. 1762. 8vo. 473 

The Adventures of a Bale of Goods from America, in Con- 
sequence of the Stamp Act. London^ J. Almon^ 1766. pp. 23. 

" a strange attempt at humour. What the author would be at is best known to 
himself, and, no doubt, will ever remain so." — M. R., xxxiv., p. 157. 

Adventures of Hunters and Travellers, and Narratives of 
Border Warfare. Philadelphia^ 1852. i2mo. 475 

Adventures of a Gold Finder. Written by Himself. London^ 
1850. 3 vols., post 8vo, pp. 910. 47^ 

The Adventures of Jonathan Corncob, Loyal American 


Refugee. Written by Himself. London^ Robinson^ 1787. 
i2mo. 477 

" The prototype of the Halls and the Trollopes, who, as the Monthly Reuieiver says, 
'thought that his ridicule of the Jonathans would render his work the more acceptable 
in England.'" — Rich. SeeM. R., lxxvii., p. 342. 

The Adventures of Pomponious, a Roman Knight ; or, the 
History of our own Times, made English by Mr. Macky. 
London^ E. Curll^ 1726. 2 vols., i2mo. 47^ 

A satire on the celebrated John Law, his schemes and supporters. 

Adventures of Uncle Sam in search of his lost honour. Mid- 
dletown^ 18 16. i2mo. 479 

Adventures in the South Pacific. By a Roving Printer. New 
Tork^ 1 86 1. i2mo. 4^0 

" Advertisement, and not a joke." Philadelphia^ Oct. i, 
1764. 8vo. .P. 481 

A doggerel electioneering address. 

Advice to the Officers of the British Army. New Tork^ 1783. 
i2mo. P. 482 

Advice to the Inhabitants of the Northern Colonies, on the 
Present Situation of Affairs. New Tork^ 1^$^. 8vo. p. 483 

Advijs van den | Raedt | van Staten, | Voort-ghebracht aen | de 
Ho : Mo : Heeren | Staten Generael | der Vereenighde Neder- 
landen. jDen 8 October, 1650. Tf In 'j Gravenhage^\By Gerret 
PietersTL^ 1650. | 4to, 2 1. 484 

This advice of the Counsel of State to the States General relates to Brazil. 

Adye. a Treatise on Courts-Martial, etc. By Stephen Payne 
Adye. Philadelphia^ 1779- i8mo. s. 485 

Aen de|Hoogh Moog : Heeren Staten Generael | der Vereen- 
ighde Nederlanden. I 4to, pp. 16. 486 

Address of the Agents of the West India Company to the States General. Relates 
to New Netherland. 

Aengemerckte voorvallen| Op de|Vredens Articulen | Met | 
Portugael. If Anno 1663. | 4to, pp. 15. 487 

Important incidents in the negotiations with Portugal concerning Brazil. 

Aenmerkenswaardige en Zeldzame West-Indische, Zee-en 
Land-Reizen door de Caribische Eylanden, Nieuvi^-Nederland, 
Virginien, en de Spaansche West-Indien. 1705. 8vo. Plates. 


iEoLUs, or the Constitutional Politician. 1770. 8vo. 489 

JEsop^ Junior, in America : Being a series of Fables, written 
especially for the people of the United States of North America. 
New York^ Printed for the Author^ 1834. l2mo, pp. viii., 3-238, 
Engraved Frontispiece and Title. 490 

Affaires de I'Angleterre et de I'Amerique. Anvers^ 1776-9. 
8vo, 24 cahiers, divided into 8 tomes, usually bound in 17 vols. 

" This work appears to have been an imitation or translation of Almon's Remem- 
brancer, and appears to have extended to fifteen volumes. Among its editors, accord- 
ing to Barbier, were Franklin, Count de Gebelin, Robinet, &c. Harvard College library 
possesses a copy of this scarce work." — Rich. Mr. Rich was mistaken as to the con- 
tents of this work. It is quite different from the Remembrancer, and was probably 
printed at Paris. It is essential for the Revolutionary period. 

An Affecting Narrative. See Anson (Lord). 

An Affectionate Address to the Inhabitants of the British 
Colonies in America. By a Lover and Friend of Mankind. 
New Tork^ ^11^' ^vo. Title, i 1. ; Introduction, % 1. ; Text, 
55 pp. 4- Another Edition. Philadelphia^ ^11^- 8vo. P- 492 

Affiches Americaines. De PImprimerie Royale^ Port au Prince^ 
1777-83- 4to, 7 vols. 493 

"I have in my possession a copy of this French journal, from 1777 to 1783, both 
inclusive, in seven volumes. As they comprise the greater part of the American war, 
they contain many interesting articles relating to it, which probably are not to be found 
elsewhere." — Rich. 

Affiches de Brunswick. Anno 1778. 8vo. 494 

Includes Beschreiburg von Carolina in Nord-America. 

The African Company's Property to the Forts and Settle- 
ments in Guiana, in America, considered, and the Necessity of 
Establishing a Trade in a Regulated Company. [1750.] 8vo. 

African Institution, Report. 1803, &c. 496 

A Review of the Colonial Slave Registration Acts, in a Report 
to the African Institution, Feb. 22, 1820. 8vo, pp. 139. s. 497 

The African Repository and Colonial Journal. 1826, &c. 

The African's Right to Citizenship. Philadelphia^ James S. 
Claxton^ 1865. 8vo, pp. 31. 499 

African Servitude : when, why and by whom instituted .? By 
whom and how long shall it be maintained .'' Read and consider. 
New Tork^ Davies & Kent^ i860. 8vo, pp. 54. 500 


The African Trade, the Great Pillar and Support of the Brit- 
ish Plantation Trade in America : Shewing that our Loss, by being 
beat out of all the Foreign Markets for Sugar and Indigo by the 
French, has been owing to the Neglect of our African Trade ; 
which only can supply our Colonies with Negroes, for the 
making of Sugars, and all other Plantation Produce : That the 
Support and Security of the Negroe-Trade depends wholly on 
the due and effectual Support of the Royal African Company of 
England, which has hitherto preserved this invaluable Trade to 
these Kingdoms : That the Difficulties and Discouragements 
which the said Company labours under, threaten the absolute 
Loss of the Negroe Trade to this Nation ; and consequently the 
total Ruin of all the British Plantations in America, And also. 
What the Royal African Company have a natural Right to hope 
for this Session of Parliament from their Country, in order to 
enable them to support and maintain the British Interest, Rights 
and Privileges in Africa, against the French, and all other Rivals 
in the same most valuable Trade. In a Letter to the Right 
Honourable ************ London^ jf. Robinson^ I745« 
4to, Title and pp. 44. 501 

Affidavits and Depositions relative to the Commencement of 
Hostilities at Concord and Lexington, April 19, 1775. [No 
imprint.] 8vo. c. 502 

Agassiz (A.) Illustrated Catalogue of the Museum of Com- 
parative Zoology at Harvard College. Published by order of the 
Legislature of Massachusetts. No. 11. North American Acalephae. 
By Alexander Agassiz. Cambridge^ 1865. 4to, pp. xiv., 234; 
with 360 Woodcuts in the Text. 503 

Agassiz (L.) Contributions to the Natural History of the 
Acalaphae of North America. Cambridge^ 1849. 4^°- 5^4 

Part I. On the Naked-eyed Medusae of the Shores of Massachusetts. 4to, pp. 96. 
8 Plates. Part 11. On the Beroid-Medusae of the Shores of Massachusetts. pp. 6z. 
8 Plates. 

Agassiz. Contributions to the Natural History of the United 
States of America. By Louis Agassiz. Boston^ Little^ Brown 
y Company^ 1857-62. 4to. 505 

To be completed in 10 vols., 4to. Sold to subscribers only. One of the most 
valuable works ever undertaken by any one editor. Its contents are of too strictly a 
scientific character to warrant an extended notice here. Let it suffice to observe that 
in all the essential elements of superiority of execution, it is equally meritorious. Con- 
tents: First Monograph. In Three Parts. I. Essay on Classification. II. North 
American Testudinata. III. Embryology of the Turtle; with thirty-four Plates. Vol. 


III. Part I. Acalephs in 'General. Part II. Ctenophorae. Part III. Discophorae. 
Vol. IV. Second Monograph. In Five Parts. I. Acalephs in General. II. Cteno- 
phorae. III. Discophorae. IV. Hydroidce. V. Homologies of the Radiata ; with 
forty-six Plates. Boston, 1862. The volumes are illustrated by Mr. A. Sourel, who, 
for twenty-three years, has been exclusively engaged in making illustrations for the 
successive works of Prof. Agassiz. The further publication of this work is suspended 
for the present [1867]. 

Agassiz. Lake Superior : its Physical Character, Vegetation 
and Animals, compared with those of other and similar regions. 
By Louis Agassiz. With a narrative of the tour by J. Elliot 
Cabot, and contributions by other scientific gentlemen. Boston^ 
Gould^ Kendall^ Lincoln^ 1850. 8vo, pp. 428. 506 

The most complete work on this comparatively unknown region. Now scarce. 
See Chr. Ex., xlix., p. 9 ; Sou. Q. R., xix., p. 420. 

Agassiz. Notice of a Collection of Fishes from the Southern 
Bend of the Tennessee River, Alabama. By L. Agassiz. New 
Haven^ 1854. 8vo. 507 

Extracted from Silliman's Journal of Science, &c., Vol. xvii., Second Series. 

Agassiz. On Extraordinary Fishes from California, consti- 
tuting a New Family. New Haven., 1853. 8vo, pp. 12. 508 

From Silliman's Journal, Vol. xvi., Second Series. 

The Age of Error ; or, A Poetical Essay on the Course of 
Human Action. By a Philadelphian. Philadelphia., Printed for 
the Author., 1797- 8vo, pp. 16. G. 509 

Age of Inquiry ; or, Reason and Revelation in Harmony with 
each other, operating against all tyranny and infidelity : intended 
as a clue to the present Political Controversy in the United 
States. To which is added, some Remarks upon the Report of 
the Committee of the Legislature of Connecticut, upon the Bap- 
tist Petition, presented May, 1802. By a True Baptist. Hart- 
ford., 1804. 8vo, pp. 96. 510 

Agg. History of Congress ; exhibiting a classification of the 
proceedings of the Senate and House of Representatives. Vol. i. 
From March 4, 1789, to March 3rd, 1793, embracing the first 
term of the Administration of Washington. By John Agg. 
Philadelphia., 1 834. 8vo. 5 II 

This publication was not continued. 

Aggregate Amount of Persons in the United States and their 
Territories, according to the Census of 1820, together with a 
list of Taxable Inhabitants, &c. in the State of Pennsylvania ; 


also a Summary of the Census of the State of New York, in 1821. 
Philadelphia, 1 82 1. 4to. P. 5^2 

Agia. Tratado y parcero sobre el servicio personal de los 
Indios del Peru. Por Fr. Miguel de Agia. Lima, Antonio Ricardo, 
1604. -Folio. 513 

" L'auteur etait de Valence et religieux minime a Guatemala." — Ternaux, No. 
174. Ricardo was the first printer at Lima. Su Harrisse, p. 372. 

Aglio (A.) See Kingsborough (Lord). 

Agnew (D.) Our National Constitution. Its Adaptation to 
a State of War or Insurrection. A Treatise by Daniel Agnew, 
President Judge, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, C. Sherman, 1863. 
8vo, pp. 39. 514 

Agnew (J. H.) Reply to Prof. Tayler Lewis' Review of 
Rev. Henry J. Van Dyke's Sermon on Biblical Slavery ; also to 
his other articles on the same subject, published in " The 
World." By J. Holmes Agnew. New York, D. Appleton ^ 
Co.^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 63. 515 

Agnew (M.) The Conspiracy Explained and Defended, in 
a letter to W. W. Philhps. By M. Agnew. Second Edition. 
New York, i^-^i. 8vo. 516 

The Agricultural Interest, as affected by the Reciprocity 
Treaty, the Tariff, and the Coastwise Trade. Philadelphia 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 517 

Agriculture, Commerce and Manufactures. Boston, Nov. 11, 
1826. 8vo, pp. 22. 518 

AgOero (P. De). Biografias de Cubanos Distinguidos. Por 
P. De Agiiero. I. Don Jose Antonio Saco. London, Trubner, 
i860. 8vo, pp. 88. 519 

Aguero (D. G. E. de). Gazophilatium regium Perubicum. 
Opus sane pulcrum, a plerisque petitum & ab omnibus, in univer- 
sum, desideratum non sine magno labore & experientia digestum, 
provideque, & accurate illustratum. In quo omnes materiae 
spectantes, ad administrationem calculationem & conservationem, 
jurium regalium Regni Peruani latissime discutiuntur & plena 
manupertractantur, Editum a D. Gaspare de Escalona Aguero, 
&c. Matriti, 1 775. 520 

The first edition was printed in 1647 and reprinted Matriti, 1675. '^^^ second 
part is in Spanish, and is entitled Gazofilacio Real de Peru. Of the edition of 1775, 


some copies are on large paper. The official position of the author j:ave him access to 
the best authorities, and tht book is reliable. Brunet. p. 11 5- 11 6, thus notices the 
previous editions : "• Cet ouvrage, qui fait connaitre I'administration du gouvernement 
espagnol au Perou est porte a 130 fr. sous le n" 32 du lxi Catal. de A. Asher. Berlin 
1858, ou on le donne comme un livre parfaitement inconnu aux Bibliographes, et 
meme a Antonio : ce dernier, il est vrai, n'a pu parler dans sa Bibliotheca nova imp. 
en 1672, de cette edition de 1675 mais il en a cite une plus ancienne sous ce titre : " 

Aguero. Arce limesis gazophilacium regium Peruvicum, ad- 
ministrandum, calculandum, conservandum. Matriti^ i^47- 
Folio. 521 

Aguero. iMiscellaneo Espiritual en Idioma Zapoteca. Por 
Fray Christobal Aguero. Mexico^ Bernardo Calderon^ 1666. 
4to. ^ 522 

The Zapoteca is the language spoken by the Indians ofOajaca, Mexico. See Lude- 
wig, p. 207. 

Aguero (J.) Exposicion de Don Jose de la Riva Aguero 
acerca de su conducta Politica en el tiempo que ejercio la Presi- 
dencia de la Republica del Peru. \JPr'ivately Printed^ London^ 
1824. 8vo. Portraits. 523 

Agueros. Descripcion Historial de la Provincia y Archi- 
pielago de Chiloe, en el Reyno de Chile, v Obispado de la Con- 
cepcion : dedicada a Nuestro Catdlico Monarca Don Carlos IV. 
(Que Dios guarde) Por el Padre Fray Pedro Gonzalez de 
Agueros, de la Regular Observancia de nuestro Padre San Fran- 
cisco, de la Provincia de la Puri'sima Concepcion en Castilla la 
Vieja, Predicador General Apostdlico, Ex-Guardian del Colegio 
de Propaganda Fide de Santa Rosa de Santa Maria de Ocopa en 
el Peru, y Arzobispado de Lima, y su Procurador en esta Corte 
de Madrid. Ano de mdccxi. En la Imprenta de Don Benito 
Cam. 4to, 4 p. 1., pp. 318. Map and plate. 524 

The plate represents the " Verdadera effigie" of a tree in the valley of Limache, 
growing in the form of a cross, with the image of the crucified Saviour thereon. 

Aguiar y Acuna. Svmarios de la Recopilacion general de 
las Leyes, Ordenan^as, Provisiones, Cedvlas, Instrucciones y 
Cartas Acordadas, que por los Reyes Catolicos de Castilla se 
ban promulgado expedido y despachado para las Indias Occident- 
ales, Islas y Tierra Firme del mar Oceano desde el ano 1492 
que se descubrieron, haste el presente de 1528. Por el Licen- 
ciado Don Rodrigo de Aguiar y Acuna. Madrid^ 7"^" G^^- 
zales^ 1628. Folio, 8 p. 1., pp. 178; 4 1. 4- Reprinted, Mexico^ 
1677. 8 p. 1. and 385 1. 525 

a book of the greatest rarity, having been printed only for the use of the members 
of the Council of Indias. See Pinelo Bibliotheca (1629)5 Rich, No. 183J Ternaux, 
No. 500. 


Aguilar (Jose de). Sermones Varies, predicados en la 
Ciudad de Lima. Por Jose de Aguilar. Corte de los Reynos del 
Peru. Bruselas^ 1704- 4^0. 526 

Aguilar. Relacion de las cosas de lucatan y informe centre 
los idolatros del obispado de lucatan. Por Sanchez de Aguilar. 
Madrid^ (? ) 1639. 527 

See Ternaux, No. 591. 

Aguirre (J.) Collectio Maxima Conciliorum Hispanias et 
Novi Orbis. Cura J. Sanchez de Aguirre. Roma^ 1693-94. 
4 vols., folio. 528 

Aguirre. Conciliorum omnium Hispaniae et Novi Orbis, 
epistolarumque, decretalium, etc., Collectio maxima ; cum notis 
et dissertationibus illustrata, cura J. S. de Aguirre. Editio locu- 
pletata, cura et labore Jos. Catalani. Roma^ 1753' ^ vols., 
folio. 529 

Aguirre. Collectio Maxima Conciliorum Hispaniae a Jos. 
Aguirre edita cum adnotationibus Sylvestri Puego. Madrid^ 
1781. Folio. 530 

Aguirre. Synopsis Collectionis Maximae Conciliorum om- 
nium Hispaniae, et Novi Orbis. Rottke^ 1695. i8mo. 531 

The large collection of Aguirre is highly esteemed and rare. This synopsis seems 
little known j it is not mentioned by Salmon sur I'Etude des Conciles, where the larger 
work is analyzed, nor is either of the two noticed by Antonio. 

Aguirre (Miguel de). Poblacionjde Baldivia. Mo-|tivos, 
y medios para|aqvella Fvndacion. L)efen-|sas del Reyno del 
Perv ; para resistir|las inuasiones enemigas en mar, y | tierra. | 
Pazes pedidas por los In-|dios rebeldes de Chile, acetadas, y 
capitv- 1 ladas por el Gouernador : y estado que tienen hasta 
nueue|de Abril del afio de 1647. |a.d. Philipo iiii. N. S. el Pia-| 
doso, Rey Catolico de las Espaiias. y Em-|perador de las In- 
dias. I Por el Padre Maestro Fray Miguel |de Aguirre, del Orden 
de S. Agustin, Caliiicador del Santo Ofi- cio, Catedratico de 
Prima de Teologia Escolastica en la Real Vniuersidad de los 
Reyes. I Ano de ib^'].\Impresso en Lima^ en casa de lulian Santos 
de Saldana^ Por large \ Lopex de Herrera. \ Folio, 2 p.l., and 57 folioed 
leaves, followed by i blank leaf and 4 unnumbered leaves. 532 

Sold at Puttick's, in 1854, for £3 3s. od. 

Agutter (W.) The Abolition of the Slave Trade considered 
in a Religious Point of View. By William Agutter. London^ 
1788. 8vo. 533 



AiGREMONT (Jean de Laon, Sieur d'). See Laon, Sieur 
d'Aigremont (Jean de). 

Aiken (John). Labor and Wages at Home and Abroad. 
Lowell^ 1849. ^^°> PP- ^9- 534 

Aiken (P. F.) Lectures on the British and American Con- 
stitutions. A Comparative View of the Constitutions of Great 
Britain and the United States of America. In six lectures. By 
P. F. Aiken, Advocate. London^ Longman & Co,^ 1842. Fcap. 
8vo. 535 

Aiken (Silas). Posthumous Influence. A Sermon on the 
Death of Hon. Samuel Hubbard, ll.d. Preached Jan. 2, 1848. 
Boston^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 40. 536 

Aiken (Sol.) Address to Federal Clergymen on the Subject 
of the War Proclaimed by the United States against Great Britain. 
By Solomon Aiken. Boston^ 18 13. 8vo. w. 537 

Aiken. An Oration delivered before the Republican Citizens 
of Newburyport, July 4, 18 10. By Rev. Solomon Aiken. 
Newburyport^ 1 8 10. 8vo, pp. 15. 538 

AiKiN (John). Annals of the Reign of King George the 
Third ; from its commencement in the year 1760, to the general 
peace in the year 1815. By John Aikin, m.d. London^ 1816. 
2 vols., 8vo.-|- Another Edition. To the Death of His Majesty 
in the Year 1820. London^ 1820 and 1825. 539 

Includes details of the Revolutionary War. See M. R., lxxxiii., p. 208. 

AiKMAN. Discourse delivered in . . . Newark, N. J., on 
Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1851. By Rev. William 
Aikman. Newark^ 1851. 8vo, pp. 23. 540 

AiKMAN. The Future of the Colored Race in America ; 
being an article in the Presbyterian Quarterly Review, of July, 
1862. By William Aikman. New Tork, A, D. F. Randolph^ 
1862. 8vo, pp. 35. -f Another Edition. Philadelphia^ W, S, 
Toung^ 1862. 541 

Aikman. Government and Administration. A Sermon 
preached July 19, 1863, succeeding the secession riots in New 
York. By William Aikman. Wilmington^ Henry Eckel^ 1 863. 
i2mo, pp. 12. 542 


AiMARD (Gustave). Les Trappeurs de I'Arkansas. Clnq- 
uieme Edition. Paris^ mdccclix. i2mo, pp. xii., 455. 543 

Trappers of Arkansas. London, War d^ 1864. l2mo. This writer has published 
about twenty other fictions illustrative of American life. 

AiME. Deportation et Naufrage de J-.J. Aime, ex-legisla- 
teur, suivi du tableau de vie et de mort des deportes a son depart 
de la Guyane. Avec quelques observations sur cette Colonie et 
sur les Negres. Paris^ 1800. 8vo, pp. 270. 544 

Aime. Narrative of the Deportation to Cayenne, and Ship- 
wreck on the Coast of Scotland, of J. J. Aime ; written by him- 
self. With observations on the present state of that colony, & 
of the negroes ; and an account of the situation of the deported 
persons at the time of his escape. London^ Wright^ 1800. 8vo, 
pp. 282. 545 

AiNSWORTH (W. H.) John Law the Projector. London^ 
Chapman^ 1864. 3 vols., post 8vo. 546 

AisLABiE. Case of the Right Hon. J. Aislabie, as concerned 
in the great South-Sea Scheme ; with his two Defensive Speeches, 
made in the House of Lords, against the Bill for raising Money 
upon the Estates of the South-Sea Directors. London,, (1721.) 
4to, pp. 42. c. 547 

Aislabie (John). Speech of the Hon. J. Aislabie, esquire, 
upon his defence made in the House of Lords, against the bill 
for raising money upon the estates of the South-Sea Directors. 
London,, 1 72 1. 4to.-|- Second Speech, July 24. London,, 1721. 
4to. s. 548 

Aitkin (W. B.) Remarks, N. Y. Assembly, on the Propo- 
sition to impose a mill-and-an-half Tax for the Support of Gov- 
ernment, 1854. s. 549 

Aitken (James). See John the Painter. 

AiTKEN (R.) Aitken's general American Register, and the 
Gentleman's and Tradesman's complete Annual Account Book, 
and Calendar, for the Pocket or Desk ; for the Year of our 
Lord, 1773. Philadelphia,, Joseph Crukshank,, for R. Aitken^ 
1773. 8vo. 550 

2 pi. 1., Text A to N, followed by second title, " Aitken's General American Regis- 
ter for the Year of our Lord 1 77 3," etc. Title and 64 pp. The first attempt of its 
kind in the American Colonies; also published in 1774. Sec Allibone's Dictionary, 
p. 42. 


Akerly. An Essay on the Geology of the Hudson River, 
and the Adjacent Regions ; Illustrated in a Geological Section 
of the Country, from the Neighbourhood of Sandy-Hook, in New 
Jersey, Northward, through the Highlands in New York, towards 
the Catskill Mountains: Addressed to Dr. Samuel L. Mitchill, 
by Samuel Akerly. Read before the Lyceum in August, 1819. 
1820. i2mo, pp. 69. Map. 551 

Akins. Prize Essay on the History of the Settlement of 
Halifax, at the Mechanics' Institute, on iSth April, 1839. By 
Thomas Beamish Akins. Halifax^ N. S. i8mo, pp. 62. 552 

Akins. Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Church of 
England in the British North-American Provinces. By T. B. 
Akins. Halifax^ N, S.^ 1849. i2mo. m. 553 

Aktenstucke, Gesammelte, des Vereins zum Schutze 
deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. Mainz^ 1845. ^^o. Map. 

y Alabama. Acts passed at the First Session of the First Gen- 
eral Assembly of the Alabama Territory, 18 18. St. Stephen's 
[n. d.] i2mo, pp. ii2. + Second Session. St, Stephen's, J. 71, 
18 1 8. i2mo, pp. 79. 555 

Alabama Anti-Masonic Convention. Proceedings of the 
adjourned meeting at Cahawba. Selma, Ala., 1830' 8vo.-f Pro- 
ceedings and Address at the meeting in Tuscaloosa Co. Tusca- 
loosa, 1830. 8vo. 556 

Constitution of the State of Alabama, adopted Aug. 2, 18 19. 
Huntsville, 1819. 8vo, pp. 26. 557 

Journal of the Convention of the Alabama Territory, begun 
July 5, 1 8 19. Hunt svi lie, 1819. 8vo. 558 

Journal of the House of Representatives of the Alabama Ter- 
ritory, at the First Session of the First General Assembly, in the 
Forty Second Year of American Independence. St. Stephen's, 
1818. 4to. 559 

Journal of the Legislative Council of the Alabama Territory, 
at the First Session of the First General Assembly, in the Forty- 
Third Year of American Independence. St. Stephen's, 18 18. 
8vo. 560 

Journal of the Second Biennial Session of the House of Rep- 
resentatives of the State of Alabama, Session 1849-50. Mont- 
gomery, 1850. 8vo. 561 


Journal of the Second Biennial Session of the Senate of Ala- 
bama, Session 1849-50, held in the city of Montgomery. Mont- 
gomery^ 1850. 8 vo. 562 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Baptist State Convention, in 
Alabama, at its nineteenth anniversary. Marion^ Alabama^ 1842. 
8vo. 563 

Laws of the State of Alabama, 18 19, &c. Huntsville^ 18 20 
8vo. 564 

Letter to the Legislature of Alabama, on Chartering a Bank 
like the Union Bank of Louisiana. New-York^ \'^'}^^. 8vo. 565 

Protest of the Alabama Delegates. Charleston [1861 ?]. 
8vo, pp. 4. 566 

Report of the Commissioners appointed by the Governor to 
examine the Southern Bank of Alabama. Montgomery^ 1851. 

Several pamphlets on the State Bank of Alabama are described in Stevens' "Cata- 
logue of American Books in the British Museum." 

Report of the House of Representatives on the subject of 
Direct Trade. Montgomery^ 1852. 8vo. 568 

Transactions of the Alabama Historical Society, at its First 
Annual Meeting, held at the University of Alabama, July 14, 
1 85 1. Tuscaloosa^ 1852 8vo, pp. 55. + At the Annual Meet- 
ing, July 9 and 10, 1855. Tuscaloosa^ i^55- 8vo, pp. 65. 569 

University of Alabama. Report of the Trustees to the Gen- 
eral Assembly of Alabama, 1837. Tuscaloosa^ I'^yi . 8vo, pp. 7. 

Catalogue of the Library of the University of Alabama ; with 
an Index of Subjects. By W. G. Richardson. Tuscaloosa^ 
1848. 8vo. 571 

Alabama, Florida and Georgia Railroad Company. Report of 
Comm. on Naval Affairs: U. S. H. of R. Feb. 18, 1845. 
\Cong. DocT^ 8vo, pp. 15. Map. 572 

The Alabama. Correspondence respecting the " Alabama"; 
also respecting the Bark " Maury," at New York, during the 
Crimean War ; and the temporary Act of Congress, passed by 
the United States, at the instance of Great Britain, in 1838, to 
meet the case of the Rebellion in Canada. 8vo, pp. 56. 573 

Correspondence respecting the " Alabama." London^ Pari. 
Papers^ N. America^ 1863. Folio, pp. 48. 574 


Correspondence respecting the " Alabama." (In continuation 

of Correspondence presented to Pari, in March, 1863.) London^ 
Pari. Papers^ N. America^ 1864. Folio, pp. 57. 575 

Correspondence respecting the "• Alabama." (In continuation 
of Papers presented to Parliament in Feb., 1864.) London^ Pari. 
Papers^ N. America^ 1864. Folio, pp. 18. 576 

Narrative of the Cruise of the Alabama, and a list of her 
officers and men. By One of her Crew. London^ 1864. 8vo, 
pp. 16. 577 

Proceedings of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of 
New York, on the Burning of the Ship Brilliant, by the Rebel 
Pirate Alabama, Tuesday, October 21, 1862. New Tork^ 1862. 
8vo, pp. 22. 578 

Alaman. Diccionario universal de Historia y de Geografia ; 
contieno : Historia, propiamente dicha, Biografia universal, Mito- 
logia, Geografia antigua y moderna. Obra dada a luz en Espana 
por una Sociedad de literates distinguidos, con noticias historicas, 
geograficas, estadisticas, y biograficas sobre las Americas en 
general, y especialmente sobre Republica Mexicana, por los Sres. 
D. Lucas Alaman, D. Jose Maria Andrade, D. Jose Maria 
Basoco, etc. Apendice al Diccionario Universal. Coleccion de 
articulos, relatives a la Republica Mexicana, recogidos y coor- 
dinados por D. Manuel Orozco y Berra. Mexico^ 1853-56. 
4to, 10 vols., pp. iv., 828 ; iv., 726 ; 792 ; 866 ; 1024 ; 862 ; 646 ; 
778; 936; 1 142. 579 

Alaman. Disertaciones sobre la Historia de la Republica 
Megicana, desde la epoca de la conquista que los Espanoles 
hicieron a fines del siglo xv. y principles del xvi. de las Islas y 
Continente Americano hasta la independencia. Por Lucas Ala- 
man. M'egico^ 1844-1849. 3 vols., 8vo. C. 580 

Alaman. Historia de Mejico desde los primeros movimientos 
que prepararon su independencia en el Ano de 1808, hasta la 
epoca presente. Por Don Lucas Alaman. Mejico^ 1 849-1 852. 
5 vols., 4to, pp. xii., 598; 668; 692; viii., 832 ; xii., 1108. 
Frontispiece and Maps. c. 581 

Alaman. Proceso Instructive Formado por la Seccion del 
Gran Jurade de la Camara de Diputades del Congreso General, 
en Averiguacion de los Delitos de que fueron Acusados los Ex- 
Ministros D. Lucas Alaman, D. Rafael Mangino, D. Jose 


Antonio Facio, y D. Jose Ignacio Espinosa. Mexico^ 1833 
4to. c. 582 

Alarm ; or, a Plan of Pacification with America, and New- 
York Freeholder, Nos. 1-7. New York [n. d.] i6mo, pp. 64. 

The Alarm Bell. No. i . By a Constitutionalist. New Tork^ 
Baker ^^ Godwin^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. 583 

Alasco ; an Indian tale ; Two Cantos ; with other Poems. 
Philadelphia^ 1857. i2mo. 584 

Founded on Bartram's Travels in Florida. 

Albach (James R.) Annals of the West ; embracing a Con- 
cise Account of Principal Events which have occurred in the 
Western States and Territories, from the Discovery of the Mis- 
sissippi Valley to the year Eighteen hundred and fifty-six. Com- 
piled from the most authentic sources and published by James R. 
Albach. Pittsburgh^ IV. S. Haven., 1856. Rl. 8vo, pp. 1016. 

Albany. Address of the Albany Republican Corresponding 
Committee, containing the Documents and Correspondence 
transmitted by the late Gov. Tompkins to the Committee of 
Ways and Means and to the House of Assembly. [1820.] 8vo, 
pp. 22. 586 

Address to the Governor, Council, and Assembly of Albany, 
for establishing an Insurance Company. 1690. Sm. 4to. 587 

This title is taken from a MS. list of books relative to America, in the possession of 
the late Dr. Hawks. It is probably an error as to the date. 

Albany Academy. Celebration of the Semi-Centennial Anni- 
versary, Albany, June 23, 1863. Albany^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 188. 
Plate. ' 588 

Statutes of the Albany Academy, 18 16.4- Same, with Amend- 
ments. Albany., 1 83 1. l2mo.-f-Same. Albany., 1843. l2mo, 
pp. 36. 589 

Albany and Harlem Railroad Company. Proceedings of the 
Directors, etc. June 19, 1840. 8vo. 590 

Albany and Schenectady Railroad Company. Report, &c. 
1848. 8vo. 591 

Address by the Directors of the Albany and Susquehanna R.R. 
Co. Albany., 1856. 8vo. 592 



Address to the Citizens of Albany, on the Albany & Susque- 
hanna R.R., May, 1852. 8vo, pp. 24. s. 593 

Some Considerations respecting the proposed Construction of 
the Albany and Susquehanna Railroad. Albany^ 1852. 8vo. 

Albany and West-Stockbridge R. R. Company : Report of the 
Superintendent, &c., July 9, 1836. Albany^ 1836. 8vo. s. 595 

Albany Annual Register for 1849-50. Albany^ J, Mumell^ 
1850. 4 vols, i2mo. s. 596 

Albany Basin and Erie Canal, in which some Important Im- 
provements are suggested. Albany^ 1836. 8vo. s. 597 

Abany Atlas Extra, Oct. 1849. T"he Syracuse Convention ; 
its Spurious Organization. 8vo, pp. 16. s. 598 

Albany City Guide. Albany^ 1845. i2mo, pp. 112. Map 
and Plates. 599 

Albany Democratic Reformer : Vol. i, 1844. s. 600 

Albany Directory. The first, collected and arranged by J. 
Fry, 1813. i2mo. + Reprinted 1853. i2mo. The subsequent 
years have been edited and published respectively by Packard & 
Van Benthuysen, B. Pearce, Klinck, W. Cammeyer, E. B. 
Child, W, H. ShifFer, G. J. Loomis, T. G. Wait, S. Wilson, L. 
G. Hoffman, W. Hunt, Whitney & Bliss, J. Munsell, and Geo. 
Adams. 601 

Albany Federal Committee. Anti-Federal Objections Re- 
futed. Albany [n. d.] i2mo. 602 

Albany Gallery of Fine Arts. Catalogue of the First Exhi- 
bition, 1846. Albany^ 1846. 8vo. 603 

Albany Institute. Report of the Committee appointed to 
continue the Meteorological Observations on the 21st of March, 
June, September, and December. Accepted November, 1836. 
[Albany^ n. d.] 8vo, pp. 32. 604 

Catalogue of the Albany Institute Library, founded 1793. 
Prepared by George Wood. With Index Albany^ 1857. 8vo, 
pp. 454. 605 

Albany Institute. First Annual Report. 1825. 8vo. 606 




Transactions of the Albany Institute. Vol. i, 1830 ; Vol. 2, 
1833; Vol. 3. 607 

See Trubner's American Bibliographical Guide, p. 22, for a detailed list of the con- i 
tents of each volume. , 

Albany Liberty National Nominating Convention. Proceed- - 
ings and Address. Albany^ 1841. 8vo. 608 : 

Albany Northern Railroad Company : Report, 1852, &c. 8vo. 1 

Albany Pocket Almanack for the Year 1784. Printed by R. \ 
Balentine. i8mo. s. 610 ' 

Albany Ratification Meeting. The United Democracy for 
Regular Nominations. Speeches of D. A. Ogden and J. Van ' 
Buren, Sept. 27, 1853. 8vo, pp. 16. s. 611 | 

Annual Report of the Trade and Commerce of the City of 
Albany for the Year 1862, and continued. 8vo. 612 

Charter of the City of Albany, printed by order of the Mayor, 
Aldermen, and Commonalty of the City aforesaid. New Tork^ 
Hugh Ga'ine^ ^11^- 4to.+ Charter, and act to amend the several 
acts relating to the city, and to combine the same into one act. 
Albany^ 1826. 8vo. 613 

Constitutionality of a Bridge at Albany, as shewn in the Re- 
marks of D. Buel, Jr., and Benjamin F. Butler, and the Opinion 
of Chief Justice Savage in the Troy Bridge Case, decided in the 
Superior Court of New York in 1836. With an Abstract of the 
Testimony. Albany^ 1845. 8vo, pp. 20. 614 

Several tracts on the Bridge at Albany are described in the catalogue of the New 
York State Library. 

Correspondence in relation to the Public Meeting at Albany, 
with Letter from Pres. Lincoln, dated June 12, i860, [i860.] 
8vo, pp. 9. 615 

To the Members of the First Presbyterian Church, Albany. 
[Signed A. March, and others.] March 11, 1847. 8^^? PP* 
47.-hAnother. March 22, 1847. + Another. March 29, 1847. 
8vo, pp. 1 8. -|- Minutes of a Meeting, March 24, 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 60. s. 616 

This controversy in the First Presbyterian Church was respecting a change of loca- 

A Geological Survey of the County of Albany, taken under 


the direction of the Agricuhural Society of the County. Albany^ 
1820. 8vo, pp. 55. 617 

Historical Sketch of the Sunday-School connected with the 
Second Presbyterian Church of the City of Albany. Albany^ 
1857. ^^°? PP- ^^' ^' ^'^ 

Impartial Address to the Citizens of the City and County of 
Albany ; or the thirty-five Anti-federal objections Refuted : by 
the Federal Committee of the City of Albany. i2mo. s. 619 

Laws and Ordinances of the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and 
Commonalty of the City of Albany. Albany^ printed by Alexan- 
der and yames Robertson^ ^773' 4^^* ^^^ 

Laws and Ordinances of the Common Council, 1791. 4to.H- 
Same, with the Charter. Albany^ 1800. 4to. + Same. Albany^ 
1808. 8vo.H-Same. Albany^ 1S12. 8vo.+ Same. Albany^ iS;^S. 
8vo. s. 621 

Laws and Ordinances of the Common Council of the City of 
Albany, revised and revived, Dec, 1841 ; to which are prefixed 
the charter of the city of Albany, and the several laws and ex- 
tracts from the Revised Statutes, relating to said City. Albany^ 
1842. 8vo, pp. 333. 622 

Presbytery of Albany : Narrative of the Revival of Religion, 
1820. Schenectady^ 182 1. 8vo. s. 623 

Order of Exercises Seventy-seventh Anniversary of American 
Independence. Albany^ 1853. 8^^- ^^4 

Origin of Sunday Schools in Albany. 8vo, pp. 23. 625 

Proceedings of the Republican meeting of the citizens of Al- 
bany and Colonic, at Jared Skinner's Long Room, March 13, 
18 10. Albany^ 18 lO. 8vo. 626 

Proceedings of a Meeting held at Albany [to promote the elec- 
tion of Clinton and Tallmadge]. 1824. 8vo. 627 

Propositions Made by the Sachems of the three Maquas Cas- 
tles, to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonality of the City of 
Albany, and Military Officers of the said City, and County in 
the City Hall, February 25, 1689-90. Peiter Schuyler Mayor, 
with ten more gentlemen, then present. Interpreted by Arnout 
& Hille. [Colophon.] Boston^ Printed by S. Green. Sold by 


Benjamin Harris^ at the London Coffee House^ 1690. 4to, pp. 
12. 628 

This exceedingly rare tract relates to the burning of Schenectady. 

The Public Schools in Albany, inadequate to meet the Wants 
of the Public ; and the Necessity of Reform. From Albany 
Morning Express. Albany^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 45. s. 629 

Random Recollections of Albany. See [Worth (Gorham, A.) ]. 

Report of the Select Committee of the Senate, showing the 
Frauds and Peculations of Edwin Croswell, Theodore Olcott, 
John L. Crew and others, by which the Canal Bank was ruined. 
Albany^ 1849. ^^^i PP- ^4- ^3° 

Review of the Trade and Commerce of Albany, for 1861. 
8vo. s. 631 

Return of the Commissioners under the Acts to Improve the 
Navigation of the Albany Basin, and to Extend the Opening of 
the Albany Pier; made to the City Council, October 1842. 
Albany^ 1842. 8vo, pp. 91. 632 

Some Account of Acts in relation to the Construction of 
the Albany Basin, with the Opinion of a Member of the Albany 
Bar as to the Rights of Parties Interested. Albany^ 1848. 8vo, 
PP- 35- 633 

St. Andrew's Society of Albany. Memorial of the Great 
Sanitary Fair held in the City of Albany, N. Y., February and 
March. Albany^ 1864. 8vo. 634 

St. Peter's Church. The Answer of " The members of the 
Congregation of Saint Peter's Church, in the City of Albany," 
to the Pamphlet lately addressed to them, by the Hon. Lt. -Gov- 
ernor Taylor, and others. Printed for the Congregation^ February^ 
1 8 16. 8vo, pp. 100. 635 

Controversy in St. Peter's Church, between Rev. Mr. Clowes 
and Part of his Congregation, in 18 16. Albany. 8vo. s. 636 

Report to the Vestry of St. Peter's Church, Albany, of the 
Lay Delegates to the Diocesan Convention, &c.. New York, 
23d September, 1845. Albany^ 1845. ^vo, pp. 42. 637 

St. Peter's Church. Statement of the Finances, with a Plan 
of Revenue and Support. Albany^ 1842. 8vo. 638 


Song of the Sexton .... after the Dedication of Albany 
Cemetery. 8vo. s. 639 

Speeches in behalf of the University of Albany, by Messrs. 
Ruggles, Tabor, and Rev. Drs. Kennedy and Palmer. Albany^ 
1852. 8vo, pp. 44. s. 640 

Statistical Report of the County of Albany for the year 1820. 
Albany^ 1823. 8vo. 641 

Supplement to the Albany Register, April 20, 1813: Address 
to the Republican Citizens of New York. Albany^ Southwtck^ 
1813. 8vo. 642 

Trinity Church, Albany : To the Parishioners. 8vo. s. 643 

A large collection of the annual reports of the various public institutions, religious 
societies of Albany, &c., will be found in the New York State Library. 

Albarez. Copia de la Espantosa Carta, Escrita por el | P-Fr. 
Domingo Albarez de Toledo, Procurador General de Corte, 
del I Orden de N. P. S. Francisco, embiada desde la Ciudad de 
Lima, al | Reverendissimo P. Commissario General en Este- 
charque, que su fecha es|de 29. de Octubre de 1687. anos, dan- 
dole cuenta de los lastimosos estragos | y desgracias que han suce- 
dido en dicha Ciudad. | [Colophon.] Con licencia : En Bar- 
celona^ en casa Vicente Suria^\a la calle de la Paja^ Am l688.| 
Vendese el Flos Sanctorum del Padre Ribadeneyra^\aumentado con 
los Santos nuevos^ en la \ misma Imprenta. \ 4to, pp. 4. 644 

Albarracin. Apuntes sobre las islas del Delta Arjentino 
por M. Santiago Albarracin. Buenos-Aires^ i860. 8vo, pp. 148. 

Albemarle. Letter from the Secretary of the Navy in 
regard to the Rebel Ram " Albemarle," which recently partici- 
pated in the rebel attack on Plymouth. House ^ Ex. Doc.^ No. 53, 
38/^ Cong.^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 12. 646 

Albenino (N.) Verdadera I relacion : de lo sussedido|en los 
Reynos e prouin-|cias d'l peru|dejde la y da|a ellos d'l vi Rey 
Blascojnunes vela|hasta el des|barato y muerte de gon|calo 
Picarro. (sic)\ \_Colophon :~\ Acaboze la presente obra enla muy 
noble y memorable ciudad 6 Seuilla a dos dias del mes de Enero 
del ano de Christo de . M . D . xlix . En casa de Juan de Leon. 
Siedo primero manda da ver y examinar por los muy reuerendos y 
muy magnificos Senores inquisidores : y con su licencia mandada 
imprimir. Small 8vo. 647 


Alberdi. Bases y puntos de parleda para la organizacion 
politica de la Republica Argentina. Par Juan Bautista Alberdi. 
Valparaiso^ 1852. 8vo. 648 

Alberdi. De la integridad nacional de la Republica Arjen- 
tina bajo todos sus Gobiernos. A proposito de sus recientes, 
tratados con Buenos-Aires. Por Juan B. Alberdi. Parana^ 
1855. 8vo, pp. 88. 649 

Alberdi. Espana y las Republicas de la America del Sur. 
Por J. B. Alberdi. Parh^ Kugelman^ 1861. 650 

Alberdi. Estudios sobre la Constitucion Argentina de 1853, 
en que se restablece su mente alterada por comentarios hostiles. 
Por J. B. Alberdi. Valparaiso^ 1853. ^^^^ PP* ^^4* ^5' 

Alberdi. Memoria descriptiva sobre Tucuman. Por J. B. 
Alberdi. Buenos- Aires^ 1834. 8vo, pp iv., 30. 652 

Alberdi. Organizacion Politico y Economico de la Con- 
federacion Argentina. Por J. B. Alberdi. Nueva edicion cor- 
reg. y revis. Besan^on^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 870. 653 

Alberdi. Organizacion de la Confederacion Argentina. Por 
J. B. Alberdi. Besanfon, 'Jacqu'in^ 1858. 2 vols., 8vo. 654 

Alberdi. Sistema Economico y rentistico de la Confederacion 
Argentina segun su Constitucion de 1853. ^^^ J- ^- Alberdi. 
Valparaiso^ 1854. 8vo. 655 

Albers (J. A.) Americanische annalen der Arzneykunde 
Naturgeschichte Chemie und Physick . . . Zweites Heft. Bre- 
men^ 1802. 8vo. 656 

Albert Edward. The Tour of H. R. H., Albert Edward, 
the Prince of Wales, through British America and the United 
States. By a British Canadian. Montreal^ i860. 8vo, pp. 
271. 657 

Albert Edward (Prince). Relation du voyage de son 
altesse royale 1^ Prince de Galles en Amerique, reproduite du 
" Journal de I'lnstruction Publique du Bas-Canada," avec un 
appendice contenant diverses adresses, correspondances, etc. 
Montreal^ i860, pp. 148, xxx. 658 

Alberti. Descrittione|di Tvtta Italia |di I. Leandro Alberti 
Bolognese, Nella quale si contiene il Sito | di essa, I'Origine, & le 
Signorie delle Citta, & delle Castilla, | coi Nomi Antichi h 


Moderni, i Costumi de Popolo, le Condicioni de Paesi : | et piv-gli 
hvomini famosi che rhanno| Illustrata, i Monti, i Laghi, i Fiumi, 
le Fontane, | i Bagni, le Minere, con tutte I'opre marauigliose in 
lei I dalla Natura prodotte. | Con Priuilegio | In Bologna per An- 
selmo Giaccarelli| M.D.L. I Folio; Title, &c., 4 p. 1.; Text, 
469 1. ; Index, 28 1. 659 

" This work is quoted by the No'va Acta Eruditorum in reference to the alleged 
claims of Vespuccius to the discovery of the New World." — Harrisse. 

Alberti. Descrizzione di tutta Italia. Venice^ I553> 1568, 
and 1 58 1. 4to. 660 

Albertinis. De Mirabilibus novae & veteris Urbis Romae. 
Opus editum a Francisco de Albertinis Clerico Florentino, tri- 
bus Libris divisum, dicatumque Julio II. Pontif. Max. ; Romae 
per Joannem de Besichen An. 1505. 661 

Title as given by Negri, and quoted, with doubts as to its authenticity, by Harrisse, 
p. 78. 

Albertinis. De Mirabilibus novae & veteris Urbis Romae. 
Libri III. ex Edit. Andr. Fulvii Praenestini, Romes^ 1508. 4to. 

"Clement gives this title on the authority of the Bibliotheca Menkeniana, page 196, 
and seems to disbelieve its authenticity. Panzer calls the edition of 15 10 * Editio 
prima.^ " — Harrisse. 

Albertinis. Opvscvlvm de Mirabi- 1 libus Nouae & ueteris 
Vrbis Romae edi-|tum a Fra;zcisco de Albertinis Clerico Floren| 
tino dedicatumq3 lulio secundo Pon. Max. &c. [Colophon.] 
Impressum Romae per lacobum Mazochium | Romanae Academiae 
Bibliopolam qui in- 1 fra paucos dies epythaphioru;7z opusculuw | in 
lucew ponet ano Salutis. m.d.x. Die. iiii. Febr. | Sm. 4to ; 
Title, I 1. j.Text, 102 1. 663 

For a full account of this edition, see Harrisse's Bibl. Am. Vet., pp. 120. 

Albertinis. Opvscvlvm de Mirabi- | libus Nouae & ueteris 
Vrbis Romae edi-|tum a Frawcisco de Albertinis Clerico Florew| 
tino dedicatumcqz^f lulio secundo Pon. Max. \\_Colophon :'] Impres- 
sum Romae per lacobum Mazochium | Romanae Academiae Biblio- 
polam qui in- 1 fra paucos dies epythaphioruw opusculu;w | in Xuctm 
ponet ano Salutis, m.d.x. Die |iii. Febr. | Sm. 4to ; Title, i l.j 
Text, 102 unnumbered leaves. 664 

The reference to Vespuccius is quoted by Harrisse, Bib. Am. Vet., p. 121. 

Albertinis. De mirabilibus novae & veteris Urbis RomaB, 


& de Laudibus Civitatum Florentiae & Sauonae. Romae 1515 
ap Jac. Mazochium in 410. 665 

Title as quoted from Clement by Harrisse, p. 140. 

Albertinis. Opusculum de mlrabllibus novae & veteris 
Urbis Roma : industria & impensa Thomae WolfF Chalcographia 
gnari exaratum nuper ^to. ex propria Officina Urbis Basileae, 
1519. 666 

Title quoted from Maittaire's Annales, by Harrisse. 

Albertinis. Mirabilia Rome | Opusculu;72 de Mirabilibus 
Noue et Ueteris urbis | Rome editu;w. a Fran | cisco Albertino 
Florentino | Cum Priuilegio. | \_CQlophon :'^ Impr^ssu;w Lugd.9 p 
loan, marioj su;wptib9 & expewsis Romani morin bi-| bliophile 
eiusde;w ciuitatis. awno dni m.d.xx. die vero. xxviii, martii. | 667 

4to, title I 1,+sixty leaves numbered, repeating 56; on the verso of the last leaf 
two wood-cuts. 

Albertinis. Opusculu;w de Mirabilibus novae et veteris 
Urbis Romae. Bononi^e^ 15 20. 4to. 668 

Title quoted from the Bibliotheca Heberiana, Part vi., No. 128. 

Alberto. Carta Pastoral que el Illust° S"" D. Fray Joseph 
Antonio de San Alberto, arzobispo de la Plata, dirige a todos 
losque en el pasado concurso ban sido nombrados y elegidos 
para curas. Buenos Ayres^ I79i- 4^^0' 669 

Alberto. Coleccion de Instrucciones Pastorales. Por Jos. 
Antonio de San Alberto Arzobispo de la Plata en America. 
Madrid^ 1786. 2 vols., 4to. 670 

Albertus. Habes in hac pagina. Amice le^ | ctori Alberti 
Magni I Germani principis philosophi. | De natura locoru;w. Librum 
mira | eruditiowe & singulari fruge re^ | pertu;w,& iam primuw, summa 
diligetia reuisum^ in lucem | aeditum^ que legis diligew^ tius^ si uel 
Cosmogra^ | phia uel Phisica p.fecisse te uo- 1 lueris. | \_Colophon :~\ 
Excusum Viennae Austriae . Mens . Mar . m.d. xiiii. | Opera 
Hieronymi Victoris & loan . Sin^|grenii Socioru/w, diligentiu/n 
impressorum . Impew- 1 sis uero Leonhardi & Lvcae Alantse | fra- 
trum Ciuium Viennensiu;w. | Imperante Diuo Maximiliano Caesare 
Aug. I p. F. p. p. I 4to, 52 1. 671 

Interesting to the American collector on account of a marginal note relating to 
Vespuccius, which seems to have been inserted with movable type, on the recto of 
the last leaf in signature e, after the book had been printed. See Harrisse, p. 138. 


Albertus. De Natura Locorum, edente Georg. Faun- 
stelter (sic). Ed. n Argentorati, Math. Schurer, &c., 15 14. 410, 
PP- ^1-5 73^ 389- 672 

See Kloss Catalogue, No. 70. 

Albertus. Habes in hac pagina. Amice lector. | Al- | berti 
Magni Germani pri;zcipis | philosophi, De natura locorum. Li | 
brum mira eruditione, & singula | ri fruge refertuw, & iam primum | 
summadiligewtiareuisum, in|luce;w editum, quem leges diligewtius, 
vel si Cosmo I graphia vel Physica | profecisse te vo- | lueris. | 
\_Colophon :^ Argentorati. Ex Aedibus Matthiae Schutverij | Mense 
lanuario, MD.xv.|Ductu Leonhardi, & Lucas Alantse fratrum. | 
4to, 43 1- 673 

See Humboldt Examen Critique, Vol. i., p. 57. 

Albion : in Twelve Books. Bath^ Henry Gye^ 1822. 8vo, 
pp. 234. 674 

A remarkable rhodomontine and ridiculous laudation of Great Britain, in which the 
old French War and the American Revolution are disposed of to the satisfaction of the 
writer if not to the reader. 

Albro. The Life of Rev. Thomas Shepard. By John A. 
Albro, Boston.^ Mass. Sab. School Society.^ 1847, l8mo, pp. 324, 

ALBuquERQUE. Memorias Diarias de la Guerra del Brazil, 
por Discurso de nueve anos, empe^ando desde el de mdcxxx. 
Escritas por Duarte de Albuquerque Coello Marques del Basto. 
Madrid.^ Diego Diaz de la Carrera. 1654. 4to, 8 p. 1. ; Text, 
287 1. 676 

Albuquerque (Antonio de). Rela^ao breve e verdadeira da 
memoravel victoria que ouvo o capitao mor da capitania de 
Paraiba, Antonio de Albuquerque, dos rebeldes de Olanda, que 
sao vinte naos de guerra, e vinte e sete lanchias pretenderao occu- 
par esta pra^a de S. Magestad, trazando nella para o efFeito dous 
mil homens de guerra fora a gente do mar. Lishoa^ 'J. Rodriguez^ 
1632. 4to. 677 

Title as given by Ternaux, No. 537. 

Albuquerque. Relatorio da reparti^ao dos negocios estrangei- 
ros apresentado a assemblea geral legislativa na primeira sessao 
da decima primeira legislatura pelo resp. ministro A. C. de Sa e 
Albuquerque. Rio de Janeiro^ 186 1. 4to. 678 

Alc afar ADO (Francisco). Relation Historique de la Decou- 



verte de Tlsle de Madere, traduite du Portugais. Paris^ 1671. 
i2mo. 679 

The Portuguese original is unknown. See Graessc, p. 60 ; Machado Bibl. Lusit., 
Vol. II., p. 96. 

Alcafarado (Francisco). An | Historical | Relation | Of the 
First I Discovery I of the | Isle | of | Madera. | Written originally in 
Portugueze by Don Francis- |co Alcafarado (gentleman of the 
Bed-Chamber] to the Infant Don Henry younger | Son of John 
the First King of | Portugal ;) | Who was one of the First Dis- 
coverers, thence transla-|ted into French, and now made ^ng- 
\\s\\.\LondQn^\ Printed for IVilliam Cademan at the sign of the\ 
of the Popes-Head at the entrance into the | New Exchange in the 
Strand. 1675. 1 8vo, Title, pp. 37. 680 

Priced, in the Nuggets, No. 57, £1 us. 6d. 

[Alcala-Galiano.] Relacion del viage hecho por las Gole- 
tas Sutil y Mexicana en 1792, para reconocer el Estrecho de 
Fuca: con una introduccion en que se da noticia de las expedi- 
ciones executadas anterior mente por los Espaiioles en busca del 
paso del noroeste de la America. Madrid^ Imprenta Real^ 
1 802-1 806. Sm. 4to, pp. 168 and 185; Appendix, pp. 120 ; 
Atlas of 17 Maps and Plates, sm. folio. 681 

" The commander of this expedition was Don Dionysio Alcala-Galiana, said to be 
also the author of the work." — Rich. See Dicco. de Biog. j Barcelona, 1830. 

Alcedo (A.) Diccionario Geografico-Histdrico de las Indias 
occidentales d America : es a saber : de los Reynos del Peru, 
Nueva Espafia, Tierra Firme, Chile, y Nuevo Reyno de Gra- 
nada. Con la Descripcion de sus Provincias, Naciones, Ciu- 
dades, Villas, Pueblos, Rios, Montes, Costas, Puertos, Islas, 
Arzobispados, Obispados, Audiencias, Vireynatos, Giobiernos, 
Corregimientos, y Fortalezas, frutos y producciones ; con ex- 
presion de sus Descubridores, Conquistadores y Fundadores: 
Conventos y Religiones ; ereccion de sus Catedrales y Obispos 
que ha habido en ellas ; y noticia de los sucesos mas notables de 
varios lugares ; incendios, torremotos, sitios, e invasiones que 
han experimentado ; y hombres ilustres que han producido. Es- 
crito por el Coronel D. Antonio de Alcedo, Capitan de Reales 
Guardias Espanolas. Con Licencia en la Imprenta de Benito Cano. 
En Madrid Aho de MDCCLXXXVI. 410, 5 vols ; 2 p. 1., xvi., 791 ; 
2 p. 1., 636 ; 2 p. 1., 496 ; 2 p. 1., 609 ; 2 p. 1., 461 ; Resumen, 
7 ; Vocabulario, 186 pp. 682 

Alcedo. The Geographical and Historical Dictionary of 
America and the West Indies. Containing an Entire Transla- 


tion of the Spanish Work of Colonel Don Antonio de Alcedo, 
. . . with Large Additions and Compilations from Modern 
Voyages and Travels, and from Original and Authentic Inform- 
ation. By G. A. Thompson, Esq. In Five Volumes. Lon- 
don^ James Carpenter^ 1812-1815. 4to, xx., 574; 597; 512; 
636 ; xvi., 462 ; Errata and Appendix, 105 pp. 683 

'* Thompson's edition, for its additions, etc., is infinitely superior to the original." — 
Lowndes. Copies are sometimes found with an atlas of 19 large maps by Arrowsmith, 
but they are rare. 

Alcedo. Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogo de los autores 
que han escrito de la America en diferentes idiomas, y noticia de 
su vida y patria, anos en que vivieron y obras que escrivieron. 
Compuesta por el mariscal de campo, D. Antonio de Alcedo, 
Governador de la plaza de la Coruna, ano de 1807. 684 

" Quarto, about looo pages MS. very neatly written, being the original work by the 
author of the Diccionario de America, and has not been printed." — Rich. Now in 
the possession of John Carter Brown, Esq., of Providence. 

Alcedo y Herrera. Aviso Historico, Politico, Geographi- 
co con las Noticias del Peru, Tierra Firme, Chile, y Nuevo 
Reyno de Granada, en la relacion de los successos de 205 anos, 
por la chronologia de los adelantados, etc., desde el ano 1535, 
hasta el de 1740. Y razon de toda lo Obrado por los Ingleses 
en aquellos reynos por las costas de los dos mares del norte y del 
sur, desde el ano de 1567, hasta el de 1739. Por D. Dionisio de 
Alcedo y Herrera. Madrid^ 1740- Sm. 4to. m. 685 

Alcedo y Herrera. Compendio Historico de la Provincia, 
Partidos, Ciudades, Astilleros, Rios y Puerto de Guayaquil en 
las Costas de la Mar del Sur. Dedicado al Rey Nuestro Sefior 
en su Real, y Supremo Consejo de las Indias, Por Don Dionysio 
de Alsedo y Herrera, Presidente, que fue de la Real Audencia de 
Quito, Governador, y Capitan General de las Provincias de su 
Distrito. Con Licencia. En Madrid^ Por Manuel Fernandez 
. . . Ano de M.DCC. 4to, 16 p. 1., Text, 99 pp. Plan of Guaya- 
quil. 686 

Alcedo. Memorial informativo del consulado de la Ciu- 
dad de los Reyes y la junta general del comercio de las pro- 
vincias del Peru, sobre diferentes puntos tocantes al estado de la 
real hazienda y del comercio, etc. Por D. Dionysio de Alsedo 
y Herrera [Lima.?] 1726. Folio, pp. 148. 687 

The author of the three preceding works was the father of the author of the " Dic- 

84 ALDEN. 

Alcock (T. St. L.) Observations on the Poor Relief Bill 
for Ireland, and its bearing on . . . emigration . . and the British 
North American Colonies. By T. St. Leger Alcock. London^ 
1847. PP* 3"^' ^* ^^^ 

Alcon. Diario de la expedicion del Mariscal de Campo D. 
Juan Ramirez sobre las Provincias interiores de la Paz, Puno, 
Arequipa y Cuzco. Por Juan Jose Alcon. Lima^ 18 15. 4to. 

Alcott. Hospital Sketches. By Louisa M. Alcott. Boston^ 
James Redpath^ 1^63. 8vo, pp. 102. 690 

Alcott. On Picket Duty, and Other Tales. By Louisa 
M. Alcott. Boston^ 1864. i6mo. 691 

Relates to the Rebellion. 

Aldama. Arte de la Lengua Mexicana, dispuesto por D. 
Joseph Augustin de Aldama y Guevara, Presbytero de el Arzo- 
bispado de Mexico. Mexico^ en la Imprenta nueva de la Bihlioteca 
Mexicam^ 1754- ^n^* 4^^o. 692 

This rare volume is priced 75 fr. by Techener, 100 rr. by Nodier, and £3 3s. od. by 
Thorp, in 1843. 

Alden (Ebenezer). The Early History of the Medical 
Profession in the County of Norfolk, Mass. An Address deliv- 
ered before the Norfolk District Medical Society. By Ebenezer 
Alden. Boston^ May 10, 1853. ^^^i PP- 4^- ^93 

Alden. Historical Sketches of the Origin and Progress of 
the Massachusetts Medical Society. By Ebenezer Alden, m.d.. 
Fellow of the Society. Boston^ 1838. 8vo. 694 

Alden. Memoir of Bartholomew Brown, Esquire, read at a 
Meeting of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, 
February 5, 1862, by Ebenezer Alden, m.d. 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Alden (E. K.) Memorial of Albert Drake, containing a Fu- 
neral Address and Discourse by Rev. Edward K. Alden. Boston^ 
IV right Iff Potter^ 1865. i2mo, pp. 52. Portrait. 696 

Alden (John). Lines upon the Death of John Alden, Esq., 
who died Sept. 12, 1687. Broadside. ^ Reprinted^ \%Qh. M. 

Alden (Joseph). The Example of Washington. By Joseph 
Alden. New York, M. W. Dodd^ 1856, &c. i8mo. 698 

Alden. The Old Revolutionary Soldier. By Joseph Alden. 
New York^ Gates. i8mo. 699 

ALDEN. 85 

Alden. The Science of Government in Connection with 
American Institutions. By Joseph Alden, d.d., ll.d. New 
York^ 1866. iimo, pp. 248. 700 

Alden (Timothy). An Account of Sundry Missions performed 
among the Senecas and Munsees ; in a Series of Letters, with an 
Appendix. Bv Rev. Timothy Alden. New Tork^ printed by J, 
Seymour^ 1827. l8mo, pp. 180. N. 701 

Alden. An Account of the Several Religious Societies in 
Portsmouth, N. H., and of the Ministers of each, from their 
first establishment to the ist of January, 1805. By Rev. 
Timothy Alden, Jun. Boston^ 1808. 8vo, pp. 40. 702 

Also included in the Mass. Hist. Coll., vol, x. 

Alden. An Address to such as wish to avail themselves of 
the Advantages to be derived from a Removal into the Western 
Country. By Timothy Alden, Jr. New Tork^ 181 3. i2mo, 

PP- 4- 703 

Alden. Affection for the House of God recommended. 
Sermon delivered at Yarmouth, Jan. i, 1795 i occasioned by the 
opening of a New Meeting-House. By Rev. Timothy Alden, 
A.M. Boston^ 1795- 8vo, pp. 22. 704 

Alden. A Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscrip- 
tions, with Occasional Notes. By Rev. Timothy Alden. 
Pentade I. New Tork^ 181 2-14. 5 vols., i8mo; pp. 292. 288, 
288, 288, 288 ; List of Patrons, 4 1. i 5 Portraits. 705 

The only extensive collection on the subject, and now scarce. The first edition of 
vol. i. was printed in 4 parts, in 1812; the second edition of vol. i., which usually 
accompanies the sets, is dated 18 14. 

Alden. The Glory of America. A Century Sermon De- 
livered at the South Church, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 
January, mdccci. Together with a number of Historical Notes, 
and an Appendix, containing an account of the Newspapers printed 
in the State. By Timothy Alden, Jr., a.m.. Colleague Pastor 
with the Reverend Samuel Haven, d.d. Presented to the pub- 
lic, at the solicitation of a number of the hearers, to whom it is 
respectfully dedicated. Portsmouth^ William Treadwell & Co.y 
1801. 8vo, pp. 47.; Appendix, 5 pp. 706 

Alden. Historical Notes, in reference to the Crawford 
County [Penn.] Sabbath School Union. 1826. i2mo. w. 707 


Alden. a Sermon delivered at the South Church in Ports- 
mouth [n. h.], on the v. January, mdccc, Occasioned by the 
sudden and universally lamented Death of George Washington, 
Commander of the American Armies, and late President of the 
United States. By Timothy Alden, Jun., a.m., colleague pas- 
tor with the Rev. Samuel Haven, d.d. Published at the desire 
of a respectable number of the Hearers, to whom it is affection- 
ately dedicated. Portsmouth^ New-Hampshire^ Printed at the 
United States Oracle Office^ m.dccc. 8vo, pp. 23. -h Same. 
Portsmouth^ New-Hampshire^ Printed at the United States Oracle 
Office in "January^ and Re-printed in February^ mdccc, by Charles 
Peirce. 8vo, pp. 24. 708 

Alden. A Valedictory Discourse, delivered at the South 
Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Aug. 12, 1805. By 
Timothy Alden, Jr. Portsmouth^ W. ^ D. Treadwell^ 1805. 
8vo, pp. 16. N. 709 

Aldenburgk. West-Indianische Reisze und Beschreibung 
der Belaeg-und Eroberung der Statt S. Salvador in der Bahie von 
Todos OS Sanctos inn dem Lande von Brasilia, Welches von anno 
1623, bis ins 1626. Verzichtet worden. Durch Johann. Gregor. 
Aldenburgk. Coburgk^ 1627. 4to. Engraved Title, 50 1. 710 

Alderson (J.) An Essay on the Rhustoxicodendron, pu- 
bescent poison Oak or Sumach ; with cases, shewing its efficacy 
in the cure of paralysis and other diseases of extreme debility. 
By John Alderson, m.d. London^ Johnson^ 1794- 8vo, pp. 34. 

Alegambe [P.] Bibliotheca Scriptorum Societatis Jesu, post 
excusum anno 1608, catalogum ad 1642. Cura Ph. Alegambe. | 
Jntverpice^\6\2t' Folio.-f Another Edition, ^o/w^, m.dc.lxxvi. 
Folio. 712 

Contains an extensive bibliography of the early Jesuit writers. 

Alegambe [P.] Mortes illustres et gesta eorum de societate 
Jesu qui in odium fidei, pietatis, aut cujuscunque virtutis, occa- 
sione missionum sacramentorum administratorum, fidei aut virtu- 
tis propugnatae ; ab Etnicis, hsereticis, vel aliis, veneno, igne, 
ferro, aut morte alia necati, aerumnisve confecti sunt. Auctore 
Philippo Alegambe. Extremos aliquot annos, mortesque illustres 
usque ad annum 1655, adjecit Joannes Nadasi. Roma^ 1667. 
Folio. 713 

This rare book contains much curious and interesting matter respecting the mission- 
aries of Canada and other parts of America. See Charlevoix. 


Alegre. Historia de la Compania de Jesus en Nueva-Es- 
pana, al tiempo de su'espulsion. Por Francisco Javier Alegre. 
Publicala Carlos Maria de Bustamante. A/^a-/Vo, 1841-42. c. 714 

Aleman [M.] Ortografia Castellana. Por Mateo Aleman. 
Mexico^ typis H'leronyrni Balh'i^ 1609. 4to, 83 1., and Portrait, 715 

Priced, Thoine, 1843. £3, 3s.. od. An early specimen of Mexican printing. Bru- 
net gives the date 1606, which is an error. 

Alembert. Flanerie Parisienne aux Etats-Unis. Par Alfred 
D'Alembert. Paris^ Libraire Theatrale^ 1856. i6mo, pp. 278. 

Alemparte. Breve exposicion que hace Jose Antonio Alem- 
parte de algunos excesos y abusos cometidos por El Ministro de 
Justicia Don Mariano Egana. Santiago de Chile ^ ^837. 8vo. 

Aleutian Abecedarium. [iSV. Petersburg^ 1839?] 718 

The Indian language of the Aleutian Islands in Russian America. 

Alexander. Life of Alexander Alexander. Written by 
Himself. London^ 1830. 2 vols., i2mo. 719 

Includes campaigns in South America during the Revolutionary War. 

Alexander (Archibald). Biographical Sketches of the 
Founder and Principal' Alumni of the Log College, together 
with an account of the revivals of religion under their ministry. 
Collected and edited by A. Alexander, d.d. Princeton^ 1845. 
i2mo, pp. 369. + Same. Philadelphia^ 185 1. i2mo, pp. 12. 720 

Alexander. Discourse occasioned by the Burning of the 
Theatre in Richmond (Va. ), delivered in Philadelphia, January 
8, 181 2. By Archibald Alexander. With the Proceedings of 
the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia^ 181 2. 8vo. n. 

Alexander (A.) An Address to the Inhabitants of Charles- 
ton, South Carolina. Philadelphia^ Kirnber^ Conrad i5 Co.^ 1805. 
8vo. 722 

Alexander (C.) A Sermon occasioned by the Death of His 
Excellency, George Washington, Lieutenant General of the 
American Army, and late President of the United States, who 
departed this life December 14, 1799, aet. 68. Published by de- 
sire. By Caleb Alexander, a.m.. Pastor of the Church in Meri- 
den, [Mass.] Boston^ 1800. 8vo, pp. 23. 723 


Alexander (C. A.) The Fall of Aztalan ; and other Po- 
ems. By Charles A. Alexander. Washington^ 1839. Rl. 8vo. 

Relates to the destruction of an early Mexican city. 

Alexander (G. W.) Letter addressed to Edward Smith, of 
Sheffield, on the introduction of Slave-grown Sugar into the 
British Market. By G. W. Alexander. London^ 1844. Folio. 

Alexander. Letters on the Slave Trade, Slavery, and 
Emancipation, with a reply to objections made to the Liberation 
of the Slaves in the Spanish Colonies; addressed to the Friends 
on the Continent of Europe, during a visit to Spain and Portu- 
gal. By George William Alexander. London^ Charles Gilpin^ 
1842. Fcap 8vo. 726 

Alexander. Remarks on the Theatre, and on the late Fire 
at Richmond, in Virginia. By G. W. Alexander. Tork^ Thomas 
PFi/son is Son^ iS 12. 8vo. 727 

Alexander. Liberte immediate et absolue, ou Esclavage. 
Observations sur le Rapport de M. le due de Broglie, President 
de la Commission institute par decision Royale du 26 Mai 1840, 
pour I'examen des questions relatives a I'Esclavage et a la Con- 
stitution politique des colonies Fran^aises; adressees a tous les 
Fran^ais Amis de la Liberte et de I'humanite. Par Geo. W. 
Alexander et John Scoble, de Londres. Paris^ Librairie de Firmin 
Didot Freres^ \%\\. 8vo. 728 

Alexander. The Complaint of J. Alexander and W. 
Smith, to the Committee of the Colony of New York. New 
Tork^J. P. Zenger^ ^I'iS- Folio, pp. 19. s. 729 

Alexander. The Report of the Committee of His Majesty's 
Council, appointed to make inquiry touching a Letter found in 
the house of Mr. Alexander, in New York, February i, 1733-4- 
With other Papers relating to the said Letter. New York^ 1734- 
Folio. p. 730 

Alexander. The Vindication of James Alexander, one of 
His Majesty's Council, and of W. Smith, from the matters 
charged and suggested against them in two Pamphlets lately pub- 
lished .... With Supplement containing Case of W. Trus- 
dell vs. F. Harrison, for illegal imprisonment New Tork^ J. P. 
Z^nger, 1733- FoHo, pp. 20. s. 731 


Alexander. New York, March 24, 1735-6. Folio broad- 
side, s. 732 

Signed James Alexander. In it he declares he had nor consented to George Clarke's 
doing any act of Government whatsoever. Probably from Zenger's Press. 

Alexander (J. E.) L'Acadie; or, Seven Years' Explorations 
in British America. By Sir James Edward Alexander. London^ 
Colburn^ 1849. ^^^^ ^yo^ 2 vols., pp. 684. + Re-issued, London^ 
1853. ^^^^ ^^°> ^ ^^^^- 733 

Alexander. Salmon-Fishing in Canada. By a Resident 
Edited by Colonel Sir James Edward Alexander. With Illustra- 
tions. London^ Longman^ i860. Post 8vo, pp. xvi., 350. 734 

Alexander. Transatlantic Sketches, comprising Visits to 
the most interesting Scenes in North and South America and 
the West Indies •■, with Notes on Negro Slavery and Canadian 
Emigration. By Capt. J. E. Alexander. London^ R. Bentley^ 
1833. ^^^' ^ ^°^^- Plates by Heath, and Maps.-f-Same Re- 
printed, Philadelphia^ Kay tff Biddle, ^^33- ^^^^ PP- 378- 735 

Alexander (J. H.) Index to the Calendar of Maryland 
State Papers. By John Henry Alexander. Baltimore^ 1S61. 8vo. 

Alexander. International Coinage for Great Britain and 
the United States. By J. H. Alexander. Baltimore [^Privately 
print ed^^ 1855. i2mo. 737 

Alexander (J. W.) The Life of Archibald Alexander, d.d., 
first Professor in the Theological Seminary at Princeton, N. J. 
By James W. Alexander, d.d. New Tork^ 1854. 8vo. 738 

Alexander (Sir W.) An Encouragement to Colonies. By 
Sir William Alexander, Knight. London^ Printed by William 
Stanley^ 1624. Sm. 4to, 3 p. 1., pp. 47. Map and Portrait. 739 

" A very curious work, containing an account of the first settling of the northern 
parts of America, particularly of the French in Canada. The map contains the coast 
from Cape Cod to Labrador. Sir William Alexander first settled and gave name to 
Nova Scotia. A copy of this tract was sold a few years ago for four guineas." — Rich. 
The map is reproduced in Purchas, Vol. iv. Re-issued in 1630, with the following 
title : 

Alexander (Sir WiUiam.) The | Mapp and | Description of| 
New-England ; | Together with | A Discourse of Plantation, and | 
Colonies : | Also, | A Relation of the nature of the Climate, | and 
how it agrees with our owne Country | England. | How neere it 
lyes to New-found-Land, Virginia, | Noua Francia, Canada, and 




Other Parts of | the West-Indies. | Written by | S^ William Al- j 
exander, Knight. | London^ \ Printed for Nathaniel Bvtter. \ An. Dom. \ 
1630. 1 Sm. 4to, Title, i 1., pp. 47, and Map. 740 ' 

Priced, in the Nuggets, No. 59, £21. , 

Alexander. Copies and Translations of the Royal Char- i 
ters (confirmed in parliament) by which the Territories of Nova 
Scotia and Canada, with the Islands and Seas adjacent, and Digni- 
ties were granted in 1621, 1625 and 1628, to the Rt. Hon. Sir i 
William Alexander, afterwards Earl of Stirling, &c. London^ I 
1831. Folio. N. 741 j 

Title ; Prefatory observations, 3 pp. Charter of Nova Scotia, 34 pp. Translation 
of the Novodamus of Nova Scotia, 1625, 18 pp. Charter of Canada. 6 pp. Charter | 
of the Lordship of Canada, 6 pp. 

[Alexander (W.)] Collectitia; or. Pieces, Religious, 
Moral, and Miscellaneous, adapted to the Society of Friends. 
Volume First [all published]. Tork., IV. Alexander t5^ Son, 1824. 
8vo. 742 

Includes Fowler's Voyage to New England, and several other articles on American 

Alexander. Dominion of the Prince of Peace ; with its 
application to the Slave Trade and Slavery. By William Alex- i 
ander. Tork, 1840. 8vo. 743 \ 

Alexander (W.) Elements of Discord in Secessia. By ' 
William Alexander, Esq., of Texas. New Tork., L. P. S., No. ' 
14. 8vo. 744 

Alexander VI. A printed broadside in Gothic type, being 
a contemporary publication of the celebrated Bull of 1493, 
dividing the World between the Portuguese and the Spaniards, 
giving to the former the East Indies, and to the latter America 1 
or the West Indies. 1493. Folio. 745 ,| 

The above broadside sold at Puttick and Simpson's in May, 1854, for £4 8s. od. \ 
This description is taken from their catalogue. The famous bull referred to bears the 1 
following title : '* Exemplar Bullo sive donationis authoritate cujus Episcopus Romanus 1 
Alexander ejus nominis Sextus concessit et donavit Ferdinando et Elizabetho Regi et ! 
Regino Castello Legionis &c. et suis successoribus Regiones et Insulas novi orbis &c." I 
In Latin and English in Purchas' Pilgrim, Vol. i., B. 2, Ch. i, p. 14. Purchas fol- 
lows up his translation of this most arrogant and blasphemous bull of Alexander 
with an invective, in his best manner, most spirited and able, forcibly depicting ] 
the cruel atrocities perpetrated under this instrument, saying that " had not the piety 1 
and pity of some eye-witnesses excited the royal provision of the Catholic Kings in j 
this case, even Heli itself had been loosed on earth, under the pretext of Heaven, 
and the prince of darkness, had effected his blackest and cruelest designs in habit ] 
of an angel of ^ig^t. Tantum religio poterat suadere malorum. may we say of this ! 
religious, irreligious Bull." 


Alexandria. Address to the Inhabitants of Alexandria, and 
other Seaports in the United States, from a Proprietor of Lands 
on the Scioto. 1790. iimo. 746 

Alexandria Tammany Society. Long Talk at the First Anni- 
versary Meeting. Alexandria^ 1804. 8vo. 747 

Report from the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the 
War, on the " Military Administration in the City of Alexan- 
dria," and whether punishments of " a cruel and unusual char- 
acter" are not inflicted without authority of law, in a place 
known as " the Slave Pen," in that city. Senate^ Report of Com- 
mittee^ No. 54, 38//? Congress^ 1864. 748 

Letter from the Mayor of Alexandria . . (E. C. Dick), inclos- 
ing sundry Resolutions of the Citizens of . . Alexandria, expres- 
sive of their disapprobation of a motion now depending before 
the House [of Representatives of the United States of America] 
to recede to the States of Virginia and Maryland . . parts of the 
. . District [of Columbia], etc. Washington^ 1804. 8vo. 749 

Alexo DE Orrio. Solucion I del gran problema | acerca de la 
poblacion | de las Americas, | en que sobre el fundamento de los 
Libros | Santos se descubre facil camino a|la transmigracion 
de|los Hombres del uno al otro Continente ; y como pudieron 
pasar al Nuevo Mundo, no solamente las Bestias de servicio, 
sino tambien las Fieras, y nocivas. | Y con esta ocasion se satisface 
plenamente al delirio de los Pre-Adamitas, apoyado con | esta difi- 
cil objecion hasta ahora no bien desatada. | Por el P. Francisco 
Xavier Alexo | de Orrio, de la Sagrada Compania de Jesus. | Sacala 
a luz|Don Francisco Carmona, Godoy,|y Bucareli, Corregidor, 
Juez de Minas de la Ciudad dejNuestra Senora de los Zaca- 
tecas : Quien la dedica|a el M. \Y'^^. Sr. Coronel de los Reales 
Exercitos | Don Pedro Montesinos de Lara, | Gobernado, que ha 
sido de la Puebla de los Angeles, |y actual Capitan General, 
Gobernador del Nuevo Reyno|de la Galicia, y Presidente de la 
Real Audiencia, que | reside en la Ciudad de Guadalaxara. | En 
Mexico: En la Imprenta Real del Superior Gobierno^ y del\ Nuevo 
Rezado^ de los Herederos de Dona Maria de Ribera ,• | Calle de San 
Bernardo. Aho de 1763. |4to, 22 p. 1., and 72 pp. 750 

Alfieri (V.) L'America Libera : Odi di Vittorio Alfieri da 
Asti. *** Dalla tip. di Kehl.^ 1784. 8vo, pp. 44. 751 

Alfonso. Memorias de un Matancero. Apuntes para la 

q2 ALGER. 

Historia de la Isla de Cuba, con relacion a la ciudad de San 
Carlos y San Severino de Matanzas, principiados en 1838 y con- 
tinuados para ofrecer un presente al Bazar Matancero. Por 
Pedro Antonio Alfonso. Matanzas^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 242. Map. 

Algarotte (Count). Letters to Lord Harvey on the follow- 
ing subjects, namely : War between the Russians and Turks ; 
Remarks on the Baltic and Caspian Seas ; Dissertation on the 
Seven Kings of Rome and another on the Empire of Peruvian 
Incas. By the Count Algarotte. Translated into English. 
Glasgow^ R. Urie^ ^77^- i2mo, pp. 232. 753 

Alger (H.) The Church Record ; being a Concise Sketch 
of the Origin and History of the West Church in Marlborough. 
By Rev. Horatio Alger. Boston^ 1850. i2mo, pp. 22. 754 

Alger (W. R.) A Brief Tribute to the Life and Character 
of Dr. Kane. By Rev. William R. Alger. Boston, 1857. 
i2mo, pp. II. 755 

Alger. The Charities of Boston ; or. Twenty Years at the 
Warren-street Chapel. An Address delivered Jan. 27, 1856. 
By Rev. William R. Alger. Boston, 1856. 8vo, pp. 28. 756 

Alger. The Genius and Posture of America : An Oration, 
delivered before the Citizens of Boston, July 4th, 1857. ^Y 
William Rounseville Alger. With Preface and Appendix. Bos- 
ton, 1857. ^^^^ PP- ^o.-{- Boston, J. E. Farwell ^ Co., 1864. 
8vo, pp. 53. s. 757 

Alger. Inferences from the Pestilence and the Fast. A 
Discourse .... Roxbury, Mass. By Rev. William R. Alger. 
Boston, 1849. ^vo. 758 

Alger. Lessons for Mankind, from the Life and Death of 
Humboldt. A Discourse .... By Rev. William R. Alger. 
Cambridge, 1859. i2mo, pp. 26. 759 

Alger. Our Civil War, as seen from the Pulpit. A Ser- 
mon preached in Bulfinch St. Church, Boston, April 28, 1861. 
By William R. Alger. Boston, Walker, Wise & Co., 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 20. 760 

Alger. Public Morals ; or the True Glory of a State. A 
Discourse delivered before the Legislative Departments of Mas- 
sachusetts, at the Annual Election, January i, 1862. By W. R. 
Alger. Boston, William White, 1862. 8vo, pp. 55. 761 



Algiers. Information relative to the Commencement of 
War by the Dey of Algiers against the United States. Feb- 
ruary 9, 1808. Cong. Doc. 8vo. 762 

The Algerine Spy in Pennsylvania ; or, Letters written by 
a Native of Algiers on the Affairs of the United States in 
America, from the close of the year 1783 to the meeting of the 
convention. Philadelphia^ "^l^l- i2mo, pp. 129. p. 763 

Information that the late Differences between the United 
States and the Dey of Algiers have been Amicably Adjusted. 
February 15, 1808. Cong. Doc. 8vo. 764 

A short Account of Algiers and of its several Wars, etc. ; 
with a Concise View of the Origin of the Rupture between 
Algiers and the United States. Also an Appendix containing 
letters from Penrose, McShane, and other American Captives. 
Second edition. Philadelphia^ 1794' 8vo, pp. 46. Map. 765 

Short History of Algiers, with the Origin of the Rupture with 
the United States. New York^ 1805. i8mo. 766 

Algora. Arte y Diccionario de la Lengua Tarasca, per 
lUmo. D. Fr. Juan Algora. 767 

"Mentioned by Antonio and quoted by Sousa," — Ludkwig, p. 183. 

Ali Bey. Extracts from a Journal of Travels in North 
America, consisting of an account of Boston and its vicinity. 
Boston^ 1 8 18. i2mo. 768 

Alida. iS^^ [Sedgwick (Mrs. T.)] 

Alison (A.) New Reformation in Europe and America. By 
Alexander Alison. London^ G. H. Nichols^ 1861. 8vo. 769 

Alison (A.) Essays, Political, Historical and Miscellaneous. 
By Archibald Alison. Edinburgh. 3 vols., 8vo. Frequently 
reprinted. 770 

Includes Essays on Negro Emancipation, Colonial Government and the West-India 
Question, Ships, Colonies and Commerce, and Humboldt. 

Alison (F.) Peace and Union Recommended. Two Ser- 
mons Preached before the Synods of New York and Philadelphia, 
May 24 and 25, 1758. By Rev. F. AHson and Rev. D. Bosth- 
wick. Philadelphia^ Printed by W, Dunlap^ I'] ^^. iimo. 771 

Alison (W. P.) Letter to Sir John M'Neil, on Highland 

94 ALLEN. 

Destitution, and the Adequacy ... of Emigration as a Remedy. 
By W. P. Alison. Edinburgh^ 1 85 1. 8vo, pp. 62. s. 772 

All Round the World ; an Illustrated Record of Voyages, 
Travels and Adventures, Edited by W. H. Ainsworth. Vol. 
I., 1861 ; — Vol. III., April, 1862. 773 

All the Memorials of the Courts of Great Britain and France 
since the Peace of Aix la Chapelle, relative to the Limits of the 
Territories of both crowns in North America, and the right to 
the Neutral Islands in the West Indies. To which are annexed 
Two maps, one delineating the Right of Great Britain and the 
other the Claim of France. The French Memorials are Trans- 
lated and the whole is printed in English. London^ 1756. 4to. 

See Monthly Review, xiv.. p. 264. 

All the Treaties between the United States and Great Britain, 
from the Treaty of Paris, 1783, to the Treaty of Ghent, 1814. 
Boston^ 1 815. 8vo, pp. 48. 775 

Allaire. Rapport sur les Voyages pour la Naturalisation 
des Arbres Forestiers des Etats Unis, fait a la Societe d'Agricul- 
ture. Par M. M. Allaire, Bosc, etc. Paris^ 1809. 8vo. 776 

Allan. Memorial of John Allan. New Tork^ 1864. See 
[Duyckinck (E. A.)] 

Alleghany. By-Laws, and System of Education, established 
at Alleghany College, Meadville, Pa. Meadville^ 1834. l2mo, 
pp. 1 5. -|- Catalogue of the Library. Meadville^ 1823. 8vo.-f- 
Catalogue of the Officers and Students. Meadville^ Pa.^ 1846, 
&c. 8vo. 777 

Alleghany Portage Railroad. Superintendent's Report. Har- 
risburgh^ 1854. 8vo. 778 

Alleghany Railroad and Coal Company. Report. Phila- 
delphia^ 1854, &c. 8vo. 779 

Alleghany Magazine ; or Repository of Useful Knowledge. 
Conducted by Timothy Alden, Vol. i. Meadville^ 18 16. 8vo. 

The Allegations made against Proprietary Governments. See 
[Penn (William)]. 

Allen. Ten Years in Oregon. Travels and Adventures of 

ALLEN. 95 

Doctor E. White and Lady, West of the Rocky Mountains, 
with Incidents of Two Sea Voyages via Sandwich Islands around 
Cape Horn, containing also a brief History of the Missions and 
Settlement of the Country, Origin of the Provisional Govern- 
ment, Number and Customs of the Indians, Incidents witnessed 
whilst traversing and residing in the Territory, Description 
of the Soil, Production and Climate. Compiled by Miss A. J. 
Allen. Ithaca^ N. K, Andrus^ Gauntlett & Co. 1850. limo, 
pp. 430. 781 

Allen (A.) The Claim and Answer ; with the subsequent 
Proceedings in the Case of Andrew Allen, Esq., against the 
United States. Philadelphia^ ^799- A-^^t PP- 50. m. 782 

Allen (B.) The Battle of Valparaiso. A Poem. By B. 
Allen, Jr. New Tork^ 18 14. i2mo. 783 

Allen (B. F.) An Oration pronounced before the Students of 
Brown University, in the College Chapel, July 4, 181 7, in Com- 
memoration of the Anniversary of American Independence. By 
Benjamin F. Allen. Providence^ Jones ^ Wheeler^ 181 7. 8vo, 
pp. i6. 784 

Allen ( B.) Sketch of the Eastern Coast of Central America. 
Compiled from Notes of Captain Richard Owen and the Officers 
of H. M. S. Thunder and Schooner Lark. By Bird Allen. 
London.^ 1841. 8vo. c. 785 

Allen (C.) Speech of Hon. Charles Allen in the H. of R. 
on the Mexican Indemnity Bill, Jan. 23, 1852. Washington^ 
1852. 8vo. 786 

Allen. Speech of Hon. Charles Allen at Worcester, Oct. 
5,1850. [On the Fugitive Slave Law.] Worcester \n.^r\ 8vo, 
pp. 8. 787 

Allen (D. H.) The Life and Services of Rev. Lyman 
Beecher, d.d., as President and Professor of Theology in Lane 
Seminary. A Commemorative Discourse, delivered at the An- 
niversary, May 7, 1863. By Rev. D. Howe Allen, d.d.. Pro- 
fessor of Systematic Theology. Cincinnati^ Johnson^ Stephens & 
Co.., 1864. 8vo, pp. 30, 5. 788 

Allen (E.) Reprint of a Short Biography of Colonel Ebene- 

^6 ALLEN. 

zer Allen, known in the New Hampshire Grants, as Captain or 
Major, A.D. 1777, before and after. Also, short Biographies of 
Lieutenant Samuel Allen and Dr. Jacob Roebeck. In addition, 
some reminiscences of Lake Champlain, reprinted in part. Platts- 
burgh, J. W. Tuttle^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 32. s. 789 

Title from Hall's Bibl. of Vermont, p. 12. 

Allen (E. G.) \_Sale] Catalogue of Books relating to Amer- 
ica. London^ 1857. 8vo, pp. 28. + 01d Books relating to Amer- 
ica prior to 1800. London^ 1858-9. + Since 1800 : 1858-9, 
&c. 790 

Allen (Ethan). An Animadversory Address to the Inhabitants 
of the State of Vermont, with Remarks on a Proclamation, under 
the hand of his Excellency George Clinton, Esq., Governor of 
the State of New York. Bv Ethan Allen. Hartford^ Printed 
by Watson & Goodwin^ m.dcc.lxxviii. 8vo, pp. 24. 791 

Allen. A Brief Narrative of the Proceedings of the Govern- 
ment of New York, relative to their obtaining the Jurisdiction 
of that large District of Land to the Westward from Connecti- 
cut River, which, antecedent thereto, had been patented by his 
Majesty's Governor and Council of the Government of New 
Hampshire. And also of the monopolizing Conduct of the 
Government of New York, in their subsequently patenting 
Part of the same Land, and oppressing the Grantees and Set- 
tlers under New Hampshire. Together with Arguments de- 
monstrating that the Property of those Lands was conveyed 
from the Crown to the New-Hampshire Grantees, by Virtue 
of their respective Charters. With Remarks on a Pamphlet 
entitled, " A State of the Right of the Colony of New York," 
&c., and on the Narrative of the Proceedings subsequent to the 
Royal Adjudication, concerning the Lands to the Westward of 
Connecticut River, lately usurp'd by New Hampshire. Intended 
as an Appendix to the General Assembly's State of the Right 
of the Colony of New York (with Respect to it's Eastern 
Boundary on Connecticut River, so far as concerns the late 
Encroachments under the Government of New Hampshire), 
Published at their Session, 1773. By Ethan Allen. Bennington, 
23d September, 1774. Hartford^ Printed by Eben Watson^ near 
the Great Bridge, 8vo, pp. 21 1. 792 

Referred to in Ira Allen's Hist. Vt., 52 j also in a letter of E. Allen in Slade's Vt. 
State Papers, at p. 93. 

ALLEN. 97 

Allen. A Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen's Captivity, 
From the Time of his being taken by the British, near Mon- 
treal, on the 25th Day of September, in the Year 1775, to the 
Time of his Exchange on the 6th day of May, 1778, Contain- 
ing, His Voyages and Travels, With the most remarkable 
Occurrences respecting himself, and many other Continental 
Prisoners of different Ranks and Characters, which fell under 
his Observation, in the Course of the same ; particularly the 
Destruction of the Prisoners at New York, by General Sir 
William Howe, in the Years 1776 and 1777. Interspersed 
with some Political Observations. Written by Himself, and 
now Published for the Information of the Curious of all Nations. 
[Motto.] Price Ten Paper Dollars. Philadelphia^ Printed and 
Sold by Robert Bell^ In Third Street^ m.dcc.lxxix. 8vo, Title, 
I 1., pp. 46. In double columns. 793 

This is the first edition. Sold March, 1866, for $56. It was reprinted with the same 
title, but in single columns. Philadelphia, Printed; Boston, Reprinted by Draper and 
Folsom [1779]. ^^°> PP- 4°- M. -{-Another edition. Same title. Philadelphiay 
Printed for and sold by fVilliam Alentz, in Cherry Alley ^ 1779- lirno, pp. 64. n. 
The editor of the Bibliffgraphy of 'Vermont calls this the first edition. I think it is 
the third, 

Allen. [Same Title.] Newbury^ Printed by John Mycall^ 
for Nathaniel Coverly^ of Boston^ and Sold at his Shop, between 
Seven-Star Lane and the Sign of the Lamb, 1 780. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Allen. [Same Title.] Norwich, Printed by John Trumbull, 
1780. i2mo, pp. 47. 795 

It was also reprinted in the appendix to the second volume of " Particulars of the 
Capture of the ship Olive Branch." 5« Allen, Ira. 

Allen. [Same Title.] To which are now Added a considerable 
number of Explanatory and Occasional Notes, together with an 
Index of Reference to the most remarkable Occurrences in the 
Narrative. IValpole, N. H., Thomas and Thomas, 1807. i2mo, 
pp. 158 ; Subscribers, I 1. + Another Edition. Albany, Published 
by Pratt cf Clark, 18 14. i2mo, pp. 144. + Another, errone- 
ously called the " Third Edition." Burlington, Ft., Chauncey 
Goodrich, 1838. 796 

Allen. Ethan Allen's Captivity, being a Narrative of Col. 
Ethan Allen, containing his voyages, travels, etc.. Interspersed 
with Political Observations. Written by Himself. [Edited by F. 
W. E.] Boston, 1845. i2mo, pp. 126. 797 

This title is copied from Stevens's Catalogue of American Books in the British 




Allen. A Narrative of Col. Ethan Allen's Captivity. Writ- 
ten by Himself. Fourth Edition, with Notes. Burlington^ 
Chauncey Goodrich^ 1846. l2mo, pp. 120. 798 

Allen. Ethan Allen's Narrative of the Capture of Ticon- 
deroga, and of His Captivity and Treatment by the British. 
Written by Himself. Fifth Edition, w^ith Notes. Burlington^ C. 
Goodrich ^ S. B. Nichols, 1849. ^vo, pp. 50. 799 

Allen. A Narrative of the Captivity of Colonel Ethan 
Allen, from the time he u^as taken by the British, near Montreal, 
September 25th, 1775, to the time of his exchange. May 6th, 
1778. 8vo. Dayton, 1849. ^^^ 

[Allen (E.)] The Present State of the Controversy betv^^een 
the States of New-York and New-Hampshire on the one part, 
and the State of Vermont on the other. Printed by Hudson & 
Goodwin, M.DCC.LXXXii. 8vo, pp. 16. 801 

"Dated, 'State of Vermont, January 17, 1782,' and although it appeared anony- 
mously, is accredited with certainty to Ethan Allen," — Hall's Bib. of Vt. 

Allen. Reason the only Oracle of Man, or a Compenduous 
System of Natural Religion. Alternately Adorned with Con- 
futations of a variety of Doctrines incompatible to it ; Deduced 
from the most exalted Ideas which we are able to form of the 
Divine and Human Characters, and from the Universe in Gen- 
eral. By Ethan Allen, Esq. Bennington, State of Vermont, 
Printed by Haswell and Russell, m,dcc,lxxxiv. 4to, pp. 477. 

This singular book is the rarest of Allen's publications, and is remarkable as being 
the first work published in America in direct opposition to the Christian religion. An 
abridgment of it was published in New York in 1836, with the following title: Rea- 
son, the only Oracle of Man ; or a Compendious System of Natural Religion. By Col. 
Ethan Allen. Publiihed by G. W. and A. I. Matse/i, 94 Chatham St., Neiv Tork, 
1836. i2mo, pp. 106, including table of contents and index. "The first edition of 
this work was printed by Mr. Haswell of Bennington, Vt. Not long after its publica- 
tion, a part of the edition, comprising the entire of several signatures, was accidentally 
consumed by fire : whether Mr. Haswell deemed this fire a judgment upon him for 
having printed the work or not, is unknown — but, the fact is, he soon after committed 
the remainder of the edition to the flames, and joined the Methodist Connection j so 
that but few copies were circulated." — Introduction to Matsell's edition, p. i. 

Allen. A Vindication of the Opposition of the Inhabitants 
of Vermont to the Government of New York, and of their right 
to form an Independent State, humbly submitted to the consider- 
ation of the Impartial World. By Ethan Allen. Printed by 
Alden Spooner, 1779. 8vo, pp. 172. c. 803 

" This work was published in obedience to a resolve of the Governor and Council 
of Vermont, passed August a3d, 1779." — Hall. 

ALLEN. 99 

Allen. Report of the Committee under the act providing 
for the erection of a Monument over the grave of Ethan Allen. 
Printed by order of the Senate, 1858. Montpelier [n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 7. 804 

Allen. Ethan Allen j or, the King's Men, an Historical 
Novel. By Melville. New Tork, 1836. 8vo. 805 

Allen and Fay. A Concise Refutation of the claims of New- 
Hampshire and Massachusetts Bay to the Territory of Vermont ; 
with occasional Remarks on the long disputed Claim of New 
York to the same. Written by Ethan Allen and Jonas Fay, 
Esq'rs. And published by order of the Governor and Council 
of Vermont. Bennington, the first day of January, 1780. Joseph 
Fay, Sec'ry. Hartford^ Printed by Hudson ^ Goodwin. 8vo, 
pp. 29. 806 

" Published by order of the Governor and Council of Vermont, and exceedingly 
rare." — Hall. Notices of Allen in the "Remembrancer," Vol, ii., p. 51, 108, 129J 
IV., p. 18; VI., p. 50-53. 

Allen (Rev. Ethan). Clergy in Maryland, of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church since the Independence of 1783. By Rev. 
Ethan Allen, d.d. Baltimore^ James S. TVaters^ i860. 8vo, pp. 
106. 807 

Allen. A Discourse prepared for the National Fast Day, 
June 1st, 1865, on Account of the Murder of our late President, 
and Preached at St. Thomas's Church, Homestead, Baltimore 
County, Md. By Ethan Allen, Rector. Published at the 
request of its hearers. Baltimore^ Wm. K. Boyle., 1865. i2mo, 
pp. 12. 808 

Allen. Historical Notices of St. Ann's Parish in Ann-Arun- 
del County, Maryland, extending from 1649 to 1857 • • • • By 
Rev. Ethan Allen. Baltimore., 1857. i2mo, pp. 131. 809 

Allen. Maryland Toleration •■, or. Sketches of the Early 
History of Maryland, to the Year 1650. By the Rev. Ethan 
Allen. Baltimore., mdccclv. 8vo, pp. 64. 810 

Allen. A Sermon preached in Baltimore, Thanksgiving 
Day, August 6, 1863. [On Civil Government.] By Ethan 
Allen. i2mo, pp. II. 811 

Allen. Who were the Early Settlers of Maryland .? a Paper 
read before the Maryland Historical Society .... October 5th, 

100 ALLEN. 

1865. By the Rev. Ethan Allen, d.d. Baltimore^ 1866. 8vo, 
pp. r8. 812 

[Allen (George) ]. Address to the Freemen of Massachusetts. 
By a Freeman. Worcester^ 1832. 8 vo. 813 

[Allen (Rev. George)]. Resistance to Slavery every Man's 
Duty. A Report on American Slavery, read to the Worcester 
Central Association . . . [By Rev. George Allen.] Boston^ 
1847. 8vo, pp. 40. 814 

Allen. Thoughts on " The Excitement," in Reply to a 
Letter to Hon. Edward Everett. (From the iEgis & Yeoman.) 
By Rev. George Allen. Worcester^ 1833. 8vo. 815 

Allen (H.) Monograph of the Bats of North America. By 
H. Allen, m.d. Washington^ Smithsonian Institution^ 1864. 8vo, 
pp. xxiii., 85. 816 

Allen (Ira). Miscellaneous Remarks on the Proceedings of 
the State of New York against the State of Vermont, &c. By 
Ira Allen. Hartford^ Printed by Hannah Watson^ mdcclxxvii. 
8vo, pp. 15 to 20. 817 

Allen. Miscellaneous Remarks, Vindicating the Rights of 
the people to Form a State, and in Answer to a Pamphlet pub- 
lished by the Convention of New York, dated October 2d, 

1776. By Ira Allen. Hartford^ Printed by Hannah Watson^ 

1777. 8vo. 818 

" This title is not literal, but conjectural, embracing an account of the topics dis- 
cussed in the pamphlet." Hall's Bibl, Vermont, Slade's Papers, &c. 

Allen. The Natural and Political History of the State of 
Vermont, one of the United States of America. To which is 
added. An Appendix, containing Answers to Sundry Queries, 
addressed to the Author. By Ira Allen, Esquire, Major-Gen- 
eral of the Militia in the State of Vermont. London^ Printed by 
J. W. Myers for W, JVest^ 1798. 8vo, pp. vii., 300. Map. 

See M. R., XXIX., New Series, p. 260. 

Allen. Particulars of the Capture of the Ship Olive Branch, 
laden with a Cargo of Arms, &c. the property of Major-Gen- 
eral Ira Allen, destined for supplying the Militia of Vermont, 
and captured by His Britannic Majesty's Ship of War, Audacious : 
together with the Proceedings and Evidence before the High 
Court of Admiralty of Great Britain. Vol. l By Ira Allen, 

ALLEN. 10 I 

Esq., of Vermont, in the United States of America, the Claim- 
ant in this Cause. London^ Printed hy J. W. Myers^ 1798. 8vo, 
pp. vi., 406. s. 820 

Pages I to 368 of a second volume were printed and distributed without a title — the 
want of documents having then stopped the publication. Finally, another volume was 
published as a second, with the following title : 

Allen. Particulars of the Capture of the Ship Olive Branch, 
laden with Arms, the Property of General Ira Allen, captured by 
the British, and an Account of his Imprisonment in France, and 
Persecutions by a Conspiracy of the Two Hemispheres : with an 
Appendix, proposing a Ship Canal from Lake Champlain to the 
River St. Lawrence ; the Evacuation of Ticonderoga, and Events 
of the War in 1777 . . Truce in 1780, to the end of the War 

and a Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen's Captivity, from 

1775 to 1778. By Ira Allen of Vermont, the Claimant in this 
Cause. Volume 11. Philadelphia^ Printed for the Author^ 1805. 
8vo, pp. XXX., 551. s. 821 

This volume includes a resume of the first, and in some respects may be considered 
a complete work. 

Allen. Statement Applicable to the Case of the Olive 
Branch, which Has a Cargo of Cannon and Arms for the Ver- 
mont Militia, and Captured on its Passage from France to the 
United States, by an English Man-of-War, in 1796, which are 
for the Consideration of the Governments and Rulers of Great 
Britain, France, and the United States. By Ira Allen. Phila- 
delphia^ July^ 1807. 8vo. 822 

[Allen.] Twenty Thousand Muskets ! ! ! Particulars of 
the Capture of the Ship Olive Branch, in November 1796, laden 
with Cannon, Muskets, &c., by His Majesty's Ship Audacious, 
in which the destination of the said Ship, and the use of the said 
Arms, &c., are discovered. London^ I797' 8vo, pp. 106. 823 

" This pamphlet was written by Gen. Ira Allen. It relates to the capture of the 
ship Olive Branch (laden by him in France with arms for the use of the Vermont 
militia) by a British ship of war, on suspicion of being destined for Ireland." — Rich. 
The above and the following are evidently abridgments of the " Olive Branch" case. 

Allen. Concise Summary of the Second Volume of the 
Olive Branch .... with Letters and Memorials. Philadelphia^ 
Printed for the Author^ 1804. 8vo, pp. 24. 824 

Allen. A Vindication of the Conduct of the General As- 
sembly of the State of Vermont, held at Windsor, in October, 
1 778, against Allegations and Remarks of the protesting Members ; 

102 ALLEN. 

with Observations on their Proceedings, at a Convention held at 
Cornish, on the 9th day of December, 1778. By Ira Allen. 
Arlington, 9th Jan., 1779. Dresden.^ Printed by Alden Spooner^ 
1779. i2mo, pp. 48. 825 

See Allen's Hist. Vt., p. 117, and Williams's Hist. Vt,, 2d ed., Vol. 11., p. 180. 

Allen (James). Neglect of Supporting | and | Maintaining the 
Pure I Worship of God, | By the Professing People of God : is a 
God-Provoking and | Land- Wasting Sin. | And Repentance with 
Reformation of it, the only way to | their Outward Felicity : Or, | 
The Cause of New-Englands Scarcity : And right way to its | 
Plenty. | As it was Discovered and Applied in a Sermon Preached 
at Roxbury, |on a Fast-Day: July 26, 1687. | By James Allen, 
Teacher to the First Gathered Church in ^o%iox\.\Boston :\ 
Printed for Job How^ and John Allen : And are to be Sold\at Mr. 
Samuel Greens by the South Meeting\ House ^ 1687. | 4to, 3 p. 1., 
pp. 16. 826 

Priced, in Stevens' Nuggets, No. 68, £4 4s. 

Allen. New-Englands | choicest Blessing] And the Mercy 
most to be desired by | all that wish well to this People. | Cleared 
in a I Sermon I Preached before the|Covrt of Election | At Bos- 
ton on May 28. | 1679. | By James Allen, | Teacher to the first 
Gathered Church X.\\QV^\n.\Boston^\ Printed by John Foster^ i^79*| 
4to, 2 p. 1., pp. 14. 827 

Allen. The Principles of the Protestant Religion Main- 
tained ; and Churches of New England, in the profession and 
exercise thereof. Defended against all the Calumnies of one 
George Keith, a Quaker, in a book lately published at Pennsyl- 
vania, to undermine them both. By James Allen, J. Moodey, 
Sam'l Willard, and Cotton Mather, Ministers of the Gospel in 
Boston. Boston^ in New England.^ 1690. i2mo, pp.82. N. 828 

Allen. Serious Advice to Delivered Ones from Sickness, 
&c., or, the Healed One's Prophulacticon. By James Allen. 
Boston^ 1678. 4to, pp. 30. 829 

Mr. Allibone quotes a sermon, " Healthful Diet," which I have not seen. 

Allen (Rev. James, Brookline). A Letter to a Friend in the 
Country [on the Memorial of Roland Cotton, &c.] By James 
Allen. Boston^ I740- 4^0, pp. n. 830 

Allen. Magistracy an Institution of Christ upon the Throne. 
A Sermon preached in the Audience of His Excellency William 



Shirley, Esq. ; The Honourable His Majesty's Council And 
House of Representatives of the Province of the Massachusetts- 
Bay in New England, On the Day of Election of Counsellors 
for said Province. By James Allen, v.d.m.. Pastor of the 
Church in Brookline. Boston^ y. Draper^ Printer^ 1744- 8vo, 
pp. 54. 831 

Allen. Two Discourses on Providence, from Ezek. i. 15, 
16, Luke XVII. 10-12. By Rev. James Allen. Boston^ ^T^l- 
i2mo. 832 

Mr. AUibone quotes some other books by this author, which have not come under 
my notice. 

[Allen (James)]. The Poem which the Committee of the 
Town of Boston had voted to be published with the late [War- 
ren's 5th of March] Oration ; with Observations, &c. Boston^ 
E. Russell^ ^11'^' 4^0? PP- 30. + Reprinted in Boston^ 1785. 
i2mo. 833 

[Allen (James)]. Considerations on the Present State of 
the Intercourse between His Majesty's Sugar Colonies and the 
Dominions of the United States of America. James Allen, 
Secretary. London^ 1784. 8vo, pp. 54. 834 

" Published by the West India merchants and planters for distribution to the mem- 
bers of Parliament, &c., and not sold." — M. R., lxx., p. 434. 

Allen (James). Narrative of the Life of James Allen, alias 
Burby Grove. The Highwayman. Being his Death-Bed Con- 
fession. Boston^ Harrington & Co.^ 1837. 835 

The Boston Athenaeum has a copy, bound in a piece of the skin of the deceased 

Allen (John). An Oration upon the Beauties of Liberty; 
or, the Essential Rights of the Americans. By John Allen. 
Boston^ 1773- 8vo, pp. 31. 836 

Allen (John). Speech of John Allen, Esq., in the House of 
Representatives, Friday, 20th Day of April, 1798, relative to 
employing the Armed Vessels as Convoys. Philadelphia^ W. 
Cobbett^ May 3, 1798. 8vo, pp. 32. 837 

[Allen (Rev. John)]. An Essay on the Policy of appropria- 
tions Being made by The Government of the United States, for 
Purchasing, Liberating and Colonizing without the Territory 
of the said States, the Slaves thereof. In Numbers, some of 

104 ALLEN. 

which have been Published in the Baltimore American, and the 
whole of them in the Genius of Universal Emancipation. By a 
Citizen of Maryland. Baltimore^ 1S26. 8vo, pp. 40. 838 

[Allen (John) ]. The Cause of the Heavy burdens of Great 
Britain, and of her National Debt ; comprising a rapid survey of 
some of the great events, connected with British History, during 
the last hundred and fifty years. London^ Darton and Harvey^ 
1836. i2mo. + Same. Second Edition. Revised. London^ 
Darton and Harvey^ i'^^2>' ^39 

Allen (J. F.) Victoria Regia ; or, the Great Water Lily of 
America. With a brief account of its Discovery and Introduc- 
tion into Cultivation. With illustrations by William Sharp, 
from Specimens grown at Salem, Mass., U. S. A. By John 
Fisk Allen. Boston^ 1854. Folio, pp. 18. c. 840 

Allen (Jonathan). A Poem, on the Existence of God, An 
Ode on Creation, To which are added Several Hymns, and an 
Eulogy on General George Washington. By Jonathan Allen, 
A.M. Haverhill^ Printed by Galen H. Fay^ for the Author^ 1^03- 
i2mo, pp. 36. 841 

Also a sermon at the ordination of Rev, Ebenezer Allen, Wolf borough, 179a 
Portsmouth^ 1793' ^v> PP- 3^- And funeral sermon on Eliphalet Kimball. New- 
bury Port, 1786. 

Allen (Joseph, Junr.j An Oration on the Character of the 
late Gen. George Washington : Pronounced Before the In- 
habitants of the Town of Western, on Saturday the 22d of Feb- 
ruary, 1800. By Joseph Allen, Junr. Brookfield^ Mass.^ March^ 
1800. i2mo. w. 842 

Allen. The Day of Small Things. A Centennial Discourse 
delivered in Northborough, June i, 1846, in Commemoration of 
the First Congregational Church in this place, and the ordination 
of the first minister. By Rev. Joseph Allen. With an Appen- 
dix. Boston^ 1846. 8vo, pp. 64. M. 843 

Allen. A Discourse. New Year's Day at Shrewsbury, 
Mass. By Rev. Joseph Allen. Worcester^ 1822. 8vo. w. 844 

Allen. Oration at Worcester, July 4, 1795. By Joseph 
Allen, Junr. Worcester^ 1795- 4^0, PP- 12. M. 845 

Allen. Sermon at Northborough, Fast Day, April 9, 1829. 
By Rev. Joseph Allen. Worcester^ 1829. ^^o- ^' ^4^ 



Allen (J.) Battles of the British Navy from a.d. 1800 to 
1840. By Joseph Allen. London^ 1S4.2, 2 vols., i2mo. 847 

Contains some accounts of naval engagements during the War of 1812. Re-issued 
with new title. London. Bohn. 1852. 

Allen. Memoir ot" the Life and Services of Admiral Sir 
William Hargood, compiled from Authentic Documents under 
the Direction of Lady Hargood. By Joseph Allen, Esq. Pri- 
vately printed^ 1841. Rl. 8vo. Portraits and Plates. 848 

Contains an account of his services in the American War. 

Allen (J. H.) The Statesman and the Man. A Discourse 
on the Death of Hon. John Quincy Adams, delivered Feb. 27, 
1848. By Joseph Henry Allen. Washington^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 
23. ' M. 849 

Allen. The Public Man. A Discourse on the Death of 
Hon. John Fairfield, delivered in Washington, Dec. 26, 1847. 
By Rev. Joseph Henry Allen. Washington^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 27. 

M. 850 

Allen (L. L.) The Island of Cuba, or Queen of the An- 
tilles. By Rev. L. Leonidas Allen. Cleveland i Harris^ Fair- 
banks l^ Co.^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 26. 851 

Allen. Pencillings of Scenes upon the Rio Grande. Ori- 
ginally published in the St. Louis American. By L. Leonidas 
Allen. New Tork^ 1848. i2mo. N. 852 

Allen (M. O.) The History of Wenham, Civil and Eccle- 
siastical, from its Settlement in 1639, to i860. By Myron O. 
Allen. Boston^ Baxin Cff Chandler^ i860. l2mo, pp. 220. 853 

Allen (P.) A History of the American Revolution ; com- 
prehending all the Principal Events, both in the Field and in the 
Cabinet. By Paul Allen, Esq. To which are added the most 
Important Resolutions of the Continental Congress, and many 
of the most Important Letters of General Washington. By 
Paul Allen, Esq. In Two Volumes. Baltimore^ Printed for 
John Hopkins^ 18 19. 8vo. + Also, Baltimore^ F. Bell^ 1822. 2 
vols., 8vo, pp. XI., 592 ; XIII., 510. 854 

" Although the name of Paul Allen is on the title, this work was written by John 
Neal and Mr. Watkins." — Allen's Biog. Dict'y. 

Allen. History of the Expedition under the Command of 
Captains Lewis and Clark, to the Sources of the Missouri, 
thence across the Rocky Mountains and down the River Colum- 



bia to the Pacific Ocean ; performed during the years i8o4-'5-'6, 
by order of the Government of the United States. Prepared for 
the Press by Paul Allen, Esq. [?] Philadelphia, Bradford iff Ins- 
hep, 1814. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 470, 522. 855 

Allen. [Same Title.] With the Life of Captain Lewis. 
By T. Jefferson, President of the United States of America. In 
Two Volumes. Dublin, J. Christie, 181 7. 8vo, xxvii., Con- 
tents, 4 1., Subscribers, 2 1., pp. 588 ; Title, i 1., xii., 643. 7 
Plates and Map. 856 

Also, printed in London, with the title somewhat altered, and with a preface signed 
Thomas Rees. LonJun, 1814. 4to. And London, iSl ^. 3 vols., 8vo. See under 
Lewis and Clark. Mr. S. G. Drake states in his catalogue that the work was really 
written by Nicholas Biddle, Esq. 

Allen. [The Same.] Abridged by M. McVickar. New 
York^ Harpers, 1842, &c. 2 vols., i8mo. 857 

Allen. An Oration on the Necessity of Political Union at 
the Present Day ; delivered in Providence, at the Commence- 
ment of Rhode Island College, a.d. 1797. By Paul Allen, 
Junr., A.B. Providence, Carter o Wilkinson, 1797. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Also, orations before the Federal Adelphi, 1798, 1800, on the deach of R. W. 
Howell, &c. See Bartlett's Bibl. of R. I., p. 46 

Allen (R.) Extract from a Discourse delivered Sunday, 
December 29, 1799, in the African Methodist Episcopal Church 
of Philadelphia. By the Rev. Richard Allen, of the African 
Race, before the Church under his Pastoral Care. \_Printed in 
several newspapers of the day.~\ N. 859 

This discourse is on the death of George Washington. Title quoted from Hough's 
Washingtoniana, p. 222. 

Allen (R. L.) Analysis of the principal Mineral Fountains 
at Saratoga Springs, embracing their History, their Chemicals 
and Curative Properties, and directions for their Use ; also the 
Natural History and Objects of General Interest in the County 
of Saratoga. By Richard L. Allen, m.d. New York, 1858. 
i8mo, pp. 114. Plates. 860 

Allen. A Historical, Chemical and Therapeutical Analysis 
of the principal Mineral Fountains at Saratoga Springs. By R. 
L. Allen, M.D. Second Edition. Saratoga, 1848. i8mo, pp. 
72. s. 861 

Allen (R.) An Essay on the Nature and Methods of carry- 
ing on a Trade to the South-Sea. By Robert Allen, Who 

ALLEN. 107 

Resided some Years in the Kingdom of Peru. London^ John 
Baker ^ 1712. 8vo, Title, i 1., pp. 37. 862 

Also, on large paper. A new edition was printed, with the following title : 

Allen. The Great Importance of the Havanna, set forth 
in an Essay on the Nature and Methods of carrying on a Trade 
to the South Sea and the Spanish West-Indies. By Robert 
Allen, Esq., who resided some years in the Kingdom of Peru. 
London^ Hinxman^ 1762. 8vo. 863 

Allen (S.) A Short Narrative of the Claim, Title, and Right 
of the Heirs of the Hon. Samuel Allen, Esq., to the Province of 
New Hampshire. \_No imprint.'] 4to, pp. 13. m. 864 

Allen (S). Address on Intemperance, at Northfield (Mass.) 
on Fast Day, April, 1833. By Samuel Allen. Greenfield^ ^^SS- 
8vo. w. 865 

Allen (S.j The Bible and National Prosperity : a Thanks- 

i giving Discourse at Waterville, Nov. 27, 185 1. By Rev. S. 

Allen. Waterville^ 1851. 8vo, pp. 24. 866 

Allen (S. C.) Eulogy on Hon. John Wheelock, ll.d., late 
President of Dartmouth University, who died April 4, 1 81 7, 
pronounced in the University Chapel, August 27, 181 7, Com- 
mencement Dav. Bv Hon. Samuel C. Allen. Hanover.^ 181 7. 
8vo, pp. 19. N. 867 

Allen. Oration at Petersham, Mass., July 4, 1806. By 
Samuel C. Allen. Boston [1806.] 8vo. w. 868 

Allen (Stephen). Observations in opposition to the project 
of Prohibiting, or Greatly Augmenting, the Duties on Foreign 
Manufactured Articles, &c. By Stephen Allen. New Tork^ 
1827. 8^'o- N. 869 

Allen (S. T.) An Address delivered at the Centennial 
Celebration in Merrimack [N. H.], April 3, 1846. By Stephen 
T. Allen. Concord. Boston., 1846. 8vo, pp. 64. m. 870 

Allen (Thaddeus). An Inquiry into the Views, Principles, 
Services, and Influences of the Leading Men in the Origination 
of our Union, and in the Formation and Early Administration of 
our Present Government. By Thaddeus Allen. Boston., 1847. 
Vol. I., 8vo, pp. 553.-|-The Same. Boston., 1848. Vol. 11., 
No. I., 8vo, pp. 555-662. n. 871 

This work was not completed. 


A[llen] T[homas]. A Chaine of Scripture Chronologic from 
the Creation of the World to the Death of Jesus Christ, in 
seven periods. London^ ^^59- 4^<^* Engraved Title by Hollar. 

" Thomas Allen fled to New England in 1638, and was a pious and painful minister 
ac Charles-Town." — Cotton Mather. 

Allen (T.) An Historical Sketch of the County of Berkshire 
and Town of Pittsfield. Written in May, 1808. By Rev. 
Thomas Allen. Boston^ 1808. 8vo, pp. 14. s. 873 

Allen. Massachusetts Election Sermon, May 25, 1808. 
By Rev. Thomas Allen. Boston [1808]. 8vo, pp. 20. N. 874 

Allen (T. Junr.) Oration at Pittsfield, Mass., July 4, 1803. 
By Thomas Allen, Junr. Pittsfield, 1803. 8vo. s. 875 

Allen (Thomas). Report on the Commerce and Navigation 
of the Mississippi . . . for Chicago Convention of July 5, 1847. 
By Thomas Allen. St. Louis, Mo. [1847]. 8^^, pp. 32. N. 876 

Allen. Japan, and the Expedition thereto of the United 
States : a Discourse delivered before the Missouri Historical 
Society, December 22, 1852. By Thomas Allen. St. Louis, 
1853. 8vo, pp. 34. N. 877 

[Allen.] Annual Review. History of St. Louis, Commer- 
cial Statistics . . . From the Missouri Republican of January 
10, 1854. St. Louis, 1854. 8vo, pp. 52. N. 878 

Allen (T. G.) Letter from Thos. G. Allen to Col. Thomas 
B. Florence : Representative in the xxxivth Congress from the 
First Congressional District, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1856. 
8vo, pp. 16. 879 

Concerning Fremont and the Presidential election. 

Allen (Timothy). Salvation for all Men, Put out of all Dis- 
pute. By Timothy Allen, a.m. & v.d.m. Granville, Massa- 
chusetts. Hartford, Printed by Nathaniel Patten [1782.] 8vo, 
Title, I 1. ; " Escapes of the Press," i leaf, pp. 56. 880 

Allen. Answer to Pilate*s Question [What is Truth .?] 
By Timothy Allen. Providence, R. /., 1765. 8vo. w. 881 

Allen (Wilkes). Divine Favours Gratefully Recollected. 
Thanksgiving Discourse at Chelmsford, Nov. 29, 18 10. By 
Wilkes Allen, a.m. Cambridge, 181 1. 8vo. w. 882 

Allen. History of Chelmsford, from its Origin in 1653 to 

ALLEN. 109 

the Year 1820. To which is added A Memoir of the Paw- 
tucket Tribe of Indians. By Wilkes Allen, a.m., Pastor of the 
Church in Chelmsford. Haverhill^ 1820. 8vo, pp. 192. 883 

Allen (William). The American Crisis : A Letter, ad- 
dressed by permission to The Earl Gower, Lord President of the 
Council, &c. &c. &c. On the present alarming Disturbances in 
the Colonies. Wherein Various important Points, relative to 
Plantation Affairs, are brought into Discussion ; as well as sev- 
eral Persons adverted to of the most distinguished Characters. 
And an Idea is offered towards a complete Plan of restoring the 
Dependence of America upon Great Britain to a State of Per- 
fection. By William Allen, Esq. London^ T. Cadell^ mdcclxxiv. 
8vo, pp. iv., 72. 884 

" There is an unhappy affectation of fine writing in this pamphlet; and it contains 
many illiberal passages \ but any particular attention to them would be doing honour to 
a performance which will reflect none upon its author." — M. R., Vol. l., p. 234. 

[Allen (William)]. Accounts of Shipwreck and of other 
Disasters at Sea, designed to be interesting and useful to 
Mariners, . . . Compiled by a Friend of Seamen. Brunswick^ 
1823. i2mo. 885 

Allen. An Account of the Separation in the Church and 
Town of Pittsfield ; with Remarks on some ecclesiastical pro- 
ceedings which seem to have violated the principles of the Con- 
gregational and Independent Church of New England. By Rev. 
William Allen, d.d. Pittsfield^ 1809. 4to, pp. 96. M. 886 

Allen. Address delivered at Northampton, Mass., October 
29, 1854, in commemoration of the Close of the Second Cen- 
tury since the Settlement of the Town. Northampton^ 1855. 
8vo, pp. 56. 887 

Allen. An American Biographical and Historical Diction- 
ary, containing an Account of the Lives, Characters, and Writ- 
ings of the most Eminent Persons in North America from its 
First Discovery to the present time, and a Summary of the His- 
tory of the several Colonies and of the United States. By Wil- 
liam Allen. Cambridge^ 1809. 8vo, pp. 632. Portrait of 
Washington. 888 

Allen. [The Same.] Second Edition. Boston^ William Hyde^ 
MDCCCxxxii. 8vo, pp. VIII., 800. 889 

Allen. The American Biographical Dictionary : containing 

no ALLEN. 

an Account of the Lives, Characters, and Writings of the most 
Eminent Persons, deceased in North America, from its First 
Settlement. By William Allen. Third Edition. Boston^ J. P. 
Jewitt^ 1857. 8vo, pp. IX., 905. 890 

See " Historical Magazine," Vol. i., p. 40. 

