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Full text of "A dictionary of the Malayan language, in two parts, Malayan and English and English and Malayan"

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1812. ^- 



leiz - 



Rei-erring for a general account of the Malayan language and of the 

people by whom it is spoken, to what is contained in the Introduction to 

the Grammar, it will be sufficient in this place to explain the principles 

on which this Dictionary is constructed, and to give such instructions as 

may facilitate its use. 

The work consists of two parts: the first comprising the Malayan 

words in their proper character, arranged according to the order of the 

alphabet employed by the natives in their writings, which they have 

boiTOwed from the Arabians and modified to suit the sounds peculiar to 

their own language. These words, for the accommodation of persons 

who are commencing their studies, as well as of those whose object it is 

to acquire only a practical knowledge of the tongue for the purposes of 

business, are given also in European characters, upon a regular and 

consistent plan of orthography, and are followed by their corresponding 

terms in English with as mndh precision as the structure of the two 

languages and modes of thinking of the two people will adiuit. But in 

order to afford the learner an opportunity of judging for himself how 

far this agreement is complete, or what latitude of interpretation is to 

be allowed, examples of phrases and sentences adapted to the different 

meanings of the words, are annexed to each, as these have occurred in 

the writings of the natives. 

b The 


The second part contains the English words in alphabetical order, 
with their differences of signification explained, where necessary, by 
others nearly synonimous, together with the corresponding Malayan 
terms, those in general being placed first which are in the most current 
use, most directly apply to the English, and are the most purely Ma- 
layan. It must at the same time be understood that in many instances 
it is impossible to find terms precisely corresponding, and consequently 
that those given are only the nearest approximations. 

Although this English and Malayan part will be found the most useful 
by those who mean to acquire the language for colloquial purposes (and 
who are likely to be the most numerous class), the former is the essential 
portion of the work, in which it has been my endeavour to comprise all 
the knowledge of the language that could be derived either from the 
labours of my predecessors or from my own experience and study. In 
this part only the examples have been introduced, and to it the learner, 
who wants more copious or precise information than he can obtain from 
what may be considered as little other than a vocabulary, must take the, 
trouble of referring. To have pursued a different plan would not only 
have occasioned unnecessary repetitions, but it must also be obvious that 
as the Dictionary is intended for the use of the European who wishes to 
become master of the idioms and phraseology of the Malayan, rather 
than to convey a knowledge of English idioms to the Malay, it is of 
much more consequence that an arrangement should be followed which 
admits of the Malayan examples being genuine quotations, and enables 
the native as it were to speak for himself, than to produce the purest 
English sentences, which must necessarily be rendered in Malayan 
phrases of my own composition. These indeed might be substantially 
correct, but they would be deficient in point of authority, and might 
frequently want that idiomatic turn of expression which in any language 
is rarely acquired by a foreigner, or if attempted has too often an air of 



affectation. Thus It will be perceived by persons who have a competent 
knowledge of any oriental language how mawkish and uncouth the 
versions of the ordinary style of our own appear in the dialogues com- 
monly annexed to grammatical works. 

From a Dictionary alone no scholar can ever expect to acquire the 
faculty of speaking or writing a language with ease and correctness, but 
so simple is the constructure of the Malayan that by the aid of this or 
any accurate vocabulary he may very soon be enabled to express himself 
with sufficient propriety to be intelligible for the ordinary purposes of 
speech, and with this foundation he must gradually improve himself by 
conversation with natives of the country (if his situation admits of it) 
or with others who have acquired a fluency in the tongue. It is not, 
however, with a view to the attainment of such an object only that the 
present work has been undertaken. My wish has been to facilitate the 
labours of those who, not regarding the Malayan a^ merely an oral 
language, are desirous of studying its literature, and rendering them- 
selves qualified to read and translate, not only letters on commercial and 
political business, but also compositions of a higher description, both 
in prose and verse, which, whatever their intrinsic merit may be, are 
certainly amusing at the least. Nor are we to suppose them desti- 
tute of instruction and use, as several compilations of historical annals 
as well as codes of law are known to exist, and others may be discovered 
when extensive collections shall have been formed by intelligent and well 
instructed persons ; to the effecting of which the present period, when the 
English influence is unbounded throughout the eastern word, is pecu- 
liarly favourable. 

