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The key- word 

3 given between brackets >f which most uf the following are abbreviations) 

are usually given in French for the French part, and vice versa. 1 

•.■ Wh 

ftre s word it almost Identical In the two languages, It is given in tlils list 

in French only, to save repetition. 



tnachkvap, machine a vapeur 





adro)iaiUiq,ice, aviation 

math mathematiqiies 



mauv.jmrt, en mauvaise part : 


anatomic : anatomy 

in a depreciatory sense 


anglais : EngUsh 

me'c mecanique 



mM medecine : chirurgie : 

- !■ ' 

argot : slang 




met metal : metallurgy 


automobile : motor-car 

min niineralogie : mines 


blason : heraldry 

wilts ))uist7iie : music 


botaniqtte : botany 

on pr. on prononce 


building (construction) 

o's one's self : soi-meme 


chose : en parlant des 

CUV ouvrage 


c7ioscs(i.e. speaking of 

part, partifiipe : participle 

things as contra-dis- 

peint pcinture : painting 

tinguished from per- 

pers personne 


chemistry Lsons) 

phot photographie 



phys physique 


commerce : commercial 

pi pluriel : plural 


conjonction : conjuguer : 

plais liar plaisanterie : in fun 


poet poetiquemeut 


constrtKtion : building 

polit politique ' 
pop populaire "^ 


cuisine : cookery 

t eye 

cycle : cycling 

pp. partioipe passe ; past 


droit : law 



electrieite : electricity 

p.pres. participe present 


English : anglais 

pr. luononcer : pronounce 


feminin : feminine 

prep, preposition 


style familier 

pret. preterit 


au figure : figuratively 

pron. pronom : pronoun 



sculp sculpture 


francais : French 

se pr. se prononce 


genie : engineering 

sing singulier : singular 



subj. subjonctif 



tech mot technique : tech- 



nical word 



typ typographic : printing 


histoire : history 

V. Vide: voir ...: See ... 


imparfait : imperfect 

tJ. verbe 



va. verbe actif 



vn. verbe neutre 


invariable (no feminine) 

vr. verbe reflechi 


irregulier : irregular 

V. imp. verbe impersonnel 


masculin : masculine 

vulg vulgaire : vulgar 


machine : machinery 

zoo zoologie 

A chemin de fer ; railway 

X militaire : military term 

^ navigation : naval 






















a 4 «l ojTuI ■ •» 










AuouSTK Marrot Gustav^k Fbiteau 

Of/Icier de V Inslruction PiiUiqve, Professettr d' Anglais an Lycie Hoehe, 

Etc. Ver.iailles 




39 Paternoster Row. London 

Bombay and Calcutta 


79 Bd. St. Oermain 19 West Utii Street 

Paris New York 


All rights reserved. 






ri"^HE present work has been designed to provide tlie student with the enlarged edition of 
J_ Bellows' "French and English Pocket Dictionary," for whicli he has long been asking. 
The features of that little book — its originality of arrangement and design, and its general 
usefulness — have been familiar, for many years, to innumerable travellers on both sides of the 
Channel and of the Atlantic: owing to its merits, it has in fact come to be regarded much 
more as the friend and companion of its possessor, than as a dictionary in the ordinary 
meaning of the wont. The present volume is but the logical development of that work — 
reproducing its leading features, in more extended form, for the benefit of those who stay at 
home; and aiming to be as useful in the class-room, the office or the library, as its little 
forerunner has shown itself in the field of travel. 

It is not a simple matter, in a book like this, to suit the needs of every reader upon all 
occasions ; neither is it easy, where space is a consideration, to avoid the sacrifice of certain 
words of secondary value which may yet be full of interest and meaning. In the compilation 
of these pages, tlie aim has been to comprise such portions of the French and English 
languages as will serve for all the ordinary purposes of the life we live to-day; for, as Littre 
so well puts it in liis preface, " I'usage conteraporain est le premier et le principal objet d'un 
dictionnaii-e." And not only have the ordinary or daily requirements of the general reader 
been considered, but this dictionary will be found to contain its full share of technical words 
and combinations, alive, it is believed, with the life that is the joy of the translator, and 
derived, wherever possible, from the most authoritative sources. 

The initiator and inspirer of this work, John Bellows, has not lived to see its publication. 
But at his death in 1902 he left behind him something of greater value even than the manu- 
script upon which he loved to labour ; for in the memory of his life and work lay just that 
inspiration to continue to the end, which has so often been the needed mainstay of the reviser. 
Another name to be remembered witii gratitude for good work done in days gone by, is that 
of the late Professor Alexandre Beljame, whose services — so valuable in the revision of the 
original edition — were unfortunately not available in the preparation of the present one. 
Others, however, have taken up the task : and among these the first place must be given 
to the two good helpers whose names appear upon the title-page. With a practical experience 
of the art of dictionary-making, and long acquaintance with the needs of language-students, 
the first of these helpers — Auguste Marrot — has won my best tminks for his long-continued 
and conscientious aid in the revision of this book. So also has Gustave Friteau— the enthu- 
siastic teacher of our language at the College of Versailles — whose work, he will admit, has 
been a labour of love from the beginning. To the names of these esteemed co-workers must be 
added those of my friends MM. Ardouin, Guillemin, Claverie, and Hebert — compagnons de 
voyage on the journey from A to Z, who, by expert knowledge of the route, have made that 
journey easier. My sister Marian Gibbins undertook the responsible and very tedious task of 
the initial proof-reading, a service for which it is difficult adequately to thank her. Neither is it 
easy to express my sense of obligation to the un-named and innumerable helpers, whether 
in France or in this country, who have contributed to the enriclmient of these pages. 

I cannot close without a grateful reference to the work of the type-setters and printers ; 
and in this connection I would wish especially to acknowledge the faithful services of Edward 
Holders to whose share so large a portion of that work has fallen. 


aioiicester. 16/12/1910 ._ 


I AM indebted to many friends and correspondents on both sides- of thetlhannel for much 
of the new matter which distinguishes tlie present (or third) Edition of this dictionary 
from its predecessors. I especially record with gratitude my obligation to my friend Leopold 
Cust, whose contributions (especially in the field of technical renderings) have left their 
permanent mark on the text of the vocabulary. I also deeply appreciate the interest which 
Professor G. Bonet-Maury, of Paris, has shown in the revision of this work, and the practical 
help which he has so often given to me. And if I wish further to remind myself of the fact 
that no individual wisdom is sufficient for a task needing the combined intelligence of many 
brains. I have only to reflect on the valuable suggestions I have also received from A. J. de 
Ha\iiland Bushnell. M.A.. P. Le Roy. and other esteemed correspondents. To each and all of 
tliese I offer mv sincere thanks. 

W. B. 

32nu Thousand ^ 

" T T A TQriTa" » '^^- ^'"^ *""■'' '" 

XijUIXO^JM. the dicUonary.] 

Oue dot (T') marks u terminal as silent, except when the word immediately following 
begins with a vowel or silent h. In addition to this, two dots (T") mark it as silent [or if an 
N" that it remains nasal] even when followed by u word beginning with a vowel or silent h. 

Example. Chez' given with one dot indicates that the z is silent when followed by a con- 
sonant, but forms liaison when followed by a vowel — that is. the z is carried on. so 
that Chez elle sounds Chi-zeUe ; but on the other hand, COUP" given witli two doti> 
indicates that the P is silent under all circumstances, so that Uri coup a la fiHs is 
sounded " Un cou u la fbis." and not " Un cmi-pa," etc. 

The dot. or double dot, followed by an K as an indication of tlie feminine form 
[as UMOUSIN"-R] must uf course be understood as applying to the masculine only. 


The pronunciation of words — in the many cases where it is given — is shown by phonetic 
spelling in Ualic type, either between brackets immediately after the words themselves, or 
printed down t)ie left side of the type-columns. The phonetic spelling thus shown after a 
S'reHch word is, of course, intended for the use of the Knglish reader, and vice versa ; and. 
although it is not claimed that the exact pronunciation or accentuation of a word can thus be 
accurately conveyed in every instance, yet the reader will certainly l)e enabled thereby 
to pronounce words with a degree of correctness which would l>e wholly out of his reach 
without such aid. Vocal teaching in thes^ matters is not always available; and as it makes 
all the difference to the foreigner who has occasion to use a word, whether he is able to pro- 
nounce it so as to be understood, or wliether by mispronunciation he renders it impossible for 
the person to whom he speaks even to guess what he moans, the phonetic guidance given in 
these pages will often prove of value. To take the combination e a in the English words 
Bean. Bear. Beat. Lead, and Tear, for instance, how can a Frenchman who is lieginning to 
learn the language tell what sound the ea may i-epresent when even an Englishman can by 
no possibility say on looking at Lead and Tear, whether they rhyme with ""deHd" and "near," 
or "deed" and 'fair," unless he flrst ascertains whether they individually stand for Lead (the 
metal) or Lead (guidance) : or Tear (a rent in a fubric) or Tear, a tear-drop '.' 

On the other hand, it becomes impossible for a Frenchman to mistake in pronouncing 
either of these words when be finds given along with them, in brackets, tliu phonetic signs — 
line, ber, bite, ledd, lide, taire. tire. 

To say that such indications are u.><eless because there are some words to which they can- 
not be applied is a mistake. Suppose there is one word in twenty of which we cannot picture 
the sound to a foreigner, owing to some peculiarity such as that of the English sliort i in 
" simple," or tiie nasal n in " thicken," is lliis any reason why we should not give the pronun- 
ciation of the other nineteen words, about which there is not even the shadow of a difficulty 
beyond that of the class of sounds to which they severally belong? 

Even if we go a step further, and take words whose pronunciation can lie nearly, but tuit 
exactly, given, it is incomparably better to give it nearly than not at all. Thus, the indication 
that ch in chip is pronounced tell, will not keep a Frenchman from sounding the i too long: 
but it will keep him from pronouncing the word as " sheep," and thus being unintelligible. 
The fh is proverbially difficult, and its difficulty is increased by its representing twi> different 
8ound.s. as in "tftin" and "rtine:" yet with the simple assistance given under the heading TH 
and the corresponding marks of " fbrt " or " ftUble " opposite each word, any Frenchman can 
sound either of these combinations very nearly as it ought to be sounded. Or again, where he 
is warned that on in Mould must be pronounced like o : or a in Mate, as e : or tt in niMd, or a 
in alone, as e in le, te. sezor a in Salt as o in Sort : he will utter either of these words 
correctly enough. 

Tlie sound of the English terminal {''(■n ably, fully, pity, etc.) is somewhat between the 
Fi-ench e and i, but very much nearer the former than the latter: and as the slight exaggera- 
tion of 4 is much less unpjeasant than that of t, which has an air of caricature about it, and 
often raises a smile at tlie speaker's expense, e has been adopted in tliis book wherever the 
sound would admit of its employment. 

See also the examples given at the word Imhuoh in the Dictionary. 


Attention is drawn to a footnote throughout the Dictionary to the effect that Vreposilions 
used before nouns and participles are printed in Boman type, and those before verbs in ItaXic 
type. This refers to prepositions where they stand alone; for it has not been thought 
necessary to sliow the distinction when it is already indicated by a verb accompanying the 
preposition. Thus, at the verb "Faire va." to make, to do etc., there is no necessity for 
italicizing the to, because the thing is clear per se. 


Every feminine word is printed in itcUics througiiout tlio Dictiunary, not only in its 
alphabetical rank and in each place in which it occurs as a direct rendering, but also in the 
midst of expLmatory sentences, so that, even fi:here its gender is not in qiiestion, it shall never- 
tlieiess be prominent. 

In the case of certain compound words, however, a difficulty has had to be overcome, 

due to the employment of the space-ecooomizing dash ( ) which stands, tiiroughout th« 

dictionary, for the repetition of a leading word. While nothing could be clearer than printing 
each unit of a compound in its own separate gender where it is given in full (as for instance 
COUP de MAIN), yet when the first word, which is printed once for all at the head of the 

article of which it forms the subject, is afterwards only represented by a , there might be a 

danger of a beginner being misled if he saw | de MAIN, from his taking it as a feminine 

word because the only part of it printed in full (in the word Main) is shown as such. Wher- 
ever this has seemed likely to occur, the printing has been made to represent tlie gender of 
the WHOIjE compound, instead of that of its latter member only : thus — 

COUP blow (etc.] _ de MAIN sudden dash : bold stroke (etc.) 

A glance at the two lines SAUTE de VENT and SAUTE-en-BARQUB will show the 
force of this : for if, in either of these instances, the first portion had happened to be shown by 
a dash only, the user of the Dictionary might easily have been misled as to the gender. 


In the great majority of cases the KEY WORDS (,i.e., the words between brackets indica- 
ting the sense to which the rendering applies) are given in the language of the chief word — 
French where the chief word is French, and English where the chief word is English. There 
are, however, a few instances where this rule has been reversed, in order more suitably to 
convey the sense : as. for instance, in line 27 under the word Faire (Faire sauter.) The 
BLACK BRACKET cuts off a key word, etc., from matter to which it does not belong, while 
the light one separates it from a word having reference to it (thus.] 


It is greatly to be hoped that the Metric System of Weights and Measures will before 
long be officially adopted throughout the British Empire ; for it is impossible to calculate Uie 
extent to which we handicap ourselves by the continued retention of our own antiquated 
standards. In the meantime, and pending the introduction of this great reform, we must do 
the best we can with tables of comparison. At pages 34 to 39 the reader will find a series of 
such tables compiled to assist him in all his ordinary difficulties, and embodying not only a 
comparison of the standards of length, weight, and capacity, l)ut those compound equivalents 
which are often the most difficult to appreciate. The tables have been compiled and checked 
with every care, and the technical reader or the man of business may accept them as accurate 
and reliable. 

Another feature of this work which will doubtless prove of value to the reader is the table 
of French and English dates given on page 40. Beginning with the first of the Capet kings 
of France, and coming down to the present time, it amounts — in brief —to the progress of the 
two njitions through a thousand years of histf^ry. 


Great care has been bestowed upon the proof-reading of this work : the type-matter has 
been read and re-read and read again with so much close attention, that it is hoped and 
believed that serious errors in the printing will prove but rare exceptions. Nevertheless, and 
in spite of unremitting vigilance, 'errare humanum est'; and the reviser will be glad to be 
informed of any misprint or typographical defect which may at any time come under the 
notice of the reader. 

INote. — Among the many standard dictionaries which have been 
consulted in this revision are those of Littre, Hatzfeld & Darmesteter, 
and Larousse : and. for English words, the ' Century ' Dictionary and 
the great work of Murray. Of books on special, subjects, the assist- 
ance of the following (to mention only some) must be acknowledged : 
Guyot's ' Dictionnaire de Commerce,' 'Les Oiseaux de France,' by 
d'Hamonville. ' Dictionnaire de Slang,' by Legras. ' L' Argot des Tran- 
chees,' by Sainean, Coxe's 'Manual of French Law,' and Nares on 
' Seamanship.'] 




First Conju^tioii. Verbs ending in . 

ER. as 


. Table 1. 

Second „ ,, ,, 

IR, „ 




■ OIR, „ 



Fourth „ „ „ 

RE. ,. 



Verbs ending in GER, as diri ger, in order to preserve tlie soft sound of tlie g. retain 
the E of tlie infinitive before A and 0, as notis dirig e ons. 

Those ending in CER, as reiion cer, in order to preserve tlie soft c, take a cedilla before A 
and O, as notia renon q oits. 

Those ending in UER, as joiier, take a diteresis in ions and ie2, present subjunctive and 
imperfect indicative, as notis jou 1 ous. 

Those ending in lER, as or ier, retain both the i's in the tirst and second person plural of 
the present subjunctive, and imperfect indicative, as que HOiis cr ii ons. 

Those that have an iKioccextoi E in the syllable preceding ER, as in men er, take a GRAVE 
ACCENT on the E when followed in the next syllable by E mute, as Je me tie. 

Excepting ac)ieter. peler, geler, etc., which take the grave accent, those ending in ELER, 
ETER, as atteler, j eter, double the consonant before E mute, as fattelle, iljette. 

Those which have E accented in the syllable preceding ER, as ceder. change the acute to 
a grave before E mute, as je cede : je protege, except in the future and conditional, as je 
cederai : and verbs in ^ER, which retain the acute. 

Those ending in YER, as pay er, sometimes change Y into I before E mute, in third person 
singular only, as je paye, but il paye or t2 j» i e. 


Auxiliary Verb, AVOIR ... Table 5. | Substantive Verb, £TRE ... Table 6. 

As the IRREGULARITIES fre(|uently occur only in some of the ^^ersoiis or some of the 
tenses, wliile the rest are regular, the irregularities are distingnislied by l>eing printed in 
heavy type. 

a complete list of the Frendi irregular and defective 
verlis is gieen opposite, with the numbers of tlie tables 
(see pages S to 25) at irhich tlieir conjugatio)is nill bt 
fmmd. In their rank in the Dictionary itself such 
verbs can aluuys be quickly identified, from the fact that 
they*tikeicise t>ear o reference to the said tables: thus, 
"Pouvoir t". (Table 33)," and so on. 



(Keflective ve 

bs and those shown l>elo\v in heavier 


are conjugated wl 

h Etre, not Av 


Table Table . 7 


Table 1 


C7 Cueillir 

13 Epreindre 



.... 58 




53 Cuire 

50 s'Epreiidre 







15 T^u ^^ />- Eqiiivaloir 
,,1 Debattre Ci v,' . , 
40 ,,. , . ,. , J^teuidre 
,,, Declioir.pp.dechii j,. 
DiTfiilHrp "■• ^ 






. 58 

Resservir 22 
Ue.s.sortir — 
to go out again 19 

Aocroire [paye 

*'J IKcoudre 
Go T * ■ 
,_ Dtconvnr 

q D.'crire 

. - Di'croire 

". . Dt'croitre 

-'!; Didire . 

Z Dt-duire 

"^^..j D.-faillir 

64] S''^'''r 

.J Dcsreler 
'_g Dimontir 
-. se Deniettre 

J Departir 
,„ Depeindre 
,,, Deplaire 
To ] Depoiirvoir 
'-„ Deprendre 
/~. Di'sapprendre 
' Desfiervir 

-. Etreindre 
5t> -, , 
,,^ E.vcliire 

To E.Ntraire 

35 ^ajl'"- 

^. Faire 

jij Faltoir 

;- Feindre 

J. Ferir [(wai t<i 

3J, infin. Odij/] 

-. Fleurir, fiJo.s.s- 


Poind re 


to be under the 
jurisdiction of 2 





se Ressoiiveiii 

• 15 




















Alter, s'en Alle 







Apparoir \_p. 

mi 2 







' ftonrliUip. 

I.,. • Forclore 

^' Forfaire [In/i 

r„ pp. forfaito 

:,'!^ Frire 

3^ Ftiir [page 

59 (ieindro 

59 Geler 

22 Ge'<i'' [fiy^ 






Arriver iMppei 

II. rf- 






M arrive 




Rom pre 




ill/ill. cfc pp. 1 






rf- comp. tenses] 32 

Saiilir, project 


Avoirs :Yavoi 



Proscrire 48 
Provenir 1 5 

Qnerir [iii/. onlvl 

II gush out 2 
Satisfaiie 38 
Savoir 31 


C7 Diteindre 

58 (ireler 






Kavoir [Inf. 




BiMiir [ixige 89] Dt-tenir 15 Hair [piij/e 
Boire 34 Bi-triiire 51 i Importer 
Boiiillir 12 Devenir . 15 i„aiiire 
Braire . 40 • Devoir [pp. dCi] 3 ' Inscrire 
Bruire [.page 108] Dire 41 • instriiire 



Seduire oi 
Seiitir IS 
amnr, to become 2i 
to lie .situate 25a 
Servir 22 
Sortir 19 

Coindre . 

re jjisconvenir 
.. Discoiirir 

"^ Interilire 
1^ Iiitenomiire 
"' Intervenir 
I;'|5 Introdiiire 
'•^•^ Issir [in pp. is 






Choir [je chois 










Sourdre[t« souril, 

Circoncire .. 

.„ Dissoiidre 
,? ; Di^traire 
.,i^ Dormjr 




sourdent, oiUi/] 
Sourire 47 


-"' </n«;/] 






'■* Joindre 







67 s'Kl)attre 

67 I.ire 







66 £ohoir [echeant. Lnire [pp. Iiii 




se Souvenir 



63 , cchu,il echoit] mane, only] 







39 Eolairer 

* Alainteiiir 







59 iciore 

i?*^ Maudire 







66 Econduire 

''1 Meconnaiti-e 







52 Eeiire 

^« Medire 







16 Elire 

■^•^ Mentir 







51 Eniettie 

66 seMeprendre 




Hurseoir [pp. sur- 


46 Enioiidre 

.■^f' Mettre 



. 57 



57 Eiiioiivoir [pp. 

"^ Moudre 




je sursis] 


60 iinu] 

'•^'^ Mourir 







9 Empreindre 

5^ ^loiivoir 







IS Enceindre 

36 ^l*- 

j^ Knire [pp. nil! 




Taire, seTaiic 



51 Enclore 






15 Encourir 







5.S Endorniir 

1 51 

se Ueiidorniir 14 




42 Endiiire 

51 Obtonir 







38 Enfreindre 

58 Oflrir 







! 5 sEnfuir [V. F 

li,.] , Oindre 







68 Enjoindre . . 

57 Oniettie 







1 5 sEnqiierir 

9 Oiilr [rf-pp.oiii-e] 

He paraitre 




37 sEnsiiivre 

69 Ouvrir 







55 s'Entremettre 

66 Paitre 


He partir 





10 Entreprendre 

i>9 Paraitre 







23 Enti-etenir 

15 Parcourir 


se Kepentir 





58 Entrevoir 

29 Partaire 







35 Entrouvrir 

23 Partir 







64 Envoyer 

S Parvenir 




Y Avoir 



« ^. 

p« - 
CQ > 

bf I 
« g " 

I. * s 

•^^ « 

QQ 5 

^= £ 

2 2.1 

^^ or »S^ 

ijI i 

«• -41 S 
W T '^ 

I S ^ 

I ^ S 


o » 

H I 
of s 

d I 




z &z. 

< s 

' i_" ^ ? - -111 s ^ 
Z-- S S - s^5 cs 

^l^ -r 

s-a, =5 — « I CO 


C3 ^ 

S" — 

ir ' C 

• 0> S -US* 

ft a A: 


° Sis'* s '^•i " 5 1^1 < =•§ < s gT:|. 

3 OOO-- O - — 

C" > > > a > >C" 

« "5 

k_ Q Z § C3 $? 

J ^u fc a 2 
o «'<Si- § 
cc s oc ~ z A 
111 ':r 111 so*.* 

08 ** « "C 

as « S 3~ 

'^ '^ * c. a> §. " 
~'i «s Ss J 

^ § ° to *'Sx 
IT" bl ^.3 c c " 

« CO § ~ a 

•*S « 

82 !l SS^SaS 

~: .3 o) •:: ■" _ o 
2 lis -Xit^ 

s -u-- 

_ -111 s 

-row ^ J* „ "S 
„ a &" 5 22 S 

3 ^ .S C ;- ^ 

ci "eo OT 

He" 5 5 

S S -« 
oc Set --5^ 

- ■* _ 3 oc -^ 
h Si '^ S ^ 5 
g=J ca o 5 - 

iS 3 

Co «S 

■w ^ 


•7- J< < 

C -ill g . «■= 

g" «'= •=!"§ 

*„»■=„ aOOT S _ 
•-< S ; o S « o?R'~' « 


- •" S — ' 

liJ S 
CO =5 




g 111 u .:: 

5 ° 






W c 






. S =. HI 2 

^ si «? 

■3-S ^~ J2^ 

.-3 §•*- C 

2 K 

3<C. 25 

o 2 c-- 

"§ CO " z 

"" =1 s^ 

9 lit 


l« ^' 

•2 ^ cr, - 

•^■2 -Hg" -Sa 
■-'«■*« * S 
«-2 ^M ?S 

■« a, ^-S 
'P It III 



, -> ~ •- ■§ t I- «. t " ^ 

: « -> = .? i= -. z -e g s-^. li 

_3 « -a 

;3 '2 Z r "C 

= 5'io-S-2zg -•2 = s?cr-p-2 3=>.2>a„-s2 

w -^ *S ^ ^' t S - ?i ^ ^ ^c • iCt 

N S <0 •= .„ < 

3 I g: 

O 3 

.^ <£, S « 

2 c= « -2 S — « y S 
■2 N g> '-c S J .2 « 2 ■« 

„<^ — ~ liJ-,HI -S 

t:<c.3:i3<c.3 a>£Cs«.3 Site. 3 a>2«: J 

' ^ !. 

oe-2 cc ! 


3S 3 

01 -2 
.3 <" s 

Z « Os 

o sj-g, 

"a i« js 

eS «S - -w 
3 £ og 

= .2 S 

« .2 o » "S " J 

13 2 -s" 
So S, 



i3<c<~:|02 ^^.^-.2 


O O O 3 O 03 

e 1- e rf ^ a i-i> 

<" S e ~ 

»- ;2 < a> E^ 2 < .2 w § .2 

3 5— 3 = s 

s ~a I 
§ &<o«. ^ 

?> St 111 . _ -• 


wtco a 



-el I S ^S 
^S|s«,2 ._Siiiis 
._ -S Id s .2 05 = « ■£ « s -2 


K IJ.2 

I I 


^ -s 


01! ^ ffe.5 a 

i 3'5 3 » 
O O 9» 
S B § 

B g C 5 3 g 
13 <£.« s < ,S 


_ »2«-2 

"S -g "S 3 5 § 


UJ g 
CO =5 


a Ha.' 
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nous rec EVONS ire vous ice EVEZ yoti ils rc!C; OIVENT they 
receire rmwire receive 

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; "-i:-- .= •-::=. :i-=5-.i: 5-. $5~iu5£ ' iii = ui = S = 

; = ^ .= — ^ - ^ ^- :^ ^ =S 





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je rce EVAIS / teas In rec EVAIS /7(0ii il rec EVAIT he 

reeeiviny receiving ican reeeiviny 
q\\c je rec;u SSE i|nc tn rec;nSSES (|iiil rec; UT that 

that 1 might that than miyhIM he iniyht receire 

receive receive 
j'AI RECU 7 hare tii AS Toc;n thon il A rec;n ;.(' hii.s 

received received received 
jo rectus 1 receired In rec; US f7ioii il rec;UT he received 

j'EUS recjn 7 Jirtcl tii EUS rec;u thnti il EUT ric;ii //c /icicf 

receired hadsl receired receired 
que j'AlE re<;n tlud cine tn AIES rec;u (|ii'il AIT iic,'U that 

J may have received that Ihon mayst he may hare re- 
have received ceived 
j'AURAIS rec;n 7 tn AURAIS rec;ii il AURAIT rcc,ii 
should have received thon ironUlHt hare he tronld hare 
received received 
j'AVAIS recMi 7 had til AVAIS rec;u thon il AVAIT rec,-n he 

receired Mdnt received had received 
qiie j'EUSSE r<f;n c|ue tn EUSSES icc.n qu'il EUT rec,'U 

tluit J miyhl hare that thon miyhlHt that he miyhl have 

receixwl have received ffociicecl 

je rec EVRAI 7«?irtH tii rec EVRAS thon il rec EVRA 7/<' 
receive trill receire irill receive 

je recEVRAIS 7 In re.- EVRAIS 77(oi( il rei- EVRAIT 7«' 
s}tonld receire receire iroidd receire 

j'AURAI reiju 7 «7(C(I( In AURAS rec;u f7i(/t( il AURA iec;u he 
hare received « icill have received icill hare received 









i : MM MM M =^ 
sH 1^ , M 1 p 1 ,1 1 II 

SI'S - >»'= C ^ - i 3"= - ^~ Z = = 

s.= en sr r r= X o ^^ r. h^ g g^ 

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100 ^ 

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P H 

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i « 1- « i -Ul ^ := « 

§3 u 2 — 3 

•UI « H § -UJ 

■111 a 

■ui s : 

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3 S ^l' S 


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m 5 

I ui " < „ 


N 0> 

=1 i^-s'li 

•hi y o ^ 

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3 S 

, « Si c-s 


3 ;ft © r- a 
^ ** 3-UI,§ 

Z S « », 2 

» Ol- § 


a = 






•Ul 3 

C 5 


= <^ S DC ~ 

■? t^O^ 

I .o :" S ^ < « 

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(S g.g 
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in Ul 



Ul «5 S *" 

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™ S -Ul » 

5 -uig 

•UJ Ui s 

H sj « 5 _^ 

>ui S c/> ^ S 

< « 3 »^ J) 

lU S Ul s 3 ff 

CO S <o § < ,§ 

■Ul g 

Ul A Ul IS 3 S 

en ■• CO 2 < « 

3 S 3 § 3 a 


5 o^o;:: 

uiSS2 = ^ 

CO -{ <0 3 < OJ 

«5 «5 01 V 

•- - § 2S= Pi's- g g3 S B>'g5 a S 

^S -Ul • 

2 S S '^ S 

^ ■S -Ul ■^ 

^J -wl -Ul I 

CO S "-, a oc .2> 

:^ sSaS 

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l-^^ui I 

Ul O 3-g 
CO S < S 



CO ■; -s •" ^ 

Ul S Ul 3 3 c 

•UJ •o 

H 9 

U § 

UJ = 



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a. ~ 




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S 3 



0) C5 S 



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O iW 

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O I 
o s 


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< 5 

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^ ^ c ? c 

t= - » s • 

•Sale .1 » "5 "S 

> C4 « .S .fc ~ _ . 

':::::: N. : 

^ n| ^^ J : 

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° =■ < 

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,^ S c » 

. allio 
s! ... 

= ... -a .3 

g - - ■ ■§ -^ 

• • • ■ ' o .= ® 

i •« 01 *;•»«» 

> d a Jr «- %. : : 

~ : J r t c- 

•■•••• -r-, 


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.So „ « « U 
a, a J « .£ - . i-i 

> c3 « i .h a — 

- - ■- - r =. -> 

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« .2 ._ .,."=' : 

* 1 ^ i .h = r • 

H.1 - 

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c = = C C '■ 

» o «j O O :- . . 

= ■-=-•=• 




o .2 « u t ? r> 


t.>>>> = = ^ 



a OJ a> o e .. >> 





g : r r : £ : c 


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u « ffi e o .; >> 



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£ c c c c .•= '1 

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r; r :: : ; =■ i! 



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.„ ^ « « o S" . 



S '5 « 2 £ c i - 



c c c c c ->^ - o 



O U O O S (U > 


- : : r : _ • u 






— : — i g i 



o a ! 

:.|._-5-lir= 1 



o c c- « « •» .3: : 


«_S_S,o « = :: : 'j 

-*-»-.-.-* ,( 


;- : :^l ; ! 


-sJ| o . 1 S . 1: 


fl< ^q il( f=( J U) 


SJ fP > 






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O a 
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f-t < 


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O H 

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I. & 

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ti E c ® »- « t. 
! i .£ ■£ o -5 :2 .£ :® 

o-o-o-c-o-" " " 
o o o o o _£ 

.4) .ffl ™ © © "^ 3 



11" ii: 

-4> -O ^ (D 0) 
3 3 3 3- 

J 3 3 3 3 X 

O" o" cr a o- S^ 


CB (S (B a CQ ^ 

. . .0 . o 
rtl -«) ^-* ■« 

: s 2 ■= 3 3 

.- O O O O 

3 3 3 re re (c 

S " 

re re 

o 2 o o o 
000 — 

o © 

u « 

<o .iS 2 .2 

re re 3 3 

w .4) « 

3 3 : 

o o < 

re OS c 

c c o' o- c ' 

O O O O O ! 



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ti «2 ■— CJ T 




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PM M Ph P^ 1 III 





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A < 
<0 I 

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P < 







c — 

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i o o o : = Z 

■O ^ -3 — -3 — 1 


K " 

N !J 5 0) -2 5 .2 ■ 
• • ^ - .i: E S 

o o 3 3 0-0-3 2 
■a -o -3 -3 ■= ^- S 

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09 • C . 

s|li-ill = ' 

■, o5.= .!:.i: E = 

< dorm 

n. dor 


3 : : - - 3 =0 , 

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: ; : i : : : : ; 1 

■ ^i.^.2S|iE: 

Ti=ii^^% ' 

' O O 3 3 O — 


; :::::::: 

i •::::• 5 ■ i 

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■D "O-o-at; a i. 

~ ''■'■■ --^ -a , 

X O .2 

• • a '5 E £ : 1 

:-5.2.i:.ife S • 

• E S S S "o ■= . 


•^ <r : 1^ 

• o » • ■ ="c ■ 1 





•d ^ 

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ti j 

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i ? 

tab s 

e :: 
■•-• = 
•a a 

o t 


I 1 

-6 -" 



c c c c 
„ -S m e o • 

c2"cc — *** 
• S c o O V 

E .A' C C o C 

SCO e .- = . 

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• c * • S 

i -s c c c « c . 
5 i £ • 5 -. = ; 

• • • ^ • o 

~ c c 

o « c »- c 

•lie* • ' 
■o-o — s Ii 

B C C - — , 

•5 a § ^ 

■ fc I. w c 

c S « c c „ 

2 s >- = 

<> u 

22 P 

O CQ 3 3 3 

o o o o o 
o o o o o •' 


O s 

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S « 

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<{ i 
Pi3 1 

o "= 







St u fc fc 3 3 

O e O O O O O I 
O O O O O .• < 

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= , . ^ , » -; 

o 5 a S C ^ ^ 


o o o o o ^ o 

^ 9 <3 • 
— ■*; « "5 3 3 3 



o o o o o — 
ooeoo'- t : 

„ „ «.S 3 3 : 

3 3 3 3 3 - ^ J, 
OoOOO->' ~ u 
O o O O O » 3 

= ---■= -5 


& 5S S S S S ° 
o e o e e-S; : 
o o o o o a, 

J »-2 

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I a 

<> UI 

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r. ^ 

125 3 

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O ^. 

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o f^ 




o .. 

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O O o o o ,„ 

EE EESr= , , 

— r - r r ^ 










3 3 3 3 3 O O 



- (D 3 

r ^=^^1^1 

„ . 

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= . . . : S =1 

• £ t; a o 3 3 3 

! ^^^^bEEE 

1 o o o o~ 

E E E EE^: . : 

S - :: r r. =• 




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3 3 3 3 3 „ ■" 

eooooji -P 

E E E E E'S 3 

^ = •--•- c ■ S 

« 3 

• •« 3 £ £ » o : 

^^^^^EE . 

• o o o o V . 

EEEEE-^ - ■ 

<U > . . .3 ~ . 

i-j - - - -o" ' : 


: *i : : -S,® : 

= 'Z-t £ : S a : 

illi f^.^ . 

fM M PH Eh _i UI : 







I— I 





f , . = C m c 

*. S a o .2i » -2 • 

» « i .3 .i; o § 9 



SS S s s.:S ^ 1 

'"...."... i 

:::::: ^ : I 

: : : : n - - 

. M m N S O S ' 'i 

SSsg-cil : ;| 

*«"'»''- > _« ! 

§ > . . . cp . C !( 

S - • ~ ' = • ID ( 

> r CO 

: : ! 

«} "■ ♦* 1 


= ----«> -£ 1 


O -'•"•■ s •■ o 


= c <« 1 



i i i ! i i i i 


i !-^5Si» 


s; s « c "S c 
S .-e h '- o S e 


■p -S -^ V3 '.S »» m •> 

C C 2 c e _ 


K> <o S w S %. r :. 


■■'■■" 1 




'■■■■■» to '■ 


C C 3 c a 3 .— t 


$®(D(Ua)-*^ ■« , 

n «) 73 ui CO 0) c 

3 . . . . = ; « ! 
i - ■ - • C « i 


::::■: o ! | 


o .2 '; 

-.2 'S'sgc : 

•= -Ji I. t. 2 a) 1 

2 " r -J -5 •> •" 

££ = = = » . : : 

5 ® a> 1) oj -^ * • 

«1 « a; » S 5j ' 

1-B =^ - = - c- " : 1 

3 1 

, . O.I 

•' *^ : : -^ ^ : 1 

^ ® St- r 

•S^.-ti „ . g 1 . !' 

i|JS :S£ : : 

£ = 2 = '^'^ 

PM M ii fH _| uj : 

.r <> bi 

i 11 1 

CC .r-t r 








01 i 

», .^ „ = c " c 



• « -C •«) -SJ w 

, >>>.;-f.:s . . 

:= - " " "S- 


m >j iS H " 

Ng|£-2-£-J : 

O « 'OJ >o •■t > -^ _. 




5 ...:|., 





ons ... 

imes . . 









c c > 










; ; ;..«*;« 

• r-t 




« « ,'S .« •« — 



> > ;- -r- y-s r r 










:::::: 2 ■ 


o .S . 



■.2»;2'2?> ■ 



SS-3-S-Z 3 -. 


> > > ^ ^ „ .« 




5 — — 5- ■> 











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> > > > i- ^ 


Q) s : - 

I-, - ' ' - a' ■ 





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*j jj -22 S 01 


illi ;it^ 


£&£? ^« . 











2 ^11^5 

i °" 1 



^* c c - .2 * -- • 

• 5 .h .i: .h « g « 

• • « OJ S .i 

09 so 


Eh I. 


I ■> 
<D S 




_o s 2 n > > 
> > ■ 


: T ..i 2 > : 

■- .» g 2 • I " 

a .2 .- .i « * 

* > > 5- > - 

5: t t' t* *• .s :i: 

^ 9 ^ V ^ <D 

A a X X K a> ^ 

^ s - ® 

- :: : : : c- •<» 

• > > > > " ■ 

^ ^ I. L. b Q 

• • © 0) OJ — » 

; -^ .« 


g) Q. ^ -^ CM ^ 

0, £ p, fc, _, ui" 

s: i^ > 

i is I 

73 I 

O J 


I &i 

1 «">: 

1 O ij 




*. c = = -i ? r ? 

1-S S S £> >> 

• CO .i .h .i 3 = 3 

> k S S ^ : 

; S c 2 § .1 o .2 
r o o o c s ^ 


• "5 -^ .- .t 

O O O = 3- 

O O O 9 S o 

e o .2 .i: .h o 5 

5 3 5 = 

Ph M (li P^ J liT : 

2 rS 




















1 ^ -=|= 

a es o a C5 ._ _ . , 

= -- = -£• 1 



es ... 




ssiez . 

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<r '' » 1 

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" ° 2 1 

c ^ ^ 1 





e • > 


■o « 2 2 • • • ' 


® «s:2-« g g S 

•> CD a « •> ■*= 


= .- t . .5- 1 





seyals ... 


Bl6ras ... 
sl6rals ... 
11 asseyes 

a a a s a « a 

— _ = - a 1 

- - r r - c- < 

o S 



- *» • • ■** t2 • 

I'll 1 i i| i 

P4»:;pHP4_,tar : 1 

<> Ul ' 





I .f 
6 I 

^ 2 

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o S' = .«• 
o S =■ I 

5 S-fa 

{HJ -I 

03| £ 

<l5 ^ -2 

B « 3 

o -s ^ 

O := 

PQtI :« 

a lo 
©a " 

EH = 






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- . . - lU - 










alions . 






> > > > ^ 

"on o 
M ^ 

> s 

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o ^ 

M - 

o ^ 

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'5 = 1 

ti -S ■? -o -o 

= ™ = 3 3 

Q CO (s n n r^ 

2 « 

■ 00 .2 — 3 

' ■ ■ ™ ™ '5 n 

X •- 2 -o TO *■ > 

3 i5 _ 3 3 = . 

« <0 eo ffl (0 -^ - 

> > > > > 5) 

S > > . . 3 :: 

(0 ^ "* 

• '(5 '5 ~ ■— 

™ 3 3 3 „ . 

> > > 5 "^ 

fri hH f^ S _| uT 
i. o o 

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9 03 

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100 c 

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*j "S »^ c o <o 

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c .i t. O ta 3 3 

I 3 = 333'* 
O O O o O J£ 

>>>>>pl . .'^ 

. 3 <u 
■ O !C 

' c S E « p 

■ ° ~2 ^' 
i-D-o = ="2 
I o o =• > I o 

■ > > c =^ 
- - ■ '" -5^ 

** .^ ™ '5 3 3 '5 

^is j-fe-fe 5 5 » 

0) O O O o -"^ 

> > - " ■ 

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= 3 

.2 <o 5 ? o o 
X « 3-0-0 > >■ 
333333 _. 
» o o o o *^ •: 

> > > > > 0) 

« H — 

■ .2 CO 2 'I o o 
x53t3tj > > 
3 3 3 3 3 3, . 

O O O O O '^ - 

fij t5 A< P^ _l UJ 

uT <> 111 

> S"- ^ 

t - -•=? -< 


0) -- 
02 > 

B ° 
0) = 

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c - = £ « 5 
♦- o - c .2 -2 2 .2 

M N » .2 

CO S .2 •>, « 
2: I- t- o ^ 

• > > > . 

o- > 

<A CO c c 

CO £ g .2 .2 . 
£ o .2 >, « : 
. I fc fc o -2 - 

' *- .2 ' .2 
" 5 5 ? 2 


o o :t^ o o ~ 
>>>>•> '3 

CO CO I_ I- „ 

> > > > > (D i2 

"I. u h * * 
■5 o .2 o IS -2, • 

S 5 

i> ij 3 >-< s 

- £■ IB -S Phi-i _ 
Pl| ,5 (1| P^ J uf 

i.r < > uj 

r 2o P 

<: = = — D-tt 

2 53 S 

5 ocn £ 

01 h ' - o 

to f g a 

em a 5. .3 

s .- <u 
•par a 

° t "2 

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P c'a'^ 
O I i o 

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tf .! 

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o-ls . 
> '•Is 

I»J = <u ? 
h-. t£ » O 


fQ * be p 



ss •-=•,- 

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2 :s i 

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1 ^fe ii -5 


2 = 

I. k 

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o i 

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.,^ c c c 

ii rS^S.! 


eg M 3 a a .S 


'.''..' ; 

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= ... ... .0 

!► £■ « 

: . . . .. .! 

avoii.s . 

avion.s . 

Omes . 




01 ■ '^ .c 

3 > . » ' 

C =■ to 


- • • • • X • X 

^ ."So*-© 

eg ... 3 CD a .~ 1 

a> X •) a as '- i^ : 1 

J= ■> . 

« • : 

js 5 - S = = * "i 

« 5 3 a e« -^ -£ 

.5 = - - ■• cr "CO 

• « 

£ a . 


^ S -2 3 aJ 

Slfe § is?:: 

S|-S^ p<,5 '1 

pLiM^^lbl : 




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o = 


c4 s 


'. s 

ti) o 

•r" ■= 

> S 

o » 

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►3 I 



I I 

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M _- 

O s 




■:i >: 

1 c > .,. a 3 a 3 ■ 

5^2^5eee 1 

a 5 3 ;r i 

E 2 EEE.-S . . ii 

(T . ^ . ~ 

rs *■*■'■* c ! 

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ates . 






: £ S E E E .- » 

5 : :: r: r 2 :, o 

? 5- S 



uvrions .. 
ouvions .. 
ussions .. 

1 ocoooEEc < 


■« f, 3 

C • - r ' 3 ' 

c c S 

1 ::!::;:; 


1 . . .^ • a 

' : : s; > > 

■3 i^SSEEE ' 

C 3 — 

j E = E EEC r :: ; 

= i. : : r. C 

i : i : : a • i 

• • 

. a > a 

:.i : a a c a ; 

»$ Heb ' 

3 S a 3 3 _ .. 

E 5 E E E c 3 ,1 

5 ■■■■■■ ■■^'B- S \, 

■'■■■'■ 9 ■ \ 

i-S iffSaS i 

5b.5§EE . 

a c 3 » :■ : 1 

'1 E S E E E7 ! 

1 a.' .... s - • 

1 -T r . 

I (i< 5 (!< Em . Ill : 








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•50 s 

< ® a- - 

S5 =■= 

<5 =ii 













•:;, i 3 

•< a.a S 













.> ^ g S S -a .Q jB 

'O 3 3 'S 'S " 

> > 5 .b .h = 
3 30 3 e-o 

-o J j: — X . ■ 

: : : : : <o c 
! •; £ g I. 3 3 , 
I 3 a o 2 -o -o 
) A A .c .o ■ 

, ® 

~ >«-.S.i:- 

2-C . r 

S I ' 

: : > S : 

■ » ■ M "> O 3 • 

.2 > iB.i:.!: = j_. 

■O J3 J3 .o -o w .2 

- 3 c O 

- t: :: = Eg. -pq 

> g 
■ .2 ■ — - o 3 

^ ^ ^ 


a : 


Pm w f5 Ei< _i bJ 

§ o^ I 

£ Oca £ 

■£ ^ = S = 

■2 >< «. .b .h u 

_H :: E t t 5. 


3 » • § .2 >< • : 

>-'>.5.b.S g I ■ 

> * 

u .• 
« ' >> 
= . ...» .0 

© ,2 

> ^ ' ' sr '0 

S 5! 





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^ 5 


Igf 2200S 



i ... ^« -1 

c c C3 



fl ^ 

>• C 

fl) p 

. . — 

^i ■-•sill 

Eh i 

rs . r. r r o" 


<J 1. 


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: • : ^ 2 "3 3 : 

P4 J 

2 2 2 2 2 5 r.s 


5 .:=^4=l 

© H 

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<0 u 

•— 1 v. 




: • : .- .2 3 : 

.2 >. «> .ti .i: « «> . 


222 2 2.^ = : 

u U U 




: : :^ S : 


= •=•=£ :il : 


» g* g -S (lll-H 

fM M fu Ph J uT 

i pi 5 


i °i 1 

? ? 

CQ I .. 

. .„ » 


M :=.2. 

• 5o 
03 ° « 

o ?■= 


^ i ^ 

O tf 

® I 

09 .2 

O a 
I— I 

O I 

o s 

B^ ^ 

H -s 

P^ ^ 




0) = 


Qj u 

5 £ 


Ph g 

■i-t ■> 
© = 


< I. 
O <» 

© 2 





p o o o o ^ 

to S ^ a> ^ -r •- 

a a a o. a. c Q 
S 2 a S S 2 E" 

, 3J - C 

0, ^ a. zi. a, a c • 

- - ^ a* fiS 53 fl e 

fiXa.s.a.0.0 o o 

E S S 2 si *" "" 

00000 :- .,. 

s. o. a. 1 
2 2 2: 
o o o < 

a g a £ 

S S 0) , 

o p ■-» - 

p ^ a> 

2 : I I : 

<> u 

So p 

0(0 £ 


S S i £ £ ^ 

O -- « S O « " 

Q} <1> 

If t 
t^ I 


O i 
fi I 

Eh « 


3 3 





.2 E " "i: 5 < 

ZZ ^ CO ^ (0 

<— «- <C «- .^ 0) 

^ w w w V 

ul <2: Hi 
? Sop 


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.2 .2 S .= .= a a Q. 

a a 3 :3 :« ,^ 

a a. a. 2. a.p: ^ j. 

S - - == "5- 






g.2«| . 


CO (B o ts ^ a o."n 

a a o. a. £. ^- o 









« « . 


o .2 S 3 .2 12 2 



. pla 


= - - t ;, 2 :'5 









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a cs 3 n 2 S 


I— t 


j; .2 *^ .i: - a a a 

n « 3 oj _rt — 



a a a =. a-_ . . 








„ ■ .2 S ■ 



:.2 ; 71.2; n 3 : 



MM 2 S a a 



.2<»3^^- .a; 

£• a a ^ a J, 'a 


= r. r r .= =5 











o o 



••i --sl-^ : 



.2S«J.2aa . 


a. a a =. a ,„ 

1-5 - - - - c* : 1 



• ^ • * *j <u ■ 1 


*. S-2 3; S3 


ills =|l ^ 

2 s £ = . . 


P< M ^ P=^ _l Ul : 

1 pi i 



Eh 2 


■r-l ^ 

•^ s 

<«J i 
>< I 
< % 

Eh ^ 

-« r 






^ c 5 ■ 
3'? i- 

>< >< 7! 

cs tQ :- 


~ >• "a --z- 
n Q F rt 

2 g".2 

3 "r "J 






s disent 
. disaient 
, direiit 
, diroiit 
, cliiaient 
iiil-j disent 
„ dissent 
„ disent ! 





s lisent 
. lisaient 
, lurent 

. liraiont 
ii'il^j lisont 

,. lisent! 







■■■■■■ s ■ 







j~ > 

•> S m N S '5 ^ : 

O — <u 01 .'S. ."S. .Ti 




® ® ® 5 ^ * 3 



O '• ^ ^ ~ -z *"- 






= 1 1 := ^ 'f ~ - 
= : = . : 2 -. S 


— =■ 

B -J: X 1 


t> 7 Q 




2 c- J 


=; ^_S 











^ c — 






■■■••« c • 




SS»,| 2.2.2 : 
0.2 2 i.2.2 'S • 

.2 « ,S .1; .t; -O -5 - ■ 






1 § s M 1 s ^ 


- r 



■o =5 ^ -S '.3 ^ , g 

s j; * s 

2 5 =0 










~ .2 £ £ _■ « 

- 3) . ° 




. ■*^'.2 
3 "2 .2 











■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ » 

^ ^ » *J « 
•5 a a "S -3 =5 
~ .2 .t; .b .i r= 












• s: .^ .2 .3 .2 

: « ^ « s — 


a . - 
€, '3 £ 

^ ti- 

■D '-D -S -S -5 C :: :; 


• iH 


ll 1 









,3 1=^ 









« ■ 

i ■ : : : S " : 


rr. ^ X 








.2 I- .2 S '-5 

.2.2 « 225 r 

T3 S ^ ^ -C J) „ 
= =: .. ^ ^r. =S 















. ~ 3 

— . = r — g ^ ,; 


»> . 
: i : : ; 2 : 

.2 ''^l 

« 01 '3 5 jj , : 

(2 - • - - 5. - : 



1 ^ 

! pi 

1 03 

.■2 'C i> 


-; -" 3 
„ = "^ 


-2 1 







1 E^ 

' P^ 



$ 1.1 = = £ s = 

r— « 





J 1 


PM HH p4 Ph J u" : 




pj M 5i ;ii _, uT 


5 ocn 1 


>• ill 
i 11 i 













sent ! 



• SoiCTS-o-o 





g o o c o '': 


•• -» -o-i-i :- _ . 


.•= -=>--=■ 




.•=-•-- c- 





a S 













? ' 


c - - - ■ = 'O 





C ^- 3 
- = = -3 -0 

"o * 





1 j 

= s 











ssi.^if ^ 

1 .2 = § .1 i > 

T ■? T r r o o • 

fe fe C t«« = 

1 . . r =i :-g 

_ c 















s ■ 
» 1 

c cr -Ul 




c c- '0 

: : : : : or • 













• -^ : : ^ .> i; i 

~ * •- .i: .h: ■« ■« ■« 

o& fe t S = 

■• ■• ■•-1 :. -_ ^ I 


> > 

= - r = - = V", 

•I 8 

= 9 


= 2 
S <« 




















■5 -^ - -3 3 3 '3 

333^— AAA 

§§§ii-= . . 

• . 


5 ^ ■ « 3 3 

.2-1 2511 

====== ;= 

u 8 8 « = 
= : ^ ^ ^='-'2> 









• * 








>~ ■ 

xl >.S £.«.« : 

II III 1^ . 






i A 



= 3 3 = 3 2 


s s s = = « - • 
1 8§§8 8-^ - • 

1 :- ; i-l i 

s » * = ■ S, = '■ 

■g iS ~ e . ^ ? . 
£ s£ = ^" . 






W* <i Ul 



^: Pz .< 




{ ± ocn ± 











IQO 3 g) a> 

fl W 2 g 
O -i " a 


H-l ^ o « 


rt : 3 

r— I 



^ -4 










b i 



rt , > > 


100 « 

.a g 







W ; *- 


2 i'5 > > 

o n 

o o 

J5 .Q 

c ja ^ m 

a a 

O aJ cS — .1 

S 'J N ; ' 


" i " 1. 


" o 

. . .2| 

1 j- 

3 !» " 

i sl 


o 2 = 5 . 
(0 = o o : 

■g 2-§ > • 

' Is 

1 .Q ^ 


cs cs OS _: * 

- o 

' 3 




^ o « 

3 b I. O O 

1 3^ 

O tJ TJ <0 (O 



".a .or: 

« rt cS •_ :, 


._ u :. C- 


: : : « : 



3 d « O . 

§ > 

o o 


.o .a 

a: XI j3 ■" o 

n B 




5 -^5 

: « 


o o 

_ 2 * 
S '3 '3 o ■ 

.„ J3 JS « 

« CB 


:_r^.-_ o- : 






I o 


1 5 
1 z 

O o- 



tiO 3S 

O 2 = 
to S — 


> El 

O ti 



O S^ 

Eh 2 a 

t-> V — 

CQ |H 

« 1 


CQ = 

O 3^ 

o = 

? i 

CQ t 

E< I 

<j s 

02 t 

o = 

I i 


CQ < 





= |£o-3§§§ 
o o o 5 5 J2 

O O O -J u ~ . . 

S 5 5 £ n " * ■ 


O O O ^ ii .' ® 

*•= • 
! S 2 = il? ' 

i.2S 2g|i 

' 3 3 3 3 S 2 2 

• ^ .- • fl» • 

~ .„ ca a 3 3 3 

2 ~ - i; O O O 

3 o o o o:X 

■S a a cs o e ' 

" § -2 I ? " - 

0035*' --a 

o O y cj (u 3 

. =- ^5. =a 

5 9 O o o — ■ 

i Pk fe _j UJ 


Pz _5 

0(0 ± 





ouient : 




ignent ! 







33 5 z E E E 


J Ol o = = — — .— . 



£ c = H .-^ . ^ 

_o_ o o ,3 3 ^ 


a Q. a H. =.:= . . 


= : = : |. 

S ::!:::::=" 

_ - - - - J. 





-■=--33 : 

3 3 - = O O • 

c c CCS <» » : 
oa>a>= = oo~- 

o_3 3 3 ;3 -r— g 


g-f «" = i « : 
o-a a - =. .■ o 


i 5 

. 3 
i I : : = : O 

'd 1 
<u = 

1 . = = .l.l 



- c 
? =. 'i 

„ ~ 

fl ■-• 


: : : : : 0) : 
c ■ 

o ■! 


i o " 





» S i = = g ; 


3 3 - - o o - 

°°1 SEES 
E E = = ^ o 

~ 3 

::•.:=: O 

•-3 C. 


■» " S - = i S • 

o 5 .S £ T E E 

C C C — -3 W O"-- 

5".?.? E .5 o o " 
o o o c sT'^o 
— -• -^ -^ - c 
i -a 
: ■ ■ ' ' ~ - o 

i '" ^ 

« 2 

c a. 

'I - 
o ^ 

- _c 
•■ '5 

« Q. 

c3 „- 

_ «) : = s c £ : 
S 1 « £ •? ° -i 
c c e = 5 » ~ -■ 

3 , . - r. « - • 

2 - ■ -^= -i 

! :::::::: 

S If 


1 ^ 

1 f 

T3 i 


■ofl = 

- ■% 

•5 - 


♦; ^ = S 3 = 3 

ii ^ s a o a oi 

o -= 


<j i 

O - 


33 = = E £ E 

o o = e _ 

E E = = C ^ r 


r i = 3 . 

o o I I - . -S 

EEHHc = 

1 -i^ = 

1 Co 


— c C--C o 5 o 
_c ai^ = = — ..^._ 

_o o o 3 '3 ;- . . 

: ! i : ;.| : 

c o> o = = - 

o o oo '5 ■^ " g 

If "5 

.E "5 

i 1 

3 r. 

£ T. 

1 2 
^ 1 

a o 

Pi r 

1 1 


— a a =. =.•_ z- : 

• ■ • • j g s • 

22-C22- ^-H 

c a. o. a c 9 3 

3 =: = = -£■ '^ 


1 -^ 

— o 




y. e 3 ' 


! i ; i : :S i 
» •* " 


''''.' g s ^ 




3 = 5 = ^= . 

o o c e c . • 

'- '" ' ~ 'Sr ~ : 






c o) g> = = ^ : 

o .^ 





2Sl 2 2.=i . : 
o.aQ.=.=.„ ^ 

1-3 =^ = - - 5" • : 

9 = 

il =. 11 . 

■£ -^ >*< _i lii : 

: :-1 : i 

J|s ■ "11 ■ 1 
2 = 2 = »:« . 1 

Ph >S 11, ^ _, uT 


<> 111 

.r <> w 

..r < > LI 


< = 


1 IS ^' 
t Pz .< 



> 5P > 

*Z P5-< 


i o" s 



Otfi £ 

lO ! 

lO ' 








fl £ 

•tH i 

O ^ 
Pi I 

Eh" I 

o I 








^ c -S c 



o o o o 5 " 

O O O O O;- . . 


• ■ ■ ■ ■ N N • 

» .2 S o 2 m : 

« 0) « i i n 3 — 



= 0) - = 

: : "» CO : 1 



s ! 

SSc'Isiio \ 


^ c c 

O '• " = : 3 - O 


• ^ • • ■ m • (0 

^ S i i = = = 


o o o 3 or= 

.- . . r :, c- 


i » i .2 s ; 

, cciSSoo<o 

oooSo-" "c 

5 = . ^ ^ §. ^5 

. . % » . 




n ™ 3 ai ce o o 

! o o o o ■=> - • 

01 . - 3 - ■ 

i-s - - - - =■ : 


\^ : : -S J' : 

■^ t2 ■- <a ^ » 

i 5 S ^ : £ s*: 

Sg-|-e P^w 

P4wf^l5 .qT : 





3 <A 

o a 


_' '"05 2 


aj «>^ 








: M 






f^ 2 



= 3 

'■? Q. 




II rt . 



O = 

" '*i 


a = 

2 = 


r ^ 


s » 



1 -=-s 


i cH 


o ai 



<u 5 

tui a> 






c S 






~ n 








! ^ 



















CJ '= 

o « 
O I 

tjr to 
<l « 


P5 ^ 






« S c g 2 o o 'o 
~ .£ «. ^ *i o o o 

O O <3 o C aj 

to CO o ?^ ■ 

« CO ffl ^ , 

*o 'o o *o ' 

o o o o 


« m a> ? ■ 

■2 .2 E .-S J 

o o a O ; 
o o o o 1 

) 5 2 £ 2 '2 '° 

p '5 o '5 "5 _ 

I O O *3 *c 'o ^ 

' o o o b C <ii 

= : •- : -x <" 

= ■ S ■ =« a 2? 
P 2 .2 0) i i o o 
■- O o <3 'o o aJ , 

O O O O O 5, 
» ~ = = - 5. - 

' 1« »- i- 

I S s S 


- <> Ul 

t HZ .< 

- i3 S' 

i o" s 

£ 0(0 = 



to 2 

tu CS 












^ -cc = |. 

millli ! 

V o ± c « - ' 


— - - - - c 



: : : : -< n : 



a = 

^ £.-S 


p CS 




£ -J • i is ^ • 

- - = = = c 5 


s _ > _ . » _■£ 





: ! i^s s 




E = E S S-g :: = 
n i :: s so- 



55 , 

• ; : : : 0) • • 

< ' 

• -."^S- 

» 1 

2 "£ .2 "S "S 5 - « 
EEESH« 1 ! 


J -- ^ - -=• =2 i 




. . »=:2S . 


•1 "II 11 ^ 
o -g .2 -^ -S « - : 


ESESS-- -• 


i-s - == =: =5- ~ : 



^t5. ^ ^^-a M 


' ^1-^. .11 . 


£ = 2 "= ' 
A* ^ aI li; J w : 

U i^ > 




=i oa -S •*' -S 2 




h5 § 
<J o 

O I 

O <s 

U E 
<D § 
t> S 





O ? 
o « 

>^ a 






» «-S S 2-2.2. 
S ■= ? ?i c c c 

"i <: • • : 

•3 2 2.E.S = 
• ^ o t:" <8 <• « 

<0 3 3 h U OB (8 

S c c 2 = 3 S 
a a "3 a '5 -J - - 

3 3 

.2 « _ .£ o" o- 

" ??2 2 > > 

2 s £^ ."^ . 

Phm A4 r^f _| bi 

^" Ip > 

< 52 -a: 

•6 -o 

S S 

o o 



o es 


— t 




U "ti 



« (a 

V 1^ 


O g' 

f— 1 t. 

o - 





HH . 









1 - 




fl • 


o r 


Eh ^ 


15 4 


<j ?5 

_- i 



M '-' 

Z ! 


< 1 

CO s 

1 2 


1 ti; 

i^ i 



O 5, 




p " 























■S c ^ 

„ s .2 •■* 3 " 3 
S 2 S £ -r •? 9 
> > o > > — ■• 

en 9 « ^ » • 

" > > ^ > c c 

O - - = - 3 -;- 

•3 g S 2 ^ * 
.2 .*■«.■: .i -S =. 

•s 5 S 2 >■ > 

•5 I 2 £ =■ 

« .s .:. -^ = 

S 3 ^ z • £ s ■ 
2 = 2 ■§ f<>5 . 

Ph M fS fe J 111 

- 2o P 

t P? -< 








-J a. 




1 t? 

5 M 


1- :; 




< « « . 











r '• 

- r^ 

■ 5 



: « 




: w 


« 2l 



> ^ 

— t^ 




S ^ 




• =! 







t 1 

"S3 ■ ^ 
.•3 2 

■a a^s 

•0 .~ 

'^' ' i 1 1 




£ t- i ^ 
^3s 1 


i 1" 


3 :;;;* 

















t ■■§ 

y H 3 

•2 : 1-1 1»< 

t '3I 




a^ a, 
S.S; « 




S > f> ^ ; 







►-I , 

■ s 
. a 

-gui 2" 

c > S 


. s 
? • i 

•5 HI 3 

a > a 
5 3-^ 


<D i s : 
§t£ i 


I w 

: ^ '* . 

* «» 

'g • 



: « 

' .rs 

> »l 

•5 ~ ^1 

« :.§> 

^ -g 1 

-a 3 5 s S 

M — »^ »» 

— . ^ 1~1 


i-i So 







<u >> 


> * 




_i §•■8 

> ■= 

> S.H 



i^ "1 


> i 





«o 1 






ft -■ 

M ^u 5. 2. 

» = •" 

cc — 

: c8 - 

J > ea 
JO c3 >3 

«--. 3 
a, ^ 

S-5 S 



; M 

























o »- 

111 O ^ 

"5 CD « cc 
_ o U 

S -n-iS 

>5£ =r 

O ui i sj 


■^ I- °> ; 

W u. §!; 

as o o- 

< >- ^^ 

2 UI o-, 

a u .2 ; 

tf J 2; 

~ i- 9 M ■" -3 

! = », E 

cc ill 


111 to 

— ' 

Q. UI -" 

^"^ - 


1 0- S 


3 J S 


UI-3 2 



2 i,t- 

■= 3 o 

§ CO UI 

!n 'C ^ QC 
3 S S UI 

■» « ^ 0." 

I ._ ^ o '^ 

I S.2 . UI |_ 

; « a..i3 u. 3 

; = ^ m " ui 

o ■- 3 UI (o 

g * -a, 0. Ill 

i^ 3 5 

^ ^ S 

Q. ?).>;t: 

~ 5 ^ o 

3 -a s 

•^ rt ^ O 

J?— tt -3 

UI s 
. o5 u. -g 

A (P '3 OC c 

-2 -E g. u" •- 

) £ = Si C g «, 

! i =■ K .g 3 S 

: « 2.^ a,?5 

3 -C t4 S .S I 

a> 3 u jj ^t^ c ' 

D--*^ if 

C ®s 

o m S 

" o « 

« = ® 



Ne pas parler, Xot to speak. — Xe parlant pas, Xot speaking. — Pas parle. Xot spoketi. — N'avoir 
pas parle, Not to have spoken. — N"ayant pas parle. Xot Itaoing spoken. 

[dans la conversation on dit .] 

Je HE parle VAS. I do not speak, o\i. I am not si)eakin!/ I don't, pour 7 do not 

Que je XE parle PAS, that I may not speak I mayn't, n I may not 

Je NE parlais PAS. I did not speak, ou. I uas not speaking ... I didn't, n I did not 

Je XE psLTlerni PA.S. I shall not speak, ou. I tcill not speak • ] j f^"",'' " jfriH^/of 

Je X'ai PAS parle, I Jiave not spoken I haven't, n I have not 

Je N'avais PAS parle, I had not spoken I tiadu't. n I had not 

Je N'aurais PAS parle. I sliouid nU have spoken I shmddn't, n Ishmiidnot 

Je NE parle QU^RE. I scarcely ever speak. — Je NE parle JAMAIS. / tieuec sj)eak. 
Je NE i^rle PLUS, I no longer speak.— Je NE parle POINT, I do not speak at all. [F. foil, note.] 
[The difference between PAS and POINT is that Pas is a less emphatic negative (and is 
much more frequently used) than Point : tlius. II ne fume pas. He is not smoking : II ne 
fume point. He does not smoke at all, i.e.. he never smokes. Je n'en ai pas, I haven't 
any : Je n'en ai point. I have none wliatever. Use Pa< and not Point before Plus, Moins, 
Si, Aussi, Autant : Berlin n'est pas aiissi grand que Paris, etc. 
Pas and Point may be suppressed after the verbs Cesser, to cease : Oser, to dare ; and 
Pouvoir, to be able : thus, Je n'ose le faire. I dare not do it : Je ne puis me taire, I cannot 
be silent. Pas is omitted after Savoir. to know, when uiicertaiiit.v is expressed : II ne .*ait 
ce qu'il dit, He doesn't know what he is saying. But where no doubt exists Savoir takes 
Pas : Je ne sais |Ms le fran(;ais, I do not know French.] 
Le verbe auxiliaire TO BE lEtre] ne prend pas DO ou DID. Xegativetnent on dit:^ 
I am not, Je ne suis pas : TTion art tiot, etc. A tres pen il'e.iceptions pres, TO HAVE [Afoir] 
se comporte de meme : I have not. etc. 


Parle-je? Do I speak? ou, Am I speaking? — Parlais-je'? Did I speak? ou, Was I speaking? 

Parle-t-il? Doeshespeak? ou. Is lie speaking? — Parlait-il? Did he speak? ou. Was hespeaking? 

Parlerai-je? Shall I speak? — Aurai-je parle? Shall I have spoken? 

Parlera-t-il? WiJJ he speot ?—Aura-t-il parle ? Will he have spoken? 

Parlerait-il ? Would he speak ?^Aurait-il parle ? Would he have spoken ? 

[In many instances the question may be put with "Est-ce que." as, Est-ce que j'offre ...? 

Do I offer ...? etc. "Est-ce que" must always be u^ed with verbs which make the first 

person of the Indicative in one syllable, for the sake of liarmony of sound, as. Est-ce que 

je dors? etc.] 

Les verbes auxiliaires TO BE et TO HAVE font letir conjttgaison interrogative comme en 

fran(;ais, en modifiant la place du pronom : Aw J? Have I? Shall I ftave? etc. 


[style familier] 

NE parle-je PAS? Do JTtiot .speak? ou. Am I not spenfct>i</? Don't I speak? 

'S'Ejt&r\e-t-i\ PAS? Does he not speak? on. Is lie not speaking? Doesn't he speak? 

NE parlais-je PAS? Did I not speak? ou. Was I not speaking? Didn't I speak? 

NE parlait-il PAS? Did he not speak? etc. 

N'ai-je PAS parle? Have I not spoken? — N'aurai-je P.\S parle? fUrnll I not Irnve spoken? 


with the Substantive Verb (Table 6), is nearly the same in l)Oth languages, except the variation 
of the past participle in French, the rule for which is given on page 30. 
[En anglais le participe est invariable] 
Je suis aime, ... [Feiiitntue, aimeel I am loved 
Nous serons aimes, [ i< <itm«es] We shall be loved, etc., etc. 

P. PARTICIPLES conjugated with ETRE in Frenoli. TO HAVE in English. 
Je suis ACCOURU, I have run up (to] Je suis PARTI, I have gone, set out 

ALL£, II gone n PARVENU, n succeeded, reached 

ARRIVE, H arrived ii REST^, n remained 

DESCENDU, 1' comedown n RETOURNE, ii come, gone back 

OEVENU, M liecome n SORTI, ii gone out 

ENTR6, II entered n TOMBt, u fallen 

MONTfe, II come up ,ii VENU, " come 

Je suis NE, Ifem. XEK.'\ I WAS Ixirn. 
II est MORT I'anne'e derniere. He DIED la-^t year. 



NOTE. — In French, reflective verb* are cunjugateil with £TRE. 

En anglais, les verbes reflechis se conjiiguent avec TO HAVE. 

Se blesser, to hurt one's self. — Se blessant, hurting one's self. — Blesse, hurt. 
s'Etre blesse, to Jiave hurt one's self. — s'Etant blesse, having hurt one's self. 

je me blesse. I hurt myself 

on, I am hurting myself 
tu te blesses, thott, hnrtest thyself 
il se blesse, he hurts himself 

je me blessais, I hurt myself 

OH, I vajt hurting myself 
je me blesserai, 1 shall hurt myself 

je me suls blesse, / have hurt myself 
tu t'es blesse, thou hast htirt thyself 
il s'est blesse, he has hurt himself 

nons nous blessons, ue hurt ourselves 

ou, fee are httrting ourseli-es 
vons vous blessez, you hurt yourseh-es 
ils se blessent, they hurt thetnselves 

nous nous blessioiis, ue hurt ourselves 

on, ice fccre hurting ourselves 
nous nous blessei-ons, ue shall h}irt ourselves 

nous nous somraes blcssi!s, ice 7iare hurt ourselves 
vous vous etes blesses, you have hurt yourselves 
ils se sont blesses, they have hurt themselves 


je ne me hiesse pas. I do not hurt myself je ne me suis pas blesse 
ou, I am not hurting myself 

S'csi-elle hlessee? Has she hurt herself? 

I hare not hurt myself 

Examples of the PRONOUN with the VERB. 80. 

With an Active Verb. 

[That is, governing the accusative.] 
[Regime direct.] 
Je LE vois, I see him [ou, it] 
Je LA vois, I see her [ou, it] 
II ME voit. He sees me 

Elle ne ME voit pas, She does not see me 
Tu L'as vu. Thou hast seen him [ou, it] 

Nous /y'avons lite. We have .seen her [ou. it] 

Vous ne LES avez pas vus, Ifem. vties.l You 

have not seen them 
LE verrai-je? Sliall I see him? [ou, it] 

LA verrons-nous? Shall we see her? [ou. it] 
LES aviez-vous vus? Ifem. vues?] Had you 
seen them? 

With a Neuter Verb. 

[That is. governing the dative.] 

[Regime indirect.] 

Je LUI i)arle, I speak to him [ou, her'i 

I am speaking to liim [ou, her'i 
II ME parle. He speaks [ou he is speaking] 

to me 
Kile ME parle, She speaks to ine 
Tu LUI as parle, Tliou liast spoken to him 

[ou, herl 
Nous LUI avons parle. We liave spoken to* 

liim [ou. her'] 
Vous ne LEUR avez pas parle, You have 

not spoken to them 
LUI parlerai-je? Shall I speak to him [ou. 

her'i [them ? 

LEUR parlerez-vous? Will you speak to 
VOUS parleront-ils? Will tliey speak to 


Parlait-il de I'Rvposition? ... 

II EN parlait 

Avez-vous achete des ponimes ? 
Nous EN avons achete 

A participle accompanied by AVOIR never agrees with its subject, and only with its direct 
object whea'that object precedes the participle. [V. examples on j). 30.] 

When a neuter verb is followed by the preposition DE, the pronoun used as its complement 
is EN, "of it : .some : any." [This EN is the Latin INDE (thence, hereupon, etc.] 

When a noun is preceded by de, du. (te la, des, or the indefinite article, its complementary 
pronoun is EN. 

Was lie speaking of the E.xhibition? 
He was [speaking of it, sous-entendu] 
"Did he speak of." etc.? "He <nd."] 
Have you bought any apples? 
We have [bought some, sous-entendu] 
When the noun is preceded by a, the pronoun must be Y, "there : here : at : to : to it." [This 
Y is the liatin IBI (there.) By loss of the medial consonant it became i i, and then Y.] 
A-t-ell", e^e a V Reposition? ... Has she been to the E.xhibition? 

Oui, eHe Y a ete .S/ie has [Yes. s7ie has been to it.] 

AUons a Rouen: un de nos amis Let us go to Rouen : a friend invites us there [on 
nous invite a Y aller dit mieu.x, "has invited us there"] 

When a verb is followed by any other preposition than those above mentioned (de. a. etc.) 
the pronouns which serve as its complement are — moi, me : toi, thee : lui, him [or it] : elle. her 
[or it] : nous, us : vous, you : eux. Ifem. elles^ them. These are placed in the same order in the 
sentence both in tlie French and English — Devant lui. Before liim : Apres elles. [or eu.x] After 





All iuipiirLiMl t'ealure of this dictionary is its metliod of distinguishing the genders of nouns 
and adjectives by different types, the more readily to strike the eye, and therefore the more 
deeply to impress the memory. 

At tlie same time it is a fair general clue to the gender of words derived from the Latin and 
Greek to know that nouns nhich are feuiinine in Latin are feminine in Frencli also, and words 
which are masculine or neuter in Latin, as well as most words directly derived from the Greek, 
are MASCULINE in French. There are exceptions : but to be fully master of these, the student 
should examine the reasons for them, which are very interesting, and for whi<-h he should con- 
sult some of the works specially devoted to this subject. 

Of the French nouns which end in a consonant or other vowel than e imite. over G,0<X» are 
masculine. Alxiiit ;'..000 are femimne. nearly all of which end in -io» or -te. 

Of the nouns ending in e mtite. over 6.000 are feminine, and nlH>ut 2,.">00 masculine : of 
these latter, nearly 1.00f» end in -age or -sm-- 


(1) If HU adjective does not end in E mute, the feminine is formed by adding one, thus : — 

Grand, granite : joli, joJie ; except those comprised in the following rules : 

(2) Substantives and adjectives ending in EUR form their feminine in EXJSK. if they are 

derived from the present participle of a verb : Dans -ant -eur-ewse, &c. 
(.12 e.xceptions.) 

(3) Substantives and adjectives nvt formed from the pres. part, of a verb (as in the second 

rule) change TEUR into TEICF. : 

Acteur ->rice .^ccusateur -trice. Ac. 

(4) Substantives and adjectiv^es in EUR. expressing an idea of comparison or superiority, form 

their feminine regularly by the addition of an K mute : 

Anterieur -e \ Inferieur -e \ Superieur -e \ Meilleur -c, ic. 

(5) Substantives and adjectives in EAU have their fenxininc ending in RLLE: 

Un jouvenceau. r'lie joi'ijeticefle j Beau, hcH« | Xouveau. JioitveKe 
X6). Substantives or adjectives ending in EIL. EL. EN, ET. lEN, or ON, double the tinal con- 
sonant and add an K mute : 
Pareil -He | Criminel -He | Ancicn -nwe | Sujet -tte | Chretien -nne \ Fripon -mie 

(7) Substantives and adj. in E mute undergo no change (except Traitre. traitresse, etc.): 

Un or itne camarade | Un or »(»ie domestique | Aimable, celebre. facile, sage, 4c. 

(8) Adjectives ending in F change this letter into VK : 

Bref. hreve | Captif, captive | Veuf, veitre. ic. 

(9) .\djectives ending in X change X into SE : 

Creux. cref'«e i ■Jaloxix, jaloiise I Heureux. /leitrettse. Ac. 

The following are EXCEPTIONS : 












































tie fender esse 























Enchant* iir 
























Nouns expre.ssing professions followed by men have often no feminitie, even when exercised 
by tt-07Heij : as, Peintre, Poete, Professeur, Amateur, etc. 

llany names of animals have different words for the masculine and the feminine : us. Cheval. 
jument: Boeuf, wocTle: Taureau. ye'ni*^, etc. 


[A] Tho aDJ£jCTI V £j ill French must agree both in gender and number, with the 
noun or pronoun it describes or qualities: so that, while invariable in English, it lias 
four forms in French, 

Iln l>oii garijoii, Uiie botme filie. De bons gar<;ons, l)e bonnes liUesi, 
A good \K>y. A good girl. Good Vjoys. Good girls. 

[y. Poini. Feu, Grand, and Nu, in the Dictionary,] 
NUMEKICAIi ADJECTIVES (except Un -c : Premier -iere : Second -e) have the same 
form for lioth genders. 
LB] When one adjective applies to two or more nouns, it must be in the plural : and if any one 
of such nouns be masculine, the adjective must be masculine. It is well in such cases 
to place the masculine substantive last in the series, although not always essential. 
L'eaii et le viii sont bon S. | La coiir ot le jardin sont grand S. 

Comparative and Superlative of Adjectives. 

[C] En anglais le comparatif »e forme, jjour los mots tl'UNK SYLLAhK. en ajoiitant ...EK 
ou ,..Il com me terminaismi. 

A bright Hght : a brighter light. | A rare thing : a rarer thing. 
Le superlatif, en ajoutant ...EST ou ...ST. 

The brightest, rarest, sweetest, longest, shortest, etc. 
Pour les mots de deux syllabes, ou plus, en raettant devant le positif ra<lveil>e MOKK. 
MOST, etc. 

A brilliant light : a more brilliant light : the most brilliant light. 
Pour marquer les degres li'iufiirioritti on dit 'not so ... as' ou (niais celte for>ne est 
beaucoup moins iisitee) "less ... than.' 

A light not so Ijright as tlie other : It is not so rare, on. It is less rare. 
[Dj The Freiicli makes the comparative with the adverb PLUS to mark superiority (tme 
lumiere plus hrilhmte) HOINS to show inferiority (utie chose moins rare) AUSSI ... to 
indicate equality (tiiie litmiere aussi brillante que I'aulre : a light h< brilliant as the 
Phis and moins, followed by a number, require DE instead of QUE. 

Plus dc3 vingt, moins de trente : more than 20, less than od. 
The FRENCH SUPERLATIVE is formed by placing the delinile uriiele before tbr 
adverb : la )>lus brillante Inmiere (or, la lamiere la plus brillante.) 




le meilleur. 






le plus. 






le moindre. 





plus petit. 

le plus i>etit. 







plus mauvais. 

le pire. 

le plus mauvais. 





Position of Adjective before or after the Noun. 

LFJ >io hard and fast rule can be laid down for this: but subject to e.xceplions vvliich cusli'jii 

and taste alone decide, it comes AFTER the noun in tho following cases. 
[G] Adjectives that can be used alone as names of persons or of things, sucli as lainbitieiiN. 

I'aveugle, le riche. etc. Un caractere ambitieux, un pays riciie, etc. 
[H] Participles employed as adjectives: aimant, satisfaisant, decide, instruit etc 

Un etre aimant : des raiaons satis faisantes : un caractere decide, eU:. 
[ I ] Geographical adjectives (L'empire remain : la tnode aiigkiiie), and those denoting colour im- 
matter, taste or tbrm : such as. 

Rouge, jaune : aerien, sulfureux : acide, amer : rond, carre. 
[K] Where the adjective can bo placed either before or after the noun, it gives either a 
different degree of force to the meaning or a totally ditt'erent sense : 

Une maison ■niagnilique, is 'a beautiful [or splendid]' : Une luayiiiftque maison. in 
"a splen'did lor viagnif ice nf] house,' with a very strong accent on. and deliberate pi.'- 
nunciation of the word splen'did [or nMgtiificent.'i 

Un grand homme. A great man. 
Un homme grand, A tall man. 
Un bon homme, A simple man 

Un homme bon. 
Un brave homme. 
Un homme brave. 
De nouveaux livre: 

A kind man. 
A good sort of mai 
A brave man. 
Other books. 

Un i)etit lioinuK!. .V little man. 

Un homme petit. .\. mean man. 

Une lioniiete feiuiiu;. -Vn honest ivouiaii 

Vne femme honnete. A polite woman. 

Une g^rosse femme. A fat (or stout) 

Des livres nouveau.x. New books. 

Un pauvre homme, A poor silly man. 

Un homme pauvre. A poor man. 

Une feiinne grusse, 
Une femtne sage. 
Une .lage-femine. 


.V pregnant ivomaii . 
A prudent iioman. 
A iniditife. 


The ADVERB is invariable. 

As in English it is formed by adding ...LY to tlie adjective, so. as a general rule, it is formed 
in French by adding ...MEST to the feminine form of the adjective : 
Ex. Doux. Dotwe : adverb. Doucement. 
Actif. Active : ii Activement. 
When the adjective ends in ANT (fern. AATJB) the adverb makes ...AMMENT : 

Ex. Couraut. Coitrante : adverb. Couramment. 
When the adjective ends in ENT, EXTK. the adverb makes ...EMMEXT : 
Ex. Prudent. Pi-iiAente : adferb. Prudemment. 

The PARTICIPE PRESENT is invariable. 

On a trouve 

(cet honime 
cette feinme 
I ces hommes 
(^ ces femmes 

parlant. lisant, chantant. 

When it is employed as a VERBAL ADJECTIVE, however, it ceases to be a participle, and 
must follow the same rule as other adjectives. \_V. 'Sola A on page 29.] 

The difterence between a present participle and a verbal adjective is simple to an English- 
man, as he may always ascertain it by remembering whether, if the word were translated into 
English with the tenniuatiou, it would have to come ltef(/re. or aper the noun. If before, 
it is an adjective: \iaper, it is a participle. 




Cet homme est bon, OBLIGEANT tout le 
monde quand il en trouve Voccasion. 

Cette feiiime est bonne, OBLKtEAST tout 
le monde quand elle le peut. 

(That is. This man, or this voiiian obliges 
everyone. It is merely the verb expressetl in 
anotlier way.) 

C'est un honime obligeant 
C'est une femme obligeant e 
Ce sont des persoiines obligeant e.<> 
In each of these sentences "obligeant" is 
variable, because it is used as an adjective to 
describe the quality or character of its sub- 
ject, but not the action of "To oblige.' 
(That is, He is an obliging man. 

She is an obliging trotnan. 
They are obliging people.) 

The PARTICIPE PASSE must agree in gender and 

number ; — 

[A] With the SUBJECT when employed with 6TRE [except in reflective verbs.] 

[B] With the OBJECT when employed with AVOIR [or in REFLECTIVE VERBS with Etre. 

which takes the place of Avoir] IF THE OBJECT BE BOTH DIRECT and placed 

Under all other circumstances it is INVARL^BLE. 


ia loi est iupprime'i' ! .E(fe est aime'e | Mes fi'eres sont venu s 


because the DIRECT OBJECT is 
BEFORE the participle. 


Les livres que j'ai In s. 
Lei> persoune-i que j'ai vues. 
La lettre que j'ai ecrite. 

WITH rrRE used for AVOIR. 

3fo soeur s'est cotipee. 

Co)ipee fern. sing., because SE, which 
precedes it. is direct object [ma sontr a 
coupe elle.] 

Nous NOUS somnie.-. blesses en jouaut. 

Blesses masculine plural, l>ecause the 
second pronoun NOUS is the direct object 
[nous avons blesse nous.] 

Elles sont parties 


because the DIRECT OBJECT is 
AFTER the participle. 


.J'ai lu les livres. 
J'ai vu les personnes. 
Jai ecrit deux lettres. 

WITH rrRE used for AVOIR. 

ifa saeur s'est coupe le doigt. 

Coupe invariable, b«!cause the direct ob- 
ject (doigt) is after the participle Inia .loeur 
a coupe le doigt a elle.] The pronoun SE is 
indirect object. 

Xous NOUS sommes donne un rendez-vous. 
Donne invariable, because the direct ob- 
ject [un rendez-vous] comes after the parti- 
ciple. Xous is indirect object. 


SHALL et WILL [^:„ij?tefl 82. 

l)aiis toute jiroposition principale. SHALL pour la m'emiire personne et WILL pour la deiuiime 
et la troinieme. indiquent simpleaVent tin temps futur, tandis que WILL pour la premiere per- 
Kimne et SHALL pour les deiix avAres anuoncent toie idee de volmite de la part de, . elui qui 

My master WILL carry his parcel himself. 
'Moil maitre portera lui-merae son paquet. 
Mymati SHALL fetcli your luggage. 
Mon douiestique ira chercher vos etfets. 

Dans les phrasen interrogatioes. la regie precedente est ordiuairement prise en sens inverse, 
parce qu'il faut, dans to question, anticiper la forme de la reponse. 

SHALL I go? SHALL he go? 

car la reponse sera : Yes, you shall go : he shall go. Oui ou non, je veux que vous alliez, 
qu'il aille. 

SHALL you see him? WILL you see him? 

parce qu'on s' attend ar(X reiMiises : 

I SHALL see him, J'irai le voir (simple tutur.) 

I WILL see him, J'irai le voir (je vous promets d'aller le voir.) 

Duns les propositions incidentes. "Shall"' a la deuxieme et a la troisUnie personne Indique un 
temps futur, en meme temps que la volonte tie celui qui parle. 

The student who SHALL spealv English best WILL gain the prize. 

(pu, The student who speaks English best SHALL gain tlie prize.) 
L'eleve qui parlera le mieu.\ anglais remportera le pri.x (^indication de volontd.) 

SHOULD et WOULD [!'o— ^Lr] 83. 

SHOULD est la preiniire pmsonne de WOULD, quand 11 s'agit de marquer le conditionnel 
simple (c.-a.-d. sans idee de devoir.) 

"i die. if ... 'r? Tmourrions si ... 

I, WE SHOULD I be fined "2 I serions mis a I'umende 

Tliou wouldst ,- like to ^ < aimerions a ... 

He, you, tliey would | l)e glad § I serions heureu.x de ... 

] be sorry 3 vregretterions, serions fitches 

Ell tout autre cas Sliould et Would soiit regiiliers. Par exemple : * 

I, WE SHOULD "I signifie que (je, tu, il) nous sommes d'avis que .... Notre 

Thou shouldst .- jugement (opinion) nous porte a ..., incline a ..., nous 

He. you. they sliould ) devrions ... 

I, ou WE WOULD "I c.-a.-d. nattirellement, sans doute. 

Thou wouldst J advise liim to go ... Je lui conseillerais d'y aller, 'Vous 

He, you, they would J lui conseilleriez d'y aller. 

EXAMPLES of the Verb CAN. 84. 

I will do it it I can, Je le ferai, si je puis. | I cannot, [fam. I can't] Je ne puis pas. 

I will do what I can, Je ferai ce que je pourrai : je ferai tout mon possible. 

How can you tell? Comment le savez-vous' 

It is more than I can tell, C'est i;e que je ne sais pas. 

Nobody can tell, Personne n'en sait rien. 

I can find him nowhere, Je ne puis le trouver nnllepart. 

Make all haste you can, Faites tonte la diligence possible. 

He is as like him as can be, II lui ressenible tout a fait. 

He is sure he can do it, II est sfir de pouvoir le faire. 

As sure as can bo, De la fa^on la plus ce>'(«JHe : indubitablement. 

As soon as can be, Aussi tot que possible. 

He is as bad as can be. II est aussi mediant qu'on puisse I'etre : on tie saurait etre plus mtichant. 

You cannot but know it, 'Vous ne pouvez pas I'ignorer. 

Cannot you hold your tongue? Ne sauriez-vous vous taire? 

One cannot tell which way it will go. On ne sait pas quelle en sera Tissue. 

I cannot but laugh when I see him, Je ne puis m'empecher de rire quand je le vois. 

It cannot be, Cela ne peut pas etre. 




TIte lalili' of ulaiidard cqitualcnt 
values here fiiceii lius been entirely 
modified btj the Great War. 

VariatiouD iti Die raten of e:iv)iatiye 
are frequent atid jmixt be reckoned us 
they arise from day to day. 

-:? S 

o .= — 

2 £ 0. 

= «oo So 

S 5 

tt 3 :: 3 

i; i: 

fr. c. 



62 5 





1 04 

1 12-5 
I 15 


1 30 
1 35 
1 37-5 
1 46 
1 50 
1 56 
1 62-5 
1 67 
1 75 
1 77 

1 98 

2 08 

2 12-5 
2 19 
2 25 
2 29 
2 37-5 
2 40 
2 60 
2 62-5 
2 71 
2 75 
2 81 

English 1 Amer. iGerman 
s. d. Idols, c. I m. pf. 
Oii 01 I 04 
1 I 02 I 08 

! ; 10 

li 03 I 12 
! lO 16 

2 ! 04 I — 
i 20 

2i 05 I - 

|3 06 : O 25 


4 08 — 

...' 40 
5 10 — 

6 12 50 

14 — 

i 60 

8 : 16 — 


9 ; 18 ; — 

' 80 

10 20 — 
' 90 

11 22 — 

1 24 ; 1 00 
1 0^ 25 1 04 
1 1 26 1 08 

1 10 

1 2 i 28 i — 

1 20 

1 3 30 i — 

; 1 30 

1 4 ; 32 I — 

j ' 1 40 

1 5 34 ' — 
1 6 i 036 1 50 
1 7 : 38 I — 

j i 1 60 

1 8 I 40 i — 
...i ; 1 70 

42 1 — 

1 80 

44 — 

I 1 90 

46 ' 1 92 

2 ! 48 2 00 
2 1 i 50 -' 08 

I 2 10 

52 I — 

I 2 20 

54 I — 


1 9 

i 1 ifli 
1 ii 

2 2 

2 3 

fr. c. 
2 87-5 

2 92 


3 02 

3 23 
3 25 
3 33 
3 37-5 
3 44 
3 50 
3 54 
3 62-5 
3 65 

3 75 

3 85 
3 87-5 

3 96 


4 06 

4 12-5 
4 17 
4 25 
4 27 

4 37-5 

4 48 
4 50 
4 58 
4 62-5 
4 69 
4 75 
4 79 
4 87*5 
4 90 

.-) 21 



8 75 

10 00 


12 50 

13 75 
15 00 
20 00 
25 00 
50 00 
75 00 

100 00 
126 00 

s. d. 

dols. c. 

m. pf. 
2 30 

2 50 

2 60 
2 70 
2 80 

2 90 

2 92 

3 00 

3 08 
3 10 

3 20 

3 30 
3 40 


I 3 60 

3 70 

3 !t 90 i — 
i 3 80 



































3 4 


3 5 

3 6 

3 7 



3 8 88 — 


3 10 I ?2 

'3 11 

4 2 

■ 5 


; 8 
' 9 





3 90 




1 00 

4 16 

1 20 


1 44 


1 68 


1 92 

8 00 

2 16 

9 00 

2 40 

10 00 

2 64 

11 00 

2 88 

12 00 

3 84 

16 00 

4 80 

20 00 

9 60 

40 00 

14 40 

60 00 

19 20 

80 00 

24 00 

100 00 


Fabrenlieit, Centigriidti, and Ktiauuiar Kquivaleota. 

2a Jiff — 

BLOOD J aaps* — ^ 



in Pegrees 


(Kupplid by ( 

• OlU, I^DdoD) 







Bras..* ... 

1030 approx. 







Ice (atmos. 




Iron (ca»t) 


1220 (grey) 

Lead (cast) 








Silver ... 





1420 (hard) 
1475 (mild) 

Sulphur ... 







ouipikd fi 

between Eiiflish 




t rikWuli»(ittK lii^lie 

' Tk9 fr««ziDs point {<flaA< ftvianU) in tlia Ccntigradfl •&(! K^ftumii 
tbftraoonMlcn, i. O 

'n»« hmline p«int (Mt* iKruinnmte, or point d'^Awl/triott) is reapectivaly- 

31- :787a!' 

—774 m " 

7?i ■ 16 Ea 

■Tia-di [2 

78J • .W tl 

761-99 'pa 

-7.59 • 4S n 

-2* ■ "! S 


•*- ■rji • ^1 

1- I-71:l • 7:1 H 

28- 711-i;t dJ 


27- 686"ft S 

7- I -67s -17 Q 

26- 660;» S 

1- _«)7 -.',3 W 

35- 634i» pq 

5- ; - ffiM ■ 2a i; 

1- -(ii,t.75 O 

3-;; -«i;.21 
■2-' -<iU-«7 

1- i-61i- l:i 
24- 60959 

D ^ 

?|= b|-3 VjS. 



-30 WS 

—ID ■ 5.W 
...30 • 473 
— 30'3!H 


...:m) • 237 
— 3<l ■ 109 
....•» ■ 071* 

..29 • J9a 






...27 • »7i 
—27 • 7!l« 









-28 ■ 2-21 
...26 • Hi 
.- 2fi ■ 063 









650' 1 





-_■., • l:'.:i 


...2.5 ■ 1111 
-26 ■ OW 
...21 ■ IWl 
-24 ■ !"i2 


2i ■ SV 
21 ■ S67 

24 '410 

flW«) is r«ckotl»d i 





ROUGHLY, for conversational use. 



25th of an inch. 102 equal 4 inches. 



Rather less than half an inch. 


1 equal about 4 inches. 30 iiearlr 1 foot. 



Say 4 inches ; or 3 decim. equal 1 foot. 

METRE . . 


3 feet 3 ins. and 3-8ths. 1 vard and 1-lOth. 

|ih. m*.r. 1. on. ten- 


11 equal 12 yard.s. 6 equal a pole or peri-li. 

""■'1" '""""'" ■*""''■ 

3-2809 FEET . 

20 equal 1 cliain. 201 equal 1 furlong. 




11 yards (all but 2 inches). 



Half a furlong. 4 equal J of a mile. 




5 furlongs. 8 kilometres equal 5 miles. 




= Inches j = INCHES 

1000 metres = 3281 ft., or 1093J yd.s. 

100 k. = 62- 138 HI. 

mm. in. [ c. in. 



ra. ft. ill 

m. ft. in.' m. ft. yds. 

k. ill. 

k. 111. i k. m 

1 = 0-039 1 1=^0-394 


= 3-94 

1= 3 3- 

10 =32 10100 = 328=109 

1- -3 

10- 6j: 100= 62 

2 0079 

2 0-787 



2 •; 63 

[20 65 7 200 656 219 

2 l| 

20 12^ 200 124 

3 0118 

3 1-181 



3 9 10 

30 98 5 300 984 328 

3 lA 

30 19 300 186 

4 0157 

4 1 -575 



4 13 14 

40 131 3400 1312 437 

4 2* 

40 25 400 249 

5 0197 

5 1-969 



5 16 5 

50 164 500 1640 547 

5 3 

50 31 500 311 

6 0-23G 

6 2-362 



6 19 8 

60 197 600 1968 656 

6 3? 

60 37 600 373 

7 0276 

7 2-756 



7 22 \l) 

, 70 230 700 2297 766 

7 4g 

70 43.^; 700 435 

8 0315 8 3150 



8 26 3 

80 262 800 2625 875 

8 5 

80 50 800 497 

9 0354 9 3-543 



9 29 6* 

90 295 900 2953 984 

9 5g 

90 56 j 900 559 

ROUGHLY, for conversational use. 

INCH . . . . 
FOOT [12 ins.] . 
YARD [3 ft] 

CHAIN [=;,;<?2';t:;.] . 
FUR LONG rei'c;,: 

Ml I P r '■ KILOMETRE -] 
ll-C. [ in t.l>l« >l«.v. J 












1 pouce." 25 millimetres. 

4 equal 10 centimetres. 
30 centimetres. 

V. word METRE, in table above 
5j equal 5 metres. 11 equal 10 metres. 

" V. word METRE, in table above. 
20 metres. 5 equal l hectometre. 50 equal 

1 kilometre. 
200 metres. 5 equal 1 kilometre. 

Rather over 1^ kilometre. 

5 equal 8 kilometres. 

54 knots equal 100 kilometres. 

^ in. mm. 
-Si's = 1-59 
' 317 




in 1". 

u 1 = 

f 2 


-I 5 
i 6 
11 7 
2 8 
I 9 
5 11 



1000 feet - 

ft. m. ; ft. ni. I 
1=0-305 10 = 305! 

2 0-61 1 20 6-loi 

3 0914 30 914! 

4 1-219 40 12-19! 

5 1524' 50 15-24I 

6 1-8-29 60 18-29| 

7 2134 70 21-341 

8 2438 80 24-38; 

9 2-743 90 27-43I 


304 '79 metres, 
ft m. i ft. 
100=30-5i 1000= 
61 iZOOO 
1-22 4000 
152 5000 
183 6000 
213 7000 

244 8000 
274 9000 



k. mi : m. k. i„t. m. k. 

i =04«o 8=12gT4 100=161 

)l 804 9 14 484 200 322 

i Iwi 10 16(»:, 300 483 

1 Iii0<.;i2 19 312 400 644 

2 3 2i!i' 15 24 u„ 500 805 

3 4i.»l20 32 le^ 600 966 

4 6 4^25 40 23:. 700 1127 

5 S 017 30 48>7» 800 1287 
6i 10o.'>8!40 64 3-! 900 1448 
7 11 265 50 SOiwlOOO 1609 



'ER FOOT RUN. &c. 

fr. 0. 

s. d. 




s. d: 

S3 "2 

s. d. 


d. fr. c. 


Of = 8J 
1* 17 



1 3 

1 6 

1 71 

2 05 


3 34 


1 9 

2 39 


33 43 



2 73 


4i 51 


2 3 

3 07 


6 <i8 


2 6 

3 42 


7A 85 


2 9 

3 76 


9 1 03 



4 10 



1 37 





:^'~ li ■'■ 


Per sq. 


.-. d. r^. d. 

fr. c. 

s d s d fr. c. 

01 -^ 4J 

=^ 56 

8 6 8 97 

] 9 

1 12 

9 6 9 10 09 

01;, 1 1). 

1 68 

10 7 6 11 21 

2 16 

2 24 

11 8 3 12 33 

3 2 3 

3 36 

10 9 13 45 

4 3 

4 4S 

2 6 22 6 33 63 

b 3 9 : 5 60 

4 36 53 80 

6 4 6 6 73 

5 45 67 26 

7 .^ 3 7 85 

— — — 




1 cent, oarre '- 0'155 .square iiicli. 



1 scjuare incli = 6'451 cent, carres 


cent, carre 

25 = 

lbs. per 
G inch 




cent, carre 

lbs. per 
G inch 

1 = 


50 ... 


2 ... 


75 ... 


3 ... 


100 ... 


4 ... 


200 ... 


5 ... 


250 ... 


6 ... 


300 ... 


7 ... 


400 ... 


8 ... 


500 ... 


9 ... 


600 ... 


10 ... 


700 ... 


12 ... 


800 ... 


15 ... 


900 ... 


20 ... 










n incli 

cent, carre 

L, inch 

cent, carre 

5 = 


120 = 












150 ... 































• 703 



110 ... 





5 kilos, par metre carre = 1024 lbs. per square foot: or 
100 kilos, par metre carre = 20-481 lbs. per square foot. 
1 lb. per square foot = 4-88 kilos, par metre carre. 


I llci.rinted. bv i-r-i ■■lissl.-n, from "A M»dii«1 of -Rule.," 4c 
t.y D- K. CUrk. M I C K.l 

1 kilo, par metre co»rant = 0672 lb. per ft. 
1 .. par kilometre = 3548 lbs per mile. 
1 centimetre de mercure = 0394 inch of 

1 atmosphere = 1-033 kilo, par cent, carre. 
1 .. = 14-7 lbs. per sq. inch. 

1 kilogrammetre (fcx»n) = 7-233 foot-pounds. 
1 foot-pound = 0-138 kilogrammetre. 
1 calorie or Fch. unitof heat = 3-968B.Th.U. 
1 calorie par kilo. = 1-80OB.Th.U. per lb. 
1 calorie par metre carre = 0-369 B.Tli.tJ. 

per square foot. 
1 metre par sec. = 3-281 ft. per sec. or 196-85 

ft. per min. : 2-236 miles per hour. 
9817 metres par seconde = 32-2 ft. per sec. 
10 metres par sec. = 22-37 miles per lir. 
1 metre cube par secorule = 35*316 cub. 

feet per sec. 



(equivs. supplied by Casella * Co.. London) 





Inch '%i 

Inch '%! 


■300 7-62 


-028 -711 


"252 6-40 


•0-24 •eio 


•212 5-38 


•022 ^559 


•176 4-47 


•020 ^508 


■144 3-66 


•018 -457 


•116 2-95 


-016 -417 


•092 2-34 


015 ^376 


•072 1-83 


014 ^345 


•056 r42 


•012 ^315 


•040 1-016 


•Oil ^274 


•036 -914 


•009 • ^234 


•032 SVi 


•008 -193 




ROUGHLY, fur conversational use. 


rnietre caiicj 

ARE . . . 


1196 ijihsq. yJ- 10,000 metres carres = 1 bectaifc. 

SQuAHt YARD T. Table ■"MeU-es Carres" below. 

3*964 POLES Four poles. 10^ 1 rood or | acre. 40 J = 1 acre. 

•2-171 ACRES Xearly 2i acres, l liect. — lo,0<X) sq. metres. 



•Z FOOT lUl Z ins.] 9--29 


^YARD LSD feet] 0-836 


rj POLE Laoiziyaids] .25-29 


ROOD l*» l«l'^>] . ' 10'1168 


ACRE W loiHls] . . o"40467 

MILE [6*0 acres] 




[r. Tables? l'urcom|>urative i»ies.sures for steam boilers, 
etc., lbs. |>er sq. inch and kilos [lar centimetre carre. 

J 1 D feet = 1 D metre. 

For prices, V. Table 87. 
[v. Table "Aletres carri-s'' hIkivb.] 
•2Z> centiares. [r. Table at top of pat'e.] 

1 o ares, t otb of a hectare. 

IV. Table at top i>f payre.] 

•2h to the hectare. 40 ares. 

"[For ACKES eqiiallin,' HECTARES wnd comparative 
values and crops, V. IhjIow and also Table 89.] 

Say 2^ kilometres carres ; lOO square miles = 

260 i<. c, or low sfpiare miles 2590 k. c. 





and ARES 

Square S<)nare 











Aim-. Hec. 

Acr. Hec. 

1= 6-451 10= 



= -836 


. 9 

= 7-52 

1 =0-40 

10 = 4 05 

2 l'J902 12 77.41 







2 081 

20 809 

3 19-354 24 154-S3 






3 1-21 

30 1214 

4 25-805 j 25 161-28 







4 1-62 

40 1619 

5 32-256 36 232-24 







5 202 

50 20-23 

6 3«-707 48 309-66 






6 2-43 

60 24-28 

7 45159 50 3-22.56 







7 2-83 

70 28-33 

8 51-610,100 64513 


. 7 





8 3-24 

80 32-37 

9 58-0621144 928-99 







9 3-64 

100 40-47 



s"' ^^ ^*' 

1 =;«;!ii.:-3i 

» 1 TO-.;: 8-62 

4 !Ul--/7,5-a 

4 tl7H-5S IIW 

6 ;2ii!»;7v5 

7 f2»T---M>-l« 

5 ia«-53 10 »« 

:)=317« 11 -T* 
10 35317 13-OS 
15 .'.-■'■75 lH-92 
30 7<«-;in »i-16 
50 17Wia 05*) 
100 3531 -•« 1:<0'N> 
500 17H.S-^--iS «5i -111 
1000 3U1K'W 1308in 

c.kic -^tre of w> 

urweifh. K>O0kil.> 


16'38618 centimetres cubes (say 16J) 

28'3153 decimetres cubes, or U-0283 

metre cube. 
'0'7645 [13 cubic yards = 10 metres 


CUBIC PRICES: Id. [2 cents] per cubic yard = 
(■.'ir meu-e cube. One shilling [24 cent*] ■ 


13-625 centimes 
I fr. 63-5 c. 

No. 89. 



[lOOth of a grHnime] 


[Hull of n trriirame] 

GRAMME . . . 

1"r>.">.5=l pennvwL'i^'lit. 
3110:J5= IOZ. troy 


[10 f»ranmii"-.l 


[100 prramiiios.j 


[1000 grammes.] 
2"C7S2 pounds troy. 









ROUQHLY, for conversational use. 

A seventli of a grain. 

A grain and a half. 

1 grain equals 0T>4.S dteigramme. 

28^^,5 to the ounce. 1"/^= I dram. 

454-ONE POUND avoirdupoi.s. Tat 4° Cent. 

1 gramme is weight of a cub. centimetre of dist. water 
The franc and .'i-rentiinc pieces weigh 5 grammes each. 

One-third of an ounce avoirdupois. 

An English penny is fractionally under it. 

Say 3^ ounces, or iiearlv '4^ lb. avoirdupois. 
3-7324^ ONE POUND TROY. 

In trade a Icilo. is recltoned lu per cent, more 

than 2 lbs.: 11 11....^ .". kilos. 
[F. Table 90, and KILO, in Dictionary.] 

BRITISH WEIGHTS (Avoirdupois.) se. also labie 90 

GRAIN [en . 

OUNCE f"'] 

0'0648 ! Say seven centigrammes. 


2S'.35 i 28.1 grammes. 10 ounces ^^ l lb. 









oz. grammes 


= 7 




= 227 

13 = 369 

... 14 ■ 


... 113 


... 2'>r, 

14 ... 397 


... 211,4 


... 142 


... 283 

15 ... 42r. 


... 2S,'', ' 


... 170 


... 312 

16 ... 454 


. . . I>7 


... lOS 


... 34 n 

16o/.font1 pound 


POUND [">■] . . 453"59 ' Rouglily, half a kilo. 22 count as 10 kilos. 


HUNDREDWEIGHT 50'802 ' Say r>o kilos. See further details next page. 


TON 101G'04 Reckoned as 1015 kilos. See next page. 



10 .. 

100 M 

COMPARATIVE PRICES, at 25 fi. to the £. [r. «oporj)«gre 32] 
£ s. d. francs £ s. d. 

O 1 3i per mile I 1,000 par KILOMET. 64 7 5 per mile 
12 10 M 10,000 .• " 643 14 6 m 

6 8 9 n I 100,000 . " 6,437 5 2 

One penny [or 2 cents] per mile equals 

6"47 centimes |)ar kilometre. 
One penny per TON per MHiE equals 

6'37 centimes par 1000 kilogrammes et 

par kilometre. 
ONE SHILLING [24 cents] per MILE 

equals 77"7 centimes par kilometre. 
ONE DOLLAK per MILE equals 3 fr. 

24 c. par kilometre. 
ONE POUND per MILE equals 15 fr. 

53 c. par kilometre. 

equals 1553 fr. 46 c. par kilometre. 

equal 15,535 fr. par kilometre. 


at 25 fr. = 



Par Per 



Hectare Acr. 


fr. c. 1 

fr. c. 


= 3 9 £9 

550 01 


15 44 ; 10 

617 79 


30 89 ^ 12 

741 34 


61 78 j 14 

864 90 


123 .56 ' 16 

988 4(5 


185 34 i 18 

1112 02 


247 11 j 20 

1235 57 


308 89 25 

1.544 46 


370 67 ! 50 

3088 93 


494 23 100 

C177 86 


'I'ons Kilogrs. 
per : par 
Acre Hectare 

= Sill 
1 51065 

' litres 
par He c. 
1=0 -90 
! I • 80 

6 ■ 29 

7 19 

8 -OS 



O J2 

— M 

^ g 



<1 - I ■, 

2 s If 

h^ i = ? 

100 ?: = = 
fi 1 H ~ 

3 1^1 

53 = ,: = 
C^ ? - 
© , = a 


O - CO -^ 

v5 J o •: 


^ -s ^ 




' — — • "^-^n N CC K CC -* -t< i- O i~ ^ ~~-^t^ O <N 

:c — . — ,- X' 

uox -lad 
«8"!n!tlS = 
'sSBqno _ - 

uBntr^auox . g 2 ^ g g g 

— < ^ -^ -^ 5V| W 

30 -^ « — — r> -M 

eo-f w ir~ ri M 

» >< .C-N«-*.i 

j-o — s^«-*<tst^ccci — s>ic(;-*<^3D 

^ — ?1 « -r i 

_ M i^ 



o oc "■ 

n: i^^OCOOOOOOOOC — — — — — "—i — --(M 





-> c* e^ 





00 C5 













*" .. X 

I ■''ll 

OQ ' r - 


^ I 3 <N 


1 '-"b 

s = -^N 


TJ g 5 5 


10 J-^o 

5 siiox 

Co ^ •£ s 
jf 1 ^ = 




0ȣ -i 



OQ . -. .- 



SM (N ^ _ 04 04^-4 


iHCQco^iocor-oooi o o o o_o o o o o o^ 

rH M CO***" 10 to t> 00 oTgT 

■M — ■ :£; X — :o »ff I 

■ Ci =^ -f ^ O C-» 


— — ^^^-s^s^c^w 



ED . — 

J (0 O 

bl "* 

OS ?! 
















•c Ci -f X cc t- C^ c 
o o — — i^ ^ w : 


..t CJ ^ l^ •-'5 C^ , 1.^ V*^ '>* 

•"" •^ . - ' : p; i^ J 3; JT 53 

kO o o o »o o »^ 

iH ei CO •«< 10 <o c- 

_£ "SO|!5{ ^ 

o .- o > 

rt -T* « I 

O O O ! 

-H rt -T* « r^ Ci o 

CJ cc -r 1/5 O t 


r-i e« CO V la to t- 

» I- O 1- O ■• O O O 15 O IS o o o o o o o o 
7-1 CO ».'; o X C5 — c^ •?■ '■'3 1^ X o 1.1 o lo o o l(^ o 
x" C5 o" -T •>? rf -r uc -jT t-" x" cT o o o" 5 •£ 53 :; r-" 
— ^M n 1- 





[100 litres.] 

For hectolitres i)ar hectare 
equalling bushels per acre. V. 
Table 89. 

For kilos, par hectolitre equal- 
ling lbs. per bushel, add oiietburth 
to the number of pounds. 

For 1V)S. per bushel equalling 
kilos, par hectolitre, deduct one- 
fifth from the number of pounds. 
Thus, 50 lbs. per bush. = 40 kilos, 
par hectolitre, etc. 

DECALITRE . . . . 

[10 litres.] 




See word 
at foot 

ROUGHLY, for conversational use. 

22 gallons, or 2j bushels. 

This is correct within 1 j>art in 2000. 

Comparative prices par 



per GALLON, foi 


oil. etc. 

Par Per Par 




Hect. Gall. He 
fr7 c. d^ fr. 









2 29 = 1 18 


= 8 



= 4/. 

4 59 2 20 






6 88 3 22 






9 17 4 25 






11 46 5 27 






13 76 6 55 






16 05 »7 82 






Qi ■D Apothecaries' 
■ Measure 

in French fluid* equivalents 

1 minim = '0.59 millilitre. 
60 minims = 1 drachm 

= '355 centilitre 
8 drachms = 1 ounce 

= 284 decilitre. 
20 ounces = 1 pint 
= -5679 litre. 
Xote*: French chemists use the 
gramme (not the centilitre.) 








if pint (or 35 fluid ounces). 
4^ litres = 1 gallon ; 
9 = 1 peck ; or 36 = l bushel. 

18'3 centimes par litre equals Id. per pint. 
PKICES per QUART and jiar LITRE. 

Per Par 



Per Par 

quart litre 



quart litre 

d. fr. c. 


fr. c. 

fr. c. 

A = 04j 

7 = 

= 64 

1/6=1 65 

1 09 



1/9 1 93 

2 18 



2/ 2 20 

3 28 



2/6 2 75 

4 37 


1 01 

3/ 3 30 

5 40 


1 10 

4/ 4 40 

6 55 


1 38 

5/ 5 50 


3 4 10'4 A wineglassful. 


2 49 A small dessert spoonful. 
16'9 MINIMS The quarter of a teaspoonful. 


Rather more than half a litre, 
r. LITRE fee 

For PRICES. 1'. LITRE feo 

4^ litres. 22 make a hectolitre. 
For prices, V. HECTOLITRE, above. 
Say 9 litres. 


36 litres. 2f = 1 hectolitre, [r. Table 

One penny per bushel = 28'7 centimes par 
hectoHtre. One shilling per bushel = 3 francs 
44 c. par hectolitre. 

1/ per qr. of 480 lbs. = 57-3 c. par 100 kilos. 
40/ ditto 22 fr. 92 c. ditto. 




[Divisions. V. 91 B.] 


QUART [2 pints] . . . 



GALLON W quarts] . . 



PECK [2 gallons] . . . 



BUSHEL [8gallou.s] . . 


The old French 'Boisseau' was 

much less than half a bushel. 

QUARTER [8 bushels] . . 






H<i|t.n C«|»t 


975 Edward (lllart.)1 

Z Printiaa in Ckia. fSeO 

Robert II. 'J* Pituxl 


979 Etlxlrad II. 4 O Arahio nnmaral. inti..da<«( inl. E<ir.4>a. 
1018 Kdmund rS 7S:I..1U7I ln.a.i<>n<<.r KaflawtWUsaM 


~i 7BC. .»,, WO, ■..ort "K, 

I>x>a.ida J a 
1017 Canair ^ 

"•"" ' 


1HS5 Harold I. 'DANE 
low HardiraanU J 

IftW 1«T* f r..."w^» 

1012 Cla.rd Ih. ,•! 

<-oa(r>u>r )■ SAXON 

lUT -ih.. .. 

1IK9 »>■' >' 

n.iii|.r. I. 


lOnn Barcld II. J Baiilr ..f Ha^inn lOflB 

AWl>rd. 10T!< IM'J 1202 iimu .. 

low William 1. \ . _ l»<.fi.r.-UT. I»-fi 

I21T St«- .. 


10*7 Wllli.n, II. ,=5 
lion H»nr<- 1. >5s 
1135 KtaphVn ,1 ^* 

15S8 W«. •• VI. (1< Gro.> 


ISW 7«». - 


!.»..]< VII. (I« Jens.) 


ir.n w— .. 

IlSl Hrnrjr II. 1 T1,»mi.. I<a,.k» mardarid. IITII 

Philippr II. fAoinrtO 11«0 

1199 KicKar.1 1 

lx>ii» VIIKbUoX 


11M9 J<,l,n 1215 XainaCkana | VSD 

I^.iii<I.V (S.L<»i<> 


I.^IR Hrnrr III. |->..rt Parliamaat. tOB lAbWf ma. 

Trouliutonra. Tra>>v^r<ttf. 11-tWmr *i^>l>« 

tUfn^- •!• /• Cn>. 

•j Fint r.^'O " 19<S 

IVA la CMfWn «• .*«r««,Ji- 

«/»«dl» 12* 


Z '^ 

1-^7 £rt PWii-c ae ^Ar^ .'••^^•4' 

n.lli|.pc III.(leB>nlO 1279 

1272 Edirard 1. O 

;PkiIi|>l»IV. (1. Brf) 


.< WalaM ia;n.* in Knfland. 129? 

lI^>al«.V. IkHaUal 


1307 Fdwu.1 11. t 

< Baannckkum. 1911 

iJnn !.-!• jonn 


lo M n'.-Ti.. 

1 Pkilipre T. (le LoTC) 


-> WjciiCa. U2i-U'<t 1 Gi...r. I^t.'-IKM 

Ilo'OnaKlii.. ISM 1?).W 

rharhnlV. (kifeli 


0. aandrTillrdi<d. 1372<Ckaaa.r.l3«>-ll>M 

<?.n^ 4« 100 .HI.. 1:07-II5S 

f PhAn» VI. (Valoli) 


1^27 F^laard III. Cal.i. takra. 1317 (l».l, ISMi 


J<'>i> 11. n« Boa) 


BlM:k l>aath. 1314 

'/■'><.j«n<>«.'.Vnrr<.»<.. I34S (.lav 

Charlr, V. (IoSmb) 


1377 Riokard 11. J Ihrrj Cka.«. (Otl«(.ura- intW 

rmiiurt. 1337 1410 1 1391 CsrUaiijoan 


lh.rtr, VI. 


L-Sm H..IT IV. -v OC 

1113 Hrarr V. 1 if! TaHon. imiUl | I.lradur. print 14>: 

1122 Hrnrr VI f<a Ihilrnhartr. |.rintini. lUO-r. 



Oiarln ni 


1431 u tr«l.. 


UmU XI. 


; -»< War, J ,k. It.«... |«5-14><r. 

/:au«« ^ F..n>iri.7. 1<S0 

1191 F.daaidir.-V " 
IlKl Edaar.1 V. • YORK 

m^h Jf«».r.»., IJV". 

i.r)..,l„ VI 11. 


Cnn-iu.. IMS-1S«) 


11(0 P.lrk>rd III..! 

I.V.O .,^,.. I :, ,„.„ (XfuiNS 

l.osii XII. (Pir. J.. 



H«5 n».,T VII. \ Wnl.rr. U7I-1.V» ] Xnra. 1U9-I535 


rf„u„^, I. (p;.r, .In 

1 -. 1 laaiD.r. Il-Ut-ISM 

\i^..i. mtt-iiii 




U109 H™rr VIII. 1 5 rjumbu, A»rir. 1192 | PlaUn. 1513 
1.517 F..l.afd VI. ,^5 Papal rula Ikr... „«kj Encland. 1531 

lUkeUi.. IIS3-1K>3 0U 

: Hr»rill 


K>niut4. l.v:!l-ISU 5=1 

1553 Jon. Cry, 3 RaCoriaaU^n. I.';i7 rC->id>>.rr 

l^'J- <'ft1fti* rcrrU 


1553 Mary i *" P.aminp of ProtMlanta undrr Pol* ac-l 



Franco!* II. 


15.-'9 l:iiu,\rH J Kalritk. 15.'j2-l(iH | 8f«u«c. 1553-liW:' 

15Ti U X EiuatWrn, ' 


l-harln l.\. 
H»nri III. 

IMO 15(!l-ie2« | gk.kaopaara. UK1-1«1<; 

X..iiULlr>». lS3J-lSn? 


Sp. Aruiada. 1589 | Bea Jaa.oa. 1571-lb-r 

1«2 N.aratu r»ln.<lri«r. l><:U>1>r« 1-15 

|-H™ri IV. (laCraad) 



Kdit ■<• Smuu,. >.;m «/«<>oui«>. lf!v' 


lew J.nn t. 1 2t G..npo-.Ur Plol. 16*5 

nWkalU.. 15I«-1M'2 1 rou.>in. l.Ut-ltx.' 

l^aUXIlI. Ila Ja.u) 1610 

1625 Iti.rla. 1. J £< Tl.irt.r Y«ir.' War. I6l8.1«19 

Mil'oa. 16M.1K71 | Drjdaa. 1031 17U0 

Kncrm l.««t-l«M | M.i>rin. l(«2-incl 

j Ix.»i. XIV. (Ir Grand) 1C43 

HHI C<Hi.m>.o.nilll. » trhrrl.y. 1>;10 1718 | Ciril War. 1«1 ■-■> 

Oni^ill.. IBOf.-ieH 1 Pa>«>l. IriS-lHf: 



Kn««». 1I-J7-1TM 1 R>cii.«. I'rj!l-1B<W 


1G58 KIrkard Crvin.rll 

Pr„n. l-ili 1719 1 >l.rll-.roo;l.. 1(S»- 17?> 

Mu>i'.l»n. InvV1742 | (« rn,^,, lt!11.ri.1 

S 1 

>«» Oharin II.> ? t HaUa. IV.rp... .lot. 1»7« 

TunaiK, 1«11 1K7:> | C«ll«rt. IP1»^IIM 


ll9!5Jain« II. ) £< 

Co«4<. ie21-le>« 1 >l^^<au</n>«t<i>^,ISX'> 


ISSe William III. (oIORANOEl 

1V.u«>u. l»«»-17ai 

and J(ar> // IStuarti Bank of F.airland foaadad. 1«»1 


BolUin. 1«36-1711 1 Fen.l"n. I«r.l-I71.1 

1 . 

17»2 .Ian. STUART Blenlwim. 1704 | Cil-raltar tokm. 1701 
taion of i:«,l..,d nod KroUaad. 1707 


i l~>ii> XV 


1711 Oanrta 1. P»ac» .* Itrrrhl. 1713 


W„n. 1631 17?;l 1 Saifl, l(W7-171i 

/■..,»W>.r, rtl 17K1 

17)« f:«>r<alll. 

Popa. 19V9-1711 1 .lokatoa. 1709-ITM 

(• C<r« .nn. ^ (• fV>ii»». 17>N 

l.lH.«i. XVI. 



KtrouTiox rn. 


Gtajnriau r.lanlar. 175t— ScpL 2-11 

Msn>l. 1714 1793 | M>r>l«>a. Ktl-lT^n 

Mr, Ril-L-BLIIlCt 


Indapaadaoca Unitad SUIat. 1792 

Robmrien*. I7f,»-17»4 | HunM. 1771 Kl.S 



Bara.. 17S9-9>i | Balth af tka Mle, 17)< 

K«7. 1T«S1«I6 1 C»>i,r. 17>»-1>;>J 



Oiaat Britain aad Iraland. 1901 

(Vncotdkt. IWl 

Irr EMPIRE : Sao. I 


Gu inlK-laaad. I7«S | Trafal(ar. I^Of. 

TJlr,r»»J.171«-lR3« 1 P..lip».c.l7>«l-1MT 

l..ui. .XVIII. 


Piu. 17.W-1S06 1 .Valna., 1759-1905 

Crnmi-njnt ile A'«j*.>, IHl-J 



Fi«»l l.<sm.olir», 1811) B/roa. 179S-1824 

W»t«rloA, 1»[1.'> 

I*»i. XVIII. 


lioalka. 1719-I8S2 1 Saoli. 1771-19.-« 

S.»<.Won, iii»rt. 1!^1 I AUrr, I'-M 

f'karla. X. 


1F20 Oaor,« 1 r. 

Rat,.r,.. Ac. 1832 1 Wallinitto.. 17(l9-lK:-.2 

lUl J..Xmi<, n llv>-i 1 i;oii..t, 1767-1'Cl 

l.-«i. Pl.ili,,,„ 


1H30 WillUm IV 

<:an. Xtrpbau.... 1791-1819 

H.aK. 1799- 1K.0 1 Uonp ituit. l«.l 

■.•i— KlrCKLI^Ct 


IKC r.-rtor-. 

°J Hlavarj^ alnli.kcd Brili.k Empin. 19M 

i>un.>.. 1«I3-1(!70 ) Tkim^ 1797-1S77 

XapolKtn Pr^Udent 


> Klaalr. lalaKrapk.lK}7|Pannv i.otta«c.lt09 

Cjini«>berl. 1809~lf^ S«1mlo|M>l. lMV.'t 

NaroUn. III. (Emr 


O l-riinaaa War, IS51-S | Indian Slau. 19.',7 

Cu<sl 4. »'■€<. !)«l SnUn. 1S7« 

:u„ Ri?pr»i;«ff 


Z Indian Gotammrnt tran^farrad fmia tUa 
5 Ka*t India Conipauy to tka Cmwn. 19.55 

l-m-LrtiiMm, 17<I0-1S>:') ; C^mmniw. l<.:i 



Fiaoah (-oianaraial Tr^tr. 1««» 

StfUttk III., m.n. IICI 1 C»r,. .<I<»i<. 

■ Origin of Hpaaiaa.- 1959 \ Atl. cakla. 1(«>: 

Jf.rt 4a Prio.. Iiap^riml. 1»7» tl«I-.7>: 



Rrform Art. 1W7 i War la AI>T..inia. 1969 

tillrt IMl-lWl 1 <:>iul«tt.. K1»-l»-J 

liiakra.. 1812-1970 1 Talapkaa«(Ball1 197'^ 

Tuni«i«, :wtl 

J»ln <:r*^.. 


Indi.o Kinpirr pracUln.rd. 1<<77 

Tonkin. ISM 1 Vuwr Hu(<, IHeiK-.'. 

IW.lin Traatj. 1973 | Zala War. 1879 

B«u]knffr. l$s» 



M.jnka. 1»91 ; Siafa at AlaiaadrU. IS*? 
r.rlrla. 1795 19!!1 | Kaiarva. 1903-1942 

Krau,. IKS-OZIiV,.. ao D.I.1IMT. mw.i 

<' Purler 


Kiirxli. l^nt-lVSl 1 Dartria. I9W-1<I'<2 

i;m«od.'if«»-irii3 1 x«..p.. i'mr.-ih<.i 

• ;>.. <:„rdoa Ullad. IKS 

l-nruur. 1I^2-1«K | )Ut>ii> X Ur IW. 

F-Ii. Fanr, 


Homa Riila Bill, 1996 <Sad Bill. 1993 

(V.a7iV«< <>< 3l>a>c>>^r 1«<.-. •: 

dnkilat .f ^rra r.'n.m, 1S.«7 

Riuiiuio Ha.-, l"'" 

► orlh Rridca, 1980 1 Taaaytaa, 1909-1«".> 

CM//tv«c« d« Ja A«y« l'>-a< 


£*w »nr l«a r«»7W9af;«iu r^l-4 

lliamoad JnMlaa. «. rinor». 1997 

V<u-l.'><V~ < V >. r.ln 1 t.-v 

■ila.l<toar. IHOI-IWH 

IflOl Edaat-l VII s<.atk Afriraa War. 1999-1902 

Maraoai : l.t ' w.ralau ' to Fraara. l-W 

, 0: Aiutfal ComVlth. 1901 | Jap. Tr.. 1»M 

.'W^mlira ^n t^imaitV fMl I»U.>. 



2 Rhoda.. 115:U19D2 | Pacifc CaUa. 110-: 

Al^sim. ISO*:) TuBncldMSiiu|>Jui>. loot: 

- Hali«h..r7. 19-10-1903 | Chwakarlaia Am 

Bl»ttn« (la JfaaMr rn moBoplaH) 19U* 

ad.-oa.lad Tariir Ucl.rm. 19II3 

L'r*« d<« U .'•~nN«. LWr^ f^hetninot* 1910 

aj KIk. Kaa iaaid . 1901 | Kalaia. 1811 1W7 

.t</i>p<i«* daMatTf dfftiner.wicU 1.911 

5 <l Aia P.n» , IWN | ». Afria. Caiaa. 1910 

fy{,JU~ r,„~. l»lj ; /x.; -.'.•■ 1 'l;. 

r-ln ar<'- 


I'llO CaoT- V n X" Inroraac ISlS | Coal Strika. 19: ■ 

P.aaiaa •'••al. Wit ; Iri.S Crirt. I'l I 

THE GREAT WAR— 1914. et. s«<j. ■• c.,.,aw..iad i.ii | 




A [pr. aft] A | Un A majuscule, a capital A 
a, 'Srd pers. v. Avoir. V. Tables 5 and 75 
X prep, to : at : in : into : on : by : for : from 
**' [F. also the examples given below.] 
With ' le,' [pi. les] it becomes au [pi. aux] 
Comme regie generate. To, indique moiivement 
vers.tandis que At marque position ou repos. 
Le train va a Calais, arrive a Calais, s'arrete 
a Calais, The train goes to C, arrives at C, 
stops at C I Aller au bord de la mer, To go 
to the sea-side | fetre au bord de la mer. To 
be at the sea-side | Vne promenade au bord 
de la mer, A walk at the sea-side | Etre a 
Londres, To be in London | Aller a la cam- 
pagne, To go into the country | Jeter ... a 
quelqu'un. To throw ... to [ou at] a person 
iObs. To throw ' at ' a person indique I'inten- 
tion de frapper cette personne: ainsi on dit, 
Jeter nne pierre a ..., To throw a stone at 
... : Lancer la balle a ..., To throw the ball 
to...] Etre au lit, To be in bed I Au feu ! Fire! 
Before NAMES OF COUNTBIES, a is gener- 
ally used when they are masculine, and En 
when they are feminine : Aller aux lltats- 
Unis, au Canada, Aller en France. [06s. En 
Portugal, En Danemark, Dans les Pays-Bas. 
Aux Indes, are exceptions] 
a la ..., In the ... style (ou way] 
a moi, [toi, nous, vous, etc ] a qui est ce livre ? 
Whose book is this ? | II est a moi, [a nous, 
etc.] It is mine [ours, etc.] Un ami a moi. 
A friend of mine | J'ai une cliambre a moi, I 
have a room to myself | J'ai une maison a 
moi, I have a house of my own | C'est a lui 
li jouer, It is his turn to play | C'est a lui de 
donner I'exemple, It is his place to set the 
example | J'ai fait cela a moi tout seul, I did 
it all by myself | C'etait a qui ... [F. Mieux : 
and Vie (English] 
Arracher une dent a. To take out a tooth for | 
Couper !a Jete a. To cut off ...'s head | II fit 
manger ... a C D, He made C D eat ... 
Jeter ... at> nez de ..., To throw ... in ...'s face 
Jeter ... au feu, a la mer, a la riviere, To throw 

... into the fire, into the sea, etc. 
Allumer ... au feu. To light ... at the fire 
Jeter ... k la porte. To throw ... out of doors 
Mettre a la porte. To turn ... out [fam) to ' sack ' 

Penser a. To think of (i.e. remember, etc.] 
[Penser de, means to form an opinion of] 

Voir a, connaitre a. To see by, know ... by 

a dix heures, At ten o'clock | a midi sonnant, 
Precisely at twelve o'clock 

a la tongue. In the long run | a I'avenir, In 
future I a mon avis. In my opinion | Au 
pluriel. In the plural 

a pied. On foot | a cheval, On horseback | a 
droite, a gauclie. On [ou to] the right [ou left] 
a dessein. On purpose 

a la livre. By the pound | Pas a pas, Step by 
step I Seul a seul, By ourselves [ou by them- 
selves] Aux encheres, By auction 

a Vexception de. With the exception of | a bras 
ouverts. With open arms | Un liomme a barbe 
rmisse, A man with a red beard | Preparation 
a. Preparation for 

Acheter ... a. To buy ... of 

a portee, Within reach, (etc.] 

a ce qu'il dit, From what he says, ... : according 
to him I a ce que je vols. From what I can 

see I Prendre [or enlever] a. To take from | 

Boire a. To drink from [ou to] 

a I'abri, Under shelter : sheltered | Foule aux 
pieds, Trampled under foot 

a demain ! Good-bye till to-morrow ! 

Between two adjectives of number, or | De 7 a 
8 kilometres. 4 or 5 miles | De 2 a 3 fois par 
jour, 2 or 3 times a day 

Between TWO NOUNS, a often gives the 
second the power of an adjective | Brosse a 
habits. Clothes-brush | Wagon a bestiaux. 
Cattle-truck | Tasse a the. Tea-cup [Ta^se 
de the, means Cup of tea] Dessin a la plume. 
Pen and ink drawing | La cMsse aux per- 
drix. Partridge-shooting 

Between a NOUN and VERB, (in compounds) 
generally rendered in English by the parti- 
ciple : as. Machine a coudre. Sewing-machine 

Followed by a VERB, to : to be ...ed [or 
rendered by the present participle] Bon a 
manger. Good to eat | Un homme a craindre, 
A man to be feared | lis sont a parler, They 
are talking | Se mettre a pleurer. To begin 
crying | Etre toujours a se plaindre. To be 
always complaining 

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A, A [lettre se pr. e : I'article indef. se pr. e, 
bref ] [suivi A'une voyelle. An] indef. art. un, 
une I In a cab. En fiacre | Once a week, Une 
fois par semaine 

[sometimes omitted) I am an Englishman, Je 
suis Anglais | He is a sailor, a protestant, II 
est marin, protestant [or, C'est un marin, etc.] 
It is a pity, C'est dommage que | What an 
idea! Quelle idie! \ With the adjective the 
article is used : as. He is an odd sort of man, 
C'est un drole d'homme 

[transposed : with Too, Such, So) Such a good 
man, so good a man, Un si bon homme | Too 
long a price, Un prix trop elev6 | So heavy a 
task, Vne tacUe si difficile 

[replaced by definite art.) He has a good ear, 
II a I'oreille bonne [With nouns of measure 
and value) A penny a pound. Deux sous la 
livre I A quarter of a pound, Un quart de 
livre [or simply, Un quart] 

A 1 [Lloyd's] [F. CLASS : and First-rate] To 
'be _,' Aller parfaitement | 'A.B.' [F.Matelot] 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE tcords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 



k [continued] 

In COOKERY, [cuisine^ and : with : in | Cafe 
au lait. Coffee and [ou with] milk | Bifteck 
atix pommes. Beefsteak and potatoes | Tarte 
mtx vommes, Apple-tart | a la broche, Roast- 
ed I Cuit au four, Baked { Cuit a I'eait, Boiled | 
Cuit a la poele. Fried | Au naturel. Plain 

Abaissant' -e a. lowering : degrading 

ABAISSE rolled paste : undercrust 

ABAISSEMENT" lowering : sinking : fall : dimi- 
nution : decline Ipers) abasement : disgrace: 
fall : depression [»ie'd) couching 

Abaisser' Ipr.ah-baysay'] va. to lower : to pull 
[ou bring] down [peTrs) to humble : to debase 

[w^d) to couch laiis) to roll (the paste] S' , 

To sink : to be lowered : to stoop : to humble 

ABAISSEUR [muscle] depressor Los 

ABAJOUE cheek-pouch 

Al)alourdir va. to stupefy 

ABANDON" _ment : carelessness : unrestraint : 

surrender : neglect | a 1' , At random : in 

disorder : left to itself [A) adrift 

ABANDONNfe-EJS abandoned character 

ABANDONNEMENT" abandoning : forsaking: 
surrender [absol) profligacy 

Abandon'ner' va. [a, to] to abandon : to for- 
sake : to let go : to fail [rned) to give ... over 

[ou up] S' a. To indulge in ... [se fier a) to 

trust to [perdre courage) to despair 

ABAQUE abacus : tablet 

Abasourdir va. to stun [fig) to astound 

ABAT" [abbdhj smart shower | _S" [pi] offal 

ABATAGE or ABATTAGE felling : slaughter 
[nie'c) power [A) careening [fig) 'blowing-up' 

ABATANT" flap 

Abatardir va. to debase | 8' , To degenerate 

ABATARDISSEMENT- debasement [dibece] de- 
generacy : degeneration 

ABATEE [A] falling aback | Faire son _, 
To fall off 

ABAT- -FAJM- ■ solid joint (of meat] 

ABATIS" (pi] [d'arbres) felling {puis) giblets 

ABAT'- JOUR [pi. _] reflector : sun-shade 
[visiere : de lamp^ shade [.arcK) sky-light 

ABAT-- SONS" luffer boards 


ABATTEMENT" prostration : lowness (of spirits] 

ABATTEUR de besogne, ... who gets through a 

ABATTOIR : slaughter-house [.lot of work 

Abatti-e va. (Table 67) [du ble) to lay [tuer) 
to kill : to fell [arbres, etc.) to cut down : to 
chop, blow, throw, knock, cast, ou bring down 
Ibesogne) to get through a lot of [A) to heave 
... down : to fall aback [fig) to depress : to 

cast down | S' , To fall : to alight : to swoop 

Abattu -e a. Ipers'] cast down : depressed | 

a bride e. Full speed | pp. [V. Abattre] 

ABAT-VENT" [pi — ] penthouse : screen : shel- 
ter : luffer boards (pi] 
ABAT--yOJX" [pi. _] sounding-board 
Abbatial-e Iciat] a. abbey ... 
ABBATE lab-bay-eel abbey [ab'-e'i 

ABB£ abbot : priest | M. !' , The Reverend 

... I ABBESSE —ss 
A. B. C. [ah, bay, sayl primer : A. B. C. D3( 

ABOfeS" ab'scess : tumour | Former un , 

[or Former ] To gather 

ABDICATION" _ 1 Abdiqu-er- tw. to abdi- 

ABDOMEN _ I Abdominal -e a al [.cate 

ABDUCTEUR [muscle] _tor 

AB^C^OAIRE spelling-book 

ABEILL'E bee [bourdonner=tobu2z]Sferwett€ 

nid d' s. Honeycomb towel 

ABERRATION" [pr.bothr's] _ 

Ab6tlr va. to make ... stupid 1 S' vr. to grow 

AB£TISSEMENT-- stupidity Lstupid 
Ab hoc et ab bac [ab ocetdb ac] ad.&t random 
Abhorrer- [pr. both r's] ta. to abhor : to abom- 
ABlME abyss : depth : (the) deep [,inate 
Ablmer- va. to overwhelm : to sink : to des- 
troy : to ruin [gater) to spoil | S' To be 

lost (in] to be ruined : to be spoiled 
Ab irato ad. in a fit of temper 

Abject -€ a. t : base : mean 

Abjectement- ad. abjectly 
ABJECTION" abjectness [fam) meanness 
Abjurer- va. to abjure : to renounce 
ABLATIF _ive | a !'_, In the ablative 
ABLATION" cutting off : retrenching 
ABLE or ABLETTE bleak : ' whitebait' 
Abluer- va. to clean up 

ABLUTION" — [renounce 

ABNEGATION" self-denial I Faire _ de. To 




Aback' ad. | Taken [fig) deconcerte : inter- 

loque [<t ) masque : pris devant | Throw all 
— I Masquez partout ! | Sails , En panne 

AB'ACUS abaque : tailloir 

Aba'fl ad. a I'arriere | To draw , Adonner 

Aban'don [e-bann-de-nn] va. [to, a] abandon- 
ner : quitter : delaisser 

Aban'done'd a. abandonne 
_ WRETCH miserable 

ABAN'DONING abandon : delaissement 

Aba'se [e-ftece] va. abaisser 

Abash'e'd [e-bachte'] a. confus (at, de] 

Aba'te Ibete] v. abaisser : diminuer : rabattre : 
s'abattre | MENT diminution [com) rabais 

ABB'EY abbaye Vca [a.) abbaUal 

ABB'OT [a'-6e-tt] abbe 

Abbre'viate [e-bnve-i-ete'] va. abreger 

ABBREVIA'TION [ec7ie-»m] abreviation 

A B C [^, W, ct] As easy as , Facile comme 

tout : simple comme bonjour 
ABDUCTION enlevement [anat) aMtiction 
Abe'am [e-binie] ad. par le travers:sur le cote 
Aljed' ad. [vieux] au lit : couche [lying ill) alite 

Abel' ipret & i?p.-tted] To aid and , Exciter 

ABETT'OR [te-r\ fauteur -trice 

ABEY'ANCE | In , Pendant : en suspens 

ABHORR'ENCE Tiorretir (of, de, pour] 

Abhorr'ent a. repugnant -e (to, a] 

Abi'de [a»] v. [pref . <fe pp. Abode] demeurer : 

rester [fig) endurer | To by, S'en tenir a - 

s'en rapporter a 

ABI'DING [oi] sejour | o. immuable 

ABIL'ITY capacity : talent : haMletel— and 

tact) savoir-faire | A man of average , Un 

homme ordinaire 
Ab'jectly ad. d'une maniere aidecte 

[42] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




ABOI bark i ABOIE-MENT* barking : bark 

ABOIS" (plj Aux _, At bay [pers) in a fix 

Abolii' va. to abolish [dr) to annul 

ABOLISSEMENT" abolishment 

ABOLITION" — llich'nn, i bref] 

Abominable a. [ne-6e-(] [-menf -bly] 

ABOMINATION" _ [ne'che-nni 

Abomlner' va. to abominate 

Abondammenf ad. abundantly 

ABONDANCE abundance : plenty [vin) 'wash' 
[wine and water] Parler d' , To speak off- 
hand I Corns d' , Horn of Plenty 

Abondanf -e a. abundant : plentiful [style) 
copious : rich [repas) hearty 

Abonder' vn. to abound (en, in, with] dans 

le sens de. To entirely agree with 

ABONN^ -ER subscriber (de, to] season-ticket 

holder [gaz, eau) consumer | Je suis au 

'Temps,' I take in the 'Temps' 

ABONNE-MENT-- subscription [billet d'_) sea- 
son ticket [impots) fixed ou lump sum | Faire 

un a ..., 'To subscribe to ... : to take a 

sea.son ticket on (ou for] 

Abonner' va. to put ... down as a subscriber 
(for] S' , To subscribe (a, to] to take (town- 
water, gas] to take in (a paper, etc.] to take 
a season ticket [impots) to compound [ou pay 
a lump sum] for | On s'abonne ici. Subscrip- 
tions received here 

Abonnir v. [& S' w.] to improve 

ABORD" access : approach (de, to] T>' , At 

first ; at once | Au premier , De prime , 

At first : at first sight | En , Inboard 

Abordable a. accessible : easy of approach 

ABORDAQE [accident) collision : running foul 
of [guerre navale) boarding 

Abordef va. to approach [wne pers) to accost 
ii>) to come on board [accident) to collide 
with : to run foul of [guerre, officiel) to board 

[vn.) to land : to come to land | 8' , To meet 

ABORIGINES' [pi] aborigines [riclj' -e-nize] 
Aborner' va. to delimit : to mark out 

Abortif -ire a. ive 

ABOUCHEMENT" meeting : interview 

Abouchef va. to bring ... together | 8' , To 

meet : to have an interview 
Aboutir vn. to end : to meet (a, at] to abut (on] 
to come out (on] to tend (ou lead) (a, to] to 
converge [abces) to break | Tout cela n'abou- 
tira a rien. It will all end in nothing fonts' 
ABOUTISSANT" | Tenants et _s, 'Ins and 
ABOUTISSEMENT- end [d'abces) breaking 
Aboyer' [pr. abivoi-yay'i vn. to bark (a, at] 

[fig) to dun (a, ...] 
'Abracadabranf-e' a. 'perfectly stunning' 
Abraqu'er' va. to take in the slack of 
ABR^G^ abridgment : summary : digest | En _, 

Briefly | Abr^ger" va. to abridge | Pour , 

In short fete. 

ABREUVAQE or -VEMENT" watering (of cattle, 
Abreuver" va. to water [fig) to fill : to soak 

[tonneaux) to stanch | 8' , To drink 

ABREUVOIR horse-pond : drinking-trough 
ABRtviATION" abbr_ : contraction 

ABRI shelter : cover 0=3) | a 1' de, Under 

cover of : sheltered from | Mettre ... a I' , 

To shelter | Je me mis a 1' , I got under 

shelter [ou cover] 

ABRICOT" apricot [epe] lER" apricot tree 

Abriter" va. to shelter : to screen : to shade 
ABRIVENT" screen : mat Lcontre, from 

ABROGATION"- [ghedi-nti] [d'ltne Joi)repeal 




A'ble [ebe'lll a. habile : capable (to,del To be 

to, Pouvoir:etrea meme de | Better to, 

Mieux a meme de | -bodie'd a. robuste | 
-bodie'd SEAMAN, Bon matelot 
A'bly [e-ble] ad. habilement : avec talent 
Ab'negate lab'tii-gtiete} va. renoncer a ... : nier 
Abnor'mal [?ne-J] a. anormal 
Aboar'd [e-b6rde\ ad. a bord (..., of, de] To 

haul the tacks , Amurer | All I [boat) 

Embarquez ! [Americ. i&) En voiture! 
ABO'DE demeure : haUtation [stay) sejour | Of 

no fixed Sans domicile fixe 

Abo'de Ipp. V. Abide] 
Abol'lsh TCI. abolir [laws) supprimer 
Abom'inate le-bomme-nete'i va. detester 
Abori'ginal [ne-J] a. primitif : d'aborigenes 
ABOR'TION [o dans sort : che-nn] avortement 
Abor'tive a. abortif: manque | _ effort, ' Coup 

A'epie dans Veau ' \ ly ad. sans succes 

Abou'nd [aot«] vn. abonder (with, de, en] 
About' [aoul prep, autour de : aupres de : sur : 
pour : vers : dans : touchant : au sujet de : a 
regard de : chez [engaged on) apres : a : en 
train de ... [nearly) environ : a peu pres [ad.) 
autour J a I'entour : qa et la : environ | To be _ 
to ..., Etre sur le point de ... : aller | Those 

— him. Son entourage | What is it all ? 

De quoi s'agit-il ? De quoi est-il question ? | 

what ? a quel propos ? | What's he — ? 

Que fait-il? a quoi songe-t-il? | Say no more 

it, N'en parlous plus | me, ... me con- 

cernant | 3 o'clock. Vers les trois heures | 

30, 60, Une trentaine, une soixantaine | 

To run the fields, Courir les champs | To 

put [J>] Louvoyer [V. Bout, Eng^] 

Above [e-be-v'] prep, au-dessus de : par-dessus : 

sur : plus de [up the river) en amont de 
ad. en haut : la-haut : au-dessus [ — -men- 
tioned) mentionne ci-dessus | Over and — , En 

outre : en sus | As , Comme ci-dessus | ... 

that comes from , ... qui vient d'en haut | 

all, Surtout | board ad. loyalement : 

sans rien cacher [fam) ' cartes sur table ' | 

GROUND, [alive] En vie : de ce monde 
Abra'de va. user par le frottement 
Abreast le-breste'] ad. de front : a bord 
Abridg'e va. abreger : raccourcir (from , de] 
ABRIDG'MENT abrege : dimintition 
Abroa'd [oa, o dans sort] ad. a I'etranger : a 
I'exterieur : dehors [broken) en pieces : de- 

tache I It is noised , Le bruit court | To go 

, Aller a I'etranger 

Ab'rogate [guete} va. abroger 
Abrupt' [e-bre-p(e] a. [person) brusque [cliff) 
escarpe : abrupt [sudden) precipite : soudain 
ly ad. brusquement : tout a coup 

A point (SO means silent, or GN' LL' L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMIXINE toords in Italic. MASCULINE, tliiis 




Abroger' va. to abrogate [toO to repeal 
Abrupt -e a. t D=^ : steep | ement' ad. 