Allen. A Decade of Addresses at Bowdoin College, to 
which is added a Dudleian Lecture at Cambridge, 1830. By 
Rev. William Allen. Concord^ 1830. i2mo. 891 

Allen. Election Sermon, Mass, May 26, 1813. By Rev. 
William Allen. Boston^ 18 13. 8vo, pp. 23. 892 

Allen. An Historical Discourse, delivered in Dorchester, 
Jan. 2, 1848, on occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of the 
Gathering of the Second Church. By Rev. William Allen. 
Boston^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 30. s. 893 

Allen (William). The History of Norridgewock, Maine. 
Comprising the Memorials of the Aboriginal Inhabitants and 
Jesuit Missionaries, Hardships of the Pioneers, Biographical 
Notices of the Earlv Settlers, and Ecclesiastical Sketches. By 
William Allen. Norridgewock^ E. J. Peet^ 1849. l2mo, pp.252. 

Allen. A Sermon preached before the Council and Legis- 
lature of New Hampshire, June 4, 1818, Being the Anniversary 
Election. By Rev. William Allen. [With List of Preachers.] 
Concord^ 18 18. 8vo, pp. 44. 895 

Allen (William). Speech of Hon. William Allen on the 
Bill to Separate the Government from the Bank ; delivered in 
the Senate, . . . Feb. 20, 1838. Washington^ 1838. 8vo. 896 

Allen. Speech of Hon. William Allen on the Report of the 
Select Committee in Relation to the Assumption of the Debts of 
the States by the Federal Government, Senate . . . Feb. 11, 
1840. Washington^ 1 840. 8vo. 897 

Allen. Speech of Hon. William Allen in the Senate, March 
15, 1842 [On the State of the Public Finances]. \_Washington^ 
1842.] 8vo. 898 

Allen (Capt. W.) A Plan for the Immediate Extinction of 
the Slave Trade. By Capt. W. Allen. London^ 1849. 8vo, 
pp. 36. 899 


Allen (William). Wunnissoo, or the Vale of Hoosatunnuk. 
A Poem, with Notes. Boston^ 1856. iimo. 900 

Allen (W.) Speech of Hon. William Allen, of Ohio, on 
Confiscation and Emancipation, delivered in the House of Rep- 
resentatives of the United States, April 24, 1862. IVashington^ 
McGill^ Witherow iff Co., 1862. 8vo, pp. 16. 90 1 

Allen (W.) United we Stand, Divided we Fall: a Poem. 
By W. Allen. New York, 18 12. 24mo. 902 

Allen (W. G.) The American Prejudice against Colour : 
an Authentic Narrative, showing how easily the Nation got into 
an Uproar. Bv William G. Allen. London, 1854. Fcap 8vo. 

Allen (W. H.) Eulogy on the Character and Services of 
the late Daniel Webster, pronounced at the request of the Select 
and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia, January 18, 

1853. By William H. Allen. 'Philadelphia, 1853. ^vo, pp. 
51. N. 904 

Allen. Our Country's Mission in History. An Address 
delivered at the Anniversary of the Philomathaean Societv of 
Pennsylvania College, Sept. 19, 1855. By Wm. H. Allen. 
Philadelphia, 1855. 8vo, pp. 38. M. 905 

Allen. Tendencies of the Age to Peace. An Address 
delivered before the American Peace Society, Boston, May 29, 

1854. By Wm. H. Allen. Boston, \%'^\. 8vo, pp. 32. M. 906 

Allen. Speech of Hon. William J. Allen, of Illinois, upon 
the President's Message, delivered in the House of Representa- 
tives, January 27, 1864. Washington, 1864. 8vo, pp. 14. 907 

Allen (W. S.) An Oration delivered in Newburyport, on 
the Fifty-fourth Anniversary of the Declaration of American In- 
dependence, July 4, 1830. By William S. Allen. Newbury- 
port, 1830. 8vo, pp. 20. M. 908 

Allen Prescott j or the Fortunes of a New England Boy. 
New York, 1834. 2 vols., i2mo. 909 

AUeralteste Nachricht von der Neuen Welt, welche dieser 
Erfinder derselben ehemals ertheilt, von neuem edirt. Berlin, 
1722. 8vo. 910 

This appears, from Meusel (iii., I., 265), to be a translation, by Michael Herr, of 
Vesputius' account of his voyage, edited by Martin Frederick Voss. 

112 ALLIES. 

Allerneuester Kreigsstaat oder grundliche Nachrichten von 
den heutigen Kriegsbegebenheiten. Leipzig, ij^^^kc. 14 vols., 
8vo. 9" 

Contains notices of the Spanish War in America. 

Alley. A Vindication of the Principles and Statements ad- 
vanced in the Strictures of the Rt. Hon. Lord Sheffield on the 
Necessity of inviolably maintaining the Navigation and Colonial 
System of Great Britain : With Tables and an Appendix. * * * 
By Jerome Alley. London, 1806, 8vo, pp. 90. gi2 

Alley (John B.) Speech of Hon. John B. Alley, of Mass., 
on the Principles and Purposes of the Republican Party. Deliv- 
ered in the House . . . April 30, i860. [IVashington {^), i860.] 
8vo, pp. 8. 912* 

Allgemeine Historic der Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande, 
oder Sammlung aller Reisebeschreibungen. Amsterdam, Arkstee, 
1747-1774. 21 vols., 4to. Maps and Plates. 913 

This valuable repertory contains translations of many of the early voyages and travels 
in America, and some Indian vocabularies, (ic., mostly by J. Jo. Schwabe. A de- 
tailed list of the contents is given in the Supplement to the Index of Books in the 
Bates Hall of the Public Library. Boston. Some copies bear the imprint Leipzig, 174.7, 

Allibone (S. a. ) A Critical Dictionary of English Literature, 
and British and American Authors, Living and Deceased, from 
the Earliest Accounts to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. 
Containing Thirty Thousand Biographies and Literary Notices, 
with Forty Indexes of Subjects. By S. Austin Allibone. Vol. 
I. Philadelphia, Chi Ids ^^ Peterson, 1858. Imp. 8vo, pp. 1005. 

Vol. II. is now [1867] in the press. The industrious author of this useful book 
has devoted many years of unwearied patience to the examination of the various 
literary journals and reviews, and the result is a cyclopedia of varied opinion. In it the 
reader will find the titles of many American books, which from their nature are in- 
admissible in this work. 

The Allies and the Late Ministry Defended against France, 
and the Present Friends of France. In Answer to a Pamphlet, 
entitled, The Conduct of the Allies. [By Jonathan Swift.] [/w 
four parts.~\ Part I. Shewing the Necessity of England's enter- 
ing into the Grand Alliance ; and that by it we are oblig'd to 
insist on the Restitution of Spain and the Indies to the House 
of Austria. With a particular Vindication of the Eight Article 
from the gross Corruptions, with which the Author of the Con- 
duct has falsify'd the two Clauses of it that relate to England 


and the West-Indies. [By Francis Hare, Bishop of Chichester.] 
The Third Edition, Corrected. London^ Egbert Sanger^ 171 1. 
8vo, Part I., pp. 48 ; Part 11., 2 p. 1., pp. 71 ; Part in., 2 p. 1., 
pp. 74; Part IV., 2 p. 1., pp. 84. 915 

Allin (A.) Home Ballads. A Book for New Englanders. 
By Abby Allin. Boston^ Munroe & Co., 1851. i6mo. 916 

Allin (James). The Eternity of God, and the Short Life of 
Man considered. A Sermon on occasion of the Decease of Mr. 
Samuel Aspinwal, who died August 13 1732. In the 37th 
Year of his Age. By James Allin, m.a.. Pastor of the Church 
in Brookline. Boston hi New-England, Printed for D. Hench- 
man, 1732. i2mo, pp. 26. M. 917 

Allin. Thunder and Earthquake. A Loud and Awful 
Call to Reformation. Fast Sermon at Brookline (Mass.), Nov. 
I, 1727. By James Allin. Boston, 1727. i6mo. w. 918 

Allin. Two Practical Discourses. I. The Wheels of the 
World Govern'd by a Wise Providence. II. The Doctrine of 
Merit Exploded, And Humility recommended. By James Allin, 
A.M., Pastor of the Church of Christ in Brookline. Published at 
the desire of some that heard them Preach'd. Boston, N. E., 
Printed for Samuel Gerrish, IJIJ. 919 

Also, an Artillery Election Sermon, 1731, which I have not seen. 

Allin (John). Animadversions | upon the | Antisynodalia 
Americana I A Treatise printed in old England, | In the name of 
the I Dissenting Brethren | In the Synod held at Boston in New 
England 1662. Tending to clear the Elders and Churches of| 
New England from those Evils and Declinings charged upon 
many | of them in the two Prefaces before the said Book. | To- 
gether with I An Answer | unto | The Reasons alledged for the opin- 
ion of the Dissenters. | And a Reply to such Answers as are given 
to the I Arguments of the Synod. By John Allin, Pastor of the 
Church of Christ | at Dedham in N. England. Cambridge, Printed 
by S. G. and M. j.for Hezekiah Usher\of Boston, 1664. Sm. 4to, 
pp. 82. 920 

Allin (John) and Shepard (Thomas). A | Defence | of the| 
Answer made unto the Nine Questions] or Positions sent from 
New-England, I Against the | Reply thereto | by That Reverend 
servant of Christ, | Mr. John Ball ; | Entituled, | A Tryall of the 
New Church-way in | New-England and in Old. | Wherein, beside 



a more full opening of sundry particulars | concerning Liturgies, 
Power of the Keys, matter of | the visible Church, &c. is more 
largely handled, that | controversie, concerning the Catholick visi- 
ble | Church; tending to cleare up the | Old-way of Christ in 
New- 1 England Churches. | By lohn Allin, Pastor of Dedham, 
[and] Tho. Shepard of Cambridge in New-England | . London^ 
Printed by R. Cotes for Andrew Crooke^ and are to be sold at the 
Green\ Dragon in Pauls Church yard^ 1648. | 4to, pp. 21 1. w. 

Allin. The Spouse of Christ coming out of Affliction. By 
John Allin. Cambridge^ i^-jl. 4to. Xv. 922 

Allin (John). See [Byam (William)]. 

Alline (H.) Sermon at Fort Midway, Feb. 19, 1783. By 
Rev. Henry Alline. Dover^ N. //., 1797. 8vo. w. 923 

Alline (H.) The Life and Journal of the Rev. Mr. Henry 

Alline. Boston^ Printed by Gilbert & Dean [for Hayden ^ Sheaa']^ 
1806. i2mo, pp. 180. 924 

Alling (J.) A Register of the Weather ... for the last 
Twenty-five Years, ending March 31, 1810 ... By Jeremiah 
Alling. A^ew Haven^ 18 lO. 8vo, pp. 80. s. 925 

Allison (J.) The Slavery Question. Speech of Hon. John 
Allison, of Pa., delivered in the House of Representatives, April 
I, 1856. 8vo, pp. 8. 926 

Allison (J.) An Eulogy upon the Life, Character and Public 
Services of General Zachary Taylor, delivered at the Commis- 
sioners' Hall, Spring Garden, July 29, 1850. By Joseph Alli- 
son, Esq. Philadelphia^ J. H. Joyies^ 1850. 8vo, pp. 24. 927 

Allison (P.) A Discourse Delivered in the Presbyterian 
Churchy in the City of Baltimore, the 2 2d February, 1800, — the 
Day Dedicated to the Memory of Gen. George Washington. 
By the Reverend Patrick Allison, d.d. Baltimore^ Printed by 
Wm. Pe chin for the Editor of the American [1800]. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Allison. Thoughts on the Examination and Trials of Can- 
didates for the Sacred Ministry. By Rev. Patrick Allison. 
Parthenopoli^ 1766. 8vo, pp. 24. 929 

Allison (W. B.) Homesteads for Soldiers and Sailors in the 
Rebellious States. Speech of Hon. William B. Allen, of Iowa, 

ALLYN. 115 

delivered in the House of Representatives, May 4, 1864. Wash- 
ington^ Gibson [1864]. 8vo, pp. 8. 930 

Allouez (Claude). See French's Louisiana. 

Allsop (R.) California and its Gold Mines. Being a series 
of recent Communications from the Mining Districts upon the 
condition and future prospects of Quartz Mining, with an ac- 
count of the richer deposits, and incidental notices of the climate, 
scenery, and mode of life in California. Edited by Robert 
Allsop. London^ Groomhridge^ 1853. 8vo, pp. 149. 931 

Allston (R. F. W.) Essay on Sea Coast Crops; read before 
the Agricultural Association of the Planting States, on occasion 
of the Annual Meeting, held at Columbia, the Capital of South- 
Carolina, December 3d, 1853. ^7 ^- ^- ^ - Allston. Charles- 
ton^ S. C, 1854. 8vo. 932 

Allston. Report on the Free School System in South 
Carolina. By R. F. W. Allston. Charleston, S. C, 1847. 8vo, 
PP- 26. 933 

Allyn (John). Sermon delivered at Plymouth, [Mass.], De- 
cember 22, 1 80 1, Commemorative of the Pious Ancestry who 
first immigrated to that Place. By John Allyn, s. h. m.. Pastor at 
Duxboro'. Boston, Munroe ZSf Francis^ 1S02. 8vo, pp. 35. H. 934 

Allyn. New Year's Sermon : delivered at Duxborough, Jan. 
I, 1806. By Rev. John Allyn. Boston, [1806]. i2mo. 935 

Allyn. A | Sermon, | Delivered on the 29'" of November, 
1 798, 1 The Day | of | Public Thanksgiving | in the | State of Massa- 
chusetts. | By John Allyn, I Pastor of the Church in Duxborough. 
Boston, Printed by Sa?nuel Hall, 1799. 8vo, pp. 21. 936 

Allyn. A Sermon, preached in the Audience of His Excel- 
lency Caleb Strong, Esq. Governor, The other Members of the 
Executive, and The Honorable Legislature of the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, on the Anniversary Election, May 29, 
1805. By John Allyn, Congregational Minister of Duxborough. 
Boston, Toung Cff Minns, 1805. 8vo, pp. 37. 937 

Allyn. Sermon at the Ordination of Alden Bradford. By 
Rev. John Allyn. Boston, 1794. 8vo. 938 


Alm. Plantae Surinamenses. Cura Jacobiae Aim. Upsal^ 
1775- 4to, pp. i8. Plate. 939 

Republished in Linnaeus' " Amcenitates academicae," viii., 249-267. [Diss. acad. 
Praes. C. Linnaeus.] 

Almanac of Celestial Motions, viz., of the Sun and Planets, 
&c., for the Year 1674. i6mo. Cambridge^ i674. + Of Celes- 
tial Motions, for the Year 1680. i6mo. Boston^ i68o. + Of 
the Coelestiall Motions, &c., for the Year of our Lord God 
M.DC.xciv. Boston^ 1694. i6mo. m. 940 

These are some of the earliest American almanacs. Thomas' History of Printing 
gives the titles of some of earlier dates, which will be noticed hereafter. 

Almanach Americain, on Etat physique, politique, ecclesias- 
tique & militaire de I'Amerique ; ouvrage qui comprend les 
forces, la population, les loix, le commerce & I'administration 
de chaque Province de cette partie du monde ; le tableau de 
ceux qui y figurent par leurs charges & par leurs dignites, ; celui 
de la Marine des Peuples Europeans [sic.'] qui y ont des Posses- 
sions et le nom des Officiers qui sont employes dans cette partie 
de I'administration publique. Par M. P. D. L. R ...C. A. L. T. 
de M. Paris^ Chez l'auteur[et chez] Lamy^ ^l^Z' l2mo. 941 

It appears by a note on the back of the title that this work was edited by M. [Pon- 
celin] de la Roche-Tillac. It was continued annually. The work published in 
1782, 1783 and 1785, under the title " £tat physique, politique, ecclesiastique et 
militaire de I'Asie, de I'Afrique et de I'Amerique, ouvrage," etc., as above, and with 
the half-title, " Almanach americain, asiatique et africain, ou £tat," etc., apparently 
belongs to the same series. I have seen no volume later than 1787. Barbier implies 
that it continued to be published till 1791. 

Almanach des Colonies, 1788. Paris^ 1788. i2mo. 942 

Almanach et directorum fran^ais des £tats-Unis, pour I'annee 
1 852-1 858. New Tork^ 1852-58. 7 vols., i2mo. 943 

Almanaque Universal Hispano-Americano. P^m, 1855. 8vo. 

Almaraz. Memoria de los trabajos ejecutados por la co- 
mision cientifica de Pachuca en el ano de 1864, dirigida por el 
Ingeniero Ramon Almaraz. Mandada publicar de orden de S. 
M. I. por el ministerio de fomento. Mexico^ 1865. 4to, pp. 
358. Plates and Plans. 945 

Almbert (Alfred d'). Flanerie parisienne aux £tats-Unis 
. . . Paris^ iibrairie th'eatrale^ 1856. i6mo, pp. 278 (l). 946 

Almeida e Albuquerque (Francisco de Paula d'). Breves 
reflexoes retrospectivas, politicas, moraes e socides sobre o im- 

ALMON. 117 

perio do Brazil, e suas rela^oes com as outras na^oes. Parisy 
impr. de Remquet^ 1854. l2mo. 947 

Almeida (Gregoria de). See [Escobar Manoel de)]. 

[Almodovar]. See Raynal (Abbe). 

Almoguerra. Instruccion a curas y ecclesiasticos de las 
Indias. Por Joannes de Almoguerra. Madrid^ 1671. 4to. 

See Ternaux, No. 883. 

Almon (John). Anecdotes of the Life of the Right Hon. 
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, with his Speeches. London^ J. 
Almon^ \'](^^^\vo\%.^%vo.^\^ London^ 1797* 3 vols., 8vo.-f Seventh 
Edition, London^ 1810. 3 vols., 8vo. s. 949 

[Almon.] Biographical, Literary, and Political Anecdotes; of 
several of the most Eminent Persons of the Present Age, v^^ith 
an Appendix, consisting of Original, Explanatory and Scarce 
Papers. Never before printed. London^ Longman^ ^191' 3 
vols., Svo. 950 

Contains numerous articles on American history and politics, account of the contro- 
versy about Gov. Hutchinson's Letters, &c. Lowndes characterizes the work as par- 
tial and interesting. 

[Almon]. A Collection of interesting, authentic Papers, re- 
lative to the Dispute between Great Britain and America; shew- 
ing the Causes and Progress of that Misunderstanding, from 
1764 to 1775. London^ J. Almon^ m.dcclxxvii. Svo, pp. 280; 
Index, pp. 3. N. 951 

Usually called, by its running title, " Prior Documents,'' and intended to accom- 
pany the Remembrancer. 

Almon. Collection of the most interesting Tracts, lately 
published in England and America, on the subjects of Taxing 
the American Colonies and regulating their Trade. London^ Al- 
mon^ 1766-1779. 6 vols., 8vo. c. 952 

These tracts were published separately, and are described under their respective titles 
in this Dictionary. Almon merely issued them collectively with the above title in vols. 
I and 2. The titles to the other volumes differ. 

[Almon.] The History of the late Minority ; Exhibiting the 
Condvct, Principles, and Views of that Party, dvring the Years 
1762, 1763, 1764, and 1765. [By John Almon and H. Cotes.] 
The third impression. London^ ^7^5' 8vo.-hThe fourth im- 
pression. London^ Reprinted^ 1766. Svo, pp. 332. 953 


[Almon.] Memoirs of a late eminent Bookseller. London^ 

Printed in the year 1 790. 954 

Almon was the active pamphleteer and publisher during the American contest, and 
in close connection with the liberal party and prominent men in the Colonies. 

[Almon.] The Remembrancer ; or, Impartial Repository of 
Public Events, from 1775 to 1784. 17 vols., 8vo. London [J. 
Almon and J. Debrett^ MDCCLXXV. to 1783. 955 

Vol. I., pp. 260. 2 Maps of Boston. +Second Edition, 1775. Rl. 8vo.+Third 
Edition, 1775. Rl. 8vo. + Fourth Edition, 1775. ^*- 8vo.4-Vol, 11. Part i. For 
the year 1776. Title and pp. 5-371 ; Index ii.-iv. Vol. in. Part 11. For the year 

1776. .Title and pp. 356. Vol. iv. Part in. For the year 1776. Title and pp. 
3505 Index, pp. 6. Map at page 261 and at page 290. Vol. v. For the year 

1777. Portrait of Franklin; Title and pp. 314; Index, pp. 8. Vol. vi. For the 
year 1778. Title and -pp. 374; Index, pp. 7. Vol. vii. For the year 1778 and 
beginning of 1779. Title and pp. 400; Index, pp. 6. Vol. viii. For the year 1779. 
Title and pp. 386; Index, pp. 4; Catalogue of Books, &c., pp. 8. Vol. ix. For the 
year 1780. Title and pp. 384; Index, pp. 6. Vol. x. For the year 1780, Part 11, 
iv. and pp. 380; Catalogue of Books, &c., pp. 8. Vol. xi. For the year 1781. Part 
I. 2 p. 1., pp. 375. Vol. XII. For the year 1781. Part 11. Title and pp. 3-394; 
Index, pp. 2; Catalogue of Books, &c., pp. 8. Vol. xiii. For the year 1782. Part I. 
Title and pp. 380; Index, pp. 2. Vol. xiv. For the year 1782. Part 11. 2 p. 1., 
pp. 378. Vol. XV. For the year 1783. Printed for J. Debrett, 1783. Title and 
Index, 2 1., pp. 378. Vol. xvi. For the year 1783. Part 11. 2 p. 1., pp. 380. 
Vol. XVII. For the year 1784. Title and Contents, 4 1., pp. 376. This work 
contains every authentic paper relative to the American Revolution, whether pub- 
lished in England or America, by the British Ministry or the American Congress. 
The Prior Documents (No. 900 ante) should be added. Almon states that the 
plan of the work is " to select from all the public prints the best account of ever)- 
material public event; to print it in octavo; and at the end of the volume to give a 
copious index to the whole." "There are several editions of the first volume, all 
except the first, in royal 8vo, while the remainder are in demy 8vo. The first edition 
of the first volume is also deficient of several papers contained in the succeeding edi- 
tions.' — Rich. Prof. Smyth, in his lectures, says, "The great magazine of informa- 
tion is the Remembrancer." " Mr. Almon was assisted by George Pownall in this 
work, which has now become exceedingly scarce.'' — Nichol's Lit. Anec. 

Almonte (J. N.) Guia de Forasteros y Repertorio de Cono- 
cimientos Utiles. Mexico^ 1852. Sm. 8vo. Maps and Plates. 

Almy (J.) and Bostwick (E. B.) State of Michigan. 1845. 
To Emigrants. [New Tork^ Isaac J. Oliver^ Printer^ 1845.] 
i6mo, pp. 6 (i). Map. 957 

Alnambay 1858. Almanac. New Tork^ Lith. by T. W. Strong 
[1857.?]. Broadside. ' 958 

At the bottom of the sheet: " Eugir. Vetromile Datlias." In the Penobscot dialect 
of the Abnaqui Indians, at Old Town. 

Aloncle (Antoine Felix). Renseignments sur Tartillerie 
navale de I'Angleterre et des £tats-Unis, Traduit d'apres les 



derniers documents officiels par A. F. Aloncle. Paris^ A. Ber- 
trand^ 1865. 8vo. 3 Plates. 959 

Also published in connection with two other works by the same author, under the 
title: '-Etudes d'artillerie navale de I'Angleterre et des £tats-Unis." Par\%. 1865. 

A'LoRD. A short Narrative and Military Experience of 
Corp. G. A'Lord, Formerly a Member of Co. G. ... r25th 

Reg't N. Y. V Containing a Brief Sketch of the War ... . 

\n. p. [186-]. i6mo, pp. 64. 960 

Alphabetical Army Register : giving the Names, Dates of 
Present and Original Commissions, Rank, Place of Nativity, 
and from whence appomted, of all the Officers of the U. S. 
Army, as shown by the Official Army Register, May, 1863. 
New York^ Van Nostrand^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 64. 961 

Alphonse de Xantoigne (Jean). See Xantoigne (Jean AI- 
phonse de). 

Alsedo y Herrera. See Alcedo y Herrera. 

Alsinet. Nuevas Utilidades de la Quina, demostradas, con- 
firmadas, y anadidas, por el Doct. D. Josef Alsinet ... . Madrid^ 
Antonio Munox del Valle^ ^11 \- Sm. 8vo, pp. (18), 168 (2). 

Also? (George.) A | Character | of the Province of Mary- 
Land, | wherein is Described in four distinct | Parts (wz.), i. The 
Scituation, and Plenty of the Province. 1 11. The Laws, Customs, 
and natural Demea-|nour of the Inhabitant. | iii. The worst and 
best Usage of a Mary-\Land Servant, opened in view. |iv. The 
I Traffique, and vendable Commodities | of the Countrey. | Also| 
I A small Treatise on the Wilde and | Naked Indians (or Susque- 
^ ham kes)\Qt{ Mary -land ^ their Customs, Man- 1 ners. Absurdities, 
Religion. Together with a Collection of Histo-|rical Letters. 
I By George Alsop. | London^ Printed by T. J. for Peter Brings . . 
i 1666. Sm. 8vo, 10 p. 1., pp. 118. Portrait and Map. h. 963 

j One of the rarest of books. Dr. Bliss' copy sold for £4 los. The author was a 
j native of Maryland, and published " An Orthodox Plea for the Sanctuary of God, 
I Common Service and White Robe of the House, written for the good of all." Lon- 
} dony 1669. 

Alsop (R.) A Poem ; Sacred to the Memory of George 

Washington, Late President of the United States, and Com- 

: mander in Chief of the Armies of the United States. Adapted to 

! the 22d of Feb. 1800. By Richard Alsop. ... Hartford^ Printed 

by Hudson and Goodwin^ 1 800. 8vo, pp. 23. 964 


[Alsop (Richard)]. The Political Green-House, for the Year 
1798. Addressed to the Readers of the Connecticut Courant, 
January 1st, 1799. Hartford^ Hudson & Goodwin [1799?]. 
i2mo, pp. 24. 965 

Written by R. Alsop, Lemuel Hopkins, and Theodore Dwight, in unequal propor- 
tions. See Everest's Poets of Connecticut, p. 94. 

[Alsop (Richard) and Dwight (Theodore)]. The Echo, with 
other Poems. \_New T^ri], 1807. 8vo, pp. xv., 331 (10). 

Chiefly a political satire. See Duyckinck's Cyclopaedia of Amer, Literature,' i., 495. 

Alston (W. J.) The Slavery Question. Speech of Hon. 
William J. Alston in the House of Representatives, April i8, 
1850. iVashington [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 967 

The Altar of Baal thrown down. See [Sullivan (James)]. 

Alton. Memorial to Congress upon the subject of a Na- 
tional Armory, with the Preamble and Resolutions adopted by 
the Common Council of the City of Alton, December 2, 1861. 
... Alton, III., L. A Parks & Co., 1 861. 8vo, pp. 8. 968 

Alton (Davis). Address ... before the Working Man's Na- 
tional Union League ... June 23, 1863, at New Orleans. By 
Davis Alton. New Orleans, 1863. 8vo, pp. 12. 969 

Alton Riots. See Lincoln (W. S.) 

Alto WAN. See [Stuart (Lord)]. 

Alva. Catecismo en Lengua Mexicana y Castellana. Por 
B. de Alva. Mexico, 1634. 970 

See Ternaux, No. 551. Ludewig does not mention this, but refers to a MS. by Don 
Bartolini Alva. 

Alvarado (Francisco). Vocabulario del Idioma Misteco. 
Por Fray Francisco Alvarado. Mexico, Pedro Balli, 1593. 4^°- 

Alvarado (Pedro de). See Barcia, Historiadores, Vol. x., 
and Ternaux Voyages. 

Alvares. Copy van een Brief aen den Commissaris generael 
berinen dese Provincie, aengaende het verdestrueren der Stadt 
Lima in America. Von Domingo de Alvares. 1688. 4to. 

Alvarez (F.) Puren Indomito. Poema. Por El Capitan F. 
Alvarez de Toledo. Publicado bajo la direccion de Don Diego 


Barros Arana. Paris and Leipzig^ A. Franck^ 1862. l2mo, pp. 
Ill, 485. [Barros Arana Biblioteca Americana.] 973 

Three hundred and twenty copies printed, of which twenty are on large paper. From 
1 MS. in the Madrid Library. Narrates the Indian insurrection of 1598, in Chile. 
Father Ovalle made use of the MS. for his History of Chile. 

|| Alvarez (Francisco). Ho Preste Joam das Indias. Verdadera 
ilnforma^am das terras do Preste Joam segundo vio y escreveo 
ho padre Francisco Alvarez capellaw del Rey nosso senhor. 
\L'ishoa^ 1540-] 974 

Original edition, of great rarity. For a very full and accurate account of this voyage, 
see Navarrete, who does not quote this original Portuguese, but the Spanish translation 
by Padilla. Alvarez acted as secretary to the embassy. The work deserves particular 
notice, as it contains the first detailed narrative of travels in India, and incidentally 
of America. A Spanish version. Anvers^ 1557' 8vo. + To/tft/o, 1538. 8vo. + 
Italian in Ramusio, Vol, i., p. i89.+German, Eisleben, 1566. Folio. -f-i 571. Folio. 

Alvarez (Francisco). Noticia del establecimiento y pobla- 
cion de las colonias inglesas en la America septentrional ; Reli- 
gion, orden de gobierno, leyes y costumbres de sus naturales y 
habitantes j calidades de su clima, terreno, frutos, plantas y ani- 
jnales ; y estado de su industria, artes, comercio y navigacion : 
sacada de varios autores, por Don F. Alvarez ... . Madrid^ An- 
tonio Fernandez^ ^77^- Sm. 4to, pp. 196. s. 975 

There is an edition, falsely dated 1608, and assigned in the Catalogue of the British 
Museum to the year 1764. 

Alvarez (J. J.) and Duran (R.) Itinerarios y Derroteros 
de la Republica Mexicana. Mexico^ 1856. 8vo. 976 

Alvarez (Jose). Contestacion, ou la Carta del Indus Patriota, 
con alguns reflexiones sobre el Dialogo, entre El Entusiasta 
Liberal, y El Filosofo Rancio, y sobre las notas anonymas con 
'que La Salido reimpreso el manifesto de Dr. Jose Alvarez de 
Toledo. Philadelphia^ 1812. 8vo. 977 

[Alvarez.] Manifiesto 6 satisfaccion pundonorosa, a todos 
los buenos Espanoles Europeos y a todos los pueblos de la 
America, por un diputado de las Cortes reunidas en Cadiz. 
]^Philadelphia^ 1811.] 8vo, pp. 83 (l). H. 978 

" The author, Don Jose Alvarez de Toledo, was a deputy in the Cortes of Cadiz, 
for the island of Santo Domingo." — Rich. 

Alvarez (J. M.) Instituciones|de derecho real|de Castilla 
y de Indias. I Por El Dr. D. Jose Maria Alvarez, | Catedratico de 
Instituciones de Justinia|no en la Universidad de Guatemala. | 
iObra nuevamente revista, corregida y aumentada con arreglo a 
la actual h&g\s\?iQ\on.\ Guatemala^ ^?»2Q.\-\- Mexico^ Reimpresa en 


122 ALVORD. 

la oficina a Cargo de Rivera^ 1826. 4 vols., limo, \-]r Habana^ ' 
1834. 2 vols., sm. 4to. 979 I 

Alvarez (Nicolas). Noticlas sagradas de Sant. Madre del 1 
Rosario en esta Ciudad de los Angeles de Puebla, en esta , 
Nueva Espana. Por ... Nicolas Alvarez. Puebla [1650 ?]. ' 

Alvarez (R.) Guia de Nueva York. Por R. Alvarez y I 
J. G. Grediaga. New Tork^ 1863. i2mo. 981 j 

Alvarez de Abreu. See Abreu. No. 76. 

Alvear (Carlos). Exposicion que hace el senor brigadier D. 
Carlos Alvear general en xefe del exercito sitiador de Montevideo, ' 
de su conducta en la rendicion de esta plaza. Vulnerada por las 
falsas imputaciones de su gobernador D. Gaspar Vigodet. Buenos- 
Ayres^ Imprenta de ninos expositos^ 18 14. Folio, pp. 42 (i). 982 

Alvear. Observaciones sobre la defensa de la provincia de 
Buenos-Aires. Amenazada de una invasion espanola al mando 
del teniente General D. Pablo Morillo. Por Brig.-Gen. Carlos 1 
de Alvear. Buenos-Aires^ 1865. 4to, pp. 86. 983 j 

Fifty copies printed. ! 

Alvear (Diego de). Relacion geografica e historica de la I 

provincia de Misiones, del brigadier D. Diego de Alvear ... . ' 

Primera edicion. Buenos-Aires^ Imprenta del estado^ l^'^b. Folio, i 

pp. 106, "tabla corografica" (folded), iii. 984 j 

Forms part of Vol. iv. of the Coleccion, etc., of Pedro de Angelis. j 

Alves. Ode to Britannia (for the year 1780), Occasioned by , 
our late Successes. By Robert Alves, a.m. Edinburgh^ Creech^ 
1780. 4to. 985 

" Partly relates to America." — M. R,, lxii., p. 246. .; 

Alvirey. Puntual descripcion de la regia pompa conque in i 
la S. Iglesia de la ciudad de los Reyes mando solemnias les 
reales exequias de la S. D. Mario Josepho de Austria regna de j 
Portugal D. J. Mario de Velasco, virrey de los Reinos del Peru y \ 
Chile. Por Alexo de Alvirey. Lima^ ^IS^- A^^- 9^^ 

Alvord (Benjamin). Address before the Dialectic Society of 
the Corps of Cadets, in Commemoration of the Gallant Con- , 
duct of the Nine Graduates of the Military Academy, and | 
other Officers of the United States' Army, who fell in the j 
Battles ... in Florida, on the 28th of December, 1835, and the 1 



25th December, 1837; the former called Dade's Battle, the 
latter, the Battle of Okee-cho-bee. Delivered at West Point, 
N. Y., on the 29th December, 1838. By Lieutenant Benjamin 
Alvord, U. S. A. ... New Tork^ Wiley l^ Putnam^ 1839. 8vo, 
pp. 62. H. 987 

Alvord (J. W.) Historical Address delivered in the first 
Congregational Church in Stamford, Ct., At the Celebration of 
the Second Centennial Anniversary of the First Settlement of 
the Town. By Rev. J. W. Alvord, Dec. 22d, 1841. New 
Tork^ S. Davenport^ 1842. 8 vo, pp. 40. 988 

Alzate. Gacetas de Literatura de Mexico. Por D. Jose 
Antonio de Alzate Ramirez. No. i, 15th January, 1788, No. 
44, Vol. III., 22d Oct., 1795. Mexico^ 1 788-1 795, 3 vols., 4to. 

Alzate. Gacetas de Literatura de Mexico : por D. Jose 
Antonio Alzate Ramirez. Puebla^ 1831. 4 vols., 4to, pp. viii., 
450, 486, 478, 456, con laminas. Portrait. 990 

Alzate. Memoria en que se trata del Insecto Grano d Coch- 
inilla, de su naturaleza y serie de su vida, escrita en Mexico en 
1777. Por D. Josef Antonio de Alzate. Madrid^ J yg^. 8vo, 
pp. 226. 3 Plates. 991 

Am I not a Man, and a Brother ? With all Humility addressed 
to the British Legislature. London^ Payne and Son^ 1788. 8vo. 

On the slave trade. See M. R., LXXx., p. 69, 

Amama (Nicolaus ab). Dissertationum Marinarum Decas. 
In qua Praeter Marina Problemata, varia passim fundamentalia, & 
Solidioris Philosophise Principiis deducta Dogmata discutiuntur. 
Autore Nicolao ab Amama. Cum Indice Capitum & Articu- 
lorum. Franckercs^ Excudit Idzardus Alherti^ 165 1. 8vo, pp. 
596. 993 

Amandus. Chronica | compendiosissima ab | exordio mundi 
\%^ue ad annum Domini | Millesimum, quingentesimu;7z, trigesi- 
muTw I quartum : per venerandum patrem. F. | Amandum Zierixeen- 
sem, ordinis Fra | trum Minoruw, regularis obseruan- 1 tiae, virum in 
Diuinis & huma|nis rebus peritissimum. !![ Eivusdem tractatvs 
de|septuaginta hebdomadibus Danielis. | Adiectae svnt episto|lae 
quae Christiani regis Aethiopiae, Dauidis, ad | Clementem septimum 
Rhomanum pontificem, |anno Domini 1533 destinatae, Q.\xm artic- 
ulis quibus|dam de fide & moribus Aethiopum Christiano-| rum. 
1 Aliae quoqw^ tres epistolae, ex noua maris | Oceani Hispania ad 

124 AMBOY. 

nos transmissae, de fructu | mirabili illic surgentis nouae Ecclesiae, | 
ex quibus animus Christianus| merito debeat laetari. ^ Jntuerpia 
apud Simonem Cocum. Anno Do- \ mini, M. ccccc. xxxiiii. Mense 
Maio. I Sm. 8vo, 8 p. 1., 128 leaves.+Another Edition. 1553. 
8vo. + Also, 1624. Folio. 994 

The most interesting portion of this compendious chronicle consists of the Letters of 
Peter of Ghent, alias De Mura, which have been translated into French by Ternaux, 
in his " Recueil des pieces relatives a la Conquete du Mexique, 1838," pp. 193-203. 
See Troemel and Bib. Am. Vet. 

Amaral. Compila^ao das leis, decretos, regulamentos, in- 
struc^oes, regimentos, consultas e avisos dogoverno sobre a arre- 
cada^ao, administra^ao, e iiscalisa^ao dos bens e dinheiros dos 
orphaos. Em tres partes. Por Antonio Luiz do Amaral e 
Silva. Parte i., ii. Pernambuco^ 1864 4to, pp. viii., 392, 34. 

Amaro. Doctrina extractada de los catecismos Mexicanos 
de los Padres Paredes, Carochi y Castano, autores muy selectos : 
traducida al castellano para mejor instruccion de los Indios, en 
las Oraciones y Misterios principales de la Doctrina cristiana, 
por el Presbitero Capellan Don Juan Romualdo Amaro, va 
anadido en este catecismo, el Preambulo de la confession para la 
mejor disposicion de los Indios en el Santo Sacramento de la 
Penitencia, y para las personas curiosas que fueren aficionadas al 
idioma, con un Modo Practico de contar, segun fuere el numero 
de la materia, para el mismo fin. Mexico,^ Luis Ahadiano y Val- 
de-Ln^ 1840. Sm. 8vo, pp. 4, 79. 996 

Amati (G.) Viaggi di Cristoforo Colombo tratti dalP opera 
Ricerche storico-crit.-scientifiche, etc. Di G. Amati. Milano^ 
1830. 8vo. Map. 997 

Amazon. A Relation of the Great River of the Amazons. 

8ee [Pagan (Count de)]. 

Amazon. Colonizacion y Navegacion del Amazonas. Lima^ 
1853. ^"^- 4^°- 99^ 

Amberteuil (H.) Essais historiques et politiques sur les 
anglo-americains. Par H. Amberteuil. Bruxelles^ 1781. 2 
vols., 8vo. 999 

Am BOY. Proposals by the Proprietors of East Jersey in America,^ 
for the building of a Town on Ambo-Point, and for the Dispo- 
sition of Lands in that Province ; and also for the Encourage- 
ment of Artificers and Labourers that shall Transport themselves 


thither out of England^ Scotland a.nd Ireland. London^ Printed for 
Benjamin Clarke^ 1682. 4to, pp. 6. 1000 

Amboyna. a Trve Relation of the Vnivst, Crvell, and Bar- 
barovs Proceedings against the English at Amboyna, in the East 
Indies, by the Netherlandish Governour and Councel there ... . 
London.^ H. Lownes for N. Newberry .^ 1624. 4^°? PP* S^* lOOi 

Frequently reprinted. Many tracts relative to this cruel massacre can be found in 
the Library of the Massachusetts Historical Society. The True Relation is introduced 
here on account of the following : 

The Second Part of the Tragedy of Amboyna : or a True 
Relation of a most Bloody, Treacherous, and Cruel design of 
the Dutch in the New Netherlands in America for the total 
ruining and murdering of the English Colonies in New England. 
London^ for T. Matthews^ i^SS- 4^0* 1002 

Ambrose (Paul). See [Kennedy (J. P.)] 

Amemategui. La Dictadura de O'Higgins en Chile. Por 
Miguel Luis Amemategui. Santiago^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 495. 

Amendments of the Constitution submitted to the considera- 
tion of the American People. Loyal Publication Society^ No. 83. 
8vo, pp. 89. 1003* 

Amendments proposed to be added to the Federal Constitu- 
tion, by the Congress of the United States, held at New York, 
March 4, 1789. Boston^ ^79^- 8vo, pp. 8. p. 1004 

Amendments to our National Constitution, Respectfully sub- 
mitted to the Citizens of the United States. [About 1820.] 8vo, 
I leaf. 1005 

Ament. De Cultuur en behandeling der West-Indischkoffij 
en indigo beschreven en vergelijkt met die derzelfde producten 
in Oost-Indie. Kampen^ 1836. 8vo. 1006 

America. Translated from the French. London.^ Printed for 
the Translator.^ ^75^- 2 vols., 8vo. 1007 

a scarce and interesting privately printed book, chiefly relating to the Aborigines. 

America. An Epistle in Verse, with other Poems. London^ 
1820. i2mo. 1008 

America: A Dramatic Poem. 5^^ [Torrey (John)]. 


America, an Ode ; To the People of England. London^ 
Almon^ 1776- 4to. 1 009 

" Poetical, and its author a warm friend to America.'' — London Magazine. 

America. Correspondence of the Marquess Wellesley, The 
Earl of Liverpool, and Viscount Castlereagh, with the American 
Ministers in London. January, 18 10, to July, 1812. a. Pre- 
sented to Parliament, by Command of His Royal Highness the 
Prince Regent, February, 18 13. Folio, 2 p. 1., pp. 59. g. 10 10 

America. Correspondence between The Marquess Wellesley 
and Mr. Morris, July, 1810, to March, 181 1. b. Folio, 2 p. 
1., pp. 29. G. lOII 

America. Correspondence between The Marquess Wellesley 
and Mr. Foster, April, 181 1, to December, 181 1. c. Folio, 2 
p. 1., pp. 73. G. 1012 

America. Correspondence between Viscount Castlereagh, 
and Messrs. Foster and Baker. March to August, 1812. d. 
Folio, pp. 114. G. 1013 

America. Correspondence Relative to the French Decrees 
and the Orders in Council. Subsequent to 20th May, 18 12. 
Folio, pp. 35. G. 1014 

America and Africa. London^ Cassell^ i^ ^6. i2mo. 1015 

America and France. The entire Message of the President 
of the United States [John Adams] to both Houses of Congress j 
covering the full powers to, and dispatches from, the Envoys 
Extraordinary of the United States, to the French Republic. 
Boston^ B. Russell^ '^19^- 8vo, pp. 71. 10 16 

Reprinted in London, with the title of" American State Papers," 1798. 8vo. 

America and the Americans. See [Boardman (James) ]. 

America and the West Indies. See Long (G.) 

America as I Found It. By the Author of Memoir of Mary 
Lundie Duncan. London^ N'lshet^ 1852. l2mo.-|-Same. New 
Tork^ Carters^ 1852. i2mo, pp. 440. 1017 

America Compared with England ; the respective Social Effects 
of the American and English Systems of Government and Legis- 
lation, and the Mission of Democracy. London^ E. Wilson^ 
1848. i2mo. p. 1018 



Ausz America, das ist, ausz der|Newen Welt. | Vnderschid- 
licher Schrei-|ben Extract, von den Jaren 1616, 1617, i6i8.| 
Was gestalt Acht Patres Societatis, vnd zwo andere| Ordensper- 
sonen, von desz Christlichen Glaubens wegen Ihr Blut|vergos- 
sen. Was auch sonst die Patres Societatis Gott zu Ehren, | 
vnnd zu |ausbreittung seines heiligsten Namens, auff | sich gen- 
ommen. I Ausz Frantzosischer Sprach in die Teutsche | vber- 
gesetzt. I [Motto.] Getruckt xu Augspurg^ hey Sara Mangin\ 
IVittib.^ 1 620. 1 4to, 2. p. 1., pp. 91. 10 19 

America Discovered. A Poem, In Twelve books. By an 
American. New York^ J. F. Trow^ 1850. i2mo, pp. 283 (i). 

America Dissected. See [Macsparran (James)]. 

America, Disputatio Publica. i. Quae sit Origo Gentis 
Americanae ? 2. An America Veteribus quoque fuerit cognita? 
Rinthelli. [s. a.] 4to. c. 1021 

L' America | Geografico-Storico | Politica, | Ovvero | Descrizione, 
e nome d'ogni Provincia; sua | estensione, confini, proprieta de' 
climi, fer-|tilita de' terreni ; e Stato politico, utile, ed | economico 
di ciascuno stabilimento Europeo. | Tomo Primo. | In Venezia^ \ 
MDCCLXXXV. I Presso Antonio Zatta e Figli^ | Con Licenza de' Superi- 
orly e Privilegio. \ 3 vois., 4to, pp. xvi., 322 ; pp. viii., 288 ; pp. 
xii., 236. H. 1022 

America in Arms. A Short and Faithful Account of the Con- 
duct of Great Britain towards the American States which forced 
them to declare themselves Free and Independent, . . . Printea 
in the Tear 178 1. 8vo. 1023 

America Invincible. An Heroic Poem, in Two Books ; . . . 
To which is prefixed, A concise History of the Former Wars 
in America. Dedicated to his Excellency Horatio Gates, Esq. 
By an Officer of Rank in the Continental Army. Number i. 
Danvers^ near Boston^ '^111' 8vo, pp. 40. 1024 

Book II. ends with the death of Montgomery. The poem was " to be continued." 

La America Lloranda por la temprana muerte de su amado, 
su padre, su bien y sus delicias el E. S. D. Bernardo de Galvez, 
Conde de Galvez, &c. Capitan Genl. de la Luisiana y dos 
Floridas, &c. Humilde rasgo del Lic^- D. Agustin Pomposa Fer- 
nandez de San Salvador Abogado, &c. Mexico [n. d.] Sm. 
4to, pp. 25, 6. 1025 


America Lost. A Poem of Condolence. Addressed to Brit- 
annia. London^ Lewis^ ^77^' 4^0* 1 026 

See Monthly Review, First Series, Vol. lviii., p. 469. 

America, or a General Survey. See [Everett (Alex. H.)] 

America Poetica. Colleccion escojida de Composiciones en 
Verso escritas por Americanos en el presente siglo. Valparaiso^ 
1846. Rl. 8vo, 13 parts, pp. 820. 1027 

America Pois'd in the Balance of Justice. Ornamented with 
an Elegiac Frontispiece, and a Reconciliatory Tail-piece. In this 
Research the Mother Country and her Colonies is considered in a 
New Light, and supported by arguments quite different from 
those held forth by the Parliamentary Speakers and Polemical 
Writers on either side of the question. By P — oplicola H — is- 
toricus. Printed for the Author^ I77^- A^^t PP- 40- ^ Plates. 

America und seine jetzige Bewegung. Nach einem Vortrag 
gehalten im vorstadtischen Handwerkervein. Berlin^ Reinhold 
Schlingmann^ 1 86 1. i6mo, pp. 32. 1029 

La America Vindicada. See [Sanchez Valverde]. 

America Vindicated from the High Charge of Ingratitude and 
Rebellion : with a Plan of Legislation Proposed to the Consider- 
ation of Both Houses, For Establishing a Permanent and Solid 
Foundation, For a just constitutional Union, between Great 
Britain and her Colonies. By a Friend to Both Countries. 
. . . Devizes^ T. Burroughs m.dcc.lxxiv. 8vo, Title, pp. 48. 

" Written by a warm advocate for the Americans, who proposes that a free consti- 
tution should be confirmed to North America, similar to that of Ireland." — Monthly 
Review, Vol. l., p. 325. 

America. A most singular woodcut or broadside, measuring 
about 13 J in. by 8 J in. with 4 lines of letterpress beneath, in 
German, purporting to be a representation and description of the 
natives discovered by the Portuguese on the northern coast of 
South America. The following is a I'teral translation of the in- 
scription, viz. — " This figure represents to us the people and 
island which have been discovered by the Christian king of Por- 
tugal or by his subjects. The people are thus naked, handsome, 
brown, well shaped in body, their heads, necks, arms, private 
parts, feet of men and women, are a little covered with feathers. 
The men also have many precious stones in their faces and 
breasts. No one else has anything, but all things are in common. 


And the men have as wives those who please them, be they 
mothers, sisters, or friends, therein make they no distinction. 
They also fight with each other. They also eat each other, 
even those who are slain, and hang the flesh of them in the 
smoke. They become a hundred and fifty years of age. And 
have no government." 1031 

The cut attempts to represent the minutize of the foregoing inscription. It is be- 
lieved to be the earliest xylographic print relating to America, and unique. Its date 
is, doubtless, very shortly subsequent to the letters of Columbus announcing his dis- 
covery. In Stevens' Am. Bibliographer, pp. 7, 8, it is reproduced in fac-simile, and 
described at greater length. 

De Americaansche Mercurius behelsende drie . . . Geschie- 
denissen van Liefdens Hartstochten, Onkuysche Rampspoeden 
en Rampsalige Minnedriften ... in America voorgevallen. Am- 
sterdam^ 1678. i2mo. Plates. m. 1032 

An interesting and curious book, now very rare. 

Les Americains, ou, la preuve de la Religion Chretienne. 
Par les Lumieres Naturelles. 181 1. 6 vols., 8vo. ^^33 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Memoirs of the 
American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Vol. i., Boston^ 1785. 
Vol. II., Part I., Boston^ 1793 ; Part 11., Boston^ 1804. Vol. ill., 
Cambridge^ 1 809- 1 5. Vol. iv., Cambridge^ 18 1 8-20. New 
series. Vol. l.-viii., Cambridge^ 1 833-1861. 1034 

A list of the articles contained in these volumes is inserted in Triibner's Bibl. 
Guide, pp. 7-17. 

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 
1 846-1 865, &c. Boston and Cambridge^ 1848-1866. 6 vols., 8vo. 

American Adventure by Land and Sea ; being remarkable 
instances of enterprise and fortitude among Americans ; Ship- 
wrecks, Indian Captivities, &c. New York^ Harpers^ 1841, &c. 
2 vols., i8mo. 1036 

The American Alarm, or the Bostonian Plea, for the Rights 
and Liberties of the People. Humbly addressed to the King and 
Council, and to the Constitutional Sons of Liberty in America. 
By the British Bostonian. Boston^ Printed and Sold by D. Knee- 
land and N. Dav'ts^ in ^een Street^ ^7^3' 8vo, pp. 52. w. 1037 

American Almanac. New Brunswick^ N.J.^jSoj. iimo. 

The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowl- 


I -20 AMERICAN. ) 


edge for the Year 1 830-1 862. Boston^ i829-'62. 33 vols., 
i2mo. 1039 ' 

The volume for 1830 was edited by Jared Sparks j from 183 1 to 1842 the work was 
conducted by Joseph E. Worcester} from 1843 to 1847 by Francis Bowen, subse- 1 
quently by George P. Sanger. The volumes for 1839. 1849 and 1859 contain general 
indexes to the volumes for 1830-39, 1840-49 and 1850-59, respectively. This 
valuable work, which is, in fact, a compendious annual register, terminated in 1862, 
is well worthy of being preserved as a book of reference. It was succeeded by the 
National Almanac. ' 

The American and British Chronicle of War and Politics ; ' 
being an Accurate and Comprehensive Register of the most 
memorable Occurrences in the last ten Years of His Majesty's 
Reign : in which will be found above Eighteen Hundred Inter- 
esting Events, During the late War between Great Britain and 
America, France, Spain and Holland; From May lo, 1773, to 1 
July 16, 1783. The whole carefully collected from Authentic j 
Records, and correctly arranged in Chronological Order. Multum j 
in Parvo. This compendium, or Political System of Foreign ! 
and Domestic Affairs, is a faithful Diary of Civil and Military ! 
Transactions, extracted from Government Dispatches and Offi- | 
cial Papers, Votes of the House of Commons and Lords, Reso- | 
lutions of Congress, Acts of Council, Royal Proclamations, 
Edicts, &c. Provincial Considerations, Debates, Petitions, Ad- | 
dresses, Meetings, and Determinations. Every Engagement by ' 
Sea and Land, Military Operations, Civil Establishments, I 
Changes in Administration, Political Struggles, and Principal .' 
Appointments ; Treaties of Alliance, Commerce, and Peace ; 1 
Constitutional and Financial Reform ; Land and Marine Force j 
of the Belligerent Powers; Public Revenue, Debt, and Expen- i 
diture, &c. &c. &c. To the Recapitulation of Public Occurrences | 
during the late War in America and in Europe, is added a general 
Table of Prior Events ; British Governors in America at the ; 
Commencement of Hostilities ; Members of the first Congress ; I 
Constitution and Form of Government of the several States, and 
Population in each ; Ships of War taken, lost, or destroyed ; | 
Roads in America ; and a copious Abridgement of the Treaties 
of Peace. London^ Printed for the Author [1783]. 8vo, 60 un- 
numbered leaves. s. 1040 j 

The dedication is signed E. J. S. Faribault, No. 926, quotes a book with a similar | 

title, 4 vols., 4to, London, 1801, which is probably an error. | 

American and English Oppression, and British and American I 
Abolitionists : a Letter addressed to R. D. Webb, Esq. By an 
American in his Fatherland. London^ 1853. ^^^' '°4' 



American and West-Indian Gazetteer, containing an Authentic 
Description of the Colonies and Islands in that part of the Globe. 
London^ iJjS. i2mo. 1042 

American Anecdotes : Original and Select. By an Ameri- 
can. In Two Volumes. Boston^ Putnam & Hunt^ 1830. i2mo, 
pp. 300 and 300. 1043 

Contains four hundred and eighty-seven anecdotes, mostly relating to the American 
Revolution, with an index. Attributed to Freeman Hunt. 

American Annals, 1775. See [Pennant (Thos.)] 

The American Annual Cyclopaedia, and Register of Important 
Events of the Year 1861. ... New Tork^ D. Jppleton l3 Co. 
[1862]. Rl. 8vo. Continued annually. I044 

The American Annual Monitor for 1858 ; or, Obituary of 
the Members of the Society of Friends in America for the Year 
1858. New Tork^ IVm. Wood., 1859, ^"<^ continued. 1045 

The American Annual Register for 1796. See [Callender 
(J. T.)] 

The American Annual Register; for the Years 1825-6; 
1826-7; 1827-8-9; 1827-8-9. Second Part; 1829-30; 1830-31 
... For 1825-9, ^^^ Tork; 1829-31, Boston., 1827-32. 8vo. 

Each volume has a double paging, A second edition of" the volume for 1826-7 '^^ 
published in 1835. The work was continued, with the following title : 

Fessenden & Co.'s Series. The American Annual Register 
of Public Events; for the Year 1831-32. ... Brattlehoro\ Ft.., 
Fessejiden., ^^33- Svo. + The American Annual Register for the 
Year 1832-3. New York., Wm. Jackson., 1835. 8vo. 1047 

Complete sets in eight volumes are rather scarce. 

American Antiquarian Society. Address to the Members ... 
together with the Laws and Regulations of the Institution, and 
a List of Donations to the Society ... . Worcester^ William 
Manyiing., March., 1 8 19. 8vo, pp. 38. 1 048 

Archasologia Americana. Transactions and Collections of the 
American Antiquarian Society. Published by Direction of the 
Society. Vol. I. Worcester., Mass.., mdcccxx. 8vo, pp. 436. 
Vol. II. [Indian Dialects of North America.] Cambridge., 1836. 
pp. XXX., 573 (i). Vol. III. Boston., 1857. PP- cxxxviii., 378. 
Vol. IV. Boston., i860, pp. viii., 355 (i). 1049 

A list of the contents of each volume will be found in Triibner's Bibi. Guide, pp. 



A Catalogue of Books in the Library of the American Anti- 
quarian Society, in Worcester, Massachusetts. [By C. C. Bald- 
win.] Worcester^ 1837. 8vo, pp. 571 in all. 1050 

This catalogue is replete with the rarest of American pamphlets, as the reference 
mark W in this dictionary will abundantly testify. 

Catalogue of Officers and Members of the American Anti- 
quarian Society, May 29, 1839. ... With the Laws of the 
Society, as revised. Worcester^ J 839. Svo. w. 1051 

Communication from the President of the American Anti- 
quarian Society to the Members, October 24th, 18 14. Worcester 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. 12, 6. 1052 

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. ... Vol. 
I., May, 1846, to May, 1848. Vol. 11. (pp. 1-160). Vol. iii. 
Boston^ 1846-49. 8vo (pp. 105-184). Proceedings at the Annual 
Meeting, Worcester, Oct. 23, 1843. Worcester. 8vo. Con- 
tinued semi-annually. I053 

The American Apollo, containing the Publications of the 
[Massachusetts] Historical Society, Essays, Moral, Political, and 
Poetical, and the daily Occurrences in the Natural, Civil, and 
Commercial World. ... Part i. and 11. in 39 Nos. Boston^ 
1791-92. Svo. 1054 

American Archives. See Force (Peter). 

American Arguments for British Rights. See [Hamilton 

American Art. See [Waterston (R. C.)] 

Transactions of the American Art-Union. For the Year 
1844-49. New York. 8vo.+ Bulletin, 1848-1851, and Sup- 
plementary Bulletin, May i, 1853. New York. Svo and 4to. 

American Association for the Advancement of Science. Re- 
port on the History and Progress of the American Coast Survey 
up to ... 1858. By the Committee of Twenty appointed by 
the ... Association ... August, 1857. ["• P-i 185S.] Svo. pp. 88. 

The composition of the report was begun by Judge J. K. Kane, and, after his 
death, completed by F. A. P. Barnard. 

Proceedings ... . First Meeting, held at Philadelphia, Septem- 
ber, 1S48. Philadelphia .^ 1849. Svo, pp. 156. 1057 
Continued annually. 



Constitution, Addresses and List of Members of the American 
Association for the Promotion of Social Science, with the ques- 
tions proposed for discussion, to which are added, Minutes of 
the Transactions of the Association, July, 1866. Boston^ 1866. 
8vo, pp. 64. 1058 

American Atlantic and Pacific Ship Canal Company. Charter 
and Act of Incorporation ... and Treaty of Protection Negociated 
between the United States and Great Britain. New Tork^ 1850. 
8vo, pp. 30.-|-Charter and Act of Incorporation ... as amended : 
also Treaty [as above] ; ... and Charter granted by the State of 
Nicaragua to the Accessory Transit Company. New Tork^ 1852. 
8vo, pp. 28. 1059 

American Atlas, consisting of Twenty One Large Maps, viz. 
a Map of each State and Province, as well as the British Prov- 
inces and the West Indies. Philadelphia^ I795- Folio. 1060 

This is the first native American Atlas. The maps were engraved for the American 
edition of Guthrie's Geography. A doubtful title; from a bookseller's catalogue. 

The American Atlas ; containing the following Maps. — viz — 
I. North- America 2. South-America 3. United States 4. New- 
Hampshire 5. Province of Maine 6. Massachusetts 7. Vermont. 
8. Rhode-Island 9. Connecticut 10. New- York 11. New- Jer- 
sey 12. Pennsylvania 13. Delaware and Maryland 14. Virginia 
15. Kentucky, with the adjoining Territories 16. North-Caro- 
lina 17. South-Carolina 18. Georgia 19. Tennessee 20. West- 
Indies. New-Tor k^ Published by John Reid^ Bookseller and Sta- 
tioner^ No. 106, Water-Street. 1 796. Folio. H. 1061 

American Atlas. A Complete Historical, Chronological and 
Geographical American Atlas ; being a Guide to the History of 
North and South America, and the West Indies : exhibiting an 
accurate Account of the Discovery, Settlement and Progress of 
their various Kingdoms, States, Provinces, &c.. Together with 
the Wars, celebrated Battles and remarkable Events, to the year 
1822, According to the plan of Le Sage's Atlas, and intended 
as a Companion to Lavoisne's Improvement of that celebrated 
Work. Philadelphia^ Carey ^ Lea., 1822. Folio. 53 Maps. 

For a French translation of this work, see Buchon (J. A.) 

American Atlas. See JefFerys (Thos.) 

The American Bard ; or, Select Poems of various Times and 
Countries ... . No. i., containing : ... " The Land of the 

1 34 


Aztecs," translated from the Mexican Poet, Heredia ... . New 
Tork^ i860. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 1063 

American Bards. See [Wain (Robert)]. 

The American Bee, a Collection of Entertaining Histories. 
Leominster^ Mass.^ 1797- i2mo. 1064 

The American Biography, containing Biographical Sketches 
of the Officers of the Revolution and of the principal Statesmen 
of that period, to which are added the Life and Character of 
Benedict Arnold, and the Narrative of Major Andre, compiled 
from authentic sources. Wheeling^ F. Kenyan^ ^^SS* 8^°. 

The American Bloody Register, containing the History of the 
Lives, Last Words and Dying Confession of three most noted 
Criminals, Richard Barrick and John Sullivan, Highway Robbers, 
and Confession of Alexander White, Murderer and Pirate. Boston^ 
Printed and sold by E. Russell^ 1784. i2mo, pp. 30. 1066 

The American Bureau of Mines. Union Pacific Railroad. 
A Geological and Agricultural Survey of 100 miles West of 
Omaha. By the American Bureau of Mines. New Tork^ 1866. 
Svo, pp. 44. 1067 

American Bravery. See [Butler (James)]. 

American Candour, in a Tract lately published at Boston, 
entitled " An Analysis of the late Correspondence between our 
Administration and Great Britain and France," with an attempt 
to show what are the real causes of the failure of the Negocia- 
tions between France and America. London^ 1809. Svo. 1068 

American Charters ; granted by Charles 11., William and Mary, 
and George 11. ; viz., Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, 
Massachusetts Bay, and Georgia. London [n. d.] Folio, pp. 
10, 14, 12, 21, 18. c. 1069 

A conjectural title from the catalogue of the library of Congress. 

The American Christian Record ; containing the History, 
Confession of Faith and Statistics of each Religious Denomina- 
tion in the United States and Europe ; a list of all the Clergy- 
men, with their Post-office Address, etc. New York^ i860. 
i2mo, pp. 696. 1070 

American Chronological Tablets, exhibiting in a Methodical 



Manner the most Remarkable Occurrences from the Creation of 
the World to the Present Period. Baltimore^ 18 12. i8mo. 

American Chronology : or a Summary of Events relating to 
the United States, from 1492 to 1813. Philadelphia^ I§I3- 
i2mo. 1072 

The American Citizen's Manual of Reference. New Tork^ 
1840. 8vo, pp. 102. 1073 

The American Citizen's sure Guide : being a Collection of 
most important State Papers : such as The Declaration of Inde- 
pendence : Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union : The 
Constitution of the United States : All the Treaties now in 
force which the United States have ever made : Merchants' and 
Seamen's Acts : Duties on Goods, Wares and Merchandize : 
Census as taken in 1800, &c. ... Printed for Charles Peirce of 
Portsmouth^ N. //., hy S. Sewall^ Kennehunk^ 1 804. l2mo, pp. 
356(2). + And Trenton^ 1813. i2mo. h. 1074 

The American Civil War, as seen by an Englishman. \JLon- 
don ? 186-.] i6mo, pp. 4. 1075 

American Claim of Rights, addressed to the Deputies of North 
America, in General Congress. Charles-Town^ S. C, 1774. 4to. 

American Colonization Society. See Slavery. 

American Commissioners of Claims at Paris. Statement, Cor- 
respondence, Conjectural Notes, &c. Philadelphia^ 1807. ^^^• 

American Congregational Union. The Year Book of the 
... Union for the Year 1854. [Vol. i.] New Tork^ 1854. 8vo. 
Continued. 1078 

The American Crisis. See [Paine (T.)] 

The American Crisis, by a Citizen of the World, inscribed to 
those Members of the Community vulgarly called Patriots. 
London^ Flexney^ I'J']']. 8vo. JO 79 

" The Citizen of the World takes for granted a speedy triumph over the colonists, 
and accordingly recommends, in the strongest manner, clemency towards the van- 
quished." — M. R., Lvi., p. 400. 

The American Crisis ; its Causes, Significance, and Solution. 
By Americus. Chicago^ III., J. R. Walsh, 1862. 1080 

American Destiny : what shall it be, Republican or Cossack ? 


An Argument addressed to the People of the late Union, North 
and South. New York^ Columbian Association,, 1864. 8vo, pp.44. 

American Dialogues of the Dead and Dialogues of the Amer- 
can Dead. 1814. 8vo. 1081^ 

American Educational Year-Book, for 1857 : comprising an 
Almanac, Educational Statistics, Teacher's Directory, etc. 
[Edited by the Rev. Augustus Russell Pope. Vol. i.] Boston^ 
James Robinson and Company^ etc., 1857. i2mo, pp. 192. Con- 
tinued. H. 1082 

American Discovery and Conquest. London^ 1857. i2mo. 

American Encroachments. See [Atcheson (Nath.)] 

Transactions of the American Ethnological Society. Vols, 
l.-iii. New Tork^ 1850-1853. 8vo. 1084 

A list of the contents will be found in Triibner's Bibl. Guide. 

American Exports and Imports ; Calculations and Tables of 
Corresponding Equivalents, at different Rates of Exchange, of 
American Exports and Imports ; adapted to the Commerce of 
Great Britain and the United States, as a Manual for Merchants 
and Manufacturers. Second Edition. London^ jS^i' 4to, pp. 84. 

The American Freedman. A Monthly Journal ... . Vol. i. 
No. I. April, 1866. New York^ 1866. 8vo. 1086 

American Freedmen's Inquiry Commission. Preliminary Re- 
port touching the Condition and Management of Emancipated 
Refugees; made to the Secretary of War ... June 30, 1863. ... 
New York^ John F. Trow^ Printer^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 1087 

The American Gazette ; Being a Collection of all the Authen- 
tic Addresses, Memorials, Letters, Petitions and other Papers, 
which relate to the Present Disputes between Great Britain and 
her Colonies, containing also many original Papers never before 
Published. London^ G. Kearsley^ 1 768-1 770. 8vo. Nos. i to 
6, and an Appendix. 1088 

The title-page of some copies varies from the above. It includes a Journal of 
Transactions and Correspondence of Bernard Gage. See M. R., Vol. xxxix., p. 326 j 
XLii., p. 485. A London sale Catalogue quotes an edition with a Boston imprint. 

American Gardener's Magazine, and Register of Useful Dis- 
coveries and Improvements in Horticulture and Rural Affairs. 
Vol. i.-ii. ... Conducted by C. M. Hovey and P. B. Hovey, 



Jr. Boston : Russell^ Shattuck and IVilliams ; and Hovey and 
Company^ 1835-36. ' 8vo. Continued as the Adagazine of Hor- 
ticulture. H. 1089 

The American Gazetteer ; containing a distinct Account of 
all the Parts of the New World : Their Situation, Climate, Soil, 
Produce, Former and Present Condition ; Commodities, Manu- 
factures, and Commerce. Together with An accurate Account 
of the Cities, Towns, Ports, Bays, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, 
Passes, and Fortifications : The whole intended to exhibit the 
Present State of Things in that part of the Globe, and the Views 
and Interests of the several Powers who have Possessions in 
America. Illustrated with proper Maps. In three volumes. 
London^ J. Millar^ Jjbl. l2mo, pp. xxiv., 324; 348 ; 348. 

A meritorious work. Set M. R., xxv., p. 155. Translated into Italian in 1763. 
See '* II Gazettiere Americano." 

American Geographical and Statistical Society. Annual Re- 
port ... . For ... 1857. Society's Rooms ^ New-Tor k University^ 
1850. 8vo, pp. 50 (i). Continued. -{-Bulletin. Vol. i., for ... 
1852. New Tork^ G. P. Putnam^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 79 (i). Con- 
tinued. -h Catalogue of the Library ... . Compiled by E. R. 
Straznicky. New Tork^ G. B. Teubner^ Printer^ 1857. ^^^^ PP- 
32. -h Charter and By-Laws. New Tork^ 1852. 8vo.-f Also, i860. 
8vo, pp. 3 1. -|- Proceedings ... . V^ol. i. New York [1863]. 8vo. 
-^Statement of the Objects and Organization. New Tork^ 1856. 
8vo, pp. 2i. + Also, New Tork^ 1857. 8vo, pp. 14. 1091 

American Geographical and Statistical Society. The Polar 
Exploring Expedition. A Special Meeting ... held March 22, 
i860. New Tork^ i860. 8vo, pp. 40. Map. H. 1092 

The American Gift-Book, containing Washington's Farewell 
Address, the Constitution of the United States, Sketches of 
Washington, &c. New Tork^ 1859. i2mo. '093 

American Glory. See Free Trade. 

The American Guide Book ; being a Hand-Book for Tourists 
and Travellers through every part of the United States. New 
Tork and Philadelphia^ l%^6. i2mo. I094 

The American Historical Magazine. Vol. i. Nos. i to 6. 



January to June, 1836. New Haven^ William Storer^ Jr.^ 1836. 
8vo, pp. 240. 1095 

No more published. It contains much matter relating to New England not to be 
found elsewhere } among other things a life of Gov. Eaton. 

American Historical Magazine. Vol. i. No. i. January, 
1850. New Tork^ 1850. 1096 

Transactions of the American Historical Society. Vol. i. 
Washington^ 1839. 8vo. IO97 

American Historical Tales. New York ^Appleton^\%^o , i2mo. 

American Historical Tales for Youth. New Tork^ 1831, &c. 
i8mo, pp.'204, 177, 174. 1099 

The Lives of John Smith, Boone, and Randolph, in one volume. 

American History and Biography, etc. New Tork^ C. Lohman^ 
1838. i8mo, pp. vi., 258. iioo 

American Home Missionary Society Report. New Tork^ 
1826. Continued. iioi 

American Homestead Association. Proposals to establish the 
... Association. \_Washington^ 1865.] Broadside. h. iioij 

The American Hunter, a Tale, from Incidents which hap- 
pened during the War with America. To which is annexed a 
Somersetshire Story. London^ Kearsley^ 1788. l2mo. il02 

Sec the M. R., lxxix., p. 170. 

American Husbandry. See [Young (Arthur)]. 

The American in Algiers, or the Patriot of '76 in Captivity; 
A Poem. New York^ ^191' i2mo. 1103 

The American in Algiers. A Poem. Canto 11. [No im- 
print.] i2mo. M. 1104 

American Independence the Interest of Great Britain. See 
[Cartwright (John)]. 

American Institute. Journal ... a Monthly Publication de- 
voted to Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactures, and the Arts, 
accompanied with Public Documents. New York^ 1836-40. 4 
vols., 8vo. 1105 

Transactions of the American Institute. Annual Report made 
to the Legislature. Albany^ 1842. 8vo. Continued. 1106 



Alphabetical and Analytical Catalogue of the American Insti- 
tute Library. With the Rules and Regulations, &c. New 
York^ W. L. S. Harrison^ Printer^ 1 852. 8vo, pp. 8, 212. H. 

American Institute of Instruction, Act of Incorporation, By- 
Laws, &c. Boston^ 1 83 1. 1 2mo.-f Introductory Lectures. Bos- 
ton^ 1 83 1. 8vo. 1 108 

Continued annually. The later volumes include " The Journal of Proceedings, and 
a List of the Officers." 

American International Relief Committee for the Suffering 
Operatives of Great Britain. Report ... 1862-63. New Tork^ 
Printed hy C. A. Alvord^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 72. H. 1 109 

Relates to the cotton famine. 

The American Jest Book, containing a Choice Selection of 
Jests, Anecdotes, Bon Mots, Stories, &c. Printed at Harris- 
burgh ^ for C. Carey ^ of Philadelphia^ ^79^- 8vo. 1 1 10 

This scarce book is one of the earliest publications of its kind in the United States. 

American Journal of Conchology. Edited by G. W. Tryon, 
Junr. Vol. I. Philadelphia^ 1865. 8vo, pp. viii., 387. 30 
Plates. nil 

American Journal of Education. For ... 1826-1829. Vol. 
i.-iv. Boston^ 1826-29. 8vo. 1 1 12 

Monthly. Edited by W. Russell. Continued in the " American Annals cJf Edu- 

The American Journal of Education and College Review. 
Published monthly. Editors : Absalom Peters, d.d., Henry 
Barnard, ll.d. Vol. i. August, 1855-January, 1856. No. 
1-2. New Tork^ N. A. C^//f/«j [1855-56]. 8vo. 11 13 

After these two numbers the editors separated, and established independent jour- 
nals, Mr. Peters taking as associate editor Hon. S. S. Randall, and also in No. 8, 
sqq., Alexander Wilder, m.d. Mr. Barnard's Journal dropped the words '' and Col- 
lege Review" from the title. Nos. i and 2 also appeared as 

The American Journal of Education. Published bi-monthly. 
Edited by Henry Barnard, ll.d. Vol. i. 1856. Nos. i and 
2. Second Edition. Originally issued as Nos. i. and IL of the 
American Journal of Education and College Review. Hartford^ 
F. C. BrQwnell\\^^^'\. 8vo. Continued. 1114 

With numerous biographies and portraits. Vol. xi. is also "New Series. Vol. i." 

American Journal of Geology and Natural Science. Con- 


ducted by G. W. Featherstonhaugh, 1831. Philadelphia^ 183 1. 
Svo. 1 1 15 

American Journal of Improvements in the Useful Arts, and 
Mirror of the Patent Office in the United States. By I. L. 
Skinner. Assisted by Uriah Brown. Washington^ 1828. 8vo. 

Vols, i.-n., New Series. Vol. i., 1831. 

American Journal of Indigenous Materia Medica, and Re- 
pertory of Medical Science. Conducted by B. Keith, m.d. 
Vol. I. No. I. November, i860. New Tork^ i860. 8vo. 

The American Journal of Insanity, edited by the Officers of 
the New York State Lunatic Asylum, Utica. Volume i. 
JJtica^ 1844-5. 8^o? PP* 39^- Continued. h. 1118 

Vol. IV., sqq., " Printed at the Asylum.'"'' 

American Journal of Numismatics and Bulletin of the Ameri- 
can Numismatic and Archaeological Society. New York^ Edward 
Cogan^ 1866. Rl. 8vo. 1119 

The American Journal of Science, more especially of Miner- 
alogy, Geology, and the other branches of Natural History ... . 
Conducted by Benjamin Silliman ... . New York (ii.-l.). New 
Haven^ i8i8-[47]. 50 vols. Second Series. Vol. i. New 
Haven [1846]. 8vo. Continued. 1120 

Conducted by Prof. B. Silliman to January, 18385 to October, 1845, by Profs. B. 
Silliman and B. Silliman, Junr. ; afterward by Profs. B. Silliman, B. Silliman, Junr., 
and J. D. Dana, aided subsequently to May, 1 851, by Prof. A. Gray, Prof. L. Agassiz, 
Dr. W. I. Burnett, and Dr. W. Gibbs. Vol. 50 is " General Index to Vol. 1-49," 
and the Preface contains a history of the work} No. 30 of "Second Series'* is " Gen- 
eral Index to Vol. i-ioj" No. 60 is "General Index of Vol. H-20}" No. 90 is 
"General Index to Vol. 21-30." The First Series was quarterly, the Second is bi- 

The American Journal of the Medical Sciences. Edited by 
Isaac Hays, m.d. Vol. i. Philadelphia^ 1827. 8vo. 1121 

First Series, Vol. i.-xxvi. New Series, continued. 

The American Kalendar, or United States Register for the 
year 1794. To be continued annually. Philadelphia^ 1794* 
l2mo, pp. \%'] .-Y London^ Reprinted for y. Debrett., ^ 794- i2mo, 
pp. 187. 1122 

Highly commended in the Monthly Re'vieiv, Vol. xv., p. 338. The last of which I 
find a notice is dated 1798. 

The American Keepsake ... with a Steel-Plate Engraving of 


all the Presidents of the United States, and containing the 
Declaration of Independence ... Constitution of the United 
States ... Washington's Inaugural Address, First Annual Mes- 
sage, and his Farewell Address ... . To which is added Date of 
Formation of State Constitutions, Qualifications of Voters ... in 
each State ; Qualifications for Governors, Senators and Repre- 
sentatives in the Different States. ... To which is appended the 
New Postage Law of 1845, Entire. Boston^ 1845. i2mo, pp. 
75. H. 1 1 23 

The American Laborer : Devoted to the cause of Protection 
to Home Industry. Vol. i. New Tork^ 1842-3. 8vo. 11 24 

The American Landscape, No. i. Containing ... Views ... . 
Engraved from Original and Accurate Drawings ... and from 
well authenticated Pictures ; with Historical and Topographical 
Illustrations. New Tork^ Elam Bliss^ 1830. 4to, pp. 16. 6 
Plates. H. 1 1 25 

American Legal Association. Manual of the ... Association: 
containing its Plan, Constitution and Secretary's Report, to- 
gether with the Catalogue of its Members, embracing the ... 
Address of at least one ... Lawyer at almost every Village and 
City in the Union. Also, The Legal Forms for the acknowl- 
edgment of Deeds and the Rates of Interest in every State. 
New Tork^ J^^^t 1851. 8vo, pp. 31 (i). h. 1126 

American Liberty, A Poem. [Mottoes.] New York^ Printed 
by J. Anderson^ at Beekman Sltp^ mdcclxxv. 8vo. p. 1127 

American Literary Association. Constitution. Philadelphia^ 
1809. i6mo, pp. 16. p. 1128 

The American Literary Gazette. See American Publishers' 

The American Literary Magazine. — Monthly — By T. Dwight 
Sprague. Vol. l. Albany^ Printed by Joel Munsell^ 1847. ^^^^ 
pp. iv., 392. Continued. h. 1129 

Vol. III., &c., Hartford, Printed by J. Gaylord Wells. Contains many biographies 
and portraits. 

American Lyceum of Science and the Arts, Composed of 
Associations for Mutual Instruction, &c. Worcester^ 1827, 
8vo. 1129^ 

American Lyceum, or Society for the Improvement of Schools, 


and Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. [Prospectus.] Boston^ T. 
R. Marvin^ Printer^ 1829. 8vo, pp. 16. + Proceedings of the 
Convention held in New- York, 1831, 32, to organize the Na- 
tional Department of the Institution. Boston^ 1831. 8vo. -|- 
Also, Proceedings July, 1832. No. i. New Tork^ 1832. 8vo. 

The American Magazine, a Monthly Miscellany, devoted to 
Literature, Science, History, Biography, and the Arts ; includ- 
ing also State Papers and Public Documents, with ... Public 
News, and Passing Events .... Vol. i. Albany^ 18 15. 8vo. H. 

The American Magazine and Historical Chronicle. ... Boston^ 
Rogers ajid Foiule^ 1743-46. 3 vols., 8vo. M. 1 132 

The American Magazine and Monthly Chronicle for the 
British Colonies. Volume i. Containing From October 1757 
to October 1758 inclusive. By a Society of Gentlemen. ... 
Phiiadelphia^WiUiam Bradford[l']^'j-^%']. 8vo, pp. 656 (6). H. P. 

The American Magazine and Repository of Useful Literature. 
Edited by John S. Wood, m.d., and Barnabas Wood, assisted by 
several Literary Gentlemen. Albany^ 1841-42. 8vo. Vol. I ; 
Vol. 2, 3 nos. 1 134 

American Magazine. Containing a Miscellaneous Collection 
of Original and other Valuable Essays ... . [Edited by Noah 
Webster.] New Tork^ Printed by Samuel Loudon^ Dec. 1787 to 
Nov. 1788. 8vo, pp. 882. H. 1 135 

The American Magazine for [the Year] 1769. Philadelphia^ 
1769. 8vo. p. 1136 

Edited by Lewis Nicola. Nine numbers only published. " The Transactions of the 
American Philosophical Society" for 1768, 8vo, pp. 118, are usually added. 

American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge. 
... Boston.^ 'John L. Sibley and James B. Dow^ 1834-37. 3 vols., 
8vo. Woodcuts. H. 1 137 

The American Magazine of Wit. A Collection of Anecdotes, 
Stories, and Narratives, Humorous, Marvellous, Witty, Queer, 
Remarkable, and Interesting. Partly Selected, and Partly Ori- 
ginal. With Plates, By A Judge Of the Convivial Court of 
Dover, Aided by a Jury of Odd Fellows. New Tork^ H. C. 
Southwick, 1803. i2mo, pp. 346. Frontispiece folded, and 
plate. -1- Another Edition. New Tork^ 1808. i2mo, pp. 332. 


American Magazine ; or, Monthly View of the Political State 
of the British Colonies: for March, 1741. 8vo. c. 1139 

The American Mail-Bag ; or, Tales of the War. London^ 
Ward & Lock^ 1863. Fcap 8vo, pp. 348. 1140 

American Mariners. See [Davis (John)]. 

American Mechanics' Magazine : containing Useful Original 
Matter ... as well as Selections ... . Conducted by Associ- 
ated Mechanics. [A weekly paper.] New Tork^ Published by 
James V. Seaman^ 1825, 1826. Vols, i., 11. pp. 412, 299. P. 

Only two volumes published. 

American Medical Association. Laws and Regulations ... 
with a Short Account of the Educational and Benevolent Insti- 
tutions of Philadelphia. ... Philadelphia^ Printed by T. K. and P. 
G. Collins^ 1855. i8mo, pp. 127. Map. + With a Sketch of 
Detroit, and a Brief History of the University of Michigan, and 
of the Development of the Resources of the State. ... Detroit^ 
Printed by R. F. Johnstone^ 1856. i2mo, pp. 92. Plate. H. 

There are probably other similar volumes. The Sketch of Detroit " is made up of 
extracts from ' Sketches,' etc., by Robert E. Roberts." 

American Medical Association Transactions. Vol. i. Phila- 
delphia^ 1850. 8vo. Continued. 1143 

American Medical Recorder. Conducted by J. Eberle, G. S. 
Pattison, H. W. Ducachet [etc.] Vol. i. Philadelphia^ 18 18. 
8vo. Continued. 1^44 

American Medical Register. See Hosack (Dr.) 

American Medical Times. Being a Weekly Series of the 
New York Journal of Medicine. Vol. i. No. i. June 2, 
i860. New Tork^ i860. 8vo, pp. 18. 1145 

American Memoranda. 6"^^? [Lumsden (James) ]. 

American Military Biography ; containing the Lives, Charac- 
ters and Anecdotes of the Officers of the Revolution, who were 
most Distinguished in Achieving our National Independence. 
Also The Life of Gilbert Motier Lafayette, Major General in 
the Continental Army, &c. Printed for Subscribers^ 1^2^- i2mo, 
pp. xxiii., 240, 184. Plates. + Another Edition. Cincinnati^ 
1831. i2mo. 1146 


The American Military Pocket Atlas ; Being an approved Col- 
lection of Correct Maps, both General and Particular, of The 
British Colonies, Especially those which now are, or probably 
may be. The Theatre of War. Taken principally from the 
Actual Surveys and judicious Observations of Engineers De 
Brahm and Romans ; Cook, Jackson and Collet ; Maj. Holland, 
and other Officers, Employed in His Majesty's Fleets and 
Armies. London^ R. Sayer and J. Bennet [1776]. 8vo, pp. viii. ; 
List of Maps, I leaf; 6 Maps, folded. 1147 

There are copies in which the title varies from the above, but the collation is the 
same. See Stevens's Nuggets, Nos. 86, 87. 

American Mineralogical Journal. Conducted by Archibald 
Bruce, m.d., &c. New Tork^ 1810. Vol. i, 8vo. 1148 

The American Miscellany of Popular Tales, Essays, Sketches 
of Character, Poetry, and Jeux d'Esprit. London^ 1840. 8vo. 

History of the American Missionary Association : its Consti- 
tution and Principles, Third Edition, revised and enlarged. New 
Tork^ i860. 24mo, pp. 72. h. 1149J 

The American Mock-Bird, a Collection of the most Familiar 
Songs now in Vogue. New Tork^ 1760. i2mo. 11 50 

The American Monitor. A Political, Historical and Com- 
mercial Magazine, Devoted to the Affairs of South America. 
1824-25. 2 vols., 8vo. 1151 

Includes, also, military and mining information. 

American Monitor, or the Republican Magazine for Oct. 
1785. Boston^ ijSS' Vol.1. No. I. 4to. 1152 

American Monthly Magazine. New Tork^ 1833-38. 12 
vols., 8vo. 1 153 

First series, six volumes, edited by H. W. Herbert and A. D. Patterson. Second 
series, six volumes, edited by Charles F. Hoffman and Park Benjamin. 

American Monthly Magazine and Critical Review. New 
Tork^ 1817-18. 4 vols., 8vo. H. 1 154 

Vol. I. was edited by H. Biglow j 11. and iii. by H. Biglow and O. L. Holley ,• iv. 
by O. L. Holley, De Witt Clinton, Dr. Mitchell, J. K. Paulding, and other eminent 
men, contributed to this magazine. 

American Monthly Magazine and Review. New York^ 1799* 
1800. 2 vols., 8vo. 1 155 


The American Monthly Magazine. [Edited by Jas. 
McHenry.] Philadelphia^ \^2^. 2 vols., 8vo. 1156 

American Monthly Magazine : edited by N. P. Willis. Vol. 
I. -III. Boston^ 1829-31. 3 vols., 8vo. 11 57 

American Monthly Review. Cambridge and Boston^ 1832- 
1833. 4 vols., 8vo. 1 158 

The American Monthly Review ; or Literary Journal, from 
January to April, inclusive, 1795, with an appendix. Philadel- 
phia^ I'jc)^. Vol. I., 8vo. 1 159 

American Moral and Sentimental Magazine : Edited by T. 
Kirk. New Tor k^ I ']()']. Vols. i. and 11., 8 vo. 11 60 

Includes a long dissertation on the Welch Indians. 

The American Museum : Antiquities, Curiosities, Beauties 
and Varieties of Nature and Art in America. 1823. i8mo. 

The American Museum, or Repository of Ancient and 
Modern Fugitive Pieces, Prose and Poetical. ... Philadelphia^ 
Printed by Mathew Carey^ m.dcc.lxxxvii.-m.dcc.xcii. 12 
vols., 8vo. H. & M. 1162 

Vol. I., 2 p. 1., pp. xvi., 576. Vol. II., pp. 600, 22 published in 1787. Vol. in., pp. 
xvi.. 603 (i). Vol. IV., pp. 592, published in 1788. Vol. v., The American Museum, 
or Universal Magazine: containing, Essays on Agriculture — Commerce — Manufactures — 
Natural and Civil History and Biography — Law Information — Public Papers — Intelli- 
gence — Moral Tales — Ancient and Modern Poetry, &c. &c. For the Year 1789. 
First Part, From January to June. Philadelphia, Carey, Stewart & Co., 1789. pp. 
628. Vol. VI., returned to the first title, pp. 4925 Proceedings of Congress, pp. 46, 
Index, pp. (6); published in 1789. Vol. vn., with same title as Vol. vi., pp. 344, 
and Appendices 44, 44, 44, 40, and Index (4). Vol. viii., pp. 288 and App. 40, 80, 
20, 52, in 1790. Vol. IX., pp. 344 and App. 48, 40, 48. Vol x., pp. 308, App. 
36, 48, 44, in 1791. Vol. XI., pp. 308, App. 36, 92, 48 (8). Vol. xii., pp. 352 
and App. 36, 44, 40. "This work was printed and edited by Mathew Carey. 'I 
was much attached to this work, and had great reluctance to abandon it, unpro- 
ductive and vexatious as was the management of it ; but at length I sang its requiem, 
at the close of the year 1792. That it had considerable merit is universally acknowl- 
edged j and there is no vanity in the declaration, as the work did not contain a single 
essay of my own. The whole of my labour consisted in the selection of its contents, 
and the addition occasionally of a few notes, of little importance.' — M. Carey's 
Autobiography, in Neiv Eng. Mag. Washington said that a more useful literary plan 
had never been undertaken in America, or one more deserving of public encourage- 
ment," — Rich. Resumed as: 

The American Museum : or. Annual Register of Fugitive 
Pieces, Ancient and Modern. For the Year 1798. [Motto.] 
Philadelphia^ Mathew Carey., 7""^ 20, m.dccxcix. 8vo, pp. 
416 (5) i Table, folded. Not continued. H. ii62<7 



American Musical Miscellany : a Collection of the Newest 
and most Approved Songs, set to Music. Northampton^ Mass.^ 
ijgS. i2mo. 1163 

Contains "Major Andre's Song to Delia." See page 198. 

American Nationality. From the Biblical Repertory and Prince- 
ton Review, for October, 1861. Philadelphia^ Peter Walker. 
8vo, pp. 37. 1 164 

American Naval Battles : Being a Complete History of the 
Battles Fought by the Navy of the United States from its Estab- 
lishment in 1794 to the Present Time, including the Wars with 
France, and with Tripoli, the Late Wars with Great Britain and 
with Algiers : with an Account of the Attack on Baltimore, 
and of the Battle of New Orleans. With Twenty-one Elegant 
Engravings, Representing Battles, &c. Boston^ J. J. Smithy Jr.^ 
MDCCCXXxi. 8vo, pp. 278.4- Same. Boston^ Charles Gaylord^ 
1837. 8vo. 1165 

Attributed to H. Kimball. Some copies are dated 1840. 

The American Nepos : a Collection of the Lives of the most 
Remarkable and the most Eminent Men, who have contributed 
to the Discovery, the Settlement, and the Independence of 
America. ... Baltimore^ G. Douglas^ 1805. i2mo, 2 p. 1., pp. 
xi. (i), 384. Portrait. + Same. Second Edition. Baltimore^ 
John Vance & Co.., 181 1. l2mo, pp. 408. H. 1166 

American Normal School Association. American Normal 
Schools : Their Theory, their Workings, and their Results, as 
embodied in the Proceedings of the First Annual Convention of 
the ... Association, held at Trenton, New Jersey, August 19 
and 20, 1859. ^^^ Tork., A. S. Barnes zff Burr., i860. 8vo, 
pp. 113. Illustrations. H. 1167 

American Notes and Queries. [Nos. i to 4. Philadelphia.^ 
W. Brotherhead., 1857.] ^^^^ PP* '^°- '^^^ 

The first edition of No ii. was canceled and reprinted. The work died, as it 
deserved, at the fourth number. 

American Numismatic Society. Constitution and By-Laws 
... . Adopted September, 1858. New York., 1858, 32mo, pp. 8. 

The American Odd-Fellows Museum ... to which is pre- 
fixed a concise view of the Origin, Character, and Extent of the 
Order in America. New York., 1856. 2 vols., 8vo. 1170 


American Orator : containing Two Hundred Specimens of 
American Eloquence, with the Declaration of Independence. 
Worcester^ Z. Baker ii Cb., 1855. 1 1 71 

American Orator's Own Book, being Selections from the 
ablest English and American Orators. New Tork^ 1855, &c. 
i2mo, pp. 250. 1 1 72 

American Oratory, or Selections from the Speeches of Eminent 
Americans. Compiled by a Member of the Philadelphia Bar. 
Philadelphia^ Biddle^ 1842. 8vo, pp. viii., 531. + 1836. 8vo.4- 

1853- I173 

American Peace Society. Petition in behalf of stipulated 
arbitration ... to the Senate of the United States, 1853. ^vo, 
pp. 4.+ Annual Reports, 1829, &c. 11 74 

American Philosophical Society, for promoting Useful Knowl- 
edge. Celebration of the Hundredth Anniversary, on the 25th 
May, 1843 ' ^^^^ ^ Discourse by Dr. Patterson, on the Origin, 
Progress and Labours of the Society, followed by the Proceed- 
ings at a special meeting held on the 26, 27, 29 and 30th May, 
in further celebration of the occasion, with abstracts of scientific 
papers then read, &c. Philadelphia^ 1843. 8vo, pp. 232. 

Included in Vol. in. of the Proceedings. 

Catalogue of the Library of the American Philosophical So- 
ciety, held at Philadelphia for promoting Useful Knowledge. 
Published by order of the Society. Philadelphia^ Joseph R. J. 
Skerrett^ 1824. 8vo, pp. xv., 290. 1 176 

Catalogue of the American Philosophical Society Library. 
Part I., II. ... Philadelphia^ Caxton Press of C. Sherman.^ Son iff Co. 
[1863-66]. 8vo, pp. 634. H. 1 177 

Laws and Regulations of the American Philosophical So- 
ciety. Philadelphia, i8i4.-|-Laws and Regulations adopted June 
21, 1833. Philadelphia, 1833. 8vo, pp. 46 {i).4-As finally 
amended and adopted, December 16, 1859. Together with the 
Charter of the Society, and a List of its Members. Philadel- 
phia, i860. 8vo, pp. 80. H. II 78 

American Philosophical Society, &c. List of the Members 
... . [Philadelphia, 1865 .?]. 8vo, pp. 56, 6 (2). H. I179 

Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, held at 


Philadelphia, for promoting Useful Knowledge. Philadelphia^ 
1840-65. 9 vols., 8vo. H. 1 180 

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, held at 
Philadelphia, for promoting Useful Knowledge. Vols, i.-vi., 
1 769-1 809. 6 vols., 4to. Philadelphia^ 1771-1809. + Vol. i. 
Second edition, corrected. Philadelphia^ 1789. 4to. 1181 

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, held at 
Philadelphia, for promoting Useful Knowledge. New Series. 
Vol.1. Philadelphia^ iSiS. 4to. Continued. 1182 

Transactions of the Historical & Literary Committee of the 
American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for pro- 
moting Useful Knowledge. Philadelphia^ iSig^'^S '4.^' 3 vols., 
8vo, pp. iv., 464 (i) ; xxii., 375 (i) ; 99. 1 183 

Contents: Preliminaries, pp. 54. I. An account of the History, Manners and 
Customs of the Indian Nations, who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighbour- 
ing States, by the Rev. John Heckewelder, pp. 348 (N. A. R., ix., p. 155). 2. Cor- 
respondence between Mr. Heckewelder and Mr. Duponceau, on the languages of 
the American Indians, pp. 351-448. 3. Words, Phrases, and Short Dialogues in 
the Language of the Lenni Lenape, by Mr. Heckewelder, pp. 451-464. Vol. 11. 
has the title-page : A Dissertation on the Nature and Character of the Chinese 
System of Writing ... . By Peter S. Duponceau ... A Vocabulary of the Cochin- 
chinese Language, by Father Joseph Morrone ... with Notes ... by M. de la 
Paleen ... and A Cochinchinese and Latin Dictionary ... . Vol. in. contains, i. His- 
torical Sketch of Continental Paper Money. By Samuel Breck. pp. 40. 2. The 
Social and Intellectual State of the Colony of Pennsylvania prior to the year 1743. 
By Job R. Tyson, pp, 41-63. 3. Biographical Notice of Edward Livingston. By 
Henry D. Gilpin, pp. 65-84. 4. The Effects of Secluded and Gloomy Imprison- 
ment on Individuals of the African Variety of Mankind in the Production of Disease. 
By Benjamin H. Coates, m.d. pp. 85-99. 

The American Pioneer. A Monthly Periodical, devoted to 
the Objects of the Logan Historical Society, or to Collecting 
and Publishing Sketches relative to the Early Settlement and 
Successive Improvement of the Country. Illustrated. Second 
Edition. Cincinnati^ 1842-43. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 448, 480. 

Edited by John S. Williams. The first edition of Vol. i. was published at Chili- 
cothe, 1842. 

The American Pioneer : with a New and Useful Plan to 
establish Free Labor, in the United States. By an American. 
Boston^ Allen ^ Co.^ 1854. l2mo, pp. 24. H. 1 185 

American Poems. Original and selected. Vol. i. Litchfield^ 



Printed by Collier and 5W[i793]. i2mo, pp. vili., 304; List, 
3 1. ; Errata, i 1. 1186 

"Said to be Dr. E. H, Smith's collection. That keen piece of satire on Gen. 
Ethan Allen (page 142) is by the celebrated Dr. Lemuel Hopkins." — Kilbourne. 

American Poetical Miscellany. Original and Selected. Phila- 
delphia^ R. Johnson^ 1809. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. 300, 304. 1187 

Contains " A Sketch of the Life of Gen. Greene," by Mathew Carey. 

American Political and Military Biography. ... Part 1. The 
Political Lives and Public Characters of the Presidents of the 
United States, and other Distinguished Public Men. Part ii. 
The Lives, Characters, and Anecdotes of the Military and Naval 
Officers of the Revolution ... . [n. p.], 1825. i2mo, pp. 424. H. 

American Political Manual, containing the Constitution of 
the United States, Declaration of Independence, and Washing- 
ton's Farewell Address, v^^ith copious Index. Philadelphia [n. d.] 
i2mo. 1 189 

The American Preacher. See [Austin (David)]. 

American Principles. See [Adams (J. Q.) ] 

American Publishers' Circular and Literary Gazette. Vol. i. 
September, 1855. ^^'^ Tork^ 1855-61. 7 vols., 4to. 1190 

Continued as the American Literary Ga-zette. 

The American Quarterly Church Review and Ecclesiastical 
Register. New Haven^ afterward New York^ 1858, etc. 8vo. 

Previously The Church Review. 

American Pharmaceutical Association. History of its Forma- 
tion. \_Philadelphia.^ 185-]. 8vo, pp. lO. H. 1 192 

American Pharmaceutical Association. Proceedings at the 
[Second] — Thirteenth Annual Meeting. Philadelphia^ Merrihew 
and Thompson (1864-65, Merrihew & Son)., Printers., 1853-65. 

8V0. H. I 193 

The "National Pharmaceutical Convention," held at Philadelphia, Oct. 6. 1852, 
is considered as the Jirst meeting of the Association. 

American Pulpit : Sermons by Eminent Orators. London., 
Hamilton., 1852. 8vo. 1 194 

American Quarterly Observer. Vol. i., July, 1833; Vol. 
III., Oct. 1834. Boston, 8vo. 1 195 


American Quarterly Observer. Vol. i., No. i., July. Bos- 
ton^ 1838. 8vo. 1 196 

The American Quarterly Register and Magazine. ... Con- 
ducted by James Strvker. May, 1848, to December, 1849. ^'^^^• 
i.-iii. ... Philadelphia, E. C. iff J. Biddle [1848-49]. 3 vols., 

8vO. H. 1 197 

For remaining volumes, see Stryker (J.) 

The American Quarterly Register. ... Vol. iv.-xv. Boston, 
Perkins and Marvin (afterwards T. R. Marvin), 1832-43. 12 

vols., 8vO. H. I 198 

Vols. I. and ii. were entitled " Quarterly Register and Journal of the American Edu- 
cation Society." Ando-ver, Flagg and Gould, 1829. Vol. in., "The Quarterly Reg- 
ister of the . .. Society." Boston, Perkins & Marvin, 1 83 1. Vols. i. and 11,, con- 
ducted by Rev. E. E. Cornelius and B. B. Edwards ; iv.-xi., by Edwards 5 xii., xiii., 
by Edwards and W. Cogswell; xiv., by Edwards and S. H. Riddel; xv., by Rev. 
Samuel H. Riddel. 

The American Quarterly Revievi^. See Walsh (R.) 

American Quarterly Review of the American Protestant As- 
sociation. Edited by R. W. Griswold. Vol. i. Philadelphia, 
1844. 8vo. 1 199 

The American Querist. See [Cooper (Myles)]. 

American Question. A Letter from a Calm Observer to a 
noble Lord, on the subject of the late Declaration relative to the 
Orders in Council. London, Gale and Curtis, i8i2. pp. i6, 

8vO. H. 1200 

The American Question, and How to Settle It. London, 
Sampson Low & Co,, 1863. Post 8vo, pp. 313. 1201 

The American Question. Secession. Tariff. Slavery. Brigh- 
ton, Harry Taylor, 1862. 8vo, pp. 74 — /. e., 73 (i). H. 1202 

American Rail-Road Journal. New York, 1832, &c. 11 
vols., 8vo. Continued in 4to. 1203 

Henry V. Poor, editor. Assistant editors : James T. Hodge, for mining and metal- 
lurgy. Charles T. James, for manufactures and the mechanic arts. M. B. Hewson, 
for civil engineering. 

American Railway Guide, 1851. New Tork, C. Dinsmore. 
Sm. 4to. 1204 

Continued. Published monthly. 


The American Rebellion. By an American Citizen. See 
[Victor (O. J.)] 

American Register. See Walsh (R.) 

The American Register : or General Repository of History, 
Politics, and Science. Philadelphia^ i^tO'j-i^ii. 7 vols., 8vo. s. 

Edited by C. Brockden Brown. Includes many valuable state papers and letters 
by eminent persons not to be found elsewhere. 

The American Register for 1775. New Tork^ "^IIS' 8vo. 

The first book of the kind printed in the Colony of New York. 

American Register, or Summary Review of History, Politics 
and Literature. Philadelphia^ 181 7. 2 vols., 8vo. 1207 

The American Remembrancer ; or. An Impartial Collection 
of Essays, Resolves, Speeches, &c.. Relative, or having Affinity, 
to the Treaty with Great Britain. Philadelphia^ Mathew Carey^ 
1795. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. 288, 288, 312. H. 1208 

American Repertory of Arts, Sciences and Manufactures : 
Edited by J. J. Mapes. New Tork^ 1840-42. 4 vols., 8vo. 

The American Repository of Useful Information ... . To be 
continued Annually. Philadelphia^ B. Davies^ ^195' i8mo, pp. 
42, and 12 blank leaves, each headed with a vignette appropriate 
to a month. H. 1210 

Afterward entitled " The American Repository, and Annual Register of the United 
States," etc. The latest volume I have seen is dated 1803. 

American Resistance Indefensible : a Sermon on the day 
appointed for a General Fast, Dec. 13, 1776. By a Country 
Curate. London^ Gardner^ ^11^- 121 1 

" Contains a brief, but clear and consistent state of our present unhappy conflict in 
America, with strong deductions in favor of the measures of government." — M, R., 
Lv., p. 487. 

American Review. A Whig Journal of Politics, Literature, 
Science and Arts. New Tork^ 1845-47. ^ vols., 8vo.-|-New 
series. Vol. i. to x. New Tork^ 1848-52. 10 vols. I2I2 

The title of the second series is American Whig Review. 

The American Review, and Literary Journal, for the Year 
1 801-1802. New Tor^^ T. & J. Swords.^ 1801-02. 2 vols., 
8vo. H. 1213 

Edited by C. Brockden Brown and others. A continuation of " The Monthly 
Magazine and American Review." 


The American Review of History and Politics, &c. See 
Walsh (R.) 

The American Revolution j vi'ritten in the Style of Ancient 
History. See [Snowden (Richard)]. 

American Sketches. Concord^ N. i/., 1822. 8vo. vf. 12 14 

American Sketches. By a Native of the United States. Lon- 
don^ 1827. i2mo. 1 21 5 

American Sketches, Farmer's Fireside, A Poem. 1823. 
i2mo. 1 2 16 

American Slavery and the Kansas Question, from the " Edin- 
burgh Review^." London^ Longman^ 1856. 8vo. 1217 

American Society for promoting National Unity. ... [Pro- 
gramme, Constitution, and Proposed Members.] New Tork^ 
John F. Trow^ Printer^ 1 86 1. 8 vo, pp. 10, 6. H. 22l8 

American Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Manu- 
factures. Address to the People of the United States. New 
Tork^ 18 1 7. 8vo, pp. 32. 1 219 

American Society for the Promotion of Temperance. See 
American Temperance Society. 

The American Songster : being a select Collection of the most 
celebrated American, English, Scotch and Irish Songs. New 
York^ S. Campbell^ m,dcc,lxxxviii. 8vo, pp. xii., 204. 1220 

The American Spectator, or Matrimonial Preceptor. Adapted 
to the State of Society in the American Republic. Boston^ ^797- 
i2mo. 1 22 1 

The American Spy: Letters written in, London, 1764-65. 
London^ 1786. l2mo. 1222 

The American Spy, a Collection of xxxvi Letters written to 
various persons resident in the Sister Land. London^ Printed for 
the Author^ ^79^- i2mo. 1223 

The American Star, being a Choice Collection of the most 
approved Patriotic and other Songs. Never before published. 
Second Edition. Richmond^ 18 17. i6mo. 1224 


American State Papers. See Washington (George). 

American State Papers, and Correspondence between Messrs. 
Smith, Pinkney, Marquis Wellesley, General Armstrong, M. 
Champagny, M. Turreau, Messrs. Russell, Monroe, Foster, 
&c. Containing also. Papers relative to the Annexation of Hol- 
land to France ; Repeal of the Berlin and Milan Decrees ; Eng- 
lish and Irish Budget; French State Papers, &c. ... Philadel- 
phia^ Printed ; London^ Reprinted for Longman^ Hurst ^ Rees^ Orme^ 
and Brown^ and J, M. Richardson^ l8l2. 8vo, pp. 187, 116; 
3 Tables, folded. h. 1225 

See M. R., n. s., lxix., p. 269. 

American State Papers : containing authentic Documents re- 
lating to the History, Politicks, Statisticks, &c., of the United 
States of America. Communicated to Congress by the President. 
Boston^ 1808. 8vo, pp. 95, 80. 1226 

American State Papers, containing the Correspondence be- 
tween Messrs. Smith, Pinkerton, Marquis Wellesley, &c. Lon- 
don^ 181 1. 8vo, pp. 60. 1227 

American State Papers. Documents, Legislative and Execu- 
tive, of the Congress of the United States, from the First Ses- 
sion of the First to the Second of the Twenty-Second Congress, 
inclusive ... . Selected and edited, under the authority of Con- 
gress, by Walter Lowrie, Secretary of the Senate, and Matthew 
St. Clair Clarke, Clerk of the House of Representatives. Wash- 
ington^ Gales and Seaton^ 1 832-186 1. Folio. First Series, 21 
vols. ; Second Series, 17 vols. 1228 

This important publication is classified as follows, namely : i. Foreign Relations, 
including the Annual Messages of the Presidents (1789-1828), 6 vols. 11. In- 
dian Affairs (1789-1827), comprising, ist. All Documents accompanying Indian 
Treaties} 2nd. Indian Massacres and Depredations; 3rd. Indian Wars; 4th. Efforts 
made for their benefit in Civilization, Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, 2 vols, 
in. Finance (1789-1828), embracing, ist. Public Debt and Public Credit; 2nd. Reve- 
nue, direct and indirect Taxation; 3rd. The Currency ; 4th. The Mint ; 5th. Bank 
of the United States; 6th. Annual Estimates; 7th. Expenses of Collecting Revenue; 
8th. Table of Receipts and Expenditure, 5 vols. iv. Commerce and Navigation 
(1789-1823), embracing, ist. Imports and Exports ; 2nd. Fisheries; 3rd. Lighthouse 
Establishment; 4th. Improvement of Harbours, Rivers, Roads, and Canals; 5th. Ton- 
nage; 6th. Coasting Trade, 3 vols. v. Military Affairs (1789-1838), ist. Army; 
2nd. Military Academy; 3rd. Fortifications; 4th. Armaments, Arms ; 5th. National 
Armories; 6th. Militia, 7 vols. vi. Naval Affairs (1789-1836), 4 vols. vii. 
Post-Office Department (1789-1833), I vol. viii. Public Lands (1789-1837), 8 
vols. IX. Claims (1789-1823), i vol. x. Miscellaneous (1789-1823), 2 vols. 
This valuable work was printed by order of the United States Government, and dis- 
tributed through the Members of Congress. It contains reprints, not only of all the 



early occasional publications of the Congress that could be found, but many important 
papers from the Archives of the Government never before published. The Second 
Series having been published several years after the first, is often found separately, 
and consists of the following : 

American State Papers. Second Series. Washington^ 1858- 
61. 17 vols., folio. 1229 

Foreign Relations, Vols. 5 and 6. Finance, Vols. 4 and 5. Military Affairs, Vols. 
3-7. Naval Affairs, Vols. a-4. Public Lands, Vols. 4-8. The foregoing, with the 
Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, and Congressional Globe, form a tolerably 
complete series of American State Papers to the year i860. For a list of the sources 
of information, see Hickey's Constitutions, Chapter xi. 

American State Papers. Important Documents and Dis- 
patches, which accompanied the Message of the President [John 
Adams] of the United States of America, to both Houses of 
Congress, April 3rd 1798, respecting the difference between 
America and France, including the Instructions to the American 
Envoys, &c. &c. London^ JFright^ 1798. Sm. 4to, pp. 30. 

Same as America and France, No. 1016, with a new title. 

American Statesman Extra Sheet. Substance of a Discussion 
in the Senate, on the Report of a Committee in favor of incor- 
porating Amherst College, [n. p., 1824.] 8vo, pp. 18. h. 

The American Statesman's Kalendar, and Register, for 1813. 
... New-York^ D. Longworth^ 18 13. 36mo, pp. 80. H. 1232 

American Statistical Association. Collections of the Ameri- 
can Statistical Association. Boston^ iS^-j. [1854]. 2 vols., 

8vo. 4- Constitution and By-Laws of the American Statistical 
Association. ... Boston^ 1840; also 1844. 8vo, pp. 24. 4- Con- 
stitution and By-Laws ... with a List of Officers, Fellows, 
and Members, January 1862. Boston^ Press of T. ^. Marvin 
& Son^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 1233 

The American Struggle. Appeal to the People of the North. 
London^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 32. 1234 

American Sunday School Union. The Charter; being a Plain 
Statement of Facts, in relation to an Application to the Legis- 
lature of Pennsylvania, to grant a Charter to the ... Union. 
With the Statement of the Resident Members of the Board of 
Managers, belonging to the Methodist Episcopal Church, in 
reference to Charges made against the Union by the Christian 
Advocate and Journal. Philadelphia^ 1828. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 

Historical Sketch of the American Sunday School Union, and 


of its Contributions to Popular Education in the United States, 
[n. p., 1865.] i2mo, pp. 45. H. 1236 

The American System. See [Hale (Nathan)]. 

The American System. Baltimore^ Lucas ^ Deaver^ 1828. 
8vo, pp. 42. 1237 

American Tears. See [Mather (Cotton)]. 

American Telegraph Magazine. New Tork^ 1852. Vol. i., 
No. I. 8vo. p. 1237^ 

American Temperance Society. First Annual Report of the 
Executive Committee of the American Society for the Promo- 
tion of Temperance. For the Year ending Nov. 1827. An- 
dover^ Printed for the Society by Flagg and Gould^ 1 828. 8vo, pp. 
67 (i). Continued. H. 1238 

American Temperance Union. Ellsworth and his Zouaves. 
\_New Tork^ 1861.] i2mo, pp. 4. H. 1239 

American Temperance Union. Permanent Temperance Doc- 
uments. New Tork^ 1852-53. 3 vols., 8vo. H. 1240 

Vol. I. was published by the Amer, Temp. Society, and contains its Annual Re- 
ports (iv.-ix.) for 1831-36. Vols. II. and iii. contain Reports i.-xvi. of the Amer. 
Temp. Union, for 1837-52. To Vol. in. are appended John Marsh's " Half Cen- 
tury Tribute to the Cause'^of Temperance," " Proceedings of the Fourth National Tem- 
perance Convention," and " Letters from Prof. Stuart of Andover," and others, on the 
Maine Liquor Law — all three published in 185 1. 

American Text Book, containing the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution of the United 
States and Washington's Farewell Address. Cincinnati^ 1850. 
48mo. + Another Edition. Philadelphia^ J. E. Potter & Co., 
1865. i8mo. 1241 

The American Thanksgiving Celebration in Paris, Thursday 
Evening, December 7, 1865. Published by the Committee of 
Arrangements. Paris^ Printed by E. Briere, 1865. 8vo, pp. 33. 

H. 1242 

American Thanksgiving Dinner at St. James's Hall, London, 
Thursday, November 26, 1863. London, William Ridgway^ 
1863. 8vo, pp. 94. H. 1243 

The American Times, a Satire, In Three Parts, In which are- 
delineated the Characters of the Leaders of the American Rebel- 
lion. Amongst the principal are, Franklin, Laurens, Adams, 


Hancock, Jay, Duer, Duane, Wilson, Pulaski, Witherspoon, 
Reed, McKean, Washington, Roberdeau, Morris, Chase, Sec. 
By Camillo Querno, Poet-laureat to the Congress. London^ 
Richardson, 1780. 4to, pp. 40. 1244 

M. R., LXii., p. 495. Reprinted, with Andre's Cow Chace. See No. 1449. 

The American Tract Society, Boston. See [Whipple (C. 

American Tract Society, Boston. A Brief History of the 
Organization and Work of the ... Society. ... Boston, 1855. 
i6mo, pp. 32. H. 1245 

A Brief History of the American Tract Society, instituted at 
Boston, 1 8 14, and its Relations to the American Tract Society 
at New York, instituted 1825. Boston, Press 0/ T. R. Marvin, 
1857. i2mo, pp. 48. H. 1246 

Address of the Executive Committee of the American Tract 
Society to the Christian Public, with a Brief Account of the 
Formation of the Society. New Tork, 1825. 8vo. + Annual 
Report. New Tork, 1826. 8vo. Continued. 1247 

American Tract Society, Boston. Proceedings of the First 
Ten Years of the American Tract Society, instituted at Boston, 
1814. ... \_Jndover'], F/agg & Gould, 1824. i2mo, pp. 215. H. 

American Tract Society, New York. Ten Years of Colpor- 
tage in America. New Tork, 1851. 8vo, pp. 32. h. 1249 

The American Traveller ; being a new Historical Collection, 
carefully compiled from original Memoirs in several languages, 
and the most Authentic Voyages and Travels, containing a com- 
pleate account of that Part of the World, now called the West 
Indies, from its Discovery by Columbus to the Present Time. 
London, Fuller, 1743. 8vo, pp. 396. Portraits. C. 1250 

Mr. Rich gives 1 741 as the date of the first issue, and repeats the title under 1745. 
I have a memorandum of one dated 1751. "This work was published in [18] num- 
bers, inc. appears to be the commencement of an extensive work, but of which no 
more than this volume appeared. It commences with a long introduction on the rise, 
progress and improvement of navigation, which is followed by book i., divided into 
two chapters : one on the peopling of America, and the other, which concludes the 
book, containing an account of the voyages of Columbus," — Rich. 

American Traveller. See [Cluny (Alex.)] 

American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine. Baltimore, 
1830. Vols. I., II. 8vo, pp. 643, 624. P. 1251 


The American Union Commission : its Origin, Operations 
and Purposes. Organized to aid in the Restoration of the 
Union upon the basis of Freedom, Industry, Education and 
Christian Morality, October, 1865. New Tork^ Sanford^ Harroun 
^ Co.^ Printers, 1865. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 1252 

American Union Commission. Speeches of Hon. W. Den- 
nison, Postmaster-General, Rev. J. P. Thompson, d.d.. Presi- 
dent of the Commission, Col. N. G. Taylor, of East Tennes- 
see, Hon. J. R. Doolittle, U. S. Senate, Gen. J. A. Garfield, m.c, 
in the Hall of Representatives, Washington, Feb. 12, 1865. 
New York, Printed by Sanford, Harroun iff Co., 1865. 8vo, pp. 
43- H. 1253 

American Union Commission. To the Honorable, the Com- 
mittee of the House of Representatives ... upon Military Affairs, 
[n. p., 1865 ?]. 8vo, pp. 4. H. 1254 

Facts and suggestions concerning the condition of the refugees. 

The American Union shown to be the New Heaven. See 
[Hunt (J.)] 

American Unitarian Association. The Quarterly Journal of 
the ... Association. Vol. i.-vii. Boston, 1853-59. i2mo.4- 
Continued as The Monthly Journal ... . Vol. i. Boston, i860. 
i2mo. H. 1255 

Vol. II., No. 10 (Oct., 1861), of the Monthly Journal was an "Army Number," 
devoted to hymns and patriotic songs for the soldiers. 

American Unitarian Biography. See Ware (W.) 

American Universal Magazine. Philadelphia, 1795-98. 4 
vols., 8vo. Portraits. 1256 

The American Village, and other Poems. [About 1780.] 
Sm. 4to, pp. 28. 1257 

The American Wanderer through Various Parts of Europe, in 
a Series of Letters to a Lady. Interspersed with a Variety of 
interesting Anecdotes. By a Virginian. London, Printed for J. 
Robson, MDCCLXxxiii. 8vo, pp. xvi., 422. + Reprinted. Dublin, 
B. Smith, MDCCLXXXIII. i2mo, pp. xxiii., 288. 1258 

By a Loyalist refugee. See M. R., lxix., 182. 

The American War. A Letter to an English Friend. New 
York, 1863. 8vo. 125^ 


The American War, a Poem. See [Cockings (George)]. l 

American Weekly Messenger ; or, Register of State Papers, 
History and Politics. Vol. i., 11. Philadelphia^ 18 13-15. 8vo. 

Edited by John Conrad, and abounding with documents relating to the War of 1 8 12. i 

The American Whig Review. ... Vol. i.-xiii. New Tork^ j 
1845-51. 8vo. 1 26 1 j 

Vols. i,-x. are entitled " The American Review ; a Whig Journal," &c. See No. 
II12. Vol. vii.-xiii. are also designated, " New Series. Vol. i.-vii." 

American Wit and Humor. Illustrated by J. M^Lenan. { 

New Tork^ Harper &' Bro's [1859]. ^^o? PP- ^^^- ^- ^262 ' 

Gathered mainly from the Drawer of Harper's Magazine. ! 

American Young Man's Best Companion. IVorcester^ 1785. 
l2mo. + Same. Walpole^ N. if., 1794. i2mo. 1263 

Die Americanische Seerauber. See Exquemeling. ' 

Americano, Argonauta de las Costas de Nueva-Espana y j 
Tierra-Firme. [n. p., 17-.] 8vo. 1264 

A very suspicious title, from one of Stargardt's catalogues. ! 

The Americans, by an " American in London." See [Colton 


Americans against Liberty. See [Serle (Ambrose)]. 

The Americans as they are ; described in a Tour through ; 
the Valley of the Mississippi. By the Author of " Austria as it 

is." London^ Hurst ^ Chance and Co.^ 1828. i2mo, 2 p. 1., pp. j 

vi., Contents, 2 1., pp. 218, Table, 2 1. h. 1265 j 

See N. A. R., xxvni., 415. "This work is written in a similar spirit to 'The j 

United States of North America as they are.' " The preface appears to have been \ 

copied from it. " There is a petulant, cynical, dissatisfied tone about his details of ] 

American life, which creates a suspicion that he does not mean to deal fairly by \ 

them." — M. R., Vol. cxv., 448. The North American Revieiv gives rather a ' 

favorable opinion of it. | 


Americans at Home ; or Byeways, Backwoods, &c. London^ \ 
Hurst^ 1850. 3 vols., post 8vo. 1266 J 

Americans Defended by an American ; being a Letter in An- j 
swer to Inquiries concerning the late Imputations of Dishonour ] 
upon the United States. London^ 1844. 8vo. 1267 j 

The American's Dream ; or, Partial Downfall of Liberty and 



its Ultimate Triumph over Tyranny. By Thomas The Seer. 
[1862.] i2mo, pp. 24. 1268 

American's Guide; comprising the Constitution of the United 
States and Constitutions of the several States composing the 
Union, etc. Philadelphia^ 1864. i2mo. 1269 

American's Guide. Comprising the Constitution of the United 
States, with the Latest Amendments. Also, the Declaration of 
Independence, Articles of Confederation, with the Federal Con- 
stitution, and Acts for the Government of the Territories. Phila- 
delphia^ 1 813. i2mo, pp. 380. + Trenton^ 18 13. i2mo.+ P/'//^- 
^/^//)/;/^, 1828. + 1830. -h 1832. i2mo.+ i833. i2mo, pp. 402. 
-I- 1840.4- 1849. 1270 

The American's Guide : Comprising the Declaration of In- 
dependence ; The Articles of Confederation ; the Constitution 
of the United States, and the Constitutions of the several States 
composing the Union, viz. Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamp- 
shire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New 
Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Marvland, Virginia, North Caro- 
lina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, 
Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri. 
Philadelphia^ Hogan and Thompson [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 380. 

An American's Offering : A Recitative Poem, on events of 
Revolutionary times, dedicated to the American people, with 
Historical Notes and Memoranda, illustrative of the truth of the 
Poem, In five Cantos. Philadelphia^ M. Crosland^ 1849. ^^'^j 
pp. 40. 1272 

American's Own Book. The Declaration of Independence ; 
Lives of the Signers, etc. New York ^ i'^ ^6. i2mo. 1273 

The Americans Roused, in a Cure for the Spleen. Or Amuse- 
ment for a Winter's Evening ; Being the Substance of a Con- 
versation on the Times, over A Friendly Tankard and Pipe. 
Between Sharp, A Country Parson. Bumper, A Country Jus- 
tice. Fillpot, An Inn-keeper. Graveairs, A Deacon. Trim, 
A Barber. Brim, A Quaker. PufF, A late Representative. 
Taken in Short-Hand, by Sir Roger de Coverley. New-England^ 
Printed i New Tork^ Reprinted hy James Rimngton\\']']\\. 8vo, 
pp. 32. s. 1274 

Published by the Tories of New YorJc to ridicule the American Congress. 

l60 AMERIKA. * 


Americai^vs^ pseudonym. 4?^^ [Evans (Caleb)]. 

Americanus examined, and his Principles compared with those 

of the Approved Advocates for America. By a Pennsylvanian. i 
Philadelphia^ 1774- 8vo. 1 275 

America's | Appeal | to | The Impartial World. | Wherein the , 

Rights of the Americans, as | Men, British Subjects, and as Colo- 1 ! 
nists ; the Equity of the Demand, and of the Man- 1 ner in which 

it is made upon them by Great Britain, | are stated and considered, j 

And, I The opposition made by the Colonies to Acts of Parlia-| 1 

ment, their resorting to Arms in their necessary | Defence, against 1 

the Military Armaments, | employed to enforce them. Vindicated, | j 

... Hartford^\ Printed by Ebenezer Watson^ '^11 S- ^^^^ PP* 7^' ' 

N. & H. 1276 I 

... America's Future. \_Edinburgh^ 1864.] i8mo, pp. 3. H. \ 

Signed " An American." 

Americus, pseudon. The Executive Power of Appointment ! 

and Removal: Abuses and needed Checks, [n. p., 1866.] j 
Broadside. 1277^ 

Americus pseudon. Thoughts for the Times : addressed to | 

the Considerate People of the Northern States. By Americus. i 

London^ the Author^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 125. H. 1278 j 

Amerigo Vespucci. See Vespucci. : 

Amerika dargestellt durch sich selbst, eine Zeitschrift heraus- ; 

gegeben von Georg Joachim Goschen. Leipzig^ Zeitschrift^ i 
1818-20. 3 vols., 4to. 1279 

Amerika, in alle zyne byzonderheden beschouwd, ter verkry- ' 

ging eener naauwkeurige kennis van dat thans zo veel gerucht j 
maakend waerelddeel. Met twee Kaarten van Zuid en Noord- 

Amerika opgehelderd. Amsterdam^ Pieter Meijer^ 1 780-1 782. , 

4 vols., 8vo. H. 1280 I 

Om Amerika samt om emigrant-foreningen i Stockholm. ! 
Stockholm^ In Karta^ 1 84 1. 1281 

America and the Stockholm Society for Emigrants. This is something more than 
an emigrant's guide. The introduction gives an account of the Swedish settlements 

in North America, and some new particulars of Nova Swecia. On pages 7-10 is an j 

account of the emigration of Norwegians and Swedes from 1821 to 1835. j 

... Amerika. [Brasilien (Mitte Dezember). Sklaven-Auf- ' 

L'AMERiqUE. l6l 

stande. — Montevideo, 27. Dezember. Kriegsnachrichten. Zu- 
stande. Besonderer Abdruck aus Nr. 36. und 37. der Haude 
und Spener'schen Zeitung vom 11. und 12. Februar 1865,] 
Berlin [1865]. Broadside. H. 1282 

Amerika ! Treuer Rathgeber und Fuhrer des deutschen Aus- 
wanderers nach den Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika. 
Kreuznach^ Vo'igtl'dnder^ 1849. ^^^5 PP- ^^-^ 9^- Map, 4to. 

