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Full text of "A dictionary of books relating to America, from its discovery to the present time"

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txhrary of Che theological Seminar;? 



Btbliotl)cca Americana. 




Books rcloting to America, 



Volume XVIII. 

" A painfull work il is I'll assure you, and more than ilifficult, wherein what loylc hath been liken, 
a< no min thnikcth so no tran believeth, but he hath made the iriall." 

Ant. a l^*od, Prt/act tt tht Hiifrji *t Oxftrd. 

SABlN, 21 & 23 ANN STREKT. 

Entered according to Act ol' Congress, in the year i88iy, b) 


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 

Edition, 515 Copies, 8vo, of which 25 are for Presentation, 
And 110 Copies on Large Paper, of which 10 are for Presentation. 

A Dictionary of Books 


OSS (D. B.) The Southern Series. The 
Rhetorical Manual, or Southern P^ifth 
Reader : embracing Copious and Elegant 
Extracts both in Prose and Poetry. With 
a Treatise on Rhetorical Figures, and the 
Principles of Elocution. By D. Barton 
Ross, A.M. ... New Orleans^ La. 
i2mo, pp. 549. 


.. Nenu Orleans. 1856. 

Metcalfe and the 






Steel. 1853. 
\_Ibid.~\ 1854. i2mo, pp. 549. 

Also : The Southern Speaker, or Sixth Reader. 

[Ross (Dunbar).] The "Crise." 
taine-Baldwin Cabinet defended. ... Letter of Zeno to the Legis- 
lative Assembly of Canada, ^ehec. 1844. i2mo, pp. 44. bm. 

Improved title of No. 1 75 1 1, Vol. v. 

Ross. The Seat of Government of Canada. The Composi- 
tions and Functions of the Legislative Council, and "The Double 
Majority" Question. By Dunbar Ross, Esq. ^ehec. 1856. 
8vo. -|- Second Edition, ^ehec. 1856. 8vo, pp. 35. 73347 

Ross (D.) Righteousness and Peace, the Fruits of the Gos- 
pel ; or, a Relation of the Christian Experience and Triumphant 
Death of Jane Cameron, in a Letter addressed to the Rev. James 
McGregor, d.d. By Rev. Duncan Ross. Pictou. 1824. 8vo. 

For an account of the author and his other writings, see Morgan's " Bibliotheca Ca- 
nadensis," p. 327. 

Ross (E. G.) Government of the Rebellious States. Speech 
of Hon. Edmund G. Ross, of Kansas, in the United States 
Senate, December 20, 1866. \Washington : Congressional Globe 

Office. 1866.] 


8vo, pp. 7. 

B. 73349 

10 ROSS. 

Ross. Osage Indian Lands. Speech of Hon. Edmund G. 
Ross, of Kansas, in the Senate of the United States, May 5, 
1870. {IVashington. 1870.] 8vo, pp. 7. H. 73350 

Ross. Suffrage Constitutional Amendment. Speech of Ed- 
mund G. Ross, of Kansas, delivered in the Senate of the United 
States, February 8, 1869. Washington : F. & J, Rives & Geo. A, 
Bailey. 1 869. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 73351 

Ross. Tenure-of-Office Law. Speech of Hon. Edmund G. 
Ross, of Kansas, in the United States Senate, March 24, 1869. 
{IVashington. 1869.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 73352 

Ross (F.) A Visit to the Cities and Camps of the Confed- 
erate States. By Fitzgerald Ross, Captain of Hussars in the 
imperial Austrian service. William Blackwood & Sons., Edinbmgh 
and Loyidon. mdccclxv. 8vo, pp. x, 300. Map. b., ba. 73353 

Ross (F[rederick] A.) Position of the Southern Church in 
relation to Slavery, as illustrated in a Letter of Dr. F. A. Ross 
to Rev. Albert Barnes with an Introduction by a Constitutional 
Presbyterian. New York: 'John A. Gray., Printer. 1857. i2mo, 
PP- 23. B. 73354 

Ross. The Separation of Israel. A Sermon delivered in 
Huntsville, Alabama, on Fast Day, November 29, i860. By 
F. A. Ross, D.D. Huntsville {Ala >,: W. B. Figures, i860. 8vo, 
PP- "• 73355 

Ross. Slavery Ordained of God. ... By Rev. Fred. A. Ross, 
D.D. ... Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1857. l2mo, pp. 
186. A., BA., H. -f llbid.~\ 1859. i2mo, pp. 186. B. 73356 

Ross (G. M. v.) Der Nordamerikanische Freistaat Texas. 
... Rudolstadt. 1851. 8vo. Map. 73357 

Ross. Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerika. ... Fiber- 
feld. 1 85 1. 8vo. 73358 

Ross (H. J.) Thoughts on the Objectionable System of La- 
bour for Wages in the West India Colonies. By H. J. Ross. 
London. 1842. 8vo. 73359 

Ross [James] aiid Morris [Gouverneur]. The Speeches of 
Mr. Ross and Mr. Morris, delivered in the Senate of the United 
States. Thursday, the 24th of February, 1803, in support of 
Mr. Ross's Resolutions relative to the Free Navigation of the 


River Mississippi and our Right of Deposit within the Spanish 
Territories. Philadelphia : Bronson & Chauncey. 1803. 8vo, pp. 
49, Errata i leaf. i?a., h. -\- New Haven: J. Walter. 1803. 
Svo, pp. 48. B., N. -|- Washington. 1803. 8vo. -{- [n. p.] 
1803. 8vo, pp. 48. 73360 

Ross (James). Onomasia : or, Philadelphia Vocabulary ... a 
sketch of mythology ... [and] an extract from Dr. C. Nisbet's 
Address to the Students of Dickenson College. Philadelphia: 
The Author. 1822. i2mo, pp. viii, 1 10. 733^1 

Ross. A Short, Plain, Comprehensive, Practical Latin Gram- 
mar. ... By James Ross, a.m. Third Edition. Philadelphia. 
1808. i2mo. 4- Fifth Edition. Philadelphia: Philip H. Nicklin. 
1 8 14. l2mo, pp. xii, 186. b. -f Seventh Edition. Philadel- 
phia: The Author. 1823. i2mo, pp. viii, 184. + Eighth Edi- 
tion, Revised and Improved. Philadelphia. 1827. i2mo. 

Frequently reprinted. 

Ross (J.) Remarks and Suggestions on the Agriculture of 
Nova Scotia. By James Ross, Faddan Farm, Rawdon. Hali- 
fax^ N. S. : James Bowes and Sons. 1855. 8vo, pp. 30. B. 

Ross (J.) Wisconsin and her Resources for Remunerating 
Capital and Supporting Labor. By James Ross. Madison. 1871. 
8vo, pp. 16. 73364 

Ross and Gary (G.) From Wisconsin to California, and 
return, as reported for the "Wisconsin State Journal," by James 
Ross ... and by George Gary, for the " Oshkosh Journal" ... 
Madison.^ Wis. 1869. 8vo, pp. 132. B. 73365 

Ross (J. C.) Ten colored views taken during the Arctic 
Expedition of the Enterprise and Investigator under Capt. Sir 
James Clark Ross. With a Summary of the various Expeditions 
in search of Sir John Franklin. London. 1850. 4to. 7 Plates, 
containing 10 views. p. 73366 

Ross. A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern 
and Antarctic Regions, during the years 1839-43. By Captain 
Sir James Clark Ross, r.n. ... In Two Volumes. ... London: 
John Murray. 1847. ^ vols., 8vo, pp. (2), lii, (i), 366; (4), 
viii-x, (i), 447. 8 Maps and 26 Plates. H. 73367 

Ross (J. H.) What I saw in New-York ; or a Bird's Eye 
View of City Life. By Joel H. Ross, m.d. ... Auburn., N. T.: 


Derby & Miller. 1 85 1. l2mo, pp. 326. Plate. + Second Edi 
tion. \_Ibid.'\ 1852. i2mo, pp. 326. Plate. 733^8 

[Ross] (J.) A Sermon preached before the Incorporated So- 
ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, ... Feb- 
ruary 1 8th, 1785. By John, Lord Bishop of Exeter. London. 
1785. 4to, pp. 91. J.C.B., N. 73369 

Ross (J.) Explanation and Answer to Mr. John Braithwaite's 
Supplement to Captain Sir John Ross's Narrative of a Second 
Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage. By Sir John Ross. 
... [^London:'] A. W. Webster. [1849.] 4^^^ PP- ^^ ^""^ printed 
covers, a. -|- London. 1849. ^^*^5 PP- ^^^ ^^- ^- 7337° 

Ross. An Explanation of Captain Sabine's Remarks on the 
Late Voyage of Discovery to Baffin's Bay. By Captain John 
Ross, R.N. London: W. Clowes. 1819. 8vo, pp. 53,(1). -j- 
London : John Murray. 18 19. 8vo, pp. (4), 53, (i). 7337 1 

[Ross.] Letter to John Barrow, on the late Extraordinary 
and Unexpected Hyperborean Discoveries. London : W. Pople. 
1826. 8vo, pp. 46. c. 73372 

Ross. Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord de Sau- 
marez. From Original Papers in the possession of the family. 
By Sir John Ross ... . In Two Volumes. ... London: Richard 
Bentley. 1838. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. ix, (3), 7-440 ; xi, (i), 438. 
9 Plates. A. 73373 

Includes an account of the admiral's services in America during the Revolutionary 

Ross. Observations on a Work, entitled "Voyages of Dis- 
covery and Research within the Arctic Regions," By Sir John 
Barrow, Bart. ... being a Refutation of the numerous Misrepre- 
sentations contained in that Volume. By Sir John Ross, c.b. &c. 
Captain in the Royal Navy ... Edinburgh and London : IVilliafn 
Blackwood and Sons. 1846. 8vo, pp. 62. a., b., c, p. 73374 

Ross. A Short Treatise on the Deviation of the Mariner's 
Compass. By Sir John Ross. London : Richardson. 1849. ^^*^? 
pp. 39. Plate. c. 73375 

Ross. A Voyage of Discovery, made under the orders of the 
Admiralty, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the 
purpose of exploring Baffin's Bay, and inquiring into the proba- 
bility of a North- West Passage. By John Ross, K.s. Captain 



Royal Navy. London : "John Murray. 1819. 4to, pp. (4), xxxix, 
(1), 252, (2), cxliv. 32 iVlaps and Plates, and a leaf of explana- 
tion. A., B., H. -|- Second Edition. In Two Volumes. ... Lon- 
don : Printed by Strahan and Spottisiuoode^ . . . For Longman^ Hurst ^ 
Rees^ Or?ne^ and Brown. 18 19. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. Ixix, 265 ; (4), 
258. Map and 2 Plates. b., ba., l. 73376 

See "Edinburgh Review," xxxi, 337. 

Ross. Voyage vers le pole arctique, dans la bale de Baffin, 
fait en 1818, par les vaisseaux de S. M. B. I'Isabelle et I'Alexan- 
dre, commandes par le capitaine Ross et le lieutenant Parry, pour 
verifier s'il cxiste un passage au nord-ouest de I'Ocean Atlantique, 
dans la mer Pacifique ; redige, 1° sur la Relation du capitaine 
Ross ; 2° sur le Journal public par un officier a bord de I'Alexan- 
dre ; 3° sur la Relation du capitaine Sabine ; 4° sur le Journal 
public par un autre officier. Par I'auteur de " Une annee de 
sejour a Londres" [/. e. A. J. B. Defauconpret]. Paris: Gide 
^Is. 1819. 8vo. Map and Plate. 73377 

Ross. Entdeckungsreise der koniglichen SchifFe Isabella und 
Alexander nach der Baffins-Bai, zur Untersuchung der Moglich- 
keit einer Nord-West-Durchfahrt. Nach dem Englischen des 
Herrn John Rosz, Capitains der koniglichen Marine. (Aus dem 
Ethnographischen Archiv besonders abgedruckt.) Jena.^ in der 
Bran^schen. Buchhandlung. 1819. 8vo, pp. iv, 184. A. 73378 

Ross. Entdeckungsreise um die Baffins-Bay auszuforschen 
und die Moglichkeit einer nordwestlichen Durchfahrt zu unter- 
suchen. Uebersetzt von Nemnich. Leipzig. 1820. 410. Atlas 
in folio. Map and 27 colored Plates. TiZ19 

Ross. Reizen naar IJsland en de Baffinsbaai ter ontdekking 
van eene doorvaart ten Noord-Westen van Groenland. Naar 
het Hoogduitsch van W. Harnisch. 'j Gravenhage. 1821. 8vo. 
Map and Plates. 733^0 

Ross. Narrative of a oecond Voyage in Search of a North- 
West Passage, and of a Residence in the Arctic Regions during 
the years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833. By Sir John Ross, 
C.B., K.S.A., K.C.S., &c., &c. Captain in the Royal Navy. Includ- 
ing the Reports of Commander, now Captain, James Clark Ross, 
R.N., F.R.S., F.L.S., &c. and The Discovery of the Northern 
Magnetic Pole. London: A. IV. Webster. 1835. 4to, pp. (8), 
xxxiii, (i), 740. Eoldcd Map and 30 Plates and Charts. A., b., 
BA., H., L. -{- London: Orlando Hodgson. [183-?] l2mo, title. 

14 ROSS. 

pp. 9-463. II Plates. -\- Paris : Baudry. 1835. 8vo, pp. 475 
Map and Plate, -f Brussels. 1835. 8vo, pp. 542. Maps, -f 
Philadelphia : E. L. Carey & J. Hart. Baltimore : Carey, Hart ^ 
Co. 1835. 8vo, pp. xxiii, 456. Map. b., ba. -}- Paris. 1844. 
8vo. 73381 

Also in "Waldie's Circulating Library," vol. i. See "Quarterly Review," l. I. 

Ross. Narrative of the second Voyage of Captain Ross to 
the Arctic Regions. In the Years 1829-30-31-32-33. Com- 
piled principally from the Evidence of Captain Ross, and his 
Nephew, Commander Ross .... London: Henry Renshaw. 1834. 
i2mo, pp. X, (2), 150. Map. BA. 73382 

Ross. A new edition of Captain Ross's Voyage to the North 
Pole : Giving an account of the Captain's early Appointments 
and Services in the Navy. His fitting out for the above expedi- 
tion. ... — Discoveries — Providential Escapes ... — Falls in with 
the Isabella Whaler, the Ship he commanded in 181 8. Curious 
[imaginary] Dialogue between the Captain [Humphreys] and 
himself. His unexpected Arrival at Home ... — his Communi- 
cation to the Geographical Society — valuable Information respect- 
ing the Whale Fishery. ... &c. &c. Written by himself. New- 
castle : IV. ^ T. Fordyce.^ Printers. [183-?] i2mo, pp. 24. ba. 

See also Back (G.), Vol. i., Nos. 2613-26185 Hooker (J. D.), Vol. viii.. No. 
32822; Huish (R.), Vol. VIII., No. 33626; and Williams (Edwin). 

Ross. Appendix to the Narrative of a Second Voyage in 
Search of a North-West Passage, and of a Residence in the Arc- 
tic Regions during the years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833. By 
Sir John Ross, c.b., k.s.a., k.c.s., &c. &c. Captain in the Royal 
Navy. Including the Reports of Commander, now Captain, 
James Clark Ross, r.n., f.r.s., f.l.s., &c. and the Discovery of 
the Northern Magnetic Pole. London: A. W. Webster. 1835. 
4to, pp. xii, 120, cxliv, cii. 20 Plates. a., b., ba., h. 73384 

Contains an account of the natives, and vocabularies of the Esquimaux language, pp. 

Ross. Relation du Second Voyage fait a la recherche d'un 
passage au Nord-Ouest, Par Sir John Ross ... . Et de sa resi- 
dence dans les Regions Arctiques pendant les annees 1829 a 
1833 ; Contenant le rapport du Capitaine de la Marine Royale 
Sir James Clarck Ross, et les observations relatives a la decou- 
verte du Pole Nord ; Ouvrage traduit sous les yeux de I'Auteur, 
par A.-J.-B. Defauconpret, ... Accompagne d'une Carte du Voy- 
age et orne du portrait de I'Auteur, grave a Londres, par Robert 

ROSS. 15 

Hart, et des deux Vues les plus remarquables de ces regions, 
gravees sur acier, d'apres Findeii, par Skelton. ... Paris^ Bell'ixard^ 
Barthes^ Dufour et Lowell. 1835. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. Ixi, (2), 456; 
(2), 544. Portrait, Map and 2 Plates, c. -f Bruxelles. 1844. 
2 vols., 8vo. Map. 733^5 

Ross. Zweite Entdeckungsreise nach den Gegenden des 
Nordpols in den Jahren 1829-33. ••• iibersetzt aus dem Engli- 
schen von J. v. d. Groben. Berlin. 1835-36. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Maps and Plates. 733^6 

Ross. Zweite Entdeckungsreise nach den Gegenden des 
Nordpols, und sein Aufenthalt daselbst wahrend der Jahre 1829- 
33. Aus dem Englischen von Dr. G. W. Becker und J. Spor- 
schil. Leipzig. 1835. 2 vols., 8vo. 733^7 

Ross. Die Fahrten und Abenteuer des Kapitain John Ross 
auf seinen Entdeckungsreisen nach den Gegenden des Nordpols. 
Leip'Lig : IVeher. 1836. i6mo. iVIap, 6 Views, and Portrait, -f 
Zweite Auflage. Leipzig: H. Frit%sche. 1846. i6mo. Map, 
6 colored Views, and Portrait of Ross. 733^^ 

Ross (J.) An Account of the Cherokees, as communicated 
by their Chief John Ross, to John Howard Paine, Esq. Wash- 
ington. 1836. 8vo. 733^9 

Ross. ... Cherokee Indians. Memorial of John Ross, and 
others, in behalf of the Cherokee Nation. February 17, 1829. 
Referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs. \_Washington : 
Printed hy Gales & Seaton. 1829.] 8vo, pp. 15. 7339^ 

Ross. Letter from John Ross, Principal Chief of the Chero- 
kee Nation of Indians, in Answer to Inquiries from a Friend 
regarding the Cherokee Affairs with the United States. Followed 
by a copy of the Protest of the Cherokee Delegation laid before 
the Senate and House of Representatives at the City of Wash- 
ington on the twenty-first day of June eighteen hundred and 
thirty-six. \_lVashi?igton. 1836.] 8vo, pp. 31. ba., h. 73391 

Ross. Letter from John Ross, the principal chief of the Che- 
rokee Nation, to a gentleman of Philadelphia [/. e. Job R. Tyson]. 
\_Philadelphia. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 40. H- 7339 2 

Dated, DecembLT 26, 1837. See also Vol. xii., No, 47657, 

[Ross.] Message of the Principal Chief [J. Ross], and corre- 

1 6 ROSS. 

spondence between the Cherokee Delegation and the Hon. W. 
Wilkins, Secretary of War. [Tahlequah. 1844?] 8vo. 73393 

See also Vol. in., Nos. 12.449, ^2.473. 

Ross (J.) In Memory of Gtn. H. H. Ross, who died at Es- 
sex, Essex Co., N. Y., Sept. i8, 1862. By John Ross. [n. p. 
1862.] 8vo, pp. 27. s. 73394 

Ross (L. W.) Reconstruction. Speech of Hon. Lewis W. 
Ross, of Illinois, delivered in the House of Representatives, Jan- 
uary 17, 1868. Washington : F. ^ 'J. Rives & Geo. A, Bailey. 
1868. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 73395 

Ross. Speech of Lewis W. Ross, ... in the House of Rep- 
resentatives, June 15, 1864, on the proposed Amendment to the 
Constitution. \Washington. 1864.] 8vo, pp. 8. 7339^ 

Ross (M. D.) Estimate of the Financial Effect of the pro- 
posed Reservation of Back-Bay Lands. Prepared for the Com- 
mittee of Associated Institutions of Science and Art, by M. D. 
Ross. Boston : John Wilson and Son. 1861. 8vo, pp. 20. b., H. 

[Ross (Robert).] A | Complete Introduction | to the | Latin 
Tongue : | Wherein is contained, | All that is necessary to be 
learn'd on the several | Parts of Grammar ; in a plain, easy, 
rational | Method. | Comprehending | The Substance of what has 
been taught by some | of the best Grammarians, viz. | 

Lilly, Bp. Wettenhall, 

Ruddiman, Cheever, 

Phillipps, Clarke, 

Holmes, Read, &c. 

Published principally for the Use of the Grammar | School at 
Newark; and recommended to all who [design to send their Chil- 
dren to New-Jersey College. | New-Tor k : | Printed and Sold by "J. 
Parker at the New | Printing- Office^ in Beaver-Street, mdcclii. | 
Sm. 8vo, pp. viii, loi, (2). h.s.p. 73398 

Title furnished by Mr. Chas. R. Hildeburn. 

[Ross.] A Complete | Introduction | to the | Latin Tongue : | 
form'd I From the most approv'd Writings in this Kind ; | as those 
of I 

Lilly, Bp. Wettenhall, 

Ruddiman, Cheever, 

Phillipps, Clarke, 

Holmes, Read, &c. 

Published principally for the Use of the Grammar-School | at 

ROSS. 17 

Nassau-Hall, in Prince-Town ; and recommended | to all who 
design to send their Children to New- 1 Jersey College. | The Sec- 
ond Edition, enlarged and amended. | IP'oodhridge^ in Nnv-'Jersey : \ 
Printed by "James Parke)-^ at the Expence of the Trustees of the\ Col- 
lege ; and to be Sold by several Booksellers in New-Tor k^ \ Philadel- 
phia and New- Jersey^ 1760. | Sm. 8vo, pp. (4), 109, (2). H. 

Known as the Princeton Latin Grammar. The last two pages contain, " Rules and 
Orders, to be observed by all the Members of the Grammar School at Nassau-Hall." 
Title furnished by Justin Winsor, ll.d. 

[Ross.] A Complete | Introduction | to the | Latin Tongue : | 
form'd I From the most approv'd Writings in this Kind ;|as those 
of I 

Lilly, Bp. Wettenhall, 

Ruddiman, Cheever, 

Phillipps, Clarke, 

Holmes, Read, &c. 

Published principally for the Use of the Grammar-School, at | 
Nassau-Hall, in Prince-Town ; and recommended to all who | 
design to send their Children to New-Jersey College. | The Fourth 
Edition, enlarged and amended. | New-Tor k : \ Printed by Hugh 
Gaine^ at the Bible and Crozun^ in | Hanover-Square^ MDCCLXVII. | 
Sm. 8vo, pp. 109, 2. H. 73400 

Title furnished by Justin Winsor. Later editions as follows : 

Ross. The American Latin Grammar, or a Complete Intro- 
duction to the Latin Tongue .... Fifth Edition. To which is 
now first added, a Vocabulary. ... New Tork : Printed by J. Parker 
for G.Noel. 1770. i2mo, pp. 163. 73401 

Ross. The American Latin Grammar : or a Compleat Intro- 
duction to the Latin Tongue. Formed from the most approved 
Writings in this Kind ; as those of Lilly, Ruddiman, Phillipps, 
Holmes, Bp. Wettenhall, Cheever, Clarke, Reed, he. Origin- 
ally compiled by the Rev. Mr. Ross ; revised and corrected, in 
former Editions, by the late Presidents Burr, Finley, and others ; 
and now re-published for the Use of the Grammar Schools 
throughout the United States. The Fifth Edition. Providence : 
Printed and sold by fohn Carter.^ at Shakespears Head^ near the 
State-House, mdcclxxx. i2mo, pp. 112. ba., h., w. -f New- 
buryport : Printed by J. My call. [1780.] i2mo, pp. 112. H. 

Ross. The | American | Grammar : | or, a | Complete | Introduc- 
tion I to the I English and Latin | J languages. | Formed | From a care- 
ful Perusal of the Classic Authors, | and the Writings of the best 

l8 ROSS. 

Grammarians. | For the Use of Schools both English and Latin. | 
By Robert Ross, a.m. | The Seventh Edition, carefully revised, 
corrected, and | enlarged. | With | a Vocabulary | Containing the 
Chief of the irregular Nouns and | Verbs, and the principal Part 
of the Words used | in the Syntax, and the first Forty | Colloquies 
of Cordery. And, | A new Preface, on the best Method of study- 
ing I Grammar and Languages. | Hartford : | Printed by Nathaniel 
Patten^ \ a few Rods North of the Court-House^ 1782. | l2mo, pp. 

199. (0- ^-^ c. 73403 

Title furnished by Mr. Paul L. Ford. 

[Ross.] The American Latin Grammar ... Compiled by 
Presidents Burr, Finley and others for the Use of the Grammar 
Schools of the United States. The Eighth Edition. Springfield : 
Printed by Edward Gray. 1793. iimo, pp. 104. ba. -\- Provi- 
dence. 1794. i2mo. 73404 

For another edition see Rigg (E-), Vol. xvii., No. 71320. 

[Ross.] The | Rudiments | of | Latin Syntax | and | Prosody. | 
Collected from some of the best | Writers. | For the Use of 
Schools. I Salem : | Printed by Samuel Hall.^ near the Court-House. \ 

M DCC LXXXIII. I 8vo, pp. 51. B. 734O5 

Ross (R.) A Plain Address to the Quakers, Moravians, Sep- 
aratists, Separate-Baptists, Rogerenes, and other Enthusiasts, on 
Immediate Impulses and Revelations ... . By Robert Ross. ... 
New Haven : Printed by fames Parker is Company. [1762.] 8vo, 
pp. 213, (7). N. 73406 

Usually preceded by: A Brief Account of the Deluded Dutartresj Extracted from a 
Sermon, Preached by the Rev. Mr. Alexander Garden, a.m. at Charlestown, in Sciuth 
Carolina. Neiv Ha-ven : Printed by James Parker and Company. 17 61, pp. 8} and A 
Narrative of the Life and Confession ... of John Lewis, executed at Chester, Penn., 
Sept. 21, 1760, for the Murder of his Wife. \_Ibid. 1762], pp. 10. 

Ross. A I Sermon, | in which the | Union of the Colonies | is 
considered and recommended ; | and the bad | Consequences of 
Divisions | are represented. | Delivered on the | Public Thanksgiv- 
ing. | November Sixteenth, 1775. | By Robert Ross, a.m. | Pastor 
of the Church of Christ in Stratfield. | ... | New-Tork : \ Printed by 
John Holt., in IVater-Street., \ near the Coffee-House. \ M, DCC, Lxxvi. | 
8vo, pp. 28. M. 72^^? 

Ross. A Sermon, preached at New Town, December 8th, 
^773- On Church Government and Discipline. By Robert 
Ross, a.m. Pastor of the Church of Christ in Stratfield. With 
A Preface and an Appendix, Containing Some Remarks on the 


Rev. Mr. Judson's Reply to said Sermon. New-Haven : Printed 
hy Thomas and Samuel Green. [1773.] 8vo, pp. 58. 73408 

Ross (T.) Speech of" Hon. Thos. Ross, of Pennsylvania, on 
the Admission of California ... April 10, 1850. Washington. 
1850. 8vo, pp. 12. B. 73409 

Also: Speech ... In Congress ... August 12, 1842, on the Tariff. ... \JVaih\ngton. 
1842.] 8vo. 

[Ross (William P.), and others^ Protests of the Delegates of 
the Creek, Cherokee, and Choctaw Nations, [n. p. i86-.?] 
8vo, pp. 4. H. 73410 

Signed by W. P. Ross and eight others. See also Vol. iii., No. 12439. 

Ross (Zeph.) An Oration upon the gloomy Aspects of the 
Times, ... at Attleboro', Mass., Nov. 2, 1794. Springfield. 
1795. 8vo. 7341 1 

RossE (J. W.) An Index of Dates, comprehending the prin- 
cipal facts in the Chronology and History of the World, from 
the earliest to the present time ; alphabetically arranged. Being 
a complete Index to the enlarged edition of Blair's Chronological 
Tables. ... By J. Willoughby Rosse. In Two Volumes. Lon- 
don : H. G. Bohn. 1858-59. 2 vols., post 8vo. a. 73412 

RossEEL (J. A.) Funeral Discourse on the death of Allison 
Remington Bowen, delivered in the Presbyterian Church, Evans's 
Mills, Jefferson County, N. Y., March 22, 1852. By Joseph A. 
Rosseel. Albany : J. Muns ell. 1852. 8vo, pp. 23. 734*3 

RossEL [Elisabeth Paul Edouard del. Rapport sur la Navi- 
gation de I'Astrolabe, commandee par M. Dumont d'Urville, lu a 
TAcademie Royale des Sciences, dans la seance du 17 aout 1829 
Par M. le Chevalier de Rossel. Paris.^ de F hnprirnerie de Tastu. 
1829. 8vo, pp. 20. 734H 

RossER (W. H.) The Navigation of the Three Oceans. 
By W. H. Rosser. London. 1868. 8vo. 734*5 

RossER. Short Notes on the Winds of the Pacific. By W. 
H. Rosser. London. 1868. 8vo. 734*^^ 

RossER and Imray (J. F.) South Atlantic Directory. The 
Physical Geography and Meteorology of the South Atlantic ; 
together with Sailing directions for the Principal Ports and Har- 
bours of Brazil, the Kit) Plata, and S. VV. Africa -, the South 
Atlantic Islands ; to which is appended a Catalogue of all the 


Doubtful Islands, Rocks and Shoals ; with Notes on making 
Passages, &c. Illustrated with Numerous Chart-Diagrams and 
Plans, By W. H. Rosser & J. F. Imray, f.r.g.s. New and En- 
larged Edition. London: "Jcwies Imray and Son. 1870. 8vo, pp. 
viii, 343. II Charts. h. 73417 

Rossi (G. G. de). Mercuric Geografico overo guida geogra- 
fica in tutte le parti del mondo conforme le tavole geografiche del 
Sansone Bavdrand e Cantelli. Data in luce con direttione^ e cur a 
d'l G. G'lacomo de Rossi nella sua Sta?nperia in Ro?na. 1674. Folio, 
engraved Title and 53 double Maps. 734 ^^ 

" Collection factice composee de cartes gravees par G. G. de Rossi et autres graveurs 
a des dates ditr'erentes. Parmi les cartes relatives a rAmerique nous indiquerons : 
L'Amerique septentrionale, gravee par Rossi en 1677; L'Amerique meridionale, par le 
meme; Le Canada ou la Nouvelle France, par M. Sanson, 1656; Novi Belgii novarque 
Anglis nee non partis Virginiae tabula multis in locis emendata a Hugo AUardt (avec 
une vue de Nieuw Amsterdam dans le bas) ; Les iles Antilles, par Sanson, 1656,' Le 
Peru par le meme; Le Chili, par le memc." — Leclerc, 

Rossi [FJbbe L.) Six Ans en Amerique (Californie et Ore- 
gon.) Par I'Abbe L. Rossi, missionnaire. [^Bruxelles :'\ Ruffet et 
Cie. 1863. 8vo. 2 Maps. + Deuxieme edition. Paris. 1863. 
8vo. 2 Maps. c. 73419 

Rossi. Souvenirs d'un Voyage en Oregon et en Californie. 
Par I'Abbe Rossi, missionnaire. Paris. 1863. 8vo, pp. iv, 324. 
2 Maps. 73420 

Rossi (S.) Del discacciamento di Christoforo Colombo Geno- 
vese dalla spagnuola scolpito da Salvatore Revelli da Taggia. 
Discorso istorico-critico-artistico. Di Mg""" Stefano Rossi Ligure. 
... Roma : Coi Tipi della S. C. de Propaganda Fide. 1 851. 4to, pp. 
V, 79, (i). H. 73421 

Prospectus of the Rossie Lead Mining h Smelting Com- 
pany. St. Lawrence County, New York. Boston : Geo. C. 
Rand l^ Avery. 1863. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 73422 

Rossignon (J.) Guide pratique des emigrants en Californie, 
et des voyageurs dans TAmerique espagnole. Par Jules Ros- 
signon. Paris: Adolphe Rene. 1849. i2mo, pp. 108. H. 73423 

Rossignon. Porvenir de la Verapaz en la Republica de Gua- 
temala. Memoria dedicada al consulado de comercio de Guate- 
mala, por Julio Rosignon. Guatemala. 1861. 4to, pp. 37. 

RossiTKR (T. P.) A Description of the Picture of the Home 
of Washington after the War. Painted by T. P. Rossiter and 


J>. R. Mignot, with Historical Sketches of the Personages intro- 
duced. By T. P. Rossiter. New York: D. Jpl>leton and Com- 
pany, MDCCCLIX. 8vO, pp. 52. B. 73425 

RossiTTER (E. W.) Trial of Rev. E. W. Rossittcr, at North 
Granville, Vt. [n. p. ? 1823?] 8vo. 734^6 

RosT (P. A.) Eulogy upon the Life and Character of George 
Eustis. ... By the Hon. Pierre A. Rost, at the request of the 
New Orleans Law Association. Neiv Orleans : Printed at the 
Daily Delta Book and Job Office. 1859. 4^*^i PP- ^3- "• 1^\'^1 

Rost. Oration delivered before the Agricultural and Me- 
chanics' Association of Louisiana, on the 12th of May, 1845, 
By Judge P. A. Rost. Philadelphia: J. Van Court. 1845. ^^o, 
pp. 16. H. 73428 

RosWAG (C.) C. Roswag Ingenieur des Mines Les Metaux 
Precieux consideres au point de vue economique Ouvrage orne 
de 28 gravures dans le texte de 16 planches coloriees et d'une 
carte (Babinet) de la production, de la circulation et de I'absorp- 
tion des metaux precieux Paris Lihrairie scientifique de Eugene 
Lacroix 1865 Rl. 8vo, pp. xv, 424. B' 73429 

RoTALDE (F. de). Oration funebre panegyrica en las reales 
exequias del serenissimo seiior Francisco Farnese, duque de Parma, 
y de Placencia, que en la Iglesia Cathedral de esta ciudad de Lima 
celebro el Exc"^" senor A4arques de Castelfuerte Gov. y Capitan 
General de los Reynos del Peru .... Por Francisco de Rotalde. 
\_Lima. 1728.] 4to, (27) leaves. j.c.B. 73430 

The Rotatory Eldership, in connection with the history of the 
Park Church in Newark, being the Plea of Edward Crane in 
behalf of himself [and others]. Newark. 1852. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Roteiro dos Collectores. Contendo a maneira de se fazerem 
OS lan^amentos e cobran^as dos impostos, tempo e modo de os 
effectuar, e a escriptura^ao delles ; inventario e habilita^ao de her- 
deiros e successores aos bens de defuntos e ausentes : annotado 
com toda a legisla^ao especial, e seguido das normas das peti^oes 
e officios, em materia civil. 3 tdJ\(^diO correcta e augmentada por 
Luiz Ferreira de Araujo e Silva. Rio de Janeiro. 187 1. 8vo, 
pp. xci, 142. 73432 

Roteiro e navaga^ao das Indias occidentais ilhas, antilhas do 
mar Oceano Occidental, com suas derrotas, sondas, fundos, & 


conhcccjK^as. NovamciUc ordenado scgundo os Pilotos Antigos, 
Modernos, por Maiiocl dc Figueiredo, que serue de Cosmographo 
Mor, por mandado de sua Magestade nestas Reynos, e senhorios 
de Portugal. Dirigido a Dom Carlos de Borga, Conde de Ficalho, 
... Com licen^a da Sancta Inquisi^ao, & do Conselho do Pa^o. 
Em L'lshoa^ por Pedro Crasbeeck. 1609. 4to, leaves (lo), 42. J.C.B. 

RoTHELiN {Jbbe). Catalogue | des Livres | de feu| M. TAbbe 
D'Orleans | de Rothelin. | Par G. Martin. | [Vignette.] | A Paris, \ 
Chex Gabriel Martin, Libraire, rue\ S. Jacques, a I'Etoile. \ M. DCC- 
XLVi. I 8vo, pp. xii, xxiv, 618. Portrait. l. 73434 

The books were sold at auction. Among them was Rothelin's famous set of De 
Bry's collection of voyages, now in the Lenox library. 

[Rothelin.] Observations |et| Details] Sur la Collection des 
Grands & des | Petits Voyages. | \_Paris.'] m.dcc.xlii. | 4to, pp. 
44. ' 73435 

The earliest bibliographical account of the De Bry collection of voyages. It is rare, 
a few copies only having been printed. One of these in the Lenox Library is enriched 
with manuscript notes apparently by the Abbe himself. Reprinted, with some additions, 
in Lenglet Du Fresnoy's " Methode pour etudier la geographic," Paris, 1768, vol. i., 
PP- 3^4-361- 

RoTHERAM (J.) An I Essay | on | Faith, | and its | Connection | 
with I Good Works. | By | John Rotheram, m.a. | Rector of Ryton 
in the County of Durham, | and Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of| 
Durham. | Third Edition. | London, Printed : | Neiu-Tork, Re-printed 
and Sold by J. Parker, at the New- 1 Printing- Office, in Beaver- 
Street. \M.DCC.LXvn.\ 8vo, pp. viii, 126. N. 73436 

RoTHERMEL (H. A.) Business Guide and History of Rich- 
land County, Distributed Gratuitously by H. A. Rothermel of 
Mansfield, Ohio. Mansfield, Ohio: B. F. IVade ^ Co., Printers. 
1873. 8vo, pp. 64. 73437 

Rothermel. History and Business Guide of Stark Co. O. 
Distributed gratuitously by Dr. H. A. Rothermel of Mansfield, 
Ohio. Canton, Ohio: Hartzell iff Saxton, Printers. 1872. 8vo, 
pp. 62. 73438 

Rothermel (P. F.) Picture of the Battle of Gettysburg, 
Painted by P. F. Rothermel, Now on Exhibition at 1003 Chest- 
nut Street, Philadelphia. Philadelphia : Longacre is' Co., ... Print- 
ers. 1 87 1. 8vo, pp. 37, (2). 73439 

Rothermel. Picture of the Battle of Gettysburg, Painted 
by P. F. Rothermel, Now on Exhibition at Tremont Temple, 

ROU. 23 

Boston. Philadelphia : Longacre ^ Co.^ ... Printers. 187 i. 8vo, 
PP- 37, (0- '^- 73440 

RoTTBOLL (Christian Friis). Descriptionum et Iconum rari- 
ores et pro maxima parte nova plantas illustrantium liber i. (uni- 
CLis) ... Haunia. 1773. Folio. 21 Plates. 7344^ 

RoTTBOLL. Dcscriptiones Plantarum quarundam Surinamen- 
sium cum fragmento materia^ medicae et oeconomicae Surinamen- 
sis. ... Editio Secunda emendatior. Cum figuris. Hafnice et 
Lipsice: 1798. Jpud Iohanne?n Henricum Schubotne. Folio, pp. 22. 

5 Plates. j.c.B. 73442 

RoTTECK (Karl von). Allgemeine Geschichte, vom Anfang 
der historischen Kcnntniss bis auf unsere Zeiten. ... Neunte 
Auflage. Freiburg. 1832-33. 9 vols., 8vo. 73443 

The first volume of the first edition was published in 1813, and the ninth volume in 
1827. Fifteen editions were published prior to 1841 5 also translations into the principal 
European languages. 

RoTTECK. General History of the World from the Earliest 
Times until the Year 1831. By Charles Von Rotteck, ll.d. ... 
Translated from the German and continued to 1840 by Frederick 
Jones, A.M. ... In Four Volumes. First American Edition. 
Philadelphia : C. F. Stollmeyer. 1 840-4 1. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. vi, 
375, Table ; 466, Table ; 384, Table ; 398, Table. Portrait 
and 22 Plates. H. 73444 

Rotteck. General History of the World, from the earliest 
period to the year 1840; ... With a Continuation, containing an 
account of the various Revolutions and Wars in all parts of the 
World, from 1840 to the present time, by Charles J. Peterson. 
Philadelphia, 1851. 4 vols., 8vo. C 73445 

RoTTERMUND {Cointe de). Rapport geologique de M. de Rot- 
termund, a son honneur le Maire de Quebec, sur la nature du 
minerai combustible qui se trouve dans la ville de Quebec, .^w^- 
hec. 1855. 8vo, pp. 4. 73446 

RoTTERMUND. Report on the Exploration of Lakes Superior 

6 Huron, by Count de Rottermund. [Toronto. 1856.] 8vo, 
pp. 24. B. 73447 

Also: Second Rapport sur I'Exploration des Lacs Superieur et Huron par le Comte de 
Rottermund. Toronto. 1857. 8vo, pp. 50, 

Rou (L.) A Collection of some | Papers | concerning | Mr. 
Levi^is Rou's Affair, | Viz. 1 1. The Acts of the French Consistory 
in the City of | New-York, passed against him the 13th and 20th 


ot Scptcmbci •, I 1724. 1 II. The Petition of several Heads of Fami- 
lies to I his Excellency the Governour in Council. | in. The Order 
of the Council about the Petition. | iv. The Answer of Mr. 
Moullinars and the rest of | the Consistory to the said Petition.] 
V. Mr. Rou's Reply to this Answer. | vi. The two Reports of 
the Committee of Council, | With the Orders of that honourable 
Board concerning the | same. | Printed and Sold by William Bradford 
in the City of New-Tor k^ \ I'JIS- 1 ^m. 4to, pp. 34. BM., P., s. 

Dated Apr. 10. 1724-5. Partly reprinted in the "Documentary History of New 
York," vol. III. Mr. Rou died at New York in December, 1750, and was buried in 
the French Protestant Church, near the pulpit he had filled for forty years. 

Rou. The True | State | of | Mr. Rou's Case, | Or, A Short | 
Discourse I Concerning his Difference with | the present Consistory 
of the French | Church in New- York. | ... | Printed and Sold by 
JVilliam Bradford in the] City of New -Tor k^ 1726. | Sm. 8vo, pp. 
34. H.s.p. 73449 

Signed L. R. on page 33; the last page is filled with "Additions and Corrections." 
Title and note from Charles R. Hildeburn. 

RouARD Y Paz-Soldan (M.) Obscrvacioncs Astronomicas 
y Fisicas y Opcraciones Trigonometricas de la Comision Peruana 
Demarcadora de limites entre el Peru y Brasil. Por Manuel 
Rouard y Paz-Soldan. Lima. 1869. Folio. 73450 

RouARD Y Paz-Soldan. Resumen de las Observaciones 
Meteorologicas hechas en Lima durante el aiio de 1869 ... Por 
Manuel Rouard y Paz-Soldan. Lima. 1870. 8vo, pp. (2), iii, 58. 

[RouBAUD (J. L. Audibert).] A Compendious History of 
General Washington, Commander in Chief of the Americans. 
[^London. 1777.] 8vo, pp. 8. 73452 

"A tract without a title-page, headed as above and signed, *J. L. Audibert Roubaud, 
Ex-secretary to the British Academy of Sciences. 1777.'" — Rich. 

R[oubaud] [M. UJ\bbe Pierre Joseph Andre].) Histoire 
Generale de I'Asie, de I'Afrique et de I'Amerique ; Contenant 
des Discours sur I'Histoire Ancienne des Peuples de ces Contrees, 
leur Histoire Moderne & la Description des lieux, avec des Re- 
marques sur leur Histoire Naturelle, & des Observations sur les 
Religions, les Gouvernemens, les Sciences, les Arts, le Com- 
merce, les Coutumes, les Moeurs, les Caracteres, &c. des Nations. 
Par M. L. A. R. A Paris .^ Chez des Ventes de la Dou'e^ ... M. dcc- 
Lxx-MDCCLXxv. 5 vols., 4to, pp. xvi, 958 ; 803 ; 938 ; 862 ; 

904. Map. J.C.B., S. -|- llbid.'] MDCCLXX-MDCCLXXV. I5 

vols., i2mo. 73453 

ROUEN. 25 

RoUBAUD (Rafael Gomez). iManilicsto dc los auxilios dados 
a la Real Hacienda v a la Renta del Tabaco por los Magistrados, 
Cuerpos, Prelados, Caballeros, Haceiidados y Comcrciantes de la 
Isla de Cuba. ... Hahana^ por Bolona. 1805. 8vo. 73454 

RouBAUD. Reglas para la Extiaccion licita del Numerario de 
los Puertos de la Isla de Cuba. ... Habana. 1805. 8vo. 73455 

See also Vol. in., No, 11099. 

RouBY (J.) Bibliotheque de TEmigrant. Guide Americain. 
Par Jules Rouby. Paris: £. Blot. 1859. i^mo, pp. 248. c. 

RouELLE (J.) A Complete Treatise on the Mineral Waters 
of Virginia : containing a description of their Situation, their 
Natural History, their Analysis, Contents, and their Use in 
Medicine. By John Rouelle, m.d. ... Philadelphia : The Author. 
MDCCxcii. 8vo, pp. (8), xix, 68. b., ba., c, h., n. 73457 

Rouen. Cest la Dedvction du somptueux ordre plaisantz 
spectacles et magnifiqves theatres dresses, et exhibes par les 
citoiens de Rouen ville Metropolitaine du pays de Normandie, A 
la sacre Maieste du Treschristian Roy de France, Henry sccod 
leur souuerain Seigneur, Et a Tresillustre dame, ma Dame Kath- 
erine de Medicis, La Royne son espouze, lors de leur triumphant 
ioyeulx et nouvel aduenement en icelle ville, Qui fut es jours de 
Mercredy et ieudy premier et secod lours d'octobre, Mil cinq cens 
cinquante, Et pour plus expresse intelligence de ce tant excellent 
triumphe, les figures et pourtraicts des principaulx aornementz 
d'iceluy y sont apposez chascun en son lieu comme Ton pourra 
veoir par le discours de I'histoire. Auec priuilege du Roy. On 
les vend a Rouen che'L Robert le Hoy Robert et 'Jehan dict% du Gord 
tenantx leur boutique. Au portail des libraires. 1 55 1. [Colophon:] 
Icy se terminent Vordre et progre% du Triumphant et Magnifique 
Aduenement du Roy et de la Royne de France dautant pro?npte que 
liberale volonte celebre en leur bonne ville de Rouen^ et nouuellement 
imprirne Par lean le Prest.^ audict lieu le ix. iour de ce moys de Decetn- 
bre 1551. 8vo. 7345^ 

Reprinted with the following preliminary title : Une fete bresilienne celebree a Rouen 
en 1550, suivi d'un fragment du xvi" siecle roulant sur la theogonie des anciens peuples 
du Bresil et des poesies en langue Tupique de Christovam Valente. Par Ferdinand 
Denis. Patisy J. Techener. 1850. 8vo, pp. 1 04. Folded Plate. 

" This volume relates to a grand fete which took place at Rouen, in France, in the 
year 1550, when fifty Indians of the Tupinambas tribe, from Brazil, exhibited their 
war dances and combats on the banks of the Seine before Catherine de Medicis, as had 
been the custom in their own country on great occasions. The editor, in his prelimin- 
ary remarks says : It is certain that this account of the event, which, to the present 



time had escaped the notice of historians, ought not to surprise us when we recollect 
how intimate were the relations of Rouen, Dieppe, and Honfleur with South America. 
The tract giving the particulars of the fete was printed by order of the aldermen of 
Rouen, thus giving to it a character of authenticity. In the " Chronicon " of Eusebius, 
printed by Stephanus in 1 512, and several times subsequently, is an account of seven 
North American Indians who visited Rouen in the year 1509; so it appears that the 
people of that city were accustomed to visits from Indians." — J. R. Bartlett. See aho 
the note to No. 19556, Vol. v. 

Rough (W.) Report of his Majesty's Most Honorable Privy 
Council, in the Case of William Rough, Sergeant at Law, late 
President of the Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, Demerara, 
Complainant, against John Murray, a Lieutenant-General in his 
Majesty's Forces, late Lieutenant Governor of that Colony, Re- 
spondent. London: Longmans^ Hurst^ Rees^ Onne^ Brown iff Green. 
1825. 8vo, pp. viii, 328. c. 73459 

Rough and Ready Annual, or Military Souvenir. Neiu-Tork : 
Elton. ^848. i2mo. s. 73460 

Also for 1849. 

The Rough and Ready Melodist. New York. [1848.] 24mo. 

Rough and Ready Songs. New York. 1848. 8vo. 734^2 

The Rough and Ready Songster : embellished with twenty-five 
Splendid Engravings, illustrative of the American Victories in 
Mexico. By an American Officer. New York : Nafis & Cor- 
nish^ Publishers. [1848.?] 24mo, pp. 250, vi. H. 73463 

Rough Hewer, pseudon. See [Yates (Abraham)]. 

The Rough-Hewer, Devoted to the Support of the Democratic 
Principles of Jefferson. Albany^ N. Y. January 18, 1840. A^^. I. 
\jto December 24, 1840. No. 39.] 4to, pp. 312. 734^4 

A campaign paper, published for nine months only. The last number has an index. 
Many of the articles were contributed by John A. Dix. After No. 39 incorporated 
with the " Albany Argus," and published as the " Weekly Argus and Rough-Hewer." 

RouGHLEY (T.) The Jamaica Planter's Guide ; or a System 
for Planting and Managing a Sugar Estate ; or other Plantations 
In that Island, and throughout the British West Indies in general. 
Illustrated with interesting Anecdotes. By Thomas Roughley, 
nearly twenty years a sugar planter in Jamaica. London : Long- 
man^ Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown. 1823. 8vo, pp. (10), 420. 

Le Rougisme en Canada. See [Huot (L. H.)], Vol. ix., No. 

RouHAUD (H.) Les Regions Nouvelles Histoire du Com- 

ROUND. 27 

mcrce ct dc la Civilisation au Nord dc rOccaii Pacificiuc Par 
Hippolytc Rouhaud ... Paris E. Dentu 1868 8vo, pp. (4), vi, 
404. 73466 

RouLiN (M.) Memoire pour servir a I'histoire du Tapir, et 
description d'une especc nouvelle (le Tapir Pinchaque) appartenant 
aux hautes regions de la Cordillere des Andes. Lu a TAcademie 
le 9 Fevrier 1829. Par M. Roulin, m.d. ... Paris: Bachelier. 
1835. 4to, pp. 95. 3 Plates. 73467 

RouLSTONE (J.) Tribute of Affection to John Roulstone, Jr. 
•S"^^ [Capen (Lemuel)], Vol. iii.. No. 10743, note. 

RouME [Philippe Rose]. Memoire de M. Roume, commis- 
saire et ordonnateur de I'isle de Tabago, charge par le ministre de 
la marine de repondre aux reclamations des hypothccaires Anglais, 
qui refute un memoire adresse a PAssemblee nationale pour les 
creanciers Anglais des habitans de la meme isle, par MM. Tod 
et Francklyn, deputes de ces creanciers. P^nV, Imprimerie Na- 
tionale. 1790. 8vo, pp. (2), 202. 73468 

Roume. Memoire de M. Roume, Commissaire et Ordonna- 
teur de Tile de Tabago, charge par le ministre de la marine de 
repondre aux reclamations des hypothccaires Anglais : Qui refute 
des representations faites par les Creanciers Anglais des Colons 
de Tabago, aux comites reunis du Commerce et des Colonies Du 
15 juin 1 79 1. Paris: De U Imprimerie de Migneret. mdccxci. 
8vo, pp. 142. B. 73469 

Roume. Observations sur le deuxieme Memoire du Sieur 
Roume. See [Balfour (J.)], Vol. i., No. 2931. 

Roume. Petition adressee a I'Assemblee Nationale. Par P. 
Rose Roume, commissaire de Tile de Tobago, et soldat dans la 
garde nationale de Paris ; charge par le ministre de la marine de 
repondre aux reclamations des hypothccaires Anglais. Juillet 11, 
1 79 1. \Paris. 1 79 1.] 8vo, pp. 10. J.C.B. 73470 

Roume. Rapport de Philippe-Rose Roume, sur sa mission a 
St.-Domingue en qualite de commissaire national civil. Paris: 
Imprimerie Nationale. 1793. 8vo, pp. 75. 7347 1 

Round Hill School, Northampton. See Vol. xiii., No. S577^- 

The Round Table. No. 2. [In verse.] Hartford. 18 19. 
l6mo. 73472 

See also "The Square Table." 

28 ROURE. 

The Round Table, a Weekly Record of the Notable, the 
Useful and the Tasteful. Vol. 'i. [Nos. 1-26.] New-Tor k : 
H. E. & C. H. Siucetser. 1863. Sm. folio, pp. 416 .? B. 73473 

Continued to July lo, 1869, Vol. x., No. I, when it was merged into the "New 
York Citizen and Round Table." 

Round the Block. An American Novel. With Illustrations. 
New York : D. Appleton^ Company. 1864. l2mo, pp. 468. 3 
Plates. c. 73474 

RouNDELL (C. S.) England and her Subject-Races with 
special reference to Jamaica. By Charles Saville Roundell, m.a. 
... London: Macmillan and Co. 1866. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 73475 

RouPELL (G.) Extracts from the Proceedings ... In the 
Cause, George Roupell, Esq. See Vol. vi.. No. 23532, or [Leigh 
(E.)], Vol. X., No. 39925. 

RouQUETTE (A. E.) Discours prononce a la Cathedrale de 
Saint-Louis (Nouvelle-Orleans, 1846), a I'occasion de I'anniver- 
saire du 8 Janvier, par I'Abbe A. Rouquette, de la Louisiane. 
Paris: L'lhraire de Sauvaignat. 1846. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 73476 

[Rouquette.] Les Savanes, Poesies Americaines. Par 
Adrien ***.^ de la Louisiane. Paris., yules Labitte ; Nouvelle- 
Orleans., Alfred Moret. 1841. i2mo, pp. (6), 306. H. 73477 

Rouquette. La Thebaide en Amerique oti Apologie de la 
Vie Solitaire et Contemplative, par L'abbe Adrien Rouquette (De 
La Louisiane) •... Nouvelle-Orleans: hnprimerie Meridier. 1852. 
8vo, pp. X, (2), 144. B., H., s. 73478 

Rouquette. Wild Flowers, Sacred Poetry by the Abbe 
Adrien Rouquette .... New Orleans: T. O'Donnell. 1848. 8vo, 
PP- (4), 72,(1). B., H., s. 73479 

Rouquette ([PVan^ois] Dominique). Fleurs d'Amerique, 
Poesies nouvelles par Dominique Rouquette (de la Louisiane) ... 
Nouvelle-Orleans : H. Meridier. 1856. 8vo, pp. 303. B., H., s. 

Rouquette. Meschacebeennes. Poesies, par Dominique 
Rouquette. Paris. 1839. Sm. i2mo. 734^1 

Also: The Arkansas ... Fort Smith. 1850 8vo. 

RouRE (P.) La Conquete du Mexique, Poeme en dix chants, 
enrichi de notes, du precis de la conquete du Mexique, et de son 
etat ancien et moderne, par M. P. Roure ; suivi de fragmens du 

ROUS. 29 

poeme de Las-Casas et de poesies di verses. Paris: P'lllet. 181 1. 
8vo, pp. (2), 260, (2). c, s. 73482 

Rous (J.), and others. New-England | A Degenerate | Plant. | 
Who having forgot their former | Sufferings, and lost their ancient 
tenderness, are | now become famous among the Nations in bring- 
I ing forth the fruits of cruelty, wherein they | have far outstript 
their Persecutors the Bishops, as by | these their ensuing Laws 
you may | plainly see. | Published for the information of all sober 
People, who I desire to know how the state of New-England now 
I stands, and upon what foundation the New-Eng-| land Churches 
are built, and by whose strength | they are upholden now they are 
degenerated and | have forsaken the Lord. | 

f lohn Rous, 1 ^. 

The Truth of which we are Wit- | lohn Copeland, j ^ 

nesses, (who by their cruel \ Samuel Shattock, ) y u 1 • 
hands have suffered) Nicholas Phelps, V 

losiah Southwick, j 
Whereunto is annexed a Copy of a Letter which came | from one 
who hath been a Magistrate among them, | to a friend of his in 
London, wherein he gives an | account of some of the cruel suf- 
fering of the I people of God in those parts under the | Rulers of 
New-England, and their un- 1 righteous Laws. | Z^«^(?«, Printed in 
the Tear 1659. | 4to, pp. 20. a-b in fours, c in two. c, P. 

" Extremely rare. It contains the Laws and Proceedings of the General Courts of 
Massachusetts, Plymouth, and New Haven, against the Quakers, 1656-59; followed 
by ' A true Copy of a Letter which was sent from one who was a Magistrate in New- 
England, to a Friend of his in London.' This is the letter of Capt. James Cudworth, 
of Scituate, for writing which he v/as disfrancliised by the Plymouth Court. It was 
reprinted by Bishop, in New-England Judged, pp. 168-176. 6Ve Palfrey's Hist, of N. 
England, 11. 533, Deane's Hist, of Scituate, 245-248." — J. H. Trumbull. 8ee aho 
"The Secret Workes." 

Rous. The sins of a gainsaying and rebellious people laid 
before them, that if there be any tenderness in them, they may 
repent. Written at the command of the Lord, by one of his 
servants called, John Rouse. London^ Printed in the \th month 
^th day for M. W. 1659. 4to, 4 leaves. 734^4 

[Rous.] A Warning to the Lihabitants of Barbadoes, who 
live in Pride, Drunkennesse, Covetousnesse, Oppression, and 
deceitful dealings ... Also something to the Rulers of Barbadoes, 
that they rule rightly, and do justice on the wicked ... [London? 
1656.] 4to, 4 leaves. 734^5 

Written at Barbadoes, the loth day of the 8th month, 1656. 


Rous (J. I.) Le Mexique (en vers). Par Jean Isidore Rous, 
soldat au 8^ de ligne. Metx : Impr'imerie Blanc. 1864. 8vo, pp. 
20. 73486 

Rouse (E. S. S.) The Bugle Blast; or, Spirit of the Con- 
flict. Comprising Naval and Military Exploits, Dashing Raids, 
Heroic Deeds, Thrilling Incidents, Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., 
etc. ... By E. S. S. Rouse. Philadelphia: James Challen & Son. 
1864. 8vo, pp. 336. H. 73487 

RoussEL (N.) Les Nations Catholiques et les Nations Pro- 
testantes comparees sous le Triple Rapport du Bien-etre, des Lu- 
mieres et de la Moralite par Napoleon Roussel. ... Paris : Mey- 
ruies et Cie. 1854. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 500 ; (4), 485, (2). B. 

Roussel. Catholic and Protestant Nations compared in their 
Threefold Relations to Wealth, Knowledge, and Morality, by 
the Rev. Napoleon Roussell, of Paris, ... w^ith an Introduction 
by the Hon. and Rev. Baptiste Noel. Boston : y. P. Jewett ^ 
Co. 1855. 2 vols, in one, 8vo, pp. viii, 313; 322. H. 73489 

[RoussELOT DE SuRGY (Jacqucs Philibcrt).] Histoire | Natu- 
relle et Politique |de la| Pensylvanie, | et | de I'Etablissement | des 
Quakers | dans cette Contree. | Traduite de I'Allemand. | P. M. 
D. S. Censeur Royal. | Precedee d'une Carte Geographique. | 
j4 Paris^ I Chez Ganeau^ Lihraire., rue S. Severing | aux Jrmes de 
Dotnbes. | M. DCC. Lxviii. | Jvec Approbation ^ Privilege du Roi. \ 
i2mo, pp. XX, 372, (4). Map. L. 73490 

A compilation, translated from Kalm and Mittelberger. 

[RoussELOT DE SuRGY.] Melanges Interessans et Curieux, 
ou Abrege d'Histoire Naturelle, Morale, Civile et Politique de 
I'Asie, I'Afrique, I'Amerique, et des Terres Polaires. Par M. 
R. D. S***. Paris: Durand. 1763-65. . lO vols., l2mo. -{- 
Seconde edition. Tverdon. 1764-65. 12 vols., 8vo. 73491 

[RoussELOT DE SuRGY.] Memoires Geographiques, Phy- 
siques et Historiques sur I'Asie, I'Afrique & I'Amerique. Tires 
des Lettres Edifiantes, & des Voyages des Missionaires Jesuites. 
Par I'Auteur des Melanges Interessans h Curieux. ... Paris: Du~ 
rand. 1767. 4 vols., i2mo. P. 73492 

RoussET [de Missy (Jean)]. Les Intcrets des Puissances de 
I'Europe fondez sur les traites conclus dcpuis la paix d'Utrecht. 
Par J. Rousset. ... La Haye : Moetjens. I'Jl'^. 2 vols. 4to. -|- 


La Haye. 1733. 4 vols., 4to. + La Haye. 1734. 17 vols., 
i2mo. 73493 

RoussET. Les Interets presens et les pretentions des puis- 
sances de I'Europe fondez sur les traitez depuis ceux d'Utrecht 
inclusivement et sur les preuves de leurs droits particuliers. Par 
J. Rousset. La Haye. 1736. 3 vols., 4to. -|- Troisieme edi- 
tion. La Haye. 1741. 3 vols., 4to. 73494 

The third volume relates partly to America. 

Rousset. Recueil Historique d'Actes, Negotiations, Me- 
moires et Traitez. Depuis la Paix d'Utrecht ... Par Mr. Rous- 
set. La Haye : H. Scheurleer. MDCCXXVIII-MDCCLV. 21 vols, in 
23 parts sm. 8vo. b. 73495 

In the set at the Boston Public Library, vols. vi. and vii. have the imprint, La Haye: 
Chez P. Gosse, & y. Neaulme. mdccxxxii-mdccxxxiii ; vols, viii.-xvir., La Haye : Chez 
Pierre Gosse. mdccxxxiv-mdccxliv ; vols, xviii-xxi., Ansterdam : Chez Meynard Uyt- 


R[oussiGNAc] (J[acques] D[e].) The Earth twice shaken 
wonderfully: I Or, An | Analogical Discourse of Earthquakes, | its 
Natural Causes, Kinds, and Manifold Effects ; | occasioned | By 
the last of these, which happened on the | Eighth Day of Septem- 
ber 1692. at Two of the Clock | in the Afternoon. | Divided into | 
Philosophical Theorems, pick'd out of many | f^amous Modern, 
and Ancient Treatises, | Translated into English ; | With Refer- 
ence to that unusual One, that happened in | Oueen Elizabeth's 
Reign, on the same Day, 8th. of September 1601. | at the same 
Hour, which was sensibly felt throughout all Europe, | and some 
part of Asia In the same Moment, as much as It Is found out. | A 
domed, | With an Account of many stupendous and wonderful | 
Events in Germany, Italy, and other Kingdoms. | Wherein | Some 
Observations are made upon the Circumstances, wherein | these 
Two Earthquakes agree, and in others wherein they differ. | By J. 
D. R. French Minister. | London : Printed for the Author.^ at Stones 
Colledge^ near \ Cripplegate ; and to be Sold at Mr. Cockrel^ Bookseller.^ 
at the Sign | of the Three Legs in the Poultry^ and at Mr. Vaillant.^ 
French Book- \ seller.^ in the Strand.^ over-against the French Savoy's 
Church, 169I.I 4to, pp. (8), 47. 73496 

Includes some account of earthquakes in America. 

RoussiLLON (F. P. Vigo). See VIgo-Roussillon. 

RoussiN (Baro?i). Navigation aux Cotes du Bresil ; Par M. 
le Baron Roussin, Capltaine de Vaisseau, &c. J Paris, dc V hn~ 
prirnerie Royale. 1821. 8vo, pp. 67, Errata, I leaf. A., H. 



RoussiN. Le Pilote du Bresil, ou Description des cotes de 
TAmerique Meridionale, situees entre I'lle Santa-Catarina et celle 
de Maranhao ; Cartes et Plans de ces cotes, et instructions pour 
naviguer dans les mers du Bresil ; compose sur les documents 
recueillis dans la campagne hydrographique entreprise par ordre du 
roi, sous le ministere de M. le B.^^" Portal, et executee, en 1819 
et 1820, sur la corvette la Bayadere et le brig le Favori, par M. 
le B."" Roussin, contre-amiral ... Paris. De V Imprimerie Roy ale. 
M. Dccc. XXVI. Large folio, pp. (4), 40; Deuxieme partie, 2 
leaves, and 15 Maps. a. 73498 

Roussin. Le Pilote du Bresil ou description des cotes de 
I'Amerique meridionale, comprises entre I'lle Santa-Catarina et 
celle de Maranhao, avec les instructions necessaires pour atterir 
et naviguer sur ces cotes. Par le Baron Roussin, contre amiral. 
Paris: Impri?nerie Royale. 1827. 8vo, pp. 241. -f Deuxieme 
edition. Paris. 1845. 8vo. 73499 

Roussin. O Piloto do Brasil, ou descrip^ao das cartas da 
America meridional entre Sancta Catharina e Buenos Ayres, e 
instruc^oes para navegar nos mares do Brasil : por mr. Baral. 
Executada por ordem do governo francez, em continua^ao ao 
Piloto do Brasil pelo Barao Roussin. Rio de "Janeiro.^ ^yp' Corn- 
mercial de P. Gueffier, 1834. 8vo, pp. 1-96, 107-114. Map. 

Route North from Boston. A Railway Manual containing 
Railroad Maps of the Entire Route from Boston North ... with 
ample Descriptions. To which is added, A Complete Guide to 
Lake Winnipiseogee and the White Mountains. Boston : George 
IV. Briggs. 1849. i2mo, pp. 48. 6 Maps. H. 73501 

Routes and Tables of Distances embraced in the Traveller's 
Guide through the Northern and Middle States and the Canadas. 
Saratoga Spri?igs : G. M. Davison. 1833. i8mo, pp. 24. Map. 

Publislied to accompany Davison's Traveller's Guide. 

Routes to the White Mountains and Lake Winnipiseogee, 
with Descriptions and Maps ... Boston: Pathfinder Publishing 
House. 1 85 1. i2mo, pp. 30. 2 Maps. H. 73503 

RouTH (M.) Memoir of the Life, Travels, and Religious 
Experience, of Martha Routh, written by herself, or compiled 
from her own narrative. York: Printed and published by IV. Alex- 
ander and Son^ Sold also by Harvey & Darton^ IV. Phillips and IV, 


Darton^ London. AI. M. and E, Webb., Bristol ; and C. Bentharn., 
Dublin. 1822. i2mo. -j- The Second Edition. [//»/>/.] 1824. 
i2mo. 73504 

Contains an account of her travels in America. Reprinted in vol. xii. of "The 
Friends' Library," Piytladelphia, 1848. 

Routier des lies Antilles, des cotes de terre-firme et de celles 
du golfe de Mexique ; redige a la direction des travaux hydrogra- 
phiques de Madrid, pour I'intelligence et I'usage des cartes qu'elle 
a publiee. Deuxieme edition, Corrigee et augmentee de ren- 
seignemens tres-recens, et d'une Notice sur les courans de Tocean 
Atlantique. Tradiiit de I'Espagnol par F. C. Chaucheprat ... 
A Paris .^ De I' Imprimerie Royale. 1824. 8vo, pp. vii, (i), 6o2. A. 

For the original work in Spanish see Vol. v., Nos. 19678-9. Other editions as fol- 
lows : 

Routier des lies Antilles, des cotes de terre-ferme et de celles 
du golfe de Mexique, redige a la direction des travaux hydrogra- 
phiques de Madrid pour I'intelligence et I'usage des cartes qu'elle 
a publiees. Troisieme edition. Traduit de I'Espagnol par C F. 
Chaucheprat. Paris: Imprimerie Royale. 1829. 8vo, pp. 608. 
-j- Quatrieme edition, revue sur la derniere publication du depot 
de Madrid, augmentee de documents traduits de divers voyages 
Anglais, par Ch. Rigault de Genouilly, capitaine de fregate. 
Paris: Imprimerie Royale. 1842. 2 vols., 8vo. 7350^ 

Routledge's American Handbook and Tourist's Guide through 
the United States ... . Accompanied by an Accurate Map, copied 
from one lately made by order of Congress. London : George 
Rout ledge ^ Co. ... New York. 1854. i6mo, pp. vi, (i), 216. 
Map. 73507 

RouvELLAT DE CussAC (J. B.) A Mcssicurs les Membres 
de la Chambre des Deputes. Quelques Observations sur le Pro- 
jet de Loi relatif a I'Esclavage dans les Colonies. Par Jean-Bap- 
tiste Rouvellet de Cussac ... . Paris: Pagnerre. [1845?] ^^o, 
pp. 16. B. 73508 

RouvELLAT DE CussAC. Situation des Esclaves dans les Co- 
lonies fran^aises; urgence de leur emancipation. Par J.-B. Rou- 
vellat de Cussac ... . Paris: Pagnerre. 1845. ^^'^^ PP- ^5^- 

Rouvellet (J. D. R.) Trial of J. D. R. Rouvellet, Esq. of 
the Island of St. Christopher, for Forgery. London. 1806. 8vo. 
Portrait. 735 »0 



[Roux {Sergeant- MaJor).~\ Le Nouveau Mississippi, on les 
Dangers d'habiter les bords du Scioto, par un Patriote Voyageur. 
Paris: 'Jacqueinart. 1790. i2mo, pp. 44. c. 7351 1 

B;irbier gives this title with the imprint: Paris, imp. de yacoh-Sion, 1790, 8vo, pp. 
44, and adds, " L'avis de I'editeur est signe : Fr. Jacquemart, citoyen du district Saint- 
Nicolas des Champs. Le nom de I'auteur se trouve dans Tavertissement." See also 
[Jacquemart (Fr.)J, Vol. ix., No. 35512. 

Roux (A. A.) Louise Neckar French. [In verse.] By A. 
A. Roux. New Tork. 1850. i2mo, pp. 46. 73512 

Roux (C. F.) Topographic Medicale de San-Domingo anci- 
enne capitale des colonies Espagnoles dans les Antilles. Me- 
moire sur la fievre jauiie d'Amerique dite fievre pernicieuse Par 
Charles Frederic Roux de Tain ... A Venue Che% Fra?ipis An- 
dreola hnpr'uneur de la Marine Roy ale. An 1 807. 8vo, pp. (4), 

67. A. 73513 

Roux (F. A.) Etudes sur la Guiane Fran^aise. ... Montpel- 
lier. 1837. 4to, pp. 48. 73514 

Roux (P.) Almanach Royal d'Havti, pour I'Annee 1814, 
Onzieme de I'lndependence, et la troisieme du regne de Sa Ma- 
jeste, Presente au Roi, par P. Roux. Au Cap- Henry : Che-z P. 
Roux., imprimeur de Sa Maj est e. [18 1 3.] 8v'o, pp. (16), 131. ba. 
-f Pour I'annee 1815. [n. p. 1814.] 8vo, pp. (8), 80. ba. + 
Pour I'annee 18 17. Au Cap- Henry : Chez P. Roux^ imprhneur de 
Sa Majeste. [1816.] 8vo, pp. (14), 129, (2). ba. 73515 

Roux DE RocHELLE {M.) Etats-Unis D'Amerique, par M. 
Roux de Rochelle ... . Paris .^ Firmin Didot Freres ... . M DCCC- 
xxxvii. 8vo, pp. (6), 400. Map and 96 Plates, a. -f \Jhid.'\ 
M Dccc XXXVIII. 8vo, pp. (6), 400. Map and 96 Plates, b., h. 
+ [/^/V/.] 1839. 8vo. -f [//»;>/.] 1845. ^vo, pp. (6), 400. 
A4ap and 96 Plates, s. -f \Jbid.'\ 1853. ^^^1 PP- (^)» 4^^- 
Map and 96 Plates. ba. 73516 

Forms one of the volumes of •' L'Univers." 

Roux DE Rochelle. Etats-Unis, jusqu'en 18 12 Histoire, 
Religion, Moeurs, Coutumes, etc. Paris, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. (6), 
400. Map and 96 Plates. 735^7 

Roux DE Rochelle. Historia de los Etados-Unidos de 
America. Por Mr. Roux de Rochelle, traducida al castellano 
por una sociedad literaria. Barcelona : Imprenta del Guardia Na- 
cional. I 841. 8vo, half-title, title, pp. 389, (4). 4 Portraits, 75 
Plates. B. 73518 

ROWAN. 35 

Roux DE RocHELLE. Ferdinand Cortes, poeme. Par M. 
Roux de Rochelle. Paris. 1838. 8vo. 735^9 

RouxEL (H.) Annales du Cabinet de Lecture de Montreal. 
La Vocation de la Colonie de Montreal, lecture prononcee par 
Messire H. Rouxel, pretre de San Siilpice, le 7 Septembre 1857, 
et enrichie d'annotations historiques par M. le Conimandeur 
Viger. Montreal. 1857. ^^°> PP- *^- 735^0 

Rouxel. Les Premiers Colons de Montreal, par Messire 
Rouxel, pretre Sulpicien. Lu au cabinet de Lecture Paroissial 
de Montreal, le 23 Mai 1857. Montreal. 1857. ^^^j PP- ^• 

RouzEAU (A.) De la Republique de Haiti, ile de Saint Do- 
mingue, considerees sous ses difFerens rapports, ses forces, ses 
moyens physiques et moraux et le caractere national de ses habi- 
tans. Observations faites sur les lieux, par M. A. Rouzeau (du 
Loiret) dans son voyage de 181 7 a 18 18. Paris: Didot. 1818. 
8vo, pp. 44. 73522 

Rover {K\\^^\ pseudon.f The Early Settlers in the West. 
A Poem. By Riley Rover. Cleveland.^ Ohio. 1859. ^^^> PP* 3^ 

Rover (Roderic), pseudon. See [Prentiss (C.)], Vol. xv., No. 

The Rover : a Dollar Weekly Magazine. Edited by Seba 
Smith and L. Labree. ... New Tork. 1843-45. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Plates. 73524 

Rovings in the Pacific, from 1837 to 1849 ; with a Glance at 
California. By a Merchant long resident at Tahiti. ... London: 
Longman.^ B?ozun^ Green^ and Longmans. 1 851. 2 vols., l2mo, 
pp. xii, 351 ; xi, 371. 4 Plates. a., c. 73525 

Row (A.) Masonic Biography and Dictionary comprising the 
History of Ancient Masonry, Antiquity of Masonry [etc.] ... 
Compiled by Augustus Row, k.t. ... Philadelphia : 'J. B. Lippin- 
cott 6' Co. 1868. i2mo, pp. 365. B., BA. 73526 

Rowan (A. H.) Autobiography of Archibald Hamilton 
Rowan. With additions and illustrations by Wm. H. Drum- 
mond ... . Dublin: Thomas Tegg and Co. 1840. 8vo, pp. xvi, 
475. Portrait, one folded sheet. a., b. 73527 

Rowan residt-d for soini' time in the United Stites. 

Rowan [John]. Mr. Rowan's Motion for an Inquiry into 

36 ROWAN. 

the Conduct of H. Innes, District Judge of the United States for 
... Kentucky. Mar. 21, 1808. Washington. 1808. 8vo. 

Rowan. Speech of Mr. Rowan, of Kentucky, on Mr. Foot's 
Resolution, relating to the Public Lands, in Reply to Mr. Webs- 
ter, of Massachusetts. Delivered in the Senate United States, 
FelMuary 4th, 1830. Washington : Printed by Way and Gideon. 
1830. 8vo, pp. 41. P. 73529 

Rowan and Clay (H.) A Vindication of the Occupying 
Claimant Laws of Kentucky, Presented to the Supreme Court 
of the United States, in a Petition for a reconsideration of the 
Case of Green vs. Biddle. By John Rowan and Henry Clay, 
Esqs. Louisville: Printed by S. Penn^ jfr. 1823. 8vo, pp. 23. M. 

Also: Speech ... on Imprisonment for Debt, ... 1830. Washington. 1830. 8vo. 

Rowan (S. N.) An Address, delivered July 12, 1826, in the 
Middle Dutch Church, at the Request of the Common Council, 
on occasion of the Funeral Obsequies of John Adams and 
Thomas Jefferson. By Stephen N. Rowan, d.d. New- Tor k : 
Printed by William Davis Jun. 1826. 8vo, pp. 36. ba. 73531 

Rowan. A Discourse delivered in the Presbyterian Church 
in Cedar-Street, ... February 27th, 1825, on Occasion of the 
Death of John B. Romeyn, d.d. By Stephen N. Rowan, d.d. 
... New- Tor k : Printed and sold by Hopkins & Morris. 1825. 8vo, 

pp. 43. B., BA. 73532 

Rowan. Farewell Address on Occasion of taking Tempo- 
rary Leave of his Congregation to go to Europe, as Agent of the 
American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews. 
By Stephen N. Rowan, d.d. ... London: The Author, mdccc- 
XXVIII. 8vo, pp. 40. B., H. 73533 

Rowan. Jacob's Address to Laban. A Sermon, preached in 
the Reformed Dutch Church at Greenwich, in the City of New- 
York, August 9, 1 8 18, on occasion of announcing to the Con- 
gregation the Resignation of his Call. By Stephen N. Rowan, 
A.M. ... New-Tor k : Published by "James Eastburn & Co. ... Jbra- 
harn Paul^ Printer. 18 i8. 8vo, pp. 52. BA. 73534 

This elicited : Reply to The Sermon of The Rev. Stephen N. Rowan, delivered at 
Greenwich, in the City of New- York, Aug. 9, 1818 : being A Report Thereon, by a 
Committee of Consistory. Neiv-Tork : W. B. Gilley, No. 92 Broadivay. J. Seymour ^ 
printer i 18 18. 8vo, pp. 44. ba. 

Rowan. Review of the Reply ... . By Stephen N. Rowan, 
... New-Tor k. 1818. 8vo. s. 73535 



Rowan. Sermon delivered at the ()rdinatit)ii of Richard 
Varick Dcy. Greenfield-Hill, (Con.) Jan. 15, 1823. ^Y 
Stephen N. Rowan, d.d. Pastor of the Eighth Presbyterian 
Church, New- York. New-York : Printed by f. Seymour^ John- 
Street. 1823. 8vo, pp. 25. B. 73536 

Rowan. Tribute to The A^emory of Alexander McLeod, 
D.D. A Discourse delivered in ... New-York, on the ... loth 
of March, 1833. By Stephen N. Rowan, d.d. New- Tor k : 
Peter Hill. 1833. 8vo, pp. 37, (l). B., BA. 73537 

Also: Sermon ... on Fast Day. ... Neiv York. 1812. 8vo. 

RowcROFT (C.) Tales of the Colonies ; or, the Adventures 
of an Emigrant. By Charles Rowcroft, Esq. London. 1843. 
3 vols., i2mo. -\- Third Edition. London. 1845. i2mo, pp. 
560. -f Eifth Edition. London. 1846. i2mo. -f Sixth Edi- 
tion. London. 1850. i2mo. -|- London. 1859. i2mo. -|- Sec- 
ond Series. London. 1846. 3 vols., i2mo. 7353^ 

[RowE (D. Watson).] A Sketch of the 126th Regiment 
Pennsylvania Volunteers. Prepared by an Officer, and sold for 
the Benefit of the P^ranklin County Soldiers' Monumental Asso- 
ciation. Charnbersburg : Cook l5 Hays. 1869. 8vo, pp. 89. ba 

RowE [Elizabeth]. Devout | Exercises | of the | Heart | in | 
Meditation and Soliloquy, | Prayer and Praise. | By the late Pious 
and Ingenious | Mrs. Rowe. | Review'd and Published at her Re- 
quest, | By I. Watts, D.D. I The Fourth Edition. | ^^j/^jw ; Printed 
by Rogers and Fowle for J. | Blanch ard at the Bible and Crown in 
Dock-square. \ 1742.I Sm. 8vo, pp. 148, (4). ba. 73540 

First edition : London^ 1738. Other early American editions : 

Philadelphia: B.Franklin. 1745? i2mo. 

Edinburgh Printed : \ Lancaster, Re-printed, and Sold by TV.\Dunlap at the Neiu-Print- 
ing-Ojjce\in King Street, 1754.I Sm. 8vo, pp. 126, Contents (2), Advertisement I leaf, 
Books I leaf, h.s.p. 

Boston: Printed and sold by Samuel Hall. MDCCXC. l6mo, pp. 139,(2). h. 

Dedham : Printed and sold by Nathaniel and Benjamin Heaton. mdccxcvi. i2mo, pp. 

142, (2). H. 

Northampton: Daniel Wright and Company, mdccxcviii. l2mo, pp. 158. B. 
fValpoUy N. H. : Thomas & Thomas. 1802. 24mo, pp. 146, (2). ba. 
Troy: Printed by 0. Penniman & Co. 1803. i2mo, pp. 174. b., h. 

RowE. Friendship in Death : in Twenty Letters from the 
Dead to the Living ... added, Moral and Entertaining Letters ... 


Boiton. 1782. I2[iu), engraved title, pp. 264. Portrait engraved 
by J. Norman. -\- Boston. 1792. i2mo. W. 73541 

First edition, London^ 1728. 

[RowE.] The I History | of | Joseph. | A | Poem. | In Ten 
Books. I By a Female Hand. | Philadelphia : \ Printed and Sold by 
B. Franklin^ '739-1 i6mo, pp. 63. 73542 

Title from Hildeburn. First edition, London^ 1736. 

[RowE.] The I History | of | Joseph-, | A | Poem. | In Ten 
Books. I By a Female Hand. | To which is added, | The Hermit; 
A Poem : I And I An Essay on the Creation. | Philadelphia: \ Printed 
and sold by David Hall^ and\ William Sellers. I'jd'J. l6mo, pp. 
(2), 66. 73543 

Title from Hildeburn. 

RowE (G.) The Colonial Empire of Great Britain : The 
Atlantic Group. By the Rev. G. Rovi^e, m.a. London. 1865- 
1866. 4 vols., i2mo. 73544 

RowE (J.) Man's Duty in Magnifying God's Work discov- 
ered. In a Sermon before the Parliament, Oct. 8, 1656. Being 
appointed as a day of Publick Thanks-giving for the great Vic- 
tory obtained by a part of the Navy belonging unto this Com- 
mon-wealth, against the Spanish Fleet, in its return from the 
West Indies. By John Rowe. London: R. White. 1656. 4to. 

RowE, Alass. Annual Report of the School Committee of 
Rowe, for the Year 1858-9. [n. p. 1859.] 8vo, pp. 8. Con- 
tinued. H. 73546 

RowELL (E. T.) A Eulogy on Charles Henry Griffin, pro- 
nounced before the Faculty and Students of Dartmouth College, 
June 20, i860. By Edward T. Rowell, a Classmate. ... Con- 
cord: Steam Press of Mc Far land ^ Jenks. i860. 8vo, pp. 14. 

Rowell (G. P.) and Co. Geo. P. Rowell & Co.'s American 
Newspaper Directory, containing accurate Lists of all the News- 
papers and Periodicals published in the United States and Terri- 
tories, and the Dominion of Canada, and British Colonies of 
North America ; together with a description of the Towns and 
Cities in which they are published. ... New York: G. P. Rowell 
iff Co. 1869. 8vo, pp. 358. 8 Plates. Continued. 73548 

Rowell. Geo. P. Rowell & Co's Circular to Advertisers, 
containing the Names of more than One Thousand Newspapers ! 
among which will be found the Best Advertising Mediums in 


America ... New York: Geo. P. Row e II ^' Co. [i86-.] 8vo, pp. 
24. H. 73549 

RowELL. George P. Rowell & Co.'s Handbook of News- 
paper Advertising, containing the Results of Experience as set 
forth in Opinions and Advice given by successful Advertisers, 
etc. Also a Catalogue of Newspapers which are specially rec- 
ommended to Advertisers. Nezu Tork : G. P. Roiueil & Co. 1870. 
Rl. Svo, pp. 128. 73550 

Rowell. The Men who Advertise ; an Account of Success- 
ful Advertisers, with Hints on the Method of Advertising. New 
Tork : Nelson Chesman.^ Publish er.^ for Geo. P. Rowell.^ & Co. 1870. 
Svo, pp. 872. c. 73551 

Pages 209-608 comprise the "American Newspaper Rate-Book," and pp. 611-872 
"Geo. P. Rowell & Co.'s American Newspaper Directory," each with separate title. 

Rowell (H.) The Great Resources, and Superior Advant- 
ages of the City of Joliet, Illinois. Compiled by Hopkins Rowell. 

yoUet : Republican Steam Press. Gritzner & Henderson., ... Print- 
ers. 187I. 8vo, pp. 32. 2 Maps. B., BA., H. 73552 

Rowell (I.) Introductory Address by I. Rowell, m.d., 
Professor of Chemistry in the University of the Pacific, delivered 
at San Francisco, California, May 12, 1859. San Francisco: 
O'Meara & Painter., ... Printers. 1859. ^^^^ PP* '5' H. 73553 

Rowell (J.) A Sermon, delivered at Newport, New-Hamp- 
shire, at the Funeral of Mrs. Sally Buell, (Wife of Mr. Chalker 
Buell) who died February 2, 18 13 ... iEtatis 36. By Joseph 
Rowell, A.M. Pastor of the Church in Cornish. ... Concord: 
Printed by George Hough, fune ... 1 81 3. 8vo, pp. 22. 73554 

RowETT (W.) The Ocean Telegraph Cable, its Construc- 
tion, the Regulation of its Specific Gravity and Submersion Ex- 
plained. By W. Rowett. London. 1865. Svo. 73555 

Rowland (D. Sherman). Catholicism ; or. Christian Charity. 
Illustrated and Improved in a Discourse, Delivered before the 
Congregational Ministers of the Colony of Rhode Island, at 
their Convention, in Bristol, May 20, 1772. By David S. Row- 
land. Providence: J. Carter. 1772. Svo, pp. 75. w. -{-Bos- 
ton. 1772. Svo. 73556 

Rowland. Divine Providence | Illustrated and Improved. | A 
I Thanksgiving-Discourse,! Preached | (By Desire) in the Presby- 


tcrian, oi \ Congregational Church | in | Providence, N. E. VVeilnes- 
day June 4, 1766.I Being His Majesty's Birth Day, and Dav of| 
Rejoicing, | Occasioned by the | Repeal | of the | Stamp-Act. | (Pub- 
lished at the Desire of the Hearers) | By | David S. Rowland, m.a. | 
Minister of said Church. | ... | Providence^ [New England)\ Printed 
by Sarah Goddard^ and Company. [1766.] 8vo, pp. viii, 31. N. 

Title furnished by Mr. William Kelby. 

Rowland. The faithful servant of Christ callM | up to glory. | 
A I Discourse I delivered | at Wintonbury, Jan. 30th, 1783,! occa- 
sioned by the Death | and | delivered at the Funeral | of the Rev- 
erend | Mr. Hezekiah Bissell, | Pastor of the Church there. | Who 
departed this life the 28th instant, in | the 72d year of his age, and 
45th of his I ministry. | By David Rowland, K.u..\New London: 
Printed by T. Green. 1783. 8vo, pp. 38. w. 73558 

Rowland. Historical Remarks, with Moral Reflections. A 
Sermon, Preached at Providence, June 6, 1779. Wherein are 
represented. The remarkable Dispensations of Divine Providence 
to the People of these States, particularly in the Rise and Prog- 
ress of the Present War, between the Confederate States of 
America, and Great Britain. By David S. Rowland. Published 
by the Desire of many that heard it. Providence : Printed and 
Sold by 'John Carter., at Shakespear^s Head^ near the State House. 
[1779.] 8vo, pp. 35. j.c.B. 73559 

Rowland. Ministerial Necessity, in the Discharge of the 
Gospel Embassy: Illustrated and Improved, in a Sermon, Deliv- 
ered March 27th, 1776. By David S. Rowland, a.m. at his 
Instalment, in the First Church and Society in Windsor. Hart- 
ford : Printed by Eb en Watson, mdcclxxvi.. 8vo, pp. 45. 

Rowland. Ministers of Christ freed from Blood- | Guiltiness, 
by dispensing all the Counsels | of God. | A | Farewel-Sermon, | 
Preached at Plainfield, May 3. 1761. | Occasioned by the Longj 
Differences | That have there subsisted. | Published at the Desire 
of many that heard it. | By David S. Rowland, t<.iA.\...\Boston : 
Printed by Benjamin Mecom at \ the New Printing- Office., near the 
Town-House. \ [1761.] 8vo, pp. 43. B. 73561 

Rowland and Hinsdale (T.) Heresy, | Detected and Ex- 
posed, I in a brief Narration of the unhappy Disputes that | have 
arisen in the second Society in Stafford, | with the Judgments or 
several Councils that | have been called ; their Unanimity and 
Agree-|ment in reprobating certain singular Tenets adopt- |ed by 


the Rev. Isaac Foster. | Published for the Benefit of the Curious 
and I Inquisitive. | By David S. Rowland, and | Theodore Hinsdale. 
I At the Desire and Request of the Association of this district] 
... I Hartford : \ Printed by Hudson & Goodwin. \ [ i 78 1 .] 8vo, pp. 
63. N. 73562 

Title from Mr. Kelby. For a reply see Vol. vi., No. 25232. See also Vol. xv., No. 
66242 ; and F. B. Dexter's ** Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College," 
PP- 744-746. 

Rowland (H. A.) Christian Liberty; or, the Elements of 
Civil and Religious Liberty, ... a Discourse delivered in the Pres- 
byterian Church, Honesdale, Penn., on the Sabbath Evening 
succeeding the Day commemorative of our National Independ- 
ence. By Henry A. Rowland. New York: Robert Carter ^ 
Brothers. 1850. i2mo, pp. 47. H. 73563 

Rowland. The Church and Slavery. ... By Henry A. Row- 
land ... New York. 1854. i2mo, pp. 58. 735^4 

Rowland. The Excellency of our Christian Polity: A Dis- 
course, delivered before the Synod of New York and New Jer- 
sey, in Bloomfield, New Jersey, ... October 22, 185 1. By 
Henry A. Rowland, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Hones- 
dale. ... New York: M. W. Dodd. 1851. 8vo, pp. 52. b. 

Rowland. The Frame Work of Liberty. A Sermon, deliv- 
ered in the Pearl-Street Presbyterian Church, in the City of New 
York, July 5, 1840, in commemoration of our National Inde- 
pendence. By Henry A. Rowland, Pastor of the Church. Neiv 
York: William S. Dorr, Printer. 1840. 8vo, pp. 28. N. 73566 

Rowland. Memorial of the Life and Services of the late 
Rev. Henry A. Rowland, d.d. ... of ... Newark ... With the 
Sermon ... at his Funeral, by E. R. Fairchild, d.d. New York: 
M. W. Dodd. 1868. i2mo, pp. 191. 735^7 

Rowland. The Real Glory of a Church. A Dedication 
Sermon, preached in Fayetteville, North-Carolina, at the Open- 
ing of the Presbyterian Church, which was destroyed by Fire ... 
Appended an Account of the Destruction of Fayetteville. By 
Henry A. Rowland, Jun. Pastor of the Church. Neiu York: 
Jonathan Leavitt. 1832. 8vo, pp. 34. b. 73568 

Rowland. A Sermon, ... at the Funeral of the Honorable 
Oliver Ellsworth, Esq. ll.d. ... By Henry A. Rowland ... . 
Hartford: Printed by Hudson and Goodwin. 1808. 8vo, pp. 15. 

vol. xvin. 3 


Rowland. Vict(irv over Death : a Sermon, preached at the 
Funeral of the Rev. David R. Downer, late Pastor of the West 
Preshytcrian Church, Carmine St. N. Y. By Henry A. Row- 
land ... . New-Tor k : J. B. Sivain., Printer. 1841. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Rowland (J.) Ruin and Restoration ; Illustrated from the 
Parable of the Prodigal Son. By Rev. James Rowland, late 
Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Circleville, Ohio. 
Jlban)\ N. T.: JVeed^ Parsons and Company .^ Printers. 1862. 8vo, 
pp.147- B.,H. 73571 

Rowland (John). A Narrative of the Revival and Progress 
of Religion. 1745. See Tennent (G.) 

Rowland [John]. A | Sermon, | Preached before the | Con- 
vention I of the I Protestant Episcopal Church, | At New-Bruns- 
wick, I in the | State of New-Jersey, | On Thursday, 7th. July, 
1785. I By the Rev. Mr. Rowland. | Published by the Desire of 
the Convention. I New York : \ Printed by Hugh Gaine^ at the Bible ., 
in Hanover-Square. \m^bcc.,lxxxv. 8vo, pp. 20. N. 73572 

Title furnished by Mr. Kelby. 

Rowland (W. F.) Electing Love ; A Sermon, delivered 
October 24, 18 19, at Kingston. By William F. Rowland, Pas- 
tor of the First Congregational Church in Exeter. ... Exeter: 
Printed by J. J. IVilliarns. 1 820. 8vo, pp. 20. 73573 

Rowland. A Sermon, delivered in Presence of His Excel- 
lency John Taylor Oilman, Esquire, Governor, the Honorable 
the Council, Senate, and House of Representatives, of the State 
of New-Hampshire, convened at Exeter on the day of the Anni- 
versary Election, June 2, 1796. By William F. Rowland, a.m. 
Pastor of the First Church in Exeter. Printed at Exeter.^ by 
Heriry Ranlet.^for the General Court. m,dcc, xcvi. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Rowland. A Sermon, delivered before the Honorable Gen- 
eral Court of the State of New-Hampshire, at the Annual Elec- 
tion, holden at Concord, June 8, 1809. By William F. Row- 
land. ... Concord: Printed by George Hough. June.^ 1809. 8vo, 
pp. 27. B., BA., H., N. 73575 

Rowland. A Sermon delivered at Exeter, Dec. 22d, 1820, 
being the Second Centennial Anniversary of the Landing of the 
Pilgrims of New-England. By William F. Rowland. Exeter : 
Printed by John J. Williams. 1821. 8vo, pp. 19. H. j;^S7^ 



RowLANDSON (J.) The | Possibility of Gods For-|sakiiig a 
people, I That have been visibly near & dear to him | Together, | 
With the Misery of a People thus forsaken, | Set forth in a | Ser- 
mon,! Preached at VVeathersfield, Nov. 21. 1678. | Being a Day 
of Fast and Hu- | miliation. | By Mr. Joseph Rowlandson Pastor 
of the I Church of Christ there. Being | also his last Sermon. |... | 
Boston in New- England \ Printed for ^ohn Ratcliffe l^ "John Griffin. \ 
1682. Sm. 8vo, pp. (6), 22. B. 73577 

The address "To the Courteous Reader" is signed " B. W." Reprinted in London 
as an appendix to Mary Rowlandson's Narrative, 1682; and in Somers's Collection of 
Tracts (1812), VIII. 582-590. For a biographical sketch of Joseph Rowlandson ice 
Sibley's Harvard Graduates, i. 311-321. The copy described above is bound with the 
following work : 

Rowlandson (M.) The| Soveraignty & Goodness|of | God, | 
Together, | with the Faithfulness of His Promises | Displayed ; | 
Being a | Narrative | Of the Captivity and Restauration of | Mrs. 
Mary Rowlandson. | Commended by her, to all that desires to | 
know the Lords doings to, and | dealings with Her. | Especially to 
her dear Children and Relations, | The second Addition Corrected 
and amended. | Written by Her own Hand for Her private Use, 
and now | made Publick at the earnest Desire of some Friends, | 
and for the benefit of the Afflicted. | ... | Cambridge., \ Printed by 
Samuel Green^ 1682. | Sm. 8vo, pp. (6), 73. Sig. a-e in eights. 

Extremely rare. There is a copy in the Prince collection at the Boston Public 
Library, and another in the British Museum. No copy of the first edition (1682.'') is 
known to be extant. 

Rowlandson. A True | History | of the| Captivitv & Resto- 
ration | of | Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, | A Minister's Wife in New- 
England. I Wherein is set forth. The Cruel and Inhumane | Usage 
she underwent amongst the Heathens, for | Eleven Weeks time: 
And her Deliverance from | them. | Written by her own Hand, 
for her Private Vse : And now made | Publick at the earnest 
Desire of some Friends, for the Benefit | of the Afflicted. | Where- 
unto is annexed, | A Sermon of the Possibility of God's Forsak- 
ing a Peo- I pie that have been near and dear to him. | Preached by 
Mr. Joseph Rowlandson, Husband to the said Mrs. Rowlandson: 
I It being his Last Sermon. | Printed first at New-England : And 
Re-printed at London., and sold \ by foseph Poole., at the Blue Bowl in 
the Long- Walk., by Christs-\ Church Hospital. 1682. | 4to, pp. (6), 
46. a-f in fours, and g in two. J.c.b., l. 73579 

The reprint of Joseph Rowlandson's sermon fills pp. 37-46. This edition was 
reprinted in Somers's Collection of Tracts (1812), vol. viii., pp. 554-590. 


RowLANDSON. The I Soveraignty and Goodness of | God, | To- 
gether with the Faithfulness of His | Promises Displayed : | being 
a I Narrative] Of the Captivity and Restauration of | Mrs. Mary 
Rowlandson. I Commended by her, to all that desire to | know the 
Lords Doings to, & Dealings | with her; especially to her dear 
Chil-|dren and Relations. | Written by her own Hand, for her 
private Use, | and now made Publick at the earnest Desire of | 
some Friends, and for the Benefit of the Afflicted. | The Second 
Edition. I Carefully Corrected, and Purged from abundance | of 
Errors which escaped in the former Impression. | Boston: Printed 
by T. Fleets for Samuel \ Phillips^ at the Three Bibles and Crown in 
King-] Street^ ij20.\ Sm. 8vo, pp. 8o. bm., c. 73580 

Title furnished by Mr. P. C. Warman, from the copy in the Library of Congress. 

Rowlandson. A | Narrative | of the | Captivity, | Sufferings 
and Removes I of I Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, | who was taken Pris- 
oner by the Indians | with several others; and treated in the | most 
Barbarous and Cruel manner by | those vile Savages: With many 
other I remarkable Events during her Travels. | Written by her 
own Hand, for her pri-|vate Use, and now made Public at the | 
earnest Desire of some Friends and for | the benefit of the 
Afflicted. I Boston : | Printed and Sold by Nathaniel Coverly | in Black- 
Horse-Lane^ North-End. \ m,dcclxx. | Sm. 8vo, pp. 60. Sig. A- 
G in fours, h in two. b. 73581 

With a full-page woodcut on the back of the title. A copy with a similar imprint 
is described in the Brinley catalogue (No. 486) as containing only 48 pages. 

Rowlandson. A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings and 
Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, who was taken prisoner 
by the Indians, with several others, and treated in the most bar- 
barous and cruel manner by those vile Savages. Written by her 
own Hand for her private use ... Boston. 1771. 8vo. 735^2 

Rowlandson. A | Narrative | of the | Captivity, Sufferings and 
Removes|of I Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, | Who was taken Prisoner 
by the Indians with several others, | and treated in the most bar- 
barous and cruel Manner by those | vile Savages : With many 
other remarkable Events during her | Travels. | Written by her 
own Hand, for her private Use, and now made | public at the 
earnest Desire of some Friends, and for the Be-|nefit of the 
afflicted. I [Woodcut.] | Boston: \ Printed and Sold at John Boyle's 
Printing- Office .^ next door \ to the Three Doves in Marlborough-Street. 
1773. 1 ^vo, pp. 40. M., w. 73583 


RowLANDSON. A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings and 
Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, u^ho was taken prisoner by 
the Indians .... New London: Reprinted by Timothy Green. 1774. 
8vo, pp. 48. 73584 

Rowlandson. A | Narrative | of the | Captivity, Sufferings and 
Removes | of | Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, | who was taken prisoner 
by the Indians; with several | others, and treated in the most bar- 
barous and cruel I Manner by those vile Savages; with many other 
I remarkable Events during her Travels. | Written by her own 
Hand for her private Use, and since | made public at the earnest 
Desire of some Friends, and for | the Benefit of the Afflicted. | 
Boston : \ Reprinted and Sold by Thomas and 'John Fleet ^ at the \ Bible 
and Hearty Cornhill^ \']<^\.\ 8vo, pp. 40. ba. 73585 

Rowlandson. A | Narrative, | of the | Captivity, | Sufferings 
and Removes, I of Mrs. | Mary Rowlandson, | who was taken pris- 
oner by the Indians, with [several others, and treated in the most 
I barbarous and cruel manner by those vile | Savages. With many 
other remarkable events | during her travels. | Written by her own 
Hand, for her private use, | and now made Public, at the earnest 
Desire of | some Friends, and for the benefit of the Afflicted.] 
Aynherst^ [New- Hampshire) \ Printed and Sold^ by Nathaniel \ Cover ly 
and Son^ near the Court-\ House. [1792.] | l2mo, pp. 64. c, H. 

Rowlandson. A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings and 
Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, Who was taken Prisoner 
by the Indians, with several others ; and treated in the most bar- 
barous and cruel manner by those vile Savages .... Written by 
her own Hand .... Boston: Printed by Samuel Hall. 1794. 8vo, 
pp.57- 735^7 

Rowlandson. Narrative | of the | Captivity, Sufferings, and 
Removes, I of | Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, | who was taken prisoner 
by the Indians, with several [others ; and treated in the most bar- 
barous and cruel | manner by those vile Savages ; — with many 
other I remarkable events during her travels. | [n. p.:] Printed /or 
Chapman Whitcomb.] [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 54. w. 73588 

Rowlandson. A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings and 
Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, who was taken Prisoner 
by the Indians, with several others ; and treated in the most bar- 
barous and cruel Manner by the Savages : With many other 
remarkable Events during her Travels. Written by her own 
Hand, for her private Use, and since made public at the earnest 


Desire of some Friends, and for the Benefit of the Afflicted. 
Boston : Pri?ited ^ Sold by Thomas Fleet ^ 1805. 8vo, pp. 36. W. 

RowLANDSON. The Captivity and Deliverance. 181 1. See 
Williams (John). 

RowLANDSON. Narrative of the Captivity and Removes of 
Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, who was taken by the Indians at the 
Destruction of Lancaster, in 1676. Written by herself. [Edited 
by Rev. Joseph Willard.] Fifth Edition. Lancaster \_Mass.~]: 
Carter^ Andreivs^ and Co. 1828. l8mo, pp. xii, 81. w. -\- Sixth 
Edition. Second Lancaster Edition. \_lbuL'\ 1828. i8mo, pp. 
100. w. 73590 

Rowlandson. Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings and 
Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, who was taken Prisoner 
by the Indians at the Destruction of Lancaster in 1675. To 
which is appended a Century Sermon ... By Rev. Timothy Har- 
rington. A Reprint from an Old Edition. Clinton: Ballard^ 
Bynner. 1853. i2mo, pp. 73. ba. 73591 

Rowlandson. A Narrative of the Captivity, Sufferings, and 
Removes, of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, who was taken Prisoner 
by the Indians ; with several others ; and treated in the most 
barbarous and cruel Manner by the wild Savages : With many 
other remarkable Events during her Travels. Written by her 
own Hand, for her private Use, and since made public at the 
earnest Desire of some Friends, and for the Benefit of the 
Afflicted. Boston : Reprinted and sold by Thomas and 'John Fleet ^ 
at the Bible and Hearty Cornhill^ I79i' ^y ^^^ Mass. Sabbath 
School Society., 13 Cornhill^ 1856. 8vo, pp. 122. H., L. 73592 

Mrs. Rowlandson's Narrative has also been reprinted in Farmer & Moore's "Col- 
lection," vol. III.; and in Drake's "Indian Captivities," pp. 20-60. 

Rowlandson (T.) A Treatise on Earthquake Dangers. 
Causes and Palliatives. By Thos. Rowlandson .... San Fran- 
cisco : Dewey iff Co. 1868. 8vo, pp. 96. b., h. 73593 

Rowlandson. Earthquake Dangers. By Thos. Rowland- 
son. San Francisco. 1870. 8vo, pp. 96. 73594 

RowLEs (W. P.) The Life and Character of Capt. Wm. B. 
Allen, who fell at the storming of Monterey, 1846. By W. P. 
Rowles. Columbia., Tenn. 1853. i2mo. 73595 

RowLETT (J.) Caution to Banks, Merchants, &c. And an 
Appeal to the Public whether certain pen-marked, half-formed 


spurious interest tables, unjustly published by Ennion Williams, 
should be discountenanced and condemned as a private injury or 
a public wrong ; being the details of a controversy between John 
Rowlett Sz Ennion Williams, chiefly as it appeared in several 
Philadelphia newspapers in the iith and I2th Months, 1823. 
Philadelphia : Published by John Rowlett. Jesper Harding^ Printer. 
1823. 8vo, pp. 23. w. 73596 

Rowlett. Rowlett's Tables of Discount, or Interest, ... 
besides a Complete Cent Table : the whole computed at Six per 
cent ... By John Rowlett ... Philadelphia : The Proprietor. 1802. 
4to, pp. 200. B., BA., H. 73597 

Rowlett. Tables of Discount or Interest ... . the whole 
computed at Six per cent ... annexed Perpetual Tables, showing 
the fixed Days of Expiration of Notes or Bills payable .... Port- 
land : Printed by A. IV. Thayer.^for the Proprietor. 1825. Oblong 
8vo, pp. (186). 73598 

Rowley (W.) Medical Advice for the use of the Army and 
Navy, in the present American Expedition. Intended for the 
perusal of Private Gentlemen as well as Medical Practitioners. 
By William Rowley, m.d. London: F. Newbery. mdcclxxvi. 
8vo, pp. 47. . j.c.B. 73599 

Rowley, Mass. Annual Report of the Receipts, Expendi- 
tures, and Financial Condition of the Town of Rowley, March 
I, 1858. ... Newburyport : Wm. H. Huse & Co. 1858. 8vo, pp. 
16. Continued. b. 73600 

Report of the School Committee, of the Town of Rowley. 
March 7, 1859. Newburyport : William H. Huse & Co.^ Printers. 
1859. ^vOj PP* ^- Continued. H. 73601 

Also: Annual Report of the School Committee of the Town of Rowley, for the 
Year 1861. Newburyport: William H. Huse & Co.y Printers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. 

RowsoN (S.) An Abridgment of Universal Geography, 
together with Sketches of History. Designed for the Use of 
Schools and Academies in the United States. By Susanna Row- 
son. Boston: John West. [1806.] i2mo, pp. iv, 13-302. B. 

RowsoN. Americans in England; a Comedy ... Boston. 1796. 
i2mo. 73603 

RowsoN. Charlotte. A Tale of Truth. By Mrs. Row- 


son. ... Philadelphia : Printed by D. Humphreys^ for M. Carey. 
1794. 2 vols, in one, i2mo, pp. 87; 83. 73604 

"The first American edition of 'Charlotte Temple,' — the most popular romance of 
its generation. It was first published in London about 1790, and more than 25,000 
copies were sold in a few years, in successive editions, in England and America. Mrs. 
Rowson came to America with her husband in 1793, "i^^er a three-years' engagement 
to the manager of the Philadelphia Theatre — where she became a popular actress. 
Early in 1794 (before April 17th) Mathew Carey republished her 'Charlotte,' and two 
editions of one of her earlier works [* The Inquisitor'] the same year." — J. H. 

Rowson. The History of Charlotte Temple. Founded on 
Fact. ... Hartford. 1801. 2 vols, in one, i8mo, pp. 142. 

Rowson. Charlotte Temple ; a Tale of Truth. By Mrs. 
Rowson. Fifth American Edition. Harrisburg^ Pennsylvania. 
1802. 2 vols, in one, i2mo, pp. 204. 73606 

Rowson. The History of Charlotte Temple : a Tale of 
Truth. By Mrs. Rowson. Catskill : Printed by N. Eliot^for H. 
Steely Hudson. 1808. 2 vols, in one, l2mo. 73607 

Among the numerous editions which were published, the following have been 
noticed : 

Windsor \_Vt.']: Preston Merrifeld. Wright & Sibley, Printers. l8l2. 1 8 mo, pp. 
175. w. 

Windsor [^f.] : Preston Merrijield. [ T. M. Pomroy, Printer. '\ 1815. l2mo, pp. 168. 

Brookfield. 181 6. 1 8 mo. 

New Ha-ven. 1818. i6mo. 

Neiv Tork: John Lomax. 1831. l2mo, pp. 138. 

Neiv York: John Sivain. [n. d.] lamo, pp. (4), 186. 

New Tori ; Najis & Cornish. St. Louis, Mo. : Nafis, Cornish & Co. Philadelphia : 
John B. Perry. [1840?] i8mo, pp. 140, including Frontispiece. 

Boston: Skinner & Blanchard. 1 845. 8vo, pp. 60. h. 

London. 1849. i2mo. 

iWw Tork: Leavitt & Allen Bros. [185-?] izmo, pp. 165. 

New Tork. 1853. l8mo. 

New Tork. 1864. 1 8 mo. 

Rowson. Charlotte's Daughter : or, the Three Orphans. A 
Sequel to Charlotte Temple. By Susannah Rowson ... . To 
which is prefixed, a Memoir of the Author. Boston: Richardson 
^ Lord. 1828. 8vo, pp. 184. b. 73608 

Rowson. Exercises in History, Chronology, and Biography. 
By Mrs. Rowson. Boston. 1822. i8mo. 73609 


RowsoN. The Inquisitor ; or, Invisible Rambler. By Mrs. 
Susannah Rowson. ... Second American Edition. Philadelphia : 
Mathew Carey. 1794. 3 vols, in one, i2mo, pp. 246. H. 73610 

First edition, London^ 1788. 3 vols., limo. 

Rowson. Lucy Temple ; or. The Three Orphans. By Mrs. 
Rowson. London, [n. d. .?] i2mo. 73^11 

A sequel to Charlotte Temple. 

Rowson. Miscellaneous Poems. By Susanna Rowson, Pre- 
ceptress of the Ladies' Academy, Newton, Mass. Boston : 
Printed for the Author by Gilbert & Dean. 1804. l2mo, pp. 227. 

Contains a Eulogy to the Memory of Washington. 

Rowson. Reuben and Rachel ; or Tales of Old Times. A 
Novel. By Mrs. Rowson, author of Charlotte, Trials of the 
Heart, Fille de Chambre, &c. &c. ... Published according to Act 
of Congress. Boston: Printed by Manning & Loring^ i 798. i2mo, 
pp. iv, 364. B., w. -|- London. 1799. 2 vols., i2mo. 73613 

Rowson. Sarah, or the Exemplary Wife. By Susanna Row- 
son .... Boston: Charles Williams. 18 13. 24mo, pp. iii, 270. b. 

First published as a "serial" — in the Boston Weekly Magazine, 1805. — J. H. 

Rowson. Slaves in Algiers ; or, a Struggle for Freedom : a 
Play, interspersed with Songs ... as performed at the New Thea- 
tres, in Philadelphia and Baltimore. ... Philadelphia. 1794. l2mo, 
pp. 74. 73615 

Mrs. Rowson's " first dramatic effort." At its performance she played the leading 
part, Oli'via. — J. H. Trumbull. 

Rowson. A Spelling Dictionary, divided into Short Lessons, 
for the easier committing to Memory by Children and Young 
Persons, and calculated to assist Youth in comprehending what 
they read : selected from Johnson's Dictionary, for the Use of 
her Pupils. By Susanna Rowson .... Boston: John IVest.^ 1807. 
i2mo, pp. iv, 132. B., H. -f- Second Edition. Portland: Isaac 
Adams. 18 15. i2mo, pp. (4), 156. H. 73616 

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Contains a list of subscribers, among which is Lady Washington, 


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For a list of Mrs. Rowson's other writings see Allibone's Dictionary j and Duyckinck 
(1875) I. 519-521. 

[RoxAS (Alonso de).] Al Rey nvestro senor, por la Provin- 
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Improved title of No. 72777, Vol. xvii. For a reply see No. 58280, Vol. xiv. 

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Continued semi-monthly to four or more volumes. 

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See also Vol. vi., Nos. 25078-9. 

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Also for 1847. 

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Signed John J. Clarke. 

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Subject of the Donation of Hon. Linus B. Comins to One of 
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Rules and Orders of the City Council, and a list of the Officers 
of the City of Roxbury, for 1846-7. Roxbury. 1846. i2mo, 
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Continued annually. The later volumes contain portraits and plates. 

Order establishing Salaries, May, 1848. \_Roxbury. 1848.] 
8vo, pp. 4. H. 73658 

Order of Exercises at the Celebration of the Completion of 
two Centuries, since the settlement of the Town of Roxbury. 
At the Rev. Dr. Porter's Meeting House, in said town. Oct. 8, 
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Causes of Sickness within the City of Roxbury. Roxbury: L. 
B. & O. E. IVeston., Printers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 9. b. 73665 

... An Ordinance to cause the Removal of Obstructions on 
the Sidewalks, caused by Snow or Ice. Roxbury : Norfolk County 
Journal Press. 1857. 8vo, pp. (3). B. 73666 

Proceedings ... on the Death of John Quincy Adams. See 
Vol. I., No. 319. 

... Proceedings of the Mayor and Aldermen relative to the 
Unlawful Sale of Intoxicating Drinks. Roxbury: Thomas Prince.^ 
City Printer. 1853. 8vo, pp. 26. B. 73667 

City of Roxbury. Public Cemetery. [Report of the Joint 
Standing Committee on Burial Grounds. Roxbury. 1847.] ^^^^ 
pp. 24. H. 73668 

Regulations for maintaining the Cleanliness, &c., of the Streets. 
\_Roxbury. 1847.] ^^^5 PP- 7- "• 73^69 

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Also: Regultatlons ... . Adopted May, 1846. Roxbury. 1846, l2mo, pp. 16. 
Continued, 1847, 1848, etc. 

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Deaths in the City of Roxbury, for the Years 1851, 1852 & 
1853. Roxbury: Norfolk County Journal Press. 1854. 8vo, pp. 
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Officers for 1854-55. Roxhury: Norfolk County "Journal Press. 
1854. 8vo, pp. 4. Continued. b. 73674 

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tery, Feb. 19, 1849. Roxbury, 1849. ^^^^ PP- ^S- 73^75 

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cils of the Cities of Roxbury and Boston, respectively, on the 
Union of the Two Cities under one Municipal Government. 
Roxbury: L. B. IVeston^ Printer. 1867. 8vo, pp. 20. b., h. 

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built on Fellows Street. Roxbury. 1855. 8vo, pp. 5. b. 73678 

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Roxbury: Norfolk County fournal Press. 1857. ^^°> PP* 7* ^' 

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and Regulations for the Government of the Police of Roxbury. 
Roxbury : George H. Monroe^ Printer. 1866. 8vo, pp. 7. b. 

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tion to More School Accommodations in Wards One, Two and 
Three. Roxbury: Tho7nas Prince^ City Printer. 1853. 8vo, pp. 6. 

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Establishment of a Free Public Library. Roxbury: Norfolk County 
"Journal Press. 1857. ^^^5 PP- '3* ^- 73^83 

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Subject of making Provision for an English High School for 
Boys. Roxbury: The City Council. 1857. 8vo, pp. 16. b. 

... Report of the Committee on Public Instruction on the 
Request of the School Committee to Discontinue the Appropri- 
ation heretofore granted to the ''Trustees of the Grammar School 
in the Easterly Part of Roxbury." Roxbury : L. B. bf O. E. 
TVeston.^ Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. 7, (1). B. 73685 


... Report of the Committee on Public Property on Naming 
School on Gore Avenue. Roxhury: Norfolk County "Journal Press. 
1856. 8vo, pp. II. B. 73686 

... Report of the Committee on the Fire Department, on the 
Part of the Board of Aldermen, on the Address of His Honor 
the Mayor, to the City Council, on the 15th of March, 1858. 
Roxbury : L. B. & O. E. IVeston, Printers. 1858. 8vo, pp. 6, (i). 

... Report of the Committee on the Military Fund. June 24, 
1 86 1. Roxbury : City Gazette Press, 186 1. 8vo, pp. 7. b. 

... Report of the Committee on the Remonstrance of Wm. 
R. Huston, relative to the Municipal Election of Ward 3. Rox- 
bury : John M. Hemes., Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. 14. B. 73689 

... Report of the Committee on the Revision & Amendments 
of the City Ordinances. Roxbury: The City Council. 1855. 8vo, 
pp. 6. B. 73690 

Report of the Examination of the Grammar Schools in the 
City of Roxbury, for the Year 1847. Roxbury: Joseph G. Tor- 
rey., City Printer. 1847. 4^^^, pp. 37. Continued. H. 73691 

... Report of the Harbor Master of the City of Roxbury for 
the Year 1859. Roxbury: L. B. & O. E. Weston., Printers. 1859. 
8vo, pp. 4. B. 73692 

... Report of the Joint Committee on Highways, on Naming 
Certain Streets, and Changing the Name of Certain Other 
Streets, April, 1855. Roxbury: The City Council. 1855. 8vo, 
PP- 4. B. 73693 

... Report of the Joint Committee on Public Instruction on 
so much of the Mayor's Address as relates to Schools, April, 
1855. Roxbury : The City Council. 1855. 8vo, pp. 5. B. 73694 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee in the Matter of 
City Marshal, and Ordinance "Authorizing the Appointment 
and prescribing the Duties of a City Marshal." Roxbury : The 
City Council. 1 855. 8vo, pp. 8. B. 73695 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee in the Matter of 
the Roxbury Color and Chemical Company. Roxbury : Norfolk 
County Journal Press. 1856. 8vo, pp. 7. B. 73696 

Report of the Joint Special Committee on a Public Cemetery, 
Sentember, 1847. {Roxbury. 1847.] ^^^5 PP- ^4- ^- 73^97 


... Report of the Joint Special Committee on Gas. Roxbury: 
L. B. & O. E. Weston^ Prltiters. i860. 8vo, pp. (3). I5. 73698 

Report of the Joint Special Committee on Public Squares ... 
Roxbury. 1851. 8vo, pp. 20. 73^99 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee on Rules and Or- 
ders, January 13, 1862. Roxbury : L. B. & O. E. Weston.^ Print- 
ers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 8. B. 73700 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee on so much of The 
Mayor's Address as relates to Annexation. Roxbury : L. B. & 
O. E. Weston^ Printers. 1858. 8vo, pp. 6. B., H. 73701 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee on the Appoint- 
ment of a City Physician. Roxbury: The City Council. 1855. 
8vo, pp. 5. B. 73702 

Report of the Joint Special Committee on the Buildings at 
Brook Farm. Roxbury. 1849. ^^^7 PP* '^* M* 737^3 

Report of the Joint Special Committee on the Removal of the 
Alms-house and the Purchase of " Brook Farm." Roxbury : 
Joseph G. Torrey^ City Printer. 1849. ^^o^ pp. 32. B. 73704 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee on the Subject of 
the Donation of Hon. Linus B. Comins to One of the Public 
Schools of Roxbury. Roxbury :' Norfolk County Journal Press. 
1856. 8vo, pp. 6. B. 73705 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee to oppose the Peti- 
tion of Isaac T. Allard and others, for the Annexation of Rox- 
bury to Boston. Roxbury: Thomas Prince^ City Printer. 1852. 
8vo, pp. 43. H. 73706 

... Report of the Joint Special Committee to whom was 
referred the Expediency of a Survey of the City. Roxbury : The 
City Council. 1855. 8vo, pp. 5. B. 73707 

Report of the Joint Standing Committee on burial grounds ... 
Roxbury. 1847. ^^^i PP- ^4- 737°^ 

Also for 1856. 8vo, pp. 7. B. 

... Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Finance on 

the Annual Appropriations. Roxbury: Norfolk County Journal 

Press. 1853. ^^^7 PP- ^O- Continued. B. 73709 



... Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Parks or 
Squares. Roxhury : L. B. bf O. E. Weston^ Printers, i860. 8vo, 
pp. 13. B. 73710 

Report of the Joint Standing Committee on the Fire Depart- 
ment ... 1851. Roxhury. 1851. 8vo. 7371 1 

... Report of the Minority of the Joint Special Committee on 
Police Court. Roxhury: Norfolk County "Journal Press. 1855. 
8vo, pp. 7. B. 73712 

Report of the Overseers of the Poor, of the City of Roxhury, 
made to the City Council, Feb. 19, 1849. Roxhury : Joseph G. 
Torrey.^ City Printer. 1849. ^"^^t PP- ^^- ^- 737^3 

Report of the Perambulating Committee of the Trustees of 
the Grammar School in the Easterly Part of the Town of Rox- 
hury, for 1866. Roxhury : L. B. IVeston. 1867. l2mo, pp. 27, 
(5). Folded Map. B., H. 73714 

Report of the Physician [B. E. Cotting] to the Alms-house, 
January, 1852. Roxhury. 1852. 8vo, pp. 3. M. 73715 

Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Rox- 
hury ... for 1846-7. Roxhury. 1847. ^^^? PP- ^9- "• lltl^^ 

Also : The Second Annual Report of the Committee on Accounts and Expenditures 
of the City of Roxbury : for the Year ending January 31st, 1848. Roxbury : Joieph 
G. Torrey^ City Fruiter. 1848. 8vo, pp. 62. h. Includes: Account of the City 
Treasurer, Report of the Overseers of the Poor, Report of the Physicians to the Alms 
House, and Report of the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department. Continued. 

Report of the School Committee of Roxbury, March i8, 
1839. [^Roxhury : William J. Reynolds.' iS'^c).'] 8vo, pp. 15. 

Also: Annual Report of the School Committee of Roxbury. March 16, 1840. 
^Roxbury : Patriot and Democrat Print. 1840.] 8vo, pp. 20. Continued, b., h 

... Report of the Special Committee of the School Committee 
in Relation to "Out of School Study," February 1855. Rox- 
hury: Norfolk County Journal Press. 1855. 8vo, pp. 5. B. 

... Report of the Special Committee of the School Committee, 
on the Communication of P. H. Wentworth, Esq., in Relation 
to the Late Examination of Candidates for Admission to the 
English High School, &c. Roxhury: Norfolk County Journal 
Press. 1857. ^v°5 PP- ^5- ^- 737^9 

... Report of the Surveyors of Highways in Regard to Stony 
Brook. Roxhury: Norfolk County Journal Press. 1857. 8vo, 
pp. 6. B. 73720 


... Report relating to Roxbury Bank. \_Roxbury. 1838.] 8vo, 
pp. 15. H. 73721 

... Report relative to Sewerage. Roxbury: L. B. & O. E. 
IVeston^ Printers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 9. Folded iVIap. B. ']yill 

Reports in relation to the Annexation of Roxbury to Boston. 
See Vol. II., No. 6770. 

Reports on City Lands in the Empty Basin of Milldam Cor- 
poration. \_Roxhury. 1847.] ^^^^ PP* ^2. H. ']YI1'}^ 

The Roxbury Almanac and Business Directory for the Year 
1847. ^y George Adams .... Roxbury: J. T. Bicknell & Co. 
Boston: "James French. 1847. Joseph G. T or rey.^ printer. i2mo, 

pp. 70, (2). B. 73724 

Continued as "The Roxbury Directory," infra. 

Catalogue of Books in the Roxbury Athen^um, to which 
are added the By-Laws of the Institution, an Account of its 
Incorporation, and a List of its Proprietors. Roxbury: IV. B. 
Ewer^^ Co. Printers. 1849. ^^'^1 PP- ^^5? ^^- ^- TiT^S 

Also; Organization and By-Laws of the Roxbury Athenaeum. \_Roxbury ? 185-.] 
l2mo, pp. 14. B. — A Report of the Trustees of the Roxbury Athenaeum, made to 
the Proprietors at the Annual Meeting, holden on the First of January, 1849. Rox- 
bury : W. B. Eiver & Co. Printers. 1849. 8vo, pp. ii. Continued, h. 

Address to the Public, and Constitution, of the Roxbury 
Charitable Society. [Roxbury. 1852.] i2mo, pp. 12. h. 

Also: Address to the Public, Constitution, and Visitor's Manual, of the Roxbury 
Charitable Society. \_Roxbury : Thos. Prince, Printer. 1852.] lamo, pp. 24. b., h. 
— Constitution and By Laws, Act of Incorporation, and List of Members of the Rox- 
bury Charitable Society. Roxbury: L. B. & 0. E. JVeston, Printers. 1862. l2mo, 
pp. II. H, — Directory of the Roxbury Charitable Society, for 1851-52. Roxbury: 
Thomas Prince, Printer. 1851. 24mo, pp. ii. h. — Report of the Executive Com- 
mittee of the Roxbury Charitable Society, presented ... October 11, 1865. ... Rox- 
bury : L. B. IVeston^ Printer. 1865. 8vo, pp. 13. Continued, b., h. 

List of Members of the Roxbury City Guard. (Formerly 
Roxbury Artillery.) [n. p. 1833.?] Sm. 4to, pp. 4. b. 73727 

Roxbury Democrat — Extra. Horrible Doctrines!!! Loco 
Focoism Unmasked ! ! Read and ponder well ! The Sub- 
Treasury has passed and here is what is to come next ! ! ! ! Rox- 
bury. 1840. 4to, pp. 8. H. 73728 

The Roxbury Directory: containing the Names, Occupations, 
Places of Business, and Residences of the Inhabitants. 1848- 


1849. ^y George Adams. Roxhury : 'James T. Bicknell ^ Co. 
1848. i6mo, pp. 102. B. 73729 

The Roxbury Directory : containing the Names, Places of Business, Occupations 
and Residences of the Inhabitants, and City Government, Schools, Churches, etc., 
with an Almanac for 1850. By George Adams ... . Roxbury: Published by Jamei T. 
Bicknell & Co. 1850. i6mo, pp. 166, (2), Advertisements A-Y. b., ba. 

The Roxbury Directory for 1854. By George Adams. Roxbury: J. T. Bicknell & 
Co. [1854.] i6mo, pp. 155, (i), 26, (2), 28. B., BA. 

The Roxbury Directory, ... and a Map of the City. ... 1856. Number v. By 
George Adams ... Roxbury : J. T. Bicknell & Co. [1856.] l6mo, pp. 168, 62, (2), 

The Roxbury Directory for 1858. No. vi. By Adams, Sampson, and Co. Rox- 
bury : John Backup. 1858. i6mo, pp. 212, (80). B. 

The Roxbury Directory ... with an Almanac for i860. Number vii. By Adams, 
Sampson & Co. ... Roxbury: John Backup, [i860.] i6mo, pp. 240, 84. Folded 
Map. B., BA. 

The Roxbury Directory ... with an Almanac for 1862. Number viii. By Adams, 
Sampson & Co. ... Roxbury- John Backup. [1862.] l6mo, pp. 232, 56, (4). Folded 
Map. B. 

The Roxbury Directory ... for 1864. No. ix. ... Roxbury: John Backup. 1864. 
l6mo, pp. 282, 84. Map. 

The Roxbury Directory ... 1866. No. x. By Sampson, Davenport & Co. Rox- 
bury : John Backup. 1866. 8vo. B. 

Constitution and By-Laws of Roxbury Division, No. 78, 
Sons of Temperance, State of Massachusetts. Instituted July 

26, 1847, levised and adopted Feb. 7, 1850. Boston: PFhite is' 
Potter.^ Printers. 1850. i2mo, pp. 16. ^-73730 

Charter and By-Laws of the Roxbury Gas Light Com- 
pany. Roxhury : Printed at the Journal Office. 1853. ^^^5 PP- ^• 

By-Laws, Manual and Sabre Exercises of the Roxbury Horse 
Guard. Organized, 1862. Re-organized, under the State, 
1864. Boston : Printed by Jlfred Mudge ^ Son. 1865. 8vo, pp. 

27. (3)- E- 73732 
Roxbury Verd-Antique Marble Company. Organized April 

2, 1857. [^Roxbury. 1857.] ^""'^t PP- ^^- Folded iVlap. h. 

Resolution of the Roxbury Yeoman Association ... Boston: 
Printed by William Smith. 1831. i8mo, pp. 12. 73734 

First Annual Report of the Roxbury Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association of Boston. Boston : John M. Hewes., Printer. 
1868. 8vo, pp. 32. B. 73735 

Also :' The Constitution of the Young Men's Christian Association ; with a List of 
Officers. Organized May 12th, 1857. Boston: Printed by Dwvid Clapp. 1857. 8vo, 
pp. 8. B., H. 

ROY. 6l 

Third Annual Report of the Benevolent Society of St. James' 
Church. April 29, 1863. Boston: J. E. Farwell and Company^ 
Printers. 1863. 8 vo, pp. 21. ^-7373^ 

The Semi-Centennial Memorial of the Universalist Church, 
Roxbury. Boston: Universalist Publishing House. 1871. 8vo, pp. 
108. 73737 

Votes passed by the School Committee, June 19, 1846. \^Rox- 
^//O'. 1846.] i2mo, pp. 4. 73738 

A Word for Old Roxbury. [^Roxbury. 185 1.] 8vo, pp. 15. 

See also West-Roxbury. 

Roxo Y Calderon (A. J.) Memorias Funebres, o exequias 
de el Illust. Senor Dr. D. Manuel Antonio Roxo, Rio, v Vieyra, 
Dignissimo Arzobispo Metropolitano de la Santa Iglesia de Ma- 
nila, etc. Dispuestas por Don Andres Joseph Roxo, y Calderon. 
Mexico. 1765. Sm. 4to, pp. (14), 30, XX, 43. 73740 

Corrected title of No. 72809, Vol. xvii. The second and third parts are entitled : 
" Heros ecclesiasticus. Oratio funebris quann in exequijs Manilae celebratis defuncto 
suo Archiepiscopo, el Gubernatori, illust. D. D. D. Emmanueli Antonio Roxo del Rio, 
et Vieyra, dixit, D. D. Ignatius de Salamanca, in Alma Cathedrali ecclesia Manilensi, 
die 7 Junij, Anno 1764;" and "La Voz del Nombre vista en las Obras del Illmo. Sr. 
Dr. D. Manuel Roxo. Oracion Panegyrico-funebre por el Sr. Dr. D. Miguel Joseph 
Cortes de Arredondo." 

Le Roy estant en son Conseil, la Reyne| ... | Paris, 27 Mars 
1647. [Paris. 1647.] 4to, pp. 4. 7374r 

"Reglement pour etablir un bon ordre de police au Canada." Title and note from 
Harrisse's " Notes," No. 85. 

Roy (E.) Notice sur les Colonies Fran^aises en 1858. His- 
toire. Commerce, Production, etc. Par M. E. Roy. ... Paris: 
P. Dupont. 1858. 8vo, pp. J99. Maps and Plates. I'ilA-'^ 

Extract from the " Revue Coloniale." 

Roy (J.) History of Canada for the Use of Schools and Fam- 
ilies. By Jennet Roy. New York: Published by "J. Roy. 1847. 
l2mo, pp. 232. N. -{-Montreal. 1847. i2mo. -\- Montreal : 
Armour and Rajusay. 1850. i2mo, pp. 225.. N. -^ Montreal : 
H. Ramsay. 1854. i2mo, pp. viii, 282, (2). c. + Seventh 
Edition. Montreal. 1864. 1 2mo, pp. 279. 73743 

Roy. History of Upper Canada ... Montreal. 1850. i2mo. 

Title from an auction catalogue. 

62 ROY. 

Roy. Histoire du Canada, a I'usage des ecoles et des families. 
Par J. Roy. Montreal. 1854. i2mo, pp. 300. 73745 

Roy (J. E.) Home Missions in Illinois. An Historical 
Essay, read before the General Association of Illinois at its 
Quarter Century Celebration, May 27, 1869. By Rev. J. E. 
Roy. Boston. 1869. 8vo, pp. 30. 7374^ 

Roy. Kansas — her Struggle and her Defense. A Discourse 
preached in ... Chicago, ... June i, 1856, by ... Rev. J. E. 
Roy. ... {^Chicago:'] Printed by Wright, Medill, Day ^if Co. 1856. 

8vO, pp. 34. B., BA., H. 73747 

Roy. a Manual of the Principles, Doctrines, & Usages of 
Congregational Churches. Compiled by Rev. J. E. Roy. ... 
Third Edition. Chicago : Church.^ Goodman iff Donnelly, Printers. 
1869. i2mo, pp. 48. H. -f- Fourth Edition. \_Ibid.'] 1869. 
i2mo, pp. 48. 73748 

Roy. a Report on Church Building. By Rev. J. E. Roy, 
of Chicago, [n. p. 185-?] 8vo, pp. 9. H. 73749 

Roy. a Tour of Exploration in the South. By Rev. Joseph 
E. Roy, Chicago, 111., Agent. [^New York? 1866?] 8vo, pp. 9. 

From the ''Home Missionary" for March, 1866. 

[Roy (J. J. E.)] Excursion d'un touriste au Mexique pen- 
dant I'annee 1854 publiee par Just Girard S^psendon^ Tours A'^ 
Mame et C'^ M Dccc Lix. 8vo, pp. (2), 188. Plate. 7375^ 

Roy (M. le). Die | Erzehlungen | von | Maria le Roy | und | 
Barbara Leininger, | Welche vierthalb Jahr unter den In-|dianern 
gefangen gewesen, und am 6ten May | in dieser Stadt gliicklich 
angekommen. I Aus ihrem eignen Munde niedergeschrieben und | 
zum Druck befordert. | Philadelphia gedruckt und %u hahen in der 
teut-\schen Buchdruckerey das Stueck vor 6 Pentz. \ M, DCCLIX. | 
8vo, pp. 14. H.s.p. 73752 

Title from Hildeburn. 

Roy (Rammohun). Address to Members of Congress on the 
Abolition of Slavery, [n. p. 183-?] 8vo. 73753 

Roy (T.) Remarks on the Principles and Practice of Road- 
Making, as applicable to Canada. By Thomas Roy. Toronto. 
1841. 8vo, pp. 42. 73754 



The Royal African : or, Memoirs of the Young Prince of 
Annamaboe. Comprehending A distinct Account of his Coun- 
try and Family; his elder Brother's Voyage to France, and Re- 
ception there; the Manner in which himself was confided by his 
Father to the Captain who sold him ; his Condition while a Slave 
in Barbadoes ; the true Cause of his being redeemed ; his voy- 
age from thence ; and Reception here in England. Interspers'd 
throughout with several Historical Remarks on the Commerce of 
the European Nations, whose Subjects frequent the Coast of 
Guinea. To which is prefixed A Letter from the Author to a 
Person of Distinction, in Reference to some natural Curiosities 
in Africa ; as well as explaining the Motives which induced him 
to compose these Memoirs. London: Printed for W, Reeve ... . 
[1750.?] 8vo, pp. (2), 53. -f Second Edition. {Jh'id. n. d.] 
8vo, pp. 55- B. 73755 

In rhe British Museum catalogue the date is given as [1720]. 

An Abstract of the Case of the Royal African Company 
of England. London. [1729.?] Folio, I leaf. I'yi^^ 

Most of the following numbers, relating to the Royal African Company, probably 
contain references to the American plantations and West Indies. 

The Answer of the generality of the creditors of the Royal 
African Company, to the observations of the separate Traders, 
on the Bill for making effectual the agreernent with the Company. 
\_London. 1712?] Folio, i leaf. 7Z1S1 

Answers to the objections against the proposals of the Royal 
African Company for settling the trade to Africa ... London. 
[1748.] Folio. 73758 

By Philopatris. 

A Brief Narrative of the Royal African-Company's Proceed- 
ings with their creditors the last year ; with some rules and 
restrictions they are willing to submit to, by a Bill in Parliament. 
\JLondon. 1709?] Folio. 7 37 59 

The Case of the Creditors of the Royal African Company of 
England. [London. 1751 ?] Folio. 737^0 

The Case of the Royal African Company. [London. 171 1,?] 
Folio, I leaf. 737^1 

Endorsed : " The Right and property of English subjects." 

The Case of the Royal African Company. [London. 1720.?] 
P'olio. 737^^ 

Two different statements with the above title were published at about the same time 

64 ROYAL. 

The I Case I of the | Royal African Company | of | England. | ... | 
London : \ Printed by Sam. Aris^ in Creed-Lane. \ | 410, 
pp. 34. 73763 

Title furnished by Mr. Paul L. Ford. 

The Case of the Royal African-Company and of the Planta- 
tions. \London.'\ 17 14. Folio. 72tl^A- 

The Case of the Royal African Company of England and 
their Creditors. London. 1748. 4to, pp. 13. IZl^S 

Certain Considerations relating to the Royal African Company 
of England, in which the Original, Growth and National Advant- 
ages of the Guiney Trade are Demonstrated, As also that the 
same Trade cannot be carried on but by a Company and Joint 
Stock. \_London :^^ Printed in the Tear MDCLXXX. 4to, pp. 10. 

A clear Demonstration ... that the recovery, preservation and 
improvement of Britain's ... trade to Africa is wholly owing to 
... the Royal African Company. London. [1709?] Folio. 

A Detection of the Proceedings and Practices of the Directors 
of the Royal African Company of England, from their first estab- 
lishment by Charter in 1672 to the present year 1748. London: 
Printed for T. Warner, mdccxlix. l2m.o, pp. 57. 737^^ 

Improved title of No. 19780, Vol. v. 

This elicited : An Antidote to expel the Poison contained in an anonymous pam- 
phlet lately published, entitled "A Detection of the Proceedings and Practices of the 
Directors of the Royal African Company of England ... " Being intended not only as 
a full Answer to this Pamphlet, but to all others of the like Nature, that may come 
out hereafter. ... London: Printed for y. Roberts in WariuickLane. 1749. ^^°> PP* 5^' 

The Detector detected. ... In reply to A detection of the Pro- 
ceedings ... of the Directors of the Royal African Company ... 
London. 1753. 8vo. 1Z7^9 

By J. S. G., Last Commandant of Commenda, etc. 

A Few Remarks recommended to the consideration of the 
creditors of the Royal African Company. \_London. 1 7 1 1 ?] 
Folio, I leaf. 7377^ 

The Importance of effectually supporting the Royal African 
Company. See Vol. ix., No. 34393. 

The authorship has been attributed to Mr. Hays, deputy governor of the African 

A Memorial on behalf of the Royal African Company, relat- 
ing to their proposal lately given in to the House of Commons 

ROYAL. 6^ 

for the better establishment of that trade : together with their 
said proposal subjoin'd. \^London. 1710.] Folio. 7377' 

The Queries of the Royal African Company's creditors upon 
the Separate-Traders Queries. [^London. 171 2.?] Folio, i leaf. 

Reasons for allowing interest to the Creditors of the Royal 
African Company who have bonds or other securities paying 
interest. [_London. 1751.?] Folio, i leaf. 73773 

Reasons humbly, offered for confirming the Royal African 
Company's Charter. \_London. 171 1.?] Folio, i leaf. 73774 

The Royal African Comipany and Separate Traders agreed. 
\^London. 1712?] Folio, i leaf. I'illS 

A Scheme for an additional Stock to the Royal African Com- 
pany by subscription, read and agreed to in a General Court the 
1 8th of February, I7|f. \_London. 17 14.] Folio. ITIl^ 

A I Supplement I to the | Case | of the | Royal African Company] 
of I England. I London: \ Printed by Sam. Jris^ Printer to the Royal 
African\ Company of England. | 4to, pp. (2), 22. 

Title furnished by Mr. Ford. This elicited : Remarks on the Supplement to the 
African Company's Case. \London. 1730?] Folio, 

A True Account of Eight Years' exports of the Royal African 
Company, and Eight Years' exports of the separate Traders. 
\_London. 171 1.] Folio, i leaf. IZll^ 

A True Account of the Forts and Castles belonging to the 
Royal African Company. \London. 1 7 1 1 .?] Folio, i leaf. 

See alio The Several Declarations, and A True State of the Present Difference. 

The Royal American Gazette. ... New York: Alexander and 
fames Robertson. 1 777-1 783. Folio. IZl^'^ 

Afterwards published by Robertsons, Mills & Hicks. No. 342 is dated January 25, 
1781; No. 594, July 31, 1783. On the establishment of peace and evacuation of 
New York by the British, the Robertsons removed to Shelburne, Nova Scotia, where 
they continued the publication of "The Royal American Gazette" until 1786 or later. 

The I Royal American Magazine, | or Universal | Repository of 
Instruction and Amusement. | For January, 1774. | ... | Boston: 
Printed by and for I. Thomas^ near the Market. | ... | [1774.] 8vo, 
pp. 40. 2 Plates. B. 73781 

The numbers from January to June, 1774, have the above imprint j the succeeding 
numbers were printed by Grcenlcaf. The number for July, which was the first printed 
by Grecnleaf, was mispaged 235-272. On the completion of the first volume (Janu- 
ary to December, 1 774) the following title was printed : 

66 ROYAL. 

The I Royal American | Magazine | or | Universal Repository | of 
I Instruction and Amusement. | Volume i. | For the Year 1774. | 
... I America: | Boston; Printed at Greenleaf^s Printitig- Office \ in 
Union- Street^ near the Market^ where Sub-\scriptions continue to be 
taken in.\ [1774.] 8vo, pp. (4), 240, (2), 235-272, (2), 283- 
480, Index (7). 19 Plates. b. 73782 

Of volume II., three numbers were published (January, February and March, 1775), 
containing 120 pages (the last page wronglv numbered 106) and 3 plates. Pages 84- 
88 in the March number were mispaged 184-188. A reprint of Hutchinson's "His- 
tory of Massachusetts" was published as an appendix to this magazine, a portion being 
issued with each number j but it was not completed, and consists of pages 1-152 only, 
without a title-page. See Vol. ix.. No. 34077. 

The following is a list of the plates (engraved by Paul Revere and J. Callender) 
which should accompany the fifteen numbers: January, 1774: i. View of the Town 
of Boston ; 11. The Thunder Storm. February, 1774: in. Sir Wilbraham Went- 
worth } IV. The Night Scene. March, 1774: v. John Hancock 5 vi. The Fortune 
Hunter. April, 1774: vii. Samuel Adams; viii. Death of the Stag. May, 1774: 
IX. An Indian Gazette. June, 1774: x. America swallowing the bitter draught; xi. 
The hooded serpent. July, 1774: xn. Spanish treatment at Carthagena. August, 
1774: xiii. Method of refining salt-petre. September, 1774: xiv. A water-spout. 
October, 1774: xv. The dancing bishops. November, 1774: xvi. The Russian rab- 
bit; xvii. Mdlle Clairon. December, 1774: xviii. Col. Bouquet conferring with 
savage chiefs; xix. The manner that bees take their repose. January, 1775: i. 
Frontispiece. February, 1775 : 11. History of Lauretta, March, 1775 : in. America 
in distress. 

"A prospectus of this work appeared many months before the magazine; but the 
disordered state of public affairs, and the difficulties which individuals experienced from 
them, prevented it from being sooner put to press ; and after a few numbers had been 
published, the distress occasioned to the inhabitants of Boston by shutting up and 
blockading their port, obliged its editor to suspend the publication. The first number 
for January, 1774, was published at the close of that month. It was printed on a 
large medium paper in octavo, on a new handsome type. Each number contained three 
sheets of letter press, and two copperplate engravings. ... The type metal cut in the 
title page, represented, by an aboriginal, America seated on the ground ... The editor 
[Isaiah Thomas], after having been at considerable trouble and expense in bringing the 
work before the public, published it six months, and then was obliged, first to suspend, 
and afterwards to relinquish it; but Joseph Greenleaf continued the publication until 
April following, when the war put a period to the magazine. This was the last peri- 
odical work published in Boston before the revolution. It had a considerable list of 
subscribers." — Thomas's History of Print'iJig (1874), 11. 72-73. See also Mass. Hist. 
Society's Proceedings, 1855-58, pp. 141-143. 