Abrutir r«. to stupefy : to brutalize : to knock 

... up I S' To make a beast of o'self 

ABRUTISSE'MENT" brutisliness : sottishness : 
ABSEXCK [de. froiu. of] _ [debasement 

Absenf-e o. [de, from] t : away : not in 

s'Absenter' vr. to absent one"s self : to be away 
ABSIDE [arch] apse Ide, from 

ABSIDIOLE apsidiole 

ABSINTH' E [in nas.] _ : wormwood : bitters 
s'Absintli'er' vr. [vulg] to drink bitters 
Absolu-e a. lute : positive : peremptory: ... 

that will be obeyed ipolit.) despotic 
Absolument' ad. absolutely : completely : 

utterly : by all means [F. Vouloir] 
ABSOLUTION — [dr) discharge 
ABSOLUTISME [eece-»»i] _isra {.izzm} 

Absolutoire a. tory 

Absoi'bant' -e a. absorbing : engrossing 
Absorljer' va. to absorb : to engross Ipers) to 
ABSORPTION- — [che-Jin] [swallow 

Absoudi-e va. (Table 53) to absolve [dr) to 

Absous' -ottte pp. absolved [V. Absoudre] 
ABSOVTE general absolution 
ABST^ME [& f.] abstainer [a.) abstemious 
s'Abstenii- vr. (.Table 15) to abstain : to re- 
frain (de, from] to forbear (de, to] 
ABSTINENCE _ | Faire To abstain Oa^ | 

absoltte. Total abstinence 

ABSTRACTION" — : abstract question | _ 

faite de. After deducting : setting aside 
Abstractive'ment' ad. in the abstract 
Abstraire va. (Table 40) to abstract (de, from] 
ABSTRAIT" abstract 

-e a. abstract : difficult [pp. V. Abstraire] 

Abstrus' -e [Int, fntre] a. abstruse itrottce'] 
ABSURDE absurdity { _ a. absurd Ise-rde} 

preposterous | merit' ad. absurdly 

ABSVRDITE _ty [se-rd-ite] 

ABUS" abuse : error : breach (de, of, to] de 

confiance. Breach of trust | Comme d' , 

[Appeal) to a secular court 

Abuser* t'. to abuse : to deceive : to mislead | 

de, To take (an imfair) advantage of : to 

overwork : to use ... too often : to trouble ... 
too much I Nous abusons de sa bont^. We are 

trespassing on his kindness | 8' , To deceive 

o'self : to be mistaken 

Abusif -ive a. ive : improper [-menf -ly] 

Abyssal -e a. unfathomable : of the deep-sea 
ABYSSIN" -E [& a.] Abyssinian 
ABYSSINIEN"-£J^iV£ [<fc a.] Abyssinian 

ACABIT" stamp | De bon , Of a good kind 

ACACIA _ [ang. pr. e-kech-yd] [V. LOCUST] 
ACAD^MICIEN" _cian : member of the Insti- 
tute [F. INSTITUT] 
ACADEMIE _my [art) figure : academy study | 

frangaise. French Academy (consisting of 

40 only of the foremost writers, savants, etc. 
in France, elected for their services to liter- 
ature, etc. Membership of the F. Academy 
is for life ; its members are humorously styled 

' les Immortels '] [ad ically 

Acadeniiqu'e a. ic, ical | iqu'ement' , 

' s'Acagn'arder" * it. to get lazy 

ACAJOU mahogany | Noix d' , Cashew-nut 

ACANTHE acanthus [e-kan-the-ss, th fort] 
ACARE mite : tick 

Acariatre a. peevish : cross : bad-tempered 
ACATENE — : chainless bicycle 
Ac'cablanf-e a. overwhelming : unbearable 
AC'CABLEMENT' [du corps) heaviness [moral) 

dejection : oppression : depth (of sorrow] 
Ac'cabler' va. to overwhelm ; to crush : to load : 

to encumber : to overpower (de, with] 
ACCALMIE lull : period of quiet 
AC'CAPAREMENT" monopolizing : cornering 
Ac'caparer" va. to monopolize : to buy up 
ACCAPAREUR -EVSE monopolizer 
AC-CASTILLAQE [J>] freeboard 
Accedcr" (a] t>n. to accede (to] to comply (with] 
ACCtutRATEUR-TJSICB—tor [a.) —ting 
ACCELERATION- _ [ang. sel-le-reche-nn1 

Accelere-e a. quick : quickened | Pas , 

Quick march | Toiture ie, Fast coach 

Accelerer' va. to accelerate : to hasten 

ACCENT" 03^ : intonation : tone 

ACCENTUATION" _ [afc-cennt'-tow-^cfte-wn] 




ABRUPT'NESS brtaqtierie: precipitation : rt«- 
AB'SCESS abces : apostume [desse 

Abscond' vn. s'en aller : dispara!tre : "lever 

le pied' 
AB'SENCE _ : eloignement | On leave of _, 

En conge | of MIND, Distraction 

Ab'sent a. (from, de] [ -minded) distrait 

Absent' one's self vr. s'absenter 
ABSENTEE' absent -e [workman) manquant 
Ab'solute a. absolu : veritable : illimite 

ly ad. absolument : completement 

Absol've va. absoudre : degager (from, de] 

Absorb' va. absorber 

Abstain' [sfe'ne] vn. s'abstenir (from, de] 

ABSTAIN'ER absteme 

Abste'mious [ttme-ye-ssj a. sobre [-ly, -ment] 

AB'STRACT resume [com) releve | In the _, 

Par abstraction \ Ab'stract a. abstrait 
Abstract' (from] va. soustraire : derober (a] 

faire abstraction (de] separer (de] [de 

ABUN'DANCE [6e-nn] abandonee : infiniment 
Abun'dant a. abondant i -ly ad. abondamment 
ABU'SE labimtcel abus : it\jxtres, in8uUes(p\'\ 
Ahu'se [abtmizej va. maltraiter : abuser de 

Cinsult, etc.) dire des injures a 
Abu'sive [abioticiv} a. abusif: injurieux [pers) 

grossier | ly ad. abusivement 

Abut' [pret. <fc pp. -tted] vn. aboutir (on, a] 

MENT arc-boutant : contre-fiche : pied- 

droit [of bridge) ctUee 
ABYSS' abime 

A. C. [Alpine Club] Club alpin | A/c = compte 
ACAD'EMY academic [school) e'cote : pension- 

nat : college [of music) conservatoire | The 

Royal Le Salon 

Acce'de [aceide] vn. acceder (to, a] ecouter 

(to, ...] [to the throne) monter (sur] 
ACCENT [ak'-sennttl _ : accent tonique 

[44] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Accentuer" va. to accen'tuate [fig) to mark | 

S' , vr. to become accentuated : to increase | 

Cmirbe aecentiiee. Sharp curve 
Acceptable a. . — [fam) worth accepting 
ACCEPTATION" acceptance 
Accepter' va. to receive : to take (a, from ...] 
[un cadeau, etc.) to accept | Accepte pour la 
somme de, Accepted payable 

ACCEPTEUR tor [acceptation : sense 

ACCEPTI ON" {lie pers) regard : respect [mots) 
ACC^S' [ak-say'\ access (a, to : aupres de, to] 

fit : attack (of pain, etc.] 
Accessil>le a. _ (a, to] ACCESSION" _ 
ACCESSOIRE [(fe a.] accessory [V. Collateral] 

S' fittings [eye) accessories 

ACCIDENT" lak' -se-de-nnte] variation : cas- 
ualty [ V. Meet] Sauf ou fortune de rner, 

Weatlier and circumstances permitting 
Accldente-e a. undulating : broken : hilly [fig) 
eventful : chequered 

Accidentel -J!e a. al Idennt'l'] [-lleinenf 

ACCISE excise L-ally 

ACCLAMATION" — [me'che-nn'] shout | Par 

— , Unanimously | S' cheers | Saluer par 

des s. To cheer 

ACCLIMATATION "—ma.tiza.tionlzeche-Hn] 

Acclimater" va. to acclimatize | S' , To get 

ACCOINTANCE intimacy Lacclimatized 
s'Accointer' vr. to become intimate 
ACCOLADE embrace : ' hug ' : ceremiony in con- 
ferring knighthood [typ) brace | En , Braced 

Accoler' va. [a, with] to embrace : to put . . . 

together : to couple the names of : to brace 
Accommodable a. that can be arranged 

Accoinmodanf-e a. dating : good-natured 

ACCOMMODEMENT" accommodation : concili- 
ation : arrangement 

AccommoUer' va. [de, with : au, to] to accom- 
modate : to do up : to put ... in order : to 
suit Iciiis) to dress : to do (meat, etc.] [F.Do, 

I line 18] to settle (a dispute] S' a. To agree 

I to : to conform to 

i ACCOMPAGN-ATEUR -TiiIC£ accompanist 

ACCOMPAGN-EMENT"_paniment [pr.fce-»i»«) 
j Accompagn'er" va. to accompany [pr. fce-Him] 
; {chose) to suit : to attend 
I Accompli -e [w nasal] a. accomplished Bo^ : 
I [fam) thorough | Accoinplir va. to accom- 
' plish 1 S'_, To be fulfilled 
; ACCOMPLISSEMENT- completion : fulfilment 
I ACCON" punt 

I ACCORD" [en ang. pr. e-fcorde] agreement : 

! concord : good understanding : keeping : 
tone [F. ORTHOGRAPHE'i Etre d'_, To 

agree Itmtsiqne) to be in time | Mettre d' , 

To reconcile | Tomber d' , To come to an 

agreement : to grant 
ACCORDAILL-ES- (pi] marriage contract 

Accordant' -e a. t [pers) good-natured 

ACCORD^ -EE betrothed 
ACCORDION" _ion [e-korAe-ye-nn1 
Accoi'der' va. [a, to] to accord : to reconcile : 
to grant : to favour (one with] [remise, etc.) to 
allow \tnus) to tune | 'Accordez vos flutes,' 

Arrange it between yourselves | S' , To 

agree : to suit : to tally, ou to be consistent 
(avee, with] to 'hit it off [bien, well] together' 
ACOORDEUR -EZJSB tuner | Clef A'—, [or 

ACCORDOIR] tuning-hammer 
ACCORE edge \_it) shore [a.) perpendicular 

[co(e) iron-bound 
Accorer' v. to shore up 
Accort" -e o. easy and graceful : sprightly 
Accostable a. easy of approach 
Accoster' va. to accost : to come (ou go) up 
to [i)) to come alongside : to come on board : 
to go (ashore] S' de, To take up with 




Accent' va. accentuer ; appuyer sur 
Accep't va. accepter feo : agreer [a challenge) 

relever | In case of his ing (this offer), En 

cas A'adMsion desapart | able [e-6e-J] a. 

— : agreable | ably ad. agreablement 

ACCEP'TANCE acceptation : lettre de change 
ACCEPTA'TION [te'cfie'ri] _ [sense) accei>«ion 
ACCEP'TDR [com] accepteur 

ACCESS [ak-cessel acces [afe-sat/] Easy to 

the valves, Visite facile des soupapes 
ACCESS'ORY [<fe a.] accessoire : complice 

ACCIDENT : sinistre [ J> & mach) avarie 

Acciden'tal [te-H a. tel : aleatoire 

Uy ad. par accident : fortuitement 

Accli'matize [fctaV-me-taVz] va. acclimater 


Accom'modatetJa. accommoderfco : convenir 

_.SQpdge) loger [hold) contenir | ... with, 

•B Fournir : donner 

ACCOMMODA'TION [to, a] accommodement : 
gajustement : logement : commodite : con- 
iiVenance [room) place [on board ship) ame- 

^nagements (pi] The there is good. On y est 

■ctres bien | BILL billet de complaisance 

— LADDER echelle de conmiandement 

ACCOM'PANIMENT [e-fce-»i»n] accompagne- 
ment | ACCOM'PANIST [& f. ] accompagna- 
teur -trice | Accoin'pany va. accompagner | 

To be panied by, Etre accompagne de 

«ACCOM'PLICE complice 1 An _ of, Le C de 
oAccom'plish va. accomplir fea : eft'ectuer | 

^ To an object, Remplir un but 

S Accom'pUshe'd a. accompli : acheve 
•oACCOM'PLISHMENT —plissement 

° S [pi] connaissances : arts d'agrement 

ACCORD' ie-korde : o dans sort} accord [wi.) 

s'accorder | Of his own , De lui-meme | 

With one , D'un commun accord 

ACCOR'DANCE conformM : rapport | In _ 

with, Conformenient a : d'accord avec 
Accor'ding (to) prep. <fe conj. selon : suivaut : 
conformement a : a en croire (...] — as, 

Comme : selon que | to, Suivant 

— ly ad. par consequent : en consegtience 
Accost' va. accoster : aborder 
ACCOUNT' compte feo : memoire : raison 

~[narrat.) relation : recit | For the , [shares] 

^sa terme | On of, a caitse de : par : en con- 

s sideration de [com) pour le compte de | On 
,;, a compte : a valoir (sur, of] On many s, 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE worda in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




ACCOTEMENT" side : part by tlie side 

Accoter' va. to stay | S' , To lean 


ACCOrCHEE lady [ou iromaii] confined 1 £'_, 
The mother | Garde d' , Monthly nurse 

ACCOUCHEMENT" _ : confinement 

Accoucher' vn. to be confined (de, of] Iva.) to 
deliver ... : to attend ... in her confinement 
[Conj. with Avoir for the action, litre for the 
state] ' ez done ! ' Out with it I 

ACCOUCHEUR _ | —EUSE midtcife 

s'Accouder" vr. to lean on one's elbows 

ACCOUDOIR elbow-seat : support 


MENT" coupling [d'oiseaux) pairing 

Accoupler' va. to couple : to match : to yoke 
(oxen] to pair (birds] 

Accourcir va. to shorten [F. Raccourcir] 

Accourlri*»i. (Table 16) [conj. with Etre : ang. 
to Have] to run (to the spot] to run up (a, to] 
to hasten : to come (ou go) at once : to gather 

Accouru-e pp. [V. Accourir] 

ACCOUTREMENT" _ Iplais) garb 

Accoutre!'" va. to rig ... out 

Accoutumer" va. [a, de. to] to accustom : to 

use : to inure | S' , To get accustomed : to 

be used (a, to] ACCOUTUMANCE habit -.use 

Accr^dlte -e a. accredited : in credit Ichose) 
... that obtains credit | Accr^diter" fa. to 

accredit [c/iose) to credit | S' , To get credit 

[fig) to bring one's self into notice 

ACCROC" [akro'] rent : hook [fig) hitch : hin- 
drance : reverse 


Accroclier' va. to hook on : to hang up : to 
lay aside : to catch : to catch hold of Iplace) 
to manage to get [^) to grapple 

Accroire va. ( Table 35 : is only used in the 
Infinitive with Faire) to believe | En faire 

a, To impose upon : to ' cram ' | S'en faire 

, To be conceited : to have the bump of self- 

ACCROISSE-MENT' increase : growth Lesteem 

Accroitre v. (Table 65) to increase : to grow 

s'Accroupir tr. to squat : to crouch : to cower : 

to roll one"s self up (in] 
ACCROUPiSSEMENT" squatting : cowering 
Accru -e a. increased [F. Accroitre] 
ACCUEIL' [cuei like cu in ciid] reception : wel- ' 

come [d'une chose) acceptance | Faire a, 

To welcome : to receive ... kindly fone 

Accueiirant' -e a. affable : glad to welcome 
Accueliri-e pp. welcomed [F. Accueillir] 
Accueill-ir [F. 4 lines above] va. (Table 13) 

to receive : to welcome : to await [com) to 
ACCUL comer [<;t) creek [.honour 

Accul^ -e pp. at a dead stand [a) driven back 
(upon] a VACCULEE, when she dips Iter stern 
Acculer' va. to drive ... into a corner 
ACCUMULATEUR _tor : storage-cell 
ACCUMULATION" _ [kiou-mioii-leche-nn'\ 
Accuniuler" va. to accu'mulate [t/oit-Je'fe] 
Ace usable a. ... open to accusation 
ACCUSATEUR -TRICE accuser [a.) accusing 
ACCUSATIF _ive | a l'_. In the A. 
ACCUSATION" _ [dr) charge : prosecuUon | 

Acte d' , Indic'tment | Chambre des mises 

en , Court of Indic'tment | Chef d' , Count ] 

Mettre en , To indict [inn-daVfe] 

ACCUSE -E culprit [dr) prisoner [a.) marked 

—t de RECEPTION" acknowledgment 
Accuser" (a] va. to accuse (of] to charge (with] 
to indicate : to show (...] to complain (of] to 
confess : to argue : to call (one's game] [dr) 

to arraign { reception de. To acknowledge 

the receipt of | S' , To accuse o's [ou each 

other, one another] 

Ac^phale a. alous 

Acerbe a. sour : harsh : sharp 

ACERBITE ty : sourness : harshness 

Ac6r6-«a. steeled : sharp : cutting 
Ac^rer" va. to steel : to intensify (ou embitter] 

ACfeTATE [_assi-tete\ Ac^lifler" va. to ace- 

Acetique a. acetic [e-st-tit] U'fy 

AC^TYL^NE _ I Appareil a A. generator { 

Bee a , A. burner | Lampe a , A. lamp 





/'ACCOUNT' [continued] a divers titres | On 

my , Par egard pour moi : pour mon 

compte I On no , Pour rien au monde : 

aucunement | To give an of, Rendre 

compte de | To open a running . Ouvrir un 

compte courant | On that , Pour cela | As 

per rendered, Suivant compte remis j 

Detailed [com] Bordereau | In current 

^ with. En compte courant avec | To call ... to 

g for, Demander compte a ... de | To take 

<g into , Tenir compte de | To turn ... to , 

« Tirer parti de I -BOOK registre 
•S" -DAY liquidation 

ACCOtLN'TS (pi] cotnptdbaite 
Account' V. compter : regarder ... comme : 
estimer [for, de) rendre compte { ... which 

s for ce qui explique ... 

ACCOUNTABIL'ITY responsabUite 
Account'able a. [to. a: for, de] responsable | 

Not for his actions, Irresponsable fpert C 

ACCOUNT' ANT comptable [chartered) ex- 
Accrue' le-krou] fn. resulter : provenir 

Accu'mulate [u. ton] va. accumuler [wi.) s'A 
ACCURACY [of-t/ott-re-fe] precision 
Acc'urate [ak'-you-re-tt'] a. exact : correct 
Acc'urately ad. exactement : avec jn-ecision 
Accur'sed [e-fceiir-sed] a. maudit : execrable 
ACCU'SATIVE _tif [Fr. gram.) regime direct 
Accu'se [e-kimizel va. accuser to 
ACCU'SER [e-kimizeiir'] accusateur -trice 
Accus'tom [ke-ss-te-mnij va. accoutumer | To 

get e'd to, S'accoutumer a : se faire a 

e'd a. accoutume : ordinaire : habituel 

ACE [e'ce] as ] TVithin an of, a deux doigts de 

ACE'T'YLENE acetylene j lamp, Zampe a A 

ACHE [eke'] mal : douleitr | Headache, Mai 
de tete | Toothache, Mai de dents [ F. Heart] 

vn. faire mal [fig) souffrir (for, de] 

Achie've [e-tcWre] tw. executer : accomplir i 

To a victory, Remporter une victoire 

ACHIE'VEMENT [pr. e-tchiv-me-nntt} exploit 
[completing) accomplissement : achevement 
[heraldry) armoiries (pi] S hauts faits 

[46] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Aclialander" va. to bring custom to ... | Bien 
achalande, Doing a good business 

Acliarne -e a. infuriated : desperate : obstinate 
[fumeur. etc.) inveterate [a, to, for) eager 

ACHARNEMENT" desperation : obstinacy |Avec 
, Desperately : 'like mad' 

Aeharner" va. to excite : to enrage : to set ... 
on I S' sur, To set at ... furiously 

ACHAT" purchase | Livre d' s", Bought book 

ACHE wild celery 

ACHEMINE-MENT- [a, to] means : step 

Acheminer" va. to despatch : to get on | S' — , 
To move on : to advance | II s'achemina vers 
la tour, He turned liis steps towards the tower 

Aclie'ter' [ash-tayi va. to buy (a, of, from] to 

purchase : to bribe | un cheval 1000 francs 

a .... To buy a horse for £iO from ... 

ACHE-TEUR -EUSE buyer : purchaser 

Ache" v^ -e a. & pp. thorough : perfect [fam) ' out 
and out' | ACHfeVE-MENT' completion 

Aclie'ver' va. to finish : to have done with : 
to ' do for ' I Nous avons acheve de diner, 
d'ecrire, We have done dinner, writing 

ACHOPPE-MENT-|Pierred'_, Stumbling-block 
[fam) hitch 

Ach'romatique a. tic 

ACIDE d [a.) acid : sour 

Acidilier" va. to acid'ify 

ACIDITE _ty : tartness | Aclduler' va. to 
acidulate | Bonbons acidules, Acid drops 

ACIER" steel | brut, Rough steel | bour- 

soufle, ampoule, factice, artiticiel. Blistered 

S I corroye, raffine. Shear S | doux. 

Mild S I fondu. Cast S | laraine, tire. 

Rolled S I Fil d'_, S wire | Tole d' Sheet 

S |_ a outils, Tool-S | Bessemer, B. steel 

ACIERIE steel-works L—rapide, High-speed S 

ACNE acne : skin eruption 

ACOLYTE [en aiig. afc'o-toVte] 

ACOMP'TE [to nasal, p silent] instalment | 

de dividende. Interim dividend 

ACONIT [pr. the t] aconite : monkshood 

' Acoquiner" ' va. to allure : to captivate 

A-COUP" [pi. _] jerk : start 

ACOVSTIQUE _ics (pi] Cornet _, Hearing- 
trumpet I VoCUe , Whispering-gallery | 

Tuyau _, [or ' ACOUSTIQUE'] Speaking- 
/'ACQU^REUR purchaser : buyer Ltube 

tAcquerir va. (.Table 9) to acquire : ' to get' : 
to gain : to buy \vn.) to improve | 8' , 

„ To be got, ou gained [V. Acquis] 

§ ACQUIT" iakay] gain : property acquired 

■oACQUIESCE-MENT'Ca ...] acquiescence (in] 

S compliance (with] Acqulescer" (a] vn. to 

g acquiesce (in] to comply (with] 

g ACQUIS" experience ; acquirements D=^ (pi] 

3 {.pp. y. Acquerir] Droits , Vested inter- 

°' ests I a ..., Quite at ...'s disposal 

^ACQUISITION" — [akoiiiz'i purchase 

cs ACQUIT" discharge [com) receipt | Pour , 

a Received | Par maniere d' , Perfunctorily | 

.. -A-OAUTION" permit to import for draw- 

« ACQUITTt I a r , Duty-paid Lback : transire 

mACQUITTE-MENT- discharge : acquittal 

3 Acquitter' va. [de, of] to clear : to discharge : 

o" to receipt (a bill] S' , To pay : to be paid 

^ [de) to perform ... : to acquit one's self of 

ACHE [ak'r] O^ | Acre a. acrid : sour 

ACRETE acridity [fig) acrimony 

ACRIMONIE ny | nieux"-«tse a — ious 

ACTE act : action, actions : deed : bill : proof : 

certificate [d'lme societe) proceedings (pi] 

de deces. Certificate of death | de mariage. 

Marriage certificate | Faire de irresence, 

To put in an appearance { judiciaire. Legal 

document | de francisation, Register [of 

French ship] S" [pi] records fplaintiflf 

ACTEUR, ACTRICE, actor, actress [Jersey) 
ACTIR [dr) assets Ijgram) active voice 

Actif -ive a. active | Dettes ives, Assets 

ACTINIE sea-anemone | nique a. actin'ic 




Ach'ing [e'fee] a. endolori [p. pres. V. Ache] 
ACID acide | _ [ou Acid'ulaled] DROPS, 

Bonbon^ anglais acidules 
AckiioWl'edge va. reconnaitre : confesser 

[to reply to) repondre a [receipt of) accuser 

reception de | DGMENT recminaissance 

[admission) aveu [by post, etc.) accuse de 

reception \ S [pi] remerciments 

ACME [ak'mi, i bref] cime : sommet [med) fort 

A'CORN [e'-ftorne] gland | Crop of s, Olandie 

Acquaint' le-kouennttl va. [...with] informer 

(de] faire savoir : faire connaitre ... (a] To 

be ed with, Connaitre : savoir 

ACQUAINT' ANCE cmmaissance (with, de] To 

make their — , Faire leur C \ He's an old , 

C'est une vieille C IV. Improve] 
Acqules'ce iakmii-ess'] vn. acquiescer (in, a) 
Acqui're [i ail] va. aequerir : apprendre 
ACQUI'REMENT [i at] acquisition : acquis | 

— S (pi] erudition : cmmaissances (pi] 
Acquit' [-tted] va. acquitter (of, de] 
ACQUITT'AX ifl] acquittement : de'charge 
A'CRE [e'fee'r] acre [environ 40 ares] [V. Table 

A'CRE'AGE contenance : superficie L88 

Ac'rld a. acre 

Across' ad. a travers : a [or en] travers de : 
sur I To come , Rencontrer : tomber sur 

ACT acte : action : loi | The Company's , 

Les statuts de la societe | In the of, 

En train de ... | In the very , Sur le fait : 

en flagrant delit | _ of PARLIA'MENT, Jot 

Act va. jouer [sham) faire Ivn.) agir (as, as a, 
en] se conduire [mach) operer 

ACT'ING [theatre] jeu [a. * p.) qui agit: actif: 

suppleant | Single , a simple effet | Direct 

, a connexion directe | MANAGER inm'- 

ne-dje-r] directeur gerant 

ACTION [afc-c7ie-«n] feo [lawsuit) proces : 

demande (for, en] mecanisme | Right of , 

Droit d'ester en jugement | To bring [ou to 

enter] an against, Poursuivre or Citer ... 

en justice : intenter une action a ... | Suiting 

the to the WORD, Joignant le geste a la 

parole \ able [e-be-ll a. sujet a prooes : 

sujet a icne poursuite jttdiciaire 

Ac'tive a. actif [lively) alerte 

On _ SERVICE, En activity de service 

Ac'tlvely [i tres bref] ad. activement 

A point (S*) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; 'two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus 




ACTION" _ Ba^ : act [poet) deed [com) share 
imach) gear : motion | privilegiee, Prefer- 
ence share | S' (plj stock : shares | Par 

», Joint-stock | College par s, Proprietary 

school I s de graces, Thanksgiving 

ACTIONNAIRE shareholder : stock-holder 
Actionner' va. to enter an action against | 

Actionne par, Driven by 
Activement' ad. actively 
Activer" va. to urge on : to quicken [feu) to poke 
ACTIVITE _ty : service [arts) employment | 

En pleine , In full work | En de service, 

On active service 
ACTRICB actress 
ACTUAIRE actuary 
ACTUALITE present state (ou day] reality | 

D' To the front : of present interest | S' 

current events : things of the moment 

Actuei -ellea. present | Le roi , The present 

King [F. Actual Ds^] 
Actuellenient' ad. now : at present 
ACUITE acuteness 
Acuniine -e a. acuminate 
ADAQE _ : saying | ADAGIO [mtis] _ 
Adamantin" -e a. adamantine 
Adapter" va. [a, to] to adapt : to fit : to apply: 

to conform | 8' , To apply : to suit : to tit 

ADDITION" [a, to] _ [restaurants, cafes, etc.) 

bill : reckoning Ityp) side-note 
Additionnel -elle a. additional [die-ne-t] 
Addilionner' va. to add : to cast up : to reckon 
ADDUCTEUR [muscle] adductor 
ADDUCTION" _ : bringing (down] 
ADEPTE [<fe n adept : disciple (of] adherent 
ADHERENCE — Icliose) adhesion (a, to] 
ADHERENT" [& _-e o.] adherent (a. to] sup- 
Adherer' t!)i. to adhere : to stick (a, to] Lporter 

Adh6sif-tt)e a. ive 

ADHESION" — : approval : support | Con- 
ner son complete a. To fully endorse : to 

entirely agree with [V. Accept] 

Ad hoc ad. specially : on purpose 

Ad honiinem a.' ' : directly personal 

' Ad honores ' a. honorary 

ADIANTE adiantum 

ADIEU : ' good-bye ' [poet) farewell | Faire 

ses — X a. To take leave of [fam) to ' say good- 
bye to' I Sans ! Good-bye for the present! | 

va! [«^] 'Bout ship! 

Adipeux' -ei(se a. adipose ipocej 

Adirer" va. to mislay 

Ad)acenf-e a. t Da^ 

ADJECTIF ive| Adjective'menf ad tively 

Adjolndre wi. (Table 57) [a, to] to adjoin : 
to unite | S' — , To join : to associate (witli] 
to take ... as an assistant 

ADJOINT" assistant : deputy (mayor] [sram) 
adjunct Ipp. K Adjoindre] 


ADJUDANT- [X] —tant 

ADJUDIGATAIRE purchaser . contractor 
a. purchasing : contracting 

ADJUDICATEUR adjudicator 

ADJUDICATION" auction : contract i Mettre 
en , To put up to contract 

Adjuger" va. to adjudge : to award [aitr en- 

c/i«res) to knock down | S' , To award o"self: 

to be awarded | Se faire ,.To contract for 

Ad|ug6! Gone! 

ADJURATION" — | Adjurei-- t)a. to adjure 

Ad Iii>itum ad. ' ' : at will [k, to] 

Admettre va. (Table 66) to admit (dans, into : 

ADMINISTRATEUR -Tii/CB —trator : mana- 
ger : tnanageress : director : trustee : guardian 

Administratif -ire a. ive : official 




AC'TOR [fe-r] acteur : comedien j 

ACTRESS actriee : comedienne i 

Ac'tual a. reel : veritable : effectif : positif J 

The fact, Le fait meme [ V. Actuei fco] 

Ac'tually ad. reellement : en effet 
ACTUARY actuaire : calculateur 
Ac'tuate [e'te] va. animer (a] pousser (a] 
ACU'MEN ie-kimi' -mentil penetration 
Acu'te [pr. e-kimitel a. aigu : poignant : pene- 
trant [pain) vif | ly ad. d'ttne njontere 

poignante : vivenient 
ACU'fE'NESS aciiite : finesse [pain) vivacite 
A,D I _ 1650, L'an de grace 1650 
ADAM _ I • _'S ALE', 'Chateau La Pompe' | 

' _'S APPLE', Pomme d'Adam 

Adapt' va. [to, a] adapter { ed to, Approprie a 

Add va. [to, a] ajouter : joindre | To up, : 

ADD'ER vipere [instr.) totalisateur [coitture 

'S-TONGUE langtie de serpent : herbe sans 

Addict' o'self vr. [to, a] s'adonner : se livrer 
ADDI'TION a_ I In _ to. En plus de 

Addl'tional a. nnel . nouveau : en plus 

Ad'dle"d a. couvi : pourri 
Ad'dle-headed a. ... a cerveau creux 
ADDRESS' odresse fco [speech) aJtowrfton | Of 

good , Distingue [ V. Presenter] 

Address' va. [to, a] adresser : mettre I'adresse 
[or des adresse.9] sur : s'adresser : aborder 

ADDRESSEE' destinataire 

Addu'ce [dioitce] va. alleguer 

Ad'equate [addi-kotietti a. [to, a] suffisant : 
propurtiunne | ly ad. suffisamment 

AdIie're [7itr] vn. adherer : s'en tenir (to, a] 

ADHE'RENT adherent -e : partisan 

Adhe'sive [s c] a. ... qui adhere : agglutinatif 
[gummed) gotnme | NESS qrtalite adltesive 

AD'IT galerie d'ecoulement 

A<IJa'cent Idje-cenntfi a. avoisinant : contigu 

Adjoin' t>. etre contigu (a] adjoindre 

Adjourn' va. ajourner : renvoyer 

ADJOURN 'MENT ajournement 

Adjud'ge [adj-e-dje^ va. adjuger 

AD JUNCT accessoire | Adju're va. adjurer 

Adjust' [ad;'-e-»te] va. ajuster :regler 

Adjust'able a. reglable [chaine 

ADJUST'ER ajusteur | Chain Tendeur de 

ADJUST'ING SCREW [sfcroi'O vis de rappel 

ADJUST'MENT ajustement [watch) reglage 

AD'JUTANT [fe-nn(0 adjudant 

ADMEAS'UREMENT mesurage : dimension 

Adniin'ister i". [to, a] administrer : subvenir 

[justice) rendre | an estate, Gerer les biens 

(de] an oath, Faire preter sernient 

[48] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




ADMINISTRATION" _ : government : civil 
service : post-office [conseil d'_) directors (pi] 
governors (pi] authorities (pi] [the) company 

ADMINISTR^ person under ...'s jurisdiction 

Adminlslrer' va. [a, to] to administer D=^ : to 
rule : to manage : to deal with : to produce | 
S' , To be ruled : to be taken [fam) to take 

Admirable a — : [-nienf -bly] grand | Etre 
, [fam] To be ' a pretty fellow ' 


AdmiratiC-tre a. ... of admiration 

ADMIRATION" _ | Faire V— de, To elicit 

the A of I Toraber en , To be struck with 

wonder (at] 

Admirer" va. to admire : to be astonished (at, 
de, to] S' , To admire o'self, or each other 

Admis'-e pp. admitted [F. Admettre] 

ADMISSIBILITE _ity : fitness for admission 

Admissible a. 

ADMISSION- _ I _ au baccalaureat, Tak- 
ing the B.A. degree 


Admoncsler' [or n»5ter"] va. to reprimand 

ADMONITEUR -TfilCB adviser 


ADOLESCENCE _ : teens : youth 

ADOLESCENT'-^ youth : young man : young 

ADONIS [pr. the s] : dandy [ivotnan 

Adonner" cti. to give out [vent) to draw abaft 

S' , vr. [a, to] to addict one's self (to bad 

habits] to apply o'self (to study, etc.] Etre 
adonne a, To be given to : to get attached to 

Adoptable a. ... that can be adopted 

Adopter" va. to adopt [lai) to pass 

Adoptlt-i«ea. ted 


Adorable a. 

ADORATEUR -Tii/C-B worshipper 

ADORATION ' — [re'che-nn'i worship 

Adorer" va. to worship : to adore | S' , To be 

in love with one's self : to be very fond of eacli 

ADOSSE-MENT"" backing Lother 

Adosser" (a] va. to lean : to put ... with its 

back (to] to put ... back to back : to build 

... against | S' , To lean one's back against | 

II etait adosse a, He was standing with his 
back to 
Adouber" va. to repair 

Adouclr va. to soften : to soothe [ttwe dotileur) 
to alleviate [tech) to smooth : to anneal Oaj | 

S' , [du temps] To get mild 

Adoucissant"-e a. softening [we'd) emollient 
ADOUCISSE"MENT-" softening [iVnne dmileur) 
Ad patres ad. to another world (.alleviation 
ADRESSE address : skill | Arriver a son _, 

To hit the right nail | a V de, Directed to 

... I Avec , Dexterously | Mettre J' sur. 

To address | Laisser son , To leave one's A 

Adresser" va. [a, to] to address : to direct : to 
introduce : to send (a ...] [priere) to offer up | 
Je m'adresse a vous, I turn (ou I apply) to 
you I II m'adressa la parole. He addressed 
me 1 8' au concierge, Apply to the door- 
keeper I S' ssant a. Turning to 

Adroit"-e a. handy (a, at] skilful 
Adroiteinent" ad. adroitly : dexterously 
Aduire va. [en Belg.'] to keep ... till delivery 
ADULATEUR-7'R/CB sycophant 
ADULATION" — : sycophancy 
Aduler" va. to fawn upon : to toady 
ADULTE [<fe a.] _t [en ang. pr. a-de-Ue'] 
ADULTERATION" — [e-de-W e-reclie-nn'] 
ADULT^RE adul'tery [u, e] ll>ers) adulterer, 

adulteress [o.) adulterous [te-re-ss] 
Adullcrer" va. to adulterate [u, e] 
Adulterln""-e a. born of adulterous intercourse 





ADMINISTRA'TION _ [estate) geation 
AD'MIRAL [re-J] amiral | Lord High _. Grand 

amiral | Rear , C!ontre-A | Red , Vulcain 

AD'MIRALTY amiraute [Paris) ministere de 

la marine | First Lord of the , Ministre 

de la marine \ — COURT tribunal maritime 
ADMIRA'TION [adj»ii-re'e7ie'ri»i] a_ | To be 

loud in one's — of, 'Avoir la bouche pleine de'| 

Note of , [ ! ] Point d'exclamation 

.^ Adnii're va. admirer : aimer 
'qADMI'RER admirateur -frice 
c Adnii'ringlv ad. avec admiration 
ADMI'SSION a_ | _ PIPE tuyau d'enlree \ 

-PORT lumiere d'A 
Admit' va. admettre : reconnattre t To be 

tted, S'aduiettre : etre admis-e | To of, 

Comporter | It must be tted .... II faut 

reconnaitre que ... 
ADMITT'ANOE [to, a] acces : admission | 

To give ... , Admettre ... | No ! Entree 

\DMIX'TURE melange liuterdUe! 

■ Admon'isli 1X1. avertir : prevenir : exhorter(a] 
ADMONI'TION avertissement 
ADO' [pr. e-doti] foQOns (pi] bruit : vacarme : 

peine \ Much about nothing, Beaucoup de 

bruit pour rien 
Adopt' va. adopter | ed SON fils adoptif 

Ado're va. adorer | ADO'RER adorateur -trice 
Adorn' va. orner : parer [Hg) faire I'ornement 
ADORN'MENT parure : ornement L^e 

Adow'n ad. <fe prep, en bas : en bas de 
Adrift' ad. [A] a la derive : a I'abandon 

Adroit' [e-drdite} a. | NESS dexterite 

Ad'ulatory [ad-you-lete-e-re\ a. adulateur 
Adul'lerate [e-de-lte-rele'\ va. adulterer : fre- 

later : falsifier 

ADULTERA'TION falsification : sopJiistication 

ADUL'TERATOR frelateur : sophistiqueur 

AD'VAN'CE Hiarc/ie : avancement (Into, dans] 

progres (of, dans] avance (to, vers] pas [of 

money) avance [rise in price) ]iaiisse(de prix] 

In , D'avance \ In of, En avant de 

Advan'ce v. avancer [prices) hausser : elever | 

_d a. avance : ultra | _MENT [to, a] 

avancement : promotion [com) avance 

^ADVAN'TAGE avantage | To offer the _ of, 

.«Se recommander par ... | To show off ... to 

_■'? , Faire valoir ... | To take of, Profiter 

~ de [unfairly) abuser de | To the best , Le 

Lplus avantageusement possible 
Advanta'geous [tedje-ss'i a. avantageux (to, 

a : to, de] ly ad. avantageusement 

AD'VENT arrivee : venue : I'Avent 
Advenllt'ious Ictie-ssl a. adventice : aleatoire 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL" L" liquid two points (S'") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Advenir (.Table^6, conj. with iitre) to happen : 
to become of | Advienne que pourra, Come 
Adventice a. adventitious Lwhat may 


Adverbial -e a. 1 [-emenf -lly] 

ADVERSAIRE sary [.se-re] [fam) opponent 

Adversutif -ive a. tive | Adverse a. 


A^RAQE airing : ventilation | D'_, ForV. 
A6re-e a. well-aired : airy [eat*) aerated B^ 
Aerer* va. to air Ifihim) to aerate [e'-«-re'te] 
Aerien"-ejiJiea. aerial. [e'-tri-e-J] [fil) overhead 
AERODROME _ : flying-ground 

AEROLITH'E lite [Idite] meteoric stone 

A^ROM^TRE _meter f— t 

A^RONAT- steerable balloon | A^RONAUTE 
AERONAVTIQVE _ics (pi] [o.) _ical 
AERONEF air-ship | AEROSTAT" air-balloon 
A^ROPLAQE sand-yacht 
AEROPLANE aeroplane [pr. eiro-pline\ 

Affable a. | Affablenient' ad. affably 


Alfadi-e a. sickly | Affadir t-a. to make ... 

sickly : to cloy : to spoil | S' , To get [ou be] 

insipid | Affadissant'-e a. sickly 
AFFADISSE'MENT' sickliness : cloying 

Affaiblir va. to weaken : to enfeeble | S' , 

To grow [ou get, ou be getting] weak 
Affaiblissant'-e a. weakening : enfeebling 
AFFAIBLISSE'MENT" weakness : weakening : 

enfeeblement : enervation 
AFFAIRE business I»3\ : matter Ba^ : thing : 
action : transaction : work : what one has to 

do [d'etat, d'amour) affair | L' a ete chatide, 

It was warm work | Avoir a. To have to 

do with I Ou sont mes s ? Where are my 

things ? I Les — s vont, ne vont pas, Trade is 

thriving, is dull | Les s sont les A's, Busi- 
ness is business | Ce n'est pas mon , It"s 

no business of mine { C!ela fera man , 

That will just suit me | C'est tine faite, 

Ifs as good as done | Cela ne ferait pas V 

de tout le monde, Not everybody's money | 

Voila tine belle .' ' Here's a pretty mess ! ' | 

En , Engaged | Faire des s, To do 

business (avec, with] Homme d' s, Man of 

business : agent | Pour (ses) s, On business j 

San est faite, He's done for | C'est J' 

d'un instant. It will only take a moment | 

Tout tine , No joke | Voila I' .' That's the 

very thing ! i Affaire -e a. busy 

AFFAISSEMENT" depression : sinking 

Affalsser" fa. to depress : to sink : to wear 
out I 8' , vr. To sink 

Affaiter' 'ua.-to tame : to train 

Affaler'fa. [J>] to overhaul | Affale ! Lower 
away ! | Affair [navire] Wind-bound 

Af fame -e a. famished : starved [au fig) eager 
(de, for] thirsting (de, after, for] 

Affamer' va. to famish : to starve 

AFFANURE harvest wages in kind 

AFFECTATION" _ [d'une somme) applica- 
tion : setting apart | Corps d' , [)Ki ] Regi- 
ment to which ... belongs 

Affectanf-eo. | Tres , Very affecting 

Affects -e a. affected 

Affect er' va. [a, pour, to] to affect : to set ... 

apart | les fonds a. To apply the funds to 

... I S' , To be moved, grieved, affected 

AFFECTION" [pour, for] _ . liking | Prendre 
B. en , To become attached to B. fately 

Affectlonn^ -e a. \ Votre , Yours affection- 

Affectionner" va. to have an affection (for] to 
delight (in] 

Affectueusement' ad. affectionately 

Affectueux'-euse a. affectionate : loving 




AD"VrEN'TURE aventure : hasard [com) paco- 
tille I V. [to, de] aventurer : hasarder 

ADVEN'TURER aventurier [min) actionnaire 

Ad'verse a. contraire (to, a] adverse 

Advert' vn. faire alltision (to, a] 

Ad'vertlse [tdize] va. annoncer (... dans les 
journaux] faire a. [by posters) afficher [tm.) 
faire des annonces [or, de la intblicitej 

ADVER'TISEMENT [tizz'i annmce : avis | 
Puffmg , Reclame 

AD'VERTI'SER [ta'i] personne qui annonce [or 
qui fait de la reclame} 

AD'VERTI'SING Uarl la publicite : I'affichage 
lies) annonces (pi] [puffing) la reclame 

ADVI'CE [pr. advalice] avis : conseil : opinion 
[com) avis d'expedition : lettre d'envoi : JeHrc 

d'avis i Piece of , Conseil | To 'have , 

Consulter un medecin [or simply, Consulter] 
^Advi'sable a. judicieux : convenable (for, 
I pour : to, de} NESS opporttmite 

vAdvi'se va. [of, to, de} conseiller : donner 

=g avis : prevenir [strongly ) engager Ivn.) 

,g deliberer | Be ed by me and ..., Je vous 

engage de ... | Ill-advise'd a. mal avise 

1 Advi'sedly [zed-le} ad. de propos delibere 
^.ADVI'SER conseiller] Spiritual _, Directeur 

AD'VOCACY [fceeel difinse : plaidoyer 
AO'VOCATE \}c€\ avocat : defenseur : partisan | 

1X1. preconiser : plaider : defendre 

ADVOW'SON [raoz'nw] patronage 
ADZE 7»ermiwef(e [cooper's) doloire 
JGo'lian HARP [i-oJt-e-nn] harpe eolienne 
A'erated le-e-retedd} a. aere [water) gazeiise 
Ae'rial [e'-iri-€-J] a. aerien : de fair 
AE'ROFOrL aile (d'aeroplane] ffil 

AE'ROGRAM depeetie par la telegraphie sans 
.ESTHET'ICS [& .<Esthet'ic o.] esthetiqiie 

Afar' ad. loin : de loin | off, Au loin 

Affable [aff-e-be-t] a | -biy, avec affabilite 

Affect' va. [with, de : to, de] affecter : toucher : 

emouvoir | Part ed, Partie atteinte 

Affect'ed a. affecte : ... dispose (to, pour] 

ly ad. avec affectation 

Affect' ing a. touchant : attendrissant 
Affec'tionately Iche-ne-t-le] ad. affectueuse- 
Affl'ance'd Ifa'i-nnce-tt} a. fiance -e |.ment 
AFFIDA'VIT [del declaration sous serment 
Affirm' va. aflirmer (that, que] 
AFFIRMA'TION [»ie1 a_ [law) declaration 

(au lieu de serment] fAffirmativement 

AFFIRM' ATIVE [<fc a.] _tif | In the _. 
Affix' va. attacher : apposer 

[50] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type : before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Alfener* va. to fodder 
Afferent' -e o. pertaining (a, to] 
Afferer' vn. [com. et dr.] to allot 
AFFERMAQE lease : leasing 
Af fermer" ra. to farm : to let : to rent 
Affermir va. to strengthen : to fix : to estab- 
lish I S' , To grow stronger : to take root : 

to persist : to encourage each other 
AFFERMISSE'MENT" strengthening : stiffen- 
ing : establishment | Affete-e a. affected 
AFFETERIE affectation ftising 

AFFICHAQE bill-sticking : placarding : adver- 
AFFICHE poster : bill | Poser tine _, To post 
a bill I _ de theatre, Play-bill [F. RUN, ang.] 
Afficher' va. to post up : to atlvertise : to 
expose : to be needlessly suggestive of : to 
make a parade of : to put forward | Defense 
d — ! Stick no bills . | S'_, (pour] To set up 
(for] to put o's forward : to expose one's self 
AFFICHEUR bill-sticker | AFFIDAVIT _ 
AFFIDfe confidential agent : confederate 
AFFILAGE whetting : stropping 
Affller" va. to sharpen | Langue affilee, Glib 
AFFILIATION- _ : association [tongue 

Affllier' va. to associate : to incorporate | S' 

a, To be associated with fbutcher's steel 

AFFILOIR whetstone [cuir) strop [de boucher) 
AFFINAGE, AFFINEMENT' finishing : refining : 

purifying | Affiner" va. to refine 
AFFINERIE refinery | AFFINEUR refiner 
AFFINITE _ty (avec, with : pom-, for] 
AFFIQU'ET" knitting-pin | _S' [pi] trinkets 

Afflrmatif -ive a. ive [-inenf -ly] 

Af firmer" ra. to affirm : to vouch for 
AFFIXE affix 

AFFLEURE'MENT" levelling [filons) cropping 
out I Affleui-er' va. to level : to smooth : to 
make ... flush imine) to crop out 
Afnictif-iwa. _ive | AFFLICTION" — 
Afllige -e a. sorrowful | Les _s, The afflicted 
Affligeant'-e a. afflicting : distressing 

Affllger* va. [de, with] to afflict : to distress : 

to mortify (the body] S' de. To grieve at 

(a thing] to grieve for (a person] 
AFFLOUAQE re-floating (of a vessel'] 
Afllouer' va. [^t] to get ... afloat 
AFFLUENCE abundance : afflux [fluides) in- 
flux [de pers) concourse : great numbers (of 
AFFLUENT" [& _ -e a.] tributary (of rivers] 
Affluer' vn. [dans, into] to flow : to fall 
Affole -e a. dotingly fond (of] panic-stricken : 

terrified [6o!tssoIe) not true 
AFFOLE'MENT" fascination : panic : terror 
Alfoler" va. to infatuate : to strike with panic: 
to madden fcommunal wood] 

AFFOUAGE right of taking firewood (in the 
AFFOUILL'EMENT" undermining : washing 

away : scouring 
AffouiU'ei-' ra. to undermine : to wash away 
AFFOURCHE small bower anchor 
Affourcher' va. to moor (with open hawse] 
AFFRANCHI -E freedman, freed-womaii 
Affranchl -e a. Ipers) freed llettre) ' paid ' 
Affranchir va. [de, from] to free : to set free 
llettres) to stamp | S'_, To get rid (of] to 
break through : to free o's : to be prepaid 
AFFRANCHISSE'MENT" enfranchisement : ex- 
emption (de, from] [des lettres) ' prepayment' : 
po.stage I — insuffisant, Insufficiently prepaid 
AFFRES- [pi] terrors : pangs 
AFFRfeTEMENT" chartering : freighting 
Affreter' ra. to charter : to freight 
AFFRfeTEUR freighter 
Affreux'-ei(se a. frightful [-menf -lly] 
Affriander" ra. to make ... dainty : to entice 
Aff richer' ra. to let ... lie fallow 
Affrloler' va. to allure 
AFFRONT" _ [pr. «] Boire un _, To 'pocket' 

an insult 
Affronter" ra. to affront : to face 
AFFUBLEMENT" garb : rig-out' 




Af nic't ra. affliger (with, de] Affluent a. riche 
ATF'LUEJJCE opulence : aise [pars) affltience 
Affo'rd [6] ra. [to, a, de] donner : accorder | 

Can to. Avoir les moyens de : pouvoir 

AFFRAY' [e-ZVe] qjierelle : echauffouree 
AFFRI'G-HT le-frditel effroi [ra.) effrayer 
Affront' le-fre-nnW] va. affronter : offenser : 
Afl're ad. en feu Lblesser 

Afloat' [pr. e-fiote] ad. a flot : en circulation \ 

The finest , Le plus beau qui existe 

Afo'resald a. susdit : ledit, ladite : susnomme 

[pi) lesdits, lesdites | As , Comme ci-dessus 

Afrai'd le-fredel a. etfraye (to, de] He is of, 

II a peur de : il craint (...] 
Afresh' ad. de nouveau ["the jib] Border 

Aft a. arriere | Dead _ [V. VENT] To haul _, 

After xn'ep. apres : apres que : sur | all, 

[v. Potage] paying all expenses, Tous 

frais payes | a TIME, Au bout de quelque 

temps I — having ..., Apres avoir ... | 

allowing for. Deduction faite de | he had 

spoken, Apres qu'il eflt parle | it was done, 

[i.e. too late] Apres coup | Page page, P 

sur P I Placed one _ another along ..., ^che- 

lonnes sur ... 
ad. apres : suivant | Day , Lendemain { 

Day but one , Surlendemain (de] The day 

to-morrow, Apres-demain [F. DAY] It's 

5, II est plus de 5 heures 

a. subsequent : arriere | PART arriere 

AF'TER-BIRTH delivre 
AF'TER-CLAP coup inattendu 
AF'TER-GLOW' demiires hieitrs du couchant 
AF'TERMATH regain 

AF'TERNOON' apres-midi [fig) declin [V. Tea 
AF'TER-THOUGHT reflexion apres coup 
Afterwards ad. apres : ensuite : plus tard 
f Again' ad. encore : de nouveau [elsewhere) 

i ailleurs | and , Maintes fois : mille et 

s mille fois \ Never , Jamais plus | Such a 

^ thing will not happen [ou occur] , Pareille 

'^chose [or, pareil incident] ne se reproduira 

fplus [ , after a verb, is very often rendered 

l^by Re... : as. To come ,Revenir] 

Agaln'st [pr. e-ghennstf] prep, contre : vers : 

vis-a-vis : des | his return. Pour son retour 

A point (S") means silent, or GN" LL" L* liquid : two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uvrds in Italie. MASCULINE, thus. 




Affubler' va. [de, in, with] to muffle up : to 

'rig... out' I S' , To rig oiie"s self out : to 

assume (a fictitious name] 
AFFUT" gun-carriage : frame Iscie) frame-saw | 

a r , On the watch ou look-out (de, for] ' 

AFFUTAGE set of tools : sharpening 
Af filter' txi to level [tech) to sharpen : to grind I 
AFFUTEUR ... sharpener :... grinder 1 

•AFFUTIAU' trinket 

Afln" de, coty. in order to : that | que, '^ 

AFRICAIN"-£ [* a.] African [So that ~ 

Aga^ant'-e a. annoying : irritating : exciting : 

attracting | Que c'est ! How annoying it is ! 

AG ACE [or —SSE'i magpie 

AOACEMENT" setting (one's teeth) on edge : 

excitement : irritation 
Agacer' va. to annoy : to irritate : to excite : 

to set (the teeth) on edge : to allure 
AGACERIE enticing ways (pi] allurement 
AOAPE love-feast | AGARIC _ | AGATE — 

Age {>3^ : time : time of life | a la fletir de : 

r , In the prime of life | D'un certain , 

No longer young | En de, Of an age to [ 

En bas , In infancy : of tender years | Entre 

deux s, Of middle age | Hors d' , Over 

age I Au moyen , In the middle ages (pi] 

... avant 1' .Before ...'stime : prematurely | 

^ Quel avez-vous ? How old are you ? ; 

Ag^ -e a. aged : old | Va peu , Rather old : ! 

oldish I de vingt ans. Twenty years of age i 

AGENCE agency [.edje-nnoe'\ commission | ' 

Hatxis, ' Central News Agency ' (of France] 
Agence-e pp. arranged 
AQENCEMENT' ordering : grouping : order 
Agencer' va. to arrange : to adjust : to tit up | 

S' , To trim one's self up 

AGENDA memorandum-book : diary 
s'Agenouiirer' it. to kneel (devant, before] 
AQENT--.B _ 03^ I _ dAFFAIRES" solicitor : 
lawver | _ de CHANGE stockbroker | _ 
de POUCE policeman { _ PROVOCATEUR 

■ ' I -VOYER" road-surveyor 

AGGLOMERATION" _ [terres) uniting 
Agglonierer' va. to get ... together : to unite 
AGQLOM^R^S' (pi] patent fuel : briquettes i 
Aggliitinant'-e a. agglutinative 

Agglutiner' v. to agglutinate 

Aggravant' -e [dr] aggravating | Cireonstanet 
e. Aggravation 

AGGRA VATION-O^ increase 

Aggraver' va. to aggravate B^ : to increase | 
S' , IT. to be getting worse 

Agi pp. iV. Agir] 

Agile a. nimble : quick -.light [-menf -bly, -ly] 

AGILITE ty [e-<yii-e-?eT activity : swiftness 

AGIO prime [agiotage) stock-jobbing 

AGIOTAGE stock-jobbing 

Agioter' vn. to deal in stocks : to speculate 

AGI0TEUR-Ef7S£ stock-jobber 

Agir vn. to act : to do : to work : to transact | 

bien, mal. To behave handsomely, badly 

(envers, to] 8' vr. \ Dequois'agit-il? What 

is the matter ? | ... dont il s'agit, ... alluded 
to ; ... which forms tlie subject of our article : 
... of which we speak | Voici ce dont il s'agit. 

This is the thing | II s'agit de. The thing 

[ou the point] is to ... : it concerns ... : it re- 
lates to ... I II s'agit ici de .... We are now 
dealing with ... | II s'agit de la tWe, It is a 
matter of life and death | II ne s'agit que ie 
.... All that's necessary is to ... 

Agissanf -e a. active : efticacious : stirring 

AGISSE-MENTS" [pi] carrvings on' : behaviour 

AQITATEUR _tor [ad'ji-tete'r^ 

AGITATION- — : excitement : shaking : 
stir : bustle [malade, etc.) restlessness 

Agiter' va. to agitate : to shake : to toss [son 
mouchoir) to wave 

Agile -e a. [malade) restless [nier) rather rough 

AGN'EAU [iiie-yo] lamb" 

AGNELLE «<« lamb' 

Agn'eler' iti. to lamb' 

AGN'ELET" lamb'kin [fig) simpleton 

AQN'ELIN" larab'skin (with the wool on] 

Agn'elin'" a. | Laine e. Lamb's wool 

AGN'ES simple, artless girl 


AGONIE pangs of death (pi] last moments (pi] 

[angoisse) agony t»a\ | a i , At the point of 

death : dying 

* Agonlr' (de sottises] ixi. to ' blackguard ' 

Agonisant'-e a. at the 'point of death 

Agoniser' vtu to be dying 




AGE [edje] age Wa : siecle | Old , Vieillesse | 

In order of , a I'ancienftete \ To last [ou 

to stand] for S, Durer des siecles | Of , 

Majeur-e 1 Coming of , Entree en inajorite | 

Under—, Mineur-e | OLD _ PENSIONS, 
Retraites pour la vieiUesse 
A'ged [e-djed] a. age (de] vieux : vieil, vieilU \ 

The , Les vieillards | Middle 1_, [edj-'d] 

Entre deux ages 
A'GE'ING MACHINE cure de fixage 
A'GENCY [e] action : entremise [com) agenee 
AGEN'DA [,e-dje)in'de] ordre du jour 
A'QENT [e-dje-nntti representant : agent : man- 

dataire : homme d'affaires \ Free , Qui a 

son libre arbitre fment 

AGGK.\ND'IZEMENT [t bref] agrandisse- 
Agg'ravale fo. aggraver : exagerer [provoke) 

AGGBAVA'TION _ [law i. med] 

AGO'REGATE total : masse [a.) collectif 

AGGREGA'TION agregation : total 

AGGRESS'ION Iche-tm'i agression (on, upon, a 

AQGRESS'OR Ise-r'] agresseur 

Aglia'st a. epouvante : ebahi : foudroye 

Ag'itate [ad'ji-tete'] va. agiter : troubler 

AQ'ITATOR agitateur : meneur 

Aglow' ad. ardent : embrase 

AG'NAIL envie 

Ago' [e-sro] ad. il y a ... | A good while — , 

II y a deja longtemps | He left an hour — , 

II est parti depuis une hetire 
Agog' a. en train : empresse (to. de] 
Ago'ing ad. en marche : en train 
Ag'onizing [na'i] a. d'angoisse : d'agonie 
AG'ON Y agonie : douieur intense \ To suffer — , 

Souffrir le martyre 

[52] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division otily. 




AGORA public-square: market-place 

AGOUTI izool] — 

AGRAFE clasp : fastening [de courroie) fast- 
ener [tech) cramp | et parte, Hook and eye 

Agrafer' va. to clasp : to hook : to fasten 

Agraire a. agrarian [mesure, lot) land 

Agrandir va. to enlarge ; to aggrandize | S' — , 
To increase : to be promoted fment 
DISSE'MENT" enlargement : aggrandize- 

Agreable a. [a, to : de, to] agreeable : accept- 
able : pleasing [-menf -bly, -ly] 

AQR^£ solicitor (at the Trib. of Commerce] 

Agreer" va. to accept : to approve | vn. to 

please (a, ...] que, To permit ... to ... 

AGREGATION " a.gsregation : admission (to] 
fellowship : examination for the fellowship 

AGR^Q^ graduate : fellow 

Agreger" va. to admit ... a fellow 

AGPtMENT" agreement : approbation : ele- 
gance : gratification : charm : comfort : grace : 

ornament : accessory | Arts [or talents] d' , 

Accomplishments [Voyage d' , Pleasure trip 

Agr^menter' va. to grace : to adorn (de, with] 

Agr^ner' va. to bale out 

AGR^S" (pi] rigging : tackle : gymnastic ap- 

AGRESSEUR aggressor Lp''3'><^^s 

Agressif-roe o. aggressive 

AGRESSION" aggression [de voleurs) attack 

Agreste a. rustic Ipers) ill-bred 

Agricole a. agricultural [y. Comice] 

AGRICULTEUR agriculturist : farmer 

AGRICULTURE — : farming 
■ Agriffer" r'fl. toclutch(a, at] S' ,Tocling(to] 

Agripper' va. to grip hold of : to clutch at 

AGRONOME agriculturist 

AGRONOMIR theory of agriculture 

Agronomlque a. ic [institut) agricultural 

Agu'errlr va. to train for war | S' a. To 

inure o's to 

AGUETS' [ah-gay] (pi] watch | 'ktra aux _, 
To be on the look out : to lie in wait 

Ah ! int. Oh ! 

s'Aheurter" (a] vr. to stick (to] to persist (in] 

Ahuri -e a. taken aback : 'struck all of a heap ' 

Ahurir va. to astound : to confuse 

AHURISSE'MENT" amazement : bewilderment 

Al Ay champagne 

Aidant' pres.part. \ Dieu , With God's help 

AIDANT-S- [pi] helpers " 

AIDE aid : help : subsidy | a V ! Help ! 

AIDE [<fe /!] assistant : helper : under-... [<t) 
...'s mate | de CAMP' [«i nasal] aide-de- 
camp i -MAQON" hodman 

Aider' r. [de, with : a, in, toj to help ; to assist 

S' , To help one's self | de. To make 

useof I I'un I'autre, To help one another 

[For 'help' at table, use 'servir'] Aide-toi, 
le ciel t'aidera. Heaven helps those who help 
themselves [F. Aidant] 
Ale! int. Oh dear! Oh! [in pain, etc.] 
AIEUL [pi. AYeuls] grandfather 
AtEULE [pi. Aiettles'i grandmother 
AIEUX' [pi] ancestors : forefathers _ 

AIGLE [<fe/'.] eagle [tig) master-mind i criard, 

Spotted eagle | a tete blanche. Bald E | 

— eployee. Spread eagle | L' de Meaux, 

Bo.ssuet I Grand , Double Elephant 


AIGRE sourness : sharpness : harshness 

— a. sour : sharp : harsh | -doux, -douce, 

AlQftEFIN" .sharper LSharp 

Aigrelet' -tte a. sourish : rather sharp 
Aigremenf ad. sharply : severely 
Aigret'-ttea. sourish 

AIGRETTE '_' : tuft [oiseau) egret 
AIGREUR harshness : sharpness : irritation 

S" (pi] heartburn : wind : sharp words (pi] 

Aigri -e a. harsh : soured [esprit) satirical 
Aigrir va. to sour : to irritate : to incense 
Aigu-»«e a. sharp : pointed [accent, etc.) acute 
AIGU'ADE [4>i watering-place 
AIGU'E-MARINE aqua-marine 
AIGUILL'AQE shifting of the points 
AIGUILL'E needle : index : spire [demontrc, 

etc.) hand | Trou d' , Eye of a N | o 

coiidrt. Sewing N | a tricoter, Knitting 

N I a repriser. Darning N | a passer, 

Bodkin | Ouvrage a V , Needlework | 

mobile, [«a] Tongne rail | S ' [«a] points 

AIGUILL-EE needleful 
AigulH'er' va. [«S] to shunt : to switch 
AigulU'eter' v. to lace lit) to seize 
AIGUILLETTE shoulder-knot : tag [cuts) 

slice [■St) laniard [ou lanyard] seizing 
AIGUILL'EUR [«a] pointsman I 

AIGUILL'IER" needle-case [ou -book] n-maker 

AIGUILL'ON" goad : sting : spur | nner" va. 

to goad, to spur ... on : to sting : to incite (a, 
AIQUILL'OT" [A] pintle Lto] 




Agree' \e-grt\ vn. s'accorder (in, a : with, avec] 
etre d'accord (in, pour] convenir (to, del con- 

sentir (to, a] s'associer | He d with me, II 

etait de mon avis | This diet s with me, Ce 

regime me convient 

Agreo'able a. conforme : agreable | I'm ! 

■^Je veux bien ! | NESS agrement : con- 

a formite (to, a] Agree'abl y ad. agreablement 
«>[to, a) conformement 

Agreed' a. <fc J)p. convenu : d'accord | ! 

C'est entendu ! C'est convenu ! 

AGREE'MENT accord : convention : contrat : 
conformite : marche | As per_, Prix convenu 

Agricul'tural [ke-l-tche-re-l] a. agricole fca : 
d' agriculture | COLLEGE ferme-ecole 

AQRICUL'TURIST agriculteur : agronome 
AG'RIMONY eupatoire : aigrenioine 
Agrou'nd [e-graonndd} ad. echoue : a terre ] 

To run (a ship) , va. echouer [vn.) s'e | 

Can we run her ? [<t] Le navire peut-il 

etre echoue ? '[F. RUNNING] 
A'GUE laigue-yoii] fievre intemiittente 
Ahead' ad. debout : en avant | To go , 

Aller de I'avant | 'Go ! ' En avant ! 

Ahoy' ! int. Oh ! | Ship ! Ohe I du navire ! | 

Boat —< Ohe! ducanot! [F. WATCH] 
A-huIl' ad. [4>] a to cape seche 
Aib'lins ad. [ecossais] peut-etre 
AID aide : assistance \ By the of, a I'aide 

de I va. aider : assister (in, a] 

A point (S') means silent, or GN* LL* L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEiriNINE uords in Italic. ' MASCULINE, tluis. 




AIQUISAQE sharpening : grinding 

AIQUISEMENT" sharpening 

Aiguiser' [gtvee-zay^ va. to whet : to sliarpen | 
IHerre a _, Whetstone | AIGUISEUR grinder 

AIL- [i] [botanic, pi. _S- : but usually AUL-X-] 
garlic I Gousse d' , Clove of G 

AILE [eJ] wing : pinion : aisle [d'nn moulin) 
sail [de pignon) tooth [d'aero) wing : aerofoil | 
En avoir dans V — , To be hard hit (by mis- 
fortune, etc.] Ne battre que d'une , To be 

nearly done for | Rogneries 8 a. To clip ...'s 

A.116 -e iel-ay] a. winged [.wings 

AILERON" pinion : tin : float-board [(Uro) 'ail- 
eron' I ... a s. Undershot (wheel] 

AILETTE I Refroidi par s. Air-cooled 

AILL'ADE garlic sauce 

Anreurs" ad. elsewhere | Partout , Every- 
where else I D' , Moreover : furthermore : 

besides : otherwise : for the matter of that 

Aimable a. amiable : kind : pleasant : lovely 
[a, by) beloved | Le sexe , The fair sex 

AIMANT" loadstone : magnet | ... de 1' , 

Magnetic | Aimant'-e a. loving 

AIMANTATION" magnetization : magnetiz- 

Aimant^ -e a. magnetic L'l^S 

Aiinanter' va. to magnetize 

Aimer" tn. to love : to like (a, to] to be fond 
of : to enjoy [Aimer, immediately followed by 

a verb, takes the preposition : mieux (to 

prefer) does not take it | mieux expresses 

preference without attachment : J'aime mieux 
parler qu'ecrire, I like speaking better than 
writing [ou, I would rather speak than write] 
lEEMARQVE: On ne dit jamais 'IJtke Setter 
speaking,' etc.] J'aime mieux ... que de ...,1 

would rather ... than ... [ plus expresses 

preference of affection] 8' , To love o's, each 

other, ou one another 

AINE groin 

Aln4 -e a. elder : oldest | Mod , My senior 

AxNESSE primogeniture | Vendre son droit 
d' , To sell one's birthright 

Ainsi ad. thus : so : therefore | que, As : 

so as : like\vise : as well as | Est-ce ... ? 

Is this the way ... ? | ... et de suite, ... 

and so on | soit-il, Amen | S'il en est , 

If that is tlie case 

AIR — t>^ : wind : look : manner : way : tune 
[ * F. Erre'] _ chaud, _ froid, [tech] Hot, 

cold blast I Courant d' , Draught | Entre 

deux s. In a draught | Un coup d' , A 

cold I Avoir 1' de, To look as if ... | de 

famille, Family likeness | En 1' , In the air: 

up : upward : at random | Conte en 1' , 

Idle tale | Au grand , In the open air | 

De bel — , Fashionable | II a bon _, He is good- 
looking I II a r bon, He looks good-natured | 

II a r bien malade, He looks very unwell | 

Moins qu'il n'en a 1' , Less than he looks | 

Pas si ... qu'il en a I' , Not so ... as he 

looks I Prendre 1' , To take some fresh 

air I Faire prendre 1' a, To air : to give ... 

an airing 
AIRAIN" bronze [poet) cannon : bell | Front 

d' , Brazen face 

AIRE thrashing-floor : floor : platform : sur- 
face Igeom) area [nid) eyrie | de VENT' 

way of the wind : point of the compass 
AIRELLE bilberry : whortleberry 
AIS" [like e in there ] plank : deal : board 
AISAXCE ease : comfort : competence | Dans 

V , Well off I Cabinet d' s, ' Lieux d' »,' 

Water-closet | Fosse d' s. Cesspool 

AISE ease : convenience : leisure •. joy | a son 
, At ease : well off | a V , At ease : com- 
fortable I Mai a son , III at ease | N'en 

prendre qu'a son , [fam] To take it easy | 

Se raettre a son , [or Prendre ses »,] To 

make one's self at home 
Aise a. glad (de, to, of, at] pheased 
Ais6 -e a. easy : commodious [riche) well off : 

' well-to-do ' 
Ais^inent' ad. easily : conveniently 
AISSEAU shingle 

AISSELLE armpit | AISSON" grapnel 
AJONC" furze : gorse [en Ecosse) whin(-s] 
AJOUPA hut built on piles 
AJOURAQE open-work fday 

AJour6-e o. perforated : pierced : open to the 
AJOURNEMENT" adjournment : summons (a, to 
Ajourner' va. to adjourn : to summons (a, to] 
AJOUTAQE lengthening-piece [.to put off 

Ajouter" va. to add (a. to] foi a, To believe 





AU [^] vn. I What _8 him ? De quoi souflre- 
t-il ? I Ail'ing a. maladif : souffrant 

AHi'MENT [_e'l-me-nn'tt1 raal 

ATM point de mire : but : objet : vis^e \ To 

take at ..., Viser | va. lancer [a gun) 

ajuster [tm. with a gun) viser (at, ...] [seek) 
chercher (a] aspirer (a] avoir pour but (del 

AXR feo I Foul , Air vicie | In the , 

En I'air | In the open , En f>lein air [sleep) 

a la beUe etoile 

-BALLOON ballon | _CEAFT appareil(s) 
d'aviation ] -coole'd ENGINE, moteur a 
ailettes | -GUN fusil a vent | -HOLE bottche 

de chaleur: aspirail : event | INLET prise 

d'air | -LEVER manette a air | MAN avia- 

teur I -PUMP machine pneumatique [tyre) 
vompe a pneua | -RAID incursion aerienne | 
-SHAFT puits d'aerage i -SHIP dirigeable | 

-tig'ht a. impermeable a I'air : a ferm^ure 

hermetiqtte | -TUBE chamibre a air 
Air va. aerer [a room) donner de I'air a [linen) 

secher : mettre devant le feu { Is the bed 

e'd ? Le lit a-t-il ete ouvert ? 

AIE'ING aerage : exposition a I'air | To take 

an , Prendre I'air : faire un tour 

YARD promenoir : preau 

Air'y a. ouvert a I'air : aere : aerien : eleve 

dans I'air [fig) leger 
AIR'INESS Ugerete : gaiti 
AIS'LE [at-J] aiU : bas-cote : collateral 
Ajar' ad. [door) entrebaille [fig) en desaccord 
Akim'bo ad. \ With one's arms , Les poings 

sur les hanches 
Akin' (to] a. allie (a tine chose2 parent (de] 
AL'ABASTER albatre 
ALACRITY empressement : promptitude 

[51] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




AJUSTAQE fitting : millwrights' work 

AJuste-e a. dressed : fitted | Objets es, 

Fittings I Boiseries e'es, Joinery work 

AJUSTEMENT" adjustment : agreement : tim- 
ing : clothes (pi] ornaments (pi] attire 

AJuster" va. to adjust : to fit (a, to] to put ... 
to rights : to reconcile (a, with, to] to embel- 
lish [\Hser) to take aim (at] [ J>) to make fast 
Imontre) to time ['ng tube 

AJUSTEUR fitter | AJUTAGE nozzle : connect- 

Alaire a. ... of the wing (-s] Izoo) a'iary 

ALAMBIC [m as n nasal] alembic : still 

Alamblqu'er' va. to strain 

Alangu'ir wi. to make ... languid : to weaken 


Alarmanf-e a. alarming (pour, to : de, to} 

ALARMS alarm | r" ti. to alarm : to startle 


ALBARELLE variety of edible mushroom 

ALBATRE alabaster 

ALBATROS [trocel al'batross 

ALBEROE [sort of small) peach 

ALBIQEOIS- I Les _, The Albigenses 

ALBINOS [pr. the s] albino 

ALBUM [pron. al-bonil : sketch-book : scrap- 
book [pour les enfants) picture-book [d'anni- 
versaires) birthday-book 

ALBUMINS a\bumen | min^-e a. albu- 

Albumineux' -eiise a. albuminous [.menized 


ALCALI alkali | volatil, Ammonia 

Alcalin'-e a. alkaline | ALCALOlDE alkaloid 

ALCHIMIE alchemy [gue-me] 

MISTE alchemist fated spirit 

ALCOOL [aJ-fcoJ] alcohol | _ a bruler, Methy- 

ALCOOLAT" spirit 

ALCOOLATE tincture | —LATXJRE tincture 

ALCOOL^ solution 

Alcoolique a. alcohol'ic | Les s, Inebriates 

ALCOOLISME [-eece'm] arcobolism : intempe- 
rance I Acces d' Drunken fit [meter 



ALCo VE [circumflex ] recess : bed-recess 

ALCYON" halcyon | ALDERMAN _ 

ALE [pr. as in Eng.] _ | AL^A risk fgent 

AIt5alolre a. accidental : uncertain : contin- 

ALENE awl | Al^nois' a. \ Cresson , Cress 

Alentour ad. round about | D' , Neighbour- 
ing I — S' [pi] outskirts [fig) 'entourage' 
ALERTE alert [X) alarm | En _, On the 

alert | FatMse , False alarm | a. alert: 

active : quick (a, in : a, to] lint.) Look out ! 
ALtSAGE bore : boring | Al^ser" va. to bore 
AL^SOIR reamer | ALEVIN" small fry 
Aleviner' va. to stock with fry 
ALEXANDRIN" [poet] _e 
ALEZAN" chestnut horse [a.) chestnut 
ALFA — [-grass] [a variety of esparto] 
ALGARADE ' blowing-up ' : scolding 
ALGEBRE al'gebra 

Alg6brlque a. bra'ic [-menf -bra'ically] 

ALQtBRISTE al'gebra'ist 

ALGUAZII : police officer 

ALGUE [alg'] alga (pi. algae] [fam) sea-weed 
ALHAMBRA _ 1 ALIBI [pi. _s] _ 
ALIBORON-- ' ass ' : ' blockhead ' 

Alit^nable a. : transferable 

ALII^NATAIRE [<fe /".] transferee 
ALIENATION- _ ; transfer Ifolie) madaeaa 
ALI^N^ -E lunatic [a.) transferred Ipers) in- 
sane I Hospice d' s', Lunatic asylum 

Aliener' va. to alienate : to transfer 

ALIENISTE t : specialist in mental diseases 

ALIGN-EMENT-line : straight length [«{/p) ran- 
ging : range | Les s de Carnac, The stone 

avenues at C | Allgn'er" va. to lay ... out in 
lines : to arrange [X) to dress Ityp) to range 




ALARM' alarms \ To raise the , Donner 

I'eveil I False , Fansse alerte 

va. [at, de] alarmer : s'alarmer 

ALA'EUM ie-la-^e-mml reveille-matin 

Alas ! int. helas ! 

Albe'it ad. quoique : quoi qu'il en soit 

AL'BUM — feo I Slip-in _, A. passe-partout 

ALBUR'NUM aubier 

AL'DER [o comme o dans sort} aune : verne 

AL'DERMAN [pi. men] [a comme o dans 

sort} conseiller municipal : echevin 
ALE [pale _] _ | ALE-HOUSE cabaret 
A-lee' [e-lt} ad. \ Helm's ._! La barre des- 
ALEM'BIC alambic Lsous ! 

ALERT' [<fe a.] alerte \ On the , sur le qui-vive 

A'lias [el-ye-ss} ad. connu sous le nom de : dit 
AL'IBI [bat] _ I Plead an _, Plaider I'alibi 
A'LIEN [el-ye-nn} sujet etranger [a.) etranger 

(to, a] A'lienate [ne'te] va. aliener (from, de] 
Ali'ght [e-toVte] vn. descendre [birds) venir, 

aller se poser [airman) atterrir 
Ali'ke [at] ad. egalement : a la fois \ To be 

— , Se resserabler 
AL'IMONY pension alimet^aire 
Ali've [e-ldive} a. en vie : anime : au monde : 

de ce monde : vivant | Burnt , BrQle -e 

vif {vive} to, Sensible a | with, Grouil- 

lant de ... | No man , Personne au monde | 

To keep ... , [fig] Entretenir : eveiller 

AL'EALI alcali { Al'kaline a. alcalin 
AL'KANET orcanete 

'ALL tout I One's , Son va-tout (or reste] 

in , Tout I 's well ! Tout va bien ! | 's 

well to starboard ! [A] Bon quart tribord ! | 

When is said and done, Apres tout | If 

»^ that's , ..., S'il ne tient qu'a cela ... 

S All a. tout -e : tons, toutes \ _ who, Tous ceux 

"qui ... I that, Tout ce qui | the season, 

c Pendant toute la saison [I have talked, etc.) 

•o the way, Tout le long du chemin | To go 

o the way, Aller jusqu'au bout | 300 told, 

0) 300 tout compris | but he, Tous sauf lui | 

gAll ad. tout : entierement | at once, Tout 

gd'un coup I but dead, Comme mort | 

"over, D'un bout a I'autre : par tout [.V. Over] 

■^ the better ! Tant mieux ! | Not at , Pas 

du tout 1 1 don't at know, Je n'en sais rien | 

Above , Surtout | right! Tresbien! 

[acquiesc.) a la bonne heure ! | I shall go, for 

that, J'y vais tout de meme 
Allay' [e-Je] va. calmer : apaiser 
Allege' iledje} va. alleguer : pretendre (que] 

A point (S") means silent, or QN' LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEyTIXIXE u-ords in Italic. MASCULINE tlius. 




AUMENT" _ : food | _S' [pi] provisions [dr) 
maintenance I 'des enfants, Infants' food 

Alimentalre a. ary [dr) ... for maintenance | 

Conserves s, Tinned provisions 

ALIMENTATION- _ : pro\isions (pi] sup- 
plies (pi] [tech. & mach a vap) feed | Pompe 
d' , Feed-pump 

Alimenter' va. to feed : to sustain : to keep up 

ALIN^A paragraph Ityp) break 

ALIOS brown freestone 

Aliqu'ante a. t | Aliqu'ote o. t 

ALISE fruit of the whitebieara 

ALISIER" whitebeam tree 

s'AIIler' IT. to take to one's bed | Alil^ -e a. 

AUZARI madder-root [.laid up 


Aliz^ o. I Vents s'. Trade winds 

ALLAH _ I ALLAISE sand-bank : bar 

ALLAITEMENT" [pr. both Vs] nursing : suck- 
ling I Allaitcr' t^. to suckle : to nurse 

Ailant'-e a. fond of moving about : bustling 

ALLANT'S ET* VENANJ-S* passers-by : people 
coming and going 

AU6-e [pp. of Aller] 

AU^chant" -e a. enticing 

ALLtCHEMENT- allurement 

Allecher' «i. to allure : to entice 

ALLEE_ going : alley : walk : passage [arbres) 
(ALLEGATION" — : quoting [avenue 

ALLEGE lighter : tender [arch) sill 
ALLEGE- ANCE allegiance 
ALL£GEMENT' lightening : alleviation 
K All^ger' tw. to lighten : to ease 

~ All^glr va. to reduce the size of 


.SAII^goriquea. ical [-menf-ically] 

»; Allure a. lively : cheerful 

"^ ment' ad. cheerfuhy 

I ALLEORESSE liveliness [de coeur) cheer- 
I ALL^QRO _ Lfulness 

I All^guer' va. to allege : to pretend 
\,ALLiLUIA hallelujah 

ALLEMAND"-£ [*o.] German ! 'QtiereUe d'_,' 
Unprovoked quarrel 

ALLEMANISTE partisan of Allemane. socialist 

ALLER" going : outward journey | Au pis — , 
At the worst | _ et RETOUR [billet) return 
(ticket] [prix de voyage) there and back 
[it) voyage out and home 

AUer' vn. {TaMe 7) to go: to be going ou getting 
on (well, badly, etc.] [navire) to sail : to be 
bound (a, for] [de la sante') to be (well, ill, 
etc.] [convenir) to do : to suit : to fit : to go 
on [chififres) to come (to] [suivi d'un infinitif ) 
to be going (to ... ] H va se marier, He is 
going to be married | Je vais ..., I will go 
and (followed by infinitive] ou, I'm going to 
... I II n'ira pas loin, [fig] He won't last 

long ; II ira loin, [fig] He will make his mark I 
La mere et I'enfant vont tres bien. Mother 
and child are going on well | Cette rmite va 
a ..., This road leads to ... | Cette riviere \ a. 
a ..., This river runs to ... | Les affaires ne 
vont pas, vont mal. Trade is dull, is bad | 
AUant bien. [habit] Fitting well { Cela vous 
va-t-il ? Will that do for you ? | Allez. Indeed | 
J'ai eu bien de la peine, allez! I've had great 
difficulty, I a.ssure you ! 

a cheval. To ride ! a pied, To walk 

au feu [ustensile] To stand the fire 

au devant. To meet : to accommodate 

aux informations. To enquire (about it] 

aux voix. To vote 

chercher. To go for [ou to] to go and fetch 

de I'avant. To be in full swing [pers) to go 

en pente. To slope l,ahead 

jusqu'a [fig] To border on : to amount to 

AUons! Oome! Let us go! | AUonsdonc! Non- 
sense ! What are' you talking about ! 
Ou allez-vous? Where are you going? [navire) 
Where are you bound for ? | Par ou allez- 
vous ? Which way are you going ? 
N'ttllez pas dire ..., Don't go and say ... 
II va venir. He is coming 

Va ! Indeed ...! | Va, crois moi, Indeed, believe 
me ! I Va ! tu es un honnete garcon ! Come ! 
thou art an honest fellow! 

Faire , To set ... going : to keep ... going : 

to fly (a kite] to spin (a top] to trundle (a hoop] 

Laisser , To let ... go : to give way [ou vent] 

to I 8e laisser , To let o's ... : to give way to 

y , [jeu) to lay : to stake (de ...] [impers.) 

to concern : to be a matter of ... | 'Allez-y ! ' 
[cdlay-zeel Set about it ! ' Go in for it ! ' 1 II y 
va de sa vie. His life is at stake 

S'en To go away : ' to be off ' [malade) to 

be sinking [disparaitre) to pass off, ou away 
[en bouillant) to boil over, ou away [fig) to be 

disappearing | S'en grossissant. To keep 

on increasing, ou rising | Va-t'en ! Be off! | 
Ne vous en allez pas encore ! Don't go yet ! 
[In S'en , EN must follow the second pro- 
noun : as. Nous nous en sommes alles, lis s'en 
seront alles, etc. To place it otherwise would 
be vulgar] 
ALLEU allo'dium | Franc-—, Freehold 
ALLIAGE alloy 

ALLIANCE [i at] match : wedding-ring | 

Ancienne. Nouvelle , Old, New Dispensation 

ALUt -E ally : relation 
ALLIER" partridge-net 
Allier'ta.toally : to match : to blend [metauz) 

to alloy (a. avec, with] S' vr. To combine : 

ALUGATOR [pr. both I's] _ [to unite (with] 
ALLITERATION ■ [pr. both J's] _ 
Alld ! [telephone] Are you there ? 




AIXE'GIANCE flMliU : ob^issance | Oath of 

, Serment d'allegeance 

Alle'viate [e-livi-ete'] va. alleger : adoucir 
ALLEVIA'TION adoucissement : soulagement 
ALL'EY rttelle [taw) Wile | Blind _ Impasse 
Alli'e'd [e-Ja'i'de] a. allie | Nearly to, [nat. 

hist] Voisin de 

ALL'IGATOR _ | _ PEAK avocat 

Al'locate va. assigner 

Allot' [pret. <t pp. -tted] txi. assigner (to, a] 

[shares) repartir 
ALLOT'MENT partage : portion : petite pro- 

priete rtirale : lopin de terre \ On — , Lors 

de la repartition 

[56] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 





■■^ ALLOCATION" — ■ grant : allowance 
'^, ALLOCVTION"aMress : short speech[pape) 
o,Allodiiil -e a. freehold Lallocution 
AllogSne a. ... of another race, of other races 
ALLONGE lengthening piece Itable) leaf [<&) 
Allonge -e a. elongated Lfuttock 
ALLONQEMENT' lengthening : extension 
Allonger' va. to lengthen (out] to extend : to 
stretch : to hit Isauce) to thin [»ius) to pro- 
long I le pas, To step out | un coup de 

pied a. To kick (a person, etc.] S' , To stretch 

ALLOPATH-E [pr. both J's] _thist Lout 

ALLOPATHIE [pr. 2 J's] allop'athy 
Allouer' va. to allow : to grant 

ALLUMAQE lighting laido) ignition | par 

magneto, Magneto ignition [V. Ignition] 
ALLUME- FEU [pi. _] fire-lighter 
Allumcr' va. to light : to enflame : to fire 
ALLUMETTE [lucifer-) match : light [de pa- 
pier) spill I -BOUGIE vesta : wax-light 
ALLUMETTIER" match-manufacturer 
ALLUMEUR [de reverberes] lamplighter 
ALLUMOIR [muuhrl gas-lighter 
ALLURE pace : step : turn : way : manner : 

aspect I D' a, Liable to : apt to \ du plus 

mpres. Braced sharp up | S' charms : ways 

'~ ALLUSION" —.\VBLr —, In A [tin 

^ALLUVION" &\\uvium \ Etaind'_, Stream 

ALMANAC'H" nac Id'adresses) directory 

ALMEE almeh : singing girl 

ALO^S lal-o-ess'] aloes ial'oze'] 

ALOI standard : quality : condition | De bon 

, Of the right sort : genuine 

ALOPECIE _ecia : baldness 

Alors" ad. then : at that time : when the 

time comes | D' , Of that time | comme 

, As circumstances may require | que, 

ALOSE shad LWhen 
ALOVETTE lark | _ des cliatnps, Skylark | 
huppee, Crested lark | des bois, Wood- 
lark I Pied d' , Larkspur 

Alourdir va. to stupefy : to make ... heavy 

ALOURDISSEMENT" heaviness : dullness 

ALOYAU sirloin 

ALPAGA _ca Oa^ 

ALPAGE right of pasturage in the Alps 

ALPE Alp I Les _«-, The Alps 

ALPENSTOCK alpenstock 

Alpeslre a. Alpine 

ALPHABET" [bay'] _ [aJ-fe-fteMe] 

Alpliab^tique a. ical [-menf ad.-Uy] Par 

ordre , In alphabetical order [betti-ke-t] 

Alpin"-e a. e [en ang. pr. al'-pdinn] 

ALPINISME Ineeoe-m] mountaineering 
ALPINISTE Alpine climber : mountaineer 

Alterable a. 

Altdranf -e a. causing thirst : alterative 
ALTERATION" _ (for the worse] trouble 

lined) extreme thirst [com) adulteration 
ALTERCATION" _ [fce'c7te-»m] [fam) ' row ' 
Altere-ea. thirsty : altered : changed 
Alterer" va. to injure (the health] to change : 

to corrupt (a language] to debase (coin] to 

make ... thirsty | S' vr. To deteriorate 



Alternatif-itic a. ive : reciprocal | Courant 

, Alternating current 

ALTERNATIVE — [.tiv, bref] alternation 

menf ad. by turns | AUcrne a. alternate 

Alterner" v. to alternate 

ALTESSE highness | Son —, His H. : Her H. 


Altier"-tere a. haughty : lofty 

ALTIM^TRE al'timeter [mx] 

ALTITUDE — i ALTO [rims'] tenor violin 

ALTRUISME ieece-m\ _ism 

ALTRUISTE _st [a.) —istic 


ALUMINIUM [al-^mi-minn-ye-mm'\ 

ALUN" alum [a-leum, bref ] de roche, Rock A 

ALVEOLE cell [de dents) alveole 
ALYSSE or ALYSSON" al'yssura [.se-m7n'\ 




Allow' va. allouer : admettre (to, a] permettre 
<o Co, de] [give) accorder (a] faire une pension 
~[or une ullocation] de : faire [V.May] After 

** ing for. Deduction faite de 

Allow'able [e-6e-J] a. admissible : perrais 
/•ALLOWANCE petviion : permission : allo- 
g cation [for wear) tolerance [discount) remise 
s [for damage, etc.) refaction [of food) ration | 

,^ for travelling expenses, Indemnite de 

2 deplacement : frais de voyage | Short , 

i Petite ration \ Make for. Avoir egard a : 

^ faire la part de [ V. Allow] 
ALLOY' alliage Iva.) allier [fig) diminuer 
ALL'-SAINTS' DAY la Toussaint 
ALL '-SOULS' DAY le jour des Morts 
ALL'SPICE poivre de la Jamdique 
Allu'tle [t-toude] vn. faire allii.sion (to, a] ... 

ed to, ... dont il s'agit 

Allu're [e-lijure\ va. attirer: amorcer: seduire 
ALLU'REMENT amorce : allechement 
AUu'ringly ad. dune maniere seduisante 

Allu'vial a. : d'alluvion 

ALLU'VIUM ie-louve-ye-mm1 alluvion 

ALLY' allie : confedere [vn.) s'allier (with, avec 
AL'MANAC calendrier [nautical) almanach 
AL'MOND [d'-me-nndd'] amande \ Burnt _, 

Praline | -TREE amandier 
AL'MONER [aj'-me-ne-r] aumonier 
Al'most [a comme o dans sotll ad. presque 
ALMS [aniz] lV)aum6ne 
ALMS'HOUSE hospice : maison de secours 
Aloft' ad. en haut [on look-out) en vigie 
Alo'ne [e-l6ne1 a. seul -e : solitaire : unique : 

a lui [or a elle] seul-e | Let , Laisser ... 

tranquille [besides) a part [F. Toucher] Let 

him ! Laissez le faire ! | All , Tout seul 

Along' ad. de long Iprep.) le long de | with, 

Avec I All , Tout le long (du, de la} tout le 

temps : pendant tout le [or toute laj ... \ All 

the line, Sur loule la ligne 

Along'sitle [i ai ] ad. bord a burd | To come 

[ou heave] , Accoster | the quay, Bord 

a quai | , [of the ship'] lie long du bord 

Aloof ad. [from, de] eloigne : au loin [4>) au 

large | To keep from, Se tenir a I'ecart de 

A point (SO means silent, or ON" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMIXIXE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




AMABILITE amiability : kindness | Avec _, 

Kindly | S' civilities 

AMADOU tinder : touchwood | er' va. to coax 

Amaigrir va. to make ... thin [ou lean] S' , 

To dry up : to shrink : to waste away 
AMAIQRISSE-MENT- emaciation 
AilALOAMATION" — (avec, with] 
AMALGAME — gam | r" va. to amalgamate | 

8' , To unite (a, avec, with] 

AMANDE almond | _DIER" almond-tree 
AMANT"-J5 lover : lady-love : 'sweetheart' 
AMARANTE _th [a.) amaranthine 
Amarlner" to. [un batiment) to put a crew on 

board [pers) to inure to the sea 
AMARRAGE mooring : anchoring : lashing : se- 
curing : seizing | de couteau, Enife-line 

AMARRE cable : rope : hawser : line 
Amarrer" tvt. to anchor : to belay : to make 

fast : to lash : to seize | 8' , To cast anchor 

AMAS" heap : pile : mass 

Amasser' va. to amass | Une fotUe s'amassa 

autour de moi, A crowd gathered round me 
^MASSE.Vn -EV SB hoarder 
AMATEUR _ : lover : admirer | fetre _ de, 

To be fond of : to be a . . .-fancier 

AMAUROSE osis : gutta serena 

AMAZONE —n : riding-habit 
fAMBAOES- I Sans _, Straightout: in plain 

1 A^^BASSADE embassy [English 
■5 AMBASSADEUR _dor : messenger 
SAMBASSADRICE ambassador's u-ife 

^ Ambiant'-e a. surrounding [poet) ambient 
-AMBIQU cold collation [tig) odd mixture | 
^ L' , [a theatre for dramas in Paris] 

2 Aniblgu -e a. _uohs | AJtBIGViTE _ty 
"^Ainbitieux'-ettsea. ambitious [-menf -ly] 
■^ AMBITION" _ I _nner" to. to be eager for 
g AMBLE _ I Aller r_. To amble 

I AMBRE amber | Fin comme 1' , As sharp as 

I a needle 

_ Ambr^ -e o. amber-coloured [ou -scented] 

tAMBROISE [Jersey] wild sage 

tAilBROISIE ambrosia 

_^ AMBULANCE — lamnibioti-le-nnce] Auto- 

m Motor A I Voiture d" , Ambulance wag- 

o gon : ambulance | AMBULANCIER" -lERE 

^ ambulance man : anibtilance nurse 

_g Ambulant' -e a. roving : strolling : travel- 

M lins I Marcband , Hawker 

^ Ambulatolre a. itinerant 

AME Idhm'i soul : mind : spirit : life : feeling 
[tech) chamber : bore : valve [bois) small-wood 
[violon) sound-post [de rail) web | I^tat d' — , 

State of mind | 5,000 », 5,000 inhabitants | 

Dans {' , Heart and soul | £a mort dans {'._, 

In anguish of mind, spirit | DAM'NEE 

[Aa-ne\ mere tool 

AMELIORATION" improvement 

Am^liorer" va. [& 8' w.] to improve, mend 

AMEN [* int.'] _ [i-menne1 

AM^NAGEMENT' fitting-up : arrangement [des 
arbre.s) arranging the felling, t)u cutting (of] 
S' shop fittings [<&) accommodation 

Am^nager" va. to arrange : to fit up [arbres) 

Amendable a. improvable [to cut up 

AMENDE fine : penalty | Faire honorable, 

To apologize openly [ou publicly] Mettre a 
r_. To fine 


improvement (a, in, to] Proposer un , To 

move an A 

Amender' va. to amend : to improve [oflr) to 

AME'NEE bringing in : conveyance [manure 

Ame'ner" [ammnay\ va. [de, from : a, to] to 
bring : to introduce : to lead to : to bring in 
(fashions] to bring about (changes] [-il^) to 
lower : to strike [ V. note at Apporter] Man- 
datd'_. Writ 

AMENITE _ty ie-menn' -e-te\ courtesy 

Amenuiser' va. to thin (down] to reduce 




Alou'd le-laode} ad. a Jtcaite voix I 

ATiPAC'A [stuff) alpaga [animal) alpaca { 

AL'PENSTOCK _ : baton (ferre] | 

Al'pine [i at] a. alpin : des Allies : alpestre 1 

_ CLIMBER alpinist* | _ CLIMBING al- | 

/Alread'y [oJ-redde] ad. deja [pinisme | 

I Al'so ed. aussi : egalement J 

AL'TAR Ite^'] autel | High Ma5tre-A | 

1 -PIECE tableau dautel | -SCREEN retable | 
^ Al'ter V. [from, de : to, en] changer : alterer : i 

* s'alterer [clothes) retoucher | one's mind, I 

c Changer d'idee | My father is e'd, Mon | 

•o pere est change | My friendship for him 
o will never , Mon amitie pour lui ne s'al- 1 

2 terera jamais 

gALTERA'TION [reche-nn] _ : retotKhe | 1 

Make no s in it, N'y faites aucun change- , 

a ment [ternatif | 

ALTERNA'TION aftemaHpe : altemance 

1 Altbo'ug'h [ol-tho'iconj. [subjun.)quoique: , 
V bien que [conditional) quand meme 

AL'TITUDE altitttde : hatHeiir : elevation ! 

Altogeth'er ad. tout a fait | I don't like it, : 

Cela laissea desirer | AL'UM [a-le-mm] alun ; 

Al'ways lol-ouezzj ad. toujours : k chaque 

instant : en permanence 

A. M. avant midi | 10 , 10 heures du matin 

Am [F. Be] I , Je suis ffitsion 

AMAL'GAMA'TION [wie] _ [shares & fig) 
Amal'gamate [nie'te] va. amalgamer [shares) 

fusionner | ed pp. [share-list] ... /Usion 

AMANUEN'SIS [you-enn"] [pi ses]- secretaire 

Ama'ze [a^] v. [at, to, de] etonner \ e'd, 

£bahi : stupefait 
AMA'ZEMENT [ae] effiroi : etonnement|With 

, Avec stupeitr fnaninient 

Ama'zing [tne] a. etonnant | — ly ad. eton- 
AM'BER ambre fambigu 

AMBIGU'ITY ambigjiiU | Amblg'uous a. 
Ambil'ious a. ambitieux | To be of, Ambi- 

AM'BULANCE ambiOance | Motor _, AtOo- 

anibuiance \ _ CLASS Ui^ons d'amb. | _ MAN 

ambulancier | _ NURSE ambulanciere \ — 

STATION poste danOnOance | -WAGGON 

voiture d'A 
AM'BULATORY bas cote [a.) ambulatoire 
AM'BUSH emtniscade : enibuche 
Ame'liorate [milel va. ameliorer [im.) s'a 

[68] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




AMER gall : bitterness ] S' bitters lA) bear- 

Amer-ere a. bitter [-menf -ly] L'lBs 

AMiRICAIN" -E Idea.] American Ivoiture) trap 

[y. Brtiyere] a V e, In the A style [ou way] 

Pont , Lattice bridge | ANISME — ism 

AMERTUME bitterness 
AMETHYSTS _st [en ang. th fort] 
AMEUBLEMENT- furniture : suite 
Aineubiir va. to mellow (the land] 
Ameuter va. to train (dogs] to raise : to stir up : 

to excite I S' ,vr. To mutiny : to riot : to rise 

MM-E friend [F. Lover] Mon _, My good 

fellow I _ de CCEUR bosom F | _ de COUR 

false F I Ami -e a. friendly : on intimate terms 
Amiable a. amicable | a 1' , Amicably \vente) 

by private contract 
AMIANTE amianthus [com) asbestos 
Amical -e a. kind : amicable : loving : friendly | 

Peu , Unfriendly [-menf -ly, -bly] 

AMIDON-- starch | —ONNERIE starch fac- 
Amidonner" va. to starch Ltory 
AMIDONNIER" starch-maker ou -dealer 
Ainincir va. to thin [tech) to edge off | S' , 

To become thinner 
AMINCISSE-MENT- thinning : thinness 
AMIRAL admiral | Contre- , Kear-A | Vaisseau 

, [or ' r '] flag-ship 

AMIRALAT" admiralship 
AMIRALE admiral's ivife 
AMIRAVTE admiralty : navy office 
AMITIE friendship : kindness : liking | Faire 

a ... V de, To do... the favour to | S' [pi] 

kind things | Faire ses s a, To give one's 

kind regards [ou love] to 

Ammoniac -gite a. | Sel , Sal A 

Ammoniacal -ea. 

AMMONITE — [ndiUl fdoned 

AMNISTIE amnesty | ^it-E person par- 
Amnistler" va. to grant ... an amnesty 
AMODIATION" letting ... out to contract 
Amoindrlr va. to diminish 
A moins de co>tj. under : less : for fear 
A moins que conj. unless : except 
Amollir va. to soften : to appease | S' , [vent] 

to abate.:- to drop 
Aniollissanf -e a. enervating 

AMOLLISSE'MENT' softening : efieminacy : en- 
Amonceler' va. to heap up : to hoard ftion 
AMONCELLE'MENT" heaping up : accumula- 

Amonf ad. upwards : up the river | En 

de, Above | Vent d' , Easterly wind 

AMORQAGE priming 

AMORCE bait : allurement : priming : cap 
Amercer" va. to decoy : to prime : to put a 
cap on Ipompe, nav) to fetch 

Amorphe a. phous [en ang. pr. e-nior'-fe-ss'i 

AMORPHIE —phism 

Amortir va. to deaden [feu) to slacken Idette) 

to pay off lobligations) to redeem 
Amortissable a. redeemable : repayable by in- 
stalments I AMORTISSE'MENT" abatement 
[com) paying off [arcfti{.)finishing|Caissed' — , 
Fonds d'_. Sinking fund | AMORTISSEUR 
shock-absorber [a air) dash-pot 
AMOUILLE beastings 

AMOUR love : passion [Englishmen often make 
a serious mistake by using this word instead 
of Cotir : To make love to, is Faire la cour 

a] Pour r de moi, de lui, de nous. For my 

sake, his sake, our sake | Un d'enfant, 

A love of a child (etc.] [V. Cote] _-PROPRE 

' ' : self-esteem (ou -respect] de SOI 

regard for otie's self i LIBRE free love 

_S- [pi] Cupids I AMOURS- love affairs 
Amourach6 -e a. in love (de, with] 
s'Amouracher" vr. to fall in love (de, with] 
AMOURETTE love affair : quaking-grass 
Amoureusemenf ad. amorously : lovingly 
Amoureux"-ei(se o. Ipers) amorous [de, with) 

in love [de, of J) enamoured IcTiose) love-... 
AMOVIBILITE removability : uncertain ten- 
Amovible a. removable : detachable [,are 
/'AMPfeRE _ I -HEURE A-hour 

1 MfeTRE ammeter 

■SAmphlbiea. amphibious [fib-ye-ss] 

= AMPHIBOLE hornblende 

■- AMPHIBOLOGIE gy : equivocal meaning 

f^ AMPHIQOURI rigmarole : stuff : ' bosh ' 

2 Amphigourique a. nonsensical 

•2 AMPHITH-tATRE _ [de professeur) lecture- 

•° room [me'd) operating-room 

I AMPHITRYON" host : entertainer 
\AMPHORE _ra | Plante a_s, Pitcher-plant 




Ame'nable [e-mfne-e-6'J] a. responsable : sus- 
ceptible : soumis 

Amend' [e-menndd1 v. corriger : se corriger 

AMENDS' (pi] reparation | To make _ to CD 
for ..., Faire R. a [or dedommager] CD de ... 

AMER' 10 AN [<* a.] Americain-e 
_ CLOTH moleskine 

AMIABIL'ITY [pr. em-ye-} amabilite : bonne 

A'miable [e'm-j/e-be-J] a. aimable \jgrace 
bly ad. avec amabilite 

Ain'icable [fce-be-J] a. amical 

bly ad. amicalenient [law) a I'amiable 

Amid' Amidst' prep, au milieu de | cries 

of, Aux cris de 

Amid'sliips ad. par le travers [helm) droit 

Amiss' o. mauvais (to, (Je] — ad. mal | It 

wouldn't be to. On ne ferait pas mal de | 

To take it , Prendre ... en tnaiivaise part 

AM'METER amperemetre 

AMMUNI'TION Iche-nn'] munitions de guerre 
BREAD pain de munition 

Among' ou Amongst' prep, parmi : entre : 
chez : au nombre de 

Am'orous [re-s.s] a. amoureux [-1 y, -eusement] 

AMOU'NT [e-»iaO!<ntt]montant : total : chiffre | 

Such an of, Tant de ... | A greater — of, 

Une plus grande quantite de [V. Any : and 

Concurrence, Ft.] to v. s'elevera : revenir 

a I It s to the same thing, Cela revient au 

Amphib'ious [t/e-s.s] a. amphibie Lmeme 

A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




/'Ample a : spacious [-menf-ly] Plus s 

renseife'iiements, Further information 
X AMPLEVR spaciousness : fulness 
t AMPLIATION- duplicate 
c Aniplifianf -e a. magnifying 
.2AMPLIFICATEUR ... who exaggerates 
fi.^ AMPLIFICATION" — : enlargement 
a Ainplifler' va. to amplify : to enlarge on 
£ AMPLITUDE — [bulb 

ji AMPOULE blister : phial : ampulla [Zampe) 
g Ampoule -e a. blistered [style) bombastic 
, AMPUTATION- _ [a»im-piOtt-te'che-nw] 
I Ampiitci*' va. to amputate | Ampute de la 
{ ciiisse. With his leg taken off at the thigh 

Amunitionncr' v. to supply with ammunition 
AMURE [nav] clew-line : tack | Point d'_, 
Weather tack 

Ainurer' vn. to haul the ... tack aboard | ez 

la grand'voile! Down main tack ! 
Amusant'-e a. entertaining : amusing | Cela 

n'est pas ! That's no joke! 

AMUSEMENT- _ Ime-nnte] [fam) 'fun' 
Amuser' va. tde, a, with, by] to amuse D=^ : to 

entertain : to deceive : to beguile | le 

tapis, To talk about nothing | S' a lire ..., 

To amuse o's with reading ... | Je me suis 
bienamuse.Iliaveenjoyed myself very much] 
II samuse de moi, He is making game [ou 
fun] of me 
AMUSETTE plaything : child's-play 
AMYODALE tonsil | —DALITE tonsilitis 
AN" year iV.ANNEE-i Bon _, mal _, One 

year with another | Jour de I' , New year's 

day I Tons les s, Every Y | II a dix s. He 

ANABAPTISTE _t [p se pr.] \\s ten 

ANACH'OR^TE anchorite [_ain-ko-ra:ite\ 
ANACHRONISME [eece-wi] _sm [uze-m] 

Anaero'ulea. aneroid | Barometre , Aneroid 

ANAORAMME _am Lbarometer 

Analeplique a. tic | ANALOGIE gy 

Analo(|iqiie a. ical | ANALOQISME ism 

ANALOGUE _ [a.) _gous (a, to] similar : like 

ANALYSE sis [ciss] [srram) parsing | En 

demiere . After all | r" va. to analyse 

[ann-e-la'ize] Igrani) to parse 

Analytique a. ical [-nienf, -Uy] 

ANANAS" pine-apple | Serve a , Pinery 

ANARCHIE [anriar-sftee] _chy [ch, fe] 

Anarchique a. chic, ou chical 

ANARCHISTE [s/ieesO _st (ann' -eiir-kissf] 

Anath'^matiser' va. to anath'ematize [th fort] 
ANATH-iME _ma [th fort] 

ANATOMIE my | Aiiatomique a. ical 

Anatomiser' va. to anatomize 
ANC£TRES' [pi] ancestors : ancestr>- 
ANCHE reed (of liorn. clarionet, &c.] pipe 
ANCHOIS" anchovy tR^ 

ANCIEN" elder : senior | S" [pi] ancients 

Ancien"-«»ie a. ancient t>^ : old [qui n'exerce 

plus) past : former : retired : ex- [office) senior 
Ancienne'inenfad. anciently : formerly 
ANCIENNETE antiquity : priority : seniority | 

a V , In order of seniority | De tmUe , 

From time immemorial 

Ancillaire (t. ary | ANCOLIE columbine 

ANCRAGE anchorage \ainlceredj\ 

ANCRE anchor [F. Aftmirche & Corps-mort] 

a V , At A I de bossoir, Bower A | a 

empenneler. Hedge | de t>etJJe, Sheet A 

Ancrer" vn. to anchor | S' vr. [fig] To get a 

ANDAIN" swath Lfooting 

ANDALOU-££._lusian : Spanish horse 
Ai^DOCTLi-iS- chitterlings (pi] [de tabac) roll 

[fam) 'duffer' | —LL'ER" antler 

ANDOUILLETTE forcemeat ball 
ANDRINOPLE Turkey red fass': dunce 
ANE [ahn-l donkey [braire = to bray] [fig) 'jack- 
Aneantlr 1x1. to annihilate : to destroy : to tire 

... out : to prostrate [prix) to cancel | S' , 

To come to nothing : to humble o's 
ANiANTISSEMENT- annihilation : utter ex- 
ANECDOTE _ ^ L'laustion 

ANEMIE ana?mia [»ij] iniqiie a. ansemic 

ANtMOMtTRE _ter 

ANEMONE- le-netnm-e-n^ 

ANERIE gross ignorance : stupid blunder 
Anero'ide a. an'eroid 

ANESSE she-ass : donkey \ Lait d' , Asses' 

ANESTH-ESIE _esia ou aiisesthesia Lmi'k 
Anesth'esier" fa. to anresthetize 
ANESTHtSIQUE anesthetic | _ a. ansesthetic 
AN^VRISME aneurism 
Anlractueux'-eiwe a. broken : uneven 
ANFRACTUOSITE hollow : crevice : break 
ANGARIE I Droit d'_, Eight of requisition 
ANGE angel | Mauvais , Evil counsellor 

_ O^CHU fallen A | _ GARDIEN" guardian A 
ANOELIQUE _ica [a.) angel'ic 
ANG^LUS [pr. the s] _ [fe-ss] flheria 

ANOINE sore throat | couenneuse, Diph- 




Am'pUfy [.amtn'-ple-fdi'] va. amplifier 
Am'ply [amm'-plel ad. amplement 

Amuck' ad. | To run , Vouloir tuer tout le 

monde : se jeter sur le premier venu 
Am u'se [_e-miouze\ va. amuser (with, de : with, 

in : at, hj Aiiia'sing a. amusant 
An [e-mi] indef. art. un, une [F. A] 
ANESTHETIC [& a.] anesthesique 
AN'CESTOR [fe-r] aVeul : un de ses ancetres 
AN'CESTRY ancetres (pi] lignage 
AN'CHOR [ain'-ke-r} ancre fca | To let go 

the starboard , Mouiller tribord | To weigh 

, Lever I'ancre [ Y. Heave, Cat, etc.] 

vn. ancrer : mouiller (off, au large de] 

AN'CHORAGE [_ke-redj] mouillage : ancrage 
AN'CHOVY-SAUCE [ch, tchi satwe aux an- 
A'ncienl [enn-che-nnte} a. ancien Lchois 
And conj. et : a | More — more, De plus en 
plus [ Don't translate ' and ' iietween two 
infinitives : Go and fetch, Allez chercher] 
AND'IRON chenet : chevrette : landier 
Anen't [e-»ie>iw»] prep, touchant : sur 
An'eroid a. aneroVde 
AN'EURISM anevrisme 
Anew' [e-nio«*] ad. de nouveau 
A'NGEL [enn-dje-'l} ange [a.) d'A : angelique 
AN'GER [agn-guetirj colere : courroux 
va. mettre ... en colere : irriter 

[60] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




ANGLAIS' [an) Englishman [ou boy] [latigtie) 
English I L'_, English | Les _, [pi] The 
English : Englishmen | ANGLAISE [an) 
Knqlishwoman [ou girl'\ [boiwle) ringlet 

Anglais'-e a. English | a V e, In the English 

way [ou style] Filer a V — , To 'slip away' 

ANQLE 03^ [agne^gxie-ll corner [const) quoin | 

a droit avec, At right angles with | a 1' — 

de to rue, At the street corner 

Anglican" -ea : of the Church of England | 

L'eglise—e, The Church of England | _ISME 
Angliclser" va. to — cize L — 'sm 

ANGLICISME [ceece-wi] — sm [agngli-cizz'-mnil 
ANGLOMANE lover of English institutions 
ANGLOMANIE _mania [tmni-al 
ANGLO-SAXON" [<fc a.] _ [saks-'nnl 
ANOOISSE anguish : pang : terrible anxiety | 

Poire d' , Choker | ANGORA Angora cat 

ANOVILL'E eel : grig | II y a _ sous roehe, 

I ' can smell a rat' 
ANGUILL-ERS- limber-holes 

Angulaire a. lar | Pierre , Corner stone 

Anguleux"-euse a. with innumerable angles : 

sharp : pointed 
Anh'ydre la-needr1 a. — drous 
ANICROGHE hindrance : 'hitch' 
ANIER" -IERE donkey-driver 

ANILINE I Couleurs d' , A dyes [on 

ANIMADVERSION" — Iveurche-nn] (eontre, 

ANIMAI iann't-me-t] beast ipersonne) brute 

la.) animal | Regno — , Animal kingdom 
ANIMALCULE _ | —S" [pi] animal'culse 
ANIMALIER" animal painter or sculptor 
Anlmallser" va. to animalize 
ANIMATION" — [meche-nn'\ stir : bustle : 

warmth (of temper] 
Anim^ ^e a. animated : spirited : lively 
Animer' va. to animate : to cheer : to excite : 
to impress (de, with : a, to] S' — , To be ani- 
mated : to cheer [ou fire] up : to be excited 
ANIMOSITE _ty [en ang. moas'-e-te'i 
ANIS' aniseed | Gateau a 1' — , Seed cake 
Aniser' va. to flavour with aniseed 
ANISETTE [s, z] aniseed (liqueur] 
ANKYLOSE stiffness | Genou _se, Stiff knee 
ANNALES- [pi] annals | ANNALISTE _ist 

ANN'EAU ring [de chaine) link [de corde, tiav) 

grommet [de cU) bow \jt)0ucle) ringlet | a 

vis, Ring-bolt 

ANN'EE year : vintage : crop | JJne , 'A 

twelvemonth ' | Ses belles s. The prime of 

life I La honne , A happy new year [V. Year] 

lAnnee represents a divisible period of 12 
months. Thus, Les cpiatre saisons de I'annee, 
The four seasons of the year. AN signifies 
rather a unit of time, as : II a 60 ans, He is 
Ann'e'ler" va. to curl [fiO years old 

ANNEXE [document) schedule [arc7i)chapel 

of ease : side gallery | Navire , Tender 

Annexer" va. to annex 
ANNEXION" —xation 
ANNIHILATION" — : cancelling 
Annihiler" va. to annihilate : to cancel 
ANN-IVERSAIRE [*a.] _sary [w-r-se-re] 

Album d' s. Birthday book 

ANN'ONCE advertisement : announcement 
Ann'oncer' va. to announce ; to proclaim : to 
advertise : to show signs of [chiffres) to give 
[F. y/6?JE] S'_ bien. To look promising | 

S' mal. To look unpromising 

ANN'ONCIATION" annunciation [ct^c7ie-«n] 

Fete de V , Lady-day 



Annoter' va. to annotate 

ANNUAIRE almanac : year-book [X, etc.) list 

Annuel -elte a. annual lann'-ymi-e-'ll yearly | 

Plante , Annual 

ANNVITE _ty | Detenteur d'_s. Annuitant 
Annulable a. ... that may be annulled 
ANNULAIRE ring-finger [a.) annular 
ANNVLATION" cancelling 
Annuler' va. to annul [tie-J] to cancel 

Anoblirwi. to ennoble | S' , To obtain a title 

ANOBLISSEMENT- ennoblement 
Anodin"-e a. anodyne [fig) unmeaning 
Anomal -e a. anomalous 

ANON" little donkey | — nner' vn. to hem and 
ANONYMAT" anonym'ity [h&vr 

ANONYME anon'ymous writer [a.) anon'ymous 
[com) joint-stock | Society — de, '... Company 
Anordir vn. to veer to northward LLtd.' 




('AN'GLE _ I To _ for, Pecher (a la ligne\ 

I IRON fer cornier e 

I AN'GLER peoheur (a la Jigne] 'An'gllce' ad. 
•IjAN'GLING peche a to ligne \en anglais 

~ An'grily od. avec colere : en colere 

eAn'gry a. en colere : faehe : irrite (with, 

I eontre : at, de] An word, Une parole vive \ 

I To be with. En vouloir a 

VAN'GUISH douleur : angoisse 
Animadvert' ianni-me-d-ve-rtt'] va. critiquer 

(upon, ...] s'attaquer (upon, a] 
An'imate [mete'] va. animer (with, de] 
An'imate, An'iinated [me-tt, meted'la. anime 
AN'KLE [agnk't] cheville (du pied] -BONE 
ANNATT'O rocou : anotto Lastragale 

Anne'al va. [steel) adoucir [glass) recuire 
ANNEXA'TION [seche-nn] annexion (to, a] 
Annex'e'd a. & prep, ci-joint : annexe -e 

Annl'hilate [ndi-e-lete\ va. aneantir : annihi- 
ANNI'HILA'TION aneantissement L'er 

Announ'ce [e-na6nnce\ va. annoncer (to, a] 

MENT annonce : avis 

-.J- g « Annoy' va. ennuyer : tourmenter 
i 5 ^ ANNOY' AN CE ennui : tourment : cha- 
i 5 "Annoy'ing a. ennuyeux Lgrin 

ANN'UAL [ann' iou-e-tl plante annuelle [book) 

annuaire [a.) annuel 
ANNU'ITANT [te-nntf] detenteur d'annuitS 
ANNU'ITY rente : pension viagere : rente con- 

stituee | To buy an , Amortir une rente 

Annul' [pret. <i: pp. -Ue'd'] [e-ne-J] wj. annuler 
Anoint' va. oindre | ANOINT'ED [*j>p.]oint 
Anon' [e-tionn] ad. bientot : tout a Vheure \ 

Ever and , [poet] De temps en temps 

Anon'ymously [e-nonni"] ad. anonymement 
Anoth er[ne] o. un -e autre : autre [V. One — ] 

A point (S") means silent, or ON* LL* L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uvrds in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Anornial -e a. abnoi'mal : unusual : wrong 

ANOTTO annatto 

ANSE handle [de fil) loop Igeog) creek 

ANSPECT- [J,] handspike 


ANT AN" [the) bygone past : [the) days that are 

no more | D' , Of yore 

Anlarctiqiie a. ic 

Antece<l<!iiimenf [em as ani] ad. previously 
ANTtCfeDENT" _ | _ -e a. antecedent (de, to] 
ANTfeCH'RIST [antekreesQ Antichrist [fcraw«] 

Anl6diluvien"-w«e a. vian 

ANTENNE lateen-yard [d'insecte) antenna 
ANTEPENULTIEME —timate Lpl. _» 

Ant6rleur-e a. ior (a, to] earlier (a, than] 

before (a, ...] preceding (a, ...] 
Ant^rieure'inenf ad. previously : prior 
ANTHOLOaiE _gy Uher 
ANTHRACITE _ [ann-thre-Qditt, th fort] 
ANTH- ROPOLOGIE _gy [«ft fort] 
ANTHROPOMETRIE —try [th fort] 
Anth'ropom^trique a. trie | Service , 

Branch of the Criminal Investigation Depart- 
ANTHROPOPHAQE [<fc a.] cannibal [ment 
ANTICHAMBRE antechamber : anteroom | 

Faire , To dance attendance | Faire faire 

a, To keep ... waiting | Faire V , To do 

up the hall 
AnllchT6tien"-enne a. antichristian 
ANTICIPATION"- Baj ; encroachment | Par 

, In advance 

Anticiper' va. to anticipate Ivn.) to encroach 

ANTIDATE _edate [sur, on] 

Antiderapanf -e a. non-skid (tyre] 

ANTIDOTE _ (centre, to] 

ANTIENNE anthem [fig, plais) story : tune 

ANTILLIEN" -ENNE [* a.] West Indian 


ANTILOPE antelope 

ANTIMOINE _mony | Antiinonial -ea. _1 1*^ 

ANTINOMIE _omy : contradiction 

ANTIPAPE antipope 

ANTIPATHIE _thy (pour, to] Avoir de J'_, 

To have an antipathy (pour, for] 
Antipath'ique a. distasteful | II m'est — , 1 

can't bear him : he isn't a man I care for 

Antipatriotique a. ic 

ANTIPODES' ipodei _ [tipp' -o-dize] 
ANTIQUAILLE antiquity : 'old rubbish' 

ANTIQU'AIRE ary [arm-tifcOKaJre-e' ] 

Antique a. lann-tiqiie] 

ANTIQV ITE —ty Ikouitte'i ancient times (pi] 

Magasin d' s, Curiosity shop 

Antiscorbutique a. tic 

ANTIS^MITE _ I Antiseptique a tic 


ANTRE_ cave [de bete) den 1 ANUS _ 
ANXIETE ionks, o in offi _ty [ain-gzai-e-te] 
Anxieux' -eiise a. anxious laink'-che-sa] 
AORTE _ta 




AN'SW'ER [annce-r, w nul] reponse | Early _, 

Prompte reponse | In to, En R a. \ va. 

[to, a : for, de] repondre (a une lettre, etc.] 

It s the purpose, Cela remplit le but 

An's^v■e^able [ann'-se-re-b'l'i a. responsable : 
solidaire : egal : susceptible de reponse | To 

be for, [luggage, etc.] Repondre de 

An'sWerably ad. conformement 
ANT [pr. anritt] fmirmi \ White _, Termite | 

-EATER fourniilier | -HILL foiirmiliere 
Antag'onise va. rendre hostile 
ANTECE'DENT [<fe a.] antecedent 
AN'TECHAAIBER Ipr. annti-tc)iem-be-r1 anti- 
An'tedate [annti-dete'] va. antidater [cHambre 
AN'TELOPE antilope 
AN'TEROOM [annti'i antichambre 
AN'THEM [Wi fort, comme dans thin} antienne 

National , Hymne national 

Anti-air'craft GUN canon centre avions et 

AN'TIC figure \ To play s, Faire des farces | 

He's been playing s, II a fait des siennes 

Antic'lpate [jjeie] va. anticiper (sur] s'atten- 
dre a : prevoir [promise o'self) se promettre 
ANTICIPA'TION _ | In _ of. En prevision 
AN'TIDOTE _ : contrepoison Lde 

AN'TIMACASS'AR [crochet] tetiere : dossier 

Antimo'nial a. : stibie | WINE vin 

AN'TIMONY antimoine Lemetique 

Antiqua'rian [koue-rieunne} a. d'antiquaire 
An'tiquated Ikoueted] a. antique : suranne 
Anti-sla'very [sie'-ue-re] a. anti-esclavagiste 
Anti-tobacc'o a. ... centre I'abus du tabac 

ANT'LER andouiller 

AN'VIL enclume [beaked ) bigorne 

ANXI'ETY [ain-gzdi-e-te] anxiite:inguietude\ 
Terrible , Angoisse 

Anx'ious lain-kche-ss} a. [for, to] inquiet (de] 
plein de sollicitiide (pour] desireux (de] I'm 

most to, Je tiens beaucoup a 

ly ad. avec anxiete 

An'y [enne] a. quelque : de : en tout : quel- 

qu'un : aucun | more, Encore | At — 

rate. En tout cas | I have hardly ..., Je 

n'ai guere de ... | Has he sugar? — 

cream ? A-t-il du sucre ? de la crime ? \ Has 

he ? En a-t-il ? | I haven't , Je n'en ai 

pas I Not more, Pasdavantage ; plusde ... 

[no longer) ne ... plus | Not on account. 

Pour rien au monde | At station between 

..., a«»i« station quelconque entre [T. TIJIE, 

2nd par.] other ...s. Encore d'autres ...s | 

If it won't cause difficulty, Si cela ne fait 

pas de difficidte | If in _ WAY, Si de quel- 
qtie fofon | _ MON'EY, _ AMOU'NT 
[absol.] n'importe qtielle somme d'argent | At 
PRICE, a tout prix : cofite que coOte 

AN'YBODY, ou AN'YONE [enn'e-ouonne\ quel- 
qu'un : cliacun : tout le monde [no matter 
who) le premier venu | Like_else, Comme un 

autre | I didn't' see , Je n'ai vu personne i 

If _ wants me. Si Ton me demande | More than 

, Plus que personne | here ? Quelqu'un ? | 

To who knows ..., Pour qui connait ... | 

else. Tout autre | Is there in? Y a-t-il 

du monde? or, quelqu'un? [V.ANYTHING] 

[62] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in tlie French division only. 




A"OOT" [pr. ool August Imoissan) harvest 
A'oftt»5-e loo-te'] a. ripened 
AOUTERON" harvestman 
APACHE [Peau-Eouge) _ [Paris) 'hooligan' 
APAISE"MENT" appeasement : stilling 
Apaiser' va. to appease : to calm [to faim) to 
satisfy [to serif) to quench [les flots) to still | 

S' , To calm down : to abate : to subside 

APANAQE appanage : concomitant : lot 

APARTfe words spoken aside | En , Aside 

APATHIK _thy | Apath'ique a. apatheUc 

Apercevable a. perceptible 

Apercevolr va. to see : to perceive : to descry 

(with the eye] S' , To perceive : to see : to 

notice : to observe (with the mind] 
APERQU glance : insight (sur, into ...] general 

idea : brief account : rough guess | d'en- 

semble, Summary 
APERITIF appetizer : glass of absinthe ou bit- 
ters I Deguster son , To enjoy one's glass 

Apetale o. talous fspeechless 

Aphone a. ... who has lost his (ou tier) voice : 
APHORISME Ireece-ni] _ism irizz-m'] 

APHTE laft] ulceration r ulcer | S' aphtbse 

Aphleux" -euse a. aphthous | Fievre euse, 

Foot-and-mouth disease | API small red apple 
A pic ad. perpendicular [J>) apeak 
APICULTEUR apiarist : bee-keeper 
APICULTURE — : bee-keeping 
Apiqu"ei"" va. to peak 1 Apiqu'6-e a. apeak 

Apitojer" va. to excite ...'s pity | 8' , To pity 

(sur, ...] to sympathize (with] 
Aplanir va. to plane : to smooth : to level [fig) 

to smooth : to remove 
APLANISSE-MENT- levelling : smoothing 
Aplatir va. to flatten : to smooth [tech) to float 
APLATISSE-MENT- flattening 
APLOMB" [m nasal ] standing perpendicular 
Ipers) self-possession : assurance : 'cheek' : 

audacity | D' , Upright | Perdre 1' , To lose 

one's balance 
APOCALYPSE— I Apocalyptiquea. —tic 

Apocryphe a. apoc'ryphal | Les livres s, 

The Apoc'rypha | Apode a. apodal 
APOGEE [astr) _ [(^/e] [fig) zenith : height 

APOLOOIE _gy [e^poJ'-e-<y^] (a, to : de, for] 

Faire V de, 'To speak approvingly of 

APOPHTEGME apothegm : terse saying 

Apoplectique a. ic D^ 

APOPLEXIE _xy | Attac[ue d'_, Apoplectic 
APOSTASIE _sy ie-poss-te-ce] [stroke 
Apostasier' vn. to apostatize [apostate 
APOSTAT" _tate (a, to : de, from] D'_, a. 
APOSTfeME abscess | Aposter" va. to post 
APOSTILL'E marginal note : recommenda- 
tion I En , In the margin 

APOSTOLAT" apostleship le-posse'l-cMpp] 

Apostolique a. tol'ic : apostol'ical 

Apostoliser' v. to preach the Gospel 
APOSTROPHE — \_e-po3s'-tre-fe] _r- va. to 

apostrophize : to challenge 
APOSTUME abscess 
APOTH-tME —them 
APOTHEOSE — theosis : deification 
APOTH'ICAIRE apothecary : chemist | Memoirs 

d' , Fearfully long bill 

APOTRE apostle | Bon , ' Deep one ' | Symbole 

des s, Apostles' creed 

— S" [J>] knight-heads [with litre] 
Ap'paraitre vn. to appear \,Ta1)le 63, conj. 
AP'PARAT" state : ostentation [livre) vocabu- 
lary I ... d' , Set : formal 

AP-PARAUX- (pi] tackle 

AP'PAREIL* [pi. — S'] apparel Ba^ : display : 
preparation [me'd, arch) dressing [sciences) 
apparatus [tech) gear : apparatus [wiafonw.) 

bond : work | vocal. Vocal organs (pi] 

AP"PAREILL"AGE getting under sail : sailing 
AP'PAREILL-EMENT' matching : pairing 
Ap'parelU'er" va. to match : to pair [pierres) 

to dress [vn., it) to set sail 
AP*PAREILL"EUR dresser [a gaz) gas-fitter 
Ap'paremmenf [em, am\ ad. apparently 
AP'PARENCE appearance : look | Avoir belle 

, To look well I Sur V , By appearances 

Ap'parenf-e a. t : important 

Ap'parenter" u. to ally (a, to] to connect (with 
Ap'parier' va. to pair : to sort : to match 
AP-PARITEUR —tor : usher 




An'yhow ad. de toute fagon : quand meme : 

en tout cas : vaille que vaille 
AN'YTHING quelque chose : rien : quoi que 

ce soit : n'importe quoi [ V. Aught, p. 74] As , 

C!omme tout I but, Rien moins que | else, 

AtiZre chose | Worth' , De guelque wUeur | 

Worth , [accent on an'ything] Sans prix | 

I have not asked — whatever of ANYBODY, 

Je n'ai absolument rien demande a personne 

An' ywhere ad. qiielqiie part : a un point quel- 

conque (on, sur] [negat.) ntiUe part \ else. 

Autre part : partout ailleurs fterder 

Apa'ce [e-pe'ce] ad. | To come on , Ne pas 

Apart' ad. a i>art [de, from) separement | To 

come , Se defaire 

APART'MENT jnece : cliambre : logement 

S (pi] un appartement 

APE iepe} singe : guenon Iva.) singer 
APE'RIENT [e-pt] [<fc a.] laxatif : purgatif 
AP'ERTURE ouverture : orifice . 

A'PEX [a ^] sommet | A'PIARY^ rucher 
Apie'ce [e-pice] ad. la jmce : par tete ■ chacun 
Apol'ogize [djaV^e] vn. faire I'apologie [fam) 

demander pardon (for, de : to, a] s'excuser 

(for, de : to, aupres de] 
APOL'OGY [e-poll apologie : excuse (to, a : for, 

de] LETTER of — , Lettre d'excuses | To de- 
mand an , Exiger des exaises 

APOPLECTIC STROKE lapol coup de sang: 

attaque d'apoplexie 
A-port' ad \ Helm — ! Babord ! fto'at 

APOS'TLE le-posse-l'] apotre | -SHIP apos- 
APOTH'EOARY —icaire feo 
Appal' [-He'd] [e-pol, o comme o dans sort] 

va. epouvanter | lling a. epouvantable 

APPARA'TUS [ap-e-^e-te-'ssi appareil 
AP'PAR'EL [e-par'-e-l} habillement : vgte- 

ment | va. vetir [ship) equiper 

Appa'rently [e-ptf] ad. en aitparence : appa- 


A point (SO means silent, or ON" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FESnNINB ivords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




AP'PARITION" — : spectre : appearance iw^ | 

Son , [d'un lieu, etc.] The sight of it | Faire 

son , To make one's appearance Ichose) to 

Ap'paroir v. inipers. | II appert, It appears 
AP'PARTEMENT" apartments : rooms (pi] suite 

of rooms (sing] D' , Indoor ... 

APTARTENANCE appurtenance 
Ap'partenir im. (.Table 15) to appertain : to 

belong (a, to] ... qui tient a C!esar, Caesar's 

... I a tous ceux qu'il tiendra, To all whom 

it may concern | S' , To be one's own master, 

Ap"paru-€pp. [F. ApparaStre] [or mistress 
AP'PAS" [pi] charms : attractions 

AP"PAT" bait : allurement | er* va. to bait 

Ap'pauvrlrf. to impoverish | 8' To get poor 

APPAUVRISSEMENT- impoverishment 
AP'PEAU bird-call [oiseau) decoy-bird 
AP'PEL appeal [des noms) calling over [actions) 
call [X) muster [du feu) draught | Devan- 

cer r , To enlist before one's time | Manquer 

a r To be absent | d'air, Air inlet 

AP'PE'LANT' -E appellant : decoy-bird 
Ap'pe'Ier' ixi. to name [de, from : a, to) to call : 
to call up (down, in, or out, etc.] to appeal 
[wi.) [cordage] to lead | Comment s'appelle 
cela ? What is it [ou that] called ? | Faire _ 
un medecin. To send for a doctor | Appelez les 
noms, Name the persons | Je m'appelle Jean, 
My name is John | J'en appelle a, I leave it 
to ... [whether it is or not, I did or not, etc.] 
APPENDICE _dix [e-penn'-dtks] 
APPENDICITE —citis ie-penn-di-^di'-tiss, i 
Ap'pendre va. to hang up Lbrefs] 

AP'PENTIS" shed : 'lean-to' : shanty 
Ap"perf V. [V. Apparoir] 
Ap'pesantir va. to make [ou lay] ... heavy : 

to weigh ... down | S' sur. To dwell upon 

AP-PESANTISSE-MENT- dejecUon : dulness 

Ap'pclissanf -e a. tempting : appetizing 
AP'PfeTIT" tite : hunger | Demeurer sur son 

To limit one's appetite 

Ap'plaudif va. to applaud : to commend (a, ...] 

S' To concratulate one's self (de. on] 

APPLAUDISSEMENT- applause : cheers (pi] 

Ap'plicable a. [a, to] [ap'-li-ke-he-l} 

AP-PLICATION" — Ibaiiqiie) stock or share 

dealing (broker's work done by bank] [or/?t)) 

charging [broderr*) ornaments stuck upon a 

AP-PLIQUE bracket [tech) inlaying 
Ap'pliquer" va. to apply : " to stick ' (sur, to] 

to lay on : to appropriate : to give (a, to] to 

carry out ... in practice 
AP-POINT" balance : difference 
APPOINTEMENT-S- (pi] salary (sing] 
Ap'polnter'co. to pay : to arrange : to order: 

to point 
APPONTEMENT" timber pier 
AP'PORT" supply [com) share of capital : fees 

(to promoters] 
Ap'porter' va. to bring : to fetch : to convey : 

[fig) to bring on (ou about] beaucoup de 

soin a I'examen, To exercise great care in the 

examination [F. Bring] un livre, To bring 

a book I Apporte ! [chien] Fetch it ! [Do not 

confound Apporter with Amener, which refers 

to objects not portable. Apporter literally 

signifies to bring by carrying] 
Ap'poser* va. to affix : to set louche) to stick up 
AP-POSITION" _ : affixing 

Ap'precjable a. fciate ... 

AP"PRfeCIATEUR one who knows how to appre- 
APPRECIATION- _ : valuation : estimate 

[sur, on) criticism : opinion : remark : review | 

Note d' , Mark 

Ap'precier" wo. to appreciate : to estimate : to 

value : to determine : to comment upon 




/APPEAL' appel | refused, Rejet de pour- 

^ voi I High Court of , Cottr de cassation 

^Appeal' vn. en appeler (from, de] faire appel 
J [to supreme court) se pourvoir en cassation 
I [against) reclamer (from, contre : to, a] It 

V doesn't to me. Cela ne me dit rien 

xAppear' vn. [to, at, a : before, devant] 

^ parattre : se presenter | It s, II paratt 

,^ APPEAR' ANCE apparition^ : apparence: 
^ spectacle [before magistrate) cowipantfion | 
T" First _, Debut | An _ of, L'air de | To 

^ put in an , Faire acte de presence 

Appea'se [e-pJ?e] v. apaiser : pacifier \tion 
APPELL'ATE COURT [-J^te] cot<r de eassa- 
APPELLA'TION _ : nom : denomiftation 

Append' va. appuser (to, a] AOE apanage : 

accessoire (de] APPEN'DIX _ice (to, i, de] 
APP'ETITE [iaV] appetit (for, pour: to, j)Our] 
APP'ETIZER [i at] aperitif : hors-d'oeuvre 
Applaud' [au, o daps sor(] va. applaudir (a] 
APPLiAU'SE applaudissement(8] 
AP'PLE pomme [of eye) pruneOe | * _ PIE 
BED,' lit en portefeuille | _ PIE ORDER, 

ordre parfait | TART totirte aux pommes 

[penny one) chausson { TREE pommier 

APPLI'ANCE [e^pta'i-ntjce] moyen | _S (pi] 

appareil : outillage [gymnastic) agres (pi] 
APP'LICANT postulant -e [in law) demandeur, 

APPLICA'TION [kdche-iini _ fea : demande 

[F.3ftse]On to, en s'adressanta | Form of 

for shares, Formule pour demande d'acUons 
S for (tickets, etc.] demandes de 

Apply' le-plai] v. [to, a] appliquer : s'adresser 
(a, or chez] se mettre [devote) affecter | None 
need , (etc) Inutile de se presenter 

Appoi'nt txi. arreter : designer : convenir de : 
assigner [to office) nommer (a des fonctionsl 
Well. Ill- ed. Bien, mal equipe [or monte] 

APPOI'NTMENT nomination : arret : eta- 
blissement : emploi [for time) rendez-vous | 

To make an , Donner [or se d] B [or un R] 

By to, Fournisseur brevete de 

Appor'tion [cfte-nn] va. repartir : partager 

App'osite a. [to, a] a propos : plein d'a-propos 

Apprai'se va. priser : evaluer : estimer 
_MENT [law] expertise | APPRAI'SER 
commissaire-priseur [law) expert - 

Appre'ciate ie-prichi-ete] v. apprecier 
—A'TION _ (es 

[64] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only.- 




Ap'preliendei'" va. to apprehend : to fear (de, 

que,...] Ap'prehensif -tw a. ive 

AP-PREHENSION- — [s/ie-nn] 
Ap'prendre va. {Table 59) to learn : to under- 
stand [a) to teach ... : to acquaint ... (with] 
to tell ... I J'apprends le grec, I learn Greek | 
Je lui ai appris le franqais, I taught him 

French | Content d' que, Glad to hear (ou 

know) that ... | Apprenez-moi ..., Teach me ... 
AP'PRENTI -E apprentice [fig) novice 
AP-PRENTISSAGE apprenticeship | Faire son 

, To serve one's A (de, to] Contrat d' , 

Indentures (pi] 
AP'PR£T" preparation : cooking : dressing : 
trimming Ipeint) priming [draps) dressing : 
finish [fig) affectation | Sans , [tissu] With- 
out stiffening | Ap"pr6ter" va. to prepare : 
to smooth : to tiim [ewis) to dress : to cook 
APPRtTEUrt -EUSE cutter-out : dresser 

Ap"pris'-e [_pp. oft). Apprendre] Mai , (a.) 

Ap'privoisable a. tameable Ll'l'bred 

Ap"privoise-e a. tame : domesticated 
AP'PRIVOISE'MENT" taming : domestication 
Ap'pi'ivoiser' va. to tame : to break ... in : to 

remove ...'s shyness 
Ap'probaleur -trice a. ... of approval 
Ap"pi'Obatif -iw a. ... of approval 
AP- PROBATION" _ Ba^ : approval 
Ap'prochable a. approachable 
Ap'pi'Ochanf -e a. [de, ...) like : similar (to] 

prep, near : about 

AP'PROCHE approach [typ) closing up 
Ap'proeher' va. to approach : to draw [ou to 
comej near : to bring ... near (de, to] to re- 
semble ... I Approchez-vous du feu, Come to 
the fire | Ne vous en approchez pas ! Don't 
go near it ! 

Ap'profondi -e a. profound | foiidir va. to 

deepen [fig) to go deeply into : to dwell upon 
AP-PROFONDISSEMENT" deepening [fig) re- 
APPROPRIATION" — : adaptation [search 
Ap'proprier'tra. to appropriate : to adapt (a, 

to] to clean : to put ... to rights 
Ap'prouver" va. to approve 

AP-PROVISIONNE-MENT" victualling : supply 
Ap'provisionner' va. to store : to provision 

Ap'proxiinatif -ive a mate : rough [-nif -ly] 


AP'PUl prop : stay : support : sill | a JiaiUeiir 

d' — , Breast high | a 1' de. In support of | 

Point d' — , Fulcrum : bearing-surface 

-MAIN" maul-stick 

Ap'puyer" v. to prop : to bear : to support : 
to insist, ou lay stress (upon] [sur les bras, ■$>) 

to haul in ... a little | S' sur. To lean [ou 

^ rest] on [fig) to rely on 
Apre a. rough : sour : harsh : gruff [-mf-ly] 
Apr6s" prep, after : next to : about lad.) after- 
wards : about (doing] Attendre , To be 

waiting for | Ci- , Presently : below | D' , 

According to | D'_ nature. From nature [ou 
the life] Et _ ? What then ? 
Aprfis'-demain" ad. the day after to-morrow 
APRfeS--DiNER" after dinner : afternoon 
APRES-MIDI [&m.] afternoon 
APRfeS'-SOUPER" after supper : evening 
APRETE harshness : greediness 
A-PROPOS" timeliness : pertinency [V. Propos] 
Apte a. qualified : fit : fitted (a, to, for] 
APTITUDE _ lap-ti-tioude'] fitness (a, to, for] 
Certificatd' — pour I'enseignement, Teacher's 
APUREMENT" auditing [certificate 

Apurer" va. to audit : to pass 

AQUAFORTISTE etcher [water-colours 
- sAQUARELLE water-colour | a r_. In 
c8 g AQUARELLISTE painter in water-colours 
3 &AQUARIUM _ le-koiie-ri-e-mni] 

Aquatique a. ic : water : watery 

AQU-EDUC —duct lak-oui-de-kte'] culvert 
Aqu'eux'-eitse a. aqueous [e'fcOMi-e-ss] watery 
Aqirilln"-e a. — ine [kouW] Roman (nose] 
AQU'ILON" north wind : cold stormy wind 
ARA macaw : long-tailed parrot 
ARABE Arab llangue) Arabic Bsj [fig) Tartar: 

' regular screw ' | Chifl'res s, Arabic figures 

ARABESQUE [* a.] _ 

Arabique o. — ic : Arabian Q/omme) arabic 

ARABISANT' [s, z] Arabic scholar 




Apprehoftd' va. saisir : comprendre : arreter | 

To , [fear] ou be Apprehen'sive of, Ap- 

prehender : c'raindre 

APPREHEN'SION apprehension [of prisoner) 
arrestation | Serious , Vives inqicietitdes (pi 

APPREN'TICE apprenti feo Iva.) mettre en 

apprentissage | SHIP apprentissage | To 

serve an to ..., Faire son A chez ... 

Apprl'ze [i ai] va. prevenir : informer 

APPROA'CH' le-protche'] approclie : entree : 
acces (aupresde ...] rapprochement (vers ...] 
[place) abord [i).) approcher : s'a (to, de] 

APPROBA'TION approbation | On _, a con- 
dition [books) en communication 

Appro' prlate [pr. e-C] a. propre : approprie : 
convenable Iva., pr. ete) approprier : affecter 

g APPBO'VAXj approbation : odMsicm 

% Appro' ve va. approuver | R approbateur 

g^Appro'ving a. approbateur \,-trice 

i — ly ad. avec approbation 

Approx'imate a. approximatif [«.) rapproclier 

— ly ad. approxifliativement : a peu pres 
A'PRICOT [e-pri-kotf] abricot 

-TREE abricotier 
A'PRIL avril | '_ FOOL' [F. Avril] 
A'PRON [e-pre-nn'] tablier li,) contre^trave 
APSE" lapps'] abside 
Apt a. [for, to, a] propre : sujet : porte 

ly ad. avec a-propos 

APT'NESS aptitude (for, a, pour] propriete 
A'QUAFOR'TIS eau-forte 
A'QUAMARI'NE aigtie-marine 
AQUA'RIUS [e-koueri-e-ssl [le) Verseau 
A'queous iek-oiii-e-ss'] a. aqueux fgamins 

AR'AB e I Street s, Petits va-nu-pieds : 

Ara'bian [_e-rebe-ye-nn\ a. arabe : A' Arabic \ 

The NIGHTS, Les mille et t^ne nuits 

AR'ABIC arabe [a.) arabe : arabique 

_ FIGURES chiffres arabes 

_ SOH'OLAR arabisant 
AR'BnER -TRESS arbitre 

A point (S°) means silent, or GN' LL* L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Arable a. lar-e-be-Q ARAC arrack 

ARACHIDE pea-nut | Huile d'_, Arachis-oil 
ARAIONEE spider | ToUe d'_. Cobweb | 
' Vne dans le plafond,' A ' bee in his bon- 
net' I de MER spider-crab : sea-spider 


Araser" to. | Scie a , Tenon-saw 

Aratoire a. farming : agricultural 

ARAUCARIA [or-e-fte'ri-a, o dans sori] 

ARBALETE crossbow [4>) Jacob's staff 
ARBAL^TRIER" principal (rafter] crossbow- 

nian : arbalister 
ARBITRAGE arbitration K3^ [com) selling out 

Arbitraire a. trary [tre-rei ment' ad. in 

an arbitrary manner : arbitrarily 

Arbitral -e a. | Sentence e, Award 

Arbitralemenf ad. by arbitration 

ARBITRE umpire : arbitrator | Libre , Free- 

Arborer" do. to set up [pavilion) to hoist LwiH 

Arborescent" -e a. 

AiJB0ft7CCiTt;iJ£_|ARB0USIER- arbutus 

ARBRE tree [axe) shaft | de haute futaie, 

Large forest tree | _. propre a la construction. 
Timber tree [F. Ecorcel _ COUD^ crank- 
shaft : crank | de TOUR mandril | 

MOTEUR driving-shaft | _ a NOYAU core- 

ARC O^ [amie) bow \constr.) arch [Note : 

Jeanne d' is pr. Zhan d'Ark. En ang. Joan 

of se pr. Djone-e-vark] 

— de TRIOMPHE triumphal arch 

ARCADE : piazza : arch : row of arches 

ARCASSE buttock (of a ship] 
ARC-BOUTANT- [pi. _s-_s] flying buttress : 

strut : prop [A) dolphin-striker 
Arc'-bouter* v. to buttress 
ARCEAU small arch : vault [croquet) hoop 
ARC-EN-CIEL [pi. arcs"-en-ciel] rainbow 

Arch'aique a. aic | ARCH'AlSME ism 

ARCHAL I Fil d'_. Brass wire 
ARCH-ANGE [ch, fc] _gel lark-endje-'l] 
ARCHE [pr. arrsh] arch Da^ : arching {Bible, 

etc.) ark | de pompe. Pump casing 

j^ARCHEOLOGIE archseol'ogy \ 

j; Arch"<5ologique a. archseolo'gical \ " ^■' 

"ARCH-feOLOGUE archaK)l'ogi8t J ^'"^ 

\ ARCHER" _ Da^ 

! ARCHET" [tech) drill-bow [de violon) bow 
ARCHEVeCHt arcjibishopric : palace 
ARCHEVeQUE archbisliop Ba^ fflowing 

j Archibonde -e. Archiconable a. full to over- 

ARCHIDIACONAT- archdeaconry Ba» 
1 ARCHIDIACRE archdeacon oa^ ^duchess 

ARCHIOUC archduke | DUCHESSE arch- 

\ ARCHIDUCH^ archduchy 

I Arch'iepiscopal-e a. [ch, fc] al [] 

i ARCHIPEL larshi'] pelago [arkipel'-e-go1 

] ARCHITECTE [arshi] _t [drfct-] [sanitaire) 

sanitarv engineer | Architectural -e a. 