In order to render the Dictionary as conducive as possible to the ad- 
vancement of this kind of study, which in comparison with the other 
may be considered as classical, the examples have been selected with 
great attention from the best manuscripts in my possession, and in gene- 
fa 2 ral 


ral will be found most numerous where some ambiguity or obscurity in 
the sense of the word has made it necessary to throw as much light upon 
it as could be obtained. If their frequency should be thought super- 
fluous by those who consult the work (though with the zealous student 
I do not feel that I run any risk of censure on this account) they may 
be inclined, notwithstanding, to give me credit for the tendency of these 
quotations to convey a faithful picture of the modes of thinking of a people 
who have so little in common with ourselves ; a preference in the selection 
being always given to those passages which, at the same time that they 
serve to explain the word, furnish a repiesentation of some peculiarity of 
manners, mark the extent of acquirements, or express some ideas on the 
subjects of their modern rehgion and ancient mythology. 

As a great proportion of the words employed in this, as well as in all 
other languages, consists of derivatives, that is, of words derived or 
formed from more simple or radical words, and it must always be of 
importance to the learner to be able at once to distinguish the root froui 
the particles prefixed or annexed, I have made an invariable rule of se- 
parating them, as well as the particles from each other, by hyphens, as 
in the word he-^er-istri-kan for ^ijiJJj " to provide (a son) with a wife," 
where ^jiJ\ istri is the radical, and the other syllables are only particles, 
whose use must be learned from the Grammar. This, it is obvious, could 
only be resorted to in the Enghsh, and not in the Malayan speUing of 
the words. 

Words evidently borrowed from the Arabic or Persian are marked with 
the letters Ar. or Pers., as are those from the Sanskrit or Hindu dialects 
with the letters Hind., to [which Mr. Wilkins has kindly taken the 
trouble of adding the original, in the nagri character, where the words 
appeared to flow fiom a pure source. These latter it must here be un- 
derstood (as in another place will be fully explained) are so much more 
intimately, blended than the former with the Malayan language, that 



their foreign origin is not, in these days, suspected by the natives, 
whilst the Arabic terms, on the contrary, (with a few exceptions) are 
known to be extrinsic, and seldom employed but in treating of religious 
and legal subjects. Still it is necessary that those which are most likely 
to recur should have a place in the Dictionary ; and amongst the variety 
of significations attributed to almost every word in the Arabic language, 
it may not be useless to the orientalist to know the particular sense in 
■which they are accepted by the Malays. A few Portuguese and other 
European words that have found their way into the vulgar dialect, have 
in like manner their respective marks. 

With regard to the mode of orthography adopted in expressing the 
words of the language in our characters, two considerations present 
themselves : the one, that of conveying as nearly as possible their true 
sound ; and the other, of paying the requisite attention to the powers of 
the several letters made use of in the original. The system pursued by 
the Dutch linguists in their excellent version of the Bible and other 
publications, was that of representing each Malayan character by a 
corresponding Roman letter, and where the alphabet was found inade- 
quate, of introducing a modified or imitative character to supply the 
defect. This mode has the strong recommendation of being precise, and 
as supplying a substitute for the original is unexceptionable, but to the 
person whose object is to learn an oral language it is unsatisfactory, 
because those letters (as in our own) do not always express the sound 
which custom has given to the words, and to those who can read the 
original it is of no particular advantage. 

The English compilers of vocabularies have on the other hand, without 
regard to the original orthography, endeavoured to express the sounds 
(as navigators commit to writing the languages of newly discovered 
islands) by such accidental combinations of letters as seemed best adapted 
to each individual word, mthout consistency or uniformity, the same 