Amerika und die Auswanderung dahin. ... In Briefen an 
einen Freund von einem Weimaraner. Leipzig^ Steinacker^ 
1835. 8vo. 1284 

Amerika. Zeitschrift fur Auswanderer nach Amerika und alle 
Diejenigen, welche sich iiber Auswanderung nach jenem Welt- 
theile und amerikanische. Verhaltnisse Belehrung verschafFen 
wollen. Hrsg. : C.Hoffmann, i. Heft. April 1847. Stolberg^ 
a. //., Hoffmann^ 1847. i2mo, pp. 48. 1285 

Der Amerikaner. See [Sauerwein (Wilhelm)]. 

Amerikanishe Anekdoten aus den neuesten Zeiten. Ein Aus- 
zug aus dem Franzosichen. Leipzig^ in der Weygandschen Buch- 
handlung^ 1789. 8vo, pp. 290. H. 1285^ 

Amerikanisches Archiv, herausgegeben von J. A. Remer. 
Braunschweig^ 1777-78. 3 vols., 8vo. 1 286 

Amerikanisches Magazin oder Authentische Beitrage zur Erd- 
beschreibung, Staatskunde und Geschichte von Amerika, be- 
sonders aber der vereinten Staaten. Herausgegeben von Profes- 
sor Hegewisch in Kiel and Professor Ebeling in Hamburg. 
Erster Band, Hamburg, 1797. Hamburgh Carl Ernst Bohn^ 
1797. H. 1287 

The first Stuck was published in 1795; ^^^ ^""^^ Band in 1797} after which I can- 
not find that the work was continued. 

Amerikanisches Magazin. Herausgegeben von Karl Neidhard. 
I' Heft. [i. Mai 1835.] Altona und Leipzig^ Hammerich^ 1835. 
8vo. 4 colored lithographs. 1288 

L'Ameriquain aux Anglois, ou Observations d'un membre des 
£tats CJnis de I'Amerique, a divers ministres d'Angleterre, 
Traduit par M. D. B * * *. Philadelphia^ m.dcc.lxxxi. 8vo, 2 
p. 1., pp. 108. H. 1288^ 

L'Amerique Anglaise. See [Blome (R.)] 


i62 l'amerique. 

L'Amerique d'apres les voyageurs les plus celebres, par un 
homme de lettres. Lille^ Lefort^ 1850. i2mo.H-3^ edition. 
Lille^ Lefort^ 1 859. i2mo, pp. 190. Plate. + 4*' edition. Lille^ 
Lefort^ 1864. i2mo, pp. 191. Plate. 1289 

L'Amerique decouverte. See [Laureau]. 

L'Amerique delivree, esquisse d'un poeme sur I'independance 
de TAmerique. Amsterdam^ J. A. Crajenschot^ mdcclxxiii. 2 
vols., 8vo, pp. xxiv., 726 ; Errata i. h. & s. 1290 

An epic poem on the Revolutionary War, with copious historical notes, dedicated to 
Monsieur John Adams. Signed l. c, d. l. g. 

Amerique du Nord ; ou, le Correspondant des Etats-Unis. 
Paris [n. d.] 8vo. M. 129 1 

L'Amerique en 1826. See [Zenouwitz (G.)] 

De I'Amerique et des Americains, ou Observations curieuses 
du philosophe La Douceur, qui a parcouru cet Hemisphere pen- 
dant la derniere guerre, en faisant le noble metier de tuer les 
hommes sans les manger. Berlin^ Samuel Pitra^ ^11^' S"^- ^vo, 
pp. 80. H. 1292 

" A lively and humorous defence of the American Indians against the attacks of De 
Pauw, attributed by Meusel to M. Poivre, but Barbier says that it is either by M. 
Bonneville or Dom Pernetty. Now, Poivre was never in America : he was employed 
in the East Indies at the time this discussion was going forward. It appears that M. 
Bonneville was only eleven years of age at the time. As it is not probable that Dom 
Pernetty wrote two works on the subject, in the same year, all these conjectures as to 
the authorship of this work are apparently erroneous." — Rich ; who gives the imprint, 
Berlin^ I772> 8vo, pp. 116} Heinsius, and also Kaiser, have Berlin. Rottmann, 1 774, 

Amerique Meridionale, lies diverses de I'Ocean et Regions 
circompolaires. Paris^ 1840. 8vo. a. 1293 

L'Amerique, ou Guide utile aux Personnes qui veulent con- 
noitre ce pays et y faire un Voyage heureux et avantageux. 
Belfort^ 1824. 4to, pp. 28. 1294 

L'Amerique Septentrionale et Meridionale ; ou. Description de 
cette Grande Partie du Monde, comprenant I'Amerique Russe, 
La Nouvelle Bretagne, la Baie de Hudson, le Labrador, Terre- 
Neuve, le Canada, les Etats Unis du Nord, les Etats Mexicains, 
le Republique de Guatimala, les Antilles, les Lucayes, les Re- 
publiques de Colombie, du Perou, du Chili, la Patagonie, 
Buenos-Ayres ou La Plata, le Paraguay, I'Empire du Bresil, 
les Guyanes, un Extrait des Voyages au Pole Boreal ; et 

AMES. 163 

enfin PIslande, le Groenland, le Spitzberg, avec un precis de la 
Decouverte, de la Conquete et de I'Origine des anciens Peuples, 
leurs Mceurs, Usages, Coutumes, et Religions. Les arts, 
sciences, commerce, manufactures, et gouvernemens divers 
dans leur etat actuel ; les productions naturelles, les curiosites, 
etc.. Tire ou traduit des Historiens et des Voyageurs Fran^ais 
et Etrangers les plus celebres, jusqu'a nos jours, et mis en 
ordre, par une Societe de Geographes et de Gens de Lettres. 
Paris^ Ledoux^ 1 835. Rl. 8vo, pp. 666. 13 Plates. 1295 

Ames (B.) An Oration, pronounced at Bath, in the District 
of Maine, on the Fourth of July, a.d. 1808. in Commemoration 
of the American Independence. By Benjamin Ames. [Motto.] 
Portland^ Argus Press^ 1 808. 8vo, pp. 18. H. 1296 

Ames (C. G.) Stand by the President I An Address deliv- 
ered before the National Union Association, of Cincinnati, 
March 6, 1863. By Rev. Charles G. Ames. Published by order 
of the Association^ Cincinnati^ Johnson^ 1 863. 8vo, pp. l^.+ Phil- 
adelphia^ King dff Baird^ Printers^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 1297 

Ames (Ellis). Descendants of William Ames. ... Caused to 
be printed and gratuitously distributed^ by Messrs. Oliver Ames iff 
Sons, Easton, Massachusetts, July, 1851. Broadside. H. 1298 

[Ames (Fisher)]. The Influences of Democracy on Liberty, 
Property, and the Happiness of Society, considered. By an 
American, formerly Member of Congress. With Introduction 
and Notes by Henry Ewbank, Esq. London, 1835. Post 8vo. 

Ames. An Oration on the Sublime Virtues of General 
George Washington, Pronounced at the Old South Meeting- 
House, in Boston, before His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor, 
the Council, and the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massa- 
chusetts, at their Request, on Saturday, the 8th of February, 1800. 
By Fisher Ames. Boston, Young Cif Minns, Printers to the State 
\ji. d.~\ 8vo, pp. 31. + Another Edition. Philadelphia, John 
Ormrod, 1800. 8vo, pp. 51.+ Another. New York, Printed 
for Charles Smith and S. Stephens, 1800. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 1300 

For another edition, see Mason (J. M.) 

Ames (F.) A Sketch of the Character of Alexander Hamil- 
ton. \_Boston, 1804.] 8vo, pp. 15. H. 1301 

Reprinted tVom the Repertory. 

164 AMES. 

Ames. The Speech of Mr. Ames in the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the United States, when in Committee of the 
Whole, on Thursday, April 28, 1796, in Support of the Follow- 
ing Motion : Resolved, That it is expedient to pass the Laws j 
necessary to carry into effect the Treaty lately concluded between I 
the United States and the King of Great Britain. Philadelphia^ \ 
John Fenno^ m.dcc.xcvi. 8vo, pp. 59. + Same. Boston^ Jno. ^ j 
J. N. Russell [n. d.] Svo, pp. 52. H. + Second Edition. Bos- \ 
ton^ 1796. 1302 

Ames. Works of Fisher Ames. Compiled by a Number of \ 
his Friends. To which are prefixed. Notices of his Life and 
Character [by J. T. Kirkland]. ... Boston, T. B. Wait ^ Co., \ 
1809. Svo, pp. xxxi., 3 1., pp. 519. Portrait. 1303 | 

Ames. Works of Fisher Ames. With a selection from his j 
Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his Son, Seth Ames. 1 
Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1854. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xvi., | 
406; viii., 442. H. 1304 ) 

Life of Ames by John Thornton Kirkland, i. 1-28. i 

Remarks on the Hon. John Q. Adams's Review of Mr. j 
Ames's Works. See [Lowell (John)]. 

[Ames (Julius R.)] The Guardian Genius of the Federal ! 
Union. New York, 1839. i2mo. 1305 

[Ames.] " Liberty :" [Extracts on Slavery.] New York, 
1837. 8vo, pp. 238. 1306 \ 

Ames (Levi). The Last Words and Dying Speech of Levi ' 
Ames, who was executed at Boston, on Thursday, the 21st day | 
of October, 1773, for Burglary. Taken from his own Mouth, I 

and Published at his desire, as a Solemn Warning Worcester, , 

Seth Clapp, 1836. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 1307 ' 

First printed at Boston, 1773, with Eliot's sermon at his execution. j 

[Ames (Nathan)]. The Baby and the Bards. Childe Har- ; 
vard, a Romance of Cambridge. By Senor Alguno. New Edi- | 
tion. And The Bards of Lind : to wit, Longfellow, Bryant, i 
Whittier, Percival, Sprague, Halleck, Lowell, Dana, Holmes, ■ 
and Willis. ... By the same. Boston, Redding (^ Company, 185 1. I 
i6mo, pp. 186. H. 1308 ^ 

*' The Bards'* consists of ten parodies, purporting to be "expressly written for 'The 
Greeting to America' of Jenny Lind." ; 


Ames (Nathaniel). An Astronomical Diary ; or, An Alma- 
nack for the Year 1726 [to 1775]. Boston^ 1726-75. 8vo and 
i6mo. M. 1309 

After 1740, frequently reprinted at New London, Hartford, New Haven, Ports- 
mouth, N. H., etc. 

Ames (Samuel). Remarks of Hon. Samuel Ames, Reporter 
of the Decisions of the Supreme Court, in explanation of his 
Report of the Case, Robert H. Ives vs. Charles T. Hazard, et 
al. Providence^ Knowles^ Anthony iff Co.^ State Printers^ 1859. 
8vo, pp. 25. H. 1310 

Amherst (Jeffrey). Commissary Wilson's Orderly Book. 
Expedition of the British and Provincial Army, under Maj.-Gen. 
Jeffrey Amherst; against Ticonderoga and Crown Point, 1759. 
Albany^ N, K, J, Munsell^ 1857. ^^' 4^^5 PP- ^^-^ ^S^- '3^^ 

No. I of Munsell's Historical Series, no copies printed, of which lo are on 
large paper. The title-page was first printed £)ritish for British, and the edition was 
partly distributed before the error was discovered. The notes are by Dr. O'Callaghan. 
The original MS. is in the possession of Gen. J. Watts de Peyster. 

Amherst College. Catalogue of the Library, and Names 
of Members, of the Athenean Society, from its Formation in 
1821, to 1836. Boston., Printed by John Ford., 1836. i2mo, 
pp. 43. H. 1312 

Amherst Collegiate Institution. March i, 1823. To the 
Public, [n. p. 1823]. 8vo, pp. 6. H. 1313 

Amherst Collegiate Institution. A Plea for a Miserable 
World. I. An Address, delivered at the Laying of the Corner 
Stone of the Building erecting for the Charity Institution in Am- 
herst, Massachusetts, August 9, 1820, by Noah Webster, Esq. 

II. A Sermon, delivered on the same Occasion, by Rev. Daniel 
A. Clark, Pastor of the First Church and Society in Amherst. 

III. A Brief Account of the Origin of the Institution. Boston., 
Printed by Ezra Lincoln., 1820. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 1314 

Amherst Institution. ... January 17, 1825. Petition of the 
Founders and Proprietors. Presented June 5, 1823. \_Boston., 
1825]. 8vo, pp. 4. Petition to the Legislature for Aid, &c. 
1832. 8vo. w. 1315 

Annals of Amherst College. The Soil, the Seed, the Sowers, 
the Presidents and Professors, together with a Popular Guide to 
the College Buildings and Various Cabinets. Northampton., Trum- 


bull^ Gere; Amherst^ J. S. ^ C. Adams ^ i860. l2mo, pp. (2), 
70. Plate. H. 13 16 

Catalogue of Books in the Library of Amherst College. 1827. 
8vo. 1317 

Catalogue of Amherst College Library. Amherst^ 1855. 8vo. 

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Collegiate In- 
stitution, Amherst, Mass., November, 1824. Northampton^ 
Printed by H. Ferry^ 1824. 8vo, pp. 12. Continued. H. 1319" 

Catalogus Senatus academici, eorum qui Munera et Officia 
gesserunt quique alicujus Gradus Laurea donati sunt Am- 
ber stia^ J. S. et C. Adams ^ Typogr aphis ^ MDCCCXXvlll. 8vo, pp. 
8. Continued triennially. H. 1320 

Causes of the Growth and Decline of Amherst College, [n. p., 
1847.] i2mo, pp. 12. H. 1321 

A Constitution and System of By-Laws, For the raising and 
managing a permanent Charitable Fund, as the basis of an Insti- 
tution in Amherst, ... for the Classical Education of indigent 
young men of piety and talents, for the Christian Ministry. 
[n. p., 1818.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 1322 

Discourses and Addresses at the Installation and Inauguration 
of the Rev. William A. Stearns, d.d., as President of Amherst 
College, and Pastor of the College Church. Amherst^ Printed by 
J, S.Sf C. Adams^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 107. + Second Edition. 1855. 
8vo, pp. 94. 1323 

Laws of Amherst College, [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 27. h. 

Obituary Record of Graduates of Amherst College, For the 
Academical Year, ending July, 1863. [n. p., 1863.] 8vo, pp. 
4. Continued. H. 1325 

Remarks on the Amherst Collegiate Charity Institution, [n. p., 
182-.] 8vo, pp. II. H. 1326 

Report of the Committee appointed to inquire into Facts rela- 
tive to the Amherst Collegiate Institution, January 8, 1825. 
[No imprint.] 8vo, pp. 39. h. 1327 

Report of the Committee of the Legislature on the Petitions 
of Amherst and Williams Colleges. 1827. 8vo. w. 1328 


Songs of Amherst. ... Published by the Class of '62. North- 
ampton^ Printed by Metcalfis Company^ i860. i2mo, pp. 72. H. 

Statement of the Affairs of Amherst Institution. Pittsfield^ 
1824. 8vo. w. 1330 

[Statement in reference to the Petition and Memorial, &c., for 
Incorporation. Boston^ Printed by Crocker & Brewster^ J^^-t 
1824.] 8vo, pp. 15. 1331 

The Substance of Two Reports of the Faculty of Amherst 
College, to the Board of Trustees, with the Doings of the 
Board thereon. Amherst^ Carter and Adams ^ Printers^ 1827. 8vo, 
pp. 22. 1332 

Amherst. Mount Pleasant Classical Institution, Amherst, 
Mass. Catalogue ... . January, 1828. Amherst^ 1828. 8vo, 
pp. 16. Continued. ^333 

Amherstburg. Minutes and Proceedings of the General 
Convention, for the Improvement of the Colored Inhabitants of 
Canada, held by Adjournments in Amherstburgh [x/V], C. W., 
June i6th and 17th, 1853. f^indsor, C. W., Bibb & Hoify, 
1853. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 1334 

[Testimonies in Favor of the Amherstburg Missionary So- 
ciety.] [n. p., 1853.] 24mo, pp. 10. H. 1335 

[Amhurst (Nicholas)]. Some Remarks on a late Pamphlet, 
entitled. Observations on the Conduct of Great Britain : particu- 
larly with relation to the Spanish Depredations & Xetters of 
Reprisal, in a Letter to the Craftsmen. To which is added, 
A Postscript in Vindication of the West Indian Merchants, 
against a late Charge of Theft & Pyracy. By Caleb D'Anvers 
of Gray's Inn Esq.^^- London^ 1 729. 8vo, pp. 38. '335^ 

Amicus Patri^, pseudon. See A Friendly Check ; and Mas- 

Amicus Reivu-rlicje^ pseudon. An Address to the Public, con- 
taining some Remarks on the Present Political State of American 
Republicks, &c. By Amicus Reipublicae. Exeter^ Lamson and 
Ranlet [1786]. 8vo, pp. 36. H. 1336 

Amigorena (Jose Francisco de). Diario de la expedicion, etc. 
See Angelis (Pedro de). 

1 68 AMORY. 

Amistad Captives. The African Captives. Trial of the 
prisoners of the Amistad on the Writ of Habeas Corpus ... . 
New Tork^ 1839. 8vo, pp. 47. 1337 

Amistad Captives. Africans taken in the Amistad. Con- 
gressional Document, containing the Correspondence, &c., in 
relation to the Captured Africans. New Tork^ Anti-Slavery De- 
pository^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 48. 1338 

See, also. Adams (J. Q-), Barber (J. W.), Giddings (J. R.) 

Ammans. Reisz in das Gelobte Land Von Hans Jacob 
Ammans. Zurich^ Michel Schauffelhergen^ 1678. Sm. 8vo, 8 
p. 1., pp. 192, 174. Gothic letter. 1339 

" In this volume, at p. 177, is ' Neue Beschreibung der Insel Jamaica in America,' 
by Hans Jacob Zeller j and at p. 192 is ' Americanische Reisz Beschreibung nach den 
Caribe .Inzeln und New Engelland,' by F, C. Spori, The latter is separately paged, 1 
to 90, and is followed by travels in Africa, pp. 93 to 174." — Bartlett. 

Amor Patriae, pseudon. A Comparison of Slavery with 
Abolitionism ; together with Reflections deduced from the Pre- 
mises, touching the Several Interests of the United States. By 
Amor Patriae. ... New Tork^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 1340 

Amor Patri^, pseudon. The Blasphemy of Abolitionism 
exposed : Servitude, and the Rights of the South, vindicated. A 
Bible Argument. Together with Reflections ... touching the 
several interests of the United States, and the evil consequences 
... to the Northern States in case of Division ... . By Amor 
Patriae. A New Edition, revised, corrected and enlarged. ... 
New Tork^ 1850. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 1341 

Amor Patriae; or, the Disruption and Fall of These States. 
A Tragedy in Five Acts. ... St. Louis^ George Knapp & Co.^ 
Printer s.^ i860. l2mo, pp. 103. H. 1342 

Amoretti (Carlo). See Maldonado and Pigafetta. 

Amory (Thomas Coffin). The Argument of Thomas C. 
Amory, against the Proposed Metropolitan Police Bill, before 
the Joint Special Committee of the Legislature, Monday, March 
16,1863. Boston., J. E. Farwell and Company., Printers., 1863. 
8vo, pp. 31. H. 1343 

Amory. Life of James Sullivan. With Selections from his 
Writings. By Thomas C. Amory. Vols. i. ii. Boston., Phil- 
lips., Sampson and Company., 1859. 8vo, pp. xii., 414; v., 424. 
Portrait. 1344 


Amory (Thomas Coffin, Jr.) An Address delivered at the 
Dedication of the City Hospital, May 24, 1864, by Thomas C. 
Amory, Jr. Boston^ J. E. Farwell and Company^ Printers^ 1864. 
8vo, pp.45. H. 1345 

Amos (Andrew). Report of Trials in the Courts of Canada, 
relative to the Destruction of The Earl of Selkirk's Settlement 
on the Red River ; with Observations. By A. Amos, Esq., 
Barrister at Law, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 
London^ 'John Murray^ 1820. 8vo, pp. xxx. (2), 388, iv. H. 

Ampere (J. J.) Promenade en Amerique. Etats-Unis, Cuba, 
Mexique. Par Jean Jacques Ampere. Par'is^ 1855. 2 vols., 
8vo, pp. 421, 425.4-3^ edition. Par'is^ Levy freres^ i860. 2 
vols., 8vo. 1347 

Amphi-Theatrum, Worinnen iii. Aus dem gantzen America 
alle Nationen nach ihrem Habit in saubern Figuren repraesentirt : 
Anbey die Laender nach ihrer Situation, Climate, Fruchtbarkeit 
aufgefiihret, etc. Erffurth^ 1723- Folio. 1348 

Georgi dates the American part ot" this work 1725 {31 sheets); Heinsius speaks of 
the Asia and America as published together in 1728. It is illustrated with a number 
of curious woodcuts. 

Amphlett (Wm.) The Emigrant's Directory to the West- 
ern States of North America ; including a Voyage out from Liv- 
erpool i the Geography and Topography of the whole Western 
Country, According to its latest Improvements ; with Instruc- 
tions for descending the Rivers Ohio and Mississippi ; also, A 
Brief Account of a New British Settlement on the Head- Waters 
of the Susquehanna, in Philadelphia. By William Amphlett, 
formerly of London, ... now Resident on the Banks of the Ohio 
River. London^ Longman^ Hurst^ Rees^ Orme^ and Brown^ 1 8 19. 
Post 8vo, pp. viii., 208. H. 1349 

•'The present small volume appears to contain the most impartial account of the 
Western States that we have yet seen. The author, disclaiming all intention of offer- 
ing advice on the subject of emigration to the American continent, confines himself to 
a description of the country; and he does not appear to be one of those speculators who 
have land to sell, and are, therefore, interested in one particular State." — M. R., xci., 
P- 315- 

Ampliatio Oder Erweiterung. 1633. See Usselincx. 

Ampzing (S.) West-Indische | Trivmph-Basvyne, | Tot Godes 
ere, ende roem der Batavieren gesteken, van we- 1 gen de veroveringe 
der Spaensche Silver-vlote van Nova| Hispania, inde Baij van 
Matanca, door de Schepen vande Ge- 1 octroijeerde West-Indische 



Compagnie, onder het beleyd | vande E. Manhafte Heren See- 
Helden Pieter | Pieterszen Heyn, Generael, ende Hevn- 1 rick Kor- 
neliszen Lonk, Admirael, geschied den 8. Sept. i628.|Door| 
Samvel Ampzing, | Bedienaer des Goddelijken Woords inde Ge- 
meynte des Heren binnen Haerlem. ^Tot Haerlem^ by Adnaen 
Rooman^ Ord'iuaris Stads-Boek-drucker^ cId Id c xxix. 410, 6 p. 
1., pp. 44. 2 Plates. 1350 

Amsterdams j Dam-Praetje, I Van I Wat Outs en wat Nieuws. | 
En I Wat vreemts. ^Tot Amsterdam^\ By Ian van Soest^ Boeckver- 
kooper op de Kalver-Dijck^ Anno 1649. 4to, 20 leaves. 1351 

This and the three following relate to Brazil, the New Netherlands, &c. 

Amsterdams | Tafel-Praetje, | Van | Wat goets en wat Quaets | 
En I Wat Noodichs. ^Tot Gouda^\By lasper Cornelisz^ Boeckver- 
koop^r woonende op de Cingel^\Anno i6^().\ 4to, 16 leaves. 1352 

Amsterdams | Vuur-Praetje, | Van | 'tEen ende 'tander datter | nu 
om gaet. ^f Amstelredam^ \ Gedruckt by Claes Pietersz Boeckverkoo- 
per^\Anno 1649. 4to, 18 leaves. ^353 

Amsterdamsche ] Veerman | op | Middelburgh. ^ 7!?/ Vlissingen^ 
Gedruckt by my Jacob Jansz P'leck^ intjaer ons\Heeren. 1 650. 
4to, pp. 12. 1354 

Discourse between John, Pieter, Klaes and Paulus, concerning the West India Com- 
pany and the Brazils. 

The Amulet; a tale of Spanish California. London^ 1865. 
i2mo. 1355 

Amusemens geographiques. See [Navarre (P.)] 

Anable (C. W.) Order of Services at the Recognition of 
the Rev. Cortland W. Anable, as Pastor of the Old Cambridge 
Baptist Church, ... June 21, 1863. \_Cambridge'\ 'John Ford^ 
Printer [1863]. 8vo, pp. 4. H. 1356 

Anahuac. Resumen historico de las principales nationes que 
poblaron el pais de Anahuac, o virreynato de nueve Espagna. 
8vo, pp. 155. Plates. 1357 

The Analectic Magazine and Naval Chronicle. Philadelphia^ 
1813-20. 16 vols., 8vo.+ Nevv Series. Vol. i. Philadelphia^ 
J. Maxwell^ 1820. 8vo. Continued. 1358 

Among the contributors were Washington Irving, G. C. Verplanck, J. K. Paulding 
and Paul Allen ; the Biography was principally by Irving, It includes a copious and 
authentic history of the second war with Great Britain. 



Anales del Ministerio de Fomento, Colonizacion, Industria y 
Comercio de la Republica Mexicana. Mexico^ 1854-55. 8vo. 

Analyse de la Carte Generale de TOcean Atlantique ou Occi- 
dental, Dressee au Depot des Cartes, Plans and Journaux de la 
Marine, et Publiee par Ordre du Roi, pour le service des Vais- 
seaux de Sa Majeste, Sous le Ministere de M. le Marechal des 
Castries, Ministre & Secretaire d'Etat ayant le department de 
la Marine & des Colonies, en 1786. J Paris, de Nmprimerie 
Royale, m.dcclxxxvi. 410, title and pp. 42. 1360 

Analyse de I'Histoire philosophique et politique des etablisse- 
ments et du commerce des Europeens dans les deux Indes. 
Leyde, 1775. 8vo, pp. 255. 1361 

" Barbier and Querard attribute a work with a similar title, printed at Paris in the 
same year, to Fr. Bernard, a Dutchman. This is probably another edition of the 
same." — Rich, 

Analyse des notes des conseils coloniaux, ir. legislature. 
Part I. (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane Fran^aise, Isle Bour- 
bon.) Paris, 1838. 4to. 1 362 

The Analysis of Patriotism ; or, an Inquiry whether Opposi- 
tion to Government, in the Present State of Affairs, is consistent 
with the Principles of a Patriot. London, Keehle, Sec, 1777. 
i2mo. 13^3 

Relates to the American Revolution, The author determines his question in the 
negative, — See M. R., lix., 155. 

Analysis of the late Correspondence, 1809. See [Lowell 

Anania (G. L. d') L'Universale Fabrica del Mondo overo 
Cosmografia, diuisa in quattro Trattati. ... Di Gio. Lorenzo 
d'Anania. In Venetia, Ad Instantia di Aniello San Vito di Napoli^ 
MDLXXVI. 4to, 12 p. 1., pp. 336 (31). Reprinted 1582. 4to. 
+ 1596. 4to. B. 1364 

Trattato quarto relates to America. 

The Anarchiad, A New England Poem, written in concert 
by David Humphreys, Joel Barlow, John Trumbull, and Dr. 
Lemuel Hopkins. New Haven, 1861. i6mo, pp. 120. 1365 

[Anburey (Thomas)]. Travels through the Interior Parts 
of America. In a Series of Letters. By an Officer. ... London, 
William Lane, MDCCLXXXix. 8vo, half title, title, pp. vii. (21), 
467 ; half title, title, pp. 558. Map and 7 Plates. h. 1366 


[Anburey.] Travels through the interior parts of America. 

In a Series of Letters. By an Officer. A New Edition. Lon- . 

don^ Printed for William Lane^ MDCCXCi. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii., ^ 
2 leaves of fac-similes ; pp. 414 ; pp.492. 7 Plates. 1367 

Reprinted, with the author's name, in 1792. See M. R., lxxxi., p. 61. "Mr. 
Thomas Anburey, the author of the travels, was an officer under General Burgoyne, 
and whose conduct, in his unfortunate campaign, one object of this publication ap- ] 
pears to have been to vindicate. The Monthly Re-vieiver says : ' He sometimes diverts ' 
us with anecdotes concerning the speeches or customs or manners of the people, as he ' 
passed among them, which, though droll, or even ridiculous enough, are of that kind 
to which something similar may be met with in all countries, as may be easily im- 
agined by those who have travelled in England,' How different from the ^r^ar reviewers ^ 
of 1832! The Critical Re-vietver pronounces 'this work, in its most essential parts, 1 
to be an ill-digested plagiarism from Gen. Burgoyne's Narrative, and from the account | 
of the prosecution of Colonel Henley.' " — Rich. " Anburey copies verbatim from 
Burnaby and Peters, also very impudently from Smyth.'' — From a MS. note by C. D. \ 
Ebeling. , 

[Anburey.] Voyages dans les parties interieures de TAmer- ; 

ique, pendant le cours de la derniere guerre ; Par un Officier de | 

I'Armee Royale. Traduit de I'Anglois [par P. L. Lebas]. Paris^ ! 

Briand^ Ijgo. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 396, 470. Map. H. 1368 ] 

[Anburey.] Journal d'un voyage fait dans Tinterieur de i 

TAmerique septentrionale. Ouvrage dans lequel on donne des i 

details precieux sur I'insurrection des Anglo-Americains, et sur | 

la chute desastreuse de leur papier-monnoie. Traduit de I'Anglois i 

et enrichi de notes par M. Noel, ancien Professeur de belles- j 
lettres au College de Louis-le-grand. Avec carte & figures. 

Paris, La Villette, ^793- 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 336, 453. Map j 

and Plates. h. 1369 i 

See Le Redacteur, Boucher Bibliotheque, and Faribault, p. 4. I 

Anburey. Reisen im Innern von Nord Amerika ; imgleichen ^ 

die Geschichte des Feldzugs und der Uebergabe des Generals I 
Bourgoyne. Aus dem Englischen mit Anmerkungen. Berlin, 

Voss, 1792. 8vo. Plates. c. 1370 \ 

Forms part of Bd. vi. of J, R. Forster's Magazin von neuen Reisebeschreibungen. \ 


Anchieta (Jose de). Arte de Grammatica da Lingoa mais 

usada na Costa do Brasil. Por Fey to pelo Padre Joseph de i 

Anchieta da Copanhia de Jesu. Coimbra, Antonio de Mariz, j 

1595. Sm. 8vo, pp. 120. 1371 I 

Extracts from this rare book will be found in Marcgravius, " Historiae rerum natu- j 
ralium Brasiliae," Chap, viii,, and in Relandus, "Dissert, miscell.," in., 173. Wolf, 
Literature de Bretil, mentions a phy in the Indian language by this author. 



Anchieta (Joseph de). De Lingua Brasiliensium ex ejus 
Grammatica. Amstelodami^ 1658. Folio. 1371^ 

Anchieta. Vida de ven. P. Joze de Anchieta de Companhia 
de Jesus, thaumaturgo de nouo Mundo na provincia de Brasil. 
Lisboa^ J. da Costa ^ 1672. Folio. ^372 

Anchieta. Vida del padre Joseph de Anchieta de la Com- 
pania de Jesus y provincia del Brasil, traducida de latin en cas- 
tellano por el P. Estevande Paternina. Salamanca^ 1618. i2mo. 

Title as given by Ternaux Compans, No. 399. See alio Beretari (Seb.) 

Anchieta. Vita del P. Guiseppe Anchieta detto I'Apostolo 
del Brasile, cavata da' Processi formati per la sua Beatificazione. 
Romes^ 1738. 8vo. 1374 

Lives of Father Joseph Anchieta, S. J., the Ven. Alvera von 
Virmundt, Religions of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre ; and 
the Ven. John Berchmans, S. J. London^ Richardson and Son^ 
1849. 8vo. 1375 

Joseph Anchieta, a native of TenerifFe, left Portugal in the suite of Acosta, in the 
year 1553, in his twentieth year, and died in Brazil in 1597. He established the 
College of Perataningo. 

Ancient Records, [n. p., 183-.?] 8vo, pp. 8. 1376 

Purporting to be the '' Book of Chronicles, Part i."* A burlesque description of 
some trial " in the reign of Andrew the Farmer," for violation of the Massachusetts 
Laws restricting the sale of intoxicating liquors. 

Anchor^ pseudon. See [De Peyster (J. W.)] 

Ancient Right of the English Nation to the American Fishery. 
»9^^[Bollan (Wm.)] 

Ancizar. Peregrinacion por las provincias del norte de la 
Nueva Granada en 1850 y 51. Bogota^ 1853. i2mo, pp. 524. 
Portrait. ^377 

Ancona. Proceedings of a court martial in the Case of Capt. 
S. E. Ancona, held at Reading, Pa., May 10, 1854. 8vo. P. 

Anderde Discovrs. By Forma van Messieve. See West 

Anders (Rudolph). Der Weg zum Gliick, oder: die Kunst 
Millionair zu v^^erden. Aus den hinterlassenen Papieren des 
kurzlich verstorbenen Amerikanischen Millionairs Abbot Law- 


rence im Original. Deutsch bearbeitet von Rudolph Anders. 
Berlin^ G. A. Hoevel^ 1856. l6mo, pp. 28. H. 1379 

" Good, moral advice, arranged under forty-four heads. No part of it is unworthy 
the character of Mr. Lawrence, but undoubtedly no part of it was ever seen by him." — 
Boiton Courier. (Art. by George Ticknor.) 

Anderson. The History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. 
Anderson, containing his strange varieties of Fortune in Europe 
and America. Compiled from his own papers. [Motto.] Lon- 
do7i^ Owen^ 1 754* i2mo, pp. 228. + Same. Dublin^ 1754* 
i2mo.4-Same. Beriuick^ IV. Pherson^ m.dcc.lxxxii. i2mo, 
pp. 263. P^ontispiece. 1380 

The author was kidnapped in London, taken to America, and sold to a planter at 
Senupexen Inlet, Md., for £10, and afterwards joined the Virginia Rangers against 
the French Indians, &c. See M. R., x , p. 147. 

Anderson. Eastern Coast of Central America. Mr. Ander- 
son's Report. London [1849]. 8vo, pp. 138. 1381 

This pamphlet has no regular title, not having been printed for sale. It is ad- 
dressed to the Directors of the Eastern Coast of Central America Commercial and Agri- 
cultural Company. 

[Anderson (Adam)]. An Historical and Chronological De- 
duction of the Origin of Commerce, from the Earliest Accounts 
to the present Time. ... To which is prefixed. An Introduction, 
Exhibiting ... the Importance of our Colonies ... . London^ A. 
Millar .^ etc.^ mdcclxiv. 2 vols., folio. (H.) + Same. Carefully 
revised, corrected, and continued to the present Time. ... Lon- 
don^ i787-'89. 4 vols., 4to. 4- Same. Carefully Revised, Cor- 
rected, and continued to the Year 1789, by Mr. Coombe. Dub- 
lin^ 1790. 6 vols., 8vo. Maps. h. 1382 

The author was a clerk in the South-Sea House, London. It contains a most accu- 
rate account of the South-Sea Com.pany, and the very extraordinary actions of the year 

Anderson (Alexander). Life and Confession. See Rocka- 
field (H. A.) 

Anderson (A.) A General History of Quadrupeds. The 
Figures engraved on Wood, chiefly copied from the Original of 
T. Bewick. By A. Anderson. First American Edition, With an 
Appendix, containing some American Animals not hitherto de- 
scribed. New-Tork^ 1804. 8vo, pp. x., 531. H. 1383 

. Dr. Anderson introduced wood engraving into the United States, and has been called 
the Bewick of America. He was born in 1775, and still lives — 1867. 

Anderson (C.) This pamphlet is humbly dedicated to the 


Ladies and Gentlemen who may please to visit Lundy's Lane, 
by the author, Charles Anderson, late lieutenant in His Majesty's 
Provincial Royal Artillery Drivers, who fought in all the actions 
on the Niagara frontier, and at Stoney Creek, of which he gives 
a true and impartial account, and is now a guide to the Battle 
Ground at Lundy's Lane. Niagara^ Chronicle Office. i2mo, 
PP' 35- 1384 

Anderson (C.) An Address delivered before the Society of 
Alumni of Miami Universitv, at their Anniversary, August 13th, 
1840: by Charles Anderson. Oxford^ Ohio^ Printed by John B. 
Peat^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 37. H. 1385 

" Upon the history, condition and prospects of the University." 

Anderson (C.) An Address on the Anglo Saxon Destiny ... . 
By Charles Anderson, Esq. Cincinnati., Printed by John D. 
Thorpe., 1850. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 1386 

The title on the cover reads : "The Anglo Saxons : their Origin, Histor)-, Charac- 
ter, Identity, and Connection with the English and American People \ and their Des- 

Anderson. A Funeral Oration, on the Character, Life, and 
Public Services of Henry Clay. Delivered in Cincinnati, Nov. 
2, 1852, at the Request of the Clay Monumental Association of 
Ohio. By Charles Anderson. Cincinnati., Ben. Franklin Office 
Prints 1852. 8vo, pp. 38. H. 1387 

Anderson (C.) Thanksgiving for Victory, Peace, and our 
Country Saved. A Proclamation by Charles Anderson, Gover- 
nor of the State of Ohio. \_Colu7nbus? \%^^7\ Broadside. H. 

Anderson (C.) Loyal Publication Society ... . No. 17. The 
Cause of the War ; Who brought it on, and for What Purpose ? 
Speech of Col. Charles Anderson, late of Texas, now of U. S. 
Volunteers. New York., IVm. Bryant ^ Co.., Printers., 1863. 

8V0, pp. 16. H. 1389 

Anderson (C.) Loyal Publication Society, ... . No. 21. 
Letter addressed to the Opera House Meeting, Cincinnati. By 
Col. Charles Anderson. New Tork., Wm. C. Bryant ^ Co..^ 
Printers., 1863. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 1389^ 

[Anderson (Charles Frederick)]. Architect's Report and 
Plans for the Improvement of the Lighting, Heating, Ventila- 
tion, and Acoustics of the Senate Chamber, and Hall of the 


House of Representatives ... December 2, 1864. Washington^ 
D. C, McGi//^ IVitherow^ Printers^ 1 864. 8vo, pp. 36. H. 

Anderson (D.) Canada: or a View of the Importance of the 
British American Colonies ; shewing their Extensive and Im- 
proveable Resources and pointing out the Great and Unprece- 
dented Advantages which have been allowed To the Americans 
over our own Colonists ; together with the Great Sacrifices 
which have been made by our late Commercial Regulations of 
the Commerce and Carrying-Trade of Great Britain to the 
United States ... . By David Anderson. London^ J. M. Rich- 
ardson^ 1 8 14. 8vo, pp. xxxi., 355. Map. B. 139 1 

Anderson. A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Ru- 
pert's Land at its Primary Visitation. By David Anderson, d.d., 
1852. 8vo. 1392 

Anderson. Notes of the Flood at the Red River, in 1852. 
By David Anderson, d.d.. Bishop of Rupert's Land. London^ 
1852. i2mo, pp. 124. c. 1393 

Anderson (E.) The Ultimatum of a Free Ministrv to the De- 
mands of Politicians. A Discourse, by Rev. Edward Anderson, 
Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Milford, N. H., July 13, 
1856. Milford^ Garfield's Press^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 1394 

Anderson [Y.) Addresses delivered before the Virginia 
State Convention by Hon. Fulton Anderson, Commissioner 
from Mississippi, Hon. Henrv L. Benning, Commissioner from 
Georgia, and Hon. John S. Preston, Commissioner from South 
Carolina, February, 1861. Richmond^ JVyatt M. El'iott^ Printer^ 
1861. 8vo, pp. 64. H. 1395 

Anderson (G. W.) Slavery and Slaveholding in the United 
States. By Geo. W. Anderson, Pastor of the Lower Merion 
Baptist Church, Penn'a. Philadelphia^ American Baptist Publica- 
tion Society [185-?] 24mo, pp. 67. h. 1396 

Anderson (Hugh). A True and Historical Narrative. See 
Tailfer (Patrick). 

Anderson. Historical Narrative of the Colony of Georgia. 
(In Georgia Historical Society's Collections, Vol. 11.) 

[Anderson (James)]. The Constitutions of the Free-Masons 
Containing the History, Charges, Regulations, &c., of that most 


Ancient and Right Worshipful Fraternity. For the Use of the 
Lodges. London^ Printed [1723] ; Philadelphia^ Reprinted by B. 
Franklin^ 1734- ^to.-]- London^ 1723. -f Republished, Fac-simile, 
by Jno. W. Leonard and Co.^ 1 855. 4to, 4 p. 1., pp. 108. H. 1397 

Mr. Corwin's copy of the edition of 1734 sold in 1856 for 89.25. 

Anderson (James). Royal Genealogies : or, The Genealogical 
Tables of Emperors, Kings and Princes, from Adam to these 
Times; In Two Parts. Part i. ... the Genealogies of the ear- 
liest great Families, and most ancient Sovereigns of Asia, Europe, 
Africa and America ... . The Second Edition. With new Ad- 
denda and Corrigenda ... . By James Anderson, d.d. London^ 
Charles Davis^ m,dcc,xxxvi. Folio, pp. (22), 812(18). H. 1398 

The first edition appeared in 1732. 

[Anderson (James)]. Free Thoughts on the American Con- 
test. ... Edinburgh^ m,dcc,lxxvi. 8vo, pp. 59. h. 1399 

First published in the Edinburgh Weekly Magazine, over the signature of *' Timo- 
leon." Takes the side of Great Britain, and concludes with some severe strictures on 
Paine's Common Sense. 

Anderson. The Interest of Great-Britain with regard to her 
American Colonies, considered. To which is added An Appen- 
dix, containing the Outlines of a Plan for a General Pacification. 
By James Anderson, m.a.. Author of Observations on the Means 
of exciting a Spirit of National Industry, &c. London^ T. 
Cadell^ M.DCC.LXXXii. 8vo, pp. vii., 136, Appendix 36. h. 

The object of the author of this pamphlet is to show "that the American Colonies, 
instead of promoting the trade and manufactures of Great Britain, have tended in a 
most powerful manner to depress them. That, instead of adding strength and stability 
to the empire, they have necessarily weakened it to a great degree, and exposed it to 
the most imminent danger. That, therefore, the settling of these colonies at first was 
unwise, and the subsequent encouragement that was given them highly impolitic." — 
M. R., Ixvi., 428. The cotton famine of 1862 is a practical commenton this writer. 

Anderson. Observations on Slavery, particularly with a 
view to its effects on the British Colonies in the West Indies. 
By James Anderson. Manchester^ 1789. 4to, pp. 38. P. 140 1 

Anderson (James). A Few Facts and Observations on the 
Yellow Fever of the West Indies, by which is shewn, that there 
have existed two species of Fever in the West India Islands for 
several years past, indiscriminately called Yellow Fever, but 
which have proceeded from very different causes ; with the suc- 
cess attending the method of cure. By James Anderson, m.d., 



Late Surgeon of the 60th Regiment of Foot. London^ Robinson^ 
1799. 8vo. 1402 

See M. R.f New Series, xxix., 454. 

Anderson. Account of the Importation of American Coch- 
ineal Insects into Hindostan. Madras^ 1795- 8vo, pp. 9. 1402^ 

Anderson (James). Memorable Women of the Puritan 
Times. By the Rev. James Anderson ... . London^ Blackie and 
Son^ [also] Glasgow and Edinburgh^ 1 862. 8vo, pp. viii., (i), 
408 ; (l), 408. H. 1403 

Contains, among others, lives of Margaret Tindal, wife of John Winthrop, Anne 
Dudley, wife of Simon Bradstreet j Anne Marbury, wife of Wm. Hutchinson 5 and Mary 

Anderson (James Stuart Murray). The History of the 
Church of England in the Colonies and Foreign Dependencies 
of the British Empire. By the Rev. James S. M. Anderson, 
M.A. London^ 1845-56. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xxviii., 482; xvi., 
769; xxiv., 807. + Second Edition. London^ Rivingtons^ 1856. 
Fcap 8vo, pp. xl., 512, Table and Map; xix., 582; xx., 

654. H. 1404 

Anderson (Johann). Nachrichten von Island, Gronland und 
der Strasse Davis, zum wahren Nutzen der Wissenschaften und 
der Handlung. Hamburgh Holle^ 1746. 8vo. Plates.+ Same. 
Frankfurt u. Leipzig^ ^IM- 8vo. Map and Plates. 1 405 

The appendix contains a brief grammar and vocabulary of the Esquimaux language 
explained in German and Danish. 

Anderson. Efterretninger om Island, Gronland og Strat 
Davis. Kwbenhavn^ 1748. 8vo. Map and Plates. Bm. 1406 

Anderson. Beschryving van Ysland, Groenland en de Straat 
Davis. Uit het hoogduitsch vertaalt. Door J. D. J. Amster- 
dam^ 1750. 4to. Map and Plate. -f-Waar by gevoegt zyn de 
Verbeteringen door Niels Horrebow. Amsterdam^ ^75^' 4^o? 
Map and Plates. 1407 

The first part of this edition is the same as the preceding. The second part is Hor- 
rebow's Iceland. 

Anderson (J.) Histoire Naturelle de I'lslande et du Groen- 
land, traduit de I'allemand par Sellius. Paris^ Seb. Cramoisy^ ^75^' 
-\-Paris^ Jorry^ 17 S4- 2 vols., i2mo. 1408 

Anderson (J.) Histoire Naturelle de L'Island du Green- 


land, du Detroit de Davis, et d'autres Pays Situes sous le Nord, 
traduite de rAllemande. Par M*** [J. P. Rousselot de Surgy]. 
Paris^ Jorry^ 1750- 2 vols., 8vo. Map and Plates. + P^r/V, 
1764. 2 vols., i2mo. 1408^ 

See Boucher, Vol. i,, pp. 392. 

Anderson (John). Speech of Mr. Anderson, of Maine, on 
the Proposed Increase of the Tariff: delivered in the House of 
Representatives of the U. States, March 5, 1828. [n. p., 1828.] 
8vo, pp. 8. H. 1409 

Anderson (John J.) A Pictorial School History of the United 
States. ... By John J. Anderson. New Tork^ Clark l^ Maynard^ 
1864. i2mo, pp. 313, 38. H. 1410 

Anderson (Joseph). Judge Anderson's Speech. Delivered 
in the Senate of the United States. On Thursday the ist. day of 
December, on the resolution offered by Mr. Hillhouse, to repeal 
the several embargo laws. [n. p.], Dinmore and Cooper^ Printers 
[1808]. 8vo, pp. 18. H. 141 1 

Anderson (L.) Speech of the Hon. Lucien Anderson, of 
Kentucky, on the Democracy of Kentucky and their Allies in 
the North. House of Representatives, March 5, 1864. 8vo, 
pp. 15. 1412 

Anderson (M. E.) Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands and Cali- 
fornia. By Mary E. Anderson. Boston^ 1865. i6mo. 14 13 

Anderson (O. P.) A Voice from Harper's Ferry. A Nar- 
rative of Events at Harper's Ferry ; with Incidents Prior and 
Subsequent to its Capture by Captain Brown and his Men. By 
Osborne P. Anderson, One of the Number. Boston^ the Author^ 
1861. i2mo, pp. 72. H. 1414 

Anderson (R.) ... Concurrent Resolutions of the Legislature 
of New York, in relation to Gen. Robert Anderson. Washing- 
ton^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 2. (38th Cong., ist Sess., House, Misc. 
Doc, No. 65.) 1415 

[Anderson (R. W.)] Hon. Senators and Representatives 
... ist Session, 32nd Congress. ["A few suggestions with 
regard to non-intervention between European States, a change in 
our naturalization law, and the revision, concretion and perfec- 
tion of the jurisprudence of the Confederacy and the Several 
States." n. p., 185 1 or 1852.] 410, pp. 2. h. 1416 


Anderson (R.) Two Discourses, delivered on the Public 
Fast in Massachusetts, April 8, 1802. By Rufus Anderson, of 
Wenham, Mass. Portland^ 1802. 8vo, pp. 40. 141 7 

Anderson. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 
Missions. Report to the Prudential Committee of a Visit to the 
Missions in the Levant. By Rufus Anderson ... . Also, A 
Letter to the Committee from the Rev. Dr. Hawes. ... Boston^ 
Printed for the Board^ by T. R. Marvin^ 1844. 8vo, pp. 54. H. 

Anderson (R.) The Hawaiian Islands : their Progress and 
Condition under Missionary Labors. By Rufus Anderson, d.d., 
Foreign Secretary of American Board of Commissioners for 
Foreign Missions. With Illustrations. Boston^ Gould and Lin- 
coln^ 1864. i2mo, pp. 450. H. 4- Second Edition. Boston^ 1864. 
i2mo. + Third Edition. Boston^ 1865. i2mo. h. 1419 

Anderson. Memoir of Catherine Brown, a Christian Indian 
of the Cherokee Nation. By Rufus Anderson, a.m. Boston^ 
1825. i8mo, pp. 1^0. -{-London^ 1825. i6mo. b. M. + Phila- 
delphia^ American Sunday School Union [1831]. 24mo, pp. 138. 
H . -h Philadelphia^ 1832. i2mo.+ Cincinnati^ 1827.+ Tork {^Eng- 
land\ W, Alexander iff Son^ 1827. l2mo, pp. 202. Plate. 

Anderson (T. D.) A funeral oration, delivered before the 
City Government and Citizens of Roxbury, on the Occasion of 
paying Funeral Honors to Zachary Taylor, late President of 
the United States; July 31, 1850. By Rev. Thomas D. Ander- 
son. Together with the other Services. Printed by order of 
the City Council. Roxbury^ 1 850. 8vo, pp. 40. 142 1 

Anderson. The Home and the Nation. A Sermon deliv- 
ered before the Executive and Legislative Departments of the 
Government of Massachusetts, at the Annual Election, ... Jan. 
4, i860. By Thomas D. Anderson, d.d.. Pastor of Dudley St. 
Baptist Church, Roxbury. Boston^ William JVhite^ Printer^ 
i860. 8vo, pp. 38. H. 1422 

Anderson (W. C.) The National Crisis. An Address 
delivered before the Young Men's Christian Association of San 
Francisco, Cal., at their Eighth Anniversary, Aug. 12, 1861. 
By Rev. W. C. Anderson. San Francisco^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 10. 

Anderson (W.) Liberty and Union ! Speeches delivered 
at the Eighteenth Ward Republican Festival, in Commemoration 


of the Birth of Washington, held at the Gramercy Park House, 
New York, February 22, i860. Reported phonographically by 
William Anderson. New York^ Baker and Godwin^ Printer s,^ 
i860. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 1424 

Anderson (W. J.) Life and Narrative of William J. Ander- 
son, Twenty-four Years a Slave ; sold Eight Times ! in Jail Sixty 
Times!! whipped Three Hundred Times!!! ... Also, A Simple 
and Easy Plan to abolish Slavery in the United States, together 
with An Account of the Services of Colored Men in the Revo- 
lutionary War ... . Written by himself. Chicago^ Daily Tribune 
Book and Job Printing Office^ 1857. i2mo, pp. 81. H. 1425 

Anderson (W. W.) Canada and Jamaica: Two Addresses 
delivered before the Colored Citizens of New-York, by William 
Wemyss Anderson, Esq., of Jamaica, and John Scoble, Esq., of 
London; on the i6th and 23d of October, 1851. Reported ... 
by John Mullaly, Esq. New-Tor k^ Wm. Harned^ 1851. i2mo, 

pp. 16. H. 1426 

Anderson. A Description and History of the Island of Ja- 
maica, comprising an Account of its Soil, Climate, and Produc- 
tions, shewing its Value and Importance as an Agricultural Coun- 
try, and a desirable place of residence for certain Classes of Set- 
tlers. Reprinted (it is believed for the first time,) from the great 
Work, "An Account of America, or the New World," by John 
Ogilby, Esq., Master of the Revels in Ireland ; first published in 
the year 167 1, with prehminary chapter and notes, to connect 
the Work with our own times ; By William Wemyss Anderson, 
Esq. (With a Map of the Island.) Jamaica and the other West 
India Islands are destined to be the true and final homes of the 
civilized Coloured Races. Kingston^ Jamaica^ George Henderson^ 
1851. 8vo, pp. 46, Errata 9 lines, on a slip. Map. 1427 

Anderson. Jamaica and the Americans. By William We- 
myss Anderson. New York^ 1851. 8vo, pp. 30. 1428 

Andersonville. See [Smith (Gerrit)]. 

A List of the Union Soldiers buried at Andersonville. Copied 
from the Official Record in the Surgeon's Office at Anderson- 
ville [by Dorence At water]. ... New York^ Tribune Association^ 
1866. Rl. 8vo, pp. viii., 74. H. 1429 

Quartermaster General's Office, General Orders, No. 70 


[69 J]. The Martyrs who, for Our Country, gave up their Lives 
in the Prison Pens in Andersonville, Ga. Washington^ Govern- 
ment Printing Office^ 1866. 8vo, pp. 225. H. 1430 

The Andover Husking; a Political Tale, suited to the Cir- 
cumstances of the Present Time, and dedicated to the Whigs of 
Massachusetts. ... Boston^ J. H, Eastburn^ Printer^ 1842. 8vo, 

pp. 27. H. I43I 

Andover. Catalogue of the Library belonging to the Theo- 
logical Institution in Andover. Andover^ Printed by Flagg and 
Gould^ 1 8 19. 8vo, pp. 161. H. 1432 

Catalogue of the Library of the Theol. Seminary in Andover, 
Mass. By Oliver A. Taylor, m.a. Andover^ Printed by Gould 
^ Newman^ 1838. 8vo, pp. 531. + First Supplement. Andover^ 
Printed by J. D, Flagg & W. H. Wardwell, 1849. 8vo, pp. 
66, (i). H. 1433 

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Theological 
Seminary, Andover, January, 1818. [n. p., 18 18.] Broadside. 
Continued. H. 1434 

Began to be printed in 8vo in 1822, or earlier. 

Catalogue of the Teachers' Seminary, Andover, Mass., Octo- 
ber, 1836. Andover^ Printed by Gould and Newman^ 1836. 8vo, 

pp. 14. H. 1435 

Catalogue of those who have been educated at the Theologi- 
cal Seminary in Andover. Sept. 27, 1815. Andover^ Printed by 
Flagg and Gould \_iS 1^1. 8vo, pp. 12. Continued triennially. H. 

The Constitution and Associate Statutes of the Theological 
Seminary in Andover ; with a Sketch of its Rise and Progress. 
[By E. Pearson.] Boston^ Farrand^ Mallory^ and Co.^ 1808. 
8vo, pp. 6^. -\- Andover^ Printed by Flagg and Gould^ 1 81 7. 8vo, 
pp. 40. H. 1437 

The Constitution of Phillips Academy, in Andover. Andover^ 
1817. 8vo, pp. 14. 1438 

Laws of the Theological Institution in Andover. Andover^ 
Printed by Flagg and Gould ^ 18 1 7. 8vo, pp. 16. -\- Andover^ 1 827. 
8vo, pp. 31. H.-\- Andover^ Printed by Gould and Newman, '837. 
8vo, pp. 31. n.-{- Andover, Printed by Allen, Morrill and Ward- 
well, 1846. 8vo, pp. 30. H. 1439 


A Memorial of the'Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Found- 
ing of the Theological Seminary at Andover. [Edited by the 
Rev. John L. Taylor.] Andover^ Warren F. Draper^ 1859. 
8vo, pp. 8, 242. H. 1440 

Review of the " Constitution and Associate Statutes," &c. 
From the Monthly Anthology, November, 1808. Boston^ 1808. 
8vo, pp. 35. 1441 

Statistics of the Class of 1859, in Andover Theological Semi- 
nary. Compiled by the Class Secretary [Charles Ray Palmer]. 
Andover^ Printed by Warren F. Draper^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 

Andover and Wilmington Railroad. First Report of the 
Directors, &c., with that of the Engineer, October, 1834. 
Andover^ 1 834. 8vo, pp. 24. 1443 

Andrada e Silva (Jose Bonifacio de). Refutation des 
calomnies relatives aux affaires du Bresil, inserees par un sieur de 
Loy dans I' Independant de Lyon ; par MM. Jose Bonifacio 
d'Andrada, Antonio Carlos-Ribeiro d'Andrada et Martin Fran- 
cesco-Ribeiro d'Andrada ... . Paris^ impr'imerie de B'eraud^ 1826. 
8vo. 1444 

Andrada e Silva. Representa^ao a assemblea geral con- 
stituente e legislativa do imperio do Brasil, sobre a escravatura, 
por Jose Bonifacio Andrada e Silva deputado a dita assemblea 
de la provincia di S. Paulo. Parh^ imprirnerie de F. Didot^ 1825. 
8vo. 1445 

Andrada e Silva. Memoir addressed to the General, Con- 
stituent and Legislative Assembly of the Empire of Brazil, 
on Slavery ! By Jose Bonifaciod 'Andrada e Silva ... . Trans- 
lated from the Portuguese by William Walton. London^ Butter- 
worthy etc., 1826. 8vo, pp. 60. H. 1446 

Andrade (Alonzo de). Varones ilustres en santidad, letras, y 
zelo de las almas. De la Compafiia de Jesus. Tomo Ouinto 
[and Sexto] a los quatro que saco a luz el Venerable, y Erudito 
Padre Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, de la Compafiia de Jesus. 
Por el Padre Alonso de Andrade, de la misma Compafiia de 
lesus, natural de Toledo, Calificador del Consejo Supremo de 
la Santa y General Inquisition. Madrid, Joseph Fernandez di 
Buendia, 1666-67. 2 vols., folio, 6 p. 1., pp. 863 ; 6 p. !., pp. 
754. 1447 

For a continuation, j« Cassani ; for the previous volumes, ite Nieremoerg. 

184 ANDRE. 

Andrade e Silva (J. M. de). Reinado e ultimos momentos 
de sua magestade o Senhor D. Pedro V. Por Jose Maria de 
Andrade e Silva. Maranhao^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 222. 1448 

Andre (John). The Cow Chace, In Three Cantos, Pub- 
lished on Occasion of the Rebel General Wayne's Attack of 
the Refugees' Block-House On Hudson's River, on Friday 
the 2 1st of July, 1780. New York^ Printed hy 'James Rivington^ 
MDCCLXXX. 8vo, pp. 69. 1449 

"The Cow Chace" occupies twenty-six pages — the remainder is a reprint of'" The 
American Times." See No. 1244. The following is the last stanza of this mock- 
heroic poem ; founded on the defeat of Generals Wayne, Irving, and Proctor, to which 
subsequent events gave a melancholy interest : 

And now I've clos'd my epic strain, 

I tremble as I show it, 
Lest this same warrior-drover, Wayne, 

Should ever catch the poet. 

First published in Rivington's Royal Gazette. 5«(r M, R., lxvi., 72; Niles's Reg., 
XX., 386. 

Andre. The Cow Chace : an Heroick Poem, in Three 
Cantos. Written at New- York, 1780, By the late Major 
Andre, With Explanatory Notes, by the Editor. [Motto.] Lon- 
don^ Printed for John Fielding.^ 1 781. 4to, pp. 32. H. 1450 

Andre. The Cow Chace. In Three Cantos. Written in 
the Year 1780 ; By Major John Andre, Adjutant-General to 
the British Army, in North America, a few Weeks previous to 
his Capture by the Americans. New Tork.^ Printed in the Tear 
1789. i2mo, pp. 22. 1451 

Andre. The Cow Chace, A Poem in Three Cantos. By 
Major John Andre, Adjutant General to the British Army in 
New York, in 1780. Albany, N r., J. Munsell, 1866. 8vo, 
pp. 69. 1452 

This edition was suppressed by the editor. Dr. Hough. 

Andre. Case of Major John Andre, Adjutant-General to 
the British Army, who was put to death by the rebels, October 
2nd, 1780. Candidly represented ; with remarks on the Case. 
New York, J. Rivington, 1780. 4to, pp. 28. 1453 

Andre. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, Held by 
order of His Excellency Gen. Washington, Commander in Chief 
of the Army of the United States of America. Respecting Major 
John Andre, Adjutant General of the British Army. September 
29, 1780. Philadelphia, Printed by Francis Bailey, in Market- 

ANDREE. 185 

Street^ m.dcc.lxxx. 8vo, Half Title, i 1.; pp. 21. u.-\-Hart- 
ford^ Reprinted by B. Webster^ m.d.CC.lxxx. l2mo, pp. 32. 

Andre. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, Held by 
order of His Excellency General Washington, Commander in 
Chief of the Army of the United States of America Respecting 
Major John Andre, Adjutant General of the British Army. 
September 29, 1780. Philadelphia Printed-, New Tork^ Reprinted 
by James Rivington, mdcclxxx. 4to, pp. 13. 1455 

See The Royal Gazette, Wednesday, November i, 1780, No. 427, where it is adver- 
tised as the '' Proceedings of a Board of Rebel Officers," &c. 

Andre. [Another Edition.] To which are appended. The 
several Letters which passed to and from New York on the 
Occasion. Published by Order of Congress. Providence^ Printed 
and Sold by John Carter \n. d.] 8vo, pp. i6. N. 1456 

Also included in the New York Gazette, Monday, Nov. 6, 1 780, No. 1516. It 
was afterwards privately reprinted for Mr. John F. McCoy of New York, with an 
introduction by Dr. F. B. Hough, under the following title : 

Andre. Minutes of a Court of Inquiry upon the case of 
Major John Andre, with accompanying documents published in 
1780 by order of Congress, with an additional Appendix contain- 
ing copies of the papers found upon Major Andre when arrested, 
and other documents relating to the subject. Albany,^ J. Munsell^ 
1865. 4to, pp. 66. 1457 

One hundred copies printed, of which ten are on large paper. 

Andreana. Containing the Trial, Execution, and various 
matters connected with the History of Major John Andre, Ad- 
jutant-General of the British Army in America, a.d. 1780. 
Philadelphia^ H. W. Smithy 1865. 8vo, pp. iv., 67, 4. 12 Plates. 

175 copies printed — 25 in folio, 50 in 4to, and 100 in 8vo. 

Andre : a Tragedy. See [Dunlap (Wm.)] 

Vindication of the Captors of Major Andre. See [Benson (E.)] 

Andre ( — , le Pere). Decouverte du Nouveau-Monde. His- 
toire d'Amerique. Paris^ imprimerie de Setier, 1832. Broadside. 

Andre. Description des quatre parties du monde : Europe, 
Asie, Afrique, Amerique. Les productions ... ; lettre adressee 
au peuple fran^ais. Paris^ imprimerie de Setier^ 1832. Folio. 

Andree (Karl). Amerika in Geographischen und Geschicht- 
lichen Umrissen. Von Dr. Karl Andree ... . Erster Band : 


l86 ANDREW. 

Nord-Amerika. Braunschweig^ George Westermann^ 1 851. 8vo, 
pp. xiii., 8 10. -1-2'' Auflage. Mit in den Text gedruckten Holz- 
schnitten und einem Kartenwerk von 18 Slattern qu. Fol. von 
H. Lange. Braunschweig^ 1854. 8vo. 146 1 

With the second title : " Nord-Amerika in ... Umrissen. Mit besonderer Beriick- 
sichtigung der Eingeborenen und der indianischen Alterthiimer, der Einwanderung und 
der Ansiedlungen, des Ackerbaues, der Gewerbe, der SchiffFahrt und des Handels. ... 
Mit Abbildungen. ...'" 

Andree. Buenos Ayres und die Argentinischen Provinzen. 
Nach den neuesten Quellen. Von Karl Andree. Leipzig^ C. B. 
Lorck^ 1856. i2mo, pp. xx., 426. c. 1462 

Hausbibliothek fiir Lander und Volkerkunde, Band lo. 

Andree. Geographische Wanderungen. Von Karl Andree. 
Dresden^ 1859. ^ vols., 8vo, pp. xiv., 762. 1463 

Vol I., pp. 74-329, contains Sketches of New York, Illinois, Kentucky and Cali- 
fornia. Vol. II., pp. 1-87, The Mormons, Discoveries in the West, and the Red 
River; pp. 88-120, A Glance at Central America. 

Andree. Kartenwerk zu Nord-Amerika. ... Andree's Nach 
den neuesten Materialien, mit besonderer Riicksicht auf physik- 
alische Verhaltnisse und genauer Angabe der County-Einthei- 
lung, der Eisenbahnen, Canale, Poststrassen und DampfschifF- 
fahrt, in 18 Blattern mit erlauterndem Texte herausgegeben von 
Henry Lange. ... Braunschweig^ George Westermann^ 1854. 
Folio, pp. 28. 1464 

Andrew (J. A.) An Address delivered before The New 
England Historic-Genealogical Society, at the Annual Meeting 
Held in Boston, Mass., January 2, 1867. By John A. Andrew, 
LL.D., President of the Society. To which is added a Report of 
the Proceedings at Said Meeting. Boston^ Printed by David Clapp 
tff Son^ 1867. 8vo, pp. II (i). H. 1465 

Andrew. An Address on the Occasion of dedicating the 
Monument to Ladd and Whitney, Members of the Sixth Regi- 
ment, M. v. M., killed at Baltimore, April 19, 1861. Deliv- 
ered at Lowell, Massachusetts, June 17, 1865. By John A. 
Andrew, Governor of the Commonwealth. Boston,^ IVright ^ 
Potter^ State Printers^ 1 865. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 1466 

Andrew. Address of His Excellency John A. Andrew, 
to the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts, 
January 5, 1861. Boston^ IVilliam White^ Printer^ 1 861. 8vo, 
pp. 48. (Senate Doc. No. 2.)-|-May 14, 1861. Extra Session. 
Boston^ William JVhite^ Printer^ 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 24. (Senate 

ANDREW. 187 

Doc. No. I. )-|- January 3, 1862. Boston^ William IVhite^ Prin- 
ter^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 75. (Senate Doc. No. i.)-)- January 9, 1863. 
Boston^ IVright bf Potter^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 80. H. -f November 
II, 1863. Boston^ Wright and Potter^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 24.-!- 
January 8, 1864. Boston^ Wright ':ff Potter^ Printers^ 1S64.. 8vo, 
pp. 88. (Senate Doc. No. i.) H.-|- January 6, 1865. Boston^ 
Wright Cf Potter^ Printers^ 1865. 8vo, pp. 140. (Senate Doc. 
No. I.) H. 1467 

These and the following addresses mostly relate to the Rebellion. 

Andrew. [Address to the Legislature on the Reception of 
the News of the Occupation of Richmond by Gen. Grant. 
Dated April 4, 1865. Boston^ 1865.] 8vo, pp. 3. (Senate 
Doc. No. 173.) H. 1468 

Andrew. Addresses by His Excellency Governor John A. 
Andrew, Hon. Edward Everett, Hon. B. F. Thomas, and Hon. 
Robert C. Winthrop, delivered at the Mass Meeting in Aid of 
Recruiting, held on the Common under the Auspices of the 
Committee of One Hundred and Fifty, on Wednesday, August 
27, 1862. Boston^ y. E. Farwell and Company,, Printers,, 1862. 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 1469 

[Andrew.] Commonwealth of Massachusetts [Message of 
the Governor], Executive Department, April 17, 1865. 8vo, pp. 
8. (House Document, No. 227.) 1470 

Relates to the assassination of President Lincoln. 

Andrew. The importance of relying on the efforts of the 
People instead of the machinery of a Bureau. Correspondence 
concerning the System of recruiting Volunteers now prescribed 
by the U. S. Provost-Marshal-General. Boston,, Wright ^ 
Potter,, Printers,, 1865. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 147 1 

Andrew. ... [Letter to] S. F. Wetmore, Esq., Indianapolis, 
Indiana. [Dated Feb. 3, 1863. n. p., 1863.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 

This letter was written in answer to the question raised in the popular branch of the 
Legislature of Indiana, " Why Massachusetts has not sent to the held during the 
present war as many men as have been sent by Indiana." 

Andrew. ... A Proclamation to the People of Massachusetts. 
[November 18. Boston,, 1863.] 8vo, pp. il. H. 1473 

Explanation of the bounties ortered by the State and by the United States. 

Andrew. Opinion In the Case of Edward W. Green. 
\_Boston,, 1866.] 4to, pp. 20. H. 1474 

1 88 ANDREWS. 

Andrew. Letter to the Governor of Massachusetts [J. A. 
Andrew], on occasion of his Late Proclamation, Of August 20, 
1861. Boston^ A. K. Loring. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 1475 

Andrew. Speeches of John A. Andrew at Hingham and 
Boston ... with his Testimony before the Harper's Ferry Com- 
mittee of the Senate, in relation to John Brown. ... {Boston^ 
i860.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 1476 

Andrew. ... To the ... Senators and Representatives of ... 
Massachusetts in ... Congress ... . [Representations of the 
Anomaly existing in the Organization of the Light Artillery Arm 
of the Volunteer Forces of the United States. Boston^ 1864.] 
4to, pp. 4. H. 1477 

Andrew. [Two letters to Rev. Edw. E. Hale, dated Oct. 
7 and II, declining the Presidency of Antioch College. Boston^ 
1865.] i6mo, pp. 3. H. 1478 

Andrew. ... Valedictory Address of His Excellency John A. 
Andrew, to the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massachu- 
setts, January 4, 1866. Boston^ Wright ^ Potter^ Printers^ 
1866. 8vo, pp. 42. (Senate Doc. No. 2.) H. 1479 

Andrew (J. A.) and Browne (A. G., Jr.) Circuit Court of 
the United States, Massachusetts District, ss. In Admiralty. 
The United States of America, by Information, versus the 
Schooner Wanderer, and Cargo, G. B. Lamar, Claimant. John 
A. Andrew, A. G. Browne, Jr., Proctors for the Claimant. The 
Claimant's Points. Boston^ Prentiss & Deland^ Printers^ i860. 
4to, pp. 27. H. 1480 

Andrew (J. A.) and Butler (B. F.) Correspondence be- 
tween Gov. Andrew and Maj. Gen. [Benjamin Franklin] But- 
ler. Boston^ J. J. Dyer & Co.^ 1862. 8vo, pp 86. h. 148 i 

Andrew (W.) Constitution of Nature. By W. Andrew. 
Milwaukie^ Jermaine^ 1 864. 8vo. 1482 

Relates to the Rebellion. 

Andrew College. Catalogue of the Officers and Students of 
Andrew College, Trenton, Gibson County, Tennessee. First 
Session. Trenton^ Printed at the Banner Office^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 
15. Continued. 1483 

Andrews (Charles). The Prisoners' Memoirs, or Dartmoor 


Prison ; Containing a Complete and Impartial History of the 
entire Captivity of the Americans in England, From the Com- 
mencement of the late War between the United States and Great 
Britain, until all prisoners were released by the Treaty of Ghent. 
Also a Particular Detail of all Occurrences relative to that Hor- 
rid Massacre at Dartmoor, on the fatal evening of the 6th of 
April, 18 15. The whole carefully compiled from the Journal of 
Charles Andrews, a prisoner in England, from the commence- 
ment of the War until the release of all the Prisoners. New 
York^ Printed for the Author^ 18 15. l2mo, pp. 283. Plate. 

Andrews (C.) Speech of Mr. Charles Andrews, of Maine, 
in the House of Representatives, February 25, 1852, on the 
Resolutions of the Legislature of ... Maine tendering Sympathy 
to Louis Kossuth, Condemning the ... intervention of Russia in 
the affairs of Hungary, and asking the influence of the United 
States against all such intervention in future, [n. p., 1852.] 
8vo, pp. 7. H. 1485 

Andrews (C. C.) Reflections on the Operation of the Pres- 
ent System of Education. By Christopher C. Andrews, Coun- 
sellor at Law. ... Boston^ Crosby^ Nichols and Company^ 1 85 3. 
8vo, pp. 29. i486 

Andrews (C. C.) History of the New York African Free 
Schools, from their Establishment in 1787, to the Present Time; 
... Also a brief account of the successful labours of the New 
York Manumission Society, with an appendix, &c. By Charles 
C.Andrews. New Tor k^ i%'^o. i2mo. 1487 

Andrews. Minnesota and Dacotah. In Letters descriptive 
of a Tour through the North West, In the Autumn of 1856. 
With Information Relative to Public Lands, and A table of Sta- 
tistics. By C. C. Andrews. Washington^ ^'^Sl- ^^o- Map. 
-[-Second Edition. Washington^ Robert Farnham^ 1857. i2mo, 
pp. 2 1 5. -f Third Edition. Washington^ 1857. i2mo. H. 1488 

Andrews (C. C.) History of the campaign of Mobile ... 
By Brevet Major-General C. C. Andrews ... Maps and Illus- 
trations. New Tork^ 1867. 8vo. P. 1489 

[Andrews (C. W.), d.d.] An Apology. The Protestant 
Episcopal Society for the Promotion of Evangelical Knowledge : 
its Origin, Constitution, Tendencies, and Work. New-Tor k^ 
Printed by John A. Gray^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 44. H. 1490 


Andrews (David). The Sure and Only Foundation, with 
Historical Notices. A Centennial Discourse, delivered before 
the Church of Christ and Second Parish, in Pepperell, Mass., 
January 29, 1847. By David Andrews, Pastor of the Church. 
Boston^ A. J. Wright^ Printer^ 1847. ^^^^ PP- 4^- "• ^49 ^ 

Andrews (D.) Truth and Character vindicated ; being a 
Review of Hon. Caleb Butler's History of Ecclesiastical Affairs 
in Pepperell. By Rev. David Andrews and others. Boston^ 
1849. ^^^5 PP- 49- ^- ^49^ 

Andrews (E. B.) A Funeral Discourse on the Occasion of 
the Death of Hon. Ephraim Cutler, Delivered at Warren, 
Washington Co., O., July 24, 1853, ^7 Prof. E. B. Andrews, 
of Marietta College. ... Marietta^ O., Printed at the Intelligencer 
Office^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 1493 

Andrews (E. Wigglesworth). An Address before the Wash- 
ington Benevolent Society, in Newburyport, ... on the 22d. 
of Feb., 1816. By Edward W, Andrews, a.m. ... Newburyport^ 
William B. Men & Co.^ 18 16. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 1494 

In verse. 

Andrews (E.) A Sermon, delivered at the Funeral of Mr. 
Samuel Phillips, at Athol, February 6th, 18 10. By Elisha An- 
drews, A.M., Pastor of the Baptist Church in Templeton. Wor- 
cester^ Printed by Henry Rogers^ 1810. 8vo, pp. 18. H. 1495 

Andrews (Erastus). Historical Discourse at North Leverett, 
Mass., Aug. 18, 1847. % Erastus Andrews. Boston^ 1847. 

Andrews (Ethan Allen). Slavery and the Domestic Slave- 
Trade in the United States. In a series of letters addressed to the 
Executive Committee of the American Union for the Relief and 
Improvement of the Colored Race. By Prof. E. A. Andrews. 
Boston^ Light & Stearns^ 1836. l2mo, pp. xii. ,9-201. H. 1497 

Andrews (I. D.) ... Communication from the Secretary of 
the Treasury, transmitting ... the Report of Israel D. Andrews, 
Consul of the United States for Canada and New Brunswick, 
on the Trade and Commerce of the British North American 
Colonies, and upon the Trade of the Great Lakes and Rivers ; 
also. Notices of the Internal Improvements in Each State, of 
the Gulf of Mexico and Straits of Florida, and a Paper on the 
Cotton Crop of the United States. Washington^ Robert Arm- 


Strongs Printer^ 1 853. 8vo, pp. xix., 906 (i). Maps. (32d 
Cong., 1st Sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. No. 112.) h. 1498 

Andrews (I. W.) Why is Allegiance Due ? and Where is 
it Due ? An Address delivered before the National Union As- 
sociation of Cincinnati, June 2, 1863, by Israel W. Andrews, 
President of Marietta College. Cincinnati^ Moore^ IVihtach^ Keys 
& Co.^ Printers^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 30. H. 1499 

Andrews (John). Essay on Republican Principles, and on 
the Inconveniences of a Commonwealth in a Large Country and 
Nation, with reflections on the present situation of Great Britain. 
By John Andrews, ll.d. London^ 1783. 8vo, pp. 96. m. 1500 

Andrews. History of the War with America, France, Spain, 
and Holland; commencing in 1775 and ending in 1783. By John 
Andrews, l.l.d. In Four Volumes with Portraits Maps and 
Charts. London^ J^^^ Fielding and John Jarvis^ mdcclxxxv- 
MDCCLXXxvi. 4 vols., Svo, pp. iv., 448 ; Title, i 1., pp. 449 ; 
Title, I 1., pp. 445 ; Title, i 1., pp. 416 ; Index, 30 1. ; List of 
Subscribers, pp. xiv. 31 Plates. h. 1501 

See M. R., Lxxv., 466. " Compiled chiefly from the newspapers and the proceedings 
of the House of Commons." — Rich. " A judicious compilation." — Lowndes. Highly 
commended by Dr. Boucher. Includes portraits of Gens. Washington, Greene, Clin- 
ton, Burgoyne, Cornwallis, Lafayette. De Grasse, Count D'Estaing, and Capt. Asgill. 

Andrews (John). Letters of John Andrews, Esq., of Boston, 
1772-1776. Compiled and edited from the Original MSS., with 
an Introduction, By Winthrop Sargent. Reprinted from the 
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Cambridge^ 
Press of John Wilson and Sons ^ 1866. 8vo, pp. lOO. H. 1502 

Andrews (John). A Discourse delivered before the Merri- 
mack Humane Society, at their Anniversary Meeting, September 
I, 1812. By John Andrews, a.m.. Minister of the First Church 
and Religious Society in Newburyport. [Motto.] [With Ap- 
pendix.] Newburyporty Press of E. W. Allen^ 18 12. 8vo, pp. 

32. H. 1503 

Andrews. An Eulogy on General George Washington : 
Who departed this life December 14th, 1799, in the 68th year 
of his age. Delivered before the First Religious Society, in 
Newburyport, February 22d. 1800. By John Andrews, a.m. 
Colleague Pastor with the Rev. Thomas Cary. [Motto.] From 


the Press of Angier March ^ Newburyport. [1800]. 8vo, pp. 
21. H. 1504 

Andrews. A | Sermon, | delivered February 19, 1795,! being 
a Day I of I Public Thanksgiving, | throughout the | United States 
of America. I By John Andrews, a.m. | Junior Pastor of the First 
Church in Newburyport. | Printed at Newburyport by \ Blunt ^ 
March\\_\'](^^']. 8vo, pp. 22. H. 1505 

Andrews. A Sermon delivered October i, 1801 : at the 
Dedication of a new House for Public Worship, erected by the 
First Religious Society in Newburyport. By John Andrews, 
A.M., Colleague-Pastor with the Rev. Thomas Cary. Newbury- 
port^ Press of Allen dff Stickney^ 1801. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 1506 

Andrews. A Sermon delivered November 26, 1808, at the 
Interment of the Rev. Thomas Cary, a.m. Senior Pastor of the 
First Religious Society in Newburyport. By John Andrews, 
A.M., Surviving Pastor. ... Newburyport^ Edward Little^ 1808. 
8vo, pp. 31, Appendix (15). h. 1507 

Andrews (John L.) Pension, Bounty, and Prize Money 
Manual. John L. Andrews, Government Claim Agent ... Bos- 
ton. \_Boston^ J. E. Farwell ^ Co.^ Printers^ 1862 or 1863.] 
32mo, pp. 16. H. 1508 

Andrews (Joseph). Journey from Buenos Ayres, through 
the Provinces of Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta, to Potosi, 
thence by the Deserts of Caranja to Arica, and subsequently, 
to Santiago de Chili and Coquimbo, undertaken on behalf of 
the Chilian and Peruvian Mining Association, in the Years 
1825-26. By Captain Andrews, late Commander h. c. s. 
Windham. ... London^ John Murray^ 1827. 2 vols., i6mo, pp. 
xxxii., 312; viii., 321. H. 1509 

" Captain Andrews was sent out during the Mining mania, by one of the numerous 
London Associations, and in these two volumes, gives a very clear, sensible, and 
modest account of his journey and subsequent proceedings in execution of his trust. 
They are well worth any one's reading, both for the entertainment to be derived from 
them, and the information they occasionally convey." — Ed. Rev. See, also, M. R., 
cxiv., 233 i Museum, xi., 526. 

Andrews (Rufus F.) Letter of Rufus F. Andrews, Lately 
Surveyor of the Port of New York, to Thurlow Weed, Lately 
Editor of the Albany Evening Journal. New York^ 1864. 
i6mo, pp. 14. H. 1510 


Andrews (Samuel). A Discourse on St. Mark xvi., 15, 16, 
" And he said unto them, Go ye," &c. By Samuel Andrews, 
A.M., Late Missionary at Wallingford, from the venerable So- 
ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel in foreign Parts : and 
now Missionary at St. Andrews (New-Brunswick). New Haven^ 
Printed by Daniel Bowen^ in Chapel-Street^ near the College 
(m.dcc.lxxxvii). 4to, pp. 34. s. 151 1 

[Andrews]. A Sermon Preached at Litchfield in Con- 
necticut, before a Voluntary Convention of the Clergy of the 
Church of England, of Several Provinces in America, June 13, 
1770. By , a Native of the Province. ... Pub- 
lished with Notes, to gratify the very respectable assembly before 
whom it was delivered, and a copy given, July 1770. 4to, pp. 
15. s. 1512 

Mr. Andrews published several other tracts and sermons, one of which was on the 
occasion of a Fast, 1775. 

Andrews. The True Means to avert National Judgments. 
A Sermon upon the Solemn Fast ordered through the States of 
America, May 9th, 1798. Delivered at the House of John 
Brewer, Esq., in Robins-Town, upon the River Schodick, At 
His, and the Desire of others of its Inhabitants, Citizens of the 
United States ; and published at their Request. By Samuel An- 
drews, A.M., Rector of Saint Andrew's Church, in the Parish 
of Saint Andrews, and Province of New-Brunswick ; and Mis- 
sionary from the Society, &c. Printed at Boston^ 1798- 8vo, 
pp. 22. S. 1513 

Andrews (Samuel). Genealogical Chart of the Sargent 
Family. Designed and compiled by Samuel Andrews of Boston, 
A.D. 1851. \_Boston^ 1851.] Broadside. H. 1514 

Andrews (Samuel G.) The Lecompton Constitution. Speech 
of Hon. S. G. Andrews, of New York. Delivered in the 
House ... February 23d, 1858. [Colophon] Washington^ D. C, 
Buell i5 Blanchard^ Printers^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 1515 

Andrews (Sidney). The South since the War : as shown 
by Fourteen Weeks of Travel and Observation in Georgia and 
the Carolinas. By Sidney Andrews. Boston^ Ticknor and Fields^ 
1866. i6mo, pp. viii., 400. h. 1516 

Consists, for the most part, of letters written to the Boston advertiser and Chicago 
Tribune. The writer sees everything through Northern eyes. 

194 ANDROS. 

Andrews (W. S.) Illustrations of the West Indies. Sailing 
directions for the Caribbean sea, Gulf of Mexico, and Florida. 
By W. S. Andrews. London^ Day ^ Son^ i86i. 2 vols., 
oblong 4to. 15 1 7 

Andrews (W. W.) See Smith (John Cotton). 

Andrews (William W.) A Sermon on withdrawing from 
the Congregational Ministry. Preached in Kent, Conn., May 
20, 1849. With statement of reasons ... . 2d edition, with an 
Introductory Preface. By Rev. William W. Andrews. New 
Tork, 1851. 8vo. ^ s. 1518 

Andrews (Wm. W.) The Work of the Church in America, 
Especially in the West. An Address, Marietta (O.), July 28, 
1855. By William W. Andrews. New Tork^ 1856. 8vo. 

Vol. I. Fourth Year, No. 4. Andrews & Co.'s Stranger's 
Guide in the City of Boston. 1851. ... Boston^ Andrews l^ Com- 
pany [1851]. Sq. l6mo, pp. 78, (2). H. 1520 

Andros or Androsse (Sir E.) See Stoughton's New England. 

Andros. Commission of King James the Second to Sir Ed- 
mund Andros, June 3, 1686. Mss. [j/V.] 8vo, pp. 14. 1521 

Forms No. 8 of Force's Tracts, Vol. iv. See, also, Mass. Hist. Coll., 3d Series, 
Vol. VII.; R. I. Ccl. Records, Vol. iii. ; N. Y. Col. Rec, Vol. in. ; Public Records 
of Conn., Vol. in., pp. 402-436. 

Andros. Matters objected against Sir Edmund Androsse, &c. 
[n. d.] 8vo, pp. 56. 1522 

See Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., 2d Series; Vol. viii. 

Andros. By His Excellency a Proclamation. ... Given at 
Fort Charles, at Pemaquid, loth January, 1688. Signed, E. 
Andros. \_Printed at Boston in New England^ 1688.] A Broad- 
side.4- Reprinted, [n. d.] 1523 

Andros (Rh. S. S.) Chocorua and other Sketches. By 
R. S. S. Andros. Fall River ^ 1838. 8vo. 1524 

Andros. The United States Customs Guide By R. S. S. 

Andros, late Deputy Collector of the Customs, Boston. Boston^ 
T. R. Marvin; New York^ D. Appleton I:: Co.^ 1859. i2mo, 

pp.316. H. 1525 

ANDRu=i (Thomas). The grand era of ruin to nations from 


foreign influence. A Discourse, delivered before the Congrega- 
tional Society in Berkley, Nov. 26, 1812. ... By Thomas An- 
dros, A.M. Boston, Samuel T. Armstrong, 18 12. 8vo, pp. 18. B. 

Andros. The Old Jersey Captive; or a Narrative of the 
Captivity of Thomas Andros, (now Pastor of the Church in 
Berkley,) on board the Old Jersey Prison Ship, at New York, 
1 781, in a series of letters to a Friend, suited to inspire Faith 
and Confidence in a particular Divine Providence. Boston, IVm, 
Peirce, 1 833. l6mo, pp. 80. 1527 

Andrus (A.) The Emancipation Proclamation. By Hon. A. 
Andrus and W. H. Brand. Albany, 1863. 1528 

Andrus (Albert). Report of the Majority of the Committee 
on Banks, to the Legislature of the State, made April i, 1864. 
Private Edition. Albany, Printed by C. Van Benthuysen, 1864. 

SVO, pp. 13. H. 1529 

Signed by Albert Andrus, Alexander Olcott, Edward D, White, James B. Murray. 

Andueza. Isla de Cuba, Pintoresca, Historica, Politica, 
Literaria, Mercantil e Industrial. Por D. J. M. de Andueza. 
Madrid, 184 1. 4to. 12 Plates. 15 30 

Anecdotes Americaines. Histoire Abregee des evenements 
du Nouveau Monde, etc. See [Hornot (Ant.)] 

Anecdotes anglaises et americaines. Annees 1775 a 1783. ... 
Paris, Delaunay \and'\ Brunot-Labbe, 1813. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 
298; 324. H. I53I 

Anecdotes, Historical and Literary : or, miscellaneous selec- 
tions of passages from eminent authors. 5^^/^;;, 1808. i2mo. 

Anecdotes of the American Revolution. New York, 1844. 
i8mo, pp. 252. 1533 

Anecdotes Secretes sur la Revolution du 18 Fructidor ; et 
Nouveaux Memoires des Deportes a la Guiane, ecrits par eux- 
memes : contenant des Lettres du General Murinais, de Barthe- 
lemy, de Tron^on du Coudray, de LafFond Ladebat, de De La 
Rue, &c. — Relation des Evenemens qui suivirent a la Guiane 
I'Evasion de Pichegru, Ramel, &c. — Tableau des Prisons de 
Rochefort, par Richer-Serisy. — Narration de la Captivite et de 
I'Evasion de Sir Sidney Smith de la Prison du Temple. — Me- 
moire de Barbe Marbois, &c. &c. Faisant suite au Journal du 

196 ANGELL. 

General Ramel. Seconde Edition, revue, corrigee et augmentee. 
Paris ^ Giguet et Co.^ Imprimeurs-Libraires ; et se trouve a Londres^ 
y. Wright^ 1799- 8vo, Title and Table, 2 1. ; Text, pp. 215. 

Anecdotes sur les Indiens de I'Amerique du Nord, leurs moeurs 
et leurs habitudes. Paris^ Delay ^ 1845. i6mo. i fr. 1535 

Anent the North American Continent. " What is that hath 
been ? the same thing shall be. ... " London^ William Ridgway^ 
March^ 1864. Post 8vo, pp. 15. H. 1535^ 

Anent the United States and Confederate States of North 
America. "... Thoughts of peace and not of affliction." Lon- 
don^ James Ridgway^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 7. H. & p. 1535^ 

Angel (William G.) Speech of W. G. Angel in the H. of 
R. U. S. on the Bank of the United States, 1832. 8vo. 1536 

Angelis (Pedro de). Coleccion de obras y documentos 
relativos A la Historia Antigua y Moderna de las Provincias del 
Rio de la Plata. Ilustrados con notas y disertacibnes por Pedro 
de Angelis. Buenos Aires^ bnprenta del Estado^ 1836-37. 7 
vols., 4to. 1537 

Printed at the expense of the Argentine Republic, and not for sale. It is a most 
important collection, embodying all the early travels in Buenos Ayres, Patagonia, and 
other parts of South America. See Edin. Ri-v.^ lXv., 87-109. Triibner's American 
/Jfcori, Nov. 21, 1865, contains a complete list of the contents of Vols, i.-vi. 

Angelis. Biografia del Senor General Jose Arenales. Buenos 
Aires. 1832. 8vo. Map. 1538 

Angelis. Historical Sketch of Pepys' Island, in the South 
Pacific Ocean. Buenos Aires^ 1842. 8vo, pp. 9, xvii. ^539 

Angelis. Memoria Historica sobre los Derechos de Sober- 
ania y Dominio de la Confederacion Argentina. Buenos Aires^ 
1852. 8vo, pp. Iviii. 1540 

Angelis. De la Navigation de PAmazone. Reponse a un 
Memoire de M. Maury, officier de la marine des Etats-Unis par 
M. de Angelis ... . Montevideo^ Imprimerie du Rio de la Plata^ 
1854. 8vo, pp. 218 (2). H. 1541 

Angelis. Prospecto de una segunda Serie de Documentos, 
etc. Buenos Aires ^ 184 1. 8vo, pp. iii. ^542 

Angell (J. K.) A Essay on the Right of a State to tax A 
Body Corporate, considered in relation to the present Bank Tax 


in Rhode-Island. By Joseph K. Angell. ... Boston^ Hi/Hard^ 
Gray, Little Cff IVilkins, 1827. 8vo, pp. 44. H. 1543 

Angell (J. K.) Reports of Cases. 6"^^ Rhode Island. 

Angelo. Sketches of Travel in Oregon and Idaho, with 
Map of South Boise. By C. Aubrey Angelo. New York, the 
Author, 1866. 8vo, pp. 181. 1544 

Angeloni (Batista), /)5^a^o«. See [Shebbeare (John)] 

Ein Angenehmer Geruch der Rosen und Lilien Die im Thai 
der Demuth unter den Dornen hervor gewachsen Alles aus der 
Schwesterlichen Gesellschaft in Saron. In Jahr des Heils, IJS^- 
4to, pp. 26. P. 1545 

This and the following are from Mr. Winthrop Sargent's MS. List of Americana. 

Ein Angenehmer Geruch der Rosen und Lilien Die im Thai 
der Demuth unter den Dornen hervor gewachsen Alles aus der 
Briiderlichen GesellschafFt in Bethania. In jfahr des Heils, 
1756. 4to, pp. 30. P. 1546 

Anghiera (Pietro Martire d'). Libretto de tutta la naviga- 
zione dei Rei di Spagna delle isole e terreni nuovamente trovati. 
Stampato in Venezia per Alberto Vercellese de Lisona nel 1504. 
4to. 1547 

This exceedingly rare tract is a translation into the Venetian dialect of the first 
decade of Anghiera, by Angelo Trivigiano. See a curious note on this subject by J. 
Morelli, folluwing his edition of Columbus" Letter, Bassano, 1810, 8vo, and again in his 
Works, I., 290. This voyage also forms the fourth book of the collection published 
by Monte Alboddo, Ficenze, 1507, and frequently reprinted. See Vespucci. 

Anghiera. P. Martyris angli|mediolanensis opera | Legatio 
babylonica | Oceani decas | Poemata | Epigrammata | cum preuilegio | 
[Colophon] Impressum Hispali cwm summa diligencia per Ja- 
cobu;;z corum | berger alemanu^w. Anno. A4illessimo quingen- 
tessimo, xi. mewse vero| Aprili. Folio, 74 leaves. 1548 

The above title is from the Bib. Am. Vet., No. 66. Brunet gives the title as follows : 

Anglerius. Opera, scilicet legationis babylonicae libri tres ; 
Oceani decas ; Carmina, Janus, Inachus, Pluto furens, et reliqua 
poemata, hymni et epigrammata ; cura I£X\\ Ant. Nebrissensis. 
Hispali, per Jacobum Crumberger, 151 1. Folio, 74 leaves. 

Now, as both of these titles were doubtless taken from the books themselves, they 
were probably two editions in the same year, especially as Harrisse describes the Map as 
being on the recto of the forty-hfth leaf, and Brunet *" au recto de Tavant-dernier 
fcuillet une carte curieuse des decouvertes de Colomb." They are both books of ex- 


trcmc rarity. — both editions contain only the first nine books of the first decade and a 
portion of the tenth. Heber's copy sold for £8 8s. Brunet, in his description of this 
work, refers to Panzer, iv., 339, and Hain, 10863, concerning an edition of poems of 
*' P. Martyr d'Anghiera (Anglerius), una cum prima decade Oceanicarum, Hispali, 
1500, in fol. Et effectivement le livre est annonce sous cette meme date dans la Bib- 
lioth. uilenbroukiana, pars 11., p. 238, No. 1181 ; mais I'errata place a la suite de la 
preface de ce catal. nous previent qu'il faut lire 15H au lieu de 1500." Respecting 
this work, I find in Thorpe's Catalogue [about 1842], No. 1895: " Poemata, 4to, 
8. a., circa 1490," which is there said to be " Unknown to all bibliographers." The 
conjecture as to the date is probably erroneous. 

Anghiera. loannes ruflPus forollulensis Archiepus Co«sen- 
ti I n : legat9 apo. ad lectore;;2 de orbe nouo. | Accipe non noti 
praeclara uolumina mundi | Oceani : & magnas noscito lector 
opes. I Plurima debetur typhis tibi gratia : gentes | Ignotas : & 
aues qui uehis orbe nouo. | Magna quoque autori referenda est 
gratia nostro: | Qui facit haec cunctis regna uidenda locis. | Autor. | 
Siste pedem lector : breuibus compacta libellis | Haec lege : prin- 
cipibus uariis decimoqwf leoni | Pontifici summo inscripta. hie 
noua multa uidebis. | Oceani magnas terras : uasta aequora : lin- 
guas I Hactenus ignostas : atqwf aurea saecula nosces: | Et gentes 
nudas expertes seminis atri : | Mortiferi nummi : gemmisqw^ au- 
roque feracem | Torrentem zonam : parcat ueneranda uetustas. | 
De orbe nouo Decades | [Colophon] Cura & diligentia uiri 
Celebris Magistri Antonii Ne-|brissensis historici regii fuerunt 
hae tres protono|tarii Petri martyris decades Impressae in|con- 
tubernio Arnaldi Guillelmi in | Illustri oppido carpetanae pr(9ui|« 
ciae co/Tzpluto quod uulgari|ter dicitur Alcala p^rfe|ctu;w est 
nonis No|uewbris An. I1516. Folio, 63 leaves, Ad lectorem 
I 1. ; Vocabula barbara, 3 leaves ; Incipitur Legatio Babylonicae, 
16 leaves. ^550 

" Belle Edition." — Brunet, who, under this title, gives his reasons for placing the au- 
thor's name in the position he has assigned him. This is the first edition containing 
the three decades. Priced in the Nuggets, £lo los. Concerning this edition, see 
Brunet, I., 293 j Bib. Am. Vet., 151-153; Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, &c. 

Anghiera. De orbe novo decades. Compluti^ apud Michaelem 
iEgma.iszo. Folio, pp. 117 (3). 1551 

Contains eight decades, and has the " Praefatio ££.. Antonii Nebrissensis." 

Anghiera. De|orbe novo | Petri Martyris An- 1 glerii Medi- 
olanensis, Pro-|tonotarij, & Caroli quinti Senatoris | Decades 
octo, diligenti temporum ob-|seruatione, & vtilissimis annota- 
tionibus 1 illustratae, suoque nitori restitutae, | Lahore & industria 
Richardi Haklvyti | Oxoniensis Angli. | Additus est in vsum lec- 
toris accuratus | totius operis index. | [Vignette.] Parisiis, | 


Apud Gvlllelmvm Avvray, via D. | loannis Bellouacensis, sub 
insigni I Bellerophontis coronati. | m.d.lxxxvii. | Cum priuilegio 
Regis. I 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 605, 12 1. iMap engraved on copper. 

The map is frequently deficient. "This and that of 1530 are the only complete 
editions of Peter Martyr's Decades. The volume commences with an epistle from 
Hakluyt to Sir Walter Raleigh, often pages." — Rich. Priced, Muiler, $15. 

Anghiera. De nvper | svb D. Carolo reper- | tis Insulis, 
simulatqz/f incolarum | moribus, R. Petri Marty- |ris, Enchiridion, 
Domi-|nae Margaritae, Diui|Max. Caef, filiae | dicatum. | 5^;//^^, 
Jnno\M,D.xxi. 4to, pp. 43. H. 1553 

This is an extract from the fourth Decade. It h included in the Novus Orbis, 
and in Brocard's Desc. Terrae Sanctae. See Bib. Am. Vet., p. 187, 8. Priced, in the 
Nuggets, £2 2s. 

Anghiera. Extraict ov recveil des | Isles nouuelIeme;;t 
trouuees en la grand mer Oce-jane ou temps du roy Despaigne 
Ferna;7d & Eliza |beth sa femme, faict premierement en latin 
par I Pierre Martyr de Millan, & depuis translate en|languaige 
francoys. I Item trois Narrations: dont la premiere est de| Cuba, 
& commence ou fueillet 132. | La seconde, qui est de la mer 
Oceane, commence |ou fueillet 155. | La tierce, qui est de la 
prinse de Tenustitan, com | mence ou fueillet 192. | On les 
vend a Paris rue sainct lehan de Bcau-|uais, chez Simon de 
Colines au soleil dor. | Cum priuilegio. | [Colophon.] Imprime 
a Paris par Simon de Colines libraire iure de| luniuersite de 
Paris, Lan de grace Mil cinq cents trente-| deux, le douziesme 
lour de lanuier. | 4to, Title and 7 unnumbered 1., 207 num- 
bered 1. H. 1554 

This rare volume contains an abridgment of the first three Decades of Peter Mar- 
tyr, and is dedicated to the Duke of Angouleme by the translator. On folio 132 
there is a new dedication of " Trois Narrations" to Marguerite of France, in which he 
observes, that the first of the three narrations that follow, an account of Cuba, is 
translated from Peter Martvr. " Lcs deux narrations suyuantes faictes en latin par 
Pierre Sauo-guan de Foruile docteur es loix ont este dediees au Pape present Clement sep- 
ticsmc." See Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, and Brunet. 1., 294. 

Anghiera. Opvs Epi | stolaru/w Petri Marty | ris Anglerij 
Mediola I newsis Protonotarij | Apl'ici atque a co;zsi-|lijs rerum 
Indica|ru;w: nunc primum et| nature & medio |cri cura excu 
sum : quod | quidem prae- \ ter stili venustate;??, nostroruw quoque 
ttmporum histori^e loco esse poterit. | Cowpluti Anno domini I Cu7// priuilegio C^esarco. | [Colophon.] ([ Ex- 
cusum est hoc volu|men Epistolarum Petri Martyris iMediola| 
ncnsis citra controversia;w eruditissimi |in celeberrima & in omni 
litcraruw j genere maxime florenti Aca|demia Complutensi in| 


Aedibus Michae|lis de Eguia| Anno a|Christo|nato. | | 
Folio, Title and ii p. 1.; Text, pp. 199. h. 1555 ] 

There is a mistake in the pagination after folio 198, so that there are really 205 • 
leaves. A rare and beautiful edition. Heber's copy sold for £3 ; La Valliere, 61 fr. 1 
Concerning this work, see Humboldt's Examen critique, Vol. 11. j Brunet, i,, 294, 
and Bib. Am. Vet., 280. 

Anghiera. Opus I Epistolarum | Petri Martyris | Anglerii ] 
Mediolanensis, I Protonotarii Apostolici, Prioris Archiepiscopatus 
Granatensis, atque a|Consiliis Rerum Indicarum Hispanicis, 
tanta cura excusum, ut | praeter styli venustatem quoque fungi 
possit vice Luminis | Historiae superiorum temporum. | Cui acces- 
serunt I Epistolae I Ferdinandi de Pulgar | Coaetanei Latinae pariter 
atque Hispanicae cum Tractatu Hispanico de | Viris Castellae 
Illustribus. | Editio Postrema. | Amstelodami, Typis Elzeviri- 
anis. I Veneunt | Parisiis, | Apud Fredericum Leonard, Typograph- | 
um Regium,|clD Idc lxx. Folio, 14 p. 1., pp. 486; i 1., pp. j 
32, 62, I 1. H. 1556 

Pulgar's Epistolae and Varones' have each a separate title and paging. Libri's copy 
[m. r.] sold for 70 fr. ; Raetzel's, 13 fr. 5 Audry's, 20 fr. Many of these letters relate 
to the discovery of America and the affairs of the New World, and being published 
out of Spain, escaped the hands of the Expurgators. ' 

Anghiera. Petri Martyris | ab Angleria Mediolanen. Ora- i 
toris|clarissimi, Fernandi & Helisabeth Hispaniarum quondam 

regum|a consilijs, de rebus Oceanicis & Orbe nouo decades I 

tres: quibus |quicquid de inuentis nuper terris traditum, nouarum \ 

rerum cupi-|dum lectorem retinere possit, copiose, fideliter, eru- j 

diteqwf docetur. | Eivsdem praeterea | legationis babylonicae li | bri ; 

tres : vbi praeter oratorii mvneris | pulcherrimum exemplum, etiam j 

quicquid in uariarum gentium mori-|bus & institutis insigniter ' 

pr^eclarum uidit, queqw^ terra mariqwf acciderunt, | omnia lectu , 

mire iucunda, genere dicendi politissimo traduntur. | [Printer's j 

mark.] Basileae^\apud loannem Behelium \ m.d.xxxui.\ Title j 

and II p. 1. ; Text, 92 1. 1557 I 

A reprint of the edition of 15 17 contains Decades i., 11., in., and an abridgment of 
Decade iv. Priced, Nuggets, £1 lis. 6d. Sold at Puttick's, i860, for £2 5s. Ter- 1 
naux, No. 47 his, Brunet and Graesse, quote an edition, Lut. Paris, 1536, which does 
not exist. See Bib. Am. Vet., No. 214. I have a MS. list of books on the West 
Indies, by the late Mr. Ludewig, in which he quotes an edition, Compluti, 1540, ] 
which is probably an error. See No. 1551. 

Anghiera. De Rebvs| Oceanicis! et Novo Orbe, de- | cades i 
tres, Petri Mar-| tyris ab Angleria | Mediolanensis. | Item eivs- \ 
dem,|de Babylonica | Legatione, Libri iii. |et item | de Rebvs 
iEthiopicis, I Indicis, Lusitanicis & Hispanicis, opuscula qu^eda^w | 


Historica doctissitna, quae hodie non facile | alibi reperiuntur, 
Damiani I A Goes Equitisj Lusitani. | Quae omnia sequens pagina 
latius demonstrat. |Cum duplici locupletissimo lnd\ce.\ Co/ofiics^\ 
Jpud Geru'inum Calenium tff h£credes\^entelios. m.d.lxxiiii. | 
Cum gratia iff Priuilegio Ci^sareo.\ 8vo, 24 p. 1., pp. 655 ; In- 
dex, pp. 30. H. 1558 

This edition of Martyr was made use of by Robertson In compiling his history. 
Priced, in the Nuggets, £1 los. 6d ; Muller, $10. 

Anghiera. Relationi|del S. Pietro Martire| Milanese. | Dell 
cose notabili della prouincia dell' E-|gitto scritte in lingua Latina 
alii Sereniss, I di felice memoria Re Catolici D. Fernando, | e D. 
Isabella, Sc hora recate nella Italiana. j Da Carlo Passi. | Con Pri- 
vilegio. |/// I'enetia appresso Giorgio de Caualli 1564. Sm. Svo. 
7 p. 1., viz. : Title, i 1., " AH' Illustriss. et Eccellentiss. Sig- 
nora Givlia Sforza Pallavicina," etc., 3 1. ; '' Discorso di Carlo 
Passi," etc., 3 1.; Text, 71 leaves; " Tavola," etc., 6 1. j 
" Errori fatti nello stamparsi," etc., 3 1. ^559 

Priced, in the Nuggets. £i is. 

Anghiera. Die schifFung mitt dem Lanndt der Gulden Insel 
gefunde« durch H. Johan vow Angliara, Hawptman des Ku;migs 
von Hispania, mit alien yren leben vnd sitten. 4to, 4 ff., s. 1. e. 
a. (vers 1520). 1560 

'' Premiere edition allemande de la premiere decade de Pierre Martyr, sur la decouverte 
du nouveau Continent, tres rare." This title is from a German catalogue. I find no 
other mention of this edition, but Mr. C. Welford, in one of his catalogues, lot 354, 
says : " Unique early tract in German, on the First Discovery of 'The Golden Islands 
or America.' The date is marked by Mr. Rich in MS., 1560." 

Anghiera. The Decades | of the newe worlde or | west 
India, | Conteynyng the nauigations and conquestes | of the Span- 
yardes, with the particular de-| scription of the moste ryche and 
large landes |and Ilandes lately founde in the west Ocean |per- 
teynyng to the inheritaunce of the kingesjof Spavne. In the 
which the diligent reader | may not only consyder what commo- 
ditie may | hereby chaunce to the hole christian world in | tyme to 
come, but also learne many secreates | touchynge the lande, the 
sea, and the starres, | very necessarie to be knowwe to al such as 
shal|attempte any nauigations, or otherwise | haue delite to be- 
holde the strange | and woonderfull woorkes of | God and nature. | 
Wrytten in the Latine tounge by Peter | Martyr of Angleria, and 
trans- | lated into Englysshe by | Rycharde Eden. | Londini. \ In 
adibus Guilhelmi P ow ell. \ Anno. 1555.I 4to, 24 p. 1., 361 1.; 



" Contentes," " Thinterpretours excuse" in verse, and " Fautes 
escaped in the pryntvnge," 13 1. Portrait. h. & p. 1561 

Leaves 1-166 contain three Decades of Peter Martyr; then follow Alexander vi.'s 
famous Bull ; Oviedo's Hystorie of the weste Indies ; The vyage abowte the worlde, 
gathered oute of Pygafetta ; The stryfe betwene the Spanyardes and Portugales. for the 
division of the Indies and the trade of Spices, by Fr. Lopez de Gomara, ending at leaf 
244. The remainder of the book does not relate to America. Bellero's map is 
found in some copies. See Rich, No. 30. " Eden was the first Englishman who 
undertook to present, in a collective form, the astonishing results of the spirit of mari- 
time enterprise, which had been everywhere awakened by the discovery of America. 
Nor was he a mere compiler. In point of learning, accuracy, and integrity, he is cer- 
tainly superior to Hakluvt. This work is rendered more precious by information 
scattered through it, derived from the great seamen of the day, with whom the 
author's turn of mind led him to associate. In one chapter, he speaks of ' The 
Voyages of that worthy owlde man, Sebastian Cabote. yet lyvinge in Enjilande.' "' — 


Anghiera. The | History of Trauavle | in the | West and East 
Indies, and other | countrevs lying eyther way, | towardes the 
frutefull and rych | Meluccaes. | As | in Muscouia, Persia, Arabia, 
Syria, i^gypte, | Ethiopia, Guinea, China in Cathaye and | Giapan : 
With a discourse of I the Northwest pas- 1 sage. [Motto] Gath- 
ered in parte, and done into Englvshe bv | Richarde Eden. | Newly 
set in order, augmented, and finished, | by Richarde Willes. 
Imprinted at London^ by Richarde Jugge^ 1577. | Cum privilegio. 
Sm. 4to, 10 p. 1., 466 1., Errata and Table, 6 1. h. 1562 

Besides four Decades of Peter Martyr, and '' An Abridgment of ... his 5. 6. 7. and 
8. Decades," this work contains Oviedo's "West Indies."' .S« also an extended notice 
of this edition. Rich, No. 15. 

Anghiera. De Nouo Orbe, !or|the Historic of | the West 
Indies, Contayning the actesjand aduentures of the Spanyardes, 
which haue] conquered and peopled those Countries, | inriched 
with varietie of pleasant re-| lation of the Manners, Ceremonies, | 
Lawes, Gouernments, and | Warres of the Indians. | Comprised in 
eight Decades. | Written by Peter Martvr a Millanoise of Angleria, 
Cheife j Secretary to the Emperour Charles the fift,land of his 
Priuie Councell. | Whereof three, haue beene formerly translated 
in- 1 to English, bv R. Eden, whereunto the other |fiue, are newly 
added by the Industrie, and | painefuU Trauaile of M. Lok Gent. | 
[Motto, 2 1.] London \ Printed for Thomas Adams. \ 161 2. | 4to, 
5 p. 1. i Text, 318 leaves. H. 1563 

Some copies are without date. It was re-issued with the following title : 

Anghiera. The | famovs | Historic of | the Indies : | Declaring 
the aduentures of | the Spaniards, which haue conque-|red these 



Countries, with varietie of Relations] of the Religions, Lawes, 
Gouernments, Manners, | Ceremonies, Customes, Rites, Warres, | 
and Funerals of the People. | Comprised into sundry Decads. |Set 
forth first by M' Hackluyt, and now pub-|lished by L. M. 
Gent. I The Second Kd'iUon.\ London': Printed /or Michael Sparke 
dwelling at the signe\of the blue Bible in Green-Arbor. l628.| 
4to, 3 p. 1. ; Text, 318 1. 1564 

Priced, in the Nuggets, £4 14s. 6d. 

Anghiera e Oviedo. Libro Primo|della Histo|ria de Tin I 
die Oc I ciden | tali. | [Verso] Svmmario de la Generale | 
Historia de I'lndie Occi-| dentali cavato da li-|bri scritti dal 
Si-|gnor Don Pietro | Martyre del consi|glio della Maesta|de 
rimperadore, I et da molte | altre par- | ticvla-| ri rela-| tioni. | 
Title and 79 leaves and I blank. Libro Secon | do delle In | die 
Oc| ciden I tali| MDXxxiiii. I Con gratia & priuilegio. | [Verso] 
Svmmario de la | Natvrale et General Histo|ria de I'lndie occi- 
dentali, composta da Gonzalo ferdi-|nando del Ouiedo, altri- 
menti di valde, natio de|la terra di Madril : habitatore & rettore 
de|la citta di santa Maria antica del Darien, | in terra ferma de 
rindie : il qual fu riuejduto & corretto per ordine de la Maesta 
del Imperadore, pelo suo|real consiglio, de le dette In | die. & 
tradotto di lingua castigliana in Italia- |na. Co« priuilegio |de la 
Illustriss. I Signoria di Vinegia, | per awni xx. | Title., 64 leaves., 
Tavola I leaf., and description of the 2 Maps., i leaf. Libro vltimo 
del svmma|rio delle | Indie Occiden| tali | mdxxxiiii. | [Colo- 
phon] ([ In Vinegia, Del mese d'Ottobre. | mdxxxiiii. | Title, 
15 leaves and one blank. 2 Maps. 1565 

The three parts complete constitute a work of unusual rarity. The last is a relation 
of Pizarro's Conquest of Peru. Priced, in the Nuggets, £2 las. 6d. Libri's copy sold 
for £2 4s. 

Angier (A.) Spiritual Anatomizing: or, A few Character- 
istical notes of a Godly State Offered under Ten Heads of 
Tryal. By Ames Angier. Boston., 17 14. i2mo. w. 1566 

Angier (John). A Sower going forth to Sow the Seed | of 
God's Word. | A | Sermon | Preached December 23d, 1767. | At the 
Ordination of the Reverend | Mr. Samuel Angier, to the Pastoral 
Care of I the Third Church in Bridgewater. | Colleague with his 
Father, | By his Father, Pastor of said Church. | ... | ... | ... | Boston., 
Printed by IVilliam M*- Alpine ... | ... . | M,DCC,Lxviii.| Narrow 
4to, pp. 26. H. 1567 

Angier (Joseph). The Order of Services at the Installation 


of Rev. Joseph Angier, as Pastor of the First Congregational 
Parish in Milton, on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1837. Boston^ Torrey 
iff Blair ^ Printers^ 1 837. 8vo, pp. 4. H. 1568 

Angier. A Eulogy, on the Occasion of the Death of Wil- 
liam Henry Harrison, late President of the United States : de- 
livered at Milton, May 14th, 1841. By Joseph Angier, Minister 
of the First Parish in Milton. Boston^ William H. S. jfonlan^ 
1841. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 1569 

Angiolelo (G. M.) See Montalboddo (Fr. de) and Ves- 

Anglerius. See Anghiera (Pietro Martire d'). 

Angliviel de la Beaumelle (Victor Laurent Suzanne 
Moise). De I'empire du Bresil, considere sous ses rapports poli- 
tiques et commerciaux. Par Angliviel de la Beaumelle. Paris^ 
Bossange/reres^ 1823. 8vo, pp. iv., 260. 1570 

Anglo-American Church Emigrants' Aid Society. No. i. 
Occasional Paper ... . (Continued from the " Statement.") ... 
February, 1856. London^ Rivingtons [etc., 1856]. 8vo, pp. 

17-51. H. I571 

No. 3 is "January, 1859.'" 

The Anglo-American Magazine. July 1852 to Dec. 1855. 

Toronto^ Thomas Maclear. 7 vols., 8vo. 1572 

Anglo-Californian, pseudon. The National Crisis. A 
Letter to the Hon. Milton S. Latham, Senator from California, 
in Washington, by Anglo-Californian. From the San Francisco 
Bulletin, Feb. 4th, 1861. San Francisco^ Towne & Bacon^ 
Printers^ 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 21. H. 1573 

Anguiano. Vide de el Capuchino Espaiiol, Francisco de 
Pamplona, primer Missionario para el Reyno del Congo en 
Africa, y para los Indios en la America. Madrid^ 1704* Sm. 
4to. Portrait. 1574 

Anhang zwoer Reisen. Die Erste | e. Moscov. Gesandten 
Fcod. Iskowitz Backhoffs. Die Andere|Herrn Z. Wagners 
durch ein grosz Theil d. Welt ... . Berlin^ Runge [^i6-~\. 4to. 

Wagner visited America. 

Anicetus, pseudon. Our Modern Athens. See [Clark (W. 


Animadversions on a Reply to a Letter from a Gentleman in 
New York. 1750. 8vo. p. 1576 

Anna. Schaduwbeelden uit Suriname. Amsterdam^ Gebruders 
Binger^ 1858. 8vo, pp. viii., 102. ?\a\.c.-^ Dordrecht^ C. Morks^ 
Jxn, 1862. 8vo, pp. 8, 103. 1577 

Annaes maritimos e coloniaes. Publica^ao mensal redigida 
sobra dire^ao da Associa^ao maritima e colonial. L'nboa^ Imp. 
nac.^ 184C-46. 6 vols., 8vo, pp. 533 ; 587 ; 643 ; 458 ; 514 ; 
135- 1577^ 

The last volume was not completed. Contains a memoir on the priority of Por- 
tuguese discoveries in North America, etc. 

Annales de I'Association de la propagation de la foi, recueil 
periodique des lettres des eveques et des missionnaires des mis- 
sions des deux mondes, et de tous les documens relatifs aux 
missions ... . Collection faisant suite a toutes les editions des 
Lettres Edifiantes. ... Paris., Lyon., [afterwards] Lyon \_alone\ 
1827-63. 35 vols., 8vo. B. 1578 

Of great value for the information which it conveys respecting manners, customs, 
literature, arts and sciences of countries in both hemispheres, where missions have 
been established by the Propaganda Society. A partial analysis of the contents is in- 
serted in the Catalogue of the Library of Parliament, Toronto, 1858. A portion of 
this work was translated, with the following title : 

Annals of the Propagation of the Faith, a periodical collection 
of letters from the bishops and missionaries employed in the 
missions of the old and new world : and of all the documents 
relating to those missions and the Institution for the Propagation 
of the Faith. This collection serves as a continuation of the 
"Lettres edifiantes." Vol. i. From July 1839 to Nov. 1846. 
Paris., 1841. Vol. ii.-vi. London., 1841-1845. 6 vols., 8vo. 

There is also a German translation, entitled : 

Annalen der Verbreitung des Glaubens. ... Aus dem Franzo- 
sischen. Band i. Einsiedeln., Benziger., 1840. 8vo. Con- 
tinued. 1579^ 

According to the "Thesaurus Librorum Rei Catholicae, Wur-zburg^ 1848," the 
Jahrbiicher der Gessellschaft zur Verbreitung des Glaubens, Ci/n, is also a translation 
oi this work. There is also an edition in Italian, " Annali della propagaziones della 
fede, Lyon,'" 8vo, apparently published simultaneously with the French. 

Annales d'horticulture et de botanique ou Flore des jardins du 
Roy des Pays Bas, des Possessions Neerlandaises aux Indes 
Orientales et Occidentales et du Japon. Publiees par P. F. de 
Siebold et W. H. de Vriese. 1858-60. 3 vols., 8vo. 1580 

206 ANNALS. 

Annales de I'Histoire de I'lnstitution des Religieuses Hospit- 
alleres de St. Joseph, sous la Regie de St. Augustin. Saumur^ 
Degony^ 1829. 8 vo. 158 1 

Pages 438 to 492 relate to the religious establishments in Canada. 

Annales de philosophie chretienne. Paris^ 1830, etc. 1582 

Vol. Lvi. contains " De la parente de la langue japonaise avec les idiomes ameri- 
cains, par M. de Charency." i.-lix. also contain filty-five other articles on American 

Annales des Voyages. See Eyries, Malte-Brun, and Voyages. 

Annales du Museum d'histoire naturelle, par les professeurs 
de cet etablissement. ... and Table des auteurs [et] des matieres, 
1827, 4to. Continued as Memoires du Museum, etc., 1814-32, 
4to, and as Nouvelles annales, etc., 1832-1835 and Archives, 
1840 to date. Paris. 4to. 1583 

Contains many articles relating to the French Colonies. 

Annales maritimes et coloniales. [Par Labaothe.] Paris^ an 
VII. 8vo. 1584 

Annales maritimes et coloniales ou Recueil de lois et ordon- 
nances royales, reglements ministeriels, memoires, observations, 
notices particulieres, et generalement tout ce qui peut interesser 
la marine et les colonies sous les rapports militaires, adminis- 
tratess, judiciaires, nautiques, consulaires et commerciaux, public 
avec I'approbation de M. le ministre de la marine et des colonies 
par M. Bajot. Paris^ 1816-1847. Text, 104 vols., and Tables, 
2 vols., 8vo. 1585 

Indispensable for the History of the French Colonies. Continued monthly, as 
" Nouvelles Annales de la Marine et des Colonies, 1849,"' &c. 

Aifhales Philosophiques, Politiques, et Literaires : ouvrage 
utile aux Amateurs de la verite, par un habitant de Louisiane. 
Philadelphia^ 1807. 8vo. 1586 

Refers to the Aborigines of America, the Illinois River, the formation of Lower 
Louisiana, the Orinoco River, &c. 

Annales Scientifiques d'Auvergne. Paris ^ 1826, &c. 8vo. 

Some articles relate to French Guyane. 

Annals of a Western Missionary. Edited by the Rev. C. C. 
Tou^nsend ... . Vol. i. No. i. October, 1863. New Tork^ 
1863. i8mo, pp. 18. Continued. h. 1588 

No. 2 was published at Cedar Rapids, loiva ; later numbers at lo-wa City. 


The Annals of Administration : containing the genuine His- 
tory of Georgiana the Queen-Mother, and Prince Coloninus 
her son. A Biographical Fragment, written about the Year 
1575. Inscribed by the Proprietor of the Authentic Papers, to 
Edmund Burke, Esq. London^ Beiv^ ^17 S' ^^"^' c. 1589 

'* Intended to be an allegorical explanation of the origin of our American dis- 
putes." — M. R., Lii., 263. 

Annals of Europe for 1739. London^ 1740, &c. 6 vols., 
8vo. 159^ 

Includes many chapters on American affairs. 

Annals of Great Britain. See [Campbell (Thomas)]. 

Annals of Liberality, Generosity, Public Spirit, &c. [^Phila- 
delphia^ 1823.] 8 vo. 1 59 1 

No. 6 of the 3d Series was published in 1837. 

Annals of the American Revolution : or, a Record of the 
Causes and Events, which produced and terminated in the 
Establishment and Independence of the American Republic ; 
also, a Summary Account of the first Settlement of the Country, 
and some of the principal Indian Wars, and Biographies of the 
Principal Military Officers. Hartford^ 1824. 8vo. ^592 

Annals of the Army of the Cumberland. See [Webster (B. 


Annals of the Colonial Church. London^ Parker^ 1857, ^^' 
5 vols., i8mo. 1593 

Comprise the annals of Fredericton, Toronto and Quebec. 

Annals of the Congress of the United States. See Gales (J.) 

Annapolis. Annual Register of the United States Naval 
Academy, at Annapolis, Md. i865-'66. Washington^ Govern- 
ment Printing Office^ 1 866. 8vo, pp. 37. H. 1594 

Annapolis. Catalogue of the Library of the U. S. Naval 
Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, June 30, i860. Annapolis^ 
Robert F. Bonsall^ Printer^ i860. 8vo, pp. vi., I 1., pp. 251 
(I). H. 1594.^ 

Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Naval 
Academy at Annapolis, Md. ... Washington^ 1850. 8vo, pp. 
46. 1594^ 

208 ANNESLEY. 1 

Annapolis. The first annual Report of the Directors of the 
Annapolis and Elkridge Rail Road Company. [Reports upon [ 
the Surveys, Location, and Progress of Construction of the An- 
napolis and Elkridge Rail-road by G. W. Hughes.] Annapolis^ \ 
1839. 8vo. 1595 I 

Anne Arundel Co. and Baltimore Co., Md. ... Memorial ' 
of Farmers, Mechanics, and Others, of Anne Arundel and Balti- 
more Counties, against an Increase of Duty on Imported IVlanu- 
factures. ... JFash'nigton^ Printed by Gales (5 Seaton^ 1^2^. ■ 8vo, i 
pp. 5. (20th Cong., 1st Sess., House Doc. No. 188.) h. 1596 ! 

Anneke (Fritz). Der zweite Freiheitskampf der Vereinigten | 
Staaten von Amerika. Erster Band. Frankfurt^ 1861. i2mo, 
pp. vii., 368. 3 Maps. c. 1597 

Anneke (Mathilde Franziska). Das Geisterhaus in New- j 
York. Ein Roman. J^na^ Costenohle^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 307. , 

[Annesley.] Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young Nobleman, ' 
Return'd from a Thirteen Years Slavery in America, Where he 
had been sent by the Wicked Contrivances of his Cruel Uncle. ; 
A Story founded on Truth, and address'd equally to the Head i 
and Heart. ... London^ Printed for J. Freema?i^WDCCXLUl. 2 p. | 
1., pp. 277 ; Books, pp. 7. H. 1599 • 

[Annesley.] Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young Noble- * 

man. In which is Continued the History of Count Richard, i 

Concluding with a Summary View of the Tryal. Part the \ 
Second. By the Author of the First. London^ Printed for y. 