ARCHITECTURE larshi] _ Idr'kitek-tche-r] 
ARCHITRAVE [arshUrav] _ [dr'fcitr^ce] 
ARCHIVES- [ar-s?ieeve] [pi] _ Idr'kdivzz] 

[Paris, etc.) record office (sing] 
ARCHIVISTE keeper of the records 
ARQON" saddle-bow [fig) position : balance | 

Cheval d' , Vaulting-horse 

Arcllque [-teefc] a. arctic [ark-tik, i bref ] 
Ardemment' [em as am] ad. ardently : eagerly 

Ardent" -e a. t : burning : fiery : hot : eager 

(pour, for, to] Le navire est-il ? Does she 

carry a weather helm ? | La ehambre e, 

The French Star-chamber | Chapelle e, 

Candles surrounding the coffin 
ARDEUR ardour : heat : eagerness : spirit 
ARDOISE slate | Ardois^-e a. slated : slate- 
ARDOISIERE slate quarry Lcoloured 

Ardu -e a. arduous Daj 

ARE [ = 100 square metres] 100 ares make 

one HECTARE [F. Table 88] 
ARENE arena [e-ri-ne] [sablon) sand 
AREOLE _ [ou _la] 
AR^OM^TRE _ter 
AR^PPAGE _agus 
ARETE [fish-)bone : ridge : edge [d'epi) awn 

[tech) arris | a vive , With squared edges 

ARGENT"" silver : money | Vif- , Quicksilver | 

D' , Of silver : of M [poet) silvery | Je n'ai 

pas d' , I haven't any money | De 1' en 

barre, As good as M | Pas d' , pas de Suisse, 

No pay no piper | Faire de 1' , To make M | 

_ COMP'TANT"" cash : ready M [fig) ' gos- 
pel ' I Un FOU, ' Lots of money ' 

MIGN'ON"' pocket money 




Ar'bilrarily Itre-re-le'] ad. arbitrairement 
Ar'bltrary Itre^^] a. arbitraire 
Ar'bitrate va. arbitrer : decider (upon, de] 
AEBITBA'TION [tre'che-nn] arbitrage feo | 

Conmiittee of , [wages] Conseil de prud'- 

hommes | CLAUSE clause d'arbitrage | 

_ TREATY traite d'arbitrage 
AR'BITRATOR arbitre | AR'BITRESS arbUre 
V AR'BOR [tech) arbre (de tour] [tonnelle 
.oAR'BOUR berceau : cabinet de verdure : 
ARBU'TUS Idr-biou-U-ss] arbousier 
ARC _ W«o I -LAMP lampe a arc | -LIGHT 

[lumiere de 1') arc voltaTque 
ARCA'DE [ke] [shops) passage larch) arcade 
ARCH Idrtch] arche : cintre [tech. & anatom.) 
voute [va.) vouter : cintrer : arquer [neck) 

courber | Pointed , Ogive \ Stones of the 

— , Voussoirs | Row of ES, Arcade \ Court 

of ES, Cour archiipiscopale | a. malin : 

espiegle [leading) insigne : grand [In com- 
pounds. archi....arch...] e"do.arque:voute 

ARCHBISH'OP [artch] archeveque 
AKCHBISH'OPRIC archeveche 
ARCHDEA'CON idrtch-dike-nn] archidiacre 
AKCHDEA'CONRY archidiaconat 
ARCHDUCH'Y archiduche 
ARCHDUKE [drtch] archiduc | _DOM archi- 
AR'CHER [drtcher] _ Louche 

ARCHERY [drtch] tir a I'arc : art de Urer de 
Arch'ly idrtch-le] ad. finement \\'axc 

ARCH'WAY \_drtch-oue] arceau : voute : pas- 
sage : portail 
Arcbime'dian [_dr-ki-mx'] a. d'Archimede 

Ar'denl a. ardent | ly ad. ardemment 

AR'DOUR ardear : zele 
Ar'duous[i/oi«-«-ss] a. ardu | _NESS difficuUi 

[66] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Argente -e a. silvered : silver-plated [poet, et 
Argenter" va. to silver : to plate [fig) silvery 
ARQENTK-RIE plate : silver-plate 

ArgentifSre a. ferous 

Argentjn" -e a. silvery [Rijmb.) Argentine 

K silver-weed [poisson) silver-fish 

AROENTVRE silvering 
AROILE clay | _ a fmdon, Fuller's earth 
Argileux" -eiise a. clayey : argillaceous 
ARGILIERE c\Siy-pit \ ARGILITE clay-slate 
ARGON" _ I ARGOT- slang 
ARGOUSIN" [s, z] ... warder (of convicts] 
Arguer' va. to argue [.argh-yoiii to infer 
ARGUMENT' _ o^ | _ef vn. to argue 
ARGUTIE Iciel quibble | 'ARIA" fix': 'mess' 
Aride a. arid : dry : barren : uncultivated 
ARIDITE _ty : barrenness 
ARIETTE short melody [The 'upper ten' 
ARISTOCRATS _t [a.) _tic | Les 'aristos', 
ARISTOCRATIE Icracie] _cracy 

Aristocratique a. ic [-inenf -ally] 

ARITHMtTICIEN"-A^JVri!; _cian [th fort] 
ARITH-METIQVE _ic [a.) _ical Ith fort] 
ARLEQU'IN" harlequin [harli-kouinn, h asp] 
ARLEQUINADE buffoonery : piece of B 

ARMADA [en ang. pr. ar-me-da\ 

ARMATEUR ship-owner : privateer 
ARMATURE brace : gear : plates : fittings (pi] 

[d'aimant) armature 
ARME arm D3^ : weapon | — S' (pi] arms (pi] 

coat of arms (sing] s blanches, Side-arms | 

s a feu, Fire-arms | Assaut d' s, Fencing 

match I Faire des s, To fence | Faire 

passer par les s, To order ... to be shot | 

Hommes d' s, Men-at-arms | Maltre d' s, 

Fencing-master | Place d' s, Parade | Port 

d' s, Gun license | Prendre les s, To take 

up arms | Deposer les s, To lay down (their) 

arms | Salle d' s, Fencing-school | Sous les 

s, Under arms farms : military 

Arm^-e a. armed | a main ee, By force of 

ARMEE array | permanente, Standing A | 

de MER, Navy : naval force 

ARMELINE ermine (skin] 
ARMEMENT" armament : arming : fitting out: 
accoutrements (pi] [<& ) equipment | Capi- 

taine d' Marine superintendent 

ARM^NIEN" -ENNE i& a.] _enian 
Ariner" va. to arm (de, with] to cock (a trigger] 
to case : to strap [navire) to fit out : to man 

[les avirons) to ship | S' de, To arm o'self 

with [de courage) to take [de rigueur) to use 
ARMET- _ : head armour 1 ARMISTICE _ 
ARMOIRE cupboard : wardrobe : closet 
ARMOIRIES' [pi] armorial bearings : arms 

ARMORIAL book of heraldry | _-e a 1 

Armorie-e a. with ...'s arms on 
Arinorier' va. to put ...'s arms on 
ARMURE armour : ironwork : wrapper 
ARMTJRERIE gunsmith's shop [ou work] 
ARMURIER" gunsmith : sword-cutler 

AROMATE —tie | Aronaatique a. tic 

Aronialiser" va. to flavour : to scent (de, with] 
AROME -^ma 

ARONDE I a QUEUE d'_. Dovetailed 
ARP^GE [wMts] arpeggio 
! ARPENT" acre [ou acre and a quarter] 
ARPENTAGE land-surveying 
Arpenter" va. to survey [fig) to stride across : 

to tramp about 
ARPENTEUR land-surveyor | ARPON" rip-saw 
Arqu'e -e a. arched : bent : crooked [ F.ce mot] 
ARQU'EBUSE _bus Ibe-ss'] 
ARQU'EBUSERIE gunsmith's work 
ARQU'EBUSIER- [s as 2] gunsmith 
Arqu'er" va. to bow : to arch : to bend 
ARRACHE-CLOUS- nail-extractor 
d'Ar'rache-pied' ad. with a will 
ArTacher' [de, (pers. a,) from] va. to pull : to 
pluck : to snatch : to tear : to draw : to get 
... (out of] to wrench : to root out (weeds] 

tme dent a. To extract a tooth for | — de 

I'argent a ..., To screw some money out of ... | 
On se I'arrache, There is a regular rush [ou 
scramble] after it [ou him, etc.] 




Are [ V. Be, Table 6] We , Nous sommes, etc. 

A' RE A I'^-i-a} aire : surface : itendue [front) 
devant (de maisonl cour en sous-sol 

Ar'gue IdrgTi-yoii] v. [from, of, de] argumenter : 
raisonner : discuter : conclure [maintain) pre- 

tendre | well for, Faire foi de | To stand 

arguing, Faire le raisonneur | AR'GUMENT 

: discussion : raisonnement | In support of 

his , a I'appui de sa these 

Argumen'tative a. raisonne [pers) argumen- 

A'RIES [e-rize] le Belier Ltate""" 

Ari'ght [e-rdite\ ad. droit : bien 

Ari'se [e-rd%ze\ va. \_pret. Arose : pp. Arisen] 
se lever : s'elever : resulter (from, de] 

ARK arche (,sainte\ Noah's , VA de Noe 

ARM bras [weapon) arme feo | in — , Bras 

dessus, bras dessous | To s I [soldiers] Aux 

armes! \ To take ... by the , Prendre ... 

par le bras | -CHAIR fauteuil | -HOLE [of 
garment] emmanchure : entourmire \ -PIT 

Arm vn. armer : s'armer (with, de] L'*'*'''*^'* 

AR'MATURE induit | -SPINDLE arbre d'l 

Arme"d a. <fe pp. arme [resistance) a main 

armee \ 'Long- ,' ... qui a les bras longs 

ARM'FDL brassee \ of sticks, B de bois 

AR'MOUR [me-r] armure \ -BEARER ecuyer| 
-PLATE plagiie de blindage | -PLATING 
blindage | -plated a. cuirasse : blinde 
Ar'nioure'd a. blinde : cuirasse | — CAR 

automobile blindee 
AR'MOURER Idr' -me-reur'] armurier 
AR'MOURY [,dr'-me-re\ salle d'armes : arsenal 
ARMS armes : armoiries tea [ F. Faisceau] 
AR'MY armee [crowd) fmile (of. de] _ LIST 
annuaire militaire | _ SERVICE CORPS' 
train des equipages militaires [F. Estimates] 
Arou'nd [e-raounnde\ ad. autour : a I'entour 

[Note. In America is often wrongly used 

where about is used in England. To 'loaf — ,' 

Faineanter] prep, a I'entour : aux alentours 

Arou'se [e-raoitze] va. reveiller (from, de] 

mettre en eveil [excite) provoquer friz 

ARPEG'GIO arpege | ARR'ACK eau-de-vie de 

A point (SO means silent, or GN' LL* L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [67] 

Substantives in Capitals. AH FBMIXINE irords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




AR-RACHEUR AeDENTS' \ Mentir comme un 

To tell no end of lies [special terms 

ARRANGEMENT- _ | _S- [f^uT une famillel 
Ar'ranger" va. [de, avec. with] to arrange : to 
settle : to suit : to repair [mets. etc.) to dress | 
J'arrangerai I'affaire. Ill see to it 1 Arrangez- 
vous ! Just do as you like ! 
AR-RtRAQES- [pi] arrears 
AJiRESTATION" arrest : apprehension 
AR'R^T" decree [tech) stop : catch | Amiens, 

dijc minutes d' , Amiens, ten M stop | Avec 

facultatif. With liberty of breaking the 

journey | Chien d' Pointer | 3£aison d' , 

Jail I Un temps d' — A little rest | Aux 
_S- Under arrest ! _S" SIMPLES' detention 
in barracks 
AR'RCrt resolution : order : decree : settlement 

(of account] ministeriel. "Order in Council' 

AR-R£TE-B<EUF [pr. the f] rest-harrow 

ArTfiter* v. to stop : to arrest : to fix : to 

engage : to appoint (a time] to settle (an 

account] to decide on (a plan] [chien) to 

point [HI) to fasten off [tech) to pin (a. to] 

Je viens d' utie bonne, I have just engaged 

a servant | Compte te au ..., Account up 

to ... I Faire To give in charge : to have 

... arrested | S' , To stop : to stay : to 

hesitate (a. at to] to resolve (a, on, to] 
AR'RHES' (pi] earnest-money : pledge 

AR'RI^RE back part [^) stern ! De 1" .Astern | 

Faire un bord de 1' , To make a stern board 

ArTlere a. back : trailing : hinder [ X ) rear 
[de temps) after | — ad. behind [A) aft : 

abaft : astern | En , Behind [<t) astern 

[fig) behind one's back | Voyager en To sit 

with OS back to the engine [ou to the horses] 

Faire niacftjneen , To reverse the engines | 

Aller vent , To sail on a wind | de. Far 

from I ! int. Away ! Begone ! Be off I 

AR'RI^R^ arreai-s [a ) backward : behind the 

times : in arrear Dividende , Unclaimed 

AR'RI^RE-BAN" last conscription fshop 

ARRIERE- BOUTIQUE [pi. _-_s] back- 
-BOUCHE fauces ! -CORPS" recess I -COUP- 
back-sight | -COUR back-yard | -GARDE 
rear-guard | -MAIX" back-handed blow [de 
cheval) hind-<juarters | -NEVEU grand-nej)- 
hew I -NEVEUX- latest posterity i -PEXSEE 
mental reservation : dissimulation : reticence 

Sans - Above-board : perfectly openly | 

-PETIT-S-ENFANT-S" great-grandchildren | 

-PETIT-FIL-S great-grandson | -PETITE- 
FILL' E great-granddaughter I -PLAN-- back- 
ground I -POINT- back-stitch : stitching | 
-SAISOX" end of the autumn : approach of 
old age I -TRAIN" hind-wheels : hind-quar- 
Ar-rierer" fa. to delay : to defer Lters 

AR-RIMAGE stowage : trimming (of a ship] 
ArTimer" va. to stow : to stow away : to trim 
AR-RIMEUR stevedore : stower fment 

AR-RI VA6E arrival (of cargo, or goods] consign- 
ARRIVEE arrival [J>) falling off 
Ap-river- vn. {cotij. with Etre] to arrive (a, at : 
dans, en. in : de, from] to get, ou come (to, 
into] [fig) to attain (to] [devenements) to 
happen [F. Meet] [A) to bear away (to] to 
bear down (sur, upon] to veer | Arrive ici ! 

Come here ! | a etre .... To end by being 

... : to succeed in being ... | ... m'est arrive 
hier, ... reached me yesterday | II m'arriva 
de le voir, I happened to see him | J'arrive 
de voyage, I have just come in from a jour- 
ney I On an-ive facilement a .... One can 

easily get to ... | II faut quand meme. We 

must get through with it anyhow | Vous 
arrive-t-il de manquer...? Do you ever chance 

to miss ... ? I Le premier ve, The first in | 

Arrive tout ! Hard a-weather ! | Arrivez un 
peu ! Put the helm up! [ 1'. Leeward, ang.] 
Un orage arriva, A storm came on | Vous 
n'y arriverez jamais. You'll never hit on it : 
you will never succeed 
AR-RIVISTE self-seeker : ambitions person who 
pushes his way to the front, often by doubtful 
ArTogammenf ad. arrogantly 
ARROGANCE _ | Ai-rog*nt--e a. _t 
s'Ar-roger- vr. to arrogate : to claim 

Ar'rondir va. to round | S' , To round off 

AR-RONDISSE-MENT" rounding irao\ increase 
[de departement) parliamentary division [V. 
Canton] [d'line viUe) ward : division [Paris 

is divided into 20 s. each consisting of 4 

AR-ROSAGE, ARROSEMENT - [sasz] water- 
ing : sprinkling [de la viande) basting 
Ar'rosep- [s as z] va. to water : to sprinkle : 

to moisten : to baste (de. with] 
AR-ROSOIR watering-pot | Pomme d'_. Rose | 

Douche en Shower-bath 

AR-ROW-ROOT arrowroot 

ARSENAL I de marine, Dock-yard 

ARSENIC _ [pr. c] Arsenical -« a. _1 




Arrai'g'n va. [for, de] accuser 

Arra'nge {e-rendjel va. arranger : disposer : 

combiner | He was ing to go, II se.disposait 

a aller 
ARRA'NGE-MENT [pr. e-rendje-me-nntt'\ _ 

[order) disposition [mechanical) dispositif | 

To make s for, Organiser : faire des pre- 

paratifs pour 
Arr'ant \arr-e-nntt'\ a. insigne : convaincu 
ARRAY' [e-rfl ordre (de hataiUe'\ rang : rangee : 

appareil [tw.) ranger [with. in. de) revetir 
ARRE'AR I In _, Arriere | To be in Avoir 

de I'arriere : etre en reste | S, Arriere 

ARREST' arrestation : sursis [ X ) arrets [do.) 

arreter : consigner | Put under , Consigne 

ARR'IS arete 

ARRI'VAL [e-roV-te-f] arrivee [goods, cargo) 

arrivage | A fresh , Un nouveau venu 

ArrI've [e-raVwe] vn. arriver (at, a : in, dans, 

en] [reach) parvenir | To at a decision. 

Prendre une decision \ To have — d at, Etre 
arrive, or parvenu, a 
Arr'ogantly [ghe-nntt-le] ad. arrogamment 
Arr'ogate to one's self [guete\ va. s'arroger 
ARR'OW- Heche \ _ HEAD pointe de F 
AR'SON iar-se-nn"] crime d'incendie 

[68] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




ART" art [drtf] Les beaux- S' The fine arts | 

Travaux d' [ch. de fer] Bridges, tunnels, 

ARTERE _ry | Art<5riel -elle a ial Letc. 

Artesien"-»?ne a. artesian [a.rt%je-ye-nn1 
ARTICHAUT" [globe) ar'tichoke [«c7iofce] os^ 

ARTICLE : matter : section : paragraph | a 

r de la mort, At the point of death | ' Faire 

r ,' To puff I Proceder aux s, [pari] To 

go into committee : to read clause by clause 
Articulu -e a. hinged 
Articuler' va. to articulate : to set forth 
ARTIFICE [en ang. pr. fiss, i brefs] contri- 
vance I Feu d' , Fireworks (pi] 

Artiflclel -eHe a. cial [-ciellemenf -lly] 

ARTIFICIER" pyrotechnist [tek'-nissi] 

Artificieux" -e>ise a. artful [-eusemenf -lly] 

'ARTIFLOT"' gunner 

ARTILLERIE _llery [(iJ'-e-re] 

ARTILL-EUR artilleryman 

ARTIMON" storm trysail | Etai d'_, Mizen- 

stay I Foe d' , Spencer | Hime d' , Mizen- 

top I Haubans d' , Mizen-rigging | Mat d' 

, M-mast I Poi'te-haubans d' , M-chaiiis 

ARTISAN" \_-zann\ workman [flg) framer 

ARTISTE [* f:\ _t I —nienf ad. artistically 

ARUM [e'-re-w] ' lords and ladies ' 

AS lassl ace [e'ce] ASBESTE _tos 

ASCENDANT' [sur, over) ascendancy | S" 

[pi] forefathers | Partage d' Division of 

property at will of parent(s) | -e a. ascend- 
ing : upward 
ASCENSEUR lift : hoist [en Amir.) elevator 
ASCENSION" _ : ascent' | Faire {'_ de. To 

make the ascent of ... : to climb | droite. 

Right ascen'sion | nnel-eJte a. ascending | 

Mouvement , Up-stroke 


ASC^TIQUE [tfc a.] _tic [pr. a-settik, e bref ] 

ASC^TISME [s, ss] asceticism [set(iz-ete'»(] 

ASEPSIE asep'sis | Asepllque a. ic 

ASILE [azeeQ asylum o^ [de nwif, etc.) refuge : 

shelter : home | Salle d' . Infant school 

ASPEC'T" [aspay'] _ [en ang. pr. aspektel view : 
ASPERGE asparagus tJ3> L'ook 

Asperger" va. to sprinkle (de, with] 
ASPERITE _ty : roughness 
ASPERSION" 0~s^ sprinkling 
ASPER ULE(odorante] sweet-scented woodru ff 
ASPHALTE _t I ASPHOD^LE _l : daffodil 
Aspli}xianf-ea.suffocatiug[gaz) asphyxiating 
ASPHYXIE _xia | _!■• va. to suffocate | 

S' r' vr. to asphyxiate one's self 

— e-e [i>p.] suffocated : asphyxiated 
ASPIC asp : viper [raets) cold meat and fowl, 
ASPIRAIL' air-hole L^tc, in jelly : 'aspic' 




AET _ feo I School of _, Ecole de dessin [F. 
Salon] —PAPER, Papier couche | -UNION 
Societe des amis des arts | Fine S, Beaux- 
arts I Society of S, Societe d'encouragement 

pour I'industrie 
Art [y. Be, Table 6] Thou art, Tu es 
Art'ful a. artificieux [-lly, -nient] ruse 

NESS artifice f . Topinambour 

AR'TICHOKE ItcJiSkel artichaut | Jerusalem 

AR'TICLE _ feo : point [literary) _ : etude 

[package) colis [V. Imposable] To write an 

on, Ecrire un article sur | S [supplies] 

foumitures | S of WAR code militaire | 

d CLERK clerc d"avoue 

Artic'ulate lymi-lete] va. articuler 
ARTIF'ICER artisan 

Artlfi'cial' [che-l} a ciel [manure) chimique 

ARTILL'ERY —erie | Heavy _, Grosse A | 
_ PRACTICE, tir des boiwTies a feu 
—MAN artilleur 
AR'TIST— te | —'S PROOF [F. Etat] 

Art'less a. naff : ingenu | ly ad. naVvement 

As [ojz] conj. & ad. comme : aussi [by way 
oO a titre de [because) parce que [in pro- 
portion) a mesiire que | [i.e. as fast as.] 

they are required, Au fur et a mestire des 

besoins | ... great it is, ... si grand qu'il 

soit I Highly he ..., Quelque fortement 

qu'il ... I big , Gros [or grosse'] comme : 

aussi gros (-se) que | close possible, Le 

plus pres possible | ._ if, though, Comme 

si ... I for, to. Pour : quant a | Misled 

to, Mai renseigne sur | good , Comme : 

aussi bon que | well , En meme temps 

que : aussi bien que | To act [ou like] a 

father, Agir en pere | To serve a guide, 

Servir de guide | I was walking, Comme 

I je marchais |. He's not so simple he looks, 

I II n'est pas si bete qu'il en a I'air | My rights 

a ..., Mes droits de ... 

I ASBES"rOS te : amiante [a.) d'amiante 

I Ascend' v. [from, de : to, a] faire I'ascensioii 
! (d'Mtie montagne} gravir. nionter (une colline'i 
I remonter (un fleuve] s'elever 

ASCENT' ascension : eUvatimi : montee 
i Ascertai'n va. s'assurer : s'uiformer (de, que] 
j se rendre compte de : constater 
j — MENT fixation (of, de] 
i Ascri'be le-skraibe] va. attribuer (to, a] 
j ASH[tree)frene[burnt ma.tter) cendre.cendres \ 
I Bitter , Quassia | Mountain , Sorbier 

des oiseaux : frene sauvage | -BOX, -PIT , 
I -TRAY cendrier | — WEDNESDAY, Mer- 
i credi des Cendres 
! Asha'me'd [pr. e-cJie-nidd} a. [of, de : to, de} 

' honteux | I'o be , Avoir honte : rougir 

i ASH'LAR [£«-?•] moellon : smille 

I Asho're [e-cftore] ad. a terre \ To run , 

Faire cote : echouer 
Ash'y a. cendre : gris pale 

'. Asiat'ic [e'chi-attik^ a. tique : d'Asie 

Asi'de [e-f aicfd] ad. de cote : a part : a I'ecart j 

To run Detourner : se d | Setting that — , 

a part cela : satis compter cela 
Ask vcti demander : prier'(to, de] inviter : in- 

terroger [a question) poser | He ed me for 

a book, II ma demande un livre [Coulisse'] 
: Askan'ce ad. obliquement : de travers [T'. 
Askew' ie-skioii] ad. de biais : de cote 
Aslee'p a. endormi | .Fast , Profondement 

endormi | To be . Etre endormi : dormir 1 

' To fall , S'endormir 

Aslo'pe ad. en pente | ASP aspic 
i ASPAR'AGUS asperge | -BED aspergiere 

A point (SO means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMINiyH ti-ords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




ASPIRANT* -E aspirant : candidate (a, for] _ ] 
de marine, Midshipman | Pompe e. Suction- 
pump fexhauster 

ASPIRATEUR fan : ventilator [macU. ptieum.') 

ASPIRATION" — (vers, toward] inlialation (of 
breath] [pompe) suction 

Aspirer' v. to aspire (a, to, after] Igram) to 
aspirate [de I'air) to inhale [tech) to exhaust 
(air] to draw, to suck up (fluids] 

AS-SAILL'ANT" -E assailant [sele-nnte] 

As"saiirir va. (Table 10) to assail : to attack 

As'sainir va. to purify : to drain 

ASSAINISSEMENT" sanitary improvement : 
purifying : draining 


As"saison"ner' va. to season : to sweeten : to 
temper (avec, with [fig) de, with] 

AS-SASSIN"_ : murderer | a l'_! Murder! | 
-e a. murderous 

AS"SASS1NAT" —ination [fam) murder 

As'sassiner' va. to assassinate [fig) to worry 
[ou bore] one out of one's life 

AS'SAUT" lasso] assault : attack | d'armes. 

Fencing match | Colonne d' , Storming 

party | D' , By storm | Donner 1* a, To 

storm I Faire de, To vie in 

AS'SEAU slater's hammer 

As"secher" ixi. to drain 

AS'SEMBLAGE _ Imach.) coupling : holding 
gdown imenuis) joint : framing [tech) bond 

slreliure) gathering | a rainure, Tonguing 

S and grooving | a trait de Jupiter, Scarfing 

ASSEMBLES [mnas.]_bly : congregation : 
party : assemblage [ >K ) assembly 

As'sembler" va. to assemble : to put together : 
g to join [consO to frame Ireliure) to gather | 

c a mi-bois, To half | Qui se ressemble s'as- 

S semble, Birds of a feather flock together 

As"sener" va. to hit : to strike 

ASSENTIMENT' [pr. one s or both] assent (a, to] 

As'se'oir [oss-war] va. (Table 24 and some- 
times as Table 30) to seat [ttne fondation) to 
lay [xne opinion, etc.) to base [des impots) to 
assess [tme dot : un gouvernement) to settle 
[un camp) to pitch [un cheval) to train | 

Faire , To ask ... to take a seat : to seat { 

S' , To sit down [fig) to stand : to be based 

As'sermenter" va. to swear : to swear to the 

ASSERTION"— [e-fetir'cne-nn] 
As'servii" va. to enslave : to subject (a, to] 
AS-SERVISSEMENT" servitude : slavery 
AS'SESSEUR assistant judge : recorder 
AS'SETTE cooper's adze : slater's hammer 
As'sez' [oss'-e] ad. [..., de] enough : tolerably: 

rather | Cest ! That will do ! | bien, 

Pretty well [examen., 'A B ' ) second class | 

bon pour, Good enough (to, for] joli. Rather 

pretty | propre, Rather neat | Vivre 

longtemps pour, To live long enough to I 

requires de before a noun] 
Assidu-e [pr. both s's] a. assiduous : diligent 
(a, in] [aupres de, to) very attentive^ | TJn 

lecteur , A constant reader | ITE ty 

AssidOinenf ad. diligently 

AS'SI^GEANT' besieger | -e a. besieging 

As'sieger' va. to besiege : to importune : to 

beset : to dun (de, with] 
ASSIETTE plate : position : seat [de maison) 
site [de mur) footing [impot) assessment [A) 

trim [fig) state of rest | propre. Clean 

plate I N'etre pas d%ns son , To be out of 

sorts, not quite one's self 
ASSIKTTEE plateful 

As'slgn'able o. 

AS'SIQN'AT" paper-money (of the Revolution] 
ASSIGNATION'— : assignment : appoint- 
ment [mandat) order [droit) writ [police) sum- 
mons [de temoin) subpcena | Signifier ttne 

a, To serve a writ upon 
As'sign'er' to. to assign : to allot : to appoint 
[en police correc.) to summon 

-^ Assimilable a. 

J: ASSIMILATION" [a, to, with] _ [te'cfte-ntj] 
"o Assiiniler' va. [a, to, with] to assimilate : 

'^, to compare | S' a. To compare one's self 

o. to Ichoses) to assimilate with 
As"sis'-e [.pp. of V. Asseoir] seated : sitting 
AS'SISE course Igeologie) bed : layer 

S' assizes | Renvoyer ... atix s, To com- 
mit ... for trial 
ASSISTANCE _ 03\ : attendance | i'_, 
Those who were (ou are) present : the au- 
dience I pttbliqiie. Poor-law administration 




AS'PECT Vea : exposition : point de vue | 

To have a south , Etre expose au midi 

AS'PEN tremble 

ASPER'ITY asperite : sev^rite : ntdesse 

ASPER'SION calomnie (upon, sur] 

As'pirate [rete] va. aspirer [a. pr. re-t) aspire 

Aspl're [i ai] vn. [to, a] aspirer : pretendre 

Aspi'ring [iat] a. ambitieux 

ASS ane | She , Anesse | es' COLT, anon | 

es' ATTT. K, Lait d'dnesse 

As'sai'l [e-ce'2e] va. assaillir : attaquer 
AS'SAU'LT assaut | v. donner I'assaut a : 

attaquer | _ and BATTERY voies de fait 
AS'SAY' [e-fe"] verification [of metals) essai [c.) 

essayer | OFFICE bureau de garantie 

AS'SAY'ER essayeur 

As'sem'ble [e-cemm-fte-t] va. assembler : re- 

unir Ivn.) s'assembler : se reunir 

ASSENT' [e-penn'tt] [to, a] assentiment [law) 

sanction \ vn. convenir (to, de] 

As'sert' va. pf etendre : soutenir : revendiquer 

As'sess' va. imposer : taxer | e"d TAXES, 

Impots directs | _MENT imposition : r£- 
partition : assiette [land-taxes) cadastre 
ASS'ETS (pi] actif : dettes actives | _ and 

liabilities. Actif et passif 
ASSEVERA'TION Ireclie-nnl affirmation 
As'si'gn' [i dij va. [to, a] assigner: transferer 
AS'SIGN'EE' cessionnaire [bankr.) syndic 
AS'SI'GN'S le-ssdinnzz'i [pi] ayants cause 
AS'SI'GN'MENT [aine] assignation : cession 
As'sim'ilate [fete] va. assimiler (to, a] 
As'slsl' va. assister : aider (in, a] 
ASSIS'TANCE _ to : aide : concours : se- 

cours I To come to his , Venir a son secours, 

a son aide 

[70] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




AS'SISTANT"-E _t | _S' [pi] persons present 

As'sistanf -e a. t [children 

As'siste-e a. relieved | Enfants s, Pauper 

As'sister' v. to be present (a, at] to attend 
(a, ...] [aider) to assist | A-t-il assiste au 
coraite ? Was he at the committee meeting ? 
AS'SOCIATION"— : partnership | _ OMwnere, 
Trades'-union | Droit d' , Right of combina- 
tion I du capital et du travail, Labour co- 
AS'SOCI^ associate : member [com) partner | 

commanditaire, Sleeping P | gerant, 

Managing P 
As'socier' va. to associate (a, avec, with] to 

join (to, with] S' , To associate one's self 

[com) to go into partnership (a, avec, with] 
to take part (a, in] [tig) to agree (a, with] 
AS'SOLE-MENT" [& -S" pi.] rotation of crops 
As'sombrir wi. to darken : to make ... gloomy | 

S' , vr. To get dark, ou gloomy 

AS"SOMBRISSE"MENT" deepening : darkening 
As'soin'inanf -e a. overwhelming [embetant) 

'most bothersome' : ' bothering ' 
As'som'mer" va. to knock down : to nearly 

kill : to overwhelm [fani) to bother 
AS'SOM'MOIR bludgeon Iboucherie) trap [fig) 

low dram-shop 
AS'SOMPTION" [t as s] assumption 1*^ 
AS-SOIfANCE _ fcuits) mixed 

As'sortl -e a. stocked : suited : matched [bis- 
AS'SORTIMENT" assortment : set : stock Ityp) 

fount 1 Livres d' , Books published by other 

firms, ou on commission [livres de sortes or 
de fonds being those issued by the publisher 
As'sortir va. to assort : to stock : to match 

(de, with] S' , To agree : to match (a, avec, 

with] ... assorti, ... to match 
As'sortissanf -e a. suitable (a, to] to match 
As'soupir va. to make ... drowsy : to mitigate: 

to hush up I S' , To grow drowsy [fig) to 

lull : to pass [ou die] away 
AS'SOUPISSEMENT" drowsiness : carelessness 
As'souplir va. to make ... supple : to soften : 

to bend | S' , To become soft, supple 

As'sourdir va. to deafen : to deaden : to muffle 

As'souvir va. to satiate : to glut (de, with] 
AS-SOUVISSEMENT" satiating : glutting 

As'sujeftir, |eHi* va. to master : to subdue : 

to fasten : to bind : to fix 
AS-SUJET-TISSEMENT" subjugation l-gltSchel 

constraint (a, to] fastening : fixing 
As'sumei"' va. to assume [e-fioume] 

AS'SURANCE : security : insurance | Police 

d' , Policy of I I Prime <J' , Premium | 

contre I'incendie, Fire-I | maritime, 

Insurance (of ship or cargo] underwriting 
As'sure -e a. assured : certain [com) insured 
As'sui-emenf ad. certainly : ' to be sure ' 
As'surer' va. to assure : to secure : to ensure 
(a, to, for] to insure : to guarantee (contre, 
against] On assure que. It is stated that ... | 

8' . To make sure (de, of] to trust (dans, en, 

AS'SUREUR insurer [A) underwriter Lin 
ASTATKI fuel-oil : petroleum residuum 
ASTER [pr. the r] as'ter [asste-'r] 
ASTERIE star-fish 
ASTtRISQUE _isk (*] ASTtROlDE _d 

Asfh'matiquea ic last-matiU] [Hay-fever 

AST'H"ME [assm''\ asthma [as(-»ia] d'ete, 

ASTI or C polisher [worry 

ASTICOT" larva : worm | * Asticoter" ' "U. to 

Astiquer' va. to polish up | 8' , To tidy o's up 

ASTRAQALE _al | ASTRAKAN Astrakhan fur 
Astral -e a. stellar [all his glory 

ASTRE star | Beau comme «n , Shining in 

Astreindre va. (Table 58) to compel : to bind 

... down : to keep : to restrict (a, to] 
ASTRINGENT- [& _ -e a] _t 
ASTRONOME [asstro-nomni\ astron'omer 
ASTRONOMIE astron'omy [—ically 

Astronomique a. astronom'ical | -menf aa. 
ASTUCE cunning : craft | Astucieux"-e!«se a. 

artful : crafty | cieusemenf ad. craftily 

ATAVISME [eece-Mi] _ism 

ATAXIE I locomotrice. Locomotor ataxia 

Ataxique a. ic : irregular : disorderly 

ATELIER" [attulliay] workshop: factory [print- 
ing-)office [d'artiste, phot.)studio [d'ouvriers) 
gang : shop | Chef d' , Foreman : overseer 





AS'SIS'TANT -e : gargon : aide-... : sous-... 

[lecturer's) preparateur iV. SHOP] 
— MASTER instituteur [professeur] adjoint 
ASSI'ZES le-ssdize-zzl [pi] assises 
AS-SO'CIATE [e-sochi^tel associe-e i _S [law] 

consorts Iva.) associer | with, frequenter 

AS-SOCIA'TION leche-nnl _ [football) Asso- 
ciation I The of ideas, L'A des idees 

As'sort' va. assortir 

AS-SORT'MENT assortment : assemblage 
A8"sua'ge[e-soi(^(ye]ixi. adoucir[wi.) s'apaiser 
As'su'nne [e-ctotime] va. prendre (sur soi] s'ar- 

roger : supposer : se poser en ... | d NAME, 

Nom suppose 
As'su'ming a. pretentieux : arrogant 
AS'SUMP'TION \.e-se-m7tip'-che-nn] supposi- 
tion [of the virgin) assomption 
As'su'rable a. qui peut etre assure 
ASSU'RANCE [e-cUoure-nncel _ 

As'su're va. assurer 

As'su'redly [eiM-Je] ad. assurement 

AS'TER I China , Reine-margtierite 

Astern' [e-steume] ad. de I'arriere : arriere | 

To back , Nager a culer : faire machine en 

arriere | of us, Derriere nous \_V. Arriere] 

Astir' [e-steitr] ad. agite : en emoi 
Aston'ish va. etonner (at, de : to, del 
ASTON'ISHMENT etonnement 
Astou'nd ie-staonndd] va. foudroyer : ebahir 

ing a. foudroyant 

Astray' ad. hors du bon chemin | To go — , 

S'egarer | To lead ... , Egarer : detourner 

AstrL'de [e-strdidd] ad. a califourchon (sur] 
ASTRON'OMER _nome [r. Longitttde] 

Astu'te [tioiite\ a. fin: ruse | ly ad. avec n«se 

Asun'der Ise-nn] ad. en deux | Far , Eloigne 

ASY'LUM [e-paiJe-'Mi] asile feo 1 Lunatic , 

Hospice [or asile] d'alienes 

A point (S*) means silent, or ON" LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 



Substantives in Capitals. All FJ<:^^KrNE wrrds in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




ATERMOIE'MENT" arrangement for time 
Atei-iiioyer' va. to arrange for time : to defer 1 

S' , To compound with one's creditors 

ATH-feE a'theist [a, e] 

ATH'^ISME [s,ss] _sm [etUi-izz-m, th fort] 

ATH-LfeTE _ : wrestler 

Atlrletiqiie a. ic 

ATH'LtTISME athletism : athletics 

ATLAS} lat-le-ss] book of plates 

ATMOSPHERE — [sphtre] weather 

Atinosplierique a. ic 

ATOME atom [.aU-mni\ 
Atomique a. atom'ic 
Atone a. dull 

ATOUR I Dame d' , iMdy of the chamber 

ATOURS- (pi] attire (sing] 

ATOUT" trump (card] [fam) ' blow ' | Quel est 

r ? What are trumps ? 

Atrabllaire a. liar : lious 

ATRABILE melancholy : hypochondria 
ATRE hearth 

...atre [termination] ...ish [as in Blanchatre, 
ATRIUM _ LWhitish 

Atroce a. atrocious : terrible : excruciating 
ATiiOCITE _ty : cruelty L-menf -ly 


Atrophi»5-e a. wasted : undeveloped : atrophied 

At'table -e pp. at table : seated at table 
s'Aftabler" vr. to sit down to table 
At'tacliant'-e a. interesting : engaging 
AT- T ACHE tie : tether : bond : attachment : 
assent [diamants) set [twocft) brace 
_ PARISIENNE paper-fastener [V. Ter- 
AT'TACH£ Id'ambassade] '_' L™'"al "^3 
AT-TACHE-MENT" attachment (a, pour, to] 
Aftaclier" va. to attach : to fix : to fasten : to 

apply [tech) to stay (a, to] 8' (a] to fasten 

(on] to adhere (to] to take an interest (in] to 
devote one"s self (to] Ce conte est attachant, 
This story is [very] interesting [.Attache a 
eMe, Attached to lier 
AT'TAQUANT" assailant 
AT'TAQVE attack Ba^ (centre, on, upon] fit 

At'taqu'er' va. to attack : to contest : to fall 
upon [un sujet) to open [cheval) to spur on 
[i) to stand in for (port, shore] Ne vous 
attaquez pas a lui. Don't have anything to 
do with him | S' , [a, ...] To attaek : to en- 
counter : to dety 

Aftard(^-e a. late | Aftarder* va. to delay 

ATTE harvesting ant 

Afteindre v. (Table 58) to attain : to reach : 
to get to I La balle I'atteignit, The ball struck 
him I Afteinf-e a. [de] charged (with] 
ill (of] that suffers, that has suffered (from] 
[par line balle) hit : struck 

AT-TEINTE reach : blow : stroke : fit [ine'd) 

attack [fig) injury | Horsd' , Out of reach | 

Porter a, To violate : to injure | Etre a 

I'abri de toute , To be unassailable 

AT"TE"LAGE team (of horses] horses : yoke (of 
oxen] Chaine d' , Coupling chain 

Al'te"ler' va. to harness : to yoke : to put ... 

ATTELLES- [pi] hames L"'. ou to 

At'tenant' -e a. adjoining 

At'tendant' ad. | £n , Meanwhile : in the 

meantime | que [pubjunc] Till : until 

At'tendre va. to expect : to await : to wait 
for : to be in store for | J'attends le diner, I am 
waiting for dinner | Nous attendons quelques 
amis. We are expecting some friends | Ne 
rien perdre pmir , To lose nothing by wait- 
ing I Faire ..., To keep ... waiting | Se 

faire , To be long in coming | S' , [a. ... 

que, subj.] To expect : to depend on : to look 
for : to look forward to | Je m'y attendais ! 
It's just what I expected ! | Attendez-vous y ! 
Depend upon it ! 

Af lendrir va. to make ... tender : to mellow : 
to soften Ipers) to affect | 8' , To be moved 

Aftendrlssanf-e a. affecting : touching 


Aftendu prep, for : on account of | que, 

S«eing-that : because : as : whereas 

-e pp. awaited : expected [T. Attendre] 

AT'TENTAT" [centre, a, on, upon] attempt [a la 
imdeur) outrage : assault 




At prep, a : en : dans : contre : apres | first, 

D'abord | Closed the top, the bottom, 

Ferme par en haut, par en bas l last, 

length, Enfin | least, Au moins | 

once. Tout de suite : a la fois | home, Chez 

moi, chez lui, chez vous, etc. { hand, 8ous 

la main | sea, Sur, En nier \ war. En 

ffiierre | the same time. En meme temps | 

He's hard it, II y travaille ferme | What's 

he ? Qu'est-ce qu'il fait ? | To laugh , 

Se moquer de 

Ate^iprit. du verbe Eat] 

A'THEIST [e] athee | Atheist'ical a. athee 

Athir'st a. altere : avide 

Athlet'lc a. athletique | _ SPORTS, Sports 

AT HOME receptioti \ ad. chez soi : visible 

[fig) a son aise | Her DAY, Son jour 

Athwart' ad. a travers [J>) par le travers de 

AT' KINS [V.Tommy—] 

AT'LAS lat-le-ss^ feo [paper) colombier 

ATOM atome Ws | Smashed to s, Reduit en 

mieltes (or, en poitdre] IZEB pulverisateur 

Alo'ne le-tone} vn. expier : racheter (for. ...] 
ATO'NEMENT [e-tonel expiation (for, de] 
A-trip' a. [anchor] derapee 
Atro cious ['] a. atroce [-ly, -ment] 
ATRO'CIOUSNESS [e-troc/ie-ss] atrocUe 
Attach' V. [s')attacher (to, a] [law) saisir 
ATTACH'MENT [pr. e-tatch] attachement feo 

[law) saisie-arret | To lay an on, Mettre 

arret sur 
ATTACK' [«-tafc'] attagite : offression [illness) 

acces [va.) attaquer : frapper (with, de] 
Attain'able [e-6«-J] a. qu'on peut atteindre 
ATTAIN'MENT [e-tene] acqiiisUioti : Ulent 

S [pi] connaissances 

ATTEM'PT le-temmpte} [on, sur : to. fWMr] 
tentative : essai : effort [criminal) attentat | 

To be one's first , Etre son premier essai | 

To make the , Tenter le coup 

V. essayer (a] tenter : tacher (to, de] 

[72] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Af tentatoire a. opposed : prejudicial 
AT'TENTE waiting : expectation : hope | 

Salle d' , Waiting-room | Dans V de. 

Awaiting | Af tenter' vn. to attempt (a, ...] 

k la vie de ..., To attempt ...'s life 

Aftentif -ive a. ive [-menf -ly] 

ATTENTION- — 03) | _! Attention ! [*) 

Stand by! | Avec , Attentively | Faire , 

To pay A (a, to] to mind 
Aftention'ne -e a. attentive 
Aft^nuanf -e a. extenuating 
ATTENUATION- — : weakness : extenua- 
Aftenue -e a. atten'uated Ltio" 

Aftdnuer' va. to weaken : to reduce [utie 

faute) to extenuate | Pmir , In extenuation 

Afterrer" va. to throw down : to astound 
Afterrir wi. to land : to go ashore : to alight 
AT-TERRIS'SAGE landing : alighting : going 

asliore | Train d' , Ijiero] Landing gear 

ATTERRIS-SEMENT- alluvial deposit 

AT' TESTATION" — : testimony: testimonial 

Aftester" va. to attest : to call ... to witness 

Aftiedir va. to cool | S' , vr. To cool down 

ATTltDIS-SEMENT- cooling : coolness 
Aftifer" va. to rig ... out : to deck 

Attiquea. ic | Sel , Attic salt | -ment* ad. 

in the Attic dialect 

AT'TIRAIL" [pi s, lit. used] implements (pi] 

tackle : apparatus : luggage : finery 
Aftiranf -e a. attractive : engaging 
Aftlrer' va. to attract : to entice : to draw 

(a, to] ... sur, To bring down ... upon | 

S' , To attract each other : to obtain | S' 

Hne mauvaise affaire, To get into hot water 
Aftiser" va. to stir (the fire] 
Aftilre -e a. customary : regular : hired 
ATTITUDE — 03^ [ang. pr. timde'] 
AT-TOUCHEMENT- touch : feeling 
Aftractif-iw a. _ive | AT'TRACTION" — 
AT'TRAIT" attraction : charm 
AFTRAPE catch : trap : take-in li,) awning- 
stop i Dionee -mo^whes, Venus's fly-trap 

ATTRAPE-LOURDAUD" [F. Attrape-nigaud] 
AT-TRAPE-NIGAUD" take-in : ' have-on ' 
Aftraper' va. to entrap : to catch : to strike 
[fig) to take ... in | Attrape ! Caught! | Se 
faire , To ' get dropped on ' 

AT'TRAPEUR deceiver : hunter (de, after] [jeu) 
Aflrayanf -e a. attractive Lcatcher 

Aftrlbuer" v. toattrib'ute : to attach : to allot 

S' , To claim for o's 

AT'TRIBUT" _bute [a«f-ri-6ioMte] symbol 
Aftrlbutif -ive a. relating (de, to] 
ATTRIBUTION" conferring : grant : attri- 
buting I — S' powers : duties : jurisdiction 
Af tristanf -e a. sad : sorrowful 

Aftrister' va. to sadden : to grieve 1 S' , To 

sorrow : to grieve (de, for] 
AT-TROUPE-MENT- gathering : mob [F.Riot] 

Af trouper" va. to gather a crowd | 8' , To 

crowd (autour de, round : a, to] 
Au [pi. Aux] art. [contracted from a le : V. S] 

to the : at the | deca. On this side | 

dedans. Inside | dehors. Outside | dela. 

Beyond : on the other side | derriere de, 

Beliind | -dessous. Under: below | -dessus, 

Above I -devant. Before : against | AUer 

— -devant de. To go and meet ... 
A Z75AX)£- complimentary music (at day-break] 
AUBAIN" non-naturalized foreigner 
AUBAINE — : windfall : catch 
AUBE lobe] [de pretre) alb [du jour) dawn [ J>) 
night-watch [moulin) float-board | Roue a 

s, Paddle-wlieel [moulin) water-wheel 

AUBEPINE hawthorn | JFleitr d'_. May 
AUBERGE inn : tavern |.blossom 

AUBERGINE egg-plant [solaniim melongena'] 
AUBERGISTE [<fe f.] landlord : landlady : inn- 
AUBIER" alburnum : sap-wood [keeper 

AUBIN" : Canterbury gallop 

Aucun -e a. any [avec la negation) no : none 

Ipron. indefini) any one : no one 
Aucunemenf ad. by no means : in no way : 

not in the least 
AUD ACE —city Dsj [F. Daring] 
Audacieux' -enise a. audacious : bold [-mf ,-Iy] 
Au dega ad. on this side 
Au dedans' ad. within : inside 
Au dehors" ad. without : outside 
Au dela ad. on the other side : beyond 

Au-dessous' ad. below | de ses affaires. In 

difficulties | Au-dessus' ad. above 

Au-devanf ad. before : in front of | Aller , 

To meet : to go to meet 




Attend' (to] v. faire attention (a] ecouter (...] 
attacher (a] [have care of) soigner [be present 
at) assister a [regularly) frequenter: suivre | 

upon, Servir | To to ..., S'occuper de 

... I Haye you been ed to? [shop] Vous 

a-t-on servi ? | To to o's business, Vaquer 

a ses affaires \ The doctor who ed him, Le 

medecin qui I'a soigne 

ATTEN'DANCE [e-tenn'-de-nnce] soins (pi] 
on, pour] [medical) visiles (pi] on, a] [audi- 
ence) assistance \ In , De service | To dance 

, Faire antichambre 

ATTEN'DANT domestique : assistant : com- 

^pagne [museum, Ac.) gardien [a.) qui depend 
S(on,de] qui suit | Medical , [F. Attend] 

^ S personnel : suite : cortege | '" * "^"^ 

chemin de service 


ATTEN'TION _ Veo [kindness) provenance 
I [watching,studying,etc.)i>re'occMpaHon[care) 
' soin(-s] iV. Soin & Vie, Eng.] To pay _, 
c Faire A : avoir egard (to, a] To devote one's 

^ to, Se donner a | To give one's to, Se 

g preoccuper de . . . | Call his to the fact 

Sthat, Faites-lui remarquer que ... | Public — 
Vhas been drawn to. On se preoccupe de ... | 

I To draw away one's , Detourner son A \ 

VAll , Tout oreilles 

Atten'tlve a. if [to please) prevenant 

ATTEN'TIVENESS attention : prevenance 
Attes't va. attestor [signature) legaliser 
ATT'IC mansarde [dialect & salt) attique 
ATTI'RE [iat] vetement [uiomen's)atours(pl] 

va. [in, de] vetir : parer 

ATT'ITUDE a— [painting, acting) Dose 

A point (S') means silent, or ON" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE u-ords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




AUDIENCE _ : court : sitting 
AUDIENCIER" usiier [des comptes) auditor 

AUDITEUR tor : hearer : disciple | Les s, 

The audience [Le verbe suivant est au pi.] 

Auditif -ive a. ditory 

AUDITION" hearing [concert) private perfor- 
mance : pupils' concert 
AUDITOIRE audience 0=^ : auditory 
AUOE trough : hod : spout | AUOEE trough- 
ful : liodful I AUGET" trough : bucket ] 

Roiie a s, Overshot wheel 

AUGMENT" I Augmentatif -ive a. tive 

AUGMENTATION" _ : increase [de prix) 

advance : rise 
Augmenter' v. to increase : to raise 
AUGURE omen Ipers) augur 
Augurer" va. to augur : to conjecture 
Auguste a. august fnow-a-days 

Aujourd'hui ad. to-day : this day : now : 
AULOFFEE | Defiez V—\ Dice! No higher! 

AUMoNE alms : charity | JJIB al'monry 

AUMONIER" chaplain | —lERE small bag 
/AUNAGE length : measuring 

^AUNE ell I Long d'nne , A yard long 

sAUNE alder [a comme o dans sort] 
tAUN^E elecampane : starwort 
^Auner' va. to measure 
Auparavant" ad. before : before now : pre- 
viously : first : once 
Aupr^s" prep, [de, ...] near : by : close to : to : 

next to : in comparison with | ad. near : 

close : at hand 
AUREOLE glory : crown : halo 

Auriculaire a lar | Doigt , or L' , Little 

finger | Temoin , Ear-witness 


Aurlffire a. if 'erous [au corame o dans sort] 

AURIFICATION" gold-stopping [of tooth] 
Aurifier' va. to stop (a tooth) with gold 

Aurique o. | Voile , Shoulder-of-mutton 

AUROCHS [_6-r6ks\ _ Lsail 

AURORE dawn : light | horeale, Aurora 

AUSCULTATION- _ [borealis 

Ausculter' va. to auscultate 

AUSPICE _s (pi] [au comme o dans sorf] 

Aussl ad. cfe conj. also : too : likewise : so : 
accordingly : but then : and : therefore | 

riche que, As rich as | Pas riche que, 

Not so rich as | bien que. As well as | 

Elle voulait, elle She too, wished ... 

AUSSIERE hawser 

Aussitut' ad. directly | que, As soon as | 

dit, fait, No sooner said than done 

Austere a. : stern [-menf -Iv] 

AUSTERITE—ty ' [wind 

Austral -e a. al : southern | AUTAN" south 

Autant' ad. [de, ...] as much : so much : as 

many : so many | Tout Iqtiantite) Quite 

as much [nombre) quite as many | que, 

As much as [fig) inasmuch as : as far as : 

as long as | Pas que. Not so much as I 

D' mieux. So much the better (que, that] 

D' plus. So much the more (que, that] 

dire, One might just as well say ... | Faites 

en ! Do the same ! | J'aimerais , I would 

as soon | qu'il est en moi, As far as I am 

able I de pris sur I'ennemi. So much to the 

good I _ de TETES" _ d'AVIS" So many 
men, so many minds 

AUTEL altar | ...jusqu'aux s, Except when 

it touches religion | Maitre , High altar | 

L' et le trone, Church and State 

AUTEUR author : writer {.autorite) authority 

\mus) composer [arts) inventor | Droits d' , 

Ciopyright | ... sans nom d' , Anonymous 

[ad.) anonymously 

Auth'entique a. ic | Acte , Legal docu- 

' AUTO' iv. Automohilel \xaent 

AUTO-AMBULANCE motor ambulance 
AUTOBUS [pr. s] motor-bus 
AUTOCH-TONES- [pi] original inhabitants 
AUTOCRATE _at I —TIE [see] _cracy 
AUTODAFt auto da fe | Autogdne a. autog'- 
AUTOGRAPHE [* a.] _ph [enous [g, dji 

AUTOMATE autom'aton [a.) self-acting 

Automatique a. ic : self-acting | Distribu- 

teur , Penny-in-the-slot machine 

menf ad. automatically 




ATTOR'NEY [e-teum€1 avoue : procureur | Let- 
ter, Power of , Pouvoirs (pi] procuration 

Attract' va. attirer ( to, a] 

ATTRACTION a_ : seduction \ The great 
, ' Le clou ' I S [pi] attraits : appas 

Attrac'tive a. attrayant : seduisant [magnet) 

attractif | ly ad. d'une maniere attrayante 

NESS attrait : charme 

Attrlb'utable [te-6r] a. qui peut etre attribue 

Attrlb' ute va. attribuer : preter : supposer (to, a 

t Au'burn [be-^ne] a. chatain clair 

« AUCTION vente : enchere | By , Aux 

c e»ic7ieres [at markets) a la cride | -ROOM 

.§ saJJe des ventes 

o AUC'TIONEE'R [mre] commissaire-priseur : 

g directeur de ventes [markets) crieur 

gAuda'cious \declie-ss'] a. cieux 

SAUDA'CITY idass-e-te] axidace 

" Au'dible a. intelligible : distinct [-ly, -ement] 

<! AU'DIENCE ta : assistants : auditeurs 

^ATJ'DIT apurement : iJ^ri^atiori [oa.) [accts] 
apurer : verifier 
AU'DITOR [te-r] verificateur 
AUGE'AN STA'BLE ecuries d'Augias (pi] 
AU'GER [gtieurl tariere | Small .Laceret | 

v Screw , Percoir en spirale \ Taper , 

« Tariere coniqtie 

g AUGHT' [jrh nuls] quelque chose : tout : rien | 

,g For I know. Pour ce que je sais 

©Augment' v. augmenter 

» AU'GUR [flttettr] e [d.) augurer (from, de] 

|AU'GURY augure 

oAU'GUST aofit [pr. oo] Augus't a. auguste 

" AUK manchot | Great , Grand pingouin 

SiAUNT [anntel tante | 'AUNTIE' 'tatan' 
AURI'CULA ' oreille d'ours ' : anriaile 
AU'RIST auriste : medecin specialiste pour 
les maladies de I'oreille 
Auspi'cious [cfte-ss] a. favorable : propice 
AUS'TRIAN [e-ntj] [& o.] Autrichien -nne 

[74] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




AUTOM^DON" [fam] Jehu fgun 

AUTOMITRAI-LL-EUSE motor machine- 
Aiitoninal -e a. autumnal [te-mm-ne-V] 
AUTOM'NE [& fem.l autumn" 

AUTOMOBILE motor-car | AUer en To 

motor I Faire de V , To go in for motoring | 

de place. Taxi-cab | Canot Motor-boat 

[Automobile is also raasc] \y. MOTOR] 
AUTOMOBILISME [feece-tn] _ism : motoring 
AUTOMOBILISTE motorist T— my 

Autonome a., auton'omous | ATJTONOMIE 
AVTOPSIE post-mortem examination 
AVTORISATION" authority : empowering : 
permission | Autoriser' va. to authorize : to 
empower (a, to] to warrant : to permit \t\ve 
Autorlse-e a. authorized [soierce) authorita- 

Autoritaire a. domineering | D'tme Toix , 

AUTORITE authority | Coup d'_, Act of A | 

Faire , To be an A | Par de justice 

[rente] Under an execution | D' , [_cartes2 

AUTOUR goshawk LWithout calling 

Autourprep. dk ad. [de, ...] around : round : 

about : around it [ou them] Tourner du pot, 

To ' keep beating about the bush ' 
Autre a. dh pron. other : another : different : 

else I L'un 1' , Each other | L'un et 1' , Both | 

L'un portant 1' , L'un dans I' , Taking 

one with another | Les uns les s, One 

another | Oomrae un , Like anybody else : 

like any other ... | a d' s! Nonsense! | 

L'argentdes s, Other people's money | Tout 

un ou tout , Either one thing or the other | 

J'en ai bien vu d' s, I've seen worse than 

that I CHOSE something else : anything 

else [F. MANCHES'] [Nous _s, Vous _s, a 
strongly emphasized WE or YOU in English] 

Tout , Anybody else : any other : quite 

different | De temps a , From time to time 

Autrefois' ad. formerly | D' , By-gone 

Autremenf ad. otherwise : else : differently | 

— dit. Or in other words | Tout , Much 

AUJRICH\EU" -ENNE [* a.] Austrian Lmore 
AUTRUCHE ostrich 1 —RIE ostrich farm 
AUTRUI others (pi] another : one's neighbour 
AUVENT" pent-house : screen [ou from A 
AUVERGN-AT--E native of Auvergne [a.) of 
Aux' prep. [pi. of ji with the def article] to 
the : at the : in the : in : with [F. a] 

AUXILIAIRE [pr. oke-see-lee-air'] [tfe a.] iary 

[og-zill-ye-re, o dans sorti [eveq) suffragan | 

Bureau , Sub-office 

Avaclil -e o. effeminate [souliei'S, etc.) worn out 

AVAL draft : name : endorsement | En ad. 

down the river [de, ...) below | Vent d' , 

West wind fcane 

AVALANCHE _ [lannchl [fig) storm : hurri- 

Avaler" v. to swallow : to devour : to get ... 

down : to hear the whole | ' Tordre et ,' 

To bolt I S'_, vr. To flag : to hang down 

AVALOIRE breeching 

AVANCE advance : money advanced [tech) 
feed : lead | D'_, Beforehand | En _ [jnontre] 

Fast I Prendre de V sur. To get the start 

of I — A' admission. Steam lead | d'ecltappe- 

tnent, Exhaust lead | S' (pi] attention | 

II nous a fait beaucoup d' s, He was very 

attentive [V. LEAD, ang.] 

Avance -e a. advanced [de l'7ieiire) late [com- 
estibles) over-kept | Garde e'e, Outpost | 

Ouvrage , Outwork 

AVANCEMENT- advancement 

Avancer" va. to advance : to put out : to put 
forward : to hasten | J'ai avance ma montre 
de 5 minutes, I have put my watch on 5 ra. | 

vn. [vers, to, towards] to advance : to go : 

to stand out : to be in advance (sur, of] to 

encroach (on, upon] to be getting on | N' 

a rien. To be of no use | Faire un fiacre. 

To call a cab | Ma montre avance. My watch is 
fast I Plus nous avancqns, The further we go 

AVANIE outrage | sanglante, Gross O 

AVANT" front [A) head : bow [pour passagers) 

steerage : fore-cabin | Sur 1' , Too much 

by the head | De 1' a I'arriere, Fore and 

aft I AUer de 1' , To go on : to go 'ahead ' : 

to be in full swing [J>) to be under weigh | 

II va de r He's a go-ahead fellow | En ! 

Go ahead ! [ X ) Quick march ! 

Avanf prep, before [takes de ... before a verb] 
— de partir, Before leaving | Je reviendrai 

une Jieure, I shall be back in less than an 

hour I peu, Before long | qu'il partit, 

Before he left 

ad. [de lieu) forward : far : deep [de temps) 

far : far advanced (plonger, etc.) deep | En 
_, [F. AVANT] Penetrer bien _, To sink 

deep I partout ! [A] Give way ! | 

tribord ! babord ! Pull starboard ! Port ! 

AVANTAQE advantage : benefit : privilege 

[lawn tennis) vantage | U y a , It is an A | 

du VENT" weather-gage 

Avantager' va. to benefit : to favour (de, with] 

Avantageux" -euse a. advantageous : com- 
manding [habit) becoming [-menf -Iy:well] 

AVANT--BRAS- fore-arm | -CORP-S' [arc/lit.] 
projection | -COUP' fore-sight 

AVANT-COUREUR forerunner 

AVANT-COVRRIERE [poet] harbinger 

Avanf -dernier' -ere a. last ... but one 

AVANT-GARDE vanguard [J») guard-ship 

AVANT'-GOUT' foretaste 

AVANT-HIER [<fead.] [the) day before yesterday 
_-HiER SOIR [the) night before last 




^AU'THOR -ESS {tUe-r, th fort] auteur 
S Autiior'itative [or, orrel a. d'autoriti 
K — ly ad. avec autorit^ : en maltre 
gAUTHOR'ITY [or, orre^ MitoriU : sotirce \ 

■o To be an on, Faire autorite en matiere de I 

° I have it from good , Je le tiens de bonne 

= part i The ... AUTHORITIES, Les autor- 
ites : V administration 

<^ Au'thorize [the-raXze, th fort] va. autoriser 
|AU'TH0RSHIP [efte-r] quality d'auteur 
a, [fam) ' paternite' | The — is unknown, 
§ L'auteur est inconnu | AU'TOCAR atdo- 
"=AU'TUMN' [te-»im] autom'ne fco [mobile 
'" Autum'nal a. automnal : d'automne 
='AUXIL'IARY screw [pr. zilV-ye-rel Ship 
with , Bailment mixte 

A point (S') means silent, or ON' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substentives in Capitals. AH FKHnNINE tvorda in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




AVANT'-MAIN" fore quarters (of a iiorse] 
AVANT-PIED' upper (leatiier] [rued) metatar- 
AVANT'-PORT" outer basin (ou harbour] Lsus 
AVANT--POSTE outpost [scheme 

AVANT--PROJET- draft [ou preliminary] 
AVANT-PROPOS- preface : foreword : pre- 

liminarv remarks (pi] 
AVANT-SCENK stage-box 
AVANT'-TOIT' projecting roof : eaves (pi] 
AV ANT* -TRAIN" fure-wheels (pi] fore-carriage 
lartil) limber fbut one before 

AVANT-VEILLK two days before : the day 
AVARE miser [a.) avaricious : sparing (de, of] 

AVARICE [ang. pr. at)' -e-^riss, i bref] 

Avaricieux" -euse a. avaricious [-menf -ly] 
AVARIE damage [4>) average D^ : harbour 
dues (pi] Avai'ier' va. to damage 

Avec [atwefcfc] prep, with : by : against | 

cela, Besides that | le temps, In course of 

time I D' , From 

ad. with it [him, her, them, etc.] 

AVEINE oats 

AVELINE filbert | _INIER" filbert-tree 

Ave"nanl'-e a. prepossessing : attractive | 

a r , In proportion : on the same scale | Et 

tout a r , And all the rest in keeping 

AV^NE'MENT' accession (a, to] coming 
AVENIR future : futurity : posterity -.existence | 
a r , In future : for the future | ... de beau- 
coup d' , ... of great promise [F. Rising] 

tm. (Table 15) to happen : to occur (a, to] 

AVENT- Advent 

AVENTURE adventure : venture | a £'_, At 

random i D' , By chance | Se promener a 

V , To stroll about | Dire la bonne , To 

tell fortunes | Contrat a la grosse , Bot- 
tomry bond 
Aventurer" va. to venture : to risk 
Aventureux" -euse a. venturesome 
AVENTURIER- -lERE adventurer -turess 

Avenu -e pp. \ Non , Null and void [F. Ave- 

AVENUE — : walk : path Lnir 

Averer' va. to aver : to prove 1 AVERS" ob- 
AVERSE shower [r. VERSE} Lverse 

AVERSION- _ : dislike (pour, to, for] 
AVERTI I Un bon — en vauf deux", Fore- 
warned, forearmed 
Avertii- va. to warn : to notify [fam) to tell 
AVERTISSE-MENT- warning : intelligence [dr) 
notification [livres) preface [silver fir 

AVERTISSEUR alarm [a.) warning | AVET" 
AVEU confession : admission : status | Homme 

sans , Vagabond 

Aveuglanf -e a. blinding : dazzling 
AVEUGLE blindman [a.) blind (sur, to] En _, 

Blindlv I Les _s. The blind 
AVEUGLEMENT- blindness 
Aveuglemenf ad. blindly 
Aveugler' va. to blind [A) to stop (a leak] 
AVEVOLETTE \ a !'_, Groping in the dark 
AVIATEUR aviator : airman 

AVIATION" [evi-eche'nn] aerial navigation. 

flying I Champ, Ecole d' , Flying-ground, 

F-school I Semaine d' Aviation meeting 

AVICULTEUR bird fancier 
Avide a. hungry : greedy : eager 
Avide'menf ad. greedily : eagerly 

AVIDITE ty : greediness : eagerness 

Avilir va. to debase : to degrade : to lower [com) 

to depreciate | S' , vr. To disgrace o's 

Avilissanf -e a. degrading : lowering 

AVILISSE'MENT' degradation : worthlessness 

AVION" aeroplane 

AVIRON " oar i L'_, Rowing 

AVIS" advice : opinion : intelligence : mind : 

notice : news : warning | a mon , In my 

opinion | Du meme , Of the same opinion | 

M'est , I rather think : my impression is | 

d'expedition, Advice note | Autant de tetes, 

autant d' , So many men, so many minds 

Avise -e a. prudent : circumspect : wary 

Avlser" va. to advise : to perceive | S' de. 

To think of : to take it into one's head : to 
venture (de, to] AVISO despatch-bo<it 




AVAI'Ii [e-weZe] service | ... is of no , ... ne 

sert a rien | vn. [to, a : to, de] profiter | 

o's of, Se servir de 

able a. [to, a : for, pour] disponible : valable | 

Period , Duree de validite 

Avai'I'cious [ai'-e-ric/i-e-ss, i bref] o. avare 

Avast'! int. [A] Baste! | heaving! Tiens 

Avaunt' ! int. Arriere! Va-t-en ! Lbonvirer! 
Aven'qe [e-ren?y] va. venger (of, de : on, sur] 
AVEN'GER vengeur : vengeresse 
Aven'ging a. vengeur, t-engreresse [boulevard 

AVENUE [av-e-niot(] [in Americ. cities) 

Aver' [-rre'd] [e-i'e»(r] va. affirmer (that, que] 
A'V'EEAGE moyenne : terme [or prix] moyen: 
I commun [^^)al•arie [a.) moyen : enmoyenne\ 

j^On an , En moyenne | Freedom from 

"^ , Franchises (pi] General, particular , 

« Avarie grosse, simple 

c _ PRICES of CORN (pi] meratriale 

I _ STATEMENT [stete] dispache 

^ STATER [a ^ dispacheur [Je repugne a 

Aver'se a. \ I am to, 11 me repugne de [or 

Avert' va. detourner : ecarter (from, de] 

A'VIARY [jfoe-ve-rel voliire 

A"VID'ITY —te (for, de, pour : to, pour} 

AVOCA'TION [fcecfte-n»i] occupation : metier 

Avoid' [oi] va. eviter 

AV'OIRDUPO'IS [avv'r-dti-pdize, o dans sort} 

poids du commerce 
Avow' [e^xio] va, avouer : declarer | edly 

iedd-le} ad. ouvertement | AVOWAL aveu 
Await' Ml. attendre | ing the favour of .... 

Dans Vattente de ... 
Awa'ke [e-ouefce] a. eveille | He's , II ne 

dort pas | Wide , Bien eveille | He's wide 

[fig] II a I'oeil ouvert 

Awa'ke vn. s'eveiller Iva.) eveiller 
A^va'ke•n v. Ipret. Awoke : pp. Awake'ne'd] 

eveiller : reveiller ; s'e : se r 
A'WARD' decision : sentence (arbitrale} 

va. decerner : adjuger (to, a] 

Awa're [e-ouere] a. \ To be of, Savoir | 

I am quite that, Je n'ignore point (que] He 

is not of the outlay, II ignore la depense \ 

■Without being of it. Sans s'en apercevoir 

IV. Clever] 

[76] Prepositions used before nouns and participles. Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




AVITAILL-EMENT" victualling [vitt' -ligng'i 
Avitaill'er" va. to victual : to stock ... with 
Aviver' va. to brighten : to polish : to ' do 

up ' [couper) to cut : to trim : to sharpen 
AVOCASSERIE pettifogging 
Avocasslep" Here a. ' pettifogging lawyer's ' 
AVOCAT" barrister : advocate [fam) lawyer 

ibotan.) avocado (ou alligator pear] L' du 

demandeur, [dr. crirainel] The counsel for 
the prosecution IV. INN, ang.] 
AVOCETTE [oiseau] _cet 
AYOINE oats (pi] Farine d'_, Oatmeal 
Avoir [av^utahr] va. (Table 5) to have (a, to : 
de, to, of] to be : to wear [V. Obligation, Fr.] 

faim, soif. To be hungry, thirsty | J'aurais 

honle de, I should be ashamed to [ou of] Vous 
avez tort. You are wrong | II n'a jamais 

raison. He is never right | chaud, froid. 

To be hot, cold | Qu'avez-vous ? What's the 
matter with you ? | A-t-il de I'esprit? Is he 
witty ? I II a de I'adresse, He is skilful | II 
a un tres bon caractere, He is very good- 
natured I Je n'ai pas d'argent sur moi, I have 

no money about me | Faire a ..., To get ... 

for ... I lieu, To take place | Remercier 

C D d' , To thank C D for having ... | 

II aura trop dorrai. He must have overslept 
himself | En — a ..., To be angry with : to 
allude to : to mean (it) for ... 

[Imper.sonal, V. Table 76 ] 

II y a [eel-yahi There is, there are, it is | 

nne mer de glace, There is a sea of ice | du 

plaisir a les voir. It is a pleasure to see them | 

vingt ans que je n'ai vu Rome, It is twenty 

years since I saw Rome | II y eut vingt 
hommes de blesses. There were twenty men 
wounded | Combien y a-t-il d'ici a V Exposi- 
tion ? How far is it to the Exhibition ? | 
Combien y a-t-il qu'il est a Paris ? How long 
has he been in Paris ? | II y aura demain 

troia semaines qu'il y est arrive, It will be 
three weeks to-morrow since he came [ou 
got there] 
AVOIR property [tenue de livres) creditor :'Cr.' 
Avoislnanf -e a. neighbouring 
Ayoisincr" va. to be near : to live close to | 
Etre bien avoisine, To have good neighbours 
Avorte -e a. abortive 
AVORTE"MENT" abortion [fig) miscarriage 
Avortei'" vn. to miscarry 
' AVORTON" abortion : abortive child [au fig.) 
j miserable wretch^ | Avouable a. avowable 

! AVOU^ solicitor I Etiide d' , S's practice 

Avouer" va. to avow : to admit | J'avoue, I 

must say : I own 1 Faire a, To elicit from 

AVRIL April | Ble d'_, Spring wheat | Con- 
ner lui poisson d' a, To make an ' April 

fool ' of fwheat 

Avriire i Ble _ [or AVRILfET"] late spring 

AXE axle : centre Mne imath) axis | coude, 

Crank | en , Centre to centre | de 

soulevement. Line [ou axis] of upheaval 
AXIOME axiom : truism 
AXONOE hog's lard 
Ayanf part. pres. having [V. Avoir] 
AY ANT' DROIT' rightful claimant ou owner 
AYANT'S" CAUSE [pi] representatives: assigns 
AYANTS- DROIT- [pi] assigns 
AZALEA, AZALEE aza'lia le-zele-ya\ 
AZAZEL [Bible'] scape-goat 
AZEROLE fruit of the azarol^ 
AZEROLJER" azarole : Neapolitan medlar 

AZIMUT azimuth | Azimutal-e a. uth 

AZOTATE nitrate [mo'i] 
AZOTE nitrogen [nai'] 

Azoteux" a. \ Acide , Nitrous acid 

Azotique a. \ Acide , Nitric acid 

AZT^QUE tec : ancient Mexican 

AZUR [& Azur<5 -e a.] [poet) a'zure [ije-ye-'r] 
[fam) sky-blue | Azyme a. unleavened (bread] 




A^vay' [e-oue'] ad. loin 1 from home, Absent] 

I have had to be , J'ai du m'absenter ! 

! Enavant! Arriere! | with ...! Loin 

de moi [o!e toi, etc.] ... ! | with you I Allez- 

vous-en ! | 100 miles , a 30 liexies d'ici (or 

de la] Right [Americ. for At once] Sur-le- 

charap I To go , S'en aller : partir | I shall 

go — for a little change, Je vais prendre un 
peu de bon temps 

AWE [se pr. comme o dans sort'[ crainte : ter- 
reur | To strike ... with , Terrifler 

Awe-struck a. terrifle 

Aw'ful [aw comme o dans sort"} a. terrible 
[vulg)'du diable' [-lly, -ment] [V. Diable] 

An PLACE, [fam] Un vrai coupe-gorge 

["Awful" and "awfully" are so much mis- 
used by a certain section of society that it is 
well to avoid their use in conversation alto- 

There is, however, a class of expressions 
which are familiar, rather than vulgar, and 
which are used to give increased force where 
it is really needed : a force not infrequently 
expressed in French by adding the phrase, 
C'est une benediction ; as, He has a terrible 

cold [ou a shocking cold] II est enrhume, c'est 

tme B ! ] [rettr solennelle 

AW'FULNESS [aw comme o dans sorf] ter- 

Awhi'le [e-/lottai.'Je] ad. | For , Pour un 

[or le] moment : pendant quelque temps 
Awk'ward a. gauche : maladroit -e [trouble- 
•g some) facheux : embarrassant | To have 

I MANNERS, Avoir des maniires em- 

<n prunties \ ly ad. gauchement : mal a 

i AWK'WARDNESS maladresse Lpropos 

"^AWL aUne | Brad , PoinQon 

-AWN arete 
«AWN'IN(J tente [carriages) bdche: banne 

lif) tendelet 
Awo'ke [_pret. V. Awaken] 
Awry' [.e-rali"] a. cfe ad. de travers 
AXE [pi. Axes, pr. afc'-cijz] hache | Wood- 
man's , Cognee 

AX'IS [ak'-eiss] [pi. Axes, pr. afc'-me] axe 
AX'LE arbre : essieu | -BOX [motor] flasque 
de moyeu | -CAP chapeau de M | —TREE 
Aye! [a't] int. Oui! Mais oui! | — , but ..., 

C'est vrai, mais ... | , ! All's well! [J>] 

Bon quart partout! 

A point (S") means silent, or ON' LL* L* liquid; two points (S") no liaison. [77] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, tlius. 



B [6a{/] B [bie] [in Fr. commerce, B is abbr. 

for BILLET] 
BABA sponge-cake moistened with rum syrup: 

bun : currant cake 

BABEL I La toiir de [fig] A Babel [6e6e-J] 

BABEURRE buttermilk 

BABIL prattle : chatter Imauv. part) prating 

BABILL-AGE chattering 

BABILL' ARD"-£ cliatterer [a.) chattering : noisy 

IJabiirer' vn. to chatter 

BABINE, BABOUINE lip (of animal] 

BABIOLE toy : trifle : bauble 

BABORD" port : port-watch | a devant, 

Ahead on the port bow | Bonnettes basses 

(pi] Lower studding sail 
BABORDAIS- (pi] port watch 
BABOUCHES- [pi] Turkish leather slippers 
BABOUIN"-£ baboon Ipers) young monkey 

BAG [bak} ferry-boat [tech) vat : bucket 

BACCALAUR^AT" bachelor's degree [exam- 
ination at close of ettules secondaires^ 

BACCARA baccarat 

BACCH'ANAL row' : noise 

BACCH-ANALE drunken revelry 

BACHE awning Icaisse vitree) frame : strikm g- 
glass[d"u»ieiX)itMre)cover[«ai,de wagon) sheet 
[de charrette) tilt [ a eau) tank : cistern 

BACHELIER" - ERE student who has passed 
the ■ baccalaureat ' : see this word fea 

Bachique a. bacchanalian 03j ; convivial 

BACHOT" small flat-bottomed boat : wherry 
[argot) the ' baccalaureat ' examination 

BACILLE bacillus [pi. _cilli] fto scamp 

Bacler" va. to bar : to fasten : to huddle up : 

BACTERIE [pi. _s] —terium [pi. _teria] 




B [bi\ B [bay\ [pencil) tendre et noir 

B.A. bachelier-es-JeUres Wai | To take one's , 

Etre repu au baccalaureat { Baa ! Be ! 

Bab'ble vn. babiller [brook) murmurer : 

BABE [bebe] [poetical] petit enfant Ls^zouiller 

BABOON' babouin 

BA'BY [<fe f.] bebe | -LINEN layette 
HOOD premiere enfance 

Bacchana'lian [&afca-«et-i/e-Mii] a. bachique 

BACH'ELOR [ch,(c7i] bachelier(-es-Je«tres, etc.] 
[unmarried man) celibataire [fam) ' gargon ' 
[F. Baccalaureat Wa] ] 

BACK [of pers.,book, knife)dos[of head, a place) 
derriere [of chair) dossier [of hand, coin, etc.) 
revers [background) fond [loins) reins (pi) 

Behind his , Par derriere : derriere son 

dos I to , Dos a dos | On the [post- 
cards, etc.] Au verso | At the of the house, 

Derriere la maison \ [To sit) with one's to 

the ENGINE, horse, etc, [Voyager) en arriere 

To fall on one's . Tomber a la renverse [or, 

sur le dos] _ AXLE-SHAFT arbre arriere | 

COMB' peigne a chignon | -DOOR porte 

de derriere | -FIRING ' retour de manivelle ' | 
_ GARDEN, _ YARD, jardin, eour de der- 
rierel _ KITCHEN arriere-cuisine | _LASH 
jeu des dents : secousse | -LIGHT [in hood] 

lunette de capote | _ NUT contre-ecrou | 

NUMBERS vieux numeros | -PRESSURE 

contre-pression | SHOP arriere-boictigrie | 

-STAIRS escalier de service 1 -stairs IN- 
FLUENCE mene'es secretes | _ STREET 

n<e mal frequentee : rue pauxrre \ WATER 

eau enfte'e [f»i.) scier | WHEEL roue ar- 
riere I _ WOODS, etc. [r. next column] 

Back V. reculer : faire r : renverser [ up) 

appuyer [a bill) endpsser [with, de) doubler 
[bet) parier pour [sails) masquer [anchor) 

empenneler | astern ! Isteamer) En arriere ! 

Iboat) Nage a culer ! | out of, Se dedire 

de I up, Appuyer : venir a I'aide de 

Back ad. en arriere [Often rend, by Re... : 

as. To come , Revenir] I shall be ..., Je 

serai de retour ... : je reviendrai | There 

and , AUer et retour | To fall upon, 

Recourir a [X) se replier sur | As far as, 

Deja en | To go , Retourner : revenir sur 

ses pas : marc)ter a reculons | To go home, 

Rentrer chez soi | Going to school, itentre'e 

des classes [No going , V. DedireJ Kept , 

Retenu | Stand ! Arriere ! 

BACK'BITING [ia'i] me'disance 
BACK'BO'NE epine dorsale [fig) energie de 
BACK'ER uarieur : partisan L^aractere 

BACKGAMM'ON [& _ BOARD] trictrac 
BACK'GROUND arriere-plan [fig) ombre 
BACK'ING [const) remplage [retrograde) recul 

Backped'al vn. contre-pedaler| ing BRAKE, 

frein a contre-pedalage 
BACKSLI'DING [stat ] rebeUion [a.) rebeUe : 
BACK'STAY galhauban [apostat 

BACK'STITCH point-arriere 
^BackSvai"d a. pen avance : peu empresse 

« [child) arriere | A season, Vne saison 

^ tardive | , s, ad. en arriere [walk) a 

S reculons [read, brush) a rebours [fall) a la 

5 reiwerse \ and ^o^^vard [ V. To and fro] 

■«BACKWARDA'TION [ae] deport 
■« BACK' WARDNESS repugnance (in, pour, a] 
V, tardivete : lentettr : peu de progres (dans] 
BACK' WOODS' [pi] forets \ _MAN [pi. -men] 
honime [pi. gens] de frontiere : colon 

BA'CON [.beke-nnl lard | ' To save one's ' 

[vulg] Sauver sa x>eau : se tirer d'a/faire 
Bad a. [compar. Worse : superl. Worst] mau- 
vais : mechant [money) faux [spoiled) gate 

[vote) nul [unwell) malade | Grone to the , 

Perdu I Go _, Se gater | Too _! Trop fort! ] 

Trade is , Les affaires ne vont pas | A 

COLD, Un gros rhume | To have a 

FINGER, Avoir mal au doigt | _ EYES, 
Mal aux yeux | To use _ LANGUAGE, 

Etre grossier dans ses propos [F. LOT] 

It wouldn't be a PLAN to ..., On ne ferait 

pas mal de ... 
Bade \_pret. V. Bid] fsymbole 

BADGE marque : plagrie : brassard : croix : 
BADQ'ER blaireau [va.) harceler 
Bad'ly ad. [comp. Worse : superl. Worst] mal 
[hurt) grievement | I haven't done — , Je 
n'ai pas mal reussi | — off, Dans la gene | 

To be otf for ..., Avoir grand besoin de ... 

BAD'NESS mauvais etat ; mecliancete 
Baffle va. deconcerter : dejouer : echapper a 

Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 


Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BADAUD"-E idler:' cockney' I er" vn. to idle 

KRIK idling : gaping [Old fogey 

BADERNK [J>] dolphin : mat | ' Vieille—,' 
Badigeonner' va. to colour : to whitewasli 
BADiGEONNEUR whitewasher 
Badin"-ea. frolicsome : jocular : funny 
BADINAGE sport : jest : fun 

BADINE switch | r" vn. to sport : to jest 

BADOIS'-E native of Baden [a.) ... of Baden 
Bafouer' va. to baffle : to mock : to make 
'BSfrer* ' vn. to stuff and swill Lgame of 

BAQAGE baggage : luggage | Plier , To 

march off : to pack up and be off | Depot des 

s, Cloak-room 

BAOARRE brawl : tumult : deadlock 
BAOASSK _ : cane-trash iint.) Hang it! 
BAGATELLE trinket : trifle : a mere nothing • 

flirtation lint.) Stuff! 
BAQN'E [bine] convict prison : hulks 
BAGOTIER" [Paris] cab-runner 
'BAGOU' I Du_,' The gift of the gab' 
BAQVE ring [tech) bush [de dratUe : J>)hank 

Bague a. \ Canon , Defective barrel 

Baguenauder* vn. to trifle 
BAQUENAUDIER-- trifler : ring-puzzle 
BAGUETTE stick : switch : wand : rod : 
ramrod : drumstick [a gants) stretcher [en 
Chine) chopstick \nwulure) bead : beading 

[cMis) bread [in long stick form] divina- 

toire, Divining rod | Homme a , Dowser : 

BAQUIER" ring-casket : ring-cup : ring-stand 
Bah ! int. Nonsense ! Pooh-pooh ! 
BAH'UT" trunk : cupboard : blocking-course 
[argot) college : 'old shop' 

Bal -e a. bay | chStain a. chestnut 

BAIE berry [golfe) bay [fxrch) light : opening 
BAIGAT-ADjB 'dip' : bathing [to wash 

Balgn'er' v. to bathe o^ : to soak [rivage) 
BAIQN-EUR -EUSE bather : bath-attendant 

Isf.) bathing-dress 
BAIGNOIRE bath [theatre) lower box 

BAIL' [pi. Baux] lease 1 a vie, L. for life | 

de trois, six, neuf, A 3 years' lease, re- 
newable every 3 years 

BAILL-ARQE malting barley 

BAILL'E [*t] bucket : wash-deck tub 

BA|LL"EMENT" yawning : gaping 

BaiU'er' vn. to yawn : to gape 

BaiU'er' va. to deliver : to give 

BAILL-EUR -ERESSE lessor | _ de FONOS, 
money-lender : sleeping partner 

BAILL'I bailiff D^ [sort of) judge : justice 

BAILL- 1 AGE bailiwick fto gag 

BAILL'ON- gag [fig) bribe | Baiironner' va. 

BAIN" bath K^: bathing o^: swimming-bath | 
— -MARIE water-bath | _ de SlfeOE sitz-B | 
BAINS- baths | BAINS" de MER sea-bathing : 

watering-place ( s] [souliers) sand-shoes | 

AUer aux s de mer, To go to the seaside 

BAiONNETTE bayonet [<b) flying jib-boom 1 
au canon, With fixed bayonets | Joint a , 

BAISEMAIN" levee : a levee L^ayonet joint 

BAISER" kiss [va.) to kiss : to salute [a word 
often of doubtful meaning] 

Baisoter" va. to keep on kissing 

BAISSE abatement : lowering : fall 

Balsser' v. to lower : to go down : to fall : to 
stoop : to bow [F. Tete] Ma vtie baisse, My 

sight is failing | Faire les yeux a ..., To 

stare ... out of countenance 

BAISSIER" 'bear' [on 'Change] 

BAISURE kissing-crust 

BAJOUE chop [pigs) cheek 

BAL [pi. Bals] ball | _ PARt dress ball 

' BALADE ' I Faire tine _, To go for a stroll 

' se Balader' ' vr. to stroll about 

BALADEUR stroller latito) sliding sleeve of 
gear | Pignon , Sliding pinion 

BALAOIN" mountebank : clown : buffoon 

BALADINAQE coarse buffoonery 

BALAFRE gash | r' va. to slash : to sear 

BALAI broom : brush [a laver) mop [V. Coup] 

en charbon, Carbon brush | de CHEMI- 

NtE hearth-brush | de CRIN" sweeping-B 

BALANCE : scale : scales (pi] lastr) Libra | 

Etre en , To be doubtful, ou in suspense 

BALANCEMENT" balancing : swinging 

Balancer" v. to balance : to be in suspense : 
to hesitate : to rock : to sway : to swing 




BAG sac [money ) bourse [mail) depecTtes (pi] 

[F. Baggage] Brief-—, Serviette (d'avocat] 

Carpet- , Sac de voyage | Game- , Gibe- 

ciere | To secure a good , Faire bonne cpasse 

Bag [-gge'd] va. mettre en sac [game) tuer 
[fam) 'chiper' 

BAGG'AGE [sfte<??] bagage | Bag and — , 
Amies et bagage | -WAGON fourgon 

BAGG'ING toile a sac 

BAG'PIPE comemuse 

va. mettre ... vent dessus 

BAIL Ibele'] fee caution : liberte sous C \ To find 
_, Fournir C\ On — , Sous C 

BAI'LIFF huissier : garde de commerce | Farm 
— Regis.seur | High . Grand bailli 

BAIRN ibe-erne] [* f] [mot ecossais] enfant 

BAIT amorce : rafraichissement [fig) appat 
[va.) amorcer (with, de] [a horse) donner a 
manger a : faire reposer [V. BULL] 

BAI'TING PLACE auberge : hotellerie 

BAIZE serge (verteoaroiige'] Green DOOR, 

Porte matelassee 

Bake [a = ^] v. cuire (au four] faire cuire ... 

[make bread) boulanger : faire | d, ... au 

four : cuit | BAKE'HOUSE fournil 

BA'KER boulanger | — 'S SHOP boiitangerie 

BA'KERY boulangerie 

BA'KING ctiisson [batch) fmirnee \ -PAN 

tmirtiere : terrine \ PEAR poire a cuire | 

POWDER pmidre remplaQant le levain 

BAL'ANCE balance : equilibre [cum) solde (de 

z'compte] To strike a , Arreter le compte | 

I -SHEET bilan | -WEIG'HT contrepoids | 

S -WHEEL [of watch] balancier 

j^ Bal'ance v. balancer : se balancer : peser 

,§ [ up) regler : arreter | Well e'd. Range : 

I equilibre 

V,BAL'ANCING balancement : ponderation 

Bald [a, o dans sort] a. chauve : nu 
—NESS calvitie [pr. t as c] 

A point (S*) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE tcords in Italic MASCULINE, thus. 




BALANCIER" pendulum : coining-press : pole 
• Imach. a vap) beam [pers) scale-maker [lift 
BALANCINE lift : stop | _ de giii. Topping 
BALANQOIRE see-saw lescarpolette) swing 
BALAYAQE sweeping ; cleaning 

Balayer" va. to sweep : to S away 1 bien, 

BALAYEUR -EVSE sweeper LTo S clean 

BALAYEUSE road-sweeper : carpet-8 
BALAYURES- [pi] sweepings 
BALBUTIE'MENT' [tie as cee] stammering 
Balbulier' [t as c] v. to stammer : to lisp 
BALBUZARD" osprey : fish-hawk 
BALCON" balcony [6al-fce-n^] 
BALDAQU'IN" canopy [d'autel)baldachino[fct] 
BA-LEINE whale : whalebone | Blanc de _, 

Spermaceti | HuUe de , Train-oil 

BALEINEAU young whale 

BALEINIER" whaler | —lERE whaie-lioat 

BALISAGE beacons (pi] 

BALISE staff and ball beacon | r' va. to 

mark : to erect beacons at [ou near] Les 
dangers sont-ils balises? Are there buoys or 
beacons on the shallows ? 
BALISEUR man who sets up beacons, buoys 
BALISTIQVE ballistics (pi] 
BALIVAQE marking of stores (in forest] 
BALIVEAU [foret) [single) store [jardin) stan- 
dard-tree [const) scaffold-pole 
Ballverner" vn. to talk twaddle 
BALIVERNES- (pi] stuff : twaddle 

Ballant'-e a. swinging : dangling 
BALLAST _ I —AOE ballasting : ballast 
BALLE ihaXl ball : shot [paquet) bale [grain) 

husk [en argot) franc | perdue. Stray shot | 

ait MUR, Fives | Prendre la au bond, 

Not to miss the opportunity | Enfant de la 

, Child following his father's profession : 

an actor born and bred 
BALLERINE ballet-dancer | BALLET' '_' 

BALLON" balloon [6e-fouwe] football [Vosges) 

mountain top | d'essai, Pilot balloon [fig) 

BALLOT" Ua^ bale | —TTAQE second ballot 
BALLOTTE-MENT" tossing : shaking 
Ballotter' v. to toss : to discuss : to ballot 

Balneaire a. | Station , Watering-place : 

bathing resort 
BAlOIS- -E inhabitant of Basle [a.) of B 
BALOURD" -jB stupid fellow : dunce : dolt 
BALOURDISE [sasr] stupidity : stupid thing 
BALSAMINE balsam | Balsamique a. balmy 
BALUSTRADE _ {.-trede} 
BALUSTRE railing [de pierre) balustrade 
Balzan" -e a. white-footed 
= ' BAMBIN" -E' • young one ' [V. Folks] 
S BAMBOCHE puppet | ' Faire tine _,' To 

c hare a spree { CHEUR fast young man 

SBAMBOU bamboo [bamm-boue] 

BAN" ban ; banishment [de mariage) banns (pi] 

[applaud.) round of applause | Au , Under 

a ban | Rupture de , Return without leave 

Banal -e a. commonplace : hackneyed : vulgar 
BANALITE vulgarity : commonplace char- 
acter [proposition) truism : commonplace 
BANANE banana | BANANIER" banana [tree] 
BANC" bench : seat ; form [de tour, pierre, 
huitres) bed [sable) bank [poissons) shoal | 
_ des ACCUSES dock : bar | _ de QLACE 
Bancal -e a. bandy-legged Lice-floe 

BANDAGE [herniaire) truss [de roue) tyre | 

creux'. Cushion tyre | plein, Solid tyre 

BANDAGISTE truss-maker 
BANDE band : troop : gang : lot : side [clique) 
ring [astron.) belt [de roue) tyre [de papier) 
wrapper : strip : slip [navig.) heel, ou list j 

Donner la , To heave (her) down | Larguer 

en , To let go ... by the run | noire, Set 

of speculators : gang of terrorists | Sous , 

By book-post [V. Molletiere, Themselves] 




BAL'DERDASH galimatias 

BAXiE [beW] balle \ va. emballer | out, 

vider : agrener | Baleful a. sinistre 
BAL'E [a comme o dans sorti grosse poutre : 

bois carre [va.) frustrer (of, de] 
BALL [a comme o dans sort} [cricket, bullet) 

(>aUe[cani>on)boulet [eye )pntneUe [thread) 

pelote [of a pendulum) lentille [snow) bouU 

[billiard) bille [croquet) boule [dancing) bal | 

BE'AKINGS coussinets a billes 

JOINT joint spherique 

RACE [tech] cuvette a billes f'Qi'e 

VALVE robinet a flotteur : clapet spher- 

s BALL' AST _ [*) lest [va.) lester [railway) 

fensabler : empierrer | Sail in , AUer sur 

~ lest I ING empierrement : ensablement 

BALL'OT scrutin | By _, Au S | Second _, 

Ballottage | -BOX ume | -PAPER bulletin 

de vote | vn. voter au scrutin 

ING vote au scrutin 

BAL'M [batne] baume [-mint) m€lisse 

y a. embaume : parfume [breeze) doux 

BAL'SAM Ibol-se-mm, o dans sort} baume : 
Bal'tic TIM'BER bois du nord [balsamine 
Bamboo'zle va. [fam] enjoler : enfoncer 

Ban [bami] va. maudire : interdire 

BAN [6an»i] | BANS ban : bans de mariage 

BANA'NA banane [tree) bananier 

BAN'CO monnaie de bangtie 

/'BAND bande : lien : raie : ruban [ of 

music) miisique : orchestre [va.) bander 

I [vn.) se liguer \ Elastic , Elastique | of 

I HOPE, Sociele juvenite de temperance : la 
' 'Li0ie de I'Espoir' | -BRAKE frein a ruban 

■§ -MASTER chef de musigue 

§ -SAW scie a ruban 

= -STAND kiosque 

I BANOS'MAN [pi. -men] musicien 

I BAN'DAGE [dedjl bandage : bandeau 

I BAN'D BOX carton 

I Ban'dy va. renvoyer : se r : echanger 

l,Ban'dy-legge'd a. bancal fcieux 

BANE [a e] poison [fig) fleau | tul a. perni- 

BANG [baing] coup : detonation : Pan! Paf! 

[va.) rosser | To the door, Fermer la porte 

bruyamment] To 'go at it,' Y aller carrement 

BAN'GLE bracelet indien : porte-bonheur 
sBan'ish va. bannir (from, de : to, a, en] 
I BANISHMENT bannissement : exil 

■= BANISTER rampe : balustre 

[80] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BANDE'AU bandage : headband : string-course 

BANDE-LETTE slip : fillet 

Bander' va. to tie : to bind up : to bend \_arcK) 

to key in [im.) to be tight 1 les yeux a ..., 

To blindfold ... 
BANDE'ROLE shoulder-belt : streamer 
BANDIT- _ Ibann'-ditt, i bref] robber 
BANDOTJLIERE shoulder-belt | BANJO [n 
BANLIEUE suburbs : outskirts (pi] Lnas.] _ 
BANNE tilt : awning : blind [panier) hamper 
BANNIE au RABAIS' putting up to contract 
BANNIERE banner : standard : flag 
Bannir va. to banish : to expel 
BANNISSE-MENT- banishment 
BANQU'AIS' [pecheur) banker [navire) banker 
BANQU'E bank : banking | par actions, 

Joint-stock bank | Faire sauter la , To 

break the B | sticcursale, Branch B 

BANQUEROUTE bankruptcy | Faire _, To 

become bankrupt : to fail : 'to go to smash' | 

fraiidtileuse. Fraudulent B 

BANQU-ET" _ llMgn-koiwtf] 
Banqu'eter* vn. to banquet : to feast 
BANQUETTE bench : top : footpath [de wa- 
gon, etc.) seat [meuble) settee Ifort) 

BANQU'IER" banker | J'ai ... pour _, My 

banker is ... [ou, I bank at ...'s] 
BANQUISErlsASzi pack-ice 
BANQU-ISTE humbug 
BAP'TSME [pr. fiat-tame] baptism [bapp'-tizzni] 

Nom de , Christian name | ' de I'air,' First 

Bap'tiser' va. to baptize [bapp-tdi'ze] [fam) 

to christen [vin, etc.) to add water to 

Bap'lismal -e a. 1 [me-J] 

BAP-TISTE _t I Jean- _, John the Baptist 
BAPTISTfeRE —try [bapp' -tisstrei 
BAQU'ET" tub : trough : bucket [siege) bucket- 
BAR _ Lseat 


Baragouiner' vn. to jabber [va.) to 'murder' 
BARAQVE hovel : shed [X)hut 
BARAQUETTE a 2 rouets, Sister-block 
BARATE [v^] lining : strain band 
BARATERIE barratry 

BARATTE churn Itclie-rne] r* va. to churn 

BARBACANE —bican : loop-hole 
BARBARASSE [*] stopper 
BARBARE [<fe f.'\ barbarian [a.) barbarous 
Barbare'inenf ad. barbarously 
BARBE beard : flap [haniecon) barb Iplume) 
feathers (pi] [de chat) whiskers (pi] [de coq) 

wattles (pi] de bmic, Goatee [6oO goat's- 

beard | Brosse a , Shaving-brush | Se faire 

la , To shave | Se faire faire la , To get 

shaved | a sa , To his face | Eire dans sa 

, To laugh in one's sleeve | -de-cajpticin, 

Blanched chicory 
BARBEAU barbel [de mer) red mullet fwire 

Barbele -e a. barbed | Fil de fer , Barbed 

BARBET' -TTE water-spaniel [sf.) barbette 
BARBICHE tuft of beard | BARBIER" barber 

'Barbifler" va. to shave | Se , To shave 

one's self | Se faire , To get shaved 

BARBON" gray-beard : dotard 
BARBOTAGE dabbling 
Barboter' vn. to dabble : to muddle 
BARBOTEUR duck : dabbler 
BARBOUILL'AGE daub : scribbling : muddle 
BarbouiU'er' va. to daub : to scribble : to 

blot : to make a mess of : to upset | ' Se ,' 

To get cloudy ipers) to besmear o's : to 
muddle o's (de, with] to compromise o's 
BARBOUILL-EUR dauber : scribbler 
BARBU barbet | _ -e a. bearded 
BARBUE [poisson] brill 
BARCAROLLE barcarole : Venetian song 
BARCELONNETTE bassinet : child's cot 
BARDAQE removal of materials from place of 
delivery to spot where used 




BANK [of river) bord : rive [earth) terraase : 
talus [sand, turf) banc [tech) digue [com) 
banqiie [colliery) carreau [V. Spoil] Branch 

, B sticcursale \ -BOOK livret &e B \ 

CLERK commis de B IV. Holiday] _ MES- 
SENGER garcon de bureau | -NOTE billet 
de B [B. of Eng.) bank-note | Bank va. 
[ up] terrasser [vn., with ...) avoir ... pour 

BANK''ER Ibainqiieur^ banquier [.banquier 

BANK'ING HOUSE maison de fiangite 

BANK'RUPT.failli-e [a.) en faillite [fig)ruine| 

To be , Etre en faillite \ To become , 

Faire F | To make ... , Mettre ... en F 

[V. Uncertificated] 

BANK'RUPTCY [re] faillite \ _ ACT loi des 

faillites | Receiver in , Syndic [In France 

the Tribunal de Commerce decides most cases 
which in England come before the Court of 

BANN'ER banniere 

BANN'OCK [ne-fc] [ecoss.] gateau d'avoine 

BANNS [pi] bans de mariage 

BAN'QUET banquet- : diner de gala 


BAN'TER badinage [va.) badiner : taquiner 
BAP'TISM Ibapp'-tizz'mm} bap'teme feo 
BAP'TIST [bapp'-tisstfi bap'tiste 
Bapti'ze [bapp-tdize] va. bap'tiser 
^BAR [iron, prisoner, harbour, fastening, and 
music) barre ten [lawyers, press, fire) bar- 
reau [l«w) exception [flg) barriere : obstacle 
[tavern) f/uvette : comptoir : bar | Called to the 

, Inscrit au tableau | -IRON fer en barres 

[ V. Puddle] -MAID [me'de] fille de comptoir | 
-ROOM salon 
Bar [-rre'd] va. [from, de] barrer : empecher : 

exclure | To the door, Barreii la parte 

. Barre-d WINDOW fenetre grilUe 
% BARB barbe [of arrow) pointe [bot) arete 
BARBA'RIAN [be-ri-e-nii] [cfc a.] barbare 
BARBAR'ITY barbarie : cruaute 

Bar'barous a. barbare | ly ad. cruelle- 

ment : avec iHirbarie | NESS barbarie 

Barb'e'd [barbdd] a. barbele : barbe | — 
WIRE fil de fer barbele : ronce artiflcielle 
BAR'BEL barbeau [veterinary) barbes 
BAR'BER [bar'betir'i barbier fca 
BAR'BERRY epine-vinette 

A point (S*) means silent, or ON' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words itt Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




BARDANE burdock | BARDE bard 
BARDE thin slip of bacon 
BARDEAU weather-board : shingle : fount-case 
Harder' va. to load : to cover (de, with] [cttis) 

to cover ... with slips of bacon 
BARDEUR hodman : labourer (to do 'bardage'] 
BARDIS' [*] dunnage boards 
BARDOT" small mule [fig) drudge : butt 
BAREGE _ I BAR^ME ready-reckoner 
BARETTE Oeu) sort of football [cricket) bail 
BARGE O^ godwit 

'BARQUIGNAQE' [ghe] haggling : hesitation 
' Barguigner' vn. to haggle : to beat about 

the bush | _EUR -EUSE haggler 

BARIL" barrel 0^ : cask : tub | de galere, 

BARILLE barill'a [i bref] [Breaker 

BARU.L-ET- barrel (of a clock, etc.] 
BARIOLAQE odd medley : curious mixture 

Barioler" va. to speckle | e -e'e o. motley 

BARN ACHE, or BARNACLE barnacle 
BAROM^TRE barom'eter [F. Table 86a] 

Baronietrique a. ic ou ical 

BARON" -ONNE _ IbarmriJ Baroness 
BARONNET' baronet [( se pr.] 
Baronnial-e a. baronial | BARONNIE barony 
Baroque a. odd : strange : queer : unshapely 
BARi^VE boat [d'apparat) barge | Trois-mats 
BARi^V ETTE smaMcT&ft L— .Barque 

BARRAGE barrier : toll-bar [rnt)) dam : weir 
BARRAGER" toll-taker | _ txi. to dam 
BARRE bar : helm \_Y. Helm] [mascaret) bore 

IficriUire) stroke | de meaure [musl Bar | 

s sur, The whip-hand of | Jouer aux s, 

To play prisoners' base [Ug) to keep missing 

each other | Ne faire que toucher , To be 

off again at once | d'APPUI hand-rail | 

_ FIXE, horizontal bar | BARRES' [jeu) 
prisoners' base [de hune) cross-trees 

BARREAU bar | Le , or Messieurs du 

The gentlemen of the bar | X" [pi] [de 

cage) wires [de grUle) fire-bars 

Barrer' va. to bar : to stop [un mot) to strike 
out Itentie des livres) to cross off 

BARRETTE cap : cardinal's hat 

BARREUR coxswain [pr. cokks'-nti] 

BARRICADE _ [fce] _r- vo. to barricade 

BARRIERS barrier : gate : stile : fence : 

BARRIQUE hogshead : cask 

Barrir vn. [eleph.] to trumpet 

BARS" bass llabrax luptis'] 

BARTAVELLE partridge [perdrix saxatilis'] 

BARYTE barytes [be-rditize'i 

BARYTON baritone 

BARYUM _ium 

BAS' bottom : lower-part : foot [de laine, etc.) 
stocking [ V. DOWN ] Cest un _ BLEU, 

Shea a Mue-stocking | de casse a. Uvpl 


Bas', Basse a. low : lower : mean : base : 
small : short { a voix basse. In a low tone | 

J'ai la tnte basse, I am short-sighted | Au 

mot, At the very least | En age, In infancy : 

very young | Faire main basse sur. To lay 

hands on | Maree basse, Low-water | Le 

peuple. The lower classes (pi] Bas-Empire, 

Lower Empire | Ge monde. This lower 

world I En , Downward [de) at the bottom 

(of] Ici- , Here below | La- , Yonder : 

down there : below | a bas ... ! Down with 

BASALTE [sasz] —t [bassoUt} I...'. 

Basaltique a. — ic lol'ticl 

BASANE sheep : basil | Basan^-e a. tawny: 

BAS'-C6Tt aisle [atte] pathway Lsun-burnt 

BASCULE S^-s&w : rocker : weighing-machinel 

a , Rocking ... : swing ... | Bouton a , 

Lever-top stud | Basculer' vn. to rock 




/Bare a. nu : simple [open) decouvert [living) 
miserable [V. POLE : Vegeter] To ride _ 

back, Monter [un cheval] a poil | bone'd 

a. decharne | face'd a. ehonte : a decou- 

^ vert I footed, nu-pieds : les pieds nus 

^ [Carmelite) dechausse | headed, nu-tete : 

la tete nwe | legge'd, les janibes nites 

Bare v. [ou Lay ] depouiller : decouvrir : 

mettre a nu : denuder 

, ly ad. a peine : tout au plus : seulement 

^BAR'GAIN marche : occasion [vn.) mar- 

jt chander (for, ...] Good , Bon M | Great 

? — , Stii>erbe occasion | Into the , Par-dessus 

.c le M I It's a ! Marche conclu ! | To strike a 

». , Cpnclure un M | To drive a hard , 

'■§ Tenir la dragee haute (a] 

VBAR'GAINER personne qui marchande 
BARGE Ibdrdje'] allege : chaland : gabare | 

BOARD [arch] bordure de pignon 

BARGEE' IV. next line] 

BAR'GE'MAN [pi. -men] marinier : batelier 

BARK ecorce : tan [of dog, etc.) aboiement | 

Peruvian , Quinquina | va. ecorcer[vn.) 

aboyer (at, a, apres, contre] 
— ING aboiement(-s] [of trees) decortication 
BARK'-PIT fosse a tan 

BAR'LEY orge [masc when used with perle, 

carre, monde. Fr. Acad.] Pearl , Orge perle 

[y. Malting] Winter , Escourgeon 

—-WATER tisane dorge \ —CORN grain 
d'orge | -SUGAR sucre d'orge 

BARM leviire 

BARN grange [Americ.) itcMe | -FLOOR aire 
de grange | -OWL effraie 

BAR'NACLE balane | '_S' [pi] besides 

BAR'ON — fea I ^ESS baronne 
[ 's WAR. is Guerre de seigneur a seigneur] 

BAR'ONET [bar'-e-ne-fi baronnet 

Baro'nial [rone-t/e-t] a. seigneurial : de baron 

BARR'ACKS (pi] ire-ks} caserne (sing] 

BARR'ATRY [,t] baraterie 

BARR'EL Iba-re-t] baril [tar) ffonne [of pump) 
corps [of a clock) barillet [of a gun) canon 
[va.) embariller [road) bomber | — He'd a. 
a baril [mach) a cylindre [artil) a canon { 
Double- GUN, fusil a deux coups 

Barr'en a. sterile (of, en] —NESS sterilite 

Barrica'de [kede] va. barricader 

BARRICA'DING [fceSe] barricades (pi] 

Barr'ing prep, sauf : a part : excepte 

BARR'ISTER [ou -AT-LAW] avocat | Briefless 
, Avocat sans catise 

[82] Prepoaitions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BASE [bahzi [bece] basis [base-ball) base 

Baser' [s z} va. to base : to ground (sur, on] 

Se basunt sur, Going by ... 
BAS"-FOND" flat : low ground [mer) shoal [ 

Les s [d'ttne ville] The slums 

BASILIC basil [serpent) basilisk 
BASILIQUE basilica 
BASIN" [sasz] Ds^ dimity 
Basique a. basic [s, f] 
BAS*-MAT" [hah-ma1i\ lower-mast 
BASQUE [<fe /:] _ : Biscayan | Tambour _, 
BASi^UK '— : skirt : end LTambourine 

BAS'-RELIEF [bd-rtd-ye-efi _ [_bass-rilife'\ 
BAS'SE base [»ins) bass : violoncello [wer) 

shoal I -COUR poultry-yard : farm-yard | 

-FOSSE dungeon 
Bas'semenf ad. meanly : basely 
BAS'SESSE baseness : base action [ou thing] 

[trimalite) vulgarity 
BAS'SET" basset-hound 
BAS'SE-TAILL'E bass [be'ce] bass voice 
BASSE-VERGUE [,t] lower yard 
BAS- SES- -VOILES- [A] courses 
BAS'SIN" basin [hece-nnl dock : scale [awot.) 

pelvis I de radoub, de port, sec, Dry- 
dock I d'echouage. Tidal-dock 

BA8-SINE [preserving) pan | Basslner' va. 

to warm (a bed] to bathe : to foment : to water 

[vulg) to bore : to ' bother ' 
BAS'SINET" pan \fteiir) buttercup 
BASSINOIRE warming-pan 
BAS'SON" bassoon 
Baste ! int. Enough of that ! Bosh ! Nonsense ! 

What of that? [*) Avast ! 

BASTIDE [South of France],summer-liouse : 

small house in country 
BASTILLE _ [ang. pr. hastile] 
BASTIN" [tech] batten | BASTINGAGE netting 
BASTION"— I _n"ne-e a. fortified 
BASTON-NADE bastinado : 'good thrashing' 
BASTRINQU'E [low) dancing-room : spoke- 
shave : set of tools for picking locks 
BAS- -VENTRE abdomen 

BAT" pack-saddle | Gheval de , Pack-horse | 

Oil le nous blesse, Where the shoe pinches 

BATACLAN" "rattle-traps ' (pi] ' row ' 
BATAILLK battle | En _, In line of B 1 _ 

rangee. Pitched B | Livrer a, To fight i 

Clieval de , War-horse [fig) hobby 

BataiU'er' tm. to struggle : to battle (centre, 

with, against] Tsome 

BATAILL'EUR quarrelsome fellow [a.)quarrel- 

BATAILL'ON" battalion Ital-ye-nnl carre, 

Square | Chef de , Major 

BATARD"-^ bastard [tig) mongrel 
BATARDE slanting round hand 
BATARDEAU _ : coffer-dam 
BATARDISE [s as z] bastardy 
BATAVE [<fe a.] Batavian U>e-teve-ye-nti] 
BATEAU boat [de voiture) body [fam) fashion | 

'Monter un a.' To 'have ... on ' [raser) to 

bore I _ d'AGRfeMENT' pleasure-boat | 
-GITERNE tank-stea7)ier \ -FEU [ou -PHARE] 
light-ship \ -PILOTE pilot-boat | -PORTE 
caisson | _ de SAUVETAGE life-boat | _ a 
VAPEUR steamer | _ a VOILES' saihng-boat 
BATELAGE [^l>] loading [ou unloading] by boat 
BATELEE boat-load 




BARR'OW' [ow, tres bref] [wheel—) brmiette 
[hand-) civiere : brancard [mound) tumulus 
BART, labrev. de Baronet] 
BAR'TER [bdr-i echange : troc : traffic [va.) 
echanger (for ..., centre] faire echange 
/BASE 6ase fee [music) basse [of rail) patin | 
Prisoners' , Barres ( pi ] -BALL ' base- 
ball ' I -CHAMBER [of motor] carter | -LINE 
[perspec) ligne de fiiite [jK) ligne de feu 
Base a. bas : vil [metal) sans valeur [mus) 
*» bas [voice) de basse-taille [coinage) faux 
[child) illegitime | Base va. baser (sur, on] 
Base'less a. sans fondement 
Basely ad, bassement : lachement 
BASE'MENT soubassement 
VbASE'NESS [meanness] bassesse 
Bash'ful a. modeste : timide [-lly, -ment] 
BASH'FULNESS mode.9tie : timidity 
BAS'IC SLAGr scories de depJiosphoration 
BAS'IL [s — 2] basane [herb) basilic 
BA'SIN [6e'ce-n«] bassin : bol | Wash-hand 

, Cuvette I Tip-up , C a. bascule 

BA'SIS [6efiss] [pi. Bases] base fcfl 
Bask vn. se chauffer [fig) s'endormir (au, a Ja] 
BAS'KET panier : corbeille [for game or fish) 
bourriche : liotte \ -MAKER vannier 
-WORK vannerie [tech) clayonnage / 

BASS [pr. basse : fish] bars 
BASS [pr. bece : mus. etc.] basse : basse-taille 
BASS'ET-HOUND basset [bast) tiUe 

BASS'INET barcelonnette 

BASS'WOOD [bot] tilleul d'Ameriqite 
BAST tille : raphia (pour attaches'] 
BAS'TARD [te-rde] [*a.]batard [tech) moyenne 
BAS'TARDY [(e-rde'] bdtardise 
Baste [a e] va. [meat) arroser [sew) batir 
BASTINA'DO [ne] bastonnade [iyj.) batonner 
BAT [animal) chanve-souris [cricket) ' bat ' | 
-HORSE cheval de bat 

-WING BURNER Ibe-rne-r-i bee a papillon 
BATCH fmirne'e 
Bate va. rabattre [ V. Abate] 
BATH [th fort] bain [utensil) baignoire \ Hot 

, B chaud | Tepid , Btiede | Shower — , 

Douche (en arrosoir] Sitz , B de siege | 

Turkish , B turc | Vapour _, B de vapeur \ 

Water [cooking, chem, etc.] Bain-marie 

[y. Order: Thermes] I am going for a BATH, 
Je vais prendre un bain | I am going for a 
BATHE, Je vais me baigner | -ATTENDANT, 
-KEEPER baigneur-eitse | -ROOM salle de B | 
— TOWELS linge de B 
Bathe {belli, th faible ] v. baigner : se baigner 
^[foment) bassiner : eponger [V. BATH] 
BA'THER baigneur : Imigneuse 
BA'THING bain : baignade \ Sea _, Bains 
' de mer \ _ DRAWERS calecon de bain | 
- _ DRESS costume (de bain] _ ESTAB- 
7 LISHMENT etablissement de bains | 
-MACHINE voiture de bains : cabine \ — 
RESORT plage : station balneaire \ -TUB 
baignoire : ' tub ' 

A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substontives in Capitals. All FEyriNINE tvords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




BATELET" little boat : small boat 
BATELEUR conjuror : mountebank 
BATELIER" boatman 

lERE boat-tcoman 

Uater" va. to saddle i Ane bate, ' Regular ass ' 
BATI tacking [tech) framework : bed-plate 
Uatl-ea. made : shaped [F. Broad] Comme 

vous voila ! A pretty tigure you' are! 

BATIFOLAQE toying : child's play 

Batlfoler" vn. to play : to toy 

BATIMENT- building [J,) vessel : boat 1 C'est 

un de QUERRE, She's a ntan-of-icar 

BAtir va. to build [coudre) to tack | Terrain 

a , Building site 

BATISSE building [masonry] 
BATISTE cambric 

BATON" staff : stick : club : spoke [de mare- 
chal) baton [<t) flag-staff : boom | Tour du 

, Perquisites | Mettez le foe au bout du ! 

Haul the jib to boom's end ! | a mi- ! Ease 

in the jib ! | a rompus, By fits and starts 

Bflton'ne -ee a. water-lined [.phrase) struck out 
BAton'ner' va. to cudgel : to strike out 
BATONNET" little stick : ruler [jeu) tipcat 
BATON- NIER" Treasurer of the Benchers 
BATRACIENS- [pi] _chia [treke-id] 
BATTAGE thrashing [du beurre) churning 
BATTANT" folding-door [de cloche) clapper | 

a deux s, Folding | -e a. folding : swing 

Ipltiie) pelting | Tout neuf, Brand new | 

Tambour , At beat of drum 

BATTE stick : steff : beater 
BATTE-MENT" beating : beat : throbbing : 
flapping [maiiis) clapping [pieds) stamping 
BATTE RIE _ry : fight : scuffle : beating 
[de fusil) hammer [A) battery : tier : gun- 
deck I Gardien de , Master gunner | Dresser 

ses s, To form one's plans | Mettre en , 

[canon] To run out 
_ de CUISIXE kitchen-utensils 
BATTEUR beater [en grange) thrasher [cricket) 

batsman | d'ESTRADC scout : spy | 

_ d'OR gold-beater | _ de PAVt loafer 
BATTEUSE thrashing-machine : egg-beater 
BATTOIR bat : beater : beetle | —E churn 

Battre v. (Table 67) to beat : to strike : to 
stamp imonnaie) to coin [beurre) to churn 
[liquides) to beat up [cartes) to shuffle [ynain-s) 
to clap [cceur) to beat : to throb [le pays) to 
scour [enfoncer) to drive (in] [F. PLEIN] 

en breclie. To batter down | froid a, To 

give ... the cold shoulder | Ux caisse. To 

beat the drum | la campagne, To beat 

about the bush : ' to be crazy ' : ' to wander ' | 

la mesxire, To beat time | le pave, To 

idle about | Faire , To beat [ours, etc.) to 

bait [mettre atix prises) to set ... fighting | 
Se _, To fight (a, with] ' 8e _ ICEIL" de,' 
Not to care a straw for 

Battu-e [pp. of v. Battre] beaten | Avoir les 
yeux s, To look worn 

BATTUE ' _ ' (for game] 

BAU [bo] beam [i.e. deck-beam] Maltre , 

Midship beam 

BAUDET" donkey : ass [treteau) trestle 

BAUDRIER" shoulder-belt [Orion's) belt 

BAUDRUCHE gold-beater's skin 

BAVGE lair : nest : haunt fsteel' 

BAUME balm : balsam | Le d'acier, ' Cktld 

BAVARD--B babbler : talker : g:o8sip 
a. talkative : given to gossiping 

BAVARDAGE gossiping : idle talk : stuff 

Bavarder' vn. to prattle : to talk : to blab : 
to chatter 

BAVAROISE milk and tea with syrup added 

BAVE drivel : slime 

Baver* vn. to dribble 

BAVETTE bib : feeder | ' Tailler des —S,' To 

Bayer' [a asoA] vn. to gape { atix comeilUs, 

To stare vacantly 

BAZAR bazaar' : arcade 

' Bazarder" ' ra. to get rid of : to sell off 

Beant' -e a. gaping : open : wide-mouthed : 

I yawning | Bester bouche e, Not to know 

I what to reply 

\ B^AT' -E pretended saint [a.) sanctimonious 

I Beatifler" va. to beat'ifjr 

Bedtiflque a. _ic | BEATITUDE _ 




^BA'THOS [pr.rt fort] pathos ['Pathos' en 
^ anglais signifie le patbetique] 
> Ba'ting prep, a Tftrceptton de : sauf 
BATS'MAN batteur 
BATTAL'ION [be-tal-ye-nn] bataillon 
BATT'EN bastin [4,) latte \ To _ down the 

HATCHES, Condamner les panneauz 
BATT'ER pate [build) fruit [va.) battre (en 

brechei [dent) delabrer t back to. [build] 

Avoir du fruit | down, Abattre : battre 

en breche \ e'd a. use : delabre [typ) mau- 

BATT'ERING | -RAM belier [vais 

-TRAIN artillerie de siege 
BATT'ERY batterie [law) voies de fait (pi] 
BAT'TLE baiaille : combat | Pitched B 

rangee | To fight a , To give Livrer B i 

_ ARRAY ordre de B | -AXE hache d'armeel 

-HELD, -SHIP [V. next col.] 

Bat'tle vn. lutter (with, contre] [fam) ba- 


BAT'TLEDORE raquette | To play at _ and 

shuttlecock, Jouer au volant 
BAT'TLEFIELD champ de bataille 
BAT'TLEMENT creneau | _ed a. crenele 
BATTLESHIP cuirasse 
BAtTBEE' [V. Bawbee] 
BAU'BLE bagatelle : baJ>iole [fool's) marotU 
BAVA'RIAN [t* ] [* a.] Bavarois : de Baviire 
BAWBEE' sou | _8' (pi] argent 
Ba^vl [aw, o dans sort] vn. crier : brailler | 

_'ER braillard | BAWL'tNG cris (pi] 
BAY baie : laurier [roof ou barn) trav^ [vn.) 

aboyer [a.) [colour] bai | At , Aux abois | 

-SALT sel gris | -TREE laurier 

-\\aNDOW fenetre en saillie 
BAY'ING aboiement 
BAY'ONET bdionnette [va.) tuer a coups de B 

_ JOINT joint a B 
B B [pencil] tendre et tres noir 
B. C. [Before Christ] 'avant J.-C : 'av. J.-C 

[84] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 

"Dp rni. [_V. conj. Etre, Tcible 6] Stre : avoir : 
-^^ faire ; se trouver : y avoir : exister : 

subsister | To or not to ^, Etre ou ne 

pas etre | He is old, II est vieux | Let us 

5 wise ; it is time we were, Soyons sages, 

il est bien temps de I'etre | It is 4 o'clock, 
II est 4 Jieures \ It is right, C'est bien : 
c'est juste | The plate is so hot that Jliere 
is no touching it, L'assiette est si chande 
10 qu'on ne pent y toucher | It cannot but — 
that ..., II ne peut pas se faire que ... ne 

... I That may' , Cela se peut | To let ... 

, [i.e. let it alone] Ne pas toucher a ... : 

laisser tranquille | We are tired, poorly, 

15 Nous sommes fatigues, indisposes | it 

so! Soit! [pron.'the t in Soit, in this case] 
What is that to me ? Qu'est-ce que cela me 
fait? I That's just where it is'! C'est la 

Vaffaire! \ Happening to at Caen, Me 

20 trouvant a Caen 

[Sut^unctive. In Engl, famil. conversation 
the subj. is not always distinguished. In 
French it rrmst be, as : Although it is only 
..., Quoique ce ne soit que ... | If there is 
25 money enough, Pourvu qu'il y ait assez 
[to be hungry, thirsty, warm, cold, 
afraid, etc.) Avoir faiin, soif, chaud, froid, 
veur, etc. | He is afraid, II a peiir \ Her 
30 hands are cold, Elle a froid aux mains [or, 
Elle a les mains froides} They are right, 
wrong, lis ont raison, tort | We are sleepy. 
Nous avons sommeil | He is 10 years old, 
II a 10 ans | She is 20, Elle a 20 ans i 
35 The room is 20 feet by 15, La piece a 20 
pieds sur 15 
[well, poorly, etc.) se porter : aller : etre | 
How is he ? Comment se porte-il ? [or, C. 
va-t-il ? or, C. est-il ? ] He is better, II va 
40 mieux | He is ill, II est malade. 
[of the weather, etc., impersonal) faire' | 
It is cold, warm, fine, daylight, dark, II 
fait froid, chaud, beau, clair, sombre, etc. \ 
It was raining heavily, II pleuvait a verse 
45 [with a subject, use Etre) It is a fine day, 
C'est un beau jour | It is set in for rain, 
Le temps est a la pluie 
[of quantity, distance, etc., impersonal : 
It is : There is' ou are) y avoir | It is 
50 three-quarters of a mile, II y a un kilo- 
metre I There was a good deal of blood 
shed, II y eut beaucoup de sang verse | 
How many ... are there? Combien y a-t-il 
de ... ? I There will always be people who 
55 ..., II y aura toujours des gens qui ... 
[Here' is ..., There' is ..., indicating) 
Voici ... : Vuila ... | There she is, ia voila | 
Here it is, Le [to] voici | There' are the 
children, 'Voila les enfants | Here is one, 
60 En voici un (or une, according to gender] 
[tritely, and of characteristics) c'est : ce 
sont, etc. : etre ... que 1 They are thieves, 
Ce sont des voleurs | He is a brave man, 
C'est un brave | 'Where there's a will, 
65 there's a way, Vouloir. c'est pouvoir | It is 
only fools who ..., II n'y a que les imbeciles 
qui ... I D is a decent fellow, [ou, He is 
a decent F. is C D] C'est un brave gar^on 
que CD [When the phrase terminates with 

70 an adjec. use Etre, as. He is very kind, H 

est tres ainiable] 
Been pp. \ Wliere hast thou been ? D'oii 

viens-tu ? | What parts of France has she 

been in ? Quelles parties de la France 
~b a-t-eHe visitees ? \ Has he ever been in 

Rome? A-t-il jamais ete a Rome'! [r. 

Depuis] If it had not been for him. Sans lui 


I thought I was alone, Je croyais etre seul 

[Am, is, are to ... : were to ... : etc.] 
[must, have to) devoir | I am to go there, 
Je dois y aller | He was to start yesterday, 

II devait partir liier | There is to be a 
85 meeting to-morrow, II doit y avoir ime 

reunion demain ] Even if we were to fail, 
Dussions-nous echouer [or, Quand meme 
nous echouerions] If it should turn out 
badly, Dut la chose mal tourner [or, Quand 
90 meme la chose tournerait mal] 

[been, with verb) I have been to see them, 
J'ai ete les voir: je suis alle les voir 


[Etre en train de, or the indicative present, 
95 imperfect, or past def. of the verb, or Aller, 
is used in French) He is reading, II est en 
train de lire | We were laughing. Nous 
etions en train de rire | He has been play- 
ing with the cats, II a joue avec les chats | 
100 I am leaving for ..., Je vais partir pour 
... [or, Je pars pour ...] He is sleeping, II 
dort I We were speaking of ..., Nous par- 
lions de ... I We have just been speaking 
of it. Nous venous den parler | I am seeing 
105 to it, Je men occupe 
[The infinitive is sometimes used with Etre 
a ...) They are always complaining, lis 
sont toujours a se plaindre 


110 That is not to be despised, Cela nest pas 
o dedaigner | It is said. On dit | It will be 
said. On dira | This prevented it being 
burned, Cela I'empecha d'etre brflle 
["Very often the reflective verb is employed 

115 in French, as : I am surprised that ..., Je 
m'etonne que ... | He was drowned, II se 


Is the train gone? Le train est-il parti? | 

120 Is it really you ? Est-ce bien vous ? | Is it 

easily done? Est-ce facile a faire? | Are 

they coming to-night? "Viennent-ils ce soir? 

Are his friends come ? Ses amis sont-ils 

venus ? I Are those his friends ? Sont-ce 

125 la ses amis? | Were they there ? Y etaient- 

ils ? i Are they here ? 'They are : Sont-ils 

ici? Oui I Were they gone ? They were : 

Etaient-ils partis ? Oui [Isn't it ? Are they 

not? etc., V. N'est-ce pas, under ^tre] 

1 30 Is it post-time ? Est-ce I'heure du courrier? | 

It is, Oui 

Is that his carriage ? It is : Est-ce sa ven- 
ture ? Oui I Is not that his carriage ? It is : 
N'est-ce pas sa voiture ? Si 

A point (SO means silent, or GN" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaismi. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMINIXE ^cords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




BEAU tx^ guod things (pi] best : excellence 

Ipers) dandy | Du ! A pretty thing ! | Le 

_, The beautiful 

Beau, Belle a. [Beau becomes Bel before a 
noun beginning with vowel or silent h : Bel 
homme. Only before a noun, however : so that 
"H est beau et gai " is correct. " Bel et bien '" 
and " Bel et bon "' are exceptions. Littre] 
beautiful : handsome : fine : fair : happy : 
great [avantageux) good [a, for) fit : proper | 
De la plus belle eau, [fig] Of the first water | 
Un bel esprit, A wit : clever talker | Une belle 

fortune. A large F | Beau ideal, ' ' [bo-ai- 

di-e-l] Le monde. The fashionable world | 

Le sexe. The fair sex | Au milieu de, 

Right in the midst of | a {a belle etoile. In 
the open air | J'ai parler, It is no use for 

me to speak | Voir tout en To look on the 

bright side | De plus belle. More [ou worse, 
faster, etc.] than ever : more and more | 
i"echapper belle. To have a narrow escape | 

Tout , Gently | Tout cela est bel et bon, 

mais, Tliat is all very fine, but [F. Beg] 

Beaucoup' (de) [66-koo] ad. much : many : 
a s'eat deal (of] a good many [V. Falloir] 

... de , By far | Depasser de , To very far 

surpass ... | II y a de. There are many ... 

BEAU-FIL'S [6o-/feece] son-in-law : step-son 
-FRfeRE brother-in-law | -PfeRE father-in- 
law [second mari de to »»iere) step-father 

BEAUPR^ [A] bowsprit | Choquet de _, B-cap 
Gabier de , Captain of the forecastle 

BEAUTE [bo-tayl beauty [bioii-te'i Dune _ 
extreme. Very beautiful 




/^EACH [bttcti] plage : greve iva.) echouer 
BEA'CON phare [J>) balise [r. Baliser] 
BEAD perle : grain [fluid) goutte [mould- 
ing) baguette [of tyre) bourrelet [vn.) perler | 

To tell one's s. Defiler son chapelet 

S [Afric. trade] verroterie | Bea'ded a. a 

BEA'DING baguette {dore'e, etc.] L^ourrelet 
•rjBEA'DLE bedeau : Suisse 
''^BEA'QLE [dog)bigle 
C.BEAK bee [anvil) bigonie [vt) eperon 
©BEAMpoMfre [scales) fleau [carriage) timon 
" [of engine) balancier [of deck) bau [anchor) 

y jas [sun ) rayon | Breadth of , Largeur \ 

n Cross _, Traverse \ Tie , Entrait | On 

her ENDS, Sur le c6te : engage fra'tre 

Beam vn. rayonner | forth, darder : appa- 

BEAM'rNG rayonnement [a.) rayonnant : 

BEAN five | Bog-_, Trefle-d'«an 1 Broad- 

, Grosse F | Horse- , Feverole \ Kidney- 

^ , Haricot" | French S, Haricots verts 

BEAR [6er] ours ioorce] [sft« _) ourse [Stock 

Exch.) baissier | Great , Orande | Polar 

, Ours blanc | Punching . PoinQonnettse | 

A 'regular ,' Un ours | It was a regular 

garden, On y faisait un tapage epouvantable 
Bear [ber] va. ipret. Bore -.pp. Borne] porter: 
supporter : appuyer (on, upon, against, sur] 
endurer : subir [admit) composer avec [pay) 
payer [fruit) produire [children) enfanter : 
mettre au monde : donner naissa>ice a : don- 

ner | a\vay, off, remporter : raraener [J>) 

porter (au large de] do^vn, entratner [J/) 

arriver (on, sur] up, out, soutenir | 

up vn. tenir bon | He s up well, II sait 

reagir | upon [evidence, etc.] porter sur | 

To bring [the guns, telescope, etc.] to upon 

..., Braquer sur ... | \vitb, supporter : 

endurer [it) en passer par la | — a HAND ! 

Vivement! | We must in MIND, D ne 

faut pas perdre de vue | I can't the S IGHT 

of him, Je ne peux pas le sentir | WIT- 
NESS. Temoigner 
Bear'able [ber-e-b't\ a. supportable 
BEARD [ea, f ] barbe [va.) braver | To _ the 
LION in his den. Affronter le lion dans son 
antre | _ed a. barbu : a barbe \ _ WHEAT, 
Ble barbu | less BOY, blanc-bec 

BEAR'ER [pr. bere-eur] porteur-et*se : porte- ... 

[tech) support | To be a good [tree] Etre 

de bon rapport | The of this is C D, La 

presente vous [or ...] sera retnise par CD, ... 

BEAR'ING rapport : support [ trees) rapport 
[pers) port : conduite [mach) coussinet [sur- 
face) appui [of ropes) portage | -REIN, 
fausse rene \ _ SURFACE, surface d'appui | 

To lose one's S. Perdre le nord | To take 

the _S of [J>] Relever | Armorial _S [pi] 
artnoiries | Ball S, Roulements a billes 

BEAST [ea, i"} bete \ Wild _s. Betes feroces \ 

To make a of o'self, S'abrutir | ly a. 

degoutant : saligaud : cochon de ... | ly 

drunk [vulg] SoOl' comme un cochon 
_'INGS amouiUe 

BEAT [bite] coup : battement [round) itine- 
raire : ronde [watchman's) parcours [hunt) 

Beat [btte] va. [ prit. Beat : pp. Beaten] battre : 
frapper [to force) fourrer (dans, into] [game) 
rabattre [to outdo) I'emporter sur [F. Dead] 

[conquer) chasser | about, battre (le bois] 

[■it) batailler | against, se battre centre | 

back, repousser | down, rabattre | 

down the PRICE, marchander | in, 

enfoncer [drive) faire entrer | off, re- 
pousser I out, [flatten) aplatir [pound) 

faire sortir | out to SEA, gagner le large | 

up, battre [in, dans) delayer | That s 

all ! Cela depasse tout ! Apres cela il faut 

tirer VicheUe [V. Dessus] That s me ! CJela 

me passe ! | a retreat, Battre en retraite 

Bea'te'n [htte-nn] a. [<fe pp. T. Beat] battu 

BEA'TER [ea. t] batteur [sporting) rabatteur 
[mach) batte : battoir 

BEA'TING [ea.i] battement [drums) 6atter»« : 
roulement [punishment) coups (pXlcorreetion 

BEAU feo petit-maStre [lover) pretendant 
^^eau'leous a. [poet] beau 

Beau'tif ul a. beau [bel, belle] : magnifique | 
I inf. Magnifique ! iV. BEAVTE] _lly ad. 

,J, admirablement | It will do lly, Cela me 

■§ '^^ parfaitement 

f Beau'tif y [fax] va. embellir 
BEAU'TY beaute feo | Its a _! C'est a 

I peindre ! 1 STie's a ! C'est une belle ! | 

l^ He's a , lie' is ' C'est un vrai bijou ! 

[86] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in tlie French division only. 




B^B^ baby [b^-M, i bref ] 

BEC [bec/c] [d'oiseau) beak : bill [de poisson) 
snout [de plume) nib ilampe, gaz) burner 
Icafetiere, etc) beak : spout : point : mouth : 
lip [d'un pont) cutwater [vers, fani) mouth : 

tongue [de selle) peak | a , Beaked | a 

eventail, Batwing burner | 'Prise de ', 

Taunt : 'set-to' | -ALLUMEUR by-pass (light] 
AUER incandescent gas-burner 

'BECANE' 'bike' : 'push-bike' 

B^CAR'RE [mits] natural 

BECAS'SE woodcock [pers) goose | dewier, 

Oyster-catcher | S'SEAU young woodcock 

SECASSINE snipe | sourde, Jack-snipe | 

Tirer Ja _, To 'let ... in' 

BEC-CROIS^ cross-bill 

BEC'-d'ANE mortice chisel : cross-cut C 

BEC-de-CORBIN" bill-hook [A) rave-hook 

BEC-de-LI^VRE [becfe] hare-lip 

BECFITQU-E, BEC-FIN" pipit : warbler | _ veloce, 

BECHAMEL sauce of flour, butter, and cream 
BECHE .spade | -^ pleine, Spadeful 

de MER sea-slug (soup] 

BOcher" va. to dig ipers) 'to run ... down ' 
BECQVEE I Donner la _ a. To feed 
Becqu'eter" va. to peck : to caress 
BEDAINE [vulg] ' corporation ' 
BEDEAU beadle | BfeDOUIN"_ [bedd' oninej 
BEE I Bouche bee, Open-mouthed 
BEFFROI belfry : bell-turret : alarm bell 
B^QAIE'MENT- stammering 

B(5gayer" v. to stammer (out] BEGONIA 

B^GU'E [tfe f.2 stammerer 




BEA'VER [ea,t] castor [cloth) drap de C 
BE'BO dodo | To go to _, Aller faire dodo 
Becarm'e"d [co»ide] a. [vt] abrite 
Becam'e [A^me] Ipr^t. du verbe Become] 

Becau'se corij. parce que : car | of, a cause 

BECK signe [brook) ruisseau Lde 

Beck'on [bekk-'ti] vn. faire signe (to, a] 
gBecom'e vn. [jpret. Became : pp. Become] 
gdevenir : comniencer a etre \.va.) convenir 

i a : etre digne de | What will of him ? Que 

."? deviendra-t-il | He s reconciled, estranged, 

■°I1 se reconcilie, II s'eloigne 

Becom'lng a. convenable [pretty) qui va bien 

BED lit [veget) cmwhe [flower) plate-batide : 

parterre : carre [of ptng. press) marbre [geol) 

assise : gisenient [tech) table [lathe, stones) 

banc [■$,) smiille \ In , Au lit | To go to , 

Se coucher : aller se c | They were all gone 

to , Tout le monde etait alle se coucher | 

To sleep in separate S, Faire lit a part \ 

To take to one's , S'aliter | He got out on 

the wrong side of the , II s'est leve du 

pied gauche | Box , Litclos | To turn in- 
to — , Se mettre au lit | To turn down the 
—-CLOTHES, Faire Ja CO) werJ)tre|-FELLOW 
camarade de lit | -HANGINGS rideaux de 

lit I -ridde'n a. alite -e | ROOM cham- 

bre a coucher | _ROOM SET garnittire de 
toilette I -TIME I'heiire de se [or du] coucher 
— va. coucher [tech) fixer : enfoncer | Double- 
bedded room, Cliambre a deux lits 
Bedau'b va. barbouiller (with, de] enduire 
BEDD'ING lit : Jiferie : couchage |_ PLANTS 

plantes de serre froide et de pleine terre 
Bedeck' ixi. parer (with, de] 
Bedew' [bi-diott] va. arroser, baigner (de,with 
Bedim' [-mme'd] ixi. obscurcir 
Bediz'e'n va. attifer 
BED'LAM [Je-ni] '_' : Charenton 
BED'STEA'D [stedOi lit : couchette | Iron _, 

Lit de fer | Four-post , Lit a colonnes 

/BEE abeille [_ah-bdy''] [fig) concours : reunion 
I (i)0«rtravailler,etc.] Tokeep_s,;^lever(ies 
'•' abeilles | A _ in one's BONNET, ' Un coup 
I de marteau ' | -BREAD pollen | -EATER 
" guepier | -HIVE ruclie \ -KEEPER eleveur 
d'abeilles | -KEEPING apiatlture | _ OR- 
V CH'IS ophrys abeille | _S' WAX cirejaune 

/^BEECH [bitch] hetre | -MARTEN fouine \ 
-MAST faines (pi] -NUT faine 
BEEF boeuf | Boiled _, Bouilli : boeuf 

bouilli I Roast , Rosbif | Salt [ou corned] 

_, Boeuf sale | _STEAK [bife-st^el 
bifteck I -TEA [«t] bouillon de boeuf 
S -EATER vieux soldat de la garde royale 
■"^BE'ELZEBUB' [5e-b] Belzebuth" 
gBeon [pp. V. Be] ete 
SBEER biere | Glass of _, Bock : chope \ 

» Small , Petite-biere \ To think no small 

^^ of o'self, Se croire le premier moutardier 
du pape I -SHOP cabaret : brasserie 
BEET betierave \ Sugar _, B a sucre | 

-SUGAR Sucre de B 
BEE'TLE escarbot : scarabee [tech) demoi- 
selle : hie : maillet | Black , Blatte 

Bee'lllng CRAG [poet] rocher menaqant 
VBEET'ROOT [route'] betterave 
Befall' [a comrae o dans sort] vn. [prit. Be- 
fell : pp. Befallen] arriver (a] 
BeHtt'ing a. convenable (a] [-ly -ment] 
Befor'e prep, [place) devant [time or order) 

avant [law) par-devant (notaire, etc.] six 

o'clock, Avant six heures \ going there, 

Avant d'y aller | the king, Devant le roi | 

^ the reader, Sous les yeux du lecteur | 

ro Those who have gone us, Nos devanciers | 

.i ad. devant : avant : auparavant : prea- 

■° lablement [forward) en avant [already) deja 
[earlier)plus t6t: naguere [hitherto) jusqu'ici | 

As , Comme par le passe 

a. [previous] d'avant 

Befor'e'hand ad. a I'avance : d'avance : en A 

To be with. Prendre les devants sur 

Befri'end' [bifrennde] va. aider : secourir 
Beg [-gge'd] v. mendier (of, a] demander (of, 

to : a. de] prier ... de | I to acknowledge 

..., J'ai I'honneur (Je vous accuser ne'ception 

de ... I I to thank you for, Je viens vous 

remercier de | ! [to a dog] Fais le beau ! 

Bega'n [prit. V. Begin] fengendrer 

Beget' [guett] va. [pret. Begot' : pp. Begott'en] 
/^BEGQ'AR mendiant-e [fam) 'gueux, guetise' \ 

i. He is a 'cheeky ,' II est insolent comme 

_^ un valet de bourreau | va. appauvrir : 

»> miner [fig) epuiser | ly a. miserable 

VBEGG'ARY mendicite : misere 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL' L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE tcords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




bAgVEULE prude : ' tottch-me-not sort of 
person ' | Faire la _, To be prudish 
— a. straight-laced | RIE prudery 

B^QU'IN" cap I 'Avoir un pour,' To 'be 

sweet on ' [ou ' mashed on '] [thing ' 

BEGVINE : mtn [fig) 'poor mtperstitimts 

B^GU'INAQE convent (of Bonnes'] bigotry 

Beige a. undyed : unbleached : self-coloured 

BEIQNET" fritter 

B^AUNE nestling Ipers) 'prentice hand' | 
Payer son To pay one's footing 

Bel, Belle [F. Beau] 

B£LEMENT- bleating | 'B&leV vn. to bleat 

BEL-ESPRIT" ' _ ' : wit 

BELETTE weasel fou way 

BELQE [<{: f.] Belgian | a {a _, In the B style, 

B£:LIER" ram | Le _ lastrj Aries 

BELIERE suspension-ring 

B^LITRE rascal : scoundrel 

BELLADONE [pr. both J's] belladonna : dead- 

Belle [r. Beau] Lly night-shade 

BELLE : beauty [jeu) final : deciding game | 

Les S' (pi] the fair : the fair sex | de 

JOUR convolvulus | de NUIT' marvel 

of Peru I -FILL'E datighter-in-latv [bni] 
step-daughter \ -S-LETTRES' '_' : polite 
literature | -MERE mother-in-law : step- 
mother I -SCEVR sister-in-law : half-sister 

BelUgeranf -« a. ent [bel-lidje-re-nntf] 

Belliqu'eux"-eitse a. warlike Iplais) bellicose 
BELVEDI^RE belvedere : look-out 
B^MOL [»hm] flat | _iser" va. to flatten 
B^N^DICIT^ I Dire le _, To say grace 
BfeNtDICTIN"-£ [* a.] _tine (monk ou mm"] 
BENEDICTION- — [cfie-nn] blessing | Cest 
une .' [y. remark at Awful, par. 2] 




/Begin' v. [prit. Began : pp. Begun] com- 
mencer (with, by, par : together, with, avec] 
debuter : entamer : ouvrir [work) se met- 
tre a { Next morning began ..., Le lendemain 
s'annonca ... | He began writing, II se mit 

3 a ecrire | To with ..., Commencer par ... | 

^ To again. Recommencer | To soon to, 

Ne pas tarder o 

BEGINN'ER debutant -e : commencant-« 

BEGINN'ING commencement : origine : 
debut : ouverture (de la chasse. etc.] 
VBegirt' pp. environne (with, de] 
Begon'e ! int. Va-t'en ! Allez-vous-en ! 
Begott'e"n [V. Beget] O'nly- — , Unique 
Begri'nie"d [iaV] pp. noirci : barbouille (de] 
Begul'le LQdile} va. tromper : seduire : passer 
Begun' [ghe-nn'] [pp. V. Begin] 
BEHA'LF Oiafl In _ of, En favettr de | On 

of, Au nom de [com) au profit de 

Beha've [?ie'fe] vn. [cr. to o'self] se com- 

porter ; se conduire (well, bien : badly, mal] 

properly! [to child] Tiens-toi bien! 

BEHA'VIOUR conduite : manieres (pi] tenue \ 

Polite in society, Savoir-vivre 

Behead' Iheddl va. decapiter : guillotiner 

BEHEAD'ING decapitation 
BEHEST' ordre : commandement 
Bebi'nd [i aV] prep, derriere : en arriere de 

[time) en retard (de] — ad. derriere : par D I 

the time, En retard | the times, Arriere 

Behi'ndhand [iai] ad. en arriere : en retard 
Bebo'lcl va. ipret. <t pp. Beheld] voir 

! int. Voyez! Voila! | e"n a. redevable 

BEHO'LDER spectateur -<rice Lto. a 

BEHOO'F Ibihoufe, b aspl profit : avantage 
Beho've [h aspl vn. | It _s [him] to, H [lui] 

convient de 

BE'ING etre : existence | ... for the time 

Bela'bour [ie'-be-r] va. 'rosser' L--- actuel 

Bela'ted [le'-teddl a. attarde 

Belav' va. I pp. Belaid] tourner(suruntaquet] 

_rNG CLEAT taquet | _ING PIN cabillot 

' Belch ' vn. [vulg] roter | forth va. vomir 

BEL'DAJtfE [hag'i vieille sorciere 
BEL'FRY beffroi : clocher 
BEL'GIAN Beige [a.) beige : de Belgique 
Beli'e [ai ] va. donner un dementi a 

BELIEF' [fi/'e] croyance : foi (in, en] 

Belie' ve v. croire (in, a, en] I don't a word 

of it, Je n'en crois pas le premier mot | To 

» make ... , Faire croire a | Yes I , Je crois 

"4; que oui | me to remain [epist.] Veuillez 

Sme croire ... | vable a. croyable | VER 

croyanf-e | Not a in, Pas partisan de 

Belitt'le va. decrier : faire fi de 

BELL cloche [hand and house) sonnette [call, 
time-piece. & cycle) timbre [little nut-shaped) 

grelof : clochette | To ring the . Sonner | 

Chime of _S, Carillon | To _ the CAT, 
Attacher le grelot | -CLAPPER battant I 

CRANK LEVER mouvementde sonnette | 

_ GLASS cloche \ -HANGER poseur de son- 
nettes | -MAN crieur public | -METAL metal 
de C I _ PULL bouton de S | -RINGER 
sonneur | -shape'd. En forme de cloche 

Bell vn. bramer | ING bramement 

Bell'icose [s fl a. belliqueux 

Bell'ie'd a. [vulg] Big- , a gros ventre: ventru 

Bell'oW [ic nul] vn. beugler [fig) gronder : 
mugir I ING beuglement : mugissement 

BELL'OWS soufflet | A pair of _, Un S 
_ BLOWER souffleur (dorgue] 

BELL'Y ventre [oti.) s'enfler : gonfler [ My 
FUL, Tout mon content : ' tout mon sofil ' 

Belong' to. appartenir : etre : etre propre (a, 
de, to] faire partie (to, de] se rattacher (to, a] 

This knife s to me, C!e couteau est a moi | 

All ing to him. Tout ce qui lui appartient 

BELONG'INGS [pi] affaires : effets 

Belov'e'd LJe-^] a. bien-aime : cheri : cher 

Belo'vr" [pr. bi-l6''i prep, sous : au-dessous de 
[down the river) en aval de [ad.) en bas : au- 
dessous [hereafter) ci-apres | Here Ici-bas 

BELT ceinture [machinery) coMrroie [shoulder, 
and Orion's) baudrier [for sword) ceinturon 
[Jupiter's) bande | -driven, Mii. mue par 
courroie \ -FAST'ENER agrafe de C 

Bemoan' [6i-»ione] va. pleurer : deplorer 

BENCH banc : gradin [work ) etabli [judge's 

seat) siege [the judges) la cour : la magistra- 
ture [F. Bishop] MARE [levelling] repere 

BEN'CHER [London) membre du conseil ad- 
min istratif d'nne confrerie d'avocats (ou Inn] 
[V. Baton nier] 

[88] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




B^N^FICE Ifeece] [eccles) _ [tlieatre) benefit 
[com) profit : premium [F. Inventaire] 

B^N^FICIAIRE ... who gets the benefit [com) 
sharer in tlie profits [de cheque) payee 

B^N^FICIER" beneficed clergyman : incum- 
bent Ivn.) to nialse a profit iva.) to worlc 

BENCT" simpleton : booby [a.) silly 

Ben^vole a. kind [-menf -ly] 

BENGALI [oiseau) Indian finch 

B6nl-e a. [_pp. of d. Benir] blessed : blest 

Benin" -ign'e a. benign : liind [me'd) mild 

B^nir I'O. to consecrate Ipers) to bless [The 
pp. is Beni -e : but when by a priest, Benit-e] 

B6nif-e a. consecrated [F. Benir] Eau e, 

Holy water | Kau e de cour, ' Blarney ' | 

C'est pain , [fig] It serves you right 

BtNITIER" holy-water vessel 

BENJAMIN" ' ' [.benn'j-e-minni darling boy 

BEKJAMINE [*] spencer 

BENJOIN" benzoin : gum benjamin 

BENOlT- Benedict 

BENOiTE geum urbanum [fam) herb-bennet 

BENZINE [en ang. pr. ienn'-zvne] 


BEQUILLE crutch lagr) spud [A) shore 
[aero) tail-skid | Bequ'lU'er" aw. to shore up 

BER [6are] [A & fig] cradle 

BERCAIL- [no plural] sheep-fold : fold 

BERCE cow-parsnip 

BERCEAU [bare-so] cradle : bassinet [arbres) 
arbour [arch) vault 

BERCELONNETTE bassinet [fam) cot 

BERCEMENT" rocking : lulling 

Bercer' va. to rock [de, with) to lull : to delude 

BERCEUSE rocking-chair [air) cradle-song 
BfeRET' cap (like a Tam-o'-Shanter] 
BERGAMOTE ber'gamot imoUe\ 
BEROE [steep) bank : rock : long-boat 
BERGER' [jbarerzsfiay] shepherd [poet) swain | 

L'heure du , The witching hour : hour of eve 

BERGERE shepherdess : easy chair 
BEROERIE sheep-fold | S' pastorals 
B^RICHON" [pop.] wren 
BERLE [hot] slum | BERLINE berlin 
BERLINGOT" kind of sweet [striped drop] 
BERLINOIS--B native of Berlin [a.) of, from B 
BERLUE defective vision | Avoir la — , [fig] 

To be blind 
BERME berm [pathway on bank] {fort) berm 
BERNARDIN" -E Cistercian (monk, wtn] 
BERNARD -L'HERMITE hermit-crab 
BERNE blanketing {■$,) distress | Pavilion en 

, Flag of distress [deuil) flag at half-mast 

Berner" va. [fig] to make game of : to chaff 
BEnNE\}R -EUSE chaffer : joker 
Bernique I int. Not a bit of it ! 
BERNOIS'-£ [<fe a.] Bernese [beitr-nize'] 

BfeRYl [pr. berrilll 

BESACE wallet | fetre reduit a la _, To be 

brought to beggary 
BESANT" [blason] bez'ant 
BESICLES' [zeefc7] [pi] 'barnacles' : spec- 
BESIGUE [s as z] bezique Ltac'es 

BESOGNE [pr. be-zoinej work [difficile) task 

[fam) job I II aime la faite, He doesn't 

like work | De la botxne ! A pretty mess of 

Besogn'eux'-ettse a. needy : hard-up L'' '• 




BEND courbure : coude (de roj«te, etc.] [pipe) 

coude [J>) noeud [timbers) lisse 
Bend v. [pret. dpp. Bent] [to, a] plier : cour- 
ber : tourner : s'incliner [the knee) flechir 
[a bow) tendre [spoil) fausser [sail) enverguer 
[jibs, ropes) garnir [cable) etalinguer [fig) 

diriger(vers, towards] down, courber : se 

pencher | round, recourber 

Benea'pe'd [A] a. retenu par la morte-eau 
Henea'ih prep, au-dessous de : sous [ad.)au- 

dessous : 'en bas 
BENEFACTION [che-nni bienfait 
BEN'EFACTOR [of, to, de] bienfaiteur 
BEN'EFACTRESS [of, to. de] Uenfaitrice 
"3 Ben'eficc-a CLERGYMAN, beneficier 
^ BENEF'ICENCE [to. a] bienfaisance 
^Beneficent a. bienfaisant 
jsBeneflc'ial [che-l] a. [to, a] avantageux : 
•« salutaire [-lly, ad. avantageusement] 
BEN'EFIT [i tres bref] profit : bienfait [ac- 
tor's) benefice | For the of, [Com] Au profit 

de [fig) a {son) intention \ To give ... the of 

the doubt, Faire beneficier ... du doute 

[va.) faire du bien a | He will by the 

journey, Le voyage lui fera du bien 

SOCIETY societe de secours mutuels 

BENEVOLENCE bienfaisance [ais like ezl 
Benev'olent a. bienfaisant [ais like ez] 
BENGAL' LIGHT feu de Bengale 
Beni'g'hted [bi-ndi-tedd] a. [Hg] ignorant : 
plonge dans les tenebres 

Beni'g'n a. benin, b^nigne : bienfaisant : doux 
BENT penchant : genie [grass) agrostie [jyp. 