The Royal Ape: a Dramatic Poem. Richmond: West l5 
Johnston. 1863. 8vo, pp. 85. ba. 73783 

A satire on President Lincoln. 

Royal Arctic Theatre, H. M. S. Assistance. ... Griffith's 
Island Printing Office. 1851. Folio, 2 sheets. bm. 73784 

" Two play bills (one printed on leather) and a song sung in the Pantomime of 
Zero. Together with a specimen of the means adopted for dispersing intelligence by 
balloons, consisting of a message printed on a slip of silic." These were printed by 
members of the Franklin search expedition under Captain Austin, while in winter- 
quarters at Griffith's Island in the Arctic Regions. 

ROYAL. 67 

The Royal Bahama Gazette ... Nassau^ New Providence. 
1783. Folio. 73785 

Edited and printed by John Wells of South Carolina, who fled from Charleston 
when the British army evacuated that city. 

Laws and Regulations of the Royal Canadian Yacht 
Club. Toronto: James Blackburn^ Printer. 1856. Oblong i2mo, 
pp. 23, (i). 73786 

A Poem Upon the Undertaking of the Royal Company of 
Scotland. Trading to Africa and the Indies. Edinburgh^ 
Printed for James IVardlaw ... 1697. 8vo, 8 leaves. I'il'^l 

The Royal Decrees of Scanderoon. See [Robbins (L. S.)], 
Vol. XVII., No. 71825. 

The Royal Fishing Revived. Wherein is demonstrated, from 
what Causes the Dutch have upon the Matter ingrossed the Fish- 
ing Trade in his Majesty's Seas, wherein the Principles of all 
the Trades they drive in the World are chiefly founded : As also 
from what Causes the English have lost the Fishing Trade, to 
the Endangering the small Remainder of the Trades they yet 
enjoy. Together with Expedients by which the Fishing Trade 
may be redeemed by the English ; and Proposals for Carrying 
on so great a Work. Humbly offered to the Consideration of 
the King and Parliament. London: Printed by Thomas Ratcliffe 
for the Author. 1670. 4to, pp. 12. 737^8 

Contains some reference to America. Reprinted in the Harleian Tracts, Vol. vii. 

The Royal Gazette. 17 77-1 783. See Rivington, Vol. xvii., 
No. 71690. 

The Royal Gazette. ... Kingston^ Jamaica: Douglas & Jik- 
man. 1778. Folio. 737^9 

Continued until 1786 or later. In 1784 and after it was PrtJited by Alexander Aik- 
man^ printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, at the King\ Printing- Office in Har- 
bour- Street y Kingston. 

The Royal Gazette. ... Charleston^ S. C. : Printed by John 
IFells. 1780. Folio. 73790 

Continued until December, 1782. No. 143 was dated July 13, 1782. 

Royal Gazette and Universal Chronicle. Vol. i. [No. i, 
May 22.] Loudon, 1761. 4to. 7379' 

Contains articles in relation to the North American colonies. 

68 ROYAL. 

The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of Lon- 
don. Volume the First. London : 'John Murray. M DCCC xxxii. 
8vo, pp. xix, (i), 264. 4 Maps and Plate, ba., h. 4- Volume 
the First. 1831. Second Edition. [//^/^.] m dccc xxxiii. 8vo, 
pp. xi, 264. 4 Maps. Continued. b. 73792 

The Royal Geographical Society was instituted in 1830. The first volume of the 
Journal was issued for the year 1831, and has been continued at the rate of about one 
volume yearly. Several of the volumes have been reprinted. Indexes were printed to 
the first ten volumes in 1844; to the second ten volumes in 1853; to the third ten 
volumes in 1867; to the fourth ten volumes in 1881. 

Also: Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London. Vol. i. [1855- 
1857.] London: Edward Stanford. 1857. 8vo, pp. vi, (i), 538. Map. b. Con- 
tinued quarterly to 1878 in 22 volumes, and afterwards as : Proceedings of the Royal 
Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography. ... New Monthly Series. 
Vol. I., 1879. London: Edtvard Stanford. 1879. 8vo, pp. viii, 840. Maps. Con- 
tinued. B. — Arctic Geography and Ethnology. A Selection of Papers on Arctic 
Geography and Ethnology. Reprinted, and presented to the Arctic Expedition of 
1875, by the President, Council, and Fellows of the Royal Geographical Society. 
London: John Murray. 1875. 8vo, pp. xii, 292. Maps. 

The Royal Georgia Gazette. No. 30. August 12. 1779. 
New York. 1779. Folio. 73793 

Continued to March 26th, 1781 (No. 108) or later. 

The Royal Granada Gazette ... Georgetown \_lVest Indies]: 
Printed by tVilliam JVeyland^ at the New Printing Office. 1765. 
Folio. 73794 

A weekly, commenced in January, 1765. 

Royal Insurance Company Fire and Life Capital Two 
Million Sterling ... Almanac 1867. London: Kronheim and Co. 
1867. i2mo, pp. vi, III, 32. 2 Plates. Continued. H. 

Includes an American Supplement prepared by Hon. George S. Boutwell, Late 
Commissioner of Internal Revenue. 

The Royal Kalendar, or Correct Annual Register for Eng- 
land, Scotland, and Ireland for 1767. London. 1767. i2mo. 
Continued. lyi^^ 

Includes the names of government officials employed in America, and information 
on other American topics. The titles of the later volumes differ slightly, as follows : 

The Royal Kalendar, ... or Complete and Correct Annual Register for England, 
Ireland, and America, for the Year 17765 including a complete and correct List of 
the 14th Parliament of Great Britain, summoned to meet ... November 29th, 1774. 
... London. [1776.] l2mo. 

Royal Kalendar, and Court and City Register, for England, Scotland, Ireland, and 
the Colonies, for the year 18 19. London. 1819. i2mo. Continued. 

Royal Letters, Charters and Tracts, relating to the Coloniza- 
tion of New Scotland, and the Institution of the Order of 

ROYAL. 69 

Knights Baronets of Novii Scotia. 1621-1638. Edinburgh: 
Bafinatyne Club. 1867. 4to. Portrait of Sir W. Alexander, and 
P'acsimiles of A4aps. Til91 

Edited by D. Laing, and privately printed for the members of the club. Includes a 
reprint of Sir William Alexander's " Encouragement for Colonies," etc. The curious 
maps reproduced were issued in 1620 and 1624 respectively. 

The Royal Magazine or Gentleman's Monthly Companion. 
Vol. I. London: J. Coote. [1759.] 8vo, pp. 372. Plates and 
Maps. BA. 73798 

Continued to December, 1 77 1. First issued in half-yearly volumes, and from 1768 
to 1771 in yearly volumes. Includes many articles on the old French War, with fine 
illustrative plates. 

No. 13. Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, under Con- 
tract with Her Majesty's Government, for the Conveyance of 
the Mails for the West Indies, Mexico, Central America, Panama, 
and the Pacific. ... \_London : Mitchell and Son^ Printers. 1863.] 
8vo, pp. 22. Map. H. 73799 

No. 18. Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, under Con- 
tract with Her Majesty's Government. Brazil and River Plate 
Route. ... \_London : Mitchell and Son.^ Printers. 1863.] 8vo, pp. 
15. iMap. H. 73800 

The Royal Military Chronicle or British Officers' Monthly 
Register, and Mentor. ... London Printed by & for L Davis. 
1811-1813. 7 vols., 8vo. Maps and Plates. a. 73801 

November, 1810, to April, 18 14. Continued as: 

The Royal Military Chronicle ; or. The British Officers* 
Monthly Register, Chronicle, and Military Mentor. ... A New 
Series. ... London: Printed by W. Green .^ and T. Chaplin. 1814- 
1817. 6 vols., 8vo. Maps and Plates. a. 73802 

From May, 1 8 14, to April, 1817. 

The Royal Pennsylvania Gazette. | Published by 'James Robert- 
son in Front-Street^ between Chesnut and Walnut- Streets. \ Philadel- 
phia.^ Tuesday., March 3, 1778. (Nu?nber /.) | Folio, pp. 4. 

"Numbers i to 25 (May 26, 1778), four pages each, except Numbers 2, 4, and 6, 
with a * Gazette Extraordinary ' of four pages to No. 9. In No. 7 the title was 
changed to (Number VII. )| The \ Royal | Pennsylvania • Gazette. | Thursday \ March 
24, 1778.] A cut of the Royal Arms was introduced, as indicated by the dotted lines. 
Robertson was a follower of the Royal Army, and left Philadelphia with it." Title 
and note from Hildeburn. 

Royal Perseverance. A Poem. Humbly Dedicated to that 
Prince, whose Piety, Moderation, Clemency, Magnanimity and 


Other Christian and Patriotic Virtues, are the admiration of all 
mankind. London: J. Bew. 1778. 4to, pp. 27. j.c.B. 73804 

Relates partly to the war in America. For another piece by the same author, whose 
name appears to be unknown, see "Tyranny the Worst Taxation." 

The Royal Primer improved : Being an easy and pleasant 
Guide to the Art of Reading. With 28 Cuts adapted to Chil- 
dren. The Second Edition. Philadelphia: James Chattin. 1753. 
i8mo. 73805 

The Royal Primer ; or, An Easy and Pleasant Guide to the 
Art of Reading. Adorned with Cuts. Worcester^ Mass.: Isaiah 
Thomas. 1784. 24mo, pp. 72. 73806 

"This has little in common with the New England Primer, but may have been a 
more attractive book to some of the boys and girls of its day. It contains 'A short 
Scripture Catechism,' but not the Westminster Assembly's, nor Mr. Cotton's. There 
are woodcuts of animals and birds, and in illustration of Bible stories; and the cuts are 
far superior to those in earlier editions of the N. E. Primer. It is probably a reprint of 
an English primer." — J. H. Trumbull. 

The Royal Road to Wealth. See Vol. xv.. No. 62199. 

Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries. See Societe Royale 
des Antiquaires du Nord. 

The I Royal Spiritual | Magazine; |or|The Christian's | Grand 
Treasure. | By several Divines. | Vol. l. | Philadelphia : \ Printed by 
Joseph Crukshank for John\ M'Gibbons. | [1771.] 8vo, pp. vi, 24, 
and over. h.s.p. 73807 

Title from Hildeburn. See also Thomas's "History of Printing" (1874), 11. 151. 

The I Royal Treasury | of | England : | or, an | Historical Account 
I of all I Taxes, | under | what Denomination soever, | from the | 
Conquest to this present Year. | Collected from the best Histori- 
ans, as well Antient as | Modern ; likewise from many valuable 
Manuscripts in the | Cotton, and several other choice Libraries, 
and I some peculiar Offices in this Kingdom. | Containing a con- 
siderable Number of Particulars, not to be | found in printed 
Books. I Shewing when the Crown was supply'd, and Impositions 
laid I on the People, only by Virtue of the King's Preroga- 1 tive, 
at what Times the House of Lords alone has done | the same, 
and when reduc'd to Parliamentary Method | now Establish'd. | 
Intermixt with some other remarkable Occurrences. | London :\ T. 
Tebb^ and y. IFilcox. M DCC xxv. 8vo, pp. (2), xxxi, (i), 372. B. 

Royale, risle. Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy du 30 
decembre 17 13. Qui permet aux negocians de Bordeaux qui 



voudront envoyer a I'lsle Royale pour la pcsche de la morue 
seiche, de faire venir par la Riviere de Sendre, le sel dont ils 
auront besoin. [^Paris P'j Georges "Jouvenei. [17 13.] 4to, pp. 4. 

Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy, qui decharge les moriies et 
les huiles qui proviendront de la pesche a I'lsle Royale, cy-devant 
appellee I'lsle de Cap-Breton, de tous droits des cinq grosses 
fermes et autres pendant dix annees. Du 9 septembre 17 13. 
Paris^ hnpr'imer'ie Royale. 1 713. 4to, pp. 4. 73^10 

Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy. Qui ordonne que pendant 
dix annees ... les moriies, tant vertes que scches ... qui provien- 
dront de risle .Royale ... demeureront deschargees dans tous les 
ports du royaume ... de tous les droits d'entree ... Du 17 mars 
1733. Par'is^ hnprbner'ie Royale. 1733. 4to, pp. 4. 73^11 

Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy, qui ordonne aux Negociants 
de St. Jean de Luz pour leur commerce de la pesche de la baleine 
et de la moriie au Canada et a I'lsle-Royale, les mesmes droits ... 
accordes par les lettres patentes du mois d'avril 17 17. Du 20 
Juillet 1734. Paris.^ hnprimerie Royale. 1735. 4to, pp. 3. 

Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy, portant qu'il sera estably un 
magasin a Grandville, pour les marchandises ... destinez pour la 
pesche de la moriie au ban de Terre-Neuve, Canada et Isle Roy- 
ale. De 27 Janvier 1739. Par is .^ hnprimerie Royale. 1739. 4to, 
PP- 3- 73813 

Arrest du Conseil d'Estat du Roy, qui prescrit les formalites a 
observer par les Negocians qui vont a la pesche de la morue a 
risle Royale, a leur retour des Isles Francoises, pour jouir de I'ex- 
emption ... Du 26 septembre 1741. Paris.^ Imprimerie Royale. 
1741. 4to, pp. 8. 73814 

Arrest du Conseil d'Etat du Roy, qui ordonne que pendant dix 
annees, a commencer du premier Janvier 1744, les iVlorues, tant 
vertes que seches et les Huiles qui proviendront de la peche des 
sujets de Sa Majeste a I'lsle Royale, appelee ci-devant I'lsle du 
Cap Breton, demeureront dechargees dans tous les ports du Roy- 
aume, tant de I'Ocean que de la Mediterranee, et a Ingrande, de 
tous les droits d'entree des cinq grosses fermes, du 26 Mars 1743. 
Paris., Imprimerie Royale. 1743. 4to, pp. 3. 73^15 

Arrest du Conseil d'Etat du Roy qui ordonne que les marchan- 
dises du cru des Isles fran^oises de I'Amerique, qui seront desti- 


nees pour etrc transportees a I'lsle-Royale, seront dechargees 
jusqu*au premier Janvier 1747, du droit de poids d'un pour cent ; 
Et que celles du cru desdites Isles, destinees tant pour ladite Isle 
Royale que pour le Canada, seront dechargees pendant ledit 
temps, du droit de trois pour cent du Domaine d'Occident, ensem- 
ble du droit de quarante sols par quintal sur les sucres qui y seront 
envoyez desdites Isles du 24 Juin 1743. Paris^ Imprimerie Royale. 
1743- 4to, pp. 3. 73816 

Reglement concernant Sexploitation de la peche de la Morue 
a risle-Royale du 20 juin 1743. Paris^ Imprimerie Royale. 1743. 
4to, pp. 12. 73817 

RoYALL (A.) The Black Book. Or a Continuation of 
Travels in the United States. In Tu^o Volumes. By Mrs. 
Anne Royall, Author of Sketches of History, Life, and Man- 
ners, In the United States, and the Tennessean. Washington : 
Printed for the Author. 1828. 2 vols., l2mo, pp. 328, (i); 395, 

(I). B. 73818 

Royall. The Black Book. Or a Continuation of Travels 
in the United States. In Three Volumes. By Mrs. Anne 
Royall ... . Vol. III. Washington: Printed for the Author. 1829. 
i2mo, pp. 234,(1). B. 73819 

Royall. Letters from Alabama on various subjects ; To 
which is added. An Appendix, containing Remarks on Sundry 
Members of the 20th & 21st Congress, and other High Charac- 
ters, &c. &c. at the Seat of Government. In One Volume. By 
Anne Royall .... Washington. 1830. 8vo, pp. 232, Index 6. b. 

Royall. Mrs. Royall's Pennsylvania, or Travels continued 
in the United States. By Mrs. Anne Royall. Washington : 
Printed for the Author. 1829. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. 276; 273, 
Appendix, 24. c. 73821 

Royall. Mrs. Royall's Southern Tour, or Second Series of 
the Black Book. By Mrs. Anne Royall, Author of "Sketches 
of History, Life, and Manners in the United States, by a Trav- 
eller," &c. &c. In Three or More Volumes : Vol. i. Wash- 
ington. 1830. 8vo, pp. 169, Appendix and Index 12. b. '] 2,^22 

Royall. Mrs. Royall's Southern Tour, or Second Series of 
the Black Book. By Mrs. Anne Royall ... . In Three or More 
Volumes: Vol.11. Washington. 1831. 8vo, pp. 217, (i). 

ROYCE. 73 

[RoYALL.] Sketches of History, Life and Manners in the 
United States. By a Traveller. New Haven: Printed fo?- the 
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By Mrs. Anne Royall ... . New Haven: Printed for the Juthor. 
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of the Town of Royalston, from April ist, 1863, to March ist, 
1864. Prepared by the Auditor. JVinchendon : Frank IV. JVard.^ 
Printer. 1864. 8vo, pp. 9. H. 73826 

Report of the School Committee of Royalston, 1859-60. Bos- 
ton : Printed hy Alfred Mudge ^ Son. i860. 8vo, pp. 18. Con- 
tinued. H. 73827 

Valuation and Tax of the Town of Royalston, for the Year 
1864, with an Exposition of the Condition of the Town Ac- 
counts. Winchendon: F. W. Ward bf Co. Water Power Job Print- 
ers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 36. H. 73828 

Royalty of Federalism ! Read, Try, Decide, on the Charge 
of Washington, That leading Federalists are to Monarchy 
devoted. [^Printed at the Tankee Office ... Boston. 181 7.] 8vo, 

pp. 16. BA. 73829 

Royaume d'Hayti. Manifeste du Roi. Au Cap-Henry.^ che% 
P. Roux^ i?npri?neur du Roi. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 44. BA. 73830 

Royaume d'Hayti. L'Olivier de la Paix. [n. p. 181 5.] 
i2mo, pp. 8. H. 73831 

[RoYCE (Andrew).] Considerations for the People of Barre 
[Vt.], respecting the Hostility of the Methodists, of this Town, 
towards the Congregationalists ... Moiitpelier : Printed by E. P. 
Walton and Sons. 1844. 8vo, pp. 18. B. 73832 

RoYCE, Facts for the People of Barre, touching the Hostile 
Attack of Rev. A. Royce, of this Town, upon the M. E. 
Church, in a Tract, entitled "Considerations for the People of 
Barre," &c. By the Official Board. ... Montpelier : Poland and 
Briggs, Printers. 1845. ^vo, pp. 5 ' • «• 73^33 

Royce. Universalism : a Modern Invention, and not accord- 
ing to Godliness. By Andrew Royce .... Windsor [^/.]. 1838. 
l2mo. -|- Second Edition with an Examination of Certain Re- 


74 ROYS. 

views. Windsor: Printed at the Chronicle Press. 1839. l2mo, 
pp. 207. BA. 73834 

RoYCE (H. A.) Quartermaster's Department. Sketch of its 
Organization, from 1774 to 1868, by H. A. Royce. Washington, 

1869. 8vo. ' 73835 

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the Church of England, and of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
in the United States. By M. S. Royce. Nashville^ Tenn.: The 
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With cover imprint: Neiv York: Daniel Dana, Jr. i860. Other editions: Neio 
York: F. D. Harriman. 1859. Sm. 8vo, pp. 198. B. -\- Neiv York: General Protest- 
ant Episcopal S. S. Union and Church Book Society, i860. 1 8 mo, pp. 198. 

RoYE (E. J.) Inaugural Address of President Edward James 
Roye. Delivered before the Legislature in Joint Convention. 
Monrovia, January 8, 1870. New-York : S. W. Green.^ Printer. 

1870. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 73837 

RoYER (A. H.) De natura et indole servitutis, turn ex jure 
naturae, tum ex legibus civilibus Hebraeorum, Romanorum, et 
etiam Belgarum ... Lugduni Batavorum. 1762. 4to. 73838 

RoYER (C. Barbault). Du Gouvernement de Saint Domingue, 
Delaveaux, Delavillette, des agens du Directoire. ... Paris: De- 
bray, An V. 1797. 8vo, pp. 71. j.c.B. 73839 

RoYER (J.) The Monument of Patriotism, being a Collec- 
tion of Biographical Sketches of the Lives and Characters of 
some of those Men who signed the Declaration of Independence 
of America ; also Generals and Heroes who fought and bled in 
the Revolutionary War, etc., etc. Compiled from the most 
authentic and approved authors. By John Royer. Pottstown. 
1825. i2mo. 73840 

See also Vol. xvii., No. 72699. 

RoYLE (J. F.) On the Culture and Commerce of Cotton in 
India, and elsewhere; with an Account of the Experiments made 
by the Hon. East India Company up to the present Time. Ap- 
pendix : Papers relating to the Great Industrial Exhibition. By 
J. Forbes Royle, m.d. f.r.s. ... London: S?nith, Elder.^& Co. 
1 85 1. 8vo, pp. xvi, 607. Folded Table, 5 Plates. b. 73841 

Roys (A.) A Brief History of the Town of Norfolk from 
1738 to 1844: And a Summary of Events and Transactions 



which have occurred in this Town, from its first Settlement, 
chronologically arranged. Faithfully collected from the Public 
Records of the Town and other Correct Documents, with the 
Dates accurately annexed. To which is added a Description of 
the Town, Incidents, List of Officers, and other interesting Mat- 
ter. By Auren Roys. ... New Tork : Printed hy Henry Luckv'ig. 

MDCCCXLVII. 8vo, pp. (4), 89. B., BA., C. 73842 

RoYSE (N. K.) A Manual of American Literature. De- 
signed for the Use of Schools, of Advanced Grades. By N. 
K. Royse. ... Philadelphia : Cowperthwait and Company, 1873. 
l2mo, pp. 360. B. 73843 

Royse (P. E.) The Predictions of the Prophets, which have 
been most wonderfully fulfilled since the Commencement of the 
Christian Era, and especially those Predictions concerning the 
United States of America. By Rev. P. E. Royse. Cincinnati: 
The Author. 1864. iimo, pp. (4), 594. c. 73844 

RoYSTON (S. W.) An Address delivered at Cumming, Georgia, 
February, 1844, on the Rise and Progress of Society, and the 
Formation of Government, by S. Watson Royston. Neiv Haven: 
The Author. 1844. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 73845 

Rozoi (^M. de). Azor, ou les Peruviens : Tragedie. Par M. 
de Rozoi. Geneve. 1770. 8vo, pp. xvi, 138. s. 73846 

RuA (Hernando de la). Carta pastoral, advertencias y pater- 
nales avisos a los Prelados y- Religiosos de las Provincias de 
Nueva Espana del Orden de S. Francisco .... Mexico^ por Ber- 
nardo Calderon. 1668. 4to. 73^47 

RuA. Informe que hizo al Rey Hernando de la Rua, comis- 
sario general de la orden de S. Francisco, de la Nueva Espana, 
ano de 1669; dado a la estampa el P. Matheo de Heredia, pro- 
curador general en la corte de Madrid ano de 167 1. Madrid. 
167 1. Folio, 39 leaves. 73^4^ 

Rua. Manifestacion breve, radical, y fvndamental de la per- 
secucion que ha padecido la religion serafica en las provincias de 
Nueua-Espana. Noticia, y razon de los litigios que se han moti- 
uado por la dignidad episcopal ... dado a la estampa por el P. fray 
Francisco de Ayeta, hijo de la provincia de el santo Euangelio de 
Mexico. [^Madrid? 1671.?] Folio, 34 leaves. 73^49 

Rua. Razon de la residencia, y sentencia dada a los procedi- 

76 RUBBI. 

mientos, y operaciones del P. Hernando de la Rua. \_Mad7'id. 
1671?] Folio, pp. (4). 73850 

Beristain also mentions as printed in folio: " Apologia por los Doctiinas y Curatos 
que administran los Religiosos de S. Francisco en las Americas." Fr. Hernando de la 
Rua came to Mexico in 1666 as " Comissario General" of the order of S. Francisco. 
The following titles relate to him : 

Informe extrajudicial hizo al P. fray Antonio de Somoza, comissario general de 
Indias, en esta corte. Acerca de los procedimientos de el P. fray Hernando de la Rua, 
en el oficio de Comissario general de las Provincias de Nueva-Espana desde el ano de 
1666 hasta el de 1 671, por P. Francisco Calderon. Madrid. 1671. Folio, 13 leaves 

Senora. Fray Mateo de Heredia de la orden de S. Francisco, Procurador general de 
la Provincia del santo Evangelio en esta corte, en nombre della, y de fray Hernando de 
la Rua ... se halla obligado a significar el sentimiento justo de los agravios, y desdoros, 
con que ha querido obscurecer fray Payo de Ribera, ar^obispo de Mexico, y su prouisor 
D. Antonio de Cardenas y Salazar, los creditos que ha adquirado su Religion. Madrid. 
1678. Folio, 6 leaves. 

See also Vol. xv.. No. 65347; Vol. xvi., No. 69172. 

RuANovA (P. Estanislao). Sermon funebre en las honras de 
la piadosa Sra. Dona Teresa Bernaldo de Palacio, Camarista de 
la Reina y esposa del Sr. Gobernador de la Plaza de Veracruz. 
... Mexico. 1760. 4to. 73851 

Beristain also mentions : "Certamen poetico para la Noche de Navidad de 1742." 

A Rub from Snub. See [Cobbett (W.)], Vol. iv., No. 14032. 

RuBALCAVA (J. G. de). Tratado|Historico, Politico, |y legal 
I de el Comercio|de las Indias | Occidentals, | pertenecientes a los 
I Reyes Catholicos, | conforme al tiempo de Paz, y | Guerra, en 
interpretacion de|las Leyes de la Nueva Reco- 1 pilacion a ellas. | 
Primera Parte. | Compendio Historico| del Comercio de las Indias, 
desde | su principio hasta su actual | Estado. | Su Author | Don Joseph 
Gutierrez de Rubalcava, | Professor de el Derecho Canonico, y | 
civil, y Assessor de Marina, en la Co | mission de Montes y Plantios, 
del I Departamento de Cadiz. | [Followed by:] Proyecto | para | 
Galeones, y Flotas | de el | Peru, y Nueva- | Espafia, | y para Navlos 
I de I Registro, y avisos, | que Navegaren a ambos | Reynos. | Ano 
de 1720. I [Colophon:] Con Licencia : | hnpresso en Cadix., en la 
hnprenta \ Real de Marina de Don Manuel Espi- | nosa de los Mon- 
teros^ en la Calle | de San Francisco. \ 1 750. l6mo, pp. (64), 351 ; 
Proyecto, 64. c, h. 73852 

Improved title of Nos. 29359 ^""^ 2.9360, Vol. vn. The licenses are dated 1750. 
The "Proyecto para Galeones" was first-printed in folio in 1720, for which see Vol. 
XVI., No. 66408. 

RuBBi (Andrea). Elogj Italian!. ... Fenezia. [1782.] 12 
vols., i2mo. 73853 

The second volume contains an essay on Columbus. 

RUBIO. 77 

RuBEK (Sennoia), anagram. See [Burke (J.)], Vol. in., Nos. 
9309-931 1. 

Rubens (Peter Paul). The Picture Exhibition. See Vol. xv., 
No. 62688. 

RuBi (Diego). Panegirico de S. Agustin, Doctor de la Iglesia. 
... Mexico : por R'tbera. 1723. 4to. 73^54 

RuBiM (B. da C.) V^ocabulario Brazileiro, para servir de 
complememto [j/V] aos diccionarios da lingua portugueza, por 
Braz da Costa Rubim. Rio de Janeiro: Paula Br'ito Impressor da 
Casa Imperial. 1853. ^^^^ PP- (4)> ^^' ^- 73^55 

Rubin (J. M.) A mis compatriotas. Caracas. 1863. 8vo, 
pp. 38. 73856 

Rubin. Exposicion que dirige a sus compatriotas el general 
Jose Mario Rubin. Caracas. 1863. 8vo, pp. xxiv, 38. 73857 

Rubin de la Torre [Fr. Matias). Sermon de la Transfi- 
guracion del Senor, predicado en la gran solemnidad del Santo 
Cristo de la Ciudad de Zacatecas. ... Mexico. 1730. 4to. 

RuBio, pseudon. Rambles in the United States and Canada 
during the year 1845, with a short Account of Oregon. By 
Rubio. ... Lo7idon : Samuel Clarke, mdcccxlvi. i2mo, pp. viii, 
259. BA. -f Second Edition. London: John Ollivier. 1847. 
i2mo, pp. viii, 259. 73^59 

Very severe on the Americans. 

. RuBio (Antonio). Commentaria in Universam Aristotelis 
Logicam ... Colonics^ sumptibus Jrnoldi Milii. 1605. 4to. 

Called by the author his " Logica Mexicana," because it was written in Mexico, and 
used as a text-book there. Other editions: Valencia^ 16075 Colonla^ 1609; Colonia^ 

RuBio. Poeticarvm Institvtionvm liber variis Ethnicorvm, 
Christianorvmqve exemplis illustratus, ad vsum studiosse Juuen- 
tutis. Per Congregationem B. M. V. Annuntiatae, in Societatis 
Jesu Collegii Mexican! Gymnasijs Autoritate Apostolica, institu- 
tam. Collectore, eiusdem societatis sacerdote, qui eidc Pra^sidet 
Congregation!. Antonio Rvbio praefccto. Alexici, Jpud Hen- 
ricum Martinez. An^io 1605. Sm. 8vo, pp. (18), 512. 73861 

ike Leclerc's " Bibliotlieca Americana" (1878), No, 1236. For other works by 
the same author %ee Beristain. 

yS ' RUBio. 

RuBio (C.) Informe de la empiesa de tabacos al publico ... 
Mexico. 1 84 1. 8vo. 73862 

Rui5io (Diego de Torres). See Torres Rubio (D. de). 

RuBio (Juaii). Ejemplos Morales o las consecuencias de la 
buena y de la mala educacion en los varios destinos de la sociedad 
... Mexico. 1820. 8vo. 73863 

Rubio (Manuel). Demanda promovida en Guanajuato, Mina 
de la Luz. ... Mexico. 1849. 8vo. 73864 

Also: Demanda promovida en Guanajuato por los berederos ... Mexico. 1848. 8vo. 
— Pedimento del Sr. Fiscal suplente ... Mexico. 1850. — Pedimento del Sr. fiscal 
suplente, mina de la Luz ... Mexico. 1850. — Recurso de atentado que algunos de los 
dueiios de la mina de la Luz ... Mexico. 1848. 8vo. 

RuBio (N. A. G. M.) El Phemx|de las Becas,| Santo Tori- 
bio |Alphonso Mogrobejo, Iglorioso en la resplandeciente | hoguera 
de sus virtudes. | Celebradas | por su Colegio Mayor | de San Salva- 
dor de Oviedo, | en las plausibles fiestas, que con el motivo | de su 
deseada Canonizacion le dedico amante en el Mes | de. Julio del 
Aiio passado de 1727. | Escrivialo | de orden de dicho Colegio 
Mayor | Don Nicolas Antonio Guerrero Martinez Rubio, Colegial 
Huesped | en el, Opositor primero a las Cathedras de Leyes de la 
Universidad | de Salamanca, y Juez Metropolitano, que ha sido, | 
de el Arzobispado de Santiago. | Ofreciendole al nombre soberano, 
I augusta proteccion | de el serenissimo senor | Don Fernando | 
Nuestro Senor, | Principe de Asturias. | Con Licencia : | En Sala- 
manca : I Por la Viuda de Gregor'io Orti% Gallardo., y Eugenio | Garcia 
Honor ato y San Miguel. \ [1728.] Folio, pp. (16), 176, 99, (i), 
332, Index (20). A. 73865 

Toribio was born in 1538, appointed archbishop of Lima in I58i,and died in 1606. 
This work contains an account of the missions established by him among the Indians 
of Peru. 

[RuBio DE RiBAS (Alonso).] Manifiesto y Esclamacion que 
haze la Universidad de Cargadores del Comercio de Espana que 
reside en esta ciudad de Lima en nombre del Consulado de Cadiz, 
en punto del litigio de Jurisdiccion seguido por el Consulado del 
Peru contra la dicha Universidad. \_Lima. 1736.] 4to. 73866 

Rubio y Salinas (Manuel Joseph). Aranzel de derechos par- 
rochiales, para los Curas de las Parrochias de la Ciudad de Mexico, 
conforme a las instancias de su Exmo. Ayuntamiento. ... Mexico. 
1757. 4^0, PP- 19- 73867 


RuBio Y Salinas. Carta circular ,del D. Manuel'^'Joseph 
Rubio y Salinas, Arzobispo de Mexico, sobre la Residencia per- 
sonal en las Parrochias, Instruccion Christiana ... . [Mexico. 
1762.] 4to, pp. 8. 73868 

Dated 28 September, 1762. 

RuBio Y Salinas. Carta Pastoral que el S. D. Manuel Rubio 
de Salinas, Arzobispo de Mexico, ... con Noticias del Temblor 
de Tierra, que en el dia i de Noviembre, 1755 ... Mexico. 1756. 
4to. 73869 

Title from an auction catalogue. Beristain gives the title as follows : Pastoral sobre 
las tristes noticias, que llegaron de Espana del terrible terremoto de 1755. Mexico. 

RuBio Y Salinas. Explicacion de el Arco erigido en la 
puerta de el Palacio Arzobispal de Mexico ... . Mexico. 1760. 
4to. 73870 

Rubio y Salinas. Instruccion Pastoral sobre la Indulgencia 
plenaria de la Bula Benedictina : Pia Mater ... Mexico. 1754. 
4to. 73871 

Rubio y Salinas. Pastoral a los Curas y Jueces eclesiasticos 
del Arzobispado sobre diligencias Matrimoniales y Dispensas. ... 
Mexico. 1756. 4to. IZ'^1'^ 

Also: Carta circular ... Mexico. 1764. 4to, pp. 25. — Edicto pastoral sobre Jubi- 
leos ... Mexico. 1760. 4to. — Edicto Pastoral sobre Diezmos ... Mexico. 1763. 4to. 
See also Vol. xii.. No. 50610; Vol. xvii., No. 72.535. 

RuBiON (Geronimo). Elogio funcbre del Sr. Felipe in. de 
Espana, pronunciado en las Honras que le consagrd la Provincia 
de Predicadores de Santiago de Mexico ... Mexico., por Garrido. 
1621. 4to. 73873 

Ruble (J. C.) As An | Answer [To Several | Church Meet- 
ings, I Shewing their unlawful Proceedings against my | Person, 
held partly in King's County, the | 7th of May, and partly in 
New-York, the | i8th, 19th, and 20th, of May, aforementioned,] 
1784. I Johannes Casparus Ruble, | Minister of the Five United 
Congregations, in King's County, | on Long-Island. | A^^w-3^'cr/f ,* 
Printed by J. M'' Lean :\mdcclxxxiy. Sm. 8vo, pp. 19. N. 

Title furnished by Mr. William Kelby. 

RuBRiDGE (C.) A Plain Statement of the Advantages attend- 
ing Emigration to Upper Canada. Hy I>ieut. Charles Rubridge. 
London. 1838. 8vo, pp. 84. 73^75 

8o RUDD. 9 

RucHAMER (Jobsten). See Vol. xii., Nos. 50056, 50057. 

... La Ruche Litteraire Illustre, ou recueil de Romans, Poesie 
canadicnne, &c., inedits. ... H. Emile Chevalier, Redacteur-en- 
chef. G.-H. Cherrier, Editeur-gerant. Aviil 1853. Montreal: 
des Presses a Vapeur de John Lovell. [1853.] ^^"5 PP* (2)? I^O- 
172. 73^76 

Commenced in January, 1853, and continued monthly to 1859 or later. 

RuCKERT (F.) Cristofero Colombo oder die Entdeckung der 
Neuen Welt. Geschichtsdrama in drei Theilen von Friedrich 
Ruckert. ... Frankfurt am Main. Druck und Verlag von Johann 
David Sauerlander. 1845. 2 vols., l6mo, pp. 260 ; 358. L. 

RuDD (E. B.) Poem. By E. B. Rudd. New York. 1861. 
Svo, pp. 15. 73878 

Rudd (J. C.) Christ the Chief Corner Stone. A Sermon, 
preached in St. Peter's Church, Auburn ... August 11, 1833, 
being the First Occasion of Public Worship in Said Church after 
its Consecration ; with an Appendix, containing a Brief Sketch 
of the History of the Congregation from its Organization. By 
J. C. Rudd, D.D. Late Rector of the Parish. Auburn: C. K. 
Society's Press. 1833. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 73879 

Rudd. Forgetfulness of God : a Sermon preached in Trinity 
Church, Utica, on Friday, May 14, 1841. Being the Day rec- 
ommended by the President of the United States, as a Day of 
National Humiliation and Prayer. ... By John C. Rudd, D.D. ... 
Utica: Hobart Press. 1841. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 73880 

On the death of William Henry Harrison. 

Rudd. Historical Notices of Saint John's Church, Elizabeth- 
Town, New-Jersey. Contained in A Discourse Delivered in 
said Church, November 21st, 1824. By John C. Rudd, d.d. 
Rector of the same. ... Eiixabeth-Town : Printed by J. and E. 
Sanderson. 1825. 8vo, pp. 29. 73^8 1 

Rudd. The Means of Diff^'using Religious Knowledge. A 
Sermon, preached in Trinity Church, Newark, June 28, 18 15, 
before the directors of the Episcopal Society of Nfcw-Jersey for 
the promotion of Christian Knowledge and Piety. By the Rev. 
John C. Rudd, Rector of St. John's Church, Elizabeth-Town. 
... Elixabeth-Toivn., N. J. Printed by J. and E. Sanderson. 181 5. 
Svo, pp. 14. 73882 


RuDD. Religious Instruction Enforced, in a Sermon, preached 
in St. John's Church, Elizabeth-Town, (N. J.) The Fourth 
Sunday in Advent, (December 22, 1822.) By the Rev. John 
Churchill Rudd, Rector of said Church. Elixabeth-Town : 
Printed by "J. and E. Sanderson. 'Jan. i, 1823. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Rudd. The Temple destroyed, or the Parish in Affliction. 
A Sermon, preached in the Court House, Auburn ... N. Y. ... 
Feb. 12, 1832, being the Sunday following the Destruction of 
St. Peter's Church by Fire. By J. C. Rudd, d.d. ... Auburn: 
H. B. Ten Eye k.^ Printer. M dccc xxxii. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 73884 

Rudd (S.) A Poem on the Death of the Late Thomas 
Hollis, Esq ; Humbly inscrib'd to Mr. John HoUis, Brother of 
the Deceased. By Sayer Rudd. ... London: Printed^ and sold by 
A. Ward^ at the Kings Anns^ in Little Britain ; and T. Cox^ at the 
Lamb., under the Royal Exchange. m,dcc,xxxi. 8vo, pp. (4), 36. 

Rudder (W.) The Educational Powers of our Present Na- 
tional Troubles : A Sermon, preached in St. Paul's Church, 
Albany, ... January 13, 1861. By the Rev. Wm. Rudder, d.d. 
Albany: Munsell l3 Roiuland. 1861. 8vo, pp. 35. B. 73886 

Rudder. The Peaceful Falling-Asleep of God's Beloved. 
A Sermon preached in St. Paul's Church, Albany, on [the death 
of Mrs. Mary Bradford] ... December i, 1861. By the Rev. 
Wm. Rudder, d.d. Albany: J. Munsell. 1861. 8vo, pp. 28. 

Ruddiman's Weekly Mercury. Vol. i. Edinburgh. [1777.] 
8vo. 73888 

Continued to 1783 or later. Contains articles on the war in America, etc. 

RuDDiMAN (T.) The | Rudiments [ of the | Latin Tongue : | 
Or, a I Plain and easy Introduction | to | Latin Grammar. | Wherein 
I The Principles of the Language are| Methodically digested both 
in English and | Latin. | With | Useful Notes and Observations, 
explaining the Terms | of Grammar, and farther improving its 
Rules. I To which is added, by the Publisher, | Several useful Ex- 
tracts from Ross's Latin Grammar, which | renders this Edition 
more complete, than any hitherto | published. | By Tho. Ruddi- 
man, m.a. | The First American Edition with Additions. | Phila- 
delphia : I Printed and sold by R. Aitken^ opposite the London | Coffee- 
House., Front-Street. 1776. | I2m(), pp. 126. H.s.P. 73889 

Title from Hildeburn. First printed in London, 17 14, and frecjucnily reprinted. 


Ruddock (S. A.) A Geographical View of all the Post 
Towns in the United States, and their Distances from each other. 
According to the Establishment of the Postmaster General. 1796. 
By Samuel A. Ruddock, Accomptant, Boston, [n. p. 1796.] 
4to, I leaf. H., M. 73890 

Ruddock. A View of the Quarterly Diminution of the Pres- 
ent 6 per Cent. Stock of the United States, by the Payment of 
8 Dollars upon Every 100 Dollars of the Original Stock, as 
expressed in the Certificates of Said Stock^ — commencing on the 
First Day of Jan. 1796. — Also the Deferred Stock, commencing 
January ist, 1802, &c. according to the Law. By Samuel A. 
Ruddock, [n. p. 180 — .] 4to, i leaf. h. 73891 

Rude Veins. See [Spies (W. A.)] 

Ruder (F. A.) Gedrangtes Gemalde des Zustandes von 
Mexico ... Leipzig. 1828. 8vo. 73892 

RuDGE (E.) Plantarum Guianae variorum icones et descrip- 
tiones, hactenus ineditae. London. 1805. Folio. 50 Plates. 

Volume I., all published. 

The Rudiments of Latin Syntax. See No. 73405, supra. 

Rudiments of Law and Government, deduced from the Law 
of Nature ; particularly addressed to the People of South Caro- 
lina, but composed on Principles applicable to all Mankind. ... 
Charlestown : Printed by John M'^Iver.^jun. M DCC LXXXIII. 8vo, 
pp. 56. BA., M., W. 73894 

Rudiments of National Knowledge, presented to the Youth of 
the United States, and to Enquiring Foreigners. By a Citizen of 
Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: ... E. L. Carey & A. Hart ... . J. 
Richards.^ Printer. 1 833. l2mo, pp. 380. 73895 

Rudiments of Taste ... Letter from a Mother to her Daugh- 
ters. Chambcrsburg : Dover bf Harper. 1797. l6mo. 73896 

RuDiNG (R.) Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its De- 
pendencies, from the earliest Period of authentick History to the 
end ot the 50th year of the reign of his present majesty King 
George in. By the Rev. Rogers Ruding ... . London: Printed 
and Sold by Nichols.^ Son^ and Bentley. M.DCCCXVii. 4 vols., 4to, 
pp. (8), xxxvi, 518; (2), 532; (2), xxxvi, 542, (42). Atlas, 
folded Map, and 119 Plates, c -f" Second Edition. London. 
1 8 19. 5 vols., 8vo, and Atlas in 4to. b. 73897 

RUEDA. 83 

A Supplement to the Annals of the Coinage of Britain, &c. By the Rev. Rogers 
Ruding ... Containing the Corrections and Additions, and Five New Plates, Published 
with the Edition in Octavo. London : Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mai'or, and Jones. 
1819. 4to, pp. viii, 88. 5 Plates, h. 

Ruding. Annals of the Coinage of Great Britain and its 
Dependencies ; from the earliest Period of Authentic History to 
the Reign of Victoria. By the Rev. Rogers Ruding. ... Third 
Edition : corrected, enlarged, and continued to the Reign of Her 
Present Majesty ; to which is added, an entirely New Index of 
every Coin engraved, and where referred to throughout the Work. 
... London: John Hearne. 1840. 3 vols., 4to, pp. vi, (2), vi-xix, 
(i), 422; (2), 520; Atlas, pp. (4), engraved dedication, 161 
Plates, folded Map. A., b., ba., h. 73898 

Rudo Ensayo, tentativa de una Prevencional Descripcion Geo- 
graphica de la Provincia de Sonora, sus terminos y confines ; 6 
mejor, coleccion de materiales para hacerla quien lo supiere mejor. 
Compilada asi de Noticias adquiridas por el Colector en sus Viajes 
por casi toda ella, como subministradas por los Padres Missioneros 
y Practices de la Tierra. Dirigida al remedio de ella, por un 
Amigo del bien comun. San Augustin de la Florida^ Aho de 1863. 
\_Alhany : Printed by Joel Munsell. 1863.] 4to, pp. x, 208. B., c. 

Edited by Buckingham Smith. One hundred and sixty copies printed. "This rela- 
tion of the missions, Indians, and Natural History of the Province of Sonora, was 
written by an unknown hand. The writer was a Jesuit missionary, resident in that 
country eleven years, when by order or request of the authorities, the MS. was written 
in 1762. It is for the first time printed here, having been several times copied, and 
from one of the transcripts, made for the purpose of aiding Munoz in writing his his- 
tory of the New World, this printed work is now produced." — Field. 

Rudolph. Anner' lab innungorsimasub parinek 'arneranik, 
Rudolph-ib Nekkursaisub ag' legeinik. aipagssanik nakitigkat, 
sujugdlit assilTnardlugit. Kjobenhaven. Louis Kleins Bogtrykkeri. 
1870. l6mo, pp. 16. 73900 

Manual for midwives rn the Eskimo language of Greenland. Title from Pilling's 
" North American Linguistics." 

Rudolph. Billeder fra Gronland, med dansk og gronlandsk 
Text. Kjobenhavn. 1852. 8vo. 73901 

RuDYERD (Benjamin). See "A Speech delivered in Parlia- 

RuEDA (B.) Oracion Funebre que en las solemnes exequias 
del Rey Nuestro Senor Don Cailos iii., dixo en la Iglesia Cate- 
dral dc Lima, el M. Fr. Bernardo Rueda. Lima. 1789. Folio, 
pp. 50. j.c.B. 73902 



RuEDA (Jose Ignacio). Sermon panegirico de las glorias de 
los Religiosos Betlemitas, predicado en la fiesta con que los Reli- 
giosos de S. Juan de Dios de Mexico celebraron la Bula de Ino- 
cencio xi. en que elevo aquella Congregacion a Orden Religiosa 
... Mexico. 1697. 4to. 73903 

RuEDA (Juan). Panegirico de S. Bernardo Abad, en la 
solemne Dedicacion de su nuevo Templo de Mexico ... Mexico. 
1 69 1. 4to. 73904 

Title from Beristain. The "Sermon panegyrico" is printed in Ramirez de Vargas's 
♦* Sagrado padron," etc. See No. 67659, Vol. xvi. 

RuEDA Beranejos (Casandro). Endechas en la muerte de 
D. Tonias de Iriarte ... Mexico. 1792. 8vo. 739^5 

Ruelle-Pomponne. Une epopee au Bresil. ... Paris. 1869. 
i2mo, pp. vii, 406. 73906 

Rufahl (L.) Die Geschichte der Vereinigten Staaten von 
Nordamerika, von der Entdeckung des Landes bis auf die neueste 
Zeit. Von Dr. Ludwig Rufahl. Berlin. 1 832-1 834. 3 vols., 
8vo. c. 73907 

Eine Rufende Wachter Stimme An alle Seelen die nach Gott 
und seinem Reich Hungerend sind. Oder eine vorstellung, wie 
der arme mensch dem gottlichen Leben erstorben und im 4 Ele- 
mentischen Leben aufgewacht Nebst einer anweisung, wie man 
noch hier in der zeit demselben Leben losz werden und bey 
leibes-leben die wahre Riihe erlangen und der Kiinfftigen ewigen 
Seeligkeit genitz werden konne .... Germantown : Gedruckt und 
•Z.U Jinden bey Christoph Saur im yahr 1 747. l6mo, pp. 159. H.s.P. 

Title from Hildeburn. 

RuFFiN (E.) Address before the Virginia Agricultural So- 
ciety, or the Effects of Domestic Slavery. By Edmund Ruffin. 
Richmond. 1853. ^^o. 73909 

RuFFiN. African Colonization Unveiled. By Edmund Ruf- 
fin, of Virginia. [Printed by Lemuel Towers., Washington, i860.?] 
8vo, pp. 32. B. 73910 

RuFFiN. Agricultural, Geological, and Descriptive Sketches 
of Lower North Carolina, and the similar adjacent lands. By 
Edmund Ruffin, of Virginia. Raleigh. 1861. 8vo, pp. 296. 

I Ruffin.] Anticipaticnis of the Future, to serve as Lessons 
tor the Present Time. In the Form of Extracts of Letters, from 


an English Resident in ihc United States to the London Times, 
from 1864 to 1870, with an Appendix on the Causes and Con- 
sequences of the Independence of the South. ... Rich?nond^ Va. : 
y. IV. Randolph, i860. l2mo, pp. ix, 416. B. 73912 

RuFFiN. Bank Reformer. By Edmund Ruffin. Petersburg, 
1841. 8vo. 73913 

Five or more numbers. 

RuFFiN. Desultory Observations on the Abuses of the Bank- 
ing System. By Edmund Ruffin. Petersburg, 1841. 8vo. 

RuFFiN. An Essay on Calcareous Manures. By Edmund 
Ruffin. Petersburg., Va. 1832. l2mo. -|- Second Edition. Shell- 
banks^ Va. 1835. 8vo. 73915 

Ruffin. The Farmers' Register. See Vol. vi., No. 23857. 

RuFFiN. Notes on the Cane-Brake Lands, or the Cretaceous 
Region of Alabama. By Edmund Ruffin, of Virginia. [Re- 
published from the Southern Planter, with Corrections. Rich- 
mond : J. IV. Randolph, i860.?] 8vo, pp. 26. B. 73916 

RuFFiN. The Political Economy of Slavery; or, The Insti- 
tution Considered in regard to its Influence on Public Wealth 
and the General Welfare. By Edmund Ruffin, of Virginia. 
\_lVashington :^ Printed by Lemuel Towers. [185-.''] 8vo, pp. 31. 

Ruffin. Premium Essay on Agricultural Education ... . By 
Edmund Ruffin, of Virginia. Second Edition. J. IV. Randolph., 
Richmond., Va. 1853. 8vo, pp. 34. 739^8 

Ruffin. Report of the Commencement and Progress of the 
Agricultural Survey of South Carolina, for 1843. ^X Edmund 
Ruffin. ... Colu?nbia: A. H. Pemberton., State Printer. 1843. ^^'^t 
pp. 120, 55, (i). Folded Table. 739^9 

[Ruffin (PVank G.)] Essay on the Inspection Laws of Vir- 
ginia. [Richmond. 1869.] 8vo, pp. 16. B. 73920 

Ruffin (T.) State Rights and State Equality. Speech of 
Hon. Thomas Ruffin, of North Carolina, delivered in the House 
of Representatives, February 20, 1861. \_fVashington : H. Polk- 
inhorn's Steam Job Press. 1861.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 73921 

[RuFFNER (Henry).] Address to the People of West- Vir- 
ginia J shewing that Slavery is injurious to the Public Welfare, 

86 RUFZ. 

and that it may be gradually abolished, without detriment to the 
lights and interests of Slaveholders. By a Slave-holder of West- 
Virginia. Lexington^ Fa, 1 847. 8vo, pp. 40. S. 73922 

RuFFNKR. ... Address to the People of West Virginia; 
shewing that Slavery is injurious to the Public Welfare; and that 
it niav be gradually abolished, without Detriment to the Rights 
and Interests of Slaveholders. By Henry RufFner, d.d. of Lex- 
ington, Va. Louisville^ Ky. : Printed at the Examiner Office. 1847. 
8vo, pp. 32. H. 73923 

RuFFNER. Inaugural Address, by Henry Ruffner, President 
of Washington College, Va. delivered on the Twenty-second of 
February 1837. Published by the Board of Trustees. Lexing- 
ton : C. C. Baldiuin. 1837. 8vo, pp. 23, (i). H. 73924 

Also: A Discourse upon the Duration of Future Punishment ... Richmond. 1823. 
8vo, pp. 48. — The Fathers of the Desert} or, an Account of the Origin and Practice 
of Monkery among Heathen Nations ... . Neiv York: Baker and Scribner. 1850. 2 
vols., i2mo, pp. X, 302; vi, 313. B. 

Ruffner (W. H.) Africa's Redemption, a discourse on 
African Colonization in its missionary aspects, and in its relation 
to Slavery and Abolition, preached on Sabbath Morning, July 4, 
1852, in the Seventh Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, ^y 
William Henry RufFner. Philadelphia: William S. Martien, 
1852. 8vo, pp. 48. 73925 

RuFUS (J. J.), pseudon. Lettres Cherakeesiennes. See [Mau- 
bert de Gouvest (J. H.)], Vol. xi., No. 46910. 

RuFUs (W.) Rufiana : or The Poetical Sinnings of William 
Rutus, of Charleston, S. C. New York. 1826. i8mo, pp. 144. 

RuFz (E.) Enquete sur le Serpent. ... Saint-Pierre., Mar- 
tinique, 1843. ^^'°- 1Z9'^'J 

First printed in " Les Antilles," a colonial journal. 

RuFz. Enquete sur le serpent de La Martinique (Vipere fer 
dc lance, Bothrops lanceole, etc.) Par le docteur E. Rufz. 
I'aris : Bailliere. 1859. 8vo, pp. xix, 402. 3 Plates. -\- Paris. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 422. Plates. 739^8 

Rufz. Etudes historiques et statistiques, sur la population de 

la Martinique, par le Dr. E. Rufz. Saint- Pierre- Martinique., hn- 

primerie de Carles, 1850. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. viii, 443; 377. 6 

lables. 73929 

RUGG. 87 

RuFZ. Rcchcichcs siir Ics cmpoisonncmcns pratiques par Ics 
negres a la Martinique; par le doctcur Rutz .... A Paris ^ chcz. 
y.-B. Baill'iere ... 1844. 8vo, pp. 156. A. 73930 

RuGBiEAN, pseudoju Transatlantic Rambles ; or a Record of 
Twelve Months' Travel in the United States, Cuba and Brazil. 
By a Rugbaean. London: G. Bell. 1851. i2mo. P. 73931 

[RuGELEY (Rowland).?] The Story of i^neas and Dido bur- 
lesqued: from the Fourth Book of the ^neid of Virgil. Charles- 
town [i. e. Charleston^ S. C.]. 1774. i2mo, pp. 94. bm. 73932 

Attributed to R. Rugeley by Mr. C. F. Harris, in his catalogue of American Poetry. 
Mr. Hildeburn gives the following title : The Story of ^neas and Dido burlesqued : 
By a Gentleman of South Carolina. Philadelphia : James Humphreys^ junior. 1774. 

RuGENDAS (M.) Voyage Pittoresque dans le Bresil, par Mau- 
rice Rugendas ... Paris : Engelmann. 1827-34. 20 parts, folio. 
100 Plates. 73933 

Two editions were published simultaneously, one with the text in German, and the 
other with the text in French. The cost of the complete work was originally 240 
francs, or with the plates on India paper 300 francs. Finally issued with new titles as 
follows : 

Rugendas. Malerische Reise in Brasilien von Moritz Ru- 
gendas Herausgegehen von Engelmann ^ O^. in Paris^ cite Befgere^ 
No, I. in MUlhausen^ {Ober-Rheinisches Dep^.) 1 835. Folio, pp. 
(4), 50, 38, 56, 32. Plates 1-30 ; 1-20; 1-30; 1-20. A. 

The four divisions are respectively entitled : Landschaften; Portrate und Trachten; 
Sitten und Gebrauche der Indier, etc.; Sitten und Gebrauche der Neger. 

Rugendas. Voyage pittoresque au Bresil. Par Maurice 
Rugendas. Traduit de I'Allemand par M. de Golbery ... Pay- 
sages, Portraits et Costumes, Moeurs et Usages des Indiens, 
Europeens et Negres, Lithographies par Victor Adam, Bichebois, 
Bonington, Deroy, Maurin, Sabatier, Tirpenne, Villeneuve, etc. 
Paris: Engelmann. 1835. Folio, pp. 186. lOO Plates. 73935 

See also Sartorius (C.) 

[Rugg (Charles P.)] Amherst College. Decennial Meeting 
of the Class of 1854, with a Biographical Record. New Bedford^ 
Mass.: E. Anthony i^ Sons^ Printers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 28. 73936 

Rugg (H. W.) ... The Contributions of New England to 
America. An Oration, delivered before the City Authorities and 
Citizens of Providence. July 4th, 1867. By Rev. Henry W. 
Rugg. Providence : Knowles.^ Anthony^ Co. ^ Printers. 1867. 8vo, 

PP-3I- 73937 


RuGGLES (A. G.) A National System of Finance, suited to 
a War or Peace Establishment ; regulating Exchanges, and mak- 
ing Specie plenty. By A. G. Ruggles. "[Fond du Lac^ Wisconsin^ 
August, 1862.] '8vo, pp. (2), 14. H. 73938 

Ruggles (B.) An Oration delivered at the New Meeting 
House, in Marietta, before a large and respectable audience of 
(jentlemen and Ladies on the Fourth of July, 1808. By Benja- 
min Ruggles, Esq. ... Marietta [Ohio): Printed by Samuel Fair- 
land. 1809. 8vo, pp. 16. 73939 

See also Suffield. 

[Ruggles (C. Lorain).] The Great American Scout and 
Spy, "General Bunker." A Thrilling Narrative of Adventures 
and Narrow Escapes in the Enemy's Country ... . Neiu York: 
Olmsted l^ IV elwood. 1868. 8vo, pp. 400. 12 Plates, -f Third 
Edition. \^Ihid.'\ 1868. 8vo, pp. 400. I2 Plates. c. 73940 

An autobiography. 

Ruggles (D.) An Antidote for a Poisonous Combination 
recently prepared by a "Citizen of New- York," alias Dr. Reese, 
entitled "An Appeal to the Reason ... of American Christians" 
...By David Ruggles. New-York. 1838. 8vo, pp. 32. s. 

Ruggles. The "Extinguisher" Extinguished! or David M. 
Reese, m.d. "used up." By David Ruggles, A Man of Color. 
Together with some Remarks upon a late production, entitled 
"An Address on Slavery and against immediate Emancipation 
with a Plan of their being gradually emancipated and colonized 
in thirty-two years. By Heman Howlett." New-York: D. 

Ruggles. MDCCCXXXIV. I2mo, pp. 48. A., B., H. 73942 

[Ruggles (Edward).] A Picture of New-York in 1846; 
with a short account of Places in its Vicinity; designed as a 
Cjuide to Citizens and Strangers : with numerous engravings and 
A Map of the City. New-York : Homans & Ellis. 1846. i8mo, 
pp. iv, 172, (4). Map and Plates. 73943 

Also: A Picture of New-York in 1848 ... New-Tork: C. S. Francis & Co. 1848. 
i8mo, pp. iv, 172, (3). Map and Plates. — A Picture of New-York in 1852 ... 
New-York: C. S. Francis & Co. [1852.] 18 mo. 

Ruggles (J.) Speech of Mr. John Ruggles ... on Fortifica- 
tions. IVashington. 1836. 8vo. s. 73944 

[Ruggles (Nathaniel).] An Address to the Citizens of Nor- 
folk County, exposing the Absurdity of the Arguments most 


commonly urged against the Justice and Expediency of the Pres- 
ent War-, and showing the Necessity of electing a Member to 
the next Congress, who will support it. By a Citizen of Nor- 
folk. Dedharn : Printed by Herman Mann. 18 12. 8vo, pp. 24. 

[RuGGLES.] Address to the Citizens of Norfolk County, 
exposing the Absurdity of the Present War, and the Great Bene- 
fits of Peace ; ... . By a Republican of Norfolk, and a Friend to 
Peace, Liberty, and Commerce, [n. p. 18 12.] 8vo, pp. 12. H. 

Signed, Nathaniel Ruggles, Esq. 

RuGGLES (S. B.) American Commerce & American Union. 
Review by Samuel B. Ruggles of the Address of the Hon. Mr. 
Banks, at the Merchants' Exchange, New York, with the Reply 
and Rejoinder. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1856. 8vo, pp. 
34. A., B. 73947 

Ruggles. American Commerce & American Union : their 
Mutual Dependencies briefly examined, by Samuel B. Ruggles, 
of New York, in a Review of the Address delivered at the Mer- 
chants' Exchange, by the Hon. Mr. Banks ... [^IVew York: Com- 
mercial Advertiser Job Printing Office. 1856.] 8vo, pp. 12. B. 

Ruggles. Defence of the Right and the Duty of the Amer- 
ican Union to improve its Navigable Waters, in a Speech, By 
Samuel B. Ruggles .. Oct. 8, 1852. New York: Baker^ God- 
win iff Co.^ Printers. 1852. 8vo, pp. 31, and covers. B., H. 

[Ruggles.] The Duty of Columbia College to the Com- 
munity, and its right to exclude Unitarians from its Professorships 
of Physical Science, considered by One of its Trustees. New 
York : John F. Trow.^ Printer. 1854. 8vo, pp. (2), 54. A., B., H. 

For replies see Vol. xiii., No. 56807; Vol. xvii.. No. 70247. 

Ruggles. The English Heptarchy and the American Union. 
By S. B. Ruggles. [n. p. 1864.] 8vo, pp. 8. ba. 73951 

[Ruggles,] Evening Post Extra. Is a Law against Slavery 
in the Territories necessary .? Some hints to the Delegates of 
the Rome Conventions. New York. 1852. 8vo, pp. 8. 

This is the first of a series of " Evening Post Documents," which was continued to 
eleven or more numbers. 

Ruggles. An Examination. See No. 73961, infra.^ note, 




[RuGGLiiS.] Exposition Uiiivcrselle de 1867, a Paris. Comite 
(Jcs Poiils ct Mesuies ct des Monnaies. Communication faite a 
la Seance du 24 mai, 1867. [Pt^ris. 1867.] Folio, pp. 4. H. 

Letter from Samuel B. Ruggles to Hon. John Sherman, and the latter 's reply. 

RuGGLES. Internationality and International Congresses. 
Report to the Department of State by Samuel B. Ruggles, Dele- 
gate of the United States to the International Statistical Congress 
at the Hague, in 1869, with the Accompanying Documents, 
including the Report to the Congress on the Comparative Popu- 
lation and Cereal Product of Europe and the United States. 
fVashington. 1869. 8vo, pp. 76. 73954 

Ruggles. The Justice of a State. Argument of Samuel B. 
Ruggles, before the Canal Board of the State of New York, in 
Support of the Claim of the Niagara Manufacturing Company, 
September 20, i860. Neiu York: IVm. C. Bryant &" Co.^ Printers. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 31. B. 73955 

Ruggles. Law of Burial. Report to the Supreme Court of 
the State of New-York, in 1856, By Samuel B. Ruggles, Ref- 
eree, in Respect to Compensation to Owners of Vaults in Cem- 
eteries, and to Relatives of Individuals buried in Graves, dis- 
turbed by Legal Proceedings. Printed by Order of the Senate, 
Feb. 17th, 1858. Albany: Weed^ Parsons & Company^ Printers. 

1858. 8vO, pp. 44. A., H. 73956 

Ruggles. iMemorial in behalf of Adapting the Canals in the 
State of New York to the Defense of the Lakes. Washington. 
1862. 4to. 73957 

Ruggles. Mr. Ruggles' Report to the International Statist- 
ical Congress at The Hague, 1869. Part i. Cereals. At The 
Hague : H. P. De Swart and Son^ Printers. [1869.] Folio, pp. 
15.(4). B. 73958 

Ruggles and Hazard (G. S.) Paris Universal Exposition, 
1867. Reports of the United States Commissioners. Report 
on Cereals. The Quantities of Cereals produced in Different 
Countries compared. By Samuel B. Ruggles ... . The Quality 
and Characteristics of the Cereals exhibited. By George S. 
Hazard .... Washington : Government Printing Office. 1869. 8vo, 
pp. 26. B., BA., c. 73959 

Ruggles. The Past and the Present. Semi-Centennial Ad- 
dress to the Alumni of Yale College and Graduates of 1814, at 


their Annual Meeting, July 27, 1864. By Samuel 1], Rugg,les, 
LL.D. New 7'ork : JVm. C. Bryant & Co.^ Printers. 1864. 8vo, 
pp. iv, 3-45, (i). B., BA., H. + ISIeiv York: D, Appleton dff Co. 
1864. 8v(), pp. iv, 3-45, (i). 73960 

RuGGLES. ... Report of Samuel B. Ruggles [on Canals]. 
8ee Vol. XIII., No. 53895, 

Ruggles. ... Report of Samuel B. Ruggles, Referee, on the 
Claims of the City Corporation, the Vault-owners, the Occu- 
pants of Graves, and the Brick Presbyterian Church. ... New- 
York : D. Fanshaiv.^ Printer. 1856. 8vo, pp. 59, and printed 
covers. 739^' 

Cover-title : An Examination of the Law of Burial, in a Report to the Supreme 
Court of New-York, by S.imuel B. Ruggles, Referee. In the matter of taking a por- 
tion of the Cemetery of the Biick Presbyterian Church, in widening Beekman-street, 
in the city of New- York. 

Ruggles. Report of S. B. Ruggles to the Committee of the 
American Association of Instructors of the Blind. August, 1872. 
Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son^ Printers. 1872. 8vo, pp. 31. B. 

Ruggles. Report on the Resources of the United States, 
presejued to the International Statistical Congress at Berlin by 
the Hon. Samuel B. Ruggles. [Also] Report in Relation to the 
International Agricultural Exhibition at Hamburg, in 1862. By 
Hon. Joseph A. Wright. fFasbington: Government Printing Office. 

1864. 8vO, pp. 23. B., H. 73963 

[Ruggles.] Report upon the Finances and Internal Improve- 
ments of the State of New York. 1838. Reprinted at New 
York by John S. Taylor. [1838.] 8vo, pp. (2), 65, 6. A. -f- Bos- 
ton: Reprinted by Dutton and IVentworth. 1839. 8vo, pp. 65, (6). 

Signed at the end by Samuel B. Ruggles and three others. 

Ruggles. Reports of Samuel B. Ruggles, Delegate to the 
International Statistical Congress, at Berlin, on the Resources of 
the United States, and on a Uniform System of Weights, iVIeas- 
ures, and Coins. Printed by Order of the Assembly, by J. B. 
Cushman, Clerk. Albany : IVeed.^ Parsons & Company.^ Printers. 
1864. 8vo, pp. 131. B. 73965 

Ruggles. ... Resources of the United States. Report to the 
International Statistical Congress at Berlin, by Samuel B. Rug- 
gles, Delegate from the United States of America: with the Ac- 
companying Communication to the State Department, September 



I4lh, 1863. Neiv J'ork : Published by the Loyal Publication Society. 

1864. 8vo, pp. 30. B., BA. 73966 

RuGGLES. Shall the President and Vice President of the 
United States, be separately and directly elected by the People? 
Is it safe to elect General Blair? Speech by Samuel B. Ruggles, 
at Delhi, N. Y., August 29, 1868, From the Delaware Express 
... [n. p. 1868.] Folio, I leaf. b., h. 73967 

Ruggles. Speech in the General Convention of the Protest- 
ant Episcopal Church of the United States, held at Richmond, 
Va., Oct. 21, 1859, on ^^^ Duty of the Laity, by Samuel B. 
Ruggles, Lay Delegate from the Diocese of New York. New 
y'ork : Hall^ Clayton & Co. i860. 8vo, pp. 20. A. 73968 

Ruggles. Speech of Samuel B. Ruggles, Lay Delegate from 
the Diocese of New York, in the General Episcopal Convention, 
at Richmond, on the Proposed Court of Appeals, October 12, 
1859. -^^^ Tork : Ha 11^ Clayton iff Co.^ Printers. 1859. 8vo, 

pp. 16. A., B., H. 73969 

Cover-title : Union in the Church and in the Nation. For another edition see No. 
73974, ''nf''^- 

Ruggles, and others. Speeches in behalf of the University of 
Albany, by Hon. Sam'l B. Ruggles, Rev. Duncan Kennedy, 
Hon. Azor Taber, and Rev. Ray Palmer. Published by the 
Committee of the Young Men's Association of the City of Al- 
bany — March, 1852. Albany: Charles Van Benthuysen^ Printer. 
1852. 8vo, pp. 44. A. 73970 

Correct title of our No. 640, Vol. i. 

Ruggles. Tabular Statements, from 1840 to 1870, of the 
Agricultural Products of the States and Territories of the United 
States of America. Classified by their Proximity to the Oceans 
and other Navigable Waters, Natural and Artificial. By Samuel 
B. Ruggles ..> . New Y'ork: Press of the Chajnber of Commerce. 
1874. 8vo, pp. 50. 73971 

Cover-title : Agricultural Property and Products of the United States of America in 
1840, 1850, i860, and 1870. Arranged Geographically and by Nationalities. By 
Samuel B. Ruggles. Neiv Tork: D. Appleton & Co. 1874. 

Ruggles. To his Excellency Abraham Lincoln, President of 
the United States. Samuel B. Ruggles, June 9, 1862. [n. p. 
1862.] 8vo, pp. 15. 73972 

On national defence and commerce. 



RuGGLES. Uniformity of Gold Coinage. Mr. Ruggles' 
Speech, at the Public Banquet to the Chinese Embassy, New 
York, June 22, 1868. INeiv York. 1868.] 8vo, pp. 8. b. 

Ruggles. Union in the Church and the Nation. Speech of 
Samuel B. Ruggles, Lay Deputy from the Diocese of New York, 
on the Proposed Court of Appeals, delivered in the General Con- 
vention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States 
of America, at Richmond, October 12, 1859. Neiu Tork : Hall^ 
Clayton & Co.^ Printers. 1859. K^eprinted by 'John W. Amerman. 
1874. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 73974 

See also No. 73969, supra. 

Ruggles. Union Square and the Sanitary Commission. Ad- 
dress by the Hon. Samuel B. Ruggles, at Union Square, on the 
Opening of the Metropolitan Fair, April 8th, 1864. New Tork: 
Printed by C. A. Alvord. 1864. 8vo, pp. 15. B., ba. 73975 

Ruggles. Vindication in 1849, ^^ ^he Canal Policy of New- 
York of 1838. By Samuel B. Ruggles. \New-Tork : Smwden^ 
Printer. 1849.] ^^o, pp. 50. A., B. 73976 

Ruggles. Writings and Speeches of Samuel B. Ruggles. 
Republished with supplementary notes. New Tork: Hall^ Clay- 
ton & Co. i860. 8vo. A. 73977 

This consists of a collection of the following pamphlets bound together, with a 
general title and a prefatory leaf prefixed : Report upon the Finances ... of New 
York, 1838, pp. (2), 65, 6; Articles of Association [of the Bank of Commerce, 
1839], pp. 28; Report of the Canal Board, 1840, pp. 515 Vindication in 1849, pp. 
50; The late Samuel Flewwelling, pp. 2, on blue paper; Memorial of the Panama 
Rail-road Company, 1849, PP- ^4j Defence of the Right and the Duty, 1852, pp. 
31; Speeches in behalf of the University of Albany, 1852, pp. 44; The Duty of 
Columbia College, 1854, pp. (2), 545 Testimonial of Respect to the Memory of Ab- 
bott Lawrence, 1855, i folded leaf; Report of the Select Committee ... of Columbia 
College, on Prize Scholarships, 1857, pp. 3-7; Law of Burial, 1858, pp 44; Amer- 
ican Commerce & American Union, 1856, pp. (2), 5-34; Memorial of the Canal 
Board & Canal Commissioners ... [on] Improvement of the Lake Harbors, 1858, pp. 
30; Communication from the Canal Commissioners, Jan. 5, 1859, pp. 16; Report of 
Samuel B. Ruggles, Jan. 26, 1859, pp. 24; Application ... of the New York Protest- 
ant Episcopal Public School, to sell ... lands to pay assessments, 1859, pp. 6; Speech, 
October 12, 1859, pp. 16; Speech, Oct. 21, 1859, pp. 20. 

Ruggles (T.) The Death of great, good and useful Men 
lamented. | A | Discourse, | Delivered in the first Society of Kil- 
lingworth, | Lord's Day, April 24, 1763. | Upon the | Lamented 
Death | of the great and venerable | Dr. Jared Eliot, | Pastor of 
the Church there. | By Thomas Ruggles, v.d.m. | Pastor of the 
Church of the first Society in CjuiUord. | ... | New- Haven : \ Printed 
by J. Parker and Company., ^1^Z'\ ^""'* 4^^^ PP- 3°- ^- 7397^ 



RuGGLES. Ministerial P'aithfulness Considered and Described, 
and the Rewards thereof Asserted. A Funeral Sermon ... Oc- 
casion'd bv the Death of the Rev. Mr. Samuel Russel. ... New 
London. \']\']. l2mo, pp. 79. 73979 

RuGGLES. The Right Improvement of Life and its Advant- 
ao^es, Discovered and Enforced. A Sermon Preached at Guil- 
ford, December 15th, 1745 ... By Thomas Ruggles, a.m. New 
London. 1747. 8vo, pp. (4), 30. N. 73980 

Ruggles. The | Usefulness and Expedience | of | Souldiers | as 
discovered I By Reason and Experience, | and | Countenanced and 
Supported by the | Gospel. | A Sermon Preached | to an | Artillery- 
Company I At Guilford, May 25. 1736. | On the Day of their 
first Choosing Their | Officers. [ And now made Publick at their 
Earnest Desire and | Charge. | By Thomas Ruggles, a.m. | Pastor 
of the First Church There. | A^. London.^ \ Pr'mted and Sold by T. 
Green^\ 1737.I i6mo, pp. (4), 26. w. -|- New-London.^ Printed 
1737. Hartford: Geo. IV. Kappel., Print. 1 83 1. l6mo, pp. 29. 

" Having devoted much attention to local history, he left in manuscript a History of 
Guilford, to 1769, which was printed in vol. 5 of the ad Series of the 'Historical 
Magazine' (April, 1869), pp 225-233. It had been previously printed in a less cor- 
rect form, in the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, vol. 4, pp. 182- 
188, and vol. 10, pp. 92-101." — F. B. Dexter's Graduates of Tale College^ pp. 286- 

RuHL (K.) Californien. Ueber dessen Bevolkerung und 
gesellschaftliche Zustande, politische, religiose und Schul-Ver- 
haltnisse, Handel, Industrie, Minen, Ackerbau u. s. w. Mit 
Beriicksichtigung der Minen-Regionen der benachbarten Staaten 
und Territorien. Von Karl Riihl. xMit einer Karte von Cali- 
fornien, Nevada &c. und einem Plane von San Francisco, nebst 
Karte der Umgebung. New York: E. Steiger. 1867. 8vo, pp. 
viii, 283. 2 folded Maps. b., C. 73982 

The Ruin of Callao, in 1746. [In verse.] Lima. 1847. 
i6mo. 73983 

The Ruin of the Democratic Party, Reports of the Covode 
and other Committees, [n. p. 1860.?] 8vo, pp. 24. 739^4 

Ruin seize thee, ruthless King! A Pindaric Ode, not written 
by Mr. Gray. London: Abnon. 1779. 4to. 739^5 

^ee "Monthly Review," lxii. 171. 

Ruina y destruccion de la Profesa, 6 sea Oratorio de San Felipe 

RUIZ. 95 

Neri, y su casa de ejercicios de Mexico. Mexico. 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 24. 73986 

Las Ruinas de mi Convento. Historia contemporanea. Me- 
j'lco. 1852. 8vo, pp. 196. -j- Ouarta edicion. Bogota. 1866. 
l2mo, pp. 334. '^ 73987 

The Ruinous Tendency of Auctioneering, and the necessity 
of restraining it for the benefit of trade demonstrated, in a Let- 
ter to The Right Hon. Lord Bathurst, President of the Board of 
Trade. Published in London.^ re-published in New York. 1828. 

8vO, pp. 23. BA. 73988 

See also Vol. xvi., Nos. 68302, 69439, and Vol. xvii., No. 69527. 

The Ruins of Athens, with other Poems. By A Voyager. ... 
Washington. Thompson and Hobnes. 1831. 8vo, pp. (4), 9-1 1 1. 

By George Hill. Reprinted with the author's name on the title as follows : The 
Ruins of Athens; Titania's Banquet, a Mask; and other poems. By G. Hill. Bos- 
ton : Oris Broaders & Company, mdcccxxxix. 8vo, pp. i6o. BA. See also Duyckinck 
(1875), II. 113. 

The Ruins of Paestum. See [Pickering (Henry)], Vol. xv., 
No. 62630. 

Ruiz (Antonio). See Ruiz de Montoya (A.) 

Ruiz (Domingo). Elogio de la Immaculada Concepcion de 
la Santisima Virgen Maria, pronunciado en la celebracion de la 
Bula de Alejandro vii : Sollicitudo omnium Ecclesiarum, ... 
Guatemala.^ por Pineda Ibarra. 1662. 4to. 73990 

Title from Beristain. 

Ruiz (H.) Delia China et delle altre sue specie nuovamentc 
scoperte e descritte da D. Ippolito Ruiz primo botanico della spe- 
dizione al Peru. Prima traduzione dall' originale spagnuolo stam- 
pato in Madrid, 1792. Rojua. 1792. 4to, pp. 140. 7399^ 

Ruiz. Disertacion sobre la Raiz de la Ratanhia, especifico 
singular contra los fluxos de sangre, que se inserto en el primer 
tomo de las memorias de la Real Academia Medica de Madrid, 
y se ilustra nuevamente con Notas y con la Estampa de la planta. 
Por su autor D. Hipolito Ruiz ... . Con Licencia. En Madrid-, 
En la Imprenta de la Viuda e Hi jo de Marin. Am de 1799. 4to, 
8 prel. leaves, pp. 47. Folded Plate. J.c.h., h. 73992 

The Ratanhia is a Peruvian plant, the Krameria Triandra of botanists. 



Ruiz and Pavon (J.) Florae Peruvianae, et Chilensis Prodro- 
mus, sive novoiiim generum plantarum Peruvianarum, et Chilen- 
sium descriptioncs, et icoiics. Descripciones y Laminas de los 
nuevos generos de plantas de la Flora del Peru y Chile por Don 
Hipolito'^Ruiz y Don Joseph Pavon, Botanicos de la expedicion 
del Peru, y de la Real Academia Medica de Madrid. De Orden 
del key. ' Madrid: En la Imprenta de Sancha. MDCCXCiv. Folio, 
pp. (4), xxii, 153, (i). 37 Plates. a., j.c.b., h. 73993 

In Latin and Spanish. 

Ruiz a?id Pavon. Florae Peruvianae, et Chilensis Prodro- 
mus ; sive novorum generum plantarum Peruvianarum, et Chi- 
lensium descriptiunes, et icones. AA Hippolyto Ruiz, et Jose- 
pho Pavon. Editio secunda auctior et emendatior. Romce^ In 
TypographiQ Paleariniano. 1797. 4to, pp. (8), xxvi, (2), 152. 
37 Plates. J.C.B., c. 73994 

This edition was edited by Don Gaspar Xuarez. 

Ruiz and Pavon. Flora Peruviana, et Chilensis, sive descrip- 
tiones, et icones plantarum Peruvianarum, et Chilensium, secun- 
dum systema Linnaeanum digestae, cum characteribus plurium 
generum evulgatorum reformatis. Auctoribus Hippolyto Ruiz, et 
[osepho Pavon ... . Tomus i. Superiorum perinhsu. \_Mad7id :1^ 
Typis Gabrielis de Sancha. Anno M. DCC. xcviii. Folio, pp. (2), 
vi, 78. Plates 1-106. Tomus 11. M. DCC. xcix. pp. (2), ii, 
76. Plates 107-222. Tomus iii. m.dccc. 11. pp. (2), xxiv, 
95. Plates 223-325. A., H. 73995 

No more published. Plates 326-425, engraved for the fourth and fifth volumes, 
are found in some copies of the third volume. "The plates for a fourth volume were 
engraved, but the text has not been printed. If the work were completed it would 
form eight or ten volumes in folio." — Rich. 

Ruiz. Hippolyti Ruiz ad Clar. Vir. A. Iv. Jussieum, Botan. 
Professorem Parisiensem, Epistola. In qua ejus dubiis circa nova 
plantar. Genera in Flora Peruviana, et in D. Cavanilles operibus 
constituta respondetur. Matriti : Ex Typographia Mariniana. 
Anno M.DCCCi. Sm. 4to, pp. 1 21-154. H. 73996 

Ruiz. Hippolyti Ruiz, Regiae Academiae Med. Matrit. Socii, 
et Peruvianae expedit. Botanici Primarii, de vera fuci natantis 
tructilicatione. Commentarius. Super'ioruni Permissu. Matriti: 
Apud Viduam et Filium Petri Marin. An?io MDCCXCViil. Sm. 4to, 
pp. 38. Folded Plate. H. 73997 

Ruiz. Mcmoria de las virtudes y usos de la Raiz de la planta 
llamada Yallhoy en el Peru. Por Don Hipolito Ruiz .... Ma- 



drid : En la Imprenta de D. Jose del Collado. Ano de 1 805. 410, 
PP- (4), 35- Folded Plate. H. 73998 

Ruiz. Memoria sohre la legitima Calaguala y otras dos Raices 
que coil el mismo nombre nos vienen de la America meridional. 
Por Don Hipdlito Ruiz ... . Fvladrid : En la hnprenta de D. Jose 
del Collado. Afio de 1805. 4to, pp. (4), 60. Folded Plate. H. 

Ruiz. Memoria sobre las virtudes y usos de la planta llamada 
en el Peru, Bejuco de la Estrella. Por Don Hipolito Ruiz ... . 
Madrid : En la hnprenta de D. Jcse del Collado. Am de 1805. 4to, 
pp. (4), 52. Folded Plate. H. 74000 

Ruiz. Memoria sobre las virtudes y usos de la raiz de Pur- 
hampuy 6 China Peruana, por Don Hipdlito Ruiz .... Ilustrada 
y aumentada por el licenciado Don Antonio Ruiz .... Madrid : 
Imprenta do don Jose del Collado. 182 1. 4to, pp. 96. H. 74001 

Ruiz and Pavon. Noticia de varias producciones del Peru. 
Por D. flipolito Ruiz y D. Joseph Pavon, publicada en el Sema- 
nario de Agricultura y Artes. \_Madrid. n. d.] 4to, pp. 10. 

Ruiz. Quinologia, d Tratado del arbol de la Quina 6 Casca- 
rilla, con su descripcion y la de otras especies de Quinos nueva- 
mente descubiertas en el Peru ; del modo de beneliciarla, de su 
Eleccion, Comercio, Virtudes, y Extracto elaborado con Cor- 
tezas recientes, y de la Eficacia de este, comprobada con obser- 
vaciones ; a que se anaden algunos experimentos Chimicos, y 
noticias acerca del Analisis de todas ellas. Por Don Hypdlito 
Ruiz, primer Botanico de la Expedicion del Peru .... Madrid : 
En la Oficina de la Viuda e hijo de Marin. Am de MDCCXCii. 4to, 
pp. (14), 103, Index 2 leaves. J.c.b., h. 74003 

For a supplement see No. 74005, infra. 

Ruiz. Respuesta para desengaiio del publico a la impugnacion 
que ha divulgado prematuramente el presbitero Don Josef Antonio 
Cavanilles, contra el prddromo de la Flora del Peru, e insinua- 
cion de algunos de los reparos que ofrecen sus Obras Botanicas, 
Por Don Hipolito Ruiz ... . Con Superio Permiso. Madrid: En 
la Imprenta de la Viuda e hijo de Marin. Afio do MDCCXCVl. 4to, 
pp. 100. B., J.C.B., H. 74004 

Ruiz and Pavon. Suplemento a la Quinologia, en el qual se 
aumentan las Especies de Quina nuevamente descubiertas en el 
Peru por Don Juan Tafalla, y la Ouina naranjada de Santa Fe 
con su estampa. Anadese la Respuesta a la Memoria de las Qui- 



nas de Santa Fe, que insertd Don Francisco Zea en los Anales 
de Historia natural, y la satisfacion a los reparos d dudas del Ciu- 
dadano Jussieu sobre los Generos del Prodromo de la Flora del 
Peru y Chile. Por Don Hipdlito Ruiz y Don Josef Pavon, 
Botanicos de la Expedicion del Peru, e Individuos de la Real 
Academia iMedica Matritense. Madrid: En la Imprenta de la 
Viuda e Hijo de Marin. Am de MDCCCI. 4to, pp. (lo), 154. 
Plate. J.C.B., H. 74005 

Ruiz and Pavon. Systema Vegetabilium Florae, Peruvianae 
et Chilensis, characteres prodromi genericos difFerentiales, spe- 
cierum omnium difFerentias, durationem, loca natalia, tempus 
florendi, nomina vernacula, vires et usus nonnullis illustrationibus 
interspersis complectens. Auctoribus Hyppolyto Ruiz, et Josepho 
Pavon ... . Tomus Primus. Superiorum permissu. [Matriti :^ 
Typis Gabrielis de Sancha. Anno mdccxcviii. 8vo, pp. (2), vi, 

455, (l). BA., J.C.B., H. 74006 

"This volume contains the new genera of the prodromus, and the species contained 
in the first volume of the Flora Peruvianae, vvhich comprises the four first classes of 
tlie Linnasan system. The work, was not continued." — Rich. See also Vol. x., No. 

Ruiz (J.) El Ciudadano Jose Ruiz, comandante de Armas 
de la provincia de Guayana, ante el juicio de sus conciudadanos. 
Cumana. 1858. 8vo, pp. 16. 74007 

Relates to the affairs of the family of Monagas. 

Ruiz (Jose). Septenario Devoto. ... Mexico. 1861. 8vo. 

Ruiz (Juan). Elogio de Maria Santisima jurada Patrona de la 
Nueva Espaiia en su milagrosa Imagen de Guadalupe, y con este 
motivo celebrada en la Ciudad de Zacatecas. ... Mexico. 1759. 
4to. 74009 

Ruiz (Manuel). Informe que ante la Suprema Corte de Jus- 
ticia ... Mexico. 1863. 8vo. 74010 

Ruiz (N.) Al Publico por D. Nicolas Ruiz. Hahana : Im- 
prenta de Palmer e hijo. 182-.? 8vo. 740 1 1 

Ruiz (S. J. L.) Discurso doctrinal sobre la obediencia, y 
lealtad debida al soberano, y a sus magistrados. Por D. Santiago 
Jose Lopez Ruiz. Lima. 1785. i2mo. 740 12 

Ruiz. La Insurreccion sin escusa d sea discurso doctrinal 
sobre la obediencia debida al soberano y a sus magistrados por 
Don Santiago Jose Lopez Ruiz. Tercera edicion aumentada. 
Mexico. 1 8 14. 4to, pp. XXX vi, 68. 74013 



Ruiz (S. J. L.) Defensa y demostracion del verdadero des- 
cubiidor de las Ouinas del Reyno de Santa Fe, con varias noticias 
utiles de este especifico, en contestacion a la memoria de Don 
Francisco Antonio Zea. Su autor el mismo descubridor D. 
Sebastian Josef Lopez Ruiz, Honorario de la Real Academia 
Medica de Madrid, &c. En Madrid : En la hnprenta de la Viuda 
e H'ljo de Marin, Ano de i802. Sm. 4to, pp. 24. H. 74014 

Ruiz (Telesforo). Apuntes Poeticos. ... Mexico. 1866. 8vo. 

Ruiz (T. A.) Succinta descripcion de las fiestas que en esta 
ciudad de la Puebla se hicieron a la noticia gustosa de haver apro- 
bado el summo pontifice la fama de santidad, virtudes y milagros 
en general del Ven. Ilmo y Excmo. Sr. D. Juan de Palafox y 
Mendoza, en cuyo asunto es tan interesado, por lo mucho que le 
venera, el Ilmo Sr. Dr. D. Francisco Fabiani y Fuero, nuestro 
amado principe. Es su autor D. Thomas Antonio Ruiz, vecine 
de esta Ciudad. Puehla. [n. d.] Folio, 2 leaves. 740 16 

In verse. Beristain gives the following title under Tomas Ruiz : Romance joco- 
serio descriptivo de las Fiestas con que la Ciudad y Seminario de la Puebla de los Angeles 
celebraron los Decretos de la Silla Apostolica declaratorios de la fama de Santidad y Vir- 
tudes in genere del Ven. Sr. Obispo D. Juan de Palafox. Imp. en la imprenta del semi- 
tiario palafoxiano de dicha ciudad^ 1768. 4to. 

Ruiz Blanco (M.) Conversion | de Piritv. | De Indios Cvma- 
nagotos, I Palenqves, y otros. | Svs Principios, y Incrementos | que 
oy tiene, con todas las cosas mas singu-| lares del Pais, politica, y 
ritos de sus natura-|les, practica que se observa en su Re-|duc- 
cion, y otras cosas dignas|de memoria. | Sacalas nvevamente a Ivz 
I el P. Fr. Matias Rviz Blanco, de la | Observancia de N. P. S. 
Francisco, Lector de Theologia, | Examinador del Obispado de 
Puerto-Rico, y Comissario | Prouincial que ha sido dos vezes en 
dicha I Conversion. I Dedicalas I al Excellentissimo Senor Marqves 
de|los Velez, dignissimo Presidente del Supremo, |y Real Consejo 
de las Indias. | Con Privilegio. | En Madrid : Por luan Garcia Infan- 
^on Ano 1690. 1 8vo, pp. (i6), i6o. Index (8). j.c.B., l. 74017 

Pages 112-160 contain a " Practica de la conuersion " or doctrina in the language of 
the Cumanagota Indians, being a revision or new edition of the "Manval" published 
in 1683. 

With Mr. Brown's copy is bound the following work, without a separate title-page 
and without date : " Reglas para la inteligencia de la lengua de los Indios de Piritu," 
pp. 1-250, table and errata 3 leaves. This consists of a revised and enlarged edition 
of the "Principios y reglas de la lengva Cvmmanagota " by Manuel de Yangues and 
the Spanish-Cumanagota " Diccionario " by Ruiz Blanco, which were originally pub- 
lished together in one volume by the latter at Burgos in 1683, for a description of 
which see Yangues (M. de). In the new edition, tlie grammar fills pp. 1-46, and the 
Spanish-Cumanagota vocabulary pp. 47-250. iVe aAo Led e re's " Bibliotheca Ameri- 
cana" (1867), No. 1340. 


Ruiz Blanco. Manval | para Catekizar, | y administrar los | 
Santos Sacramentos a los Indios | que habitan la Proiiincia de la 
iuie-|ua Andaluzia, y nueua, Barcelona, |y San Christoval de los | 
Cumanagotos. I Dirigido a la Santis-|sima Trinidad. | Por el Padre 
Fr. Mathias|Ruiz Blanco, de la Regular Obser-| vancia de nues- 
tro Padre San P'ran-| cisco, hijo, de la Santa Prouincia de| Anda- 
luzia. Lector de Theologia, y | Predicador Apostolico en las Santas 
I Missiones de Piirtu, y Exami-|nador Synodal en este Obis|pado 
de Puerto Rico. | En Burgos: Por Juan de Viar. Aho. 1683. | 
Sm. 8vo, title, and pp. (12), lOi. J.C.B. 74018 

Priced in Tross's catalogue, l86l, No. 888, at 140 francs. See also Leclerc (1867), 
No. 1342. 

Ruiz Blanco. Senor. Fray Mathias Ruiz Blanco, de la Re- 
gular Observancia de N. P. San Francisco, Lector de Theologia, 
Ex-Comissario Apostolico, y Padre el mas antiguo de las Santas 
Conversiones de Piritu ... dize [etc. Madrid. 1695.''] Folio, 
(7) leaves. j.c.B. 74019 

Contains a brief account of the discovery of the province of Nueva Barcelona, and 
a relation of the missions among the Cumanagotos, Palenques or Guaribes, Tucuyos, 
Tumazas, Cuacas and Cores. 

Ruiz Cano y Galiano {F. Antonio). Jubilos de Lima en 
la dedicacion de su Santa Iglesia Cathedral, instaurada (en gran 
parte) de la ruina, que padecio con el Terremoto de el ano de 
1746. A esfuerzos de el activo zelo de el Ex"^^- S""- D. Joseph 
Manso de Velasco, Conde de Supervnda ... . Lima: En la Calle 
de Palacio. 1755. 4to, 151 leaves. J.c.B. 74020 

Ruiz Davila (M.) Cartilla del sistema metrico-decimal. 
Breve clara y precisa explicacion del sistema metrico-decimal, y 
de las reglas para convertir las medidas, pesas y monedas Mexi- 
canas antiguas en las metricodecimales, o estas en aquellas; escrita 
para uso de las escuelas por el prof'esor D. Manuel Ruiz Davila. 
Obra examinada y aprobada por la Sociedad de Geografia y Esta- 
distica ... . Tercera edicion. Mexico, [186-?] i2mo, pp. 44. 

Ruiz de Apodaca (J.) Reflexiones del Gefe de Escuadra 
Don Juan Ruiz de Apodaca, sobre la direccion, efectos y resul- 
tadbs de dos rayos que en el dia 15 de octubre de 1802, cayeron 
en los navios Reyna Luisa y Argonauta, estando prdximos y en 
conserva sobre el cabo de Palos en la costa de Espana, y pro- 
puesta sobre la construccion y uso de los para-rayos y conductores 
elect ricos. Impreso en la isla de Leon por D. Miguel Segovia.^ 


impresor de la real fiiajina. 1803. Rehnpreso en la Hahaiia en la 
ojicina de Araxoxa y Soler^ Impresores de la Real Sociedad Patriotica. 
I 1812. Folio, pp. 20, (i). Folded Plate. b. 74022 

! [Ruiz de Conejares (F. A.)] La maravillosa aparicion de 

Santa Maria de Guadalupe o sea la Virgen Mexicana. [In verse.] 
Mexico. 1853. 4^^' PP- ^H- 74023 

I Ruiz de Conejares (J.) Sermon que en la solemne fun- 

cion con que se did principio a la real congregacion del alumbrado 
y vela continua del santisimo sacramento del altar, celebrada en 
la iglesia parroquial de San Sebastian de la Ciudad de Mexico, en 
donde se ha establecido, el dia 11 de Marzo de 1793, predico el 
Sr. Dr. D. Joseph Ruiz de Conejares. Mexico. 1793. 4to, pp. 
(10), 30. 74024 

Ruiz de Isla. See Isla (R. de). Vol. ix.. No. 35250. 

Ternaux, No. 48, gives the title differently. 

Ruiz DE Leon (F.) Hernandia. | Triumphos de la fe, | y 
gloria de las armas Espaiiolas. | Poema Heroyco. | Conquista de 
Mexico, I Cabeza del Imperio Septentrional | de la Nueva-Espana. 
I Proezas de Hernan-Cortes, | catholicos blasones militares, | y 
grandezas del nuevo mundo. | Lo cantaba | Don Francisco Ruiz 
de Leon, hijo de la Nueva-Espana, |y reverente lo consagra|a la 
sobcrana, catholica magestad | de su rey, y senor natural | Don 
Fernando Sexto, | en la real catholica magestad | de la reyna nuestra 
senora | Dona Maria Barbara, | (que Dios guarde) | y a las dos 
magestades, | por mano del excelentissimo seiior Duque de Alva, 
&c. I Coyi Priv'tlegio. En Madrid : En la Imprenta de la Viuda de 
Manuel \ Fernandex^ y del Supremo Consejo de la Inquisicion. Aho de 
1755. 1 (S*? hallara en su Imprenta^ y Li brer la^ Calle de Toledo. \ 4to, 
PP- (20), 383. B., L. 74025 

Ruiz [de Montoya] (A.) Arte, y Bocabvlario | de la len- 
gva I Gvarani. | Compvesto por el Padre | Antonio Ruiz, de la 
Compafiia de | lesvs. | Dedicado a la Soberana Virgen | Maria | con- 
cebida sin | mancha de | pecado original. | [Vignette.] | Con Priui- 
legio. En Madrid por luan Sanchez. Aho 1640. | 4to, 6 prel. 
leaves, pp. 1-376, 1-234. a. 74026 

Very rare. The arte fills pp. i-ioo; the " Advertencias," I leaf; and the Spanish- 
Guarani vocabulary A-E, pp. 103-376 j F-Z, pp. 1-234. One of the most import- 
ant works relating to the Guarani or Tupi language of Brazil and Paraguay. It should 
be accompanied by the following volume, which contains the Guarani-Spanish voca- 
bulary : 


Rur/. [uE Montoya]. Tesorol de la lciigva| Gvaraiii. | Com- 
pvcsto por cl Padre | Antonio Ruiz, de la Compania de | lesvs. | 
Dcdicado a la Soberana Virgen | Maria | concebida sin | mancha de | 
pecado original. | [Vignette.] | Con Priuilegio. En Madrid por 
luan Sanchez. Am 1639. | [Colophon :] Con Privilegio. \ En Ma- 
drid. Por luan Sanchez. \ Am ciD.iDC.xxxix. | 4to, 8 prel. leaves ; 
" Advertencia," leaves i and 2; "Tesoro de la lengva Gvarani, 
Segvnda parte" (Guarani-Spanish), leaves 3-271, 278-407, and 
one leaf for colophon, verso blank. a., h., l. 74027 

Mr. Brinley's copy sold for $195. Priced by Leclerc in 1881 at 800 francs. 

Ruiz [de Montoya]. Catecismo de la lengva Gvarani, 
compvesto por el Padre Antonio Ruiz de la Compania de Jesus. 
Dedicado a la purissima Virgen Maria. Concebida sin mancha 
de pecado original. En Madrid., por Diego Diaz de la Carrera.^ 
Am M.DC. xxxx. 4to, 8 prel. leaves, pp. 336. 74028 

Extremely rare. There is a copy in the Royal Library at Berlin. Priced by Leclerc 
in 1881 at 500 francs. 

Ruiz [de Montoya]. Conqvista] Espiritval|hecha por los | 
Religiosos de la Compafiia | de lesus, en las Prouincias del Para- 
guay, | Parana, Vruguay, y Tape. | Escrita | por el padre Antonio 
Rviz de | la misma Compania. | Dirigida a Octavio Centvrion, | 
Marques de Monasterio. | Alio [vignette] 1639. | Con Privilegio. j 
En Madrid. En la imprenta del Reyno. | [Colophon :] En Ma- 
drid.^ I En la imprenta del Reyno. \ Am M. DC xxxix. | 4to, leaves 
(4), 103, colophon (i). B., H., L. 74029 

In the " Bibliotheca Nacional" at Rio de Janeiro there is a manuscript copy of a 
translation of the "Conquista espiritual" into the Guarani language, which has been 
printed in the "Annaes da Bibliotheca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro," vol. vi. (1879), 
with a Portuguese version by Snr. Dr. Baptista Caetano de Almeida Nogueira, under 
the following title: — Aba reta y caray ey baecue Tupa upe ynemboaguiye uca hague 
Pay de la Comp.'' de Ihs poromboeramo ara cae P. Antonio Ruiz Icaray ey bae mon- 
getalpi hare oiquatia Caray nee rupi yma cara mbohe hae Pay ambuae Ogueroba Aba 
nee rupi Ano de 1733 pipe S. Nicolas pe. Ad majorem Dei Gloriam. (Primeva 
catechese dos indios selvagens feita pelos padres da Companhia de Jesus, originalmente 
escripta em hispanhol [em lingua europea] pelo padre Antonio Ruiz antigo instructor 
do gentio e depois vertida em abaneenga [em lingua indigena] por outro padre. 1733. 
S. Nicolao. Ad majorem Dei gloriam.) See also Valle Cabral, " Bibliographia da 
lingua Tupi ou Guarani," Nos. 181, 191, 219, 255, and 256. 

Ruiz [de Montoya]. Padre Antonio, procurador general 
de la prouincia del Paraguay, dize : Que estando prohibido por 
ccdulas, y ordenes Reales, so graues penas, que los Portugueses 
del Brasil no puedan entrar en la dicha prouincia ... [^Madrid? 
162-.?] Folio, pp. (4). j.c.B. 74030 

"Cette requete presentee au Roi d'Espagne, a ete faite contre un nomme Antonio 



Raposo de Tauares, de S. Paul, qui avec le title de capitaine, sortit de cette villc a la 
tete de 150 arquebusiers et 1500 indiens. II entra dans le Paraguay par Buenos-Ayres 
et saccagca la mission de Jesus Maria." — Leclerc. 

Ruiz [de Montoya]. Haseme madado, q assi como repre- 
sente a su Magestad, y senores del Real Consejo, en vn memorial 
impresso los agrauios enormes, q los vezinos d la villa de S. Pablo, 
y demas villas de la Costa del Brasil ban becbo, y al presente 
hazen a los Indios Cbristianos, e infieles de las piouincias del 
Paraguay, y Rio de la Plata .... \_Mar/ridF 162-.?] Folio, pp. 
(14). j.c.B. 74031 

Ruiz [de Montoya]. Vocabulario | de | la lengva Gvarani | 
compvesto| por el Padre Antonio Ruiz|de la Compania de|Jesus 
I Revisto, y Augmentado | por otro Religioso de la misma | Com- 
pania. I En el Pueblo de S. Maria | la Mayo?- [Buenos Jyres ?\ \ El 
Ano de MDCCXXii. | 410, 2 prel. leaves, pp. 589. bm. 74032 

Ruiz de Montoya. Arte de la Lengua Guarani por el P. 
Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, de la Compania de Jesus, con los 
Escolios Anotaciones y Apendices del P. Paulo Restivo de la 
misma Compania, Sacados de los papeles del P. Simon Bandini y 
de otros. En el Pueblo de S. Maria la Mayor El am de el Sehor 
m.dcc.xxiv. 4to, 2 prel. leaves, pp. 1-132, 1-256. bm. 74033 

The second part contains a supplement, an-d " Particulas de la lengua Guarani," pp. 
117-256. A copy was priced by Leclerc in 1878 at 1,000 francs. "Dans I'avis au 
lecteur, le P. Restivo annonce qu'il a suivi la methode du P. Ruiz de Montoya, mais 
qu'il I'a completement revue, corrigee et augmentee de citations tirees des compositions 
des Indiens et des autres religieux comme le P. Bandini, Mendoza, Pompeyo, Insaur- 
ralde, Martinez y Nicolas Yapuguay (todos de primera clase). Le P. Restivo a fait 
reimprimer, dans la meme localite et en 1722, le 'Vocabulario guarani' du P. Ruiz de 
Montoya." — Leclerc. 

Ruiz de Montoya. Arte Bocabulario Tesoro, y Catecismo 
de la Lengva Gvarani por Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Publicado 
nuevamente sin alteracion alguna por Julio Platzmann. ... Leip- 
zig: B. G. Teubner. M Dccc Lxxvi. 4 parts in 3 vols., 8vo, pp. 
cxx, 376, 234, (i); leaves (10), 1-271, 278-407, (i); pp. (18), 
336.(0- H. 74034 

These three volumes consist of facsimile reprints (page for page) of the original edi- 
tions of 1639-40. A few copies were printed on vellum paper at double the price of 
the ordinary edition. Each part was also issued with its own title, as described below : 

Ruiz de Montoya. Arte de la Lengva Gvarani por An- 
tonio Ruiz de Montoya Publicado nuevamente sin alteracion 
alguna por Julio Platzmann. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner. M dccc- 
Lxxvi. 8vo, pp. cxx, 100. 74035 

104 ^'^^^ ^^ MONTOYA. 

A Cu siniiK- reprint I'f the original edition of 1640. The introduction of one hund- 
red and twenty pjges contains biographical sketches of the Jesuit missionaries and a 
biblii>graphical account of their writings. Also issued with a general title as the first 
part of No. 74034, supra. 

Ruiz de Montoya. Bocabulario de la Lengva Gvarani por 
Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Publicado nuevamente sin alteracion 
alguna por Julio Platzmann. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner. M Dccc- 
Lxxvi. 8vo, pp. (4), 103-376, 1-234, (i). 74036 

A facsimile reproduction of the original edition of 1640. It was also issued with a 
general title as the second part of No. 74034, supra. 

Ruiz de Montoya. Tesoro de la Lengva Gvarani Por 
Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Publicado nuevamente sin alteracion 
alguna por Jvlio Platzmann. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner. M Dccc- 
Lxxvi. 8vo, 10 prel. leaves, and leaves numbered 1-27 1, 278- 
407, colophon I leaf. 74^37 

a facsimile reprint of the original edition of 1639. Also issued with a general title 
as the third part of No. 74034, supra. 

Ruiz de Montoya. Catecismo de la Lengva Gvarani Por 
Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Publicado nuevamente sin alteracion 
alguna por Julio Platzmann. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner. M Dccc- 
Lxxvi. 8vo, pp. (18), 336, (i). 74038 

A facsimile reproduction of the original edition of 1640. Also issued with a general 
title as the fourth part of No. 74034, supra. 

Ruiz de Montoya. Gramatica y Diccionarios (Arte, Voca- 
bulario y Tesoro) de la Lengua Tupi 6 Guarani por el P. Antonio 
Ruiz de Montoya, Natural de Lima, Misionario en la antigua 
reduccion de Loreto, junto al rio Parana-panema del Brasil, Supe- 
rior en otras, y Rector del Colegio de Asunpcion, etc. Nueva 
edicion : mas correcta y esmerada que la primera, y con las voces 
Indias en tipo diferente. Viena. Faesy y Frick. Paris. Maison- 
neuve y C'". 1876. 2 vols., sm. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, lOO, xii, (2), 2, 
and columns 3-5 10 ; pp. (6), 3-401, (6), and covers. L. 74039 

Cover-titles: Obras del P. Antonio Ruiz de Montoya. Entrega Primera Arte y 
Vocabulario. [Entrega Segunda Tesoro.] Hena. Faesy y Frick. Paris. Maison- 
neu-ve y C'''. 1876. [^l^iena. Imp. I. T. R. del Estado^ 1876.] An exact reprint, page 
for page, of the original editions of 1639-40, edited by F. A. de Varnhagen, viscount 
de Porto Seguro. The first volume contains the "Arte" and the "Vocabulario 
Espanol-Guarani J*' the second volume the "Tesoro Guarani-Espanol." On the back 
cover of the second volume is the following announcement of a third volume, which 
has not yet appeared : " La Conquista Espiritual y el Catecismo seran publicados mas 
carde, formando otro tomo separado y independiente de esta edicion." The "Arte" 
and "Vocabulario" have separate titles as given below: 



Ruiz de Montoya. Arte de la Lengua Guarani, 6 mas bien 
Tupi, por el P. Antonio Ruiz de Montoya ... . Nueva edicion : 
mas correcta y esmerada que la primera, y con las voces Indias 
en tipo diferente. Viena, Faesy y Ftick. Paris. Maisonneuve y 
C'o. 1876. Sm. 8vo, pp. iv, 100. a., l. 74040 

Followed by : 

Ruiz de Montoya. Vocabulario y Tesoro de la Lengua 
Guarani, d mas bien Tupi. En dos partes: i. Vocabulario 
Espanol-Guarani (d Tupi). 11. Tesoro Guarani (d Tupi)-Espanol. 
Por el P. Antonio Ruiz de Montoya ... . Nueva edicion: mas 
correcta y esmerada que la primera, y con las voces Indias en tipo 
diferente. Viena. Faesy y Frick. Paris. Maisonneuve y C"^. 1876. 
Sm. 8vo, pp. xii, (2), 2; Vocabulario Espanol-Guarani (d Tupi), 
columns 3-5 10 ; Parte segunda, Tesoro Guarani (d Tupi)-Espanol 
pp. (6), 3-401, in double columns; Advertencia final, pp. (6). 

Ruiz de Montoya. Vida del padre Antonio Ruiz de Mon- 
toya y del padre Joseph Cantalbino de la compania de Jesus, 
insignes obreros de la provincia del Paraguai. Zarago^a. 1662. 
4to. 74042 

Title from Teinaux, No. 803. 

Ruiz de Padron (J.) Num. 4[-io]. El Conductor Elec- 
trico. Dictamen del Doctor Don Antonio Josef Ruiz de Padron. 
ministro calificado del santo oficib, abad de Villamartin de Val- 
deorres, y diputado en cdrtes por las islas Canarias. Que se leyd 
en la sesion publica de i8 de enero sobre el tribunal de la inquisi- 
cion. Con algunas notas anadidas por el Pensador Mejicano. 
Mejico ano de 1 8 20. Imprenta de Don Mariano Ontiveros. 8vo, 
pp. 29-87. 74043 

Ruiz Guerra y Morales (Fr. Christoval, de la orden de S. 
Juan de Dios). Letras felizmcnte laureadas, y laurel festivo de 
letras, que con ocasion de la jura de nuestro amado Rey, y Senor, 
Lvis Fernando el primero, Broto, a influxos, no a golpes de Mi- 
nerva, la Fecudidad Mexicana, en el celeste suelo de su Real, 
Pontificia Academia, Athenas de las Indias Septentrionales : y que 
ofrece rendido a sus augustas plantas para coronar su cabeza, en 
nombre de toda esta illustre Universidad. ... Mexico., J. Bernardo 
de Hogal. 1724. 4to, 25 prel. leaves, pp. 298. 74044 

Largely in verse. 

Ruiz Lozano (Antonio). Espejo para el Alma pecadora ... 
Puehla. 1695. 8vo. 74045 

Title from Beristain. 



Ruiz Morales (Carlos). Explicacion de las sagradas Cere- 
monias, que usa nuestra Santa Madre Iglesia desde el Domingo 
de Pasion hasta el Sabado Santo: en forma de Catecismo. ... 
Mexico. 1780. 8vo. 74046 

Title from Beristain. 

Ruiz Perea (M.) Oracion | Panegyrica | En la Solemnidad 
plausible, y Publicacion de la Santa | Bulla, Deciala en la Santa 
Yglesia Metropolitana de Me-|xico en la Dominica primera de 
Adviento | el B>" Migvel Ruiz Perea | Domiciliario de este Ar9o- 
bispado, indigno Beneficiado] por su Magestad Vicario in Capite, 
y Juez Ecclesiastico | de la Doctrina del Real de Minas de Tza- 
qualpan,! A4inistro Mexicano. Otomi. Mazahua. Olmeco. | Tepe- 
hua. Totonac, y Castellano. | Dedicalaj Como su humilde Criado, 
e infimo Subdito a la | Dignidad, y Senoria de el | Senor Doctor 
Don Manuel de Escalante| Colombres, y Mendoza, Meritissimo 
Chantrejde la S. Iglesia Cathedral Metropolitana de Mexico, dig- 
nissimo | Comissario Apostolico Subdelegado General de la S. 
Cruzada, Cathedratico jubilado de Prima de Canones en la Real 
Universi-|dad ; Rector que ha sido en ella quatro vezes, Abad 
perpetuo de | la Congregacion de N. P. Senor S. Pedro, luez 
Provi-|sor, y Vicario General deste Ar^obispado por el Venera- 
ble Senor | Dean, y Cabildo Sede Vacate de la S. Iglesia Cathe- 
dral Aietropo- 1 litana de Mexico, Vicario Visitador de los Con- 
ventos de N. Se- 1 iiora de la Concepcion, y Valvanera, y luez 
del Real Colle-|gio Seminario de esta Santa Iglesia. | Con licencia^ 
en Mexico : por los Herederos de la Viuda de \ Francisco Rodriguez. 
Lupercio^ en la puente de Palacio. \ Afio de 1700. | 4to, 8 prel. leaves, 
Sermon, 12 leaves. 74^47 

In the Mexican language. Title from Filling's " North American Linguistics." 

Ruiz Villafranca (Jose). Sermon funebre en las Exequias 
que el Colegio de Pachuca hizo, como a su Sindico y Bienhechor 
especial, al Sr. Conde de Santa Maria de Regla. ... Mexico. 1782. 
4to. 74048 

Title from Beristain. 

Ruiz y Cervantes (Jose Manuel). Memorias de la porten- 
tosa Imagen de Ntra. Sra. de Xuquila, que se venera en su San- 
tuario del Obispado de Oaxaca. ... Mexico^ por Ontiveros, 1791. 
8vo, 74049 

Title froni Beristain. 

Ruiz y Cervantes. Memorias de la portentosa imagen de 
Nuestra Senora de Xuquila. ... Mexico: Zuniga, 1796. 8vo, 
7 prel. leaves, pp. 136, table i leaf. 2 Plates. 74050 

RULES. 107 

Rule and Misrule of the Eno;lish in America. See [Haliburton 
(T. C.)], Vol. VII., No. 29694. 

The Rule of the New-Creature, to be practised every Day, in 
all the Particulars of it which are ten. [^Boston? 1742.] i2mo5 
pp. 24. .... ^^' 74051 

A collection ol religious exhortations, etc. 

Rule or Ruin. A Satire on the Times. New York : F. A, 
Brady, i860. 8vo, pp. 36. 74052 

Rules and Articles | For the better | Government | Of His Ma- 
jesty's I Horse and Foot Guards, | And all other His | Forces | in | 
Great-Britain and Ireland, | Dominions beyond the Seas, | Andj 
Foreign Parts, | From the 24th of March, 1777. | Published by 
His Majesty's Command. | London.^ Printed: \ New-York : Re- 
Printed by H, Gaine^ at | the Bible and Crown^ in Hanover- Square^f 
1777. 1 i6mo, pp. 48. N- 74053 

Title furnished by Mr. V^illiam Kelby. 

Rules I and | Articles, | for the better | Government | of the | 
Troops I Raised, or to be raised, and kept in pay by and at | the 
joint Expence of the | Twelve United English Colonies | of | 
North America. | Philadelphia : | Printed by fVilliam and Thomas 
Bradford. 1775. | 8vo, pp. 16. P. 74054 

Dated, Jan. 30, 1775. 

Rules and Articles, for the better Government of the Troops 
Raised, or to be raised and kept in pay by and at the joint Ex- 
pense of the Twelve United English Colonies of North America. 
Watertown : Printed by B. Edes. 1775. 8vo, pp. 16. 74055 

Rules and Articles for the better Government of the Troops 
raised, or to be raised, and kept in pay by and at the joint Expence 
of the Thirteen United English Colonies of North-America. 
Philadelphia: Printed by Willi am and Thomas Bradford.^ ^775- 
i2mo, pp. 16. P. 74056 

Dated, Nov. 7, 1775. In the preamble the Congress styles itself "his Majesty's 
most faithful subjects." 

Rules I And | Articles, | For the Better | Government | of the | 
Troops I Raised, or to be raised, and kept in pay by and | at the 
joint Expence of the | English Colonies | of | North-America. | 
Philadelphia^ Printed : | New York^ Re-printed and sold by H. Gaine^ 
I at the Bible and Crown., in Hanover-Square \ M,dcc,lxxv. 8vo, 
pp. 16. N. 74057 

Title furnished by Mr. Kelby. 


Rules I and | Articles | forthe better | Government | of the | Troops 
I Raised, or to be raised and kept in pay by | and at the expence of 
the United | States of | America. | Philadelphia : \ Pruited by John 
Dunlap^ in Market-Strcet.\iA.v>^fZ.\.y.y.\\.\ 8vo, pp. 36. M., N. 

Rules and Articles for the better Government of the Troops 
raised, or to be raised, and kept in Pay, by and at the Expence of 
the United States of America. In Congress, September 20, 1776. 
. . . \_Philadelphia ? 1 7 76?] l2mo, pp. 25. 74^59 

Rules and Articles for the Better Government of the Troops 
of the United States. Philadelphia, mdcclxxxi. 8vo, pp. 36. 

Rules and Articles | for the | Better Government | of the | Troops 

raised, or to be raised, 
of the I United States 

And kept in Pay, | By and at the Expense 
of I America. \ Philadelphia : Printed in the 
Tear\ I 782. | Sm. 8vo, pp. 39. H.S.P. 74061 

Title from Hildeburn. 

Rules and Articles for the better government of the troops 
raised or to be raised and kept in pay by and at the expence of 
the United States of America. Printed at Philadelphia^ I790- 
8vo, pp. 39. 74062 

Rules and Articles for the Better Government of the Troops, 
raised, or to be raised, and kept in pay, by, and at the expence of 
the United States of America. \_Philadelphia ? 1791?] 8vo, pp. 
44. 74063 

Rules and Articles, for the Better Government of the Troops, 
raised or to be raised and kept in pay, by and at the Expense of 
the United States of America. City of Washinzton. 1800. i2mo, 
pp. 92. 74064 

Rules and Articles for the Government of the Armies of the 
United States Albany. 18 12. l2mo. 74065 

Rules and Articles for the Government of the Armies of the 
United States. ... Washington: A. O. P. Nicholson.^ Public Printer. 
1857. i2mo, pp. (2), 28. 74066 

Rules and Articles for the Government of the Army of Vir- 
ginia. Richmond. 1861. 8vo, pp. 29. 1\'^^1 

Rules and Articles for the Government of the Pennsylvania 
Forces. Philadelphia : Henry Miller. 1776. 8vo. 74068 

Adopted by the Assembly, April 5, 1776. Also printed in German. Title and note 
trom Hildeburn, 



The Rules and Articles of War, For the Government of the 
Troops of the United States. Extracted from the Journals of 
Congress for the year 1776. Baltimore: Printed by Philip Ed- 
wards. MDCCXciv. 8vo, pp. 28. 74069 

Rules I and | Constitutions | of the | Society of Englishmen, | and | 
Sons of Englishmen, | Established at Philadelphia, for the Ad- j 
vice and Assistance of Englishmen in | Distress. | Philadelphia : \ 
Printed by Benjamin Towne. | mdcclxxiv. | Sm. 8vo, pp. 24. N. 

Title from Hildeburn. 

Rules I and I Constitutions I of the j Society | Of the Sons of | St. 
George. | Philadelphia : \ Printed by 'James Humphrey s.^ 'Junior^ | in 
Front-street.^ at the lower Corner of\ Black-horse Alley. m,dcc,lxxii. 
8vo, pp. 28. p. 74071 

Title from Hildeburn. S,ee also Vol, xv., No. 62260. 

Rules and Directions for Proceedings in the Confederate States 
Patent Office. Richfno?id : Tyler., Wise & Jllegre. 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 46. 74072 

Improved title of our Vol. iv., No. 15405. 

Rules and Orders for establishing a Fund of Charity. See Vol. 
VII., No. 25814. 

Rules and Orders for the Regulation. See Maryland, Vol. xi., 
No. 45356. 

Rules and Orders of the House of Representatives of the 
United States. Philadelphia : Printed by Joseph Gales. 1 797. 8vo, 
pp. 15. P. 74073 

Rules and Orders of the Society for the Encouragement of 
Arts and Sciences in Canada. Established at Quebec on the 25th 
April 1827. ^ebec : Printed by T. Cary iff Co. 1827. 8vo, pp. 

II. B. 74074 

... I Rules and Orders, | to be observed, | by the | Friendly Fire 
Society, I founded in Boston, | January 5, lyj^.l Boston : Printed by 
Adams and N our se. [1774.] i6mo, pp. 14. 74-^75 

Title furnished by Mr. George R. Howell, from a copy in the Library of the Albany 

Rules and Regulations, Classes of Hazards, and Rates of Pre- 
mium, for Insurance against Fire, in the Eastern, Northern and 
Middle States, and in the Southern and Western States. May, 
1846. New-York: E. B. Clayton and Sons., Stationers. [1846.] 
8vo, pp. 10. H. 74076 

no RULES. 

Rules and Regulations concerning Commercial Intercourse 
with and in States and parts of States declared in Insurrection, 
the Collection, Receipt, and Disposition of CaptuFed, Abandoned, 
and Confiscable Property, and the Employment and General Wel- 
fare of Frcedmen. Prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, 
with the approval of the President, in pursuance of the several 
Acts of Congress in relation to those subjects, and appended 
hereto. Washington: July 29, 1864. 8vo, pp. 76. 74077 

Also : Additional Regulations concerning Commercial Intercourse with and in States 
declared in Insurrection. January 26, 1864. \^JVashington. 1864.] 8vo, pp. 6. 

Rules and Regulations for the better Government of the Mili- 
tary Association in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia : Henry Miller. 
1776. 8vo. 74078 

Adopted by the Assembly, April 5, 1776. Also printed in German. Title from 

Rules and Regulations for the Field Exercise and Manoeuvres 
of Infantry, compiled and adapted to the organization of the army 
of the United States, agreeably to a Resolve of Congress, dated 
December, 1814, and published by order of the War Depart- 
ment. New-York. 18 15. 8vo, pp. 360. s. -\- Second Edition. 
New York. 18 15. 8vo, pp. 360. s. 74079 

Rules and Regulations for the Field Exercise, and Manoeuvres 
of Infantry, compiled and adapted to the organization of the army 
of the United States, agreeably to a resolve of Congress, dated 
December, 18 14, and published by Order of the War Depart- 
ment. With an Appendix, containing the Rules and Articles of 
War ; a Treatise on Courts Martial and Courts of Inquiry, &c. 
Compiled for the use of the Militia of Pennsylvania ... Philadel- 
phia. 1824. 8vo. s. 74080 

Also : Extracts from the " Rules and Regulations for the Field Exercise and Manoeu- 
vres of the Infantry of the United States," adapted to the Militia of this State. ... 
Boston: Pritued by E. G. House. 1823. izmo, pp. 108. B. 

Rules and Regulations for the Government of Racing, Trot- 
ting, and Betting, as adopted by the principal Turf Associations 
throughout the United States and Canada. Compiled at the 
Office of "Wilkes' Spirit of the Times." Neiv York: M. B. 
Brown & Co. [1866.] i6mo, pp. 254. c. 74081 

Rules I and | Regulations | for the | Massachusetts | Army. | Pub- 
lished by Order. | IVatertown : \ Printed and Sold by Benjamin Edes. 
177 S' I i2mo, pp. 16. M. -f Salem: \ Printed by Sa?nuel and 
Ebenezer //^//. | i 776. | 8vo, pp. 15. N. 74082 


Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry. 
Baltbnore. l8i2. 8vo. 740^3 

Rules and Regulations in Bankruptcy, adopted by the Circuit 
and District Courts of the United States for the Southern Dis- 
trict of New York. Neiv York. 1842. 8vo. N. 74084 

Rules and Regulations of Her Majesty's Colonial Service. 
London: W. Clowes bf Sons. 1843. i2mo, pp. ix, 173. c. -|- 
London. 1856. i2mo. 74085 

Rules and Regulations of the Ancient and Honourable Artil- 
lery Company ; with the Charter. To which is added the names 
of the members, from its commencement [in 1637] to the pres- 
ent time, with the dates of their admission, titles, and commands 
sustained in the company. June 7, 1819. Boston: Printed for 
the Company^ by E. G. House. 18 19. 8vo, pp. 60. -}- Boston. 
1863. 8vo. 74086 

Rules and Regulations of the Boston Hussars. Instituted 
November 20, 18 10. Boston: Russell & Cutler.^ Printers. 18 10. 
i2mo, pp. II. 74087 

Rules and Regulations of the Government of the Grand Army 
of the Republic, as adopted in National Convention at Cincin- 
nati, 1869. \_lVashmgton ? 1869?] 8vo. 74088 

Rules and Regulations of the Medical Societies [in New Jer- 
sey]. New Brunswick. 1809. 8vo. 74089 

Rules for conducting the Business of the Senate of the United 
States. Washington. 1801. 8vo. w. 74090 

Rules for keeping the principal Record Books used at the 
Department and General Headquarters and Adjutant General's 
Office. Washington. 1864. 8vo. 74091 

Rules for reducing a great Empire to a small one. With the 
Declaration of Independence. London. 1793. ^vo. 74092 

Rules for the Government of this Congress. Montgomery. 
1861. 8vo. 74093 

A Confederate publication. 

Rules for the Regulation of Practice in Chancery in Massa- 
chusetts. \Boston, 1835.] i6mo, pp. 24, interleaved. b. 

112 RULES. 

Rules I For the Society of | Negroes. 1693. | [Boston. 1693.] 
Folio, I page. 74^95 

By Cotton Mather. It has recently (July, 1888,) been reprinted in twelvemo size, 
pp. 9, for Dr. George H. Moore, with the following brief preface and an extract from 
Mather's manuscript diaries relating to the production: "The original publication of 
the * Rules,' etc., now reproduced, was a broadside sheet, which, so far as I know, has 
been entirely unknown to Mather Collectors and others interested in Americana for 
many years past. I now print a few copies in order to preserve so interesting a memorial 
of Cotton Mather's work — in which, it will be observed, there is no touch of anti- 
slavery sentiment, which was indeed almost unknown at that period, anywhere." 

Rules in Civil Causes of Admiralty and Maritime Jurisdiction. 
[BostoN. 1812.] 8vo, pp. 8. 74096 

Rules of the Circuit Court of the United States for the First 
Circuit. Boston. i8i2. 8vo, pp. 15. 74^97 

Rules, Maxims, | and | Observations, | for the | Government, 
Conduct, I and | Discipline! of an | Army. | By a General Officer, j 
Norwich: Printed and Sold by John Trumbull. \ [1774.] l2mo, 

pp. 26. M. 74098 

The Rules of a Visit. See [Mather (C.)], Vol. xi. 46492. 

Rules of Discipline of the Yearly-Meeting, held on Rhode- 
Island, for New^ England. Printed by direction of the Meeting. 
N ew-Bedf or d : Abraham Shearman .^ "J un. Printer. 1809. 8vo. c. 

Rules of Discipline of the Yearly-Meeting, held on Rhode- 
Island, for Nev^^-England. Printed by Direction of the Meeting. 
New-Bedford: Abrahain Shearman.^ Jun. Printer. 1809. Re- 
printed by Direction of the Meeting. 1826. B. Lindsey & Co. 
Printers. 8vo, pp. xvi, 156. B. 74 1 00 

Reprinted in 1840 and 1849. 

Rules of Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of Friends, for 
Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, Delavv^are, and the eastern parts of 
Maryland : revised and adopted by the said Meeting, held in Phil- 
adelphia, ... Fourth Month ... 1834. Philadelphia: Printed by 
Joseph Rakestraw. 1 834. 8vo, pp. 192. 74 1 01 

Rules of Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in 
Philadelphia. Stereotyped for the Yearly Meeting. Philadelphia: 
Printed by Direction of the Representative Committee or Meeting for 
Sufferings. 1869. i2mo, pp. 138. B. 74102 

Rules of Practice of the Court of Claims of the United States, 
the Act of Congress establishing the Court, and in amendment 


thereof, with the names of the Commissioners appointed by the 
Court to take testimony. Washington. 1863. 8vo. 74^03 

Rules of Practice of the Court of Equity for the several Cir- 
cuits of the State of New York. Albany. 1823. 8vo. 74104 

Rules of Practice of the Court of Equity of the United States. 
Boston. 1842. 8vo, pp. 55. 74 J 05 

Rules of Prosody, for the Use of Schools. ... A new edition, 
corrected and enlarged. New-York : Printed and sold by T. and J. 
Swords. 1827. i2mo, pp. 23. H. 74106 

Rules I of the | Brotherly Association | for the | Support of 
Widows. I [_Philadelphia : Henry Miller. 1 77 1?] 8 vo, half-title, 

pp. 8, 2. H.S.P. 74107 

A reprint of the rules of an English Moravian charitable society. Title from Hil- 

Rules of the Classis of the Reformed Dutch Church of New 
York, as amended in 1823. New York. 1823. 8vo. 74108 

Rules of the Navy Department, regulating the civil adminis- 
tration of the Navy of the United States. Washington. 1832. 
i2mo. B., c, N. 74109 

Rules of the Senate of the United States, consisting of Special 
Rules of the Senate, the Joint Rules of the two Houses, and 
such provisions of the constitution as relate to The Organization, 
Power, Privileges, Proceedings, and Duties of the Senate of the 
United States. Printed for the use of the Senate of the United 
States. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1862. 8vo, pp. 
66. -^\Ibid.'\ 1868. 8vo, pp. 89. 741 10 

Rules of the Supreme ... District ... and the Circuit Court of 
the United States, for the Pennsylvania District ; of the Supreme 
Court of Pennsylvania, ... from ... 1750, to ... 1827; the Dis- 
trict Court, the Court of Common Pleas, and the Orphans Court, 
for the City and County of Philadelphia. Philadelphia : Printed 
for the Gentlemen of the Bar. 1834. 8vo, pp. no, (7). -f Phila- 
delphia : Walker.^ Printer and Publisher. 1 839. 8vo, pp. 151. 

Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States, revised and 
corrected at December Term, 1858. Washington. 1859. ^^^• 

Rules of Trial : Or Half- Way Covenant Examined. In a 

1 14 RUM. 

letter to the Parishioner. By an Observer of the Dispute. New 
London. 1770. i2mo, pp. 15. 741^3 

Rules, Orders, and Regulations in Bankruptcy, adopted by the 
District Court of the United States for the Southern District of 
New York, June 22, 1867. New York : H. Anstice & Co.^ Print- 
ers. 1867. 8vo, pp. 21. 74114 

Rules, Regulations, arid Instructions for the Naval Service of 
the United States. Prepared by the Board of Navy Commis- 
sioners ... IVashington City: E. De Krafft. 1818. 4to, pp. 75, 
13 blank leaves. -{- [Another edition. Ibid.~\ 18 18. i2mo, pp. 
150, 23 blank leaves. c. 741 15 

[RuLHiERE (Claude Carloman de).] Portrait du Comte de 
Vergennes, Ministre et Secretaire d'Etat au Departement des 
Affaires Etrangeres. [^Paris?^ 1788. 8vo. 74ii6 

Also included in the " CEuvres de Rulhiere." 

The Ruling and Ordaining Pov^^er. See [Foxcroft (T.)], Vol. 
VI., No. 25402. 

[RuLisoN (H. M.)] The Mock Marriage; or the Libertine's 
Victim : being a faithful delineation of the Mysteries and Mis- 
eries of the Queen City. Illustrated. Cincinnati: Barclay l5f Co. 
[1855.] 8vo, pp. 102. Woodcuts. 74117 

Rum {Sir R.), pseudon. At a Court held at Punch-Hall, | in 
the Colony of Bacchus. | The | Indictment and Tryal | of | Sr. 
Richard Rum | A Person of noble Birth and Extraction, | well 
known both to Rich and Poor | throughout all America. | Who 
was accused for several Misdemeanours | against his Majesty's 
Liege People, viz. | Killing some, Wounding others, bringing | 
Thousands to Poverty, and many good | Familes to utter Ruin, j 
The Third Edition, with a Preface, and a Song| compos'd by Sir 
Richard, immediately after his| Discharge, not in former Editions. 
I ...| [n. p.] Printed in the Tear 1724. | i2mo, pp. 24. B. 

Rum. At a Court held at Punch-Hall, | in the Colony of 
Bacchus. I The | Indictment and Trial | of | Sr. Richard Rum.| A 
Person of noble Birth and Extraction, well | known both to Rich 
and Poor, through-] out all America. | Who was accused for sev- 
eral Misdemeanours I against his Majesty's liege People, viz. | Kill- 
ing some. Wounding others, bring- |ing Thousands to Poverty, 
and many | good Families to utter Ruin. | It is not the Use, but 

RUMSEY. 115 

the Abuse, of any | good Thing, that makes it hurtful. | The Sixth 
Edition, with a Preface, and | a Song, compos'd by Sir Richard 
im- 1 mediately after his Discharge. | Nczvport : Prhitcd and sold by 
S. Southwick.\M^T>cc^hxx.\ i2mo, pp. 19. w. 741 19 

Rum. At a Court held at Punch-Hall, in the County of | 
Bacchus. I The | Indictment and Tryal | of | Sir Richard Rum,| A 
Person of noble Birth and Extraction, well known | both to Rich 
and Poor, throughout America. | Who was accused of several 
Misdemeanors against | his Majesty's Liege People, viz. Killing 
some, I Wounding others, bringing Thousands to Poverty, | and 
many good Families to utter Ruin. | ... | The Eighth Edition, with 
a Preface, and Song, | composed by Sir Richard, immediately after 
his I Discharge. | New-Tor k : | Printed and Sold by 'John Anderson^ \ at 
Beekman-Slip.\ [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. BA. 74120 

Rum. At a Court held at Punch Hall in the Colony of Bac- 
chus. The indictment and trial of Sir Richard Rum, a person 
of noble birth and extraction, well known both to rich and poor 
throughout all America : who was accused for several misde- 
meanors against his majesty's liege people, viz : killing some, 
wounding others, bringing thousands to poverty, and many good 
families to utter ruin. ... The Ninth Edition, with a preface and 
a song, composed by Sir Richard, immediately after his discharge. 
Providence : Printed and sold by "John Waterman. 1774. i2mo, 
pp. 19. 74121 

Also : Indictment and Trial of Sir Richard Rum. Boston : Published by John Ford, 
Temperance Press, Wilson'' s Lane. 1 8 35. l2mo, pp. iv, 23. ba. 

RuMBALL (T.) Travels from New York to Detroit. By 
Thomas Rumball. New York, 1824. 8vo. 74122 

Title from J. R. Smith's " Bibliotheca Americana" for 1871. 

RuMBO (Antonio). Pancgyris in laudem Divi Petri Nolasci, 
Ordinis Redemptionis Captivorum Institutoris, Habita coram 
Mexicanae Academiae Doctoribus in Templo B. Marias Virginis 
de Mercede die 28 Jannuarii ann. 1633. Mexici. 1633. 4to. 

Title from Beristain. 

RuMFORD (Benjamin), Count of. See [Thompson] (B.) 

RuMSEY (J.) An Act for vesting in James Rumsey, Esquire, 
the exclusive right and privilege of making, using and vending 
divers engines, machines and devices, by him invented, or im- 


proved, for a term of years therein mentioned, [n. p. 1789?] 
4to? J.c.B. 74124 

Reprinted in the " Documentary History of New York," vol. ii. 

RuMSEY. Explanation I of a I Steam Engine, | and the method | 
of I applying it to propel | a Boat. | Invented by James Rumsey, | of 
Berkeley County, Virginia. | Philadelphia: \ Printed by Joseph Ja?nes. 

I M.DCC.LXXXVIII. I 8vo, pp. 12. l^'^'^-S 

Title furnished by Henry Phillips, Jr., Esq., from a copy in the library of the Amer- 
ican Philosophical Society at Philadelphia. The following description is by another 
hand : " Prefixed to this title-page is a dedication in the form of a title, with eight 
prefatory pages : then succeeds the above stated title and five other pages and three 
plates, two of which are folding." 

RuMSEY. A I Plan, | Wherein the pouter of Steam is fully 
shewn, by a new constructed Ma- 1 chine, for propeling Boats or 
Vessels, of any burthen, against the | most rapid streams or rivers, 
with great velocity. Also, a Machine, | constructed on similar 
philosphical \_sic~\ principles, by which water may be | raised for 
Grist or Saw-Mills, watering of Meadows, &c. he. \ By James 
Rumsey, | Of Berkly County, Virginia. | [^Philadelphia. 1788.] 
4to, pp. 20, (2). N. 74126 

The above title fills the upper half of the first page, on the lower part of which the 
author begins his essay with "To the Public." This ends on page 9, verso blank, and 
is signed and dated, "James Rumsey, Berkly County, Virginia, January i, 1788," 
Pages II to 20 are printed on different paper, and contain affidavits, certificates and let- 
ters in regard to the speed of Rumsey 's steamboat. The final leaf contains the "Post- 
script," with eleven lines of errata on the verso. Title and description furnished by 
Mr. William Kelby. For the reprint appended to John Fitch's "Original Steam-Boat 
supported," Philadelphia, 1788, see Vol. vi.. No. 2,4582, and for collation read, pp. 34, 

Rumsey. A | Short | Treatise | on the application of | Steam, | 
whereby is clearly shewn, | from | actual experiments, | that | Steam | 
may be applied to propel | Boats or Vessels | of any burthen against 
rapid currents with great velocity. | Great Velocity [j/V]. | The 
same Principles are also introduced with Effect, by a Machine of 
a sim- 1 pie and chep [j/V] Construction, for the Purpose of raising 
Water I sufficient for the working of | Grist-Mills, Saw-Mills, &c. | 
And for Watering Meadows and Other Purposes of Agriculture, j 
By James Rumsey, | Of Berkeley County, Virginia. | Philadelphia.^ \ 
Printed by Joseph James: Chesmit-Street.\y\..pQC^\.y.y.y.\\\\.\ 8vo, 
PP- 26. L. 74127 

On the verso of the title is the following "Advertisement," dated "Philadelphia, 
May 7, 1788 :" — "The following pages are taken from a pamphlet published in Vir- 
ginia, to prove the author's prior right of applying steam, to propel boats &c. as well as 
to establish the principles on which he has done it, a few copies were then thought suf- 



ficient for that purpose, but as Mr. Fitch intends to answer the pamphlet, it is therefore 
necessary to re-publish as much of it as respects Mr. Fitch, which is done with no other 
variation, from the original, than to correct a few of the omissions and mistakes that 
were introduced into the first publication, from the hurry in which it was done, (as the 
author at that time could not attend the press) and was circulated with an apology 
annexed to the postscript, for the imperfections of the impression," etc. Some copies 
have a corrected title as follows : 

RuMSEY. A I Short I Treatise | on the application of | Steam, | 
whereby is clearly shewn, | from Actual Experiments, | that | Steam 
I may be applied to propel | Boats or Vessels | of any burthen against 
rapid currents with great velocity. | The same Principles are also 
introduced with Effect, by a Machine of a sim-|ple and cheap 
Construction, for the Purpose of raising Water | sufficient for 
the working of | Grist-Mills, Saw-iMills, Sec. \ And for watering 
meadows and other purposes of agriculture. | By James Rumsey, | 
Of Berkeley County, Virginia. | Philadelphia^ \ Printed by 'Joseph 
Ja?nes : Chesnut-Street.\M^Y>cc^LXXXWiu.\ 8vo, pp. 26. B. 

Rumsey. A Short Treatise on the Application of Steam, 
whereby is clearly shewn, from actual experiments, that Steam 
may be applied to propel Boats or Vessels of any burthen against 
rapid currents with great velocity. Great Velocity. The same 
principles are also introduced v/ith Effect, by a Machine of a 
simple and cheap Construction, for the purpose of raising Water 
sufficient for the working of Grist or Saw Mills. And for water- 
ing meadows and other agricultural purposes. By James Rum- 
sey, Of Berkeley County, Virginia. Philadelphia^ Printed by Joseph 
James: Ches nut- Street. M,DCC, Lxxxvili. 8vo, pp. 26. 74129 

This is a reprint made about 1850, apparently. Also reprinted in the "Documentary 
History of the State of New York," vol. ii. For " Remarks on Mr. John Fitch's 
Reply to Mr. James Rumsey 's Pamphlet," Vol. i., No. 3521. 

[RuNCKLER (Seb.)] Handbuch | fiir | iMeine Freunde | in den | 
Districten von Canajohary und Palatine, | an der Mohawk-Rivier ; 
I zur I Erhaltung und Wiederherstellung | der Gesundheit. | P/>/7^- 
delphia. 1794. i2mo, pp. (6), 40. 74^30 

Title furnished by Mr. George R. Howell, from a copy in the Library of the Albany 
Institute. The author's name is signed to the dedication and at the end of the book. 

RuNDALL (T.) Narratives of Voyages towards the North- 
West, in search of a passage to Cathay and India. 1496 to 1631. 
With selections from the early records of the honourable the 
East India Company and from MSS. in the British Museum. 
By Thomas Rundall, Esq. London: Printed for the Hakluyt So- 
ciety. M.DCCC.XLix. 8vo, pp. (4), vi, XX, 259, (i). 3 Maps. l. 

Contains the narratives of the voyages of Cabot, Frobisher, John Davis, George 


Waymouth, John Knight, Henry Hudson, Sir Thomas Button, James Hall, Captain 
Gibbons, Bylot and Baffin, Captain Hawkridge, Luke Fox, and Captain James, 

RuNDLE (T.) A Sermon preached at St. George's Church, 
Hanover Square, on Sunday, P^bruary 17, 173I. To recommend 
the Charity for establishing the new Colony of Georgia. By T. 
Rundle, ll.d. ... Published at the Request of the Right Hon- 
ourable the Lord Viscount Tyrconnel, the Honourable Colonel 
Whitworth, Church wardens and several of the Parishioners. 
London : Printed for T. Woodzvard. mdccxxxiv. 4to, pp. 24. b. 

RuNKEL (W.) The United States Mint. A Brief History 
of the Institution, with a full description of the Manner in which 
Gold, Silver, Nickel and Copper are converted into Money. 
Valuable Tables of Foreign Coins, with their value in U. S. Coin, 
together with other information in regard to the Mint, of general 
interest. By Vv^illiam Runkel. Philadelphia: Published for the 
author by Turner & Co. 1870. 8vo, pp. 16. b!, c. 74133 

RuNKLE (B. p.) Address delivered by Bvt. Col. Ben. P. 
Runkle, U. S. A. Chief Supt. Freedmen's Affairs, State of Ken- 
tucky, to the Freedmen of Louisville, October, 1868. Louis- 
ville: Calvert^ Tippett & Co.^ Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. 26. H. 

Runkle. Before the Court Martial trying the Case of Major 
Ben. P. Runkle, Brevet Colonel U. S. A., (Retired), Late Colo- 
nel and Brevet Major General U. S. Volunteers. Address of 
Counsel in behalf of accused before the Court at Louisville, Ky., 
October nth, 1872. ... [n. p. 1872.] 8vo, pp. 55, (i). 

Runkle. Brief in the case of A/[ajor Ben. P. Runkle, United 
States Army, (Retired), on the resolution of Hon. Roscoe Conk- 
ling, Referred to the Committee on the Judiciary of the United 
States Senate. Math. H. Carpenter, Charles Ewing, Counsel. 
R. O. Polkinhorn^ Printer.^ Washington^ D. C. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 6. 

Runkle. The History of an unfair and improper Trial, 
detailing the unjust and illegal action of Wm. W. Belknap, Sec- 
retary of War, in the Trial of Benj. P. Runkle, Maj. and Bvt. 
Col. U. S. A., with documents ... . Washington : R. O. Polkin- 
horn^ Printer. 1878. 8vo, pp. 14. 74^37 

Runkle. ... In the Senate of the United States. (February 
27, 1877. Ordered to be printed.) Mr. Clayton submitted the 
following Report (To accompany bill S. 1003,) ... to restore 
Benjamin P. Runkle to the retired-list of the Army. [^Washing- 
ton. 1877.] 8vo, pp. 8. 74138 


RuNNELL (E. B.) The Wreath of Love. [Inverse.] Vol. i. 
New York. 1852. i8mo, pp. 164. 74^39 

RuNNELLS (E. B.) A Journal of P^acts, descriptive of Scenes 
and Incidents in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New-Jersey ... By 
E. B. Runnells. Philadelphia. 1839. i2mo, pp. 40. s. 741 40 

[RuNNELLS.] A Reply to a Letter addressed to Mr. Van 
Buren, President of the United States, Purporting to be written 
by Miss Lucy Kenny, the Whig Missionary, [n. p. 1838.] 
8vo, pp. 13. 74141 

Signed "Eliza B. Runnells." In reply to No. 37451, Vol. ix. 