Freeman^ M DCC XLiii. i2mo, 2 p. 1., pp. 235. H. 1600 i 

Annesley. The Case of the Honourable James Annesley, ] 

Esq. Being a Sequel to the Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young I 

Nobleman. London^ Printed for W. Bickerton^ MDCCXLV.-f \ 

Another Edition. 1756. i2mo, 2 p. 1., pp. 215. 1601 1 

The true history of the heir of the Earldom of Anglesey, from which Scott took J 
the plot of Guy Mannering. For full particulars respecting the most mysterious and 

celebrated Anglesea case and trial, see Collins's Peerage; "Notes and Queries," id 1 

Series, Vol. 11., 373 ; " Gentlemen's Magazine," May, 1 840 ; and Smollett's " Peregrine \ 

Pickle." This (which is the third volume) is very scarce. ,^ 

Annesley. The Trial in Ejectment between Campbell i 
Craig, Lessee of James Annesley, Esq., and others, Plaintiffs, j 
and the Rt. Hon. Richard, Earl of Anglesey, Defendant, before j 

ANNV^. 209 

the Barons of the Exchequer in 1743. Dublin^ I744- i2mo, 
pp. 377. Portrait. 1602 

Another edition has this title: "Trial of Richard Earl of Anglesey, Francis Annes- 
ley, and John Jans, Gent, for Assault on the Hon. James Annesley, Daniel Mac 
Kercher, Hugh Kennedy, and W. Goostry, 1744." 

Annesley. Fortune's Favourite ; Containing Memoirs of 
the many Hardships and Sufferings, together with the surprizing 
Deliverance and Advancement to Plenty and Happiness, of 
Jacobo Anglicano [James Annesley], a young Nobleman ; in 
which will be inserted the Hard Usage of his cruel Uncle, by 
whose means he was trepann'd into Slavery, which he suffer'd 
for thirteen Years [in America], with the Manner of his Escape 
from it. Printed for the Author^ 1744- 8vo. 1603 

[Annet (Peter)]. A Collection of the Tracts of a certain 
Free Inquirer, noted for his Sufferings for his Opinions. London^ 
1739. 8vo, pp. 460. 1604 

The piece called " Social Bliss carried out" contains the speech of Miss Polly 
Baker, before a Court of Judicature in Connecticut. See Allibone's Dictionary, p. 63, 

The Anniversary Week at Bloomington. The Agricultural 
Convention ; Annual Meeting of the Illinois Natural History 
Society, and Commencement Exercises of the State Normal 
University. ... Chicago^ J^bt i860. 8vo, pp. 67. H. 1605 

Anno Regni | Georgii iii. | Regis | Magnae Britannias, Franciae, & 
Hiberniae, I Quinto. I At the Parliament begun and holden at | 
Westminster, the Nineteenth Day of | May, Anno Dom. 1761, in 
the First | Year of the Reign of our Sove- 1 reign Lord, George the 
Third, | by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, | France, and Ire- 
land, King, Defender I of the Faith, &:c. | And from thence con- 
tinues by several Prorogations to | the Tenth day of January, 
1765, being the Fourth | Session of the Twelfth Parliament of 
Great '?iY\x.2^\^.\ London :\ Printed by Mark Baskett^ Printer to the 
King's most | Excellent Majesty ; and by the Assigns of Robert Bas- 
kett^ M.DCC.LXV.|8vo, pp. 66. h. Also in fo\io.-{- Reprinted by 
JVilliam Dunlap^ at the newest Printing Office^ in Market Street^ 
Philadelphia. 8vo, pp. 40. P. + Reprinted. Boston^ 1765. 
Folio. 1606 

The celebrated Stamp Act. The title given (No. 138) in this Dictionary was 
copied from Rich. 

Annvae Litterae Societatis Jesu Anni 158 1. Ad Patres et 


210 ANNUAL. 

Fratres eiusdem Societatis. Romes^ in Collegia eiusdem Societatis^ 
1583. 8vo. Continued to 1654, omitting 1615-49. 1607 

The imprint varies for the different years to Florentine, Neapoli^Lugduni, AnfverpiiS, 
Mog'vntia, Duact\ etc. A detailed list is given by Carayon, Bib. hist, de la Comp. de 
Jesus. Each year contains letters from the South American missions. 

Annuaire de la marine et des colonies, 1856. Paris^ Dumaine^ 
Mallet-Bach elier^ Ledoyen^ 1857. ^^^^ PP' ^S^- Continued. 

Annuaire des Deux Mondes Histoire generale des divers etats. 
1850. Panis^ au bureau de la Revue des Deux Mondes^ 185 1. 8vo. 
Continued. 1609 

Annuaire historique universe!, pour 18 18 ... . Par C. L. Lesur 
... . Paris^ 1819. 8vo. Continued. 1610 

Annuaire des Voyages et de la Geographie. Paris^ Gide ^ Co.^ 
1844. Continued. 161 1 

Annuaire Oriental et Americain. Public avec le concours et 
sous les auspices de la Societe d'Ethnographie Americaine et 
Orientale ; par Leon de Rosny, secretaire perpetuel. Paris^ 
Challamel aine^ i860. i2mo, pp. 143. Continued. c. 1612 

The Annual Biography and Obituary, for the Year 18 17- 
1837. London^ Longman [etc.], 1817-37. 21 vols., 8vo. 1613 

Includes a few Americans. 

The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politicks, 
and Literature, of the Year 1758. London^ Printed for R. and J, 
Dodsley^ IJS9' ^^o. Continued annually. 16 14 

Some of the earlier volumes were reprinted, and " A New Edition Corrected" of the fif- 
teen volumes for I758-I772was published in 1774, by H. Saunders and others. This 
most valuable record and chronicle of historical and political events for over a hundred 
years contains accurate accounts of the Revolutionary War, as well as of the revolutions in 
South America, the Second War with Great Britain, and many other American sub- 
jects. It was edited by Burke, Campbell, Allen and others. As there are spurious 
sets, the following memoranda from Lowndes will aid the intending purchaser : 
" Some time after the year 1791, the copyright and stock from 1758 to 1790 were 
purchased by Otridge and other booksellers. After which period Messrs. Rivingtons, 
who had for a short time previously (during the illness of Mr. Dodsley) been agents 
for the work, published a rival continuation, which lasted from 1791 to 1812, and 
again from 1820 to 1824, when the two merged by arrangement into one. Some 
sets of the work have been made up by substituting Rivington's continuation with 
fictitious titles. How to distinguish the substitution may be ascertained by referring to 
the preface of the General Index, published by Baldwin & Co. in 1826. 8vo. A 
general index (1758-80) was published by Dodsley in 1783 j another (1781-90) by 
the Rivingtons in 1799; and a third, superseding the previous ones, from the com- 
mencement to 1819, in 1826. And, as this complete index is only applicable to the 
original, or Dodsley series, the volumes published by the Rivingtons are generally re- 


The Annual Register, and Virginian Repository, for The 
Year 1800. [Motto.] Petersburg^ Ross and Douglas [1801]. 
i2mo, pp. xii., 208. B. 1615 

Annual Retrospect of Public Affairs for 1831. Vol. i. Bos- 
ton^ 1831. i2mo. N. 1616 

Another Cry of the Innocent for Justice, or a Second Rela- 
tion of the Unjust Proceedings at Hicks's Hall against the 
Quakers, with a Short Summary of the Sentencing of Thirty- 
Six more of the aforesaid people, in scorn called Quakers, all 
sentenced to be transported to the Island of Jamaica, 1664. 
4to, pp. 32. 1617 

John Otter, who had been " i'the stocks five times," was sold as a slave to Vir- 
ginia, See p. 25. 

Another Cry of the Innocent and Oppressed for Justice ; 
or a Third Relation ... Printed in the Year 1665. 4to, pp. 16. 

"Relating to Forty-five of the People of God, whom the world in scorn calls 
Quakers, of which 34 luere sentenced to be transported to the Island of Gamaica, for the 
space of se-ven years, ^^ etc. 

Another High Road to Hell. An Essay on the Pernicious 
Nature and destructive Effects of the Modern Entertainments 
from the Pulpit. Occasioned by a Pamphlet, entituled The Stage 
the High Road to Hell, &c. [Motto.] London^ Printed; Boston^ 
Reprinted^ Ezekiel Russell^ M,DCC,LXViii. 8vo, pp. 21. B. 1619 

Anquetil (Louis Pierre). Motifs des Guerres et des Traites 
de Paix de la France ... depuis la Paix de Westphalie, en 1648, 
jusqu'a celle de Versailles, en 1783. Par le Cen. Anquetil. 
ParisyLesguillezfreres[2ii\di]^Desenne^an6\_l']C)']\ 8vo. 1620 

Contains L'Assiento, Brouillerie des Anglais et des Anglo- Americains, Traite dc paix 
pour I'Amerique, etc. 

Anschauungen und Erfahrungen in Nord-Amerika. Monats- 
schrift, herausgegeben von H. Bosshard. i'-3' J^hrgang. 
Ziirich^ 1853-55. 8vo. 1 62 1 

Ansiedelungen in den Urwaldern von Canada. Ein Weg- 
weiser fiir Auswanderer nach Amerika von einer Emigrantin. 
Aus dem Englischen von Dr. F. A. Wiese. Leipzig^ Baum- 
gartner^ 1837. 8vo. Illustrations. 1622 

Die deutsche Ansiedelung in Mittel-Amerika. Dargestellt 
und herausgegeben von dem Comite der Berliner Colonisations- 

212 ANSON. 

Gesellschaft fur Central- Amerika. Berlin^ Hempel^ 1850. 8vo, 
pp. 34. 2 Maps, folio. 1623 

Der Ansiedler Im Westen. Monatsschrift des Berliner Vereins 
[in later vols., Gesellschaft] fiir die deutsche [later, deutsch- 
evangelische] Mission in Nordamerika [later, Amerika] Red. : 
W. Eichler. i. Jahrgang. 1863. Berlin^ Wiegandt l^ Griehen^ 
1863. 4to, pp. 96. Continued. 1624 

Anson (George, Lord). A voyage round the World, in the 
years mdccxl, i, ii, hi, iv. By George Anson, Esq ; Com- 
mander in Chief of a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships, sent upon 
an Expedition to the South-Seas. Compiled from Papers and 
other Materials of the Right Honourable George Lord Anson, 
and published under his Direction. By Richard Walter, m.a. 
Chaplain of his Majesty's Ship the Centurion, in that Expedi- 
tion. Illustrated with Forty-two Copper-Plates. London^ T. 
Osborne^ MDCCXLViii. 4to, pp. (18), 417. Also in 8vo. 1625 

Anson. A voyage round the World, in the years mdccxl, 
I, II, III, IV. By George Anson, Esq ; Commander in Chief 
of a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships, sent upon an Expedition 
to the South-Seas. Compiled from Papers and other Materials 
of the Right Honourable George Lord Anson, and published 
under his Direction. By Richard Walter, m.a. Chaplain of his 
Majesty's Ship the Centurion, in that Expedition. Second Edi- 
tion. With Charts of the Southern Part of South America, of 
Part of the Pacific Ocean, and of the Track of the Centurion 
round the World. London^ John and Paul Knapton^ mdccxlviii. 
8vo, 12 p. 1., pp. 548. 3 Charts. 1026 

Third, fourth and fifth editions, each same date and collation as the second, with 
some tririing differences in the title of the third edition. It was reprinted in quarto 
in 1749. 

Anson. A Voyage [etc.] By George Anson, Esq. ; now Lord 
Anson, etc. The Sixth Edition. London^ mdccxlix. 8vo, 12 
p. 1., pp. 548. 3 Charts. 1627 

Anson. A Voyage [etc.] The Seventh Edition. Illustrated 
with Charts, Views, &c. Dublin^ Printed for G. and A. Ewing. 
8vo, 9 p. 1., pp. 350. 8 Plates. 1628 

Anson. A Voyage [etc.] The Seventh Edition. London^ 
mdccliii. Svo.-j-The Eighth Edition. London^ MDCCLiv.-h 
The Ninth Edition. London^ mdcclvi. 4to, pp. (18), 417. 



Also in 8vo. 4-The Tenth Edition. London^ mdcclxii. 8vo. 
-f The Eleventh Edition. London^ mdcclxv. 8vo. -1- The 
Twelfth Edition. London^ T. Osborne^ mdcclxvii. 4to, pp. 
(18), 417. H-The Thirteenth Edition. London^ mdcclxviii. 
8vo. + The Fourteenth Edition. London^ mdcclxix. 8vo, 12 
p. 1., pp. 536. 3 Charts. + The Fifteenth Edition. London^ 
MDCCLxxx. 8vo, pp. xxiv., 536. 3 Charts. Also on large 
paper, rl. 8vo, and in 4to. 1629 

Most of the quarto editions were also printed on large paper, and contain 42 plates; 
that of 1748 is the most desirable. The work has been repeatedly reprinted, often in 
an abridged form Those that have come under my notice are quoted below. It is partly 
reprinted in Callander's Voyages, Vol. in., and in Harris's and other collections. See 
Ret. Rev., x., 285; M. Rev., xxv., 234. In regard to the authorship, i« Davis's 
''Olio,'' pp. 1-4. Rich writes as follows: "Walter had prepared an account of this 
voyage for the press, but it was found so badly executed, that Benjamin Robins, the 
mathematician, was employed to re-write it, although, for some reason or other, the 
worthy chaplain's name was allowed to remain on the title-page. It is called by some 
English wruers a masterpiece of composition ; but it appears to have been made amus- 
ing at the expense of truth. The progress of science formed no part of this expedition, 
which was prepared for attacking, unawares, the Spanish possessions and shipping in 
the South Sea, and which was so successful, that the prize-money divided amongst the 
officers and crews amounted to more than a million sterling. The Biographic Uni'versa'Ie 
says, that the views, charts and plans deserve praise for their exactness 5 but Dr. Dib- 
din says, that the ' plates are in truth barbarously bad, and that to read the text with- 
out the plates must be a comfort.' He adds, moreover, that the volume is unworthy, 
in every respect, of the intrepid Anson. The doctor had, apparently, seen only the 
Ji/t/i edition, printed in 1749; in which, of course, the plates must have jeen nearly 
worn out. The copies of the first edition, on royal paper, of which I no v have one 
before me, were superior to any book of the kind which had been hithert i published, 
and were unequalled until Cook's voyages appeared. Of the large paper copies, 350 
were taken by subscription." 

Anson. A Voyage round the World. Compiled Trom his 
papers, &c., by Richard Walter, m.a. Edinburgh^ 1781. 2 
vols., i2mo. 1630 

Other editions at Edinburgh, 1800, 1804, 1807, 1812; at Dublin, 182-;. Perhaps 
the latest reprint of Anson is the edition of Wm. Smith. London, 1842. Rl. 8vo. 
Re-issued, London, R. Griffin & Co., 1 853. 

Anson. An Authentic Account of Commodore Anson's 
Expedition, containing all that was Remarkable, Curious, and 
Entertaining, during that Long and Dangerous Voyage, Taken 
from a Private Journal. London^ Cooper^ 1744- 8vo, pp. 60. 

Anson. A Voyage to the South Seas and to other Parts of 
the World. By George Anson, Esq. London., 1744- i2mo. 

Published in numbers, with coarse woodcuts. 

Anson. Anson's Voyage to the South Seas, with Appendix 
containing summary Account of the Discovery of the East 

214 ANSON. 

Indies, China, and principal Islands, by the Europeans. London^ 
R. Walker^ 1745- 8vo. Portrait and Plate. 1633 

This is a different relation from Walter's. 

Anson. An Affecting Narrative Of the Unfortunate Voyage 
and Catastrophe Of his Majesty's Ship Wager, One of Com- 
modore Anson's Squadron in the South Sea Expedition. Con- 
taining A full Account of its being cast away on a desolate 
Island, and of the strange Proceedings of the Officers and private 
Men, after that unhappy Event : More especially, of those im- 
portant Incidents, the Shooting of Mr. Henry Cosins, and the 
imprisoning of Capt. C — p for that Action. The Whole com- 
piled from authentic Journals, and transmitted, by Letter, to a 
Merchant in London, from a Person who was an Eye-Witness 
of all the Affair: Exhibiring a compleat View of the Perils 
and terrible Disasters which the Crew underwent ; the wonder- 
ful adventure of near an hundred of them, in their Boat, along the 
vast southern Coast of Patagonia, and thro' the Streights of Magel- 
lan, for above a thousand Leagues, during which the greatest 
Part of them perish'd by Cold and Famine ; the Arrival of those 
few that surviv'd in the miserablest Condition at Rio Grand; 
their hospitable Reception and Entertainment at that Place ; their 
Passage from thence to Rio Janeiro, next to Lisbon, and finally 
to England. Intermix'd with several entertaining Passages and 
Remarks. Printed for yohn Norwood^ and sold by the Booksellers 
of London^ Bristol^ and Liverpool^ mdccli. 8vo, Title and pp. 
160. 1634 

Anson. Lord Anson's Voyage round the World. London^ 
1759. i2mo, pp. 96. M. 1635 

A chap-book edition, with portrait and copper-plates. 

Anson. The History of Commodore Anson's Voyage round 
the World, at the Commencement of the late Spanish War. 
Performed in three Years and nine Months, viz. from September 
1740 to June 1744. By a Midshipman on Board the Centurion. 
London^ M. Cooper^ mdcclxvii. 8vo, Title and Contents, 2 1. ; 
Text, pp. 192. Copper-Plate Portrait of Anson. 1636 

Anson. Voyage autour du monde, fait dans les annees 
1740, 41, 42, 43 and 44. Par George Anson ... . Orne de 
Cartes & de Figures en Taille-douce. Traduit de I'anglois. 
[Par Elie de Joncourt.] Amsterdam^ 1749- 4^°? PP* 33 '• 37 
Plates. + G^w^i;^, 1750. 3 vols., 8vo, and Atlas m \\.o.\ Geneve^ 



1750. 4to, pp. xxiv., 363 (r). 34 Plates. 4- Seconde Edition. 
... Paris^ Par la Compagnie des Lihraires^ M.DCC.LXlv. 4 vols., 
241x10. Maps and Plates. h. 1637 

Anson. Voyage autour du monde fait dans les annees 1740, 
41, 42, 43 et 44. Par George Anson. Tires des journaux, etc. 
par R. Walter. Orne de carte et figures. Traduit de I'anglois 
par Gua de Malves. Parh^ ^uillau^ ^75^- 4to.-|-P^m, 1750. 
4 vols, i2mo.-{- Paris, 1754- 4 vols., i2mo. 1638 

Anson. Voyage a la Mer du Sud, fait par quelques officiers 
commandant le vaisseau le Wager. Pour servir de suite au 
Voyage de Georges Anson. Traduit de I'Anglois. Lyon, 1756. 
4to. + Zyo«, 1756. 5 vols., i2mo.H-P^m, 1764. 5 vols., 
i2mo. 1639 

"This volume is composed, rather than translated, from the Journals of Messrs. 
Bulkely and Cummins, London, 1713 j of Alexander Campbell, Dub/in, 17475 Anony- 
mous, London, 175 1 J and of Isaac Morris, Dublin, 1752." — Rich. 

•Anson. Des Herrn Admirals, Lord Ansons Reise um die 
Welt, welche er als Oberbefehlshaber iiber ein Geschwader von 
Sr. Grossbritannischen Majestat KriegschifFen, die zu einer Un- 
ternehmung in die Siidsee ausgeschickt worden, in den Jahren 
1740, 41, 42, 43, 44, verrichtet hat, aus dessen Aufsatzen und 
Urkunden zusammengetragen und unter seiner eigenen Aufsicht 
an das Licht gestellet von M. Richard Waltern, Capellan auf 
Sr. Majestat SchifFe, dem Centurion in diesem Kriegszu2;e, aus 
dem Englischen in das Deutsche iibersetzt. Nebst vielen 
Kupfertafeln und Landkarten. Mit Konigl. Pohlnischer und 
Churfiirstl. Sachsischer allergnadigster Freyheit. Leipzig und 
Gottingen, Abraham Vanderhoeck, 1749. 4to, pp. xliv., 382; 
Erklarung, &c., 14 1. 34 Plates. 1640 

Anson. Reis rondom de Weereld. Amsterdam, Jan Ten 
Houten, 1754. 4to. ^Idiits. -{- Amsterdam, S. J. Baalde, 1 765. 
4to. Plates. 1641 

There was also an Italian translation. Li-vorno, 1756. 4to. 

Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Anson, in relation to his con- 
duct in America. London, 1757. 8vo. 1642 

Anson. De reis van het Schip de Wager. Amsterdam, S. J. 
Baalde, 1766. 4to. Plates. 1642^ 

Anspach (F. R.) a Discourse, pronounced on Sabbath 
Evening, July 4, 1852, in the Lutheran Church of Hagers- 

2l6 ANSWER. 

town, on the Death of Henry Clay, by the Rev. F. R. Anspach, 
A.M. Hagerstown^ Printed by Mittag ^ Sneary^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 
12. H. 1643 

Anspach (L. A.) A History of the Island of Newfound- 
land : containing a Description of the Island, the Banks, the 
Fisheries, and Trade of Newfoundland, and the Coast of Labra- 
dor. Illustrated with Two Maps. By the Rev. Lewis Amadeus 
Anspach, late a Magistrate of that Island and Missionary for the 
District of Conception Bay. London^ T. and J. Allman^ and J. 
M. Richardson^ 1819. 8vo, pp. xxviii., 512. Map. H. + Second 
Edition. London^ 1827. 8vo. 1644 

See M. R., New Series, xcvi , 61. 

Anspach (L. A.) Geschichte und Beschreibung von New- 
foundland und der Kiiste von Labrador. Aus dem Engllschen 
iibersetzt. Weimar^ 1822. 8vo. 2 Maps. 1645 

Band xxx. of F. J. Bertuch's Neue Bibliothek der wichtigsten Reisebeschreibungen. 

Anspach. A Summary of the Laws of Commerce and Navi- 
gation, adapted to the present State, Government, and Trade of 
the Island of Newfoundland. By the Rev. Lewis Amedeus 
Anspach. Recommenced for Publication by Vice Admiral J. 
Holioway, Governor and Commander in Chief of Newfoundland, 
and its Dependencies. London^ Printed by Henney and Haddon^ 
1809. 8vo, pp. 140. 1646 

Ansted (D. T.) The Gold-Seeker*s Manual ; being a Prac- 
tical and Instructive Guide to all Persons emigrating to the 
Newly-Discovered Gold Regions of California. By David T. 
Ansted. London^ Van Voorst^ 1849. i2mo, pp. i ']().-{- New 
York^ D, Appleton ^ Company^ 1849. l2mo, pp. 96. h. 1647 

Ansted. Scenery, Science, and Art, being extracts from the 
note-book of a Geologist and Mining Engineer, by Prof. D. T. 
Ansted. London^ John Van Voorst^ m.dccc.liv. 8vo, pp. viii., 
323. 1648 

Pages 241 to 311 relate to America. 

The Answer of the Assembly of Divines by Authority of 
Parliament Now sitting at Westminster. Unto the Reasons 
given into this Assembly by the Dissenting Brethren, Of their 
not bringing in a Model of their Way. And since Published in 
Print, under the Title of A Copy of a Remonstrance. Which 
Answer was humbly presented to the Right Honorable the House 



of Peers Assembled in Parliament. London^ John Field for Ralph 
Smithy 1645. 4to, Title and pp. 24. 1649 

Mr. Stevens includes this in his Nuggets. What it has to do with America is not 
apparent. Perhaps it relates to the Brownists. 

An Answer of the Company of Royal Adventurers of England 
trading into Africa, to the Petition and Paper of certain Heads 
and Particulars thereunto relating and annexed, exhibited to the 
Honourable House of Commons by Sir Paul Painter, Ferdinando 
Gorges, Henry Batson, Benjamin Slcutt, and Thomas Knight, 
on the behalf of themselves and others concerned in his Ma- 
jesty's Plantations in America. London^ Ayino Dom. 1667. 4to, 
pp. 18. 1650 

Answer of the Elders and other Aiessengers of the Churches 
assembled at Boston, 1662, to the Questions propounded bv the 
General Court, with the answer of the dissenting brethren. 
Boston^ 1662. 4to, pp. 18. M. 165 1 

Answer of the States General of the United Provinces of the 
Low Countries to the Declaration of War of the King of Great 
Britain. At the Hague ^ i^-j^, 4to. 1652 

Contains an interesting account of Surinam ; also some notices of other American 

Answer to a Calumny, with some remarks upon an anony- 
mous Pamphlet on the Assiento Trade, as exercised by the South 
Sea Company, &c. By the Factor to the South Sea Company, 
at whom the calumny was aimed. In Two Parts. Loiidon^ 
1728. 8vo. 1653 

The Answer to a Colonel's Letter. By a Wooden-legged 
Soldier. Wherein some American matters are slightly touched 
upon. London^ Main^ 1766. 8vo, pp. 36. 1654 

" This wooden-legged soldier is by no means a wooden-headed one. Corporal Oak- 
tree is really a very clever, facetious fellow." — M. R., xxxiv., 162. 

Answer to " A Dialogue between a Federahst and a Repub- 
lican." Charleston^ S. C, 1800. 8vo. M. 1655 

Answer to a letter from a Gentleman in the Country to his 
Friend in Town. New JTork, 1756. i2mo. 1656 

Answer to a pamphlet. See [Shebbeare (John)]. 

An Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled Taxation no Tyranny. 


2l8 ANSWER. 

Addressed to the Author, and to Persons in Power. London^ J. 
Almon^ MDCCLXxv. 8vo, pp. 63. 1657 

Written in reply to Dr. Samuel Johnson. 

Answer to a Piece entitled " An Appeal to the Impartial Pub- 
lick by an Association" calling themselves Christian Independ- 
ents. Salem^ 1785. 8vo, pp. 23. m. 1658 

Answer to •"' An address to all reasonable Americans," &c. 
See [Cooper (Myles)]. 

An Answer to an invidious Pamphlet. See [Cross]. 

Answer to the Budget inscribed to the Coterie. London^ 1764. 
4to, pp. 15. 1659 

An Answer to the Declaration of the American Congress. 
6'^f [Lind (Dr.) ] 

Answer to the Exposition of a Pamphlet entitled Papers rela- 
tive to the Rupture with Spain. 1762. 8vo. 1660 

An Answer to the Letter to Two Great Men, containing 
Remarks and Observations on that Piece, and Vindicating the 
Character of a Noble Lord from Inactivity. London^ Henderson^ 
1760. 8vo. 1661 

Ste M. R., XXII., 71. 

Answer to the Observations on the Papers relative to a Rup- 
ture with Spain. London^ Hinkxman^ 1762. 8vo, pp. 35. 1662 

An Answer to the Pamphlet entitled the Conduct of the Pax- 
ton Men, impartially represented : Wherein the Ungenerous 
Spirit of the Author is Manifested, &c. and the spotted Garment 
pluckt off. [Motto.] Philadelphia^ Printed by Anthony Arm- 
buster^ in Moravian Alley ^ 1764. l2mo, pp. 28. 1663 

Relates to the Lancaster Massacre. 

An Answer to the Questions, Why are you a Federalist, etc. 
See [Quincy (Josiah)]. 

An Answer to the Reasons against an African Company 
Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of the Patriots of Great- 
Britain, in this Present Parleament Assembled. London^ Printed 
in the Tear 171 1. 8vo, pp. 31. 1664 

Partly relates to the American Plantations. 


An Answer to The Tears of the Foot Guards upon their De- 
parture for America; a Poem. London^ '^11^- 4^0. 1664^ 

Answer to the White- Washing Committee, 1831. Broadside. 

Relates to a pamphlet entitled " Examination of certain charges against Lemuel H. 
Arnold," of Rhode Island. 

Answer to War in Disguise. See [Morris (Gouverneur)]. 

Antagonisme et solidante des etats orientaux et des etats occi- 
dentaux de I'Amerique du Sud. Ouvrage traduit et precede d'une 
introduction par Th. Mannequin. Paris^ Dentu^ 1866. Svo, 
pp. 203. 1665^ 

Antarcticus, pseudon. A Letter to the President of the 
Royal Geographical Society of London, on Antarctic Discovery. 
By Antarcticus. London^ Murray^ ^^S?* ^vo, pp. 132, 133. 

Noticed in The Athenaum, 1837. Advocates a British Expedition to rival that of 
Lieut. Wilkes. 

Antepara (Jose Maria). South American Emancipation. 
Documents, Historical and Explanatory, shewing the Designs 
which have been in progress, and the Exertions made by General 
Miranda, for the South American Emancipation, during the last 
Twenty-five Years. By J. M. Antepara, a Native of Guaya- 
quil. London^ J. Richardson^ B. Dulau^ L. N. Pannier^ 1810. 
Svo, pp. X., 299 (i). Portrait. H. 1667 

Noticed at great length in the M. R., New Series, lxiv., 367. 

Antequera y Castro (Joseph de). Coleccion General de 
Documentos, que contiene los sucesos tocantes a la segunda 
epoca de las conmociones de los Regulares de la Compafiia en 
el Paraguay, y seiialadamente la persecucion, que hicieron a Don 
Josef de Antequera y Castro. Va aiiadido en esta edicion el In- 
forme de Don Mathias Angles y Gortari. Tomo Tercero. 
Madrid^ M.DCC.LXix. 4to, 7 p. 1., pp. 239, 374, 64 (4). 1668 

Antersen (Johann Peter von). Fataler SchifFs-Capitain, 
oder Erzehlung dessen Reisen nach denen bis dass noch unbe- 
kannten Siidlichen Welt-Theilen und anderer Merkwiirdigkeiten. 
Erfurt^ Jungnickel^ 1742. Svo, 18 sheets. 1669 

Included in a list of books relating to America. Hovir much it has to do with it I 
know not. 

Anthoine de Saint- Joseph (Baron Francois). Concordance 
entre les codes de commerce etrangers et le code de commerce 


fran^ais : contenant le texte des codes et des lois commerciales 
des etats suivants ; Amerique du Sud, ... Etats-Unis, ... Haiti 

... Mexique Nouvelle Edition augmentee .... Paris^ Vide- 

coq^ 1 85 1. 4to. c. 1670 

The first edition was published in 1843. 

Anthoine de Saint- Joseph. Concordance entre les codes 
civils etrangers et le code Napoleon. 2*^ edition entierement 
refondue et augmentee. Ouvrage termine et public par M. 
Antoine de Saint- Joseph fils. Paris^ Cotillon^ 1856. 4 vols., 
8vo. c. 1671 

" C. J. B. Amyot codified the laws of the following countries : South America, 
United States, Brazil," etc. — Lorenz. 

Anthoine de Saint-Joseph. Concordance entre les lois 
hypothecaires etrangeres et fran^aises. Paris^ Videcoq. 8vo. 

Anthology of New Netherland. See [Murphy (H. C.)] 

Anthon (George C.) Narrative and Documents connected 
with the Displacement of the Professor of the Greek Language 
and Literature in the University of the City of New York, April 
2d, 185 1 : by George C. Anthon, a.m. New Tork^ J. R. JVinser^ 
Printer^ 1851. 8vo, pp. 72. H. 1672^ 

Anthon. Parish Annals. A Sermon giving Historical No- 
tices of St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, N. Y., (from a.d. 
1795 to A.D. 1845.) Delivered in said Church, May 4, 1845. 
By Henry Anthon, d.d., Rector of the same. Published by the 
request of the Vestry. New Tork^ Stanford and Swords^ 1845. 
8vo, pp. 58. Woodcut. H. 1673 

Anthon. The Subject and Spirit of the Christian Minister. 
A Sermon, preached by Request in St. Peter's Church, Twentieth- 
Street, New-York, on Palm Sunday, April ist, 1849. Being 
the Sunday after the Decease of the Rev. Hugh Smith, d.d., late 
Rector of said Church. By Henry Anthon, d.d New- 
York^ Stanford and Swords^ 1849. ^^<^7 PP- ^2. H. 1674 

Anthon. The Wise and Faithful Steward. A Sermon 
preached in St. Stephen's Church, New- York ... September 19, 
1830, being the Sunday after the Decease of the Right Rev. 
Bishop Hobart. By Henry Anthon, Rector ... . New-York^ T, 
and J. Swords^ 1830. 8vo, pp. 19. H. 1675 

Anthon. Tributes to the Memory of the Rev. Henry 


Anthon, d.d., late Rector of St. Mark's in the Bowery, New- 
York. With a Brief Sketch of his Life, by the Rt. Rev. Man- 
ton Eastburn, d.d.. Bishop of Massachusetts. New-Tor k^ Pro- 
testant Episcopal Society for the Promotion of Evangelical Knowl- 
edge^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 80 (i). Portrait. H. 1676 

Anthon (John). American Precedents of Declarations, col- 
lected chiefly from Manuscripts of Chief Justice Parsons and 
other Accomplished Pleaders in the State of Massachusetts, 
digested ... . By John Anthon, Esquire, Counsellor at Law. ... 
New Tork^ Stephen Gould^ 18 10. 8vo, pp. 570. b. 1677 

Anthon. Oration before the Washington Benevolent Society, 
and the Hamilton Society in the City of New York, July 4, 
1812. By John Anthon. New Tork^ 18 12. 8vo, pp. 22. 

Anthon. Proceedings on Occasion of the Death of John 
Anthon, President of the New York Law Institute ; with the 
Address of James W. Gerard. New Tork^ Bryant Ifj Co.^ Printers^ 
1865. 8vo, pp. 20. 1679 

Anthon (W. H.) Argument of William Henry Anthon, 
Esq., in behalf of the Defendants, Messrs. Ray Tompkins, and 
John C. Thompson, on Motion to discharge from Arrest on a 
Charge of Arson, arising from the Destruction of the Quarantine 
Hospitals, before Judge Metcalfe ... October 7th, 1858. Re- 
ported ... by Joseph L. Blundell. New Tork^ IVm. C. Bryant 
iff Co.^ Printers^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 34. H. 1680 

Anthony (Elliott). Is a Constitution Convention a Legis- 
lature ? A Speech delivered in the Constitution Convention of 
Illinois, February 17, 1862. By Elliott Anthony. {Springfield^ 
1862.] 8vo, pp. 13. s. 1681 

Relative to the abolition of slavery by Congress. 

Anthony. The Outlawry of a Race. A Speech delivered 
in the Constitutional Convention of Illinois, February 12, 1862, 
on the proposition to forever prohibit negroes or mulattoes from 
migrating into or settling in the State. By Elliott Anthony. 
{Springfield^ 1862.] pp. 8. s. 1682 

Anthony. Shall the Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus 
ever be Suspended in this State ? A Speech delivered in the 
Constitutional Convention of Illinois, 1862. By Elliott Anthony. 
{Springfield^ 1862.] 8vo, pp. 9. s. 1683 


Anthony (J.) Trial of James Anthony, for the Murder of 
Joseph Green: before the Honourable Supreme Court of the- 
State of Vermont, at their Adjourned Term in the County of 
Rutland, February 28, a.d. 18 14. Rutland^ Fay & Davison 
[1814]. 8vo, pp. 39. H. 1684 

Anti Abolition Tracts. See Slavery. 

Anticipation. See [Tickell (Richard)]. 

Anticipation continued. Containing the substance of The 

Speech Intended to be delivered from The T e to 

both H s ofP--r — m — t. On the Opening of the 

ensuing Session. To which is added, A Sketch of the Debate 
which will take Place in the H — e of L — ds on the Motion for 
an Address and Amendment. London^ Printed for the Editor^ 

MDCCLXXIX. 8vO, pp. 57. * 1685 

Anticipation : (For the Year mdcclxxix.) Containing the 

Substance of His M y's Most Gracious Speech to both 

H e of P 1 t, on the Opening of the approaching 

Session. Together With a full and authentic Account of the 

Debate which will take place in the H--eofC s on the 

Motion for the Address, and the Amendment. With Notes. 
(First published Five Days before the Opening of the Session.) 
The Second Edition. London^ S. Bladon^ mdcclxxix. 8vo, pp. 
viii., 51. 1686 

Site M. R., ist Series, Vol. lxi., 466. 

Anticipation of Marginal Notes on the Declaration of Gov- 
ernment of The 9th of January, 18 13. In the American National 
Intelligencer. [Motto.] London^ Printed hy A. J. Valpy^ Sold 
by Underwood^ 1 8 13. 8vo, pp. iv., 31. H.+ [Second Edition.] 
(In the Pamphleteer, i., pp. 487-538 ; 11., 249-279.) h. 1687 

Anticipation ; or the Voyage of an American to England, in 
the year 1899. In a Series of Letters. London^ 1781. l2mo. 

w. 1688 

This curious book consists of " Letters supposed to be written towards the close of 
the 1 8th [19th] Century, by a young American, stimulated by curiosity to pay a visit 
to the Country of his Ancestors. The Seat of Government is transferred to America, 
and England is an almost deserted, depopulated nation; the condition of which, and 
the manners of the Inhabitants, he describes in the following Letters to his Friends 
in America." — Preface. 

Anticipations of the Future, to serve as Lessons for the Pres- 
ent Time. In the form of Extracts of Letters from an English 



Resident in the United States, to the London Times, from 1864 
to 1870. With an Appendix, on the Causes and Consequences 
of the Independence of the South. ... Richmond^ Va.^ J. W. 
Randolph^ i860. l2mo, pp. ix., 416. c. 1689 

Antidote to the Merino-Mania, now progressing through the 
United States ; or. The Value of the Merino Breed, placed by 
Observation and Experience, upon a Proper Basis. ... Philadel- 
phia^ y. iff A. T, Humphreys^ 1810. 8vo, pp. 52. H. 1690 

The AntigalHcan \ or, The Lover of his own Country : in a 
Series of Pieces partly heretofore published and partly New, 
wherein French Influence, and False Patriotism, are fully and 
fairly displayed. By a Citizen of New England. Philadelphia^ 
William Cobbett^ December^ ^191- 8vo, pp. 82. H. 1 69 1 

Antigua. A Poem addressed to a Young Lady. In Three 
Parts. Part i. Descriptive and Moral. 11. Love and Friend- 
ship. III. The Caution. Written at Antigua. Boston^ ^177,- 
8vo. 1692 

Antigua and the Antiguans : a Full Account of the Colony 
and its Inhabitants, from the Time of the Caribs to the Present 
Day, Interspersed with Anecdotes and Legends. Also, an Im- 
partial View of Slavery and the Free Labour Systems ; the 
Statistics of the Island, and Biographical Notices of the Principal 
Families. ... London^ Saunders and Otley^ 1844. 2 vols., post 
8vo, pp. xiv., 8, 345; viii., 355. H. 1693 

An Act of Assembly, Passed in the Island of Antigua, 1766. 
[Royal Arms.] Antigua^ Printed {by order of the Council ana 
Assembly of the said Island)^ by Alexander Shipton. Folio, pp. 
(xiii.), 83. 1694 

A handsomely printed book. The act is one ordaining the various courts, regulating 
forms of procedure, &c. 

Acts of Assembly, passed in the Island of Antigua, from 1725 
to 1760. London^ 1764. Folio, pp. 141. 1695 

The Case of the Neglected and Deserted Negroes in the 
Island of Antigua. IF. Phillips^ Lombard Street [n. d.] 4to. 

Collection of Exotics from the Island of Antigua. By a Lady. 
London., White., 1800. Folio. Colored Plates. 1697 

See M. R., New Series, Vol. xxx., 333. 


Immigration (Antigua) ... Correspondence between the Secre- 
tary of State for the Colonies and the Legislature of Antigua, 
relating to an Act passed by them for the purpose of Immigra- 
tion. ... Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 20 
April, 1863. Folio, pp. 13. p. 1697J 

A Genuine Narrative of the intended Conspiracy of the 
Negroes at Antigua. Extracted from an authentic copy of a 
Report made to the Chief Governor of the Carabee Islands, By 
the Commissioners appointed to try the Conspirators. Dublin^ 
1737. Sm. 8vo. 1698 

Laws of Antigua, consisting of the Acts of the Leeward 
Islands from November 1690 to April 1798; and the Acts of 
Antigua from April 1668 to May 1804; with Analytical Tables 
of the Acts and an Index. London^ 1805-18. 3 vols., 4to. 

Antilles. Derrotero de las islas Antillas, de las costas de 
tierra firme y de las del seno mexicano, formado en la Direc- 
cion de trabajos hidrograficos para inteligencia y uso de las cartas 
que ha publicado. De orden superior. Madrid^ en la imprenta 
real^ 1810. 4to, pp. viii., 455.4- Segunda edicion, corregida y 
aumentada con noticias muy recientes y con un Apendice sobre 
las corrientes del Oceano Atlantico. Madrid^ 1820. 4to, pp. 
591. H. 7000 

Histoire et commerce des Antilles. See [Butel-Dumont (G. 

Routier des lies Antilles, des cotes de terre-ferme et de celles 
du Golfe du Mexique. Troisieme edition. Traduit de I'Espagnol 
par C. F. Chaucheprat. (Supplement. Sur les courans de 
I'ocean Atlantique.) Paris^ 1829. 8vo. Bm. 1701 

Souvenirs des Antilles. See Montlezun. 

Antillon (Is.) Dissertacion sobre el origen de la esclavitud 
de los Negros. Mallorca^ \%\\. i2mo. 1702 

Anti-Masonic and Anti-Masonry. See Masonry. 

Anti-Ministerial | Objections Considered, | or The Unreason- 
able Pleas I Made by some against their Duty | to their | Ministers, | 
With Respect to their Maintenance | Answered. | Together | With 
an Answer to that Question, | Who are Oblig'd to Endeavour a 
Reformation I In this Case ? I In a Letter to Richard Kent, Esq ; 


one I of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace | for the County of 
Essex, and a Mem-| ber of the Honourable House of| Represent- 
atives. I [Mottoes.] Boston^ N. E. \ Printed by B. Green^ J^^- 
for Samuel\ Gerrish^ at his Shop in Corn-Hill. \ 1725. | Sm. 8vo, 
Title, pp. 45. H. 1703 

Antinomians and Familists condemned. See [Welde (Thomas)]. 

Antioch College. [Its Parentage, Organization, Finances, 
Claims on Unitarians, etc. n. p., i8-.] 8vo, pp. 4. h. 1704 

Antioch College. [Faculty, Requisites for Admission, Terms, 
&c. n. p., 1853.] i6mo, pp. 16. H. 1705 

Appeal in Behalf of Antioch College, with a Statement of 
its Financial History, Condition, and Prospects. New-York, 
November, 1858. New-Tork^ John A. Gray^ Printer^ 1858. 
l2mo, pp. 12. H. 1706 

Catalogue ... for the Academical Years, 1853-4 & 1854-5. 
... Cincinnati^ Printed by C. F. Bradley iff Co.^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 
55. Continued. h. 1707 

Anti-Pater. Den | Portugaelsen Donder-slagh, | Tot | Ont- 
wakinge van alle trou- | hertighe Neder-landtsche Regenten 
ende| Ondersaten. I Om de Balance vanden Gheunieerden Staet| 
wel te maken, tot voor-cominghe van alle onheyl, | en bevestinghe 
van onse groot-beroemde | Republijcke. | Door Theophilus Anti- 
Pater. I Tot Groeningen^ By de Erffghenamen van Nathanael | 
Roman., Anno 1641.I 4to, 2 p. 1., pp. 36. 1708 

Relates to the truce between Holland and Portugal concerning the Brazils. 

Antiquitates Americanae. See [Rafn (C. C)] 

Antiquites Mexicaines. See Lenoir (Alexandre). 

The Antiquarian and General Review, edited by Wm. Arthur. 
Vol. I. Schenectady., 1845. ^^^' ^1^9 

Antiquarian, pseudon. See [Phillips (Henry), Jr.~\ 

Proceedings of the Anti-Sabbath Convention, held in the 
Melodeon, March 23d and 24th, 1848. (Reported by Henry 
M. Parkhurst.) Boston., Published by order of the Convention., 
1848. i2mo, pp. i68.-|-36mo, pp. 18. . h. 1710 

Catalogue of the Anti-Secret Confederation, 1847. ••• Troy., 
N. y.y Press off. C. Kneeland and Co.., 1847. ^^o., pp. 32. H. 



Anti-Slavery. See Slavery. 

Antisell (Th.) Geology of Southern California. By Thomas 
Antisell. With Report on the Palaeontology by T. A. Con- 
rad. Washington^ 1856. 4to, pp. 204. 2 Maps and 24 Plates. 

Anti-Synodalia Americana. See [Chauncy (Charles)]. 

The Antithelemite. See [Maurice (Henry)]. 

Antoine (A.) Histoire des emigres fran^ais depuis 1789 
jusqu' en 1828. Par A. Antoine de Saint Jervais. Paris ^ Hivert^ 
1828. 3 vols., 8vo. 1713 

In this and later works, Antoine added " de Saint- Jervais" to his name. Some of 
the Emigres came to America. 

Antonet (C. M.) Sylvino et Anina, moeurs bresiliennes. 
Par C. M. Antonet. Paris^ Magen et Comon^ 1840. 8vo. 17 14 

Antonii (Andre Joao). Cultura e opulencio do Brasil, por 
suas drogas e minas. Con varios noticias curiosas do modo de 
haser o assucar, plantar e beneficiar o tabaco, tirar ouro das 
minas, e descobrir as da prata ; e dos grandes emolumentos que 
esta conquista da America meridional da ao Reino de Portugal 
con estes e outros generos e contractos reaes. Lishoa^ 171 1. 
\X.o.-\- Reprinted^ Rio de 'Janeiro^ 184 1. 8vo. 1 7^5 

{2uoted by Handelmann in his " Geschichte von Brasilien," Berlin, i860. 

Antonio (Joseph). Theatro Americano Descripcion General 
de los Reynos y Provincias de la Nueva Espana y sus jurisdic- 
ciones. Mexico^ 1746. 2 vols., folio. Plate. 1 716 

Antonio (Nicolas). Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus, complectens 
Scriptores qui ab Octaviani Augusti Imperio, usque ad annum 
M. floruerunt, studio et curis Josephi Saenz, Cardinalis de 
Aguirre. Romce^ 1696, 2 vols., folio. 171 7 

The title-page contains a misprint. As the work comprises the authors until the 
year 1500, the title ought to read, "usque ad annum md" (1500), instead of m (1000). 
Antonio died without the means for printing the book. They were furnished by the 
Cardinal de Aguirre, who intrusted the editorship to Emmanuel Mars, a learned 
Valentian. The authors are arranged in chronological order j tables are added to faci- 
litate the use of the work. The " Bibliotheca Nova," although published first, is but 
a sequel of the " Bibliotheca Vetus," of which a reprint likewise has appeared at 
Madrid, in 1788, under this title : 

Antonio. Bibliotheca Hispana vetus, sive Hispani Scrip- 
tores qui ab Octaviani Augusti iEvo ad annum Christi md. 
floruerunt. Auctore D. Nicolao Antonio Hispalensi I.C. Or- 

ANTR0BU3. 227 

dinis S. Jacobi equite, patriae Ecclesias canonico, regiorum nego- 
tiorum in Urbe & Romana curia Procuratoregenerali, Consiliario 
regio. Curante Francisco Perezio Bayerio, Valentino, Sereniss. 
Hisp. Infantum Caroli ili. Regis flliorum Institutore primario, 
Regiae Bibliothecae Palatino-Matritensis Praefecto, qui Et pro- 
logum, & Auctoris vitas epitomen, & notulas adiecit. ... Matriti^ 
apud V'lduam et Heredes D. Joachimi Ibarrtv^ mdcclxxxviii. 2 
vols., folio, pp. xxvii., 556, viii. ; xxii., 467. 2 Portraits and 
Plate. Also on Large Paper. h. 17 18 

Antonio. Bibliotheca Hispana sive Hispanorvm, qvi vsqvam 
vnqvamve sive Latina sive populari sive alia quavis lingua scripto 
aliquid consignaverunt Notitia, his qvae praecesservnt locvpletior et 
certior brevia elogia, editorum atque ineditorum operum catalogum 
dvabvs partibvs continens, qvarvm haec ordine qvidem rei pos- 
terior, conceptu vero prior duobis tomis de his agit, qvi post 
annvm secvlarem md. usque ad praesentem diem floruere. ... 
Avthore D. Nicolao Antonio Hispalensi, I.C. Ordinis S. lacobi 
Eqvite, Patriae Ecclesiae Canonico, Regiorum negotiorum in 
Vrbe & Romana Curia Procuratore generali. Roma ex Offic'ina 
Nicolao Angeli Tinassii^ MDCLXXll. Svperiorvm Permissv. Folio, 
Engraved Frontispiece and 40 p. 1., pp. 633 ; Vol. 11., Engraved 
Frontispiece, pp. 690. 17 19 

"Nicolas Antonio was born in 1617, at Sevilla, studied at Salamanca, and re- 
turned to Sevilla, composed his Bibliotheca Hispana in the convent of the Benedict- 
ines, where the abbot, Benedict de La Serra, had accumulated a splendid library. 
When it was sufficiently advanced, he took it to Rome, where he completed it. 
He died at Madrid, in 1684. Antonio, agreeable to the custom prevalent at that time, 
arranged the names of the authors according to the alphabetical order of their Chris- 
tian names. This is a great inconvenience, which is only partially removed by the 
addition of a number of tables," Dibdin, in his " Bibliomania," calls the labors of 
Antonio models of composition in their way. Morhof considers it one of the best 
works of the kind. A new edition was published at Madrid, by Franc. Perez Bayer, 
a learned Valentian j the title of which is, 

Antonio. Bibliotheca Hispana nova sive Hispanorum Scrip- 
torum qui ab Anno md. ad mdclxxxiv. floruere Notitia. Auc- 
tore D. Nicolao Antonio Hispalensi I.C. Ordinis S. lacobi 
equite, patriae Ecclesiae canonico, Regiorum negotiorum in Urbe 
& Romana curia procuratore generali, consiliario Regio. Nunc 
primum prodit, recognita emendata aucta ab ipso Auctore. ... 
Matriti^ apud 'Joach'nnum de Ibarra^ mdcclxxxiii-viii. 2 vols., 
folio, 5 p. 1., pp. xxiii., 830 ; 669 (i). Also on Large Paper, h. 

A[ntrobus] (B[enjamin]). Some Buds and Blossoms of 
Piety, also, some Fruit of the Spirit of Love which directs to 


the Divine Wisdom. London^ Andrew Sowle^ 1684. 4to, pp. 
80. + Second Edition, with Additions. London^ for Th. North- 
cott^ 1 69 1. 8vo, 3 p. 1., pp. 1 2^. -{-London^ Assigns of J. Sowle^ 
1 716. Svo.-\- London J T. Sowle Raylton^ and L. Hinde^ I743« 
8vo. + 5th Edition. London^ Luke Hinde^ 1766. 8vo. 1 721 

Includes " A Complaint against New England Professors." " Bibl. Anglo-Poetica," 
No. 897. Priced, £l 5s. The author was a Quaker. 

The Ants. A Rhapsody. 1767. 2 vols., i2mo. 1722 

" A burlesque on the [French] American War." — Chalmers. 

[Antony (Henry B.)] The Fancy Ball. A Sketch. Printed 
for private circulation. Pulaski House, Savannah, March 31st. 
[Savannah^ W. T. Williams\ 1837. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 1723 

In a copy in Harvard College Library the names are supplied in MS. 

Antunez y Acevedo (R.) Memorias histdricas sobre la 
legislacion y gobierno del comercio de los Espanoles con sus 
colonias en las Indias Occidentales. Recopiladas por el Sr. D. 
Rafael Antunez y Acevedo, Ministro togado del Supremo Con- 
sejo de Indias. Madrid^ En la imprenta de Sancha^ m.dcc.xcvii. 
Sm. 4to, 2 p. 1., pp. XV. (i), 330 (2), cv. H. 1724 

Anunciacion [Fr. Dominga de la). Doctrina Christiana en 
Castellano y Mexicano, su autor el P. Fr. Domingo de la An- 
nunciation Dominico. Mexico^ 1565. 4to. 1 725 

Title from Ternaux-Compans, No. 93. 

Anunciation [Fr. J. de la). Sermonario en lengua Mexicana. 
Mexico^ IS77- 4^0. 1726 

Apalachicola. Annual Report of the Apalachicola Land 
Company for the year 1838. New Tork^ 1838. 8vo. Con- 
tinued. 1727 

Aparicio. Epilogo metrico de la vida de fray Sebastian de 
Aparicio, con un compuesto de aromas espirituales. Pueblo da los 
Angelas^ 1689. 4to. 1728 

Title as given by Ternaux-Compans, No. 1035. 

Apendice a la Relacion del Viage al Magallanes de la Fragata 
de Guerra Santa Maria de la Cabeza, que contiene el de los 
paquebotes Santa Casilda y Santa Eulalia para completar el 
reconocimiento del estrecho en los anos de 1788 y 1789. 
Trabajado de Orden Superior. Madrid^ mdcclxxxxiii. En la 



imprtnta de la Viuda de D. 'Joaquin Ibarra. 4to, 2. p. 1., pp. 128. 
Map. H. 1729 

Aper^u de la situation. See [Poletika (Pierre)]. 

Aper^u des dernieres Revolutions de la Republique des Pro- 
vinces unies de Sud-Amerique. P^nV, 1820. 8vo, pp. 48. 1730 

Aper^u des £tats-Unis, au Commencement du xix Siecle, 
depuis 1800 jusqu'en 1810. P<2m, 1814. 8vo. Map. 1731 

Aper^u sur le chemin de fer de Galveston a Houston en vue 
de la prochaine reunion des porteurs d'obligations. — Kort over- 
zigt omtrent den ijzeren spoorweg van Galveston naar Houston 
en Henderson, in verband tot de aanstaande vereeniging der 
aandeelhouders. Amsterdam.^ Weytingh ^ Brave^ 1862. 8vo, 
pp. 12, 12. 1732 

Title from the Alphabetiiche Naamlijst, etc. It does not appear whether the French 
and Dutch have separate title-pages. 

Apper^u hazarde. See [Estaing (C. B., Count d')]. 

Apes. A Son of the Forest. The Experience of William 
Apes, a Native of the Forest. Comprising a Notice of the 
Pequod Tribe of Indians, Written by Himself. New York.^ 
Published by the Author^ 1829. 18 mo, pp. 216. H. + Second 
Edition. New Tori^ G. F. Bunce^ 1 831. i8mo, pp. 214. 

Apes. Eulogy on King Philip, as pronounced at the Odeon, 
in Federal Street, Boston, by the Rev. William Apes, an Indian. 
... Boston^ the Author .^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 60. Woodcut. + Second 
Edition. Boston^ 1837. 8vo, pp. 48. Woodcut. H. 1734 

In the second edition the author spells his name •' Apess." See also No. 1738. 

Apes. The Increase of the Kingdom of Christ, a Sermon : 
by William Apes, a Missionary of the Pequod Tribe of Indians. 
New Tork^ Printed for the Author by G. F. Bunce^ 183 1. l2mo, 

pp.24. H- 1735 

" The Indians, the Ten Lost Tribes," pp. 21-24. 

Apes. Indian Nullification of the Unconstitutional Laws of 
Massachusetts, relative to the Marshpee Tribe : or. The Pre- 
tended Riot explained. By William Apes, an Indian and 
Preacher of the Gospel. Boston^ Press 0/ Jonathan Howe, 1835. 
i2mo, pp. 168. Woodcut. G. 1736 

The real author of" this work is said to be William J. Snelling. 



Apess. Experience of Five Christian Indians of the Pequod 
Tribe. Published by William Apess, Missionary of that Tribe 
... . Boston^ Printed for the Publisher^ 1837. l2mo, pp. 47.+ 
Second Edition. Boston^ 1837. i2mo, pp. 47. 1737 

Apianus (Peter). Cosmogra|phicus Liber Petri Apiani Ma-| 
thematici studiose collectus. | [Colophon] Excusum Land- 
shutae Typis ac formulis | D. Joannis Weyssenburgers : impensis | 
Petri Apiani. Anno Christi Sal-|uatoris omnium Millesimo | | 
quingentesimo | vicesimo- 1 quarto ! Mense Ja- 1 nu : Phebo Sa | turni 
domi- I cilium I possidente. I 1524. 410, Title, i 1., 5 p. 1., 
pp. 103. Two Revolving Diagrams. ^73^ 

Bienewitz is the German name for which Apianus was used as the Latin equivalent. 
See Bib. Am. Vet., p. 238 seq. Brunet, p. 342. Chapter iv. relates to America; also 
pages 103, 104. For an account of the author, see Clement, i., 404. 

Apianus. Cosmographicus Liber Petri Apiani Mathematici, 
studiose correctus, ac ab erroribus vindicatus per Gemmam 
Phrysium. Veneunt Antuerpiae in aedibus Rolandi Bollaert. 
[Colophon] Excusum Antuerpiae impensis Rolandi Bollaert, 
Typis Joannis Graphei, Anno a Christo nato 1529. mense Febr., 
in 4to, Feuilles 56. Bm. 1739 

Title from Clement. Second edition, with the valuable additions of Gemma Frisius, 
the pupil of Apianus. 

Apianus. Cosmo- | graphiae introdvctio : cvm | quibusdam 
Geometriae ac Astronomiae prin-|cipijs ad eam rem necessarijs. | 
Excvsm Ingoldstadii. | m.d.xxix. | [Colophon] Ingolstadij, 
Anno M.D.xxxi. I i2mo, 32 1., numbered to 16, after which 
the enumeration ceases. 1740 

Apianus. [Editio Altera ; Colophon] Excusum logolstadij 
[j/V]| An. M.D.xxxiii. I Mense lanuario. | i2mo, 32 1. l. 1741 

" Title, one leaf +leaves numbered from 2-16 + five unnumb. 11. marked c, c ij, c 3, 
c4, c5, + threell. unnumbered and without signatures + five unnumb. 11. marked df, 
</z, ^3, d \, J5, + three unnumb. 11. without sig.+five 11. marked (?, e-z, e 3, e ^, 
tf5+three 11. without sig., verso of the last of which is blank." — Bib. Am. Vet. 

Apianus. Cosmographi-| cvs Liber Petri Apiani Ma- 1 the- 
matici, iam denuo integritati restitutus | per Gemmam Phrysium. | 
Item eiusdem Gemmae Phrysii Libellus de Locorum de- 1 scribe-n- 
dorum ratione, & de eorum distantiis in-| ueniendis, nunq' ante- 
hac visus. I Vaeneut Antuerpie sub scuto Basiliesi p' Gregoriu 
Bontiu. I [Colophon] loan. Grapheus typis cudebat Antuer- 
piae, I Anno M.D.XXXIII. | mense Febr. | 4to, 66 1. -h Paris^ I533- 
4to.-|- />//'. 5r/i^., 1533. 4to. J 742 



Apianus. Cosmo | graphiae Introdvctio | cum quibusdam 
Geometriae ac Astro- 1 nomiae principijs ad eam|rem necessarijs. 
[Colophon] Venetijs per lo. Antonium de N'lcolinis de Sabio^ 
sumptu & requisitione D. Melchioris | Sessce. Anno Domini, 
MDXXXV. Mensis Ianuarij.\ Sm. 8vo, 32 1. '74:1 

Apianus. Petri Apiani | Cosmographia, per Gemmam|Phry- 
sium, apud Louanienses Medicum ac Mathema-| ticum insignem, 
restituta. Additis de adem re ipsius| Gemmae Phry. libellis, vt 
sequens pagina docet. | Vaneunt Antuerp'ia in pingui gallina Arnoldo 
5frf/fw^«^. I 1 [Colophon] Absolutum Antuerpi^^e per 
Aegidium Coppenium, | cura & impensis Arnold! Berckman, | 
Anno Christiano. 1539. |4to, pp. 61, i 1. '744 

Apianus. Petri Apiani | Cosmographia, per Gemmam|Phry- 
sium, apud Louanienses Medicum ac Mathematicarum | insignem, 
Denuo restituta. Additis de eadem re ipsius | Gemmae Phry. 
libellis, quos sequens pagina docet. | m.d.xl. | Vaneunt Ant- 
uerpice in pingui gallina Arnoldo Berkmano. | [Colophon] Ex- 
cusum Antuerpiis opera Aegidij Copenij .\ Anno a Christo nato. 1540. | 
4to, 61 leaves. Map. 1745 

Apianus. Cosmogra- | phiae Introdvctio | cvm qvibsdam 
Geome-|triae ac Astrono- 1 miae principiis |ad eam rem | necessa-| 
riis. I [Colophon] Venetijs per lo. Antonium de Nicolinis de 
Sabio. Sumptu Iff | requisitione D. Melchioris Sesscs. Anno Domini. \ 
MDXXXXi. Mensis Iulij.\ Sm. 4to, Title, i 1., and 23 1. 1746 

Melchior's device of a cat holding a mouse on the verso of the last leaf. 

Apianus. Cosmographia per Gemmam Frisium correcta. 
Norimb. 1541. 4to. ^747 

Apianus. Cosmographia | Petri Apiani, per Gemmam Frisivm | 
apud Louanienses Medicum & Mathematicuw, insignem, | iam 
demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac non-|nullis quoqwf 
locis aucta. Additis eiusdem argu-|menti libellis ipsius Gemmae 
Frisii. I M.D.XLV. I /^^«^««/ Antuerpia sub scuto Basiliensi^ Gregcrio 
Bontio. I [Colophon] Excusum Antuerpice.^ opera Aeg. Diesthemij. \ 
Anno a Christo humancs salutis\ Author e w^/fi*, | .1545. | 4to, Title 
and I 1. ; Text, 66 1. j. c. b. 1748 

Apianus. Cosmographia | Petri Apiani, per Gemmam Fris- 
ivm I apud Louaniensis Medicum & Mathematicu;w insignem, | iam 
demum ab omnibus vindicata mendis, ac non-|nullis quoque locis 


aucta. Additis eiusdem ar- | gumenti libellis ipsius Gemmae 
Fris'ij. \ f^a^neunt Jntuerpice sub scuto BasUiensi^ Gregorio Bontio.\ 
M.D.L.| [Colophon] AntuerpiiE excusum Gregorio Bontio \ typis 
Deisthemij^ anno a Christo 1550. | Sm. 410, 2 p. 1., 64 1. (2 1.) 
Map. J. c. B. 1749 

Graesse quotes an edition, Easily 155°) 4^0, which is probably an error. There are 
other Latin editions, Paris, 1551, 1553, and Antwerp, 1564. 

Apianus. Cosmographia| Petri Apiani, per Gemmam Fri-| 
sivm apvd Lovanienses Medicvm et Mathe | maticvm insignem, 
iam demvm ab omnibvs vindi-|cata mendis, ac nonnullis quoque 
locis aucta, & annotationi-|bus marginalibus illustrata. Additis 
eiusdem argumen-|ti libellis ipsius Gemmae Frisij. | Colonic Agrip- 
pinae^ | Jpud Hceredes Arnoldi Birckmann'i. do Id lxxiv. 4to, 
2 p. 1. and 58 folioed leaves. 1750 

Apianus. Cosmographia, |sive| Descriptio| Vniversi Orbis,| 
avctoribvs| Petro Apiano, et Gemma Frisio, | Mathematicorvm 
Insignivm. I Cuius huic editioni additus est de Astrolabo Catholico 
libellus, I nunc primum a Martino Euerartho in Epitomen con- 
tractus. I Caetera vide pagina quinta. | Antverpiae^ | Ex officina Ar- 
noldi Cow/wA-. |m.d.lxxxiiii. I 4to, 8 p. 1. ; Text, 480 pp. Map. 

The map forms pages 73-81. Clement pronounces this the best edition. 

Apianus. La Cosmographie de Pierre | Apian, libure tresutile 
traictant de toutes les regions & pays | du monde par artifice 
Astronomicque, nouuelleme;zt traduict|de Latin en Francois. 
Et par Gemma Frison Mathema-| ticien & Docteur en Medi- 
cine de Louuain corrige. | Auecq aultres libures du mesme Gem- 
ma Fr. appartenantz | audict artifice, come la page ensuyuante la 
declaire. I M.D.XLiiii. I On les vend en Anuers sur le pont de 
chambre chez Gregoire Bonte|a I'escu de Basle, imprimez en 
Latin, Francois, & Flameng. | [Colophon] Absolut est cest 
CEuure Cosmographicque de Peere Apian, auecq aul|tres liures 
de la mesme science, Aux despens communs de Gemma | Frison, 
& Gregoire Bonte. Imprimes en Anuers | par Gillis de Diest, 
au moys Daoust. | .1544. | 4to, Lxv. leaves. 1752 

Another French edition, Par/f,,! 533, and An-vers, 158 1. 4to. 

Apianus. Libro dela | Cosmographia | De Pedro Apiano, el 
qual trata la descripcion del Mun-|do, y sus partes, por muy claro 
y lindo artificio augmeta-|do por el doctissimo varon Gemma 
Frisio, doctor en Me | decina, y Mathematico excellentissimo : 
con otros I dos libros del dicho Gemma, de la Materia mesma. | 



Agora nueuamete traduzidos en Romace Castellano. | m.d.xlviii.| 

Fendese en Enveres en casa de Gregorio Bontio enel \ escudo de Basilea, 
Cum Gratia tff Priuilegio. \ Sm. 410, 2 p. 1., 68 1. \ Table, 2 1. 
Map. 1753 

Apianus. Cosmographie, | ot't Beschrijuinghe der gheheelder 

Werelt van | Petrus Apianus, derde werf ghecorrigeert van | Gem- 
ma Frisio Mathematicien ende Doctoor in| Medicinen. Metten 
zeecompasse ende anderen | boecxkens by den seluew Gemma daer 

toegedaen. I M.D.LXI. Men vercooptse Tantwerpen inden witten 
valck by Jan Verwithaghen.\ 4to, 76 1. ^754 

Apianus. Cosmographie. | Ofte beschrijvinge der ghe-|heel- 
der Werelt, begrijpende de gelegentheyt | ende bedeelinghe van 
elck Landtschap ende contreyejder selver, gheschreven in Latijn 
t door Petrus Apianus. | Gecorrigeert ende vermeerdert door M. 
jj Gamma Frisius, excellent | Geographijn ende xVIathematicijn, met 
i! sommighe andere tractaten van|de selve materie, ghemaect van 
1' den voorseyden Gamma, ende hier | by gevoeght, waer af d'inhout 
;i staet in't navolgende bladt. | Tot Amstelredam^ \ By Cornells Claesz. 
I Boecvercooper^ zvoonende op't Water\m^t Schrijf-boeck. Anno 1609. | 
J4to, 6 p. 1., 121 (2) 1. ' 1755 

Another edition. Antwerp^ I59-- 

Apianus. La Cosmographia de Pedro Apiano, corregida v 
afiadida por Gemma Frisio, Medico y Mathematico. ... El Sitio 
y Descripcion delas Indias y Muwdo Nueuo, sacada dela His- 
toria de Francisco Lopez de Gomara, y dela Cosmographia de 
leronymo Giraua Tarragonez. Anvers^ "Juan Bellero^ m.d.lxxv. 
4to, fF. (2), 68 (14). H. 1756 

Apianus. Introductio Geographica in Verneri Annotationes. 
Adjuncta est Espitola J. de Regiomonte. Ingohtadii^ ^533- 
Folio. a. 1757 

[Aplin (John)]. Address to the People of Neu^ England; 
occasioned by the preaching and Publishing of Certain Doc- 
trines, destructive of their Rights and Liberties, both Religious 
and Civil (by James Macsparran), in a sermon entituled The 
Sacred Dignity of the Christian Priesthood Vindicated. By a 
Native of New England. Newport^ 1753* 8vo, pp. 31. 1758 

L' Apocalypse Britannique. Paris^ 1782. 8vo. '759 

A scarce tract relating to the American Revolution. 

Apollinario da C0NCE19AO (Fr.) Ecco sonoro da clamorosa 



voz que deu a cidade do Rio dc Janeiro ... na saudosa despedida 
do irmao Fr. Fabiao de Christo, enfermeiro do convento de S. 
Antonio da mesma cidade. L'lshoa^ por Ignac'io Rodrigues^ 1 748. 
4to. 1759^ 

Apollinario da Concei^ao (Fr,) Primasia serafica na regiao 
da America. Novo descobrimento de sanctos e veneraveis religio- 
sos de Ordem serafico que ennobrecem o novo mundo com suas 
virtudes e ac^oes Esento par Fr. Apollinario da Concei^ao chron- 
ista da provincia de Concei^ao de Rio de Janeiro. Lisboa "Occi- 
dental^ na officina de Antonio de Sousa da Silva^ ^733* 4^°? PP* 
xxxii., 366. 1759^ 

Transactions of the Apollo Association for the Promotion of 
the Fine Arts in the United States, at the First Annual Meet- 
ing, December i6th, 1839. New Tork^ 1839. 8vo, pp. 24. 
Continued. h. 1760 

The last report appeared in 1843, when the Association became "The American 
Art Union." 

Apollonius. Levini Apol-|lonii, Gandobrv-|gani, Mittel- 
bvrgensis, |de Peruuiae, Regionis, inter Noui Orbis prouincias, 
celeberrimae, inuentione : & rebus in | eadem gestis, | libri V. | Ad 
lacobvm Clarovtivm Mai- 1 deghemmae ac Pitte- 1 miae Dominvm. 
Breuis, exactaq'ue Noui Orbis, & Peruuiae | regionis chorographia. 
Antverp'ia^ \ Apud loannem Bellerum sub \ Aqu'ila aurea. | m.d.lxvi. 
[Colophon] A}itverpice^\TypJs Amati 'Ta-\vernerii.\ 8vo, 236 
1. ; Index, 7 1. ; Colophon, i 1. Map. H. 1761 

Priced, in the Nuggets, £3 13s. 6d. ; Raetzel, 10 fr. j Eyries, 19 fr. Also issued 
with a new title-page, 1567. Rich (No. 44) and Ternaux (No. 97) quote an edition 
1565, which is an error. 

Apollonius. De Navigatione Gallorum in terram Floridam, 
deque clade anno 1565 ab Hispanis accepta. Antuerpice^ 1568. 
Sm. 8vo. 1761^ 

A rare volume. See Camus, p. 45. Boucher quotes the title incorrectly as to the 
date, and then enters into an argument to show that the date should be 1568. Per- 
haps some copies read anno 1555. 

Apollonius. Dritte Theil der Newen Welt des Peruanischen 
Konigreichs, welches das Mechtigste vnd Fruchtbareste ist, vnder 
alien andern LandtschafFten oder Provintzen des Indianischen 
Nidergangischen Reichs ... . Item von dem Frantzosen Schif- 
farth in die Landschafft Floridam, vnd jhrer schrocklichen Nider- 
lag im Jar 1565. Aus dem Latein verteutschet durch Nic. 
Honinger. 5^W, 1583. Folio. 1762 



Apollonius. Dritte Theil | der Newen Welt|Des Peru-| 
uischen Konigreichs, welches das | Mechtigste und Fruchtbareste 
ist, vnder alien anderen Landte-| schafFten oder Prouintzen des 
Indianischen Nidergangischen Reichs:|wie vnd durch welche 
Personen dasselbig zum ersten erfunden, vnd was sich | von der 
ersten Erfindung an, bisz aufF vnsere jetzige zeit, fiir schrock- 
liche Krieg|vnd Blutuergiessungen, eyns thiels gegen den Peru- 
uischen Einwohnern, an- 1 der theils zwischen den Spanischen 
Landtpflagern vnd Vogten, allein von | wegen Ehrgeytzes vnd 
Eygennutzes verloffen vnd zugetragen haben. Auch|von der- 
selbige Volckern Sitten, Regiment, Aberglauben, Ceremonien, 
Got-| tesdienst, Gebrauch in Essen vnd Trincken, Handthier- 
ungen, Ge- 1 werbschafFten vnd vnerschopfflichen Goldtgruben | 
vnd Reichthumben, so in diesem K6-|nigreich gefunden wer- 
den. I Item, I Von der Frantzosen SchifFarth in die LandtschafFt | 
Floridam, vnd jhrer schrocklichen Niderlag die sie von den 
Spa-|niern im Jar m.d.lxv. darinn erlitten. Mit angehenck- 
ter I Supplication an Konig Carol den ix. in Franckreich, der 
Erschlagnen Frantzosen | Witwen, Waysen, Verwandten vnd 
Einwohnern in der LandtschafFt Florida, | darinn sie jhr Vnschuld 
gegen den Spaniern vor Koniglicher | May. griindtlich erklaret 
vnd geofFenbaret. | Alles | Durch Glaubwiirdige Personen, vnd 
furnemblich durch den Hoch-|berhumbten Geschichtschreiber 
Levinvm AppoUonivm Gandobrv-|ganvm, in Lateinischer Sprach 
wahrhafFtig beschrieben, und zum theil |selbs Personlich erfah- 
ren. I Erst jetz aber|Ausz dem Latein, zu Nutz alien Regenten 
vnd Oberherren, Ehrgeytz vnd| Eygennutz zuuermeiden : Auch 
Liebhabern der Historien, mit hochstem | Fleisz vnd Miihe ver- 
teutschet, | Durch | Nicolaum Honiger von Tauber Konigshofen. | 
Getruckt zu Basel. | [Colophon] Getruckt^ | 'lu Basely Durch Se- 
■ bastian Henricpetri^\im Jar nach Vmer Erl'6sung^\M.'D,i.y.y.yA\\.\ 
im Hert%en.\YQ\\Q^ 6 p. 1., pp. 306; Colophon, i 1. 1762^ 

An Apology. The Protestant Episcopal Society for the Pro- 
motion of Evangelical Knowledge : its Origin, Constitution, 
Tendencies, and Work ; submitted to the Impartial Judgment 

j of the Members of the Protestant Episcopal Church. [By C. 

I C. Andrews, d.d.] New-Tork^ Printed hy John A. Gray^ 1854. 

! 8vo, pp. 44. H. 1763 

i An Apology for Great Britain, in allusion to a pamphlet, in- 
1 tituled " Considerations, &c., par un Canadien, m.p.p." ^ebec^ 
I 1809. Svo, pp. 31. 1764 

1 Ascribed to Ross Cuthbert, Esq. 

236 APPEAL. I 

An Apology for the Builder ; or, a Discourse shewing the 
Cause and Effects of the Increase of Building. London^ Printed \ 
in the Tear mdclxxxix. 4to, 37 pp. N. 1765 \ 

Includes several references to America. Stevens's Nuggets, No. ijz, contains a 
curious extract. 

An Apology for the Times ; a Poem addressed to the King. ' 
London^ 1778. 4to. 1766 ; 

An Apology for the United States of America. Liverpool^ ' 
Published by Melting and Co. ^ 1829. 8vo, pp. 16. N. 1767 

Apostolicos afanes de la Compania de Jesus, escritos por un 
padre de la misma sagrada religion de su provincia de Mexico 
[" que saca a publica luz Francisco Xavier Fluvia"]. Barcelona^ j 
Pablo Nadel Impressor^ 1754- 4^0, 6 p. 1., pp. 452, 5 1. H. 1768 ] 

An Appeal for a union of Parties on the principles of Wash- 
ington, Jefferson, Madison and Munroe, By a Republican of 
1800. 1850. 8vo. 1769 

Appeal for Rectitude in Politics. See [Wright (Charles)]. j 

An Appeal for the Union, By a Philadelphia Whig. [^Phila- | 
delphia^ 1856.] 8vo, pp. 16. 1 770 ] 


In favor of Buchanan. First published in the Philadelphia Evening journal. ' 

Appeal from a Countryman. See [Howe (R. H.)] I 

An Appeal from the Twenty eight Judges to the Spirit of 
Truth and True Judgment in all Faithful Friends, called Quakers, 
that meet at this Yearly meeting at Burlington the Seventh j 
month 1692. [By George Keith. Philadelphia^ 1692.] 4to. \ 

Printed by William Bradford, for which he was imprisoned upon the charge of '\ 
'^ uttering and spreading a malicious and seditious papery"'' and this was the beginning 
of the persecution which drove him from Philadelphia to New York. 

The Appeal of Civilization and Liberty in behalf of the 
Mechanic. \_IVashington ? Towers^ Printer^ 1863.?] 8vo, pp. | 
7. H. 1772 i 

On the required hours of labor of the government printers. 

The Appeal of the Religious Society of Friends in Pennsyl- 
vania, New Jersey, Delaware, etc., to their Fellow-Citizens of 
the United States, on behalf of the Colored Races. Philadelphia^ 
Friends' Bookstore^ ^^59- 8vo, pp. 48. p. 1773 

APPEAL. 237 

An Appeal to Banks. See [Brewster (Abel)]. 

An Appeal to Congress and to the People of the United States 
... On the Financial Condition of the Country ... the ... Policy 
of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Speech of the Hon. 
Henry G. Stebbins. \_New Tork^ 1864.] 8vo, pp. 12. H. 1774 

An Appeal to Honest Inquirers. Auburn^ Printed by Wm. J. 
Moses, 1855. 8vo, pp. 13. H. 1775 

Contains an account of the causes which led to the separations within the limits 
of the New York and New England yearly meetings of Friends. 

Appeal to Knowledge, or Candid Discussion of the Prelimi- 
naries of Peace, signed at Fontainebleau and laid before both 
Houses of Parliament. 1763. 8vo. 1776 

An Appeal to Reason and Justice, in Behalf of the British 
Constitution, and the Subjects of the British Empire. In which 
the present important Contest with the Revolted Colonies is im- 
partially considered, the Inconsistency of Modern Patriotism 
is demonstrated, the Supremacy of Parliament is asserted on 
Revolution Principles, and American Independence is proved to 
be a manifest Violation of the Rights of British Subjects. To 
which is added. An Appendix, containing Remarks on a Pam- 
phlet intitled. Thoughts on the Present State of Affairs with 
America, by William Pulteney, Esq. [Motto.] London^ W. 
Nicoll, MDCCLXxviii. 8vo, Half Title, Title, pp. 176. 1777 

" The writer of this elaborate appeal traverses again the beaten ground of this ex- 
hausted controversy, in order to demonstrate the injustice and ingratitude of the rebel- 
lioui Americans toward their very loving and indulgent parent. He was not probably 
aware that the pamphlet on which he animadverts has generally been considered a 
ministerial production, and the harbinger of conciliatory proposals." — M. R., lix., p. 

Appeal to the British Nation on the Affairs of South America, 
particularly as regards New Grenada. Printed for the Author, 
1819. 1778 

An Appeal to the candour and justice of the people of Eng- 
land, in behalf of the West India Merchants and Planters, 
founded on plain facts and incontrovertible arguments. London, 
J. Debrett, 1792. 8vo, pp. xvi., 1 18. T779 

An Appeal to the Conservative Men of all Parties. The 
Presidential Question. An important question : Shall the sub- 
ject of Slavery forever prevent all useful Legislation, or shall it 

238 APPEAL. 

be settled by the doctrine of Non-intervention ? The Question 
fairly stated. 8vo, pp. 16. 1780 

An Appeal to the Good Sense of the Democrats. See [Phil- 
lips (Willard)]. 

An Appeal to the Government and Congress of the United 
States, against the Depredations committed by American Pri- 
vateers on the Commerce of Nations at Peace with us. By an 
American Citizen. New-Tork^ 18 19. 8vo, pp. lOO. c. 1781 

An Appeal To the Government of the United States, in be- 
hlf \jic~\ of the people of Louisiana and Arkansas, [n. p., 
1862?] 4to, I page. 1782 

An Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great 
Britain, in the Present Disputes with America. By an Old 
Member of Parliament. London^ J. Almon^ m dcc lxxiv. 8vo, 
Half Title, Title, pp. 63. -[-Second Edition. London^ J.Jlmon^ 
MDCCLXxv. 8vo, pp. 68. + The Third Edition. London^ J. 
Almon^ MDCCLXXV. 8vo, pp. 32. + The Fourth Edition, Cor- 
rected. London^ y. Almon^ M dcc lxxvi. 8vo, pp. 46. H.-|- 
London Printed; Reprinted at Newcastle upon Tyne^ mdcclxxvi. 
8vo, pp. 72. 1783 

" The author of this Appeal is an able advocate for the Colonists, not as composing 
distinct States, but as having, in common with British subjects, an indefeasible right to 
an excluii've disposal of their own property; after denying the right, he proceeds to ex- 
pose the impolicy of raising a revenue in America against the will of the people ; and 
this leads him to severe reprehension of the late measures, and alarming prediction of 
their consequences." — M. R., li., 474. The authorship has been attributed to 
Arthur Lee [ict R. H. Lee's Life of A. Lee, i,, 19), also to Lord Chatham, Mr. 
Glover, and Dr. Franklin. A Second Appeal was published in 1775. 

An Appeal to the People. See [Coleman (Wm.)] also 
[Lowell (John)]. 

Appeal to the People of the North. [Dated Louisville^ Ky.^ 
Jan.^ 1861. n. p. 1861.] 8vo, pp. 16. 1783^ 

Appeal to the People of the United States, By a Freeholder. 
Boston^ 1831. 8vo. C. 1784 

Appeal to the Public. 1774. See Quebec. 

An Appeal to the Public in behalf of the Church of England 
in America. New Tork^ ^1^1- i2mo. 1785 



An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty against the 
Oppressions of the present Day. Boston^ mdcclxxiii. 8vo, 
pp. 62. 1786 

An Appeal to the Sense of the People, on the Present Posture 
of Affairs. Wherein the Nature of the late Treaties are in- 
quired into, and the Conduct of the M — i — y with Regard to 
M — n — ca, A — r — ca, &c., is considered ; With Some Remarks 
upon the Light in which these, and other Publick affairs have 
been lately represented. London^ David Hookham^ mdcclvi. 
8vo, Title and pp. 54. 1787 

See M. R., Vol. XV., 408. 

An Appeal to the Unprejudiced, Concerning the present Dis- 
contents Occasioned by the late Convention with Spain. Lon- 
don^ T. Cooper^ 1739- 8vo, pp. 32. s. 1788 

An Appeal to the Unprejudiced ; or, a Vindication of the 
Measures of Government, with Respect to America. Oxford^ 
IT]-]' 8vo. 1789 

See M. R.. Vol. lvi.. 66. 

An Appeal to Thinking Men. From the Natchez (Miss.) 
Daily Courier^ l85o. 8vo. ^790 

Appel des etrangers. See [Turmeau de la Morandiere]. 

An Appendix containing. Abstracts of Such Parts of the Acts 
of Parliament relating to the Army, as concern the Colonies of 
North America. [Royal Arms.] IFoodbridge ; Reprinted by Order 
of the General Assembly of the Province of New jersey^ by fames 
Parker^ Printer to the Province^ MDCCLX. Folio, pp. 64. p. 

Designed as an appendix to the Laws of New Jersey, published in 1752; but when, 
in 1761, Vol. II. of the N. J. Laws appeared, it was substituted as an appendix to 
the volume, and is generally so found. 

The Appendix : or, some Observations on the Expediency of 
the Petition of the Africans, living in Boston, &c. lately pre- 
sented to the General Assembly of this Province. With the 
Petition. Likewise Thoughts on Slavery. With a useful ex- 
tract from the Massachusetts Spy of Jan. 28, 1773, &c. By a 
Lover of Constitutional Liberty. Boston [^ij']^']. i2mo. 1792 

Appendix in answer to a Pamphlet, entitled The Constitutional 
Right of the Legislature of Great Britain to Tax the British 
Colonies in America. Boston^ ^7^9- ^^o. 1792^ 

240 APPLETON. | 


Appendix to a late Essay, on the Rights and Duties of 
Nations relative to Fugitives, &c. being, a Key to Universal 
Demonstration : discovered and illustrated in a " Supplementary" 

Argument. By " Our Writers." ... . Fifty-sixth American ^ 

Edition ... . To which is added, The Embargo, (on common * 

sense) "taken off." By Us. [Motto.] Bosto??, Printed by | 

David Carlisle^ 1808. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 1793 ': 

An Appendix to the '' Considerations on the measui:es carry- 
ing on with respect to the British Colonies in North America." 
Philadelphia, Benj. Towne, ^775- 8vo, pp. 19. P. 1794 

An Appendix to the Impartial Statement of the controversy -^ 

respecting the decision of the late Committee of Canvassers. j 

New Tork, 1792. 8vo, pp. 22. s. 1795 j 

An Appendix to the present State of the Nation. See ' 
[Grenville (G.)] 

Appendix. See [Everett (David)], [Seeker (Thomas)]. 

Appleton (D. & Co.) Appleton's Literary Bulletin. New j 

York, 1843-46. 39 Nos. 1796 'I 

Appleton's Railway and Steam Navigation Guide. June, 1858. 

Continued. m. 1797 . 

Appleton's United States Postal Guide : containing the Chief i 

Regulations of the Post Office, and a Complete List of Post \ 
Offices throughout the United States, with other Information for 

the People. Published Quarterly. No. i. New York, Apple- i 

tons^ 1863. i6mo, pp. 211. Continued. 1798 ^ 

5« Hall (E. H.), Hawks (F. L.), Richards i T. A.), and Williams (W.) ^1 

Appleton (Frank Parker). A Sermon on the Character of '^ 

Dr. Andrew Nichols, preached in Danvers, Mass., April 3, 1853. ' 

By F. P. Appleton, ... Boston, Printed by "John Wilson iff Son, i 

1853. 8V0, pp. 15. H. 1799 I 

Appleton (J. H.) Piety and Patriotism, The Demand of J 

the Times, Sanctioned and Enjoined by Christ : A Discourse j 

delivered before the Union Baptist Church, Jersey City, N. J., | 

on Sabbath morning, August 24th, 1862. By J. H. Appleton. \ 

New York, C. S. Westcott iff Co., 1862. i2mo, pp. 28. 1800 % 


Appleton (J.) The Missouri Compromise ; or, the Ex- J 


tension of the Slave Power. By General James Appleton. 
New- England Jnti slavery Tract Association^ No. 3. l2mo. 1 80 1 

Appleton (Jesse). Addresses bv Rev. Jesse Appleton, d.d. 
late President of Bowdoin College. Delivered at the Annual 
Commencements, from 1808 to 1818 ; with a Sketch of his 
Character. [By Ichabod Nichols, d.d.] Brunswick [A/^.], 
Joseph Griffin.^ Printer., 1820. 8vo, pp. xxxi., 176. H. l8o2 

Appleton. Discourse delivered June 20, 18 13, before the 
Officers and Students of Bowdoin College, occasioned by the 
Death of Tutor Frederick Southgate, a.b. Boston., 1^13- 8vo, 
pp. 24. 1803 

Appleton. The Immensity of God. A Sermon, delivered 
to the Congregational Society in Hampton, November 14, 
1797 ; at the Dedication of their New House for Public Wor- 
ship. By Jesse Appleton, a.m. Minister of the Congregational 
Church in Hampton. [Motto.] Newhuryport^ Printed by Ed- 
mund M. Blunt., ^1^1' 8vo, pp. 32. H. 1804 

History otthc church, pp. 26-31. 

Appleton. A Sermon preached in Boston, at the Annual 
Election, May 25, 18 14, before His Excellency Caleb Strong, 
Esq. Governour, His Honor William Phillips, Esq. Lieutenant 
Governour, the Honorable Council, and the Legislature of Mas- 
sachusetts. By Jesse Appleton, dd. President of Bowdoin Col- 
lege. Boston., Benja?nin Russell., 18 14. 8vo, pp. 29. H. 1805 

Appleton. A Sermon, delivered at Brunswick, April 13, 
18 15, appointed as a Day of National Thanksgiving, by the 
President of the United States, on account of the Peace recently 
established between this Country and Great Britain. By Jesse 
Appleton, D.D. President of Bowdoin College. Hallowell., Printed 
by Exekiel Goodale., 18 15. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 1806 

Appleton. Sermon delivered at Portland, Nov. 19, 1818, at 
the Formation of the Maine Branch of the American Society for 
educating Pious Youth for the Gospel Ministry. By Jesse Ap- 
pleton, d.d. Hallowell., 1819. 8vo, pp. 28. 1807 

Appleton. Works of Jesse Appleton, embracing his Course 
of Theological Lectures, his Academic Addresses, and a Selec- 
tion from his Sermons : with a Memoir of his Life and Charac- 



ter [by Prof. A. S. Packard]. Andover^ 1837. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Portrait. 1808 

Also, by the same, Address before the Mass. Soc. for Sup of Intemperance. Boi- 
tcn, 18 16. 8vo, pp. 28, and izmo, pp. 28. Discourse before the Portsmouth Female 
Asylum. Portsmouth, 1806. 8vo, pp. 28. Sermon at the Ordination of Reuben 
Nason. Port/and, 18 10. 8vo, pp. 19. Lectures and Sermons. Brunswick, 1822. 
8vo, pp. XX., 421. Perpetuity of the Sabbath. Portland, 18 14. 8vo, pp. 30. Ser- 
mon at Ordination of Benj. Tappan. Augusta, 1811. 8vo. Ordination of E. P. 
Bradford. Amherst, 1806. 8vo, pp. 32. Ordination of J. Cogswell. Portland^ 
1810. 8vo, pp. 17. Ordination of Enos Merrill. Portland, 1817. 8vo, pp. 28. 
Ordination of Asa Rand, of Gorham. 1809. Sermon before the Cumberland Society 
for the Suppression of Public Vices. 18 16. Sermon before the Society of Bath and 
Vicinity for the Suppression of Public Vices. 1 81 6. 

Appleton (John, M.z).) " Journal de Castorland." By John 
Appleton. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society. Boston^ Printed by John Wilson & Son^ 
1864. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 1809 

Appleton. Monumental Memorials of The Appleton Family. 
[Arms.] Boston^ Privately Printed^ mdccclxvii. 4to, ff. 30. 

One hundred and fifty copies printed. 

Appleton. Pedigree of Appleton. By John Appleton, m.d. 
[n. p.], 1864. Broadside. H. 1811 

Appleton (John). Oration delivered before the Democratic 
Republicans of Portland and Vicinity, July 4, 1838. By Hon. 
John Appleton. Portland^ 1838. 8vo, pp. 16. 18 12 

[Appleton (Nathan)]. An Examination of the Banking 
System of Massachusetts, in reference to the Renewal of the 
Bank Charters. Boston^ Stimpson and Clapp^ 1831. 8vo, pp. 

48. H. 1813 

Appleton. Introduction of the Power Loom, and Origin 
of Lowell. By Nathan Appleton. Printed for the Proprietors 
of the Locks and Canals on Merrimack River. Lowell^ Massa- 
chusetts^ Printed by B. H. Penhallow^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 36. H. 

Appleton. Labor, its Relations in Europe and the United 
States compared. By Nathan Appleton. Boston^ Eastburn's 
Press, 1844. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 1814J 

Another edition printed as a broadside. 

Appleton. Letter to the Hon. Wm. C. Rives, of Virginia, 
on Slavery and the Union, by Nathan Appleton, of Boston, 
Mass. Boston, J. H. Eastburn's Press, i860. 8vo, pp. 17. H. 



Appleton. Memoir of the Hon. Abbott Lawrence, pre- 
pared for the Massachusetts Historical Society, by Hon. Nathan 
Appleton. Boston^ J. H. Eastburris Press^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 21. H. 

iVe also Hunt's ''Lives of American Merchants," Vol. ii. 

Appleton. Remarks on Currency and Banking ; having 
reference to the Present Derangement of the Circulating Medium 
in the United States. By Nathan Appleton. Boston^ Charles C. 
Little and James Broiun^ MDCCCXLI. 8vo, pp. 73. -f Second 
Edition. ^5^/^/2, MDCCCXLL 8vo, pp. 52. + Third Edition. With 
an Appendix. Boston^ 1857. 8vo, pp. 63. H. 1817 

Appleton. Remarks upon Air. Appleton's Remarks on Cur- 
rency and Banking. By a Disinterested Witness. Boston^ 1841. 
8vo, pp. 64. 1818 

Appleton. Remarks on Mr. Bouldin's Resolution of In- 
quiry into the Nature of Minimum Duties ; House of Repre- 
sentatives, Jan. 21, 1832. IVashingion^ 1832. 8vo, pp. 12. 

Appleton. Speech of Mr. Appleton, of Massachusetts, in 
Reply to Mr. McDuffie, of South Carolina, on the Tariff. De- 
livered in the House of Representatives U. S. on the 30th of 
May, 1832. Washington^ Printed by Gales and Seaton, 8vo, pp. 
22. H. 1820 

Appleton. Speech of Mr. Appleton, of Massachusetts, on 
the Bill to reduce and otherwise alter the Duties on Imports. 
Delivered in the House of Representatives, in Committee of the 
Whole, Jan. 23, 1833. Washington^ Printed by Gales and Seaton^ 
1833. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 1821 

Appleton. Speech of Mr. Appleton, of Mass., on the 
Tariff and Compromise Act, delivered In the House of Repre- 
sentatives, July 5, 1842. Washington^ Printed at the National 
Intelligencer Office^ 1842. 8vo, pp. lO. H. 1822 

Appleton. What is a Revenue Standard ? and a Review of 
Secretary Walker's Report on the Tariff By Nathan Apple- 
ton. Boston^ Eastburn's Press^ 1 846. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 1823 

Appleton. Correspondence between Nathan Appleton and 
John A. Lowell in relation to the Early History of the City 
of Lowell. Boston^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 19. H. 1824 

Appleton. Correspondence between Nathan Appleton and 


John G. Palfrey, intended as a Supplement to Mr. Palfrey's 
Pamphlet on the Slave Power. Boston^ Easthurris Press^ 1846. 
8vo, pp. 20. H. 1825 

Appleton (Nathaniel) A Discourse On Psal. cxii. 7. 

Delivered Feb. 24, 1760. The Lord's Day after the Funeral of 
Henry Flynt, Esq ; Who deceased Feb. 13. v^tatis 85. Having 
been a Tutor 55, and a Fellow of the Corporation of Harvard- 
College 60 Years. By Nathaniel Appleton, a.m. Pastor of the 
First Church in Cambridge. [Motto.] Boston^ New-England^ 
Fowle & Draper^ m.dcc.lx. 8vo, pp. 25. H. 1826 

Appleton. ... A Discourse occasioned by the Death of 
that pious and afflicted Gentlewoman, Mrs. Martha Gerrish. ... 
By Nathaniel Appleton, m.a. To which are annexed some of 
Mrs. Gerrish's Letters. Boston^ ^73^- i2mo, pp. 34, 91. 

Appleton. ... Discourses ... delivered at the Thursday- 
Lecture in Boston, January 13, 1742, 3. By Nathanael Apple- 
ton, M.A. ... Boston^ D. Henchman^ 1743- i2mo. Title, pp. 
vii. (l), 215. H. 1828 

Appleton. ... A Discourse Occasioned by the much la- 
mented Death of the Rev. Edward Wigglesworth, d.d. Hollis 
Professor of Divinity in Harvard College, Cambridge ; Who 
departed this Life, January 16. 1765. In the 73d Year of his 
Age. Having ... discharged the Office of Professor, for more 
than 42 Years. By Nathaniel Appleton, a.m. ... Boston^ New- 
England^ Printed by Richard and Samuel Draper^ and Thomas and 
John Fleet ^ ^l^S- ^vo, pp. 40. H. 1829 

Appleton. A Funeral Sermon : occasion'd By the Death of 
the Honourable Spencer Phips, Esq ; Late Lieutenant-Gover- 
nour and Commander in Chief, in and over His Majesty's Pro- 
vince of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England. Who de- 
parted this Life April 4. 1757. ^t. 73. Preach'd at the Pub- 
lick Lecture in Boston, Thursday April 14. At the Desire of 
the Honourable His Majesty's Council ; And in the Audience 
of The General Assembly. By Nathaniel Appleton, m.a. ... 
Boston^ Printed by John Draper^ MDCCLVii. 8vo, pp. 43. 183O 

Appleton. Gospel Ministers Must be fit for The Master's 
Use, and Prepared to every Good Work, if they would be 
Vessels unto Honour ; Illustrated in a Sermon Preached at 
Deerfield, August 31. 1735. At the Ordination of Mr. John 


Sargent, To the Evangelical Ministry, with a special Reference 
to the Indians of Houssatonnoc, who have lately manifested their 
desires to receive the Gospel. By Nathanael Appleton, m.a. 
... Boston^ S. Kneelandiff T. Green, mdccxxxv. 8vo, Title, pp. 
xiv., 33.4-£^/«Z'wr^/;, 1736. H. 183 1 

With a long historical preface. 

Appleton. ... Funeral-Discourse, Preached after the Death 
of the honorable Francis Foxcroft, Esq; Who died Dec. 31. 
1727. In the 71st. Year of his Age. By Nathaniel Appleton, 
A.M. ... With a Preface, by Mr. Flynt, Fellow of Harvard- 
College. [Mottoes.] Boston, in New-England, S. Gerrish, 1728. 
8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. iv., 31. H. 1832 

Appleton. The Origin of War examin'd and applied, in a 
Sermon Preached at the Desire of the Honourable Artillery 
Company In Boston, June 4. 1733. Being the Day of their 
Election of Officers. By Nathanael Appleton, a.m. ... Boston, 
Daniel Henchman, 1733. 8vo, pp. 27. H. 1833 

Appleton. ... A Sermon Preached at Cambridge, The Lord's- 
Day after the Death of the Reverend & Learned John Leverett, 
Late President of Harvard-College. By Nathanael Appleton, 
M.A. ... Boston, S. Gerrish, 1724. Sm. 8vo, Title, pp. 36. H. 

Appleton. ... Sermon Preach'd March 27. 1737. Being 
the Lord's Day after the Funeral Of that worthy and faithful 
Servant of Christ Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth, President of Har- 
vard College. By Nathanael Appleton, a.m. ... Boston, D. 
Henchman, I'jy]. 8vo, pp. 36. H. 1835 

Appleton. ... A Sermon Preached before His Excellency 
William Shirley, Esq ; Governour, His Honour the Lieutenant 
Governour, The Honourable His Majesty's Council, and House 
of Representatives Of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in 
New-England, May 26. 1742. Being the Dav for the Electing 
His Majesty's Council for said Province. By Nathaniel Apple- 
ton, A.M. ... Boston, S. Eliot, 1742. 8vo, I p. 1., pp. 60. H. 1836 

Appleton. Sermon Preach'd before the Ministers of the 
Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, at their 
Annual Convention in Boston. May 26. 1743. By Nathanael 
Appleton, A.M. ... Boston, Samuel Eliot, 1743. 8vo, pp. 56. H. 

Appleton. ... Sermon From i Tim. ii. 4. Preached in 


Boston, March 27. 1753. at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. 
Stephen Badger, as a Missionary with special Reference to the 
Indians at Natick. ... By Nathanael Appleton, a.m. ... Charge, 
by ... Dr. Sewall : and the Right Hand of Fellowship, by ... 
Mr. Abbot. ... Boston^ S. Kneeland^ 1753. 8vo, Title, pp. 34. H. 

Appleton. A Sermon preached October 9. Being A Day of 
public Thanksgiving, Occasioned by the Surrender of Montreal 
and All Canada, September 8th. 1760. To His Brittanic Ma- 
jesty. Effected by The British and Provincial Troops under the 
Command of General Amherst. By Nathaniel Appleton, a.m. 
Pastor of the First Church in Cambridge. [Motto.] Boston^ 
New-England^ Printed by John Draper^ mdcclx. 8vo, pp. 36. H. 

Appleton. A Thanksgiving Sermon on the Total Repeal of 
the Stamp-Act. Preached In Cambridge, New-England, May 
20th, in the Afternoon preceding the public Rejoicings of the 
Evening upon that great Occasion. By Nathaniel Appleton, 
m.a. ... Published by the Desire of the Audience, and at the 
Expence of the Honorable Brigadier General Brattle. [Mottoes.] 
Boston^ Edesljf G///, 1766. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 1840 

Appleton. ... Two Discourses, From i. Cor. iii. 6. Occa- 
sioned by the late powerful and awakening Preaching of the 
Rev'' Mr. Whitefield. ... By Nathaniel Appleton ... . Boston^ S. 
Eliot ^ 1741- 8vo, pp. 44. H. 1 84 1 

Appleton. ... Two Discourses from Isaiah vii. on Jan- 
uary 28th. 1747, 8: Which was set apart by the Government 
for Fasting and Prayer, in Consideration of the remarkable Judg- 
ments of God upon the L and ; and more especially the Destruc- 
tion of the Court-Hc^se by Fire on the 9th of December last. 
By Nathaniel Appleton, a.m. ... Boston^ New-E?2gland^ J. 
Draper^ 174^- 8vo, pp. 51. H. 1842 

Appleton. ... Two Discourses preached at Lexington, De- 
cember I7'''- 1752. Being the Lord's Day after the Funeral of 
their late venerable and aged Pastor, the Reverend Mr. John 
Hancock, who going to Bed as well as usual the Night after the 
5'^ of December, and awaking some time after Midnight with a 
great Pain in his Stomach, died in a ^tvj Minutes. In the 82** 
Year of his Age, and 54^^ of his Ministry. By Nathanael Ap- 
pleton, A.M. ... Boston^ Printed by S. Kneeland^ 1752. 8vo, 
Title, pp. 39. H. 1843 

APPUN. 247 

Appleton. ... Two Discourses, On June 1 1. 1769. Being the 
Lord's-Day after the Funeral of the Reverend Mr. Edward 
Holyoke, The late Worthy and Faithful President of Harvard- 
College : Who deceased June i. 1769, in the 80th Year of his 
Age and in the ^id Year of his Presidentship. By Nathaniel 
Appleton, A.M. ... Boston^ Printed by Richard Draper^ MDCCLXix. 
8vo, pp. 52. H. 1844 

Appleton. ... Two Discourses on April 5, 1770, being the 
Day of General Fasting and Prayer through the Provinces, in 
the Time of the Session of the General Court, at Cambridge. 
Boston^ lyjo. 8vo, pp. 69. w. 1845 

Dr. Appleton published several other discourses and sermons, including Exposition 
of Romans in., 20, 21, 22, 23. Boston, 1749. 8vo, pp. 26. Sermon at the Ordi- 
nation of Josiah Cotton, Oct. 23. 1728. Boston, lyzS. Sm. 8vo, pp. 31. Ordination of 
Oliver Peabody, Nov. 7,1750. Boston, 1751. 8vo, pp. 36. Ordination of Matthew 
Bridge, Feb. 19, 1745,6. Boston, 1746. 8vo, pp. 42. Ordination of John Spar- 
hawk, Dec. 8, 1736. Boston, IJIJ. 8vo, pp. 51. Sermon from Zech. vii., 10. 
Boston, 1741. 8vo, pp. 63. Thursday Lecture. Boston, M,DCC,LXin. 8vo, pp. 33. 
Sermon at Newton [Mass.], Aug. 9, 1741. Boston, 1741. 8vo. Testimony against 
the fashionable Vice of Swearing. Boston, 1765. 8vo, pp. 63. Wisdom of God in 
the Redemption of Man. Boston, 1728. Sm. 8vo, pp. iv., 414. 

[Appleton (Nathaniel), of Boston ]. Considerations on Slavery, 
in a Letter to a Friend. Boston^ ^1^1- ^vo, pp. 20. 1846 

Appleton (Samuel). The Will of Samuel Appleton ; with 
Remarks, by One of the Executors [Nathaniel Ingersoll 
Bowditch]. Boston^ Printed by John Wilson iff Son^ i^SS- 8vo, 
pp. 32. H. 1847 

Appleton (W. H.) [Petition to Congress for a " Repeal 
of the Internal Revenue Tax on Books." n. p., 1865.] 410, 

pp. (3). 1848 

Signed by Wm. H. Appleton and four others. Mr. Appleton also signs a circular 
n. p., n. d., 4to, pp. 2, relating to the same subject. 

An Application Of some General Political Rules, to the Pres- 
ent State of Great-Britain, Ireland and America. In a Letter 
To the Right Honourable Earl Temple. [Motto.] London^ J. 
Almon^ 1766. 8vo, pp. 86. p. 1849 

Appropriation to Western Rivers [urged. Washington^ 1836]. 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 1850 

Appun (Carl Ferdinand). Uber die Behandlung von Samer- 
eien und Pflanzen des tropischen Siid-Amerika, besonders Ven- 
ezuela's. Bunzlau Appun^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 40. 1 85 1 


Apthorp (East). The Character and Example of a Chris- 
tian Woman. A Discourse at Christ-Church, Cambridge, on 
the Death of M^'- Anne Wheelwright. By East Apthorp, m.a. 
Missionary at Cambridge. [iMotto.] Boston^ Green and Russell^ 

MDCXLXIV. 4tO, pp. 32. H. 1852 

Apthorp. Considerations on the Institution and Conduct of 
the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 
By East Apthorp, m.a. Missionary at Cambridge. [Motto.] 
Boston^ New-England^ Printed by Green dff Russell^ and Thomas ^ 
John Fleets MDCCLXiii. 8vo, pp. 24. H. + Same, forming pp. 
149-164 of Dr. Jonathan Mayhew's Observations on the Char- 
ter, etc. London^ M DCC LXiii. 8vo. H. 1853 

This tract gave rise to the able expositions of Dr. Jonathan Mayhew. 

Apthorp. The Constitution of a Christian Church illustrated 
in a Sermon at the Opening of Christ-Church in Cambridge, on 
Thursday 15 October, mdcclxi. By East Apthorp, m.a. late 
Fellow of Jesus College in the University of Cambridge. 
[Motto.] Boston^ Printed by Green and Russell^ mdcclxi. 4to, 
pp. (4), iv., 27. H. 1854 

Apthorp. The Felicity of the Times. A Sermon preached 
at Christ-Church, Cambridge, on Thursday, xi August, 
MDCCLXIII. being a Day of Thanksgiving for the General Peace. 
By East Apthorp, M.A. ... Boston^ Printed by Green and Russell^ 
MDCCLXIII. 4to, pp. (2), viii., 26. b. 1855 

Apthorp. A Review of Dr. Mayhew's Remarks on the 
Answer to his Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 
By East Apthorp, m.a. [Motto.] London^ John Rivington^ 
M.DCC.LXV. 8vo, Title, pp. 65. h. 1856 

Su Mayhew (J.), and M. R., xxxii., 472. 

Apthorp. A Sermon preached December 13th, 1776, being 
the Day appointed for a Public Fast, on account of the Troubles 
in America. By East Apthorp, Vicar of Croydon. London^ 
Robson^ 1776- 4^0? PP- 28. 1857 

" We do not believe that this discourse was preached. It is dedicated by the 
Author to his Parishioners of Croydon, for whose instruction he says it was •written." — 
M. R., VI., p. 75, Dr. Apthorp also published : Of Sacred Poetry and Music. Dis- 
course at Christ-Church, Cambridge, Aug. 21, 1764. ... Boston^ 1764. 4to, pp. 
Z^. Discourses on Prophecy. London, 1786. 2 vols., 8vo, and other works. He 

ARAGO. 249 

was the son of a merchant at Boston, Mass.. and t'ounded a church at Cambridge 
in that State, but meeting with much opposition from the Congregationalists, he left 
for Great Britain. 

Apuntes para la historia de la guerra entre Mexico y los 
Estados-Unidos. Mexico^ 1848. 8vo. 1858 

Apuntes sobre los principales sucesos, que haii influido en el 
actual estado de la America del Sud. [n. d.] 8vo. 1859 

Apuntes historicos de la Defensa de la Republica, Colleccion 
de noticias, de Hechos autenticos y de documentos, etc. Tomo 
I. Montevideo^ 1845. 4^°' i860 

Aquino (Thomas de). Elogios dos reverendissimos padres 
DD. Abbades geraes da Congrega^ao Benedictina do reino de 
Portugal e principado do Brasil. Porto^ na offic'ina de Francisco 
Mendes Luna^ ^1^1- 4^^^^ PP- (S^)? 45^. 1861 

Arago (Dominique Francois Jean). Rapport fait a I'Aca- 
demie des Sciences, sur les Travaux Scientifiques executes pen- 
dant le Voyage de la Fregate la Venus, Commande par M. le 
Capitaine de Vaisseau, Du Petit-Thouars. Arago, rapporteur. 
Paris^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 88. 1862 

Included in Tome ix' of his " CEuvres completes," Paris, Gide, 1857, where may 
be found also notices of the voyages of" La Coquille" and " La Bonite." 

Arago (Jacques Etienne Victor). Deux oceans ; par M. 
Jacques Arago. Paris^ 1854. 2 vols., i8mo, 19 J sheets. 1863 

Arago. Zwei Oceane. Eine Reise nach Chili, Californien, 
Taiti und Brasilien. Frei nach dem Franzosischen. Cassel^ 
1855. 8vo. + Leipzig und Magdeburg^ Gebr. Baensch^ 1 85 7. 
8vo, pp. iv., 218. + Im Auszuge deutsch bearbeitet von A. 
Kretzschmar. Leipzig^ Lbschke^ 1854. 8vo, pp. x., 206. 
Woodcut. (Loschke, J. T. Die neuesten und interessantesten 
Reisen, 11^' Bandchen.) 1864 

Arago. Narrative of a Voyage round the World, in the 
Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, commanded by Captain Frey- 
cinet, during the years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820; on a 
Scientific Expedition undertaken by order of the French Gov- 
ernment. In a Series of Letters to a Friend, by J. Arago, 
Draftsman to the Expedition. With Twenty-Six Engravings. 
To w^hich is prefixed, the Report made to the Academy of 
Sciences, on the General Results of the Expedition. London^ 


250 ARANGO. 

Treuttell [etc.], 1823. 4to, pp. vi. (2), xxvii. (5), 285 (3), 297 
(2). H. 1865 

" A frivolous and worthless narrative, full of ridiculous blunders." — li^uarterly Re- 
-vieiv. Pages 36-101 of Part i., and 265-267 of Part 11. relate to Brazil (where 
Arago died in 1855)5 pp. 256-265 to Montevideo. The Report to the Academy is 
by Fran9ois Arago, the father of Jacques. The original French fills pp. 135-175 of 
Tome ix* of his " CEuvres," 

Arago. Souvenirs d'un aveugle, voyage autour du monde. 
Enrichie de 60 delicieux dessins executees par Mairin ... et de 
notes scientifiques par M. F. Arago. Paris^ Hortet et Ozanne^ 
1838. 2 vols. 4- Troisleme edition. P^m, 1840. 4 vols., 8vo.-|- 
Nouvelle edition. Illustree par 20 grandes vignettes et 200 
gravures imprimees dans la texte. Paris^ Lebrun^ 1843. 2 vols., 
8vo. + Sixieme edition, revue, augmentee ... . Paris^ 1850. 2 
vols., 8vo. 25 Vignettes and 150 Woodcuts. 1866 

The introduction to this amusing work is by Jules Janin. 

Arago. Promenade autour du monde pendant les annees 
1817, 1818, 1819 et 1820, sur les corvettes du roi I'Uranie et la 
Physicienne, commandees par M. Freycinet, par j! Arago, des- 
sinateur de I'expedition. ... Paris^ Lehlanc^ 1822. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Atlas of 26 Plates. Also on Vellum Paper. 1867 

Arancel general de Aduanas Maritimas y Fronterizas. Mexico^ 
11842,43,53. 8vo. Published annually .? 1868 

Arango (D. a. J. d'). Poesias offerandos as Senhoras 
Brasileiras. Rio de 'Janeiro^ 1830. i2mo. 1869 

Arango (F. de.) Al Publico imparcial de esta Isla, Francisco 
de Arango. Hahana^ 1821. 1870 

Arango. Contestacion al Manifesto que ha dado el Escmo. Sr. 
D. Francisco de Arango sobre la Junta Proyestada en la Habana 
en Julio del ano de 1808. Habana^ 1821. 4to, pp. 31 (i). 

Arango. Contestacion que da el Conde de Casa Barreto al 
papel del Escmo. Senor D. Fr. de Arango : Contrayendose en 
parte a los publicados por el Seiior D. Jose del mismo apellido. 
Habana^ 1821. 4to, pp. 18. 1872 

Arango. Manifiesto del Ayuntamiento de la Habana a la 
Junta Central, por D. Francisco de Arango. hnprenta del 
Gobierno^ 18 1 2. 1873 



Arango (Jose de). Acuerdo de la Real Sociedad Patridtica 
de la Habana, manifestando su reconocimiento al Excmo. Sr. D. 
Luis de las Casas. Propuesto por D. Jose de Arango. Habana^ 
1797. 4to, pp. 8. 1874 

Arango. Breve analisis de la voluntad popular y bosquejo 
del falso patriotismo, por D. Jose de Arango. Imprenta de D. 
Antonio Gil^ 18 1 2. 4to. 1875 

Arango. Contestacion apacible al ataque brusco del Pbro. 
Dr. D. Tomas Gutierrez de Piiieres, por D. Jose de Arango. 
Habana^ 18 13. 4to, pp. 8. 1876 

Arango. Demostracion de las facultades coactivas y repre- 
sivas con que los gefes politicos no pueden ni deben conocer 
contra los empleados del poder judicial, escrita por D. Jose de 
Arango. Imprenta de Arazoza y Soler^ 1821. Folio, pp. 20. 

Arango. Deseos patridticos de un habanero, por D. Jose 
de Arango. Se vendid para el socorro de las viudas y huerfanos 
por los sucesos de 10 y 11 de Marzo de 1820. Imprenta del 
Gobierno^ 1 8 20. 4to. 1 878 

Arango. Elogio del Sr. D. Ignacio Montalbo, Conde de 
Casa Montalbo Caballero del Orden de Santiago &c. ... Pronun- 
ciado por D. Jose de Arango. Habana^ 1795- 4^0, pp. 5. 

Arango. Examen de los derechos con que se establecieron 
los gobiernos populares en la Peninsula, y con que pudieron por 
cautiverio del Sr. D. Fernando vii establecerse en la America 
Espanola, donde hubieran producido incalculables ventajas, entre 
otras la de precaver las sediciones : escrito por el Tesorero de 
ejercito jubilado D. Jose de Arango, para probar la injusticia de 
la oposicion que malogrd la junta proyectada en la Habana en 
Julio de 1808. Habana^ oficina de Arazoza y Soler^ 1 8 13. 4to, 
pp. 18. 1880 

Arango. Exhortacion patridtica a los habitantes de la isla 
de Cuba para un alistamiento general proyectado por el gobierno, 
escrito por D. Jose de Arango. Habana^ 18 12. 4to, pp. 12. 

Arango. Exposicion del origen y naturaleza de mi deuda al 
tesoro publico y de mi conducta patridtica en 1808 y 1809, por 
D. Jose de Arango. Bolona^ 1821. 4to, pp. 37. 1882 

[Arango.] Manifiesto de las interesantisimas publicas tareas 


del Sr. D. Alejandro Ramirez, Intendente de Ejercito de la 
Habana y Superintendente de la Isla de Cuba desde su venida a 
America. Escrito por un habanero. Oficina de Araxoza y Soler^ 
1820. 8vo, pp. 36. 1883 

Arango. Nadie se asuste por la segunda y ultima esplicacion 
mia sobre la Independencia de la isla de Cuba. 410, pp. 42. 

Arango. Refutacion del tercer manifiesto de D. Gabriel 
Claudio Sequeira por D. Jose de Arango. Oficina de Jrazoza y 
So/er, 1821. Folio, pp. 18. 1885 

Arango. SS. de la Junta Censoria interina de esta ciudad, 
por D. Jose de Arango. Habana^ Imprenta de Palmer^ 181 1. 
4to. 1886 

Arango. Suplemento del Diario de la Habana n° 689, por 
D. Francisco Arango, en 18 12. Explica su conducta politica 
en el ano de 1808 y es interesante para la Historia. 18 12. 
Folio, pp. 8. 1887 

Some other works by this author are named by Bachiller. 

Arango y Parreno. Breve rasgo de los meritos y servicios 
del Sr. D. Francisco Arango y Parreno. Imprenta del Gohierno^ 
1814. 4to. 1888 

Araujo (Antonio de). Cathecismo na lingua brasileira, em 
que se contem a summa da Doutrina Christa, com tudo o que 
pertence a nossa sancta fe e bons costumes : composto a modo 
de dialogos por Padres doutos e boas linguas da Companhia de 
Jesus. Lisboa^ Pedro Craesbeeck^ 161 8. 8vo. 1889 

Sotwel says that there is no better catechism than this. " Rarissima edi9ao." — 
Da Silva. 

Araujo. Catechismo brasilico da doutrina christa, com o 
ceremonial dos sacramentos, e mais actos parochiaes, composto 
por padres doutos da Companhia de Jesus ; aperfei^oado e dado a 
luz pelo P. Antonio de Araujo ; emendado n'esta segunda edi^ao 
pelo P. Bartholomeu de Leam, da mesma Companhia. Lisboa^ 
Miguel Deslandes^ 1686. i2mo. 1890 

Sold, Langlis, 1825, for 30 fr. See Ternaux, 101 1. 

Araujo Costa (S. O. d'). Codigo commercial do Imperio 
do Brasil. Rio de Janeiro^ 1864. 8vo. 1 89 1 

Araujo e Silva. Diccionario historico e geographico da 
provincia de S. Pedro ou Rio Grande do Sul contendo a historia 



e a descrip^ao da provincia em rela^ao aos tres reinos da natureza, 
etc. Por Domingos de Araujo e Silva. Rio de Janeiro^ 1865. 
8vo, pp. vi., 192. 1892 

Arbrisselle (J. B. d*). Sur I'Amerique meridionale. Paris^ 
Imprimerie d* Ahel Lanoe^ 1 820. 8vo, pp. 8. 1893 

Arbuthnott (Alexander). Report Of the Committee on 
Military Affairs, to whom was referred so much of the President's 
Message, of 17th November last, as relates to the proceeding of 
the Court Martial, in the Trial of Arbuthnott and Ambrister, 
and the conduct of the Seminole war, January 12, 18 19. 
[^Washington^ 1819.] 8vo, pp. (2), 4. (15th Cong., 2d Sess. 
House, No. 82.) 1894 

Arbuthnott. Views of the Minority of the Committee 
... . January 12, 1819. \_Washington^ 1819.] 8vo, pp. 12. 
(15th Cong., 2d Session. House, No. 86.) 1895 

See also Munroe (James). 

Arbuthnot. The Trials of A. Arbuthnot & R. C. Am- 
brister, charged with exciting the Seminole Indians to War against 
the United States of America. From the Official Documents 
which were laid by the President before Congress. London^ 
yames Ridgway^ 1819. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 80. 1896 

Arce. Illustracion de la Rosa del Peru. Lima^ 1670. 4to. 

The only account I find of this book is in the second appendix to Mr. Rich's Biblio- 
theca. p. 7. 

Arce (J. D. de). Libro de la Vida del P. Bern. Alvarez, 
martyr en esta nueva Espana, Por J. Dias de Arce. Mexico, 
1762. 4to. 1898 

Arce (M. J.) Memoria de la conducta publica y adminis- 
trativa de Manuel Jose Arce durante el Periodo de su Presiden- 
cia escrita in defensa de las calumnias que contra su persona, 
han vertido los mismos que se rebelaron contra el Gobierno y la 
Nacion de Centro America. Mexico^ 1830. 4to. 1899 

Arce. Proclamacion a los Salvadorenos, March 24,1827. m. 

Arch (John). Memoir of John Arch, a Cherokee Young 
Man, compiled from Communications of Missionaries in the 
Cherokee Nation. Revised by the Committee of Publication. 
Fifth Edition. Boston^ Massachusetts Sabbath School Society^ 1844. 
i8mo, pp. 36. H. 1901 

254 ARCHER. 

Archaelogia Americana. See American Antiquarian Society. 

Archaios (Mathetees). See Mathetees. 

Archdale (John). A New | Description | of that | Fertile and 
Pleasant Province | of Carolina : | With a | Brief Account | of its | 
Discovery, Settling, | and the | Government | Thereof to this 
Time. I With several Remarkable Passages of Divine | Providence 
during my Time. | By John Archdale: Late | Governour of the 
same | . London : | Printed for John IVyat^ at the Rose in St. PauPs | 
Church-Tard. 1707.I 4to, Half Title, Title, "To the Court- 
eous Readers," 2 1. ; Text, pp. 32. c. 1902 

Reprinred Charleston^. S. C, A. E. Miller, 1822. 8vo, pp. 33 ; followed by notices 
of the Early History of South Carolina, pp. 145 also included in Carroll's collection, 
Vol. II., 85-120. "Gov. Archdale introduced the cultivation of rice into Carolina." — 

Archdeacon (P.) Sketch of the Passaic Falls of Paterson, 
N. J. By Peter Archdeacon. New Tork.^ 1845. i2mo. 1903 

Archenholtz (Johann Wilhelm von). Geschichte der Fli- 
bustier. Tiibingen.^ Cotta^ 1803. 8vo. (ii^' Band of his Kleine 
historische Schriften.) 1904 

Archenholtz. Histoire des Flibustiers, Traduite de I'alle- 
mand de M''. J. W. d' Archenholtz; [par J. F. Bourgoing]. 
Avec un Avant-Propos et quelques Notes du Traducteur. Paris^ 
Henrichs.^ 1 804. 8vo, pp. xvi., 355. H. 1905 

See M. R.. New Series, xlv., 459. 

Archenholtz. History of the Pirates, Freebooters, and 
Buccaneers of America. Translated from the German of J. W. 
von Archenholtz, by George Mason. London., 1807. i2mo. 

Archer (Armstrong). Compendium of Slavery as it exists 
in the United States. London., 1844. i2mo. 190? 

Archer (Thomas). Mems. of America, and Reminiscences 
at home and abroad ; a Series of Tales, by Thomas Archer, 
Comedian. London., ^839. 3 vols., 8vo. 1908 

Archer (Wm. S.) Speech of Mr. Archer, of Virginia, on the 
Tariff Bill, delivered in the House of Representatives of the 
United States, April 26, 1820. [n. p., n. d.] i2mo, pp. 21. H. 

Archer. Speech of Mr. [W. S.] Archer, on the Proposition 
to amend the Constitution of the United States, respecting the 



Election of President and Vice President. Delivered in the 
House of Representatives, February 20, 1826. [n. p., n. d.] 
l2mo. pp. 39. H. 19 10 

Archer. Speech of Hon. William S. Archer on the Ques- 
tion of the Removal oi^ the Deposites from the Bank of the 
United States, delivered in the House of Representatives, Janu- 
ary 29, 1834. Washington^ 1834. 8vo, pp. 21. 191 1 

Archives diplomatiques, 1821-36. See Diplomatisches Archiv. 

Archives diplomatiques Recueil de diplomatic et d'histoire 
Tome premier Janvier, fevrier, mars 1861. Paris^ Amyot [1861]. 
8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 479. H. 1912 

Edited by F. Amyot. Continued monthly. Contains French translations of all 
American diplomatic documents of importance. 

Archives du Museum d'histoire naturelle, publiees par les pro- 
fesseurs-administrateurs de cet etablissement. Tome i. Par'n^ 
Gide^ 1839. 4to. Continued. c. 19 13 

Contains many articles on American subjects, particularly the French colonies. 

Archives litteraires de I'Europe ; ou. Melanges de litterature, 
d'histoire, et de philosophic. Tome i. Paris^ 1804, &c. 8vo. 

Continued, 4 vols, a year. Contains some Indian vocabularies. 

... Archive americano y espiritu de la prensa del mundo. 
Tome I. Buenos- Aires^ Imprenta de la Independencia^ 1843. Folio. 

Continued. The new series, beginning in 1847 (?), is in 8vo. The latest which 
I have seen is " Nueva Serie No. 27, Octubre 31 de 1851." A very important col- 
lection of documents. 

Archontologia Cosmica, das ist Beschreibung aller Kaiser- 
thiimer, Konigreiche, und Republiquen der Welt, biss auf das 
Jahr 1694 continuiret durch M. Merians Erben. Frankfurt a. 
M.^ 1695. 1917 

Page 308, " Von der Neuen Welt oder West-Indianischen Landen." 