V. Bend] [a.)<;ourbe : plie [spoiled) fausse | 

To be upon (] Tenir absoluraent a j 

on doing it, Resolu a le faire 

Benum'b'e'd witli [bi-ne-mindd] transi de : 
BEN'ZOIN benjoin Lengourdi par 

BEN'ZOLINE essence minerale 
Bequea'th va. leguer i BEQUEST' legs [lay] 
Berea've [rive] [ pret. Bereft : pp. Bereaved] 

1X1. priver (of, de] d a. afflige 

MENT perte : solittide 

BERLIN' 'WOOL [beicr-linn] laine a broder 

BEKR'Y baie : grain [coffee ) grain 

BERTH [bed on board sliip and on Pullman) 
^coftchette : lit [employment) poste : emploi 
o[ship's) poste d'amarrage : poste a quai | To 

^give ... a wide , Eviter ... | Lying at her 

■" [«I>] Mouille a son poste [to, de 

Besee'cll va. [pret. d: pp. Besoug'ht] implorer 
Beset' va. [pret. & pp. ] entourer : obseder | 

Close , Serre de pres | Besetting sin, Peche 

Besi'Ue prep, a cote de : aupres de : excepte | 

^ the point, Hors de propos | To be o's with 

."2 joy, Ne plus se sentir Ae joie \ Besl'des ad. 
§.d'ailleurs : du reste : de plus : autre : outre 1 

Two him. Deux en plus de lui 

Besie'ge [bisidje] va. assieger | d a. assiege 

BESIE'GER [& a. Bcsie'ying] assiegeant 
Besme'ar va. [de, with] barbouiller : souiller 

A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liais»n. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FE^rIXINE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, tlius 




BESOIN" need : want : necessity | Au , [or, 

En cas de .] In case of need | Si est, 

^ If needs be | Avoir , To be in need (de, of] 

00 to want (de, to : V.2 lines below] A-t-il de 

* vous ? Does he want you ? | II n'a pas 

d'ecrire. He needn't write | J'ai que 

vous y alliez, I want you to go there 

Besson"-»»ne a. twin 

Bestial -e a. bestial : brutish : like a beast 
enient' ad. bestially 

BESTIALITE _ty [Drover 

BESTIAUX- [pi] cattle | Conducteur de _, 

B£TA blockhead : greenhorn : noodle 

B^TAIL- cattle (pi] live-stock 

B&TE beast : animal [fig) fool : bugbear | _s 

a cornes. Horned cattle | de somme. Beast 

of burden | de trait, Draught animal | 

a hon Dieu, Ladybird | Que vous etes ! 

How stupid you are ! 1 Faire la , To play 

the fool [enfant) to be silly | II est ma — 

tiotr«, I hate the sight of him | Grosse , 

Big fool I 'Chercher la ftetite ,' To split 

straws : to be over-critical 

B6te a. stupid | Pas si , Not such a fool ! | II 

n'est pas du tout, He' is no fool [-menf -ly] 

B&TISE [» as z] folly : stupid'ity : very stupid 
thing : piece of nonsense : blunder | Pas de 
s / No nonsense ! 

BETOINE bet'ony 

BfeTON" concrete [vache) beastings | arme. 

Reinforced C : ferro-concrete : C steel 

B^tonner" va. to concrete 

BETTERAVE beet-root Ifourragere) mangel- 
wurzel I a sricre. Sugar-beet 

' BEUGLANT- ' low music-hall 

BEUGLEMENT- bellowing 

Beugler" r»i. to bellow 

BEUR-RE butter | ' Faire son _,' To feather 

one's nest { fondu, B that has been melted 

and kept in pot [not ' melted B '] noir, B 

done in a pan, with vinegar, pepper, and salt, 

to a deep brown [V. Butter] Tartine de , or 

BEURREE, Slice of bread and butter 

Beup'rer* txi. to butter 

BEUR-RIER" butter-dish 

BEVUE- blunder 

BIAIS' [bee-ayi skew : slant ; expedient [d'ltne 

jupe) tuck [flion) dip 1 De , En , Sloping : 

on the slant : crosswise | Arche biaise. Skew 

BIAISEMENT" [s as z] [fig] shuffling [arch 

Bialser" vn. to slope [fig) to shuffle 

BIAISEUR [s as z] shuffler 

BIBE'LOT" [beeb'-h)] trinket : article of vertu | 
S' knick-knacks 

BIBE-RON" feeding bottle Ipers) toper | Clever 
au , To bring ... up by hand 




BE'SOM [bise'mm] balai 
Besott'ed a. abruti : infatue [V. Beseech 

Besou'g'ht [bi-sott, o dans sort] prit. <fe pp. 
Bespan'gle'd [sjxJi/n-fftie-W] a. etincelant (de] 
Bespea' k \bi-spiqxte\ va. [to order) commander 
[a seat, cab) retenir [show) accuser : annoncer 
Besprin'kle [sprignk'll va. arroser (with, de] 
BESS'EMER STEEL, acier Bessemer 
Best a. [superlat. de Good] [le) meilleur [le) 
mieux [le) plus beau [ad.) le mieux : le plus | 

At , Au mieux | I did my J'ai fait tout 

mon possible [or de mon mieux] [V. S'ingenier] 

He has the of it, II a le dessus | He's the 

of men ! C'est la perle des hommes ! [ F. Pois] 
In one's _ CXOTHES, Endimanche -e | _ 

MAN gargon d'honneur 1 To make the of 

it, En prendre son parti : faire contre tnati- 

vaise fortune bon coeur [ V. MONDE. POLICY] 

Bestir' one's self vr. se remuer : s'empresser 

Besto'W va. [on, upon, a] donner : accorder 

Bestrew' va. [pp. n] [with, de] parsemer 

Bestri'de [at ] va. [ pret. Bestrode : pp. Bestrid- 

de'n] enjamber [a horse) enfourcher 
Bestudd'ed [sfe-] a. <t pp. parseme (with, de] 

BET pari [txi. -tted) parier | ' You ! ' [Amer.] 

PoursQr! 'Pensez-vous!' 
Beta'ke [a eT va. [pret. Betook : pp. Betaken] 

se livrer (to, a] s'en aller (to, a; dans, vers] 
Bethink' [o's] vr. [pp. Bethought] [of, de : to, 
Beli'de [i oV] vn. arriver a Lde] s'aviser 

Beli'nies [at ] ad. de bonne lievire : bientot 
Beto'ke'n va. presager : annoncer 
BET'ONY betoine 
Betray' va. trahir : tromper : entrainer[show) 

reveler | ER traltre : traitress* 

Betroth' [6] va. fiancer | e'd a. fiance -e 

BETROTH' AL [o] flaJifaiZto (pi] 

BETT'ER [a person who bets] parieur : gageur | 

S superieurs | He apes his s, II singe 

ceux qui valent mieux que lui 

Bett'er a. [comp. de Good] meilleur : plus fort 

[ad.) mieux | late than never, Mieux vaut 

tard que jamais | I am , Je me porte 

mieux | I had Je ferais M de [F. Have] 

So much the _, Tant M | To think _ of, Se 

raviser [au sujet] de | To think the of.... 

En estimer davantage [V. Garder] To get 

the of, Etre plus fort -e (que la maladie'l 

avoir raison de : I'emporter sur | To be 

worth, Valoir mieux | To be all the for, 

Se trouver bien de ... | Change for the , 

Ohangement en bien | up than I am in .... 

Plus ferre que moi sur ... | To one's self, 

Ameliorer sa position \ My HALF, ^fa 

chere nwitie | BETT'ERMENT atn^ioration 

BETT'ING pari | _ MAN gageur : parieur 

Betwee'n [bi-tottinei-prep. entre : a : de | 

whiles, Dans I'intervalle | this and the 

end of the year, D'ici k la fin de I'annee | 
ourselves, Entre nous ... 

Betwixt' prep, entre 

BEVEL biseau : biais [of wheels) cotncittltool) 
farisse eqtterre | -GEAR engrenage conique | 
-WHEEL rmie d'angle : pignon conique | 
He'd a. en biseau | -BOARDS ... a biseaux 

BEVERAGE [bev-e-redje'] boisson : breuvage 

BEVY compagnie : troupe 

Bewai'l [bi-ouiW] va. pleurer : se lamenter sur 

Bewa're of vn. se garder (de] prendre grarde (a] 
_ of PICKPOCKETS, Mefiez-vous des voleurs 

BewiI'der va. egarer : embarrasser (de, with] 
MENT egarement 

Bewitch' va. ensorceler : enchanter | inga. 

enchanteur -teresse | ingly ad. ... a ravir 

[90] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BIBLE ibeeb'V\ _ [6ai6e-J] 

BIBLIOQRAPHE _og'rapher 


Bibliographlqu'e a. graph'ical 

BIBLIOMANE maniac [megniac] 

BIBLIOPHILE _ : book-lover 

BIBLIOTH-^CAIRE librarian 

BIBLIOTH- EQXJE library [meuble) book-case 
[de ch. de f.) book-stall 

Bibllqu'e a. biblical [societe) Bible (society] 

BIBUS I De _, Trifling : of no importance 

* BICARRE ' student in liis fourth year 

BICEPS [*a.] _ I II a du _, He has plenty of 

BIC£TRE [tig] bedlam Lmuscle 

BICHE hind : roe 

BlCHON"-i\rjV^B pug : lap-dog [fam) little dear 

' Bichonner' ' va. to dress up 

Biconcave a. double-concave 

Biconvexe a. double-convex 

BWOQITE little hole of a place : den : hovel 

BICYCLE [high) bicycle [bat] 

BICYCLETTE [beeciclet'] bicycle [vulg) 'bike' 
de dame, Lady's bicycle | pliante, Fold- 
ing bicycle | de route, Koadster | a , 

On a bicycle | AUer a _, Faire de la , To 

cycle I Promenade a , Bicycle ride : 'spin' 

BIDET" nag : horse 

'BIDOCHE' [vulg] meat | BIDON" tin : can 

BIEF or BIEZ' [bee-ayi mill-race : reach (of a 

BIELLE rod : connecting-rod Lcanal 

BIEN" gowd : vi^ealth : property :. welfare : 
advantage : comfort : kindness [y. Property] 

Faire du a ..., To do ... good | Gens de 

, Good men | Homme de , Good man | 

substitue, Entailed estate ] de faniille, 

[America] Homestead exemption law | s' 

fonciers", Landed estate | s immeubles, 

Realty | s meubles, Personalty | en 

rentes, Funded property | S'-FOND"S' (pi] 

landed property : P 'that won't run away' 

Bien ad. [comp. Mieux : sup. Le raieux] [de, 
of : de, to] well : right : certainly : indeed : 
gentlemanly : ladylike : respectable, -ly : well 
off [suivi d'un adjectif) very : quite (dead, 
etc.] thoroughl: duly [compar.) much : far | 

C'est a mui, It is mine (I'accent sur ' is '] 

_ de, du, de la, des [nombre) many \_q\umtit£) 

much [y. Do, auxil., art. 2] avec. On good 

terms with | C'est dommage que, It's a 

great pity that | Eh _ ! Well ! | Tout va _ : 

All right ! | Homme qui est , Good-looking 

man | Vous ferez A'y aller. You had better 

go there | II y a ..., There really is [pi. 

are] ... | C'est fait. It serves you [them, 

him, etc.] right | faif-e Ipers] handsome: 

well-made | Je sens , I am well aware | Je 

vois , I see clearly ... | Mener a , To 

bring ... to a successful issue | Noussommes 

tres ici, We are very comfortable here : 

we shall do very well here [ou, we cah see 
ou hear very well where we are] On y est 

tres , The accommodation there is very 

good I Nous sommes fort ensemble, We are 

on very good terms | Pour faire. By right, 

... I loin, Very far off | loin de, Far 

from I que, Although | aise a. glad : 

happy I -aim6 -e beloved | -DIRE elo- 
quence I -£TRE welfare ; well-being : com- 
fort : relief | -FAIRE well-doing 
-intention' n»5-e a. well-meaning 
BIENFAISANCE beneficence : relief | (Euvres 

de , Charities 

Bienfaisanf-e a. kind [oftose) beneficial 
BIENFAIT" favour : kindness : benetit : boon 
(pour, to : a, on] BIENFAITEUR -TRICE bene- 
factor-tress Ibenne'i 
Bienlreureux"-ei(se a. blessed : happy 
Biennal -e a. biennial : for two years 
BIENSEANCE decency : propriety 
Bienseanf-e a. becoming (a, of : de, to] decent 




Beyond' prep, au dela de (du] par dela : au- 

dessus de lad.) au dela : plus loin | the 

town, Au dela de la ville { 50 years, Au 

dela de 50 ans | measure. Outre mesure | 

That's niBj. Cela me passe 

BI'AS [6a't-ss] biais : penchant : prejuge (to, 
pour : towards, vers : to, a] va. faire pencher: 

BIB bavette \ -COCK robinet a bee coude 

BI'BLE [bdibe-t] bible | _ SOCIETY sod^te 
biblique | Bib'lical a. biblique 

BICK'ERINGjjiQitres d'epingles (pi} 'bisbille' 

BI' CYCLE [&ai-ci-fc'J] bicyclette | Lady's _, 

Bicyclette de dame \ High , Bicycle | Motor 

— , Motocyclette | 'Tandem , Tandem | By 

— , On a — , a. B\ RIDE protnenade a B | 

_ STAND support (de B] _ TRACK piste 

BI'GYCLING [le) cyclisme : velocipidie | To go 
— , To go in for , Faire de la bicyclette 

BI'CYCLIST cycliste 

BID encMre | Highest , La plus forte [or 

liaute] E I To make a for, Vouloir capter 

Bid va. [pret. Bid, Bade : pp. Bidden] com- 
mander (de] inviter (a] recommander {del 

for, \_pret. & pp. Bid] offrir | farewell to, 

Dire adieu a [ V. Good-day] fair to, Pro- 

mettre de \ To the highest BIDD'ER, Au plus 
offrant et dernier encherisseur 

BIDD'ING ordres (pi] [offer) enchere 

Bide one's TIME [ba'tde] vr. se reserver 

Bienn'lal [ye-t] a. nnal [plant) bisannuel | 

BIER civiere L— 'ly <*<*• tons les deux ans 

Big a. grand : gros : vaste | As as, Aussi 

gros que : gros comme | enough to ..., 

[pers] De taille a ... | To talk , Le prendre 

dehaut | To look , Faire I'important | To 

grow bigger, Grandir | with, Grosse : en- 

ceititede [animals) pJeine | -END (ete de ftieHe 
.,_NESS grosseur : grandeur 

BIGG'IN cafetiere 

BIGHT [6aV(e] li,) double [of sail) sein 

BIQ'WIQ gros bonnet 

' BIKE ' lba:ik'] [vulg] ' becane ' : ' velo ' 

BIL'BERRY airelle 

BIL'BOES [pi., J>] fers 

BILGE petits fonds (pi] va. defoncer [l)n.) 

faire eau | PUMP pompe de cale 

WATER eau de la cale 

Bil'ious [.ye-ss'] a. bilieux 

NESS affection bilieuse : attaque de bile 

A point (S") means silent, or QN" LL" L' liquid; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Bientdt' ad. soon : very soon : shortly | a ! 

Good-bye for the present ! fgood-will 

BIENVEILLAXCE kindly feeling : kindness : 
Bienveiiranf -e a. kind (pour, to ... : Ae, to] 

kindly disposed (a I'egard de, towards] Peu 

, Unkind | ammenf ad. kindly 

Dienvenir v. {Table 15) Se faire de, To get 

into ...'s favour : to make o's agreeable to 
BIENVENU-£ [<fc a.] welcome 1 Etre le [or ta] 

_, To be W I BIENVENVE welcome [pay^e) 
BIERE beer [cercueil) coffin L'oo'i'ig 

BIEZ' mill-race : reach (of a canal] 
Blffer" [heefay] va. to cancel : to strike out 
BIFFIN" [plais] foot-soldier : ' Tommy Atkins ' 
Biflde a. bifid : bifidate 
BIFTECK beef-steak : steak 
BIFURCATION" branching off : branch 
se BIturqu'ei'' vr. to branch : to bifurcate 
Bifurqu"e-ef>p. forked : bifurcated 
BIGAME bigamist [a.) ... guilty of bigamy 
BIGAMIE —my | BIOARADE Seville orange 
Bigar're -e a. mot'ley : mottled 
BIGAR'REAU white-heart cherry 
BigarTer' va. to mottle : to variegate 
BWARRVRE med'ley 

BIGLE person who squints [chien) beagle [a.) 
BION'ONE bigno'nia [jbiggl Lsquinting 

BIGORNE beaked anvil 
BIGORNEAU periwinkle 
BIGOT- -E big'ot [a.) big'oted 
BIGUE derrick 
BIJOU jewel : gem : ' little dear ' 
BIJOUTERIE jewellery 
BIJOUTIER" -lERE jeweller 
BILAN" balance-sheet : schedule | Deposer 

son , To file one's petition 

BILBOQU-ET" cup and ball 

BILE [i oi] gall : anger | Se faire de la , 

Bilieux' -eus9 a. bilious : irritable LTo fret 

BILL-ARD" billiards (pi] Ibil'-ye-rdzJ billiard- 
table I Salle de , Billiard-room 

BILLS ball Daj : balk [jeu d'enfant) marble | 

— S' [eye] balls | Coussinet a s, or Frotte- 

ment a s. Ball-bearings (pi] 

BILL-ET- ticket (^l etc.] note : bill : handbill ; 

circular | — d'aller. Single ticket | d'aller 

et retour, Keturn T | s collectifs, T"s at 

reduced rate for a party, etc. | de train de 

plaisir. Excursion T | valable ... jours. 

Excursion T, ou Tourist T | a ordre, au 

porteur. Promissory note payable to order, 
to bearer | _ de BANQUE, Bank-note | 
_ CIROULAIRE, Circular ticket | _ DOUX" 
'_' : love-letter | _ de FAIRE PART', Wed- 
ding [ou funeral] card [nam) intimation of 
birth I _de LOQEMENT" [X] billet-^ticket 

BILLEVESEES- (pi] [s as z] nonsense 

BIL'UON [>3) thousand millions 

BILL'ON copper coin : base coin [(xgr) ridge 

BILL-OT- block 

BIMBELOTERIE tovs (pi] toy-trade 

BIMBELOTIER" toy-seller | Chez un _, At a 

Bimensuel-He a. fortnightly [toy-shop 

Bimetalliqu'e a. ic 

BIM^TALLISME _ism i _ISTE _ist 

BINAGE second dressing [ou digging] 

Binaire a. binary | BINARD" low truck : trolly 

Biner' va. to dig, ou hue again 

BINETTE hoe [fig. pop.) ' phiz ' 

BINIOU [Brittany] bagpipe 

BINOCLE ' pince-nez ':' lorgnette ' 

BINOME binomial (curve, etc.] 

phy I Biographiqu'e a. graph'ical 

BIOLOGIE _gy | Biologique a. biolog'ical 

BIP^OE [cfe a.] biped [bat'-ped] 

Biplace a. | Appareil , Two-seater 

BIPLAN" biplane [baX-plene'] 

BIQU'E she-goat [fig) wretched old horse 




BILL [bird's) bee [ hook) serpe [tradesman's) 

memoire : compte [invoice) facture [at hotel) 
note [at eating-house) addition [com) billet : 

effet : traite [bankers ) lettre de change 

[parliam'nt) projet de tot [Eng.& Araeric. pari) 

' bill ' [V. Bring in : Jury] Private , Projet 

d'interet local •.proposition de loi | To throw 

out the , Repousser le projet | To discount 

8, Faire I'escompte | To draw a on, Faire 

traite sur : tirer sur | Doctor's , Note de 

medecin | Long , (jros memoire | Long- 
dated , Billet a tongue echeance | Play- , 

Programme de spectacle ('Posting—, AfftcJie | 
Stick no — S ! Defense d'afficher ! | -BOOK 
carnet d'echeances | -BROKER courtier de 
change I -CASE porte-^aJeitrs | DIS- 
COUNTING- escompte d'etfets de commerce] 
— of EXCHANGE lettre de change (sur 

I'etranger] of FAEE [/"eV] menu : carte | 

—HEAD en-tite (de facture'] — of HEALTH 

patente de sante | of LADING con- 

naissement | — S of MORTALITY registre 
mortuaire | — of PARCELS facture | 
-POSTER afficheur | _ STAMP [F. Timbre] 
of SALE [F. Saisie-revendication'] 

BLLL'ET bwhe [X) billet [tw.) logef 

— MOULDING [arch] Inllettes (pi] 

— TICKET billet de logement 
BILL'IARD I -BALL bille | — ROOM salle de 

billard | -TABLE billard 
BILL'IARDS (pi] [bil'-ye-rdz'] billard 
BILL'INGSGATE [p/iete] langage des ftaJtes 
BILL'ION fee trillion 

BILL'OW' vague : flot | y a. houleux 


BIN [binn] hucfie : coffre : porte-bouteilles 
(''Bindv. I pret de pp. Bound} [with, de] lier : 
affermir : obliger [books, in leather or cloth) 
relier (en, in] [books, in boards) cartonner 
[sew) border [boy) mettre en apprentissage 

(chez, to] s'engager (to, a] To up. Bander : 

■e lier I I'll be bound ! J'en reponds I | I'm 
■g bound to state, Je suis oblige de constater 
=g IV. Bound] 

""BrNDER lieur [book—) relieur [agr) lieuse 
[tie) bande [building) attache 
BI'NDING bandeau [books) reliure [edging) 

bordure:tresse:ga.lon | a.obIigatoire[med) 

astringent | — SCREW vis de pression 
l^BI'NDWEED liseron 

[92] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BIQU-ET- kid : scales (pi] 

Bis [fieece] ad. twice : again | I Encore! | 

No. 10 _, Number 10 A [tenn, e] 

Bis'-e [bee, beez} a. brown | Pain , B bread 

BISAQE colour dyed over another 
BISAlEUL-S Ihee-zah-vull} great-grandfather: 

Bisannuel -lie a. biennial 
BISBILLE fall out : bickering | En _, At 
BISCAlEN" biscayan L'oggerheads 

Biscornu -e a. [fig] outlandish : odd 
BISCOTIN" hard biscuit 
BISCOTTE bread dried in an oven : rusk 
BISCUIT" [ bee-sfcjcee] [en ang. pr. biskitti 

[en Aineri(pie) cracker | de mer, Ship B | 

de Savoie, [or a la cnillerj Sponge-cake 

BISE [s as z] north wind 

BISE'AU [s, z] bevel : bevelling Ityp) side-stick 

[petit) foot-stick [du pain) kissing-crust | En 

, Bevelled | Relie a X", In bevelled boards 

Bise'auter' [s, z] va. to mark (cards, i.e., cheat] 

Verre biseaute, Bevelled glass 
Blser' [z] t« dye. ..again [i>n.) to get brown 
BISET" [s,?] rock pigeon : guard in civilian's 
BISETTE footing (lace] Ldress 

BISMUTH- _ [«ft fort] 
BISON' [s as z] _ [Ixitce-nn} 
BISONNE grey lining 

BISQUE crab-soup | Bisquer" v. to be vexed 
BISQUINE Biscayan schooner 
BIS'SAC wallet | Bis'secteur -trice a. bisectine 
Bisser' va. to encore Lbisector 

Bis'sextil -e a. tile : leap (-year] 

BISTORTE bistort | BISTOURI _ry 
Bistourner" va. to twist [anim) to castrate : 

BISTRE — I Crayon , Bistre pencil Lto ge'd 

Bistr^-e a. swarthy : sunburnt 
' BISTRO ' keeper of a wine-shop 
BITORD" spun-yarn | BITTES' [A] bitts 
BIT- TURE range of cable 

BITUME bit'umen | r* va. to cover with B (ou 

Bitumlneux' -eiise a. inous L^sphalte] 


BIVOUAC Ibee-vuakl : camping-ground 

Bivaqu'er', Bivouaqu'er* vn. to bivouac 
Bizarre a. odd : whimsical : queer [-menf -ly 
BIZARRERIE oddity : whim 
' BIZUT'H ' student in his first year 
Blackbouler' va. to blackball ob^ 
Blafard" -e a. pale : wan : dim 
BLAGU'E tobacco pouch [vulg) 'humbug': 

'bunkum' | r' v. [vulg] to 'humbug' : to 

BLAGU-EUR-£Z7S'E humbug ['chaff' 

BLAID [Midi] kind of tennis 
BLAIREAU badger : shaving-brush 




BINN'ACLE Ibinn'-e-k't] habitacle 
BIRCH Ibe-rtchl bouleau [rod) verges (pi] 

''BIRD oiseau | Song- , O. chanteur 1 Cock , 

O. male | Hen , O. femelle | Jail , Gibier 

impotence \ 'Old ,' 'Vieuxruse' | To kill 

two — s with one stone, Faire d'une pierre 

"5 deux coups I A in the hand is worth two 

5 in the bush, Un tiens vaut mieux que deux 
" tu I'auras | -CAGE cage | _'S NEST nid 

d'O 1 To go 's nesting. Aller denicher des 

oiseaux | A _'S EYE VIEW of Paris, Paris 

^ vu a vol d'oiseau | 'LIME glu 

^BIRTH naissance : enfantement [child-bed) 

^ couches (pi] From his , Des sa naissance | 

T By , De JV I -DAY jour de JV : anniversaire 

i> de ma [or sa, etc.] N : fete | -day BOOK 
•* album d'afiniversaires | -PLACE lieu natal : 
V maison natale \ -RIG'HT droit d'ainesse 
BIS'CUIT [bis'kiti] biscuit [American) gateau 
Bisect' [ba'C] va. couper en deux 
BISH'OP [che-p^ eveque [at chess) fou | The 

Bench of s, L'episcopat | RIC eveche 

BIT morceau : piece [fam) bout : peu [of bridle) 
mors [tool) ineche [key) panneton [prdt. V. 

Bite] A tiny [ou wee] , Un tantinet : un 

petit peu I Not a of it ! Pas du tout ! Pas 

le moins du monde ! | A younger, Tin peu 

plus jeune | A good younger, Beaucoup 

plus jeune 
BITCH chienne [in compounds) femelle [gross 

insult) catin 
BITE [ba'i'ft] morsiire [of insect) pigure [snap) 
coup de dent ['take in') attrape {va.) mordre: 

piquer : attraper : pincer | away, ronger | 

off, enlever (d'un coup de dentj 

BI'TER [bat] 'The bit,' Le trorapeur trompe 

Bi'ting [bai] a. mordant : piquant 

Bitt'er a. amer [enemy) acharne [cruelty, &c.) 

acharme \ To the END, Jusqu'au bout : a 

outrance \ ' PILL ' deboire | ly ad. amere- 

nient [fig) aigrement : vivement | cold, 

Extremement froid | To cry , Pleurer a 

BITT'ERN butor [ehatules lartnes 

BITT'ERNESS amertume : siverit^ 

BITT'ERS absinthe | To drink _ [vulg] S'ab- 

BITT'ER-SWEET douce-amere [sinther 

BITTS [^'\ Uttes 

Blab [-bbe'd] vn. bavarder : 'tailler des 6a- 
vettes ' iva.) divulguer : conter 

BLACK [negro and colour) noir-e [ letter) 

gothique [a.) noir | Vegetable N vegetal 

Iva.) [boots) cirer [tech) noircir | In [dress] 

En deuil : en noir | To look at .... Faire 

mauvais visage a : faire grise mine a | Beaten 

and blue, Meurtri de coups | As as 

a tinker, Noir corame unc taupe | BALL 

boule noire Iva.) rejeter | -BEETLE blatte | 
-BOARD tableau | -bordered NOTE PA- 
PER papier deuil | _ CATTLE gros betail | 
_ DEATH [1349] La peste noire | _EYE 
[bruise) ceil poche [fam) pochon | To give him 

a eye, Lui pocher I'oeil | -eye'd. Qui a les 

[or Aux] yeux noirs | —FRIARS' MONAS- 
TERY convent des dominicains | LEG es- 

croc [trades-un.) 'renard' : 'jaune' | -LETTER 
caracteres gothiques (pi] livre en car. goth. 
[a.) en c. g. | -MAIL chantage : tribut Iva.) 
faire chanter | -PUDDING boudin i _ SHEEP 

[pers] brebia galeuse | THORN epine noire 

[club) gourdin 

BLACK'BERRY miire (de roncel 
BUSH ronce : murier des liaies 


BLACK'BOOTS [American] decrotteur 

A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEinNINE trords in Italic. MASCULINE, tluis. 




BIAiuable a. blamable [ble-me-b'l'i 

BLAME [bleme] : censure : disapproval 

Blftmer' va. to find fault with : to condemn 

[pers) to blame [dr) to reprimand 
BLANC" white : blank f^ : blank cartridge : 

breast (of fowl] Saigner a , [fig] To ruin | 

_ d'ARQENT- French white 1 _de BALEINE 
spermaceti | -BEC [pi. -s -s] beardless boy : 
' spooney ' : youngster j _ de CHAMPIGN'ON 
mushroom spawn | de CHAUX" white- 
wash I _ de COTON" calicoes (pi] _ 
dESPAGN-E whiting | _ MANGER" blanc- 
mange [en anglais pr. ble-mange] d"<EUF 

white of egg | -SEING" signature at foot of a 

blank form : 'blank cheque' [fig) carte blanche 

Blanc" Blanche a. white : pale : blank : clean 

[nttiO restless | comme neige. Snow-white: 

pure : as white as snow | Argent Silver | 

Armes blanches. Side-arms | Satice blanche. 
Melted butter (V. CARTE"] 
BLAXCHAILLE whitebait 
Blancliatre a. whitish 

BLAXCHE [t/iits] minim | points. Dotted M 

BLANCHET- [tech & tKp] blanket 
BLAXCHEUR whiteness 
BLANCHIMENT- bleaching : washing 
Blanchir v. to whiten : to bleach [laver) to 
wash [cuir) to blanch Ipers) to grow grey 
[F. Grey] Ityp) to white out [exculper) to 

clear | bien, To wash ... clean | k la 

chattx. To whitewash 

BLANCHIS-SAQE washing : bleaching | £n- 
voyer ... au , To send ... to the wash 

Blanchis'sant'-e a. white [poet) whitening 

BLAXCHIS- SERIE laundry : steam L : wash- 
house : bleaching-ground 

BLANCHIS-SEUR bleacher : laundryman 
EVSE laundress [en gros) icashertionum 

BLANCHCEUVRIER ■ edge-tool maker 

BLAXQl'ETTE stewed veal (ou white meat] 
summer pear : white wine 

Blase -e [s as 2] pp. ' ' : ' used up ' 

BLASEMENT - [s asz] state of being blase' 

Blaser' [s, r] va. to blunt : to pall : to harden: 
to wear ... out 

BLASON" [s asz] heraldry : coat of arms 

Blasonner" [s as r] va. to blazon (de, with] 
to blaze ... abroad Ipers) to malign 

BLASPHfeMATEUR -TiJICj; blasphe'mer [a.) 
blas'phemous | Blasph^matoire a. blas'- 
phemous | BLASPHEME blas'phemy: curse | 
Avec , Blas'phemously 

Blaspbemer' v. to blaspbe'me [fimel 

BLATIER" corn-chandler 

BLATTE cockroach [fam) black-beetle 

BLAUDE blouse 

BLE corn : wheat : grain | Keguciant en , 

C!orn-merchant | Les grands s, Wheat and 

rye | Les petits s, Oats and barley | en 

vert, Standing corn | ' Manger son en 

herbe,' To anticipate one's income | NOIR 

buckwheat | de TURQU'IE Indian corn 




BLACK'CAP fmivette a tete noire 

Black'e'n v. noircir 

BLA'C'K'GUARD Ibla'-garde] polisson : canaille : 

'voyou" [a.) canaille : sale | ■ua. agonir ... 

de sottises : engueuler | ly TRICK une 

ca>uxUlerie : ' une saMe' 
BLACK'ING cirage : noircissement 
Black'isli a. noiratre 
BLACK'LEAD [Jedd] mine de plomb 

-PENCIL crayon 
BLACK'XESS noirceiir 
BLACK'SMITH forgeron 1 _S SHOP forge 
BLADD'ER vessie [bot) vesiatle 

BLADE [a c"] lame [saw- ) fetiille [oar) plat 

[grass) brin | ' Knowing ' Malin | d a. 

a lame ... : a tige ... 1 -BONE [ou shoulder- 
blade] omoplale 
/Bla'mable iUe-me-be-l] a. blamable 
I BLAME blame : faute[v.) blamer : reprocher: 

« sen prendre a | One can't him for it, On 

^ ne peut lui en vouloir 
ABla'nie'Iess a. innocent : sans tache 

I ly ad. irreprochableraent fmable 

VBla meAvorthy a. digne de blame : bla- 
Blanch v. blanchir : faire palir : palir 
Bland a. doux : debonnaire 
BLAN'DISHMENT charme : caresse 
/BLANK blanc : billet blanc : nom [or indi- 
Jj cation] en blanc [metal) flan [fig) vide [a.) 
.5 blanc larch) faux [person) decontenance | 

5 Point De but en blanc 

"? BOOK [American word] registre 

I _ CAR'TRIDGE cartouche a blanc 

■gBLAN'KET couverture [typogr.) blanchet I 

'S Wet- Rabat-joie 

oBLAN'KETING comertitres (pXJ 
BLAR'NEY eatt benite de cour : ' blagtie ' 
BLAST coup de vent : explosioyi : souffle 
pestilentiel [of trumpet) son [hot, cold) air 
(chaud, froid] Iva.) fletrir : bruler [fig) de- 
truire [with powder) faire sauterj-FUBNACE 
haut-fourneau | -PIPE tuyere [steam) tuyau 

d'echappement | EN'GINE machiyie souf- 

BLAST'ING mine : explosion : destruction [a.) 

destructeur | By , Au moyen de la mine | 

_ POWDER poudre a tntne 
BLAZE [a e'] flamme : lumiere [fig) feu [star) 
etoile Iv.) etre en /fammes : flamber. [trees) 

marquer | abroad, Repandre ... partoutj 

up, ou Burst into a , S'enfiammer 

Bla'zing [a e] a. [fire) embrase [torch) flam- 
boyant [fig, poet) brillant : eclatant 

S Bleach f. blanchir | ER blanchisseur 

SBLEA'CHING blanchiment | -GROUND 
S blanchisserie | -LIQUID eat* de Javel 
BLEAK [Uique] ablette [a.) sans abri : froid : 
Blear'-eye'd [bl\re-dide\ a. chassieux Ltriste 

BLEAT ING [Wite] belement [tm.) beler 

Bleed [biide] v. Ipre't. <fe pp. Bled] saigner 

[trees) pleurer [poet) perir 
BLEE'DING saignement [operation) saignee 
BLEM'ISH tac?ie : defaut : defecttiosite Iva.) 
Blench vn. reculer LAetrir 

BLEND melange 

Blend va. [with, a, avec] meler : reunir : 
fondre [vn.) se marier : se fondre 

[94] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Itdlie. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Bleme a. pallid 
BlSniii' vn. to grow pale 
Blessanf-e a. offensive (pour, to] 
BLESS^-£ man [ou woman'] injured [ou who 
has met with an accident] [en gtierre) wound- 
ed man | Les _S" J'he wounded (pi] 
Blesser' va. to hurt : to wound : to injure 
[sentiments, etc.) to shock : to offend 1 Se 

vr. to injure one's self : to be hurt : to be 

offended (de, at, with] 
BLESSURE injury : wound (a, in, to] 
Blef Blette a. over-ripe : turning off 
BLETTE strawberry-blite 
BLEU blue : blue mark [X , fam) recruit | Au 

, [cMis] Cooked in red wine | — ciel, Sky 

blue I d'outremer, Ultramarine | marin. 

Navy blue | de Prusse, Prussian blue | 

' Petit ,' Pneumatic message : inferior wine 

Bleu -e a. blue | Conte , Idle tale 

Bleuatre o. bluish | BLEUET" corn-flower 
Bleuir va. to blue [vn.) to turn blue | Bleui -e 

par le froid, Blue with cold 
BLINDAGE armour-plating : protection | Plaque 

de , Armour-plate fbound 

Blinde -e a. armour-plated : iron-clad : iron- 
Blinder' va. to protect [^) to armour-plate 

BLOC block : log | En _, In the lump : the 
whole : wholesale [e'tofl'es) clearing the entire 
lot (without picking] 'Au ,' In ' the lock-up ' 

BLOCAQE paving-stone [const) rubble [typog^ 
turned letter (2] BLOCAILLE rubble 

BLOCKHAUS [pr. blo-koce] block-house [navire 
de 0ierre) conning-tower 

BLOCUS investment : siege [par mer) blockade 

BLOND"-E person of light complexion : blonde : 
' fair friend ' [sf.) blond lace [a.) light : fair | 

Sauce e. Melted butter | D'un ardent, 

Sandy | dore, Golden | filasse, Flaxen 

BLONDIN"-B I ight-haired person :'regular fop' 

Bloqu'er" va. to block up [jK) to invest [par 
mer) to blockade [typ) to turn for 

se Blottir vr. to .s« >uat ; *" nrr.iif;h ^ 

BLOUSE : pmafore [billard) pocket 

Blouser' va. to 'let ... in' Ibille) to pocket | 
Se , To make a mistake 

BLUET' corn-flower : ' blue-bottle ' 

BLUETTE spark [d'esprit) flash (of wit] 

BLUTAGE bolting 

BLUTEAU bolting-cloth 

Bluter' va. to bolt 

BLVTE-RIE bolting-mill | BLUTOIR bolter 

BOA [66-aft] : boa constrictor 




Bless va. benir : favoriser : faire le bonheur 

de I I am blesse'd with ..., J'ai le bonheur 

(t'avoir ... | me ! Par exemple I Vraiment ! 

Bless'ed a. [I'adj. se pr. bless-edd ; le pp. et sub- 

stantit blessUl beni-e [if by a priest) benit-e 

[happy) bienheureux : heureux [slang) fichu 

—NESS felicite 
BLESS'ING betiediction [favor) bonheur:bien | 

To ask a , [say grace] Dire le benedicite 

Blew IblodlpreX [F. Blow] 

BLIG'HT [bldiiel brouissures (pi] nielle [va.) 

brouir : nieller | INSECT puceron | ed 

prospects, Avenir brise 
^BLIND [ordinary window or carriage) store 
[shop) banne [tig) voile : pretexte | Venetian 

, Jalousie | The , [pi] Les aveugles | 

a. [to, sur] aveugle : obscur 1 Struck , 

■a Frappe de cecite | in one eye, Borgne | 

s _ ALLEY impasse | _ SIDE cote faible | 
■§ -tooled ... a froid 1 Blind 'W.[to,sur]aveugler I 

S fold V. bander les yeux a ...[ad.) tetebaissee 

NESS cecite [fig) aveuglement : ignorance 

-WORM orvet ] Bli'ndly ad. aveuglement | 

BLI'ND MAN aveugle 
_'S BUFF, Colin-maillard 
Blink {blignkl vn. clignoter [fig) lorgner [of 

the light) vaciller | BLINK'ER CKUlere 
BLISS beatitude: felicite \ 'fula. bienheureux 

—'FULNESS beatitude 
BLIS'TER ampoule [plaster) vesicatoire [va.) 

faire venir des ampoules a [vn.) se couvrir 

A' ampoules : se former en vessie \ _ed STEEL 

acier boursoufle 
Blithe, Bli'the'some [iat] a. gai : joyeux 

BLIZZ'ARD ' ' : effroyable tourmentedeneige 

Bloat' cd [oa 6] a. boufti : gonfie 
BLOAT'ER [oao] hareng saur : 'gendarme' 
BLOCK bloc [for axe) billot [of buildings) pate : 

lie : corps (de batiment] [stoppage) encombre- 

ment [stereo, zinco) cliche [woodcut) gravure 
sur bois [tech & hatters') forme [■$,) poulie \ 

Pulley , Moufle [V. Snatch : Stumbling : 

System] Top — , aiape | — CHAIN [auto] 

cJiaine a maillons pleins | LETTER let- 

tres simples (pi] MAKER poulieur | -SHIP 

stationnaire | -TIN etain en saumons 

Block va. bloquer | up, boucher ; fermer 

BLOCKA'DE [ke'de] blocus [va.) bloquer 

RUNNER Isllip} forceur de blocus 

BLOCK'HEAD [ftedd] bete : imbecile [* f.] 
BLOCK'HOUSE blockhaus 
^BLOOD sang [relationship, etc.) i)arente'[fig) 
temperament : passions [life) vie [a.) [horse] 

de race | In cold , De sang-froid | In bad 

, Mechamment | To cause bad — , Faire 

faire du mauvais sang | Warm- — ed, a sang 
chaud I -HEAT [ea, i] temperature du sang | 
-red a. rouge comme du sang | -thirsty a. 

,^ altere-e de sang i HORSE cheval de race | 

i —HOUND limier | -ORANGE o. sanguine \ 
■° -POISONING empoisonnement du sang 
-VESSEL vaisseau sanguin 
Blood'less a. exsangue : non sanglant 
BLOOD'SHED effusion de sang : carnage 
Blood'shot a. injecte de sang 
BLOOD'STONE sanguine 
Blood'y a. ensanglante : sanglant 

V, MARY Marie la Sanguinaire 

BLOOM iblouni] fleur [on fruit) duvet : veloute 
[iron) loupe : massoque [■un.) fleurir | _ING 
floraison [a.) fleurissant [fig) florissant 
BLOSS'OM [bloss'-^mri] fleur (des arbres] 

[vn.) fleurir ] In , En fleurs 

BLOT tache (upon, sur] [ink) pate [va., -tted) 
faire un pate sur : salir : barbouiller [to dry 
with blotting paper) secher [vn.) [run] boire | 

out, va. effacer f 

BLOTCH [pimple) pustule [fig) tache 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




BOBECHE socket : sconce 

BOBINAQE winding 

BOBINE bobbin : spool : reel | A' induction, 

Bobiner" va. to wind LInduction-coil 

BOBINETTE wooden latch . 


' BOBO ' ' sore place ' : hurt 

BOCAQE grove : thicket : copse 

BOCAL glass jar : globe : wide-raouthed bottle 

BOCARD' stamps (pi] _AQE stamping 

' BOCHE ' [from Alboche] German : ' modern 

BOCK glass of beer | BOER [<fe f.] _ [Hun' 

BOeTTE bait (for cod-flshing] 

BSUF [ pr. Iniff : in gras" and pi. s', the f 

is silent] ox [Mugir = to bellow] [la viande) 

beef I bouilli, Boiled B | sale, Corned 

[ou salt] B I Mettre la charrue devant les 
s, To put the cart before the horse 

BOQHEI buggy | BOGIE or BOGQIE [«a.] bogie 

B0H£ME [<fe n litterateur [or student] living 

from hand to mouth Imativaise part) 'loose 

fish' I Vie de , Happy-go-lucky existence : 

irregular and dissipated living 
BOH^MIEN" -NNE [<fe a.] gipsy : Bohemian 
BOIRE drink : drinking \ Boirev. (Table 34) to 
drink : to absorb : to swallow [un affront) to 

pocket I Donner a , To 'keep a public' | Ce 

papier boit, The ink runs on this paper [ _bien, 

sec, To drink hard | comme un trou, To 

drink like a fish | un coup. To take a D | 

a meme la bcniteille, To D out of the bottle | 

Pas la inera , No great difficulty | 'Qui a bu 

boira,' ' We are the slaves of habit ' | son 

soul". To drink one's fill (vulg] Chanson a , 

Drinking song | Donner o a ..., To give 

... something to drink | Se , To be drunk 





[a ^] papier buvard 
BLOW [Wo] coup I At a _, D'un coup | To 

come to s. En venir aux nuxins | -FLY 

mouche a viande [V. Fly, Strike] 
Blow [bio] V. Iprdt. Blew : pp. Blown] souffler 
[trumpet) sonner : emboucher | He blew his 

brains out, II s'est fait sauter la cervelle | 

one's nose, se moucher | The flowers , Les 

fieurs s'epanouissent | The wind s north, 

Le vent est au nord | It _s a storm, II fait une 

tempete \ It is ing fresh, Le vent fraichit | 

away, chasser | _ out, souffler (fa lumiere] 

over, [fig] Se dissiper | ... up, [fig] 

donner un savon ii : laver la tete a | up, 

faire sauter [burst) crever [pneumatic tyre) 

gonfler | The ship blew up, Le navire sauta 

/'BLO'WER souffleur [for fireplace) tablier 

J_BLO'W-HOLE [in metal, glass] smifflure 

"SBLO'W'ING up Imine) explosion iremaval) 

^ enlevement | A good [fam] Un savon 

^-.BLO'W'-LAMP lampe a souder 

;§ Blow'n J)p. [F. Blow] Full- ,i!^panoui 

I BLO'W-OFF PIPE tuyau d'extraction 
VBLO'WPIPE chalumeau 
BLUBB'ER graisse (de baleine'] mdduse Ivn.) 

' pleurer comme un veau ' ^ 'beugler' 
BLUDG'EON [ble-dje-n] gourdin : triqtte 

BLUE [Won] [tfe a.] bleu [washing ) bleu 

(d'empois] Sky , B d'azur | Powder , 

B en potidre \ The S [X] Gardes du corps | 

-BELL jacinthe des pres | -BOOK [= livre 
jaune] _ BLOOD sang noble | -BOTTLE 
[fly) moitche bletie [plant) bleuet | -COAT 
SCHOOL college des 'Blue Coats' (.soutane 

6!€ue] DEVILS (pi] maladie noire | -eye"d 

a. aux yeuxbleus | -JACKET raarin : matelot | 
_ PETER signal de depart | _ PILL piUOe 
mercurielle | _ PRINT 'bleu' | -STOCKING 
bas-bleu | BLUE-BEARD Barbe-Bleue 

Blue 1X1. bleuir | NESS couleur bleiie : bleu 

BLUFF [ble-lf] aceore : colline arrondie : falaise 

[bluster) 'bluff' : vanterie [a.) escarpe Iva.) 

Blu'ish tblou] a. bleuatre ['bluffer' 

BLUN'DER ible-nnde^l bevue : itmvrderie : 

impair : ' boiiifitte ' [wi.) faire une B \ out, 

laisser echapper | ER maladroit 

BLUN'DERBUSS tromblon 

nilunt a. [edge) emousse [point) epointe 
[pers) brusque [reply) cru-e [va.) eraousser: 

i epointer | 'ly ad. brusquement [point 

S blank) de but en blanc [querie 

gBLUNT'NESS etat emousse [person) briis- 

* BLUR grosse tache : barbouillage | [-rre'd] 

^ va. tacher : barbouiller [fig) brouiller 

Blurt out 1X1. lacher 

S BLUSH rougeur | ES (pi] la rougeur | At 

3 the first , De prime abord | vn. rougir 

" (for, de : at, to, de] [fig) avoir honte 
f BLUS'TER tempete : fanfaronnade 

\ vn. tempeter (at. centre] 

V Blus'tering FELLOW' fanfaron . 

BOAR [66re] verrat | Wild _, Sanglier | _ 

HOUND chien courant au S | _'S HEAD, 

Hure de sanglier 

BOARD [bordel planche . ais [food, Ac.) table 

[bench) etabli [chess-) echiquier [directors) 

conseil d' administration [ sign ) enseigne 

[books) carton : cartonnage [press ) mouton 

[wetting- ) ais atremper[(t) bord : bordee \ 

Above , Cartes sur table \ On , a bord 

[ V. Bord, Fr.] The hands on , Les hommes 

du bord | To make a stern , Faire un bord 

de I'arriere | On my ship, a mon bord | S 

[pi] planches \ In S [binding] cartoune | 

of HEALTH, conseil de salubrite | of 

TRADE, of EDUCATION [F. Ministre : 
Nourriture'] _ and LODGING, La table et le 

logement | SCH'OOL ecole primaire \ To 

be on -WAGES, Avoir sa nourriture en argent 

— va. plancheier [a ship) aller a bord de [an 

enemy) aborder : monter a I'abordage sur [or, 

prendre ... a I'abordage] [car, train) monter 

dans [feed) prendre [or Hre] en pension | I 

at B's, Je suis en pension [or j 'ai to fahJe] chez B 
^BOAR'DER pensionnaire (m. & /: ] Day _, 

1 Demi-P | Weekly , P. a to semaine 

^ BO AR'DING plancheiage [planks) ptonc?ies : 
'S bordage [«t) abordage | -HOUSE pension | 

I Family -HOUSE. Pension bourgeoise \ 

K -SCHOOL pensionnat 

» BOAST vanterie I To make a , Se vanter : 

<§ se glorifier (of, de] va. vanter [vn.) se 

•* vanter (of, that, de : to, del ed a. vante 

[96] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BOIS' wood [de construe, de charpente) timber 
[de fusil, etc.) stoclt [de lance) shaft [de cerf) 
horns (pi] [F. FlecheJ Nous ne nous chauf- 

fons pas du meme , We have nothing in 

common | De, En , Wooden | Du , Wood | 

blanc, Deal | de Bresil [or de Fernam- 

bouc] Brazil-W | a bruler, Firewood | 

de Campeche, Logwood | de rose, Tulip- 
wood I Chantier de , Timber-yard | de 

chauffage, Firewood | en etat [or sur pied] 

Standing T | Fer au , Charcoal iron I 

de gaYac, Lignum vitse | de haute futaie, 

T fit for felling | jaune. Fustic | de 

JUSTICE (pi] guillotine ! _ de LIT", Bed- 
stead I _ RONDS" [pi] spars 
BOISAGE [s = ^] woodwork : timbering 
Bois^ -e a. wooded : woody Isalle) wainscoted 
BOISE'MENT" wooding : planting with trees 
BOISK'RIE wainscot: boarding : joinery-worlc 
isculptee) carving 

BOIS-SEAU peck anda half [exactly 2i gals.] 

Sous le , Under a bushel | Vendre au , 

To sell by the bushel 
BOIS'SELIER" cooper 
BOIS' SON" AriaV. : beverage : drinking 
BOiTE box : case [de fer-blanc) tin [argot) 

<» ' hole ' : 'shop' (etc.] a tlie [pour la table) tea- 

g caddy [de fer-blanc, de tole) canister | Borne- 

g , Pillar-box | a ^toiipes. Stuffing-box | 

.J; _ atix LETTRES, Letter-box | _ a tiroir, 
" Steani-chest 

BOITE (no accent] Vin en _, Wine fit for 
Boiler* (no accent] vn. to limp [.drinking 

BOnViX'-EUSE cripple [cmist) trussed beam 

[a.) lame : limping Ifahle) rickety 
BOJTIER" instrument-case \montre) watch-case 
BOL bowl : basin [A'Armenie) bole [me'd) bolus 
BOLDUC fancy tape 
BOLERO bolero | BOLET" boletus (fungus] 




BOAST'ER vantard : fanfaron | Boast'ful a. 
arrogant | BOAST'ING vanterie: arrogance 

!o BOAT canot : bateau : embarcation \ ahoy ! 

■^ Ohedu canot! [F. Lower] Life- , Canot de 

•S sauvetage | Long- , Clialoiipe \ Pleasure- , 

^3 Bateau d'agrement | Open , Canot non 

•■ ponte 1 Steam , Bateau a napeitr | To sail 

*° in the same , Etre dans le meme cas | 

I -HOOK gaffe \ -LOAD bateUe \ -OAR rame 
gBOAT'ING canotaee | _CLUB cercledeC 
8 _ EXCURSION promenade en bateau 

g BOAT' MAN [me-nn'] [pi. men] batelier 

I BOAT'S'WAIN [bose-nn'] maitre d'equipage 

V 'S MATE contremaitre 

BOB [of the ear) pendant [song) refrain [fish- 
ing) asticot : ver [of steam engine) balancier | 
-talle'd, a qtieue ecourtee \ Bob [-bbe'd] v. 
balancer [the head) baisser [fishing) amercer | 

up and down, Pendiller | BOBB'IN bobine 

' BOBB'Y ' [vulg] ' sergot ' : • flic ' 
BOB'STAY [*] sous-barbe de beaupre 
Bode va. presager 

BOD'ICE corsage | HAND corsagiere 

Bod'ie'd a. a corps ... | Able- Valide | 

A-B seaman, Bon matelot [F. BODY] 
Bod'ily ad. corporellement : en masse | 

a. corporel | FEAR crainte pour sa vie 

BOD'KIN poingon : passe-lacet [typ) pointe 
/^BOD'Y corps : fond [car) carrosserie [dress) 

I corsage [wine) corps | An odd sort of , 

^ 'Un -e drole de corps [ F. Any, Every, etc.] 

■c Public , Corporation | To give a to wine, 

■2 Corser du vin | To go in a , AUer en masse \ 

! Main , Gros | -GUARD garde du corps : 

V cortege | -SNATCHER deterreur de cadavres 
BOG raarais | -TROTTER habitant des M 
Boao'le vn. reculer : hesiter (at, de] 
Bogg'y a. marecageux 

BO'GIE [pr. bo-giie] [in child's story) croque- 
mitaine [fig) epouvantail [«3l) bogie 

Bo'gus [bo-ghe-ss'i a. faux: simule: decamelote 
— CONCERN attrape : affaire v^retise 

BOIL clou : furoncle Iva.) faire cuire (aJ'eau] 
faire bouillir [Fish, F. Court-bouillon] [wi.) 
bouillir : bouillonner (de. with] away, se 

reduire | ... down, faire reduire au feu | 

over, s'en aller | up, monter | fast, 

bouillir a gros bouillons | slowly, gently, 

B a petit feu : mijoter | _ with ANGER, 
Bouillir de coUre : s'echauflfer 
Boile'd a. bouilli : cuit a I'eau | _ BEEF boeuf 
bouilli : ' bouilli ' | A _ EGG, Un oeuf a la 
cogue I _ OIL huile cuite | _ POTATOES 
pommes de terre a I'eau 
BOIL'ER [st. eng.) cliaudiere [kitchen) reser- 
voir a eaii cliaiide [person) qui fait bouillir \ 
-PLATE tole a chaudiere | —ROOM chambre 
de chauffe \ _ MAKER fabricant de chaudierea 
BOIL'ING bouillonnement | _ POINT point 
^'ebullition : ' eau botiillante' [= 100 degres 
Centigrade : 80 d. Reaumur : 212 d. Fahr.] 
Bois'terous Iste^e-ss'] a. orageux : turbulent 

ly ad. impetueusement : furieusement 

Bold [6] a. hardi : audacieux : temeraire : im- 
pudent : grand | Make to. Oser : prendre 

la liberie de | _ STROKE coup- hardi | 

'ly ad. liardiment : audacieusement 

'NESS hardiesse : aiulace 

BOLE [ou BOLL] [on tree) loupe [mineral) bol 
BOLL'ARD [Je-rdd] corps-mort | — S apotres 
BOL'STER [6] traversin : coussin [nav.) C de 

fourrure \ up va. rembourrer 

BOLT verrou:pene[tech)boulon [«t)chev!He | 
Eye _, Cheville a oeillet | Ring _, C a boucle | 

Square , C carree | Screw- Boulon a vis | 

Thunder_, Foudre \ ROPE ralingiie 

Bolt va. verrouiller [tech) boulonner [flour) 
bluter [to swallow) avaler Ivn.) [horse) s'em- 
baller : prendre le mors aux dents [person) 

filer : se sauver | In, enfermer ... au 

verrou | To stand upright, Se tenir droit 

comme un piquet, un I [or tout droit] 
BOL'TER [6] blutoir 

blutage I -CLOTH e'tamine 
BO'LUS Ibo-le-ss^ bol [ER lance-6om&es 

BOM'B- bombe | -SHELL bombe | -THROW- 
BOMBARDIE'R [be-mm-be-r-dire'] brigadier 
BOM'BAST pathos | Bombas'tlc a. ampoule 
Bo'na n'de [bona-fdi-di'} serieux : de bonne foi 

A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEAflNINE iwrds in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




BOMBANCE feasting | Fairs _, To feast 
BOMBARDEMENT- _dment [pr. 6omm] 
BOMBARDE homh-ketch | Bombarder- va. to 
bombard | BOMBE bomb Dg^ : B-shell [vulg) 

' spree ' | a I'epreiive de la , Bomb-proof | 

Gare la .' ' Look out for a smash ! ' 

BOMBEMENT' bulging : convexity 
Bomber' va. to bulge : to swell : to round 
BoME [vt] spanker-boom 
BON" good ; ' the best of it ' [com) bond : order : 

cheque : ticket [cidre) drink | Du , A good 

thing : good things (pi] something good | Le 

de I'affaire, c'est ..., The beauty of the 

matter is | II fait , The weather is pleasant | 

Pour tout de _, For good | _ de POSTE, 
Postal order | _ du TRfeSOR, Treasury bill 
Bon, Bonne a. [comp. Meilleur -e : superl. le M, 
la MJ good : good-natured : simple : nice : 
kind : fit : proper : advantageous (a, for : de, 

to, subj.] [F. Nice] a quoi ...? What is 

the use of ... ? | Ne serait-il pas de ... ? 

Wouldn't it bewail to ... ? | Vousetesbien 

de ..., How silly you are to | Je trouve de 

..., I think it well to ... | mot, Joke | it 

tirer, ' Press ' | De coeur. Heartily | Tout 

de , In good earnest | a la bonne heure ! 

Well done ! That's right ! That's something 
like ! [acquiesc.) All right ! | De bonne heure. 

Early | ! inf. Well done ! Very good ! Good ! | 

Tout cela est mais. That's all very well, 

but ... [For 'good,' speaking of children, use 
' sage.' Y. Good ] Petite bonne femme [fam] 
Little tvoman | Un BON HOMME, A simple 
man | Un HOMME BON, A kind man | _ 

MARCH^cheapness[a.)cheap | a , Cheaply] 

-PLEIN [A] a good full [V. TENUE'i Faire 
le_TOUR [A] To clear hawse | -VIVANT" 
man of convivial habits 
Bonasse a. simple : silly : credulous 

BONBON" ' ' : sweetmeat : sweet fcarboy 

BONBONNE [hwle) large tin drum [a acide) 
BONBON- NIERE »weetmeat-box [fig) ' pretty 
little place ' : ' snug little crib ' 

, BOND" bound : rebound : leap : jump 

1 BONDE bung : bung-hole [d'etang) sluica 

Bond^ -e a. full (to overflowing] 
' Bonder" va. to fill (to overflowing] 
! Bondir vn. to bound : to leap : to spring 
[vagties) to heave | Bondissant'-e a. bound- 
1 ing : swelling : heaving 

j BONDON" ■ ' [sort of cream-cheese] bung 

BONDREE honey-buzzard 
' BONH'EUR [6un-«i«rr] happiness : pleasure : 

good fortune [fam) luck | An petit ! Well, 

' here goes! Anyhow ... ! | Avoir du , To be 

fortunate | Avoir le de. To be fortunate 

enough to I Par , Luckily | Porter , To 

I bring luck | du JOUR small fancy cabinet 

BONH'OMIE good nature : simplicity 
BONH'OMME [pi. Bonshommes] man: fellow: 

' good easy sort ' | Faux' , Sham : ' beauty ' | 

Petif , Little man | Aller son petit de 

j chemin. To get along nicely, little by little | 

1 Vieux' , ' Old chap' : "old fellow ' 

I BONI bonus (sur, on] balance in hand 
i BONIFICATION- improving : allowance 
I Bonifler" ixj. to improve [com) to allow 
I BONIMENT" flourish of a quack : smooth talk 
I BONITE bonito 

I BONJOUR good morning : good evening : good 
I day IV. A.B.C. ang. & LOOK-IN] 
BONNE servant : maid [d'hotel) chanibermaid 

[d'enfant) ntirse [au buffet) tvaitress | a 

tmit faire, General servant 
BONNE-MAIN - pourboire : tip 
BONNE-MAMAN-- grandmamma : 'granny' 

Bonne'ment' ad. \ Tout , Simply : plainly 

BONNET" 03^ cap | _ blanc, blanc _, Six of 
one and half-a-dozen of the other | Opiner' 

du , To quite agree, nod approval J Avoir la 

tete pres du , To be quick-tempered | de 

nuit. Night-cap | a poil, Bearskin cap | 

de police, Forage cap | d'electeur [or da 

pretre] Squash | 'Gros" ,' Bigwig : 'nob' 

BONNE- TERIE hosiery | —TIER" hosier 
BONNETTE studding-sail [steunn' -ce'll 




BOND [union) lien : liaison [for, de) caution 

[com) obligation : bon : fonds | Flemish , 

Appareil flamand | In , a I'entrepot | S, 

liens : chaines | HOLDER obligataire | 

_ TIMBERS bandes | _MAN, ^MAIDEN 
[archaTque] esclave | SMAN [com] caution 

BOND'AGE [de-dJ1 captivity : esclavage 

Bond'ed a. | GOODS marchandises entre- 

posees I _ WAREHOUSE entrepot 

BONE OS [ r. this word fco] [fish-_) arete [va.) 

desosser : oter les aretes de | To make no s 

about it, Ne faire ni une ni deux [F. Hareng] 
_ of CONTENTION pomme de discorde | 
— S OS [inst) clicfiiettes [poet, and geol) osse- 
ments | -DUST os broyes (pi] _ REMAINS 
ossements | -SETTER [fam] rebouteur 

^ BON'FIRE [^aire] feu de joie 

fe BONN'ET fell chapeau (de femmel [High- 

2 lander's) bonnet : beret [auto) capot \.va.) 
g houspiller | -BOX carton a chapeau | 

•c -CKTCnagrafe As c&'(,ot\-MAKER modiste 
Bonn'ily ad. gaiment : comme il faut 

Bonn'y a. gentil : joli [gay) gai 
BO'NUS [66-ne-ss] boni [export, etc.) prime 
Bo'ny [o] a. osseux : d'os | BOO'BY nigaud 
^BOOK livre [memorandum _) carnet, cahier 

[account ) registre | Betting , Livre de 

paris I Second-hand , Livre d.'occasion \ On 

I my 8 [com] Sur mes registres | To be in 

.2 his good [bad] S, Etre bien [mal] dans-ses 

■> papiers | —CASE UbliotJteqtie | — DEBTS, 

.£ dettes actives | -KEEPER teneur de livres | 

i -KEEPING temie des livres : comptabilit^ | 

■g -MARKER sig'net | — MUSLIN organdi | 

§ Bv_POST, Sous band* : comme imprimes i 

g —SHELF rayon | _ SHOP, _ STORE 

^ Ji&ratrj'e [V. Second-hand] -SLIDE porto- 

S livres (a coulisse] -STALL bibliotJiegue (de 

^_ chemin de fer, etc.] [old) etalage | -WORM 

§ [insect) mite : lepisme [person) devoreur de 

livres : piocheur 

Book va. enregistrer [secure) retenir [to ...'s 

ac.) porter au compte de | — through to 

Hull, (vn.) Prendre un billet direct pour Hull 

[9S] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BONSOIR good evening [sur le tard, ou quand 
on va se coiicher) good night 

BONTE goodness : kindness I divine ! Good 

gracious ! | Avoir la de. To be kind enough 

to : to kindly ... | BORAX _ 

BORD" border : edge : side [rivage) bank [la 
mer) shore [<t) tack : board 0=^ [precipice) 
brink [chapeau) brim | a , [Close) along- 
side I a , [\fr] On board (de, ...] a son , 

On board his shiv | Monter a , To go on 

board | ... du , On board | Le long, du , 

Free in the river [de, with) level | Etre du 

meme que. To sail in the same boat with | 

Le bon , The gaining tack | Compagnon 

de , 57iip-niate | Journal du , Log-book | 

Medecin du , Ship's doctor | Mise a , 

Shipment | Papiers de , Ship's papers | 

De haut , IShip) of the line | Courir a 

-CONTRE, To tack about | Courir a -DROIT* 
To stand across her [ou our] bows 

BORDA French naval school (at Brest] 

BORDAGE planks (pi] planking 

BOKDE IV. Metairie, which is the same thing] 

BORD^ trimming : edging 

BORDEAUX- [or Vin de _] claret 

BORDEE volley [4>) broadside : tack | Courir 

des s, To tack about | ' Tirer une ,' To 

' go out on the spree ' 

BORDELAIS'-£ native of Bordeaux [a.) of B 

Border" va. to border : to edge : to hem : to 

bind (de, with] [un lit) to tuck in [avirons) to 

unship : to 'boat' | Bordez ta grand'voUef 

Haul aft the main sheet ! 
BORDEREAU schedule : detailed account : 

memorandum [Affaire Dreyfus) list of secret 

documents | de versement. Pay-in slip 

BORDURE border 1*3^ : bordering : edge [de 

bottine) binding [de voile) foot [de pignon) 

barge-board [de trottoir) curb 
BORE boron 

Boreal -e a. northern [pole) North 
BOR^E [poet] Boreas : [the) north wind 
BORQN'E man with one eye [a.) blind in one 

eye : one-eyed [fig) obscure : low : dingy 
'BORGNESSK' woman with one eye 
Borlque a. boric : borac'ic [-ross'-ifc] 
BORNAQE marking the boundary (of] 
Bornal -e a. boundary ... 
BORNE boundary : limit (a, to] milestone : 

stone : clock [electr.) terminal 

-BOiTE pillar-box 

-FONTAINE street-well 

-REPERE bench-mark 
Borne -e a. limited : stinted ; narrow : dull 
Borner" va. to bound : to limit : to confine 

(a, to] Se a (parler, etc.] To only (speak, etc. 

BOSQU'ET" grove : thicket : shrubbery 
BOSSAGE I En _, \_pierres2 Eock-faced 




I^BOOK'BINDER [i ai] relieur | _Y atelier 
(uBOOK'BINDING [&at] reliure Idereliure 
rBOOK'ING-CLERK employe au guichet 
gBOOK'ING-OFFICE bureau (des billets] 
is guichet [for parcels) bureau de messagerie 
^BOOK'SELLER libraire|_'s SHOP librairie't 

S and publisher, Libraire-Editeur | Second- 

o" hand , Marchand de livres d'occosiori : 

^ bouquiniste | BOOK-SELLING, -TRADE, 
V la librairie | BOOK'WORK [typ] librairie 
^BOOM [of harbour) chaine [in trade) grande 

hatisse [roar) grondement | Jib- , Bout- 

hors de foe | Flying jib- , Bout-hors de clin 

foe I Spanker , Gui [V, Studding-sail] 

vn. gronder [■$>) aller a totites voiles 

BOON bienfait : faveur 
_ COMPANION gai compagnon 

BOOR rustre | ish a. grossier | ishly 

ad. en rustre | ISHNESS grossierete 

sBOOT [general sense) chatissure [house or 
^ button) bottine [strong for walking, lace- 
g up : also torture) brodequin [Wellington) 
S botte [elastic) bottine a elastiques [of coach) 

8 coffre I Something to , Quelque chose en 

§ sus I My S,3/es chaussxires | -BLACK de- 

crotteur | -HOOK, -JACK tire-&o«e | -LACE 

lacet (de c/iajtssure] -MAKER cordonnier : 

marchand de souliers | -TREE embauchoir 

BOOTS [pers] decrotteur | Boot'ed a. botte 

BOOTH iKiraqtie | Refreshment , Buvette 

Boot'less a. inutile : vain : futile 
BOO'TY butin 

Booze [vulg] vn. riboter : se griser 
VBOO'ZING [la) ribote | Boo'zy a. gris 
Borac'ic o. borique | BOR'AGE bourrache 

BOR'DER bord : bordure : cadre [of a nation) 
frontiere [garden) plate-bande [va.) border 
[im.) [on, a] aboutir : toucher | Bordering on, 
Voisin de ... : avoisinant ... : approchant 

BOR'DERER habitant de la frontiere 

BORE calibre : alesage : trou [mine) sonde [on 
tidal river) mascaret : barre [pers) facheux : 
ennuyeux per.sonnage [fam) 'raseur' [event) 
ennui : 'scie' [va.) percer [cylinders) aleser 
[wood) forer : tortiller [artesian, etc.) sonder 
[vn., pers) ennuyer : assommer : 'embeter' : 
' raser ' (with, avec : to, pour gite] 

Bore [pret. V. Bear] 

BO'RER alesoir : perqoir [for rock) fleuret 

BO'RING forage : alesage [wells) sondage | 

S [pi] copeaux : alesures \ — BIT nieche | 

MACHINE alesoir [for rock) perforatrice 

Born a. dh pp. | High, Low- , De haute, de naissance | I was at ..., Je suis ne -e 

a ... [of pers. deceased, use 'etait ne-e,' of 
historical characters, 'naquit'] One must be 
a poet, On nait poete 

Borne [pp. V. Bear] porte | BOR'ON bore 

BOR'OUGH [pr. be-re] bourg' : ville : circon- 

scription electorate | ENGLISH droit de 


Borr'oW va. emprunter (of, from, a, de] I ed 

a book from him. Je lui ai emprunte un livre 

BORR'OWER [bor'o-eur'l emprunteur -et<se 

BORR'OWING [w nul] emprunt 

BOSH' [argot] farce : blague | _ ! Chansons I 
' La bonne blague!' [de coeur 

BO'SOM [bouze-mm'] sein | friend. Ami -e 

' BOSS ' patron : chef [foreman) contreraaltre 
[Americ. polit.) chef dun parti 

BOSS [of wheel) moyeu [protuberance) basse 

A point (S*) means silent, or QN' IX' L' liquid; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMIXIXE uorOs in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




BOSSE [du dos) hump [au crane, etc.) bump 
[beaux-arts) bust : boss [terrain) mound [war.) 
painter [V. Stopper, ang.] [en argot) 'spree' | 

Avoir la de, To liave the bump of 

Bosseler* txi. to emboss [abimer) to batter 

Bosscr' t)0. [.i>] to stopper 

BOSSOIR cathead [d'enibarcation) davit | Avoir 

I'ceil au , To keep a sharp look-out | Ancre 

de . Bower-anchor 

Bossu -c a. deformed : humpbacked 
Bossuei"' va. to bulge : to batter : to dent 
BOSTON"_ [card game] 
Bof a. j PIED- SOT- club-foot 
BOTAXIQVK bot'anv [a.) botan'ical [fce-J] 
BOTANISTE [<t f.] _t [hotf-e-nisstt. i bref] 
BOTTE boot : Wellington boot : walking boot 
[de foin) small truss (5 kilos.] [de legumes) 
bunch [de fil) hank Id'epee) thrust [tonneau) 

cask I a propos de s. With reference to 

nothing particular 
BOTTELAQE trussing 

Bofteler" ixi. to put up [agr) to truss : to bind 
BOVTELEUSE straw- [ou hay-] trusser 
Bofter" va. to put ...s boots on . to fit | Se 

To put on one's boots : to clod one's feet 

BOT'TIER" bootmaker 
' BOT'TIN" ' [French) Post-office directory 
BOT TINE boot : button boot : house-B | _s a 
elastiques, Elastic B's (ladies' or gentlemen's] 
BOUC he-goat | _ ^MISSAIRE scape-goat 
■BOUCAN"' 'shindy' : 'awful noise' 
BOUCANIER" buccaneer [b€-fce-»iire] 
BOUCAUT" barrel [de sucre) cask 
BOVCHAMDE [& _r' va.'] bush-hammer 
BOUCHE mouth : living : table [a feu) gun 

[ V. Water, f.] close! Not a word ! | Bonne , 

Tit-bit : nice bit to finish with [Scotch, to 

' tap aff wi '] Faire lapetite , To be dainty] 

Fermer la ^ a. To silence | Vne fine , A 

gourmet | ' Etre sur sa ,' To be greedy | 

_ de CHALEXJR, Hot-air grating 
Bouche -€ a. stupid | J30rCH£E mouthful 
Boucher' va. to stop up, out HtxAiteiUe) to cork 
BOUCHER" -£££ butcher | BOUCHERIE 
butcher's shop : slaughter-house [fig) slaugh- 
ter I Tiande de , Butcher's meat 

• BOUCHE-TROU ' ' stop-gap ' 
BOUCHON'-cork : stopper [X ) wad [foin) wisp 

[cabaret) ale-house | n'ner' va. [cheval] to 

rub down i N'NIER" cork-cutter: cork-dealer 

BOUCHOT" mussel flshep' 

BOVCLE buckle : ear-ring : curl : knocker: 

loop [J,) ring | BOUCLE curly cloth 
Boucler" va. to buckle : to strap : to curl | 

la ioiicle. To 'loop the loop' 

BOVCLETTE small buckle ou ring 
BOUCLIER" buckler : shield | Lev^ de _s, 
Boudillrique a. Buddhist LBevolt 

BOUDDH'ISME Buddhism [s, z] 
Bouder' vn. to pout : to sulk [arbre) to do 
BOVDERIE pouting : sulking Lbadly 

BOUDEUR -j;Z7SE sulky fellow [sulky child, 

girl, etc.] Air r. Cross look 

BOUDIN" black-pudding [de roue) flange 
BOUDINOIR roving-frame | BOUDOIR '_' 
BOUE mud : sediment [fig) dust : dirt 

BOUEE buoy | de sanvetage. Life-buoy 

BOUEUR scavenger : dustman 
Boueux'-eitse a. muddy : foul : thick 
Bouffant' -e a. puffed out : full : ample 
BOUFFE buffoon 

BOUFFEE puff : whiff : fit : attack (de, of] 
Bouffer" vn. to swell : to rise (de, with] 'to 

stuff one's self : 'to blow one's self out' 
BOl'FFETTE bow (of ribbon] 
Bouffl-e a. puffed up : inflated [de, w^ith] 
Boufflr va. to swell : to puff up : to bloat [vn.) 

to swell : to be puffed up 
BOUFFON" buffoon : jester | _ -nne o. droll 
BOVFFOXNERIE buffoonery : joke 
BOUQE hovel : low ale-house : ' hole of a place ' 
BOUQEOIR flat candlestick 
Bouger' vn. to stir : to move (de, from] 
BOUGIE light : wax candle : taper Istearique) 

composite candle imed) bougie [tech. moteur) 

sparking plug | Pain de , Wax coil 

BOUGON"-A'A"E 'regular grumbler' 
Bou(|onner' v. to grumble : to scold : to blow 
BOUGRAN" buckram L---up 




BOT'AJJIZrNG [& _ PARTY] tierborisation | 
To go , Herboriser 

BOTCH pustule [fig) mauvaise l)esogne [pers) 
'savetier' [va.) ravauder : 'saveter' 

Both [o long, th fort] a. tous les deux : deux | 

of us. Nous deux | of them are away. 

Us sont tous les deux absents | On sides, 

Des deux cotes [fionj.) et ... [at the same 

time) a la fois { as to time and distance, 

Et pour le temps, et pour la distance \ rich 

and poor. Kiches et pauvres 

BOTH'ER [o dans sort. «?»faible][vulg] tracas: 
ennui : 'embetement' [tw.) tracasser : en- 

nuyer : assomraer : ' embeter ' ] Don't me 

so ! Ne m'embetez pas comme (ja I | some 

a. ennuyeux [Le mot Bother doit eti-e evite] 

BOT'TLE [&o«e-'J] [wine, etc.) bouteiUe [small 

of wine) carafon [pickle, etc.) flacon ] 3- 

man, Homme qui boit ses 3 B's \ To have 

been ... years in Avoir ... ans de B | 

-nose'd a. a gros nez | Hot-water Bottle 

d'eati cliaude : moine | Wide-mouthe'd . 

Bocal I -BRUSH goupillon | -HOLDER second] 
-RACK porte-boH/etiies ^bmUeiUes 

Bot'tle va. mettre ... en TKniteilles \ e"d a. en 

BOT'TLING xiiseen bouteiOes : embouteillage 
/^BOTT'OM fond [foot) bas : pied [end) bout 

I [back) derriere [of a ship) carene [ballast) 
premiere couche [wi) baser : fixer (upon, 
sur] [a.) de dessous : d'en bas ] At Au 

a fond ] In British S [com] Sous pavilion 

r anglais | To sink to the , Couler a fond j 

S To sift .'.. to the , Examiner ... a fond j 

S Flat- e'd. a fond plat j Copper- e'd. Double 

I en cuivre ] -VALVE secret ] less a. sans 

fond 1 The —less pit L'enfer 
I BOTT'OMRY I _ BOND contrat a ta srrosse 
V — INTEREST profit maritime 

[100] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BOUILLABAISSE fish boiled with onions, 

saffron, oil, etc. [South of France] 
Bouill'ant'-e a. boiling Ipers) hot-tempered 
BOUILLERIE distillery 
BOUILL'EUR boiler [de chaudiere) boiler-tube | 
_ de CRU, Wine-grower who is allowed by the 
State to distil alcohol from his own products 
BOUILL'i boiled beef : piece of boiled beef 
Boulll'i -e a. boiled 

BOUILL'IE pap : hasty pudding : pulp 
Bouiirir wi. (Table 12) to boil | _ a gros, a 

petits bouillons. To boil fast, to simmer 
BOVILLOIRE kettle : pot (used as a kettle] 
BOUILL-ON" broth : soup : bubble : puff [de 
boeuO beef-tea [lieu) restaurant [journaux) 

unsold copies [F. Bouillir] 'Boire un ' [fig] 

To ' lose a pretty penny' | -BLANC" mullein 
BOUILL-ONNEMENT- bubbliug : boiling 
Bouill'tmner" vn. to "bobble up : to boil 
BOUILLOTTE kettle : pot [le jeu) bouillotte 

[chauffe-pieds) foot-warmer 
BOULAIE plantation of birches 
BOULANGER-ijfij; baker 
Boulanger' v. to make bread 
BOULANOERIE baker's shop [I'art) baking 
BOULE ball : bowl {tete, fam) 'noddle' : 'pate' 1 

d'eau clUMde, Hot-water bottle | Se mettre 

en , To gather one's self up | Jeu de — s. 

Bowls (pi] bowling-green | de NEIOE 

snowball [arbre) gelder-rose 
BOULEAU birch : birch-tree 
BOULEDOQUE bull-dog [over' 

Bouler" vn. to rise : to swell Iva.) to 'bowl ... 
BOULET" ball : shot [de cheval) fetlock | Pare 

a s [vt] Shot-locker 

BOULETTE forcemeat ball : pellet : poison- 
ball [fig) blunder 
BOULE-VARD", BOULEVART" 'boulevard' : 
promenade Ifort) rampart [tig) bulwark | Les 

grands s. The inner and principal B's (of 

Paris] En plein , In the open street 

' BOULE'VARI • uproar : ' shindy ' 
BOULEVERSEMENT- up'set : o'verthrow 
Boulc'versei"' m. to upset' : to overthrow' 
BOULIN" pigeon-hole : putlog : P-hole 
BOULINE bowline | Aller a ta _, [or _r' vn.] 

To sail close to the wind 
Bouliner' va. to haul ... to windward 

BOULINQRIN" lawn: grass-plot: bowling-green 
BOULON" bolt : pin | _ a vis, Screw-bolt i 

d'eclissage. Fish-bolt | n"ner' va. to bolt 

BOULON NET RIE bolts, railway chairs, etc. 

Boulof-o«e a. plump : fat | 'Du ,' Work 

BOUQU'ET" ' ' : bunch : nosegay : aroma : 

complimentary verses (pi] Iflii) finishing up : 

wind-up Icrevette) prawn | GARNI bunch 

of thyme, laurel, and parsley 
BOUQUETIER" vase : flower-vase 
BOUQUETIERE flou-er-girl 
BOUQU-ETIN- _ : ibex (capra ibex] 
BOU^UETTE [provincial for) buckwheat 
BOUQU'IN" old book : mouth-piece [argot pour) 

book [animal) buck | er" vn. to hunt after 

old books 
BOUQU-INEUR collector of old books 
BOUQU-INISTE second-hand book dealer 
BOURSE mud : HIth 
Bourbeux'-eiise a. muddy : filthy 
BOURBIER" slougli : mud [fig) mess : nice fix 
BOURCET- [T'oiJetK^] dipping^ug 
BOURDALOU hat-band 
BOURDE fib : 'stretcher' : sham 
BOURDON" drone : humble-bee Icloche) great 
bell : 'Big Ben' [orgue) bourdon [cornejnuse) 
droning [((/p) out [de pelerin) staff 
BOURDON-NEMENT- [daheilles, etc.) hum [de 

moiiches) buzzing [fig) murmur 
Bourdon'ner" tm. to hum : to buzz : to mur- 
mur : to have a ringing (in one's ears] 
BOURG" market town : large village : borough 
BOUROADE straggling village 
BOURGEOIS"-E citizen : plain, respectable 
person : shopkeeper : ' retired tradesman ' 
[patron) ' governor ' [en Ame'riqite) ' boss ' | 

En , Habille en In plain clothes | 'La 

E,' The mistress : 'the missis' 

Bourgeois''-e a. citizen-like ■ homely : respect- 
able : private : vulgar : trading [habit, etc.) 

plain i L'air , A common look | Cuisine 

e. Plain cooking | Pension e, Boarding- 
house I Voiture e. Private carriage 

_emenf ad.plainly : like the middleclasses : 
in a homely way : commonly [louer) for pri- 
vate and not for business purposes 




BOUGH [ftooit] branche : rameau 
Bought [ough, comme o dans sort : prit. <fe pp. 
V. Buy] C D _ of E F, C D doit a E F 

BOOK facturier : livre d'achats 

BOUL'DER [bol-de-rl galet : bloc 
('BOUNCE vanterie [leap) saut [im.) bondir 
[swagger) se yanter : ' poser ' 
Boun'cin'g a. [Vulg] gros : eclatant : vantard 
BOUND limite : borne [leap) bond : saut j 

s At a , D'un bond | By leaps and s. Par 

c bonds rapides [V. Within] va. borner : 

g limiter [fig) contenir [vn.) sauter : bondir 
° [a.) tetiu (to, a, de] redevable (tor, de] oblige | 
— over till .... Oblige a comparaitre ... j 

to, for. [»1>] En partance pour : allant 

a I Outward , En partance \ Homeward 

^ , En retour ] Half- , En demi-reliure | 

'' Iron- , Blinde | Where are you to? Oii 

allez-vous? | One is to say, II faut bien 

dire que ... [pret. & pp. F. Bind] \tiere 
BOUN'DARY [de-re] limite : borne : fron- 

Boun'de'n a. \ DUTY devoir imperieu.x 

^ Boun'ding a. bondissant [infinite 

i Boun'dless a. illimite : sans ftornes | NESS 

'^ Boiin'teous a. bienfaisant : genereux 

= ly ad. liberalement : genereusement 

Boun'tiful [_fe-l] a. genereux : abondant 

Ily a. abondamment : liberalement 

NESS abondance : liberalite : bonte 

BOUN'TY botite : genirosite linAust.) prime 
(d' exportation, &c.] [X) prime d'engage- 
ment | Boun'tle'd a. prime 
BOURGEOIS' Ibe-r-djdice] [typ] corps huit 

A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid; two ponits (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FBMIXINE u-ords in Italic. MASCULINE, tluis. 




BOURGEOISIE [s, r] Ipersonnes) citizens : 
tradesmen (pi] middle-class [droit) freedom 

of the city | HatUe , Gentry | Petite , 

Small shopkeepers 
BOURGEON" bud : shoot : pimple 
Bourgeon"ne-e a. pimpled : blotched 
Bour()eon"ner" v^i. to bud : to break out • 
BOURbMESTRE [sound the g] burgomaster : 
BOURQOGN'E Burgundy (wine] Lmayor 

BOURGUIGNON--O.VJVE native of Burgundy 
BOVRRACHE borage il>orr'idj] 
BOUR RADE heavy blow [fig) 'blowing up': 
BOUR-RAGE filling Imine) tamping Ui^rd hit 
BOURRASQUE squall : burst of anger : whim 
BOUR'RE hair [de laine) flock [de soie) floss 
Ibot) down lartil) wad : wadding 

Bour're -e a. stuffed : quilted (de, with] de 

coups, ' Licked " 
BOUR'REAU executioner [fig) horrid wretch | 

_ d'ARGENT ' terrible spendthrift ' 
BOTJRREE faggot [A' Axivergm) jie 
BOUR'R^LEMENT' pain : agony : torment 
Bour'reler" va. to goad : to prick : to torment 
BOUR-RELET" pad : draught excluder [child's) 
tumbling cap : padded cap [A) fender [pneu) 
BOUR'RELIER" harness-maker L*>ead 

BOVRRELLERIE harness-making 
Bour'rer' va. [de. with] to stuff : to cram : 
to ram down [ou in] [frapper) to beat [fam) 
to 'pitch into ' 
BOURRICHE game-hamper 

BOURTRIQVE donkey : jade | Vraie 

' Regular donkey ' | QUET" little donkey : 

BOUR'ROIR tamping-bar [band-barrow 
BourTu -e a. crabbed : surly : crusty : grumpy 
BOURSE purse : bag [fig) pocket : means (pi] 
[universite) scholarship [edifice) Exchange 
[com) Stock-Exchange [fig, marche) money- 
market lata , On 'Change 

BOURSICAUT- small savings (pi] 
BOURSIER" exhibitioner [com) speculator 
BOURSOUFLAGE bombast | Boursoufle -e a. 

swollen [fig) bombastic [acier) blistered 
Boursoufler" va. to puff up : to swell 


BOUSCVLADE pushing & shoving : 'hustle' 

Bousculer" va. to turn ... upside down : to 
hustle ... about : to ' blow ... up ' 

BOUSE [hooz'i cow-dung : dung 

BOUSIER-- [s z] dung-beetle 

BOUSILL-AGE mud (wall] ' botch ' 

'BOUSIN-' I Fairedu_, To'kickuparow' 

BOUSSOLE compass [fig) guide 

BOUT" [boo] end [nez, doigt, langue, etc.) tip 
[du sein) nipple Icanne) ferrule [papier) scrap 
[fusil) muzzle [de navire) bow [cordage) rope | 
Au _ du compte, After all [V. After : DENT : 
MONDE] a _ d'efforts. Worn out with ...'s 

efforts I a de patience, Out of P | De 

en , From end to end | Faire im petit 

de toilette, [fam] To dress up a bit | Filer 

par le , [«&] To slip (a cable] Joindre les 

deux s. To make both ends meet | Petits 

s, Odds and ends | Jusqu'au . All the 

way [au figure) right through with it | Par 

le bon , In the right way | Pousser a , 

To drive ... into a corner [ou to extremities] 

■Venir a de, To succeed in ... : to overcome 

— -DEHORS- or BOUTE- HORS' stu'n-sail 
boom [F. JIB] BOUTE-EN-TRAIN- very life 
and soul (of a party] BOUTE-FEU fire-brand | 
BOUT-LOF outrigger | BOUT'-RIM^ crambo 
BOUT-SAIGN-EUX- scrag-end of the neck | 
ROUTE-SELLE signal to mount 

BOUTADE whim : freak : sly thrust | Par s. 

By fits and starts fjar 

BOUTEILLE bottle Ksj | _de Leyde, Ley den 

BOUTEROLLE ferrule [tech) die : snap 

BOUTIQUE shop : goods : tools (pi] Commis 
de , Shopman 

BOUTIQUIER"-rEfiE shop-keeper 

BOUTISSE header 

BOUTOIR snout larcli) buttress 

BOUTON" button : knob : handle : pimple : 
sight ibot) bud | _ [double] de CHEMISE, 

stud I d'OR buttercup | Bouton'n^ -e a. 

buttoned : close | n'ner* va. to button (up] 

[m.) to bud I N'NIER" button-maker 

BOUTONNIERE button-hole 




BOUT Ibamitt] tour : partie | ship! Adieu-va ! 

BOW [bam'i] salut [oa.) courber [to, devant) 
incliner : flechir [vn.) saluer [before, devant) 
s'incliner [with, sous) se courber : s'abaisser 

[with sorrow) s'affaisser : etre brise | 

down va. abaisser:humilier [sorrow) briser | 
... out, econduire ... | to .... saluer ... 

BOW [baou] [sfttp's] avant : bossoir | On the 

port , a [or par] babord devant | To cross 

her [ou our] s. Courir a bord^roit 

BO'W' [66] [ribbon) noeud [weapon) arc [cross-) 

arbaUte [saddle- ) arcon [fiddle- ) archet | 

Up , Pousse i Down , Tire | To have two 

strings to one's Avoir detix cordes a son arc 

-legge'd a. a jambes arquees \ -STRING [66] 
corde d'arc [for strangling) lacet IV. Bav- 


..♦BOWEL COMPLAINT tnatadie des intes- 

I tins 1 BOWELS [pi] entraiUes [med, etc.) 

■° intestins [of the earth) sein 

BO WEB [baou-r1 berceau : retraiU 

-ANCHOR ancre de bossoir 
/BOWIE KNIFE couteau-poignard 
I BOWL bol : cotipe [wooden) »^6Jte [of pipe) 

I fourneau [ball) bottle [tech) rouleau | vn. 

servir 2a 6aUe | along, rouler | e'd out 

' [cricket] renvoye : a un autre! | ' ... 

'5 over' V. [fam] faire tomber | BOWLS [66tee] 

botUes I To play at , Jouer atix bortles 

BO'W'LER joueur de bmdes [cricket) lanceur 
BO'WLER [HAT] chapeau melon 
BO'WLINE [66-Ji«ti] botdine [V. Noeud] 
BO'WLING-GREEN boulingrin 

VBO'W'MAN [me-nn} [pi. men] archer 

Bowse [baoCwe'] va. [<t] palanquer 
BO'WSPRIT [bo'spritt] beaupre 
BO'WSTRING [66] corde : lacet 

va. etrangler 

BOWWOW [child's word] toutou [barking) 

[102] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BOUTURAQE striking | BOVTVRR cutting : 

Bouturer" va. to strike (a cutting] Ulip 

BOW ERIE cattle-shed 

BOUVET" grooving plane : plough plane 

BOUVIER" [ox-) driver : drover 

BOUVILU-ON" bullock 

BOUVREUIL- bullHnch 1 BOVIDfeS" [pi] _dffi 

Bovine a. _ | PESTK _, Cattle plague 

BOXK boxing | r" im. to box | UR boxer 

BOYAU intestine [tuyau en cuir) hose [fig) long 

narrow place | Corde a , Catgut 

Boycolter' va. to boycott | BOYCOTTAGE 

B. P. [com] Bon pour ... L tting 

BRACELET" [brass-lay'] _ [br^e-le-tt] 

BRACONNAGE poaching 

Bracon'ner" mi. to go poaching 

BRACON-NIER" poacher 

BRACTEE [&o«] bract 

BRAOUE breeching | BRAQU'ET- heel-rope 

BRAH-MANE Brahmin 

BRAI pitch and tar : coal-tar pitch 

BRAIE coat (of mast, etc.] S'en tirer lea s 

nettes. To 'come out of it all right' 
BRAILL'ARD"-£ brawler [a.) brawling 

BraiU'er" vn. to brawl : to squall out 

BRAILLEUR-B?/*^ brawler 

BRAIMENT- braying 

Braire [Table 40. Only used in Infin. and in : 

II brait, ils braient, il braira, ils brairont, il 

brairait, ils brairaient] t)n. to bray 
BRAISE emhers (pi] charcoal [tech) breeze 
Brais6 -e a. stewed \fig) ' tin ' 

BRAISIER- charcoal-bin | _X£ieEbraising-pan 
Braif [F. Braire Waj ] fcoarse bran 

BRAN" excrement [de scie) sawdust [de son) 
BRANCARD" hand-barrow [lit) litter [pour un 

blesse) stretcher | S' shafts 

BRANCARDIER" stretcher-bearer 

BRANCHAGE branches (pi] 

BRANGHE branch : bough | _S' de bmdine 

[J>] Bridles | ' rieiJJe _," Old chap ' 
Brancher' vn. to perch [tuyau) to connect 
BRANCHE-MENT" [gaz, etc.]' branch-pipe 
BRANCHIES- [pi] gills 
Brancliu-e a. branching : spreading 
BRANDADE cod served in cream, oil, garlic, 
BRANhE heath : heather L*c- 

BRANDE'BOURG" gimp : lace facing 




BOX boite :.. caisse : compartiment : cabinet 
particulier [cab seat, etc.) siege (du cocher] 
[at theatre) loge [pump) corps [axle) moyeu 
[screw) ecrou [of lock) palatre [typ) cassetin 
[wood, or tree) buis [anat) botte iva.) en- 
caisser [vn.) boxer | To find o'self in the 

wrong , [fam] Se fourvoyer : ' se blouser' | 

Smoke- , B a flim^e | Gland and stuffing- , 

B a gamihire | Country ,_ Pied-a-terre : 

maisonnette | Christmas- , Etrennes (plur.] 

Dice- , Cornet [F. Bed, Fancy] Loose , 

Stalle mobile \ Money- , Caisse : tirelire | 

Packing- , Cash- , Caisse | Poor- , Tronc| 

Tool-—, BOite a outils | _ on the EAR, 

Soufflet I To 's EARS, Souffleter | To 

the COMPASS, Savoir la rose (des vents] 

-KEEPER ouvretise de loges | -ROOM cfiam- 

bre de debarras | -TICKET coupon de loge 

BOX'ER boxeur [Chinese) Boxer 

Box'haul V. [■$,'] vire^vent arriere 

BOX'ING [Ja) boxe | -DAY [26 decembre] jour 

des Etrennes | -MATCH combat de boxeurs 

/BOY garQon [little child) garqonnet : enfant 

». [F. Beardless, Good] When I was a , 

5 Quand j'etais jeune [ S will' be S, II 

* faut que jetinesse se passe | Cabin- 

g [ou Ship's _] Mousse | Old ! Mon vieux ! | 

■o School- ,Eleve : ecolier:collegien: lyceen | 

o Street-_, Gamin | BOY'HOOD enfance 
'S [later) adolescence | Boy'isll a. enfantin : 
•^ Bov'cott va. ' boycotter ' Lpueril 

VBOY'COTTING boycottage 
BRACE [ftre'ce] [game) couple [harness) smt- 
pente [mach) attache [typ) accolade [arch) 
tirant [carp) ancre : moise : gousset [tool) 

vilebrequin [ratchet ) cliquet a percer 

[^I>) bras I , up va. lier : attacher : 

bander [med) fortifier [J>) brasser 
BRA'CES [brgcezz] bretelles 
Bra'cing [a e] a. fortifiant : tonique : vivifiant 
BRACK'EN foiigerei-s] 

BRACK'ET console : bras : applique [typogr.) 
crochet [mach) palier | In- s, Entre cro- 
chets I Bottom , [eye] Botte du pedalier 

-WHEEL [eye] grand pignon 
Brack'ish a.sauraatre| BRACT [bot] bract^e 

BRAD pointe | Flooring s. Clous a parquet 

BRAD'AWL [aw, o dans sort] poincon 
'BRAD'SHAW ' indicateur des chemins de fer 
BRAE [6re] [Scotland] petite 
BRAG, —GGING vanterie 
Brag [-gge'd] vn. se vanter (of, de] 
BRAGQ'ART [* a.] faufaron 
BRAID [pr. br^de] tresse : galon [needlework) 
sotitache [tissue) lacet Iva.) tresser : soutacher 
j Braided WIRE, fil tresse 

BRAIL [J>] cargue | To up, Carguer 

(^BRAIN cerveau : cerueHe [Note. Cerveau 
; I is the organ, cervelle the substance of which 

j ' it is composed.] Water on the , Hydro- 

I ,s cephale \ He blew his S out, II s'est fait 

^ sauter la cervelle | To rack one's S, Se 

I I creuser la tete \ -FAG epuisement cerebral | 
1 I -FEVER fievre cerebrale \ -WORK travail 
I VI^''*'"'less a. sans cervelle Lintellectuel 
I BRAKE ta e] [on wheel ) frein : ' meeanique ' 
i [thicket) fourre [fern) fmigere [tool) brisoir 
[flax mach.) ribe [of pump) brimbale \ Foot — , 

F a pedale | To apply, release the , Mettre. 

desserrer le frein | -BAND ruban de frein | 
-BLOCK sabot de F | -DRUM tambour de 
F I -JAWS [pi] mdchoires de F | -ROD tige 
de F I -VAN wagon a F [F. BREAK] 
BRA'KEMAN serre-frein 

BRAM'BLE ronce | bly a. plein de ronces 

BRAM'BLING pinson des Ardennes 
BRAN [brami] son | _ and offal. Issiies (pi] 
BRANCH tranche : ranieau [business, bank) 
succtirsale [tech) bras [ F. Quartier] — LINE 

embranchement | PIPE branchement 

vn. pousser des branches [into, en) se rami- 

fier : se bifurquer [to, a) s'embrancher 
ed, ng a. branchu:a ... branc/ies :rameux 

A point (S*) means silent, or ON* IX' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




BRANDE-VIN" brandy (distilled from wine] 


BrandiU'er' va. to swing 

Brandir va. to brandish Icharpente) to pin 

BRANDON" firebrand : lighted wisp of straw 

Branlanl' -e a. swinging : tottering [dent, etc.) 
loose [fam) ' shaky ' | Rocher , Logan stone 

BRANLE swinging : full swing : start : going | 

Donner le a, To set ... going : to start | 

-BAS" upset [^^) clearing the decks 

BRANLEMENT" rocking : shaking 

Branler' v. to swing : to be loose : to stir | 
dans le manche. To be getting shaky 

BRANLOIRE see-saw [tech) rocker arm 

BRAQU'E hound ipers) madcap [a.) daft 

BRAQUEMART" short sword 

Braqu'er" va. to point (sur, at] to bring ... to 
bear (sur, upon] to fix (one's eyes on] 

BRAS" arm : hand : handle : bracket candle- 
stick Ipuissanee) power Imaclt) side-rod [^) 

brace [F. ELL] dessus dessous. Arm in 

arm : close [-ly] de mer. Arm of the sea | 

a -lercorps, Kound the waist | a totir de , 

With all one's might | Croiser les , To fold 

one's arms | Kntre les , In one's arms | 

Hanque de , Lack of labour | Sur les , 

On one's hands | II a le long, He has plenty 

^Braser' va. to braze [brezel [o{ influence 

N BRASERO brazier [breje-yettr] Irties) ' devil ' 

« BRASIER" brazier : hot coals : ' a good fire ' 
VBRASILL'EMENT" glittering : phosphores- 

BRASSAQE brewing : mashing : mixing licence 

BRASSARD" badge (on the arm] 

BRASSE stroke [iO fathom oa» 

BRASSEE armful [coup) stroke 

Brasser' ixi. to brew [fig) to stir up : to plot : 
[J>) to brace | Brassez au vent! Bound in 
the weather braces ! | Brassez carre ! Lay 
the yards square ! | Brassez tribord devant 
et babord derriere ! Fore starboard braces 
and port main braces ! 

BRASSERIE brewery [cafe) beer-shop 

BRASSEUR brewer 

BRASSIAGE depth laction) fathoming 

BRASSIERES- [pi] braces : stays 

BRASSIN ' mash-tub 

BRASURE brazing | BRAVACHE blusterer 

BRAVADE bravado : brag : boast 

BRAVE [6raf] t*3^ brave man [ou 'fellow'] very 
nice fellow : 'good sort' [a.) honest : good : 

' nice ' [courageux) brave | En , Bravely | 

Un HOMME, A nice man : a 'very decent 

fellow ' I Un HOMME _, A brave man 

Bravement' ad. bravely: boldly: well : finely 

Braver" va. to brave 

BRAVO hired assassin [int.) — ! Well done! 

BR A YOU RE bravery 

Brayer" va. [A] to pay [break 

BREAK [ in Eng.] wagonette [plus gros) 

BRYANT ■ [V. Bruant] 

BREBIS" sheep (sing. & pi.] ewe [Beler = to 

bleat] igaree. Lost sheep { galexKse, 

Black sheep 

BRECHE breach : break : hole : notch | Tou- 
jours sur la , Always to the fore 

BRtCHE-DENT- [* a.] person with broken 

BRECHET- brisket Lteeth 

BR^CIN" [J,] lift : sling 

' Bredi-breda ' ad. hastily : too hurriedly 

BREOINDIN" [■S,'\ whip : garnet 

Bredouill'e a. \ Kevenir , [fig] To come back 

empty-handed | MENT' sputtering 

BredouiU'ei'* vn. to sputter : to stammer 

BREDOUILL-EUR sputterer 

Bref, Breve a. brief : short lad.) briefly : in 
short I Dans le plus delai, As soon as 

BRELAN" gambling den Lpo^^i^le 

BRELANDIER" card-player : gambler 

BRELANDINIER" -lERE itinerant dealer : 

BRELLE raft : float Lstreet vendor 

BRELOQUE trinket : charm 

BBEME bream 




,§ BRAND tison : torche [com) margrte [stain) 
s ftetrisstire [poet) glaive : fer [va.) marquer 
e (a feu] [fig) fletrir : stigmatiser (de, with] 

S new. Tout battant neuf 

Bran'dish va. brandir 

BRAJJ'DY eaii-de-fte : cognac | Glass of , 

' Petit verre ' | -blossome'd a. bourgeonne 
BRASS cuivre jaune : laiton : airain ['cheek') 
' toupet ' : 'culot ' [cash) 'de ta braise' [bearing) 

coussinet | Sheet , Laiton en fmilles | Cast 

, Bronze : laiton de fonie | _ BAND fanfare 

FOUNDRY fonderie de cuivre jaune 

_ "WIRE fil de laiton 
Brass'y a. d'airain [fig) impudent : effronte 
BRAT [argot] marmot : bambin 
BRAVA'DO [&re-ie'do] bravade 

Brave [pr. breve] a. feo : courageux [va.) 

braver : defier | ly ad. bravement : bien 

BRA' VERY [bre-ve-re] brawntre 

g ■? BRAWL melee : querelle : bruit | vn. 

I « brailler : clabauder [poet) murmurer 
o SBRAWL'ER clabaudeur : braillard 
> .* BRAWN [meat) pate de cochon : fromage 
« o d'ltaiie I Brawn'y a. charnu:musculeux 

BRAY [brel braiment [vn.) braire 

Braze [ae] va. braser { Bra'ze'n a. d'airain 
[fig) impudent | -facyi'd a. effronte 

BRA'ZIER [&»-«)i«Hr]chaudronnier[pan)brasier 

BRAZIL'-NUT noLc du Bresil | -WOOD bresil 

BRA'ZING fa. e] brastire 

BREACH [pr. britsch] [of, de : in, a] breche : 
violation : rupture [law) violation : abus (de 
conflanee, etc.] _ of the PEACE, Attentat 
contre I'ordre public | Action for of PRO- 
MISE, action en dommages-interets pour non- 
accomplissement de promesse de mariage 

BREAD [bredOl pain | Brown _, Pain bis : P 

de son | Whole-meal , P complet 1 New , P 

tendre [or frais] Stale -_ P rassis | Wheaten 

, P de froment | A loaf of , Un pain | 

Slice of , Morceau de P | Slice of and 

BUTTER. Tartine (de beurre] Tea and _ 
and BUTTER, Du the et des tartines de 

beurre | On and water, Au P et a I'eau \ 

To get [ou earn] one's , Gagner son pain | 

—FRUIT TREE arbre a pain : jaquier 
—STUFFS farines 

BREADTH [breddtJi} largeur [of stuffs) le 

[104] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BR^SIL [or Bois de ] brazil-wood 

BRKTAONK \ a la mode de _ [V. ONCLE] 
BRKTELLE strap : brace | — S" braces 
BRETON" -NNE Breton [ancien angl.) Briton 
\.it : sf) sheer-strake 

Breton'nanf -e a. \ Un Breton , A Breton- 

spealving [ou 'out and out'] Breton 
BREUVAQE drink : draught [habituel) bever- 
age [pour des animaux) drench 
BREVET" 0=^ patent : license : warrant [X) 
commission [d'apprentissage) indentures (pi] 

Prendre un , To take out a patent | de 

chauffeur, Driving L | de pilote. Pilot's L 

BREVE'Tt-B patentee [a.) patent | Fournisseur 

de, ... by appointment to | S. G. D. G. 

[sans garantie du Gouvernement] 

Breve'ter" va. to grant ... a patent | Fairs , 

BRI^VIAIRE breviary [firiv'-ye-rij [To patent 
BRIBE scrap [pain) hunch 

Bric I De et de broc, [pr. the c's] By hook 

or bv crook 
BRIC-A-BRAC '_' : old stores (pi] [tech) crank 

motion | Marchand de , Broker 

BRICK brig | -QOtLETTE liermaphrodite brig 
BRICOLE strap : brace : backstroke : rebound 

[fig) 'job' I 'Par ,' Indirectly 

Brlcoler' vn. to do odd jobs 

BRIDE bridle : reins (pi] stay : check [pour 

bouton) loop [de chapeau) ribbons (pi] [tech) 

flange | Tourner , To turn back | a toute 

, a abattue. At full speed 

Bfider" va. to bridle : to make ... fast [A) to 

pass a cross-seizing | Yeux brides. Narrow 
BRIDON" snaffle L(Mongolian) eyes 

BRIDURE cross-seizing 
Bri^ve'menf ad. briefly 
BRIEVE TE brevity : shortness 
BRIGADE _ [d'ouvriers) gang 




BREAK Ibreke] trouie : intemiption [of con- 
tinuity) solution (de continuity} [of day) awbe : 
point du jour [clearing up)changement[typ) 
alinea [large carriage) break [agr) soJe [arch) 

renfoncement | At of DAY, Au point du 

jour : a I'aube | Without a , Non interrompu 

Break va. ijyret. Broke : pp. Broke'n] rompre : 
briser [a stick, glass, or officer) casser [flax) 
battre [a law, a promise) violer : enfreindre 
[news) faire part de : communiquer [lessen) 
amortir [correct) dompter : corriger : mai- 

triser | the JOURNEY, s'arreter en route] 

...'s HEART [ea a] briser le coeur a ... j 

— one's ARM. one's NECK, se causer le bras, 
le cou I one's WORD, manquer de parole 

vn rompre : se r : casser : se c : se briser 

[day) poindre [storms, etc.) eclater [swelling) 
crever : aboutir [voice) muer [business) faire 
faillite [constitution) s'affaiblir : se casser 
[weather) changer 

— do^vn va. abattre : delabrer tun.) se dela- 
brer : s'effondrer [carriage) verser [be a fail- 
ure) echouer : manquer [tired out) s'abattre 

— forth im. eclater [rays, fluids) jaillir 

— in va. dresser : dompter [tm.) penetrer (dans] 

envahir : tjntrer dans | in upon, envahir: 

interrompre : se presenter a ... subitement 

— Into vn. eclater en Iva.) envahir : penetrer 
dans : se jeter dans 

— loose vn. s'echapper [fig) s'emanciper 

— off 1X1. rompre : arreter Ivn.) rompre [stop) 
s'arreter [from, a) s'arracher fter 

— open va. enfoncer : forcer [a seal) decache- 

— out vn. eclater : se declarer : s'echapper 
[sun) paraitre [rays, fluids) jaillir [of erup- 
tions) sortir [in, de) se couvrir [drinking, etc.) 
s'abandonner (a] 

— througli va. enfoncer : se frayer un chemin 
a travers : percer [infringe) enfreindre 

— up va. detruire : disperser [to dismiss) dis- 
soudre [a camp) lever [agr) defoncer ivn.) se 
separer : etre eve : se defoncer [for the holi- 
days) entrer en vacances [weather) changer 

— with vn. rompre avec (le passe, etc.] 
Break'able [ea, e] a. fragile : ... qui se casse 


BREAK'AGE cassure : rupture [com) casse 
BREAK'DOWN [ea^ accident : 'panne' [fig) 

insucces : fiasco | TRAIN train de secours 

BREA'KER [ea 4} briseur [mach) concasseur 

[cask) baril de galere | S [sea] brisants 

BREAK'FAST tbrek-fe-sstt} [dfewi.] d6jeflner 

(on, de] -TABLE table | -TIME heure du D 

BREA'KING [ea e'] nipture : violation [com) 

banqueroute \ STRAIN tension de rupture 

-UP dissolution : levee [of school) entrie en 
vacances [ice) debacle 
BREA'KNECK [eae] ' Regular _,'Vrai casse- 
BREA'KMAN [eae'] garde-frein Lc" 

BREA'KWATER [ea ^] brise-tomes : jetee 
BREAM Ibrime] breme 
BREAST [6resst(] sein : poitrine : conscience 
[horse's) poitrail [of fowl) blanc | At the — , 
[child] a la mamelle | Single- — ed, Droit | 

Double- ed, Groise | To make a clean of 

it, Confesser, avouer tout | -BONE sternum | 
_ EXHAUSTER tire-lait | -high a. ... a 

Tiauteurd'appui | PIN epingle (de cravatel 

PLATE cuirasse : plague [Aaron's) pec- 
toral I -POCKET poche de cote | —WORK 
parapet [<t) fronteau | -WHEEL rotie de cote 
BREATH [ea e : th fort] haleine : souffle | In 

a Tout d'Mwe H | Out of _, Hors d'H : 

tout essouffle | Shortness of _, H courle | 

Last , Dernier soupir | To hold one's — , 

Retenir son H | To take , Reprendre H 

/Breathe [eat] va. respirer : souffler [after, 
5, apres) soupirer [un.) respirer | — forth, 

3 out, exhaler : pousser | He — ed his 

^3 last. II rendit le dernier soupir 
«BREA'THING [eai] respiration : aspira- 
T tion [a.) ... pour respirer [V. Difficulty] 
V -HOLE soupirail | -TIME temps de respirer 
Breath'less [ea e] a. a perte d'Tialeine : hors 

d'haleine : haletant : tout essouffle 
Bred Ipp. V. Breed ] a. eleve | Half-—, Metis | 

III- Mai eleve | Thorough- , De pur sang 

[pers) accompli [y. Well- ]■ 

'-BREECH derriere [gun)cMjasse [-LOADER 
S fusil [or canon] qui se charge par la C 
BREECH'ES [ee. i br.] [pair of — ] culotte feo 
BREECH'ING [harness) auaJoire [*) bra^jue 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL" L" liquid; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus 




BRIGADIER" E>3\ [d'ouvriers) ganger: foreman 
[X) corporal lartill.) bombardier [J>) cox- 
swain's mate Ipolice) sergeant 

BRIGAND-- _ [d se pr.] robber | _DAQE _ : 
robbery | er- va. to rob 

BRIGANTIN" brigantine \ —E spanker 

BRIOU'E intrigue : faction : canvassing [en 
Ame'riqiie) 'log-rolling' fcanvass for 

Bpi()irer- va. to solicit : to intrigue for.: to 

Bfi\6\J'E\Jfi -EUSE ... who solicits-: canvasser 

Brill-amment' ad. brilliantly 

BRILL-ANT' brightness : brilliance [diamant) 
brilliant | f -e a. bright : brilliant tK^ 

BriH'er" vn. to shine [cto'i] to be conspicuous 
[faiblem't) to shimmer 

BRIMADES' [pi] practical jokes, etc., played 
on new-comers [school, regiment] 

BRIMBALE [m nasal] pump-handle 

BRIMBORION" [m nasal] nicknack 

Brimer' va. to play practical jokes upon 

BRIN" bit isoie) staple [d'/»erbe) blade [deplante) 

slip I a , Bit by bit | ' Un beau de 

femme.' A tall, fine-looking woman \ Bois de 
, Timber in the log 

BRINDILLE twig : spray 

' BRINGUEBALE' pump-handle 

BRIO dash : brilliance 

BRIOCHE bun : fancy bread [something like 

a Scotch ' scone '] [fig) blunder 
■^BRIQUAILL-ONS- [pi] brickbats 
"aBRIQUE brick 03) [de savon. etc.) cake 
c BRIQUET" short sabre : flint and steel : auto- 

o matic match-box | Battre le , To strike a 

5 light I BRIQUE-TAGE brickwork 
a.BRIQTIETERIE [breek-tree] brick-yard : 
= BRIQUE-TIER-- brick-maker [brick-making 
°'BRIQVETTES- (pi] patent fuel 
BRIS" breaking open (ou loose] [«t) wreck 
/'Brisable a. breakable | BRISANT" breaker 
BRISE breeze 
Bpis6-e a. broken [qui se plie) folding [fig) 

' tired out | Avenir Blighted prospects (pi] 

^ BRI SEES- [pi] broken branches : footsteps | 

03 Allersuries_de, To trench upon ...'s ground 

BRISE -EAU, -LAMES-. -MER breakwater | 

-GLACE ice-breaker : starling ] -MOTTES' 

clod-crusher | -TOUT' destructive child (ou 

^ person] -VENT- screen (for trees] 




/'BREED race [of birds) cmtvee [va.. prit.<t-pp. 
Bred) elever [fig) faire naitre [im., animals) 

I naitre : multiplier 

,* BREE'DER [of stock] eleveur | Good —[bird) 
oT bonne coHveii.<ie [»iaj-e) bonne pouliniere 
"BREE'DINGt [animals) elevage [pers) ^du- 

Ieatioti I Cross , Croisement | Good , 
Politesse \ -CAGE nichoir 

VBREEZE brise \ Light, Slight Petite B 

BREST'-SUMMER somniier : poitrail 
BRETH'REN [pi] freres : confreres [F. Brother] 
Brevet' \vett\ a. ... a brevet feo 
BREVITY [style) concision [of time) brievete 
Brew [pr. brmis] va. brasser [tea) faire infuser 

Ivn.) faire de la biere [mi.schief ) se tramer 
BREWER brasseur | BREWERY brasserie 
BREWING brassage [quantity) brassin 

BRI'AR ronce \ PIPE pipe en bntyere | 

Sweet , iSglantier odorant 

:g BRIBE present : pot-de-vin [fig) appat[ixi.) 

II corrompre:acheter|BRI'BERcorrupteur-(rice 
-BRI'BERY corruption 

BRICK brigije feo [a.) de [or en] briqties | Bath 

_, B anglaise \ Fire- , B refractaire | Glazed 

[ou Broseley] , B vernissee \ ' Regular ' 

[vulg] Brave garcon [lively fellow) joyeux 
luron I -BATS morceaux de brique \ -KILN 

four a briqties . briqtieterie \ LAYER macon 

[tech) briqueteur | LAYING mofonnerie \ 

_MAKER briquetier | —WORK briquetage : 
briqties | -YARD briqueterie 
Bri'dal [braide-'l] a. nuptial : de' [des] noces 

[wreath) de mariee 
f BRIDE fiancee : fiUtire [after the ceremony) 

I marie'e : nmivelle M \ The and bridegroom, 

.Q Les nouveaux maries | CAKE gateau de 

.;e noce \ BRI'DE-GROOM fiance : futur : marie : 
P nouveau marie 

^BRI'DRSMAID demoitelle d'honneur 
I BRI'DE-SMAN [pi — men] garcon d'honneur 
*^BRI'DEWELL maison de force 

BRIDGE pont [of a steamboat) passerelle (de 
commandement] [violin) chevalet [nose) dos 
[game) ' bridge' [trembler coil) etrier de trera- 

bleur I of boats, P de bateaux | Suspension 

, Pont suspendu | Swing P tournant | 

To over, Jeter un P sur [F. Transbordeur] 

BRI'DLE [i = at]fcrtd« : (reml'i,) branches (de 
bouline] [va.) brider [tig) mettre un frein a | 

up, se rengorger | -PATH rotUe cavaliere 

BRIEF [ftrtfe] dossier | a. bref : de courte 

dure'e [style) concis | less a. sans cause 

Brie'fly ad. brievement : bref 
BRIE'FNESS brievete [style) concision 
BRIG brick | BRIG [Scot.] pont [gade 

BRIGADIE'R Ibrigg-e-dire'] feo general de t>ri- 
Brlg-ht IbraiteJ a. brillant : beau : eclatani 
[met) poll : blanchi [pers) intelligent [idea) 
Itiminettse [Are) joyeux : clair [tech) usine ] 

A WOMAN, TJne femme ciiarmante \ A 

BOY, Un enfant qui promet beaucoup | To 

look at the SIDE of things, Voir tout en 

beau I er DAYS, Des jours meilleurs 

Brig-hte-n [pr. tnrdite-nn'\ va. faire hriller : 
eclaircir [to cheer) egayer [polish) polir [the 

wits) degourdir | up vn. briller [weather) 

s'eclaircir [pers) s'egayer : se derider 
Bri'(|'hHv ad. brillamment : clairement 
BRI'GHTNESS eclat : clarte : splendetir 
BRI'G'HT'S DISEASE maladie de Bright 
BRILL barbtie fvif eclat 

BRELL'IANCY [hril' -ye-nnce] eclat : brillant : 
Brill'iant [6riZ'-ye-n»ite] a. brillant : eclatant 

[mus) perle | ly ad. brillamment 

BRIM bord | ful a. rempli jusqu'aux bords: 

tout plein | Broad-brimme'd, nai-row-brim- 
me'd. a larges, a petits bords 

Brimin'ing [ou over] a. [de, with] tout 

plein : debordant 
BRIM'STONE soufre (brut or en canon] 
Bi'in'dle-d a. tachete ^d'exhaustion 

BRINE ibrdinel saumiire \ PUMP pompe 

[106] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BRISE-MENT" [s. z] breaking 
IJriser" [breezay'] v. to break : to dasli (contre, 
against] to break open, down, off : to bruise ; 
to split [plier) to fold | Table brisee, Folding 

table I le coeur a ..., To break ...'s heart | 

Bri.sons la ! Let's change the conversation ! 1 

Se To break (etc.] to fold up 

BRISOIR crusher : breaker 

JiRISQUK I 'Unevieille _,' An old soldier 

BKISURE [s, z] fracture ; fold : broken piece 

ISritannique a. ic ['Majesty'] British 

BRIZE [hot] quaking-grass 

BROC" jug : jar [F. Brie] 

BROCANTAGE second-hand dealing [to 'chop' 

Brocantci"' va. to deal in second-hand goods : 

BROCANTEUR -EUSE stock-jobber : dealer in 

BROCARD" jeer : taunt [.curiosities 

BROCART" brocade | BROCHAGE stitching 

BROCHE spit Iclieville) spigot [ a tricoter) j 

knitting needle [bijou de fetnme) brooch [tech) 

pin : spindle lata , On the spit : roasted | 

Banc a s, Roving frame 

Broclie-e a. Irelinre] in paper covers | de 

sole, Broche in silk [i.e. with raised figures 
woven in silk] 

Brocher" va. to figure : to emboss Ireliure) to 
stitch [fig) to hurry through 

BROCHET" pike : jack 

BROCHKTTK skewer [tech) pin 

BROCHEUR-BU.SB [Ixxjk-) stitcher 

BROCHURE ■—' : pamphlet [action) stitching 

BROCOLI broccoU 

Br(Kl«;-e embroidered [fam) worked [fig) em- 

BRODE-QU'IN" [lace-up) boot ffs^ [torture) boot 
[fig) comedy 

Broiler' va. to embroider [fam) to work [fig) to 
embellish [vn.) to romance : to 'pile it on' 

BRODERIE embroidery : work [fig) embellish- 

BR0DEUR-B?7S'B embroiderer Lment 

BROIE'MENT' pounding : crushing : breaking 

BROME bromine [hot) brome-grass 

Bromique a. ic 

BROMURE bromide Ibro-mdidel 




Bring ixx. Ipret. <fe pp. Brought, pr. brot, o 
comme dans sorf] [carry) apporter [conduct) 
amener [convey) transporter : conduire [fig) 
niettre : faire venir : faire [an action) intenter | 

about, amener : operer | Brought about 

by, Produit par | again, back, rapporter 

[pers) ramener | a^vay, emporter [things 

not portable) emmener | [a case] before a 

court, saisir un tribunal de ... | down, 

descendre [fig) abaisser : rabaisser [to, de) 

mettre au niveau | down upon, attirer 

sur I forth, [children) mettre au monde 

[animals) mettre bas [fig) produire | for- 
ward, amener : avancer : proposer [assist) 
pousser [com) reporter | 'Brot. forward,' 'a 

reporter ' [or ' report '] in, introduire : 

amener : faire entrer [a profit of) rapporter 

[a bill) deposer [Leave to in a bill. Prise 

en consideration, etc.] low, htmiilier | 

near, rapprocher | .. s us nearer to, ... nous 

rapproche de | _ on, apporter : amener [cause) 

occasionneE, | out, faire sortir : apporter 

[book) publier : faire paraitre 1 her to' [.!•] 

mettre en panne [_V. ERRE] tears to my 

eyes. Me tirer les lartnes des yeu.x | ... to' 

again [from fainting] faire reprendre connais- 

sance | under, soumettre | up, monter: 

faire m. or avancer [meals) servir [children) 

elever [vomit) rendre: vomir | up to DATE. 

mettre a jour | To me WORD, M'en pre- 

venir I BRINGING transport] -UP education 
BRINK bord [fig) penchant | On the _ of the 

GRAVE, a deux doigts de la mort 
Bri'nv o. saumatre [poet) amer [V. Deep] 
BRI'ONY, ou BRY'ONY [brdi-e-ne] bryone 
Brisk a. vif : gai : frais [drink) piquant [com) 

acti(-ive [-ly,-ment] Trade is Les affaires 

vont bien | NESS vivacite [com) activlte 

* BRIS'KET poUrine 

■;f BRIS'TLES [pi] saies | Bris'fle vn. se 

.« herisser (with, de] up [pers] se raidir 

.a^ris't'lv a. herisse [bot) poilu 
BRITANN'IA METAL metal anglais 

. Brit'ish a.britannique : anglais : d'Angleterre | 

: _ CON'SULATE [le-f] consulat anglais | _ 

EM'BASSY anUxissade A'A | _ SCHOOL 

scale primaire \ WINES vin de gingembre, 

de groseilles, etc. 
Bril'lle a. cassant : fragile | _NESS fragilite 
i BROACH [brotclt] broche : equarrissoir 

! va. embrocher [a cask) percer [a subject) 

I entamer | to, faire chapelle 

. ^Broad a. large : gros : plein : grand [accent) 

J, prononce [liberal, fig) libre | To get broader, 

j ^ S'elargir | In _ DAYLIGHT, En plein 

^ jour I _ BEAN grosse five \ _ HINT 

= allusion pen voUee | -brimme'd a. ... a 

j Ts larges bords | _cast art. a to volee | —CLOTH 

■ "=" drapfinj GRINgrosrire |-niind'ed a. ... 

I I aux id6es laryes : liberal | _ OUTLINES [pi] 

! g grandes lignes \ NESSforgeiirigrossterete'l 

( g SIDE [of a ship) cote [paper) in-plano : 

! d affiche \ To fire a , Tirer nne bordee | 

I ? —SWORD sabre [X, technically) latte 
i Vliroad'ly ad. largement : ouvertement 
; BROCA'DE [ae] brocart | _d a. de brocart 
' BROGUE [pr. brogh] accent prononce (propre 
surtout aux Irlandais] 
BROIL tumulte : querelle [va.) griller | _ing 
I SUN, Soleil brulant 

Bro'ke'n a. Ipp. F.Break] casse:brise:rompu 

I [clothes) dechire [sleep) interrompu [broken 

by emotion) entrecoupe [glass) casse [ranks) 

rompu [health) delabre | To speak in 

1 ENGLISH, Ecorcher I'anglais | To speak 

I FRENCH, ■ Parler fi-anqais comme une 

vache espagnole ' | -backe'd a. qui a les reins 
casses | -down a. detraque [motor-car) reste 

en panne' | HEART coeur brise | 

VICTUALS rogatons | -winded a. poussif 
BRO'KER courtier [second-hand broker) bro- 

canteur | Bill , C de change | Cotton , 

C en cotons | Share , C d'actions | Ship , 

C maritime | Stock , Agent de change | 

AGE courtage 

BRO'MIDE bromure I BRO'MINE brorae 

A point (S') means silent, or ON" LL" L" liquid; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. ^K FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




tqBRONCHEMENT" stumble 
°^ IJronclier' vn. to stumble : to trip : to stir • 
'^BKONCHES- [pi] bronchi [cli,fc] Ltomove 
lljBroncliiqu'e a. bronchial [ch. fc] 
^BRONCHITK [nheetl _chitis [bronn-kditiss 
BRONZAGE bronzing | BRONZE _ | Creur de 

, Heart of stone | phosphore, Phosphor-B 

Bronzer" va. to bronze [le coeur) to harden 
BROQVETTK tack | De la _,Some tacks (pi] 
BROSSAQE brushing 

BROSSE brusli i _ a CHEVEUX' hair-B [ _ 
a VENTS- tooth-B | _ a HABITS^ cIothes-B 
BiJO^.^^^ brushing [argot) 'dressing' 
Brosser" va. to brush iplais) to beat : to ' lick ' 
BROSSERIE brush manufactory [ou trade] 
BROSSEUR [officer's) servant [ou man] 
BROSSIER- brush-maker : B-dealer 
BROU husk I BROVEE mist 
BROUET" NOIR Spartan broth Fbarrow-Ioad 
Brouetler' va. to wheel : to carry in a barrow 
BROUH'AH'A uproar : ' row ' 
BROUILL'AMINI muddle : disagreement : 'row' 
BROUILfARD" fog : mist [livre) waste-book | 

II fait du , There is a mist : it is foggy | 

Papier , Blotting paper | II brouill'asse 

(vn.) It is drizzling 
BROJJILL'E misunderstanding : coolness | 

Etre en , To be on bad terms 

Brouill"er' va. to mix up : to confuse, perplex : 
to embroil [scrrftre) to hamper \ftartes) to 

shuffle [oeufs) to scramble | Se , To get 

cloudy [tig) to get confused [x>ers) to fall out: 
not to be on good terms 
BiJOr7J£i.EiJ7£misunderstanding: confusion 
BROUILL-ON-'-iVrjV^K blunderer [o.) blunder- 
ing I BROUILL' ON" rough draft : rough copy 
[livre) waste-book 
Brouir va. to nip [par le soleil) to burn 
BROUSSAILLES- briers (pi] brushwood 
Brouter" va. to browse : to crop 
BROUTILLES- (pi] trifles : brushwood 
BROYAQE crushing : grinding 
Broyer' va. to pound : to crush : to grind \ Ma- 
chine a [or BROYEUR] crusher: breaker: 

BRU daughter-in-law Lpug-mill 
BRUANT" or BRYANT" yellow-bunting : yel- 
low- [h] ammer | des neiges, Snow-bunting | 

des roseaux, Reed-bunting 

BRUGN'ON" nectarine [be drizzling 

BRUINE drizzling rain j —V v. (Table 71) To 
Bruire vn. [bruyant : il bruit : il bruyait, or 

bruissait] to murmur : to rustle 
Bruissant' -e a. murmuring 
BRUISSEMENT" rustling : murmur 
BRUIT" [pr. brrcee'] noise : roar : rumour ; report : 
'to-do' : ' fuss '[metallique) clang [de cftatnes) 
clank [sec) click | a grand , Ostentatious- 
ly I Beaucoup de pour rien, Much ado 

about nothing | Faire du , To make a noise | 

a petit , Quietly | Le court, It is rum- 

Brfllanf-e a. burning : hot ; fervent Loured 
BRULi burnt taste (ou smell] Sentir le _, To 

smell of burning [ BRULEMENT" Vjurning 
' BRULE-GUEULE ' short pipe : cutty P 

BrOlo-pourpoinf | a , ad. right in one's 

face : suddenly : all at once [argument) direct 

Brfller' va. to burn : to scorch [cafe) to roast 

[liquides) to scald (de, with] [depasser) to 

waste [ou lose] no time on [ou it)] Se la 

cervelle, To blow one's brains out | Les doigts 
me brulent. My fingers are burning | NousbrO- 
lons de vous voir.We are longing to see you | 

la politesse a. To suddenly leave [ou 'cut'] 

le pave, To rattle [ou dash] along at full 

speed I mie itape. To pass through ... with- 

BRtJLERIE distillery L""* stopping 

BRULE-TOUT- save-all 
BRULEUR incendiary : distiller : burner 
BROLOIR ...-roaster | BRULOT" ftre-ship 
BRtfLURE burn : burning : scald : blast 
BRUMAIRE second month of the Republican 

year ['Oct.' 22 to 'Nov.' 20] 
BRUME fog : sea mist : haze 
Brumeux" -etise a. foggy : misty : hazy 
BRUN" brown Ipers) man of dark complexion 
Brun"-e a. brown : dusky : dark 
BruiiAtre a. brownish 

BRUNE dusk Ifemme) woman of dark com- 
plexion \ a. la , At dusk 

BRUNETTE' — ' | BRUNI burnish 
Brunir va. to brown : to darken [polir) to bur- 
nish [vn.) to get brown [ou dark] 
BRUNISSAGE burnishing 
BRUNISSEUR-Bt/S/!; burnisher 
BRUNISSOIR burnisher [tool] 
BRUNISSURE hiowning [poll) burnish [lart, 
ou I'action) burnishing 




Bron'chlal [ch, fc] chique 

Bronze va. bronzer | BROOCH [oo, 6] broche 
BROOD [broiwJe] couvee [vn.) couver | To keep 

ing over, Rever continuellement a 

g BROOK ruisseau [va.) souffrir : digerer 
.BROOK'LET petit ruisseau fa balai 

8 BROOM balai [bot) genet | -STICK manche 
BROSE [Scotl.] sorte de bmdllie 
BROTH [o bief. th fort] bouillon : potage 
BROTH'ER [ftre] [pi. Brothers : style soutenu, 
S Brethreti] frere [fig) confrere [lawyers, to 
£ one another) maitre | -IN-LAW beau-frere | 
"S HALF- _, demi-frere | _HOOD fraternite: 

S confrerie | ly a. fraternel 

BROUGHAM [iwo-e-m] coupe fBring] 

Broug'ht [_migh comme a dans sort] [,pp. V. 

BROW [_bra6^ sourcil [forehead) front [of hill) 

Brow'lieat [btte] va. traiter ... insolemment 
BROWN [fcroonri] brun [in roasting) rissole 

[autumn) teinte de rmiille [a.) brun [bread) 

bis' [sugar) brut [paper) gris' [v.) brunir : 

se b [cookery) gratiner [meat) ri.s.soler : se r i 

_ STUDY reverie 

BROWN'ING [butter and flour] roux 

Brown'ish a. brunatre 

BROWN'NESS coideur brune : brun 
Browse ibraoiizel va. brouter 
BRU'IN ours 
BRUISE Ibrouze'] contusion : meurtrissure : 

coup : 'renfoncement' [va.) meurtrir : ecraser 
'Brunim'agem' idje-m1 a. de cameloie : faux 

[108] Prepositions used before nouns and participles. Roman type; before verbs, Italic. 


Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Brus<|iie a.' ' : rough : abrupt : sudden : 

blunt I menf ad. suddenly : abruptly : 

bluntly I Brusquer" va. to be abrupt with: 

to make short work with fbrusqueness 

BRUSQUERIE abruptness : bluntness : 

Brut-e [pr. the (] a. rough : ... in the rough : 

raw : coarse [le montant) gross [vin) sweet 

[i.e., natural, not 'sec'] Bete e, Beast | Ma- 

tiere e. Raw material | Poids , Gross 

BRUTAL brute : churl Lweight 

Brutal -e a. rough : hard : unfeeling : brutal : 

brutish [-enienf -ly] [V. Stubborn, ang.] 
Brutaliser' va. to treat ... roughly [ou brutally] 
BRUTALITE _ty : roughness : hardness : bru- 

tishness : stubbornness 

Bruyaininent' ad. noisily : loudly 
Bi'uyant' -e a. noisy : loud : clamorous 
BRUYERE heath : moor J Coq de _, Caper- 
cailzie I Terre de , Peat | Arbustes de terre 

de , American plants | Pipe en , Briar 

BRYONE bryony LP'Pe 

Bu -e pp. [Y. Boire] 

BUANDE RIE laundry [fara) wash-house 
BUANDIER • -jijfiK bleacher : laundress [fam) 
BUBON" tumour : bubo [ivashertvoman 

BUCARDE cockle | Buccal -e a. ... of the 
mouth, ou cheek I BUCCIN" whelk 

BUCfePHALE _alus [fam) steed 

BtCHE log : block [pers) blockhead | _ de 

Noel, Yule-log | 'Ramasser nne ,' [eye] To 

have a spill | Plottage a S" penines". Dam- 
ming up streams till a day of floating, when 
the rush carries the timber down to larger 

BUCHER" wood-shed : stack of wood [supplice) 

stake I va.\a rough-hew [un.) to ' wire into 

it' : to 'slave away,' 'swat' | 'Se ' To fight 

BUCHERON' woodman : wood-splitter 

BVCHETTE stick : bit 

' BUCHEUR ' desperate man for work 

Bucolique o. ic 

BUDGET- [bf'W-z/ie] _ [ang. be-djett1 [de la 

grierre, etc.) estimates | Modeste , Slender 

means | Budgetaire a. budget ... 

BUEE vapour : steam : lye 

BUFFELINE buffalo-cloth 

BUFFET" : sideboard : cupboard : case[«S3l) 


BUFFLE buffalo [cuir) buff leather 

BVFFLETERIE belts (pi] 

BUFFLETIN- young buft'alo 

BUQLE _ [a trumpet] BUGLE _ [plant] 

BUIS' box : boxwood 

BUISSON" bush : thicket | Trouver _ creux, 
[fig] To be just too late : to find ... gone 




BRDNT [6re-nnt] choc : fureiir : fort | To bear 

tlie , Faire tous les frais 

/BRUSH brosse [pencil) pinceau [sweeping) 
I balai [tight) brossee [fox's) qiieue \ Bottle 

I , Goupillon I Hearth , Balai de c7iemi/ie'e 

5 {va.) bros.ser [sweep) balayer [touch against) 

"5 effleurer | away, off, enlever | up, 

J; donner un coup de brosse a [tig) repasser : 
■= revoir | -HOLDER porte-balai | -MAKER 

I brossier | WOOD brmtssailles 

j BRUSH'ER bros.seur-«tse 
* BRUSH'ING brossage : brossee 
BRUSS'ELS [bre-sslze'] -CARPET nioqtiette 
botKlee I -SPROUTS (pi] chou de Bnixelles 

CBru'tal a. feo | izc [awe] vu. abrutir 

*S Bru'tally ad. cruellement : brutalement 
.fe BRUTE .L [pers) animal [a.) des betes : brutal: 

.2 prive de raison | FORCE vive force 

% Bru'tish a. brut : cruel [stupid) abruti 
i _ty ad. brutalement | _NESS brutalitd 
BUB'BLE [be-be-f] btdle [dg) chimere 

up, bouillonner 

COMPANY attrape : affaire vereiise 

I^BUCK chevreuil : daim [rabbit) male [pers) 

I gaillard' | BOA'RD voiture tres legere \ 

' _'S-HORN come de cerf | _SKIN peau de 
i daim 1 —SHOT chevrotine | —THORN 

''^ nerprun | WHEAT sarrasin : ble noir 

SjTBUCK'ET -seau : baquet [of pump) piston : 
^ seau [water-wheel) auget [dredger) godet | 

i Drop in a , Gmttte d'ean dans la mer | 

. _FUL baquet | -SEAT baquet fronnier 
3 ' BUCK'EYE' habitant-e de lOhio [tree) mar- 
i BUCK'LE bmtcle [va.) bonder Ivn.) se b : se 

I courber I on.endosser | to', sy raettre 

! d'airache-pied | BUCK'LER bouclier 
^ BUCK'RAM [be-k'-re-mni] bougran 


BUCK'SKIN, etc. [V. BUCK] 

BUD [pr. be-dj bouton [fig) germe | In the , 

En herbe [V. Nip] 

[-dded] [i)H.) bourgeoimer [va.) ecussonner 

BUDD'ING bourgeonnement:y>'efl% en ecusson 
■f [fig) germe [a.) bourgeonnant [tig) naissant | 
,o -KNIFE ecussonnoir 
BUD'DLE [mining] lavoir [va.) laver 
Biid{|e [be-dje"] vti. boiiger fbuffle 

BUFF [u, e] coiileitr chamois | _ LEATHER 
BUFF'ALO Ife-lo] buffle 
BUFF'ER tampon | ' Old _ ' [vulg] Vieux 

bonhomme | SPRINGS ressorts de choc | 

_ STATE etat-taittpon | -STOP heurtoir : 
■^BUFF'ET tea : coup de poing [butoir 

5 va. battre [tig) hitter contre 

BUFFOO'N bouffon | _ERY Imuffonnerie 

BUG p^inaise : insecte i May , Hanneton 

I BUG'BEAR [fter-e] epouvantail 
^BUGG'Y boghei [or boghe] americaine 
BU'GLE [biougtie-'t] cor (de c/jasse] [X)clai- 

ron : bugle [bot) btigle \ R clairon 

BU' GLOSS [fiioit] [ou VIPERS _] vipdrine 
BUHL marqtteterie de Boule [a.) de Boule 

^BU'ILD [of pers] taille | va. lpret.<tpp. 

I Built] batir : construire [have built) faire 

t_ batir, or c | up, elever [tech) raurer | 

t upon [tig] faire fond sur 

^BU'ILD'ER [contractor) entrepreneur [sliip- 

'S, ) constructeur 

^ BUILD'ING batiment : edifice [art of) con- 

.. strtcction \ Public S, moimments publics | 

■3 _ MATERIALS materiaux de C [old) M 
= de demolition [broken) decombres (pi] 

~ TRADES industries du batiment 

1 Bu-llt [pp. y. Build] a. bSti-e (with, of. en] 
\^ British- De cotiitntction anglaise 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Buissonneux'-etese a. bushy | nnier'-tere 

a. bush ... I Faire Vecole iere, To play truant 

BULBE [A/^jbulb I Bulbeiix'-eitse a. bulbous 

BULLE bubble [popes) bull 

BULLE'TIN" _ : vote : ballot-paper : ticket : 
list : certificate : daily report : official K : 

summary : notice [dune soc.) report | de 

bagages, Luggage-T | trimestriel, School R 

BURALISTE office-keeper : receiver | Recette 
, Government tobacco-shop. etc. [for taxes] 

BURE drugget Imine) shaft : winze 

BURE'AU ■ ' : office : desk : writing-D : shop: 

committee : executive [ou sub-] G [ V. Com- 
mittee] Chefde Head clerk | Gar^on de , 

Me-ssenger | restant.'To be left till called 

for' I de tabac. Tobacconist's (shop] 

BURE'AUCRATE clerk in a government office : 

clerk in the 'circumlocution office' : official 
BURE-AVCRATIE [pr. de] 'red tape' : offi- 
Bure'aucratique a. ic Lcial influence 




^BDLB _e : oignon : caTeu [india-rubb.)poire | 

^ S oignons a fletirs \ Bul'bous a. beux 

i BULGE bombement : 

£ vn. faire saillie [to damage, va.) crever 

«BULK srosseiir : volume [main part) gros : 

iDOSse l-S^) charge \ In [wholesale] En 

1 vrac I Laden in [s/iij)] Charge en grenier] 

c To break [rt] Commencer le decharge- 

'^ BULK'HEAD cloison (fitanchel Lnient 

J BULK'INESS grossmr : volume 

vBuIk'y a. gros 

/BULL taureau [on Stock E.xcliange) haussier 

[pope's & imperial) IniUe [blunder) bemie : 

hmdette : betise | To take the ^ by the 

HORNS, Prendre le taureau par les comes | 

I -BAITING combat de chiens contre un 

I taureau | -DOG bouledogue i -FIGHT course 

J_ de T'x I S-EYE [target) noir : tnmtche : 

g mille [window) ceil de boeuf [in glas.s) boii- 
^ dine [»t) margouillet 
SBULL'ET taJfe (de fusil, etc.] 
is BULL'FINCH bouvreuil : pivoine 
«BULL'ION [ye-nn'i or, ou argent (en lingots] 

S Stock of Encaisse me'talliq^ie 

' BULL'OCK bouvillou 
BULL'Y bravache : mataraore [in low sense) 
souteneur [ra.) nialmener [m.) faire le fen- 

dant [a. America) epatant | ' for you ! ' 

Bravo! | ING cranerie [a.) fendant : 

BUL'RUSH [re-c7i] jonC Lbrutal 

^.BUL'WARK rempart | _S [»1>] pavois 
|/BUM'BLE-BEE bourdon 
BUM' BOAT ibote'i bateau k proviiions 
BUMP [bang) choc : coup Ivn.) frap- 
per : se cogner : se heurter (against, contre] 
I bumped ray head, Je lue suis cogne la tete 
BUM'PER rasade : rouge-bord 
BUMP'KIN rustre : lourdaud 1 

Buinp'tioiisa. suffisant | -NESS SH/"/isance: j 
gBUN baba [plain) brioche [^importance 

« BUNCH bosse [flowers) bouquet [bract: bot) 
5 regime [of straw, radishes) botte [tuft) totiffe ' 
^ [of keys) trousseau | A _ of GRAPES. 1 
g Une ffrappe de raisin j 

I Bunch [out] vn. faire : bomber i 

gBUN'DLE paquet [of papers) ftosse [sheaf ) [ 
" 6otte : jOvelle [of fetioks) fagot [a heap) tas i 
I [of linen, etc) 'tapon' [tYi.)empaqueter [agr) | 

mettre enjavelles \ ... in, fourrer | ... | 

out, Jeter (a la parte, etc.] Ivn.) sortir 

BUNG6o«de[t>a.)bondonner| up, boucher 

BUNG'HOLE 6onde 

Bun'glu v. bousiller : niassacrer i To make 

a of it, Faire de la manvaise besogne 

VBUN'GLER bousilleur : savetier 

«BUN'ION [ye-nn1 oignon (au pied] 

SBUNK eoucTtette Ivn. fam) 'filer' 

2 BUNK'ER soiUe | Coal _, S au charbon 

,§ COALS charbon de smite 

ttjBUNK'UM [de la) blagxie (politicpie, etc.] 
2'BUNN'Y' lapin 

SBUN'SEN BUB'NER bee Bunsen 
SBUNT chapeau | -CLOTHS fonds | -LINE 
_ cargue-fond | -PATCH patte du chapeau 

BUN'TING famine [bird) bruant I REED- 

f Bruant de roseaux [T''. Snow] 

I BU'OY bmiee | Life , B de sauvetage 1 

"S -ROPE orin | Bu"oy va. baliser | up, 

■? soutenir(de. with] [a cable) alleger 
! BU'OY'ANCY legerete [fig) elan : animatioti 
'Bu'oy'ant a. fiottant : leger [fig) vif : anime 
^BUR [r. BURR] 

BUR'DEN fardeau : cliarge [of a song) re- 
I frain : reprise iva.) charger (with, de] Beast 

1 of Bete de somnie | He is a to his 

2 friends, II est a charge a ses parents | ... of 

* 1000 tons , ... du port [orde lacontenance] 

s de 1000 toniieaux 

■oBurMensonie a. facheux : a charge (to, a] 

^BUR'DOCK bardane 

g BUR'GESS Ibetir-dje-ss'] bourgeois : electeur 

E [M.P.) representant | ES (pi] bmirgeoisie 

SBUR'QH-ER bourgeois 

= BUR'GLAR cambrioleur 

I BUR'GLARY vol de nttU avec effraction 

BUR'GOMASTER bourgmestre 
I BURGUN'DIAN [& a.] Bourguignon -nne 

1 BUR' GUNDY [vin de)Bourgogne [V. Pitch 
BUR'IAL [lierri-e-l] enterrement | -GROUND 

cimetiere | -MOUND tumulus | -PLACE lieu 
de sepulture | -SERVICE office des morts 
'^Bur'ly a. gros : bruyant 
BURN briilure [brook) ruisseau Iva.) bruler 

(to, de] incendier [bricks) cuire | down, 

bruler : consumer | up, consommer ; 

brCiler | To make the fire Activer le feu i 

2 I burnt [ou e'd] my hand, Je me suis brule 

^ la main | He is ing with revenge, II brule 

c de se venger | Burning! [in playing games] 
.^ Tu brules! 