Runnels (M. T.) 1771. 1871. Addresses and Proceedings 
at the Centennial Anniversary of the Congregational Church, in 
Sanbornton, N. H., November 12 and 13, 187 1. Compiled ... 
by M. T. Runnels, Pastor. Hartford^ Conn: Press of Case^ Lock- 
wood ^ Brainard. 1872. 8vo, pp. 82. B. 74142 

Runnels. A Genealogy of Runnels and Reynolds Families 
in America ; with Records and Brief Memorials of the Earliest 
Ancestors, so far as known, and of many of their descendants, 
bearing the same and other names. In Three Parts, with an 
Appendix. By Rev. M. T. Runnels, a.m.. Pastor of the Con- 
gregational Church in Sanbornton, N. PI. ... Boston: Alfred 
Mudge l^ Son^ Printers. 1873. 8vo, pp. xvi, 354, Errata (i). b. 

Runnels. History of Sanbornton, New Hampshire. In Two 
Volumes. Vol. i. — Annals. By Rev. M. T. Runnels. ... Bos- 
ton^ Mass.: Alfred Mudge &' Son^ Printers. 1882. 8vo, pp. xxx, 
569, and 5 unnumbered leaves, followed by blank leaves ruled. 
2 Maps and 28 Plates and Portraits. Vol. 11. — Genealogies. 
\_Ibid.^ 1 88 1. 8vo, pp. xiii, (i), 1022. 15 Portraits. b. 74144 

RuNYON (T.) The Militia : its Place in our Governmental 
System. An Address delivered before the New Jersey Military 
Association, March 5, 1861, By the President, Gen. Theodore 
Runyon. Published by Order. Newark^ N- J' 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 18. 74145 

Rupert, Vermont, f^ornication binds the criminal parties to 
marry. The Decision of the Congregational Church in Rupert, 
Vt., relative to a Case of Discipline. With the Result of a 
Council. Bennington. 18 15. 8vo, pp. 40. 74 H^ 

Rupert's Land, Bishop of . The Net in the Bay; or. Jour- 
nal of a Visit to Moose and Albany. By the Bishop of Rupert's 

120 RUPP. 

Land [/. e. Rev. David Anderson]. London : Thomas Hatchard. 
1854. 8vo, pp. xvi, 276. -f Second Edition. London. 1873. 
8vo. 74147 

Rupert's Land, Bishop of. Notes of the Flood at the Red 
River, 1852. By the Bishop of Rupert's Land [/. e. Rev. David 
Anderson]. London: Hatchard^ Piccadilly. [1852.] l6mo, pp. 
(4), 124. Plate. -|- Second Edition. London. 1873. i6mo. 

Rupert's Land. Report of the Delegates appointed to nego- 
tiate for the Acquisition of Rupert's Land and the North-West 
Territory. Ottaiva. 1869. 8vo, pp. 39. 74^49 

Rupp (L D.) Brief Biographic Memorial of Joh. Jonas Rupp, 
and Genealogical Family Register of his descendants, from 1756 
to 1875. By L Daniel Rupp. West Philadelphia: L. W. Robin- 
son. [1875?] i2mo, pp. (2), 292. Portrait. 7415° 

Rupp. Monthly Publication. — April. A Collection of Thirty 
Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, Portuguese 
and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania ; chronologically arranged 
from 1727 to 1776; the Names of Ships in which these Immi- 
grants were transported, the Place whence, and the Time when 
they sailed, the Time of their Arrival at Philadelphia, &c., &c., 
&c., ... edited by I. Daniel Rupp ... . Harrisburg. [ffheo. F. 
Scheffer's Printing Office and Bookstore.^ 1856. i2mo, pp. 24. H. 

Rupp. A Collection of Thirty Thousand Names of German, 
Swiss, Dutch, French, Portuguese and other Immigrants in Penn- 
sylvania; chronologically arranged from 1727 to 1776; the names 
of ships in which these Immigrants were transported, whence, 
when they sailed, and their arrival at Philadelphia, to which is 
prefixed a General Introduction containing brief notices of the 
principal German, Swiss & French Settlements in North Amer- 
ica, during the Colonial Era, with an Appendix. ... Edited by I. 
Daniel Rupp .... Harrisburg. \_Stereotyped by Theo. F. Scheffer.'] 
1856. i2mo, pp. xxiv, 368. L. 74152 

Followed by : 

Rupp. General Remarks on the Origin of Surnames ; Inter- 
pretation of Baptismal Names, which occur in the Collection of 
Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss and other Immi- 
grants; to which are added other Baptismal Names, both of Males 
& Females. Collected and arranged by I. D. Rupp. Harris- 
burg : Theo. F. Scheffer^ Printer. 1856. i2mo, pp. (2), 37. L. 

RUPP. 121 

Rupp. A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names 
of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and other Immigrants In Penn- 
sylvania from 1727 to 1776, with a Statement of the names of 
Ships, whence they sailed, and the date of their arrival at Phila- 
delphia, chronologically arranged, together with the Necessary 
Historical and other Notes. Also, an Appendix containing Lists 
of more than one thousand German and French names in New 
York prior to 17 12. By Prof. I. Daniel Rupp ... . Second 
revised and enlarged edition, with German translation. Philadel- 
phia : Ig, Kohler. 1876. i2mo, pp. viii, (2), 495, Advertisements 
23. 8 Plates on 4 leaves. b., c. 74154 

[Rupp.] Early History of Western Pennsylvania, and of the 
West, and of Western Expeditions and Campaigns, from mdcc- 
Liv to MDCCcxxxiii. By a Gentleman of the Bar. With an 
Appendix, containing, besides copious extracts from important 
Indian Treaties, Minutes of Conferences, Journals, etc., A Top- 
ographical Description of the Counties of Allegheny, Westmore- 
land, Washington, Somerset, Greene, Fayette, Beaver, Butler, 
Armstrong, etc. Illustrated by several drawings. Pittsburg^ Pa. 
Daniel W. Kauffman. Harrishurg^ Pa. William O. Hickok. 1846. 
8vo, pp. iv, vi, vi, 17-352 ; Appendix, 406, iv, vi. 2 Plans, b. 

The appendix contains George Croghan's Journal, Post's Journals, Bouquet's Journal, 
Harmer's Expedition, St. Clair's Expedition, Washington's Journal, etc. 

Rupp. The Geographical Catechism of Pennsylvania and the 
Western States ; designed as a Guide and Pocket Companion for 
Travelers and Emigrants to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, 
Michigan, and Missouri, with Maps. Containing a Geographical 
and Historical Account of these States from their settlement to 
the present time. By I. D. Rupp. Harrisburg. 1836. i2mo, 
pp. (4), 384. + Philadelphia. 1837. i2mo. 741 5^ 

Rupp. He Pasa Ekklesia. An Original History of the Re- 
ligious Denominations at present existing in the United States. 
Containing Authentic Accounts of their Rise, Progress, Statistics 
and Doctrines. Written expressly for the Work by Eminent 
Theological Professors, Ministers, and Lay-Members, of the 
Respective Denominations. Projected, compiled and arranged 
by L Daniel Rupp, of Lancaster, Pa. ... Philadelphia : "J. T. 
Humphreys. Harrisburg : Clyde and IViUiains. 1844. 8vo, pp. 
734. BA., C, H. 74157 

Rupp. The History and Topography of Dauphin, Cumber- 
land, Franklin, Bedford, Adams, and Perry Counties : Containing 
VOL. xviii. 8 

122 RUPP. 

a Brief History of the First Settlers, Notices of the Leading 
Events, Incidents and Interesting Facts, both General and Local, 
in the History of these Counties, General & Statistical Descrip- 
tions of all the Principal Boroughs, Towns, Villages, &c. With 
an Appendix, Embellished with several Engravings. Compiled 
from numerous authentic sources by I. Daniel Rupp .... Gilbe7-t 
Hills^ Proprietor & Publisher^ Lancaster City, Pa. 1846. 8vo, pp. 
(2), v-xi, (i), 25-604. 4 Plates, b., c. -f [With the History 
of Somerset, Cambria, and Indiana Counties. Ibirl.'] 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 660. 10 Plates. c. 74158 

Some copies are described as containing only 599 pages. 

Rupp. History and Topography of Northumberland, Hunt- 
ingdon, Mifflin, Centre, Union, Columbia, Juniata and Clinton 
Counties, Pa. Embracing I^ocal and Geneial Events, Leading 
Incidents, Descriptions of the Principal Boroughs, Towns, Vil- 
lages, etc., etc. With a Copious Appendix : embellished by En- 
gravings. Compiled from Authentic Sources by I. D. Rupp. 
Publisher/ aiid sold by Gilbert Hills, Lancaster City, Pa. 1846. 8vo, 
pp. 556. 4 Plates. H. -f- \_Ibid.] 1847. ^^^t* PP- 5^^- 3 t*l^tes. 

Rupp. History of Lancaster County. To which is prefixed 
a Brief Sketch of the Early History of Pennsylvania. Compiled 
from Authentic Sources. By I. Daniel Rupp ... . Lancaster, 
Penn.: Published by Gilbert Hills. 1844. 8vo, pp. 524. Folded 
Table and 5 Plates, -f \_Ibid.'] 1844. 8vo, pp. 528. 5 Plates. 
B., BA. -|- \^Ibid.'\ 1844. Syo, pp. 531. 5 Plates. H. 74160 

The following work was subsequently bound with a portion of the edition : 

Rupp. History of York County, from One Thousand Seven 
Hundred and Nineteen to the Present Time : with an Appendix ; 
Topography and Statistics, comprising a geological sketch of the 
county ; topographical descriptions of the townships, towns, vil- 
lages, and census of each of 1840. Compiled ... by I. Daniel 
Rupp .... Published and sold by Gilbert Hills, Proprietor. Lancaster, 
Pa. 1845. 8vo, pp. (8), 525-750. 74161 

Usually found with the preceding number. A few copies appear to have been issued 

Rupp. History of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon, 
and Schuylkill Counties: containing a Brief History of the First 
Settlers, Topography of Townships, notices of leading events, 
incidents, and interesting facts in the early history of these Coun- 
ties : with an Appendix, containing matters of deep interest. 



Embellished by several engravings. Compiled from various 
authentic sources by I. Daniel Rupp, Author of " Der Maertyrer 
Geschichte" ... Published a)id sold by G. Hills^ Proprietor^ Lancas- 
ter^ Pa. Harrisburg : Hickok and Cantine^ Printers and Binders. 
1845. ^vo^ PP- ^'^5 (?)^ 5^^- 5 i^Jates. B., BA., L. -|- \_lbid7\ 
1845. 8vo, pp. 550. 5 Plates. H. 74162 

This work was reprinted in facsimile about tlie year 1880, 8vo, pp. xiv, (2), 568, 
with reproductions of the four lithographic plates. Pages 499-568 consist of the 
"Subscribers' names." 

Rupp. History of the Counties of Berks and Lebanon : con- 
taining a brief account of the Indians Who inhabited this region 
of country, and the numerous Murders by them ; notices of the 
first Swedish, Welsh, French, German, Irish and English settlers, 
giving the names of nearly five thousand of them, Biographical 
Sketches, topographical descriptions of every Township, and of 
the Principal Towns and Villages ; the Religious History, with 
much useful Statistical information ; notices of the Press & Edu- 
cation. Embellished by several appropriate engravings. Com- 
piled from authentic sources by I. Daniel Rupp .... Published and 
sold by G. Hills ^ Proprietor ; Lancaster .^ Pa. 1844. 8vo, pp. 512, 
(i). 3 Plates. B., BA. 74163 

Rupp. The Practical Farmer, by an Association of Practical 
Farmers of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Edited by I. D. 
Rupp. Mechanicsburg. 1837. 8vo, pp. 288. 74164 

Ruppius (Otto). Onder de Yankee's. Schetsen en verhalen 
uit het Noord-Amerikaansche volksleven. Uit het Hoogduitsch 
door J. J. A. Gouverneur. Groningen. 1863. 8vo. 741^5 

Ruppius. Two Hemispheres ; a Romance. By Otto Rup- 
pius. From the German by C. L. W. Philadelphia : Claxton^ 
Remsen & Haffelfinger. 1870. i2mo, pp. 245. c. 74166 

Ruppius. Die Waldspinne. Aus dem Westen Amerika's. 
Von Otto Ruppius. Leipzig: E. Schdfer. 1859. ^^^- 741^7 

RuPRECHT (T.) Benjamin Franklin's Leben und Schriften. 
Von Theodor Ruprecht. Leipzig: Verlag von Otto IVigand, 
1853. 8vo, pp. (2), 5-274- B. 74168 

Rural Cemeteries of America ... New York: Martin iff 'John- 
son. [1846-1847.] 4to, pp. 94, with 19 Plates; 119, with 19 
Plates. 74169 

This consists of two parts, "Greenwood Illustrated" and "Mount Auburn Illus- 
trated," each with a separate title. The work was originally issued in fourteen num- 



bers, of which the first six relate to Greenwood. See Vol. vii., No. 28695; V"^- X"-> 
No. 5 1 149. 

Rural Hours. See [Cooper (S. F.)], Vol. iv., No. 16605 J ^«^ 
[Furman (Garrit)], Vol. vii., No. 26222. 

Rural Life in New England. A Domestic Romance. By 
the Author of "Lights and Shadows of Factory Life." New 
York: J. IV'inchester. [1844.] 8vo, pp. 1 14. 74170 

The Rural Magazine and P'armer's Monthly Museum, devoted 
to History, Biography, Agriculture, Manufacture, Miscellany, 
Poetry, and Foreign and Domestic Intelligence. Vol. i. ... 
Edited by S. Putnam Waldo, Esq. ... Hartford: Published hy J. 
iff ff\ Russell. Roberts iff Burr .^ Printers. 1 8 19. 8vo, pp. viii, 
208. Portrait of President Monroe. H., s. 741 71 

No more published. 

The Rural Magazine, and Literary Evening Fireside. Vol. i. 
Philadelphia. 1820. 8vo. P. 74172 

The I Rural Magazine : | or, | Vermont Repository. | Devoted to | 
Literary, Moral, Historical, and Political | Improvement. | For 
January, 1795. | ... | Volume i. — Number i. | Rutland: \ Printed by 
J. Kirkaldie.^for S. IVilliams.^ iff Co. \ A Few Rods North of the State- 
House. I [1795-96.] 2 vols., 8vO, pp. 643, (5); 620, (4). BA., BM. 

Edited by Rev. Samuel Williams, ll.d., and published from January, 1795, to De- 
cember, 1796. 

Rural Qilconomy. See [Young (Arthur)]. 

The Rural Repository, devoted exclusively to Polite Literature 
... Vol. I, No. I, June 12, 1824. Hudson., N. T. 1824. 8vo. 

Continued as : 

The Rural Repository, or Bower of Literature ; a Semi- 
monthly Literary and entertaining Journal : containing a variety 
of original and select articles. Vol. 5 ; New Series, Vol. i. 
Hudson: IV. B. Stoddard. 1828-29. 8vo, pp. (4), 208. 4 Plates. 

Continued to volume ix. in octavo, and from volume x. to 1851 or later in quarto. 

The Rural Socrates ; or an Account of a Celebrated Philo- 
sophical Farmer, lately living in Switzerland, and known by the 
Name of Kliyogg ... Hallowell [District of Maine) Printed by Peter 
Edes : and sold by the booksellers in the principal towns of the United 
States. A. D. 1800. 8vo, pp. xii, (4), 203, Appendix xiii. b. 

Originally written in German by Hans Kaspar Hirzel, and published at Zurich in 
1761. The above edition is said to have been published for Benjamin Vaughan. It 


was probably reprinted from the London edition of the English translation made by 
Arthur Young. 

Rural Studies. See [Mitchell (D. G.)], Vol. xii., No. 49679. 

The Rural Visiter ; A Literary and Miscellaneous Gazette. 
... Vol. I. Burlington^ N. J. D. Allinson ^ Co.^ Printers. 181 1. 
4to. 74177 

Commenced July 30, 1810, and continued weekly to 1831 or later. 

Rus DE Cea (G.) Observaciones acerca de la intervencion 
europea en Mejico. ..Paris. 1859. ^^o, pp. 183, (2). 74178 

Rus de Cea. Question Mexicaine Simples Observations 
d'un Mexicain sur la lettre adressee au Times, le mois de mai 
dernier, par M. Clay ambassadeur de I'Union Americaine a Saint- 
Petersbourg par M. Genaro Rus de Cea. Paris: Imprimerie de 
L. Tinterlin et O. I 86 1. 4to, pp. 16. B. 74 1 79 

Rus DE Cea. Sencillas observaciones de un Mexicano acerca 
la carta dirigida al "Times" por el Sr. Clay, Embajador de la 
Union Americana en S. Petersburgo. Mexico. 1862. 8vo. 

RuscELLi (Girolamo). See Ptolemy, Vol. xvi., Nos. 66503- 

RuscHENBERGER (W. S. W.) An Address. The Claims of 
the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia to Public Favor. 
By W. S. W. Ruschenberger. ... Philadelphia : Collins^ Printer. 
1871. 8vo, pp. 32. 4 Plates. h. 74181 

[Ruschenberger.] Assimilated Rank of the Civil Branch of 
the Navy. {Philadelphia. 1848.] 8vo, pp. 8. B., H. 74182 

Signed "Chloroform." 

R[uschenberger]. a Brief History of An Existing Contro- 
versy on the subject of Assimilated Rank in the Navy of the 
United States. By W. S. W. R. Philadelphia: C. Sherman, 
Printer. 1850. 8vo, pp. 108. B., H. 74183 

Ruschenberger. ... Contributions to the Statistics of Human 
Growth. By W. S. W. Ruschenberger, m.d.. United States 
Navy. {Philadelphia.'] 1867. 8vo, pp. iv, 6. h. 74184 

Ruschenberger. A Memory. Edwin Bartlctt, died at An- 
nandale, N. Y. Sept. 10, 1867. By W. S. W. Ruschenberger, 
M.D. {Philadelphia. 1868.?] 4to, pp. 127. Portrait, c. 74185 


RuscHENBERGER. A Narrative of a Voyage round the World 
during the years 1835, 36, and 37; including a Narrative of an 
Embassy to the Sultan of Muskat and the King of Siam. By 
W. S. W. Ruschenberger, m.d., Surgeon to the Expedition. ... 
London: Richard Bentley. 1838. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. viii, viii, 45O; 
viii, 472. 4 Plates. 74186 

A reprint of No. 74197, infra. The author's strictures on the British Government 
are omitted in this edition. 

[RuscHENHERGER.] Naval. Examination of "A Reply to 
' Hints on the Re-organization of the Navy.' " New York : 
Wiley and Putnam, 1845. ^vo, pp. 38. B., H. 74187 

[Ruschenberger.] Naval. An Examination of the Legality 
of the General Orders vi^hich confer Assimilated Rank on Offi- 
cers of the Civil Branch of the United States Navy. By a Sur- 
geon. Philadelphia : C. Sherman^ Printer, 1848. 8vo, pp. 31. 

Signed "R." 

[Ruschenberger.] The Navy. Hints on the Re-organiza- 
tion of the Navy, including an Examination of the Claims of its 
Civil Officers to an Equality of Rights. New York : Wiley iff 
Putnam. 1845. ^vo, pp. 71. B., H. 74189 

Corrected title of No. 31978, Vol. viii. 

Ruschenberger. Notes and Commentaries during a Voyage 
to Brazil and China, in the year 1848. By W. S. W. Ruschen- 
berger. Richmond. 1854. 8vo. P. 74190 

Ruschenberger. A Notice of the Origin, Progress, and 
Present Condition of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Phil- 
adelphia. By W. S. W. Ruschenberger, m.d., Surgeon U. S. N. 
... Philadelphia: T, K. and P. G. Collins. 1852. 8vo, pp. 78. 
A., b., h. -j- Second Edition. Philadelphia, i860. 8vo, pp. 

102. H. 7419I 

[Ruschenberger.] ... The Principles of Naval Staff Rank ; 
and its History in the United States Navy for over a Half Cen- 
tury. By a Surgeon in the U. S. Navy. ^Philadelphia.] 1869. 
8vo, pp. 7. H. 74192 

Signed "W. S. W. R." 

[Ruschenberger.] Remarks on the Condition of the Marine 
Hospital Fund of the United States. With Suggestions for its 
Improvement by a Surgeon U. S. Navy. Philadelphia : Lindsay 
isf Blakiston. 1848. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 74193 

Reprinted from the Medical Examiner for March, 1848. 



RuscHENRERGER. Report of the Condition of the Academy 
of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, on moving into its new Edi- 
fice ... . By W. S. W. Ruschenberger. Philadelphia : Collins^ 
Prititer. 1876. 8vo, pp. 56. B. 74194 

[Ruschenberger.] Three Years in the Pacific, including 
Notices of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. By an Officer of 
the United States Navy. ... Philadelphia : Carey ^ Lea ^ Blanch- 
ard. 1834. 8vo, pp. 441. B., P. 74195 

[Ruschenberger.] Three Years in the Pacific ; containing 
Notices of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, &c., in 1831, 1832, 1833, 
1834. By an Officer in the United States Navy. ... London: 
Richard Bentley. 1835. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xi, 403 ; viii, 440. A. 

Ruschenberger. A Voyage Round the World ; including 
an Embassy to Muscat and Siam, in 1835, 1836, and 1837. By 
W. S. W. Ruschenberger .... Philadelphia: Carey ^ Lea^ Blanch- 
ard. 1838. 8vo, pp. 559, Advertisements 11, (l). B. J^igj 

Reprinted as "A N;irrativc," etc., No. j^iSG, supra. Also: Ruschenberger's Series. 
First Books of Natural History. ... Philadelphia: Grigg, Elliot & Co. 1845-46. 8 
parts, l2mo. + [/(^/W.] 1847-48. 8 parts, i2mo. Contents: Elements of Anatomy 
and Physiology, Elements of Entomology, Elements of Mammalogy, Elements of Her- 
petology and of Ichthyology, Elements of Ornithology, Elements of Conchology, Ele- 
ments of Botany, and Elements of Geology. 

Rush (B.), b. 1745, d. 18 13. An Account of the Bilious 
remitting Yellow Fever, as it appeared in the City of Philadel- 
phia, in the year 1793. ^7 Benjamin Rush, m.d. ... Philadel- 
phia: Printed by Tho?nas Dohson. mdccxciv. 8vo, pp. x, 363. 
B., BA., H., N., p. -|- Second Edition. \lbid.'\ mdccxciv. 8vo, 
pp. X, 363. A., B. + Edinburgh. 1796. l2mo, pp. x, 248. 

This work also forms the third volume of the "Medical Inquiries and Observations," 
infra^ although not so numbered. 

Rush. An Account of the Life and Character of Christopher 
Ludvi^ick, late Citizen of Philadelphia, and Baker-General of the 
Army of the United States during the Revolutionary War. By 
Benjamin Rush, m.d. First published in the year 1801. Re- 
vised and republished by direction of the Philadelphia Society for 
the Establishment and Support of Charity Schools. To which is 
added. An Account of the Origin, Progress, and present Con- 
dition of that Institution. Philadelphia : Printed for the Society by 
Garden and Thompson. 1831. l2mo, pp. 61. B., ba. 74199 

Rush. An Account of the Manners of the German Inhabit- 
ants of Pennsylvania, written 1789, by Benjamin Rush, m.d. 

128 RUSH. 

Notes added by Prof. I. Daniel Rupp .... Samuel P. Town^ ... 
Philadelphia. 1875. i6mo, pp. 72. Portrait. B., ba. 74200 

Ru.sH. An Account of the Sugar Maple- Tree, of the United 
States, and of the Methods of obtaining Sugar from it, together 
with Observations upon the Advantages, both public and private 
of this Sugar. In a Letter to Thomas Jefferson, Esq. ... Read 
in the American Philosophical Society, on the 19, of August, 
1 79 1, and extracted from the third Volume of their Transactions 
now in the Press. By Benjamin Rush, m.d. ... Philadelphia: 
Printed by R. Aitken & Son. M.DCC. xcii. 8vo, pp. 16. -|- Lon- 
don : J. Phillips. 1792. 8vo, pp. 24. 74201 

A copy is described in the Carter Brown catalogue with the date 1791, l2mo, pp. 16. 

[Rush.] An | Address | to | The Inhabitants | of the | British 
Settlements | in | America, | upon | Slave-Keeping. | Philadelphia : \ 
Printed by John Dunlap^ in Market- \ Street. \ M. DCC. Lxxill. | 8vo, 
pp. (2), 30. B., H., 74202 

[Rush.] An | Address | to the | Inhabitants | of the ] British Set- 
tlements I in I America, | upon | Slave-Keeping. | New York : | Printed 
by Hodge and Shober^ at the \ Newest Printing- Office., in ^ue en- Street., 
at \ the Cor ?ier of the Fly-Market. \m.dcc.lxxiii.\ 8vo, pp. 36. ba. 

This edition also contains the address of the Virginia House of Burgesses to the King 
of England, April l, 1772, opposing the slave-trade. 

[Rush.] An | Address | to | The Inhabitants | of the | British 
Settlements | in | America, | upon | Slave-Keeping. | Philadelphia : 
Printed. | Boston : | Re-printed by fohn Boyles., for fohn Langdon., 
Op-\posite the Post-Office in CornhilL \ Mdcclxxiii. | 8vo, pp. (2), 

30. B., BA., H. 74204 

[Rush.] An | Address | to the | Inhabitants | of the | British 
Colonies | in | America, | upon | Slave-Keeping. | ... | Norwich : \ Re- 
printed and sold by fudah P. Spooner. 1775. | 8vo, pp. 24. B. 

[Rush.] An | Address | to | The Inhabitants | of the | British 
Settlements | in | America, | upon | Slave-Keeping. | The Second 
Edition. | To which are added, | Observations on a Pamphlet, 
entitled, | " Slavery not forbidden by Scripture ; or, A | Defence of 
the West-India Planters." | By a Pennsylvanian. | ... | Philadelphia : 
I Printed and Sold by John Dunlap. \ M. DCC. Lxxill. | 8vo, pp. (2), 
28, Advertisement 1 leaf; Vindication, pp. 54. b. 74206 

The "Observations on a Pamphlet" which is appended has the following title : 
A 1 Vindication | of the | Address, | To the Inhabitants of the British | Settlements, on 
the Slavery of j the Negroes in America, in An-|swer to a Pamphlet entitled, | " Slavery 



not Forbidden I by|Scripturc ;|Or a Defence of the West-India| Planters from the Asper- 
sions | thrown out against them by the Author |of the Address."] ...| By a Pennsylvanian 
[/. e. Dr. K\is,h'\.\Pbiladelf>bia :\Printed by John Dunlap, in Market-Street.\tA^DCCy\.\xni. \ 
Another edition as foUows : 

[Rush.] An | Address | to | The Inhabitants | of the | British 
Settlements, I on the | Slavery of the Negroes | in | America. | The 
Second Edition. | To which is added, A | Vindication of the Ad- 
dress, | in Answer to a Pamphlet entitled, " Slavery | not forbidden 
in Scripture ; or, a Defence of the | West India Planters." | By a 
Pennsylvanian. | ... \ Philadelphia :\ Printed and Sold by John Dun- 
lap, I M, Dcc, Lxxiii. I 8vo, pp. (2), 28, Advertisement i leaf; 
Vindication, pp. 54. b., h. 74207 

Rush. Appendix : containing, the New Method of Inoculat- 
ing for the Small-Pox. ... Also, Observations on the Duties of a 
Physician, and the Methods of Improving Medicine. ... By Ben- 
jamin Rush, M.D. Second Edition. Philadelphia : Prichard iff 
Hall. M.DCC.Lxxxix. Svo, pp. 39. B. 74208 

This usually accompanies the "Medical Inquiries and Observations" published in 

Rush. Beschreibung des gelben Fiebers, welches im Jahre 
1793 in Philadelphia herrschte. ... Aus dem Englischen iiber- 
setzt von P. Fr. Hopfengartner und J. F. H. Autenrieth. Tubin- 
gen^ y. G. Cotta. 1796. i2mo, pp. xlviii, 472, including 4 tables. 

Rush. Considerations | on the | Injustice and Impolicy | of | 
punishing Murder by Death. | Extracted from the American Mu- 
seum. I With additions. | By Benjamin Rush, m.d. \... \ Philadel- 
phia : M. Carey. May \ — M.DCC. xcii. 8vo, pp. 19. 74210 

For another edition iee No. 74234, infra. 

[Rush.] Considerations | upon the present | Test-Law | of | 
Pennsylvania : I Addressed to the Legislature | and PVeemen of the 
State. I Philadelphia : Printed by Hall and Sellers. \ mdcclxxxiv. | 
Sm. Svo, pp. 23. H.s.p. 4" The Second Edition. \_Ibid.'] mdcc- 
Lxxxv. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 7421 1 

Rush. Directions | for preserving | the Health of | Soldiers : | 
Recommended to | the Consideration of the | Officers | Of the 
Army of the United States. | By Benjamin Rush, m.d. | Published 
by Order of the Board | of War. | Lancaster : Printed by John Dun- 
lap^\in ^een-Street.\^^DCC^LXXXiu.\ i2mo, pp. 8. 74212 

Title furnished by Mr. Paul L. Ford. 



Rush. Directions for preserving the Health of Soldiers. By 
Benjamin Rush, m.d. Published in 1777, for the American 
Army. Republished in 1865 for the Union Army, waging the 
Second War of Independence. New York : American Tract So- 
ciety. 1865. i8mo, pp. 30. 74213 

[Rush.] Directions | for the | use of the | Mineral Water | and | 
Cold Bath, I at | Harrogate, | near | Philadelphia. | Philadelphia : \ 
Printed by Melchior Steiner,^ in Race-street.^ | between Second- and 
Third-streets., 1786. | 8vo, pp. 12. P. 74214 

Advertisement signed : Benjamin Rush. Title furnished by James G. Barnwell, Esq. 

[Rush.] An | Enquiry | into the Effects of | Public Punish- 
ments I upon Criminals, | and | upon Society. | Read in the Society 
for Promoting Political Enquiries, | convened at the House of His 
Excellency I Benjamin Franklin, Esquire, in | Philadelphia, March 

9th. 1787. 1 ... I Philadelphia : Printed by Joseph James. ... m.dcc- 

LXXXVII. 8vO, pp. 18. BA. 74215 

This has also been attributed to James Ramsay. See aho "An Inquiry," No. 74223, 

Rush. An Enquiry into the Origin of the late Epidemic 
Fever in Philadelphia : in a Letter to Dr. John Redman ... From 
Doctor Benjamin Rush. Philadelphia: Frojn the Press of Math ew 
Carey. 1793. 8vo, pp. 15. H., M. 74216 

Rush. Essays, Literary, Moral & Philosophical. By Benja- 
min Rush, M.D. ... Philadelphia : Printed by Tho?nas iff Samuel F. 
Bradford. 1798. 8vo, pp. (8), 378. a., ba., h. -f- Second Edi- 
tion, with Additions. Philadelphia : Printed by Thomas and IVill- 
ia?n Bradford. 1806. 8vo, pp. (8), 364. C, H. 742 1 7 

Rush. An Eulogium in Honor of the Late Dr. William 
Cullen, Professor of the Practice of Physic in the University of 
Edinburgh ; delivered before the College of Physicians of Phila- 
delphia, on the 9th of July ... 1790. By Benjamin Rush, m.d. 
... Philadelphia: Printed by Thomas Dobson. M, DCC, xc. 8vo, pp. 
30, (l). B., BA., N. 74218 

Rush. An | Eulogium, | intended to | Perpetuate the Memory 
of I David Rittenhouse, | late President of the | American Philo- 
sophical Society, | Delivered before the Society in the First Pres- 
byterian Church, I in High-Street, Philadelphia, | on the 17th Dec. 
1796. 1 Agreeably to Appointment, | By Benjamin Rush, | A Mem- 
ber of the Society. | Philadelphia : | Printed for f. Ormrod ... . 

[1796.?] 8vo, pp. 46. B., BA., H. 74219 



Rush. Experiments | and | Ohservations | on the | Mineral 
Waters I of I Philadelphia, Abington, | and Bristol, | In the Province 
of Pennsylvania. | Read June 18, 1773, before the American 
Philo-| sophical Society, held at Philadelphia. | By J^enjamin Rush, 
M.D. I Professor of Chemistry in the College of | Philadelphia. | ... | 
Philadelphia : | Printed by 'James Hu?nphreys^ "Junior^ \ In Front- 
Street. \mdccl.xxiii,\ 8vo, pp. 30. P. 74220 

" The waters of Abington, and Bath, near Bristol, were much resorted to till near 
the middle of the present century. The fame of the supposed * Philadelphia Mineral 
Water,' on the disagreeable taste and fetid smell of which Dr. Rush has much to say, 
was short-lived. The true cause of these qualities being soon discovered to arise not 
from mineral sources, but from one which put an immediate stop to the use of the 
water, and made its advocates and their disciples a subject of ridicule." — Hildeburn. 

Rush. Extract of a Letter from Dr. Benjamin Rush, of 
Philadelphia, to Granville Sharp. London: "James Phillips. 1792. 
i2mo. 74221 

On enslaving the Afi-icans. 

Rush. Hints to Army Officers on the Care of Troops. By 
Benjamin Rush, m.d. First published in 1777. New York: U. 
S. Military Post Library. 1872. i8mo, pp. 30. 74222 

Rush. An Inquiry into the Effects of Public Punishments, 
and especially, on the Punishment of Murder by Death : and its 
consistency with Reason and Revelation. Extracted from Es- 
says, Literary, Moral and Philosophical. By Benjamin Rush, 
M.D. New Tor k : Printed by Sa?nuel IVood and Sons. 18 16. l2mo, 
pp. 21. B. 74223 

See also "An Enquiry," No. 74215, supra. 

Rush. An Inquiry into the Natural History of Medicine 
among the Indians, and a Comparative View of their Diseases 
and Remedies, with those of Civilized Nations. ... By Benjamin 
Rush, M.D., Professor of Chemistry in the University of Penn- 
sylvania. Philadelphia : Prichard 6' Hall, mdcclxxxix. 8vo, 
pp. 56. 74224 

Also included in the "Medical Inquiries and Observations" published in 1789. 
Some copies contain a portrait of the author. See also No. 74237, infra. 

Rush. An Inquiry into the Various Sources of the usual 
forms of Summer and Autumnal Disease in the United States, 
and the Means of Preventing them. To which are added Facts 
Intended to Prove the Yellow Fever not to be Contagious. By 
Benjamin Rush, m.d. Philadelphia. 1805. 8vo, pp. 113. 

Rush. Medical Inquiries and Observations. By Benjamin 



Rush, M.D. ... Philadelphia : Prichard ^ Hall. M. dcc. Lxxxix. 
8vo, pp. 206 ; Appendix, 39. b. -f- To which is added an Ap- 
pendix. Second Edition. Philadelphia^ printed. Lojidon^ Re- 
printed for C. Dilly. MDCCLxxxix. 8vo, pp. 261. H. -(-Volume 
I. Second American Edition. Philadelphia : Printed by Thomas 
Dohson. M. DCC. xciv. 8vo, pp. 338. A. -f- The Third Edition. 
Vol. I. Philadelphia^ printed. London^ reprinted for C. Dilly. 
MDCCXCiv. 8vo, pp. 321. BA. -|- Volume 11. Philadelphia : 
Printed by Thomas Dobson. M.DCC.xciii. 8vo. -]- Volume II. A 
New Edition. \_Ibid.'] m.dcc.xcvii. 8vo, pp. vii, (i), 322, (2). 

The first volume includes an " Inquiry into the Natural History of Medicine among 
the Indians," etc. For the title of the "Appendix," see No. 74208, supra. The 
** Account of the Bilious remitting Yellow Fever," No. 74198, supra, forms the third 
volume of this collection, although it is not so numbered. The other volumes are as 
follows : 

Rush. Medical Inquiries and Observations : containing an 
Account of the Bilious remitting and intermitting Yellow Fever, 
as it appeared in Philadelphia in the Year 1794. Together with 
an Inquiry into the Proximate Cause of Fever ; and Defence of 
Blood-letting as a Remedy for Certain Diseases. By Benjamin 
Rush, M.D. ... Volume iv. Philadelphia: Printed by Thomas Dob- 
son. 1796. 8vo, pp. vii, (i), vii-ix, 258. A., b. 74227 

Rush. Medical Inquiries and Observations: containing An 
Account of the Yellow Fever, as it appeared in Philadelphia in 

1797, and Observations upon the Nature and Cure of the Gout, 
and Hydrophobia. By Benjamin Rush, m.d. ... Volume v. 
Philadelphia : Printed by Budd and Bartra?n for Thomas Dobson. 

1798. 8vo, pp. xii, 236. A., B. 74228 

Rush. Medical Inquiries and Observations. By Benjamin 
Rush, M.D. The Second Edition, revised and enlarged by the 
Author. ... Philadelphia: J. Conrad ^ Co. ... 1805. 4 vols., 8vo, 
PP- X, 454; (4), 455 ; (4), 443 J 'V, 405, Index (18). b., ba., h. 
-f The Third Edition. Philadelphia : Johnson and Warner ... 
1809. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. iv, (2), 456 ; 453 ; (4), 443 ; iv, 427, 
Index (19). a., h. + The Hiird Edition. Philadelphia: Hop- 
kins and Earle. 1809. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. iv, (2), 456 ; 453 ; (4), 
443 ; iv, 427, Index (23). b. + The Fourth Edition. Phila- 
delphia. 1815. 4 vols, in two, 8vo, pp. 264; 273; 244; 249, 
(10). -f The Fifth Edition. Philadelphia: M. Carey & Son. ... 
181 8. 4 vols, in two, 8vo, pp. vi, (2), 264; (6), 3-273; (6), 3- 
244 i (6), 3-249, Index (10). b. 74229 

RUSH. 133 

Rush. The | New Method | of | Inoculating | for the | Small 
Pox ; I delivered I in a Lecture in the Uni-|versitv of Philadelphia, 
I Feb. 20th, 1 78 1. 1 By Benjamin Rush, m.d. | Philadelphia^ Printed 
by Charles Cist^ \ in Market-Street. \ m.dcc.lxxxi. | l2mo, pp. 28. 

Title from Hildeburn. Fur another edition see No. 74208, supra. 

Rush. Observations | upon the | Origin | of the | Malignant 
Bilious, or I Yellow Fever I in Philadelphia, | and upon the | Means 
of Preventing it : | Addressed to the | Citizens of Philadelphia | By 
Benjamin Rush. | Philadelphia : | Printed by Budd and Bartram^ | For 
Thomas Dohson ... | 1 799-1 8vo, pp. 28. B., ba. 74231 

See "Monthly Review," xxwi. 90. See also Hillary (W.), Vol. viii., No. 31877. 

[Rush.] Observations | upon the present | Government | of | 
Pennsylvania. | In | Four Letters | to the | People of Pennsylvania. | 
... I Philadelphia : | Printed and Sold by Styner and Cist^ in Second- 
street.^ I six doors above Arch-street, mdcclxxvii. | 8vo, pp. 24. P. 

"On the last page of some copies are four lines of errata." — Hildeburn. 

[Rush.] Observations upon the present Government of 
Pennsylvania. In Four Letters to the People of Pennsylvania. 
First printed in the year 1777. Philadelphia : Charles Cist. 1783. 
8vo. ' 74233 

Rush. On the | Punishment. | of | Murder | by | Death. | By B. 
Rush, M.D. I Philadelphia printed : | London reprinted; \ And sold by 
J. Johnson., St. Paul's Church Tard ; \ and | J. Phillips., George Tard^ 
Lonibard Street. \ 1793. | 8vo, pp. (4), 20. ba. 74234 

See also No. 74210, supra. 

Rush. An Oration, delivered before the American Philosoph- 
ical Society, Held in Philadelphia on the 27th of February, 1786: 
Containing an Enquiry into the Influence of Physical Causes 
upon the Moral P'aculty. By Benjamin Rush, m.d. and Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania. ... Phila- 
delphia : Printed by Charles Cist. m,dcc,lxxxvi. 4to, pp. (6), 40. 

Rush. An Oration, delivered before the American Philosoph- 
ical Society, held in Philadelphia on the 27th of February, 1786: 
containing an Enquiry into the Influence of Physical Causes upon 
the Moral Faculty. By Benjamin Rush, m.d. Second Edition. 
Philadelphia., Printed: London: Reprinted ; for C. Dilly. M.DCC- 

LXXXVI. 8vO, pp. (8), 71. BA., J.C.B., H. 74236 

Rush. An | Oration, | delivered February 4, 1774, | before the | 
American Philosophical | Society, | held at | Philadelphia. | Contain- 

J 34 


ing, I An Enquiry into the Natural History of Medicine | among 
the Indians in North-America, | and | A Comparative View of 
their Diseases and Reme-|dies, with those of Civilized Nations. | 
Together with an Appendix, Containing] Proofs and Illustrations. 
I By Benjamin Rush, m.d. | Professor of Chemistry in the College 
of Philadelphia. | ... | Philadelphia : | Printed by Joseph Crukshank in 
Market-\ Street^ between Second and Third Streets. \ [1774.] 8vo, 

pp.118. BA., p. 74237 

Some copies contain a list of errata. 

[Rush.] A Plan for the Establishment of Public Schools and 
the Diffusion of Knowledge in Pennsylvania ; to which are added 
Thoughts upon the Mode of Education, proper in a Republic. ... 
Philadelphia: Tho?nas Dobson. M DCC Lxxxvi. i2mo, pp. 36. 

Rush. A Second Address to the Citizens of Philadelphia ; 
containing Additional Proofs of the Domestic Origin of the Ma- 
lignant Bilious, or Yellow P^ver. By Benjamin Rush, m.d. 
Philadelphia. 1799. 8vo, pp. 40. 74^39 

[Rush.] Sermons | to | Gentlemen | upon | Temperance | and | 
Exercise. | ... \ Philadelphia : | Printed by 'John Dunlap.^ in Market- 
Street. I M. DCC. LXXII. I 8vO, pp. 44. p. 74240 

Title from Hildeburn. 

Rush. Thoughts upon Female Education, accommodated to 
the present state of Society, Manners, and Government in the 
United States of America ; addressed to the Visitors of the Young 
Ladies* Academy, July 28th, 1787. By Benjamin Rush, m.d. 
To which is added, a Prayer by Samuel Magaw, d.d. Philadel- 
phia : Prichard l^ Hall. MDCCLXXXVii. 8vo, pp. 32. c, v, ■\- 
Boston : S. Hall. 1787. 8vo, pp. 30. N. 74241 

Rush. A Vindication. See No. 74206, supra^ note. 

Also: Dissertatio Physica Inauguralis de coctione ciborum in ventriculo .... Edin- 
burgh. 1768. i2mo, pp. 30. — An Enquiry into the Effects of Spirituous Liquors upon 
the Human Body, and their Influence upon tlie Happiness of Society. ... Philadelphia : 
Printed hy Thomas Bradford. [1790?] izmo. — An Inquiry into the Effects of Spiritu- 
ous Liquors on the Human Body. To which is added, a Moral and Physical Ther- 
mometer. . . Printed at Boston, by Thomas and Andreivs. ... muccxc. 8vo, pp. 12. b., 
H., w. + Boston. 1795. 8vo, pp. 12. — An Inquiry into the Effects of Ardent Spirits 
upon the Human Body and Mind ... Sixth Edition. Neiv York. 181 I. l2mo, pp. 
32. 4" Sixth Edition. Neiv York. 18 1 2. i2mo. •\- Seventh Edition, with Additions. 
Boston: Manning & Loring. 18 1 2. l2mo, pp. 36. B., w. -j- Eighth Edition. Brook- 
field: Printed by E. Meriam & Co. 18 14. l2mo, pp. 36. w. + Eighth Edition, with 
Additions. Boston: jfames Loring. 1823. i2mo, pp. 36. h. Frequently reprinted. — 
An Inquiry into the Influence of Physical Causes upon the Moral Faculty. Delivered 
before the American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, on the Twenty-seventh 
of February, 1786 ... . Philadelphia : Has-welly Barrington, and Hasivell. 1839. 8vo, 



pp. 28. H. — Medical Inquiries and Observations, upon the Diseases of the Mind. ... 
Pbiladelpbia : Kimher (sf Ricbardsoti ; Merritt, Printer. 18 12. 8vo, pp. (2), v-367. b. 
4- Second Edition. Pbiladelpbia : John Richardson. 1818. 8vo, pp. (2), v-367. b. + 
Fourth Edition. Pbiladelpbia : John Grigg. 1830. 8vo, pp. 365. b. + Fifth Edi- 
tion. Pbiladelpbia. 1835. 8vo, pp. 365. n. — Observations upon the Cause and Cure 
of the Tetanus. ... Philadelphia. 1785. 8vo. — Six Introductory Lectures, to Courses 
of Lectures, upon the Institutes and Practice of Medicine, d-livered in the University 
of Pennsylvania. ... Philadelphia : John Conrad & Co. ... H. Maxiuell, Printer. 180 1. 
8vo, pp. 168. H. — Sixteen Introductory Lectures to Courses of Lectures upon the 
Institutes and Practice of Medicine, with a Syllabus of the latter. To which are added, 
Two Lectures upon the Pleasures of the Senses. ... Pbiladelpbia : Bradford and Inns- 
keep ; Fry and Kammerer^ Printers. 18 1 1. 8vo, pp. viii, 455. ba. — A Syllabus of a 
Course of Lectures on Chemistry, for the Use of the Students of Medicine in the Col- 
lege of Philadelphia. ... Philadelphia : Printed by Charles Cist, in Market-Street, m.dcc- 
Lxxxiii. Sm. i2mo, pp. 39, i folded leaf. — A Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on 
the Institutes and Practice of Medicine. ... Philadelphia. 1798. 24mo, pp. 19. — 
Three Lectures upon Animal Life, delivered in the University of Pennsylvania, ... 
Philadelphia : Printed by Budd and Bartram, for Thomas Dobson. 1799. 8vo, pp. (2), 
v-viii, 84. B., M., N., w. The following relates to Dr. Rush : 

Elegiac Poem, on the Death of Dr. Benjamin Rush, Professor 
of the Institutes and Practice of Medicine, and Clinical Practice 
in the University of Pennsylvania, who fell a Victim to the 
Typhus Fever on the 19th April, 1813. Philadelphia : A. Finley. 
1813. 8vo, pp. 32. 74242 

See also "A Report of an Action for a Libel," No. 14030, Vol. iv.j "The Rush- 
Light," No. 14015, Vol. IV.; aw^/ Ramsay (D), Vol. xvi., No. 67685. 

[Rush (Benjamin).] Letter on the Rebellion, to a Citizen of 
Washington, from a Citizen of Philadelphia. Philadelphia : "John 
CainphelL 1 862. 8vo, pp. 23. B., BA. 74243 

Signed " Benjamin Rush." The author was a grandson of Dr. Benjamin Rush. 

[Rush.] The 22d of February. From the " Pennsylvania 
Inquirer" of Feb. 22, 1851. {Philadelphia :^ Printed by L. R. 
Bailey, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 13. BA. 74244 

"The following Sketch from the Philadelphia 'Pennsylvania Inquirer' of the 22d 
February, 185 1, signed 'Mediator,' is understood to have been written by Mr. Rush. 
It is republished in its present form, for private circulation, and, it may be added, with- 
out any agency or knowledge on his part." — Prefatory note. 

[Rush.] William B. Reed, of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 
Expert in the Art of Exhumation of the Dead. {Philadelphia ;] 
Re-printed from the London Edition. 1867. 8vo, pp. 15. Portrait. 

The prefatory note is signed " B. R." In reply to No. 68619, ^"'- ''^'• 

[Rush (Caroline E.)] The North and the South ; or. Slav- 
ery and its Contrasts. A Tale of Real Life. By the Author of 
Way Marks of a Wanderer. Philadelphia : Crissy ^ Markley. 
1852. i2mo, pp. 350. 6 Plates. c 74246 

136 RUSH. 

Rush. Robert Morton, or the Step-Mother : a Book founded 

on Fact. Containing Edmund and lone, Letters from the South, 

&c. &c. By Caroline E. Rush. Philadelphia : Published for the 

Authoress h Crissy ^ Marklcy. 1850. i2mo, pp. vi, (2), 191. 

Plate. " B., H. 74247 

Rush (C.) A Short Account of the Rise and Progress of 
the African Methodist Episcopal Church in America. Written 
by Christopher Rush, Superintendent of the Connexion, with the 
aid of George Collins. Also, a Concise View of Church Order 
or Government, from Scripture and from some of the best Au- 
thors ... relative to Episcopacy. Neiu York: Published by the Au- 
thor. IV. Marks., Printer. 1843. i^mo, pp. 117. A., c. 74248 

Rush [Jacob]. Charge delivered by the Hon. Judge Rush to 
the Grand Jury of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, 31st June, 
1798. Philadelphia. 1798. l2mo. 74^49 

Rush. Charges, and Extracts of Charges, on Moral and Re- 
ligious Subjects ; delivered at sundry times, by the Honorable 
Jacob Rush, President of the Third District of the Court of 
Common Pleas. To which is annexed, the Act of the Legisla- 
ture of the State of Pennsylvania, respecting vice and immorality. 
Philadelphia — Printed: New-Tork : Re-printed by Geo : Forman., ... 
for Cornelius Davis. ... May., 1804. i6mo, pp. (4), 9-183. -f 
New York: J. IVeeden. 1804. i6mo, pp. 183. c. 74250 

Rush (J.) Rhymes of Contrast on Wisdom and Folly. A 
Comparison between Observant and Reflective Age, derisively 
called Fogie, and a Senseless and Unthinking American Go- 
ahead. Intended to exemplify an Important Agent in the Work- 
ing Plan of the Human Intellect. A Narrated Dialogue. By 
James Rush, m.d. ... Philadelphia : f. B. Lippincott ^ Co. MDCCC- 

LXIX. 8vO, pp. 76. B., BA. 74251 

Also: Hamlet, A Dramatic Prelude j in Five Acts. ... PbilaJelpbia : Key & BiJdle. 
1834. lamo, pp. 122. B., H. — The Philosophj of the Human Voice ... Philadel- 
phia : Printed by y. Maxuell. 1827. 8vo, pp. vii, (i), 586. b., ba. + Second Edi- 
tion, Enlarged. Philadelphia : Grigg & Elliott. 1833. 8vo, pp. 432. A., H. -f Third 
Edition, enlarged. Philadelphia :, J. Crissy^ Printer. 1 845. 8 vo, pp. 499. b. + Fourth 
Edition, enlarged. Philadelphia : Lippincott^ Grambo & Co. London : Triibner (Sf Co. 
1855. 8vo, pp. 559. H. -f Fifth Edition, enlarged. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott 
& Co. London: Triibner ^ Co. 1859. 8vo, pp. 677. L. -f Sixth Edition, enlarged. 
Philadelphia : jf. B. Lippincott & Co. mdccclxvii, 8vo, pp. 648. b., ba. 

[Rush (Richard) .?] American Independence, written and 
published at Washington, being a few reflections suggested on 
reading " Wheaton on Captures." [n. p. 1815.] 8vo, pp. 52. 



Dated on last page, "Washington City, September 1815." Title furnished by Mr. 

Rush. Interesting Correspondence. Letter from Mr. Rich- 
ard Rush, on the Policy of the American System. ... Washing- 
ton: Printed at the Office of the National 'Journal. 1830. 8vo, 
pp. 8. ■ BA., M. 74253 

[Rush.] John Randolph, Abroad and at Home. ... By Julius. 
\^pseudon^ Washington : Printed by Peter Force. 1828. 8vo, pp. 
29. -f Third Edition. [/^^/V/.] 1829. 8vo, pp. 31. 74^54 

Rush. A Letter addressed to the Anti-Masonic Committee 
of York County, Pennsylvania. By Richard Rush. New Bed- 
ford : Printed \by Benj. T. Congdon~\ at the Courier Office. 1831. 
8vo, pp. 15. ' 74255 

Rush. Letter and accompanying Documents from the Hon. 
Richard Rush, to Joseph Gales, Esq., Mayor of ... Washington, 
Respecting the Loan of a Million and a Half of Dollars, nego- 
tiated by the former, in Europe, for the said City, and the Towns 
of Georgetown and Alexandria, under the authority of an Act of 
Congress of the United States ... Washington. 1830. 8vo, pp. 
171. s. 74256 

Rush. Verslag aan J. Gales betrekkelijk de leening van 
1,500,000 dollars ten behoeve van de steden Washington, George- 
town en Alexandria. Amsterdam. 1830. 8vo. 74^57 

A translation of the preceding work. 

Rush. Letter, censuring the United States Bank. ... Albany. 
1834. 8vo. 74258 

Rush. Letter of the Honorable Richard Rush, in reply to 
the Anti-Masonic Committee of York County, on the Subject of 
Masonry. Printed by J. F. Charles., Lancaster. 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. 
15. ' 74259 

Rush. A Letter on Freemasonry, by the Hon. Richard Rush, 
to the Committee of the Citizens of York County, Pennsylvania. 
Boston : John Marsh iff Co. 183 1. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 74260 

Rush. ... A Letter on Freemasonry, by the Hon. Richard 
Rush, to the Committee of the Citizens of York County, Penn- 
svlvania. Boston : Kimball and Johnson^ Pollok Press. 1831. 8vo, 

pp. 16. B., BA., H. 74261 


138 RUSH. 

Rush. Letters of Rush, Adams, and Wirt [on Freemasonry]. 
Stereotype Edition. Boston: Leonard IV. Kbnball^ and 'John Marshy 
iff Co. 1 83 1. 8vo, pp. 47. B. 74262 

Rush. Mr. Rush's Third Letter. \_Lancaster :'] Printed by J. 
F.Charles, ll^l.'] 8vo, pp. 8. 74263 

Dated August 9th, 1831. Relates to freemasonry. 

Rush. Memoranda of a Residence at the Court of London. 
By Richard Rush, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoten- 
tiary from the United States of America, from 1825. 
Philadelphia : Carey ^ Lea & Blanchard. 1 833. 8vo, pp. 460. BA. 
-f- Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Philadelphia : Key and 
Biddle. 1833. 8vo, pp. xii, ix-501. B., H. 74264 

See also Nos. 74266, 74272, infra. 

Rush. Memoranda of a Residence at the Court of London, 
comprising Incidents Official and Personal, from 1819 to 1825. 
Including Negotiations on the Oregon Question, and other Un- 
settled Ouestions between the United States and Great Britain. 
By Richard Rush, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoten- 
tiary from the United States, from 18 17 to 1825. Philadelphia : 
Lea ^ Blanchard. 1845. 8vo, pp. xii, 640. B., ba. h. 74265 

Second Series. See also No. 74273, infra. 

Rush. Narrative of a Residence at the Court of London. 
By Richard Rush, Esq. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni- 
potentiary for the United States of America, from 1817 to 1825. 
London: Richard Bentley. 1833. 8vo, pp. xviii, 420. b. 74266 

A reprint of No. 74264, supra. See also No. 74272, infra. 

Rush. Occasional Productions, Political, Diplomatic, and 
Miscellaneous, including, among others, a Glance at the Court 
and Government of Louis Philippe and the French Revolution of 
1848, while the Author resided as Envoy Extraordinary and Min- 
ister Plenipotentiary from the United States at Paris. By the 
late Richard Rush. Edited by his Executors. With a copious 
Index. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co. i860. 8vo, pp. 
xliii, (2), 27-535. Portrait and Facsimile. b., ba., h. 74267 

Rush. An Oration delivered by Richard Rush, on the 4th of 
July, 181 2, in the Hall of the House of Representatives, at the 
Capitol, Washington. ... \_fVashington City. 18 12.] 8vo, pp. 48. 
b., BA. -i- Concord^ N. H. 1812. 8vo. 74268 

Also reprinted in Williston's " Eloquence of the United States," vol. v. 

RUSH. 139 

Rush. Political, Diplomatic, and Miscellaneous Productions ; 
Washington in Domestic Life ; P'rench Revolution of 1848, etc. 
... Philadelphia, i860. 8vo, pp. 535. Portrait. 74269 

Another issue of No. 74267, supra. Tlie portrait was not inserted in all copies. 

[Rush.] Remarks on the Loan of a Million and a half of 
Dollars, proposed to be raised by the City of Washington and the 
Towns of Georgetown and Alexandria, under an Act of the 
Congress of the United States. [London. 1829.] 8vo, pp. 45. 

Relates to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Dated, " London, August, 1829," and 
signed in manuscript " Richard Rush on behalf of the three towns." 

Rush. Report and Documents relating to the Loan of one 
million five hundred thousand Dollars, negotiated by the Hon. 
Richard Rush for the Cities of Washington, Georgetown, and 
Alexandria, in the District of Columbia. Washington. 1830. 
8vo. 74271 

Rush. A Residence at the Court of London. By Richard 
Rush, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from the 
United States of America, from 18 17 to 1825. London: Richard 
Bentley. 1833. 8vo, pp. xviii, 420. A. b. 74272 

Rush. A Residence at the Court of London, comprising Li- 
cidents. Official and Personal, from 18 19 to 1825: amongst the 
former, Negociations on the Oregon Territory, and other unset- 
tled Questions between the United States and Great Britain. By 
Richard Rush ... . Second Series. London: Richard Bentley. 
1845. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. XV, 392; vii, 326. b. 74273 

Rush. Residence at the Court of London. By Richard 
Rush, Minister from the United States, from 181 7 to 1825. 
Third Edition, Edited, with occasional notes, by his Son, Benja- 
min Rush .... Also, Recollections of the Court of Louis Phi- 
lippe and the French Revolution of 1848, by the same Author, 
... Now first published in Europe. With an Alphabetical Index. 
London : Hamilton^ Adams ^ Co. Paris : J. IV. Galignani ^ Co. 
Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1872. 8vo, pp. xxxvi, 595. 
Portrait. ba. 74274 

Rush. Speech of the Hon. Richard Rush at the Great Meet- 
ing of the Friends of the Constitution and Union, held in Phila- 
delphia, November 21, 1850. [Philadelphia f 1850.?] 8vo, pp. 
15. BA. 74275 



Rush. Two Letters on Free Masonry and the New Berlin 
Trial. Utka. 1831. 8vo. 74276 

Rush. Two Letters on Public Subjects. From Richard 
Rush, of Pennsylvania, to William Henry Trescott, of South Ca- 
rolina. Philadelphia: L. R. Bailey^ Printer. 185 1. 8vo, pp. 44. 

Rush. Washington in Domestic Life. From Original Let- 
ters and Manuscripts. By Richard Rush. Philadelphia : J. B. 
Lippificott and Co. 1857. ^^^^ ^'^^^> PP- ^'~^5- ^••> ^' + \_Ibid.'] 
1858. 8vo, pp. (2), v-85. 74278 

See also Vol. xiv., No. 60682 5 Vol. xv., No. 64402. 

Third Annual Announcement and Catalogue of the Rush 
Medical College, Chicago, 111. Session of 1 844-1 845. Chi- 
cago : Ellis and Fergus. 1845. ^^'^? PP- 7^ (0- Continued. B. 

RusHTON (E.) Expostulatory | Letter | to | George Washing- 
ton, | of | Adount Vernon, | in Virginia, | on his continuing to be | a 
Proprietor of Slaves. | By Edward Rushton. | Liverpool Printed. \ 
1797. 1 l2nio, pp. 24. BA., H. 74280 

Apparently privately printed. "In July lairt the following letter was transmitted to 
the person to whom it is addressed, and a few weeks ago it was returned under cover, 
without a syllable in reply. As children that are crammed with confectionery, have no 
relish for plain and wholesome food 5 so men in power, who are seldom addressed but in 
the sweet tones of adulation, are apt to be disgusted vvicli the plain and salutary language 
of truth. To offend was not the intention of the writer j yet the president has evi- 
dently been irritated 5 this however is not a bad symptom, for irritation causelessly 
excited, will frequently subside into shame, and to use the language of the moralist, 
'where there is yet shame, there may in time be virtue.' Liverpool, February 20th, 
1797." — Extract. It was also issued as a broadside. 

[RusHTON.] Expostulatory Letter to George Washington. 
\_Garrison and Knapp.^ Printers., Boston. 1 83 I.] 8vo, pp. 8. B. 

Rusk [T. J.] Remarks of Mr. Rusk, of Texas, on the Mo- 
tion to strike out the Thirty-ninth Section of the "Compromise 
Bill," being the Proposition to Texas. Delivered in the Senate 
of the United States, June 14, 1850. \_IVashington :'] Towers., 
Print. [1850.] 8vo, pp. 16. B. 74282 

Rusk. Speech of Mr. T. J. Rusk, of Texas, on the Mexi- 
can War. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Febru- 
ary 17, 1848. IVashington : Printed by John T. Towers. 1848. 
8vo, pp. 24. H. 74283 

Rusk. Speech of Thos. J. Rusk, of Texas, on Mr. Clay's 
Resolutions. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Feb- 

RUSSEL. 141 

ruary 27 and 28, 1850. [^Washington :^ Towers^ Print. [1850.] 
8vo, pp. 24. B. 74284 

Rusk. Speech of Mr. Rusk, of Texas, in reply to Mr. Ben- 
ton, in relation to the Boundaries of the State of Texas. Deliv- 
ered in the Senate of the United States, July 16, 1850. Wash- 
ington : Printed by 'J no. T. Towers. 1850. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 

Also : Speech ... May 3, 1852, on the Deficiency Bill. Washington. 1852. 8vo. 

Un Russe, pseudon. See [Poletica (P.)], Vol. xv.. No. 63731. 

RussEL (C. P.) In Tenebris. A Poem deliv ered before the 
Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Delta Psi Fraternity of 
Columbia, S. C. December 6, 1859. ^Y Charles P. Russcl. 
Columbia.^ S. C. i860. 8vo, pp. 26. 74286 

RussEL [Edward], Ear! of Orford. Admiral Russel's | Letter | 
to the I Earl of Nottingham : | Containing an exact and particular 
Relation of | the Late Happy | Victory and Success | against | the 
French Fleet. | Published by Authority. | [Colophon :] Boston., 
Printed and sold by Benja?nin Harris at the London Coffee House., 
1692. 1 Folio, pp. 4. 74287 

The letter is dated " Portsmnuth, June 2, 1692," and is followed by "A Coppy of a 
letter from Portsmouth, dated May 29"% 1692." Title and note furnished by Justin 
Winsor, ll.d., from a copy in Harvard College Library. The admiral's name is usually 
spelled Russell. 

RussEL (J.) A Brief I Narrative | of some | Considerable Pas 
sages I Concerning the P irst Gathering, and | further Progress of a 
Church of | Christ, in Gospel-Order, | in | Boston in New-Eng 
land, I Commonly (though falsly) called by the Name | of | Ana- 
baptists ; I For clearing their Innocency from the | Scandalous 
things laid to their charge. | Set forth by John Russel, an Officer 
of the I said Church, with Consent of the whole. | Dated in Bos- 
ton, 20th, 3d month, 1 6*^0. \ London., Printed by J. D. 1680. 4to, 
pp. (4), 15. ' 74288 

For a reply see Willard (S.) 

RussEL (J.), Jun. An Authentic History of the Vermont 
State Prison, from the passing the Law for its Erection in 1807 
to Julv 181 2. Containing a minute description of the Prison, 
number of Prisoners, their Crimes, etc. with the Rules, Regula- 
tions, etc. of said Prison. Preston Merrifield., Windsor., Vt. 1812. 
i2mo. Plate. 74289 

The large folding copperplate view of the Vermont state-prison, engraved by Isaac 
Eddy, of Weathersfield, Vermont, is not found in all copies. 

142 RUSSEL. 

RussEL (J.) A Plea I For the Righteousness|of| God. | Deliv- 
ered in a Sermon Preached | before His Excellency the | Governour, 
the Honourable | Council, and the Representatives | of the Province 
of the Massachusetts- 1 Bay in New-England. On May 31. | 
1704. being the day of the Anni-| versary Election there. | By 
Jonathan Russel, | Pastor of the Church at Barnstable. | ... | Boston: 
Printed by Bartholomew Green^for Benjaniin Eliot ^ at \ his Shop under 
the West End of the Town-House. 1704. | Sm. 4to, pp. (2), 25. 

For an account of the author, whose name was usually spelled Russell, ^ee Sibley's 
" Harvard Graduates," ii. 455. 

Russel (N[oadiah].) Cambridge Ephemeris. 1684. 6"^^ Vol. 
XV., p. 105. 

Russel. On the much Lamented Death of the Reverend Mr. 
Noadiah Russel, Late Pastor of the Church of Christ in Middle- 
town, who had his Clayey Tabernacle Dissolved and his Mor- 
tality Swallowed up of Life, December 3d, 1713. i^tatis Suae, 
55. \New London. 1 7 14.] Folio, i leaf. 74^91 

In verse. With a curious cut at the head, three columns divided and bordered by 
black rules. "The longest poem, occupying two of these columns, is signed ' N. C.,' 
probably for the Rev. Nathaniel Collins, of Enfield (H. C. 1697)," — J. H. Trumbull. 
The "Copy of the Diary of Noahdiah Russell, Tutor at Harvard College, beginning 
Anno Dom. 1682," is printed in the New England Hist, and Gen. Register, vol. viii., 
PP- 53-59- 

Russel (R.) Seven Sermons ; viz. i. Of the Unpardonable 
Sin against the Holy-Ghost \ or. The Sin unto Death, ii. The 
Saint's Duty and Exercise: In two Parts. ... iii. The Accepted 
Time and Day of Salvation, iv. The End of Time, and Begin- 
ning of Eternity, v. Joshua's Resolution to serve the Lord. vi. 
The Way to Heaven made Plain, vii. The Future State of 
Man ... . By Robert Russel, At Wardhurst in Sussex. The 
Fourth Edition. Boston: Reprinted by B. G. and J. J. for Benj. 
Elliot. 1701. i2mo. -{-Boston. 1727. i2mo. -f- The Fifty- 
Second Edition. Philadelphia : Printed and Sold by W. Dunlap^ at 
the N ewe St- Printing- Office.^ the South Side of the Jersey Market., 
M DCC Lxvi. i2mo, pp. 172. -f The Forty-Sixth Edition. Glas- 
gow Printed. Portsmouth reprinted. 1767. l2mo. -{-Boston. 1767. 
i2mo. w. -f- The Fiftieth Edition. Boston: Printed by I. Thomas., 
for J: Langdon. [1772.] l2mo. -f The Fiftieth Edition. Lon- 
don., Printed: Boston., Re-printed and sold by Isaiah Thomas., near the 
Mill-Bridge. 1772. i2mo, pp. 168. BA. + Fifty-First Edition. 
London., Printed. Boston., Re-printed., and sold by J. Boyle in Marl- 
borough-Street. 1774. i2mo, pp. 132. B. -\- London., Printed. 


Boston^ Re-printed by T. & J. Fleet, a}id Sold at the Bible & Heart 
inCornhill. 1784. i2mo, pp. 158. H. + The Fifty-second Edi- 
tion. New York: Printed by Hugh Gaine. 1 793. l2mo, pp. 143. 
-\- Philadelphia. lygS- l2mo. 74^92 

First printed in London. These early American editions are inserted here on account 
of the imprints. 

RussEL (S.) Poems, edited by S. Russel. Philadelphia. 1859. 
i2mo, pp. ix, 118. 74293 

RussEL (William). See Russell. 

[Russel (W. P.)] Old England and America, against France 
and all Europe. In Five Letters, by Patrioticus. Dedicated to 
the Merchants of London. London. 1807. 8vo. 74294 

Reprinted with the following title : 

[Russel.] Solid Reasons for Continuance of War: with 
Means suggested to carrv it on without Additional Taxes, and to 
diminish the Rates of Mercantile Insurance. Shewing that, if 
hostilities be wisely conducted, the evils of war would be little 
felt in England ; and, finally advising, for the interest of both 
Countries, and the general repose of nations, an Immediate and 
Firm Union between England and America. ... \London : G. Sid- 
ney, Printer.'] 1807. 8vo, pp. 44. Folded Map. H. 74295 

Signed " Patrioticus." 

Russell, Mass. Report of the School Committee of Russell. 
1858-59. Westfield, Mass.: P. L. Buell and Company, Printers. 
1859. 8vo, pp. 7. H. 74296 

Russell's Magazine. Vol. i., 1857. April-September. Charles- 
ton: Steam Power- Press of IValker, Evans ^ Co. 1857. ^^^^ PP- 

(4), 572. A. 74297 

Continued to i860 or later in six or more volumes. 

Russell (A. J.) The Red River Country, Hudson's Bay & 
North-West Territories, considered in relation to Canada, with 
the last Report of S. J. Dawson, ... on the line of route between 
Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement. Illustrated by a 
Map. By Alex. J. Russell ... . Ottawa: G. E. Desbarats. 1869. 
8vo, pp. XV, 202. Map. B., H. 74298 

Russell. The Red River Country, Hudson's Bay & North- 
West Territories, considered in relation to Canada, with the last 
two Reports of S. J. Dawson, ... on the line of route between 


Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement. Third Edition, 
Illustrated. By Alex. J. Russell, c. e. ... Montreal: G. E. Des- 
barats. 1870. 8vo, pp. xv, 197. 9 Photographs, folded Wood- 
cut and folded Map. H. 74299 

Also: On Champlain's Astrolabe, lost on the yth June, 1613, and found in August, 
1867. Considered in solution of an obscurity in his Journal of his first voyage up the 
Ottawa; and the great antiquity of astrolabes and origin of their graduation. ... Mont- 
real : Printed by the Burland-Desbarats Lith. Co. 1879. 8vo, pp. 24. Photograph and 
folded Map. h. 

Russell (A.) Account of the Eleven Thousand Schools in 
the State of Nevi^ York. Being a Letter to Sir William Hamil- 
ton, Bart., Advocate ... . By Archibald Russell, New^ York. 
Edinburgh : Adam and Charles Black, LongTnan^ Brown^ Green^ 
and Long?nans^ London, mdcccxlvii. 8vo, pp. 59. b., h. 

Russell. Principles of Statistical Inquiry ; as Illustrated in 
Proposals for Uniting an Examination into the Resources of the 
United States, with the Census to be taken in 1840. By Archi- 
bald Russell. New-Tor k : D. Appleton & Co. M D ccc xxxix. 

8vO, pp. V, (3), 263. A., BA., H. 74301 

Russell (B.) An Address delivered before the Massachusetts 
Charitable Mechanick Association, December 21, 1 809 ; being 
the Anniversary of the Choice of Officers, and the first Triennial 
Celebration of their Publick Festival. By Benjamin Russell, 
President of the Association ... Boston: Press of yohn Eliot^ Jun. 

181O. 8vO, pp. 45. B., BA., H., M. 74302 

See also "Debates," etc., No. 45702, Vol. xi., which was reported by Benjamin 

Russell (B.) The Marching and Fighting of the Tenth 
Maine Regiment ; also Departed Heroes, and the Soldier's Dream. 
By Benjamin Russell, Jr. ... Boston: Morrell. 1863. i2mo. 

Russell (C. C.) Address to the Board of Trade. Zanes- 
ville, Ohio, as a Place of Residence, and as a Place of Business. 
By Charles C. Russell, April 12, 1868. Zanesville : City Times 
Print. 1868. 8vo, pp. 17. 74304 

Russell (C. L.) Addresses, delivered in the Senate and 
House of Representatives of Connecticut, in honor of Colonel 
Charles L. Russell. Printed by Order of the General Assembly. 
New Haven : Babcock ^ Sixer. 1862. 8vo, pp. 35. 743^5 

Russell (C. T.) An Address before the Boston Young 
Men's Christian Association, on the occasion of their first Anni- 


versary, in Park Street Church, ... May 25, 1852. By Chas. 
Theo. Russell. Published by request of the Society. Boston : 
Geo. C. Rand^ Printer. 1852. 8vo, pp. 24. B., ba., h., m. 

Russell. Agricultural Progress in Massachusetts for the last 
Half-Century. An Address, delivered before the Agricultural 
Society of Westborough and Vicinity, September 25, 1850. By 
Cha*s The*o. Russell. Boston: Printed by Charles C. P. Moody. 

1850. I2mo, pp. 22. B., H., M. 74307 

Russell. Argument of Hon. Chas. Theo. Russell in behalf 
of the Town of Danvers, before the Commissioners appointed to 
determine the Dividing Line between Danvers and South Dan- 
vers, September i, 1855. Reported for the Town. Boston: 
Press 0/ T. R. Marvin. 1855. 8vo, pp. 50. b. 74308 

Russell. Argument of Hon. Chas. Theo. Russell in behalf 
of the Boston and New York Central Railroad Co. ... before the 
Committee on Railroads and Canals of the Massachusetts Legis- 
lature, Boston, February 3, 1854. ... Boston: Press of Damrell i^ 
Moore. 1854. 8vo, pp. 32. B. 74309 

Russell. The Enfranchisement of Labor. An Address 
delivered before the Vermont State Agricultural Society, at Brat- 
tleboro', Vermont, September 14, 1854. By Charles Theo. Rus- 
sell. ... Middlebury : Printed at the Register Book and "Job Office. 

1855. 8vO, pp. 21. B., H., M. 74310 

Russell. The History of Princeton, Worcester County, 
Mass. from its first settlement ; with a sketch of the present 
religious controversy in that place. Designed for the use of the 
inhabitants. By Charles Tlieodore Russell. ... Boston: Printed 
by Henry P. Lewis. 1838. 8vo, pp. viii, 130. 743^^ 

Russell. An Oration delivered before the Municipal Authori- 
ties of ... Boston, July 4, 1851. By Chas. Theo. Russell. Bos- 
ton : 1 85 1. J. H. Eastburn.^ City Printer. 8vo, pp. 33. 74312 

Russell. Report of the Minority of the Committee upon the 
Petitions of John T. Hilton and others. Colored Citizens of Bos- 
ton, praving for the Abolition of the Smith School, and that Col- 
ored Children may be permitted to attend the other Schools of the 
City. Submitted by Charles Theo. Russell, At a meeting of the 
School Committee of Boston, holden August 29th, 1849. ••• 
Boston: 1849. J' ^' E.astburn ... Printer. 8vo, pp. 13. 74313 


Russell. Speech of Hon. Charles Theodore Russell, on the 
proposed Amendment of the Constitution, altering the Basis of 
Representation in the House of Representatives, in the Senate of 
Massachusetts, Wednesday, April 2, 1 85 1, [n. p. 1851.] 8vo, 
pp. 16. B., H. 74314 

See also Vol. xv., No. 65648. 

Russell (C. W.) Argument vs. the Baltimore and Ohio 
Railroad Company, March, 1847 ••• Richmond. 1850. 8vo. 

Russell. Argument of Charles W. Russell in the Case of 
Pennsylvania vs. The Wheeling and Belmont Bridge Co. in the 
Supreme Court. ... Philadelphia. 1 85 1. 8vo. 743 1 6 

Russell. Roebuck : a Novel. By Hon. C. W. Russell. 
With a Biography of the Author, by Prof. Bledsoe. Baltimore. 
1868. i2mo. 74317 

Russell (C[has.] W[illiam].) The Life of Cardinal Mezzo- 
fanti ; with an Introductory Memoir of Eminent Linguists, ancient 
and modern. By C. W. Russell, d.d. President of St. Patrick's 
College, Maynooth. London: Longman., Brown^ and Co. 1858. 
8vo, pp. xiv, (2), 5-502. Portrait, folded Table, a., ba. 74318 

Contains accounts of Elihu Burritt and Juana Inez de la Cruz. An Italian version 
was also published, Bologna: 1859. Tipografia di G. Monti al Sole. Sq. 8vo, pp. (20), 
cliv, (2), 444. Portrait, folded Table. 

RussELL (D. E.) Seven Months in Prison ; or. Life in Reb- 
eldom. Details of real Prison Life in Richmond and Danville, 
with a list of Wisconsin men who died in the Andersonville 
Prison, in perfect order, by regiments. By D. E. Russell. Mil- 
waukee : Godfrey i^ Crandall. 1866. 8vo, pp. 104. c. 74319 

R[ussell] (D[aniel].) An Almanack. 1671. See Vol. xv., 
p. 103. 

Russell (D.) Autobiography of David Russell, a Boston 
Boy and True American. An Account of his travels, romantic 
adventures, and hair-breadth escapes, by sea and land, in peace 
and war, at home and abroad, from the age of sixteen years to 
sixty-seven. Written by request. Boston: Printed for the Author. 
1857. i2mo, pp. 372. 3 Portraits, 2 Plates. b., h. 74320 

Russell [David]. ... Foreign Paupers and Naturahzation 
Laws. ... July 2, 1838. Mr. Russell, from the Select Com- 
mittee appointed on the subject, made the following Report : 
{Washington. 1838.] 8vo, pp. 116. 74321 


Russell. Remarks of Mr. Russell, of New York, on the 
Bill for the Admission of Michigan as a state into the Union ... 
House of Representatives, June 8, 1836. \^lVashington? 1836.] 
8vo, pp. 8. H. 74322 

' Russell (E.) ... A Discourse, delivered at the Dedication of 
the Winthrop Church in East Randolph, January 20, 1858. Bv 
Rev. E. Russell, Pastor of the Church. ... Boston: T, R. Mar- 
vin &' Son. 1858. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 74323 

Russell. A Sermon delivered ... in Springfield, May 10, 
1846. In allusion to the Death of Mrs. Louisa T. Huntington, 
wife of Mr. Andrew Huntington. By E. Russell, Pastor of the 
Church. ... Springfield: Printed by H. S. Taylor. 1846. 8vo, pp. 

33. (2)- 74324 

Russell (E.) Russell's Newhampshire & Vermont Alma- 
nack, For ... 1793 ... Printed at Concord ... hy Elijah Russell, [n. 
d.] i2mo, pp. (24). 74325 

Russell (E.) Military Assistant ... . By Emery Russell. 
Springfield. 181 2. l2mo. 743^6 

Russell (E[zekiel].) Russell's American] Almanack | For the 
Year of our Redemption, 1780 | Being Bissextile, or Leap-Year 
And the Fourth Year of the Independence of America. | Calcu- 
lated by Art, for the Meridian of Boston, New En- | gland, Lat. 
42' 25° N. but may, without any sensible | Error, serve for most 
of the American States. | Wherein may be found all Things 
necessary for this Work. | Containing also a Narrative of the 
Voyages, Travels and Suffer- 1 ings of the Hon. Col. Ethan Allen, 
of the State of Vermont. | (These Calculations were purchased 
from that learned and in-|genious Master-Piece in Astronomy, 
Benjamin West, | Esq: of Providence, and Author of the genuine 
Calculati-|ons published under the Name of BickerstafF for 14 
Years ; | but he disowns having any knowledge of those published 
in I Newbury-port for 1776, and in Boston for 1777 and 1780.)! 
[Portrait of Allen.] | Boston : Printed by E. Russell., near the Bell 
Tavern. [1780.?] Sm. 8vo, pp. (24). 743^7 

Also for 178 1. 

Russell's I American I Almanack, I For the Year of our Redemption, 1782. | Being the 
Second after Leap-|Year; and the Sixth Year of Inde-|pendency. | Fitted for the Me- 
ridian of Boston, N. E. I ... I [Portrait of Washington?] | ... | Boston: Printed by E. 
Rusiell, at his Printing- Office in \ Essex-street^ near Liberty-stump, South-end. (^Pr. "jd. 
i'ngle.)\ [1782?] Sm. 8vo. 

Titles from Mr. Paul L. Ford. 


Russell (F.) Child Life in Oregon. A True Story. By 
Mrs. Florence Russell. Boston. 1866. i8mo, pp. 193. 74328 

Russell (G. R.) An Address before the Massachusetts Chari- 
table Mechanic Association, on occasion of their Seventh Exhi- 
bition, September 27, 1853. ^^7 GcoJge R. Russell. Boston: 
Dajnrell^ Moore and George Cool'idge. 1853. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 

Russell. An Address before the Norfolk Agricultural Society, 
at Dedham, September 24, 1851. By George R. Russell. Pub- 
lished by the Society. \_Boston: J. M. Hemes Cff Co. 185 1.] 8vo, 

PP- 30- ' »• 74330 

Russell. Address before the Rhode-Island Society, for the 
Encouragement of Domestic Industry, and the Rhode-Island 
Horticultural Society, at their Third Industrial Exhibition in Prov- 
idence ; delivered September 17th, 1852. By George R. Rus- 
sell. Providence: Knowles^ Anthony & Co. Printers. 1852. 8vo, 

pp. 27. B., H. 74331 

Russell. Eulogy, delivered in the Chapel of Brown Uni- 
versity, on Mr. Henry Smith, Member of the Senior Class, who 
died, December 28, 1820. By George R. Russell, Classmate or 
the Deceased. ... Providence: Miller i^ Hutch ens. 1821. 8vo, 
pp. 16. B. 74332 

Russell. Letter from George R. Russell to the Mass Meet- 
ing at Providence, R. I., Sept. 10, 1856. Boston: Damrell &" 
Moore. [1856.] 8vo, pp. 8. B. 74333 

Russell. The Merchant. An Oration before the Rhode 
Island Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, at Providence, Sep- 
tember 4, 1849. ^y George R. Russell. Boston: Ticknor.^ Reed 
and Fields. M DCCC XLIX. 8vo, pp. 60. H., M. 74334 

[Russell (H. P.j] An Official Register of the Deaths which 
occurred among the White Population in the City of Savannah, 
during the Summer and Fall months of 1820, he. Savannah. 
1820. 8vo, pp. 24. w. 74335 

Russell (H.) Songs in Henry Russell's Vocal and Pictorial 
Entertainment, Entitled The Far West ; or, the Emigrant's Prog- 
ress from the Old World to the New : and Negro Life, in Free- 
dom and in Slavery. The Poetry written by Charles Mackay, 
LL.D. The Illustrations Printed from Sketches Taken in America. 
London: 'John K. Chapinan^and Company, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 32. 


Russell (J.), Junior. The History of the War, between the 
United States and Great Britain, which commenced in June, 
18 12, and closed in Feb. 1815 ; ... compiled chiefly from Public 
Documents. With an Appendix, containing the correspondence 
which passed ... in treating for peace. To which is added, the 
Treaty of Peace, and a list of vessels taken from Great Britain 
during the war. Compiled by J. Russell, Jr. Hartford : Printed 
and Published by B. i3 J. Russell. 1815. 8vo, pp. 472. B. + 
Second Edition. [Ibid.] 18 15. 8vo, pp. 402. H. 74337 

[Russell (John).] A | iMiscellaneous Collection | of | Original 
Pieces : | Political, Moral, and Entertaining : | in one Volume. | ... | 
Springjjeid : | Printed by John Russell.^ \At his Office near the Great 
ivrry. I MDCLXxxvi [error for 1786].! i2mo, pp. 180, (4). H. 

The dedication is signed John Russell. 

Russell (J.) An Address, presented to the Members of the 
Faustus Association, in Boston, at their Annual Celebration, Oct. 
4. 1808. By John Russell. ... Boston. 1808. 8vo, pp. 23. ba. 

Russell (J.) Annual State Register, of Civil, Judicial, Mili- 
tary, and other Officers in Connecticut, and United States Record 
for the Year 1829 ... To which is added an Almanack; Eccle- 
siastical Lists ... Printed and published by John Russell., Hartford. 
1829. i2mo, pp. 144. M. 74340 

Also for 1830. 

Russell (J.) A History of the United States of America, 
from the period of the discovery to the present time : arranged 
for the use of schools ... By John Russell, a.m. ... Philadelphia : 
Hogan &' Thompson. [1837.] l2mo, pp. 256. -\- [Ibid.] 1838. 
i2mo, pp. 252. 28 Woodcuts, b. -{-Philadelphia. 1854. l2mo. 

[Russell] (J.) Correspondence of John, Fourth Duke of 
Bedford : selected from the originals at Woburn Abbey. With 
an Introduction, by Lord John Russell. ... London: Long?nan^ 
Brown., Green., and Longmans. 1842-46. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. Ivi, 
595 ; xxxi, 429, (i); Ixxxiv, 440. Portrait, b., ba., h. 74342 

Relates largely to American affairs prior to the revolution. 

Russell [John]. Earl Russell and the Slave Trade. Issued 
by the Executive oj^ the Union and E?nancipation Society., Manchester. 
1863. 8vo, pp. II. 74343 

[Russell. ] The Official Correspondence on the Claims of 
the United States in respect to the 'Alabama.' [Edited by Lord 


John Russell.] London: Longman^ Greenland Co. 1867. 8vo, 
pp. (6), 279. BA. 74344 

Russell (J. L.) Address before the Essex Agricultural So- 
ciety, Bv John L. Russell. Published by order of the Society. 
December, i860. Newhuryport : Wm. H. Huse & Co.^ Printers. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 17. B., H. 74345 

Russell. A Discourse delivered before the Massachusetts 
Horticultural Society, on the celebration of its Seventh Annivers- 
ary, September 17, 1835. By John Lewis Russell. Boston: 
Printed h J. T. Buckingham. M DCCC xxxv. 8vo, pp. 36. M. 

Russell. Thanksgiving-Day Discourse, delivered before the 
Second Congregational Church and Society at Hingham, Novem- 
ber 24th, 1842, By John Lewis Russell. ... \Hingha7n?'\ Justin 
Jones., Printer. [1842.] l2mo, pp. 11. ba., h. J^-^A-J 

Also : Address delivered before the Essex County Natural History Society, on its Sec- 
ond Anniversary, June 15, 1836 ... \_S(iIem :'] Salem Obsewer Press. [1836.] 8vo, 
PP- (2), 5-44- B. 

Russell (J. M.) A Funeral Oration, on General George 
Washington. By John Miller Russell, Esq. Boston : Printed by 
John Russell., for Joseph Nancrede. 1800. 8vo, pp. 22. ba., h. 

Russell. An Oration, pronounced at Charlestown, July 4, 
1797. At the Request of the Selectmen, Artillery Company, 
and Trustees of the School in said Town. Li Commemoration 
of the Anniversary of American Independence. By John Miller 
Russell. Charlestown : Printed by J. Lamson. [1797.] 8vo, pp. 
16. H., M. -f Second Edition. Philadelphia: William Cobhett. 
1797. 8vo, pp. 15. M. 74349 

Russell. The Pastoral Songs of P. Virgil Maro. To which 
are added. Poems, Sentimental and Descriptive. By John Miller 
Russell, A.M. Published according to Act of Congress. Boston : 
Manning i5 Lor ing. 1799. i2mo, pp. 92. b., ba. 74350 

Russell. A Poem, on the Fourth of July, 1798. Being the 
Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of Amer- 
ica. ■ By John Miller Russell, a.m. Boston: Printed by Manning 
& Loring. 1798. 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 74351 

Russell (Jonathan). A Plea, etc. 1704. See Russel (J.), 
No. 74290, supra. 


Russell (J.), b. 1771, d. 1832. Address delivered before the 
Worcester Agricultural Society, September 27, 1821, being their 
Anniversary Cattle Show and Exhibition of Manufactures. By 
Hon. Jonathan Russell. ... Worcester: Printed by Mmming and 
Trumbull. 1821. 8vo, pp. 24. ba., w. 74352 

Russell. Extract from the iLxecutive Record, comprehend- 
ing the Messages of the President of the United States in relation 
to the Nomination of Jonathan Russell, of Rhode Island, to be 
Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States to Sweden, with the 
proceedings of the Senate thereon. August 2, 18 13. 'Printed by 
order of the Senate of the United States. Washington City: 
Printed by Roger C. Weight?nan. 18 13. 8vo, pp. 20. ba. 74353 

Russell. Hon. Jonathan Russell's Letter to John P. Van 
Ness, Esq. With an Appendix, [n. p. 1828.] 8vo, pp. 35. 

Dated, "Milton, Sept. lo, 1828." 

Russell. Letter on Henry Clay, 1828. U. S. Telegraph, 
Extra, Oct. 23, 1828. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 74355 

Russell. An Oration pronounced in the Baptist Meeting- 
House, in Providence, on the Anniversary of American Lidepend- 
ence, July 4, 1800. By Jonathan Russell, Esq. Providence: 
Printed by Bennett Wheeler. 1800. 8vo, pp. 23. B. -f- Rhode- 
Island: Providence printed ; — Warren.^ re-printed and sold by Na- 
thatiiel Phillips. m,dccc. i2mo, pp. 38. b., ba., h. -[-Third 
Edition. Worcester: Sewall Goodridge. 1803. 8vo, pp. 27. b. 
-|- Third Edition. Providence. 1 803. 8vo. -|- Fourteenth Edi- 
tion. Providence : Robinson ifj Howland. 1 8 14. 8vo, pp. 26. BA. 
+ Baltimore. 1 8 14. 8vo, pp. 28. -|- Watertown.^ N. T. : Printed 
by W. Woodward. 1830. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 74356 

[Russell.] To the Freemen Of Rhode-Island, &c. By a 
Republican, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 16. 74357 

Russell. A | Tribute | to the | Memory | of | Nathan Hay ward, | 
a Junior Sophister| in | Rhode-Island College, | Who died Septem- 
ber 25, 1 789. 1 iEtat. 19. 1 Pronounced in the College-Hall, | March 
10, 1790. 1 Bv I Jonathan Russell, | Class-Mate of the Deceased.] 
Published at the Request of the Students. | Printed at Providence.^ \ 
By Bennett Wheeler mdccxc. | 8vo, pp. 14. ba. 74358 

[Russell.] The Whole Truth. To the Freemen of New- 
England. {Boston? 1808.] 8vo, pp. 38. M. 74359 


Russell (J.) An Oration ; pronounced in Princeton, Massa- 
chusetts, on the Anniversary of American Independence, July 4, 
1799. By Joseph Russell, A.M. Printed at Worcester : By Isaiah 
Thomas^ jun. July — 1799. 8vo, pp. 29. b., h. 74360 

Russell. A Sermon preached at Princeton, (Massachusetts,) 
April 8th, 1798. And occasioned by the Death of Madam Re- 
becca Gill, Consort of his Honor Moses Gill, Esq. Lieutenant- 
Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Who died 
March 19th. 1798. iEtat. 70. By Joseph Russell, a.m. Pas- 
tor of the Church in Princeton. Boston : Printed by Rhoades ^ 
Laughton. 1798. 8vo, pp. 26. b., h., m. 74361 

Russell (M.) Stories from New England Life ; or Leaves 
from the Tree Igdrasyl. By Martha Russell. Boston : J. P. 
Jewett^ Co. 1856. i2mo, pp. 348. c. -\- [^Ihid.'\ 1857. i2mo, 
pp. 398. 74362 

Russell (P.) Our Great National Reproach and The Coun- 
sel of Ahithophel Turned into Foolishness. Two Sermons 
preached in ... Eckley, Penna., By Rev. Peter Russell .... The 
P'irst on the occasion of the Funeral Solemnities of President 
Lincoln. The Second on the Fast Day, (June ist.) ... Phila- 
delphia : King ^ Baird^ Printers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 30. 74363 

[Russell (R. W.)] America Compared with England, with 
the Social Effects of their respective Governments, and the Mis- 
sion of Democracy. London: Effingham Wilson. 1848. i2mo, 
pp. xxiv, 289. -\- London : Watson. 1849. i2mo. lMi^\ 

Russell. The American Telegraph Company. Remarks of 
R. W. Russell, ... in reply to the Statements of Messrs. ... 
Hewitt, ... Field, ... Raymond, and others, made at the Meeting 
of Stockholders, on June 29th, i860. New York: Wm. C. Bry- 
ant Cff C/9., Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. 74. B. 74365 

Also: Extract from Remarks of R. W. Russell ... [etc. New York, i860.] 8vo, 
pp. 23. B. 

Russell. The English Enlistment Question. Review of 
Secretary Marcy's Letter, of May 27,. 1856, in reply to Lord 
Clarendon. By R. W. Russell. Nezv York: W?n. C. Bryant ^ 
Co.., Printers. 1856. 8vo, pp. 14. B., H. 74366 

[Russell.] Neutral Relations and the Treaty of Washing- 
ton. From "The Capitol." Washington City: McGill l3 With- 
erow.. Printers. 1872. 8vo, pp. 53. 74367 



Russell. The New Maritime Law. Review of Mr. Marcy*s 
Letter to M. de Sartiges. By R. W. Russell. New York: Wtn. 
C. Brya?it &' Co.^ Printers. 1856. 8vo, pp. 48. B. 74368 

Russell. Remarks on the English Enlistment Question, with 
an Abstract of the Correspondence thereon. By R. W. Russell. 
New York : TV?n. C. Bryant & Co.^ Printers. 1856. 8vo, pp. 103. 

Russell (R.) North America Its Agriculture and Climate 
Containing Observations on the Agriculture and Climate of Ca- 
nada, the United States, and the Island of Cuba. By Robert 
Russell, Kilwhiss. Edinburgh : Adam and Charles Black. M DCCC- 
LVii. 8vo, pp. (8), 390; Advertisements, (2), 13. 8 Plates and 
folded Map. b., ba., h. 74370 

Russell (S.) Man's liableness to be deceived about Religion, 
Shewn and Caution'd against. Worldly Wisdom only seeming 
Wisdom. Religion true Wisdom. A Sermon preached at a 
Public Association-Lecture at West Haven, September 30, 1741. 
By Samuel Russell ... Published by the earnest Desire of Mr. 
Roger Ailing junior. New London. 1742. i2mo, pp. (4), 52. 

Russell (S.) Review of a Pamphlet, entitled "Trial of the 
Action in favor of the Rev. Samuel Russell of Boylston, against 
John Howe of Boylston, for Defamation at the Supreme Judicial 
Court, holden at Worcester, April, a. d. 1831." By Samuel 
Russell. Boston: Printed hy Peirce and Parker. 1831. 8vo, pp. 

31. H.,W. 74372 

Russell. Trial of the Action in favor of the Rev. Samuel 
Russell of Boylston, against John Howe of Boylston, for Defa- 
mation, at the Supreme Judicial Court, holden at Worcester, 
April, A. D. 1 83 1. Worcester. 1831. 8vo. w. 74373 

Russell (T. C.) A Sermon preached in Billerica, Mass., ... 
December 22d, 1861, At the Funeral of Mr. Joseph Dows, Jr., 
By his Pastor, Rev. T. Clarkson Russell ... . Boston: y. M. 
Hew es.^ Printer. 1862. 8vo, pp. 12. 74374 

Russell (T.) and Nason (E.) The Life and Public Services 
of Hon. Henry Wilson. By Hon. Thomas Russell, ...; and 
Rev. Elias Nason ... . Boston: B. B. Russell. 1872. i2mo, pp. 
419. -f- \IhidP\ 1876. i2mo, pp. 452. Portrait, 2 Plates. B. 

Russell. Oration Delivered before the City Authorities of 
Boston, on the P'ourth of July, 1864, by Hon. Thomas Russell. 




Boston: J. E. Farwell and Company^ Printers to the City. 1864. 

^VO, pp. 37. B., BA., H. 74376 

Russell (T. H.) Testimony of Atheists. Speeches of 
Thomas H. Russell, of Boston. In the House of Representa- 
tives, February 9 and 16, 1857. Boston: William White ^ Printer. 
1857. ^vo, pp. 20. H. 74377 

Russell (T.) Tom Russell's Far West Songster. Chicago : 
J. R. Walsh ^ Co. 1868 ? i6mo, pp. 72. 74378 

[Russell (W. C.)] Address and Poem before the Associa- 
tion of the Alumni of Columbia College. New York : Published 
hy the Association. \Printed by Francis Hart ^ Co.~\ 1861. 8vo, 
pp. 44; Poem, 36. B., H. 74379 

The poem is by John Lockwood. 

Russell (W. C.) Representative Actors. Criticisms, Anec- 
dotes, and Personal Descriptions of Distinguished Actors and 
Actresses, from the Sixteenth to the Present Century. By W. 
C. Russell. London. [1869.] Post 8vo. Portraits. 74380 

Includes some account of American actors. 

Russell (W.), b. 1690, d. 1761. The | Decay | of | Love to 
God I in Churches, | Offensive & Dangerous. | Shew^ed | in a Ser- 
mon, Preach'd before | the General Assembly of the Co-|lony of 
Connecticut, at Hartford | May 14, 1730. | By William Russel, 
A.M. I Pastor of a Church in Middletown. | ... | A^. London^ Printed 
b' Sold by T. Green^ [Printer to the Gov. ^ Company. 1731. | i2mo, 
pp. (2), 45. H. 74381 

Russell. Military Sermon at the Request of Capt. John 
Sumner, May 25, 1760. By William Russell .... New London. 
1760. l2mo, pp. 32. 74382 

Russell [William]. Essay on the Character ... of Women. 
See Thomas (A. L.) 

Russell (W.) The | History of America, | from its Discovery 
by Columbus | to the | Conclusion of the Late War. With an | 
Appendix, | containing an Account of | the Rise and Progress of 
the Present Unhappy Contest | between | Great Britain and her 
Colonies. | By William Russell, Esq. of Gray^s-Inn. | ... | London : \ 
Printed /or Fielding and Walker ... | mdcclxxviii. | 2 vols., 4to, 
pp. iv, 596 j 629, (i), " Directions for placing the Maps and 


Cuts," (2). 51 Maps and Plates, b., ba., J.c.b., h. -f London: 
Walker. 1800. 2 vols., 4to, pp. iv, 596; 630. Maps and Plates. 

The different issues are the same, the only change being in the substitution of new 
titles. Another edition, London^ i8l8, 2 vols., 4to, is mentioned by some bibliogra- 

Russell. Geschichte| von| Amerika| von dessen Entdeckung 
an I bis auf das Ende | des vorigen Krieges. | Ncbst einem Anhange, 
I welcher eine Gcschichte des Ursprunges und des Fortganges | des 
gegenwartigen ungliicklichen Streites | zv^^ischen | Grosz-Britannien 
und seinen Colonlen enthalt, | von William Russell, Esq. | Aus 
dem Englischen iibersetzt. | ... \ Leipzig: hn Schwickertschen Ver- 
lage. 1779-80. 4 vols., Svo, pp. xiv, 782; (6), 752, (7); (4), 
660; (4), 480, Register 34. 4 Portraits, 4 Maps. J.c.b., h. 

Russell. Geschichte des Ursprunges und des Fortganges des 
gegenwartigen Streites zw^ischen England und seinen Colonien. 
Von William Russell. Leipzig : Schwickert. 1780. Svo. Map. 

This is the fourth volume of the preceding work with a separate title. The same 
author's " History of Modern Europe," of which many editions were published, con- 
tains some references to American affairs. 

Russell (W.) Address at the Dedication and Opening of 
the New-England Normal Institute, at Lancaster, Mass. ... May 
nth, 1853. % William Russell ... . Boston: Tappan & Whitte- 
more. 1853. ^^^5 PP- 35* ^'^ "* 743^^ 

Russell. Address on Infant Schools ; delivered at the request 
of the Managers of the Infant School Society. By William Rus- 
sell. Boston: Hiram Tupper^ Printer. 1829. 8vo, pp. 18. BA. 

Russell. The Duties of Teachers. An Address delivered 
before the Associate Alumni of the Merrimack Normal Institute, 
at their first annual Meeting, September 4, 1850, By Prof. Will- 
iam Russell .... Manchester^ N. H. : JViUiam H. Fisk. Goodale 
and Gilmore's Press. 1850. 8vo, pp. 24. B., H. 74388 

Russell. The Education of Females. An Address, read at 
the close of the autumn term of Abbott Female Academy, Nov. 
21, 1843, W William Russell, Teacher of Reading in that 

Institution. Andover : Printed by Jllen^ Morrill dff War dwell. 1 843. 

8vO, pp. 32, B., H. 74389 

Russell. Harper's New-York Class-Book: comprising Out- 
lines of the Geography and History of New York; Biographical 
Notices of Eminent Individuals ; Sketches of Scenery and Natu- 


ral History; Accounts of Public Institutions, etc. Arranged as 
A Reading-Book for Schools. By William Russell .... New 
York: Harper l^ Brothers. 1847. i2mo, pp. 669. A. 74390 

[Russell.] Suggestions on Education ; relating particularly 
to the Method of Instruction commonly adopted in Geography, 
History, Grammar, Logic, and the Classics. New-Haven : 
Printed by J. H. Malthy and Co. 1823. 8vo, pp. 32. B., H. 

Russell. Suggestions on Teachers' Institutes. By William 
Russell .... Manchester^ N. H.: William H. Fisk. 1852. Small 
8vo, pp. 62. H. 74392 

Also : Educational Labors of William Russell. (Reprinted from Barnard's Ameri- 
can Journal of Education for March, 1857.) \_Hartford. 1857.] 8vo, pp. 139-146. 
Portrait. B., h. Includes a list of his writings. 

Russell (W.) Speech of William Russell in Congress, July 
1842, on the Tariff. Washington. 1842. 8vo. 74393 

Russell (W.) The Righteous to be Remembered. A Dis- 
course delivered in ... East Longmeadow, Mass., ... October 31, 
1858, In Memory of the late Pastor of the Church, Rev. Joshua 
R. Brown. By William Russell .... New York: M. W. Dodd. 
1858. 8vo, pp. 16. 74394 

Russell (W.) Extraordinary Men Their Boyhood and 
Early Life By William Russell With numerous portraits and 
illustrative engravings London: Routledge and Sons. [1853.] ^"^^t 
PP- 334- 74395 

Includes sketches of Dr. Franklin, Dr. W. E. Channing, and William Cobbett. 

Russell (W. H.) The Atlantic Telegraph by W. H. Rus- 
sell, L.L.D. Illustrated by Robert Dudley. Dedicated by Special 
Permission to his Royal Highness Albert Edward Prince of 
Wales. Day ^ Son ... London. [1865.] 4to, pp. v, 117. ba. 

Russell. The Battle of Bull Run. By William Howard 
Russell, LL.D. ... New York: Rudd & Carleton. mdccclxi. 
ilmo, pp. (2), 5-30. B. 74397 

Russell. Canada : its Defences, Condition, and Resources. 
Being a Third and Concluding Volume of " My Diary, North 
and South." By W. Howard Russell, ll.d. London: Bradbury 
and Evans. 1865. Post 8vo, pp. xii, 352, Advertisements 8. 2 
folded Maps. b., ba. 74398 



Russell. Canada: its Defences, Condition, and Resources. 
Being a second and concluding volume of "My Diary, North and 
South." By W. Howard Russell, ll.d. Boston: T. O. H. P. 
Burnham. New York: O. S. Felt. 1865. l2mo, pp. xii, 311. -f 
Second Edition. \_Ibid.~\ 1865. i2mo, pp. xii, 311. h. 74399 

Russell. ... The Civil War in America: by Wm. H. Rus- 
sell, LL.D., Special Correspondent of the London Times. Bos- 
ton : Gardner J. Fuller. London: Triibner ^ Co. [186 1.] i2mo, 

pp. 189. B., H. 74400 

Russell. Mr. Russell on Bull Run ; with a Note ; from the 
Rebellion Record. New York: G. P. Putnam. 1861. Rl. 8vo, 

pp. 12. B., BA. 74401 

Also : Second Edition. Mr, Russell on Bull Run ; with Notes ; from the Rebellion 
Record. Neiu York: G. P. Putnam. l86l. 8vo, pp. (2), 14. b., h. 

Russell. My Diary, North and South. By William Howard 
Russell. In Two Volumes. ... London: Bradbury and Evans. 
1863. 2 vols., post 8vo, pp. xvi, 424; xi, 442. Map. ba., h. 
+ Boston: T. O. H. P. Bwnham. New York: O. S. Felt. 1863. 
l2mo, pp. xxii, 602. B., ba. -|- New York : Harper & Brothers. 
1863. 8vo, pp. 225. Portrait. b., h. 74402 

Russell. Pictures of Southern Life, Social, Political, and 
Military. Written for the London Times, by William Howard 
Russell, LL.D., special correspondent. New York : James G. 
Gregory. 1861. i2mo, pp. 143. b., ba., h. 74403 

Russell (W. S.) Guide to Plymouth, and Recollections of 
the Pilgrims. By William S. Russell. ... Boston: Published /or 
the Author by George Coolidge. 1846. l2mo, pp. xii, 306 ; Airs of 
the Pilgrims, vi, 76 ; Appendix, xx. Map, 4 Plates. b., ba. 

Russell. A Guide to Plymouth and Recollections of the Pil- 
grims. By William S. Russell. ... Boston: Published for the Au- 
thor by S. G. Drake. 1846. l2mo, pp. 402. Map and 4 Plates. 
c. -f Second Edition. Boston. 1855. i2mo. Map and Plates. 

Russell. Pilgrim Memorials, and Guide for Visitors to 
Plymouth Village : with a Lithographic Map, and Seven Copper- 
plate Engravings. By Wm. S. Russell, Recording Secretary of 
the Pilgrim Society. ... Boston : Printed for the Author -^ by C. C. P. 
Moody. 1 85 1. i2mo, pp. viii, 148. Map and 7 Plates. A., H. 

158 RUST. 

Russell. Pilgrim Memorials, and Guide to Plymouth. With 
a Lithographic Map, and Eight Copperplate Engravings. By 
Wm. S. Russell .... Boston: Crosby^ Nichols and Co?npany. 1855. 
i2mo, pp. 203. Map and 8 Plates. M. -f Second Edition. 
\_Ibid.\ 1855. iimo. Map and 8 Plates, b., ba. -f Third Edi- 
tion. Boston: Crosby^ Nichols^ Lee & Co. i860. i2mo, pp. 229. 
Map and 8 Plates, c. -\- Boston. 1864. i2mo, pp. 228. Map 
and Plates. -\- Fifth Edition. Boston : Crosby ^ Damrell. [n. d.] 
i2mo, pp. 228. Map and 8 Plates. b. 74407 

Russell (W.) Quebec: As it Was, and As it Is, or, A Brief 
History of The Oldest City in Canada, from its foundation to the 
present time, with A Guide for Strangers to the different places of 
interest within the city and adjacent thereto. By Willis Russell. 
(Russell's Hotel.) Quebec: Printed for the Proprietor .^ by P. La- 
moureux. 1857. i2mo, pp. vi, iii-iv, 160. b., h. + Third Edi- 
tion, ^ebec. i860. i2mo. -\- Fourth Edition, ^ebec: Printed 
... by G. T. Cary. 1864. i2mo, pp. viii, 147, (i). 744o8 

Russell (W.) Account of the Trial [at Troy] of Winslow 
Russell, for the Murder of Michael Backus [of Hosick, N. Y.] ; 
with his Confession, and Narrative of his Life. [n. p. 181 1.] 
Svo. 74409 

Russell. The last Address of Winslow Russell, delivered in 
Troy, July 19, 181 1, before he was Executed for the Murder of 
Michael Backus. \x\.^.-7\ Printed for the Purchasers. 181 1. 8vo, 
pp. 12. 74410 

Russell (W.) The Red Man : a Lecture. By the Rev. 
Lord Wriothesley Russell. London: Seeley. 1854. i2mo, pp. 32 

A Russian, /)j^w^<!7«. See [Poletica (P.)], Vol. xv., No. 63732. 

The Russian Ball. See [Stedman (C. J.)] 

Russian Bear and American Eagle Song Book. No. 3. New 
Tork : L B. Beadle ^ Co. 1864. i6mo, pp. 64. 744^2 

Rust (A.) Speech of Hon. Albert Rust, of Arkansas, on the 
States of the Union. Delivered ... January 24, 1861. \lVash- 
ington :^ Printed by Lemuel Towers. [1861.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

Rust. State-Rights and National Union. Speech of Hon. 
Albert Rust, of Arkansas, on the Organization of the House. 
Delivered ... December 28, 1859. \_^^ashington :'] Printed by 
Lemuel Towers, [i860.] 8vo, pp. 16. 744^4 


Rust (Rpchard] S.) ... The Method of Introducing Re- 
ligion into Common Schools. By Rev. R. S. Rust, a.m. [^New 
York. 185-?] i2mo, pp. 8. H. 74415 

Rust. ... Religion in Common Schools. By Rev. R. S. 
Rust, A.M. \_NeiJu York. 185-?] i2mo, pp. 12. H. 74416 

Rustic Rhymes. By the Author of "Winter Studies in the 
Country." ... Philadelphia: Parry and M'^Millan. 1859. Small 
8vo, pp. (8), 13-113. B. 74417 

Rustic (Ruth), pseudon. Forget-Me-Nots from Dew Drop 
Dale. [In verse.] By Ruth Rustic. Washington : Taylor and 
Maury. 1855. i2mo, pp. 212, Index (3). h. 74418 

Rusticus, pseudon. A | Friendly Debate ; | or, | a Dialogue ( 
Between | Rusticus | and | Academicus. | About the late Perform- 
ance I of I Academicus. | ... | Boston^ in N. E. | Printed and Sold by y. 
Franklin in\^ee?i-Street^ M DCC xxil. | l2mo, pp. 12. BA., H. 

This relates to Dr. William Douglass, but differs from the " Friendly Address" men- 
tioned in the note to No. 20724, Vol, v. 

[Rusticus, pseudon.'] The Good of the Community impar- 
tially considered, | In a | Letter | To | a Merchant in Boston ; | In 
Answer to one received respecting the | Excise-Bill. | Wherein an 
Attempt is made, | First, To show that it is for the Interest of the 
Community I to excise all the Luxuries of Life; that this Excise] 
ought to extend to every Man within the Province ; and | that this 
is the most equitable Method of paying the | Charges of Govern- 
ment. I Secondly, To answer all the Objections that have been | 
raised, both against Excises, and the present Method | proposed 
for collecting the same ; | By a true Friend to Liberty. | Boston : 
Printed 1754. | 8vo, pp. 50. B., ba. 74420 

Signed "Rusticus. Salem." Improved title of No. 27833, Vol. vii. 

Rusticus, pseudon. Liberty. | A | Poem. | By Rusticus. | ... | 
Philadelphia : \ Printed by John Dunlap., in Market-Street. \ mdcc- 
Lxviii.| 4to, pp. 27. 74421 

A fine specimen of colonial book-making. The author attributed the stamp-act to 
Mr. Grenville. 

Rusticus, pseudon. Liberty. | A | Poem. | By Rusticus. | ... | 
Charlestown : | Printed and sold by T". Powell., at Mr. Timothfs Print- 
ing-\ Office in Broad-Street. \y\..Ti(:iQ.'Ly.y..\ 4to, pp. (4), ii, 21. P. 
-}- The Second Edition. \Ibid.'\ m.dcc.lxx. 4to, pp. (4), ii, 21. 

Title furnished by Mr. Hildeburn. 

l6o RUTER. 

RusTicus, pseudon. Remarks | on | A Late Pamphlet | entitled | 
Plain Truth. | By | Rusticus. | Philadelphia : \ Printed by John Dun- 
lap^ in Market-Street. \y^^'D(ZQ^\ 8vo, pp. 31. h.s.p. 

Title from Mr. Hildeburn. In the Brinley catalogue (No, 4176) the authorship is 
attributed with a query to John Dickinson. 

Rusticus, pseudon. Hints for the People ; with some Thoughts 
on the Presidential Election. By Rusticus. [n. p.] 1823. 8vo. 

Rusticus, pseudon. Long Island Miscellanies. By Rusticus, 
Gent [/. e. Garrett Furman]. New York: Egbert .^ Hovey tff King., 
Printers. 1847. i2mo, pp. 185. 6 Plates. 744^5 

Privately printed. 

Rusticus (N.) Pride or a Touch at the Times, a Satirical 
Poem, addressed to all Genuine Reformers in this glorious age of 
Anti-ism. By Nicholas Rusticus, Esquire, L Qr. Nui. ... Bos- 
ton: John Marsh ^ Co. Condon^ Printer. 1830. 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 

RusTON (T.) A Collection of Facts interspersed with Ob- 
servations on the Nature, Causes, and Cure of the Yellow Fever: 
in a series of letters, addressed to the inhabitants of the United 
States. Part i. By Thomas Ruston, m.d. ... Philadelphia: 
Printed by Bartholomew Graves. 1804. 8vo, pp. (2), 65. ba. 

Ruston. An Essay on Inoculation for the Small Pox. 
Wherein the Nature of the Disease is explained, the various 
Methods of Preparation that have been practised in America are 
critically examined, and that which the Author has found, Yrom 
his own experience, to be most successful, is clearly laid down. 
With an Appendix, containing a Chymical Examination of Mr. 
Sutton's Medicines. By Thomas Ruston, m.d. Philadelphia: 
IV. and T. Bradford. 1767. 8vo. -\- London. 1768. 8vo. 

Title from Hildeburn. See also Vol. viii., No. 32637, the authorship of which has 
been attributed to Mr. Ruston. 

RuTER (M.) The Martyrs, or a History of Persecution, from 
the Commencement of Christianity to the Present Time. By 
Martin Ruter, s.t.d. Cincinnati. 1834. i2mo, pp. 561. 

RuTER. An Oration delivered at Canterbury, New-Hamp- 
shire,. July 4, 1810. By Rev. Martin Ruter. ... Concord^ N. H. 
Printed by Isaac Hill. 1810. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 74430 

Also: A Sketch of the Life and Doctrine of the celebrated John Calvin ... [Co«- 
cord. 1814.] 8vo. — A Letter, addressed to Rev. Francis Brown, Pastor of a Church 
in North-Yarmouth; containing an Answer to his Defence of Calvin and Calvinism. 
... Portland: Printed by F. Doug/as. 1815. 8vo, pp. 61. B., ba. — A Reply to Rev. 


Francis Brown, ... containing Animadversions on his Second Publication in favor of 
Calvin and Calvinism. ... Concord^ N. H. : Printed by Isaac Hill. 1816. 8vo, pp. 53. 
These elicited : Calvin and Calvinism ; defended against certain injurious representa- 
tions contained in a pamphlet entitled "A Sketch on the Life and Doctrine of the 
Celebrated John Calvin ;" of which Rev. M. Ruter claims to be tlie author. By Francis 
Brown. ... Portland: Printed by A. & y . Shirley. 18 I 5. 8vo, pp. 36. ba — A Reply 
to the Rev. Martin Ruter's Letter, relating to Calvin and Calvinism. By Francis 
Brown. ... Portland: Printed by A. (^ J. Shirley. 1815. 8vo, pp. 50. ba. 

Ruter (P. S.) Reminiscences of a Virginia Physician, by 
Prof. P. S. Ruter, of the Masonic College of Kentucky. Louis- 
ville^ Ky.: R, Casseday & Co. 1849. i2mo, pp. (4), 278. c. 

Part 2 of this work appears to have been published separately, Louisvilky 1849, 

RuTERUS (Michael). See Vol. in.. No. 9153. 

Rutgers (E.) Arguments and Judgment of the Mayor's 
Court of the City of New- York, In a cause between Elizabeth 
Rutgers and Joshua Waddington. New- Tor k : Printed by Samuel 
Loudon. M,DCC,LXXXiv. 8vo, pp. 47. 74432 

Rare. A copious and interesting account of this celebrated case will be found in 
Hamilton's "Life of Hamilton," ii. 245, in which the biographer states, that the com- 
mencement of Hamilton's professional career, and the first exertion of his talent as an 
advocate, were made in "this mighty cause." See also Rich, i. 483, No. 46. For the 
defendant's side of the case, see Vol. xiii.. No. 53473. 

Rutgers. The Case of Elizabeth Rutgers versus Joshua 
Waddington, determined in the Mayor's Court, in the City of 
New York, August 7, 1786 [/. e. 1784]. With an Historical 
Introduction by Henry B. Dawson. Morrisania^ N. T. 1866. 
8vo, pp. xlvi, 47. B., BA., H. 74433 

A reprint of the edition of 1784. One hundred copies printed in octavo, and twenty- 
five copies in quarto. 

Rutgers College, New Brunswick., N. J. Address ... at 
the Inauguration of the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, ll.d., as 
President, Elect, of Rutgers College, N. Brunswick, July 24th, 
1850. ... New Brunswick : J. Terhune ^ Son. mdcccl. 8vo, pp. 
24. H. 74434 

Addresses delivered at the inauguration of Rev. William H. 
Campbell, d.d., ll.d., as President of Rutgers College, New- 
Brunswick, N. J., June 1 6th, 1863. By Hon. Peter D. Vroom, 
ll.d., and the President Elect. Also, The Annual Oration 
before the Alumni Association of the College, June i6th, 1863. 
By Rev. William J. R. Taylor, d.d. New-Tork : John A. Gray 
y Green.^ Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 40. b. 74435 


Catalogue of the Corporation, Officers & Students of Rutgers 
College, New-Brunswick, N. J. 1846-7. Published by the 
Students. New-Brujiswick : Press of J. Terhune. M Dccc xlvi. 
8vo, pp. 23. Continued. h. 74436 

Also: Catalogue ... 1833. Neiv Brunsivick. 1833. 8vo. — Catalogue of the Offi- 
cers and Alumni of Rutgers College, mdcccxl. Neiu Brunsivick : John Terhune^s 
Press. 1840. 8vo, pp. 26. h. — Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Rutgers 
College, 1851-52 : with the Graduates since 1843. Published by the Students. Neiv- 
Brunsivick, N. J. J. Terbune. 185 1. 8vo, pp. 24. Continued. H. — Catalogue of 
the Graduates of Rutgers College ... 1835. 8vo. 

The Centennial Celebration of Rutgers College, June 21, 
1870. With an Historical Discourse, delivered by Hon. Joseph 
P. Bradley ... and other Addresses and Proceedings. Albany: 
Joel Munsell. 1870. Rl. 8vo, pp. 98. B., ba. 74437 

A General Catalogue of the Officers and Graduates of Rut- 
gers College, in New-Brunswick, N. J., From 1770 to 1855. 
New-Tor k : Printed by Order of the Association of the Alumni of Rut- 
gers College. 1855. 8vo, pp. 50. 7443^ 

History of Rutgers College ; or an Account of its Union with 
the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Dutch Church. New 
York. 1833. 8vo. 74439 

Report of the Trustees of Rutgers College. New Brunswick. 
1840. 8vo. 74440 

The Statutes of Rutgers College, in the city of New-Bruns- 
wick, N. J. March, 1828. Rutgers Press. Printed by Terhune 
& Letson^ New-Brunswick. 1828. 8vo, pp. 15. -\- New Bruns- 
wick: Printed by Terhune^ Letson. 1830. 8vo, pp. 15. -}- \_Ibid.~\ 
1835. 8vo, pp. 16. B. -\- New Brunswick. 1845. ^^o. 

Addresses at the Commencement of Rutgers Female Col- 
lege, New York City, on conferring the honorary degree of 
Doctor of Laws upon Thomas C. Upham, and of Doctor in 
Science and Philosophy upon Miss Maria Mitchell, by the Presi- 
dent of the College ... and the President of the Board of Trustees 
... New York: Gushing.^ Bardua & Co.^ Printers. 1 8 70. l2mo, 
pp. 10. H. 74442 

Catalogue of Rutgers Female College, for the Year 1867-68. 
Being the thirtieth year of the Institution and the first of the 
College. New York: Agathynian Press. 1867. 8vo, pp. 35. 
Plate and Plan. h. 74443 


Proceedings of the Meeting held at the Inauguration of Rut- 
gers Female College, April 25, 1867. New York: Agathynian 
Press. 1867. 8vo, pp. 54, (4). Plate and Plan. b. 74444 

Act of Incorporation, and By-Laws, of the Rutgers Female 
Institute. ... New-Tork : Printed by G. F, Bunce. 1838. 8vo, 
pp. 16. B. 74445 

Also: Circular of the Rutgers Female Institute ... Madison-Street, New-York. 
Neiv-Tork : Printed by JViUiam Oshorn. 1839. 8vo, pp. 8. H. — Fourth Annual Re- 
port of the Board of Trustees of the Rutgers Female Institute. Neiv-York : Printed 
by William Oshorn. 1842. 8vo, pp. 8, (2). h. — The Proceedings of the Ninth Aca- 
demic Commencement ... with a catalogue of the Faculty and Pupils. Neiv York: 
Lea-vitty Troiv & Co. y Printers. 1848. 8vo, pp. 48. Continued, b. — Third Annual 
Circular .... New-Tork : Printed by William Oshorn. 1841. 8vo, pp. 15. Continued. 

Rutgers Literary Miscellany. Vol. i. New Brunswick. 1841. 
8vo. 74446 

Rutgers Medical College, Duane-Street. [Circular.] New 
York. 1827. 8vo. s. 74447 

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Rutgers Medical 
Faculty, Geneva College, Duane-Street, City of New-York. 
Published at the request of the Class, by Alwyn Bogart. Session 
of 1827-8. New-York: Printed by C. S. Van Winkle. 1828. 8vo, 
pp. 7. B. 74448 

Sixth Annual Report of Rutgers' Scientific School, 1870. 
Trenton., N. J.: Printed at the True American Office. 1871. 8vo, 
pp. 46. Continued. b. 74449 

Ruth Churchill ; or, the True Protestant. A Tale for the 
Times. By a Lady of Virginia. New York : C. Shepard off Co. 
1851. i6mo, pp. 224. c. 74450 

Ruth's Vision : or Chronicle of the War. Pittsburgh : J. T. 
Sample. [1864.] l8mo, pp. 8. -\- Alleghany., Pa. [1864.] l2mo, 
pp. 8. 74451 

Rutherford (J.) Charles Chatterton, a Montreal Story ; 
with Canadian and other Poems. By John Rutherford. Mont- 
real. 1868. i2mo, pp. 144. 74452 

Rutherford (J. C.) ... Minority Report from the Com 
mittee on Banks of the House of Delegates of Virginia. Sub- 
mitted by Mr. Rutherford of Goochland on the 17th of Febru 
ary, and ordered to be printed, [n. p.] 1853-54. 8vo, pp. 21. 


Rutherford. Speech of John C. Rutherfoord [j/V], of 
Goochland, in the House of Delegates of Virginia, 21 February, 
i860, in favor of the proposed Conference of Southern States. 
Richmond: IVm. H. Clenmiht^ Printer, i860. 8vo, pp. 27. 

Rutherford (S.) The Divine Right of Church-Govern- 
ment and Excommunication : or, a peaceable Dispute for the 
perfection of the Holy Scripture in point of Ceremonies and 
Church-Government ... London. 1646. 4to, pp. (28), 656 ; A 
Dispute touching scandall and Christian libertie, pp. 104. 74455 

Rutherford. The | Due right of Presbyteries | or, | A Peace- 
able Plea I for the | Government of the | Church of Scotland, | 
Wherein is examined | i. The way of the Church of Christ in 
New England, in Brotherly | equality, and independency, or coor- 
dination, without subjection of | one Church to another. | 2. Their 
apology for the said Government, their Answers to thirty | and two 
Questions are considered. | 3. A Treatise for a Church Covenant 
is discussed. 1 4. The arguments of Mr. Robinson in his justifica- 
tion of separation | are discovered. | 5. His Treatise, called. The 
peoples Plea for the exercise of prophecy, | is tryed. | 6. Diverse 
late arguments against presbyteriall government, and the | power 
of synods are discussed, the power of the Prince in matters eccle- 
I siastical modestly considered, & divers incident controversies 
resolved. | By Samuel Rutherfurd Professor of | Divinity at Saint 
Andrewes. | ... j London.^\ Printed by E. Griffin.^ for Richard Whit- 
taker .^ and Andrew Crook and | are to he sold at their Shops in Pauls 
Church-Tard.^ 1644. | Sm. 4to, pp. (24), 1-208, 229-268, 259- 
454, 451-497 (verso numbered 484), 185-468. b., ba., l. 

"The Author could not attend the Presse, therefore pardon errors of the Printing; 
Observe, that the Author was necessitated to make some occasionall addition to the 
mids of this Treatise which occasioned variation of the Figures of the Pages, and there- 
fore stumble not, that when the Booke commeth to page 484 the next page not observ- 
ing due order, is page 185, 186 and so forth to the end of the Treatise." — Errata. 

Rutherford. A Free Disputation against pretended Liberty 
of Conscience, Tending to Resolve Doubts moved by Mr. J. 
Goodwin, J. Baptist, J. Taylor, the Belgick Arminians, Socini- 
ans, etc. contending for lawlesse Libertie, or licentious Toleration 
of Sects and Heresies. ... London. 1649. 4to, pp. (22), 412. 

Rutherford. A | Peaceable | and | Temperate Plea | for | Pavls 
Prcsbyteric| in| Scotland, I or I A modest and Brotherly Dispute of| 
the government of the Church of | Scotland, | Wherein, | Our Dis- 


ciplinc is demonstrated to be | the true Apostolick way of divine 
Truth, and | the Arguments on the contrary are friendly dis- 1 
solved, the grounds of Separation and the Indepen-|cie [j/V] of 
particular Congregations, in defence of | Ecclesiasticall Presby 
teries, Synods and | Assemblies, are examined and tryed By 
Samuel Rutherfurd Professor of Divinity at Saint Andrews. ... | 
London^ \ Printed for John Bartlett at the guilt- Cup near St. Austins- 
gate. 1642. 1 Sm. 4to, pp. (16), 326. B., w. 74458 

Rutherford. A Survey | of the | Spiritvall Antichrist. | Open- 
ing | the secrets of Familisme and Antinomia-| nisme in the Anti- 
christian Doctrine of John | Saltmarsh, and Will. Del, the present 
Preachers | of the Army now in England, and of Robert Town, | 
Tob. Crisp, H. Denne, Eaton, and others. | In which is revealed 
the rise and spring of Antinomians, Fa-|milists, Libertines, 
Swenck-feldians, Enthysiasts, &c. | The minde of Luther a most 
professed opposer of Antinomi-|ans, is cleared, and diverse con- 
siderable points of the Law and | the Gospel, of the Spirit and 
Letter, of the two Covenants, of the | nature of free grace, exer- 
cise under temptations, mortificati-| on, justification, sanctification, 
are discovered. | In Two Parts. | By Samuel Rutherfurd Professor 
of Divinity in | the University of S^. Andrews in Scotland. | ... | 
London^ | Printed by "J. D. & R. I. for Andrew Crooke^ and are to he 
sold at his \ shop at the Gree?i-Dragon in Pauls Church-yard. 1648. | 
Sm. 4to, pp. (48), 354, 239. H. 74459 

Chapter xv. treats of the Familists and Antinomians of New England. 

Rutherford. A | Survey | of the [Survey of that Summe | of 
Church-Discipline | Penned by Mr. Thomas Hooker, | Late Pas- 
tor of the Church at Hartford upon | Connecticot in New Eng- 
land. I Wherein | The Way of the Churches of N. England | is 
now re-examined; Arguments in favour| thereof winnowed ; The 
Principles of that | Way discussed ; and the Reasons of most | 
seeming strength and nerves, removed. | By Samuel Rutherfurd, 
Professor of Divinity in | the University of S. Andrews in Scot- 
land. I London^ \ Printed by f. G. for Andr. Crook ^ at the Green 
Dragon \ in St. Pauls Church-yard. M. DC lviii. | 4to, pp. (8), 521. 

Also numerous sermons and other works. 

Rutherfurd (J.) The | Importance | of the | Colonies | to | 
Great Britain. | With | Some Hints towards making Improvements 
I to their mutual Advantage : | And upon Trade in General. | By 
John Rutherfurd | of North Carolina, Esq-^l London :\ Printed for 
y. Millan^ near fVhitehall. \mdcclxi.\ 8vo, pp. 46. H. 74461 


RuTHHRFURD (Samucl). See Rutherford. 

RuTHVEN (A. S.) Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Texas 
from its Organization, A. d. 1837, to 1857. With an History of 
the Origin, Rise, and Progress of the Masonic Order in Texas. 
By A. S. Ruthven. Galveston: Richardson & Co. 1857. ^ vols., 
8vo, pp. 640; 308, 352. c. 74462 

Rutland, Mass. Annual Report of the School Committee 
of the Town of Rutland, for the Year ending March, 1859. 
IVorcester: Printed by Chas. Hamilton. [1859.] 8vo, pp. 8. Con- 
tinued. H. 74463 

State, County and Town Tax, and Valuation, for the Town 
of Rutland, Mass., for the Year 1870. Worcester: Printed by 
Edward R. Fiske. 1870. 8vo, pp. 15, (i). H. 74464 

Rutland, Vermont. Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of 
the Village of Rutland. 1856. Rutland: Steam Press of Geo. A. 
Tuttle ^ Co. 1856. i2mo, pp. 18. h. 74465 

Amended Act of Incorporation and Ordinances of Rutland. 
Rutland. 1866. 8vo. 744^6 

Directory ... Rutland. 1867. i2mo. 744^7 

Report of the Trustees and other Officers of the Village of 
Rutland, April 20th, 1867. Rutland: Tuttle & Co.^ Printers. 
1867. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 74468 

Selectmen's Report to the Town of Rutland, March 3, 1857. 
Rutland: George J. Tuttle & Company ^ Printers. 1857. 8vo, pp. 
15. Continued. h. 74469 

Tariff and Revised Tariff of the Association of Underwriters 
of Rutland, Vt. Rutland. 1867. i2mo. 74470 

Twelfth Report of Registry and Returns of Births, Marriages 
and Deaths, in Rutland ... Dec. 31, 1868. Rutland. 1870. 
8vo. 74471 

Report of the Directors of the Rutland and Burlington 
Railroad Company, at their annual meeting, at Rutland, held 
1 2th January, 1848 ; with the Act of Incorporation, &:c. Bur- 
lington: Free Press Office. 1848. 8vo, pp. 20. Continued. B. 

Also issued without the act of incorporation. \_Uid.'] 1848. 8vo, pp. 13. Also: 
The Opinion of the Chancellor, in the case of Byron Stevens -vs. The Rutland and 
Burlington Railroad Company and others. Burlington : Cbauncey Goodrich. 185 1. 8vo, 


pp. 30. — ... The Opinion of Justice Steele in the Case of Jas. Cheever and Wm. T. 
Hart et al I'i. The Rutland and Burlington Railroad Company. Boston. 1870. 8vo. 

Eleventh Report of the Rutland and Stamford Auxiliary 
Bible Society. Rutland? 1823. i2mo. 74473 

Second Annual Report of the Rutland and Whitehall 
Railroad. Rutland^ Vt. 1852. 8vo. Continued. 74474 

Eleventh Annual Fair of the Rutland County Agricul- 
tural Society ... September 24 & 25, 1856. Rutland: G.J. 
Tuitle & Co.., Printers. 1856. 8vo, pp. 16. ^ Continued. H. 

Rutland County Almanac 1862. Issued by Pond Sz Morse 
... Geo. A. Tuttle y Co.^ Printers., Rutland. [1861.] Sm. 8vo, pp. 
40. B., H. 74476 

By-Lau^s of the Rutland Marble Co., West Rutland, Vt. 
New York. 1864. 8vo. I^MI 

Annual Report of the Rutland Missionary Association, 
with a catalogue of Annual Subscribers. 1868. Rutland: Tuitle 
& Co.., Printers. 1868. l2mo, pp. 15. H. 74478 

Report of the Managers of the Rutland Railroad Com- 
pany to the Stockholders, for the Year ending September 30, 
1869. Rutland: Tuttle & Co.., Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 9. b. 

[RuTLEDGE, pseudon.~\ Mr. Douglas and the Doctrine of 
Coercion, together with Letters from Herschel V. Johnson, of 
Georgia, and Hon. J. K. Paulding ... [n. p. i860.] 8vo, pp. 24. 

Signed " Rutledge." 

RuTLEDGE, pseudon. Separate State Secession Practically dis- 
cussed. In a Series of Articles published originally in the Edge- 
field Advertiser, by Rutledge. Edgefield Court House., S. C. : Ad- 
vertiser Print, [i860?] 8vo, pp. 38. 7448 1 

Rutledge (E.) An Address, delivered before the Inhabitants 
of Stratford, July 4, 1827. By Edward Rutledge ... . New- 
Haven: A. H. Malthy. Treadw ay and Adams., Print. 1827. 8vo, 
pp. 15. 74482 

Rutledge. The Articles of Religion, of the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church, supported by Reference to the Scriptures : together 
with a Short Address to his Parishioners. By Rev. Edward Rut- 
ledge .... Middletown., [Conn.) Printed by E. & H. Clark. 1826. 
8vo, pp. 16. B. 74483 


RuTi.EDGi:. History of the Church of England, from the Ear- 
hcst Periods to the Present Time, being principally an Abridge- 
ment of Grant's. By Rev. Edward Rutledge, a.m. ... Middle- 
town^ [Conn.) Printed by E. iff H. Clark. 1825. 8vo, pp. xv, 9- 
310. 74484 

Rutledge (H. M.) An Oration delivered in St. Phillip's 
Church, before the inhabitants of Charleston, South-Carolina ; 
on Wednesday, the Fourth of July, 1804. In commemoration 
of American Independence. By appointment of the American 
Revolution Society, and published at the request of that Society 
and also of the South Carolina State Society of Cincinnati. By 
Henry M. Rutledge .... Charleston : Printed by IV. P. Young ... 

M.DCCCIV. 8vO, pp. 21. P. 74485 

Title from Mr. Paul L. Ford. 

[Rutledge [Chevalier Jean Jacques).] Essais Politiques sur 
I'Etat Actuel de quelques Puissances. Par R. C. B. Londres 
\\. e. Geneve']. 1777. 8vo. 744^6 

Rutledge (J.) A Defence against Calumny; or, Haman, in 
the Shape of Christopher Ellery, Esq. Hung upon his own Gal- 
lows. Being the Substance of certain publications, during the 
last autumn, in the Newport Mercury, refuting the accusation 
against John Rutledge, of writing two letters to the President of 
the United States, urging the "displacement" of all the Federal- 
ists in Rhode-Island, and the appointment to office of such per- 
sons as should be recommended by Christopher Ellery, Esquire. 
Together with a Preface and Appendix. [^Newport .•] Printed for 
the Purchasers. 1 803. 8vo, pp. 64. ba., m. 74487 

Rutledge. An Examination of the Question, Who is the 
Writer of Two Forged Letters addressed to the President of the 
United States ? Attributed to John Rutledge, Esq. Member of 
Congress, from South Carolina. Washington City : Printed by 
William Duane isf Son. 1803. 8vo, pp. 24. -f Second Edition. 
llbid.] 1803. 8vo, pp. 24. + [n. p.] 1 803. 8vo, pp. 24. H. 

Attributed to William Duane. See also Vol. v., No. 20985. 

Rutledge. Speech of the Honorable John Rutledge, deliv- 
ered in the House of Representatives of the United States, Feb- 
ruary 24th and 25th, 1802, on the bill, entitled, "An Act to 
repeal certain Acts of the Courts of the United States." [n. p. 
1802.] 8vo, pp. 30. BA. 74489 


RuTT (J. T.) Life and Correspondence of Joseph Priestley, 
LL.D., F.R.S., &c. By John Towill Rutt. ... London: Hunter, 
1832. 2 vols., 8vo. 74490 

Mr. Rutt also edited Priestley's "Theological and Miscellaneous Works," in twenty- 
six volumes. 

RuTTAN (H.) Lectures on the Ventilation of Buildings, 
delivered at the Cobourg Mechanics' Institute. By Henry Rut- 
tan. Printed for private distribution. Cobourg. 1848. 8vo, pp. 
99- 74491 

Also : Ventilation and Warming of Buildings, illustrated by fifty-four plates, exem- 
plifying the exhaustion principle. To which is added, a complete description ... of the 
ventilation of Railway Carriages for both winter and summer. ... Neiv Tork : G. P. 
Putnam. 1862. 8vo, pp. 532. 

RuTTENBER (E. M.) Catalogue of Manuscripts and Relics 
in Washington's Headquarters, New^burgh, N. Y. With an 
Historical Sketch. Prepared for the Trustees under Act of May 
nth, 1874. By E. M. Ruttenber. Newhurgh. 1874. i2mo, 
PP- 74- 74492 

Ruttenber. History of the County of Orange, with a His- 
tory of the Town and City of Newburgh : General, Analytical 
and Biographical: By E. M. Ruttenber ... Newhurgh : E. M, 
Ruttenber 6' Son^ Printers, 1875. 8vo, pp. 424, (i). 4 Maps, 3 
Portraits, 14 Plates. b., ba., h. 74493 

Ruttenber. History of the Town of Newburgh : By E. 
M. Ruttenber, Corresponding Member of the N. Y. Historical 
Society. Illustrations by Charles W. Tice, Artist, Newburgh. 
... Newburgh : E. M. Ruttenber iff Co.^ Printers, 1859. ^^o, pp. 
xi, (i), 322, (2), Appendix viii. 3 Plates. ba., h. 74494 

Ruttenber. History of the Indian Tribes of Hudson's 
River ; their Origin, Manners and Customs ; Tribal and Sub- 
tribal Organizations ; Wars, Treaties, etc., etc. By E. M. Rut- 
tenber .... Albany ., N. T. : J. Munsell. 1872. 8vo, pp. 415. 5 
Portraits. 74495 

The ordinary edition of this book does not contam the portraits. 

Ruttenber. Obstructions to the Navigation of Hudson's 
River; embracing The Minutes of the Secret Committee Ap- 
pointed by the Provincial Convention of New York, July 16, 
1776, and other Original Documents Relating to the Subject. 
Together with Papers relating to the Beacons. By E. M. Rut- 


1 70 RUXTON. 

tenber. Albany^ N. T. : J. Munsell. mdccclx. Sm. 4to, pp. (2), 
V, (2), 210. Map. A. 74496 

Munsell's Historical Series, No. v. One hundred copies printed on small paper, and 
ten copies on large paper. 

Rutter's Political Quarterly devoted to unearthing the sancti- 
monious Political Rats of the South, exposing Radical Scallawags 
& Carpet-Baggers. Biographical Sketches of the Reconstruction 
Destructionists. With pleasing pictures behind the scenes in the 
Reconstruction Conspiracy, with a refreshing History of The 
Radical " Frauds" & "Dead-Beats" in the South, and their con- 
nection with the Government Tinkers at Washington. July 
Number. Memphis^ Tennessee : 1870. 8vo, pp. 56. 74497 

RuTTiMANN (Prof.) Das Nordamerikanische Bundesstaats- 
recht verglichen mit den politischen Einrichtungen der Schweiz. 
... Erster Theil. Zurich: Orell^ Fussli ^ Comp. 1867. 8vo, 
pp. xvi, 459. c. 74498 

Rutty (J.) The | Liberty | of the | Spirit | and of the | Flesh | 
Distinguished : | In an Address to those Captives in Spirit | among 
the People called Quakers, who are | commonly called Libertines. 
I By John Rutty, | An unworthy Member of that Community. | 
... I Dublin^ Printed : | Philadelphia^ Re-printed by B. Franklin^ | and 
D. Hall. 1759. 1 8vo, pp. 64. B., H. 74499 

First edition, Dublin: Isaac Jachon. 1756. 8vo, pp. 74. 

[RuusscHER (Melchior de).] Natuerlyke Historie | van de | 
Couchenille, | betweezen met | Authentique Documenten. | Histoire 
Naturelle | de la | Cochenille, | justifiee par des | Documens Authen- 
tiques. | T"' Amsterdam : | By Hermanus Uytwer/] | Boekverkooper 
1729. 1 8vo, pp. (14), 175. A., J.C.B., H. 74500 

In Dutch and French. 

RuxTON (G. F.) Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky 
Mountains. By George F. Ruxton, Esq., Member of the Royal 
Geographical Society, the Ethnological Society, etc. etc. London: 
John Murray. 1847. ^^' '^^^1 PP- viii, 332, Advertisements 14. 
BA. -\- New York: Harper i^ Brothers. 1848. i2mo, pp. 312. 
A., BA., H. -f London. 1849. i2mo. + New York: Harper ^ 
Brothers, i860. i2mo, pp. 312. + New Edition. London: 
John Murray. 186 1. i6mo, pp. viii, 332. 74501 

RuxTON. Life in the Far West. By George Frederic Rux- 
ton .... New York : Harper & Brothers. 1849. i2mo, pp. 235. 

RUYTER. 171 

A., H. -f- Edinburgh. 1850. i2mo, pp. 328. -f Second Edition. 
William Blackwood and Sons Edinburgh and London MDCCCLI. 
l6mo, pp. xiv, 289. H. -\- New York: Harper ^ Brothers. 1855. 
l2mo, pp. 235. -f \^Ibid.'\ 1859. i2mo, pp. 235. + William 
Blackwood and Sons Edinburgh and London mdccclxi i2mo. -f" 
New Edition. \Jbid^^ mdccclxviii i2mo. 74502 

Also printed in "Blackwood's Magazine," vols. 63 and 64. "We are assured by 
the author in his preface, that his work is a narration of veritable incidents of Indian 
and frontier life, with fictitious names to some of the characters, for prudential motives. 
His relations of the awful ravages of the Apaches and Comanches in northern Mexico, 
are painfully vivid .... Melancholy as the story is, we read with perhaps not less regret, 
that the precious historical manuscripts of New Mexico, discovered by Mr. Ruxton, 
were irrevocably lost by him in crossing the Arkansas." — Field. 

Ruxton. Leben im fernen Westen. Aus dem Englischen 
von M. B. Lindau. Dresden. 1852. i2mo. 74503 

Ruxton. The Oregon Question. A Glance at the respective 
claims of Great Britain and the United States, to the territory in 
dispute. ... London. 1846. 8vo. 74504 

RuYSDALE (P.) The Fortunes of a Colonist. By Philip 
Ruysdale. London : T. C. Newby. 1854. i2mo. 74505 

RuYTER (M. A. de). Brief van de Vice-Admiraal de Ruyter 
aan de Staten Generael. [n. p. 1665.] 4to, pp. 7. 745o6 

Letter of Vice-Admiral de Ruyter. Relating to his expedition to the West Indies. 

Ruyter. Denkwiirdige und ausfiihrliche Erzehlung, Der 
gliicklichen und Siegreichen See Reise : welche H. Lieutenant- 
Admiral de Ruyter, Im lahr 1664. und 1665. nach Guinea und 
West-Indien ... verrichtet. [n. p. 1665.?] 4to, 6 leaves. j.c.B. 

By Jan van Eyndhoven. Probably a translation of the " Journael, Ofte Dagh-Re- 
gister," No. 23578, Vol. vi. 