Arctic Despatches. Discovery of the North-West Passage. 
London^ Potter^ 1 853. 8vo. 19 18 

Arctic Discovery and Adventure. By the Author of " Brazil, 
&c." With Map. London^ Religious Tract Society^ 1863. Fcap 
8vo, pp. vii., 387. 1919 

Arctic Expeditions. Report of the Committee appointed by 
the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to inquire into and 


report on the Recent Arctic Expeditions in search of Sir John 
Franklin, ... with the Minutes of Evidence ... and Papers con- 
nected with the Subject. ... London^ 1852. Folio, pp. lix. (3), 
199. 2 Maps. + Additional Papers relative to the Arctic Expe- 
dition under the Orders of Captain Austin and Mr. William 
Penny. ... London^ 1852. Folio, pp. iii. (i), 368. Maps and 
Woodcuts. -f Arctic Expedition. Further Correspondence and 
Proceedings ... . London^ 1852. Folio, pp. 216. Maps and 
Woodcuts. -h [Additional Papers. London^ 1852.] Folio, pp. 
17,9(1), Map, 11,38. c. 1920 

These together form Vol. l. of the Parliamentary Accounts and Papers for 1852. 
See also the Accounts and Papers for 1847-48, Vol. xli. j 1849, xxxn.; 1850, xxxv. j 
1852-53, LX.; 1854, XLii.; 1854-55, xxxv.j 1856, xli. ; and Reports of Commit- 
tees, 1834, xviii. (Expedition of Capt, John Ross) 5 1854-55, vii.. where may be 
found long and interesting papers, generally accompanied by maps and illustrations. 

Arctic News. Facsimile of a Journal on board H. M. Ship 
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A digest of the voyages of early and of modern navigators, including an account of 
the Franklin expedition. 

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Edited by C. Mathews and Evert A. Duyckinck. 

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V. I. 

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du general J. M. Borgella. Par B. Ardouin, ancien ministre 
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2 vols., 8vO. 1928 

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et de la date des evenements les plus remarquables de son his- 
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e Incidencias de la Division Libertadora, a las drdenes del Gen. 
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Pais del Chaco y Rio Bermejo ; con observaciones relativas a 
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(i page), and Map. c. 1931 

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langues, frangais, espagnol et mexicain, contenant un petit abrege 
de la grammaire mexicaine, un vocabulaire des mots les plus 
usuels et des dialogues familiers. Revu et traduit en fran^ais 
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Boturini Catalogue, p. 55. 

Arenas. Vocabulario manual de las lenguas Castellana, y 
Mexicana. Por Pedro de Arenas. Mexico., Henrico Martinex 
[161 1]. Sm. i2mo. 1935 

A volume of great rarity. The privilege is dated 161 1. A complete copy is 
scarcely known. See Ternaux, 340, and the Bibliotheca Grenvilliana. Reprinted 
with the following title : 

Arenas. Vocabvlario | Manual | de las Lengvas | Castellana, y 
Mexicana. | En qve se contienen las | palabras, preguntas, y 
respuestas mas comunes, |y ordinarias que se suelin ofrecer en 
el I trato, y comunicacion entre| Espanoles, e Indios. | Enmen- 
dado en esta vltima impression. | Compuesto por Pe- | dro de 



Arenas. | Impresso con licencia, y Aprobacion. | En Mexico^ For la 
Viuda de Francisco Rodriguex Supercio ; en la puente de Palacio, 
Aho de 1690. Sm. 8vo, 4 p. 1., pp. I20. 1936 

Arenas. Vocabulario Manual de las Lenguas Castellana y 
Mexicana, en que se contienen las palabras, preguntas y respuestas 
mas communes, y ordinarias, que se suelen offrecer en el trato, 
y communicacion entre Espanoles, e Indios, compuesto por 
Pedro de Arenas. Mexico^ I'joo. iimo. -\- Mexico^ ijiS. 8vo. 
6 p. 1., pp. 140.4- £« la Puebla de los Angeles [_Mexico']^ 1793. 
l2mo.-\- Reimpreso en Puebla^ en la Imprenta del Hospital de S. 
Pedro a cargo del C. Manuel Buen Abad. Am de 1831. i2mo, 
pp. II, 131- ^937 

A copy in the library of Harvard College has the following imprint : Mexico, en la 
imprenta de Francisco de Rivera Calderon [n. d,], 6 p. 1., pp. 1 40, but dated, in MS.. 

Arends (Fr.) Schilderung des Misslssippithales, oder des 
Westen der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika. Nebst 
Abriss meiner Reise dahin. Emden^ 1838. 8vo, pp. 648. 1938 

Arey (Henry W.) Digest of the Acts of Assembly and 
Ordinances of Councils relating to the Girard College for 
Orphans : with the By-Laws of the Board of Directors, the 
Rules and Regulations of the Institution, and the Will of Mr. 
Girard. Prepared for the Use of the Board by H. W. Arey, 
Secretary of the Girard College. Philadelphia^ Crissy & Markley^ 
Printers^ 185 1. 8vo, pp. 72. H. 1939 

Arey. The Girard College and its Founder : containing the 
Biography of Mr. Girard, the History of the Institution, its 
Organization and Plan of Discipline, with the Course of Educa- 
tion, Forms of Admission of Pupils, Description of the Build- 
ings, &c. &c. and The Will of Mr. Girard. By Henry W. 

Arey Philadelphia^ C. Sherman^ Printer^ 1852. l2mo, pp. 

85 (2). Portrait and View. + Philadelphia^ 1854. i2mo. + 
i860. l2mo. H. 1940 

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Americam Borealem deducta Historiola. Quam ... Praeside 
Mag. Erico Gust. Geijer ... p. p. Auctor Carolus David Arfwed- 
son, Vestrogothus. In Audit. Gust. Die xix Nov. mdcccxxv. 
... UpsaliiS^ Excudebant Regies Academics Typographi [1825]. 
4to, 2 p. 1., pp. 34. Map. H. 1941 

This dissertation contains a number of extracts from original documents preserved in 
the Palmskold collection in the Upsala University Library. The most extensive is 



on pages 23-30, giving an account of the " unexpected hostile attack made upon the 
Swedish colonies in Nova Suecia by the Dutch, under the command of Peter Stuyve- 
sant, Gov. of New Netherland." The map is after Lindstrom, corrected in its outline. 


Arfwedson. Forenta Staterna och Canada, Aren 1832, 33, 
34. Stockholm^ Hjerta^ 1835. 2 pt., i2mo. 1942 

Arfwedson. The United States and Canada, in 1832, 1833, 
and 1834. By C. D. Arfwedson, Esq. ... London^ Richard 
Bentley^ 1834. 8vo, pp. vii., 433 ; vii., 418. 2 Plates. h. 

Argais (Gregorio de). Vida y Escritos del Venerable Varon 
Gregorio Lopez dispuesto por diligencia del maestro F. Gregorio 
de Argaiz para los devotos y doctos. Madrid^ Antonio Francisco 
de Zafra^ 1678. 4to, 15 p. 1., pp. 13 1 ; Table, 4 pp. 1944 

Argander (F.) Trauerrede auf die ersten Helden und Opfer 
des Vaterlandes, gehalten am 17. Sept. 1823 in der Metropoli- 
tankirche zu Mexico ... . Aus dem Spanischen iibersetzt und 
mit einem Vorworte, iiber die wichtigsten Ereignisse der mexi- 
kanischen Revolution, versehen von E. Buschmann. Berlin^ 
Bethge^ 1829. 8vo, pp. 80. 1945 

Argensola (B. L.) Conqvista | de las | Islas Malvcas | Al 
Rey Felipe iii. jj. '^l\ Escrita por el Licen^°. Bartolome| Leonardo 
de Argensola capellan|de la Magestad de la Emperatriz|y Retor 
de Villahermosa. I [£;z Madrid por Alonso Martin^ aho m.dc.ix.] 
Folio, Engraved Title, 5 p. 1., and pp. 407. H. 1946 

" Few narratives of [East] Indian affairs are written with so much judgment and 
elegance as his history of the conquest of the Molucca Islands." — Bouterwek. 

Argensola. Histoire | de la | conquete | des isles | moluquesj 
par les Espagnols, | par les Portugais, | & par les Hollandois. | 
Traduite de I'Espagnol d'Argensola, | et| Enrichie des Figures & 
Cartes Geographiques, | pour I'intelligence de cet Ouvrage. | A 
Amsterdam^\ Chez "Jaques Deshordes.\yi.Ti,Q.Q.v\. 3 vols., l2mo, 7 
p. 1., pp. 405 ; 2 p. 1., pp. 402, Table, 15 1. ; 3 p. 1., pp. 388, 
Table, 10 1. Maps and ^\2X^%,^A Amsterdam^\Che'z. Jaques 
Desbordes.\M.D.ccvu. 3 vols., i2mo, 4 p. 1., pp. 405; Title, 
pp. 202 [402], Table, 15 1.; Title, pp. 388; Table, 10 1. 
Maps and Plates. h. 1947 

Argensola. The Discovery and Conquest of the Molucco 
and Philippine Islands ; containing their History Ancient and 
Modern, Natural and Political ; Their Description, Product, 
Religion, Government, Laws, Languages, Customs, Manners, 


Habits, Shapes and Inclinations of the Natives. With an Ac- 
count of many other adjacent Islands, and several remarkable 
Voyages through the Streights of Magellan, and in other Parts. 
Written in Spanish by Bartholomew^ Leonardo de Argensola, 
Chaplain to the Empress, and Rector of Villa Hermosa. Now 
translated into English ; and illustrated w^ith a Map, and several 
Cuts. London^ Printed in the Tear 1 708. Sm. 4to. 4 Plates, a. 

The first work in Stevens's collection of voyages. 

Argensola. Beschreibung der Moluckischen Inseln. Leip- 
zig^ 1738. 2 vols., 8vo. 1949 

Argensola. Primera parte de los Anales de Aragon que 
prosigue los del Segretario Geronimo Zurita, desde el ano 
M.D.xvi [ — 1520] del nacimiento de nuestro Redemtor. Zara- 
goza^ Juan de Lanaja^ 1 630. FoHo. 1950 

Contains some particulars concerning Cortez, Magellan. &c. 

Argentine Republic. Constitucion de la Republica Argen- 
tina, sancionada por el Congreso General constituyente el 24 de 
Diciembre de 1826. Y el Manifiesto, etc. Buenos-Ayres^ 1826. 
8vo, pp. 55. s. 195 1 

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Argentina y de Buenos- Ayres. Buenos- Ayr es^ 1865. 4to, pp. 
184. 1952 

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1859. 4to, pp. 78. 1953 

Foreign Aft'airs of the Argentine Confederation; ... (in French 
and English.) Buenos Ayres^ 1838. 8vo. 1954 

Ley del presupuesto general de la naci^.n Argentina en el 
ejercicio de 1865. Buenos-Aires^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 122. ^955 

Memoria en que el ministro de la confederacion Argentina en 
las Cortes dc Inglaterra, Francia y Espana da cuenta a su gobi- 
erno de los trabajos de su mision, desde 1855, hasta i860, i860. 
8vo, pp. XXX., 128. 1956 

Memorias y noticias para servir a la historia antigua de la 
republica Argentina. Compiladas y publicadas por los funda- 
dores de la Revista de Buenos-Aires. Buenos-Aires^ 1865. 8vo, 
pp. vi., 172. 1957 


Tarifa de avaluos y de derechos de almacenaje y eslingaje 
para las aduanas de la Republica Argentina para el ano de 1866. 
Buenos A'lres^ 1866. 8vo, pp. 166. 1958 

Rejistro nacional de la Republica Argentina. Ano 1862. 
Buenos- Air es^ 1862. 4to, pp. 492. Continued. 1959 

Report of the Argilite and Greenup Coal and Iron Company. 
Boston^ Printed by Dakin and Metcalfe 1865. 8vo, pp. 17. Map. 

Includes an examination of the Company's mineral lands in Greenup County, Ken- 
tucky, by A. A. Hayes. 

Argonaut, pseudon. See [Etches (J.)] 

Argonavtica Gvstaviana. See [Usselincx]. 

Arguelles. Cuestion, Dulce-Zulueta-Arguelles. \_Habana^ 
1865.] 4to, pp. 39. c. 1962 

Concerning this, see Bartlett Bibl. of the Rebellion, No. 162. 

Arguelles (J. G.) Memoria sobre la renta de tabaco, 
por D. Jose Ganga Arguelles. Reimpresa en la Habana en ... 
181 2. 4to, pp. 20. 1663 

[Arguelles (J. V.)] Manifiesto de los reparos en algunos 
articulos del reglamento formado por el Excmo. Ayuntamiento, 
modo de abolir el que habla de la construccion de sumideros, y 
otras reflexiones para mayor comodidad del publico, por J[ose] 
V[azquez] A[rguelles]. Por Palmer. 1820. 4to, pp. 8. 

An Argument against the Abolition of the Constitution, of the 
United States. Sangamon^ " Tribune'' office^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 12. 

An Argument against War with Great Britain. See [Lowell 

Argument at a Court of Grand Sessions, and Oyer and Ter- 
miner in one of his Majesty's Islands. By a Member of the 
Inner Temple. 1765. Privately printed. 4to. 1966 

An Argument Delivered on the Part of New- York, at the 
Hearing Before His Majesty's Commissioners, appointed by his 
Royal Commission under the Great Seal of Great-Britain, 
bearing Date the 7th October, 1767, to Settle and determine the 
Boundary Line, between the Colonies of New-York and New- 
Jersey. \^New Tork^]., Printed in the Tear MDCC.LXix. 4to, 
pp. 80. g.b. 1967 

262 ARIAS. 

An Argument in Defence of the Exclusive Right claimed by 
the Colonies to tax themselves, With a Review of the Laws of 
England relative to Representation and Taxation. To which is 
added, An Account of the Rise of the Colonies ; and the Man- 
ner in which the rights of the subjects within the realm were 
communicated to those that went to America, with the exercise 
of those rights from their first settlement to the present time. 
London^ Printed for the Author^ M DCC Lxxiv. 8vo, pp. vii., 
163. 1968 

" Another solid and judicious advocate for the colonies has employed his pen to no 
farther purpose than to render the contrast between equity and power more glaring." — 
M. R., LI., 148. Attributed to a Mr. Parker. 

Arguments in Support of the Supremacy of the British Legis- 
lature and their Right to tax the Americans, Addressed to the 
Citizens of London. By a Liveryman. London^ i ']']$. Svo. 

"Most of these arguments are extracted from a pamphlet published seven years ago, 
under the title of * A Review of the Controversy.' " — Rich. 

Arguments proving the Inconsistency and Impolicy of Grant- 
ing to Foreigners the Right of Voting : abstracted from a Pam- 
phlet published in the Year 18 10, by A Disciple of the Wash- 
ington School, and one who is personally a warm friend of the 
Irish. Revised by the Author. Philadelphia^ T. G. Auner^ 1844. 
Svo, pp. 8. H. 1970 

Argus, pseudon. A Tale of Lowell. Norton : or. The Lights 
and Shades of a Factory Village : wherein are developed some 
of the Secret Incidents in the History of Lowell. By " Argus." 
Lowell^ " Vox Populi Office^'' 1849. ^^o, pp. 80. H. 197 1 

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\_Habana'\^ Imprenta de Soler e hijo^ 1 8 20. 4to. 1 97 2 

Arias (F. G.) Diario de la expedicion reduccional del ano de 
1780, mandada practicar por orden del virey de Buenos Aires, a 
cargo de su ministro D. Francisco Gavino Arias, coronel del 
regimiento de caballeria, San Fernando. Primera edicion. 
Buenos-Aires^ Imprenta del Estado^ 1837. Folio, Title, pp. viii., 
50. (Angelis, Pedro de. Coleccion, tom. vi.) H. 1973 

Arias (P.) Lettere di Pietro Arias Capitano generale, della 
conquista del paese del Mar Occeano Scripte alia Maesta Cesarea 


dalla Cipta di Panama delle cose ultimamente scoperte nel Mar 
Meridiano decto el Mar Sur. [n. p.], mdxxv. i6mo. 1974 

A poem. Notices the departure of Pizarro for Peru in 1525. See Bib. Am. Vet., 
p. 245. 

Arispe. See Ramos de Arispe (Miguel). 

Aristides, pseudon. An Examination of Charges against 
Burr. 1804. See [Van Ness (Wm. P.)] 

Aristides, pseudon. Remarks on the Proposed Plan of a 
Federal Government, addressed to the Citizens of the United 
States of America, and particularly to the People of Maryland. 
By Aristides. Annapolis^ 1788. 8vo, pp. 42. N. 1975 

Aristides, pseudon. Observations upon the Late Proceed- 
ings of the House of Assembly in this Province. From the 
Press of The Montreal Herald^ April^ 18 14. 4to, pp. 17. -[-Sup- 
plementary Observations ... . Montreal Herald.^ May^ 18 14. 
4to, pp. 19. H. 1976 

Aristides, pseudon. Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury 
on the Commerce and Currency of the United States. By 
Aristides. New Tork^ 18 19. 8vo. I977 

Aristides, pseudon. Essays on the Spirit of Jacksonism, as 
exemplified in its deadly hostility to the Bank of the United 
States, and in the odious calumnies employed for its destruction. 
By Aristides. Philadelphia., 1835. 8vo. 1978 

Aristides, pseudon. An Address to the Country, by Aris- 
tides. ... Washington., 1862. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 1979 

Urges the immediate abolition of slavery. 

Aristocracy. An Epic Poem. [In Two Books.] Philadel- 
phia., Printed for the Editor., 1795- 8vo, pp. 16, 17. s. 

Aristocracy exposed ; a Candid Appeal To the Citizens of 
Massachusetts. [Motto, n. p.], October., 1804. i2mo, pp. 12. 

H. I981 

Aristocracy in America. See Grund (F. J.) 

Arizona. [Correspondence between Senor A. Ainsa of 
Arizona, W. H. Seward, Secretary of State, etc., relative to the 
schemes of the rebels in that territory and in Sonora.] Privately 
printed. 8vo, pp. 6. 1982 

The Acts, Resolutions and Memorials adopted by the Arizona 


Legislature at the session ending November 10, 1864. Prescott^ 
1865. 8vo, pp. 79. c. 1983 

Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of the Arizona Historical 
Society. Incorporated and Organized November, 1864. Pres- 
cott^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. 1984 

Arjona (Francisco de). Sermon en la muerte de Fr. Julian 
Chumillas, comisario general de las Indias. Por Francisco de 
Arjona. [n. p.], 1697. 4to. 1985 

Arkansas ! The Home for Immigrants. [Circular of the 
Arkansas Immigrant Aid Society, dated Little Rock, Oct. 1865. 
n. p., 1865.] 4to, pp. 3. 1986 

Acts of the General Assembly of Arkansas. 1840. 8vo. 
Continued. c. 1987 

Constitution of the State of Arkansas, done by the People of 
Arkansas, in Convention assembled, at Little Rock, in the Ter- 
ritory of Arkansas. Published by Authority. City of Little 
Rock^ P'lke^ Printer^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 22. H. 1 988 

Correspondence relating to the Hypothecation of Five Hun- 
dred Bonds of the State of Arkansas. New Tork^ 1842. 8vo. 

Laws of the Territory of Arkansas : comprising the Organic 
Laws of the Territories of Missouri and Arkansas, with their 
Amendments and Supplements annexed ; all Laws of a General 
Nature, passed by the General Assembly of the Territory of 
Missouri, at the Session in 18 18 ; with the Laws of the Terri- 
tory of Arkansas, for i8l9-'20-'2i, 1823 and 1825. Arkansas 
and Little Rock ^ 1821-26. i2mo. c. 1990 

Laws of Arkansas Territory, compiled and arranged by J. 
Steele and J. McCampbell. Little Rock^ 1835. 8vo. c. 199 1 

Memorial of the Legislature of the Free State of Arkansas to 
Congress, and a Letter from W. D. Snow, Senator Elect, to 
Hon. S. C. Pomeroy, showing the Origin and History of the 
Re-organized Government of Arkansas — the Loyalty of the 
State — the Vote, and the Present Legislative Representation in 
the State. IVashington^ Chronicle Print^ 1865. 8vo, pp. 11. H. 

Proceedings of the Democratic Whig State Convention, March, 
1840. 1840. 8vo. 1993 



Report of the Committee on Elections, and the Credentials of 
T. M. Jacks and J. M. Johnson, claiming seats in the House 
of Representatives from Arkansas, 1865. \_lVashington^ 1865.] 
8vo, pp. 9. (38th Congress, 2d Session, House Report, No. 
18.) 1994 

Report of the Committee on Federal Relations (to the Arkan- 
sas Legislature), December, i860. ^995 

Arkansas. This Chart shows the undevelloped Resources of 
& General Condition of the State of Arkansas, constructed for 
the Benefit of the Political Wreckers thereof. Broadside. 1996 

Arlach (H. de T. d'). Souvenirs de I'Amerique centrale ; 
par H. de T. d'Arlach, vice consul de France. Paris^ Charpen- 
tier^ 1850. 8vo. ^997 

Arlegui (Joseph). Chronica de la Provincia S. Francisco de 
Zacatecas, por Navarrete. Mexico^ 1737- 4^0. 1998 

A doubtful title iVom a London catalogue. 

Armand, pseudon. See [Strubberg (F. A.)] 

Armand-Aubert. Resultats de la Liberte des noirs a 
Cayenne de 1794 a 1803. Saint-Pierre- Martinique^ 1837. 4to. 

Armas (D. F. de). Como los Perros a la luna ladran ... por 
D. Francisco de Armas. Imprenta de Jose Minuese. 2000 

A defence of Dr. Pineres. of Havana. 

Armas y Cespedes (F. de). De la esclavitud en Cuba. Por 
Francisco de Armas y Cespedes. Madrid^ Duran^ 1866. 4to, 
pp. 482. 2001 

Armateur (L. M. B.) See [Prudhomme (Louis)]. 

Armin (Th.) Das heutige Mexico. Land und Volk unter 
Spaniens Herrschaft, sowie nach erlangter Selbstandigkeit. 
Unter Benutzung der zuverlassigsten und neuesten Quellen he- 
rausgegeben von Th. Armin. Mit 150 in den Text gedruckten 
Abbildungen, nebst 6 Tonbildern. Leipzig^ O. Spamer^ 1864. 
8vo, pp. xii., 428. (Jugend und Hausbibliothek, iii. Serie, 
8. Band.) 2002 

Armin. Das alte Mexico und die Eroberung Neuspaniens 
durch Ferd. Cortez. Nach W. Prescott und Bernal Diaz, sowie 
unter Benutzung der Schriften von Alex. v. Humboldt &c. 



Bearbeitet von Th. Armin. Mit uber 120 in den Text ge- 
druckten Abbildungen., 6 Tonbildern, i Frontispice, sowie i 
Karte von Anahuac. Leipzig, O. Spamer, 1864. 8vo, pp. xvi., 
376. (Jugend etc. iii. Serie, 7. Band.) 1001a 

Arming (Friederich Wilhelm). Weiss und Schwarz. His- 
torische Erzahlung aus der ersten Zeit des Sonderbundkrieges in 
Nord-Amerika. Leipzig, Haefele, jun., 1865. 8vo, pp. 489. 

Armistead (W.) a 'cloud of witnesses' against Slavery and 
oppression. Containing the acts, opinions and sentiments of 
individuals and societies in all ages. Selected. ... by Wilson 
Armistead ... London, 1853. i2mo, pp. 154. 2003<? 

Armistead. Memoir of James Logan, a Distinguished 
Scholar and Christian Legislator, founder of the Loganian 
Library, &c. Including Correspondence now first printed. By 
Wilson Armistead. London, 185 1. i2mo, pp. 192. P. 2OC4 

Armistead. Memoir of Paul CufFe, a Man of Colour, com- 
piled from Authentic Sources. By Wilson Armistead. London, 
1840. i8mo. Portrait. 2005 

Armistead. Select Miscellanies, chiefly illustrative of the 
History, Christian Principles, and Sufferings of the Society of 
Friends. ... By Wilson Armistead. London, Bennett, 1851. 6 
vols., i8mo. 4- 2d edition. London, Bennett, 1852. 6 vols., 
i8mo. P. 2006 

Includes many Americans. 

Armistead. A Tribute for the Negro : being a Vindication 
of the Moral, Intellectual, and Religious Capabilities of The 
Coloured portion of Mankind ; with Particular Reference to the 
African Race. Illustrated by numerous Biographical Sketches, 
Facts, Anecdotes, etc. and many Superior Portraits and Engrav- 
ings. By Wilson Armistead. Manchester, William Irwin, 1848. 
8vo, pp. XXXV., 564. H. 2007 

Armitage (J.) The History of Brazil, from the Period of 
the Arrival of the Braganza Family in 1808, to the Abdication 
of Don Pedro the First in 1831. Compiled from State Docu- 
ments and other Original Sources. Forming a Continuation to 
Southey's History of that country. By John Armitage, Esq. 
In Two Volumes. London, Smith, Elder Iff Co., 1836. 8vo, pp. 
XV. (l), 371 ; viii., 297. Two Portraits. H. & P. 2008 


Armitage (T.) The Past, Present, and Future of the United 
States. A Discourse, delivered by Rev'* Thomas Armitage, d.d., 
Pastor of the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, On Thanksgiving 
Day, Nov. 27, and Repeated by Request, December 18, 1862. 
New Tork^ Printed and Published by T. Holman^ 1862. 8vo, 
pp. 31. G. 2009 

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preached in St. John's Church, Detroit, Feb. 23, 1862. By 
Rev. William E. Armitage. Detroit: Richmond iff Backus^ 1862. 
8vo, pp. 16. 2010 

Armrisch (E.) Blondin, der Held vom Niagara. Ein wah- 
heitsgetreues Lebensbild. Mit 12 Illustrationen. 2. Auflage. 
Wien^ Schbnewerk in Comm.^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 46. 201 1 

[Armroyd (George)]. A Connected Vievi^ of the whole 
Internal Navigation of the United States, natural and artificial ; 
present and prospective. With Maps. Philadelphia^ 1^26. 8vo, 
pp. 192. s. 2012 

[Armroyd.] A Connected View ... corrected and improved 
from the edition of 1826 ... with a sheet map, and numerous 
engraved profiles ... and with various authentic statistical de- 
tails. By a Citizen of the United States. Philadelphia^ 1830. 
8vo, pp. 617. c. 2013 

Armroyd. Report of the Committee of Commerce and 
Manufactures, on the Petition of George Armroyd, & Co. Feb- 
ruary 21, 18 10. ... Washington^ A. Q G. Way^ 1810. 8vo, 
pp. 14. C. 2014 

Arms (H. P.) The Mystery of Providence. A Discourse, 
occasioned by the Death of Hon. Jabez W. Huntington, United 
States Senator, Delivered in the First Church in Norwich, No- 
vember 7, 1847. ^y Hiram P. Arms. Norwich^ J. Dunham's 
Press, 1847. 8vo, pp. 26. H. 2015 

Armsby (J. H.) Hospitals of the United States ; an Address. 
New Torky 1853. ^vo, pp. 24. C. 20 1 6 

Armstrong (A.) A Personal Narrative of the Discovery of 
the North West Passage, with numerous Incidents of Travel 
and Adventure during nearly Five Years continuous Service in 
the Arctic Regions while in Search of the Expedition under Sir 


John Franklin. By Alexander Armstrong. London^ Hurst ^ 
Blackett^ 1857. Maps and Plates. 8vo, pp. xxlv., 616. c. 

Armstrong (E.) Address delivered at Chester, before the 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, on the 8th November, 1851. 
By Edward Armstrong ... in celebration of the one hundred and 
sixty-ninth Anniversary of the Landing of William Penn at that 
place. Philadelphia^ J. Pennington^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 33. 20 1 8 

Contains a list of the persons who accompanied Penn. 

Armstrong. The History and Location of Fort Nassau 
upon the Delaware. A paper read before the New Jersey His- 
torical Society, January 20th, 1853, ^7 Edward Armstrong, Esq., 
... . Newark^ N. y., 1853. 8vo, pp. 21. s. 2019 

Armstrong (G. D.) The Christian Doctrine of Slavery. 
By George D. Armstrong, d.d., Pastor of the Presbyterian 
Church, Norfolk, Va. New Tork^ Charles Scribner^ 1857. 
i2mo, pp. 148. 2020 

Armstrong. The Summer of the Pestilence ; a History of 
the Ravages of the Yellow Fever in Norfolk, Virginia, a.d. 

1855, by George D. Armstrong, d.d.. Pastor of the Presby- 
terian Church, in Norfolk. Philadelphia^ J. B. Lippincott ^ Co., 

1856. i2mo, pp. 192. + Second Edition. Philadelphia^ 1856. 
i2mo, pp. 192. 2021 

Armstrong (Jacob D.) Life and Adventures of Captain 
Jacob D. Armstrong. New Tork^ Dewitt and Davenport^ 1852. 
8vo, pp. 72. c. 2022 

An apocryphal narrative of voyages, masking a political satire. 

[Armstrong (John, m.d.)~\ The Art of Preserving Health : 
A Poem. London^ Printed : Philadelphia^ Reprint^d^ and Sold by 
B. Franklin^ m.dcc.xlv. 4to, pp. 88. g. 2023 

Armstrong {Gen. John). Notices of the War of 1812. By 
John Armstrong, late a Major-General in the Army of the 
United States, and Secretary of War. New Tork^ 1 836-1 840. 
2 vols., i2mo, pp. 260; iv., 244. c. 2024 

" Some copies are dated 1840." — N. A. R., liii., 211. See also Sparks' Libr. of 
Am. Biog., I. and iv. 

Armstrong. Papers relating to French Affairs communi- 


cated by General Armstrong to Mr. Monroe. Washington^ A. ^ 
G. TVay^ 1808. 8vo, pp. 21. 2025 

General Armstrong also published " A Review of General Wilkinson's Memoirs," 
and was the author of the Newburgh Letters. 

Armstrong. The Life and Letters of George Mortimer, 
Rector of Thornhill, in the Diocese of Toronto. By John Arm- 
strong, B.A., British Chaplain of Monte Video, South America. 
London^ 1847. ^^^' 2026 

Armstrong (J. J.) An Oration dehvered at Flushing, L. L, 
4th of July, 1862. By Rev. John J. Armstrong. New Tork^ 
Edwin O. Jenkins^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 24. 2027 

Armstrong. An Oration delivered at Queens, L. L, July 
4, 1 86 1. By Rev. John J. Armstrong. Jamaica {L. /.), J. J. 
Brenton^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 28. 2028 

Armstrong (J. W.) Oration delivered at Lowville, N. Y., 
July 4, 1861. By Rev. J. W. Armstrong. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Armstrong (Kosciusko). Review of T. L. M^Kenney's 
Narrative of the Causes which, in 1814, led to General Arm- 
strong's Resignation of the War Office. By Kosciusko Arm- 
strong. New Tork^ R. Craighead,^ Printer^ 1846. 8vo, pp. 20. 

H. 2030 

Armstrong (L.) A Sermon, delivered in Northampton, 
(Montgomery Co.) March 6, 1828, on the Death of Governor 
Clinton. By Lebbeus Armstrong, Pastor of the Presbyterian 
Church of Northampton and Edinburgh. Saratoga Springs^ 
Printed by G. M. Davison^ 1828. 8vo, pp. 24. B. 2031 

Armstrong. The Signs of the Times, comprised in ten 
lectures on the origin, nature, tendency, and alliances of the 
present popular efforts for the abolition of Capital Punishment. 
By the Rev. Lebbeus Armstrong. New Tork^ 1848. i2mo, 
pp. 312. s. 2032 

Armstrong. The Temperance Reformation of this xix 
Century, the Fulfilment of Divine Prophecy. A Sermon. New 
Tork^ 1845. 8vo. 2033 

Armstrong. The Temperance Reformation ; its History 
from the Organization of the First Temperance Society to the 
adoption of the Liquor Law of Maine, 185 1 ... and the Influ- 

270 ARMY. 

ence of the promulgation of that Law on the Political Interest 
of the State of New-York, 1852. By Rev. Lebbeus Arm- 
strong. New Tork^ 1853. l2mo, pp. 408. S. 2034 

Armstrong. ... William Morgan abducted and murdered 
by Masons, in conformity with Masonic Obligations ; and 
Masonic Measures, to conceal that Outrage against the Laws 
... proved in a Sermon, by Lebbeus Armstrong, A seceding 
mason ... . Delivered in Edinburgh, Saratoga County, Sept. 12, 
1 83 1. ... New Tork^ Printed by L. D. Dewey dff Co.^ 1 831. 8vo, 
pp. 32. B. 2035 

Armstrong (P.) The Jawbone of an Ass examined. Being 
a Dialogue between Mr. Sneerhim Speakplain and Mr. Surface 
Shallowbrain, on the merits of a late publication, by A. H., 
called " General Censure, or Sampson with a Jawbone in his 
Hand." By Price Armstrong. New Tork^ 181 1. 8vo, pp. 51, 
XXX. s. 2036 

" Personal, literary, theological, queer, and a little on America." — H. A. Homes. 

Armstrong (Robert). The Influence of Climate, and other 
Agents, on the Human Constitution ... with ... an Account of 
the Epidemic Fever of Jamaica, by Robert Armstrong, m.d., 
F.L.S., Deputy Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets, &c. [Motto.] 
London^ Longman^ 1 843. 8vo, pp. xv., 207. 2037 

Armstrong (R. G.) Memoir of Hannah Hobbie, By Rev. 
Robert G. Armstrong, a.m. New Tork^ John S. Taylor^ 1838. 
24mo, pp. 255 B.-{-New-Tork^ American Tract Society [n. d.] 
24mo, pp. 255. H. 2038 

[Armstrong (WilHam)]. Stocks and Stock-Jobbing in Wall 
Street, with sketches of the brokers, and fancy stocks ... By a 
reformed stock gambler. New Tork^ 1848. 8vo. 2039 

Armstrong (W.) Petition of William Armstrong and others 
relating to the Coinage for the Settlement in America. [About 
1700.] Broadside. 2040 

Armstrong (W. C.) Life and Adventures of Captain John 
Smith, by W. C. Armstrong. Hartford^ 1855. i2mo. 2041 

Army and Navy Chronicle, and Scientific Repository : W. 
Q. Force, Editor. Washington,, 1843-44. 3 vols., 8vo. 2042 



The Army and Navy Chronicle. Edited and Published by 
B. Homans. Vol. i. 1835. IVmh'ington^ 1836. 4to.-4- Con- 
tinued in large 8vo. 2043 

Army and Navy Gazette. Journal of the Regular and 
Volunteer Forces. New Tork^ 1862. Folio. Continued. 

Army and Navy Journal. See The United States Army and 
Navy Journal. 

The Army and Navy Official Gazette. Containing Reports of 
Battles; also, Important Orders of the War Department, Record 
of Courts-Martial, etc. Published by Authority of the War 
Department. IVashington^ Printed at the Office of John C. Rives, 
1864. 4to. Continued. 2045 

The Army and Nav^ Prayer Book. Richmond^ Diocesan Mis- 
sionary Society, Chas. H. Wynne, Printer, 1864. 32mo, pp. 96. 

The Army Hymn Book. Richmond, Presb. Com. of Publica- 
tion, 1863. i8mo, pp. 88. + Second Edition. i8mo, pp. 128. 

Army Life ; or. Incidents from the Prayer Meeting and the 
Field. New York, Bd. of Pub. Ref Pr. Dutch Church, 1863. 
i8mo, pp. 179. 2048 

Catalogue of the Army Medical Museum, Surgeon General's 
Office, Washington, D. C. January i, 1863. Washington, Gov- 
ernment Printing Office, 1 863. 8vo, pp. 58. H. 2049 

Army Meteorological Register ... from 1831 to 1842 inclu- 
sive ... . Prepared under Direction of Bvt. Brig. Gen'l Thomas 
Lawson, Surgeon General in the United States Army. Wash- 
ington, C. Alexander, Printer, 185 1. 8vo, pp. 324. 2050 

Army Meteorological Register, for Twelve Years, from 1843 
to 1854, inclusive, compiiled [5/V] from Observations made by the 
Officers of the Medical Department of the Army, at the Mili- 
tary Posts of the United States. Prepared under the Direction 
of Brevet Brigadier General Thomas Lawson, Surgeon General 
United States Army. Published by Authority of Hon. Jefferson 
Davis, Secretary of War. Washington, A. O. P. Nicholson, Pub- 
lic Printer, 1 855. 4to, pp. xi., 763 (3). Map. 205 1 

Army of the Potomac. History of its Campaigns. The 
Peninsular, Maryland, Fredericksburg. Testimony of its three 



Commanders, Maj. Gen. McClellan, Maj. Gen. Burnside, and 
Mai. Gen. Hooker, before the Congressional Committee on the 
Conduct of the War. New Tork^ Tribune Association^ 1863. 
8vo, pp. 30. 2052 

Army of the Potomac. The Defence of Richmond against 
the Federal Army under General McClellan. By a Prussian 
Officer in the Confederate Service. Translated from the Koel- 
nische Zeitung, New Tork^ George F. Nesbitt ^ Co.^ 1863. Svo, 
pp. 16. id^ia 

The Army Register of the United States. ... Corrected up to 
the 1st of June, 18 14. Published by Authority. Boston^ Printed 
by Chester Stebbins^ 1 8 14. l2mo, pp. vi., 112. H.-\- Philadelphia^ 
1814. i2mo. Continued. c. 2053 

After a few years called •• Official Army Register." 

Army Regulations, Adopted for use of the Army of the Con- 
federate States, in Accordance with late acts of Congress. Re- 
vised from the Army Regulations of the old United States 
Army, 1857 > Retaining all that is Essential for officers of the 
Line. To which is added, an Act for the Establishment and 
Organization of the Army of the Confederate States of America. 
Also Articles of War, For the Government of the Army of the 
Confederate States of America. Richmond^ Va.^ West l3 John- 
ston^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 198. 2054 

[Arnaud (A.)] Histoire de D. Jean Palafox, eveque d'An- 
gelopoHs. [Par M. A. Arnaud. n. p.], 1690. i8mo. 2055 

Title as quoted by Ternaux-Compans, No. 1044. 

Arnaud (Achille). Abraham Lincoln Sa naissance, sa vie, 
sa mort avec un recit de la guerre d'Amerique d'apres les docu- 
ments les plus authentiques par Achille Arnaud Redacteur a 
rOpinion nationale. Paris^ Charlieu freres et Huillery^ 1865, 
Large 8vo, pp. 96. Illustrations. H. 2056 

Arnaud (Leopold). La verite vraie sur le conflit entre le 
Bresil, Buenos-Ayres, Montevideo ; reponse a M. Charles Ex- 
pilly. Marseille^ Boy-Estelon^ 1865. l2mo, pp. 69. 2057 

Arngrime. Gronlandia edur Graenland saga ur Islendskum 
Sagna Bookum og Annalum samawtekinn og a Latinskt maal 
Stritsud as heim heidurliga & halaerda Manni Syra. Arngrime 
Jonssjne Fordum Officiali Nola Stiftis og Soknarpreste ad Mel- 



stad. En a Narroenu utlogd as Ejnare Ejolfssine. Skalhollte 
\Iceland\ Hendrick Kruse^ 1688. 4to, pp. 45. J.C.B. 2058 

The Latin original was never published. Several other works on Greenland were 
appended to a German version, published at Kopenhagen. 1732. 8vo. 

Arnold (Benedict). To the | Inhabitants | of | America 
[Dated] New York October 7. 1780 [Signed] B Arnold. 
Printed by James Rhington^ Printer to the King's Most Excellent 
Majesty. Broad-side, i6|x 1 2j inches. t.a.e. 2059 

This proclamation, issued after his desertion to the British, was also published in 
" The Royal Gazette," New York, October li, 1780. 

Arnold. Proceedings | of a | General Court-Martial, of the 
Line, I held at | Raritan, in the State of New-Jersey, | By Order of 
His Excellency I George Washington, Esq. | General and Com- 
mander in Chief of the Army of| The United States of America, | 
for the Trial of | Major General Arnold, | June i 1779, | Major 
General Howe, President. | Published by order of Congress. | Phila- 
delphia :\ Printed by Francis Bailey^ in Market Street \m.bcc.-lxxx. 
Folio, pp. 55. CM. 2060 

The introduction to the following reprint of this work (p. xxix.) states that fifty 
copies were printed, which will account for its extreme rarity. 

Arnold. Proceedings of a General Court Martial for the 
Trial of Major General Arnold, with an Introduction, Notes 
and Index. New York: Privately Printed.^ 1865. 8vo, pp. 
xxix., 182. Portrait. 2061 

Edition, 100 copies 8voj 35 410. Printed for F. S. Hoffman. An elegant volume. 

Arnold. Proceedings of the Supreme Executive Council of 
the State of Pennsylvania, in the Case of Major General Arnold. 
Philadelphia^ Printed by Hall ^ Sellers^ 1779- 4^0? PP- ^^- M. 

Arnold. Stories about Arnold, the Traitor, Andre, the 
Spy, and Champe, the Patriot: for ... Children ... . Second 
Edition. New Haven^ A. H. Maltby^ 1831. Sq. i6mo, pp. 
72. Woodcuts. H. 2063 

Arnold. Complot d' Arnold et de Sir Henry Clinton. See 
Barbe-Marbois {Count Fr.) 

Arnold (C. H.) The New and Impartial Universal History 
of North and South America, and of the Present Trans-Atlantic 
War. ... By Charles Henry Arnold, Esq. Late of Philadelphia, 


274 ARNOLD. 

now of Burlington-Street. London^ Alex. Hogg [1782]. i2mo, 
pp. xi., 25-276. 4- Also 1790 and 1796. H. 2064 

"A catchpenny work, with a very long title not worth transcribing." — Rich. See 
M. R., Lxvii., 73. 

Arnold (E. G.) Persecution of the Volunteer Naval Officers 
... Providence^ A. Crawford Greene^ Printer .^ 1 863. 8vo, pp. 30. 

Arnold (G. B.) Mr. Arnold's First Semi- Annual Report, 
of his Service as Minister at Large, in New-York. Published 
by the Book and Tract Society of the First Congregational 
Church. New-York^ Printed hy Jas. Van Norden^ 1834. l2mo, 
pp. 20. Continued, at least 7 having been published. H. 2066 

Arnold (I. N.) Argument before the United States Supreme 
Court, in the Case of Arthur Bronson, a citizen of the State of 
New-York, Complainant, and John H. Kinzie, [et al.) citizens of 
the State of Illinois, Defendants, involving the Constitutionality 
of the Act of ... Illinois, passed 17th February, 1841, ... the 
" Appraisal or Two-Thirds Valuation Law." By Isaac N. 
Arnold, (of Chicago Illinois,) Counsel for Complainant, [n. p., 
184-.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 2067 

Arnold. Congressional Legislation. Speech of Hon. Isaac 
N. Arnold, July 14, 1864. [n. p., 1864.] 8vo, pp. 16. h. 

Arnold. The History of Abraham Lincoln and the Over- 
throw of Slavery. By Isaac N.Arnold. Chicago^ iSbj. 8vo, 
pp. 736. c. 2069 

Arnold. The Power, Duty, and Necessity of destroying 
Slavery in the Rebel States. Speech of Hon. Isaac N. Arnold, 
of Illinois. Delivered in the House of Representatives, January 6, 
1864. 8vo, pp. 15. + Another Edition. \_fVashington2^ Towers^ 
Printers [1864]. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2070 

Arnold. Ship Canal from the Mississippi to Lake Michigan. 
Speech of Hon. Isaac N. Arnold, of 111., in the House of Repre- 
sentatives, June 30th, 1862. [n. p., 1862.] 8vo, pp. 8. H.4- 
Delivered in the House ... January 15, 1863. \_JVashington^ L, 
Towers ^ Co.^ Printers^ 1863.] 8vo, pp. 8. 207 1 

Arnold. Reconstruction ; Liberty the Corner-Stone, and 
Lincoln the Architect. Speech of Hon. Isaac N. Arnold, of 
Illinois. Delivered in the House of Representatives, March 

ARNOLD. 275 

19, 1864. Washington^ Printed by Lemuel Towers^ 1864. 8vo, 

pp. 14. H. 2072 

Arnold. Slavery the Cause of the War and all its Evils. 
Speech of Hon. I. N. Arnold, of 111., in the House ... February 
17, 1862. \_Washington^ D. C, Scammell i^ Co.^ Printers^ 1862.] 
8vo, pp. 8. H. 2073 

Arnold (J. L.) Poems. By the late Josias Lyndon Arnold, 
Esq; of St. Johnsbury (Vermont) formerly of Providence, and a 
Tutor in Rhode-Island College. Printed at Providence by Carter 
y Wilkinson^ M.DCC.xcviL 8vo, pp. 141. s. 2074 

Edited by James Burrill, Jun. Contains many curious pieces relative to local hii- 
tory, &c. J " Elegy on the Death of Mr. Moses Brown, Jr." For a memoir of the 
author, see " The Rural Magazine and Vt. Register," Vol. ii., 428-430. 

Arnold (L. H.) Letter from Lemuel H. Arnold, in reply 
to the Letter of John Whipple, Esq. [Dated South Kingstown, 
May I, 1845. "• P-? 1845.] Broadside. H. 2075 

Arnold. Attempted Speculation of Lemuel H. Arnold and 
James F. Simmons, upon the funds of the State, while they were 
members of the General Assembly. Providence^ Herald Office^ 
1831. 8vo, pp. 23. 2076 

" Relates to the proposition to unite the two Pawtucket Turnpikes." — Bartlett. 

Arnold. Examination of certain charges against Lemuel H; 
Arnold, Esq., the National Republican Candidate for Governor, 
being a Report of a Committee appointed April 12, 1821. Pro- 
vidence^ 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. 28. 2077 

Arnold (R. A.) History of the Cotton Famine, from the 
Fall of Sumter to the Passing of the Public Works Act. By R. 
Arthur Arnold. London^ Saunders ^ Otley^ 1 864. 8vo, pp. xiv., 
570. + Same. With a Postscript. New Edition. Saunders ^ 
Otley^ 1865. Post 8vo, pp. viii., 350. C 2078 

Arnold (Samuel). David serving his Generation, | or | a Dis- 
course! Wherein is shewed that the great Care and| Endeavour of 
every Christian ought | to be, that he may be Serviceable] unto 
God and to the present Generation, | Delivered in a | Sermon | 
Preached to the General Court of the Co-|lony of New-Pli- 
mouth in New-England on the 3d. | Day of June 1674. Being 
the Day of Election | there. | By Samuel Arnold Teacher of the 
Church I of Christ at Marshtield in New England.] [Mottoes 


and imprimatur 9 lines.] Cambridge^ Printed by Samuel Green^ 
l674.|4to, pp. (4), 18. B. 2079 

Arnold (S. G.) Biographical Sketches of Distinguished 
Jerseymen, by S. G. Arnold. Trenton^ N. J., 1845. ^^Oj 
pp. 61. c. 2080 

Arnold. The Life of George Washington, first President of 
the United States. By S. G. Arnold. New Tork^ 1840. i8mo, 
pp. 228. 2081 

Arnold. The Life of Patrick Henry, of Virginia. By S. 
G. Arnold. Auburn^ 1854. i6mo, pp. 270. C. 2082 

Arnold. History of the State of Rhode Island and Provi- 
dence Plantations. By Samuel Greene Arnold. New Tork^ D. 
Appleton & Co,^ 1859-60. 8vo, pp. xii., 574; 592. c. 2083 

Arnold. The Spirit of Rhode Island History. A Discourse 
delivered before the Rhode-Island Historical Society, on the 
Evening of Monday January 17, 1853. -^7 Samuel Greene 
Arnold, Lieut. Governor of Rhode-Island. Providence^ George 
H. TVhitney^ 1853. ^^°' PP* S^' ^* ^°^4 

Arnold (Seth S.) A Sermon preached at Alstead, on the first 
Sabbath in January, 1826. With historical sketches of the 
Town. By Seth S. Arnold, Pastor of the First Congregational 
Church and Society, it being ten years since his Ordination. 
Alstead^ N i/., 1826. 8vo, pp. 48. 2085 

Arnold (Thomas D.) Speech of Mr. Arnold, of Tennessee, 
in Committee of the Whole, in favor of " American Industry." 
Delivered in the House of Representatives U. S. January 24th 
and 25th, 1833. Washington^ Printed by Gales and Seaton^ 1833. 
8vo, pp. 35. H. 2086 

Arnot (Dav. H.) Animadversions on the Proceedings of the 
Regents of the Smithsonian Institution in their Choice of an 
Architect for their Edifice at Washington. ... By David Henry 
Arnot, Architect. New Tork^ 1847. ^^^- ^^^7 

Arnot (G. A. W.) See Beechey (Capt. W. F.) 

Arnould (Ambroise Marie). De la balance du commerce 
et des relations commercials exterieures de la France, dans 
toutes les parties du globe, particulierement a la fin du regne de 
Louis XIV. ... ; le tout appuye de notes et tables raisonnees ... 



Par M. Arnould. ... Paris^ ^79^- 2 vols., 8vo, and i vol., 
Tables, folded in 4to. + Seconde edition. Paris^ Buisson^ ^795- 
2 vols., 8vo, and Atlas ; i vol., 4to s. 2088 

Arnould. Systeme maritime et politique des Europeens, 
pendant le dix-huitieme siecle ; fonde sur leurs traites de paix, 
de commerce et de navigation. Par le citoyen Arnould, chef 
du Bureau du Commerce, et de la Balance du Commerce. 
[Motto.] Paris^ Imprimerie d'Jntoine Bailleul^ an v (1797). 
8vo, Half Title, Title, pp. viii., 341 (3). h. 2089 

'•Les £tats-Unis de rAmerique," pp. 232-245. Various other parts of the volume 
treat of commerce with America. 

Arnould. System der Seehandlung und Politik Europa's 
wahrend des i8" und als Einleitung in dem 19^ Jahrhundert ... . 
Aus dem Franzosischen mit Anmerkungen [von J. Dominikus]. 
Erfurt^ Keyser^ 179S. 8vo. 2090 

Arnould. Frankreichs Handlung-Bilanz und auswartige 
Handlungs-beziehungen ... . [Aus dem Franzosischen von A. 
Wittenberg.] Liibeck^ 1792. 2 vols., 8vo. 2091 

Arnoult (N. E.) Notice of the Sale of New Metz, an 
Estate on the Ohio River ; with Plan. By N. E. Arnoult. 
New Tork^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 14. 2092 

Arnstedt (Fr.) Werth der gangbarsten Gold- und Silber- 
miinzen in Europa und Nordamerika. 39 Goldmiinzen. 64 
Silbermiinzen. Fiir jede dieser 103 Geldsorten ist der Werth 
in 20 Haupt-Staaten von Europa und Nordamerika berechnet. 
Hamburgh B. S. Berendsohn^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 16. 2093 

Also published with the same imprint, in French, " Evaluation des cspeccs," etc., 
and English, " Tables shewing the Value," etc. 

Arosemena. Examen sobre la franca Communicacion entro 
las dos Oceanos, por el Istmo de Panama. Su Autor Juste 
Arosemena. Bogota^ 1846. 8vo, pp. 48. 2094 

Around the World ; a Narrative of a Voyage in the East 
India Squadron under Com. George C. Read. By an officer of 
the United States Navy. New Tork^ 1840. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. 
336, 344. 2 Plates. 2095 

Arozarena. Informe presentado a la Junta de Gobierno 
del Real Consulado de la isla de Cuba, sobre el estado de la 
agricultura y elaboracion y beneficio de los frutos coloniales en 

278 arr6t. 

Jamaica, por D. Ramon Arozarena y D. Pedro Bauduy co- 
misionados por la misma. Imprenta Fraternal^ 1828, 4to, 
pp. 54. 2069 

Arrangement, for the Grand & Solemn Funeral Procession. 
Which is to take place on the 25th May inst. 1808, at the In- 
terment of the Remains of Eleven Thousand five hundred 
American Seamen, Soldiers, and Citizens, who have suffered 
martyrdom on board the Jersey and other British Prison Ships, 
in the harbour of New York, during the American Revolution. 
FoHo, Broadside, i 1. 2097 

Arawak. Die Geschichte von der Marterwoche, Aufer- 
stehung und Himmelfahrt unsers Herrn und Heilandis Jesu 
Christi. Uebersetzt in die Aruwackische Sprache und erklarend 
umschrieben. Philadelphia : Gedruckt bey Carl Cist. 1799. 
Wadaijahun Wuussada-goanti, Wapussida-goanti baddia Jesus 
Christus &c. Philadelphia^ mun 1799. 8vo, pp. 213. 2098 

Arrawack. The Acts of the Apostles, translated into The 
Arrawack Tongue. By the Rev. Theodore Schultz, in 1802. 
London^ 1807. i%mo. + New Tork^ American Bible Society ^ 1850. 
i6mo, pp. 119. B. 2099 

Arrawak. Gospels of Matthew and John in Arrawak. Lon- 
don^ 1850. i2mo. 2100 

Arredondo (N. de). Informe del virey D. Nicolas de Arre- 
dondo a su sucesor D. Pedro Melo de Portugal y Villena sobre 
el estado de la cuestion de limites entre las cortes de Espafia y 
Portugal, en 1795. Primera Edicion. Buenos-Aires^ Imprenta 
del estado^ 1836. FoHo, Title, pp. iii., 38, ii. (AngeHs, Colec- 
cion, Tomo iv.) 2101 

Arrest du Conseil d'Etat du Roi. Paris^ 11 Aug.^ 17 16. 4to, 
pp. 4- 2102 

Arrest du Conseil d'Etat &c. Paris^ 9 May^ 1720. 4to, 4 1. 

Relates to Louisiana. 

Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du roy du 12 fevrier 1726, qui casse 
une ordonnance de I'intendant du Canada, et condamne la dame 
Pascal et le sieur Caillaud, capitaine du vaissaud le Comte de 
Toulouse ... . Parisy 1726. 4to. 2103 

Arret du conseil d'Etat du Roi, portant a cinq livres par 


quintal, la taxe impose sur la morue de Peche £trangere qui 
sera importee aux lies de TAmerique du Vent & sous le Vent. 
Du 25 Septembre 1785 ... A Paris^ de P Imprimerie Royale^ 
1785. 4to, pp. 4. Rare. 2104 

Arret du Roi concernant r£tablissement des Paquebots pour 
les Colonies Fran9aises et les £tats-Unis de TAmerique, 1786. 

The following " Arrests" relate mostly to the French colonies. Many of them are 
apparently privately printed, and they are all very rare. Arrest [&c.] Conseils [&c. Mdze, 
Col. Fran9aises]. Par'n^ 26 March, 1722. 4to, pp. 4. Arrest [&c. 5 grosses fumes 
&C.J Parii, 9 June^ 1 722. 4to, pp. 8. Arrest [etc. perception du droit]. Far'n, 4 
July, 1111. 4to, pp.8. Arrest [etc. S"" de la Jaudre]. Paris, 15 July^ I'jl'i. 4to, 
pp. 3. Arrest [etc. Casse Ordonnance de Martinique]. Paris, 13 Oct., 1722. 4to, 
pp. 4. Arrest [etc. Pour faire passer aux MarchandsJ. Paris, 13 Oct., 1722. 4to, 
pp. 4. Arrest [etc.] 15 Dec., 1722. 4to, pp. 12. Arrest, [etc. Casse sentence 
Elus d'Augers]. Dec. 22, 1722. 410, pp. 8. Arrest [Exemption des Communites Re- 
ligieuses &c.] Paris, 6 Sept., 1723. 4to, pp. 4. Arrest [etc.] Paris, 27 Fe-v., 1731. 
4to, pp. 3. Arrest [etc. St. Louis, Alex, de Barbillon]. Paris, 6 May, 1 731. 4to. 
pp. 4. Arrest [etc. Sieur Hamel.] Paris, 8 May, 1731. 4to, pp. 3. Arrest [etc. 
Qui ordonne les dcniers &c.] Paris, 22 May, 1731. 4to, pp. 3. Arrest [Sec] 
Paris, 29 May, 1736. 4to, pp. 4. Arrest [&c. Qui permet aux Armateurs &c.] 
Paris, 21 May, 1741. 4to, pp. 4. Arrest [etc. Qui permet aux negocians &c.] 
Paris, 30 Sept., 1 741. 4to, pp. 4. Arrest [etc. Commerce Colo. Fran^. in Amer- 
ique &c.] Paris, i March, 1 744. 4to, pp. 7. Arrest [etc. Qui suspend pendant 
la guerre &c.] Paris, 20 ^pril, I'J^^. 4to, pp. 3. Arrest [etc. Lettres]. Paris^ 
l^ Aug., 1744. 4to, pp. II. Arrest [&c. Qui, en interpretante celui du 20 Avril 
1744 &c.] Paris, 19 June, 1745. 4to, pp. 3. Arrest [&c. Qui prorage pour 3 
annecs &c.] Paris, 30 Nov., 1745, 1746. 4to, pp. 2. 

Arriaga (J. de). Extirpacion de la idolatria de los Indies 
del Peru y medios para la conversion de ellos ; Por P. Pablo 
Joseph de Arriaga. ... Lima^ Geronymo de Contreros^ 1621. 4to, 
8 p. 1., pp. 148. 2106 

Arricerita. Cronica serafica del colegio de prop, fide de la 
S. Cruz de Gueretaro 2^^ parte. Mexico^ 1792. 2 107 

Arrillaga (Basilio Jose). Recopilacion de Leyes, Decreto^, 
Bandos, Reglamentos, Circulares y Providencias de los Supremos 
Poderes y otras autoridades de la Republica Mexicana ; formada 
de orden del supremo gobierno, de Enero de 1828 a Diciembre 
de 1838. Mexico^ 1838-1842. 13 vols., 8vo. Continued, c. 

[Arrington (A. W.)] The rangers and regulators of the 
Yanaha : or, life among the lawless. A tale of the Republic of 
Texas. By Charles Summerfield [A. W. Arrington], late 
Judge of the Rio Grande District. Author of " Sketches of 
the South-west." New York [1856]. i2mo, pp. 397. p. 2108^ 

280 ARROYO. 

ArR(5niz (M.) Manual de biografia mejicana, 6 galeria de 
hombres celebres de Mejico ; por Marcos Arrdniz. Paris^ 
Rosa^ Bouret et C% 1857. i8mo, pp. 317. 2 1 09 

Arr6niz. Manual de historia y cronologia de Mejico 

Paris^ Rosa et Bouret^ 1858. l8mo, pp. 426. 21 10 

Arroniz. Manual del viajero en Mejico, 6 Compendio de 
la historia de la ciudad de Mejico. Paris^ 1858. i2mo. Map. 

An Arrow against Profane and Promiscuous Dancing, drawn 
out of the quiver of the Scriptures. By the Ministers of Christ 
at Boston in New England. Boston^ Printed by Samuel Green^ 
and are to be Sold by Joseph Brunning^ 1688. l6mo, pp. 30. M. 

Arrowsmith (A.) Neuer Zeitungsatlas von Amerika. Nach 
den besten Originalquellen und den letzten politischen Ver- 
tragen entworfen. Leipzig^ Er. Fleischer^ 1832. 7 sheets, sm. 
folio. Also with an English title, " A New General Atlas," 
etc. 21 13 

Arrowsmith (A.) Outlines of the Physical and Political 
Divisions of South America, delineated by A. Arrowsmith. 
London^ 1840. Folio. 2 114 

Arroyo y Daza (Diego de). Relacion dejlas Vitorias qve 
Don Diego Arroyo y Daza, | Gouernador y Capitan General de 
la Prouincia de Cuma-|na, tuuo en la graw Salina de Arraya a 
30. de Nouiembre deljano passado de 622. y a treze de Enero 
deste ano, contra | ciento y quatro nauios de 01andeses.| [Colo- 
phon] Con Licencia en Madrid^ por la viuda de Alonso Martin. | 
[1623.] Folio, 2 1. 21 15 

Reprinted the same year, the arrangement of title only varying. 

Arroyo. Grammar of the Mutsun Language, spoken at the 
Mission of San Juan Bautista, Alta California. By Father 
Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta, of the Order of St. Francis. New 
Tork^ Cramoisy Press^ 1861. Rl 8vo, pp. 48. H. 2116 

Forms No. iv. of " Shea's Library of American Linguistics." loo copies printed. 
The Spanish title is as follows : 

Arroyo. Extracto de la gramatica mutsun, d de la lengua 
de los naturales de la mision de San Juan Bautista, compuesta 
por el Rev. Padre Fray Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta, del orden 

ART. 281 

serafico de N. P. San Francisco, ministro de dicha mision en 
1816. Nueva-Tork^ 1861. 21 17 

Arroyo. A Vocabulary or Phrase Book of the Mutsun Lan- 
guage of Alta California. By the Rev. F. Felipe Arroyo de la 
Cuesta, of the Order of St. Francis. New Tork^ Cramoisy Press^ 
1862. Imp. 8vo, pp. 96. H. 2118 

Forms No. viii. of "Shea's Library of American Linguistics." loo copies printed. 
The Latin title is " ... Alphab'. Rivulus obeundus, Exprimationum Causa horum 
Indorum Mutsun Missionis Sanct. Joann. Baptistas, exquisitarum a Fr. Philipp. ab 
Ar.Yo. de la Cuesta, supradictae Missionis Indion. Minist. ... Ano de 1815, con privi- 
legio de " 

Arscot. Some | Considerations | Relating to the Present 
State|of the I Christian Religion, | Wherein the Nature, End and 
Design I of Christianity, as well as the Principal Evidence | of the 
Truth of it, are explained and recommended out of the Holy 
Scriptures; with a ge-|neral Appeal to the Experience of all Men 
for I Confirmation thereof. | By Alexander Arscot. | [Motto.] 
London^ Printed: Reprinted by B. Franklin at the New \ Printing- 
Office^ in Philadelphia^ ^732. Sm. 8vo, pp. 112. 2118^ 

Arscot. Some Considerations | Relating to the Present State | 
of the Christian Religion. | Part ii. | Wherein the Principal Evi- 
dence of I the Christian Religion is explain'd and defended | upon 
the principles of Reason as well as Revela-| tion ; With Obser- 
vations on some Passages in the | Book intituled, Christianity as 
old as the Creation, so far as concerns the Doctrine herein ad- 
vanced. I By Alexander Arscot. [Motto.] London^ Printed: 
Reprinted by B. Franklin^ | at the New \ Printing Office in Philadel- 
phia^ 1732. Sm. 8vo, pp. 140 ; Contents, i 1.,; Advt., i 1. 

Art of Domestic Happiness, and other Poems. By the Re- 
cluse. Pittsburgh^ Robert Patterson^ 1817. l2mo, pp. 316 ; 
Errata, i 1. 21 19 

Some of these poems are descriptive of Western life. 

The Art of Making Common Salt. Particularly adapted to 
the American Colonies ... Detached from the Pennsylvania 
Magazine for March 1776. Philadelphia^ Printed for R. Aitken^ 
M.DCC.LXXVL 8vo, pp. 7. Plate. -f jBw/^«, 1776. 8vo, pp. 15. 

The Art of making Sugar : Under the Heads of i. The 
Natural History ... 11. The Culture of the Sugar-Cane. in. 
The Mills ... and Furnaces, Coppers, &c. ... [etc.] London^ 
R,JVillocky M.DCC.Lii. 4to, Title, pp. 34 (i.) H. 2120a 


282 ARTHUR. 

Art of Pleading. In Imitation of part of Horace's Art of 
Poetry. New York^ James Parker^ 1 751- 8vo, pp. 16. N. 2121 

Art of Speaking and holding one's Tongue in and out of 
Doors, earnestly recommended, at this time, to the Serious 
Perusal of all Candidates and Electors. London^ 1761. 8vo. 

Principally relating to America. 

Art of Speaking. ... Philadelphia^ R. Jitken ... m.dcc.lxxv. 
i2mo, pp. 299 (10). 2123 

Art de verifier les dates. See Warden (D. B.) 

Arte de la lengua nevome, que se dice pima, propia de Sonora ; 
con la doctrina Christiana y confessionario anadidos. San Au- 
gustin de la Florida^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 97, 32. H. 2124 

With another title : " Grammar of the Pima or Nevome, a Language of Sonora, 
from a Manuscript of the xviii Century, edited by Buckingham Smith, Ntto Tork, 
Cramoisy Press, 1 8 62." The "Doctrina y confessionario" has a separate title-page. 
Forms No. v. of "Shea's Library of American Linguistics." 160 copies printed. 

Artemus Wakd^ pseudon. See [Brown (C. F.)] 

Arteta de Monteseguro (Ant.) Discurso instruct, sobre 
las ventajas que puede conseguir la industria de Aragon, con la 
nueva ampliacion de puertos concedida por para el comercio libre 
de America ... . Madrid^ Imp. Real^ 1783. 4to. 2125 

Arthaud. Discours prononce a Pouverture de la premiere 
seance publique du cercle des Philadelphes, tenue au Cap-Fran- 
9ois le II mai 1785; avec une description de la ville de Cap, 
pour servir a I'histoire des maladies que I'on y observe ... . Par 
M. Arthaud ... . Paris^ 1785. 8vo. Bm. 2126 

Arthaud. Recherches sur la constitution des naturels de 
Saint Domingue, sur leur arts, leur Industrie, et leurs moyens de 
subsistance. Par M. Arthaud. Cap Franpis^ 1786. 4to. 

Arthur (A. H.) Report of Alex. H. Arthur, Commissioner, 
to Gov. M'Willie, on the Two and Three per cent. Trust Funds 
and Graves' Defalcation. Printed by Order of the Governor. 
Jackson^ Mississippian Steam Power Press Print^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 
54- H. 2128 

Arthur (John). The Genealogy of Jesus Christ, according 
to St. Matthew and St. Luke ; Examined, Illustrated, and Vin- 

ARTHUR. 283 

dicated ... By John Arthur, Gent. New Tork^ James Parker 
and Company^ 1762. 8vo, pp. 16. 2129 

Arthur (O. R.) The Three Sisters : or, The Life, Con- 
fession, and Execution of Amy, Elizabeth, and Cynthia Hal- 
zingler. Who were Tried, Convicted, and Executed, at Elizabeth- 
town, Ark., Nov. 30, 1854, for the Awful and Horrible Murder 
of the Edmonds Family, consisting of Seven Members, together 
with the Speech of the Eldest Sister, Amy, on the Gallows 
Edited by Rev. O. R. Arthur. Baltimore [etc.], A. R. Orton, 
1855. 8vo, Title, pp. 21-50. 4 Woodcuts. h. 2130 

Arthur. A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Rev. 
Mr. Daniel Thane, at Connecticut-Farms, in New Jersey, 
August 29th, 1750. By T. Arthur, m.a.. Pastor of the Presby- 
terian Church in the City of New Brunswick. Together with 
an exhortation, delivered to the people, by C. Smith, a.m. New 
York^ Printed hy James Parker^ 1750- 8vo, pp. 48. P. 21 31 

Arthur (Timothy Shaw). The History of Georgia, from its 
Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. By T. S. Arthur and 
W. H. Carpenter. Philadelphia^ Lippincott^ Grambo ^ Co.^ ^853. 
i2mo, pp. 331. Portrait and Engraved Title. h. 2132 

Arthur. The History of Kentucky, from its Earliest Set- 
tlement to the Present Time. By T. S. Arthur and W. H. 
Carpenter. Philadelphia^ Lippincott^ Grambo^ Co.^ 1853. i2mo, 
pp. 316. Portrait and Engraved Title. H. 2133 

Arthur. The History of New York from its Earliest Set- 
tlement to the Present Time. By T. S. Arthur and W. H. 
Carpenter. Philadelphia^ Lippincott & Co.^ 1853. i6mo, pp. 
33^- c- 2134 

Arthur. The History of Virginia, from its Earliest Settle- 
ment to the Present Time. By T. S. Arthur and W. H. Car- 
penter. Philadelphia^ Lippincott ^ Co.^ 1852. l2mo, pp. 332. 

Arthur. Loyal Publication Society, .... No. 57. Growler's 
Income Tax. By T. S. Arthur. \_New Tork^ 1864.] 8vo, 
pp. 4. 2136 

Arthur. Home Heroes, Saints and Martyrs. By T. S. 
Arthur. Philadelphia^ 1865. i2mo, pp. 296. 2137 


Arthur (W.) The American Question i. English Opinion 
on the American Rebellion. By the Rev. William Arthur ... 
II. Slavery the ground of Southern Secession. Extract from a 
speech of the Hon. A. Stephens ... London^ Sampson Low^ Son 
6* Co.^ 1861. i2mo, pp. 12. F. 2138 

Another edition of Arthur's tract was published by the Manchester Union and 
Emancipation Society. 

Arthur Carryl. See [Osborn (Laughton)]. 

Arthus (Gotard). Historia | Indiae | Orientalis, | ex variis 
Avctori- 1 bvs collecta, et ivxta | Seriem Topographicam Regno- 1 
rum, Prouinciarum & Insularum, per Africae, | Asiaeque littora, 
ad extremos vsque la- 1 ponios deducta, | Qva Regionvm et In- 
svlarvm | situs & commoditas ; Regum & populorum mores & | 
habitus ; Religionum & superstitionum absurda varie- 1 tas ; Lusi- 
tanorum item Hispanorum & Batauorum res | gestae atque Com- 
mercia varia, cum rebus admira- 1 tione & memoratu dignissimis 
alijs, iucun- 1 da breuitate percensentur atq; | describuntur. | Avtore | 
M. Gotardo Arthvs | Dantiscano. | Coloniae Agrippinae^ \ Svmptibvs 
VFilhelmi\Lutzenkirch. \ Anno m.dc.viii. | Sm. Svo, lO p. 1., pp. 
616. 2139 

This is an abridgment of the Petits Voyages of De Bry, Arthus assisted in the 
compilation of Hulsius's Voyages. 

Articles agreed on by the Archbishops and Bishops of both 
Provinces and the whole Clergy in the Convocation holden at 
London in 1562, for the Avoiding of Diversities of Opinions, 
and for the Stablishing of Consent touching true Religion. 
Boston^ N. E.^ Richard Pierce^ 1688. 4to, Title, pp. 14. w. 

Articles of Agreement, for carrying on an Expedition, by 
Hudson's Straights, for the Discovery of a North-West Passage 
to the Western and Southern Ocean of America. Dated March 
30, 1745. Dublin: Printed in the Tear mdccxlvi. Svo, pp. 16. 

The expedition was undertaken at the instance of Arthur Dobbs. See Ellis's Voyage 
to Hudson's Bay, 1748. 

Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the 
States of New-Hampshire, Massachusetts-Bay, Rhode Island 
and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jer- 
sey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Caro- 
lina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Lancaster^ Printed by Francis 
Bailey^ I']']']. Folio, pp. 26. -{-New London [Cb««.], 1777. 
Folio, pp. ii.'\-Boston^ ^177' Folio, pp. i6.-{- Newbern^ Re- 


printed^ James Davis ^ ^111- Folio, pp. 9. 4- Williamsburg^ 
Printed by Alexander Purdie. [n. d.] Folio, pp. 4. h. -\- An- 
napolis^ Printed by Frederick Green, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 15. -|- 
Exeter^ N. //., Printed by Zechariah Fowle^ ^111- Folio, 
pp. %.-\- Williamsburg^ Printed by J. Dixon and W, Hunter .^ ^778. 
4to, pp. 15. c. 2142 

Also printed as a broadside folio. 

Articles for the better government of the Troops of the 
Twelve united Colonies of North America. Philadelphia .^ W. l^ 
T. Bradford^ ^775' 8vo, pp. 16. p. 2143 

Articles of Peace and alliance between the most Serene and 
Mighty Prince Charles 11. ... And the most Serene and Mighty 
Prince Lewis xiv. the most Christian King, concluded the 21-23 
day of July, 1667. ... Printed by the Assigns of John Bill and 
Christopher Barker [1667]. 4to, pp. 46. C. 2144 

Containing articles for restoring to Great Britain. St. Christopher, Acadia, Antigua, 
Monsarat, etc. See Kennett's Bib. Am. Primordia, p, 121. 

Articles of Peace between the most Serene and Mighty Prince 
Charles ii. ... And several Indian Kings and Queens, &c. 
Concluded the 29''' day of May, 1677. Published by his Ma- 
jesty's command. London^ Printed by John Bill^ Christopher Bar- 
ker^ b'f., 1677. 4to. 2145 

Articles of Peace between ... Charles 11 ... and the ... States 
General of the United Netherlands ; Concluded at Westminster 
the y% day of February, 167I. ... Printed by the Assigns of John 
Bill and Christopher Barker^ 167}. 410, pp. (2) 12. b. 2146 

Also published in Latin, " Articuli Pacis," etc. Hagae Comitum, J. Scheltus, 
1674. 4to, pp. 16. Also in Dutch, " Articulen van de Vreede," etc. [n. p., n. d.] 
pp. 8j and " Translaet uyt het Latijn. Articulen," etc. S'Gravenhage^ "J. Scheltus, 
1674. 4to, pp 20.+ Middelb., Pt. V. Gaetthem, 1 674. 4to, pp. 20. The Fifth 
Article relates to the colony of Surinam. 

Articles of Peace and Alliance between the most Serene and 
Mighty Prince Charles ii. ... And the most Serene and Mighty 
Lords the States General of the United Netherlands ; Concluded 
at Breda the 21-31 day of July, 1667. ... In the Savoy ^ 1667. 
4to, pp. 31. c. 2147 

Partly relates to the Nieuw Netherlands. Also in Dutch, " Tractaet," n. p., n. d. 
4to, pp. (2), 38. 

Articles of Peace between William in. and Louis xiv. Sept. 
1697. London., ^^97- 4^0- 2148 

Refers to Hudson's Bay. In Dutch, " Tractaet," etc., 'sGrav., 1697. 4to. 


Articles of Peace, Friendship and Entercourse, concluded and 
agreed between the Protector and Common-wealth of England, 
and the Queen and Kingdom of Sweden : with reference had to 
a peculiar Treaty, or Contract, for what concerns Commerce to 
be exercised in America. Dated May 19, 1654. 2149 

Title from Kennett's Bib, Am. Prim., 106. A Dutch version " Articulen van 
het Tractaet." etc. [n. p.], 1654. 4to, pp. 8. Another version in Aitzema, in., 
1088-91, is dated April 11. 

Articles of Peace made between the Common-wealth of Eng- 
land, and that of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, with 
a Proclamation of it by his Highness the Lord Protector. Given 
at Whitehall 26, April, 1654. 4to. 2150 

Another edition, translated from the Dutch, and published at London, May 2, 1654. 
4to, pp. 17- 

Articles of the Treaty of Peace betwixt England and France, 
and a particular Reference of the Controversie betwixt both 
Parties, touching the Forts of Penitacot, St. John, and Port- 
Royal, lately taken in America. With a Proclamation of the 
Said Peace, by Oliver, Lord Protector. Given at Whitehall 20th 
of November 1655. 4to. 2151 

See also Tractatus Pacis, and Bib. Am. Prim., pp. 46, 75, 105, 106, 120, 121, 243. 
A Dutch translation, " Artikelen von Vrede," etc. s' Gra'venhaga, A. Vlacq, 1655. 
4to, pp. 8. 

The Articles of War of the Confederate States of America. 
Charleston^ »9. C, 1861. 8vo. 2152 

Articles of War for the Government of the Armies of the 
Confederate States. Charleston^ 1861. 8vo. 2153 

Articles touching Navigation and Commerce between ... 
Charles 11. ... And the High and Mighty Lords the States Gen- 
eral of the United Netherlands, concluded the 21-31 day of 
July, 1667. ... Printed by the Assigns of "John Bill and Christopher 
Barker^ 1667. 4to, pp. 75. 2 1 54 

Pages 8 and 9 refer to the trade and navigation of Africa and America. 

Articul-Brief van de Generael Nederlandsche Geoctrooirde 
West-Indische Compagnie ... by de ... Staten Generael ... op 
den 12 April 1675 geapprobeert ... . s'Gravenhage^ J. Scheltus^ 
1675. 4to, pp. 40. 2154^ 

Articuli Pacis et Confoederationis inter ... Lusitaniae Regem 


... et ... Foederati Belgii Ordines ... conclusae. Hagae Comi- 
tum^ Hill, a Wouw^ 1 663. 4to, pp. 24. 2154^ 

This treaty between Portugal and the States General relates to Brazil. 

Articuli Pacis inter ... Carolum ... ii. ... et ... Ordines 
Gener. Feeder. Belgii Provinc. ... conclusae [31 Julii]. Haga 
Comitum^ H. a JVouw^ ibb^. 4to, pp. 44. 2154^ 

Artikel ... tusschen Carel de 11. ... Koninck van Engeland ... 
ende de ... Staten Generael ... om de geschlllen der En- 
gelsche ... en Nederlandsche Oost-Indische Compagnien te 
voorkomen, Gesl. den 8 Martii 1675 O. St. Gedruckt^ ^^75- 
4to, pp. 8. 2155 

Articulen ende conditien gemaeckt by het overleveren van 
Brasilien, als mede het Recif, Maurits Stadt ende Forten ende 
sterckten daer aen dependerende gesl. den 26 Jan. 1654. 's Gra- 
venhage^ Jan Pietersz [pseudon.], 1654. pp. 8. 2155^ 

Articulen van Vrede ende Confederatie Tusschen de Repub- 
lique van Engelandt, Ende de Staten Generael van de Veree- 
nighde Nederlantsche Provintien. Tot Harderwijck^ Vor Ryckaert 
de Vrede ^ in '/ Jaer ons Heeren 1654. 4to, 8 1. 2 1 56 

Some copies have {Gra-venhaga^ and others Wtrecht instead of Hardertuijck. 
Ryckaert de Vrede is a pseudonym. This was translated and published at London, May 
2, 1654. 4to, pp. 17. See No. 2150 iupra. 

Articulen van Vrede | ende Confcederatie, | Gheslooten tusschen 
den I Doorluchtighsten Coningh van Portugael | ter eenre, Ende de 
Hoogh Mogende Heeren | Staten Generael der Vereenighde 
Neder- 1 landen, ter andere zyde. | /« 'sGraven-Hage^\By Hille- 
brandt van Wouw^ Ordinaris Drucker vande Ho : Mo : I Heeren 
Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden.\ Anno 1 663. Met 
Privilegie. I 4to, 14 1. 2157 

Articulen van Vrede | Ende Verbondt, tusschen | den Door- 
luchtighsten, Grootmachtighsten Prins ende | Heere, Heere Karel, 
de tvi^eede van dien naem, | Koningh van Groot Britannien, ter 
eenre ; ende de | Hoogh Mogende Heeren Staten Generael der 
Veree- 1 nighde Nederlantsche Provintien, ter andere zijde ge-| 
slooten. I Na de Copye^ | In 'sGravenhage^ \ By Hillebrant van JVouw^ 
Ordinaris Drucker van de Hoog \ Mogende Heeren Staten Generael 
der Vereenighde N e der landen. \ Anno 1667. Met Privilegie. | 410, 
12 1. 2158 

The original of the treaty of Breda, July 31st, 1667, relates to the New Netherlands. 
Another edition was published with the same imprint. Imp. 4to, pp. 40 


As It Is. [Manners and Customs in Washington recently.] 
Albany^ i860. i2mo, pp. 260. 2159 

As the great business of the polite world is the eager pursuit 
of amusement, and as the Public diversions of the Season have 
been interrupted by the hostile parade in the capital, the exhibi- 
tion of a new farce may not be unentertaining. The Group, as 
lately acted and to be re-acted to the wonder of all superior in- 
telligences, nigh head quarters to Amboyna. The author has 
thought proper to borrow the following spirited lines from a late 
celebrated poet, and offer to the public by way of Prologue, 
which cannot fail of pleasing at this crisis. [Quotation, 12 lines 
from Pope.] Boston : Printed and Sold by Edes and Gill^ '^11 S- 
8vo, pp. 22. -\- Philadelphia : Reprinted^ James Humphreys^ Junr,^ 
1775. 2160 

As you were ! A Word of Advice To Straight-Haired Folks : 
addressed to the Freemen of Connecticut, by One of their Num- 
ber. To which is subjoined a Nomination for Assistants, and 
a List of Candidates for Election, as Representatives to Con- 
gress. \_New-Haven^ T. G, Woodward^ Print. ^ 18 16.] 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 2161 

AsBURY (Francis). Journal of Francis Asbury, Bishop of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church in America, from August 7th, 
1 77 1, to December 29th, 1778. Philadelphia^ 1792. + August 
7, 1 77 1, to December 7, 18 15. New-Tor k^ N. Bangs and T. 
Mason^ for the Methodist Episcopal Churchy 1 82 1. 3 vols., 8vo, 
pp. viii., 400; 400 ; 420. B. 2162 

Asbury. Extract from the Journal of Francis Asbury, from 
Jan. I, 1779, to Sept. 3, 1780. Philadelphia^ 1 802. i2mo. 

Ascot Mining Company, Lower Canada. Reports on Con- 
dition and Prospects ... Boston^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 23. h. 2164 

AscHENFELDT (Fricdrich). Memoiren aus meinem Tage- 
buche, gefiihrt wahrend meiner Reisen und meines Aufenthaltes 
in Brasilien in den Jahren 1843 ^^^ ^^47- Oldenburg^ H. 
Franckel^ 1848. 8vo, pp. iv., 156. 2165 

AscHLUND (Arent). Iver Beres Gronlands Beskrivelse, med 
et Kaart og Forerindring. Kjbbenhavn^ 1832. + 2'^'=' forbedrede 
Oplag. Kj'obenhavn^ 1832. -}- A German translation. Kjob.^ 
1833. 8vo. 2166 



AsCHMANN (Rudolf). Drel Jahre in der Potomac-Armee 
oder eine Schweizer Schiitzen-Compagnie im nordamerikani- 
schen Kriege. Richtersweil^ Lang^ 1865. 8vo, pp. iv., 228. 

Ash (John). The | Present State of Affairs | in Carolina. | By 
John Ash, Gent. | Sent by several of the Inhabitants of that 
Colony, to I deliver their Representation thereof to, | and seek 
Redress from the Lords Proprietors of that Prov-| ince : To- 
gether with an Account of his Reception, | by the Honourable 
the Lord Granville, their Palatine, | President, or Chief of the 
Proprietors. [^London^ 1706.] 4to, Half-Title, and pp. 29-67 of 
Appendix to " The Case of the Protestant Dissenters in Caro- 
lina," London^ 1706. c. 2168 

[Ash (John)]. Charters of Carolina, and appendix of docu- 
ments. London^ 1 706. Numbered from No. i to No. 14, 
forming 67 pp., 4to. c. 2169 

" The above tract, now rare, is said by Oldmixon [who wrote contemporaneously] to 
have been drawn up by John Ash, on his mission to the proprietary government of 
Carolina in London. It is usually found appended to " The Case of the Protestant 
Dissenters in Carolina," London, 1706, and is on the same subject. Sometimes also 
found separately, but without title-page." — A. R. S. 

Ash (St. George). A Sermon Preach'd before the Incorpo- 
rated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts ; at their Anniversary Meeting in the Parish-Church of 
St. Mary-le-Bovv^ ; on Friday the i8th of February, 17 14. By 
the Right Reverend Father in God, St. George, Lord Bishop of 
Clogher in Ireland. London^ J. Downing^ ^7^S' 8vo, pp. 62. M. 

Ash (S.) a Letter of many Ministers in Old England, 
requesting the judgment of their reverend Brethren in New 
England concerning nine positions. Written a.d. 1637. To- 
gether with their answer thereunto returned, anno 1639, and the 
reply unto the said answer sent over unto them, anno 1640. 
Now published by Simeon Ash and William Rathband. London^ 
for Thomas Underhill^ 1643. Sm. 4to, 5 p. 1., pp. 90. 21 7 1 

A[sh] (T[homas] ). Carolina ; | Or | A | Description | Of the 
Present State of that | Country, | and | The Natural Excellencies 
thereof; viz. The | Healthfulness of the Air, Pleasantness of the 
Place, I Advantage and Usefulness of those Rich Commo-| dities 
there plentifully abounding, which much | encrease and flourish 
by the Industry of the Plan-| ters that daily enlarge that Colony. | 
Published by T. A. Gent. | Clerk on Board His Majesties Ship 
the Richmond, which was | sent out in the Year 1680, with 




particular Instructions to | enquire into the State of that Country, 
by His Majesties I Special Command, and Return'd this Present 
Year, 1682. | Londo?:^ \ Printed for W. C, and to he Sold by 
Mrs. Grover ...|... 1682. 4to, pp. (2), 40. 'c. & H. 2172 

Reprinted in Carrol Coll. ii., pp. 59-84. 

AsHBURNHAM, Alass. Annual Report of the School Com- 
mittee, of Ashburnham, 1849-50. Fitchhurg^ Printed by C. C. 
Curtis^ 1850. i2mo, pp. ii. Continued; 1851-52, and later 
reports, 8vo. 2173 

A Copy of the Valuation and Taxes of the Town of Ash- 
burnham, for the Year 1857. Fitchburg^ Printed by E. ^ J, F. 
D. Garfield^ 1857. ^vo, pp. 30. H. 2174 

Prospectus and Reports on the Ashburton Coal Company's 
Estate, in Schuylkill and Luzerne Counties, Penn. Office, No. 
39 William Street, New York. New Tork^ Dodge & Grattan^ 
Printers., 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. Map. H. 2175 

Ashburton [Lord). See Baring (Alexander). 

AsHCROFT. Ashcroft's Railway Directory for 1866, contain- 
ing an Official List of the Officers and Directors of the Rail- 
roads in the United States and Canada, together with their 
Financial Condition and Amount of Rolling Stock. Compiled 
from Official Reports by John Ashcroft. New York., John Ash- 
croft., 1866. 8vo, pp. 172. 2176 

Ashe (Thomas). A Commercial View, and Geographical 
Sketch, of the Brasils in South America, and of the Island of 
Madeira ... . By T. Ashe, Esq. Who travelled the Continent 
of America several Years. London., Allen iff Co.^ 181 2. 8vo, 
Title, pp. 160. h. 2177 

According to the "Monthly Review/" lxx., pp. 219, a compilation of no merit 

Ashe. Memoirs and Confessions of Capt. Ashe. Written 
by Himself. London, 1 815. 3 vols., post 8vo. P. 2178 

Ashe. Memoirs of Mammoth and various other Extraordi- 
nary and stupendous bones of non-descript animals found in the 
vicinity of the Ohio, Wabash, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, 
Osage and Red Rivers ... [and now in the Liverpool Museum]. 
By Thomas Ashe. Liverpool, 1806. 8vo, pp. 60. 2179 

Ashe. Travels in America, performed in 1806, For the 
Purpose of exploring the Rivers Alleghany, Monongahela, Ohio, 



and Mississippi, and Ascertaining the Produce and Condition of 
their Banks and Vicinity. By Thomas Ashe, Esq. In Three 
Volumes. London^ Phillips^ 1808. i2mo, pp. iv., iv., 328 ; 2 p. 1., 
292; 2 p. 1., ilO.-\- Newbury port ^ Re-printed for IVilliam Sawyer 
6f Co.^ 1808. i2mo, pp. 366. H. 2180 

Some copies have the imprint, Neiv Tork, 1808. Also included in Phillips' 
Voyages, v. x., and Pinkerton. " An unmeasured hatred of the Americans per- 
vades the whole of Mr. Ashe's narrative. His account of the Atlantic States forms 
the most comprehensive piece of national abuse we ever recollect to have perused. 
Their inhabitants it seems are all abominably vicious j but in degrees very nicely 
distinguished; the middle states being bad — the northern very bad — and the southern 
execrable." — Ed. Rev., xv., 349. See also Quar. Rev. 

AsHER (Adolph). A short Bibliographical Memoir of the Col- 
lection of Voyages and Travels published by Levinus Hulsius, at 
Nuremberg and Francfort, from 1598 to 1650. By A. Asher. 
[s. 1.], 1833, 8vo, pp. 16. 2181 

This was extracted from Asher's "Monthly List of Old Books," afterwards re- 
printed, with the following title : 

AsHER. Bibliographical Essay on the Collection of Voyages 
and Travels, edited and published by Levinus Hulsius and his 
Successors at Nuremberg and Francfort from Anno 1598 to 
1660. By A. Asher. London and Berlin^ A. Asher^ 1839. 4to, 
3 p. 1., pp. 118. H. 2182 

One hundred and twenty copies printed. 

AsHER (C. W.) Uber die deutschen Handelsverhaltnisse zu 
den Landern des westlichen Amerika. Ein Vortrag, gehalten 
am 8. Mai 1850 im Verein zur Centralisation deutscher Aus- 
wanderung und Colonisation zu Berlin. Berlin^ 1850. 8vo, 
PP- 37- 2183 

With an official report *' Uber Californien," by Butler King. 

AsHER (G. M.) Henry Hudson the Navigator, the original 
Documents in which his career is recorded, collected, partly 
translated, and annotated with an introduction. By G. M. Asher. 
London^ Hakluyt Society^ i860. 8vo. 2184 

Mr. Hannah, librarian of the Long Island Historical Society, has printed a Sketch 
of Henry Hudson, the Navigator, By Dr. G. M. Asher, of Heidelberg. Brooklyn^ 
Reprintedfor Pri-vate Circulation. 8vo. pp. 23. 

AsHER. Prospectus of a Bibliographical and Historical Essay 
on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets relating to New-Netherland, 
and to the Dutch West-India Company, as also on the Maps, 
Charts, &c. of New-Netherland. Compiled from the Dutch 

292 ASHLEY. 

public and private libraries, and chiefly from the collection of 
Mr. Frederick Muller in Amsterdam. By G. M. Asher. Am- 
sterdam^ 1854-55. 4to, 2 1., pp. 120; a List of the Maps 
and Charts of New-Netherland, pp. 22. ; List of Names, pp. 
23. Map. N. 2185 

Also on large paper. Owing to a dispute between the author and the publisher 
this work was not completed. It terminates abruptly at page 120, followed by three 
pages of additions and corrections, which, /)r/wa y^c/f, convey the idea that the work 
is complete. Tromel, in his Bib. Amer., evidently had access to the unpublished 
MS., as he refers to numbers as high as 300, whereas this work describes only 117. 
See Bib. Am. Vet., xxxvi. 

AsHER (J.) Incidents in the Life of the Rev. J. Asher, 
Pastor of Shiloh (Coloured) Baptist Church, Philadelphia, U. S., 
and A Concluding Chapter on Facts illustrating the Unrighteous 
Prejudice existing in the Minds of American Citizens toward 
their Coloured Brethren, with an Introduction by Wilson 
Armistead ... . London^ Charles Gilpin^ 1850. l6mo, pp. (4), 

80. H. 2186 

Ashley (Chester). Speech ... on the Oregon Question. ... 
April 3, 1846. Washington^ ... Blair and Rives ^ 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 2187 

Ashley (F. B.) Mormonism : an Exposure of the Imposi- 
tions adopted by the sect called " The Latter-day Saints." By 
the Rev. F. B. Ashley. London^ 1851. 8vo, pp. 36. 2188 

Ashley (James M.) The Rebellion — Its Causes and Con- 
sequences. A Speech delivered by Hon. J. M. Ashley, at 
College Hall in the City of Toledo, Tuesday Evening, Nov. 
26, 1 86 1. Toledo^ Pelton and Waggoner,, Printers^ 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 21. -{-{^Washington, Towers, Printers, 1 86 1.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 

Ashley. Success of the Calhoun Revolution : the Constitu- 
tion changed and Slavery nationalized by the Usurpations of the 
Supreme Court. Speech of Hon. James M. Ashley, of Ohio. 
Delivered in the U. S. House of Representatives, May 29, i860. 
Washington, D. C, Buell ^ Blanchard, Printers, i860. 8vo, 
pp. 30. h. 2190 

Ashley. Protection and Freedom in Arizona. Speech of 
Hon. J. M. Ashley, of Ohio. Delivered in the House of Re- 
presentatives, May 8, 1862. {Washington, Printed by L. Towers 
^ Co., 1862.] 8vo, pp. 8. h. 2191 

Also, Speeches : '-Initiate Emancipation." -^/)r// 1 1, 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. Protection 
and Freedom in Arizona, May 8, 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. The Liberation and Resto- 

ASHLEY. 293 

ration of the South. March 30, 1864. 8vo, pp. 15. Speech, Jan. 6, 1865, on the 
Constitutional Amendment for the Abolition of Slavery. New Tork, 1865. 8vo, 
pp. 22. Another Edition. 8vo, pp. 8. Impartial Suffrage. May 29, 1866. 8vo, 
pp. 15. 

Ashley (John). Memoirs and Considerations concerning 
The Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in America. 
With Proposals for rendering those Colonies more Beneficial 
to Great Britain. By John Ashley Esq ; London, C. Corbett 
[etc.] 1740. 8vo, pp. vi., 154. H. 2192 

" This pamphlet relates principally to the Produce of Sugar in the West Indies, and 
the markets for it." — Rich. 

Ashley. The Second Part of Memoirs and Considerations 
Concerning the Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in 
America ; Tending to shew How the Trade and Interest of 
those Colonies are interwoven with the Interest of Great Britain, 
and that the Traffick, Wealth and Strength of the whole British 
Empire may thereby be greatly increased. By John Ashley, 
Esq ; Late Deputy-Surveyor and Auditor-General of all his 
Majesty's Revenues arising in Barbados, and the Windward 
Caribbee Islands in America, and a Member of his Majesty's 
Council in the said Island of Barbados. London, Printed by H. 
Kent for E. Comyns, mdccxliii. 8vo, pp. xii., 127. H. 2193 

Ashley. A Supplement to the Second Part of the Memoirs 
of the Trade and Revenues of the British Colonies in America. 
By John Ashley. 1744. 8vo. 2194 

[Ashley.] Some Observations on A Direct Exportation of 
Sugar, from the British Islands. With Answers to Mr. Tori- 
ano's Objections to it. In a letter from a Gentleman in Bar- 
bados, to his Friend in London. [Signed John Ashley.] London, 
M.DCC.xxxv. 4to, pp. 23. H. 2195 

[Ashley.] The Sugar Trade, with the Incumbrances thereon, 
Laid Open. By A Barbadoes Planter. London, J. Peek, 1734. 
8vo, pp. (8), 22, and 2 folded leaves. w. «fe h. 2196 

Ashley (Jonathan). A Letter From the Reverend Mr. Jona- 
than Ashley, To the Reverend Mr. William Cooper. In Answer 
to his Objections to Mr. Ashley's Sermon ; as publish'd in the 
Boston Gazette, January nth. 1743. \_Boston, S. Eliot, 1743.] 
4to, pp. 7. H. & w. 2197 

Ashley. ... Sermon at Gathering of a Church at New 

294 ASHMUN. 

Salem, and Ordination of Rev. Samuel Kendall, Dec. 15, 1742. 
By Rev. Jonathan Ashley. Boston^ I743« 8vo, pp. 36. M. 

Ashley. ... A Sermon Preach'd at Deerfield, Nov. 25. 
1 74 1. Upon the gathering a Church for Fall-Town [now Ber- 
nardstown], and the Ordination of Mr. John Norton ... . By 
Jonathan Ashley ... . Boston^ Printed by S. Kneeland and T, 
Green^ IJ4.2. 8vo, Title, pp. 28. H. 2 199 

Ashley. ... A Sermon Preached at Northfield, Jan. 11. 
1748. the Day before the Interment of the Remains of the 
Reverend Benjamin Doolittle, Pastor of the Church there. Who 
died January 9. 1748, in the 54th Year of his Age, and 30th of 
his Ministry. By Jonathan Ashley, a.m. ... Boston^ Printed by 
Rogers and Fowle^ 1749- 8vo, pp. 26. H. 2200 

Mr. Ashley also published " The Great Duty of Charity ... A Sermon ... Boston^ 
S. Eliot, 1742." 8vo, pp. (4), 25. " A Sermon at the Ordination of Samuel Ken- 
dall, at New Salem, 1742." " An humble Attempt," etc. Boston, 1753. 4to, pp. 
26. " Churches consisting of Saints. Two Sermons. Boston, 1753." 8vo, pp. 26. 

Ashley (S. S.) Present Duty. An Address deHvered before 
the Worcester & Middlesex Temperance Union, at Ashland, 
Mass., November ii, 1862. By Rev. S. S. Ashley, of North- 
borough. Published by the Worcester and Middlesex Temperance 
Union^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2201 

In favor of a prohibitory liquor law. 

AsHMEAD (J. W.) Opening Speech of John W. Ashmead, 
United States District Attorney, in the Case of the United 
States vs. Castner Hanway, indicted for Treason, in the Circuit 
Court of the United States for the Eastern District of Pennsyl- 
vania, Delivered November 28, 1851. Philadelphia^ B, Mifflin^ 
Printer^ 1 851. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 2202 

Ashmead (William). A Sermon, preached in the Second 
Presbyterian Church, Charleston, May 24, 1829, on assuming 
the Pastoral Charge ... . By William Ashmead. ... Charleston^ 
Observer Office Press^ 1829. ^^^5 PP* 47* ^' 2203 

AsHMUN (J.) History of the American Colony in Liberia, 
from December 1821 to 1823. By J. Ashmun. Compiled 
from the Authentic Records of the Colony. Washington^ Printed 
by Way ^ Gideon^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 42. Map. H. 2204 

AsHMUN (George). Speech of Mr. Geo. Ashmun of Mass. 

ASPDEN. 295 

on the Mexican War, Feb. 4. 1847. ^ashington^ 1847. ^^o, 
pp. 16. 2205 

Also, Speeches, July 27, 184.6, on the Bill for additional Fortifications. 8vo, ppt 7. 
Reply to the attack of C. J. IngersoU upon Daniel Webster, April 27, 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 16. Speech of Emancipation in [the French] Colonies. 8vo, pp. 16. Speech 
upon the Texas Boundary, Aug. 14, 1850. 8vo, pp. 15. 

AsHMUN. Memoir of the Life and Character of the Rev. 
Samuel Bacon, a.m. late an Officer of Marines in the United 
States' Service: afterwards Attorney at Law in ... Pennsyl- 
vania : and subsequently a Minister of the Episcopal Church, 
and Principal Agent Of the American Government for person^ 
liberated from Slave-Ships, on the Coast of Africa ; Where he 
[died] ... May, 1820. By J. Ashmun. Washington City [etc.], 
Jacob Gideon^ junior^ Printer^ 1822. 8vo, pp. viii., 288. b. 

AsHTON. Ashton's Memorial. An History of the Strange 
Adventures, and Signal Deliverances, of Mr. Philip Ashton, 
Who, After he had made his Escape from the Pirates, liv'd 
alone on a Desolate Island for about Sixteen Months, &c. With 
A short Account of Mr. Nicholas Merritt, who was taken at 
the same time. To which is added, A Sermon on Dan. 3. 17, 
by John Barnard, v.d.m. [Mottoes.] Boston^ N. E.^ Samuel 
Gerrish^ IJI^. 8vo, pp. (4), 66. n.-^ London ; Printed for 
Richard Ford and Samuel Chandler^ 1726. i2mo, 4 p. 1., pp. 
148. N. 2207 

Ashton was taken prisoner by the pirate Low, at Port Rossaway, Cape Sable, and 
carried into the West Indies, Central America, etc. 

AsHWORTH (Henry). Recollections of a Tour in the United 
States of America, Canada, and Cuba ; delivered before the 
Members of the Bolton Mechanics' Institute. ... By Henry 
Ashworth. Reprinted from " The Bolton Chronicle."' Bolton^ 
James Hudsmith [1859]. ^^°> PP- 45- H. 2208 

Asie et Amerique, ou Tableau interessant de la religion, des 
mcEurs, usages et coutumes divers des populations de ces deux 
parties du monde. Paris^ Lehuby^ 1855. i2mo. 2 Engravings. 

AsPDEN. Supreme Court of the United States. No. 160. 
John A. Brown, Adm'r of John Aspden, of London ... et al., 
Appellants, vs. Matthias Aspden's Adm'r D. B. N. C. T. A., 
et al. On Appeal from the Circuit Court, U. S., for the 
Eastern District of Pennsylvania. \_lVashington^ Gideon^ Print, ^ 
1851.] 8vo, pp. vii., 1209. H. 2210 


Aspen. Letters and other Documents, Produced in the Case 
of the Succession of Matthias Aspden, and Ordered to be 
Printed. Philadelphia [^Privately printed^ i^-^'j. 8vo, pp. 316. 

The Aspect of the Times, a Political Poem, &c. By a 
Native of Newark. Newark^ 1% 7^1. i2mo. 2212 

The Aspects of Religion in the United States of America. 
By the Author of " The Englishwoman in America." London^ 
Low^ 1859. i2mo, pp. 190. 2213 

AspiNALL (Joseph). The Transit Question. Transportation 
to the Seaboard. The Enormous Charges on Western Produce. 
Letter from Joseph Aspinall, Esq., President of the Detroit 
Board of Trade, in Reply to Hon. N. S. Benton ... . [n. p., 
1865.] Svo, pp. 12. H. 2214 

AspiNWALL (Thomas). Catalogue of Books relating to 
America, in the Collection of Colonel Aspinwall, Consul of the 
United States of America at London. \_Paris^ 1831 ?] 8vo, 2 
p. 1., pp. 66. c. & H. 2215 

The collection comprises 771 rare and valuable articles, collected by its worthy pos- 
sessor during his long residence at London as Consul-General. They were subse- 
quently purchased by Mr. S. L. M. Barlow, of New York, but unfortunately about 
3500 of the 4000 volumes which the library contained were destroyed by fire. It is 
gratifying to add that the portion saved included the rarest of the books. 

Aspinwall. [Letter to Col. Aspinwall, accompanying a 
Service of Plate, offered to him, on his Return to America, by 
Baring Brothers and 35 others ; with his Reply. London^ Litho- 
graphed in imitation ofMS.^ ^^53.] 4to, pp. 4. H. 22x6 

Aspinwall. Remarks on the Narragansett Patent. Read 
before The Massachusetts Historical Society, June, 1862, by 
Thomas Aspinwall. Boston^ Jo^^ Wilson and Son^ 1863. 8vo, 
pp. 41. H. + Second Edition. Providence^ S. S. Rider^ 1865. 
8vo, pp. 40. 2217 

Aspinwall (William). A Brief Description of the Fifth 
Monarchy, or Kingdome that shortly is to come into the World 
the Monarch, Subjects, Officers and Lawes thereof. By W. 
Aspinwall. London^ Printed by M. Simmons for Livewell Chap- 
man^ 1653. 4^°' 2218 

A[spinwall] (W.) The Legislative Power is Christ's pecu- 



liar prerogative. Proved from the 9th of Isaiah, vers. 6, 7. By 
W. A[spinwall.] London^ Livewell Chapman^ 1656. 4to, pp. 39. 

Aspinwall resided some time in New England, and edited Cotton's Abstract of 
Laws. He also published An Explication of the twenty-fourth Chapter of Isaiah. 
His son, Peter Aspinwall, was the first settler in Brookline, Mass. 

AsPLAND (Alfred). On American Prisons. By Mr. Alfred 
Aspland. Read before the Members of the Manchester Statis- 
tical Society December 14, 1864. Manchester^ Cave ^ Sever ^ 
Printers^ 1865. 8vo, pp. 27. 2220 

Aspland (Robert). An Attempt to delineate the Character 
of William Ellery Channing. A Sermon ... . London^ 1842. 
8vo. 2221 

AsPLUND (John). The Annual Register of the Baptist Deno- 
mination in North America, to the First of December 1790, 
containing an Account of the Churches and their Constitutions, 
Ministers, Members, Associations, theii- Plan and Sentiments, 
Rule and Order, Proceedings and Correspondence, ... [Pref- 
ace dated] Southampton County^ Virginia^ July 14, 1791. 4to, 
pp. 72. N. 2222 

AsPLUND. The Universal Register of the Baptist Denomi- 
nation in North America for 1 790-1-2-3-4. Boston^ I794- 
i2mo. w. 2223 

AssALiNi (Paolo). Observations on the ... Plague ; ... 
Trans, from the French by Adam Neale. To which is added, 
A Letter concerning the Seasoning, or Yellow Fever of the West 
Indies : By George Pinckard ... . New Tork^ T. and J. Swords^ 
1806. i2mo, pp. 281. s. 2224 

AssALL (F. W.) Nachrichten iiber die friiheren Einwohner 
von Nordamerika und ihre Denkmaler, gesammelt von Friedrich 
Wilhelm Assail, Berghauptmann des Staates Pennsylvanien. 
Herausgegeben mit einem Vorberichte von Franz Jos. Mone. 
Heidelberg^ A. Oswald^ 1827. 8vo, pp. 152. With an Atlas 
of 12 Lithograph Plates. 2225 

Almost a literal translation of Vol. i. of the " Archaelogia Americana." 

The Assassination and History of the Conspiracy. A Com- 
plete Digest ... . Cincinnati^ J. R. Haiuley ^ Co. 8vo, pp. xi., 
21-163. 2226 

Relates to the death of Abraham Lincoln. 



The Assiento, I or, I Contract I for I Allowing to the Subjects 
of Great Britain | the Liberty of Importing Negroes | into the 
Spanish America. | Sign'd by the Catholick King at Madrid, the| 
Twenty sixth Day of March, i7i3.|By Her Majesties special 
Command. | London^ \ Printed by John Baskett ...|... 1713.I 4to, 
2 p. 1., pp. 48. H.-\- Reprinted, 1726. 2227 

In English and Spanish. 

The Assiento Contract Consider'd, as also The Advantages 
and Decay of the Trade of Jamaica and the Plantations. With 
the Causes and Consequences thereof. In several Letters to a 
Member of Parliament. London, F. Burleigh, 17 14. 8vo, 5 p. 
1., pp. 50. P. 2228 

Assiento que se tomo con Antonio Fernandez Delbas, sobre 
la renta y prouision general de esclauos negros para las Indias, 
ano de mil y seiscientos y quinze. \^MadridF~\ Folio, pp. 20. s. 

Assiento, y Capitvla-|cion que por mandado de su Magestad 
se|ha tomado con diuersas personas interes-| sadas en el co- 
mercio de las Indias, sobre lajcobran^a, y administracion del 
derecho|del aueria por tres anos, que comien^anla correr desde 
principio deste|de i6i8.| Folio, 31 1. 2230 

Assiento, I y Capitv-| lacion qve los se-|nores Presidente y del 
Conse-|jo Real de las Indias tomaron con los vezinos|de la 
ciuidad de Cadiz, y Vniuersidad de|los mareantes de Seuilla. | 
Sobre I la cobran^a, y administracion | del derecho de la aueria, y 
despacho de las armadas, y flo-|tas de las Indias, por tiempo de 
seys anos, que|comien^an a correr desde principio | del de 1621. 
^no 1620. \Impresso\ en Madrid. Por Fernando Correa de Monte- 
negro. \ Folio, 41. 1. j.C.B. 2231 

Assiento y | Capitvlacion, qve | los senores Presidente, y del 
Consejo I Real de las Indias tomaron con Adriano de Legaso, 
por I si y en nombre del Prior y Consules de la Vniuersidad | de 
los cargadores a las Indias de la ciudad de Seuilla, y | demas per- 
sonas interessadas en el comercio dellas, so- 1 bre la cobran^a y 
administracion del derecho de la Aue-|ria, y despacho de las 
armada y flotas de las Indias, por | tiempo de seis anos, que 
comen^aran acorrer des-|de principio del venidero de 1628. y 
se| cumpliran en fin del | de 633. | En Madrid, Por luan Gonzalez. \ 
Am de M.DC.xxvii. | Folio, 44 1. 2232 

Assiento y | Capitvlacion, q^ve|los senores Presidente, y del 



Conse-|jo Real de las Indlas tomaron con el Prior, y Consu-| 
les, y Comercio de Seuilla, sobre la cobran^a, y ad-|ministracion 
del derecho de la Aueria, y despacho de | las Armadas, y Flotas 
de las Indias, por tiempo de|tres anos, que comien^an a correr 
desde prin-|cipio deste de mil y seiscientos, |y quarenta. | £n 
Madrid^ Por Andres de Parra. \ Aho de m.dc.xxxx. | Folio, 
51 1. 2233 

Assiento. \Begins\ En | el Nom- 1 bre de | Dios, | Amen. | Sepan | 
qvantos esta| carta viere|como nos Crhis-|toval de Barnvevo 
Boni- 1 faz, y Ivan de Vergara Gaviria, | etc. \^Assiento del Aueria 
de prior y Consules am de 1618.] Folio, 27 1. 2234 

Assimilated Rank of the Civil Branch of the Navy. See 
[Ruschenberger (W. S. W.)] 

Association of American Geologists and Naturalists. Re- 
ports of the First, Second, and Third Meetings of the Asso- 
ciation of American Geologists and Naturalists, at Philadelphia, 
in 1840 and 1841, and at Boston in 1842. Embracing its Pro- 
ceedings and Transactions. Boston^ Gould^ Kendall & Lincoln^ 
1843. ^vo^ PP- 544- 21 Plates. h. 2235 

N° I. Association du sou par semaine en faveur des esclaves. 
[Compte rendu. Lausanne^ Imp. Georges Bridel^ 1859.] i6mo, 
pp. 8. H. 2236 

The Association of Franklin Medal Scholars. [Its History, 
with a List of the Scholars.] Printed for the Association 
from the Annual Report of the School Committee for 1857. 
Boston^ Geo, C. Rand & Avery ^ City Printers^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 

40. H. 2237 

The Association, &c. of the Delegates of the Colonies, at the 
Grand Congress, held at Philadelphia, Sept. i, 1774; Versified, 
and adapted to Music, calculated for Grave and Gay disposi- 
tions ; with a short Introduction. By Bob Jingle, Esq ; Poet 
Laureat to the Congress. Printed in the Year M,dcc,lxxiv. 
^Philadelphia.'] 8vo, pp. 22. N. 2238 

Published by the Tories to ridicule the proceedings of" Congress. See M. R., lii., 

[Association for the exhibition of the industry of all nations.] 
Official Catalogue of the New- York Exhibition of the Industry 
of all Nations. 1853. ^^"^ Tork^ George P. Putnam & Co.^ 

300 ASTIE. 

1853. i2mo, pp. 192. + First revised Edition. New York^ 
1853. i2mo, pp. 240, 22. N. 2239 

Statement made by the Association for the Exhibition of the 
industry of all Nations in regard to the Organization and Pro- 
gress of the Enterprise. New Tork^ Carr and Hicks^ 1853. 
8vo, pp. 56. Plate. A. 2240 

The Association also published various broadside circulars, and a Description of the 
Building, broadside. 

Association for the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations. 
Official Awards of Juries. Professor B. Silliman, Jr., B. P. 
Johnson, Esq., Samuel Webber, Esq., Commissioners on Juries. 
... New Tork^ Printed by Wm. C. Bryant Cff Co., 1853. ^^^t 
pp. v., 99. H. 2241 

Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institu- 
tions for the Insane. [Report of] the Committee on the distri- 
bution of Lunatic Hospital Reports ... 1857. 8vo, pp. 8. P. 

AssoLLANT (Alfred). Cannoniers a vos pieces ! Par Alfred 
Assollant. Paris^ E. Dentu^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 30. B. 2243 

AssoLLANT. Scenes de la vie des £tats-Unis par Alfred 
Assollant Acacia Les Butterfly Une fantaisie americaine. Paris^ 
L. Hachette et C'% 1859. i2mo. Title, pp. 364. B. 2244 

AsTETE DE Ulloa (Gonzalo). Pompa fvnebre, |y Exceqvias, 
qve I el excelentissimo Senor | D. Pedro de Toledo y Leyba 
Marques dejMancera, Virrey destos Reynos hizo en la|muerte 
de la Reyna nuestra Senoraj Doiia Ysabel de Borbon. | A la Ex. 
S. D. Maria Lvisa | de Salazar y Enriquez Virreyna \ del Peru \ Por 
el lie. D. Gonzalo \ Astete de Vlloa Capellan mayor de la | Capilla 
Real de Lima.\ [1645.] 4to, 126 1. 2245 

AsTi (Felice). Memoria o dissertazione sopra la Nuova 
China China del regno di S. Fe, nell' America meridionale. 
Seconda edizione ... con lettere de V. Dandolo. Venezia^ ^79^* 
4to. 2246 

AsTiE (J. F.) Histoire de la republique des £tats-Unis 
depuis I'etablissement des premieres colonies jusqu'a I'election 
du president Lincoln (1620-1860). Par. J. F. Astie. Precedee 
d'une preface par M. Ed. Laboulaye, de I'Institut. [Motto.] 
Paris^ Grassarty 1865. 8vo, pp. xv., 478; 589. B. 2247 

ASTOR. 301 

AsTiE. Le reveil religieux des £tats Unis (1857-1858), 
d'apres les principales publications americaines et anglaises. 
Lausanne^ Bride I ^ 1859. l2mo. 2248 

AsTiE (J. F.) De godsdienstige opwekking in Amerika, ten 
tijde van Jonathan Edwards. Uit het Fransch. s' Gravenhage^ 
H. y. Gerretsen^ 1866. Post 8vo, pp. 43. 2248^ 

I have not seen the French original. 

AsTLEY (Thomas). Collection of Voyages. See [Green 

Astor Library, N. Y. Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of 
the Trustees. New-York^ 1849. ^^^j PP- 8- 2249 

Alphabetical Index to the Astor Library, or Catalogue, with 
Short Titles, of the Books now collected, and of the Proposed 
Accessions, as submitted to the Trustees of the Library for 
their Approval, Jan., 1851. [By Dr. J. G. Cogswell.] New 
Tork^ R. Craighead^ Printer^ 1 85 1. 8vo, pp. xxx., 446. 2250 

Catalogue of Books in the Astor Library relating to the Lan- 
guages and Literature of Asia, Africa and the Oceanic Islands. 
New Tork^ Astor Library Autographic Press ^ mdcccliv. 8vo, pp. 
(8), 424. H. 2251 

100 copies printed. " Languages of the American Indians," pp. 179-187. 

Catalogue or Alphabetical Index of the Astor Library. ... 
Part I. Authors and Books. [Compiled by J. G. Cogswell.] 
... New Tork^ Printed by R. Craighead^ 1857-61. 8vo, pp. v., 
21 10. -{-Supplement ... with an Alphabetical Index of Subjects 
in all the Volumes. ... New Tork^ 1866. 8vo, pp. (4), 605. 

With title-pages to divide the work into five volumes. 

Concise Classified List of ... Bibliography ... selected ... 
for the Astor Library. New Tork^ 1849. ^vo, pp. 30. 2253 

Also prefixed to the Alphabetical Index. 

List of Periodicals and Transactions of Societies taken in at 
the Astor Library, 1855. \_New Tork^ 1855.] 8vo, pp. 24. 
Lithographed. 2254 

Annual Report of the Trustees to the Legislature, [for 1849]. 
Albany^ N, 7"., 1850. 8vo. Continued. 2255 



Prospectus of the Astor Mining Company, Eagle River, Lake 
Superior. Boston^ Wright ^ Potter^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. Map. 

H. 2256 

Astounding Disclosures and Frauds in the Liquor Traffic. 
Published by P. S. T. S. Philadelphia, Tract Society, i860. 
l2mo, pp. 24. H. 2257 

Astronomical Observations made during the Year 1845 ^^ ^^e 
National Observatory, Washington : under the Direction of M. 
F. Maury ... . Vol. l. ... Washington, Printed by J. & G. S. 
Gideon, 1 846. 4to, pp. v., clvi., 273, 1 19. Plates. c. 2258 

Five volumes were published, covering observations from 1845-50 inclusive. Con- 
tinued with the title : 

Astronomical and Meteorological Observations made at the 
United States Naval Observatory, during the Year 1861. ... 
Commander J. M. Gilliss, U. S. N., Superintendent. Washing- 
ton, Government Printing Office, 1862. 4to, pp. xxv., 519 (l). 
Continued. c. 2259 

Four volumes, contains observations from 1861-64 inclusive, had appeared up to 

Asylum. Origin of the First Presbyterian Church of Asylum, 
Bradford Co., Pa. With an Appendix and Notes. And also, 
A Formula used in Receiving Members. Towanda^ Pa., E. S, 
Goodrich, 1843. i2mo, pp. 14. 2260 

At Anchor : a Story of our Civil War. By an American. 
New York, D. Jppleton & Co., 1865. i2mo, pp. 311. c. 2261 

Atall (pseudon.) See [Wain]. 

Atcheson. American Encroachments on British Rights ; 
or. Observations on the Importance of the British North Amer- 
ican Colonies. And on the Late Treaties with the United 
States ; With Remarks on Mr. Baring's Examination ; And a 
Defence of the Shipping Interest from the Charge of having 
attempted to impose on Parliament, and of Factious Conduct in 
their Opposition to the American Intercourse Bill. By Nathaniel 
Atcheson, Esq. f.a.s. [Motto.] London, J. Butterworth, and 
J. M. Richardson, 1 808. 8vo, pp. xiii. (l), cxiii. ; 250. 4 
Maps and Tables, h., c, & p. + A New Edition, with Consid- 
erable Additions. London, iSoS. 8vo. (In the " Pamphleteer," 
Vol. VI., pp. 33-98, and 361-98, and 361-400.) 2262 

See M. R., lix., 305. 


Atcheson. a Collection of Debates in Parliament on the 
Navigation and Colonial System, on the Trade between Great 
Britain and the United States of America, and on the Intercourse 
between the latter and the British Colonies in North America and 
the West Indies, &c. &:c. from 1783 to 1808, both inclusive, 
with Prefatory Observations, Notes, and an Appendix, contain- 
ing ... Documents ... . By Nathaniel Atcheson. London^ 
1808 [or] 1809. 8vo. 2263 

[Atcheson.] Collection of Interesting and Important Re- 
ports and Papers on the navigation and trade of Great-Britain, 
Ireland, and the British Colonies in the West Indies and Amer- 
ica, with tables of tonnage ... . Printed by order of the Society 
of Shipowners of Great Britain. Edited by N. Atcheson. Lon- 
don^ 1807. 8vo, pp. xxviii., 154, ccxcvii. H. &. s. 2264 

[Atcheson.] A Compressed View of the Points to be dis- 
cussed, in treating with the United States of America ; a.d. 18 14. 
With an Appendix and Two Maps. [Mottoes.] London^ J, 
M, Richardson^ 1 8 14. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 39. 2 Maps. H. k s. 

Some copies printed in 4to. Relates to the Boundary Question. See M. R.,lxxv., 
328. Reprinted in the " Pamphleteer," v. 105-139. 

Atchison (David R.) Speech of Hon. D. R. Atchison, of 
Missouri, on the Oregon Question, Delivered in the Senate of 
the United States, March 12, 1846. [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

H. 2266 

Atheos ; or the Tragedies of Unbelief. New York^ Sheldon ^ 
Company^ 1862. l2mo, pp. 331. 2267 

Contains matter relative to Aaron Burr, &c. 

Atherton (Booz M.) See Wells (Bezaleel). 

Atherton (C. G.) Speech of Mr. Atherton of New Hamp- 
shire, on the General Appropriation Bill. ... April 23 and 24, 
1840. IVashington^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 2268 

Also : Speech, May 27, 1840, on the Public Revenue. 8vo, pp. 16. Speech on 
the Twelve Million Loan Bill, July 12, 1841. 8vo. On the Tariff, Dec. 23, 1841. 
8vo. On the Proceeds of the Public Lands, March 30, 1842. 8vo. Apportionment 
Bill, May 3, 1842. 8vo. Speech on the Tariff, May 25, 1844. 8vo. 

Atherton (C. H.) An Address delivered at Concord, 
before the New-Hampshire Historical Society, at their Annual 
Meeting, June 8, 1831. By Charles H. Atherton, a Member 
... . Concord^ Printed by Jacob B. Moore^ 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. 29. N.H. 

304 ATKINS. 

Atherton. Eulogy on Gen. George Washington, late Presi- 
dent of the United States, who died December 14, 1799; 
Delivered at Amherst, N. H. before the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Amherst, the Inhabitants of the Town of Milford, and 
the Benevolent Lodge, on the 22d day of February, 1800, at the 
Request of the Committee of the Selectmen and other Respect- 
able Citizens of the Town of Amherst, to which was superadded 
the Request of the Committee of the Benevolent Lodge. By 
Charles Humphrey Atherton. From the Press of Samuel Preston^ 
Amherst^ 1800. Svo, pp. 23. H. 2270 

Atherton. Memoir of the Hon. Joshua Atherton. Boston^ 
Crosby^ Nichols^ and Company^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 57. H. 2271 

Atherton. An Oration, pronounced in the First Parish at 
Amherst, N. H. ... July 4, 1798. By Charles H. Atherton. 
[Motto.] Printed at Amherst^ by Samuel Preston^ J^ht ^19^* 
8vo, pp. 24. H. 2272 

Atherton (W.) Narrative of the Suffering & Defeat of the 
North-western Army, under General Winchester : Massacre of 
the Prisoners : Sixteen Months Imprisonment ... with the 
Indians and British : By William Atherton. Frankfort^ Ky.^ 
Printed for the Author by A. G. Hodges^ 1842. l8mo, pp. 152. 

H. & P. 2273 

Atkins (John). A Voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West- 
Indies ; In His Majesty's Ships, the Swallow and Weymouth. 
Describing the several Islands and Settlements, viz. Madeira, 
the Canaries, Cape de Verd, Sierraleon, Sesthos, Cape Apol- 
lonia, Cabo Corso, and others on the Guinea Coast ; Barbadoes, 
Jamaica, &c. in the West-Indies. The Colour, Diet, Lan- 
guages, Habits, Manners, Customs, and Religions of the respect- 
ive Natives, and Inhabitants. With Remarks on the Gold, 
Ivory, and Slave-Trade ; and on the Winds, Tides and Cur- 
rents of the several Coasts. By John Atkins, Surgeon in the 
Royal Navy. [Motto.] London^ Ccesar Ward and Richard 
Chandler^ M.DCC.xxxv. Svo, Title, i L, pp. xxv., 265 [pp. 3-18 
omitted]; Errata. h. k s. 2274 

Atkins. A Voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West-Indies ; 
... Giving a Genuine Account of the Several Islands. ... By 
John Atkins, Gent, of Plaistow, in Essex. The Second Edi- 
tion. London and Scarborough^ Ccesar Ward and Richard Chandler^ 
1737. 8vo, pp. xxv., 265. s. 2275 

This is the previous work, with merely a new title. 



Atkins (John). Report of the Evidence in the case, John 
Atkins, appellant, vs. Calvin Sauger & al. Executors, rela- 
tive to the will of the late Mrs. Badger, of Natick. By the 
appellant. Dedham [Ms.], H. ^ W, H. Mann [1822]. 8vo, 
pp. 84. c. 2276 

Atkins. Democracy and Dred Scott. Speech delivered by 
Smith D. Atkins, Before the Freeport Wide Awakes, at Ply- 
mouth Hall ... Aug. 14, i860 ... [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 24. H. 

Atkins (Thomas). American Slavery. ... A Reply to the 
Letter of Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, ... by the Rev. Thomas 
Atkins ... . New-York^ Scobell^ Printer [_n. d.^ 8vo, pp. 13. h. 

Atkinson (Archibald). Speech of Mr. Atkinson, of Vir- 
ginia, on the Oregon Question. Delivered in the House ... Feb- 
ruary 7, 1846. Washington^ Printed at the Union Office^ 1846. 
8vo, pp. 8. H. 2279 

[Atkinson (EdwM)]. Cheap Cotton by Free Labor. By 
A Cotton Manufacturer. Boston., Williams b' C^., 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 52. Second Edition. Boston., 1861. 8vo, pp. 54. 2280 

Atkinson. ... On Cotton. By Edward Atkinson, Esq., of 
Boston, Mass., Delivered Dec. 14th, 1865. [n. p., n. d.] 
8vo, pp. (12). H. 2281 

Lecture ii. of a Course " on The Currency, Resources and Indebtedness of the 
United States, delivered before the American Geographical and Statistical Society." 