■" BURN'ER bruleur [nozzle) bee (de gaz] 
pBURN'ING bruhtre [of hoiise. eto) incendie 
s [lot) fourtie'e [fig) ardeur [of bricks) CMtte | 

g «. brulaut : en feu : enflamme [glass) 

- ardent | There is a smell of , (,^a sent le 

brfile [F. Plomb] 
Buf'nish va. brunir : polir [phot) satiner | 

ER brunisseiir [tool) brunissoir | ING 

brunis.sage [phot) satinage 
VBUR'NOOSE [nonce] burnous [pr. the s] 

[110] Prepositions used before noiuis and participles, Roman type; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




BURETTE cruet : can [a la messe) vase | a 

huile, Oil-can [dhuilier) oil-cruet | kvi- 

naigre, Vinegar-cruet 
BURIN" : graver [ftajTe) borer [style, exeat- 

tian) style of engraving [J>) fid [tig) pen 
Buriner' va. to engrave 

Burlesque a. | inenf ad. in a B style 

BURNOUS [pron. the s] burnoose 

BURON" shepherd's hut : cabin 

BUSARD" harrier : bird of prey | desmarais, 

Marsh-harrier | Saint-Martin, Hen-H 

BUSC busk [tech) mitre [ou shutting] sill 
BTJSE [s 2] buzzard [Hg) dunce [tech) nozzle: 

mill-race [.mine) air-shaft 
Busque -e a. with a busk : arched 
Busquer' va. to lace : to attire [length 

BUSTE bust ii,) figure-head | En _, Half- 

BUT [pr. the t ] end : mark : aim : object : butt : 
design [football) goal | De en blanc, Point- 
blank I Avoir pour de, To aim at | Dans le 

de. With a view to 

BVTEE abutment | Palier de _, Thrust-block 
_ a BILLES-. Thrust ball-bearing 

Buter" V. to prop : to support : to aim at : to 
hustle : to stumble | 8e a, To be determined 

BUTIN" plunder : booty : spoils (pi] [.on 

Butiner' va. to plunder : to loot 

BUTOIR [«a) buffer-stops (pi] [tech) stop 

BUTOR bittern [fig) ' brute ' : clumsy fellow 

BUTTAGE earthing up 

BUTTE knoll : hill : butt [tech) half-stuff i En 
_ a. Exposed to | BUTTEE abutment 

Butter" va. to earth up 

BUTTOIR double-breasted plough 




f'Burnt a. brflle [brick) aiite 
BURR pierre nieiiliere [edge) arret [voice) 
grassevement [stag) me>ile [bot) glouteron 
I BURR'bW- terrier [min) debris 

1 vn. se terrer : fouiller (into, dans] 

IbUR'SAR [.se-r] econome 

g BURST eclat : mouvement (d'eloquence] [of 

^ anger) explosion : acces 

u Burst [he-rste] va. [j>ret.<S;pp ] crever : 

« faire eclater [blood vessel, etc.) rompre [vn.) 

§ crever : eclater : fondre : percer [spurt out) 

§ jaillir | from, s'echapper (de. ...] in, 

" into, [pers] se precipiterdans | into tears, 

f Fondre en larmes | out laughing, Eclater 

I [or poiiffer] de rire | The view that s upon 

us. Le spectacle qui se decouvre a nos yeux 
I BURST'ING [of boilers, etc.] ea-plosion 
(^BUR'TON [he-r] [single Spanish] cawdeJeHe 

Bur'y [tierfe} va. [pre't. ife pp. Buried] en- 
terrer : eiisevelir : plonger [conceal) cacher 
BUR'YING enterrement [y. BURIAL] 

'BUS [6e-ss] [pi. 'Busses] [fam] omnibus 

BUS'BY [be-zz-bel colback 

BUSH buisson : bouclion (de cabaret] qiieiie 
(de renard] [tecii) bagne [wilderness) terre 

"S inciilte [Australia) brousse [In compounds 

.c often represented by the termination ...lER ; 

.2 as, Curfant , Groseillier : Raspberry , 

is Framboisier] [V. En.ieigne2 

I BUSH'EL 36 litres [ V. Table 91] Under a _. 
- Sous le bois.seau fea 

^Bush'y a. [thick) epais [hair) touffu 

Bus'ily Ibizze-le: i tres bref] ad. activement: 
avec empressement | engaged, Tres occupe 

BUS'INESS Ibizz'ness'i affaire : ocaipation (-s] 
[connexion) clientele [trade) metier : etat | 

To commence. To set up in , S'etablir : 

debuter | ... for sale, Fonds de ... a ven- 

dre i An ironmongery , Un fonds de quin- 

caillerie | is Les affaires sont les As | 

is quiet. Les transactions sont cal'mes | 

In , En affaires | Engaged in , Dans 

les affaires \ Mind your OWN _, Melez- 

vous de vos affaires ( That is not my' , 

Ce nest pas mon A [F. Regarder] It's no 

of his. U n'a rien a y voir | What has he 

here ? Qu'a-t-il a faire ici ? [F. Oalere, 284 ] 
To send ... about his , Envoyer promener 

... I To make it one's to. Prendre sur soi 

de I To do with, Etre en affaires avec ... | 

On , Pour (ses) affaires | Let us come to 

, Entrons en matiere \ To have an eye to , 

Avoir I'oeil aiix affaires \ To retire from , 

Se retirer des affaires \ To take to the , 

Prendre la succession | CARD carte 

d'adresse \ Good MAN, Homme qui entend 

les affaires | In the PART of the town, Au 

centre des affaires | STREET rue com- 

mergante ( In _ STYLE. En style commercial 
-like a. regulier : pratique : droit : franc 

1 BUSK busc I BUS'KIN brodequin 
*BUST buste [drawing model) bosse 
cBUS'TARD oiitarde | Great _, Grande O, 

73 or barbue | Little , Canepetiere 

^BUS'T'LE [be-ss't] mouvement : tourbillon : 
g remue-menage : bruit [of a dress) tournure | 

S We are all in a , Nous sonunes sens des- 

8 sus dessous | To about v. se remuer 

3 Bus'flint) [6e-sJ]a. remuant [noisy) bruyant 

Bus'y \bizze'\ a. occupe : empresse [bee) dili- 
gent I o'self with, S'occuper de | -BODY 

officieux I He's a , C'est 'la mo^iclie du 

coche ' I _ DAY jour d'affaires | _ SEASON 
[ea i] saison de grand travail 
But [pr. 6e-(] co>y'. mais : que : sauf que [in 

argument) or | ad. it. prep, excepte [only) 

seulement : ne ... que ... [V. Anything ] 

for. Sans | All , Presque | that. Si ce 

nest que | I am just come, Je ne fais que 

d'arriver | It's all done, ia c/iose est comme 

faite I If I could , Si je pouvais seulement 

... I It is a franc. Ce n' qu'un franc | 

The last four, Le [la^ quatrieme avant 

dernier -ere | The day one before, L'avant- 

veille\ How can we ? Comment ne pas ...? 

BUTOH'ER [u, OM bref] boucher [va.) egorger : 

massacrer I 'S BROOM petit-houx : ^jrine- 

de-rat | 'S MEAT viande de boucherie | 'S 

SHOP bmicherie | -BDID ecorcheur 
BUTCH'ERY [u. ou bref] boucherie : tuerie 
» BUT'LER sommelier [chief servt) majordome 
S _'S TRAY' plateau a deoouper 

2 BUTT but [pers) plastron [cask) pipe [v.) 
.§ frapper de la tete | -END gros bout [gun) 

» crosse | JOINT joint plat | -\velUc«l a. 

s soude par simple rapprochement 

A point (S") means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [Ul] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Buvable a. fit to drink : drinlcable 
BUVARD" blotting-book (ou -pad] Papier _, 

Blotting-paper | -TAMPON" blotting-pad 
BUVETTE refreshment-bar : tap-room Igare) 

2nd class refreshment-E laux eaux) pump-R 

BUVE'TIER" tap-room keeper 

BUVEUR -BI/SK drinker | '_d'eau', Teetotaler 

Salle des s. [eatix] Pump-room 

Buvoter' vn. to keep sipping : to tipple 
Byzantin" -e a. ine : Byzantian 




/BUTT'EK beurre [va.) beurrer | Melted _, 

Sauce blanche | Slice of bread and , Tar- 

I tine (de beurre] -BOAT sauciere | -DISH 
beurrier | -MILK petit-Iait | -SCOTCH 
I caramel au beurre [no exact French equiv.] 
« -WORKER malaxeur a B 
SbUTT'ERCUP bouton d'or 
SBUTT'ERFLY papillon 
.g _ ORCH-IS orchis a deua: feuilles 
« BUTT'ERWORT ffrossette \ship) arcasse 
gBUTT'OCK CMlotfe (de boeuf] croupe [of a 
SBUTT'ON [6e-«-'»in] bouton [T^. Care] [v.) 
o boutonner : se b [upholstery) se capitonner 
" -HOLE bmitonniere | -HOOK tire-bouton | 
-STICK IX.'i patience | ' BUTT'ONS ' page 

BUTT'RESS [solid) contrefort [flying) arc- 
boutant Iva.) arc-bouter (with, de] soutenir 

BUTTS (pi] polygone (pour Varlilleriel tir 

BUTT'Y [collier] chef d'equipe 
VBux'om a. gai [pretty) joli 
Buy [pr. 6at] va. [.pret. <fe i>p. Bought, pr. hot} 

acheter (of, a] [to bribe) corrompre | in, 

acheter : aequerir | off, out, racheter | 

up, accaparer : acheter tout-e ... 

BUY'ER acheteur : actieteuse [law) acquereur 
BU Y'ING achat | _ IN achat [redemp) rachat | 

UP accaparement 

Buzz [u, e] vn. bourdonner 

BUZZ'ARD [be-zexirdel buse : busard | Honey 

, Bondrie apivcre 

BUZZ'ING [u, e] bourdonnement 
By [pr. bat] jrrep. par : de : a ; sur [followed 
by participle) en [of points of compass) quart 
IV. South, West, etc.] _ night, De nuit | _ 

turns, Tour a tour | One one, Un a un | 

4 o'clock, Avant [or vers] 4 lieures \ the 

end of the month. Pour [or vers] la fin du 

mois I the pound, a la livre \ 3 feet 10, 

3 pieds sur 10 I means of, Au moyen de i 

all means, Certainement : par tous les 

moyens possibles | To judge , Jugerd'apres 

ad. [of place) pres [aside, or out of the way) 

a part [of time) passe | Close , Tout pres | 

the , the way, En passant : a propos | 

To keep ... ' me, Garder ... par devers 

moi I Standing ', Present | To stand' , 

Defendre : soutenir | By and by, tout a 
^BYE [cricket] balle passee [I'heure 

BYE-BYE I To go to _, AUer faire dodo 
I BYE-ELECTION Aection partielle 
I BYE-LAW [F. LAW] reglement : statut 

I By'gone a. passe [times) d'autrefois | In 

days, Dans I'ancien temps | Let S be S 1 

■g Oublions le passe ! N'en parlous plus ! 
BY'-PASS [gas] bec-allumeur i _ VALVE, 
soujDape de retour 
BY' -PATH, -WAY, sentier, chemin detourne 
BY'-PRODUCT sous-produit 
BY'STANDER spectateur : assistant 
V^BY'WOBD dicton : riade 

[112] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type; before verbs, Italic 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 



C [pr. say] abbr. for Cent, Centimes | C [for Ce] 
C [abbr. for] 

Qa [cela] pron. that : this : it | Comme , So : 

like this | Comme ci comme , Rather so so 

Qk ad. here { et la. Here and there : to and 

fro : everywhere | Or ! Now then I 

CAB hansom-cab : cab 

CABALE cabal I r" tm. to intrigue 

CABALEUR -RUSE intriguer 
CABAN" hooded cloak : pilot-coat : cloak 
CABANE hut : cot [Irlande) cabin oa^ 
CABANON" cell : tiny cabin 
CABARET" public-house : tavern : little tea- 
table : tea-tray [de porcelaine) china salver : 

tea-service | Salle de , Tap-room 

CABARETIER---/£/J£ tavern-keeper : inn-K. 
CABAS" work-bag : rush basket : fruit-basket 

CABESTAN" capstan : | volant, 

CABILL- AUD" [fresh) cod LCrab winch 

CABILL'OT" belaying-pin : toggle 
CABINE cabin \teleph.) telephone call-box 

CABINET' : case : closet : collection [d'un 

medecin) consulting-room [d'avocat) oflice : 
practice [A'aisances) water-closet : 'w.C' | 
Homme de , Studious man | _ de CIRE wax- 
work collection, museum | de LECTURE 

circulating library : news-room i NOIR 

dark room | de TOILETTE dressing-room 

[«a) lavatory | _ de TRAVAIL' study 
CABLE cable | _ chaine, Chain C | Grand, 

maitre — , Sheet C | de louee, Stream C | 

— de remorque, Hawser | Filer du , To 

CABLEAU rope Lpay out more C 

Cftbler' va. to twist ... into a cable [com) to 
CABLOQRAMME cablegram [cable 

CABOCHE ' pate ' : ' noddle ' 
CABOCHON" uncut polished gem | En _, Tal- 
low-topped (jewel] ' CABOT"' corporal : dog 
CABOTAQE coasting | Caboter' vn. to coast 
CABOTEUR coasting captain ou .sailor 
CABOTIER" coaster 

CABOTIN"-£ strolling player : second-rate 
CABOTINAGE second-rate acting (.actor 

CABOULOT" [argot] dram-shop : low cafe 
se Cabrer" vr. to rear : to get restive [pers) to 
CABRI kid Lfire up (at] 

CABRIOLE caper | Faire Hne _ [or Cabrioler'] 
To cut a C fcuffs (pi] 

CABRIOLET" ' _ ' : cab : gig [»ieno«es) hand- 
CABROUET" ' — ' [cart used on sugar-estates] 

CACAO cocoa bean [en paiidre) cocoa | Beurre 
de Cacao-butter 

CACAOTIER", _YER" cacao : chocolate-tree 
[Cocotier is the cocoa-nut palm] 

' CACAOUETTE' peanut 

CACAOYPIRE cocoa-plantation 

CACATO^S cockatoo' 

CACATOIS- [J,] royal | Barres de Main 

topmast cross-trees | Perche anx barres de 

At the mast-head | volant [or, Contre ] 

CACHALOT" _ LSkysail 

CACHE hiding-place | -CACHE hide and seek 

CACHEMIRE cashmere : cashmere shawl 

CACHE-NEZ" muffler : scarf : comforter 
— -POT" flower-pot holder, ou screen fcover 
—-POUSSlfeRE dust-coat : D-cloak [tech) D- 

Caclier" va. to liide : to conceal (a. from] to dis- 
guise : to make a mystery of | Se vr. To 

conceal o'self (a, from] [dune chose) to keep 
quiet about 

CACHET" seal [billet) ticket [nje'd) cachef [fig) 

stamp I Courir le , To give private lessons | 

Legons au , Private lessons 

Cache'ter' va. to seal : to seal up : to stamp 
iV.Cirel Pain a , Wafer 

CACHETTE hiding-place | En _, Secretly : 
without showing o'self 

CACHOT " cell : dungeon 

CACHOTTERIE mystery about nothing 

Cacliottler" -/ere making a mystery of nothing 

CACHOU _ Latall 

Caeochyme a. mic : weakly : debilitated : 

CACOGRAPHIE bad spelling [queer 


CACTEES- (pi] the cactus family 

CACTIER" or CACTUS cactus leak' -te-ss'i 

C.-a-d. [C'est-a-dire] that is to say ['i.e.'] 

Cadastral -e a. 

CADASTRE public register of land : govern- 
ment survey (for assessment of land-tax] 

Cadaslrer" va. to survey and register 

Cadavereux" -eitse a. cadaverous 

Cadav^rlque a. ic 

CADAVRE corpse : dead body 

CADE'AU gift : present 

CADE-NAS" padlock 

Cade'nasser" va. to padlock 

CADENCE — [ke-de-nrwe] [nuts) shake i Alter 
en , To keep time 

CADE'NETTE long tress of hair 



CAB fiacre : Doi(uredei)toce:'sapin' [Brussels) 
vigilante [4SI) abri (du mecanicien] Hansom 
— , Cab [voUure angl. a detix places} 'Four- 
wheel ' — , Voiture a quatre places | To call 
[ou hail] a — , Appeler [or Faire avancer] 
un fiacre [or une voiture'] -RUNNER [Paris] 
'bagotier' | -STAND station de voitures 

CABB'AGE Ikab'edge'] chou [fig) retailles de 
tailleur Iva.) voler | -STUMP trognon de C | 
-WHITE papillon du C 

' CABB'Y' Iplais. pour Cabman] cocher 

CAB'IN [on sliip) cabine : cTuimbre [captain's) 

cajute [hut) cabane [negro's) case \ Fore , 

Cabine d'avant | -BOY mousse | -PASSENGER 
paseager -ere de premiere classe 

CAB'INET _fca | -size [phot.] format album | 
_ of COINS, medaiUier | _ of INSECTS, 
insectier | -COUNCIL conseil des ministres | 
-MAKER ebeniste | -MAKING ebinisterie | 
-MINISTER ministre d'etat 

CA'BLE [fcel cable | _'S LENGTH encdblure | 
-MOULDING torsade 
-TRAM funiculaire 

CA'BLEGRAM [a g] cablogramme 

CAB' MAN [pi. —men] cocher 

CABOO'SE [ke-bouce] ctiisine [«a) ourgon 

CACK'LE [_cak'i] caquet [im.) caqueter 

CACK'LING caquetage 

CAD canaille : gamin [omnibus) conducteur 

CADD'Y botte I Tea _, Boite a the 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL" L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FE3nKINE uvrds in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CADET' -ETTE younger son. brother, daughter, 
ou sistet' : young fellow : lad [X) cadet [fee- 

dette'i Mon de a ans. My junior by 3 years | 

a. younger : youngest [tig) junior 

CADRAN" dial | _ solaire. Sun-dial 
CADRAT" [typ] quadrat [fara)'quad' 
CADRATIN" em quad [ ] Demi-_, En quad [] 
CADRE [tableau, eye) frame [arts) border [ X) 

staff l<b) cot [fig) outline : limits : sphere 
Cadrer" rn. to agree ou square (avec, with] to 

suit ... 
Caduc, Cadttgtie a. frail : decrepit Ivoix) feeble 

Ifoi) lapsed | Age , Old age | a feuillage , 

Deciduous | Mai , Epilepsy 

CADUC^E caduceus 

CADUCITE decay : failing : falling off 

CAFARD"-J3 canting humbug : 'sneak' [blatte) 

black-beetle | Damas , Flowered silk dam- 

' Cafarder' ' vn. to sneak L»sl« 
CArt coffee : C-house : C-room : cafe : refresh- 
ment-rooms (pi] au lait. C and milk | 

noir, C without milk | Cafe au lait' a. 
cream-coloured : light buff | _ CHANTANT" 
CAF^IER- coffee-tree (ou -shrub] L'_' 

CAFKIERK coffee-plantation 
CAFETIER'-IEftK keeper of a cafe 
CAFE- TIERS coffee-pot : percolator 
CAFIER" coffee-tree (ou -shrub] 

CAGE [a volaille) coop [fig) prison Iconst) 

frame : shell [d'escalier) well | Fermer la 

quand les oiseaux se sont envoles. To lock 
the stable-door after the horse is stolen 
CAOEE cageful 
CAQN-ARD- lazy dog' 
Cagn'arder' vn. to idle : to lead an idle life 
CAGNARDISE [s, r] laziness : slothfulness 
Cagn'eux" -etise a. crook-kneed : bow-legged 
CAQOT"-fi bigot : hypocrite [o.) bigoted 
CA60TERIE. CAGOTISME [efce-ni] bigotry 
CAGOVLK monks hooiied cloak 
CAH'IER" book : text-book : official report : me- 
morial [d'eleve) copy-book [de devoirs) ex- 
ercise-book [pap. a lettres) half-a-dozen sheets 
ireliure) section | des CHARGES" speci- 
fication : terms of contract (pi] 
Cab'in-cali'a ad. so-so : but middling | Aller 

, To jog along 

CAH-OT' jolt I _AQE, _EMENT " jolting 

Cah'oter" va. to jolt 

CAH- VTE hut : hovel : crib 

CAlEU bulb 

CAILL'E quail | Roi des s, C!orn-crake 

CAILL-I& curd : curds (pi] 

CAILL-c-BOTIS " [4>] grating (of hatchway] 

CAILLEBOTTE curd : curds (pi] 

CaiU'er" va. [4 Se vr.] to curdle : to coagu- 

CAILL-GT'clot Llate 

CAILL' OU pebble : flint : small stone 1 Lancer 

• des X. To throw stones 

TAQE pebble-work : rock-work : stoning 

Caill'outeux' -eitse a. stony : pebbly 
CAIMAN" cayman : alligator 
CAlQUE _ : Turkish skiff 
CAISSE box : chest [a clair&^oie) crate [temie 
des livres) ' cash ' [pour I'argent) cash-box 
[tiroir) till [de voittire) body [bureau) treas- 
ury : pay-office [bureau, com) counting-house 
Itmis et tech) drum [de poulie) sheave | Livre 

de , Cash-book | Faire la , To balance 

the cash | Tenir la , To keep the cash | 

En [balance] In hand | a EA V water- 

tank:tank | _ d'EPARGXE savings-bank | 
_ de S£COr/JiS- sick-club 
CAISSIER" -lERE cashier [theat) money-taker 
CAISSGN" box : wagon [denav.) locker [consO 

caisson | ' Se faire sauter le '[slang] To blow 

one's brains out | Plafond en s, Panelled 

Cajoler' va. to wheedle | ^..JRIE wheedling 
CAJOLEUR -FUSE _er : coaxer 
CAJUTE [A] cabin | CAL, CALUS callosity 
CALAGE wedging up 
CALAISON" [s, z] water-line : draught 

Calaniiteux' -etise a.' tous [fce-Ja»i»n'-i-te-ss] 

CALANDRE calender [insecte) weevil [oiseau) 

lark I r" va. to calender | CALAO hornbill 

CALCAIRE limestone [a.) calcareous 
CALCEDOINE chalcedony [ch, k] 
CALCINATION"— [nec?l«->i»i] calcining 
Calciner" va. to calcine [fam) to burn up 

CALCUL calculation [a I'ecole) ciphering [math. 
et nie'tt) calculus {ined. fam) stone | Tout 

fait. Beckoning everything | Regie a — , 

CALCULATEUR -TiJ/C/? _tor [a.) —ting 
Calculer* va. to calculate [fam) to reckon [ex- 

ercer) to cipher | a a. calculating 

CALE wedge : packing [4f) chock [mocWkey 
[de navire) hold [de const) slip : stocks (pi] 

seche. Dry dock | Eau de Bilge water | 

Pompe de B pump | 'a fond de ,' Penni- 

* Cale -e ' a. ' well up ' (en, in] L'ess 
CALEBASSE calabash : gourd 

CALECHE ' ' : barouche : carriage : hood 

CALECON" drawers (pi] pair of D 
CAL^FACTEUR _tor f— S. Punster 

CALEMBOUR [»> nas] pun | Faiseur -euae de 




CADET'SJTTP poste de cadet Vsa 
' CADG'ER ' rodeur (de Ixxrrierel ' voyou ' 
CAGE [Uedje\ cage Iva.) mettre en cage 
CAIRN galgal | CAI'SSON _ : bateau-porfe 
CAKE gateau : biscuit [soap) morceau [chocol. 
etc.) tablette [t>n.) se prendre : se cailler [coal) 

coUer : se c I You can't have your and eat 

it, On ne pent avoir le drap et I'argent | Cur- 
rant , ' Plum-cake ' | Linseed , Tourteau i 

Sponge , Biscuit de Savoie 

Calam'itous a. teux : desastreux : funeste 

CAIi'CIUM CAR'BIDE carbure de calcium 
Cal'culatc [lete'] vn. [on, sur] compter [va.) 

calculer [Yankee sense) penser : croire 
Cal'culated a. [for, to. a] propre : adapte : fait | 

to. De nature a fculer 

CAL'CULATISG MACHINE machine a cal- 
CALCULA'TION calcul | _S previsions 
CAIi'DRON [a. o dans sort] cftawdtere [small'r) 


[114] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CALKMBRKDAINE fib : crooked answer 

CALEXDKS- [pi] _ds 

CALENDRIER" _dar : ahnanack 

C ALE° PI N° ' memorandum- book 

Caler* va. to wedge up [baisser) to lower : to 

strike [vn.) to draw (... feet of water] 
CALFAT" calker | Botte a Stuffing-box i 

Mousse de , Oakum-boy | AGE calking 

Cal filler' va. to calk ks^ 
CALFEUTRAGE stopping-up (chinks] 
Calfeutrer" va. to stop up the chinks in | Se , 

To make one's self snug 
CALIBRAGE gaugmg : trying the diameter of 

CALIBRE : size [de cylindre) bore | Gompas 

. de , Callipers, pi. | Fait-e sur , Made to 

CALICE chalice [boO calyx [fig) cup Lgauge 
CALICOT" calico [pers) 'counter-jumper' 
CALIFE caliph [ke-liffl 
Califourclion" | a ad. astride | Se mettre 

a sur, To bestride • fcoaxing 

CALIN" -E coaxer : lazy one [a.) wheedling : 
Cftliner'TOi. tocoax : to wheedle: to fawn upon : 

to indulge | Se , To take one's ease 

CALINO simpleton 

CALIORNK main [ou winding] tackle 

Calleux"-e!t.s'e a. callous : hard 

CALLIGRAPHE _ist | —PHIE _phy 

CALLOSITK [s. z] _ty | Avec _, Callously 

CALMANT" sedative [a.) soothing 

CALMAR calamary : squid 

CALME calm : stillness | _ plat, Dead C 

a. quiet : calm : collected 

Calmer" va. to calm : to still : to quiet | Se , 

To get calm : to compose one's self 
CALOMNIR calumny : slander 
Caloinnier" va. to calumniate : to slander 
Caloinnieux' -euse a. calumnious : slanderous 

CALORIE [heat req. to raise 1 kilog. water 

CALORIF^RE stove : hot-air stove Ll° C. 

Caloriiique a. _ic | CALORIMETRIE —try 

CALOTIN" [in ridicule] 'parson' | C'est un , 

'He is in with the priests' 
CALOTTE skull-cap : cap [des cieux) canopy 
[de botmet) crown [vase) large pot (for honey, 
etc.] [fig) priesthood [coup) box on the ear] 

a bas to .' Down with the priests ! 

r' va. [or Donner des sa]to box ...'s ears 

CALQU'E tracing : copy | r' va. [sur, from] 

to trace : to copy | Papier a , Tracing paper 

CALUS callus : hard excrescence [tig) hardness 

CALVAIRE vary : image of Calvary : cross 

CALViNISME [eece-»(] _sm iizzm'] 
CALVINISTE [* f.] _ist [a.) _istic 
CALVITIK [tie. .see] baldness 

CAMAIL' : cape : bishop's purple mantle 

CAMARADE [cfe f."^ comrade : companion : friend 

[fam) chum [de jeu) playfellow | d'ecole, 

de pension, de college. School-fellow 
CAMARADERIE clan : party : friends (pi] in- 
timacy : fellowship : clEuiship 

Caniard"-ea. flat(nose] flat-nosed | 'La E,' 

CAMBOUiS" swarf [oil and dirt] [Death 




CAL'ENDAR [<le-r] calendrier [prison) linte 
CAL'ENDER [tech] calandre [va.) calandrer 
CAL'F [pi. Calves] veau [of tlie leg) mollet | 

In , [coMi) pleine [binding) en veau | Box 

Cuir de V prepare au chrome | Fatted 'V 

gras I _'S FOOT JELLY gelee de pieds de V 
CAL'ICOcalicot[for lining) percaHne | Printed 

, Indienne \ PRINTER imprimeur d'Z's | 

CALICOE-S (pi] blanc de colon 
^Cal-k va. calfater 1 CAL'K'ER calfat 
CAL'KIN [of horse shoe] grappe 
CAL'K'ING calfatage | _ IRON calfait 
CALL appel [voice) voix [duty) obligation 
[claim) pretentions (pi] demande : autorite 
[sacred) vocation [bird- _) appeau[on shares) 

I appel (de fonds] [4>) sifflet | To give ... a , 

t; [to visit) passer chez : aller [or venir] voir : 
§ rendre visite a [summon) appeler [awaken) 

M eveiller | 'Within , kportee de la voix | You 

5 have no to, Vous n'avez pas le droit de | 

^ Public _ STATION, Cabine telepJumique 
J, Call V. [from, de : to, a] [to summon, name, 
S fetch) appeler [in contempt) traiter : qualifier 
S (... de] [to bar) admettre [a meeting, ... to- 
o gethw) convoquer [a carriage) faire avancer 
* [to awaken) eveiller [remind) rappeler [at- 
tention) recommander (a I' A de] [o's game) 
accuser (son jeu] [visit) passer : venir : aller 

(chez] [4,) toucher iV. NAME] again, 

revenir : repasser | aside, prendre apart \ 

at...'s. Passer chez ... | _ away, appeler: 

faire sortir | back, rappeler [undo) retrac- 

^ ter 1 for, [require) demander : exiger : 

f avoir besoin de [fetch) venir, or aller prendre, 

or chercher | fortli, [fig] produire : de- 

ployer : montrer | In, faire entrer : ras- 

sembler : rappeler [a doctor, etc.) faire venir 

[»l>)faire escale (a [coin) demoneti.ser | In 

QUESTION, mettreen doute i _ into PLAY 

V mettre en jeu | off, rappeler : appeler [a 

« seaport) toucher a | on, inviter ... o : 

c exhorter a : demander a [pay visit) rendre 
.g vviite a : passer voir ... [To call on a person, 
o c'est voir cette personne (chez elle) : To call 
^ at a person's, c'est simplement passer chez 

5 eHe] out, appeler (... sous les drapeaux] 

§ [shout) crier | over, lire : faire I'appel de : 

^ verifier [F. COALS] _ to MIND, se rappe- 
ler 1 1 just ed to tell you, J'entre seulement 

pojtr vous dire | _ ... to WITNESS, prendre 

a temoin | up, e voquer | u p [at night] 

reveiller | upon, passer chez [to order) 

V sommer : mettre ... en demetire 

„ Calle-d a. dit-e I' To be left till _ for,' 
p ,^ ' Bureau restant ' [at post-office) 'ponte res- 

■a o tante ' | up [capital] 'Verse [ V. So] 

'^. '" CALL'INCr appel : profession : metier 
=* [sacred) vocation [summoning) convoca- 
CALL'IPERS (|il] compas de calibre ition 
Call'ous Ikal-e-ss} a. endurci [skin) calleux 
Cal'm'ly ad. tranquillement : avec calme 
CALM'NESS calme : tranquillite 
CAL'THROP [ou _TROP] chatisse-trape 
Calum'niate Ike-leiitnm-ni-ete'] va. calomnier 
CAL'UMNY calonmie 
Cal've Ikave] vn. veler | CA'LYX [hot] calice 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL* L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in CapiUIs. All FEMININK words in Italie. MASCUUNE. thus. 




Cambrer* va. to arch : to bend : to camber | 

Se To throw ones chest out 

CAMBRIOLAGE burglary : housebreaking 
CAMBRIOLEUR burglar : housebreaker 
CAMBRVRE arching : bending : camber 

CAMBVSE stexvard's room ] r" v. to sulphur 

CAMBUSIER" steward : steward's mate 
CAME cam | Arbre a s. Cam-shaft | d'oJIu- 

mage. Ignition C | A'echappement, Exhaust 

CAMEE cameo [coiiJettr) grey \C 

CAM^L^ON" _ [pers) weathercock 

CAMELIXE _ina | HuOe de C oil 

CAMELOT" street-hawker : S-vendor [etofl'e) 
CAME-LOTE rubbish : trash Lcamlet 

CAMION" dray : waggon : pin 1 automobile. 

Motor lorry | N'NAGE hauling : carting | 

—NNEUR drayman Ters,' 16S5-1705] 

CAMISARO" _ [French Calvinist ' Covenant- 
CAMISOLE [camee-zoll\ "_' : [lady's) morning 

jacket I de force. Strait jacket 

CAMOMILLE _mile [wioite] 
CAMOUFLAGE " " : deceptive colouring or 

screen : protective dissimulation 
' CAMOVFLE- light (candle, etc.] 
' Camoufler" ' to. to disguise : to ' rig out ' 
CAMOUFLET" affront : " rap over the knuckles ' 
z^CAMP" — [kammpe\ [jeu) side 

- CAMPAQN'ARD" -72 countrj-man : coimtry- 
g uxyman [a.) country [rustre) rustic 
cCAMPAGNE country [X) campaign : field 

- [.<t) cruise | Piece de , Field-piece | AUer, 

^ Etre a. la — , To go into. To be in the coun- 

^ try I Battre la To scour the country [fig) 

"S to ramble : to wander i Se mettre en , To 

^ take the field [fig) to set about it | En _, 
^ In the field i En rase , Out in the open 

^CAMPANILE _ [kamtn'-pe-nili, i bref] 

fCAMPANTJLE campan'ula : bell-flower 

-5 CAMPfCHE I Bois de Logwood 

JgCAMPEMENT" encampment 

= Camper" v. to encamp : to camp | Se , To 

^ "ensconce' OS \V. Hangout] 
■^CAMPHRE [fcafifr] _phor [kammf-e-r^ 
•^Caniphre-e a. cam'phorated 
SCAMPHRIER- camphor-tree 
I, CAMPOS"' a holiday : some relaxation 
Camus" -e a. snub-nosed [Hg) ' put out ' 
CANADIEN- -EXNE [* a.] Cana'dian 

CAXAILL'E ' ■ : rabble : scamps : roughs : 

blackguards [sing) cad : low fellow : black- 
guard : scoundrel 

RIE 'blackguardly trick' 

CANAL [artificiel) [detroit. etc.) channel 

[mach) pi^>e [fig) way : means : channel 

Canal iser" va. to make ... navigable : to dam 

up : to put locks in fthe mains 

CANALISA ITOJ^"" canalization [du gaz) laying 

CANAPE couch : sofa | CANAPSA knapsack 

CANARD" diJcfc [le male) drake (Faire 'couin- 

couin' = to quack] [fig) hoax : "bogus" : false 

news : bit of sugar dipped in brandy or coffee 1 

Mouille comme un 'As wet as a drowned 

rat' I _ PRIVt decoy duck | _ SIFFLEUR 
widgeon | _ TADORNE slieldrake 
CANARDE"AU duckling 
Canarder" to. to lire at ... : to ' pepper' 
CANARDIERE decoy : duck-gun [fort) loop- 
CANARI _rv : canary-bird [fce-»ie-re'] L^ole 
CANASSON"" [pop] old hack fgossip 

CANCAN"' [indecent dance] [pi) idle stories : 

CANCER Imed <fe astr] _ [kan»ice-r] 
CANCHE hair-grass 

CANCRE cray-tish [pers) ' skin-flint " : dunce 
CANCRELAT' cockroach 




CAM came ^ea \ Came [ V. Come] 
CAM'BER canibrure [va.) cambrer i Amount 

of , Fleche I ed chassis. C cintre 

CA'MBRIC [fceme] 6a(is(e ! _ MUSLIN pereate 
CA'MBRLDttE ROL'LER rouleau squelette 
CAM'EL [kamm'e-l] chameau. cliamelle 

-DRIVER chamelier i CAM'EO camee 
CAM'ERA [kamm'-e-re] appareil photographi- 

que { Hand -^ Appareil irmain : 'kodak' 
CAMP _ [vn.) camper | _ MEETING re- 
union de campagne I -STOOL pliant 
CAM'PHOR[/'e-r]camphre | -TREEcamphrier 

ated a. camphre | CAM'PION compagnon 

CAN [kann\ pot : bidon : broc [tin box) 6oite 

(en fer-blanc] HOOK elingtie a pattes 

Can [kann\ v.atixU. [Tai)U 84-."j»re'(. Coul'd : 
pp. Was (were, etc.) able to ...1 pouvoir [know 

how to) savoir | I draw, Je sais dessiner j 

... who , ... capable (le\ ... who cook. 

... sachant faire la cuisine | They stay at 

our house, lis peuvent rester chez nous | 

I do anything for you ? Puis-je faire quelque 

chose pour vous? | itbe true that ...? Est-il 

possible que ... ? [Often not translated : as, I 
can' understand .... but I can't' understand .... 
Je coniprcnds mais je ne comprends pas . . .] 

CANA'RY, -BIRD [fce-ne-re] serin -t : canari I 

-SEED millet 
/'CAN'CEL feuillet : refait [va. -lied) annuler : 
I aneantir [cross out) biffer [agreemt.) resilier 

sCan'did a. de : franc | ly ad. franche- 

§ ment : de honne foi 

•«CAN'DIDATE [de'te] [for, a] _t : aspirant -< 
j CAN'DIE D LEMON PEEL ^corce de citron 
V confite 

CAN'DLE cftamleU* Jwax, & — power) botiffi'e 1 

Bit [on End] of Bout de C | By —LIGHT, 

a la chandelle | Not fit to hold a — to ..., Pas 
digne de denouer les cordons de Soulier a { 
-GREASE [ffruxi suif | Of 10 —POWER, de 
10 bougies \ STICK bougeoir : chandelier 

CAN'DLEMAS [mess} la Chandeleur 

CAN'DOUR detir : impartialite : bonne foi 

CAN'DY — di [in America) bonbons [txi.) faire 
candir [vn.) se c | —TUFT [te-ftj iberide 

CANE [fce'ne] canne [stem) tige [vine) cep | 
-botlome"d CHAIR cluxise cannee | A good 
CA'NING. line volee de coups de canne 

CAN'ISTER boite (en fer-blanc] [com) canasse 
[shot) mitraille | Tea — Boite a the 

CAN K'ER chancre: ver rongeur [v.) ronger : 
se r : se corrompre | e'd o. gangrene 

Cann'e'd o. [Americ] ... en bcites (de fer-blanc 

[116] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CAND^LABRE labrum : candlestick : larj^e 

street lamp (with several lights] [tackle 

CANDKLKTTK [^l>] purchase : fish-tackle : 
CANDEUR candour ikann' -deur] purity : in- 

Candi -e a. candied | Fruits s, Crystallized 

fruits I Sucre , Sugar-candy 

CANDIDAT" —date [a, for] 
CANDIDATURK — lde-tioure\ putting-up 
Candide a. candid : open : fair [-menf -ly] 
se Candir vr. to become candied : to crystal- 
GANR duck IV. Canard] Ll'ze : to set 

CANE-PETIRRE little bustard 
'Caner' ' vn. to ' show the white feather' 
CANE-TON" duckling | CANETTE duckling 

[sarcelle) teal [Mere) 'pint' [F. Cannette] 
CANE'VAS" canvas l»3j [fig) sketch : plan 
CANOE light Nile-boat 
CANI [J>] unsound timber 
CANIARD' sea-bird 
CANICHE poodle - 
Canlculaire a. | Jours — s, Dog-days 
CANICVLE dog-days (pi] dog-star 
CANIF penknife Ipenne-naXfei 

Canln"-e a e [pr.fce'-jiatrie] dog- (show, etc.] 

J'ai line faini e, I'm ravenously hungry | 

E canine (tooth] fwires 

CANIVE'AU kennel-stone : gutter : conduit (for 
CAN'NE cane B^ : walking-stick : stick : rod | 

a sjtcre. Sugar C | Sucre de , C sugar | 

a eipe'e, Sword-stick | a peche, Fishing- 

CanTi<5-e a. cane-bottomed Lrod 

CAN-NEBERQE cranberry 
Can'neler" va. to groove [orcft) to flute 
CAN-NELI^S- itws] fluted rollers 

CANNELLE cinnamon [robinet) tap | de 

Chine, Cassia 
CAN'NELURE groove larcli) fluting [gauze 
CAN'NETILL'E gold [ou silver] thread : fine 
CAN'NETTE pincop : paper tube [Mere) ' pint' 
CANNIBALE _al Ikann-i-b'l'] 
CANON" gun : cannon B^ [de fusil) barrel [de 
soufflet) nose [mesure) ' noggin ' : gill [eccl. 

& rmts) canon | a raye, a. rifled | a lisse, 

Smooth-bore | a pwtee de , Within cannon 

shot I Boulet de , C ball | Coup de , C shot | 

21 coups de , [Salute of) 21 guns | Batiment 

de 84 s, 84-gun ship \ Baionnette au , With 

fixed bayonets | a tir rapide, Quick-firing 

gun I centre avions, Anti-aircraft gun | ... 

CANONICAT" can'onry [«« — . RoH ■•• 

Canoniqiie a. non'ical 

Canoniser' va. to can'onize 

CANON' NADK cannona'de lkaiin-ne-fiede] 

CANON'NAGE gunnery 

CANON- NERIE gun-foundry 

CANON'NIER" gunner : artilleryman 

CANONNIERE tent : pop-gun [*) gun-boat 

CANOT" boat \_V. Cutter, ang.] canoe | Grand 

, Long B [bat. de guerre) pinnace | Petit 

_, JoUv B I Oh ! du _ ! Boat ahoy ! 
CANOTAQE boating : canoeing Lmotor-B 

CANOTIER" boatman [amateur) boating-man 

[chapeau) sailor hat | S' [d>] boat's crew 

CANTALOUP" cantaloupe : musk-melon 
CANT ATE cantata 
CANTATRICE [professional) singer 
CANTH-ARIDE cantharides (pi] 
CANTILENE sentimental melody 
CANTINE bottle-case [X) canteen 
CANTlNIER"-7£fiA' sutler : canteen-tvoman 
CANTIQUE hymn : [sacred) song 

CANTON" ' ' : district : electoral district (of 

county council] highway and poor-law D [In 
France the department is divided into arron- 
dissements, these into cantons, and the can- 
ton into communes. A Swiss canton is a 

State] Doyen du Rural dean 

Cantonal -e a. ... of the 'canton ' 
CANTONADE | a Ja _, Behind the scenes 
CANTON'NEMENT" quartering [lieu) quarters 
Canton'ner* va. to quarter : to separate : to 

confine (to] 
CANTON'NIER" road-mender : labourer 
CANTON'NIERE gate-keeper 
CANTJLE enema-pipe [robinet) tap 

Can lis" a. | Langage Lyons dialect 

CANUT" Lyons silk-worker 

CAOUTCHOUC'" [kah-oot' -choo'i india-rubber | 

s creux, Cushion tyres | s pleins, Solid 

T's I durci, Vulcanite | vulcanise, Vul- 
canized indiarubber | _S" [pi Amer] 'rubbers' 
Caoutcliouter" va. to make ... waterproof 




CANN'ON [fcaMne-nr!][pl — ] canon tec | -BALL 

boulet (de C] -SHOT coup de C 
Cann'ot [fara. Can't] ^. | I , Je ne peux pas, 

or je ne puis ... : je ne saurais ... {.V. Help] 

It be, Cela ne se pent pas 

Cann'y a. avise : circonspect : ruse 
CANO'E [fee-noit'] canot [racing ) perissoire 

[savages') pirogtie \ ING canotage 

CAN'ON [>ie-n»!]chanoine [rule) canon tea [typ) 

corps 44 [billiard) carambolage [wi.) caram- 

boler I LAW droit canon 

CAN'ONESS clianoinesse 
CANON'IGALS vetements d'ecclesiastique 
Can'onize va. iser 

—ZATION ^sation 
CAN'OPY [kann'-e-pe] dais [of bed, & arch.) 

baldaquin | The _ of HEAVEN, La voute 

celeste : ' la calotte des cieux ' 

CANT [tone) affeterie [hypocrit.) cafarderie : 
'cant' [mus) dessus [arch.) pan coupe [iMi.) 

Jeter : incliner [vn.) cancaner | over, Ren- 

verser | TIM'BERS couples devoyes | — 

WORD mot du metier 

Can't [abrev. V. Cannot] 

CAN'TAB etudiant de Cambridge feur' 

Canlan'kerouso. | _ fellow, 'Mauvaiscouch- 

CANTA'TA cantate | Can'tllever a. ' _ ' 

CANTEE'N cantine [tin) bidon 

CAN'TER petit galop [vn.) aller au petit galop 

CAN'TERBURY Ibe-re] easier a musigtie 
-BELL campanule 

Can'ting a. hypocrite | '_ HUMBUG ' cafard 

CAN'TO chant (d'un poeme] 

CAN'VAS [re-ss] canevas [paint) toile [sail) 
toile : voiles \ CAN'VASS[w-ss]soHicita<ion! 
for vn. soUiciter (le, fa, les ...] 

A point (S") means silent, or QN" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [117] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE imrdi in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CAP [pr. the p] cape [4>) liead : course | De 

pied en , From head to foot | Clianger 

pour [le vent] To veer right round | Mettez 

le sur ..., Steer for ... | Ou est le ? 

Whicli way is her head ? | _ de MOUTON" 

[A] dead-eye 
Capable a — [>a^ (de, ofj able (toil qualified (for, 

to] of good abilities | II est de tout, He is 

bad enough for anything 
CAPACITE _ty : capaciousness : qualitication : 

ability [vt) burden 
Caparagonne -e pp. capar'isoned 
CAPE O^ cape : hood : riding-hood [4>) main 

course I Sous [rire] In one's sleeve | En . 

Lying to' : close-reefed | Roman de et 

A'epee, Novel full of battles and adventures | 

Mettre ... kla , To close-reef | cmirante. 

Single-reefed ] a la sec/ie, A-hulI | Voile de 

Capeer' u. to be close-reefed L . Storm-sail 

CAPELAGE reeving : mast-head rigging 
Capeler' v. to clove-hitch : to reeve over [ou 

through] to get ... over the mast-head 
CAPILLAIRE maiden-hair fern [a.) capill'ary 
CAPITAINE captain IV. Armement] Le _ B, 

Captain B | Un grand A great soldier | 

du PORT" harbour-master 

CAPITAL [com) _ {temie de livres) stock [logic) 

main point | verse. Paid-up capital | Le 

et le travail, Capital and labour 

CAPITALE _1 (city ou letter] Grandes, Pe- 

tites s [typ^ 'Full caps.' 'Small caps' [fam) 

capital letters, small capitals 
Capital -e a. 1 : chief : principal | Peine e, 

Capital punishment | ISTE ist | Les 

petits s. Small investors 

CAPI TA TION- ■ poll-tax 

Capiteux" -eiuie a. heady | CAPITOLE _tol 
CAPITON" silk waste | n'ne-ea. drawn iu 

with buttons : tufted | n"ner" va. to tuft 


Capilulef i»i. to capitulate [de Cat-fall 

CAPON" oa^ sneak' : coward [,!.) cat | Garant 
Capon'ner" v. to turn coward : to 'sneak' [Jj) 
CAPORAL corporal Lto cat (the anchor] 
CAPOT" hood latito) bonnet | Faire [4>] To 

capsize | Etre [vulg] To be 'done' 

CAPOTE cloak with hood : great-coat [de voi- 

ture) hood [de femme) drawn bonnet 
Capoten' vti. to capsize : to heel right over 

CAPRE [boti caper | Saitce aiix s. Caper 

CAPRICE : whim : fancy Lsauce 

Capricieux" -eiise a. capricious [-semenf -ly] 
CAPRICORNE lastr] _rn 
CAPSULE cap : percussion cap lined) capsule 
CAPTAQE catching : securing (of water] 
CAPTATION" inveigling : undue influence 
Capler" ivi. to allure : to gain ... over : to catch 
Captieiix' -ettse [t as s] a. misleading : equivocal 
CAPTIF-/yj5 ive : prisoner | Faire un , 

To take a C | _ o. _ive (de, to] 
Capllver' tw. to captivate (de, with] to enslave 

CAPTURE _ : arrest | _r' va. to arrest : to 
CAPUCHON" hood [capture 

CAPUCIN" capuchin | CAPUCINE nasturtium 

[ustensile) pipkin [fusil) ring 
CAQUE keg : barrel \.V. HARENG] 
Caquer" va. to prepare ... for the cask 
CAQU-ET", CAQU-E-TAGE cackling : prating 

[V. PEG, ang.] Caqu'e'ter" vn. to cackle 

[pers) to prate | CAQU' ETERIEtv&idAe: 

talk I CAQU'E'TEUR-BJ/SJ!; prater 
Car cotij. for : because 




CAP bonnet : chapeau [peaked) casgxiette [flat) 
toque [cardinal's) barrette [percussion) cap- 
sule [mach. cover) couvercle [of lens) chapeau 
[of a watch) recouvrement [of mast) chouquet 
[typ.) V. Capitate feo | To set ftcr _ at, Cher- 

cher a prendre ... dans ses filets ! Bearing 

Chapeau de palier | Night _, Bonnet denuitj 
-BONE [of knee] rottile | _ MAKER bonne- 
Cap [-ppe'd] va. couvrir : coiffer [tier -iere 
CAPABIL'ITY Ike'-pe-bil'-e-te'] capacUe 

Ca'jMlble [.kepe-e-be-l] a. : susceptible 

Capa'cious [ke-peche-ss] a. spacieux : large : 

grand | NESS capacite : etendne 

CAPA'CITY Ike-pass' -e-te] _fe' | Carrying 

— Porte'e I In the of. En qtuUite de 

CAPE [pr. fee'pe] feo cap : vin du Cap ^ladies') 

pelerine [mantle) rotonde | Inverness , 

Macfarlane | -CART HOOD capote en toile 

CA'PER [a e'] entrechat | To cut a ' Faire 

un E I To _ about, Cabrioler | _ SAUCE 
sauce atix cdpres \yere 

CA'PERCAIL'ZIE [fcepe'r-fce'Jte] coq de bnt- 
CAP'ITAL [t'J] fefl [town) capitate fea [letter) 
majtuicide : capitate [com) capital : capitaux 
(pi] [company's) fonds social [arch) chapi- 

teau [a.) fefl : essentiel [good) excellent 

[fam) chic' | ! Tres bien! Bravo! | lly 

ad. a merveilie : a souhait 

CAP'ITALIST _iste | The great _s (pi] La 
Tiaute finance 

CA'PON [kepe-nni feo chapon 

CAPRI'CIOUSNESS [c7ie'ss-ne'ss]humeitr fan- 
tasqyie : caractere capricieux 

Capsi'ze [sa'{\ vn. chavirer [va.) faire chavirer 

CAP'STAN [cap' -ste-nn] cabestan | To man 
the , Armer le cabestan 

CAP'TAIN ikapp'tennel capitaine [of top, of 
watch) chef (de hune. de quart, etc.] [mine 

_..) directeur | of the GUN, chef de piece | 

CY grade de capitaine 

Cap'tious [c7ie-ss] a. difficultueux 

Cap'tivale [tiefc] va. captiver 

Cap'tivaling [re] a. enchanteur -teresse 

CAP'TOR [te-r] auteur d'ltne prise : vaisseau 
prenant [X) auteur d'ft»ie capture 

CAP'TURE \kapp-tche-'r] c_ : arrestation : 
prise iva.) capturer : arreter 

CAR chariot [balloon) nacelle [American rail.) 
wagon [motor-car) 'auto' [tram) 'tramway' | 

Dining- , Wagon-restaurant | Sleeping- — , 

W-lit I Motor- AtUomohile | S (pi] train 

CAR'AT _ feo [For standard of gold. 24 _ 
[i.e. pure] corresponds to the French ' Titre ' 
1000. 18 _ is the French ' Titre ' 750 | 22 
_ (Eng. gold coin) = 917 of the French. 
French gold and silver coin is ' Titre ' 900.] 

[118] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type •, before verbs, Italic. 

Words coninioii to botli languages are given in the French division only. 




• CARABIN" ' medical student | —ADE hoax : 
CARABINAGE [tech] rifling Urick 

OARABIXK carbine : rifle 
CARABINIER" carbineer [ntre] rifleman 

CARACO pelisse | ler' vn. to wheel about 

CARACTtRE character tKsj : characteristic : 
expression : handwriting Ityp) type : letter 
[de Wilts.) marks of notation | Bon — , Good 
temper [" Good character ' is Bonne reputa- 
tion] D'un raauvais , Bad tempered | ... de 

, ... of spirit I Gros ou petit , Large or 

small print | Sortir de son To get [ou be 

put] out of temper | Vilain , Bad disposition 

Caract^riser" [s, z\ va. to characterize 
Caracl«5ristique a. characteristic (de, of] 
CARAFE decanter : bottle feooler 

CARAFON" small decanter : half-pint bottle : 
CARAMBOLAGE [m nasal] canon | _boler" t). 

CARAMEI : burnt sugar L*" canon 


CARAT" Ba^ [_ca' -re-W] a vingt-quatre — s, 

[fig] ' Out and out ' 
CARAVANE _n | —VANStRAIf _sary 
Carbone-e a. carbonated | Carbonifere a. 

iferous | Carbonlque a. — ic | Gaz acide 

, Carbon'ic acid gas 

CARBONISATION- ■ [s. 2] —ization 
Carboniser' va. to char : to burn to a cinder 
CARBURANT" car'burant : motor-spirit 
CARBURATEUR carburettor B^ | _ a lechage, 
Surface C | - a pulverisation, Spray C | _ noye, 
CARBURATION" carburization L^looded C 
CARBURE carbide I Carburd -e a. carburetted 

CARCAN" pillory : iron collar 
CARCASSK _se [tech) skeleton : frame 
CARDAGE [wool-) carding 
CARDAN" I Arbre de_, Cardan shaft I J'wtrche, 
noix de , C-jaw, -block | Joint a la , Uni- 
versal joint 

CARDE card [chardon) teazle | r" va. to card 

CAHOEUR-EUSE [wool-) carder 
CAROIAQUE [<fcf.] person suffering from heart- 
disease [a.) ... of the H : cardiac 
CARDINAL [* a.] _ : C-bird | _AT" _ate 
CAR£ME Lent I Comme maree en , Oppor- 
tunely : at the right moment | Comme mars 
en r:_. Unfailingly | -PRENANT" Shrove;tide 
Ipersonne) 'regular guy ' | La MI-CAREME 
Mid-Lent [assets (or effects] 
CARENCE I Proces-verbal de _, Return of no 
CARENE keel [action) careening | Mettre [or 

abattre] en , To heave her down | Pompe 

de , Bilge pump | r" va. to careen 

Caressanf-e a. aflectionate : fawning : soft 
CARESSE caress [ke-ress'] fawning 
Caresser" va. to caress : to indulge [flatter) to 
fawn upon [chat) to stroke [chien) to r'at 

CARET" tortoise [tech) reel | Fil de , Spun 

CARGAISON • [s, z\ cargo : freight Lyarn 
CAROVE tackle : brails | -BOULINE leech- 
line I -FOND- bunt-line | -POINT' clew-line 
Cargu'er' va. Ivoile carree) to clew up [I'arti- 

mon) to brail | CARI curry | Au , Curried 

CARICATURE _ | _r- va. to caricature 

CARIE s ident) decay | Carl6-e a. rotten 

Ident) decayed | Carier" v. to rot : to decay 




CAR' AW AY-SEED graines de carvi (pi] 
CAR'BIDE [tat] carbure 
CAR'BINE [bcii] carabine 
CARBOLIC ACID acide phenique 
CAR'BON _e [arc 1.) charbon | _BRUSH balai 
en charbon | _ COPY double au papier car- 
bone I _ ENLARGEMENT, agrandissement 
CAR'BOY tourie L"" charbon 

CAR'BUNCLE [be-gnk'l'] escarhouele \ A _d 

NOSE, Un nez bourgeonne 
CARBURET'TOR carburateur fca | _ choke 

tube. Ajutage a air | float chamber, Ctiam- 

lire de flotteur | jet, Gicleur | spraying 

cone, Pulverisateur de C 
CAR'CASE [ke-ss] carcaase [of a pers) cadavre 
CARD carte [wedding : funeral) billet de faire 
part [wool) carde Iva.) carder | ' On the — s,' 

Fort probable (or possible] Pack of S, 

Jeu de cartes | Enamelled C porcelaine | 

Visiting , C de titsite feo | BOARD carton 

(fin] -CASE carnetde cartes de risite] -MAKER 
cartier [for wool) cardier | -SHARPER bre- 
landier : grec | -TABLE [ts] table de jeu 
CAR'DER cardeur -ei*se [machine) carde 
CAR'DIGAN carmagnole 
CAR'DINAL [«e-J] _ [fur _) rotonde [a.) fon- 

damental : principal | -BIRD cardinal 
^CAKE soin [anxiety) souci : preocaipations 

,^ (pl] To take of, [i.e. have charge] Avoir 

•'<: soin de :' s'occuper de | To take to. Avoir 

I soin de : faire bien attention a (...] To take 

not to, Prendre garde de : se garder de | 

To take good not to, Se garder bien de ... j 

Taking — to .... En ayant soin de \ ' of C D,' 

' Aux bons soins de C D ' | ' Glass with ,' 

' Fragile ' [ V. Take] Care vn. [for, de : to, 
die] se soucier : s'inquieter | To cease caring 

for, Se desinteresser de | I' don't ' Cela 

^ m'est egal ! | I don't to, Je ne veux pas | 

I don't much for it, Je n'v tiens pas | I 

don't _ a BUTTON [ou a STRAW] for it! 
Je men soucie comme de cela ! [or de ' Ian 
quarante,' or de ' Colin-Tampon ' ] What do 

I' ? Qu'est-ce que cela me fait? 

TAKER [a e'] gardien -nne : concierge 

yCa're■^vo^n a. use par le chagrin 
Caree'n [fce-rrne] va. mettre ... en carene 

CAREE'R carriere | To over, Parcourir 

Ca're'f ul lke're-fe-[] a. soigneux (of. de] atten- 
tif (to, a] [sparing) menager : econome | To 

be Avoir soin | To be very , Faire bien 

attention | lly ad. soigneusement : avec 

soin : attentivement | NESS soin : attention 

Ca're'less [fce're] a. nonchalant [of) peu sou- 

cieux (de] indifferent (a] ly ad. nonchalam- 

ment ■ negligemment | NESS nonc)ialance : 

insmcciance : manque de soin 
CA'RET [ke-retfi signe li'omission [a] 
CAR'GO cargaison : chargement | To take a 

general Charger en ctteillette [ V. BULK] 

-BOAT ' ' : vapeur de cJiarge 

A point (S*) means silent, or ON' LL' L' liquid; two points (S") no liaison. [119] 

Substantives in Capitals. AH FEMINIJfE toords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CARILL-ON" peal (of bells] chimes (pi] ihorloge) 
chiming clock [fig) noise : racket | a CLA- 
VIER" keys acting on bells | _NNEMENT" 

ringing : chiming | nner" va. to chime : to 

ring I Fete nn£e, Grand holiday (rung in 

NNEUR ringer of chimes Lwith bells 

CARLIN" pug-dog 

CARLINOVE Ks^ keelson [du mat) step 

CAKMAGN-OLE Cardigan (jacket] revohit'ry 

song and dance 
CARME Carmelite | CARMELITE, C nun 
CARMIN" [<fc a. invar. 2 carmine Iniainn] 
Carmine -e a. carmine-coloured 
CARNAGE _ Ikar-nedJ] slaughter 

Carnassier"-ere a. carnivorous | S'[pl]car- 

CARXASSIERE game-bag ["'vora 

CARNATION- oa^ flesh colour [ou tint] 
CARNAVAL carnival [re-J] 
CARNE edge : ' ghost ' [nickname for meat] 
Carn6 -e a. flesh- [ou salmon-] coloured 
CARNE- AU flue : tube 

CARNET" memorandum-book : note-book : index 
[d'ordres) order-B | _de bal. Ball-programme 

[F. Card-case) d'echeances, Bill-B 

CARNIER" game-bag 

CARNIVORE [<£a.] [K Carnassier] 

CAROTTE carrot [tabac) roll [fig) 'take-in' | 

Tirer une a, To ' do ' : to humbug ... out of 

Carotter' u. to ' do ' : to humbug 
CAROTTIER" or _EUR close player : cheat 
CAROUSE locust-bean | CAROUBIER" carob- 
CARPE wrist [awaf) carpus Lt^ree 

CARPE carp | II fait la- pamee. He's ' foxing' : 
he turns up the whites of his eyes 

CARPE'AU young carp 

CARPETTE centre-carpet : packing cloth 

CARPILL'ON" young carp 

CARPION- [or _BJ Alpine trout 

CARQUOIS" quiver 

CARRARE Carrara marble 

CARRE back [chapeau) crown 

CARR^ square [d'tine niaison) landing [jardin) 
bed [papier) demy [de mouton) loin [3 m&ts) 
full-riggetl ship [argot) student in his second 
year | Carre -e a. square Ireixnise) straight 

[partie) ... of four | Bonnet , Doctor's cap | 

Tete e. Obstinate fellow 

CAR'RE'AU square [etoffe) check Ivitre) pane 
leartes) diamonds [de tailteur) goose [mof. 

tech) stretcher [pave) floor | a x", Checked | 

£tendu sur le Killed on the spot 

CARRE'FOUR cross : crossing point of main 

streets : cross-roads | ... de Of the streets : 

stump (orator] 

Carr^fler' i?>i. [Mediterranean] to tack about 

CARRE'LAGE [brick or tile) pavement : paving 
... (with bricks or tiles] 

Carre'ler' va. to pave ... (with bricks or tiles 

CARRE'LET" plaice [filet) square net [outil) 

CABRE'LEUR brick-pavior La^'l : needle 

Car'r^inenf ad. squarely : square [fig) abso- 
lutely : straight : firmly : roundly [nier) flatly 

CarTer' va. to square | Se , To strut 

CAR-RIER" Da) quarrymau 




CAR'ICATURE c_ : charge [t«.) caricaturer : 

faire Jo charge de 
CAK'LING tec entretnise des baux 

CAR'MAN [pi. men] charretier : cocher 

CAR'MELITE [ia'i] earme Inun) Carmelite 

Car'nal ine-l} a. charnel | Ily ad. charnelle- 

ment | -minded a. mondain 

CARNA'TION fee oeillet [colour) incarnat 
CABNE'LIAN [ou COR_] [mJ-ye-nn] cortia- 
CAR'NIVAL [ve-J] —aval [line 

CARNIV'OBA [pi] carnassiers 
Carniv'orous [re-ss} a. carnassier : carnivore 

CAE'OL [re-t] chanson \ A (Jhristmas , Un 

noel I [-He'd] va. chanter : fredonner 

CAROU'SAL [fce-raouze-J] orgie : debauche 
Carou'se [ke-raouze'] vn. faire des libatiotis 
CARP _e I To _ at, Chicaner sur 

CAR'PENTER menuisier [ship ) charpentier 

TRY tnemtiserie [larger) 8harx>enterie 

CAR'PET feo tapis [vo.) tapisser (with, de ] 

Bedside , BesceiUe de lit | Velvet pile . 

Moqiiette | -BAG' sac de nuit \ -BEETLE 
anthrene | -SWEE'PER balai mecanique 
CAR'PING chicane [a.) grondeur ' 
CARR'IAGE [action) transport [of goods, par- 
cels) port : factage [charge) frais de transport 
[vehicle) voiture : equipage : landau [rail- 
way) wagon [of a gun) aifut [mach) chariot 

[bearing) conduite : demarche \ In a , En 

voiture | Injured in Avarie dans le trans- 
port I To keep a , Avoir equipage I To 

change S, Changer de voittire [or de wagon] 

free, paid. Franc de port 1 forward. 

En port dfi | -BUILDING, -WORKS, car- 
rosserie | _ ENTRANCE porte cochire | 
ROAD rotUe carrossahle : grand'route 

CARR'IER [kar'i-e-^'i fco voiturier [fetching 

parcels) commissionnaire [ 's van) roulage 

[eye) porte-bagages [of lathe) toe | -PIGEON, 
P vovageur 

CARR'iON charogne | -CROW- cortieiJJe (noire] 

CARR'OT [ka-re-tl carotte | Carr'oty [fca-re- 
tei a. I With _ HAIR. Boux. rmtsse 

Carr'y va. porter : emporter (from, de : to, a] 
[pers) mener : conduire [of dogs, etc.) rappor- 
ter [arithmet.) retenir [by vote) faire voter : 
adopter [to a court) traduire : citer (devant 

un tribunal] [rn.) porter | 2. and 7 are 

9, 2 de retenue et 7 font 9 | away, em- 
porter [pers, etc.) emmener [fig) entrainer | 

back, rapporter | down, descendre | 

He carries EVERYTHING before him, Tout 
cede devant lui | forth, sortir | — for- 
ward (ou over) [com] reporter | Carrie'd 

forward, a reporter : report | in, rentrer | 

_ into EFFECT, mettre a exeaUion | _ off, 
emporter : enlever [prizes) remporter | — 
on, poursuivre : continuer : conduire : faire 
[to make a ' to-do ' ) faire des siennes [or des 
lairs'] _ on BUSINESS, faire des affaires | 

one's self, se tenir | out, executer : 

faire | over, transporter [sums) reporter! 

_ the D AY. remporter to ■Dtctotre I -through, 
mener a bonne fin \ _ THINGS too far, 

pousser les choses trop loin | up, porter en 

haut : monter 

[120] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CAR'RIERE [stone) quarry : pit [coitrse) race- 
course liters) career : course : time ... was [ou 

is] in office [F. Prospect] Conner a, To give 

... full play ou free course 
CAR'RIOLE covered cart [fam) 'trap' : gig 

CarTossable a. | Route , Carriage road 

CAR'ROSSE coach | II roule _, He keeps his 

own carriage : he's well off 
CAR'ROSSRRIE carriage-building : C-works 

laiito) body of car : coach-work 
CAR'ROSSIER" coach-builder : coach-horse 
CAR'ROUSEL [s, z} tournament : merry-go- 
CAR'RURE breadth of shoulders Lround 

CARTABLE satchel | CART AHU whip: girt-line 
CARTE card : ticket : list [geographiqtie) map 

[de mer) cliart Inote) bill \ k la , From the 

carte | Brouiller les s. To make trouble | 

Chateau de s, House of cards | Connaitre 

le dessous des s, To be in the secret | Jeu 

de s, Pack of cards : card-playing : game 

of cards | fi sur table. Above-board : fairly | 

Tirer les _s, To tell fortunes | _ BLANCHE 

' ' : leave to do as one likes | -LETTRE 

letter-card] ^ POST ALE post-card |-TE£E- 
ORAMME card telegram (used only in Paris] 
_ de VISITS V3^ [visiting) card 

CARTEL ' ' [duel) written challenge 

CARTER gear-case [moteur) crank-chamber | 

Baquet de , [moteur] Sump 

CARTILAGE [awatontie) [fam) gristle 

CARTOORAPHIE mapping : map-making 
CARTOMANCIEN"-JV^ArB fortune-teller 
CARTON" pasteboard : cardboard : portfolio : 
case [dessin) cartoon Ityp) cancel : four-page 

sheet [a chapeau) hat-box ; band-box | de 

PATE millboard | _N'NAGE boarding: card- 
board-box making | Carton'no-e a. [livre] in 

boards : in stiff covers | a I'anglaise. In cloth 

CARTOUCHE cartridge | CARTOUCHE scroll : 
tablet I — lERE cartridge pouch 

CARVI I Graine de , Caraway seed 

CAS" case l») •. matter | En _ de, In C of ... | 

En — que, [subj.] Au oil, In case ... | En 

tout _, In any C : at all events IV. NEED] 

Faire de, To think highly of [ou much of] 

to value I _ FORTUIT" chance 
Casanier" -i«re a. domestic : 'stay-at-home' : 
' indoor ' fcoat 

CASAQUE cloak : jacket | Tourner To turn 

CASCADE _ : waterfall | —S" [fig] fits and 
' Cascade!'' ' vn. to live fast [starts 


CASE B3j [kdzl hut [de negre) cabin [d'animal, 
typ, etc.) box [a papiers) pigeon-hole [au tric- 
trac) point [echecs) square [it) berth 
Caser' [sz].va. to place : to make room for ... 

to put ... into a place [pi. into places] Se , 

To find a situation ou place (for one's self] 
CASERNE [s z\ barracks (pi] _!•■ va. to send 
... into B i c a. in B 




CARK'YING [carr'i-igng] transport | _ ON 

eondtiite (d'une aff.J OUT mise a execution 

CART cUarrette [military) fourgon | Dust , 

Tombereau | Hand , Charrette a bras | 

-HORSE cheval de trait | -HOUSE hangar | 

-LOAD charreiee (of, de] ROAD chemin 

de charroi | Cart va. charrier : transporter | 

a^vay, enlever 

CART' AGE transport 

CARTE DE VISITE tea portrait : photogra- 

CAR'TER charretier \j)hie 

OART'FUL charretee 

Cai'thu'sian [thiouje-ye-nn^ a. chartreux 

CART'ING- charriage:camionnage 

CARTOO'N'[(OT'(»ie] carton (de Raphael, etc.] 

CART'RIDGE cartoiKhe [artill'y) gargmiase I 

To fire with blank , Tirer a blanc 

POUCH cartottchiere : giberne 

Carve va. [wood) decouper : sculp'ter : graver 

[meat, etc.) decouper : couper | CAR'VER 

sculp'teur : ciseleur [meat) decoupeur -e!«se 

Car'vel-hullt in nul : i bref ] a. a joints carres 

CAR'VING sculpture : ciselure : boiserie [meat) 

decoupage | -KNIFE couteau a decouper 
CASCA'DE [fee'de] cascatelle 
CASE Vsaa [fcece] cas : condition : question : 
exemple [law) ca^ise : cas : affaire : plainte 
[medical) cas : malade : blesse [sheath) etui : 
fourreau [for packing, etc.) caisse [To pack ... 

in a , Emballer] [watch) boUe [card, needle, 

etc.) etui [body) corps [building) cage : cham- 

branle [typ) casse | Lower , Bas de casse | 

Upper , Haut de C \ Show Glass , 

Vitrine \ That is the , II s'agit de cela | 

It's the same with, II en est de raeme de | 

If that is the , Dans ce cas | That alters 

the , Cela change la qtiestion | In any , 

En tout cas : quand meme | In not, Au cas 

contraire, ... | In he does not ..., Dans le 

cas ou il ne ... [condit.'] In that , Dans ce 

cas I This [ou that] is not the , II n'en est 

pas ainsi : il n'est pas exact (that, que] To 

put the , Supposer le cas | Nicely packed 

in a , Bien emballe | Famous law , Cause 

cdlebre | The is settled out of court. La 

plainte est retiree | in POINT exemple a 


Case va. enfermer : couvrir [mach) envelopper 
[building) revetir [iron) ferrer 

Case-har'de'n [fce'ce] va. cementer 
— ING cementation 

Ca'se'd [kestt] a. blinde : cuirasse : double 

CA'SEMENT Ike'ce-me-nntf] fenetre : croisee 

CASH argent [hard cash) numeraire [change) 

especes (pi] [book-keeping) caisse | For , Au 

comptant | on ACCOUNT, Acorapte | 

_on DELIVERY, Envoi centre rembourse- 

ment | Payment in Solde en E's \ To pay 

, Payer comptant | -BOOK livre de caisse \ 

-BOX, -DESK caisse \ -KEEPER caissier 

Cash va. [cheques) payer [coupons) encaisser 
[change) changer [bills) escompter 

CASHEW-NUT [ke-chou] noix d'acajou 

CASHIE'R caissier iva.) casser 

CA'SING [s f] revetement [frame) chambranle 
[mach) enveloppe : cage 

CASK flit : baril [wine _) barrique [V. FOt] 

CAS'KET ecrin ; cassette [America) cercueil 

CASS'IA [cache-ya] casse 

CASS'OCK ika'-se-kl soutane : casaqtie 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid : two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CASERNEMENT" [sz] quartering in barracks 

CASETTE [tech] sagger 

CASIER" [z] pigeon-holes (pi] nest of drawers | 
Son judiciaire, His antecedents (pi] 

CASIMIR [s«] kerseymere 

CASINO [sz] _ [ke-cino] 

CASOAR [fcozo-ar] cassowary Ikass' e-ouere} 

CASQUE helmet | _ colonial, Pith helmet | _ 
d'aviateur, Safety H 

Casquer'r. [argot] to 'fork [ou shell] out' 


Cassanf -e a. brittle : short : curt : sharp 

CASSATION" reversal : quashing | Cour de 

, Court of Appeal | Se pourvoir en , To 

appeal to the supreme court fcassia 

CASSE [com) breakage Ityp) case B^ [laxatif) 

CASSE-AU half-case [bardeau) fount-G 

CASSE'-COU regular break-neck : dangerous 
spot : death-trap lint) Look out ! 

CASSE'MENT" splitting : breaking 
de T£TE trouble : worry 

CASSE--NOISETTE nut-crackers 

-NOIX' nut-crackers [oiseau) nut-cracker 

Casser" va. to break : to split Iturix) to crack 
[dr) to quash [fig) to annul [cordage) to part 
[mat) to shiver [tig) to cashier [un sergent) 

to reduce ... to the ranks | la tete, To make 

a great noise | Se , To break : to grow in- 
firm I Se la tete, To break one's head [fig) 

' to stick at it till one's head splits ' | Se le 

nez, To be 'done' : to find nobody in | II s'est 
easse le bras, He has broken his arm [F. 

CASSE'ROLE saucepan L^riser, Rompre 

CASSE'-T£TE [pi — ] life-preserver [arme des 

sauvages) tomahawk [fig) ' enough to make 

one's head split ' : worry : puzzle 
CASSETTE casket [du roi) privy purse 
CASSEUR breaker 

CASSIER" [typl case-rack | CASSINE hut 
CASSIS' black-currant : B-C brandy : gutter 

across road 
CASSOLETTE perfume-box 
CASSONADE moist sugar : brown sugar 
CASSURE fracture : crack : breakage 
CASTAON- ETTES- [plj cas'tanets 
CASTAQN-EUX" dabchick 
CASTE _ I CASTINE limestone flux 
CASTOR [astr) _ [animal) beaver 
CASTRATION" _ | CASU ALITE c&s\ia.\ty 
CASUEL [s z] perquisites : fees (pi] 

-die a. casual : accidental 

Casuellement' [sz] ad. casually : accidentallv 
CASVISTIQVE [t/ieoJ.] casuistry 
CATACLYSME {cleece-m} _m : flood : disaster 
CATACOMBES' [pr. konbe.m nasal. 6 sounded] 

[pi] catacombs [kat-e-komz, b nul] 
CATAFALQU'E _ : raised platform for coffin 
CATALEPSIE —sy | Cataleptique a. —tie 
CATALOGU'E _ | _r" va. to catalogue 
CATAMARAN" [J>] _ | CATAPLASME poultice 
CATAR'RH'E _h [fam) running cold 
CATASTROPHE— [ke-tass'tre-fel 
Catechiser" Ishee-zay'] va. to catechise [fcat'ze] 
CAT^CHISME Isheece-'ml _m Ikizni, bref] 
CAT^CH-UM^NE [ch as k] _raen 




CASS'O'WARY casoar 

CAST coup (de de] jet (distance] fonte : creux 
(de fonderie'] [plaster) plktre.forme-.statuette 
[of colour) mcance [of the eye) tournure [fig) 
trempe : expression : air [theatr.) distribution 
des roles 

Cast a. fondu | _ IRO'N fonte [a.) en fonte | 
STEEL acier fondu [a.) en a. f. 

Cast va. ipret. & pp. ] jeter [drop) laisser 

tomber ... [leaves, skin) changer : depouiller 
[sow) semer [o's care) se decharger [blame) 
deverser [calculate) calculer [metal) fondre : 
couler [stereotyping) cliclier [mould) mouler | 

— about one, considerer : songer, chercher 
(«] _ AN'OH'OR, jeter Vanere | _ aside, 

rejeter : mettre de cote | away, jeter : 

ruiner : prodigiier [sftijj) echouer | down, 

jeter par terre [the mind) abattre [the eyes) 

baisser | — forth, rejeter : pousser | 

loose, [ropes] larguer | LOTS, tirer au 

sort I off, rejeter [clothes) mettre de cote | 

— on, [i.e. cast in one piece] pip. venu -e de 
fonte I — out, rejeter [drive out) chasser | 

— up, vomir [reckon) calculer 

— vn. songer [warp) se dejeter [A) abattre 
CAST'-OFF' CLOTHES (pi] defrogtie 
CAS'TANETS [pi] castagnettes 
Cas'tellated [kass'-te-leted'i a. crenele 
CAST'ER fondeur [r. CASTOR] 
Cast'igate [g1mte'\ va. chatier 
CASTIGA'TION [s?ie-cfte-nn] chatiment : dis- 

CAST'ING fonte [result) piece fondtte [steel) 
piece moulee [stereo) clichage [reckoning) 

calcul I -NET epervier | VOTE voix pre- 

ponderante | To give the vote, Departager 

CAS'T'LE [kdss-'ll chateau [chess) tour Ivn., 

at chess) roquer | To build s in the AIR, 

Faire des chateaux en Espagne [V. NUT] 
CAS'TOR [wheel) rotdette [pepper) poivriere | 

OIL huile de ricin | SUGAR sucre 

en poiidre | CASTORS (pi] huilier 
Cas'trate Ikass' -tretel va. chatrer 
Cas'ual [_kaj'-you-e-t] a. fortuit : accidentel : 
de passage | Cas'ually ad. par hasard 
CAS'UALTY accident : perte : sinistre 

CAT chat fcfl : chatte [vb) capon | To and 

fish, [anchor] Caponner et traverser | Tom , 

Matou I It is raining s and dogs, II tombe 

des Iwllebardes \ To let the out of the 

BAG, Vendre la meche | There isn't room to 

swing a , [Chambre, etc.) grande comme un 

mouchoir de poclie \ -BLOCK pmdie de ca- 
pon I -HEAD bossoir | _-0'-NINE-TAILS 

garcette : martinet | 'S-PAW [<b] gueule 

de raie | A makes B his 'S-PAW, A fait 

tirer les marrons du feu a B 
CAT'ALOGUE _ [large illust.) album 
CAT'APULT cataptdte [boys) fronde 
CATCH prise [deception) aWrai)e [unexpected 
advant.) aubaine [mus) air a reprises [tech) 
cliquet : aff'iit | _ CROP ctdtttre derobie | 
-PENNY attrape-nigaud [a.) ... de reclame | 
-WORD re'pliqne [typ) reclame 

[122] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type : before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CATEOORIE _ry [ _S' qualities : classes 
CategoriHueinenf ad. categorically : plainly 
^CATH- EDRALE _1 [kathV dreV\ 
SCATHOLICISME [eeese-'wi] _sm [s.z] 
"ZGATHOLICITE cat^iol'icism [pays) ca(?j- 
~ olic countries (pi] CATH-QLIQUE l<kf.Sa.^ 
CATI finish : gloss L — ic 

Catiinini | En , Stealthily : without being 

CAT IN" prostitute [seen 

CATISSAGE pressing 
CAUCHE'MAR nightmare [fig) bugbear 
CAUCHOIS'-JB native of Caux (Normandy] 
CAURIS' or CORIS' cowry [fcaott-re] 
Causant'-e a. [fam] fond of talking 

CAUSE : reason : motive [dr) case | a 

de, On account of | a que, Because | 

En_ dans ....Concerned in .. | Et pour , 

B -w And very properly | Hors de , In no way 

I 5 concerned | Obtenir gain de , To win the 

" ^ day I Pour de, In consequence of | s 

a § celebres, Celebrated trials | Avocat sans _, 
(i'O Briefless barrister I _ comjnune. Common C 
g ° Causer" va. to cause [vn.) to talk : to chat | 

Faire , To draw ... out : to pump 

* CAUSERIE talk : chat : chattering 
I CAUSKTTE a few words : a little chat 

CAUSEUR -EUSE talker Isf.) settee [a.) 
l^ talkative : free 
CAUSTIQUE [<fca.] _ic 
Cauteleusenienf ad. cunningly : craftily 
Cauteleux' -etise a. cunning : crafty 
CAUT^RE cautery [ptaie) issue 
Cauteriser" ixi. to cauterize [ratze] 
CAUTION" — o^ : bail [com) security | Four- 

nir , To give B [ou 8] II est sujet a , He 

cannot be relied upon, ou trusted 
CAUTIONNE-MENT- bail [com) security 
Caulionner' va. to give bail [ou security] for 
CA VALCABE _ [fce'de] 
CAVALE mare 
CAVALERIE cav'alry [kav-e-lre\ horse 

CAVALIER" ikavo-e-lire'] horseman [au bal) 

partner : dancer [echecs) knight [X) horse- 
soldier [tech) spoil bank | Servir de a. To 

escort I -iere a. blunt ; off-hand : flippant 

CAVALIERE horsewmnan : rider 
CAVE cellar : vault : bottle-case [a.) hollow 
CAVE'AU cellar Isepulhcre) vault 
Caver' va. to hollow [jeu) to stake 
CAVERNE —rn : cave [de bete) den 

Caverneux' -eitse a. nous Ivoix) sepulchral 

CAVITE —ty : hollow 

ri pe deuwns. pron. it : this : that [pi) they : 
^"j ^ these : those Ipern) he : she : they | 
a ce qu'il me semble, As I' think | a ce que 
je vois, As far as I' can see, ... | C'est bon, 
n'est-ce pas ? It is good, isn't it ? | C'est a 
vous a .... It is your turn to ... | C'est a vous 
de ..., It is your place to ... : it is for you' 
to ... I C'est ce que jepensais. It is just what" 
I thought I C'est elle qn'on cherche. It is -"^ 
she they are looking for i C'est rhommenv 
dont j'ai besoin. This is the man I want | ^ 
C'est tine modiste, She is a dress-maJcer j ^ 
Ce que je sais, c'est que ..., All I know is, . 
that... I Ce que je crains, c'est de voir ...," 
What I fear is, seeing ... | C'est qu'il esfl 
malade. The fact is he is ill : it's because he * 
is ill I Savoircequec'estque, Toknow what" 
it is (.de. to] to know what ... is (means, are.ij 
etc.] Ce qui fait que. The result of which is 
that I Ce qui ferait 640, Which would make 
640 I Ce sont les meilleurs, These [ou those] 
are the best [ Ce sont des voleurs, They are 
thieves | De ce que. From the circumstance 
of : from ... s having (done, said, etc.] 
lui.Isithe? | Quest-ce que c'est? What is it? 
Ha f^ai- Ooito (pl- Ces]rte»HO»is.a. this 
KjH, \J^ih, Oette, (pi. these] that (pi. those] 
I Ce chat-ci, this cat | Ce chien-la, that dog | Cet 
homme, Tliis man | Cette femme, This wonian | 
j Ces enfants, These children 




Catch V. [pret. efe pp. Caug'ht, attgh comme o 
dans sorf\ saisir : attraper : decouvrir : sur- 
prendre (q. u. endormi, etc.] [the eye) frapper 
(la iitie]Ientangle) s'engager [hook or thorn) 
accrocher [contagion, attention, etc.) gagner 
[<Sl, steamer, etc.) attraper : ne pas manquer | 

I didn't quite .... Je n'ai pas bien saisi ... | 

at a ball, vouloir saisir ttne halle \ at 

the offer, prendre la halle au bond [F. Only] 

They won't me doing that again ! Bien 

finquim'y rattrapera! | again, rattraperj 

COLD, s'enrhuraer | FIRE, s'allumer: 

prendre feu | HOLD of, saisir : s'accrocher 

a [fig) profiter de | it, [be punished] En 

avoir | one's DEATH, trouver la niort \ 

up, saisir | up, [overtake] rattraper 

...-CATCH'ER preneur -eitse de ... 
CATCH'ING prise : capture [a.) contagieux 

Ca'ter [kete-ri pourvoir (for, a] ER pour- 

CAT'ERPILLAR [fea«e-r-] clienille Lvoyeur 
CAT'ER WAULING sabbat des chats 
CAT'GUT' Iglie-f] corde a bovau 
CATH'ERINE WHEEL {th fort] soleil 
CAT'KIN cliaton j CAT'MINT fterbeaux chats 

CAT'TLE (pi] betaiUsing] bestiaux(pl] Black 

Gros b6tail | Horned , Betes a cornes \ 

— BREEDING [6rMe] I'elevage du betail | 
_ MARKET marche aux bestiaux | -PEN 
pare a bestiaux | -PLAGUE peste Ixyvine | 
_ SHOW exposition de betail | -TRUCK 
wagon a bestiaux 
CAU'CUS comite electoral 
Caug'ht [pp. V. Catch] attrape : pris 
CAUL filet : coiffe (d'enfant] 
^ CAULIFLOWER chou-fleitr 
^ Caul'k va. calfater | ^ER calfat 

* CAUSE : raison : motif | va. causer : 

c occasionner : procurer [before another verb) 
■iCAU'SEWAY [otiel c/jatme'e [faire 

° CAU'STIC [<fc a.] _ique | Lunar _, Pierre 
s infemale 

gCAU'TION [cJie-nnl feo pntdence : precatt- 

-3 lion [warning) avis [va.) avertir (to, del pre- 

3 cautionner : niettre ... en garde (against, 

centre] -MONEY cautionnement : garantie 

Cau'lious [c/ie-s.s] a. [of, centre] en garde : 

circonspect : prudentil lyrtd. avec circon- 

spectiun (or precaution^ ■:_NESS prtidence 

A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thu? 




clans' ■ ad. here : within | Le maitre de , 

The master of the lioiise [ou this H] 

Ceci demons, pron. this 

CECITE blindness | Frappe de_, Struck blind 

C6der' v. [a, to] to give up : to hand over : to 

give way : to resign : to submit | a [vendre] 

'To be disposed of fof citron 

CEDILLE- _lla | CfeDRAT"citron : essence 

CilDRE cedar [cide-r] du Liban, C of Lebanon 

Ceindre va. (Table 58) [de, with] to enclose : 
to surround : to gird : to wreathe 

Celntrer' va. [A] to frap 

CEINTURE girdle : belt : sash Ifiers, robe) waist 
li>) sheer-strake | de sauvetage, Life-belt 


Ce'la [or familiarly Qa] denums. pron. that | 

C'est ! That's right ! Just so ! | Trop long 

de , That much too long | C'est bien 

comrae_,That will do : that's just it | Comme 

, Like that : so : thus | Comme ei, comme 

(ja, Only middling : so-so | Comment ? How 

so ? I Pour meme, For that very reason 

CELADON' [* a.] sea-green 

CELEBRATION-— | Ct516bre a. cel'ebrated 

C^lebrer" va. to celebrate [to messe) to say 

CELEBRITE _ty : fame 

Celer' va. to hide : to conceal (a, from] 

C^LERI _ry | Branche de _, Stick of C 

CELERITE speed : swiftness 

Celeste a. _tial I Bleu _, Sky-blue 

C^LIBAT" cel'ibacy | Vivre dans le , To live 

single I AIRE bachelor : celibate [a.) single 

Celle [pi. s'] pron. she [obj.) her [chose) that 

[pi) they : those : them [V. Celui] 

CELLIER" cellar (on ground floor] store-room 

Cellulaire a. lar [emprisonn'ment) solitary 

(confinement] Voiture , Prison van 

CELLULE cell : box 

CELLULOID celluloid 


CELTE [<fc /:] Celt | CELTIQUE [<fca.]_ic IkeltiK] 

Celul [pi. Ceux]jpro«. he [obj.) him : the one 

[pi.) they : those : them | -ci, This one : the 

latter : this ... | -la, That one : the former 

Cenientei'" va. to case-harden 

CEMENTATION ■ _ : case-hardening 

C^NACLE [room of the) last supper [fig) re- 
union (of literary men, etc.] 

CENDRE ashes (pi] Keduit-e en Burnt to 

aslies I 'Mercredi des s,' 'Ash-Wednesday' 

_ VERTE emerald green 

Cendre -e a. ashy : ash-coloured : pale 

Cendreux' -ettse a. full of, covered with, ashes 

CENDRIER" ash-pit : ash-box : ash-trav 

CENDRILLON- Cinderella 

CENE Lord's Supper [V. Supper] 


CENS [pr. s] census : quit-rent ; electoral, 

Property qualification 

Cense -e a. reputed : suppo.sed [-mf virtually] 

CENSEUR censor : critic [imiversite) proctor 
[college) vice-principal 

Censurable a. : blamable [censorship 

CENSURE _ : vote of C : blame lofficielle) 

Censurer" va. to censure 

CENT" [pr. the t before vowel or h mute, except in 
cent' un, centonze : in pi. Cents before vowel 
or h mute, t is silent, and s has sound ofz. Cent 
remains sing, in dates and when followed by 
another number : deux cent six] hundred | 

pesant. Hundredweight | Deux s. Two 

hundred | Deux-cent-six, Two hundred and 

six I Vingt pour , 20 per cent. | Tant pour 

, A percentage 

CENTAINE hundred | Une About a hun- 
dred I Par s, ... by hundreds 

CENTE'NAIRE [<fe a.] nary : centenarian 

Centesimal -e a. 

CENTIARE [a square metre. V. Table 88] 

CentiOme a. hundredth (part] 100th 

Centigrade a. Isennti-yrede'] 

CENTIGRAMME _gram [sennti-graml [100 _s 
make 1 gramme] IV. Table 89] 

CENTIME '_' [100 _s = 1 franc ■ 5 _s nearly 

= a halfpenny, or cent] Au , [V. FRANC] 

s additionnels (pi] county rate : parish rate 

CENTIMETRE centimeter [sennti-mite-rl [100 

s = 1 metre] [de dame) tape-measure IV. 

TcMe 87] 

Central -e a. 1 Isenn'tre-ll [V. School] 




CAVALRY cavalerie [a.) de C 

_ SOLDIER cavalier 

CAVE [fcere] caveme : antre | in, se rendre 

CA'VEAT notification (d'opjmsition] 
CAVIL argutie [wj. -He'd) chicaner (at, sur] 
CA'VY [fee] cobaye 
Caw [aw comme o dans sort"] vn. croasser 

CAWING croassement | C.E. ingenieur civil 
CAYENN'E PEPP'ER [fee'-enn] poivre rouge 
Cease [ctce] v. cesser (from, ... : to, de] ... has 

— d to be, ... n'est plus : ... n'existe plus 

less a. sans cesse 

CE'ASING [_cice'] cessation \ Without , Sans 

CE'DAR [cideitr] cedre [a.) de cedre L^esse 
Cede [cide] va. ceder (to. a] 
CE'ILING [ci-iisrn] plafond [E 

CEL'ANDINE chilidoine-.eclaire [lesser) pe(i(e 

Cel'ebrale [ae'] va. celebrer | d a. celebre 

CELL cellule : case : compartiment [bees' ) 

alveole [X) cachot [electr.) element 

CELL'AR [fe-r] caDe : cellier 

AGE ledj-} caves (pi] enmnagasinage 

CELT Celte [implement) haehe (de silex] 
CEMENT' ciment [Da.)cimenter[wi.) se reunir 
CEM'ETERY cimetiere 
/CEN'SER encensoir 
CEN'SOR censeur 

Censo'pious a. critique (of. upon, pour] 
CEN'SORSHIP censure 
CEN'SURE [cfteitr] _ : blirae 

va. censurer : blamer 

CEN'StJS [se-s,s] recensement 

CENT [senntf] sou [F. Per _] A ' red ' 

Un 'rouge liard ' 
CEN'TERING [of arch] cintre | To strike 

the , Decintrer 

CEN'TIPEDE [pMe] scolopendre 
Cen'tral [tre-n a. _ | Great _ POINT, 
\^ [of several streets] Rond-point 

[124] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type : before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CENTRALISATION" [s as z\ —lization [taV- 
Centraliser" va. to cen'tralize \j!ecl^-nn 

CENTRE [ang. pr. cennU-r'\ middle 

Centrer"'ua. to centre | Centrifuge a. fiigal 

Centrip6le a. petal 

Cenlupler" va. to increase ... a hundredfold 

CEP [.sep] vine-stock : cane 

C^PAGE vine-stocks (pi] vine 

C^PE, CEPS [var. of edible) mushroom 

CEPEE set of shoots (from one root] 

Cependanf ad. nevertheless : however : in the 

meantime : yet | que, Whilst finJi'stry 

CERAMIQUE ceramic art : china & porcelain 
C^RAMISTE china-manufacturer : potter 

CtRAT" te : ointment 

CERCEAU hoop [lilet) hoop-net 

CERCLE circle : ring [a tonneau) hoop Ireunion) 

club I Vin en , Wine in the wood | vicieux', 

Syllogistic circle | Cercler' va. to hoop 
CERCUEIL' coffin lAme'r) casket [fig) grave 
CEREALES- [pi] _ls [com) corn (sing] 

C6r«5bral -e a. 1 | Fievre e, Brain fever 

C^R^MONIAL : ceremony | 1-e a. cere- 
monial 1 GEREMONIE _ny : state 

C^reinonieux" -mse a. ious [-semenf -ly] 

CERF" [_sair : often pr. sairf\ stag : deer [Bra- 

mer = to bell] Corne de , Hartshorn 

-VOLANT' [jouet) kite [insect) stag-beetle 
CERFEUIL- [plante] chervil 
CERISE cherry 1 CERISIER" cherry-tree 
CERNE-AU green walnut 

Cerner" va. [un arbre) to dig round [de, with) 
to invest : to surround [ II a les yeux cernes. 
He is black round the eyes 

CERTAIN" certainty | -e a. certain (de, of, to] 

fixed : to be relied on | Chose e, A sure thing | 

es choses. Some tilings : certain things | 

C'est chose e, There's no doubt about that': 

that's a certainty ! | Apres un _ temps, After 
some time | homme, A certain man 

Certalne'menf ad. certainly B^ : surely : of 

course : I do : I am : I have (etc., etc.] 
Certes" Isairtl ad. indeed : surely 
CERTIFICAT" [fca] _cate [fee'fe] proof [de do- 

mestique, d'ouvrier)character | d'feTUDES' 

[similar to Certificate of Oxford or Camb. 
Prelim. Local Examination] 
CERTIFICATEUR certifier : registrar 
Certifier' va. to certify : to assure 
CERTITUDE certainty (de. of, to] 
CERUSE [or Blanc de _] white-lead 
CERVE'AU brain [V. Note at Brain] Rhume de 

— , Cold in the head | II est enrhume du , 

He has a cold in his head | brule. Wild 

outrageous fellow | creux'. Dreamer | 8e 

creuser le , To rack one's brains 

CERVELAS" saveloy | CERVELET" cerebellum 
CER VELLE brain 03) : brains : head | II s'est 

brule la , He has shot himself 

Cervler" | Loup-_, Lynx 

Ces' demmis. a. these : those IV Ce] 

CESSATION" [cess-sec7i€-n>i] intermission 

CESSE I Fas de _, No end | Sans _, Incessantly | 

Remuer sans , To keep stirring | Cesser* v. 

to cease : to discontinue : to come to an end I 

Faire , To put a stop [ou an end] to 

CESSION" _ : transfer (a, to] 
Cet, Cette, a. [V. Ce] 

CtTACt cetacean [teclie-ye-nn1 -e a ceous 

CtTfeRAC ceterach : scale fern 
Ceux" Celles' [F. Celui, Celle] they : those 
CJ&VE'NOL -E [<fe a.] [native) of the Cevennes 
CHABOT" chub | CHACAL jackal 
Cliacun" -e [no pi] a. pron. every one : each : 

any one [F. Taste] en parle. Everybody 

is talking of it | Mettez ces livres a sa place, 

Put each of these books into its place [Note: 
before a noun never use Chacun but Chaque: 
thus, chaque fois, not chacune fats'] 
CHAFOUIN"-£ mean, miserable wretch 




^CEN'TRE [Americ. _TER] _ fea : milieu: 
I foyer Iva.) concentrer : placer ... au centre 
I Ivn. in, dans) etre place au centre [fig) se con- 

2 centrer [F. Decintrer] to , Axe en axe | 

^ BIT meche ajiglaise 

H _ LINE axe 

°° _ PUNCH pointeau 
CENTU'RION centurion [Bible) centenier 
CEN'TURY itiou-ri] siecle | Many _ries 
V old. age de plusieurs siecles : seculaire 

CE'REAL CROPS [ciri-e-l] [pi] cer&iles 

CEREMO'NIAL [i-e-l] _ [«.) de cerenumie 

Ceremo'nious [mone-ye-ss] a. cereraonieux 

CER'EMONY ceremonie : soJennite [pr. enn as 
ann] Without further , Sans plus de fagons 

Cer'taln [,seur-te-nn] a. fca [ascertained) 

assure | For , Pour sflr | ly ad. certaine- 

ment : decideraent [at least) au moins | _ not ! 
Non, par exemple ! 

CER' TAINT Y iseur'te-nn-te] certitude : chose 
certdine \ To a , a coup sur [F. Certain fea] 

OERTIF'ICATE [fce-(] _t (Registrar's) acte 
(de naissanee, de deces] [copy of a register) 

extrait (de naissonce, etc.] [teachers ) dip- 

lome : brevet [bankrupt's) concordat 

Certificated a. diplome : brevete [bankrupt) 

Cer'tify [?t/"at] va. certifier | I this a true 

COPY [signature] ' Pour copie conforme ..." 
CESS'POOL fosse A'aisances : puisard 

Chafe [pr. tcliefe] va. chauffer [VH. against, with, 
centre) frotter : echauffer [ropes) fatiguer [at, 
de) s'irriter | CHA'FER hanneton 
'CHAFF menite paille [raillery) ptaisariterte ; 

' blague ' 1 -CUTTER hache-uaiHe 
Chaff 1X1. plaisanter : taquiner : ' blaguer' 
I CHAF'FINCH pinson 

M CHAIN chaine [surv. measure) 20' 116 metres 
O [Fr. arpenteurs use a decametre (10 m.) or 
. a double dec. (20 m.] -GANG chaine (de 
§ galeriens] -HARROW Tierse a chaSnons | 
^ -MAKER chainetier 1 -PLATE latte \ -PUMP 
® ponipe a chapelet : noria \ -SHOT boulet 
►jj rame | -SPROCKET pignon de C \ -STITCH 

O point de chainette \ S, ou WALES porte- 

I haubans | —WHEEL couronne [or rowe] de C 

I Chain va. enchainer (to, a] down, retenir 

I par une chaine : assujettir | up, attacher 

V (avec une chaine] 

A point (S') means silent, or QN° LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMIKIKB words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CHAGRIN" trouble : grief : sorrow [cuir) Persian 

morocco 1 -e a. sad : sorrowful [de mauv. 

humettr) peevish : surly 
Chagrinant' -e a. sad : provoking : vexatious 
Cha(|riner' va. to grieve : to vex 
' CHAHUT"' shindy : row : noisy interruption 
CHAINAGE measuring with the chain 
CHAiXE chain : line [tissage) warp [V. Block] 
CHAiNETIER- [fancy) chain-maker 
CHAiXETTE chain | Boutons a _s, Cuff-links | 

Point de Chain-stitch 

CHAlNON" link [A) scope 

CHAIR flesh Ipean) skin | Cela donne la de 

jKnile ! It makes ones flesh creep I | En et 

en OS, In the flesh | Ni ni poisson. Neither 

fish, flesh, nor fowl | CHAIR [«a] _ 
CHAIRE [predic) pulpit [eveq) throne : see : 
chair [imiversite) chair : professorship 

CHAISE chair [a palier) hanger : wall-box | 

percee, Night commode | a detix ehevaitx' 

Chaise and pair | _ a portetirs. Sedan chair | 
CHAISIER" chair-maker | —lERE [north of 
Fr.] chair-keeper 
CHALANO' -E customer [J>) lighter : barge 
CHALDfeEN- —dee [fcoZ-dt] 
CHALE shawl I CHALET" •_" : Swiss cottage 
CHALEUR heat [dotice) warmth [fig) warmth : 

animation : zeal | Pendant les s, During the 

hot weather | eux' -etise a. warm : hot : 

animated : impassioned { CHALON" drag-net 
CHALOUPE Icanotmiere) launch [.marine mar- 

chancle) long-boat 
CHALUME'AU pipe Ichimie) blow-pipe 
CHALUT- trawl-net [V. Trawl] _IER" trawler 
Ch'aJybe-e a. [Ferre is more used] _beate 
CHAMADE [X] _ : parley | Battre la _, 

[fig] To give in 
se Chamaiirer" vr. to scuffle : to wrangle 
ChamarTer" va. to trim [fam) to "rig out' 
CHAMBARD" | 'Fairedu_,"Tokickuparow' 

Z'CHAMBARDEMENT" [fam] general upset ou 
I disorder :'row' 
CHAMBELLAN" _berlain [tcheme-be-r'\ 

1 CHAMBRANLE frame : chimney-piece 

•3 CHAMBRE room [F. :6leve] [officiel et tech) 
S chamber B^ [it) cabin : room [d'un canot) 
'^ stern-sheets | a cmicher. Bedroom | des 

— communes. House of Commons | Femme de 

W Lady's tnaid [dans un hotel) chambermaid | 

2 Orande [A] Ward-room | Robe de , 

<2 Dressing-gown | Travailler en , To work at 

.^ home I ... en A stay-at-home, theoretical 

g (soldier.or ....but whodofts nothing] Garder 

I fei _, To keep to ones room ; _ XOIRE dark- 
i room I CHAMBREE roomful [theat) house 
I I [X) mess i CHAMBRETTE little room 
■ yCHAMBRIERE long whip : prop 
CHAME-AU camel | CHAMELIER" camel-driver 
CHAMELLE she-camel 
CHAMOIS" _ I Peau de _, Chamois leather 
CHAMP" field : ground : subject : career : 

march : course | de bataille, F of battle j 

De , On its edge | Sur-le- , There and 

■3 then : off-hand : upon the spot | a tout bout 

d de , Every moment : at " every whip and 

'^ turn' I a travers s. Across country | AUer 

■~ aux s. To go into the country | Rotie de , 

•^ Crown-wheel | _ CLOS" lists (pi] 

£ CHAMPAGN'E _ [ang. pr. chamm-p^e} 

"3 Clianipe'nois' -e a. of [ou from] Champagne 

— Clianip«lre a. rural [fam) country 
SCHAMPIGN'ON" mushroom [mecTie) thief [de 

I rail) head | —NNIERE M-bed fpionship 
^CHAMPION" _ Itchamnii _NNAT " cham- 
CHANCE _ Da^ [F. Ten] Avoir de fa _, To 

be lucky | En courir fa , To chance it | 

Bonne .' Good luck ! 

Chancclant' -e a. tott«ring : unsteady 
Chanceler" vn. to totter : to waver : to reel 
CHANCELIER" _cellor l»a^ [consulat) secretary 




^CHAIN'ING enchainement [tene 

lljCliain'less a. sans cliaine | bicycle. Aca- 

O CHAIK chaise [in university) chaire [person) 
_ president [railway) coussinet : ' chair ' [va.) 

g porter en triomphe | To take the , Presi- 

^ der : occuper le fauteuil | C D in the , 

a, Prfyidence de C D | ! ! a Tordre ! a 

^ I'ordre I | Arm- Fauteuil | Bath Voi- 

§ ture de malade | Rocking , ' ' : berceuse 

CHAIR'MAN [of meeting, company, etc.) pre- 

V sident | Who was the ? Qui a preside ? 

CHAISE [chezel _ feo [voiturel 

/CHAIi'ICE [tchaUiss] calice : cottpe 

I CHAXi'K [ai comme o dans sort] craie[draw- 
jjj ing) crayon [F. Fr.] [txi.) marquer : ecrire 

Q a fa craie \ "By a long ,' ... a beaucoup 

H pres I French Craie de tailleur | _ LINE 

c cordeau | out, tracer 

SCha'rky a. crayeux : de craie 

^CHALL'ENGE defi : cartel [railit.) qui-vive 

"I [law) r^isation [va.) defier : mettre au defi 
W (de] provoquer (to a duel, en duel] recuser 

I (un jure] appeler (cotnparoison. etc.] [X) 
crier qui-vive [if) heler | R agresseur : 

V provocateur : champion 

Ch'aly'beate {Jie-lihb-yettl a. ferrugineux 
/CHA'MBER [a e] chatnbre [of gun) tonnerre 

(I) [utensil) vase de nuit [ Bed- , C a coucher ', 

O _of AGRICULTUKE cornice agricole I _ 
^ of COMMERCE ctiambre de commerce | 
c. —MAID femme de chambre | CHAMBERS 
(Ij [pi] bureaux [lawyer's) etude (sing] In — s 
O [judge] En refere fGrrand C 

VCHA'MBERLAIN chambellan Vbo { Lord _, 
CH'AME'LEON Ike-mile-ye-mi] cameleon 
/CHAM'FER chanfrein [va.) chanfreiner 
I Champ va. ronger fchampionnat 

I CHAM'PION _ : ' recordman ' | —SHIP 

1 CHANCE [tcftamiee] : hasard : coup de 

g fortune [a.) de hasard : accidentel | By — , 
Eh Par hasard | There is no — of, II n'y a 

2 attaine cTiance de | To take the — of, Courir 

£ la chance de | vn. arriver : se rencontrer : 

^ se trouver | 111 it. Arrive que pourra 

SCHAN'CEL sanctuaire 

W CHAN'CELLOR [ie-r] chancelier | Lord _, 

't' Grand C [ministre de la justice'] — o f the 

Exchequer. Ministre des finances | — SHIP 

I dignite de chancelier 

VCHAN'CERY chancellerie 

[126] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman t}'pe ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words comraun to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CHANCELIERK [cliose^ foot-rauff 
CHANCELLERIE chancery : chancellor's 

office [consulat) secretary's office 
Chanceux' -ettse a. uncertain : risky 
Clianci -e a. musty : mildewed fkered 

CHANCRE canker | Chancreux'-estse a. can- 
CHANDAIL- sweater' 
CHANDELEIJR | La _, Candlemas 
CHANDELIER" candlestick [pers) chandler 

CHANDELLE candle | de six, Sixes | a to 

, By candlelight | Le jeu n'en vaut pas la 

, It isn't worth doing | romaine, Koman C 

CHANFREIN" chamfer | er" va. to chamfer 

CHANGE 03^ [com) exchange | Agent de , 

Stock-broker | Conner le a, To put ... on 

the wrong scent | Lettre de , Bill of ex- 
change I Prendre le , To be taken in | Taux 

du _, Rate of E 
Change'anf -e a. changeable : fickle 
CHANGE'MENT" change Dsj : alteration [de la 

maree) turn | de voie, [^] Shunting | 

de Vitesse, [eye, auto] Change-speed gear 
Changer" va. [en, into : de, ...] to change [4>) 

to shift (over ou round] de conduite, To 

alter one's conduct | de place, de voiture. 

To change one's place, carriages 
CHANGEUR -EUSE money-changer 
CHANOINE canon | Vie de _, Easy life 
CHANQUES [in the LandesJ stilts 
CHANSON" song [fig) nonsense : tale \ S! 

That's all stuff! | nner" va. to write songs 

upon I —kNETTE little song | La _,Comic 
songs (pi] —HH\ER" -lERE song writer 

CHANT" singing : song [d'un poeme) canto [du 
coq) crow : crowing | Maitre de , Singing- 
master I Plain- , Plain-song 

CHANTAGE blackmailing by threats of exposure 
Chantanf -e a. suited for singing : harmoni- 
ous I Cafe , Music-hall -.'cafe chantant' 

CHANTEAU hunch of bread : cutting from roll 

Chanter" v. to sing : to celebrate : to say : to 

tell [oiseaux) to sing [coq) to crow \fligalea) 

to chirp [fig, fani) to have to say for o'self | 

Faire , To blackmail 

CHANTERELLE treble-string : decoy-bird 
CHANTIER" timber-yard : coal-yard : ...-yard 
[de const.) dockyard [J>, support) stocks : slip 
[d'entrepreneur) works (pi] tmine) workings | 

Sur le , On the stocks 

Chanton"ner" v. to hum fa curve 

Chantourner" va. to cut to a profile : to cut in 
CHANTRE chorister : precentor : singer [oiseau) 
CHANVRE hemp Lsongster 

CH"AOS" Ikah-o'] [en ang. ke-oss^ 

Ch'aotique [kaho] a. ic [fce'-oHife] 

* ChaparUer" ' va. to ' bone ' : to steal 
CHAPE cape : cope : cover [niach) strap Ifbn- 

derie) cope [4>) gin (block] 
CHAPE"AU [d'hom.) hat [de fern.) hat : bonnet 
[fig) man IpTiotog. &, tech) cap [com) primage 

[de voile) bunt | haut de forme, Top hat : 

silk hat I melon, Bowler hat | chinois, 

Set of bells | Coup de , Bow [baoul 

CHAPE-CHVTE windfall 
CHAPELAIN"" [private) chaplain 
Chapeler" va. to grate 




CHANDELIE'R Ichann-de-lire'] lustre 
CHAN'DLER [ch, tcK] Tallow _, Fabricant de 

chandelles \ Corn , Marchand de ble | Ship 

, Approvisionneur de navires 

^CHANGE [for the better, or worse) change- 
ment (en mieux, en mal] [linen) linge blanc 

[cash) monnaie \ Small Petite monnaie | 

[We'll go the other way) for a , ... pour 

changer | A little , [holiday] Une petite 

distraction [F. Distraire and Away] for 

a 5 fraoc piece. La M de .5 fr. | 'To go on 

, Aller a la bourse \ of FRONT, revire- 

ment | _ of HORSES, Relais | _ of the 

MOON. Nouvelle lune : phase | Sudden 

of WEATHER, Brusque changement de 

temps i S [of life] vicissitiides | To ring 

.» the S on, Broder des variations sur 

>i'Change v. [for, pour (or centre) : into, en] 
~ changer [place, one's opinion, etc.) changer 

de : modifier [moon) se renouveler | To 

for the BETTER. S'ameliorer | With- 
out changing CARRIAGES, Sans changer 

de wagon | To GEAR, Changer de Vitesse | 

HORSES. Changer de cheval : relayer j 

_ SPEED FORK, fourchette du baladeur \ 

SPEED GEAR ' changement de Vitesse ' | 

_ SPEED LEVER levier de changement de 
Vitesse | —WHEELS [lathe] roues a filetage 
Cha'nge"able a. changeant : inconstant 

NESS inconstance : humeurior caractere] 

VCHA'NGER changeur [variable 

f'CHA'NGING changement [a.) changeant 
CHANN'EL canal : voie [A) detroit [bed of 
stream) lit [of harbour) passe | Our neigh- 
bours across the , Nos voisins d'outre- 

ManeM | The _ FLEET, La flotte de la 

M Manche \ S [V. Chain-wales] 

QChann'el va. creuser [arch) canneler 

H Chant V. chanter 

c CHAN'TICLEER [poet] chantre du jour 

2 CHAP garcon : gaillard | 'Old _!' Mon 

^ vieux ! I CHAP \tchopp'\ maehoire [bacon) 

J" bajoue [in skin) gerfure \.va. -pped) gercer 

WcHAP'EL [tchapp-'ll chapelle [typ) atelier | 

of EASE. cTuipelle auxiliaire 

CHAP'LAIN lle-nn] aumonier : chapelain 
CHAP'TER chapitre | To give _ and 
VERSE, Mettre les points sur les i : fournir 
des renseignements complets | -HOUSE 
VChar [-rre'd] va. carboniser L^hapitre 

CHAR'ACTER caractere feo : role : person- 
nage : qualite : nature : genre [fig) tableau : 

description | A good , [.servant] De bons 

certificats (pi] IV. Temoignage] He's a queer 

» , ' C'est un drole de corps ' | A suspicious 

V , Un personnage louche | He has lost his , 

^11 a perdu sa reputation | In , Dans le 

^vrai I Its real , Son vrai naturel | Of bad 

.« , De mauvaise vie | Of some force of , 

I Vune certainevaletir\ Out of ,Deplace :pa8 

I dans son role | sketch. Portrait litteraire 

VCHAR'ACTERIS'TIC trait caracteristique 

A point (S") means silent, or GN" LL" L" liquid : two points (S"") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, tlius. 




CHAPELET" chaplet : beads (pi] stirrup-strap 

[d'oignons) rope | Defiler son , To tell one's 

CHAPEUER--7EKB hatter [beads 

CHAPELLE chapel [V. Ardent. Fr.] Faire _, 

[ J>] To broach to' [tou] ' blanche,' Bed 

CHAPELLE RIE hat-making : hatter's shop 
CHAPELURE grated bread-crumbs (pi) 
CHAPERON" hood : shoulder-knot [danie) cha- 
peron Ifirch) coping [de selle) holster 
Chaperon'ner' va. to chaperon : to cope (a 
CHAPITEAU top iarch) capital LwaH] 

CHAPITRE chapter : C-house [sujet) subject | 

Avoir voix au , To be consulted | r" va. 

to reprove 
CHAPON" capon : crust rubbed with garlic 
Cliapoter' v. to jack-plane 
CHAFTALISATION" su«&T\ne the must 
Chaptaliser' va. to sugar the must of 
Chaque [no plurj a. each : every 
CHAR car : truck [funebre) hearse [des anciens) 

chariot | a BANC'S' Ics silent] pleasure- 

CHARABIA gibberish : Auvergnian patois [,van 
CHARADE _ [pr. c1te-rede\ 
CHARANCON" weevil 

CHARBON" [_ de terre) coal [de bois) charcoal 
[ardent) hot coals (pi] [nie'd) carbuncle \agr) 
smut [ilectr) carbon | Epreuve au , Carbon- 
print I Sur des s ardents, On pins 

CHARBON'NAGE colliery 
Cliarbon'ner'tw. to blacken (one's face, &c.]to 
sketch in charcoal \vn.) to get charred : to char 
CHARBON'NIER" coal-hole : coal-shed [homme) 

coal-man : charcoal-burner [■i) collier | 

est maitre chez lui, A man's house is his castle 
CHARBON NIERE charcoal-pit : coal-seller 
Charcuter' va. to hack : to mangle (meat] 
CHARCVTERIE pork-butcher's meat [or 
CHARCUTIER '-JJBiSB pork-butcher [shop 
CHARDON- thistle [a foulon) teasel [fer) spike 
CHARDONNERET" goldfinch 
CHARGE _ t»a^ : load (de, of] [ A et fig) burden 
[depejise) expense : cost [plais) rough joke : 
caricature | a , A burden (to] Temoin a , 

■Witness for the prosecution | a la de, [or 

que.] Provided that ... | Revenir a. la , To 

return to the charge : to try it again | En 

Loading [F. Load, tw.] Fenune de Hottst:- 

keeper | Rompre To trans-ship | Sans s, 

Without encumbrance 

Charge -e a. full : laden : overloaded : too dark 
(ou heavy] cloudy llettre) registered {langue) 
furred | de dettes. Deep in debt 

CHARGEMENT- load : loading [com) lading : 
shipment [^^) cargo : freight [train) loading 
[pastes) registration | Vote de , [«&] Siding 

Charger' va. [de, with, to] to load [A) to lade 
[X, com. et tig) to charge [contier) to entrust 
(de. with] [tig) to overdo [lettre) to register | 

II me charge de. He desires me to { Se , To 

undertake : to take charge of [temps) to get 
cloudy 1 Je m'en charge. I'll see to it 

CHARQEUR loader [com) shipper 

CHARIOT" waggon : cart [char) chariot : car 
[d'enfant) go-cart [tech) carriage [d'un tour) 
slide-rest lastr) Great Bear 

Charitable a. | menl' ad. charitably 

CHARITE ty : alms : benevolence | Dame 

de , District visitor | S<eur de , Sister of 

mercy | Vente de , C bazaar | bien or- 

donnee commence par soi-meme. Charity be- 
gins at home 

CHARIVARI tin-kettle music: uproar: 'row' 

CHARLATAN" impostor : quack : " liumbug ' | 
De , a. quack | ERIE. ISME quackery 

CHARLOT- TE apple-preserve with toast | _ 
RUSSE whipped & iced cream & biscuits 

Cbarniant' -e a. charming : delightful | D'une 
maniire e. Charmingly 

CHARME m Imagie) spell [arbre) hornbeam | 

'Comme un ,' "First-rate' | Charmer' va. 

to charm : to delight : to soothe (de, with, to] 


CHARMILL'E hedge [ou bower] of hornbeam 
(or other trees, trimmed like a wall] 

Charnel -Ue a. carnal : sensual [-ment'-lly] 

CHARNIER" larder [d'os) charnel-house 




/CEAB'COAL charbon (de bois] noir (animal] 
-BUR'NER charbonnier-tere 
_ IRON fer au bois 

CHARGE c ■ : prix : garde : soin : ordre : 

chargeraent [bishop's ) mandement [accu- 
sation) accusation : inatlpation [to the jury) 
requisitoire [indictment) acte d'acctisation 
W [prooO corps de delit [tax) perception \ At 

P a small , Moyennant une faiUe retribu- 

. tion I Free of Gratis : franco | To give ... 

§ in , Faire arreter | Officer in , Propose | 

Q, In of .... a la charge de ... : aux soins de 

« [official, etc.) prepose a | On a j_ of. Sous 

M I'inctilpaXimi de { To take of, Se charger 

O de : avoir soin de | S [pi] frais | List of 

—a, Tarif 

1 Charge do. [with, de] charger feo : accuser : 

I ordonner (a A B de ...] [prices) prendre : de- 

mander : faire payer [duty, or tax) percevoir 

[upon a bill) compter [tech) appliquer [the 

enemy) charger (I'ennemi] To ... to my 

account, Porter ... a mon compte | ... with 


[128] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

( a message, Donner xme commission a ... | 

CD with the damage, Faire payer C D | 

... with having said .... Reprocher a ... 

d'avoir dit ... | d with, [accused] Sous la 

privention de : prevenu de 
Char'ge'able a. a ctor(;re (to, a] greve(d'un 
53 impot] accusable (with, de] 
C)CHAR'GER cheval de bototile [dish) plat 
^Char'ily [tohatr-e-te'] od. a contre-coeur 
cCHAR'IOT fcfl char | _EE'R conducteur 

SCbar'itable [te-be-J] a. : de charite 

^Char'ilablv [te-bU] ad. charitabtement 
SCHAR'ITY charity ^ca : [.V)mim6ne | ... for 

M ties. Pour cnivres de bienfaisance 

O _ ORGANISA'TION bureau de bienfai- 

sance \ SCH'OOL ecole gratuite 

CHAR'LOCK seneve : ravenelle 
CHARM charme : enchantement [for wear) 
breloqtte : porte-bonheur 
CHARM'ER [*/■•] enchanteur -teresse 
Charm'incjly ad. d'une ntaniere charmante 
*<CHAR'NEL-HOUSE charnier 

Words Gommon to both languages are given in the French diviiiion only. 




CHARNIKRE hinge | a Hinged 

Charnu-e a. phimp [fruit) flesliy [(evres) thick 
CHAROGNE carrion fBois 

CHAJRPENTE timbers (pi] frame-work [V. 
Charpenter" ixi. to hew : to hack : to make | 

Bien charpente, Well-made : well-built 
CHARPENTERIE carpentry : timber-work : 
CHARPENTIER" ship-carpenter : G Lt-yard 
CHARPIE lint | En _, \viande\ Done to rags 
CHAR RE- TEE cart-load fOart-road 

CHAR'RE'TIER" carter : waggoner | Chemin _, 
CHARRETTE cart | _ a BRAS, hand-cart 

[Amer.) push-cart 
CHAR'RIAQE cartage : carting 
Char'rier" va. to cart : to carry down (sand, 
ice. etc.] \vn.) to be covered with drifting ice 
CHAR-ROI carting | Chemin de _, Cart-road 
CHAR-RON" wheelwright 
CHAR-RONNAQE wheelwrights work 
Charroyer" va. to cart 

CHARRUE plough [Amer., plow] ia _ devant 
les boeufs, The cart before the horse | Soc de 

, P-share | Garijon de , Ploughboy 

CHAJtTE _ter | La Grande^, Magna Charta 

(1215] Ecole des S", Training school for 

Record Office, &c. | -PARTIE charter-party 

CHARTREUSE _ : Carthusian monastery 

CHARTREUX- Carthusian friar [V. Chat, Fr.] 

CH-ARYBDE Charyb'dis | Tomber de _ en 

Scylla, To fall out of the frying-pan into the 

CHAS' eye (of a needle] [tech) starch \fiTO 

CHASSE chase : sport [a courre) hunting [au 

tir) shooting [temps) 8 season [gibier) game 

[fig) pursuit [d'wne seie) way \typ) lines over 

(pi] au renard, Fox-hunting | au levrier. 

Coursing | Cheval de , Hunter | Chien de 

, Hound : sporting dog | Les plaisirs de la 

, Field sports | Donner la a, To give ... 

chase | Faire bonne , To make a good bag | 

Prendre [A] To sheer otf | -AVANT" over- 
seer I -BOEUF cow-catcher | -CLOU punch | 
-QOUPILL-ES- pin-punch I -MAR^E [J,] lug- 
ger I -NEIGE snow-plough | -PIERRES" guard- 
CHASSE .shrine : cheeks (pi] mounting Liron 
CHASS^-CROiS^ 'game of cross-purposes ' 
CHASSE'LAS" a wliite variety of eating grape 
Chasser' v. to hunt : to drive : to drive out [ou 
away] [au chien courant) to course [au tir) to 
shoot [renvoyer) to discharge ou ' sack ' [fig) to 
expel : to pursue [ J>) to chase [sur son ancre) 
to drag [nuages) to drive | II chasse de race, 
' He's a chip of the old block ' 

CHASSEUR huntsman [au tir) sportsman [do- 

mestique) footman [au cafe) messenger | S* 

[X] light infantry [ou horse] d'Afrique, 

Light cavalry | alpins, Mountain infantry 

Chassieux"-eitse a. blear-eyed 
CHASSIS" frame [p;ioOslide[/"e««tre)sash[<!/p) 
chase [d'auto) 'chassis' | -PRESSE printing- 
frame I -ROULE-AU roll-holder 

Chaste a. [fcliesste'] pure [-nienf-ly] 

CHASTETE _tity : purity | CHASUBLE _ 

CHAT- CHATT-E cat : 'jniss' [F. ces mots Ba^] 

(Miauler = to mew] [jeu d'enf.) tag : touch | 

[En ang. on se sert generalement du feminin. 

In French the cat is usually spoken of in the 

masculine] Quand le n'y est pas, les souris 

dansent, Wlien the cat's away the mice will 

play I Acheter en poctle, To buy a pig 

in a poke | Appeler un un , To call a 

spade a spade | Au ! Cats-ss ! | Pas un , 

Not a soul I N'eveillez pas le qui dort, 

Don't rouse the sleeping lion [F. Rake] 

echaude craint I'eau froide. Once bit twice 
shy I Petit _, Kitten \ Trou du _ [ J>] Lubber's 
liole I -BROL^ gritty pear | _ cliarti-eux- 
Norwegian cat \ -HUANT- [.sftaft-Vi] screech- 
owl I -ROCHIER-- cat-fish | -TIQRE tiger-cat 
CHATAIGNE [Spanish) chestnut 

— RATE grove of chestnut trees 
CHATAIGN'IER" [Spanish) chestnut-tree 

Chfttain" -e a. chestnut | clair. Auburn 

CHATEAU [a] mansion : court [ fort) castle | 

Faire des — x' en Espagne, To build castles 

in the air | — d'EAU reservoir : tank | ' La 

POMPE ' ' Adam's ale ' 
CHATEAUBRIAND- _ANT - rump-steak (with 

fried potatoes] 
CHATE-LAIN" lord of the manor 

— E lady of the manor : chain (for keys] 
CHATE-LET" [small) castle [tech) frame 
Chatiep- va. to punish : to correct [F. Rod] 
CHATIERE hole for cats to go in (or out] 
CHATIMENT- chastisement : punishment 
CHATOIE'MENT- glistening : iridescence 
CHATON'- .stone : ring mount [6oO catkin 
Clialouill'er- va. to tickle | Chalouiireux' 

-CMse a. ticklish [fig) touchy [cUose) delicate 
Chatoyant' -e a. iridescent 
Chatoyer- vn. to flash iridescent hues 
ChAtrer- va. to castrate [animaux) to geld [fig) 

to prune : to take ... out of 




/CHART carte (marine] 

I CHAR'TER charte : privilege [va.) affreter i 

M -PARTY charte-iHxrtie | ING affretement 

OCHAR'TERER freteur 

^ Char'tei-e'd a. institue par une cJuxrte 
c _ ACCOUN'TANT expert comptable 
SCHAR'TIST '_e' [socialiste ang. de 1848] 
'^CHAR' WOMAN [pi. charwomen^ femme de 
X menage [or de journeel 

tu CHAR' WORK ouvrage a lajoumie 

OCha'ry [a e] a. soigneux : econome (of, de] 
I CHASE [fcfte'ce] cfiasse : poursuite [of gun) 
V volee [typ) cliassis [F. Steeple ] 

Chase va. chasser : poursuivre [tech) ciseler | 

away, chasser 

CHA'SING [tech.] ciselure 

CHASM Ikazmml abtme : ouverture : creux 

Chaste Ucheste'] a [fig) pur -« [-ly, -ment] 

Cha'sfen [tcliece-nn] va. chatier : corriger 
CHA'STE'NESS Itchestel purete 
Chasli'se \tchass-tdize'\ va. chatier 
CHAS'TISEMENT [tchass-tizzi chatiraent 
CHAT itcUatt'\ caiiserie [vn. : imp. & pp. -tted) 

causer : bavarder | To have a _ with. Causer 

avec : ' tailler des bavettes avec ...' | To be fond 

of tting, fitre tres causeur 

A point (S') means silent, or ON* LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMIWIJfE tvords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CHATTEMITB hTpocritical flatterer 
CHATTKRIES- {^\1 delicacies (pi] fawning 

CHAUD" heat : warmth | Avoir Faire , 

To be warm ou hot | Chaud' -e a. hot : warm : 

new : fresh | conime le feu. As hot as fire | 

a es larmes, [Crying) bitterly | ad. hot : 

in haste | Servir , To serve ... up hot 

CHAVDE heating | _ stwrUe, Welding heat 
Chaudemenf ad. warmly : eagerly : hotly | 

Tenir ... , To keep ... warm 

CHAUD--FROID" '_' : cold fowl cut up and 

served in a jelly 
CHA UDIERE copper [niach a Tap) boiler 
CHAUDRON- kettle | —NNEE kettleful 

N'NERIE brasiery : copper goods 

N'NIER" coppersmith : brasier : 'tinker' 

CHAUF'FAGE fuel : warming | Bois de _, 

Firewood | au gaz, Heating by gas 

CHATJFFE heating : furnace | Chambre de _, 

Boiler-house | Surface de , Heating 8 

CHAUFFE-ASSIETTES- plate-warmer 
CHAUF-FE-PIEDS- foot-warmer 
Chauffer" va. to warm : to heat [J>) to bream 
[X) to open a brisk fire (..., on] [tech) to get 
up steam [preparer) to push on ... : to coach 

[tm.) to get hot : to grow warm | Se To 

warm one's self ichose) to heat fdish 

CHAUFFERETTE foot-warmer : hot-water 
CHAUF-FEUR stoker [<J>) fireman [d'automob.) 
'chauffeur' : driver of motor-car {fiist) brig- 
and : highwayman 
CHAUF'FEVSE '_' : lady-motorist 
CHAUFOUR lime-kiln { _NIER" lime-burner 
Chauler" va. [ofirr] to lime 
CHAUME stubble : S-field [toit) thatch ftage 
CHAVMIERE. CHAUMINE [thatched) cot- 
CHAUSSE filter : pipe luniversite) band | EUe 
porte les s. She wears the breeches 

CHAUSSE-PIED- shoe-horn 

CHAUSSE-TRAPE trap [X) caltrop 

CHAUSSSE road : road-way : bank | Ponte et 
— S' Government Dept. of Civil Engineers 

Cbausser' va. to put on ...'s^boots [ou shoes] 
to be ...'s shoemaker : to fit | Etrebienchausse, 
To have a good pair of boots [ou shoes] on | 

8e — , To put one's B [ou S] on | Se de, 

' To be taken up with ' 

CHAUSSETTE sock | _SSE-TIER- hosier 

CHAUSSON 'sock Ipantoufle) list slipper lata: 
pommes) apple pasty [ou tart] 

CHAVSSVRE boots (pi] shoes (pi] fto me' 

Cliaul' [chaloir] II ne m'en That's nothing 

Chauve a. bald | CHAUJE-SOURIS" hut 

CHAUVIN-- jingo : blind pjkrtisan 

— ISME jingoism : blind partisanship 

CHAVX" lime | _ ?i|/drai(it9t(€. Marine cement | 
Pierre a Limestone 

CHAVIREMENT-- capsizing 

Chavirer" vn. [•;&] to capsize 

CHECHIA zouave's head-dress 

CHEF head : chief : principal [CTtt.'()'chef' [X) 
superior [de ftl.i) leader [d'ouvriers) foreman 

[droit) own right [etoffe) fag-end | De ce , 

In this matter | De son , On one's own ac- 
count [ou responsibility] [F. Acctisatioti] de 

BATAILL'ON" battalion commander | de 

BRIGADE ganger | _ de BUREAU bead clerk. 
Civil service | de CORP'S' general com- 
manding an army corps | de DIVISION" 

chief clerk | de GARE stationmaster 1 du 

MATERIEL store-keeper | _ de NAGE stroke 
oar I _ d'ORCHESTRE [ch. fc] conductor 

CHEF"-d'<EUVRE ' _ ' : masterpiece 

CHEF-LIEU chief town : ' county town ' 

CHEIK sheik 

CHELIDOINE [fc] chalcedony \))ot) celandine 




/CHATT'ELS [pi] biens : effets 
CHATT'ER bavardage [vn.)bavarder:jaser 
[birds) jacasser [teeth) claquer [tool) brouter 

BOX mouliii a paroles 

CHATT'ERER babillard -e [broutage 

CHATT'EKING [teeth) claquement [tool) 
Chatt'y a. causeur : bavard 
Cheap [ea %\ a. k bon marche : 'pas cher' | 

Dirt , a vil prix : pour rien [quality) a has 

prix I _ EXCUR'SION voyage a prix re- 

g duit I Lr\'''ING. la vie a bon marche 

^ Chea'per, Meilleur marche (que] 
^CHEAP-JACK camelot 
aCheap'ly ad. a bon marche : a peu de frais 
gCHEAP'NESS bon marche : has prix 

CHEAT [ea i] [act) fottrften'e [pers) fourbe 
§ [fam) tricheur-«ttse [tw.) tromper : tricher | 

He has ed me out of 10 fr., II m'a refait 

10 francs 
CHECK frein (upon, a] obstacle : echec [com) 
F. cheque [theatr)co«(reniar3«e [calico) in- 

dietme a earreaux i To hold ... in Tenir 

... en respect ! -BOOK livre a soiKhes [F. 

Cheque] MATE echec et mat [wj.) faire 

... echec et mat | -KAIL contre-rail" | 

TICKET contremarqtie \ Check va. re- 
V primer [put a stop) arreter [hinder) enrayer 

/ [lessen) moderer [com) verifier [o's baggage) 
enregistrer : faire e [at chess) faire echec a 
[X) faire eprouver un echec a l4t) donner 

un saut a | off, [tick] pointer : verifier 

Check'er, Cheq'uer v. marqueter : diaprer 

e'd a. accidente : varie : bigarre 

CHECK'ER marqueur { S (pl]jeude dames 

CHECK'ING repression [totals) virificalion 
[wheels) enrayage [baggage) enregisti^ment 
CHEEK joiie [pig's) Uyoite [fig) impudence : 
§ front : 'toupet ' [V. Front, Fr.] -BONE pom- 
H mette | _ PIECE [*] safran 
^CHEEKS jumeUes [*)jottereaux 
a'Chee'ky' [slang] a. impudent : peu gene \ 

o He's , H a de I'aplomb (or 'du toupet'] 

CHEEK chere : courage : applaudissement: 

§ hourra:vivat | Cheer txi. rejouir : consoler : 

applaudir [cti.) se rejouir [applaud) pousser 

des acclamations : applaudir | — ... up, 

' remonter ' I up ! Courage ! 

Cheer'ful a. gai : joyeux 

lly ad. gaiement [heartily) de bon coeur 

NESS gaiete : aUegresse 

Cheer'ily ad. gaiment | ! [A] Hardi! 


C'est bien encourageant ! 

^Cheer'less a. triste : sombre : morne 

[130] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Koman t>'pe : before verbs, Italic 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CHEMIN" way : road : path : walk : drive | a 

nii- Half-way | faisant, Kn , By [ou 

on] the way | Faire un bout de , To go a 

little way | Faire son , To make one's way: 

to get on in the world | Ne pas y aller par 
quatre _s, To go straight at it | _ D^TOURN^ 
by-road | _ de FER railway I _ de HALAGE 

tow-path I de TABLE table-centre | de 

TRAVERSE short cut : cross-road 


CHEMINEE chimney : fireplace : chimney- 
piece [de steamer) funnel [de fusil) nipple 

Cheminer' vn. to go : to walk : ' to get on ' : to 
proceed : to make one"s way (a. to] fR-strike 

CHEMINOT'S- [pi] railway-men | Greve des _, 

CHEMISE [vet. de femme) _ [d'homme) shirt : 

linen Imachine) case [papier) wrapper | de 

miit, Night-dress [d'homme) N-shirt | —d'eau. 
de 'uapeHr, Water-jacket, steam-j | SETTE 

CHE_MISIER--7EiiB shirt-maker L' — ' 

CHENAIE plantation [ou grove] of oaks 

CHENAL channel : canal : stream 

CHENAPAN- scamp 

CH£NE oak I Petit- , Germander speedwell | 

-LI^GE cork-oak | VERT" evergreen oak 

CH^NEAU spout : gutter | X' guttering 

CHENET- [Hre-) dog 

CHENEVIERE hemp-field 

CHtNEVIS" hemp-seed 

CHEXEVOTTE woody portion of hemp 

CHENIL" [dog-) kennel 

CHEXILL'E caterpillar [en soie) chenille 

Cheiiu-e a. white : snowy [argot) 'first-class': 
' rattling good ' : ' A 1 ' lAmer.) ' bully ' 

CHEP'TEL live stock : lease of cattle 

CHEQUE cheque | barre. Crossed C 

Cher, Chere, a. dear | Moins , Cheaper 

Cher ad. dear : dearly 

Chercher' va. to look for : to try to find [un 
emploi) to seek : to try for [fouiller) to search 

[essayer) to try | AUez ... ! Go [ou run] 

and fetch ... ! | II est alle ..., He is gone for 

... I II vint me a la station. He came to 

meet me at the S | qiierelle a, To try to pick 

a quarrel with ... | Envoyer , To send for | 

Venir To come for 

CHERCHEUR -EUSE seeker (de, after] [tele- 
scope) finder Zplwt) view^-finder 
CHERE living [good) cheer [poor) fare 1 II fait 

ionne , He lives well | Maigre , Short 

Cherenienf ad. dearly [payer, vendre) dear 
j CH^RI -E darling : ' ducky ' 

I a. darling : dear : beloved : favourite 

I Chorir va. to cherish : to nurse : to love 
i CHERTE high price : dearness 

CH^RUBIN" cherub 
I CHERVIS' water-parsnip 
j CHESTER Isliess-tairi Cheshire cheese 
I Ch<5tif -ive a. paltry Ipers) pitiful : mean : puny 

j CHEVAL horse [Hennir, To neigh] a bascule, 

j Rocking-H | _ de bataille. Charger : pet idea I 
I _d'atteIage.Carriage-H|_ dechasse, Hunter| 

I de course, Racehorse | de relais, Fresh 

I horse | _ de sang, Thoroughbred H | Aller a _, 

j To ride on horseback | Borde a , Binding of 

i equal depth both sides | Etre a sur, To 

stick to, ou stick firmly to | a _, ilettre'i Sharp | 
I Monter sur ses grands chevaux. To ride the 

i high horse | Petit , Donkey engine | -FONDU 

j saddle-my-nag | -de-FRISE ' ' : ' chevaux de 

frise ' : spike | Monter un a POIL, To ride 

bareback | -VAPEUR horse-power [V. Kilo- 
! CHEVALE'MENT" shoring up Lgrammetre] 
' Chevale'resque a. chivalrous 
j CHEVALERIE chivalry : knighthood 

CHEVALET" rack [peint) easel [violon) bridge 
' iconst) buttress : support ibot) arum 
j CHEVALIER" kniglit : defender : suitor 

I GAMBETTE common redshank 

I GUIGN'ETTE common sandpiper 


1 C7ievaline a. Irace) equine [fam) horse (species] 





M CHEESE [teftwe] fromage | Cream _, From- 

g age a la qreme ['Green ,' V. Vessie, Fr.] 

^ —CAKE flan [F. TALMOUSE] -K'NIFE, 

? -SCOOP couteau a fromagel -LOFT magasin 

3. a F I -PA'RINGS Ides) economies de bouts 

g de chandelle \ -PRESS presse a fromage | 
ji] -TA'STER [teste-rl sonde a F : tire-piece 
OCHEESEMON'GER marchand -e de fromage 
Ch'em'ical [kemi-ke-t] a. chiraique 

WORKS tusine de produits chimiques 

CH'EM'ICALS [pi] produits chimiques 
CH'EM'IST [scientist) chimiste [' and drug- 
gist) pharmacien | 'S SH.OP pharinacie 

CH'EM'ISTRY [la) cMmie 

M CHEQUE [fc?J€a!<«] cheque [counterfoil part) 

O souche [ticket) contremarqiie | Crossed , 

B Cheque bane | -BOOK [bank) carnet de 

c cheques [ticket checks) livre a souches 

^Cheq'uer, etc. [r. Checker] 

^Cher'ish tw. cherir : soigner (des enfants] [a 

■° hope) nourrir (une esperance^ 
W CHERR' Y [<fe a.']cerise [V Doux] [cheeks. &c.) 
vermeil | Not to make two bites at a N'en 

/ faire qu'une iMuchee \ White-heart — , Bi- 

garreau | Wild , Merisier [fruit) merise \ 

— BRAN'DY '_' 1 -STONE noyau de 
cerise \ -TREE [ou -WOOD] cerisier 
CHER'UB [re-fi] cherubin | _ic [roula. de 
CHER'VIL \tchmr1 cerfeuil 

CHESS echecs (pi] To play , Jouer aux 

W ecliecs [Note. In speaking of the moves say 
Eh 'trois dame' for qiieen's third; and so on] 

• -BOARD echiquier | CLUB cercle des 

o echecs j —MEN [pi] pieces \ -PLAYER 

a. joueur d'echecs 

® CHEST coffre : botte [pers) poitrine \ Broad- 

M ed, a large P \ To throw o's out. Bom- 

3 ber !a P I — COMPLAINT maladie de P | 
_ of DRAWERS commode^ \ -EXPAND- 
ER extenseur | -toundere'd a. courbatu 
CHES'TNUT marron :c?iafa«5tne[a.)chatain| 

Horse- [tree) marronnier d'/)Uie[its fruit) 

marron d'T | _ HORSE alezan | -TREE 
. [Spanish) chataignier [horse) marronnier 
VCHE'TAH guepard 
CHEVAL'-GLASS' [ch franqais] psycTie 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE tcords in Italic. MASCULINE, tlius. 




CHEVAUCHBE ride [ou 'turn'] on horseback 

Chevauclier" t'li. to ride [tig) to overlap 

CHEVAU-LfeGER- light-horseman 

Chevelu -e a. long-haired : hairy 

CHEYELVRE head of hair : hair [dun arbre) 
crest : crown [d'nue conxete) beard 

CHEVET" bolster: pillow: head of the bed [e'gl.) 
' ' 1 Au de. At ...'s bedside 

CHEVCTRE trimmer [chinir:) bandage 

CHEVEU hair | Couper un _en quatre,[fig]To 

split straws | X" (pi.] [the) hair (au sing.] 

Sortir en x. To go out without ?ter hat 

on I Tire par les x, ' Rather far-fetched ' [V. 

Dresser, Fr] X' de Yentis, Love-in-a-mist 

CHEVILL'E ankle [de bois) peg : pin : plug : 
treenail [de fer) bolt : pin [clou) sprig Hitter.) 
redundancy [V. BOLT] _ ouvriere, [tig] Main- 

CHEVILL'IERE coarse red tape LsP'"'nK 

CHEVILL-OT- toggle | CHEVIOTE cheviot 

CHEVRE she-goat [beler = to bleat] [nmchine) 

sheers | Menager la et le chou, To run with 

the hare and hunt with the hounds 

CHEVREAU kid | Gants de _, K-gloves 

CH^VREFEUILLE honeysuckle 

CHEVRETTE kid Icrecette) shrimp 

CHEVREUIL- roebuck 

CHEVRIER- goat-herd 

CHEVRON" [blason) _ [const) rafter [de toil) 
coping [X) stripe 

CHEVROTE'MENT" quivering : trembling 

Chevroter" vii. to quiver : to tremble 

CHEVROTIN" musk-ox 

CHEVROTIXE buckshot 

Chez' [shay, pr. quickly] prep, at : to : with : 
among : in : at ...s house (room, lodgings, &c.] 

moi, lui, eux, etc. [sans mouvement) 

At home [s'il y a mouvement) home : to ...'s 

house I Je suis moi, I am at home | Us sont 

eux. They are at home | Je vais moi, I 

am going home | S'adresser A B, Apply to 

A B [ou at A B's] I'epicier, At the grocer's] 

Passer _, [V. Call IRj] Est-il _ lui? Is he 

at home ? | II est nous, He is at our house | 

II sortait de moi, He was leaving my house | 

Le depute de nous. The member for our 

place I les Arabes, Among [ou with] the 

Arabs | Pascal, In the works of Pascal | 

nous I'ete est court. With us the summer 

is short I On aime son petit -SOI, There's 

no place like home 
'CHIASSE' dirt : colic [metal) dross 
CHIC [fam] knack (pour, of] stylishness | Avoir 

du , To be 'stylish': to look smart, pretty, 

nice, etc. | Chic a. ' stylish ' : ' chic ' : smart : 

elegant { Le monde , Fashionable society 

CHICABAUD" [*] boom 

CHICANE pettifogging : chicanery : cavil [les 

proces) going to law | Gens de Pettifogging 

lawyers | Chercher , To make trouble : to 

pick a quarrel 
Chicaner' va. to quarrel with : to go to law with : 

to carp at : to annoy [t>M.) to carp (sur, at] 
CHICANEUR shufrterihomme de lot) pettifogger 

[enfant) ... who does not play fairly 

[o.) disputatious 
Chiche o. stingy : close-fisted Icliose) poor 

ment' ad. stingily 

CHICOREE chicory [salade) endive 
CHICOT" stump (of a tree ou tooth] 
Chicottfi*' vn. to cavil : to split hairs 
CHICOTIN" I Amer comme _, As bitter as gall 
CHIEN" dog [Aboyer,gronder, japper=tobark, 

growl, yelp] [de fusil) cock [d'autres s, V. 

FISH] Quel _ de temps ! What wretched 

weather! | Entre et loup. At dusk | U est 

comme le du jardinier. He is a dog in the 

manger { couchant. Setter | Faire le 

couchant. To cringe | courant. Hound | 

de garde. Watch-dog 

CHIENDENT" couch-grass 

CHIENNE bitch [ce mot est tres vulg. en ang.] 

CHIENNERIE [revolting immorality] 

CHIFFON" rag [de papier)scrap | S" (pi] dress 

(sing] nner' va. to crumple [fig) to ruffle | 

Mine ee. Irregular yet pleasant features | 

_NNIER"-IJEifJ5 rag-gatherer [meuble) chif- 
CHIFFRE figure : cipher : total [romain) numeral 

[initiales) monogram | Le 8, A figure 8 ] 

En S" connus, In plain figures 

Chiffrer' t;ti. to cipher [to.) to reckon : to mark | 

En langage chiffre. In cipher 
CHIQN'ON" • _ ' [du cou) nape 




fChex'y v. chasser 

I Chew va. macher [tobacco) chiquer [V. Cud] 

j CHEWING mastication [tobacco) lla) chiqiie 

I CHICK poussin [pers) poulet -tte | -PEA pois 
chiche | -WEED mouron 
CHICK' ABIDDY [*/'.] ' cocote ' : ' petiot -« ' 
CHICK'ADEE ine.iange a tite noire 
SCHICK'EN poulet [recently hatched) pous- 
H sin I -hearted FELLOW" poiUe mouiUee | 

. -POXtartceite 
g Chide [a'i] va. gronder : blamer 
CHI'DING gronderie : reprocbes (pi] 
CHIEF [ie t] chef [thing) partie ifrincipale 
[a.) premier -ere : en chef 

ly ad. principalement : surtout 

CHIE'FTAIN [tchtf-te-mii chef 
CHIFF'-CHAFF' bee-fin veloce 
VCHIL'BLAIN [fcte'/ie] engelure 

/^CHILO [pi. Chil'dren, pr. tchUl-drenti] enfant | 

A unborn, Un E a naftre | From a , Des 

I'enfance \ With , Enceinte \ Only , 

Enfant unique I To be a good, a naughty , 

Etre sage, niechant | -BEARING grossesse 
» -BED cmiches (pi] -BIRTH enfantement | 
.•§ _'S PLAY jeu d'E : enfantillage 

,§CHILD'HOOD enfance | In his second 

•2 Torabe en E 
Child'ish a. [pers) enfantin [thing) pueril : 

d'enfant | ly ad. puerilement | NESS 

puerilite : enfantillage 
Child'less a. sans enfant 
^Child'lilce a. comme un enfant : en enfant 
^ CHIL'DREN [pi. de Child Wa] Society for the 

■■S prevention of cruelty to , Societe protec- 

■§ trice des enfants | Our 's , Nos arriere- 

[132] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CHIMERE chimera [kirntral 
Chiin(''rif|ue a. chimerical [ch, fc] 

CHIMIE chemistry | ique a. ch'emical 

CHIMISTE chemist [kemm'isti L-mt" -Uy] 

Chin^ -e a. woven in patterns : figured 
CHINOIS- -E [* a.] Chinese Ba» [s.m.) small 
orange preserved in brandy ! ERIE 'red- 
tape ' absurdity : absurd formality 
CHIOT" pup \pru(ie 

GHIOURME gang of convicts | 'CHIPIE' 
C li i per ■ MJ. to pilfer : to crib :' to bag ' : ' to bone ' 
Chipoter" vn. to haggle : to dally 

CHIQUE quid (of tobacco] r' va. to chew 

CHIQUET" little drop | Chiquete-e a. pinked 
CHIQVENAVDE fillip : flip Lout 

Chirographaire [fe] a. ordinary ou unsecured 
CHIROMANCIE [ch, fc] palmistry 
—\EH--NNE palmist 

Cliirurgical -e [or gique] a. surgical 

CHIRVRGIE surgery | De _, a. surgical (in- 
strument, etc.] CHIRURGIEN" surgeon 
CHITR Indian print (caHco] CH-LORAL _ 
CH-LORE —rine | Du _,[pop] Chloride of lime | 
Ch'Iorh'ydrlque a. hydrochloric f--- C 
CHLOROFORME _m | —miser' va. to give 


CH-LOROSE _osis 1 CH-LORURE chloride 

CHOC shock : collision : impact : clashing : con- 
flict [X) onset [fig) blow : shock 

CHOCOLAT" _ate \ — k la crime. C-cream | 

Creme au C custard | au lait, Milk C 1 

rablettede — CakeofC | _IER" dealer in C 

CHOCOLATIERE chocolate pot 

CH'CEUR [feer] choir [kffudire] En , In chorus | 

Enfant de Chorister (boy] 

Choir vn. to fall [pp. Chu-e : only these tenses] 

Ciiuisi -e a. choice 

Choisir va. to choose : to select (dans, from] 

CHOIX" choice : selection | force, ' Hobson's 

C ' I ' ..., au — ...,' [prix] ' AU at ...' | Laisse 

au — , Optional | ... de .Choice ... : picked | 

Premier [com] First quality 

CH-OLtRA_ I CfirOiBiJJJVJ'Jseverediarrh.ea 

CH-OLtRIQUE [* f.] cholera patient 

CHOMAQE stoppage : standing idle : rest 

Cliomer" im. to keep (holiday] to stand idle : to 
be at a standstill (ou out of work] lagr) to lie 
fallow I On cli6me ..., They don't work ... 