Ruyter. Journael, | Gehouden op 's Lants Schip de | Spiegel, | 
Van 't gene gepasseert en verricht is op | de Vloot van haer H°. 
M°. de Heeren Staten Gene-|rael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, 
soo in de | Middellantsche Zee, als op de Custen van | Africa en 
America. | Onder 't Beleyt van den Ed. Manhaften Heer| Michiel 
de Ruyter, I als Admirael, En de Heer | Jan Cornelis van Meppe- 
len,|als Vice-Admirael In den Jare 1664 en 1665. | [Woodcut of 
a ship.] I f Amsterdam .^ By Pieter la Burgh .^ in de Niesel^ in 't fijn 
Tafelboeck. i66s.\ 4to, pp. (2), 77, (3). L. 74508 

Ruyter. Journael, | Gehouden op's Landts-schip de | Spiegel, | 
Van't gene gepasseert en verricht | is op de Vloot van haer Ho. 



Mo. de Heeren Staten Ge-|nciael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, 
soo in de | Middellantschc Zee, als op de Kusten van | Africa en 
America. | Onder 't Beleydt van den Ed. Manhafter Heer| Michiel 
de Ruyter, |als Admirael, En de Heer | Jan Cornelis van Meppe- 
len, |afs Vice-Admirael, in den Jare 1664 en ib6s.\f Jmsterdam^ 
by Jacob Venckel^ Boeckverkooper^ in de Beurs-straet^ in de \ History- 
schrijver^ Anno 1665.I 4to, engraved and printed titles, pp. 5- 
82, (2). 74509 

Ruyter. Journael Ofte Dagh-Register. See F. (A.), Vol. 
VI., No. 23578 ; and Prins (J.), Vol. xv.. No. 65688. 

Ruyter. Leben en heldendaden van M. A. de Ruiter, Her- 
tog en Lt. Admiraal van Holland en Westfriesland. Ajnsterdam : 
C. Groenewoud. 1784. 8vo. 74510 

Ruyter. The Life of Michael Adrian de Ruyter, Admiral 
of Holland. London^ Printed by J, B. for Dorinan Newman. 
1677. i2mo. Portrait. 745' I 

Ruyter. Merkv^^aardige en beknopte historic van het leven 
en de heldendaden van den grooten Zeeheld M. de Ruyter. Mid- 
delburg: y. van den Sande. [17 — .?] 8vo. 745^2 

Ruyter. Relation von der Reise des Herrn Admiral-Leut- 
nant Reiters. [n. p.] 1665. 4to. 745^3 

Ruyter. La vie et les actions memorables de Michel de 
Ruyter, Lieutenant Amiral General des Provinces Unies. Tra- 
duits du Hollandais. Amsterdarn : H. et T. Boom. 1677. 2 vols., 
l2mo. Engraved title and Portrait. -\-A?nsterda?n. 1698. Folio. 
Portrait and Plates. 745^4 

By G. Brand. It contains an account of the admiral's expedition to the West Indies. 
See also Buma (J. A. van), Vol. in., No, 9153. 

RuYTERS (D.) Toortze der Zeevaert, om te beseylen de 
custen geleghen bezuyden den Tropicus Cancri, als Brasylien, 
West-Lidicn, Guinea, Angola, etc. deur eyghen ervarentheyt en 
andere behulpselen in't licht gebracht. VUssinghen : M. Ax. v. d. 
Nolck. 1623. 4to. -^Amsterdam. 1674. 4to. -\- A?nsterdam : 
Jac. Colom. 1692. 4to. 745^5 

All the editions of this " Torch of Navigation " are rare. 

RvYZ (Jvan), Professor de Mathematicas. Discvrso | hecho 
sobre|la significacion de dos | impressiones meteorologicas | que se 
vieron el Aiio passado de 1652. | La primera de vn Arco que se 
terminaua de Oriente | a Occidente a 18. de Nouiembre. | Y las 




segunda del Cometa visto por todo el Orbe ter|restre desde 17. 
de Diziembre del mesnio Ano de 1652. | ... | Con licencla de Nu- 
estros Superiores. | hnpresso en Mexico : en la unprcnta de su Autor. 
Anode 1653. 4to, 10 leaves. 745i6 

RuYz DE Tagle (D.) Alegato por el General D. Domingo 
Ruyz de Tagle, vezino de la ciudad de Mexico, en la demanda 
que se signe en este Juzgado Ecclesiastico de la Puebla, por apel- 
lacion que interpuso D. Maria de Acuiia Bonal, pretendiendo se 
revoquen los autos de el Sr. Aietropolitano de Mexico, y que se 
declare nullo el matrimonio que contraxo con D. Ignacia Cruzat 
y Gongora. \_Mexico? 1703?] Folio, 12 leaves. 7451? 

Ruz (J.) Analisis del Idioma Yucateco al Castellano por el 
R. P. Fray Joaquin Ruz. Merida de Yucatan : hnpreso por Ma- 
riano Guzman, 1851. 8vo, pp. 16. 74518 

Ruz. Cartilla o Silabario de lengua Maya, para la ensenanza 
de los niiios indigenas, por el Padre Fr. Joaquin Ruz. Merida de 
Yucatan. Por Rafael Pedr era. 1845. Sm. 8vo, pp. 16. 745^9 

Ruz. Catecismo Historico d Compendio de la Istoria sagrada, 
y de la Doctrina Cristiana. Con preguntas, y respuestas, y lec- 
ciones seguidas, por el Abad Fleuri ; y traducidas del castellano al 
idioma Yucateco, con un brebe exorto para el entrego del santo 
Cristo a los enfermos, por el R. P. Fr. Joaquin Ruz de la Orden 
de San Francisco. Para Instruccion de los Naturales. Con 
licencia. En Merida de Yucatan En la Oficina a cargo de Domingo 
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ano y cuaresma, tomados de varies autorcs y traducidos libremente 
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The second volume, dated 1849, and the third and fourth volumes, each dated 1850, 
have the imprint : Merida. Impreso por Nazario No-velo. 

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[Ruz.] Ebanhelio Hczu Clizto Zan Lucas, [n. p. 187-?] 
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Part of the gospel of Luke in the Maya language. 



Ruz. Explicacion de una parte de la Doctrina Cristiana. See 
Rico Frontaura (P.), Vol. xvii., No. 71249. 

Ruz. Gramatica Yucateca por el P. Fr. Joaquin Ruz, for- 
mada para la instruccion de los Indigenas, sobre el compendio de 
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[Ruz.] Leti u Cilich Evangelio Jesu Cristo hebix San Lucas. 

Londres. W. M. JVatts^ Crown Court ^ Temple Bar, 1865. i6mo, 
pp. (2), 90. 74524 

The gospel of St. Luke in the Maya language of Yucatan. 

Ruz. Manual Romano Toledano, y Yucateco para la admi- 
nistracion de los Santos Sacramentos, por el R. P. Fr. Joaquin 
Ruz. M'er'ida de Yucatan. En la oficina de yose D. Espinosa^ 1846. 
4to, pp. (28), 191. 74525 

Ruz. Via Sacra. See Villavicencio (J. de H.) 

Ruz. A Yucatecan Grammar : translated from the Spanish 
into Maya, and abridged for the Instruction of the Native Indians, 
by the Rev. J. Ruz, of Merida. Translated from the Maya into 
English, by John Kingdon, Baptist Missionary, Belize, Honduras. 
Belize : Printed at the Baptist Mission Press, MDCCCXLVil. 8vo, 

PP- (4)7 3-68. A. 74526 

Several of the above titles are from Icazbalceta's "Apuntes," and from Filling's 
** North American Linguistics." 

Ryan (C.) Oscar and other Poems. By Carroll Ryan. 
Hamilton^ C, W, 1857. i2mo. 745^7 

Embraces a sketch of Canadian scenery. Also: The Songs of a Wanderer ... 
Ottaiva. 1867. i2mo. 

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of the University of Wisconsin, June 16, 1873, ^7 Hon. Edward 
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preferred by the Assembly for High Misdemeanors in office. Re- 
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pp. 154- H. 74529 

Ryan (G.) Report of the Trial of George Ryan, before the 
Superior Court, at Charlestown, N. H. ... May Term 181 1, for 

RYDER. 175 

Highway Robbery. 'John Prentiss^ Printer^ Keene^ N. H. [181 1.] 
8vo, pp. 24. B., H., w. 74530 

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the most fertile source of crime and of personal and social misery. 
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pp. 16. H. 74537 

Ryder (W.) The Superannuate : or. Anecdotes, Incidents, 
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"worn out" Preacher of the Troy Conference of the M. E. 
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8vo, pp. 20. H. 74541 

Ryer (J.) Narrative and Dying Speech of John Ryer, exe- 
cuted at White-Plains, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1793, for the Murder of 
Isaac Smith, Deputy Sheriff of Westchester County, [n. p. :] 
Printed for ^ and sold by^ the Flying Stationers. [1793 ?] 8vo. 

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Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada, in behalf of Victoria 
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8vo, pp. 75. 74544 

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and Common Schools in Upper Canada for ... 1845. ••• ^ebec. 
1846. 8vo. 74545 

Ryerson. Annual Report of the ... Model, and Common 
Schools in Upper Canada, for the year 1849. ••• Toronto. 1850. 
4to. N. 74546 

Continued by Mr. Ryerson to 1864. 

Ryerson. Christians on Earth and in Heaven; the Substance 
of a Discourse delivered in the Adelaide Street Wesleyan-Meth- 
odist Church, Toronto ... October 29th, 1848, on ... the death 
of Mrs. Sanderson, late wife of the Rev. Geo. R. Sanderson, 
Editor of the Christian Guardian. By the Rev. E. Ryerson, 
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course delivered in Kingston, U. C. December 31, 1837. By 
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Ryerson. Claims of the Churchmen and Dissenters of Upper 
Canada brought to the test in a controversy between several mem- 
bers of the Church of England and a Methodist Preacher, founded 
on Rev. Dr. Strachan's Sermon on the death of the Lord Bishop 
of Quebec. ... By Rev. Egerton Ryerson. Kingston. 1828. 
8vo, pp. 232. 74549 


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History — A Question of Law — And a subject of Legislation. A 
Series of Letters. By Egerton Ryerson. Toronto. 1839. 8vo, 
pp. (6), 156. 74550 

For a reply see "Ten Letters on the Church," etc. 

Ryerson. Controversy between Dr. Ryerson, Chief Super- 
intendent of Education in Upper Canada, and the Rev. J. M. 
Bruyere, on the Appropriation of the Clergy Reserves Funds. 
Free Schools vs. State Schools. Public Libraries and Common 
Schools attacked and defended. To which is appended a letter 
from the Right Rev. Dr. Pinsoneault, Bishop of London, C. W. 
Toronto. 1857. ^^^5 PP- ^O^- 7455 ^ 

[Ryerson.] Copies of Correspondence between the Chief 
Superintendent of Schools for Upper Canada and other persons, 
on the subject of Separate Schools, (being a continuation of the 
return laid before the House, and printed on the 17th September, 
1852.) Printed by order of the Legislative Assembly. Toronto. 
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Bishop of Toronto, and the Chief Superintendent of Schools, on 
the Subject of Separate Common Schools in Upper Canada. To- 
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to the School Law and the exclusion of the Bible from the Pub- 
lic Schools, 1846-50. ... Toronto. 1850. 4to, pp. 59. 74554 

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Upper Canada, including the Letters of Bishop Charbonnel, Mr. 
Bruyere, and Bishop Pinsoneault. ... Toronto: Lovell & Gibson. 
1857. 8vo, pp. 104. H. 74555 

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the Hon. George Brown, m. p. p., "Editor-in-Chief and Proprie- 
tor" of the Globe. ... Toronto. 1859. ^^o, pp. 110. 7455^ 

[Ryerson.] The Educational Museum and School of Art 
and Design for Upper Canada, with a plan of the English Edu- 
cational Museum, from the Chief Superintendent's Report for 
1856, to which is added an Appendix. Toronto. 1858. 8vo, pp. 
72. 74557 


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the Rev. E. Ryerson, at the preparatory opening of Victoria 
College, Cobourg, in October, 1841. Toronto. 1841. 8vo, pp. 
16. 74558 

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Examples of them ... Toronto, 1851. 8vo, pp. 8. 74559 

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of America. Circular to the Descendants of the British United 
Empire Loyalists of America. \Toronto. 1861.] Folio, pp. 
(4). 74560 

Ryerson. Hon. R. B. Sullivan's Attacks upon Sir Charles 
Metcalfe refuted; being a Reply to the letters "Legion." ... 
Toronto. 1844. 8vo, pp. 63. 745^1 

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of an English and Liberal Education ; delivered at the Opening 
of Victoria College, June 21, 1842. By Egerton Ryerson. To- 
ronto. 1842. 8vo, pp. 34. 74562 

Ryerson. Law of Separate Schools in Upper Canada, by the 
Roman Catholic Bishops and the Chief Superintendent of Schools, 
being the first part of the Correspondence ordered to be printed 
by the Legislative Assembly. Toronto. 1855. 8vo, pp. 40. 

Ryerson. Letters to the Hon. and Reverend Doctor Strachan, 
published originally in the Upper Canada Herald, in reply to Dr. 
Strachan's Speech in the Legislative Council, 7 March, 1828. ... 
Kingston^ C. W. 1828. 8vo, pp. 42. 745^4 

Ryerson. The Loyalists of America and their Times : from 
1620 to 18 16. By Egerton Ryerson, d.d., ll.d. Toronto: 
William Briggs^ 'James Campbell & Son^ and Willing ^ Williamson. 
Montreal: Dawson Brothers. 1880. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxvii, 517; 
xxii, 489, errata (i). Portrait of Ryerson. 745^5 

Ryerson. Methodist Chapel Property Case. Report of the 
Trial of an Action brought by persons calling themselves "The 
Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada," to obtain possession of 
the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Belleville. Tried before the 
Hon. Mr. Justice Jones at Kingston, October nth, 1837. With 
brief notes and remarks, by Rev. E. Ryerson. Toronto. 1837. 
8vo, pp. 103. 74566 


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ties of the People in regard to their Government. By the Rev. 
Dr. Ryerson. Toronto. 1867. 8vo, pp. 35. 745^7 

Ryerson, and others. Petition to the House of Assembly, 
together with a Message from His Excellency the Lieutenant 
Governor, and Correspondence between the Right Hon. Lord 
Glenelg, His Excellency, and Mr. Ryerson, relative to the Upper 
Canada Academy. Printed by order of the House of Assembly. 
Toronto. 1838. 8vo, pp. 78. 745^8 

[Ryerson.] Rapport special sur les mesures qui ont ete 
adoptees pour I'etablissement d'une Ecole Normale ; et pour 
mettre en vigueur dans son ensemble L'Acte des Ecoles Com- 
munes, (9 Vict., Chap. XX,) avec un Appendice. Par le Super- 
intendant des Ecoles du Haut-Canada. ... Montreal: Imprime par 
Lovell et Gibson. 1847. ^^^^ PP- 94* 4 folded Tables. m. 

See also No. 'J^^'JJy infra. 

Ryerson. Remarks on the New Separate School Agitation. 
... Toronto. 1865. 8vo, pp. 26. 74570 

Ryerson. Reply of the Canada Wesleyan Conference, 1841. 
See Vol. XVII., No. 69673. 

Ryerson. Report on a System of Public Elementary Instruc- 
tion for Upper Canada. By Rev. Egerton Ryerson. Printed by 
order of the Legislative Assembly. Montreal. 1847. ^^^5 PP* 
191. 74571 

[Ryerson.] Return to an Address shewing in detail, what 
Books, Maps, and other articles for Schools or Teachers have 
been purchased or sold, by the Superintendent of Education, 
West. Printed by order of the Honorable the Legislative As- 
sembly, ^ebec. 1853. ^"^^-i PP- ^5- 74572 

Ryerson. Rev. Dr. Ryerson's Defence against the Attacks 
of the Hon. George Brown, relative to the Ontario System of 
Public Instruction and its Administration. Toronto. 1872. 8vo, 
PP- 95- 74573 

Ryerson. Scriptural Rights of the Members of Christ's Vis- 
ible Church : or. Correspondence containing the reasons of Dr. 
Ryerson's Resignation of office in the Wesleyan Methodist 
Church. ... Toronto : McPhail ^ Co.., Printers. 1854. 8vo, pp. 
32. H. 74574 


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of his late Counsellors. By Egerton Ryerson. Toronto. 1844. 
8vo, pp. 186. 74575 

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Government. By Egerton Ryerson. Kingston, 1843. '^^^t PP- 
12. 74576 

[Ryerson.] Special Report of the Measures which have been 
adopted for the establishment of a Normal School, and for carry- 
ing into effect generally, the Common ^School Act, (9th Vict., 
Cap. XX,) with an Appendix. Printed by order of the Legislative 
Assembly. Montreal. 1847. ^^o, pp. 72. 74577 

See also No. 74569, supra. 

[Ryerson.] Special Report on Separate School Provisions of 
the School Law of Upper Canada, and the measures which have 
been adopted to supply the School Sections and Municipalities 
with School text books, apparatus and libraries by the Chief 
Superintendent of Education for Upper Canada. Printed by 
order of the Legislative Assembly. Toronto. 1858. 8vo, pp. 76. 

Ryerson. A Special Report on the Systems and State of 
Popular Education on the Continent of Europe, in the British 
Isles, and the United States of America, with practical suggestions 
for the Improvement of Public Instruction in the Province of 
Ontario, by the Rev. Dr. Ryerson. ... Toronto: Printed at the 
Leader Steam Press Establishment. 1868. 8vo, pp. viii, 198. H. 

Ryerson. University Question : Being a Report of a Public 
Meeting held at the Kingston Conference in reference to the 
University Question and Victoria College, to which is added Rev. 
E. Ryerson's Defence of the Wesleyan Petitions to the Legisla- 
ture, and of Denominational Colleges as part of our system of 
Public Instruction. Toronto, i860. 8vo, pp. 54. 745^0 

Ryerson. University Question : The Rev. Dr. Ryerson*s 
Defence of the Wesleyan Petitions to the Legislature, and of 
denominational colleges as part of our system of public instruc- 
tion, in reply to Dr. Wilson and Mr. Langton, before a select 
committee of the Legislative Assembly. With an Appendix 
containing replies to Statements by the Hon. George Brown, 
M. p. p. Reported by Arthur Harvey, Esq., and revised by the 
Author, ^ebec : Printed by Thompson & Co. i860. 8vo, pp. 49. 

RYLAND. l8l 

Ryerson. University Reform defended in reply to six edito- 
rials of the "Globe" and "Leader," on the University Com- 
missioners and the Advocates for University Reform in Upper 
Canada. ... Toronto. 1863. 8vo, pp. 17. 745^2 

Ryerson. University Reform. — Dr. Ryerson's Reply to the 
recent pamphlet of Mr. Langton and Dr. Wilson ; on the Uni- 
versity Question in five letters to the Hon. M. C. Cameron, 
M. L. c. Chairman of the late University Committee of the Leg- 
islative Assembly. Toronto. 1861. 8vo, pp. 64. 745^3 

[Ryerson.] Wesleyan Conference Memorial on the question 
of liberal education in Upper Canada, explained and defended by 
numerous proofs and illustrations, by a committee. Toronto. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 72. 74584 

Ryerson. Wesleyan Methodism in Upper Canada. A Ser- 
mon preached before the Wesleyan Conference in Toronto, June, 
1837. By Rev. E. Ryerson. Toronto. 1837. 8vo, pp. 27. 

Ryerson (J.) Hudson's Bay; or, a Missionary Tour in the 
Territory of the Hon. Hudson's Bay Company; By the Rev. 
John Ryerson, Co-Delegate, and Deputation to the Wesleyan 
Missions in Hudson's Bay: with brief Introductory Missionary 
Memorials ... Toronto: G. R. Sanderson. 1855. i2mo, pp. xxiv, 
190. Portrait, 9 Plates. B. 74586 

Ryerson (W.) and (E.) Wesleyan Methodist Conference. 
Its Union with the Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist 
Church in Canada, in August, 1833, and its Separation from the 
Canada Conference, in August, 1840, consisting of the Official 
Proceedings and Correspondence of both bodies and their repre- 
sentatives. By Rev's. W. and E. Ryerson, Representatives or 
the Canada Conference. London. 1840. 8vo, pp. 115. 74587 

Rylance (R.) A Sketch of the Causes and Consequences 
of the late Emigration to the Brazils, by Ralph Rylance, Esq. 
London: Longman. 1808. 8vo, pp. 84. 745^8 

Relates to the removal of the Portuguese Court to the Brazils. For a reply lee Ling- 
ham (E. J,), Vol. X., No. 41329. 

Ryland [Mr.) Continuation of Mr. Ryland's Case. Mont- 
real. 1858. 8vo. 745^9 

Mr. Ryland was Registrar of the District of Quebec. 


Ryland. Debate in the House of Commons on Mr. Ryland's 
Case, with Documentary Evidence. Montreal, i860. 8vo. 

Ryland. Documents relative to Mr. Ryland's Claim on 
Government, with Extracts from the Secretary of State's Instruc- 
tions to the Governor of Canada. Montreal. 1848. 8vo. 

Ryland. Mr. Ryland's Case. Correspondence between Mr. 
Ryland and Mr. Murdoch. London. 1859. ^^o- 7459^ 

Ryland (R.) The American Union. An Address, deliv- 
ered before the Alumni Association of the Columbian College, 
D. C, June 23, 1857. By R. Ryland, President of Richmond 
College, Va. Richmond: Printed by H. K. Ellyson. 1857. ^^^^ 
pp. 23. H. 74593 

Ryle (J. C.) The Priest, the Puritan, and the Preacher. 
By the Rev. J. C. Ryle ... New York: Robert Carter & Brothers. 
1855. i2mo, pp. (6), 9-360. B. 74594 

Ryle. A Sketch of the Life and Labors of George White- 
field. By the Rev. J. C. Ryle, b.a. ... New-Tor k : Anson D. F. 
Randolph. 1854. i2mo, pp. 44. 74595 

Ryle (T.) American Liberty and Government questioned. 
By Thomas Ryle. ... London: Longman^ Brown^ Green^ and Long- 
mans. 1855. 8vo, pp. xii, 195. B., BA., c, s. 74596 

Ryles (M.) Sermon delivered at St. John, New Brunswick, 
2 December, 1798, on the late signal success granted to His 
Majesty's Arms. By Rev. Mathew Ryles. St. John. 1798. 
8vo. 74597 

[Rymer (James).] A Description of the Island of Nevis ; 
with an Account of its Principal Diseases. To which are added, 
some Sentiments on Reviewers ; particularly the Medical and 
Critical Review for August 1775. London: T. Evans, mdcc- 
Lxxv. 8vo, pp. (2), vi, 47. H. 74598 

" It is impossible for a man of the least taste or knowledge to read this pamphlet, 
without being extremely disgusted by the vanity, affectation, and stupidity of the writer." 
— Monthly Re-vieiVy lv. 235. Also: An Essay on Medical Education, with Advice to 
young Gentlemen of the Faculty, who go into the Navy as Surgeons' Mates. ... Lon- 
don : T. Evans. 1777? 8vo. 

Rynaga Salazar (J. de la). Memorial Discvrsivo sobre el 
oficio de Protector General de los Indios del Piru. Al Rey nves- 


tro Senor Don Felipe iiii. Por Don Ivan de la Rynaga Salazar. 
Cauallero del habito de Santiago Natural de Lima. [Colophon :] 
En Madrid, En la hnprenta Real. Am M. DC. xxvi. 4to, 35 
leaves. j.c.b. 74599 

Rynaga Salazar. Tratado sobre el oficio de protector gen- 
eral de los Indios, por D. Juan de la Rynaga Salazar, del abito de 
Santiago y oidor de Panama. Lima. 1626. 4to. 74600 

Title from Ternaux, No. 485. 

Rynders (I.) Oration ... July 4, 1851, before the Old 
Guard. By Isaiah Rynders. New York. 1851. 8vo, pp. 8. 


***. Relation du Voyage de S*** a la 
Riviere de la Plata au Perou. Paris: 
Clousier. 1672. i2mo. 74602 

Title from Boucher de la Richarderie, vol. vi., p. 325. 

S***** {Mrs.) Memoirs. See S[eton 
(Eliza A.)] 

S. (A.) Some Observations and Anno- 
tations. See S[teuart] (A[dam].) 

S. (B.) Examination of the Validity of the Pretended Char- 
ters of the City of Nevi^-York, in a review of the decision of the 
Superior Court, in the case of Gabriel Furman, ex. and others, 
against The Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of 
New-York. By B. S. New-Tor k : Pudney ^ Russell^ Printers, 
1852. 8vo, pp. 27. 74603 

S... (C... de 
S[odre] {C[ommandeur~\ de). 

N f Observations sur quelques articles. 
^* \ Les Provinces de la Plata. 



S. (C. T. U.) Cartilla d Silibario, del Uso de letras y raiz de 
palabras de que se compone el idioma mexicano, segun el uso 
manual de los llamados indigenas de Tlaxcala. Que se dedica al 
exmo. e illmo. Sr. Dr. D. Francisco Pablo Vasquez, Dignisimo 
Obispo de esta diocesis. Muy util para las escuelas y para toda 
clase de personas que quierdn [sic] aprender este idioma, y para 
saber traducir los escritos megicanos que hay. Su autor C. T. 
U. S. Puebla. Imprenta de Juan N. Del Valle^ calle de la Carni- 
ceria num. 12. 1847. l6mo, pp. 80. 74^04 

Title furnished by Mr. James C. Pilling, from a copy in the Boban collection (No. 
2043), sold in 1886. 

S. (Cae.) The Crisis. See Vol. v.. No. 175 19. 

S. (D.) Histoire | de la | Virginie, | contenant | L'Histoire de son 
Etablissement, de son Gou-| vernement d'a present, ses Produc- 
tions, la I Religion, les Loix & les Coutumes des In-|diens Natu- 
rels, tant dans la Guerre que dans | la Paix, & I'etat present du 

s. 185 

Pays a I'egard | de la Police & de rAgriculture. | Par D. S. Natif 
& habitant du Pays. | Traduit de I'Anglois Sz enrichic de figures. | 
j4 Amsterdain^ | C/;<?z Claude "Jordan^ Libra'ire^ vis-a-vis du | Lomhart^ 
proche la Ville de Lion. \ M.DCC.xii.| Sm. 8vo, engraved title, 
printed title, pp. (4), 433, Table 8 leaves. 14 Plates. bm., c. 

A translation of Robert Beverley's " History and Present State of Virginia," 1705. 
Page 433 is a folded leaf. The initials D. S. have been explained as standing for D. 

S. Histoire|de la Wx<^\mQ.\A Amsterdam\Che'z. Thomas Lom- 
hrail \ [Printed title :] Relation | Historique | de la | Virginie, | con- 
tenant I L'Histoire de son Etablissement, & de son | Gouverne- 
ment ; ses Productions, la Re-|ligion, les Lois & les Coutumes 
des In- 1 diens Naturels, tant dans la Guerre que | dans la Paix, & 
Tetat du Pays a I'egard | de la Police h de ^Agriculture, jusqu'a | 
present. | Par D. S. Natif h habitant du Pai's. | Traduit de I'An- 
glois & enrichie des figures. | A Amsterdam^ \ Chez J. F. Bernard^ 
pres de la Bourse. | M. DCC. xviii. | Sm. 8vo, engraved title, printed 
title, pp. (4), 433, Table 8 leaves. 14 Plates. a. 74606 

For other French editions see Nos. 51 15, 51 16, Vol. 11. 

S. (D. M. Q. C.) El triunfo de la justicia en los viles insur- 
gentes : compuesto en un romance corriente por D. M. Q. C. S. 
Mexico. 181 1. 8vo. 74607 

S. (D. R.) Adele y Matilde, o los cinco ultimos aiios de la 
dominacion Espaiiola en el Peru. Novela historica orijinal, por 
D. R. S. Madrid. 1843. i2mo. 74608 

S (V R ^ / Ariel refuted. 1 o 

• \ • ')y Who shall be the Republican Nominee, j 
S[eabrook] (E. B[ayard].) 

S. (E. I.) The American and British Chronicle. See Vol. i.. 
No. 1040. 

S. (E. W.) and M. (S. W.) The Children's Hour. By E. 
W. S. and S. W. M. Philadelphia: Published for the Benefit of 
the Sanitary Commission. 1864. 8vo. 74609 

S (Edmond de G.) La Republique de Buenos-Ayres, 

telle qu'elle est aujourd'hui. ... Paris. 1825. 8vo. s. 74610 

S. (F. L.) Noticias de ... Californias. See [Sales [Fray 


1 86 s. 

[S. (G.)] The present financial position of the United States 
compared with that of Great Britain during the continental war. 
[Brussels P i86-.] 8vo, pp. 8, folded table. 74^1 1 

Signed "G. S., Brussels." Also: Relative position of the finances of various Euro- 
pean countries. [Brussels F 1 86-.] 8vo, pp. 8, folded table. Signed "G. S., Brussels." 
Contains references to American finances. — Temperance. In which was the Conven- 
tion right ? [Peterboro. 1865.] Folio, I leaf. Signed "G.S." 

[S. (G. W.)] Description of the Eastern Penitentiary of 

Pennsylvania. Philadelphia : C. G. Childs. 1829. 8vo, pp. 8. 2 

Plates. H. 74612 
Signed "G. W. S." 

S. (H.) The History of the Davenport Family, in which is 
displayed a Striking Contrast between Haughty Indolence and 
Healthful Activity, in the characters of the young Davenports 
and their Cousins, Sophia and Amelia Easy. Interspersed with 
Moral Reflections. By H. S. ... Boston: Spotswood S Ethej'idge. 
1798. 2 vols, in one, 24mo, pp. 144. 12 Plates. c. 74613 

S. (H.) Journal on Board H. M. Ship Cambridge, 1824 to 
1827. By H. S., Chaplain. Newcastle. 1829. i2mo. Colored 
Frontispiece. 74614 

Relates partly to Brazil and other parts of South America. Title from a bookseller's 

[S. (H. M.)] Financial Suggestions. [New York. 1864.] 
I folded leaf. H. 74615 

Signed, H. M. S. Also: Financial Suggestions, No. 2. [n. p. 1865.?] I folded 
leaf. H. 

S. (I.) A brief and perfect | Journal | of | The late Proceedings 
and I Success of the English Army in the | West-Indies, | Con- 
tinued until June the 24^^^-. 1655. | Together with | Some Quaeres 
inserted and Answered. | Published for satisfaction of all such 
who desire truly | to be informed in these particulars. | By I. S. an 
Eye-witnesse. | Veritas nudata celari non potest. | London^ Printed^ 
1655. 1 4to, pp. 1-16, 15-27. Sig. A-D in fours, the last leaf 
blank. J.C.B., c, l. 74616 

The object of the expedition, which consisted of 10,000 men under the command 
of General Venables and Admiral Penn, was the conquest of all the Spanish West- 
India islands. The English army, however, was badly defeated by the Spaniards in 
Hispaniola, and only succeeded in securing and occupying the island of Jamaica. The 
pamphlet was reprinted in the " Harleian Miscellany," vol. vi. (1810), pp. 372-390. 

[S. (I.)] A I Discovery I of I Fonseca | In a Voyage to | Surra- 
nam. | The Island so long sought for in the | Western Ocean. | 

s. 187 

Inhabited by Women with the Account of their | Habits, Cus- 
toms and Religion. | And the Exact Longitude and Latitude of 
the Place taken from | the Mouth of a Person cast away on the 
Place in a Hurricane | with the Account of their being Cast 
away. | Re-printed at Dublin Anno Domini. 1682. | 4to, pp. 8. 

Signed "I. S." 

S. (L A.) Stradavits Reyse ter Walvis-Vangst, rymsgewys 
beschreven door L A. S. chirurgyn op het schip Zaandyker Hoop. 
Antwerpen^ P. J. Parys. 1769. 4to. 74618 

S. (L C. E.) Physikalische Untersuchung. See S[pringer] 
(J[o]. C[hrist]. E[ric].) 

S. (J.) Old Mens Tears. See [Scottow (Joshua)]. 

&ee also Brez (G. de), Vol. ii.. No. 7785. 

S. (J.) An Almanack. See S[herman] (J[ohn].) 

S. (J.), M.D. The Mirror of Merit and Beauty. See S[mith] 

(J.) Strictures on the Rev. Mr. Thatcher's Pamphlet. 

See S[ullivan] (J[ames].) 

S. (J.) Some Account of J. S. extracted from a Letter, writ- 
ten by him in Jamaica, to a Citizen of Philadelphia ... Philadel- 
phia, [y. R.J. Skerrett.^ Printer.'] 1822. l2mo, pp. 8. ba. 

S. (J. E.) Vollstandige Beschreibung der Spanischen Hand- 
lung welche zwischen der Stadt Manila auf der Philippinischen 
Insel Lucon und dem Hafen Acapulco auf der Mexicanischen 
Kuste getrieben wird, nebst einer umstandlichen Nachricht von 
der BeschafFenheit dieser beyden Stadte und dem Reichthume 
welchen das zwischen ihn^n bin und hergehende Schift' gemeinig- 
lich bey sich fiihrt, mit einigen nothigen Anmerkungen versehen 
von J. E. S. [n. p.] Im Jahr.^ 1763. 4to, pp. 32. j.c.b. 

S. (J. G.) A Selection of Trials, Causes, and Important 
Occurrences in Courts of Judicature, including characteristical 
remarks and anecdotes. By J. G. S. Esq. Queen Square, assisted 
by several legal gentlemen. ... London: J. JVallis. 1801. 2 vols., 
i2mo. 74621 

Contains an account entitled " Menzies & Logan," giving the remarkable adventures 
of Dr. Menzies among the Cherokee Indians, by whom he was tied to a stake, larded, 
and partially roasted ; his escape, and how he subsisted for several days on the strips of 
pork which had been inserted in his skin during the process. Also, Logan's speech. 


1 88 s. 

S. (J. G.) Zes maanden in de West-Indien. See [Coleridge 
(H. N.)], Vol. IV., No. 14320. 

[S. (J. H.)] An Essay on the Red Sulphur Springs, of Vir- 
ginia. By a Visiter [j/V]. Richmond: Elliott & Nye^ Printers. 
1851. i6mo, pp. 15. H. 74622 

Signed "J. H. S." 

S. (J. J.) A Letter from a Gentleman of Baltimore. See 
[Sheed (J. J.)] 

(J. L.) Neue Nachrichten. See Vol. xiii.. No. 52367. 

S. (L.) The I Porcupine | alias the | Hedge-Hog: | or, | Fox 
turned Preacher. | Written after the Manner of Ignatius Irony, | 
Bartholomew Burlesque, and Samuel | Satire. | By L. S. living in 
Fox Island. | "If a Fox go up, he shall ever break down their | 
Stone-wall." Nehemiah. | "O Israel! Thy Prophets are like 
the Foxes in | the Deserts." Ezekiel. | Boston : | Printed and Sold 
by Benjamin Edes & Sons^ | No. 42, Cornhill ; and by the Author .^ at 
his I House opposite Sublility and a Ton of Stimu- \ lators^ and enclosed 
by Worthy and a Shelter\for Rabbits. August.^ 1784. | 8vo, pp. (2), 

43, Vi. J.C.B., W. 74623 

S. (L.) The "Times" on the American War. See S[tephen] 

S. (M.) M. S. to A. S. I With I A Plea for Libertie of Con- 
science I in a Church way, | Against the Cavils of A. S. And] 
Observations | on his | Considerations, | And | Annotations Upon 
the Apologeticall Narration, | Humbly submitted to the judge- 
ments of all rati-|onall, and moderate men in the world ; | With 
some modest, and innocent touches on the | Letter from Zealand, 
I And M^ Parker's from New-England. | ... | Licenced and Entred 
according to Order. | London., Printed by F. N. for H. Overton. 
1644. 1 4to, pp. (2), 1-12, 17-110. 74624 

For the work to which this is a reply, see S[teuart] (A[dam].) 

S. (M.) Enchiridion Geographicum. Or, A Manual of 
Geography. Being A Description of all the Empires, King- 
doms, and Dominions of the Earth ... Edinburgh^ Printed in the 
Tear., m.dcciv. 8vo. 74625 

S. (M.) Ein Fundament. See S[imon] (M[enno].) 

S. (M.) The Adamic Race. Reply to "Ariel," Drs. Young 

s. 189 

and Blackie, on the Negro. ... By M. S. ... New York: Russell 
Bros. 1868. i2mo, pp. 70. 74626 

S. (M. B de). Memoiie sur la Guadeloupe, ses isles 

dependantes, son sol, ses productions et generalement sur toutes 

les parties, tant militaires que d'administration. Par M. B de 

S. Aux Isles du Vent, \St. Pierre? 1 7 70?] 4to, pp. iv, 44. 

" Document dans lequel I'auteur demande la separation commerciale de la Guade- 
loupe et de la Martinique. Presente au Roi, ce memoire est reste jusqu'ici anonyme. 
II a du etre imprime en 1770; c'est une piece fort rare et une des plus interessantes a 
classer parmi les rarissimes productions typographiques des Antilles." — Leclerc. 

S. (M. D. L.) Dictionnaire Galibi. See S[auvage] {M. D[e] 

Querard, Barbier, and some others, attribute the authorship to Simon Philippe de la 
Salle de I'Estang. 

S. (M. J.) Vocabulario da lingua indigena geral. 8ee S[eixas] 
(M[anuel] J[ustiniano de]). 

S. (M. P.) Mara: or, A Romance of the War. A Poem. 
By Miss M. P. S., of Sunny-Side. Selma.^ Ala.: Mississippian 
Steam Book and Job Office. 1864. 8vo, pp. 80, (2). ba. 74628 

S***. (M. R. D.) Melanges Interessans. See R[ousselot] 
D[e] S[urgy] ([Jacques Philibert]), No. 73491, supra. 

S. (N.) See Vol. xv., No. 65324, note. 

S. (N. B.) John Beal of Hingham. See [ShurtlefF (N. B.)] 

S. (P.) La Clava del Indio, Leyenda Cubana por P. S. 
Mexico. 1862. 8vo, pp. 107. 74629 

S. (P. M. D.), Censeur Royal. See [Rousselot de Surgy (J. 
P-)]> No. 73490, supra. 

S. (P: P: V :) De Seldsaame en Noit Gehoorde | Wal-vis- 
vangst, I Voorgevallen by St. Anna-Land in 't jaar 1682. den 7. 
October. | Midsgaders, | Een Pertinente Beschrijvinge, | Van de 
geheele | Groen-landse-vaart. | Verhandeld in Prose, en Versen. | 
Nevens Verscheide Saaken tot die Materie diencnde ; | Gelijk op 
d'and're sijde van dit Blad kan gesien worden. | Door P: P: v: 
S. I Med schoone Kop're Prentverbeeldingen vercierd, | Dese 
2de. Druk, merkelijk verbetert, En, bij na de helft, vermeerdert. | 
Tot Leiden. \ in *t Jaar 1684. I 4^^, title, and pp. 72, (6). 7 
Plates. L. 74630 

In the Lenox copy, besides the frontispiece and a plate opposite page 39, five of the 


plates bear the following page numbers on the upper corners: 13, 14, 16, 24 and 40. 
Tromel, Nos. 391, 392, describes two impressions of this edition (4to, pp. 88 [?]), in 
which the titles appear to be exactly alike, line for line. 

S. (R.) The Daniel Catcher. See S[teer] (R.) 

S. (R.) The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cor- 
nishman: relating particularly, his shipwreck near the South Pole; 
his wonderful passage thro' a subterraneous cavern into a kind of 
new world ; his there meeting with a gawry or flying woman, 
whose life he preserv'd, and afterwards married her ; his extra- 
ordinary conveyance to the country of glums and gawrys, or men 
and women that fly. Likewise a description of this strange 
country, with the laws, customs, and manners of its inhabitants, 
and the author's remarkable transactions among them. Taken 
from his own mouth, in his passage to England, from ofF Cape 
Horn in America, in the ship Hector. With an Introduction, 
giving an account of the surprizing manner of his coming on 
board that vessel, and his death on his landing at Plymouth in the 
year 1739. Illustrated with several cuts, clearly and distinctly 
representing the structure and mechanism of the wings of the 
glums and gawrys, and the manner in which they use them either 
to swim or fly. By R. S. a passenger in the Hector. ... London, 
M.DCC.Li. 2 vols., i2mo. 74^31 

The introduction is signed with the initials of the real author, " R. P.," /, e. Robert 
Paltock or Pultock. For other editions see Vol. xiv., No. 58394. 

S. (S.) An Answer to ... The Tryal of W. Penn. See 
S[tarling] (S[amuel].) 

S. (S.) Immanuel. See S[toddard] (S[olomon].) 

S. (S. C.) A Legend of the Manitou Rock ... By S. C. S. 
Containing also Professor Lyell's Lecture upon the Recession of 
Niagara Falls. Buffalo: Printed by Faxon ^ Co. 1843. i6mo, 
pp. 48. H. 74632 

S. (S. R.) "Carmilhan." See S[pinney] (S[amuel] R.) 

S. (S. S.) Two Hundred Years ago. See S[impson] (S. S.) 

S. (T.) A Cool Reply. See S[tanley] (T[homas].) 

S. (T.) Reasons why Mr. Byles left New London and 
returned into the Bosom of the Church of England ; and the 
Volumes which were mentioned by Mr. Byles ... In a Dialogue 
between a Minister and his People, by T. S. [Neiu London P 
1768.] i2mo, pp. 12. 74633 

s. 191 

S. (T.) of U, The Second part of Vox Populi. See [Scott 
(Thomas), of Utrecht.~\ 

S. (T.), Philomathemat. An Almanack for ... 1656. See Vol. 
XV., p. 102. 

[S. (T. H.)] Floating Flowers, from a Hidden Brook. Phil- 
adelphia : W. S. Toung. 1844. i6mo, pp. 168. c. 74634 

The preface is signed "T. H. S." 

S. (W.) A Compendious or briefe examination. See S[taf- 
ford] (W[illiam].) 

S. (W.) The Proceedings of the English Colonic in Vir- 
ginia. 161 2. See S[trachey] (W[illiam].) 

[S. (W.)] Observations Occasion'd by reading a Pamphlet. 
See Vol. XIII., No. 56481. 

[S. (W.)] Mysterious Nothing. A Poem ; with an Allegory 
on Life and Futurity. By the Author of Contempt on Revenge. 
Philadelphia : Printed for the Author, 1736. l2mo, pp. 16. 

Very rare. Probably printed by Benjamin Franklin. The address to the "Gener- 
ous Readers" is signed " W. S." 

S. (W.) Liberty Regain'd : set forth in the life and actions of 
W. S. Esq : written by himself. With the particulars of his 
being transported from Liverpool into the West-Indies, for five 
years, and his return to England in November last. Being a 
proper warning for youth to follow the steps of Virtue, and to 
shun bad company. London: Crewder and Co. [175-?] 8vo. 

See " Monthly Review," xii. 80. 

S. (W.), A.B. The Antigonian and Bostonian Beauties. See 
[Chauncy (Charles)], Vol. in.. No. 12310. 

S (W -.) Mr. Aislabie's Two Speeches considered. 

See S[heppard] (W.) 

S. (Y. O.) Anecdota importante relativa a la Inquisicion de 
Espana, y varias reflexiones sobre el mismo asunto. Por el 
Americano Y. O. S. Mexico. 1820. 4to, pp. 35. 74^37 

S. Y L. (M. C.) Espresiones de sincero y tierno efecto, con 
que un prisonero de la isia de Esteves manifesta su gratitud a S. 
E. el Libertador S. Bolivar, suplicandole fige su residencia en 
esta capital del Peru. Li?na. [1826.] Folio, i leaf. 74638 

In verse. 



S a {Miss). A Letter from Miss S a to Mrs. R , 

Who, on her way to Bath, visited Saint Rozo Villozo ! The 
most celebrated Personage in this part of the country, And now 
residing near Sharpsburg. Virginia: Shepherd' s-Town: Printed by 
N. Willis. [1791.] i6mo, pp. 15. h. 74639 

Sa de Menezes (Francisco de). See Menezes (F. de Sa de), 
Vol. XII., No. 47853. 

Sa e Menezes (Estacio de). Historia do Brasil contada aos 
meninos ... Paris^ '^Jp' Portugue'z.a de Sitndo Ra^on ^ C^. [1870.] 
8vo, pp. viii, 314. 74640 

Sa Pereira de Castro (E. de). Os Heroes Brazileiros na 
Campanha do Sul em 1865, por Eduardo de Sa ... . Rio de Ja- 
neiro., Typ. de Pinheiro Iff C'^. 1865-66. 4to. 74641 

Nineteen or more parts were published, each containing a portrait and biography of 
a Brazilian patriot. 

Saa (Jacobus a), Eques Lusitanus. De Navigatione libri in : 
quibus mathematicae disciplinae explicantur. ... Parisiis., Ex ofjicina 
Reginald! Calderie^et Clavdii eius filii., 1549* 8vo. Woodcuts. 

Saabye (H. E.) Brudstykker af en Dagbog, holden i Gron- 
land i Aarene 1 770-1 778 af Hans Egede Saabye, fordum ordi- 
neret Missionaer i Claushavns og Christianshaabs Distrikter, nu 
Sognepraest til Udbye i Fyens Stift. Med Forerindring af Stif- 
tets Biskop i et Brev til Hs. Excellence Hr. Geheimekonference- 
raad Biilow. Odense 18 16. Trykt hos S. Hempel., Eier af Fyens 
Stifts Adressekontoir og Bogtrykkerie. i6mo, pp. (4), x, 144, errata 
(i). c. 74643 

Title furnished by Mr. P. C. Warman. The author was a grandson of Hans Egede 
and nephew of Paul Egede. Nyerup mentions a Swedish version, Stockbolmy 1817, 

Saabye. Bruchstucke eines Tagebuchs, gehalten in Gron- 
land in den Jahren 1770 bis 1778 von Hans Egede Saabye. Aus 
dem Danischen iibersetzt von Georg Fries. Mit einer Vorrede 
des Uebersetzers, enthaltend einige Nachrichten von der Lebens- 
weise der Gronlander, der Mission in Gronland, sammt andern 
damit verwandten Gegenstanden und einer Karte iiber Gronland. 
Hamburg: Perthes iff Besser. 1817. i2mo, pp. xcii, 191. Map. 

Saabye. Fragmenten uit een Dagboek gehouden in Groen- 
land in de Jaren 1770-1778. ... Uit het Deens in het Hoog- 
duitsch vertaald door G. Fries, en verrijkt met eene Voorrede des 


Hoogduitschen Vertalers, bevattende eenige Berigten nopens de 
Lebenswijze der Groenlanders, etc. Volgens de Hoogduitsche 
in het Nederlandsch overgebragt. Groningen. 18 18. 8vo. 

Saabye. Greenland : being Extracts from a Journal kept in 
that Country In the Years 1770 to 1778. By Hans Egede Saa- 
bye, Formerly ordained Minister in the Districts of Claushavn 
and Christianshaab ; now Minister of Udbye, in the Bishopric of 
Fiihnen ; and Grandson of the Celebrated Hans Egede. (Now 
first published.) To which is prefixed, an Introduction ; con- 
taining some Accounts of the Manners of the Greenlanders, and 
of the Mission in Greenland ; with various interesting Informa- 
tion respecting the Geography, &c. of that Country; and illus- 
trated by a chart of Greenland. By G. Fries. Translated from 
the German [by H. E. Lloyd]. London: Boosey and Sons. 1818. 
8vo, pp. vi, (2), 293. Map. b., ba., h. -f Second Edition. 
[^Ibidj] 18 18. 8vo, pp. viii, 293. Map. B. 74646 

Saacke (F.) Denkwiirdige Erinnerungen aus einer vierjahri- 
gen Reise durch Siiddeutschland, Holland und England nach Sud- 
amerika. ... Wolfenhuttel. 1844. 2 vols., 8vo. 74647 

Saavedra (Diego). Panegirico de S. Francisco de Asis ... 
Mexico^ por Lupercio. 1728. 4to. 74648 

Title from Beristain. 

Saavedra (Francisco Arias). Discurso legal que en Defensa 
de la menor Dona Grimaneza de la Puente, hija legitima, y abso- 
luta heredera del Senor Marques de la Puente ... Lima. lygi. 
4to. 74649 

Saavedra (M. de). Confessonario| Breve |activo, y passive, 
I En Lengua Mexicana. | Con el qual | Los que comienzan (sabien- 
dolo bien de | memoria) parece, que qualquiera estara | suficiente 
mientras aprende mas. | Dispuesto| Por el P. F. Marcos de Saave- 
dra, I Predicador General en el Orden del Sr. Sto. | Domingo, 
y Provincia de Santiago de Pre- 1 dicadores de Nueva-Espana. | 
[Designs.] | Reimpresso en Mexico : | En la Imprenta Real del Supe- 
rior Gobierno., y\del Nuevo Rezado.^ de Dona Maria de Rivera^ | en 
el Empedradillo. Anode 1746. | l8mo, 8 leaves. c. 74650 

Title furnished by Mr. P. C. Warman. I have seen no mention of the first edition, 
which was probably printed soon after the author's arrival in Mexico in 1623. Ac- 
cording to Beristain he died in 1631 at the Philippine Islands. Pinelo mentions an 
**Arte para aprender la lengua de los Indios de la Nueva Segovia," and a collection of 
"Sermones" in the same language, both written by this author. 


Saba (Onuphiius Prat de). See Prat de Saba, Vol. xv., No. 

Sabatier (W.) a Letter to the ... President of the Board 
of Trade, ... on the subject of the Proposed Duties on Colonial 
Timber, and on some other Colonial Subjects ; and on the Rela- 
tive Situation of the British North American Possessions, with 
the United States of America and Great Britain ; pointing out 
the Value and Importance of the North British Colonies ... . By 
William Sabatier, Esq. London: J. M. Richardson. 1821. 8vo, 
pp. viii, 75. 74651 

La Sabatina Universal. Periodico politico y literario. Tomo i. 
Mexico. 1822. 4to. 74652 

A Sabbath among the Tuscarora Indians. A true Narrative. 
[By John Morrison Duncan.] Glasgow. 1821. 24mo, pp. 69. 
-f- Second Edition. Glasgow. 1821. 24mo, pp. 69. Plate. 

... The Sabbath and the Pulpit. Circular Letter of the Sab- 
bath Committee to the Clergy. \^New York. 1861.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

The Sabbath at Home An Illustrated Religious Magazine 
for the Family. Vol. i. 1867. American Tract Society., Boston. 
[1867.] 8vo, pp. vi, 764. B., H. 74655 

Continued to the completion of volume iv. in October, 1870, when it was merged 
in the "Christian Union." 

Sabbath Desecration. A National Tract. Buffalo. 1850. 
8vo, pp. 22. 74656 

The Sabbath in Neu^ York: i. History of Sabbath Observ- 
ance ; 2. Existing Desecration ; 3. Causes of Declension. A 
Report to the "Committee for promoting the Better Observance 
of the Sabbath." New York : Printed by Edward O. Jenkins. 
1858. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 7^6^-/ 

Sabellicus (M. a. C.) [Recto of first leaf, in red ink :] 
Enneades Marci Antonij | Sabellici Ab orbe con- | dito Ad inclina- 
tio-|nem Romani | Imperij. | [Printer's mark and monogram in 
black ink.] | [Verso of first leaf:] . M . Antonivs Sabellicvs: 
Avgvstino Barbadico Serenissimo| Venetiarvm Principi et Senatvi 
felicitalem. I [Recto of second leaf:] Ex Primo Rapsodiae His- 
toriarvm Libro. | [Recto of folio i :] Marci Antonii Coccii 
Sabellici in Rapsodiam Histo- 1 riarvm ab orbe condito. Praefatio. | 
[Verso of folio i :] M. Antonii Coccii Sabellici Rapsodiae His- 


toriarvm | ab orbe condito Enneadis Primae. Liber Primvs. | 
[Recto of folio cccclxii :] Marci Antonii Coccii Sabellici | Rap- 
sodiae Historiarvm ab | orbe condito. Ennea-|dis Septimae. 
Liber I Nonvs et Vlti-|mvs felicis-| sime ex-|plicit. | Lavs Deo. | 
[Colophon in red ink on verso of next leaf:] Impressvm Fenetiis 
per Bernard'invm et Ma- 1 thevm Venetos. ^yi vvlgo dicvntvr Li 
Jl-\banesoti. Anno Incarnationis Do?nhii-\ce. Mccccxcviii. Pridie 
Calendas Apri- \ lis. Regnant e incHto Avgvsti- | no Barbadico Serenis- 
simo I Venetiarv?n Principe. | Feliciter divqve | et favste sv- \perstite. \ 
Div. I [Printer's mark and monogram.] Folio, leaves (14), cccc- 
lxii, (i), and one blank leaf. 74^5^ 

The signatures are as follows : aa in eight, bb in six, a-z, &, 9, R and A-F in 
eights, G in six, H-P in eights, g in ten, R-Z and z in eights, p in six, AA-FF in 
eights, and GG in ten. The last printed leaf (unnumbered) contains the register on 
the recto and the colophon on the verso. There are two varieties of this edition, both 
of which are in the Britisii Museum. In the earlier kind the recto of the first leaf is 
blank, the title in red ink, and the printer's mark and monogram being omitted. The 
priority of this kind is proved by the register, which in all copies refers to the first lear 
as " Prima alba." The title given above is taken from a copy of the later issue. The 
work is a sort of universal history from the earliest times. Each ennead consists of 
nine books, whence the name. The continuation was printed six years later, as fol- 
lows : 

Sabellicus. [Recto of first leaf:] Secvnda Pars Enneadvm 
Marci An|tonii Sabellici ab inclinatione | Romani Imperii vsqve 
ad An|nvm m.d.iiii. cvm Epito-|me omnivm librorvm|et indice 
litte-| rarvm ordi-| ne digge-|sto.. I [Recto of folio i :] Enneades 
Mar-|ci Antonii Sabel-|lici ab inclinatione | Ro. Imperii ad 
Annvm | Salvtis Millesimvm | Qvingentesimvm | Qvartvm | 
Cvm gratia et privilegio] [Colophon on verso of folio cxci :] 
Impressum Fenetiis per Magistrum Bernardinum Vercellensem anno. 
M.D.IIII. Die. XX. Octobris. \ Cum Priuilegio. \ ... | Folio, leaves 
(6), CXCI. 74659 

This volume contains the eighth, ninth and tenth enneads, with two books of an 
eleventh ennead. The signature marks are : aa in six, a— f in eights, g in ten, h-x in 
eights, y and z in sixes, and & in nine. 

There is no reference whatever to America in the first volume of 1498 5 but in this 
continuation of 1504, beginning on the recto of folio clxxi and filling nearly the whole 
of the next page, is a concise account of the discoveries made in the first and second 
voyages of Columbus. Mention is also made of the voyage of Pedro Alonso Nuno. 
On folio CLXviii is the passage supposed by some writers to refer to a relative of Chris- 
topher Columbus : " (quas Columbus iunior archipirata illustris cruento proelio oppres- 
serat)," etc. Complete sets of the work are very rare. Of the first volume copies are 
not infrequently met with. The second volume, however, appears to be lacking in 
most of the great public libraries, and even in the best known collections of Amer- 
icana. Harrisse (Bib. Am. Vet., pp. 52-54) gives only a brief title of it, copied from 
the Kloss catalogue, and adds the following remarks : "We regret to say that we have 
never been able to consult that rare compilation, which is frequently quoted in his- 
tories, where mention is made of Columbus and his transatlantic voyages. The eighth 


book of the tenth Enneade contains a short, ... but, we are told, highly interesting 
sketch of Columbus. It was written before the year 1503, at a time when the only 
printed works treating of the Western World, so far as we know, were Columbus' 
letter, Syllacio's second-hand relation, and one or two of the letters of Vespuccius. 
On that account the Etmeades, like Maffei of Volterra's Commentary, and Bergomas' 
Chronicle, acquire that kind of interest which pertains to all works relating to this 
country, and published before the first Decades of Peter Martyr, which form, as it were, 
the basis and material of all subsequent publications on the subject." 

The set from which the above description is made was formerly in the possession of 
the Hon. Henry C. Murphy, who bought it from a London bookseller in 1874 for 
£25. Later editions are as follows : 

Sabellicus. Rapsodiae Enneadum Marci Antonii Coccii 
Sabellici Ab orbe condito ad annum Salutis Humane 1504. 
Pars prima [-tertia] ... Venundantur In Parrhisiorum Acadeinta Ah 
'Joanne parvo Et ipso qui impressit Ascensio. [Colophon of the 
third part :] Rapsodia Historiarurn ab orbe condito in Annum usque 
salutis nostre M . D . nil. Optatum cepit finem in aedibus Ascensianis. 
Pridie Natalis dominici mdix. 3 parts, folio. 74660 

The colophon of the first part is dated 1508. 

Sabellicus. Rapsodiae historiarurn Enneadum Marci An- 
tonii Coccii Sabellici ab orbe condito Pars prima, quinque com- 
plectens Enneades, praemissis earundem Repertoriis, auctis et 
recognitis ab Ascensio cum autoris epitomis. Venundantur in 
Parrhisiorum academia ab "Joh. Parvo^ et ipso qui impressit Ascensio. 
[Colophon :] In aedibus Ascensianis ad Nonas Januar. mdxiii. 
[Title of the second part :] Posterior pars eiusdem Rapsodiae 
M. Ant. Coccii Sabellici continens sex Enneades reliquas, cum 
earundem Repertoriis et Epitomis. Venundantur ubi et reliqua 
pars ab Joh. Parvo et Jo. Badio Ascensio. [Colophon of the sec- 
ond part :] In aedibus Ascensianis ad Kal. Mart, mdxiii. 2 vols., 
folio. 74661 

Sabellicus. Rapsodiae historiaru Enneadu Marci Antonij 
Coccij Sabellici Ab orbe codito Pars prima quinque complectens 
Enneades Premissis earunde Reptorijs auctis & recognitis ab 
Ascesio cu Authoris Epitomis. Venundatur In Parrhisiorum Aca- 
demia Ab loanne paruo : Et ipso qui impressit Ascencio. [Colophon :] 
In aedibus Ascensianis ad Nonas Novembris. Anno M. D. xvi. [l^itle 
of the second part :] Posterior Pars ejusdem Rapsodiae historia- 
rurn continens sex Enneades reliquas cum earundem Repertoriis 
et epitomis. [Colophon of the second part :] Rapsodia historia- 
rum ab orbis condito in annum usque salutis nostrae M. D.llll. optatum 
iterum recepit finem in aedibus Ascensianis ad Idiis Fehruarias, Anni 
ad calculum Ro?nanfi. M. D. xvii. 2 vols., folio. 74662 

The account of the discovery of America is on folio cccxxxiii of the second volume. 

SABIN. 197 

Sabellicus. Rapsodiae historiarum Enneadum Marci An- 
tonii Coccii Sabellici ab oibe condito. Pars prima [-posterior] 
... praemissis earundem repertoriis et epitomis. Lugdun. 1535. 
2 vols, in one, folio. bm. 74663 

The account of Columbus and his discovery of America is on pp. 526-527 of the 
second part. 

Sabellicus. Opera Mar. Ant. Sabellici: quae hoc volumine 
continentur. Epistolarum familiarium libri xii. Orationes xii. 
De situ Venctae Urbis libri iii. : De Venetis Magistratibus liber 
unus : De Praetoris officio liber unus : De reparatione Latinae 
linguae libri duo : De officio Scribae liber unus : De Vetustate 
Aquileiae libri sex: Poemata ... Venetiis^ p. Alhertinii de Lisona. 
1502. Folio. BM. 74664 

Contains a brief reference to the French admiral Caseneuve al'ta^ Columbus. 

Sabellicus. Opera M. A. Coccii Sabellici ... Rapsodiae his- 
toricae Enneadum xi. ... cum D. C. Hedionis historica synopsi 
... Accesserunt libri decem exemplorum argumentis et thematis 
instar locorum communium ordine distincti ... Basiliae^ Ex officina 
Hervagiana. 1538. 2 vols., folio. bm. 74665 

Sabellicus. M. A. Coccii Sabellici Opera omnia ... cum 
supplemento Rapsodiae historiarum ab orbe condito ad haec usque 
tempora ... in tomos quatuor digesta ... atque haec omnia per C. 
S. Cerionem ... confecta. Basilecs : Hervagius. 1560. 4 vols., 
folio. 74666 

Sabellicus. Coronica geral de M. A. Cocio Sabelico des ho 
comedo do mundo ate nosso tempo. Tresladada de latim em 
lingoage Portugues por Dona Lianor filh:i do Marques de Vila 
real Dom Fernando. Coymhra^ Bareira e Alvare'Z,. 1550-1552. 
2 vols., folio. 1\^^1 

This Portuguese translation of the "Enneades" probably contains the passages relat- 
ing to Columbus and the discovery of America. 

In the " Rerum Venetiarum" of Sabellicus, first printed in Latin at Venice in 
1487, is an account of a naval engagement in which was engaged ** Columbus junior, 
Columbi piratae illustris, ut ajunt, nepos." Some writers have supposed that the Co- 
lumbus mentioned in this passage was the same person as the discoverer of America, 
but this theory has been disproved. The same account is found in the Italian versions 
entitled, "Chroniche che tractano de la origine de Veneti," printed at Venice about 
the years 1500 and 1507; in " Le Historie Vinitiane di Marco Antonio Sabellico,*' 
printed at Venice in 1544; and in the later editions published in 1554 and 1558. 

[Sabin (C. B.)] Memorial against holding an Election in 
Texas, in July, 1869. [n. p. 1869.] 8vo, pp. 3. h. 74668 

198 SABIN. 

[Sarin.] Memorial concerning the Political Disabilities of 
Southern Union Men. [n. p. 186-.] 8vo, pp. 7. H. 74669 

Sabin (E. R.) a Discourse, preached on Tuesday, February 
II, 1812, in presence of the Supreme Executive of Massachu- 
setts, by Request of the Young Men of Boston, commemorative 
of the late Calamitous Fire at Richmond. By Elijah R. Sabin, 
Chaplain of the House of Representatives ... . Boston: James 
Scott. Watsonls Bangs ^Printers. 181 2. 8vo, pp. 19. B., ba. 

Sabin. The Life and Reflexions of Charles Observator : in 
which are displayed, the Real Characters of Human Life. By 
Rev. Elijah R. Sabin. ... Boston: Printed by Rowe y Hooper. 
1816. i2mo, pp. 271. B., BA., C. 74671 

Sabin. A Sermon, delivered at the Dedication of the Eastern 
Methodist Meeting House, Lynn, Massachusetts, November 27, 
181 1. By Elijah R. Sabin. Boston: True ^ Rowe^ Printers. 
[181 1.] 8vo, pp. 35. M. 74672 

Also: A Journey from Egypt to Jerusalem, or the Road to Happiness ... Boston: 
Printed by Edward Oliver. i8ll. l6mo, pp. 204. 

Sabin (J.), ^. 1821, ^. 1881. A Bibliographical Catalogue of 
the Waltonian Library belonging to the Estate of Robert W. 
Coleman, Deceased, late of Cornwall, Lebanon County, Penn- 
sylvania. By Joseph Sabin. New York: Bradstreet Press^ 18 
Beekman Street. 1866. 8vo, pp. (2), 149. L. 74673 

Seventy-five copies printed for private circulation only. The greater part of this 
library was collected by Rev. Dr. Bethune. 

Sabin. A Bibliography of Bibliography or a Handy Book 
about Books which relate to Books being an alphabetical cata- 
logue of the most important works descriptive of the literature 
of Great Britain and America, and more than a i^w relative to 
France and Germany By Joseph Sabin ... New York J. Sabin 
& Sons 1877 8vo, pp. (2), vii-cl, and covers. 74674 

Based on Mr. Power's "Handy-Book about Books," London, 1870. 

[Sabin.] Bibliotheca Americana et Selectissima. Catalogue 
of an Extraordinary Collection of Books relating to America ... . 
Baker if^ Godwin^ Printers. N Y. [1857.] ^^°> PP* ^S^- 

Sold by Bangs, Brother & Co., at New York, March 9th, 1857, and following days, 

[Sabin.] Bibliotheca Dramatica. Catalogue of the Theat- 
rical and Miscellaneous Library of the late William E. Burton, 
the distinguished Comedian .... To be sold at auction by J. Sabin 



& Co., at their Auction Room, Corner of Broadway, Fourth 
Street, and Lafayette Place, New York, On Monday, October 
8, i860, and following days .... [^New York, i860.] 8vo, pp. 
vi, (2), 462, and covers. Portrait of Burton. 1\^1^ 

One hundred copies were printed on large paper. 

[Sabin.] Bibliotheca Splendidissima. Catalogue [of the Li- 
brary of A. E. Douglas] ... New York. 1856. 8vo, pp. v, 172. 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of a Choice Collection of Books ... 
including the entire Library belonging to Col. Brantz Mayer, of 
Baltimore, Md., comprising an extensive and valuable series of 
books relating to the History of Maryland, Mexico, Central 
America, etc., etc. ... Sold at Auction, ... Sept. 26, and Five 
Following Days, By Bangs, Merwin & Co. ... Nos. 694 and 
696 Broadway, N. Y. ... New York: J. Sabin & Sons^ Printers. 
1870. 8vo, pp. (4), 180, and covers. y^6jja 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of a portion of the Library Belonging to 
Mr. Almon W. Griswold, of New York. Part i., consisting 
chiefly of books relating to America, to be sold at auction .. 
February 28th, 1876, by Bangs, Merwin & Co. ... \^New York 
1876.] 8vo, pp. (4), 156, and covers. Part 11., Bibliography 
Literary History, Belles Lettres, &c. to be sold by auction, .. 
April 19 & 20, 1876 ... \_New York. 1876.] 8vo, cover-title 
pp. 39. 74678 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of an Extensive and Select Collection of 
Choice Books ... to be sold at auction ... May 26 [1857] ••• 
[^New York. 1857.] ^^o. 74^79 

Descriptive of the library of George R. Hazewell. The collection was at that time 
withdrawn from sale, but was afterwards catalogued with additions from other sources 
as : 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of a Valuable Private Library, compris- 
ing an Extensive and Select Collection of Choice Books, in every 
Department of Literature ... to be sold at auction ... by Geo. 
A. Leavitt & Co. ... commencing on ... May 16 [1859] ••• ^^"^ 
York: Geo. A. Leavitt ^ Co. [1859.] ^^o^ pp. 6, 324, (2), and 
covers. 74680 

The library of Mr. George R. Hazewell. The addenda contains a list of the 
remarkable collection of pamphlets on American history, originally formed by the 
Rev. Thomas Bradbury Chandler, of Elizabethtown, New Jersey. 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's Library. See 
Vol. XVII., No. 70839. 

200 SABIN. 

Sabin. a Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, Engravings, 
and Miscellaneous Articles, belonging to the estate of the late 
John Allan. [Vignette portrait.] ... Prepared by Joseph Sabin. 
Neiv York: 17 Vandewater Street. [C J. Alvord^ Printer.'] 1864. 
8vo, pp. vi, (2), 343, (i), and covers. 74681 

Cover-title: "... Executrix's Sale. Catalogue of the entire collection of the late 
Mr. John. Allan, of choice, scarce, curious, and unique Books ... to be sold at auction 
commencing on ... April 25 [May zd] 1864, ... by Bangs, Merwin & Co., At the 
Irving Buildings, 594 & 596 Broadway, New York. ..." One hundred copies were 
printed on large paper, with the addition of portrait of John Allan engraved on steel. 
In these copies the name of the compiler was omitted from the title-page. 

Sabin. Catalogue of the Books Manuscripts and Engravings 
belonging to William Menzies of New^ York Prepared by 
Joseph Sabin New York 1875 8vo, pp. xviii, Corrections (i). 
Catalogue 471, (i). Addenda (i). 74682 

This collection was sold by the compiler in November, 1 876, and realized nearly 
$50,000, being $9,000 more than it cost. It was the finest library ever sold in the 
United States. 

Also : List of Prices for which the Books, Engravings, Etc., belonging to Mr. 
William Menzies, were sold on Monday, November 13, 1876, And five following 
Days, At the Auction Rooms of Messrs. G. A. Leavitt & Co., Clinton Hall, New 
York. Joseph Sabin, Auctioneer. Nenv York: J. Sabin & Sons. 1876. 8vo, pp. 8. 

Sabin. a Catalogue of the Entire Library of Andrew Wight, 
of Philadelphia. Prepared by Joseph Sabin. To be sold by 
auction, at the Trade Sale Rooms, 498 Broadway, New York, 
by J. E. Cooley. Geo. A. Leavitt, Auctioneer. On Monday, 
June 6th, 1864, and following days ... . J. E. Cooley. N. Y. 1864. 
8vo, pp. iv, 9-315, and covers. 74683 

Cover-title : " Bibliotheca Americana," etc. One hundred copies were printed on 
large paper. Very rich in books printed by Benjamin Franklin, The majority of the 
books were in fact the property of Mr. Edward Vernon. 

[Sabin.] A Catalogue of the Entire Library of the late Rev. 
Samuel Farmar Jarvis, d.d., ll.d., &c., &c. of Middletown, 
Connecticut, to be sold at auction, ... October 14 [November 4], 
1 85 1, and following evenings; by Lyman & Rawdon, (Successors 
to James E. Cooley and Cooley & Keese,) 377 & 379 Broad- 
way, corner of White Street, New-York. [^New York:'] H. F. 
Snowden^ Printer. 185 1. ' 8vo, pp. vi, (2), 219, (i), and covers. 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of the Library belonging to Mr. Thomas 
W. Field. To be sold at auction, by Bangs, Merwin & Co., 
May 24th, 1875, and following days. New York, 1875. 8vo, 
pp. viii, 376, and covers. 74685 

SABIN. 201 

Cnvfr-titlc : "Catalogue of the Library belonging to Mr. Thomas W. Field, Author 
of' 'An Essay on Indian Bibliography,' Etc. Including an unrivalled Collection of 
Books relating to the American Indians, Collections of Historical Societies, and Amer- 
ican History and Biography in general," etc. The notes to the books are mostly 
abridged from Mr. Field's " Essay." 

Also: Supplement to the Catalogue of the Library of Mr. T. W. Field, Including 

Books Omitted in that List j also, valuable manuscripts, and a Collection of Books 

relating to America from another collection. To be sold at Auction ... May 29, 

1875, and following days, By Bangs, Merwin & Co. ... [Neiv Tori. 1875.] 8vo, pp. 
59, and covers. 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of The Library belonging to Thomas 
Addis Emmet m.d. New Tork : Bradstreet Press 1868 Rl. 8vo, 
pp. (6), 371. 74686 

Sixty copies printed in a very elaborate style for private distribution. Four copies 
were printed on Whatman's drawing paper. 

Sarin. Catalogue of the Library of a Collector and Amateur. 
Compiled by Joseph Sabin. To be Sold at Auction by Messrs. 
Bangs & Co. March 19th 1877. & following days. [^New Tork, 
1877.] 8vo, etched title, pp. 498, and covers. 74687 

Descriptive of the library of F. S. Hoffman. 

Sabin. Catalogue of the Library of E. G. Squier. Edited 
by Joseph Sabin. To be Sold by Auction, ... April 24th, 1876, 
and following days. By Bangs, Merwin & Co. 656 Broadway, 
New York. New Tork: Charles C. Shelley, Printer. 1876. 8vo, 
pp. (4), 277, 8, and covers. 74688 

Cover-title: "Catalogue of the Books, Manuscripts, Maps, Drawings and Engrav- 
ings, Principally relating to Central America, and Peru, American Antiquities, &c. 
Belonging to Mr. E. G. Squier," etc. Appended is "A List of Books, Pamphlets, 
and more important Contributions to Periodicals, etc., by Hon. E. George Squier, m.a., 

F.s.A. ... Neiu York: iSyS," pp. 8. 

Sabin. Catalogue of the Library of Edwin Forrest. Com- 
piled by Joseph Sabin. Philadelphia: Collins, Printer. 1863. 8vo, 
pp. iv, 188. Portrait. 74689 

One hundred and seventy-five copies printed for private circulation. Mr. Forrest 
bequeathed his library to the Dramatic Institution which he established and endowed. 

Sabin. Catalogue of the Library of George W. Ordway, 
Chicago, PIl. Prepared By J. Sabin. New Tork: Privately Printed. 
1869. 8vo, pp. (2), 5-96. 74690 

"This catalogue of Mr. Ordway 's collection is a specimen of amplification. I wai 
instructed to fill 100 pages with a description of a few books, and almost did it." 

[Sabin.] ... Catalogue of the Rare, Curious, and Valuable 
Collection of Books, Tracts, Autographs, mss., Engravings, 
Paintings, &c., of the late Mr. E. B. Corwin, comprehending .., 

VOL. xviii. 13 

202 SABIN. 

Books relating to America ... which will be sold at auction, by 
Bangs, Brother & Co. at the Trade Sale Rooms, 13 Park Row, 
New York, commencing on Monday, November loth, 1856 ... 
[Baker ^ Godwin^ Printers. 1 856.] 8vo, pp. vii, 263, and covers. 

One hundred copies were printed on large paper. 

[Sabin.] Catalogue of the Valuable Library of Mr. Richard 
W. Roche. See No. 72313, Vol. xvii., and add : Twenty-five 
copies were printed on thick paper. 

Also other catalogues too numerous to mention. 

Sabin. A Dictionary of Books relating to America, from its 
discovery to the present time. By Joseph Sabin. Volume i. 
[A to Bedford.] ... New- Tor k : Joseph Sabin. 1868. 8vo, pp. 
(8), xi-xvi, 566. 74692 

Vol. II. Bedinger to Brownell, 1869; Vol. iii. Brownell to Chesbrough, 1870; Vol. 
IV. Cheshire to Costa, 1871; Vol. v. Costa to Dumorter, 1873; Vol. vi. Du Moulin 
to Franklin, 1873; Vol. vii. Franklin to Hall, 1875; Vol. viii. Hall to Huntington,^ 
1877; Vol. IX. Huntington to Lacroix, 1877; Vol. x. Lacroix to M'Clary, 1878}' 
Vol. XI. McClean to Memoire, 1879; Vol. xii. Memoire to Nederland, 1880; Vol. 
xni. Nederland to Omai, 1881; Vol. xiv. Omana to Philadelphia, 1884; Vol. xv., 
Philadelphia to Providence, 1885; Vol. xvi. Providence to Remarks, 1886; Vol. 
xvir. Remarks to Ross, 1888. Five hundred and twenty-five copies printed on small 
paper, and one hundred and ten copies on large paper. The first four parts were issued 
in 1867. These were preceded by: "Prospectus and Specimen Pages of a Dictionary 
of Books Relating To America, From its Discovery to the Present Time. By Joseph 
Sabin. ... Neiv Tori: Printed for the Author^ at the Bradstreet Press. 1867." 8v(), pp. 
vi, (10). The cover of the "Historical Magazine" for May, 1859, contains a "Pros- 
pectus of an American Bibliographer's Manual ... A Bibliographical Dictionary of all 
Books relating to America," etc., signed "Joseph Sabin, 27 South Sixth Street, Phila- 

Sabin. A List of the Editions of the works of Louis Hen- 
nepin and Alonso [/'. e. Antonio] de Herrera Extracted from a 
Dictionary of Books relating to America By Joseph Sabin 
New Tork y. Sabin dff Sons 1876. 8vo, cover-title, and pp. 16. 

Sabin. A List of the Printed Editions of the Works of Fray 
Bartolome de las Casas Bishop of Chiapa. Extracted from A 
Dictionary of Books relating to America. By Joseph Sabin. 
New Tork : J. Sabin iff Sons. 1870. 8vo, pp. 27, and covers. 

Sabin & Sons. The American Bibliopolist. Volume i. ... 
J. Sabin & Sons^ New Tork. 1869. 8vo, pp. (4), 3, 416. 74695 

"A Literary Register and Monthly Catalogue of Old and New Books, and Reposi- 
tory of Notes and (Queries." Continued to Vol. ix., No. 86, for April, 1877. There 
is no No. 81. No. 80 (April, 1876,) is followed by No. 8z (as numbered on the 
cover) for June and August, 1876, which is wrongly numbered 87 on the first page. 
A preliminary number of this periodical was issued in December, 1868. 

SABINE. 203 

Sabin*s Reprints, Quarto Series. Neiu York: Joseph Sabin. 
1865. 10 vols., 4to. 74696 

Two hundred copies of each were printed on small paper and fifty copies on large 
paper. This series comprises the following works : 

I. An Account of The Late Revolution in New-England. 1689. See Byfield (N.), 
Vol. III., No. 9709. 

II. A Relation of Maryland. 1635. Sec Vol. xi., No. 45315. 

III. A Farther Discovery of the Present State of the Indians. 1651. See Whit- 
field (H.) 

IV. Certain Inducements to Well Minded People. 1644. See Vol. iii., No. 11709. 

V. Strength out of Mealcness. 1652. See Strength. 

VI. A Further Manifestation of the Progress of the Gospel. 1659. See [Eliot (J.)], 
Vol. VI., No. 22150. 

VII. New England's First Fruits. 1643. See Vol. xiii., No. 52759. 

VIII. Further (Queries upon ... the New-English Affairs. 1689. See E. (S.), Vol. 
VI., No. 21611. 

IX. The Day Breaking. 1647. See [Eliot (J.)]> Vol. vi., No. 22147, o*" rather 
[Shepard (T.)] 

X. The Clear Sunshine of the Gospel. 1648. See Shepard (T.) 

Sabin*s Reprints. [Octavo Series.] New Tork : Joseph Sabin, 
1865. 6 vols., 8vo. 74697 

Two hundred copies of each were printed on small paper and fifty copies on large 
paper. This series comprises : 

I. The Journal of Major George Washington. 1754. See Washington (G.) 

II. A Journal of Two Visits made to some Nations of Indians. 1774. See Jones 
(D.), Vol IX., No. 36488'. 

III. Vindication of the Captors of Major Andre. 1865. See Benson (E.), Vol. 11., 
No. 4748. 

IV. A Brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania. 1755. See Smith (W.) 

V. The Present State of Virginia. 1724. See Jones (H.), Vol. ix., No. 36512. 

VI. The History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia. 1747. See Stith 

Sabin's Reprints. Second Series. New Tork: Joseph Sabin, 
1865. 8vo. 74698 

Two hundred copies printed on small paper, and fifty copies on large paper. 
1. The Narrative of Colonel David Fanning. 1861. See Fanning (D.), Vol. vi., 
No. 23779. 

Sabine (E.), b. 1788, d. 1883. An Account of Experiments 
to determine the Figure of the Earth, by means of the Pendulum 
vibrating Seconds in Different Latitudes; as well as on various 
other Subjects of Philosophical Inquiry. By Edward Sabine ... 
Printed at the Expense of the Board of Longitude. London : 
John Murray. MDCCCXXV. 4to, pp. xv, (2), 509, (2). B., H. 

Contains a brief account of Captain Covering's voyage to the Arctic regions. Also: 
•'An Account of Experiments to ascertain the length of the seconds pendulum, a? 

204 SABINE. 

Columbia College, New York, by Captain Edward Sabine, of the Royal (British) Ar- 
tillery ^ F.R.s. and Honorary Member of the Literary and Philosophical Societies of 
New York, (Read April, 1823)," in the Transactions of the Literary & Philosophical 
Society of New York, vol. 11., part i, pp. 34-70 [New Tork, 1825]. See a/so No. 
74705. '"/'"''• 

Sabine. Contributions to Terrestrial Magnetism. By Major 
Edward Sabine, r.a. ... From the Philosophical Transactions. — 
Part I. for 1840. London: Printed by R. and "J. E. Taylor. 1840. 
4to, pp. (2), 129-155. 2 Plates. a. 74700 

Contents: "Lines of Inclination and Intensity in the Atlantic Ocean;" and "Lines 
of Intensity between the Cape of Good Hope and Australia." 

Sabine. Contributions to Terrestrial Magnetism. No. v. 
By Lieut. -Colonel Edward Sabine, r.a. ... From the Philosoph- 
ical Transactions. — Part 11. for 1843. London: Printed by R. 
and y. E. Taylor. 1843. 410, pp. (2), 145-231. 3 Plates. a. 

Contents: "Observations within the Antarctic Circle, made on Board Her Majesty's 
Ships Erebus and Terror, in the Summer of 1840, 1841, in the Expedition under the 
command of Captain James Clark Ross, r.-n.;" "Observations between Kerguelen 
Island and Van Diemen Island, made on Board Her Majesty's Ships Erebus, July and 
August, 1840 5" and "Observations within the Antarctic Circle in the Summer of 
1840, 1841." 

Sabine. Contributions to Terrestrial Magnetism. No. vi. 
By. Lieut. -Colonel Edward Sabine, r.a., f.r.s. ... From the 
Philosophical Transactions. — Part ii. for 1844. London: Printed 
by R. and J. E. Taylor. 1844. 4to, pp. (2), 87-118, Ii5*-ii8*, 
119-224. 5 Maps and Plates. a. 74702 

Contents: "Observations made on Board Her Majesty's Ships Erebus and Terror, 
from June 1841 to August 1842, in the Antarctic Expedition under the Command of 
Captain Sir James Clark Ross, r.n., f.r.s." 

Sabine. Contributions to Terrestrial Magnetism. Nos. vii. 
and viii. By Lieut. -Colonel Edward Sabine, r.a.. For. Sec. r.s. 
... From the Philosophical Transactions. — Part iii. for 1846. 
London : Printed by R. and J. E. Taylor. 1846. 4to, pp. (2), vii- 
viii, 237-440. 5 Maps. a. 74703 

Contents: "A Magnetic Survey of a considerable portion of the North American 
Continent;" and "A Magnetic Survey of the Southern Hemisphere between the Me- 
ridians of 0° and 125° East, and Parallels of — 20° and — 70°." 

Sabine. Contributions to Terrestrial Magnetism. No. ix. 
By Lieut. -Colonel Edward Sabine, r.a.. For. Sec. R.s. ... From 
the Philosophical Transactions. — Part ii. for 1849. London: 
Printed by R. and J. E. Taylor, 1849. 4^^» PP- (^)> ^73~234- 2 
Maps. A. 74704 

Consists of a paper on the " Lines of Magnetic Declination in the Atlantic." No. 
»rv. of these "Contributions" appeared in the " Philosophical Transactions" for 1875. 

SABINE. 205 

Sabine. Experiments at Columbia College, New York, to 
ascertain the length of the Second's Pendulum. By Edward 
Sabine. 1823. \^New York. 1825.] 4to. IM^'^ 

See No. 74699, supra, note. 

Sabine. Magnetic Observations made during the Voyages of 
His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Beagle, 1826-36, discussed 
by Major Sabine. London. 1838. 8vo. 747o6 

Sabine. Magnetical and Meteorological Observations made 
at Toronto, Canada ... 1846, 7 and 8; with Abstracts of Ob- 
servations to 1855 inclusive. ... London. 1857. 4^^- Plates. 

Sabine. A Memoir on the Birds of Greenland -, with De- 
scriptions and Notes on the Species observed in the Late Voyage 
of Discovery in Davis's Straits and Baffin's Bay. By Captain 
Edward Sabine of the Royal Artillery, f.r.s. and L.s. [London. 
1819.] 4to, pp. 527-560. Plate. b. 74708 

Sabine. The North Georgia Gazette. See Vol. xiii. 55714. 

Sabine. Observations made at the Magnetic Observatories 
of Toronto in Canada, Trevandrum in the East Indies, and St. 
Helena, during a remarkable Magnetic Disturbance on the 25th 
and 26th of September, 1841. By Lieut. -Colonel Edward Sa- 
bine .... London. 1841. 8vo. Plate. 747^9 

Sabine. Observations made [by Brig. General Lefroy] at the 
Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory at Toronto, in Ca- 
nada. Printed by Order of Her Majesty's Government, under 
the Superintendence of Lieut. -Col. Edward Sabine, of the Royal 
Artillery. Vol. I., 1840, 1841, 1842. London. 1845. 410, pp. 
460. Plates. s. 74710 

Concerning this see Morgan's " Bibliotheca Canadensis," p. 334. 

Sabine. Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteor- 
ological Observatory at Hobarton, in Van Diemen Island and by 
the Antarctic Naval Expedition. Printed ... under the Superin- 
tendence of ... Edward Sabine. ... With Abstracts of the Ob- 
servations from 1841 to 1848. ... London. 1850-1853. 3 vols., 
4to. Plates. 747 n 

Sabine. Observations on Days of unusual Magnetic Dis- 
turbance, made at the British Colonial Magnetic Observatories. 
Printed ... under the Superintendence of Lieutenant-Colonel 
Edward Sabine. Part i, — 1 840-41. London: Longman.^ BrowHy 
Green if} Longmans. 1843. 410, pp. 107. P. 74712 

206 SABINE. 

Sabine. Observations on Days of unusual Magnetic Dis- 
turbance, made at the British Colonial Magnetic Observatories 
under the Departments of the Ordnance and Admiralty, 1840- 
44. ... Vol. I. London. 185 1. 4to. 747 '3 

Sabine. On the Means adopted in the British Colonial Mag- 
netic Observatories, for determining the Absolute Value, Secular 
Change, and Annual Variation of the Terrestrial Magnetic Force. 
By Lieut. -Colonel Edward Sabine ... . From the Philosophical 
Transactions. — Part i. for 1850. London: Printed by R. and y. 
E. Taylor. 1850. 4to, pp. (2), 201-219. H. 74714 

Sabine. On the Periodic and Nonperiodic Variations of the 
Temperature at Toronto in Canada, from 1841 to 1852 inclusive. 
By Colonel Edward Sabine, of the Royal Artillery, Treas. and 
v.p.R.s. \_London. 1853.] 4^^> PP* H'-J^4- ^ Plates. 

From the " Philosophical Transactions." 

Sabine. Remarks on the Account of The late Voyage of 
Discovery to Baffin's Bay, published by Captain J. Ross, r.n. 
By Captain Edward Sabine, Royal Artillery. London: Printed 
by Richard and Arthur Taylor for "John Booth. 1819. 8vo, pp. 40. 
B., P. -|- Second Edition. \_Ibid.^ 18 19. 8vo, pp. 40. H. 

For a reply by Sir John Ross, see No. 73371, supra. For a list of Sabine's published 
papers, numbering over one hundred up to 1872, see the catalogue of" the Royal Society. 
See also "Monthly Review," new series, lxxxix. 337; and Wrangell (F. von). 

Sabine (F. W.) In Memoriam. Francis W. Sabine. Printed 
for his Friends. Boston: Press of John Wilson. 1865. 8vo, pp. 

21,(1). B. 74717 

Sabine (J.) A Discourse delivered at Methuen, May 10, 
5826, at the Consecration and Installation of Grecian Lodge. 
By Rev. Comp. J. Sabine, Pastor of the fiist Presbyterian 
Church in Boston. Andover : Printed by Flagg and Gould. 1826. 
8vo, pp. 19. w. 74718 

Sabine. An Ecclesiastical History, from ilie Commencement 
of the Christian Era to the Present Time. Bv James Sabine ... 
Boston: Printed for the Author by Ezra Lincoln. 1820. l2mo, pp. 
648. . B., BA. 74719 

[Sabine.] An Ecclesiastical Memoir of Essex Street Relig- 
ious Society, Boston. In a Series of Letters addressed to some 
Gentlemen of this City ... Boiton : Printed by Exra Lincoln. Pub- 
lished by a Committee of the Society. 1823. 8vo, pp. 128. b., ba. 

SABINE. 207 

Sabine. The Fathers of New England. A Sermon, deliv- 
ered in the Church in Essex-Street, Boston, December 22, 1820. 
Being the Second Centennial Celebration of the Landing of the 
Fathers at Plymouth. By James Sabine ... . Boston: G. Clark^ 
^ Co. 1821. 8vo, pp. 32. H., w. 74721 

Sabine. The Glory of the Latter House. A Sermon, on 
the Dedication of the First Presbyterian Church, in the City of 
Boston. Delivered January 31, 1828. By James Sabine, Pas- 
tor. Boston. 1828. 8vo, pp. 20. B., H., M. 74722 

Sabine. Glorying in the Cross: a Sermon, delivered before 
the Associated Congregational Ministers of Salem and Vicinity, 
at Maiden, ... Sept. 8, 18 18. By James Sabine, late Pastor of 
the Congregational Church St. John's, Newfoundland. ... Boston: 
Printed by N. Willis. 18 18. 8vo, pp. 31. ba., H., w. -f Second 
Edition. G. Clark., Charlestown : True & Weston., Printers. 1 8 19. 
8vo, pp. 32. B., BA. 74723 

Sabine. The Great Moral Duties of a Free and Independent 
People. A Sermon delivered on Fast Day, April 6, 1826. In 
the Presbyterian Church, Boston. By James Sabine ... . Boston: 
Button and Wentworth. 1826. 8vo, pp. 40. BA. 74724 

Sabine. The Relation the present state of Religion bears to 
the expected Millennium. A Sermon, delivered in the Old South 
Church, Boston, before the Foreign Mission Society, of Boston 
and the Vicinity, Jan. 8, 1823. By the Rev. James Sabine ... . 
Boston: Printed by Crocker and Brewster. 1823. 8vo, pp. 24. BA. 

Sabine. A Sermon, Delivered December 15, 18 19, on the 
Dedication of the House recently erected for Public Worship, by 
the Congregational Church, Essex-Street.. ..Boston. By James 
Sabine, Pastor of said Church. Boston: Printed by True ^ Wes- 
ton. Published by G. Clarke ^ Co. Charlestown., sold by S. T. Arm- 
strong and Lincoln ^ Edmands., Boston. 1 8 19. 8vo, pp. 29. B., H. 

Sabine. A Sermon, in Commemoration of the Benevolence 
of the Citizens of Boston, who, on occasion of the dreadful 
Fires of the 7th and 21st of November, 1817, in St. John's, 
Newfoundland, sent down gratuitous supplies for the Relief of 
the Sufferers during the inclement season of Winter. Preached 
... St. John's ... February 22, 1818. With an Appendix. By 
Rev. James Sabine. Saint John's : Printed for the Author., by John 
Ryan. 1818. 8vo, pp. 31, Appendix xvi. ba., h., m. 74727 

Some copies contain in addition a Postecript of tour pages. 

208 SABINE. 

Sabine. Solemn Feasts Solemn Vows. A Sermon, preached 
to Essex Street Church and Society, in Boylston Hall, Boston, 
on Thanksgiving Day, December 5, 1822. By James Sabine, 
Pastor of said Church and Society ... . Boston: George Clark. 
Jonathan Howe, Printer. 1822. 8vo, pp. 16. B., ba. 74728 

Sabine. A View of the Moral State of Newfoundland. With 
a particular Reference to the Present State of Religious Tolera- 
tion in the Island. By Rev. James Sabine .... Boston: Printed 
for the Jut h or. Ezra Lincoln.^ Printer. I 818. 8vo, pp. 32. BA. 

Sabine (J.) Zoological Appendix to the Narrative of Captain 
Franklin's Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the years 
1819, 20, 21, and 22. By Joseph Sabine, Esq. London. 1823. 
4to. N. 74730 

Also included in Franklin's ''Narrative of a Journey," 1823, pp. 647-703. 

Sabine (L.) An Address before the New England Historic- 
Genealogical Society, in the Hall of the House of Representa- 
tives of Massachusetts, Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 1859. ^^^ Hund- 
redth Anniversary of the Death of Major General James Wolfe, 
with Passages omitted in the Delivery, and illustrative Notes and 
Documents: by Lorenzo Sabine. Boston: A. IViliiams i^ Co. 
1859. 8vo, pp. 100. b., ba., h., m. 74731 

Sabine. The American Loyalists, or Biographical Sketches of 
Adherents to the British Crown in the War of the Revolution ; 
Alphabetically Arranged ; With a Preliminary Historical Essay. 
By Lorenzo Sabine. Boston: Charles C. Little and James Brown^ 

MDCCCXLVII. 8vo, pp. (2', V, 733. B., H., M. 74732 

See "North American Review, ' lix. 261; lxv. 138. 

Sabine. Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American 
Revolution, with an Historical Essay. By Lorenzo Sabine. In 
Two Volumes. ... Boston: Little.^ Brown and Company.^ 1864. 2 
vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 608 ; (2), 600. H. 74733 

A new and enlarged edition oi the preceding wt>ik. 

Sabine. Boston Board of Trade. Fourth Ajk jiU Report of 
the Government, presented to the Board at the Annual Meeting, 
on the 20th January, 1858. By Lorenzo Sabir \ Secretary. 
Boston: Press of Geo. C. Rand and Avery. 1858. 8vo, pp. 240, 
Appendix 16. m. 74734 

The succeeding annual reports to 1867, inclusive, were prepared by Lorenzo Sabine. 


Sabine. Notes on Duels and Duelling, alphabetically arranged, 
with a Preliminary Historical Essay. By Lorenzo Sabine. Bos- 
ton: Crosby^ Nichols^ and Company. 1855. l2mo, pp. viii, 394. -|- 
Second Edition. \^Ibid.'] 1856. i2mo, pp. viii, 426. -j- Third 
Edition. \_Ibid.~] 1859. i2mo, pp. viii, 426. 74735 

Sabine. Report on the principal Fisheries of the American 
Seas : prepared for the Treasury Department of the United States 
by Lorenzo Sabine, of Massachusetts ; and submitted by the 
Hon. Thomas Corwin, Secretary of the Treasury, as a part of 
his Annual Report on the Finances, at the Second Session of the 
Thirty-second Congress. IVashingion: Robert Armstrongs Printer. 
1853. 8vo, pp. 317. 74736 

Lorenzo Sabine also contributed the "Life of" Edward Preble" to Sparks's "Ameri- 
can Biography," second series, vol. xii. 

Sabine (R.) The Electric Telegraph. By Robert Sabine ... 
London: Virtue Brothers ^ Co. 1867. 8vo, pp. xv, 428, cata- 
logue 24. ^ B., BA. 74737 

Sabine. The History and Progress of the Electric Telegraph. 
With Descriptions of some of the Apparatus. ]iy Robert Sabine, 
C.E. London: Virtue & Co. 1868. i2mo. -|- Second Edition, 
with Additions. London: Virtue i^ Co. New York: Virtue iff 
Torston. 1869. i2mo, pp. xiv, 280. Plate. H. 74738 

Sabine (W. T.) "The Land xMourneth." The Death of 
Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States. A Sermon, 
Delivered in the Church of th*e Covenant, on Sunday Evening, 
April 16th, 1865. By Rev. William T. Sabine, Rector. Phil- 
adelphia : IV . P. Atkinson. 1865. i6mo, pp. 18. 1^1 ?t9 

Sabine. "A Nation saved by the Lord." A Sermon preached 
at Philadelphia, December 7, 1865. ... By Rev. William T, Sa- 
bine. Philadelphia. 1865. 8vo, pp. 16. 74740 

The Sable Cloud. A Southern Tale, with Northern Com- 
ments. Bv the Author of *' A South-Side View of Slavery" [/'. e. 
Nehemiah Adams] ... Boston: Ticknor iff Fields, mdccclxi. 
i2mo, pp. iv, 275. B., BA. 74741 

Sabourin (A. D.) Eloge funebre du general de division 
Lamarre, prononce par ordre du president d'Hayti, dans I'eglise 
paroissiale du Port au Prince, le 6 aout 18 10. Par A. D. Sabou- 
rin, aide de camp du president d'Hayti. Port au Prince^ Impri- 

210 SACK. 

merie du Gouvernement^ An 7 de V Ind'ependance. [18 10.] l2mo, 
pp. 12. 74742 

Sabre (G. E.) Nineteen Months a Prisoner of War. Nar- 
rative of Lieutenant G. E. Sabre, Second Rhode Island Cavalry, 
of his Experience in the War Prisons and Stockades of Morton, 
Mobile, Atlanta, Libby, Belle Island, Andersonville, Macon, 
Charleston, and Columbia, and his Escape to the Union Lines. 
To which is appended, a List of Officers confined at Columbia, 
during the Winters of 1864 and 1865. New York: American 
News Company. 1865. i2mo, pp. 207. 3 Plates. B., ba. 

A cheap edition was also issued in paper covers bearing the following outside title : 

Sabre. Nineteen Months a Prisoner of War: being An 
Account of the Adventures of Lieutenant G. E. Sabre, Second 
R. I. Cavalry, while in the hands of the rebels. New-York: The 
American News Company. 1866. l2mo. 74744 

Sacaza (Daniel). Protesta de la Compania de Diligencias ... 
Granada. 1866. 8vo. 7A-74-S 

Sacedon (Antonio de Jesus). Carta pastoral dirigida a los 
fieles del Nuevo Reino de Leon. ... Mexico : por Ontiveros. 1779. 
4to. 74746 

Title from Beristain. 

Sachem*s-Wood : A Short Poem, with [Historical] Notes. 
New Haven: B. & W. Noyes. 1838. 8vo, pp. 30. 74747 

By James Abraham Hillhouse. 

Sachot (O.) La Siberie Orientale et I'Amerique Russe, le 
pole Nord et ses habitants. Recits de voyages, par Octave 
Sachot. Paris. 1875. 8vo. Map and 62 Engravings. 74748 

Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach (Bernhard zu). See Vol. 11., 
No. 4953. 

Sack (A. von). Beschreibung einer Reise nach Surinam und 
des Aufenthaltes daselbst in den Jahren 1805, 1806, 1807, so 
wie von des Verfassers Ruckkehr nach Europa iiber Nord- 
Amerika. Von dem Baron Albert von Sack ... . Erste [und 
zweite] Abtheilung. Berlin: in der Haude und Spenerschen Buch- 
handlung. 18 18. 2 parts in one vol. 4to, pp. xvii, (i), 240; xxix, 
185, (i). 2 engraved titles, 7 Plates, 2 Maps. b. -|- Berlin. 
1821. 2 parts in one vol. 4to, pp. xvii, (i), 240 ; xxix, 185,(1). 
2 engraved titles, 7 Plates, 2 Maps. 74749 


The second part contains a narrative of the author's second expedition, which was 
finished in 1812. The first part, although originally written in German, was first pub- 
lished in English with the following title: 

Sack. A Narrative of a Voyage to Surinam ; of a Residence 
there during 1805, 1806, and 1807; and of the Author's Return 
to Europe by the way of North America. By Baron Albert 
Von Sack, Chamberlain to his Prussian Majesty. London : G. & 
ly. Nicol. 1810. 4to, engraved title, pp. x, (i), 282. 3 Plates. 

See "Quarterly Review," v. 485 ; " Monthly Review," lxiv. 234. 

Sack. Reize naar Surinamen, verblijf aldaar, en terugtogt 
over Noord-Amerika naar Euiopa. Van den baron Albert von 
Sack, Kamerheer van den Koning van Pruissen en ridder van de 
St. Jans-Ordre. Uit hct Hoogduitsch. ... Te Haarlem: bij de 
erven Francois Bohn. MDCCCXXI. 3 vols., 8vo. c. 7475 1 

Sack ( ). Beschrijving van alle landen, staten en rijken 

der aarde. Aardrijkskundig handboek, volgens de jongste toe- 
standen. Vrij bewcrkt, met voorberigt van J. J. Kreenen. ... 
Zwolle. 1867-71. 5 vols., 8vo. 7475^ 

Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia, isee [Simms 
(W. G.)] 

Sacket's Harbor and EUisburgh Rail Road. Boston: Press of 
J. B. Chisholm. 1 849. 8vo, pp. (2), 8. B. 74753 

Report of the ... Routes and Estimates of the Sacket's Har- 
bor & Saratoga Rail-Road, October, 1853. ^X ^- ^- ^^' 
wards. Saratoga Springs : Press cf G. M. Davison. 1 853. 8vo. 

Also: Facts concerning the Bonds and Stock ... Ne.iv York. 1854. 8vo. s. — 
Report ... of A. F. Edwards, c.k. ... Sept. 12, 1854. Nc%u York. 1854. 8vo. s. 

Sackett (J. H.) Oration ... May 13, 1822. By John H. 
Sackett. [n. p..?] 1822. 8vo. 74755 

[Sackett (Nathaniel).] A Memorial, &c. [of Nathaniel 
Sackett, in behalf of himself and his Associates, petitioning Con- 
gress that a Tract of Land in Ohio be granted them, in tee 
simple, etc.] New-Tcrk : Printed by S. Kollock^ opposite the Coffee 
House. M,DCC,LXXXV. 4to, pp. II, (i), 6 blank leaves for sign- 
ers. Map. H., N., s. 74756 

A very rare tract. " It is a petition to Congress, for the tract of country, beginning 
at the confluence of the Rivers Ohio and Scioto, and extending from thence along the 
eastern bank of the Scioto, to the termination of one hundred miles, thence in a direct 
line to the fuithermost extreme of Lake Erie; from thence, along the south side of 
the said lake to the termination of one liundred miles j from thence, to the place 

212 SACO. 

where White Woman's creek empties into the Muskingum river, thence down the 
western bank of the Muskingum river to its confluence with the Ohioj and from 
thence along the northwestern bank of the Ohio, to the place of beginning; for the 
purpose of making settlements. No other consideration is stated, except that they will 
make settlements. The Memorial is dated September 29th, 1785. The map deline- 
ates the tracts of country described in the text." — Thomson's Bibliography of Ohio. 

Sackett (W. a.) Shall Slavery be extended ? Speech of 
Hon. W. A. Sackett, of New York, in the House of Repre- 
sentatives, March 4, 1850, In Committee of the Whole on the 
state of the Union, on the President's Message communicating 
the Constitution of California. \_fVashington:'] Printed at the Con- 
gressional Globe Office. [1850.] 8vo, pp. 8. B. 74757 

Sackett. Speech of Hon. William A. Sackett, of New 
York, against Mr. Pearce's Bill to cede part of New Mexico to 
Texas, to extend the Missouri Compromise, and to pay ten mill- 
ions to Texas bond-holders. Delivered ... August 15, 1850. 
\^Washington :'] Buelllff Blanchard^ Printers. [1850.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

Sackett (W. P.) New York City Police Court. First Dis- 
trict. Hon. M. Connolly, Justice. In the matter of William 
Post Sackett, charged with embezzling $25,000 of the funds of 
the Market Bank. New York. 1855. ^^o. IM^^ 

Saco (Jose Antonio). Carta a un amigo, en que se hacen 
algunas observaciones al informe fiscal sobre fomento de la pobla- 
cion blanca en la isla de Cuba ... Sevilla. 1847. 8vo. 747^0 

Saco. Coleccion de papeles cientificos, historicos, politicos y 
de otros ramos sobre la isla de Cuba, ya publicados, ya ineditos. 
Por Don Jose Antonio Saco. Paris., Jubusson y Kugelmann. 1858- 
1859. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 416; 409 i 543. Plate. 74761 

Saco. L'Esclavage a Cuba et la Revolution d'Espagne, par 
Don Jose Antonio Saco. Traduction et preface d'A. de Mont- 
luc. Paris. 1869. 8vo, pp. 23. 747^2 

Saco. Esplicacion de algunos tratados de fisica, escritos por 
D. Antonio Saco. ... Habana. 1823. 8vo. 747^3 

Saco. Examen analitico del informe de la comision especial 
nombrada por las Cortes sobre la esclusion de los diputados de 
ultramar, y sobre la necesitad de regir aquellos paises por leyes 
especiales. ... Madrid. 1837. 8vo. 747^4 

Saco. Historia de la esclavitud desde los tiempos mas remotos 



hasta nuestros dias. Por Don Jose Antonio Saco. Tomo i. 
Paris. 1875. 8vo, pp. 432. 74765 

Tomo II. was also published in 1875. 

Saco. Historia de la esclavitud de la Raza Africana en los 
paises Americo-Hispanos. Por Don Jose Antonio Saco. Tomo 
I. Barcelona. 1879. 8vo. 747^6 

Saco. Ideas sobre de Incorporacion de Cuba en los Estados 
Unidos, por Don Jose Antonio Saco. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

Saco. Impugnacion por D. Jose Antonio Saco, a Un Foletto 
recien impreso en la Habana, e impropiamente titulado Contesta- 
cion al Numero Septimo del Mensagero Semanal de Nueva-York. 
Nueva-York : Impresa por G. F. Bunce. 1830. l2mo, pp. (2), 88. 

Saco. Justa Defensa de la Academia Cubana de Literatura 
contra los Violentos Ataques que se le ban dado en el Diario de 
la Habana, desde el 12 hasta el 23 de abril del presente ano, 
escrita por Don Jose Antonio Saco, y publicada por un Amigo 
de la Academia. New- Orleans : Mr. St.-Romes.^ oficina de el Cour- 
rier. 1834. Sm. 4to, pp. 30. B. 74769 

Saco. Memoria sobre Caminos, en la Isla de Cuba. Por 
Don Jose Antonio Saco. Nueva-York : Impresa por G. F. Bunce. 
1830. 8vo, pp. (2), 96. 2 folded Tables, Plate. b. 74770 

Saco. Obras de Don Jose Antonio Saco. Compiladas por 
primera vez y publicadas en dos Tomos, por un paisano del Au- 
tor. ... Nueva York : Libre? ta Americana y Estrangera de Roe Lock- 
wood e Hijo. [1853.] 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 341, (l); 418, (l). BA. 

For a list of the contents see Dufosse's catalogue of "Americana" (1886), No. 

Saco. Paralelo entre la isla de Cuba y algunas colonias ingle- 
sas. ... Madrid. 1837. 8vo. IMl'^ 

Saco. Replica a los anexionistas que ban impugnado sus ideas 
sobre la incorporacion de Cuba en los Estados-Unidos. ... Ma- 
drid. 1850. 8vo. IMlTi 

Saco, La situacion politica de Cuba y supremedio. ... Paris. 
1851. 8vo. 74774 

Saco. La Supresion del l^rafico de Esclavos Africanos en la 
Isla de Cuba examinada con relacion a su Agricultura y a su 
Seguridad Por Don Jose A. Saco. Paris: Imprenta de Pane- 
koucke. 1845. 8vo» PP- 70> (0- ^-i ^^-j 74775 

214 SACRA. 

Saco, Maine. Annual Report of the Superintending School 
Committee of the City of Saco, for the Year ending March i6, 
1867. [Biddeford:^ J. E. Butler, Printer. 1867. 8vo, pp. 18, 
(l). " ■ H. 74776 

The Charter and Ordinances of the City of Saco, together 
with the Act establishing the Municipal Court. Also the Rules 
and Orders of the City Council, with a List of Officers for 1867, 
and the Address of the Mayor at the Organization of the City 
Government. Biddeford.^ Me.: Printed by Butler ^ Place. 1867. 
8vo, pp. 88. H. 74777 

City of Saco. Mayor's Address and Annual Reports of the 
Several Departments of the City Government, for the Financial 
Year ending February 28, 1870. Saco, Maine: IVm. S. Noyes ^ 
Co., Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 72, (2). H. 74778 

Report of Committee to the Stockholders of the Saco Water 
Power Company, in Annual Meeting, July, 1855. Noyes ^ 
Bacheller, Printers. Saco. [1855.] 8vo, pp. (2), 28. H. 74779 

Report of the Directors of the Saco Water Power Company, 
at the Stockholders Meeting, at Biddeford, October 31, 1855. 
Boston: Printed by C. C. P. Moody. 1 855. 8vo, pp. 35. H. 

Saco Water Power Company, [n. p. 1847.] 8vo, pp. 7, 6. 
Folded Map. H. 74781 

Town of Saco, Annual Reports of the Several Departments 
of the Town Government, for the Municipal Year 1866. [^Bid- 
deford :^ J. E. Butler, Printer. 1867. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, II3. 
See also Taplt-y (K. P.*, and [Winsor (I. H.)] 

Sacra Rituum Congregatione Cardinali Nigrono Oxomen, Be- 
atificationis, et Canonizationis Ven. Jo. de Palafox et Mendoza, 
Episcopo prius Angelopolitani postea Oxomen. Rorme. 1776. 
Folio. 74783 

Sacra Rituum Congregatione Efno, & Rmo Domino Card. 
Nigronio ponente Oxomen. Beatificationis, & Canonizationis 
Ven. Servi Dei Joannis de Palafox et Mendoza, Episcopi prius 
Angelopolitani, postea Oxomensis. Novum summarium objec- 
tionale super dubio an constet de Virtutibus Theologalibus P'ide, 
Spe, & Chaiitate in Deum, & Proximum ; nee non de Cardina- 
libus Prudentia, Justitia, earumque adnexis in casu, & ad efFec- 
tum, de quo agitur. Romce : Ex Typographia Rev. Camera Apos- 
tolica. MDCCLXXXViii. Folio. j.c.b. 74784 


Sacra Rituiim Congre^atione Oxoinen. Bcatificatioiiis, et Ca- 
nonizationis Ven. Servi Dti Joannis cie Palafox et Mendoza epis- 
copi prius Angelopolitani postea Oxomen. Elenchus actuum 
heroicorum. Romae. 1792. Folio, pp. (2), 847. Portrait. 

Sacramena [P. Juan Jose). Lagrimas de las dos Americas: 
Honras celebradas en Guatemala a su Dif'unto Arzobispo, D. 
Francisco Figueredo, natural y Obispo de Popayan. ... Mexico. 
1766. 4to. IM"^^ 

Title from Beristain. 

Sacramento {Fr. Lorenzo). El Comun Rienhechor de todos, 
Jesuciisto Crucificado, cuya Imagen de los Desconzolados se 
venera en Tehuacan. ... Mexico. 1755. 4to. 747^7 

Sacramento. Lamentacion juridica, que la piovincia de S. 
Alberto de Carmelitas Descalzos de la Nueva Espafia hace al 
Capitulo general de su Orden. ... Madrid. [175-.''] Polio. 

Sacramento. Panegirico de Ntra. Sra. del Carmen. ... 
Mexico. 1755. 4to. 74789 

The above three titles from Beristain. 

Sacramento, Colonia de. Notice et Justification du Tiltre, 
et bonne foy avec laquelle Ton a estably, la nouvelle Colonie du 
Sacrament de S. Vincent en la Situation appellee de S. Gabriel, 
sur les bords du Rio de la Pratta. Traitte Provisional sur le 
nouvel incident, cause par le Gouverneur de Buenos Ayres, 
ajuste en cette cour de Lisbonne par le Due de Jovenase, Prince 
de Chelemar, Ambassadeur Extraordinaire du Roy Catholique ... 
Suivant le Copie de Lisbonne, Avec les Priuileges necessaires. 
\^Lhbon .] A V Imprimerie d' Anto'me Craesheck de Mello.^ Imprimeur 
de la Ma'ison Royale.^ V An 1681. i2mo, 129 leaves. J.C.B. 

For the same work in Portuguese and in Spanisli, iee Vol. xiii., No. 56001, and 
Vol. X., No. 38998. 

Relacao de Sitio de Nova Colonia do Sacramento, [n. p. 
1740.] 4to. 4 Plates. 7479 > 

See also Vol. xiii., No. 56016. 

Sacramento, California. The Sacramento City Directory. 
By J. Horace Culver. January i, 1851. Sacramento City: 
Transcript Press. 185 1. l6mo, pp. 96. Continued. H. 74792 

Sacramento City and County Directory for 1868. Sacramento : H. S. Crocker & Co.y 
Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. 322. 


Constitution of the Sacramento Medical Society ... . 
Sacramento. 1855. 8vo. 74793 

Report of the Sacramento Valley Railroad Company 
... San Francisco. 1855. 8vo. Continued. 1M9^ 

The Sacred Circle. Editors : Judge Edmonds, Dr. Dexter, 
O. G. Warren. Vol. i. New- Tor k : Partridge ^ Brittan. 1855. 
8vo. s. 74795 

Sacred Dirges, Hymns, and Anthems. See [Holden (O.)], 
Vol. VIII., No. 32475, and for collation read : pp. 24, 4. 

Sacred Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints in Europe. Liverpool. 1851. 24mo. 

Sacred Hymns and Spiritual Songs, for the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Fourteenth Edition. Salt Lake 
City : G. ^ Cannon. 1 87 1. i6mo, pp. 432. 74797 

Sacred Performances. See Vol. in., No. 12121. 

The Sacred Philosophy of Earthquakes ; or, the City-Monitor. 
... London: J. Noon. MDCCL. 8vo, pp. 31. H. 74798 

Contains an account of the earthquake at Port-Royal in Jamaica. 

Sacro Orden de Nuestra Senora de la Merced. La 
Fvndacion y Svrn|mario de Indvlgencias | del Sacro Orden de 
Nuestra Se| flora de la Merced, Redep-|tion de captiuos. | Con 
vn breue tractado|q ensena el camino d' la vida, perf[ecta] | com- 
pvesto por vn padre [del]|dicha Orden. | [Vignette.] | jEw M\_exico 
en casa de Pedro Balli. Am de 1595.] | [Colophon on verso of 
folio lOl :] Con licencia en Mexico en casa\de Pedro Balli. Ario de\ 
1595. 1 Sm. 8vo, leaves (12), 101, (i). 74799 

The copy described above, wh'ch was sold at the Ramirez sale for £9, lacked por- 
tions of the title-page and of the two following leaves. The second part begins on 
folio 31 with the following title: Breve|Tratado ] que ensen.i el camino ] de la vida per- 
fecta. Compuesto por vn reli|gioso del sacro Orden de Nuestra Sefiora de la Merced 
Redemption de Capti-|uos. A instancia de vna sierua | de Dios, hija suya.] [Vignette.] | 
En Mexico en casa de Pedro BaUi.\Ano de 1559 [error for 1595].! The final leaf con- 
tains a list of errata. For a fuller account of the book see Icazbalceta's '* Bibliografia 
Mexicana del Siglo xvi.," No, 107. 

Sacrobosco (Joannes de). See [Holywood (John)], Vol. viii., 
Nos. 32677-32684. 

Besides the editions already described, the following are worthy of mention, although 
some of them may contain no reference to America : 


Sacrobosco. loannis de | Sacrobosco Astronomi | celeberrimi 
sph(^ricu opusculum, cum lucida | & familiari expositione per 
Matthaeuni I Shamotulien\ artium magistrum, | in studio alm(^ vni- 
uersitatis| Cracouien, collecta. | [Large woodcut.] | [Colophon:] 
Craccovics apvd Flo- | r'tanum impensis lo- | ann'ts Holier. \ Anno M.D.- 
XXII. I 4to, leaves (7), 70, (i). Sig. a in six, b in one, another 
B in four, c-s in fours, and T in three. 74800 

On folio 54 is a long passage relating to America. The only copy I know of belongs 
to Mr. Charles H. Kalbfleisch, who has obligingly furnished the above title and col- 

Sacrobosco. Textvs de Sphaera Ioan-|nIs de Sacrobosco: 
Introdvctoria Additione | (quantu necessarium est) commentari<5q3, 
ad vtilitatem studentiu phi- | losophiae Parisiensis Academiae illus- 
tratus. Cum copositione Annuli | astronomici Boneti Latensis : 
Et Geometria Euclidis Megarensis. | Parisiis\ Vanit apud Simonem 
Colincsum. \ 1527. | Folio, 35 leaves. Woodcut on title-page and 
on the verso of leaf 3. H. 74801 

Sacrobosco. Sphere mundi opusculum Johannis de Sacro 
busto cum additamentis mathematicis figuris descentibus explica- 
tis ... per magistrum Joannem Guyion astronomum. Avenione^ 
impressus arte et solertia Joannis de Channey. [1530.?] Sm. 4to, 
32 leaves, the last leaf blank. Woodcuts. 74802 

Sacrobosco. Liber Johannis de Sacro Busto, de Sphera. 
Addita est praefatio in eundem librum. Philippi Melanch. ad 
Simonem Gryneum. [Colophon :] Impressum Vitehergae per 'Jo- 
sephum Clug. 1534. 8vo, 43 leaves. Woodcuts. 74803 

Sacrobosco. Sphaera Joannis de Sacrobosco, emendata. Eliae 
Vineti Santonis Scholia in eandem Sphaeram, ab ipso authore 
restituta. Adiunximus huic libro compendium in Sphaeram per 
Pierium Valerianum Bellunensem, et Petri Nonini Salaciensis 
demonstrationem eorum, quae in extremo capite de climatibus 
Sacroboscius scribit de inaequali climatum latitudine, eodem Vi- 
neto interprete. Lutetia. 1564. 8vo. Woodcuts and movable 
diagrams. 74804 

Sacrobosco. Joannis de Sacro Bosco Sphaera emendata. 
Cum additionibus in margine ... Interserta etiam sunt Eliae 
Vineti Santonis egregia Scholia in eandem Sphaeram ... et de 
Petri Nonii demonstratione eorum .... Antuerpiae^ Birckmanni. 
1566. Svo. 74805 

vol. XVIII. 14 


Sacrobosco. Sphaera Joannis de Sacrobosco emendata a Fr. 
Junctino Theologo Florentine, qui etiam in capite libri adiunxit 
Principia Geometrica, ad cognitionem Sphaericorum Elemento- 
rum necessaria, ex variis authoribus decerpta. In calce libri 
habes Scholia Eliae Vineti Santonis. Lvgdvni. 1578. 8vo. 
Woodcuts. V 74806 

Sacrobosco. Sphaera emendata. Eliae Vineti Santonis scholia 
in eandem Sphaeram, ab ipso Authore restituta, compendium in 
Sphaeram per Pierium Valerianum Bellunensem : et Petri Nonij 
Salaciensis demonstratio eorum, quae in extremo capite de clima- 
tibus Sacroboscus scribit de inaequali climatum latitudine : eodem 
Vineto interprete. Veneti'is. 1620. 8vo, pp. 168. Woodcuts. 

Other editions in Latin: Lo-vanii^ y. fVaen, 1547, sm. 8vo; AntverpiaCy "J. Ricb- 
ardusy 1 55 1, sni. 8vo; Lugduni Bato'voruWy B. & A. E/ze-virj 1647, sm. 8vo. 

Sacrobosco. [Half title :] Sphera del | Mvndo | [Title :] 
Trac|tado de | la Sphera | qve compvso | el Doctor | loannes de 
Sacrobvsto | con muchas additiones. Agora nue|uamente tradu- 
zido de Latin en len|gua Castellana Por el Bachiller | Hieronymo 
de Chaves : | el qual anadio muchas figuras | tablas, y claras d'mon- 
stra|tiones: junctamente | co vnos breuesj Scholios, | nece| ssarios 
a ma|yor illucidation, orna|to y perfectio d'l dicho tractado. | ... | 
Con Privilegio Imperial. | [Colophon :] Seuilla^ en casas de luan de 
Leon^ 1545' 4to, title and io8 leaves. 74808 

Improved title (from Harrisse, "Bib. Am. Additions," No. 149) of No. 32684, 
Vol. VIII., which see for a note.. 

Sacrobosco. La Sphera de luan de Sacrobosco | Nueua y fiel- 
mente traduzida de Latin en Romance, | por Rodrigo Saenz de 
Santayana y Spinosa. | Con vna Exposicion del mismo. | Dirigida 
al Serenissimo y Excellentissimo Principe Don luan | de Austria, 
Hijo del Inuictissimo Caesar Carlo Quinto. | Impresso en Valladolid^ 
por Adrian Ghemart. \ A casta de Pedro de Coreuera. \ M D Lxviii. | 
Con Priuilegio Real. Est a tassado en dos Reales en papel. \ Sm. 4to, 
leaves (8), 78, (2). b. 74809 

Sacrobosco. Trattato della Sphera, | nel quale si dimostrano, 
& insegnano i | principii della astrologia raccolto da | Giouanni di 
Sacrobusto, & altri | Astronomi, & tradotto in | lingua Italiana. | 
Per Antonio Rvcioli. | Et con nvove annota-| tioni in piu luoghi 
dichiarato. | In Venetia nel. d. m. xliii. | [Colophon :] Impresso in 
Venetia per Fran- \ \_cesco Brucioli ?'] dsf / Frategli\Nel. M. D. xliii. ( 
4to, title and 24 leaves. c.h.k. 74810 

SADA. 219 

Improved title of No. 32678, Vol. vm. On the recto of folio 24 is a woodcut 
globe containing a representation of America. The following relates to the work of 
Sacrobosco : Annotationi sopra la lettione della Sfera del Sacro-Bosco, dove si dichia- 
rano tutti i principii Mathematici et Naturali che in quella se possan' desiderare ... Au- 
thore M. Mauro fiorentino. Firenze, Torrentino. 1 550. 4to. 

Sacy [Claude Louis Michel de]. L'Esclavage des Ameri- 
cains et des Negres. Piece qui a concouru pour le prix de I'Aca- 
demie Fran^oise, en 1775. Par M. de Sacy. Paris: Demonville. 
1775. 8vo, pp. 12. s. 7481 1 

In verse. 

Sad and Deplorable News from New England, poetically 
related by an Inhabitant there. London. 1675. 4to. 74812 

Title from Lowndes. Ternaux, No. 918, gives a similar title with the same date. 
Perhaps the same as the following: 

Sad and Deplorable | Newes | from | New England. | Poetically | 
Related by an Inhabitant there, | and Newly sent over to a Mer- 
chant I in London. I Being a | True Narrative | of | New-Englands 
Lamentable Estate at present, Occa|sioned by many un-heard of 
Cruelties, Practiced upon the | Persons and Estates of its United 
Colonies, with | out Respect of Sex, Age or Quality of Persons] 
by the barbarous Heathen thereof | ... | London^ Printed by H. y. 
Anno Dom. 1676. 4to, pp. i6. bm. 74813 

Sad and dreadful News | from | New-England, | Being | A True 
Relation of the Barbarous Cruelty | lately committed by the 
Spaniards upon | the English. | [Colophon :] London^ Printed for 
Langley Curtis. 1684. Folio, pp. 4. C. 748 14 

Mr. Brinley's copy sold for $50. 

A Sad Case. See [Randolph (P. B.)], Vol. xvii., No. 67852. 

The Sad Effects of Sin. See [Mather (C.)], Vol. xi. 46493. 

The Sad Estate of the Unconverted ... with Inferences 
thereon, offered to the Consideration of the Inhabitants of ... 
North America. Boston: Kneeland ^ Green. 1736. i2mo, pp. 
(4), 50. 74815 

Dedicated to the Inhabitants of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and 
New York. 

Sada (L.) Institute y Hacienda Normal para la Ensefianza 
de la Agricultura de la Republica del Peru en Lima por su Direc- 
tor Luis Sada, Ingenicro, etc. Lima: Imprenta del Estado. 1870. 
8vo, pp. 170, (i). 12 folded Plans. h. 74816 

220 SADEUR. 

Sada. Instriicclon para jeneralizar el cultivo de la Morera I 
del Gusano di Seda en Chile, por Luis Sada. Santiago. 1862. 
8vo, pp. 120. 74817 

Saddi (Nathan Ben), pseudon. The Chronicles of the Kings 
of England. See [Dodsley (Robert)], Vol. v.. No. 205 17. 

Other American editions : Philadelphia : B. Franklin. 1744. Svo. -{- London, Printed ; 
NeiL'porty reprinted hy the Widoiv Franklin. 1 744. l6mo, pp. 56. c. -\- London, Printed; 
Norivicb, Conn., reprinted by Green & Spooner. 1773. izmo. + ("by the late Dr. 
Franklin.") Third American edition. Litchfield: T.Collier. 1791. i2nio. ■\- Neiv 
York : J. Buel. l-Ji^-]. l2mo. 

Saddi (Nathan Ben)^ pseudon. A | Fragment | of the | Chron- 
icles I of I Nathan Ben Saddi ; | A Rabbi of the Jews. | Lately dis- 
covered in the Ruins of| Herculaneum : | And Translated from 
the Original, into the | Italian Language. | By the Command of 
the King of the Two-Sicilies. | And | Now first publish'd in Eng- 
lish. I Constantinople : \ Printed in the Tear of the Vulgar JEra.^ Sl^l- I 
Svo, 7 leaves. P. 74818 

Printed at Philadelphia by James Chattin. Improved title of No. 25413, Vol. vi. 
"Of the characters presented in this piece, which is an allegorical account of the arrest 
of the Rev. Dr. Smith and Wm. Moore of Moore Hall, I have identified several : 
Isaac, the Judge, is Isaac Norris, Speaker of the Assembly 5 Adonis, the Scribe, is 
Benjamin Franklin; Daniel, the Etheopean, Daniel Roberdeauj Gruban, Nathaniel 
Grubb, of Chester Co.; Sheptol, Thomas Leech, of Philadelphia; Hughall, John 
Hughes, of Philadelphia; Masteral Abber, William Masters, of Philadelphia; Asber, 
George Ashbridge, of Chester Co.; Tochal, John Douglas, of Lancaster Co.; Asa, the 
Butcher, Joshua Ash, of Chester Co.; Wa-Nereth, the Stupid, Isaac Wayne, of 
Chester Co.; Peronal, the beastly, Richard Pearne, of Philadelphia; Shimei, Rev. 
Wm. Smith, d.d. ; Morat, William Moore; Kerak, Edward Kelly, Doorkeeper of the 
Assembly." — Hildeburn's Issues of the Press in Pennsylvania. 

Saddlebags (Jeremiah), pseudon. See Read (J. A. and D. F.), 
Vol. XVI., No. 68157. 

Sadeur (J.), pseudon. La Terre Australe connue : c'est-a- 
dire la description de ce pays inconnu jusqu'ici, de ses moeurs et 
de ses coutumes. Par M. Sadeur; avec les aventures qui le 
conduisirent en ce Continent, et les particularitez du sejour qu'il 
y fit durant trente-cinq ans et plus, et de son retour, reduites 
et mises en lumiere par les soins et la conduite de G. de F. 
Vannes [i. e. Geneve~\.^ par 'Jacques Vernevil., rue Saint- Gilles.^ 1676. 
i2mo. BM. 74819 

The author of this fictitious relation or romance, of which the above is the original 
edition, was Gabriel de Foigny, originally a cordelier in Lorraine, and afterwards a 
teacher of language at Geneva. The work is said to contain many impious and licen- 
tioui passages, which were omitted in the later editions. 


Sadeur. Les Aventures de Jacques Sadeur, dans la decou- 
veite et le voyage de la Terre Australe, contenant les coutumes 
et les moeurs des Australiens, leur religion, leurs exercices. 
Paris^ Claude Barbin. 1692. Sm. l2mo. 74820 

This edition was edited by the Abbe Raguenet, who rpade many alterations in the 
text and omitted many passages. For this reason the authorship of the work is some- 
times attributed to him. Reprinted in the following editions : 

Sadeur. Les Aventures de Jacques Sadeur, dans la decou- 
verte et le voyage de la terre Australe. Nouvelle edition. Paris^ 
Cavalier. 1705. i2mo. 74821 

Sadeur. Les Aventures de Jacques Sadeur, dans la Decou- 
verte et le Voyage de la Terre Australe : Contenant les Cos- 
tumes et les moeurs des Australiens, leur Religion, leurs Exer- 
cices, leurs Etudes, leurs Guerres ; les Animaux particuliers a ce 
pais, et toutes les raretez curieuses qui s'y trouvent. Amsterdam^ 
Mortier. 1732. i2mo. 74822 

An edition, Amsterdam, 1722, sm. 8vo, is mentioned in F. Miiller's catalogue for 
1877. Also reprinted in the twenty-fourth volume of C. G. T. Garnier's "Voyages 
imaginaires," pp. 239-416, Paris, 1788. A Dutch version is appended to [Vairasse 
(D.)] "Historic der Sevarambes," Amsterdam, 1701, with a separate title (" Nieuwe 
reize na het Zuid-Land," etc.) and pagination (pp. 48). 

Sadeur. A | New Discovery | Of | Terra Incognita Australis, | 
or the I Southern World. | By | James Sadeur a French-man. | Who 
I Being Cast there by a Shipwrack, | lived 35 years in that Coun- 
try, and gives a [particular Description of the Manners, Customs, 
I Religion, Laws, Studies, and Wars, of those | Southern People; 
and of some Animals pe-|culiar to that Place: with several other 
Ra-|rities. | These Memoirs were thought so curious, that | they 
were kept Secret in the Closet of a late | Great Minister of State, 
and never Published | till now since his Death. | Translated from 
the French Copy, Printed at | Paris, by Publick Authority. | April 
8. 1693. Imprimatur, Charles Hern. | London^ Printed for John 
Dunton^ at the Raven\in the Poultry. 1693. | Sm. l2mo, pp. (8), 
1-88, 97-186, Catalogue of Books (6). Sig. a in four, b and c 
in twelves, d in eight, e and f in sixes, Aa-od in twelves. l. 

Sadlier (J.) Bessy Conway ; or. The Irish Girl in America. 
By Mrs. J. Sadlier. New York: D. & J. Sadlier ^ Co. 1862. 
i6mo. 74824 

Sadlier. The Blakes and the Flanagans ; a Tale illustrative 
of Irish Life in the United States. By Mrs. J. Sadlier. Nnv 
York : D. ^ J. Sadlier i^ Co. 1855. i2mo. 74B25 


Sadlier. Con O'Regan or. Emigrant Life in the New 
World. By Mrs. J. Sadlier. New Tork : D. & J. Sadlier & Co, 
Montreal^ C. E. 1864. i6mo, pp. 405. b. 74826 

Sadlier's Catholic Almanac and Ordo, for the Year of our 
Lord, 1864, with a Full Report of the various Dioceses in the 
United States and British North America, and a List of the 
Clergy in Ireland. New Tork: D. tff J. Sadlier ^ Co. 1864. 
i2mo, pp. iv, 330, advertisements 72, 53, (12). ba. 74827 

Also for 1865 and 1866. Continued as: 

Sadlier's Catholic Directory, Almanac, and Ordo, for ... 1867. 
With a Full Report of the various Dioceses in the United States 
and British North-America, and a List of the Archbishops, 
Bishops, and Priests in Ireland. New Tork : D. iff J, Sadlier ^ 
Co. 1867. i2mo. Continued. 74828 

Sadtler (B.) "A Rebellious Nation Reproved." A Ser- 
mon preached by Rev. B. Sadtler ... Easton, Pa. on the Day of 
Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer, September 26, 1861. Easton: 
(Pa.) Davis iff Eichman^ Printers. 1861. 8vo, pp. 12. 74829 

[Saeghman (Gillis Joosten).] Verscheyde Oost-Indische | 
Voyagien : | Met de | Beschrijvingen van | Indien. | t'Eerste Deel. j 
t* Amsterdam by Gtllis loosten Saeghman. \ [i 663-1 670?] 4to. L. 

This is known as Saeghman's collection, from the name of the publisher. The 
above title of the first division is in an engraved frontispiece, similar to the one used 
for Hartgers' collection of voyages. This is foUov^'ed by a reprint of Hartgers* intro- 
duction, in fifteen pages, beginning " Bondigh Verhael, Van het Begin en Voortgangh, 
der Vereenighde Nederlandtsche, Geoctroyeerde Oost-Indische Compagnie," and signed 
at the end by Saeghman. On the sixteenth page is a sonnet, also signed by Saegh- 
man. Then follow the various relations described below, each one with its own title, 
pagination and signatures. It is very unusual to find all of these parts together, .ind 
nearly every set varies more or less in the order of arrangement, which is given below 
and numbered as in Tiele's " Memoire Bibliographique." There are two sets in the 
Lenox Library, each comprising both divisions bound together in one volume in the 
original hogskin binding, besides separate copies of several of the relations. One of 
these sets contains nineteen relations in the following order: i.-vii., xiii., viii.-xii., and 
XVI. of the first part, i.-iv. of the second, and xvin. of the first part. The other set 
contains twenty-four relations, viz. : i.-iv., vi., vii., xiii., and viii.-x. of the first part, 
I. and II. of the second, v. of the first, in. and iv. of the second, xi., xii., xvi., xix. 
(Den Vermeerderden Spieghel), and xviii. of the first, and ix., v.,vii. and vi. of the 
second part. These were all originally issued separately, and in that form are not 
uncommon. Complete sets, however, with the two general titles and introduction, are 
extremely rare. " Le merite des editions de Saeghman est fort mediocre. Ses reim- 
pressions sont en grande partie abregees ou mutilees, & ce qu'il y a ajoute est tres- 
insignifiant. Les images dont il a pretendu orner ses journaux, sont pour la plupart des 
gravures en bois, tirees d'ouvrages anterieurs. Les images bibliques de Van Sichem, 
cntre autres, lui ont fourni un large contingent." See also Tiele's " Memoire Biblio- 
graphique sur les Journaux des Navigateurs Neerlandais," pp. 18-20. 



[i.] Journael | Van de derthien-jarighe Reyse, te Water en te 
Lande, I Gedaen door | Jan Huygen van Linschooten, | na | Oost- 
Indien, | Inhoudende de Beschryvinge der selver Landen en | 
Zee-kusten, met aenwijsinge van alle de voornaemste Havens, 
Revieren, | Hoecken ende Drooghten : Mitsgaders | *t Leven en 
Kleedinghe der Inwoonders en Portugesen, manieren van hare | 
gebouwen van Tempelen, Afgoden, Huysingen, Gods-dienst, 
Policie, en Koophandel, | hoe, en waer die gedreven wort, Sic. 
Als oock van de Beesten, Vogelen, Vruchten, | Speceryen, Mate- 
rialen en eenige Geschiedenissen van die Landen. | [Vignette 
of ships.] I /' Jmsterda?n^ Gedruckt | By Gillis yoosten Saeghman^ 
In de Nieuwe-straet^ | Ordinaris Drucker van de 'Journalen ter Zee^ 
en de Landt-Reysen.\ [1663?] 4to, pp. 208. Portrait of Lin- 
schoten on verso of the title. 57 plates in the text. Map or 
the world. l. 74831 

Improved title of No. 41364, Vol. x. 

fii.] Beschryvinge van verscheyde Landen, gelegen onder 
Africa en America. [1663.?] See Linschoten (J. H. van), Vol. 
X., No. 413^5- 

[hi.] Twee Journalen | Van twee verscheyde Voyagien, gedaen 
door I Jan Huygen van Linschooten, | Van by Noorden om, langhs 
Noorwegen, de | Noordt-Caep, Laplandt, Finlandt, Ruslandt, de 
witte Zee, de Kusten | van Candenoes, Sweetenoes, Pitzora, &c. 
door de Strate ofte Enghte|van Nassouw, tot voor by de Reviere 
Oby, na | Vay-gats, | Gedaen in de Jaren 1594. en 1595. | Waer 
in seer pertinent beschreven ende aen gewesen wordt, | al het 
geene hem op de selve Reysen van dagh tot dagh voor gevallen 
is, als mede de | Beschryvingh van alle de Kusten, Landen, Op- 
doeningen, Streckingen en Courssen, hc.\ [Engraving.] | /'y/m- 
sterdam^ Gedruckt \ By Gillis 'Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe-straety 
I Ordinaris Drucker i>an de journalen ter Zee^ en de Reysen te 
Lande. \ [1663.''] 4to, pp. 40. Map of the northern regions 
inscribed ""Tabula Geogr." 8 woodcut plates in the text. L. 

[iv.] Eerste Schip-vaert | Gedaen van de Hollanders naer ( 
Oost-Indien,| Met vier Scheepen, onder 't Beleydt van | Cornells 
Houtman, | Uyt Texel t' Zeyl gegaen. Anno 1595. | Verhalende 
al 't gedenckwaerdighste dat haer op de Reys | is voor gevallen 
te Water en te Lande, als oock de Conditien, Religien, | Zeden 
en Huys-houdingen der Lidiaensche Volckeren, de Vruchtbaer- 
heydt | van 't Aerdtrijck, de Natuer en verscheydenheyt der 
Beesten en Vogelen, | ende voorts de Koopmanschappen en 



andere Vreemdicheden der | Landen en Steeden die zy gesien en 
bezeylt hebben. | [Woodcut.] | t' Amsterdam^ Gedruckt \ By Gillis 
Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe-straet^ \ Ordinaris Drucker van de 
Journalen ter Zee^ en de Landt-Reysen.\ [1663?] 410, pp. 104. 
28 engravings in the text. l. 74833 

A reprint of Hartgers' edition, with a few slight changes. 

[v.] Journael | Van de tweede Schip-vaeit op | Oost-Indien, | 
Gedaen by acht Scheepen, onder den Heer Admirael | Jacob van 
Neck, ende Vice-Admirael| Wybrand van Warwyck, | Van Am- 
sterdam ghezeylt in den Jare 1598. | Getrocken uyt het Dagh- 
register, voor desen daer van j gedruckt ; en doorgaens, tot beter 
onderrechtinghe des Lesers, met een | pertinente Beschryvinge 
van des Landts gelegentheyt, der Inwoonderen |zeden en manie- 
ren, als mede de vreemdicheyt der Beesten en Vogelen in 't j 
selve, uyt verscheyde andere Schryvers verrijckt. | [Woodcut.] | 
t^ Amsterdam^ Gedruckt \ By Gil/Is "Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe- 
straet^ ] Ordinaris Drucker van de Journalen ter Zee^ en de Landt- 
Reysen.\ [1663.?] 4to, pp. 40. 13 engravings in the tejrt. L. 

[vi.] Journael | Van de| Tweede Reys, | Gedaen by den Heer 
Admirael I Jacob van Neck, | Naer| Oost-Indien, | iMet ses Schee- 
pen in den Jare 1600. | Verhalende al 't gedenckwaerdighste dat 
haer op de Reyse | is voor gevallen, als mede de vreemdicheydt 
van Menschen, Beesten, | en Vogels, van de Landen daer zy 
gheweest zijn. | [Vignette of ships.] | t' Amsterdam^ Gedruckt | By 
Gillis Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe-straet^ \ Ordinaris Drucker 
van de Journalen ter Zee^ en de Landt-Reysen. \ [1663 .?] 4to, pp. 
32. 8 plates in the text. l. 74835 

[vii.] Journael Van de wonderlijcke Vooyagie Door de Straet 
Magalanes. [1663?] See Noort (O. van). Vol. xiii. 55444. 

[viii.] Journael Van 't geene vijf Schepen, van Rotterdam, 
in 't Jaer 1598. den 27. Juny, na de Straet Magalanes Varende, 
over gekomen is, tot den 21. January 1600. toe. [166-?] See 
Weert (S. de). 

[ix.] Journael van de Voyagie | Gedaen met drie Schepen, uyt 
Zeelandt, | Naer | Oost-Indien, | Onder het beleydt van de Com- 
marideurj Joris van Spilbergen, | Zijn eerste Reyse, uytghevaren in 
den I Jare 1601. 1602. 1603. en 1604. | [Vignette of ships.] | 
r' Amsterdam^ Gedruckt | By Gillis Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe- 
straet^ | Ordinaris Drucker van de Journalen ter Zee^ en de Landt- 
Rtjsen.\ [166-.?] 4to, pp. 56. 7 plates in the text. L. 74836 


[x.] Journael van de Voyagie Gedaen met ses Scheepen, door 
de Straet Magalanes, Naer de Molucques. [166-?] .SVf Spil- 
bergen (J. van). 

[xi.] Journael Van de vvonderlijcke Reyse, Gedaen door Wil- 
lem Cornelisz. Schouten van Hoorn, In de Jaren 16 15. 1616. en 
1617. [166-?] See Schouten (W. C.) 

[xii.] Journael van de Nassausche Vloot, Zijnde een Bcschry- 
vingh van de Voyagie om den gantschen Aerdt-kloot. [166-?] 
See Hermite (J. 1'), Vol. viii., No. 31507. 

[xiii.] Vijf verscheyde Journalen | Van | Pieter van den Broeck, 
I Gehouden op zijne Reysen, na| Cabo- Verde, Angola en Guinea, 
I Doch voornamentlijck na | Oost-Indien, | Waer in hem, soo in 
Schip-breuck, als in 't door-reysen | van 't Landt, seer veel vreemde 
dingen ontmoet zijn ; Als mede van de | Religie, Manieren, Zee- 
den en Huys-houdinghen der Volckeren, oock de | eygenschappen 
der Landen en Kusten die hy bezeylt heef't. | [Woodcut.] | f Am- 
sterdam^ Gedruckt \ By Gillis "Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe-straet^ \ 
Ordinaris Drucker van de ''Journalen ter Zee,, en de Reysen te Lande. | 
[166-?] 4to, pp. 112. Portrait of the author on verso of the 
title. 23 engravings in the text. l. 74837 

[xiv.] Journael van de Voyagie, | Gedaen met twaelf Scheepen 
naer | Oost-lndien, | Onder 't beleydt van den Heer Admirael | 
Steven van der Hagen, | Waer in verhaelt wordt het veroveren 
der Portugeesche | Forten op Amboyna en Tydoor. Mitsgaders 
de I Reyse van 't Schip Delft, (mede onder dese | Vloot behoo- 
rende) van Bantam naer de Kuste van Choromandel, | en andere 
plaetsen ; Beschryvende het gedcnckwaerdighste dat haer op | de 
Reyse, soo te Water als te Lande, is voor gevallen. | [Vignette 
of vessels.] \t' Amsterdam,, Gedruckt\ By Gillis "Joosten Saeghman^ in 
de Nieuwe-straety \ Ordinaris Drucker van de Journalen ter Zee,, en 
de Reysen te Lande. \ [166-.?] 4to, pp. 64. 18 plates in the text. 

[xv.] Journael, | Van de Acht-jarige, Avontuerlijcke Reyse 
van I VVillem Ysbrantsz. | Bontekoe van Hoorn, | Gedaen nae | 
Oost-lndien i | Uyt Texel gevaren den 18. December, 1618. | en 
t' buys gekomen den 16. November, 1625. | Verhalende het 
op-springen van 't Schip, en hoe hy van sijn volck gebergt | wierdt, 
voorts het ongemack, honger, dorst en andere perijckelen die hem 
nefFens zijn | Volck overgekomen zijn, nevens veele gedenckwaer- 
dige Geschiedenissen | [Vignette of ships.] | f Amsterdam,, \ By 
Gillis Joosten Zaagman,^ in de Nieuwe-straet,^ | Ordinaris Drucker 


van de Journalen ter Zee^ ende Landt-Reysen] [1670?] 410, pp. 
60. 1 1 plates in the text. 74^39 

[xv*.] Journael ofte Beschryvinge, | Van de Avontuerlijcke 
Reyse van | Willem Ysbrantsz. Bontekoe van Hoorn. | Gedaen 
na| Oost-Indien,| Uytgevaren den 18. December, 1618. en t'huys 
Igekomen den 16. November, 1625. | Verhalende het op-springen 
van 't Schip, en hoe hy van sijn volck geberght | wierdt, voorts 
het ongemack, honger, dorst en andere perijckelen die hem over | 
gekomen zijn, ende hoe wonderlijck hy, nefFens zijn Volck, noch 
op Batavia | is gekomen, als mede verscheyde gedenckwaerdige 
Geschiedenissen, &c. | [Woodcut of ships.] | t' Amsterdam^ Ge- 
druckt I By Gill'is Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe-straet^ | Ordinaris 
Drucker van de 'Journalen ter Zee^ en de Reysen te Lande, \ [1670?] 
4to, pp. 60. 1 1 plates in the text. l. 74840 

Another edition of the preceding number. 