Atkinson. Report to the Boston Board of Trade on the 
Cotton Manufacture of 1862, March i, 1863. By Edward 
Atkinson. 8vo, pp. 21. Plate. 2282 

Mr. Atkinson also published a broadside, " The Cotton Kingdom, 5oiro«, March, 
1863," and an Article, "The Future Supply of Cotton," in the North Amer. Rev., 
April, 1864; xcviii., 477-497. 

Atkinson (John). The Hermit : Or an Account of F. A. 
J. Phyle, who Ifved without the use of fire for upwards of 
twenty-two years, in a small cave, in the midst of a wood near 
Mount Holly, in Burlington, N. J., and was found dead in the 
year 1780. By John Atkinson. Philadelphia., 181 1. i8mo. 

[Atkinson (Joseph)]. A Match for a Widow; or, the 
Frolics of Fancy. A comic opera ; in three acts. As per- 
formed at the Theatre-Royal, Dublin. London: Printed for C. 



Dtlly^ in the Poultry^ mdcclxxxviii. 8vo, pp. viil., 6i ; Epi- 
logue, I 1. 2284 

This rare play was written by Joseph Atkinson, Treasurer of the Ordnance in 
Ireland. The part of Jonathan was the first attempt to introduce a Yankee character 
upon the British stage. In it is sung a portion of" Yankee Doodle." — S. 

Atkinson (S.) The Effects of the New System of free trade 
upon our Shipping, Colonies and Commerce ... A Letter to 
Hon. W. Huskisson. London^ 1827. 8vo, pp. 63. + A second 
letter, &c. London^ 1827. 8vo, pp. 51. s. 2285 

Atkinson (Thomas). Address delivered before the Historical 
Society of the University of North-Carolina, June 6, 1855, by 
Rt. Rev. Bishop Atkinson. Published by ... the Society. 
Raleigh^ Holden ^ Wilson^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 32. B. 2286 

Atkinson. ... Sermon at the Consecration of Grace Church, 
Baltimore, Oct. 30. Baltimore^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 22. 2287 

Atkinson [Rev. W. Christopher). A Historical and Statis- 
tical Account of New Brunswick, B.N. A. With Advice to 
Emigrants. By the Rev. W. Christopher Atkinson, a.m. Pas- 
tor of the Presbyterian Church, Mascreen, St. George's. Third 
Edition, greatly improved and corrected. Edinburgh : Printed by 
Jnderson^ Bryce^M.DCCC.XLiv. i2mo, pp. xvi., 284. Map. c. 

Atkinson (William King). Oration delivered at Dover, 
N.H., July 4, 1 79 1. Dover^ 1791. 4to, pp. 23. 2289 

[Atkinson (William P.)] Remarks on an Article from the 
Christian Examiner, entitled " Mr. Parker and his Views" [by 
Dr. E. S. Gannett]. Boston^ JVm. Crosby and H. P. Nichols^ 
1845. 8^0? PP* ^S' ^^9^ 

Atlanta. History of the Rebel Steam Ram " Atlanta," 
now on Exhibition, ... Philadelphia, for the Benefit of the 
Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon. With an Interesting 
account of the Engagement which resulted in her Capture, 
November, 1863. Philadelphia, George H. Ives [1864]. l2mo, 
pp. 10. + Another edition. Philadelphia I1S64.']. pp.4. 2291 

Address of the Atlanta Register to the People of the Con- 
federate States. One Dollar per Copy. Atlanta, Ga., J. J. 
^perry & Co.; Augusta, Ga., Geo. B. Mitchell [Jan. I, 1864]. 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 2292 



Atlantic and Michigan Railway. Sketch of the Geographical 
Rout[e] of a Great Railway from the Atlantic to the Missis- 
sippi. New Tork^ 1829. 8vo, pp. 16. + Second edition, with 
Additions. New York^ 1830. 8vo, pp. 48. 2293 

Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company Circular ... New York^ 
1855. 8vo, pp. 27. p. 2294 

Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph, established under arrange- 
ments of Henry O'Reilly. 7000 miles completed and about 4000 
additional miles arranged for construction ... . \_New York^ 
1852.] 8vo, pp. 16. p. 2295 

Atlantic and Mississippi Railroad. Sketch of the Geographi- 
cal Rout of a Railway to connect the Canals and Navigable 
Waters of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, 
Michigan, Missouri ... . Second Edition. New York^ 1830. 
8vo, pp. 48. 2295J 

Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company. Report of the 
President and Directors to the Stockholders, July, 1848. Port- 
land^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 16. 2296 

The Atlantic Club-Book ; being Sketches in prose and verse, 
by Paulding, Halleck, Bryant, &c. New York^ 1834. 2 vols., 
i2mo.H-Third edition. New York, 1847. ^ vols., i2mo.4- 
London, Newman. 2 vols., post 8vo. 2298 

Atlantic Magazine. New York [1824-5]. ^ vols., 8vo. 

The Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Art, and 
Politics. Boston, Phillips, Sampson and Company [1858]. 8vo, 
pp. iv., 892. Continued. 2299 

Vol. IV., etc., Ticknor and Fields. In xvi., etc., the title reads : " A Magazine of 
Literature, Science, Art, and Politics." Edited, for a time, by James Russell Lowell. 

Atlantic Navigator : being a nautical description of the coasts 
of France, Spain and Portugal, the west coast of Africa, the 
coasts of Brazil and Patagonia, the islands of the Azores, 
Madeiras, Canaries and Cape Verdes. ... a description of the 
principal harbours on the coast of North America, etc. 4th 
Ed. improved and enlarged. London, James Imray Cf Son, 1854. 
8vo, pp. xii., vi., 532. c. 2300 

Atlantic Telegraph. A History of preliminary experimental 
proceedings, and a descriptive account of the present state and 



prospects of the undertaking. Published by order of the direc- 
tors of the company, July, 1857. London^ Jarrold & Sons^ 
1857. ^^^^ PP- ^9' ^ plates. c. 2301 

Report of Proceedings of a Meeting called to Further the 
Enterprise of the Atlantic Telegraph, held at the Hall of the 
Chamber of Commerce, New York, Wednesday, March 4, 
1863. Prepared under the Supervision of John Austin Stevens, 
Jr., Secretary of the Meeting. New Tork^ IV. Amerman^ Printer,^ 
1863. 8vo, pp. 26. c. 2302 

The Atlantic Telegraph j its History from the Commence- 
ment of the Undertaking in 1854, to the Saihng of the Great 
Eastern in 1866. ... London^ G. W. Bacon^ 1866. 8vo, pp. 
166. + To the final success in 1866. London^ G. W. Bacon^ 
1866. i2mo, pp. 116. c. 2303 

Atlantis. Amerikanische Erzahlungen und Geschichten. 
Deutsche Ausgabe. i. Theil. Hamburgh 1854. 8vo, pp. (6), 
154. (Serie 11. der Volksschriften des deutsch-amerikanischen 
Vcreins.) 2304 

Atlantis. Journal des Neuesten und Wissenswurdigsten aus 
dem Gebiete der Politik, Geschichte, Geographic, & Statistik, 
Cultur-Geschichte und Literatur der Nord und Siidamerikani- 
schen Reiche, mit Einschluss des westindischen Archipelagus. 
Herausgegeben von Eduard Florens Rivinus in Philadelphia. 
[_Leipzig^ Hinrichs^y 1826-27. 2 vols., 8vo. C. 2305 

Atlantis. Zeitschrift fiir Leben und Literatur in England 
und Amerika. Herausgegeben von Karl Elze. Dessau^ Katz 
[1853-54]. 2 vols., 4to, about 600 pp. in all. 2306 

The Atlanto-Pacific Canal. For all Nations. (The Hum- 
boldt line, via the Atrato-Cupica valleys.) Capital .£2,500,000. 
Preliminary statement. London [n. d.]. 8vo, pp. 16. 3 Maps. 

Atlas Ameriquain. See Jeffreys (Thos.) 

Atlas Geographicus : or, a compleat System of Geography, 
(Ancient and Modern) for America. Containing What is of 
most Use in Bleau, Varenius, Cellarius, Cluverius, Luyts, 
Baudrand, Sanson, the Royal Commentaries of Peru, &c. With 
the Discoveries and Improvements of the best Spanish, Dutch, 
French and English Authors and Travellers, Ancient and 
Modern, to this Time j with about 30 new Maps, Cuts, San- 



son's Tables, Sec. as may be seen in the Catalogues thereof 
annex'd to the Index. The Maps done by Herman Moll, 
Geographer, in which are all the latest Observations. Europe 
is two Volumes, Asia the Third, Africa the Fourth, and this the 
Fifth. Vol. V. To which is added, A Catalogue of the Maps, 
Cuts, and Sanson's Tables in all the five Volumes, and a Disscrip- 
tion of Bosnia by Omission left out in Europe. In the Savoy: 
Eliz. Nutt^ MDCCXvii. 4to, pp. 807 (4). 24 Maps. c. & p. 

Atlas of Battles of the American Revolution, together with 
Maps, showing the Routes of the British and American Armies, 
Plans of Cities, Surveys of Harbors, &c., taken during that 
eventful period, by the Officers attached to the Royal Army. 
London^ 1793- R^* ^o\\o. 17 Plates. c. 2309 

This being a collection of maps published at various times, with this general 
title, the number of maps varies from seventeen to twenty-two. A New York firm 
purchased a large remainder of these maps, and issued them with the above title-page. 
Their edition is distinguished by the broad letters with which the title Ls printed, and 
the omission of the place and date of publication. 

An Atlas of the United States of North America ; corrected 
to the present period. London^ 1832. 4to. 17 Maps fol. 2310 

Atlas of the United States for the Use of the Blind. Boston^ 
1837. 4to. s. 2311 

Atlas para el viage de las goletas Sutil y Mexicana al recono- 
cimiento del estrecho de Juan de Fuca en 1792, publicado en 
1802. Folio. 9 Maps and 8 Views. c. & h. 2312 

This Atlas belongs to Alcala Galiano. See No. 68 1. 

Atlas zur Entdeckungsgeschichte Amerikas. Aus Handschrift- 
en der K. Hof- und Staats-Bibliothek, der K. Universitat und 
des Hauptconservatoriums der K. B. Armee herausgegeben von 
Friedrich Kunstmann, Karl von Spruner, Georg M. Thomas. 
Zu den Monumenta saecularia der K. B. Akademie der Wissen- 
schaften ... . Miinchen, Nach den Originalen gezeichnet von 
F. Schleicher, technische Bearbeitung in der lithographischen 
Anstalt von Seb. Minsinger. In Comm. bei Asher & Cie in Ber- 
lin^ 1859. 4^o> letterpress, pp. (4), 151. 13 Colored Maps, 
folio c. 2313 

Atlee (E. p.) An Address delivered before the Female 
Anti-Slavery Society of Philadelphia. Phiiade/phia^ iS^^. 8vo, 
pp. 27. 2314 



Atlee. An Address to the Citizens of Philadelphia on the 
Subject of Slavery, &c. By E. P. Atlee. Philadelphia, 1833. 
8vo, pp. 15. 2315 

Atlee (S. Y.) Essay, submitted ... to the Teachers' Asso- 
ciation, of ... Washington, ... October 25th, 1856. [The 
constitution of the U. States a study for schools.] By Samuel 
Yorke AtLee, ... IVashington, D. C, 1857. 8vo, pp.'is. H. 

Atlee (W. L.) Memoir of William R. Grant, m.d., ... 
With a Notice of his Theory of the Foetal Circulation. ... By 
Washington L. Atlee, m.d. ... Philadelphia^ Lipptncott, 1853. 
8vo, pp. 22. Portrait of Grant. 2317 

Atocha (Alexander J.) Memorial to the Senate and House 
of Representatives of the United States of America, 1852. 8vo, 
pp. 21. s. 2318 

Atrato. Prospectus of the Atrato and San Juan Canal and 
Transportation Co. in Nevt^ Granada, South America. New Tork^ 
Baker^ Godwin ^ Co,, Printers, iSs^- 8vo, pp. 16. Map. 

Prospectus of the Atrato River Mining and Trading Company. 
New Tork, Turnbull ^ Keech, Printers [n. d.] 4to, pp. 3. H. 

The caption reads, " The Establishment of Protestant Missionaries and Schools in 
South America, under the Auspices of the ... Company." 

Atson (W.) Heart Whispers 5 or, a peep behind the family 
curtain, interspersed vi^ith sketches of a Tour through Nine 
Southern States ; contained in a series of letters to his vi^ife. By 
William Atson. Philadelphia, H. Cowperthwaite, 1859. i2mo, 
pp. 368. c. 2321 

The Attempt of the North to Subdue the Southerners, and 
the Attempt of Spain to Subdue the Netherlanders. Is there 
any Analogy between them.? An off-hand Enquiry. By the 
author of" Uncle John's Cabin, next door to Uncle Tom's 
Cabin." London, Simpkin, Marshall iff Co., 1865. l2mo, pp. 
16. 2322 

Attempt to Elucidate the Pernicious Consequences of a Devia- 
tion from the Principles of the Orders in Council. London^ 
Tipper, 1809. 8vo, pp. 76. 2323 

Attempt to shov^r that America, &c. See [Mather (Sam'l)]. 

Attempt to strip Negro Emancipation of its Difficulties as 

AT WATER. 311 

well as its Terrors. By a Merchant. London^ G. Woodfall^ 
1824. 8vo, pp. 48. c. 2324 

Attention, Voters ! Address of the National Democratic 
Committee to the People of the United States. [1864.] 8vo, 
pp. 4. 2325 

Atterbury (J. G.) God in Civil Government. A Dis- 
course preached in the First Presbyterian Church, New Albany, 
November 27, 1862. By Rev. John G. Atterbury. New Albany^ 
George R. Beach^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 16. 2326 

Attfield (W.) The Neptune's Car ; a Tale of New York, 
a Poem. 1857. ^^o- ^3^7 

Attibert (Fr.) Quatre ans a Cayenne. Par Fr. Attibert, 
deporte. Bruxelles^ 1849. ^3^^ 

[Attibert.] Vier Jahre in Cayenne. Nach den Aufzeich- 
nungen Fr. Attibert's herausgegeben vom Hauptredacteur des 
Bien-etre social. Aus dem Franzosischen von Fr. X. Linden- 
berg. Regensburg^ Manz^ 1859. 8^<^> PP' ^4^- ^3^9 

Atticus, pseudon. Remarks on the Proposed Canal from 
Lake Erie to the Hudson River. By Atticus. New-York^ 
Printed by Samuel Wood ^ Sons^ 1816. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 2330 

Attleborough {Mass.) Constitution of the Society for the 
Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, and Social Intercourse. 
Providence [1805]. 8vo, pp. 15. 2331 

Atwater (Caleb). A Description of the Antiquities dis- 
covered in the Western Country, originally communicated to 
the Antiquarian Society. Columbus^ Ohio^ ^^33- 8^°' ^33^ 

Included in Trans, of Amer. Antiq. Soc, Vol. i. 

Atwater. The General Character, Present and Future 
Prospects, of Ohio. Address at Columbus, Ohio, December, 
1826. Columbus^ 1827. 8vo, pp. 21. c. 2333 

Atwater. A History of the State of Ohio, Natural and 
Civil, by Caleb Atwater, a.m. First Edition. Cincinnati: 
Glexen ^ Shepard^ 1 838. 8vo, pp. 403. C 2334 

See N. A, R., liii., p. 320. Second Edition. Cincinnati^ 1838. 8vo, pp. 407. 
Third Edition. Cincinnati, 1858. 8vo. 

Atwater. Remarks made on a Tour to Prairie du Chicn ; 

312 AT WOOD. 

thence to Washington City, in 1829. By Caleb Atwater, late 
Commissioner employed by the United States to negotiate with 
the Indians of the Upper Mississippi, for the Purchase of Mineral 
Country ... . Columhus^ 0,^ Isaac N. Whitings l%7^\, i2mo, pp. 
vii., 296. c. & H. 2335 

Contains a Vocabulary of the Sioux Language. Republished in the following work : 

Atwater. The Writings of Caleb Atwater. Published by 
the Author. Columbus^ Scott iff IVright^i^l'^. 8 vo, pp. 408. C 

Contains a reprint of 2332 and 2335, with fifteen pages of additional matter. 

Atwater (H. C.) Incidents of a Southern Tour ; or, the 
South seen with Northern Eyes. By the Rev. H. Cowles 
Atwater. Boston^ 1857. 8^°? PP- ^^O- ^337 

Atwater (J.) Considerations on the Approaching Dissolu- 
tion of the United States Bank. In a Series of Numbers, by 
Jesse Atwater. Sidney's Press^ New-Haven^ 18 lO. 8vo, pp. 
22. H. 2338 

Atwater (Jeremiah). Sermon preached at Burlington, on 
the Day of the Anniversary Election, Oct. 14, 1802. Middle- 
bury, 1802. 8vo, pp. 39. 2339 

Atwater (Noah). A Sermon, delivered at the Ordination 
of the Reverend John Taylor, to the Pastoral Care of the 
Church in Deerfield. February 14th, 1787. By Noah Atwater, 
A.M. Pastor of the Church in Westfield. Northampton, Printed 
by William Butler, m,dcc,lxxxvii. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 2340 

Atwater. A Sermon ... . By Rev. Noah Atwater, a.m. 
Late Pastor of the Church in Westfield. Delivered To his 
People on the 22d of November, 1801, at the close of the 
20th year of his ministry, and under a distressing ... disorder of 
body, which, soon after, terminated his life. Springfield, Printed 
by Ashley iff Brewer, 1802. 8vo, pp. 21. H. 2341 

Atwood. In Memoriam. Discourses in Commemoration 
of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, delivered in 
the South Church, Salem, April i6th, and June ist, 1865, By 
the Pastor, Rev. E. S. Atwood. Salem, Printed at the Office of 
the Gazette, 1865. 8vo, pp. 31. B. 2342 

Each sermon has also a separate title-page, beginning, " The Nation's Loss," and 
*' The President's Record." 

Atwood (Thomas). The History of the Island of Dominica. 



Containing a Description of its Situation, Extent, Climate, 
Mountains, Rivers, Natural Productions, &c. &c. Together with 
an Account of the Civil Government, Trade, Laws, Customs, 
and Manners of the different Inhabitants of that Island. Its Con- 
quest by the French, and Restoration to the British Dominions. 
By Thomas Atwood. London^ y. yohnson^ m dcc xci. 8vo, pp. 
viii., 285. H. 2343 

" Mr. Atwood passed several years in Dominica, and has drawn up a plain and suc- 
cinct account of this island." — M. R., vii., 15. 

Atwood. Geschichte der Insel Dominica, aus dem En- 
glischen mit Anmerkungen von G. F. Banecke. Gottingen, 
Dieterich^ ijgS- ^^^- 2345 

Atwood. Observations relative to Negro Slaves in the 
British West India Islands. By Thomas Atwood. London^ 
1790. 8vo. 2345^ 

Atwood (W.) The Case of William Atwood, by the late 
King William ... constituted Chief Justice of the Province of 
New York ... . With a true Account of the Government and 
People of that Province ; particularly of Bayard's Faction and 
the Treason for which he and Hutchins stand attainted ... . 
London^ IJO^. Folio. 2346 

AuBANO. See Boemo Aubano. 

AuBERTEUiL. See Hilliard d'AuberteuIl. 

AuBiN (Penelope). Life of Charlotta Du Pont, an English 
Lady ; taken from her own Memoirs, giving an Account how 
she was trepan'd by her Stepmother to Virginia, how the Ship 
was taken by some Madagascar Pirates, of her Marriage In the 
Spanish West Indies, &c. London, 1736. i2mo. 2347 

A doubtful title from a London catalogue. 

AuBLET (Jean Baptiste Christophe Fusee). Histoire des 
Plantes de la Guiane Fran^alse, rangees suivant la methode 
sexuelle, avec plusleurs memoires sur differents sujets interes- 
sants, relatlfs a la culture et au commerce de la Guiane Fran- 
^alse, et une notice de I'lle de France. Ouvrage orne de pres 
de 400 planches en taille douce, etc. Par J. B. Chr. Fusee 
Aublet. Paris, Didot, 1775. 4 vols., 4to. a. 2348 

"About 800 plants are described in this work, more than half of them being entirely 
new. Aublet gave the uncouth Indian names of the plants to his new genera, which 
have been adopted by most of the French botanists 5 but Schreber and others have 
very properly replaced them by others better adapted to the Linnaean nomenclature." — 



AuBONNEAU ( — d'). Un mot sur les colonies fran^aises et 
particulierement sur Saint-Domingue. 1800. 8vo. 2349 

AuBRE (Paul d'). Colonists and Manufacturers in the West 
Indies, &c. Translated from the French. 1844. 8vo. Plans. 

AuBREE (Pierre.) Le royalisme de la Guadeloupe devoile, ou 
Precis historique des trahisons organisees et executees par Georges- 
Henry-Victor Collot, gouverneur. [n. p., an iii.] 4to. 2351 

Signed, " Les delegues et membres du ci-devant corps representatif de la Guadeloupe, 
Pierre Aubree, Peri, Bresseau, Bouyer."' A pamphlet. 

AuBRY ( — , avocat.) Memoire pour Michel-Jean-Hugues 
Pean Captaine-Aide-Major des ville et gouvernement de Quebec. 
Paris^ 1762. 4to. 2352 

" On trouve dans ce memoire plusieurs details interessans sur les dernieres operations 
militaires des Fran9ais dans le Canada." — M. de Fontette. 

Auburn. Constitution of the Veteran Association of Auburn. 
Organized August 23, 1865. Auburn^ 1865. i2mo, pp. 12. H. 

Auburn. An Account of the Proceedings of the Meeting at 
Auburn, N. Y. Aug. 23, 1828, in Relation to the Measures 
taken to enforce the Observance of the Sabbath, and the attempt 
to establish a Christian Party in Politicks. Auburn^ Richard 
Oliphant^ 1828. 8vo, pp. 24. w. 2354 

AucAiGNE (Felix). L'alliance Russo-Americaine. Par Felix 
Aucaigne. Paris^ Dentu, iS6;^. 8vo. H- 2*= edition. Paris^ Dentu^ 
1863. 8vo. 2355 

AuCHiNLECK. A History of the War between Great Britain 
and the United States of America, during the Years 1812, 1813, 
and 1 8 14. By G. Auchinleck. Toronto^ 1855. Rl. 8vo, pp. 
vii., 411. 2356 

First appeared in Maclear's " Anglo-American Magazine." 

AucHMUTY (Robert). The Importance of Cape Breton to 
the British Nation. Humbly represented by Robert Auckmuty, 
Judge of His Majesty's Court of Vice-Admiralty for the Pro- 
vinces of Massachusets-Bay and New-Hampshire, in New- 
England. N. B. Upon the Plan laid down in this Representation, 
the Island was taken by Commodore Warren and General Pep- 
perill, the 14th of June, 1745. London^ W. Bickerton^ M DCC xlv. 
Folio, pp. 7. H. 2357 

Reprinted in Ma«s. Hist. Coll., Vol. v., pp. 202-206. 



AucHMUTY (Samuel). Sermon before the Corporation for 
the Relief of Widows and Children of Clergymen, in the Com- 
munion of the Church of England in America, Oct. 2, 1770. 
With an account, etc. New York^ ^11^- 8vo, pp. 40. 2358 

AucHMUTY. Sermon preached at the Opening of St. Paul's 
Chapel, in the City of New York, Oct. 30, by Samuel Auch- 
muty, D.D. New Tork^ H, Gaine [1766]. 4to. 2359 

AuDAiN (L.) Discours a trois jeunes Hai'tiens recemment 
couronnes au grand concours de la Sorbonne. ... Paris^ Im- 
primerie de Moquet^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 2360 

Advocates a European education for Haitians. 

Audi alteram partem^ or a Counter-Letter to the Right Hon. 
the E — 1 of H — 11 — gh, on the late and present State of Affairs 
in the Island of G — n — a, In which is clearly demonstrated, &c. 
London^ Nicol^ I'J'JO. 8vo, pp. 123, Appendix, 68. 2361 

See ' Monthly Review.' xlii., 150. 

Audubon. The Birds of America from Original Drawings 
By John James Audubon ... . London^ Published by the Author^ 
1827-30. 4 vols.. Atlas folio, 435 Colored Plates. h. 2362 

First issued in eighty-seven parts ; and one of the most sumptuous ornithological 
works ever published j the coloring of the plumage, and the exact drawing of the 
birds, can scarcely be surpassed. The birds are represented in action amid the scenes, 
or on the plants and trees, most common to their habits, presenting a variety of land 
and marine views of floral and other productions of diflFerent climates and seasons. Its 
great dimensions have permitted eagles and other birds of the largest size to be repre- 
sented of their natural size, and even in groups. " All is combined to ally," says 
Brunet, " in the most happy manner, the exactness of individual details with a living 
and animated representations of general forms." The plates were published without 
any text, to avoid the necessity of furnishing copies gratis to the public libraries in 
England, agreeably to the law of copyright. Triibner, p. 174, quotes the work with 
plain plates. I have never seen one in that condition. Owing to the destruction by 
fire of the stock and copper-plates the work has become extremely rare, and even 
small sections command high prices. 

Audubon. The Birds of America. From Drawings made 
in the United States and their Territories. By John James 
Audubon. Reissued by J. W. Audubon. New Tork^ Roe 
Lockwood^ Son^ Publishers^ 1 861. 2363 

This is a selection of one hundred and forty plates, only, from the first edition, repro- 
duced in colored lithographs ; much inferior to the former edition. The letter-press to 
this selection forms 4 vols, royal 8vo, and describes many birds not represented in the 
volume of plates. Indeed, this reissue is an unfinished publication, and the intelligent 
collector will only accept it as a cheap substitute for the previous work. The following 
is a complete work on a smaller scale : 


Audubon. The Birds of America, from Drawings made in 
the United States and their Territories. By John James Audu- 
bon ... . New York, J. J. Audubon; Philadelphia, J. B. Che- 
valier, 1840-44. 7 vols., rl. 8vo. H. 2364 

Chevalier's name does not appear in Vols. vi. and vii. First and most desirable edi- 
tion in this form published during the author's lifetime, in one hundred parts. It 
was republished in New York, 1856. In the new edition described below the plates 
have a tinted background, which is objectionable. 

Audubon. The Birds of America, from Drawings made in 
the United States and their Territories. By John James Audu- 
bon, F.R.S. Re-issued By J. W. Audubon. New York, 
Roe Lockwood & Son, 1861. 7 vols., impl. 8vo ; Vol. I., pp. 
viii., 246; II. viii., 200 ; in., viii., 234; iv., viii., 322; v.,viii., 
346; VI., viii., 456; VII., viii., viii., 372. 500 Colored Plates, 
each 10 inches by 7. 2365 

In a later edition, dated 1865, the pagination is changed, and the work forms eight 
volumes, but the contents are the same. The edition of seven volumes is preferable 
for the plates. 

Audubon. Ornithological Biography, or an Account of the 
Habits of the Birds of the United States of America ; accom- 
panied by Descriptions of the Objects represented in the work, 
entitled the Birds of America, and interspersed with Delinea- 
tions of American Scenery and Manners. By John James Audu- 
bon ... . Philadelphia, E. L. Carey and A. Hart, mdcccxxxii. 
5 vols., rl. 8vo. H. 2366 

Vol. I. is often missing. The remaining volumes were published as follows : Vol. 
11. Boston, Hilliard, Gray, and Company, mdcccxxxv. Vol. in. -v. Edinburgh, Adam 
^ Charles Black, mdcccxxxv. -mdcccxxxix. Some copies of Vol. i. have the imprint, 
Edinburgh^ A. & C. Black, mdcccxxxi. 

Audubon and Bachman. The Viviparous Quadrupeds of 
North America. By John James Audubon ... and the Rev. 
John Bachman ... . New York, J. J. Audubon, 1845-48. 3 
vols., Columbier folio. 150 Plates, h. Letterpress, 3 vols., 
rl. 8vo. 2367 

First published in thirty parts, of five plates each (22 x 28). There is another 
edition {Neiv Tork, Roe, Lockivood & Sons, 1855. Plates, 2 vols., folio. Text, 3 
vols., rl. 8vo.), which the publishers say "is precisely the same, in every respect, as 
that published by Mr. Audubon, and was even printed and colored by the same per- 
sons who executed the forrrer under his personal supervision." I cannot endorse this 
statement. The first editio . is by far the best. The following is a reproduction of 
the work on a smaller scale, matching in size and style the edition of the birds de- 
scriLed in No. 2364 supra : 

Audubon and Bachman. The Quadrupeds of North Amer- 



ica, by J. J. Audubon ... and the Rev. John Bachman, d.d. 
New Tork^ 1851-1854. Rl. 8vo, pp. viii., 384; 334; v., 348. 
155 Colored Plates. H-A^^zf Tork^ V. G. Audubon^ m dccc lvi, 
Rl. 8vo, pp. XV., 383 ; 334 J v., 348. 2368 

Audubon. A Synopsis of the Birds of North America. By 
John James Audubon. Edinburgh^ Adam ^ Charles Blacky 
MDCCCxxxix. 8vo, pp. 359. 2369 

Audubon. Les oiseaux d'Amerique ... . Paris^ Impr, de 
Renouard^ ^^33* '^^o. 2370 

A prospectus in French and German. 

Audubon. Scenes de la nature dans les £tats-Unis et le 
nord de I'Amerique. Ouvrage traduit d' Audubon, par Eugene 
Bazin, avec preface et notes du traducteur. Paris^ P. Berirand^ 
1857. 2 vols., 8vo. 2371 

Audubon (J. W.) Illustrated Notes of an Expedition 
through Mexico and California. By J. W. Audubon. New 
Tork^ 1852. With Plates, plain or colored. 2372 

The publication of this work was not continued. 

AuER (Alois). Das Vater-Unser. W'len^ 1844-47. ^ pt. 
oblong folio, 17 leaves. h. 2373 

Part I. has the caption, " Das Vater-Unser in mehr als sechshundert Sprachen und 
Mundarten, typometrisch aufgestellt." Part ii. has the title, " Das Vater-Unser in 
mehr als 200 Sprachen und Mundarten mit Originaltypen." Contains specimens of 
fifty-seven American languages. 

AufForderung an teutsche Auswanderer zu einer grossern und 
gemeinschaftlichen Ansiedlung in den Freistaaten von Nord- 
amerika. Giessen^ Richer^ Marx 1833. 8vo, pp. 16. 2374 

AufForderung und Erklarung in BetrefF einer Auswanderung 
im Grossen aus Teutschland in die Nordamerikanischen Frei- 
staaten. Giessen^ Richer^ Mdrz 1833. 8vo, pp. 28.^-2% mit 
den Statuten der giessener Auswanderergesellschaft vermehrte 
Auflage. Giessen^ Richer^ Julius 1833. 8vo, pp. 56. 2375 

Auger (£douard). Voyage en Californie par Edouard Auger 
(1852-1853.) Paris^ L. Hachette et C'% 1854. l6mo, 2 p. 1., 
pp. 238. H. 2376 

AuGHEY (J. Hill). The Iron Furnace : or, Slavery and 
Secession. By Rev. John H. Aughey, a- Refugee from Missis- 



sippi. [Motto.] Philadelphia, William S. & Alfred Martien, 
1863. i2mo, pp. 296. Portrait. c. & H. 2377 

AuGHEY (S.) The Renovation of Politics. A Discourse 
delivered in St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lionville, 
Pa., January 4, 1 86 1. By Rev. Samuel Aughey. IVest Chester^ 
E. F. James, 1861. 8vo, pp. 15. 2378 

AuGSPURGER (Johann Paul). Kurtze und v^^ahrhafFte Beschrei- 
bung der See Reisen von Amsterdam in Holland nacher Brasilien 
in America und Angola in Africa, Von 4. Novembris 1640 bis 
10 lulii 1642. Schleusingen, lohann Michael Schall, 1644. i2mo, 
PP- 79- 2379 

The Augusta [Ga.] Colonization Society. [Constitution and 
History, n. p., n. d.] i2mo, pp. 10. H. 2380 

Augusta, Ga. ... A Tribute of Respect to the Memory of 
her fallen Heroes, by St. James' M. E. Sabbath School, of 
Augusta, Ga. Comprising Eulogies, pronounced by Messrs. 
Martin V. Calvin, Joseph T. Derry and Rev. William M. 
Crumley ; a Full Report of the Action of the Grand Committee 
of Twenty, an " In Memoriam," by Mr. Henry Cleveland, and 
an " Oration," ... by Hon. Henry W. Hilliard. Augusta, Ga.^ 
1866. 8vo, pp. 28. H. 2381 

Tuther's Augusta Directory For 1861, to vv^hich is added a 
Business Directory ... . By T. Tuther, Jr. First Annual 
Issue. Augusta, Ga., Press Chronicle & Sentinel, 186 1. 8vo, 

pp. 26-131. H. 2382 

Augustus (Hieronymus Oliverius). De Imperio Romano 
Liber, de Partitione Orbis Libri iv. et Epigrammata. Aug, 
Find., 1548. 4to. 2383 

"The Poem de Partitione Orbis is very interesting to the American collector." — 
LiBRi's Catalogue, i86i, No. 212. 

Augustus (J.) A Report of the Labors of John Augustus, 
for the Last Ten Years, in Aid of the Unfortunate : containing 
a Description of his Method ... ; Striking Incidents, and Obser- 
vations upon the Improvement of some of Our City Institu- 
tions ... . Boston, Wright and Hasty, 1852. 8vo, pp. 104. H. 

Augustus. Letter concerning the Labors of Mr. John 
Augustus, the Well-known Philanthropist, From One who knows 

AUSTIN. 319 

him. Boston^ Published for Private Circulation^ December^ 1858. 
8vo, pp. II. H. 2385 

AuGY ( — d'). Reflexions sur une lettre ecrltc le 16 mai par 
le sieur Peynier a I'assemblee generale de la partie fran^aise de 
Saint-Domingue, seante a Saint-Marc. Du 7 fevrier 1791. 
[P^r/V], Impr, de L. Potier de Lille [n. d.] 8vo. 2386 

Signed, ' D'Augy." 

Aura; or, the Slave. A Poem. Philadelphia^ 1788. i6mo, 
PP- 23. 2387 

AuRELius, pseudon. See [Gardner (John)]. 

AuRiAC (J. B. d'). Les forestiers du Michigan ; par Jules 
B. d'Auriac. Paris^ Brunet^ 1866. i8mo, pp. 18. 2388 

AuRiAC. ... La guerre noire souvenirs de Saint-Domingue 
par J. Berlioz d'Auriac Paris^ Putois-Crette^ 1862. l2mo, 2 p. 
1., pp. 480. H. 2389 

Ausfiihrliche Beschreibung. See [Vries (S. Van)]. 

Ausfiihrliche Beschreibung von der ungliicklichen Reise des 
jiingsthin aus Teutschland nach Carolina und Pensylvanien 
wandernden Pilgrim, dem iibelgegriindeten Kocherthalerischen 
Bericht entgegen gesetzt. Frankfurt^ i']ii. 8vo. 2390 

" An account of the journey of some pilgrims from Germany to Carolina and Penn- 
sylvania." — Meusel, X., 2, p. 375. Boucher, vi.,, 56, quotes an edition, Frankfort, 
1706, 8vo. 

Ausfiihrlicher Bericht von der beriihmten Landschaft Carolina, 
an tag gegeben von Kocherthalern. Frankfurt,^ ^7^9- 8vo. 

Meusel, x., 2, p. 375. 

Ausilios del Ecuador Solicitados parapasta esponsion Con- 
siguiente y sucesos posteriores. §uito,, 1841. 4to. 2392 

The Auspices of War, an Ode, Inscribed to the Memory of 
Admiral Boscawen, To which is added, the Prophecy of the 
Union. A narrative Poem. London,, Dodsley,, '^119- 4^0* 
M. R., LX., 476. 

Auss America. See No. 1019. 

Austin (A. W.) A Memorandum concerning the Charles- 
tov^^n Post-Office. By Arthur W. Austin, p.m. [n. p., 1835.] 
8vo, pp. 23. B. A N. 2394 



Austin (Benjamin). Constitutional Republicanism, in oppo- 
sition to Fallacious Federalism ; as published occasionally in the 
Independent Chronicle, under the Signature of Old-South. To 
which is added, a Prefatory Address to the Citizens of the 
United States, never before published. By Benjamin Austin, 
jun. [Motto.] Boston^ Adams ^ Rhoades^ 1803. 8vo, pp. 
327. c. k H. 2395 

Austin. Memorial. To the Legislature of Massachusetts. 
[Relative to a Charge delivered to the Grand Jury, Nov. Term. 
1806, by Theophilus Parsons. With the Report of the Com- 
mittee on it. n. p., 1808.] 8vo, pp. 11. H. 2396 

[Austin.] Observations on the Pernicious Practice of Law. 
Published occasionally in the Independent Chronicle. By 
Honestus. Boston^ Printed by Adams cf Nourse^ m,dcc,lxxxvi. 
8vo, pp. 52. 4- With an Address never before published. Cor- 
rected and amended. ... Boston^ Printed hy True ^ Weston^ \%\<^. 
8vo, pp. 60. H. 2397 

Advocates a law reform in Massachusetts, and the abolition of lawyers by profession. 

[Austin.] Remarks on a late Proposition [by U. Cotting] 
from the Boston and Roxbury Mill Corporation ... . \Boston^ 
1818.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2398 

Austin (C. H.) ... A Discourse, delivered at Rome, N. Y., 
by Rev. C. H. Austin, on the Death of Lewis Wilcox, who 
fell at the Siege of Fredericksburgh, Va., December 11, 1862. 
Utica^ N. r., Roberts^ Printer^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 22. H. 2399 

Austin. The Origin of our National Difficulties; examined. 
By C. H. Austin, Pastor of M. E. Church, Frankfort, N. Y. 
... Utica^ N, r., Keeling^ Griffiths^ Printers^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 
24. H. 2400 

The title on the cover is " The Uncultivated Heritage, and the Southern Rebel- 
lion. A Sermon ... . " 

[Austin (David)]. The American Preacher; or, A Collec- 
tion of Sermons from some of the most Eminent Preachers, now 
living, in the United States ... . Elixabeth-Town [New-Jersey)^ 
Printed by Shepard Kollock, i'j()j-g;^. 4 vols., 8vo. + Vol. iv. 
New-Haven^ Printed by Abel Morse. 24OI 

Austin. Republican Festival, Proclamation, and New Jeru- 
salem. New Haven, March 9th, a.d. 1803. [n. p., n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 2402 



Austin. A Discourse delivered on occasion of the death of 
George Washington, late president, general, and commander-in- 
chief of the forces of the United States of America, in com- 
pliance with the request of the mayor, aldermen, and Common 
Council of the Borough of Elizabeth, December 25. 1799. 
Also sketches of a running discourse delivered to the Union 
Brigade on the same occasion, at their cantonment on Green 
Brook, in compliance w^ith a request from Colonel Smith, the 
Commanding officer, December 26, 1799. vi^ith an address to 
the throne of grace, offered at the door of the tabernacle of 
the cantonment on Green Brook, Feb. 22. the birthday of our 
national luminary. By David Austin, Jun. New York^ Printed 
by G. F. Hopkins^ 1800. 4to, pp. 36. Allegorical Plate. 2403 

Austin. The National " Barley Cake." or. The " Rock of 
Offence" a "Glorious Holy Mountain:" in Discourses and 
Letters. By David Austin, a.m. IVashington^ Way l^ Groff^ 
1802. 8vo, pp. 80. c. 2404 

Full of warm Federalist politics. 

Austin. Dowrnfal of Mystical Babylon, or the Political 
Operations of 1793-4, a Discourse at Elizabeth Town and New 
York. By David Austin. 1795. 8vo. 2405 

Austin (Elbridge Gerry). Fugitive Slave Case. A State- 
ment of the Facts, connected with the Arrest and Emancipation 
of George Latimer, a Fugitive Slave. Prepared by E. G. Austin, 
Counsel for the Claimant. Boston^ John H. Eastburn^ Printer^ 
1842. 8vo, pp. II. H. 2406 

[Austin (I vers James)]. An Account of the Origin of the 
Mississippi Doctrine of Repudiation : with a Review of the Argu- 
ment which His Excellency Alexander G. McNutt, late Gover- 
nor of Mississippi, advanced in its Vindication. By a Member 
of the Boston Bar. ... Boston^ Bradbury^ Soden^ and Company^ 

MDCCCXLII. 8vO, pp. 28. H. 24O7 

Austin. An Address delivered before the Corps of Cadets 
of the United States Military Academy. By Ivers J. Austin, 
Esq. a Member of the Board of Visitors. June, 1842. New 
York^ Wiley and Putnam^ 1842. 8vo, pp. 18 H. 2408 

Austin. Argument of Ivers J. Austin, Counsel for the 
Remonstrants from Watertown, against the Petition for the 
Incorporation of the Town of Belmont, before the Joint Stand- 




ing Committee on Towns. Boston^ Printed by Alfred Mudge and 
Son^ 1857. 8vo, pp. 58 (i). Map. H. 2409 

Austin. An Oration delivered by Request of the City 
Authorities, before the Citizens of Boston ... July 4, 1839. 
By Ivers James Austin. Boston^ John H. Eastburn^ City Printer^ 
1839. 8vo, pp. 36. H. + Second Edition. Boston^ 1839. 8vo, 
pp. 36. 2410 

Austin (James Trecothickj. The Life of Elbridge Gerry. 
With Contemporary Letters. To the Close of the American 
Revolution. By James T. Austin, Esq. Boston^ JVells and 
Lilly^ 1828-29. 2 vo^s., 8vo, pp. xvi., 520 ; vii. (i), 408. Por- 
trait. C. A H. 24 II 

Austin. An Oration pronounced at Lexington, Mass. ... 
4th July, 1 815. By James T. Austin. Boston^ Printed by Rowe 
and Hooper^ 1815. 8vo, pp. 21. b. 2412 

Austin. An Oration, delivered on the Fourth of July, 1829, 
... in the City of Boston. By James T. Austin. Boston^ John 
H. Eastburn^ Printer^ 1 829. 8vo, pp. 26. H. 2413 

[Austin. Remarks on Dr. Channing's Slavery. By a Citi- 
zen of Massachusetts. Boston^ Russell^ Shattuck and Co.^ and 
John H. Eastburn^ 1835. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 2414 

[Austin.] Review of the Remarks on Dr. Channing's 
Slavery, by a Citizen of Massachusetts. [Austin.] Boston^ James 
Munroe and Company^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 48. B. 2415 

Mr. Austin was also the author of Review of the Rev, Dr. Channing's Letter to 
Jonathan Phillips on the Slavery Question. Boston, 1839. lamo. An Address, 
delivered before the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, ... October 3, 
1839. ... Boston, 1839. 8vo, pp. 36. Reply to the Centinel Review [relating 
to the Massachusetts State Prison]. Boston, 1824. 8vo, pp. 4. Speech delivered 
in Faneuil Hall, Dec. 8, 1837, at a Meeting of Citizens. Boston, 1837. 8vo, pp. 13. 

Austin (Jonathan Loring). An Oration, delivered July 4, 
1786, at ... Boston ... . Boston^ Printed by Peter Edes [1786]. 
4to, pp. 19. H. 2416 

Austin (Jonathan Williams). An Oration, delivered March 
5, 1778, at the Request of the Inhabitants of Boston, to Com- 
memorate the Bloody Tragedy of March 5, 1770. By J. W. 
Austin. Boston^ ^77^- 4^0? PP- H- P- 2417 

Austin (L. A.) Memorial of Mary White Wicker: A 



Funeral Sermon delivered at Ticonderoga, N. Y., Aug. 26, 
1865, by Rev. L. A. Austin, of Orwell, Vt. ... For Private 
Circulation. Andover^ Printed by Warren F. Draper^ 1865. 
8vo, pp. 60. 2418 

Austin (Moses). Summary Description of the Lead Mines 
in Upper Louisiana. By Moses Austin. IVashington^ A. iff 
G. IVay^ 1804. i2mo. c. 2419 

Austin (Robert F.) Buchananism not Democracy : Speech, 
New- York Assembly, Feb. 9, 1858. 8vo, pp. 6. s. 2420 

Austin (Samuel). An Address, pronounced in Worcester, 
(Mass.) on The Fourth of July, 1825, being the Forty-ninth 
Anniversary of the Independence of the United States, before an 
Assembly convened for the Purpose of Celebrating this Event 
religiously. By Samuel Austin, d.d. ... Worcester^ Printed by 
William Manning [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 23. H. 242 1 

Austin. The Apology of Patriots, or The heresy of the 
friends of the Washington and peace policy defended. A Ser- 
mon, preached in Worcester, xMassachusetts, on the Day of the 
National Fast ... August 20, 181 2. Observed ... in conse- 
quence of the Declaration of War against Great-Britain. By 
Samuel Austin, d.d. Published by Request. Printed at Wor- 
cester^ by Isaac Sturtevant^ 18 1 2. 8vo, pp. 32. B. 2422 

Austin. An Oration, pronounced at Worcester, on the 
Fourth of July, 1798 ... . By Samuel Austin, a.m. Printed at 
Worcester^ by Leonard Worcester^ 1798- 8vo, pp. 38. H. 2423 

Austin. An Oration, Pronounced at Newport, Rhode- 
Island, July 4, 1822. ... By Samuel Austin, d.d. Newport^ 
William Simons^ 1822. 8vo, pp. 16. 2424 

Austin. Protest against Proceedings of the First Church in 
Worcester. By Samuel Austin, d.d. Member and formerly 
Pastor of said Church. Printed by Manning dff Trumbull^ J^^^t 
1821. 8vo. pp. 16. H. 2425 

Mr. Austin also published Discourses at the Dedication of the Calvinist Church, Wor- 
cester, Oct. 13, 1823. fVorceiter, 1823. 8vo. An Inaugural Address, pronounced 
in Burlington, July 26th, 181 5, by Samuel Austin, d.d. President of the University 
of Vermont. ... Burlington^ Printed by Francis G. Fish, August. 1815. 8vo, pp. 18. 
H. Examination of Seven Sermons by Rev. Daniel Merrill on Baptism. fForcester^ 
1805. i2mo. The following sermons : Disinterested Love, New York, 1791. 8voj 
Introductory to his Ministry in Worcester. Worctsttr, 1791. 8vo, pp. 32 j At Salem, 
April 10, 1803, on the Installation of Samuel Worcester. tVorceuer^ 1803. 8?o, 



pp. 27 ; Before the Mass. Missionary Soc, May 24, 1803. Salem, 1803. 8vo, pp. 31 ; 
Incomparable Excellency of Religion. Catskill, 1808. 8vo, pp. 17. Also at the 
ordinations: in Fitchburg, Mass., Sept. 27, 1797, of Samuel Worcester, and again in 
Granville, N. Y., Oct. 4, of Nathaniel Hall. fVorcater, 1798. 8vo, pp. 32; of 
Leonard Worcester, in Peacham, Vt., Oct. 30, 1799. Peacham, 1800. 8vo, pp. 
32; of John Milton Whiton, Antrim, N. H., Sept. 28, 1808. Amherst, 1809. 8vo, 
pp. 28; of Warren Fay. Worcester, 1809. 8vo; of John Nelson, in Leicester, 
Mass., March 4, 1812. Worcester, 1812. 8vo, pp. 28. Sermon at Worcester on 
the Annual Fast, April 11, 181 1. Worcester, 181 1. 8vo, pp. 32. Sermon deliv- 
ered at Worcester, on the Day of Public Thanksgiving, observed throughout ... Mas- 
sachusetts, December 15. mdccxcvi. By Samuel Austin, a.m.. Printed at Worcester, 
by Leonard Worcester, 1797. 8vo, pp. 24. Sermon preached in Worcester, Mass., on 
the Occasion of the Special Fast, July 23, 18 12. Worcester, 1812. 8vo, pp. 28. 
Sermon preached on the Day of General Election, at Montpelier, Oct. 10. 18 1 6. 
Montpelier, 18 16. 8vo, pp. 27. And others. 

Austin (S. F.) An Address delivered by S. F. Austin of 
Texas ... in ... Louisville, Kentucky, On the 7th of March, 
1836. Lexington^ J. Clarke & Co.^ Printers^ 1836. l2mo, pp. 
30. H. + An Address of the Honorable S. F. Austin, One of 
the Commissioners of Texas. \^Louisville^ 1836]. 8vo, pp. 
29-47 of some unknown work. e. 2426 

Austin Settlements. Translation of the Laws, Orders, and 
Contracts, on Colonization, from January, 1801, up to this 
time, in virtue of which Col. Stephen F. Austin has introduced, 
&c., Foreign Emigrants in Texas, with an Explanatory Intro- 
duction. San Felipe de Austin^ Texas^ 1829. 8vo. N. 2427 

Austin (William). An Oration, pronounced at Charlestown, 
at the Request of the Artillery Company, on the Seventeenth of 
June ; being the Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker's Hill, 
and of that Company. [Mottoes.] By William Austin, a.b. 
Charlestown^ Printed by Samuel Etheridge^ 1801. 8vo, pp. 29. H. 

Austin. Harrington's Directory of the City of Austin for 
the Year 1866. With a Historical and Statistical Review of 
Austin and the Reese River Mining Region. By Myron Angel. 
Justin^ Nevada^ J. D. Fair child ^ Co., Printers, 1866. 8vo, 
pp. 119. 2429 

Austria {Colonel Jose de). Bosquejo de la Historia militar 
de Venezuela en la Guerra de su Independencia. Tomo L 
[all published]. Caracas, 1855. 8vo, pp. xlvii., 390. 2430 

AusTRO-BoREALis, pseudon. A Platform, etc. See [Stearns 
(E- J-)] 


Der Auswanderer am Niederrhein. Meurs^ Dolle^ 1849-50. 
8 nos., 8vo, pp. 170 in all. 2431 

Contents. — I. Wiskonsin : Manitowac-Rapids. 2. Wiskonsin : Milwaukee. Eben- 
czer. 3. Iowa : Pella. 4. New- York. 5. Indiana. Wisconsin. Missouri. 6. 
Wisconsin. [Title on the cover: Wie sieht es in Wisconsin aus ? ... Von Wilh. 
Dames.] 7. Indiana. [Cover-title: Nord-Amerika in seinen verschiedenen Bezie- 
hungen, insbesondere der Staat Indiana. Von Pet. Schultze.] 8. Ceresco, Fond du 
Lac County. [Cover-title : Nordamerika ... . Von Emil Eversz. Menschenhandel 
in Havre von Le Maitre & Comp. das. u. Washington Finlay in Mainz. Von Louis 

Auswanderer-Bibliothelc. Verzeichniss der seit den letzten 
10 Jahren erschienenen Schriften und Charten fiir Auswanderer 
mit Angabe der Starke, der Verleger, der Preise und einer 
Uebersicht nach den verschiedenen Landern und Staaten. Ru- 
dolstadt^ Froebel^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 33. 2432 

Auswanderer-Calender fiir 1854 und 1855. i. Doppel-Jahr- 
gang. Rudolstadt^ Froebel^ 1854. i6mo, pp. 84. ^433 

This is the " Ausgabe fiir Nord-Amerika ;" an " Ausgabe fiir Siid-Amcrika," pp. 
88, was published ; also an edition for North America of the " Calender fiir 1855 und 

Die Auswanderer in Amerika. Aus den Atlantischen Studien 
abgedruckt. Gdttingen^Wigand[^i%^'^']. 8vo, pp. 16. 2434 

Der Auswanderer, zunachst Organ der sammtlichen Auswan- 
derungsvereine Sachsens. Mittheilungen aus deutschen An- 
siedlungen, Rathgeber fur fortziehende Briider, sowie Bespre- 
chungen iiber geistiges und sittliches Leben transatlantischer 
Volker. [iii.] Jahrgang 1850. Schneeberg\_and'\ Leipzig [\^ ^6]. 
4to. Continued. 2435 

1850, 104 nos. each 4 pp. j 1851, 52 nos. each 8 pp. 

Die Auswanderung der Deutschen nach Texas, Nordamerika 
und Ungarn. Eine Mahnung an die Nation. Miinchen^ Franx^ 
1844. 8vo, pp. 56. 2436 

See also under Mexico, Michigan, and Texas. 

Die Auswanderung nach Amerika. Breslau^ Schulz iff Co.^ 
1850. 8vo, pp. 4. 2437 

Uber Auswanderungen, iiberhaupt, iiber Auswanderungen 
nach Amerika insbesondere, von dem Standpunkte der Ge- 
schichte, der Universalphilosophie, der Moral und Politik. Ru- 
doUtadt^ 1834. 8vo. 2438 

Cover-title : " Fluch und Segen der Auswanderungen," etc. 


Auswahl kleiner Reisebeschreibungen und anderer statistischen 
und geographischen Nachrichten. Leipzig^ Schneider^ 1784-95. 
22 vols., 8vo. 2439 

Auswahl schoner seltener Gewachse als eine Fortsetzung der 
Amerikanischen Gewachse. Mit 250 illuminirten Kupfertafeln 
mit Text von Jh. Zorn. Nurnherg^ Bauer u. Raspe^ 1795-98. 
5 pt. 8vo. 2440 

This is a continuation of Dreyhundert auserlesene Amerikanischc Gewachse nach 
Linneischer Ordnung. Niirnbergy 1 785. 

Ausziige aus Briefen aus Nord-Amerika, geschreiben von 
zweien aus Ulm an der Donau gebiirtigen, nun im Staate Louisi- 
ana ansassigen Geschwistern. Nebst Beschreibung einer Reise 
durch mehrere der nordlichen und westlichen Staaten von Nord- 
Amerika. ... Uim^ Nubling^ i^SS* i2mo, pp. 224. Plate. 

Ein auszug ettlicherj sendbriefF dem aller durchleuchtigisten| 
groszmechtigistew Fiirsten vnd Herren Herren Carl Romischen 
vnd| Hyspanischew Konig &c vnserm gnedigen hern durch ire 
verordent | Hauptleut | von wegen einer new gefundew Inseln, 
der selbew gelegen|heit vnd jnwoner stitten vn gewonheite« 
inhaltend vor Kurtzuerschi-| nen tagen zugefandt. | [Colo 
phon] Getruckt in der keiserlichen Stat Niirmberg durch 
Fryderichen Peypus | vnd seligklich volend|am. 17. tag Marcij 
des jars do man|zalt nach Christi unsers lieben| herren gebvrt. 
MDXX. I 4to, Title, i 1., 6 leaves and i blank. 2442 

Contains an account of the expeditions of Francisco Hernandez de Cordova, Grijalva, 
and Cortes to Yucatan, from Anghiera, 

Autentijck Verhael van 't remarcquabelste is voorgevallen in 
Brasil, tusschen den HoUandtschen Admirael Willem Cornelisz 
ende de Spaensche Vloot. Midtsg. de Sententie ende executie 
over eenighe Schippers, die haren Eedt in't ghevecht niet be- 
tracht hadden. Amsterdam^ von J. van Hi/ten^ 1640. 4to, pp. 
12. 2443 

" The marks ,,C 3." and ^,D" at the foot of two of the pages are evidently mis- 
printed, and instead of A 3. and B." — Muller. 

AuTEROCHE. See Chappe d'Auteroche (Jean). 

Authentic Account of the Proceedings of the Congress held 
at New-York, In mdcclxv, On the Subject of the American 
Stamp Act. l_London']^ mdcclxvii. 8vo, Title, pp. 37. H. & s. 


An Authentic Account of the Rise and Progress of the Pres- 
ent Contest in America. To which is added the Discovery of 
America by Columbus. London^ ^11^- 8vo. 2445 

Authentic Copies of the Correspondence of Charles Cotes- 
worth Pinckney, John Marshall, and Elbridge Gerry, Esqrs. 
Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary to the Re- 
public of France ; as Presented to Both Houses of Congress, 
April 3, 1798. By His Excellency, John Adams. President 
of the United States of America. London^ Printed for J. Debrett^ 
1798. 8vo, pp. 78. 2446 

Authentic Copies of the Preliminary Articles of Peace be- 
tween Great Britain, France, Spain and the United States of 
America, signed at Versailles, 20th January, 1783. London^ 
1783. 8vo, pp. 32. 2447 

Authentic Copies of the Provisional and Preliminary Articles 
of Peace signed between Great Britain, France, Spain, and the 
United States of America. ... London^ 1783. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Authentic Copies of the Provisional and Preliminary Articles 
of Peace between Great Britain and the United States of Amer- 
ica, the King of France, and the King of Spain, signed Nov' 30, 
1782 & Jan. 20, 1783. London^ J. Debrett^ 1783. 8vo. 2449 

An Authentic Journal of the Siege of the Havana. By an 
Officer. To which is prefixed, A Plan of the Siege of the 
Havana, Shewing the Landing, Encampments, Approaches, and 
Batteries of the English Army. With the Attacks and Sta- 
tions of the Fleet. London^ T. Jefferys^ mdcclxii. 8vo, pp. 
44. Plan. c. & H. 2450 

An authentic Narrative of Facts relating to the Exchange of 
Prisoners taken at the Cedars ; supported by the Testimonies 
and Depositions of His Majesty's Officers, with Several Original 
Letters and Papers. Together with Remarks upon the Report 
and Resolves of the American Congress on that Subject. Lon- 
don^ T. Cadell^ MDCCLxxvii. 8vo, pp. 50. n. 2451 

" These remarks are intended to shew the fallacy of the report of the Congress, and 
to evince the perfidy of that body, in the resolves." — M. R. 

An Authentic Narrative of the Loss of the Doddington India- 
man, and of the Surprising Adventures, and Distresses of those 
on Board, who survived the Shipwreck, from the Journal of one 



of the Surviving Officers. [Motto.] New-York^ Printed by 
James Parker and Company^ mdcclxii. l2mo, pp. 28. p. 2452 

An Authentic Narrative of the Proceedings of the Expedition 
under the Command of Brigadier-Gen. Craufurd, until its Ar- 
rival at Monte Video ; with an Account of the Operations 
against Buenos Ayres under the Command of Lieut. -Gen. 
Whitelocke. By an Officer of the Expedition. London^ the 
Author^ 1808. 8vo, Title, pp. viii., 216. 4 Maps. C. & H. 

Authentic Papers from America: submitted to the Dispas- 
sionate Consideration of the Public. London^ T. Becket^ ^11 S' 
8vo, Title, pp. 33. s. 2454 

This collection contains the several American petitions previous to the repeal of the 
Stamp Act, contrasted with the petition of the late Congress to the King, and their 
address to the people of Great Britain. See M. R., lii., 87. 

Authentic Papers Relating to the Expedition against Cartha- 
gena : being the Resolutions of the Councils of War ; both of 
Sea and Land-Officers ... . With ... the Letters which passed 
between Admiral Vernon and General Wentworth ; and also 
between the Goveraor of Carthagena and the Admiral. London^ 
L. Raymond^ ^744- 8vo, Title, pp. lOO. h. 2455 

Authentic Papers Relative to the Expedition against the 
Charibbs, and the Sale of Lands in the Island of St. Vincent. 
London^ J. Almon^ M DCC Lxxili. 4to, pp. 83. H. 2456 

Authentic proceedings of the French King and his parliament 
against the Jesuits of France, with a preface tracing the artifices 
of the whole body of Jesuits, and enumerating the various 
diabolical methods they made use of by Mons. La Valette, their 
Agent at Martinico, &c. London^ Wilkie^ 1761. 8vo, pp. 61. 

Authentic Rebel Papers seized at St. Eustatius, 1781. London^ 
L. Lambert^ G. Kearsly^ and J. Bowen^ m.dcc.lxxxi. 4to, 
Title, pp. vi., 23. H. 2458 

The Monthly Reviewer doubts the authenticity of these papers. See M. R., lxv., 

An Authentic Register of the British Successes, being a Col- 
lection of all the Extraordinary Gazettes, from the taking of 
Louisbourgh, July 26th, 1758, to the Defeat of the French 
Fleet Nov. 21st 1759. London^ 1760. i2mo. 2459 

Contains particulars of the taking of Louisbourg, Ticonderoga. Fort Duquesne. 
Niagara, and Quebec. 



An Authentic Report of the Debate in the House of Com- 
mons, June the 23d, 1825, on Mr. Buxton's Motion relative to 
the Demolition or the Methodist Chapel and Mission House in 
Barbadoes, and the Expulsion of Mr. Shrewsbury, a Wesleyan 
Missionary, from that Island. London^ J. Hatchard and Son^ 
1825. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 119. H. 2459a 

Authentic Translation of a Note from a Minister of the 
French Republic to the Secretary of State of the United States, 
etc. New Tork^ 1796. 8vo, pp. 38. 2460 

Authentiek Tractaat van Vriendschap, Commercie en Navi- 
gatie tusschen zyne Majesteit van Groot-Britanje, en de Vcree- 
nigde Staaten van America. [1794.] 8vo, pp. 40. 2461 

Avthentische Nachricht Von der Verhandlung, und dem Ver- 
lass Der am 14^^^" und 15^^", Januarii Anno 174^. In sogenann- 
ten Falckner. Schwamm An Georg Hubners Hause gehaltenen 
Zweyten Versammlung, Sowol Einiger Teutschen Arbeiter Der 
Evangelischen Religionen Als Verschiedener einzelen treuen 
Gezeugen und Gottsfurchtiger Nachbarn. Nebst einigen Bey- 
lagen. Philadelphia Gedruckt und zu haben bey B. Franklin [n. d.] 
4to, pp. 19-40. 2462 

Avthentische | Relation | Von dem | Anlass, Fortgang und 
Schlusse|Der am i'^''" und 2^^" Januarii, Anno 174}. | In Ger- 
mantoun gehalten | Versammlung | Einiger Arbeiter | Derer meisten 
Christlichen Religionen | Vnd | Vieler vor sich selbst Gott-die- 
nenden Christen-Menschen | in Pennsylvania | ausgesetzt | In Ger- 
mantoun am Abend des 2'"'" Obigen Monats, | Philadelphia^ | Ge~ 
druckt und zu haben bey B. Franklin. [1742.] 4to, 8 1. 2463 

The Author of Plain Truth strip'd Stark naked. Philadelphia^ 
1764. i2mo. 2464 

The Author of Quaker Unmasked, Strip'd Stark Naked, or 
the Delineated Presbyterian Play'd Hob With. Philadelphia., 
Printed in the Tear 1764. l2mo, pp. 12. c. l^b^a 

Autobiography of a Female Slave. See [Griffiths (Mattie)]. 

Autobiography of an English Soldier in the United States 
Army. London^ Hurst iff Blaekett 1853. ■^ vols., post 8vo, 
pp. 306, 313. C.-^ Reprinted., Neiu I'ork^ Stringer & Townsend^ 
1853. i2mo, pp. xii., 9-288. 2 Plates. H. 2465 




AuTODicus. The Critique of the Vision of Rubeta. A 
Dramatic Sketch, in One Act, By Autodicus. [Motto.] Phila- 
delphia^ Printed for the Trade^ 1838. 8vo, pp. 32. 2466 

In answer to Osborne's Poem on New Amsterdam. 

Autographs for Freedom. See [Griffiths (Julia)]. 

Autograph Leaves of Our Country's Authors. Baltimore^ 
Gushing iff Bailey^ 1864. 4to, pp. xi., 200. 2467 

Published for the Sanitary Fair at Baltimore. 

AvALLE. Tableau comparatif des productions des colonies 
fran9aises aux Antilles, avec celles des colonies anglaises, 
espagnoles et hollandaises, de I'annee 1787 a 1788. Suivi de 
I'etablissement et mouvement d'une Sucrerie, pendant le cours 
d'une annee. Observations sur I'etendue que ces Habitations 
doivent avoir ... . Par le citoyen Avalle habitant cultivateur 
de Saint-Domingue. Paris^ Goujon fils^ Debray^ Fuschs [n. d.] 
4to, Half-title, pp. viii., (2), 5 folded 1., 7 1., i f. 1., 2 1., i f. 1., 
pp. 75. Plate. H. 2468 

AvALOS Y FiGUEROA (Diego d'). Primera parte de la Miscel- 
anea Austral de D. Diego d'Avalos y Figueroa en varios Colo- 
guios, Interlocutores, Delio, y Cilena, Con la Defensa de 
las Damas. Lima^ Antonio Ricardo^ 1602. 4to, 22 p. 1., pp. 
219; Tabla, 8 1. 2469 

Relates to the history and antiquities of Peru. See Ternaux, 254, 

Ave-Lallemant (F.) Erinnerungen an Brasilien. Liibeck 
V, Rohden^ 1854. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 86. 2470 

Ave-Lallemant (Robert C. B.) Reise durch Siid-Brasilien 
im Jahre 1858. Leipzig^ Brockhaus^ 1859. ^ vols., 8vo, pp. 
ix., 509 ; vii., 450. Plates. 2471 

Ave Lallemant. Die Benutzung der Palmen am Ama- 
zonen-Strom in der Oekonomie der Indianer. Nach einem im 
Athenaum zu Hamburg am 19. Nov. i860 gehaltenen freien 
Vortrag. Hamburgh Boyes^ Geisler^ 1861. i6mo, pp. vi., 44. 

Ave-Lallemant. Reise durch Nord-Brasilien im Jahre 
1859. L^^P^^St Brockhaus^ i860. 2 parts, 8vo, pp. xxi., 815. 

Ave Lallemant. Tabatinga am Amazonenstrome. Ein 
Vortrag gehalten am 7. Marz 1863 im wissenschaftlichen 


33 1 

Verein zu Berlin. Hamburgh Perthes-Besser & Mauke^ 1863. 
8vo, pp. 42. 2474 

AvENDANO (Diego de). Carta, | que el P. Francisco | Xavier 
Rector del Colegio| Maximo de S. Pablo, y al presente Pre- 
posito I Provincial de la Provincia del Perii. | Remitio a Los 
Padres Rectores de| los Colegios, y Casas de la Compafiia de 
Iesvs|de la dicha Provincia. | Dandoles vna breve noticia|de la 
exemplarissima vida, y dichosa muerte|del Venerable P. Diego 
de Avendaiio. I Aiio. 1689. |C^« licencia en Lima. Por loseph de 
Contreras.\^\.o^ 3 p. 1., Text, 63 1. 2475 

AvENDANO. R. P. Didaci de Avendano Societatis lesv, 
Segoviensis, In Pervvio iam pridem publici & primarij S. Theo- 
logian Professoris, & in Sacro Inquisitionis Sanctae Tribunali 
adlecti Censoris, Thesavrus Indicvs, sev generalis Instrvctor 
pro regimine conscientiae, in iis quae ad Indias spectant. Tomvs 
primvs, Ea continens, quae ad Ciuilem praesertim conducunt 
Gubernationem. || Tomvs secundvs Circa spiritualia totus : Sacra- 
menta inquam, Praecepta Ecclesiae, Priuilegia pro ipsis, Indul- 
gentias, & Sacrorum Hominum status. Jntverpia^^ apud Jaco- 
bvm Mevrsivm^ M.DC.LXViii. 2 vols., folio, pp. (16), 347, (17), 
41, (3); (8), 369, (19), 66, (5). H.4- Auctuarium Indicum, seu 
Thesauri Indici Tomus tertius || quartus || quintus. JntverpiiS^ 
Jacob Meursius^ ^^75- 3 vols., folio. + Cursus consummatus ; 
seu recognitiones Theologicae, Expostivae, Scholasticae et Mo- 
rales ; utilia multa et specialia continentes generaliter et pro 
Indiis circa earum thesaurum. JntverpicSy Hieron. Verdussen^ 
1686. Folio. 2476 

AvERAY {Mr.) Britannia and the Gods in Council, a Dra- 
matic Poem, wherein Felicity is predicted to Britain, the 
Causes of the present disputes in Europe and America are de- 
bated, and their Issue Prophetically determined. London., 1756. 
4to. 2477 

AvERiLL (L. B.) Songs ; National and Moral, for the Sol- 
dier and Laborer : also, A Wonderful Narrative of an Indian 
found in a Torpid State, with a Dialogue between an Indian 
and a White Man. By Leonard B. Averill. Montpelier^ the 
Author.^ 1862. i6mo, pp. 27, (i). H. 2478 

Avery (David). Sermon preached at Greenwich, Conn., 



i8th of Dec, 1777, being a General Thanksgiving throughout 
the United States. Norwich^ '^ll^- i2mo, pp. 47. c. 2479 

Also : Two Sermons on ... not bridling the Tongue. Boston, mdccxci. 8vo, pp. 
66. A Sermon ... at the Interment of Mr. Walter Moor, ... . CharUstoivn, 1799. 
8vo, pp. 47. 

Avery. The Lord is to be praised for the Triumphs of his 
Power. A Sermon Preached At Greenwich, in Connecticut. 
On the 18''' of December, 1777. Being A General Thanks- 
giving through the United American States. By David Avery, 
V. D. M. Chaplain to Col. Sherburne's Regiment. Norwich^ 
Green iff Spooner^ ^17^- ^vo, pp. 47. C. 2480 

Avery (Edward). Annexation of Roxbury and Boston. 
Argument on behalf of the Remonstrants, By Edward Avery, 
Esq. ... Boston^ Press of Geo. C, Rand iff Jvery, 1865. 8vo, 

pp. 44. H. 2481 

Avery (E. K.) The Arguments of Counsel in the Close of 
the Trial of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, for the Murder of Sarah 
M. Cornell ... . Hon. Jeremiah Mason, of Boston, for the 
Prisoner. Albert C. Greene, Attorney General, for the Prose- 
cution. Reported without Abridgement, by Benjamin F. Hal- 
let. Also, a Literal Report of the Medical Testimony of Prof. 
Walter Channing and Dr. William Turner, revised by the Wit- 
nesses, and not before published. ... Boston^ Daily Commercial 
Gazette and Boston Daily Advocate.^ J^^^t 1833. 8vo, pp. 94, (l). 

Avery. A Correct, Full and Impartial Report of the Trial 
of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, before the Supreme Judicial Court 
of the State of Rhode-Island, at Newport, May 6, 1833, for the 
Murder of Sarah M. Cornell. Providence.^ Marshall and Brown 
[1833]. i2mo, pp. 178. c. H. 2483 

Avery. Report of a Committee of the New England An- 
nual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, on the case 
of Rev. Ephraim K. Avery, Member of said Conference. 
Boston.^ Printed by David H. Ela.^ 1833. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 2484 

Avery. Strictures on the Case of Ephraim K. Avery, ori- 
ginally published in the Republican Herald, Providence, R. I., 
with Corrections, Revision and Additions. By Aristides. Pro- 
vidence., William Simons., Jr.., 1833. i2mo, pp. lOO. c. 2485 

Avery. A Vindication of the Result of the Trial of Rev. 


Ephraim K. Avery ; to which is prefixed his Statement of Facts 
relative to the Circumstances by which he became involved in 
the Prosecution. With a Map. Boston^ Russell^ Odiorne and 
Co, [and] David H. Ela,^ 1834. i2mo, pp. 74. c. & h. 2486 

Several pamphlets concerning this case are described at length in Bartlett's Bibl. R. 
I., pp. 20, 21. 

Avery (John). The King of the Pirates ; being an Account 
of the famous Enterprises of Captain Avery, the mock King of 
Madagascar, with his Rambles and Piracies, in two Letters from 
himself during his stay at Madagascar, and one since his Escape 
from thence. London,, 1720. 8vo. 2487 

Contains an interesting account of his proceedings, with Captain Sharp, Captain 
Sawkins, Goiguet, and other pirates, in nearly every part of America. 

Avery (Joseph). An Oration, delivered at Holden, July 4, 
1806 ; being the Anniversary of the Independence of the United 
States of America. By Joseph Avery. Boston,^ Printed hy Man- 
ning dff Loring,^ 1806. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 2488 

Avery and Hempstead. Narrative of Jonathan Rathbun, 
With Accurate Accounts of the Capture of Groton Fort, the 
Massacre that Followed, And the Sacking and Burning of New 
London, September 6 1781, by the British Forces under the 
command of the Traitor Benedict Arnold. By Rufus Avery 
And Stephen Hempstead, Eye witnesses of the same. Together 
with An Interesting Appendix. [No imprint.] i2mo, pp. 80. 

AvES (Thomas). Case of the Slave-Child, Med. Report of 
the Arguments of Counsel, and of the Opinion of the Court, in 
the case of Commonwealth vs. Aves, ... in the Supreme Judicial 
Court of Massachusetts. Boston,, i^T,^. 8vo, pp. 40. H.4-The 
same. Boston,, 1836. 8vo, pp. 40. p. 2490 

Avezac-Macaya (Marie Armand Pascal d'). Considerations 
geographiques sur Thistoire du Bresil, examen critique d'une nou- 
velle histoire generale du Bresil recemment publ. en portugais 
a Madrid par M. Fr. Ad. de Varnhagen. Avec 2 cartes. Paris,, 
1857. Rl- 8vo. 2491 

Avezac-Macaya. Coup d'oeil historique sur la projection 
des cartes de geographie. ... Paris,, Leiber,, 1863. 8vo, pp. viii., 
152. Plates. 2492 

From the " Bulletin," etc., April, May, June, 1863. 

Avezac-Macaya. Les Voyages de Americ Vespuce au 

334 AVITY. 

compte de TEspagne et les mesures itineraires employees par 
les marins Espagnols et Portugais des xv^ et xvi^ siecles, pour 
faire suite aux considerations geographiques sur I'histoire du 
Bresil. ... Paris^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 188. 2493^ 

From the "Bulletin de la Societe de Geographic," Sept., Oct., 1858. 

[Avezac-Macaya.] Martin Hylacomylus Waltzemiiller ses 
ouvrages et ses collaborateurs Voyage d'exploration et de de- 
couvertes a travers quelques epitres dcdicatoires prefaces et 
opuscules en prose et en vers du commencement du xvi^ siecle 
... par un geographe. bibliophile. Paris^ Challamel aine^ 1867. 
8.V0, pp. vi., 176. H. 2493 

AviLA (Fr. de). Arte de la lengua Mexicana, y breves 
platicas de los mysterios de N. Santa Fe catolica, y otras para 
exortacion de su obligacion a los Indios Compuesta. For el 
P. F. Francisco de Avila. ... del orden de los Menores de N. P. 
San Francisco. Mexico^ ^1^1' Sm. 8vo, pp. 98 in all. 2494 

Heber's copy sold for £2 14s. 5 Brunet, 17 fr. 

AviLA. Oratio | habita in Ecclesia ] cathedrali Limensi ad 
Domi- 1 num Bartholomasum Lupum Guerrerum Archiepisco | pum 
euisdem Ciuitatis, totius Regni Peruani Metropo| litanum, regi- 
umq; Consiliarium &c. A Doctore Fran-|cisco de Auila Vicario 
Prouinciae de Huarocheri, atq ; | Parocho ecclesias Sancti Damiani 
in eadem pro-juincia. Dominica tertia Aduentus, decima | tertia 
die mensis Decem b rs [j/V]. | Anno. 1609. | In qva ipsi Domino 
Archiepiscopo osten|dit miserrimum statum circa Christianam 
religionem, in quo Indi huius Me-| tropoleos delitescunt : hocq ; 
vice laudum in aduentu gratissimo ipsius | Domini Archiepiscopi, 
vice etiam congratulationis illi | offert, remediumq ; adhibere per- 
suadet. | Cvm Licentia. | Limes, Apud Franciscum a Canto. \ Anno, 
i6io.| 4to, 12 leaves. h. 2495 

Avis aux Hessois Et autres peuples de I'Allemagne Vendus 
par leurs Princes a I'Angleterre. Cleves^ Bertol., ^111- 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 2496 

Avis divers, and Avis du Cap. See Saint-Domingo. 

Avis d'un bon patriote. P^m, imp, de Henri IV. [n. d.] 8vo, 

A pamphlet relating to the affairs of St. Domingo in 1 790. 

AviTY (Sieur d'). Les|Estats, Empires, |et Principavtez [ dv 
Monde, | Representez par la | Description des Pays, | moeurs des 



habitans, I Richesses des Prouinces, | les forces, le gouuernement | 
la Religion, et les Princes | qui ont gouuerne| chacun Estat. | Auec 
L'origine de toutes les | Religions, et de tous les| Cheualiers et 
ordres|iMilitaires.|Par le S^ D. T. V. Y. gentilhome | ord'''. 
de la Chambre du Roy. | A Paris^ m.d.c.xix. 4to, lo p. 1., 
pp. 1467, (i). 2498 

The notice of the New World occupies sixty-seven pages. Boucher, vi., 171, notices 
other editions. 

Avon. The Mineral Waters of Avon, N. Y. Rochester^ 
1838. 8vo. 2499 

AvRiGNY (C. J. Loeuillard d'). Le Depart de la Perouse, 
ou les Navigateurs Modernes ; Poeme par C. G. L. d'Avrigni, 
de la Martinique, ofEcier d'administration des colonies etc. Paris^ 
1807. 8vo, pp. 59. s.-f-In his Poesies nationales. 3'' ed. 
Par'ts^ Le Normant^ 181 2. 8vo. 2500 

Away in the Wilderness ; or. Life among the Red Indians 
and Fur Traders of North America. New Tork^ D. Appleton ^ 
Co.^ 1864. i6mo, pp. 117. 2501 

Awful Calamities: or, The Shipwrecks of December, 1839, 
... on the Coast of Massachusetts ; in which were lost more 
than 90 Vessels, and nearly 200 dismasted, driven ashore or 
otherwise damaged, and more than 150 Lives destroyed ... . 
Second Edition. Boston,^ Press of J. Howe^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 24. 
Woodcuts. Fifth Edition. 1840. H. 2502 

AxMiLEN (A. O.) See Esquemeling. 

Ayanque (Simon). Lima por dentro y Fuera. Por Simon 
Ayanque. Madrid^ ^19^- i2mo. 2503 

A description of Lima in verse. 

Ayanques (S.) Lima por dentro y fuera. La da a luz 
Simon Ayanques ... . Nueva edicion. Paris^ hnpr. de Fournier ; 
Lima^ Joubert-Dubreuil^ 1842. l8mo, pp. 153. 2504 

Aycinena (Juan). Memoria sobre el canal proyectado en el 
istmo de Nicaragua. Por el ministro general de Guatemala, D. 
Juan Aycinena. \^New Tork? 1836.] 8vo, pp. 16. h. 2505 

Aycinena. Memoire sur la canalisation projetee de Tisthme 
de Nicaragua. Par M. J. Aycinena, ministre general du gou- 
vernement de Guatemala. Public par ordre de M. J. [F.] Ca»- 

336 AYLMER. 

tellon, Ministre plenipotentiaire de Nicaragua pres du gouverne- 
ment fran^ais. Paris ^ Imprimerie A. Francois et Compagnie^ 1844. 

8vO, pp. 20. H. 2506 

Aycrigg (B.) Report on the Proposed Connection of the 
West Branch Improvements with the Alleghany River, Harris- 
hurg^ 1837. 8vo. 2507 

Aycrigg (B. B.) Duties of American Citizens. Position 
of New Jersey. Dated Passaic, N. J., May 3, 1865. New 
York, E. O. Jenkins, 1 856. 8vo, pp. 16. 2508 

Aydelott (B. p.) The Condition and Prospects of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church. By B. P. Aydelott, d.d. Cincin- 
nati, JVm, H. Moore iff Co. [etc.], 1848. i2mo, pp. 176. 

Aydelott. Our Country's Evils and their Remedy. Cin- 
cinnati, 1843. i2mo. 2510 

Aydelott. Prejudice against Colored People. By Rev. B. 
P. Aydelott. Cincinnati, 1863. 24mo, pp. 21. H.-\- Cincin- 
nati, 1863. 8vo, pp. 12. c. 2511 

Also: Answer to the Rt. Rev. P. Chase. Cincinnati {i'iiz'\. 8vo, pp. viii., 45. 
... A Discourse, ... on ... the Death of Charles U. Fosdick, January i8th, 1835. 
Cincinnati, 1835. l8mo, pp. 18. 

Ayer (James C.) Some of the Usages and Abuses in the 
Management of our Manufacturing Corporations. By J. C. 
Ayer, m.d. ... Lowell, C. M. Langley iff Co., 1863. 8vo, pp. 

24. H. 2512 

Ayer (J. W.) The Great Northwestern Conspiracy in all 
its Startling Details. By J. Winslow Ayer, m.d. Chicago, Jno. 
R. Walsh, 1865. 8vo. pp. 112. 2513 

Ayers (Elisha). Journal of Travel in different parts of the 
United States, including anecdotes, remarks, adventures, &c. 
By Elisha Ayers. Preston [_Conn.'\, 1847. ^^^5 PP* 5^* ^* 

Ayllon {Fr. Juan de). Relacion de las fiestas que hizo la 
ciudad de Lima en la cononization de los xxiii Santos martyres 
del Japon. Por Fr. Juan de Ayllon. Lima, 1630. 4to. 

Aylmer (F.) a Cruise in the Pacific. Edited by Captain 
F. Aylmer. London, Hurst ^ Blacket, i860. 2 vols., post 8vo. 

Aylmer (Louisa Anne). Passage of the Pique across the 
Atlantic. By Lady Aylmer. London, Hatchard, 1838. i2mo. 



Aylmer (Matthew, 5//' Lord), Addresses to Lord Aylmer 
from Public Bodies in Lower Canada on his Removal from the 
Administration of the Government of that Province, in the Year 
1835 With his Answer. 1847. 8vo. Privately printed. 

Aylmer. Public Documents relating to Lord Aylmer's 
Administration of the Government of Lower Canada. 1836. 
8vo. Privately printed. 2519 

Aymara. Catecismo en lengua Aymara. Sevilla^ 1604. 
8vo. 2520 

Ayme (Jean Jacques). Deportation et naufrage de J. J. 
Ayme, ex-legislateur, suivis du tableau de vie et de mort des 
deportes, a son depart de la Guyane, avec Ouelques observa- 
tions sur cette Colonic et sur les Negres. Paris [1800?]. 8vo, 
pp. 269, (26). H. 2521 

Title given incorrectly in No. 544. 

Ayme. Johann Ayme's Deportationsreise, Flucht und SchifF- 
bruch ; aus dem Franzozischen mit Karten [von J. J. Briick- 
ner]. Leipzig^ Hinrichs^ 1802. 8vo. 2522 

A[ynge] (G. a.) See A. (G. A.) No. 2. 

Ayrault (Charles). An Oration delivered at Geneva, July 
4th, 1839. Geneva^ ^^SQ* ^vo. 2523 

Ayres (J. A.) The Legends of Montauk. By J. A. Ayres. 
With an Historical Appendix. New Tork^ Geo. P. Putnam^ 
1849. ^^°? PP- ^^7- 2524 

Ayres de Cazal (Manoel). Corografia brazilica ou Rela- 
^ao historico-geographica do Reino do Brazil ... . Rio de 
Janeiro,, na impressao regia m.dccc.xvii. 2 vols., 4to, pp. (12), 
420; (4), 379, (3). H,-\-Rio de Janeiro^ 1838. 2 vols., 8vo. 

[Ayres de Cazal.] Introduc^ao da corografia brasilica e 
a parte della que trata da Bahia. Composta por um presbitero 
secular do gra priorado do Crato e mandada imprimir por um 
professor. Bahia^ 1826. 4to. 2526 

[Ayscough (Samuel)]. Remarks on the Letters from an 
American Farmer ; or a Detection of the Errors of M. J. Hector 
St. John; pointing out the Pernicious Tendency of these Letters 
to Great Britain. London^ 1783. 8vo. 2527 

The writer of this pamphlet is of opinion " that M. St. John's design, in publishing 


338 AZARA, 

his letters, was to diffuse a spirit of migrating to America." He accuses him also of a 
palpable falsehood, in describing "himself as a native American, descended from Scotch 
parents, it being a fact, according to this writer, well known, that he is a native of 
Normandy, and that his chief residence while in America was at New York." See 
M. R., Ixviii., 537. The author was the Rev. Samuel Ayscough." See Nichols, ix., 
p. 55- 

AzAis (Jean Pierre Hyacinthe). De rAmerique. Par H. 
Azais. Parts^ Bechet^ 1818. 8vo, pp. 104. 2528 

AzANZA (J. d') and O'Farrill (G). Memoria de D. Jose 
de Azanza y D. Gonz. O-Farill sobra la politica desde Marzo 
de 1808 hasta abril de 1814. Paris^ between 1814 and 1820. 

Azanza and O'Farrill. Expose des Faits qui justifient 
leur conduite politique depuis Mars 1808, jusqu'en Avril 18 14: 
traduit de Tespagnol par M. A. Foudras. Paris^ 18 15. 8vo, 
pp. 325. 2530 

AzARA (Felix de). Apuntamientos para la Historia Natural 
de Ids Quadrupedos del Paraguay y Rio de la Plata, escritos por 
Don Felix de Azara. ... Madrid^ En la Imprenta de la Viuda de 
Ibarra^ MDCCCii. 2 vols., 4to, 10 p. 1., pp. 318 ; Errata, i p. 

Mr. Rich (Vol. 2, p. 10) prints a very interesting letter by the author, concern- 
ing this work on South America. 

AzARA. Apuntamientos para la Historia Natural de los 
Paxaros del Paraguay y Rio de la Plata. Escritos por Don 
Felix de Azara. Madrid^ Ibarra^ 1802-1805. 3 vols., sm. 
4to. c. 2532 

Azara. Correspondencia oficial e inedita sobre la demarca- 
cion de limites entre el Paraguay y el Brasil, por D. Felix de 
Azara, primer comisario de la tercera division. ... Buenos- Air es^ 
1836. Folio, pp. 68, ii. 2533 

Azara. Descripcion e historia del Paraguay y del Rio de La 
Plata, obra postuma de Don Felix de Azara. La publica su 
sobrino ... D. Agustin de Azara, marques de Nibbiano, bajo la 
direccion de D. Basilio Sebastian Castellanos de Losada. Madrid^ 
1847. 2 vols., 4to. Portrait. 2534 

Azara. Diario de la navegacion y reconocimiento del Rio 
Tebicuari. Obra postuma de D. Felix Azara. ... Buenos- Air es^ 
1836. 4to, Title, pp. v., 47. (Angelis, Coleccion, Tomo 11.) H. 

Azara. Diario de un reconocimiento de las guardias y for- 



tines, que guarnecen la linea de frontera de Buenos-Aires, para 
ensancharla ; por D. Felix de Azara, capitan de navio de la real 
armada. ... Buenos-Aires^ ^837. Folio, Title, pp. iv., 49. 
(Angelis, Coleccion, Tomo vi.) h. 2536 

Azara. Essais sur I'Histoire Naturelle des Quadrupedes de la 
Province du Paraguay. Par Don Feliz D. Azara, Captaine 
du Vaisseau de la Marine Espagnole, etc. Ecrits depuis 1783 
jusqu'en 1796: avec une appendice sur quelques reptiles, et 
format suite necessaire aux oeuvres de Buffon. Traduit sur. le 
manuscrit inedit de I'auteur. Par M. L. E. Moreau-Saint- 
Mery. Paris^ 1801. 2 vols., 8vo. s. 2537 

The original was published in the year following, at Madrid, with additions and 
corrections by the author. See No. 2531. 

Azara. Informes de D. Felix de Azara, sobre varios pro- 
yectos de colonizar el Chaco. ... Buenos-Aires^ 1836. Folio, 
pp. vi., II. 2538 

Azara. Memorias sobre el estado rural del Rio de La Plata 
en 1 801, demarcacion de limites entre el Brasil y el Paraguay a 
ultimos del siglo xviii, e informes sobre varios particulares de la 
America Meridional espanola. Escritos pdstumos de D. Felix 
de Azara ; los publica su subrino, D. Augustin de Azara, bajo 
la direccion de D. Basilio Sebastian Castellanos de Losada. 
Madrid^ 1847. 4^o> PP- 236. Portrait. 2539 

Azara. Natural History of the Quadrupeds of Paraguay 
and the River la Plata. By Don Felix de Azara. Translated 
from the Spanish v/\ih a Memoir of the Author, a Physical 
Sketch of the Country, and numerous notes by W. P. Hunter. 
London^ Longman ^ Co.^ 1838. 8vo. 2540 

Volume I. only published. 

Azara. Voyages dans L'Amerique Meridionale, par Don 
Felix de Azara, Commissaire et Commandant des limites 
espagnoles dans le Paraguay depuis 1781 jusqu'en 1801 ; Con- 
tenant la description geographique, politique et civile du Para- 
guay et de la riviere de La Plata ; I'histoire de la decouverte et 
de la conquete de ces contrees ; des details nombreux sur leur 
histoire naturelle, et sur les peuples sauvages qui les habitent ; le 
recit des moyens employes par les Jesuites pour assujetir et 
civiliser les indigenes, etc. Publics d'apres les Manuscrits de 
I'auteur, avec une notice sur sa vie et ses ecrits, par C. A. 



Walckenaer; enrichls de notes par G. Cuvier ... . Suivis de 
I'histoire naturelle des Oiseaux du Paraguay et de La Plata, par 
le meme auteur, tradulte, d'apres I'original espagnol, et aug- 
mentee d'un grand nombre de notes, par M. Sonnini ; accom- 
pagnes d*un Atlas de vingt-cinq planches. Paris^ Dentu^ im- 
primeur-libraire^ Rue du Pont-de-Lodi^ n° 3. 1 809. 4 vols., 8vo, 
and Atlas in 4to, pp. Ix., 389 ; (4), 562, and 3 1. folded ; (4), 
ii., 479 ; (4), 380. H. 2541 

Some copies in vellum paper, others with colored plates. Sec M. R., lxi., 525. 

AzARA. Viaggi nell' America meridionale di D. Felice di 
Azara commissario e comandante de confini nel Paraguay fatti 
da lui tra il 1781 e il 1801. Pubblicati sulla scorta de suoi 
manoscritti dal Sig. C. A. Walkenaer, tradotti dal S. P. Gaetano 
Barbieri. Milano^ 1817. 2 vols., i2mo. Map and 7 Colored 
Plates. 2542 

Azara. Viajes por la America del Sud de don Felix de 
Azara, desde 1789 (178 1 ?) hasta 1801 ... trad, de Walckenaer; 
con notas de Cuvier. Monte-Video^ 1850. 8vo, pp. 5, 318. 

Azara. Reise nach Siid-Amerika in d. J. 1781-1801. Aus 
dem Span, mit Anmerkungen und einem Leben des Verfassers 
etc. herausgegeben von Walkenaer. Aus dem Franzosischen 
ubersetzt von Ch. Weyland. Berlin^ Voss^ 18 10. 8vo. Map. 

This is an abridgment rather than a translation. There is another version by W. 
A. Lindau. Leipzigy Hinrichsy i8io. 3 vols., 8vo. Maps and Plates. 

AzEREDo CouTiNHO. See Cunha de Azeredo Coutinho. 

AzERO Y Aldovera (Miguel de). Tratado de los Funerales 
y de las Sepulturas. Madrid^ 1786. 4to. 2545 

The author refers to the customs among the savages in America, Brazil, California, 
Mexico, etc. 

Azevedo. Memorias Historicas do Rio de Janeiro e das 
provincias annexas a jurisdi^ao de Vice-rei do estado do Brazil : 
por Joze de Souza Azevedo, Pizarro e Araujo, natural do Rio 
de Janeiro, &c. Rio de Janeiro^ 1820. 9 vols., sm. 4to. 2546 


The Present Attempt, etc. See [Morse (S. F. B.)] 

B. (A.) An Account of the Late Revolutions in 
New England ; in a Letter from A. B. Dated 
Boston^ June 6, 1689. 4to, pp. 7. 2547 

[B. (A.)] A Letter from a Merchant in London 
to his Nephew in North America, relative to the 
Present Posture of Affairs in the Colonies ... . 
[Signed A. B.] London^ J. Walter^ M dcc lxvi. 8vo, 2 
p. 1., pp. 55. H. 2548 

B. (A.) Six letters of A. B. on the differences between 
Great Britain and the United States of America, with a preface 
by the Editor of the Morning Chronicle. London^ Ridgway^ 
1807. 8vo, pp. 48. 2549 

See "Monthly Review," New Series, vi., 103. 

B (A. J.) Notice sur I'ile Sainte-Lucie, moyens d'abolir 

Tesclavage, sans indemnite et sans interruption de travail. In- 
dependance prochaine des Antilles avec la liberte du commerce 

et de la conscience. Par A. -J. B , colon de S^'^-Lucie ... 

Paris^ Poussielgue-Rusandy 1841. 8vo. 2550 

B (M'"*^ C de la). See [Calderon de la Barca (M 


B. (C. B.) See B[rown] (C. B. 

B. (D.) See B[audry] (D[es Lozieres]). 

B. (E.) See B[urrough] (E.) 

B. (E.) See [Engel (Samuel, ie bailli d')] 

B— e (E— d). See B[urk]e (E[dmun]d). 

B_g_l (E— ce). See B[ud]g[e]l (E[usta]ce). 

B. (F.) See B[ernard] (F[rancis]). 

B. (F.) Causes of the Present Distractions in America Ex- 
plained, by F. B. ; 1774. 8vo. 2552 

[B. (H.)] The Leaders, etc. See [Binney (Horace)]. 

342 B. 

B. (J.) Plaine and True Relation of the going forth of a 
Holland fleet to the Coast of Brazil. By J. B. Rotterdam^ 
1623. 4to. 2553 

Ternaux, No. 462. Perhaps by J. Baers. See Baers. 

B. (J.) 6'^f B[rown](J[ohn]). 

B. (J.) Account of the French Usurpation upon the Trade 
of England, and what Great Damage the English Yearly sustain 
by their Commerce, by J. B. London^ 16 79- 4^0. 2554 

Containing a notice of the disturbances of the English trade by the French on the 
coast of Newfoundland, and other parts of the East and West Indies. 

B. (J.) A Letter to a Member of Parliament, on the Regu- 
lation of the Plantation Trade. London^ I'j 01. Sm. 4to. 2555 

B. (J.) Poem occasioned by the Rise and Fall of South Sea 
Stock, humbly dedicated to the Merchant-Adventurers trading 
in the South Seas. By J. B. 1720. 8vo. 2556 

B. (L. M.), armateur. See [Prudhomme (Louis)]. 

B. (L. M.) See Barbe Marbois (F.) 

B*** (M.) See [Bourgeois], and [Falkner (Thomas)]. 

B*** (M. de). Histoire. See [Behrens (K. F.)] 

B. (M. D.) See [Dubuisson (P. U.)] 

B. (N.) The Constables Pocket Book ; or a Dialogue be- 
tween an Old Constable and a New. Boston^ '^I'^l* i6mo, 
pp. 68. M. 2557 

B. (R.) See B[everly] (R.), and B[urton] (R.) 

B. (F.) Observations upon Prince Rupert's White Dogge, 
called Boye, carefully taken by T. B. for that purpose, imployed 
by some of quality in the Citty of London. London^ 1642. 4to. 

The above curious satirical tract contains some notices of the witches of New En- 
gland, etc. 

B. (T. T.) Observations on American Independency, [n. 
p., n. d.] 8vo. 2559 

B. (V. D.) See B[os] (Van der). 

B. (W. B.) Baltimore : or Long Long time ago. By W. 
B. B. Baltimore^ Murphy ^ Co,^ 1853. ^^^j PP- ^4- ^5^° 



B. (W. D.) See B[ickham] (W. D.) 

B. (W. S. A.) " The Antigonlan and Bostonian Beauties : 
A Poem. Occasioned by Seeing the Assembly at St. John's, 
Antigua, on Thursday the yth of July, and afterwards at Boston, 
in King Street." By W. S. A. B. Boston, D. Fowle [n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 8. w. 2561 

B. (W. B.) Abraham Lincoln's Character. ... n. p. [1865.] 
8vo, pp. 2, (2). 2562 

B -DuvALLON. See [Berquin-Duvallon]. 

Baader (Friedrich). Die Bundes-Verfassung der Vereinig- 
ten Staaten von Nordamerika. Ein Beitrag zur Losung der 
deutschen Verfassungsfrage von Friedrich Baader. Berlin, Star- 
gardt, 1848. 8vo, pp. 32. 2563 

Baaij (G.) Is het vertrek dei geloovigen in Nederland naar 
Noord-Amerika een werk van God of uit den booze ? of de geest 
der Zedige vrijmoed. bedenkingen omtrent het vertrek der 
geloovigen in Nederl. naar Noord-Amerika beproefd aan de H. 
S. Amsterdam, Hoogkamer en Co., 1847. ^^°' ^5^4 

Baars (J.) Beschryving van Brasil. Amsterdam, 1651. 4to. 

Babbidge (C.) The Claims of Congregational Churches. A 
Centennial Address : being a Plea in Vindication of the Rights 
of the First Church in Pepperell, Mass. delivered Feb. 9, 1847. 
By Charles Babbidge, Minister of the First Parish. Boston, IVm. 
Crosby and H. P. Nichols, 1847. 8vo, pp. 44. H. 2566 

Babbitt (B. B.) Sermon before the First Annual Conven- 
tion of the Church Union of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
in the Diocese of Massachusetts, delivered ... May 19, 1863, by 
Rev. Benjamin B. Babbitt, of ... Andover, Mass. ... With the 
Constitution, Plan of Operation and Organization of the Church 
Union. Boston, the Union, 1863. 8vo, pp. 31, (i). H. 2567 

Babbit (E. B.) The Trial of Lieut. E. B. Babbit, on 
Charges preferred by Com. Jesse D. Elliott, before a Naval 
Court Martial ... at ... Charlestown, October 13, 1834. Boston, 
1835. 8vo, pp. 120. H. 2568 

Babbitt (E.) Organization of the House. Speech of Hon. 



Elijah Babbitt, of Penn. ... January 20, i860. \TVashington^ 
Buell and Blanch ard^ Printers^ i860.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2569 

Babbitt. Speech of Hon. Elijah Babbitt, of Pennsylvania, 
on the Confiscation of Rebel Property. ... In the House ... 
May 22, 1862. {IVashington^ 1862.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2570 

Babcock (Charles). British Honduras : Central America. 
A Plain Statement to the Colored People of the U. S. who con- 
template Emigration. By Charles Babcock, of Salem, Mass. 
Boston^ the Author^ 1863. 8vo. pp. 16. H. 2571 

Babcock (George R.) ... Remarks of Mr. Babcock, of Erie, 
on the Roman Catholic Church Property Bill : in the Senate, 
June 24, 1853 ••• • ^Ib^^y-i Cuyler ^ Henly^ Printers^ 1853. 
8vo, pp. 12. H. 2572 

[Babcock (J. S.)]. Memoir of Captain Nathan Hale. ... 
New Haven^ Printed by S. Babcock^ 1 844. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 

Babcock (Rufus). Forty Years of Pioneer Life. Memoir 
of John Mason Peck, d.d. Edited from his Journals and Cor- 
respondence. By Rufus Babcock. Philadelphia, Amer, Bapt, 
Pub. Soc, 1864. i2mo, pp. 360. Portrait. 2574 

Babcock (S. B.) A Discourse on the Death of President 
Lincoln, preached in the Orthodox Congregational Church, in 
Dedham, by the Rev. Samuel B. Babcock, in accordance with 
the Request of a Committee of Citizens, Wednesday, April 19, 
1865. Dedham, Mass., Printed by John Cox, Jr., 1865. 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 2575 

" Not published, but distributed among the families of the town." — S. B. Babcock. 

Babcock. Historical Discourse delivered at the Closing of the 
Old Episcopal (St. Paul's) Church, Dedham, November 30, 
1845, by Rev. Samuel B. Babcock. Dedham, H. Mann, Printer. 

SVO, pp. 23. H. 2576 

Babcock. The Rector's Offering, February 11, 1857. [^ 
Historical Sketch of the Episcopal Church in Dedham, Mass. 
By Rev. S. B. Babcock, d.d.] Boston, 1857. i2mo, pp. 23. 

Babcock (William G.) Farewell Sermon preached at South 
Natick, Mass. ... Feb. 26, i860. By Wm. G. Babcock, 
Minister of the Unitarian Church. Boston, i860. i2mo, pp. 12. 

The Parish Committee closed the church because the minister took the part of the 
workmen of the town, who were on a strike. 



The Babcock Family. \_Albany^ Munsell^ 1861.] 8vo, pp. 4. 

Babie (F.) Voyages chez les peuples sauvages, ou 1' homme 
de la nature ; histoire morale des peuples sauvages des deux 
continents et des naturels des isles de la Mer du Sud. Par le 
citoyen F. Babie, d'apres les memcires du Cit. R * * * [I'abbe 
Jerome Richard]. Avec figures. Paris^ Laurens^ Fuchs^ Desenne 
et Lepetit^ani's.\_i^Oi~\. 3 vols., 8vo. Engravings. s. + Seconde 
edition. Paris^ Laurens^ mn'e^ Chaumerot^ 1808. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Engravings. + [Same edition?] Leipzig^ Wolf et Comp.^ 3 vols., 
8vo. 2580 

" I have not written the Romance of the Man of Nature, but his History.'" — 

Babo (Franz Joseph Maria). Das Winterquartier in Amer- 
ika ; ein Original-Lustspiel in i Aufzuge. Berlin (also Mun- 
chen)^ iJjS. 8vo. 2581 

Babson (J. J.) History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape 
Ann, including the Town of Rockport. By John J. Babson. 
Gloucester^ Procter Brothers, i860. 8vo, pp. xi., 610. Map. H. 

A considerable portion of the edition was destroyed by fire in February, 1863. 

The Baby and the Bards. See [Ames (Nathan)]. 

Bacardi (A.) Apendice al nuevo Colon, 6 sea tratado del 
derecho militar de Espana y sus Indias, por D. Alejandro 
Bacardi. Barcelona, 1859. ^v^- ^5^3 

[Bacellar (Antonio Barbosa)]. Rela^ao diaria do sitio e 
tomada da forte pra^a do Recife, recupera^ao das capitanias de 
Itamaraca, Paraiba, Rio-Grande, Ciara, e ilha de Fernao de 
Noronha j por Francisco Barreto Mestre de Campo general do 
estado do Brasil e Gobernador de Pernambuco. Lisboa, na off. 
Craesheeck'iana, 1 654. 4to, pp. (32.) 2584 

" Very rare. There is an Italian version " — Da Silva. 

Bach (Moriz). Das Land Otuquis. See Kriegk (G. L.) 

Bach (M.) Descripcion de la Nueva Provincia de Otuquis 
en Bolivia. Segunda edicion, corr. y aum. Buenos Aires, 1843. 
4to, pp. 25. M. 2585 

Bach (M.) Die Jesuiten und ihre Mission Chiquitos in Siid- 
amerika. Eine historisch-ethnographische Schilderung. Heraus- 


346 BACHE. 

gegeben und mit einem Vorworte begleitet von Georg Ludw. 
Kriegk. Leipzig^ Mittler {Frankfurt^ Varrentrap)^ 1843. ^^°> 
pp. 96. 2586 

Bache (A. D.) Additional Notes of a Discussion of Tidal 
Observations ... at Cat Island, Louisiana. By Prof. A. D. 
Bache ... . New Haven^ Printed by B. L. Hamlen^ 1852. 8vo, 

pp. 15. H. 2587 

Bache. On the Tides of the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of 
the United States ; the Gulf Stream ; and the Earthquake 
Waves of December, 1854. By A. D. Bache .... Nezu Haven^ 
Printed by Ezechiel Hayes ^ i^ ^6. 8vo, pp. 43. 7 Plates. h. 

Also: Address of... Bache, President of the American Association for ... 1851, 
on retiring from the Duties of President, [n. p., n, d.] 8vo, pp. xli.-lx. h. Ad- 
dress ... Franklin Institute ... 1842. 8vo. h. Anniversary Address before the 
American Institute Of the City of New- York ... October 28th, 1856 ... . New York, 
1857. 8vo, pp. 60. H. ... Approximate Cotidal Lines of Diurnal and Semi-Diurnal 

Tides of the Coast of the United States on the Gulf of Mexico [n. p., 1857.] 

8vo, pp. 17. 2 Plates, h. Attempt to fix the date of Dr. Franklin's Observations on 
North East Storms. Philadelphia, \?,-^t^. 8vo. Discussion of the Magnetic and Meteoro- 
logical Observations made at the Girard College Observatory, Philadelphia, in 1840- 
1845. 6 Parts. 1859-62. 4to, pp. 22, 28, 16. Eulogy on Hon. James Alfred 
Pearce, of Maryland, ... one of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. ... 
January, 1863. Wa%hington^ ... 1863. 8vo. pp. 14, h. ... Lecture on the Gulf 
Stream .. . [n. p., i860.] 8vo, pp. 71 [17]. 4 Plates, h. ... Navy Yard at 
Patuxent River. Letter ... relative to the advantages of the Patuxent river ... . 
{Washington, 1866.] 8vo. pp. 2. Map. h. Notes on the Gulf Stream. [With 
Additional Remarks by G. W. Blunt, [n. p., 1854.] 8vo, pp. 47*-53* of Blunt's 
American Coast Pilot. 2 Charts, h. Records and Results of a Magnetic Survey 
of Pennsylvania and Parts of Adjacent States. Washington City, 1863. 4to. Re- 
port on the Harbor of Charleston, S. C, by ... A. D. Bache ... [and others]. Also 
Report of Capt. A. H. Bovi^man ... with Estimate for Deepening the Bar of Sullivan's 
Island, or Beach Channel. ... With Report of Commissioners appointed by the State 
... Charleston, 1858, 8vo, pp. 62, (l), 10. h. Report of Experiments to Navigate the 
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, by Steam ... Philadelphia, 1836. 8vo, pp. 13. p. 
Report on Education in Europe, to the Trustees of the Girard College for Orphans. 
Philadelphia, i^l^). 8vo, pp. 677. Report upon the Sailing Directions for the Port 
of New-York and its Approaches ... Cambridge, 1856. 8vo, pp. 31. Report rela- 
tive to the New- York Harbor Coast Survey, Dec 28, 1857. N. Y. Sen. Doc. 1858. 
8vo, pp. 12, 2 Charts. Reports to Congress of the Progress of the Coast Survey 
from 1848. Washington, 1849. 8vo. Continued. Report to the Controllers of the 
Public Schools, on the Reorganization of the Central High School of Philadelphia, 
1839-40. 8vo. [Two Editions.] Report on ... a High School for Girls ... [Phila- 
delphia, 1840.] Report ... of the Central High School ... Philadelphia, 1863. 8vo. 
Tide Tables for the Principal Sea Ports of the United States, ... . Neiv-York, E. & 
G. W. Blunt, iS^S. 8vo, pp. 15. H.+Revised Jan., 1857. [Neiv Tork,n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. 53*-70* of Blunt's "American Coast Pilot." i Chart, h. See also Boston, etc. 

Bache (B. F.) To the Democratic Republican Electors, 
of Pennsylvania. By Benjamin Franklin Bache. Philadelphia^ 
1804. 8vo. c. 2589 

A broadside, on the Presidential Election, 



Bache (Franklin). Observations and Reflections on the 
Penitentiary System. A Letter from Franklin Bache, m.d. to 
Roberts Vaux. Philadelphia^ Jesper Harding^ 1829. 8vo, pp. 
13- P. 2590 

Bache (L.) ... Proceedings of a General Court Martial for the 
Trial of Lieut. Col. Louis Bache ... upon charges of Mutiny, 
Disobedience of orders, Insubordination [etc.] ... at the Camp 
Marcus Hook, on the Delaware, in October, 18 14. Philadel- 
phia^ Printed by James Wilson^ 18 15. 8vo, pp. 66, 12. b. <fe p. 

Bache (Richard). The Case of Alien Enemies considered 
and decided, upon a Writ of Habeas Corpus allowed on the 
Petition of Charles Lochington, an Alien Enemy by Hon. 
Wm. Tilghman. 22 Nov. 18 13. Philadelphia^ 1 8 13. 8vo. 

[Bache (Lieut. Richard)]. Notes on Colombia, taken in the 
Years 1822-3. With an Itinerary of the Route from Caracas 
to Bogota; and an Appendix. By an Officer in the United 
States' Army. Philadelphia., H. C. Carey ^ I. Lea, 1827. 8vo, 
pp. 303. Map and 2 Plans. h. 2593 

[Bache.] View of the Valley of the Mississippi ; or, the 
Emigrant's and Traveller's Guide to the West. [By Lieut. 
R. Bache.] Second edition. Philadelphia., H. S. Tanner., 1834. 
i8mo, pp. ix., 372. 15 Maps. c. 2594 

The preface is signed R. B. 

Bache (Richard Meade). The Young Wrecker of the 
Florida Reef: or the trials and adventures of Fred. Ransom. 
Philadelphia., Jas. S. Claxton., 1866. i6mo, pp. 381. c. 2595 

Bache (W.) Historical Sketches of Bristol Borough, in the 
County of Bucks, anciently known as " Buckingham :" being 
the Second Chartered Borough in Pennsylvania ; commencing 
with its Colonial Settlement, in 168 1, and closing with the 
Year 1853. ^7 William Bache. Bristol., Pa.., 1853. i6mo, 
pp. 60. H. 2596 

Bachelder (Samuel). [Vindication of his conduct as agent 
of the York Manufacturing Company. Boston? 1854.] 8vo, 
pp. 7. H. 2597 

Bacheler (O.) Mormonism Exposed, internally and exter- 
nally. By Origen Bacheler. New York., 1838. i2mo, pp. 48. c. 


Bacheler. Trial of the Commonwealth, versus Orlgen 
Bacheler, for a Libel on the Character of George B. Beals, de- 
ceased, at the Municipal Court, Boston, March Term a.d. 
1829. Before Hon. P. O. Thacher, Judge. Reported by John 
W. Whitman. [Boston'], Published by John H. Belcher, 1829. 
i2mo, pp. 47. c. 2599 

Bacheler (W.) Debate in the Massachusetts Senate, upon 
an Act to incorporate the Cambridge Broadway Company ... 
April 25, 1862. Phonographic Report by W. Bacheler. Ca?n- 
hr'idge. Printed by Allen and Farnham, 1862. l2mo, pp. 43. H. 

Bachelet (Louis). Phalanstere du Bresil. Voyage dans 
I'Amerique meridionale. Paris, bnpr. de Pommeret, 1842. 8vo, 
pp. 20. 2601 

Bachelier, pseudon. See [Durret]. 

Bacheller (S.) Remarks on the late printed Answer to Col. 
Choate's Reasons of dissent from the judgment of a Council in 
the affair of the Rev. Mr. Bacheller of Haverhill. By the Author 
of those Reasons. To which is Subjoined a Postscript by Another 
hand. Boston, Edes iff Gill, 1761. 8vo, pp. 43. w. 2602 

Bacheller. Twenty Articles of Charge against Rev. Samuel 
Bacheller, before the council at Haverhill 19^" Sep. 1758 with 
Result of the council ; Friendly remarks on Result of council 
by the aggrieved 17 Ap' 1759; also the councils addition to for- 
mer result with remarks ; postcript by Joseph Haynes and 
Choate's Reasons. Portsmouth, 1760. 8vo, pp. 87. M. 2603 

Bacheller. Vindication of an Association from the Charge 
of Countenancing Heresy in Doctrine, and of Partiality in Con- 
duct in reference to Samuel Bacheller. By One of their Num- 
ber. Portsmouth, N. H., 1758. 4to. 2604 

[Bachelot de La Pylaie (A. J. M.)] Flore de Terre- 
Neuve et des iles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, avec figures dessinees, 
par Tauteur, sur la plante vivante. Premiere livraison. Paris, 
impr. de F. Didot, 1829. 4to, pp. 128. 2605 

No more published. In the lists of correspondents of the " Societe des antiquaries 
de France," the name is spelled Lapilaye and La Pilaye. 

Bachelot de la Pylaie. Voyage a I'lslede Terre Neuve, 
contenant la Description des Isles voisines et des Vues generales 



sur leur vegetation. Par M. Bachelot de la Pylale. Paris^ 1825. 
8vo, pp. 131. 2606 

This voyage forms, also, part of Vol. ix. of " Memoires de la Societe Linnienne de 

Bachiller y Morales (A.) Antiguedades amerlcanos. 
Noticias que tuvieron los Europas de la America antes del 
descubrimiento de Christoval Colon, etc. Habana^ 1845. 4^^* 

Bachiller y Morales. Apuntes para la historia de las 
letras y de la instruccion publica de la Isla de Cuba, por Antonio 
Bachiller y Morales. Habana^ 1859-61. 3 vols., 4to, pp. 228, 
224, 248. 2608 

Contains a list of all the books printed in Caba from 1724 to 1840. 

Bachiller y Morales. Elogio de D. Jose de Arango y 
Castillo, escrito por A. Bachiller y Morales. Habana^ 1852. 
8vo, pp. 14. 2609 

Bachiller y Morales. Memoria sobre los trabajos de la 
Caja de Ahorros, descuentos y depositos de la Habana, en 
1 855-1 856, escrita por Antonio Bachiller y Morales. Habana^ 
1856. 8vo, pp. 18. 2610 

The publication of these memoirs commenced in 1840. 

Bachiller y Morales. Prontuario de agricultura general 
para el uso de los labradores i hacendados de la Isla de Cuba por 
Antonio Bachiller y Morales. Edicion ilustrada con laminas. 
Habana^ i^^b. 8vo, pp. vi., 412. 2611 

Bachman (J.) An Account of some Experiments made on 
the Habits of the Vultures inhabiting Carolina, the Turkey 
Buzzard, and the Carrion Crow. By John Bachman. Charles- 
ton [1834]. 8vo, pp. 16. c. 2612 

Also : The doctrine of the Unity of the human race. Charleston^ 1850. 8vo. p. 
An Examination of Professor Agassiz's Sketch of the ... Animal World, and ... the 
... Types of Man, 1855. A notice of the " Types of Mankind." C4<7r/«/o», 1854. 
8vo, pp. 33. p. 5tff Audubon, Quadrupeds of America. No. 2368. 

Back [Captain Sir G.) Narrative of the Arctic Land Expe- 
dition to the Mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the 
Shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the Years 1833, 1834, and 
1835. By Captain Back, R. N., Commander of the Expedi- 
tion. Illustrated by a Map and Fourteen Plates. London^ John 
Murray^ mdcccxxxvi. 4to, pp. vi., 663. + Same. London^ John 

35© BACKER. 

Murray^ 1836. 8vo, pp. vi., 663. -h Reprinted. Philadelphia^ 
E. L, Carey iff L. Hart^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 456. Map. + Second 
Edition. Philadelphia^ 1837. 8vo. + [In English.] Paris^ 
Baudry^ Amyot (and some copies) Galignani^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 
338. + Also reprinted at Brussels^ Leipsic^ and Frankfort^ in En- 
glish. 2613 

The plates in the quarto, or admiralty edition, are by Finden. Some copies were 
printed on large paper, with India proof plates. The " Quarterly Review," lvi., p. 
296, says that as a literary composition this work may rank higher than any former 
volume produced by the northern expeditions. See also Ed. Rev., lxiii., 151. 

Back. Voyages dans les regions artiques, a la recherche 
du capitaine Ross, en 1834 et 1835, et reconnaissance de 
Rhlwee-Choh, maintenant grande riviere Back ; traduit par M. P. 
Caseaux. Paris^ Arthus Bertrand^ 1836. 2 vols., 8vo. Map. 

Back. Reise durch Nord-Amerika bis zur Miindung des 
grossen Fischflusses und an den Kiisten des Polarmeeres in den 
Jahren 1833, 34 und 35. Aus dem Englischen von Karl 
Andree. Leipzig^ Weher^ 1836. 8vo. Plate and 2 Portraits. 

Back. Wunderbare Reisen und Abentheuer zu Wasser und 
zu Lande ... 1834-35 ... um ... Capitan Ross aufzusuchen. 
Nach dem Engl. Reisejournale im Auszuge bearbeitet. Wien^ 
Ceroid^ 1837. i2mo. 2616 

Back. Narrative of an expedition in H. Majesty's Ship 
Terror, undertaken with a view to Geographical Discovery 
on the Arctic Shores, in the years 1836-7. By Captain Back, 
R. N. Illustrated by a Map and twelve Plates. London^ Jo^^ 
Murray^ 1838. %wo.-\- Philadelphia^ 1838. 8vo. 2617 

Back. Landreise nach den Kiisten des Nordpolarmeeres. 
Deutsch von K. Andre. Leipzig^ 1845. R^- 8vo. Map. 2618 

Backer. Bibliotheque des ecrivains de la Compagnie de 
Jesus, ou Notices bibliographiques 1° De tous les ouvrages 
publics par les membres de la Compagnie de Jesus, depuis la 
fondation de I'ordre jusqu'a nos jours ; 2° Des apologies, des 
controverses religieuses, des critiques litteraires et scientifiques 
suscitees a leur sujet. Par Augustin et Alois de Backer, de la 
meme Compagnie. ... Liege^ 1853-61. 7 vols., large 8vo. H. 

An important work for the reliable notices, both biographical and bibliographical, of 
the Jesuit travelers. An eighth volume will complete the work. 



Backhaus (Johann Gottlieb). Neue ... Abhandlung vom 
Tabacksbau, worin die einzige ... Methode gezeigt wird, wie 
diese Pflanze muss behandelt werdert, wenn sie in Teutschland 
die Stelle des Virginischen Tabacks vertreten soil ... . Darm- 
stadt^ 1779- 8vo. 2620 

Backhouse (Anna.) A Brief Sketch of the Life of Anna 
Backhouse [daughter of Joseph John Gurney], ... Burlington^ 
New Jersey^ J^^^^ Rodgers^ 1852. [Privately printed.] 8vo. 

Backus (Azel). Inaugural Discourse delivered in ... Clinton, 
December 3, 18 12, by the Rev. Azel Backus, d.d. on ... his 
Induction into the Office of President of Hamilton College, De- 
cember 3, 1 81 2. Utica^ Printed by Ira Merrell^ 18 12. 8vo, 
pp. 20. 2622 

Dr. Backus also published Sermons : At the Funeral of Oliver Wolcott, Governor 
of Connecticut, Dec, 1797. Litchfield [1797]. 8vo. At the Connecticut Election, 
Hartford, May 10, 1798. Hartford, 1798. 8vo, pp. 54. + Reprinted, New Tork^ 
1798. 8vo. At the Ordination of John B. Whittlesey. Herkimer, N. T., iS^.. 8vo. 

Backus (Charles). Sermon preached ... At Hartford, on the 
day of the Anniversary Election, May 9, 1793. Hartford^ 1793* 
8vo, pp. 38. M. 2623 

Also: Sermon at the Ord. of Azel Backus, in Bethlem, April 6, 1791. Litchfield 
[1791]. 8vo, pp. 26. At Somers, Conn., Nov., 1793, °" ^^^ Death of Moses 
Chapin. Springfield, 1794. 8vo. At Wilmington, Mass., Oct 29, 1795, ^^ t^* 
Ordination of Freegrace Raynolds. Boston, 1795. ^^°- ^^ '^^ Ordination of 
Timothy Mather Cooly, in Granville, Feb. 3, 1796. Weuspringfield^ 1796. 8to, 
pp. 16. At the Ordination of Joseph Russell, in Princetown, Mass., March 16, 1796. 
Boston, 1796. 8vo, pp. 31. Five Discourses on the Truth and Inspiration of the 
Bible. Hartford, I'J'^'J. At the Ordination of Thomas Snell, June 27, 1798. 
Worcester^ ij^S. 8vo. At Pelham. N. H., Oct. 31, 1798, at the Ordination of 
John Hubbard Church. Amherst, 1799. ^^°» PP- 3^- ^^ ^^^ Ordination of Zcp- 
haniah S. Moore. fVorcester^ 1798. 8vo. At Wilbraham, Mass., May 2, occa- 
sioned by Six Young Persons being drowned, with Two Discourses on the same 
Subject by the Rev. Mr. Witter. Springfield, 1799- ^^°' PP- ^^- Scripture Doc- 
trine of Regeneration. Hartford, 1800. i2mo. At Longmeadow, Fast, April 17. 
Springfield, Mass., 1788. 8vo. At the Ordination of Vinsor Gould, Southampton, 
Aug. 26, 1801. Northampton, 1801. 8vo. 

Backus (Isaac). All true Ministers of the Gospel are called 
... A Discourse shewing the nature and necessity of an internal 
call to preach the everlasting Gospel ; By Isaac Backus. To 
which is added some short account of the experiences and dying 
testimony of Mr. Nathanael Shepherd, Pastor in Attleborough, 
Who died April 14th, 1752. Boston^ D. Fowle^ 1754- 8vo, pp. 
115. 2624 



[Backus.] An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty. 
Against the Oppressions of the Present Day. Boston^ Printed by 
John Boyle^ MDCCLXXill. 8vo. pp. 62 (2). 2625 

Contains historical notices and extracts from the works of Cotton Mather, John 
Cotton, Roger Williams, and a list of the author's works. 

Backus. Church History of New England, from 1602 to 
1804, abridged, with a concise History of the Baptists in the 
Southern parts of America. By Isaac Backus. Boston^ 1804. 
Svo.-h With a Memoir ... Philadelphia^ Baptist Tract Dep.^ 1839. 
l8mo, pp. 2^0. -\- Philadelphia^ American Baptist Publication and 
S. S. Society^ 1844. i8mo, pp. 250. 2626 

Backus. Discourse concerning the Materials, the Manner 
of Building, and Power of Organizing, of the Church of Christ ; 
With the True difference and exact limits between Civil and 
Ecclesiastical Government ; and also what are, and what are not 
just Reasons for Separation. Together with an Address to 
Joseph Fish, a.m. Pastor of a church in Stonington, occasioned 
by his late Piece called the Examiner Examined. By Isaac 
Backus. Boston^ ^773- 8vo, pp. 151. 2627 

Backus. The Doctrine of Sovereign Grace Opened and 
Vindicated ; two parts, with Appendix, containing a brief Ac- 
count of the Sentiments of the first Baptist Churches in New 
England. Providence^ Rhode Island^ ^ohn Carter^ ^77 '^' 2628 

Backus. A | Fish caught in his own Net. | An | Examination | 
of Nine Sermons, from Matt. 16. 18. | Published last Year, by Mr. 
Joseph Fish of Stonington ; | Wherein | He labours to prove, that 
those called Standing Churches | in New-England are built upon 
the Rock, and upon | the same Principles with the first Fathers 
of this I Country : And that Separates and Baptists are joining 
with the Gates of Hell against them. | In Answer to which; 
Many of his Mistakes are corrected ; The Constitution | of those 
Churches opened; the Testimonies of Prophets | and Apostles, 
and also of many of those Fathers are | produced, which as plainly 
condemn his plan, as any | Separate or Baptist can do. | By Isaac 
Backus. I Pastor of a Church of Christ in Middleborough. | Boston : 
Printed by Edes and Gill^ in\^een-Street^ Mdcclxviii. 8vo, 
pp. 130; Errata, i p. 2629 

Backus. Government and Liberty Described, and Ecclesias- 
tical Tyranny Exposed. Boston^ ^77^- ^^' ^vo. 2630 



Backus. A History of New-England, With particular Ref- 
erence to the Denomination of Christians called Baptists. Con- 
taining The first principles and settlements of the Country; The 
rise and increase of the Baptist Churches therein ; The intrusion 
of Arbitrary Power under the cloak of Religion ; the Christian 
Testimonies of the Baptists and others against the same, with 
their Sufferings under it, from the Beginning to the present 
Time. Collected from most Authentic Records and Writings, 
both Ancient and Modern. By Isaac Backus, Pastor of the 
first Baptist Church in Midleborough. Vol. i. Boston^ Printed 
by Edward Draper^ ^111- ^vo, 4 p. 1.; Text, pp. 544; Ap- 
pendix, pp. 15 ; Errata, l p. Vol. 11. Providence^ John Carter^ 
1784. Title, pp. 448. Vol. in. Boston^ Manning & Loring^ 
1796- PP- 334 s. 2631 

Complete sets of this valuable work, are rare — the third volume being generally 
deficient. See Rich, Bibl. Am., Vol. 1., 253; Bartlett's Bibl., R. 1. 