CHOPE. CHOPINE, pint {V. Pint] 

Chopper' vn. to stumble 




CHILL froid : frisson [a.) froid • glace [va.) 
refroidir [pers) faire frissonner [fig) glacer | 

To catch a , Prendre froid | To take the 

off, Faire tiedir : degourdir 
CHILL'INESS froid : frisson 
Chill'v a. un peu froid [pers) frileux 
CHIL'TEEN HUN'DREDS [domaine de 
I'J^tat dans le Buckinghamshire] To apply 

for the , Conner sa demission (comme 

membre de la Cliam,bre des commiinesi 
CHIME [i, aV] [or _S, pi] carillon Iva.) ca- 

rillonner | To in with, S'accorder avec 

CHIM'NEY cUeminee \ _ on FIRE, Feu de 

G I In the -CORNER, Au coin du feu | _ 

W ORNAMENTS garniture de C | -PIECE 

g^ [fam) cheminee [tech) chambranle | -POT 

■ tuyau de clieminee \ -POT HAT cliapeau 

o haut de forme : ' tuyau de poele ' 


gCHIN {tcfdnni menton fdeP 

(33 CHI'NA Itclmi-ne : pas de pi] porcelaine [a.) 

O -ASTER reine-marguerite \ -CLAY [F. Clay 

, CHINE [tetotMri] ecliine (de pore] 

CHINE'SE Itcha'inize'i Chinois-e [a.) chinois : 

... de CMtie \ _ LAN'TERN lanterne veni- 

tienne | SCH'OLAR [savant] sinologue | 

_ WHITE blanc de Chine 
CHINK fente : crevasse [tinkle) tintement 

va. faire sonner [vn.) sonner 

CHINTZ perse 

CHIP cope«u [of stone) eclat | To be a of 

the old BLOCK, Etre bien le fils de son 
pere : chasser de race \ Chip [-ppe'd] va. 
hacher : ebrecher [wi.) s'eclater 
CHIPP'ING eclat : fragment : clMpelure [of 
V pottery) ecaille [tech) ciselage 
CHIROP'ODIST [fcai] pedicure 

CHIRP, ING, pepiement [insect's) cri 

§ Chirp vn. pepier : chanter [insects) crier 
Cliir'py a. [fam] gai : bavard 

CHIS'EL ciseau | Cold _, C a froid | Mortise 

§ , Bec'-d'ane | Turning , Plane 

EnChis'el [-He'd] va. ci-seler [slang) filouter 

-CHIS'ELLING cisehtre [slang) escroqrcerie 
§ CHIT bambin : moutard 

CHIT'-CHAT' babil : caquet : babillage 
Chiv'alrous [c7» franpais] a. chevaleresque 
CHIVALRY [eft francais] chevalerie 
CHIVES (pi] \tcMtvze'] cibmdette 
CHLORIDE of LIME [ai} chlorure de chaiix 
CHLO'ROFORM _e | To give , Chloro- 

former | Under Sous I'infUience du C 

CHOCK [ch, tch} [A] cale : clef | _ va. caler | 

Chock-a-block ad. en coche j 'Cljock full' 

[fam] Plein comme un oeuf 
CHOICE [ch, tchl choix feo : preference [pers) 

elite : fleur la.) choisi : recherche : precieux : 

fin [pers) A'elite : econome (de] To make 

of, Jeter son devohi sur ... | It's Hobson's , 

C'est a prendre ou a laisser 

NESS rarete : delicatesse 

CH'OIR [fc(n«ii"r] choeur [pr. cur'] 

Choke [ch, tell] v. [pers] suffoquer | It's enough 

to one ! On etouffe ! | ed with emotion, 

Etouffe par Vernation | up, engorger | 

_ TUBE ajutage 

CHOK'ING suffocation [a.) etouffant 
Cli'ol'eric a. [fig] colerique 
/'Choose itclwMz] va. [imp. Chose (tcfwz) : pp. 
' Chosen (pr. tclioz-nn] choisir : elire ivn.) vou- 

W loir : preferer | To rather, Aimer mieux 

P CHOP tranche : cotelette (de mouton) au na- 

. turel I S [vulgar] guefule \ falle'n a. 

§ consterne | -HOUSE restaurant | -STICKS 

a, baguettes 

gChop [-ppe'd] va. hacher : couper (en petits 

hH morceaux] [exchange) troquer | do\vn, 

O abattre | off, trancher | up, hacher j 

I vn. [wind) tourner [sea) clapoter 

l^CHOP'PER couperet : hachoir 

A point (S') means ^ent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. AH FEMININE worcls in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Choquanf -e a. offensive (pour, to] 
Choquer' va. to shock : to touch (glasses] [fig) 

to offend : to grate on [J>) to ease off | Se , 

[pers) to take offence (de, at] [chose) to touch : 
to strike against each other 

Ch'oral-e a. 1 [ko-re-t] 

CH'ORISTE [<fe /■] chorister : singer in a choir 
CH'ORUS I Faire _, To sing in chorus [fig) to 

chime in 
CHOSE [slwze] thing : matter : affair : some- 
thing : ... what I qui va sans dire. Matter 

of course | Pas grand , [masc] Not much | 

Quelque de ..., Something [indefini) any- 
thing [q.c. is masc] Monsieur—, Mr. What's- 

his-narae | Tout , Out of sorts [V. Lefon] 

CHOTT Algerian salt-lake (often dry] 

CHOU cabbage [gateau) puff | Mon _, My pet | 

Bete comme , As stupid as an owl | Aller 

planter ses x, To retire (to the country] 

blanc. Failure | de Bruxelles^'Brussels 

sprouts I frise^Sarfroy C \~.— marin. Sea- 
kale I rouge,^^ickling C [au vinaigre) 

pickled C | _y«ft, Borecole | Tete de Head 

of cabbage fT'rognon de C stalk | -FLEUR 

[pi X'- s] cauliflower | -NAVET" swede 

CHOUAN" Royalist insurrectionist 
CHOUANNERIE insurrection of the ' Chou- 
CHOUCAS' jackdaw Lans ' 

CnOVCROUTE sour-krout 
CHOUETTE owl [a.) 'ripping' | Faire la _, 
To be one against several | _ Wanche, Snowy 
CHOUQUET- cap (of a mast] \ovi\ 

Choyer' va. to take special care of : to pet 
CHRtWEH-ENNE [* a.] Christian 
CHRETIENTE Christendom [_krissen\ 
CH-RIST [pr. Kreesti _ | JESUS' _ [Zliayzu- 

Kree'] [en ang. pr. Djize-ss Krdiste'i 

CH-RISTIANISME [eece-nii Christian'ity 
CH-ROMATE _ | Clrromaliqiie a. _ic 
CHROME _ f— graphy 

CHRONIQUE — icle : current topics [a.) _ic 
CH-RONIQUEUR cliron'icler 

CHROXOLOaiE — nol'ogy [nol-e-dje'i 

Clrron()loiii(|ue a. log'ical [lodj-i-ke-ll 

CHRONOMETRE — nom'eter 
CH-RONOM^TREUR time-keeper 
CHRYSALIDR [szl chrys'alis ikriss-e-liss'\ 
CHRYSANTH-feME [s 2] — an'themum 
CH-RYSOB^RIL [s z] —beryl [s p] 
CH-RYSOCALE [s. z\ imitation gold 
CHRYSOHTHE [s z] —lite [s f] 
Chu-epp- [V. Choir] fallen 
CHUCHOTEMENT- whispering 
Chuchoter" vn. to whisper 
CHUCHOTERIE whispering 
Chut ! [pr. the «] int. Hush ! 
CHUTE fall [fig) fall : downfall : close [hydr.) 

head [d"eau) waterfall [de voile) leech | La 

du Niagara, The Falls of N (pi] 
CHYLE — [fcaVTe] CHYME — [fcatrne] 
CI ad. this (de lieu) this : here | Celui-ci, This 
one I Ce livre-ci. This book | Ci-apres, Here- 
after I Ci-inclus-e,* Enclosed herewith | Ci- 
joint-e.* Enclosed : annexed [*Note. When 
Ci-inclus, Ci-joint precede the noun which 
they refer to. they remain invariable. Thus : 
Ci-joint la lettre, but La lettre ci-jointe] Ci- 
contre. Opposite : on the other side : herewith 
annexed | Par-ci par-la, Here and there: now 
and then | Ci-git. Here lies | Ci-devanf a. 
former : late | CI-DEVANT" one who had 
been formerly a noble : partisan of the old 
I CIBLE target | CIBOIRE pyx |regime 

CIBOULETTE chives (pi] [ing up 

I Cicatriser" va. to heal (up, over] to scar 
! CIDRE ci'der [i at] 
! C" ICompagnie'] '(3o.' 

I CIEL [pi. Cieux] heaven : sky : climate | a 

I ouvert. Open to the sky | Au , In heaven | 

I CIEL [pi. Ciels] canopy : top 
! CIERGE wax-taper : candle 
CIG ALE cica'da : Society for encouraging Pro- 
vencal poetry, etc. [La cigale of La Fon- 
taine's fable is in reality the satiterellel 
CIGALIER" [member of La Cigale tec] 




mCHOPP'ING coupe [exchanging) troc (of, de 
O -BLOCK hachoir : billot : ais | -KNIFE 
^ couperet | Chopping SEA, mer clapoteiue 
CH'ORD accord [string, A geom.) corde 
CH-OR'ISTER chantre : enfant de choeur 
CH'O'RUS [ko-re-ss'] chteur [fig) concert 
Cho'se'n ItcJiSz-nn} a. [<fe pp. V. Choose] choisi 

[people) elu | CHOUG-H Itche-ff] crave 
Ch'ris'l'e'n Ikriss'nn] va. baptiser 
CHRIS'TENDOM [fcrtss nn-de-m»>i][ia)c7ire- 
tiente' | CHRIS'TIAN [tche-nn'] [* a.] Chre- 
tien -nne \ _ NAME nom de bapteme : prenom 
CHRISTIAN'ITY [le) christianisme [eecem} 
ChTis'lianlike [.kriss'-tc}ienn-Uiik']a. chretien 
CHRIS'TMAS [kriss'-me-ssme) Noel | -BOX 
etrennes (pi] -CAROL noel | -DAY [le) jour 
de Noel | -EVE lla) nuit de Noel | — ROSE 
rose de Noel | FATHER _, Le pere N 
CHRONICLE [fce-J] ^ime [va.) enregistrer 
CH'RON'ICLER chroniqueur 
•gCHUB chabot | Chubb' v a. joufflu 

\ ^CHUCK gloussement (des poulets] petit coup 
j g sous le menton [person) 'poulet' [lathe) man- 

i „ drin [self-centering ) ni.automatique[t»».) 

' g glousser [va.) caresser : prendre-le menton 

"O a [pitch) Jeter | ' out,' flanquer a la parte 

HCliuck'le wi. [over, at, de] rire sous cape [to 
; S CHUM camarade : copaiii Los) r. en soi-meme 

I CHUMP ou CHUNK troncjon 
, g CHURCH eglise [Protestant) temple : eglise 

' ^ [time) office | of England, E anglicane | 

; „ The pale of the — , Le giron de IE | To 

; M ask ... in Faire publier ses bans | 

I g HISTORY nistoire ecclesiastiqtte | —MAN 

. [pi. —men] ecclesiastique [of the sect) an- 
' § glican I -MOUSE rat d eglise | -RATE impot 

o. ecclesiastique | —WARDEN marguillier | 

g YARD cimetiere 

; J- CHURCH'ING relevailles (pi] 

I O CHURL rustre : ladre | Ish a. grossier 

, VCHURN baratte [vn.) baratter : battre 
! CICA'DA cigale 

[134] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman ^pe ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CIQARE ciga'r | Porte- Brflle- C-holder | 

Porte-_s, Cigar-case | CIGARETTE _ 
CIGARIER "-iSIfiKB cigar-raaker 
CIGOON-E stork | CIGU^ hemlock 
CIL eye-lash : lash | CILICE hair-cloth 
CIME summit : top [jbot) cyme 
CIMENT" cement | _ arme. Beinforced C | 

CIME"TERRE scimitar L er" v. to cement 

CIME'TltRE cemetery : burial-ground 
CIMIER" crest : haunch [boeuf) buttock 
CINABRE cinnabar 
CINCLE PLONQEUR water-ouzel 
CIN^MATOGRAPHE [& —phique a.] _aph 

CINERAIRE raria \rere-i-a\ [a.) rary 

CINGLAGE shingling [A) day's sailing 
Cinglanf -e a. lashing : severe : stinging 
Cingler" v. to lash ; to beat [A) to sail : to make 

[fer) to shingle 
CINQ [pr. sank : followed immed. by noun be- 
ginning with a conson. the 3 is silent] [<fe a.] 

live I Charles , C the Fifth | Le du mois, 

[_sank1 The 5th of the month 
CINQVAMTAINE fifty Inoces d'or) golden 

wedding | Une de, About fifty : ' 40 or 50 ' 

CINQU-ANTE [* a.] fifty | _ti6me o. fiftieth 
CINQU-ANTE-NAIRE jubilee : 50th anniversary 

Cinqu"16ine a. fifth | menf ad. fifthly 

CINTRE semi-circle : centering : arch | En , 

Arched | Plein , Semicircular arch 

Cintre -e o. arched : curved 
Cintrer' va. to curve : to arch 
CIPAYE [like English word 'pie''] Sepoy 
CIRAGE waxing [a cJuiusstires) blacking 
Circoncire va. {Table 46) to cir'cumcise 
CIRCONCISION" circumcis'ion 
CIRCONFERENCE circum'ference 
CIRCONFLEXE [<fe o.] cir'cumflex [* ~] 
CIRCONLOCUTION- circumlocu'tion 
Circonpolaire a. circumpo'lar 
CIRCONSCRIPTION" district : constituency 
[y. Seat] 

Circonscrire va. (Table 48) to cir'cumscribe 

Circonscrif -e a. circumscribed 
Circonspect -e [sjjefef] a. cir'cumspect 

TION" circumspec'tion | Avec , Warily 

GIRCONSTANGE circumstance [F.ce mot] oc- 
casion : detail | _,Made[ou composed] 
for the occasion : special : accidental | Pour 
la — , For the O | _cie -e a. detailed 
Circonvenir va. (Table^5) to circumvent : to 
get round : to surround fcent 

Circonvoisin' -e a. surrounding : circumja- 
CIRCONVOLUTION" circuravolu'tion 
CIRCUIT" — [ce-r-keW] [fig) circumlocution 
GIRGULAIRE [<fe a.] [and LeUre _] circular 
CIRCULATION" _ : passing [dans les rues) 

traffic I Droit de , Dues on wines, etc. | 

Mettre en , To pass [idee) to give currency 

to [livres) to circulate | Livre a fa , Opened 

for traffic [V. Permis] 
Clrculer" vn. to circulate : to pass (on] to move 

about : to run | Faire , [jSSl] To run 

CIRE wax : wax-light | a caclieter, Sealing- 
wax I Cirer' 1x1. to wax [souliers) to black | 
Toile dree, Oil-cloth 
CIRIER" wax-chandler [boO wax-tree 
CIRON" mite : 'flesh-worm' 
CIRQUE circus [se-r-ke-ss] amphitheatre 
CISAILL'EMENT" shearing [F. ce mot] clipping 
CisaiU'er' va. to clip, shear [»iowi.) to destroy 
CISAILL'ES' [pi] shears \rognures) clippings 
CISEAU chisel | _a froid, Gold G | CISEAUX' 
scissors [tech) shears 

Ciseler" v. to chisel | Style e, Finished S 

CIS^LEUR carver [met) chaser 
CISELURE carving [met) chasing 
CISOIR graver | CISOIRES' shears 
CITADELLE cit'adel 
CITADIN" -E townsman, toumswoman : citizen 

[au pi.) townspeople : citizens 
CITATION" quotation [droit) summons [d'un 
temoin) subpoena 




CI'DER [foV-(te-r] cidre | New _, C doux | _ 
APPLE pomme a C | _ PRESS pressoir a C 

C. I.F. [ = Cpst, insurance & freight] Genoa, 

Franco port Genes, droits d'entree pas inclus 

CIN'DER cendre [unburnt coal) escarbilles (pi] 

CINN'AMON icinn-e-me-nn] cannelle 

CI'PHER Isdife-r] zero [0] [mark ou scroll) 

chifi're [vn.) chiflfrer : calculer | A mere , 

Tin vrai zero | In , [telegram] En langage 

chiffre I _ING [le) calcul 

CIR' CLE [pr. ce-r-ke-t] cercle : coterie Iva.) en- 
tourer (with, de] All your , Les votres (pi] 

In parliamentary s, Dans les milieux par- 

CIR'CLET anneau : cotironne L'ementaires 

CIR'CUIT [ce-r-ke-t] rotation [judges') tourn^ 
[end) enceinte [Wesleyan) district [electr.) 

Circu'itous Ikioui-te-ss] a. detourne [circuit 
ly ad. d'une inaniere detournee 

CIR'CULAR Ice-rkioii-le-r] circtttaire [official) 
bulletin [calling meeting) lettre de convoca- 
tion I _ NOTE billet circulaire 

Cir'culate [ce-^kiou-letelva. mettre en ciratZa- 
tion [report) faire courir : repandre (un bruit] 
[wi.) cirouler | Widely d, Tres repandu 

Cir'culating [a e\ a.\ — LI'BRARY cabinet 

de lecture \ ME'DIUM agent monetaire 

CIRCULA'TION c_ [newsp., etc.) tirage 
/'Cir'cumcise [faize] va. circoncire 
CIRCUM'FERENCE circonference (in, de] 
Cip'cumflex a. [accent] circonflexe 
Cir'cuinja'cent idjecenntt] a. circonvoisin 
CIR'CUMLOCU'TION ikioiknenn] cireon- 
locution : circuit de paroles 
Cir'cumscribe [.sfcroVfie] va. circonscrire 
s Cir'cumspect a. circonspect 

e ly ad. avec circonspection 

JCIR'^CUMSTANCE circonstance : etat j _S 

"¥ (pi] moyens : position \ In easy s, a son 

^ aise I In low _s, Dans la gene I Under the _s, 

" Dans fa G | Under any s, Dans quelqties 

circonstances que ce soit [V. Occasion. Fr.] 
s alter cases, Tout depend des circon- 
stances I ce'd a. dans une position ... | 

as I am, Place corame je le suis 

Circumstan'tial a. circonstancie : detaiUe 

[evidence) indirect | Uy ad. en detail 

V,Circumvenl' va. circonvenir 
CIR'GUS [show) cirque [street) rond-point 

A point (S') means silent, or ON' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE icords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CITE city Ba^ : buildings : court | mivrUre, 

Workmen's (ou model) dwellings (pi] 
Citer' va. to mention [des vers) to repeat [un 
auteur) to quote : to name [dr) to summon [un 
CITERNE cistern : tank (.temom) to subpoena 
CVTO\EH- -ENNE cit'izen | Cilrique a." citric 
CITRON" t»o) lemon : L-colour [a.) L-coloured 
CITRON'NADE lemon squash 
Citron"n6 -e a. acidulated . flavoured with 
CITRON NELLE southernwood L'emon juice 
CITRON'NIER" lemon-tree : satin wood 
CIVADIERE sprit-sail | CIVE chives (pi] 
CIVET' jugged hare : stewed rabbit 
CIVETTE civet cat Ibot) chives fp'r mort) bier 
CIVIERE hand-barrow [pour blesse) stretcher 

CIVIL civilian | -e a. civil : courteous : polite 

(envers, to] [-emenf -Uy, -ly] Partie e, [dr] 

Plaintiff | Se porter P. e, To prosecute | 

Civilement responsable, Legally liable 

Clvillsateur -trice a. civilizing [s.m.) zer 

CIVILISATION- civilization [civilized 

Civillser" ya. to civilize | Se , w. To become 

CIVILITE civility : compliment | Ses s em- 

pressees, One's best compliments 

Civique a. civ'ic | Droits s, Civic rights 

CLABAUDAQE barking : yelping : ranting 
Clabauder' vn. to yelp : to bark : to rant 
CLABAUDEUR-JBt/SB brawler [To screen 

CLAIE screen \agr) hurdle | Passer a. la , 

CLAIR light I II fait _, It is light | Sabre au _, 

'With drawn sword (-s] Tirer au , To bottle 

[degager) to clear up : to throw full light on | 

Au de LVNE, By moonlight t 

Clair -e a. clear : bright : light : thin | Eaxi e, 

Clear water | Kouge , Light red | Sauce e. 

Thin sauce | ad. clearly [semer) thinly | 

Voir , To see clearly [T. Clairseme] 

Clalre'menf ad. clearly : distinctly 
CLAIRET" pate wine [F. Claret l>3|] 
CLAIRE' -VOIE [pi. -.9-s] opening ; openwork 

[arcJi) clerestory [4») companion-hatch 
CLAIRIERE glade [drap) thin place 
CLAIR-OBSCUR light and shade 
CLAIRON" bugle [homrae) bugler [poet) clarion 
Clairseme -e a. thin : thinly sown : scattered : 

' few and far between ' 
CLAIRVOYANCE _ : sagacity : insight 
Clairvoyant" -e a. judicious [fig) clear-sighted : 
CLAMEVR clamour : outcry Lfar-seeing 

CLAMPIN" lazy fellow : ' slow coach ' 
Clampiner' vn. to loiter : to be a 'slow coach' 

Clandestin"-e a. e | E tooth-wort 

CLAPET" sluice : clack : valve [spherique) ball- 
CLAPIER" burrow : warren Icage) hutch [Y 

Clapir fij. to squeak | Se To crouch 

CLAPOTAQE cliopping (of the sea] 
CLAPOTEMENT splashing 
Clapoler" vn. to chop : to be choppy : to splash 
Clapoteux" -euse a. chopping (sea] 
CLAP'PEMENT- click : clicking : smacking 
CLAQUE slap [au theat.) paid applauders (pi] 

[pi.) clogs 
CLAQUE opera-hat [jouet) cracker 
CLAQU-E-DENT- starveling 
CLAQU-EMENT" Ides mains) clapping Idents) 
chattering llangtie) smacking [doigts) snap- 
ping [fouet) cracking 
Claqu'e'murer' va. to shut ... up : to confine 
Claqu'er' vn. to smack imains) to clap [doigts) 
to snap [fouet) to crack Iporte) to slam [argot) 
to die [vulg) to 'kick the bucket' | II claque 
des dents. His teetli are chattering 
CLAQU-ET clack : clapper 

_ETTE clapper 
CLAQU'EUR hired applauder 




CIS'TEEN reservoir [underground ) citeme 

[of barometer) fontaine [steam eng.) bdc}ie 

Cite [sa'i'<(] va. citer 

CIT'IZEN citoyen : bourgeois [townsman) cita- 

din I A meeting of the s, Vne assemblee des 

habitants | _like a. bourgeois : en bourgeois | 
— SHIP droit de cit^ [or de bmirgeoisiel 

CIT'RON cedrat | -TREE cedratier 

CIT'Y vUle [poet) cite feo | Freedom of the _, 
Bourgeoisie \ -ARTICLE bulletin financier | 
— HALL hotel de ville 

Civ'll o. I man, Homme honnete ['Hon- 

nete homme ' is ' honest man '] 

CIVIL SER"VaCE [t tresbref] To be in the _, 
fetre dans I'adtninistration | CLERK em- 
ploye (dans un ministere] Head clerk, , Chef 

CIVIL'IAN [ye-nn] bourgeois : civil ■\_de bureau 

CrVIL'ITY civilite' : polUesse 

Civ'illy ad. civilement : poliment 

CLACK [njach) clapet [pers) caquet 

Clad a. <t pp. [y. Clothe] habille : vetu de ... | 
Iron- , [ship^ Cuirasse 

CLAIM demande (de] [right) titre : droit (to, a] 

[gold-flelds) concession | To lay to, !^lever 

des pretentions a : revendiquer | To put in 

a ,[com] Faire tine reclamation \ s paid, 

[insurance] Sinistres payes 

Claim va. demander : reclamer : pretendre a : 

revendiquer | To tp be ..., Se dire 

CLAI'MANT [for, to, a] pretendant [com. marit.) 

reclamant | Rightful , Ayant droit 

CLAM [mollusc] peigne a cotes rondes 

Clam'ljer [ou up] vn. grimper 

Clamm'y a. gluant : pateux 

Clam'orous [klam-me-ire-ss'] a. bruyant [pers) 

criard | ly ad. bruyamment 

CLAM'OUR Iklam-me-r'] bruit : cri : clamerir 

[vn.) crier : vociferer (for, pour] V. COR feo 
CLAMP emtmture [iron) crampon | Screw , 

Presse a main | va. eraboiter : cramponner 

CLAN [_klann'] : froifpe : cliqtte 

SHIP esprit de corps 

CLANG, CLANK son [or bruit] metallique [of 

arms) cliquetis [vn.) resonner [va.) faire r 
CLAP coup (bruit] [of hands) battement 

-TRAP reclame : attrape-nigaud [a.) a effet 
Clap [-ppe'd] v. claquer [hands, wings) battre 

(des mains, des ailesj on, mettre | to, 

fermer ... | a rascal into jail, Fourrer un 

gredin enprisoti 
CLAPP'ER battant : cliqriette [sements 

CLAPP'ING battements de mains : applaudis- 
CLAR'ET vin de Bordeaux [colour) grenat 

[boxing slang) sang 

[136] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both langHages are given in tlie French division only. 




Clarificr" va. to clarify | Se To get clear 

CLA KINK sheep bell [ —WKTTK clarinet 
CLARTE clearness : brightness : light 
CLASSE class : order : school : S-tinie : S-room 

[vl>) rating | En , In S : at S | Livre de , 

S-book I PREMIERE [«&) first-class [J>) 

saloon I mivriere. Working classes (pi] La 

Conscripts liable to serve : soldiers [or 

sailors] in their last year of service 
CLASSE'MENT" classing : classifying 
Classcr' ra. to class 

CLASSEUR letter-file, -rack : stationery case 
CLASSIQUE class'ic | _ a. [style, auteur) _ic 

[ettides) ical [livre) school ... [limping 

Claude a. simple : foolish | CLAUDICATION' 
CLA USE [klozel [au comme o dans sort] 

Claustral -e a. : ... of the cloister 

CLAVE' AU sheep jxix [arch) key-stone 
CLAVECIN" harpsichord 
CiAFB'iBB sheep-pox | Clavetei-" tv«. to key 
CLAYETTK linch-pin [inach) cotter : key 
CLAVICULE _cle [fam) collar-bone 
CLAVIER" key-ring [imis. mach. a ecrire) key- 
CLAYERE ovster-bed Ll>oard 

CLAYON" little mat | —N'NAQE wattling 
CLEF-'lclay'] [* CLE] kei' : plug [pour ecrou) 
spanner: wrench [mtts) tuning-hammer [m&t) 

fid [ — de voHte) key-stone [V. Nieud] an- 

glaise, Adjustable spanner | Donner la des 

champs a. To set ... at liberty | Fenner a , 

To lock I Mettre en _, To fid | Mettre sous 

— , To lock up I Sous , Under lock and key: 

Mocked up 




Clap' if V ifdC\ va. clarifier 
CLARINET', CLAR'IONET' clarinette 
CLASH, —ING choc : fracas : conflit 
Clash V. resonner [against each other) s'entre- 
choquer [with) etre en conflit (avec] nuire (a] 
CLASP fermoir [in dentistry) griffe | -KNIFE 

couteau de poclie | -NAIL clou a bardeaux 
Clasp va. agrafer : serrer [the hands) joindre 
CIjASS classe fea [scliool) cours [sort) catigorie 

[ship) cote [va.) classer | The middle , La 

bourgeoisie \ The _ES and the MASSES, 
Les gens du raonde et les gens du peuple 1 
-ROOM salle de cJosse -.'cUiSse ' 

(Kindly supplied by A. S. Sttirge.) 


Lloyd's Register ... Al ... Aired 
American Record ... Al ... A Ij 
Bureau Veritas . . 3/3 1.1. ... 5/6 1.1. 

Cliiss'ity [fail va. classer : ranger... pii.r cate- 

CLATT'ER bruit [vn.) faire du bruit : resonner 

CLAUSE [law) c [fam) article [gram) mem- 

bre de phrase | Arbitration , Clause d' arbi- 
trage 1 Most favoured nation , Clattse de la 

vation Ja>plus favorisee 

CLAW griffe [lion's, etc.) ongle [crab's) pince 
[table) valet [va.) griffer : dechirer : gratter : 
arracher | -HAMMER pied de biclte 

CLAY [Icle] argile : glaise [V. Pise] terre [mud) 

boue I China , Terre a porcelaine \ PIPE 

pipe en terre \ -PIT glaisiire \ -SLATE 
argilite : schiste argileux | _ [Clayey] SOIL 
ter-re argileiise 

Clean [cJijie] a. propre : pur [linen, etc.) blanc 
[boots) cire [complete) net [ad.) tout a fait : 
droit [va.) nettoyer [boots) cirer [pat. leather 
boots) nettoyer [cloth) degraisser [fish) vider 

[vegetables) eplucher | out, ecurer [drains) 

curer | up, nettoyer 

CLEAN'ER [pr.cline-'r'] Clothes Teinturier- 

degraisseur | Glove Degraisseur 

■CLEAN'INft [cline^ nettoyage : nettoiement 
[clothes) degraissage [drains) curage] -cloth, 

CLEAN'LINESS Iclenn'le'] propreti Ldiffon 

Clean'ly [clenn'Wi a. propre : de proprete 
— [cltne-le^ ad. proprenient : nettement 

CLEAN'NESS {cline-iie-ssl proprete : pureti 
Cleanse [clennzelva. nettoyer : laver : purifier : 

curer | CLEAN'SING nettoiement : purifi- 
cation : curage (des canaux. etc.] 
('CLEAR I In the _, [tech] Dans ceuvre 

Clear a. clair : sur : degage : libre : evident : 

lucide I Three days, Trois jours francs | 

— of .... Exempt -e de ... | __ of deductions, 

Clair et net J To get of, Echapper a I To 

keep of. Eviter : ne pas se frotter a | To 

get — oft', Se tirer ii'affaire \ -headed a. a 
I'esprit clair | -sighted [sai] a. claii'voyant | 
-starch va. blanchir a neuf | -STARCHER 
blanchissetcse de fin | -STORY claire-voie 

Clear va. eclaircir [liquids) clarifier [a court, 
or a room of peojile) faire evacuer [rubbish) 
deblayer [waste land) defricher [headland. 
J>) parer [prisoner) acquitter [o's character) 
se justifier : .se disculper(de] [of guilt) inno- 
center [pillar-box) lever [a vessel) expedier 
[custom-house) passer [or faire passer] ... en 
dotiane [gain) gagner ... net [><) balayer | 

... at a hound, franchir ... d'un bond | 

away,6ter : enlever [the table) desservir 

[debris) deblayer | _ the WAY ! Faitesptace.' 

im. se liberer : parer : debarrasser [ 

in, out, expedier a Veiitree, or a to sortie \ 

out, [person] ' filer ' | off, se dissiper 

[mortgage) purger [person) 'filer' | up, 


CLEA'RANCE [kit' -re-mice:] [tech) degage- 
ment [it) conge 

CLEA'RING jt<.sti/icatJo)i : acquittement (de 
creances] defrichenient (de terre] 
-HOUSE [<&) bureau de liquidation [bank) 
clmmbre de compensation 

Clea'i'ly (wt. clair : clairement : evidemment 1 

To come out , Se preciser | To show, 

VCLEA'RNESS clarte : pi tre^e [distinctness) 
CLEAT [ea t] taquet [V. Belay] \nettet6 

CLEA'VAGE [kK'vedjl clivage 
Cleave ivi. [imp. Clove : pp. Cleft, Clove'n] 

fendre (le bois. etc.] [vn.) se fendre | — to, 

[imp. Clave : pp. Cleave' d] coller a [person) 

s'attacher a 
CLEA'VER [klive-r] fendoir : couperet 
CLEFT feute : miverture : crevasse 

A point (SO means silent, or ON" LL' L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [137] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININJS vords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus 




CLEMATITE clem'atis Iklem' -e-tiss. i href] 
CLEMENCK clem'ency [klem' -nn-ce\ mercy 

Clement' -e a. t : merciful [ciel) mild 

CLERC" [klairl [lawyer's) clerk [fig) scholar | 

Pas grand No great scholar | Pas de , 

Slip : blunder | Maitre , Head clerk 

CLERG^ (sing] clergy (pi] [pr. kleiir'dje\ 
CLEROIE I Benefice de _, Benefit of clergy 
Clerical -e a. cler'ical [kUr' i-kell 
CLICHAGE stereotyping : block-making 
CLICH^ stereotype : block \j)Uotogr.) negative | 

siniili. Half-tone block 

Cllcher" va. to stereotype : to cast 

CLICHEUR stereutyper 

CLIENT" {li'avocat) Wdi-e-nntt] [de mede- 

cin) patient [com) customer • 

CLIENTELE [com) ' ' : connexion : good-will 

[davocat. de medecin) practice : clients : pa- 
CLIFOIRE skit : squirt U'ents (pi] 

CLIGXE-MUSETTE hide and seek 
Cllgn'er" vn. to wink (a. at] 
Clign'otanf-e a. blinking 
Clign'oler" vn. to blink 
CLIMAT" cli'mate [fc/aV»ie(t] [poet) clime 
Cliinal«rique a. climatic 
CLIN" I Construit a [A] Clinker-built 

CLIN d'CEIL- wink | En nn In the twinkling 

of an eye : as quick as lightning 

CLIN-FOC flying jib [surgery 

CLINIQUE clinical hospital ] La _, Clinical 

CLINQUANT" tinsel : glitter 

CLIPPER clipper \ Oinstruit en _, C-built 

CLIQUE — : gang : set 

CLIQUET • catch | _ a PERCER- ratchet brace 

CLIQUETIS" ides artnes) clang : clashing [des 
cliaines) clank [des verres) jingle 

CHsser" va. to case ... with wicker 

CLIVAGE cleavage 

Cllver" va. to cleave 

CLOAQUE [fcJo-ocfc] .sewer [fig) sink 

CLOCHE bell : bell-glass [a plat) cover [citis) 
stewpan [de i>eati) blister | N'entendre qu'un 

son de , To only hear one side | a -piecl" 

ad. hopping | Sauter a -pied', To hop 

CLOCHER" steeple [fig) parish [un.) to limp : 
to be lame [tw.) to cover ... with a hand-glass. 

ou with glasses | Ce raisonnement che, It 

is a lame argument | Quelque chose qui che, 

Something not quite right | De , Parochial 

CLOCHE-TON" bell-turret fflower 

CLOCHETTE [hand-) bell V>ot) harebell : bell- 

CLOISON" partition : compartment [etanche) 
bulkhead | N'NAGE partitioning: wainscot- 
ing : dividing ... into compartments 




Clench va. river [fist) serrer 

CLENCH'ER riponse foiidroyante \ That's a 

for him ! ' Cela lui rive son clou ! " 

CLE'RESTORY [klire-store] claire-voie 
CLER'GY Wettr'dje'i _e | _MAN [pi. -men] 
ecclesiastique : ministre [Pr. protestant) pas- 
teur [R. Catholic) pretre : abbe : cure | The 

[cathol.] of the parish, Le cure 

Cler'ical [fce-J] a. clerical [error) de copiste 
CLERK [klarki [law) clerc [com) comniis [eccl) 

ecclesiastique [of a court) greftier | Head , 

Premier C : chef de bureau I Junior , Com- 

mis I of WORKS conducteur des travaux | 

—SHIP place de C 
Clev'er a. habile : adroit : malin [things) bien 
fait [American sense) aimable : bon, bonne | 

I didn't know I was so '. Je ne me savais 

pas tant d'esprit ! 

ly ad. adroitement : avec adresse : bien 

NESS dexterite : liabilete : adresse 

CLEW [cloii] point | To _ up. Carguer 

LINE Ui»n, bref] amure : cargue-point 

CLICK, -ING bruit sec : tic tac [Kafir) clappe- 
Click vn. faire tic tac : cliqueter l.ment 

CLIFF falaise : rocher (escarpe] 
Cliina'tic [klai] a. de climat : climaterique 
CLI'MAX [fclat] comble 

CLIMB" [fctairnm] montee : ascension | va. 

[tree) grimper a [a hill, etc.) monter : gravir 

[a mountain) faire I'ascension de | do^v^, 

[fig] reculer | over ..., escalader 

CLI'MB'ER grimpeur [in Alps, etc.) alpinlste : 

ascensioiniiste [plant) plante grimpante 
CLI'MB'ING [mountaineer'g] I'alpinisme : les 
CLIME [poet] climat (.ascensions 

CLINCH noDud de botiline | Cable , Etalin- 

ffure [F. Clench] 

Cling vn. [pret. * pp. Clung] [to. a] se cram- 

ponner : s'attacher : se coller | together, 

se tenir ensemble 
CLIN'ICAL SUR'GERY [ke-l'i la cliniqiie 

—THERMOM'ETER thermometre medical 
CLINK tintement [t'.) tinter : faire tinter 
CLINK'ER machefer : scorie 

-built a. construit a clin ffor pipe) collier 
CLIP crochet : pince [for letters) serre-papiers 
Clip [x>P- -ppe'd] va. couper (avec des ciseaux] 

[horses) tondre [coin) rogner | hold of .... 

CLIP HOOK croc double Lpin<'er 

CLIPP'ER rogneur [of horses) tondeur 

S [instr.] tondeuse 

CLIPP' ER fin voilier 1 -built a. construit en 

CLIPP'INGS rognures [clipper 

CLOA'K manteau [fig) voile (for. a] ma.sque 

(de] Iva.) voiler : ma.squer | -ROOM [«a] 

consigne | In the , a ta C | To leave ... in 

the , Deposer ... kla C 

CLOCK horloge [in gen.domest. use) pendule ; 
What o' is it ? Qiielle heure est-il ? | Half- 
past 2 o" , Dewc herires et demie | Twelve 

o' , [noon) midi [midnight) minuit { It's .5 

"3 minutes past 3, II est <rots Tieitres cinq | It 

^is a quarter past 3, II est trois heures et 

o quart | It's a quarter to 3, II est <rots liettres 

moins un quart | It is 20 minutes to 3, II est 

trois tietires moins vingt | -MAKER horloger 

-WORK mouvement : Iwrlogerie : sonnerie | 

As regular as , ' Regie comme un papier 

CLOD motte (de terre"] \de mxisiqite ' 

CLOD'HOPPER rustaud : rustre : lourdaud 
CLOG [ivomen's) socque [wooden shoe) sabot 

[fig) obstacle (to, a : to, jjoitr] entraves (pi] 
Clog [-gge'd] ixi. embarrasser : entraver : ar- 
reter [wi.) s'enconibrer : s'attacher 

[138] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CLOtTRE cloister [enceinte) close : coUege-greeii 
!•■ va. to immure : to sliut ... up 

Clopin-clopanl" ad. hobbling along 

CLOPORTE wood-louse 

CLOQUK blister : swelling 

Clore 1). (Table 36) to close: to sliut:to enclose 
[tig) to end : to wind up 

CLOS" Iclo] close [s f] enclosure : vineyard 

Clos" -e a. & pp. close [s, f] shut fast : closed ; 

fastened | a la nnit e. After dark | a huis 

With closed doors | Lettre e, [tigj A sealed 

book 1 LIT' [used in Brittany, etc.] Bo.K 

bed I CHAMP- _. Lists (pi] 

CLOSEAU, CLOSKRIE enclosure : garden 

CLOSIER" small farmer 

CLOTURE enclosure : close : fence : fences (pi] 

seclusion : closing [pari) closure ] Prix de , 

Closing prices | r" va. to close 

CLOU nail t*^ Imed) boil [d'toie fele) ' great at- 
traction' [cycle) 'boneshaker' | de girofle, 

Clove I a vis, Screw | a tete piquee, Clasp 

nail I 'Mettre au '.[fam] To 'put ... up the 

spout' : to pawn | Vn chasse I'autre, One 

nail drives out another | Cloiiei"" va. to nail 
[canon) to spike [tig) to rivet : to clench 

CLOUTERIE nails (pi] nail manufactory : N 
trade | CLOUTIER" nail-maker 

CLOWN Iklooiil _ D3J [klaoHiiel 

CLOY ERE basket (of oysters] 

CLUB _ I CLUBISTE member of a club 




CLOIS'TER cloitre 

Clois'tere'd a. [pers) cloitre [things) claustral 

CLOSE [kloze] pn : concliuiion [music) pause I 
To draw to a Tirer a .ia fin 

CLOSE [klocc'] [cathedral] cloitre 

[kloze'] va. [shut up) former [bring to an end) 

terminer : conclure : clore [the sitting) lever 
[ranks) serrer (les rangs] [tig) renfermer \ 
in, enfermer | up, boucher : fermer 

[kloze] vn. se fermer : tinir : se terminer 

[assemblies) clore | Evening is closing in. 

Le jour baisse | \vUli, se terminer [or 

finir] par ... [bargain) accepter : s'en tenir a 
(twe offre] To _ with the ENEMY, En venir 
atix mains 

[kloce] a. clos : ferme : retire : discret [air) 

renferme[oppr. weather) lourd [price) dernier 
smitemie [style) concis : serre [miserly) serre 
[combat) corps a corps [prisoner) au secret 
[friendship) intime : etroite [study) applique 

[retentive) discret [ shaved) ras : rase de 

pres I It's very ! [room] On etouffe ! II n'y 

a pas d'air ! | That's a _ SHAVE ! Nous 
I'avons [or il, elle I'a, etc.] echappe belle'. | 

TIME temps prohibe | -fisted a. dur a la 

detente : pingre I -set a. dru 

[kloce] ad. pres : de pres [shutting) bien : 

hermeti(}uement | by it, etc.. Tout pres ; 

a deux pas (de] To fit S'emboiter bien 

[clothes) etre juste t to (the ground, the 

water) a fleitr (de terre, d'ean] together. 

Tout pres I'un de I'autre [or les uns des au- 

tres] beset, Serre(s) de pres | at his 

HEELS, Sur ses talons | To follow, ou run ... 

very , Suivre, Friser de tres pres | To be 

upon, Toucher a [V. Near : Cape, Fr.] 

-haule'd a. au plus pres | -reefe'd a. au has ris 

ly ad. secretement : attentivement : stricte- 

ment [shut) bien [connected) etroitement 

CLO'SE'NESS [klOQ] etat serre : solidite : dis- 
cretion : intimite : rigtieiir : manque d'air [of 
pursuit) viffiieur [weather) loiirdeiir 
/CLO'SER [o] finisseur 

I CLOS'ET cabinet : boudoir [for clothes) ar- 
ts] moire | Water , Cabinet (d'aisonces] 

coClos'eted Nvltli ad. en tete-k-tete (avec] 
I CLO'SING cloture : fermeture [a.) dernier 
VCLO'SURE cloture 

CLOT grumeau : caillot \vn. -tted) se grumelcr 

CLOTH [woollen) drap [linen) toils | The 

[tig] Le clerge | A , ITn linge [duster) un 

torchon [Bound) in En toile : cartonne a 

"S 1' | sides. Plats en toile \ Broad 

~Drap tin (de grande largetir] Table Nappe 

S [woollen) tapis | To lay the Mettre le con- 
vert I To take away the Desservir | To 

quit the Quitter la .wiitane 

TRADE commerce de draps 

-WEAVER [oiifo'r] tisserand de draps 
^Clothe va. [in. de] habiller : vetir[with, de) 
revetir | Clad in. Vetu de 
CLOTHES [pi] habits | Bed- _. Draps et 

courerttires | Long Maillot (sing] Old 

^ Vieux habits : hardes : defroqiie | Dealer 

:2 in old Marchand-e dhabits | In plain , 

j ^ [policeman, etc.] En bourgeois [officer) en 

« civil I SUIT of Complet : habillement 

I 5 complet I To put on. To take off, one's , 

,§ S'habiller. Se deshabiller | With one's on, 

2 Tout habille | -BASKET panier au linge 

1 3 sale I -BRUSH brosse (a habits] vergette \ 

\ "^ -HORSE sechoir | -LINE corde potir eten- 

S dre le linge | -MOTH mite 

I CLO'THIER [ye-r] fabricant de draps | Army 

, Fab. cl'equipements militaires | Ready- 

I made Marchand de confections 

VCLO'THING habillement : veteraent 

/CLOUD image [tig) niie'e [poet) nite | va. 

couvrir de linages : obsciircir : se couvrir | 

I -capped a. sourcilleux | BERRY nmre 

;e (de iVori-ege] 

<! CLOU'DINESS [r)etat nuageux : ohseurite 
•g [tig) trlitesse \ Cloud'less o. sans nuage 
Clou'dy rt. nuageux : teiiebreux[liq.) trouble 

[tig) sombre | It is , Le temps est convert ] 

To get _, Se couvrir | CLOUT -gifle' 
CLOVE clou de girofle | _S girofle | Oil of _, 

Essence de Gr [V. Hitch] 
Clo'ven-foot'ed a. qui a le pied fourchu 
CLO'VER trefle | To be in _, ' Etre comme un 

coq en pate ' 
CLOWN rustre [sliows) paillasse : 'clown' 

Clown'ish a. rustre | isbly ad. en rustre 

Cloy va. atfadir [tire) rassasier (with, de] 
CLUB [kle-b] masstie [political) club [house) 

cercle [sick ) caisse de secours | -FOOT 

pied hot I _ ROOM saXle de reunion \ Club 
[-bbe'd] toqellier vn. se cotiser : sassocier 
CLUBS d.l] "[cards] trefle 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liai.%on. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FE^[I^'INE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CLYSOPOMPE [hi nasal] enema : syringe 
COACCUSfe-K fellow-prisoner : accomplice 
COADJUTEUR -TR/rK _tor-fr».<: 

Coaguler' [& Se ] ?•. to coagulate : to curil 

Coallse -e a. in coalition : combined 

se Coaliser' it. to combine : to form a coalition 

COALITION- • _ : combination 

COALTAR [pr. col-tar] gas-tar 

COASSEMENT'croa"king I Coasser' I'.tocroa'k 

COASSOCI^ copartner 

COBALT [en ang. a comme o dans sort] 

COBAYE cavy : guinea-pig 

COC AON' K I Pays de Land where everything 

can be had for wishing | Mat de 

COCAiNE cocaine [pr. fco-fceVie] Lpole 

COCAKDE cockade 

' Cocasse ' a. funny : odd : outlandish fbug 

COCCINELLE lady-bird [en Anie'ri^re) lady- 

COCHE fly-boat : coach [K. Busv] 

COCHK notch : sow 

COCHENILLE cocli'ineal [kotch-e-nile] 

COCHER" [de fiacre) cabman [de voitwre) driver 
[d'e(^uipage) coachman 

COCHERR I Porte-—, Carriage-entrance 

COCHE-VIS- crested lark 

COCHON" pig : hog (grogner = to grunt] Pate 

[orFromage]de Brawn I _delait. Sucking 

l>ig I _ d'Inde. Guinea-P 1 —NNEK litter | 

nner' vn. to farrow \_va.) ' to make a mess 

of I ' COCHON- NERIE' tcliose) nasty mess 
[etat) tilthiness [action) ' dirty trick " 




Cluck [fcJe-fc] r. glonsser j INGr gloussenient 

CLUE [cloiij 111 [theatre) repiigtie | To give ... 

a to. Mettre .•sm- la roie de [or la piste de] 

( CLUMP masse | _ of TKEES, massif 
Cluiu'sily [ze-fe] (id. gauchement : maladroi- 
tement 1 CLUM'SINESS gaticherie : mala- 
dresse | Cluiii'sy a. [person) gauche : mal- 
adroit [things) lourd : mal fait 
^Cluny [V. Cling] 

= CLUS'TEK groupe [fruit) grappe [flowers) 
E bouquet : regime [bananas) regime 

\ I'll, se grouper (around, autoiir de] 

CLUTCH griffe [tech) manclion d'accouple- 
ment [eggs) cottvee [tw.) empoigner : saisir i 
Friction _, Embrayage a friction \ Metallic 

, E a disques | To let in the Embrayer j 

-PEDAL pedale de debrayage 1 -SHAFT, 
-SPRING arbre, ressort d'embrayage 
Co. [abbrev.] ' C'' ' [F. Company] 
COACH [kotche'] voiture : carrosse [tutor) pre- 

parateur | ' Slow ' Lambin | Stage 

IHligeiwe \ -BOX siege | -HOUSE remise 1 
-HQK8E clie\al de carrosse | -MAKER carros- 
sier I -MAN [pi. _men] cocher | -WRENCH 
c^e/"a»i(/totse I Coach tw. [ou _ .. up] preparer 
COADJU'TOR [ko-adjioit-te-'r-i aide : coUabora- 

teur : collogue [eccl.) coadjuteur 
Coag'uiale [ko-ag-yoii-lete'] vti. se coaguler 
COAL [kol] charbon (de terre] hmtille | Live 

C ardent | Slaty C schisteux | Small 

C menu | Smith's C de forge \ To call 

him over the s. Lui donner un savon | To 

carry s to Newcastle, Porter de Veaii a la 

ridere | -BARGE bateau a cliarlion | -BOX 

bo'ite a charlmn | BUNK'ER smite au C | 

_ CELLAR. -HOLE charlioiinier I -FIELD, 
_ MEASURES terraip.s li<.uiller.s ; -GOOSE 
ciirmoran (vulgairc] -HEAVER porteur de C 1 
-MAN charbonnier i _ MERCHANT mar- 

chand -« de C | To work a MINE. Exploiter 

tnie hmtillere I OWNER exploiteur de 

houillire \ -PIT limiillere : mine de charbon | 
-SCUTTLE seau a charl>on | _ SEAM [ea,»] 

ciKiclie de livnille \ SKIP [rail] henne \ 

-TAR goiidron de hmiille : coaltar 
Coal vn. [^^ & «&] faire son charbon 
Coales'ce [fco-a-Je.9se] vn. s'unir [flg) se fondre 
COA'LING STA'TION station de charbon 
COA'MINGS (id] [fc<5] [,t] Mloire 

I Coarse a. grossier : a gros grains [poil, pas] 

1 [metal, & sugar) brut | ly ail. rudement : 

j grossierement | NESS grossierete 

« COAST [geog.) littoral [i) cole | The _ is 
,fe clear. La C est belle [fig) il n'y a plus per- 

2 Sonne : il n'y a plus de danger 1 Coast va. 
2: cotover ; longer la cote (de] [trade coastwise) 
'I caboter | _ DEFENCE SHIP garde-cote | 

- -GU-ARD garde-c6<e t -LINE littoral 

.-BCOAST'ER caboteur 

..COAST'ING la naviyation cotiere [ trade) 

tt le cabotage | PILOT cotier 

§ COAT habit [soldiers, etc.) tmiiqite [animals) 

r robe Iserpents)pea(i [anatomy)par(n [paint. 
^ mortar) cmiclie [tar) enduit [of arms, mail) 

S cotte [of mast) braie | Dress , Habit : frac j 

S Frock _, Redingote | Great . Over , Par- 

S dessus I The 'Holy ,' La sainte timiqtte 

-ijCoatwi. [] [tar, paint) enduire [case) 

^ revetir [J>) garnir 
I COATING etoffe pour habits [tech) enduit : 

coKclie I Rough , Crepi 

Coax va. cajoler : amadouer 

COB bidet [corn) balle (de mals] [_nut) grosse 
noisette | Col) [-bbe'd] va. [tech] brieer 

Cob'ble va. raccommoder : saveter 

COB'BLER savetier 

COB'BLES [pi] galets : paves 

COB'WEB toile d'araignee 

COCH'INEAL \_kotch-e-nile'] cochenille 
/COCK cofj : male (des petits oiseaux] [hay) 
I meiiU (de foin] [tap) robinet [of gun) chien | 

I Blow-off Robinet de vidange \ Grease , 

R graisseur | Pet , Purgeur j At full 

I Arme 1 At half , Au cran de repos | 

~ Black [on Heath] , Tetras lyre 1 Game 

o Coq de combat | Old ! [slang] Men 

■ji vieux ! I Turkey , Dindon | Weather- , 

i Girotiette | -BOAT coquet | '_ and BULL 

~ storv." C!oq-a-rane | _'S COMB [bot] Crete 
a de coq [pers. V. Coxcomb] -CROW. -CBOW- 
g ING chant du coq | -LOFT grenier | -PIT 
g arene | _'S SPUR ergot de coq 

c Cock [ up] V. relever : dresser [a trigger) 

I armer [hay) mettre (le foin) en tneitJe 
I COCKA'DE [a e] cocarde 

■ Cock'-a-doo'dle-doo" ! Coquerico! 
I COCKATOO' [kok-e-tou] kakatoes : cacatois 
' Cock'-bill va. [A] faire peneau 

[140] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, ItaMc- 

Words common to botli languages are given in the French division only. 




coco cocoa'-nnt : liqiiorice-water | 'Drole de 
' 'Queer stick' | Noix de , Cocoa'-nnt 

COCON" cocoon [fce-fcoune] 

' COCOTK' or TTK fast wotnan : mistrens : 

'deary' [tistensile) stew-pan : egg-boiler [mot 
d'enfant pour poule) ' cliuckey ' 

OOCOTIER" cocoa'-nut palm 

COCTION" concoction [Napoleon, The Code N 

CODE : law | railitaire, Martial law | Iie_ 

CODEBITEUR-TRZC/; joint debtor 

CODEX pharmacopoeia [i.e. the Paris P] 

CODICILLE codicil | Codlflei- va. to codify 

COEFFICIENT" _ [c;ie-)i?j(e] 

Cot!()al -e a. co-equal 

aOERCITION- coercion 

C(EUR heart : stomach : love : courage [de I'etc, 

hiver) middle [de pomme) core | a contre- , 

Reluctantly | a joie, To one's H's content | 

Avoira de, To be most anxious to ... | Avoir 

bon , To be kind-hearted | Avoir le brise. 

To be broken-hearted | En avoir le net, To 

get to the bottom of it | Avoir mal an , To 

be sick | ... nie fait mal au , ... makes me 

sick I Debon .Heartily: willingly | De grand 

, Most heai'tily | Ke gaite de , Out of sheer 

wantonness | De tout mon , With all my H | 

En , H-shaped | Le me bat. My H beats j 

Par By H | Diner par , To go without a 

dinner | Joli , 'Dandy' | Serrement de , 

H-burn | Si le vous en dit. If you feel like 

it I Serrer le a ..., To make ...s H ache | 

Soulever le , To turn one's S | Le gontle, 

With a lieavy iieart [F. Heart, Hearted] 

COF'FRE cliest : box : trunk : coffer [de voitnre) 
seat [vt.) mooring-buoy | -FORT' safe 

1 ■ Coffrer'' va. to put ... 'in ijuod ' 
1 COF'FRET" small chest | _IER" trunk-maker 
COQN-AC brandy | CO(:^yASSK wild quin.e 
■ ' GOQN'E ' • Bobby ' : ' copper ' 
I COGNKK liatehet [Le manclie, etc. V. Never 
; Cogn'cr' va. to drive ... [a la parte) to knock 

! (at] Se la tete contre. To strike [on hit] 

I Coh'abilur' vii. to coliabit |,one's liead against 
\COH-ERRNVK — \ Colr<i»>enf-e ((. _t 
I COH'^REUR [eJecfr.J coherer 
COH'tRITIER--/BKB joint-heiv : joiut-Wiresx 
' COHESION- _ [ko-hye-nni 
COH'UE mob : uproar [Jersey) court-house 
Col, ('oite a. quiet : still : snug : motionless 
COIF'FE head-dress[de chapeau) lining [aiiat) 
caul I ColffcP" w. to dress (tlie hair of ...] to 
[ put on (a hat, etc.] to tit : to become [de, with) 
to infatuate [•!>) to be taken aback | Etre coiflfe 
de. To be smitten with ... | II est ne coilfe, He 
was born with a silver spoon in his mouth i 

' Ste Cat1ieri)\e,' To remain unmarried | Se 

1 . To do [ou dress] one's hair : to wear (a hat, 

i COIF'FEUR - EUSE hair-dresser L*c- 

I COIFFURE •_' : l)ead-dres9 : front : way of 

wearing one's hair 
i COIN" B^ corner : angle : weiige : die : stamp 

I [artil : typ) quoin | a .3 s, .'i-cornered [V. 

I CRIB] Lcs (piatre s. Puss in the corner | 

j Frappe au l>on , First-rate | de TERRE 

j plot of land : allotment | du FEU fire-side 

I Coincer" va. to wedge up : to key (rails] Se , 

1 To jam : to stick | Coince, Jammed 
I COINCIDENCE coin'cidence | Coincidci-' vn. 
I to coinci'de [.vmde] GOING" quince 
COKE _ I Four a _, Coke oven 




rCOCK'CHAFER hanneton 
gCOCKE'D-HAT chapeau a coriies [caution 
^COCK'ET .sceau de la dmmne : acquit-a- 
SCOCK'LE tntcarde : petoncle : clwinse [tvj.) 

"^ recmjuiller [•[>«.) se r | Corn CouroHne des 

s COCK'NEY badaud (de Londres] LWes 

cCOCK'KOACH [rolehl blatte 
oCock'surea. sur et certain 
oCOCK'SWAIN [koka-nn'] patron (de clMloiti>e 
CO'GOA- [fco'fco] cacao | _ NIBS, C en grains | 
-NUT noix de coco | -mit MATTING, tiattes 
en ffbres de coco (i)l] -NUT-TREE cocotier 
COCOO'N cocon | C.O.D. [= cash on delivery] 
COD, COD'FISH niome [fresh _) cabillau.i | 

-LIVER OIL hnile de foie de monie 
Cod'dle va. mitonner [pers) dorloter 
CODE code | -WORD mot telegraphique 
COD'LINGr pomme a cuire 
Coer'cc [fco-eiirce] va. contraindre : reprinier 
COER'CION Iko-eHrclie-nti] eoercitUm 
Coe'val [fco-tt!e-'t] a. contemporain (with, de] 
COFF'EE cafe | I drink _. Je i)rends dn C | 

To roast , BrOler du C i Bring !ne a cui> 

of — ! [to waiter in a cafe] Grar<;on ! un cafe ! | 

with cream, milk. C au lait | without 

milk. C noir | -BERRY grain de C | -HOUSE 
cafe I _ PLANT cafeier | -POT cafetiere [in 
cafes) versetute | -ROASTER bniloir a cafe | 
-ROOM sallt a manger ftardeau 

COFF'ER coffre : caisse : can.tette \ -DAM bii- 

COFF'IN cercueil : Mere 
-MAKER faiseur de cercueils 

COG dent | -WHEEL jwie d'engrenage [V. Cre- 

CO'GENCY force : pttin.'iance \_maillere1 

Co'(jeiit a. fort : pinssant | ly ad. avec force 

Cojj'italc vn. niediter : penser 

Co(]'nale a. analogue : de la ineme famille 

^COG'NIZANCE connuissance | 'Xo take 

•^ of. Prendre C de | Co<]'niziint o. instruit 

COG'NOMEN surnom [nickname) sobriquet 

COHE'RENCE _ W^o : coliesion 

Cohe'i'ent a. fea : consequent 

COIL serpentin [serpent's) repli [rope) rouleau 
[•i.) ateille : glene [electric) bobine [mortal) 

euveloppe | Induction , Bobine d'induction 

Ivu.) replier [4>) lover :cueillir [tin.)se replier 
("COIN mounaie : piece de nionnaie [corner) 
j encoigniirc [arcli) de [tech, die) coin | 

I counterfeit , Faiisse M | Current , M 

s courante | To pay him in his own , [fam] 

:g Lui donner la monnaie de sa piece 

.a Coin va. battre : frajjper : monnayer [words 
I & fig) fabriquer : forger [V. Money] 

I COIN'AGE monnayage : monnaie | Free 

' of silver, Frappe litrre de I'argent 

Coinci'de vn. coSncider : s'accorder (with, avec] 

COIN'ER [fco't, o dans sorf] [faux-) monnayeur 

COIN'ING monnayage 

COKE I Hard, soft , C bien cuit, pen cuit 

COL'ANDER [ke-l'e-nn-de-rl ptvtsoire 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no Jirti.w»i. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMIXIXE icords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




COL collar t»^ : stock : neck Imontagne) pass 
COLCHIQUE colcliicum [coV -tchi-ke-mm1 
COLERE anger : passion (centre, with : de. at] 

Acces de , Fit of A [on P] Je me suis mis 

en I got angry i Mettre ... en , To make 

... angry : to put ... in a passion [a.) passionate 
Colerique a. choleric : hasty 
COLIBRI humming-bird 
COLICITANT- joint beneficiarv 
COLIFICHET" trifle : knick-knacks (pi] 

COLIMACON" [f] snail ! En Spiral 

COLIN-MAILLARD" blind-man's buff 
COLIN-TAMPON" | Je m'en soucie comme de 

I 'don t care a rap about it' 

COLIQVE col'ic [fam) pain in the stomach 
COLIS" package : article 1 En _ POSTAL, By 

parcel post 
COLIS^E [fco-/ec-2(J!/] colosseum [.kol-o-ct-ent] 
COLLABORATEUK -TRICE _' : colleague : 

associate : contributor : co-worker 
COLLABORATION" — : co-oi>eration : aid 
Collaborer' v. to work together : to contribute : 

to be on the staff (of a paper] 
COLLAGE sticking : pasting : gluing[du papier) 

sizing [pap. peint) lianging [vin) fining 
Collant' -e a. tight : close-fitting 
COLLATERAL aisle : side aisle [aile] 
Collalei-al -e n. collat'eral [ta«'-e-re-J] 
COLLATION" — [Jec7ie-iiii] lunch | Faire une 

To lunch : to have some refi-eshraent | 

NNEMENT' [tel.] repetition | nner' va. to 

collate (MSS.] [aetes) to examine [teleg) to 

repeat j " T C "' Repeat paid 
COL'LE paste Iforie) glue [de peau) size [fam) 

'cram' : 'poser' : 'fixer" 

_ de POISSON" isinglass [tech) flsh-glue 

COLLECTEUR _tor [te-r] tax-collector | figout 

Main sewer 

Collectif -ire a ive [-menf -ly] [F. Billet] 

COLLECTION" _ : set | _nnei- va. to make 

a C of —NNEUR de, ... -collector [F.STAMP] 
COL-lEGE high school : coll'ege ikol'edj] 

_ Electoral constituency 

Col'lt'gial -e a. iate [sf.) ' collegiate church ' 

COL'LEGIEN" _an [Itdj-ye-nn} schoolboy 
COL'LEGUE col'league : fellow-member 
Coricr" va. [a. to] to stick : to paste : to glue : 
to size [sur toile) to mount [du vin) to clarify 
[habit) to fit [fig) to put ... in a fix [ficoles) to 

punish [fn.) to stick [ftottille) to cake | Se 

ensemble. To stick together | Toujours colle 
sur les livres. Always poring over books i 
Non colle. [papier] Unsized 
COLLERETTE collar : flange (tech] 
COL'LET" [d'habit : mach) collar [de manteau) 
cape [pretre) bands (pi] Iciande) neck [d'ufie 
racing) crown [filet) snare | monte, Prig- 
gish : affected fto collar 
Col'le'lei"' va. to seize ... by the throat [pers) 
COL'LEUR paper-hanger : bill-sticker [au col- 
lege) one who sets hard questions or crams' 
students for examinations 
COL'LIER" collar : necklace [bteuf)neck Imar- 
Qiie) ring [pour tuyau) clip [d'excentrique) 

strap i Reprendre le de vtisere. To go back 

to one's drudgery [F. Coup de : Franc du ] 

COLLINE hill | Monter une To go up a H 


COLLOCATION" a list of creditors : sum set 

down as ...s claim 
COLLODION" _ [fce-J«^e-!/e-ii»i] 
nn»'' -e a. prepared with collodion 




COLD froid [nied) rliume | A heavy, a violent 

Un gros R ; on the chest. R de poitrine | 

in the eye. Coup d'air (dans I'ikII] in the 

head. R de cerveau | I have a bad Je suis 

tres enrhunie -e \ To catch a To take , 

Prendre froid : s'enrhumer 

a. froid [climate) rigoureux | I am , J'ai 

F I It is _. II fait F | Its bitterly II fait 

mi F piquant i water. Eati fraiclte \ To 

throw water on. Decourager i To get , 

Refroidir [pers) se refroidir [nieti) s'enrhumer 
-bloode<l «. de sang-froid ] -CHISEL ciseau 

a froid 1 STORAGE conservation par le 

froid I STEEL iarme blanche 

ColU'isli a. un peu fruid i Cold'ly ad. froide- 
COLD'NESS froidem- : froid [ment 

COLLAP'SE ecrouleuient [pers) affai.ssement j 

fii. s'ecrouler : s'tchouer : s'affaisser 

Collap'silile a. pliant : ... pouvant se plier 

COLL'AR [ie-j] [coat) collet [shirt) col Dady's) 

col : collwette [horse, dog. & insignia) collier 

[of veal) rotUade iva.) colleter : mettre ini 

collier (a] [pers) prendre ... au collet [slang) 

empoigner ; Against the , a plein collier : tres 

fatigant ; To take him by the I^e prendre 

au collet I Stand-up Col droit ; BEAM 

entrait superieur i -BONE clavicttle \ -STUD 

bouton de i ED HEAD froniage 


Colla'te [a e] va. collatiOuner : nommer 

Collat'eral a. teral [security) acces-soire 

COL'LEAGUE collegue [4iterary) collaborateur 
Collect' ■ca. recueillir : ramasser [.s|>ecimens & 
stamps) coUectionuer [taxes) percevoir [debt) 
recouvrer [bills) encaisser [alms, etc.) queter 
[fii.) s'auiasser | To one's self. Se re- 
cueillir j e<l a. rassemble [calm) recueilli 

COLLECTION c : compilation : amas[pers) 

s rassemblement [charity, etc.) coJ/ecte -.quite 
? [of bills) encaissement [of taxes) perception 
•g [post-oflice) levee des boitcs [good.s) enleve- 

■ji ment [or prise2 a domicile | To make a , 

'•i [money] Faire la qttete | A _ of COINS, 
.^PLANTS. Un medaillier. Un herbier 
COLLECTOR collecteur [si)ecimens, etc.) col- 
V- lectionneur [of alms) queteur [of taxes) per- 
.2; cepteur [customs) receveur 
COLL'EGE Icoll'edjl college feo [training _) 
lycee : iiistitut [cath . priests) semiuaire [med) 
fiiciilte [College is amunicipal, Lycee a state 
institution] [I'. Agricultural] 
Collc'yiate Ike-U'dji-ete'i a. de college 
Colli'ile vn. entrer en collisUm 
COLL'IE chien de berger (ecossais] 
COLL'IER [j/e-r] houilleur [.ship) charbonnier 
COLL'IERY houillere : mine de charbon 

COLLI'SION c : choc [^) abordage | on 

the railway, Tampounement 

[142] Prepositions used before nouns and participles. Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to lx)tli languages are given in the French division only. 




COLLOQUE _quy : conference | _r' va. to place : 

to make a list of (creditors] [coup) to liit | 

... a. To palm ... off upon 
COLLUSION" — I COLLYRE eye-.salve 
COLMATAGE rai.sing the level by mud-deposits 
COLOMBK dove (Roucouler = to coo] [cojisf.) 

COLOMBIER" dove-cote [typ) pigeon-holes [for- 
mat. 60 cm X 90) columbier 
COLOMHINE [hot) col'umbine [coJ'mm-6oi.'»Hi] 

[aijr) fowl's [on pigeon's] dung 
COLON" col'onist : planter [F. Partiaire] 
COLON" lanat] colon 

COLON AGE farming for a share of the produce 
COLONEL iko-lo-neV\ _ [fce-r-«e-J] 
COLOXELLE colonel's iHfe [reg't) first com- 
pany (of tlie regiment] 

Colonial -e a 1 [ye-i] Fruits iaux. Foreign 

fruits I COLONIK ny: settlement: residents 

(pi] Colonisahic [s, z\ a. tit for colonization 
Coloniser' va. to colonize 
COLONISATEUR [s. z] colonizer [o.) colonizing 
COLON-NADE _ [coi-e-ne'de] 
COLON'NE column : pillar [de lit) post 

COLOQUINTK colocynth [argot) 'linob' 
COLORATION" staining [peint) colouring 
Coloi-er' va. to give ... colour fting 

COLORIAGE colouring (prints, etc.] illumina- 
Colorier" va. to colour (i.e., with paints, etc.] 

to illuminate : to stain 
COLORIS" colouring : colour 
COLORISTE colourer [peintre) colourist 

Colossal -e a. 1 [fee-Jo-fs'-J] 

COLOSSE colossus 

COLPORTAGE hawking : newsvending 

Colpoi'ter" va. to hawk : to sell 

COLPORTEUR hawker : pedlar : newsvendor 
COLTINEUR dock-labourer : porter 
COLTIS" [*] cant timl)ers 
COLZA rai)e [Unile) colza 

COMA [kd'-me\ teux"-e!(.se a. comatose 

(^COMBAT" [kon'ba, nas] _ [kemmbe-tQ fight 

I [X, A) battle : engagement | a uutrance. 

Deadly fight | Le fort du _, The thick of the 

tight I Hors de , ' ' : disabled | Mettre 

I ... hors de To disable 

COMBATIVITK combativeness [fce->n»i] 
COMBAT'TANT" com'batant [oiseau) ruff | 

Ancien de. Old .soldier wlio fought at 

Conibaflrc v. (T(Me 67) to fight Iproposi- 
tion) to oppose lopinioii) to combat [difflaiUe) 
to contend (contre, with] 
Coinltat'tii -e pp. [F. Combattre] 

■^COMBE [feon'h] [fcoiwne] coomb 

jg Conibien" ad. [suivi dun verbe on dun adj.) 
c how ...[quantite) how much (de, ..] [nombre) 

.5 liow many (de, ...] [ilistance) liow far [ de 

p5 temps) liow long ftrivance 

^COMBINAISON" combina'tion : plan : con- 
o Combine -e a. [tech] compound fpli" 

« Combiner' va. to combine : tu contrive : to 
^COMBLE lieaping (measure] top : summit : 
^ heiglit : liighest pitcli (of] the ' last straw ' i 

De fond en , From top to bottom : to the 

foundations [tig) completely | Mettre le a, 

To crown | Pour de. To crown | (^'a, c'est 

un ! ' That's really a little bit too' stiff! ' 

Comble a. [nalle) crowded [»(i^S!H'e) full (to 

COMBLEMENT" filling in [on up] 
Combler" va. [de, with] imemire) to (ill up : to 
cram [pers) to overwlielm : U> load [un deficit) 
to cover [fig) to fulfil : to fill the measure of 




Collo'quial a. de la conversation : familier 
liy ad. en style familier 

COL'OCYNTH ishinth. th fort] coloquinte 

CO'LON Iko-le-uri] [:] [gram) deux points (pi] 
[typ) comma [intestine) colon 

COLONEL [ke-r'ne-Q _ | _CY giade de C 

COL'ONIST [kol'-e-nisstf] colon 

COL'ONV colmiie 

OOL'OKADO BEE'TLE doryjiliore [ennerai 
de la pomme de teti-e} 

OOLOSSE'UM [kol-e-ci-e-mm'] colisee 

COL'OUR [Americ. COE'OE] couleur [wall-c) 
badigeon:co?(c7iedei)e)n()!rei Complementary 
, Conl. complementaire \ Primary, second- 
ary C primitive, composee | To change 

Clianger de C | Under _ of. Sous pretexte de | 

8 [pi] coiiJeHrs (pour peintxirel [military) 

drapeaa [naval) pavilion (national] With s 

T flying, Knseignes de'ployees | Stand of s, 

T (sing] Drapeau.x (pi] To hoist the s. Hisser 

■ale pavilion | To strike one's s. Amenerson 

P I Fast s. Bon [or grand] teint \ Oil s. 

Coiileifrs a I'huile [F. WATEK] -blintl a. at- 
teint de daltonisme 
_ BLINDNESS daltonisme 
Col'our va. colorer [with several c's) colorier 
[walls) badigeonner [engravings) colorier : 
I enluminer [vn.) se colorer [pers) rougir 

/"Col'ourable [ke-le-re-be-ti a. plausible [-bly, 
-ment] _ IMITA'TION imitation ividente 
' [or trop visiblel 
^ Col'oure'd a. colore : colorie [sliirt. drapery : 

"r pers) de cmdetir \ Higlily , Fortement 

,§ colorie : exagere | Many- , Polychrome 

I COL'OURING coloris [house-painting) badi- 

geonnage | MATTER nmtiere colorante 

l^Col'ourless a. sans conleiir 
COLT poulain ] _'S FOOT [hot] pas d'ane 
CO'LTER [ou COU'LTER] contre 
COI/UMBINE [fcofJ'-wiHi-ba'irie] ancolie 
COL'UMN' ikolle-mm'] colonne 
COIVIB' [kome] peigne [cock's) crete \ Honey- 

Rayon | Horse , Etrille \ Large-tooth 

Demeloir | Side Peigne a bandeau | 

Small-tooth _, P fin | i^cket , P depoche | 

-CASE etui a peigne 

Comb' [fcowie] va. peigner | one's HAIR, se 

l>eigner [F. Peigne] _ doAvn, [horse] etriller 
COM'BAT _ : lutte [v.) combattre fco 

_IVE'NESS —ivite 
CO'MB'ER peigneur-« [macli) peigneitse 
COMBINA'TION combinaisoii : liyiie : a.-<soci- 

ation [illegal) coalition I Right of, Droit 

de se syndiquer | ' COM'BINE' [com]' trust ' | 
Comhi'ne [ba'i'ne] v. [with, a : to. l>oi(r] com- 
biner : reunir [pers) se liguer : se syndiquer 

A point (S') means silent, or ON" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [143] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uords in Italic. MASCUUNE. tliiis. 




« COMBRIERE tunny-net 
s COMBUSTIBLE _ : fuel [a.) combustible 
SCOMBVSTION" — [ke-mm-be-s'tclie-nti] 
COMEDIE the'atre : com'edy : play [fig) farce 

Ipers) players (pi] La iKtuts , True C | 

de SALON" private theat'ricals (pi] 
COM^OIEN" come'dian : actor 

COMESTIBLE [<fr a.] eatable | _S' provisions ! 

Magasin de _, Italian warehouse | Marchand 

de . Italian-warehouseman 

COMETE com'et | La _ de Halley, Halleys C 
COMICE I agricole. Agricultural society (or 

gathering] S' (pi] assembly 

I COMIQUE comedy : comic actor : comical part, 

ou thing [a.) comic : comical 
1 COMIT^ committee: board | En petit—, A snug 

little party : by ourselves [ou yourselves, ou 

COMMA Uyp) colon [mils) comma 
COM-MANDANT--£ _ : _der : commanding 

officer [a.) commanding : ... in command 
I COMMANVE order [cordage) foxes : knittles 
I (pi] ! ' Aye. aye. Sir I ' | De , To order 

(de. for] at command : forced : sham | Bul- 

I letin de , Order-form | Sur , To order 

I COM-MANDE-MENT- _dmeat : command [X 
I & ■i)) word of command IV. Eehelle] 




CXJ'MB'ING peignage : coup de peigne 

COMBUS'TION _ feo [sion 

_ CHAMBER [of motor] cliatnbre dexplo- 

Come [ke-i«»i] vn. Ipret. Came : pp. Come] 
venir : arriver [ V. Serve, c] se presenter : se 

faire [become) se de... [as, to undone, se 

defaire : to unstrung, se detendre : etc.] 

There's a crisis coming, Une crise se prepare! 
To be long in coming, Se faire attendre j 

How 8 it ? Comment cela se fait-il ?| ! ! 

[coaxingly] Voyons ! | ! along ! on ! 

AUons ! Yenez ! Marchons ! { _ in ! Entrez ! | 

I"m coming ! J'y vais ! | We liaven't to 

that' yet ! Kous n'en sommes pas encore la ! | 

The time to , L'avenir | That won't be for 

a long time to , Cela n'arrivera pas de long- 
temps I The world to , La vie future | 

what may, Advienne que pourra | Nothing 
has of it, II n'en est rien sorti 

about', arriver : changer | across, ren- 

contrer | Everything tliey across. Tout ce 

qui leur tombe sous la main ] after, 

suivre : venir apivs [to fetch, V. ' Come for'] 

again, revenir | along, s'en venir : 

venir | ' at, atteindre : parvenir a { a^ay, 

partir : s'en aller | _ hack, revenir [call to a 
dog or c-hild) Arrive ici ! IV. WASH] _' by, 
obtenir : voyager par (nier ou terrel venir de 

(jour ou tttiit] by', passer par | down, 

descendre : venir [price) baisser [building, &c.) 

s'ecrouler | 'for, venir chercher : venir pour | 

forth,' se repandre [pers, etc.) s'avancer 

vers ... 1 forward, s'avancer : avancer | 

' from, venir de : etre originaire de | Where 

does he from ? D'ou vient-il ? | here ! 

[to a dog, Ac] Arrive ici ! | home, rentrer: 

revenir [fig) porter coup | In, entrer : ar- 
river [of fashion, or style) devenir la mode : 
commencer a etre a la tnode [tide) monter | 

in again, rentrer | in' for, entrer pour: 

partager : y [or eri] etre pour | into, se 

joindre : entrer (dans, en] [property") heriter 

de 1 neai*er (to] s'approcher de | next, 

suivre | — of, venir de : provenir de : tenir a 
ce que ... | _off, se detacher [paint, etc.) s'en- 
lever [happen, take place) avoir lieu [badly, 

easily : fig.) s'en tirer | off victorious, 

remporter la victoire \ on, s'avancer vers 

[law trial) se plaider : se juger [storms, dis- 
orders) survenir | out, sortir ; s'en tirer 

[to begin) debuter [show ...selOse montrer : 

transpirer [book) paraStre [stains) s'enlever 
[young lady) faire .ses debuts dans le nionde | 

over, traverser : passer [slang) I'emporter 

sur I _ round, [recover) se retablir (de niolo- 

diel consentir | short', nianquer | ' to, 

.se monter a : revenir a [arrive at) venir a [a 
decision) prendre [starboard, port) venir sur | 

It s to this', Voici ce qui en est | How tlid 

he to say ... ? Comment .se fait-il qu'il ait 

dit ... ? I to', revenir (a soi] to' and fro' 

aller et venir | together, venir ensemble : 

se ras.sembler | together again, renouer 

amUie \ _ to light (etc] V. LIGHT, NOTH- 
ING, Same] under, [influence of] subir ! 

up, monter [to town) venir (a Londres] 

[plants) pousser | up with, atteindre I 

' upon, tomber sur : attaquer : s'adresser 

a I what will ! Advienne que pourra '. 

COME'DIAN comedien | COM'EDY comedie 
/'COM'ELINESS beoiite' : grace 
sCom'e'ly a. avenant : beau : convenable 
S COM'ER venant | First _, Premier venu | New 

,S s, [pi] Nouveaux venus | To all s, a tout 

VCOM'FIT dragee Lvenant 

COM'FORT confort : [le) confortable : aisance : 
I agremeut : bien-etre : consdntiotts (pi] 

' va. [with, to, de] consoler : soulager 

'J;; able a. [to, pour] agreable : confortable : 

I ^bien | It is very there, On y est tres bien | 

I A In circumstances, a son aise \ To make . . . 

I s , Mettre ... k son aise 

I i ably ad. a sou aise : bien : commodeiuent 

"¥ ER consolateur -trice [scarf) cache-nez 

i '.Com 'fort less a. sans consolation : triste 

Com'ical a. comique { A s|>eech, Un drole 

de discoursi A sort of girl, Vne drole de fUle 

COM'ING venue : arrivee : [I') avenement (du 

SMessie] [a.) a venir : qui s'approche | IN 

Sentre'e (of, en] revenu | IN and OUToWees 

,^ et vetiues \ ou BO.AlRD abordage 

COMM'A [,] virgtiU | Inverted _s, Ouille- 

raets I In inverted s, Entre G's 

COMMAND' ordres (pi] comntande fea : coui- 
mandement (of, sur] autorite : pouvoir (over, 

«sur] He has wonderful of temper, II se 

spossede a merceUle \ He has great of 

g language. II a une grande facilite d'expres- 

ssioti I I am second in , Je commands en 

i second | va. commander [a sum, etc.) avoir 

a sa disposition \ To _ a view of. Donner sur : 
dominer | Com'mandeer' wl requisitionner 

[144] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type , before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the Frencli division only. 




Coni'mander' v. [a, ...] to command : to order : 
to bid : to rule : t<) give the word of connnand 
[com) to order [<J>) to shape (the course] 

Ihmttetir') to C a view of : to overlook | Se , 

To C o's : to come at C : to come at one's 

COM'MANDEUR _der : overseer [bidding 

COM-MANDITAIRE shareholder(limited) taking 
no part in the management 

COMMANDITE | En _, Limited liability ... 

Coin'me a(X. <fc co>y. as : like : almost ; how : 
such as [temps) as : when [F. Goodness : Quoi] 

cela [or ija] Ijike this : like that [«3> ) Steady ! 

Ipers) ' only middling ' | il est boii ! How 

kind he is ! | il pleut* ! How it rains! | 

il faut, Gentlemanly : lady-like Ichose) genteel 
lad.) properly : as one ought' to : in the best 

way ou style | par hasard, As if by chance | 

qui dirait ..., As you might say ... | Facile 

tuut, As easy as anything | Tout si, Just 

as if I II est mort, He is almost dead | Un 

homme lui, A man like him 

VOifMEMORATION- — \ La _ des morts, 
All Souls' Day 

Coininemorer' va. to orate 

COMMENQANT--B beginner 

COMMENCEMENT" _ : beginning | Au _, At 
first ; in the B | II y a _ a tout, Everything 
must have a B | _ d'incendie. Outbreak of fire 

Coin'iiiencer" va. to begin : to commence 

COMMENSAL fellow-boarder : mes.smate 

Comnicnsui'able a. ImaOi] surate 

Com'menf ad. how? [pourquoi) why? [plait- 
il ?) What did you .say ? [Note : Comment in 
this sense is polite than Plait-il ?] lint.) 

What ! What next, I wonder . | se fait-il que 

... ? How is it that ... ? | _ done ! [sense varies 
greatly with the intonation] I should think' 
so, indeed! | cela? How so? 


Com III enter' v. to comment : to criticize 

COM'MtRAQE gossip : gossiping 

COM'MERCANT' -K trader [a.) commercial ... 
Kiie e. Business street 

COM'MERCE _ : trade : business [fig) inter- 
course : connection | Oiainbre de Chamber 

of C i Faire le de, To deal in IV. Ministre, 

Bankruptcy] Mainon de _, Firm i exterieur, 

interieur, Foreign trade, inland T | De 

Commercial : merchant | D'un agieable, Of 

agreeable manners ] Com'mercei"' v. to trade 

Coin'iiicrcial -e a. 1 [-nienf -lly] 

COM' MERE gosaip : god-mother 

COM"METTANT" employer liioUt) constituent 

Coiirincltre va. (Table 66) to commit : to en- 
trust : to compromise : to expose : to lay 

Comniinatolre a. tory : warning : threaten- 
ing I Communication , Warning 

Coin"iiiis"-e pp. [V. Comnietti'e] Deux fois , 

[,t.] Cable-laid 

COM"MIS" clerk : employee [de toMft^Me) shop- 
man I —auxVIVRES steward | _ VOYAQEUR 
commercial traveller[en A)(ieV)q'!(e)'drummer' 


COM'MISSAIRE commissioner [pari) member of 
committee [ X ) commissary [de fete) steward ! 

Juge Assistant magistrate | _ de POLICE 

police-superintendent | PRISEUR official 


COM-MISSARIAT" [X) '— ' U\e police) station 

COM- MISSION- _ : message [pari) _ : com- 
mittee I En In C [com) on C [fam) on an 

errand | d'ejigitete, Conunittee of enquiry | 

departenientale. Committee of the County 

Council I leyislative, Parliamentary | 

extra-parlementaire, Koyal commission 

sionaire : porter : messenger [com) agent 

Coiii'mission'ner" va. to commission 

COMMODAT" loan to be returned intact 

COM' MODE 0=^ chest of drawers [a.) conveni- 
ent : comfortable [pers) easy ; accommodating \ 
dement' ad. conveniently 




COMMANO'ER commandant [of the Bath, and 

Kniglit ) connnandeur 

-IN-CHIEF generalissime 
COMMAND'MENT commandement | The ten 

s, Le decalogue 

Commem'orate [re'fe] va. celebrer 
COMMEMOBA'TION _ : celebration : souve- 
nir I In of, a la memoire de 

Commen'ce v. commencer (to, «] devenir [an 
action) intenter [pers) debuter : se mettre (a] 
_MENT _ : debut 
Commend' va. [to, a] rei^ommander : confier 
[praise) louer [wares, etc.) faire valoir 
— able a. louable : reconnnandable 

ably ad. d'ltne maniere lotiable 

COMMEND A' TION loiiauge : eloge 
Commen'datory [te-re] a. elogieux 
Commen'surate a. proportionne (with, to. a] 

COMM'ENT appreciation | It needs no , 

Cela se passe de commentaire 

Commei-'cial Iche-t] a. [house, traveller) 

de commerce [locality) conimer<;ant [market 

report) ivaleurs^ industrielles (pi] fde 

Commis'erate [ze-re'te] va. avoir compassion 

COMMISSA'KIAT intendance miUtaireli,) — 
COMM'ISSARY _ssaire [X) intendant 
COMMISS'ION c_ [of offences) perpetration 

[officer's) brevet 1 To charge a on, Prendre 

"oJiine C sur | To execute a , Executerwner: 

.a s'acquitter dun niandat | In , [s/iip] En 

" armement | On . En C | To throw up his — 

g Conner sa demission \ The sale of s. La re- 

•^ nalite des grades | Royal , C e.idra-parle- 

.S AGENCY maison de (' [tnentaire 

S AGENT comraissionnaire : expediteur 

,^Commiss'ion va. nner . charger (to, «] 

ER connuissaire [of police) prefet 

Commit' [pp. -tted] va. commettre : faire : etre 

coupable de : consigner : envoyer en prison \ 
^ suicide, se suicider | _ for TRIAL renvoyer 

atix assises \ o'self, se eomproniettre 

COMMIT'MENT OR'DER mandat de depot 
COMMITT'EEcomitel Executive—, C executif 

Parliamentary Cmnmission : bureaux (pi] 

To go into [whole house] Se former en 

comite secret | MEETING comite : re- 

finion de C 
COMMO'DE fcfl I Night-—, Chaise perce'e 

A point (S') means silent, or ON* LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FSynXINE icords in Italic. MASCULINE, tlui=i. 




COM'MODITE convenience (a. pour, to : de, to] 

accommodation | S" (pi] water-closet (sing] 

[de la vie) amenities (pi] 
COMMO TION" _ [electriqtie) shock [mid) con- 
Cominuable ad. comrautable l.<^ussion 

Coinniucr" va. to commute (en. to] 
COM'MUN" generality of people : most people : 

servants (pi] Kn In common | Le des 

martyrs. The common run of people : 'the 

vulgar herd ' | Kien de avec, Nothing in 

common with j S" out-buildings | -e a. 

common t*^ : usual 

Coni'inunal -e a 1 : of the commune | Ecole 

e. Parish School 

COM-MUNARD- -e communist (Paris. 1871] 
COMMVKAVTE _nity : corporation : guild 
COM-MUNAUX- (pi] common (sing] 
COMMUNE •_ ■ : parish [r. Canton. Parish] 

inhabitants (pi] Cluimbre des S, House of 

Coni'inunenicnt' ad. commonly : generally 
COMMUNIANT" -K communicant 

Coni'iuunicatif -ti-e a. ive lencre) copying 

COMMJXICATIOX- — : cognizance | En 

[Ji&r.] On approbation : Sale or return 
Coni'iiiunier" vn. to take the sacrament | Faire 

, To administer the sacrament to 

COM'yfUXIOX" [ke-mioune-ye-nn] sacra- 
ment j Recevoir la , To take the S 

COM'MUNIQU^ official communication ou note 
Com'niuniquer' ta. to communicate : to im- 
part : to pass on | Faire , To connect 

COM-MUNISME [eece-ni] _ism [iz2-ni] 

COMMUNISTE _st [F. Communard] 
COMMUTATEUR switch : commutator 

^Compact -e a. 

COMPAON'E comtMnion . partner : fellow- 

(traveller. etc.] play-fellorr 
COMPAGN' IE comp&ny [de cotwlerie) troop 
[anim)herd[perdri.r)covey | De _, Together | 

Demoiselle de Companion \ De h(mne , 

Very nice : gentlemanly : ladylike | De tnctti- 

vai-ie Ungentlemanly: unladylike] Fausser 

a .... To give ... the slip 

I COMPAGN-ON"_panion : partner [ouvrier) 
■5 journeyman ... : fellow- (soldier, workman. 

a etc.] [V. Fellow] [plante) campion j Bon , 

^ Boon companion 

— Com|)arable a. com'parable [jpe-re-he-C\ 

^ COMPARAISOX- fs as z] _rison (de, with] 

£ Sans Beyond C | Toirfe _ est odtetise, 

•5; Comparisons are odious 
-=Comparailre vn. (Table 63) to appear 

^Comi>aratif-tte a. ive [-iveinenf -ly] 

Compare -e a. comparative 

Compai"er" va. to compare (avec. with : a, to] 

ComiKiroir rii. to appear 

COMPARSE silent actor : supernumerary 

COMPARTIMENT--_tment : cell : box | _ de 

dames settles. Ladies' compartment | de 

fumeiir.s. Smoking-carriage | a s, In [ou 

with] C's [ou divtsions] 
Coiii|>itrii pp. invar. [F. Ciomparaitre] 
C03/PA/erT/0A'-[dr]appearance (in court] 
Mandat de , Summons 




Commo'dious [ye-ss] a. commode { ly ad. 

commodement | NESS commodite 

COMMODITY denree : produit 
COMMODORE [e-dor] [*] chef^ie dtt-Mon 
COMM'ON communaux (pi] bniyere | Right 

of , Droit de vaine pdtnre | a. commun : 

ordinaire : vulgaire [price) courant [people) 

.,. du commun [soldier) simple { In , En C 

(with, avec] Out of the _, Anormal | -BOOK 

cahier | COUNCIL conseil municipal | 

LAW droit coutumier | PLEAS [cmir 

des) plaids commons (tribunal civil] The 

S RUN of people. Tout le raonde : les gens 

^du commun | SENSE [le) sens commun | 

5 COMMONS table | Doctors' _s. Officialite \ 

g HOUSE of S. Cltambre des communes 

§ [France) Cltambre des deputes | Short s, 

Maigre chere fdistingue 

Coinni'onplace a. commun : banal : pen 
COMM'ONER etudiant ordinaire (a iunicer- 
sitei [not a i>eer) bourgeois 
Comm'only ad. communement : ordinaire- 

ment | _Yer v Tres souvent 

COMM'ONNESS frequence 
COMM'ONWEALTH etet : repuUiqtie 
^omniu'nc vn. converser (with, avec] 

Coniinu'nieatc t'. communiquer : faire par- 
a venir [take sacrament) communier 
'JCOMMUNICA'TION c_ | OfHcial _, Com- 
g munique 

Coniniu'nicalive a. if ! Not very , Pen 

-- expansif 

gCOMMU'NION {inioiine-ye-nn] [sacrament) 

«s [intercourse) convmunication : relations 

•| (pi] -TABLE sainte table 
* COMMU'NITY commitnaiite : etat : monde 
Commu'te va. commuer : changer (to, en] 
COM'PACT pacte : contrat 

Compact' a. : serre [style) concis 

Compact'ly ad. dune tnaniere compacte 
COMPACT'nESS compacite : peu de volume 
COMPAN'ION [ye-mi] compagnon, eompagne j 

Wti I to a lady, Detnoiselle de compagnie j 

[u.] capot d'echelle | able a. de bonne 

cot»pagnie \ less a. seal : tout seal 

COMPAN'IONSHIP compagnie : camaraderie 
/COM'PANY contpagnie : soci&e : bande [^) 

I equipage | The , [«&] L' administration | 

. assembled. Assistance | To go into Aller 

s dans le monde | To keep , Voir du raonde 

|8_[witli) tenir C a : frequenter [ships) aller de 

s conserve | To keep bad , Frequenter la 

^manvaise C \ To see , Recevoir | ... and .., 

i request the^favoiir of ...'s at DINNER on 

the •25th,... et ... prient ... de leur faire le 
I plaisir [or I'honneur] de venir diner avec eux 
v[or de venir passer la soiree chez eux] le 25 

Compar'ative a. tif [anat. etc.) compare | 

ly ad. relativement : comparativement 

Compa'rc Ipere] va. comparer : rapprocher 

[check off) veriKer | e'd to. En comparaison 

de I As e"d with. Par rapport a 

COMPARISON comparaison 

[146] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type : before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the Frencli division only. 




/ COMPAS" ss B^ : compasses (pi] pair of 

compasses | a iiointes seches. Dividers | 

de calibre. d'epaisseur. Callipers (pi] 

de reduction, Proportional compasses 

CompHSse -e a. formal : studied : regular 

Compasser" va. to measure : to regulate : to 
plan out [fa carte, 4>) to prick 

COMPASSION" — (pour, for] 


Compatible a. (avec. with] 

Coiiipatir v. to syrapatliize (a.witli] to bear : 
to accord (a. with] 

Compatissanf-e a. compassionate : sympa- 

COMPATRIOTE [<fe jT.] compatriot . fellow- 
countryman : feUow-eoiintryu'oman 

Compensaleur-fj'ice a. compensating | Des 
droits s, Countervailing duties 

COMPENSATION--— | En _ de, As a C for | 

de depens, Each to pay his own costs | 

Chambre de , Clearing-liouse 

Coiiiponsei"' no. to compensate (.... for] 

COMPtRAGE [tig] complicity : trickery 

COMPfeRE god-fatlier [fig) accomplice [fam) 

'old fellow' I ' et compagnon,' Hand and 

glove (avec, witli] Ruse , Artful fellow | 

-LORIOT- stye 

COMPETENCE _ : jurisdiction | Cela n'est 
pas de nm , That's out of my line 

Competent" -e u. t : refiuisite (pour, for] 




Coinpilei"' va. to compile 

fCOMPLAINTE _t ua^ [law term] lamenta- 
tion [chanson) lament : ballad 
Coiiiplaire vn. (Table 39) to humour (a, ...] 

Se To delight (a, en, in] fliging manner 

Coniplaisamincnl' «d. obligingly : in an ob- 
COMPLAISANCR _ : compliance : com- 
placence ide, to) kindness | Billet de — , 

Accommodation bill | SAKT-'-E flatterer : 

time-server [«.) obliging : time-serving | Par 

j trop Too kind 

! COMPLEMENT- _ [<lu verbe) object 

I Compleinentalre o. ary : ... to make up | 

_ Jours s, [In tlie Republican Calendar fr. 

X 'Seiit.' 17 to 'Sept.' 21 in each year] 

5 COMPLEX" suit ; fidl number | de voyage, 

.2 Tiavelling S | jaquette. Morning S | 

p^ veston. Lounge S | 'Avoir son ,' [vulg] To 

o be dead drunk | Grand , Full complement 

^ Complef -ete a. complete : full (up] perfect 
^ [homme) stout : well-built [esprit) well-bal- 

i-i anced | Nous sommes s. We are fidl | Ce 

"^ regiment est au , Tliis R has its comple- 
COMPLtTEMENT- [acute accent] completion 
Coinpletemenf [grave accent] ad. (luite : 
Completer" va. to complete 

Complexe a. x : compound 


COMPLICE [* f.} accomi)lice : co-respondent 
COMPLICITE _tv (a. in] 
[COMPLIES- (pi] compline (sing] 




^COM'PASS [pi. _sses] compas tea : circuit: 
^ cercle : espace (de temps] [J>) bcnumole [of a 

f voice) etendue [reach) portee \ Mariner's 

a, Compas demer I Point of the ,Airei\e venti 

g Apairof_es, Un compas | In small , Sous 

g un volume restreint : dans des limites etroites 

i va. entourer (with, de] atteindre : acconi- 

I plir I e'd about with, Assiege de 

I CARD rose des vents 

Compass'io«iale [jxich-e-ne-tj a. compatissant 
Compass'ionate [fits'] va. avoir compassion de 
Compal'ibly ad. d'une maniere compatible 
COMPEE'R compagnon : egal : compere 
Compel' [-He'd] va. forcer : obligor (to, a, del 
Compen'dious [l/e-ss] «. abrege : succinct 

ly ad. en abresie 

—NESS brieveti 
COMPEN'DIUM lye-mwl abrege 
Com'pensate va. [for, de] compenser [a pers.) 

dedonmiager | sating a. compensateur | 

— SA'TION [se'c/je-nn] : dedommagement 

Compe'te [ke-mrn'^fiile^fm. faire eoneim-ence 

(with,^] concourir (pour, for] To with 

one another, Se faire concurrence | ... that 

cannot be d with. ... sans egal 

COM'PETENCE capacite' (for, de] titles (pi] 

aisance j Secure a .S'assurer de quoi vivre 

Com'petent a. eonvenable : sufl'isant : compe- 
tent (to, pour] — ly ad. convenablement 
COMPETI'TION [com) concurrence [for post, 
prize) concours | To come into , Faire con- 

currence (with. I'l] To put ... up for , Mettre 

... au concours fcours 

COMPET'ITOR [pett'i-te-r] competiteur -trice 

[com) conciu'rent-e 
COMPIEA'TION lie"! compilation : recueil 
Compi'le [_ke-mm-iM'ile] va. couipiler : compo- 
ser : recueillir | R cunipilateur 

SGOMPLA'CENCE, _CY satisfaction : com- 
'ACompla'ccnl o. de comphmance \_plaisance 
^Conipla'cenlly ad. avec complaisance 
"»Complai'n r, se plaiuiirc (of, de] faire une 

S" reclamation \ ANT idaignant -e 

gCOMPLAI'NT plainte : r&lamation : dole- 
i, ance [bodily) maladie : mal | Cause of — 

■^ Sujet de plainte | To make s, Se plaindre 

COM'PLEMENT complement :complet : orne- 

ment j Full [X] Grand eomplet 

Comple'le[fce-W)Hl>Jiife]o, corapletteo : parfait 
[ended) aclieve [tig) an comble [l'«.) comple- 
ter : achever [tig) accompUr : combler 

ly ad. completement 

NESS etat eomplet : pei-fection 

CUMPLE'TION [fce-Dun'jjHc/ie] acbevement : 

perfection [X, <t») completement 
COMPLEX'ION [_ke-mmplek-clie-nn'\ — : tem- 
perament [tig)caractere:co»tJei(r \ Dark _ed. 

Light e'd, Au teint brun. clair 

COMPIjI'ANCE [ke-mm-pldi-nncel acquiesce- 
ment [ In witli. Conformement a 

Coni'plicale to. compliquer ; d a.complique 

A point (S") means silent, or ON' LL' L" liquid : two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FKMINIXK uords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus 




(^COMPLIMENT" _ t»3) : congratulation | _s 

affectueux. Kind regards | Faire a [or 

Coniplinienter' tvj.] C D de ..., To com- 
pliment C D upon ... [de.s tivenements) to 
congratulate C D upon ... 

a. complimentary : flattering 

Coinpllqu'c -«a. complicated | qu'er'^tw. 

to complicate i Se , To get complicated 

COMPLOT" plot I Comploter' to. to plot 
Coiiiplu pt). invar. [V. Complaire] 
•3 COMPOyCTIOJf- —punction : contrition 
3 Com porter' va. to permit {cliose) to admit of | 

=3 Se , To behave : to conduct o'.s 

.2 COMPOSANT" [<fe _ -e a.] component 

PL, COMPOS^ combination [>»edeci>ie) compound 

o (...of] -e a. compound f^ Ipers) affected 

^ [difficile) complex | Bien , Select : gooii | 

^ Mai Low 

„ COMPOSERS- [pi] composite plants 
^Composer" v. to compose [com., et med) to 
compound : to make up ... \tyi>og)Ui set [tig) 
to adjust : to settle : to come to an arrange- 
ment I Se _, To compose o's: to be composed 
[chiffres) to l>e made up (of] 

Coiiiposile a. [arcli] [zttt] r<'"»iP"sitor 

COMPOSITEUR -rie/CB composer [ouvrier) 
COMPOSITION — : agreement : exami- 
nation : paper (essay] Ke bonne Easy I 

Kntrer en , To come to an arrangement 

COMPOST [agrl _ Lavec, with 

VCOMPOSTEUR [typ] composing-stick 

(COMPOTE- stewed (fruit, etc.] _ de cerises. 

S cherries | En . Stewed [fig) done to rags 

ipers) bruised : beaten black and blue 
COMPOTIER- fruit disli : ^lass dish 

Coniprelionsiblc a. 

COMPREHENSION - _ [/ienij-c/ie-mi] 
Coiiiprernlre va. (Table 59) to understand : 
to .see [chose) to comprise : to comprehend : 
to include | Je comprends . I see ! | Se faire 

To make o's understood 

I -5 COMPRESSE _ss | _ssible a. _ 

! S —SSIBILITE _ty 1 —SSION' — B3» 

j '^Coiupressif -ii'e n. j Mestires s, Itepres- 

j .£ sive measures 

! d, Coinpriinable a. compressible 

I „C0MPRIM£ tablet [pp.) compressed 

I oComprinier" tvi. to compress : to restrain 

I "SCompris" a. [pp. Comprendre] ! I under- 

I stand' I Y ..., Including ; ... included | 

I S Non_, Exclusive of : not reckoning [Invari- 
able only when the noim follows : Y compris 
la table, but : La table'] 
Coniproincltant' -e a. dangerous : bad 
Comproineltre va. (Table 66) to compro- 
mise : to commit : to injure | sur ..., To 

submit ... to arbitration fpromettre 
COMPROMIS" [«iee] _mise Ba^ [pp. V. Com- 
COMPROMISSION- compromising action 
COMP-TABILITE accounts (pi] [lieu) ac- 
countant's office I en partie simple, dotible, 

Book-keeping by single, double entry 




COM'PLIMENT _ : present | To pay ... a _, 

Faire un C a | Give my s to, Faites mes 

O's a I With the author's s, Homniage de 

I'auteur | va. complimenter : faire ses coni- 

l)liments a (on, de] 

Conipliinen'tary a de felic'tlatio}}S : flatteur 

[lunch, etc.) d'honneur 

Comply' [pto't] (with] vn. acceder. faire droit 
(a i«»ie tlenmnde'i remplir (les conditions'] com- 
plaire : se soumettre 

Compo'nent a. constituant : composant 
8 [pi] pieces fletachees 

Compo'rt vn. s'accorder (with, avec] To 

one's self, Se coraporter 1 MENT condnite 

'Com'pos luen'lis' a. [law] sain d'esprit 

Compo'se va. r : tranquilliser : ecrire | 

one's self, Se calmer fcalme 

Compo'se'il a. * pp. compose (of, dt] [pers) 

COMPO'SER auteur [music) compositeur 

COMPO'SING composition \ _ DRAUGHT 
\draflt1 potion catnumte [ _ MACHINE 
tncicliine a composer | -STICK composteur 

Com'posite [zilfl a. compose [carriage) mixte 
[arch)compositei_ CANDLE bougie stearitiiie 

COMPOSI'TION c_ : nature [printg rollers) 
pate I To otTer a to, Pi-emlre des arrange- 
ments avec i COMPOS'ITOR compositeur 

COMPO'SURE [je-r] oalnie : tranqtiiUile 

COM'POUND [comm-pa(jnndd][<l:a.] compose 
[eng., tech, «.) com|>ound | _ INTEREST 
interets composes (pi] Compou'n<l v. com- 
poser : combiner [com) atermoyer [or tran- 
sigerjavec ses creanciers[for taxes) s'abonner 

I Comprelienii' va. comprendre 

I Comprelien'sive a. sif : etendu i ly ad. 

I largement 1 NESS etendue : portee 

: Ciimpi-css' va. comprimer [tig) resserrer 

I COMPRESS'ION c_ | _ COCK robinet de C 

Coinpri'se [i at] va. coutenir : renfermer 
] COM PROMISE [i aV] tra)isaetion : cnmpromis 

va. [one's self) se compromettre [a claim) 

arranger (une denuinde] transiger 
Coni'proiiiising [wia'i] a. compromettant 
COMPTROLL'ER [conn-trdle'r] controleur 

pul'sory a. force : obligatoire 

pul'soplly ad. par force : par contrainte 

COMPUNCTION componction : remords 
COMPUTA'TION [.konim-piou-teclte-mi] c_ 

(chronology] suppiUation : compte 
Coiiipu'te [pioute] va. compter : siipputer 

Con [Latin] Pro and , Pour et centre | 

amore, Tres volontiers : de tout coeur 

Con [-nne'd] va. repasser (une iefo/i] 
CONCATENA'TION [a e] enchatnement 
,sConce'al va. [from, a) cacher [fig) celer : 

"Sdissimuler [law) receler | ER receleur i 

R MENT action de cacher : secret (of, sur] 

Tretraite | of birth. Dissimulation de nais- 

■^ sauce I In , En cachette 

Conce'tle [fte-iin-cide] v. ceder : accorder (a] 
CONCEI'T Ike-nn-cite] imagination : vanite : 

idee plaisante | Out of with, Degoute de i 

_ecl a. suffisant 1 _ FELLOW, suffisant 

e«lly ad. avec siif/isance 

—EDNESS sufflsance 

[148] Prepositions used before nouns and participles. Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 


Words common to both languages are given in tlie French division only. 




^COMP"TABLE [or Agent ] accountant [a.) 

accountable : responsible (a. to] 
COMP-TANT-cash | An _, For cash 
COMP'TE [pr. kmint, n nasal] account [V. ce 

mot] count D=^ : number | a , On account | 

a ce -lii, At that' rate | a bon Cheap | 

lies bons s font les bons amis. Short 

reckonings make long friends | An bout du 

, En fin de , After all | Avoir son To 

get what one wants : to get one's deserts | Cmcr 
des_S. Audit Dept. of Treasury | De bon 

, Exact I De a denii, On joint A | Devoir 

de. To be accountable for | Donner son — 

a, To give ... his due : topay off | En — rond. 

In round figures | Entrer en ligne de , To 

be taken into A | Mettre en J. de , To take 

... into A I Porter 5 fr. au de C D, To carry 

5 fr. to D's A | Pour mon , For my part i 

■3 Rendre de. To render an A of [decrire) to 

S give an A of | Se rendre de, To get a clear 

'' idea of : to realize : to find out | Sur le — de 

— ..., On ...'s A I Tenir de, To take into A : 

^ to mind : to pay attention to [com) to carry 

£ ... to one"s A | Trouver son , To find it an 

"S advantage (a, to} to be satisfied I Le y est, 

•^ C'est bien le , It's quite right [i.e., the 

S COURANT' current account [account 

RENDU [pi. s s] account : report : 

review D^ | rendu in extenso. 'Verbatim 

report | de RETOUR notarial charges (pi] 

COMPTE-PAS' pedometer 
Comp'ler' i!.to count : to compute : to charge : 
to settle : to esteem [pour, as) to reckon : 
to intend : to think of [sur) to reckon (upon] 
II ne compte pas, He's of no account | Comptez 
que .... Depend upon it, ... | Comptez la- 
dessus ! Depend upon it ! [troJite) Don't you 

wish you may get it! \Sans without stinting 

COMP'TEUR reckoner [wiocft) counter [a ean, 
a gaz) meter [cycl) cyclometer 
COMP'TOIR [magasin) counter : department 
[marchd. de vin) bar [com) counting-house ; 
branch-(ofHce] [d'»(«e nation) factory | De- 
moiselle, Dame de , Slwp-noman | Fille 

V de , Barmaid 

Coiiipiilser' 1VJ. to examine (documents] 
I COMPULSOIRE order of the court to produce 
j paper.-s 

I COMTE [ni as n] count [en Anglet.) earl 
' COMT^ [m as ri] comity [titre) earldom 

COMTF.SSK [m as «] countess 

Cointols"-e n. ... of the Franclie-Comte 
I Concasser" va. to pound : to break : to crush 
, CONCASSEUR crusher 
■ Concave a. _ [fce're] CONCAYITK —iy[kav\ 

Conc<!<ler' va. to concede : to grant 
i CONVKNTRATION- _ | Camp de _, Con- 
centration camp 

Concentrcr' xn. to concentrate : to gather up 

Conirentrique a. trie 

; CONCKPTION- — : apprehension 

Concernanf prep, concerning : relating to 

Concerner" va. to concern : to relate to | En ce 
qui concerne. As regards : in reference to 
] CONCERT" _ lkonn'-se-rte\ _ spirituel, C of 
sacred music | De , In C : jointly 

CONCERTANT" performer 

Concerle -e a. concerted 

Concertei"' va. to concert' : to contrive | Se , 

To consult together (potir, to] 
i CONCESSION- _ ; contract [terrain) grant : 

i allotment : claim | N'NAIRE person who has 

a grant : contractor : agent [dr) grantee 
[ Concevablc a. conceivable 
I Concevoir va. to conceive : to entertain (pour, 
I foi'] to understand | Ainsi conQU, Worded [ou 
! expres.sed] thus | Je ne vous conQois pas, I 

cant make you out at all 
i CONCIERQE "[* f.'] [hall) porter : doorkeeper : 
j lodge-k : caretaker [AJMe'rtQ.) janitor | Parlez 

! au Apply to the D [tice, Paris 

I CONCIFRGKRIE prison of the Palais de J«s- 
j CONCILE council i Conciliable a. reconcilable 

CONCILIABULE conventicle : secret conference 

Concillanf -e a. iatory 

CONCILIATEUR -TK/CK reconciler [a.) concil- 

CONCILIATION- _ twj Liatory 

Conciliep' va. to conciliate : to reconcile 

Concis" -e a. ise O^ 

CONCISION • conciseness 





Concei've [ke-»m-ctt«]t). concevoir : se mettre 

dans la tete | o'self, se croire : s'imaginer 

CONCEP'TION _ [idea) idee 

CONCERN' interet : part : souci : anxiete : 
chagrin [firm) entreprise : maison : affaire ] 

[slang) ho^dique \ Of tlie utmost , De ta j 

plus haute importance \ Losing , Mativaise \ 

affaire \ Not my , Cela ne me regarde pas | 

Concern' va. concerner | It s A B (0 I 

know, II importe a.K'Bde savoir | That does I 
not — you, Cela ne vous regarde pas | He \ 

was ed in the riot, II prit part a Vemente \ | 

Those e'd, Les interesses | I am e'd in [ 

the speculation, Je suis interesse dans VA \ ! 

As far as I am e'd. Quant a moi | To be | 

— e'd about, Etre inquiet de | Where life is 
— e'd, Ou il s'agit de.fa lite | To all whom 

it may , a tous ceux qu'il appartiendra 

Concern'lng prej>. concernant : touchant : 
V a regard de 

CON'CERT _ I In _, De C : a Innisson 
CONCH [o dans sortl conque 

Concil'late va. concilier | torv a. conciliant 

CONGILIA'TION _ | -BOA-RD conseil de C 

Conci'se [fte-nn-fmce] a. concis" | ly ad. 

avec concision | NESS concision 

Conclu'de va. conclure (from, de : to, de] de- 
cider : tinir [letter, etc) terminer (with, par : 
by, en] Conclu'ding a. final 

CONCLU'SION c : fin : decision : jugement | 

_ In , En fin de compte | To come to a , 

£ En venir a »(Me C [end) se terminer | To draw 

.ia Tii-er une C | To jump to a , Conclure 

sans reflechir : se hater de conclure 
Conclu'sive Icim)] a. decisif [argument) con- 

cluant I ly ad. d'tijie maniere concluante 

Concoct' m. digerer : mixtionner [a scheme) 

imaginer : inventer [a plot) machiner 
CONCOCTION Icok'che-nn} coction fpagne 
CONCOM'ITANT accessoire [a.) qui accom- 

A point (S") means silent, or GN' LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE nords in Italic. MASCULINE, tliiis. 




COUCnOYEU-ENNE fellow-citizen : fellow- 
townsman : fellmc-townsu-onian 

CONCLAVE _ [konnkleve'] 

Conclu -e pp. IV. Conclure] 

Concliianf-e a. conclusive 

Conclure v. (Table 52) to conclude : to close: 

to infer : to prove (lie, from] to move | lui 

marclie. To strike a bargain 

Conclusif -ii'e a. ive 

CONCLUSION" : inference : motion : deci- 

CONCOMBRE [m naKal] cucumber |.sion 

CONCORDANCE _ (de la Bible] agreement 
(with] [gram) concord 

Conconliinl' -e a. in agreement : liai-nionious 

CONCORDAT" : liquidation [ avec remute 

partielle) composition [acte) certiticate [Fr. 
polit.) the convention made with the papal 
see in 1801 for the regulation of the relations 
between church and state : terminated 1905 | 

DATAIRE bankrupt wlio lias olitained his 


CONCORDE d : harmony | !•' tin. to agree 

Concourir vn. (Table 16) to concur ou unite 
(en, in] to compete (pour, for] to co-operate (a, 
to, in] Imath) to converge (en, to, in] to be ou 
an equal footing 

CONCOURS" concourse (of pers.] concurrence : 
meeting [aide) assistance : co-operation [lutte) 
competition : competitive examination [Amer. 

fam) "... bee ' | Hors , [An exhibitor who is 

also one of the Exhibition jury, or who has 
already received recognition, cannot compete 
for an award : his exhibit enjoys instead the 

distinction of being ' Hors °] Q^N^RAL 

annual inter-collegiate competitive examin- 
ation between advanced students of the 
state colleges [done away with, 1904] 

Concouru pp. [V. Concourir] 

Concref -ete a. concrete [fcrite] 


Contu -e [pp. V. Concevoir] 


Concurreininenf [em like anil od. concur- 
rently : in competition 
~ CONCURRENCE [»3>competition:opposition| 

'^ Faire a. To compete with | Jusqu'a de, 

a To the amount of | En , In C 

' = Conciirrcnc(5 pp. i Prix tres Closely cut 

i *" CONCURRENT- -E tJaj competitor [price 
i CONCUSSION' Ifs^ peculation : extortion : bri- 
I bery j —N'NAIRE person guilty of P, E, or B 
I Conilain'nablu a. reprehensible 
j COATDA-VJ^AT/OWcondenmatiou : sentence 

i (snr. on] conviction | Passer , [fig] To give 

I up tlie case | Pnrger sa To serve o's S 

i CONDAM'N^-I? convict : prisoner | a mort, 

i Prisoner under sentence of death 
Condam'ner" va. [a. a. to] to condemn' [dr) to 
sentence [malade) to give ... up [bouclier) to 

, stop up ... I les panneaux. To batten down 

the hatches 
! fCONDKNSATION" _ [colonne) closing up i 

I Machine a Condensing engine 

gConilensei-' v. to condense [X) to close up 

CONDENSEUR or _SATEUR condenser 
H£ CONDESCENDANCE condescension (a, to : 
" pour. toward.s] compliance (with] 
5 Condescendre vn. to condescend (a, to] to 
I comply (a, with] 

'^IdONDIMENT- _ 03) [ang. pr. menntt} 
CONDIS-CIPLE fellow-student : schoolfellow 
CONDITION" — o^ : position [soie.i. laines) 
department for drying and official cheeking 
of dryness, weight, Ac, of silk (or wool] con- 
ditioning house I a , On C (qtie. subj. : de, 

infinitive] a , On approbation | En — , In 

service | Entrer en To go into S ! Personue 

de , Person of rank 1 De Low-born j 

S' terms | Dans de bonne.i .?, In good C 

Condition'nel -elle a. conditional [-inenf -Uy 

Condition"iior' v. to turn out ... of good quality 

[la soie) to condition [V. Condition fco] Mai 

nne. In bad condition 

CONDOLEANCE condolence | CONDOR — 




CON'COKD e : harmonie : accord [music) 

accord [gram) concordance : accord 
Concor'dant a. daccord . 

CON'COUKSE Ikorce} concours : reunion 
CON'CRETE bet<jn [a.) concret [va.) betonner | 

Ferro- [ou _ STEEL] B. arme 

Concur' [ rre'd] [fee-r] vn. concourir (in, en : 

to, a] saccorder (with, avec] etre d'accord 
CONCURR'ENCE [ke-re-uce1 feo concours : 

consentement [law) union \ In with. Par 

le concours de | rr'ent a. qui concourt : 

reuni | rr'ently ad. concurremraent 

CONCUSS'ION feo .lecmisse : ebranlement 
ComJern'n' Idemme] va. condamner (to, a, «] 

[disapprove) blamer | mnable [demm-«e- 

be-C] a. condamnable 
CONDEMNA'TION condamnation (to, a] 
Comleni'natory [dem-«e] a. condamnatoire 
Conilen'se v. condenser : se c [fig) resserrer : 

se r I d IIILK lait, conserve 

CONDEN'SER condenseur : condensateur 
Conden'sing a. k condensation | ENGINE 

machine a C, or a ba.ise pressiun 

Condescend' vn. re (to, a] Ing a. condes- 

cendant | ingly ad. avec condescendance 

CONDESCEN'SION Iche-nn] condescetidance 
Condign' Idagne] a. juste (pitnition'] ■ 
CON'DIMENT assaisonnement 
CONDI'TION c_ : etat | In good. In bad _, 

En bon. En mauvais etat | In a to. En etat 

sde I To fulfil a , Remplir une C | Upon 

Sa C I S of contract, Cahier des charges \ 

.S al a. conditionnel 

''^ e'd a. conditionne [rank) de condition 

Condo'le vn. faire ses compliments de condo- 

leance (with, a] s'aflliger (avec] 
Condo'ne y.fermerlesyeuxsur : laisser passer 
Condu'ce to [fee-nw-(tio»tce] vn. contribuer a : 

condnire a 
Condu'cive a. qui contribne (to, a] 
CON'DUCT conduite : direction : escorte \ Safe 

, Sauf-conduit 

Conduct' va. conduire (to. a] introduire (into, 

dans] diriger (des operations, etc] o'self, 

Se condnire : se comporter 
Conduct'ing a, conducteur | Non- , Non-C 

[150] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, IttHic. 


Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CONDUCTEUR -TRICE _tor : leader : guide 
[des travaux) clerk of works [ch. de f.) guard 
[de voihire, etc.) driver [de bestiaux) drover 
[des ponts et chaitssees) overseer : assistant 
road-survevor [a.) conducting [pees) leading 


Condiilre ixj. (Table 51) to conduct [emmener) 
to take : to lead : to guide [accompagner) to 
take [diriger) to direct Ivoiture) to drive [I'art 

de , Driving] [«t) to steer imarcltandises) to 

carry [affaires) to manage ; to carry on [tluides) 

to convey [fig) to conduce | Se . To find 

one's way : to be conducted : to behave o's 

CONDUIT" l-dweel [ke-nn'dit(] tube : pipe : 

way [crampillon) staple [pp. V. Conduire] 

COND UITE conduct : behaviour : management: 
care : conveyance : channel [auto) ilriving j 
Changer de , To turn over a new leaf 

CONE cone : storm-signal | En forme de 

Conical | _ d'EMBRAYAQE friction-clutch 

CONFECTION"— : making : completion [Jts<e) 
drawing-up [med) making-up | S' ready- 
made clothes I Maison de s, Dressmaking 

establishment | _.s poiirrfa»ies,ia(tte.s'dresses 

made up | n'ne -e a. made : ready-made 

n'ner" va. to make [habits) to make up 

ker : dealer in ready-made clothes 

CONFEDERATION- _ : confederacy 

CONF^D^R^ -E [<fc a.] confederate 

se Conf^tlerer" vr. to league together 

CONFERENCE [en as anl _ [sur. on) lecture | 

contradictoire. Public debate | Faire itne 

To deliver a L | Maitre de s, Lecturer 

CONFtRENCIER" lecturer (occasionally] 

Conferer" v. [a, upon] to confer [comparer) to 
compare (avec, with] 

CONFESSE confession | Aller a. Retourner, 
Revenir de , To go to, to return from, C 

Confessor' va. to confess : to acknowledge : 

[Uieol) to hear . . "s confession | 8e to confess 

CONFESSEUR confessor fation 

CONFESSION- ■ _ [fee-iin-/gc;t«-)i)i] denomin- 
CONFESSION-NAL confe.s.sional [e-ne-J] 
CONFIANCE confidence : trust (dans, en. in] 

Abus' de , Breach of T | Des airs de 

Plenty of assurance | Dignede —.trustworthy: 
... that may be relied on | Commis de Con- 
fidential clerk I Maison de Respectable firm 

Conflanf -e a. confiding : confident : sanguine 

[presomptueux) forward 
Coniidcinment' [em as ani] ad. in confidence 
I CONFIDENCE _ : secrecy | En _, In secret • 

7> in G I Faire ime a. To tell ... a secret 

= CONFIDENT- -E _dant 
;ConrKlentiel-eHe a. confidential [-mf-Uy] 
Conliei"' va. [a] to entrust, ou trust (a pers. with] 

to commit (a thing to] to confide | Se [a. 

dans, en] To confide (in] to rely (upon] 
CONFIGURATION- _ [yoii-reche-tm'\ 
Conliner" va. to confine (a, to : dans, in] [vn.) 

to border (a, avec, on] 
CONFINS' [pi] con'fines : borders 
Confire va. (Table 46) [au sucre) to preserve 

[au vinaigre) to pickle 
Conlirniatif -ire ft. confirmatory (de. of] 
C0NFIRMATI0N---Oa^ | Confirmei-- va. to 

confirm | Se To be confirmed (dans, in] 

Confiscable a. liable to confiscation 
CONFISCATION- _ [fcecfte-un] 
CONFISERIE confectionery : confectioner's 

shop I CONFISEUR -EUSE confectioner 
Confisqu'er' v(t. to confiscate : to forfeit 
CONFITURE ... preserve : ... jam [V. Jam] 
CONFLAGRATION-- — [tte-greche-nti] 
CONFLIT' conflict [d'ide'e.9) clasliing [dr) con- 
flicting decisions 
CONFLUENT" [en. an] confluence : meeting 




CONDUCTOR _teur [omnibus) receveur[raus) 

chef d'orchestre [fig) guide | Lightning , 


CONE cone feo IV. Pulley] -WHEAT ble barbu 

CONFECTIONER confiseur -e!«se [for refresh- 
ments) limonadier -iere 
Y confUserie : bonbons (pi] 

CONFED'ERACY [plotters) li0ie : association 
Cillegale'] confederation (des etats] 

CONFED'ERATE [/fe<M-e-re-t] confedere : com- 
pere [va.) confederer [vn.) se confederer [a.) 
confedere : allie (with, a] 

Confer' [-rre'd] v. conferer : accorder (upon, 
on, a] To together, Conferer ensemble 

Confess' va. [to, a] confesser : avouer [tin.) se 

confesser | edly ledd-le] ad. de son propre 

aveu : sans contredit 

CONFESS'ION _ tea : aveu | To go to _, 
Aller a confesse | CONFESS'OR Ise-r} con- 
fesseur | Father- , Directeur 

CON'FIDANT [ftarmtt] _dent-e 

Confl'de Ike-nn-faidd} va. [to, a] confier [vn.) 
se confier : avoir confiance (in, en] 

CON'FIDENCE conflance : hardiesse [secret) 
confidence | To put in. Avoir confiance en 

Con'fident [de-nntt'i a. confiant : siir : assure 

Confiden'tial [che-ll a. [person) de confiance: 

intime [of things) confidentiel | lly ad. de 

confiance [of things) confidentielleraent 

Con'fidently ad. avec confiance 

Confi'ne va. confiner : borner : restreindre : 
limiter (to, a] enfermer (within, dans] [tni- 

lawfully) sequestrer | d [lady) accouchee 

[costive) constipe | d to his bed, Retenu au 

lit I _d to his cell. Garde en ceUtde [F.ROOM] 

CONFI'NEMENT [/ainn] detention [military) 
arrets (pi] [of women) co/nches (pi] [V. Ac- 

coucherfeo] In En prison : sequestre | In 

close Au secret | Solitary Emprisonne- 

nient cellulaire 

CON'FINES [pi] confins [fig) limite 

Confirm' v. confirmer [habit) fortifier [in law) 
homologuer [election) valider 

CONFIRMA'TION [konn-fe-rme'che-mi] c_ : 

aff'ermissement | In of. a I'appui de | In 

— of our telegram. Pour confirmer notre 

Confirin'e'fl [fee-nn-/e-r»n(ie] a. invetere: de- 
termine : bien arrete : incorrigible 

Con'liscate [fce'te] va. confisquer 

CON'FLICT conflit [fig) Uitte | Conflict' vn. 
etre en contradiction (avec] lutter (contre] 

A point (SO means silent, or ON" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [151] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




ConHuef t'li. to meet (avec. with] to run into 

Confondre va. to confound lidees) to confuse 

[accabler) to overwlielm j Je suis confondu, 

I am amazed | Se To blend (with] to be 

lost (in] to become confused | II se cunfond en 
exaises. He apologizes profusely 
CONFORMATION- _ [mec/ie-nn] 
Confornie a. in accordance (a. with] suitable 

(to] Pour copie ,' Certilied copy ' 

Conforine -e a. formed 

Conforinement' (a] ad. agreeably (to] in con- 
formity (with] 

Confornier' v. [& Se t-r.] to conform (a, to] 

to comply (a. with] to make 
CONFORMITE conformity (to, i : with, avec] 

similarity | En de. In compliance with 

CONFORT" comfort [vieux sens) assistance 
CONFORTABLE comfort [a.) comfortable -.easy 1 
Pen , Uncomfortable : ... not very comfort- 
able I ment' ad. comfortably 

Confortanf -e a. strengthening 
Conforler' va. to comfort : to .strengthen 
CONFRATERNITE _ty : brotherhood 
CONFRERE colleague : fellow- (member, etc.] 

brother-... [journal) contemporary 
CONFRERIE brotherhood : sisterhood 
COA'^FJiOxVT^T/OA^" confronting [des clwses) 
comparing | Confi'onter' va. lixrs) to con- 
front Ichoses) to compare (a. avec. with] 
Conf US' -e a. [de. at] confused : obscure [j>ers) 
confused : at a loss to know how to thank ... 
Confus^ment' ad. confusedly : obscurely 
CONFUSION ■ — Ihonte) shame : confusion 
CONFUTATION" _ [komt-fioii-teche-mi] 
CONG^ leave : holiday [X) furlough [domes- 
tique on maison) notice to quit [d'un navire) 
clearance Idoitanes) permit [tech) fillet | Six 

jours de 6 days' lioliday | Donner . To 

give notice | Prendre , To take L | Faire 

un , To serve one's time 

Congedier" i-a. to discharge : to dismiss [X) 

to disband [«^) to pay ... off fpoint 

CONGELATION- _ | Point de Freezing 

Congeler" r. [& Se ■vr.'] to congeal : to freeze 

Congenial -e a. 1 oa^ 

CONGESTION- _ | _ cerebrale. C of the 

brain | — pidmonaire. C of the lungs 

nner' fa. to congest 

CONGRATULATION- _ iyoti-leche-mi] 
Congraluler' va. to congratulate 
CONQRE conger-eel [cogn-ghe-r-ilel forder 
Congreuaniste a. ... managed by a religious 
CONGREOA TION- ' _ CKsj -. society : fraternitv 
CONQRfeS"_ss I CONGRESSISTE member o'f 

a [ou the] congress 
Congru -e a. competent : sufficient i Portion _, 

Bare living | Congrfinient' ad. correctly 

CONIF^RE r [pi) coniferte [a.) coniferous 

Conique a. conical { Sections s, conic sections 

Coniectui'al -e a. I : merely surmised 

CONJECTURE _ lke-nn-djek-tche--r^ 

I"' va. to conjecture : to surmise 

Conjoindre va. (Table 57) to unite : to join 
CONJOINT' -E partner [pi) husband and ivife j 

a. joined : joint [pp. V. Conjoindre] 

Conjointe'nient' ad. jointly : in concert 
CONJONCTION- [tass] conjunction: union 
CON.TONCTURE juncture 
CONJUGAISON- —gation [V. Tables 1 to 75] 

Conjugal -e a. I [-emenf [en as an,] -lly] 

Conjuguer' va. to conjugate | Se , To be 

'CONJUNQO' marriage 
CONJURATEUR conspirator : conjurer 
CONJURA T/OA'" conspiracy : entreaty 
CONJURE conspirator 
Conjure -e a. conspiring : sworn 
Con j urer' va. to conspire (centre, against] to 

implore (de, tol to conju're | Se , vr. To plot 

together (potn; to] 




Conflict'ing a. en conflit : contradictoire 
CON'FLUENCE confluent : concours 
Conform' va. conformer [im.) se c (to, a] 

able a. conforme (to, with, a] 

ably ad. conformement (to, a] 

Confou'nd [ke-nn-faotinndd1 va. confondre 

ed a. maudit 

^edly ad. furieusement 
CONFKATER'NITY [fre-te-r] confrerie 
Confront' [fre-nnte] va. confronter fea 
Conf u'se [/ioiize] vn. meler : embrouiller : de- 

concerter : rendre confus | d a. confus | 

dly [edd-li] ad. confusement 

CONFUTA'TION [flou-teche^nl refidation 
Confu'te ike-nn-fioutelva. refuter 
Conge'al Ike-nn-djUe] va. congeler [■mi.) se c 
Conge'nial [_ke-nn-djin-ye-l1 a. congenial: de 

la meme nature (que] synipathique (a. avec] 

dans le genie (de] [person) qui sympathise | 

A employment. Un emj)loi qui me [or lui. 

etc.] convient 
CONGENIAL'ITY [djine} af finite : conformite 
CON'GEK Icogn-ghe-r] congre : a)i0iille de mer 
CONGE'RIES ituisse informs : amas [plees 
Congest'ed DIS'TRICTS, regions trop pett- 

CONGLOM'ERATE [re-Q [geol] poudingue 
Congrat'ulate va. feliciter : complimenter 
CONGRATULA'TION felicitation (on, de] 
Congrat'ulalory a. de felicitation 
Con'gregate [a e] va. rassembler [im.) se r 
CONGREGA'TION[ffft^cft«-7i»i] _ : fideles (pi] 

auditoire : reunion | al a. d'asseniblee 

CON'GRESS congres I Member of the _,Coii- 

gressiste i MAN [United States] depute 

Con'gruous a. conforme (to, a] convenable 
Con'ical a. conique [-lly. -mt] 
CONJECTURE _ [va.) conjeoturer 
Conjoin' va. reunir : joindre [im.) se joindre 

(with, a] t'ly ad. conjointement 

Con'jugate va. conjuguer | To be d. Se c 

CONJUGA'TION [fffte'cfte-nn] coiyiigaifion 
CONJUNCTION [ke-nn-dje-nnkl conjonction 

teo 1 In with. (Conjointement avec 

CONJUNCTURE Idje-gnk] eonjoncture 
Conju're lke-n7i-djoure'\ va. conjurer 
Con'jure Ike-mi'dje-rl va. ensorceler [juggle ' 

escamoter | up va. evoquer 

CON'JURER Uuggler] prestidigitateur 

CON'JURING prestidigitation : escamotage 

_ TRICK tour de P 

[152] Prepositions used before nouns and participles. Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CON-NAISSANCE knowledge (de. of a thing] 
[d'jfue pers) acquaintance [I'etat) conscious- 
ness I Avoir de, To know : to !« aware of 

[4f ) to sight (land, &c.] En de cartse, Know- 
ingly I En pays de , 'At home' : among 

friends | Faire la de C D, To make C D's 

acquaintance 1 Une ftfftire de , A familiar 

face I Perdre To lose consciousness | Pren- 
dre de, To examine, study llettre) to note 

the contents (of] Sans , Unconscious | Re- 

prendre , To regain C | des TEMPS', 

Nautical Almanac | S" [pi] attairmients 

CON-NAISSEMENT" [en as an^ bill of lading 

CON-NAISSEUR -EUSK judge (en, of] connois- 
seur [((.) ... of a connoisseur 

Con'naitre i'. {Table 60) to know (a pers. ou 
thing] to be acquainted with (a person] [V. 
Savoir] [un evenement) to be aware of : to 
recognize [dr) to take cognizance (de, of] Je 
le connais de nora, I know him by name | Je 
ne connais que cela, There's nothing else for 

it I Se , To know o'self (ou one another] 

Se en, [or a] [pers) to be a judge of [fam) 

to be 'well up ' in [choses) to be known by | II 
ne se connuit plus, He's quite beside himself | 
S'y , To know one's way about [V. Connu] 

CON-NOTABLE | Grand _, High constable 

Connexe a. connected (a. with] 

CONNEXION" _ (entre, between : a. with] re- 
lationship id'idees) association | a directe. 


CONNIVENCE [en, a»i] _vance [i'e-w«ce] 

Connlver" va. to connive 

Con'nu -e pp. de Connaitre fco | ! That's an 

old' tale ! I de. Known to | Le proverlie , 

The well-known P | Trop , Too well known | 

Chiffres s, Plain figures | 'Ni vu ni ,' 

Not a word to anyone ! 

CON(^VE conch : conch-shell 

CONQU'tRANT" _ror | _-e a. conquering 

Conqu'erir va.(.Table 9) [vaincre) to conquer 
[gagner) to acquire : to earn | Se , To be 

CONijUETE conquest (sur, from, over] Lw'on 

Conqu'is' -e pp. [V. Conquerir] 

Consacrer" va. to consecrate : to devote (a, to] 
[etablir, fixer) to establish : to sanction | L'ex- 

pression e'e. The usual phrase | Se a, To 

devote o'self to 

CONSANGUINITE _ty (on the father's side] 

CONSCIENCE [en as ati] _ [fcon)i-c?ie-nnce] 
consciousness : conscientiousness : scruple : 

heart | Cas de Matter of conscience : 

scruple (of conscience] En , [typ] On the 

establishment | En bonne _, In all conscience | 

En Unite surete de , With a safe C | nette. 

Clear C | large. Elastic | Avoir de, 

To be conscious of | Consciencieiix' -ettse a. 
conscientious [-semenf -ly] 

Conscienf-e a. conscious (being] 


CONSCRIT" conscript : recruit [fig) raw hand 

CONSECRATION- — : dedication : devoting : 

Consecutif -ive a. ive [-vemenf -ly] 

CONSEIL' advice : deliberation : council : meet- 
ing of directors [avoc.) counsel ipeis, fig) ad- 
viser : guide | Prendre , To take advice | 

Salle de , Council chamber: board-room | s 

sur. Hints on [V. Nuit} 

_ d'ADMINlSTRATION" Board of Directors 

d'tTAT Council of State [equivalent to the 

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council] 

de FAMILLE family council (appointed to 

protect the interests of a minor] 

_ QOnORAL [de Depart.] County Council 

de GUERRE court-martial : council of war 

_ des MINISTRES- Cabinet Council 
_ MUNICIPAL Town C : C of the commune 
_ des PRUD'HOMMES Committee of mas- 
ters and men (for settling differences, etc.] 

CONSEILL'ER" councillor : coun.sellor [fam) 
adviser [V. Conseil, above] [municipal) town- 
councillor Iva.) to coinisel [de, to) to advise | 

des dames. Looking-glass | Les s ne sont 

pas les payeurs. Advisers run no risks 





Connect' t)«. [with, to, a] Her : joindre : allier 
[mach) mettre en communication : erabrayer 

Connec'teU a. continu : en rapport [with, a) | 
lie : ayant trait : se rattachant [with, avec) I 

en relations \ Well , [pers] De bonne famille j 

IV. Distantly] \ 

Connec'ting a. d'union [mach) de com>minica- 
tion I -LINK [locomotive] C0Hlis.<ie [fig) trait I 
d'KJiion I -KOD bielle [coupling-rod of loco, 
wheels) B d'accoupleraent 

CONNEC'TION cotinexion : liaison : suite : rap- ; 

irort [intercourse) relations (pi] Business ' 

Clientele | Family s. Parents : famille | Its ; 

with, Ses rapports avec | To form, break j 

oft', a — Etablir. ronipre, des relations | < 
Through Corre-ipondance [F. Run in ] i 

CON'NING-TOW'ER abri du conmiandant ! 

Conni've at [i at] vn. fernier les yeux sur 

CONN'OISSEUR' [feomi'i-s-e-r'] connaisseur- 

Conno'tc va. signiHer : vouloir dire [_-etise 

Coniiii'bial a. nuptial : conjugal 

Con'(iuer va. vaincre : conquerir 

CON'QUEROR [re-r^ vainqueur | William the 

Ouillaume le Conquerant 

CON'QUEST Ikognk-oueste'] conquete ■ victoire 
CONSANGUIN'ITY tefl parente 
CON'SCIENCE feo _ | -sti-icke-n o. bourrele 

de remords [ less a. sans scrupule 

MONEY restitution anonyme [impot, 4c.] 

Conscien'tious [che-ssI a. consciencieux-eitse 

[scruple) de conscience [-ly, -eusement] 

NESS conscience : droiture 

Con'scious [konn-cUe-ssI a. instruit (de] dont 

on a conscience : qui a C : qui a le sentiment 

de I To be of. Avoir C de i ly ad. sciem- 

nient | NESS consc'ietice : Gonnaissance \ 

To lose , Perdre connaissance 

CON'SCRIPT [* a.] con.scrit [no feminine] 
«j Con'seci-ate va. consacrer [bless) benir [a 

'g bishop) sacrer [a saint) canoniser | d a. 

« consacre : sacre (' GROUND terre sainte 

CONSECRA'TION Ikreclte-nn] c_ : sacre 
Consec'ulive a. consecutif 

ly ad. de suite 

A point (S") means silent, or GN" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE teords in Italic. MASCULINE, tlin 




CONSENTE'MENT" [en, a»] consent (a, to] 

Consentir [en as an] v. (Table 18) to consent 
(a, to] [mat) to spring | Qui ne dit mot con- 
sent, Silence gives consent 

Consequ'emment' [em, ani] ad. consequently 

CONSEQVENGE [en as an] _ : inference : 

consistency | De , Important | En de .... 

In accordance with ... | Sans Ofno-C: 

inconsistent | Ne pas tirer a , To be of no 


CONSfeQU'ENT" [* a.] _ [avec soi) consis- 
tent 1 Par Consequently : so : therefore 

CONSERVATEUR -TRICE _tor : keeper [mu- 
see) curator [de bOAiothegue) librarian [poIiO 

conservative | des forets, Commissioner of 

woods and forests | des hypotheques. Re- 
gistrar of mortgages 
a. preservative : conservative 

CONSERVATION" — : preservation : regis- 
tration : keeping up [typog.) standing forme | 
Mettre ... en Ityp] To keep ... standing 

CONSERVATOIRE _': school of music : mu- 
seum (of machinery, etc.] 


conserve [4>) convoy | AUer de . To go in 

company | S' [pi] preserves Zhtnettes) sight 

preservers | s alimentaires, Tinned provi- 
sions I s de viande. Tinned meat 

Conserver" va. to preserve : to pickle : to keep 

[A) to keep ... fast (sur, on]Bien ve [chose] 

In good preservation | II est bien ve. He 

carries his age well | 8e , To keep [pers) 

to take care of one's self : to carry one's age 
well : to keep up 

Considerable a. [e-be-f] great [-inenf -ly] 

CONSID^RANT" preamble : clause [participe) 
considering | que, Whereas 

CONSIDERA TION- ' _ 03^ : regard (pour, for] 
account \ kla d'.... On ...'s A | En de, 

! Out of R for I Prendre en .... To take into 

I consideration ... 
: Consideremenl" ad. considerately 
I Considerer" va. to consider: to examine [pers) 
to esteem : to look up to 

CONSIGN'ATAIRE consignee [dr) trustee 

CONSIQNATEUR -Tii/C£ consignor 

CONSIGN- ATION" consignment [sa'inn] [dr) 
payment into court (or as the law requires] 

CONSIGN E orders (pi] guardroom [ch. de f) 

cloak-room | Deposer ... a ta To leave ... 

at the C 

Consign'er' va. [com) to consign (a, to] to de- 
posit [un fait) to state : to record [soldat) to 
confine ... to the barracks : to put ... under 
arrest [au college) to keep ... in 

CONSISTANCE _ence : substance [fig) _ency : 
stability : standing [etendtie) extent 

Consislant' -e a. consistent : firm 

Consister" vn. to consist (a. in en. 

CONSISTOIRE _tory [siss'-U-r^ L"f- i" 

Consolant°'-e a. consoling : consolatory 

CONSOLATEUR -Tfi/CB comforter [o.) con- 
soling I CONSOLATION- _ : comfort 

CONSOLE _ [s p] table : bracket 

Consoler" va. to console : to comfort j Se de. 

To be consoled on 

CONSOLIDATION - — [dec7(«-n)i] 

Consolider' va. to consolidate 

CONSOLIDtS- consols 

CONSOMMATEUR-TBJCB consumer [cafes) 
customer [theol) finisher [a.) consuming 

CONSOM-MATION" consummation [mecA'jHi] 
end [usage) consumption : expenditure : ex- 
pense [au cafe) drink : 'glass' I dessiecles. 

End of the world | Societe de Co-operative 

society : supply stores 

CONSOM'M^ '_' : jelly-soup : gravy-S : stock 
[de boeuO beef-tea | -e a. consumm'ate 




CONSENT' consenteraent (to. a] accord | Si- 
lence gives Qui ne dit mot consent 

vn. consentir (Jo, a] 

CON'SEQUENCE ikouennce\ consegtience : im- 
portance [T. Importer, Fr.] In of, Par stiite 

de I It's of no , Cela ne fait rien | The is 

that, II en resulte que 

Con'setjuent [fcot««-j»»ife] a. en conseqiience : 
par suite (upon, de] 

Consequcn'llal lsikmtenn'che-l}a. logique : ... 
qui en resulte [pers) important : suffisant 

lly ad. avec importaiice [or stifftsance'] 

NESS [pers] importance fquemment 

Con'sequently ad. par consequent : conse- 

CONSER'VATIVE [tie-tiv] [*o.] _teur -trice | 
The leaders. Les chefs du parti conserva- 

CON'SERVA'TOR [t«'-fe-r] _teur -trice Lteur 

CONSER'VATORY fca [for flowers) serre 

Consld'er va. considerer: examiner :s'occuper 
de : estimer : tenir . . . pour | To be considere'd 

. . ., Passer pour 1 1 it .... Je trouve cela . . . | 

I will it, J'y reflechirai 

Consid'erate [.ere-f] a. reflechi : indulgent : 
prevenant : modere : attentif : aimable 

ly ad. avec bonte : d'une maniere reflechie 

NESS prudence : attention 

CONSIDER.VTION consideration : examen : 

equivalent : valeur | In of. Out of to. 

En C de : moyennant | Under , En deli- 
beration I On further [ou mature] , Toiite 

reflexion faite fegard a 

ConslU'ering particip. vu : attendu que : eu 

Consi'g'n va. [to, a] confier : livrer [com) ex- 
pedier : envoyer ... en consiffnation 

CONSIQ'NEE' [sa'i-nt] destinataire : consigna- 
taire | CONSI'Q'NOR [fce-Jiii-snff»ie-r] exp^di- 
tfiur : consignateur -trice 

CONSI'GNMENT Isdinh] consignation : en- 
voi I On En C | To the _ of A B, En r 

chez A B I Large of. Grand arrivage de . 

_ NOTE ^eitiJJe ^'expedition 

Consist' VII. [of, en, dans : in, a] consister : se 
composer (de] s'accorder (with, avec] 

Consis'tent o. compatible (with, avec] con- 
sequent (dans sa conduite"] To be with. 

Etre de \ ly ad. conform^ment | To act 

ly, Etre consequent dans ses actes 

Consol'atory IsoU' -e-te-re] a. consolant 

Conso'le [ke-tin-sole'] va. consoler 

Consol'idate [a e] va. consolider [vn.) se c 

Conso'linn a. consolant : consolateur 

CONSOLS'^ [pi] consolides 

[154] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Consoin'mer' va. to consu'rae 0=^ [achever) to 

CONSOMPTION- [m nasal] consumption 
CONSONANCK consonance | Consonant' -e 

a. consonant | CONSON'NE consonant 
CONSORT- _ I _S" associates 
CONSPIRATION" conspiracy : plot 
Consplrer" v. to conspire o^ : to tend (o, pour, 

to : contre, against] 
Conspuer' va. to howl ... down : to hoot at : to 

hiss I Conspuez ...! Down with ...I 
Constam'inenl' ad. constantly 

CONSTANCE cy : firmness : evenness 

Constanf-e a. t : steady : certain f^tio" 

CONSTATATION" con^Tm&tion : authentic- 
Constater" va. to state : to report : to establish : 

to confirm [faire voir) to sliow | Je tiens a. 

I am bound to state fstellated 

CONSTELLATION" _ | Constelle-e a. con- 
GONSTRRNATION" _ [«e'c/te-nn] 

Consterner' va. to dismay | n<!, Crestfallen 

CONSTIPATION" _ : costiveness 
Constipe -e constipated | Constlper' va. to con- 

Constitiiant'-e a. ent Lstipate 

CONSTITUANTK —stituent Assembly, 1789- 
CONSTITUANT- member of the C A [91 

Conslituer' va. to constitute (an office] to ap- 
point (a pers.] [fonder) to found [en frais) to 

put ... to expense [F. COST] une rente, 

tme dot a, To settle an annuity, a portion on ] 

prisonnier. To commit ... to prison | Se 

prisonnier, To give o'self up to the police 

CONSTITUTION" _ [sti-tionchemi] [dime 

rente) settlement | Contrat de , Deed of 

settlement [com) (sort of) bill of sale 

Constitiilion'nel -elle a. tional [-nif -Uy] 

CONSTRIOTEUR _tor | Boa _,B constrictor 
CONSTRUCTEUR _tor : builder [A) ship-B | 

-M^CANICIEN" engineer (& founder, etc.] 
CONSTRUCTION" _ : building : structure | 

Faire la de, To construe | Ateliers de . 