[xvi.] Ongeluckige Voyagie | Van Het | Schip Batavia, | Uytge- 
varen onder *t beleydt van den E. Fran9ois Pelsaert, na | Oost- 
Indien, | En gebleven is op de Abrollos van Fredrick | Houtman, 
op de hooghte van 28J. gra. bezuyden de Linie iEquinoctiael. | 
Verhalende *t verongelucken des Schips, en de grou- 1 welijcke 
Moordery onder 't Scheeps-volck, op 't Eylandt Bataviers Kerck- 
hof, I nevens de Justitie gedaen aen de Moetwillige in de Jaren 
1628. en 1629. 1 [Vignette of ships.] \t' Amsterdam^ Gedruckt\By 
Gilits Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe-straet^ \ Ordinaris Drucker 
van de Journalen ter Zee,, en de Landt-Reysen.\ [1670?] 4to, pp. 
44. 7 engravings in the text. l. 74841 

[xvii.] Journael | Van de ongeluckige Reyse van 't Jacht de | 
Sperwer, | Varende van Batavia na Tyowan en Fer-|mosa, in 't 
Jaer 1653. en van daer na Japan, daer | Schipper op was Reynier 
Egbertsz. van Amsterdam. | Beschrijvende hoe het Jacht door 
storm en onweer ver-|gaen is, veele Menschen verdroncken en 
gevangen sijn: Mitsgaders | wat haer in 16. Jaren tijdt weder- 
varen is, en eyndelijck hoe | noch eenighe van haer in 't Vader- 
landt zijn aen geko-|men Anno 1668. in de Maendt July. | 
[Woodcut.] \t' Amsterdam^ Gedruckt\ By Gillis Joosten Saagman^ in 
de Nieuwe-straet,, \ Ordinaris Drucker van de Zee-Journalen en 
Landt- Reysen. \ [1670.?] 4to, pp. 40. 6 engravings in the text. 

A reprint of the Rotterdam edition of 1668. The author's name was Hendrick 
Hamel. There are two other editions of this part as follows : 

[xvii*.] 't Oprechte Journael, | [etc., as in No. 74842,] ... | 
Beschrijvende hoe het Jacht door storm en onweer op Quelpaerts 


Ey-|lant vergaen Is, op hebbende 64. Man, daer van 36. aen 
Lant zijn geraeckt, en gevan-|gen genomen van den Gouver- 
neur van 't Eylant, die haer als Slaven na den Coninck | van 
Coree dede voeren, alwaer sy 13. Jaren en 28. dagen hebben in 
Slaverny nioeten blij-| ven, waren in de tijdt tot op 16. nae gestor- 
ven : Daer van acht persoonen in 't Jaer 1666. | met een kleyn 
Vaertuygh zijn 't ontkomen, achterlatende noch acht van haer 
Maets : I En hoe sy in 't Vaderlandt zijn aengekomen Anno 1668. 
in de Maent July. | [Woodcut.] \C Amsterdam^ Gedruckt\ By Gillis 
Joosten Saagman ... . [167-?] 4to, pp. 40. 74^43 

This edition varies from the preceding on pages 7, 30 and 31. 

[xvii**.] Journael, | Van de ongeluckige Reyse [etc., as in 
No. 74842,] ... I t' Amstej-dam.^ \ By Gillis Joosten Zaagman .... 
[167-.?] 4to, pp. 40. 74844 

This edition differs from the two preceding in having no engravings on pp. 22, 30 
and 31, but containing one on page 23. 

[xviii.] Beschryvinghe van West-Indien. [1670.'*] See Ben- 
zoni (G.), Vol. II., No. 4804. 

[xix.] Spiegel der Spaensche Tirany. [1670.?] See Casas 
(B. de las). Vol. iii., No. 11263. 

There is another edition of this part published by Saeghman, with the title " Den 
Vermeerderden Spieghel," etc., and the date 1664. See Casas (B. dc las), Vol. ui., 
No. 11264. 

[Saeghman.] Verscheyde | Journalen, | van | Zee en Landt | 
Reysen, I Mitsgaders de| Beschrijvingh van de Landen en| Volck- 
eren, die gelegen syn onder den kouden | Noordt-Pool. \fJmster- 
dam^l Gedruckt by Gillis loosten Saeghman. \ [1663-70?] 4to. L. 

The above engraved title or frontispiece is prefixed to the second division of the col- 
lection, which was published by Saeghman in separate parts l)etween the years 1663 and 
1670. This division consists of nine relations as described below, but which are 
seldom all found together. According to Tiele the last two narratives are generally 
lacking. The order of arrangement varies in diffisrent copies. 

[i.] Verhael van de vier eerste Schip-vaerden Der Hollandt- 
sche en Zeeuvvsche Schepen, Naar Nova Zembla. 1663. See 
[Veer(G. de)]. 

[11.] Drie Voyagien Gedaen na Groenlandt ... de eerste door 
loan Monnick, de tweede door Marten Forbisser, ende de derde 
door Gotske Lindenau. [1663 .?] See Munk (J.), Vol. xii., No. 


[ill.] Journael, Of Dagh-Register, gehouden by Seven Ma- 
troosen, In haer Overwinteren op Spitsbergen in Maurits-Bay, 
Gelegen in Groenlandt. [i66-?] See Segersz van der Brugge 

Three editions were published by Saeghman. 

[iv.] Twee Journalen, Het Eerste gehouden by de Seven 
Matroosen, Op het Eylandt Mauritius, in Groenlandt ... En het 
tweede gehouden by de Seven Matroosen, die op Spitsbergen Zijn 
Overwintert. [166-.''] .^^^ Twee Journalen. 

Another edition was also published by Saeghman, entitled " Twee Journalen, Ge- 
houden by seven Matroosen," etc. 

[v.] Journael Van de Ongeluckighe Voyagie ... Naer Groen- 
landt. [166-.?] See Raven (D. A.), Vol. xvi., No. 67981. 

[vi.] Beschryvinghe van | Moscovien | Ofte | Ruslandt, | Ver- 
halende den eersten standt des Rijcks, en | hare Oorlooghen, 
Rechten en Godts-diensten, als mede de manieren | van haer 
Leven, en gewoonte der Geestelijcke en VVereltlijcke Persoonen. 
I Mitsgaders : I Een Wegh-wijser, om te Reysen door Moscovien, 
en I de aenhoorige Landen, Steden en Revieren, na Groot-Tarta- 
ryen. [ [Woodcut.] 1 1* Ainsterdam^ Gedruckt \ By Gillis yoosten Saegh- 
man^ in de Nieuwe-straet^ | Ordinar-is Drucker van de Journalen der 
Zee- en Landt-Reysen.\ [166-.?] 410, pp. 64. 12 engravings in 
the text. L. 74846 

There is another edition with the following title : 

[vi*.] Beschryvinge van | Moscovien | Ofte | Ruslandt, | Verha- 
lende der Volckeren Rechten, Godts-| dienst, Leven en gewoonte 
der Geestelijcke en VVereltlijcke Personen. I Mitsgaders: | Een 
Wegh-wijser, om te Reysen door Moscovien, | ende aenhoorige 
Landen, Steden en Revieren, na Groot-Tartaryen. | [Woodcut.] | 
'/ Amsterdam^ Gedruckt \ By Gillis Joosten Saeghman^ in de Nieuwe- 
straet^ | Or dinar is Drucker van de Journalen ter Zee^ ende Reysen te 
Lande.\ [166-?] 4to, pp. 40. 4 engravings in the text. 

Reprinted from the preceding edition, with omissions and additions. 

[vii.] Beschrijvinghe| Van de Noordtsche | Landen, | Die gele- 
gen zijn onder den Koude| Noordt-pool. [166-.''] «SV^ Vol. XIII., 
No, 55431. .... i 

There is another edition as follows : * 

[vii*.] Beschryvinge van de | Noordtsche Landen, | Die gele- 
gen zijn onder den Kouden | Noordt-pool, | [etc., as in No. 
55431.] ... I Van Nieuws oversien, ende vermeerdert. | [Wood- 

SAENZ. 229 

cut.] I t* Amsterdam^ Gedrucht \ By Gillis "Joosten Saeghrnan ... .| 
[167-?] 4to, pp. 32. 74848 

Reprinted from No. 55431, with aitilitions Jiul omissions. 

[viii.] Beschryvinghc van | Turckyen, | En het ellendigh Leven 
der|Tuicken | Aen de Christenheyt vcrthoont. | Verhalcnde haer 
Regeringh, Supcrstitieii in | de Religie, en voorts haer gemeene 
Handel cr. Wandel, &c. Oock wat | wreetheydt zy ontrent haer 
selfs, en andere Natien gebruycken. | Beschreven door een Lief- 
hebber, die het selve Landt heeft bercyst. | [Woodcut.] | '/ Jm- 
sterdam.^ Gedruckt\ By Gillis "Joosteii Saeghtnan.^ in de Nieuwe-straet.^ I 
Ordinaris Drucker van de "Journalen tcr Ze't\ en de Reysen te Lande. j 
[166-.?] 4to, pp. 36. 2 engravings in the text. 74^49 

[ix.] Korte en wonderlijcke | Beschryvinge, | Van de seltsame | 
Wanschepsels | Van Menschen, die ghevonden | worden in het 
Coninckrijck Guianae, aen het Meyr Parime. | Als mede van de 
Satyrs, en van de Vrouwen die | Amazoonen | Genoemt worden, 
daer van de oude Historien gewach maecken. | [Woodcut.] | 
/' Amsterdam., Gedruckt \ By Gillis 'Joosten Saeghrnan.^ in de Nieuwe- 
straet., | Ordinaris Drucker van de 'Journalen ter Zee.^ en de Reysen te 
Lande. \ [166-?] 4to, pp. 16. 10 engravings in the text. l. 

Improved title of No. 38257, Vol. ix. 

Saenz [Fr. Agustin). Oracion funebre en las Exequias del 
M. R. P. Fr. Miguel Burguete, Provincial de la Provincia del 
Orden de Predicadores de S. Hipolito de Oaxaca. ... Mexico., per 
Hogal. 1750. 4to. 74851 

Title from Beristain. 

Saenz {Fr. Diego). La Tomasiada : Poema epico de la Vida 
de Santo Tomas de Aquino. ... Guatemala., por Pineda Ibarra. 
1667. 4to. 74852 

Title from Beristain. 

Saenz (Fr. Jose). Brillante Trisagio que a todas luces declara 
a Clara preclara Esposa de Jesucristo ... Puebla., por el capitan 
Villareal. 1696. 4to. 74^53 

Title from Beristain. 

Saenz (M.) A la magestad catholica del rey nuestro Senor 
... recurso, y reverente suplica por el P. Lict. Fr. Manuel Saenz, 
Orden de San Augustin, en nombre de su provincia del santissimo 
nombre de Jesus de Philipinas ... sobre el furtiva, y atentada 
rcincorporacion del Padre Fr. M. Gutierrez, de la misma orden, 
a la provincia de Mexico ... . \Mexico? 1753.''] Folio. bm. 



Saenz (Mateo). Sermon predicado el Domingo de Panes, 18 
de Marzo de i860. ... Managua, i860. 8vo. 74^55 

Saenz (Matias San Antonio). •S'^'^ San Antonio Saenz (M.) 

Saenz de Aguirre (J.) Notitia Conciliorvm Hispaniae, 
atqve Novi Orbis, Epistolarvm decretalivm, et aliorvm monv- 
mentorvm sacrae Antiquitatis, ad ipsam spectantium, magna ex 
parte hactenus ineditorum : Qvorvm editio paratvr Salmanticae, 
cum Notis et Dissertationibus Josephi Saenz de Agvirre ... Sal- 
mantica^ apud Lvcam Perez. 1686. 8vo, pp. 495. 74856 

"Volume fort rare, qui contient le prospectus de la grande publication de I'auteur 
faite a Rome en 1693 et reimprimee dans la meme ville par les soins de J. Catalani, 
en 1753. Dans cet ouvrage, nous apprenons que cette Collection de Conciles devait 
etre imprimee a Salamanca et la Notitia n'avait ete public que pour etre presentee au 
Roi, afin d'obtenir de lui la somme necessaire a I'impression du livre." — Leclerc. For 
other works by the same author see Vol. i., Nos. 528-531. 

Saenz de Escobar (Jose). Alegacion juridica por el Sar- 
gento mayor, D. Juan Isidro Pardifias, Villar de Francos, del 
Orden de Santiago, y sus compafieros, sobre la posesion de la 
Mina de S. Antonio en el Real de Cozigiiiriachi. ... Mexico. 
1698. Folio. 74857 

Saenz de Escobar. Alegacion juridica por D. Fernando 
Ortega y D. Juan Laribas, sobre el Testamento del General D. 
Juan Fernandez de la Fuente. ... Mexico^ por Ribera. 17 15. 
Folio. 74858 

Saenz de Escobar. Dificultad imaginada y facilidad verda- 
dera en la practica de hacer Testamentos, reducida a ocho Docu- 
mentos. ... Mexico.^ por Calderon. 1 7 14. 8vo. 74^59 

Reprinted in Cadiz under the name of D. Juan Antonio Zurita as author. 

Saenz de Escobar. Informe en Derecho por los Albaceas 
y Herederos de D. Francisco de la Pena, sobre liquidacion de 
Cuentas con Jorge Londoy, y D. Miguel Roman de Nogales. ... 
Mexico^ por Calderon. 1 720. f^olio. 74860 

Saenz de Escobar. Manifiesto apologetico al Sr. Delegado 
de su Santidad en la Ciudad de los Angeles, sobre nulidad del 
Auto del Provisor de Mexico en que declare al Autor incurso en 
las Censuras de la Bula de la Cena. ... Mexico. 17 10. Folio. 

Saenz de Escobar. Manifiesto de hecho con informe de 
derecho por la justicia que asiste al Capitan D. Melchor Diaz de 



Posada, minero del Real de (jiianajuato, sobre la posesion y pro- 
piedad de la Mina llamada la Joya en el Cerro del Capulin. ... 
Mexico. 1703. Folio. 74862 

The above six titles from Beristain. 

Saenz de la Pena (A.) Manval|de los Santos | Sacramen- 
tos. I Conforme al Ritval | de Pavlo y vinto. | Formado | for [j/V] 
mandado del | Illvstriss."^" y iLxcell."!" | Senor D. luan 
de Palafox, y Mendo9a, Obispo | de la Puebla de los Angeles, 
Electo Ar9obispo de Mexico, | Gouernador de su Ar^obispado, 
del Consejo de su Mages- 1 tad en el Real de las Indias, Capellan, 
y Limosnero mayor | de la Serenissinia Emperatriz de Alemania, 
Virrey, Gouer- | nador, y Capitan General de la Nueua Espana, 
Presidente | de su Real Chancilleria, y Visitador General | deste 
Reyno. &c. | Por | el Doctor Andres Saenz de la | Pena, Cura 
Beneficiado de la Ciudad de Tlaxcala, | por su Magestad. | Con 
Privilegio. \ En Mexico por Francisco Robledo^ Impressor del Secreto 
del\Santo Officio. Aho de 1642. | 410, leaves (8), 194. 74863 

Collation : Frontispiece of the Episcopal arms with the title " Manval | de los santos 
I Sacramentos," recto blank; title, with "licencia" on verso, dated 1642; "Appro- 
bacion," i leaf (with signature mark ^,3); " Indice de las Materias del Manual de 
Sacramentos," 2 leaves; "A los cvras Benificiados, Vicarios, y Doctrineros de nucstra 
lurisdiccion. Nos Don Ivan de Falafox y Mendoza," etc., 3 leaves; text, mostly in 
Spanish, leaves 1-194. 

The " Modo De admistrar el Baptismo, a los Indies infantes," beginning on the 
verso of leaf 30 and ending on the verso of leaf 31, is in Spanish and Mexican; fol- 
lowed by the ** Modo De admistrar. el Baptismo a los Indios Adultos," in Mexican 
alone, from the verso of leaf 31 to the recto of leaf 36. A copy of the above 
"Manual" was sold at the Ramirez sale in 1880 for £7 los. According to Beristain, 
the author was " natural de las islas Canarias. Tomo en Mexico la beca del colegio 
mayor de Santa Maria de Todos Santos en 1" de Junio de 1636, y a poco tiempo la 
borla de doctor teologo en la universidad. El Ven. Sr. obispo Don Juan de Palafox le 
nombro su secretario, y le dio despues el curato de la ciudad de Tlaxcala; y en una de 
sus pastorales, en que recomienda a todos los curas el uso del Manual, que ya voy a 
expresar, dice : 'Tenemos particular satisfaccion de su Autor por sus letras, virtud, reco- 
gimiento, amor al servicio de Dios, y cumplimlento de sus obligaciones.' Fue canonigo 
de la catedral de Michoacan y despues de la Puebla de los Angeles, donde fallecio siendo 
arcediano," Beristain also enters the following work under the name of this author : 
** Vida de la Ven. M. Maria de Jesus, Angelopolitana, Religiosa profesa del Convento 
de la Concepcion de la Puebla de los Angeles," printed in 1683, 4to, and adds, " Este 
libro lo atribuye Leon Pinelo a D. Diego Lemus, cura de Pedraza en el obispado de 
Segovia." 5ee Lemus (D. de), Vol. x., No. 40020, and instead of " mdcclxxxiii " 
read " mdclxxxiii." 

Saenz de la Pena. [Manual de los Santos Sacramentos. 
Mexico. 1 69 1.?] 4to. 74864 

a copy of this edition, lacking the beginning and the end, but with the licences 
dated 1 69 1, was referred to by Senor Icazbalceta in his "Apuntes" [Mexico, 1866), 
No. 157, notCy as at that time in the Ramirez collection. It does not appear, however, 
in the sale catalogue of that library, nor does any other copy appear to be known. 



Saenz de Pedroso (Pedro Josef Rodrigo). See Vol. xii., 
No. 48519. 

Saenz de Santa Maria (J.) Carta edificante, 6 relacion 
sumaria de la vida del Jos. Saenz de S. Maria, marques de Valde- 
Ifiigo y fiiiidador en Cadiz de la actual Santa Cueva. [6W/z;] 
Impresn en la Casa de Alisericordia de d'lcha Ciudad. 1807. 4to. 
Portrait. 74865 

Saenz Vega [Fr. Pedro). Oracion panegirica y proclama- 
toria de la magestuosa Asuncion a los Cielos de Maria Santisima 
... Madrid^ por Gabriel del Barrio. 171 i. 4to. 74866 

The oration was delivered in tlie city of Mexico. 

Saenz Vega. Sermon de la Concepcion Inmaculada de 
Maria ... Puebla., por Fernandez de Leon. 1707. 410. 74867 

These two titles from Beristain. 

Saffell (W. T. R.) The Bonaparte-Patterson Marriage in 
1803, and the Secret Correspondence on the Subject never before 
made public. Collected and arranged by W. T. R. SafFell ... . 
Philadelphia: Published by the Proprietor. 1 873. i2mo, pp. xv, 
25-254. 2 Portraits. 74868 

Saffell. Hail Columbia, The Flag, and Yankee Doodle 
Dandy. By W. T. R. Saffell. ... Baltimore: T. Newton Kuntx. 
1864. i2mo, pp. 123. Portrait. b., ba., s. 74869 

Saffell. Records of the Revolutionary War: containing 
the Military and Financial Correspondence of Distinguished 
Officers ; Names of the Officers and Privates of Regiments, 
Companies, and Corps, with the Dates of their Commissions and 
Enlistments ; General Orders of Washington, Lee, and Greene, 
at Germantown and Valley Forge ; with a List of Distinguished 
Prisoners of War ; the Time of their Capture, Exchange, etc. 
To which is added, the Half-Pay Acts of the Continental 
Congress ; the Revolutionary Pension Laws ; and a List of the 
Officers of the Continental Army who acquired the right to 
Half-Pay Commutation, and Lands. By W. T. R. Saffell, Coun- 
sellor, and Agent for Revolutionary Claims. New-York: Pud- 
ney & Russell. 1858. i2mo, pp. 554. B., ba., h. -j- Philadel- 
phia : G. G. Evans, i860. i2mo, pp. 554. 74870 

Saffin (J.) A I Brief and Candid Answer to a late | Printed 
Sheet, Entituled,|The Selling of | Joseph | Whereunto is annexed, 



1 A True and Particular Narrative by way of Vindication of the | 
Author's Dealing with and Prosecution of his Negro Man serv- 
ant, I for his vile and cxhorbitant Behaviour towards his Master, 
and his I Tenant, Thomas Shepard ; which hath been wrongfully 
Represented I to their Prejudice and Defamation, | By John Saffin, 
Esqr. I Boston: Printed in the Tear i']0\.\ 4to, pp. (2), 12, and 
over. 74871 

For an account of this "extremely rare and valuable, if not unique tract," see Dr. 
George H. Moore's "Notes on the History of Slavery in Massachusetts," p. 88, and 
also pp. 251-256, where it is reprinted from the copy (imperfect at the end) then 
belonging to Mr. Brinley, at the sale of whose library in 1879 it brought $47.50. For 
the work to which it is a reply, see Sewall (S.) 

[Safford (A. E.)] A Memoir of Daniel SafFord, by his 
Wife ... American Tract Society^ Boston. [1861.] 12 mo, pp. 384. 

2 Portraits, 2 Plates. ba., h. 74872 

Safford (De F.) ... The Bay State Forty-Fourth. A Reg- 
imental Record. Edited by De Forest SafFord, of the 44th Regi- 
ment. Boston : M. O. Hall iff Company. [1863.] 8vo, pp. 32. 

Safford. Watertown in '75. A Scenic Dialogue in five 
Parts. By De Forest SafFord. Mt. Auburn: Published at the 
Memorial Office, i860. l6mo, pp. 32. B. 74874 

Safford (James M.) See Tennessee, Geology. 

Safford (J. P.) Reverence for Law; from a Consideration 
of the Source of Authority in Government. By Rev. J. P. Saf- 
ford, D.D. Piqua [Ohio): Register Office. 1858. 8vo, pp. 32. 

Safford (Nathaniel F.) Argument in opposition to annex- 
ing Roxbury to Boston. Boston. 1867. 8vo, pp. 38. 74876 

Safford (W. H.) Address before the Philomathean Society 
of the Ohio University, August i, 1855. By W. H. SafFord. 
Columbus. 1855. 8^'0- 74877 

Safford. The Life of Harman Blennerhassett. Compris- 
ing an Authentic Narrative of the Burr Expedition : and con- 
taining many additional facts not heretofore published. By Will- 
iam H. Safi^'ord. Chillicothe.^0. Ely .^ Allen i^ Looker. 1850. l2mo, 
pp. 239. Plate. -\- Cincinnati : Moore^ Anderson.^ Wilstach i^ Keys. 
1853. i2mo, pp. 239. 74878 

&f also "The Blennerhassett Papers," No. 5906, Vol. 11., and add: -\- Cincinnati : 
Moore, fFi/sta.b, Keys & Co. 1861. 8vo, pp. 665. 3 Portraits and I Plate, c. 




Sag Harbor, M T. Charter, By-Laws, and Ordinances of 
the Village of Sag Harbor, Suffolk County, State of New York. 
1861. New fork : Davies ^ Ketit^ Printers. 1861. 12 mo. 

Sagan | Landnama | vm fyrstu bygging Islands af | Nordmon- 
num. I Symbolum Regium. | Pieta-|te & | Iusti-|tia. | Skalhollte^\ 
Drykt af Hendr : Kruse \ A mdclxxxviii. | 410, pp. (10), 182, 

(20). BM. 74880 

The above work, better known as the " Landnamabok," was printed in Iceland. It 
is considered the first authority in all matters connected with the early history of" the 
island, and is often referred to for information concerning the early Norse voyagers to 
Greenland and Vinland. The compilation was the work of several authors, beginning 
with Ari Thorgilsson, continued by Kolskeggr Asbjornsson, Sturla Thordarson, and 
Styrmir Karason, the whole revised by Haukr Erlendsson, and finally edited by Thordr 
Thorlaksson. Copies are sometimes found with the two following works, bound in 
one volume, as originally iisued : 

Christendoms Saga, hliodande urn pad hvornenn Christen Tru kom fyrst a Island at 
forlage ... Olafs Tryggvasonar, Noregs Kongs. Dryckt i Skalhollte. 1688. 4to. bm. 

Gron-llandia I Edur | Graenlandz | Saga | Vr Islendskum Sagna Bookum og | Analum 
samantekin og a Latinski maal | Skrifud | Af heim Heidurliga & Halserda Manni, Syra | 
Arngrime Jonssine | Fordum Officiali Hola Stiftis og Soknar-jpreste ad Melstad | Ef^ a 
Norraenu utlogd afjEjnare Ejolfssine-jDrjc^; / Skalhollte, \ylf Hendrick Kruse Anno 1688. | 
4to, title and pp. 45. l. 

Sagard Theodat (G.) Dictionaire | De La Langve | Hv- 
ronne, I Necessaire a ceux qui n'ont I'intelligence d'icelle, | & ont 
"a trailer auec les Sauuages du pays. | Par Fr. Gabriel Sagard, Re- 
collet de I S. Fran9ois, de la Prouince de S. Denys. | J Paris, \ Chez 
Denys Moreav, rue S. Jacques, a la \ Salamandre d Argent, \ m.dc- 
xxxu.\ Auec Priui/ege du Roy. \ 8vo. L. 74881 

Collation: Title, verso blank 5 introductory remarks, pp. 3-125 "Les Mots Fran- 
cois tournez en Huron," 66 unnumbered leaves in double columns. Signatures a-i in 

This dictionary is usually bound with Sagard's "Grand Voyage" printed in 1632, of 
which it forms a part. Some copies, however, may have been issued separately at the 
time of publication, as it is sometimes found apart from the larger work. Mr. Henry 
C. Murphy's copy sold for $50. It was reprinted in 1865 to accompany the new edi- 
tions of the "Grand Voyage" and " Histnire du Canada" published at Paris by Tross, 
and of this reprint there is a separate issue as follows : 

Sagard Theodat. Dictionnaire de la Langue Huronne par 
Gabriel Sagard Theodat Recollet de S. Francois de la Province 
de S. Denys en France. Reimpression figuree de Tedition raris- 
sime de 1632. Tirage a part a 66 exemplaires. Paris Librairie 
Tross 1865 8vo, cover-title as above, facsimile of original title, 
pp. 3-12, and 66 unnumbered leaves. 74882 

The above reprint also forms a part of the new editions of the " Grand Voyage " 
and " Histoire du Canada." At the end of the volume is the colophon : Imprime par 
H. Scboutbeer^ a Arras pour la Librairie Tross, a Paris, m. d. ccc. lxv. 


Sagard Theodat. [Engraved title:] Le Grand | Voyage 
Dv Pays|des Hurons, sitiic en L'A-| merique uers la mer douce | 
ez dernieres confins de | la nouuelle France | Ou il est traicte de 
tout|ce qui est du pays & du | gouuernement des Sauuages| Auec 
un Dictionnaire | de la Langue huronne|Par Fr. Gabriel Sagard | 
Recollect de S^ Francois |de la prouince S^. Den\s\ J Paris Chez 
Denys \ Moreau rue S'. lacques a | La Salamandre 1632 | [Printed 
title:] Le Grand Voyage |Dv Pays Des Hvrons, | situe en TAme- 
rique vers la Mer | douce, es derniers confins | de la nouuelle 
France, | dite Canada. | Oii il est amplement traite de tout ce qui 
est du pays, des|moeurs & du naturel des Sauuages, de leur gou- 
uernement I & fa^ons de faire, tant dedans leurs pays, qu'allans 
en voya-|ges: De leur foy & croyance ; De leurs conseils & 
guerres, & | de quel genre de tourmens ils font mourir leurs pri- 
sonniers. | Comme ils se marient, & esleuent leurs enfans : De 
leurs Me-|decins, & des remedes dont ils vsent a leurs maladies: 
De I leurs dances & chansons: De la chasse, de la pesche, & des| 
oyseaux & animaux terrestres & aquatiques qu*ils ont. Des j 
richesses du pays: Comme ils cultiuent les terres, & accom- 1 
modent leur Menestre. De leur deuil, pleurs & lamenta-| tions, 
& comme ils enseuelissent & enterrent leurs morts. | Auec vn 
Dictionaire de la langue Huronne, pour la commodi-|te de ceux 
qui ont a voyager dans le pays, & n'ont | Tintelligence d'icelle 
langue. | Par F. Gabriel Sagard Theodat, Recollet de | S. Francois, 
de la Prouince de S. Denys en France. \A Paris, \Che% Denys 
Moreav, rue S. Jacques^ a \ la Salamandre d' Argent. \ M.DC.xxxii. | 
Auec Priuilege du Roi. \ 8vo. L. 74883 

Collation: 12 preliminary leaves (sig. a in eight and e in four), comprising the 
engraved title, verso blank ; printed title, verso blank; " Av Roy des Roys," 2 leaves; 
"A tres-illvstre, Genereux & puissant Prince, Henry de Lorraine,'* 2 leaves; "Av 
Lectevr," 3 leaves; "Table des Chapitres contenus en ce Liure," 3 pages; "Privilege 
dv Roy," etc., 2 pages, ending with the words "Acheue d'imprimer pour la premiere 
fbis le 10. iyur d'Aoust 1632;" and "Approbation des Peres de I'Ordre," i page. 
"Voyage," pp. 1-380, followed by 2 blank leaves (sig. A-Aa in eights). " Dictionaire 
de la Langve Hvronnc," title, verso blank, pp. 3-12, and 66 unnumbered leaves (sig. 
a-i in eights). "Table des choses," 7 unnumbered leaves, with the approbation of 
the " Ministre Prouincial" on the verso of the seventh, followed by one blank leaf 
(sig. k). 

A work of great interest and importance. Copies are rarely found in good condi- 
tion, and perfect in every respect. " Father Sagard, a member of the Recollects in 
Paris, was directed by a congregation of his order to accompany Father Nicholas, in a 
mission to the savages of New France. He sailed from Dieppe in the latter part of 
March, 1624, and arrived at (Quebec after a voyage of three months and six days, dur- 
ing which he endured such sufferings, that he says the whole of his life has not equaled 
in pain. He proceeded at once to the scene of his mission among the Hurons, one 
hundred and fifty leagues west of Quebec. Here he remained but a few months, wher. 
it was determined to send him to Quebec, for supplies. His fortitude was not equal to 


the emergency, and worn down with the privations and sufferings of a missionary life, 
he allowed himself to be persuaded by his biethren that it was not his vocation. He 
accordingly returned to his convent in Paris, where he wrote the work we have con- 
sidered, and four years subsequently, produced his ' Histoire du Canada.'" — Field. 
"L'Auteur de cet Ouvrage," says Charlevoix {Lisle et Examen Jes aufeurs, p. xlix), 
"avoit demeure quelque tems parmi les Hurons, & raconte naivement tout ce qu'il a 
vu, et oui dire sur les lieux, mais il n'a pas eu le tems de voir assez bien les choses, 
encore moins de verifier tout ce qu'on lui avoit dit. Le Vocabulaire Huron, qu'il nous 
a laisse, prouve que ni lui, ni aucun de ceux, qu'il a pu consulter, ne s9avoient bien cette 
langue, laquelle est tres-difficile j par consequent que les conversions des Sauvages n'ont 
pas ete en grand nombre de son tems. D'ailleurs il paroit homme fort judicieux, et 
tres-zele, non-seulement pour le salut des ames, mais encore pour le progres d'une 
Colonie, qu'il avoit presque vu naitre, & qu'il a vue presque etouffee dans son berceau, 
par I'invasion des Anglois. Du reste il nous apprend peu de choses interessantes." 
Mr. Brinley's and Mr. O'Callaghan's copies each sold for $57.50; Mr. Murphy's for 
$170. Priced by (^uaritch (1886), £36; Leclerc (1887), bound in two volumes, 
400 francs J Dufosse (1887), bound in two volumes, 500 francs. 

Sagard Theodat. Le Grand Voyage du Pays des Hurons 
Situe en TAmerique vers la Mer douce, es derniers confins de la 
Nouvelle France dite Canada Avec un Dictionnaire de la 
Langue Huronne Par F. Gabriel Sagard Theodat Recollet de S. 
Francois, de la province de S. Denys en France Nouvelle edi- 
tion publiee par M. £mile Chevalier Paris Librairie Tross 1865 
2 vols., sm. 8vo, pp. (4), XXV, 206 ; (2), 209-268, Dictionaire, 
pp. 12, leaves (66), Table, etc., pp. (16). b., c. 74884 

Of this handsome reprint only a small edition was published, at the price of 24 francs 
on J)ap'ter "velin and 30 francs on papier -verge. The dictionary was also issued sepa- 
rately as No. 74882, supra. 

Sagard Theodat. Histoire|Dv Canada | Et| Voyages Que 
Les Freres | Mineurs Recollects y ont faicts pour | la conuersion 
des Infidelles. | Divisez en Qvatre Livres | Oii est amplement 
traicte des choses principales ar-|riuees dans le pays depuis I'an 
1615 iusques a la pri- 1 se qui en a este faicte par les Anglois. 
Des biens & | commoditez qu'on en peut esperer. Des moeurs, | 
ceremonies, creance, loix, & coustumes merueil-| leuses de ses 
habitans. De la conuersion & baptes- 1 me de plusieurs, & des 
moycs necessaires pour les | amener a la cognoissance de Dieu. 
L'entretien or-|dinaire de nos Mariniers, & autrcs particularitez | 
qui se remarquent en la suite ae I'histoire. | Fait & compose par 
le F. Gabriel Sagard, | Theodat, Mineur Recollect de la Prouince 
de Paris. | A Paris^\ Chex Clavde Sonnivs^ rue S. Jacques a I' Escu de 
I Basle^ tsf au Compas d'or. \ M.DC.xxxvi. | Auec Priu'ilege Iff Appro- 
bation. \ Sm. 8vo. J.C.B., H., L. 74885 

Collation: Title, verso blank; " Epistre a I'Archivesque de Rheims," pp. 3-9; 
"Av Lectevr," pp. 10-22; Privilege, approbation, etc., pp. 23-27, (i); " Histoire," 
pp. 1-1005, (11); Table, pp. (35); *' Fautes suruenues en I'lmpression," (i). Sig- 



natures A in eight, e in six, A-Ttt in eights, Vuu in four, and Xxx in two. Between 
pages 312 and 313 are four unnumbered leaves (including one blank), containing four 
pages of Indian music, with Huron words. 

Extremely rare. At the bottom of page 27 of the preliminary matter are the words, 
"Acheue d'imprimer pour la premiere fois le dernier Aoust 1636." "The travels and 
missionary labors of the Recollects among the Indians of Canada, for nine years before 
the arrival of Father Sagard, form the subject of Book i. The narrative of his 
'Grand Voyage to the Country of the Hurons,' which appeared three years before, is 
extended by additional particulars, from chapters xxii, in the edition of 1632, to xlvi in 
Book II. of the ' Histoire du Canada.' Book in. is a reproduction of Part 11. of the 
•Grand Voyage,' with new matter, increasing it from 85 to 135 pages. Book iv. 
contains the history of the Recollect missions to the end of 1629." — Field. The 
statement made by some bibliographers, that this edition is also accompanied by the 
Huron dictionary, is a mistake. The copy described by Harrisse ("Notes sur la Nou- 
velle France," No. 62) was evidently not the "Histoire du Canada" at all, but a copy 
of the "Grand Voyage" with the wrong title prefixed. Mr. Murphy's copy sold for 
$225. Priced by Leclerc (1881), with the music and two other leaves in facsimile, 
1200 francs J Quaritch (i886), £63; Dufosse (1887), 1200 francs. 

Sagard Theodat. Histoire du Canada et Voyages que les 
Freres Mineurs Recollects y ont faicts pour la conversion des 
infideles depuis Tan 1615 par Gabriel Sagard Theodat Avec un 
Dictionnaire de la langue Huronne Nouvelle edition publiee 
par M. Edwin Tross. .. Paris Librairie Tross 1866. 4 vols., 
sm. 8vo. c, H. 74886 

Collation : Vol. i., pp. (4), " Notice sur F. Gabriel Sagard Theodat," LXiv, " His- 
toire," 1-272. Vol. II., pp. (6), 273-542, and 3 leaves containing four pages of 
Indian music. Vol. iii., pp. (6), 543-825. Vol. iv., pp. (6), 827-922, Table (45), 
followed by " Dictionaire de la Langve Hvronne," pp. 12, and 66 unnumbered leaves. 

The first volume of this reprint was probably issued in 1864, as some copies are 
described as bearing that date. The price at which this edition was published was 48 
francs on papier 'vclin, and 80 francs on papier de Hollande. The biography, which 
was also issued separately, has the following title : 

Notice sur F. Gabriel Sagard Theodat et son ceuvre par H. Emile Chevalier Servant 
d'introduction a la nouvelle edition de L'Histoire du Canada par le F. Sagard Paris 
Librairie Tross 1866 Sm. 8vo, pp. LXiv. 

Sagarrazu (Miguel). Reglamento para los hospitales mili- 
tares de la Republica, aprobado y mandado observar por el Su- 
premo Gobierno. ...Caracas. 1861. 8vo, pp. 24. 74^^7 

Sagazeta (Gabriel). Acusacion que eleva al Sobero Con- 
greso Nacional contra el Sr. Gobernador del distrito D. Jose 
Gomez de la Cortina. ... Mexico. 1836. 4to, pp. 15. 74888 

[Sage (Bernard J.)] Davis and Lee: a Vindication of the 
Southern States, Citizens, and Rights. By P. C. Centz [pseu- 
don.']. Neiu York: Van Evrie^ Horton iff Co. 1861. 8vo, pp. 80. 

Sage (R. B.) Rocky Mountain Life; or, Startling Scenes 
and Perilous Adventures in the Far West, during an Expedition 

238 SAGE. 

of Three Years. By Rufus B. Sage. Boston : IVentworth & Co. 
1857. i2mo, pp. 363. 74890 

An enlarged edition of " Scenes in the Rocky Mountains." 

Sage. Rocky Mountain Life ; or. Startling Scenes and Peril- 
ous Adventures in the Far West, during an Expedition of Three 
Years. By Rufus B. Sage, The Western Adventurer. Boston : 
Thayer ^ Eldridge, i860. i2mo, pp. (4), vii-xiv, (2), 29-363. 
24 Plates. 74891 

[Sage.] Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon, 
CaHfornia, New Mexico, Texas, and the Grand Prairies ; or. 
Notes by the Way, during an Excursion of Three Years, with a 
Description of the Countries passed through, including their 
Geography, Geology, Resources, Present Condition, and the 
Different Nations inhabiting them. By a New Englander. Phil- 
adelphia : Carey ^ Hart. 1846. i2mo, pp. 303. c. 74892 

The first edition, published without the author's name on the title. 

Sage. Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon, Cali- 
fornia, New Mexico, Texas, and the Grand Prairies ; or. Notes 
by the Way, during an Excursion of Three Years, with a De- 
scription of the Countries passed through, including their Geog- 
raphy, Geology, Resources, Present Condition, and the Different 
Nations inhabiting them. By Rufus B. Sage. Second Edition 
Revised. Philadelphia: Carey and Hart. 1847. ^^mo, pp. 303. 
-|- Second Edition Revised. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird. 
1854. i2mo, pp. (6), 303, advertisements 24. 11 Plates, b., h. 

Sage. Wild Scenes in Kansas and Nebraska, the Rocky 
Mountains, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, and the 
Grand Prairies ; or. Notes by the Way during an Excursion of 
Three Years ... . By Bufus B. Sage. Third Edition Revised. 
Philadelphia: G. D. Miller. 1855. i2mo, pp. 303. 74894 

A reissue of "Scenes in the Rocky Mountains." 

Sage (R.) Speech of Hon. Russell Sage, of New York, on 
the Professions and Acts of the President of the United States ; 
the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise ; the Outrages in Kan- 
sas ; and the Sectional Influence and Aggressions of the Slave 
Power. Delivered in the House of Representatives, August 6, 
1856. Washington. 1856. 8vo, pp. 21. H. -f Albany. 1856. 
8vo, pp. 18. s. 74895 

Sage (S.) A Sermon delivered at the Installation of the Rev. 
Reuben Emerson, a.m. over the First Church of Christ in Read- 



ing, Massachusetts: October 17, 1804. By Sylvester Sage, 
A.M. ... Published by Desire of the Hearers. Salem: Printed by 
Joshua Gushing. 1805. Svo, pp. 31. H. 74896 

Sage. A Sermon delivered before ... the Governor, ... 
Council, and House of Representatives of ... Vermont ... on 
the Day of the Anniversary Election. By Sylvester Sage. 
Windsor. 1803. 8vo. 74^97 

Also: Farewell Sermon, 1809. 

Sagean (M.) Extrait de la Relation des Avantures et Voy- 
age de Mathieu Sagean. Nouvelle York: A la Presse Cramoisy de 
J. M. Shea. 1863. 8vo, pp. 32. L. 74898 

Forms No. xvii. of Shea's Cramoisy Series. A few copies were printed on large 
paper. " Father Hennepin had among his contemporaries two rivals in the fabrication 
of new discoveries. The first was the noted La Hontan, whose book, like his own, 
had a wide circulation and proved a great success. ... Mathieu Sagean is a personage 
less known than Hennepin or La Hontan; for, though he surpassed them both in fer- 
tility of invention, he was illiterate, and never made a book. In 1701, being then a 
soldier in a company of marines at Brest, he revealed a secret which he declared that 
he had locked within his breast for twenty years, having been unwilling to impart it to 
the Dutch and English, in whose service he had been during the whole period. His 
story was written down from his dictation, and sent to the minister Ponchartrain. It 
is preserved in the Bibliotheque Nationale, and in 1863 it was printed by Mr. Shea." 
— Parkman's La Salle and the Disco-very of the Great fVest, pp. 458-461, where a sum- 
mary of the relation is given. An English version is in the ** Historical Magazine," 
vol. X. (1866), pp. 65-71. In the British Museum (Grenville collection) is the fol- 
lowing : "The original Manuscript account of. the Kingdom of Aacaniba, given by the 
Affidavit of M. Sagean, who with his Companions were the first Europeans in that 
Country, which, tho' hitherto unknown to all Geographers; yet on the faith of that 
relation, the late Regent of France erected the Mississippi, now the French East-India 
Company. But as that manuscript was never before published, which relates as facts, 
matters very singular, it is Englished by Quin Mackenzie, who, that he may not seem 
to have exaggerated its original, adjoins an authentic duplicate thereof. London, 1755. 

Sagen der nordamerikanischen Indianer. See [Jones (J. A.)], 
Vol. IX., No. 36522. 

Saggio apologetico. See [Llorente (Mariano)], Vol. x. 41675. 

Saginaw, Michigan. Annual Statement of the Business of 
Saginaw Valley, and "The Shore," for 1873. ^^^^ Saginaw. 
1874. 8vo. 74899 

History, Resources, and Prospects of the Saginaw Valley. The 
Rail Road Excursion. The Flint & Pere Marquette Rail Road. 
\_East Saginaw. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 15. H. 74900 

Indian and Pioneer History of the Saginaw Valley, with His- 
tories of East Saginaw, Saginaw City, and Bay City. Alto, 

240 SACRA. 

Pioneer Directory and Business Advertiser, for 1866 and 1867. 
By Thomas & Galatian. East Saginaw^ Mich : Thomas l^ Gala- 
tian. 1867. 8vo, pp. 72, 104, 152, 72. 7490^ 

Sagittarius's Letters. See [Mein (John)], Vol. xi.. No. 47405. 

Sagoskin (Laurenti AlexiefF). See Zagoskin (L. A.) 

Sagot {Dr.) Generalites sur la Guyane. — Configuration et 
nature du sol. — Distribution des eaux. — Vegetation sauvage. ... 
Cluny, 1873. ^^^' PP- 3'* 74902 

Sagot. Opinion generale sur I'origine et de la nature des 
races humaines, conciliation des diversites indelebiles des races 
avec I'unite historique du genre humain ; par M. Sagot, docteur- 
medecin, chirurgien de la marine. Paris: A. Bertrand. 1862. 
8vo. 74903 

Sagra (R. de la). Anales de Ciencias, Agricultura, Comer- 
cio y Artes, por Don Ramon de la Sagra. ... Hahana : Imprenta 
de D. Jose Maria Palmer, 1827-31. 4 vols., sm. 8vo. Plates. 

Sagra. Apuntes destinatos a illustrar la discusion del articulo 
adicional al proyecto de constitucion que dice, "Las provincias 
de ultramar seran gobernadas por leyes especiales." Por D. 
Ramon de la Sagra. Paris: Maulde, 1837. 8vo, pp. 39. 

Sagra. Atlas carcelario o coleccion de laminas de las princi- 
pals carceles de Europa y de America, proyectos de construc- 
cion de carruages y objetos de uso frecuente en las prisiones, por 
Don Ramon de la Sagra. Madrid. 1843. 8vo, pp. 104. Atlas 
in folio. 74906 

Sagra. Breve Idea de la Administracion del Comercio y de 
las Rentas y Gastos de la Isla de Cuba, durante los anos de 1826 
a 1834; pudiendo servir de apendice a la Historia Economico- 
Politica y Estadistica de la misma. Por D. Ramon de la Sagra. 
Paris: Renouard, 1836. 8vo. 74907 

Sagra. Breve noticia de los primeros meses de mando del 
exmo. Senor D. Miguel Tacon, gobernador politico y militar de 
la Habana y capitan jeneral de la Isla de Cuba ... Nueva-7'ork. 
1835. 8vo, pp. 19. Plates. 749o8 

Sagra. Cartilla para el cultivo del cacao en la isla de Cuba 
... Habana. 1833. 8vo, pp. 18. 74909 

SAGRA. 241 

Sagra. Cinco Meses en los Estados-Unidos de la America 
del Noite desde el 20 de abril al 23 de setiembre de 1835. 
Diario de Viaje de D. Ramon de la Sagra ... Paris : Imprenta de 
Pablo Renouard. 1836. 8vo, pp. xl, 437. B., P. 74910 

Sagra. Cinq Mois aux Etats-Unis de I'Amerique du Nord, 
depuis le 29 avril jusqu'au 23 septembre 1835 ; Journal de Voy- 
age de M. Ramon de la Sagra .... l^aduit de I'Espagnol, par 
M. Rene Bai'ssas. Paris^ F. G. Levrault. 1837. 8vo, pp. xxviii, 
458, (l). 4 Plates. C. -f- Bruxelles^ Societ'e Typographique Belge^ 
Ad. fVahlen et Compagnie. 1837. l2mo, pp. 484. A., B. 7491 1 

Sagra. Contestacion al numero 7 del Mensagero Semanal de 
New- York. ... Habana : Palmer. 1828. 8vo. 749^2 

Sagra. Cuba en i860, d sea Cuadro de sus adelantos en la 
Poblacion, la Agricultura, el Comercio y las Rentas Publicas, por 
D. Ramon de la Sagra. Suplemento a la primera parte de la His- 
toria Politica y Natural de la Isla de Cuba. Paris: Hachette y 
C^. 1862. Folio. -\- Edicion aumentada con el censo de la 
poblacion en 1861. [_Ibid.'] 1863. Folio, pp. 282. 749^3 

This should also accompany the *' Historia Fisica, Politica y Natural," No. 74921, 

Sagra. Discurso de apertura al curso anual de botanica agri- 
cola ... Habana. 1830. 8vo, pp. 10. Tables. 749 H 

Sagra. Discurso leido en la apertura publica de la Catedra 
de Botanica-Agricola, por su Profesor D. Ramon de la Sagra, en 
la tarde del dia diez de octubre de 1824, impreso por orden de la 
Real Sociedad Patriotica. Habana: Oficina del Gobierno y Capi- 
tania general por S. M. 1825. Sm. 4to, pp. 16. b. 74915 

Sagra. Enumeration des especes zoologiques et botaniques 
de rile de Cuba ... \Paris. n. d.] 8vo. 749^6 

Sagra. Etudes Hispano-Americaines ... Paris. 1856. 8vo. 

Sagra. La Havane. Extrait du dictionnaire du commerce 
et des marchandises. ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 749^8 

Sagra. Historia Economico-Politica y Estadistica de la Isla 
de Cuba d sea de sus progresos en la Poblacion, la Agricultura, 
el Comercio y las Rentas. Por Don Ramon de la Sagra ... . 
Habana. — 1831. Imprenta de las Viudas de Araxoxa y Soler. 4to, 
pp. (4), xiii, (3), 386, (i). A., B. 74919 

242 SAGRA. 

Sagra. Historia FIsica, Economico-Politica, Intelectual y 
Moral de la Isla de Cuba por D. Ramon de la Sagra Nueva 
Edicion considerablemente aumentada Relacion del ultimo viaje 
del Autor Paris : L. Hacheite y O 1 861. 8vo, pp. (2), 250, (l). 

Sagra. Historia Fisica, Politica y Natural de la Isla de Cuba. 
Por D. Ramon de la Sagra ... . Paris^ Jrthus Bertrand. 1838- 
1856. 12 vols., folio. c. 74921 

This important work is still unfinished. The following divisions have been pub- 
lished : 

Introduccion, Geografia, Clima, Poblacion, Agricultura, Comercio Maritimo, Renias 
y Gastos, Fuerza Armada, Apendice. 1842. 2 vols., folio, pp. Ixxix, 3025 135, 72, 
20 Tables, 12 Maps. 

Mamiferos, por D. Ramon de la Sagra. Folio, pp. (4), 39. 8 colored Plates, 

Aves, por Alcide d'Orbigny. Folio, pp. (2), 220. 33 colored Plates. 

Reptiles, por Cocteau y Bibron. Folio, pp. (4), 143. 31 colored Plates. 

Paces, y Reptiles, por Guichenot. Folio. 5 colored Plates. 

Moluscos, por Alcide d'Orbigny. Folio, pp. 224. 29 colored Plates. 

Foraminiferas, por Alcide d'Orbigny. Folio, pp. (4), 180. 12 colored Plates. 

Crustaceos, Aragnides e Insectos, por Guerin Meneville. Folio. 20 colored Plates, 
lettered " Articulata." 

Fosiles. Folio. Plates. 

Botanica Criptogamia [Plantas Celulares], por Camillo Montagne. Folio, pp. 156. 
20 colored Plates. 

Botanica Fanerogamia [Plantas Vasculares], por Richard. 2 vols., folio, pp. 136, 
and over ? 103 Plates. 

These are generally bound in volumes as follows: i. and 11. Introduccion, etc.j in. 
Mamiferos and Aves, text onlyj iv. Reptiles and Peces, text only; v. Moluscos, text 
only; vi. Foraminiferas, text only; vii. Crustaceos, Aragnides e Insectos, text only; 
vni. Atlas Zoologico, containing the plates for the preceding five volumes; ix. Botanica 
Criptogamia, text only; x. and xi. Botanica Fanerogamia, text only; xii. Atlas Bota- 
nico, containing the plates for the preceding three volumes. For a supplement to this 
work see No. 74913, supra. 

Sagra. Histoire Physique, Politique et Naturelle de I'lle de 
Cuba par M. Ramon de la Sagra, Directeur du Jardin Botanique 
de la Havane, Correspondant de I'lnstitut Royal de France, etc. 
... Paris^ Jrthus Bertrand. 1838-1857. Text, 1 1 vols., 8vo. 
Plates, 9 vols., folio. a., b., h. 74922 

This edition, as far as published, comprises the following divisions: 

Premiere Partie Histoire Physique et Politique. ... Traduction de M. S. Berthelot. 
Avec Annotation pour la Geographie Historique. 1842-43. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), ex, 
348; (4), 503. 20 Tables. Atlas in folio, title, il Plates and 2 folded Maps lettered 
**Geographia." Contents: tome i. Introduction, Geographie, Climat et Population; 
tome 11. Agriculture, Commerce, Revenus et Appendice. The plates contain fjc- 
similes of some early maps relating to Cuba, including the chart of Juan de la Cosa. 
The additions by Berthelot are not in the Spanish edition in folio. 

SAGRA. 243 

Mammiferes, par M. Ramon de la Sagra ; traduction par M. S. Berthelot. 1840. 
8vo, pp. (8), xlv, 18. [Followed by:] Ornithologie, par Alcide d'Orbigny. 1839. 
8vo, pp. xxxi, 336. Atlas in folio, title, 8 colored Plates lettered "Mammalia," 33 
colored Plates lettered "Aves," and Table i leaf. 

Reptiles. Par MM. Cocteau et Bibron. 1843. 8vo, pp. (4), xviii, 242. Atlas in 
folio, title, 31 colored Plates, and Table i leaf. 

Poissons. Par A. Guichenot. [i837-]l853. 8vo, pp. (4), 206, (i). Atlas in 
folio, title, and 5 colored Plates. 

Mollusques. Par Alcide d'Orbigny. 1853. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), 2645 (4), 380. 
Atlas in folio, title, and 29 colored Plates. 

Foraminiferes, par Alcide d'Orbigny. 1839. 8vo, pp. xlviii, 224. Atlas in folio, 
title, 12 colored Plates, and Table l leaf. 

Animaux Articules a pieds articules, par M. F. E. Guerin-Meneville ... et Lucas. 
[l844-]l857. 8vo, "Crustaces," pp. Ixxxvii; " Insectes," pp. 868. Atlas in folio, 
title, and 20 colored Plates lettered '* Articulata." 

Paleontologie. 8vo, pp. 64 and over. Atlas in folio. Plates 1-5, 7, 8, and Table i 
leaf. In progress. 

Botanique. — Plantes Cellulaires, par Camille Montagne. 1838-1842 [sic']. 8vo, 
pp. (6), X, 549. Atlas in folio, title, and 20 colored Plates lettered " Cryptogamia." 

Botanique. — Plantes Vasculaires. Par Achille Richard. [Tome i.] i845[-49]. 
8vo, pp. viii, 663. Atlas in folio, title, and 102 Plates. 

Sagra. Histoire Physique et Politique de I'lle de Cuba, par 
M. Ramon de la Sagra ... . Parls^ Arthus Bertrand. 1844. 2 
vols., 8vo. 19 Plates. 749^3 

An abridgement of the two volumes of the '* Premiere Partie " of the preceding 

Sa'GRA. El huano del Peru, sus ventajas, oportunidad de su 
aplicacion a los campos cubanos y modo de usarlo. ... Hahana. 
i860. 8vo. 74924 

Sagra. Informe sobre el estado actual del Jardin y de la 
Catedra de Botanica aplicada a la Agricultura : por el D. Ramon 
de la Sagra. Hahana. [1825.] 8vo, pp. 23. Tables. 74925 

Sagra. Intereses Hispano-Americanos ... [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. 

Sagra. ... Lettre de Don Ramon de la Sagra ... sur les 
maisons penitentiaires des Etats-Unis, et sur I'introduction de ce 
sysieme en France. \^Paris: Paul Renouard. 1837.] 8vo, pp. li. 

Extrait de la Revue Britannique (Mars 1837). 

Sagra. Memorias de la institucion agronoma de la Habana. 
Por Don Ramon de la Sagra. Tomo primero. Habana. 1834. 
Sm. 4to. Plates. 749^^^ 

Sagra. Memorias para servir de introduccion a la horticul- 


lura Cubana. Por D. Ramon de la Sagra. Nueva York. 1827. 
4to, pp. viii, 24. 74929 

Sagra. Mouvement de la population de la Havane (He de 
Cuba) de 1825 a 1830 ... Paris, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 70. 10 Plates. 

Sagra. Notes sur les produits espagnols envoyes a I'Exposi- 
tion de Londres suivies de quelques considerations sur I'etat pre- 
sent et I'avenir de I'industrie espagnole et d'un expose methodique 
des memes produits. Par M. Ramon de la Sagra ... . Londres: 
Hippolyte Bailliere. 1851. 8vo, pp. 88. H. 7493 1 

Sagra. Noticia sobre el bejuco del Guaco. ... Hahana. 
1833. 4to, 74932 

Sagra. Oracion inaugural a la catedra de mineralogia y geo- 
logia abierta en obsequio de la juventud habanera el dia 18 de 
noviembre de 1826. ... Hahana. 1826. 8vo, pp. 15. 74933 

Sagra. Principios fundamentales para servir de introduccion 
a la escuela de botanica agricola del Jardin Botanico de la Ha- 
bana, dispuestos para la catedra del establecimiento por su profe- 
sor D. Ramon de la Sagra. Hahana : Imprenta de la Jmistad^ de 
Campe. [n. d.] 4to, pp. 151. 74934 

Sagra. Relacion de los Trabajos Fisicos y Meteoroldgicos 
hechos por Don Andres Poey tanto en la Habana como en 
Europa, destinada para servir de Introduccion a las futuras tareas 
del observatorio meteorologico de aquella ciudad ; redactada por 
Don Ramon de la Sagra .... Paris. Impreso por E. Jhunot y Comp. 
1858. 8vo, pp. 40, and covers. a. 74935 

Sagra. Tablas necrologicas del Colera-Morbus en la ciudad 
de la Habana y sus arrabales formadas a escitacion del escmo- 
senor intendente de ejercito Conde de Villanueva. Por Don 
Ramon de la Sagra. Hahana: Imprenta del Gohierno. 1833. 
Narrow folio, pp. (2), 6. 45 Tables. b. 74936 

Sagra. Una pagina para la historia de la epoca actual ... 
Habana. 1825. 8vo, pp. 17. 74937 

Saguenay. Hints for entering the River Sagucnay, with No- 
tices of the Mill Sites and Anchorages, [n. p. 1840.] 8vo. 

Rapport des Comniissaires pour explorer le Saguenay. [By 
Andrew and D. Stuart.] Quebec : Neilson is Cowan. 1829. l2mo, 
pp. 197. 4 Plates. 


Report on the Country between the Saguenay, St. Maurice 
and St. Lawrence, .^^ehec. 1 831. 8vo, pp. 47. 74940 

Le Saguenay en 1851; histoire du passe, du present et de 
I'avenir probable du Haut-Saguenay, au point de vue de la colo- 
nisation, ^ebec. 1852. i2mo, pp. 147, v. 7494' 

Sagui (Francisco). Los ultinios cuatro afios de la Domina- 
cion Espanola en el antiguo vireinato del Rio de la Plata desde 
26 de Junio de 1806 hasta 25 de Mayo de 1810. Menioria his- 
torica familiar. ... Edicion ilustrada. Buenos Jires. 1874. 8vo, 
pp. 324. 74942 

Sagui (M. E.) Defensa en primera instancia, de Sebastian y 
Tomas Nunez y Antonio Semonetti, por Miguel Estevan Sagui. 
Buenos- Jires. 1 858. 8vo, pp. 102. 74943 

Sahagum de Arevalo (J. F.) Compendio dc noticias Mex- 
icanas con indice general de todas, en la impression de las Gaze- 
tas de Mexico, que a imitacion de las Cortes de la Europa se 
imprimen cada mcs ; y estas corresponden desde el ano de 1728. 
729. y 730. para que Con mas facilidad, y certidumbre, puedan 
formarse las Chronicas, e Historias de todas las Provincias de 
este Reyno. Su author D. Juan Francisco Sahagum de Arevalo, 
Ladron de Guevara. [Colophon:] En Mexico: Por Joseph Ber- 
nardo de Hogal^ Ministro^ e Impressor del Real Tribunal de la Santa 
Cruxada, [1730.] 4to, title, dedication and prologue in 6 leaves; 
'^ Indice" in 10 leaves; " Gazeta de Mexico" in 37 numbers of 
four leaves each. 74944 

Title from the Huth catalogue. 

Sahagun (B. de). La Aparicion de N.^a Senora de Guada- 
lupe de Mexico, Comprobada con la refutacion del argumento 
negativo que presenta D. Juan Bautista Mufioz, fundandose en 
el testimonio del P. Fr. Bernardino Sahagun ; 6 sea Historia 
Original de este escritor, que altera la publicada en 1829 en el 
equivocado concepto de ser la unica y original de dicho autor. 
Publicala precediendo una Disertacion sobre la Aparicion Gua- 
dalupana, y con notas sobre la Conquista de Mexico, Carlos 
Ma. de Bustamante, Individuo del Supremo Poder Conservador. 
Mexico. Impreso por Ignacio Cumplido. 1840. Calle de los Rebeldes 
N.o 2. Sm. 4to, pp. xxii, (2), 247, (4). Plate. c. 74945 

The manuscript from which this volume was printed is a revision of book xii. ot 
the •♦ Historia General," made by Sahagun many years after the work was originally 
written. In this form it was entitled, "Relacion de la Conquista de esta Nueva Espafta 
como la contaron los soldados indios que se hallaron presentes. Convirtiose en lengua 
espjftoU liana e inteligible y bien enmcndada, este aflo de 1585." It came into the 


possession of Bustamante in 1832 or 1833, and was subsequently published by him 
with the above title, as a complement of the four volumes printed in 1829-30 (Nos. 
74949, 74950, /«/ra). i>ee Icazbalceta's " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi," pp. 
280-281, 298. 

Sahagun. Catecismo de la Doctrina Cristiana en Lengua 
Megicana. ... Mexico : por Ocharte, 1583. 410. 7494^ 

Title from Beristain. Perhaps the same as the " Doctrina Christiana" in the " Psal- 
modia," infra. See Icazbalceta's " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi," pp. 267-268. 

Sahagun. Doctrina Cristiana en Mexicano. Mexico. 1579? 
4to ? 74947 

Supposed by Sr. Chavero to have been printed. See Icazbalceta's " Bibliografia Mex- 
icana del Siglo XVI," pp. 266-267. 

[Sahagun.] Evangeliarium Epistolarium et Lectionarium 
Aztecum sive Mexicanum ex antique codice Mexicano nuper 
reperto depromptum cum praefatione interpretatione adnotationi- 
bus glossario edidit Bernardinus Biondelli Mediolani Typis Jos, 
Bernardoni ^^ Johannls MDCCCLViii Folio, pp. xlix, I leaf, fac- 
simile Plate, pp. 574, errata (2). L. 74948 

In Mexican and Latin. This work, of which four hundred copies only were printed, 
was originally issued in six parts, the first appearing in 1858, and the last in i860. It 
consists largely of extracts from the four gospels and epistles. The manuscript from 
which it was printed was written by Sahagun probably about the year 1563, according 
to Senor Icazbalceta. It was procured in the city of Mexico by the French traveller 
Beltrami in. 18 26, who notices it in his work " Le Mexique" [Paris, 1830,) 11. 167. 
After Beltrami's death in 1854, it came into the possession of Biondelli, who prepared 
it for the press, and added the Latin text. A grammatical sketch of the Aztec lan- 
guage is given in the introduction, and a "Glossarium Azteco-Latinum " fills pages 
427-553. Both of these were compiled by the editor Biondelli, who in 1869 pub- 
lished a new edition of the vocabulary, with the addition of a Latin-Aztec part, as : 
*'Giossarium Azteco-Latinum et Latino-Aztecum cura et studio Bernardini Biondelli 
collectum ac digestum MeJiolani Apud Valentiner et Mues mdccclxix," folio, pp. (2), 

Sahagun. Historia de la Conquista de Mexico escrita por el 
R. P. Fr. Bernardino Sahagun del Orden de S. Francisco, y uno 
de los primeros enviados a la Nueva Espaiia para propagar el 
Evangelio. Publicala por separado de sus demas obras Carlos 
Maria de Bustamante, Diputado de la Camara de Representantes 
del Congreso General de la Federacion por el estado libre de 
Oaxaca, quien la dedica a los benemeritos generales Nicolas 
Bravo y Miguel Barragan, y a sus dignos companeros en la con- 
finacion que hoy sufren. ... Mexico. Imprenta de Galvan.^ a cargo 
de Mariano Ar'evalo.^ calle de Cadena num. 2. 1829. Sm. 4to, pp. 
viii, 69. 74949 

This is book xii. of the " Historia General," of which a revision was also published 
by Bustamante in 1840 (No. 74945, supra). Books i.-xi. were subsequently published 
as follows : 


Sahagun. Historia General de las cosas de Nueva Espafia, 
que en doce libios y dos voluinenes escribio cl R. P. Fr. Bernar- 
dino de Sahagun, de la obsei vancia de San Francisco, y uno de 
los primeios predicadores del Santo Evangelio en aquellas rcgiones. 
Dala a luz con notas y suplementos Carlos Maria de Bustamantc, 
Diputado por el Estado de Oaxaca en el Congreso General de la 
Federacion Mexicana: y la dcdica a nuestro Saniisinio Padre Pio 
VIII. ..". Mexico: Imprenta del Ciudadano Alejandro Faldes^ calle de 
Santo Domingo y esquina de Tacuba. i 829-1830. 3 vols., sm. 410, 
pp. (6), XX, 277, xxxi, 279-350, (7), plate of calendar; (6), 397, 
xlvi, (9); (4), 339,(4). 74950 

This edition contains books i. to xi., book xii. luving already been published as No. 
74949, supra. The great work of Sahagun, heie for the fiist time printed, is a treas- 
ury of information on all matters relating to the ancient Mexicans. It was originally 
written in the Mexican language, and accompanied by numerous hieroglyphic paintings. 
In 1576 and 1577, about thirty years after its commencement, the author made a com- 
plete translation of the work into Spanish, and transcribed the whole into four folio 
volumes, the Spanish and Mexican in parallel columns, with a large number of illus- 
trations and hieroglyphic figures. This manuscript, the most important and valuable 
of all, was long supposed to be lost. It is probable, however, as suggested by Senor 
Icazbalccta, that it may be identical with the manuscript now preserved in the Biblio- 
teca Laurenziana at Florence, bound in three volumes. There are also extant several 
other early manuscripts of the work, mostly fragmentary, one of which, in the library 
of the Real Academia de la Historia at Madrid, is entirely in Mexican. The work 
was first brought to light, however, by the historian Munoz, who in 1783 discovered a 
complete copy of the Spanish version in the convent of Tolosa, which he borrowed 
and had transcribed. From this other copies were made, one of which served for the 
above edition published by Bustamante, who, however, took some liberties with the 
text by omitting many passages and making various changes. The entire history in 
twelve books was printed with greater exactness in Lord Kingsborough's "Mexican 
Antiquities," vols. v. and vii., London^ 1830, also from a transciipt of the Munoz copy, 
A long and interesting bibliographical description of the various manuscripts and edi- 
tions of the "Historia" is given by Icazbalceta in his " Bibliografla Mexicai|a del Siglo 
XVI," pp. 273-308. * See also Prescott's "Mexico," vol. 1., chap, in., final note. For 
a supplement published by Bustamante, see Ixtlilxuchitl (F. de A.), Vol, ix.. No. 

Sahagun. Histoire Generale des Choses de la Nouvelle- 
Espagne par le R. P. Fray Bernardino de Sahagun Traduite et 
annotee par D. Jourdanet Auteur de divers Ouvrages sur la Cli- 
matologie du Mexique et traducteur de la Chronique de Bernal 
Diaz del Castillo et par Remi Simeon Editeur, avec Commen- 
taires, de la Grammaire Nahuatl, du R. P. Fray Andres de 
Olmos Paris G. Masson 1880 Rl. 8vo, pp. (4), Ixxix, (l), 
898, (i). Map and Woodcuts. 7495' 

a translation from the incomplete and altered edition of Bustamante. Appended Is 
a list of all the Nahuatl words found in the History. 

Sahagun. Manual del Cristiano. [In the Mexican lan- 
guage.] Mexico. 1578. 4to.? 74952 


Concerning this work, which was licensed for the press on the i6th of February, 
1578, %ee lcazbalceta*s " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvr," p. 265. It may not 
have been printed. 

Sahagun. Psalmodia I Christiana, y Sermona- | rio delos Sanc- 
tos del Ano, en Icngua Mexicana : | copuesta por el muy. R. 
Padre P'lay Bernardino | de Sahagun, de la orden de sant Fran- 
cisco. I Ordenada en canlares o Psalmos : paraque canten los | 
Indios en los areytos, que hazen en las Iglesias. | [Engraving of 
the crucifixion.] | En Mexico. \ Con licencia^ en casa de Pedro 
Ocharte. \ M.D.LXXXiii. Ahoi, \ [Colophon :] En Mexico. \ Con 
licencia., En casa de Pedro Ocharte. \ De M.D.LXXXIII. j^nos. \ 410, 
leaves (4), 236. 74953 

The only perfect copy known to be extant is in the possession of Senor Icazbalceta 
of Mexico, who has given a facsimile of the title-page in his *' Bibliografia Mexicana 
de! Siglo xvi," from which the above is taken. There was an imperfect copy in the 
Andrade collection, and another, also very imperfect, was sold at the Ramirez sale 
(No. 759), for £1 1 15s. The " Licencia," " Examen " and " Prologo al lector" are 
also reprinted in the "Bibliografia," which contains a careful description of the volume, 
with facsimiles of several of the curious wood engravings printed in the text. The 
first fifteen leaves contain a " Doctrina Christiana." The work appears to have been 
commenced by Sahagun as early as 1558, although it was not printed until twenty-five 
years later. There is evidence to show that the work was condemned by the Inquisi- 
tion, and copies destroyed. &e Icazbalceta, pp. 247-253. 

Fr. Bernardino de Saliagun was a native of Sahagun in the Spanish kingdom of 
Leon. After going through a course of studies at the University of Salamanca, he 
joined the order of Franciscans, and in 1529, when about thirty years of age, came 
with a party of friars to New Spain. Here he applied himself at once to the study of 
the Mexican language, in which he became very proficient, and for more than sixty 
years, until his death about the year 1590, he labored among the Indians in different 
parts of the country. In the knowledge of all matters pertaining to the history, tra- 
ditions, manners, customs, religion, rites and language of the natives, he is said to have 
had no superior. He was the author and compiler of many works, both in Spanish 
and Mexican, most of which, however, remained in manuscript. For the account of 
his life and writings see Chavero's "Sahagun," Alexico, '^77 j ^"'^ Icazbalceta's "Bib- 
liografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi," pp. 253-323- See also the Ramirez catalogue, Nos. 
524, 544, 545, 762, 763, 764; and Quaritch's "General Catalogue" (i886j, Nos. 

Sahler (D. D.) America viewed physically, politically, relig- 
iously. A Discourse, delivered on Thanksgiving Day, Novem- 
ber 24, 1864, by D. Dubois Sahler, Pastor ... Sheffield, Mass. 
New-York : "John A. Gray &' Green. 1864. 8vo, pp. 21. 

Sahuaraura (J.) Recuerdos de la monarquia Peruana d 
bosquejo de la historia de los Incas. Por D. Justo Sahuaraura, 
Inca. ... Con 16 retratos de la dinastia imperial de Manco ^ca- 
pac. Paris: Rosa^ Boutret iff Cie. 1850. Rl. 8vo, pp. 47. 18 
Plates. 74955 

Sailing Directions for Porto Rico, the Caribee Islands, and the 


Coast of Colombia and Mosquito .... Third Edition. London: 
James Murray. 1852. 8vo, pp. vi, 182. 7495^ 

Sailing Directions for Puerto Rico and the Caribbee Islands or 
Lesser Antilles. London: James Murray and Son. 1856. 8vo, 
PP- 'v, 134. 74957 

Sailing Directions for the Coast of North America, extending 
from Cape Canso to New York Harbour. London. 1855. 8vo. 
-f- London. 1 86 1. 8vo. 7495^ 

Sailing Directions for the Coast of North America, from New 
York to Cape Florida. London. 1854. 8vo. 74959 

Sailing Directions for the East Coast of North America, from 
Boston to the Mississippi. London. [1866.] 8vo. 749^0 

Sailing Directions for the East Coast of North America, from 
Cape Canso to Cape Cod, including Sable Island. London. 1866. 
8vo. 74961 

Sailing Directions for the Island of Newfoundland, ... Labra- 
dor, the Gulf and River St. Lawrence, ... Nova Scotia & New 
Brunswick, to Passamaquoddy Bay. ... London: James Murray. 
185 1. 8vo, pp. vii, 208. 74962 

Sailing Directions for ... Newfoundland, and ... Labrador, 
from Cape Whittle to Sandwich Bay, including ... Belle Isle. ... 
London: James Murray. 185 1. 8vo, pp. (2), ii, 84. 749^3 

Sailing Directions for ... Newfoundland, with ... Labrador, 
from York Point to Sandwich Harbour and from Chateau Bay to 
Cape Whittle ... . London: Charles Wilson. 1865. 8vo, pp. viii, 
96. 74964 

Sailing Pirections for the North American Pilot: Containing 
the Gulf and River St. Lawrence, the whole Island of New- 
foundland, including the Straits of Bell-Isle, and the Coast of 
Labradore ... London. 1775. 9 parts, 4to. 74965 

See alio Vol. xiii., No. 555575 and Vol. ix., No. 34862. 

Sailing Directions for the West Coast of Nortli America. 
Embracing the Coasts of Central America, California, Oregon, 
Fuca Strait, Puget Sound, Vancouver Island, and the Islands and 
Rocks off the Coasts of Central America and California. With 
an Appendix, containing various Remarks on the Winds, Tides, 

VOL. xviii. 16 

250 SAILOR S. 

Currents, Sic. Carefully compiled from the most recent Sur- 
veys made by order of the British, United States, Spanish, and 
French Governments. London: yafnes Murray. 1853. ^^^^ PP* 
(2), iv, iii-iv, 232. H. 74966 

... Sailing Directions from Sea to Sandy Hook. See [Maury 
(M. F.)], Vol. XI., No. 46974. 

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covery. London: Cassell. 1850. 2 vols., l2mo, pp. 288; 144. 

Vol. I., The East and the West j Vol. ii., The South and the North. 

Saillet (Alexandre de). Geographie de PAmerique. ... 
Paris: N, J. Philippart. 186-.? i2mo, pp. 64. 749^8 

Saillet. Las ninas pintadas por ellas mismas ; sus tripos, 
caracteres y retratos. Obra escrita en Frances por A. Saillet, y 
traducida al Espanol por algunos Mcxicanos afectos a la tierna 
nifiez. Publicada por V. G. Torres. Mexico. 1844. 2 vols., 
8vo. 18 Plates. 749^9 

Sailor, pseudon. A | Letter | To the Right Honourable |The 
Earl of Sandwich, | on the | Present Situation of Affairs. | By a 
Sailor. | London., \ Printed for J. Wilkie ... \and R. Faulder., ... | ... | 
MDCCLXXix. I 8vo, title, and pp. 1-50. 7A-970 

See " Monthly Review," lxii. 84. 

The Sailor Boy*s First Voyage, a Ballad in two parts. Bos- 
ion : ^ait., Greene ^ Co. 1826. i8mo, pp. 125. 7497' 

The Sailor's Advocate. London. 1722. 8vo. 7497^ 

Partly relating to America. Also: The Sailor's Advocate, Numb. ii. [Contain- 
ing a pamphlet printed in the year 1707, entitled, An Enquiry into the Causes of our 
Naval Miscarriages.] London. 1728. 8vo. 

... The Sailors & their Hardships on shore. Reprinted from 
the American Seamens* Friend Society's monthly Sailor's Maga- 
zine for February, 1869. [n. p. 1869.] 8vo, pp. 8. H. 74973 

The Sailor's Companion ; or Songs of the Sea. Consisting 
of a well-selected Collection of Naval Songs. ... New Tork : 
Leavitt and Allen [about 1840]. l2mo, pp. 160. H. 74974 

The Sailor's Magazine and Naval Journal ; published by the 

American Seamen's Friend Society. Vol. i. Ending August, 

1829. New Tork : y, Seymour.^ Printer. 1829. 8vo, pp. iv, 380. 

Portrait. Continued. ba. 74975 


Sailors* Snug Harbor, Boston. Proceedings on the occasion 
of laying the Corner-Stt)iie of the Sailors' Snug Harbor of Bos 
ton, on July 14, 1856. Boston : Printed by John IVilson and Son. 
1857. ^vo, pp. 30. M. 74976 

Also: Report on the Sailors' Snug Harbor, with List of Officers, Act of Incorpora- 
tion, By-Laws, &c. Boston: John JVihon and Son. 1861. 8vo, pp. 23, (l). Con- 
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Sailors* Snug Harbor, New Tork. By-Laws of the Sailors' 
Snug Harbor. Published by order of the Trustees. New-Tor k : 
Robert Carter. 1848. 8vo. 74977 

Also: Copy of the Last Will and Testament of the late Robert Richard Randall, 
Esq. of the Act of Incorporation, and of the other Acts of the Legislature of the 
State of New- York, respecting the Sailors' Snug Harbor : together with the names of 
the persons who have acted as trustees of the same, — with their By-Laws, &c. ... 
Ncw-Tork : Robert Carter. 1848. 8vo, pp. 69. Plate. For other editions see "Vol. 
XVI., No. 67798. 

The Sailours Companion and Counsellour. See [Mather (C)], 
Vol. XI., No. 46494. 

Sain de Boislecomte (M.) De la Crise Americaine, et de 
celle des Nationalites en Europe. Par M. Sain de Boislecomte, 
ancien ministre de la republique fran^aise aux Etats-Unis. Parts: 
Mai/let. 1862. 8vo, pp. 156. 749 7 8 

Sainsbury (W. N.) Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Se- 
ries, 1 574-1 660, preserved in the State Paper Department of Her 
Majesty's Public Record Office. Edited by W. Noel Sainsbury, 
Esq., Honorary Member of the New England, New York, 
Maryland, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina Historical Societies. 
Under the direction of the Master of the Rolls, and with the 
sanction of Her Majesty*s Secretary of State for the Colonial 
Department. London : Longman^ Green^ Longman^ iff Roberts. 
i860. Kl. 8vo, pp. xxxiv, 577, colophon i leaf, list of works 
pp. II. L. 74979 

Relates almost entirely to America. A full index is added. 

Sainsbury. Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, Amer- 
ica and West Indies, 166 1-1668. Preserved in Her Majesty's 
Public Record Office. Edited by W. Noel Sainsbury, of the 
Public Record Office ... Under the direction of the Master of 
the Rolls, and with the sanction of Her Majesty's Secretary of 
State for the Colonial Department. London : Longman iff Co ; 
Triibner & Co. ... 1880. Rl. 8vo, pp. 2, Ixxxiii, 736, errata (l), 
catalogue 32, (2). 749^0 

With a carefully prepared index. The continuation from 1669 is in preparation. 


The Saint and the Sinner. A Tale, not stranger than true. 
New York. 1854. 8vo. 749^1 

In verse. Somewhat facetious. 

Saint Abe and his Seven Wives. A Tale of Salt Lake City. 
New York: George Routledge and Sons. 1872. Post 8vo, pp. ix, 

169. BA. 74982 

A poem, by Robert Buchanan. 

Saint-Adolphe (J. C. R. Milliet de). ^^^ Milliet de Saint- 
Adolphe, Vol. xii., No. 49085. 

The St. Albans Raid. Investigation by the Police Committee, 
of the City Council of Montreal, into the charges preferred by 
Councillor B. Devlin, against Guillaume Lamothe, Esq., Chief 
of Police ; and the Proceedings of the Council in reference 
thereto. Montreal : Printed by Owler & Stevenson. 1864. 8vo, 
pp. 78. 74983 

See a/so Benjamin (L. N.), Vol. ii., No 4710, and for "1856'* read "1865." 

Saint-Amand ( ). Histoire des Revolutions d'Haiti par 

M. Saint-Amand ... Tome Premier, [i 789-1 792.] Paris: E. 
Dentu. i860. 8vo, pp. vii, 386. b. 74984 

No more published. The work was to have been completed in four volumes. 

Saint-Amant (Ch. de). Des colonies ; et particulierement 
de la Guyane Fran^aise en 1821 ... Paris. 1822. 8vo. 74985 

For extracts see Nouvion, pp. 292-295. 

Saint-Amant. Guide pour les voyageurs. Route de la Ca- 
lifornie a travers PIsthme de Panama. Extrait du voyage d'ex- 
ploration en Californie et en Oregon entrepris en 1851 et 1852, 
sur Tordre du Gouvernement Fran^ais. Par M. de Saint-Amant. 
Paris: L, Maison. 1853. i2mo, pp. 102. Map. c. 74986 

Saint-Amant. La Guyane Fran^aise, ses mines d*or et ses 
autres richesses. Par M. de Saint-Amant. Paris : chex Vauteur^ 
rue Blanche. 1856. 8vo, pp. xvii, 182. Map. 74987 

[Saint-Amant.] Voyage en Californie 1 850-1 851 d'apres 
une promesse du president. Navigation sur les deux Oceans ; 
passage de Tisthme de Panama; arrivee a San-Francisco. Suivi 
duTarif des douanes en Californie. Paris: Garnier freres. 1851. 
Svo, pp. 48. 74988 

Saint-Amant. Voyages en Californie et dans TOregon par 
M. dc Saint-Amant, envoye du Gouvernement Fran^ais, en 

SAINT Ann's. 253 

1851-1852. Paris: L. Maison. 1854. 8vo, pp. Hi, 651. 2 
Maps. Woodcuts. 74989 

See the "Revue Contemporaine," xvi. 744. 

Saint-Andre (D. de). Renseignements Nautiques sur les 
cotes de Patagonie. Par M. Dupin de Saint-Andre. ... Parts: 
Bossange et Cie. 1862. 8vo. 74990 

The St. Andrew's Journal and La-Baye Miscellany. No. i. 
Grenada. 1828. 8vo. 7499' 

Continued as : The St. Andrew's Journal and Colonial Miscellany. Vol. i. [Nos. 
1-3.] Grenada. 1829. 8vo. 

Annual Report of the Saint Andrew's Society of the State 
of New York, for the year 1873-4, with a List of its Officers 
and Members for 1874-5. Established in 1756, for the purpose 
of Relieving their Brethren in Distress, and to promote Social 
Intercourse amongst its Members. New York: Printed for the St, 
Andrew's Society of the State of New York. By Lyon^ Ames ^ Craw- 
ford. 1874. 8vo, pp. 13, and covers. Continued. 7499^ 

Constitution of the Saint Andrew's Society of the State of 
New York, with a List of its Officers and Members since 1756. 
NeW'Tork : J. and J. Harper. 1823. 8vo, pp. 38. B. -f- Ntiv- 
Tork : Printed by fames Ormond. 1835, 8vo, pp. 43. 74993 

Historical Sketch of the Saint Andrew's Society, of the State 
of New-York, with the Constitution & a List of Officers & 
Members since 1756. Centennial Oration before the Society, on 
the 1st December, 1856, by the Rev. John Thomson, d.d. ... 
New-York : John IV. Amerman.^ Printer. 1856. i2mo, pp. 87, 
Oration 33. H. 74994 

Rules I for the | St. Andrew's | Society, | in | New- York. | New- 
York : I Printed by Hugh Gaine.^ M, DCC, LXX. | 8vo, pp. 15. 

Contains a list of members in 1770. See also Piiiladelphia, Vol. xv., Nos. 62207- 

St. Ann's Church, (Brooklyn, New York.) [By F. G. Fish.] 
See Vol. II., No. 8318. 

Statements respecting St. Ann's Church for Deaf-Mutes pre- 
sented at a public meeting in the large Chapel of the University 
... November i6, 1853, together with an Abstract of the Pro- 
ceedings of a Meeting held by Deaf-Mutes, ... December ist, 
1853. Neiv York: George F. Nesbitt and Co.^ Printers. 1853. 
8vo, pp. 27. H. 74996 


Saint Anthony, Minnesota. Merwin*s Directory of ... Saint 
Anthony ... 1867. Minneapolis: H. Merwin. 1867. i2mo, pp. 
264. c. 74997 

Historical Sketch. See Vol. viii., No. 32081. 

Sketch of St. Anthony and Minneapolis, Minnesota Territory. 
St. Anthony : William W. Wales . . . Minneapolis : Thomas Hale 
Williams. 1857. limo, pp. 32. Map and Woodcuts. B. 

Saint-Arroman (A.) De I'Action du cafe, du the et du 
chocolat sur la sante, et de leur influence sur I'intelligence et le 
moral de rhomme. ... Paris: Jules Laisne. 1845. ^^^' 74999 

Saint-Arroman. Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate, their Influence 
upon the Health, the Intellect, & the Moral Nature of Man. ... 
Philadelphia. 1846. 1 2 mo, pp. vi, 90. 7 5 000 

Saint Asaph (John, Bishop of)., 1714-1727. iS"^^ [Wynne] 


Saint Asaph (Jonathan, Bishop of\ 1 766-1 788. See [Ship- 

ley] (J.) 

Saint Asaph (William, Bishop of)., 1704-1708. ^S"^^ [Bever- 
idge] (W.), Vol. 11., No. 51 10. 

Saint Asaph (William, Bishop of)., 1708-17 14. See [Fleet- 
wood] (W.), Vol. VI., No. 24690. 

Saint Augustine, Florida. Report of the Committee ... on 
the Memorial of the St. Augustine Catholic Church, Florida, 
... March 21, 1848. \_Washingion. 1848.] 8vo, pp. 47. s. 

Saint Augustine, Florida. 1869. See [Yelverton {Hon. Airs. 

Saint Bartholomew, Island of. Decret portant Torganisa- 
tion du gouvernement de Tile de St. Barthelemy. Stockholm. 
181 1. 8vo. 75002 

In Swell is h and French. 

Port Regulations of St. Bartholomew. Gustavia. 18 15. 410. 

Saint Blin (D. de). Memoire pour le Sieur Duverger de 
Saint Blin, Lieutenant d'infanterie dans les troupes etant ci-devant 
en Canada. Contre M. le Piocureur (jeneial du Roi en la Com- 
mission. Paris: De Moreau. 1763. 410, pp. 26. 750^4 


St. C** (C. de). Les Interets des Colonies Hollandoises du 
Sud de I'Amerique, relativement aux troubles actuels des Colo- 
nies de PAmerique Septentrionale. Par Mr. C. de St. C**, 
Americain. ... La Haye : H. Comtapel. M DCC Lxxvi. 8vo, pp. 
22. B., H. 75005 

Saint Catherines, Canada West. The Medical Properties 
of the St. Catherines Mineral Waters. E. W. Stephenson, Pro- 
prietor. St. Catherines : H. F. Leavenworth's ^* Herald^* Power 
Press. 1864. Svo, pp. 4. B. 75006 

Saint Christopher, Island of . An Abridgment of the Acts 
of Assembly passed in the Island of St. Christopher, from 171 1 
to 1740 inclusive. London. 1 740. Folio. s. 75007 

Account of the Commencement and Progress. See [Caines 
(Clement)], Vol. in., No. 9848. 

An Act more effectually to Provide for the Support, and to 
extend Certain Regulations for the Protection of Slaves, to Pro- 
mote and Encourage their Increase, and generally to Meliorate 
their Condition. St. Christopher. 1799. Folio. 75008 

Acts|of I Assembly, I passed in the | Island of St. Christopher;] 
From 171 I, to 1735, \uc\v\%\wQ.\ London : Printed by John Bashtt^ 
Printer to the King's most Excel- \ lent Majesty. MDCCXXXIX. | Folio, 
pp. X, 198. C, H. 75009 

Acts|of I Assembly, I passed in the | Island of St. Christopher ; | 
From the Year 171 1, to 1769. 16"/. Christopher :\ Printed {by Per- 
mission of the Council and Assembly of said Island) | by Daniel T^hibou. \ 
M.DCc.Lxix.| Folio, pp. (4), xiv, 183, ii, 20. m. 75010 

Arrest du conseil d'Etat du roy, qui ordonne que dans six mois, 
a compter du 1^=' octobre prochain, pour toutes prefixions et delais, 
les habitans de Saint-Christophe qui y possedoient des terres, 
seront tenus d'y retourner, et de les mettre en culture de sucres, 
vivies, ou d'autres denrees, nccessaire pour la subsistance et le 
commerce de la colonic. \_Paris. 1698.] 4to, pp. 4. 7501 1 

The I Case I of the I Present Possessors | of thelP'rench Lands] 
in the Island of | St. Christophers. | Humbly offered | to the Con- 
sideration of His Majesty, | and both Houses of Parliament. | 
Occasioned by a Petition resolved upon at the | last General Court 
ot the South Sea Company,! to be presented to His Majesty, that 
he would I be pleased to grant the Company that Part | of the 


Island of St. Christophers, which for-|merly belonged to the 
French, in Order to | the better carrying on their Trade. |...| 
Ltndon : Printed for J. Roberts^ near the Oxford- \ Arms in War- 
wick-lane 1 721. Price 7^d.\ 8vo, pp. 22. B. -|- London: Printed 
for the Author. M DCC xxi. 8vo, pp. 22. j.c.B. 75012 

See also Vol. xiii., No. 52427. 

A General Survey of ... St. Christopher's. See M. (R.), Vol. 
X., No. 42917. 

Howe*s Almanac, for 1848. Bissextile, or Leap Year. And 
355th, since the discovery of St. Christopher, and 105th since 
the Island was finally ceded to Great Britain. The Astronomical 
Calculations are adapted to the Meridian of St. Christopher ... 
and serving, with little variation, for all the Leeward Islands. ... 
Saint Christopher: Printed at the Gazette Office^ by J. A. Howe, 
[1847?] i6mo, pp. 5, (12, interleaved), 18-37, (9), 43-81- b. 

Isle Saint-Christophe et autres circonvoisines dans les Indes 
occidentales, donnes avec grand privileges et concessions a la 
compagnie des Isles de TAmerique. [^Paris. 1642.] 4to, 6 
leaves, including i blank leaf. 75014 

** Piece originale, imprimee sur parchemin. Arret confirmant les contrats du 12 fev. 
1635 et 29 janv. 1642 ... les associez de ladite compagnie continueront de travailler a 
i'etablissement des colonies et Isles de TAmerique, scituee depuis le dixiesme jusqu'au 
trentiesme degrc inclusivement au de 9a de la ligne Equinoctialle ... ne souftriront dans 
lesdites Isles estre fait exercice d'autre religion que la Catholique, Apostolique et Ro- 
maine ... prometons a ladite compagnie de faire expedier quatre lettres de noblesse dont 
elle disposera en faveur de ceux qui occuperont et habiteront a leurs frais quelques-unes 
desdites Isles ... Contrats faits entre ie cardinal due de Richelieu et Jacques Berruyer, 
I'un des dits associez, etc, etc., a la fin : Donne a Paris, le vingt-troisieme jour de 
decembre, Tan de grace mil six cens quarante deux j et de notre regne le trente troisi- 
ime. Signe par le Roy, Cebret, et scelle par simple queue de cire jaune; collatione 
aux originaux par moy conseiller, secretaire du Roy et des Finances. Signe : Margonne 
(signature autographe)." Title and description from one of Dufosse's catalogues. 

Laws of the Island of Saint Christopher from the Year 171 1 
to the Year 1791, published by Order of the Council and As- 
sembly of the Island, under the Inspection of a Committee of 
both Houses. St. Christopher. 1791. Folio. 75015 

Lovis par la grace de Diev, Roy de France et de Navarre. A 
tous presens et aduenir. Salut ; quelques-vns de nos subjets 
cxperimentez aux Nauigations esloignees, et portez d'un louable 
desir de former des Colonies de Francois dans les Indes Occiden- 
tales, ayant recogneu qu'en plusieurs Isles, es Costes de TAmc- 
rique, on pouuoit establir vn commerce sufliisant a I'entretien de 



quelques peuplades, auroient des Tannee 1626. pris commission 
de nostrc tres-cher et bien ame Cousin le Cardinal due de Riche- 
lieu ... pour peupler et habiter sous nostre auctorite I'lsle de Saint 
Christophe, et autres circonuoisines ... Scavoir faisons, qu'ayant 
fait examiner en nostre conseil les contracts du 12 Fev. 1635 et 
29. Janv. 1642 faits par nostre cousin le Cardinal due de Riche- 
lieu, auec le sieur Berruyer pour les associez en la Compagnie 
des Isles de I'Amerique, Nous auons ratifie, confirme et valide, 
et par ces presentes ratifions, confirmons et validons lesdits con- 
tracts ... Donne a Narbonne au mois de mars 1642. \_Paris F 
1642.] 4to, pp. 9. 75016 

Concerning this very rare piece see Leclerc's " Bibliotheca Americana" (1881), No. 
2847, where it is priced at 300 francs. 

Newe and strange Newes from St. Christophers of a tempest- 
uous Spirit, which is called by the Indians a Hurry-cano or 
Whirlwind ; whereunto is added the true and last Relation of 
the dreadful Accident which happened at Witticombe in Devon- 
shire, 21 Octobre, 1638. London. 1638. i2mo. 750*7 

Partly in verse. Improved title of No. 54942, Vol. xiii. See also Vol. xiii., No. 

St. Clair (Arthur). In the House of Representatives of the 
United States, | Tuesday the 8th of May, i792.|Mr. Fitzimons, 
from the Committee appointed to enquire into the causes of the 
fai-|lure of the late expedition under Major General St. Clair, 
reported, that the committee had, according to order, proceeded 
to examine all the papers furnished by | the Executive department 
relative thereto, ... and that, as the result of their enquiries, the 
Committee had agreed to the | following | Report. | [^Philadelphia, 
1792.] Folio, pp. 13. 75018 

Title furnished by Mr. Paul L. Ford. 

St. Clair. Letter from Governor St. Clair, on the subject 
of a Division of the North Western Territory, and Petition of 
Gov. Tevebaugh and others, inhabitants of Clark Co. Phila- 
delphia, 1800. 8vo. 75019 

St. Clair. A Narrative of the Manner in which the Cam- 
paign against the Indians, in the Year one thousand seven hund- 
red and ninety-one, was conducted, under the Command of 
Major General St. Clair, together with his Observations on the 
Statements of the Secretary of War and the Quarter Master 
General, relative thereto, and the Reports of the Committees 
appointed to inquire into the Causes of the Failure thereof. 

258 ST. CLAIR. 

Taken from the Files of the House of Representatives in Con- 
gress. Philadelphia : Printed by Jane Jitken. 18 1 2. 8vo, pp. xix, 
273, subscribers' names (20), additional names (4). b., ba., h. 

A narrative of the terrible defeat and slaughter of eight hundred soldiers by the 
Ohio Indians. General St. Clair's narrative fills pages 1-58; the "Report of the 
Congressional Committee" of examination, pp. 59-825 St. Clair's observations on the 
report, pp. 83-154; supplementary report and letters, pp. 155-192; the examination 
of witnesses of the battle, pp. 193-229. 

St. Clair. Proceedings | of a [General Court Martial, | Held 
at White Plains, | In the State of | New-York, | By Order of his 
Excellency I General Washington, | Commander in Chief | Of the 
Army of | The United States of America, | For the Trial of | 
Major General St. Clair, | August 25, 1778.) Major General Lin- 
coln, President. | Philadelphia : \ Printed by Hall and Sellers^ in 
Market~Street.\iADCCLXXWiii.\ Folio, pp. 52. Folded Plan. 

One of the rarest of the series of revolutionary military trials. Menzies's copy sold 
for $65, Brinley's for $50. Reprinted in "Collections of the New York Historical 
Society," vol. xiii. (1880), pp. 1-172. 

St. Clair. The St. Clair Papers. The Life and Public 
Services of Arthur St. Clair Soldier of the Revolutionary War ; 
President of the Continental Congress ; and Governor of the 
North-western Territory With his Correspondence and other 
Papers Arranged and annotated by William Henry Smith ... 
Cincinnati Robert Clarke ^' Co 1882 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 609 ; 
(4), 649. Map and 2 Portraits. 75022 

Also: Indexes to the St. Clair Papers. \_Co/uml>us. 1870.] 8vo, pp. 19. "The 
correspondence, messages, documents and manuscript generally, of Arthur St. Clair, 
Governor of the Northwest Territory from 1788 to 1802, were purchased by the State 
of Ohio, in 1870, for two thousand dollars, and are now deposited in the State Library 
at Columbus. This pamphlet gives an index to their classification and arrangement." 
— Thomson's Bibliography of Ohio. See also Varnum (James M.) 

St. Clair (H.) The United States Criminal Calendar: or 
an awful Warning to the Youth of America ; being an Account 
of the most horrid Murders, Piracies, Highway Robberies, &c. 
&c. Compiled from the best Authorities, by Henry St. Clair. 
With fifteen Engravings. ... Boston: Charles Gaylord. 1832. 
l2mo, pp. (2), 5-356. 13 Plates. B. -{- Boston. 1833. l2mo. 
-\- Boston. 1835. i2mo. -^ New Tor k. 184O. l2mo. -\- Bos- 
ton : Charles Gaylord. 1840. l2mo, pp. (2), 5-356. 13 Plates. 

Contains also -an account of the Salem witchcraft. 

St. Clair (T. S.) A Residence in the West Indies and 
America, with a Narrative of the Expedition to the Island of 
Walcheren : By Thomas Staunton St. Clair, Lieut. -Colonel, 

ST. CROIX. 259 

Unattached ... . In Two Volumes. ... London: Richard Bentley. 
1834. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xiv, 395, (1); xii, 382. 6 Plates. «. 

St. Clair. A Soldier's Recollections of the West Indies and 
America ; with a Narrative of the Expedition to the Island of 
Walcheren. By Thomas Staunton St. Clair, Lieut. -Colonel ... 
London. 1834. 2 vols., 8vo. 75025 

Another issue of the preceding number. 

Saint-Clair Duport. See Duport (S. C), Vol. vi. 21 391. 

Schedule of Furnace Property, Iron Ore Beds, Coal Mines, 
etc., of the St. Clair Iron Company. Boston: Wright & 
Potter^ Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 75026 

St. Clair Mining Company, Eagle River, Lake Superior, Mich- 
igan. ... Boston: Charles C. P. Moody .^ Printer. 1867. 8vo, pp. 
10. H. 75027 

Saint Cloud ( ). Historia secreta de la corte ... Mex- 
ico, 1808. 2 vols., 8vo. 75028 

Saint-Cricq. ( ). Documens relatifs au commerce des 

nouveaux etats de I'Amerique, communiques par le bureau de 
commerce et des colonies, aux principales chambres de commerce 
de France. (Public par le Journal du Commerce.) ... Paris: 
Librairie de I Industrie. 1825. l6mo, pp. lOO. c. 75029 

SAiNT-CRiCQ^(Lorenzo), Vicomte de. See Marcoy (Paul), pscu- 
don.., Vol. XI., Nos. 44506-44508. 

Saint Croix, Island of. Beskrivelse over Eylandet St. Croix. 
See [Haagensen], Vol. vii.. No. 29406. 

Saint Croix, Wisconsin. Discourse delivered at the School 
House, on the Estate (jreat Princess, St. Croix, May 16, 1841. 
[n. p..? 1 841.] 8vo. 75030 

The St. Croix Valley, [n. p. 1859.] 8vo, pp. 4. 7503 1 

By Oliver Gibbs. 

Acts of the Legislatiue of Wisconsin, and of the Congress of 
the United States, relative to the St. Croix and Lake Supe- 
rior Railroad Co. With the Statement of the President and 
Directors, and of the Chief Engineer of said Company. New 
fork: J. IV.Amerman. 1866. 8vo, pp. 157. Map. C 75032 

Also : Report o\' the Locating Survey of the St. Croix and Lake Superior Rail Road. 
Madiion. 1856. 8vo. 


Saint Cyran (De). Refutation du projet des amis des Noirs, 
sur la suppression de la traite des negres et sur Tabolition de 
Tesclavage dans nos colonies. ... [n. p.] 1790. 8vo, pp. 51. 

Saint David's (Anthony, ^/V/><?/> ^), 1752-1761. *9^^ [Ellys] 
(A.), Vol. VI., No. 22289. 

Saint David's (Charles, Bishop of\ 1772? See [Mott] (C), 
Vol. XII., No. 51088. 

Saint David's (James, Bishop of\ 1 774-1 779. See [Yorke] 


Saint David's (Nicholas, Bishop of \ 1731-1742. See\yi\2i- 
gett] (N.), Vol. IV., No. 13183. 

Saint David's (Richard, Bishop of\ 1743-1752. See [Tre- 
vor] (R.) 

St. Denis le Cadet, pseudon. The Lottery, a Poem in two 
parts. And an Ode to War. By St. Denis le Cadet. ... Bal- 
timore : Printed by J. Robinson^ for the Author. 181 5. l2mo, pp. 

7^(0- B- 75034 

Saint Domingo. 

Under this heading are included anonymous and official publications relating to the 
island, as well as some titles additional to those already given under " Dominican Re- 
public," Vol. v., pp. 479-480, and " Haiti," Vol. vii., pp. 539-540. Other anonymous 
works relating to Saint Domingo will be found in other parts of this Dictionary, entered 
under the initial words of the titles. 

Adresse a I'Assemblee Nationale [des colons de Saint-Do- 
mingue qui resident en France]. \_Paris. 1789.] 8vo, pp. 15. 

Adresse a I'Assemblee Nationale [de I'Assemblee Provinciale 
de la Partie du Nord de Saint-Domingue. Colophon :] Ju Cap- 
Francais^ de r Imprime7'ie de V Assemblee Provinciale du Nord. 1 790. 
8vo, pp. (2), 18. H. 75036 

Adresse a I'Assemblee Nationale par les proprietaires de Saint- 
Domingue, residans a Paris. [^Paris. 1798.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

Adresse a la Convention Nationale ... [n. p.:] De rijnprimerie 
de Laurens aiu'e. [179-.^] 8vo, pp. 8. P. 75038 

By MM. P'lge and Brulley, deputies of Saint Domingo to the National Convention, 
from their prison, claiming their liberty. 


Adresse au Roi, et Discoiiis a Sa Majcste, par Its colons Fran- 
cois de Saint-Dominguc, reunis a Paris. [J^arls. 179-?] 8vo, 
pp. II. ^ 75039 

Adresse de I'Assemblee provinciale de la partie du Nord de 
Saint-Domingue, a I'Assemblee nationale. [Colophon:] Paris: 
De r Impritnerie de Demoriv'ille. 1790. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 75040 

Adresse des Colons de I'lle de Saint-Domingue a TAssemblee 
nationale. \^Paris. 179-.?] 8vo, pp. 14. 75^4 * 

Signed by comte d'Agoult, vicomte dc Gauville, M. de Choiseul, etc. 

Adresse des Habitans de la partie du Nord de Saint-Domingue 
a Messieurs du Departement de la Gironde, en reponse a leur invi- 
tation fraternelle. \_Paris!' 179-?] i2mo, pp. 16. 7504^ 

Adresse des Membres de I'Assemblee Provinciale du Nord de 
Saint-Domingue, a I'Assemblee Nationale, seante a Paris. Im- 
primee par ordre de I'Assemblee Nationale. Seance du soir, 13 
Octobre 1790. [Colophon:] J Paris^ Chez Baudouin. 1790. 
8vo, pp. 7. 75043 

Adresses de I'Assemblee Provinciale du Nord. 1791. See 
Vol. VII., No. 29564. 

Affiches Americaines. [i^"" janv. 1766-30 dec. 1790.] Le 
Cap. 1766. — Port-au-Prince. 1790. 25 vols., 4to and folio. 

A continuation of the "Avis divers," infra. Most of the numbers for the year 
1780 are followed by an appendix entitled " Nouvelles diverses." It should also be 
accompanied by: "Avis du Cap, ou Supplement aux Affiches americaines. l.e Cap: 
Imprimerie Royale. Man I'jd^-JuilUt 1769." 2 vols., 4to. Beginning with July 10, 
1769, this supplement was incorporated with the journal. See also Vol. i.. No. 493. 

Affiches Americaines. Cap-Franfais F 1791. 4to. 75045 

A periodical. 

Alerta Dominicaaos ! A los hijos del 27 de Febrero. San- 
tiago de los Caballeros. 1852. l2mo, pp. 22. 75046 

Almanach Royal d'Hayti pour I'annee 18 14, onzieme de I'ln- 
dependance, et la troisieme du regne de Sa Majeste, presence au 
Roi, par P. Roux. Au Cap-Henry.^ Chez P. Roux^ hnprimeur de 
Sa Majeste. [1813.?] 8vo, pp. (16), 131. Continued. ba. 

Les Americains reunis a Paris, (5c ci-devant composant I'As- 
semblee generale de la partie fran(^^aise de Saint-Domingue, a I'As- 
semblee nationale. Imprime par ordre de I'Assemblee nationale. 
[/*^r/.c, de V Imprimerie nationale. 1 791.] 8vo, pp. 7. 75^4^ 


Amiales patiiotiqiies tie St. Domingue. [^Port-au-Prince F^ 
1791-1792. 4to. 75049 

Annexation of San Domingo. Neiu Tork. 1870. 8vo. 

Appel a I'opinion publique. Par Martial Besse, General de 
Brigade, employee a St. Domingue. \Paris.^ Jn 6. [1798.] 8vo, 

pp.15. J.C.B. 75051 

Appel a I'opinion publique sur I'lndemnite de St. Domingue ct 
sur la commission de liquidation. Paris. 1829. 8vo. 75052 

Appel a rUnion. Aux habitans de Saint Domingue. Par un 
jeune Blanc de la plaine du Cap. Paris : S. A. Hugelet, [1797.] 
8vo, pp. 14. J.C.B. 75053 

Appel inlerjette par I'Assemblee Generale de la partic Fran- 
^oise de Saint-Domingue, a TAssemblee Nationale, mieux 
instruite, tant du Rapport, a elle fait par son Comite des Colo- 
nies, les II & 12 octobre dernier, que du Decret surpris sur ce 
Rapport, & de tout ce qui s'en est suivi, on pourroit s'ensulvre. 
{Paris? 1 79 1?] 4to, pp. 68. e. 75054 

Arrest qui permet a tous Francois de cantinuer d'envoyer a la 
Colonie de Saint Louis, Cote de Saint Domingue, des vaisseaux 
chargez de vivres et de marchandises pendant six mois. Du 
premier Aoust 17 19. \Paris. 17 19.] 4to, pp. 2. 75^55 

Arret du conseil d'etat du Roi, pour le renouvellement des car- 
touches des noirs et autres gens de couleur qui sont a Paris. Du 
23 mars 1783. Paris: De f Imprimerie Royale. [1783.] 4to, 
pp. 4. 75056 

Arret du Conseil d'Ktat du roi portant suppression d'un Me- 
moire imprime pour M. le Comte de Malct du Gravier. Du 25 
Janvier 1783. Extrait des registres du Conseil d'Etat. [A7m, 
de Vhnprnnerie royale, 1 783.] 4to, pp. 2. 75057 

Signed, "Amelot." 

Arret du Conseil d'Etat du roi qui declare le sieur Fournier, 
habitant de Saint-Domingue, non rccevable h mal fonde dans son 
opposition a I'arret du Conseil d'Etat du roi. ... [P^r/V, de P Im- 
primerie royale. 1787.] 4to, pp. 4. 75058 

Arret du Conseil d'Etat du Roi, qui casse & annulle une ordon- 
nance du gouverneur general de Saint-Domingue, du 9 mai der- 
nier, laquelle accordait aux etrangers la liberte du commerce pour 


la partic dii Sud ilc Saint-Doniinguc. Du 2 Jiiillct 17H9. Ex- 
trait (Ics Registrcs du Conseil d'Etat. | Bordeaux : Mich. Roche. 
1789.] l2mo, pp. 8. -\ \_Vcrsailles.^(k V Impnmeric royale. 1789.] 
4to, pp. 4. 75059 

Sii;ncil, " La Lu/.eiiie." 

Arret du Conseil d'Etat du Roi, portant cassation d'une ordon- 
nance de M. le Marquis du Chillcau, Gouverneur, Lieutenant 
general de Saint-Dominguc, du 27 niai dernier, concernant I'intro- 
duction des farines Etrangeres. l^u 23 Juillet 1789. Extrait des 
Registres du Conseil d'Etat. \_l'crsaillcs.^ de V Impr'tmerie royale. 
1789.] 4to, pp. 4. ^ 75060 

Signed, '* La Luzerne." 

Arret du Conseil superieur du Cap-P'ran^ois, Isle Sainte Do- 
mijigue, ... Du 13 Decembre 1763. Signe, Du Hamcau. \l^ar'n? 
1764.] i2mo, pp. 22. 75061 

Arret portant suppression d'un ouvrage intitule: Considerations 
sur Tetat present de la colonie Fran^oise de Saint-Domingue. Du 
17 Decembre 1777. [Paris. 1777.] 4to, pp. 4. 75062 

Arrete de rAsseniblcc provinciale du nord de Saint Domingue, 
le 4 Janvier, 1790. \_Parls. 1 790.] 8vo. 750^3 

Arrete de I'Assemblee provinciale du Nord de St. Domingue, 
dans lequcl les colons expriment la joie & le calme qu'a portc 
dans leur coeur le sublime 5z consolant decrct du 8 mars dernier, 
devenu pour eux le principc absolu dc Icur conduite future, Sc le 
symbole de la gloire & de la prosperite des Colonies Fran^aises. 
Au Cap Fran^ais, seance du 17 Mai 1790. Sur I'extrait des 
registres des deliberations de ladite assemblce. De r hnprimerie de 
r Ass e rub lee Provinciale du Nord; et a Bordeaux chex Paul Palanche 
jeune. [1790?] l2m.o, pp. 8. 750^4 

Signed, " Brosbier, President." 

Arrete relatif aux secours a envoyer a Saint-Domingue, i i 
fructidor, an III. [Paris. 1794.] P\)lio, pp. 2. 750^5 

Assemblee coloniale de la partie franc^aise de Saint-Domingue. 
[10 aout-31 dec. 1791. n. p. 1791.] 4to. 75066 

A periodical. 

L'Assemblee des Noirs, abregce hier au soir par le pcuple, rue 
royalc. Paris: L. L. Gerard. [1789.] 8vo, pp. 7. J.CB. 


L'Assemblce Gencrale cle la partic fiaii^oise de Saint-Do- 
mingue aux Francois. [Colophon :] A Par'is^ De V hnpr'imer'te de 
Didot Fils /fine. [1790.] 8vo, pp. 15. j.c.B., h. 75068 

Dated Sept. 13, 1790. 

L'Assemblee Generale de la partie fran^oise de Saiiit-Do- 
mingue, aux lepresentants de la nation. [Colophon :] Paris : De 
r Imprimerie de Didot^ fils ain'e. 1790. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 75069 

L'Assemblee generale de la partie Fran^aise de Saint Do- 
mingue aux quatre-vingt-trois departemens. Vous trouverez 
sous ce pli nos adresses a TAssemblee nationale et au roi des 
Fran^ais; elles vous instruiront de tous nos malheurs: nous vou- 
drions vous les detiiller, la plume nous echappe ! Notre position 
est affreuse. Cap-Fran^ais, le 13 septembre 1791. [n. p. 1791.] 
4to. 75070 

Aux Colonies de Saint-Domingue. [n. p. :] C, M. Cellot. 1789. 
8vo, pp. 24. J.c.B. 75071 

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(David)], Vol. VI., No. 21483. 

Aux Constituans de TAssemblee Generale de la partie fran- 
^oise de Saint-Domingue, ci-devant Seante a Saint-Marc. [^Paris. 
1791.] 8vo, pp. 24. H. 75072 

Avis divers et petites affiches americaines. [29 aout 1764- 
25 dec. 1765.] Le Cap. 1764-65. 2 vols., 4to. 75073 

A continuation of the "Gazette de Saint-Donningue," /ff/><2. Continued as "Affiches 
Americaines," No. 75044, supra. 

Avis du Cap. See " Affiches Americaines,*' No. 75044, supra, 

Betrachtungen (iber den gegenwartigen Zustand der franzosi- 
schen Colonic zu San Domingo. Aus dem Franzosischen uber- 
setzt und mit einigen Anmerkungen versehen. ... Leipzig: bey 
Johann Friedrich Junius. 1779. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (16), 310 ; (4), 
332. J.c.B. 75074 

By Michel Rene Hilliard d'Auberteuil. Improved title of No. 31898, Vol, viii. 

A Brief Inquiry into the prospective results that might follow 
the Secret Mission to Dominico and Hayti, with its probable 
effects on Colored Americans. Philadelphia: John Coates^ Printer. 
1852. 8vo, pp. 14,(1). B. 75075 

Signed "A Colored American." 


Calomniateurs denonccs a la Convention nationale. [Paris. 
179-?] 8vo, pp. II. 75076 

I^es Calomniateurs Lc Boigne, Polveiel, Suntonax [j/V] et 
complices, appelles au Tribunal Revolutionnaire par les commis- 
saires des patriotes de S. Domingue, deputes pres la Convention 
Nationale. [Colophon: Paris P'\ De /' Imprtmerie de Laurens^ atne. 
1795. 8vo, pp. 10. H. 75077 

Code des Colons de Saint-Domingue, presentant PHistoire et 
la Legislation de I'ex-colonie ... avec des notes explicatives, par 
Ch. Vanufel, Jurisconsulte, et A. Champion de Villeneuve, Avo- 
cat. Paris : M^ Vergne. M. DCCC. xxvi. 8vo, pp. (2), v-x, (2), 

348. B., BA. 75078 

Improved title of No. 29569, Vol. vii. 

Cddigo Civil de la provincia Espanola de Santo Domingo. 
\Santo Domingo^ D. Manuel de J. Garcia. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 387, 
XX. 75079 

Combats afFreux arrives a I'isle St. -Domingue et dont Taristo- 
crate Damas est I'auteur. Marseille. 1791. 8vo, pp. 4. 75080 

Compte-rendu a la nation, par les Representans de S. Do- 
mingue, au sujet de la demarche eclatante de cette Deputation 
aupres de rAssembiee Nationale; ou Ultimatum sur la denoncia- 
tion de M. de la Luzerne, et son arret. Paris : Demonville. 1791. 
8vo, pp. 48. j.c.B. 75081 

By M. de Guoy. 

Compte rendu a la partie de St. Domingue par les represen- 
tants venus en Fiance sur le "Leopard.** Paris. 1790. 8vo. 

Concordat, ou Traite de paix entre les Citoyens Blancs et les 
Citoyens de Couleur des quatorze paroisses de la Province de 
rOuest de Ja partie fran^oise de Saint-Domingue. [Colophon :] 
De r Imprimerie de Patriote Francis., place du Theatre Italien. 1 791. 
8vo, pp. 15. H. 75083 

Concordat passe entre les citoyens du Port-au-Prince & les 
citoyens de couleur de la meme partie de Saint-Domingue ... 
Paris: De T Imprimerie Nationale. 1792. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 75084 

Considerations sur Tetat ... de Saint Domingue. See [Milliard 
d'Auberteuil (M. R.)], Vol. viii., No. 31897. 

Constitution politica de la Republica Dominicana. Santo Do- 
mingo: Imprenta de Garcia Hermanos. 1865. 8vo, pp. (2), 32. H. 



-|- [h. p. 1866.] 8vo, pp. 29. H. -| Snfito Domingo: Imprenta 
NaaanaL 1854. [Reprinted 1868.] 8vo, pp. 4, 7, 5-31. h 

See also Vol. v., No. 20573. 

Convention nationale. Conipte rendu sur la situation actuelle 
de Saint-Domingue [fait a la Conventio.n nationale, le i6 plu- 
viose, atl II de la Republique]. Paris^ De T /mprimerie Nationale. 
[1793.] 8vo, pp. 26. 75086 

By the maiquis L. Pierre Dufay de Latour Dufay. 

Copie de la Lettie de Messieurs de TAssemblee Provinciale du 
Nord de Sainte-Domingue. Paris. [179-.''] 8vo. 75087 

Correspondance de M. le General avec I'Assemblee Generale 
de la Partie Fran^ais de Saint-Domingue, a laquelle on a ajoute 
les Deliberations prises par les Assemblies Provinciales du Sud, 5c 
de celle du Nord de Saint-Domingue, ainsi que la motion faite a 
I'occasion du decret national, du 8 mars dernier, concernant les 
Colonies Fran^aises de I'Amerique. Bordeaux: Bcrgeret. 1790. 
I2mo, pp. 30; Suite de la correspondance, pp. 8. 75088 

Correspondance generale avec I'Assemblee generale de la partie 
fran'^aise de Saint-Domingue. Port-au-Prince. 1790. 7 num- 
bers, 8vo. 75089 

Correspondance Secrete des Deputes de Saint-Domingue avec 
les Comites de cette Isle. Paris., Van de la Liherte V^. [1792.] 

^vo, pp. 53- c., H., p. 75090 

Courrier de Saint-Domingue. [2 janv.-30 juin 1791.] Port- 
au-Prince. 1 79 1. 77 numbers, 410. 7509 1 

Courrier politique et litteraire du Cap-Fran^ais, public par M. 
Gatereau. [6 janv.-i4 juillet 1791. Port-au-Prince?^ ^79^' 
2 vols., 8vo. 75092 

Creation d'une legion pour Tile St.-Domingue, 1766. ]^Paris. 
1766.] 8vo, pp. 16. 75093 

Debarquement de la Flotte Fran^aise a Saint-Domingue ; fai- 
sant suite aux Revolutions de cette He. Revoke des Negres : 
Evenemens deplorables de la Guerre dcsastreuse qui suivit le 
Debarquement ; second Incendie du Cap par les Noirs ; iVIassa- 
cre et Destruction presque generale de I'Armee et des Coloiis ; 
avec un precis historique de I'erection de cette lie en Royaume 
d'Hatti. A Paris ., Chez Tiger ... [1820.] .24mo, pp. 107. 

improved title of No. 19086, Vol, v. 


Declaration du Rov qui attrihiie la connoissance dcs affaires dc 
la Compagiiic de Saint Doniingue aux officiers de Tamiraute gene- 
rale de Fiance an siege de la table de marhre a Paris. Donnee a 
Paris le 22 Juin 171 7. [P(ins : Hubert Muguet. 171 7.] 4to, 
pp. 4. 75095 

Signed, "Gilbert." 

Decret de I'Assemblee Generale de Saint-Domingue, rendu le 
28 mai 1790, a Tunanimitc ; et developpement de ce decret, ser- 
vant dc rcponse aux observations faites sur ce decret par Passem- 
blce provinciale du nord en date de i^"^ juin. \^Par'is. 1790.] 
8vo, pp. 61. J.C.B., H. 75096 

Decret de la Convention nationale, du 6 Mars 1793, qui 
approuve les mesures prises par les Commissaires nationaux Pol- 
verel et Sonthonax dans la colonic de Saint-Domingue. S^Par'ts. 
1 793-] 4to, pp. 2. 75097 

Dccrets de I'Assemblee nationale concernant les colonies ; 
suivis d'une instruction pour les isles de Saint Domingue, la 
Tortue, la Gonave ^t I'lsle-a-vaches. Paris: De r Imprimerie 
Nationale. 1 790. 8vo, pp. 32. 75^98 

Defence of the Colonies ; with Remarks on the French Dis- 
trict of St. Domingo, and other Political References. By Ami- 
cus Mundi. London: Printed for the Author. 18 16. 8vo, pp. xvi, 
217. 75099 

Improved tide of No. 19242, Vol. v. 

Defrance, representant du peuple, depute par le departement de 
Seine-et-Marne, au citoyen Creuse Pascal, son collegue, sur sa 
dcnonciaiion a la Convention nationale d'une Conspiration dans 
les Colonics fran^aiscs, h sur-tout a Saint-Domingue. Paris: 
De r Imprimerie de Becquart An III. [1795.] 8vo, pp. (2), 54. H. 

Deliberation de la Chambre d'agriculture du Cap du 2 septem- 
bre 1765, sur le Mcmoire du Corps du Commerce des Cayes. 
[n. p. 1765.?] 4to, pp. 12. 75101 

Depeches arrivees de Saint-Domingue le 29 Septembre 1790, 
a I'adresse de I'Assemblee Generale de la partie fran^oise de Saint- 
Domingue a Paris. Copie de la Lettre d'envoi de la Municipa- 
lite de Saint-Marc, lieu ordinaire des seances de L'Assemblee 
Generale ... [^Paris. 1790.] 8vo, pp. (2), 17. H. 75102 

Description des Debouquements qui sont au Nord de I'lsle de 
Saint Dominique. Paris. 1768. 410. 34 Maps. 75^03 


Detail sur la navigation aiix cotes de Saint- Domingue. See 
[Chastenet de Puysegur (A. H. A.)], Vol, in., No. 12235. 

Discours fait a I'Assemblee Nationale, le 3 Novembre 1791, 
par MM. les Commissaires de I'Assemblee Generale de la partie 
Fran^oise de Saint-Domingue. ... Paris: De r Imprimerie Na- 
tionale. 179 1. 8vo, pp. (2), 30. H. 75104 

Discours prononce a I'Assemblee Nationale, le 2 octobre 1790, 
au nom de TAssemblee generale de la partie fran^oise de Saint- 
Domingue. [Colophon: Paris :^ De rimprimerie de Didot Fils 
atne^rue Pavee. [1790.] 8vo, pp. 34. H., P. 75105 

Discours prononce a I'Assemblee Nationale par les deputes de 
I'Assemblee provinciale de la partie du nord de Saint-Domingue, 
le 25 novembre 1790. Imprime par ordre de I'Assemblee Na- 
tionale. J Paris, de rimprimerie Nationale. 1790. 8vo, pp. (2), 
10. H. 75106 

Discours prononce par le Ministre de la Marine a I'Assemblee 
Nationale, Le 19 Decembre 1791, sur I'etat actuel de la colonie 
de Saint-Domingue. Imprime par ordre de I'Assemblee Na- 
tionale. \^Paris : De I* Imprimerie Nationale. 1 79 1.?] 8vo, pp. 19. 

The Dominican Republic. See Britannicus, pseudon.. Vol. ii.. 
No. 8075. 

Droit de Souverainete de France sur St. -Domingue. Paris. 
1821. 8vo, pp. 56. 75108 

Eclaircissements sur la Demande de Messieurs les Deputes de 
Saint-Domingue. [n. p.] 1789. 8vo, pp. 36. j.c.b. 75109 

Essai sur THistoire Naturelle de ... Saint-Domingue. See 
[Nicolson (P.)], Vol. xiii., No. 55259. 

Etat des finances de Saint-Domingue [depuis Ic i^r Janvier 
1788 jusqu'au 31 decembre de la meme annee]. ... Paris, Impri- 
merie Royale. 1790. 4to, pp. (6), 48. 13 Tables. 75^ 'O 

By M. Barbe de Marbois. For another edition see Vol. i., No. 3305. 

Examen du Rapport fait par M. Barnave a TAssemblce 
nationale, sur I'afFaire de Saint-Domingue. Rapport imprime 
dans le Moniteur, seul ecrit public oii il ait paru. Paris: Lejay 
fils, 1790. 8vo, pp. 134. J.C.B. 751 II 

See also [Millet (Th.)J, Nouvel Examen, Vol. xii., No. 49083. 


Extrait des deliberations de la Chambre d'Agriculture du Cap. 
Du 2 Septembre 1765. [n. p. 1765.] 4to, pp. 12. 75^ 12 

Extrait des deliberations de la paroisse du Fond-des-Negres. 
[Port-au-Prince. 1790.] l2mo. 75' '3 

Relates to the proceedings of tlie General Assembly sitting at Saint-Marc. 

... Extrait des Pieces deposees aux Archives de rAssemblee 
generale de la Partie Fran^oise de Saint-Domingue. \^Paris : de 
r Imprimerie de Demonville. I 79O.] 8vo, pp. 5. h. 75 1 14 

Extrait des Registres des deliberations de I'Assemblee provin- 
ciale du Sud de Saint-Domingue, et de sa seance du 16 mai 1790. 
[^Paris : Baudou'ui. 1790.?] 8vo, pp. 2. 751^5 

Signed, "Collet." 

Extrait des registres de TAsseaiblee provinciale ... de I'ouest. 

Port-au-Prince. [1792.] 8vo. 75' '6 

Containing a vote of thanks to M. Roume, who had been superseded by the new 
commissioners from France. 

Extrait des registres des deliberations de TAssemblee provin- 
ciale du Sud et de la seance du i':'' Mai 1790. Port-au-Prince. 
[1790.] Svo. 751 17 

Comprising a report in reply to the resolutions of the parishes of Anse-a-Veau and 

Extrait du Proces-Verbal de TAssemblee des Citoyens-libres et 
proprietaires de couleur des isles et Colonies Francoises, constitute 
sous le titre de Colons Americains. \Paris? 1789.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

Signed, " de Joly." 

Extrait du rcgistre des deliberations du Comite colonial de 
Saint Domingue, scant a Paris: du 21 mars 1789. \J^aris. 1789.] 
8vo, pp. 32. 751 19 

Extrait du Registre des deliberations de la deputation de Saint- 
Domingue. Quatre vingt-unieme Seance extraordinaire du 5 
Fevrier 1790. [Colophon :] A Paris^ de V Imprimerie de Clousier^ 
Imprimeur du Roi^ rue de Sorbonne. I 790. 8vo, pp. 14. 75 1 20 

Faction Anglaise, ses projets. Adresse a la Convention Na- 
tionale. \_Paris. 179-.^] 8vo, pp. 15. 75'2I 

Faits et Idees sur Saint-Domingue, relativement a la revolu- 
tion aciuelle. Paris. 1789. 4to, pp. 40. 75122 


Falts relatifs aux troubles de Saint-Domingue. See [Bore], 
Vol. II., No. 6423. 

Gazette de Saint-Domingue. [i^r fevrier-8 aout, 1764.] Le 
Cap : Imprimerie Royale. 1 764. 28 numbers, 4to. 75^23 

For the continuation, see "Avis divers," and " Affiches Americaines," Nos. 75073, 
75044, supra. 

Gazette de Saint-Domingue, politique, civile, economique et 
litteraire, et Affiches americaines. I'^r annee, ler ianvier-4 juin 
1791. \^Port-au-Prince.'\ 1791. 43 numbers, 4to. 75^24 

Gazette du jour. See Moniteur colonial, infra. 

Gazette officielle de Saint-Domingue. [4 messidor an X-17 
flor. an XI. Port-au-Prince ? 1 801-1802.] 83 numbers, folio. 

Geographical Sketch of St. Domingo. See [Clark (B. C)], 
Vol. IV., No. 13252. 

Grand Debat entre DufFay et Consorts, Polverel et Sonthonax, 
les Egorgeurs et les Bruleurs de Saint-Domingue. \^Paris? 179-?] 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 75126 

Haiti, ou Renseignements authentiques. See [Macaulay (Z.)], 
Vol. X., No. 42952. 

L*Haitiade, poeme epique en huit chants; par un Philanthrope 
Europeen. Nouvelle edition, precedee d'un avertissement, d'unc 
notice historique, et suivie de notes explicatives, par Gragnon- 
Lacoste, de I'Academie de Bordeaux. Paris: Durand et Pedone- 
Lauriel. 1878. i2mo, pp. xviii, 209. l^^'^l 

Some copies were printed on papier t'cge^ in octavo, with tlie addition of a poitr.iit 
of Toussaint-Louverture. 

Histoire de la Catastrophe de Saint-Domingue. See Bonvet de 
Cresse (A. J. B.), Vol. 11., No. 6978. 

Histoire de Tile de Saint-Domingue. 1819. iSVf [Basket (*S/V 
J.)], Vol. I., No. 3885. 

Barbier attributes it to Charles Malo. 

Histoire de St. Domingue, Republique d'Hai'ti, dcpuis sa De- 
couverte jusqu'a ce jour. Paris. 1842. i8mo. 75 '28 

Histoire | des desastres | de Saint-Domingue, | precedee | d'un 
tableau du regime et des progres de cette colonic, | depuis sa fon- 
dalion, jusqu'a I'epoque de la Revolution | fran^aise ; avec carte. | 


... I y/ Paris^ \ Chez Garmry, Libraire^ rue %erpente. \ No. 17. \An 
///(i795).| 8vo, pp. xii, 388. Folded Map. B. 75129 

According to Barbier this work was written by Michel fitienne Descourtilz. It has 
also been attributed to Barbe-Marbois. See note to No. 3312,, Vol. 1. 

Histoire des desastres de Saint-Domingue. Ouvrage ou Ton 
expose les causes de ces eveiiemens ; les moyens employes pour 
renverser cette Colonie, les reproches faits a ses Habitans, et les 
calomnies dont on les a couvci ts ; enfin, des faits et des veritps, 
qui justifiant ces Colons, sont encore propres a fixer le Gouverpe- 
ment sur les moyens de faire refleurir la culture dans cette Isle 
infortunee. Par F. C***., un de ses precedens Colons. ... Bor- 
deaux : Obex Pell'ier-Lawalle^ Imprimeur-Librairt. An X(l8o2). 
8vo, pp. xlii, 306. H. 75130 

By Felix Carteaux. Improved title of No. 11 108, Vol. in. 

Historical Sketches of the Revolution, the Poreign and Civil 
Wars in San Domingo. New York. 1840. i2mo, pp. 70. 

An Historick Recital, of the Different Occurrences in the 
Camps of Grand-Riviere, Dondon, Sainte-Suzanne, and others, 
from the 26th of October, 1791, to the 24th of December, of 
the same year. By Mr. Gross, Attorney Syndic of V^aliere, 
taken Prisoner by Johnny. Baltimore. 1792. i2mo. 75132 

History of the Island of St. Domingo, from its first Discovery 
by Columbus to the Present Period. London : Printed [by S. Cur- 
tis^ for Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh ; and Rest Fenner.^ 
London. 181 8. 8vo, pp. xiv, 446. Folded Table, b., ba. -f 
London.^ Printed 1 818; New York: Reprinted by Mahlon Day. 
1824. 8vo, pp. viii, 266. B. 75133 

The authorship has been attributed to Sir James Basket. Improved title of" No. 
3884, Vol. I. For a French version %ee Vol. i., No. 3885. 

Indemnite en faveur des Colons de Saint-Domingue : Rapport 
et resume faits a la Chambre des Pairs, par le baron Mounier. 
[n. p.] 1826. 8vo, pp. 43. 75134 

An I Inquiry I into the Causes |of the | Insurrection of the Ne- 
groes I in the Island | of | St. Domingo. | To which are added, | 
Observations I of I M. Garran-Coulon | on the Same Subject, | read 
in his Absence by | M. Gaudet, | before the National Assembly, | 
29th Feb. 1792. I London: \ Printed and sold by J. Johnson.^ St. 
Paurs\ Church Yard, \ mdccxcii. | 8vo, pp. (4), 39. b., ba., h. 


-\- London : Printed: Philadelphia: Re-printed and Sold by 'Joseph 
Crukshank ... 1792. 8vo, pp. (4), 39. 75135 

&tf "Monthly Review," viii. 219. 

Les Interets fran^ais et europeens a Santo-Domingo. Paris : 
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Cap-Fran^ais : Marie. 1765-66. i2mo, pp. 349, (8). c, s. 

Journal des Colonies de St. Domingue. Paris. 1791. 8vo. 

Journal general de Saint-Domingue. \_Port-au-Prince ?^ 16 oct. 
lygo-ib aout i-jg I. 4to. 75139 

The Lesson of St. Domingo. See [Wright (Elizur)]. 

Lettre de TAssemblee generale de la Partie Fran^oise de Saint- 
Domingue a I'Assemblee nationale. [Colophon :] Paris: de I* Imp, 
de Demonville. 1790. 8vo, pp. 7. H. 75 140 

See also Vol, x., No. 40669. 

Lettre de TAssemblee provinciale permanente du Nord de Saint 
Domingue, a M. le gouverneur general, et Arrete de la dite As- 
semblee pour la dissolution de I'Assemblee de Saint-Marc. Port- 
au-Prince : Mozard. 1790. 8vo, pp. 12. 75*4' 

Lettre de MM. de la Municipalite de Brest. See Vol. x., No. 

Lettre des citoyens de couleur a M. le president de I'assemblee 
nationale. Du premier aout 1790. [P^r/V, de Vlmprimerie du 
Patriate Francois. 1790?] 8vo, pp. 3. 75142 

Lettre des Commissaires de la Colonie de Saint Domingue, au 
Roi. Paris., Clousier. 1788. 8vo, pp. 8. 75^43 

See alio Vol. x., No. 40676. 

Lettre des Deputes de la province du nord de Saint-Domingue 
a messieurs les citoyens des districts du Port-au-Prince ; imprimee 
par ordre de I'assemblee nationale. Seance du 13 Octobre 1790. 
\Paris^ de V Imprimerie nationale. 1 790.?] , 8vo, pp. 6. 75 H4 

Lettre des deputes de Saint-Domingue a leurs commettans, 
interceptee par un mulatre, communiquee sous le secret, a M. le 
comte de Mirabeau, et denoncee par cet honorable collegue, en 
date du 12 aout 1789. [n. p. Mars 1790.] 8vo, pp. 8. 75145 


Lettre des deputes de Saint-Domingue au Roi, pour etre remise 
a Sa Majeste au Conseil d'Etat. [n. p. tnars 1790.] 8vo, pp. 10. 

Lettre des membres de Tassemblee generale de Saint-Domingue, 
arrives a Paris jusqu'a ce jour, a rAssemblec Nationale. \^Paris. 
1790.] 8vo, pp. 3. H. 75147 

Lettre des membres de Tassemblee pro\ inciale du nord de Saint- 
Domingue, a I'assemblee nationale. Imprimee par ordre de I'as- 
semblee nationale. \_Paris^ de F Imprinierie nationale. 1790?] 8vo, 
PP- 3- 75148 

Lettre du Comite colonial de France au Comite colonial de 
Saint-Domingue ; contenant le Journal historique de toutes les 
Assemblies, Deliberations, Demarches et Operations de la Com- 
pagnie nommee par les colons residans a Paris ; d'apres les pou- 
voirs de ceux residans dans la Colonie, depuis le 15 juillet 1788, 
epoque de la nomination de la Commission jusqu'a ce jour, redige 
et mis en ordre par le marquis de Gouy d'Argy, approuve et signe 
par les commissaires, du 15 juillet au 15 septembre 1788. [Paris. 
1788.] 8vo, pp. 135. s. 75149 

Improved title of No. 28153, Vol. vii. 

Lettre ecrite a M. le Comte de Peynier, general de St. Do- 
mingue, par I'assemblee provinciale de la partie du nord. [n. p. 
1790.?] i2mo, pp. 8. 75150 

Lettre ecrite de New-York par les deputes de Saint Domingue 
a leurs commettants. \^Paris : De V Imprimerie Nationale. 1793.] 
8vo, pp. 20. 75 15 1 

Lettre et Declaration des Deputes de Saint-Domingue a I'As- 
semblee Nationale; adressee a leurs Commettans. \^Paris. 1790.] 
8vo, pp. 7. H. 75152 

Lettres Patentes du roi, concernant la vente des biens des 
Jesuites a Saint-Domingue, le recouvrement & la distribution des 
derniers en provenans. Donnees a Fontaineblcau Ic vingt-sept 
Octobre 1764. \Parii : Simon. 1765.] 4to, pp. 6. 75^53 

Signed, " Dufranc." 

Lettres Patentes | en Forme d'Edit, | Portant Revocation de la 
Compagnie de| Saint Domingue. | A Paris au mois d'Avril 1720. | 
Registre en Parlement. | [Colophon:] A Paris., De r Imprimerie 
Royale. 1720. | 4to, pp. 4. a. 75154 

Corrected title of" No. 40718, Vol. .v. See alio Vol. x., No. 40713. 


Lettres-patentes portant revocation de la concession qui avoit 
ete accordee a la Compagnie de St.-Domingue. [^Paris. 1720.] 
4to, pp. 4. 75155 

See a/so Vol. x., No. 40719. 

Ley sobre aranceles de importacion y exportacion. Santo Do- 
mingo. 1855. 8vo, pp. 48. 75156 

Ley sobre el comercio maritimo. Santo Domingo. 1855. 8vo, 
pp.24. 75157 

Life in Santo Domingo, by an actual Settler ; with an intro- 
duction by Richard B. Kimball. Neiu York: Geo. IV. Carleton^ 
Co. 1873. i2mo, pp. 308. 75158 

Loi relative a I'envoi dans la colonic de Saint-Domingue de 
trois commissaires civils, pour y maintenir I'ordre & la tranquillite 
publiques ; et de deux autres commissaires civils dans la colonic 
de Cayenne & de la Guyanne Fran^oisc. Donnee a Paris, le 1 1 
Fevrier 1791. \^Laon : Courtois. 1791?] 4to, pp. 4. 75^59 

Memoire adresse par Ics ministres du roi, a I'assemblee nationale, 
le 27 octobre 1789. [P^m, de V Imprimerie royale. 1789.] 4to, 
pp.4. 75160 

Memoire Historique des Dernieres Revolutions des Provinces 
de I'Ouest et du Sud de la Partie Fran^oise de Saint-Domingue. 
Public par Ics Commissaires des Citoyens de Couleur de Saint 
Marc et de plusicurs Paroisscs de la Colonic, aupres dc I'Assem- 
blee Nationale et du Roi. .. Paris : De V Imprimerie du Patriote 
Francois. 1792. 8vo, pp. 114. H. 75161 

Also : Suite au Memoire Historique des dernieres revolutions des provinces de I'ouest 
et du sud de la partie fran<joise de Saint-Domingue. Public par les Commissaires des 
Citoyens de Couleur de Saint-Marc et de plusleurs Paroisses de la Colonie, aupres de 
I'Assemblee Nationale et du Roi. ...A Parisy de rim[>rimerie du Patriate Francois, place 
du Theatre Italien. Juin 1 792, Van 4'"'' de la Lihcrt'e. 8vo, pp. 23. p. 

Memoire pour le sieur dc Noaillcs, grand Prevot et inspectcur 
general des marechaussecs de Saint-Domingue. Contre dame 
Marie- Anne Godefroy, veuve du sieur Du Vivier-Bourgogne, le 
sieur Robert d'Argoult^ marechal des camps ct armees du roi, 
commandant a St-Dominguc, et dame Charlotte des Cossas son 
epousc, fille du premier lit de la dame Bourgogne. Paris. [1770.?] 
4to, pp. 107. Plan. 75162 

"Rclatifa la possession d'une concession, au lieu nomme la Marc du Cayman." — 
Dufosse's Catalogue (1887), No. 25775. 



Memoire pour les citoyens Veineuil, Baillio jeune, Fournier et 
Gervais, deportcs de Saint-Domingue. C'ontre Lcger-Felicite 
Sonthonax, Commissaire-Civil, envove a Saint-Dominguc, pour y 
retablir I'ordre et la paix. [Paris: Chez B. Guilhemat. 1794.] 
8vo, pp. 32. H. 75163 

Signed Baillio Taine. Improved title of No. 2765, Vol. i. 

Memoire sur rimportance, pour la Colonic de St. Domingue, 
d'avoir des Representans a TAssemblee dcs Etats-Gencraux, & 
sur la forme la plus legale de proceder a I'election de ses Deputes. 
[Colophon :] A Paris^ Chez Ckus'ier^ Jynpr'nneur du Ro'i^ rue de Sor- 
bonne 1788. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 75164 

Memoire sur les Colonies Occidentales. 18 14. 6"^^ M*** {le 
Comte de)^ Vol. x., No. 42905. 

Moniteur colonial. Impr'mi'e an Cap- Francois. 24 oct. 1790- 
^ sept. 1791. 311 numbers, folio. 75^^5 

The riist twenty-seven numbers bear the title: "Gazette du jour." 

Moniteur general de la partie fran^^aisc de Saint-Domingue. 
[15 nov. 1791-20 juin 1793. Port-au-Prince ?^^ 1791-1793. 
4 vols., folio. 75166 

Notice Historique, sur les desastres de St. Domingue, pendant 
Tan XI et I'an xii. Par un Officier franyais, detenu par Dessa- 
lines. ... A Paris^ Chez Pillot^ jeune. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. (2), 56. 

Nouvel avis aux colons de Saint-Domingue sur le paicment de 
I'indemnite. [Paris?^ 1^36. 8v(), pp. 117. 75^^^ 

Nouvelle de Saint Domingue. AV^ Vol. xiii.. No. 56065. 

Nouvelles considerations sur Saint-Dt)mingue. See B[uisson] 
(M. Du , Vol. III., No. 9082. 

Nouvelles de Saint-Domingue. [n. p.] Mars 1790. 8\o. 

N(Hivelles de Saint-Domingue. Paris. 1790-1791. 27 num- 
bers, 4to. 75 1 70 

Nouvelles Officielles. See Wo\. xiii.. No. 56096. 

Observations a la Convention nationale, sur le memoire justi- 
licatif qui lui a ete presente par Joscph-Paul-Augustin Cambeforr, 
colonel au regiment du Caj). [Pans. 1793.) 8\(), pp. 16. 

A review of No. 10(03, '^''^'- "'^- 


Observations sur la carte de I'lsle de Saint-Domingue, et de 
ses debouquements, drcssee au Depot des Plans de la Marine pour 
le service des vaisseaux du Roy. Par ordonnance de M. Rouille 
secretaire d'Etat, ayant le Departement de la Marine. \_Pans F 
1750.] 4to, pp. 8. 75172 

Observations sur le rapport et projet de decret presentes par le 
citoyen Dornier, relativement aux lettres de change tirees par 
Tadministrateur des finances de la republique. \_Paris. 179-?] 
8vo, pp. 8. 75173 

Opinion de M. Roussillon, depute de Toulouse ; prononcee a 
Tassemblee nationale a la seance du samedi 25 septembre 1791, 
sur I'afFaire des colonies. Imprimee par ordre de I'assemblee 
nationale. [^Paris^ de V Imprhnerie nationale. 1791 ?] 8vo, pp. 8. 

Ordonnance du Roi, concernant les Etats-majors de I'lsle de 
St.-Domingue. Du 20 Decembre 1783. [Paris. 1783.] 4to, 
PP- 3- 75175 

A Particular Account. See Vol. xiv., No. 58932, and add -f 
Foufth Edition. London, [n. d.] 8vo. 

Petition a I'Assemblee nationale, par les Proprietaires de Saint- 
Domingue, residans a Paris. Du 9 Decembre 1791. Imprimee 
par ordre de I'assemblee nationale. [P^r/V, de V hnpriinerie natio- 
nale. 1791?] 8vo, pp. 3. IS^l^ 

Pieces a I'Appui, des Eclaircissemens sur les troubles survenus 
dans le Departement du Sud de Saint-Domingue, en P^ructidor 
an 4 (Aout 1796 V. s.). [n. p. 179-?] 8vo, pp. 80. h. 75177 

Precis analytique des pieces fournies au comite colonial par les 
commissaires de Saint-Domingue, Page ct Brulley, contre les 
deportes de cette colonie. [n. p. 1793.''] 8vo, pp. 16. 75178 

See alio Vol. xv., No. 65022. 

Precis remis par les Deputes de Saint-Domingue aux six Com- 
missaires du Comite d'Agriculture ct de Commerce, charges de 
rendre compte a I'Assemblee Nationale de I'affaire relative a I'ap- 
provissionnement de cette Isle. [Colophon :] A Versailles.^ che% 
Baudouin.^ Impriffieur de r Assemblee Nationale. [i "89 ?] 8vo, pp. 4. 