Backup. Policy, as well as Honesty, forbids the use of 
Secular Force in Religious Affairs. Massachusetts-State. Bos- 
ton : Printed by Draper and Folsom^ and Sold by Phillip Freeman^ 
in Union-Street^ m,dcc,lxxix. pp. 26 ; Index to " Our Baptist 
History," 2 1. 2632 

Contains an index lu the History of Nev\' England. " Not having time and Room 
therefor, when our Baptist History was finished, a brief Index to it is inserted here.'" 
Dr. Backus was an able and voluminous author of works principally relating to the 
Baptists, including A Circular Letter in the " Minutes of the Warren Association, 
Sept. y and lo, 1794. Bostun, 17^4. ' The Atonement of Christ ... . Boston. 
MDCCLXXXvii. 8vo, pp. 28. Doctrine of particular Election and final Perseverance. 
Boston, 1789. 8vo. A door opened for equal Christian Liberty. Boston 1783. 8vo. 
Family Prayer not to be neglected. A Discourse. Newport, 1766. 8vo. Godli- 
ness excludes Slavery. Huston. 1785. 8vo, pp. 14. The Infinite Importance of the 
obedience of Faith. Boston 1791 8vo. The Kingdom of God described by His 
Word. Boston, mdccxcii. Sm. 8vo, pp. 24. Letter to the Rev. Mr. Benjamin Lord 
of Norwich, occasioned by some Harsh Things which he has lately published Against 
those who have Dissented from liis Sentiments about the Ministry, the Church, and 
Baptism. By Isaac Backus. Fro-vidence, 1764. 8vo. The Liberal Support of Gos- 
pel Ministers Inculcated. Boston, 1 790. 8vo. A Reply to a piece wrote by Israel 
Holly, Pastor in Suffield, entitled the New Testament Interpretation of the Old, rela- 
tive to Infant Baptism. Newport, 1772. Sermon at Middleborough, Feb. 5, 1769, 
upon iiearing of the death of a godly Mother, to which is added some Memories of 
her Life. Providence, 1769. A Sermon ... Oct. 30, 1771, at the Ordination of 
Asa Hunt, in Middleborough. Boston, 1772. 8vo, pp. 31. A Short Description of 
the Dift'erence between the Bond Woman and the Free. Sermon at Middleborough, 
Mass. Boston, 1756. 8vo, pp. (4), 45.+Second edition corrected, to which is added 
an Answer to Mr. Frothingham's late letter, concerning Baptism. Boston, 1770. 
Spiritual Ignorance causeth Men to counter-act their doctrinal Knowledge. A Dis- 
course from Acts xiii. 27. Providence, 1763. True Faith will produce good Works. 
A Discourse ... With Remarks on the Writings of Mr. Sandeman. Boston, 1767. 
8vo, pp. 94. The Substance of An Address to an assembly in Bridge water, March 




lo, 1779, previous to the administration of baptism, ... Providence ; also Boston [n. d."! 
8vo, pp. 8. The Testimony of the Two Witnesses. A Sermon from Rev. 11 : 3. 
Pro-viJence, 1786. 8vo. + With a few remarks upon the late Writings of Dr. Hem- 
menway and Dr Lathrop, second edition. Boston, 1793' 8vo. Truth is Great, and 
Will Prevail. Boston [1781]. 8vo, pp. 36, (8). 

Backus (John C.) An Historical Discourse on taking leave 
of the Old Church Edifice of the First Presbyterian Congrega- 
tion in Baltimore. By John C. Backus, ... Baltimore^ i860. 
i2mo, pp. 105. 2633 

Backus. A Discourse Delivered at the Opening of the 
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, July 4, 1852. By 
John C. Backus, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Balti- 
more. Baltimore^ 1 852. 8vo, pp. 32. Plate. 2634 

Backus (J.) The Proclamation of the Honourable Joseph 
Jenks Deputy Governour, Answered ; and the Proceedings Of 
a Justice's Court held at Norwich, July 26. 1725. therein Refer'd 
to Vindicated. By Joseph Backus, Esq ; Printed for the Author : 
Sold at several of the Booksellers^ Shops in Boston^ and N. London^ 
1726. 8vo, pp. (2), 32. 2635 

Backus (J. S.) Backus and Kenyon on Secret Societies : 
being a discourse delivered by Rev. J. S. Backus, of Auburn, and 
a Reply to the same, by Rev. H. B. Kenyon, of Ira, Cayuga 
County, N. Y. Albany^ 1850. i2mo, pp. 44. 2636 

Backus (S.) A Dissertation on the Right and Obligation of 
the Civil Magistrate to take care of the Interest of Religion etc ; 
By Simon Backus. Middletown^ 1804. 8vo. N. 2637 

Backwoods of Canada. See Canada. 

[Bacon (Anthony)]. A Short Address to the Government, 
the Merchants, Manufacturers, and the Colonists in America 
and the Sugar Islands, on the Present State of Affairs. London, 
1775. 8vo. 2638 

Bacmeister (Hartwig Ludwig Christian). Russische Bib- 
liothek zur Kenntniss des gegenwartigen Zustandes der Literatur 
in Russland. St. Petersburg^ Riga and Leipzig^ 1772-89. II 
vols., i2mo. 2638^ 

A valuable bibliography of works published either in Russia, or relating to all parts 
of the Russian Empire, including Russian America. 

Bacon (B. C.) Statistics of the Colored People of Phila- 



dclphia. Taken by Benjamin C. Bacon Philadelphia^ T. 

Ellwood Chapman^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 2639 

Bacon (David Francis). Essays on Slavery. New Tork^ 
1846. i2mo. 2640 

Bacon (E.) Abstract of a Journal of E. Bacon, Assistant 
Agent of the United States to Africa. With an Appendix, con- 
taining interesting accounts. Second Edition. Philadelphia^ 
1822. 8vo. N. 2641 

Bacon {^Mrs, Eliza Ann Munroe). Memoir of Rev. Henry 
Bacon. By Mrs. E. A. Bacon. [Motto.] Boston^ A. Tompkins^ 
1857. i2mo, pp. 361. Portrait. H. 2642 

Bacon (E.) Address before the Republican Citizens of Berk- 
shire, Pittsfield, July 4, 1810. By Ezekiel Bacon. Pittsfield^ 
18 10. 8vo, pp. 24. 2643 

Bacon. A Lecture ... before the Young Men's Associa- 
tion ... December 15, 1843. ••• "Notice of ... James Madi- 
son, Albert Gallatin, Joseph Story, and John Pierpont." By 
Ezekiel Bacon. Utica^ N. T.^ R. IV. Roberts^ Printer^ 1844. 
8vo, pp. 48. H. 2644 

Bacon. Oration delivered at Pittsfield, July 4, 1807. Pitts- 
field^ 1807. 8vo, pp. 24. 2645 

Bacon. Oration delivered at Williamstoun July 4. 1799. 
Bennington^ 1799- i2mo. 2646 

Bacon. Recollections of Fifty Years Since ... A Lecture ... 
before the Young Men's Association ... . February 2, 1843. 
[Motto.] By Ezekiel Bacon. Utica, N. T., R. W. Roberts, 
Printer, 1843. ^^^i PP- 43* "• -^^47 

Also: A Speech on the Judiciary, February 17, 1807. See alto Skinner (T. J.) 

Bacon (G. W.) Bacon's Descriptive Handbook of America. 
Comprising history, geography, agriculture, manufactures, com- 
merce, raihvays, mining, finance, government, politics, educa- 
tion, religion, characteristics, public lands, laws, &c. By George 
Washington Bacon, f.r.g.s., and William George Larkins, b.a. 
With Maps and Plates. London, G. W. Bacon, 1866. Post 
8vo, pp. viii., 392. 2648 

Bacon. Bacon's Guide to American Politics ; ... [2d ed.] 

356 BACON. 

London^ S. Low^ Son iff Co.^ Bacon and Co.^ 1863. l6mo. Title, 
pp. 94. 4- 1864. 8 vo, pp. 100. 2649 

Bacon. Life and Administration of Abraham Lincoln. Pre- 
senting his Early History, Political Career, Speeches, Messages, 
Proclamations, Letters, &c., with a General View of his Policy 
as President of the United States, embracing the leading Events 
of the War. Also the European Press on his Death. Compiled 
by G. W. Bacon. London^ S. Low^ 1865. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 120. 
-j-Fine edition. London^ S. Low^ 1865. Post 8vo., pp. viii., 183. 

Bacon. Abraham Lincoln geschetst in zijn leven en daden. 
Naar het Engelsch van G. W. Bacon. Amsterdam^ 'Jan Leen- 
dertz^ 1865. 2651 

Bacon. Life and Speeches of President Andrew Johnson. 
Embracing his Early History, Political Career, Speeches, Pro- 
clamations, &c. With a Sketch of the Secession Movement, 
and his Career in relation thereto ; also, his Policy as President 
of the United States. By G. W. Bacon. London^ G. W. Bacon^ 
1865. Post 8vo, pp. v., 106. 2652 

Bacon (Henry). A Review [of a Memoir of Rev. James 
M. Cook.] Philadelphia {185 1 ?). i2mo, pp. 36. s. 2653 

Bacon (James). The American Indian ; or Virtues of Nature. 
A Play, in Three Acts with Notes ; Founded on an Indian Tale. 
By James Bacon. London^ Harrison & Co.^ 1795* 8vo. Por- 
trait. 2654 

Founded on Mrs. Morton's Ouabi. See M. R., xix., 466. 

Bacon (J.) Sermon on the death of N. Wattles, Franklin, 
Delaware Co. By Rev. James Bacon. Cooperstown^ 1798. 8vo. 

Bacon (John). A Sermon, preached September 29th, 1771. 
By John Bacon, a.m. ... after he was installed [5/V], and the 
Reverend Mr. John Hunt, a.m. ordained. Collegiate Pastors of 
the South Church in Boston. Boston^ Kneeland and Adams^ 
mdcclxxii. 8vo, pp. 35. H. 2656 

Bacon. Illustrations Illustrated ; containing a Brief Reply 
to Some Part of the annexed Letters of Friendship. By John 
Bacon. Hartford^ 1781. 8vo, pp. 31. 2657 

Bacon. Speeches of Mr. Bacon & Mr. Nicholson, in the 
National House of Representatives, in defence of the Bill en- 
titled " An Act to repeal Certain Acts respecting the Organiza- 



tion of the Courts of the United States," February, 1802. Bos- 
ton^ 1802. 8vo, pp. 44. 2658 

Bacon [Rev. Leonard, d.d.) Address before the New-England 
Society of the City of New York, on Forefather's day. Decem- 
ber 22, 1838. By Leonard Bacon. New-York^ Exra Collier^ 
1839. 8vo, pp. 47. 2659 

Bacon. Commemorative Discourses; delivered on his Sixty- 
third Birthday, February 19th, 1865 ; on the Fortieth Anniver- 
sary of his Installation, March 12th, 1865, and on his Retire- 
ment from Pastoral Duties, September 9th, 1866. By Rev. L. 
Bacon, d.d. ... With Extracts and Records of the First Eccle- 
siastical Society, ... New Haven^ T. y, Stafford^ Printer^ 1866. 
8vo, pp. 66. 2660 

Bacon. A Commemorative Discourse, on the Completion of 
Fifty Years from the Founding of the Theological Seminary at 
Andover. By Leonard Bacon ... . Andover^ W. F. Draper^ 
1858. 8vo, pp. 46. H. 2661 

Bacon. Conciliation. A Discourse at a Sunday Evening 
Service, July 20, 1862. By Leonard Bacon. New Haven ^ Peck^ 
White y Peck^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 20. 2662 

Bacon. Discourse on the Death of W. H. Harrison, deliv- 
ered before the Citizens of New Haven, April 17, 184 1. By 
Leonard Bacon. New Haven^ 1841. 8vo. b. 2663 

Bacon. A Discourse on the Early Constitutional History of 
Connecticut, delivered before the Connecticut Historical Society, 
Hartford, May 17, 1844. ^7 Leonard Bacon. Case^ Tiffany t5f 
Burnham^ 1843. ^^^^ PP* ^'* 2664 

Bacon. A Discourse on the Traffic in Spirituous Liquors. 
With an Appendix, exhibiting the present state and influence of 
the Traffic in the City of New Haven. By Leonard Bacon. 
New Haven^ 1838. 8vo. 2665 

Bacon. The Duties connected with the present Commercial 
Distress. A Sermon, ... preached in ... New Haven, May 
21, 1837 and repeated May 23. By Leonard Bacon. New 
Haven^ Hitchcock ^ Stafford^ 1837. 8vo, pp. 18. H. 2666 

Bacon. Goodly Heritage of Connecticut. A Discourse on 
Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 19, 1840. New Haven^ 1840. 8vo. 

358 BACON. 

Bacon. A Historical Discourse delivered at Worcester, in 
the Old South Meeting House, Sept. 22, 1863, the Hundredth 
Anniversary of its Erection. By Leonard Bacon, d.d. With 
Introductory Remarks by Hon. Ira M. Barton, the President on. 
the Occasion. And an Appendix. Worcester^ Edw. R. Fiske^ 
Printer^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 106. 2668 

Bacon. The Jugglers Detected. A Discourse delivered in 
New Haven, Dec. 30, i860. By Leonard Bacon. With an 
Appendix. New Haven^ Thomas H. Pease^ 1 861. H. 2669 

A reply to a sermon defending slavery, by H. J. Van Dyke. 

Bacon. Reply to Professor Parker's Letters, in the Boston 
Post, to Rev. Leonard Bacon, d.d. by the Rev. Leonard Bacon, 
D.D. From the "New Englander" for April, 1863. [n. p., 
n. d.] 8vo, pp. 191-258. 2670 

On the interpretation of the Constitution by the clergy, etc. 

[Bacon.] Review of Pamphlets on Slavery and Colonization, 
... New-Haven^ ^^SS* 8vo, pp. 24. s. & H. 2671 

Bacon. Sketches of the Life and Public Services of Hon. 
James Hillhouse of New Haven. By Rev. Leonard Bacon, 
D.D. ... New Haven^ i860. 8vo, pp. 46. Portrait. h. 2672 

Bacon. Seven letters to the Rev. George A. Calhoun, con- 
cerning the Pastoral Union of Connecticut, and its charges 
against the ministers and churches. By Leonard Bacon, Pastor, 
&c. New Haven. 1840. i2mo, pp. 131. 2673 

Bacon. Slavery discussed in Occasional Essays, from 1833 
to 1846. By Leonard Bacon ... Neiv Tork^ 1846. i2mo, 
pp. 247. 2674 

Bacon. Thirteen Historical Discourses, on the Completion 
of Two Hundred Years, from the Beginning of the First Church 
in New Haven, with an Appendix. By Leonard Bacon, New 
Haven^ Durrie and Peck^ ... 1839. 8vo, pp. viii., 400. 4 Por- 
traits. H. 2675 

Also : Rev. Dr. Bacon's Address at the Funeral of Mrs. [L. O. B.] Thompson ... 
Jan. 29, 1852. [With an Obituary by Rev. Joshua Leavitt. n. p., n. d.] l2mo, 
pp. 12. H. Discourse, death of J. Ashmun. Neiv-Ha'ven, 1828. A Discourse 
before the Alumni of Yale College, Aug. 16, 1848. Netv-Ha-ven, 1848. 8vo, 
Memorial of Nathaniel W. Taylor, d.d. Three Sermons : by Leonard Bacon, d.d., 
Pastor of the Center Church ; Samuel W. S. Dutton ... George P. Fisher ... . Neiv- 
Haven, TAomas H. Pease, 1858. 8vo, pp. 43. h. Oration before the Phi BeU 
Kappa Society of Dartmouth College, July 30, 1845. Hanover, 1845. 8vo, pp. 23 



A Plea for Africa j delivered in New Haven, July 4, 1825. Ne-w Haven, 1IS5. 

8vo, pp. 22. A Sermon on Thanksgiving Day, Nov, 27, 1851. Nexu Haven. 1851. 
8vo, pp. 15, (i). Two Sermons on a Day of Fasting, 10th of April, 1857. Ne^v 
Haven, 1857. 8vo, pp. 32. A Discourse on a Day of Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, 1859. 
Neiv Haven, 1859. 8vo, pp. 20. A Plea for Africa ... July 4th, 1825. Netu 
Haven, 1825. 8vo, pp. 22. Sermon at the funeral of Rev. Lyman Beecher, d.d., 
Jan. 14, 1863. Neiv York, Phair & Co., 1863. 8vu, pp. 31. 

Bacon (L. B. Stetson). Biography of Mrs. Lydia B. Bacon. 
Written for the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society ... . 
Boston [1856]. i2mo, pp. 348. H. 2676 

Bacon (L. W.) An Historical Discourse, on the Two Hun- 
dredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Hopkins Grammar 
School, New Haven, Connecticut. Delivered ... July 24, i860, 
by Leonard Woolsey Bacon. With Notes and an Appendix. 
... New Haven^ Printed by T. J. Stafford^ i860. 8vo, pp. 70. H. 

Bacon (M.) Relation of the Fearful State of Francis Spira 
after he turned Apostate from the Protestant Church to Popery. 
Compiled by Math. Bacon, Esq. Boston^ 1762. i2mo. 2678 

Bacon (N.) Strange News from Virginia. Being a full and true 
Account of the Life and Death of Nathaniel Bacon, Esq., who 
was the only cause and Original of all the late Troubles in that 
Country. With a full relation of all the Accidents which have 
happened in the late War there between the Christians and 
Indians. London^ Printed for William Harriss^ ^^11- 4^°, pp.8. 

Bacon (N. A.) A Table, showing the Date and Place of 
Birth; ... of Jabez Bacon, late of Woodbury, deceased, and of 
his Descendant ... Compiled by Nathaniel A. Bacon ... New 
Haven^ Printed by Hitchcock Cif Stafford^ 1 845. 4to, pp. 4. 2680 

Bacon (O. N.) A History of Natick, from its first Settle- 
ment in 1 65 1 to the Present Time; with Notices of the First 
White Families. And also an Account of the Centennial Cele- 
bration, Oct, 16, 1851; Rev. Mr. Hunt's Address at the Con- 
secration of Dell Park Cemetery, &c., &c., &c., By Oliver N. 
Bacon, Attorney at Law. Boston^ Damrell iff Maore^ Printers^ 
1856. 8vo, Title, pp. 261. Plate. h. 2681 

Bacon (R. C.) Statistics of the Colored People of Philadel- 
phia, By R. C. Bacon. Philadelphia^ 1856. 8vo. 2682 

Bacon (Samuel). Memoir of Rev. S. Bacon, a.m., late an 
officer of Marines, afterwards Attorney at Law in Pennsylva- 
nia, subsequently an Episcopal Minister. Philadelphia^ 183 1. 

360 BACON. 

Bacon. Laws of Maryland at Large, with proper Indexes, 
Now first Collected into One Compleat Body, and Published 
from the Original Acts and Records remaining in the Secretary's 
Office of the said Province. Together with Notes and other 
matter relative to the Constitution thereof, extracted from the 
Provincial Records. To which is prefixed The Charter, with 
an English Translation. By Thomas Bacon, Rector of All 
Saints, Paris, in Frederick County ... Annapolis^ Printed by Jonas 
Green^ Printer to the Province^ mdcclxv. Folio. N. 2684 

Also on large paper j handsomely printed. 

Bacon (T.) Four Sermons, upon the Great and Indispensa- 
ble Duty Of all Christian Masters and Mistresses To bring up 
their Negro Slaves in the Knowledge and Fear of God. Preached 
at the Parish Church of St. Peter in Talbot County, in the 
Province of Maryland. By the Rev. Thomas Bacon, Rector 
of the said Parish. [Mottoes.] London^ J, Oliver^ m.dcc.l. 
1 2mo, pp. 142. -\- Six Sermons [etc.] London^ J. Oliver^ 
i2mo. H. 2685 

Bacon. Sermons to Masters and Servants. Republished by 
Rev. W. Meade. Winchester [n. d.] i8mo. 2686 

[Bacon.] Two Sermons, Preached to a Congregation of 
Black Slaves, at the Parish Church of S. P. In the Province of 
Maryland. By an American Pastor. [Motto.] London^ John 
Oliver, M.DCC.XLix. i2mo, pp. 79. h. 2687 

Bacon (T.) Copy of the Charges made to the United 
States Senate against Thomas Bacon, Collector of Customs, 
&c. ... with ... facts in refutation ... . [n. p., 1854.] 8vo, 
pp. 7. H. 2688 

[Bacon (William John]son). Memorial of William Kirk- 
land Bacon, late Adjutant of the Twenty-sixth Regiment of 
New York State Volunteers. By his Father. Utica, N. K, 
Roberts, Printer, 1863. i2mo, pp. 83, (ij. Portrait. H. -|- 
Another Edition. Boston, American Tract Society, 1865. i8mo, 
pp. 139. 2689 

Bacon (W. T.) Poem pronounced before the Senior Class 
of Yale College, July 5, 1837. By William Thompson Bacon, 
with the Valedictory Oration by Charles Andrew Johnson. 
New Haven, 1837. 8vo, pp. 42. 2690 



Bacon de Lachevalerie. Observations, presentees a Tas- 
semblee de MM. les electeurs de la partie du nord de Saint- 
Dominique le 27 Janvier 1789 au Cap Franc^ois. [1789.] 
8vo. 2691 

Baccmjeville de la PoTHERih. Histoire de L'Amerique 
Septentrionale. Divisee en quatrc Tomes. Tome Premier. 
Contenant le Voyage du Fort de Nelson, dans la Baye d'Hud- 
son, a Textremite de I'Amerique. Le premier etablissement des 
Franc^'ois dans ce vaste pais, la prise dudit Fort de Nelson, la 
Description du Fleuve de saint Laurent, le gouvernement de 
Quebec, des trois Rivieres & de Montreal, dcpuis 1534. jusqu' 
a I 701. Par Mr. de Bacqueville de la Potherie, ne a la Guada- 
loupe, dans I'Amerique Meridionale, Aide Major de la dite 
Isle. Enrichie de Figures. A Pans ^Jean-Luc N'lon et Francois 
D'ldot^ M.DCC.xxii. 4 vols., i2mo. Maps and Plates. -(- v^wj/^r- 
dam^ H. des Bordes^ n^3- 4 ^'^->'^-) 1 2mo. ^ Paris^ Nyon Jj/s^ 
^753- 4 vols., i2mo. c. 2692 

This work entirely relates to Caiiadj and the Iroi^uuib Imiiaiib j the plates comprise 
the earliest views taken in Canada. It is written in the form ot letters, except the 
second volume, which is divided into chapters. It contains several badly written 
memoirs on a considerable portion ot the history of Canada. What the author relates, 
from his own observation, mav be relied upon 5 but, in other respects, he was not well 
informed, although appartnciy sincere and dispassionate. The title-pages to vols. 
11. -IV. differ from the first, .b^f Rich, 1.. 3; ; Boucher vi.. Z2. 

The Bad Effects of' Speculative 'Thecjlogv, and False Philoso- 
phy, on the Religion and Morals or Marikind ... . Third Edition. 
With the Rise and Progress of Pc;, '^'f-ctiorisni in Western New 
York. Phi/ade/phia \_iS;^q^~\ 8vo, p}), 48. 2693 

" By a layman. 

Bade (T.) Der Scalpjager. Robinson's Erlebnisse, Aben- 
teuer und Fahrten im Westen Amerika's. Natur- und Sittenschii- 
derungen aus dem amerikanischen Jagd-, Kriegs-, P.eise-, und 
Waldleben. Herausgeber : Th. Bade. ... Leipzig^ Spamer^ iS^'/. 
8vo. + 2^ verbesserte Auflage. Leipzig^ 1858. 8vo, pp. vii«., 
264. Over 100 Illustrations, 5 colored. ^- 3^^ Aufl. 1862. 8vo. 
(Neue Jugend- und Hausbibliothek, 2 Serie, iv. Band.) 2694 

Baden (Major N.) [Obituary, n. p. 183-.''] 4to, i page. H. 

Badger (B.) The Naval Temple: containing a Complete 
History of the Battles fought by the Navy of the United Stares. 
From its Establishment in 1794, to th.e Present Time ... . 


362 BADGER. 

Second Edition. Boston^ Barber Badger^ 18 16. 8vo, pp. 322. 
Engravings. h. 2696 

This is said to be the same work as No. 1165. 

Badger (George E.) American Steam Navigation. Speech 
of Hon. George E. Badger, of North Carolina, for the Collins 
Steamers. In Senate of the United-States, May 6, 1852. Wash- 
ington^ 1852. 8vo, pp. 13. H. 2697 

Also: Speech of Mr. Badger, May il. 1854. on the President's Veto-Message, 
Washington, 1854. 8vo, pp. 16. h. Speech on the Slavery Question, March 18 
and 19, 1850. ^fVas/iington, n. d.] 8vo, pp. 18. h. Speech on the Territorial 
Question, August 2, 1850. Washington [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. h. Speech ... on the 
Ten Regiment Bill. ... Jan. 18, 1848. Washington, 1848. 8vo, pp. zo.-\-\^Washing- 
ton, n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. Speech ... February 16, 1854, on the Nebraska Bill. 
Washington^ Sentinel Office, 1854. 8vo, pp. 14. 

[Badger (H. C.)] Brief Statement of the Sanitary Com- 
mission's Work. [By Rev. Henry C. Badger.] San Francisco^ 
September^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. 2698 

Badger. ... A Discourse occasioned by the Death of Mr. 
Geor^-^ Livermore. Preached ... 3d September, 1865, by Henry 
C. Badger ... . Cambridge^ the Family^ mdccclxv. 8vo, pp. 
30. H. 2699 

Badger. The Humble Conqueror : a Discourse Commem- 
orative of the Life and Services of Abraham Lincoln, preached 
to the Cambridgeport Parish, April 23, 1865. By Rev. Henry 
C. Badger. Boston^ William V. Spencer^ 1 865. 8vo, pp. 18. H. 

Badger (Sarah). Statement of Facts, relative to the Last 
Will of the late Mrs. Badger, of Natick [Mass.], which was dis- 
allowed on the Final Hearing. By the Principal Legatees. 
Dedham^ H. Iff W. H. Mann^ 1824. 8vo, pp. 63. H. 2701 

Badger. Remarks on the Evidence in the Case relative to 
the Will of the late Mrs. Badger of Natick. Dedham^ 1824. 
8vo. 2702 

Badger (Stephen). Address of a Minister ... [inquiring] 
" Whether a Church is obliged ... to require a publick, formal 
and explicit Confession, of some particular Misdemeanors ... 
previously ... to a Christian Profession, to Baptism, and to 
Christian Communion ... . Boston^ E. Battelle^ m,dcc,lxxxiv. 
8vo, pp. 44. H. 2703 

Badger. The Nature and Effects of Drunkenness ... Two 



Discourses ... at Natick ... October, 1773. By Stephen Badger 
... . Boston^ Edes and Gill^ ^774- 8vo, pp. 56. H. 2704 

Badger. The Substance of Two Discourses on Intemper- 
ance ; delivered at Natick [October, 1773]. Boston^ Samuel T. 
Armstrongs 181 1. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 2705 

Badger (W. W.) Washington, or A Vision of Liberty : a 
Poem Delivered Before the Genesee Lyceum, at Lima, N. Y. 
... February 22, 1855, by William Whittlesey Badger. ... Lima^ 
N. T,^ Press of S. M. Raymond^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 24. H.-(- De- 
livered February 22, 1859. ••• ^^^ Tork^ Thatcher iff Hutchin- 
son^ 1859. i2mo, pp. 24. H. 2706 

Badger & Porter's Stage Register ... Stages, Steamboats 
and Canal Packets, in the New England States and ... New- 
York ... . Boston. 8vo. 2707 

Bi-monthly. Vol. in., No. i, is dated July 3, 1827 j Vol. ix., No. i, July, 1833, 


Badgley (W.) Remarks on Register Offices. Montreal^ 
1836. i2mo. 2708 

Badia (Marc. Ant.) Compendio della guerra nata per con- 
fini in America tra la Francia e I'lnghilterra. Amsterdam^ ^7^3- 
8vo. Portrait. 2709 

[Badin (S. T.)] Origine et progres de la mission de Ken- 
tucky ... par un temoin oculaire. ... Paris, Adrien Le Clerc, 1821. 
8vo, pp. 32. H. 2710 

Baer (Karl Er. von) and Helmersen (Gr. v.) Beitrage zur 
Kenntniss des Russischen Reichs und der angranzenden Lander 
Asiens. ... Band i. St. Petersburg, 1839. 8vo. Continued. 

Band i. has the second title : Statistiche und ethnographische Nachrichten iiber die 
Russischen Besitzungen an der Nordwestkiiste von Amerika, Gesammelt von ... v. 
Wrangel. Mit den Berechnungen aus Wrangell's Witterungs-Beobachtungen und 
anderen Zusatzen vermehrt von v. Baer. Mit i Karte. 

Baers (J.) Olinda, ghelegen int Landt van Brasil, inde 
Capitania van Phernambuco met mannelijcke dapperheyt ende 
groote couragie inghenomen, ende geluckelijck rovert op den 
16. Februarij a 1630 ... door den Heere Diederich van Weerden- 
burg. Cort ende claer beschreben. Door Joannem Baers ... . 
Amsterdam, Hendrick Laurentsz, 1630. 4to, pp. 38. j. c. b. 

This rare book relates to the taking of Pernambuco by the Dutch. See Grant's 
History of Brazil, p. 54. 

364 BAHIA. 

[Baert (Alexandre Balthasar Francois de Paule, Baron de)']. 
Tableau de la Grande Bretagne, de I'lrlande, et des pos- 
sessions anglaises, dans les quatres parties du monde. Paris^ 
Jansen^ An viii. [1799]. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. v., 460, 11 ; 516, 
12; 502, 50 ; 486, 24. Maps. s. 2713 

Contains nnany articles on American subjects, particularly the French Colonies. 

Baeyle (Hyp.) Relation du naufrage de la Palacre Saute 
"Vigilante." Buenos Ayr es^ i^^t'i- ^v^- ^7^4 

Plate of the shipwreck and map of the mouth of the River Plate. 

[Bagert (J.)] See [Begert (J.)] 

Bagot. Sermon before the Incorporated Society for the 
Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, February 19, 1790. 
By Lewis [Bagot], Lord Bishop of Norwich. London^ ^79^- 
4to. 2715 

Bahama. The Charter of the Bahama Islands. 8vo, pp. 
16. H. 2716 

The Harvard copy has no title-page. The charter was granted ist Nov., 22 Charles 
II., i. e. 1670. 

Communications on different subjects, addressed to the Ba- 
hama Agricultural Society. Nassau^ 1S02. 4to. 2717 

Correspondence respecting interference with trade between 
New York and the Bahamas. 1863. Folio, pp. 65. 2718 

a British Parliamentary paper. 

Letters from the Bahama Islands. See [Hart {Miss)']. 

An Official Letter from the Commissioners of Correspond- 
ence of the Bahama Islands, to George Chalmers, Esq. Colonial 
Agent, concerning the Proposed Abolition of Slavery in the 
West Indies. Nassau^ New Providence, Royal Gazette Office; 
London, Re-printed by j. S. Brickwood, 1823. 8vo, pp. 78. H. 

Short account of the Bahamas. See [Graves (John)]. 

Votes and Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Bahama 
Islands. Nassau, N. Providence, 1806. Royal 8vo. Con- 
tinued. 2721 

Bahia. De tweede wachter. See [Teelinck (Ewout)]. 

BAILEY. 365 

[Bailey (Mrs. Abigail Abbot)]. Memoirs. Boston, Samuel 
T. Armstrong, 181 5 ?] 24010, pp. 275. 2722 

Title from a copy which had lost its title-page. 

Bailey (A. H.) Allowing Soldiers to Vote. Speech of Hon. 
Mr. Bailey. New York Senate, April i, 1863. 8vo, pp. 4. 

Also: Objections to the President's Emancipation Proclamation Considered. Speech 
... March 5, 1863. Albany, 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. ... Report of the Select Committee 
of the Assembly on the Library ... . [n. p., 1849.] 8vo, pp. 12. b. Review of 
Gov. Seymour's Message. Albany, Weed, Parsons & Co., 1863. 8vo, pp. 12. 

Bailey (B. F.) Oration at Burlington, Vt. July 4, 1828. 
By B. F. Bailey. Burlington, 1828. 8vo. 2724 

Bailey (B. H.) A Tribute ... to ... Alvan Lamson, d.d. ... 
Preached ... July 24, 1864, to the First Church ... in Dedham. 
By Benjamin H. Bailey ... . Boston, Printed by 'John Wilson and 
Son, 1864. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 2725 

[Bailey (E.)] Sketch of the Life and Educational Labors 
of Ebenezer Bailey. Republished from Barnard's American ^Jour- 
nal of Education, [n. p.], i86j. i8mo, pp. 43. Portrait. b. 

Bailey. Triumphs of Liberty ; the Prize Ode, recited by 
Mr. Finn, at the Boston Theatre, ... February 22. 1825. By 
Ebenezer Bailey. Boston, Cummings, Hilliard, ^ Co., 1825. 
8vo, pp. 8. B. 2727 

Bailey (G.) Reports on the Reservation System of Cali- 
fornia, and the Indians of Arizona, addressed to the Commis- 
sioner of Indian affairs. By G. Bailey, of the Interior Department. 
Washington, 1858. 8vo, pp. 22. 2728 

Bailey (G.) funr. American Progress : A Lecture Deliv- 
ered before the Young Men's Mercantile Library Association of 
Cincinnati, December 3, 1846. By Gamaliel Bailey Jr. Cin- 
cinnati, Edwin Shepard, 1846. Impl. 8vo, pp. 24. 2729 

Bailey (G. F.) Intervention for Freedom. Address of 
Hon. G. F. Bailey, at Fitchburg, ... Aug. 24th, i860. ... [n. 
p., i860.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2730 

Bailey (G. S.) The Great Caverns of Kentucky : Diamond 
Cave, Mammoth Cave, Hundred Dome Cave. By Rev. G. S. 
Bailey. Chicago, Church & Goodman, 1864. i6mo, pp. 63. 

366 BAILEY. 

Bailey (Isaac). American Naval Biography. Compiled by 
Isaac Bailey. [Motto.] Providence^ 18 15. i2mo, pp. 257. H. 

Contains eighteen memoirs. 

Bailey (J.) History of the Seventh-day Baptist General Con- 
ference. By Rev. James Bailey. Toledo^ O., S. Bailey &' Co.^ 
1866. i2mo, pp. 320. 2733 

Bailey (John). Man's chief End | To Glorifie God, | or | 
Some Brief I Sermon-Notes I On i Cor. 10. 3i.|By the Reverend 
Mr. John Bailey, I Sometime Preacher and Prisoner of Christ | at 
Limerick in Ireland, | And now Pastor to the Church of Christ | 
In Watertown In New-England. | [Six lines.] | Boston Printed by 
Samuel Green^ and | are to be Sold by Richard IVilkins Book- 1 
Seller near the Town-House. \ Anno. 1689. Sm. 8vo, 4 p. 1., pp. 
160. B. 2734 

Mr. Corwin's copy sold for $5 j priced in Nuggets, £2 2s. There is usually 
bound with this an address " To my Loving and Dearly Beloved] Christian Friends, in 
and about,] Limerick.",] Dated "May. 8. 1684." Sm. 8vo, pp. 40, (3). The same 
author preached the Artillery Election Sermon for 1 672, but I have not seen it. 

Bailey (John). An Oration ... at Natick, July 5, 1824, 
before the Officers of the Regiment of Militia, Comprising the 
towns of Natick, Framlngham, Hopklnton, HoUiston and Sher- 
burn. By John Bailey. Dedham^ H. & W. H. Mann., Printers 
[1824]. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 2735 

Bailey (John J.) Waldimar, a tragedy. In Five Acts. 
[Not published.] New York., 1834. 8vo, pp. 124, (6). s. 

Bailey (J. T.) An Historical Sketch of the City of Brook- 
lyn and the Surrounding Neighborhood, including the Village of 
Williamsburg, and the Towns of Bushwick, Flatbush, Flatlands, 
New Utrecht and Gravesend, to which is added an interesting 
account of the Battle of Long Island. Compiled from the best 
Authorities. By J. T. Bailey. Brooklyn.^ Published by the Author., 
1840. i2mo, pp. 72. N. 2737 

Bailey {Rev. J. W.) Knox College, by whom founded and 
endowed ; also, A review of a Pamphlet entitled " Rights of 
Congregatlonallsts In Knox College." By J. W. Bailey. 
Chicago., i860. 8vo, pp. 131. H.2738 

Bailey (John Whitman). Microscopical Examination made 
by the U. S. Coast Survey off the Atlantic Coast of the U. S. 

BAILEY. 367 

By Prof. J. W. Bailey. Washington^ 1 851. 4to, pp. 16. 
Plate. 2739 

This and the following are also included in the Smithsonian Contributions, Vol. ii. 

Bailey. Microscopical Observations off the Atlantic Coast, 
and in South-Carolina, Georgia and Florida. By Prof. J. W. 
Bailey. Washington^ 1851. 4to, pp. 48. 3 Plates. c. 2740 

Bailey. On the Infusoria of the Family Bacillaria, with Ac- 
count of Interesting Species found in the United States. \JSlew- 
Haven^ 1841.] 8vo, pp. 22. 2 Plates. 2741 

Bailey (Joseph). Speech of Hon. Joseph Bailey on the Bill 
for the Issuing of additional Treasury Notes, delivered in the 
House of Representatives, January 18, 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. 2742 

Bailey (L. W.) Observations on the Geology of Southern 
New Brunswick, made principally during the Summer of 1864 by 
Prof. L. W. Bailey, Messrs. Geo. F. Matthew and C. F. Hartt. 
Prepared and arranged, with A Geological Map, by L. W. 
Bailey, a.m. Professor of Chemistry, &c. in the University of 
New Brunswick ... Fredericton^ G. E. Fenety^ 1865. 8vo, 
Title, pp. 158, (i). 2 Maps. h. 2743 

Bailey [L.) A Sermon ... at Randolph, before the Norfolk 
Auxiliary Education Society ... June 9, 1824. By Luther 
Bailey . . . Medway. Boston^ Printed by Lincoln and Edwards 
[1824]. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 2744 

With the Treasurer's Report, a list of members, etc. 

Bailey (M. J.) Report on the Practical Operation of the 
Law relating to the Importation of Adulterated and Spurious 
Drugs, Medicines, &c. By M. J. Bailey, m.d. ... New-York^ 
D. Fanshaw^ Printer^ 1849. ^^^^ PP- ^^- "• ^745 

Bailey (P. J.) The International Policy of the Great 
Powers. By Philip James Bailey. London^ Otley iff Co.^ 1861. 
i6mo, pp. XV., 275. c. 2746 

Bailey (Richard). Letters from the Health Office, sub- 
mitted to the Common Council of the City of New York. By 
Richard Bailey. New York^ 1798. 8vo, pp. 100. 2747 

Bailey (Robert). The Life and Adventures of Robert 
Bailey, from his Infancy up to December, 1821, interspersed 

368 BAILEY. 

with anecdotes, and religious and moral admonitions. Written 
by Himself. Richmond^ 1822. 8vo, pp. 348. c. 2748 

A notorious gambler, of the Stephen Burroughs school. 

Bailey (R. S.) The Church in the Wilderness. Narrative 
of a Visit to the Right Rev. Philander Chase, Bishop of Illinois. 
By Robert S. Bailey, m.d. ... Charleston^ Printed by A. E. Miller^ 
1839. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2749 

Bailey (R. T. ) Proposed (Underground) Metropolitan Rail- 
way. Report of R. T. Bailey, Civil Engineer. New Tork^ 
Clayton iff Medole^ Printers [1864]. 8vo, pp. 7. Map. H. 

Bailey (^Rufus William). Thanksgiving Sermon at Pitts- 
field, Massachusetts, December 3, 1824. Pitts field^ 1825. 8vo, 
pp. 20. N. 2751 

Also: A Sermon. March 5, 1826, at the Funeral of Josiah and George Guy 
Moseley. PittsfirlJ, 1826. 8vo, pp. 19. The Issue. Presented in a Series of Letters 
on Slavery. New York. John S. Taylor, 1837. I2mo, pp. no. 

Bailey (S.) The Moral Significance of War. A Discourse 
delivered in the Baptist Meeting House, Franklin, Indiana, 
September 26, 1861. By Rev. Silas Bailey, d.d. Indianapolis^ 
Dodd iff Co.^ 1861. 8vo, pp. 20. 2752 

Bailey (T.) Records of Longevity ; with an Introductory 
Discourse on Vital Statistics. Bv Thomas Bailey. London^ 
1857. Post 8vo, pp. iv., 399. c. 2753 

Includes notices of several Americans. 

Bailey (W. L.) Our Own Birds ; or, A Familiar History 
of the Birds of the United States. By W. L. Bailey. Phila- 
delphia^ Association of Friends^ 1863. l8mo. 2754 

Bailey (William). Records of Patriotism and Love of 
Country. By William Bailey. Washington^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 
XV., 216. c. 2755 

Bailey (W. S.) [Circular relating to the Re-establishment 
of " The Free South." Signed Wm. Shreve Bailey. New- 
port^ Ky.^ 1864.] 4to, I page. 2756 

Also : An Appeal to Loyal Religious People in behalf of Kentucky [for funds for 
the "Loyal Anti-Slavery Methodist Episcopal Church" in Newport, Ky. n. p.], 
1865. 8vo, pp. 3. 

Bailey (Winthrop). Sermon at Greenfield, Mass. Sept. 24, 


1826, on the Death of Capt. Isaac Newton. By Winthrop 
Bailey. Greenfield \_i^l6']. 8vo. 2757 

Also: Sermon before the Third Congregation in Greenfield. Greenfield, 1825. 
8vo, pp. 8. Sermon in Greenfield, Massachusetts, October 16, 1825 j being the Sab- 
bath following the Installation of the Author, etc. Greenfield, 1825. 8vo. 

Baillard (Edme). Discovrs du Tabac, ov il est traite par- 
ticulierement dv Tabac en Poudre. Par le Sr. Baillard. Paris^ 
Le Prest^ MDCLXviii. Sm. 8vo, 12 p. 1., pp. 125, Table and 
Privilege, lo 1. c. + 1671. i2mo. -f- 1693. i2mo. -(- Histoire 
du tabac, ou il est, etc. Paris^ Le Prest^ ^^11- ilmo. -\- Paris^ 
IVarin^ 1 7 16. l2mo. 2758 

Baillie (Hugh). A Letter to Dr. Shebear : containing a 
Refutation of his Arguments concerning the Boston and Quebec 
Acts of Parliament : and his Aspersions upon the Memory of 
King William, and the Protestant Dissenters. By Hugh Baillie, 
LL.D. ... London^ J. Donaldson^ mdcclxxv. 8vo, Title, pp. 54. 

H. 2759 

[Baillie.] An Appendix to a Letter to Dr. Shebbeare. To 
which are added. Some Observations on a pamphlet, entitled 
Taxation no Tyranny ... in which the Sophistry of that Author's 
reasoning is detected. By a Doctor of Laws. London^ y. Donald- 
son^ lyjS- 8vo? PP- ^- ^- 2760 

[Baillie.] Some Observations on a Pamphlet lately pub- 
lished entitled '' The Rights of Great Britain asserted" &c. By 
the Author of the Answer to Dr. Shebbeare and Dr. Johnson. 

London^ Donaldson^ ijj6. 2761 

See Rich, i., 237 j M. R.. liv.. 231. 

Baillie (R.) Anabaptism, the True Fountaine of Indepen- 
dency Brownisme Antinomy Familisme, And the rest of the 
other Errours, which for the time doe trouble the Church of 
England, Vnsealed. Also The Questions of Paedobaptisme and 
Dipping Handled from Scripture, In A Second Part of l^he 
Disswasive from the Errors of the time By Robert Baillie 
Minister at Glasgow. [Mottoes.] London, Printed by M. F. 
for Samuel Gellibrand, 1647. 4^^"> '^ P- ^-^ PP- '79^ Contents, 
5 1., Anthems, i 1. 2762 

The writings of this author, who was a friend of Roger Williams, contain many in- 
teresting particulars nowhere else to be found, respecting the Church of Leyden, and its 
migration to New England. Sold at Puttick's, 1854, for 4J2 5s. 

Baillie (T.) An Account of the Province of New Bruns- 


370 BAILY 

wick ; including a Description of the Settlements, Institutions, 
Soil, and Climate of that important Province ; with Advice to 
Emigrants. By Thomas Baillie, Esq. London^ Rivington^ 1832. 
i2mo, pp. 134. Map. 2763 

[Baillio.] L'anti-Brissot ; par un petit blanc de Saint-Do- 
mingue. [Signed Baillio. Paris~\^ Girardin [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 40, 
or less. 2764 

[Baillio.] Memoire pour les citoyens Verneuil, Baillio jeune, 
Fournier et Gervais, deportes de Saint-Domingue, centre Leger- 
Felicite Sonthonax, commissaire civil, envoye a Saint-Domingue 
pour y retablir I'ordre et la paix. [Signed Baillio I'aine. (6 
mars 1793.)] Paris^ B. Guilhemat [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 40, or less. 

Baillio. Un mot de verite sur les malheurs de Saint- 
Domingue ; par M. Baillio ... . [i" decembre 1791. Parii\ 
J. B. Chemin [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 40, or less. 2766 

Baillot de Saint-Martin. L'art du cultivateur et du fab- 
ricant de tabac, contenant . . . moyen de tirer un parti avantageux 
des caboches et cotes de Hollande et de Virginie. Paris^ Bachelier^ 
1810. 8vo. 2767 

Bailly (Felix.) Carte d'etude pour le trace et le profil 
du canal de Nicaragua. Par M. Thomas de Gamond, ingenieur 
civil. Precede des documents publics sur cette question. Paris^ 
1858. 4to, pp. 90. 2768 

Bailly. Note pour servir a la Canalisation du Lac Nicar- 
agua. Par M. Bailly, Ingenieur Anglais. Traduit en Fran^ais, 
par ordre de M. F. Castellan, Ministre Plenipotentiare de Nic- 
aragua. Paris^ 1844. 4^0i PP- 20. 2769 

The map is usually done up in a separate volume. It exhibits all the proposed 
routes of communication with the Pacific. 

Bailly d'Engel. See [Engel (S., le bailli d')]. 

Baily (F.) Journal of a Tour in Unsettled Parts of North 
America in 1796 & 1797. By the late Francis Baily, Esq., 
F.R.S., With a Memoir of the Author. [By Sir J. Herschel.] 
London^ Bally Brothers^ mdccclvl 8vo, pp. xii., 439. c. 2770 

Baily (John). Central America ; describing each of the 
States of Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa 
Rica ; their Natural Features, Products^ Population, and Remark- 



able Capacity for Colonization. With Three Views. By John 
Baily ... . London^ Trelawney Saunders^ \^^0. Post 8vo, pp. xii., 
164. 3 Plates and Map. c. A H. 2771 

Baily (J.) Die Staaten Central-Amerika's, Guatemala, Sal- 
vador, Honduras, Nicaragua und Costa Rica. Nach dem en- 
glischen Werke deutsch bearbeitet von Wilhelm Grimm. Ber- 
lin^ Besser's Verlag^ 1 85 1. 8vo, pp. viii., 200. Map, folio. 

Bain (J. W.) National lessons from the Life and Death of 
President Lincoln. A Sermon, preached in the United Presby- 
terian Church, Canonsburg, Pa., on Fast-day, Thursday, June 
ist, 1865. By Rev. J. W. Bain. Pittsburgh, W. S. Haven, 
1865. 8vo, pp. 16. 2773 

Baines (E.) History of the Wars of the French Revolution, 
... with Notes, and an Original History of the late War between 
the United States and Great Britain. By Edward Baines. Phila- 
delphia, 1824. 4 vols., 8vo.-|- Edited by William Grimshaw. 
New York, 1852. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 602; 599. c. 2774 

Baines. Baine's \_sic\ History of the Late War, between the 
United States and Great Britain : with a Critical Appendix, &c. 
By Ebenezer Harlow Cummins, a.m. Baltimore, Printed by 
Benja. Edes, 1820. l2mo, pp. 167, Appendix, xlvii. H. 2775 

Baines (Edward), Jr, History of the Cotton Manufacture 
in Great Britain ; with a notice of its early History in the East, 
and in all the Quarters of the Globe. By Edward Baines, Jr. 
London, Fisher, 1835. 8vo, pp. 543, 18 p. 1. C 2776 

Baines (Thomas). Observations on the Present State of the 
Affairs of the River Plate. By Thomas Baines. London, 1845. 
Svo. 2777 

Baird (D.) Confederate Spelling Book. Macon, Ga., Burke, 
Boyker^ Co., 1863. 2778 

Baird (E. C.) [Letter of Recommendation of Capt. E. C. 
Baird, for promotion. Philadelphia, 1862.] 8vo, pp. 3. 2779 

Forty-nine copies privately printed. 

[Baird (Henry Carey)]. General Washington and General 
Jackson on Negro Soldiers. Philadelphia, 1863. Svo, pp. 8. 

Baird. Strictures on an Additional Review of Mr. Carey's 
Letters to the President, By Henry Carey Baird. Svo, pp. 8. 

From the *' Merchants' Magazine" of December, 1859. 



Baird. Protection for Home Labor and Home Productions 
necessary to the Prosperity of the American Farmer. By Henry 
Carey Baird. New York [i860]. 8vo, pp. 16. P. k H. 2782 

Baird (H. M.) The Life of the Rev. Robert Baird, d.d., 
by his Son Henry M. Baird, Professor in the University of the 
City of New York. New Tork^ Anson D, F. Randolph^ 1866. 
i2mo, pp. 347. Portrait. b. 2783 

Baird (Robert). The Christian Retrospect and Register ; a 
Summary of the Scientific, Moral and Religious Progress of the 
First Half of the Nineteenth Century. By Robert Baird, d.d. 
New-York^ 1851. i2mo, pp. 420. + With a Supplement bring- 
ing the work down to the present time. By Robert Baird, d.d. 
New York^ 1855. i2mo, pp. 442. c. 2784 

Baird. Histoire des societes de temperance des £tats-Unis 
d'Amerique, avec quelques details sur celles de I'Angleterre, de 
la Suede et autres contrees. ... Par R. Baird. Paris^ Hachette^ 
Risler, 1836. 8vo, pp. 272. 2785 

Baird. Geschichte der Massigkeits-Gesellschaft in den Ver- 
einigten Staaten Nord-Amerika's. Berlin^ Eichler^ 1834. 8vo. 
+ 2^Auflage. Berlin^ Thome^ 1838. 8vo. 2786 

Baird. Geschiedenis der matigheids-gezelschappen in de 
Vereenigde Staten van Amerika ... . Naar het Fransch gevolgd. 
Utrecht^ J. G. van Terveen en Zoon^ 1 837. 8vo. 2787 

Baird. Impressions and Experiences of the West Indies 
and North America in 1849. ^7 Robert Baird, a.m. ... Edin- 
burgh^ 1850. 2 vols, crown 8vo. h.-\- Reprinted^ Philadelphia^ 
Lea & Blanchard^ 1850 and 1851. l2mo, pp. 354. H.+ 1851. 

c. 2788 

Baird. Memoir of Mrs. Eliza Astor RumpfF, ... . By Rev. 
Robert Baird, d.d. New York^ American Tract Society [1739?]' 
i6mo, pp. 80. Portrait. H. + Transplanted Flowers; or, Me- 
moirs [etc.] Glasgow^ 1839. 8vo. 2789 

Baird, The Noblest Freedom ; or, the Influence of Chris- 
tianity upon Civil Liberty. A Discourse, addressed to the 
Alumni of Jefferson College, Pennsylvania. New York^ 1848. 
8vo. 2790 

Baird. The Progress and Prospects of Christianity in the 

BAIRD. 373 

United States of America ; with Remarks on the subject of 
Slavery in America ; and on the Intercourse between British and 
American Churches, by R. Baird, d.d. ... London^ Partridge and 
Okey [1851]. 8vo, pp. iv., 72. H. 2791 

Baird. ReHgion in the United States of America ; or, an 
Account of the Origin, Progress, Relation to the State, and 
Present Condition of the Evangelical Churches in the United 
States, with Notices of the Unevangelical Denominations. By 
the Rev. Robert Baird ... With a Prefatory Recommendation 
by the Rev. D" Welsh, Cunningham, and Buchanan. Glasgow 
and Edinburgh^ 1844. 8vo, pp. 756. Map. C.-\-\_Reprinted]^ 
New-York^ Harpers^ 1844. ^vo, pp. xii., 9-343. + A^<fw Tork^ 
1846. 8vo, pp. xii., 343. + A^<?z^ Tork^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 696. c. 

See Rich, Vol. ii., 374. 

Baird. La religion aux £tats-Unis d'Amerique. Origine et 
progres des eglises evangeliques des £tats-Unis, leurs rapports 
avec r£tat, et leur condition actuelle, avec des notices sur les 
communions non evangeliques. Par le Rev. Robert Baird. 
Traduit de 1' Anglais par L. Burnier. Paris^ Delay ^ 1844. ^vo, 
2 vols. 2793 

Baird. Kerkelijke geschiedenis, kerkelijke statistiek en gods- 
dienstig leven der Vereenigde Staten van Noord-Amerika. Naar 
de hoogduitsche uitgave van K. Brandes, bewerkt door A. W. 
van der Worm en E. B. Swalue, met eene voorrede van N. C. 
Kist. Schoonhoven^ S. E. van Nooten^ 1846-49. 2 vols, 8vo. 
Map. 2794 

Baird. Kirchengeschichte kirchliche Statistik und religioses 
Leben der Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerica Nach dem 
Englischen bearbeitet von Karl Brandes, mit einem Vorwort von 
Aug. Neander. Berlin^ Reimer^ 1844. 8vo. 2795 

See alio Biittner (J. G.) 

Baird. State and Prospects of Religion in America ; being 
a Report made at the Conference of the Evangelical Alliance, in 
Paris, August 25th, 1855. By The Rev. Robert Baird, d.d. 
... . London^ Edward Suter [etc.], 1855. 8vo, pp. 91. Map. H. 

Baird. De I'etat actuel et de I'avenir de la religion en 
Amerique. Rapport .... Paris^ Ch. Meyrueis et C% 1856. 8vo, 
2 p. 1., pp. 80. Map. H. 2797 

374 BAIRD. 

Baird. Zustand und Aussichten der Religion in Amerika. 
Ein Bericht, erstattet ... 25. August 1855. Auf Veranlassung 
des Verfassers aus dem Englischen iibersetzt und herausgegeben 
von G. W. Lehmann. Berlin^ W. Schultze^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 
104. Map, 4to. 2798 

Baird. Vie d'Anna Jane Linnard, precedee d'une introduc- 
tion par I'honor. Theod. Frelinghuisen, et d'une lettre du Rev. 
W. Neill. Paris^ Risler^ 1840. i2mo. 2799 

Baird. Erinnerungen aus dem Leben von Anna Jane Lin- 
nard. Mit einer Einleitung von Theod. Freilinghausen und 
einem Briefe des Dr. William Neill. Aus dem Englischen. ... 
Hamburgh Perthes-Besser und Mauke^ 1841. l2mo, pp. 96. 

Baird (Samuel J.) Collection of the Acts, Deliverances, 
and Testimonies of the Supreme Judicatory of the Presbyterian 
Church, from its origin in America to the present time, with 
Notes and Documents, Explanatory and Historical. By Rev. 
Samuel J. Baird. Philadelphia^ 1856. 8vo, pp. xxii., 586. P. 

Baird. A History of the early policy of the Presbyterian 
Church in the training of her ministry, and of the first years of 
the Board of Education. ... By Rev. Samuel J. Baird, d.d. 
Philadelphia^ 1865. 8vo, pp. 37. p. 2802 

Baird. Southern Rights and Northern Duties in the Present 
Crisis. A Letter to Hon. William Pennington. By Rev. 
Samuel J. Baird, d.d. Philadelphia^ Lindsay i^ Blakiston^ 1 86 1. 
8vo, pp. 32. H. 2803 

Baird (Sp. F.) Catalogue of North American Birds, chiefly 
in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. By S. F. Baird. 
1858. 4to. c. 2804 

Reprinted from Vol. ix. of Pacific Railroad Report for the Smithsonian Institution : 
Reprinted in 8vo, pp. 24, 1859, and included in the Smithsonian Misc., Coll. 11. 
There is also an edition printed for labeling, with one side of each leaf blank. 

Baird. Mammals of North America. The Descriptions 
of Species based chiefly on the Collections in the Museum of the 
Smithsonian Institution. By Spencer F. Baird. With Eighty- 
seven Plates of Original Figures, illustrating the Genera and 
Species, and including Details of External Form and Osteology. 

BAIRD. 375 

Philadelphia^ J. B. Lippincott & Co.^ 1859. 4^^^ PP- xxxiv., 
764. 87 Plates. 2805 

Published with plain and colored plates. The following were included in this 
work, issued separately : Mammals coll. on an explor. expedition from the Missouri to 
Utah lake, [ff^asAington, 1859.] 4to, 3 Plates. Mammals of North America, coll. 
or observed on the different routes for the Pacific railroad. JVaihington, 1857. Rl. 
4to, pp. 757. 43 Plates (irregularly numbered). Mammals of the United States and 
Mexican Boundary. fVashington, 1859. 4to, 27 Plates. The most of the follow- 
ing are issued by the Smithsonian Institution : Reptiles coll. on an explor. exped. in 
Upper-California. \_JVashington, 1859.] 4to. 3 Plates. Reptiles coll. on an ex- 
plor. exped. from the Sacramento Valley to the Columbia River. [fVasAington^ '^59-] 
4to, 4 Plates. Reptiles coll. on an explor. exped. from the Missouri to Utah lake, 
[^aj^/n^/o/;, 1859.] 4to. 4 Plates. Revision of the North American Tailed-Batrachia, 
w. descr. of new gen. and spec. [Philadelfhiay iS^^.] 4to. Reptiles of the western 
part of North America. Washington, I'i^^. 410. i 3 Plates. Review of American Birds 
in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. By S. F. Baird. Part i. North and 
Middle America. Washington [June, 1864 to May^ 1865.] 8vo, pp. iv.. 320. Re- 
port to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution on the Fishes of the New Jersey 
Coast as observed in the summer of 1854. June, ^'^SS- PP- 4°- Another edition, 
with alphabetical index added. See United States Exploring Expedition. 

Baird. On the Serpents of New York ; with a Notice of 
a Species not hitherto included in the Fauna of the State. 
Albany^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 30. 2 Plates. 2806 

Baird. On the Ruminating Animals of North America, 
and their susceptibility of domestication. Washington^ 1852. 
8vo, pp. 24. c. 2807 

Baird and Girard. Catalogue of North American Reptiles 
in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution : Part i. Serpents. 
By S. F. Baird and C. Girard. Washington^ 1853. 8vo, pp. 
xvi., 172. c. 2808 

Baird, Cassin and Lawrence. The Birds of North Amer- 
ica ; the Descriptions of Species based chiefly on the collec- 
tions in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. By Spencer 
F. Baird, ... with the Co-operation of John Cassin, ... and 
George N. Lawrence, with an Atlas of One Hundred Plates. 
Philadelphia^ J. B. Lippincott ^ Co.^ i860. 4to, 2 p. 1., pp. 
Ivi., 1005 ; xii., lOO Plates colored. c. 2809 

Some portions of this work have also been issued separately : Birds of the United 
States and Mexican Boundary. Washington, 1859. 4to. 25 Colored Plates. Birds 
coll. on an explor. exped. from the Missouri to Utah lake. [Washington, 1859.] 
4to. 7 Colored Plates. See also Gillis (J. M.) 

Baird (Thomas H.) Memorial praying for the enactment of 
measures to preserve the Constitution and Union of the States, 

376 BAKER. 

presented to the House of Representatives, February 7, 1863. 
Pittsburgh J. A. Anderson ^ Sons^ 1864. 8vo, pp. 23. 28 1 o 

Bajamar. Discurso exhortatorio pronunciado en el Supremo 
consejo de las Indias ... 2 de Eners ... 1793. Por el ex""" Se- 
nor iVIarques de Bajamar .... Madrid^ imprenta de la viuda de 
Ibarra^ mdcclxxxxiii. 8vo, Title, pp. 58. H. 281 1 

Bajon. Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire de Cayenne, et de 
la Guiane fran^oise, Dans lesquels on fait connoitre la nature 
du Climat de cette contree, les maladies ... [avec] des Observations 
sur I'Histoire naturelle du pays, & sur la culture des terres. 
... Par M. Bajon, ancien Chirurgien Major de I'lsle de Cayenne 
... Paris^ Grange^ le veuve Duchesne^ I' Esprit^ M. DCC. Lxxvii- 
Lxxviii. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (12), xvi., 162 (462), (i) ; (12), 416. 
Plates. H. 2812 

Bajon. Herrn Bajon's ... Nachrichten zur Geschichte von 
Cayenne und dem franzosischen Guiana. ... Aus dem Franzo- 
sischen. Erfurt^ Georg Adam Keyser^ 1 780-84. 2 Theile in 3 
Abschn., 8vo, Title, pp. xiv., 114; Title, pp. 156; Title, pp. 
135. H. 2813 

Bajot (Louis Marin). Abrege historique et chronologique 
des principaux voyages de decouvertes par mer, depuis I'an 2000 
avant J.-C. jusqu'au commencement du xix'^ siecle. Paris^ Arth. 
Bertrand; Bachelier^ 1829. 8vo, pp. 156. Map. +1835. 8vo. 

Bajot. Catalogue general des livres composant les biblio- 
theques du departement de la marine et des colonies. Paris^ impr. 
royale^ 1839-43. 5 vols., 8vo. 2815 

The five volumes contain, in one arrangement, the catalogues o\' eleven libraries in 
France. The six libraries in Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Senegal, 
Bourbon, and Pondicherry, were to form a separate work. I cannot find that it has 
ever appeared. The plan of the work and the prefaces are by Bajot; the execution of 
Vol. i.-ii. by Levot, of iii.-v. by Solvet. 

A Bake-Pan for the Dough-Faces. By One of Them. Try 
it. Burlington^ Vermont^ C. Goodrich^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 64. H. 

[Baker (D.)] Yet one Warning More, To Thee O En- 
gland : Together, With a very tender Lamentation with bowels of 
Compassion & Mourning, yet over thee O Land ... which may 
eccho and ring again in the ears of New-England. ... London^ 
Robert Wilson^ 1 660. 4to, Title, pp. 37. 28 1 7 

a Quaker Tract, with a long title. Signed Daniel Baker. 

BAKER -^77 

Baker (D.) Solon : or the Rebellion of 1861. A Domestic 
and Political Tragedy. By D. Baker. Chicago^ 1862. 8vo. 

Baker (E. C.) Speech of ... E. C. Baker ... upon the 
Bill to regulate the Hours of Labor in Incorporated Establish- 
ments. ... In the Senate of Massachusetts, April 13, 1855. 
P'.ston, IVrn. IVh'ite^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 8. 2819 

Bakhk (Edward D.) Speech of Hon. E. D. Baker, of Illi- 
nois, on the Oregon Question, delivered in the House of Rep- 
resentatives ... January 29, 1846. [No imp.] 8vo, pp. 7. H. 

Baker. Speech of Hon. E. D. Baker, of Oregon ... in the 
Senate ... January 2d, and 3d, 1861, upon the Secession Ques- 
tion. Washington^ H. Polk'inhorn^ Printer [1861]. 8vo, pp. 31. 

H. 2821 

Baker. Addresses on the Death of Hon. Edward D. Baker, 
Delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, on Wed- 
nesdav, December .i i, 1861. Washington^ Gov. Pr. Office^ 1862. 
8vo, pp 87. 2822 

'>^-,i'• ,.T(.f:-<.e f^.j The Life of William H. Seward; with 
S-.-. •.;•.»-,, froiii his ^V'crks. Redfield^ New-York^ 1855. i2mo, 
p.. 4ro. Portrait. c. 2823 

Baker (George M.) Our Twelve Months' Cruise: a Vale- 
dictory delivered before the Mercantile Library Association ... 
May, 1866. By George M. Baker. Boston^ 1866. Sni. 4to, 
pp. 16. H. 2824 

Baker (H. F.) Banks and Banking in the United States. ... 
By Henry F. Baker ... . Cincinnati^ Printed by C. F. Bradley ^'ff 
Co., 1854. 2 Parts. 8vo, pp. 56. c. 2825 

Baker (James). The Life of Sir Thomas Bernard, Baronet, 
By the Rev. James Baker, His Nephew and Executor. London, 
John Murray, 18 19. pp. xiii., 199. Portrait. 2826 

Sir Thomas Bernard was of the same family as the Governor of Massachusetts. 

Baker (J. B.) ... Plan for the promotion of foreign trade at 
this port ... Philadelphia, 1859. 8vo, pp. 16. p. 2827 

Baker (J. Loring). Exports and Imports, as showing the 
Relative Advancement of every Nation in Wealth, Strength, 
and Independence. ... By James L. Baker. Philadelphia, 1859. 
8vo, pp. 30. H. «k p. 2828 


378 BAKER 

[Baker.] Hard Times. Important Suggestions to Laborers 
... With Some Remarks upon the Proposed Reduction of the 
Duty upon Railroad Iron, and Coal. Boston^ Wright iff Hasty ^ 
Printers [Jan.], 1855. 8vo, pp. 24. h. 2829 

Published with additions and changes as : 

Baker. Men and Things ; or short essays on various sub- 
jects, including Free Trade [Kansas, &c.] By James L. Baker. 
Boston^ 1858. i2mo, pp. 287. p. 2830 

[Baker.] A Review of the Tariff of 1846 ... in a Series of 
Articles contributed to the Evening Transcript ... . Boston^ Red- 
ding (^ Co. [Feb.], 1855. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 2831 

Baker (J. L.) Slavery : by J. L. Baker. ... Philadelphia., 
John A. Norton., i860. 8vo, pp. i9.-|-[n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 
16. H. 2832 

Baker (J. L.) The Washingtonian Reform. An [Histori- 
cal] Address ... June 16, 1844. ^y James L. Baker. ... 
Hingham., Jedidiah Farmer., Printer^ 1 844. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 

Baker (J.) Speech of Jehu Baker, of Illinois, on Recon- 
struction ; ... in the House of Representatives, January 27, 1866. 
Washington., i%b6. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 2834 

Baker (J. F.) Our Martyr President. [Delivered before 
the Hamilton Literary Association of Brooklyn.] By John F. 
Baker, [n. p., 1865.] 8vo, pp. 5. h. 2835 

Baker (J. M.) A View of the Commerce between the United 
States and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. By John M. Baker. Wash- 
ingtony jS;^S. 8 vo, pp. 118. Map. c. 2836 

Baker. A View of the Commerce of the United States and 
the Mediterranean Sea-Ports, including the Adriatic and Morea; 
with maps of the principal harbors in those seas. From the 
MS. of the late John Martin Baker, by his son, Louis Baker. 
Philadelphia, 1847. 8vo, pp. 112. 13 Maps. c. 2837 

[Baker (J. P.)] An Essay on the Art of making Musco- 
vado Sugar wherein A New Process is Proposed. [Motto.] 
Jamaica, Printed by Joseph Weatherby, Kingston, mdcclxxv. 
4to, 2 p. 1., pp. iv., 50. H. 2838 

Baker (Louisa). An Affecting Narrative of Louisa Baker 



A Native of Massachusetts Who in Disguise Served Three Years 
as a Marine on board an American Frigate. Boston^ Nath'l 
Cover ly^ Jr.^ 1 8 15. i2mo, pp. 24. w. 2839 

Baker (L. C.) Official Report of Col. L. C. Baker, U. S. A., 
to the Hon. S. P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, in the 
Case of Stuart Gwynn and S. M. Clarke. Also the Minority 
Report of the Treasury Investigating Committee, with Accom- 
panying Documents. June, 1864. 'New Tork^ Henry A. Oliver^ 
Printer^ 1 864. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 2840 

Baker. History of the United States Secret Service. By 
General L. C. Baker ... Philadelphia^ L. C. Baker ^ 1867. 8vo, 
pp. 693, X. Portrait. 2841 

Baker (Luther). An Address delivered to the Philanthropic 
Society, ... Feb. 22, 1806. By Luther Baker. Warren^ R. /., 
N. Phillips, 1806. l2mo, pp. 16. 2842 

Baker. Letter to the Hon. John Quincy Adams, on the 
Oregon Question. By Luther Baker. New-Bedford, 1846. 
8vo, pp. 16. 2843 

Baker (P. C.) Franklin. An Address delivered ... on 
Franklin's Birth-day, January 17, 1865. By Peter C. Baker. 
New York, Baker Iff Godwin, 1865. 8vo, pp. 28. 2844 

Baker (R. P.) A Report on Kentucky River. By R. P. 
Baker. 1836. 8vo. 2845 

Baker (Rachel). Devotional Somnium ; or a collection of 
prayers and exhortations uttered by Miss Rachel Baker, in 
the City of New-York, in the winter of 1815, during her ab- 
stracted and unconscious state. With an account of her life, 
&c. By several medical gentlemen. New-Tor k. Printed by S. 
Marks, 1815. i2mo, pp. 298. c. 2846 

Baker (Richard). The Marchants' Humble Petition and 
Remonstrance, with account of their shipping Losses since the 
War with Spain, and brief Treaty of the King of Spain's West 
Indies, of the Inquisition, and of the Death of the English Agent, 
Mr. Askham, and the Persecution of the Murderers. By 
Richard Baker. London, 1659. Folio. 2847 

Baker (S. W.) An Address ... before the Washington In- 
dependent Temperance Society of Saccarappa, On the 5th ot 

380 BALBI. 

July, 1841. By Dr. S. W. Baker. ... Portland, Holden & 
Appleton, Printers, 1 84 1. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 2848 

[Baker (W. D.)] The Saturnlad : being a full and true ac- 
count of the rise, progress and downfall of the University of 
Quilsylvania [Pennsylvania]. By Hyton Hosmot. Translated 
by A. Lecutt Esq. ... Philadelphia, 1836. i2mo, pp. 63. P. 

Baker(W. G.) The Christian Lawyer : being a Portraiture 
of the Life and Character of William George Baker. ... New 
York, Carlton & Porter, 1859. i^mo, pp. 320. H. 2850 

Baker (Rev. William M.) The Life and Labors of the Rev. 
Daniel Baker, d.d. ... Prepared by his son. Rev. William M. 
Baker. Philadelphia, W, S. & Alfred Martien, 1858. l2mo, 
pp. 573. Portrait. c. 2851 

Baker Street Bazaar. ... Grand Moving Mirror of Amer- 
ican Scenery, painted on 25,000 Feet of Canvas, comprising the 
Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, the Falls of Niagara ... . \Lon- 
don 185-?] i6mo, pp. 16. H. 2852 

The Balance and Columbian Repository. Hudson \N. T.\ 
1802. 4to. Continued. c 2853 

Balan^o da receita e despeza do imperio no exercicio de 1839-40 
e estado da divida publica activa e passiva em 31 de dezembre de 
1840. Rio de ^Janeiro, Typographia Nacional, 1843. Folio. 

Balanza general del comercio maritimo por los puertos de la 
republica mexicana en el ano de 1826. Mexico, 1826. 4to. 

Balbi. Atlas ethnographique du globe, ou classification des 
peuples anciens et modernes d'apres leurs langues ... . Par 
Adrien Balbi. Paris, Rey et Gravier, 1826. Folio. c. 2856 

" Table xxv contains the ' Division ethnographique de rAmeriqus et tableau general 
des langues americaines ;' and Table xli, ' Tableau polyglotte des langues americaines 5' 
gives a vocabulary of 26 words in about 120 american languages and dialects." — 


Balbi. Essai statistique sur Ic royaumc de Portugal et d'Al- 
garve, compare aux autres eta:s de PEurope, et saivi d'un coup 
d'oeil sur I'etat actuel des sciences, des lettres et Hes beaux-arts 
parmi les Portugais des deux hcinispherer. ... Par Adrien Balbi 

BALCH. 381 

... Paris^ Rey et Gravier^ 1822. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. lii., 480 ; 272, 
ccclxviii. c. 2857 

Partly relates to Brazil. 

Balbi. Introduction a I'Atlas ethnographique du globe ... 
Tome Premier. Paris^ Renouard ; Rey et Gravier^ 1826. 8vo, 
pp. cxliii., 415. c. & w. 2858 

Balbo (J. P.) Constitutions republicaines du globe : France, 
£tats-Unis (amendee), Delaware (etat), Saint-Domingue (revisee), 
... Paris^ Benard^ 1 848. i2mo. 2859 

Balboa (M. C.) Histoire du Perou, par Miguel Cavello 
Balboa. Inedite. Paris^ Arthus Bertrand^ m.dccc.xl. 8vo, 
pp. viii., 331. (Ternaux. Coll. de voyages, xv.) c. 2860 

Balboa. The Lives of Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Hernando 
Cortes, and Francisco Pizarro. New York^ 1847. r2mo, pp. 
276. c. 2861 

Balbuena (Bernardo de). Grandeza| Mexicana|del Bachiller 
Ber|nardo de Balbuena, | Dirigida al Ilvs| trissimo y Reuerendis- 
simo Don Fr. | Garcia de Mendoza y Zufiiga | Arcobispo de 
Mexico. Del | cosejo de su Magestad. | Con previlegio | En 
Mexico Por Melchior Ocharte.\Ano De. 1604. | l2mo, 14 p. 1., 
Text, 9-140 leaves. j. c. b. 2862 

See Ternaux, No. 269. 

Balbuena. Siglo do oro y Silvas de Erple. Madrid.^ 1608. 
^vo.^ Madrid^ Harra^ 1821. 8vo. Portrait. 2863 

Balbuena. El Bernardo, o Victoria de Roncesvalles, Poema 
heroyco. Por Don Bernardo de Balbuena Abadmajor de la 
Isla de Jamayca. Madrid^ 1624. 4^0- Engraved Title. 

First edition of this esteemed Poetical Romance. See Bibliotheca Grenvilliana. 

Priced: £4 4s., by Thorp, 1843. Reprinted in " Poemas Epicos,"' Biblioteca de 

Autores Espanoles. Madrid, Rivadeneyra, 1851. 8vo, pp. 139-399. c. Segunda 

Edicion. Madrid, Sancha, 1808. 3 vols., i2mo, pp. xxii., 388; 493; 425. c. 

Balcarce. Buenos-Ayres. Sa situation presente, ses lois 
liberales, sa population immigrante, ses progres commerciaux et 
industriels. Paris^ Imprimerie Blondeau^ 1857. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Balch (B.) Discourse delivered at Salisbury, West Church, 
Mass., Nov. 17, 1802, at Ordination of William Balch. Do- 
ver^ 1803. 8vo, pp. 38. 2866 

382 BALCH. 

Balch (Thomas). A Discourse Delivered at Halifax In the 
County of Plymouth, February 2'^- 17 $7- When the Rev. Mr. 
William Patten W2is ordained ... there. By Thomas Balch ... . 
Boston^ S. Kneeland^ ^757- 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 25. b. 2867 

Balch. The Happiness of a People illustrated and explained. 
Sermon delivered in Boston, Nov. 29, 1804 — Thanksgiving. 
Boston^ 1805. 8vo, pp. 23. 2868 

Balch. ... A Sermon Preached at Edgartown on Martha's- 
Vineyard, July 29th, 1747. When the Reverend Mr. John 
Newman Was Ordained ... in the Room of ... Mr. Samuel 
Wiswall, deceas'd. By Thomas Balch ... . [With a prefatory 
address by E. Mayhew.] Boston, S. Kneeland and T. Green, ^74-7' 
8vo, pp. (4), 36, (4). B. 2869 

Balch. A Sermon, Preach'd At Mendon Third Parish, Sep- 
tember the 14th, a.d. 1768, At the Ordination of The Rev. Mr. 
Benjamin Balch. By Thomas Balch ... . Providence, Printed 
by John Carter, M,DCC,LXIX. Sm. 8vo, pp. 38. H. 2870 

Mr. Balch also published an election sermon, Boston, 1749. l2mo. An artillery 
election sermon at Boston, June 6. 1763. Boston, Edes and Gill, m,dcc,lxiii. 8vo, 
pp. 38, (I). B. 

[Balch (Thomas)]. Letters and Papers relating chiefly to 
the Provincial History of Pennsylvania, with some Notices of 
the Writers. Privately printed. Philadelphia, 1855. i2mo, 
pp. cxxxviii., 312. c. <fe H. 2871 

These are known as the " Shippen Papers." See also Galloway (Joseph). 

Balch. Papers relating chiefly to the Maryland Line during 
the Revolution. Edited by Thomas Balch. One Hundred and 
Fifty Copies Printed. Philadelphia, Seventy-Six Society, 1857. 
8vo, pp. (4), 218, (l). c. 2872 

Balch (W.) ... Sermon Preached before His Excellency 
William Shirley ... May 31. 1749. Being the Day for Electing 
His Majesty's Council ... . By William Balch, a.m. ... Bos- 
ton, 1749. 8vo, Title, pp. 28. 2873 

Also: The Apostles St. Paul and St. James reconciled .. . A Sermon ... in 
Bradford, Feb. 2. 1742,3. ... Boston, J. Edwards, 1743. i2mo, pp. 31 h. A 
Sermon ... October 4, 1732, At the Gathering of the Second Church ... in Rowley. 
Boston, 1735. ^'^^■' PP' (4)' ^9- -^ Sermon ... at Bradford. East-Precinct, January 
23, 1742, 3. ... Bostoft^ 1743- i6mo, pp. 36. ... A Sermon ... at the Ordination 
of Benjamin Parker, in Haverhill, Nov. 28. 1744. Boston, y. Edivards, 1744 8vc), 
pp. 30. H. A Sermon preached before The annua; Convention of Ministers in 



Boston, N. E. May 29. 1760. ... Boston, N. E. Printed by B. Mecom. vi.i)CC,lx. 

8vo, pp. 40 A Vindication Of some Points of Doctrine ... an Answer To 

the Remarks of The Rev. Messieurs Wigglesworth and Chipman. Boston, J. Ed- 
•zuarJs, 1746. 4to, pp. 92. h. 

Balch (W. S.) Popular Liberty and Equal Rights. An 
Oration ... before the Mass Convention of the R. I. Suffrage 
Association ... in Providence, July Fifth, 1841. By Wm. S. 
Balch. Providence^ B. F. Moore^ Printer^ 1841. i2mo, pp. 23. 

H. 2874 

Balch. Romanism and Republicanism incompatible. A 
Lecture ... in review of " The Catholic Chapter in the His- 
tory of the United States," by J. Hughes, d.d., Archbishop of 
New York. New Tork^ 1852. 8vo. 2875 

Balcom (D. a.) The devil on politics ; or the history of 
political religion. By D. A. Balcom. ... Printed for the Author. 
l2mo, pp. 114. p. 2876 

Relates in part to the Second War with England. 

Baldridge (S. C.) The Martyr Prince. A Sermon on the 
occasion of the Assassination of President Lincoln, delivered in 
the Presbyterian Church Friendsville, Sabbath morning, April 
23d, 1865. By the Pastor. Cincinnati^ 0., Jos. B. Boyd^ 1865. 
8vo, pp. 21. 2877 

Balduc. Mission catholique de le Riviere Columbie. Par 
Rev. Z. B. Z. Balduc. ^ehec, 1843. 2878 

Baldwin (C. N.) Trial of Charles N. Baldwin for a Libel, 
in publishing charges of fraud and swindling in the manage- 
ment of lotteries in the State of New-York. Reported by H. 
W. Warner. New York., 18 18. 8vo, pp. 37. c. k s. 2879 

[Baldwin (Charles N.)] Universal Biographical Dictionary 
... Richmond^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 444. Plate. c. 2880 

Baldwin (E.) Annals of Yale College, in New Haven, 
... from its Foundation, to the Year 1831. With an Appen- 
dix, containing Statistical Tables, and exhibiting the Present 
Condition of the Institution. By Ebenezer Baldwin. New 
Haven^ Hexekiah Howe^ 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. viii., 324. H. 288 1 

Baldwin. Annals of Yale College, from its foundation, to 
the year 1831. By Ebenezer Baldwin. To which is Added, an 


Appendix, bringing it down to 1838. Second Edition. New 
Haven^ B. Iff W. Noyes^ 1838. 8vo, pp. viii., 343. c. 2882 

See Am. M. R., i., I. 

Baldwin. Catalogue of the Phenogamous Plants and the 
Ferns growing without cultivation, within five miles of Yale 
College, Connecticut. Extracted from the appendix to Mr. E. 
Baldwin's History of Yale College. New Haven^ 1831. 8vo. 

Baldwin. Funeral Oration on the Death of Jonathan 
Lyman, pronounced June 18. 1766, at Hatfield. New Haven ^ 
Samuel Green^ ^1^1- PP* ^9' 2884 

Baldwin. Thanksgiving Sermon at Danbury, Connecticut, 
November 16, 1775, illustrated with notes. By Ebenezer Bald- 
win. New Tork^ ^11^- 8vo, pp. 42. 2885 

Baldwin. Observations on the Physical, Intellectual, and 
Moral Qualities of our Colored Population : with Remarks on ... 
Emancipation and Colonization. By Ebenezer Baldwin. ... New 
Haven^ L. H. Toung^ 1834. 8vo, pp. 52. B. 2886 

Baldwin (E. W.) Considerations for the American Patriot. 
A Sermon delivered on occasion of the Annual Thanksgiving, 
Dec. 12, 1827. By EHhu W. Baldwin. New York, 1828. 
8vo. 2887 

Baldwin. An Address ... July 13th, 1836. By Rev. 
Elihu W. Baldwin, a.m. on Occasion of his Inauguration as 
President of Wabash College. [With notes.] Cincinnati^ Printed 
by James ^ Gaxlay^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 33. H. 2888 

Baldwin (Geo. C.) Representative Women. By George 
C. Baldwin. New York^ i860. i2mo. c. 2889 

Baldwin (George R.) Report, shewing the Cost and In- 
come of a Railroad, as surveyed from Toledo, Ohio ; to Chicago, 
Illinois ; incorporated as the Buffalo and Mississippi Railroad. 
Toledo^ 1847. 8vo. 2890 

Baldwin. Report on supplying the City of Charlestown with 
Pure Water: Made for the City Council ... By George R. 
Baldwin and Charles L. Stevenson, Civil Engineers. Boston^ 
Little^ Brown and Company^ i860. 8vo, pp. 77. iMap. H. 2891 

Baldwin (H. A.) Baldwin's Consolidated Business Direc- 
tory, 1866. New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. New York^ 
H. A. Baldwin ^ Co, Rl. 8vo, pp. 926. 2892 



Baldwin. Baldwin's Handbook of Central Park. New Tork^ 
H. A. Baldwin ^ Co., 1866. i6mo, pp. xvi., 64. 2893 

Baldwin (H. and S.) Remonstrance against ... abolishing 
or regulating tolls on vessels passing through the lock and canal 
at Baldwinsville. By Henry and Stephen Baldwin. Jlhany, 
March 23, 1836. 8vo, pp. 31. s. 2894 

Baldwin (Henry). A General View of the Origin and 
Nature of the Constitution and Government of the United 
States, deduced from the political history and condition of the 
Colonies and States, from 1774 until 1788, and the Decisions 
of the Supreme Court \ with opinions in the cases decided at 
January Term, 1837, arising on the restraints on the powers of 
the States. By Henry Baldwin. Philadelphia, John C. Claris, 
1837. 8vo, pp. v., 197. c. 2895 

Baldwin. Opinion of the Circuit Court of New Jersey, on 
rights of fishing in the Delaware. Delivered by Justice Bald- 
win. Philadelphia, 1 831. 8vo, pp. 16. p. 2896 

Baldwin (John D.) State Sovereignty and Treason. Speech 
of Hon. John D. Baldwin, of Massachusetts, Delivered in the 
House of Representatives, Washington, March 5, 1864 ... . 
\_lVashington, 1864.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2897 

Baldwin (Joseph G.) The Flush Times of Alabama and 
Mississippi. A Series of Sketches. By Joseph G. Baldwin. 
New-Tor k, D. Jppleton and Company, M.DCCC.Llll. l2mo, pp. 
^•? 330- Woodcuts. H.H- Seventh edition. New York, 1854. 
pp. X., 330. 2898 

Baldwin. Party Leaders ; Sketches of Thomas Jefferson, 
Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, John Ran- 
dolph of Roanoke, including notices of many other distinguished 
American Statesmen. By Joseph G. Baldwin. New York, 
1854. i2mo, pp. 370. c. + Seventh Edition. New York, 1855. 
i2mo, pp. 370. c. 2899 

Baldwin (Lewis). Candid Development of Facts tending to 
Exhibit the real grounds of difference Existing between the 
First Baptist Church of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Asso- 
ciation. By Lewis Baldwin. Philadelphia, 18 19. 8vo. 2900 

Baldwin (L.) Letter to the Hon. John Pickering, Presi- 
dent of the Salem Mill Dam Corporation, upon the Estimates, 



&c. of that Work. By L. Baldwin, Engineer ... . Salem^ 
Printed by Andrews ^ Foote^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 11. H. 2901 

Baldwin. Report on the Subject of introducing Pure Water 
into the City of Boston. By Loammi Baldwin ... . Boston^ John 
H. Easthurn^ Printer^ 1834. Svo, pp. 78. Map. H.-j- Second 
Edition, with Additions. Boston^ Hilliard^ Gray and Co.^ 1835. 
Svo, pp. iv., (i), 143. 3 Maps. 2902 

Baldwin. Report on the Brunswick Canal and Railroad, 
Glynn County, Ga. With an Appendix. Containing the Char- 
ter, and Commissioner's Report. Boston^ 1836. Svo, pp. 42. 
M.-\- Boston^ 1837. Svo, pp. 48. 2903 

Baldwin. Thoughts on the Study of Political Economy, as 
connected with the Population, Industry, and Paper Currency of 
the United States. By L. Baldwin ... . Cambridge, Printed by 
Hilliard and Metcalfe 1 809. Svo, pp. 75. H. N. 2904 

Baldwin (M.) ... Sermon preached at Springfield, Dec. 13, 

1770, at the Execution of William Shaw. By Rev. Moses 
Baldwin. Boston, I'j'ji, Svo, pp. 24. + Third Edition. Boston, 

1 77 1. Svo. w. 2905 

Baldwin. ... A Sermon ... occasioned by the death of 
D^ A. Stone ... Boston, 1774. Svo. 2906 

Baldwin (N. B.) Discourse on Henry Clay and Daniel 
Webster, dehvered by request, in the Bethesda Baptist Church, 
New-York, Nov. 25, 1S52. By Rev. N. B. Baldwin. New- 
York, 1S53. 8vo. 2907 

Baldwin (R. S.) Argument of Roger S. Baldwin, of New 
Haven, before the Supreme Court of the United States, in the 
Case of the United States, Appellants, vs. Cinque, and Others, 
Africans of the Amistad. New York, S. W. Benedict, 1841. Svo, 
pp. 32. H. 290S 

Also: Remarks on Mr. Mason's speech. Senate, Sept. 26, 1850. Svo, pp. 4. 
Speech on territorial compromise bill, U. S. Senate, July 25, 1848. Svo, pp. 8. 
Speech ... in favor of the Admission of California into the Union, and on the Terri- 
torial Bills, and the Bill in relation to Fugitive Slaves ... . March 27 and April 3, 1 850. 
Washington ^ 1850. Svo, pp. 20. H. Speech on Texan claim to New Mexico, U. S. 
Senate, July 25, 1850. Svo, pp. S. 

Baldwin (S.) A Sermon preached at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 
1775. Being the Anniversary Thanksgiving in commemoration 
of the first Landing of the Fathers of New England, there 


Anno domini 1620. By Samuel Baldwin, a.m. Boston^ ^11^- 
8vo, pp. 39. 2909 

Baldwin (Samuel Davies). Armageddon; or, the Overthrow 
of Romanism and Monarchy ; the existence of the United 
States Foretold in the Bible, its future greatness, &c. By S. D. 
Baldwin. Cincinnati^ Applegate iff Co.^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 480. c. 

Baldwin (S.) An Oration pronounced before the Citizens of 
New-Haven, July 4th, 1788 ... . By Simeon Baldwin ... . 
New-Haven^ Printed by J. Meigs^ M.DCC.LXXXViii. 8vo, pp. 

16. H., M. 29II 

Baldwin (Theron). Historical Address delivered in Monti- 
cello, Illinois, June 27, 1855, at the Seventeenth Anniversary 
of Monticello Female Seminary. By Rev. Theron Baldwin, 
First Principal of the Institution. New York^ John F. Trow^ 
Printer [1855]. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 2912 

Contains a history of the seminary. 

Baldwin (Thomas). A Brief Sketch of the Revival of Reli- 
gion in Boston, In 1803-5. Written by the late Dr. Baldwin 
... . \_Boston^ 1826.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 2913 

Baldwin. Brief Vindication of the Particular Communion 
of the Baptist Churches ; being a Reply to the Remarks of the 
Rev. Noah Worcester, a.b. in his " Friendly Letter" to the 
author. By Thomas Baldwin. Boston^ 1794- i2mo.H- Third 
Edition. Suffeld^ E. Gray^ m,dcc,xcix. i2mo, pp. 112. 2914 

Baldwin. A Discourse delivered before the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company, in Boston, June i, 1807. Being 
the Anniversary of their Election of Officers. Boston^ 1807. 
8vo, pp. 28. 2915 

Baldwin. Discourse ... in the Second Baptist Meeting-House 
in Boston ... January, 1824. With ... Historical Sketches of 
the Church ... . By Thomas Baldwin ... . Boston^ Printed by 
Lincoln ^ Edmands [1824]. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 4-Second Edition. 
Boston^ 1841. 8vo. B. 2916 

Baldwin. A Sermon ... Boston ... April 2, 1799 ... . 
[With some remarks on the state of religion in the U. S.] 
Boston^ Printed by Manning iff Loring^ ^799- 8vo, pp. 24. H. 

Baldwin. Sermon ... before C. Strong, Esq., Governor ... 
May 26, 1802. Being the Day of General Election. By 


Thomas Baldwin ... Boston^ Young ^ Minns^ Printers^ 1802. 
8vo, pp. 36. H. + Second Edition. Boston^ "J^ne^ 1802. Svo, 
pp. 32. H. -fThird edition. New Tork^ 1802. b. 2918 

Baldwin. A Sermon delivered February 19, 1795. Being 
the Day of Public Thanksgiving throughout the United States. 
By Thomas Baldwin, a.m. Boston^ Printed by Manning & Lor- 
ing-^ 1795- 8vo, pp. 24. 2919 

Baldwin. A Sermon, delivered to the Second Baptist Society 
in Boston, On Lord's Day, December 29, 1799. Occasioned 
by the Death of General George Washington, Who Departed 
this Life the 14th Inst. m. 68. By Thomas Baldwin, a.m. 
Pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Boston. Published by 
particular Desire. Boston^ Manning dff Loving [1800]. 8vo, 

pp. 28. H. 2920 

Baldwin. A Sermon Preached February 15, 1802. Before 
the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives of the 
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the Day of the Interment 
of his Honor Samuel Phillips, Esq. Lieutenant Governor, who 
died February 10, 1802. iE. 50. By Thomas Baldwin, a.m. 
Chaplain to the House. Boston^ Young and Minns ^ 1802. 8vo, 
pp. 21. B., H. 2921 

Also: ... A Sermon ... at Templeton, October i6, 1 800, at the Installation of 
the Rev. Elisha Andrews ... . Boston, 1800. Svo, pp. 24. h. Sermon ... March 
30, 1814, in the First Baptist Meeting-House ... at the Installation of the Rev. 
James M. Winchell. ... Boston [n. d.] Svo, pp. 24. h. Sermon at Boston, July 
II, 1799, at the Ordination of William Collier. Boston, 1799- ^^"' Sermon at the 
Ordination of Elisha Williams, at Beverly, Mass. June 15, 1S03. Boston, 1803. Svo. 
At the Ordination of the Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin. New Tori, 1804. 8vo. Of 
Rev. David Leonard as Evangelist, Bridgewater, Dec. 17, 1794. Boston, 1795. Svo. 
Of Rev. Daniel Merrill, Sedwick, May 15 1805. Boston, 1805. Svo, pp. 36. Also 
Sermons: April, 1799, ^^ ^ Quarterly Meeting of Several Churches for Special Prayer. 
Boston, 1799. Svo. Feb. 19th, 1804. Boston, 1804. May 30, 1804. Boston, 
1804. Svo. A Discourse ... before ... the Boston Female Asylum, September 26, 
1806 .... [n. p.], Russell f:^ Cutler, Printers, 1S06. Svo, pp. 29, (i). (With " State- 
ment of Expences," etc.) h. . . Discourse ... in Boston, March 16, 1807, at the 
Interment of the Rev. Samuel Stillman, d.d. ... Boston [n. d.] Svo. h. May 28, 
1809. Boston, 1829. Svo. On Jan. i, i8ii,at the Opening of the New Meet- 
ing House belonging to the Second Baptist Church in Boston, Boston, 181 1. Svo. 
Sermon at the opening of a new Meeting House, at Cambridge, Mass. Dec. 25, 
1817. Boston, 1818. Svo. Sermon, May 7th, 1S17. Boston, 1S17. Svo. At 
Boston, Feb. 21, 18 19, the Lord's Day after the Execution of the Pirates. Boston, 
1819. Svo. 

Baldwin. See Clay (Joseph), Stillman (Samuel). 

Baldwin (Thomas). Narrative of the Massacre, by the 


Savages, of the Wife & Children of Thomas Baldwin, Who, 
since the melancholy period of the destruction of his unfortu- 
nate family, has dwelt entirely alone, in a hut of his own 
construction, secluded from human society, in the extreme 
western part of the State of Kentucky. New-Tor k^ Martin iff 
Perry, 1835. 8vo, pp. 24. Plate. H. 2922 

[Baldwin (Thomas)]. Historical Sketch of the Origin, 
Progress, and Wants, of Illinois College. May, 1832. New- 
Tork, John T. West, Printer, MDCCCXxxii. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 

Baldwin (T.) and Thomas (J.) A New and Complete 
Gazetteer of the United States, giving a full and comprehensive 
Review of the Present Condition, Industry, and Resources of 
the American Confederacy, embracing also important Topogra- 
phical, Statistical and Historical Information, from Recent and 
Original Sources ; together with the Results of the Census of 
1850, and Population and Statistics in many Cases to 1853. -^7 
Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, m.d. Philadelphia, J. B. 
Lippincott ^ Co., 1854. Rl. 8vo, pp. 1364. C 2924 

Baldwin. A Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer ; ... By 
Thomas Baldwin. Philadelphia, i^^^. i2mo, pp. 550.4- Eighth 
edition, with a Supplement. Boston, iS^-C). i2mo, pp. 704. + New 
edition, with population inserted according to the census of 1850. 
Philadelphia, 1852. l2mo, pp. 692, iv., 55. c. 2925 

Baldwin (W.) See Darlington (W.) 

Baldwin School. Addresses delivered at the Dedication of 
the Edifice of the Preparatory Department, of the Baldwin 
School, Saint Paul, Minnesota Territory ; And Catalogue for 
1853. ^^^^^ Paul, Owens ^ Moore, Printers, 1854. 8vo, pp. 
39, (i). H. 2926 

Baldwin. A Plan of Baldwin, Maine, copied and reduced 
from the original in the Land Office. \Boston, 1815.] 8vo. 

Balestier. The Annals of Chicago ; a Lecture delivered 
before the Chicago Lyceum, January 21, 1840. By J. N. 
Balestier. 8vo, pp. 24. Chicago, Edward H. Rudd, mdcccxl. 

), pp. 24. H. 2928 


Balestier. Historical Sketches of Holland Lodge, with 
mcidental Remarks on Masonry in the State of New York. By 
Joseph N. Balestier. New York, 1862. 8vo, pp. loi. 2929 



Balfour (J.) Memoire du sieur Jean Balfour, habitant de 
I'lle de Tabago, a MM. les deputes a I'Assemblee nationale de 
France. Paris^ Prault [n. d.] 4to, pp. 40, or less. 2930 

[Balfour.] Observations sur le deuxieme Memoire du Sieur 

Roume ... . [Signed Jean Balfour. Paris']^ imp. du Patriate 

fran^ais [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 40, or less. 2931 

Balkam. " The Harper's Ferry outbreak and its Lesson." 
A Sermon preached in the Pine Street Chapel, Sabbath After- 
noon, December nth, 1859. By Rev. U. Balkam. Lewiston.^ 
Printed at the Journal Office^ 1859. ^^^-t PP- ^^- ^93^ 

Ball (Benjamin Lincoln). Three Days on the White Moun- 
tains ; being The Perilous Adventure of Dr. B. L. Ball on 
Mount Washington, during October 25, 26, and 27, 1855. 
Written by Himself. Boston.^ Nathaniel Noyes.^ 1856. l2mo, 
PP- 72. B. 2933 

Ball (Charles). Slavery in the United States. A Narrative 
of the Life and Adventures of Charles Ball, a Black Man, who 
lived Forty Years in Maryland, South Carolina and Georgia, as a 
Slave, under Various Masters, and was One Year in the Navy 
with Commodore Barney, during the Late War j containing an 
Account of the Manners and Usages of the Planters and Slave- 
holders of the South — a Description of the Condition and Treat- 
ment of the Slaves, with Observations upon the State of Morals 
amongst the Cotton Planters, and the Perils and Sufferings of a 
Fugitive Slave, who twice escaped from the Cotton Country. 
New-Tor k^ John S. Taylor., ^837. l2mo. Title, pp. 5 1 7. -{-Third 
Edition. J. T. Shryock^ Pittsburgh^ ... 1854. l2mo, pp. vi., 
9-446. B., c. 2934 

Ball (C.) Der Negersclave. Leben und Abenteuer ... . 
Erzahlt von ihm selbst. Berlin^ J. Springer^ 1854. 2 vols., 
8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 236 ; 2 p. 1., pp. 196. 2935 

Ball (H.) A Sermon delivered at Rutland, Wednesday, 
January ist, 1800, Before a numerous Audience assembled to 
publicly mourn the Death of General George Washington ; who 
departed this life at Mount Vernon, Virginia, on the 14th of 
December, 1799, JEt. 68. By Heman Ball, a.m. Minister of the 
Gospel at Rutland, Vermont. Rutland^ Printed/or S. Williams., 
Esq. [1800]. 8vo, pp. 27. w. 2936 



Ball (John). An | Answer | to two | Treatises | Of Mr. lohn 
Can, I the Leader of the English Brownists in Amsterdam. ] The 
former called, | A Necessitie of Separation from the Church of 
England, | proved by the Nonconformists Principles. | The other, | 
A Stay against Straying: Wherein in opposition to|M. lohn 
Robinson, he undertakes to prove the unlaw- 1 fulnesse of hearing 
the iMinisters of the | Church of England. | Very seasonable for 
the present times. | By the late learned, laborious and faithful! 
servant of Jesus Christ, | John B2i\l\Lo?7don^\ Printed by R. B. 
and are to he sold hy 'John Burroughes^ at his Shop at \ the signe of 
the Golden Dragon neere the Inner Temple gate^ \ in Fleet-street^ 
1642 1 . 4to, 10 p. 1., pp. 144, 92, Table and Errata, pp. 3. h. 

Ball. Friendly Triall of the Grounds tending to Separation. 
Cambridge^ 1 640. Sm. 4to. 2938 

Title from Col. Aspinwall's Catalogue, 

Ball. A Tryall of the New-Chvrch Way in New-England 
and in Old ... By ... John Ball, of Whitmore. Penned a little 
before his Death, and sent over to the New England Ministers, 
Anno 1637, as a Reply to an Answer of theirs in justification 
of the said Positions. Now published ... By William Rath- 
band and Simeon Ash. ... London^ Thomas Underbill^ 1644. 
4to, pp. (12), 90. H. 2939 

Ball (J. P.) Ball's ... Mammoth Pictorial Tour of the 
United States. Comprising Views of the African Slave Trade 
... . Compiled for the Panorama. Cincinnati^ Achilles Pugh^ 
Printer^ 1^55- 8vo, pp. 56. Woodcut, folded. H. 2940 

Ball (L. C.) War Meeting. Speech delivered at Hoosick 
Falls, April 24, 1861. By L. Chandler Ball. 8vo, pp. 7. 

Ball. Extract from a Speech delivered at South Hoosick, 
on the Raising of the American Flag, May 25, 1861. By L. 
Chandler Ball. 8vo, pp. 8. 2942 

Ball. Our Federal Relations. Speech In the Assembly of 
New York. June 29, 1861. 8vo, pp. 8. 2943 

Ball (M. D.) A Poem by Mott : Dulany Ball, of Virginia, 
delivered before the Theta Delta Chi Fraternity ... at the Uni- 
versity of William and Mary, June Second, 1856. Norfolk^ Va.^ 
Southern Argus Printing Office^ 1856. 8vo, Title, pp. 21. H. 

Defends slavery and the South. 


[Ball (Richard)]. The Practicability, Safety, and Advan- 
tages of Negro Emancipation. Bristol^ Printed by Wright & 
Bagnall^ 1830. 8vo, i sheet. 2945 

A Ballad concerning the Fight between the English and 
French at Lake George. \_Bostony 1755-] Broadside, in 2 
columns. p. 2946 

Ballads of the South. New Tork^ T. R. Dawley^ 1864. 32mo, 
pp. 13-72. 2947 

Ballads of the War. New Tork^ T, R. Dawley^ 1864. 32mo, 
pp. 9-72. 2948 

Ballance (C.) Speech of Charles Ballance ... in the Wig- 
wam, Peoria, Oct. 5th, i860, [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 8. h. 

Ballantine. The Importance of God's Presence with an 
Army, going against the Enemy ; and the Grounds on which 
it may be expected. Represented in a Sermon Preached at a 
Lecture in Westfield, on Wednesday June 2, 1756. Just before 
Captain John Mosely, and His Company, began their March 
towards Crown-Point. By John Ballantine, m.a. ... Westfield. 
... Boston^ Edes and GUI, 1756. 8vo. M. 2950 

Ballantyne. Handbook to the New Gold Fields. A full 
account of the Richness and Extent of the Fraser and Thomp- 
son River Gold Mines, with a Geographical and Physical ac- 
count of the Country, and its Inhabitants, &c. By R. M. 
Ballantyne. Edinburgh^ Strahan, 1858. 2951 

Ballantyne. Hudson's Bay ; or, Every-Day Life in the 
Wilds of North America 'during Six Years' Residence in the 
Territories of the Hon. Hudson's Bay Company. By Robert 
Michael Ballantyne. Edinburgh, Nelson, i%^%. i2mo. + Second 
Edition, 1848. + Third Edition. Edinburgh, Nelson, \%^<^. i2mo, 
pp. 'i^Tf^.-^ Boston, 1859. i2mo. 2952 

Also : Martin Rattler ; or, a Boy's Adventures in the Forests of Brazil. Nciv 
7*or^, and Edinburgh^ Nehon^ 1858. l6mo. Snow Flakes and Sunbeams; or, the 
Young Fur Traders. Edinburgh, Nelson, 1856. Crown 8vo, pp. ^^0. + Boston. 1859. 
l2mo. The Golden Dream; or, Adventures in the Far West. London, y. F. 
Shaw, 1854. i2mo, pp. 360. The Wild Man of the West. A Tale of the 
Rocky Mountains. By R. M. Ballantyne. Edinburgh, 1862. i 6mo, pp. viii., 419. 
■ir Boston, Crosby & Nichols. Ungava, a Tale of Esquimaux Land. By R. M. Ballan- 
tyne. London, 1858. I2mo. + iV<rw York, Phinney, Blakcman & Mason^ ^859. 
12mo. The World of Ice; or. Adventures in the Polar Regions. London, Nelum. 
l2mo, pp. 320. 



Ballard (E.) Memorial Volume of the Popham Celebra- 
tion, August 29, 1862 ; Commemorative of the Planting of the 
Popham Colony on the Peninsula of Sabino, August 19, O. 
S., 1607, establishing the Title of England to the Continent. 
Published under the direction of the Rev. Edward Ballard, 
Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Celebration. Port- 
land^ Bailey b' Noyes^ 1863. 8vo, pp. xiv., 9-368. 2 Maps. 

B. ic H. 2953 

Ballard (F. W.) The Huguenot Settlers of New York 
City and its Vicinity. By Frank W. Ballard. [No imprint.] 
l2mo, pp. 19. H. 2954 

Ballard. New York City a Mission Field. An Address 
delivered before the New York Young Men's Christian Asso- 
ciation, by Frank W. Ballard, April 27, 1863. ... \_New Tork^ 
1863.] l2mo, pp. 18. H. 2955 

Ballard. The Stewardship of Wealth as Illustrated in the 
Lives of Amos and Abbott Lawrence. A Lecture. By F. W. 
Ballard. New Tork^ 1866. i2mo. + Second Edition. \_New 
York^ n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 2956 

Ballard (J.) A Sermon ... in Lowell, on the Sabbath follow- 
ing the Funeral of Alvah Mansur, Esq., who died ... Nov. i, 

1840. By Joseph Ballard Lowell^ Leonard Huntress^ 

Printer^ 1840. l2mo, pp. 12. H. 2957 

[Ballard (William)]. Sketch of the History of Framing- 
ham, Mass. Boston^ 1827. 8vo, pp. 71. w. 2958 

Ballarna (S.) Relacion Circunstanciada de todas las Oper- 
aciones de la Escuadra i Ejercito Espediciona^io sobre Chiloe. 
Por Santiago Ballarna. Santiago^ 1826. 4to, pp. 23. M. 2959 

Ballenstedt (C. W. T.) Beschreibung meiner Reise nach 
den Goldminen Californiens. Zur Belehrung und Warnung 
fur Auswanderer. Schoningen^ 1851. 8vo, pp. 104. 2960 

Balleroy (J. B.) Tarif beige, mis en rapport avec les tarifs 
des Pays-Bas, d'AUemande, de PVance, d'Angleterre et des £tats- 
Unis, par J. B. Balleroy. Bruxelles^ 1844. Folio. b. 2961 

Ballesteros. Ordenanzas del Peru, recogidas y ordenadas 
por el licenciado D. Tomas de Ballesteros. Lima^ J. D. Con- 
treras^ 1685. Folio. 2962 


394 BALLOU. 

The Ballot Box, the Palladium of our Liberties. New Or- 
leans^ July^ 1863. Printed for the Compiler^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 65. 

Ballou (Adin). A Concise Exposition of the Hopedale 
Community : Descriptive, Statistical, Historical and Constitu- 
tional, [a p., 1853.] 4^°' PP' ^- "• ^9^4 

Ballou. A Discourse on ... American Slavery, delivered in 
... Mendon, Mass. July 4, 1837. By Adin Ballou. ... Boston^ 
Isaac Knapp^ 1837. 24mo, pp. 88. H. 2965 

Ballou. Violations of the Federal Constitution in the " Irre- 
pressible Conflict" between the Pro-Slavery and Anti-Slavery 
Sentiments of the American People. By Adin Ballou. Milford 
(Mass.)^ 1861. i2mo, pp. 48. 2966 

Ballou. The Voice of Duty. An Address delivered at the 
Anti-Slavery Picnic at Westminster, Mass., July 4, 1843. ^Y 
Adin Ballou. Milford [Mass.)^ Community Press^ 1 843. 8vo 
pp. 12. 2967 

Ballou (H.) A Sermon ... on Fast Day Morning, April 3, 
1828. By Hosea Ballou ... . Boston^ Bow en iff Gushing^ 1828. 
i2mo, pp. 12. H. 2968 

Ballou. A Sermon ... at the Dedication of the Univer- 
salist Meeting-House At Shirley, xVIass. January 9, 18 17. By 
Hosea Ballou. ... Salem^ Printed by Warwick Palfray^ J^^-t 

1817. 8V0, pp. 23. H. 2969 

Also: Oration before the Grand Lodge of the State of New Hampshire, June 24th, 
1810. Portsmouth, i8io. 4to, pp. I 6. Sermon at the Dedication of the First Uni- 
versalist Meeting-house, Roxbury, Jan. 4, 1821. Boston, 1821. 8vo, pp. 20. Ora- 
tion at Windsor, Vt. Dec. 27, 1808. fFindsor. 8vo. Discourse at Philadelphia, 
June 2, 1828, at the Ordination of T, Fiske. Philadelphia. 8vo. And other Ser- 
mons and Discourses. 

Ballou (John). The Lady of the West ; or, the Gold- 
seekers. Written for the Great American Nation. By J. Bal- 
lou. Cincinnati^ 1 855. l2mo. 29 70 

Ballou (Maturin M.) Biography of Rev. Hosea Ballou. 
By his Youngest Son, Maturin M. Ballou. ... Boston^ Ahel 
Tompkins^ 1 85 2. i2mo, pp. 404. Portrait. H. 2971 

Ballou. History of Cuba ; or, Notes of a Traveller in the 
Tropics. Being a Political, Historical, and Statistical Account 
of the Island, from its First Discovery to the Present Time. 



By Maturin M. Ballou. ... Boston^ Phillips^ Sampson and Company 
[etc.] i2mo, pp. 230. 6 Plates. c. <fc h. 2972 

Ballston Springs. [A Poem.] New Tork^ S. Gould^ 1806. 
i2mo, pp. 46. 2973 

Ballston Spa. Catalogue and Circular of the State and 
National Law School at Ballston Spa, N. Y. New Tork^ 1852. 

8V0, pp. 14. B. 2974 

Bally (Victor). Du typhus d'Amerique, ou de la fievrc 
jaune. Paris^ Smithy et Gabon^ hauteur,, 18 14. 8vo, pp. 26, 623. 

Balmanno. Romances of the Sea, and Voyage across the 
Atlantic. By Mrs. Balmanno. New Tork^ 1849. ^^o^ pp. 8. 

Balme. American States, Churches, and Slavery. By Rev. 
J. R. Balme. Edinburgh^ Nimmo^ 1862. Post 8vo, pp. Ixviii., 
546. + Second Edition. London^ Hamilton^ 1863. Post 8vo. 4- 
New Edition. With Synopsis of the American War. London^ 
Hamilton^ 1865. Post 8vo, pp. Ixviii., 776. c. 2977 

Balme. Letters on the American Republic, or. Common 
Fallacies and Monstrous Errors refuted and exposed. By Rev. 
Joshua R. Balme. ... London^ Hamilton^ Adams iff Co.^ 1863. 
l2mo, pp. vii., Il2.4-Nevi^ Edition. Ibid^ 1864. l2mo. 2978 

Balme. Synopsis of the American War. By J. R. Balme. 
London^ Hamilton^ Adams tff Co.^ 1865. i2mo, pp. 547-776. e. 

Balmis (Francesco Saverio de). Demonstracion de las efi- 
caces virtudes, nuevamente descubiertas en las Raices de dos 
plantas de Nueva Espaiia, especies de Agave y de Begonia, 
para la cura del vicio venereo, y Ecrofulosa, y de otras graves 
Enfermedades que resisten al uso de Mercurio, y demas remedios 
conocidos. Por Francesco Saverio de Balmis. Madrid^ 1792. 
4to. 2 Plates. 2980 

Balmis. Specifico antivenereo nuovamente scoperto nella 
virtu delle due piante americane. Agave e Begonia, prima tra- 
duzione dalla spagnuolo. Roma^ Paolo Gianchi^ ^795' ^^^j PP- 
149. 2 Plates. 2981 

Balmis (F. X.) Uber die amerilcanische Pflanzen Agave 
und Begonia, als Mittel gegen Lustseuche ... . Aus dem 
Spanischen in's Italienische, und aus diesem ins Deutsche uber- 
setzt von Friedr. Ludw. Kreisig. ... Leipzig^ Baumgdrtner^ 1797. 
8vo, pp. 156. Plates. 2982 


Baltasar (Jean). Noticia de la vida y preciosa muerte del 
P, Nicolas de Tamaral Jesuita misionero de Californias. Megico^ 
1752. 4to. 2983 

Baltasar. Relacion de la vIda y glorlosa muerte del P. 
Lorenzo Carranco Jesuita misionero de Californias. M'egico^ 
1 75 1. 4to. 2984 

Baltasar. Vida del esclarecido P. Juan Gumersvac, de la 
Compania de Jesus. Megico^ ^IZT 4^^- ^9^5 

Baltasar. Vida del Ven. P. Francisco Maria Picoli, Jesuita 
misionero de Californias. M'egico^ ^730- 4^o* 2986 

Balthasar de Medina. Chronica de la Santa Provincia de 
San Diego de Mejico de Religiosas Descal^os de N. S. P. S. 
Francisco en la Nueva Espana, Vidas de Ulustres y Venerables 
Varones etc. Mexico^ 1682. Folio. 2987 

At folio 230 is a map, " Auctor invenit, Antonius Ysartii Execud. Mexici iSSl,** 
which is probably the earliest specimen of copperplate engraving in Mexico, hitherto 
discovered. Vide Puttick's Catalogue, May, 1854, Lot 31, where it is said to be one 
of the rarest works of its class. It sold for £10. 

Baltimore [Lord). See Calvert (George). 

Baltimore. Relation of Lord Baltimore's Plantation. See 


Baltimore, a.d. 1862; or How they act in Baltimore. By 
A Volunteer Zouave. Fourth Edition. Baltimore.^ James S, 
Waters., 1862. l2mo, pp. 12. 2988 

Baltimore, a.d. 1862; or the Volunteer Zouave in Baltimore. 
By an Officer of the " Guard." Baltimore.^ J. Davis & Co.., 
1862. i2mo, pp. 7. 2989 

Baltimore. A Short Account of the Estabhshment of the 
See, and of the Consecrating Dr. Carroll First Bishop ; with a 
Discourse delivered on that Occasion ... . London., I790- ^vo. 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. Annual Report of 
the President, and Directors, to the Stockholders of the Balti- 
more and Ohio Rail Road Company. Baltimore^ 1827. 8vo. 
Continued. 2991 

This was one of the first railroad companies organized in the United States. The 
Annual Reports include much information relative to the country through which the 

road passes. 



A History and Description of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail 
Road ; with an Appendix, containing a full account of the cere- 
monies and procession attending the laying of the corner-stone, 
by Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, on the Fourth of July, 1828, 
and an original and complete report of the great opening cele- 
bration at Wheeling, January, 1853 > ^^ which is added a supple- 
ment. Illustrated by a Map and Six original Portraits. By a 
Citizen of Baltimore. Baltimore^ J. Murphy^ 1853. ^^^5 PP- 
200. Maps and Portraits. 2992 

The following tracts are selected from a large number, as possessing some historical 
or geographical interest: Address and report of a select Com. of the B. & O. R. R. 
Co., also, a letter from the Pres't, recommending measures for the immediate prose- 
cution of the road to the Ohio river. Baltimore, 1848. pp. 42. Address of 
Thomas Swann, Esq. (President,) ... on the ... Completion of the Road to the Ohio 
River, and the Report of B. H. Latrobe, Esq., Chief Engineer. Baltimore, 1849. 
8vo, pp. 25. Address of Thomas Swann, Esq. May i, [1850]. in relation to ... 
providing for a Settlement of the Route West of Pile's Fork to the City of Wheeling. 
Baltimore,... 1850, 8vo, pp. 70. Communication from the President ... to Thomas 
Donaldson, Esq., Chairman ... 1847, 8vo., pp. 17. Communication from the Bah, 
and Ohio R, R. Co. to the Mayor and City Council of Bait. Baltimore^ 1831. 
pp. 14. Communication from Thomas Swann, Esq. ... on the Cumberland and 
Knobly Routes. 1849. ^^°> PP* ^9- Contract between the City of Wheeling and 
the B. and O. R. Co., ... Richmond^ Printed by Colin, Baptist and Nowtan, 18 50. 
8vo, pp. 24. Correspondence between the Secretary of War and the President of the 
B. & O. R. R. Co. in relation to additional routes between Washington and New 
York Baltimore, 1862. 8vo, pp. 14. Documents accompanying a Memorial of 
the President and Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company. 20th 
Congress, H. of R Washington, 1828. 8vo. Documents submitted by the Balti- 
more and Ohio Railroad Company, in behalf of their application to the Legislature of 
Virginia. (With the reports of J. Knight, chief engineer, etc.) Richmond, 1838. 
8vo, pp. 20. Laws and Ordinances relating to the B. and O. R. R. Co. Baltimore^ 
Lucas & Dea-ver^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 124. The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore 
vs. the B. and O. R. R. Co., containing the Bill, Answer, Testimony and Exhibits. 
Baltimore^ ... 18 57. 8vo, pp. 1 65. Memorial of the Citizens of Baltimore to the 
Mayor and City Council, in relation to the B. and O. R. R. 1836. 8vo, pp. 78. 
Objections to Yielding to Northerners the Control of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail 
Road, on which depends the Development of the Farms, Mines, Manufactures and 
Trade of the State of Maryland, By a Marylander. Baltimore^ i860. 8vo, pp. 25. 
Opinion on a portion of the location for the B. and O. R. R. : Addressed to the Rail- 
Road Committee of the ... City of Wheeling ; by J. H. Alexander, Civil Engineer. 
Baltimore, 1850. 8vo, pp. 54. Reply of the Chief Engineer of the B. and O. R. R. 
Co. to the Review of his Report of February 15, 1849, on the Grave Creek and Fish 
Creek Routes by the Engineer of the City of Wheeling. Richmond^ 1850. 8vo, pp. 
51. Report and Documents submitted by the Committee appointed to confer with 
the Authorities of the City of Wheeling, respecting the late Law of Virginia, granting 
the right of way to the B. & O. R. R. Company. ... Baltimore, 1847. 8vo, pp. 
67. 2 Maps. Report of the Engineers on the reconnoissance and surveys made in 
reference to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Baltimore, JV. Wooddy, 1828. 8vo, 
pp. 189. Report upon the surveys for the extension of the B. & O. R. R., from its 
present termination near Harper's Ferry, to Wheeling and Pittsburgh. Baltimorey 
Lucas Sf Deaver, 1838. pp. 138. Report of the Select Com. of B. & O. R. R. Co. 
appointed to prepare an exposition in reference to the Governor's message of January 


4, 1S40. Jta//t««r«, y. Murfiy^ 1840, j?p, 46. RefK>rrs of the MAJority and 
Minoiitx of' the Committee on VVestfrn Connections of the B, ini O. R. R. &t/rf> 
■w^. ... iS5T. $vo, pp. a I. Testimony taken before j Speviil Committee of" tb« 
Hoiue of" Delejf4tes of" MaryUnd. ... to inquire into the .Allegations of" Piscrin^in*- 
tiow 4g4in$t the Citizens of" MifsUn J. by the B. xt\i O. R. R .... Bjti'mjrt, iSov S»o, 
pp. 52. *" Vi^rvu," on the Bjiltimore .V Ohio Rail RojJ Co. .■Vn .-Vnilysis of :heir 
Reports since lS4S. Their Misrepiesentitions Sif'ted 4nJ Expv\<ed, in 4 series of ch4p- 
tew. [1S54.] $v«?> pp. lao. 

H.ihiniore and Susqueh.imuh R.uli\u».l Company. Memorial o( 
the PrcsiJeiu uiui Oircotors. [/>.;//; "fw-'v, ^^>5-l ^^ '-''• -^^^3 

Report uiul Piooecduigs in relation to the Baltimore And Sus- 
quehannah Railroad, Aug. ^, iSl". Report ot president .md 
Jireetois. B.:.::m/'\\ 1825. Svo. Continued. '!0<^4 

Correspondence between the Honorable K. Louis I. owe, Cio\- 
crnor ot", and Robert Clinton NN'right, President of 
the P. .uul S. R. R. C'o., on the subject ot" the Future Prospects 
ot" the Road. i>.;.;; •';.-:•, 183^^. S\ o, pp. 44. iqq$ 

Baltimore as it Is. K.;,V; ";.•.% 7- ^^ • ^^ --■.•->, 185-. i.!mo, 

pp. 1S5. 2og^ 

rhe BaltmuMe Book. : Kdited bv \\'. H. Carpenter and T. S. 
.•\rthur. B.:^::'r::'\\ i^jO- limo. IQqj 

P.ilt-.nuMe Oireetorv tor i "oc\ Bv Thompson and Walker. 

/>«•,;;";.'.'•. 1 :nu>. iOgS 

For 1799 ... l^ J. >h x Mu.! 1 With Map. pp. 144 l-^r i^c«a. C. W. Staf- 
ford, lamo. For iSo4 ... B> J4me« Robinson, tamo. pt.>. i<ja. Continued it 
inter vals^ and aftfr wards innually. oy various editors and publishers. 

Baltimore Address Directory ... to which is prefixed a statis- 
tical article. Bv W. G. Lvi'ord. AW/w/'v, iS;^. I2nu\ pp. 
14^ :ogg 

Baltimore Business Oirectorv ... tor iSs^ iSmo. 3-"'^0 

Baltimore Literary and Religious .Ma^a/me, tor iS;5; con- 
ducted bv R. T. Breckinridiie And A. ^ B. ^.^loss. Bu:i:^!jr^^ 
'^iS-i:'- 7 ^^^l>-» ^vo. 3001 

Baltimore Literary Monument, edited by j. .M. .Mcjilton 
and T. S. .\rthur. Vol. 1. 3002 

BalcmuMe Ph Monthlv Magazine, April i, 

iS4i-Mirch, i>^:. Svo. 3*^3 

/lAI.TIMolO ^(^(^ 

The lialtiriKjre Rt^)t-rfory of Papers on Literary and other 
Topics, etc. Baltimore^ 1)^,11 8vo. n r/>4 

BalfiMi'jjr Weekly Maj/a/.me. lialtiniore^ iHoi. 410. Con- 
tinued. JOG 5 

Baltimore Southern and Western Commercial Convention 

Held in Ha!tim<jre, December i8th, 1852, under the Autjpiccsi 

of the Board oflVade. hull Rejjort ... . (I'Vom the Baltimore 

American, Dtc. 20.) [n. p., n. d.J 8vo, pp. 20. h. 3006 

An Account of the Great Whig Festival, held in the City of 
iialtimore, November r2rh, 1835. liultituotr^ ^^35- ^vo, pp. 

A /I Act for the Establishment and Support of Public School*, 
iji the City of Baltimore, [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 3008 

Address of the Candidates of the American Party to the 
Pe(jple of Baltimore, [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 4. 3OC9 

Address of the City of Baltimore to the Citizens of Maryland, 
made in pursuance of resolutions passed in Town meeting ... 
friendly to internal improvements. Baltimore^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Address of the Grand Jury to the Court of Oyer and Ter- 
miner for Baltimore County ; and the Reply of the Court to 
that Address Baltimore^ 1813. 8vo. N. 30II 

First Annual Report of the Baltimore Association, for the 
Moral and Educational Improvement of the Colored People, 
[n. p.], November^ 1865. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 3012 

The Annual Report of the Baltimore Humane Impartial 
Society and Aged Women's Home, ... 1852, Baltimore^ 1852. 
8vo, pp. 12. M r.i -^ 

Annual Report of the Board of Trade. Baltimore^ 185 1. 
8vo, Continued. 3''>H 

Annual Report of the Commissioners of Public Schools. 

First Annual Report of the Ladies' Union Relief Association, 

of Baltimore. Baltimore^ Printed hy IV. M. hirw.^ iH^jl. 8vo, 
pp. 13. H. Y^ifj 

Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the Union 
Keljef Association of Baltimore, Made June 26th, 1862, with 


Constitution and List of Officers and Members. Baltimore^ 
1862. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 3017 

Continued till 1866. 