Erecting-shops : building-sheds 
Conslruire va. (Table 51) to construct : to 

build [gram) to construe | II fait ...,He is 

building ... | Conslruil" -e pp. constructed : 

built I en bois, Built of wood 

CONSUL _ lkonn-se-l1 Consiilaire a. _lar 

[V. Juge] CONSULAT" [taA] _ate [sioH-Ute} 
Consultant" a. ting | Avocat , Chamber 

counsel | Medecin , Consulting physician 

Consultatif -ive a. ive | Avoir voix ive. To 

be permitted to speak, but not to vote | Un 

regard . An enquiring look 

CONSULTATION" _ [teche-mt] 
Consiilter" v. to consult (avec, with] to have 

advice | Se To consider : to think over : 

to talk ... over together 
Consumanf-e a. consuming 
Consumer" va. to consume : to waste : to spend 
CONTACT- lJa> I Mettre en To bring into C ! 

Mettre le , To switcli on the current 

Contagleux" -euse a. ious : infectious 

CONTAGION" _ ike-nn-tedje-mi] infection 
CONTAMINATION" _ [we'che-mi] 
Contaminer" va. to contaminate 




CON'SONANT bie-nntf] consonne [a.) conso- 
nant I with. Conforme a : d'accord avec 

CON'SORT [<fe /■] compagnon, compa^ne [husb.) 

epoux [wife) epmise [<!>) conserve 
Consort' Isorte'] vn. [with, a] s'associer 
^Conspic'uous a. visible : frappant : remar- 

gquable : eminent | To be by one's absence, 

iBriller par SOM oftseiice | To make o'self 

sSe mettre en ei'idence : 's'afficher' 

a ly ad. eminemraent 

l^ NESS position eminente : diitiiiction 

CONSPIR' AGY- [.spirr-e-ee] conspiratiu)i 
CONSPIR'ATOR [spir-e-te-r, i href] _teur 
Conspi're Ike-nn-spa'ire'] v. consi)irer (against, 

contre : to, poiir'] 
CON'STABLE [ke-nn's-te-be-t] agent (depoJice] 
[parish) gendarme [hist.) connetable | Chief 

. Commissaire de police 

CONSTAB'ULARY police [county _) gendar- 
merie I Mounted , Agents a cheval 

CON'STANCY Iste-nncei Constance : stabilile 
Con'stant {.konn'-ste-nntfl a — : stable : con- 

tinu : continuel | ly ad. constamment 

CONSTIT'UENCY commettants (pl]electeurs 

(pi] [pari, div.) circonscription 
CONSTIT'UENT commettant [a.) consutuant 
Con'stitute va. constituer fca : faire 
CONSTITU'TION [tiouche-nnl _ : tempera- 
ment I A man of iron , Un T de fer | To 

take a CONSTITU'TIONAL, faire sa petite 
promeytade de digestion 
Conslrai'n va. contraindre : necessiter : gener 

CONSTRAI'NT contrainte 

Construct' Ike-nn-stre-k' t} v. construire : batir 

CONSTRUCTION [ke-nn-stre-k-clie-mi] _ : 

sens I To put the best ujion ..., Donner 

I interpretation la plus favorable a 
Construc'tive a. par indfwtion : sup|)ose 
Construe' Istron} va. construire : interpreter 

[translate) traduire 
Consult' [.<(e-J«] va. consulttr 

ing o. consultant | -ROOM cabinet 

Consu'me va. consommer [destroy) consumer 

[vn.) se consumer (away, entierenient] 
CONSU'MER [ttfi consommateur [gas) abonne 
Consu'ming [sicxt] a. cunsumant : devorant 
^'Con'summate [oieie] va. consommer 
I Consunim'ate Ise-mm'e-t'] a. acheve : con- 
*> somme : 'fieffe' 

= CONSUMP'TION [pr. ke-nn-.ietnmpche-nn^ 
£ consomption [using) coM.TOmwiatio*! [illness) 

* ttuiladie de poitrine : pliliaie I He is in , II 

~ est phtisifjue [or poitrinaire] 

I Consump'live a. phtisique : poitrinaire 

V NESS disposition a la plUisie 

CON'TACT _ I To bring ... into _ with, 

Mettre ... en rapport avec | To run in 

with, Rencontrer | -SCREW, vis pkUinee 
Conta'gious [ke-nn-tedje-ss'i a. contagieux 

NESS caractere contagieux ftriser 

Contai'n va. contonir i To o"s, Se c : se mai- 

Contam'inalu va. souiller { il a. .souille 

CONTAM'INATION [tammi-neche-nn^ soiiil- 
CONT.\N'GO [ke-nn-tagn'go^ report lliire 

A point (SO means silent, or ON' LL" L' liquid : two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEyriXIXE tcords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CONTE story : tale [fam) 'yarn ' | _ bleu. _ 

en I'air, a dormir delxjut. Idle tale | Faiseur 

[or diseur] de s. Story-teller 1 C'est un 

gque tu me fais! You're only making it up! 

c Conteniplatif -ii-e a. ive 

ti,COXTEMPLATIOy—[j>le'c]ie-nn} viewing 

§Conleniplei'° va. to plate : to meditate 1 

K Se , To admire oself. ou each other 

* CONTEMPORAIN- -E [* a.] _porar>- :'... of 

E our own times I L'ltalie e, Italy of the 

" present dav 

CONTEMPTEUR despiser [«.) scornful 
CONTENAItCE countenance [r. cemot] look: 
bearing : posture : capacity [A, com) burden 

[d'un terrain) area | D'jwe de ..., Iterres] 

Containing | Perdre To be put out of C 

CONTENDANT" -E contending party : rival 

a. contending : rival 

Contenir va. (.Tablets) to contain : to hold : to 

restrain : to check | Se To restrain o'self 

r'Contenf -e a. [de. with] contented : satis- 
fied : glad : pleased : happy [V. Content 0=^] 

Tout son Ones fill | Tres _, "Very glad : 

I very H | de soi. On good terms with o"s 

I CONTENTE-MENT" _tment : pleasure 

I Conlenter' va. to satisfy : to please | Se , 

a! To be satisfied : to be content (de, with] to 

" indulge one's self 

gCONTENTIEUX- [pi] law cases . contested 

I claims i Cabinet de . Lawyer's office | Chef 

I du , Company's lawyer 1 -eiwe a. conten- 
tious : o|>en to dispute 
[contention- — [desprit) intensity 
CONTE'NU contents (pi] content : enclosure | 
-e pp. [v. Contenir] 

Center' r. to tell : to relate { £n a. To hum 

bug : to tell . . . fibs : to tell ... a fine story | En 

avoir long a , To have a lot to tell | Se , 

To be told 

Contestable a. [te-be-l] open to dispute 

CONTESTATION" contest : dispute 
CONTESTE 1 Sans _, Indisputably 
Conlesler" va. to contest : to dispute (avec, 

with] Se To be disputed 

CONTEUR-ErSfi story-teller: ... who tells [ou 
told] ... : talker [a.) fond of telling anecdotes 
CONTEXTE con'text : text 
CONTEXTURE _ : structure 
Contigu-e a. adjoining (a, ...] 
CONTIOViTB _ty : proximity 
CONTINENCE _ | Continent' -e a. _ 
CONTINENT" _ [geog. phys.) mainland 

Continental -e a. 1 [.komiti-uenn'-t'll 

CONTINGENCE contingency 
CONTINGENT" [* a.] _ : share 
Conlinu-e a. uninterrupted [temps) continual 
[etat) continued [e?eiid»i«, travail, etc.) con- 
tinuous m^ 
CONTINUATION- _ [ecfte-iui] _ance 

Continuel -eJJe a. al [-nienf -ly] 

Continuer' va. to continue : to go on with [vn.) 
to continue (a, de, to] to go on : to last { Se 

, To extend : to keep on 

CONTINUITE _ty [fam) keeping on | Solu- 
tion de , Break : interruption 

Contondant" -« a. blunt 
CONTORSION- _tion [cfte-nn] twist 
CONTOUR _ tiaj : outline : circuit 
Contourner' va. to give ... a proper outline : to 
distort : to go round | Se , To grow crooked 




Conteni'n' [temni] va. mepriser : dedaigner 
Con'teniplate [conn' tenitnplete] r. contempler 

[intend) mediter [foresee) prevoir 
CONTEarPL.\'TIOX [a e] c_ : medUation : 

pensee : viie 
CONTEMPORARY [ke-nn-temnipo-re^£] [*a.] 

contemporaiu | Our , Notre confrere 

CONTEM'PT mepris | In _ of, Au M de i 
of COURT, offense (envers la Coitri [non- 
appearance) refus de coniparaitre | ibie a. 

meprisable | IBLENES8 caractere mepri- 

sable I Ibly ad. d'tine nianiere meprisatde 

Contenipt'uoiis [Ice-nn-temnip-tcliott-e-ssl a. 

meprisant : dedaigneux | iiously ad. avec 

Contend' vii. hitter (against, contre] combattre 
(for, pour] se disputer (un prix, 4c.] soutenir : 
pretendre (that, que] 
CONTENDING contestation [a.) contendant: 

opi>ose : rival 
CON'TENT [math] contenu | _S, coiitenu 
/CONTENT' conteiitement | To o's hearts 

a coeur joie j Content' a. [with, to, de] 

g 1 1 am to. Je veux bien ... INote. The 

g French 'Content' fea often has a wider 

Y meaning than the EnglislJ S, NON- S. 

c votes pour, contre 

i Content' t«. contenter 1 To o's with little, 

Se C de pen | ed o. content (with, de : to, 

V de] ediy ad. content 

CONTENT'EDNESS contentement 
CONTEN'TION Ike-nn-tennche-nn'i _ : Ititte 1 

Bone of , Ponime de discorde 

Conten'tious Itenn'che-ss] a. querelleur 
CON'TENTS (pi] contenu (sing] [index) table 

des matieres 
CON'TEST lutte : combat 
Contest' V. contester (with, avec] 
Contig'uous a. contigu (to, a] tout d'un tenant 
CON'TINENCE c_ : cTuxstete' [tig) retemie 

Con'linent a. : chaste : modere 

CONTIN'GENCY —ce : hasard 1 _CIES [pi] 
. depetises imprev^ies [math) contingence 
f CONTIN'GENT [troops) _ [tig) evenement 
.S fortuit [a.) contingent : incertain 

■" ly ad. fortuitement 

CONTIN'UANCE continuation : durit : per- 
severance [stay) sejour (at, a : in, dan.s] 
CONTINUA'TION c_ : dure'e [tales) sttite 
/ Contin'ue to. continuer : prolonger : per- 
_ petuer : conserver [favor.9, to o's successor) 
S reporter (to, sur] Ivn.) continuer (to, a, de] 
i demeurer : rester (in, dans] durer 

.s d a. continu [sustained) soutenu | To be — . 

■~ a suivre : la stiUe prochainement 
' Conlin'uous lyou-e-ss} a. continu 
CON'TOUR _ I _ lines. Coitrbes d'aUttude 

Con'tra prep. | Per Par contre 

CON'TRABAND contrebande [a.) de C 
GOODS [pi] marchandises de contretxmde 

[156] Prepositions used before nouns and participles. Roman type : before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CONTRACTANT" contracting party [a.) oon- 

Contracti! -e a. contracted Ltracting 

Contractei"' v. to contract (avec, with] to get | 
Se , To shrink : to be contracted [ou cauglit] 

CONTRACTION- _ [c/ie-nji] [contract 

Conlractiiel -elle a. stipulated : appointed l)y 


CONTRADICTION" — : inconsistency 

Conlrajlictoire a. tory [dr) drawn up [oii 

given] in the presence of [ou after liearing] 

tlie parties | Conference , Pub. debate | Ap- 

peler du jugenient , To appeal to a liigher 

court I inenl" ad. inconsistently [dr) after 

hearing botli parties : the parties being pre- 
sent in person 

Contrainiire va. (Table 58) to compel : to force 

(a, de, to] to restrain (from] to seize | Se , 

To constrain [ou force] one's self 

Contralnf -e pp. [V. Contraindre] 

CONTRAINTE compulsion : constraint : re- 
straint [dr) warrant |_ par COiJP'S' arrest: 
imprisonment for debt 

CONTRAIRE coii'trary : opposite (de, of ...] [a.) 
contrary : unfavourable : injurious (a, to ...] 

All , On tlie contrary | Au de, Contrary 

to : unlike ... | Tout au , Quite to the C I 

Action , Cross action | a moins d'ordre , 

Unless ordered to the contrary 

Contraii'C'nient a, ad. contrary to 


Contrarianf-e a. provoking 

Contparier' va. to contradict : to counteract : 
to thwart : to vex : to provoke : to annoy : to 

cross I Se , To tease, cross, ou counteract 

each other | o -e'e pp. 'put out' 

CONTRARIETE _iety : annoyance | Quelle 
! How provoking ! | Vive , Great A 

CONTRASTE [avec, to) con'trast [a, from) con- 

Contrastef va. to contras't (avec, with] 

CONTRAT" contract : deed : agreement ; bond 
[de mariage) marriage settlement [d'appren- 
tissage) indentures (pi] 

CONTRAVENTION- ■ — [venncUl [dr) offence 

CONTRE \_escrlme) counter | Le pour et le , 

The ' pros and cons ' : both sides 

COntre prep., ad. against : near : by [dr) versus 
[in some compounds) counter-... : opposite ... : 

after | timbres. On receipt of stamps | Ci- 

, Opposite I Par , On the other liand : by 

way of compensation | Tout , Close by : close 

CONTRE-ACCV SATION- ■ counter-chHrite 
—-ALLEE side-waWi 
— -AMIRAL rear-admiral 
—-APPEL [X] second call : 'fall in' 
—-ATTAQUE counter-attack | Faire nne _, 
To counter-attack [G each other 

— -balancer' va. to counterbalance | Se , To 

CONTREBANDE coi\trahAm\ : smuggled goods 

De , Contraband : smuggled 

—BANDIER-IERE smuggler 

Conlro-bas" ad. | En de, Lower down than 

CONTREBASSK counter-bass : double-bass 
I CONTRE-BATTERIE [ X) counter-battery 
[fig) counterplot 

! Contre-biais" ad. \ a , Contrariwise 

—-BITTES- cable-standard 
— -I)rasser' v. to counter-brace i -BRIDE loose 
—-CACATOIS" skysail (-s] LAange 

Contrecarref va. to thwart 

— -CSUR back (of a chimney] a , Against 

the grain . unwillingly 

-COUP" rebound [tig) consequence : effects 

CONTREDANSE quadrille 

Contrcdire va. (TaUe 42) t« contradict | Se _, 

To contradict o'self [ou each other] 
Sans CONTREDIT", Unquestionably 
CONTREE district : part Igeol : agr) country 
CONTRE-^CROU lock-nut 
—-EPREUVE counter-proof » 

—-ETRAVE [J>] apron 

CONTREFAQON- forgery : counterfeit Baj [de 
brevet) infringement [de livre) piracy : pira- 
ted book (ou copy] FACTEUR forger : pirate 

Contrefaire va. (Table 38) to counterfeit : to 
imitate : to mimic [.sa roir) to disguise [livre) 

to pirate [brevet) to infringe | Se , To be 

Contrefait' -e a. deformed [counterfeited 


-FIL I a Against the grain ou cun-ent 

CONTREFORT" buttress : support : spur 

Conlre-hauf ad. \ En de, Higher up than 

-jour I a , ad. Against the light : with my 

[its, etc.] back to the light fswain's mate 
CONTREMAlTRE foreman : overseer [«t) boat- 
Contrcinander" va. to countermand 
CONTREMARCHE countermarch [tech) riser 
CONTREMARQUE [theatre] check 
CONTRE-MINE countermine | —r' va. to C 
_-ORDRE countermand | ^-PARTIE reverse 
—-PASSATION" re-endorsement 
-passer' va. to re-endorse 




CON'TRACT [law) contrat : promesse (de ma- 
riage] [pub. works) sotimission : entreprise : 

foumiture | As per [price] Prix convenu | 

By , a forfait | Conditions of , Cahier des 

cliarges (for, de] To put ... up to , Mettre 

... en adjudication | By private , Ivente'] 

a Vamiable : de gre a gre | Freedom of , 

Liberie des transactions 

Contract' va. contracter [fig) resserrer : abre- 
ger : raccourcir [o's brow) froncer [wi.) se r : 
se c (with, avec] traitor (for, pour] s'engager 
(to, a] [pub. works) entreprendre : soumis- 

sionner | ed a. etroit [brow) fronce[gram) 


CONTRAC TEDNESS retrecissement 

CONTRACTION c_ : raccourcissement [of 
metal) retrait [math) abr^viation 

CONTRACTOR [te-rl _tant [builder) entre- 
preneur [grantee) adjudicataire [X and i>) 

Contradict' va. contredire : dementir | one's 

self, Se dementir [fam) se couper | To be con- 
tradicted, [event] Etre dementi 

CONTRADISTINCTION | In _ to. Par con- 
traste avec 

Con'trary a. Itre-re] contraire tea : contre... 

CON'TRAST contraste | Contrast' va. faire 
contraster | vn. [arts] contraster teo 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL* L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FmilNINE words in Italic. MASCUUNE, thus. 




Conli-e-pedalep" vn. to bacli-pedal ek^ 
CONTRE-PIED" reverse : exact opposite 
CONTREPOID'S" counterpoise : counterweight 
CONTRE-POIL wrong way (of tlie hair, etc.] a 

, Against the grain : the wrong way 

CONTREPOINT" counterpoint 
CONTRK-POINTE tail-stock (of lathe] 
Conti-e-iwinter' va. to quilt ... on both siiles : 

to hold ... in check : to thwart 
CONTREPOISON-- antidote (de, to] 
CON T REPRESSION" back-pressure 
CONTRE-PROJET" counter-project 
^-QUILLE [,t] keelson 

-RAIL" [like Eng. word rye'\ check-rail 

—-RIYURE rivet-washer 
CONTRESCARPE counterscarp 
CONTRESENS' wrong sense : wrong way : mis- 
translation : nonsense | a , Quite wrong 

Contresljjn'er' vou to countersign [_s(iigne\ 
CONTRETEMP'S" [mp, n nasal] mishap : piece 

of ill-luck 1 a , Unseasonably [»itts) out of 

Contre-lenez ! [<lf] Lower handsomelv ! (.time 
Contrevenir r)i. ( Tahle 15) to infringe : to vio- 
CONTREVENT" shutter [late (a, ...] 

COXTRE-YERITE irony : satire | Dire line _, 
To speak ironically fpayer 

CONTRIBUABLE tax-payer M'»(»)e ville) rate- 
Contribuer' vn. to contribute (a, to. pour, ...] 
CONTRIhVTIOK" _ [6iot(cft€-nn] (a, to] [,^) 

average | ^ (pi] tax : taxes [dans une 

villi) rate : rates | directes, Assessed taxes | 

indirectes, Excise revenue 

Conlristcr" va. to grieve : to pain j Se .To 

feel grieved | Contrif -e a. e [konntrdite} 

CONTRITION- _ [cfte-nn] 
CONTROLE control : register : list : inspection : 
examination [ou taking] of tickets [theatre) 

check-taker's office | Sans , Uncontrolled | 

Poin<;on de Hall-mark : stamp 

CONTROLEMENT" checking : inspection 
Contr61er" wi. to control: to stamp: to register: 
to check [billets) to examine 

troUer [d'atelier) time-keeper [fig) critic 

Controuve -e a. false : forgeil 

CONTROVERSE _sv | _se-e a. controverted 

CONTUMACE _cy [sm. & f.) defaulter | Con- 
damne par , Sentenced in default 

Contiimace a. acious 

CONTUSION" [s, z} _ : bruise 
nner' va. to bruise 

Convaincant" -€ a. convincing 

Convaincre va. (Table 68) to convince [dr) to 
convict I Se , To satisfy one's self 

Convaincu-e a. ... by [ou of] conviction : in- 
veterate : determined [en bonne part) enthu- 
siastic : earnest [coupable) convicted 

CONVALESCENCE — \ En [X] On sick 

leave | Entrer en , To be convalescent 

Convalescent" -e a. t [w-tess'-nnH] 

Convcnable a. proper : fit : becoming (a, for : 

de, to] suitable (a, to] [-ment" -ly] Pen , 

Improper : unsuitable : unfit 

CONVSNANCE fitness : propriety : expedien- 
cy : convenience [pi) common civility, decency 

Convenir vn. (.Table 15) to agree (a. avec, with : 
sur. de, upon : de, to] to acknowledge (que, 
that] to be expedient (de. to] to become : to 
suit (a, ...] II ne vous convient pas de. It does 
not become you to \ lis sont convenus de. They 
have agreed to \ Ce chapeau, ce domestique, 
me convient. This hat. this servant suits me i 
II convient de ..., It is [ou may be] well to ... I 
Se To suit each other [choses) to agree 

CONVENTICULE [en, an] —tide 

CONVENTION" — : agreement : condition : 

terms (pi] De , Conventional | La de 

Geneve. The Gene'va Cionven'tion 

CONVENTIONNEL member of the Natn'l Con- 
vention I -elle a. tional [-ilemf -Uy] 

Convenu-e pp. [V. Convenir] agreed [ Prix 
Price agreed upon 


Convergcnf-e a. t [ve-rdjel 

Converger" vn. to converge [ve-rdje] 




Contrib'ute [youte] v. payer : contribuer : col- 

COXTRIBU'TION [6jo»1] _ [newsp.) article 
CONTRIB'UTOR [<fe f.} [pers) ... qui contribue 

[literary) collaborateur -trice 1 To be a to, 

CJontribuer a [paper) collaborer a 
Coii'trite [i at} a. contrit : de contrition 

ly ad. avec contrition 

CONTRI' VANCE [a'O iitvention : projet[pIan) 

moyen : conibinaison [shift) artifice 
Contri've [i a'll va. arranger [invent) imaginer 

[m.) s'arranger (to, poiir] trouver moyen (to, 

del [succeed) parvenir (a] To that, S'ar- 

ranger de maniere que 
CONTRI'VER [<t /■.] inventeur-frtce:auteur 
CONTRO'L controle (of, de] autorite : gerance\ 

Without Sans frein : sans C | [-He'd] 

va. controler : gouverner [repress) reprimer 

[o'selO avoir de I'empire sur 
CONTROL'LER controleur 
Conlrovcr'sial [I'e-rche-l] o. de controverse 

1ST controversiste 

CON'TROA'ERSY controverse : differend : dis- 
Con'trovert va. controverser \jnUe 

Contiinia'cious [meclte-ss} a.obstine [in law) 

contuniace | ly ad. avec contumace 

CON'TUME'LY injure : mepris : insiilte 
COKUN'DRUJI [u e] jeu de mots ; etiigme 
Conve'ne [fce-mi-i'tne] va. convoquer : reunir 
CONYE'NIENCE commodite : convenance | At 

one's , Quand cela conviendra (a ...] 

Conve'nient [vine] a. commode : convenable : 

agreable i To make it to, S'arranger de 

maniere a 
Conve'niently ad. commodement:bien | If he 

can come, S'il peut venir sans se gener 

CON'^'ENT convent (de femmes] 
Conven'tional [ke-nn-^venn'-che-ne-l] a. con- 

ventionnel : de convention 

Uy ad. onnellement : par convention 

Conven'tionallze va. rendre conventionnel 
Convcr'sable [veur'-se-be-l] a. [fam] sociable 
Con'versant a. verse (dans] To be thoroughly 

with Greek, Bien savoir le grec 

[158] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CONVERSATION" _ [fam) talk | Maison de 
Assembly room | Conversor' wi. to con- 
verse [fam) to talk [X) to wheel 
CONVBRSION" — [re-rcfi'n«] [X) wlieeling | 

a gauche ! Wheel to the left ! [a. 

CONVERTI -E con'vert [pp.) convert'ed | _lble 
Convertir v. to convert' : to turn (a. to : en, into] 
Se [en. into] To turn: to change: to be con- 
verted, con vert' ible [pers)to liecome a con'vert 
Convertissablc a. convertible 
CONVERTISSE-MENT" conversion [coin] 
Convexe a. _x | CONVEXITE _ity 

CONVICTION" [ke-nn-vik' -clie-nn'\ Avoir 

la de, To be convinced of | Pieces a , In- 
criminating articles, etc., found in possession 
of the prisoner, etc. | Sans _, In a half-hearted 
CONVIIl -E guest : companion at table L^ay 
Convler" va. to invite : to incite (a, de, to\ 
CONVIVE [* f.'] guest fquisition 
CONVOCATION" _ P3) : calling together : re- 
CONVOI funeral procession : cortege : convoy 

Convoitei'" wr. to covet [fce] Convolteux" -e?<.ie 

a. covetous [fee] CONVOITISE covetousness 
CONVOL second marriage | er' vn. to marry 

again | _ en troisiemes noces. To marry for the 

third time | CONVOLVULUS _ [vim-less'] 
Convoqu'er" va. to convoke : to call together : 

to call a meeting of ... [X) to call up 
Convulslf -n'e a. _ive [ve-l-sivvl [-venienf -ly] 
CONVULSION- ■ — [ve-lcne-nn1 Conner des _8 

a .... To throw ... into convulsions 
COOPfeRATEUR -TRICE co-operator 
Cooperatif-iue a. co-operative 
COOPERATION" _ [ko-op-e-reehe-nn] 
Cooperer" vn. to co-operate [re'te] 
Cooi'don'ner" va. to arrange ... in order 
COPAHU [hot, med] copaiba 
COPAIN" chum | Etre le _ de. To go shares 

with I COPAI 

Copartageanf -e a. sharing ... jointly 

COPE-AU shaving : chip 

COPIE copy (de, of : d"apres, from] [au college) 

paper [fig) image 




CONVEKSA'TION c_ : entretien [daily life) 

I commerce I To carry on a , Faire la C | 

■g Con versa tional a. ... de conversation | Of 

'ggood powers, Qui cause tres bien 

CONVERSAZIO'NE IsatU-iS-ne] reunion 
CON'VERSE [cfe a.] [in logic) c_ : riciproQue 

[intercourse) commerce : conversation 
Conver'se vn. [with, avec] s'entretenir : con- 

verser : faire la conversation | ly ad. reci- 

CON'VERT [<fc f.2 eonverti -e Lprofluement 
Conver't va. [to, en) convertir [into, en) trans- 
former [to, a) faire servir [steel) cementer 
CONVER'TER [tech] convertisseur 

Conver'tible a. [pers.) convertissable 

Convey' va. porter : transmettre [passengers, 
goods) transporter [thanks, etc.) presenter [an 
idea) donner [news) communiquer [property) 

transmettre : ceder | That s nothing to me, 

Cela ne me dit rien | 'OR transporteur 

CONVEY'ANCE [ve-nncel transport : trans- 
mission [vehicle) voiture [in law) transfert : 

cession \ ^Means of , Moyen de transport 

CONVEY' ANCER [v^-nnce-'rl notaire 

CON' VICT [<fc f.'] condamne-e: format :galerien: 

deporte 1 establishment, Colonie peniten- 

tiaire \ Gang of s, Chiaurme \ Returned , 

Forgat libere | Escaped , Evade du bagne 

Convic't WI. convaincre : condamner | — ed for 
the tliird time, a sa troisieme ccmdamnation 

CONVICTION c : condamnation f'^ant 

Convin'ce va. convaincre | cing a. convain- 

ingly ad. dune maniere convaincante 

Conviv'lal [ye-f] a. jovial [things) de festin 

iV. Bon-vivant] CONVIVIAL'ITY gaiete 
CONVOCA'TION c_ [of clergy) assemblee 
Convo'ke va. convoquer 
GONVOLU'TION [loficlie-nn'] circonvolution 
CON'VOY [X, fig) escorte [4>) convoi 
/'Convul'se va. ebranler : bouleverser (with, 
« de] donner des convulsions (..., a] 
■ Convul'sed a. en convulsions : crispe | They 

S were with laughter,Ilssetordaient(Jerire 

VCONVUL'SION c_ fco [fig) commotion 

Coo vn. roucouler | ING roucoulement 

COO'EY [feott'-i] appel : cri 
/^COOK [*/•.] cuisinier-iere [A) coq | Head _, 
I Chef I The of the mess, L'homme de plat 

■- -ROOM cuisine | -SHOP rotisserie 

^Cook va. cuire : faire c : appreter [fig) ar- 
^. ranger Ivn.) faire la cuisine \ To know how 

S to , Savoir faire la C 

oCOOK'ERY ciiisine [*) coquerie \ -BOOK 
° livre de cuisine | -SCHOOL ecole de cuisine 
I COOK'EY [American] petit gateau Sucre 
I COOK'ING [la) cuisine [the action) ciiisson 
/cool frais | In the _, Au F 
Cool a. frais [lukewarm) tiede [fig) froid | 

I I call that ! Quelle aiidace! | It is , 11 

I fait frais | It is getting , Le temps se met 

.S au frais | To keep , Garderson sang-froid | 

S -headed a. de sang-froid | va. [refresh) 

_., rafraichir [chill) refroidir [to.) se refroidir | 
V To down, [fig] Se calmer 

<§ COO'LER [med) rafraichissant [utensil) ra- 
§ fraichissoir [or eur] Water , Alcarazas 

%^COO'LING rafraichissement [techn.) refroi- 

■V dissement | a. rafraichissant : a refroidir 

<"sCooI'ly ad. [wind, breeze) fraichement [fig) 
§ froidement : avec sang-froid : sans gene 
COOL'NESS fraicheur : froideur [stiffness) 
froid [fearlessness) sang-froid [' cheek ') sans- 
gene : impudence : 'toupet' 

COOM [tech] cambouis 

COON [Americ] raton laveur | He's a gone ! 

C'est fait [or C'en est fait] de lui! 

COOP poulailler : mue | up ixi. enfermer 

[pers. jest) 'claquemurer ' 

COO'PER tonnelier | _AGE tonnellerie 

CO-OPERA'TION c_ fco : concours 

CO-OP'ERATIVE STORES magasin de soci- 
ete cooperative : 'cooperative' 

Co-or'dlnately [ne-f] ad. au raeme rang 

COOT fmilqtie 

COPAI'BA [ou COPAI'VA] copahu 

CO-PART'NER assoeie | —SHIP association | 
Labour _, Association du capital et du travail 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FRMTXIXE frords in Itntie. MASCULINE, thus 




COPIE-LETTRES- [letter) copying book 
Copier" v. to copy [fig) to mimic | Kncre, Presse 

a Copying ink : C press 

Copieux" -eiise a. copious : abuniiant [-menf 
COPISTE copier : copyist [-'y 

COPRENEUR joint tenant 
COPROPRlfeTAIRE joint-owner [on proprietor] 
COPTE Copt llaugtie) Coptic 
Copulatif-tre a. _ive | COPULATION-— 
' Copurchlc' a. out and out (swell] 
COQ cock [chanter = to crow] [cIocher)weather- 

cock [ J> ) cook I An cliant du At cock-crow | 

Commeun —enpdte, In clover | Rouge comme 

un [fam] As red as a peony | Combat de 

s, Cock-fight I de combat, Game-cock | 

d'Inde, Turkey C | Le du village. The 

smartest fellow in the place : ' somebody ' | 

-A-L'ANE cock-and-bull story [stories, pi] 

COQVE shell : cockle : looped bow [A) hull [de 

corde) kink \ a la . [teuf] Boiled (soft] 

COQ VKCIGR UK ' cockalorum' : ' twaddle " 
COQUELICOT" [corn) poppy 
COQUELUCHE hooping-cough Ipers) favour- 
ite : pet : 'cock of the walk' | CHON" cow- 

COQUE-MAR boiler L^Iip 

COQUERICO cock a-doodle-doo" 
COQUERIE fj,] cookery 
COQUERON • cook's galley : locker | _ avant, 
COQUET' coxcomb [^) cock-boat LFore-peak 
Coquet" -eHe a. coquettish : elegant :' stylish ' : 

pretty [-iiient" -ly, -ily] 
COQUE"TIER"" egg-cup [per.s) egg-dealer 
COQUETTE '_■ [fam) flirt (boite) vasculum 
COQUKTTKRIE coquetry : coquettishness : 

flirtation [style) elegance 
COQUILLAQE shell : S-fish : S-work 
COQUILLART" [jreol] shelly limestone 
COQUILLE shell [de voit.) foot-board Id'epee) 
guard Ityp) wrong letter : misprint [papier) 
medium [de l>eurre) pat . [aiisine) ragout 

[ustensile) Dutch oven | Oter la de, To 

shell] Rentrerdans sa_, To draw in o's horns 

Coquiirier"" -iere a. [geof] shelly 

COQUIN" -E rogue : rascal [en plais) "rogiiie' : 

hussy la.) idle | De Rascally 

COQUINERIE roguery : rascally trick [d'en- 
fant) roguishness 

COR horn [ de ciMSse) hunting H [a« pied) 

corn I Donner, Sonner du , To blow the H | 

Demander a et a cri. To clamour for ... I 

CORS" [pi] antlers fruby 

CORAIL" [pi. Coraux] cor'al [korr-re-l] [fig) 
CORAN"" Koran fcorbel 

CORBE"AU raven (Croasser = To croak] larch) 
CORBEILL'E basket [_de mariage) wedding 
presents (pi] [jard) flower-bed [fort) corbel | 
_d'ARG£.yr white alyssuml — d'OB yellow 

alyssum | BE basketful 

CORBILLARD"" hearse 
CORBILLON"" basket [jeu) crambo 

CORDAGE : rope | Au By measurement 

CORDE Ipetite) string Imoy.) cord Iffrosse) rope 
[drap) thread [de bois) cord [au cou) halter 
[inst. de mta) string [piano et math) ch'ord 
Ipeine) hanging j _ a boyau, catgut| _a satiter. 

Skipping-rope | a piano. Piano-wire | 

A'avant, A'arriere, Head-rope, tail-rope | 

favorite. Favourite theme | lache, tendtte. 

Slack, tight-rope | La setisible. The tender 

spot I Avoir 2 s a son arc. To have 2 strings 

to one's bow | Bout de , ' Rope's end ' : bit 

of string | Homme de sac et de , Thorough 

scoundrel | La de pendu dans sa poche. 

Constant luck | Tenir la To have the ad- 
vantage [ou best chance] Use jusqu'a la , 

Threadbare : worn out | a s. Stringed 

CORDEAU line [a craie) chalk-line 1 Tire au 

As straight as a line 

CORDELETTB small cord 
CORDELIER-" Franciscan monk 
CORDELIERE Franciscan mm : girdle 
CORDELLE tow-line : line : painter 
Corder" va. to cord [tordre) to twist 
CORDERIE rope-making [lieu) rope-walk 




COPE chape | Cope with vn. hitter (centre] 

maitriser [pers) tenir lete a 
COP'IER [* /".] copiste : imitateur -(rice 
CO'PING [fcope] faite (de batiment] couronne- 

ment (de muraille] larmier (de pont] 
Co'pious [fcop-j/e-ss] a. copieux : abondant 

ly ad. copieusement : abondamment 

COPIOUSNESS abondanee 
COPP'ER cuivre [boiler) cJunidiere [brewing 

) ciire I S (pi] petite monnaie [A few s, 

Quelques sous, or centimes] [utensils) batterie 

de ctiisitie (sing] Bar , Cuivre en lingots | 

Sheet , C en feuille \ -tM>ttoine"d a. [^] 

double en C I COIN billon : monnaie de C | 

-coloured a. cuivre | -fast"ene"d a. [A] 
cheville en C | -LODE [min] filon de C | 
-ORE mineral de C | -PLATE [a e'l [engra- 
ving] taill^-dotice | SMITH chaudronnier | 

-WIRE fil de cuivre | -WORKS fcmderie de C 
Copp'er va. cuivrer [J>) doubler en cuivre 

COPP'ERAS [e-re-ss] cotiperose | Blue C 

Copp'ery a. cuivreux -etise [bleue 

COPP'ICE [ou COPSE] taillis 

COP'y copie : reproduction [of a book) exem- 
plaire [of newsp.) numero [writing) exemple 

Iva.) copier (from, d'apres] Out of [typ] 

a court de copie | Certified , Pour copie con- 

fonne \ Rough , Brouillon | To make a clean 

[ou fair] _ of, Mettre ... au net | -BOOK 
cahier | -HOLD espece de motivance feodale 

COP'YING action de copier | _ CLERK expe- 
ditionnaire | Letter —-BOOK, copie-Jettres | 
-INK e»icre cotnmunicative : encre a copier | 
-PRESS presse a copier 

COP'YRIGHT [rotte] droits d'auteur : pro- 

priete litteraire \ The is out, L'ouvrage 

est tombe dans le domaine public j Cop'y- 
rig"lited, ' Droits reserves ' 

Coquet' [-tted] v. faire des coquetteries (with, a 

COR'AL corail [baby's) hochet | _ INSECT 
■polype coralligene | -REEF banc de corail 

COR'BEL corbeau ! _LING encorbellement 

CORD corde [small ) cordon [edging) ganse 

[fig) lien [txL) corder | 3-_ a 3 fils | -WOOD 
bois de chauffage [tech) bois de stere 

Cor'ded a. corde : batonne [silk) a cotes 

[160] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Cordial -e a. I [fani) liearty f-emenf -lly, 

-ily] CORDIALITE _ty : lieartiness : kindly 

CORDIER" rope-maker Lfeeling 

CORDITE [deef] _ [ddite] 

CORDON" twist : string : strand [long — ) line 

[de voitJire) check-string [de chapeau) band 

[de Soulier) shoe-string [insig.) ribbon Imonn) 

edge [jardin) border [X, arbre, et sanitaire) 

cordon [arch) string-course | Tirer le — , To 

open the door | de sonnette, Bell-pull 

BLEU first-rate cook 

Cordon' ner' va. to twist : to plait : to line 
CORDOX-NERIE [metier) shoemaking [lieu) 
shoemakers shop : shoe-closet fniilled edge 
CORDON-NET" twist [soie) netting-silk Imonn) 
CORDONNIER" -lERE shoemaker : S's mfe | 

Les s sont les plus nial chausses, The S's 

wife is always the worst shod 
CORELIGION'nAIRE [<fe /:] co-religionist 
Coriace a. tough [pr. te-ffl hard 
CORIANDRE _der | CORINDON " corundum 

Corintlrien"-emie a. ian [th fort] 

COBME service-berry | CORMIER" service-tree 

CORMORAN" ant [kor' -me-re-nnte] 

CORNAC elephant-driver : mahout [fam) guide 
CORNAGE roaring (of a horse] 
CORNALINE cornelian [ou car_] in%le-ye-nn\ 
CORNE horn : shoe-horn [sabot) hoof [angle) 
corner [a la page) dog's ear [A) gaff | Drisses 

de la , Peak halliards | A'abondance, 

Cornucopia | Betes a s [pi] Horned cattle | 

Chapeau a s, Cocked hat | Faire ties — s a, 

To make game of | -de-CERF hartsliorn 
Come -e a. horny [livre) dog's-eared 
CORNEE cornea 

CORNEILL'E crow [Croasser = to caw] 
CORNEMUSE bag-pipe | Joueur de _, Bag- 
piper : piper 
Corner" vn. to blow a horn ioreilles) to ring : 
to tingle [va.) to call : to trumpet about 

CORNET" horn : cornet : dice-box : paper : 

'screw' : flower-vase [ avertisseur) hooter 

[ acoustique) ear-trumpet [manchon) wide- 
mouthed cuff I a PISTONS' cornopean : 

key-bugle [cornet 
CORNETTE mob cap [J>) broad pendant [s.m.) 
CORNICHE cornice [cor'niss, i tres href] 
CORNICHON" horn-tip [pet. concomb.) gherkin 
[pers) greenhorn : ' flat ' [argot) student pre- 
paring for mil. school of St. Cyr | S' pickles 

CORNIER" dogwood tiee [ , Angle-iron 

CORNIERE gutter (of roof] [typ) corner | Fer 
CORNOUILLE dogwood berry | _R"D tre« 
Cornu-ea. horned : angular: pointed [fig) 'out- 
of-the-way ' : absurd | CORNUE retort 
CORON" miners' homes (Ntli. of France] 
CORPORATION- _ [rec?i-'ri] guild: company 
Corporel -eiJe a. corporeal : material [peine) 

corporal | lle'nienf ad. materially : bodily 

CORP'S" Ikore] body [maison) frame [pompe) 
barrel [X) corps : body [fig) substance [V. 
Chef, Esprit : Type, ang.] a bras le_, Round 

the waist | a perdu dans, Headlong into | 

a son defendant, Very reluctantly : in self- 
defence I a , Hand to hand | et anie, 

Heart and soul | Drole de , Odd'ity : queer 

fellow I Faire , To form a united whole | 

Garde- , Hand-rail | Garde du , Body- 
guard I Passer sur le de, To trample ... 

under foot | Perir et biens, To go down 

with all hands on board | a ml- , Up to 

tlie waist | d'ARM^E army corps | 

de BATAILLE main army | _ du DfeLIT" 

material proof (of the offence committed] 

DIPLOMATIQUE diplomatic corps | _deFER 

iron constitution | de GARDE station-house 

[X) guard-house : post | de LOGIS' or 

de BATIMENT' block of buildings : principal 
rooms 1_M0RT" corp^ [»t) mooring-anclior 




COR'DIAL [ye-lJ] : liqueur [a.) cordial 

COB'DUROY [dM-ro-V] velours a cotes 

ROAD chaussee formee de troncs d'arbres 

CORE ciBur [casting) noyau | Rotten to the 

, Pour>i jusqu'a la moelle | -BAR arbre a 

noyau | -BOX boite a noyau 

CO-RESPON'DENT [* f.^ complice 

CORK [the substance) liege [of bottle, etc.)bou- 
chon I -CUTT'ER bouchoimier | -JACK'ET 

chetnise de liege | SCREW tire-bouchon [In 

the form of a screw. En limaQon] -TREE, 

-OAK chene-liege 

Cork va. boucher [a.) de liege 

CORN grain : cereales (pi] [wheat) ble [Indian) 
raals [oats) avoine [on toe) cor | Average prices 

of , Mereiiriale | A feed of , Un picotin | 

_ CHAND'LER blatier | _ COB epi de mals | 
_ CROPS cereales | _ DEALER marchand 
de ble | _ EXCHANGE Tialle aux bles | 
-FIELD champ de ble | _ FLOOR grenier 1 
-FLOUR farine de mats | -FLOWER bluet | 
_ LAWS Ms des cerealei | -MARIGOLD 
'>narguerite doree | _ MERCHANT negociant 
en ble | -STACK meule de ble | _ TRADE 
commerce des grains 

Corn va. [Ijeef) saler [gunpowder) grener 
CORN' CRAKE roi des eailles : rale de genet 
CORNE'LIAN Inile-ye-nu'] cornaline 
COR'NER coin fea [interior) encoignure [tech) 

etrniere [monopoly) monopole | In the , 

[F. Penitence'] To drive ... into a , Pousser 

... about I Tocome round the , Tourner le 

coin ] The HOUSE, La maison du coin [or 

qui fait le coin] -STONE pierre angnlaire 

Cor'nere'd a. a angles ... | 3- ,...a3coins 

COR'NET [t se pr] [cavalry) sous-lieutenant 

COR'NETCY smis-UeiUenance 
COR'NIGE corniclie [over curtains) galerie 

Cor'nish a. de Cornouailles | DIALECT 

patois de C I _ RIVIE'RA, cote (sud) de C 
CORNO'PEAN inop-ye-nn'] cornet a pistons 
CORNUCO'PIA lymi-kope-i-al come d'abon- 
CORO'NA couronne (.solaire} \_dance 

CORONA'TION couronnement 
COR'ONER [fcor'-e-Jie-r] _ [Eng. officer] _'S 
IN'QUEST enquete en presence du cadavre 

COR'ONET [fcor'-e-rie-t] : petite couronne 

COR'PORALcaporal [in cavalry) brigadier [a.) 

corporel | lly ad. corporellement : de corps 

Cor'porate a. [erige) en corporation 

A point (S") means silent, or QN" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [161] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEUnNINE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 





Corpulent' -e a. [fani) stout 


Correct -e [pr. tlie /] a. : exact [-einf-ly] 

CORRECTEUR-TiJJCJe _tor [dimprimerie) 
proof-reader [a.) correctiug 

CORRECTIF [i _ -ii-e a.] corrective 

CORRECTION" : correctness Icoiwenance) 

propriety : excellent behaviour (or bearing] 

Ityp) reading | Avec , Correctly | Maison 

de , Reformatory 

Correctionnel -elie a. ... for misdemeanours | 

Tribunal de police , Police court 

Uenient' ad. by the police-magistrate 

CORRECTIONNELLE [fam] police court 

Corr^latif -ire a. _ive | CORRELATION" _ 

CORRESPONDANCE _dence : letters (pi] 
[«Sl, etc.) connection : through connection : 
running in connection (with] correspondence 

ticket I Carte- , Post-card | P&ite [journal] 

Answers to correspondents 

COR-RESPONDANT- -E _dent : guardian [a.) 

corresponding (a, witli, to) de guerre, War 


CorTespondre rn. to corresiwnd : to commu- 
nicate [«&) to run in connection with | Se , 

To correspond : to be well matched 

COR'RIDOR _ : passage 

COR'RIG^ corrected copy [livre) key (de, to] 

CorTiger' va. to correct : to reform : to Improve | 
des epreuves. To correct proofs | Ux for- 
tune. To cheat (at cards] Se , To correct 

[ou cure] o's : to improve 

Corroboranf -e a. 

Corrol)Oi"itif -«•« a. ive 

CORROBORATION" [med^ strengthening 

Corroborer" va. to strengthen 

Corroder" v. to corrode ike-rodel 

COR'ROI puddling : composition : finish 

Cor'rompre va. to corrupt [acheter) to bribe 
Iviaiide) to taint | Cforrompu -e pp. [V. Cor- 

CORROSIF [<t- —-ive a.] _ive Lrompre 

CORROSION" _ [ke-r^e-«»i] 

COR-ROYAGE dressing [fer) faggoting 
t. Cor'royer' va. to curry [d'argile) to pug [fer) 
2 to faggot [bois) to rough out 

CORROYEUR currier 
CORRUPTEUR-TRJCB _tor [a.) _ting : in- 

Corruptible a. 

CORSAGE body [habit) bodice [pers) bust 
CORSAIRE _r [J>) privateer [fig) shark 
Corse -e a. full-bodied [vulg) ' first-rate ' 
CORSELET- _ Icor'-sUttl 

Corser" v. to strengthen : to give body to | Se , 

To become serious : to put on one's corset 
CORSET" _ : stays (pi] bodice 
C0RSETIER"-1£RE stay-maker 

CORTEGE ' ° : procession : train | En grand 

Corveable a. [V. Taillable] L— . I" st»te 

CORVEE compulsory labour : statute labour 

[tech) job [X) work : fatigue-party Ubesogne 

ingrate) drudgery : ' piece of D ' | Faire , To 

be disappointed 

CORYPHtE leader | C_, leading ballet-grrJ 
CORYZA _ [fam) cold in the head 
COSAQUE [ko-zack'] Cossack Ikoss-e-k] 
COSINUS Iko-seeniis'] cosine [fninn] 
COSM^TIQUE [<{- a] _tic 

Cosmique a. ic : cosmical 

COSMOPOLITE _ la.) —pol'itan [(«-««] 
COSSE shell : husk [A) thimble [de ccfrde) 

cringle | de bois, [vt] Bull's-eye 

Cosser" v. to butt 

Cossu-e a. ...-podded : well-filled : well off 

COSTUME [coss'tiottme'] dress 1 r' va. to 

dress | Se , To dress (en. as, as a] 


COTE [kotC] proportion : share (of tax] quota 
lofficielle') official quotation [droit) schedule 
[tech) sketch with dimensions : altitude [4>) 

class [Pour les s de navires, V. CLASS, 

ang.] Faire wte mal taillee, Taking one 

with another I d'AMOVR, Extra marks 




COKPORA'TION _ : corps constitue [of city) 
municipalUe : conseil municipal | He has a 

, II batit sur le devant 

CORPSE cadavre : corps mort 
COR'PULENCE [pioti'] _ : embonpoint 
COR'PUS CHRIS'TI [pe-ss] la Fete-Dieu 

Correct' a : exact : juste | Not , Inexact | 

It's the THING to, II est de rigtteur de : 

le grand chic est de 

va. corriger : reprendre | one's self. Se 

reprendre | NESS exactittide : correction 

Correspond' vn. [with, to, avec, .a] corres- 
pondre : s'accorder [to, a) repondre | With 

a salary to Avec traitement en rapport 

CORRESPON'DENCE —dance : relation 
Correspon'dent, pon'ding, a dant : con- 
forme : qui se rapporte (to, with, a] 
CiORR'IDOR CARR'IAGE wagon a couloir 

TRAIN train a couloir 

Corrob'orate [re'te] va. confirmer : corroborer 

Corrob'orative Ire-fi a. tif : qui confirme 

Corro'ding a. corrodant [care) rongeur 

Corro'sive SUB'LIMATE sublime corrosif 
Corr'ugated IRON [srfte'te] tote ondtOie 
Corrupt' [fce-re-pte] va. corrompre [vn.) se c 
la.) corrompu 1 _ PRACTICES faits de eor- 

niption electorate \ ing a. corrupteur 

COR'SICAN [fce-«?i] Corse [m. <fe /.] 
COKUN'DUM corindon [ko-sdki 

COSS'ACK Cosaque [Note: The Russians say 
Co'slly [ko-ze-lei ad. a Vaise : confortablement 
COST prix [expense) frais (pi] depense [com) 

coOt I At price, Au prix coutant | Net 

, Prix de revient | At any — , Coflte que 

cofite I I learnt to my , J'ai appris a mes 

depens | , insurance, and freight, [' C.I.F.'] 

Cout, fret et assurance I S [law] depens | 

Ordered to pay s, Constitue en frais : con- 

damne aux depens 
Cost vn. [pret. <{■ pp. C!ost] coiiter (to, a [fig) en c 
COS'TERMONQER [meuffn-gueur'i marchand 

des quatre saisons 
Cos'tive a. constipe | _NESS constipation 
COST'LINESS grande depense : somptuosite 

[162] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CO TE rib : hill [fruit) rib [celeri) stick [de la 

mer) coast : shore | La d'Azur, The Riviera 

IV. PIECE de _] a la _, Ashore | a _s, 

Ribbed | a , Side by side [tech) edge to 

edge I a mi- , Half-way up | De la de ..., 

Descended from ... | Faire , To run ashore | 

Se mettre a la , To run aground 

COTfe side : way : part [vb) broadside | a , 

Near : by : on one side | a de, By the side 

of : along with ... | a mes s, At [ou by] my 

side I a un , One-sided | a deux s, Two- 
sided I Bas , Footpath [eglise) side-aisle | 

De , Sideways : aslant | De mon , For 

my part | De I'autre , On the other side : 

in [ou into] the other room [en revanche) on 

the other hand | De et d'autre, Up and 

down I Donner a , To miss the mark | Du 

de . . . , Towards : as regards : in the matter 

of I Du de la mere. By the mother's side | 

D'un a I'autre, From S to S | De quel 

va-t-il ? Which way is he going ? | Ne savoir 

de quel tourner , Not to know which way 

to turn I de premiere, seconde, [typ] Outer, 

inner forme | Laisser de , To abandon : to 

waive | Mauvais , Wrong S : wrong way | 

_ de I'endroit, Right S | Mettre de _, To 
put [ou to set] aside (ou on one side] to lay 

... by' I Passer a de, To pass by : to leave 

... on one side I Son faible. His weak point 

COTE-AU hill : hillock : slope (of a hill] 
CoTE- LETTS cutlet [de mouton) chop 
Coter" va. to quote (... at] to mark : to rate | 

Croquis cote. Dimensioned sketch 
COTERIE '_' : circle : club : clique 
COTHURNE buskin 

COTIER" coasting pilot | -ierea. coasting 

COTILfON" petticoat [danse) _ ftion 

COTISATION" assessment : share : subscrip- 

Cotiser' va. to rate [fig) to tax | Se , To join : 

to subscribe : to club together 
COTON" cotton [duvet : de fruit) down [meJe'e) 

scuffle I Les s, Cotton | a batir. Tacking 

C I _ plat, Darning C | Fil de _, C-yarn | 

Pelote de , Ball of | Filer un mauvais , 

To be going to the bad | Elever ... dans du , 

To coddle | -POUDRE gun-cotton 
COTON NADE common calico fmealy 

Coton'neux" -eiwe a. woolly : cottony [fruit) 
C0T0N-N1ER--EKE cotton-plant : C-spinner | 

District , Cotton district 

COTONNINE cotton canvas [skirt 

COtoyer' va. to keep, walk, run alongside : to 
COTRE cittter 

COTRET" small faggot (of firewood, etc.] Hnile 
de ' Oil of strap em ' : ' stirrup oil ' 

COTTE I _ ii' ARMES- coat of arms 
de MAILL'ES' coat of mail 

COTUTEUR -TRICE joint-guardian 

COTYLEDON" _ [ang. pr. cotli-li' -de-mi} 

COU neck | Se oasser le To break one's neck | 

Couper le a, To cut off ...'s head | Prendre 

ses jambes a sou . To take to one's heels 

COUARD" coward [«.) cowardly 

COUARDISE cowardice 

COUCHAGE beds and bedding 

COUCHANT- west [fig) decline 

Couchanf-e a. \ Soleil Setting sun : sunset | 

Chien Setter [tig) toadv 

COUCH E bed : layer [bois de lit) bedstead [de 
femme) confinement : child-bed [linge) linen 
IcluiHde) hot-bed [pliitre. peinture) coa-tlgiol) 
stratum : bed [enjeu) stake | Faire une fansse 

To liave a miscarriage | Elle fait ses s. 

She is confined | Hospice pour les femmes en 
, Lying-in hospital | Par s. In layers 

Couclie -e a. & pp. in l>ed : gone to bed [sur le 
sol) stretched out 

COUCHER" bedding : bed : bed-time : goit)g to 
bed [dans, in : sur, on) sleeping [cistr) setting | 
Au du soleil. At sunset 

va. to lay : to lay down : to put (a child) to 

bed : to give (...) a bed [par ecrit) to put ... 
down in writing [vn.) to lie : to lie down : to 

spend the niglit | dehors, en ville, To 

sleep out I Chambre a , Bedroom | Se ,To 

lie (down] to go to bed : to retire [A) to turn 
in [animals) to couch lostr) to set | AUer se 

, To go to bed [fig) to ' get out ' : to ' be off ' | 

Heure de se , Bed-time | Comme on fait son 

lit, on se , As you make your bed so you 

must lie on it IV. ETOILEl 

COUCHETTE cot : crib : berth : couch 

COUCHEUR -EUSE bed-fellow | Mauvais 

Cantankerous fellow : ugly customer 

COUCHIS" lagging 

Couci-couci a. 'middling' : 'so so' 

COUCOU cuckoo : C-clock [^efir) cowsUp 
\,voiture) fly 

COUDE^ elbow : bend | Coudo-e a. bent 

COUDEE cubit: arm's length | Ses —s tranches, 
Elbow-room : full scope [dans, a, of) ' run ' 

COU-DE-PIED" instep 

COUDOIEMENT- elbowing 

Coudoyer" va. to elbow : to jostle i Se , To 

jostle one another 

COUDRAIE hazel-copse : filbert-C : thicket 




Cost'ly a. coOteux : somptueux : precieux : 
onereux | To be very Couter bien cher 

CO'SY [fcoze] couvre-tfteiere [a.) a I'aise : con- 

COT lit (d'enfant] cotcchette [swing ) barce- 

lonnette [Jf) cadre | Dove- , C-olombier | 

Sheep- , Bercail : pare 

Co-ter'minous a. contigu 

COTT'AGE [te-dje'] chamniere [genteel) villa : 

maison | HOSPITAL petit hopital a la 

campagne \ _R [poet. COTT'AR] paysan 

COTT'ER [tech] clavette 

COTT'ON coton fea : colonnade [ for shirts) 

madapolam : raancliester [ cambric) per- 
cale [grey cloth) percaline | Darning , 

S C plat I Sewing Fil d'Ecosse | Printed 

C Indienne | DISTRICT district cotonnier I 

g MANUFACTURE industrie cotonniere \ 

-MILL filature de coton | -PLANT cotonnier 
—WASTE dechets de coton | -WOOL otiate 
COUGH [pr. kaoutche] canape [sick-bed) lit de 
repos [tech) couche Iva.) coucher [express) 
rediger [cataract) abaisser ivn.) baisser 
GRASS [pr. koutch} chiendent 

A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEillNINE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Coudre va. (TaMe 55) to sew: to tack [bouton) 
to sew on Ibroclmre) to stitch [fig) to ' tack ' 
COUDRIER" hazel on filbert (tree] 
COVENNE [kicanii\ rind (of bacon] 

Coiienneiise [fctrann] a. \ Angine Diphtheria 

COVF-FE rush basket (Soutli of Fr.] 
COUQUAR puma ffig) waste 

COULAQE running : scalding [metaux) casting 
COULANT' slide | _-e a. flowing : free[noeud) 

running [style) fluent {j>ers) easy 
COUL^ slide : ground colour \imis.) slur 
COUiEE running-hand [tace) flow [c/iasse)run 

Faire la a. To tap ... 

COULEMENT" flow [tech, etc.) running 

Couler" vn. [de, from : a. to] to flow : to glide : 

to slip : to slide [baril) to leak [clmndeUes. du 

nez, etc.) to run [fruits) to drop off [^^) to 

sink : to slip [niocft) to slide : to run [temps) 

to pass away i Faire , [verser) to spill [faira 

glisser) to slip | Faire les larrnes de .... To 

bring tears into ...'s eyes | Les larntes coulent 
de ses yeux, Tears trickle down his clieeks | 
de sofirce, To come spontaneously 

va. [etJis) to strain [linge) to steep [metal) to 

cast : to run [pierre) to grout [mils) to slur 

[furtivement) to drop | bas, a fond, To 

sink \x>ers) to ' do for ' [sujet) to exhaust | ' Se 
la dotice ', To 'take it easy' 

COVLEVR colour : paint [cartes) suit | ... de 

a. coloured ... | de .... -coloured INote. 

is MASCULINE in de rose, d'or. d'eau, 

de chair, de paille] a I'tutile, Oil-C | 

Claire, foncee, Light, dark C | soJide, Fast 

C I S' [ X] colours I Boite de s. Paint-box 

COVLEUVRE snake | Avaler des _s. To put 
up with the mortification. fwrithe 

COVLEUVREE bryony | Couleu\'rer- vn. to 

COULIS' [ci(is) gravy soup [juafon) grout | Un 
vent A draught 

COULISSE groove : slide [theat) side-scene : 
green-room iBoxirse) outside brokerage Hyp) 
slip-galley Ipresse) rib [habits) slip-stitched 
plaiting Imach a vap) connecting link | ... a 

Sliding I Dans la , Behind the scenes | 

Faire les yeux en , To look askance 

COULISSIER" outside broker 




COUGH Ikoff : o dans sori] totix \ Hooping , 

Cogtielticlie | I have a , Je suis enrhume | 

-LOZENGES pates pectorales 

Cough vn. tousser | up va. expectorer 

CODGH'ING totix | A fit of _, Une quinte 

Coul'd [cottdd] V. atixil. | I , Je puis : je 

pouvais : j'ai pu [condit.) je pourrais [subj.) 
je puisse | I have, (followed by past parti- 
ciple) J'aurais pu (with infinitive] If I 

have seen, Si javais pu voir | How I .... 

Comment voulez-vous que je ...(foil, by subj.] 
CO'DLTER [ou 6] coutre (de chamtei 
/COTJN'CIL conseil [ecclesiastical) concile | 

(Dommon [ou Town] , 0>nseil municipal j 

Cabinet , Conseil des ministres | Privy , 

C prive | -CHAMBER cliambre du conseil 
COUN'CILLOR [{e-r] conseiller 
COUN'SEL conseil : deliberation : dessein 
„ [lawyer) avocat : defenseur {va.) conseiller | 

•- To keep one's own , N'en parler a per- 

^ Sonne | COUN'SELLOR conseiller : avocat 
£ COUNT [pers] comte 
■" COUNT compte [law) chef d'occitsotton 
'u Count va. <fe vn. compter [ballot) depouiller 
i COUN'TENANCE contenanee [support) ap- 

§ pui [face) figure : air : mine \ va. [ou to 

o. give to] appuyer : f»voriser | To keep 

j-j one's , Garder son serieux | To put ... 

O out of , Deconcerter | His fell. Sa figure 

•^ s'allongea 

wCOUN'TER [in shop) comptoir [instrument) 

§ compteur [music) luaite-contre [piece) jeton 

5 [a.) centre | Sold over the , 'Vendu au 

" comptant | To run to, v. AUer a I'encontre 

g de I —-ATTACK contre-attaqtte fea | -brace 

^ V. contre-brasser | _ -EVIDENCE temoi- 

gnage contraire | -JUMP'ER [vulg] calicot | 

-MARCH contre-marche ] -MINE contre- 

tnine Iva.) contre-miner [frustrate) dejouer | 

-SHAFT [tech] transmission intemiediaire 

Counteract' va. neutraliser : contre-balancer 

VCOUN'TERBAL'ANCE contrepoids 

/'Coun'terbal'ance va. contre-balancer 
COUN'TERFEIT [/i«e] coutrefofon [coin) 

1 fausse piece : fiiusse tnomiaie [fig) imitation 
[a.) contrefait ; imite [coin) faux[t)a.) contre- 

2 faire [fig) iraiter : feindre 
'> COUN'TERFOIL sotiche 

JCOUN'TERMAND contre-ordre 

i va. contremander [com) decomraander 

.» COUN'TERPANE [pe'«e] couvre-pieds 

gCOUN'TERPART contre-partie : pendant 

g [law) double 

COUN'TERPOINT [mus] contrepoint 
-COUN'TERPOISE [poize : o dans sort] con- 
ti trepoids (to, a] Iva.) contre-balancer 
CCOUN'TERSCARP contrescarpe 
"^COUN'TERSIGN [sdinn^ mot dordre 

2 va. contre-signer 

1 COUN'TERSINK fraise iva.) noyer : fraiser 

Countervail' va. compenser | ing DUTY, 

droit compensateur 
5 COUN'TERWEIG-HT contrepoids [25 c. 
COUN'TESS conUesse : ardoise 50 c. sur 

1 COUN'TING compte [ballot) depouillement 
I -HOUSE bureau 

VCount'less a. innombrable 
/Coun'trifle'd a. campagnard 
COUN'TRY pays [geology & phys.) contree 
[mining) stampe [rural dist.) campagne (-s] 
[oppased to metropolis) province [a.) de P : 

i de village | Across , a travers champs I 

In the round Paris, Aux environs de P 

^ [ ou District round is often replaced by a 

i special word : as. The round Tours. Lyons, 

i Im Touraine, Le Lyonnais, etc.] My ! 

5 Ma patrie! \ In my , Dans mon pays | 

•« Wine of the Vin du pays | -DANCIE 

contredanse \ -HOUSE, -SEAT ftmison de 

campagne : chateau | LIFE la vie cham- 

petre [or de province\ MAN, WOMAN 

[pi. -men, -vxmien] paysan -nwe [fellow- ) 

compatriot« | PAR'SON cure de village | 

^ SQUIRE gentilhomme campagnard 

[164] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, ItaXie. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




COULOIR strainer larch) passage : lobby : cor- 
ridor iAlpes, etc.) 'couloir' : steep gully [J>) 

gangway | Train a . Corridor-train [aux 

!^tats-Unis) vestibuled T 
COJJiOZiJB strainer I COULOMB" [wbnas] — 
COULPE guilt : trespasses (pi] fsmall grapes 
COULTJRE running [raisin) dropping of tlie 

COUP" \koo'\ [de poing, marteau) blow [leger : de 
piston, plume, tech) stroke [tres leger, et de 
pinceau) toucli [main onverte) slap [de coude) 
nudge [A'aile) Hap [d'eipe'e, tdionnette) tlirust 
[de poignard, etc.) stab [en coupant) cut [con- 
Uision) wound : bruise [(X'epingle) prick [de 
fusil, etc.) sliot [bruit de fusil) report [bruit 
en gener.) sound [de tambour) beat : roll [de 
trompette) blast [de tonnerre) peal [echecs, 
cartes, etc.) move [d'aviron, etc.) pull : stroke 
laction de jeter) throw [de tilet) haul : cast 
[nivellement) sight [fig) liit: act: effort: stroke: 
blow : shock : turn : fit : outburst [V. LOI"] 
_S et BLESSURES" assault : aggravated 

assault I Les TROIS' S', signal in French 

theatres for raising the curtain 

k coups ■ [vM Pulling :' All together! ' [Abattre) 

a s de, [To knock down) with | k deux s, 


Apres , After it is [ou was] done [o'u all over] 

... as an aftertliought 

Avoir bu un de trop. To have had a drop too 

much : to be 'tiglit' [ou '.screwed'] 

Boire un , To take a drink [ou a ' glass '] Buire 

a petits s, Tosip 

Coup sur , One after another : in succession 

D'un , At a time : at a single liit [stroke, shot] 

Faire le _, To do' it | Qui a fait le _? Who has 
done it? i Faire un _, To do' something | Faire 

les CENJ" s. To play all sorts of pranks : 

to 'kick up such' a row ' ; to ' make such work 
as never was ' | Faire d'lOK! PIERRE deux 
8, To kill two birds with one stone 

Manquer' son , To miss : to fail 

Porter' , To tell [a, at) to strike a blow [sur, 

...) to damage | qui porte. Home thrust 

Pour le , For once [exclam.) Upon my word ! 

Sans ferir, Without striking a blow fence of 

Sous le de. Threatened with : under the influ- 

Sur le , Immediately : on the spot | Sur le 

de midi," Punctually at noon 

Tenter' le , To make the attempt : to ' try for it ' 

Tout a , Suddenly | Tout d'un , All at once | 

a tons s. Every time 

_ d'AIR cold I Un fort _ d'air, A bad C 

_ d'AUDACE daring thing (to do] 

Donnez un de BALAI [or, un de TOR- 
CHON"] a cette piece] Sweep tliis room up a 
bit ! Give tliis room a dusting ! | Se donner un 
_ de TORCHON" To have a fight [ou 'set-to'] 

de BEC peck [tig) taunt : rough word 

de CANNE cut : blow | Douner des s de C 

a ..., To give ... a thrashing 

_ de CANON" gun-shot | '21 _s de C. 21 guns 

_ de CHAPEAU touch of the hat : bow 

du CIEL 'providential thing' 

_ de COLLIER" | Un _ de C, A good pull : 
a strong effort fGrored to death 

_ de CORNE tlirust : poke | Tue dun _ de C, 

_ de COUTEAU stab : cut 

de DENT' snap : bite 

COUP" d'tCLAT- splendid action 
1 _ d'ENVOI [football] kick-off * 

i _ d'fePAULE helping hand : lift 
! — d'tP^E sword-cut i_d'E dans J'eau, Labour 

_ d'fePINGLE pin-prick L'ost: 'no go ' 

d'ESSAI first attempt 

j — d'tTAT' ' ' : revolutionary measure 

I de I'feTRIER" parting glass 

i — de FER ironing | Donner un de fer a. To 

iron [cheveux) to curl 

j de FEU shot : hard work : press of W | Nous 

1 sommesdansun _defeu,We haven't a minute 
to lose I Avoir un de feu, [cttis] To be burnt 

de FILET" catcli : haul : cast 

— de ' FION ' touching up : finish 

_ de FORTUNE chance [bolt 

! — de FOUDRE stroke of lightning [fig) thunder- 
j de FOUET" cut [bruit) crack [fig) touching 

up I Donner un de F, To excite 1 Donner 

des s de F a. To whip : to lash 

— FOURR^ way to serve ... out : bad turn 
_ FRANC" [football] free kick 

_ de FUSIL- shot [V. ce mot] 

_ de GRACE '_' : finishing stroke 

_ de QRIFFE scratch 

de QRISOU explosion of fire-damp 

de HASARD" mere chance [fam)'Huke' 

de JARNAC underhand blow:stab in tliedark 

de LANQUE disparaging remark : unkind hit 

du LAPIN" finishing stroke 

de MAIN" sudden dash : bold stroke or enter- 
prise : assistance : help | Faire un de M, To 

take ... by surprise | Donner un de M a, 

To lend ... a hand [J>) to bear a hand 

de MAITRE masterly stroke 

de MARTE'AU blow : knock | Avoir im de 

M, To be a little ' touched ' 

de MER sea : squall fthing 

MONTt sham : cut and dried affair : got-up 

_ de la MORT" death-blow : 'finisher' 

d'CEIL' [pi. s dVeilJ glance : twinkling : 

quickness in seizing the main point : an eye 

for ... : view : scene i Un d'<E admirable, 

A splendid view 

de PEIQN'E combing : touch with the comb 

de PIED" kick [fig) step | Donner un de 

[ pied [or, des s de P] a, To kick 

i _ de PIERRE | Poursuivre ... a _s de P, To 
I throw stones at : to stone 
_ PLACfe [football] place kick 

de PLUME stroke of the pen : dash 

I _ de POINQ" blow (with the fist] thump ! _ 
I de P. americain. Knuckle-duster 
i _ de POINTE sword-thrust : stab 
_ de RACCROC" lucky fluke 
i _ de ROULIS" roll | —S' de R (pi] rolling 

j de SANG" stroke : apoplectic fit 

I de SIFFLET" whistle : hiss 

! de SOLEIL' sunstroke [plais, fig) blush 

I a SOR, To a certainty : ... 'and no mistake' 

de TEMP'S' ojijiortunity : what is [ou was] 

going on f butt 

de T£TE rash act: sudden impulse [d'animal) 

de TH'tATRE unlooked-for incident : sudden 

surprise : somethmg done for effect 
_ TOMB^ [football] drop kick 
_ de TONNERRE thunder-clap 

de VIN" ' drop of something to drink ' 

': de VENT' squall : gust of wind : blast 

A point (S') means silent, or ON' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 

COUPABLE culprit [a.) guilty (de, of] culpable 

Coupablenienf ad. culpably 

COUPAQE mixing [a Veau) watering [des vins) 
blending [vin lui-meme) blend 

Coupanf-e a. sharp | Le , The sharp edge 

COUPE cup : cutting (out, up, etc.] cut : shape: 
division larch, geql, dessin) section : plan | 
Mettre ... en _ RE6LEE, to keep on exploit- 
ing I Sous Ui _ de, 'Under ..'s thumb' [F. SLIP 

COUP£ brougliara : front (of coach] [<3l) com- 
partment : end compartment (of railw. carr.] 
-LIT" [fcoopaj/-!ee] sleeping-carriage : invalid 
carriage | -LIT'S'-TOILETTE sleeping com- 
partment with lavatory 


COUPE-f/iB permit : police pass 

COUPE-FOIN- hay-knife 

COUPE- fiORffE cut-throat place -.'awful den' 

COUPE JARRET" cut-throat 


COUPELLK [met] cupel 

C0UPE-PA7iL-B chaff-cutter 

COUPE-PAPIER- paper-knife 

COUP^-RACINKS- turnip-cutt«r 

Coil per' I', [de. from] to cut [enlever en coupant) 
to cut off [en niorceaux) to cut up [decouper) 
to cut out [a table) to carve [abattre) to cut 
down [liquide) to mix [avec de J'eait) to water 

[geom) to intersect [cartes) to cut | 'a au 

couteau,' Thick : dense | court a, To cut ... 

short I au plus court, To go the shortest 

way I ... en deux. To cut ... in two | to 

gorge a ..., To cut ...'s throat | la lite a, To 

behead | to parole a. To interrupt | les 

vivres a, To cut off the supplies from | Se , 

To cut o'self [ou one's . . .] to cut [a, for] o'self : 
to contradict o's : ' to let the cat out of the 
bag ': to cross each other 

COUPE-RET' cleaver : chopper : guillotine knife 

COVPEROSE copperas [med) eruption 

Coiipe'rose -e a. red : pimpled 

COUPE-TKrB executioner 

COUPE-TUBES- tube-cutt«r 

COUPEUR -EVSE cutter (out] _ de bourse, 

COUPEUR-d'BAr; cut-water [Cutpurse 

COUPLE _ : brace 

COUPLE : pair (pers. animals, etc.] 

_S- [A] timbers [r. Timber] 

Couplet*- ivi. to couple 

COUPLET- _ Ike-p'le-t} [tech) hinge 

COUPOIR cutter : knife : blade 

COUPOLE cupola [kioft] 

COUPON" [drap) remnant : end [com) coupon : 
dividend-warrant [billet) ticket 

COUPURE [a, in] cut : gash : erasure [journal) 
cutting I Une de '20 fr.. A 20 franc note 

COUR court[amour) courtship | Basse- _, farm- 
yard I de cassation, Supreme court of 

appeal | de recreation. Play-ground | Faire 

la a. To court | Faire sa a. To' pay court 

to [r. Benite : Petaud] 

COURAGE Ikoo-raJizli] _ (de. to] [en ang. pr. 

ke-redj] spirit : " pluck ' | Allons, ! Come, 

cheer up ! [V. Screw] S'armer de , To take 

C I Perdre , To lose heart 

Courageux* -eitse a geoiis [fce-re'(ye-ss][fam) 

spirited | nient- ad. coura'geously 

Couram-nient-a<t.[parler)tlHently [lire) easily 
[se dit, etc.) frequently : commonly 

COURANT- current : stream : regular routine : 

usual course | d'air, Draught ! Au _, [grand 

livre] Posted up | Au du service. Used to 

the work | Se mettre au de. To make os 

acquainted with | II le tient au de. He keeps 

him informed [ou, fam. 'posted up'] as to ... i 

N'etre pas au de, To know very little (ou 

nothing) about ... | Dans le de lasemaine. 

In the course of the week | Fin At the end 

of the month | La force des s, [<t] The 

strength of the tide 

Couranf -e a. running [com) current [du niois) 
instant [du temps) present : every-day | Fort 

, [mot] Very frequently used | Le 5 , The 

5th inst. I Le pied , Per foot run [V. Capel 

COURANTE running-hand [de moulin) runner 
[mal. fam) diarrhoea 

COURBACHE heavy whip 

Courbatu -e a. .stiff : 'knocked up ' 

COURBATURE foundering : lumbago 
tur6 -e a. stiff : cramped (de, with] 

COURBE curve : turn [.!>) knee [veter) curb 
[tech) bend [a.) curved | _«' de NIVEAU 

Courbe -e a. curved ; crooked (.contour lines 

Courber- [& Se ] v. to bend : to curve [per.v) 

to bow, bow down, stoop (devant, to] 

COURBETTE cringing | Faire des _s. To bow 

COURBURE curvature Laid cringe 

COURETTE tiny court-yard 

COUREUR runner : racer : groom : 'gadabout' : 
man of loose life [X) scout | de ..., Fre- 
quenter of ... I de spectacles, Play-goer 

COVREUSE loose woman D'i""«wt) racer 

COUROE gourd : pumpkin : pole : bracket 

Courir v. (Table 16) [de, from : apres, after] to 
run : to go : to run about : to circulate : to go 
the rounds [F. Post-haste : Perte^ [hanter) 
to frequent [chasser) to hunt: to hunt [ou run] 
after (things] [un ri.sque) to run (the risk of 
...] to lead a loose life [X) to scour [4>) to 
scud : to sail : to bear down (upon] [noeud) to 
slip I au plus presse. To do the most im- 
portant thing tirst | tine bordee. To stand 

on the ... tack | Laisse ! Steady along ! | 

a terre. To stand in for land | le monde, To 

travel | Lebniitcourt que, There is a rumour 
that I' J'y cours ! I'm coming ! I'll be there 

directly ! | Faire , To send round : to make 

... run Ifiottrses) to keep race-horses [bruit) to 

COURLIS- or COURLIEU curlew Lcirculate 

COURON'NE crown [d'un noble) coronet [de 
fletirs) wreath [jneri-e,-etc.) bezel [de cheval) 
coronet [dec/iatne) chain- wheel lastr)coroim\ 
Papier—, Small post I Coui'on-ne-e a. crown- 
ed : to which a prize has been awarded [chev) 
broken-kneed | Ouvrage Prize essay, work 

COURON-NEMENT--[du roi.&c.)coronation[fig) 
crowning : perfection [■i,) taffrail [tech) cap : 
top [de voute) crown [de mitraille) coping 

Coiiron-ner" va. to crown (de, with] to awanl 

a prize to \ La fin I'cetivre, ' Finis coronat 

opus ' I Se , To be crowned [cheval) to brei^k 

his knees 

Cour're vn. to hunt | Cliasse a , Hunting 

COUR-RIER" post : post-lx)y : messenger : mail 

[d'etat) courier | Mon , My letters | Par 

retour du , By return of post 

COURROIE strap : belt : band [fig) tether 
Mu par Belt-driven 

[166] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type : before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 





CourToucer* tw. to irritate : to provoke 

COUR'ROUX' wrath : anger 

COURS" course t*^ : length : flow [com) current 
price : rate [enseignrat.) course on courses of 
lectures (de, on] lessons (de, in] ... classes : 
studies (pi] curriculum [lawn-t) court | Avoir 

, To circulate, be in legal circulation | Don- 

ner" a, To give vent toZnctneiir) to circulate 

COURSE running : race : run : ride : excursion 
[prix) fare [de piston) stroke [X) incursion 

[poet) course : career | La [»t.]Privateering| 

■dla , [_voiture] By tlie course : by distance | 

Au pas de , As fast as . . . could (ou can) run | 

En [persj Out : gone out | Faire cles,^s, To 

run errands | de FOND' long distance 

race | _ de TAUREAUX" buU-flght | _ de 
VITESSE sprint-race | _ de YACHTS-. 
,V AUTOMOBILES-, Yacht-race, motor-R 

COURSIER" courser [tech)float-board : mill-race 

Court" -e a. short : limited [od.) short | Couper' 

a ..., To cut ... short | Le plus , The 

shortest way | Demeurer', Rester' , To stop 

short I a de, Short of | Pris a Taken at 

unawares | e et bo«ne, A ' short life and a 

merry one ' 

COURTAGE brokerage 

COURTAUD" 'counter-jumper' : docked horse 

Courtaud" -e a. thick-set : docked 

COURT--BOUILL-ON" | Au _, [fish] Boiled 

with vinegar, bay leaves, and herbs 
COURT- -CIRCUIT" short-circuit | Mettre ... 
en To short-circuit | Mis en _, Short-cir- 
cuited I Muie en , Short-circuiting 

'COURTE-BOrr^' little fellow 
COURTEPOTNTE counterpane : quilt 
COURTIER" broker | '_en bkmclies,' Procurer] 
maritime, Ship-B | marron, inscrit. Un- 
licensed, licensed B 
COURTIL" cottage garden 
COURTILIERE mole-cricket [curtain 
COURTINE [old word : modern in mil. sense] 
COURTISAN" courtier | De _, Courtly 
COURTISANE courtesan 
Courliser" va. to pay court to 
Courtois"-e a. courteous (pour, to] [-einf -ly] 
COURTOISIE [s as 2] courtesy : gentlemanly 

(ou ladylike) manners (pi] 
Courf-vfitu-e a. in short clothes 
Courii -e a. [<fc pp. V. Courir] in demand Ipers) 

sought [ou run] after [lieu) frequented 
COUSEUSE stitcher : sewer 
COUSIN" -E _n tK3j [insecte) gnat [nafte] 
COUSINAGE relationship (of cousins] relations 
Cousiner' va. to call ... cousin : to be 'very 

thick ' with | chez. To sponge upon 

COUSOIR sewing-press 




COUN'TY Ikaonn-tg] comte | _ COUN'CIL 
conseil general | Committee of the C C, Com- 
mission departementale \ COURT tribunal 

civil [pour le recouvrement de ntemtes dctfes] 
_ FAMILIES, _ GEN'TRY petite noblesse | 

— RATE impot departemental : centimes 
additionnels (pi] _ TOWN chef-lieu 

COUP'LE [ke-pp'l'\ fell [carpenter's) moise 

Iva.) coupler (par nne chaine"] accoupler [with, 

to, a) joindre | Newly-married , Nouveaux 

maries (pi] 

COUP'LING [fce-jjp] accouplement | _ BAR 
bielle I _ CHAIN chaine d'attelage | _ ROD, 
SLEEVE, bielle, manchon d'accouple- 

COU'RIER courrier L'uent 

COURSE [fcoree] cours : carriere : suite : cours, 
parcours" (de I'eaul [at a meal) service [turn) 
tour [of life) cours : genre [of ore) filon [ma- 
sonry) assise [J>) rmUe-.cup Iv.) courir | Fore 

— [A] ilfisai)ie|Main , Grand' voile : cape \ 

S [pi] basses voiles | 8 [med] regies \ 

First . [dinner] Entree \ Matter of Cfiose 

qui va sans dire [or qui va de soi] To attend 
a _ of LECTURES, Suivre un cours | In _ 

of, En cours de | In of time, Avec le temps | 

In the of 10 days, Dans une dizaine de jours] 

In due En temps voulu | Of Naturelle- 

raent : cela va sans dire : bien entendu lint.) 

Bien sur ! ' Eh ])ardl I' ] Of they refused to 

admit them, II va sans dire qu'on leur refusa 

V entree \ To pursue [ou steer] a , Suivre tme 

marche \ The safest , Le plus sfir ] of 

ACTION. Maniere d'agir ] To take its 

Prendre son cours ] Three S are open to 

him. II a trois partis a prendre 

COUR'SING clMSse au levrier 
COUR'SER \_lcdrce-r} coureui 

COURT [ftorte] cottr : tribunal [-martial) con- 
seil dejrtterre [sitting) aiKitedce [tennis) coursj 

Back , Cmir de derriere ) Civil C laXgtte \ 

In open En plein tribunal | The LAW S 

(pi] Le Palais de .justice (Londres] To pay 

to, Faire saC a. \ Payment into , Consigrna- 

tion I To have a friend at , [fig] 'Avoir du 

piston' I of APPEAL' C d'appel [supreme) 

C de cassation ] -BAR'ON C seigneuriale \ 
-DAY jour ^'audience ] -HOUSE palais de 
justice ] -LEET C de centurie \ -MAR'TIAL 

imar'che-ll conseil de yuerre \ NEWS 

' chroni(iue mondaine' \ -PLAS'TER taffetas 
d'Angleterre \ -YARD cour 

Court va. faire sa cour a [favours & seek after) 
chercher [solicit) briguer 

Cour'teous [kor-ti-eiiss] a. courtois (to, a] poll 
(etivers] Iv ad. courtoisement : poliment 


COURTESAN' [ou —ZAN'] eoiir tisane 

COUR'TESY [IcSrt^ courtoisie : politesse \ To 

ike-rt-se] ou Make a , Faire une revi- 

I^COURT'IER courtisan:hommedecoi(r \_rence 

'« COURT'LINESS elegance 

SCourt'lv a. de cour : elegant : poli 
VCOURT'SHIP [,m, la) cour 

COUS'IN [ke-z'-nn'] cousin -e ] First C ger- 

main-e 1 First once removed, C au deux- 

ieme degre ] Secoud , C issu-e de gerinam 

COVE anse [slang for man) gaillard : 'type' 

Co've'd a. a voiissures : cintre 

COVENANT [ke-ve-ne-nnte'] convention [Scot, 
hist.) Covenant [Bible) alliancelo.) s'engager 

(to. a] Old. New Ancienne, nmivelle A 

ER aire [law) partie contractante 

COVENTRY [fam] To send ... to _, Mettre ... 
en qitarantaine 

A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liatJion. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Itmlic. MASCULINE, thus. 



A.IS ^• 


COUSSIN" cushion [tech) bolster : quoin 
COUSSINET" pad : cushion [selle) pillion [melt) 
bolster [tech) bush :bearing [ch. defer) chair | 

Kegler un To adjust a bearing | Filiere 

a S' Stock and dies 

Cousu -e [y. Coudre] pp. sewed : marked | 

de fil blanc, Easily seen through | Etre tout 

d'or, To have no end of money | Botwhe e ! 

Not a word ! 
COUT" cost I Au prix cofltant. At cost price 

COUTEAU knife | a decouper, Carving E { 

de poclie, Clasp-K | de Jeannot. ' K with 

3 new blades and 2 new handles ' { Boite a 

X, K-box I a X tires, At daggers drawn 

COUTELAS" [koot-la] cutlass [fce-t'Je-ss] 
COUTELIER" -li;fi£ cutler 
COUTELLERIE cutlery : C-works 
Coflter" V. to cost [absol.) to be dear | Ce vin a 
coute 6 fr. a A B, This wine cost A B 6 fr. | 
_ la vie a A B, To cost A B his life | CoOte 
que coute, Cost what it will : at any cost [V. 
Qui] II lui en coftte, It costs him an effort, ou 

it grieves him (de, to] cher. To be dear | 

' les yeux de la tete,' To 'cost no end of 

money' : to 'cost a pretty penny' 
Cofllcux' -etise a. expensive : costly 
COUTIL" ticking : bed-tick [pantalon) duck 
COUTRE cleaver [de chamie) coulter 

COUTUME custom : practice | Comme de , As 

usual I J'ai ia— de, lamin thehabitof | 

Une fois n'est pas , It's only this once 

Coutumier' -iere a. customafy : usual : old : 

accustomed (de, to] Droit , Customary law : 

established custom (-s] II est du fait, He's 

in the habit of doing it 
COUTURE seam : needlework icicatrice) scar | 

Maison de , Dress-making establishment | 

Battu a plate , Beaten hollow 

Couture -e a. marked : seamed : pitted 
COUTURIER- '_' [Jarties' tailor] 
COUTURIERE dress-maker 
COUVAIN- nest of ...'s eggs 
COUVAISON' [s. z] brooding-time : sitting 
COUVEE brood : clutch : nest of eggs | ToiUe 

la , ' The whole batch of them ' [monastery 

COUVENT" convent : nunnery [de religieux) 

Couver* v. to brood : to sit (on eggs] Imaladie) 
to breed [feu,i>n.)to smoulder[dans I'dme) to 

lurk I Faire , To set : to put (eggs) under a 

hen to set | ... des yeux. To gaze on : to 

dote upon 1 Feu qui e sous la cendre, [fig] 

Smouldering flame fdish 

COUVERCLE cover: cap -.lid | Plata-, Covered 

COUVERT" table things (pi] spoon & fork [abri) 

cover : lodging | a_, UnderC : sheltered (de, 

from] De 20 s, Laid for 20 persons | Mettre 

le , To lay the table | Oter le , To clear 

the table : to ' clear away the things ' | Mettre 

un pour, To lay a place for 

-e a., covered : hidden [terrain) woody [ciel) 

cloudy [fig) obscure [j>ers) witli his hat on | 

Restez ! Keep your hat on ! [pp. V. Cou- 

COUVERTE blanket [tech) glaze L^'r 
Couverle'incnt" ad. secretly : covertly 
COUVERTURE rug : cover : roof (-ing] [de 
- laine) blanket [pigHe'e) quilt [d'a»e>ite) horse- 
cloth [com) security | Faire la , To turn 

down the bed-clothes | Tirer la a soi. To 

take the lion's share 
COUVEUSE sitting Jien [arti/icieHe) incubator 

Couvi a. I CEuf . Rotten egg : addled egg 

COUVRE-CHEF hat | -FEU curfew | -LIT" eider- 
down I -PIED'S" counterpane ! -PLAT" dish- 
cover I -TH'^I^RE tea-cosy 
COUVREUR slater [en chaume) thatcher [en 

tuiles) tiler 
Couvrir va. (Table 23) [de, with] to cover : to 
conceal : to load [comsO to roof liable) to lay 

[bruit) to drown [defendre) to protect | Se , 

To wrap ... up : to put on one's hat : to hide 
o'self : to get under cover [temps) to be over- 
cast I Couvrez-vous ! Please put your hat on ! 
COWPOX [fcoppofces] _ [fcao-pox, o bref] 
COXAZGIE hip disease 
C.Q.F.D. [V. Q.E.D. ang] 

CRABE crab | tourteau, Common crab 

CRABIER" American heron 

CRAC crack | ! In a moment : ' in a crack ' 

CRACHAT" spittle [ordre) decoration : star 
Crache -e a. exact : " to a T ' | C'est son pere 

tout , He's the verv image of his father 

CRACHE-MENT • [Mie'fi] spitting 




^COV'ER coiwerture [postal) enveloppe : pli 
[lid) couvercle [of dishes) cloche [plate, knife, 
fork, etc.) convert [cloth) tapis [furniture.etc.) 
hottsse [for game) couvert [fig) voile : pre- 
texte [4>) protection | Outer , [tyre] En- 
veloppe I Under of, [X) sous la Pde [fig) a 

Ja ^reiir de: sous voile de ] Co v'er ixj. cou- 
vrir [a deficit) combler [hide) cacher [bull) 

saillir | again, recouvrir | up, couvrir 

CCV'ERING cmwerftire [dress) v'etement 
COVERLET [Je-(] couvre-pieds 
COVERT couvert : abri : gite : taniere 

1^ a. cache : couvert 1 ly ad. en dessous 

Cov'et Ike-ve-tf] va. convoiter : ambitionner : 

desirer ivn.) convoiter (after ...] 
Cov'etous ite-ss'i a. avide (of. de] avaricieux 
Cov'etously ad. avec convoitise 
COVETOUSNESS [te-ss] citpidite : convoitise 
COVEY ike-vel [of partridges) compagnie 

COW [kaou] vache | Milch _, V laitiere \ _ in 
calf. Vpleine I -BERRY myrtille rottge | -BOY 
' _ ' I -CATCHER chasse-bestiaux | -DUNG 
boitse de vache | -HAIR botirre de V | -HIDE 
Veau de V[va. Americ.) donner des coups de 
canne a j -HOUSE e'faftJe.wjc/jeriel -KEEPER, 
-HERD vacher-ere [-keeper, in towns) nour- 
risseur | -PARSNIP berce \ -POX cowpox 
Cow [fcaof'i] va. intimider : dompter : atterrer 
COWARD [<6 'f.'] [kao-e-r^1 poltron -nne : lache 
—ICE. —LINESS lacltete ~poltronnerie 

1 y a. lache : poltron [ad.) lachement : en lache 

/Co\v'er vn. s'affaisser [stoop) se blottir 
'sCOWL capuchon | Chimney — Tabourin 

V COWSLIP {.primula reris] coucou : prime- 
CbX'COMB" ikornel petit-maitre \yere 

COX'SWAIN [cokfc?'-»iM] patron (de chaloupe} 
Cov a. reserve : timide 

[168] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type : before verbs, Italic. 


s common^^Kt 

th languages are given in the French division only. 



Criiclier' va. to spit [en parlant : et plume) to 
S]>iitter [argot) to "fork out' 

CRACHOIR spittoon | Tenir le To monopo- 
lize the talk 

Crachoter" vn. to keep spitting 

CRAIE clialk | De _. Chalky I Mineie C-pit 

Craindre va. (Table 58) to fear (de, to] to be 
afraid of(..iiig]Ce»eflettr craint le froid, This 
flower cant stand the cold | Je crains qu'il ne 
vienne, I fear he will come | Je crains qu'il ne 
Vienna pas, I fear he will not come | Je ne 
crains pas qu'il vieime, I am not afraid he will 
come I Ne craignez-vous pas qu'il vienne? 
Are you not afraid he will come ? | Je crains 
de ne pas le voir. I fear I shall not see him 
[r. Pluie'] Crainf -e pp. [F. Craindre] 

CRAINTE fear : dread | De _ de. For fear of 

(] De qu'il ne vienne, For fear he 

should come | De qu'il ne vienne pas. For 

fear he should not come | Avec . 'With fear | 

Sans , Fearlessly 

Craintif -ive a. timorous : timid [-mf -ly] 

CRAMOISI [* _-e a.] crimson 

CRAJIPE [wie'ct) cramp t>^ [tech) cramp-iron 

CRAMPON" cramp : brace : dog [de fer a glace) 

frost-nail [fig) bore | n'ner' va. to cramp 

[chev) to rough-shoe | Se , To cling (a, to] 

CRAMPON'NET" small cramp : staple 

CRAN" notch [roue) cog Ityp) nick | Mettre ... 

en , [4>] To haul ... down | Au de repos. 

At half-cock 

CRANE skull [individu) swaggering fellow [a.) 
swaggering : ' smart ' [courageux) ' plucky ' | 
_^menf ad. ' pluckily ' : ' stunningly ' 
CRANE' RIE swagger :' bounce': pluck 

Cranien"-nnea. cranial | Boite nne.C cavity 

CRAPAUD" toad : ' brat ' : large two-wheeled 

truck I _ VOLANT- night-jar 
CRAPAUDIERE toad-hole 
CRAPAUDINE grating : plug [d'un arbre ver- 
tical) foot-step bearing | a to , Broiled 

CRAPOUILL'OT" little toad : trench mortar 
CRAPOUSSIN" scrubby-looking little fellow 
CRAPULE debauch : debauchees (pi] ' bad lot ' 
Crapuleux'-eiise a. grossly debauched 
CRAQVE 'cram' [fente) crevice 
CRAQU-E-UN" cracknel 
CRAQUELURE crack (in paint] 
CRAQUE-MENT" cracking : grinding 
Craqu'ef vn. to crack : to crackle : to grind 

[fig) to ' draw the long bow ' : to ' cram ' 
CRASE [krahzl crasis [fcr&iss] 
CRASSANE kind of bergamot pear 
CRASSAT" mud-flat : oyster-bed fgross : crass 

CRASSE dirt [met) slag [fig) stinginess | a. 

Crasseux'-eiise a. filthy : miserly 

CRATfeRE crater [krete-'r'] 

CRAVACHE liorsewhip | Donner des coups de 

a [or r'] .... To horsewhip ... 

CRAVATE neck-tie : cravat : scarf : tassel | 

Epingle de , Breast-pin | _ LONGUE stock 

se Cravater' vr. to put on one's tie (ou cravat] 




COY'NESS timiditi 
Coz'e'n [fce-z'-nn] va. tromper : duper 
Cr. [abr. pour Creditor] [V. Debtor] 
CRAB crabe : ecrevisse [apple) pomme sauvage 
[machine) chevre | -TREE pommier sauvage 
[Siberian) P de Siberie \ Crab'bed [a deux 
syllabes] a. [pers) acariatre [writing) illisible 
[stick) noueux : dur 
CRACK fente : crevasse [tech) fissure [in glass) 
feliire [noise) craquement [of a whip) claque- 
ment [twinkling) clin d'ceil 
Crack a. ['first-rate') 'fameux' : le plus chic 

[regiment) d'elite | SHOT fin tireur 

Crack va. [^plit) fendre [glass) feler [on surface) 
gercer[nut)casser[joke) faire[whip) fairecla- 
quer [open bottle) faire sauter [vn.) se fendre : 

se feler : claquer | ' up', [pers] se vanter 

de I -braine'd a. timbre 
Cracke'd [fcrafeM] a. fendu : lezarde [glass) fele 

[pers) timbre [nut) casse 
CRACK'ER petard [America) biscuit [confec- 
tionery ) diablotin | Nut- s, Casse-noisette 

CRACK'INGr craquement [of whip) claquement 
Crac'kle vn. craqueter [the fire) petiller 
CRACK'LING petillement : crepitement [roast 

meat) rissole 
CRACK'NEL craquelin : croqtiignole 
CRA'DLE [a. e'] berceau [J>) ber [v.) bercer 
CRAFT [pi. _s] [trade] metier | CRAFT [pas 
de pi.] [cunning) artifice [skill) adresse [if : 
pi. craft) embarcation : batiment 

— ily ad. artificieusement | INESS artifice 

CRAF'TSMAN [pi. _men] artisan 
Crafty a. artificieux : ruse 

CRAG roc : pointe de rocher : rocher a pic 
[geol) crag | CRAGG'INESS nature rocail- 
leuse I Cragg'y a. rocailleux 
CRA'KE rale f Corn _, R de genet 
CRAM [slang] 'blague' : 'craque' 
Cram [-mrae 'd] va. [with, de : into, dans] [a bag, 
etc.) fourrer [poultry) gaver [a pers) bourrer 
[coach student) preparer : ' chauffer ' [make . . . 
believe) 'blaguer' [heap, crowd) entasser 
CRAM'BO corbillon : bouts-rimes (pi] 

» CRAMP [tool) crampon | Seized with , Pris 

s'd'ttne craTnpe[v.) donner des crampes a [tech) 

gcramponner[fig) entraver | e'd for ROOM, 

gSerres comme des harengs | Crampe'd a. 
•=* lecriture) des pattes de motiche 
CRAN'BERRY lerann-brc] canneberge 

CRANE [crene] grue | Portable , O roulante \ 

Overhead travelling , Pont roulant | Water 

G hydranliqxie |_ one's neck,Tendre le cou 

S-BELL bee de grrte 

CRANK [tech) manivelle[j)ers) original [whim) 
marotte | -CASE carter | _ MOTION [card] 
bric-a-brac | -PIN bouton deM\ -SHAFT ar- 
bre de JVf [motor) vilebrequin | -WEB brasde 
CRANN'Y fente : crevasse | CRAPE crepe [,M 

CRASH. ING fracas [towelling) grosse toile 

de fil [vn.) eclater ■ faire du fracas 
Crass a. crasse : grossier 
CRATE [fcre'fe] liarasse : caisse a claire-voie 
CRA'TER cratere [lation' 

CRA'THUR I The —.[Irish whiskey] 'Conso- 
Crave [a. e] v. implorer | CRA'VEN poltron 
CRA'VING desir ardent [or insatiable] 
CRAWFISH [ou CRAY'FISH] ecrevisse 

A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Iti 






Crayeux' -etise a. chalky 

CRAYON" pencil : sketch | de couleur, 

Crayon Ikre-e-nnl d'ardoise, Slate PI a 

Cra_>on"ncp' va. to sketch [copier, Copying P 

CREANCE credit : trust : debt (coming to one] 

Lettres de , Credentials [commerce) letters 

of credit | Meriter , To deserve credence 

CRtANCIER" -lERE creditor \a. creative 

CRtATEUR Creator : maker : founder | —-Vrice 

CREATION" Ikri-eche-nn] establishment: 

[novelty) ... has introduced : production 

CREATURE _ [kritche-r'] 

CRECKLLE rattle | CRECERELLE kestrel 

CRECHE crib[du Christ) manger [pour i>etits 
enfants) 'creche': infants' home 

CREDENCE sideboard leglise) credence table 


CRtDIT" Ba^ _ : trust : loan [budget) vote (of a 

given sum] [fig) influence : repute I a , On 

credit | Faire a. To give ... credit | Ouvrir 

un , To open an account | Society de , 

Loan society | Les s, The funds 

FONCIER" loan on landed security 

MOBILIER" loan on personal S, such as 

share-warrants, etc. 

Crediter' va. to credit ... (de, with] 

CR^DITEUR creditor | Compte _, C account 

CREDO creed 

Cr^dule a. credulous [-mf-ly] LITE ty 

Creer" Ipp. cree, creee] va. to create : to estab- 
lish : to brin^ out, ou introduce (a novelty] 

CREMAILL' ERE pot-hanger [tige dent.) rack 
[plant e) dodder |Ch. de fera , Cog-wheel rail- 
way I Pendre la , To give a house-warming 

CR^MAILL-ON" pot-hook | CREMATION" _ 
Crematoire a. crematory | CREMATORIUM _ 
CREME cream : custard [tig) cream : best : 

' pick ' I Un pot de , A custard | fonette'e. 

Whipped cream [fig) froth [F. TARTE a Ja _] 
glacee, Ice cream | Fromage a la Cream- 
cheese I Cafe , Glass of coffee and milk | 

_ de TARTRE, Cream of tartar 
Cr<5mer" vn. to cream over fcrearay 

CREMERIE creamery | Cr(5meux" -euse a. 
CRt.M\Efi"-IERE dairyman : dairytvoman 
CREJ[ONE lever-fastening (for window] 
CR^NEAU battlement : interspace 
CR^NELAQE milling : milled edge 
Crenel^ -e a. notched : square-scalloped [arch) 

battlemented [mov) milled [bot) crenate 
Cr^neler" va. [rotie) to cog [tiwn) to mill 
CRENELVRE indentation [mach) teeth (pi] 
Crener" va. [typ'] to kern | Cr^ne, Kerned 
CREOLE [* ^.] _ Ikri-ole] 
CREOSOTE [kray-o-zote] _ [kri-o-^ote] 
CR£PE crape : mourning band | CREPE pan- 
Crfiper" va. to frizzle : to crisp [cake 

CR^PI rough-cast | r va. to rough-cast [cuir) 

to grain [crin) to crisp : to frizzle 

CR£PIN" I Saint , Shoemakers' patron saint : 

bag in which they keep their tools : 'one's all ' 
CREPINE fringe [tech) strainer | _ a clapet 

de retemie, Foot-valve and strainer 
CieEPZTATZOJV" crackling | Crepiter' wi. to 
CRfePON- ' _ ' Lcrackle 

Cr<5pu -e o. woolly : frizzly : curly 
Crepusculaire a. twilight [zool) crepuscular 




Crawl Wl. ramper : se trainer [fig) s'insinuer : 

ramper | up, grimper | with, grouillerde 

Craw'Ung a. rampant [with, de) fourmillant 
CRAY'FISH [ou CRAWFISH] ecrevisse 
CRAZE \krize\ folie : toquade du jour 
Craze [kreze] va. rendre fou | ZINESS folie : 

demence | Cra'zy a. fou : ' toque ' 
Creak [fcrtfce] vn. crier : grincer [grasshopper) 

chanter | ING grinceraent [a.) ... qui crie 

CREAM [fcrjme] creme | With , a ta creme I 

Clotted , C cailUe \ Cold , ' Cold-cream' I 

-CHEESE fromage a. la C \ -coloured a. 

cotdeur cafe au lait [horse) isabelle | -laid a. 

verge blanc | -wove a. velin blanc 

SEPARA'TOR eeremeuse centrifuge 

OREAM'ERY cremerie 

CREASE [krice] pli : faux pli | va. plisser : 

faire des faux plis (a ...] 
Crea'te Ikri-ete} va. creer : causer : faire 
CREA'TION Ikri-eche-nnl creation | The brute 

, Les animaux (pi] 

Crea'tlve [kri-etiw'] a. creatif 

CREA'TOR [fcrt-e'teur] [le) Createur : [r)Auteur 

de la creation 
CREA'TURE [fcrt'fc/ie-r] creature : bete [fig) 

etre : personne : animal : 'corps' : creature \ 

_ COMFORTS [pi] aises 
CRE'DENCE foi \ Give _ to. Ajouter foi a 
CREDEN'TIALS [pi] lettres de creance 
Cred'ible a. croyable : digne de foi \ To be 

bly informed, Tenir ... de bonne source 

CRED'IT foi : eroyance | On _, a credit | Give 

, [com] Vendre a credit | To give the 

to . . . (for] Recorder le merite a | He is a to 

A B, II fait honneur a A B | Letter of , 

Lettre de C | va. croire [com) crediter (with, 

de] porter ... au credit de | If we may ..., 

a en croire ... | able a. digne deluge 

ably ad. honorablement 

CRED'ITOR [te-r] creancier [book-keep.) avoir: 
crediteur | -SIDE avoir : credit 

CREED symbole : profession de foi : credo : 

culte : secte | The Nicene , Le symbole de 

Nicee ■ fd'eau 

CREEE anse : crique [in America, etc.) cours 

Creep va. [pret. & pp. Crept] ramper [person) 
se trainer [tyre) bouger sur la jante | To feel 

05 flesh _, Avoir la chair de poule [V. Cringe] 

In, into, s'insinuer. avancer (dans] 

on, s'avancer peu a pen | out, .sortir douce- 

ment ; s'esquiver | up, grimper a 

CREEP'ER plante grimpante [bird)grimpereau 

Virginia [or Five-leaved] Vigne merge 

CREEPING [sensation] fourmillement 

a. rampant : grimpant 

Cre'nate a. [bot] crenele | Crept [K. Creep] 
CRES'CENT croissant [houses) demi-lnne 

CRESS cresson | Water C de fontaine 

CREST [of helmet) cimier [bird's) /mppe [cock's 

6 ridge) Crete [heraldry) ecusson I With one's 

on, Arraorie | ed, Huppe 1 -fall'e'n 

concerte : abattu 

[170] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 


i commoi^^^Ktli 

ith languages are given in the French division only. 



CRESSON" cress [de fontaine) water-cress [des 

pres) cuckoo-flower 
CR^SUS Croesus [fc»-t-ce-ss] 
Cretace -e a. cretaceous [fam) clialky 
CRETE crest : top : ridge [du coq) comb 
Cr<^te -e a. crested I CftBTySLiEdog's-tail grass 
CRfeTIN" _ [fig) blockhead [get stupid 

Crf^tiniser' va. to make ... stupid | Se — , To 

CR^TINISME [eece-m] ism [tig) idiocy 

CRETONNE _ | CRETONS' [pi] greaves 
CREUS^ hole : hollow 
CREUSEMENT" excavation : hollowing out 
Creuser" ixi. [dans, out of] to scoop : to hollow 
[terre) to dig [tech) to sink [fig) to well sift | 
Se _, To get hollow | Se _ Ja tete, To rack 
one's brains (pottr, to\ \... 

CREUSET" crucible [fig) test | Au _, Crucible 
CREUX' hollow : deep [foir) hollowness [arts) 
cast I _ sur PAYOL depth of hold 

-etise a. hollow Ifosse) deep [estomac) empty | 

Assiette se. Soup plate i Cerveau , Shal- 
low pate I Idees ses, Idle fancies 

CREVAISON" [argot) death [pneu) puncture 
CREVASSE [a, in] crevice : chink [a la j)eau) 
chap [de glacier) crevasse 

Crevasser', Se ii. to crack : to chap 

* CREVfe ' [petit] washed-out, dissipated youth 
CR^VE-CCEUR heart-breaking thing 
Crever" v. [a, of : de, with] to burst : to break: 
to cram : ' to be ready to split' [les yeux a) to 
put out [F. CEIL] [A) to bulge : to split [vulg. 
& anim.) to die [per,?) to 'do for' [un pneu) to 
puncture | 'Mon pneu est creve,' I have had 

a puncture | Se , To burst 

CREVETTE \rose) prawn [grise) shrimp 
CRI cry [Pour les divers cris d'animaux, V. le 
nom de I'animal lui-meme, partie fran.'i [de 
foule, et bruyant) shout [fig) clamour : cry : 
voice [aigre) scream [dechirant) shriek [des 
rats, etc.) squeak [des petits oiseaux) chirp 

[Soulier, gond) creaking | 'Dernier 'Latest 

thing out I Pousser les hauts s. To com- 
plain bitterly : to strongly protest 
Criaill'er" vn. to bawl [apres ...) to scold 

ERIE bawling : outcry 

_EUR -ETJSE bawler : scold 

Crianf -e a. crying : gross : glaring 

CRIARD"-J5 brawler : screecher : scold 

_ a. screeching : screaming : clamorous : loud | 

Dettes es. Pressing little debts 

CRIBLE sieve | Passer au _ [or Cribler'] To sift 

[de, with) to riddle [accabler) to overwhelm 

Crible -e pp. riddled (with shot, etc.] [de dettes) 

'over head and ears ' (in debt] pock-marked 
CRIBLURE siftings (pi] coarse part 
CRIC" Ikree'] lever : jack | CRIC CRAC click- 
CRI-CRI cricket (insect] Lclick ! 

CRICKET- _ (game] 
CRIEE auction | a ta _, By A 
Crier' v. [a luiute voix) to shout [a voix aigre) 
to shriek [gonds, etc.) to creak [apres ...) to 

scold [publier) to proclaim : to publish | 

comme mi perdu, 'To scream like mad' 
CRIEUR -EXJSE crier : auctioneer [maiw. part) 

CRIME [pr. treewi] [fcraime] guilt : offence | 

Faire un de ... a B, To impute ... to B as 

a crime [Many of what are styled ' crimes ' 
in the Code Napoleon are ' misdemeanours ' in 
CRIMINALITE _ty : crime LEnglish law] 
CRIMINEL -75LZ.JS _al : culprit [a.) criminal 
[-llemenf -lly] by criminal process 

CRIN" hair : horse-hair | vegetal, Vegetable 

fibre I _S"(pl] mane j ' a tons _s,' Out and out' 
CRINCRIN" [fam] cracked old fiddle : fiddler 
CRINIERE mane [sur un casque) plume [pop) 
CRINOLINE— I CRI QUE creek L'wig' 
CRIQUET" locust [cheval) tit [pers) tora-tit 
CRISE ikreezi crisis ikrdi-eiss'\ fit iv. Nerf] 
CRISPATION" nervous irritation : shrivelling 

Crisper' va. to shrivel Ipers) to irritate | Se , 

To shrivel up : to move convulsively 
CRiSTAL crystal : cut-glass [de roche) rock-C 1 
LLERIE manufacture of cut-glass : cut- 
glass works 
CRISTAL'LIN" [& _-e a.] crystalline 
CRISTALLISATION" cryst&lUz&tion 

Cristariiser" va. [& Se ] to crystallize 

CRITtRE, CRIT^RIUM criterion : test [Kant 
CRITICISME [eece'm] t»3( critical philosophy (of 
Criliqu'able a. open to criticism: censurable 
CRITIQUE _tic [a.) critical 




Creta'ceous a. cretace 

CREVICE [in. dans] creva.<ise [chink) fente 

CREW [kroit] [rt)equipage [fig) bande : clique | 

Gun's Servants 

CRIB [child's) lit (d'enfant] [Christ's) creche 

[ maiigeoire \ Nice little , Gentil 

petit coin | BITER tiqueur 

Crib [-bbed] va. filouter : 'chiper ' (from, a] co- 
pier (from, sur] 
CRICK crampe (legerel [in neck) torticolis 
CRICK'ET grillon [game) 'cricket' | -BALL 
balle de C | -MATCH, m. de C i _ER joueur 
de cricket 
CRI'ER {Jcrdi-e-rl crieur [of a court)huissier 

CRIME [fcra'tm] [in general) criminality 

Crinie'an [krdi-nn-e-nn'\ a. de Crimee 
CRIM'INAL [& a.] _nel 
CRIMINAL'ITY —ite : eidpaUUti 

■ Crlm'inate [jie'fe] va. incriminer fracoler 
CRIMP racoleur [1x1.) gaufrer [hair)friser [X) 
CRIM'SON [ze-Kx] [& «.] cramoisi [fig) rouge 

.-Cringe vn. reculer : frissonner | To to, 

g Faire le chien couchant aupres de | To make 

X one Faire venir la chair de pmile a 

■"CRIN' GIN G basse servilite : coiirhette 
CRIN'GLE empoinhire : patte (de boitJine] 
CRIN'KLE sinuosite 

_d PA'PER. Papier ondule 
CRIP'PLE [& f.] boiteux -eitse : e-stropie -eiva.) 

estropier [fig) paralyser : affaiblir 1 ed with 

rheumatism, Perclus de rhumatismes 
CRI'SIS ikrdicissl crise [pr. kreez'] 
Crisp a. cassant [pastry) croquant [hair) crepe | 

NESS fragilite : frisiire 

CRITE'RION [krdi-tiri-e-nn1 criterium 
CRIT'IC critique [fault-finder) censeur 

A point (S*) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no luiison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in ItaUc. MASCULINE, thus. 



CRITIQUE [de, of : sur, on] _ : criticism : cen- 
sure i r" va. to criticise : to censure 

CROASSE'MENT" caw : croak : croaking 
Croasser't'n. [freiix ou corueille) to caw [cor- 

beau) to croak 
CROC" hook : boat-hook : curled moustache : 
canine-tooth [anim) fang : tusk 
_ DOUBLE clip-hook 
CfiOC-ENJAJirBE Ikrok : m nasal] trip " 

CROCHE quaver | DoijbJe , Semi-quaver | 

Triple , Demi-semi-quaver ffast 

Croche a. crooked i r" v. to hook on : to make 

CROCHET" [o short] hook : clasp : strap : turn: 
barb [a basatle) steelyard [arc/i) crocket iser- 
rtire) pick-lock [serpent) fang [animal) claw 
['KP) bracket [ftroden'e) crochet" : C-needle | 

a s, [boot] With button-eyelets | Aux s de, 

[fig] At the expense of | Clou a , Tenter- 
hook I Faire un To turn out of one"s way 1 

a bottines, Button-hook 

CROCHE'TAGE porterage : picking (of lock] 
Croclie'ter" va. to pick (a lock] 
CROCHE'TEUR porter [voleur) burglar 

Crochu -e a. hooked i Avoir les mains es. To 

CROCODILE _ oa^ [doiJe] ihe a thief 

CROCUS _ [en ang. pr. kro-ke-ss] 
Croire v. {Table 35) to believe (en, a, in] to 
trust to : to follow (a person's) advice [s'ima- 
giner)to think | aTen—, Ifhe is to be believed | 
Je crois que oui, I believe so [ou, I believe it 
is, it was, he does, they will, etc., etc.] Je iie 
le crois pas, I think not | Je crois que non, I 
believe not | Je I'ai cru ! I thought so ! | Je le 
crois bien ! I can very well believe it ! I dare 
say it is! [they will, etc., etc.] C!e n'estpas a 

, [y. Hear] Croyez-le bien. Depend upon it | 

N'allez pas — que. Don't imagine that | Faire 

a ....To lead ... to believe | Se To think 

o's ... : to think one has Ichose) to be believed 

CROISADE [zaddl crusade [fcrott-ce'de] 

CROISi twill Ipers) crusader [fcrou-oe'de-'r] 

Croise -e a. crossed : double [de I'etoffe) twilled 

[drap) double-milled [gilet) double-breasted 

[animal) cross [rimes) alternate [feu) cross | 

lies bras s. With one's arms folded [fig) idle 

CROISEE [French) window [aj-ch) transept 
CROISE'MENT" crossing : cross-breeding 
Croiser' v. to cross : to fold [navires) to cruise 

[drap) to twill | le fer, To cross swords | 

Se , To cross (one another, each oth^] to 

fold ...'s arms : to go on a crusade 
CROISEUR cniiser 03^ [filon) cross-course 
CROISIERE cruise : fleet of cncisers : station 

[«ai) crossing (of the lines] 
CROISILL-ON" cross-piece [F. OXFORD] 
CROISSANCE growth [fig) increase 
CROISSANT- crescent [outil) bill-hook | En _, 

Croissant' -e a. growing [fig) increasing 
CROIT" increase 

Ci"Oitre vn. (Table 64) to grow : to spring up : 
to swell [jours) to lengthen [fig) to increase | 
Ne faire que et embellir. To grow won- 

CROIX' [fcrtfoTi] cross Ksj[t{^) dagger | En 

Across : crosswise ivergue) square | Mettre 

en , To crucify | Faire une kla clietninee. 

To 'mark ... with red ' [i.e.. This is' wonder- 
ful!] de St. Andre, Diagonal bracing { 

_ ROUGE, Red Cross 




Crit'ical ikritti-ke-l'] a. critique : delicat : diffi- 
cile I Ily ad. d'une maniere critiqtie : avec 


NESS caractere critique : exactitude 

Crit'icise [faV?e] va. critiquer : censurer 
CRIT'ICaCSM critique : appreciation [T. Salon] 

CROAK, ING [fcr6fee][frog) coassement[pers) 

grognement I Croak vn. coasser : croasser : 
gronder , _ER grognon : prophete de malheur 
CROCK cntche : pot ! 'Old—', [person] ' y«e«te 
CROCK'ERY. —-WARE faience irosse' 

CROCE'ET crochet 
CROCODILE [dat] c_ i In a _. [school] Deux 

par deux j tears. Larmes de C 

CRO'CUS [fcro-fce-ss] [bot) _ : safran [powder) 

rouge d' Angleterre | Autumn , Safran des 

pres : veilleitse 
CROFT petit clos 

ER petit cultivateur [.cote ouest de V^eosse] 

CROM'LECH [iefc] dolmen [Fr, word Crom- 
lech means Stone circle] 

CRONE I Old Vieille femme : vieille 

CRO'NY compere : vieux camarade 

CROOK cmtrtnire [shepherd's ) hmdette [tw.) 

courber | By hook or by , D'i«ne maniere 

ou d'ttne autre | -backed a. bossu 
Crook'ed [pr. crouke-edd] a. tortueux [twisted) 
tordu [across) de travers [fig) pervers [ad.) 

de travers | NESS nature tortueuse [pers) 


CROP recolte-. moisson [fruit) cueillette [bird's) 

jabot I Second Regain 

va. [clip) tondre : couper [tail or ears) ecourter 

[browse) brouter | out, affleurer [fig) per- 

cer : se laisser voir | up, se presenter 

' CROPP'ER ' ! To come a _, Ramasser une 
CROPP'ING OUT affleurement I'pelle' 

CRO'QUET[fcro'-(j«<e] croquet l-HOOParceau 

CRO'SIER [fcroj-ie-r] crosse \ e'd a. crosse 

CROSS croi-r [fig) contrariete : revers [streets) 
carrefour [breed) croisement | -ACTION re- 
convention I -BH, AM traverse \ -BOW arbaUte 
-BREED race croisee \ -EXAMINATION 
contre-interrogatoire | To -examine, [ou To 
-question] Faire subir un contre-interroga- 
toire a I -FRAME traverse | -graine'd a. 
a fibres irreguXieres [fig) reveche | -HEAD 
crosse du piston | -JACK icrodjack'] [F. SAIL] 
-legge'd a. les jambes croisees \ -LODE croi- 
seur I -PIECE traverse [of cardan) croisil- 
lon I To be at -PURPOSES, Se contrecarrer | 
-ROAD chemin de traverse \ -ROADS carre- 
four I -TREES barres \ -ways, -\vise, en 
travers fde mauvaise humeur : maussade 

a. de travers : en travers : contraire [person) 

va. croiser fea [ each other) se c : s'entre- 

croiser [ over) traverser [boundary) passer 

[cheques) barrer [mark a X ) faire une croix 
a ... [o'self) se signer : faire le signe de to C 
[vex) contrecarrer | off, out, biffer 

[172] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CROMLECH [ch, fc] stone circle [V. Cromlech, 
CROQU'ANT' gristle Ipers) poor wretch Lang- 
Croqu'anf -e a. crisp 

CrogM'e-au-sel | a Ja , With nothing but salt 

OROQU-E MITAINE Old Bogey : bugbear 
CROQUE-MORT' [pi _s] undertaker s man 
CROQU-E-A'Or£[pl_s] musician who has no 

Croqu'er" vn. to crunch : to be crisp [ua.) to 

'munch ' : to ' bolt ' [passer) to skip [esquisser) 

to sketch I Gentil, joli -e a , Lovely | le 

marmot, To wait [ou 'hang'] about a long 
CROQU'ET" _ [t nul] almond biscuit [time 
CROQUETTE ' _ ' [fried ball of rice or potato] 
CROQVIGNOLE cracknel [sur, on) fillip 
CROQU'IS" sketch : outline 
CROS'NE Chinese artichoke [stachys tuberifera 
CROSSE crosier : stick Ljeu) hockey : H stick 

[fusil) butt end 
Crosser' va. to hit : to ' pitch into' [fig) to spurn 
CROTTE mud : dirt [d'animal) dung 
Crotte-e a. dirty [fig) wretched | II fait , 

The streets [ou roads] are muddy 

Crotter' va. to dirt | Se , To get dirty 

CROTTIN" dung : horse D : sheep's D 
CROULEMENT-- collapse [V. Crouler] 
Crouler" vn. to fall (with a crash] to give way: 

to sink I Faire , To overthrow 

Crouller' -iere a. ... that sinks ou gives way 
CROUP [pron. the d] _ 

CROUPE [cheval) croup : crupper Imontagne) 
brow : ridge | Monter en , To ride behind 

Croupi -e a. stagnant 

CROUPIER" partner Iniais. de jeu) croupier 

CROUPlilRE crupper | Tailler des _s a ..., To 
make rough work for 


Crouplr V. to stagnate : to lie wallowing (dans, 

Croupissanf -e a. stagnant L'" 

CROUSTADE pie : pasty 

CroustUlanf-ea. crisp | CROUSTILf E hit 
of crust I eux' -eiise a. smutty 

CROtTE crust [peaii) scurf [tableau) rubbish : 
daub \.agr) pan [pers) 'old muff' | Casser une 
[or la] To have something to eat 

CROtTELETTE [bit of) crust 

CROUTON" [bit of) crust [fig) 'old muff' 

Crovable a. credible 

CROYANCE belief : credit : faith 

CROYANT- -E believer | II n'est pas _. He is 
not a religious man | Les s, The faithful 

CRU growth-: making : making-up : vineyard | 

Bouilleur de , [V. Bouilleur] De mon , Of 

my own : my own (production] Du , Home- 
grown I Grands s, High-class wines 

Cru -e a. raw : free : indigestible [grossier, & fig) 
crude : rough : indecent lean) hard Ibrique) 

unburnt | a . On the bare skin [sans selle) 

bareback | Cm -e pp. [F. Croire, Table 35] 
Crtt -ite pp. iV. Croitre, Table 64] 




CROSS'ING [street, breeding, etc.) croisement 
[ — over) passage [by sea) traversee [fig) con- 

trariete \ Level , Passage a niveau 

CROSS'ING-SWEEP'ER balayeur (des rties} 
CROTCH'ET bmitade : hOne [mus) noire 
Crolch'ety a. qui a des litbies : capricieux 
Crouch [.craoutch] vn. se blottir 
CROW' [kro'] comeille [cock's) chant | Carrion 

— , C noire \ As the flies, a vol d'oiseau | 

-BAR pinee | _rOOT [hot] renoncule | _'S- 

FOOT patte A'oie 

Crow vn. chanter [over, sur) chanter victoire 

CROWD \kraoude. pr. vite] fmde : rassemble- 

raent [i)0.).remplir : encombrer Ivn.) etre en 

fmile [press) se serrer | In s. En fmile IV. 

Fotile : House] To b'e ed with. Regorger de | 

round, se pressor | all SAIL, forcer de 

voiles I ed a. serre : encombre (de, with] 

[place) comble [numerous) nombreux 
_ING TOGETHER encombrement 
CRO'WING [fcro] chant (du coq] 
^CROWN couronne [top) couronnement [of a 
i_ hat) fond [cap, bonnet) calotte [anchor) fleche 
2 [coin) ecu : 6fr. 25 [paper size) 51 cm. x 38 | 
. -GLASS verre blanc | -LAND domaine de 
I laC\ — PRINCE prince royal | _ PROS'- 
» ECUTOR procureur general | -WHEELrojte 
sT de rencontre, or de champ [auto) cotironne 
° Crown 1X1. couronner [draughts) damer 
VCROWN'ING couronnement [a.) accablant 
CRU'CIBLE creuset [a.) ... au C 
CRUCIFIX'ION Iflk'-che-nn'] crucifiement 
Cru'cify [crouci-fa:i] va. crucifier 

Crude a. cru : inforrae | oil, Petrole brut 

CRU'DE'NESS cnidite : caractere informe 

CRU'ELTY cruaute : inlmmaniU [law) mau- 
vais traitements : sevices (pi] Society for the 

prevention of to ANIMALS, SocUti pro- 

tectrice des animaux | S.&c._ to CHILDREN, 
Soc. prot. de Venfance 

CRU'ET iMrette : huilier : vinaigrier : nxinagere 
-STAND huilier 

CRU'I'SE \krou,ze\ croisiere : campagne [vn.) 

croiser | To go on a , AUer en croisiere | 

Pleasure — , Voyage d'agrement (sur mer} 

CRU'rSER [ftrotwe-'r] croiseur | Armoured 

. C cuirasse 

CRUMB- I The _, La mie \A—,Une miette | 

g SCOOP ramasse-miettes 

i Crum'ble va. emietter Ivn.) tomber en poits- 

g siere [bread, etc.) s'emietter 

■sCrum'b'y o. qui a beaucoup de mie : tendre 
Crum'ple va. chiffonner [vn.) se c 

Crunch [fcj-e-nncft] va. croquer 

CRUPP'ER [u e] croripiere : croxipe 

CRUSA'DE ikrou-cede\ croisade \ R croise 

CRUSH choc [bruise) ecrasement[crowd) foule : 
presse [va.) ecraser : broyer [metal) bocarder | 
out, exprimer [destroy) ecraser 

CRUSH'ER [agr] concasseur [V. Foudroyant] 

CRUSHING broiement [metal) bocardage 
a. ecrasant : foudroyant 

CRUST [cre-stel [de Ja) crofue [of the earth) 

ecorce [un) crouton | To over, Couvrir [or 

se _] d'wne C \ Crus'tily ad. aigreraent : avec 
humeur | CRUS'TINESS Tmmeiir matcssade \ 
Crus'ty a.qui a beaucoup de crottfe [grumpy) 
raaussade : bourru 

CRUTCH [cre-to/i] bdgicille [tech) ^jotejice | On 
es, Avec des beqtiilles 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL' L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [173] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FiaflXINE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




CRVAVTE cruelty : severity 
CRVCHK pitcher [pers) booby : fool 
CRUCHEE pitcher (fulj 
CRUCHON-- jug : stone bottle 

Crucifere a. ferous | S' [pi] cruciferse 

CRUCIFIEMENT' crucifying : crucifixion 

Crucilier" va. to crucifv 


CRUDITE ty: rawness: hardness : indecency 

CRTJE growth : increase {eaux) rise : swelling : 

flood [en Ecosse) spate 
Cruel -He a. cruel : sore : severe [-iiif -lly, -ly] 
CrOnaenf ad. bluntly : roughly 

CRUSTAC^ tacean | -e a. crustaceous 

CRYOLITE _ F— nious 

CRYPTE crypt | CRTPTOGAME _m [a.) 

CUBAGE cubic measurement | Au By M 

CUBE Ikim'ilie} [fam) student in his 3rd year 

(in spec, mathematics] [a.) cubic [F. p. 36] 

Cubique a. ic : cube | Cuber" va. to cube 

CUEILLETTE crop : picking : gathering | 

Charger en , To take in a mixed cargo 

CUEILL-EUR -^rSB gatherer: ...-picker 
CueiUi-e Lp;). V. Cueillir] [to win [A) toeoil 
CueilVix'va. {Table 13) to gatlier, pick [lauriers) 
CUILLER, CUILLERE [fcicee-yare] spoon | 
Grande _, [or _ a BOJJCHE} table-spoon i 
_ a CAFE teaspoon | _ a DESSERT' dessert 

spoon I a SOUPE [or a potage] ladle 

CUILLEREE spoonful : tea-S : table-S : ladle- 
CUILL-ERON" bowl (of a spoon] [ful 

CUIR [fcfceer] skin [cm) hide [tanne) leather 
[rasoir) strop [fig) vulgar mispronunciation | 
_ EMBOUTI cup-leather 
CUTRASSE _ss | _Sf armour plates [r. SIDE] 
CUIRASS^ Jxtttleship | _ descadre. 1st class 

Cuirasse -e a. in armour [fig) steeled : braced : 
cased [«t) armour-plated | _er"Da. to armour- 
plate I Se To harden one's self 

CUIRASSIER" _ [ang. pr. cotii-re-sxre] 

Cuire i". {Table 50) to cook : to do [ au four) 

to bake [a lean) to boil [rotir) to roast [a 
I'eluvee) to stew Ibriqne, chaiix) to burn | Poire 

a , Stewing pear | La main me cuit. My hand 

is smarting [ou smarts] II vous en cuira ! 
You'll' pay for it ! 

Culsanf -e a. Idoitletir} sharp : acute 
CUISIXE [kii^ee-zeen'] kitchen [I'art) cookery : 
cooking [A) cuddy : galley [fig) table | Batterie 

de K. utensils j Fille de K-maid \ Livre 

de Cookery-book | Latin de , Dog Latin | 

Savoir faire la . To know how to cook 

Cuisiner' vn. to cook 

CUISINIER"-/i;fi£ cook | _7ERB Dutch-oven 
CUISSARD" cuisse Imach. a vap) dome-neck 
CUISSE thigh Iviande) leg : quarter 
CL'/S'SO A"" cooking : baking[po(erte. tech) firing 

[firiqtie) burning [fig) smarting 1 De , [pain] 

I Home-baked 

: CUISSOT" haunch fdantic 

CUISTRE servitor : pedant [vulg) cad [a.) pe- 

Cuif-e a. [* X)p. Cuire] done : cooked : dressed : 

roasted : baked : boiled [du vin) sweet [ruine) 

J done for 

j CUITE [/biirnee) batch [porcel) firing [priques) 

burning | ' Avoir sa ,' To be drunk 

! CUIVRAQE coppering 

I CUIVRE copper oa^ | jaune, Brass 

Cuivre-e a. coppered : copper-coloured [son) 
■ metallic 

I Cuivreilx' -ettse a. coppery 
CUL" [never pr. the L] bottom : back [d'anim) 

rump Icharrette) tail [J») stern [ is a low 

word, except in compounds] de BASSE- 
FOSSE dungeon | -BLANC" [oiseau] wheat- 
ear I -de-JATTE "fellow with no legs' : cripple | 
[ -de-LAMPE tail-piece | -de-PORC stopper 
' knot I -de-SAC blind alley [fig) ' fix ' 
j CULASSE breech [pierre) culet[a«to) ignition- 
1 chamber : cylinder-head | Canon [or fusil] 

se cliargeant par la , Breech-loader 

CULBUTANT- tumbler (pigeon] 

CULBVTE fall : 'tumble' [gymn) somersault | 

Faire la . To turn head over heels [fig) to 

' come to the ground ' : to fall from power | 
I Cuibuter* va. to throw ... down : to 'upset' : 
I to "pitch ... over' [fig) to overthrow [m.) to 
' upset : to be ruined VvP) to back itself 
j Ct'LER abutment [ J> ) stern-way 

Culer'_ vn. to back : to drift astern [vent) to veer 
I CULIERE crupper-strap : channel-stone 

I Culinaire a. ary [ang. pr. kioiV -le-ne-re] 

I Culminant" -e a. nating [nete] highest 




CRUX [creksl point difficile : eniffme 
I'CRY cri [u.) crier : s'ecrier [weep) pleurer | 
I We'll quits. Nous voila quittes 

"S off, n'en etre plus | out, s'ecrier : se 

S plaindre bruyamment [against, centre) se 

I recrier | up, preconiser : vanter 

V CRY'IKG cri [tears) lannes (pi] [a.) criant 

CRYS'TAL [fcrissf-'I] cristal [a.) de 

Crys'talllne [kiVne] a. cristallin 

CRYSTALLIZA'TION [ta'^'-^e] cristallisation 

Crys'Jallize [i a>~i va. cristalliser [fn.) se c 
_e"il FRUITS fruits glaces 
e'd SUGAR sucre en grain cristallise 

CUB [fce-ft] petit [lion's) lionceau [bear's) ourson 
[fox's) renardeau [atbiqite 

CUBE [kioi'ibel c_ [va.) cuber | -ROOT racine 

CU'BICLE [fcioi«] cellule (de dortoir] 

CU'BIT [tiof'i] cmtdee [440 a 720 »/„] 

CUCK'OO coucou I -CLOCK coucou 

-FLOWER [flaoCir} cresson des pres : carda- 
mine \ -PINT [jMinntJ pied-de-veau 
CU'CUMBER [kioTi-ke-mm-be-r'] concombre | 

As cool as a , Avec un sang-froid sans pa- 

reil i -FRAME chassis a C 

/CUD I To chew the Ruminer 

I Cud'dle to. serrer [vn.) se serrer 
■aCUDD'Y [4,] tiJJe 
^CUD'GEL baton [tw.) batonner | To take up 

I the S for. Prendre fait et catise pour 

V LLING [fig] vole'e de coups de baton 

CUE Ikioii'] [part) repliqiie : role [hint) indice 

[mood) veine [billiard, hair) qitetie 

CUFF [ke-fflcoup depoing[linen. &c.)manchette 

[of sleeve) parement [V. Partire'] [va.) donner 

des coups de poing a : battre [tagere 

Cu'linary a. culinaire : de aiisine [herb) po- 

[174] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CULMINATION" — (of a star] 
Ciilininei'" wi. [astr] to culminate (a. at] 
CULOT" bottom [fig) youngest [vulg) ' cheek ' | 

' Avoir du ,' To ' have plenty of cheek ' 

CULOTTK breeches (pi] [ciiisine) rump [argot) 

' spree ' ! coitrte. Knee-B | Elle porte la , 

She wears the B 
Culotter' va. to put (a boy) in knickerbockers : 

to fit [pipe) to colour | Se vr. to get drunk : 

to harden one's self : to get used (a, to] to get 
black : to put on one's breeches 
CULOTTIER" breeches-maker 
CULPABILITE _ty [ke-l-pe-bW -e-tel guilt 
CULTE worship : creed : religion | Direction 

des s, Department of W | Ministre des s, 

Minister of W [V. Religious, ang.] 
Cultivable a. ... fit for cultivation 
CULTI VATEUR -TiJ/CB —tor (de, of] ... -grow- 
er : agriculturist : farmer 
Cultlver" va. to cultivate lagr) to till : to grow 
CULTURE cultivation : crop [tig) culture I _ 
iwfensit'e. Intensive culture [des legumes, &c.) 
French gardening | La petite Small farm- 
ing : the small fanners | CUMIN" 

CUMUL holding several offices (at same time] 
CUMULARD-- pluralist 
Cumuler' va. to hold several offices 
Cuneiforme a. —form | CUNETTE heading 
Cupide a. covetous (de, of] grasping 

CUPULE [little) cup | <?urable a. _ 
CURAQA'O [fcit-ra-so] _(;oa [kou-re-so] 
CURAQE cleaning out : cleansing 
CURATELLE guardianship : trusteeship 
CURATEUR-rJB/CB trustee : guardian 

CURATIF [* -ive a.] ive [kiou-re-tiw1 


CURE : living : charge : priest's house | N'en 

avoir , Not to trouble about it 

CUR^ parish priest : priest : vicar : rector 
CURE-UAWT- [pi. _S] toothpick 
-LANOUE tongue-scraper | -OREILL'E ear- 
picker I -PIED" [hoof-) picker 

CUREE [c/(] quarry | Apre a la , Greedy 

of gain 
CURE'MENT' cleansing [cleanse 

Curer' va. to clean : to pick : to clean out ; to 
CURETTE '_' : scoop : scraper 
CUREUR 'man who cleans out '(wells, etc.] 

Curial -e o. vicarial : rectorial | Maiscm e, 

House of the cure or priest 
Curieuse'menf ad. curiously : singularly 
CURIEUX' -EUSE singular thing ipers) spec- 
tator : on-looker : connoisseur | a. curious: 

singular : odd : inquisitive (de, after : de, to] 
fond (de, of] 
CVRIOSITE [o-zee-t4'] _ty ikiouri-oss-se-ti] 

Les s de la ville. The lions of the place | 

Marohand de s, Second-hand dealer | Par 

, Out of curiosity 




^Cull va. [from, dans] recueillir : choisir 
CULL'ENDEK [mieux, C!olander] passoire 
Cul'minate [ne'te] vn. [fig) se terminer (in, 

par] [astr) culminer 
CUI/MINA'TION c_ [fig) point culminant 
Cul'pable [fee-J'-pe-fte-J] a. coupable 

bly ad. d'jtne manUre coupable 

CUL'PRIT accuse -e : criminel -elle : coupable 
Cul'livate [vetel va. cultiver 
^ CUL'TIVA'TION Iveche-nn] culture 
|CUL'TIVAT0R cultivateur -trice 
oiCul'ture'd a. cultive : lettre 
§ CUL'VERT aqueduc : ponceau 
'''Cum'bpr va. embarrasser : gener (with, de] 

W some a. [ou Cum'brous] genant : peu 

§ facile a manier 

SCUNN'ING finesse : ruse [a.) fin : ruse [in 

3 American sense) coquet : gentillet 

Q ly ad. avec finesse : adroitement 

CUP tasse [of metal) timbale [prize ) cotipe 

[bot. & fig) calice | A parting , Le coup de 

Tetrier | and BALL bilboquet 

-BEARER echanson | -LEATHER cuir em- 

bouti I MOSS; lichen pyxide 

Cup [-pped] ro. appliquer des ventouses a 
CUPB'OARD [ke-he-rde] buffet [for clothes, 
etc.) armoire [in wall) placard | Pedestal 

V [bedside] Table de nuit 

CU'PEL coupelle \ CUP'FUL [foul, bref] tasse 
CU'PID Cupidon 

CU'POLA [kioupo-le'] cmipole [foundry) cubilot 
[American archit.) belvedere \ventouse 

CUPP'ING ajjpJication denentoitses | -GLASS 
Cu'preous [kioup-ri-e-ss'] a. cuivreux 
CUR [fce-r] chien (degenere] [pers) sale bete 

Cu'rable [fctou-re] a. guerissable 
CU'RACY [kiou'-re-ce] vicariat fPasteur 

CU'RATE [kion'-re-tl vicaire i Perpetual , 

CURA'TOR [reVrl curateur [of a museum) con- 

servateur | SHIP poste de G 

CURB [fee-rb] gourmette [fig) frein [va.. check) 
reprimer | -BIT mors a gourmette | -STONE 
bordure de trottoir 
CURD [fce-rde] lait caille 
Cur'dle [fce-r] vn. se cailler [fig) se glacer 

CURE Ikioilre'] : guerison [remedy) remede 

iva.) guerir [salt) saler | R guerisseur : saleur 

CUR'FE'W [ke-r-flotc'] couvre-feu 
CU'RING Ocioure'] cure [salting) salaison 
CU'RIO [fcio)t'-ri-6] curiosite <a3 
CURIOS'ITY —te feo | Quite a _, Tres curi- 

SHOP magasin d'aritiqnites [eux 

Cu'rious [kiouri-e-ss'] a. curieux : delicat 

ly ad. curieusement 

CURL [fce-r-Z] [hair) boiKle [wave) ondulation 
[smoke) spirale | -PAPER papillote 

/Curl va. friser : boucler : enrouler | vn. 

I [worms) s'enrouler [waves) moutonner [of 

s plants) s'entrelacer | up, s'enrouler 

oCUR'LEW [ke-r'liou'] courlis 
gCURL'ING frisure | -TONGS fer a friser 
.gCur'ly a. boucle | _ CLOTH boucle 

headed a. aux cheveux frises 

5) CURMUD'GEON [djenn'] ladre : ' pingre ' 
SCURR'ANT [ke-re-nn-tt] groseille (rouge, or 
S blanctw] [dried) raisin de Corinthe | Black 

u , Cassis I -BUSH groseillier (a grappes] 

cassis I Red- JELLY, gelee de groseilles 

I CURR'ENCY circulation [coin) numeraire 
(^ [fig) vogue I To give to, Donner cours a 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL" L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [175] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Cursif -iw a. running | IVE running-band 

Curvillgn'e a. curvilinear 

CVSCUTE dodder 

CUSTODE custodian [ke-ss-tode-ye-nni 

CUSTODE covering for tbe (pyx) chalice on 
the altar : sheath : veil 

Cutan^ -e a. cutaneous [kiou-tAie-ye-ss] 

CUTTER [J,] cutter 

CUVAGE fermentation in the vat 

CWK vat : copper : tub | matiere, Mash-tub 

CUVE-AU tub 

CUVEE vat (-ful] tub | Yin de seeonde _, Pro- 
duct of re-treatment of the must [F. Piguettel 

CUVELAQE planking and shoring up : lining 

Cuveler' va. to line (with timber, &c.] 

Cuver' V. to ferment : to stand : to mix | son 

vin, To sleep one's self sober 

CUVETTE [wash-hand) basin Igeolog.} rock B 
[tech) cistern [d'ltne montre) cap IpJiot) dish \ 
a bascule. Tip-up basin | a billes, Ball- 
race I Marbre a , Marble-top 

CUVIER" washing-tub : tub [lieu) vat-house 

CYANOG^NE _ogen 

CYANURE cyanide Isa'i' -e-ndide1 

CYCLAMEN- _ [sik' -le-me-nn, i bref] 

CYCLE [en ang. pr. satfce-J] [To cycle, vn. 

faire de la hicyclette] 

CYCLISME leece-ni] Le _. Cycling 

CYCLISTE _ist {.sdi-klissf] 

CYCLONE _ [soi-] 




/'CURR'ENT courant (de, of] cours (d'eau] _ 

a. courant [fig) re(;u : admis | AFFAIRS 

affaires en cours | PRICE prix courant | 

ly ad. generalement 

CURRICULUM cours (d'enseignement] 
Curr'ie'd o. ... au cari 
CURR'IER [ke-ri-e-r} corroyeur 
CURR'Y cari Iva.) corroyer [horses) etriller 
[cook) appreter ... au cari | To _ FAVOUR 
with, 8e faufiler dans les bonnes graces de | 
-COMB- dtrille | -POWDER cari 
5 CURSE malediction (on, sur] [plague) fleau 
5i Iva.) maudire [fig) affliger | To _ and swear, 
M Jurer et blasphemer 

a Cur' sett [ke-r'-sedd : lepp. se pr. ke-rste'i a. 
^ CUR'SING malediction [maudit 

Cur'sorily [ke-r'ce-re-le} ad. en oourant : a 
fl la hate : superficiellement 
g Cur'sory [,se-ri'\ a. leger [remarks) general | 

S At a glance, D'un regard superticiel 

taCurt a. brusque : sec : cassant L^. VUE 

ly ad. sechement : brusquement 

Curtail' va. diminuer [expenses) restreindre 
CUR'TAIN [ternnl rideau [fort) courtine \ To 
drop the_, Baisser la toile | -HOOK patere | 
-LECTURE sermon d'akove | -RAISER 
lever de rideau | -ROD tringle 
CURT'NESS brusQuerie : ton cassant 
CUR'VATURE courbure | _ of the SPINE, 
deviation de la colonne vertebrate 
CURVE courbe Iva.) courber [tech) cintrer 
j Curvet' vn. [horse] faire des courliettes 
ICurvilin'ear a. curviligne 
CtJSH'AT ramier 

CUSH'ION Ikmtche-nn, bref] coussin [billiard) 
bande [tecli) coussinet 

/"CUSP corne (du croissant] ated o. pointu 

I ' CUSS'EDNESS ' [Araer.] pure mdchaneet^ 
wCUS'TARD crime \ A _, Un pot de C 
sCUS'TODY Uce-s'te-del In _, En prisrm | In 

I the of, a ta garde de | To give ... into , 

V Faire arreter ... | To take ... into , Arreter 

^CUS'TOM coutume : usage [shopkeeper's) 

_ pratique | Established , Droit coutumier | 

§ -HOUSE douane | To pass tlie , [goods] 

J Passer en X> | -HOUSE OFF'ICER douanier 
V CUS'TOMS [taxes] droits | Manners and _, 

i Mceurs \ DUTY droit de douane 

•^ _ TARIFF tarif douanier 
(^ UNION union douaniere 

^Cus'tomarily [me-re1 ad. habituellement 
gCus'tomary [ke-s'te-me-re'] a. accoutume : 
S d'usage [terra) consacre : d'usage 

i LAW droit coutumier 

mCUS'TOMER [<fc f.} client -e : chaland-e:i)ra- 

^ tiqtte I A 'queer ,' Un drole de corps | An 

I ugly , Un mauvais coucheur : une mau.- 

^ vaise rencontre 

CUT [fce-(] [incision) coMintre [stroke) coup to 
[slice) morceau [cards) coupe [shape) coupe : 

taille [wood ) gravure | First , Entame \ 

A good _, [coat, etc.] Vne bonne coupe \ Prime 

, [meat] Bon morceau | A short , Un rac- 

courci I To make a short , Couper au plus 

court I -OFF [of steam] fin de I'admission i 
Automatic _-OFF GEAR appareil k detente 
variable \ -OUT coupe-circuit 
Cut va. Ipres. part. Cutting : pret. <fe pp. Cut] 
[from, de : out of, dans] couper [first in) en- 
tamer [pierce) percer [form) tailler[the water) 
fendre [carve joints, clip newsp., etc.) decou- 
per [clip) rogner [teeth, figure, or caper) faire 
[cards) couper [a die) graver [an acquaint- 
ance) rompre avec : laisser la : regarder d'un 
air glacial | She is cutting her teeth, Elle fait 
ses dents | That _s both WAYS, C'est un 

argument a deux tranchants | To ... to 

PIECES, Couper ... en niorceaux : echarper j 

He me, II a passe pres de moi sans avoir 

I'air de me connaitre | across, couper en 

travers | away, couper | down.abattre 

[fig) moissonner [clip) rogner | off, couper 

[kill) enlever [stop) intercepter [prevent) em- 

pecher [isolate) isoler | out, couper -.priver : 

exclure [newspap.. etc.) decouper [See above] 

[in, dans) tailler [pers) eolipser | out for a 

sailor. Fait pour etre marin | short, couper 

court I ... short, couper la parole a ... : 

brusquer | up, decouper : depecer [critic) 

' ereinter ' | He was a good deal up, II etait 

demonte | ' up rough,' se mettre en colere 

Cut vn. couper : se c : debiter [teeth) percer | 

' away" [make off] filer : se sauver 

Cut a. coupe [price) tres concurrence 

Cut and dry [ou dried] a. tout pret | and 

dried AFFAIR, Coup monte 
CUTCH [kotitcK] cachou [Grass, V. COUCH] 

Cute [kioute] a. fin : ruse | He's a fellow ! 

C'est un malin ! 
CUT'LASS ike-tle-ss'] coutelas 

[176] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




CYCLOPE cyclop [ndi-klopp, o bref] 

CycIopeen"'-n«e a. cyclopean 

CYQN'E swan | Le chant du , The song of 

the dying swan | Jeune , Cygnet 

CYLINDRAGE mangling : calendring 

CYLINDRE cylinder [a linge) mangle [d'orgue) 
barrel [agr, jard) roller [verre) sliade : glass- 
shade I CYLINDRER cylinder capacity 

Cyllndrer* va. to mangle [tech) to calender 
[jard, agr) to roll 


Cylindrique o. ical 


CYMBALR cymbal 

CYMBALIER" cymbalist | CYME _ 

CYMOPHANE cat's eye [jewel] 

Cynegetique a. hunting ... : pertaining to the 

chase | Im , The chase 

CYNIQUE _ic [a.) cynical [fce-i] 
CYNISME impudence : cynicism 
CYPRfeS' [seeprail cy'press 03^ 
CYTISE [s, 0] laburnum 
CZAR _ I CZARINE czarina 




/^CUT'LER coutelier | _Y coiitellerie 
CUT'LET eotelette 
' CUT'PURSE ' coupeur de bourse 
CUTT'ER [J,] cutter | First and second _, 
[quarter-boats] Canot No. 1, No. 2 
-OUT [at sewing-machine] appreteuse 
CUTT'ER coupeur : tailleur [instr.) coupoir : 
I decoupoir [die) emporte-piece [milling-tool) 

.^^ fraise \ BLANK fraise non taillee 

i CUTT'ING incision [piece) rognnre [wood, 
etc.) coupe [of plant) botiture [vine) sarment 
[railway) deblai : tranchee [a.) incisif [fig) 
piquant : mordant [icy wind) glacial [F. De- 

OUT decoupage : cmipe 

UP depecement 

CUT'TLE-FISH seiche 
CUT'TY-PIPE [vulg.] 'brCile-gueule' 
>^CUT'WATER [a, o dans sort^ taille-mer 

' CWT.' cinquante kilos [V. Hundredweight] 

CY'CLE c [bicycle) bicyclette : 'bdcane' [wi.) 

faire de la bicyclette : alleraB | Two_ engine, 

Moteur a 2 temps I -CAR ' ' [voiturette tres 

legere a 2 places'] -HOUSE garage | -STAND 
support de bicyclette 

CY'CLING cyclisme : 'la pedale' [a.) velocipe- 
dique : de cycliste [tour) fait a bicyclette 

CY'CLIST isdil _e : velocipediste 

CYCLOM'ETEE compteur (kilometrique] 

CY'CLONE typhon 

CYCLOPiE'DIA [soCiklo-pide-i-al encyclope'die 

CYG'NET jeune cygne 

CYL'INDER _dre [of card) tambour | Four _ 

engine, Moteur a 4 cylindres | CAPACITY 

cylindree \ -COVER, -HEAD aUasse | _ 
LINER chemise d'interieur 


CY'PRESS Isatp-re-ss] cypres 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL' L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. AH FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




D I Un D majuscule, A capital D 

Da I Oui-da. Yes, certainly! Yes. indeed! 