Improved title of No. 65032, Vol. xv. 

Proces-Verbaux des Seances, et Journal des Debats de I'As- 
semblee Coloniale de Saint Domingue. 3 Novembre-30 Decem- 
bre 1 79 1. [Followed by:] La Sentinelle du Peuple ou Journal 


des Seances et Proces-\^crbaux ... i Janviei~5 Fevrier 1792. 
[Followed bv:] Journal Politique de Saint-Dominguc. 6 Fevrier- 
27 Mai 1792. Cap-Fra?i^ais. 1791-92. 410, pp. 305-1138. 

These consist of Nos. 71-269 of Tome n. of " Proces-Veibaux des Seances ... de 
I'Assemblee Coloniale de St. Domingue." Title and description from the catalogue of 
the library of Buwdoin college. 

Quelques eclaircissemens sur les troubles survcnus dans le 
departement du Sud de Saint-Domingue, en PVuctidor an 4"ie 
(aout 1796, vieux style). Homhourg^ P. F. Fauche, 1797. 8vo, 
pp. (6), 95, 80. 75181 

By Armand Gaterau. '* Quoiquc portant la rubrique Ham.bourg, ce volume a ete 
imprime a Philadelphie. L'auteur a signe : Mandar-Argeant, anagramme de son nom." 
— Leclerc. The same author also published : Reponse aux libclles seditieux publics a 
Philadelphie contre les Hommes de couleur de Saint-Domingue. ... PbHaJelpbie. 1796. 
8vo, pp. 138. Issued in three numbers, for June, July, and September. 

Quels sont les coupables dans TafFaire de Saint-Domingue .? 
Reflexions sur les Debats, entre les Accusateurs & les Accuses, 
ordonnes par Decret de la Convention nationale, du 4 Pluviose 
dernier, par Creuze-Paschal, Representant du Peuple, Depute du 
departement de la Vienne. [n. p. 1795.]. 8vo, pp. 18. 75182 

Signed "Creuze-Pasclial, Depute du Departement de la Vienne." 

Rapport fait sur la resolution qui autorise renvoi d'agens a Saint- 
Domingue. Seance du 5 Messidor an 5. Paris : De I' hnprimerie 
Nationale. [1797.] 8vo, pp. 7. . 75^83 

By Barbe-Marbois. 

Rapport [par Barnave] sur les affaires de Saint Domingue fait a 
TAssemblcc nationale, au nom du Comite des colonics, octobre 
1790. Paris : Baudoin. 1790. 8vo, pp. 103. 75 ^ ^4 

Sic also Vol. 1., No. 3494. 

Real Compania de Comercio. 1755. •S'^'^' Vol. xvi.. No. 68236, 
and add : -| [Another edition.] Barcelona. [17 — .?] 8vo. 

Reflexions sur la colonic dc Saint Domingue. See [Barbe- 
Marbois], Vol. I., No. 3312. 

Reflexions sur le dcspt^tismc qu'cxerccnt a Saint-Dominguc les 
commissaires nationaux civils Polvcrel ct Sonthonax. Dcnoncia- 
tion de ces memcs commissaires par le citoyen Sans-Reproche, 
homme de couleur, aff^ranchi du citovcn Page, homme blanc ct 
commissaire de Saint-Dominguc. \_Paris? 179-.?] 8\'o, pp. 24. 

Reincorporation de Santo Domingo a Espafia. [n. p. 186-?] 
Sm. 4to, pp. 32. 75186 


Relation ;iuthentiqiie dc tout cc qui s'cst passe a Saint Do- 
minguc a\ant ct apres le ilcpart force de rAssemblce coloniale, 
composee dc 85 membres, sur Ic vaisseau de guerre le Leopard. 
Avcc la correspondance des sieurs de Pe\ nicr, Coutard et autres. 
\_P(jns. 1790.] 8vo, pp. 74. 75187 

See also SantD-Domingo (M. df). 

Relation du tremblement de tcrrc dc I'lsle de St.-Domingue, 
arrive le trois Juin mil sept cent soixante-dix. Orleans. 17 70. 
4to, pp. 4- 75188 

For another edition see Vol. xvi., No. 69283. 

Reponse de I'Assemblee provinciale du nord de Saint-Domingue 
a la lettre du directoire du Departement de la Gironde. \^Cap- 
Frau^ah^ de Vhnpr'imenc Jiat'wuale. I 79 1.''] 8\'o, pp. 15. 75189 

Reponse succinte des deputes de St. Domiiigue. Versailles. 
1789. 8vo. 75190 

... Report of the Commission of Inquiry to Santo Domingo, 
with the Introductory Message of the President ; Special Reports 
made to the Commission, State Papers furnished by the J)omini- 
can Government, and the Statements of over seventy witnesses. 
Commissioners: B. F. Wade, President; A. D. White, S. G. 
Howe; A. A. Burton, Secretary; F. Douglass, Assistant Secre- 
tary.. IVashington. 187 1. 8vo, pp. 298. Map. 75^9^ 

... Report of the Secretary of State in regard to San Domingo, 
transmitted to the Senate, January 16, 187 i. IVashington. 187 i. 
8vo. Map of St. Domingo. 75^92 

... St. Domingo. (Compiled chiefly, from recent publications.) 
[^Published by R. G. IVilliams.^ Neiu Tork.^ for the American Anti- 
Slavery Society. 1837?] 24mo, pp. 24. B. 75193 

The St. Domingo Ouestion. An American Policy, [n. p. 
1870.] Sm. 4to, pp. 3-10. H. 75194 

Saint Domingue, ou histoire de ses revolutions, contenant le 
recit effro}able des divisions, des troubles, des ravages, des meur- 
tres, des incendies, des devastations et des massacres qui eurent 
lieu dans cette lie, depuis 1789 jusqu'a la perte dc la colonic. 
Paris : Chez Tiger. [1820.] I 2rn(), pp. 108. Plate entitled "In- 
cendie du cap," etc. 75^95 

Saint-Domingue. Son histoire depuis 1789, jusqu'en 1794, 
traduite pour la premiere fois de I'anglais d'Edouard Bryand, 


tcmoin ciculairc, siir la dernicrc edition dc Loiidrcs. Pari:-. 1H12. 
8vo. 75 '9^ 

A translation from Bryan Edwards. Sec also Vol. vi., No. 21896. 

Saint-Edmk (B.), pseudon.^ [/'. c. Edmc Theodore Boiirg.] 
Dictionnairc do la pcnalite dans toiites Ics parties dii nioiule 
conuu ; 'I\ibleau historicjue, chronologicjuc et descriptit des Sup- 
plices, Tortures ou Questions ordinaires et extraordinaires, Tour- 
mens, Peines corporelles ou infamantes, Chatimens, Corrections, 
etc., ordonnes par les Lois, ou infliges par la cruautc ou le caprice, 
chez tous les peuples de la terre, tant anciens que modernes; aux- 
quels on a rattache les Faits les plus importans que I'histoire pre- 
sente en condamnations ou executions civiles, correctionnelles ou 
criniinelles ; par M. B. Saint-Edme. ... Paris: chez V Editeur ... 
Et chex Rousselon. 1824-28. 5 vols., 8\o, pp. 500 ; 475; 496; 
478; 676. 60 Plates. I.. 75197 

Saint Estienne (Charles de). Mcmoire. 1690. See Vol. 
XII., No. 47523- 

Saint Eustatius, Island of. Authentic Rebel Papers, | seized 
at I St. Eustatius, | 1781. | London: \ Printed for L. Lambert^ No. 
120, in the Strand; G. Kears/ey^ | in Fleet-Street ; J. Bowen^ No. 
40, New Bond-Street. \m.y^qca.\xxi.\ 4to, pp. (2), vi, 23. H. 

"The papers alluded to are chie% private Jetters and papers purporting to have been 
written in Virginia and in other colonies, and of little consecjuente. Tiie ' Monthly 
Review,' lxv. 38a, questions their genuineness." — Bartlett. 

Brieven gewisselt tusschen den Eng. Vice-Admirael Joung, den 
Heer Colpoys, kapitaine van een Engelse oorlogschip en den Hr. 
Jan de Graaf, gouverneur van St. Eustatius, ter verantwoording 
van den laatsten. Amsterdam. [1777.] 8vo, pp. 21. 75^99 

In relation to the assistance granf'd by the Dutch to an American man-of-war. 

Dispatches and other official documents (from the Resolutions 
of the States of Holland) on the troubles and other affairs of St. 
Eustatius in 1778. 4 parts, folio. 75200 

Title from F. Muller's catalogue (1872), No. 1658. 

An Explanation of the Case relating to the Capture of St. 
Eustatius; in which is included the several Commissions, appoint- 
ing the Agents to manage the Business of the Capture, Pointing 
out The most effectual Methods to the Captors to obtain Relief, 
and to secure to them what there is remaining of the captured 
Property. London : J. Stockdale. mdcclxxxvi. 8vo, pp. 17. R. 

See alio Vol. vi., No. 23415. 

28o SAINT George's church. 

Facts and Reasons in support of a Bill for a Special Commis- 
sion, respecting the captured property at St. Eustatius by Admiral 
Rodney ... . London. 1786. Folio. 75202 

i>€e also Vol. vi., No. 23637. 

Charter and By-laws of the St. P'lavien Mining and Smelt- 
ing Company of Canada. Boston: E. L. Alitchell^ Printer. 1864. 
8vo, pp. 26. B. 75203 

... Catalogue of the Officers and Students of St. Francis 
Xavier's College, New York City, for the Academic Year 
1857-58. New York: Thomas Holman^ Steam Printer. 1858. 
8vo, pp. 39, (i). Continued. B., H. 75204 

Saint-Genois (J. de). Les Voyageurs Beiges du treizieme 
au dix-septieme siecle. Par J. de Saint-Genois. Bruxelles : A. 
Jamar. [1846.] i2mo. 75205 

Saint-Genois. Les Voyageurs Beiges du dix-huitieme et du 
dix-neuvieme siecle. Par J. de Saint-Genois. Bruxelles: A. 
Jamar. [1847.] ^2mo. 752o6 

Saint George {Mrs. A.) A Sketch of the Life of the Illus- 
trious Washington, First President of the United States of Amer- 
ica. By Mrs. A. Saint George. New York. 1834. 8vo. 

[Saint George (Mary Edmond).] An Answer to Six Months 
in a Convent, exposing its Falsehoods and Manifold Absurdities. 
By the Lady Superior. With some Preliminary Remarks [by S. 
P. P. Fay]. Boston: J. H. Easthurn. 1835. 8vo, pp. xxxvii, 
(i), 66. B. -]- Second P^dition. \^lbid.'\ 1835. 8vo, pp. xxxvii, 
(i), 66. H. 75208 

6Vf aho Vol. XVI., Nos. 68578-68580. 

St. George's Church, New York City. Answer of a Com- 
mittee from the Congiegation of St. George's Church, Beekman 
St., to a Statement made by a Committee from the Vestry of St. 
George's Church, New York, to the Vestry of Trinity Church, 
in reference to certain Restrictions upon the Corporate Property 
of St. George's Church. Neiv-York : Casper C. Childs^ P/mter. 
1849. ^^'^> PP- 21, iv. 75209 

A Communication to the Rector, Church Wardens and Ves- 
trymen of " St. George's Church in the City of New York," by 
the Committee of the Congregation ... . New York: Casper C. 
Chi Ids ^ Printer. 1850. 8vo, pp. 18. H. 752 10 


Report of a Committee from "St. George's Church in the City 
of New York," in Bcekman Street. New-Tork: Casper C. Childs^ 
Printer. 1849. ^"^^t PP- 3'> Appendix vii, Postscript iii. h. 

Report to the Vestry of St. George's Church, N. Y., by its 
Delegates to the Diocesan Convention, on the Canons requiring 
Collections for certain Specified Objects ... and Action of the 
Vestry ... \_New Tork. 1869.] 8vo, pp. 13. H. 75212 

Statement made by a Committee of the Vestry of " St. 
George's Church, in the City of New York," to the Vestry or 
Trinity Church ... in reference to their Memorial to Trinity 
Church for the Removal of certain Restrictions from their Cor- 
porate Property. \_New Tork? 185-.?] 8vo, pp. 29. H. 75213 

A Brief History of St. George's Parish, Harford County, 
in the Diocese of Maryland : together with an Account of the 
Ceremony of the Laying of the Corner Stone of the new Church, 
on Thursday, September 18, a. d. 1851: to which is added. An 
Appendix, containing various matters of useful and interesting 
information. Printed by yohn D. Toy .^ Baltimore. [185 1.] l6mo, 
pp. 42. Plate. B. 75214 

By Rev. S. W, Crampton. Improved title of No. 45357, Vol. xi. 

Constitution of the St. George's Society, established in the 
City of New-York In 1786, For the Purpose of Relieving their 
Brethren in Distress : with a list of its officers and members, and 
its disbursements to 1853. New-Tork: Printed for the Members^ 
by Pudney l3 Russell. 1853. i2mo, pp. 62. + New Tork: Printed 
for the Members.^ by Charles Vinton. 1 86 1. I 2mo, pp. 62. 

An earlier edition was printed: Neiv Tork, 1843. i 2mo. Also: Annual Report of 
the St. George's Society of New York, for the year 1872. With a List of Officers and 
Members. Nenu Tork. 1873. 8vo, pp. 24. N. Continued. See alio '* Society of 
St. George." 

Saint-Hilaire (A. de). Aper^u d'un Vovage dans I'lnte- 
rieur du Bresil, la province Cisplatine et les Missions dites du 
Paraguay, par Aug. de Saint-Hilaire. Paris. 1822. 4to, pp. 80. 

This also forms the introduction to the " Histoire des Plantes, infra. 

Saint-Hilaire. Description des principales especes nouvelles 
de la Flore du Bresil .... [Paris. 1823.] 4to. 8 Plates. 

Saint-Hilaire. Flora BrasilicC Meridionalis, auctore Au- 
gust© de Saint-Hilaire, adjutoribus A. de Jussieu et J. Cambcs- 



sedes. Accedunt tabulae delineatae a Turpino, ^eriquc incisae. ... 
Parisiis^ Aug. Be/in. 1 825-1 834. 3 vols., 410. 192 Plates. 

Originally issued in twenty-four parts, each accompanied by eight plates. No. I 
appeared in 1824. The work was published in two styles: in quarto, with the plates 
uncolored, at 1 5 francs each part; and in folio, with the plates colored, at 60 francs 
each part. The first four numbers were prepared by Saint-Hilaire alone; the remainder 
in conjunction with MM. A. de Jussieu and Jacques Cambessedes. The French title- 
page is as follows : 

Saint-Hilaire. Flora Brasiliensis, ou Histoire et Descrip- 
tion de toutes les plantes qui croissent dans les difFerentes pro- 
vinces du Bresil ; par M. Auguste Saint-Hilaire, menibre de I'ln- 
stitut de France, professeur de botanique a la Faculte des Sciences. 
... Paris: Aug. Belin. 1825-1834. 3 vols., 4to. 192 Plates. 

Saint-Hilaire. Histoire des Plantes les plus remarquables 
du Bresil et du Paraguay. Par M. Auguste de St. Hilaire. 
Tome I. Parts : A. Belin. 1824. 4to. Plates. 75220 

Eight parts only were published. These appeared in two styles, at 40 francs and 75 
francs each part. The plan of the work was to fill two or three volumes. 

Saint-Hilaire. Memoire sur le systeme d*agriculture adopte 
par les Brasiliens, et les resultats qu'il a eus dans la province de 
Minas-Geraes. ... \_Paris. 1827.] 4to. 7522! 

Saint-Hilaire. Plantes usuelles des Bresiliens. Par MM. 
Auguste de Saint-Hilaire, Adrien de Jussieu et Jacques Cambes- 
sedes. Paris : Grimbert. 1 824-1828. 14 parts, 8 vo. 70 Plates 
in 4to. 75222 

No more published. The plan of the work was to comprise fifty parts. A part ot 
the edition was printed on large paper in quarto. 

Saint-Hilaire. Quadro das ultimas Revolucoes do Brasil 
... publicado em Paris. Rio de Janeiro. 1832. Sm. 4to, pp. 46. 

Saint-Hilaire. Revue de la Flore du Bresil meridional. 
Par MM. de Saint-Hilaire et Tulasne. \Paris. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 
56. 2 Plates. 75224 

Saint-Hilaire. Les Sources du Rio de S. Francisco en Bre- 
sil. Par M. Auguste de Saint-Hilaire. Paris. 1842. 8vo. 

Saint-Hilaire. Tableau de la vegetation primitive dans la 
province de Minas Geraes (Bresil). Par M. Auguste de Saint- 
Hilaire. Paris. 1 84 1. 4to, pp. 30. 75226 

Saint-Hilaire. Tableau des dernieres Revolutions du Bresil. 
Par M. Aug. de Saint-Hilaire. [Paris. 1831.J 8vo. 75227 

From the ** Revue des Deux-Mondes." 


Saint-Hilaire. Tableau general de la province de Saint- 
Paul. ... Paris. 1 85 1. 8vo, pp. 148. 75228 

Saint-Hilaire. Tableau monographique des plantes de la 
Flore du Bresil meridional appartenant au groupe qui comprend 
les Droscracces, les Violacces, les Cistinees et les Frankenicees. 
... [^Paris. 1825.] 4to. 6 Plates. 75^29 

Saint-Hilaire. Voyage dans les provinces de Rio de Janeiro 
et de Minas Geracs ; Par Auguste de Saint-Hilaire ... . Paris: 
Gimbert et Dorez^ Lihraires. 1830. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xvi, 458; 
vi, 478, (i). Portrait, folded Plate. b. 75230 

An account of the author's first expedition into Brazil. 

Saint-Hilaire. Voyage dans le District des Diamans, et sur 
le Littoral du Bresil, suivi de notes sur quelques plantes carac- 
teristiques, et d'un precis de I'histoire des Revolutions de TEmpire 
Bresilien, depuis le commencement du regne de Jean vi. jusqu'a 
Tabdication de Don Pedro. Par Auguste de St. Hilaire. ... Paris: 
Librairie-Gide. 1 833. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xx, 402, (l); (4), 456. 

An account of the second expedition, in continuation of the preceding work. 

Saint-Hilaire. Voyage aux sources du Rio de San Fran- 
cisco et dans la province de Goyaz. Par Auguste de Saint-Hi- 
laire ... . Paris: A. Bertrand. 1847-1848. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xv, 
380; 349, I leaf. 75232 

A narrative of the author's third voyage. 

Saint-Hilaire. Voyage dans I'interieur du Bresil. Par Au- 
guste de Saint-Hilaire ... Bruxelles. 1850. 2vols., i2mo. Plates. 

Saint-Hilaire. Voyage dans les Provinces de Saint-Paul et 
de Sainte-Cathcrine (quatrieme voyage au Bresil), par M. Auguste 
de Saint-Hilaire .... Paris : A. Bertrand, 1851. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. 
vi, 464; (4), 424. c. 75234 

Saint-Hilaire. Voyage a Rio-Grande do Sul (Bresil). Par 
Auguste de Saint-Hilaire ... . Orleans. 1887. Rl. 8vo, pp. viii, 
644. Portrait and Map. 75235 

This is the fifth voyage of the author, now for the first time published. 
Also: Memoire sur la serie lineaire des plantes- polypetales, et en particulier de celles 
qui font partie de la Flore Brasilienne ... [Paris. 1827.] 4to. — Memoire sur le genre 
Tozzia ... [Paris. 1827.] 4to. — Memoire sur une nouvelle famille des Vochisices 
... [Paris. 1820.] 4to. — Monographie des genres Sauvagesia et Lavradia ... [Parit. 
1824.] 4to. 5 Plates. — Observations sur I'inegalite des cotyledons dans Ic Sorocea, 
genre nouveau de la famille des Urticees, et description de ce genre ... [Paris. 1811.] 
4to. — Observations sur la famille des Rutacees, pour faire suite au premier Memoire lUT 

284 ST. JOHN. 

le Gynobase ... [Paris. 1823.] 4to. — Observations sur le genre appele Dufourea par 
MM. Willdenow et Bory de Saint-Vincent, et Tristicha pnr Dupetit-Tliouars Descrip- 
tion d'une nouvelle espece qui doit porter le nom d'Hypnoides ... [Paris. 1823.] 4to. 
— Observations sur le Sauvagesia, les Violacees et les Frankeniees ... [Parts. 18 17.] 
2 parts, 4to. 2 Plates. — Premier Memoire sur le Gynobase. Du Gynobase considere 
dans les Polypetales ... [Paris. 1823.] 4to. — Relation d'un empoisonnement cause 
par le miel de la guepe Lecheguana ... [Paris. 1825.] 4to, See also Du Petit-Thouars 
(A.), Vol, VI., No. 21354. 

Prospectus of Saint Ignatius' College with a Catalogue of 
the Students for the Scholastic Year i860— 6i, and the Distribu- 
tion of Premiums. San Francisco: Painter cff Co.., Printers. 1861. 
i2mo, pp. 15, (i). B. 75236 

Also : Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Saint Ignatius' College, S. I. San 
Francisco, Cal., for the Academic Year 1861-62. San Francisco: Painter & Co. Print- 
ers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 18. B. — Prospectus of Saint Ignatius College, S. I. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., with a Catalogue of Officers and Students for the Year 1862-63. ^^^° ^^^ 
Exercises of the Fourth Annual Commencement and the Distribution of Premiums. 
San Francisco: Painter & Co. Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 25. Continued, b. 

Register of the College of St. James, and the Grammar 
School; Washington County, Maryland. For ... 1848-49 — 60. 
College of St. 'James.^ Fountain Rock.^ Md. : "Jos. Robinson, i860. 
Svo. 75237 

[St. John (Henry), Viscount Bolingbroke.'] Letters, | on the | 
Spirit of Patriotism : | on the | Idea of a Patriot King : | and | on the 
State of Parties, | at the | Accession of King George the First. | 
London : \ Printed for A. Millar .^ opposite to Catherine-\ Street.^ in the 
.S/r^W. I MDCCXLix. I Sm. 8vo, pp. (2), v-xi, 9-251. ba., h., m. 
-f- Dublin : | Printed for "J. Smith., at the Philosophers | Heads on the 
Blind-^ay. \ mdccxlix. | i2mo, pp. 216. b. + London: \ Printed 
for J. Millar ... M DCC L. Sm. 8vo, pp. 199, 300-338, Adver- 
tisements (2), 24. B., H. 75238 

[St. John.] Letters | on the | Spirit of Patriotism : | On the) 
Idea of a Patriot King : | And | On the State of Parties, | At the 
Accession of | King George the First. | London Printed: \Philadel- 
phia Reprinted., and Sold by | B. Franklin and D. Hall., at the Post- \ 
Office., near the Market. MDCCXLlx. | 8vo, pp. 86, list of books 
I leaf. p. 75239 

Title from Hildeburn. 

[St. John.] Observations on the Publick Affairs of Great- 
Britain, with some Toughts [j/V] on the Treaty Concluded and 
Signed (on what Terms God Knows) at Seville in Spain, between 
his Catholick Majesty and the King of Great-Britain. In a Let- 
ter from W, Raleigh to Caleb D'Anvers, of Grays Inn, Esq; 

ST. JOHN. 285 

London : Printed for the Author^ and sold by the Booksellers and Pam- 
phletsellers of London and f Westminster. 1 729. 8vo, pp. 24. -f- 
The Second Edition. \_lbid.~\ 1729. 8vo, pp. 24. 75240 

Also: The Works of Lord Bolingbroke ... Published by David Mallet, Esq. ... 
London. 1754. 5 vols., 4to. -f London. 1808. 8 vols., 8vo. 4- Philadelphia. 1841. 
4 vols., 8vo. 

St. John (H. R.) A Life of Christopher Columbus. By 
Horace Roscoe St. John, London. 1850. Fcap 8vo. 75241 

St. John (ALs. H.) Audubon, the Naturahst of the New 
World. His Adventures and Discoveries. By Mrs. Horace St. 
John. London: Longman. 185.6. 1 2mo, pp. 180. -f Revised 
and corrected, with additions, and illustrated with engravings by 
J. W. Orr, from original designs. New York: Francis. 1856. 
i6mo, pp. xxiv, 311. Plates. -|- Boston: Crosby and Nichols. 
1863. i6mo, pp. xxiv, 311. 4 Plates. -\- \_Ibid.'\ 1864. i6mo, 
pp. xxiv, 311, 5 Plates. 75242 

St. John (J.) The Island of St. Marguerite, an Opera. By 
J. St. John. Dublin. 1789. l2mo. p. 75243 

St. John (J. Hector). See [Crevecoeur (J. Hector St. John 
de)]. Vol. v., Nos. 1 7494-1 7502. 

St. John (J. A.) Life of Sir Walter Raleigh. 1 552-1618. 
By James Augustus St. John. In Two Volumes. ... London: 
Chapman and Hall. 1868. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 331 ; iv, 356. 
B., BA. + New Edition in One Volume. \^Ibid.'] 1869. 8vo, 
pp. X, 481, (i). H. 75244 

Reviewed in the "Reliquary," viii. 245-246 j and in the "New Englander," Oct. 


St. John. The Lives of Celebrated Travellers. By James 
Augustus, St. John. ... In Three Volumes. ... London: Longman. 
1831-32. 3 vols., 8vo. 4- New York: Harper ^ Brothers. 1832. 
3 vols., l8mo, pp. (2), 9-319 ; (2), 338 ; (2), v-386. + [Ibid.^ 
1837. 3 vols., i2mo. -f [^Ibid.^ 1844-47. 3 vols., i2mo, pp. 
(2), 9-319 i (2), 33^ i (2), v-386. B., BA. 75245 

Contains lives of John Ledyard, A. de Ulloa, Volney, etc. 

St. John (J. R.) A True Description of the Lake Superior 
Country; its Rivers, Coasts, Bays, Harbours, Islands, and Com- 
merce. With Bayfield's Chart ; (Showing the Boundary Line as 
Established by Joint Commission.) Also a minute account of the 
Copper Mines and Working Companies. Accompanied by A 

286 ST. JOHN. 

Map of the Mineral Regions ; showing, by their No. and place, 
all the different locations : and containing a concise mode of 
assaying, treating, smelting, and refining copper ores. By John 
R. M. John. New York : William H. Graham^ Tribune Buildings. 
1846. i2mo, pp. (2), 118. 2 Maps. BA., c, L. 75246 

Contains a vocabulary of Chippewa Indian and French, with English definitions, pp. 

St. John (P. B.) Amy Moss ; or, the Banks of the Ohio. 
By Percy B. St. John. London, i860. 8vo. -|- New Edition. 
London, [i860.] 8vo. -f London. [1861.] 8vo. -f London. 
1863. 8vo. 75247 

St. John. The Arctic Crusoe A Tale of the Polar Seas By 
Percy B. St. John London. [1855.] Post 8vo, pp. 180. -|- Lon- 
don : 'Sampson Low Son & Co. New To7'k : Bangs Brother ^ Co. 
[1856.] Post 8vo, pp. vi, 197. Frontispiece, and 17 Plates of 
2 leaves each. ba. --|- Boston. 1866. i2mo. b. 75248 

St. John. The Backwood Rangers. By Percy B. St. John. 
London. 1865. 8vo. 75^49 

St. John. The Creole Bride. By Percy B. St. John. Lon- 
don. 1864. 8vo. - 75250 

St. John. The Enchanted Rock. By Percy B. St. John. 
London. 1846. i2mo. 7525 ^ 

St. John. The Indian Maiden. By Percy B. St. John. 
London. 1863. 8vo. 75252 

St. John. Indian Tales ; Keetsea, or, the Enchanted Rock ; 
The Trapper's Bride, etc., etc. By Percy B. St. John. London. 
[1863.] 8vo. 75253 

St. John. Keetsea; or, the Enchanted Rock. By Percy B. 
St. John. London. 1855. 8vo. 75254 

St. John. Mary Rock ; or. My Adventures in Texas. By 
Percy B. St. John. London. [1861.] 8vo. 75255 

St. John. Quadroona ; or, the Slave Mother. By Percy B. 
St. John. London. [1861.] 8vo. ' 7525^ 

St. John. The Red Queen ; a Tale of the Thousand Islands. 
By Percy B. St. John. London. [1863.] 8vo. 75257 

St. John. The Sailor Crusoe. By Percy B. St. John. Lon- 
don. 1864. 8vo. 75258 

ST. JOHN. 287 

St. John. The Sea of Ice; or, The Arctic Adventurers. By 
Percy B. St. John. Boston: Mayhew i^ Baker. 1859. i2mo. 

St. John. Snow Ship : the Adventures of Canadian Emi- 
grants. By Percy B. St. John. London: Bryce. 1865. Fcap 
8vo, pp. 320. 75260 

St. John. The Trapper's Bride -, a Tale of the Rocky 
Mountains. With the Rose of Wisconsin. By Percy B. St. 
John. London. 1846. i2mo. -f London. 1855. 8vo. 75261 

St. John. The Trapper's Bride and White Stone Canoe, 
&c. &c. By Percy B. St. John. London: Ward l^ Lock. 1854. 
Fcap 8vo, pp. 155. 75262 

St. John. The White Stone Canoe. By Percy B. St. John. 
London. 1846. l2mo. 75263 

St. John (P.) The | Death of Abel, | an Historical | or rather] 
Conjectural Poem ; | Relating many things which might | probably 
take place both before [and after that Barbarous Fra- 1 tricide. | By 
Peter St. John, | of Norwalk, in Connecticut. | Danbury., | Printed 
by Nathan Douglas., for the Author. \ M,DCC, xcni. | l2mo, pp. (4), 
13-186, "List of Subscribers" and "Errata" (2). 75264 

St. John. Poetical Relation of the Capture of the Congre- 
gation at Middlesex, Conn., (who were assembled for divine wor- 
ship, July 22, 1 78 1,) by a Party of the Enemy from Long Island: 
with an Account of their Sufferings, &c., while in Captivity. By 
Peter St. John. [n. p.] Printed for the juthor. [179-.^] i2mo. 

St. John (S. J.) Biographies of Sophia J. St. John and Wm. 
Henry St. John, Late of Bridgeport, Conn. Boston : Printed by 
John Wilson and Son. 1864. l2mo, pp. 19. 75266 

St. John (T. E.) Loyalty to the Government, and to God. 
A Discourse : given in the First Universalist Church, Worcester, 
Mass., on the occasion of the National Fast, April 30, 1863, by 
Rev. T. E. St. John. Worcester: Printed by Tyler dff Seagrave. 
[1863.] 8vo, pp. 14. H. 75267 

St. John. The Nation's Trial : a Discourse delivered in the 
Universalist Church at New Bedford, Mass., on Thanksgiving 
Day, November 21, 186 1. By Rev. T. E. St. John. Boston: 
J. E. Farwell ^ Co.., City Printers. 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 27. B. 


St. John (T. P.) Annus Mirabilis. A Poem delivered at 
the Forty-Sixth Anniversary of the Philolexian Society of Colum- 
bia College, by Thomas P. St. John. \_New York .•] Published for 
the Society. 1848. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 75269 

St. John (W. C.) Catechism of the History of Newfound- 
land, with an Introductory Chapter on the Discovery of America 
by the Ancient Scandinavians. Intended chiefly for the Use of 
Schools. By Wm. Chas. St. John. ... Revised Edition. Bos- 
ton: Press of George C. Rand. 1855. i2mo, pp. 72. b. 75270 

Saint John, New Brunswick. Almanack ... for 1829. St. 
John^ N. B. [1829.] i2mo. 75^71 

Articles of Faith and Covenant adopted by The First Congre- 
gational Church, in Saint John, New Brunswick, a. d., 1858. 
Organized a. d. 1844. Saint John., N. B.: Printed by George JV. 
Day. 1859. ^v^i PP- ^- "• 75272 

Avery's Business Directory for the City of Saint John. 1858 
\Saint John?'] Printed by William L. Avery. 1857. Sm. 8vo, pp. 
18, H. 75273 

Proceedings at Saint John, New Brunswick ... June 2, 1865. 
With Memorial Address by C. M. Ellis, Esq. ^Saint John? 
1865.] 8vo, pp. 65. 75274 

Relates to the death of" Abraham Lincoln. 

Report of the Committee on the Accounts of his Worship the 
Mayor, the Common Clerk, the Chamberlain, and the Chamber- 
lain, as Receiver for the Trustees of Corporation Properties, for 
the City of St. John, for the Year ending 31st December, 1850; 
also, of the Collector of Taxes, for the same Period ; with the 
Several Accounts in Detail. Published by Order of the Com- 
mon Council. Saint John : Printed by Henry Chubb and Company. 
[1851.] 8vo, pp. 72. B. 75275 

Reports on the Accounts of the Corporation of the City of 
Saint John, for the Year ending 31st December, 1863. With 
Sundry Accounts in Detail. Published by order of the Common 
Council. Saint John., N. 5., Printed by Barnes and Company. 
1864. 8vo, pp. (2), xxxi, 153. B. 75276 

Third Annual Report of the Saint John Young Men's 
Christian Association, for the Improvement of the Spiritual 

ST. John's college. 289 

and Mental Condition of Young Men. Including the Constitu- 
tion, By-Laws, Names of Officers, etc. Saint John^ N. B.: 
Printed by Barnes a?id Compatiy. 1858. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 75277 

St. John, Island of. A Description of the Island of St. John, 
in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, North America ; with a map of 
the Island, and a few cursory observations respecting the climate, 
natural productions and advantages of its situation, in regard to 
agriculture and commerce. By a person many years a resident 
there. London. [1798.''] 8vo. Map. j.c.B. 75278 

St. John-Land. A Retro-Prospectus. In Two Letters, sup- 
posed to be written some vears hence. New York: T. JVhittaker. 
1864. 8vo, pp. 62. IS'^19 

By William Augustus Muhlenberg. Another edition as follows : 

St. Johnland : Part i. A Retro-Prospectus. In Two Imag- 
inary Letters, supposed to be written Several Years hence. [Fol- 
lowed by:] Part 11. St. Johnland as it is. \_New York. 1867.] 
8vo, pp.^(4), 7-54- B. 75280 

By Rev. W. A. Muhlenberg. The original date of the first part of this pamphlet 
is December, 18645 of the second part, March, 1867. Improved title of No. 51255, 
Vol. XII., "which see for a note. 

Saint Johns, Newfoundland. Correspondence in reference to 
the Relief of the Sufferers at St. Johns by the Fire in 1846. [n. 
p..?] 1851. Rl. 8vo. 75281 

A Report of certain Proceedings of the Inhabitants of the 
town of Saint Johns, in the Island of Newfoundland. With a 
View to obtain a Reform of the Laws, more particularly in the 
mode of their administration ; and an Independent Legislature. 
Saint 'Johns. 1821. 8vo, pp. Si, vi. 75282 

Statement of some of the Advantages attendant upon making 
St. John's, Newfoundland, a Port of Call for Transatlantic 
Steamers. London: M. Lownds^ Printer. 1856. 8vo, pp. 12. 
Map. 75283 

St. John's College, Annapolis^ Md. An Account of the 
... Laying the Corner-Stone of the New Building, at St. John's 
College, performed by theT^on. John Stephen, ... with an Ad- 
dress ... by John Johnson, Esq. ... June i8th, 1835; With a 
Historical Notice of the Institution. Annapolis. 1835. 8vo, pp. 
41? 75284 


An I Address | of the | Visitors and Governors | of | St. John's 
College, I to the | Senate of Maryland. | Baltimore: \ Printed by John 
Hayes^ South-Street. \M.DCC.y.ciy.\ 8vo, pp. (2), 22. b. 75285 

Annual Catalogue of St. John's College, at Annapolis, Mary- 
land, for the Academic Year 1869-70; and Prospectus of Studies 
for the Academic Year 1870-71. Printed for the College. Bal- 
timore: IVilliam K. Boyle's Steam Press. 1870. 8vo, pp. 20. Plate. 

Catalogue of Books belonging to the Library of St. John's 
College, Annapolis, Md. [^Annapolis ?~\ Riley ^ Davis.^ Printers. 
1847. 8vo, pp. 36, (2). H. 75287 

Register of St. John's College. [Jnnapolis : R. F. Bonsall^ 
Printer^ MDCCCLlil. 8vo, pp. 22, lO. H. 75288 

Some Account of the Commencement of St. John's College, 
Annapolis, and the Attendant Exercises, February 23d, 1852, 
with a List of the Graduates. Baltimore: Printed by Sands i^ 
Mills. 1852. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 75289 

Triennial Catalogue of St. John's College [Annapolis]. Ses- 
sion of 1858-59. \^AnnapoUs :'\ Robert F. Bonsall.^ Printer. 1858. 
8vo, pp. 43. H. 75290 

St. John's College, Fordham.^ N. T. A Catalogue of the 
Officers and Students of St. John's College [Fordham], for the 
Academical Year 1849-50. New-Tork : Edward Dunigan ^ 
Brother. MDCCCL. i2mo, pp. 24. H. 75291 

Also : A. M. D. G. St. John's College, Fordham. A Catalogue of the Officers and 
Students of St. John's College, Fordham, New York, for the Academic Year 1857-58. 
Neiv York: Baker (^ Godiviriy Printers. 1858. 8vo, pp. 37. Continued, h. 

St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The Second Congregational Church 
in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Published by Request of the Church. 
Concord., N. H. : Printed by Asa McFarland. May., mdcccxli. 
i2mo, pp. 24. H. 75292 

Catalogue of the Instructors and Students of St. Johnsbury 
Academy, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, 1844-5. Boston: Printed by 
S. N. Dickinson cff Co. 1845. ^^^^ PP- ^2. Plate. H. 75293 

Also : Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors, and Students of St. Johnsbury Acad- 
emy, St. Johnsbury, Vt., for the Year ending November, 1856. Windsor : Printed at 
the Vermont Chronicle Press. 1856. 8vo, pp. 15. h. — Sixteenth Annual Catalogue of 
the St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury, Vt. For the Year ending November 10, 
1858. Windsor : Press of the Vermont Cbronicle. 1858. 8vo, pp. I 5. H. 


St. Jonathan, The Lav of a Scald. ... New Tork : Thomas J. 
Crowen. 1838. \^Dean^ Printer.'] iimo, pp. 103. i,. 75294 

By Arthur Cleveland Coxe. The cover-title, which contains a large Y in the center, 
has the imprint of Pf^ihy & Putnam. (J. P. fVrigbt, Printer.) 1838. 

Saint Joseph, Missouri. First Annual Report of the Super- 
intendent and Secretary of the Board of St. Joseph Public Schools. 
For the Year ending August i, 1865. St. Joseph : Herald Print- 
ing Company. 1865. 8vo, pp. 32. Continued. b. 75295 

St. Joseph City Directory and Business Mirror for 1865-66. 
By Charles Collins. St. Joseph: C. Collins. 1866. 8vo, pp. 196. 

First Issue. Frank Swick's Resident and Business Directory 
of Saint Joseph containing the Names and Residences of the 
Merchants, Manufacturers, Professional Men, &c., in the City of 
St. Joseph alphabetically arranged and classified. For the Years 
l867-'68. St. Joseph., Mo. : Compiled and published by Frank Swick. 
1867. 8vo, pp. (2), 192. Plate. b. 75297 

The St. Joseph Medical & Surgical Journal : G. C. Catlett, 
M.D., J. B. Snelson, m.d.. Editors and Proprietors ... Vol. iii. 
September. No. i. Saint Joseph., Missouri: Jas. A. Millan & 
Co. .f Printers and Bookbinders, i860. 8vo, pp. 38. Continued. 

Catalogue of the Pupils of St. Joseph's Academy, near Em- 
mitsburg, Frederick County, Maryland, for the Academic Year 
1856-57. Baltimore: Printed by John Murphy Off Co. 1857. ^^'o> 
pp. 24. H. 75299 

... St. Joseph's 'Cathedral, Buffalo, N. Y. Commenced Feb- 
ruary 1 85 1 — Dedicated July 1855. Buffalo: Catholic Sentinel 
Print. 1858. 8vo, pp. 15. Plate. H. 75300 

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of St. Joseph's Col- 
lege, Bardstown, Ky. 1857-58. Louisville., Ky.: C. Settle., 
Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. 32. Plate. Continued. H. 75301 

Annual Commencement of St. Joseph's College, Bardstown, 
Ky. ... 1854-5. Louisville? 1 855. 8vo. 75302 

Bardstown, October 1834. The St. Joseph's College Mi- 
nerva, a Repository of National and Foreign Literature. ... 
Issued once a Month. Vol. i.. No. i. Printed at the Ojfice of 
the Bardstown Herald. [1834.] 8vo, pp. 32. H. 75303 


Annual Commencement of St. Joseph's College, Perry 
County, Ohio. i857-'58. Zanesville : Printed at the Excelsior 
Book isf Job Printing Office. 1858. 8vo, pp. 20. Plate. H. 

First Annual Report of the St. Joseph's Home for Sick and 
Destitute Servant Girls ... for the Year ending Jan. i, 1869. 
Boston: The Pilot Press. 1869. 8vo, pp. 19. H. 75305 

St. Katharine's Spire ; or, The Devil at work in the Church. 
A Ritualistic Melody in Four Parts. New York. 1872. i8mo, 
pp. 88. 75306 

St. Landry, Louisiana. An Ordinance organizing and estab- 
lishing Patrols for the Police of Slaves in the Parish of St. Lan- 
dry. Opelousas: Printed at the Office of the Opelousas Patriot. 1863. 
8vo, pp. 29. B., H. 75307 

Catalogue of the St. Lawrence Academy, Potsdam, N. Y., 
for ... 1857. Potsdam? 1857. ^^'O- Continued. s. 75308 

The Saint Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad. See [Gait (A. 
T.)], Vol. VII., No. 26453. 

Report on the Gauge of the St. Lawrence and Atlantic 
Railroad. By A. C. Morton, Esq., c.e. Portland. 1847. ^vo. 

Also: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Meeting ... Montreal. 1852. 8vo. 

Proceedings of the Convention held at Saratoga Springs, Au- 
gust 21, 1849, relative to the St. Lawrence and Champlain 
Ship Canal ; with the Separate Reports of the Canadian and 
American Committees. Saratoga Springs. 1849. ^^'^? PP- 21, 
(3)- B. 75310 

Cartes, Rapports, Estimations, &c., concernant les Ameliora- 
tions a faire dans la Navigation du Fleuve St. Laurent, et le Pro- 
jet de Construction d'un Canal reliant le Fleuve St. Laurent au 
Lac Champlain. Soumis a I'Assemblee Legislative durant la 2de 
Session du 5me Parlement, 1855. Toronto: Imprime par John 
Lovell. 1856. Folio, pp. 40. Folded Table, 6 folded Maps. h. 

Issued in English with the following title : 

Reports, Estimates, Maps, &c., relative to Improvements ot 
the Navigation of the River St. Lawrence, and a proposed Canal 
connecting the River St. Lawrence and Lake Champlain. To 
ronto. 1856. P'olio. h. 75312 



Minutes of the Twentv-Eighth Anniversary of the St. Law- 
rence Baptist Association ... [n. p. .?] 1841. 8vo. s. 75313 

St. Lawrence County, New York. Memorial of the Citi- 
zens. ^S*^'^ Vol. XII., No. 47666. 

Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of the County of St. 
Lawrence, for 1863. Ogdenshurgh. 1864. 8vo. Continued. 

St. Lawrence County Directory. Advance Almanac for 1862. 
Ogdemhurgh^ N. T. 1862. 8vo. 753^5 

By-Laws and Act of Incorporation of the St. Lawrence Co. 
Mutual Insurance Co., with the Amendments, and Instruc- 
tions to its Agents. Ogdenshurgh: Sentinel Power Press. 1849. 
l2mo, pp. 22. H. 75316 

Declaration of Trust and Articles of Agreement and Associa- 
tion [of the Saint Lawrence Land Company. New Tork? 
1838.] i2mo, pp. 12. H. 75317 

St. Lawrence, River and Gulf. Directions for Navigating 
the Gulf and River of St. Laurence, with a particular account of 
the Bays, Rocks, Shoals, he. Founded on accurate observations 
and experiments made by the officers of H. M's Fleet. By order 
of Charles Saunders, Esq. Vice Admiral of the Blue, and Com- 
mander in Chief of the British Naval Forces in the Expedition 
against Quebec in 1759 ... . London: T. ^efferys. 1760. 4to, 
pp. 31. '" 75318 

Directions | for the | Gulph and River | of | St. Lawrence, | with | 
some Occasional | Remarks. | Philadelphia : \ Printed by William and 
Thomas Bradford.^ \ at the London Coffee-House. \ m,dcc,lxxiv. | 8vo, 
PP- (2), 36. ' " 75319 

A Hand-Book of the St. Lawrence River, Briefly noticing 
objects of interest on the Route, and containing a description or 
places of interest in the City of Montreal. Montreal: R. W. 
Boyd. 1866. i8mo, pp. 32. 753^0 

The River St. Lawrence, in one Panoramic View, from Nia- 
gara Falls to Quebec, together with Descriptions and Illustrations 
of the Thousand Islands, Cities \\\ Canada, Lakes, Rapids, Riv- 
ers, and Falls, and other Objects and Places of Interest. With 
Numerous Engravings. New York: Jlex. Harthill and Company. 
[18 — .] 8vo, pp. (4), 21-70, (i). Advertisements 9. Folded 
Map. H. 75321 


Sailing Directions for the Gulf of St. Lawrence. London. 
[1775?] 4to, pp. 20. B. 75322 

See also No. 74965, supra. 

Act of Incorporation ... of the St. Lawrence University 
AND Universalist THEOLOGICAL ScHOOL New Tork. 1857. 
i8mo. s. 75323 

Also : A (Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the St. Lawrence University" 
1869. Canton, N. Y. Neiv Tork: Printed hy Edivard 0. Jenkins. 1869. 8vo, pp* 
24. Continued, h. — Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the St. Lawrence 
University. Theological Department, for the Academic Year 1866-7. fVatertonvny 
N. Y.: L. Ingalls & Co., Steam Book and Joh Punters. 1867. 8vo, pp. 8. H. 

St. Lo (G.) England's Safety: Or, A Bridle to the French 
King. Proposing a Sure Method for Encouraging Navigation, 
and Raising Qualified Seamen for the well Manning their Majes- 
ties Fleet on any Occasion, in a Months Time, without Impress- 
ing, And a Competent Provision for all such as shall be Wounded 
in Service against the Enemy ,.. Also an Insight into the Advant- 
ages may be had by the Herring and other Fisheries ... By Cap- 
tain George S^ Lo. London : Printed for IV. Miller., at the Gilded 
Acorn in Paul's Church-yard ... 1693. 4to. Sig. a-f in fours, 
including the Frontispiece, -f The Second Edition with Addi- 
tions. \_Ibid.'] 1693. 4to. Sig. A-G in fours, including the Front- 
ispiece, G4 blank. 7S3'2-A- 

A new edition as follows : 

St. Lo. England's Interest ; Or, A Discipline for Seamen : 
Wherein is Proposed, A Sure A4ethod for Raising Seamen, for 
the well manning their Majesties Fleet on all Occasions ... By 
Captain George St. Lo. London: Printed for Robert Clavell ... 
MDCXCiv. 4to. 75325 

Titles from Hazlitt. 

Saint Louis, Missouri. The Transactions of the Academy 
OF Science of St. Louis. Vol. i. (With Plates Illustrating 
Papers.) St. Louis : Printed at the Office of the Missouri Republican. 
1857. 8vo, pp. 92. 5 Plates, two of which are folded. 75326 

The Transactions of the Academy of Science of St. Louis. 
Vol. I. 1 856-1 860. With 21 plates, illustrating papers. St. 
Louis : George Knapp & Co., Printers and Binders, i860. 8vo. 

Vol. V. was printed in 1888. 

Address and Report upon the Practicability of Manufacturing 
Railroad Iron at or near St. Louis, Missouri. Published by a 
Committee of Citizens, appointed at a Public Meeting, held Aug. 


l8th, i860. St. Louis: R. P. Studley and Co,, Printers, i860. 
8vo, pp. 34. 75328 

Amended Charter of the City of St. Louis, approved, Febru- 
ary 8, 1843. [*^^- Louis :^ Chambers & Knapp., City Printers. 1 843. 
8vo, pp. 14. H. 75329 

... Annual Review of the Commerce of St. Louis, for the 
Year 1852 ; carefully compiled from daily reports published in 
the Missouri Republican, and other reliable sources. St. Louis: 
Republican Steam Press. 1853. ^^^1 PP* *5' "• 7533^ 

Annual Review. History of St. Louis, Commercial Statistics, 
Improvements of the Year, and Account of the Leading Manu- 
factories, &c., from the Missouri Republican of January 10, 1854. 
St. Louis., Mo.: Chambers & Knapp, Printers. 1854. 8vo, pp. 48. 
Folded Map. b., h., m. 75331 

See a /so Vol. i., No. 878. Also: Annual Review ... for ... 1855. ... Saint Louis: 
Printed at the Missouri Republican Office. 1856. 8vo, pp. 29. h. 

Annual Review of the Commerce of St. Louis, together with 
a List of Steamboat Disasters, for the Year 1856. Published in 
the "Missouri Republican" December 31st, 1856. *SV. Louis: 
George Knapp tff Co.., Printers and Binders. 1857. ^^^^ PP* 3^^ ^"^ 
Woodcuts (2). H. 75332 

Annual Review of the Commerce of St. Louis, together with 
a very full List of Steamboat Disasters and Complete River Sta- 
tistics for the Year 1859. Published in the "Missouri Repub- 
lican" Dec. 31, 1859. ^^- Louis: George Knapp & Co.., Printers 
and Binders, i860. 8vo, pp. 50. H. 75333 

Annual Statement of the Trade and Commerce of Saint Louis, 
for the Year 1857. Reported to the Chamber of Commerce, by 
W. B. Baker, Secretary of the Chamber. St. Louis, Mo.: Printed 
by M. Niedner. 1858. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 75334 

Annual Statement of the Trade and Commerce of Saint Louis, 
for the Year 1865. Reported to the Union Merchants' f^xchange 
by Geo. H. Morgan, Secretary. Saint L^ouis, Mo.: R. P.- Studley 
ilf Co., Printers. 1866. 8vo, pp. 1 16, xv. "-75335 

Also for 1866, 1867, 1868, 1869, 1870, 1871, 1872. 

First Annual Report of the Board of Health of the City 
of Saint Louis ... St. Louis: Missouri Democrat Print. 1868. 
8vo, pp. 156, (i). Continued. h. 75336 


The Capital Question. Address of the St. Louis Capital Com- 
mittee to the Governors and Legislatures. Saint Louis. 1 870. 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 75337 

Rules and By-Laws of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, 
with the Act of Incorporation. Saint Louis : Printed at the St. 
Louis New Era Office. 1842. 8vo, pp. 14, (i). m. 75338 

Rules and By-Laws of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, 
with the Act of Incorporation ; to which are affixed the Rules 
and Regulations for the Government of the Merchants' Exchange 
and Reading Room. St. Louis : Keemle & Hager^ Printers. 1853. 
8vo, pp. 31. H. 75339 

Memorial of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce [directing 
the attention of the Senate and House of Representatives to the 
improvement of the Mississippi River at the Upper and Lower 
Rapids, n. p. n. d.] 4to, i leaf. 75340 

Proceedings of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce in relation 
to the Improvement of the Navigation of the Mississippi River, 
and its Principal Tributaries and the St. Louis Harbor. With a 
Statement submitted by A. B. Chambers, to the Chamber. St. 
Louis : Printed by Chambers ^ Knapp. 1842. 8vo, pp. 40. B., M. 

Report of the Committee appointed by the Chamber of Com- 
merce, upon the Trade, Commerce and Manufactures of St. 
Louis, embracing a Period of Several Years. January, 1852. 
St. Louis : Printed at the Missouri Republican Office. 1852. 8vo, 
pp. 45. B. 75342 

Also : At a Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of " St. Louis," Mo., Union 
Merchants' Exchange. Report of the Special Committee to which was referred the 
Memorial of the Officers of the United States Navy to Congress, asking for an Increase 
of r*ay, which was unanimously adopted, [n. p. 1866.] 410, i leaf. 

The Commerce and Navigation of the Valley of the Missis- 
sippi ; and also that appertaining to the City of St. Louis : con- 
sidered, with reference to the Improvement, by the General Gov- 
ernment, of the Mississippi River and its Principal Tributaries ; 
being a Report, prepared by Authority of the Delegates from the 
City of St. Louis, for the Use of the Chicago Convention of 
July 5, 1847. St. Louis., Mo.: Printed by Chambers & Knapp. 
[1847.J 8vo, pp. 32. B., BA., 75343 

The Complete Correspondence between Union Members of 
Pine St. Presbyterian Church, and their Pastor, Rev. S. B. Mc- 


Phceters, d.d., uporv the subject of Loyalty to the Government. 
St. Louis^ June [1862]. 8vo, pp. 18. 75344 

Digest of the Charter and the Revised Ordinances of the City 
of St. Louis, together with the Constitution of the United States 
and that of the State of Missouri, and the Several Acts of the 
General Assembly relating to the City. Published by authority 
of the Common Council, under the supervision of J. G. Woer- 
ner. St. Louis : M'Kee, Fishback & Co., City Printers. 1866. 8vo, 
PP- iv, 773. B. 7^^S 

Directory. The St. Louis Directory for the years i838-*39: 
containing the Names of the Inhabitants, their Occupations, 
Numbers of their Places of Business and Dwellings ; with a 
Sketch of the City of St. Louis ; also, the Na.mes of the City, 
Township, County and State Officers, and the Names and Offi- 
cers of the Various Literary, Scientific, Benevolent, Religious and 
Public Institutions ; with a Variety of other Interesting Matter. 
By Charles Keemle. St. Louis : Printed by C. KeemU. 1S3&. 
i2mo, pp. X, (4), 67, (3). M. 7534^ 

The Saint Louis Directory, for the Year 1842; ... with a Sketch of the City of Sain 
Louis. Also, the Names of the City, Township, County and State Officers, and the 
Names and Officers of the Various Literary, Scientific, Benevolent, Religious and Public 
Institutions, with a Variety of other Interesting Matter. Sajnt Louis : l^rintfdi by. Cbam- 
bers (^ Knapp — Republican Office. 1842. &vo. . h. 

St. Louis Business Directory, for 1847, confaining the History of St. Louis,^ frona its 
first settlement ... St. Louis. 1847. 8vo, pp. 176. 

St. Louis Directory ... 1848. St. Louis. 1 848. 8vo. 

Pictorial Advertiser and Illustrated Business Directory ... for 1858 and 1859. ... 
Vol. I. St. Louis. 1859. 4to. 

The St. Louis Business Directory, for 1859. Compiled and published by Tanner, 
Halpin & Co. ... St. Louis : L. & A. Carr. [1858.] 8vo. c. 

Hellier &c Co'i Saint Louis Business Directory for 1859-60, with which is combined 
a Commercial Register of the Business Men of the City of New York. Published 
annually. 1859. Fublisbed by Hellier & Co., Moffat Buildingy No. 335 BroaJtvay^^ New 
York. [1859.] 8vo, pp. 120. 

T. A. Holland & Co.'s Business Directory of St. Louis. St. Louis : T. A. Holland fisT 
Co. [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 216, 31. 

Edwards's Annual Director to the Inhabitants, Institutions, Incorporated Companies, 
Manufacturing Establishments, Business, Business Firms, &c., in the City of St. Lpuia, 
for 1864 ... . St. Louis: Richard Ediuards. [1864.] 8vo, pp. 758. Also for 1 8 66, 
1867, 1869, etc. 

Prospectus, Charter and By-Laws of the Equitable Mining 
Company ... St. Louis. 1866. 8vo. 75347 

VOL. xviii. 19 


Manual of the First Independent Church ... ^9/. Louis, 
1865. i2mo. 75348 

Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of the Franklin Society 
... St. Louis. 1837. 8vo. 75349 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Historical Society of St. 
Louis. St. Louis. 1875. 8vo. 75350 

Fifth Annual Report of the Officers of the House of Refuge ; 
Saint Louis. Presented April ist, 1859. Saint Louis : Printed at 
the Missouri Detnocrat Book and Job Office. 1 859. 8vo, pp. 37, (l ). 

Report of the Organization of the Ladies' National League 
of St. Louis, with their Constitution and Pledge. St. Louis : 
Democrat Office. 1863. 8vo, pp. 18. 75352 

Second Annual Report of the Ladies* Union Aid Society 
of St. Louis. St. Louis: R. P. Studley and Co.^ Printers. 1863. 
8vo,.pp. 47. B. 75353 

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books in the Library of the 
Law Library Association of Saint Louis, on July i, 1870: 
together with an Index to the same, and the Constitution and By- 
Laws of the Association ... Saint Louis : Levison l^ Blythe. 1870. 
8vo, pp. (2), 28, 28a-28b, 29-227, (i). H. 75354 

Memorial of the Citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, to the Con- 
gress of the United States, praying an Appropriation for removing 
the Obstruction to the Navigation of the Western Rivers, for the 
Improvement of the St. Louis Harbor and for other Purposes. 
4^/. Louis.^ Mo. : Printed by Chambers iff Knapp. 1844. 8vo, pp. 24. 

Memorial of ... St. Louis, ... praying an Appropriation for 
the Improvement of the Harbor of that City. [n. p. .? 1848.] 
8vo, pp. 6. 75356 

Third Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Mer- 
cantile Library Association of Saint Louis, Missouri, Janu- 
ary, 1849. Saint Louis : Printed by Chambers and Knapp. 1849. 
8vo, pp. 20. Continued. h. 75357 

Also : Eighth Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Mercantile Library 
Association, of St. Louis, Missouri ; together with the Third Annual Report of the 
Board of Directors of the Mercantile Library Hall Company. January lo, 1854.. .S^ 
Lotth: Printed at the Intelligencer Office. 1854. 8vo, pp. 32, 16, and cover. Plate, b^ 



The Twelfth Annual Report (St. Louis, 1858, pp. 31, 10), contains a "Fragment ot 
Col. Auguste Chouteau's Journal on the Settlement of St. Loi^is," translated from thr 
original French manuscript in the possession of the Association. 

Seventeenth Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Mercantile 
Library Association. January 13, 1863. St. Louis: M'lCee & Fisbhack^ Printers and 
Binders. 1863. 8vo, pp. 23, (2). Continued, b., h. 

Catalogue of Books belonging to the St. Louis Mercantile Li- 
brary Association, January, 1850. St. Louis. 1850. Svo. p. 
-f- With a Supplement of Additions during 1850. St. Louis, 
1850. 8vo. 75358 

Also : Systematic and Analytical Catalogue of the Books of the St. Louis Mercantile 
Library Association. Prepared by Edward M. Johnston. St. Louis. 1858. 8vo. 

A Guide to the Sculpture, Paintings, Coins, and other Objects 
of Art in the Halls of the St. Louis Mercantile Library Associa- 
tion, October, 1862. St. Louis : Printed at the Missouri Democrat 
Book and Job Office. 1862. 8vo, pp. 60. H. 75359 

Proceedings of the Board of Directors of the Branch of the 
Merchants' Bank of St. Louis, from Sept. 30th to Nov. 14th, 
1 86 1. \_St. Louis. 1 86 1?] 8vo, pp. 16. h. 75360 

An Ordinance to regulate and suppress Houses of 111 Fame. 
[6V. Louis. 1870.] 8vo, pp. 7. 75361 

Annual Report of the Police Commissioners ... for 1868-9. 
St, Louis. 1869. 8vo. 75362 

Proceedings and Report of the Board of Civil Engineers con- 
vened at St. Louis, in August, 1867, to consider the subject of 
the construction of a Rail and Highway Bridge across the Missis- 
sippi River at St. Louis. St. Louis : George Knapp ^ Co.^ Printers 
and Binders. 1867. Svo, pp. 1 00. 3 folded Plans. B., H. 75363 

Prospectus of the St. Louis Bridge. New Tork : New York 
Economical Printing Company. 1870. 8vo, pp. 12. B. 75364 

Public Schools. First Annual Report of the General Superin- 
tendent of the St. Louis Public Schools, for the Year ending July 
I, 1854. St. Louis: Printed at the Republican Office. 1 854. 8vo, 
pp. (2), 120, (i). Plate. Continued. b. 75365 

Also: Sixth Annual Report of the Superintendent and Secretary to the Board of St. 
Louis Hublic Schools, for the year ending August i, i860. St. Louis : R. P. StmdJey ana 
Co., Printers, i860. Svo. Continued. 

Fourteenth Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public Schools, 
for the year ending August I, 1868. St. Louis. 1869. 8vo, pp.ixxxii, 102. 10 Plates, 



Funfaehnter Jahres-Bjericht des Direktoren-Rathes der ofFent- 
lichen Schulen von St. Louis, fiir das am i. August 1869 endende 
Jahr. St. Louis: Druckerei des Jnzeiger des IFesten. 18 70. 8vo, 
pp. 140, Ixiv. 4 Plates. c. 75366 

Report of the Committee on Books and Accounts of the Board 
of Public Schools of St. Louis, April 26, 1869. St. Louis : Mis- 
souri I>€mocrat Book and 'Job Printing House. 1869. 8vo, pp. 14. 

Annual Report of the St. Louis Public School Library, 
including a Historical Sketch of the Progress of the Institution 
from its Beginning in 1865 to November ist, 1870. St. Louis., 
Mo.: Plate., Olshausen ^ Co.., Printers and Binders. 1871. 8vo, 
pp, 27. Continued. H. 75368 

Catalogue, Classified and Alphabetical, of the Books of the St. 
I^ouis Public School Library. Including, also, the Collections of 
the St. Louis Academy of Science, and St. Louis Law School. 
Prepared, under the direction of the Board of Managers, by Jno. 
Jay Bailey, Librarian. St. Louis : Missouri Democrat Book and 'Job 
Printing House. 1870. 8vo, pp. xvi, 384. B., h. 75369 

The Public School Library Society of St. Louis. Incorporated 
Feb. 1865. Circular. St. Louis. 1865. Folded sheet. 75370 

Systematic Index to the Books of the St. Louis Public School 
Library, together with the Charter, Regulations and By-Laws of 
the Society, and the Rules and Regulations of the Library and 
Reading Room. ^SV. Louis : Missouri Democrat Book and Job Print- 
ing House. 1866. 8vo, pp. 54. b., ba. 75371 

Reisebericht der Familie Kopfli & Suppiger nach St. Louis, 
und Griindung von New-Switzerland Lm Staate Illinois. Sursee. 
1833. i6mo, pp. (6), 297. 75372 

Report of Committee appointed to examine the New Saint 
Louis Jail. \_Saint Louis. 1842.] 8vo, pp. 7. 75373 

Report of the Celebration of the Anniversary of the F ounding 
of St. Louis, on the Fifteenth Day of February, a. d. 1847. 
Prepared for the Missouri Republican. \_St. Louis ;J Printed by 
Chambers ^ Knapp. 1847. 8vo, pp. 32. b., m. 75374 

Report of the City Engineer to the Board of Common Coun- 
cil of the City of St. Louis, in relation to a Bridge across the 
Mississippi River, at St. Louis. St. Louis : M^Kee^ Fishback and 



Company^ Printers and Binders. 1865. 8vo, pp. 19. Folded Plate, 
Plan, and Map. b. 75375 

Report of the Committee on Improvement of the Mississippi 
River and Tributaries. St. Louis, 15th December, 1865. St. 
Louis : George Knapp i5 Co., Printers and Binders. 1865. 8vo, pp. 
17. H. 75376 

Reports of the City Engineer and Special Committee to the 
Board of Common Council of the City of St. Louis, in relation 
to a Bridge across the Mississippi River at St. Louis. St. Louis : 
M'^Kee, Fishhack and Company .^ Printers and Binders. 1865. 8vo, 
pp. 22. Folded Plate, Plan, and Map. b., h. 7S377 

The Rev ised Ordinances of the City of Saint Louis, revised 
and digested by the Fifth City Council during the First Session, 
begun and held in the Citv of St. Louis, on the Second Monday 
of May, A. D. 1843. ^ith the Constitutions of the United 
States and the State of Missouri, and the City Charter. St. Louis: 
Chambers ^ Knapp., City Printers. 1843. 8vo, pp. 489, (2), xxxv, 

(0- «• 7537S 

The Revised Ordinances of the City of St. Louis, together 
with ... the Charter ... and a Digest of Acts, relating to said 
City. E. W. Pattison, Reviser. St. Louis. 1871. 8vo. 

Rules and Regulations for the Government of Plumbers, and 
Plumbers' work in connection with the Water Works of the 
City of St. Louis. [St. Louis. 1843.] ^o^^^S ^ ^^^^- 753^0 

Signed: "P. Brooks. St. Louis, Nov. 14th, 1843." 

The Second Annual Fair of the St. Louis Agricultural 
AND Mi-chanical ASSOCIATION, to Commence on Monday, 28th 
Day of September, 1857, ^"^ continue six days. Over ^l6,000 
offered in Premiums. Schedule of Premiums and Programnr.c 01 
the Exhibition in the Amphitheatre. St. Louis : George Knapp iff 
Co.., Printers and Binders. 1857. 8vo, pp. 24. 753^1 

Also: Schedule of Premiums for the Third Annual Fair of the St. Loruis Agricul- 
tural and Mechanical Association, to commence Monday, 6th Day of September, 1858, 
and continue six days. §16,000 offered as Premiums by the Association, and over 4000 
Dollars by Individuals. St. Louis, Mo.: George Knapp and Company^ Printers. 1858. 
8vo, pp. 39, (i). H. — Fourth Annual Fair of the Saint Louis Agricultural and Me- 
chanical Association, to commence Monday, 26th Day of September, 1859, and con- 
tinue six days. Schedule of Premiums amounting to 20,000 Dollars. Ht. Louis, Mo.: 
George Knapp & Co.^ Printers and Binders. 1859. 8vo, pp. 43, (l). — Seventh Fair ox 
the St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association, to commence Monday, the Sev- 


enth Day of October, 1867, and continue six days. Schedule of Premiums amounting 
to 25,000 Dollars. St. Louisj Mo.: Daily Missouri Democrat Book and y oh Office. 1867. 
8vo, pp. 36. Continued. 

First Half-yearly Report of the Receivers to the Trustees of 
the St. Louis, Alton and Chicago Rail Road. Chicago. 
i860. 8vo. 75382 

1846. January i. Carriers* Address to the Patrons of the 
Saint Louis American. \_St. Louis. 1846.] Folio, i leaf. 

Incorporation, By-Laws, History, Reports and Finance State- 
ments of the St. Louis and New Orleans Telegraph Com- 
pany. Also, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting for 1852, held 
at Paducah, Kentucky. St. Louis : Printed at the Missouri Repub- 
lican Office. 1852. 8vo, pp. 55, (l). H. 75384 

Address of the Carriers of the St. Louis Beacon, To its 
Patrons, on the ist January, 1831. [5/. Louis. 1831.] Folio, 
I leaf. 75385 

The St. Louis Copper Company of Lake Superior. ... Office, 
43 City Exchange, Boston. Boston : Press of Geo. C. Rand & 
Jvery. 1864. 8vo, pp. 14. 753^6 

Charter of the St. Louis Gas-Light Company, as amended 
under Authority of an Act of the Legislature of the State of 
Missouri, approved February nth, 1839. Capital, ;^6oo,ooo. 
Published by the Board of Directors, 1839, \^St. Louis :~\ Printed 
by C. Keemle. [1839.] 8vo, pp. 8, 55-^2, 17-24. 75387 

Also : Amendments to the Charter of the St. Louis Gas-Light Company, under Au- 
thority of an Act of the Legislature of Missouri, approved Feb. 28, 1845. Ht. Louis: 
Printed at the Nrw Era Office, 1845. 8vo, pp. 6. 

Report of the Committee of Directors of the St. Louis Gas 
Light Company, on its Condition and Affairs, from November 
1st, 1847, ^° December ist, 1848. Published by order of the 
Board of Directors. St. Louis : Printed by Chambers ^ Knapp. 
1848. 8vo, pp. 16. 75388 

The Second Annual Report of the St. Louis Gas Light Com- 
pany, submitted to and approved by the Stockholders, December 
17, 1849. St. Louis^ Mo.: Printed by Chambers and Knapp. 18 50. 
8vo, pp. 18. Continued. 75389 

A Catalogue of the St. Louis High School, and the St. 
Louis Normal School, for the Scholastic Year 1857-58 ... Saiitt 
Louis : R. P. Studley^ Printer. 1857. 8vo, pp. 24. B. 75390 


A Catalogue of the St. Louis High School, for the Scholastic 
Year, 1862-63. St. Louis, Mo., December, 1862. St. Louis: 
R. P. Studley and Co.., Printers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 29, (2). Plate. 

Charter, Constitution, By-Laws, and Catalogue of the St. 
Louis Library Association. St. Louis. 1839. i2mo. 

The Saint Louis Magnet, designed to illustrate the Philosophy 

of Human Nature. T. J. M'Nair, Editor and Proprietor, 

Monthly — One Dollar per annum, in davance \jic\. Vol. i. 

T. IV. Ustick^ Printer^ St. Louis. [1845.] 8vo, pp. (4), 284. H. 

Vol. II. was completed in 1847. 

St. Louis Magnetic Spring. Discovered 1869. St. Louis, 
Gratiot County, Michigan. Analysis by Prof. S. P. Duffield, of 
Detroit. History of the Spring. Medical Authorities. Reports 
of Cures. Diseases treated. ... 1870. Daily Enterprise Steam 
Printing House. East Saginaw^ Mich. [1870.] 8vo, pp. 16. 

... The St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, edited by L. 
Linton, M.D. ... and William M. McPheeters, m.d. ... Published 
monthly. Vol. ill. No. I. June, 1845. St. Louis^ Missouri, 
[1845. J 8vo, pp. 48. Continued. H. 75395 

The Saint Louis Medical and Surgical Journal. Edited, in 
conjunction with M. L. Linton, m.d. ... by G. Baumgarten, 
M.D. ... New Series, Volume vi. With 13 Wood-cuts, 2 Litho- 
graphic and I Photogr. Plates. St. Louis : R. P. Studley ^ Co.., 
Publishers. 1869. 8vo, pp. viii, 576. 2 Plates. Continued. B. 

The Saint Louis Medical Reporter a Semi-Monthly Record of 
Medicine and Surgery. J. S. B. Alleyne, m.d., O. F. Potter, 
M.D., Editors. Volume l. — 1866-7. Saint Louis: P. M. Pinck- 
ard. 1866-7. 8vo, pp. (2), 642. b. 75397 

Constitution and By-Laws of the St. Louis Medical Society 
of Missouri ; with a Code of Medical Ethics, and Fee-Bill. St. 
Louis: P. M. Pinckard^ Bookseller., Stationer and Printer. 1867. 
8vo, pp. 32. B. 75398 

St. Louis Mercantile Library Association. See Mercantile Li- 
brary Association, Nos. 75357, 7535^, supra. 

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cipline Association. Adopted March nth, 1848 St, Louis: 
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versity, (Missouri,) 1834-35. St. Louis: C. Keemie^ Book and 
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Also for 1837, 1842, 1855-56, etc. 

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Louis University. Session i848-'49. St. Louis: Chambers & 
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sociation. Organized October, 1853. ^^'"^ Louis: Printed by 
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stitution, Names of Officers, Members, &c. Saint Louis : Pub- 
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An Act to incorporate the City of St. Louis. '[St. Louis. 1839.] 
Folio, I leaf. 75404 

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Ordinances for the Establishment of a House of Refuge, in the 
County of St. Louis, and Rules, Regulations and By-Laws for 
its Government. Saint Louis: 1855. Printed at the Missouri 
Defnocrat Building. Sm. 8vo, pp. 29. H. 75405 

Laws, now in force, concerning Roads, in the County of St. 
Louis. Printed by order of the County Court. St. Louis : 
Printed by Charles ^ Hammond. 1853. 8 vo, pp. 7-22. H. 

Proceedings in the Criminal Court of St. Louis Co. The 
State of Missouri vs. Samuel T. Xjlover. Indictment for prac- 
tising Law without taking the New Constitutional Oath. The 
Indictment, Motions, Speeches, etc. St. Louis : George Knapp ^ 
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Saint Lucia, Lland of. Adresse des planteurs et citoyens de 
risle Sainte Lucie, a M. de Damas, gouverneur, et a TAssemblee 
Coloniale de la Martinique. Au Fort-royal Martinique. [1791.] 
4to. 754^^ 


Arret du Conseil d'Etat du Roi qui ordonne retablissement de 
deux entrepots, Tun au port du Carenage, dans I'ile de Salnte- 
Lucie, et I'autre au Mole St-Nicolas, dans Tile St-Domingue, et 
qui permet aux Etrangers d'y introduire et d'en exporter certaines 
denrees et marchandises. [n. p.] 1767. 410, pp. 8. 754^9 

Colonial Population. Returns relating to the Population of 
Barbadocs, St. Lucia, and the Cape of C^ood Hope. Ordered, 
by the House of Commons, to be printed. 9 May 1826. [Z^w- 
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A.)], Vol. III., No. 12017. 

The Memorials. See Vol. xii., No. 47741. 

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tian Females. Opened in New York, May i, 1852. St. Luke's 
Day, Oct. 18, 1858. New Tork : E. B. Clayton's Sons. 1856. 
i2mo, pp. 25. Continued. H. 75411 

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1-866. Cincinnati : C. F. Bradley., Stationei\ Printer and Binder. 
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An Account of St. Luke's Hospital [New York], being 
the Charter, Constitution, and By-Laws, [First Annual] Report 
of the Board of Managers, Rules and Regulations, History of 
the Origin and Progress of the Hospital, Names of Contributors, 
etc., etc. ... Approved and ordered to be printed by the Board of 
Managers. Neiv York: Robert Craighead., Printer, i860. 8vo, 
pp. 68. Plate, h. + St. Johnland : Orphan Boys' Press. 1868. 
8vo, pp. 53. Plate. b. 75413 

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head, Printer, i860. 8vo, pp. 33. Continued, b. 

Appeal of the Managers of St. Luke's Hospital, to the Mem- 
bers of the Protestant Episcopal Church, of the City of New 
York. New-Tor k : Hobart Press. 1852. 8vo, pp. 31, (i). H. 

Constitution and By-laws of the Junior Association of St. 
Luke's Hospital, Chapter of the Church of the Holy Com- 
munion, New York — 1859. [Ne^v-Tork :'\ Francis iff Loutrel., ... 
Printers. [1859.] i2mo, pp. I2, including Plate. 75415 


Second Annual Report of the St. Luke's Hospital Associa- 
tion of the Church of the Ascension. ... Rooms, No. 68 West 
Eleventh Street. Organized 3d January, 1859. New Tork : 
Francis iff Loutrel^ ... Printers. 186 1. 8vo, pp. 31, ( I ), including 
Plate. Continued. 754iS 

Saint Malo {\_Ship] Conde de). See [Courte de la Blanchar- 
diere], Vol. v., No. 17177. 

Saint-Martin (Antoine Jean). Relation d'un voyage fait en 
Europe et dans I'ocean Atlantique, a la fin du xve siecle, sous le 
regne de Charles viii, par Martyr, eveque d'Arzendjan. Tra- 
duite de I'Armenien et accompagnee du texte original. Par M. 
I. Saint-Martin ... Paris^ Librairie orientale de Dondey-Dupr'e pere 
et fils. 1827. 8vo, pp. 80. 75417 

The travels of the Armenian bishop were performed in the years 1489 to 1496. 
On the eighth of April, 1494, he sailed in a Basque vessel from Guetaria in Spain on 
an Atlantic voyage to the West, which lasted seventy-eight days. Although no men- 
tion is made of the countries or places visited in this expedition, the editor Saint-Martin 
supposes that it reached America, and in support of his theory gives in the introduction 
some " Observations historiques sur les voyages entrepris dans TOcean Atlantique, avant 
la decouverte de I'Amerique par Christophe Colomb." 

Saint-Martin (Baillot de). Chronologie de tous les peuples 
depuis le deluge universal. ... Paris. 1820-24. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Saint-Martin. The Universal Chronologist, and Historical 
Register from the Creation to the close of the year 1825 ; com- 
prising the elements of General History. From the French of 
M. St. Martin. With an elaborate Continuation by Henry Boyle. 
... London. 1826. 2 vols., 8vo. P. 75419 

Saint-Martin (Louis Vivien de). See Vivien de Saint- 

The Free Church of St. Mary, for Sailors. Rev. John P. 
Robinson, Rector. Incorporated in conformity with the Canon 
and Statute Laws of the Diocese and Commonwealth of Massa- 
chusetts, November 17, 1851. Boston: Printed by Thurston., Torry 
^Emerson. 1852. l6mo, pp. 61, (2). 75420 

Description of the Iron Lands owned by the St. Mary's 
Canal Mineral Land Company, in the County of Marquette, 
Lake Superior, State of Michigan. 33,4^ 7tVo Acres, [n. p 
1863?] 8vo, pp. 10. 75421 

St. Mary's Canal Mineral Land Company. Reports upon the 
Value of the Company's Lands located in the Iron Region of 



Lake Superior, County of Marquette, State of Michigan. Bos- 
t07i : Wright &' Potter^ Printers. 1864. 8vo, pp. 54. 2 folded 
Maps. B. 75422 

A Statement of the Plan of the St. Mary's Canal Mineral 
Land Company; with the Act of Incorporation, and a Letter 
from C. T. Harvey, Esq., describing the Character, Extent, and 
Value of its Mineral Lands. With Maps, &c. New York : 
Baker ^ Godwin^ Printers. 1859. ^vo, pp. 24,(1). b. 75423 

The Calendar of St. Mary's College, for the Academic 
Year, 1840-41. Baltimore: Printed by Jos. Robinson. [1840.] 
8vo, pp. 24. 75424 

See also " Strictures on the Establishment of Colleges." 

Fourth Annual Commencement, of St. Mary's College, 
Marion County, Kentucky, 1839-40. Louisville: Printed by 
Morton <ff Griswold. mdcccxl. 8vo, pp. 16. 754^5 

Prospectus of the St. Mary's Copper Mining Company ... 
containing 800 Acres Mineral Land, in the County of Houghton, 
Michigan, near Portage Lake. Boston : Printed by John JVilson 
and Son. 1863. 8vo, pp. 21. b. 75426 

First Annual Report of the St. Mary's Copper Mining Co. for 
the Year ending Jan. 31, 1864. Issued April, 1864. With the 
By-Laws of the Company. Boston : Press of Geo. C. Rand dff 
Avery. 1864. 8vo, pp. 24. 75^^7 

A Catalogue of 125,000 Acres of Valuable Pine Lands in the 
State of Michigan, belonging to the St. Mary's Falls Ship 
Canal Comp'y, to be sold at Auction, at East Saginaw, June 
17th, and at Muskegon, July i, 1862. Detroit: Tribune Book 
and Job Printing House. 1862. 8vo, pp. 28. Folded Map. 

Catalogue of 525,000 Acres of Pine Timber Lands belonging 
to the Saint Mary's Falls Ship Canal Company, arranged in 
Groups, as they will be offered at a Public Sale to be held in the 
City of Detroit, on the 2nd Day of September, a. d. 1863. ... 
[Detroit. 1863.] 8vo, pp. xxxi, 244. ba. 75429 

560,000 Acres Pine Lands, in the State of Michigan, with 
Lumber Statistics and other Valuable Information concerning the 
Pine Lands of the Saint Mary's Falls Ship Canal Company. 
Land Office, Detroit, Michigan. Detroit: Printed by H. Barns., 
Tribune Office. [186-?] 8vo, pp. 15. Folded Map. B. 75430 

308 ST. Mary's seminary. 

Report of the Superintendent of the St. Mary's Falls Ship 
Canal, for the Year 1856. ... By Authority. Lansing: Hosmer 
L'f Fitch^ Printers to the State. [1857.] ^^'^5 PP- ^^' ^' 7543^ 

Report of the Directors of the St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal 
Co. to the Stockholders ; with Accompanying Maps and Papers. 
September, 1858. Detroit: Printed by H. Barns^ Tribune Office. 
1858. 8vo, pp. 46. 3 folded Maps. b. 75432 

Report of the Directors of" the St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal 
Co. to the Stockholders, August, i860. Boston: IVright l5 Potter., 
Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. 11. 75433 

Also: Annual Report of the Superintendent of the St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal, for 
the Year 1865 ... By Authority. Lansing: John A. Kerr & Co., Printers to the State. 
1865. 8vo, pp. 31. B. 

An Appeal to Parents for Female Education on Christian Prin- 
ciples ; With a Prospectus of St. Mary's Hall ... Burlington: 
J. L. Powell., Missionary Press, mdcccxxxvii. 8vo, pp. 22. Plate 

By George Washington Doane, o.d. 

The Bishop's Address to the Members of the Senior Class, at 
St. Mary's Hall -, at the closing Exercises of the Summer Term, 
September 24, 1845. Burlington: Printed by Edmund Morris. 
1845. l2mo, pp. 44. H. 75435 

Catalogue and Prospectus of St. Mary's Hall -, Summer Term, 
MDCCCXLlll. Burlington: Printed by J. L. Poivell. 1843. ^^^' 
pp. 12, cover 4. Plate. Continued. 7543^ 

Notices of St. Mary's Hall. [Burlington F 1837?] 8vo. 

Nurture : together with the Catalogue and Prospectus of St. 
Mary's Hall. Winter Term, mdcccxlviii-ix. Burlington : S. 
C. Atkinson., at the Missionary Press. M DCCC XLIX. 8vo, pp. 44. 

St. Mary's Hall Register. Fifteenth Year. Burlington. 1852. 
i2mo. 75439 

See also "The Way of the Church." 

Constitution and By-Laws of the St. Mary's Mutual Be- 
nevolent Catholic T. A. Society, and Names of Members, 
with Date ot Admission. Instituted, 1841. Boston: Printed by 
S. N. Dickinson. 1843. ^"^* ^^mo, pp. 34. B. 75440 

St. Mary's Seminary and Catholics at large vindicated, against 
the Pastoral Letter of the Ministers, Bishops, &c. of the Presby- 


tery of Baltimore, published in September, 181 1 ... Baltimore: 
Bernard Df)rnin. l8ll. 8vo, pp. 43. BA. 75441 

Report on the Country between the St. Maurice and Ottawa. 
^ehec. 1 83 1. 8vo, pp.' 56. 75442 

Facts relating to the State of the St. Maurice Bridges, by 
the Government of this Province, to Theophile Hector Pacaud, 
Esq. Montreal: Printed by James Potts ^ Herald Office. 1853. 
8vo, pp. 45, (l). H. 75443 

St.-Memin (M. de). The St.-Memin Collection of Portraits; 
consisting of Seven Hundred and Sixty Medallion Portraits, prin^- 
cipally of distinguished Americans, photographed by J. Gurney & 
Son, from proof impressions of the original copperplates, engraved 
by M. de St.-Memin, from Drawings taken from life by himself, 
during his exile in the United States from 1793 to 18 14. To 
which are prefixed a Memoir of M. de St.-Memin, and Bio- 
graphical Notices of the Persons whose Portraits constitute the 
Collection, compiled from Authentic and original sources by the 
publisher. New York: Elias Dexter. 1862. Folio, pp. viii, 104. 

"As the engraved copper- plates were delivered by M. de St.-Memin to the parties 
whose portraits had been taken, there would have been no collection of them in exist- 
ence had he not reserved for his own use a few impressions of each of the plates which 
he had engraved. These he retained until his death in 1852, when they were pur- 
chased by a gentleman of Dijon, who retained possession of them until 1859; they 
then passed into the hands of the late James B. Robertson, who sent them to this 
country." — Preface. Menzies's copy sold for $34. See a/so Vol. vii., No. 29217. 

Saint-Mery (M. L. E. Moreau de). See Moreau de Saint- 
Mery (M. L. E.), Vol. xii., Nos. 50568-78. 

Saint Michel (Mavrile de). See Mavrile de S. Michel, Vol. 
XI., No. 46987. 

St. N[icholas] (J [ohn].) The | History | of | Baptism : | or, | 
One Faith, one Baptism, | in the several Editions thereof | under 
Noah, Moses, Christ. | With an Appendix thereunto, being an 
Assay to give I the Sence of our blessed Saviours Commission to | 
Preach and Baptise. | To which is added an Explicatory Index^ 
being a Sum-|marv of certain Definitions and Distinctions col- 
le-|cted chieflv out of S. Pauls Epistles, comprehending! much of 
the substance of the Gospel. | All presented to the view and 
intended for the benefit of the | plain and serious Christian, who 
delights not to venture his | Religion upon intricate Disputations.] 
By J. St. N. I ... I London^ Printed for S. Lee near Popes- Head- 
Alley in Lumbard^l Street^ and D. Major at the Flying- Horse in 



Fleet-Street^ 1678. | 8vo, pp. (8), 129. [Followed by:] Baptis- 
mus Redivivus, |or the | Commission | of our blessed | Saviour | to 
Preach and Baptize, declared, | and | an Assay to give the sence 
thereof, by Analytical | Exposition, Paraphrase and Inferences,! 
intended as an Appendix to the| History of Baptism. | By Eusebius 
Philadelphus. | ... | London^ Printed for S. Lee near Popes- Head- Alley 
in Lumhard-\ Street^ and D. Major at the Flying- Horse in Fleet- 
Street, 1678. 1 8vo, pp. (6), 108, (29). B. 75445 

Dedicated "To the worthy Govcrnours, and Reverend Ministers of the Colonies, and 
Plantations in New England, especially such of the old planters as are yet living. J. St. 
N. An adventurer in the first plantation." "The author was rector of Lutterworth, 
in Leicestershire; a friend of the Rev. Ephraim Huit, who came to N. E. in 1639, and 
became Mr. Warham's colleague at Windsor (Conn.), to which place Mr. St. N. 
intended to follow him. He decided, however, to remain in England, where, in 1657, 
he married a daughter of Anthony Grey, the puritan rector of Burbach, afterwards Earl 
of Kent. See Palmer's Calamy, 11. 119; Crosby's 'Hist, of Engl. Baptists,' in. 34; 
Nichols's * Hist, of Leicestershire,' iv. 463, 269." — J. H. Trumbull. 

St. Nicholas : Scribner's Illustrated [Monthly] Magazine for 
Girls and Boys, conducted by Mary Mapes Dodge. Volume i. 
November, 1873, ^^ November, 1874. New York: Scrihner l^ 
Co. [1874.] Sq. 8vo, pp. viii, 750. 8 Plates. Continued, ba. 

Saint-Nicholas Hotel : Its Plan and Arrangements. New York. 
1856. i8mo. 75447 

An Account of the Banquet, given by the St. Nicholas So- 
ciety, of the City of New York, on the Occasion of the Visit 
of the Netherlands Frigate " Prins Van Oranje," at Neu^ York, 
May, 1852. {New York .•] Prepared and Published by Order of the 
Society. 1852. 8vo, pp. (6), 63, Errata 5 lines. Plate, and Map 
of Nieuw-Nederland. B. 75448 

A limited edition only printed. Also : Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of the 
St. Nicholas' Society of the City of New- York. Founded February 28, 1835. Incor- 
porated April 17, 1 841. New- Tor k : Stanford & SivorJs^ 137, Broadway. 18 50. 
i2mo, pp. 40. 

St. Onge (L. N.) Alyhabet [sic] Yakama Contenant Les 
Prieres, les Cantiques et le Catechisme dans la meme langue. A 
Tusage des enfants de la tribu des Yakamas, sous le patronage des 
R. R. P. P. Jesuites. Par L. N. St. Onge Pretre, Ex-Mission- 
naire des Yakamas. Imprime a la Providence. Montreal. 1872. 
Sq. i6mo, pp. (4), 104, including Portrait. 75449 

Second title ; " Sapsikuatpama timash mamachatumki. Yakamiei mianashmamiei 
Anakunak I ua Skulitpama sapsikuat, ku Tanamutem, ku uampash : kunare I ua una- 
mutempana sapsikuat. I timana Pel Santos." Title fi'om Pilling. 



Fundamental, Statutes, and Constitutions of the Ancient 
and most Benevolent Order of the FViendly Brothers of St. 
Patrick [with an Engraving of the Arms of the Society]. Bos- 
ton. IJ-J^. 8vo, pp. 48. ' 75450 

See also Vol. vii., No. 25951. 

St. Paul (H.) Our Home and Foreign Policy, by Henry St. 
Paul. November, 1863. [Mobile^ Ala :\ Printed at ihe Office of 
the Daily Register and Advertiser. 1863. 8vo, pp. 23. B., ba. 

" Relates to the Civil War and the policy of France toward the U. S. at that time." 

Saint-Paul (P. de). Discours sur la constitution de I'Escla- 
vage en Occident pendant les derniers siecles de I'ere paienne. 
Par P. de Saint-Paul. Montpelier. 1837. 8vo, pp. 226. 75452 

Saint Paul, Minnesota. Catalogues of the Baldu^in School, 
and the Academic Department of theCollege of Saint Paul, Min- 
nesota. MDCCCLIV. Saint Paul: Printed at the Minnesotian Office. 
1854. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 75453 

See also "Addresses," Vol. i., No. 2926. 

Directory. McClung's St. Paul Directory, and Statistical Rec 
ord for 1866. St. Paul: J. W. McClung. 1866. 8vo, pp. (14), 
284. c. 75454 

Directory ... tor 1867. Vol.111. St. Paul : Bailey & fVolfe. 1867. 8vo, pp. 287. 

Grand Celebration. See Vol. vii., No. 28257. 

Manual of the House of Hope Presbyterian Church, 
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1869. St. Paul. 1869. i2mo, pp. 35. 

Statement of the St. Paul & Chicago Railway Co., respect- 
ing the Issue of its First Mortgage Land Grant Sinking Fund 
Bonds, amounting to Four Millions of Dollars. Principal due 
July I, A. D. 1900, and Interest, pending Construction, assumed 
and to be paid by the Farmers' Loan h Trust Co., of the City 
of New York. Interest 8 per cent, per annum, payable quar- 
terly. Coupons payable January, April, July, and October, ot 
each Year. Saint Paul: Ramaley i^ Hall. 1867. 8vo, pp. 15. 
Folded Map. b., h. 75456 

First Annual Reports to the Saint Paul Chamber of Com- 
merce, by the Directors and Secretary, for 1867. Sain-t Paul: 
Office of the Press Printing Co. 1868. 8vo, pp. 35. (Continued. 

Saint Paul Deutscher Verein. Minnesota, der Pioneer-Staat 
des Nordwestens. Eine treue Darstellung seiner Entwickelung, 

312 ST. Paul's college. 

BeschafFenheit und Aussichten. St. Paul: '-''Minnesota National- 
Demokrat'' 1859. i2mo, pp. 62, (2). C. 75458 

Catalogue of the St. Paul Library Association. 1864. 
St. Paul: Printed hy David Ramaley. 1864. 8vo, pp. 82, supple- 
ments 8, 10. B., BA. -|- 1868. St. Paul: Printed hy Ramaley 
i^ Hall. 1868. 8vo, pp. 99. B. 75459 

Also: Constitution of the Saint Paul Mercantile Library Association. Saint-Paul 
1859. 8vo. 

Schools. Annual Report of the Public School System of the 
City of Saint Paul : with Rules and Regulations of the Board of 
Education, as revised and amended May 5, 1863, and the Acts 
relative to Free Schools, as amended by the Acts of February 10, 
i860, February 26, i860, and February 15, 1865. Saint Paul: 
Pioneer Printing Company. 1865. 8vo, pp. 36, (3). H. -|- 1868. 
[Ibid.'] 1868. 8vo, pp. 33, (i). 75460 

Brief Sketch of the School System, v^^ith Rules and Regula- 
tions of the Board of Education, of the City of Saint Paul, and 
the Act relative to Free Schools. Saint Paul : Pioneer Printing 
Company. 1859. 8vo, pp. 36, (3). 75461 

By-Law^s of the Board of Directors of the Sunday School of 
St. Paul's Chapel, in the City of New-York. Passed Nov. 
2, 1833. New-Tor k : Swords.^ Stanford., and Co. 1833. l2mo. 

Remarks of the Committee of St. Paul's Congregation, upon 
the Report of the Committee of the Vestry of Trinity Parish, 
... on the Memorial of the Pewholders and Worshippers of St. 
Paul's Chapel ... New York. 1839. 8vo, pp. 12. B. 75463 

The Reply of the Vestry of St. Paul's Church, to the 
Statement ... to the Standing Committee of the Diocese of New- 
York, in the Matter of Christ Church, New Brighton. New- 
York : Israel Sackett.^ Printer. 1850. 8vo, pp. 22. 754^4 

Account of the Grammar School or Junior Department of St. 
Paul's College. New York. 1842. 8vo. 754^5 

The Ceremony and Address at the Laying of the Corner 
Stone Of St. Paul's College, October 15, 1836, at College Point, 
Queens County, N. Y. [n. p.] 1836. 8vo, pp. 31, (i). Plate. 

Fund for the Education of Teachers in the Protestant Episco- 
pal Church, at St. Paul's College, near Flushing, L. L New 
York, 1838. 8vo. N. 7546.7 



Proposal for an Addition to St. Paul's College, to be called the 
Cadet's Hall. New-Tork : F. C. Gutierrez^ Printer. 184 1. i2mo, 
pp. 12. 75468 

Studies and Discipline of St. Paul's College ... New Tork, 
1841. i2mo. 75469 

Statement of St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. with the 
List of the School mdccclxiii ... Concord: Printed for the School. 
1863. Sq. i2mo, pp. 12. 75470 

St. Peter, Lake. Documents relating to the Deepening of 
the Ship Canal through Lake St. Peter, &c. Published by the 
Harbour Commissioners, with the Sanction of the Government. 
Printed by ^ames Potts^ Herald Office^ Montreal. 1853. ^^^j PP* 
13- 75471 

Statuten des St. Petrus-Vereins in Albany; mit Gutheissen 
des Hochwiirdigsten Herrn Pfarrers der heiligen Kreuzkirche. 
Albany: J. Munsell. [1856.] l2mo, pp. 16. ISM"^ 

Must Colored Men be Members of the Convention } Report 
of Special Committee on St. Philip's Church. New York, 
1851. 8vo, pp. 8. 75473 

Saint Pierre (Jacques Henri Bernardin de). Beauties of 
the Studies of Nature : selected from the Works of Saint Pierre. 
... London — Printed., ^799- New-Tork: Re-Printed for H. Cart- 
tat., Bookseller., Stationer iff Librarian, by M. L. isf IV. A. Davis. 
1799. 8vo, pp. 332, (3). B. 75474 

Introduced here on account of the imprint. Also the following American editions : 
Botanical Harmony Delineated : Or, Applications of Some General Laws of Nature to 
Plants. ... Translated by Henry Hunter, d.d. ... First American Edition. fVorceuer : 
Printed for "J. Nancredcy No. 49 Marlborough Street, Boston. 1 797. 8vo, pp. 1 79. B. 
— Paul and Virginia ... Translated by H. Hunter, d.d. fVrentbam, Mass.y N. & B. 
Heaton. 1759. Sm. izmo. — Studies of Nature. ... Translated by Henry Hunter, d.d. 
... First American Edition. ... Worcester: Printed for jf. Nancrede, Marlborough Street^ 
Boston. 1797. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. iii, Ixiii, 395; 4965 488. 4 folded Plates, b. — Vin- 
dication of Divine Providence. ... Translated from the French by H. Hunter, d.d. ... 
Worcester. 1797. 2 vols., 8vo. w. — Voyages of Amasis. ... In French and English. 
Translated by M. M'*****. Published according to Act of Congress. Printed at Bos- 
ton, by I. Thomas and E. T. Andreivs, Faust^s Statue, No. 45, Newbury Street. MDCCXCV. 
limo, pp. iii, 4, 4-137, 137- B. 

St. Pierre (L. de). The Art of Planting and Cultivating 
the Vine, as also of making, fining, and preserving Wines, etc. 
according to the most approved methods in France, compiled for 
the Use of such as intend to prosecute that beneficial and national 




Branch of Commerce and Agriculture in America, and particu- 
larly for the Colony at New Bordeaux. By Louis de Saint Pierre, 
Esq. J. P. of Grenville County, and Captain of the Company of 
Militia of New Bordeaux, in South Carolina. London : J. IVilk'ie. 
1772. i2mo, pp. 383. Folded Plates. 75475 

Saint-Pierre-Miquelon. Loi relative a la Deliberation prise 
par la commune de Saint-Pierre-Miquelon, contre les sieurs Bau- 
net. Basset et autres y denommes, donnee a Paris, le 10 juin 1792, 
I'an 4^ de la Liberte. \Paris. 1792.] 4to, pp. 3. 7547^ 

Also: Loi donnee a Paris le 13 Aout 1792, Tan 4" de la Liberte. Decret de TAs- 
semblee nationale, du 13 aout 1792, I'an 4*^ de la Liberte. \Far'i%. 1792.] 4to, pp. 2. 

[Saint-Prest (Jean Yves de).] Histoire | des | Traites de 
Paix, I Et autres | Negotiations | Du dix-septieme Siecle, | depuis la 
Paix de Vervins, | jusqu'a la Paix de Nimegue : | Ou Ton donne 
Porigine des pretentions anciennes & | modernes de toutes les Puis- 
sances de I'Europe, | & une Analyse exacte de leur Negotiations, | 
tant publiques que particulieres. | Ouvrage necessaire aux Minis- 
tres publics & autres Negociateurs, & qui peut | servir d'lntroduc- 
tion au Corps Diplomatique ou Recueil de Traites de Paix, &c. | 
... \ A Amsterdam : Che% y. F, Bernard. | A la Haye : Chex les 
Freres Vaillant et Prevost, \ mdccxxv. | 2 vols., folio, pp. (4), vi, 
730, Table 21 ; 632, Table 23. b., ba. 75477 

Saint-Quentin (A. de). Guyane Fran^aise, ses limites vers 
I'Amazone. Par A. de Saint-Quantin. ... Paris: P. Dupont, 
1858. 8vo, pp. 112. 8 Maps. 7547^ 

Extracted from the "Revue Coloniale," August and September, 1858. 

Saint-Quentin. Introduction a I'histoire de Cayenne, suivie 
d*un recueil de Contes, Fables & Chansons en Creole, avec tra- 
duction en regard Notes & Commentaires par Alfred De St- 
euentin. Etude sur la Grammaire Creole par Auguste de St- 
uentin. Antibes : J. Marchand. 1872. l6mo, pp. (2), Ix, 208. 

The introduction is followed by : " Contes et Fables par Alfred de St. Quentin," pp. 
1-69; " Fables et Chansons par Edouard de St. guentin," pp. 7C3-935 "Romance par 
Eugene de St. Quentin," pp. 95—97; "Notice grammaticale sur le Creole de Cayenne 
par A. de St. ^uentin," pp. 98-169; " Notes et Commentaires par Alfred de St. Quen- 
tin," pp. 171-208. 

St. Remy (D.) Stories of the Hudson River Counties. By 
Dick St. Remy. New York: G. P. Putnam. 1871. i2mo, pp. 
174. 75480 

Saint-Remy (J.) Essai sur Henri-Christophe, General Hal- 


tien, par Lc Citoyen Joseph Saint-Remy, Dcs Cayes (Haiti). 
Paris. Imp7imerie de Felix Malteste et O'. 1839. 8vo, pp. 20, and 
covers. 7548i 

Saint-Remy. Memoires du General Toussant-L'Ouverture 
ecrits par lui-meme, pouvant servir a Thistoire de sa vie, ornes 
d*un beau portrait grave par Choubard, precedes d'une Etude His- 
torique et Critique, suivis de notes et renseignements, avec un 
Appendice contenant les opinions de I'Empereur Napoleon i" sur 
les evenements de Saint-Domingue, par Saint-Remy (des Cayes, 
Haiti) ... Parh : Pagnerre. 1853. 8vo, pp. 157. Portrait. B. 

Saint-Remy. Petion et Haiti. Etude Monographique et 
Historique, par Saint-Remy (des Cayes, Haiti.) ... Paris: Chez 
rJuteur. 1854-57. 5 vols., l8mo, pp. (2), 300 ; (4), 232; (4), 
324; (4), xi, 253 ; xii, 297. Portrait. B. 75483 

The cover of vol. v. is dated 1858. 

Saint-Remy. Vie de Toussaint-L'Ouverture par Saint-Remy 
(des Cayes, Haiti). Paris: Moquet. 1850. 8vo, pp. ll, 408. 
Portrait. B. 75484 

Saint-Remy (R. Lepelletier de). De quelques essais de colo- 
nisation Europeenne sous les tropiques. (Le Kourou, la Mana, 
le Guazacoalco, Santo Tomas, de Guatemala.) ... Paris: P. Du- 
pont. 1849. 8vo, pp. 80. 75485 

For other works by this author, see Lepelletier de Saint-Remy (R.), Vol. x., Nos. 
40 1 27-40 1 29. 

Saint-Robert {^Chevalier de). Le general Rosas et la ques- 
tion de la Plata. ... Paris. 1848. 8vo, pp. 80. 75486 

Saint-Sauveur (Grasset de). Encyclopedie des Voyages, 
contenant I'abrege historique des moeurs, usages, habitudes domes- 
tiques, rehgions, fetes, supplices, funerailles, sciences, arts et com- 
merce de tous les peuples et la collection complette de leurs 
habillemens civils, militaires, religieux et dignitaires, dessines 
d'apres nature, graves avec soin et colorieS a Taquerelle. ... Paris. 
1796. 5 vols., 4to. 432 Plates. 754^7 

One volume relates entirely to America. 

Saint-Sauveur. Tableau des principaux peuples de I'Europe, 
de I'Asie, de I'Afrique, de I'Amerique et les decouvertes des capi- 
taines Cook, La Perouse, etc. ... Paris^ An VL [1798.] 4to, 
pp. 409. 75488 

For other works by the same author, itt Vol. vii., Nos. 28334-5. 


Le Saint Solitaire des Indes. ^S'^'^ [Loza (F.)], Vol. x. 42583. 

St. Stephens, Alahama. ... Reports ... Land Office. ... St. 
Stephens, ... Alabama. IVnshington : Printed hy Gales ^ Seaton. 
1828. 8vo, pp. 4. 8 folded Tables. 75489 

Constitution and By-Laws of the St. Stephens Brother- 
hood in the City of Boston. \Boston ;] Alfred Mudge dff Son.^ 
Printers. [185-.?] l2mo, pp. 14. h. 75490 

Calendar and Course of Study of St. Stephen's College, 
Annandale, for i862-'63. New York: Baker & Godwin^ Printers. 
1862. 8vo, pp. 14. 75491 

The Second Annual Catalogue of St. Stephen's College, An- 
nandale, 1863-4. Albany: J. Munsell. 1863. 8vo, pp. 16. Con- 
tinued. 75492 

Proceedings at the Laying of the Corner- Stone of the Ludlow 
and Willink Hall of St. Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y. on 
Wednesday, June 13, a.d. 1866. Published by order of the 
Trustees. Cambridge : Printed at the Riverside Press. 1866. 8vo, 
PP^ (4), 7-46. B., H. 75493 

St. Stephen's College, Annandale. The following portion of 
the Warden's Report is published in compliance with a resolution 
of the Board of Trustees. [Annandale? 1869.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

St. Tammany, Society of. See Tammany. 

St. Tammany's Magazine. No. 1-5. New York. 1821. 8vo. 

[St. Thomas {^Mother^^ See Les Ursulines de Quebec. 

An Account of the Ceremony of Laying the Corner Stone of 
St. Thomas' Church ; including the Addresses delivered on 
that Occasion, together with a Brief Statement of the Rise of 
that Church. Published bv Request of the Wardens and Vestrv. 
New-York : Printed by T. and J. Swords. 1824. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 

Report of the Committee of Investigation, of St. Thomas' 
Church, to the Congregation. New York. 1846. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Statement and Appeal of the Trustees of Sr. Thomas's 
Church, Brooklyn. New York: Printed by E. O. Jenkins. 1853. 
8vo, pp. 39. K. 75498 

:See a/so Vol. ii., No. 8310. 



Report of the St. Thomas in the East Branch Associa- 
tion of the incorporated Society for the Conversion and Relig- 
ious Instruction and Education of Negro Slaves. In the British 
West-India Islands. For the Year mdcccxxvii. By order of 
the General Meeting. Instituted loth January, 1826. Holborn^ 
London: Hoivell and Stewart. 1828. 8vo, pp. 38, (2). B. 75499 

The St. Thomas Treaty. A Series of Letters to the Boston 
Daily Advertiser. New Tork. \_Sutton^ Browne^ iff Co., Printers.^ 
1869. 8vo, pp. 24. B. 75500 

Prospectus of St. Timothy's Hall, Baltimore, Md., ... 

1846. Balt'nnore. 1846. 8vo. 75501 

Also : Programme of the Examination and Exhibition, at St. Timothy's Hall, ... 

1847. Baltimore. 1847. 8vo. Continued. 

St. Ursula. La Gloire de S. Vrsvle. See Ursula [St.) 

St. Ursula's Convent, or the Nun of Canada. Containing 
Scenes from Real Life. ... Kingston.^ Upper Canada: Printed by 
Hugh C. Thomas. 1824. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. 134; xii, lOl. 

One of the earliest books printed in Upper Canada. For an account of the work, 
ite "The Canadian Review," No. i, Montreal^ 1824. 

Saint Valier (Jean Baptiste de la Croix de Chevrieres de), 
Eveque de ^lebec. Catechisme du Diocese de Quebec, par Monr. 
Jean de la Croix de Saint Valier, Eveque de Quebec. J Paris, 
chez Urbain Coustelier. 1702. i2mo, pp. (lo), 522, (15). J.c.B. 

Very rare. Mr. Brinley's copy sold for .'?40. For other works by the same author, 
%ee Quebec (M. V Eveque de)^ Vol. xvi., Nos. 66978-66980. 

Saint Valier {^Le Sieur Joly de). See Joly de St. Valier, Vol. 
IX., Nos. 36425-30. 

Saint-Vel (O.) Hvgiene des Europeens dans les climats tro- 
picaux, des Creoles et des races colorees dans les pays temperes 
par le Dr. O. Saint- Vel ... Paris: Adrien Delahaye. 1872. i2mo, 

pp- (4), 190. (0- B- 75504 

Saint-Vel. Traite des maladies des regions intertropicales. 
Par le docteur O. Saint-Vel, ancien medecin civil a la Martinique. 
Paris. 1868. 8vo. 755^5 

Sain r-V EN ant (B.) Des colonies modernes sous la Zone 
Torride, ct particulierement de celle de Saint-Doniingue ; Ou- 
vrage dans lequel on dccouvre les causes de leurs malhcurs, et ou 
Ton developpe les veritables principes du gouvernement qui leur 


convient ; les moyens economiques de les faire arrlver prompte- 
ment a la plus grande prosperite, et de rendre le sort des Negres 
preferable a celui d'aucun peuple de I'Europe. Par M. Barre 
Saint- Venant ... Paris: Chez Brochot pere et compagnie. An X. 
(1802.) 'John Penington l^ Son^ Phlladelph'ie . 8vo, pp. (4), xvi, 
516. Folded Table. b. 75506 

Improved title of No. 3592, Vol. i. 

Saint-Victor (J. B. de). Le Voyage du Poete, poeme. Par 
J. B. de Saint-Victor, [n. p.] 1806. iimo. 7550? 

Also: L'Esperance, Poeme. ... [n. p.] 1803. izmo. The author was a native of 
Cap-Fran9ais in Saint Domingo. 

[Saint Victor (Jacques Maximilien Benjamin Bins de).] 
Lettres sur les Etats-Unis d'Amerique, ecrite en 1832 et 1833 ^^ 
adressee a M. le Comte O'Mahony. Par J. M. B. de *****. 
... Lyon et Paris: Perisse freres. 1835. 2 vols., 8vo. 755o8 

[Saint Victor.] Briefe iiber die Vereinigten Staaten von 
Nord Amerika. Geschrieben in 1832-33. Aus dem Franzosi- 
schen des Herrn von J. M. B. de *****. ... Berlin: F. Diim?nler. 
1835. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (16), 293 ; (24), 372. c. 75509 

St. Vincent (J. B. G. M. Bory de). See Bory de St. Vin- 
cent, Vol. II., No. 6438. 

St. Vincent, Island of. An Account of the Number of Slaves 
employed, and Quantity of Produce grown, on the several Estates 
in the Island of Saint Vincent and its Dependencies, from the 
Year 1801 to 1818; and from that Period to 1824, inclusive. 
Compiled from the Official Returns. Kingstown : Printed at the 
Gazette Office. 1825. 8vo, pp. (4), vii-ix, 241, i. b. 755 io 

An Almanac Calculated for the Island of St. Vincent for 1834. 
St. Vincent. [1834.] l8mo. 755^^ 

A Communication from the Governor [Sir Charles Brisbane] 
to the House of Assembly of St. Vincent, 17th August, 1826, 
enclosing Bills for Emancipating the Slaves, &c., with the reply 
thereto. London. 1826. 8vo, pp. 36. 755^2 

The Laws of the Island of St. Vincent and its Dependencies, 
from the first establishment of a Legislature to the end of the 
Year 1809. England : Printed by B. Partridge^ Bridgnorth.^ Staf- 
fordshire. 181 1. Folio. 755 '3 

A continuation to 1821 was printed, St. yincent^ 1823, folio. 



Papers relating to the Island of Saint Vincent. London. 1783. 
4to. 75514 

Probably the same as No. 2456, Vol. i. 

Annual Commencement and Distribution of Premiums at St. 
Vincent's College, Cape Girardeau, Mo., a. d. 1858. St. 
Louis : Printed at the Missouri Republican Office. 1858. 8vo, pp. 
16. Plate. 75515 

... The Calendar of the St., Xavier College, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, for the Academical Year 1844-5. Cincinnati : A. G. Spar- 
haivk^ Printer. 1845. 8vo, pp. 14. Plate. 755^6 

... The Catalogue of St. Xavier College, Cincinnati, O. for 
the Academical Year 1846-7. Cincinnati : John Hitchler^ Printer. 
1847. ^^^5 PP* ^4- ^ Plates. Continued. 755^7 

Also: ... Catalogue of the Officers and Students of St. Xavier College, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, 1863-4. Cincinnati: John P. fFalsh, Printer & Puh/isber. 1864. 8vo, pp. 22, 
(i). Continued. 

[Saintard (P.)] Essai | sur les | Colonies Francoises ; | ou | 
Discours I Politiques | sur la Nature du Gcuvernement, de la | Popu- 
lation Sc du Commerce de la Co-|lonie de S. D.|...| \^Paris F'^ 
M Dcc liv. I iimo, pp. (8), 360. BA., N. 755 18 

" By S. D. is to be understood Saint Domingue. By M. Saintard." — Barrier. Some 
copies were printed on thick paper. 

[Saintard.] Lettres d'un citoyen sur la permission de com- 
mercer dans les Colonies, annoncees pour les puissances neutres. 
Paris. 1756. 2 parts, 8vo. 755^9 

[Saintard.] Roman | Politique | sur I'etat present | des affaires 
de I'Amerique, I ou I Lettres de M***. A M***.|Sur les moyens 
d'etablir une Paix solide | & durable dans les Colonies, & la Li- | 
berte generale du Commerce exterieur. | ... \J Amsterdam et se 
trouve a Paris chez Duchesne^ | Libraire^ rue Saint Jacques^ au \ 
Temple du Gout. \ M. DCC LVi. | i2mo, pp. xlvii, 352. c, H. 

[Saintard.] Roman | politique, | sur I'etat present | des affaires 
de I'Amerique ; | ou | Lettres de M***. A M***. | Sur les moyens 
d'etablir une Paix solide $c durable | dans les Colonies, & la Liberte 
generale | du Commerce exterieur. | ... | Nouvclle Edition. | A Am- 
sterdam^ I et se trouve a Paris^ | Chez la Veuve Duchesne.^ Libraire rue 
Saint-YJacques.^ au Temple du Gout. \ M.DCC.LXXix. | i2mo, pp. 
(4), 352. B. 75521 



Sainte-Claire Deville (C.) Aper^u general du climat des 
Antilles. Par Charles Sainte-Claire Deville. \_Pans. n. d.] 8vo, 
pp. i6. 75522 

Sainte-Claire Deville. Carte de la temperature des eaux 
a la surface de la mer des Antilles du Golfe du Mexique de la 
portion de I'ocean atlantique, comprise entre les cotes meridionales 
des Etats-Unis et le 55^ degre de longitude occidentale. Par Ch. 
Sainte-Claire Deville. [Paris. iS6-fj 4to, pp. 6. Folded sheet. 

Sainte-Claire Deville. Hypsometrie des Antilles. Ex- 
trait du voyage geologique aux Antilles, et aux lies de TenerifFe 
et de Fogo. Par Ch. Sainte-Claire Deville. Paris. 1864. 4to, 
pp. 52. 75524 

Sainte-Claire Deville. Observations sur le tremblement 
de terre eprouve a la Guadeloupe le 8 fevrier 1843. ^^^ Sainte- 
Claire Deville. Paris. 1851. 4to, pp. 56. 755^5 

Sainte-Claire Deville. Recherches sur les principaux 
phenomenes de meteorologie et de physique terrestre aux Antilles. 
Par Ch. Sainte-Claire Deville. Tome i. Comprenant 1° Obser- 
vations sur le tremblement de terre du 8 fevrier 1843. ^° ^^'' 
bleaux meteorologiques. Paris : Librairie Gide. 1861. 4to, pp. 
323. Folded Map. 755^6 

No more published. 

Sainte-Claire Deville. Reflexions au sujet du tremble- 
ment de terre eprouve aux Antilles, le 8 fevrier 1843. ^'^^ ^^• 
Sainte-Claire Deville. Paris, i860. 8vo, pp. 17. ISS^l 

Sainte-Claire Deville. Voyage Geologique aux Antilles 
et aux lies de TenerifFe et de Fogo. Par Ch. Sainte-Claire De- 
ville. ... Paris : Librairie Gide. 1848-49. Rl. 4to, tome I., pre- 
miere partie, pp. (4), 440; seconde partie, pp. (4), 234; tome 11., 
pp. (8), 40. 31 Plates, Maps and Tables. 755^8 

The second volume was not completed. Also: Carte de la portion S. O. de I'ile de 
la Guadeloupe levee en 1842 Par Ch. Sainte-Claire Deville, 1855. Gravee par Erhard- 
Schieble. Parti: Gide et J. Baudry. 1855. Folio. See also Deville (C), Vol. v., 
No. 19820. 

Sainte-Claire Duport. See Duport (S. C), Vol. vi. 21 391. 
[Sainte-Croix (Guillaume Emmanuel Joseph Guilhem de 

Clermont-Lodeve, Baron de), 
nies, I des | Anciens Peuples. 

De rEtat|et|du Sort | des | Colo- 
Ouvrage dans lequel on traite du 

gouvernement | des anciennes republiques, de leur droit public, 


&c. avec des observations sur les Colonies des| Nations modernes, 
& la conduite des Anglois | en Amcnque. \ Phila^^/e/phit' '[Pnris f^. | 

M. DCC. LXXIX. I 8vo, pp. xiv, 336. BA., C. 75529 

[Sainte-Croix.] De L'Etat et du Sort des Colonies des An- 
ciens Peuples. Ouvrage dans lequel on traite du gouvernement 
des anciennes republiques, de leur droit public, &c. avec des 
observations sur les Colonies des Nations modernes, & la conduite 
des Anglois en Amerique. Tverdon. m.dcc.lxxix. 8vo, pp. xiv, 

33^- P- 75530 

[Sainte-Croix.] Dello Stato e della sorte delle Colonic degli 
Antichi popoli. Opera nella quale si tratta del governo delle 
antiche Republiche ec. Con delle observazioni su le colonic 
delle nazioni moderne e la condotto degli Inglesi in America. 
Filadeljia. A spese della societa stecchi e del-vivo. mdcclxxx. 8vo, 
pp. 278. Table. j.c.b. 75531 

[Sainte-Croix.] Histoire des Progres de la Puissance Na- 
vale de I'Angleterre ; suivie d'Observations sur I'acte de naviga- 
tion et de pieces justificatives. Tverdon. 1783. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Sainte-Croix. Histoire des Progres de la Puissance Navale 
de I'Angleterre ... Par le Baron de Sainte-Croix. Nouvelle edi- 
tion ... augmentee. Paris^ chex Dehure. 1786. 2 vols., i2mo, 
pp. vii, 491; 492. s. 75533 

[Sainte-Cr9IX.] Observations sur le Traite de Paix conclu 
a Paris, le 10 fevrier, 1763, entre la France, TEspagne et I'An- 
gleterre, relativement aux interets de ces puissances dans la guerre 
presente. Amsterdam \\. ^. Yverdon\. 1780. i2mo. ^-75534 

Sainte-Croix (Carloman Louis Francois Felix Renouard de), 
Marquis. De la Fabrication du sucre aux colonies fran^aises et 
des ameliorations a y apporter. Par le Marquis de Sainte-Croix, 
proprietaire a la Martinique. Paris. 1844. 8vo. 75535 

Sainte-Croix. Emancipation des Esclaves aux Colonies fran- 
^aiscs, Memoire presente au Gouvernement par M. le marquis de 
Sainte-Croix. ... Paris: Louis Rosier. 1835. 8vo, pp. (4), viii, 
31. B. 75536 

Sainte-Croix. Statistique de la Martinique, ornee d'une 
carte de cette ile ; avec les Documens Authentiques de sa Popu- 
lation, de son Commerce, de sa consommation annuelle et de ses 
revenus, etc. Par M. F. R. de Sainte-Croix. Paris : Chaumerot. 

322 SALA. 

1832. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), X, 366; (4), 340. Map and 12 
Tables. c, s. 75537 

Saintes (A.) L*Homme, sa haute Antiquite, son origine et 
le probleme de I'Unite de sa Race ; Trois Etudes Critiques, par 
Amand Saintes. Paris. 1867. 8vo, pp. 114. 7553^ 

Saintete de Christophe Colomb Resume des meritcs de ce 
serviteur de Dieu Traduit de I'ltalien. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 

24- 75539 

Sainthorent {M.) Corps Legislatif. Conseil des Cinq- 
Cents. Rapport fait par Sainthorent, au nom de la commission 
des colonies, composee des citoyens Gregoire, Eschasseriaux aine, 
Lyon, Bergoing, Dabray, Porte, Salicetti, Sainthorent. Seance 
du 9 Vendemiaire an 6. ...J Paris^ de V Impr'uner'ie Nationale. 
Vend'emiaire an 6. [1798.] 8vo, pp. 8. 75540 

Sainthill i^Mr^ Suggestions for a Medal to Record the 
Discovery of the Passage by the North Pole. ... Cork. \_Privately 
printed.'] 1856. 8vo. 75541 

Title from a bookseller's catalogue. 

Saintine (X. B.), pseudon. [/. e. Joseph Xavier Boniface]. 
Seul ! Par X.-B. Saintine ... Paris Librairie de L. Hachette et 
0> 1857 i2mo. + Deuxieme edition. [/^/V.] 1858. i2mo, 
PP- (4), 484- ^' 75542 

An account of the life of Alexander Selkirk. 

[Saintine.] The Solitary of Juan Fernandez ; or, the Real 
Robinson Crusoe. By the author of Picciola. Translated from 
the French by Anne T. Wilbur. Boston : Ticknor^ Reed^ and 
Fields. MDCCCLI. l2mo, pp. vii, 141. B., C, L. 75543 

The Saints' Harp : A Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs 
for Public and Private Devotion. ... Piano., III. 1870. 24mo, pp. 
vi, 792. 75544 

The Saints' Jubilee, A Satire. Respectfully dedicated to all 
the "Saints," in and out of the Freedmen's Bureau. ... Second 
Edition. Matt R. Cullen^ St. Louis^ Mo. [1866.?] i2mo, pp. 
24. H. 75545 

Sala (G. a.) My Diary in America, in the Midst of War. 
By George Augustus Sala ... London: Tinsley Brothers. 1865. 
2 vols., 8vo, pp. (10), 424; vi, 425. B., ba. -I- Second Edition, 
revised. [^Ibid.] 1865. 2 vols., 8vo. 7554^ 


Sala. Under the Sun. Essays mainly written in hot Coun- 
tries. By George Augustus Sala. London : Tinsley Brothers. 
1872. 8vo, pp. xix, 395. c. 75547 

Sala (J.) Ilustracion del Derecho Real de Espaiia. Por 
Don Juan Sala. ... Valencia. 1803. 2 vols., 8vo. -{- Segunda 
edicion, corregida y adicionada por su autor y arregladas las citas 
de leyes a la novissima Recopilacion ... Madrid. 1820. 2 vols., 
sm. 4to. -\- Mejico. 1831-33. 3 vols., 8vo. -\- Mexico. 1852. 
2 vols., sm. 8vo. 75548 

Sala. Sala Adicionado, 6 Ilustracion del Derecho Espanol, 
afiadidas por primera vez todas las novedades que se han introdu- 
cido en nuestra legislacion hasta el dia. ... Valencia. 1844. 2 
vols., sm. 8vo. c. 75549 

Sala. Sala Hispano-Chileno, 6 Ilustracion del Derecho Es- 
panol. Por Don Juan Sala. ... Paris. 1845. ^ vols., sm. 8vo. 

Sala. Sala Hispano-Mejicano, d Ilustracion del Derecho Es- 
paiiol. ... Afiadidas las variaciones que ha recibido hasta el dia, 
tanto en Espana como en la Republica Mejicana por dos juriscon- 
sultos peninsulares Bajo la direccion de Don Vicente Salva. ... 
Paris. 1844. 2 vols., sm. 8vo. 7555 1 

Sala. Sala Mexicano, 6 srea La Ilustracion al Derecho Real 
de Espana. Por Don Juan Sala. ... Mexico. 1845-49. 4 vols., 
8vo. c. 75552 

Salad for the Social. ) 

[ See [Saunders (F.)] 
Salad for the Solitary. J 

La Salade. [1527.] See [La Salle (A. de)]. Vol. x. 391 10. 

Salas (Diego Arellano y). Sermon dogmatico, predicado en 
el solemne Auto de Fe, que celebrd el Tribunal de la Inquisicion 
de Mexico alio 1659. ... Mexico.^ por Calder on. 1659. 4to. 

Title from Beristain. 

Salas (Petro de). Thesaurus Poetarum ... Mexici., apud F. 
Robledo. 1 64 1. 4to. -|- Liber Secundus. Mexici. 1641. 4to. 

Salas y Quiroga (J. de). El Dios del Siglo. Novela origi- 
nal de costumbres contemporaneas. Por J. de Salas y Quiroga. 
Mexico. 1853. 8vo. 75555 



Salas y Valdes (J. B.) Meritos contraidos a la Iglesia Cuz- 
quena y servicios prestados a la patria por el primer racionero mas 
antiguo de la Santa Iglesia Catedral, D. Juan B. Salas y Valdes. 
CwLco. 1864. 4to. 7555^ 

Salazar (A. de). Inventaire General des plus curieuses 
recherches des Royaumes d'Espagne ... Paris. 16 12. 4to. 

Contains an account of the rents received by the King of Spain, from his possessions 
in the Indies. 

Salazar (Antonio). Elogio del Principe de los Apdsteles, S, 
Pedro ... Mexico. 1708. 4to. 7555^ 

Salazar. Panegirico en la solemne Proclamacion del Prin- 
cipe de Asturias D. Luis l. ... Mexico.^ por Ribera. 17 13. 4to. 

Salazar. Sermon de Rogativa por el feliz parto de la Sere- 
ni'sima Reina de Espafia, Dona Maria Luisa de Saboya ... Mexico.^ 
por Lupercio. 1707. 4to. 755^0 

Titles from Beristain. 

Salazar (Antonio Cardenas). Alegacion en Derecho por el 
que asiste al Seminario Conciliar de Oaxaca en el pleito con los 
Religiosos que administran las Doctrinas de aquel Obispado ... 
Mexico. [164-?] Folio. 755^1 

Title from Beristain. 

Salazar (Antonio M.) Coleccion de Memorias, y Noticias 
del Gobierno General y Politico del Consejo ; lo que observa en 
el despacho de los negocios, que le competen ; los que correspon- 
den a cada una de sus Salas. ... Madrid. 1764. Folio. c. 

Salazar (C. Carlos). Memoria de la secretaria jeneral de 
estado del supremo gobierno de Guatemala, en la federacion de 
Centro-America, sobre todos los ramos de la administracion pub- 
lica. Presentada a la legislatura de 1837. Guatemala.^ Imprenta 
de la Acadejnia de dencias. [1837.] Folio, pp. 26. 6 Tables, I 1. 

Dated, "Guatemala, 23 de Febrero de 1837." 

Salazar (Francisco). Testamento y Codicilo de Cristo Ntro. 
Sr. : y Testamento y Transito al Cielo de su SSma. Madrc, en 
Verso castellano ... Mexico., por Rodrigue'z. Lupercio. 1668. 4to. 

Title from Beristain. 

Salazar (Francisco Cervantes). [Commentaria in Ludo\ ici 
Vivos Exercitationcs Lingure Latinae. Mexici^ apud Joannem 
Paulum Brisensem. 1554. Title of the second part, recto of folio 



228:] Francisci I Ccruantis Sala-|zari Toletai, ad | Ludouici Viuis 
I ValentinI exer| citationem, a|liquot Dia | logi. | 1554. | [Colo- 
phon :] bripositvs est Jinis\ huic operi^ anno ah asserto in liher-\ tatem 
genere humano^ tnille- \ s'uno quingentessimo | quinquagessimo | quarto. 
Die I vero | sexta : mensis \ Nouem \ bris. | . . . | Sm. 8 vo, leaves 290, (4). 

The first title and two other leaves are lacking in the only known copy, described by 
Sefior Icazbalceta in his " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi.," pp. 47-48. Prefixed 
is a title in manuscript, which is given above enclosed in brackets. The work of Vives, 
with the intercalated commentary of Cervantes Salazar, begins on the fourth leaf and 
ends on folio 227, verso blank. The second part of the volume contains the dialogues 
of Cervantes Salazar, which begin with a new title on folio 228, and end on folio 290. 
The first four dialcgues were written in Spain. The last three, beginning on the verso 
of folio 247, were written in Mexico, and are entitled : i, " Academia Mexicana," con- 
taining a description of the University of Mexico, founded in the previous year; 2, 
"Civitas Mexicus interior," giving an account of the city of Mexico; and 3, " Mexicus 
Exterior," or an account of the suburbs. The four unnumbered leaves at the end con- 
tain an epistle of Alfonso Gomez, a list of errata for each one of the two parts, an 
epistle of the printer Juan Pablos, and the colophon. For a biographical sketch of the 
author, who was professor in the University of Mexico, see Icazbalceta, pp. 49-60. 
The three dialogues relating to Mexico were reprinted as follows : 

Salazar. Mexico en 1554 Tres Dialogos Latinos que 
Francisco Cervantes Salazar escribid e imprimid en Mexico en 
dicho aiio. Los reimprime, con traduccion Castellana y notas, 
Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta ... Mexico Antigua Lihreria de An- 
drade y Morales,^ Portal de Agustinos num. 3. 1875. 8vo, pp. 1, (2), 
344, and covers. L. 75566 

Of this handsome edition, one hundred and sixty-five copies were printed on ordinary 
paper, and fifteen copies on large paper. A notice of the author and his work fills the 
first twenty-five pages, and a bibliography, pp. 323-344. 

Salazar. Obras q Francisco | Ceruantes de Salazar ha hecho, 
I glossado, y traduzido. | \ La primera es vn Dialogo de la dignidad 
I del hombre donde por manera de disputa se | trata de las gradezas 
y marauillas que ay | en el hobre, y por el cotrario de sus trabajosj 
y miserias, come9ado por el maestro Oliua, | y acabado por fra- 
cisco Ceruates de salazar. | ([ La segunda es el Appologo de la 
ociosi- I dad y cl trabajo intitulado Labricio Por-|tundo, donde se 
trata con marauilloso estilo|delos grandes males de la ociosidad, y 
por I el contrario de los prouechos y bienes del | trabajo, Compuesto 
por el Protonotario | Luys Mexia glosado y moralizado por fra- | 
cisco Ceruantes de Salazar. | ([ La tercera esla introducion y 
camino pa | ra la sabiduria dodc se declara que cosa sea, | y se ponen 
grandes auisos para la vida hu|mana, compuesta en latin por el 
excelC'tc va-|ron, Luys viues buclta en Castcllano, con | muchas 
adiciones que al proposito hazian | por Francisco Ceruantes de Sala- 
zar. I ([ Con priuilegio. | [Colophon of the third part :] hnprimiasse 


en Alcala de Henares \ en casa de lud de Brocar^ en el \ am de nra sal- 
uac'w de mil \ y quinietos., y quaren \ ta y seys anos [1546], | en el mes 
de\Mayo.\ 3 parts in one volume, 4to. s.l.m.b., bm. 75567 

Collation : Woodcut title, i leaf; " Dialogo de la dignidad del hombre," leaves (13), 
LXXX ; " Appologo de la ociosidad y el trabajo intitulado Labricio Portundo," title in red 
and black and leaves (10), i blank, lxix, (i); " Introducion y camino para la sabi- 
duria," title and leaves (i), iii-liv, (i). 

The above title is from Harrisse ("Bib. Am. Vet.," Additions, No. 158). That 
given in the British Museum catalogue differs slightly as fellows: **Obras q Francisco 
Ceruantes de Salazar a hecho, glosado, y traduzido. La primera es el Appologo de la 
ociosidad y el trabajo, intitulado Labricio Portundo ... La segunda es un dialogo dela 
dignidad del hombre ... La tercera es la introducion y camino para la sabiduria," etc. 
Each one of the three parts has a separate colophon, dated about one month apart. 
The only part of this work relating in any way to America is the dedicatory " Epistola 
al muy illustre seflor do Hernando Cortes Marques del valle descubridor y conquistador 
de la nueua Espafta," filling nine pages at the beginning. 

Salazar. Obras que Francisco Cervantes de Salazar ha 
hecho, glosado y traducido. La primera es un Dialogo de la 
Dignidad del Hombre, donde por manera de disputa se trata de 
las grandezas y maravillas que hay en el Hombre, y por el con- 
trario de sus trabajos y miserias, comenzado por el Maestro Oliva, 
y acabado por Francisco Cervantes de Salazar. La segunda es el 
Apdlogo de la Ociosidad y el Trabajo, intitulado Labricio Por- 
tundo, donde se trata con maravilloso estilo de los grandes males 
de la Ociosidad, y por el contrario de los provechos y bienes del 
Trabajo. Compuesto por el Protonotario Luis Mexia, glosado y 
moralizado por Francisco Cervantes de Salazar. La tercera es la 
Introduccion y Camino para la Sabiduria, donde se declara que 
cosa sea, y se ponen grandes avisos para la vida humana, com- 
puesta en latin por el excelente varon Luis Vives, vuelta al cas- 
tellano con muchas adiciones que al proposito hacian, por Fran- 
cisco Cervantes de Salazar. ... Madrid^ en casa de D. Antonio de 
Sancha. 1772. 4 parts in one vol. 4to. bm. 75568 

Edited by Don Francisco Cerda y Rico. To this edition was added the Latin text of 
Vives, and the " Discurso de Ambrosio de Morales sobre la lengua Castellana." Some 
copies were printed on large paper. 

[Salazar.] Tvmvlo Imperial | dela gran ciudad de Mexico. | 
[Royal arms.] | En Mexico. \ Por Antonio de Espinosa\ 1 560. | Sm. 
4to, leaves (2), 26. Folded Plate. 75569 

By Francisco Cervantes de Salazar. The text begins with the following heading : 
"Tiimulo Imperial, a las Obsequias del invictisimo Cesar Carlos quinto. Hecho en la 
insigne y muy leal cibdad de Mexico, por mandado del Ilustrisimo Visorrey de la Nueva 
Espafia." The only known copy of this interesting account of the remarkable Tumulo 
or memorial building erected to the memory of Charles the Fifth is slightly imperfect. 
It is reprinted in Icazbalceta's " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi.," pp. 97-121, with 
a facsimile of the title, from which the above is taken. 



Salazar (Gonzalo). Elogio funcbrc del jovcn cclesiastico D. 
Fernando dc Cdrdova y Hocanegra. ... Mexico. [1590?] 410. 

Title from Beristain. 

Salazar (J. A. L.) Viiidicacion del Lie. D. Jose Antonio 
Lopez Salazar, promotor fiscal de la curia eclesiastica, y Diligen- 
cias jiidiciales con que se termind la causa criminal seguida contra 
Juan Pablo Ortega y su muger Ignacio Fortanell, por las calum- 
nias y falsas imputaciones con que habian intentado infamar al 
mismo Lie. Lopez. Las publica su discipulo Jose Maria Casa- 
sola para satisfaccion de sus amigos. Mexico: 1828. Imprenta de 
Galvan^ a cargo de Mariano Arevalo. 8vo, pp. 16. IS^l^ 

Salazar (J. M.) La Colombiada d Colon, el amor a la patria 
y otras poesias liricas. Por Jose M. Salazar. Caracas. 1852. 
8vo, pp. X, 192. Portrait of Columbus. l^^l'^ 

Salazar. Ensayo literario sobre el Libertador de America, 
Simon Bolivar. Por Jose Maria Salazar. \Caracas? 186-?] 
8vo, pp. 31. 75573 

Salazar. Obras escojidas de Jose Maria Salazar. Caracas. 
1864. 8vo, pp. 32. 75574 

Salazar. Observaciones sobre las reformas politicas de Co- 
lombia. Por J. M. Salazar, ll.d. ... Filadelfia : Imprenta de 
Guillelmo Stavely. 1828. 8vo, pp. 54. B., M., P. 75575 

Salazar. Observations on the Political Reforms of Colom- 
bia. By J. M. Salazar, ll.d. ... Translated from the Manu- 
script by Edward Barry. Philadelphia: William Stavely. 1828. 
8vo, pp. 47. B., M. 75576 

[Salazar (Joseph de).] Crisis del Ensayo | A La | Historia 
de la Florida. | Impressa en Alcala de Henares. \ Aho de m.dccxxv. | 
4to, pp. 55. Sig. A-G. L., N. 75577 

"A severe criticism on Barcia's * Ensayo chronologico,' etc., 1723, ... written by the 
historiographer of Spain and the Indies, Don Joseph de Salazar, author of several works 
of no great merit, who was evidently jealous of Barcia's superior qualifications for his 
own employment." — Rich. The second leaf begins with the heading : " Crisis Facil, 
y Evidcnte del | Ensayo Chronologico, para la Historia de la | Florida, publicado con el 
nombre de Don Gabriel | de Cardenas. Z. Cano, y escrito por un Academi-|co de la Real 
Academica Espanola, a quien se la | remite el Autor con el siguientc Papel, que sirve | de 
Prologo." This ends on the next page with the signature, " Un Forastero," and is fol- 
lowed on page 5 by the text. Title furnished by Dr. George H. Moore. 

Salazar (Juan). La Vida del amor de Cristo esculpida en el 


Corazon de Santa Teresa de Jesus ... Puebla^ por Ortega. 1737. 
4to. 75578 

Also: Llave Real del Cielo ... Mexico, por Hoga/. 1738. 410. Titles from Beris- 

Salazar (Juan). Sermon funeral en las Honras del Dr. D. 
Pedro Bernardino Primo y Jordan, Alferez y Decano del Nobilf- 
simo Auyuntamiento de la Ciudad de Queretaro ... Mexico. 
1759. 4to. 75579 

Title from Beristain. 

Salazar (Juan de la Rynaga). See Rynaga Salazar (J. de la), 
Nos. 74599, 74600, supra. 

Salazar (Juan Jose). Oracion panegirica en celebridad de la 
ereccion en Metropolitana de la Iglesia de Guatemala ... Mexico.^ 
por Rib era. 1747. 4to. 755^0 

Also: La Piedra fundamental del Sacrosanto Cuerpo de Jesucristo ... Guatemala, 
1754. 4to. Titles from Beristain. 

Salazar (J. J. de). Vida del V. P. Alonso Messia de la 
Compania de Jesus, fervoroso missionero, y director de almas en 
la ciudad de Lima. Por P. Juan Joseph de Salazar, de la Com- 
pania de Jesus. Impressa en Lima.^ en la Imprenta nueva. 1 733. 
4to, leaves (16), 187, (3). 75581 

Salazar (M. M.) Bosquejo de la Historia Eclesiastica para 
el Colegio de Na. Sa. de Guadalupe, destinado a la instruccion 
media por Manuel M. Salazar. Lima. 1865. i8mo, pp. 252. 

Also numerous educational works. 

Salazar (Nicolas). Alegacion juridica por D. Miguel Perez 
de Santa Cruz, Marques de Buenavista, contra D. Mateo Morales 
Chofre, del Orden de Santiago ... Mexico.^ por Ribera Calderon. 
1714. Folio. 75583 

Salazar. Alegacion en favor de la Fabrica espiritual de la 
Iglesia Catedral de Megico en el pleito con el Capitan D. Andres 
Patino, Albacea de S. Arzobispo Ortega Montafies ... Mexico.^ 
por Rodriguez Calderon. 17 14. Folio. 755^4 

Salazar. Alegacion por el Dr. y Mtro. D. Agustin Cabanas, 
Candnigo Lectoral de la Metropolitana de Megico, y Catedratico 
de Prima de la Universidad en el Pleito con el Capitan D. Lucas 
Careaga, del Orden de Santiago, sobre la fianza de once mil pesos 
... Mexico.^ por Calderon. 17 15. Folio. 755^5 

Titles from Beristain. 



Salazar (R.) Oracion Funebre, que en las solemnes exe- 
quias del Seiior Prcshitero Beneficiado Dr. D. J. Desiderio de la 
yuadro ... pronuncid el Seiior Presbitero Dean D. Remijio Sala- 
zar ... 5 dc Octubre de 1849. [^^<?«- 1849.] 4^^? PP- ^2. 

Salazar de Mazarredo (Josef). Instrucciones y Senales 
para el Regimen y Maniobras de Escuadra ... Mexico. 1825. 
8vo. c. 75587 

Salazar de Mendoza (P.) Monarquia de Espana, desde su 
Origen hasta 1623, cscrita por el Doctor D. Pedro Salazar de 
iMendoza ... publicala D. Barth. Ulloa ... . Madrid: Ibarra. 
1770-71. 3 vols., sm. folio. Portrait, Genealogical Table, and 
4 Plates of Coins. c. 75588 

The third volume contains : " Historia de la vida y hechos del inclito monarca D. 
Felipe Tercero," by Gil Gonzalez Davila. 

Salazar M^xiscatzin Citlalpopoca (Nicolas). Consultas 
Morales ... Puehla^ por Ortega. 1718. 8vo. 755^9 

Also : Directorio de Confesores principiantes y de nuevos Ministros del Sacramento de 
la Penitencia ... Puebla^ por Ortega. 17 15. 8vo. Titles from Beristain. 

Salazar Munatones (Lorenzo). Panegirico de S. Fernando 
III. de Castilla en las solemnes fiestas de su Beatificacion, cele- 
bradas en la Catedral de la Puebla ... Mexico.^ por Calderon. 1672. 
4to. 75590 

Salazar Munatones. Sermon panegirico de la peregrina 
Imagen de Jesus Nazarcno del Hospital de la Concepcion de 
Megico, que fundo cl inclito Conquistador D. Hernando Cortes, 
Marques del Valle. ... Mexico.^ por Calderon. 1664. 4to. 

Titles from Beristain. 

Salazar Varona (Jose). Elogio del glorioso Martir S.^Pedro 
de Verona. ... Puebla. 1661. 4to. 7559^ 

Title from Beristain. 

Salazar y Cordoba. Memorial de las historias del Nuevo 
Mondo del Peru y excellencias de la Ciudad de Lima ... Madrid. 
1639. 4to. ' 75593 

Title from Ternaux, No. 590. Evidently an error. See Salinas y Cordova (B.) 

Salazar y Olarte (L de). Historia | de la Conquista de 
Mexico, I poblacion, y progresos | de la America Septentrional, | 
Conocida por el nombre dc Nueva Espana. | Segunda parte. | Escri- 
viala I Don Ignacio dc Salazar y Olarte. | Dedicada | Al Rey N. 

VOL. xviu. %i 



Senor, |por mano | del excelentissimo Senor|Conde del Montijo, | 
Su Presidente de Indias, &c. | Con Pr'ivllegio. | hnpresso en Cordoba^ 
en la Imprenia \ de D. Gonzalo Antonio Serrano^\por Fernando de Ros. \ 
[1743.] Folio, pp. (40), 474. H. 75594 

This work was written as a continuation of Antonio de Solis's history of the conquest 
oi Mexico, and for that reason is called " Segunda parte." " Salazar's continuation of 
Solis has neither the beauty and style of language of the latter, nor any redeeming merit 
as a historical composition. The language ii inflated and bombastic. The editor of 
the second edition acknowledges the inferiority of the work, but alleges as an apology 
for reprinting it, the want of something better to complete the work of Solis." — 

Salazar y Olarte. Histoiia de la Conquista de Mexico, 
poblacion y piogresos de la America Septentrional, conocida por 
el nombre de Nueva Espana. Segunda parte. Escribiala Don 
Ignacio de Salazar y Olarte. Dedicada al Rev N^'o- Senor por 
mano del Exc"io. S"-- Conde del Montijo, su Presidente de Indias, 
&c. Segunda Edicion. En Madrid: Am de mdcclxxxvi. En 
la Imprenta de Benito Cam. Folio, pp. {36), 472. j.c.B. 75595 

Salazar y Torres (Agustin). La Citara de Apolo. [In 
verse.] ... Madrid^ por Antonio Gonzalez, de Reyes. 1694. 2 vols., 
4to. 75596 

Salazar y Torres. Descripcion en Verso castellano de la 
entrada publica en Megico del Excmo. Sr. Duque de Albur- 
querque, su Virev ... Mexico., por Hipolito Ribera. 1653. 4to. 

Titles from Beristain. The author was born in 164.2, came to Mexico when very 
young, and died in 1675. 

Salazar y Zevallos (Alonzo Eduardo de). See Vol. x., 
No. 41093. 

Salazar Ylarregui (Jose). Datos de los trabajos astrono- 
micos y topograficos, dispuestos en forma de diario ... Mexico. 
1850. 8vo. 75598 

Salceda (Pablo). Elogio de S. Juan de Dios ... Mexico., por 
Ribera. 1652. 4to. 75599 

Title from Beristain. 

Salcedo (Bruno Diaz). Division de la Ciudad de S. Luis 
Potosi en Quarteles, ereccion de Alcaldes, y Ordenanzas para su 
Gobierno y Policia. ... Mexico., por Ontiveros. i'J()6. Folio. 