Appeal for the establishment of a Free Library in Baltimore. 
1856. 8vo. 3018 

An Authentic Account of all the Proceedings on the 4th 
of July, 1 8 15, with regard to laying the Corner Stone of the 
Washington Monument in Baltimore. Baltimore^ 181 5. 8vo, 
pp. 44- P- 3019 

An Authentic Narrative of the Baltimore Mob of 18 12. 
1812. i2mo. 3020 

Brief Account of the Origin and Services of the first Union 
Relief Association of Baltimore. 8vo, pp. 4. 3021 

A Brief History of the Establishment of the Floating School 
ot the City of Baltimore. Baltimore^ Bull Isf Tuttle^ i860. 
8vo, pp. 87. 3022 

Catalogue of Books, &c. belonging to the Library Company 
of Baltimore. Baltimore^ 1 809. 8vo. + A Supplement, &c., 
18 16. Baltimore^ 18 16. 8v'o, pp. 36. -f Circular of the Share- 
holders of the Baltimore Library. 1854. pp.60. 3023 

Charter, Constitution, and Regulations of the Mercantile 
Library Association of Baltimore ... . Established November 
14th, 1839. Balt'unore^ 1 864. 8vo, pp. 9, (l). H. 3024 

Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort McHenrv, Septem- 
ber I2th and 13th, 1814. Resolves of the citizens in town 
meeting. Particulars relating to the battle, official correspond- 
ence, &c. Baltimore [n. d.] i2mo. 3025 

A Complete View of Baltimore, with a Statistical Sketch of 
its Institutions. Baltimore^ 1 83 1. i8mo. 3026 

Communication from the Mayor of Baltimore with the Mayor 
and Board of Police of Baltimore City. Frederick^ 1861. 8vo,' 
pp. 8. 3027 

Constitution & By-Laws of the Church Home Society ... . 
Baltimore [1855]. 32mo, pp. 15. H. 3028 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Clerical Benevolent Asso- 


ciation of the Diocese of Baltimore, Instituted September 29th, 
1857. ... Baltimore^ 1858. 8vo, pp. 12, (4). H. 3029 

Constitution of the Young Men's Christian Association ... 
adopted December, 1864. ... Baltimore^ iS6^. i2mo, pp. 10. h. 

Dedication of Green Mount Cemetery. Baltimore, 1839. 
Svo, pp. 36. 3031 

Dedicatory Services at the opening of Mount Olivet Ceme- 
tery. Baltimo7-e, Jrmstrongiff Berry, 1849. '^^o, pp. 20. 3032 

Description of Washington Monument, and of the Public 
Buildings in Baltimore. Baltimore, Printed by Han-zsche ^ 
Brother [n. d.] i8mo, pp. 14. 3^33 

An Exact and Authentic Narrative of the events which took 
place in Baltimore on the 27th and 28th of July last ... To 
which is added a Narrative of Mr. John Thomson ... Sept. i, 
1812. i8mo, pp. 71. s. 3034 

Expose of the Baltimore Custom House Frauds. By Hon- 
estus. 1849. 8^^- 3035 

Historical Sketch of the Central High School, Baltimore, its 
wants and claims. Baltimore, 1850. 8vo, pp. 62. 3^3^ 

Inauguration Ceremonies and Address of Hon. Thos. Swann 
on the opening of Druid Hill Park, October 19th, i860. Balti- 
more, i860. 8vo, pp. 40. 3037 

Interesting Papers relative to the Recent Riots at Baltimore. 
Philadelphia, 18 12. 8vo, pp. 89. s. 3038 

Journal of the Internal Improvement Convention ... in Bal- 
timore ... December, 1834. Baltimore, 1835. 8vo, pp. 93, 
(i). H. 3039 

List of Families and other Persons residing in Baltimore in 
1752. 3040 

Probably the first directory. 

Memoranda concerning Baltimore City and surroundings. 
Dedicated to the Western Editors who visited Baltimore on an 
Editorial Excursion, in May and June, i860. Baltimore, i860. 
i2mo. Maps. 3041 

Memorial of Chas. Howard, Wm. H. Gatchell, John W. 



Davis, Police Commissioners of the City of Baltimore, to the 
Senate and House of Representatives of the United States. 
[1861.] 8vo, pp. 16. 3042 

The Memorialists were prisoners in Fort McHenry. 

Memorial of sundry Tallow Chandlers, of Baltimore, Mary- 
land. Washington^ Gales if^ Seaton^ 1 824. 8vo, pp. 5. 3043 

Memorial of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore to 
Congress, with accompanying Documents. Baltimore^ JVm. M, 
Innes^ 186 1. 8vo, pp. 20. 3044 

Relates to the suspending of the functions of the Board of Police. 

The Memorial of the Merchants and Traders of the City of 
Baltimore. Baltimore^ 1806. 8vo, pp. 49. 3045 

Memorial of the Merchants of Baltimore, on the violation of 
Neutral Rights. January 29, 1 806. Cong. Doc. 3046 

Memorial of the Underwriters and Merchants of the city of 
Baltimore to Congress. [1823.] i2mo. 3^47 

Mercantile-Library Association of Baltimore. Annual Re- 
port of the Board of Directors. 1839. Continued. 8vo. 

Minutes of the Baltimore Baptist Association. 1808. 8vo. 
Continued. 3049 

Narrative of the Religious Fracas in the German Reformed 
Church, of Baltimore. 1804. 8vo. 3050 

An Ordinance for the general Valuation and Assessment of 
Property in the City of Baltimore. Approved May 26, 1858. 
8vo, pp. 18. 3051 

Ordinances of the Corporation of the City of Baltimore, from 
February, 1797, to May, 1798. Baltimore^ ^19^- 8vo. p. 

Ordinances of the Corporation of the City of Baltimore, with 
the Act of Incorporation and Supplement ... . Baltimore^ Printed 
by Warner and Hanna^ 1801. 8vo, pp. 329, xxxii., (42). B. 
4- Added ... such Acts of the State Legislature ... as relate to 
... Baltimore ... compiled ... by Samuel Young. Baltimore^ 
Printed by William Warner^ 1 8 16. 8vo, pp. 305, 37. 3^53 

The Ordinances of the Mayor and City Council of Balti- 
more ; to which is prefixed a Collection of Acts and Parts of 


Acts of Assembly, relating to the Corporation. ... Baltimore^ 
Printed by John D. Toy^ 1 838. 8vo, pp. 630. B. 3054 

Other ordinances of the Corporation were published for the various and extra ses- 
sions, in 1803, 1804, and subsequent years. 

Outline of a Plan to Unite the Baltimore Library Company 
with the Historical Society of Maryland. 8vo. 3^55 

Picture of Baltimore, Containing A Description of all Objects 
of Interest in the City ; and Embellished with Views of the 
Principal Public Buildings. Baltimore^ F. Lucas^ J^^^' [^832]. 
i8mo, pp. 249. Map, 2 Plates and Plan. 3056 

The Poor in Baltimore: Three Classes. ... Eleventh An- 
nual Report of the Baltimore Association for the Improvement 
of the Condition of the Poor. Baltimore^ J^^^ ^- f^oods^ 
Printer^ [i860]. 8vo, pp. 32. 3057 

Proceedings and Speeches at a Public Meeting of the Friends 
of the Union, in the City of Baltimore, held at Maryland Insti- 
tute January lOth, 1861. Baltimore^ John D. Toy^ 186 1. 8vo, 
pp. 56. 3058 

Proceedings of sundry citizens of Baltimore, convened for the 
purpose of devising the most Efficient Means Of Improving the 
Intercourse between that City and the Western States. Balti- 
more^ Printed by William Wooddy^ 1 827. 8vo, pp. 38. 3059 

Proceedings of the Joint Standing Committee on Water of 
the City Council, to whom was referred the Subject of a Supply 
of Water for the City of Baltimore. Baltimore^ 1855. 8vo, 
pp. 56. H. 3060 

Prospectus of the South Baltimore Company, with the Acts 
of Incorporation, 1832-1854-1856. Baltimore^ John W. Woods^ 
Printer^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 15. 3061 

Proceedings, Statements and Resolutions of a meeting of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church opposed to the late proceedings 
against members of the Baltimore Union Society. 1828. 8vo. 

Remarks on the Intercourse of Baltimore with the Western 
Country, with a view of the Communications proposed between 
the Atlantic and the Western States. Baltimore^ 18 18. 8vo, 
pp. 30. Map. M. 3063 


Report of a Committee of the Baltimore Young Men's 
Society on Lotteries, May 13th, 1834. Baltimore^ 1834. 8vo, 
pp. 24. 3064 

Report of the Baltimore Christian Association, Auxiliary to 
the Christian Commission, for the Year Ending, May ist, 
1863. ... Baltimore^ J. W. Woods, l2mo, pp. 12. 3065 

Report of the Commissioners appointed to examine into the 
practicability of a Canal from Baltimore to the Potomac, To- 
gether with the Engineer's Report. Baltimore,^ J. Lucas^ 1823. 
8vo, pp. 69. 3066 

Report of the Committee of Internal Improvement made to 
the Trade Convention of the City of Baltimore. Baltimore,, 
Sands & Nelson, 1835. 8vo, pp. 20. 3067 

Report of the Committee of the Stockholders of the Canton 
Company of Baltimore, in Boston and its Vicinity, June 13, 
1838. Boston, 1838. 8vo, pp. 15. Map. B. 3068 

Report of the Baltimore Christian Association, auxiliary to 
the Christian Commission, for ... 1863. ... Baltimore [1863]. 
i2mo, pp. 12. 3069 

Report of the Board of Commissioners to the Mayor and 
City Council, relative to the city boundaries, avenues, etc. 
Baltimore, J. Lucas, 1852. 8vo, pp. 16. 3070 

[First Annual] Report [for 1829] of the Commissioners of 
Public Schools, to the City Council of Baltimore. [No im- 
print. 1830.] 8vo, pp. 17. Continued. h. 3071 

Report of the Committee of Grievances and Courts of Justice 
of the House of Delegates of Maryland, on the subject of the 
recent Mobs and Riots in the city of Baltimore ; together with 
the depositions taken before the Committee. Annapolis, Jonas 
Green, 1813. 8vo, pp. v., 346, Deposition, i \.^ Baltimore, 
Reprinted, 1 8 13. 8vo, pp. 88. 3072 

Report of the Maryland Commissioners on a proposed Canal 
from Baltimore to Conewago. Baltimore, T. Lucas, 1823. 8vo, 
pp. 84. 3073 

Report of the Engineer appointed by the Commissioners of 
the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore upon the subject of 
the Maryland Canal. Baltimore, Lucas & Deaver, 1837. 8vo. 



Report of the Police Commissioners of Baltimore City, with 
accompanying Documents. Baltimore^ 1861. 8vo. 3^75 

Relative to the scenes in Baltimore during the Civil War. 

Report of the Visitors of the Jail ... . Baltimore^ 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 19. H. 3076 

Report to the Legislature on the State of A.fFairs in Balti- 
more. i860. 8vo. 3077 

Reports and Resolutions of the Joint Committee of Senate 
and House of Delegates of Maryland upon the reports and 
memorials of the Police Commissioners and the Mayor and City 
Council of Baltimore. Frederick G. S. Riley ^ 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 
26. 3078 

Review of a Correspondence between the Archbishop and 
the Mayor of Baltimore. 1839. 8vo. 3079 

Resolutions passed by The Citizens of Baltimore, in Mass 
Meeting assembled, January 31, 1866, against "The Sunday 
Law" ... . [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 3. 3080 

Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Baltimore 
Club [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 8. 3081 

Rules of Order and Regulations, adopted by the Board of 
Commissioners of Public Schools ... . May, 1864. Baltimore^ 
1846. 8vo, pp. 19. H. 3082 

A Series of Letters and other Documents relating to the late 
Epidemic or Yellow Fever in Baltimore. By a Baltimore Phy- 
sician. ... Baltimore^ 1820. Sm. 8vo, pp. 2II. P. 3083 

Sketch of Loudon Park Cemetery : its Dedication, and Ad- 
dress of the Hon. Charles F. Mayer, delivered on that occasion. 
Baltimore^ 1 853. 8vo, pp. 23. 3084 

The Stranger's Guide in Baltimore, showing the easiest and 
best mode of seeing all the Public Buildings and places of note 
in and around the City, and in the neighborhood ; together with 
some brief observations on its Trade, Resources, Prosperity, 
Commercial Advantages, and Future Prospects. Embellished 
with a Map of the City and Views of the Principal Public 
Buildings. By a Baltimorean. Baltimore^ Jo^^ Murphy dff Co. 
[n. d.] i8mo. 3085 


To Capitalists and Citizens of Baltimore. The Western 
Maryland Rail Road. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 19. 3086 

To the Citizens of Baltimore. Baltimore^ 1829. ^^^t PP« 21. 

Relates to the affair of Los damos Argentinos. 

To the Pewholders and other Contributors of St. Paul's 
Church, Baltimore. 1804. 8vo. 3088 

A Voice from the " Aged Guard of '62" of the City of Bal- 
timore, [n. d.] 3089 

Baltzell (John). An Essay on the Mineral Properties of 
the Sweet Springs of Virginia, and Conjectures respecting the 
Processes of their Production by Nature. ... Baltimore^ Werner 
and Hanna^ 1802. 8vo, pp. 30. 3090 

Baluffi (G.) L'America, un tempo spagnuola riguardata 
sotto I'aspetto religioso dall' epoca del suo discuoprimento sine al 
1843 ^^ monsignore Gaetano Baluffi arcivescovo di Camerino 
... . Ancona^ per Gustavo Sartorj Cherubini^ 1844. 2 vols., 8vo, 
pp. xxxiii., 274, 3 1. ; 335, (i), 2 1. folded, 2 1. 3091 

Translated into German, with the following title : 

Baluffi. Das vormals Spanische Amerika aus dem reli- 
giosen Gesichtspunkte betrachtet, vom Zeitraume seiner Ent- 
deckung an bis 1843. -^^^ ^^"^ Italienischen verdeutscht 
und mit Anmerkungen und Citaten begleitet von F. M, M. i. 
Bd. I. Halfte. W'len^ Mechitharhten-Congregat-Buchandlung^ 
1848. 8vo, pp. xxiv., 140. 3092 

Banchero (G.) La tavola di bronzo, il pallio di Seta ed 
il codice Colombo-americano nuovamente illustrati. GenovOy 
1857. 4^0- Plates. 3093 

Bancroft (Aaron). The Committees vindicated. An Ex- 
amination of The Rev. Mr. Barstow's " Remarks on the Pre- 
liminary History of Two Discourses, by Rev. A. Bancroft." 
Keene^ N. H.^ 1822. 8vo, pp. 22. H. 3094 

Bancroft. A Discourse ... before the Second Congres- 
sional Society in Worcester ... April [8], 1827 ... [after] the 
Ordination of Rev. Alonzo Hill. By Aaron Bancroft ... . 
Worcester^ 1827. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 3095 

Bancroft. An Essay on the Life of George Washington, 
Commander in Chief of the American Army, through the Re- 



volutionary War ; and the First President of the United States. 
By Aaron Bancroft, a.a.s. Pastor of a Congregational Church 
in Worcester. Worcester^ Printed by Thomas iff Sturtevant^ 
October^ 1 807. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. vii., 552. Portrait. h. 3096 

See Eel. Rev., Series iv., Vol. iv., 489. Reprinted with the following title : 

Bancroft. Life of George Washington, Commander in 
Chief of the American army through the Revolutionary War, 
and the First President of the United States. Qy Aaron Ban- 
croft. London^ ^ohn Stockdale^ 1808. 8vo, pp. xii., 560. + Second 
Edition. Boston^ 1826. 2 vols., i2mo.-|- Also, 183. 2 vols., 
l2mo, pp. 223 i 21'^. + Boston^ Phillips^ Sampson^ and Company^ 
1855. i2mo, pp. 218. 3097 

Bancroft. An Eulogy on the Character of the Late Gen. 
George Washington. Delivered before the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Worcester, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on Sat- 
urday the 22d of February 1800. By Aaron Bancroft. Printed 
according to a Vote of said Town, requesting a Copy for the 
Press, and directing that each Head of a Family should be fur- 
nished with one. IVorcester^ Printed by Isaiah Thomas^ y^^-t 
March^ 1800. 8vo, pp. 21. H. 3098 

Bancroft. The Nature and Worth of Christian Liberty 
... a Sermon ... in Worcester ... June [23], 1816. With ... 
Strictures on the Attempt to establish Consociation in Massa- 
chusetts. By Aaron Bancroft ... . Second Edition. Worces- 
ter^ Printed by William Manning^ J^h-) 1816. 8vo, pp. 35.+ 
September^ 1 8 16. 8 vo, pp. 35. H. 3099 

Bancroft. A Sermon, Preached before his Excellency 
Caleb Strong ... May 27, 1801, the day of General Election. 
... Boston^ Toung i^ Minns ^ 1801. 8vo, pp. 29. H. 3100 

Bancroft. Sermon preached Feb. 15, 1802, before the 
Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts, on the 
Day of the Interment of Lieut. -Gov. Samuel Phillips. By 
Aaron Bancroft. Boston^ 1802. 8vo, pp. 21. 3101 

Bancroft. A Sermon [at Worcester] ... July 9th, 1826 
... [on] the Death of the Hon. John Adams, a Former Presi- 
dent of theUnited States. ... Worcester^ Charles Griffin^ 1826. 
8vo, pp. 15. H. 3102 

Bancroft. ... A Sermon, delivered before the Second Chris- 
tian Church and Society in Worcester, on the Sixth Day of 


January, 1 8 1 1 . Worcester^ Printed by Isaac Sturtevant^ 1 8 1 1 . 

8vO, pp. 24. H. & W. 3103 

Contains notes on the history of the town. 

Bancroft. A Sermon delivered in Worcester, January 31, 
1836, by Aaron Bancroft, d.d. at the Termination of Fifty 
Years of his Ministry. ... Worcester^ Clarendon Harris^ 1836. 
8vo, pp. 44. H. 3104 

Bancroft. A Vindication of the Result of the late Mutual 
Council convened in Princefon. By Aaron Bancroft, d.d. 
Worcester^ Printed by William Mannings y^^^t 1817. 8vo, pp. 

63. H. 3105 

Also: A Discourse ... at Windsor ... Vermont, on the 23d of June, mdccxc. at 
the Ordination of the Rev. Samuel Shuttlesworth ... . Worcester, Printed by Isaiah 
TkomaSy MDCCXC. 8vo, pp. 24. h. A Sermon delivered at Brimfield on the 20th 
of June, 1798, at the Installation of the Rev. Clark Brown. ... Worcester, 1798. 
8vo, pp. 23. Masonic Sermon at Worcester, June 11, 1793. Worcester, 1793. 
8vo. Sermon occasioned by the Execution of Samuel Frost, at Worcester, Oct. 31. 
1793. Worcester. 8vo. ... An Oration ... before the ... Leicester Academy, on 
the Fourth of July, 1806} At Opening of a New Building ... . Worcester, Printed by 
Thomas & Sturtevant^ J^h^ 1 806. 8vo, pp. 20. h. Sermon at the Ordination of 
Nathan Parker. Portsmouth, 1808. 8vo, pp. 31. Sermon at Worcester, Jan. 1817, 
on the Duties of the 4th Commandment. 2d Ed, Worcester. 8vo. Discourse on 
Conversion. Worcester, 1818. 8vo. ... Sermon [at Worcester], ... November 22, 
1818, the Sunday following the Interment of Mrs. Mary Thomas. ... Worcester^ Printed 
by William Mannings December^ 1818. 8vo, pp. 23. h. A Sermon ... at the In- 
stallation of the Rev. Luther Willson, ... in Petersham, June 23, 18 19. Worcester^ 
Printed by William Manning, July, 18 19, 8vo, pp. 28. H. Sermon at Keene, 
N. H., 15 August, 1819. Worcester, 1821. 8vo. A Discourse Delivered before the 
Convention of Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, ... June 1,1820. ... Bos- 
ton^ Printed by Wells and Lilly, 1820.' 8vo, pp. 32. H. Sermons on the Doctrines 
of the Gospel. Worcester, May, 1822. 8vo, pp. 429, (i). h. Discourse at Wor- 
cester, April 28, 1824, before the Worcester Auxiliary Society for ameliorating the 
Condition of the Jews. Worcester. 8vo. A Sermon at the Installation of Rev. 
Andrew Bigelow ... in Medford, July 9, 1823. Boston^ 1823. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 
A Sermon ... in Shrewsbury, at the Interment of the Rev. Joseph Sumner, d.d. 
December 13, 1824. ... Worcester, S. B. Manning, Printer, April, 1825. 8vo, pp. 
15. H. A Sermon ... at the Dedication of the Second Congregational Church in 
Worcester, Aug. 20, 1829. ... Worcester, Griffin and Morrill, Printers, 1829. 8vo, 
pp. 24. B. Compare, also: Letters and Remarks, occasioned by a Sermon, delivered 
by the Rev. Aaron Bancroft, a.m., November 30, mdccxcv., in Opposition to the 
Doctrine of Election. Worcester, L. Worcester, mdccxcv. 8vo, pp. 30. B. Re- 
view (extracted from the Panoplist.) of Dr, Bancroft's Discourse, against Conferences. 
Boston. Samuel T. Armstrong, 18 17, 8vo, pp. 1 6. H. Review of Dr. Bancroft's 
Appendix to the 2d Edition of his Discourse on the 4th Commandment. Worcester, 
1817. 8vo. 

[Bancroft (Edward)]. An Essay on the Natural History 
of Guiana, In South America. Containing A Description of 
many Curious Productions in the Animal and Vegetable Sys- 
tems of that Country. Together with an Account of The 



Religion, Manners, and Customs of several Tribes of its Indian 
Inhabitants. Interspersed with A Variety of Literary and Medi- 
cal Observations. In Several Letters from A Gentleman of the 
Medical Faculty, During his Residence in that Country. ... 
London^ T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt^ MDCCLXix. 8vo, pp. 
(4), iv., 402, Contents, i 1. Plate. H. 3106 

" A very useful and entertaining work." — Rich. 

Bancroft. Naturgeschlchte von Guiana in Siid-Amerilca. 
... Aus dem Englishen. ... Frankfurt und Leipzig^ J. Dodsley 
und Compagnie^ 1769. 8vo, pp. x., (2), 248. Plate. h. 3107 

Bancroft. Proeve over de natuurlyke geschiedenis van 
Guana. Utrecht^ A. van Paddenhurg en J. M. van Vloten^ 1782. 
8vo. 3108 

Bancroft. Beschryving van Guiana, en een bericht van de 
rivieren en plantagien Berbice, Essequebo en Demerary. In 
Brieven. Amsterdam^ 1794' 8vo. S'OQ 

Bancroft. Facts and Observations briefly stated in support 
of an intended application to Parliament, [n. p.], 1798. 8vo. 

" Relates to Quercitron Bark." — Rich. 

[Bancroft (Edward)]. Remarks on the Review of the 
Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies. In which 
The Errors of its Author are exposed, and The Claims of the 
Colonies vindicated. Upon the Evidence of Historical Facts 
and authentic Records. To which is subjoined, A Proposal 
for terminating the present unhappy Dispute with the Colonies ; 
Recovering their Commerce ; Reconciliating their Affection ; 
Securing their Rights ; And establishing their Dependence on a 
just and permanent Basis. Humbly submitted to the Considera- 
tion of the British Legislature. London^ T. Becket and P. A, 
De Hondt^ MDCCLXIX. 8vo, Half Title, Title, pp. 126. c. 

Reprinted with the above title and the author's name, as : By Edward Bancroft. 
[Motto.] London-^ Printed in the Year 1769. Nezv-Londony in Neiv- England ^ 
Re-printed and Sold by T. Green, m,dcc,lx\i. 8vo, pp. 130. B. " The Review of the 
American Controversy [by William Knox] is here sharply and successfully attacked, 
by an able hand j who, attending to the obvious import of words in the charters of 
the principal colonies, and the general tenor of those transactions wherein they have 
been concerned, proves them to be distinct dependencies, not included within the 
realm of England, but having constitutions framed after the same model." — M. R., 
XL!., 49. See also Rich i., 171 and 505. 

Bancroft (E. Nathaniel). An Essay on the Disease called 
YelJow Fever By Edward N. Bancroft, m.d. London^ 



1808. 8vo. 4- Second Edition. London^ 181 1. 8vo, pp. 811. 
4- Third Edition, with Notes by B. Davidge. London^ 1820. 
%wo,-\- Baltimore^ 1820. 8vo. 31 12 

See Edinb. Med. and Surg. Jour., July, i 8 I 2, viii., 324-34.4. 

Bancroft. A Sequel to An Essay on the Yellow Fever, 
principally intending to prove by Incontestable Facts and Im- 
portant Documents that the Fever called Bulam or Pestilential, 
has no Existence as a Distinct or a Contagious Disease. Lon- 
don^ Callow^ 1817. 8vo, pp. 487. 3113 

See Lond. Med. Repos., Nov., 1817 ; viii., 401-417. 

Bancroft (George). Address at Hartford before the Dele- 
gates to the Democratic Convention of the Young Men of Con- 
necticut, on the Evening of February i8, 1840, by George 
Bancroft. ... [No title-page.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 3114 

Bancroft. Fellow Citizens ... . [Attack upon him in 
reference to his intention to deliver a " Democratic Address." 
Boston^ 1839.''] 4to, I page. H. 3115 

Bancroft. History of the United States, from the Discovery 
of the American Continent to the Present Time. By George 
Bancroft. Boston^ Little^ Brown iff Co.^ 1834. 8vo, Vol. I., pp. 
xii., 469, 1834; II., viii., 468, 1837; iii., viii., 477, 184O; 
IV., with Portrait of John Adams, and Maps, x., 462, 1852; v., 
ix., 459, 1852; VI., xix., 528, 1854; VII., 1858; VIII., with 
Portrait of Jefferson, 475, i860; ix., 1776 to 1778, with Por- 
trait of La Fayette (4), 506, 1866. 3116 

The above are the dates of the first edition of each volume. Vols, i.-iii. have also 
title, '' History of the Colonization of the United States. Vols, i.-iii." Vols. iv,-vi. 
have also half title, "The American Revolution. Epoch First. ... 1748-1763 j 
Epoch Second. ... 1763-1774; The Crisis.'" Vols. vii. and viii. have also title, "The 
American Revolution. Vols, i.-iii." Fifty copies of Vols, i.-viii. are printed on large 
paper. Neiv York. Charles B. Richardion &' Co., 1 861. h. Repeatedly reprinted 
both in Boston and London. The English edition, by Bentiey, also by H. G. Bohn, is 
in 8vo and izmoj Routledge, in i2mo. 

The variations between the first and later editions are so considerable as to make it 
desirable to possess them both. The additions concerning De Soto first appeared as 
* * * pages in the large paper edition. 

Bancroft. History of the United States, from the Dis- 
covery of the American Continent. London^ Routledge^ 1851- 
1867. 8 vols, i2mo. + New Edition. London^ 1859-61. 7 
vols., 8vo. 3' 1 7 

Vols. I., 11. and III. of the American edition, are included in Vols. i. and ii. of this. 



Bancroft. History of the American Revolution. By George 
Bancroft. London^ R. Bentley^ 1852-54. 3 vols., 8vo. c. 31 18 

These volumes are a reprint of Vols, iv.-vi. of the History. 

Bancroft. History of the United States from the Discovery 
of the American Continent to the War of Independence. Lon- 
don, W. S. Orr& Co., 1843. ^^- ^vo. pp. 584. 3119 

See N. A. R., xl., 99; lii., 75. Ed, Rev., lxxxv., 61. Am. Q. R., xvi., 200, 
For. Q. R., xxvii., 327. 

Bancroft. History of the Colonization of the United States. 
London, Fullarton [n. d.] Rl. 8vo. 3120 

Bancroft. History of the Colonization of the United States. 
By George Bancroft. Abridged by the Author. ;.. Boston, 
Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1 841. 2 vols., l6mo, pp. 
xvi., 332, Map; XV., 316, Plate. H. 3121 

Bancroft. History of the United States. London, Fullar- 
ton [n. d.] Rl. 8vo. 3122 

Bancroft. Histoire des Etats-Unis depuis la decouverte du 
continent americain, traduite de I'anglais par M"*' Isabelle Gatti 
de Gamond. Bruxelles, Lacroix, Verboeckhoven et O', 1862-64. 
9 vols., 8vo. 3123 

Bancroft. Geschichte der Vereinigten Staaten von Nord- 
amerika ... . Nach der 9. Aufl. des Originals deutsch von A. 
Kretzschmar. Leipzig, O. Wigand, 1845-64. 8 vols., 8vo. -{- 
I" Band., 2^ Aufl. 1847. 3124 

Bancroft. Geschichte der amerikanischen Revolution von 
Georg Bancroft. Aus dem Englischen von W. E. Drugulin 
Mit einem Vorworte von Fr. Biilau. ... Leipzig, Lorck, 1852-54. 
3 vols., 8vo, pp. XX., 386, Plan, 4to ; xii., 404; xx., 434. 
(Moderne Geschichtschreiber, herausg. von Friedrich Biilau, I" 
Bd.) 3125 

Bancroft. Storia degli Stati Uniti, volgarizzata con note da 
C. Carenzi. Losayina et Lorini, 1847. ^^*^- ^- 3'^^ 

Bancroft. De Forenede Staters Historic oversat af. Chr. 
WulfF. Kjdbenhavn, Lose and Delhanco, 1853-55. 6 vols. 3 1 27 

Bancroft. Joseph Reed : a Historical Essay. By George 
Bancroft. ... New York, W. J. IFiddleton, 1867. 8vo, pp. 64. 

H. 3128 


Bancroft. The League for the Union. Speeches of the 
Hon. George Bancroft, and James Miliken, Esq. Philadelphia^ 
William S. & Alfred Martien^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 20. 3 1 29 

Bancroft. ... Letter on the Exchange of Prisoners during 
the American War of Independence. \_New Tork^ 1862.] 8vo, 
pp. 7. H. 3130 

Bancroft. Literary and Historical Miscellanies. By George 
Bancroft. New Tork^ Harper and Brothers^ 1855. 8vo, pp. 517. 

Bancroft. Memorial Address on the Life and Character of 
Abraham Lincoln, delivered, at the Request of both Houses 
of the Congress of America, before them, in the House of Re- 
presentatives at Washington, on the 12th of February, 1866. 
By George Bancroft. New Tork^ 1866. 8vo, pp. 6g.-\- Wash- 
ington^ Government Printing Office. 8vo, pp. 69. Portrait. H. 

Of this edition 50 copies were printed on large paper imperial 4to, with an ad- 
dition to the Appendix (pp. 71-80), "Correspondence relating to the Memorial Ad- 
dress." H. 

Bancroft. £loge funebre du President Lincoln, prononce 
en seance solennelle du Congres des Etats-Unis d'Amerique. 
Traduction de I'Anglais par Gustave Jottrand. Bruxelles^ Ver- 
hoeckhoven et C"^ 1866. 8vo, pp. 43. 3^33 

Bancroft. The Merits of Thomas W. Dorr, etc. See 
[Curtis (G. T.)] 

Bancroft. New-York Historical Society. Mr. Bancroft's 
Letter on the Exchange of Prisoners, during the American War 
of Independence. [_New Tork^ 1862.] 8vo, pp. 7. h. 3134 

Bancroft. Mr. Bancroft and his Boston Critics. \New 
York? 1862.] 8vo, pp. 4. H. 3135 

Relative to the exchange of prisoners. 

Bancroft. The Necessity, the Reality, and the Promise, 
of the Progress of the Human Race. Oration delivered before 
the New York Historical Society, November 20, 1854. New 
Tork^ M Dccc Liv. 8vo, pp. 5-37 of the " Semi-Centennial 
Celebration ... of the New York Historical Society." h. 3136 

Has a separate title-page. 

Bancroft. ... Oration by George Bancroft, on the Twenty- 



second of February, 1862. To which Is added Washington's 
Farewell Address. New Tork^ E. D. Baker ^ April i^th^ 1862. 
i2mo, pp. 103-126. B. 3137 

Pulpit and Rostrum, No.- 29. 

Bancroft. Review of the Report of the Committee of 
Ways and Means ; and of the Message of the President of the 
United States, relative to the United States Bank. From the 
American Quarterly Review — March, 1831. Philadelphia, Carey 
and Lea, i^3i- ^vo, pp. 38. H. 3138 

Bancroft. Oration Pronounced in Union Square, April 25, 
1865, at the Funeral Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln in the 
City of New York. By George Bancroft. New York, Scher- 
merhorn Iff Co. i2mo, pp. 23. Portrait. 3^39 

Forms Nos. 34 and 35 of The Pulpit and Rostrum. 

Bancroft. An Oration delivered on the Fourth of July, 
1826, at Northampton, Mass. By George Bancroft. North- 
ampton, T. Watson Shepard, Printer, 1826. 8vo, pp. 26. H., W. 

Bancroft. Oration delivered before the Democracy of 
Springfield, and Neighboring Towns, July 4, 1836. Springfield, 
1836. 8vo, pp. 40. + Second edition, with Prefatory Remarks, 
Springfield, 1 836. 8vo. 3141 

Bancroft. Poems. By George Bancroft. Cambridge, Mil- 
liard & Metcalf, 1823. i2mo, pp. 77. a. 3142 

W. J. Davis' copy sold for $40 in 1862. It has since (1867) sold for $2. 50. 

Bancroft (H. H.) Bancroft's Hand-Book Almanac, Offi- 
cial Register and Business Directory for the Pacific States and 
Territories, etc., etc., for the year 1864. Edited by Wm. 
H. Knight. (Third year.) i8mo, pp. 440. 3143 

Contains an Historical Memoir on the past and present condition of the Indian 
Tribes of the two Californias, by R. Taylor. 

Bancroft (Joseph). Census of the City of Savannah ...with 
Statistics ... Historical Notices, and a Commercial Directory 
... . Second Edition. Savannah, Edward J. Purse, Printer, 
1848. i2mo, pp. 96. Map. B. 3144 

Bancroft (Luther S.) Address to the Prescott Guards, and 
to the Inhabitants of Pepperell, June 17, 1830. By Luther S. 
Bancroft. Groton, Mass., 1830. 8vo. 3145 

414 BANGOR. 

Bancroft (W. L.) A New Railway Outlet from Chicago 
to the Seaboard. Port Huron and Lake Michigan Railroad 
Company — Chicago and Michigan Grand Trunk Railway 
Company. ... By W. L. Bancroft ... Port Huron^ Michigan^ 
1866. 8vo, pp. 52. H. 3146 

Bandinel (J.) Some Account of the Trade in Slaves from 
Africa as connected with Europe and America. By James 
Bandinel, Esq. London., Longman., 1842. 8vo, pp. xv., 323. c. 

Bandinel. Der afrikanische Sklavenhandel ... . Aus dem 
Englischen von Alex. Hechsel. Berlin., Hermes., 1843. 8^*^> 
pp. 184. 3148 

Bandini. Vita e lettere di Amerigo Vespvcci gentilvomo 
fiorentino raccolte e illvstrate dall' abate Angelo Maria Bandini. 
Firenze., mdccxlv. 4to, pp. Ixxvi., 128, (i). Genealogical 
Table. h. 3149 

This is an elaborate panegyric of Vespucius, in which he is called the Discoverer 
of America. The researches of later Spanish authors have shown Bandini's dates to 
be incorrect. Set Rich, i., 8i, "Journal etranger," Sept., 1756. 

Bandini. Americus Vespucci eines florenzischen Edel- 
mannes, Leben und nachgelassene Briefe ... . Aus dem Italien- 
ischen des Herrn Abts Angelus Maria Bandini iibersetzet, und 
mit Anmerkungen erlautert. Hamburg., Georg Christian Grund., 
und Leipzig., Adam Heinrich Holle., 1 748. 8vo, pp. (lo), 299, 
(9). Engraving. h. 3150 

Bangor (Bp. of). See Egerton (John), Herring (Thomas). 

The Bangor Directory ... . Bangor., Samuel S. Smith., 1859. 
i2mo, pp. 142. Continued. h. 3151 

The Bangor City Directory ... . To which is added a Direc- 
tory of Brewer. Bangor., W. F. Stanwood., 1864. l2mo, pp. 215. 

Bangor Journal of Literature, Science, Morals, and Religion, 
from June i, 1837, to May 24, 1838. Ed. by Rev. Thomas 
Curtis. Bangor., 1837-38. 4to. 3^53 

Act to incorporate the Bangor and Piscataquis Canal and 
Railroad Company [Me.] [n. p.], 1833. i2mo, pp. 11. 3154 

The City Charter and Ordinances of the City of Bangor. 
Bangor^ Printed hy James Burton ^ Jr.., 1834. i2mo, pp. 67. H. 



The Charter and Ordinances of the City of Bangor, with the 
Acts of the Legislature relating to the City. ... Bangor^ Smith iff 
Sayward^ Printers^ 185 1. 8vo, pp. 7, 208. B. 3156 

Catalogue of the Theological Institution, Bangor, Maine. 
1833-34 [etc.] Bangor^ 1834 [etc.] 8vo. Continued. 3157 

General Catalogue of the Theological Seminary, Bangor, 
Me., 1854. Bangor^ 1854. 8vo, pp. 22. 3 1 58 

Report on the Affairs of the Bank of Bangor. Boston^ 1822. 
8vo. 3159 

A Survey of the Theological Seminary, at Bangor, Me. Pub- 
lished ... by the Trustees. Bangor^ Burton off Carter^ Printers^ 
1830. 8vo, pp. 20. 3160 

Bangs (Edward), Esq. An Oration delivered at Worcester, 
... fourth of July, 1791. ... By Edward Bangs, Esq. If^or- 
cester^ Isaiah Thomas^ ^79^* 4^^? PP- ^^- H. 3161 

Bangs. An Oration ... at Worcester, July 4, 1800. By 
Edward Bangs, Esq. Worcester^ Isaiah Thomas.^ 7""-? 1800. 
8vo, pp. 30, (i). H. 3162 

Bangs (E. Dillingham). An Oration pronounced at Spring- 
field, Mass. on the P'ourth of July, 1823 ... . By Edward D. 
Bangs, Esq. ... Springfield., i^li^. 8vo, pp. 16. w., H. 3163 

Bangs. An Oration, pronounced at Sutton, Massachusetts, 
July 5th, 18 13 ... . By Edward D. Bangs, Esq. ... Boston^ 
Printed by J. Belcher., for Henry Rogers., Worcester., 1813. 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 3164 

Bangs (Nathan). An Authentic History of the Missions 
under the care of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church. By Nathan Bangs, d.d. ... New-York^ 1832. 
i2mo. s. 3165 

Bangs. A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, from 
its Origin in 1776, to the General Conference in 1840. By 
Nathan Bangs, d.d. Neiv York., 1 838-1 840. 4 vols., i2mo. 
4-Third Edition, revised and corrected. New-York., 1845-53. 
4 vols., i2mo, pp. 371 i 430 ; 447 ; 461, 44. 4 Portraits and 
I Plate. c. 3166 

The third and fourth volumes are not noted as of a second or third edition, but 
they are copyrighted in 1840 and 1841. The tenth edition of Vol. i. appeared in 

41 6 BANK. 

Bangs. Life of Rev. Freeborn Garrettson. By Nathan 
Bangs, D.D. Third Edition. New Tor k^ i^ ^2. iimo.+Fifth 
Edition. New-Tor k^ Carlton ^ Porter [n. d.] l6mo, pp. 294. 
Portrait. 2-3167 

Bangs. The Present State, Prospects, and Responsibilities of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church, with an Appendix of Eccle- 
siastical Statistics. By N. Bangs, d.d. New Tork^ 1850. 
i2mo. 3168 

Also: The errors of Hopkinsianism detected and refuted Neiv-York, 1815. 

12mo, pp. 324. A Vindication of Methodist Episcopacy. Cincinnati, 1821. l2mo, 
pp. 166. The Substance of a Sermon preached on the opening of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church in John St., N. Y., Jan. 4, 1818. Nc%u Tork^ 1818. 8vo, pp. 
32. Emancipation, its necessity and means of accomplishment calmly Submitted to 
the Citizens of the United States. Neiv Tork, 1846. 8vo, pp. loi. The Growth 
of the New York Conference, being the Substance of a Sermon delivered before that 
body, at its late Session in the City of Brooklyn, June 14, 1848. Nt^zv Tork, 1848. 
8vo, pp. 24. A Centenary Sermon, preached in the Vestry St. Church in the City 
of New York, Oct. 25, 1839, on the looth year of Methodism. A'^eiv Tork, 1840. 
8vo, pp. 26. A Discourse on the Death of Wilbur Fish, d.d., delivered in the 
Greene St. M. E. Church, N. Y., on the ... 29th March, 1839. Ne'w Tork, 1839. 
8vo, pp. 24. 

[Banister (Thomas)]. Britain and her Colonial Depend- 
encies ; and their Right to be represented in Parliament. Lon- 
don^ J. Hatchard and Sony MDCCCXLIV. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 3169 

The copy in Harvard College Library has fifty-two pages of MS. memoranda in 
reference to the same subject, signed Thomas Banister. 

[Banister.] Letter to the Right Hon. the Lords Com- 
missioners of Trade and Plantations ; or, an Essay on the Prin- 
cipal Branches of Trade in New England. London^ ^l^S' 8vo, 
pp. 19. 3170 

Banister. Memoranda relating to the Present Crisis as 
regards our Colonies, our Trade, our Circulating Medium, and 
Railways. ... By Thomas Banister. Second Edition. London^ 
John Ollivier^ 1848. 8vo, pp. 8, (l). H. 3171 

Banister (William B.) An Oration at Newburyport ... 
[July 4, 1809]. By William B. Banister, Esq. Newburyport^ 
Press of E. IV. Allen^ 1809. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 3172 

Bank Bills, or Paper Currency, and the Banking System of 
Massachusetts : with Remarks on Present High Prices. By a 
Conservative. Boston^ Little^ Brown and Company ^ 1856. 8vo, 
pp. 16. C. & H. 3173 



The Bank Dinner ; an Expose of the Court Party of Ken- 
tucky. Louisville^ 1825. 8vo, pp. 61. 3174 

Bank Secrets of the Bank of Columbia, [n. p.], 1801. 410. e. 

Bank Tax and Bank Currency. An Appeal to the Congress 
of the United States, by a Committee of New Jersey State 
Bank Officers. Trenton (N. J.\ American Office^ 1864! 8vo, 
pp. 18. 3176 

Banks and Paper Currency ; Their effects upon Society, by a 
Friend of the People. [No imprint.] 8vo, pp. 12. 3^77 

First Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Asso- 
ciation of Banks, for the Suppression of Counterfeiting. Boston^ 
Prentiss b' Sawyer^ Printers^ 1 854. 8vo, pp. 36. Continued, h. 

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting Re- 
ports as to the condition of Banks throughout the United States, 
March 3, 1857. Washington. %\o.\ Washington^ i^^o. 8vo. 

Observations on incorporating New Banks. Philadelphia^ 
1812. 8vo. 3180 

Proceedings of the Friends of a National Bank, at their Public 
Meeting, held in Boston, Fifteenth July, 1841. ... Boston^ 1841. 
8vo, pp. 32. H. 3181 

Reasons against a National Bank. New Tork^ 1841. 8vo. 

Reflections excited by the present state of Banking Opera- 
tions in the United States. By a Virginian. Washington.^ 181 8. 
8vo. 3183 

Remarks on Banks and Banking, and the Skeleton of a Pro- 
ject for a National Bank. By a Citizen of Boston. Boston., 
1840. 8vo, pp. 62. 3184 

Remarks on Currency and Banking. See Appleton (N.), 
No. 1817. 

Remarks on Private Banking, addressed to Hon. Isaac Pier- 
son. Albany^ 18 1 8. 8vo, pp. 28. 3185 

Remarks on the Banks and Currency of the New England 
States ; ... To show the Public Benefits resulting from the 
System pursued by the Allied Banks in Boston. ... Boston., Wil- 
liam L. Lewis., Printer., 1 826. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 3 1 86 




Report from the Secretary of the Treasury on the present 
System of Keeping and Disbursing the Public Money, 1834. c. 

Report of the Tax Committees of the New York, Boston, 
and Philadelphia Clearing House Associations, upon the Acts of 
Congress Relating to Banks organized by or under the State 
Authorities. New Tork^ C. S. JVestcott l^ Co.^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 
16. 3188 

Bank of the United States vs. Osborn and others. State of 
the Case and Argument for the Apellants, in the Case of the 
Bank of the United States versus the Auditor and Treasurer of 
the State of Ohio and others, in the Supreme Court of the 
United States. Cincinnati^ 1823. 8vo. C. 3 1 89 

A large number of pamphlets were issued relating to the Bank of the United States. 
The following are among the more important that have come under my notice : An 
Act to incorporate the Subscribers to the Bank of the United States. Philadelphia^ 
18 16. i8mo, pp. 56. Brief Review of the Origin, Progress, and Administration of 
ihc Bank of the United States. Philadelfhia, 1819. i2mo, pp. 44. Considerations 
on the Bank of the U. States, 1832. See [Young (S.)] ... April 13, 1830. ... 
Report: [of] the Committee of Ways and Means ... [on] the Bank of the United 
Stctcs ... . \_fVaihingtcn,\'iio.^ 8vo, pp. 3 1 (i), 2 1. folded, h. Examination of the 
President, Cashiers and Directors of the United States Bank, to which is prefixed the 
Report of the Committee appointed to investigate its proceedings, etc. New ITork, 
18 16. 8vo. Judicial Decisions, upon the Cases of Habeas Cjrpus, brought by the 
late officers of the Bank ... Philadelphia, J. Perry ^ 1842. 8vo. pp. 45. The Me- 
morial of Henry D. Gilpin, John T. Sullivan, and Peter Wager, of Pennsylvania, and 
Hugh M'Elierry, of Maryland, Directors of the Bank of the United States: appointed 
by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. [1841], 8vo, 
pp. 55. Narrative and Correspondence concerning the Removal of Deposits, and Oc- 
currences connected therewith. Philadelphia^ 1838. 8vo, pp. 175. Observations 
on the Bank of the United Srates. Annapolii \x\. d.] 8vo. c. Proceedings of the 
stockholders of the Bank of the United States, preparatory to the creation of a trust 
for closing the concerns. Philadelphia^ \%\\. 8vo, pp. 39, p. Proceedings of the 
Stockholders ... 28th Oct. 1816 and 6th Jan. 1817. Philadelphia, 1817. pp. 12. 
Remarks upon the Bank of the U. S., 1831. See [Henshaw (David)]. Report of 
the committee of the House of Representatives of United States, appointed 30th Nov. 
18 18, on the Bank of the United States. fVashington, 18 19. 8vo. Report of 
Committee ... to inspect the Books of the Bank ... Read Jan. 16, 1819. 8vo, pp. 
1 66, 1 9 Tables. (H. of Rep. Doc't). Report of the Joint Committee ... of the General 
Assembly of Ohio, on the Communication of the Auditor of State Upon the ... proceed- 
ings of the Bank of the United States, against the Officers of State, in the United 
States' Circuit Court. ... Concor^y [?/.//.], y^nir, 1821. 8vo, pp. 64. h. Reportofthe 
Condition of the Bank of the United States, by the Committee of inspection and in- 
vestigation, &c., appointed 1822. Adopted by the Stockholders. Philadelphia^ 1822. 
8vo, pp. 8S. Report of the Proceedings of the Triennial Meeting of the Stockholders 
of the Bank of the United States. ... First Day of September, 1828. Philadelphia^ 
1828. 8vo, pp. 18. H. + Also, 1831. Report of the Bank of the United States. Sept. 
1831. Philadelphia, iS-^i. 8vo. Reports of the Committee of Inquiry appointed March 
14, 1832, by the H. of R. at Washington, concerning the Bank of the United States. 
[No imp.] 8vo, pp. 112. Reports of the Minority of the Committee, and of Mr. 
Adams, (one of the Members of the Committee,) appointed to examine the Books 

BANKS, 419 

and Proceedings of the Bank of the United States. fVashingtoriy 1832. Large 8vo, 
pp. 19. H. 22d Congress ist Session [31] Report of the Secretary of the Treasury 
... transmitting [the names of the foreign stockholders'of the Bank of the U. States]. 
fVatkington, 1832. 8vo, pp. 103. p. Report of the Bank of the United States to 
the Commiccee of Ways and Means of the H. of R. Jan. 28, 1833. \_Philadel- 
fkim, 1833.] 8vo, pp. 23. p. Report of a Committee of Directors of the Bank of 
the United States, [n. p., 1833.] 8vo, pp. 48. H. + [n. p., 1833.] 8vo, pp. 36. 
H. ... Report [of] ... the Committee of Ways and Means ... . [^JVaihington, 1833.] 
8vo, pp. 184. (22d Cong. 2d Sess. House Rep. No. 121.) b. * h. ... Report: [of] 
The Committee of Finance ... [on] the Bank of the United States ... . \_fVathing- 
ton, 1834.] 8vo, pp. 48. (23d Cong., 2d Sess. Senate Doc. No. 17.) h. Report 
of the Committee of Investigation Appointed at the Meeting of the Stockholdcri of 
the Bank ... Jan. 4, 1841. Philadelphia, 1841. 8vo, pp. 79. Report of the In- 
vestigating Committee, April, 1841. Boston, 1841. 8vo. Report of a Committee 
of Directors of the Bank of the United States. [No imprint] 8vo, pp. 41. Re- 
port of the Committee of Directors of the Bank of the United States. 8vo, pp. 51. 
Report of the Joint Committee of Valuation of the Bank ... 8vo, pp. 27. Rules 
and Regulations for the Government of ... Philadelphia, 1817. i8mo, pp. 16. A 
view of the principal causes that have produced the present extraordinary advance of 
the stock of the U. S. Bank ... [Philadelphia. 1818.] 8vo. pp.24, p. Vindica- 
tion of the Constitutional power to repeal the Charter of the Bank of U. S. Philadel- 
phia, 1837. The War on the Bank of the United States. See [Gordon (T. F.)] 

Bankers' Magazine and Statistical Register : Ed. by J. S. 
Homans. 1846. New series, 1852, &c. Baltimore^ Boston and 
New Tork. 8vo. Continued. 3^90 

Banking Association and Uniform Currency Bill with Ex- 
tracts from Reports of Secretary of the Treasury, Submitted to 
Congress in December, 1861, and December, 1862. 8vo, pp. 
36. 3191 

An Act to Provide a National Currency, secured by a Pledge 
of the United States Stocks, and to provide for the Circulation 
and Redemption thereof Approved February 25, 1863. IVash- 
ington^ Government Printing Office^ 1863. 8vo, pp. 38. 3192 

Bankrupt Law of the United States, etc. Philadelphia^ 184 1. 
Svo, pp. 48. 3193 

Act to establish an uniform system of Bankruptcy throughout 
the United States; enacted April 4, 1800. Philadelphia^ 1800. 
8vo, pp. 33. 3194 

A Letter to the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States upon the Expediency of an Uniform System of 
Bankruptcy. ... Boston^ 1821. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 3195 

Banks (Henry). A Memorial to the Congress of the United 
States, relative to Revolutionary Events. By Henry Banks. 
Frankfort^ Ky.^ 1827. l2mo, pp. 71. 3 '9^ 

420 BANKS. 

Banks. A Review of Political Opinions, published for the 
benefit of the People of Kentucky. By Henry Banks, of Vir- 
ginia. Frankfort^ Ky.^ 1822. 8vo, pp. 88. p. 3197 

On the subject of the Bank of the Commonwealth. 

Banks. Reply to a Scurrilous Publication in the Kentucky 
Whig. By Henry Banks, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 60. 3198 

Banks. Sketches Recommending an Independent System of 
Banking, &c. By Henry Banks. Richmond^ 181 1. 8vo. c. 

Banks (John). The Vindication of John Banks of Virginia, 
against foul Calumnies published by Judge Johnson, of Charles- 
ton, S. C, and Dr. Charles Caldwell, of Lexington, Ky. Also 
the Vindication of Gen. Henry Lee, of Virginia ; with Sketches 
and Anecdotes of many Revolutionary Patriots and Heroes. 
By Henry Banks. Frankfort^ Ky.^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 86, w. 3200 

Banks (Joseph). Journal d'un voyage autour du monde en 
1768, 1769, 1770, et 1771 ... traduit d I'Anglais MM. Banks 
et Solander par M. de Freville. Paris^ ^713,- i2mo, pp. 287. 

Probably an abridged translation, with some additions, of the English edition of 1772. 

Banks. Supplement au voyage de M. de Bougainville •■, ou 
journal d'un voyage autour du monde fait par MM. Banks et 
Solander, Anglois, en 1768, 1769, 1770, et 1771 Traduit de 
TAnglois par M. de Freville. Paris^ ^11'^- 8vo, pp. 287. 

Frequently bound up as a third volume of Bougainville's Voyages. Querard gives 
the imprint, Par/5, 1793. 8vo. Nos. 3201 and 3202 are evidently the same. Proba- 
bly the date of 3202 is a mistake. And Querard's date is perhaps an error for 1773. 

Banks. Neueste Reise-Beschreibungen und Entdeckungen 
des fiinften Welttheils, welche sowohl in Gesellschaft der 
Herren Banks und Solander, als nachher unternommen worden. 
Nurnherg^ 1786. 2 vols., 8vo. 3203 

This title is from Boucher, Vol. i,, p. 146, but it is not found in Kayser. 

Banks. An Epistle from Oberea, Queen of Otaheite, to 
Joseph Banks, Esq. Translated by T. Q. Z. Esq. ... with 
historical and explanatory Notes. London^ J. Almon^ ^11 Z- 4^°* 

Banks. A Second Letter from Oberea, Queen of Otaheite, 
to Joseph Banks, Esq. ... London^ Johnson^ ij^^. 4to. 3205 

A Satire upon Banks' Voyage. See M. R., xlix., 503, and li., 394. 


Banks (N. P.) ... Address of Hon. N. P. Banks ... from the 
Steps of the Merchants' Exchange on Political Questions affect- 
ing Commercial Interests, September 25th, 1856. [_New Tork^ 
1856.] 8vo, pp. 24. B. & H. 3206 

Also : An Address delivered By Maj. General N. P. Banks, at ... New Orleans, on 
the Fourth of July, 1865. [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 15. h. Address of His Excellency 
Nathaniel P. Banks, to the ... Legislature of Massachusetts, January 7, 1858. Bottom^ 
1858. 8vo, pp. 2i. + January 7, 1859. 5ojron, 1859. 8vo, pp. 48, lxvii. + January 6, 
i860. Boston, i%(>0. 8vo, pp. 36. xxiv. B. Address of Hon. N. P. Banks ... [at New 
York] September 25th, 1856. [n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp.24, h. American Republican 
Politics. Remarks of Mr. Banks, of Mass. {JVashirgton, 1856.] 8vo, pp. 8, h. 
Emancipated Labor in Louisiana [n. p., 1864?] 8vo, pp. 45. h. The Great 
Questions of National and State Politics. Speech ... at Worcester .. September 8th. 
Boston, 1857. i2mo, pp. 12. Letter to Samuel B. Ruggles ... . [In Defence of his 
Wall Street Speech of Sept. 25, 1856. No imprint.] 8vo, pp. 8. b. Questions pro- 
pounded to the Candidates for Speaker, and their responses : U. S. H. of R., Jan. 21, 
1856. 8vo, pp. 8. The Reconstruction of States. Letter of Major-General Banks to 
Senator Lane. New Tork, Harper, 1865. 8vo, pp. 23. + Another Edition. 8vo, pp. 
12. Speech of Mr. Banks ... In the House of Representatives May 23, 1854, on the 
Nebraska and Kansas Bill. ... fVashington, 1854. 8vo. pp. 15. a. Speech of N. 
P. Banks, Jr., of Mass., on the Employment of Army Officers in National Armories, 
... July 17, 1854. 8vo, pp. 16. H. Speech ... on the Representation of the United 
States at the Exhibition of the World's Industry, Paris, 1867 ; ... in the House ... 
March 14, 1866. ... Washington, 1866. 8vo, pp. 24. Suggestions presented to the 
Judiciary Committee of the Senate of the U. S., relating to the State of Louisiana. 
38th Congress, Senate Miscellaneous Document, No. 9, 1865. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Banks. Expedition du General Banks dans la Riviere Rouge. 
Traduit de 1' Anglais par Abraham Moivre. Paris^ 1866. 8vo, 
pp. 13. P. 3206^2 

A translation of Gen. Banks' report. 

Banks (T. C.) Baronia Anglia Concentrata ; or a Concen- 
trated Account of all the Baronies called Baronies in Fee ... By 
C. T. Banks. Ripon^ 1843-44. 2 vols., 4to. b., c. 3207 

Includes an Historical Account of the First Settlement of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia 
Baronets, the Charters in favor of Sir William Alexander, &c. 

Banks, An Analytical Statement of the Case of Alexander 
Earl of Stirling and Dovan ... his Official Dignities, and Pecu- 
liar Territorial Rights and Privileges in the British Colonies of 
Nova Scotia and Canada, ... with ... Notes and Observations. 
By Sir Thomas C. Banks ... . London^ 1832. 8vo, pp. xlix., 
123, 2 1. folded. H. 3208 

Bannantine (J.) Memoirs of Colonel Edward Marcus 
Despard. By James Bannantine, his Secretary when King's 
Superintendent of Honduras, &c. London^ J. Ridgway^ 1799- 
8vo. 3209 

See M. R., New Series, Vol. xxviii., 233. 


Bannard (W.) Moral Aspect and Destitution of the City 
of New-York : A Discourse at the opening of the Presbytery of 
New-York, ... Oct. 13, 185 1. By Rev. William Bannard, 
D.D. New-York^ 1851. Svo, pp. 31. s. 3210 

Banneker (B.) Copy of a Letter from Benjamin Banneker, 
to the Secretary of State [Thos. Jefferson], with his Answer. 
Philadelphia^ Daniel Lawrence^ M.DCC.xcil. 4to, pp. 15. h. 

This writer was a free black man, and this is one of the earliest works published by 
an American negro. Pages 13-15 contain an account of the author, "taken from 
Banneker's Almanac." 

De banneling. Schetsen uit, Noord-Amerika. Uit het Hoog- 
duitsch door H. Picard. Gouda^ G. B. van Goor^ 1847. ^ P^*> 

Svo. 321 I<7 

Banner of the Constitution, devoted to General Politics, Polit- 
ical Economy, State Papers, foreign and domestic News, &c. 
Philadelphia^ 1829. 3 vols. 321 2 

Continued to 1 8 32. Edited by Conoly Ragnet. 

The I Banners I Of Grace and Love | displayed] In the farther 
Conversion of the Indians | In New-England : | Held forth in 
sundry Letters from divers Ministers to [the Corporation estab- 
lished by Parliament, for Promoting | the Gospel amongst the 
Heathen in New-England ; | and farther attested byjEdm. Cal- 
lamy | Simon Ashe | Will. Spurstow | Lazarus Seaman | George 
Griffith I Phil. Nye I William Bridge | Henry Whitfield | Joseph 
Carryll | Ralph Venning. | London^ \ Printed by W. Godbid^for Ediu, 
Farnham^ and are to \ be sold at his Shop in Pop e sh e ad- Alley ^ | 

M. DC. LVII. I 4tO, 8 p. 1., pp. 40. H. 3213 

This is a reprint of " Strength out of Weakness." 

[Bannister (John W.)] Sketch of a Plan for Settling in 
Upper Canada a Portion of the Unemployed Labourers of Eng- 
land. By a Settler. London^ Harding^ 182 1. 8vo. + Sketches 
of Plans for Settling in Upper Canada a portion of the unem- 
ployed labourers of Great Britain and Ireland. Second edition 
with additions. By a Settler. ... London^ Harding^ 1822. 8vo, 
PP- 53- + Third Edition. London^ Marshall^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 
39. Map. + A new Edition, with Additions on Nova Scotia, 
&c. London^ 183 1. Svo. Map. 32 14 

Bannister (N. H.) Putnam, the Iron Son of '76. A na- 
tional military drama ... By N. H. Bannister ... New York 
[n. d.] i2mo, pp. 29. p. 3214J 



Bannister (Saxe). British Colonization and Coloured Tribes. 
By S. Bannister ... . London^ William Ball^ 1838. i2mo, pp. 
xii., 323. H. 3215 

Bannister. Humane Policy, or Justice to the Aborigines 
essential to a due Expenditure of British Money. By Saxe Ban- 
nister. London^ Underwood^ 1830. 8vo. a. 3216 

Bannister. Humane Policy ; or, The Civilization of Afri- 
can and other Barbarous People, Attainable by Wise Measures, 
and Just and Amalgamated Colonization. By S. Bannister ... . 
Second Edition. London^ Fisher^ Son^ & Co. [n. d.] 8vo, 2 p. !., 
pp. xii., 50. Map. H. 3217 

Bannister. ... The Jurisdiction of the Privy Council in 
Appeals by, and against Public Officers in the Colonies. [Signed 
S. Bannister. From Fisher's Colonial Magazine, for March, 
1843. n. p., 1843.] ^^°? PP- ^- "• 3218 

Bannister. Records of British Enterprise beyond Sea. 
London., Longman., 1850. 8vo. 3219 

[Bannister.] Remarks on the Indians of North America 
in a Letter to an Edinburgh Reviewer. London., 1822. 8vo. 

Banos y Sotomayor (Diego de). Constituciones synodales 
del Obispado de Venezuela, y Santiago de Leon de Caracas. 
Hechas en la santa iglesia cathedral de dicha Ciudad de Caracas, 
en el Ano del Seiior de 1687. Por ... Don Diego de Banos y 
Sotomayor, Obispo del dicho Obispado ... . Madrid^ Lucas An- 
tonio de Bedmar^y Narvaez [1698J. Folio, 8 p. I., Engraved 
Title, pp. 474. H. 3221 

Banques coloniales. Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion, Guy- 
ane, Senegal. Lois, statuts, documents principaux. Nouvelle 
edition, amendee et mise a jour. Paris^ a r Agence centrale des 
banques coloniales^ 1 867. 8vo, pp. 234. 3222 

Banvard (John). Description of Banvard's Panorama of the 
Mississippi River, painted on Three Miles of Canvas ... . Bos- 
ton., John Putnam., Printer^ 1847. ^^^5 PP- 43 (^)* "• 3223 

Banvard. Description of Banvard's Geographical Painting 
of the Mississippi River, extensively known as the "Three Mile 
Picture," with new additions of the Naval and Military Opera- 
tions on that River, exhibiting a view of country 1,500 miles in 


length from the Mouth of the Missouri to the Balize. New 
Tork^ Bigelow^ Printer^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 38. 3224 

Banvard. Banvard ou les aventures d'un artiste. Paris^ 
typographie Dondey-Dupre^ 1850. i2mo, pp. 22. H. 3225 

Banvard (Joseph). The American Statesman ; or Illustra- 
tions of the Life and Character of Daniel Webster. Designed 
for American Youth. By Rev. Joseph Banvard ... . Boston^ 
Gould and Lincoln^ 1853. l6mo, pp. 334. H. 3226 

Banvard. A Guide to Providence River and Narragansett 
Bay, from Providence to Newport. By Joseph Banvard. Prov- 
idence^ 1858. i8mo. 3227 

Banvard. A Memorial Sermon of Rev. Job Borden Boomer. 
Preached in South Sutton ... March 12, 1865. Boston^ 1865. 
8vo, pp. 36. H. 3228 

Banvard. Novelties of the New World ; or, The Adven- 
tures and Discoveries of the First Explorers of North America. 
By Joseph Banvard ... . With Illustrations. Boston^ Gould and 
Lincoln^ 1852. i8mo, pp. 324. H. 3229 

Banvard. Plymouth and the Pilgrims ; or Incidents of 
Adventure in the History of the First Settlers. By Joseph Ban- 
vard. Boston, Gould and Lincoln^ 185 1 and 1 853. l8mo, pp. 
288. Illustrations. c. & H. 3230 

Banvard. Priscilla ; or. Trials for the Truth. An Historic 
Tale of the Puritans and the Baptists. By the Rev. Joseph 
Banvard ... . Boston^ Heath and Graves^ 1854. i8mo, pp. 405. 
8 Illustrations. h. 3231 

Banvard. Romance of American History, as illustrated in 
the Early Events connected with the French Settlement at Fort 
Carolina ; the Spanish Colony at St. Augustine, and the English 
Plantation at Jamestown. By Joseph Banvard ... . With Il- 
lustrations. Boston^ Gould and Lincoln^ 1852. i8mo, pp. 306. 

H. 3232 

Banvard. Tragic Scenes in the History of Maryland and 
the Old French War. With an Account of various Interesting 
Contemporaneous Events which occurred in the Early Settle- 
ment of America. By Joseph Banvard ... . Boston^ Gould and 
Lincoln^ 1 856. i8mo, pp. 239. Illustrations. H., s. 3233 



Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record, devoted to the his- 
tory of the denomination. New Tork^ 1841. 8vo. 3234 

A new series, commenced and continued, Vol. viii. 

The Baptists of the North on the State of the Country. 
Brooklyn: {N. T.) May 27, 1861. 8vo, pp. 11. 3235 

Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws, of the 
Northern Baptist Society. Boston^ Lincoln ^ Ediuards^ 1830. 
8vo, pp. 20. H. 3236 

Also Annual Reports, from 1824. 

An Address from the Baptist Church in Philadelphia to the 
Sister Churches throughout the Confederated States of North 
America. Philadelphia^ Aitken^ 1781. Sm. 8vo, pp. 16. P. 

General Convention of Baptists, being their second Triennial 
Meeting. Philadelphia^ 18 20. 8vo. 3238 

Minutes of the Eighth Session of the Baptist Convention of 
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island ... 
Sept. 17th, 19th, h 20th. Halifax^ N. 6\, 1853. i8mo, pp. 
56. H. 3239 

Minutes of the Warren Association, held at the South Baptist 
Meeting-House in Middleborough, September 10 and 11, 1799. 
Boston^ MDCCxcix. 8vo, pp. 11. h. 3240 

See Philadelphia, also Warren Association, and other local headings. 

Proceedings of the Southern Baptist Convention, held in 
Augusta, Georgia, May [8-12] ... 1845. Richmond^ H. K. 
Ellyson^ Printer^ 1845. ^^o, pp. 20. 3241 

Also: Twelfth Annual Report of the Baptist General Tract Society ... . January 
1836. Philadelphia, 1836. 8vo, pp. 40. Also for other years j and Reports of the 
American Baptist Home Mission Society, 1826, See. Other historical Baptist tracts, 
under the names of states, cities or towns. 

Baptista (Juan). Advertencias. Para los Confessores de 
los Naturales. Compvestas por el padre fray Juan Bapti>.ta, 
de la Orden del Seraphico Padre Sancto Francisco, Lector de 
Theologia, y Guardian del Conuento de Sanctiago Tlatilulco : de 
la Provincia del Sancto Euangelio. En Mexico^ en el Conuento de 
Sanctiago Tlatilulco^ por M. Ocharte^ am i6oo. 8vo, Primera 
Parte, 15 p. 1., 112, 58 1. ; Segunda Parte, 113-443, Index Loco- 
rum, 104 ff 3242 

The verso of the last leaf reads : " Excudebat Ludouicus Ocharte Figueroa, Mexlci, 
in Regio CoUegio sancte crucis, sancti Jacobi de Tlatiluco. Anno domini 1601." 


426 BARAGA. 

Baptista. Platicas morales de los Indies para la doctrina de 
sus hijos, en lengua Mexicana intitulado huehuetlatolli. Por Fr. 
Juan Bautiste franciscano. Mexico^ 1601. 3^43 

Title from Ternaux, 253. See Ternaux, No. 252, concerning the press at which 
No. 3242 was printed. Consult also Pinelo, Antonio and Wadding. 

Baqueiro. Ensayo historico sobre las revoluciones de Yuca- 
tan desde el ano de 1840 hasta 1864, por Serapio Baqueiro. 
Merida^ 1865-66. 8vo, Entrega, i to 17, containing pp. i 
to 280. 3244 

Baradere. Refutation du manifeste du general Oribe 
centre les agens fran^ais. Par Juan Maria Raymond Baradere. 
Montevideo^ ^839. 8vo. 3^45 

In French and Spanish. 

Baradere. Lettre a M. Laisne de Villeveque. Parh^ impr. 
de Tastu^ 1830. 8vo. 3245^ 

Relates to the colonization of Guazacoalco, in Mexico. 

Baradere. Reponse a la brochure de M. Dubouchet sur le 
Guazacoalco. Paris^ impr. de Tastu^ 1830. . 3245^ 

Baraga (F.) Abrege de I'Histoire des Indiens de I'Amerique 
septentrionale, par F. Baraga. Traduit de I'allemand. Paris^ 
1837. i2mo. 3246 

Baraga. A Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language, ex- 
plained in English. This language is spoken by the Chippewa 
Indians, as also by the Otawas, Potawatamies, and Algonquins, 
with little difference. For the use of Missionaries and other 
persons living among the above mentioned Indians. By the 
Rev. Frederick Baraga ... Cincinnati^ Printed for Jos. Heemann^ 
1853, i2mo, pp. vii., 662. 3247 

In Ojibwe-Eng., and Eng.-Ojibwe. 

Baraga. Jesus obimadisiwin oma aking, gwaiakossing ana- 
miewin ejitwatjig mi sa catholique enamiadjig gewabandangig. 
Par is ^ impr. de Eailly^ 1837. l8mo. Map. 3247^ 

This and the next are in the Ottawa language. 

Baraga. Otchipwe anamie masinaigan. Gwaiakossing ana- 
miewin ejitwatjig mi sa catholique enamiadjig gewabandangig. 
Paris^ impr. de Bailly^ 1 837. l8mo. 3247A 



Baraga. A Theoretical and Practical Grammar of the 
Otchipwe Language. By Rev. Fred. Baraga, Missionary at 
L'Ange, Lake Superior. Detroit^ Printed by Jabex Fox^ 1851. 
l2mo, pp. 576. 3248 

Baralt (R. M.) Resumen de la Historia de Venezuela, 
desde el descubrimiento de su Territorio por los Castellanos en 
el siglo XV. hasta el ano de 1797 ordenado y compuesto con 
arreglo a Munoz, Navarrete, etc. por Rafael Maria Baralt. Ha 
cooperado a el en la parte relativa a las guerras de la conquista 
de la Costa-Firme el sefior Ramon Diaz, el cual le ha anadido 
los apendices ... Paris^ H. Fournier y comp'^^ 1841. 8vo, Title, 
pp. 448 (i). 5 Portraits. b. 3249 

Baralt. Resumen de la historia de Venezuela, desde el ano 
de 1797 hasta el de 1830, por Rafael Maria Baralt y Ramon 
Diaz. Tiene al fin un breve bosquejo historico ... 1831. hasta 
1837. Paris, H. Fournier y comp'^, 1841. 2 vols., 8vo, 2 p. 1., 
pp. 398 (i) ; Half Title, 370 (i). 38 Portraits. b. & c. 3250 

The most complete work on Venezuelan history. 

Baralt and Urbaneja. Catecismo de la historia de Vene- 
zuela, desde el descubrimiento de su territorio in 1498, hasta su 
emancipacion politica de la monarquia espanola en 181 1. Com- 
puesto por Rafael M. Baralt y Manuel M. Urbaneja. Caracas, 
1865. i8mo, pp. 94. 3251 

Baraze (Cypriano). Compendio de su Vida y muerte a 
de Manos los Barbaros Moxos en la Provincia del Peru. Ma- 
drid, I "J II, i2mo. 3252 

Baraze. Entrada del Padre Cypriano Baraze, en la mission 
de los Moxos [n. p., n. d.] 8vo. 3252a 

" Apres 1702, epoque de la mort du P. Baraze." — Carayon. 

Barba (A. A.) Arte de los metales, en que se ensefia el ver- 
dadero beneficio de los de oro y plata por a^ogue : el modo de 
fundirlos todos, y como se han de refinar y apartar unos de 
otros. Compuesto por el Licenciado Alvaro Alonso Barba. 
Madrid, Imp. del Reyno, 1640. ^to. -{- Madrid [1729]. 4to.4- 
Madrid, 1790. 4to. + Nuevamente ahora anadido con el tratado 
de las antiguas minas de Espana, que escribid Don Alonso Car- 
rillo y Laso ... . Reimpreso por el real tribunal de mineria de 
esta capital ... . Lima, 1817. 4to, 2 p. 1. pp. 271 (7). H. 

In the Catalogue of the Royal Library at Upsala, an edition is cited, Madrid^ 1630, 
4to; in that of the London Institution, Vol. i., 113, an edition, Madrid^ 1 639, 8vo. 
The sale of this work was prohibited by the Inquisition. 


Barba. The First [- Second] Book of the Art of Metals, in 
which is declared the Manner of their Generation, and the Con- 
comitants of them. Art of Refining Silver by Quicksilver. 
Translated by Edward [Montagu] ... Earl of Sandwich. Lon- 
don^ i6j4.. 2 vols., sm. 8vo. 3254 

Reprinted in " A Collection of valuable Treatises upon Metals, Mines, and Min- 
erals. Lond'on, 1738." l2mo. + " Second Edition. 1740." izmo. 

Barba. Traite de I'art metallique extrait d'Alvar Alfonse 
Barba ... . Traduite de I'espagnole [par Ch. Hautin de Villars]. 
Paris^ Prault^ 1730- i2mo. Plates. 3255 

Barba. Metallurgie, ou I'art de tirer et purifier les metaux, 
Traduite de I'Espagnol d'Alphonse Barba [par I'abbe Nic. Leng- 
let du Fresnoy] avec Les Dissertations les plus rares sur les 
Mines & les Operations Metalliques. ... Paris^ Pierre-Alexandre 
Le Pr'ieur^ M. DCC. Li. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. xliv. (12), 456 (16), 
2 Plates ; (12), 456 (20). H. 3255^ 

The translator signs the " Epistre" with the pseudonym, " Gosford." 

Barba. Berg-Biichlein von den Metallen und Mineral. 
Ursprung. Deutsch von J. L. M. C. Hamburgh Schultx^ 1676. 
8vo, 13 s\\Qtt?,.-\- Frankfurt^ Fleischer^ I'jlb. 2 Theile, 8vo. + 
[Ibid.], 1739. 8vo, 14 sheets. 3255^ 

Barba. Docimasia, oder Probier- und Schmelzkunst. Aus 
dem Franzosischen, mit einem Anhang vermehrt, herausgegeben 
von M. Godar. Mit Karten. Wien^Kraus^i'j']^. 8vo. 3255^ 

I have seen mention of editions at Wien, 1749, 8vo, and 1767, 8vo, but they are 
not noted in Gcorgi, Heinsius, or Kayser, and perhaps are due simply to typographical 

Barba. Verhandeling over de Mynen, Metalen en Miner- 
alen. 's Hertogenbosch^ A. Palter^ ^735* 8vo. 3255<^ 

Barbadoes (Thomas), Bp. of. See Parry (Thomas). 

The Barbadoes Packet ; Containing Several Original Papers : 
giving an Account of the Mos^ Material Transactions that 
have lately happened in a certain Part of the West-Indies. In 
a Letter from a Gentleman of the said Island to his Friend in 
London. London,, S. Popping^ 1720. 8vo, 6 p. 1., pp. 68. 

Barbadoes. An account of the Donations for the Relief of 
the Sufferers by Fire, at Bridge Town in the Island of Barba- 
does, in May and December, 1 766, and of the Application of 
the Same. London^ S. Goadby [1769]. 410, 2 p. 1., pp. 40 (l). 


An Account of the Fatal Hurricane by which Barbadoes suf- 
fered, August, 1 83 1. Bridge Toivn^ 1831. 8vo, pp. 150. 

Acts and Statutes | Of the Island of | Barbados | Made and 
Enacted since the Reducement of | the same, unto the Authority 
of the j Common-wealth of England. | And | Set forth the seventh 
day of September, in the | year of our Lord God, 1652. Bv the 
Ho-|nourable Governour of the said Island, | the Worshipfull the 
Council, and I Gentlemen of the Assembly. | Together with the 
Charter of the said Island, | or Articles made on the Surrender, 
and I Rendition of the same. | Published for the publick good. | 
London^ Printed by JVill. Bentley^ and are to be \ sould by him at the 
India Bridge. [1654.] Sm. 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 176. P. 3259 

Acts of Assembly, passed in the Island of Barbadoes, From 
1648, to 1718. London^ Printed by John Baskett [etc.] MDCCXXI. 
Folio, pp. xxxii., 314. H. H-Part ii., from 1717-18 to 1738. 
London.^ I730~39- Folio. c. 3260 

An Address to the Committee. See [Dickinson (J.)] 

An Authentic Report of the Debate in the House of Com- 
mons, June the 23d, 1825, on Mr. Buxton's Motion relative to 
the Demolition of the Methodist Chapel and Mission House in 
Barbadoes, and the Expulsion of Mr. Shrewsbury, a Wesleyan 
Missionary, from that Island. London.^ J. Hatchard and Son, 
1825. 8vo, pp. (4), 119. H. 3261 

Candid Observations on Two Pamphlets lately published, 
viz. " An Address to the Committee of Correspondence in Bar- 
badoes" — By a North American And ^' An Essay toward the 
Vindication of the Committee of Correspondence" By a Bar- 
badian. By a native of Barbados. Barbados, Printed by George 
Edward and Comp., m.dcc.lxvi. 8vo, pp. 37. P. 3262 

The Case of Barbados, for Indemnification of Losses in the 
Late Insurrection. Westminster, 18 19. 8vo, pp. 6. 3263 

A Declaration of the Inhabitants of Barbadoes, respecting the 
demolition of the Methodist Chapel. With an Appendix. Bar- 
bados, Printed at the Barbadian Office, 1826. 8vo, pp. 20. 3263^2 

A Defence of the Conduct of Barbadoes, During the late 
Expedition to Martinique and Guadaloupe. In a letter to the 
Right Hon. Gen. Barrington. By a Native, Resident in the 
Island. ... London, R. ^ J. Dods/ey, M DCC lx. 8vo, pp. 88. h. 



A Detection of the State and Situation of the Present Sugar 
Planters, of Barbadoes and the Leward Islands ; With an An- 
swer to this Query, Why does not England, or her Sugar 
Islands, or both, make and settle more Sugar Colonies in the 
West-Indies? Written in the Month of December 1731, by 
an Inhabitant of one of His Majesty's Leward Caribbee Islands ; 
and humbly Dedicated to the Right Honourable Sir Robert Wal- 
pole. London, J. W'llford, 1732. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. viii., 99. 

Desultory Sketches and Tales of Barbados. ... London, Henry 
Washhourne, 1840. i6mo, pp. viii., 264. b. 3266 

An Essay towards the Vindication of the Committee of Cor- 
respondence. By a Barbadian. \Circa 1766.] 3267 

This title is inferred from the "Candid Observations." ^ce No. 3262. 

Examination of statements respecting Barbados, made by 
Messrs. Wilberforce, Stephen, &c. London, 1824. 8vo, pp. 7. 

Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the Hon. the 
Assembly for the Island of Barbados, 1730. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 
8. M. 3269 

Great News from the Barbadoes, Or, A True and Faithful 
Account of the Grand Conspiracy of the Negroes against the 
English, and the happy Discovery of the same. With the num- 
ber of those that were burned Alive, Beheaded, and otherwise 
Executed for their horrid Crimes. With a short Description of 
that Plantation. With Allowance. London, Printed for L. 
Curtis, 1676. 4to, pp. 14. J. c. B. 3270 

The I Groans of the | Plantations : | Or | A True Account | of 
their I Grievous and Extreme Sufferings | By the Heavy | Imposi- 

Relating more particu- 
Printed by M. Clark in 

tions I upon | Sugar, | And other Hardships. 

larly to the | Island of Barbados. | London, 

the Tear m dc lxxxix. 4to, Title, pp. 35. u.-^ London, \ Printed 

by M. Clark in the Tear i6S(),\ and Reprinted 1698. 4to, Title, 

PP- 31- 3271 

Instructions for the Management of a Plantation in Barbadoes, 
and for the Treatment of Negroes &c. [Privately printed.] 
London. 1786. 8vo. 3272 

Joint Letter from the Proprietors of the Island of Barbadoes 
to Col. Richard Scot, and others. 1700. Folio. 3^73 



Laws and Acts of Barbadoes from 1643 to 1763 edited by 
Richard Hall. London^ 1764. Folio. 3274 

Laws of Barbadoes collected in one volume by William Raw- 
lin, Clerk of the Assembly of the said Island. Printed for JV. 
Raw/in^ Esq.^ 1 699. Folio. 3^75 

Laws of Barbadoes. 1855. 8vo. 3276 

Letter from a Gentleman at Barbados. 1740. See [Baxter 

A Letter to the North American. 1766. See [Dickenson 

Letters on the Laboring Population of Barbadoes. London^ 
1858. 8vo. 3277 

Memoirs of the First Settlement Of the Island of Barbados, 
and other the Carribbee Islands, with the Succession of the Gover- 
nors and Commanders in Chief of Barbados to the Year 1742. 
Extracted from Ancient Records, Papers and Accounts taken 
from xMr. William Arnold, Mr. Samuel Bulkly, and Mr. John 
Summers, some of the First Settlers, the last of whom was 
alive in 1688, aged 82. Also some Remarks on the Laws and 
Constitution of Barbados. London^ E. Owen^ m.dcc.xliii. 
Sm. 8vo, Title, the Publisher to the Reader, and Introduction, 3 
p. 1., pp. 84, Appendix, pp. 15. 3278 

Contains a list of the inhabitants of Barbadoes, in 1638, who then possessed more 
than ten acres of land. First printed with the title, "Some Memoirs." See No. 3290. 

On recent Proceedings of the Legislature of Barbados. Lon- 
don^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 43. 3279 

Public Acts in Force, passed by the Legislature of Barbadoes 
from May ii, 1762 to April 8, 1800. By Samuel Moore, 
London^ 1800. Rl. 8vo. 3280 

Remarks Upon a Book, intitled, A Short History of Barba- 
dos : in which the Partial & unfair Representations O^ the 
Author upon the Subjects of his History in general. And upon 
that of the Demand of Privileges in Particular, Are Detected 
and Exposed. Barbadoes^ 1768. Svo.-\- Reprinted, London, J. 
Almon, M.DCC.LXViii. 8vo, pp. 88. H. 3281 

Report of a Debate in Council, on a Despatch from Lord 
Bathurst to ... Sir Henry Warde, Governor of Barbados. Lon- 
don, 1823. ^^'o- 3^^^ 


A Report of a Committee of the Council of Barbadoes, ap- 
pointed to inquire into the Actual Condition of the Slaves in 
this Island, with a view to refute certain Calumnies respecting 
their Treatment ; and also to take into Consideration certain 
Measures ... lately agitated in the House of Commons. ... Lon- 
don^ W. Sior^ 1824. 8vo, Half Title, pp. 127. h. 3283 

The Report from a Select Committee of the House of Assem- 
bly, appointed to inquire into the Origin, Causes, and Progress 
of the late Insurrection. ... Barbados^ IV. Walker \_i%i6']. 8vo, 
Half Title, pp. 63. h. + Z^Wow, 1818. 3284 

A Representation of the Miserable State of Barbadoes, Under 
the Arbitrary and Corrupt Administration of his Excellency, 
Robert Lowther, Esq; the present Governor. Humbly offer'd 
to the Consideration of His Most Sacred Majesty, and the Right 
Honourable the Lords of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy- 
Council. With A Preface, containing Remarks on an Address., 
printed in the Postman, and in the Whitehall Evening-Post of 
May 14, 1 7 19. London., Bernard Lintot [17 19]. 8vo, 2 p. 1., 
pp. 44. 3285 

The Seaman's Practical Guide for Barbadoes and the Leeward 
Islands ... . London., 1832. 8vo. 3286 

A Short I Account I of the | Manifest Hand of God | That hath 
Fallen upon Several | Marshals and their Deputies | Who have 
made Great Spoil and Havock of the | Goods of the People of 
God called | Quakers, | in the | Island of Barbadoes, | For their Tes- 
timony against Going or Sending! to the Militia. | With a Re- 
markable Account of some others of the Perse- 1 cutors of the 
same People in the same Island. Together | with an Abstract 
of their Sufferings. | London., Printed and Sold by T. Sowle., near 
the\ Meeting-house in White-hart-Court in Gracious-street. 1696. | 
4to, pp. 23, Abstract, a folded sheet. 3287 

A Short History of Barbados, from its First Discovery and 
Settlement, to the End of the year 1767. London., y. Dodsley., 
M DCC Lxviii. i2mo, pp. viii., 121 (2). c. k h. 3288 

A Short History of Barbados, from its first Discovery and 
Settlement to the Present Time. A new edition corrected and 
enlarged. London: Printed for J. Dodsley., 1768. i8mo, pp. 
xiii., 132. 3289 

Attributed to H. Frere. See M. R., xxxix., p. 13. I find an edition, dated 1761, in 
a London bookseller's catalogue. 


Some I Memoirs I of the first Settlement of the [Island of Bar- 
bados! and o^her the| Carribbee Islands | with the Succession of 
the| Governours and Commanders in Chief | of Barbados to the 
Year 1 741. | Extracted from Antient Records, Papers, | and Ac- 
counts taken from Mr. William | Arnold, Mr. Samuel Bulkly, 
and Mr. IJohn Summers*, some of the first Settlers, | the last of 
whom was alive in 1688 aged | 82. ] Also some Remarks on the 
Laws and Con-|stitution of Barbados [By Wm. Duke]|5^r- 
bados. Printed by Wm. Beeby^ ^ 74^*1 Sm. 8vo, 2 p. 1., pp. 84, 
15. H. 3290 

A rare and interesting volume. Priced, Thorp, 1843, £i us. 6d. Reprinted as 
" Memoirs ... to the Year 1742." See No. 3279. 

A Supplement to the Detection of the State and Situation of 
the Sugar Planters of Barbadoes and the Leeward-Islands ; 
Shewing, among other New Matters, That the surest Way for 
England to command the Sugar-Market Abroad, is to contract 
rather than inlarge her Sugar Colonies. In a Letter from an 
Inhabitant of one of His Majesty's Leeward Caribbee Islands, to 
a Member of the House of Commons in England. To which 
is added, a Letter from a Traveller in the Caribbees to his 
Friend in London. London^ J. Wilford^ ^733- ^^<^? 2 p. 1., 
pp. 84. 3291 

Tabular Statements as to the Diocese of Barbados, 1842, &c. 
[v. d.] 3292 

Barbacena. a Expo^icao do Marquez de Barbacena com- 
mentada por hum Brasileiro Nato. Anvers^ 1831. 8vo. 3293 

Barbacena. Remarques sur la declaration du marquis de 
Barbacena relativement au retour de la princesse du Gram-Para 
a Rio-Janeiro. Paris^ Delaforest^ 1830. 8vo, 3 sheets. 3294 

Barbara. Usos y costumbres de los Indios Pampas y algunos 
apuntos histdricos sobre la guerra de la Frontera por F. Barbara. 
Buenos Ayres^ Bernheim^ 1 856. 8vo, pp. 98. 3^95 

This rare book contains specimens of the dialect spoken by the Maika tribe at 
Tapalque. pp. 92-98. 

Barbarities of the Enemy, exposed in a Report Of the Com- 
mittee of the House of Representatives of the United States. 
... appointed to enquire into the spirit and manner in which the 
war has been waged by the enemy. And the Documents, ac- 
companying said Report. Troy^ Francis Adancourt^ 1813. i2mo, 



pp. 178, Errata, i 1. B.H-[Another Edition.] Printed at Wor- 
cester By Isaac Sturtevant^ 1 8 14. l2mo, pp. 192. C. 3296 

Barbarities of the Rebels at Manassas. [No imprint ; circa 
1861.] 8vo, pp. 8. 3297 

Barbarossa, pseudon. See [Scott (John)]. 

Barbaroux (Charles Oge). Resume de I'Histoire des £tats- 
Unis de I'Amerique. Par Charles Oge Barbaroux. Parisy 
1824. 1 8mo. 4-Seconde edition. Paris, Lecointe et Durey^ iSl^, 
1 2mo, pp. 356. + 3^ edition. Paris, JS26. i8mo. s. + L'his- 
toire des Etats-Unis d'Amerique. ... Boston, 1832. i2mo. + 
Edition revue ... . Philadelphia, Parrish, Dunning, i5f M:ars 
[cop. 1832.] 24mo, pp. 304. H. + Continuee depuis I'annee 
1825 jusqu'a nos jours, par T. Seron. Philadelphia, 1854. 
24mo. c. 3298 

Barbary States. Message of the President on the rela- 
tions existing between the United States and the Barbary Powers. 
February 24, 18 15. 8vo. Cong. Doc. 3299 

See also 24th Cong., 2d Sess., House, Ex. Doc. No. 695 25th Cong., 2d Sess., 
House, Ex. Doc. No. 149 ; 26th Cong., ist Sess., House, Ex. Doc. No, 78. 

Barbauld [Mrs. A. L. Aikin). Epistle to William Wil- 
berforce, Esq. on the Rejection of the Bill for Abolishing the 
Slave Trade. By Anna Letitia Barbauld. London, J. Johnson, 
X791. 4to, pp. 14. p. -f Second Edition. London, m.dcc.xci. 
4to, pp. 14. H. 3300 

In verse. See M. R., New Series, vi., 225. 

Barbaz (A. L.) Washingtons overgang ter onsterfelijkheid, 
lofzang, door A. L. Barbaz. Amsterdam, A. Balster, i8oo» 
8vo, pp. 12. 3301 

[Barbe-Marbois.] Complot D' Arnold et De Sir Henry 
Clinton contre Les Etats-Unis d'Amerique et contre Le General 
Washington Septembre 1780. Paris, Didot I'ain'e, mdcccxvi. 
Sm. 8vo, pp. 44, 184. Portraits of Washington and Arnold, and 
Plan of West Point. c. 3302 

Reprinted in 1831. A translation by Robert Walsh, Esq., is contained in the 
second volume of the "American Register" for 18 17. 

Barbe-Marbois. De la Guyane Francaise, de son Etat 
physique, de son Agriculture, de son Regime interieur et du 
Projet de la peupler avec des Laboureurs Europeens : ou Examen 
d'un ecrit de M. le Marquis de Barbe-Marbois sur le meme 



sujet. Suivi de considerations sur le commerce Colonial de la 
France, et sur I'Administration speciale de ces Colonies. Paris^ 
Trouve, 1827. 8vo, pp. 232. 33^3 

Barbe-Marbois. £tat des finances de Saint-Domingue, con- 
tenant le resume des recettes et depenses de toutes les caisses 
publiques, depuis le 10 Nov. 1785, jusqu'au i" Janv. 1788. Ju 
Port-au-Prince^ de r imprimerie de Mozard^ 1 788. 4to, 2 p. 1., 
pp. 64, Table, xii. in xi. 33^4 

Barbe-Marbois. £tat des finances de Saint-Domingue, con- 
tenant le resume des recettes et depenses de toutes les caisses 
publiques depuis le i^"" Janvier 1788 jusqu'au 31 Decembre de 
1788 la meme annee; par M. Barbe de Marbois, intendant des 
Isles Francoises sous le veut. Ju Port-au-Prince^ de r imprimerie 
de Mozard^ 1789- 4to, 2 p. 1., pp. 58, Tables, xiii. in xi. c. 

Querard also gives the title : " £tat de la partie espagnole de Saint-Domingue." Nos. 
3304, 3305, were published with a third part (Jan. I-Dec. 31, 1789, by the chevalier 
de Proisy), with the imprint, Paris, imp. royalty 1790- 3 P^s. in i vol., 410. 

Barbe-Marbois. Histoire de la de la cession de 
cette colonie par la France aux £tats-Unis de TAmerique Sep- 
tentrionale ; precedee d'un discours sur la constitution et le 
gouvernement des £tats-Unis. Par M. Barbe-Marbois, avec 
une carte relative a I'etendue des pays cedes. Paris^ imp. de 
Firmin Didot^ 1829. 8vo, 3 p. 1., pp. 485. Portrait and Map. 

H. 3306 

Barbe-Marbois. The History of Louisiana, particularly of 
the Cession of that Colony to the United States of America ; 
with An Introductory Essay on the Constitution and Govern- 
ment of the United States. By Barbe-Marbois ... . Trans- 
lated from the French by an American Citizen [Wm. B. 
Lawrence]. Philadelphia^ Carey iff Lea^ 1830. 8vo, pp. xviii., 
15-455 (0- c., H. 3307 

See N. A. R., xxviii., 3895 xxx., 551. 

[Barbe-Marbois.] Journal d'un deporte non juge ou de- 
portation en violation des lois decretee le i8 Fructidor an V (4 
Septembre 1797). P^m, Didot.^ 1834. 2 vols., 8vo. (Only 
300 copies printed. ) + P(^r/j, Chatel^ 1835. 2 vols., 8vo. 3308 

At the end of the second volume are several pieces by the same author, under the 
title of " Annexes ;" and also a " Voyage dans I'interieure du Contlnente de U 
Guyane, chez les Indiens Rocouyens, par Claude Toug, mulatre, en 1769.'' It ap- 
pears that only a few copies were printed, and chose not intended for sale. — Cat. Mar, 

436 BARBEE. 

Barbe-Marbois. Journal d'un deporte non juge, ou depor- 
tation en violation des lois, decretee le 18 fructidor an V (4 sep- 
tembre 1797). Par M. le Comte de Barbe-Marbois ... . 
Bruxelles^ 1835. 2 vols., l8mo, pp. 305; 301. H. 3309 

Barbe-Marbois. Memoire et observations du sieur Barbe de 
Marbois ... sur une denonciation signee par treize de MM. les 
deputes de Saint Domingue, et faite a I'Assemblee nationale au 
nom d'un des trois comites de la colonie [18 juin 1790]. Paris^ 
Knapen et fils [n. d.] 4to. 33^0 

Barbe-Marbois. Memoire laisse par M. Barbe de Marbois, 
intendant a Saint-Domingue, a I'ordonateur, en conformite des 
ordres du roi. [Colophon :] Imprime par Mozart^ au Port-au- 
Prince^ le 26 Octobre 1 789, et reimprime depuis a Paris. 4to, pp. 

15- 3311 

Barbe-Marbois. Observations personnelles a I'intendant de 
Saint Domingue, pour etre jointes aux etats imprimes des finances 
de la colonie. [Signed Barbe de Marbois. 20 mars 1790. Paris., 
Knapen., ijgo. 4to, pp. 40 or less. 33 n^ 

[Barbe-Marbois.] Reflexions sur la colonie de Saint-Do- 
mingue, ou examen approfondi des causes de sa ruine, et des 
mesures adoptes pour la retablir ; terminees par Texpose rapide 
d'un plan d'organisation propre a lui rendre son ancienne splen- 
deur ; adressees au commerce et aux amis de la prosperity 
nationale. Paris^ ^19^- 2 vols., 8vo. 33 '^ 

Rich remarks, " On the fly-leaf of this work is found the following notice of a 
book, which is not mentioned in any list of the author's works : ' On trouve chez le 
meme libraire, I'ouvrage suivant du meme auteur, Histoire des desastres de Saint Do- 
mingue, precedee d'un tableau du regime et des progres de cette colonie depuis sa fon- 
dation jusqu' a I'epoque de la revolution Fran9ais. I vol. 8vo avec carte.'" 

Barbe-Marbois. Remonstrances de M. de Marbois, in- 
tendant de Sainte-Domingue, contre I'arret d'enregistrement de 
I'acte intitule : " Ordonnance de M. le gouverneur general, con- 
cernant la liberte du commerce pour la partie du sud de Saint 
Domingue." [11 mai 1789. n. p.], Louis [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 40 or 
less. 3312^ 

Barbee. The Cotton Question. The Production, Export, 
Manufacture, and Consumption of Cotton. A Condensed 
Treatise on Cotton in all its aspects : Agricultural, Commercial, 
and Political. Illustrated. By William J. Barbee, m.d., of De 
Soto County, Mississippi. New Tork^ 1866. i2mo, pp. 251. 
4 Plates. 33^3 



Barber (Daniel). History of My Own Times. By Rev''. 
Daniel Barber. Parts i and 2. IVashington^ S. C. Usticky 
1827-28. 8vo, pp. 48, 32. w. 3314 

Barber (E. D.) An Address before the Anti-Masonic Con- 
vention of the County of Addison at Middlebury, on the 12th 
March, 1829. By E. D. Barber. Vergennes^ Gamaliel Smithy 
1829. i2mo, pp. 36. B. 3315 

Barber. " Popular Excitements." An Address delivered 
before the Anti-Masonic Convention holden at Middlebury, Vt. 
Feb. 26th, 1830. By E. D. Barber. Middlebury^ mdcccxxx. 
8vo, pp. 19. B. 3316 

Barber (John Warner). Connecticut Historical Collections, 
containing a General Collection of Interesting Facts, Traditions, 
Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, &c., relating to the History 
and Antiquities of every Town in Connecticut, with Geographi- 
cal Descriptions. Illustrated by 190 Engravings. By John 
Warner Barber. New Haven^ Durrie & Peck^ 1836. 8vo, pp. 
568. c. + [Secotid edition.] New Haven^ Durriet^ Peck and J. 
PF. Barber [1S4.6']. 8vo, pp. 576. Map. H. 3317 

Barber. Elements of General History. By John Warner 
Barber. New Haven, 1866. i8mo. 33^8 

Barber. Historical Collections ; being a general Collection 
of interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anec- 
dotes, &c., relating to the History and Antiquities of every 
Town in Massachusetts ; with Geographical Descriptions. Illus- 
trated by 200 Engravings. ... By John Warner Barber, ^or- 
cester. Dorr, Howland^ Co., 1841. 8vo, pp. viii., 6'^2.-{- Wor- 
cester, Warren Lazell, 1844. 8vo, pp. 631. Map. H. 3319 

First published in 1839. Another edition, dated 1848. 

Barber. Historical Scenes in the United States ... By J. 
W. Barber. New-Haven, Monson and Co., 1827. l8mo, pp. 
120. Map and i6 Plates. b. 3320 

Reprinted as Historical, Poetical and Pictorial American Scenes. Neiv Haven [n. 
d.], i2mo, and again reprinted with the following title : 

Barber. Historical, Poetical and Pictorial American Scenes ; 
principally Moral and Religious: Being a selection of interesting 
incidents in American History : to which is added a Chronologi- 
cal Table of Important Events, in the Secession War. By John 
W. Barber. New Haven [a d.] i2mo, pp. 190. 3321 

43^ BARBER. 

Barber. The History and Antiquities of New England, New 
York, and New Jersey ... . Illustrated by numerous Engravings. 
Worcester^ Dorr^ Howland & Co.^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 576. H. -f 
Hartford^ 1 846. 8vo, pp. 576. C. 3322 

Barber. History and Antiquities of New Haven, (Conn.) 
from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Collected 
and Compiled from the most Authentic Sources. By J. W. 
Barber. ... New Haven^ J. W. Barber^ 1 83 1. l2mo, pp. 120. 
Map, 6 Plates Colored, and Woodcuts, Plain. H. + 1846. c. 

The plates include a view of New Haven and Fort Hale, etc. 

Barber. A History of the Amistad Captives : being a Cir- 
cumstantial Account of the Capture of the Spanish Schooner 
Amistad, by the Africans on board ; their Voyage, and Capture 
near Long Island, New York ; with Biographical Sketches of 
each of the Surviving Africans Also, an Account of the Trials 
had on their Case, before the District and Circuit Courts of the 
United States, for the District of Connecticut. Compiled from 
Authentic Sources, by John W. Barber ... . New Haven^ Ct.^ 
E, L ^ y. W. Barber^ 1840. 8vo, pp. 32. Folded Plate and 
Woodcuts. H. & c. 3324 

Barber. History of the United States. By J. W. Barber. 
New-Haven^ 1832. i2mo. s. 3325 

Barber. Interesting Events in the History of the United 
States : Being a Selection of the Most Important And Interest- 
ing Events Which have Transpired Since the Discovery of this 
Country to the Present Time. Carefully Selected from the most 
approved Authorities. By J. W. Barber. New Haven^ J. W. 
Barber^ 1828. l2mo, pp. v., 216. -\- Boston [n. d.] l2mo. 

Reproduced, and the title changed to " Incidents in American History, relating to 
the Discovery and Settlement of the Country. Third edition. New York, George F. 
Cooledge & Bro., 1 847," i2mo, pp. 404. 

Barber. Hauptbegebenheiten der Amerikanischen Geschichte. 
Bearbeitet von Ernst Griinewald, bevorwortet von Heinrich 
Kiinzel. Darmstadt^ Leske, 1849. 8vo, pp. viii., 288. 33^7 

Barber. Pictorial History of the State of New- York. 
Cooperstown^ 1846. 8vo. 33^8 

This is a new title to the Historical Collections. See No, 3331. 

Barber. Views in New-Haven and its Vicinity, with a Par- 



ticular Description to each View. Drawn and Engraved by J. 
W. Barber. New-Haven^ 1825. i8mo, pp. 11 and 6 Plates. 

Barber and Howe (H.) Historical Collections of the State 
of New Jersey, relating to its history and antiquities, with 
Geographical description of every Township in the State, with 
120 engravings. By J. W. Barber and Henry Howe. New 
Tork^ 1845. 8 vo. 4-1846. 8vo, pp. 512. Yi.-\- Newark^ N. J. 
\l%Sl\.-\- Newark^ 1857. ^^o- c. 3330 

Barber and Howe. Historical Collection of the State of 
New York ; containing a General Collection of the most In- 
teresting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, 
&c., relating to its History and Antiquities, with Geographical 
Descriptions of every Township in the State. Illustrated by 
Two hundred and thirty wood Engravings. By J. W. Barber 
and Henry Howe. New Tork^ 1841. 8vo, pp. bo^. + New 
York^ 1844. 8vo, pp. bib. -\- New York^ 1845. ^^o. H.4- 
Cooperstown^ i%\6. %wo.-\- New York^ 1851. c. 3331 

Barber and Howe. Our whole Country, or the past and 
present of the United States, historical and descriptive. By J. 
W. Barber and H, Howe. Cincinnati^ 186 1. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Barber and Punderson (L. S.) City Guide to New Haven 
... . By J. W. Barber and L. S. Punderson ... . New Haven^ 
i860. i8mo, I p. 1., pp. 36. Map. h. 3333 

Barber and Punderson. History and Antiquities of New 
Haven, Conn., from its earliest settlement to the present time. 
With Biographical Sketches and Statistical Information of the 
Public Institutions, &c., &c. By John W. Barber and Lemuel 
S. Punderson. Second Edition. New Haven^ 1856. i2mo, 
pp. 180. 5 Plates and numerous Woodcuts. m. 3334 

[Barbeu-Dubourg (Jacques)]. Calendrier de Philadelphie, 
ou Constitutions de Sancho-Pan^a et du bonhomme Richard en 
Pennsylvanie. Philadelphie et Paris^ Esprit^ ^11^- i2mo. 

Barbey (Theodore). Le Texas \ par Theodore Barbey, con- 
sul du Texas, a Paris. Paris^ I'auteur^ 1 841. 8vo, Title, pp. 
22. Map. 3336 

Barbichon (P. M.) Dictionnaire complet de tous les lieux 
de la France et de ses colonies. Ouvrage entierement neuf ... . 
Paris^ T'etot^ 183 1. 2 vols., 8vo. 3337 


Barbier (Jean). Retour du Bresil Naufrage du jeune Leon, 
•du Havre -, poeme en trois chants par Jean Barbier. 2* edition. 
Jlger, Dubos, 1867. 8vo, pp. 38. 3337^ 

Barbinais (L. G. de la). See La Barbinais (L. G. de). 

Barbosa. See Cunha Barbosa. 

Barbosa Machado. See Machado. 

Barbot (J.) Tryal of John Barbot, Attorney-at-Law, for the 
Murder of Mathew Mills, Esq., at a Court of Oyer and Ter- 
miner, at Basseterre, in and for the Island of St. Christopher, 
Friday, January 5, 1753, before the Hon. Wm. M. Burt, with 
the Prisoner's narrative. 1753. Folio. 333^ 

Barbour (B. J.) An Address delivered before the Literary 
Societies of the Virginia Military Institute, at Lexington, On the 
4th of July, 1854. By B. J. Barbour ... . Richmond^ Macfar- 
lane ^ Fergusson^ 1 854. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 3339 

Barbour (I. R.) Barbour's Temperance Table. By I. 
Richmond Barbour. Boston^ 1831. i2mo, pp. 24. H. 3340 

The caption is, " Statistical Table, showing the influence of Intemperance on the 

Barbour (J.) Eulogium upon the Life and Character of 
James Madison. By James Barbour ... . Washington^ 1836. 
8vo, pp. 29. H. 3341 

Barbour. Speech of Mr. J. Barbour ... on the Restriction 
of Slavery in Missouri. Delivered in the Senate, Jan. 31, 1820, 
Washington [1820]. i2mo, pp. 26. H. 3342 

Barbour (John S.) Notes to the Senators and Representa- 
tives from the State of Virginia, in relation to the Claim of Vir- 
ginia for Money advanced to the General Government. [Signed 
J. S. Barbour, n. p., 1852.] 8vo, pp. 23. h. 3343 

Barbour (L.) Kansas Contested Election. Speech of Hon. 
Lucian Barbour, of Indiana, in the House of Representatives, 
March 18, 1856. ... On the ... Contested Election Case from 
the Territory of Kansas, ... [No imprint.] 8vo, pp. 8. 3344 

Barbour (O. R.) Reports of Cases ... in the Court of 
Chancery of the State of Nevi^ York. By Oliver L. Barbour 
... New-Tor k^ Banks ^ Gould i^ Co.^ [also] Albany^ 1847-49. 3 
vols., 8vo. 3344^ 

BARCIA. 441 

Barbour. Speech of Hon. P. P. Barbour ... on Internal Im- 
provements. ... In the House ... January 15, 1824. IVashing- 
ton^ 1846. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 3345 

Barbour (Philip P.) Speech of Mr. P. P. Barbour, of Vir- 
ginia ... in the House of Representatives ... February 10, 1820, 
On the ... Bill authorising the people of Missouri to form a 
Constitution ... . Washington [1820]. i2mo, pp. 28. H. 3346 

Barbour. Speech of Mr. P. P. Barbour, of Vir. on the 
Tariff Bill. Delivered in the House of Representatives U. S. 
March 26, 1824. Washington^ 1834. i2mo, pp. 38. h. 3347 

Barcena (Alonzo de). Arte y Vocabulario de la Lengua de 
los Indios Abipones y Quiranguis. pp. 210. 334^ 

Printed, according to Lo9ano, Descripcion Chorographica del gran Chaco j and Barcia, 
in his edition of Leon Pinelo. Title from Ludewig Lit. of Ab. Lang. 

[Barcia (Andres Gonzalez)]. Ensayo cronologico, para la 
historia general de la Florida. Contiene los descubrimientos, 
y principals sucesos, acaecidos en este Gran Reino, a los 
Espanoles, Franceses, Suecos, Dinamarqueses, Ingleses, y otras 
Naciones, entre si, y con los Indios : cuias Costumbres, Genios, 
Idolatria, Govierno, Batallas, y Astucias, se refieren : y los 
Viages de algunos Capitanes, y Pilotos, por el Mar de el Norte, 
a buscar Paso a Oriente, 6 vnion de aquella Tierra, con Asia. 
Desde el Ano de 15 12. que descubrio la Florida, Juan Ponce de 
Leon, hasta el de 1722. Escrito por Don Gabriel de Cardenas 
z Cano Dedicado al Principe Nuestro Senor. Con Privilegio : 
En Madrid. En la Oficina Real^ y a Costa de Nicolas Rodriguez. 
Franco.^ Impresor de Libros. Ano de cid idccxxiij. .S*^ hallaran 
en su Casa^ en la Calk de el Pop^ y en Palacio. Folio, pp. (40), 
366, I folded 1., pp. (56). c, H. 3349 

Though called a chronological history of Florida, it comprises nearly the whole con- 
tinent of America north of Mexico. It is appended to Garcilaso de la Vega's "La 
Florida." Severely criticised in Joseph de Salazar's " Crisis,'' etc. Gabriel Cardenas 
z Cano is an anagram of the author's name. 

Barcia. Historiadores primitivos de las Indias Occidentales, 
que junto, traduxo en parte, y saco a luz, ilustrados con eruditas 
Notas, y copiosos Indices, el illustrissimo Seiior D. Andres 
Gonzales Barcia ... . Divididos en tres tomos. Madrid^ 

MDCCXLIX. 3 vols., folio. C, H., P. 335O 

Mr. Rich devotes nearly two pages of his Bibliotheca CVol. i., 95-97) to an analysis 
of this highly valuable collection of works relative to the early settlement of this 
country. The following is a collation and list of the contents : Vol. i. 2 1. La His- 



toria del Almirante Don Christoval Colon, que compuso en Castellano Don Fernando 
Colon, su hijo, y traduxo en Toscano Alfonso de Ulloa, vuelta a traducir en Castellano, 
por no parecer el original. 128 pp. — Quatro Cartas de Hernan Cortes, dirigidas al Em- 
perador Carlos V. (pp. 1-156). — Dos Relaciones hechas al mismo Cortes, por Pedro 
de Alvarado (pp. 157-166). — Otra Relacion hecha al mismo Hernan Cortes, por Diego 
de Godoy (pp. 166-173). — Relacion sumaria de la Historia Natural de las Indias ... 
por ... Gonzalez Fernandez de Oviedo. 57 pp., indice 9 1, — Examen Apologetico de 
la Historica narracion de los Naufragios, Peregrinaciones, y Milagros de Alvar Nunez 
Cabeza de Baca, contra la Censura del Padre Honorio Filopono, por Don Antonio 
Ardoino, Marques de Lorito. [Madrid^ J"'^" 'i' Zufiiga, 1736). 50 pp. — Relacion 
de los Naufragios del Gobernador Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Baca. 43 pp., 9 1. — 
Comentarios del mismo de lo sucedido durante su gobierno del Rio de la Plata. 70 
pp., 2 1. Vol. n. Historia General de las Indias, por Francisco Lopez de Gomara. 
226 pp. 30 1, — Chronica d" la Nueva-Espaiia, 6 Conquista de Mexico, por el mismo. 
214 pp., 23 1. Vol. III. Historia del Descubrimiento, y Conquista de la Provincia 
del Peru ... por Agustin de Zarate, 4 1., 176 pp. 14 1, — Verdadera Relacion de la 
Conquista del Peru, y Provincia del Cuzco, embiada al emperador Carlos V. por 
Francisco de Xerez, (pp. 179-237, 7 1.) — Historia, y Descubrimiento del Rio de la 
Plata, y Paraguay, por Hulderico Schmidel, traducida del Latin. 31 pp., 9 1. — Argen- 
tina, y Conquista del Rio de la Plata, con otros acaecimientos de los Reynos del Peru, 
Tucuman, y Estado del Brasil, por el Arcediano Don Martin del Barco Centenera, 
Poema compuesto de veinte y ocho Cantos. 107 pp., 17 1. — Viage del Mundo, de 
Simon Perez de Torres, (pp. 1-45). — Epitome de la Relacion del Viage de algunos 
mercaderes de San Malo a Moka, en Arabia, en el Mar Bermejo, hecho por los afios 
de 1708. 1709. y 1 7 10. formado, y puesto en Castellano por el Alferez Don Manue. 
de Grova, natural de la Gran Canaria. (pp. 45-48). In 1853, Dr. Hawtrey's copy 
sold for £7 los. J 1859, Lady Webster's, £16; Santander's, 116 fr. ; Raetzel's, 157 
fr.j Meerman's, 62 florins. 

Barcia-Pinelo. See Pinelo-Barcia. 

Barclay (A.) Effects of the late Colonial Policy of Great 
Britain described. By Alexander Barclay. London, 1830. 8vo. 

Barclay. A Practical View of the Present State of Slavery 
in the West Indies ; or, An Examination of Mr. Stephen's 
" Slavery of the British West India Colonies :" ... particularly 
... the Actual Condition of the Negroes in Jamaica: with Ob- 
servations on the Decrease of the Slaves since the Abolition of 
the Slave Trade, and on the Probable Effects of Legislative 
Emancipation : also, Strictures on the Edinburgh Review, and 
on the Pamphlets of Mr. Cooper and Mr. Bickell. By Alexander 
Barclay, lately, and for Twenty-one Years Resident in Jamaica. 
London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1826. 8vo, pp. (2), xxv., 462. H. + 
Second Edition. London, 1827. 8vo, pp. (4), xxv., 462. c. 

Barclay. Remarks on Emigration to Jamaica ; addressed 
to the Coloured Class of the United States. By Alexander Bar- 
clay, Esq., Commissioner of Emigration for Jamaica. London, 
1840. 8vo, pp. 16. 3353 



Barclay (Anthony). Proceedings of the Meeting held ... 
May 26th, 1845. in Furtherance of the Establishment of A Free 
Church for British Emigrants at the Port of New- York. [Signed 
by Anth. Barclay and three others, n. p., n. d.] 8vo, pp. 6. h. 

Barclay (Captain). See Barclay (R.) 

Barclay (C.) Letters from the Dorking Emigrants who 
went to Upper Canada, in 1832. Edited by Charles Barclay. 
London, 1833. 8vo, pp. 44. 3355 

Barclay (C. C.) Sermon on the Times ... A Sermon 
preached in St. Thomas' Church, Bethel, on the National Fast 
Day, January 4th, i860. By Rev. Cuthbert C. Barclay. New 
Haven, Tuttle, Morehouse ^ Co., 1861. 8vo, pp. 19. H. 

Barclay (D.) An Account of the Emancipation of the 
Slaves of Unity Valley Pen, in Jamaica. By David Barclay. 
London, William Phillips, 1 80 1. 8vo, pp. 20. P. -f- Second Edi- 
tion, with an Appendix. London, 1801. 8vo, pp. 20. -\- Dorking, 
printed; sold by J. and J. Arch, Cornhill, 1825. 8vo, pp. 20. 

See M. R., 2d Series, xxxvii., 445. 

Barclay (David). Speech of Hon. D. Barclay on the Presi- 
dent's message ; House of Representatives of the United States, 
January 7, 1857. ["• Po 1857.] 8vo. 3358 

Barclay (H.) Memorial of Henry Barclay, Late Sexton of 
St. Luke's Church, Philadelphia, July 13, 1858. [n. p., n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 8. 3359 

Barclay (J. J.) An Address, delivered at the Laying of 
the Corner Stone of the House of Refuge for Colored Juvenile 
Delinquents ... July i, 1848. By James J. Barclay, ... Phila- 
delphia, 1848. 8vo, pp. 15 (i). H. 3360 

Barclay. An Address delivered at the Organization of the 
Normal School ... the 13th of January, 1848 ... . By James 
J. Barclay ... . Philadelphia, 1848. 8vo, pp. 23 (i). c. 4 H. 

Mr. Barclay is the author of other addresses. 

Barclay (P.) The Universal Traveller or, a Complete Ac- 
count of the most Remarkable Voyages and Travels of the Emi- 
nent Men of our own and other Nations to the present Time. 
Containing A Relation of the Successes or Misfortunes that 
attended them in their various Attempts and many entertaining 


Descriptions of the Curiosities in Art and Nature, The Manners, 
Customs &c. observable in the Countries they visited. Col- 
lected from the best Authorities, Printed or Manuscript. By 
Patrick Barclay, d.d. Dublin: R. Reilfy^ mdccxxxv. Folio, 
vii., 858 ; Index, 10 1. P. 3362 

Contains copious accounts of the Spanish colonies in North America, planting of 
Virginia, New England, &c., the travels of Columbus, Cortez, Pizarro, &c. 

Barclay (Robert). The Anarchy of the Ranters, and Other 
Libertines; the Hierarchy of the Romanists, and other Pretended 
Churches, equally refused and refuted, in a two-fold Apology for 
the Church and People of God, called in Derision, Quakers. 
Wherein They are vindicated from those that accuse them of 
Disorder and Confusion on the one hand, and from such as 
calumniate them with Tyranny and Imposition on the other ; 
shewing, that as the true and pure Principles of the Gospel are 
restored by their Testimony ; so is also the antient Apostolick 
Order of the Church of Christ re-established among them, and 
settled upon its right Basis and Foundation. By Robert Bar- 
clay. Philadelphia^ Reprinted^ and Sold by B. Franklin^ and D. 
Hall^ IJS7- ^vo, pp. viii., 1 12. -{-Philadelphia^ Joseph Cruk- 
shank^ 1770- 8vo, pp. viii., \\\.-\- Wilmington \pel.\ 1783. 
8vo, pp. III. 3363 

Barclay. An Apology for the True Christian Divinity, As 
the same is Held Forth, and Preached, by the People, called in 
Scorn Quakers : Being A full Explanation and Vindication of 
their Principles and Doctrines -, by many Arguments, deduced 
from Scripture and Right Reason, and the Testimonies of 
Famous Authors, both Ancient and Modern : With a full An- 
swer to the strongest Objections usually made against them. ... 
By Robert Barclay ... . The Sixth Edition in English. ... 
Newport^ Printed by James Franklin^ 1 729. 8vo, 6 p. 1., pp. 
524 [574], 2>^.-{- Philadelphia^ '^11 St 1 7^0, 1789, 1805, and 
l^S^. -{-New York ^1%2'j. Svo. -\- Providence^ 1S4.O. 8vo. 3364 

First published in Latin in 1676. The first edition in English, London^ 16785 
second, 1678; fourth, 1701 j fifth, 1703; sixth, 17365 seventh, 1765; eighth, 1780. 
Many other editions 5 also translations into Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Danish, 
and, in fact, into Arabic. See J. Smith's " Catal. of Friends' Books," pp. 179-184, 
where the foreign titles are incorrect. 

Barclay. Apologie Oder Vertheidigungs-Schrift der wahren 
Christlichen Gottesgelahrtheit Wie solche unter dem Volk, so 
man aus Spott Ouaker, das ist, Zitterer nennet, vorgetragen und 


gelehret wird. ... ins Deutsche ubersetzt. Germantown^ Gedrucht 
bey Christoph Saur^ 1776. 8vo, pp. 797 (25). C. 3365 

Books printed by Sower are not common. At the battle of Germantown this 
printer's property was destroyed. The British used the poor fellow's books for making 
cartridges ! 

B[arclay] (R.) a Catechism and Confession of Faith, 
Approved of and Agreed into by the General Assembly of the 
Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles, Christ himself chief Speaker 
In and Among them, ... By R. B. a Servant of the Church of 
Christ. London^ Printed^ and Re-printed and Sold by Samuel 
Keimer^ 1726. i2mo, pp. vi., I 1., gg. -j- New Tork^ 1752. 
i2mo. + The Eighth Edition. By R. B. ... London^ Printed; 
Philadelphia^ Reprinted and Sold by "James Chattin^ 1753- i2mo, 
pp. viii., 200. ^.-{-Philadelphia^ ^11 Z- i2mo, pp. x., 150, 64. 
-{-Philadelphia^ 1788. 1 2mo. + Eleventh Edition. Philadelphia. 
1793. i2mo. +[Id.], 1843 •i2mo + To w^hich is added. The 
Ancient Testimony of the said People, revived. Wilmington., 
Dei., James Wilson., 1 82 1. l2mo. 33^6 

Barclay. Truth triumphant through the Spiritual Warfare, 
Christian Labours, and Writings of that able and faithful ser- 
vant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay, Governor of East Jersey. 
London., T, Northcott., 1692. Folio, pp. Iv., 908; 8 l.-(-To 
which is prefixed an account of his Life and Writings. Phila- 
delphia., 1 83 1. 3 vols., 8vo. 3367 

Although appointed Governor of East Jersey, he never resided there. His intel- 
lectual superiority placed him at the head of his sect. Smith records an edition, By 
B. C. Stanton, of Springborough, Ohio. 3 vols., 8vo, and queries whether it is the 
same as the edition of 1831. 

Barclay (Robert). Agricultural Tour in the United States 
and Upper Canada, with Miscellaneous Notices. By Captain 
Barclay, of Ury. Edinburgh., Blackwood., 1842. Post 8vo, pp. 
xxiii., 181. c. 3368 

The author was the celebrated walking captain, a descendant of the Apologist. 

Barclay (Robert), pseudon. Address to the Society of 
Friends in the United States, [n. p., n. d.] 8vo. pp. 8. n. 

Relates to the Harrison and Tyler campaign. 

Barclay (Sidney), pseudon. See [Post (Lydia Minturn)]. 

Barco Centenera. Argentina y Conquista del Rio de la 
Plata, con otros acaecimientos de los Reynos del Peru, Tucu- 

44^ BARHAM. 

man, y estado del Brasil ... Por El Arcediano Don Martin del 
Barco Centenera. Lisboa^ Pedro Crasbeeck^ l6o2. 4to, 4 p. 1., 
Text, 230 1. J. c. B. 3370 

The author passed twenty-eight years in America, where he took part in the con- 
•quest of La Plata. He gives accounts of the expeditions of Pedro Mendoza, Alvar 
Nuftez Cabe9a de Vaca, and Thomas Candish. Reprinted in Barcia Historiadores 
Primitivos, v. 3. 

Barco Centenera. La Argentina 6 la conquista del Rio 
Plata, de la Poema histdrico. Por el Arcediano D. Martin del 
Barco Centenera. Buenos-Aires^ 1836. 4to, pp. 312. 3371 

Bard (S. A.), pseudon.- See [Squier (E. G.)] 

Bard (W.) Address, delivered before the Alumni of Colum- 
bia College, on the Third Day of May, 1826 ... . By William 
Bard, a.b. New-Tor k^ G. & C. Carvill^ 1826. 8vo, pp. 36. H. 

Contains information on education in the State of New York. 

Bardwell (H.) Memoir of Rev. Gordon Hall. By Horatio 
Bardwell. Andover^ 1834. i2mo. 3373 

Barere de Vieuzac (Bertrand). Convention nationale. 
Rapport fait au nom du Comite de salut public Par Barere, Sur 
les Colonies Fran^aises Isles-du-Vent. Dans la Seance du 19 
thermidor, Tan 2 ... . {Paris^ I794-] 8vo, pp. 3. H. 3374 

Barham (H.) An Essay upon the Silk Worm. By Henry 
Barham. London^ 1799- 8vo. 3375 

Contains an account of its cultivation in Virginia on pp. 52-100. 

Barham. Hortus Americanus : containing an account of 
the Trees, Shrubs, and other Vegetable Productions, of South- 
America and the West-India Islands, and particularly of the 
Island of Jamaica ; Interspersed with many curious and useful 
Observations, respecting their Uses in Medicine, Diet, and 
Mechanics. By the late Dr. Henry Barham. To which are 
added, a Linnaean Index, &c. &c. &c. Kingston^ Jamaica: Alex- 
ander Aikman^ MDCCXCiv. 8vo, 4 p. 1., pp. 212 ; Index, 18 I. 

Barham (J. T) Considerations On the Abolition of Slavery. 
By J. T Barham. 1823. ^^o- 3377 

Barham (W.) Descriptions of Niagara, selected from various 
Travellers; with original additions. By William Barham ... 
Gravesend^ Houlston [1847]. ^vo, pp. 180 ; 2 Plates. c. 3378 

BARING. 447 

Barhydt (D. p.) Industrial Exchanges and Social Reme- 
dies, with a Consideration of Taxation. By Dav. Parish Bar- 
hydt ... . New Tork^ George P. Putnam^ 1849. i2mo, 2 p. 1., 
pp. 238. c, H. 3379 

Baril. L'empire du Bresil. Monographic complete de 
I'Empire sud-americain, orne du portrait de dom Pedro II. Par 
V. L. Baril, comte de la Hure. Paris^ Sartorius^ 1862. 8vo, pp. 
XV., 576. 3380 

Baril. Le Mexique. Resume geographique, statistique, 
industriel, historique et social ... . Par V. L. Baril, comte de la 
Hure. Douai^ V' C'eret-Carpentier^ 1862. 8vo, pp. xviii., 271. 

Baril. Les peuples du Bresil avant la decouverte de I'Amer- 
ique. Par V. L. Baril, comte de la Hure. Douai^ V' Ceret- 
Carpentier^ 186 1. 4to, pp. 14. 3382 

Baril. Voyage sur le Rio Parahyba. Par V. L. Baril, 
comte de la Hure. Doua'i^ V' Ceret-Carpentier^ 1861. 4to, pp. 
17 3382^ 

[Barinetti (Charles)]. A Voyage to Mexico and Havana, 
vi^ith some observations on the United States. By an Italian. 
New Tork^ C. Vinten^ 1841. 8vo, pp. x., 139 C, 3383 

Baring (A.) An Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences 
of the Orders in Council, and an Examination of the Conduct 
of Great Britain towards the Neutral Commerce of America. 
By Alexander