D'aboril" ad. at first : first | Tout , At the 

DACOlTISME [Burma, etc.] dacoity [very outset 
DACTYLE dactvl 

DACTYLOQRAPHE [& /"] typewriter : lady typist 
DACTYLOGRAPHIE typewriting : typing 
DADA [d'enfant)' gee-gee' [fig) hobby 
DADAIS" simpleton : booby : flat 
DAGVE dagger | Daguer" va. to stab 
I>aguerr6ot_>per' va. to daguerreotype 
DAGVERREOTYPIE daguerreotype 

DAHLIA [de'-Jt-e] a fleitrs de cactus, Cac- 

Daign'er" vn. to deign to [txis D 
Walireiirs' ad. on the other hand : besides 
DAIM" [»n nasal] deer : buck | DAINE doe 
DAIS" [ffayl canopy 
DALLAGE pavement : flags (pi] paving 
DALLE flagstone, flag : whetstone latige) spout- 
ing I line de, A slab of 

Daller' va. to pave | DALOT" [A] scupper 
DALTONISME colour-blindness | Atteint de _, 

DAMAS' damask Ipnme de ) damson [ep^e) 

Damascus blade | Linge damasse. Diaper 
Damasquiner' va. to damaskeen 

DAME lady : tnarried lady Imix cartes, echecs) 
queen [au jeu de dames) king idanse) vartner 
[terrassement) 'old man" [tech) rammer [4>) 

rowlock I ! Why ! Well ! | De , Lady's 

\maniere) ladylike | Jouer atJX 8, To play 

DAME-JE-ANNE demi-john [sort of jug] 
Damer" va. [echecs) to queen [ottx dames) to 

crown [tech) to ram | le PION"* a. To bo 

even with : to beat : to outdo 
DAMERET'" ladies' man : fop 
DAMIER" draught-board : chess-B : checker-B 

Damnable [m as n] a. [damm-ne-be-'I] 

DAMN A TION- " [m as n] _ L-ment" -bly 
Damnef [m as n] va. to damn | Anxe damnee. 
Mere tool fexpectant 

DAMOISEAU ladies' man : fop Ihist) knight- 
DAMOISELLE damsel [datnm'^e-J] 
DANDIN"' ninny : snob 
DANDINEMENT" waddling 

Dandiner" ijn. [& Se vr.'] to waddle : to slouch 

DANDY _ I DANDYSME dandyism : foppery 

DANGER' [dene-dje-rlli n'y a pas de [fara] 

No fear ! Don't you fear ! | Comment restent 

les s ? [J>] Where do the shoals lie ? 

Dangereux" -euse a. rous [-eusement* -ly] 



D [dt] ' d.' pence | Id. a penny : 2d. twopence 
DAB coup leger : morceau [dirt, etc.) &{abpus- 

stire [ttsli) limande \ To be a at, [fam] Etre 

ferre sur | Dab [-bbe'd] va. eponger | on, 

Jeter ... a | up, eponger 

Dab'ble vn. barboter : patauger : souiller | 

in, se meler de: 'y mettre le nez' 

' DAB'STER ' I He is a _, C'est un malin ! H 
DACE [rfebe] vandoite Ls'y connait I 

' DADD'Y ' [mot enfantin] papa 

_ LONG-LEGS [fam] faucheux 
DAFF'ODHj narcisse des pres : asphodele 
Daft a. I To be , Avoir un coup de marteau | 

A wee bit , Timbre -e 

DAGG'ER poignard [typ) croix ] At s drawn, 

a couteaux tires | He looked s at me, II avait 

Fair de vouloir me manger 
Dai'ly [(Je'Je] a. [newsp'r) quotidien [custom) 

journalier lad.) journellement : tous les jours 

[expecting) de jour en jour fdomii^ile 

_ GOVERNESS institiitrice (qui se rend a 
«Dain'lilv ad. delicatement 
•JdaIN'TINESS delicatesse 

DAIN'TY friandise [a.) friand : delicat 
DAI'RY lde"re"i laiterie | -MAN laitier | -MAID 
DAIS [de'-iss] estrade [laitiere 

DAI'SY [de'-zt] viargtterite : paqiterette 
DALE [a. e ] [narrow one) vallon [large) vallee 

[poet., and in Switz.) Val (de ...] Over hill 

and , Par monts et par vaux 

Dall'y vn. tarder fwith, avec) folatrer 
DAM mere \ DAM dtgite : barrage 

Dam [-mmed] va. | up, endiguer : arreter 

« DAM'AGE dommage : degat,-s [com) avarie | 

I? To sue ... for 8, Demandera ... des dom- 

-;_ mages-interets (or une indemnite] v. en- 

~ doramager : s'e l-it, grain, and in carriage) 
S avarier (dans le transport, etc.] 

Dam'aging a. prejudiciable : nuisible 

DAM' ASK damas fea | ROSE rose incarnate 

DAME Ideme] [vieux mot] dame 
Damn' [damni] va. damner tea [theat) siffler 
Dam'n'e'il Idammdd'i a. damne tea :'maudit' 
Dam'n'lng a. infame [evidence) ecrasant 
DAMP litimidite-.exhalaisonlliTe- ) feu grisou 

[fig) nuage (over, sur] [a.) humide [skin, etc.) 

moite [fig) triste [va.) rendre humide [a fire) 

etouffer [fig) abattre : refroidir | It e'd him, 

Cela le refroidit 
DAMP'ER [in chimney) registre [fig) rabat-joie 

[Austral.) galette [of musical instr.) etouffoir 
DAMP'NESS humidite [skin) moUeur 
DAM'SEL [vieux mot] demoiselle : jeune fllle 
DAM'SON Idamm' ze-nnl prune de damas 

-TREE prunier de damas 
/DANCE daiise [v.) danser | To lead ... a 

I pretty [fara] Faire danser ... | To — 

« attendance, Croquer le marmot : faire anti- 

s cliamtrre { To go to a , AUer au bal | Little 

§ , Satiterie \ DAN'CER danseur -ettse 

■aDAN'CING danse \ _ DERVISH der\'iche 
I tourneur | -MASTER maitre de danse , 
V -SCHOOL ecoJe de danse 
DAN'DELI'ON pissenlit [bleached) 6ar6e-de- 
Dand'le va. bercer : dorloter Lcapuciii 

DAN'DKIFF peHictdes (pi] 

DAN'DY ' ' : gandin : elegant 

DANE [de'ne] Danois -e | _WORT ?ite6J« 
DAN'GER idene-dje-rl _ ten : peril 

ous a. eux : perilleux \a. ballant 

Dang'le [datsm-^ite-J] vn. pendre | Dang'ling 

Da'nlsh [a e'] a. danois | To speak , Parler 

Dank a. humide [.danois 

Dapp'er LITTLE MAN' petit homme vif 
Dap'ple'd a. pommele [bay) miroite 
Dare [derel [vn.) oser (to. . . .] [va.) defier : mettre 

au defl (to. del I say it is,' Je le crois bien 

DARE [fish] vandoise 

[178] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, lUHic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




DANOIS"-E Dane [towfirtte <t a.) Danish | Chien 
, Carriage dog : spotted dog 

Dans' prep, in : into : with : within | les 24 

heuren. Within 24 hours | _ 2 jours, In 2 days' 
time [that is. at tlie end of two days. En deux 
jours = taking 2 days to perform] 

DANSE dance [fam) ' good dressing' : 'blowing 
up' I Soiree dannante, Dancing party 

Danser' vn. to dance | ... sur quel pied , ... 

which way to turn 

DANSEUR -EUSE dancer [<fe /"] danseuse 

DAPHNfe spurge laurel 

DARD" dart [d'insecte) sting [poiss.) dace 

Daitler" va. to dart : to shoot : to beam 

Dare dare ! int. Quick ! : without a moment's 

DAJtlOLE cream cake Ldelay 

DARNE slice (of salmon, etc.] 

VARSE floating dock 

DARTRE ringworm : tetter : scurvy 

Dartreiix'-eitse a. scurvy 

Darwinien" -nne a. ian [j/e-nn] 

DARWINISME [neece-m'] Darwinian theory 
DATE — 0=3^ I En _ de, Dated ... : under date 

of ] Amis de vieille Old friends | Etre le 

premier en , To have a prior claim foth 

Dater" v. to date (de, from] Date du 5, Dated the 




DA'EINGr [dere] atulace : bravmire 

a. hardi : audacieux : intrepide 

THING coup li'mtdace 

DAKK obseurite : tenehres (pi] a. noir [col- 
ours) fonce [dull)obscur [complexion) brun: 
basane [fig) sombre : plonge dans les tenelrres : 

mysterieux | Alter , a la nuit close \ To be 

in the as to ..., Ignorer ... | It is growing 

, II se fait miit, or obscur | It's very , 

II fait noir | Till , Ju.squ'atariMt( | A leap in 

the _, Un saut dans I'inconnu | The AGES, 

Les siecles de barbarie | LANTERN lan- 

terne sourde | As as PITCH, Noir comnie 

dans un four | -ROOM [phot.] cliambre noire \ 
To look at the SIDE, Voir tout en noir 

Dark'e'n va. obscurcir[the complexion) bruuir 
[paint) assombrir [fig) troubler 

Dark'ly ad. obscurement : sourdement 

DARK'NESS obseurite: tenebres (pi] [of a tint) 
teinte foncee [complexion) teint brun 

DAR'LING [* /■.] favori-«te : mignon -nne \ My 

! Mon ange ! Ma cherie ! ' Mon cliou ! ' | 

— a. aime : cheri : favori 

DAKN reprise Iva.) repriser 

DAR'NEL ivraie fpriser 

DARN'ING reprise | -NEEDLE aiguille a re- 

DART dard : trait Iva.) lancer (at, contre] Ivn.) 
s't'lancer (at, upon, sur] 

DASH elan : choc : coup : attaqne (at, sur] coup 
de main [vigor, spirit) entrain [flavour) grain 
[of liq) f^let [stroke) trait (de phmie, etc.] To 

cut a , ' Faire de I epate ' : faire le grand 

seigneur | To make a at ..., Se precipiter 

sur I To put a under, Souligner | -BOARD 

garde-croHe [m-car) tablier | -board mirror, 
Retroviseur | -POT amortisseur (a air] 

Dash va. jeter [from, de) rejeter [water) ecla- 
bousser [flavour) couper (with, de] [with pen) 
biffer [fig) abattre : detruire Ivn.) se heurter : 
se lancer (contre] [waves) se briser (contre] 

jaillir I . to PIECES, Briser ... en mille 

morceaux : ecraser 

Dasli'ing a. brillant : fougueux : hardi 

DAS'TARO [te-rde] poltron | _ly a. lache 

DA'TA [de-tel [pi] donnees 

DATE [detel [letteis, and epoch) date [on coins 
and books) millesime [fruit) datte [va.) dater 

(de, from] [xm.) dater (de] At long, short 

a lonffue, courte eclteance | Out of , Sur- 

anne [overdue) perime | Under of. En date 

de : k la D de \ Brought up to , Tenu a 

jour [V. Up-to-date] -PALM dattier 

fDXVB barbouillage [coarse picture) croCtte 

X iva.) barbouiller | over, deguiser (with. 

§DAUB'ER barbouilleur [de] 

2 DA U'G-HTER fiUe \ -IN-LA W belle-F : brn 

5 STEP- belle-fllle (dun autre lit] 

^ GREAT-GRAND- arriere-petite-fllle 

.Daunt va. intimlder : effrayer 
dDaunt'less a. intrepide : sans pettr 
VDAUNT'LESSNESS intrepidite 
DA'VIT [de] [»t] bossoir d' enibarcatiun 
DA'VY LAMP [de] lanipe de surete (de Davy] 
■g DAW choucas 
gDaw'tlle vn. flaner 
2 DAWDLER flaneur -euse 
a DAWN atibe : point du jour [fig) atirore (of, 

Q de] Ivn.) poindre [fig) iiaitre | It ed upon 

■^ me, Je commen^ai a m'apercevoir (that, que] 
=3 Dawn'ing a. naissant 

DAY [de] jour [in speaking of work or occupa- 
tion) ;OMr»!e'e | S(pl] [fig) temps [life) jours | 

A , Un jour | 5 francs a ,5 fr. par J | All 

, 'Toute la joiirne'e \ By , Au jour : le J : 

de J I By the , [work] a lajournee \ It has 

had its , Cela a fait son temps | To- , At 

the present , Aujourd'hui | Of the present 

Actuel : contemporain | Of former s. ... 

d'autrefois | after , De J en J | The 

before. Laveille(,de'\ le J d'avant | The 

before ye.sterday, Avant-hier | 2 s before, 

L'avant^'eille \ 3 s before, 3 jours aupara- 

vant I The after, [ou On the following ,] 

Le lendemain | The but one after, Le sur- 

lendemain | 3 s after, 3 jours apres | 

by , J par J | Every , Tous les jours 

[expecting) de J en J | Every other , Tous 

les deux jours | Every third , Tous les 3 

Js I From to , D'un J a I'autre | In our 

, De notre temps | In the s of Ciesar, Du 

temps de Cesar | Next , Le lendemain : 

le jour suivant | Now-a- s, De nos jours | 

Officer of the , O de service | To gain the 

, Remporter la victoire [in a lawsuit) avoir 

gain de cause | Fast J maigre | Working 

, J ouvrable | BOA'RDER demi-pension- 

naire | -BOOK journal | -BREAK point du 
jour I -DREAM reverie \ -LABOU'RER jour- 

nalier | LIGHT jour | In broad , Au 

grand jour : en plein jour | -STAR etoile du 
matin | -SCH-QLARexterne i SETTLING—, 

jour de paieraent | TIME jour : jouittee | 

-WORK travail a lajotcrne'e | _'S WAGES, 
ou WORK, journee 

A point (S') means silent, or ON' U.' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




DATIF ive [de] Au , In the dative | Tuteur 

Cruardian appointed by the court [or family 

BATTE date [the fruit] Lcouncil] 

DATTIER" date-palm | DATURA _ 
DAUBE stew | Dauber' va. to stew [fig) to 
banter : 'pitch into' | DAUBIERE stew-pan 
DAUMONT- • I Attele a Ja _, Drawn by four 

horses and with two postilions 
DAUPHIN" ' ' [crown prince] [poisson) dol- 
phin I DAUPHINE • _ ' [C princessi 
DAVPHIXELLE delphinium 

Davantage ad. more : longer | Pas , Nothing 

DAVIER" [dentist's) forceps (.more 

T^p prep, [before a vowel or h mute, I>'] of : 
■*-^^ from : by : with : any : some [precede de 
' plus ' ou " moins ') than [suivi d'un verbe) of, 
to ... : from [De followed by the masc. art. le 
[pl.les] becomes du [pi. des] 
OF, etc. I U7ie tasse de lait, A cup of milk i 
Marchand de charbon. Coal merchant { La 
maison de mon pere. My father's house | I/'we 
tete d'enfant, A child's head | Desesperer de 
reussir. To despair of succeeding | Accuse 
d'avoir, Accused of having 
FROM I De Paris a Caen, From P to C | De 
jour en jour, From day to day : daily | J'ai 
re<;u utie lettre de C D, I have received a letter 
fi^jm C D I Empeche de venir, (taller, Pre- 
vented from coming, from going 
Blf I Estime de tout le monde, Esteemed by 
everyone | De nitit, de jour. By night, by day | 
De luiissance, By birth : born ... | De nom. 
By name | Entoure d'arbres. Surrounded by 
[ou with] trees 

FOR I II ne pleuvra pas d'utie semaine. It 
will not rain for a week 
IN 1 D'tine tnaniere ..., In a ... manner [ou 
way] Lemons de ..., Lessons in ... | De mon 
temps. In my' time | La premiere fois de ma 
vie, The first time in my life 
ON I De sa part, On his [ou 7i«r] part : from 
him [ou 7ier] Dependre de. To depend ou | 
Dejeuner de. To breakfast on 
SOME, ANY, etc. | Je prends du cafe, I 
take coffee | II mange du pain, He eats bread { 
II n'a pas de pain, He hasn't any bread | H a 

du pain, He has some bread | Je n'ai pas 
d'argent, I have no money | J'ai de I'argent, 
I have some money | Si j'ai de I'argent, If I 
have any money | J'ai des amis, I have friends | 
Trop d'exercice, Too much exercise | Hester 
de longiies heures. To remain long hours 
THAN I Plus de 50, More than 50 | Moins 
de 10, Less than 10 

■WITH I ficrire de la main gauche. To write 
with the left hand 

IDIOMAT. I Et lenfant de se sauver. On 
this, the boy made off | Et son pere de rire, 
... whereupon his father burst out laughing 
De ... [sign of nobility] 

Dt [a coudre) thimble [jeu) die (pi. dice] [tech) 
die (pi. dies] [const) block [A) cock | a vous 

le ! Now it's your turn ! | Le en est jete. 

The die is cast | Tenir le de ia conversa- 
tion. To monopolize the C 
Deannbuler" im. to stroll about 
DEBACLE breaking-up : downfall : disaster 

r" I", to clear : to break up \porte) to unbar 

'Debagoulep" tm. to vomit [va.) to pour forth 
D^BAIXaQE unpacking : business in clearance 

lines I Salle de , Show-room 

Deballer" tw. to unpack f Helter-skelter ' 

DEBANDADE confusion : stampede | a la , 

D^bander' txi. to unbend : to takeoff the band- 
age from : to break up [arttie a feu) to uncock | 

Se Toslacken[><) to disband : to leave the 

Debap'tiser' va. to change ...'s name [.ranks 
DebarbouiU'er' va. to wash ...'s face [fig) to 

get ... out of a scrape 
DEBARCAD^RE landing-place: L-stage : wharf 

[clieni. de fer) station : arrival platform 
D^BARDAGE unloading 
Debai'der' tn. to unload : to break up 
D^BARDEUR dock labourer : timber-carrier 
D^BARQUEMENT " landing | a son _, On L 
Debarquer' v. to land : to disembark : to ar- 
rive I Au , On landing 

D^BAR-RAS" riddance | Bon _ ! A good R ! | 

Cliambre de , Lumber-room 

DebarTasser" va. to clear j Se de. To get rid 

of: to extricate one's self from 
Debarrer" va. to unbar 




Daz'rle va. [with, de] eblouir 

Daz'zling a. eblouissaut 

D.C.L. [docteur en droit civil] 

D.D. [docteur en ttteologie'] 

DEA'CON [dike-nn] diacre | —ESS diaconesse 

DEAD [dedd] The [pi] Les morts | In the 

_ of NIG HT, Au fort de lamiit 

Dead a. mort [fig) inanime [to. a) insensible 
ilangtie) morte [sound) sourd [wind) debout 
[calm) plat [fire) amorti [colours & met) mat 
[letters) au rebut [tech) fixe [absolute) vrai: 

franc | Things are very , Les affaires ne 

vont pas I 100 fr. lying , 100 fr. qui ne font 

rien | -alive a. mort : sans animation | -beat a. 
[pers) ' enfonce ' [tired) ereinte [escapem't ) a 

repos ! I'm beat ! Je n'en puis plus ! | 

CENTRE point mort | To a _ CERTAINTY, 
a coup sur \ -drunk a. ivre-mort | -EYE [a'i] 
cap de mouton j _ HEAT '_' 1 _ LETTER ; 

To become a L, Toraber en disuitude | 

Sent to the _ letter OFFICE, Mis-« au 
rebut I _ LEVEL palier | On a _ L, Ab- 
solument de niveau | -LIG'HTS [pi : A] 

faux mantelets : frise des sabords | 

LOCK I To come to a L, Etre accule , 

_ LOSS perte seche \ _ MARCH marche 
fimebre | _NET'TLEortj«niorJ«[orbJancfte] 
_ RECK'ONING rotUe estimee [V. SET] 

He's a SHOT, II fait moiiche a tout coup : 

cest un fin tireur | STAND sfofion : accul | 

To come to a _ S, Etre accule [T. STAND- 
STILL] _ WALL mur plein | _ WATER 

remous du sillage | WEIG'HT poids mort i 

... carries W, [<t] Port& en poids ... 

Dead'e'n [dedd'nni v. amortir [liquor) e venter 
[surface of metal) amatir rmeurtrier 

Dead'ly a. mortel : a mort : comme la mort : 
DEAD'NESS mort : froidettr [liquors) event 

[180] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

,Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




DtBAT" debate : contest 

S* debates [dr) pleadings : trial 

D^BATELAGE unloading 

D6bateler" v. to unload 

Debater" va. to unsaddle 

D^battre va. ( Table 67) to debate : to discuss | 

Se , To struggle 

DEBAUCHE debauch : carouse : riot | Faire 

line , To have a treat 

D^BAUCH^ chee | -e a. dissolute 

D^bauclier' va. to debauch : to entice ... away : 

to lead ... astray | Se , To be led away : to 

go astray [se delasser) to give one's self a treat 
DEBAUCHEUfi -EUSE debaucher : corrupter 
DtBET- balance (due] 
Debile a. weak : feeble [-menf -ly, -bly] 
DEBILITE ime'd) _ty [fam) weakness 
DdbiliteV va. to enfeeble Inied) to debilitate 
'DEBINE' I Dans la _, In a bad way 
' Debiner' ' va. to run ... down : to disparage 
D^BIT" market : flow \_vente) sale : license to sell 
[botfttgMe) shop [tenue de livres) debit : debtor 
['Dr.'] [opimons, etc.) uttering Icau'pe) cutting 
up {mines) output \mus. : maniere) delivery | 

de TABAC' tobacconist's shop 

de VIN" wine-shop 

D^BITAQE cutting up 

DfeBITANT" -E dealer (de, in] retailer | _ de 

tabac, Licensed tobacconist 
Debiter' va. to retail : to sell [couper) to cut up 

[reciter) to recite [de, with) to debit 
D^BITEUR -EUSE retailer (of news] fparty 
DtB\TEUR -TMICE debtor [dr) covenanting 
D^BLAI excavation : cutting : clearing 

S" (pi] rubbish : spoil bank [geol) detritus 

D^BLAIEMENT" clearing 
Deblaterer' vn. to run out (centre, against] 
Deblayer" va. to clear : to free 
D^bloquer'tia. [X) to raise the blockade of... 

Uyp) to correct a turned letter in ... 
DtBOIRE nasty taste [fig) mortification : bitter 

disappointment : ' bitter pill ' 
DfeBOISEMENT" clearing [ou cutting down] the 

woods I Deboiser" va. to clear (the country) 

of trees | Se , To get cleared 

DtBOlTEMENT" dislocation 

Deboiter" va to dislocate : to put ... out | Je me 

suis deboite le genou, I have put my knee out 

(of joint] 
Debonder" va. to open the sluice of [baril) to 

take out the bung of [fig) to give free course 

to I vn. [& Se ] to escape : to run out 




('Deaf a. [to, a] sourd [F. OREILLE : EAR] 

I None are so as those who won't hear ! II 

j^ n'est pire sourd que celui qui ne veut pas 

«■ entendre | as a POST, Sourd comme un 

pot I and dumb' a. sourd-muet 

I Deaf'e'n va. assourdir | Deaf'e"nlng a. 
VDEAF'NESS surdite' [as^ourdissant 

DEAD [dUel gManfife'(of,de[cards)(lo»iwe[wood) 

sapin : bois blanc [ as distinguished from 

batten) madrier | A good , A great , Beau- 
coup : bien | By a good , a beaucoup pres 

[F. Falloir] Whose is it ? a qui a faire ? 

Deal [dtie] va. [_pret. <fc pp. Dealt, pr. delUe] 
repartir [a blow) porter [cards) donner [vn.) 
en user (witli, avec] [com) faire le commerce 
(de] [shop) se servir chez ... [fig) s'occuper 

(with, de] To have to with, Avoir affaire a | 

To justly with, Traiter ... avec JMStice | 

Tlie tradesmen we with,Nos fournisseurs 

DEAL'ER Idile-rl marchand-e (in, de] [cards) 

donneur | Corn- , M de ble | Tea- , M de 

the I Wholesale , M en gros 

DEAL'ING conduite | Double , Duplieite | 

Fair , LoyaiUe [a.) loyal : droit | Plain , 

Rondeur [a.) rond | S [pi] [com) affaires 

[fig) affaire : relation | Dea'lt pret. [F. Deal] 
DEAN [dine'] doyen | _ of FACULTY [Scot.] 

batonnier | of GUILD magistrat charge de 

Vinspection des plans des bailments 
DEAN'ERY doyenne 

DEAR [dire} My , Mon ami : mori amie [to a 

child) mon petit : mon cheri | Dear a. cher ; 

precieux | ' Sir,' Cher Monsieur | To get , 

Encherir | To get er, Rencherir | me ! 

Vraiment ! | Oh ! Ale ! | To run for 

LIFE, Se sauver a toutes jambes 
Dear'ly [dire-lej ad. cherement : cher 
DEAP.'NESS [dire'] tendresse [price) cherte 
DEARTH [de-r-tli, tli fort] disette (of, de] 

/'DEATH mort | Dance of , Danse macabre \ 

S [pi] deces [obituary) necrologie \ At the 

point of , a Vagonie | To die a natural , 

Mourir de sa belle mort | He'll be the 

of me ! II me fera mourir ! | To hold on like 

grim , S'accrocher en desespere | To put 

... to , Mettre a mort \ Stabbed (etc.) to , 

Tue -e a coups de (...) | -BED lit de mort j 
-BLOW coup mortel | At_'S DOOR, a deux 
doigts de la mort | _'S-HEAD MOTH 

sphinx tete de mort \ DU'TIES droits de 

succession | -WARR'ANTordre d' execution | 

-WATCH Jiorloge de la mort [a. de mort 

Death'less a. immortel | Dealh'like [Idik] 

Debar' [-rred] va. [from, de] exclure : priver 

Deba'se [di-bece] va. avilir : abatardir [coin) 

alterer | MENT degradation : avilissement 

Deba'sing a. avilissant 
Deba'table [di-bete-e-be-l] a. discutable 
/DEBA'TE debats (pi] deliberation (on, sur] 
I discussion iva.) discuter : debattre : disputer 
<S Ivn.) deliberer (on, sur] contester 
.S DEBA'TER argumentateur : orateur 
I DEBA'TING SOCI'ETY societe de discus- 
V sion : S de conferences 

Debau'ch [au, o dans sort ; ch, tch] iw. debau- 
cher : corrompre ] 'ERY [la) debauche 

DEBEN'TURE [pr. di-benn'-tche-r] obligation 

[customs) certificat de drawback 
Debil'itated [a, eT a. debilite [fig) affaibli 
DEBIL'ITY debilite [fig) faiblesse 
DEB'IT debit [va.) debiter (with, de] 
DEB'T [deHe] dette | _S (pi] passif (sing] Book 

S, Actif I Proved S, Creances verifiees | 

Bad , Mauvaise creance | In , Endette | 

To be out of , N'avoir pas de dettes : etre 

au-dessus de ses affaires | ' s collected,' 

' Recouvrements ' | To pay the of NA'- 

TURE, Payer son tribut [or sa dette'] kla N 

A. point (SO means silent, or ON" LL* L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




I>cl)Oirnalre a. debonair : [too) good-natured : 
affable | iiienl" ad. easily 

l>ol)Onl«; -e a. out : i» flood ipers) dissolute 

DEBORDEMENT" overflowing : inundation [fig) 
invasion : outrageous lengths (pi] ipers) dis- 

l>(5border" va. to overflow : to overrun (de, 
with] to jut out [<t) to sheer off [vn.) to be 
in flood : to overflow : to extend [ou to go] be- 
yond [tech) to trim [X) to outflank | Se , 

To break (en, into] to burst forth 

D^hofter" va. to take ..."s boots off | Se , To 

pull off one's boots 1 Au , The very moment 

one conies [ou conies in] 

DEBOUCH^ outlet : opening [d'un pont) water- 
way [com) market [fig) expedient 

D^BOUCHEMENT" opening 

Deboucher" va. to open: to uncork [v»i.) to open 
out (on] to pass out : to go out [dans, into) to 
fall : to run | Se , To be opened 

Deboucler" va. to unbuckle Ichevelure) to let 

out one's hair | Se , To become unbuckled: 

to come undone : to get uncurled 

I><§bouiIlir va. (Table 12) to boil (in dyeing] 

n^bouquer" vn. to sail out 

Debourber' va. to clean (out] to get ... out of 
the mud [ruisseau) to sluice : to mud 

D^boui'Ter" tw. to clear out [fusil) to draw the 
wadding (from] ipers) to polish 

Di'bourse -e pp. spent : disbursed 

D^BOURS^S- [or D^BOURS'] expenses : dis- 
bursements 1 Faire suivre en , Cash on de- 
livery, payable to the Ky. Co. [ou Post Office] 

D^BOURSEMENT" disbursement [burse 

D^bourser" va. to lay out : to spend : to dis- 

Debout' ad. ichose) upright : standing up on 
end ipers) standing [leve) up [quadrupede) 
on his [ou her] hind legs [vent) ahead [bois 

coupe) across the grain | ! ' Up you get ! ' | 

Tenez-vous _ ! Stand up ! [V. CONTE] 

D^bouter' tw. to nonsuit : to dismiss 

D^boutonner" va. to unbutton | Se , vr. To 

unbutton one's clothes : to come unbuttoned 
[tig) to open one's heart (to] 

I>6braiire-e a. with one's clothes in disorder : 

-<.i<^c<-cn^U. Of pf.g^j ■ with iior- |^^ao^t p^j^^^nA 

se IXnTrairrer vr. to dress loosely, indecently 

D^BRAYAGE | Pedale de Clutch-pedal 

Debrayer" va. to throw out of gear [vn. auto) to 

de'clutch I Debraye. Out of gear 
D^brider' v. to take off the bridle [fig) to hurry 

through : to 'gobble up' : to stop 

DEBRIS' ' — ' : rubbish : remains (p!] waste pro- 
ducts (pi] ii,) wreck 
D^BROUiLL-ARD"cute fellow : wide-awake fel- 
low [a.) sharp : 'all there' | C'estun_! He's 
all there ! He knows a thing or two ! 
DfeBROUILL'EMENT" disentangling : clearing 
IJebrouiirer" va. to unravel : to clear up : to 

set ... to rights : to put ... straight | Se , 

To clear up : to get out of a difficulty | Savoir 

se To ' know how to get along' 

Debrutir va. to take off the rough of : to polish 
Bebiiclier' t'. to start (de, out of] 
DtBUSQUEMENT" ousting 
Df'busquer' va. to drive out [fig) to oust 

DEBUT" ■ ' :first appearance : beginning 

DEBUTANT- -£ ■_' (theat] l>eginner 
Debuter' vn. to begin : to make one's first 
appearance [ou ' debut '] to open | Voila qui 
est bien debute ! That is' beginning well ! 

r>e^ ad. here : on this side | En de. On 

this side of 
I>ecache'ter' txi. to open : to break open (etc.] 

DECADE : ten days [Republican week] 

DECADENCE _ : decay 
D^CADI Republican Sabbath [end of decade] 
D^CA^DRE decahedron | D^CAGONE _gon 
DECAGRAMME —gram [10 grams] 
Deciiisser" va. to unpack 

DECAJLCOMANIES- [pi] transfers [from 

Wecaler' va. to remove the keys [ou wedges] 
DECALITRE _ter [about 2 galls, and l-5th] 

DECALOGUE [fam) ten commandments 

OECALQUE transfernng | r" tw. to transfer' | 

Papier a Trans'fer-paper 

DECAMETRE _ter [about 1 1 yds. V. Chain] 

Decani per' vn. to decamp : to move off : to 

DtCANAT" deanery Lm^^e off 

Decanter' vn. to decant 

Decape'ler' v. to unrig 

Decaper" tw. to clear the surface of ... [A) to 

double the Cape (of ...] 
DtCAPITATION- — [fecfte-nn] beheading 
Ddcapitcr' tw. to behead 
DECARBURATION" decarburisation 
Decarreler' tw. to take up the paving of 
DfeCASrfeRE •_' [about 13 & 1-lOth cubic yds. 

Dpcatir va. to sponge | Se , To fade 


DECAUVILLE narrow-gauge railway : light R 

DtCAV6-£ player who has lost all 

pp. 'cleaned out' 

OtCtOt. -E deceased 




DEB'T'OR [dette-r] [to, a) debiteur : detntrice 
[fig) redevable | Dr. and Cr. account, Compte 
par doit et avoir 
Decamp' Idi-kamm'pp'] vn. decamper 
Decant' [di-kann'tfi va. verser : decanter 
DECAN'TER carafe [small _) carafon 
Decsip'itate [te'fe] va. decapiter 
DECAY' [dt-fce] decadence : declin : ruiwe [wear- 
ing out) delabrement [dying away) deperisse- 
meiit ivn.) tomber en mines [or en decadence] 
se delabrer [sight) faiblir [plants) deperir 
[fruit) se gater [wear) s'user | _e'd TOOTH, 
dent cariee 

DECEA'SE [<te-ctce] deces [F. Certificate] 

DECEA'SE'D defunt-e [a.) decede : feu | Resi- 
dence of the , [fa) maison morttiaire | Her 

husband. Feu son mari 

DECEIT' [dt-ct<e] [deception) deception : artifice 

[trick) tro»nperte[law) fraude \ fill a. trom- 

peur -eitse | fully ad. fraud uleusement : 

avec duplicite 
—'FULNESS tromperie 

Decei've [cire] tw. tromper : decevoir : abuser 
[into, dans) entrainer [of de) frustrer | To — 
OS. S'abuser : se faire illtision 

DECEIVER [cti'e] trompeur -eijse : imposteur 

[182] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




D6c<5dei*' im. to die 
DtctLEMENT" disclosure : betrayal 
Di'celef va. to disclose ; to discover : to betray 
D^CEMBRE [in nasal] December [cejiim] 
I>(5cemmenf ad. decently | DECENCK _cy 
D^cennal -e a. decenn'ial 
Decent" -e a. decent : becoming : proper 
D^centraliser" va. to decentralize 
DJSC-EPnOJV" disappointment : deceit : fraud | 

Cruelle Sad disappointment 

D<5cercler" va. to take off the hoops from 
D6cerner" va. to order [prix) to award 
D^C^S' decease [pi) deaths 
D^cevable a. easily deceived 
D^cevanf -e a. deceptive : deceitful 
D^cevoir va. to deceive : to disappoint | Se 

, To deceive o'self 

DfeCHAlNEMENT" letting loose : violence 
D^cliatner' va. to unchain : to let loose | Se 

, To break loose [tempete) to burst | Se — 

contre, To run out against | Dechaine -e a. 
savage : wild : mad : broken loose 
D6clianter" va. to sing^out of tune [fig) to 

alter one's tone : to ' sing small ' 
D^chaperon'ner' va. to remove the hood from 

[mur) to r. the coping from 
DECHAROE discharging [d'arfiJ. .fewieit.) dis- 
charge [voiture) unloading [lieu) waste heap 
Ipiece) lumber room [eaw) overflow [d'accuse) 
defence [com) credit [typ) set-off [fig) relief | 
Arc de _, Relieving arch | En — a, Now 

discharging at | MENT" unloading 

D^charger' va. to discharge : to relieve : to 
clear [coup) to strike Ivoiture) to unload | Se 

To discharge [fusil) to go off [coMJeur) to 

fade [pern) to relieve o's self : to open 
D^CHARGEUR ... who unloads : dock labourer : 

... who cliecks the unloading 
I>«5cliarne -e a. emaciated : 'skinny ' [fig) poor 
Decharner" va. to bring (a person) down : to 

impoverish | Se To lose flesh 

Decliaumer" va. to plough in the stubble of 
Deehausse -e a. barefooted : hareldent) gumless 
DtCHAUSSE-MENT" laying bare Idents) lan- 
cing (the gums] shrinking of the gums 
Dechausser" va. to lay ... bare : to lance : to 

take off ...'s shoes | Se , To take off one's 


D^CHAUSSOIR [dentist's) lancet 

I>echaux" a. barefooted (Carmelites] 

DECHE I ' Dans la ' Hard up 

DECHEANCE forfeiture of the crown : depri- 
vation of civil rights : fall 

DtCHET'" waste : loss : decrease | de route, 

Loss in transit | S" waste products 

Decheveler" va. to ruffle : to dishevel 

l>^chiffrable a. ... that can be deciphered 

DtCHIFFREMENT" deciphering 

Deciiiffrer" va. to decipher : to make out : to 
read (music) at sight 

Deehique'ter' va. to cut [ou tear] up (ou to 
pieces ou to bits] to mince [en Amdrique, du 
bois) to ' whittle ' 

D^CHIRAGE breaking up : old timbers (pi] 

Dechiranf -e a. heart-rending : piercing 

DfeCHIRE'MENT" tearing (up] distraction [»i€'(J) 

D^chirer' va. to tear : to tear [ou break] up 
[ou open] to lacerate [fig) to abuse [le coeur) 
to break [I'oreille) to grate harshly upon 

DECHIRURE rent : slit : tear (a, in] 

Decholr vn. ipp. Dechu] to fall . to decline 

Dechouep" va. to get Qier) off 

Dechu -e pp. [F. Dechoir] fallen | du droit 

de vote, Disqualified from voting 

Decide -e a. decided : determined | menf 

ad. decidedly | Decider' va. [& Se vr.'] to 

decide (fle, to] to resolve (a, a, on] 

DECIGRAMME _gram [tenth of gram] 

DECILITRE _ter [F. Table 91] 

Decimal -e a. 1 | Systeme , D system 

DECIMALK _1 IV. Place, Point. Recurring] 

DECIMATEUR [7m-f] tithe-receiver 

DECIME penny 

Deciiner" va. to decimate 

DECIMETRE _ter [10th of a metre : nearly 4 
inches. V. Table 87] 

D<5cintrer" v. to strike the centering fPINCH 

Decisif -ive a. ive : positive [-menf -ly] [F. 

DECISION" [s, z} [cij'nni resolve : reso- 
lution I Avec , With D : with determina- 
tion I Prendre ime , To come to a D 

DI^CISTERE ' _ ' [10th of metre cube, or about 
three-and-a-half cubic feet] fmatory 

DECLAMATEUR declaimer :' ranter' [a.) decla- 

DECLAMATION- _ \mauv. part) 'rant' 




DECEM'BER decembre feo 

DE'CENCY [dwe-nnce'i convenances (pi] bien- 
seance [modesty) decence [F. PUDEURl 

De'cent a. decent [proper) convenable [toler- 
able) passable : honnete | Very SORT of 

fellow, Un trcs bon garQon | ly ad. decem- 

ment : convenablement : passablement 

De'centi-alize [a'l'ze] va. decentraliser 

Decep'tive a. trompeur 

Deci'de [i at] v. de cider : se decider (to, a : in 
favour of, pour] [law case) statuer (upon, sur] 

Deci'ded [i ai] a. decide [firm) resolu 
ly ad. resolument : positivement 

Decid'uous [yoti-e-.w] a. ... a feuillage caduc 

De'cimate Idessi-mete'i va. decimer 

Deci'plier [difai'-fe-r] va. dechiffrer 

DECIS'ION D'e-ww] decision [of acourt) juge- 
ment[ofcharacter) fermetd] To come to a , 

Prendre line D : se decider 
Deci'sive [pa't] a. decisif [clear) prononce 

ly ad. d'ltne maniere decisive 

DECK pont I To go on , Monter sur le pont | 

Between S, Entrepont | Flush , Pont 

entier | Gun , Batterie | Main .^, Lower , 

Premier P | Middle , Second P | Orlop , 

Faux P I Poop , Dunette | Promenade , 

'Bont-promenade | Quarter , Gaillard d'arri- 

ere | Spar , P sur montants | House on , 

Eouf I To clear the S. [war] Faire branle- 

bas I -CARGO [ou -LOAD] ponte'e 
Deck va. [with, de) parer [<t) ponter [ponts 

OECK'ER personne qui pare | 3- , Navire a 3 

Declai'm vn. declamer (against, contre] 

A point (S*) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid -. two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Declamatoire a. declamatory lklam'-e-te-r€1 
D^clamer" va. to declaim (centre, against] to 

recite : to read : 'to rant' : 'to spout' 
Declancher" v. to throw... out of gear : to unlock 
DECLARATION" _ [dr) affidavit : verdict | 

Faire sa , To report o'self [F. Question] 

Declarer" va. to declare : to proclaim | II de- 
clara se nommer ..., He gave his name as ... { 

Rien a Nothing liable to duty | co'up- 

able. To bring ... in guilty | la gtierre, To 

declare war | Se [c7iose) To show itself : 

to break out [temps) to set in [orage) to burst 

Ipers) to declare o's 

DECLASS^ -E [<fe a.] one who has come down 
in the world [ou has lost his social position] 
Declasser' va. to cause ... to lo^ his position 
Declenclier' v. [V. Declancher] 
D^CLIC catch : nippers (pi] 
D^PUN" _e [de la lune) wane 

DECLINAISON" nation \ffram) declension 

Decliner' u to decline : to abate : to refuse to 
admit [nom) to mention ou give (o's name] 
[June) to wane 
DECLIVITE _ty [t tres brefs] 
D^clore va. to throw open 
D^clouer' va. to get the nails out of 
Decocher" va. to shoot : to let fly 
D^COCTIOAT- _lDfeCOGN-OIR shooting-stick 
D&oiffer' va. to undo ..."s hair, etc. : to make 
...'s hair untidy : to dishevel ...'s hair | Se 

To undo o's hair : to ' get o's hair untidy' 

Decolerer' vn. to get into a better temper 
DJBCOiiATZOiV"' beheading : decapitation 
I>ecoller' va. to unstick : to separate : to be- 
head \vn. aero, fam) to begin to rise | Se , 

To come undone : to come otf 

DecoUe'ter" va. to bare ...'s neck | Se , To 

wear a low dress : to bare one's neck 
Decolor^ -e a. discoloured : colourless 

Decolorer' va. to discolour | Se , To lose 

Decombrer' [>»i nasal] va. to clear Lcolour 
O^COMBRES- [m nasal] (pi] rubbish 
D«5coiii'naander' va. to countermand 
/'Decomposer' va. to decompose [troubler) to 

_ discompose [comptes) to dissect | Se , To 

£ get discomposed : to be made up 
i DECOMPOSITION" is.zl _ : discomposure 
~ DfeCOMP-TE deduction | _r" fa. to deduct : 
not to reckon [fJi.) to be disappointed : to un- 
V deceive one's self 

Deconcerter' va. to disconcert : to confuse 
Deconfire va. {Table 46) to completely beat : 
to discomfit : to silence 

DECONFITURE ruin : insolvency [fam) smash 
Faire tine grande de. To play havoc with 

DeconseiU'er" va. to dissuade (de, from] 

DECONSIDERATION" discredit | _erer-tw. 
to bring ... into discredit | ere, discredited 

D&onstruire va. (Table 51) to take down : to 
take ... to pieces 

Decontenancer" va. to put ... out of counten- 
ance i Se vr. to lose countenance 

DECONVENUB mishap : disappointment 

D^COR decoration [tech) graining 
S' [pi] scenes [F. Scene] 

D^CORATEUR _tor [theat) scene-painter 

Decoratif -ive a. ive 

DECORATION" _ : cross of the Legion of 

honour [theatre) scene : S-painting | De , a. 


Decore -e a. decorated : wearing the ribbon of 
the Legion of honour 

D^orer' va. [de. with] to decorate : to embel- 
lish : to knight : to bestow the cross of the 
Legion of honour on [tech) to paint [fam) to 

Decorner" va. to dishorn Ldo up 


Decortiqu'er' va. to ticate 

DECORUM _ : propriety 

D^coucher" vn. to sleep out 

Decoudre va. (Table 56) to rip the seams of : 
to unstitch 

D^couler" vn. to drop : to trickle [deriver) to 
follow (de. from] 

D^COUPAQE cutting out : carving [a la scie) 
fretwork 03^ | a I'emporte-inece, Stamping 

Decouper" va. to carve : to cut out : to cut up 
[metal) to stamp (out] 

DtCOVPEVft -EUSE cutter-out : cutter : ... 
who cuts out ... [a table) carver 

Decouple -e a. | GarQon bien . Strapping fel- 

Decoupler' va. to uncouple : to loose Llow 

D^COUPOIR cutter 

DECOVPURE cutting out : cutting 

Decourageanf-* a. discouraging : dishearten- 

D^COURAQEMENT" discouragement [iag 

D^ourager" va. to discourage (de, from] Se 
To lose heart : to become disheartened 

D^COUSU looseness : want of connection : des- 
ultoriness | -e a. loose : unconnected : slip- 
shod : disjointed | Feu , Desultory firing 

Decouvert' -e a. open | a , Open : openly : 

in the open air : exposed [com) uncovered : 

DECOVVERTE discovery [dun crime) detec- 
tion I a la , [J>] On the look-out 




Declam'atory [di-ldamm'-e-te-rel a. de decla- 
mation : declamatoire 

DECLARA'TION d^_ [of poll) proclamatuyn 

Decla're idi-klere} v. declarer : se d [poet) pro- 
clamer | Well I ! Ah ! Par exemple ! 

DEOLEN'SION [di-fcleii»'cft«-»m] decadence : 
declin [gram) declinaison 

DECLI'NE [i at] declin | In a _ Atteint -e 

de consomption | On the , [prices] En baisse 

V. [from, de] pench^r : devier [decay and 

gram) decliner [funds) flechir (de ...] [invi- 
tation) decliner : s'excuser - 

Decli'ning [i a't] a. defaillant | In his DAYS 

[ou YEABS] Sur son declin 
DECLIVITY [» bref] decUvUe : penU 
I>e'clutch vn. debrayer 
Deconipo'se [di-fce-mm-pdr] va. decomposer 
Dec'orale [efe] va. [with, de] decorer : orner 

d a. [archit. style] du 14* siecle 

De<yorous [ou Deeo'rous] [re-sst a. conve- 

nable [-ly, -ment] 
DECO'RUM Idi-ko'-re-mni] Uenseance 
DECOY' leurre [ra.) [into, dans : to, a] attirer 

[ducks) leiirrer | -BIRD appeau : appelant 

[184] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




Decouvrir va. (Table 23) to discover : to expose 

(a, to] to find out : to perceive : to show [plat, 

etc.) to uncover | Se , To take off one's hat : 

to make one's self known : to expose o's self: 

to be found out : to show [du temps) to clear 

up IV. JEU, POT-] 
Decrasser" va. to clean : to wash : to get the 

dirt off : to rub ... up a bit [fourneau) to rake 

out the slag from [flg, fara) to 'polish ... up' 
Decrediter' va. to bring ... into discredit | Se 

— , To fall into discredit 

D^cregif-e a. t : 'broken down' 

DECREPITUDE _ [dikrepp'itknide] 
OfeCRET" decree | Decreter' va. to decree 
D^CRI [day-feree] discredit : disrepute 
Decrie -e a. disreputable 
D^crier' va. to decry : 'to run down' 
Decrire va. (Table 48) to describe | ... ne pent 

se — , ... is beyond description 
Decrocher' va. to unhook : to take down | Se 

, To come unhooked : to come off 

'D^CROCHEZ'-MOI-QA' old clothes shop 
Decrolre va. (Table 35) to disbelieve 

En , Subsiding : on the decrease 

Decroitre vn. (Table 65) to decrease : to get 

shorter : to get less [eatt.r, etc.) to subside 
Decrof ter' va. to clean : to brush | Se , To 

brush one's boots [ou clothes] 
DfeCROTTEUR shoe-black [d'hotel) boots [en 

Armrique) black-boots 
DfeCROT'TOIR scraper 
Decru -e pp. [V. Decroitre] [appointed A 

DeQU -e pp. [y. Decevoir] Ambition e, Dis- 

Decuple a. tenfold : ten times as much 
Decupler' va. to increase ... tenfold 
Docuver' v. to rack ou draw off 
Dedaign'er' va.] to disdain [fara) to scorn 
Dedaign'eux' -eitse a. disdainful : scornful 

[-menf -lly] Faire le , To turn up one's 

nose (at] 
DEDAIN" disdain : contempt : scorn | Avec , 


O^DALE labyrinth | D^daller' va. to unpave 

DEDANS" inside : interior lad. <fe prep.) in (it, 

them, etc.] within Ivoiles) furled Iplais) ' in for 

it' I Au .Inward : inwardly [pays) at home | 

Au de. Within | En , Inside | Mettre ... 

, To let ... in : to take ... in | Mis ,'Let 

in ' I Par , In the inside : through 

DEDICACE iday-dee-kassj dedica'tion [a ^ 
D^dicatoire a. ded'icatory [dedd'i-ke-te-re} 
Dedler' va. to ded'icate 
D^dire va. (Table 42) to retract : to deny : to 

contradict | Se To go back from what one 

has said [de, ...) to retract | II n'y a plus a 

s'en — , There's no going back f^edire 

DfeDIT" retraction : forfeit | D«;dlf -e pp. [V. 

D^DOM'MAGEMENT- compensation 

D^dom'mager' va. to compensate (de, for ...] 

Se , To indemnify [ou repay] o'self 

se Dedorer' vr. to lose (its) gilding 
Dedoubler' va. to open : to let out : to strip 
off the lining [ou sheathing] of : to divide ... 
into two [for 

DEDUCTION" _ I _ faite de. After allowing 
Deduire va. (Table 51) to deduct [inferer) to 
Deduif -e pp. [V. Deduire] L^educe 

DEESSE goddess 
se Defacher" vr. to 'soften down' 
DEFAILL-ANCE swoon : fit : failing 
DtFAILL-ANT- -E defaulter [a.) failing 
D^taiirir vn. (Table 11) to faint : to fail 
Defaire [de] va. (Table 38) to undo : to break 
off [X) to defeat [malade) to pull ... down | 

Se , To come undone : to get out of shape 

[suicide) to commit suicide [de . . . ) to renounce : 
to leave off : to dismiss : to dispose (of] to get 
rid (of] [vin) to spoil 
Defaif -e a. undone : worn : discomposed 
DEFAITE defeat : pretence | De _, That will 

go off readily | De difficile , Hard to get rid 

of I ingenieuse, Clever excuse 

DEFALCATION" _ ua^ : deduction 
Defalquer" va. to deduct : to subtract 
Defatiguer' va. [Se —tr.] to rest : to refresh o's 




DE'CKEASfi [.di-krice, ou di-kricej decroisse- 

ment [waters) decrue [com) dechet : baisse 
Decrea'se l,krice'] v. diminuer : decroitre 
DECEEE' decret [of a court, etc.) arret : juge- 

ment [va.) arreter [poet) decerner 
Decrep'lt a. decrepit : caduc [fem. caduque] 
Decry' Idi-krai} va. decrier : critiquer 
Ded'icate [ketej va. dedier (to, a] consacrer 
DEDICA'TION ideddi-keche-nni de'dicace 
Dedu'ce va. deduire : tirer des consequences 
Dedu'cible [didioucel a. que Ton pent deduire 
•« Deduct' va. deduire : rabattre (from, de] 
.§ DEDUCTION [logic) (te_ fco [com) remise 

[from wages) retenue 
DEED action : fait : exploit : reaitte'[law) titre : 

acte I of GIFT, donation entre vifs 

Deem va. juger : penser : croire : estime* 

DEEP [poet] ocean : abime | The briny , 

[poet] L'onde amere | a. profond [crafty) 

ruse [sound) grave [colours) fonce [mourn- 
ing) grand [flounce, etc. wide) haut | To be 
100 feet , Avoir 100 pieds de profondeur, or 

Etre profond de 100 pieds | 1 inch , 1 pouce 

d'epaissetir \ ad. fort : beaucoup [sink, dig, 

etc.) profondement : bien avant 
_ MOURNING grand deuil 

SEA LEA'D grande sonde 

Deep'e'n va. approfondir [to darken) obscurcir 
[colour) rendre plus fonce [tone) rendre plus 
grave [fig) augmenter [vn.) devenir plus pro- 
fond [colour) foncer [darken) s'assombrir 
DEEP'ENING approfondissement 
Deep'ly ad. profondement : fortement [sound) 

gravement [slily) habilement : avec ruse 
DEEP'NESS profondeur : gravite : rnse 
DEER [pl_] cerf : betefauve | -FOR'ESTmon- 
tagnes et bruyeres reservees aiix betes fauves | 
-STALK'ING chasse au cerf a I'affut 
Defa'ce ifece'] va. [spoil) gater [erase) effacer 
[fig) defigurer fdetournement 

DEFAIiCA'TION [.k&Tie-nn] defalcation fea : 
DEFAMA'TION [ineche-nnl diffamation 
Defam'atory [-e-fe-re'] a. diffamatoire 
DEFA'MER [a e] diffamateur -(rice 

A point (S') means silent, or GN" LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




DfeFAUT" defect : want : fault | de to cuirasse. 

Weak point | a de, Au de, For want of : 

instead of | En , In fault : at a loss | Faire 

, To be wanting | Sans , [cheval] Free 

from vice [Amdric.) 'kind ' 

DEFAVEUR disgrace : discredit : disfavour 

D^favorable a. unfavourable [-menf -bly] 

D6f ectif -ive a. [verbe] ive 

DEFECTION" — : desertion : falling away 

D^fectionner" vn. to desert 

r>6fectueux" -etise a. imperfect: defective: defi- 
cient : faulty [-menf -ly, faultily] 

DEFECTVOSITE [s,z] defect t fault : blemish 
[etat) defectiveness : faultiness 

D^fendable a. tenable [X) defensible 

Defendant' | a son corps . In self-defence 

[fig) reluctantly : in spite of o's 

D^FENDEUR, ^DERESSE defendant 

D^fendre va. to defend : to protect (de, from] 

to forbid (de, to] sa vie. To fight for one's 

life I II est defendu de fumer, Smoking strictly 

prohibited | Se , To defend o'self : to deny 

o's : to forbear : to make a stand (de, against] 

to be forbidden | On ne peut se de ..., One 

cannot help 

DEFENSE _ce : prohibition : protection [dr) 
counsel (for the defence] [d'animal) tusk ibot) 

spine ii)) fender IV. Defendre] de fumer, 

Smoking prohibited | personnelle, Self-de- 
fence ffence 

D^FENSEUR defender [dr) counsel for the de- 

D6fenslf -ive a ive Ifeimciw'] Se tenir sur to 

DEFENSIVE, To stand on the defensive 

D^f^quer" va. to defecate 

l>eferanf -e a. compliant : accommodating 

DEFERENCE _ | Par _ pour, Out of D to 

D6f6rer" va. to confer (a dignity, etc.] to de- 
nounce : to put : to leave Ivn.) to defer (a, to] 
to comply (with] 

D^lerler' va. to unfurl [tonies, vn.) to break 

Delerrer' va. to take off (the shoes, ou irons) 

from [fig) to disconcert' : to confuse | Se 

To lose (a shoe, etc.] [fig) ' to be put out ' 

DEFET" overplus sheets (pi] waste 

D^feulU'er' va. to strip off the leaves from | 
Se To cast (its) leaves 

D6FI challenge | Faire. Lancer un a. To C | 

Mettre ... au de. To defy ... to 

DEFIANCE t»3) distrust : diffidence | Sans _, 
Unsuspicious : unsuspecting 

D^Banf -e a. distrustful : diffident : suspicious 

Deficeler' va. to untie : to undo 

DEFICIT [pi. _s] [.day-fee-ceet] _ [deff-e-setf] 

Defiei'" va. to challenge (a, to] to defy (de, to] 

to brave | Se de. To mistrust : to suspect : 

to beware of : to mind 

D^fiflurer" va. to disfigure : to spoil 

D^FIL^ defile [X) march past : filing off [Atb. 
de papier) half-stuff 

D^fller' va. to unstring laigtiille) to unthread 
[chapelet) to tell (one's beads] [^t) to bear ... 
off : to ease her [im.) to file off 

D^fini -e a. definite | Passe , Perfect tense 

D^flnir va. to define : to decide : to describe 

Deflnissable a. definable 

D^flnitif -ive a. ive : positive [edition) stan- 
dard I Nomme a titre , Permanently ap- 
pointed I En —IVE, finally : after all 
vemenf ad. positively : at last : finally 


DIEFLEURAISON- [s, 2] fall of the blossom 

Defleurir vn. to cast (its) blossom [va.) to take 
off the B of [ou the bloom of] to nip 

D^florer' va. to deflower 

D^FONQAGE, D^FONCEMENT" [agr) break- 
ing up (the pan] [baril) staving-in 

Def oncer" va. to stave in [X) to break [a^) 
to break up (the pan, etc.] 

D^former" va. to put ... out of shape [pers) 
to deform [fig) to distort 




DEFAUL'T defaut | To be in _, Etre en etat 
de contutnace | In of, a defaut de 

DEFAUL'TER [*/".] deliiiquant-e [in the public 
funds) concussionnaire 

DEFEA'T [/t(e] defaite : deroiite [law) annula- 
tion [va.) defaire : mettre en dermite [nullify) 
annuler [fig) vaincre : frustrer 

DEFECT' defaut : imperfection [law, etc.) vice 

DEFECTION defection [relig.) apostasie 

Defec'tive a. defectueux : imparfait 
NESS defectuositd : imperfection 

DEFEN'CE defense \ Counsel for the _,[crim. 
cases) defenseur [civil law cases) avocat du 

defendeur | Witness for the , Temoin a de'- 

charge | To reserve one's , Reserver ses 

moyens de D | less a. sans defense 

Defend' v. defendre (from, de] proteger (centre] 

DEFEN'DANT le-nntf] defendeur -deresse 

DEFEN'DER defenseur 

Uefen'slble a. [fig] justifiable 

liefer' [-rred] v. [postpone) diiferer (to, a : de] 
[in j udgment) deferer (to, a] 

DEF'EEENCE deference feo | With all due _ 
to you, Avec tout le respect que je vous dois : 
' sauf votre respect ' 

DEFI'ANCE idifdi-e-nnce1 defi | In _ of, Au 

mepris de | He bids to, II defie ... 

Defi'ant \_difdi-nntt'] a. de defi 

ly ad. d'un ton [or d'un air] de defi 

DEFI'CIENCY [cfte-nwceT defaut fee : imperfec- 
tion [finance) deficit [inability) faiblesse 
Defi'cient [che-nntt] a. [in, de] defectueux : 

faible | He is in ..., II manque de ... 

DE'FILE [dt-faite] defile [un.) defiler (devant] 
Defl'le [difdile] va. souiller [violate) violer | 

MENT souillure \ R corrupteur -trice 

Defi'nable [di/at'-ne-6e-l] a. definissable 
Defl'ne [_di-fdi'nn\ va. definir : determiner 
Definite [t bref ] a. determine [gram) defini | 

ly ad. A\me maniere determinee 

Delin'itively ad. en definitive : definitivement 

Defla'te [flete'i v. degonfler | d, Degonfle 

DEFLA'TION [fleche-nn] degonfleraent 
Deflect' va. cfe vn. devier [needle, vn.) decliner 
DEFLECTION deviation [needle) decUnaison 
Deflow'ei" Idiflamir} va. deflorer 
Deforni'e'd a. difforme 
DEFORM'ITY difformite [ugliness) totdeur 
Defrau'd va. priver : frauder 
_ING the KEVENUE, fraiiOe 

[186] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the Frencli division only. 




Defratchl-e a. that has lost ...'s freshness 

D^frapper' va. to unbend : to cast off 

Defrayer" va. to defray the expenses of., [fig) 
to entertain [flonversation) to be the subject 

DtFRICHE-MENT" clearing [of : to lead 

Defricher" va. to clear 

D^FRICHEUR improver: ... who clears the land 

Defriser" va. to uncurl [tig) to put ... out | Se 
, To get [ou become] uncurled 

Defroncer" va. to take out the plaits of fpl. 

DEFROQV E cast-oflf clothes : old C : things 

Defroqu'er' m. to unfrock | Se , To tlirow 

up the church | Un DfeFROQU-fe,An ex-priest 

DfeFUNT" -E [* a.] deceased 

Degage -e a. free : easy: off-hand [coeur)at ease 
[mont-de-pieW) redeemed 

DtOAQEMENT" clearing : disengagement : re- 
lease : escape : detachment [m"t-de-i>ie'(e') re- 
deeming I Escalier de , Back-stairs | Piece 

de , Passage-room 

Degagei*' va. to release : to clear : to ease : to 
relieve : to disengage : to let out [m't-de-p) to 

DEOAINE ungainly way [ou figure] l.i'^deem 

M^galner" va. to draw (a sword] 

D^ganter' ii. [& Se _ vr.] to take off ... 's gloves 

D6garnir va. to strip : to dismantle {■$>) to un- 
rig I Se , To part (de, with] to get short 

(of] to lose (one's hair, its leaves, etc.] 

DfeOAT" devastation : waste : ravage | s ma- 

teriels (pi] Damage to property 

Degauchir va. to take the rough off : to level 
fpers) to improve ...'s manners finK' 

DEQEL thaw | DEOELEE [fam] • good dress- 

Degeler" v. {Table 71) to thaw 


degeneration : degeneracy : falling off | ce 

graisseMse du coeur. Fatty degeneration of the 

Degenerer" vn. to degenerate [heart 

Degingande -e a. great ungainly : loose 

' DegoblU'er" ' va. [vulg] to spew 

' Degoiser" ' wi. | En , To spin a yarn 

D6gom"iner' va. [vulg] to 'oust' : to 'do for' 

DfeGONFLEMENT" collapse : going down [d'un 
pnen) deflation 

Degonfler" va. to reduce, bring down [pneu) to 
deflate | Se , To go down : to subside : to col- 

d£QORQEMENT" overflowing : clearing [lapse 

D^GORQEOIR drain : spout 

Degorgep" va. to overflow : to cleanse : to 
empty : to disgorge 

Degoter" va. [vulg] to 'knock ... off ...'s perch ' 

'Degouliner' vn. to trickle down 

r>6gourdi-e a. with the chill off [fig) sharp : 
' cute ' I Degourdir v. to stretch out [eart) to 
take tlie chill off [pers) to sharpen ... up | 

Se To feel warmer \y. Stretcli tw^] 

DI&QOURDISSE-MENT" return of warmth : tak- 
ing the cliill off : sharpening up 
DUGOUT' dislike : disgust : vexation | Prendre 

... en , To take a dislike to ... 

Degofltanf -e a. [fam] sickening : disgusting : 
disheartening | l>(lgoftte-e a. particular: 

over nice [de, of) tired : sick | Faire le , To 

be squeamisli I Degoftter" va. to disgust | 

Se de, To take a dislike to 

D^gouftanf -e a. dripping : trickling 
D^gouf ter' vn. to drop : to drip : to run (a, 
Degradanf -e a. disgraceful \_...: de, from 
D^GRADATEUR [p/iot] vignetting glass 
DEGRADATION- _ : dilapidation : damage 
Degradei*" va. to degrade : to dilapidate : to 
damage [peinf) to shade ... off : to tone down 

[pliotogr.) to vignette | Se , To be damaged 

Ipers) to degrade os 

Degrafer' va. to unhook : to unfasten | Se , 

Ipers] To undo one's things 
O^GRAISSAGE scouring : cleaning 
Degraisser' va. to scour : to clean : to get off 

[ou get out] tlie grease [ou fat] from 
DEGRAISSEUR -EUSE clothes-cleaner : glove- 
D^GRAS' dubbing [cleaner 

Degravoyer' va. to lay ... bare 
DEQR^ degree : step [rne'd) stage [fam) pitch 
D6gr«5er" va. [i>] to unrig 
DfeGRfeVEMENT" reduction (of taxes] 
Degrever" va. to reduce : to remit : to take off 
DEGRINOOLADE tumbling down : tumble 

[fig) ' come-down ' 
Degringoler" vn. to roll [ou tumble] down [fig) 

to ' come down ' : to fast degenerate 
D(5griser" va. to sober [fig) to bring ... to (his) 

senses | Se , To get sober fto forge-roll 

Degrossir va. to rough out : to dress [du fer) 
D^GROSSISSAQE roughing out [ou down] [du 

fer) forge-rolling 
Degue"niire-e a. tattered : ragged [raggheddl 
I>6guerpir vn. to quit : to ' be off ' : to ' clear 
D^QUISEMENT" [s, z] disguise [out' 

Deguiser" va. to disguise (en, as, as a : a, from] 

Se , To disguise os : to dissemble 

tasting : sampling (wine, &c.) before purchase 
Dt5guster' va. to taste : to sample 
I>ehaler' va. to haul ... out 




Defray' the EXPENSES va. payer [or faire] 
Ueft'ly ad. adroitement [les frais 

DEFUNCT [* or.] defunt-e : mort-e Tto, a 

Defy' [difdi'l va. defier : mettre ... au defi (to, 

de] porter un defi 
DEGEN'ERACY Idi-djenn'] abatardissement 
Degen'erate Idi-djenn'-e-reUil vn. degenerer : 
s'abatardir (into, dans, en] 
— [di-dJenti'-e-re-W] a. degenere : indigne 
DEGRADA'TION Idegh-re-de'che-nn^ degrada- 
tion [fig) avilissement 
Degra'de [degrede] va. degrader (from, de : 
to, a, jusqu'au rang de] [fig) avilir 

Degra'ding a. avilissant 
— ingly ad. Anne maniere avilissante 

DEGREE' degre : mestire [in life) condition : 
rang [arithmet.) tranche [university) grade | 
B.A. — , Diplome de bachelier (es lettres] 

M.A , Diplome de licencie | DOCTOR'S _, 

Doctorat | To take one's , Passer ses exa- 

mens ] He has taken his in law, II a fait 

son droit | By s, Par degres : pas a pas : 

peu a peu I Not in the least , Pas le moins du 

monde | To a certain , Jusqu'a un certain 

point I To such a , a tel point (que] 

De'ify va. deifier 

A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [187] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMINIXB xcorOs in Italic. MASCULINE, tlius. 




D^liftler" va. to remove the sunbiu-a from 
Dehanche-e a. ungainly 
D^HARNACHEMENT" unharnessing 
Deharnacher" va. to unharness 
Dehonte -€ a. shameless : barefaced 
DEHORS" outside : exterior 1 _ [pi] [fort) out- 
works [fig) exterior : appearances (pi] 

cut. out : outside : without : abroad [navig.} kt 

sea : in the offing [voiles) spread |Au , With- 
out : outside i De From outside | Du , 

[des clients, etc.] At, from a distance | En . 

Outside [pers) frank and open | En de, Out 

of : outside (of] without | Mettre , To send 

... going I Mettre en , To set ... aside 

[com) to pay away i Par , Round outside 

Df:iFICATIOS- — [_di-ifi-keclie-nn\ 
Dt^ifiei- va. to deify [rfi-Wl DfelSME _m 
D^ISTE _t [a.) deistical 
DEITE _ty [dt-e-fe] 

Deja ad. already I en lS50,As far back as 1850 

DEJECTIOy o^ [med] evacuation 
se Dejeter" vr. to warp : to twist : to deviate 
DEJEUNER" [& D^JEUN^ less common] break- 
fast : lunch | Premier , Cup of coffee (etc.) 

on getting up | Second , or a la four- 

chette. Lunch [taken in France at from 11 
to 12 o'clock, and more like an English lunch 
than a breakfast] 
Dejeuner' vn. to breakfast : to have B [repas 

a midi) to lunch 
D^jouep' va. to baffle : to thwart : to upset 
Dejucher" vn. to ' come down from ..."s perch' 

[va.) to 'bring ... down" (etc.] 
se Dejuger' tr. to reverse one's opinion 
Dela prep. \ Au de,En de, Par ....Be- 
yond . . . : on the other side : more than : farther 

than I De la nier, From beyond the sea 

D^LABREMENT" ruin : decay : disorder 
Delabre-e a. wretched : ragged : ... iu rags : 

... in ruins | Sante ee. Shattered health 

D^Iabrer* va. to tear : to break : to destroy 

[sante, etc.) to ruin | Se , To fall into decay 

D^lacer" va. to unlace | Se , To come undone 

[pers) to undo one's corset 
OELAI delay : period [d'appel) time for appeal- 
ing I Dans un de. In the course of : within 

... I Dans un bref , 'Without loss of time : 


DfeLAISSEMENT-destitution(de,of, in] [droit) 

Delaisser" va. to forsake : to abandon 

OELASSE'MENT" relaxation : rest : recreation 

Delasser" va. to refresh : to rest | Se , w. to 

take some relaxation ■ • 

DtlATEUR -TRICE informer • 

DELA TIOX' ' information : denunciation \.' ' 
' Delayer' ra. to soften [ou lighten] (water-colour] 
I Delayer' no. to dilute : to temper [oeufs) to beat 

j Delectable a. Lup 

' se Delecter' vr. to delight (a, in] 

DELEGATION" _ : proxy : assignment of 
pav-. etc. 

DELEGU^ delegate : deputy : one of the depu- 
tation I MINEUR mine-inspector (elected by 

the miners themselves] [sign : to hand over 

Deleguer' va. to depute : to delegate : to as- 
i Delester' va. to discharge the ballast from 
I Deletere [day-lay-tare] a. deleterious [cleli-iir- 
I Deliberanf -e a. deliberative Li'^-ss 

Dt'liberatif -ire a. ive 

i DELIBERATION" — [recfte-nii] resolution 

D^LIB^R^ [juges] consultation ou decision (of 

judges] -e a. deliberate : easy : resolute | De 

propos Designedly : wilfully 

Deliberement' ad. deliberately 

Deliberer' vn. [sur, de, upon, on] to deliberate 
[de, to) to resolve . • ■ 

Delicat"-€ a. delicate : nice : " ticklish " | Procedes 
pen s, Unscrupulous behaviour 

Delicate'nient' ad. delicately : daintily 

DELICATESSE delicacy : nicety : scrupulous- 
ness : sense of right | En , On cold terms 

OBLIGE [pi. i)£irCES]delight : pleasure (pour, 
de, to] ... fait les I_s des Parisiens, The P's are 
completely carried away with ... 

Delicieux" -etise a. [au gofit) delicious [fig) de- 
lightful : beautiful [-eusemenf -ly, -lly] 

Delicoter' va. to take off the halter from 

D^lictueux' -«iise a. felonious 

D^U^ thin [ou up] stroke 

-e a. untied : loose : easy : sharp : slender 1 Avoir 

la langtte bien e. To be very talkative 

Delier' va. to untie [fig) to release : to absolve | 

Sans botirse , Without paying a penny | 

Se To come undone : to release one's self 

[n») to strain 




Deig'n vn. daigner (to, ...] 
DEIL [dilc] [mot ecossais] diable 
Deis'tical [ke-t] a. de deiste [pers) deiste 
DE'ITY divinite [mythol) deite 

Deject'ed a. abattu | ly ad. d'un air abattu 

DEJECTION fed abattement : decouragement 
DELAY' delai fco : retard | _S lenteurs 

1X1. differer : retarder : ajourner | He s to 

the last. U remet au dernier moment 
DEL'EGATE [<fe a.] delegue [to.) deleguer (to, a] 
Dele'te [dilJfe] va. biffer : rayer 
Delete'rious [ft-ri-e-ss] a. nuisible : deletere 
Delib'erate [d-libb-e-rete] vn. deliberer (upon, 

sur] [d-Jiftb-e-re-f] a. delibere : reflechi 

[pace) lent | ly [re-t] ad. de propos deli- 
bere [slowly) lentement 1 DELIBEEA'TION 
iiche'nn'] deliberation \ With _, Avec reflexion 

Delib'erative a. deliberatif [assembly) deli- 

DEL'ICACY d€licatesse [eatable) friandise 

Del'icate [delV i-ke-tt1 a. delicat-e 

_ FEELIXG, sentiments de delicatesse (pi] 
ly ad. avec delicatesse : discretement 

Dell'dous [cJie-ssJ a. delicieux | ly ad. deli- 

cieusement | NESS gout delicieux 

DELI'G'HT Idilaite] delices (pi] To be the _ 

of, Faire les delices de | To in, [ou to take 

in,] Se plaire a : trouver son bonheur a : 

faire ses delices de | To ..., Rejouir :_en- 

chanter ... | To be ed with, [ou at,] Etre 

enchante [or ravi] de 

Deli'g'ht f III [dilatfe] a. delicieux Wa : ravissant 

[pers) charmant | lly ad. delicieusement : 

a ravir | NESS enchantement : cbarme 

[188] Prepositions used before nouns and participles. Roman t}'pe ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 





Delimiter' va. to assign the limits to 

DELINEATION" _ [di-linni-e'clie-mi'] 

DtLINQU-ANT- _ent D3| [dr) offender 


D(51iquescenf -e a. t 

D^liranf -e a. delirious [fig) frenzied : distem- 
pered [fam : plats) ' splendid ' 

D^LIRE delirium K^[fig) frenzy | Etre en , or 

Delirer" vn. to be delirious : to wander 


DtLIT" [simple) misdemeanour | Le corps du _, 
The offence itself : the charge | En flagrant 
, In the very act : " in flagrante delicto ' 

D^llter" va. to split : to shale off [fihatix) to slack 

DELIVRANCE verance : release (de, from] 

delivery (a, to] [billets) issue 

D^LIVRE after-birth 

D61ivrer' va. to deliver : to release : to issue 

T)&loQ&Vva. to dislodge : to turn ... out [vn.) to 
move (out, away] to 'clear out' | sans tam- 
bour ni trompette. To leave 'on the quiet ' 

D^loyal -e a. dishonest : disloyal tx^ : unfair | 
emenf ad. dishonestly : unfairly 

DELOYAUTE dishonesty : perfidy 

DELTA _ idell'-W] 

DELUGE [dell'-youdje] flood | Passons au , 

Come, cut it short ! 

' Delur6 ' -e a. sharp : wide-awake : ' no fool' 

D6Iustrer' va. to take off the gloss from 


DiJmagogique a. of [ou like] a demagogue 


D^maiU'er' va. to pick out [»t) to unshackle 

Demaiiroter' va. to unswathe 

DEMAIN" to-morrow | a _, Till T [int.) Good- 
bye till T ! I Apres-_, The day after T | _ 

en huit, T week | II y aura huit jours, A 

week ago T 

Demancher'wi. to take off the handle from, dis- 
locate [rrats. i>n.) to shift I Ce couteau s'est de- 
raanche, This knife has lost its handle 

DEMANDS _d [ang. pr. demann'ddl [de, for, 

of) request : prayer | en ..., Action for ... I 

Sur la de. At the R of | S' [com] orders 

Deniander' [a, ...] tia. to ask : to beg : to de' 
mand : to claim : to want : to require : to call I 
_ CD, To ask for CD | _a CD, Toask CD I 
II ne demande pas raieux, He is only too glad 
to do so I Je me demande si .... I wonder 
whether ... | Je vous demande pardon, I beg 
your pardon | Tres demande -e, Much in re- 
quest I On demande ..., Wanted ... [y. Like] 
DEMANDEUR -ERESSE plaintiff : applicant 
DEMANGEAISON" [s, z] itching : eagerness 
D^inangei'' vn. to itch | La langue lui de- 
mange, He longs to speak 
Deinante'ler' va. to dismantle 
D«5inantlbuler' va. to break : to put ... out 
Demarcatif -ive a. demarcating 
DEMARCATION" — [diniarkecJie-nn] 
DEMARCHE step : gait : measure : conduct : 
attempt [aupres de, to) application | Faire des 

s pour. To take steps to 

D^MARCHEUR bank messenger 
Demarquer' va. to remove the mark from 
D^MAR'RAQE unmooring [«Sl, auto) starting 
DemarTer" va. to unmoor : to unlasli [faire 
partir) to start [wi.) to leave Iter moorings : 
to get under weigh [^31, auto, eye) to start 
D^masquer" va. to unmask [tig) to expose 
D^MATAQE dismasting 
Dein&ter" ixi. to dismast 
D^M£LAQE combing out 
D^M£L^ dispute : contest : disturbance 
I>(5mSler' va. [de, d'avec, from) to separate : 
to disentangle : to comb out : to extricate : to 
unravel : to make out : to contend (for] Kien a 

avec. No dealings with | Se , To clear up 

0^M£L0IR large-tooth comb [tech) reel 
D^MEMBRE'MENT" [em, ari] dismemberment 
D6membrer' va. to dismember 
D^M^NAQE'MENT" removal :' moving house' | 

Voiture de , Furniture-van 

Dem^nager" va. to remove (furniture, effects] 
Ivn.) to ' move house ' [en argot) to ' be off ' | 

'II demenage,' He's going off his head | ' 

a fa cloche de bois,' 'To quit without paying 
one's rent 
D^M^NAGEUR furniture-remover 




Delin'eate va. tracer : peindre [fig) decrire 
DELINQ'UENCy [di-linnk-oue^nce'i delit : 
faute I DELINQ'UENT Idi-linnk-oue-nntt^ de- 
linquant-e : coupable 
Delir'ious Ide-liri-e-ss} a. en delire : dans le 

D I To get [ou become] , Tomber en D 

DELIR'IUM [diliri-e-mml delire | To bring on 

_, Donner le delire | _ TRE'MENS ' _ ' 
Deli v'er va. [from, de] rendre : faire remettre : 

delivrer : livrer [ to one's door) livrer ... a 

domicile [V. Free] [save) sauver [a message) 
apporter : remettre [speech) prononcer : faire 

Iwomen) accoucher (of, de] over, up, 

livrer (to, a] one's self up, se livrer (to, a] 

— immediately, ' Tres presse ' 
DELIVERANCE le-nnce] delivrance (.from, de 
DELIV'ERER liberateur -irice : sauveur 
DELIVERY [from, de) delivrance [of goods) 

livrainon [of letters) distritndion [cost of ) 

port [goods or letters to one's door) remise a 

domicile [cartage) camionnage [of a speech) 
prononce [birth) accouchement [opposed to 
SUCTION) refoiilement [output of a PUMP) 
debit I _ NOTE bulletin de Uvraison | For 

in, Livrable au ... | Free Paris, Rendu 

DELL vallon [franco a P 

DELPHIN'IUM dauphincUe 
«Delu'de va. tromper : duper : abuser 

— d a. aveugle : abuse i ER trompeur -ettse 

Del'uge [.del'yoiidj'i va. inonder (with, de] 
DELU SION llouje-nn] deception : illiision 
Delu'slvo a. illusoire | Delve v. becher 
DEMAND' demande [V. SUPPLY] [claim) re- 

clanuition | In great , Tres demande : tres 

couru I In full of all s, Pour solde de tout 

compte I On , a presentation | va. 

demander [need) exiger [claim) reclamer 
Demean' one's self Idi-mine'] v. se comporter 

[degrade one's self) s'abaisser 
DEMEAN'OUR air : maintien : conduite 

A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. [189] 

Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




DEMENCE madness ] En Mad 

se Djhiiener" vr. to throw [ou fling] one's self 

about : to struggle 
DEMENTI lie : flat denial : failure | Conner un _ 
a. To give ... the lie [F. ificlatant] En avoir 
le , To reap failure : to get the worst of it 

IDemeiitir va. (Table 18) to give the lie to : to 
contradict : to belie | Se To C o's (ou one 

another] to belie o's [fig) to fail : to flag : to 
give way 

DtMtRITE t I V de, to lose favour with 

DeniesurS -e a. immoderate : unbounded : ex- 
cessive [-menf -ly, beyond measure] 
Demettre r. (Table 66) to dismiss 1 _ la jambe 

a ..., To put ...'s leg out of joint | Se de, 

To give up : to resign | Se le .... To put 

one's ... out of joint 
D^MEUBLEMENT" removal of the furniture 
Denieubler" va. to remove the furniture from 

Deineuranf ad. i Au .... After all ... 

DE3IEURE residence : dwelling [poet) abode 
[retard) delay | A , Fixed : ' for good ' : per- 
manently I Mettre ... en de, To order ... to : 

to summon 
Deiiieurer' vn. to reside : to live : to stay (a, at] 
to remain : to stand : to be [arreter) to stop | 

chez soi. To stay at home | d'accord. To 

agree | en reste, To be behind-hand | 

interdit. To stand speechless | un peu sot. 

To look rather foolish | En la. To stop' 

there | J'ai demeure dans cette me ..., I lived 
[ou. I have lived] in this street ... 
Demi -e* a. half : demi- [en angl. pr. demm'e] 
semi I a Half : by halves | -CERCLE semi- 
circle 1 -CLEF-'ir. Noeud] -DIEU demi-god | 
•FINALE semi-tinal 1 -lixe a. semi-portable | 
-JOUR twilight i -irA'JB crescent [/"orOdemi- 
lune I -MESVRE half-measure i -SAVANT' 
smatterer : half-learned ... | -SOLDE half- 
pay I -SOUPIR [wws] quaver rest | -TON" 
semitone [*Tlie fern, form is used onlj* after 
the noun: before the noun it must be hyphened, 
and is invariable] Une demi-7iei(re. Half-an- 
hour I fne /lewreet dem/e, Anhourandahalf 
lliettre du jour) half-past one 
DEMIE [of clocks striking] half-hour 
Deniis" -e pp. [T". Demettre] 
DEMISSION" resignation Irezz' -ig-neche-nti] 

nner" v. [& Donner sa demission] to resign 

[-za'i'jie] to send in ones resignation 
D^MISSION-NAIRE [<fc a.] person, etc. resigning 
D^MOCRATE _t Lou has resigned] 

DEMOCRATIE [t as c] democ'racy [re-ei^ 

Democratique a crat'ic [-menf, -ically] 

Demode -e j)j). ... gone out of fashion 
se Demoder' vr. to go out of fashion 
DEMOISELLE [s, 2] young lady : Miss : girl : 
single woman [de magasin) assistant [insect) 
dragon-fly [/lie) rammer ] _ d'honneur.Brides- 
Demolirua. to pull down : to demolish \jnaid 
DEMOLITION- _ i —S' old materials 
O^MON" [dime-nw] the Devil [enfant) mis- 
chievous young dog, ou little rascal 
Dt'niont'-lisei"' va. to call in (coin] 
DfeMONIAQUE _iac [a.) demoni'acal 

Uf'-iiionstratif -ire a. ive [-nnl sign 

DEMONSTRATION ■ — [demnie-nn-strdclie- 

I><-montable a that can be taken to pieces : 


D^MONTAQE taking ... to pieces [ou down] 

Denionti? -e pp. [»jer) heavy [tech) taken apart 

[ou to pieces] D^MONTE-PNEUS* tyre-lever 

Demonter" va. to dismount : to unhorse [tech) 

to take... to pieces [tig) to put... out : to upset : 

to knock ... over [d'un poste) to turn ... out | 

Se To come [ou be taken] to pieces : to 

get out of order : to be put out fproved 

Demonli-able a. demonstrable : ...thatcanbe 
Deinontrer" va. to demonstrate : to show : to 
Deniomlisant' -e a. demoralizing Lprove 

D^moralisatcur -trice a. demoralizing 
DEMORALISATION- —za'tion [zeche-nn} 
Demorjilisei*' w. to demor'alize fin 

Denioi'dre vn. [de, ...] to let go : to give up [ou 
Deniouler' va. to withdraw ... from the mould 
se Deniunir vr. to deprive one's self (de, of] 

to part (de, with] 
Demurer' va. to re-open (a doorway, etc.] 
Demuse'ler' 1x1. to unmuzzle 
se Denantir vr. to give up : to strip o'self (of] 
D^natter' va. to undo the plaits (in ou of ...] 
Denature -e a. unnatural : depraved | Alcool 

, Methylated spirit 

Denaturei'" va. to alter : to distort : to twist : 

to disguise [de I'alcool) to methylate | son 

bien, To turn one's estate into money 
DENEGATION- denial : disproof 
D^NI refusal : denial 
D^niaiser' va. to sharpen : to 'put ... up to a 

thing or two ' | Se , To sharpen up 

Denicher" va. to take ... out of its nest [ou niche] 
to dislodge : to ferret out : to turn up : to un- 
earth Ivn.) L'oiseau a e, The bird is flown 

O^NICHEUR bird's-nester [de, after) hunter 




DEMER'IT demerite : faiite 
DEME'SNE [di-mine} doniaine 
DEMI'SE [i a'Q mort : deces [va.) leguer 

Deniol'isii va. demolir | ER demolisseur 

Dem'onstrate [a e'] va. demontrer : constater 
DEMONSTKA'TION de— [public _) mani- 
Demor'alize Udizel va. demoraliser 
Demor'alizing [Ja'i] demoralisateur -(rice 
DEMUR' [nie-r] h&itation : difflcidte 
Demur [-rre'd] vn. hesitiJr : s'opposer (at, to, 
a] [law) produire une exception 

Demu're [niioureTi a. pose : prude | -looking 

individual, Sainte-Nitmiche \ ly ad. d'un 

air pose I NESS gravite : air pose 

demure' AGE snrestaries (pi] 

DEMUKR'ER [»ne-j-] exception 

DEMY' idi-mdii coquille 

DEN autre [of robbers) repaire [wretched — ) 
bouge [' sanctum ') cabinet 

DENI'AIi deui : denegation [Peter's — ) renie- 

~ment | I'll take no , Je n'admets pas de 

=Srefus I Flat _, Refus tout net : denegation 

^absolue [r. Self-_] 

[190] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




DENIER" money : funds (pi] standard : hard 

cash : farthing : mite | De ses propres s, 

Out of one's own pocket | _ de SAINT PIERRE 

Peter's pence (pi] a DIED earnest M ] Le 

_ de la VEUVE, The imdoiv's mite 
I>enier' va. to deny 

Donigranf-e a. | Propos s, Disparaging re- 

D^NIGREMENT' disparagement (.Quarks 

Denlgrcr' va. to disparage : to 'run ... down' : 

to 'throw cold water on' 
D^NOMBREMENT" census : enumeration 
I>enoinbrer' va. to take a census of : to enu- 
D^NOMINATEUR [arith] _tor [merate 

l>enominatlf-iye a. ive 

DENOMINA TION' ' [di-rwmini-neche-nu'i 

Denoin'mer" va. to denominate : to name 
Denoncer' va. to denounce : to declare [dr) to 

inform against [fam) to tell upon 
DtNONC\A.rEUfi -TRICE [dr] informer 

eche-tui] information : declaration 
Denoler" va. to denote : to show 
DENOUEMENT" '_' : upshot : ' wind-up ' : end : 

termination : issue 
Denouer' va. to untie : to unravel : to undo : 

to render ... supple : to loosen | Se , rr. to 

come untied, unravelled, undone, etc. 
fDENREES' [pi] provisions : produce : com- 
j^ modities | s coloniales, Colonial produce 

2 Dense a. [denncel [thickness 

|DENSIMETRE densimeter | DENSITE _ty ; 
sfDENT' tooth : notch [de 7ierse)tine Icoiiture) 

C scallop [de rmie) cog | branlante. Loose 

^ tooth I cj'eiise, Hollow T | Arracherwne 

i a, To take out a T for | Avoir wne centre, 

^ To have a spite against | a belles s, ' T and 

i nail ' : heartily | Brosse a _s, T-brush | Coup 

3 de ,Bite [fig) disparaging remark | Jusqu' 

•^ aux _.9, To the teeth | Mai de s, Tooth- 

•= ache I J'ai mal aux s, I have a toothaclie | 

3 Manger du bout des s, To eat without an 

O appetite | Rire du bout des s, To try to 

ai force a laugh | Sur les s, Knocked up | 

5 Dentaire a. dental [derm-U-l^ IV. TOOTH 
J^ Dental -e a. [gram] _ | DENTALE _1 
^Z)£JVT-DE-LI0N" dandelion idami' di-ldi-nn 
p^Denle -en. toothed : indented : notched [hot) 
a dentate | en scie, [bof] Serrate | Roue , 

l^ CJog-wl^el : gear-wheel 


-Dente'I6-e a. notched : indented [roc, etc.) 
jagged [6oO toothed 

_ Dente'ler" va. to notch : to indent 

^DENTELLE lace : lace-work 

I DENTELVRE indentation[tech)dog's-tooth 

^DENTIER" set of (artificial) teeth 

g DENTIFRICE _ [a.) tooth- ... 

DENTISTE _t [pr. denn'tisstt, i tres bref] 
i DENTITION-— [fam) teething 
y,DENTirRE teeth : set of (natural) T 


Ddnuder" va. to denude : to strip (de, of] 

Denu^ -e a. destitute (de, of] 

Deniier" va. to strip : to deprive 

DtNUMENT" privation : destitution 

DEODORA deodara [di-o-da'ra] 

DepaiU'er" va. to pull the straw [ou covering] 

Depaqueter' va. to unpack : to open Loff 

Depareiir^ -e a. odd : imperfect (set] 

ll'er' va. to break a set [ou pair] of : to mix 

Deparer' va. to strip : to disfigure : to spoil 
the look of [to part 

Deparier' va. to leave an odd one of the pair : 

Deparler" [usually in negat.] v. to stop talking 

Deparquer" fa. to let ... out 

DEPART" departure [.i) sailing [fam) leaving | 
lance. Flying start | Point de Starting- 
point I Sur son On the point of leaving 

Depai'tJifjer' va. to give the casting vote 

DtPARTEMENT"departmentD3j: county: pro- 
vince [ V. Canton] Les s, The country (as 

opposed to Paris] al -e a. provincial : ... of 

the department : county . . . [V. Commission] 

D^partir va. (.Table 20) to allot : to distribute 

(a. to] to bestow (a. upon] Se de. To leave 

oflf : to give up 

Depasser" va. to pass : to run to more than : 
to surpass : to exceed : to overreach : to out- 
run : to leave ... behind : to project beyond : 
to outsail [sote) to draw out [cordage) to un- 
reeve [mat) to send down 

DtPASSE-MENT" going beyond (etc., V. De- 
passer] projecting piece 

D«;paver" va. to take up the pavement of 

Depayse-e a. out of his (fier, etc.) element : 
on strange soil [V. Depayser] 

Depajser" [daypayeezayl va. to take (a pers.) 
out of his own country, ou out of his element : 
to throw ... out 




DEN'IZEN habitant : afifranchi 
Denom'inate va. appeler [law) denomraer 
DENOMINA'TION [neclie-nn] denomination 

[society) communion : culte | al SCHOOL 

e'cole primaire oii Ion donne un enseigne- 

ment religieux particulier 
Deno'te va. denoter : marquer : designer 
Denou'nce [ou aou] va. denoncer 
Dense a. [phys.) fea [fog, cloud, etc.) epais | 

ly ad. en foule compacte : en masse 

DEN'SITY densite [of fog, etc.) epaisseur 
DENT idennttl bosse Iva.) bossuer 

Den'tal [dennJ'J] a. [gram) [med) dentaire 

Denta'te [a, e] a. dente 

Denu'de va. denuder : depouiller (of, de] 

DENUNCIA'TION [ne-^n} denonciation 

Deny' [dtnai] va. nier : refuser : deraentir | To 

one's self, Faire abnegation de soi-meme | 

To one's self the pleasure, Se refuser le 

plaisir | There's no DENY'INGr, Pas moyeu 
de nier (that, que ...] 

DEO'DORIZER [di-o-de-rl desinfectant 

Depart' v. [from, de] partir : se retirer : s'e- 
loigner [leave oif ) se departir [deviate) s'e- 
carter [this life) quitter (cette vie] trepasser | 
The ed, Le defunt, la defunte [pi) les morts 

DEPART'MENT departement [government) 
direction [com) partie [shops) eomptoir 

DEPAR'TURE [fc7te-r] depart tea [leaving off) 
desisteraent [deviation) ecart : eloignement 
[death) mort : trepas | A new , Une orien- 
tation nouvelle : un pas en avant 

A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. AH FE^^NINE uvrds in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




D^P^CEMENT" cutting up : dismemberment 
D^pecer' va. to cut[ou break] up : to dismember 
DEPECHE despatch It^leg.) telegram :' wire' | 

S', pi. [com) correspondence Ipostes) mail : 

bag I Depficher' va. to despatch | 8e , To 

make haste : to be quick : to ' hurry up ' 
D^pelndre txi. (Table 58) to depict 
Depeinf -e pp. [V. Depeindre] 
Depenaiir^ -e a. ' in rags and tatters ' 
DEPENDJJfCE —dence (de, on] out-buildings 
(pi] appendage (to] [pays) dependency 

Dependant' -e a. dent (de, on] 

D^pendre vn. to depend (de, on] to be depend- 
ent (de, on] to depend on circumstances : to 
result (from] [un pays) to belong (to] Iva.) to 
take down 
D^PENS' [pi] costs I a leurs _, At their expense 
Imauv. x>art) to their cost 

DEFENSE expense : pantry | Se mettre en , 

To go to the E | Porter en , To put down | 

S" (pi] expenditure | s de menage, House- 
hold expenses 
Depenser' va. to spend (pour, en, on, in, for] 
D^PENSIER- -lERE ' spendthrift ' : purser 

-lire a. extravagant 

DEPERDITION" loss : diminution 
Deperir vn. to waste : to decay : to pine away 
[edifice) to fall into decay [p{ante) to wither 
D^P^RISSEMENT" decay : decline : withering 
Depfitrer" va. to disentangle : to free (de, from] 

to get ... out of I Se de. To get rid of (a 

pers.] to get out of (a mess, difficulty, etc.] 
DEPEUPLEMENT" depopulation : thinning 
Depeupler" va. to depopulate [etang) to draw 

Iforet) to clear 
Depl^cer" va. to tear ... to pieces : to break up 
DEPILATION" — : loss of coat ou hair 
se D^pUer* vr. [of animals] to lose ...'s coat 
D^piquer' va. to unquilt [grain) to tread out 
D^plster" tw. to track [fig) to discover : to ' un- 
earth' [detourner) to put ... off the track 

DfePIT" spite : despite : vexation | En de. In 

S of I En du bon sens, Against common 

I>^piter* 1X1. to spite : to vex : to annoy ffor 
l>6plac6 -e a. out of place : improper : uncalled 
DfePLACEMENT" disp— : removal : change of 
place : movement | Frais de , Travelling ex- 
Deplacer' va. to displace : to remove : to mis- 
place : to take ... off | 8e , To move : to leave 

one's seat : to move about 

D^plaire vn. (Table 39) to displease (a. ...] to 
give offence (to] to be unpleasant (de. to] N'en 
deplaise a, With all due deference to ... | Sa 
figure me deplait, I don't like his [?ter] look | 

Se , Not to like ... (each other, etc.] not to 

get on well [plante. etc.) not to do well 
DEPLAISAJfCE [s z] nuisance : dislike 
Deplaisant' -e a. disagreeable : unpleasant (a. 
pour, to : de, to] faffliction 

DEPLAISIR [s z] displeasure : trouble : grief: 
O^PLANTAQE taking up (in order to transplant 
Deplanter" va. to take up : to clear 
DfePLANTOIR trowel : gardening trowel 
DfePLIANT" album 

Deplier" va. to unfold : to open : to display 
l><5plisser' va. to unplait [ploying 

D^PLOIE-MENT" unfolding : display [X) de- 
Deplomber' to, to remove the seals from 
Deplorable a. _ : lamentable : wretched [-mf 

-bly,-ly] Donner un tour a. To quite pervert 

Deplorer* va. to deplore 
Deployer" va. to display : to unfold [X) to de- 
ploy [drapeaux, voiles) to unfurl | Enseignes 

ees, With flying colours | Kire a gorge e'e, 

To roar with laughter 
D^plu pp. invar, [y. Deplaire] 

Deplumer' txi. to pluck | Se , To plume itself 

[muer) to moult [fam) to lose one's hair 
X>epolir va. to take off the polish from [verre) 

to grind { Se To lose its [ou their] polish . 

Verre d^poli. Ground glass 

Deponent" -e a. 

Dcpopulariser" va. to render ... unpopular 
DfePORT" delay [Bourse) backwardation 
DEPOR TA TION- ' transportation 
DtPORTt con'vict fpranks 

DtPORTEMENT-S- [pi] dissolute ways : wicked 

D^porter" va. to transport | Se , To desist 

DfePOSANT" -E [s z] depositor [dr) deponent : 

IMposer' va. to deposit [dr) to give evidence 
[plaitUe) to lodge [roi) to depose [un rapport 
projet de loi) to bring in (a report, bill] [corte) 
to leave [fardeau) to put down [vin) to settle 
D^pos^ -e a. ' entered ' 
D^POSITAIRE _tary : trustee 
DEPOSITIOy [s z] _ Izicbe-nn] evidence 
D^POSITOIRE [s z] dead-house 
D<5posseder' ixi. to dispossess ... (de, of] 
DEPOSSESSION" dispossessing 
D^poster" txi. [X] to dislodge (de, from] to 
drive ... out 




Depend' vn. dependre fcfl (on, de] confier (on, 

upon, dans] [rely on) compter (sur] upon 

it ..., Comptez la-dessus | One can't on 

what he says, II est sujet a caution { It s 

on circumstances, C'est selon 

DEPEN'DANCE [ou-ENCE] dipendance (on, 
upon, de] conflance (on, en] 

DEPEN'OANT [ou -ENT] [de-nnt{\ dependant -e 

[bot) pendant | To be on ..., Dependre de : 

etre a la charge de 

DEPEN'DENCY dipendance (of, de] posses- 
sion I Our Indian , L'empire des Indes 

Depict' tXL peindre [fig) depeindre 

Deplo'rable [plo-re-6e-J] a. deplorable [con- 
temptible) pitoyable [-bly ad. -ment] 
Deplo'rc txL deplorer • se lamenter (..., sur] 
Deploy' loi, o dans sort} v. deployer : se d 
Depo'ne vn. deposer (to, de, sur] 
DEPO'NENT [* a.] de_ [law) deposant 
Depop'ulate [iou-letei va. depeupler 
DE'POPULA'TION depeupleraent 
DEPORT'MENT conduiu : manieres (pi] 
Depo'se v. deposer (from, de : to, de, sur] 
DEPOS'IT depot [bank) versement [payment) 

gage : nantissement Iva.) deposer : verser 
DEPOS'ITOR [te^l deposant -e 

[192] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common tx3 both languages are given in the French division only. 




DfePOT" depot" : deposit : depositing : trust : 
repository : store : warehouse [p. de loi) bring- 
ing in [com) agency (de, for][du vin) settling : 
crust [terrassement) spoil-bank [chaudieres) 

scale I des machines, Engine-shed | En 

, On sale | Envoye au , Sent to the lock- 
up I Mandat de , Detainer | Le de la 

QXJERRE, The ordnance office | Le _ de 
MENDICITE, The workhouse 
D^poter' 1X1. to remove ... from the pot 
DfePOTOIR general depot of night-soil 
DEPOUILLE spoil : clothes : skin \mortelle) 
remains (pi] [tech) draw [de serpent) slough 
DfePOUILL'EMENT" spoliation : stripping : pri- 
vation : abstract : counting (the votes] 
Depouiirer" va. to deprive : to strip : to skin : 
to throw off : to give the figures of [livre, etc.) 
to make extracts from, ou au abstract of : to go 
through I _ sa correspondance, To go through 
o's letters | le scrutin, To count the ballot- 
papers I le vieii homme. To put off the 

old man : to ' turn over a new leaf ' | Se de, 

To cast off : to renounce 
I>6pourvoir va. (Table 30) to leave ... desti- 
tute : to strip | Depourvu -e a. destitute (de, 
of] unprovided (de, with] Au depourvu ad. 
Unprepared : at unawares . unexpectedly 
DEPRAVATION" depravity [we'd) deteriora- 
tion I I>»5praver" va. to deprave : to vitiate 

I>«5pr(5cialeur -trice a. atory : ative 

DEPRECIATION" _ | Depreciei- va. [& Se 

w.] to depreciate : to underrate 

D^PR^DATEUR _tor [a.) predatory : plunder- 
ing I DEPREDATION" _ [free 
I>«5prendre va. (Table 59) to separate : to set 
DEPRESSION" _ D3J ldiprec?ie-nn'] 
Deprier' va. to withdraw one's invitation (to] 
Deprimer" va. to depress : to run down 
Ddpriser" va. to depreciate fin the dumps ' 
DE PROFUNOIS _ | Gai comme un _, 'Down 
Sepuis' ad. * prep, from : since : ago : ever 

since : afterwards | combien de temps 

etes-vous a Paris ? How long have you been 

in Paris? | quelques annees. For some 

years (past] quand ? How long ? | peu. 

Lately | que, Since : ever since | long- 
temps. Long ago : a long while since 
Bepuralif-ivea.—ive | Depurer'tw. to purify 
DEPUTATION" —[ioutecUe-nnl deputies (pi] 
parliamentary duties (ou life] Se presenter a 

la , To put up for parliament 

DtPUTt ty : representative : member (de, for] 

Depute!"' va. to depute [im.)to send a deputation 
D^RACINEMENT" rooting up [ou out] 
Deraeiner" va. to root up : to eradicate 
Derade pp. driven out to sea 
Weraidir va. to take the stiffness out of | Se 

, To lose ...'s stiffness [fig) to mellow 

DfeRAILL-EMENT"derailment[fam) railway ac- 
cident ["To throw ... off the line 

DeralU'ei'" im. to run off the line | Faire ..., 

DERAISON" [s, z] want of sense : unreason- 
able thing : nonsense | nnabie a. unreason- 
able [-menf -ly] NNEMENT" nonsense : 

raving | onner" vn. to rave : to wander : 

to talk nonsense 
Derange -e a. out of order : in disorder [cer- 

veau) deranged 
D^RANQEMENT" _ : trouble : disturbance : 
misconduct : confusion : disorder : putting ... 
out of sorts 
Deranger' va. to displace : to disarrange : to 
disturb : to trouble : to derange : to upset | 

Se , vr. [chose) To get out of order [pers) to 

get embarrassed : to get into a loose way of 
living I Ne vous derangez pas ! Don't move! 
Don't disturb yourself! 
Deraper" v. [■$>) to trip [eye) to skid : to have 
a side-slip | Virez et derapez ... ! Heave up 
and off the bottom ! | Derape a. [ancre'] a-trip 
' D<5rale '-e a. quick : sharp : lively : alert | Courir 

comme un , ' To go like a shot ' 

Dereclief ad. yet again : once more 
Derdgl6-e a. irregular : disorderly 
Dereg lenient" ad. in an irregular way 
D^R^GLEMENT" irregularity : disorder 
Dertjgler' va. to put ... out of order [fig) to un- 
settle : to sow disorder in ... | Se , To get 

out of order : to get loose : to lead an aban- 
doned life 




DEPQS'ITORY depot [book) repertoire 

DEPOT" depot feo [American railroad) station : 

Depra've [a, i^ va. depraver : corrompre 

DEPRAVITY depravation 

Dep'recate [n'fce'te] va. implorer [to condemn) 
desapprouver : s'opposer a 

Depre'ciate [dipri-ehiete'] va. deprecier : de- 
primer [vn.) perdre (de sa raJeitr] 

DEPREDA'TION Ideppri-decfie-^in'] depreda- 
tion [fig) ravage | DEP'REDATOR Iri-dete-r} 
depredateur -trice : pillard-e 

Depress' va. deprimer [deject) abattre [lower) 
baisser [tech) incliner 

DEPRESS'ION [che-Jiw] depression : abaisse- 
ment [mental) abattement [indentation) en- 
fonceraent [hollow) creux | in TRADEcrise 

DEPRESS'OR ise-^1 abaisseur \convmerciale 

DEPRIVA'TION [riveche-nn\ privation [loss) 

Depri've [i aX] va. [of, de] priver 

DEPTH profondeur [thickness) epaisseur [of 

winter) coeur [colouring) vigueur [of poverty) 
.jj comble [of sorrow) comble [flounce) hauteur 
^[of a sail) chute [of hold) creux (sur payol] 

«[typ) corps I ... is 4 feet in , ... a 4 pieds de 

'^profondeur | He is out of his , II n'a pas 

pied I The very s of, Le fin fond de 

Depu'te Idi-pioute'] va. deleguer : deputer 
DEP'UTY Idep'voute'i depute : delegue [under- 

...) sous- : vice- | -CHAIRMAN vice-presidenti 

-GOVERNOR sous-gouverneur [of a prison) 

sous-directeur | -JUDGE juge suppleant | 

-MAYOR adjoint fler 

De'rail va. faire derailler | To be ed, Derail- 

Dera'nge Idi-rendje] va. deranger (deschoses'\ 

deranger le cerveau (d'une personne"! He is 

d, II a le cerveau derange 

MENT derangement [pers) derangement 

du cerveau [med) embarras 

A point (S') means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. AH FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Derider' va. to smooth [fig) to cheer | Se , 

To 'brighten up': to become gay 

DERISION" [s, z] _ Idirije-nn, i brefs] 

D6risoirc a. absurd [railleur) derisive 

DERIVATION" — [ve'che-nni source -.artificial 
channel for water drawn off [V. DYNAMO^ 

DERIVE drift : lee-way 1 a la _. Adrift | AUer 

a la , To drift | Wagon en Runaway 

carriage ou truck 

D^RIV^ -E [* a.] derivative 

Derlver' va. to turn ... out Id'une origine) to 
derive [clous, etc.) to draw [tech) to cut the 
rivets Ivn.) to be derived P=^ 

D^RIVEUR [*] driver 

OERME Idairr'm'] dermis : derma 

Dernier" -iere «.last : utmost ; final ; liigliest: 
youngest : latter : latest [le plus ba.s) worst : 

lowest I Ces jour.s s, Within the last few 

days : ... for a few days past | Rendre les s 

devoirs, To pay one's last respects | En 

lieu, Lastly | mot, Last word : all one has 

to say I ordre, Lowest order | Le sup- 

plice, The extreme penalty | L'annee iere, 

Last year | La iere annee, The last year | 

iferemenf ad. lately : latterly 

Derob»5 -e a. stolen : private : secret | a la 

£e. By stealth | Culture ee, Catch crop | 

Escalier , Secret stairs 

Derober" va. to rob ... of [a, from) to take [ou 

get] away : to hide | Se To steal away : to 

shun : to disappear : to fail : to escape 

Derogatoire, i>erogeanf -e a. derogatory (a, 

Derogei'' vn. to der'ogate (a, from] Lto 

Meroidir va. [F. Deraidir] 

Derouill'er' v. to scour | Se , To get polished 

D^ROULEMENT" unrolling [forth 

Derouler' va. to unroll : to unfold : to spread 

DEROUTE rout : disorder | Mettre en _, To 
put ... to rout : to ruin 

Derouter' va. to lead ... astray : to put ... off 
the track : to bewilder 

DERRI^RE back : liinder part [de cluirrette) tail- 
board I Les s de I'armee, The rear of the 

army | De _, Back : hind | Porte de — , Back 
door [fig) way of escape 

prep. <fc ad. beliind : B it : B them : back- 
ward [^t) astern | a [or par] tribord , On 

the starboard quarter | Par , From behind 

DERVICHE Dervish Idenrxiclie, i href] 

Des" art. of the : of : ft-om : from the : some : 
any [V. De] 

Des' prep. from(... onwards] since : as early 

as : at : on j aujourd'luii, This very day : 

to-day : from to-day ; longtemps, For along 

time past | lors, From that time : thence- 
forth I que, When : as soon as : since 

fse Desabon'ner" it. to give up subscribing 

Desabuser' va. to undeceive : to disabuse 
I DtSAC'CORD" disagreement [»«««) (Jiscord | 
I Etre en avec, To disagree with 

N Desac'corder' va. to put ... out of tune 
rt Desac'coupler" va. to uncouple 

OQ Desac'coutumeV va. to leave off: to disac- 
C custom (o'self, etc.) to : to break o'self of 

^ se Desachalander' vr. to lose its customers 
I DESAF-FECTATION" putting to another 
Desaf'lecle -e pp. disaffected Lpui'pose 

I DESAFFECTION- dis_ [wards 

Vse Desaf'fectionner" de vr. to grow cold to- 

(^D^saf'fourcher' v. to unmoor 
l>osagreable a. disagreeable [-menf -bly] 
DESAOREGATION" disintegration 

D^sagreger" va. to disintegrate | Se , To 

be disintegrated : to crumble away 
DfeSAQRtMENT" unpleasantness : disagree- 
able thing : defect : inconvenience 
D6salmanter' va. to de'mag'netize 
Desajuster" va. to put ... out of order 
D^salterer' va. to quench ...'s thirst fout' 
Dt5sancrei'' vn. to weigh anchor \_va.) to 'root 
DtSAP-POINTE-MENT" disappointment 
Desap" pointer" va. to disappoint 
Desap'prendre va. (Table 59) to forget the 

... he (sJie. etc.) has learned : to unlearn 
DfeSAP-PROBATEUR -TiJrC£ blamer 

a. ... of disapprobation [ou disapproval] 

DESAPPROBATION" Ais— : disapproval 
Jo D^sap'prouver" va. to disapprove of 
„ Desargon'ner' va. to unhorse : to throw 
" D^sargenter' va. to take off the silver from | 

^ Se , To lose (its) silvering 

^ Desarme -e a. defenceless : powerless 
D^SARMEMENT" disarmament : disarming 

[vt) laying-up 
D^sariner' va. to disarm : to appease [fusil) 
to uncock [I'equipage) to pay off [vaisseau) 
to lay (her) up | Desarmez les avirons ! Un- 
ship your oars ! 
D£:SAR-RIMAGE cargo shifting 
D«?sar"rimer' va. to shift (the cargo] 
D^SAR'ROI disorder : confusion 
Disassembler" va. to take ... to pieces 
D^SASTRE disaster | D(5sastreux" -euse a. 
disastrous [tress} [-semenf -ly] [jure 
DfeSAVANTAQE disadvan'tage | _r' iw. to in- 

geux"-eitse a. disadvanta'geous [-mf-ly] 

OtSAVEU denial : disowning : repudiation 
Desaveugler' va. to disabuse : to 'open ...'s 

eyes ' | Se , To ' have one's eyes opened ' 

Desavouer' va. to disown : to disavow : to 
\^ repudiate : to disclaim 
Desceller' va. to unseal [tech) to loosen 

de IHOMME, descent of man 

DESCENDANT--^; _t : offspring [tech) fall 

a. descending:,., going down [train) down 

[jnarc'e) ebb 
Descendre v. to descend : to alight : to come ou 
go down [a terre) to land : to alight [eye) to 

dismount [faire ) to get. take, let,, bring, 

carry, ou put down [ou out] to lower : to leave 
[hotel) to stop, ou stay (a. at] to make a descent 
(upon a country] Isentinelle) to come off duty 
[etre issu) to be descended 
DESCENTE _t : getting [taking, etc.] down : 
landing : lowering : down-pipe ihernie) rup- 
ture [com) run | de JUSTICE, domiciliary 

visit I _ de LIT' bedside carpet 

Descriptif -ive a. ive 

DESCRIPTION" — [d'un brevet) specification 
/Desechouer' va. [J>] to get (her) off again 
' D^SEMBALLAGE unpacking 
Desemballer" va. to unpack 
tcDesembarquer' va. to land 
C Desembourber" 1X1. to get ... out of the mud 
" ou mess 
VDesembrayer' va. to disconnect 

[194] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in tlie French division only. 




''Desemparer" va. to disable ... : to render ... 
helpless Ivn.) to leave | Sans _, On the spot : 
without stopping 
D^seinpeser" va. to get the starch out of 
Dcsemplir va. to pour out[ou take out]some 

(of, from] to empty : to rid : to sink 
I>esemprisonner" va. to release ... from 
Desencliantef va. to disenchant Lprison 
Desenchante -e pp. disenchanted 
Desenclouer" va. to get a nail [ou the nails] 
out of [canon) to unspike 
D^senfiler' va. to unstring : to unthread 
D6senfler" va. to let the gas [ou air] out of 
Ivn.) to be less swollen : to abate 
DESENFLVRE abatement of the swelling 
D^sengager' va. to release 
D^sengrener" va. to throw ... out of gear 
Desenivrer" va. to sober | Se — , To get S 
Desennuyer' va. to amuse, interest, divert 
'^ Desenrayer' va. to take the drag [brake] otf 
gDesenrh'uiner' 1X1. tocure ...'scold | Se — , 
ju vr. to get rid of one's coUl 

.Desenrouer' va. to cure ..."s hoarseness 
(ij Desenterrer' va. to disinter : to dig up 
DesentOler' va. to cure ...'s infatuation 
Dcsentortiirer" v. to disentangle : to unravel 
Desenverguer' va. to unbend (a sail] 
0^siQU-|LIBR^-£one who is off his (fter) 
balance ' [a.) unbalanced 

DfeSERT" [dez^'-e-rte] wilderness | 'Parler 

[or precher] dans le ,' ' To be a voice in 

the wilderness ' : to talk to deaf ears 

-e a. t : deser'ted : uninhabited : solitary 

Deserter" va. to deser't o^ : to abandon 
D^sesperanf -e a. disheartening 
D^SESP^R^ desperate fellow : madman 

-e a. desperate : disheartening : past hope : 

exceedingly sorry : in the deepest grief [ma- 
lade) given up by the doctors I Combat , 

V, Hopeless struggle 

Desesperer' va. to provoke : to give ... the 
greatest anxiety : to drive ... to despair [rii.) 
to despair (de. que & suhj. of] Se To aban- 
don o'self to despair 

DfeSESPOIR despair : desperation I Au In 

despair (que, at] exceedingly sorry (for] 

En de cause. As a last resort : in despair | 

Le des peintres. [fleur] London Pride 

D^SH'ABILL'^ undress: morning dress [iVofe. 

In the words ' En ' Englishmen frequently 

forget the accent over the final E] 

Desli'abiirer" va. [& Se , t*r.] to take off 

one's things [poiir se coucher, etc.) to undress 
Desh'abituer' to. to break ... of the habit 
Desh'erber' va. to weed 
DESHEREXCE failure of heirs : escheat , 

Desli'eriter' va. to disinherit j jt. -E [& a.] 

outcast : waif j Terrain , Worthless, barren 

,Desh"on'n<?te a. indecent : unseemly Hand 

■^ XETETE indecency : unseemliness 

«DfeSH'ON-NEUR [pour, to: de, to] dishonour: 
^ disgrace fful 

^ Desli'onoranf -e a. dishonourable : disgrace- 
Uesh'onorcr" va. to dishonour : to disgrace 
DESIGN ATION"— Ipr. dezz-igg-neche-nn] 

description : choice : indication 
Design'er' va. to point out: to designate o^ : 
to denote : to ciioose [candidat) to nominate 
Desillusion'ner" va. to undeceive 
DtSINCRUSTANT' boiler composition 
DESINENCE _ : ending (of words] fant 
DISINFECTANT- dis_ i Corps _. Disinfect- 
Desinfecter' va. to disinfect : to deodorize 

Desinfecleur a. | Appareil Disinfecting 

DESINFECTION" disinfection Lapparatus 
Deslnteresse -e a. disinterested [dans, in) not 
D^SINT^RESSEMENT" disinterestedness 
Desinteresser' va. to indemnify | Se — de. 
To take no further interest in 
V Desinvlter' va. to recall ...s invitation to 




DER' ELICT navire abandonne [a.) abandonne 
Deri'de [i a'Q va. se moquer de : se rire de 
Deri'sive trdi'ciw'] a. derisoire : moqueur 
DERIV'ATrS''E [tiw, i tres bref ] derive 
Deri've [diraive] v. [from, de] deriver [gram) 
faire d [pers) descendre [receive) tirer [ex- 
perience) eprouver | This word is d from 

the Latin, Ce nnjt vient du latin 
DEK'MA. DER'MIS derme 
Der'ogate [gliete] vn. [from, a] deroger fa 
Derog'ativc, Derog'atory a. derogatoire (to. 
Descant' idiskannte] vn. discourir : faire des 

discours (sur, on] , 
Descend' [.sennddl vn. descendre feo [cendance 
DESCENT' descente [slope) pente [family) des- 

Descri'be [i ai] va. decrire | R narrateur 

DESCRIP'TION d— : designation : categoric 

[police, & J>) signalement | ... of every , 

... en tous genres [or de toiite espeee] Power 

of , Talent de conteur 

Descrip'tive a. if Tconnaitre 

Descry' Ikrail'lva. decouvrir : apercevoir : re- 
Des'ecrate [desse-kretej va. profaner 

DESECRA'TION [krMie-nnJ profanation 
DES'EET desert [a.) desert : du D : solitaire 
Desert' v. deserter : abandonner frite 

DESERT' merite | One's _S, ... ce qu'il me- 

Desei''ve v. meriter : etre digne de i well of, 

Bien meriter de (one's country, sa patrie'] 
Deser'vedly [di-zeitr'-ved-le'i ad. justement: 
a bon droit : a juste titre [meritant 

Deser'ving a. de merite : raeritoire [person) 

Des'iccate [fce'fe] va. desseclier i d a. des.seche 

DESIDEEA'TUM [pr. dizidd-e-re'te-nmi] [pi. 

ata] : cliose a desirer : chose qui manque 

DESI'G'N dessein (on, sur] disxx)sition (contre] 
_[plan) projet ; modele [sketch) dessin Iva.) 
~dessiner [a machine) faire le plan de [intend) 
•g avoir dessein (to. de] destiner (for, a] Latest 

"^ Dernier modele 

Des'ignale Idez-igg-nete} va. designer 
/Desi'g'nedly [pr. di-za:ine-edd-le'\ ad. a des- 
:g sein : de propos delibere 
■^DESi'G'NER lzaine-7-1 architecte : auteur : 
•5 inventeur [draughtsman) dessinateur 
(.Desl'g'nlng a. [pers] artificieux 

A point (S') means silent, or ON' LL' L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




^Desinvoite a. free and easy (manner] 
DESINVOLTURE easy bearing : freedom i 
D^SIR desire [fam) wish (pour, for : de, of, to] i 

Devore du de. Eagerly longing to ... 

Desirable a. (de, to] 

Deslrer' va. to desire : to wish (..., to] Cela 

laisse a It is not very satisfactory : it 

isn't quite the thing | Se faire , Not to njake 

OS cheap : to 'keep ... waiting a bit' [for, to 
Dcsireux" -eiise a. desirous (de, of, to] anxious 
DtSISTEMENT" | Conner un _, To desist 
se D«5sister" vr. to waive (a claim] 
Ui'Sobeir vn. to disobey (a, ...] 
DESOBEISSANCE disobedience 
Desobeissant' -e a. disobedient (a, to] 
Desobligeainment' ad. disagreeably 
DESOBLIGEANCB want of kindness 
Desobligeant -e a. disagreeable : unkind 
Desobliger' va. to disoblige 
Ddsobstruer" va. to clear : to remove the [ou 
^ an] obstruction from 

„ I>«5soccup6 -« a. ... without occupation : un- 
=4 D^S(EUVR^ -E idler [a.) idle Loccupied 
■^- DI&SCEUVREMENT" idleness 
C Desolant' -e a. distressing : grievous [fam) 
^ most annoying 
Di^solateur -trice a. desolating [vexation 
DESOLATION ■ — : deep trouble : distress : 
r>e80l6-« a. in deep distress : grieved [rav- 
age) laid waste : desolated { J'en suis , I 

am extremely sorry for it [ou to hear it] 
D^soler' va. Ipers) to distress : to grieve : to 

vex : to annoy [ravager) to lay waste | Se , 

To grieve : to be vexed 
I>esopiler' txt. to clear [F. RATE] 
D^soiHlonne -e a. disorderly : inordinate 
D^SORDRE disorder : disturbance : mischief: 
D^sorganisateur -trice o. subversive of all 

order | ISATIOJV" disorganization : disor- 

Desorganiser' va. to disorganize L^er 

Desorienter" va. to put ... out | Tout e, 

'All at sea ' : entirely out 
D^sorinais' ad. henceforth : for the future 
^Ddsosser' va. to bone : to take out the bone of 

Dcsoxyilcr' va. to deoxidize 
DESPOTE despot [pet] Despotiquc a. _ic 
Despotiquenient' ad. despotically 
DESPOTISME _ism Idess' -pe-tizzm] 
Des'quels" Des'quelles' [day-kell] pron.[pers) 
of whom : from whom [choses) from which : 
of which 
se Dessaislr de. vr. to give up : to part with : 

to dispose of [dr) to cede 
DESSAISISSEMENT" giving up [dr) cession 
Dessalsonner" v. to force (etc.) . . . out of season 
rtessalcr" va. to put ... to soak : to freshen 
Dessangler" va. to take the girth off 
Dess«5clianf -e a. drying : withering 
DESS^CHEMENT" drying up : withering [gen. 
min.) drainage | Dessecher' va. to dry (up] 
to drain : to wither 
OESSE'IN" [pr. same as Dessin] [de. to] design : 

intention : plan | a , On purpose : designedly | 

Dans le de. With the intention of \ J'ai le 

de. I mean to : I think of (] 

Desseller' va. to unsaddle 
DESSERRE | Dur k la —, Close-fisted :' near ' 
Desserrer" va. to loosen : to open UvP) ^ un- 
lock I les dents. To open one's lips [ou one's 

DESSERT" Idessair] _ [de-ze-rte] Lmouth 
DESSERTK broken victuals, pi. : duties, pi. | 

Chemin de , Branch road fin charge 

DESSERVANT' officiating clergyman : curate 
Desservir va. {Table 22) to remove the cloth: 
to take away (the tea, ou ' the things.' etc.] to 
clear (the table] to serve : to officiate (at, in] 
[fig) to try to injure [<SL, etc.) to pun to : to 
stop [4r, call] at y^^ [cation 
Dcssiccatif-itie a. drying | _:3.^0Jr" desic- 
Dessilfer' (les yeux a] v. to open (...'a eyes] 
DESSIN" [dessan', an nasal in anxious] [a. in] 
drawing Os^ : design : plan : pattern | a grand 
, Large pattern ... { Cahier de , Drawing- 
book I Sans , Plain 

DESSINATEUR draughtsman : designer 

de JARDINS landscape gardener 

Desslner" va. [d'apres, from] to draw : to sketch: 

to show I Se To come out : to stand out : to 

loom up (ou out] to take shape : to be outlined 




/'Desi'rable a. desirable : a desirer : agreable 
I DESI'BE desir : entrfe : detnande [entreaty) 

=g I>riere \ To have a , To (to] v. Avoir 

** le desir, or avoir envie (de] desirer [request) 
•S charger : prier | Desi'rous [dizaire-ss] a. 
I desireux (of, de : to, de] empresse (to, a] He 

V is of ..., II desire ... 

Desist' vn. cesser : arreter (from, de] 

DESK pupitre [office ) bureau [eccl.) cltaire : 

lutrin I At the , [shop] a la eaisse | Cash , 

Caisse | Koll-top , Bureau araericain 

Des'olale idessolete] va. desoler 

— Idess' o-le-t] a. desert : solitaire : desole 
DESPAI'R desespoir [tm.) desesperer (of, de] 

ingly ad. en desespere 

DESPAT'CH promptiliide [goods, etc. : of, de) 
expedition [official) depicM Iva., to, a) (faire) 

expedier : depecher | With , Avec promp- 

tittide I -BAG valise (.diplomatigtie] -BOX bu- 
vard de voyage 

DESPERA'DO [pe-re(to] desespere 
Des'perate [pe-re-t] a. desespere [fierce) furi- 

eux : acharne | ly ad. a corps perdu [in 

love) eperdument 

NESS desespoir : fUreur 

DESPERA'TION [a e'] desespoir : furetir 
Des'picable [fce-6'J] a. meprisable 

NESS etat meprisable 

Des'plcably ad. bassement : avec mepris 

Despi'se va. mepriser | R contempteur 

DESPI'TE depit lad.) malgre [F. Spite] 

Despoi'l va. depouiller j ER spoliateur 

Despond' vn. perdre courage : etre abattu 
DESPOND'ENCY abattement : desespoir 
Despond'ent a. abattu : decourage 
Despond'ingly ad. dun air abattu 
Des'tine [tinn] va. destiner (for, a : to, a] 
Des'titute a. depourvu [person) denue (of, de] 

sans [in a state of DESTITUTION) dans la 


[196] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Boman type ; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




' Dessouler" ' va. to sober | Se , To get sober 

DESSOUS' under part ; bottom [ des cartes) 

what is going on behind the scenes [de lampe) 
mat [^) lee [fig) vi^brst [ad. <fe irrep.) under : 

beneath : underneath | Au- , Below : under 

(de, ...] Ci- , Below : at foot : following | De 

Lower : under | En _, Underneath [fig) sly 

[roue) undershot | La-_, Under there : under- 
neath I Par- , Under : from under : below | 

Avoir le , To get the worst of it | La barre 

! Helm's a-lee ! 

DESSUS' upper part [ou side] right side : top 
[fig) best (sur, of] precedence [de livre) cover 
[de la »jiotn)back [de te(e) crown [colis, etc.) 
address [?ntts) treble : soprano [du vent) wind- 
ward : weather-side [ad. <kprep.) above : on : 

upon : over | Au- , Above : on : upon : over 

(it. them, etc.] Au- de. Above [fig) superior 

to I II n'y a rien au- de (ja ! That beats every- 
thing! I Au- du vent. To windward | Venir 

au- de, To manage ...| Avoir le — To get the 

upper hand | Ci- , Above : foregoing | De — , 

Off : upper | En . At the top : on the upper 

side [rmie) overshot | La- , There : upon it : 

on which | Prendre le "_ eur. To get the upper 
hand of : to ' take the wind out of | Par- — , 

Above : over : upon : into | ' En avoir par- 

la tete' To be worried out of one's life | Sens 

dessous. Upside down : topsy-turvy 

DESTIN" ny : lot : fate [the cause] 

DESTINATAIRE [*/■.] receiver : person to whom 

... is addressed [com) consignee 
DESTINATION" — [n&he-n] [objet) purpose | 

a de, [com) consigned to [train) running to : 

for [navire) chartered for 
DESTINES destiny : fate [the effect] 
Destiner" va. to destine : to appoint : to intend 
(a, for ...] to devote : to doom (to] to consign 
Deslilu6-e a. [de, of] destitute : devoid : dis- 
missed I Destituer' va. to dismiss : to turn 
... out : to reniovu ... from his post 
DESTITUTION" o^ dismissal (from office] 
DESTRIER" [pr. the s] war-horse 

Destriictilile [feeft'J] a. Lt'^'e 

Destructif -ive [used of things only] a. ive 


DESUETUpE — : disuse | En _, Into D 
DESUNION"ls, z] separation [fig) disunion 

D^sunir [s, z] va. to separate : to disunite 

Detachable a. : removable 

DtTACHEMENT" detachment : unconcern (de. 
for] indifference (to] draft : disengagement 

Detacher' toi. to detach : to untie : to undo : to 
disengage : to get the spots out (of] [peint) to 

bring out | Se To break off : to come off : 

to peel off: to get loose : to stand out (in relief] 
[bruit) to rise (above] Detache, stray (piece, 
etc.] detached 

DETAIL' Idt'tele] particular [com) retail | 

En gros et en Wholesale and retail 

DfeTAILL-ANT"-K retailer: ...-seller 

Detaill'e -e a. detailed : in detail [V. Detailler] 

Detalll'er" va. to retail [couper) to cut up [fig) 
to give the details [ou particulars] of 

D^TALAGE packing up 

Detaler" v. to remove : to pack up [fig) to go : 
to 'pack up and be otl" 

Detalinguer' va. to unbend (a cable] 

DETAXE remission of duty [«&.) reduction of 

carriage | V va. to take the duty, ou tax, off 

[«ai) to make a reduction in the carriage of 

Deteindro va. {Tab. 58) to take the colour out 
of ... [im.) Cette etoffe deteint beaucoup. The 
colour comes off this stuff badly : this stuff 
loses its colour directly [pp. Dcteinf-e] 

Dete'ler' va. to unharness : to take out 

Delendre va. to unbend : to slacken ou relax : 
to take down [tig) to relieve the strain on | Se 
[rapports] To become less strained 

Detcnir va. (Table 15) to detain : to confine : 
to keep back : to be in (unlawful) possession of 

DETENTE trigger : catch [vape^ir) expansion 
[fig) lessened strain : improved relations (pi] 

Lacher la To pull the T | 'Dur a la _,' 

Close-fisted | variable. Expansion gear 

DtjENTE\JR -TRICE [dr] holder : possessor 

DETENTION" oa^ holding : being in posses- 
sion of : imprisonment (of from 5 to 20 years] 
jn-eventive. Detention (before trial] 

DI&TENU -E prisoner [jeune) reformatory boy : 
youthful oft'ender [pp.) V. Detenir 

Detergent" -e a. [F. Detersif] 

DETERIORATION" _ : wear and tear : de- 
basement I Deteriorer' va. to damage : to 
spoil : to injure : to deteriorate 

Determinatif -ive a. igram] — ive 

DETERMINATION"— : resolution : decision 




Destroy' va. detruire : exterminer 
DESTROY'ER [* _ing a.] destructeur -trke 

[sf. it) 'destroyer' : contre-torpilleur 
DESTRUCTION [di-stre-k-cjie-nn} _ : mas- 
sacre [of souls) perditicm 
Destruc'live a. [fig) destructif (of, to, de] feo : 

destructeur [to, a) nuisible | ... is of .... 

... detruit ... | ly ad. d'une maniere des- 
tructive I NESS caractere destructeur 

DES'ULTORINESS decousu fpus 

Des'ultory ite-re] a. decousu : a batons rom- 
Detach' [_tatcK\ va. detacher (from, de] 

able a. demontable | _ rim. Jatite amovible 

e'd a. [liouse] entoure de jardins : isole 

De'tail [ditele} va. detailler [detenir 

Detain' [ditene'] va. retenir : empecher [law) 

DETAI'NEE [dite'ne-r] mandat de depot 

Detect' va. decouvrir 

DETECTION [c/te-nw] de'cmiverte 

DETECTIVE agent de la sCirete 
— POLICE la Ipolice de] siirete 

DETEN'TION retard [law) detenue : detention 
{preventive'] 7 days' , 7 jours de Jirison 

Deter' [-rre'd] va. detourner : empecher : dis- 
suader (from, de] 

DETER'GENT Iditmr-dje-nntfi detersif 

Dete'rlorate Iti'ri-o-rete] vn. se deteriorer 

Deter'minable [ne-be-J] a. ... qui peut etre 
determine : determinant : se terniinant 

DETERMINA'TION de— : decision : convic- 
tion [law) exiriration \ Deter'minative a. 
determinatif [law) determinant 

A point (S') means silent, or ON* LL" L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FEMININE uords in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Determine -e a. determined : particular : ' reg- 
ular ' I Determiner" va. to determine : to 

decide (a, to] to cause : to occasion I Se , 

To decide : to be determined (a, to] 
D^terrer' va. to dig up : to ferret out [animal) 
to unearth | D^TERREUR body-snatcher 

Detcrsif -ive a ive : deter'gent f-menf -bly 

Detestable a. : wretchedly bad : execrable 

DETESTATION" — [.di-tess-teche-nn] 
Detester' va. to detest : to abhor : to hate 
D^tirer" va. to stretch : to draw out | Se — , 

To stretch one's self out [ ator 

Ddtonant- -e a. detonating 1 DfeTONATEUR 
DETONATION" — [mche-nn] report: bang' 
Detoner" to. to detonate : to explode 
Deton'ner' vn. to be [ou sing] out of tune 
Detordre va. to untwist [A) to underrun 
Detors* -e a. untwisted 
Detortill'er' va. to unravel : to untwist 

DETOUR ' ' : turn : way round : roundabout 

way [r»se) subterfuge : 'dodge' | Sans , 

Straightforward : 'in a very S manner' | Faire 

un , To make a detour : to turn : to go round 

Detourn6-e a. out-of-the-way : by- (road] un- 
usual iV. Detourner] 
d£TOURNEMENT" turning aside Ifratide) em- 
bezzlement [de mineiire) abduction 
Detourner" va. to turn ... aside : to lead ... out 
of the way : to avert : to divert : to dissuade : 
to deter [fonds) to embezzle imineiire) to ab- 
duct [le sens) to twist | Se , To turn aside 

(de. from] to go out of the way 
DfeTRACTEUR-TiJ7C.B_tor : slanderer 
DETRACTION" _ : slander : calumny 
Detraquer" va. to put ... out of order [chev'l) to 
spoil (his) paces [fig) to unsettle | ' Un peu _e ' 

Ipers] ' Not quite right' | Se , To go wrong 

DETREMPE [m nas] distemper lata In D 

Detremper" [m nas] va. to water : to dilute : 

to weaken [I'acier) to soften 
DETBESSE distress 03^ | Dans Ja _, In D 
Detresser" va. to unbraid : to undo 
DETRIMENT" _ : prejudice 
DtTRITUS [pr. the s] _ [di-traH-te-as] 
DETROIT- straits (pi] 
Detroraper" [>n nasal] va. to undeceive 
Detrflner" va. to dethrone 
D^trousser" va. to untuck : to let out [voler) 
DfeTROUSSEUR highwayman [*« rob 

Detruire va. {Table 51) to destroy : to ruin | 

Se , To go to ruin : to destroy one's self 

Detruif -e pp. [V. Detruire] 

DETTE debt [b nul] _s actives. Assets | _s 

passives, Liabilities | xnibliqtie, National 

debt IV. Criard : Crible] 

DEUIL' mourning : grief : sorrow | Grand , 

Deep mourning | Demi- , Half M | Petit 

, Slight M I Conduire le , To be chief 

mourner | 'De , Mourning | En , In M | 

Faire son de, To give ... up as hopeless : 

to make up one's mind to [T'. Porter] 


DEUX' [<fc a.] two [roi, du mois) second Icartes) 

deuce | a , Two and two | ..., <;afait 

...are two very 'different things | Jeluiecrirai 

mots, I will drop him a line | J'ai mots 

a lui dire, I have a word to say to him | ' Ni 
une ni _,' IV. BONES] Tous les _, Both 
[jours, ans, etc.) every other (day, year, etc.] 
Tous , Both (together] 

DEUXI^ME [* a.] second [menf -ly] Au _, 
On the second floor 

Devaler" vn. to go down 

D^vallser' [s z] va. to rob : to strip 

D^VALISEUR [s z] robber 

Devancer" va. to get the start of : to get ahead 
of ... : to outstrip : to take precedence of : to 
go before | I'appel, [X] To enlist before 

DEVANCIER"-7£iJB predecessor Lo°e's time 

DEV ANT" front : fore-part [de chemise) shirt- 
front lx>eint) foreground | Prendre les s, 

To go on in advance [fig) to be beforehand 

(with] ad. & prip. before : opposite : in 

front of : ahead of | AUer au- de .... To go 

to meet ... [fig) to anticipate ... | Ci- — , For- 
merly : before : once [adj. invar.) former | De 

, a. front : fore | Droit , Bight ahead | — 

Dieu, In the sight of God | Par — , From 
the front [dr) in the presence of i Par tribord 
, On the starboard bow 

DEVANTURE front : shop front | Fermer les 
s, To put up the shutters 

DtVASTATEUR-TiiZCB ravager : destroyer 
[a.) destructive : devastating 

DEVASTATION" _ Idev-e-stecJie-nn] 

Devaster' va. to lay waste : to devastate 
DEVEINE' run of ill-luck 

DfeVELOPPATEUR devel'oper 

DtVELOPPEMENT- unfolding : growth : de- 
velopment : extent : display : setting forth (oG 
[tiiec) gear | Grand, Petit , High, Low gear 

Deveiop'per" va. to open ... out : to undo : to 
devel'op [ la vitesse de) to run at | Se — , To 
draw up : to devel'op 

Devenlr vn. (TaUe 15) to become : to grow : 

to get : to do | Faire , To make | Que de- 

viendrai-je? 'What will become of me? | Qu'est- 
il devenu ? What has become of him ? [Note. 
Devenir is conjug. with Etre, not Avoir] 

Devenu -e pp. [V. Devenir] 




Deter'mine [minn] v. determiner : decider : 
arranger [quantity) preciser : constater [reg- 
ulate) regler [law) se terminer 

d a. obstine : convaincu : hardi : intraitable 

Detest' va. detester 

Dethro'ne va. detroner | MENT detrone- 

Det'onate [nete] vn. detoner L^ent 

DET'ONATOR detonatelir 

Detract' from va. oter a : deroger a : denigrer 

DET'RIMENT de_ : prejudice : doramage 

Detrimen'tal Ite-t] a. prejudiciable (to. a] 
DEUCE [dioiice] diable fen [cards) deux [1. ten- 
nis) 'quarante a!': dgalite! 
Dev'astate [dev' -e-st&e] va. devaster 
Devel'op [divel'-e-p] va. developper [natural 

resources) mettre en valenr 
DEVEL'OPEK [pliot] revelateur \ctivette 
DEVEL'OPING developpement | _ DISH 
DEVEL'OPMENT lle-p] developpement 
De'viate [_d%-vi-ete] vn. s'ecarter (from, de] 

[198] Prepositions used before nsuns and participles, Roman type; before verbs, Italic. 

Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. 




D^VERQONDAQE licentiousness 

l)evergond6 -e a. shameless : licentious 

D(5verguer" rra. [A] to unbend (a sail] 

D^verrouiU'er' va. to unbolt 

Devers" jrrep. | Par , By | Le garder par 

moi, To keep it by' me (ou to myself] 

DIVERS" slant : inclination | -e a. leaning 

D^verser" v. to incline : to lean lean) to run off 

D^VERSOIR waste-weir : slope [on over] 

Devfitir va. {Table 21) to strip : to undress [tig, 
dr) to divest | Dev6tu -e pp. [y. Devetir] 

DEVIATION" —. leche-mi] deflection (from] 

D^VIDAGE winding 

Divider" va. to wind 

D^VIDOIR winder 

Devier' v. [de. from] to deviate : to swerve 

DEVIN -ERESSE soothsayer : fortune-teller 

Deviner' va. to guess : to divine : to find out 

DEVINETTE something to be guessed 


Devirer" va. [<M to slack ... 

DEVIS" estimate | Faire un , To give an E 

Devisager. [s z\ va. to disfigure : to scratch 
...'s face : to stare ... in the face 

DEVISE [s z] device [.sentence) motto 

Deviser' [s z] vn. to chat 

Df^visser" va. to unscrew 

•DfeVOIE-MENT"' diarrhoea [tech) slope 

Devoiler' va. to unveil : to reveal 

DEVOIR duty (de, to] work [de classe) exercise 

\V. Preparation, ang.] S" [pi] respects : 

duties I Rendre ses s a, To pay one's B's to 

[V. Dernier] 11 est de mon de, It is my duty 

to I Se mettre en de. To set about 

Devoir va. [de I'argent, etc.) to owe [vn.) must : 
should : to be sur6 to [The masc. pp. du takes 
a circumflex, to distinguish it from the article 
du : as, J'aurais du parler, I should have 

spoken] Je crois , I think I ought to ... : I 

think it right to...[subirttMenecessi(e')Imust 
[moraleraent) I ought to | Nous devons tous 
mourir.Wemustalldie | Unfils doit respecter 
son pere, A son should [ou ouglit to] respect 
his father [futur, etc.) Je dois alter a Namur, 
I have to go to N | It dut .... He liad to ... | 
It doit venir, He is to come | It ne devait plus 
..., He was never again to ... | Dusse-je etre 

blame, Eyen if I were to be blamed | Se , 

To be owing : to owe eacli other, one another 

D^VOLU lapse of right : choice | -e a. de- 
volved : fallen (a, to] Jeter son , To fi.\ one's 


D^vonien" -etine a. Devonian 

D^voranf -e a. devouring : sharp : ravenous 

D6vorei*" va. to devour : to swallow : to stifle : 
to check : to overcome 

DtWOREUR-EUSE devourer 

DfeVOT"-E devotee [-ft] bigot : devout person 
__ a. devout : pious : bigoted [-menf -ly] 

DEVOTION" : devoutness : devotedness : 

piety \ k la de,Completely devoted to | En 

, At prayers 

Devoue-e a. devoted : faithful : affectionate : 
attentive | Votre tout , Yours very truly 

DiVOUE-MENT" devotedness : devotion 

Devouer" va. to devote : to give ... up 

DfeVOUMENT- [F. Devoueraent] 

Devoyer" va. to lead ... astray [m^d) to relax j 
Couples es, Cant timbers 

DEXTERITE _ty : skill 

Dcxtremenf [vieux] ad. dexterously 

DEXTRINE _ : ' British gum ' 

DIAB^TE diabe'tes [da't-a-&ifee] 
etique a. e'tic Idai-a-bi'-tikk] 

OIABLE devil [vulg) deuce [pers) fellow [petit) 
mischievous young dog : regular romp : little 
monkey [chariot) drag Oouet) jack-in-the-box 
[a moins qu'on n'emploie le mot diable dans 
son sens religieux, il faut bien se garder de le 
traduire par 'devil.' Devil et tous ses derives, 
en Angleterre, sont bannis de la bonne co^iver- 
sation. Le motecossais 'DEIL'equivaut ex- 
actement a " diable ' dans presque toiites ses 

significations^ a la On the gridiron ; hastily 

[fig) anyhow : carelessly [en exagerant) simply 

terribly | AUer au , To go a tremendous 

way ] AUez au ! Don't bother me any more ! | 

Ce n'est pas le It's no great matter [pers) 

he' isn't everybody ! | Cela ne vaut pas le , 

It isn't worth a button | C'est la le ! That's 

j ust w here it is' ! | ! Well ! Upon' my word ! | 

Que ! Well now! What in the world ... ! 

What the dickens ... ! | ' Que le m'emporte 

si ... ! ' I'll be hanged if ... ! | II nest pas si 

qu'il est noir, He's not so bad as he looks | 

Du , Uncommon : excessive [fam) huge : 

tremendous | En , Uncommonly [fam) tre- 
mendously [argot) ' awfully ' [vulg) devilish : 

deuced [-edd] II loge le dans .ia BOURSE, 

He hasn't a single copper | au CORP'S" 

spirit : dash | II a le au corps. Tliere's no 

holding him in ! | Faire le _ a QUATRE, To 
make such work as never was [vulg) to ' play 
the deuce' | Tirer le _ par la QUEUE. To 
have a terribly hard time of it | C'est un BON 

, He isn't a bad fellow | Nous sommes de 

bons s ! We are jolly fellows 1 1 Un PAUVRE 

, A poor wretch : an unlucky fellow 




DEVI'CE Ivdi] dessein : expedient : mecanisme 
[motto) devise 

DEVIL diable feo [printer's) jeune apprenti | 

The , [Satan] Le demon | v. griller et 

poivrer | Talk of the, etc. [V. Loup] Blue s, 

Humexirs noires | 'S-BIT mors du diable | 

-may-care a. etourdi : insouciant 
-WOR'SHIP culte du D 

Dev'llish a. diabolique [fam) diable de ... 
— ly ad. diaboliquement [fam) diablement : 
en diable : comrae un diable 

Dev'ille'd a. grille et poivre 

De'vious Idiv-ye-ssl a. egare : detourne [step) 

faux [fig) errant | ly ad. en errant 

/'Devi'se va. inventer : trouver [mischief. &c.) 
» tramer[Iaw) dispo.ser par testament (.... de] 

:g leguer | DEVISEE' legataire 
» DEVI'SER inventeur -triee (of, de] 
VDEVI'SOR testateur -trice [exempt de 

Devoid' of a. depourvu de : denue de : sans : 

Devol've vn. revenir [law) etre devolu | It s 

upon me to ..., C'est a moi de ... 

A point (S*) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. 


Substantives in Capitals. All FE3TININB words in Italic. MASCULINE, thus. 




Diablement' ad. ' uncommonly ' [vulg) deuced- 

ly : devilish | ' Cast bon ! ' It really isn't 

bad at all ! It's uncommonly good ! 
DIABLERIE devilish tricli : witchcraft 
DIABLESSE she-devil | Une vraie—, 'Aregular 

Tartar' \ Pauvre Poor tvretch 

DIABLOTIN" little devil -.'young imp': cracker 
[A) mizen-topmast staysail 

I>ial>oIique a. ical : devilish [-menf -ly] 

DIACHYLUM [ch as sh : ra nasal^ [or _LON] 

DIACONAT" deacon's orders [difc-«nz] L lo" 

DIACONESSE deaconess 
DIACRE deacon [dtfc-nn] 

/^DIAD^ME diadem | DIAGNOSTIC diagnosis 

I Diagnostiqucr' va. to diagnose [Diagonally 
■ZDIAGONALE —I line [a.) diagonal | En _e, 

C DIALECTIQUE —tics (pi] art of disputation 

~ a. dialectic 

■" DIALOGUE [ang. pr. o comme dans sort'\ 

:= Dialoguer" vn. to write in the dialogue form : 

j-jj to carry on a dialogue 

c DIAMANT" diamond Oaj [d'ancre) crown [fig) 

~ gem : adamant I AIRE lapidary | er* va. 

(^ to make ... sparkle like a I) 

I Dlametrale'menf ad. diamet'rically 

'. DIAM^TRE diam'eter | Demi- Semi-D 

DIANE reveille : morning drum [ou gun] Le 

prix de , The French ' Oaks ' 

' DIANTRE ' the Deuce | menf ad. deucedly 

DIAPASON" _ : scale [inst) tuning-fork 

Diaphanc a. anous : transparent 

DIAPHRAGME [pr. the g\ _agm [ctai-e-framml 
DIAPOSITIVE transparency 

Diapre -e a. variegated : watered 
DIAPRVRE variegation : diversity of colour 
DIARRHEE Idyah-ray"] diarrlioea [dai'-e-rta] 
DIATHESE _sis [do'i-atfti-cfos, th fort] 
DIATOMEE di'atom | Diatonique a. _ic 
DIATRIBE _ [ddi-e-trdibt)] 
DICTAME IbotJ [a species of) marjoram 
DICTAMEN dictates (of conscience] 
DICTATEUR _tor | Dictatorial -e o. _1 
DICTATURE dictatorship Itete-r] 
DICTEE dictation | Dieter' v. to dictate (a, to] 
DICTION" — \dik'che-nn\ [debit) delivery 
DICTION'NAIRE dictionary [difc'cfte-nn-re] [ge- 

ographique) gazetteer | a coups de , By 

constantly turning to the dictionary 
DICTON" saying : by-word 
DIDACTIQUE —tics : teaching [a.) —tic fnote 
DI^SE [»it(s] sharp | Di^ser' va. to sharpen (a 

DIETE diet tKs^ | a fa _, On low diet | Fairs 

To be on short allowance 

DIEU, GOD I Le bon God Almighty [pas, 

' The good God '] ' the holy sacrament ' [Les 
Fran<;ais ont Jo mauvaise hatritiide de se servir