Salcedo (Juan de Dios). Elogio funebre del Ilust. Sen. D. 
Francisco Xavier de Aldazaal dignissimo obispo de Santa Cruz de 
la Sierra ... Lima. 18 12. 4to. 75601 


Salcedo (M.) Informe sobre los proyectos de ley de suprc- 
sion de diczmos y obvenciones parroquiales ... Lima. 1856. 4to, 
pp. 27. 75602 

Salcedo (Mateo). Emblemas yeroglificas y poesias con que 
fiie recibido en Mexico el Marques de Villena. Puebla de Los 
Jngelos. 1639. 4to. 75^3 

Title from Tcrnaux, No. 593. Probably the same as the following: 

Salcedo. Emblemas de los Geroglificos y Poesias con que 
fue recibido en la Ciudad de la Puebla el Virey de la Nueva 
Espana, Marques de Villena. ... Puebla. 1640. 410. 75604 

Title from Beristain. 

Salcedo (Matias). Notas, Adiciones y Correcciones al Te- 
soro de Medicina del Ven. Gregorio Lopez ... Mexieo. 1674. 
4to. 75605 

Salcedo Fita (Juan). La Escuela de la razon : Enio instru- 
ido. ... Puebla.^ por Ortega. 1725. 4to. 75606 

Also: Descripcion del Fenix renacido ... Puebla^ por Ortega. i']2j. 4to. Titles 
from Beristain. 

Salda5Ja (Antonio Murcia). Ayes de la Aguila Mexicana en 
la muerte de su Virey el Sr. Bailio Frey D. Antonio Maria Buca- 
reli y Ursua ... Mexico. 1779. 8vo. 75^7 

Title from Beristain, who remarks : '* Pero se cree que el verdadero autor fue D. 
Manuel Antonio Valdes." 

Saldana (Ignacio). La Penitente Paloma, 6 Gemebunda 
Mava. Sermon funebre en las exequias, que el observantissimo 
convento de San Juan de la Penitencia de Mexico, hija la Ven. 
Madre sor Sebastiana Joscpha de la Santissima Trinidad, 21 de 

Nov. 1757. Alexico. 1758. 4to, pp. 24. 75608 

Title from an English catalogue. Beristain gives the title as follows: La Paloma 
Penitente : Elogio funebre de la V. M. Sebastiana Josefa de la SSma. Trinidad, Rcli- 
gioea ejemplarisima del Convento de S. Juan de la Penitencia de Megico ... Mexico. 
1758. 8vo. 

SaldaRa y Ortega (A. de). Christo Rey seguido y perse- 
guido de las turbas Hebreas, (Dos Sermones) predicado 23 de 
Marzo y 18 de Mayo de 1698 ... Por el Lie. D. Antonio de 
Saldana y Ortega, Natural de la Ciudad de los Angeles. Mexico^ 
por J. y. Guillena Carascoso. 1698. 4to, 36 leaves. 75^09 

Saldana y Ortega. Elogio funebre del Dr. D. Pedro Ota- 
lora y Carvajal, Arcediano de la Catedral de Antequera de Oajaca. 
... Puebla .^ por Fernandex Leon. 1 69 1. 4to. 756 lO 



SaldaRa y Ortega. Sermon en la Dedicacion de un Tem- 
plo nuevo de Oajaca ... Puebla, 1692. 4to. 75^'' 

Saldana y Ortega. Sermon en la Dedicacion de la Iglesia 
de S. Agustin de Oajaca ... Mexico. 1699. 410. 75612 

Also: Dos Sermones de Entrada y Profesion de una Religiosa ... Mexico ^ for Car- 
rascoso. 1697. 4to. — Elogio del Apostol S. Pedro ... Puebla, por Villareal. 1695. 
4to. — Elogio de la Congregacion Hospitabria de los Belemitas ... Mexico, por Rihera. 
1697. 4to. — Elogio de la Nueva Orden Religiosa de Belemitas ... Mexico. 1708. 
4to. — Panegirico en honra de la Primera Persona de la Trinidad Beatisima ... Mexico, 
por Ortega. 1 72 1. 4to. — Sermones de Ramos y de Pentecostes ... Mexico, por Car- 
rascoso. 1698. 4to. — Sermon de las Necesidadcs que padecio Maiia SSma. en la muertc 
de su Hijo ... Mexico, por Carrascoso. 1715. 4to> 17 leaves. — Sermon de las Penas 
del Purgatorio ... Mexico, por Rihera. 171 8. 4to. 

Titles from Beristain. 

Saldanha (Jose de la Natividad). Discurso teoldgico-politico 
sobre la tolerancia en que se acusa y refuta el escrito titulado " La 
Serpiente de Moises." ... Caracas. 1826. 8vo, pp. 15. 75613 

Saldanha da Gama (J.) Escriptos ao povo por Joao de 
Saldanha da Gama. Rio de "Janeiro. 1868. 8vo, pp. 78. 75614 

Saldanha da Gama (J. de). Biographia e Aprecia^ao dos 
Trabalhos do Botanico Brasileiro Frei Jose Marianno da Concei- 
930 Velloso por Jose de Saldanha da Gama. Rio de Janeiro: 
Typ. de Pinheiro cff C. 1869. 8vo, pp. 175. H. 756 1 5 

Saldanha da Gama. Biographia e Aprecia^ao dos Trabal- 
hos do Botanico Brasileiro Frei Leandro do Sacramento por Jose 
de Saldanha da Gama ... Rio de Janeiro : Typ. de Pinheiro & C. 
1870. 8vo, pp. 56. 75616 

Saldanha da Gama. Cartas sobre botanica por Jose de 
Saldanha da Gama ... Rio de Janeiro: Typographia do Imperial 
Instituto Artistico. 1870. 4to, pp. 43. 7 5^ ^7 

Saldanha da Gama. Configura^ao e Descrip^ao de Todos 
OS Orgaos Fundamentaes das principaes madeiras de cerne e bran- 
cas da Provincia do Rio de Janeiro e suas Applica9oes na Engen- 
haria, Industria e Medicina por Jose de Saldanha da Gama Filho 
... Primeiro Volume. Rio de Janeiro: Typographia de J. J. 
Pontes. 1864 [1865 on cover]. 8vo, pp. 155, (2). Folded Table. 

Also : Desenhos dos Vegetaes que acham se descriptos no i^ volume da obra Ccnfigu- 
ra9ao ■... Rio de yaneiro : Typographia do Imperial Instituto Artistico. [1864.] 4to. 12 
Plates. H. 

Saldanha da Gama. Configura^ao e Estudo Botanico dos 
Vegetaes Seculares da Provincia do Rio de Janeiro e de outros 



Pontes do Brasil por Jose de Saldanha da Gama ... Segunda 
Parte. Rio de "Janeiro: Typographia Universal de Laemmert. 1872. 
8vo, pp. (4), 65. H. 75619 

Saldanha da Gama. Synonymia de diversos vegetaes do 
Brasil feita segundo os dados colhidos no imperio, e na Exposi^ao 
Universal de Paris, em 1867 por Jose de Saldanha da Gama ... 
Rio de Janeiro : Typographia Universal de Laemmert. 1868. 4I0, 
pp. 3^- H. 75620 

Salduendo (Francis Xavier). Los sietc angeles del Apoca- 
lypsis en sicte sermones de los siete miercoles de Quaresma ... 
Lima^ A. de Joseph de Contreras. 1695. 4to. 7562 1 

Sale and Separation of a Family. Leeds Antislavery Series No. 
41. [n. p. n. d.] i2mo, i leaf. 75622 

Salem (Ahab)., pseudon. See [Murray (James)], Vol. xii., 
No. 51508. 

Salem, Massachusetts. Abstract of the Bill of Mortality for 
the Town of Salem from the ist of January, 1818, to the 31st 
of December, 1818, inclusive. Salem. 1819. Folio, i leaf. 
Continued. h. 75623 

Account of the Celebration of the Two Hundredth Annivers- 
ary of the First Settlement of Salem. Salem. 1828. Folio, i 1. 

Account of the Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the 
Settlement of the Town of Salem, Sept. 18, 1828. [n. p. 1828.] 
8vo, pp. 8. H., M. 75625 

Account of the Proceedings upon the Transfer of the Salem 
Water Works, to the City Authorities, November 16, 1869; 
and the Addresses of W. P. Phillips, Chairman of the Water 
Comrnissioners, and William Cogswell, Mayor of the City ... 
Published by order of the City Council. Sale7n : Salem Observer 
Steam Printing Rooms. 1869. 8vo, pp. 16 1. B., H. 75626 

An Act for incorporating Certain Persons for the Purpose or 
laying out and making a Turnpike Road from Salem to Charles- 
River-Bridge. Printed by Thomas C. Gushing., Salem. 1802. 
l2mo pp. 38. B., BA., H. 75627 

An Act to empower the Inhabitants of Salem to choose a 
Board of Health, and for Removing and Preventing Nuisances. 
And an Act in addition to the same. Salem : Gushing & Jndre^vs^ 
Printers. 1823. i6mo, pp. 15. b. 75628 

334 SALEM. 

An Act to establish the City of Salem. Passed March 23, 
1836. Salem Observer- Press: W. ^ S. B. Ives, Printers. [1836.] 
iimo, pp. 15. H., M. 75629 

Address [of the Mayor] to the City Council at the Organiza- 
tion of the City Government, May 9, 1836. Salem: Printed by 
Palfray and Chapman. 1836. 8vo, pp. 32. Continued. b., m. 

See also Saltonstall (Leverett). 

... Address of the Mayor, upon the Organization of the City 
Government March 22, 1841 ; vt^ith the Reports of the Several 
Departments for the Preceding Municipal Year. Salem : Printed 
at the Register Press. 1841. 8vo, pp. 44. f'olded Table. Con- 
tinued. H. 75631 

See also Mayor's Address, infra. 

The Alarming Boston Port-Act, which prohibits the Entrance 
and Clearance of all Vessels whatsoever at that Port, from the 
ensuing ist Day of June, 1774, and transfers the Seat of Govern- 
ment and of the Custom-House to the Town of Salem, [n. p. 
1774.] 4to, pp. 4- P- 75632 

Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town 
of Salem from March 1825, to March 1826. [^Salem. 1826.] 
Folio, I leaf. Continued. 75633 

Also: ... The Annual Report of Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Salem, 
for the Year ending December 31, 1863. Salem: Printed at the OJfke of the Salem Ga- 
zette. 1864. 8vo, pp. 37. Continued. 

Constitution of the Anti-Slavery Society of Salem and 
Vicinity. ... Salem: Printed by PV. & S. B. Ives. 1834. 8vo, 
pp. 8. 75634 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Association for the Re- 
lief OF Aged and Destitute Women in Salem : together 
with the Act of Incorporation, and a List of the Officers and 
Committees for 1861, and the Rules of the Board of Govern- 
ment. Salem : Printed by Charles W. Swasey. mdccclxi. 8vo, 
pp. 15. B. 75635 

Athenaeum. See Salem Athenseum, infra. 

... The Auditor's Annual Report of the Receipts and Expend- 
itures of the City of Salem : together with the Reports of the 
Committee on Accounts and Treasurer, for the Year ending De- 
cember 31, i860. Salem: Charles IV. Swasey .^ Printer. 1 86 1. 
8vo, pp. 54, (i). Continued. B. 75636 

SALEM. 335 

A Summary Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the 
Baptist Church of Christ in Salem : which was agreed to 
bv the Church at their Constitution, Dec. 24, 1804. Third Edi- 
tion. Salem: Warwick Palfray^ ^r. Printer. 1822. l6mo, pp. 

16. B. 75637 

The Constitution and Address of the Bible Society of Salem 
and Vicinity. Printed by Samuel T. Arinstrong. Charlestown. 18 10. 
8vo, pp. 16. B. 75638 

Also : The Incorporating Act and Constitution of the Bible Society ot" S.ileni and 
Vicinity; together with a List of its Officers and Members. Salem: Printed hy Thomas 
C. Cushing. 18 1 1. 8vo, pp. 12. — The Fifth Report of the Bible Society of S.Uem 6c 
Vicinity. June 12, 1816. [n. p. 1816.] 8vo, pp. 12. b. 

Bill of Mortality for the Town of Salem, from the ist of Jan- 
uary, 1820, to 31st December, 1820, inclusive. Salem. 1821. 
Folio, I leaf. Continued. IS^'19 

Biographical Sketch of the Celebrated Salem Murderer. By 
a Citizen of Danvers. Boston. 1830. 8vo. w. 75640 

A Brief Sketch of a Lecture. See [White (D. A.)] 

The By-Laws of the Town of Salem, and an Act for the 

Regulation of the Market. Salem : Printed by John D. Cushing. 
1824. i2mo, pp. 22. B. 75641 

By-Laws of the Town of Salerri, and the Acts, for the Regu- 
lation of the Market and for the Solemnization of Marriages. 
Salem: Register Press^ Palfray and Chapman.^ Printers. 1 835. 
l2mo, pp. 23, (l). B. 75642 

A Candid Review of the Correspondence. 1847. ^^^ [Worces- 
ter (Samuel M.)] 

Catalogue of Articles to be offered for sale at the Ladies' Fair, 
at Hamilton Hall ... Salem, ... April 10, 1833, for the Benefit 
of the New-England Asylum for the Blind. ... \_Salem? 1833.] 
8vo, pp. 6, (i). 75643 

Charter of the City of Salem, with the Rules and Orders of 
the City Council ; together with the City Ordinances, List of 
Officers, &c. &c. ... Salem : Printed at the Observer Office. 1849. 
8vo, pp. 84. B., H., M. 75644 

The Charter and Ordinances of the City of Salem, together 
with the Acts of the Legislature relating to the City : collated 
and revised pursuant to an Order of the City Council, by Joseph 



B. F. Osgood. Salem: Ives ^ Pease ^Printers. 1853. 8vo, pp. 
X, 320. B., H., M. 75645 

Report to the Patrons and Friends of the City Mission of 
Salem. Presented May 28, 1849. ^^ which are annexed the 
Reports of the Evening Free School. By John Ball. Salem : 
Printed at the Observer Office. 1849. ^^^? PP- ^i. B, 75646 

Also : Third Annual Report to the Patrons of the Salem City Mission. By John 
Ball, City Missionary. Salem: Streeter & Porter^ Printers. 1850. 8vo, pp. 23. Con- 
tinued. B. 

City of Salem. [Report on the Browne, Choate, and For- 
rester Funds, Feb. 22, 1853. n. p. 1853.] ^^^? PP- 3- ^* 

City of Salem. [Report of a Committee and opinion of Hon. 
Richard Fletcher upon the rights of the city to the flats on the 
North River, and elsewhere around the city. n. p. 1854.] 8vo, 
pp. 7. B. 75648 

City of Salem. [Report of the Joint Select Committee in 
relation to establishing a System of Water Rates ... Salem. 1868.] 
8vo, pp. 8. B. 75649 

City of Salem. [Reports of the City Council. Salem. 1868.] 
8vo, pp. 8. H. 75650 

The Claims of the Tabernacle Church, to be considered The 
Third Church in Salem: or. The Church of 1735. "Render 
to all their dues." Printed for the Tabernacle Church. Salem 
Observer Press. 1847. ^^^^ PP- 5^- ^"> "- 75^5' 

Communication of the Mayor to the City Council, April 12, 
1858, in relation to the City Expenditures. [Salem. 1858. j 8vo, 
pp. 7. 75652 

Conclusion of the Salem Controversy. From the Salem Ga- 
zette. Salem. 1834. 8vo, pp. 32. b. 75653 

A Copy of the Church Covenants which have been used in 
the Church of Salem. Boston: Printed by John Foster. 1680. 
i2mo. 75654 

Title from Haven's list. 

Correspondence between the First Church and the Tabernacle 
Church. See [White (D. A.) and Devereux (H.)] 

The Correspondence in relation to " The Third Church of 
1735," with Remarks upon the Pamphlet published by the Ta- 

SALEM. 337 

bernacle Church. Salem: Salem Register Press. 1847. ^^^^ PP* 
44. B., BA., s. 75655 

The East India Marine Society of Salem. [Catalogue of the 
museum. Salem: Printed by IV. Pal/ray.^ "Jr. 1 82 1.] 8vo, pp. 
100. BA. + \_Salem Press : Pal/ray^ Ives^ Foote iff Brown. 1 831.] 

8vO, pp. 178. B., H. 75656 

Also : Supplement to the Catalogue of the Articles in the Museum, Journals, &c. ot 
the East India Marine Society of Salem. Sa/em : printed for (be Society by IVilliam Ives 
& Co. 1837. 8vo, pp. 24. B. — Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of the East India 
Marine Society, together with a List of Members. Instituted 1799. Incorporated 
1801. Salem: Printed at the Salem Gazette Office. 1870. i2mo, pp. 32. B. 

Catalogue of Members of the Late English High School, 
of Salem, Massachusetts; from the Class entering July 7, 1827, 
to the Class which graduated from Salem Classical and High 
School, January 28, 1857, inclusive; embracing an Account of 
the School, by each of the Principal Teachers, an Account of 
the Late Festival and Re-union, the Constitution of the " Salem 
English High School Association," &c., &c., embellished with a 
Lithographic View of the Old School House, and the Likenesses 
of the Principal Teachers. Salem: George Creamer ... 1857. 
8vo, pp. 56, (4). Plate and 5 Portraits. b. 75657 

Expences of the Town of Salem, for the Year ending March 
8, 1808. Salem. 1868. Folio, i leaf. Continued. H. 75658 

Facts connected with the Inquisition recently held in Salem. 
[Salem. 1863.] 8vo, pp. 8. B. 75^59 

A Faithful Narrative. 1735. «9^^ [Sewall {Joseph)^ and others.^ 

The First Centenary of the North Church and Society, in 
Salem, Massachusetts. Commemorated July 19, 1872. Salem. 
Printed for the Society. 1873. ^^'*^' PP- ^"' ^^^' ^ Portraits. 

A Catalogue of the Library of the First Church in Salem. 
Salem: Foote & Brown^ Prs. 1829. l2mo, pp. 30. ba., H. 

First Church in Salem, Mass., 1634. Salem: Published by the 
Essex Institute. 1 87 1. Sq. l6mo, pp. 32. 75662 

Plan of Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, Mass. ; with 
Historical Sketch, Notices of Views, List of Proprietors. Salem. 
1866. i2mo. 75663 

Impressed Seamen from Salem. From the Salem Gazette of 
March 30, 1813. [Sale?n. 181 3.] Folio, i leaf. 75664 

33^ SALEM. 

Impressed Seamen from Salem. From the Salem Gazette of 
April 27, 18 1 3. [Salem. 18 13.] Folio, i leaf. 75665 

Inscriptions from the Burying-Grounds. See [Pulsifer (D.)], 
Vol. XVI., No. 66636. 

A IJust and Impartial] Narrative] of the | Controversy | between 
I the Rev. Mr. Samuel Fisk the Pastor, | and | a Number of the 
Brethren of the | First Church of Christ in Salem. | Boston : | 
Printed by Thomas Fleet^ at the Heart and | Crown in Cornhill. 
I735-I 8vo, pp. (2), 115. B., BA., H. 75666 

The Late Proceedings in St. Peter's Parish, Salem, relative to 
the Rectorship. Printed for the Use of Parishioners of St. 
Peter's, Salem, and St. Peter's, Beverly. Geo. C. Rand ^ Jvery^ 
Printers^ Boston. 1865. 8vo, pp. 45. B. JS^^l 

(i) I A I Letter | Relating to the Divisions in the first | Church 
of Salem. | [Colophon :] Boston : | Printed by T. Fleet, at the Heart 
and Crown | in Cornhill ; where may be had the Plat- 1 for'm of Church- 
Discipline., and New-Eng- \ land^s Lamentations ., with other Things \ 
relating to Church-Government, &c.\ [1735.] 8vo, pp. 15. B., H. 

By Benjamin Prescott. Improved title of No. 65239, Vol. xv. See also "Remarks," 
No. 75680, in/ray which is often found with this. 

A I Letter to a Friend, | relating to the Differences in the | First 
Church in Salem. | Wherein the Proceedings of the Ecclesiastical | 
Councils concerned in that Affair arc vin- 1 dicated, and the Objec- 
tions raised against them answered.] [Colophon-:] Boston: Printed 
by T. Fleet, at the | Heart and Crown in Cornhill, luhere | may be had 
all the Pamphlets that have \ been published relating to the Salem \ Con- 
troversy. 1735. 1 8vo, pp. 31. B., BA., w. 75669 

Laws I of the I Marine Society, | at | Salem, | in the | Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, | as amended, | and Agreed upon, | July 
29, l-j^^.] Salem : Printed by S. Hall. 1 784. l2mo, pp. 13. H. 

Laws I of the | Marine Society, | at | Salem, | in the | Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, | as amended and agreed upon, at an | 
Adjournment, Nov. 4, 1790. | To which are annexed, | the Sev- 
eral Acts of the I General Court, | relating to the Society. | Printed 
by T. C. Gushing, in Salem. \ [1790.] 8vo, pp. 20. H. 75671 

The Mayor's Inaugural Address, and Annual Reports of the 
Several Departments of the City of Salem, for the Year ending 
December 31, 1859. Salem: Chas.JF. S-wasey, Printer, i860. 
8vo, cover-title, pp. 18, 40. Continued. H. 75672 



Memorial of the Inhabitants of the Town of Salem, January 
30, 1806. City of JVashington. 1806. 8vo, pp. 18. 75^73 

Relative to the violation by Great Britain of neotral rights. 

The iMemorial of the Merchants. See Vol. xii., No. 47680. 

Municipal Register containing the City Charter, Ordinances, 
Regulations, and Rules of Order, of the City Councils and a List 
of Officers of the City of Salem for the Year 1867. Salem: 
Caloric Printing House of E. H. Fletcher^ Co, 1867. 8vo, pp. 
(12), 239. H. 75674 

Annual Report of the Engineer to the Naumkeag Steam 
Cotton Company, Salem, (Mass.) Presented January 19, 1848. 
Printed by order of the President of the Company, for the Use 
of the Stockholders. Salem: Tri-Weekly Ga'z.ette Press, 1848. 
8vo, pp. 8. H. 75675 

Annual Report of the Treasurer of the Naumkeag Steam Cot- 
ton Company, Salem, December 20, 1855. Printed bv order of 
the President and Directors, at Request of the Stockholders. 
Salem: Gazette and Essex Co, Mercury Press. 1856. 8vo, pp. 10. 

Old Houses of Salem, a Burlesque. Salem. 1870. 8vo, pp. 
15. 75677 

... An Ordinance providing for the Construction and Repair 
of Common Sewers and Drains. [^Salem. 1868.] 8vo, pp. 3. 

Also : An Ordinance to regulate the Proceedings of the Commissioners for supplying 
the City of Salem with Pure Water. [Sa/em F 1865.] 8vo, pp. 6. 

, Annual Report. The Overseers of the Poor, of Salem, 
for the Year 18 17, submit the Following Statement of the Ex- 
pences for the Support of the Poor, for the Year ending ist 
March, 1 8 18. Salem. 18 18. P^olio, I leaf. 75^79 

Also: Report of the Oversef^rs of the Poor, March i, 1820. Salem. 1820. Folio, 
I leaf. Continued. 

Proceedmgs upon the Dedication of Plummer Hall. See 
Vol. XV., No. 63467. 

Records of Salem Witchcraft. .S"^^ Vol. xvi.. No. 68405. 

(i) I Remarks | On some Contents of a Letter rela-|ting to the 
Divisions of the first Church | in Salem. | [Colophon:] Boston :\ 
Printed by Thomas Fleet,^ at the Heart and \ Crown in Cornhill. 
I 735. 1 8vo, pp. 16. BA. 75680 



By John Brown. This often accompanies No. 75668, iupra. See a/so Piescoti 
(B.), Vol. XV., No. 65240. 

Report [of the Committee appointed by the Directors of the 
Salem Turnpike and Chelsea Bridge Corporation, n. p. 1820]. 
i2mo, pp. 14. B., BA. 75681 

Report [of the Committee appointed at a Meeting of the 
Inhabitants of the Town of Salem, on the 7th March. Salem. 
1831]. i2mo, pp. 12. B. 75682 

Report of Citizens' Committee [on a supply of water for 
Salem from Wenham Pond. Salem, 1864.] 8vo, pp. 16. b. 

Report of the City Solicitor on the Sale of the Neck Lands. 
Communicated to the City Council, Dec'r 27th, 1858. Salem: 
Printed at the Observer Office. 1858. 8vo, pp. 21. B. 75684 

Report of the Committee appointed to enquire into the Practi- 
cability and Expediency of establishing Manufactures in Salem. 
Salem: Printed by Warwick Pal fray .^ Jun. 1826. 8vo, pp. 31. B. 

The Report of the Committee concerning the By-Laws of the 
Town of Salem, to be considered at an adjourned Town Meet- 
ing, on the First Monday of October next. Published by order 
of the Town. Salem: Printed by J Cff J. D. Gushing. 1824. 
l2mo, pp. 20. H. 75686 

... Report of the Committee of Accounts. 1836-7. [Salem. 
1837.] 8vo, pp. 21, (2). Continued. m. 75687 

Report of the Committee of the Essex Institute on the First 
Church of the Pilgrims. Rendered June 19, 1865. \_Salem. 
1865.] 8vo, pp. 8. 75688 

Report of the Horticultural Exhibition held in Salem, Mass., 
Sept. 25 and 26, 1850. [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, pp. 18. 75^^9 

Report of the Joint Special Committee of the Citv Council, 
on the Subject of a Supply of Water, for the City of Salem. 
Salem: Printed at the Gazette Office. 1864. 8vo, pp. 8. b., h. 

Report of the Proceedings in the Supreme Judicial Court upon 
the Petition of Caleb P oote and others, for an Injunction against 
the City of Salem ... Salem: Printed at Siuasey's Job Office. 1866. 
8vo, pp. 45. B. 75691 

Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of 
Salem, from March 1835, to April 1836. Also, a Statement of 



the Public Property belonging to the Town. April 1836. Salem: 
Printed by Palfr ay and Chapman. 1836. 8vo, pp. 15. H., M. 

Report of the Town's Committee, on the Subject of City 
Government. Accepted in Town Meeting, Monday, Feb. 15, 
1836. Salem Gazette Press. 1836. 8vo, pp. 21. B.. H., M. 

Report of the Water Committee of the City of Salem, 1863 : 
together with the Act of the Legislature, approved Mav 13, 1864, 
"for supplying the City of Salem with Pure Water." Salem: 
Office of the Salem Gazette. 1864. 8vo, pp. 28. B. 75694 

... Reports, &c. of the City Council for the Municipal Year 
1837-8. Salem : Printed hy William Ives and Co. 1838. 8vo, pp. 
28. M. 75695 

... Reports of the Several Departments, for the Preceding 
Municipal Year. March i, 1848. Salem : Printed at the Gazette 
Office. 1848. 8vo, pp. 16, (8). Continued. H. 75696 

Also : Annual Reports of the Several Departments, Committees, &c., of' the City of 
Salem, for the Year ending Dec. 31, 1855. Salem: Gazette and Essex Co. Mercury 
Press. 1856. 8vo, pp. 32, (2). h., m. 

Result of an Ecclesiastical Council, convened in the Vestry of 
the Howard St. Church, Salem, on Wednesday, July 27, 1831. 
Boston : Printed by Peirce and Parker. 183 1. i2mo, pp. 16. B. 

Signed : " Warren Fay, Moderator." 

The Result of an Ecclesiastical Council, convened at [the 
Howard Street Church,] Salem, Massachusetts, December 4, 

1849. Salem: D. B. Brooks; Streeter ^ Moore., Printers. 1 850. 
8vo, pp. 64. H. -h Boston : John P. Jewett Isf Co. Damrell ^ 
Aioore^ Printers. 1850. 8vo, pp. 60. + Second Edition. With 
Strictures upon a " Review by Members of Essex South Confer- 
ence." Salem: D. Brainard Brooks. 1850. 8vo, pp. 64, and 
cover. B. 75698 

Signed : " Reuben Emerson, Moderator." 

A Review of "The Result of an Ecclesiastical Council con- 
vened at Salem, Mass., December 4, 1849." ^7 Members of 
the Essex South Conference. Boston : Press of T. R. Marvin. 

1850. 8vo, pp. 140, 4. B. 75699 

Rules and Orders of the City Council, of the City of Salem : 
with the Ordinances passed since 1853 ' ^"^ ^'^^ *^ ^'^^ ^^ ^'^X 
Officers. 1857. ^cilem : From Hutchinson s Pri)iting Establishment. 
1857. i2mo, pp. 30. H. 75700 



Rules and Orders of the City Council of the City of Salem, 
with a List of City Officers, and Ordinances and Amendments 
to the City Charter passed since 1853. 1861. Salem: Pr'uited 
at the Office of the Gazette and Mercury. 1861. l2mo, pp. 39, 
(i), Index ii. . h. 75701 

Rules and Orders of the Common Council of the City of 
Salem, and City Ordinances, &c. &c. Salem : Printed at the Ga- 
zette Office. 1838. i2mo, pp. 24. H. 75702 

Also for 1837, 1840, and 1841. 

Rules and Orders of the Common Council of the City of 
Salem ; with the City Charter, and City Ordinances ; &c. &c. 
Salem: Printed at the Observer Office. 1845. l2mo, pp. 82. Con- 
tinued. H. 75703 

... Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Aims- 
House Establishment. Adopted by the Board of Overseers, De- 
cember 1837. Salem: Printed by Palfray and Chapman. 1838. 
8vo, pp. 13. B. 75704 

Rules of Work of the Housewrights in the Town of Salem. 
Salem. 1804. l2mo. 757^5 

Rules, Orders, and By-Laws, made by the Freeholders and 
Inhabitants of the Town of Salem, [n. p. 1789.] Folio, pp. 
(2). B., H. +1801. Salem : Printed by Joshua Gushing. [1801.] 
Iimo, pp. 21. B., H. -|- 1806. Salem: Printed by Haven Pool. 
1806. l2mo, pp. 19. H. -f 1822. Salem: Printed by fV. & S. 
B. Ives. 1822. l2mo, pp. 20. B. 75706 

Order of Services of St. Peter's Church, Salem. Christ- 
mas, Dec. 25, 1824. Salem. 1824. Folio, i leaf. 757^7 

Documents on the Subject of the Salem Alms House, reported 
by a Committee of the Town, and ordered to be printed, March 
1832. \^Salem : Foote b" Brown^ Printers. 1 832.] 8vo, pp. 12. 

Salem Alms-House. [Account of Expenditures from March, 
1831, to March, 1833. Salem F 1833.] f^olio, I leaf. Con- 
tinued. B. 75709 

Rules of the Proprietors of the Salem & Danvers Aque- 
duct, regulating the Use of the Water, [n. p. n. d.] Folio, 
I leaf. 757^0 

See also Endicott (C. M.), Vol. vi., No. 22561, note. 

SALEM. 343 

Catalogue of ihc Books belonging to the Salem AxHENitUM, 
with the Bv-laws and Regulations. Sniem : Printer/ by Thomas C. 
Cushitig. i8ll. 8vo, pp. 72. B., M. -|-l8i8. Salem: Printed 
by W. Palfray^ Jun, 1818. 8vo, pp. 79. H. -|- Salem: Printed 
by Warwick Palfray^ Jun. 1826. 8vo, pp. 95. ba., H. 757 1 1 

Also : Catalogue of the Library of the Athenafum, in Salem, Massachusetts, with the 
By-laws and Regulations. Salem : Printed at the Office of the Gaxette. 184a. 8vo, pp. 
xvi, 171. BA., c. — Supplement to the Catalogue of the Library of the Athen;tum, in 
Salem, Massachusetts, 1849. [Sa/em.l 1849. 8vo, pp. 13. m. — A Catalogue of the 
Library of the Salem Atlienzeum, ... to which is prefixed a Brief Historical Account of 
the Institution, with its Charter and By-Laws. Boston : Printed bv John JVilion and 
Son. 1858. 8vo, pp. xxi, (3), 179. B., BA., M. 

An Act for incorporating the Salem Bank. Salem : Printed 
by Thomas C. Gushing. 1803. 8vo, pp. 16. 757 '2 

Minutes of the First Anniversary of the Salem Baptist As- 
sociation, held at the Second Baptist JVleeting-House in Haver- 
hill ... Sept. 23 & 24, 1829. Boston: Printed by Lincoln tff Ed- 
mands. [1829.] 8vo, pp. 20. Continued. b. 75713 

... Minutes of the Sixth Anniversary of the Salem Baptist 
Association : and the Twenty-First Anniversary of the Salem 
Bible Translation and Foreign Mission Society ; held at the Sec- 
ond Baptist Meeting-House in Salem, ... September 25 and 26, 
1833. Boston : Lincoln.^ Edmands and Co. 1833. 8vo, pp. 36. 
Continued. b., h. 75714 

First Meeting. Minutes of the First Meeting of the Sabbath 
School Convention, within the Limits of the Salem Baptist Asso- 
ciation, held in the Baptist Meeting-House in Methuen, ... Nov. 
II h 12, A.D. 1835. Methuen: Samuel J. Varney^ Printer. Ga- 
zette Office, 1835. 8vo, pp. 12. b. 75715 

Also: Minutes of the Third Anniversary of the Sabbath School Convention ... in 
Msthuen, March 26, 1850 ... Loivell : A. B. IFright^ Printer. 1850. 8vo, pp. 32. 
Continued, b. — Minutes of the Sixth Session of the Sabbath School Convention ... 
Newhiiryport, March 22, 1853 ... Boston : J. M. Hughes & Co.^ Printers. 1853. 8vo, 
pp. 16. Continued, b. 

The Salem Belle : a Tale of 1692. Boston: Tappan tff Den- 
net. 1842. i6mo, pp. 238. b., h. 75716 

The Salem Belle. A Tale of Love and Witchcraft, in the 
year 1692. Boston. 1847. i^mo, pp. 238. 757^7 

Salem Board of Trade. First Annual Report of the Secretary, 
January 15, 1868. Salem: Printed at the Salem Gazette Office. 
1868. 8vo, pp., 23. B. 75718 

344 SALEM. 

Constitution of the Salem Charitable Mechanic Associa- 
tion, instituted Oct. i, 1817. Salem: Printed by W. Palfray^ Jr. 
1817. 24010, pp. 23. H. 75719 

Also : Constitution of the Salem Charitable Mechanic Association, instituted October 
I, 1817. Incorporated June 14, 1822. Revised Feb. 5, 182;^. Salem: Printed by 
fFarivtck Palfrayy Jun. 1823. i6mo, pp. 24. — Constitution of the Salem Charitable 
Mechanic Association, with the Names of the Officers and Members. Instituted Oc- 
tober I, 1817. Incorporated June 14, 1822. Revised October 2, 1857. Salem: T. 
y. Hutcbimony Printer. 1 857. 8vo, pp. 48. H. 

Reports of the First Exhibition of the Salem Charitable Me- 
chanic Association, at Mechanic Hall, in the City of Salem, Sep- 
tember, 1849. ... Salem: Streeter ^ Porter^ Printers. 1 849. 8vo, 

pp. (2), Xiii, 70. M. 75720 

A Catalogue of the Teachers and Pupils of the Salem Clas- 
sical & High School, for the Year 1858. Salem: IVilliafn Ives 
and George IV. Pease., Printers. 1859. i2mo, pp. 12. H. 75721 

The Salem Directory, and City Register, containing Names of 
the Inhabitants, their Occupations, Places of Business, and Resi- 
dences, with Lists of City Officers, Banks, Insurance Offices, 
Societies, &c. Names of the Streets and Wharves, and other 
Useful Information. Salem: Henry Whipple. 1837. i2mo, pp. 
(104), 105-141, (3), Advertisements (16). Map. b., h., m. 

Also for 1842 and 1846. 
The Salem Directory: containing the City Records, Banks, Insurance Companies, 
Churches and Societies, Names and Business of the Citizens, an Almanac for 1850, 
with a Variety of Miscellaneous Matter. By George Adams. Salem : Henry fVbipple. 
1850. i8mo, pp. 232, (2). Map. B., H. Also for 1851, 1853, 1855, 1857. 

The Salem Directory, containing the City Record, the Names of the Citizens, and a 
Business Directory with an Almanac for 1864. By Adams, Sampson & Co. ... Salem: 
Geo. M. Whipple & A. A. Smith. 1864. i8mo, pp. 4, 41-260, Advertisements 104, 
(10). Folded Map. 

The Salem Directory, 1866, containing the City Record, the Names of the Citizens, 
and a Business Directory, with other Useful Information. By Sampson, Davenport & 
Co. ... Salem: Geo. M. Whipple & A. A. Smith. Dakin and Metcalfe Printers^ Cam- 
bridge. 1866. 8vo, pp. 9, (3), 17-236, Advertisements 68, (12). Folded Map. ba. 
Also for 1869. 

Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Salem Dispensary, 
Incorporated February, 1831. Salem : Printed by Wm. Ives ^ Co. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 6, (2). 75723 

Rules & By-Laws of the Salem Evangelical Library 
instituted Feb. 7, 1 8 18. [Salem. iSlS.] IV. Palf ray, Jr. Printer 

SVO, pp. 24. H. 75724 



An Account of the Salem Female Charitable Society. 
^Salem : Printed by JVilli am Carlton. 1803.] 8vo, pp. 8. B., M. 

The Constitution of the Salem Female Charitable Society. 
Instituted July ist, 1 801 ... \_Salem :'] Printed by William Carlton, 
[1801.] 8vo, pp. 14. BA., H. 75726 

An Act for the Incorporation of the Salem Iron Factory 
Company. [With the Articles of Agreement, etc.] Salem. 
1804. i2mo. w. 75727 

The Salem Leg, under the Patronage of the United States 
Go\ ernment for the Use of the Army. Circular Number Four. 
[Salem Gazette Press. 186-.?] 4to, pp. 4. 757^8 

Circular Number Five. The Salem Leg, under the Patronage 
of the United States Government for the Use of the Army and 
Navy. Office 0/ Salem Leg Company. 1864. 8vo, pp. 16. Plate. 
Continued. B. 75729 

A Catalogue of the Salem Mechanic Library, together 
with the Rules and By-Laws. Instituted August, 1820. Salem: 
Pal/ray and Chapman^ Printers. 1837. l2mo, pp. 35. H. -\- 
Salem : Gazette Press. 1840. l2mo, pp. 40. H. 75730 

Report of the Directors of the Salem Mill Dam Corpora- 
tion, at a Meeting of the Stockholders, held May 7th, 1827. 
Salem: Printed by W. Cff S. B. Ives. 1827. 8vo, pp. 9. H. 75 73 1 

Annual Report made to the Executive Committee of the 
Salem Provident Association, November 17th, 1854. By 
John Ball. Salem Observer Press. 1854. 8vo, pp. 18. Con- 
tinued, b., h. 75732 

Annual Report of the Salem Sanitary Society, [n. p. 
1865.] 8vo, pp. 3. 75733 

Constitution of the Salem Seamen's Orphan and Chil- 
dren's Friend Society: with the Fifth Annual Report; and 
a List of the Members. Salem: Ives and Pease .^ Printers. 1845. 
i6mo, pp. 18. H. 75734 

The Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws, of the 
Salem Society for the Moral and Religious Instruction of the 
Poor. Salem : Printed by IV. ^ S. B. Ives. 1826. 8vo, pp. 8. 

vol. XVIII. 22 

346 SALEM. 

Salem Witchcraft ; comprising More Wonders of the Invisible 
World. Collected by Robert Calef •, and Wonders of the Invis- 
ible World, by Cotton Mather : together with Notes and Expla- 
nations By Samuel P. Fowler. Salejn^ Mass : H. P. Ives and A. 
A. Smith. 1 86 1. l2mo, pp. (2), 450. L. -|- Boston: Wm. Veaxie. 
MDCccLxv. 4to, pp. (2), 450. 7573^ 

One hundred copies of the reissue of 1865 were printed on large paper. For a severe 
critique on this reproduction, see Deane s " Spurious Reprints of Early Books." 

Salem Witchcraft ; or the Adventures of Parson Handy, from 
Punkapog. Second Edition, with Corrections. New Tork : E/am 
Bliss. iSlj. l2mo, pp. 70, (i). 75737 

Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws, of the Salem 
Young Men's Union, with Lists of Officers and Members. In- 
corporated, April, 1857. Sahn : Printed at the Gazette Office. 
1858. i2mo, pp. 21. B. 75738 

Schools. Annual Report of the School Committee for the Mu- 
nicipal Year 1845—46. Salem : Printed at the Salem Gazette Office. 
1846. 8vo, pp. 95. 6 Tables. Continued. b., h., m. 75739 

... Annual Report of the School Committee of the City of 
Salem ; together with the Report of Superintendent of Schools. 
... January, 1867. Salern : George W. Pease iff Co. .^ Printers. 1867. 
8vo, pp. 39, (i). Continued. H. JS74-'^ 

Regulations for the Public Schools of the Town of Salem. 
Salem: Printed by Foote & Brown. 1830. i2mo, pp. 20. B., H. 

Also: Regulations for the Public Schools of the City of Salem. Adopted by the 
School Committee, May 1836. Salcm : Printed at the Landmark Office. 1836. i2mo, 
pp. 22. B. — Regulations for the Public Schools ... . Adopted ... April, 1840. Salem: 
Printed at the Register Press. 1 840. i2mo, pp. 29. m. — Regulations for the Super- 
intendence, Government and Instruction of the Public Schools ... . Adopted 1842. 
Salem: Printed at the Register Press. 1842. 8vo, pp. 29. 2 folded Tables, b., m. — 
Regulations for the Superintendence, Government, and Instruction of the Public Schools 
... Adoped 1847. Salem: Printed at the Ga-zette Office. 1847. 8vo, pp. 29. m. 

Report of the School Committee on the Browne and other 
Donations. \_Salem. 1835.] 8vo, pp. 8. b. 75742 

Rules of the School Committee, and Regulations of the Public 
Schools, in the Citv of Salem. ... Adopted 1854. Salem: Printed 
at the Observer Office. 1854. 8vo, pp. 31. Continued. H. 

Also: ... Rules of the School Committee, and Regulations ... . Adopted, May, 
1858. ... Salem: William I-ves and George W. Pease ^ Printers. 1858. 8vo, pp. 19, (i ), 
*— Rules for the Government of the School Committee ... to which are added the Reg- 



ulations of the Public Schools. Salem: Printed hy Chas. IV. Sivasey. 1862. iimo, pp. 
32. B. — Rules and Regulations of the School Committee ... adopted October 15th, 
1866 ... Salem : Prinled at tbe Obser-ver Office. 1866. l2mo, pp. 28. B. 

Seamen's Widow and Orphan Association, of Salem. Salem: 
Printed at the Gazette Office. 1837. Sm. 8vo, pp. 8. B. 75744 

Bylaws and Regulations of the Incorporated Proprietors of the 
Social Library in Salem, [n. p. 1797?] 8vo, pp. 32. h. -f- 
[Sa/emF 1801.?] 8vo, pp. 32. ba. 75745 

Also : By-Laws and Regulations of the Proprietors of the Social Library in Salem, 
with a Catalogue of the Books belonging to the Library. Sa/em : Printed by Tbomat C. 
Cuibing. 1809. 8vo, pp. 42. H. 

Special Rules and Regulations for the Government of the 
Salem Police. Adopted April 10, 1865. Salem: Printed at the 
Salem Gazette Office. 1865. l6mo, pp. 28. H. 75746 

Specification of Material and Labor required in the Erection of 
a Schoolhouse, for the City of Salem. Martin & Thayer, Archi- 
tects, No. 18, Pemberton Square, Boston, [n. p. 1868.] 8vo, 
pp. 14. B. 75747 

Catalogue of the Instructors and Students of the State Nor- 
mal School at Salem, February, 1856. Salem. 1856. i2mo, 
pp. 12. 75748 

Register and Circular of the State Normal School at Salem, 
Mass., for the Spring and Summer Term, 1861. \_Salem. 1861.] 
8vo, pp. 8. 75749 

Statement of the Expenditure for the Support of the Poor of 
the Town of Salem, from March 2, 1823, to March 2, 1824. 
[Salem. 1824.] 8vo, pp. 7. Continued. 75750 

Statement of the Expenses of the Town of Salem, from April, 
1806, to March 6, 1807. Salem. 1807. Folio, i leaf. 75751 

Also for 18 12. 

A Statement of the Town Accounts, from April, 1804, to 
April 1805. \_Salem. 1805.] Folio, I leaf. Continued. H. 

Articles and Covenant of the Tabernacle Church in Salem. 
Adopted May 8, 1786. Revised, 1821 ; Reprinted, Feb. 1833. 
Boston: Printed by Perkins & Marvin. 1833. l2mo, pp. 16. B. 

Manual of the Tabernacle Church in Salem, Mass. Revised 
Edition. Jndover : Printed for the Church by IVarren F. Draper. 
1863. i2mo, pp. 28. H. 75754 

34^^ SALES. 

The Covenant of the Third Church of Christ In Salem, with 
the Rules of Government, and a List of Members. Salem : Reg- 
ister Press. 1841. Sm. 8vo, pp. 24. B. 75755 

To the Republicans of Salem. \_Sale?n. 1864.] 8vo, pp. 8. 

Town Records of Salem. October i, 1634, to November 7, 
1659. Salem. 1868. 8vo, pp. 242. 7 SI SI 

Articles of the Washington Fire Club, associated in Salem, 
October 10, 1803. Salem: Printed by T. C. Gushing. 1818. 
24mo, pp. 12. H. 75758 

Salem, Ohio. Report of the Salem Union School, for the 
Thirteenth Year, beginning August 29, 1865, and ending June 7, 
1866, and Calendar for the Fourteenth Year, beginning Tuesday, 
August 28, 1866. Sale?n., Ohio: Hudson Iff Son., Printers. 1866. 
8vo, pp. 15, (1). Continued. H. 'JS7S9 

Salem, Firginia. Catalogue of the Fifth Session of Roanoke 
College, Salem, Virginia. Session mdccclvii-viii. Register 
Office., Salem., Va.: J. M. Strashurg., Printer. 1858. 8vo, pp. 16. 

Also: Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia. 
Twentieth Session, 1872-73. Baltimore: J. D. Eb/ers & Co., Ptinters. 1873. 8vo, 
pp. 40, including Frontispiece. Continui-d. b. From 1847 to 1853 known as the 
Virginia CoUegiats Institute. 

The Articles of Faith and Covenant, of the Salem Church, 
Boston : with a List of Members. Boston : Printed by Geo. IV. 
Light. 1838. i2mo, pp. 30. M. 75761 

Constitution of the Salem Street Academy [Boston]; insti- 
tuted July, 1 8 lO. Printedby John Eliot .^Jun. Boston. l8iO. Sm. 
8vo, pp. W. M. 75762 

Sales (F.) Sancti Francisci Salcsii de confessionibus scrupu- 
losorum brevis tractatus ... Mexici. 17 15. 4to. 7S7^3 

Sales. Directorio de Religiosas, Por San Francisco de Sales. 
Traducido de Italiano por D. Francisco de Cubillas Don-Yaguc 
Impresso en Madrid., por su Original en Mexico. 1 693. 4to. 

[Sales [Fray Luis).] Noticias|de la Provincia de Californias | 
en tres cartas |de un sacerdote religioso| hijo del real convcrito|de 
predicadores del Valencia | a un amigo suvo. \...\En Valencia\ For 
los Hermanos de Orga. \ M.DCC.xciv. | Con las licencias necesarias. \ 
3 parts in one vol., i6mo, pp. 104; 96; 104. 2 folded Tables, l. 

Improved title of No. 38381, Vol. ix., and No. 56007, Vol. xiii. Carta i. contains 



the following divisions relating to the Indians: Calidades de la provincia, pp. 11-36; 
Caracter y costumbres de los Indios, pp. 37-52 i Religion de los Indios, pp. 53-59; Dc 
los curanderos de los Indios, pp. 59-65 ; Fiestas, entierros y exequias de los Indios, pp. 
66-99; Idioma de los Indios [Ado and Cochimi languages], pp. 99-104. Pages 57- 
86 of' Carta 11. contain the *' Informe que Yo D. Josef" Tobar y Tamariz, primer Pilcto 
de la Real Armada, doy al Excelentisimo Senor Virrey de Nueva Espafla, en obcdeci- 
miento de superior orden comunicada con f'echa de 29 de Agosto de 1789." The two 
tables at the end of" the volume are entitled : " Estado general de las misioncs de la pro- 
vincia de California en el ano 1787," and " Estado que manifiesta los bienes que posec 
cada una de las misiones de esta Provincia, en el ano 1788." 

•♦Among the padres who left the country [Baja California] in 1788 or the next year 
was Father Luis Sales, author of the only work on California published by the Domini- 
cans. The book is largely descriptive and does not purport to present a connected his- 
torical narration even of the Dominican period; yet it affords much useful information 
... The letters are signed * F. L. S.' and the archives contain ample material to identify 
him with Fray Luis Sales, though this identity is now announced f(-r the first time. The 
first letter treats of geography and the Indians; the second includes historical material 
on the Jesuit and Franciscan periods, with a report on Nooika affairs; and the third 
treats largely of the Dominican occupation and the author's own experience. The let- 
ters bear no dates ; the first and second were written from San Miguel mission, Califor- 
nia, and the third from San Miguel, Azores Islands, whither the author had come as 
chaplain on a man-of-war from Vera Cruz. In carta i. 92-3, he speaks of a pestilence 
and revolt in 1788-9, the dates being doubtless misprints." — Bancroft's History of tbe 
North Mexican States, 1. 727. 

Sales la Terriere (P. de). A Dissertation on the Puerpe- 
ral Fever, delivered at a Public Examination for the Degree of 
Bachelor of Medicine, before the Reverend Joseph Willard, s.t.d. 
President, the Medical Professors, and the Governors of the Uni- 
versity at Cambridge in America. By Peter de Sales la Terriere, 
from Canada. ... Boston: Printed by Samuel Hall, mdcclxxxix. 
i6mo, pp. 18. B., H., M. JSl^^ 

Salfeld (E.) Nachrichten aus der Heidenwelt, herausgege- 
ben von Ernst Salfeld. ... Hanihurg^ Jgentur des Rauhen Hauses. 
[185-.?] 8 parts, i2mo. 757^7 

The fourth part is: " Gronland, bearbeitet von Johannes Russwurm. Vierte Auf- 
lage. 1852." i2mo, pp. 47. 

Salgado (Antonio Paz). Las Luces del Cielo, difundidas 
sobre el Emisferio de Guatemala ... Guatemala. 1747. 4to. 

" Es una Historia de la Iglesia de Guatemala desde su fundacion hasta su ereccion en 
Metropolitana." — Beristain. 

Salgado. El Mosqueador d Abanico con visos de Espejo, 
para ahuyentar y representar todo genero de tontos, moledores y 
majaderos ... Guatemala. 1742. 8vo. 757^9 

" Reimp. tres veces, y ultimamente por Beteta, 1786." — Beristain. 

Salgado. El Porque del Recurso del Ayuntamiento de Gua- 
temala a su Audiencia, sobre la traslacion del Colegio de S. Bue- 

35^ saliKas. 

naventura del Pueblo de S. Juan del Obispo al Convento grande 
de S. Francisco de la Capital ... Guatemala. 1741. Folio. 

Also: Instruccion de Litigantes ... Guatemala. 1742. — Verdades de grande impor- 
tancia para todo genero de Personas ... Guatemala. 1741. 4to. 

Salgado (Antonio Vazquez), d. 1750. Observacion sagrada, 
cronologica e historica de la Inclita, Imperial y Real Estirpe de 
Austria destinada por Dios para defensa de la Iglesia contra el 
poder Otomano ... Puebla., por Miguel Ortega. 1728. 8vo. 

Salgado. Vita Sancti Thomae Aquinatis, Doctoris Angelici, 
Ord. Praedicatorum, heroico carmine expressa, et Illmo. D. F. 
Angelo Maldonado, Episcopo Oaxacensi nuncupata ... Mexlci^ 
ex Typographia Plantiniana 'Joann. Ortega. 1722. 4to. 7577^ 

Titles from Beristain. 

Salgado (Jose). Sermon panegirico en la solemne Dedica- 
cion de la suntuosa Capilla de Ntra. Sra. del Rosario del Con- 
vento de Sto. Domingo de la Puebla ... Puebla.^ por FernandeT. de 
Leon. 1690. 4to. ISllZ 

Title from Beristain. 

Salgado (J.) Escritos presentados a esta Comandancia gene- 
ral por D. Jose Salgado y otros ciudadanos presos por las ultimas 
ocurencias del Estado, con adicion de algunas notas y una alocu- 
cion al gobierno federal. Morelia. 1830. 4to, pp. 37. ']^11\ 

Salgado (Juan Ramon). Memoria de los Acontecimientos 
ocurridos en el Pueblo ... Leon de Nicaragua, 1872. 8vo. 

Salgado (Marcos), d. 1740. Cursus Medicus Mexicanus ... 
Mexici^ apud Riberam. 1727. 4to. ISll^ 

Title from Beristain. 

Salgado (Pedro). Vida del Ven. Hermitano Juan Bautista ; 
y noticia de la portentosa Imagen de Ntra. Sra. de la Defensa ... 
Puebla. 1683. 4to. ISlll 

Title from Beristain. 

Salguero (Pedro). Vida del Ven. P. Mtro. Fr. Diego Basa- 
lenque. Provincial e Historiador de la Provincia de Agustinos de 
Michoacan ... Mexico. 1664. 4to. 7577^ 

Salguero. Vida del ven. padre, y exemplarissimo varon, el 
Mtro. Fr. Diego Basalenque, provincial que fue de la provincia 
de San Nicolas de Mechoacan del Orden de N. P. San Augustin 
... Roma. ijbi. 4to. 75779 

Salinas (Buenaventura de). See Salinas y Cordova, in/ra. 



Salinas (D. de C.) [Engraved title :] Coronica | de la Reli- 
giosissi-|ma Provin^ia de los | doze Apostoles del | Perv. | De la 
orden | de nuestro serafico P. S. | Francisco de la Regular | Obser- 
uancia ; con relacion | de las Prouincias que della|an salido, y son 
sus I hijas. | Conp\ esta | Por su historiador el P. Fray Diego | de 
Cordoua Salinas, Predicador, | v Padre dela mesma Provincia | natu- 
ral de la ciudad de Lima | Metropoli del Peru. | [Printed title :] 
Coronica I de la Religiosis-| sima Provincia de los | doze Apostoles 
del Perv, de la orden |de N. P. S. Francisco de la regvlar | obser- 
xancia. | Dispvesta en seys libros, | con relacion de las provincias 
qve|della han salido, y son svs hijas. | Representa la piedad y zelo 
con I qve los reyes de Castilla, y de Leon | goviernan el nvevo 
mvndo, dilatando la fe catolica, v | conocimiento del verdadero dies 
por innvmerables revnos|v naciones de Indios. Y lo mvcho qve 
para esto han servi- | do y sirven las religiones sagradas. Con las 
acciones mas memorables de los predicadores evangelicos, qve 
con I zelo apostolico acabaron svs vidas en tan|gloriosa empressa. | 
Hazese vna breve descripcion de todas | las tierras del Perv, la 
entrada en ellas de nvestros | Espaiioles. La riqueza, poder, culto, 
y politica de los Reyes Ingas. | Compvesta| por el R. P. Fr. Diego 
de Cordo\'a | Salinas, Predicador, Gvardian del insigne | convento 
de San Francisco de lesvs de Lima, Natvral de|la mesma Ciudad, 
Metropoli y Corte del Perii ; Padre perpetuo de dicha Prouinciaj 
de los doze Apostoles, Notario Apostolico, y Coronista de todas 
las I del Peru de su Serafica Orden. | Dirigidaja la Catolica Mages- 
tad de|Don Felipe IIII. N. S. | Rey potentissimo de las Espanas, 
v|Monarca inuictissimo del Nueuo Orbe, en su Real|y Supremo 
Consejo de las Indias. | Con Licencing en Lima^ por lorge Lope-z | de 
Herrera^ Am de 1651.I Folio, engraved title and 18 prel. leaves, 
pp. 1-64, 63-64, 65-214, 1-690, 679-695, (2). Plate of P. Fr. 
Francisco Solano opposite p. 184. l. 75780 

Improved title of No. 16770, Vol. iv. A very rare work. The signature marks 
are as follows : a in eight, bin six, ^ in four, A-D in eights, ^ in one, E-N in eights, 
O in three, A-Tt in eights, Vv in seven, Xx in two, Vu and Xx in fives. The 
engraved title and plate have the marks : luan de Noort fecit. 

Salinas (Manuel Joseph Rubio y). See Rubio y Salinas. 

Salinas del PeFJon Blanco ( ). Comunicados y Docu- 

mentos. ... Zacatecas. 1845. ^^o. 757^' 

Salinas [y Cordova] (Buenaventura). Apologia por todos 
los Criollos de la America, hijos de Espaiioles, presentada al Rey. 
Madrid. 1645. Folio. 75782 

Title from Beristain. Perhaps intended for No. 75785, infra. 



Salinas [y Cordova]. Elogio funebre del Principe D. Bal- 
tasar Carlos de Austria ... Mexico^ por Calderon. 1647. 4to. 

Salinas [y Cordova]. Memorial de las Historias del Nuevo 
Mundo del Piru : Meritos, y Excelencias de la Ciudad de Lima, 
... For el Padre F. Buenaventura de Salinas ... Lima : por Gero- 
nymo de Contreras. 1630. 4to. bm. 75784 

Ternaux (Bib. Am., No. 423,) mentions an edition, Lima^ 1620, which is probably 
a mistake. Beristain gives the following: Monumentos historicos del Nuevo Mundo 
Peruano y Meritos de la Ciudad de Lima ... Lima, por Geronimo Contreras. 1630. 4to. 
+ Madrid. 1639. 4to. See also No. 75593, supra. 

Salinas y Cordova. Memorial, Informe, y Manifiesto del 
P. F. Bvenaventura de Salinas y Cordova, ... Comissario Gene- 
ral de las provincias de la Nueua-Espana. Al Rey Nvestro 
Senor, en su Real y Supremo Consejo de las Indias. Representa 
las acciones proprias, y la estimacion con que ha seruido a su 
Mag. y a su Religion. Informa, la bvena dicha, y meritos de los 
que nacen en las Indias, de padres Espanoles ; y las honras, y pre- 
mios, con que cada dia los remunera, ylebanta la grandeza, y jus- 
tificacion de su Mag. y su Real Consejo de las Indias. Mani- 
fiesta, la piedad y zelo con que sv Magestad gouierna toda la 
America, dilatando la Fe Catolica, y conocimieto del verdadero 
Dios, por infinitos Regnos, y Naciones de Indios y la gloria, que 
de conserualos, crecerlos, y aumetarlos recibe su Real Corona, y 
Cetro. Y lo mucho que para esto sirven, y ayudan los Predica- 
dores Euangelicos. [^Mexico. 1646.] Folio, title, 2 leaves of 
table, and leaves 115, and 40. j.c.b. 75785 

Salinas [y Cordova]. Panegirico de la Inmaculada Con- 
cepcion de la Virgen Maria ... Lima. 1635. 4to. 757^^ 

Salinas [y Cordova]. Panegirico de S. Francisco de Asis 
... Lima. 1636. 4to. 75787 

According to Beristain, Buenaventura Salinas was a native of the city of Lima in 
Peru. In 1637 he went to Europe, where he remained until 1646, when he was sent 
to Mexico as "Comisario General de todas las Provincias del Orden de Francisco de 
la Nueva Espafta y Filipinas." He died in 1653. 

Salinas y la Cerda ([. F. de). Senora. El maestre de 
Campo D. Juan Fernandez de Salinas y la Cerda, Adelantado de 
las provincias de Costa Rica, dize ... . [n. p. 167-.?] Folio, 6 1. 

Relative to the English buccaneers on the Isthmus. 

Report ... Saline Coal and Manufacturing Company ... 
with a Geological Report by Dr. D. D. Owen ... Cincinnati. 
1855. 8vo, pp. 91. Plans. s. 75789 


Salisbury (E. E.) Mr. William Diodate (Of New Haven 
from 1 71 7 to 1751) and his Italian Ancestry, read before the New 
Haven Colony Historical Society, June 28, 1875, By Edward E. 
Salisbury. Taken from the Society's Archives, bv permission, 
for private circulation, and printed, after revision, in April, 1876. 
\_A^ew Haven: Tuttle^ Morehouse ^ Taylor. 1876.] 410, pp. 39, 
printed on one side only. Plate and folded pedigree. 75790 

An abstract of this paper, with some additions, was printed in the New England 
Hist, and Gen. Register tor April, 1881, and also issued separately, 8vo, pp. 15, folded 

Salisbury (G. H.) Buffalo in 1836 and 1862: a Paper read 
before the Buffalo Historical Society, February 6, 1863, By Guy 
H. Salisbury. \_Buffalo. 1863.] 8vo, pp. 17-36; Climatology 
of Buffalo, by Wm. Ives, pp. 37-41. b. 75791 

Extracted from Thomas's Buffalo City Directory. 

Salisbury (J. H.) ... Account of some Investigations con- 
nected with the Composition of the Tomato, the Fruit of the 
Egg Plant, and Pods of the Pea. By J. H. Salisbury. \_Mew 
York? 1848.] 8vo, pp. 8. 1519'^ 

"From Transactions of the N. Y. S. Ag. Society for 1848." 

Salisbury. Prize Essay. History and Chemical Investiga- 
tion of Maize or Indian Corn. By J. H. Salisbury. Originally 
published in the Transactions of the New-York State Agricul- 
tural Society of 1848. Albany: C. Fan Benthuysen. 1849. ^^^i 
pp. 206. ' B. 75793 

Also: Analysis of the Apple. ... Albany: Charles Van Benthuysen^ Printer. 1850. 
8vo, pp. 8. — Analysis of the Rhubarb. ... Albany: Charles Van Benthuysen., Printer. 
1850. 8v(), pp. 8. — Examination of Five Varieties of Cabbage, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo, 

pp. II. B. 

Salisbury (S.) Sermon; Preached at West Alexandria, Ohio, 
April 30th, 1865, By Rev. S. Salisbury, on the Assassination of 
Abraham Lincoln, Late President of the U. S. ... Eaton^ O.: 
Eaton fVeekly Register Press. 1865. l2mo, pp. II. 75794 

Salisbury (S.) Analysis of the Mineral Waters of Avon, 
Livingston County, New-York. By Samuel Salisbury, Jr., m.d. 
Rochester., N. T.:' William Ailing. 1838. 8vo, pp. 32. B. 75795 

Salisbury. A Descriptive, Historical, Chemical and Thera- 
peutical Analysis of the Avon Sulphur Springs, Livingston County, 
N. Y. With Directions for their Use. By Samuel Salisbury, 
Jr. M.D. Rochester : D. M. Deivey. 1845. i6mo, pp. 95, (l). 


Salisbury (S.) An Address delivered before the Norfolk 
District Medical Society, at the Annual Meeting, May 8, 1866. 
By Stephen Salisbury, m.d. Reprinted from the Boston Medical 
and Surgical Journal. Boston : David Clapp CSf Son^ Printers. 
1866. 8vo, pp. 12. H. 75797 

Salisbury. An Essay on the Star Spangled Banner and Na- 
tional Songs. By Stephen Salisbury .... Read before the Amer- 
ican Antiquarian Society, at the Annual Meeting, October 21, 
1872. With Additional Notes and Songs. Worcester^ Mass.: 
Printed by Charles Hamilton. 1873. 8vo, pp. 24. 7579^ 

Also: A Memorial of Governor John Endicott. ... fVotrester. 1874. 8vo, pp. 44. 

Salisbury, New Hampshire. Letters explanatory of the Dif- 
ficulties existing in the Baptist Church at Salisbury, N. H. Con- 
cord. 1827. 8vo. 75799 

Report of the School Committee, together with a Statement of 
the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Salisbury, for the 
Year ending March i, 1855. Salisbury: Printed by IV. B. Cur- 
rier. 1855. 8vo, pp. 15. Continued. h. 75800 

Catalogue of Salisbury Mansion School, 1855, Rev. N. T. 
Bent, Principal j with Prospectus of Herbert Hall, Highlands, 
Worcester, Mass. ... IVorcester : Printed by Henry J. Howland. 
[1855.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 75801 

Salisbury Mills. Act of Incorporation and By-Laws, together 
with the Laws of Massachusetts relating to Manufacturing Cor- 
porations. Boston: Printed by H. W. Button & Son. j86i. 8vo, 
pp. 23. b., h. 75802 

The Salkeld Family of Pennsylvania, from John who emigrated 
in 1705. By a Descendant, [n. p.] 1867. 8vo, pp. 8. s. 

S[alle de L'Estang] {M. [Simon Philippe] D[e] L[a] ?) 
Dictionnaire Galibi. See S[auvage] (M. D[e] L[a]). 

Salles (E. F. de). Histoire generale des races humaines ou 
philosophie ethnographique Par Eusebe Fr. de Salles. Paris : 
Benjamin Duprat. 1849. i2mo, pp. (6), 385, (i). L. 75804 

Sallusti (G.) Giuseppe Sallusti. Storia delle Missioni Apos- 
toliche dello stato del Chile, colla descrizione del viaggio dal vec- 
chio al Nuovo Mondo fatto dall' autore. ... Roma: G. Mauri. 
1827. 4 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 239; 262; 246, (2), Map; 256. c. 



Salm Salm (Felix de). Contestacion a Don Miguel Lopez 
... Mexico. 1867. 8vo. 75806 

Salm Salm. Mis memorias sobre Queretaro y Maximiliano. 
... Mexico. 1869. 8vo. 75807 

Salm Salm. My Diary in Mexico in 1867, including the 
Last Days of the Emperor Maximilian ; with Leaves from the 
Diary of the Princess Salm-Salm, etc. By Felix Salm-Salm ... 
London: Richard Bentley. 1868. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xiv, 320 ; (6), 
328. Plate, 5 Portraits, folded Map, folded Facsimile. b. 

Salm Salm (L de). Queretaro, Apuntes del Diario de la 
Princesa Ines de Salm Salm. Mexico. 1869. 8vo. 75^09 

Salm Salm. Queretaro. Bladen uit mijn dagboelc in Mex- 
ico. ... Naar den tweeden Hoogduitsch druk. Gouda. 1870. 
8vo. Portrait. 75^10 

Salm Salm. Ten Years of my Life. By the Princess Felix 
Salm Salm. Detroit. 1877. l2mo. -{-New York: R. IVorth- 
ington. 1877. l2mo, pp. 385. 75^1' 

Salmagundi. See [Irving (W.) and others\.^ Vol. ix., Nos. 
35222-25, ^«^'[Paulding (J. K.)], Vol. xiv.. No. 5921 1. 

Salmeron (M.) El principe escondido. Meditaciones de la 
vida oculta de Christo. ... Ilustranse con letras diuinas, humanas, 
politicas y con noticias chronologicas ... Por Marcos Salmeron, 
Obispo electo de Truxillo en los Reinos del Piru. Madrid. 
1648. Folio. 75812 

Salmeron. Recverdos historicos y politicos de los servicios 
qve los Generales, y Varones ilvstres de la religion de Nvestra 
Senora de la Merced, Redencion de Cautiuos han hecho a los 
Reyes de Espafia en los dos Mundos, desde su glorioso fundacion, 
que fue el ano de 12 18, hasta el ano de 1640; y desde el Rey 
Don layme el primero de Aragon hasta Philipo iv Rey de las 
Espaiias y Emperador de America. ... Presentalos a la Magestad 
Catholica, FVay Marcos Salmeron, general de la dicha Orden ... 
En Valencia.^ en casa de los herederos de Chrysostomo Garrix por Ber- 
nardo Nogues^ junto al molino de Rouella. Am 1646. Folio, engraved 
and printed titles, pp. (20), 550, Index (44), Colophon (i). j.c.B. 

Relates in part to the missions of the order in New Spain. 

Salmeron (P.) Ceremonial de las ceremonias del santo sacri- 

356 SALMON. 

ficio de la missa, compuesto por Pedro Salmeron, Presbitero, 
natural de los Angeles. Mexico. 1647. 8vo. 75814 

Salmeron. Relacion de la Consagracion del suntuoso Tem- 
plo de la Catedxal de la Puebla de los Angeles, hecha por el 
Excmo. e Illmo. Sr. D. Juan de Palafox, su Obispo y Virey de 
la Nueva Espafia. ... Puebla. 1649. 410. 75^*5 

Salmeron. Vida y virtudes de la Ven. Isabel de la Encarna- 
cion, Religiosa Carmelita Descalza de la Puebla de los Angeles 
... Puebla. 1640. 4to. 75^16 

This title and the one above aie from Beristain. 

Salmeron. Vida de la Venerable Madre Isabel de la Encar- 
nacion, Carmelita Descalza, Natural de la Ciudad de los Angeles, 
por Pedro Salmeron ... Mexico., por P. Francisco R. Lupercio. 
1675. 4to. 75817 

Beristain also mentions as printed: Meditaciones sobre las Postrimerias ... Mexico, 
for Sal-vago. 1636. 8vo. — Vida de la Ven. Francisca de la Natividad, Religiosa Car- 
melita de la Puebla de los Angeles. — Vida del Ven. P. Miguel Wadingo, vulgarmente 
llamado Godinez, Jesuita de la Provincia de Mexico. Puebla. 

Salmeron y Castro (Jose de Escobar). Discurso Cometolo- 
gico, y Relacion del Nueva Cometa : visto en aqueste hemispherio 
Mexicano y generalmente en todo el mundo : el ano de 1680; y 
extinguido en este de 1681 ... Mexico., por la Viuda de B. Calderon. 
1681. 4to. 75818 

Salmon (Thomas). The Chronological Historian: ... from 
the Invasion of the Romans, to the present Time. ... London. 
1723. 8vo. Portraits. 75819 

Salmon. The Chronological Historian : containing a regular 
Account of all material Transactions and Occurrences, Ecclesi- 
astical, Civil, and Military, relating to the English Affairs from 
the Invasion of the Romans to the Death of George i. ... Illus- 
trated with Effigies ... Second Edition, with Additions and Cor- 
rections. London. 1733. 8vo. -f To the fourteenth year of 
King George 11. ... Illustrated with Effigies ... by Vertue. 
Third Edition, with large Additions. ... London. 1747. 2 vols., 
8vo. 4 Plates. 75820 

[Salmon.] A Critical Essay concerning Marriage. ... To 
which is added, an Historical Account of the Marriage Rites and 
Ceremonies of the Greeks and Romans, and our Saxon Ances- 
tors, and most Nations of the World at this Day. By a Gentle- 



man. London: Charles Rivington. m.dcc.xxiv. 8vo, pp. (20), 
310,(5). H. 75821 

Salmon. An Essa\- concerning Marriage ... To which is 
added, an Historical Account ot the Marriage Rites and Cere- 
monies of the Greeks and Romans, and our Saxon Ancestors, 
and of most of the Nations of the World at this Day. ... Sec- 
ond Edition. London: Charles Rivington. 1724. I 2mo, pp. (20^, 
343, (4). c. 75822 

First published anonymously as No. 75821, supra. 

Salmon. The Modern Gazetteer : or, a Short View of the 
Several Nations of the World. By Mr. Salmon. London. 1746. 
i2mo. N. + The Third Edition. London. I'j^b. 1 2mo. w. 
-f- London. 1757. i2mo. 75823 

Salmon. The Modern Gazetteer : or, a Short View of the 
Several Nations of the World. Absolutely nccessarv for render- 
ing the Public News, and other Historical Occurrences, intelli- 
gible and entertaining. ... By Mr. Salmon. The Fifth Edition, 
with Additions. London : S. and E. Ballard, mdcclviii. i2mo. 
B. 4- The Sixth Edition, with Great Additions, and a new set of 
Maps. [Ihid.] MDCCLix. i2mo. 7 Maps. H. -f Seventh Edi- 
tion. [Ihid.~\ mdcclxii. i2mo. 5 Maps, b., ba. -f London. 
1768. i2mo. Maps, -j- London. 1769. i2mo. Maps. p. 

Salmon. The Modern Universal Gazetteer; or, a General 
View of the Several Nations of the World. Absolutely neces- 
sary for rendering the Public News, and other Historical Occur- 
rence's, intelligible and entertaining ... By Mr. Salmon. With 
Large Additions and Improvements, brought down to the Present 
Time. Embellished with a New Set of Maps. London : fV. 
Cavil ... MDCCxcvi. i2mo. 5 Maps. b. 75825 

Salmon. Modern History: or, the Present State of All Na- 
tions. Describing their respective Situations, Persons, Habits, 
and Buildings; Manners, Laws and Customs, Religion and Policy; 
Arts and Sciences, Trades, Manufactures and Husbandry; Plants, 
Animals and Minerals. Bv Mr. Salmon. ... Illustrated with 
Cuts and Maps, accurately drawn according to the geographical 
part of this work ; by Herman Moll. London : The Author. 
MDCcxxv-MDCCxxxix. 32 vols., 8vo. Maps and Plates. 

Vols, xxvm.-xxxi., London^ mdccxxxvi-mpccxxxviii, relate to America. Other edi- 
tions : Dublin. 1727, etc. 4 vols., sm. 4to. Maps and Plates. -}- The Second Edition. 

358 SALMON. 

London. Mnccxxxix. 3 vols., 4to. Maps and Plates. + The Third Edition ... Lon- 
don : T. Longman, mdccxliv-mdccxlvi. 3 vols., folio. Maps and Plates, c. Of this 
edition, pp. 138-636 of the third volume relate to America. 

Salmon. A New Geographical and Historical Grammar: 
wherein the Geographical Part is truly Modern ; and the Present 
State of the Several Kingdoms of the World is so interspersed, 
as to render the Study of Geography both entertaining and 
instructive ... By Mr. Salmon. ... London. 1749. 8vo. 

Salmon. A New Geographical and Historical Grammar : 
wherein the Geographical Part is truly Modern ; and the Present 
State of the Several Kingdoms of the World is so interspersed, 
as to render the Study of Geography both entertaining and 
instructive ... Together with an Account of the Air, Soil, Pro- 
duce, Traffic, Curiosities, Arms, Religion, Language, Universi- 
ties, Bishopricks, Manners, Customs, Habits, and Coins, in Use 
in the several Kingdoms and States described. By Mr. Salmon. 
Illustrated with a Set of Twenty-Three New Maps of the sev- 
eral Countries ... The Second Edition, with very Great Addi- 
tions and Improvements. London: IVilliam Johnston, m Dcc Li. 
Svo, pp. 608, Index (16). Plate, 21 Maps. h. + London. 1756. 
8vo. -f Sixth Edition. London: William Johnston. 1758. 8vo, 
pp. 640, (16). 23 Maps. c. -|- Seventh Edition. [^Ibid.'] 1760. 
8vo, pp. 640, (16). 23 Maps. c. -f Eighth Edition. \^Ibid.'\ 
1762. 8vo, pp. 640, Index (16). 22 Maps. b. -|- Ninth Edi- 
tion. [Ibid.'] 1764. 8vo, pp. 605, Index (17). Plate, 22 Maps. 
H. -f Tenth Edition. [/W.] 1766. 8vo, pp. 605, Index (17). 
Plate, 20 Maps. h. -|- Eleventh Edition. [^Ibid.] 1769. 8vo, 
pp. (4), vii-615. Index (15). Maps. M. 75828 

Salmon. The Universal Traveller : or, a Compleat Descrip- 
tion of the Several Nations of the World : shewing, i. the Situa- 
tion, Boundaries and Face of the Respective Countries; 11. Num- 
ber of Provinces and Chief Towns in each ; iii. the Genius, 
Temper, and Habits of the Several People ; iv. their Religion, 
Government, and Forces by Sea and Land. v. Their Traffic, 
Produce of their Soil, Animals, and Minerals, vi. An Abstract 
of the History of Each Nation. Brought down to the Present 
Time, and illustrated with a great Variety of Maps and Cuts. 
By Mr. Salmon. London: Richard Baldwin, m.dcc.lii. 2 vols., 
folio. c. 75829 

Originally issued in 121 numbers, with 226 Maps and Plates. Some copies are dated 


Salmon (T.) The Congregational Polity, \ icwcd in its suh- 
serviencv to the Religious Interests of Mankind, and its adapta- 
tion to the Condition and rendencies of Society ... Hy 1\ Sal- 
mon. Sackett's Harbor. 1853. 8vo, pp. 16. 75^30 

Salmon. A Discourse : delivered at the Funeral Obsequies 
of the late Hon. Edward W. Fox, of Pulaski, Oswego Co. N. 
Y. who departed this life on the i6th of July, 1853, '" ^^^ 4^^ 
year of his age. By Thomas Salmon. Pulaski : Printed at the 
Office of the Democrat. 1853. 8vo, pp. 16. 75831 

The Salmon and Sea Fisheries: ... Proposed Legislation, and 
the ... Irish Fisheries. Dublin. 1852. 8vo, pp. 46. s. 75832 

From the " Dublin University Magazine." 

Salmon-Fishing in Canada. Bv a Resident. Edited hy Colo- 
nel Sir James Edward Alexander ... With Illustrations. London: 
Longman^ Green^ Longman^ and Roberts, i860. 8vo, pp. (6), ix- 
xiv, 350. Map. B. 75833 

Salomon {General). Defense centre les attaques calomnieuses 
dont il a ete I'objet de la part de ses ennemis politiques. Paris. 
1861. 8vo, pp. 103. 75834 

[Salomon (John C. Fr.)] Plan of Water Works for the 
Cities of the District with Explanatory Remarks : also Letters 
from Robert Mills, Esq., Architect and Civil Engineer, and Hon. 
Francis O. J. Smith, of Maine. Washington : Printed by James 
C. Greer. 1854. 8vo, pp. 12. Folded Map. H. 75835 

Salomonib Okalagataningit Profeteniglo. The Proverbs of 
Solomon and the Prophecies of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and the 
Twelve Minor Prophets : Translated into the Esquimaux Lan- 
guage by the Missionaries of the Unitas Fratrum, or United 
Brethren. London: Printed for the use of the Mission in Labrador.^ 
by the British and Foreign Bible Society. 1849. l2mo, pp. (2), 675. 

Salomons (D.) The Monetary Difficulties of America, and 
their Probable Effects on British Commerce, considered. By 
David Salomons, Esq. London: Pelh am Richardson. 1837. 8vo, 
pp. 45. BA., c. 75837 

[Salontha [M. de).] Precis de deux lettres avec une reflexion 
generale sur Tctat present de la colonic de Surinam. \Nimegue : 
y.van Campen. 1778.] 8vo. 75^38 

360 SALTER. 

The Salt Company of Onondaga. Incorporated i860. Gen- 
eral Office ... Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse: Daily Journal Book 
and Job Printing Establishment. 1862. 8vo, pp. 29. B. 75839 

Salt Lake City, Utah. Charter of Great Salt Lake City 
and Ordinances and Resolutions of the City Council, with Con- 
stitution of the United States, and Organic Act of the Territory 
of Utah. Printed by order of the City Council. \_Salt Lake:'] 
Deseret Neivs Print, i860. 8vo, pp. xxiii, xliv, 75, 6. B. 75840 

Salt Lake City Directory, including a Business Directory, of 
Provo, Springville, and Ogden, Utah Territory. Compiled and 
published by G. Owen. \_New Tork.] 1867. 8vo, pp. (4), 135. 

The first directory of the city. See Charles L. Woodward's " Bibliotheca Scalla- 
wagiana," No. 216. 

Salt Lake City Directory and Business Guide, for 1869. Com- 
piled and arranged by E. L. Sloan. ... Salt Lake City^ Utah. 1869. 
8vo, pp. 53-219. Map and View of City. 75^42 

Contains a sketch of Mormonism, a chronological list of events, etc. 

Salt Lake City. Illustrated. London. [186-?] 8vo. 62 
Plates. 75^43 

Salter (A. P.) Report made to the Crown Lands Depart- 
ment, by A. P. Salter, p.l.s.,- upon the country bordering upon 
the north shore of Lake Huron. Toronto^ Jpril 2-, 1856. 4to, 
pp. 12. Map. s. 75844 

Salter (R.) The Gospel-Ministry a Warfare, with the j 
Manner in which it is to be Managed, | and the Motives the Gos- 
pel sug-|gesls to influence thereto: | Represented in a | Sermon, | 
Preached at the | Ordination | of the Reverend | Eleazer Storrs, |at| 
Sandisfield, I February 26th. a.d. i766.|By Richard Salter, a.m.] 
Pastor of the first Church of Christ in Mansfield.. | ... | Printed for^ 
and Sold by Lieut. John Stil-\AIan^ of Sandisfield.] [1766.] 8vo, 
pp. 24. N. 75845 

Title furnished by Mr. William Kelby. 

Salter. A | Sermon, | Preached before the | General Assembly 
I Of the Colony of Connecticut, | At Hartford, | On the Day of 
their I Anniversary Election, | May 12th, 1768.] By Richard Salter, 
A.M. I Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Mansfield. | Mew- 
London : I Printed by Timothy Green^ Printer to the Governor | and 
Company. M, Dcc, Lxviii.| Sm. 4to, pp. 42. m. 75846 


Salter (W.) The Death of the Soldier of the Republic. 
A Sermon preached at Ottumwa, Iowa, May i8, 1862, with ref- 
erence to the Death of Capt. C. C. Cloutman, 3d Iowa, who 
fell at Fort Donelson. By William Salter, [n. p. 1862.] 8vo, 
pp. 8. 75847 

Salter. The Great Rebellion, in the Light of Christianity. 
By William Salter. Cincinnati : American Reform Tract Society. 
1864. i2mo, pp. 63. 75848 

Salter. The Life of James W. Grimes, Governor of Iowa, 
1854-1858; a Senator of the United States, 1859-1869. By 
William Salter. New Tork : D. Appleton and Company, 1876. 
8vo, pp. xii, 398. Portrait. 75^49 

Saltmarsh (S.) Signs of the Times : a Sermon occasioned 
by the Recent Election in Massachusetts, preached in the Church 
of the First Congregational Society in Canton ... Nov. 19, 1854. 
By S. Saltmarsh, Pastor of the Society. Published by Request. 
Boston: Crosby^ Nichols^ and Company. 1854. 8vo, pp. 18. BA. 

Saltmarsh Returned from the Dead. See [Gorton (Samuel)], 
Vol. VII., No. 28043. 

Saltonstall {Capt. Charles). The Navigator, shewing and 
explaining all the chiefe principles and parts both theoricke and 
practicke, that are contayned in the famous Art of Navigation. 
With a new and admirable way of sayling by the arch of one of 
the greatest circles. ... London: G. Herlock. 1636. i2mo, pp. 
(12), 124. Portrait of the author. c. 75851 

Saltonstall. The Navigator, or the theoric and practic 
Principles of the Art of Navigation. ... London. 1642. 4to. 
Portrait. 75^52 

[Saltonstall (Gurdon).] A Sermon | preached before the | 
General Assembly | of the Colony | of | Connecticut | at Hartford 
in New-England. | May 13. 1697. | Being | the Day of Electing 
the Govcrnour, | Deputy Governour and | Assistants, for that 
Colony. I Published by Authority. | Boston in New England. \ Printed 
by B. Green., and J. Allen., for \ Duncan Campbel., over-against the \ 
Old Meeting-House. 1697. | Sm. 8vo, pp. 80. M. 75853 

Saltonstall. [Royal Arms.] | By the Honourable, | Gur- 
don Saltonstall Esq. | Governour of Her Majesties Colony or 
Connecticut. | A Proclamation for a general Fast. | ... | Given 

VOL, xviii. 23 


under My Hand in New-London, the 24th. Day of August, 
Annoque Domini 17 14. In the Thirteenth | Year of the Reign 
of Our Sovereign Lady Anne, of Great Britain, France and 
Ireland, Queen. | G. Saltonstall. | God Save the Queen. | New- 
London : Printed by Timothy Green^ Printer to his Honour the Cov- 
er nour and Council. 1714. Folio, I page. M. 75854 

These two titles were furnished by Dr. Samuel A. Green. " Mr. Saltonstall, settled 
as the minister of New London in 1691, was elected governor of Connecticut in 1707, 
and continued in office until his death, 1724." — Trumbull. 

Saltonstall (L.) An Address before the Essex Agricultural 
Society, by Hon. Leverett Saltonstall, September 27, 1843. P"^" 
lished by order of the Society. Salem-: Printed at the Gaxette 
Office, 1843. 8v<^' PP- 24. B-> H., M. 75855 

Saltonstall. Address to the City Council, at the Organiza- 
tion of the City Government in Salem, May 9, 1836. By Lev- 
erett Saltonstall, Mayor. ..> Salem: Printed by Pal/ray and Chap- 
man, 1836. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 75856 

[Saltonstall.] An Historical Sketch of Haverhill, in the 
County of Essex, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts ; with 
Biographical Notices. From the Mass. Historical Collections, 
Vol. IV. 2d, Ser. p. 121. Boston: Printed by John Eliot. 181 6. 

8vo, pp. (2), 56, (l). B., BA., H., M. 75857 

Saltonstall. Speech of Mr. Saltonstall, of Massachusetts, 
in reply to Mr. Parmenter, on the Bill providing for the Civil and 
Diplomatic Expenses of the Government for the Year 1840. 
Delivered in the House of Representatives, April 21, 1840. 
Washington : Printed by Gales and Seaton. 1 840. 8vo, pp. 16. B. 

Saltonstall. Speech of Mr. Saltonstall, of Massachusetts, 
upon the Tariff Bills reported by the Committee of Ways and 
Means and the Committee on Manufactures : Delivered in the 
House of Representatives, June 17, 1842. Washington : Printed 
by Gales and Seaton. 1842. 8vo, pp. 15. B., ba., h., m. 75859 

Saltonstall. Speech of Mr. Saltonstall, of Massachusetts, 
on the Subject of the Northeastern Boundarv. [Washington. 

184-?] 8vO, pp. 4. BA., H., M. 75860 

Saltonstall. ... Tariff. March 31, 1842. Read, and 
referred to the Committee of the Whole on the State of the 
Union. Mr. Saltonstall, from the Committee on Manufactures, 
made the following Report. [Washington. 1842.] 8vo, pp. 106. 


Saltonstai.l (W.) An Inaugural Dissertation on the Chem- 
ical and Medical History of Septon, Azote, or Nitrogene ; and 
its Combinations with the Matter of Heat and the Principle of 
Acidity. Submitted to the Public Examination of the Faculty of 
Physic under the Authority of the Trustees of Columbia College 
in the State of New- York : William Samuel Johnson, ll.d. 
President : for the Degree of Doctor of Physic, on the Third 
Day of May, 1796. By Winthrop Saltonstall ... New-York : 
Printed by T. and y. Swords. 1796. 8vo, pp. 68. H. 75862 

A Salutation of Love. See [Dickinson (James)], Vol. v., No. 

Salva (V.) A Catalogue of Spanish and Portuguese Books 
with Occasional Literary and Bibliographical Remarks, by Vin- 
cent Salva ... [_Lo7idon :^ M. Calero^ Spanish Printer. 1826. 8vo, 
pp. XXX, 226. BA. 4- [^Ibid.'\ 1826. 8vo, pp. XXX, 244. B., H. 
-f Supplement. London.^ Impr. de Schulxe. 1827. 8vo, pp. 24. 
H. + Part II. London, mdcccxxix. 8vo, pp. xxix, 225, (i). 

Contains many books relating to South America, the West Indies, Central America, 
Mexico, and the Indians. 

Also : Catalogue of Spanish Books, to which is added a small Collection of Portu- 
guese Literature ... London^ impr. Espagnole de Calero. 1827. l2mo, pp. 51. — Cata- 
logo de los Libros y otros articulos que se hallan de venta en la Libreria Hispano-Ameri- 
cana ... Paris, impr. de Dupont y Laguionie. 1831. 8vo, pp. (8), 56; Supplement, 
1832, pp. 20. — Catalogo de los Articulos de fondo 6 en gran niimero de la Libreria 
Hispano- Americana establecida en Paris, dirigida y administrada por Salva padre t hijo. 
Paris, impr. de Smith. 1832. i2mo, pp. 35 — Catalogo de los Libros antiguos o escasos 
Castellanos, Portugueses, Lemosines y Vizcainos ... Paris. 1835. i2mo. — Catalogo 
de los Libros modernos, de la mayor parte Espafiole?, y de algunos otros articulos que se 
hallan de venta en la Libreria Espanola de los SS D. Vicente Salva e hijo, establecida 
en Paris. Paris, impr. de Baajuenois. 1836. Sm. 8vo, pp. 216. — Catalogue de Livres 
Anciens espagnols, et d'Ouvrages Modernes relatifs a I'Histoire et a la Litterature d'Es- 
pagne, qui se trouvent a la Librairie de V. Salva, Rue de Lille, n° 4, a Paris. Parts : 
Imprimerie de H. Fournier et C^. 1843. 8vo, pp. 128. B., H. — Catalogo de los Libros 
Antiguos de Literatura espafiola, que se hallan de venta en la Libreria que tiene en Paris, 
en la Calle de Lille, N° 4, Don Vicente Salva. Paris : Imprenta de los SS. Claye y 
Taillefer. 1847. 8vo, pp. 95. b., h. 

Salva y Mallen (P.) Catalogo de la Biblioteca de Salva, 
escrito por D. Pedro Salva y Mallen, y enriquecido con la des- 
cripcion de otras muchas obras, de sus ediciones, etc. ... Valencia.^ 
Imprenta de Ferrer de Orga. 1872. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xxxii, 706, 
(l); (4), 900. L. 75864 

Twenty-five copies were printed on large paper. An admirable catalogue of the rarest 
books in the Spanish language, with careful bibliographical descriptions, and numerous 
woodcut illustrations of early printer's marks, title-pages, colophons, etc., some of which 
are rubricated. The Salva collection, which forms the basis of this elaborate bibliog- 
raphy, is now the property of Don Ricardo Hercdia, of Madrid. 



Salvador. See San Salvador. 

Salvador (Jos. del). Sermon de la' primera dominica de 
adviento. ... Mexico. 1815. 410, 13 leaves. 75865 

Also: Sermon de San Hermenigildo marcir. ... Mrjico. 1820. 4to, 8 leaves. 

Salvago (Antonio). Oraciones piadosas para ofrecer diaria- 
mente a Dios las buenas obras y asistir con devocion y utilidad al 
Sto. Sacrificio de la Misa ... Mexico^ por Calderon. 1689. 8vo. 

Title from Beristain. 

Salvandy (Narcisse Achille de). De I'Emancipation de Saint- 
Domingue dans ses rapports avec la politique interieure et exteri- 
eure de la France. ... Paris: De Vlmprimerie de Pinard. 1825. 
8vo, pp. 84. 75867 

Salvatierra (Andres Vernal de). El Camino Verdadero, 
coloquio entre Jesus y la alma, repartido en tres jornadas ... 
Mexico, 1 7 18. i2mo. 75868 

In verse. Beristain gives the title under Bernal y Salvatierra as follows : Camino 
verdadero: Coloquio dulcisimo entre Jesucristo y el alma, su esposa ... Mexico, por 
Ribera Calderon. 1728. 8vo. 

Salvatierra (Cristobal). Calculo Astronomico ... Mexico. 
1756. 8vo. 75869 

Also: Explicacion para sacar por las reglas de la Aritmetica el Compute) eclesiastito y 
las Fiestas movibles ... Mexico, por Ribera. [n. d.] 8vo. Titles from Beristain. 

Salvatierra (Juan Maria). Cartas sobre la Conquista espi- 
ritual de Californias ... Mexico.^ por Carrascoso. 1698. P'olio. 

Also: Nuevas Cartas ... Mexico. 1699. Folio. Titles from Beristain. 

Salvatierra Garnica (Bernardino). Descripcion de las 
Fiestas y Corridas de Toros, con que celebid Mexico la recon- 
quista de Oran por las armas catdlicas de Felipe v. ... Mexico.^ 
por Ribera. 1732. 4to. 75^71 

Salvatierra Garnica. Historia metrica de la portentosa 
Aparicion de Ntra. Sra. de Guadalupe de Mexico ... Mexico.^ por 
Ribera. 17 — .? 4to. -\- Mexico. 1790. 4to. 75^72 

Salvatierra Garnica. El Patronato de Ntra. Sra. de Gua- 
dalupe, V el Juramento de Mexico. ... Mexico.^ por Ribera. 1747. 
4to. ' 75873 

Titles from Beristain. 

Salvation by Jesus Christ. Chisvs Kilaist Chihowa Ushi Hatalc 
Aiokchaya Isht Anumpa Hoke. \^Park Hill., Cherokee Nation : 


Missionary Press ^ John Candy and John F. Wheeler^ Printers. 1 845.] 
i2mo, pp. 28. 75^74 

In the Choctaw language. Title from Pilling. 

Salvation for all Men, illustrated and vindicated, as a Scripture 
Doctrine, in numerous extracts from a variety of Pious and 
Learned Men, who have purposely writ upon the Subject, together 
with their Answer to the Objection urged against it. By One 
who wishes well to all Mankind. Boston: J. Fleet. 1782. 8vo, 
pp. 26. w. -f Second Edition. \^Ibid.'] 1782. 8vo. 75875 

By Rev. John Clarke. 

The Salvation of the Soul considered. See [Mather (C.)], 
Vol. XI., No. 46495. 

Salvatorf. (M. del). Relatione compendiosa, e simplice della 
Miracolosa Imagine della Beatissima Vergine, di Copacavana del 
Peru i La cui copia anco di gratie risplendente si riuerisce nclla 
Chiesa di San Carlo di Torino de MM. RR. PP. Agostiniani 
Scalzi. Composta dal Rev. Padre Michele del Salvatore, Scalzo 
Agostiniano gia Lettore di Sacra Teologia Scuolastica, e Sacri 
Canoni. Dedicata all' Illustrissimo Signor Marchese di Meana 
Cauagliere di SS. Moritio, e Lazaro. In Torino M DC Lxxxxii. 
[1692.] Per la Vedoua Colonna., e Fratelli Boetti. Con licenza de 
Superiori. 4to, engraved frontispiece, title, and pp. 43. J.C.B. 

Salverte (E.) Essai Historique et Philosophiquc sur les 
Noms d'Hommes, de Peuples et de Lieux, consideres principale- 
ment dans leurs Rapports avec la Civilisation. Par Eusebe Sal- 
verte ... Paris: Bossange Pcre ... 1824. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. (4), xi, 
467; (4), 503. Folded Map. b., ba. 75877 

Salverte. History of the Names of Men, Nations, and 
Places in their Connection with the Progress of Civilization. 
From the French of ' Eusebius Salverte.' Translated by the 
Rev. L. H. Mordacque, m.a. ... London: John Russell Smith. 
1862-64. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xii, 367; viii, 447. Folded Map. 

Salvin {Rev. H. S.) Journal written on Board of H.M.S. 
Cambridge from January, 1824, to May, 1827. ... Newcastle. 
1839. Sm. 8vo. Frontispiece. 75^79 

Privately printed. Contains an account of Buenos Ayres, Chili, etc. 

Salzedo (J. de). Estatera Juridica balanza en que se pesan 
OS fundamentos legales crisol, y Piedra de Toque en que se 
afuian, y reconocen los quilatcs del zelo del servicio del Rey : con 


que el Conde de Lemus ... hizieron causa y pronunciaron sen- 
tencia de muerte, y confiscacion de todos sus bienes, sin embargo 
de apelacion, ni suplicacion contra el Maestre de Campo Joseph 
de Salzedo, &c. Valladolid. [ib'jc)}'] Folio. 75880 

Salzcdo was sentenced to death for fomenting a revolution in the silver mine of 
Laicacota in Peru, in 1665. Title and note from the Barlow catalogue. 

Salzmann (C. G.) Elements of Morality, for the Use of 
Children ; with an Introductory Address to Parents. Translated 
from the German of the Rev. C. G. Salzmann. The First 
American Edition. Printed at Providence [R. Island) by Carter 
and Wilkinson^ and sold at their Book and Stationery Store^ opposite 
the Market, M,DCC,xcv. i2mo, pp. 306, Advertisements (2). 
Plate. B. -f Third American Edition. IVilmington. 1796. 
l2mo, pp. 232. 75881 

Sam Slick^ pseudon. See [Haliburton (T. C.)], Vol. vii., pp. 


... The Preliminary Prospectus of the Sam ana Bay Com- 
pany, fn. p. 186-.?] 4to, pp. 8. H. 75882 

Prospectus of the Samana Bay, San Domingo and Hayti Steam- 
ship Company. [New York. 1870.] Folio, pp. (4). H. 75883 

Samaniego (Francisco de), h. 1598, d. 1645. De | la irregv- 
laridad de ilegitimidad. | Sobre | qve siendo occvlta pveden dispen- 
sarla | los Senores Obispos, conforme al Santo Concilio | de Trento. 
Y el illvstrissimo Seiior Don Ivan | de Manozca Arcobispo de 
Mexico, y demas | Obispos de las Indias, por indvltos | apostolicos 
de los P.P. Pio v. | y Gregorio xiii. | ... | Mexico. 1645. 4to, 
(12) and 40 leaves. 75^84 

Samaniego. Disertacion canonica sobre la facultad de los 
Obispos de Indias para dispensar al defecto oculto de natales, para 
recibir los Ordenes sagrados ... Mexico^ por Juan Ruiz. 1645. 
4to. ... 75885 

Title from Beristain. Perhaps the same as the preceding number. 

Samaniego. Elogio a la hermosura de Amarilis y amores 
castos de Adonis. ... Segunda edicion corregida y anadida. 
Mexico. 1643. 4to. 75886 

Samaniego. Elogio del eruditissimo Canonigo de la Puebla 
de los Angeles, D. Juan Rodriguez de Leon ... Mexico^ por Ber- 
nardo Calderon. 1639. 4to. 75887 

This title, and the three following, from Beristain. 


Samaniego. Elogio funebre del Excmo. Sr. D. Francisco 
Sandoval Padilla y Acuna, Duque de Lerma ... Mexico^ por Fran- 
cisco Salvago. 1636. 4to. 75888 

Samaniego. Informe en Derecho sobre el salario de Relator 
de la Sala del Crimen de Mexico, dirigido al Consejo de las Indias 
...Mexico. [1647.?] Folio. 75^89 

Perhaps the same as No. 75897, infra. 

Samaniego. Informe juridico por D. Juan Gonzalez de Cas- 
tro ... Mexico. 1634. Folio. 75^90^ 

Samaniego. Memorial al rei Felipe iv. ... [^Mexico.'] 1637. 
4to. 75891 

This title, and the one following, from the Andrade catalogue. 

Samaniego. Memorias agustas'al rey Fernando el catholico. 
... \^AIexico. 164-.?] 4to. 75892 

Samaniego. Meritos del Doctor D. Francisco de Samaniego, 
Natural del lugar de Carcedo, Obispado de Calaorra, alia en la 
Audiencia Real de Manila, Islas Filipinas, segundo Mundo de la 
Europa, primero de la America. Representan al Archi-Rei del 
Orbe Antiguo al Emperador del Nuevo ... D. Felipe iv. [^Mex- 
ico.'] 1647. 4to. 75893 

A petition to the king representing the services of the memorialist in various capaci- 
ties, and dated from Mexico. 

Samaniego. Novendialia Manium nobilissimae Helenae a 
Vega Samaniego ... Mexici. 1642. 4to. 75^94 

An elegy in verse on the death of a niece of the author. 

Samaniego. Oracion Laudatoria de las virtudes y admirable 
gobierno del lllmo. Sr. D. Francisco Manso y Zufiiga, Arzobispo 
de Mexico. ... Mexico.^ por Pedro ^inones. 1635. 4to. 75895 

Samaniego. El Primipilario, sv origen, significacion, ocvpa- 
cion, y privilegios que escrivio en fabor de Domingo del Pverto, 
para el pleyto que sigve con el capitan J van Gomez Tonel de 
Sotomayor, en el tribvnal de la S. Crvzada de la civdad de Mex- 
ico ... D. Francisco de Samaniego Tuesta. Mexico. 1640. 4to, 
leaves (6), 30. 7589^ 

Folio 2 has the caption : " Por Ivan del Pverto, y Domingo del Pverto sv hcrmano 
Thesoreros de la Santa Cruzada, de la Prouincia, y obispado de Yucatan. Contra cl 
capitan Jvan Gomez Tonel de Sotomayor, acreedor a los bicnes de Andres de Armijo, y 
Juliana de Truxillo su muger." 


Samaniego. Representacion tocante a su salario. ... Mexico. 
1647. 75^97 

Perhaps the same as No. 75889, supra. 

Constitution and By-Laws of Samaritan Institute, No. i, 
of the United Order of Independent Odd Ladies. Instituted at 
Boston, November 2, 1848. Boston : Printed by Mudge & Corliss. 
1849. 24mo, pp. 16. B. 75898 

Sambo & Toney, A Dialogue in Three Parts. Georgetown., (S. 
C.) Printed by Francis M. Baxter. 1808. l2mo, pp. 46. N. 

Sambo and Toney. A Dialogue between two Negroes in 
South Carolina. Baltimore. 18 10. i2mo. 75900 

Samenspraak (in Tryk der dooden) tusschen Prins Willem den 
I en den General Montgomery. Over de eertyds voorgevallene 
omwenteling in de Nederlanden, en de Tegenwoordige gesteld- 
heid zaaken in Amerika. Te Amsterdam.^ By G. Warnars. mdcc- 
Lxxviii. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 76. 75901 

Sammlung der besten und neuesten Reisebeschreibungen in 
einem ausfiihrlichen Auszuge, worinn eine genaue Nachricht von 
der Religion, Regierungsverfassung, Handlung, Sitten, natiirlichen 
Geschichte und andern merkwiirdigen Dingen verschiedner Lan- 
der und Volker gegeben wird. Aus verschiednen Sprachen 
zusammen getragen. Mit vielen niitzlichen Kupfern. ... Berlin., 
bey Aug, Mylius. 1 774-1 802. 35 vols., 8vo. Map and Plates. 

The eleventh volume relates to America. Other editions: Berlin^ 1765-1794. 34 
vols., 8vo. 4- Berlin, 1777-1802. 35 vols., 8vo. 

Sammlung der gebrauchlichen Choral-Melodien der evangeli- 
schen Briider-Gemeine. A Collection of Moravian Hymn- 
Tunes. New York. 1856. i2mo, pp. 44. 75903 

Sammlung | der | neuesten SchrifFten, | welche die | Jesuiten in 
Portugal I betrefFen. | Aus dem Italianischen iibersetzt. | ... | Frauck- 
furt und Leipzig. 1760-62. 4 vols, in two, 4to, pp. (34), 14, 
124, 100, (4), 96, (l), 265, (2); (4), xlviii, 578, (2); (4), 30, 
33^> cl, (l); (4), 90, 524. H. 75904 

Edited by L. A. Muratori. Improved title of No. 51428, Vol. xii. 

Eine Sammlung ofFentlicher Reden von dem Hernn der unsere 
Seligkeit ist und iiber die Materie von seiner Marter. In dem 
Jahr 1742, mehrentheils in dem Nordlichen Theil von America 
der das Englische Canada ausmachet, vor allerley Christlichen 

SAMPER. 369 

Religions-Meetings gehalten von deni damaligen Evangelischen 
Lutherischen Inspectore iind Past, zu Philadelphia. Zweyte 
Edition. Biidifigefi^ Verlegt von Johann Christoph Stohr. 1746. 
2 vols., i2mo. j.c.B. 75905 

For a Dutch translation se^ No. 65035, Vol. xv. 

Sammons (S.) Address ... at the Opening of the American 
State Council, Syracuse, August 26, 1856. ... Syracuse? 1856. 
8vo. s. "JS^^^ 

Samo (T. B.) Annual Report of Theodore B. Samo, Engi- 
neer in Charge of the Washington Aqueduct. IVash'tngton^ D. 
C. : Intelligencer Printing Establishment. 1866. 8vo, pp, 7. H. 

Samonal (J . B.) and (L.) Description | of a | Plantation, | situa- 
ted at Petit St. Louis, near Port-| de-Paix, in the Northern Part 
of I Hispaniola; | with all the Buildings, belonging to the | same 
and necessary to carry on the Cul-| tivation of such Plantation ; | 
Now offered to be Exchanged, bv| J. B. h L. Samonal, Proprie- 
tors, | for Goods, principally East-India, and partly | Public Papers 
on St. Domingo, proper- |ly certified and signed by the public | 
Functionaries, and approved bv | the General in Chief, | Toussaint j 
...| [n. p. 178-.?] i2mo, pp. 12. Folded Map. m. 75908 

Sampedro (Joaquin Rodriguez). See Rodriguez Sampedro (J.) 

Samper (J. M.) Apuntamientos para la historia politka i 
social de la Nueva Granada desde 18 10, i especialmente de la 
administracion del 7 de Marzo, por Jose Maria Samper. Bogota. 
1853. ^^«^ PP- 585- 75909 

Samper. El catolicismo i la republica, por Jose M. Samper. 
Bogota. 1864. 4to, pp. 24. 759^0 

Samper. El Clero Ultramontane. Coleccion de articulos 
por J. M. Samper. Bogota. 1857. 4^^^ PP- '00. 759^1 

Samper. Coleccion de piezas dramaticas, originales i en verso; 
escritas para el teatro en Bogota, por Jose iMaria Samper. Bogota. 
1857. 4^°^ PP- 328- Frontispiece. 759^2 

Samper. Ecos de los Andes. Poesias' liricas de Jose M. 
Samper. Segunda coleccion de 1848 a i860. Bogota, i860. 
8vo, pp. xvi, 396. 75913 

Samper. Ensayo sobre las Revoluciones Politicas y la Con- 
dicion Social de las Republicas Columbiaiias (Hispano-America- 



nas) ; con un Apendice sobre la orografia y la poblacion de la 
Confederacion Granadina por Jose M. Samper. ... Paris: Im- 
prenta de E. Thunot y C^, 1861. Sm. 8vo, pp. xv, 340, (2). b. 

Samper. Flores Marchitas. Coleccion de poesias orijinales, 
por Jose M. Samper Agudelo. Bogota. 1849. ^^°? PP- ^o^- 

Samper. El hijo del pueblo. Drama original en tres actos i 
en prosa. Por Jose M. Samper. Bogota. 1856. i8mo, pp. 104. 

Samper. El Programa de un liberal. Por Jose M. Samper. 
Bogota. 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 60. 759^7 

Samper. Ultimos cantares, por Jose Maria Samper. Bogota. 
1874. 4to, pp. XV, 255. 75918 

Samper. Viajes de un Colombiano en Europa, por Jose M. 
Samper. ... Paris. 1862. 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xiv, 554; xii, 434. 

Sample (J. T.) Ruth's Vision ; or Chronicle of the War. 
By J. T. Sample. Pittsburgh. \_i%62}'] l2mo. 75920 

Sample (R. F.) The Curtained Throne : A Sermon sug- 
gested by the Death of President Lincoln. Preached in the 
Presbyterian Church of Bedford, Pa., April 23, 1865, and repeated 
April 30, 1865. By Rev. Robert F. Sample. Philadelphia: 
James S. Claxton. 1865. 8vo, pp. 32. 75921 

Sample. Our National Origin, Progress and Perils : A Ser- 
mon, preached on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1861, in 
Bedford, Pa. By Rev. Robert F. Sample. Philadelphia : Will^ 
iam S. ^ Alfred Martien. 1862. Svo, pp. 30. b. 75922 

Sample (S. C.) Speech of Mr. S. C. Sample, of Indiana, on 
the Annexation of Texas. Delivered in the House of Repre- 
sentatives, U. S. Jan. 10, 1845. {Washington. 1845.] ^^^^ PP- ^• 

Sampson against the Philistines, or the Reformation of Law- 
suits ; and Justice made cheap, speedy, and brought home to 
every Man's Door : agreeable to the Principles of the Ancient 
Trial by Jury, before the same was innovated by Judges and 
Lawyers. Compiled for the Use of the Honest Citizens of the 
Jnited States. To whom it is dedicated. {Philadelphia : Printed 
'jy W. Duane. 1805.] 8vo, pp. v, 98, Appendix, xxiii. B., c. 
-Y Second Edition. Philadelphia: Printed by B. Graves., for IV, 
Duane. 1805. 8vo, pp. 96. b., c. 75924 



Sampson (Deborah). See Gannet (Deborah Sampson), Vol. 
VII., No. 26525 ; ^W [Mann (Herman)], Vol. xi., Nos. 44314- 

Some copies of "The Female Review," Dedbam^ ^191 1 contain an additional leaf of 
subscribers' names, so that the collation is: pp. 258, (7). Portrait. 

Sampson (E.) The Beauties of the Bible : being a selection 
from the Old and New Testaments, with various Remarks and 
brief Dissertations, designed for the use of Christians in general, 
and particularly for the use of Schools, and for the Improvement 
of Youth. By Ezra Sampson, of Hudson (New-York.) Printed 
and Published according to Act of Congress. ... Hudson: Printed 
hy Ashbcl Stoddard^ M,DCCC. 1 2mo, pp. 283, (4). + Second Hud- 
son Edition. Hudson: Sampson^ Chittenden 6f Croswell. 1802. 
l2mo, pp. 338. -|- Third Hudson Edition. Hudson: Harry Cros- 
well. 1806. i2mo. -|- Hudson. 18 15. i2mo. 759^5 

Sampson. The Brief Remarker on the Ways of Man : or 
Compendious Dissertations, respecting Social and Domestic Rela- 
tions and Concerns, and the Various Economy of Life ; intended, 
and calculated, more especially, for the Use of those in the Com- 
mon Ranks of American Society. By Ezra Sampson ... Hud- 
son : Published for the Author by Stone and Corss. 1818. l2mo, pp. 
421. BA. -f- Designed for, and adapted to, the Use of American 
Academies and Common Schools. By Ezra Sampson ... Hud- 
son : Printed and published by Ashbel Stoddard.^ for himself and the 
Author. 1820. l2mo, pp. 264. ba. -\- Canandaigua : Printed 
and sold by J. D. Semis & Co. 182 1. i2mo, pp. 264. B., c. -\- 
[Ibid.^ 1823. l2mo, pp. 264. H. -\- New York: D. Appleton 
and Company. 1855. Sq. i2mo, pp. 460, Advertisements (8). B. 

Sampson. A Discourse delivered February 19, 1795 ; being 
the Day of National Thanksgiving. By Ezra Sampson, Pastor 
of the Christian Society in Plympton. Published by request of a 
Number of the Hearers. Printed and sold by Samuel Hall., Boston. 
[1795.] 8vo, pp. 21. H., M. 75927 

Sampson. A | Sermon | preached at | Roxbury-Camp, | Before 
Col. Cotton's Regiment ; | On the 20th of July, p.m. i 775-1 Be- 
ing! A ^^y ^^^ apart for Fasting and Prayer, through] out all the 
United Colonies in America. | Bv Ezra Samson, | Colleague Pas- 
tor of the First Church in Plymton. | (Published at the Request 
of the Officers of | said Regiment.) | ... | IV atertown : | Printed and 
Sold by Benjamin Edes.\ I 775-1 8vo, pp. 24. w. 75928 



[Sampson.] The Sham Patriot Unmasked : Or an Exposition 
of the fatally Successful Arts of Demagogues who exalt them- 
selves by flattering and swindling the people, etc. Being a series 
of Essays written by Historicus, and first published in "The Bal- 
ance." Hudson: Sampson^ Chittenden ^ Croswell. 1802. 24mo, 
pp. 143. c. 75929 

[Sampson.] The Sham-Patriot Unmasked ; or, an Exposition 
of the fatally Successful Arts of Demagogues, to exalt themselves, 
by flattering and swindling the People ; in a Variety of Pertinent 
Facts, drawn from Sacred and Profane History. By Historicus. 
Fifth Edition. Haverhill: Printed by Galen H. Fay. 1805. 8vo, 
pp. 47 B. 75930 

Sampson. The Youth's Companion, or an Historical Dic- 
tionary ; consisting of Articles selected chiefly from Natural and 
Civil History, Geography, Astronomy, Zoology, Botany and 
Mineralogy; arranged in Alphabetical Order. By Ezra Samp- 
son ... Hudson. 1807. i2mo. -f From the Hudson Edition, 
with Sundry Emendations, Retrenchments and Enlargements. 
Albany: Printed by IVebsters and Skiyiners^for thernselves^ and Na- 
than Elliot .^ of Cat skill. 18 1 3. l2mo, pp. 12, 412. B. -^Hudson. 
1 8 16. i2mo, pp. 412. + Carefully revised and abridged, by 
John B. Longgley. St. Clair sville., (O.): Printed for the Compiler. 
1832. i2mo, pp. 300. c. 75931 

Sampson (G. R.) Address delivered at the Dedication of the 
New Rooms of the Mercantile Library Association, in Summer 
Street, January i, 1856. By George R. Sampson, Esq. Re- 
peated in Tremont Temple, January 17th, And printed by the 
Government of the M. L. A. Boston: Press of the Franklin Print- 
ing House. 1856. 8vo, pp. 64. H. 75932 

Sampson [Mrs. J. K.) The Chinampa, or Island Home: a 
Tale of Ancient Mexico. By Mrs. J. K. Sampson. London: 
C. H. Palmer. 1852. Fcap 8vo, pp. 80. 75933 

Sampson (J. P. C.) Oration ... Anniversary ... Battles or 
Champlain and Plattsburgh. By J. P. C. Sampson. New York. 
1810. 8vo. 75934 

Sampson. An Oration, delivered before the Members of the 
Law Institute, at Litchfield, on the Fourth of July, 1818. By 
J. P. C. Sampson. Neiv-York : Printed by E. Conrad. 1 81 8. 
8vo, pp. 16. N. 75935 


Sampson. A Valedictory delivered at the Forum on the 
Eleventh-Day of April, 1817, on Closing the First Session. By 
I. P. C. Sampson, Esq. Nnu Tork : Printed by Van lVinklt\ Wiley 
iff Co. Printers to the University. 181 7. 8vo, pp. 23. n. 75936 

Sampson (Rev. John). Sermon on a General Thanksgiving 
for the Conquest of Quebec, on Ps. cxliv. 15 .. London. 1771. 
Svo. 75937 

Sampson. ... Sermons. ... The First On the 29th of No- 
vember, 1759; ... for the Conquest of Quebec. .. By John 
Sampson ... . London: "J. IFilkie. IJJ4- 8vo, pp. 45. 75938 

Sampson (J. A. H.) Remains of Joseph A. H. Sampson. 
Born at Marshfield, loth Month, 20th, 1805; died at New- 
Lebanon, 1 2th Month, 14th, 1825 ... Published for the benefit 
of Youth ... . Rochester^ N. T. 1827. l8mo. w. + Albany : 
Printed by Hoffman and White .^ for Proctor Sampson^ of New- Leba- 
non. 1834. i2mo, pp. 35, (l). H. 75939 

Sampson (M. B.) Central America and the Transit between 
the Oceans. By Marmaduke B. Sampson. Reprinted from the 
Westminster Review, for April, 1850. New Tork: S. W. Bene- 
dict. 1850. 8vo, pp. 28. A. 75940 

Sampson. Criminal Jurisprudence considered in relation to 
Cerebral Organization. By M. B. Sampson ... Second Edition. 
With Additions. London : Samuel Highley. MDCCCXLIII. 8vo, 
pp. xii, 147, Advertisements 13. 7594^ 

Apipendix ii. treats of the Eastern State Penitentiary of Pennsylvania. 

[Sampson.] Junction of the Atlantic and Pacific. Reprinted 
from the 'Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Review' for April, 
1850. London: George Luxford. 1850. Svo, pp. 20. B. 75942 

Signed : "S." 

[Sampson.] Nicaragua. \J.ondon^ about 1850.] Svo, pp. 32. 

Sampson. I'he Oregon Question as it stands. By M. B. 
Sampson. London. 1846. 8\'o, pp. 15. Map. 75944 

Sampson. Rationale of Crime, and its Appropriate Treat- 
ment \ being a IVeatise on Criminal Jurisprudence considered in 
relation to Cerebral Organization. By M. B. Sampson. Prom 
the Second London Edition. With Notes and Illustrations by 
E. W. Farnham ... Embellished with Numerous Accurate Por- 
traits of Criminals and other Persons. New York : D. Appleton 


^Company. Philadelphia : Geo. S. Jppleton. mdcccxlvi. i2mo, 
pp. (4), ix-xxiv, 177. B., H. 75945 

Originally published in the "Spectator." 

Sampson. Slavery in the United States. ... By M. B. Samp- 
son. London: S. Highley. 1845. ^^^^^ PP- ^'^t (0? ^^- 7594^ 
Sampson (Patience). See Boston (P.), Vol. 11., Nos. 6471-2. 

Sampson (W.) An Anniversary Discourse, delivered before 
the Historical Society of New-York, on Saturday, December 6, 
1823 ; showing the Origin, Progress, Antiquities, Curiosities, and 
Nature of the Common Law. By William Sampson, Esq. ... 
New-Tor k : Published by E. Bliss and E. White^ 128 Broadway. 
Abraham Paul., printer. 1824. 8vo, pp. (6), 5-68. B., ba., s. 

Sampson. The Case of George W. Niven, Esquire, Attorney 
and Counsellor at Law, charged with Mal-practices, and suspended 
by order of the Court of Common Pleas, of the City of New- 
York, ... Reported by William Sampson; Esq. Counsellor at 
Law, &c. New York: Van Pelt ^ Spear ^ Printers. 1822. 8yo, 
pp. 95. ba. 75948 

Sampson. The Catholic Question in America. ... Whether 
a Roman Catholic Clergyman be in any case compellable to dis- 
close the secrets of Auricular Confession. Decided at the Court 
of General Sessions, in the City of New York. Present, The 
Honorable De Witt Clinton, Mayor, The Honorable Josiah Og- 
den Hoffman, Recorder. Richard Cunningham, Isaac S. Doug- 
lass, Esqrs. Sitting Aldermen. With the Arguments of Counsel, 
and the unanimous opinion of the Court, delivered by the Mayor, 
with his reasons in support of that Opinion. Reported by Will- 
iam Sampson, Esq. One of the Counsel in the Case. New York: 
Printed by Edward Gillespy. 18 1 3. 8vo, pp. 138, Appendix, 
cxxviii, (i). b., ba., h. 75949 

Sampson. A Faithful Report of the Trial of the Cause of 
Philip L Arcularius and William Coleman, Gent, etc. Being an 
Action for a libel, ... Taken by Mr. Sampson, in Short-hand, 
and given to the Public at the request of some of his Friends. 
New-York : Bernard Dor?iin. T. Kirk., Printer., Brooklyn. 1807. 

8V0, pp. 62. B., H. 75950 

Sampson. Is a Whale a Fish .? An Accurate Report of the 
Case of James Maurice against Samuel Judd, tried in the Mayor's 
Court of the City of New York, on the 30th and 31st of De- 


cember, 1818, wherein the above Problem is discussed iheologic- 
ally, scholastically, and historically. By William Sampson. ... 
NeLi^-y'ork : Prititcd and published by C. S. Fan IVinkle. 18 19. 8vo, 
pp.83. 75951 

Sampson. Memoirs of William Sampson : including Particu- 
lars of his Adventures in various Parts of Europe ; his Confine- 
ment in the Dungeons of the Inquisition in Lisbon, &c. &c. 
Several original Letters ; being his Correspondence with the 
Ministers of State in Great-Britain and Portugal ; a Short Sketch 
of the History of Ireland, particularly as it respects the Spirit oi 
British Domination in that Country ; and A Few Observations 
on the State of Manners &c. in America. New York: Printed 
for the Author^ By George Forman. 1807^ 8vo, pp. xii, 448. ba. 
-f- Second Edition : Revised and Corrected by the Author. Pub- 
lished by Samuel B. T. Caldwell^ Leesburg^ Va. 1817. 8vo, pp. 
432. Portrait. c. 75952 

Sampson. Memoirs of William Sampson, an Irish Exile ; 
Written by Himself. Including Particulars of his adventures . . 
and some observations on the present condition of America. Re- 
printed from the Second American Edition. ... London: JVhit- 
taker^ Treacher and Arnot. MDCCCXXXli. i8mo, pp. xxxii, 292. 
Portrait. 75953 

Forms vol. xxxiii of a collection of autobiographies. 

Sampson. Murders. Report of the Trial of James Johnson, 
a Black Man, for the Murder of Lewis Robinson, a Black Man, 
on the 23d of October Last. Also, the Trial of John Sinclair, 
a German ... for the Murder of David Hill, on the Eighth Day 
of April Last. ... Published from the Short Hand Notes of Will- 
iam Sampson, Esquire, Counsellor at Law, &c. New-York : 
Printed and published by Southwick and Pelsue. 18 I I. 8vo, pp. 36. 

See a/so Vol. ix., No. 36227. 

Sampson. Sampson's Discourse, and Correspondence with 
various learned Jurists upon the History of the Law; with the 
addition of several Essays, Tracts and Documents relating to that 
subject. Compiled and published by Pishey Thompson. IVash- 
ington City. 1826. 8vo. 75955 

Sampson. Speech of Counsellor Sampson, on the Trial of 
James Cheetham, for libelling Madame Bonneville, in his Life of 
Thomas Paine ; with a Short Sketch of the Trial. New Tork : 
Pri tit ed by Charles Holt. 1810. 8vo, pp. 27. B., ba., h., p. 

376 SAMSON. 

Sampson. The Trial of Lieutenant Renshaw, of the U. S. 
Navy. Indicted for challenging Joseph Strong, Esq. Attorney at 
Law, to fight a Duel. With the Speeches of the learned coun- 
sel. Golden, Hoffman and Emmet. Taken in short-hand, by 
William Sampson, Esq. With an Appendix, containing the Pro- 
ceedings of the Naval Court of Enquiry, held by order of the 
Secretary of the Navy. New York: Frank^ White l^ Co. 1809. 
8vo, pp. 114. 75957 

Sampson. The Trial of the Hon. Maturin Livingston, against 
James Cheetham, for a Libel ; held at the Sittings, on the Twenty 
Eighth of Nov. 1807. Before the Hon. Judge Spencer. Taken 
in Short Hand, by William Sampson, Esq. Counsellor at Law. 
New York : Printed and published by S. Gould. 1807. 8vo, pp. 63. 

Sampson. Trial of the Journeymen Cordwainers of the City 
of New-York ; for a Conspiracy to raise their Wages ; with the 
Arguments of Counsel at Full Length, on a Motion to quash the 
Indictment, the Verdict of the Jury, and the Sentence of the 
Court. Reported by William Sampson, Esq. one of the Counsel 
in the Cause. New- York : Printed and published by I. Riley. 1 8 10. 
8vo, pp. (4), 168. BA., H. 75959 

Sampson (Z.) American Independence : an Oration, pro- 
nounced at New Bedford [Fairhaven], July 4, 1806. By Zab- 
diel Sampson, a.b. Published by Request. Boston. 1806. 8vo, 
pp. 16. 75960 

Sampson. Republican Celebration of American Independ- 
ence. An Oration pronounced in the New Meeting House at 
Plymouth, July 4, 1808. By Zabdiel Sampson, a.m. Boston: 
Printed by Adams and Rhoades. 1808. 8vo, pp. 14. ba., H. 

Sampwutteahae Quinnuppekompauaenin. See Shepard (Thos.) 

Sam's Fast. See [Brown (A. W.)], Vol. 11., No. 8447. 

Samson (G. W.) Memorial Discourse on the Life and Char- 
acter of Rev. Joel Smith Bacon, d.d.. Third President of the 
Columbian College, in the District of Columbia, delivered at ... 
Washington, D. C. ... June 27, 1870, by Rev. G. W. Samson, 
D.D.. Washington..^ D. C. : Printed by Judd C5f Detweiler. 1870. 
8vo, pp. 26. 75962 

Samson. The Providence of God in Raising up under our 
Republican Institutions, Great and Good Men as our Rulers : a 



Discourse delivered by Rev. G. W. Samson, Pastor of the Bap- 
tist Church, Jamaica Plain, Mass., on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 
25, 1852. Boston: Ticknor^ Reed^ and Fields. M.DCCC.LIII. 8vo, 
pp. 16. 75963 

Relates mostly to the death of Daniel Webster. 

Samson. Sermon on the Death of Sarah Constance Green, 
Daughter of DufF and Lucretia M. Green, who died August 12, 
1849, aged 16 years and 8 months. Delivered in Washington, 
D. C, on ... August 19, 1849, ^y Rev. G. W. Samson ... . 
Washington : Printed hy y no. T. Towers. 1849. ^^^? PP* '^• 

Samson. Spiritualism Tested ; or, the Facts of its History 
classified, and their Cause in Nature verified from Ancient and 
Modern Testimonies. By George W. Samson, d.d. ... Boston: 
Gould and Lincoln, i860. i2mo, pp. 185. B. 75965 

Samuel (P.) Wesleyan-Methodist Missions in Jamaica and 
Honduras delineated. By Peter Samuel. London: Mason. 1850. 
8vo. c. 75966 

Samuels (E. A.) Among the Birds : a Series of Sketches for 
Young Folks, illustrating the Domestic Life of our Feathered 
Friends. By Edward A. Samuels. Boston : Nichols and Noyes. 
1868. i6mo, pp. viii, 223. 3 Plates. b. JS9^7 

Samuels. The Birds of New England. By Edward A. 
Samuels. Boston: Noyes., Holmes., and Company. 1870. 8vo, pp. 
vii, 591. 8 Plates. h. 75968 

Samuels. Ornithology and Oology of New England : con- 
taining Full Descriptions of the Birds of New England, and Ad- 
joining States and Provinces, arranged by a long-approved Classi- 
fication and Nomenclature ; together with a Complete History of 
their Habits, Times of Arrival and Departure, their Distribution, 
Food, Song, Time of Breeding, and a careful and accurate De- 
scription of their Nests and Eggs ; with Illustrations of many 
Species of the Birds, and Accurate Figures of their Eggs. By 
Edward A Samuels, Curator of Zoology in the Massachusetts 
State Cabinet. Boston: Nichols and Noyes. 1867. 8vo, pp. vii, 
583. Plates. B., BA. -f- {Ibid.^ 1868. 8vo, pp. vii, 587. 28 
Plates, -f- [^Ibid.'] 1869. 8vo, pp. vii, 587. 29 Plates. b., h. 

Issued in two styles, with plain and with colored plates. 

Samwell (D.) A Narrative of the Death of Captain James 
Cook : To which are added, some Particulars concerning his Life 

VOL. xviii. 24 


and Character, And Observations respecting the Introduction of 
the Venereal Disease into the Sandwich Islands. By David 
Samwell, Surgeon of the Discovery. London : G. G. and J. Rob- 
inson. MDCCLXXXVi. 4to, pp. 34. p. 75970 

See "Monthly Review," lxxv, 95. 

San Alberto (Joseph Antonio de), Jrzobispo de la Plata. 
Carta circular, dirigida a todos sus amados hijos, y diocesanos. 
... Buenos-Ayres. 1781. 4to, pp. 102. 7597' 

San Alberto. Carta pastoral que dirige a los parrocos, sacer- 
dotes, y demas fieles de su diocesi ... Buenos- Ayr es.^ Imprenta de 
los ninos expositos. 1781. 4to, pp. 64. 7 59 7 2 

San Alberto. Carta pastoral segunda ... Buenos- Ayres. 1781. 
4to, pp. 99. 75973 

Dated from Cordova de Tucuman, 19th February 1781. 

San Alberto. Carta pastoral ... Con ocasion de haber fun- 
dado en la capital de Cordova dos casas para huerfanos y huer- 
fanas. Buenos- Ayres. 1783. 4to, pp. 85. 75974 

San Alberto. Carta pastoral que dirige a todos los clerigos 
de su diocesi, con ocasion del concurso, y oposicion que va a cele- 
brarse a los Curatos vacantes. ... Buenos Ayres., Imprenta de los 
Ninos expositos. 1790. 4to, pp. 374, (2). 75975 

San Alberto. Carta pastoral que el Ilust"- So^. D. Fray 
Joseph Antonio de San Alberto, Arzobispo de la Plata, dirige a 
todos los que en el pasado concurso han sido nombrados y eiegi- 
dos para curas. Buenos Ayres. 1791. 4to. 7597^ 

San Alberto. Carta, que el illustrisimo Senor D. Fr. Joseph 
Antonio de San Alberto, Arzobispo de la Plata, escribid a los 
Indios infieles Chirihuanos, con motivo de pasar los comisionados 
de esta Villa de Tarija, a tratar de Treguas, 6 Paces solicitadas 
por ellos mismos, y obtenida antes la licencia del marques de Lo- 
reto, Virrey de Buenos-Ayres. \^Buenos Ayres ;] En la Imprenta 
Real de los ninos expositos. 1788. 4to, pp. 38. 75977 

Dated from Tarija, 23 October 1787. In Spanish and in the language of the Chiri- 
guanos Indians, arranged in parallel columns. Title and description from Maisonneuve's 
** Bibliotheca Americana," 1881, No. 2949. 

San Alberto. Cartas pastorales. ... Madrid^ Imprenta Real. 
1793- 4to, pp. (6), 290, (4). 75978 


San Alberto. Coleccion de Instruccioncs pastorales, que en 
diferentes ocasiones, y con varios motivos publico para edificacion 
de los fieles, y direccion de sus didcesis D. Fr. de S. Alberto, 
Obispo antes de Cordoba del Tucuman, y al presente Arzobispo 
de la ciudad de La Plata en America. Madrid^ Imprenta Real. 
1786. 2 vols., 4to, pp. 367 -, (2), 369-830. 75979 

San Alberto. Oracion funebre que en las solemnes exce- 
quias de Carlos in, Celebradas en la iglesia Metropolitana de la 
Plata, dixo D. Joseph Antonio de San Alberto, Arzobispo de la 
Plata. Buenos Ayr es : Imprenta de los n'lnos expositos. 1789. 4to, 
pp. (2), 128. 75980 

San Alberto. Voces del postor en el Retrjo, Dispertador, y 
Exercicios espirituales, para vivir y Morir bien, etc. Por D. F. 
Joseph Antonio de San Alberto, Arzobispo de la Plata. Buenos 
Jyres. 1789 4to. 7 5981 

San Anastasio (J. de). Coloquios Canonico-morales de Re- 
gulares. Compuestos por el R. P. Fr. Juan de San Anastasio, 
Provincial que fue de los Carmelitas Descalzos, en esta Provincia 
de Nueva Espana, &c. Obra postuma. Mexico^ Calle de Santo 
Domingo. 1816. 4to, pp. (20), 226, (lo). 75982 

Preceding the text are eight pages containing a " Breve Noticia del Autor dc esta 

San Anastasio. Explicatio terhfiinorum, quibus frecuenter in 
disputando scholastici utuntur : seu via scientiarum illustrata ... 
Mex'ici : Typ'ts D.Joseph de Jauregui. 1 773. 4to. 759^3 

Title from Beristain. 

San Antonio (Agustin). Lamentacion juri'dica, que la pro- 
vincia de carmelitas descalzos de S. Alberto de Indias hace al 
capitulo general de su orden ... Madrid, [n. d.] Folio. 75984 

This title, and the one following, from Beristain. 

San Antonio. Representacion al rey sobre la continuacion 
de 12,000 pesos al convento del desierto de Mexico por equiva- 
lente de los oficios de ensayador y fundidor mayor de la casa de 

Tiayor d 

. tn. d.; 

moneda, que le dejd su fundador ... Madrid, [n. d.] Fo 

San Antonio (F. de). Yo fray Francisco de S. Antonio, del 
orden de S. Juan de Dios ... certifico, y doy fee, a los que el 
presente viere, que por las autos de residencia, que fueron remiti- 
dos ... por el P. fray Diego de Alfaro, comissario general de la 
prouincia del archangel San Rafael en los reynos del Piru, y Chile, 


de la que tomo al P. fray Juan de Ferriol su antecessor ... consta, 
y parece que se probeyo auto en que se mandose notificasse al 
dicho P. fray Juan de Ferriol ... Madrid. 1670. Folio, 4 leaves. 

San Antonio (J. F. de). Chronicas de la Apostolica Pro- 
vincia de S. Gregorio de religiosos descalzos de N. S. P. S. Fran- 
cisco en las Islas Philipinas, China, Japon, etc. ... Por el P. Fr. 
J van Francisco de San Antonio, Matritense, Chronista General 
de la Provincia de S. Gregorio. ... Impressa en la Imprenta del uso 
de la propria provincia situ en el Convento de Nra. Senora de Loreto 
del Pueblo de Sampaloc^ Extra-muros de la Ciudad de Manila^ por 
Fr. Juan del Solillo. 1738-41-44. 3 vols., folio, pp. (64), 782, 
(42); (3c), 579, (64); (38), 839, (ill)- 75987 

Printed on rice paper. The first two volumes contain the history of the Franciscan 
missions in the Philippines to 1741 ; the third volume, which has a curious engraved 
frontispiece, relates to China and Japan. There are many references to Mexico and 
other parts of Spanish America scattered throughout the work. A copy was sold at the 
Ramirez sale in 1880 for £5 5s. 

An abridgment by Fray Domingo Martinez was published with the following title : 
Compendio Historico, de la Apostolica Provincia de San Gregorio de Philipinas, de 
religiosos menores descalzos de N. P-. San Francisco ... con las vidas, martyrios, y hechos 
en comun, y en particular de sus venerables hijos, correspondientes a la succession de los 
Trienios, y Missiones, desde su fundacion, hasta los anos de 1708. ... Madrid, V'tuda de 
Manuel Fernandez. 1756. Folio, pp. (28), 342, n6, 248. 

San Antonio de los BaRos. Historia de San Antonio de los 
Banos. ... Habana. 1859. 4^^'- 759^8 

San Antonio do Brasil, Provincia de. Estatutos da provin- 
cia de S. Antonio do Brasil, tirados de varios estatutos da ordem, 
accrescentando nelles o mais util, et necessario a reforma desta 
nossa Provincia, fcytos, ordenados, et aceytos no Capitulo, que se 
celebrou na caza de N. P. S. Francisco da cidade de Bahia aos 14 
de Fevereyro de 1705 ... e outra vez aceytos em o siguinte capi- 
tulo, que se celebrou em o convento de S. Antonio de Segerippe 
do Conde aos 3 de Janeyro de 1708 ... Confirmados, auctoritate 
apostolica pelo dom Miguel Angelo Conti nuncio apostolico nestes 
reynos ... dados a estampa pelo irmao ¥\. Gonsalo de Santa 
Isabel, leytor de theologia, custodio actual, et procurador de 
mesma provincia. Lisboa.^ Manoel et Joseph Ferreyra. 1709. Folio, 
PP- (14), 236, 88. 75989 

San Antonio Moreno [Fr. Martin de). Construccion pre- 
dicable, y Predicacion construida, dividida en cinco Opusculos ... 
Mexico. 1735. Folio. 75990 

Title from Beristain. 


San Antonio Saenz (/V. Matias). Historia de la provincia 
de los Tejas. ... Madrid. 1724. Folio. 7599^ 

San Antonio Saenz. Lucerna y avisos de peligros en el 
puerto de la eternidad, para los que navegan por el mar borrascoso 
de este mundo. ... Mexico. 1738. 8vo. 7599^ 

San Antonio Saenz. Sermon predicado en la solemne dedi- 
cacion del nuevo templo de Nuestra Seiiora de Guadalupe de 
Zacatecas. ... Mexico. 1 721. 4to. 75993 

The above three titles from Beristain. 

Prospectus of San Antonio Silver Mining Company, or 
Arizona. \^New York. 1864.] Folio, pp. (2). H. 75994 

San Augustin (A. de). Dios Prodigioso en el Jvdio mas 
obstinado, en el Penitenciado mas penitente, y en el mas ciego en 
errores, despues clarissimo en virtudes el Venerable Vida del Fray 
Antonio de San Pedro, Religioso lego del Orden esclarecido de 
Mercedarios de scal^os Redencion de Cautivos. Cvya admirable 
vida, y maravillosa reduccion de Judaismo a nuestra Santa Fe 
escrive el P. Fr. Andres de S. Avgvstin Cronista del dicho Orden 
.,. Con Licencia de los Superiores. En Lima en la Imprenta de 
"Joseph de Contreras.^ y Jlvarado. Ano de 1692. 4to, pp. (28), 698. 

San Augustin (G. de). Conquistas|de las Islas | Philipinas : | 
la temporal, I por las armas del Senor Don Phelipe | segundo el pru- 
dente ; | y la espiritval, | por los religiosos del orden | de nuestro 
padre San Augustin : [ tVndacion, y progressos | de sv provincia | 
del santissimo nombre de Jesus, | Parte Primera. | Dedicada | a la Seiiora Dona Maria | de Gvadalvpe Lancastrey y Carde- 
nas, I Duquesa de Avero, Arcos, y Maqueda, &c. | Escriviala | el 
Padre Fray^ Gaspar de San Avgvstin, | natural de Madrid, Procu- 
rador General de dicha Provincia | del Santissimo Nombre de 
Jesus, Secretario, y Difinidor | della, y Commissario della Santo 
Oficio. I Con Privilegio. I £w Madrid: En la Imprenta de Manvei 
Rviz Mvrga.\Aho de 1698. | Folio, pp. (32), 544, (7). Plate. 

No more published. The work contains some references to New Spain. 

San Augustin, Town of. Defensa de San Augustin el 25 i 
26 de Febrero de 1862. {Bogota. 1863.] 8vo, pp. 8. 75997 

San Bartolome (Jose de). El duelo de la Inquisicion : a 
Pesame que un filosofo rancio da a sus amados compatriotas, los 
verdaderos Espanoles, por la extincion de tan santo y utilismo 
Tribunal. Van anadidas varias notas critico- morales ; y una 


disertacion historico-legal sobre la memorable historia del Sr. B. 
Carranza. [Mexico.'] 1814. 4to. bm. 75998 

Beristain gives the imprint as follows : Imf>. en Megico por Jauregui y en Madrid por 
Martinez Davila 1814. 

San Benito (Jose). Poemata Sacra in Candidatorum Latini- 
tatis gratiam elucubrata ... Alexia^ apud Philippum Ontiveros. 
1777. 4to. 75999 

Title from Beristain. 

San Benito, City of. Vindlcacion de los Ex-Consejales pre- 
sos en la ciudadela de San Benito desvaneciendo las especies ofen- 
sivas a su honor, emitidas por el periodico oficial. Merida. 1865. 
4to, pp. 34. 76000 

San Bernardino County, California, its History, Climate and 
Resources, [n. p. n. d.] Folio, pp. (4). h. 76001 

San Bernardo (Juan). Metodo de hacer una buena confe- 
sion, para alivio de confesores y de penitentes ... Mexico.^ por 
Hogal. 1745. 8vo. 76002 

Title from Beristain, who says there were other editions. 

San Bernardo (Juan de). See Vol. ix., No. 36792. 

San Buenaventura [Giovanni Fidanza, Saint Bonaventurd]. 
^ Copilaci|on breue de vn tratado|de sant Buenauentura|que se 
llama: Mistica | theologia. | [Colophon:] ([ Por que este tratado 
sacado e romance d* vna | mistica theologia que escriuio el serafico dotor | 
sant Buenauetura es td admirable para los reli | giosos que se quisieren 
exercitar en la vida spiritual. Fue i?npresso a gloria de "Jesu xpo y p^ 
el p I uecho de sus sieruos por industria de los religio- 1 sos de la or den de 
los predicadores desta nueua es \paha en la grande y muy leal ciudad de 
Mexico : j en casa de "Juan Pablos. Acabo se de imprimir a | xxiij. dias 
del mes de Hebrero. Aho de nra sal- [ uacio de M. d. y quarenta y 
nueue anos [1549].! 8vo, 43 unnumbered leaves. Sig. a-e in 
eights and f in three. j.c.e. 76003 

I am indebted to Seflor Icazbalceta for the above title, whitli was made from a tracing 
and description sent to him by Mr. John Nicholas Brown. The only known copy was 
sold in London by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, on March I9rh, 1888. This edition 
is not mentioned in Icazbalceta 's " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi." 

San Buenaventura. Mistica Theo|logia : en la qval se nos 
I ensena el verdadero camino del cielo, me-|diante el exercicio de 
la virtud. | Compuesta por el Seraphico Doctor sant | luan Eusta- 
chio Buena Ventura, Cardenal | y Obispo Albano dc la orden de | 
Sant Francisco. | [Vignette.] | En Mexico en casa de Pedro Balli. \ 


1575. 1 [Colophon :] Porque este tractado sacado en romance de vna 
mtstica theologia que escr'iu'io el seraphico doctor sant Buenaventura, 
Es tan admirable para los religiosos y otras personas que se quisieren 
exercitar en la vida espiritual. Fue impresso a gloria de Jesu Christo 
y para el ^uecho de sus sieruos. En Mexico^ con licencia en casa de 
Pedro Balli. 1 575. 8vo, 60 unnumbered leaves. 76004 

Title from Icazbalceta's " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi," p. 210. 

San Buenaventura. Mistica | Teologia | en la qval se nos | 
enseiia el verdadero camino del|Cielo, mediante el exerci-|cio de 
la virtud. | Compuesta por el Seraphico Doctor S. lua Bue-|na 
Ventura, Cardenal, y Obispo Albano|de la Orden de Sant Fran- 
cisco. I [Vignette.] | En Mexico^ por Pedro Balli. 1 594. | 8vo, 64 
unnumbered leaves. 76005 

Title from Icazbalcera, p. 343. 

San Buenaventura (F. de). Relacion que hace F. de San 
Buonaventura, Obispo de Nicoli, de lo sucedido con D. Diego 
Obgletorp General Ingles en la Ciudad de la Florida, [n. p. 
1740.] 4to. 76006 

Title from one of Mr. Stevens's catalogues. 

San Buenaventura (G. de). Arte | de | la lengva | Maya, | 
Compuesto por el R. P. Fr. | Gabriel de San Buenaventura | Pre- 
dicador, y difinidor habitual | de la Provincia de San Joseph | de 
Yucathan del Orden de N. P. S | Francisco. | Ano de [Vignette] 
1684. 1 Con Licencia : | En Mexico., por la Viuda de Bernardo Calde- 
ron. I 4to. 76007 

Collation : 9 preliminary leaves, comprising the title, verso blank, the dedicatory 
epistle "A N. R.°*° P. M. Fr. Ivan de Lvzvriaga " by D. Alonso de Mondragon in four 
pages, the "Aprobacion del R. P. Fr. Juan de Torres" in two pages, the " Scntir del 
R. P. Fr. Augustin de Vetancurt" in three pages, including the licence of the Viceroy, 
the "Censura del R. P. Francisco Diaz, Pimienta de la Compaflia de Jesus" on one 
page, including the licence of the Vicar-General, the "Aprobacion del Br. Juan Gomer 
Brizefto" in two pages, the "Aprobacion del Br. Alonso Gomez Brizefto" in two pages, 
and the " Censvra del R. P. Fr. Pedro de Arqueta" in two pages; "Arte de la Lengua 
Maya," pp. 1-4, leaves 5-9, (2), 10-38} " Forma administrandi infirmis Sacramentum 
Eucharistiae," in Spanish and in Maya, leaves 39-41. Signatures [*], ^, A and B in 
fours, Bz in two, C-K in fours. 

There is a perfect copy of this edition in the library of the Colegio de San Nicolas at 
Morelia, which was discovered there in 1886 by Seflor Icazbalceta, to whose admirable 
and exact reprint of the book I am indebted for the above title and collation. Of the 
three other copies known to Senor Icazbalceta, each one lacked the two unnumbered 
leaves whicli belong between folios 9 and 10, thus leaving a deficiency in the text, 
although the numbering of the leaves and the signature marks were full and regular. 
A translation of the "Arte" was published by the abbe Brasseur de Bourbourg in the 
second volume of the " Manuscrit Troano," with alterations in the order of arrange- 
ment. Beristain says that this author also wrote a " Diccionario Mayo-Hispano 6 His- 
pano-Mayo. Manuscrito en tres volumenes en la Bibliotcca de PP. Franciscanos dc 
Yucatan. Consta de 500 pliegos, y es al mismo tiempo medico y botanico regional." 


San Buenaventura. Arte de la Lengua Maya por Fr. Ga- 
briel de San Buenaventura (Mexico, 1684) Segunda edicion 
Mexico Impreso por Francisco Diaz de Leon Calle de Lerdo num. 3. 
1888 Sm. 4to, cover-title, facsimile of the original title, 8 other 
preliminary leaves, pp. 1-4, leaves 5-9, (2), 10-41, pp. i-viii. 

Seventy-six copies only vyere printed of this elegant edition, which conforms to the 
original, page for page and line for line. A bibliographical account of the book is given 
in Scflor Icazbalceta's " Advertencia" at the end of the volume, pp. i-iii j this is fol- 
lowed by a list of " erratas del original," pp. iv-viii, and " erratas de la reimpresion," p. 

San Carlos de Monterey. Estracto de Noticias del Puerto 
de Monterrey, de la Mission y Presidio que se han establecido en 
el con la denominacion de San Carlos, y del sucesso de los dos 
Expediciones de Mar y Tierra que a este fin se despacharon en el 
ano ... de 1769. \Mexico. 1770?] Folio. bm. 76009 

San Cayetano (Hermano Jose). Historia del asombro de 
estos Reynos, veneracion del Orbe cristiano y refugio universal 
de afligidos, la Santisima Virgen Maria de Guadalupe : en verso 
casteilano ... Mexico^ por Hogal. 1729. 4to. 76010 

Title from Beristain. 

San Cirilo (Francisco de). Elogio de la Concepcion inma- 
culada de Maria, predicado en Celaya ... Mexico. 1788. 4to. 

San Cirilo. Elogio de Ntra. Sra. de Guadalupe ... Mexico^ 
por Ontiveros. 1779. 4to. 76012 

San Cirilo. Elogio funebre de la M. R. M. Sebastiana del 
Espiritu Sto. Religiosa Carmelita de Mexico ... Mexico. 1794. 
4to. 76013 

San Cirilo. La mejor parte de la gloria de Maria : Panegi- 
rico de su Asuncion gloriosa pronunciado en la Catedral de Mex- 
ico ... Mexico. 1788. 4to. 76014 

San Cirilo. Lo mucho que Dios le da ... . Sermon en la 
profession de la R. M. Dolores de S. Juan de la Cruz en el con- 
vento de Senoras Carmelitas de Corte de Mexico ... por Fran- 
cisco de San Cyrilo .... Mexico^ por Jauregui. 1805. 4to, 20 
leaves. 76015 

San Cirilo. La obligacion de los Carmelitas, como hijos de 
Maria: panegirico moral de Ntra. Sra. del Carmen ... Mexico^ 
por Jauregui. 1788. 4to. 76016 


San Cirilo. Panegfrico segundo de Ntra. Sra. de Guada- 
lupe, predicado en su Real Colegiata ... Mexico. 1796. 4to. 

San Cirilo. Reflexiones sobre la Critica del P. Yv. Hono- 
rato de Sta. Maria, traducidas del frances al castellano ... Mexico. 
1779. 2 vols., folio. 76018 

San Cirilo. Sermon de la Profesion solemne de Sor Maria 
del Carmen en el Convento antiguo de Sta. Teresa de Mexico ... 

Mexico^ par Ontiveros. 1795. 4to. 760 19 

San Cirilo. Sermon predicado en la Iglesia del convento 
antiguo de Seiioras Carmelitas Descalzas de Mexico en las hon- 
ras, que en ella se celebraron el dia 2 del mes de Junio de 1794. 
... Mexico. 1794. 8vo. 76020 

Of the above titles, eight are from Beristain. 

San Cristoval (^Marques de). Juego Filoarmonico, con el 
que qualquiera puede componer con facilidad un gran numero de 
Contradanzas a dos violines y bajo ... Mexico. 1749. 4to. 

Title from Beristain. 

San Damaso (J.) Vida admirable del siervo de dios fray 
Antonio de San Pedro, religioso professo de los descalzos de 
Nuestra Seiiora de la Merced ; nacido en el reyno de Portugal ; 
convertido a la gracia de dios prodigiosamente en el reyno del 
Perv, en Lima. Por Fr. Juan San Damaso, de la orden de los 
descalzos. Cadiz^ Lorenzo Machado. 1670. Folio, leaves (6), 
245,(17). 76022 

San Diego, Provincia de. Constituciones de la Provincia de 
San Diego de Mexico de los Menores descalzos de la mas estrecha 
observancia regular de N. S. P. S. Francisco en esta Nueva- 
Espana. Con las Constituciones Apostolicas y su Precedencia 
Seraphica. Mexico., por Lupercio. 1698. 410. 76023 

Recurso humilde y religioso, que en defensa de sus privilegios 
Apostolicos vulnerados, hace a la Mag. Catolica del Rey nuestro 
Sr. D. Felipe v. la Provincia de S. Diego de Mexico. \_MexicoF'] 
1740. Folio. 76024 

Title from Beristain. 

San Diego v Villalon (Juan). Discurso de la Vida, meri- 
tos, y trabajos del ilvstrissimo seiior Obispo del Paraguay y ver- 
dades desnvdas. Con las quales se prveva qvan inocentemente 
ha padecido en defensa de la dignidad Episcopal, desde el ano de 


1644, hasta el de 1657 ... Al rey nuestro senor en sus reales 
manos. Madrid. [165-.?] Folio, 37 leaves. 76025 

San Diego y Villalon. Memorial y defensorio al Rey 
nvestro Seiior. Por el credito, opinion, y derechos Episcopales 
de la persona, y dignidad de ... Fr. Bernardino de Cardenas. 
Obispo del Paraguay, y religiose de la orden de S. Francisco, con 
los religiosos de la Compaiiia de aquellas Prouincias. Respon- 
diendo a los Memoriales del P. Julian de Pedra^a su Procurador 
general de las Indias en esta Corte. \_Madrid. 1652.?] Folio, 
leaves (4), 117. 76026 

By " Fray Juan San Diego y Villalon, de la orden de S. Francisco, procurador de la 
Provincia del Tucuman, Paraguay, y Buenos Ayres." A " Memorial del Padre Julian 
de Pedra9a" fills leaves 110-117. These two titles are from Maisonneuve's " Biblio- 
theca Americana," (1878), Nos. I937» I939j which see for a note. 

San Domingo. See Saint Domingo, pp. 260-278, supra. 

San Felipe, Academia de. Elogia selecta ab alumnis Acade- 
mic S. Philippi Neri elaborata ... Mex'ici. 1754. 4to. 76027 

Title from Beristain. 

San Felipe de Jesus. Vida de San Felipe de Jesus, Proto- 
martir de Japon, y Patron de su Patria Mexico. Mexico. 1801. 
4to. 76028 

Engraved throughout on thirty plates. 

San Felipe de Jesus. Vida del Inclyto Mexicano San Fe- 
lipe de Jesus, Protomartir de Japon. Anadidas algunas obvias 
reflexiones en honor del mismo Heroe esclarecido y de esta dicho- 
sisima ciudad feliz en ser su patria. Mexico. 1802. 8vo. 

Thirty- one engravings by Montes de Oca. 

San Fermin (A. de). Defensa del Homo Attritus. Com- 
puesta por el P. Fr. Antonio de San Fermin, Carmelita Descalzo. 
Guadalaxara.^ por D. Mariano Vald'es Telles Giron. l8o2. 4to. 

San Fermin. Homo Attritus ... Mexici. 1801. Folio. 

For a brief account of the theological controversy occasioned by this publication, %ee 

San Francisco, California, An Act concerning the City of 
San Francisco, and to ratify and confirm certain Ordinances of 
the Common Council of said City. (Approved March 11, 1858.) 
\San Francisco. 1858.] 8vo, pp. 8, (2). B., H. 76032 

Auditor's Annual Report, for the Fiscal Year 1866-7, ending 
June 30, 1867. Henry M. Hale, City and County Auditor, San 


Francisco. San Francisco: Jos. fVinterburn & Co.^ Printers and 
Electrotypers. 1867. 8vo, pp. (4), 9-1 15. H. 76033 

Catalogue of the Sunday School Library of the First Congre- 
gational Church ... with the Constitution and By-Laws and Rules 
for the Library adopted by the School. San Francisco : If'^hitton.^ 
Towne I3 Co. Printers. 1856. i6mo, pp. 54, 21. H. 76034 

Catalogue of the Sunday School Library, of Grace Church 
Parish ... with the Rules for the Library, adopted by the School, 
Feb., 1859. ^^^^ Francisco: Charles F. Rohbins & Freeman., Print- 
ers. 1859. i6mo, pp. 31. H. 76035 

Abstract of the Proceedings at the Annual Meeting of the 
Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco, held May 9, i860. 
List of Officers and Report of the President, Albert Dibblee, 
Esq., for the year ending May, i860. San Francisco, i860. 
8vo. 76036 

Annual Reports to the Chamber of Commerce of San Fran- 
cisco, submitted to the Chamber, ... May loth, 1870. To 
which are appended Report from Sub-Committee of the Com- 
mittee on Earthquakes, Report of the Committee on Dockage 
and Wharfage, Report of the Committee on United States Dis- 
trict Courts, Report of the Committee on Laws relating to Pilots 
and Pilotage, and also, Memorials and Resolutions adopted by 
the Chamber, during the year ending May 10, 1870. San Fran- 
cisco. 1870. 8vo, pp. 39. 76037 

Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Chamber oi 
Commerce of San Francisco. Adopted May 12, 1868. To 
which are appended the Reports of the President, Secretary, 
Treasurer, and Librarian, made to the Eighteenth Annual Meet- 
ing of the Chamber. San Francisco: Printed by Jos. IVinterburn 
and Company. 1868. 8vo, pp. 54. H. 76038 

Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco, to 
the U. S. Congress, on the Subject of subsidizing an Australian 
Steamship Line. San Francisco : Alta California Printing House. 
1870. 8vo, pp. 10. H. 76039 

Report adopted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 
in relation to the proposed Treaty of Commercial Reciprocity 
between the United States and the Hawaiian Islands. December 
14,1867. New York: Metropolitan Job Print. 1867. 8vo, pp. 
14. 76040 


Report of the President Richard G. Sneath, Esq. for the Year 
ending May, 1867, presented at the 17th Annual Meeting of the 
Chamber of Commerce, of San Francisco, held May 14, 1867. 
Also, List of Officers and Committees for the Year 1867-8, and 
List of Members. Published by order of the Chamber. San 
Francisco: Pierson ^ Lampman^ Printers. 1867. 8vo, pp. 20. H. 

The City Engineers Communication to the Common Council 
of San Francisco, in relation to Street Grades, May 22, 1854. 
San Francisco: Commercial Advertiser Power Presses. 1854. 8vo, 
pp. 8. H. 76042 

Consolidation Act of the City and County of San Francisco. 
\^San Francisco :^ Steam Presses of Monson.^ Valentine & Co. [1850.^] 
8vo, pp. 48. H. 76043 

The Consolidation Act, or Charter of the City and County of 
San Francisco ; with other Acts specially relating to San Fran- 
cisco, and of General Interest therein ; and the General Orders 
of the Board of Supervisors. ... Compiled by T. Hart Hyatt, 
Jr. ... and published by order of the Board of Supervisors. [San 
Francisco.'] 1866. 8vo, pp. 439. h. 76044 

Correspondence on the Subject of Appraisements, &c. between 
T. Butler King, Collector, and J. Vincent Browne, Appraiser, 
Custom House, San Francisco, California. With the Opinion 
thereon of one of the General Appraisers, and the Secretary of 
the Treasury. Washington. 1852. 8vo, pp. 30. b. 76045 

Documents, Depositions and Brief of Law Points raised thereon 
on behalf of the United States, in Case Number 280, before the 
U. S. Board of Land Commissioners. The City of San Fran- 
cisco vs. the United States. San Francisco: Commercial Power 
Presses. 1854. 8vo, pp. 70, (l). B., H. 76046 

A Full Account of the Murders of James King, of Wm., of 
Dr. Randall, Dr. Baldwin, West and Marion. The execution 
of James P. Casey, Charles Cora, Philander Brace [etc.] ... by 
the Vigilance Committee of San P>ancisco ... Rochester. 1856. 
8vo. + Rochester. 1857. 8^^- 7^047 

See also Vol. ix., No. 37808. 

History of the Vigilance Committee of San Francisco, Cal., 
with the names of its Officers. San Francisco. 1858. i2mo, pp. 
100. 76048 


First Annual Report of the Board of Managers, of the Indus- 
trial School Department of the City and County of San Fran- 
cisco. Inaugural Address bv J. B. Crockett, Esq. By-Laws 
for the Government of the School, List of Officers, &c. San 
Francisco: Towne ^ Bacou^ Printers. 1859. 8vo, pp. 24. Plate. 
Continued. b. 76049 

The Internal Revenue Law as it affects Savings' Banks in 
California : its Discriminations against those with Capital or Guar- 
anty Stock. Protest of the Humbolt Savings and Loan Society 
of San PVancisco. San Francisco : H'^aters^ Nnvhoff tff Co. Print- 
ers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 16. H. 76050 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Ladies' Aid and Protec- 
tion Society, for the Benefit of Seamen, of the Port of San 
Francisco. San Francisco : C. A. Calhoun.^ Book and 'Job Printer. 
1856. i6mo, pp. (2), 5-10. B. 76051 

Report for i869-'70 of the Ladies' Seamen's Friend So- 
ciety of the Port of San Francisco. San Francisco: Spaulding 
and Barto^ Book and 'Job Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 76052 

A Map and Street Directory of San Francisco : to which are 
added many items of valuable information, useful for strangers 
visiting the Metropolis of the Pacific. San Francisco: H. G. 
Langley. 1870. i8mo, pp. 84. Folded Map. c. 76053 

R(?port of the First Industrial Exhibition of the Mechanics' 
Institute of the City of San Francisco, held at the Pavilion of 
the Institute, from the 7th to the 26th September, a. d. 1857; ^^ 
which is prefixed a Brief Outline of the Origin and Progress of 
the Association, with its Constitution, By-Laws, etc. San Fran- 
cisco : Printed at the Franklin Office. 1 858. 8vo, pp. xxxviii, 158. 
Continued. h. 76054 

Also: The Visitors' Guide, and a Catalogue of the Eighth Industrial Exhibition, of 
the Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco, held August, 1871. Compiled and arranged 
by Jacob Piice. Han Francisco: A. Roman & Co. [1871.J 8vo, pp. 246. Table, c. 

Memorial of the Holders and Owners of the Floating Debt ... 
San Francisco. 1857. 8vo. 76055 

Memorial to Congress from the Citizens of San Francisco, 
California, for the Establishment of a Branch Mint at that Place ; 
and in relation to the United States Assay Office. IP'ashington : 
Gideon ^ Co.^ Printers. 1851. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 76056 


A Classified Catalogue of the Mercantile Library of San 
PVancisco j with an Index of Authors and Subjects, etc. San 
Francisco: The Association. 1861. 8vo, pp. viii, 145. c. 76057 

Also: Catalogue ... San Francisco: Francis (^ Valentine. 1874. 8vo, pp. viii, 958. 

Constitution, Bv-Laws and List of Members of the Mercan- 
tile Library Association of the City of San Francisco. Or- 
ganized, March I, 1853. "^^^ Francisco: Whitton^Towne ^ Co.., 
Printers. 1853. i2mo, pp. 18. H. 76058 

First Annual Report of the President of the Mercantile Library 
Association of San Francisco, for the Years 1853 ^"^ 54' made 
January 1855. San Francisco. \Towne llf Bacon., Printers. 1855.] 
8vo, pp. 15. Continued. H. 76059 

Mercantile Library Association. Report of the Committee 
appointed to consider and report a Plan for the Erection of an 
Edifice for the Uses of this Association : submitted for the Con- 
sideration of the Members ... . San Francisco: Tow ne Iff Bacon., 
Printers. 1859. ^^^^ PP- ^- "• 76060 

Report of the Merchants' Exchange Association of San 
Francisco, November 13, 1867. [^San Francisco :^ Wheeler iff Co. 
[1867.] 8vo, pp. 7. H. 76061 

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of the 
District of San Francisco, from March 12th, 1849, ^^ ]^^^ 4^^, 
1849, and a Record of the Proceedings of the Ayuntamiento or 
Town Council of San F'rancisco, from August 6th, 1849, ^"^'^ 
May 3d, 1850. With an Appendix containing Official Com- 
munications and Correspondence, together with Extracts from 
Mexican Constitutions and Laws, relating to the Powers of Pub- 
lic Officers, and the Administration of Justice. Published by 
order of the Board of Supervisors, of the City and County of 
San Francisco, i860. San Francisco: Towne (5 Bacon., Printers. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 296. H. 76062 

Annual Report of the Odd Fellows' Library Association, 
of the City of San Francisco. San Francisco : Printed by Charles 
F. Robbins & Company. 1865. 8vo, pp. 19. Continued. h. 

Ordinance providing for the Establishment and Regulation of 
the Police Force of the City of San Francisco. \_San Francisco :'\ 
Q" Meara iff Painter., City Printers, [n. d.] 8vo, pp. 14. B. 



Ordinances and Joint Resolutions of the Cit\ t)f San Fiancisco 
... San Francisco. 1854. 8vo. 76065 

Proceedings of the Friends of a Railroad to San Francisco ... 
Boston, April 19, 1849 ••• ^^'^^ Edition. Boston. 1849. ^vo. 

For other editions see Vol. xv., No. 65854. 

Proceedings of the Grand Mass Meeting of the Citizens of 
San Francisco ... June 24th, 1863. In Ratification of the Nom- 
inations of the Union State Convention. San Francisco: R. C. 
Moore^ Printer. 1 863. 8vo, pp. 15. H. 76067 

Proceedings of the Great Mass Meeting in Favor of the Union, 
held in the City of San PVancisco, on Washington's Birthday, 
February 2 2d, 1861. San Francisco: Printed at the Alt a Califor- 
nia Job Office. 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. 32. H. 76068 

Proceedings of the San Francisco Union Ratification Meeting 
held at Union Hall, San Francisco, Tuesday Evening, June 25, 
1867. ... [San Francisco:'] Published by authority of Union State 
Central Committee. [1867.] 8vo, pp. 24. H. 76069 

Proceedings of the Town Council ... 1849. San Francisco. 
1850. 8vo. 76070 

The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Protestant Orphan 
Asylum Society of the City of San Francisco. San Francisco: 
Aha California Printing House. 1868. l2mo, pp. 24. Contin'd. 

Public Schools. Seventh Annual Report of the Superintendent 
of the Public Schools of San Francisco, for the Fiscal Year end- 
ing June 30, 1857. ^^^ Francisco : IVhitton^ Towne ilf Co.., Print- 
ers and Publishers. 1857. 8vo, pp. 27. Continued. h. 76072 

Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Schools, for 
the Year ending October 15th, 1867. John C. Pelton, Super- 
intendent of Public Schools. San Francisco : Joseph JVinterburn 
^' Co.., Printers. 1867. 8vo, pp. (2), 5-239. 8 Plates on 5 leaves. 

By-Laws of the Board of Education, and the Rules and Regu- 
lations of the Public Schools of the City and County of San Fran- 
cisco. Adopted June, 1868. San Francisco: Printed by Joseph 
T. Pierson. 1868. 8vo, pp. 95, 79, including Plate. b. 76074 

Special Report of the Sup't of Public Schools, to the Board of 
Supervisors. Presented April 29, 1867. San Francisco: Edward 
Bosqui ^ Co.., Printers. 1867. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 'j^O'j^ 



A Statement of the Condition and Wants of the Public School 
Department of San Francisco. By a Committee of the Board 
of Education. San Francisco : Edward Bosqui tff Co.^ Printers. 
1866. 8vo, pp. 93, (2). B., H. 76076 

Remarks of the Chmese Merchants of San Francisco, upon 
Governor Bigler's Message, and some Common Objections; with 
some Explanations of the Character of the Chinese Companies, 
and the Laboring Class in California. San Francisco : Printed at 
the Office of the "-^Orientar hy Whitton^ Towne iff Co. 1855. 8vo, 
pp. 16. H. 76077 

Remonstrance of the City to the Legislature against the Ex- 
tension of the City ... San Francisco. 1854. 8vo. 76078 

Report of the Board of Engineers upon the City Grades. San 
Francisco, May 12, 1854. San Francisco: Commercial Advertiser 
Power Presses. 1854. 8vo, pp. 27. Folded Table. H. 76079 

Report of the Judiciary Committee in relation to Pueblo Lands 
in San Francisco. Sacramento : D. W. Gelwicks.^ State Printer. 
1868. 8vo, pp. 8. B. 76080 

... Report of the Secretary of War, in answer to a Resolution 
of the Senate for information in relation to the defence of the 
harbor of San Francisco. \_lVashington ? 1853.] 8vo, pp. 5. 

Reports of the Treasurer and Secretary of the Soldiers' Relief 
Fund Committee, of San Francisco, to the California Branch 
United States Sanitary Commission, With a Supplement contain- 
ing the Receipts by Rev. H. W. Bellows, d.d., during his Resi- 
dence in San Francisco. San Francisco : S. H. IVade iff Co. Steam 
Book and Job Printers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 63. B., H. 76082 

Resolution in relation to the Proceedings of the Vigilance 
Committee ... Washington. 1856. 8vo. 7^0^3 

Revised Orders of the City and County of San Francisco, 
comprised in Order No. 553, approved October 6, 1863. Pub- 
lished by order of the Board of Supervisors. ... San Francisco: 
Frank Eastman., Printer. 1863. 8vo, pp. 63, (i). H. 76084 

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Saint Ignatius* 
College, S. J. San Francisco, Cal. For the Academic Year 
1861-62. San Francisco: Painter iff Co.y Book and "Joh Printers. 
1862. 8vo, pp. 18. B. 76085 

Also: Catalogue ... San Francisco: Edward Bosqui £f Co., Printers. 1870. 8vo, pp» 
31. Continued. • b. 



Prospectus of Saint Ignatius' College with a Catalogue of the 
Officers and Students for the Scholastic Year 1 860-61, and the 
Distribution of Premiums. San Francisco: Painter i^ Co. ^ Book 
and Job Printers. 1 861. l2mo, pp. 15, (l). B. 76086 

Prospectus of Saint Ignatius' College, S. J. San Francisco, Cal., 
with a Catalogue of Officers and Students for the Year 1862-63. 
Also the Exercises of the Fourth Annual Commencement and 
the Distribution of Premiums. San Francisco: Painter i5f Co.^ 
Book and yob Printers. 1863. 8vo, pp. 25. Continued. B. 

San Francisco Almanac for the year 1859: containing a Busi- 
ness Directory of San Francisco, Sacramento, Marysville and 
Stockton, also Public Buildings and Engine Houses in San Fran- 
cisco, statistics, etc. San Francisco : IF. F. Herrick and Octavian 
Hoogs. [1858.] i6mo. 76088 

San Francisco & Washoe Railroad. See [Bishop (F. A.)], Vol. 
II., No. 5602. 

Minutes of the San Francisco Baptist Association ... San 
Francisco. 1850. 8vo. Continued. . 76089 

Prospectus, Rules, Regulations, &c. of the San Francisco 
College, Bush St., between Mason and Taylor Sts. Estab- 
lished, 1856. San Francisco : Printed by Sterett ^ Co. 1856. 8vo, 

pp. 16. H. 76090 

By-Laws of the San Francisco Commercial Association. 
San Francisco: Turnbull iff Smith ... Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. 10, 

The San Francisco Directory, for the year 1852-53. Em- 
bracing A General Directory of Citizens ; A Street Directory ; 
A New and Complete Map of the City; and an Appendix of 
General Information, an Almanac, etc. First Publication. San 
Francisco : James M. Parker. 1852. 8vo. Map. 76092 

"The progress of the city is well illustrated by her several directories, of which eight 
appeared during the period of 185 1-6, beginning in Sept. 1850 with the small 12° issue 
of 139 pp., by Chas. P. Kimball, containing somewhat over 2,500 names, and a meagre 
appendage of general information. It is altogether a hasty and badly arranged publica- 
tion, yet of sufficient interest from being the pioneer in the field, and from its array of 
city founders to warrant the reprinting which it received a few years ago. The next 
directory did not appear till Sept. 1852, when A. W. Morgan Sc Co. issued an 8vo of 
125 pp., wrongly called the first directory of the city. It contained a few more names 
than the precciing, although better arranged, and with a fuller appendix of generalities, 
including a business list. In the following month F. A. Bonnard published a l2mo 
business register. The first really excellent directory was issued in Dec. 1852 by J. M. 
Parker. It was an 8vo of 114 register pp., with about 9,000 names, prefaced by an 



historic sketch and an admirable plan of the city, and followed by a valuable appendix 
of general information and statistics. This covered 1851-3, and the next publication 
by Le Count & Strong was delayed till 1854. It contained 264 pp., and while not sur- 
passing the preceding contained much general information. In Jan. 1856 Baggett & 
Co. issued the .S. F. Business Directory in 222 pp., prepared by Larkin & Belden, wholly 
classified under business heads. In Oct. 1856 Harris, Bogardus, & Labatt appeared 
with a meagre directory of 138 pp., which was eclipsed by the simultaneous publication 
of Colville in 308 pp., containing about 12,000 names, with historic summary and a 
valuable appendix. A peculiar feature of the latter consisted of fine type notes through- 
out the register of names, with biographic and historic information concerning persons, 
societies, and notable buildings. The next issue was by Langley." — H. H. Bancroft's 
California^ vi. 787. 

Le Count & Strong's San Francisco City Directory for the Year 1854; embracing a 
General Directory of the Citizens and a Street Directory j with an Appendix, contain- 
ing all Useful and General Information appertaining to the City; an Almanac, &c. ... 
San Francisco: Printed at the San Francisco Herald Office. 1 854. 8vo, pp. 264, Adver- 
tisements, 88. H. 

San Francisco City Directory for the Year commencing October, 1856. Containing 
a General Directory of Citizens, a Street Directory, and an Appendix of all Useful and 
General Information appertaining to the City. Compiled and published by Harris, 
Bogardus and Labatt. San Francisco: fVbittony Toivne & Co., Printers. 1856. 8vo, pp. 
138. H. 

The San Francisco Directory for the Year 1858 : embracing a General Directory of 
Citizens, a Business Directory, and an Appendix, containing the Organization of the 
Different Branches of the Municipal Government, and the Laws regulating the same; 
together with an Account of the Different Associations ... Compiled by Henry G. 
Langley ... San Francisco: Commercial Steam Presses. S. D. Valentine & Son. 1858. 
8vo, pp. 413, (l). H. 

The San Francisco Directory for the Year commencing June 1859 ... San Francisco: 
Commercial Steam Presses. Valentine & Co. 1859. 8vo, pp. xxiv, 456, (i). 

The San Francisco Directory for the Year commencing July, i860 ... San Francisco: 
Commercial Steam Presses. Valentine & Co. i860. 8vo, pp. xxxii, 517, (2). h. 

The San Francisco Directory for the Year commencing September, 1861 ; embracing 
a General Directory of Residents, a Business Directory, a Directory of Streets, Public 
Offices, etc. and a New Map of the City and County 5 together with the Consolidation 
Act and its Amendments; the Municipal Government; Societies and Organizations ... 
Compiled by Henry G. Langley ... San Francisco: Commercial Steam Presses: Valentine 
& Co. 1861. 8vo, pp. Ivi, 575. Folded Map. h. Also for 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 
1866, 1867, 1868, and 1869, all by Henry G. Langley. 

Gazlay's San Francisco Business Directory, for 1863. In which all the Trades and 
Professions, are classified and arranged under appropriate heads in alphabetical order. 
Compiled and published by David M. Ga%layy San Francisco. 1863. i6mo, pp. 511. 

Twelfth Annual Report of the Managers and Trustees of the 
San Francisco Ladies' Protection and Relief Society fur 
the Year ending September 14th, 1865. With the Constitution 
and By-Laws. Organized 1853. — Incorporated 1854. San 
Francisco: Printed by Towne & Bacon. 1865. 8vo, pp. 15, (i). 
Continued. h. 76093 

Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Standing Committees and 
Members of the San Francisco Medical Society, also, the 



Code of Medical Ethics adopted by the Society, and the Inaugu- 
ral Address of the President. San Francisco: Edward Bosqui i5f 
Co. Printers. 1868. 8vo, pp. 36. B. 76094 

Catalogue of the San Francisco Mercantile Library. 
August, 1854. Published by the Association. San Francisco: 
Printed at the Daily Evening News Office. 1854. 8vo, pp. 197. 

Followed by : Constitution of the San Francisco Mercantile Library Association, with 
a Brief History of the Association, and a List of Members. San Francisco: Printed at 
(be Daily ETJcnin^ News Office. I 8 54. 8vo, pp. 46. h., m. 

San Francisco Municipal Reports: 1859-60 ... \_San Fran- 
cisco :~\ Towne & Bacon., City and County Printers, i860. 8vo, pp. 

186. H. 76096 

San Francisco Municipal Reports, for the Fiscal Year 1861-62. 
Published bv order of the Board of Supervisors. ... San Fran- 
cisco : Eastman & Godfrey.^ Printers. 1862. 8vo, pp. 280. Con- 
tinued. H. 76097 

Constitution and By-Laws, of the San Francisco Produce 
Exchange. San Francisco: Printed by Wheeler b* Co. 1867. 
24010, pp. 12. H. 76098 

Eighth Half-Yearly Report of the San Francisco Savings 
Union, and Statement of the Principles of which this Corpora- 
tion has been established ... San Francisco : B. F. Sterett^ Printer. 
1866. i2mo, pp. 12. H. 76099 

By-Laws of the Teachers' Association of the Pilgrim Sun- 
day School. [San Francisco. 1853?] ^"^- ^^^f PP- 4- "* 

Titles to Land in the City of San Francisco. San Francisco. 
i860. 8vo, pp. 49. 76101 

By-Laws of the Washington St. Wharf Company of the 
City of San Francisco. Incorporated August 24th, 1855. San 

Francisco: Monson & Valentine., Printers. 1855. 8vo, pp. 20. 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Young Men's Christian 
Association, of the City of San Francisco. Organized, July, 
1853. ^^^^ Francisco: fVhitton^ Towne ^C3^ Co. Printers. 1853. ^^°» 
pp. 14,(2). H- 76103 

The Fourth Annual Report of the Young Men's Christian 
Association, of San Francisco, Cal. presented Aug. 14, 1857. 
Containin<i also the Names of Members, Constitution and By- 


Laws, Officers and Committees for the Year, and Address of 
Rev. Dr. Anderson. ... San Francisco: Frank Eastman^ Printer. 
1857. ^^^> PP* 40- Continued. 76104 

San Francisco, Order of. Cartilla y Doctrina Espiritual, para 
la crianza, y educacion de los novicios, que tomaren el habito en 
la Orden de N. P. S. Francisco : En la qual brevemente se les 
cnseiia lo que deben hacer, conforme a la Doctrina de N. Serafico 
Dr. San Buenaventura. Reimprime se a solicitud del R. P. Fray 
Juan Bautista Dosal, Padre de S. Joseph de Yucatan etc. Mexico.^ 
Felipe de Zuniga. 1775. 8vo. 76105 

Estatvtos I generales de Barcelona, para la | Familia Cismontana, 
de la Orden de nuestro Seraphico | Padre S. Francisco : los quales 
por mandado de nuestro. R. | P. Fr. Francisco Gon^aga, Ministro 
general, fueron reforma | dos y de nueuo recopilados, por ciertos 
Padres para ello di|putados rescebidos y aprobados en el Cap. 
Gfial Interme|dio de la familia Cismotana, celebrado en la ciudad 
d* Tole|do, en el insigne Coueto de S. luan de los Reyes, de la 
sancta | Prouicia d' Castilla, en el ano de nfo S. lesu Cristo dc. 
1583. 1 [Engraving.] Y fueron confirmadas por nuestro Reueren- 
dissimo. P. Ge | neral, c6 especial auctoridad Apostolica, q le fue 
concedida. | En Mexico^ con licccia^ en casa de Pedro Ocharte. 1585. | 
4to, 135 leaves. 76106 

Title from Icazbalccta's " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi.,'* p. 325. See also 
Vol. XVI., Nos. 68841, 68843. 

San Francisco (Juan de). Vindicacion del R. P. Provincial 
de Carmelitas ... Mexico. 1846. 8vo. 76107 

San Francisco [Fr. Melchor). Sermon panegirico de S. 
Francisco de Asis ... Mexico^ por Lupercio. 1715. 4to. 76108 

Title from Beristain. 

San Francisco {Fr. Pedro). La Reyna de la America, Ntra. 
Sra. del Pilar de Zaragoza ... Mexico. 1739. 4to. 76109 

Title from Beristain, who also mentions the following work by the same author as 
having been printed in Mexico : "Relacion cronologica de lo que han padecido y padecen 
los Religiosos Agustinos descalzos por conservar la Fe cristiana en los Islas de Cala- 

San Francisco de Quito, Provincia de. Constitvciones de 
la Provincia de S. Francisco de Qvito hechas en el capitvlo Pro- 
uincial celebrado en S. Pablo de Quito a dos de Febrero del ano 
de 1613. Presidiendo en el N. P. F. Francisco de Herrera 
Lector jubilado y comissario General. Las quales siendo de 


nneuo [j/V] receuidas y aprouadas en el capitulo celebrado en el 
mismo conuento de S. Pablo de Quito a veynte y dos de Abril de 
161 7. alios presidiendo en el el Padre fray loan Ladron de Gueuara 
Visitador de la dicha Prouincia fueron confirmadas por el dicho 
N. Padre Fr. Francisco de Herrera padre de la Prouincia de 
Satiago, y comissario general de todas las Prouincias del Peru 
Nueuo Reyno y Caracas de la orden de Nuestro Padre San Fran- 
cisco cum plenitudine potestatis, etc. Con licencia Del Excelentis- 
simo senor Principe de Esquilache. En Lima por Francisco del Canto. 
Jno 161 J. 4to, 30 leaves. 76110 

San Gregorio, Colegio de. Exposicion del Provincial de la 
Compania de Jesus (Bas Arrilaga), sobre el derecho de propriedad 
que su religion tiene al edificio que actualmente ocupa y a los 
bienes del antiguo colegio de San Gregorio. Mexico. 1855. 410, 
pp. 48, Errata i leaf. 761 11 

San Ignacio (Maria Anna Agueda de), b. 1695, d. 1756. 
Devocion en honra de la Purisima Leche, con que fue alimen- 
tado el Nino Jesus ... Mexico. 1782. 8vo. 761 12 

San Ignacio. Devociones varias sacadas de las obras de la 

V. M. Maria Agueda de S. Ignacio. Puebla., en el Colegio Pala- 

foxiana. 1791. 8vo. 7^1 13 

San Ignacio. Maravillas del Divino Amor selladas con el 
sello de la Verdad ... Mexico. 1758. 4to. 7^114 

Printed by order of the bishop of Puebla. The above three titles from Bcristain. 

San Ildefonso, Colegio de. Cathalogus Personarum et Do- 
miciliorum, quibus Societas Jesu Mexicana pro Gloria Dei ex 
Instituto laborat. Mexici.^ Typis ejusdem S. Ildephonsi Collegii. 
1751. 4to. 76115 

Certamen cientifico que el nacional y mas antiguo colegio de 
S. Ildefonso de Mexico, dedica a su antiguo alumno el ciudadano 
Guadalupe Victoria, primer presidente de los Estados Unidos 
Mexicanos. Mexico.^ Imprenta de la Federacion Mexicana en Pa- 
lacio. 1825. 8vo. 76 II 6 

Noticia de la milagrosa Imagen de S. Francisco Javier, que se 
venera en el real colegio de S. Ildefonso de Mexico. Mexico. 
1802. i2mo. 761 17 

See aho Vol. iv., No. 13058. 

San Joaquin Valley, California. Brief Description of the 
San Joaquin Valley ... San Francisco. 1868. 8vo. 761 18 

398 SAN JUAN. 

San Jose, California. The San Jose City Directory, and 
Business Guide of Santa Clara Co. for the Year commencing 
Jan. I, 1870. Compiled by W. J. Colahan and Julian Pomeroy. 
First Year of Publication. San Francisco: Bacon ^ Co. 1870. 
8vo. c. 761 19 

San Jose [Fr. Baltasar de). Oracion panegirica del Principe 
de los Apostoles, S. Pedro ... Mexico.^ por Rodriguex Lupercio. 
1714. 4to. 76120 

Title from Beristain. 

San Jose (Fr. Juan de). Panegirico de Ntra. Sra. de Guada- 
lupe de Mexico ... Mexico^ por Carrascoso. 1701. 4to. 76121 

Title from Beristain. 

San Jose [Madre Juana Maria). Devocionario a Todos los 
Santos de la Corte celestial ... Mexico. 1725. 8vo. 76122 

There are several other editions. Title from Beristain. 

San Jose (Fr. Manuel). Panegirico florido y aromatico de la 
Sma. Virgen Maria de Guadalupe ... Mexico.^ por Benavidez. 
1687. 4to. 76123 

Title from Beristain. 

San Jose (Fr. Prudencia de). Sermon del glorioso Transito 
de la Virgen Maria, Madre de Dios ... Mexico. 1725. 4to. 

Title from Beristain. 

San Jose Muro (Antonio). Utilidades que resultan de que 
los Indios vistan y calcen a la espanola, y medios de conseguirlo 
con suavidad ... Guatemala. 1798. 4to. 76125 

Title from Beristain. 

San Joseph (F. de). Historia universal de la primitiva, y 
milagrosa imagen de N^. S^. de Guadalupe ... refierense las his- 
torias de las plausibles imagenes de N. S^a. de Guadalupe dc 
Mexico : la del Valle de Pacasmayo en el Peru : la de la ciudad 
de la Plata : la de la villa de Potosi ; y se toca la milagrosisima 
imagen de la ciudad de Cuzco, ecc. Por R. P. Francisco de S. 
Joseph, de la orden de S. Geronymo. Madrid^ Antonio Alarin. 
1743. Folio, pp. (56), 332. Engraving of the Madonna. 

For an earlier edition lec Vol. vi., No. 25458. 

San Juan, Provincia de. Informc y Documentos sobre la 
Intervencion en la, Provincia de San Juan en 1868 y 1869. Pub- 


licacion ordenada por el Senado Nacional. Buenos Aires: Imprenta 
del Or den. 1869. Folio, pp. 139,(1). B. 76127 

Upon the removal of Manuel J. Zabella from the office of governor. 

San-Juan. Sus hombres i sus actos en la rejeneracion Arjen- 
tina. Santiago de Chile. 1852. Sm. 410, pp. 40. 76128 

San Juan, Nicaragua. Documentos relativos a lo Ocurrido 
en el puerto de San Juan del Norte de Nicaragua. Leon. 1841. 
8vo. 76129 

La Ocupacion de San Juan. [Leon.^ 1848. 8vo. 76130 

San Juan, Island of. The Northwest Boundary. Discus- 
sion of the Water Boundary Question : Geographical Memoir 
of the Islands in Dispute : and History of the Military Occupa- 
tion of San Juan Island : accompanied by Map and Cross-sections 
of Channels ... Washington : Government Printing Office. 1868. 
8vo, pp. X, 270. 2 folded Maps. b. 76131 

See also Vol. xii., No, 48 1 32. 

San Juan Bautista (E. de), d. 1605. Compendio | de las 
Exce|lencias, de la Bvlla de|la Sancta Cruzada, en lengua Mex- 
ica- 1 na compuesto por el Padre Fray Elias de | S. luan Baptista, 
Religioso de la orden de | Ni'a. Senora del Carmen, de los des- | 
cal^os desta Nueua Espana. | En S. Sebastian. | [Vignette.] \Con 
Licencia y Privilegio. \ En Mexico^ a casta de Cristoval de la \ Paz de la Sancta Cruzada \ En la Emprenta de Enrico Mar- 
tinez I Interprete del Sancto Officio de | la Inquisicion. | Jno 1599. | 
8vo, 24 leaves. 76132 

Improved title of No. 36785, Vol. ix., from Icazbalceta's " Bibliografia Mexicana 
del Siglo XVI," p. 348, describing the copy sold at the Fischer sale in London in 1869. 

San Juan Bautista. Dialogos en Lengua Mexicana, por 
Fr. Elias de San Juan Bautista. Mexico^ Pedro Balli^ 159^. 8vo. 

Improved title of No. 3995, Vol. i., from Icazbalceta's "Bibliografia," where it is 
quoted on the authority of Nicolas Antonio and Beristain. The latter says: "Solo he 
visto un cjemplar de esta obrita en el colegio de San Gregorio de Mexico : tratan lot 
Dialogos del Examen de Conciencia." 

San Juan Bautista [Fr. Matias de). Compendio de las 
maravillas de la Gracia : Elogio de S. Francisco de Asis ... Mex- 
ico^ por Benavidez. 1698. 4to. 76134 

San Juan Bautista. Elogio de S. Juan de Dios en las fies- 
tas de su Canonizacion ... Mexico. 1702. 4to. 76135 


San Juan Bautista. Panegirico en la Dedicacion del Tem- 
ple de S. Bernardo de Mexico ... Mexico^ por Lupercio. 1691. 
4to. 76136 

San Juan Bautista. Quincenario espiritual en honor de la 
Ascencion de la Sma. Virgen ... Mexico. 17 19. 8vo. 76137 

San Juan Bautista. Relacion de las Honras funerales, que 
los Carmelitas Descalzos de Mexico hicieron al Exmo. Sr. 
Duque de Linares, Virey de la Nueva Espana y su elogio funebre 
... Mexico. 171 7. 4to. 76138 

Titles from Beristain. 

San Juan Bautista de Puerto-Rico. See Puerto Rico, 
Vol. XVI., pp. 98, 99. 

San Juan de Ulloa, ou Relation de I'Expedition Fran^aise au 
Mexique. Paris. 1839. 8vo. Plates. 76139 

San Luis Obispo, California. History, Laws and Ordinances 
of San Luis Obispo. San Luis Obispo. 1870. 8vo. 76 140 

San Luis Potosi. Coleccion de Decretos y Ordenes de la 
Primera Legislatura Constitucional del Estado Libre de San Luis 
Potosi, desde su instalacion en i. de Enero de 1827, hasta 16 de 
Setiembre de 1828, en que cerrd sus ultimas sesiones. San Luis 
Potosi, 1829. Sm. 4to. c. 76 141 

Composiciones leidas en el teadro de Alarcon. San Luis Potosi. 
1867. 8vo. 76142 

Constitucion politica del Estado libre de S. Luis Potosi. Mex- 
ico^ Imprenta del Aguila. 1826. 24mo, pp. 95, Index (3). 

Dictamen de la comision segunda de puntos constitucionales. 
Mexico. 1850. 8vo. 76144 

Exposicion de la Audiencia. Mexico. 1826. 8vo. 76145 

Exposicion que la honorable legislatura del Estado ... San Luis 
Potosi. 1850. 8vo. 76146 

Las garantias individuales en el departamento de Mexico. 
Mexico? 1 84 1. 8vo. 76147 

Instruccion primaria. Memoria de la Junta inspectora de 
instruccion primaria del estado de San Luis Potosi, acerca de sus 


trabajos durante el afio de 1862. San Luis Potosi. 1863. i2mo, 
pp. 24. 76148 

See alio Vol. xii., No. 47749. 

Persecucion contra el Obispo de San Luis Potosi, D. Pedro 
Barajas, su destierro, y el de las comunidades religiosas de San 
Francisco y la Merced de la misma ciudad. Sa?i Luis Potosi. 
1858. 4to, pp. 32. 76149 

Protesta del Obispo de San Luis Potosi contra la ley de 25 de 
junio de 1856. S. Luis Potosi. 1856. 8vo, pp. 34. 76 150 

Protesta del Illmo. Senor Obispo de San Luis Potosi. [^Mex- 
ico.'] 1858. 8vo. 761 5 1 

Relacion de las demostraciones con que la Ciudad de San Luis 
Potosi ha celebrado el memorable suceso de la rendicion del 
Castillo de San Juan de Ulua. \_San Luis Potosi. 1822.] 4to, 
5 leaves. 76152 

Revolucion comenzada el dia 14 de Abril de 1837 ... Mexico, 
1837. 8vo. 76153 

San Marcos, Real Universidad de. Tabla de las materias 
mas fundamentales et interesantes de las matematicas puras que 
han cursado en la real universidad de San Marcos, los afios 1805 
y 6. Lima. 1807. Folio. 76154 

See aho Vol. x., Nos. 41091, 41092. 

San Martin, Real Colegio de. El Parnaso del Real Colegio 
de San Martin postrado a los pies del Exc.i"^ Senor Conde de la 
Monclova, Virrey, Gouernador, y Capitan General de estos Rey- 
nos &c. Le consagra. Coma a su esclarecido, y real Patron vna 
varia, hermosa, y florida selva de Poesias en aplauso de la heroyca 
obra del Muelle que en el Puerto del Callao a fabricado su Exce- 
lencia, que es la octava Marauilla ... Con Licencia de los Supe- 
riores. En Lima^ en la Imprenta de Joseph de Contreras, y Alva- 
rado. Aho de 1694. 4to, title and 98 unnumbered leaves. j.c.B. 

Improved title of No. 58829, Vol. xiv. 

San Martin (General). La Estatua del General San Martin 
y su Inauguracion el Dia 13 de julio de 1862 en Buenos Aires. 
\^Buenos Aires : Imprenta del Comer cio del Plata. 1 863.] Folio, pp. 
(6), iii-cxxxvii, 361, (i). Photograph, Plate. H. 76156 

San Martin. Impugnacion al articulo inserto contra el fun- 
dador de la libertad del Peru [General San Martin], ... en ... la 


Abeja Republicana. Escrita ... por los amigos de la libertad. 
Lima. 1823. Folio. 7^157 

San Martin. Manifiesto de las sesiones tenidas en el pueblo 
de Miraflores, para las transaciones intentadas con el general San 
Martin, y documentos presentados por parte de los comisionados 
en ellas. Se publican de orden de este gobierno. Lima. 1820. 
Folio, 17 leaves. 76158 

San Martin (J.) Sermon, que en la Santa Iglesia Catedral de 
Guadalajara, predico el Ciudadano Doctor Don Jose San Martin 
el dia 23 de Junio 1821, en que se solemnizd el Juramento de la 
gloriosa independencia Americana bajo los auspicios del Exercito 
de las tres garanti'as. Impreso en Guadalajara.^ Ano de 1821. 4to, 
pp. (4), 18, 22. 76159 

San Martin (Jose Maria). A sus habitantes, Abril 18 de 
1854. \San Salvador. 1854.] Folio. 76 1 60 

San Miguel (P. Fray Andres de), Religioso Carmelita Deualxo.^ 
h. 1665, d. 1742. El abismo de la gracia, sermon panegyrico de 
las glorias de San Francisco predicado en su dia 4 de Octubre en 
la solemne fiesta que en Altar, y Pulpito celebro el collegio de 
los carmelitas Descalzos de la ciudad de Zelaya, en su convento 
de dicha ciudad, ano de 1698. Mexico.^ herederos de la viuda de 
Bernardo Calderon. 1699. 4to, leaves (6), 15. 7616 1 

" Non mentionne dans Pinelo, qui indique du meme autcur deux ouviages sur la 
sphere et la navigation. Ce sermon a ete public par Nicolas Blanco Abarca, cure des 
bourgs de Santa Catharina, Athlatlauca et Tcutila, dans Teveche de Oaxaca, et depuis 
vicaire a Valladolid (Michoacan)." — Leclerc. 

San Miguel. Fatigas y descanso de Jesucristo en la Con- 
version de la Samaritana, para ejemplo de Principes cristianos y 
politicos ... Mexico., por Ribera. 1703. 4to. 76162 

San Miguel. Manos desatadas del mejor Abner: elogio 
funebre del Exmo. Sr. Duque de Linares, Virey de la Nueva 
Espafia, con la Descripcion del Tumulo (jue como a su Bien- 
hechos le erigio cl Convento de S. Sebastian de Carmelitas Des- 
calzos de Mexico ... Mexico., por Ribera. 1718. 4to. 76163 

San Miguel. El Pesador de las Almas S. Miguel Arcangel 
... Mexico., por Ortega. 1721. 4to. 76164 

San Miguel. La Quinta esencia de la Virtud : Elogio de 
Santa Teresa de Jesus ... Mexico., por Carrascoso. 1720. 4to. 



San Miguel. Sermones de S. Elias, S. Jose, S. Miguel y 
otros ... Cadiz^ por Cristobal Requena. 1724. 410. 76166 

San Miguel. El segundo Quince de Enero dc Mexico ... 
Mexico^ por Hogal. 1730. 410. 76167 

" Esta obra es la historia dc las solemnes fii-stas, con que Mexico cclebto la canoniz.i- 
cion de S. Juan de la Cruz, que por Jiaber comenzado t-1 i 5 de Encro, ie ilio el autor 
este ritulo, aludiendo al t'amoso dia 15 de Eneio de 1624, en que acontccio en esta 
capital el alboroto popular contra el virey, conde de Gclves, porque desterro al arzobispo, 
D. Juan Perez de la Serna." — Beristain. 

San Miguel. El Sol en su Ocaso ; 6 funeiales del Sr. Car- 
los II. Rey de Espana en la Catedral de Mexico. ... Mexico^ por 
Carrascoso. 1701. 410. 76168 

"Y aunque este libro se publico en nombre de D. Agustin Mora; su verdadero autor 
fue su hermano Fr. Andres." — Beristain. 

San Miguel (Jose Peregrino). See Sanmiguel. 

San Miguel (P. Juan). Elogio de la Concepcion Purisima 
de la Virgen en la solemne Rogativa por el feliz suceso de las 
armas Espanolas ... Mexico^ por Robledo. 1646. 4to. 76169 

San Miguel. Panegirico de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe 
en la dedicacion de su Capilla en la Cattdral de Mexico ... Mex- 
ico^ por Lupercio. 1 67 1. 4to. 76170 

San Miguel. Panegirico del Maximo Dr. S. Geronimo ... 
Puebla^ por Borja. 1658. 4to. 761 7 1 

San Miguel. Sermon del Santisimo Sacramento de la Euca- 
ristia ... Mexico^ por Hipolito Ribera. 1655. 410. "jbijl 

Titles from Beristain. 

San Miguel (Fr. Juan de). El Abraham P^vangelico : Elo- 
gio de la Concepcion de la Madre de Dios pronunciado en la 
Universidad de IVlcxico ... Mexico^ por Rodriguez Lupercio, 1685. 
4to. 76173 

Title tiom Beristain. 

San Miguel (/>. Juan de). Elogio funebre del Capitan 1). 
Diego de Medrano, insigne Bienhechor de los P'ranciscanos de 
Zacatecas ... Mexico^ por Calderon. 1691. 410. 76'74 

San Miguel. Espejo para todos los Reyes. Elogio funebre 
del Sr. Carlos li. Rey de Espana ... Mexico.^ por Ribera. 1701. 
4to. 76*75 


San Miguel. Sermon de gracias por el feliz prefiado de la 
Reina Dona Maria Luisa de Saboya ... Mexico^ por Carrascoso. 
1707. 4to. 76176 

San Miguel. Sermon de las lagrimas de el principe de los 
Apostoles San Pedro en la ciudad de Zacatecas. Por Juan de S. 
Miguel ... . Mexico; M. de Ribera. 1703. 4to, 17 leaves. 

San Miguel. Sermon de Nuestra Senora del Rosario ... 
Mexico. 1703. 4to. 76178 

San Miguel. Sermon eucaristico por el Nacimiento del Prin- 
cipe Luis i. ... Mexico. 1709. 4to. -{-Mexico. 1710. 4to. 

San Miguel. Sermon moral para el Capitulo Provincial de 
Zacatecas ... Mexico^ por Carrascoso. 1701. 410. 76180 

Titles from Beristain. A collection of twenty-two sermons by this author was pub- 
lished after his death, Mexico^ 1762. 4to. 

San Miguel (Juan Rodriguez de). See Rodriguez de San 
Miguel (J.), Vol. xvii., Nos. 72543-50. 

San Miguel [Fr. Matias Sanz de). Panegirico de Nuestra 
Senora de Guadalupe ... Mexico. 1721. 410. 761 81 

San Miguel (N. A. Diez de). See Diez de San Miguel (N. 
A.), Vol. v., Nos. 20136-7. 

San Miguel (Y. de). Parayso cvltivado de la mas senzilla 
prudencia del siervo de Dios, Fr. Sebastian de Aparicio, religioso 
de la orden de S. Francisco, hijo de la Santa Prouincia de el Santo 
Euangelio de Mexico. Por Fray Ysidro de S. Migvel, de la 
orden de Descalsos. Napoles.^ J^^^ Vernuccio^ y Nicolas Layno. 
1695. 4to, pp. (28), 156, (26). 76182 

With a portrait of Aparicio, engraved by J. Blondeau in 1694. 

San Miguel Iglesias (A. de). Relacion sensilla del Funeral 
y Exequias Del Illmo. y Rmo. Senor Maestro D. Fr. Antonio 
de San Miguel Iglesias, Obispo que fue de la Santa Iglesia Cate- 
dral de Valladolid de Michoacan &c. &c. Dispuesta por un 
Presbitero de la misma ciudad de orden y por mandato de los 
Senores Comisionados Conde de Sierragorda Lie. Don Mariano 
Escadon y Llera, Dignidad Chantre, y Dr. D. Manuel de la 
Barcena y Arce, Canonigo Lectoral de la misma Santa Iglesia. 
Mexico : En la Imprenta de Don Mariano de Zuniga y Ontiveros. 
Ano de 1805. Sm. 4to, pp. (6), 13, (5), 13, (3), xxxix, (3), 30. 

Improved title of No. 48815, Vol, xii., furnished by Mr, Paul L. Ford. 


San Milian ( Francisco ]>oienzo dc). See Vol, x, 42067. 

San Nicolas (Andres de). Historia general de los Rcligiosos 
Descalzos del Ordcn de Ermitanos de San Agustin. ... Madrid. 
1664. Folio. 76184 

Title from Antonio. 

San Nicolas. Historia de N. S. de Copacavana ... por Fr. 
Andres de S. Nicolas, natural de Tunja. Madrid. 1663. 410, 
pp. 158. Plate, Woodcuts. 76185 

Title hum a bookseller's catalogue. Ternaux (No. 825) gives this title under the 
year 1665. Perhaps the same as the following : 

San Nicolas. Imagen | de N. S. de | Copacavana, | portento 
del Nvevo M vndo, | ya conocido en Europa. | Al | Real, y Svpremo 
Conscjo I dc las Indias. | Por | el P. Fr. Andres de S. Nicolas, | 
Agustino Descal^o de la Congregacion de Espana. | [Vignette.] 
I Aho 1663. I Con privilegio. | En Madrid. Por Andres Garcia de la 
Iglesia. I [Colophon :] Con licencia | en | Madrid \por | Andres Garcia 
de\la Iglesia. Am de 1663. | 4to, leaves (10), 148. c. 76186 

Title furnisiied by Mr. James C, Pilling. "Copacavana est une ville de la province 
de Omasuyos du Perou, situee sur une langue de terre qui entre dans la grande lagune 
de Titicaca ou Chucuito. L'image miraculeuse y fut mise en 1583 dans un temple 
somptueux richement orne et de belle architecture. L'auteur de ce travail, ne a Tunja 
(Ptrou), provincial de I'ordre de S. Augustin dans la Nouvelle Grenade, commen^a a 
faire imprimer a Madrid, en 1664, I'histoire generale de son ordre. Ce livre fut con- 
tinue apres sa mort par trois autres religieux et parut sous la date de 1664-1690, 4 vol. 
in fol." — Leclerc. ' 

San Pedro (Diego Antonio Menendez de). See Menendez 
de San Pedro (D. A.), Vol. xii., Nos. 47848-49. 

San Pedro (Francisco de). La Nada mas gloriosa: Elogio de 
S. Bernardo Abad ... Mexico., por Hogal. 1747. 4to. 76187 

San Roman (A. de). Historia General |de la Yndia Oriental 

I Los Descubrimientos, y Conquistas, que ban hecho las Armas | 

de Portugal, enel Brasil, y en Otras partes de Africa, y de la j 

Asia; y de la Dilatacion del Santo Euangelio por|aquellas grandes 

Prouincias, desde | sus principios hast-^ el Ano de| 1557 | Compuesta 

por Fray Antonio De San Roman | Monge de San Benito Natural 

de la Ciudad de|Palencia y Professo de San | Zoil de Carrion. | 

Al Con- rn I A T destable 

T^ r^ I Royal Arms. .,, 

De Cas- ^ ^ -• tilla. 

Con Privilegio Real. | En Valladolid por | Luis Sanchez acosta de 

Diego Perez \ Mercader de Libros. Ano. \. De . 1603. | [Colophon :] 

En Valladolid., \ En casa de Luis Sanchez. \ Aho M.DClll.| P'olio, 


engraved title, and 13 other preliminary leaves, pp. 1-168, 179- 
804, one leaf with the colophon, verso blank, and the Tabla in 
8 leaves. Signatures f in eight, ^^ in six, A-Ttt in sixes, Vuu 
and Xxx in eights. Copperplates on pp. 225 and 596. l. 

An account of the discoveries of Christopher Columbus is given on pages 25, 26; 
and the Portuguese conquest and explorations in Brazil are related on pages 57-59, 688- 
705. Maisonneuve, " Bibliotheca Americana " (1878), priced a copy at 130 francs. 
Good copies have been sold for ^£4 and less. 

San Salvador, Republic of. A los Pueblos del Salvador. 
Segunda Manifesto del Excmo Sefior Presidente de la Republica 
Capitan General Don Gerardo Barrios ; y Documentos Justifica- 
tivos. San Salvador. 1863. 8vo, pp. (2), 8. 76189 

Camara de Senadores. "Comunicacion de Dorotos Vascon- 
zelos, Febrero 22 de 1851." [^San Salvador. 1851.] Folio. 

Comunicaciones entre el Supremo Gobierno del Salvador y el 
consulado Britanico, en Centro- America. [^San Salvador. 1850.] 
Folio, 4 leaves. 76 191 

Constitucion del Estado de Salvador. San Salvador. 1824. 
161110, pp. 21. 76192 

Constitucion Politica del Estado del Salvador. \^San Salvador.'] 
1841. i2mo, pp. (4), 38. 76193 

Contestacion del Gobierno a cl Consul de S. M. B. San Sal- 
vador. 1849. 4^^- 76^94 

Correspondencia entre Negrcte y Squier. [^San Salvador. 1853.] 
Folio. 76195 

De Orden del Supremo Gobierno y para conocimiento de los 
Pueblos. [^San Salvador 185 1.] Folio. 76196 

Dialogo entre D. Chepe y D. Nacho, Noviembre 23 y 28, 
1851. \San Salvador. 1 85 1.] Folio. 7^197 

Discurso pronunciado por el Senor Senador Presidente, Febrero 
19 de 1851. San Salvador. 1851. 8vo. 76198 

Documentos para manifestar la justicia con que el Gobierno se 
niega a reconocer algunos creditos que reclama el Consul Yngles. 
[^San Salvador. 1 849.] 4to. 76199 

Elecciones Prdcsimas " Por Los Salvadorenos," Noviembre 
15,1851. [Cojutepegue. 1851.] Folio.' 76200 


Estadistica Cjcncral ilc la Rcpublica del Salvador. Sfin Salva- 
dor. [1858.] Sm. 4to, pp. 321. 76201 

With a supplement to i860. 

El Gobierno del Salvador y la Curia Eclcsiastica. San Salva- 
dor. 1874. 8vo. 76202 

La Justicia y la Razon, '' Los Vcrdaderos Imparcialcs," No- 
viembre 28, 1851. [^San Salvador. 1851.] Folio. 76203 

Manifesto en que se publica el Rcsultado de los Conferencias 
Habidas entre el Comisionado del Supremo Gobierno del Salva- 
dor y el de Honduras. San Salvador. 1848. 410, 5 leaves. 

Noticia funesta, "Temblores en San Salvador." \^Comayagua.'] 
1854. Folio. 76205 

Opinion del estado del Salvador con relacion a los sucesos de 
Nicaragua. San Salvador. 1851. Folio. 76206 

El Porvenir del Salvador deducido del analisis de los hechos. 
Leon. 1872. 8vo. 76207 

Protocolo de las conferencias entre los comisionados en los dos 
gobiernos de Honduras y el Salvador. San Salvador. 1871. 8vo. 

El Senado y Camara de Diputados a sus comitentes. Febrcro 
22 de 1851. San Salvador. 1851. Folio. 76209 

Senores editores del Salvador rejenerado, Junio 20 de 1846. 
\_San Salvador. 1847.] ^^^- 762 lO 

Tarifa de Aforos para la ecsaccion de derechos en el comercio 
... Estado del Salvador. San Salvador. [1849.] Folio, pp. (2), 
52. 76211 

San Salvador, Brazil. Beschryvinge van 't in-nemen van 
de Stadt Salvador inde Baya de todos os Sanctos in Brasil door 
den E. Admirael Jacob Willekes. f Jmstelredam^ By Claes Jansz: 
Fisscher^ woonende inde Kalver-straet inde Fisscher. 1624. Folio, 
I leaf, with a large engraving above. 76212 

This engraving was reproduced in De Bry's "Grands Voyages," part 13, p. 6i. 
Title from the Huth catalogue. 

Description de la reprise de la ville de S. Salvador, situee en la 
Baye de Todos os sanctos, en Brasil, nouuellement faicte par 
I'armade et gensdarmerie de sa majeste catholicque d'Espaigne. 
Anuen.^ A.Verhoeuen. 1625. Sm. 4to, folded sheet. Plate. c. 


Kort veihael van tie Exploicten, door den Manhaften Pieter 
Pietersz Heyn als Admirael over acht Schepen, ende vijf Jachten, 
van de geoctroyeerde West Jndische Compagnie, in Maert ende 
Junio, van het Jaer 1627 in Brasil, in de Baey, ende ontrent de 
Stadt S. Salvador, geluckigh uytgevoert. Tot Amsterdam^ By Hes- 
sel Gerritsx. 1628. 2 leaves, folio, with a copperplate engraving 
in two sheets. 76214 

A plaine and true relation, of the going forth of a Holland 
Fleete the eleuenth of Nouember 1623 to the Coast of Brasile. 
With the taking in of Saluedoe, and the chief occurrences falling 
out there, in the time of the Hollanders continuance therein. 
As also the comming of the Spanish Armado to Saluedoe, with 
the beleaguering of it, the accedints falling in the Towne the 
time of the beleaguering. As also the bare deliuery vp of the 
said Towne by cowardly Officers &c. By J. B. that hath been 
an eye and eare-witnesse of this subject. Rotterdam^ Printed ... 
by M. S. 1626. 4to. BM. 76215 

Corrected title of No. 2553, Vol. i. 

San Salvador (A. P. F. de). La America llorando por la 
temprana muerte de su amado, su padre, su bien y sus delicias el 
Exmo. Senor D. Bernardo de Galvez, Conde de Galvez, ... Go- 
bernador y Capitan General que fue de esta Nueva Espana de la 
Luisiana y dos Floridas ... Humilde rasgo de el Lie. D. Agustin 
Pomposo Fernandez de San Salvador ... Mexico. 1787. 4to, pp. 
25, 6. 76216 

In verse. Improved title of No. 1025, Vol. i., and No. 24145, Vol. vi. 

San Salvador. Desenganos que a los insurgentes de N. 
Espana seducidos por los fracmazones agentes de Napoleon, 
dirige la Verdad de la religion catolica y la experiencia. Escritos 
por el Dr. D. Agustin Pomposo Fernandez de San Salvador. 
Mexico, 181 2. Sm. 8vo, pp. 162. 76217 

San Salvador. Las Fazanas del Quijote de Michoacan, 
Miguel Hidalgo ... Mexico. 18 10. 4to. 762 1 8 

San Salvador. Los Gesuitas quitados y restituidos al mundo. 
Historia de la Antigua California. Por el J3r. D. Agustin Pom- 
poso Fernandez de San Salvador. Mexico : Mariana Ontiveros. 
1816. Sm. 8vo, pp. (10), 213. 76219 

At the end of this curious book, giving an account of the Jesuits in California, is a 
list of the persons to whom it was distributed. 

San Salvador. Memoria cristiarlo-politica sobre lo mucho 



que debe temer la N. E. de la desunion de sus Habitantes ... 
Mexico. 18 10. 4to. 76220 

San Salvador. El modelo de los Cristianos presentado a los 
insurgciites de America, y una introduccion ... en la qual se 
funda el derecho de la Soberania propia del Sr. D. f^rnando vii. 
... Por el Dr. D. Agustin Pomposo Fernandez de S. Salvador. 
Mexico. 1 8 14. 8vo, pp. iv, 128, 112. 76221 

Corrected title of our No. 24148, Vol. vi. 

San Salvador. Sentimientos de la Nueva Espafia por la 
muerte de su Virey el Excmo. Sr. Bailio D. Antonio Maria Bu- 
careli. ... [^Mexico. 1779.''] 8vo. 76222 

Also: Carta de un padre a sus hijos ... [Mexico. 1810.] 8vo. — Convite a los ver- 
daderos amantes de la Religion y de la Patria ... Mexico. — Los Dulcisimos Amorcj : 
Poemitas de Mariano de Jesus ... Mexico. 1803. 2 vols., 8vo. — La perfidia de Napo- 
leon Bonaparte y sucesos de Espana ... Mexico. 1808. 4to. — Redamo de descuidos. 
Mopso al Tatita, ... Mexico. 1811. 4to, 

San Salvador (Fernando Fernandez de). Defensa Juridica 
de la Senora D. Maria A4icaela Romero de Terreros y Trebuesto, 
Marquesa de San Francisco ... Alexico. 1796. Folio. 76223 

Beristain gives the title as follows : Defensa juridica de la Sra. Marquesa de S. Fran- 
cisco en los Autos promovidos por la Justicia Ordinaria de Acambaro sobre mal trata- 
miento de los Operarios de la Hacienda de S. Cristobal, Mexico : por Onti'vercs. 1796. 

San Salvador. Defensa juridica de los Albaceas y Herede- 
ros de D. Francisco Linares, vecino de la Ciudad de Celaya, 
sobre un Legado de cien mil pesos ... Mexico. 1807. Folio. 

San Salvador. Defensa legal de D. Antonio de la Campa, 
sobre su Testamento ... Mexico. 1805. Folio. 76225 

San Salvador. Reflexiones de un Patriota americano, sobre 
la inicua Revolucion del Cura Hidalgo, Allende &c. ... Mexico. 
1810. 4to. 76226 

San Thomas (Domingo de). .S"^^ Vol. v., Nos. 20564, 20565. 

San Vicente (J. M. de). Exacta Descripcion de la Magni- 
fica Corte Mexicana, Cabeza del Nuevo Americano Mundo. 
Por Juan Manuel de San Vicente. Cadiz., Imprenta de D. Fran- 
cisco Roja y Gamhoa. [n. d.] 4to, pp. 60. ']^11'J 

San Xavier {Conde de). Representacion al Rey sobre la libre 
extraccion del Cacao ... Madrid. 1745. Folio. 76228 

Title from Beristain. 


Sana (Caspar). Primera y ultima Fcstividad : Elogio del P. 
Eterno predicado en Mexico ... Sevilla^ por Juan Francisco Bias. 
1705. 4to. 76229 

Title from Beristain. 

Sanabria (Marcos Mufioz). Manifiesto dirigido a la Mag. 
del Sr. Felipe v. sobre los agravios que hicieron al Autor en la 
Votacion de las Canongias Magistral y Penitenciaria de la Cate- 
dral de Valladolid ... Mexico. 17 16. Folio. 76230 

Title from Beristain, 

Sanavria (Tomas Jose). Cuadro que demuestra la division 
territorial que hoy tiene la Republica y su poblacion con arreglo al 
censo que sirvid debase a las elecciones de 1846, formado scgun 
los datos que existen in Secretaria. Numero extraordinario de la 
Gaceta de Venezuela, Num. 880. Caracas. 1847. Folio, i leaf. 

Sanavria. Reclamacion de la Junta de inspeccion y Gobierno 
de la Ilustre Universidad Central de la Republica al Poder Eje- 
cutivo sobre las resoluciones que ha librado destinando las rentas 
de los conventos suprimidos en esta capital y las existencias y 
sobrantes de las que goza la Universidad a la fabrica del segundo 
cuerpo del convento de San Francisco. Por Tomas J. Sanavria. 
Caracas. 1839. 8vo, pp. 20. 76232 

Sanborn (A.) An Address, delivered at Corinth, October 
2d, 1835, before the Penobscot Association of Teachers and 
Friends of Popular Education. By A. Sanborn ... . Bangor: 
Cobb and Merrill.^ Printers. 1836. 8vo, pp. 22. b. 76233 

[Sanborn (Charles H.)] A Few Words relating to the Pres- 
ent Aspect of Republicanism in New-Hampshire : being a Let- 
ter to the Republican State Committee of that State. Newbury- 
port : IVilliam H. Huse iff Co. Printers. 1859. 8vo, pp. 16. b. 

Signed "Charles H. Sanborn." 

[Sanborn.] Letter to Oilman Marston, Esq., of Exeter. 
[Hampton Fails. 1858.] Folio, pp. (2). H. 76235 

Signed "Charles H. Sanborn." 

Sanborn (E. K.) Ebenezer Kimball Sanborn. A Memorial, 
[n. p. 1862?] i2mo, pp. 52, (i). Portrait. b., h. 76236 

Sanborn (E. D.) An Address delivered before the Connec- 
ticut River Valley Agricultural Society, at their Annual Fair, at 
Orford, N. H.. [j/V] September 26, 1850. By Edwin D. San- 


born, A.M. ... Hanover : Printed at the Dartmouth Press. 1850. 
8vo, pp. 28. B. 76237 

Sanborn. An Address, delivered by request of the Students 
of Dartmouth College, at Hanover, N. H., Sept. 5, 1850, on 
the Occasion of the Death of Gen. Z. Taylor, Late President 
of the United States. By Edwin D. Sanborn ... . Hanover: 
Printed at the Dartmouth Press. 1850. 8vo, pp. 17. B. 76238 

Sanborn. Churches of New Hampshire : an Historical Dis- 
course before the General Association of New Hampshire. By 
Edwin D. Sanborn .... Bristol. 1876. 8vo, pp. 28. 76239 

Sanborn. Constitution of the State Agricultural Society, and 
Prof. Edwin D. Sanborn's Remarks at the New Hampshire State 
Agricultural Convention held in Manchester, December 12, 
1849. Published by the State Society. Manchester : Printed by 
'James O. Adams. 1850. i2mo, pp. 12. B. 76240 

Sanborn. A Eulogy on Daniel Webster, delivered before the 
Students of Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, Decem- 
ber 29, 1852, by Edwin D. Sanborn .... Dartmouth Press.^ Han- 
over. 1853. ^^"i PP- 4^* 76241 

Sanborn. History of New-Hampshire, from its first discov- 
ery to the year 1830. With Dissertations upon the Rise of 
Opinions and Institutions, the Growth of Agriculture and Manu- 
factures, and the Influence of leading families and Distinguished 
Men, to the year 1874. By Edwin D. Sanborn, ll.d.. Prof, in 
Dartmouth Coll. Manchester., N. H.: John B. Clarke. 1875. 
8vo, pp. 425. 76242 

Sanborn. Millenarianism : an Essay read to the Pastoral 
Convention of New Hampshire, June 1855. By Edwin D. 
Sanborn ... Published by request of the Convention. Reprinted 
from the Bibliotheca Sacra for July, 1855. Andover : Printed by 
IV. F. Draper. 1855. 8vo, pp. 30. H. 76243 

[Sanborn.] Mr. Webster in his Letters. Hanover: Dart- 
mouth Press. [1865.] 8vo, pp. 48. B. 76244 

The lecture was written in 18575 published by request of the Senior Class of Dart- 
mouth College in 1865. 

Sanborn. Obligations of the Teacher to his Profession. An 
Address delivered before the Associate Alumni of the Merrimack 
Normal Institute, at their Second Annual Meeting, Sept. 3, 1851. 


By Edwin D. Sanborn ... . Published by request of the Associa- 
tion. Hanover: Printed at the Dartmouth Press. 1 851. 8vo, pp. 
23. H. 76245 

Sanborn. An Oration ... before the Alumni of Gilmanton 
Academy, August 4, 1859. ^X Edwin D. Sanborn ... Concord. 
i860. 8vo. 76246 

Sanborn. An Oration delivered at St. Johnsbury, Vt., July 
Fourth, 1851. By Edwin D. Sanborn ... . Hanover: Printed at 
the Dartmouth Press. July., 1851. 8vo, pp. 23. 76247 

Sanborn {F[ranklin] B[enjamin].) Emancipation in the 
West Indies. By F. B. Sanborn. Concord., Mass. 1862. 8vo, 

pp. 15. B., BA., H. 76248 

Sanborn. Memoirs of John Brown, written for Rev. Samuel 
Orcutt's History of Torrington, Ct. By F. B. Sanborn. With 
Memorial Verses, by William Ellery Channing. Concord.^ Mas- 
sachusetts, January, 1878. ^Printed by J. Munsell, Albany, N. T.] 
8vo, pp. 107. 76249 

Sanborn. Poems read at the Opening of the Fraternity Lec- 
tures 1858-59. America by F. B. Sanborn. Character by R. 
Leighton, Jr. Boston : The Fraternity. \_Press of Geo. C. Rand iff 
Avery.'] 1859. i2mo, pp. 59. B., H, 76250 

[Sanborn.] ... Special Report on Prisons and Prison Disci- 
pline made under authority of the Board of State Charities. By 
the Secretary of the Board. Boston : TV right ^ Potter, State 
Printers. 1865. 8vo, pp. 141. ba., h. 76251 

Sanborn (J. C.) University Education in Lower Canada. 
An Address delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Convocation 
of Bishop's College, Lennoxville, c.e. July i, 1857. ^Y J- ^• 
Sanborn, Esq. ... Montreal: Printed by John Lovell. 1857. ^^'^? 
pp. 14. H. 76252 

Sanborn (N.) Genealogy of the Sanborn Family. By Na- 
than Sanborn, m.d., Henniker, N. H. From the N. England 
Hist, h Gen. Register — July and October, 1856. Boston: 
Printed by H. W.Dutton. 1856. 8vo, pp. 2i. B. 76253 

Sanborn (P.) The Extent and Perpetuity of the Abrahamic 
Covenant a Motive to Missionary Exertion. A Sermon preached 
before the Massachusetts Missionary Society, at their Annual 

SANCHA. 413 

Meeting, May 30, 1815. By Peter Sanborn, a.m. ... Boston: 
Pritited by Samuel T. Armstrong. 18 15. 8vo, pp. 17, (l). b., h. 

Sanborn. Minutes of an Address, delivered before the Anti- 
Masonic Convention of Reading, Mass. January 15, 1829. To- 
gether with a Review of Mr. Knapp's Defence of Masonry. By 
Rev. P. Sanborn. Boston : Printed at the Office of the Free Press. 
1829. 8vo, pp. 19. H. 76255 

Sanborn. Three Sermons, delivered in Newburyport, Feb- 
ruary, 1 801: being a Time of Attention to Religion. Ey the 
Rev. Peter Sanborn, a.m. Pastor of the 3d Church in Reading. 

Newburyport : Printed by Allen ^ Stickney. mdccc,ii. 8vo, pp. 
47, (2). H. 76256 

Sanborn (R.) Freemasonry, a Covenant with Death: a Dis- 
course, delivered at a Public Meeting in Hornby, Steuben County, 
June 3, 1828. By Reuben Sanborn, once a Royal Arch Mason. 
Published by request. Bath^ N. T.: Printed by David Rumsey. 
1828. i2mo, pp. II. B., H. 76257 

Sanborn (R. S.) A Discourse on the terrible, irresistible, yet 
sublime logic of Events as suggested by the assassination of 
President Lincoln, and the attempted assassination of Secretary 
Seward ; delivered in the Universalist Church, Ripon, Wis., Sun- 
day Evening, April 23d, 1865. By Rev. R. S. Sanborn, [n. p. 
1865.] 8vo, pp. 7. ' B. 76258 

The word "Universalist" in the title should be "Unitarian." 

Sanborn. Eulogy, on the Intellectuality of Daniel Webster, 
delivered in Northfield, Vt. By Rev. R. S. Sanborn. ... IFest- 
Randolph : Printed at the ^gis Office. 1852. 8vo, pp. 12. 

Sanborn (S. H.) An Exposition of Official Tyranny in the 
United States Navy. By Solomon H. Sanborn, late of the U. 
S. Navy. ... New-York. 1841. 8vo, pp. 40. b., s. 76260 

Sancere (A. de). Letters of Adelaide De Sancere to Count 
De Nance. Newbern., N. C. 1801. i2mo, pp. 160. 76261 

"This book is chiefly noticeable as evidence of the early introduction of printing 
into the then village of Nevvburn, North Carolina." — Gowans. 

Sancha (Francisco Gonzalez). Ouintillas en elogio de S. 
Juan de Dios, premiadas en el Certamen celebrado en Mexico 
por la Canonizacion de dicho Santo ... Mexico. 1702. 410. 

Title from Beristain. 



Sancha (Lorenzo Gonzalez). Cancion en elegio de S. Juan 
de Dios, premiada en las fiestas de su Canonizacion ... Mexico. 
1702. 4to. 76263 

Sancha. Exequias mitologicas, Llanto de las Musas, Coro- 
nacion Apolinea de la Insigne Poetisa mexicana Sor Juana Ines 
de la Cruz ... Mexico. 1697. 4to. 76264 

Sancha. Panegirico Eucaristico por las Victorias del Sr. D. 
Felipe V. celebradas en el Colegio de S. Juan de Letran de Mex- 
ico ... Mexico, 1711. 4to. .1^'^^S 

Sancha. Resurreccion panegirica, discurrida en las Exequias 
del Illmo. Sr. D. Manuel Escalante v Colombres, Obispo de 
Guadiana y de Michoacan, Abad de la Congregacion de S. Pedro 
de Mexico ... Mexico. 1709. 4to. 76266 

Titles from Beristain. 

Sanchez (Alejo). Disertacion sobre el uso medicinal de las 
Lagartijas de Guatemala ... Mexico, [n. d.] 4to. jblb"] 

Title from Beristain. 

Sanchez (Antonio Ribero). Dissertation sur I'Origine de la 
Maladie Venerienne, dans la quelle on prouve quelle na point ete 
portee de TAmerique. Paris. 1765. i2mo. 76268 

[Sanchez.] Examen historique sur Tapparition de la maladie 
venerienne en Europe, et sur la nature de cette Epidemie. A Lis- 
honne [i. e. Paris\. mdcclxxiv. i2mo, pp. viii, 83, Table, 2 11. 

"The object of the author is to disprove the charge that the venereal disease was 
introduced into Europe from America. It was published anonymously, but a manu- 
script note says the author was M. Sanchez." — Bartlett. 

Sanchez. An Historical Investigation into the first appear- 
ance of the Venereal Disease in Europe ; with remarks on its 
particular nature. To which are added, Observations on the 
Non-Necessity of Quarantines being observed against the Plague, 
&c. By M. Sanchez, Doctor of the Faculty of Medicine at 
Paris. Translated from the French, by Joseph Skinner, Surgeon. 
London. 1 793. 8vo, pp. 84. 76270 

"The author of this tract is of opinion that the venereal disease was carried to the 
New World by the Spaniards. The evidence that it was knov^n in Europe before the 
discovery of America appears to be quite conclusive. "^Rich. 

Sanchez (B.) El Phenix de la Africa Augustino, breve rela- 
cion de la invencion de S. Sagv. Cverpo. Alexico. 1729. 410, 
29 leaves. 76271 

Title from the Andrade catalogue. 


Sanchez (Francisco). Examen de las Indulgencias que Icgi- 
timamente gozan las Religiones y Cofradias ... Madrid^ por Gar- 
cia Infanxon. 1680. 8vo. 76272 

Sanchez. Informe, y Parecer acerca de las Razones qve ay 
en derecho para que los terceros de algunas de las Sagradas Reli- 
giones lo puedan ser juntamente de otras qualesquier. Por Fran- 
cisco Sanchez, del Orden de Predicadores, y su Provincia del SS. 
Rosario de Filipinas. Con licencia de los Superiores, En Puebla^ En 
la Imprenta de Diego Fernandex de Leon^ ano 169 1. 410, pp. (2), 
29. 76273 

Beristain gives the following title, which is probably the same work : Disertacion 
sobre que los Terceros de una Orden pueden serlo tambien de otras. Puebla, por Fer- 
nandex de Leon. 1691. 4to. 

Sanchez. Ritual para la recta Administracion de los Sacra- 
mentos, con Notas utilisimas para los Parrocos de Indios ... 
Mexico^ por Benavidez. 1689. 4^*-^* 7^^74 

Sanchez. Rosario de la Virgen Maria Nuestra Senora, con 
las indulgencias, y gracias espirituales de su S. Cofradia, nueva- 
mente confirmadas por N. M. S. P. Innocencio xi, para el uso 
de sus Cofrades. Por el R. P. M. Fr. Francisco Sanchez. En 
Mexico^ por Dona Maria de Benavidez. 1684. l2mo, 58 leaves, 
Table, i leaf. 7^^7S 

Sanchez. Vida de Santa Rosa de Lima, y Bula de su Patro- 
nato en ambas Americas, traducida al castellano ... Alexico^ por 
Calderon. 1 673. 4to. 76276 

Sanchez (F.) Principios de Retorica y Poetica. Por Fran- 
cisco Sanchez. Alexico. 1825. 8vo. 76277 

Edited by Carlos Maria de Bustamante, 

Sanchez (Caspar). Elogio de S. Salvador de Horta, pronun- 
ciado en Toluca en las Fiestas de su Canonizacion ... Alexico^ 
por Ribera. 1726. 4to. 76278 

Sanchez. Panegirico de las Lagrimas de S. Pedro ... Mexico^ 
por Lupercio. 1728. 4to. 76279 

Titles from Beristain. 

Sanchez (H.) Efemerides astronomicas del sol y de la luna, 
que comprenden los novilunios plenilunios, etc. los eclipses de sol 
y de luna, que aconteceran desde el ano de 1856, hasta el de 2000, 
etc., y un tratado de la distribucion del tiempo ... . Por Hipolito 
Sanchez. Arequipa, 1857. ^v^» PP- 34'- 76280 


Sanchez. Practica y formulario de procedimientos en materia 
civil y criminal, para los jueces de paz, con arreglo a los Codigos 
civiles y Penales, Reglamento de Tribunales y demas leyes del 
caso. For Hipolito Sanchez. Segunda edicion. Jrequ'tpa. 1863. 
8vo, pp. 166. -\- Tercera edicion, corregida y aumentada. Jre- 
quipa. 1867. 8vo, pp. 144. 7628 1 

Sanchez (Ignacio). Viernes sagrado en culto y obsequio del 
Corazon amabilisimo de Jesus Sacramentado ... Mexico, 1783. 
8vo. 76282 

Sanchez (Jose). Elogio funebre del Illmo. Sr. D. Manuel 
Escalante, Obispo de Durango y de Michoacan ... Mexico^ por 
Rihera Calderon. 1709. 4to. 76283 

Title from Beristain. 

Sanchez (Jose Maria). Sermon de Gracias por la restitucion 
del Sr. Fernando vii, pronunciado en las fiestas de la Ciudad de 
Queretaro ... Mexico ^ por Benavente. 1814. 4to. 76284 

Sanchez (Juan). Sermon en la missa de accion de gracias 
por la reedificacion del Hospital de San Lazaro de Lima, el 23 
Abril 1758 ... {Lima. 1758.] 4to. bm. 76285 

Sanchez (Juan de Villa). See Villa Sanchez (Juan de). 

Sanchez (Af.) See Sanchez (A. R.), No. 76270, supra. 

Sanchez (Manuel). Declaracion de la Regla de S. Francisco, 
y Arte del Canto Llano para instruccion de los Novicios del Or- 
den de S. fVancisco de Mexico ... Mexico.^ por Hogal. 1725. 
4to. 76286 

Title from Beristain. 

Sanchez (Miguel), h. 1594, d. 1674. Devocionarios para el 
culto de las Imagenes milagrosas de Guadalupe y los Remedios, 
que se veneran en sus Santuarios de Mexico ... Mexico^ por Cal- 
deron. [164-?] 4to. -{- Madrid.^ por Lorenxo de S. Martin. 1785. 
4to. 76287 

Sanchez. Elogio de S. Felipe de Jesus, hijo y Patron de 
Mexico ... Mexico., por Juan Ruix. 1640. 4to. 76288 

Sanchez. Imagen de la Virgen Maria A4adre de Dios de 
Gvadalvpe, Milagrosamente Aparecida en la Civdad de Mexico. 
Celebrada en su Historia, con la Prot'ecia del capitulo doze del 
Apocalipsis. A devocion del Bachiller Miguel Sanchez Presbi- 


tero. Dedicada al Senor Doctor Don Pedro de Barrientos Lo- 
melin, del Consejo de su Majestad, Tesorem de la Santa Yglesia 
Metropolitana de Mexico. En Mexico. En la Imptenta de In 
Fiuda de Bernardo Calderon. Ano de 1648. 4to, 8 prcl. leaves, 
including the arms of Pedro de Panientos Loniclin ; text, leaves 
1-96; supplement, 7 unnumbered pages. j.c.b. 76289 

Sanchez. Sermon en la solemnc Dcdicacion del Oratorio de 
S. Felipe Neri de Mexico ... Mexico. 1668. 4to. 76290 

Sanchez. El triunfo de S. Elias, Patriarca del Carmelo ... 
Mexico^ por Rohledo. 1646. 410. 76291 

Sanchez (Miguel). Romance heroico en elogio del M. R. 
P. Mtro. Fr. Juan Villa Sanchez, fiimoso Orador de la Nueva 
Espana,. del Orden de Santo Domingo ... Mexico. 1738. 4to. 

Sanchez (Santos). Extracto Puntual de todas las Pragmati- 
cas^ Cedulas, Provisiones, Circulares, autos Acordados y otras 
Providencias publicadas en el Reynado del Senor Don Carlos in. ; 
comprehende desde el aiio de 1760 al de 1788. ... Madrid. 1794. 
2 vols., 4to. c. 76293 


Templo del gran Doctor y Padre de la Iglesia, S. Agustin, de la 
Ci.udad de Mexico ... Mexico.^ por Calderon. 1692. 4to. 'jbic)^ 

Title from Berlstain. 

5ANCHEZ (Sebastian). Certamen Poetico, Palestra de ingenio 
la Campana del Discurso para celebrar la Dedicacion del 

Sanchez de Aguilar (P.) Informe contra idolorvm cvl- 
tores del Obispado de Yucatan. Dirigido al Rey N. Senor en 
su Real Consejo de las Indias ... Por el Doc. D. Pedro Sanchez 
de Aguilar, Dean de Yucatan, etc. Madrid^ Por la viuda de luan 
Gonzalez. Ano de M. DC. xxxix. 4to, leaves (8), 124. j.c.n. 

See also Vol. i., No. 527. 

Sanchez de Aguirre (J.) See Vol. i., Nos. 528-531. 

Sanchez de Castro (Jose Geronimo). Vida de la Ven. M. 
Antonia de la Madre de Dios, Religiosa Recolcta Agustina de la 
Puebia de los Angeles, Fundadora del Convento de Oaxaca ... 
Mexico. 1747. 4to. 76296 

Title from Beristain. 

Sanchez de Guevara (Cristoval). Disertacion juridica sobre 
la residencia del Virey, Marques de Guadalcazar, en que sc pro- 


mueve que nb se puede subdelegar la Comision para la pezquiza 
secreta ... Mexico. 1622. Folio. 'jitK^'j 

Sanchez de Guevara. Informe juridica sobre el Capitulo 
Provincial de los Religiosos Agustinos de Michoacan ... Mexico. 
1632. Folio. 76298 

Titles from Beristain. 

Sanchez de la Rocha (J.) El capitan Jvan Sanchez de la 
Rocha, vezino de la ciudad de los Reyes del Piru. [Memorial] 
sobre los injustos, grandes, y excessiuos agrauios, que el licen- 
ciado Don Juan de Padilla, Alcalde del crimen mas antiguo de 
aquella Real Audiencia, le ha hecho con el poder, y mano de su 
oficio, en vengan^a de sus passiones ... [Lima. 1651?] Folio, 
17 leaves. "jbic^c) 

"Au bas du dernier, le signature autographe de Juan Sanchez de la Rocha. Cette 
piece doit etre imprimee a Lima en 1651, car les faits y relates sent de 1650 (dos de 
enero del ano passado), comme on le voit au verso du f. i. A la suite de ces 17 fF., il 
s'en trouve 4 non chiffres, imprimes dans la meme ville et dans la meme annee, lesquels 
contiennent la defense de Juan de Padilla, presentee au roi sous forme de memoire. 
Ces deux pieces n'ont ete envoyees en Espagne qu'a quelques personnes seulement; elles 
sont restees inconnues, meme de Pinelo. A la col. 588, de la ' Bibliotheca ' de cet 
auteur, on trouve cite un autre memoire du meme J. Sanchez de la Rocha et qui est 
relatif a la defense de la Jamaique contre les flibustiers. S. 1. d'impression." — Leclerc. 

Sanchez de Munon (S.) [Doctrina Cristiana por el Dr. D. 
Sancho Sanchez de Munon, Maestrescuelas de la Santa Iglesia de 
Mexico. Mexico., por Antonio Ricardo? 1579.] 8vo, 52 leaves. 

The title-page is lacking in the only known copy, described by Sr. Icazbalceta in 
his " Bibliografia Mexicana del Siglo xvi.," pp. 232, 233. The aprobacion of Dr. 
Ortiz de Hinojosa on the first preliminary leaf is dated Mexico, June 23, 1579. 

Sanchez Mora (Andres). Oracion funcbre en las Exequias 
del M. R. P. Fr. Antonio Reboleno, Vicario Provincial del Or- 
den de Santo Domingo en el Convento de Sombrerete ... Mexico., 
por Rihera. 1708. 4to. 76301 

Title from Beristain. 

Sanchez Pareja (Bartolome). Theatrum ApoUineum, Tri- 
umphales latices Medicinae, Hyppocratica littcraria Naumachia : 
Philosofica, Methodica, Empirica controversia, generali studio, 
stadioque publico defFensanda, gemina luce. 8 et 9. Mensis Janu- 
arii ann. Domini 1647. Angeiopoli., ex Typographia Joannis de Alca- 
%ar. 1647. 4to. 76302 

Title from Beristain, who mentions other works and manuscripts. 

Sanchez Pereira (Diego). Alegacion juridica por la Pro- 
vincia de la Caridad del Orden de S. Hipolito de Mexico, sobre 

SANCHO. 419 

restitucion de fincas para la fuiulacion del Hospital dc Aguas 
Calientes ... Mexico. 1724. Folio. 7^303 

Sanchez Pereira. Alegacion por el Alferez, Manuel Ba- 
roja, en causa criminal ... Mexico.^ for Ortega. 1721. Folio. 

Sanchez Pereira. Alegacion por el Conde del Vallc de 
Orizaba sobre los Sitios de Escamela y Masapa ... Mexico.^ por 
Lupercio. 1726. Folio. 76305 

Titles from Beristain. 

[Sanchez Pereyra (Diego Joseph).] Instruccion Practica 
y Provisional en Forma de Advertencias, que debe servir a todas 
Tesorerias Generales, etc. de las Indias, para el modo de llevar 
las cuentas de Real Hacienda entre afio dispuesta por la Conta- 
duria General 9 de Mayo de 1784. Reimpresa en Mexico pof- 
Zuniga y Ontiveros. 1786. Folio, pp. (4), 58. 76306 

Signed by the "Contaduria General," Diego Joseph Sanchez Pereyra. 

Sanchez Trujillo (Jose). Proyecto sobre productos y recur- 
sos de Hacienda, estableciendo las bases de un sistema de rentas 
para el arreglo de las mismas. Mexico. 1865. 8vo, pp. 72. 

[Sanchez Valverde (Antonio).] La America | vindicada dc 
la Calumnia|de haber sido Madre|del Mai Venereo : | por el Au- 
tor de la Idea | del Valor de la Isla Espafiola. | Con Licencia : | 
En Madrid : en la Imprenta de Don Pedro Marin. \ Ano de M DCC- 
Lxxxv. I Sm. 4to, pp. (7), Ixxx. h. 76308 

Sanchez Valverde. Idea del Valor de la Isla Espafiola, y 
utilidades, que de ella puede sacar su Monarquia. Por Don 
Antonio Sanchez Valverde, Licenciado en Sagrada Teologia, ... 
natural de la propia isla, &c. En Madrid : En la hnprenta de 
Don Pedro Marin, mdcclxxxv. 4to, pp. (6), xx, 208, (4). Map 
and folded table, j.c.b. -\- Santo Domingo: Imprenta Nacional. 
1862. i8mo, pp. (2), 219. c. 76309 

An important work on Saint Domingo. 

Sancho (I.) Letters of the late Ignatius Sancho, an African. 
In two volumes. To which are picfixed. Memoirs of his Life 
[by Joseph Jekyll]. ... London: Printed by J. Nichols ... MDCC- 
Lxxxii. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. ii, Ivii, 204; (4), 224. Portrait, 
Plate. B. -f The Second Edition. London : Printed for J. 
Nichols; and C. Dilly ... mdcclxxxiii. 2 vols., l2mo, pp. xvi, 
204; (2), 224. Portrait, Plate, -f The Third Edition. Lon- 
don: Printed by J. Nichols ... mdcclxxxiv. i2mo, pp. xiv, 393. 


Portrait, b., m. + The Third Edition. Dublin : Printed by 
Brett Smithy For Richard Moncrieffe ... mdcclxxxiv. 2 vols, in 
one, i2mo, pp. xiii, 146; 147-310. Portrait. L. -{-London. 
1787. 2 vols., i2mo. Portrait. -{-London. 1802. i2mo. En- 
graved title, and Portrait by Bartolozzi. 76310 

[Sancho (Jose Maria Garcia).] Segunda Representacion que 
hace el Comercio de Megico al Soberano Congreso, para que 
derogue la Ley de 26 de noviembre de 1839 que aumentd los 
Derechos de Consumo a los Efectos Estrangeros en las Aduanas 
Interiores. Megico : bnprenta de Galvan a cargo de Mariano Are- 
valo. 1840. l2mo, pp. 12. H. 763 1 1 

Sancion pragmatica de Su Magestad en fuerza de ley para el 
estranamiento de estos Reynos (Espafia, Indias y Islas P'ilipinas) 
a los Regulares de la Compafiia (de Jesus), ocupacion de sus 
temporalidades, y prohibicion de su restablecimiento en tiempo 
alguno, con las demas precauciones que expresa. Madrid. 1767. 
Folio, 8 leaves. 76312 

Title from the Andrade catalogue. 

Sancta Anna (Fr. Joaquim de). Ora9ao na ac9ao de gra9as, 
que a ser."ia sr.^ Princeza do Brasil, e o ser."^" sr. infante D. 
Pedro celebraram na sua real capella da Bemposta a 25 de Sep- 
tembro de 1761, ao Sanctissimo Cora^ao de Jesus, pelo nasci- 
mento de ser."^" principe da Beira, o sr. D. Jose. Lisboa^ na 
Offic. de Francisco Luis Jmeno. 1761. 4to, pp. xvi, 36. 76313 

Sancta Rita Bastos (F. X. de). Ora^ao funebre, recitada 
nas exequias que se celebraram na igreja priniacial da Bahia, na 
morte da fidelissima rainha D. Maria i. por Fr. Francisco Xavicr 
de Sancta Rita Bastos. Bahia. Typ. de M. A. de Silva Serva. 
1816. 4to, pp. 23. 76314 

Sanctiss. in Christo Patris, et D. N. D. Benedict! divina pro- 
videntia Papae xiv. Apostolicas literae in forma brevis in quibus 
officium, et missa propria B. V. Mariae, sub titulo de Guadalupe, 
die .XII. Decembris sub ritu duplici primae classis cum octava, 
recitandum et celebranda conceduntur ... Romce et Ferraria., B. 
Pomatelli. 1 781. 8vo, pp. xxxi. 76315 

Sanctius (Alfonsus). De rebus Hispaniae anacephalaeosis 
libri Septem, a condita Hispaniae ad annum J 633. ... Comp/uti. 
1634. 4to. 76316 

" De Ferdinando Coitcsio," p. 355, etc. 


Sanctius (Josephiis Eusebius). Prolusio acadcmica in Divi 
Marci Limana Univeisitate recitanda. Lima. 1831. 8vo. 

Sanctos (Luis Gonc^alves dos). Antidoto caiholico contra a 
veneno methodista, ou lefuta^ao do scguiido Rclatorio do intitu- 
lado missionario do Rio de Janeiro, composto pelo P. Cj. Filburg. 
Com uma analyse do annuncio do vcndedor dc biblias, etc. Rio 
de Janeiro^ Typ. Americana de I. P. da Costa. 1838. 8vo, pp. 74. 

Sanctos. Apologia dos bens dos religiosos, e leligiosas do 
imperio do Brasil, contra o piano dos empolgadores. Rio de fa- 
neiro. 1828. 8vo. 763*9 

Sanctos. O catholica, e o methodista ; ou refuta^ao das dou- 
trinas hereticas e falsas, que os intitulados missionarios de Nova- 
York teem vulgarisado nesta corte do imperio do Brasil, etc. A 
que se junta uma disserta9ao sobre o direito dos catholicos de 
serem sepultados nas igrejas e sens adros. Rio de Janeiro., Imp. 
Afnericana de I. P. da Costa. 1 839. 8vo, pp. xxvii, 203 ; Disser- 
ta9ao, pp. 31. 76320 

Sanctos. O celibato clerical e religioso defendido dos golpes 
da impiedade e da libertinagem dos correspondentes da " Astrea." 
Com um appendice sobre o voto separado do sr. deputado Feijo. 
Rio de "Janeiro.^ '^yp' ^^ Torres. 1827. 8vo, pp. 57. 7^321 

Sanctos. Desaggravo do clero e do povo catholico flumi- 
nense, ou refuta^ao das mentiras e calumnias do impostor que se 
intitula missionario do Rio de Janeiro, e enviado pela Sociedade 
Methodistica episcopal de Nova-York, par civilisar e converter 
ao christianismo os fluminenses. Rio de Janeiro.^ Imp. Americana 
de I. P. da Costa. 1837. 8vo, pp. lOO. 76322 

Sanctos. Discurso sobre a confirma^ao dos bispos, no qual 
sc examina a materia pelos principios canonicos, etc. por D. Pedro 
Inguenzo Rivero: traduzido do hespanhol. Rio de Janeiro^ Imp. 
Americana de I. P. da Costa. 1838. 8vo, pp. xxx, 177. 76323 

[Sanctos.] O imperio do Brasil considerado nas suas rela^ocs 
puliticas e commerciaes, por La Beaumelle ... Novamente cor- 
rccto e addicionado pelo seu auctor, e traduzido por um brasileiro. 
Rio de Janeiro., Typ. de Plancher. 1824. 8vo, pp. (4), 278. 

A translation of No. 1570, Vol. i. 

Sanctos. A impiedade confundida, ou refuta^ao da Carta de 
Talleyrand, escripta ao papa Pio vil. Rio de Janeiro., Typ. de 


Torres. 1830. 4to, pp. xvi, 326. -[■ Pertiarnbuco : Typ. de Sanctoi 
& O.. 1838. 8vo, pp. xxi, 323, (i). 76325 

Sanctos. Impostura desmascarada, ou resposta que o filho do 
compadre do Rio de Janeiro da ao compadrc do Rio de S. Fran- 
cisco do Norte. Rio de 'Janeiro. 182 1. 4to. 76326 

Sanctos. Justa retribui^ao dada ao compadre de Lisboa, pelo 
filho do compadre do Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro. 1821. 
4to. 76327 

Sanctos. Memorias para a historia do reino do Brasil, divi- 
didas em tres epochas de felicidade, honra e gloria ; escriptas na 
corte do Rio de Janeiro no anno de 1821. ... L'lshoa^ na Imp, 
Reg'ia. 1825. 2 vols., 4to, pp. Ixxi, 376; 448. 4 Plates. 

Sanctos. Replica catholica a resposta que o reverendo depu- 
tado P. Diogo Antonio Feijo deu ao P. Luis Gon^alves dos Sanc- 
tos. Rio de Janeiro. 1827. 4to. 7^329 

Sanctos. A voz da verdade da Sancta Igreja Catholica, con- 
fundindo a voz da mentira do Amante da humanidade, para seda- 
tivo da eftervescencia casamenteira dos modernos anti-celibatarios. 
Rio de Janeiro.^ Typ. de Torres. 1829. 8vo, pp. vii, 291, (4). -f 
Lisboa., Typ. de Bulhdes. 1830. 4to, pp. 287. 76330 

Titles from Silva. 

Sanctos e Silva (Thomas Antonio dos). Braziliada, ou Por- 
tugal immune e salvo: poema epico em xii cantos: composto 
debaixo dos auspicios do ex."io Sr. D. Francisco de Almeida 
Mello e Castro, enfermeiro-mor do hospital real de S. Jose ... 
Lisbon.^ na Imp. Regia. 1815. 8vo, pp. 388, errata (i). 76331 

Sanctvm I Provinciale Concilivm Me-|xici celebratvm Anno 
dfii Milless.f""- | qvingentess.f""- octvagessimo qvinto. | Praesidente 
\\\ CO ILL.n^"- ac R">'^- I D.D. Petro Moya de Con-|treras Mv- 
chiep." Mexicano. | Romae | Confirmatum die vigessima | Septima 
(3ctobris Anno, i589.|Nvnc vero Ad instantiam |et ex svmptibvs 
ILL.'"' Ac I R.f"' D.D. loannis de la | serna Archiep. Mexican. | 
Ivssv Regio editvm. | Samuel Stradanus Jntverpiensis excudebat. j 
Mexici. Apud loannem Ruiz Typographum Anno Domini. 1622. | 
4to, leaves (6), 102. J.c.b., h. 76332 

Appended is the following: Statvta ordinata, a Sancto Concilio Provinciali Mexicano 
ni. Anno Domini millessimo qvingentessimo octvagessimo qvinto. Ex prescripto. 
Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Decreto Sess. 24. Cap. 12. de reform, verbo caetera. 
Revisa a Catholica Maiestate, et a Sacrosancta sede apostolica confirmata Anno Domini 
millessimo quingentessimo octuagessimo nono. 410, title and pp. 37, (3). Ternaux, 
No. 484, gives a similar title under the year 1625. 


[Sandars (Joseph).] A Letter addressed to the Liverpool 
Society for the Abolition of Slavery. By a Member of that 
Society. London : Thomas and George Underivood. \^Printcd by 
Thomas Davison. 1824.] 8vo, pp. 15. h. 76333 

Signed, "Jos. Sandars." 

Sandby (Paul). Twenty-seven Views in North America and 
the West Indies, with Descriptions in English and French. ... 
London. 1768. Oblong folio. 7^334 

Sande (J. v. de). De Waeckende Leeuw. Ncdcrlandsche 
Historien 1566-1648. ... Amsterdam. 1663. i2mo. 76335 

See page 290 for a notice of the settlement of ilie Brownists in New- Netlierland. 

Sande (Mateo). Alegacion por la Provincia de la Compania 
de Jesus en el pleito con Dona Leonor Ribera Valdes, sobre la 
hercncia de su hermana Dona Gabriela. Mexico, [n. d.] Folio. 

Title from Beristain. 

Sandeman (P.) Monthly Table of Daily Means of Meteor- 
ological Pvlemcnts, deduced from observations taken at the Ob- 
scrvatoiy, (jeorgctown, Demerara, British Guiana, during eleven 
years, commencing January, 1846. By Patrick Sandeman. Pub- 
lished by order of the Government of British Guiana. Greenock.^ 
Government of British Guiana.^ Advertiser's Office. 1857. 4^^> PP* 
275- ' c. 76337 

Sandeman (Robert), b. 17 18, d. 1771. Discourses on Pas- 
sages of Scripture, ... with Essays, Letters, and Life. ... London. 
1857. i2mo. ' 76338 

Mr. Sandeman was the founder of the sect called Sandemanians. He came to New 
England in 1764, and established a society in Boston in the same year. In 1765, he 
became pastor of a church in Danbury, Connecticut, where he remained until his death. 
Early American editions of his works are as follows : 

Sandeman. Letters on Theron and Aspasio; dddressed to 
the Author of that work ... Boston. 1757. 8vo. 76339 

Title from Dcxter's bibliography of Congregationalism. It elicited : 
An Impartial Examination of Mr. Robert Sandeman's letters on Theron and Aspasio, 
by Samuel Langdon. Portsmouth, Printed hy Daniel & Robert Foivle. m,dcc, L,\v. 8vo, 
pp. 71. BA, M. 

An Impartial Examination of Mr. Robert Sandeman's letters on Theron an<l Aspasio. 
l*t. n. By Samuel Langdon, d.d. Boston: Printed ... for Kni^bt Hexton at Hartford. 
MuccLXix. 8vo, pp. 78. B. 

Mr. Sandeman Refuted by an Old Woman : Or, Thoughts on his Letters to Mr. 
Hervey, Author of Theron and Aspasio. In a Letter from a Friend in the Country to 
a Friend in Town. Neiv York. 1765. 8vo. 

424 SANDER. 

Sandeman. Some | Thoughts | on | Christianity. | In a | Letter 
to a Friend. I By Mr. Sandeman, Author of | the Letters on The- 
ron and Aspasio. |To which is annexed by way of Illustration,] 
The Conversion of Jonathan the Jew, | as related by Himself, j 
Boston^ N. E.:\ Printed and sold^ by IV, M' Alpine^ and J. Fleeming^ 
in\AIorlborough street^ M,DCC,LX1V. | (Pr/V^ \s)\ l2mo, pp. 54. H. 
The following relate to Mr. Sandeman and the Sandemanians : 

A Full, Strong, and Clear Refutation of Mr. Sandeman*s per- 
nicious Doctrines. By a Clergyman. New York. 1765. 8vo. 

A Letter to Mr. Robert Sandeman : By a Minister in Boston. 
Boston : Pj-'inted and Sold by Kneeland and Adams^ in Milk-Street, 
1766. [Price Four Coppers.) 8vo, pp. 8. w. 76342 

Dated, December 27, 1766. 

A Letter wrote by Mr. Samuel Pike to Mr. Robert Sandeman, 
soon after he left all his former religious connections and had 
joined the Church in London. Portsmouth.^ (New Hajnpshire) 
Printed ... by D,^' R. Foiule., and by W, Appleton. [1766 ?] 8vo, 
pp. 6. M. 76343 

Improved title of No. 62832, Vol. xv, 

A Plain and Full Account of the Christian Practices observed 
by the Church in St. Martin's-le-grand, London, and other 
Churches, commonly called Sandemanian, in fellowship with 
them. In a letter to a friend. [By S. Pike.] Boston: Printed 
by Z. Fowle ... mdcclxvi. 8vo, pp. 28. m. 76344 

Improved title of No. 62833, Vol. xv. See also "Sober attention," etc. 

Sander (Constantin). Der Amerikanische Burgerkrieg von 
seinem Beginn bis zum Schluss des Jahres 1862. ... Frankfurt 
a. M.: IVilliam Kiickler. 1863. ^''"^'> PP- I2l. c. 76345 

Sander. ... Geschichte des vierjahrigen Burgerkrieges in 
den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. ... Frankfurt a. M.: y, 
D. Sauerldnder, 1865. 8vo, pp. xv, 587. 3 Maps. C. 76346 

Sander. Constantin Sander's (jeschichte des Burgerkrieges 
in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika 1 861-1865. 2te Auf- 
lage vervollstandigt und nach den neuesten Quellen umgearbeitet 
van F. Mangold. Band i. Mit 4 Karten und 3 Planen. Frank- 
furt a. M,: y. D, Sauerldnder'' s Verlag. 1876. 8vo, pp. xvi, 792. 
4 Maps, 3 Plans. b. 76347 

All published. 


Sandercock (E.) Sermon ... Thanksgiving for Peace, May 
5, 1763. By Edward Sandercock. York. 1763. 8vo. s. 76348 

Sanders (C.) The Little Family. Containing a Variety of 
Moral and Philosophical Matter. Written for the Amusement 
and Instruction of Young Persons. By Charlotte Sanders. 
Printed at Haverhill^ Massachusetts : By Moore & Stebbins^ for 
David IVest^ No. 59, Cornhill^ Boston. 1799. 2 vols., i2mo, pp. 
143 ; 140. w. 76349 

Sanders (D. C.) An Address, delivered in Medfield, 4th 
July, 1816. By Daniel C. Sanders, d.d. ... Dedham: Abel D. 
Allcyne^ Printer. 1 8 16. 8vo, pp. 20. H., s. 76350 

Sanders. An Address delivered in Sherburne, 28th February, 
1815, occasioned by the Celebration of the Peace of Ghent, 24th 
December, 1814. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, d.d. Dedham: 
Printed at the Gazette Office. 1815. 8vo, pp. 14. BA., H. 76351 

Sanders. An Address, in commemoration of the 4th July, 
1776, pronounced in Walpole, Ms. on Monday, 5th July, 1824, 
being the completion of the 48th Anniversary of the Independ- 
ence of the United States of America. By Daniel C. Sanders, 
D.D. Pastor of the Church in Medfield. Dedham : H. iff W, H. 
Mann ... Printers. [1824.] 8vo, pp. 16. H. 76352 

Sanders. An Address to the Students in the University of 
Vermont, May 6th, 1807, on occasion of the death of William 
Homer Coit, ... who died Dec. 23d. 1806, aged 18 ... By Daniel 
C. Sanders, a.m. ... Burlington : Printed by Samuel Mills, Aug. 
1807. 8vo, pp. 16. BA., s. 76353 

Sanders. A Charge to the Graduates in the University of 
Vermont, at Burlington, at the Public Commencement, Sept. 
9th, 1807. By Daniel C. Sanders, a.m., President. Burlington: 
Printed by Samuel Mills, 1807. 8vo, pp. 16. BA., s. 76354 

Sanders. A Charge to the Graduates in the University of 
Vermont, in Burlington, at the Public Commencement, 29th 
July, 18 1 2. By Daniel C. Sanders, d.d. President. Burlington, 
yt.: Printed by Samuel Mills. 181 2. 8vo, pp. 14. H. 76355 

Sanders. A Discourse addressed to Washington Lodge, No. 
7, on the Festival of St. John, Dec. 27, 1800. By Daniel 
Clarke Sanders .... Burlington, Fermont, Printed for IVashingfm 
Lodge, By ... John K. Baker, a. l. 580 1. [1801.] 4to, pp. 16. 



Sanders. A Discourse at Burlington, 29 April, 1813, on the 
death of Dr. Cassius P. Pomeroy and Mr. Ebenezer Gilbert, 
Member of the Sophomore Class. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, 
... Burlington^ Ft.: Printed by Samuel Mills. 1813. 8vo. 76357 

Sanders. A Discourse at the Funeral of Mrs. Emily Jewett, 
aged 27, who died of a Consumption, 4th June, 1809, the Con- 
sort of Mr. Moses Jewett, in Burlington. By Daniel C. San- 
ders, D.D. ... Burlington.^ Ft.; Printed by Samuel Mills. 1809. 
8vo, pp. 23. BA., s. -\- Burlington., Ft. : Printed by Samuel Mills. 
Republished by J. L. Neivell. 1824. 8vo, pp. 23. H. 76358 

Sanders. A Discourse at the Funeral of Mr. Henry Lyman, 
Merchant, of Montreal, who died in Burlington, 20th Septem- 
ber, 1809, aged 21. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, d.d. ... Mont- 
real: Printed by N ahum Mower. 1809. l2mo, pp. 24. ba., H. 

Sanders. A Discourse in Burlington before Washington 
Lodge, No. 7, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, 24th 
June, 181 1. By Daniel Clarke Sanders .... Burlington., Ft.: 
Printed by Samuel Milb. 181 1. 8vo. 76360 

Sanders. A Discourse, on occasion of the Death of William 
Coit, Esquire, who died, February 15th, 1802. iEtatis 46. By 
Daniel Clarke Sanders, a.m. President of the University of Ver- 
mont, at Burlington. ... Burlington^ Fermont., Printed by John K. 
Baker. i802. 8vo, pp. 16. ba., s. 76361 

Sanders. A Discourse, on occasion of the Death of Mr. 
Eldridge Packer, of Shelburn. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, a.m. 
President of the University of Vermont, at Burlington. ... Bur- 
lington^ Fermont^ Printed by John K. Baker. 1802. 4to, pp. 16. s. 

Sanders. A Discourse on Slander, delivered at Burlington, 
on the Lord's Day, Dec. 27, 1801. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, 
A.M. ... Burlington^ Fermont : Printed by John K. Baker. 1802. 
8vo, pp. 16. M. 76363 

Sanders. A Discourse, on the Decease of Mrs. Martha Rus- 
sell, who died, at Burlington, January 23d, Interred on the 26th, 
1805, After a xMental Derangement during the seven preceding 
years, aged 50. The Consort of David Russell, Esquire. By 
Daniel C. Sanders, a.m. ... Bennington : Printed by Haswell and 
Smead. 1805. 8vo, pp. 24. ba., s. 76364 

$anders. a Discourse pronounced at Burlington, Vermont, 


in Commemoration of General George Washington, By Daniel 
Clarke Sanders, a.m. ... Burlington^ Vermont : Printed by "John K. 
Baker. 1800. 410, pp. 20. ba. 76365 

[Sanders.] A | History | of the | Indian Wars | with the | First 
Settlers of the Uni-|ted States, | particularly | in New-England. | 
Written in Vermont. | ... | Montpelier^ Ft. \ Published by Wright and 
Sibley. | 1812. | Wright ^ Sibley Printers] l6mo, pp. 319. 76366 

"The mystery which surrounded the authorship, history, and origin of this very rare 
volume, has been slowly dispelled by successive fragments of information. So few 
copies have survived the holocaust to which it was devoted, that its very existence was 
unknown to the most zealous collectors of Indian and Vermont history. Published 
anonymously, without preface, it was known to but few that the author was the Rev. 
Daniel Cl?.rk[e] Sanders, President of the University of Vermont. Immediately after 
its appearance, some person, evidently a personal enemy of the author, published an 
acrimonious critique upon the book, in the Libera/ and Philosophical Repository. The 
animus of the critic was evidenced, not only by the bitterness of his language, but by 
his ignorance of the subject of Indian wars, being more profound than that of the 
author of the book he scored. Such was the effect of the article upon cither Mr. 
Sanders, or the publishers, that the work was suppressed. But very few copies could 
have escaped the hands that were now as zealous to destroy, as they had lately been to 
create. In fact, so nearly complete was the destruction of the book, that it was for- 
gotten by those who professed to know most of its author, his biographers. Neither 
Thompson, Williams, or Hemmenway, who published memoirs of him, mention his 
authorship of the Indian wars." — Field. Copies have been sold for the following 
prices : Field, in 1875, $^102-505 Menzies, in 1876, $62.50; Hoffman, in 1877, $46. 
See "Historical Magazine," vol. 11. (1858), p. 63. 

[Sanders.] A History of the Indian Wars with the First 
Settlers of the United States to the commencement of The Late 
War ; together with an Appendix, not before added to this His- 
tory, containing interesting accounts of the battles fought by 
Cien. Andrew Jackson. With two plates. Rochester^ N. T. 
Printed by Edwin Scrantom. 1828. i2mo. 76367 

Collation: Frontispiece of "King Philip pursued by his enemies;" title; text, pp. 
5-42; plate of "Death of King Philip;" text, pp. 45-180; second title, "A Brief 
Account of the Indian Battles, fought by General Andrew Jackson, and others; dur- 
ing the late war. Rochester^ 1828;" text, pp. 187-196. Sig. A-P in sixes. Pages 
181-184 are omitted in the pagination. 

This edition is nearly, or quite as rare as the original. Mr. Brinlcy's copy sold for 

Sanders. The Pleasures and Advantages of Friendly Society. 
A Sermon preached at Vergennes, State of Vermont, on St. 
John's Festival, June 26th, a.d. 1792, before the Free and Ac- 
cepted Masons of Dorchester Lodge, No. xii. And published 
at their request. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, a.m. A Candidate 
for the Gospel Ministry. Printed at Windsor., State of Vermont., 
by James Reed Hutchins., for the Masonick Fraternity at Vergennes. 
1792. 8vo, pp. 16. s. 76368 


Sanders. A Sermon, delivered July 29, 1829, at the Inter- 
ment of the Rev. George Morey, a.m. Senior Pastor of the First 
Congregational Church in Walpole, who died July 26, 1829, in 
the Eightieth Year of his Age, and forty-sixth of his Ministry. 
By Daniel Clarke Sanders, d.d. Minister of the Gospel, Med- 
iield. Published by request. Boston: Examiner Press^ School Street. 
1829. 8vo, pp. 16. w. 76369 

Sanders. A Sermon, on occasion of the Death of Mr. Mar- 
tin Harmon, a.b. who died in the City of Vergennes, July 25, 
1798. JEt. 24. Published by desire of the hearers. By Daniel 
Clarke Sanders, a.m. Minister of the Congregation in Vergennes. 
.. Vergennes : Printed by G. and R. Waite. 1798. 8vo, pp. 22. 

Sanders. A Sermon preached before his Excellency Isaac 
Tichenor, Esq. Governor; ... the Honorable the Council; and 
the House of Representatives of the State of Vermont, Oct. 11, 
1798. In the City of Vergennes, on occasion of General Elec- 
tion. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, a.m. ... Vergennes: Printed by 
G. & R. fVaite. 1798. 8vo, pp. 26. ba., c, s. 76371 

Sanders. A Sermon preached before the Ancient and Hon- 
ourable Artillery Company, in Boston, June 2d, 18 17, being the 
1 80th Anniversary of their Election of Officers. By Daniel 
Clarke Sanders, d.d. Pastor of the Congregational Church in 
Medfield. ... Boston: Published by Benjamin Loring. John Eliot ^ 
Printer. 1817. 8vo, pp. 25, (l). s., w. 76372 

On "National Defence." 

Sanders. A Sermon preached 14th March, 18 15, before the 
Wrentham Auxiliary Society, for the suppression of intemper- 
ance. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, d.d. Dedham : Printed at the 
Gazette Office, 18 15. 8vo, pp. 16. ba. 76373 

Sanders. A Sermon, preached in Medfield, 5th January, 
1817, near the i66th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the 
town. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, d.d. Pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church in Medfield. Dedham : Abel D. Jlleyne^ Printer. 
1817. 8vo, pp. 27. s. 76374 

Contains an historical account of the town of Medfield. 

Sanders. A Sermon, preached in Roxbury, before Washing- 
ton Lodge, 24th June, 18 17. By Daniel Clarke Sanders, d.d. 
Pastor of the Congregational Church in Medfield. Dedham : 
Abel D. Alleyne^ Printer. 18 17. 8vo, pp. 19. w. 76375 


Sanders. A Sermon, preached 9th January, 1816, before the 
Convention of Norfolk County at Dedham, for Encouraging the 
Due Observance of the Lord's Day. By Daniel Clarke San- 
ders, D.D. ... Dedham: Printed at the Gazette Office. 18 16. 8vo, 
pp. 20. B., s. 76376 

Sanders. A Sermon, preached 20th November, 1816, at the 
Dedication of the New House of Worship for the Use of the 
First Church and Christian Society in Medway. By Daniel 
Clarke Sanders, d.d. ... Dedham: Abel D, Alleyne^ Printer. 1817. 
8vo, pp. 20. H. 76377 

[Sanders {Mrs. Elizabeth Elkins).] Conversations princi- 
pally on the Aborigines of North America ... Salem: W. and S. 
B.Ives. 1828. i2mo, pp. 179. H. 76378 

[Sanders.] The First Settlers of New-England : or. Con- 
quest of the Pequods, Narragansets and Pokanokets. As related 
by a Mother to her Children. By a Lady of Massachusetts. 
Boston: Printed /or the Author by Munroe and Francis. 1829. 
i2mo, pp. 282, (i). Advertisements 2, (2). Plate. H. + As 
related by a Mother to her Children, and designed for the Instruc- 
tion of Youth. By a Lady of Massachusetts. Boston : Munroe 
and Francis, [n. d.] i2mo, pp. 282, (i), Advertisements 2, (2). 

[Sanders.] Remarks on the "Tour Around Hawaii,*' by 
the Missionaries, Messrs. Ellis, Thurston, Bishop, and Goodrich, 
in 1823. Salem: The Author. 1848. 8vo, pp. (2), iv, 42. B. 

[Sanders.] Reviews of a part of Prescott's ' History of Fer- 
dinand and Isabella,' and of Campbell's ' Lectures on Poetry.* 
Boston: y. H. Francis. 1841. i2mo, pp. 199. a., ba. 76381 

[Sanders.] Tract on Missions ... Salem: Printed at the Ga- 
zette Office. 1844. 8vo, pp. 35, (l). H. 76382 

Also: Second Part of" the Tract on Missions ... Salem: Printed at the Gazette Office. 
1845. 8vo, pp. 21. H. 

Sanders (George N.) Address to the Democracy of the 
Northwest. \_NashvilU. 1862.] 8vo, pp. 4. 76383 

Sanders. Appendix to the Life and Times of Duncan K. 
McRae. By George N. Sanders, Esq. ... Raleigh: '-''Standard** 
Print. 1864. 8vo, pp. 48. ba. 76384 

Sanders. George N. Sanders on the Sequences of Southern 
Secession. [^New Tork., 30 Oct. i860. J 8vo, pp. 4. b. 76385 


[Sanders.] To President Buchanan, [n. p. i860.] 8vo, 
pp. 4. B. 76386 

Dated, "New York, July 30, i860." Signed, "George N. Sandeis." 

Sanders (J.) Memoirs on the Military Resources of the 
Valley of the Ohio, as applicable to operations on the Gulf of 
Mexico; and on a System for the Common Defense of the United 
States. By John Sanders. Pittsburgh : IVhitney^ Dumats dff 
IVright. 1845. 8vo, pp. 19. 76387 

Sanders. Memoirs on the Military Resources of the Valley 
of the Ohio, as applicable to Operations on the Gulf of Mexico; 
and on a System for the Common Defence of the United States. 
By John Sanders, Captain, Corps of Engineers, United' States 
Army: with a Review of the same, concisely exhibiting the 
proper functions and true relations of forts and ships, their mutual 
dependence and harmonious action, when properly combined. 
By James L. Mason, Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, United 
States Army. Published by authority of the War Department. 
Washington: C. Alexander^ Printer. 1845. 8vo, pp. 24. C, H. 

Sanders (Prince). ... Haytian Papers. See Vol. vii. 29578. 

Sanders. A Memoir presented to the American Convention 
for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery and Improving the Con- 
dition of the African Race, December iith, 1818; Containing 
some remarks upon the Civil Dissentions of the hitherto afflicted 
People of Hayti, as the Inhabitants of that Island may be con- 
nected with Plans for the Emigration of such Free Persons of 
Colour as may be disposed to remove to it, in case its Reunion, 
Pacification, and Independence should be established. Together 
with Some Account of the Origin and Progress of the Efforts 
for effecting the Abolition of Slavery in Pennsylvania and its 
neighborhood, and throughout the World. By Prince Saunders 
\sic\, Philadelphia: Printed hy Dennis Heartt. 1818. 8vo, pp. 
19. M., w., p. 76389 

See alio Saunders (P.) 

Sanders (R.) A Call from God to the American Churches: 
being the Substance of a Sermon delivered to the First Congre- 
gational Church in Vernon Centre, by R. Sanders, Pastor, July 
25> 1^45- Published by request. Utica : H. H. Curtiss^ Printer. 
1845. ^vo, pp. 19. H., M. 76390 

Sanderson (G.) A Brief History of the Early Settlement of 
Fairfield County, being the Substance of a Lecture delivered 


before the Lancaster Literary Institute : With Additional Facts. 
By George Sanderson, Esq. Lancaster: Published by Thomas 
Wet'z.ler. 185 1. 8vo, pp. 32. Frontispiece. N. 76391 

First published in the " Lancaster Gazette and Express." 

Sanderson (J. M.) A Letter on the Present Condition and 
Future Prospects of the Reading Raihoad, in January, 1855. 
By J. M. Sanderson. New York: Baker^ Godwin & Co.^ Book 
and Job Printers. 1855. 8vo, pp. 13. 76392 

Sanderson. Second Letter on the Condition and Prospects 
of the Reading Railroad, in March, 1855. By J. M. Sanderson. 
New Tork : Geo. F. Nesbit & Co.^ Printers. 1855. 8vo, pp. 27. 

Sanderson (J. M.) Camp Fires and Camp Cooking; or 
Culinary Hints for the Soldiers. By Capt. James M. Sanderson. 
Washington: Government Printing Office. 1862. 8vo, pp. 14. 

Sanderson. My Record in Rebeldom, as written by Friend 
and Foe. Comprising the Official Charges and Evidence before 
the Military Commission in Washington, Brig. Gen'l J. C. Cald- 
well, Pres't, together with the Report and Finding of the Court. 
Printed for Private Circulation and Future Reference, by James 
M. Sanderson, late Lieutenant Colonel, Additional Aide-de-Camp 
and Chief Commissary of Subsistence of the First Army Corps. 
New-York: IV. E. Sibell^ Stationer and Printer. 1865. 8vo, pp. 

160, liv. B., BA., H. 76395 

Sanderson (Johan), and others. See Seer gedenckwaerdige 

Sanderson (J.) An Appeal to the Imperial Parliament, upon 
the Claims of the ceded Colony of Trinidad, to be governed by 
a Legislature aud Judicature, founded on Principles sanctioned by 
Colonial Precedents and long usage : with Observations thereon, 
intimately connected with the Political and Civil Interests of all 
the British West India Colonies. By John Sanderson, Esq., 
Barrister at Law. London: Richardson. 18 12. Svo, pp. 260. 

Sandfrson (J.) The American in Paris, By John Sanderson. 
In Two Volumes. ... Philadelphia: Carey iff Hart. 1839. 2 
vols, in one, i2mo, pp. (4), vii-233 ; viii, 13-254. ba. -f- Third 
Edition. Philadelphia. 1847. ^ vols., i2mo. c. 76397 

First published as "Sketches of Paris," No. 76405, infra. 



Sanderson, and others. Biography of the Signers to the Dec- 
laration of Independence By John Sanderson Philadelphia. 
1820-27. 9 vols., 8vo. 31 Portraits and 4 Plates of Facsimiles. 

Collation: Vol. i. Philadelpbia. PuhHsbed f>y Joseph M. Sanderson for tbe Proprietor. 
J. Max-we/I Printer. 1820. 8vo, engraved title, preface I leaf", pp. ccxxiv, 43. Por- 
trait of John Hancock and 4 Plates of Facsimile Signatures, -f- Pbiladelpbta : Puhlisbea 
by R. W. Pomeroy. J. Maxiveli, Printer. 1823. i>\^., engraved title, pp. (2^ ccxxiv, 
43. Portrait and 4 Plates. Some copies of" this date contain engraved title, pp. ccxxvi, 
38. Portrait and 4 Plates. B., h. + [//-/i.] 1824. %so. Contains the introduction 
and the lif'e of" John Hancock. 

Vol. II. Pbiladelpbia. Puhlisbed by R. W. Pomeroy. J. Maxwe/i Printer. 1822. 
8vo, engraved title, pp. (4), 250. Portraits of Franklin, Wythe, Hopkinson and 
Paine. -H [Ibid.] 1823. 8vo, engraved title, pp. (4), 250. 4 Portraits. Contains 
the lives of Benjamin Franklin, George Wythe, Francis Hopkinson and Robert Treat 

Vol. III. [Ibid.] 1823. 8vo, engraved title, pp. 310. Portraits of Rutledge, Wol- 
cott, Livingston and Sherman. Contains the lives of Edward Rutledge, Lyman Hall, 
Oliver Wolcott, Richard Stockton, Button Gwinnett, Josiah Bartlctt, Philip Livingston 
and Roger Sherman. 

Vol. IV. [Ibid.] 1823. Svo, engraved title, pp. (4), 288, slip of erratum. Por- 
traits of Hcyward, Read, Floyd, Clymer and Rush. Contains the lives of Thomas 
Heyward, George Read, William Williams, Samuel Huntington, William Floyd, 
George Walton, George Clymer and Benjamin Rush. 

Vol. v. [Ibid.] 1824. Svo, engraved title, pp. 382. Portraits of Lynch, Wither- 
spoon and Morris. Contains the lives of Thomas Lynch, John Witherspoon and 
Robert Morris. 

Vol. VI [Ibid.] 1824. Svo, engraved title, pp. 354. Portraits of Middleton, Lewis, 
Wilson and McK.can. Contains the lives of Arthur Middleton, Abraham Clark, 
Francis Lewis, John Penn, James Wilson, Carter Braxton, John Morton, Stephen 
Hopkins and Thomas McKean. 

Vol. VII. [Ibid.] 1S27. Svo, engraved title, pp. 343. Portraits of Jet^"erson, Car- 
roll and Hcwes. Contains the lives of Thomas Jet^"erson, William Hooper, James 
Smith, Charles Carroll, Thomas Nelson and Joseph Hewes. 

Vol. viii. [Ibid.] 1827. Svo, engraved title, pp. 348. Portraits of Gerry, Paca 
and Adams. Contains the lives of Elbridge Gerry, Caesar Rodney, Benjamin Harrison, 
William Paca, George Ross and John Adams. 

Vol. IX. [Ibid.] 1827. Svo, engraved title, pp. 339. Portraits of R. H. Lee, 
Stone, Chase and S. Adams. Contains the lives ot Richard Henry Lee, George Taylor, 
John Hart, Lewis Morris, Thomas Stone, Francis Lightfoot Lee, Samuel Chase, Will- 
iam EUery and Samuel Adams. 

Some copies were printed on large paper. Vols. i. and 11. were edited by John 
Sanderson, whose name does not appear in the title of some copies of Vol. i.j Vols. 
III. -VI. by Robert Wain, Jr. j Vols, vii.-ix. are without any editor's name. The vol- 
umes are numbered on the half-titles. Mr. Wight's large paper copy in russia binding 
sold in 1864 for $105.75 ; Mr. Menzies's, also on large paper, for ^^56. 25. 

Sanderson. Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of 
Independence. Bv John Sanderson. Second Edition, Revised, 
Improved, and Enlarged. ... Philadelphia: If. Brown. 1828. 
5 vols., 8vo, pp. xxi, 397, 2 sheets of Facsimiles and 4 Plates j 


(6), 435, and 9 Plates ; (6), 391, and 5 Plates ; (6j, 372, and 8 
Plates ; (6), 386, and 4 Plates. 7^399 

Sanderson. Sanderson's Biography of the Signers to the 
Declaration of Independence. Revised and Edited by Robert 
T. Conrad. Philadelphia. 1846. 8vo, pp. xiv, 720. Portraits 
and Facsimiles. 76400 

Sanderson. Sanderson's Biography of the Signers to the 
Declaration of Independence. Revised and Edited by Robert 
T. Conrad. Philadelphia: Thomas^ Cowperthwait l^ Co. ...for 
James J. Bill. 1848. 8vo, pp. (2), xv-xxvi, 53-834. Engraved 
title, dated 1849, H Portraits and 9 Facsinailes. 76401 

Sanderson. Sanderson's Biography of the Signers to the 
Declaration of Independence. Revised and Edited by Robert 
T. Conrad. Philadelphia. 1852. 8vo, pp. 834. Portraits and 
Plates. 76402 

Sanderson. Sanderson's Biography of the Signers to the 
Declaration of Independence. Revised and Edited by Robert 
T. Conrad ... . Illustrated with Sixty Engravings from Original 
Photographs and Drawings of the Residences of the Signers, etc., 
on India Paper, mounted : an Historical Account of the Resi- 
dences, not previously printed : Collected and prepared by Will- 
iam Brotherhead, Author of the "Book of the Signers," etc. 
One Hundred and Sixty Copies Printed. Philadelphia : IVilliam 
Brotherhead. 1865. 4to, pp. xxvi, 53-834. Plates. L. 76403 

Sanderson. Remarks on the Plan of a College to exclude 
the Latin and Greek Languages. By John Sanderson. Phila- 
delphia. 1826. 8vo. 76404 

[Sanderson.] Sketches of Paris : in Familiar Letters to his 
Friends. By an American Gentleman. Philadelphia: E. L. 
Carey ^ A. Hart. 1838. l2mo, pp. 321. L. 76405 

For later editions ue No. 76397, iupra. 

Sanderson (J. P.) Republican Landmarks: The Views and 
Opinions of American Statesmen on Foreign Immigration ; being 
a Collection of Statistics of Population, Pauperism, Crime, etc. 
By John P. Sanderson. Philadelphia. 1856. 8vo, pp. 367. A. 

Sandford (E.) The Argument of Edward Sandford, Esq., 
before the Street Committee of the Board of Aldermen, of the 
City of New York. Delivered February 18, 1854, in the mat- 


ter of extending Albany Street, to Broadway. New- York : Baker^ 
Godwin^ Co. 1854. 8vo, pp. 43. 76407 

Sandford [Mrs. N.) History of Marshall County, Iowa. ... 
Clinton, 1867. i2mo. Plates and Portraits. 76408 

Sandford (P. P.) Memoirs of Mr. Wesley's Missionaries 
to America. Compiled from Authentic Sources. By Rev. P. 
P. Sandford. New York: G. Lane ^ P. P. Sandford. 1843. 
i2mo, pp. 390. c. 76409 

Sandford (Robert). See Sanford. 

Sandham (A.) Coins, 7'okens and Medals of the Dominion 
of Canada. By Alfred Sandham ... Montreal. 186-.? 8vo. 

Also: Supplement to Coins, Tokens and Medals, of the Dominion of Canada. ... 
From the Second Edition — Copy Right Secured. Montreal. 1872. 8vo, pp. 11. 

Sandham. McGill College and its Medals. By Alfred Sand- 
ham. Illustrated by W. Notman. Montreal : D. Bentley and Co. 
Printers. 1872. 8vo, 46 leaves printed on one side. 5 Photo- 
graphs, I Woodcut. BA. 7641 1 

Sandham. Ville-iMarie, or. Sketches of Montreal, Past and 
Present. By Alfred Sandham, Author of "Coins, Tokens and 
Medals of Canada ;" ... With numerous engravings of Churches, 
Public Buildings, Street Views, Antiquities, Maps, Costumes, &c. 
&c. Montreal: George Bishop and Co. 187O. 8vo, pp. x, 393. 
18 Plates. B. 76412 

See " New England Hist, and Gen. Register," xxv. 394. 

Sandi (Juan Jose). Sermon de Gracias en la solemne Pro- 
clamacion y Jura de Fernando vii. Rey de las Espafias ... Mex- 
ico.^ por Jauregui. 1809. 4to. 76413 

[Sandiford (Ralph).] A Brief | Examination | of the [Prac- 
tice of the Times, I By the Foregoing and the Present | Dispensa- 
tion: Whereby I is manifested, how the Devil works | in the Mys- 
tery, which none can un-|derstand and get the Victory over but | 
those that are armed with the Light, [that discovers the Tempta- 
tion and the | Author thereof, and gives Victory o-|ver him and 
his Instruments, who are | now gone forth, as in the Beginning, | 
from the true Friends of Jesus, having | the Form of Godliness in 
Words, but | in Deeds deny the Power thereof; | from such we are 
comm.anded to turn | away. | ...| \_Philadelphia :] Printed for the 
Author^ \hy Franklin and Meredith ^\ Anno 1729. | Sm. 8vo. H.s.P. 


Collation : Title, i leaf; Dedication, signed Ralph Sindifurd, and dated Fliiladel- 
phia, the ist of the nth Month, 1728-9, pp. (6)j Preface, pp. (7); text, pp. 1-69; 
To, etc., pp. 71-74; Contents, i leaf. 

"Franklin says in a letter dated Nov. 4, 1789, * I printed a book for R.niph Sandiford 
against keeping negroes in slavery, two editions of which he distributed gratis.' Alemoirs 
of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania^ Vol. i., p. 143, 2d edition." — Hii.okburn. 

[Sandiford.] The | Mystery of Iniquity ; | in a brief | Exam- 
ination I of the I Practice of the Times, | By the foregoing and 
present Dis- | pensation : Whereby is manifested | how the Devil 
works in the Mystery, | which none can understand and get the 
Victory I over but those that are armed with the Light, | that dis- 
covers the Temptation and the Author | thereof, and gives Vic- 
tory over him and his In- 1 struments, who are now gone forth, as 
in the | Beginning, from the true Friends of Jesus, | having the 
Form of Godliness in Words, but in | Deeds deny the Power 
thereof; from such we | are commanded to turn away. | Unto 
which is added in the Postscript, | the Injury this Trading in 
Slaves doth the | Commonwealth, humbly ofter'd to all | of a Pub- 
lick Spirit. I The Second Edition, with Additions. | ... | [^Philadel- 
phia:^ Printed for the Author^ SJ)y Franklin and Meredith^ Anno 
1730. 1 Sm. 8vo, pp. II I. 76415 

In this edition the dedication was omitted, and in its place was printed an address 
** To the Second- Day's Morning Meeting, and to the Yeauy Meeting of Friends assem- 
bled in London, &c." A copy was sold at Leavitt's Auction Rooms, Febiuary 23, 
1882, for $61. "Ralph Sandiford ... published a work against Slavery, for which 
the chief magistrate of the province threatened him with a severe penalty if he per- 
mitted it to be circulated ; but disregarding all consequences, he distributed the work 
gratuitously, wherever he thought it would be read." — -Anti- Slavery Advocate, No. 7, 
April, 1853. The inscription on his gravestone was as follows: "In Memory of 
Ralph Sandiford, Son of John Sandiford, of Liverpool, he Bore a Testimony against 
the Negro Trade & Dyed ye 28th of ye 3rd Month, 1733, Aged 40 Years." See Jos. 
Smith's "Catalogue of Friends' Books," 11. 533-4. 

Sandifort (G.) Tabulae craniorum diversarum nationum. 
... Lugduni Batavorum. 1838. Folio. 18 Plates. a. 76416 

Sandige (J. M.) ... Speech of J. M. Sandige of Louisiana, 
on the Kansas Question. Delivered in House of Rej)resenta- 
tives, March 30, 1858. [Washington: Star Office Print. 1858.] 
8vo, pp. 16. H. 76417 

Sandisfield, Connecticut. Report of the School Committee 
of the Town of Sandisfield, for 1839. IVinsted.^ Conn.: Herald 
Job Printing Establishment. 1859. 8vo, pp. 7. Continued. H. 

Catalogue of Sand-lake Collegiate Institute, N. Y. ... 
Albany. 1854. 8vo. Continued. s. 76419 


Sandmark (C. G.) Flora Jamaicensis, submittet Car. Gust. 
Sandmark. Upsalia. 1659. 4^o- 76420 

Title from a bookseller's catalogue. 

Sandoval (G. de). Relacion de los Succesos de la flota con- 
tra los Olandeses desde el tres de mar^o 1641, siendo general de 
ella D. Geronimo de Sandoval, [n. p. 1641.] Folio. 76421 

Title from Ternaux, No, 606. 

Sandoval [Semra Dona M. Maria de). See Vol. ix. 34710. 

Sandoval (Pedro). Panegirico del glorioso Patriarca S. Jose 
... Mexico^ por Benavidez. 1700. 4to. 76422 

Title from Beristain. 

Sandoval (P. de). Historia de la Vida y Hechos del Empe- 
rador Carlos Quinto, Max. Fortissimo. Rey de Espana y de las 
Indias, Islas, y Tierra Firme del Mar Oceano, Por el Maestro 
Don Fray Prudencio de Sandoval ... . Valladolid : Sebastian de 
Canas. 1604-06. 2 vols., folio. -|- Barcelona. 1606. 2 vols., 
folio. 76423 

Contains accounts of the conquest of Mexico and Peru, etc, 

Sandoval. Historia de la Vida y Hechos del Emperador 
Carlos V. Max. Fortissimo. Rey Catholico de Espana y de las 
Indias, Islas, y Tierra Firme del Mar Oceano, ... Por el Maestro 
Don Fray Prudencio de Sandoval ... Pamplona^ Bartholome Paris. 
1614-18. 2 vols., folio, pp. (26), 895, (30); (2), 898, (14). 2 
Plates. A., c. 76424 

Sandoval. Historia de la Vida y Hechos del Emperador 
Carlos V. ... Por el Maestro Don Fray Prvdencio de Sandoual. 
Primera y Segvnda Parte. Barcelona^ Sebastian de Cormellas. 1625. 
2 vols., folio, pp. (16), 782, (26); (4), 812, (16). 76425 

Sandoval. Historia de la Vida y Hechos del Emperador 
Carlos V. Rey Catholico de Espana y de las Indias, Islas, y Tierra 
Firme del Mar Oceano, Por el Maestro Don Fray Prudencio de 
Sandoval ... Pamplona: Bartholome Paris. 1634. 2 vols., folio. 

Sandoval. Historia de la V