sound, in different words, being represented by different letters, and the 
same letters being employed with different powers. It has been my de- 
sign to avoid a pertinacious adherence to either mode. I have followed as 
closely the literal orthography of the original as could be done consistently 
with a fair expression of the sound, and where these could not be recon- 
ciled I have given a preference to the latter consideration, because it ap- 
peared of more importance that the word should be rightly pronounced by 
those who cannot read the Malayan character, than that the more learned 
scholar should be gratified by a literal accuracy to him not absolutely ne- 
cessary. Frequently indeed I have been induced to repeat the spelUng 
with some variation in order to convey a juster idea of the pronunciation. 
Although the general uniformity of the language as spoken in the 
Peninsula, and throughout the numerous islands of this extensive Archi- 
pelago, is remarkable, yet certain differences of dialect prevail, affecting 
especially the pronunciation of the vowels, which in some parts is much 
more open than in others. To reconcile these in a Dictionary is nearly 
impossible, and the only practicable course to pursue is to adopt that 
dialect whose use is warranted by the best authorities, and which is 
known to prevail in countries where the language has. been the most 
cultivated. In the southern part of the coast of Sumatra, where the 
principal English establishment is situated, and where I acquired my first 
knowledge of Malayan, the dialect spoken appears to have received a 
tincture from the Javanese, under the influence of the government of 
Bantam, to which in old times it was tributary, and could not therefore 
be assumed as the standard. To the kingdom oi Menarigkahau we might 
be justified in looking for the language in its original purity, as the 
native writers agree in stating that the first Malayan emigrations 
proceeded from thence (for the details of which see the History of 
Sumatra) ; but as it cannot be maintained, with the imperfect know- 
ledge we possess of its ancient consequence, that literature was there 


PREFACE - 'vii 

cultivated in an equal degree to what we know it to have been at Malacca 
and Johor, it becomes certainly more proper to consider the dialect 
prevailing in these kingdoms, and which is common also to Kedah, 
Peraky TrangganUf and the neighbouring islands, as the criterion of 
pronunciation. In several instances, however, and especially where it 
has been doubtful to which a preference was due, the words have been 
given as variously pronounced. But the subject of dialects being treated 
of in the Grammar, it is unnecessary to say more respecting them in 
this place, than to caution persons who have been accustomed to use 
the language in countries remote from what is considered as its purest 
seat, against forming an imperfect judgment on the propriety of what 
has been here deliberately adopted. Independently also of dialect or the 
peculiar manner of pronouncing certain words, it may be useful to 
observe, that a considerable proportion of the words themselves occur- 
ring in the Dictionary will not be familiar, nor even at all known to 
many who have long resided in Malayan countries and been in the habits 
of intercourse with the natives ; the style or idiom which they may have 
learned to speak with fluency, and which effectually answers the purposes 
of their business, being very different from that of books or even of 
conversation amongst the superior class of Malays ; although by no 
means a distinct language. A similar refinement or departure from the 
vulgar phraseology prevails more or less in all countries, and may be 
exemplified by the use of our words " repose" for " sleep," " repast" 
for " meal," or " consternation " for " fright ;" nor must the inhabitants 
of a bazar be expected to employ more polished phrases than persons of 
the same description in other parts of the world. It generally happens 
also that Europeans in India acquire from each other in the first instance, 
rather than from the natives, their knowledge of the language; by which 
means the imperfections of expression are propagated, and the difficulties 
of correcting them are increased by the proneness of servants and other 



dependant connexions to conform to the idiom of their masters, in order 
that they may be the more readily understood. 

Instead of distinguishing the words, in the usual manner of Dic- 
tionaries, by abbreviations denoting the parts of speech to which they 
severally belong, it has been found more convenient to ascertain their 
particular signification by equivalent terms. In Malayan as in English, 
a multitude of primitive words are at once noun and verb (as " love "), 
substantive and adjective (as " white "), adverb and' preposition (as 
" between "), adjective and adverb (as " daily "), and their value in 
construction depends for the most part on their position in the sentence. 
An attempt therefore to discriminate too nicely by referring each of the 
corresponding terms to its proper class, would be liable to produce more 
confusion than utility. Beside this it must be observed, that in words 
borrowed from the Arabic little attention is paid to the part of speech to 
which they belong in the original, and even the plurals of nouns are 
employed in the singular number ; as Sir William Jones has remarked in 
his Grammar, to be the practice of the Persians. 

In adapting our characters to the sounds of Malayan words, arbitrary 
marks I have as much as possible avoided, being fully aware, from my 
own experience, that they are scarcely ever recollected by the reader. The 
common prosodial mark for a long vowel has been resorted to, and its 
absence implies that the vowel is short. To represent an accented 
syllable, which at the same time is not long (as in ^ besdr, Jij betuV) 
I have made use of the acute accent, and the letter ain which occa- 
sionally stands in the place of all the vowels, I have denoted by a grave 
accent, to distinguisli it from the same vowel sound produced in the 
ordinary way. This I admit to be entirely arbritrary, but I thought it 
better than to follow the example of some eminent orientalists who, on 
account of its peculiar nature, have introduced the Arabic character 
itself amongst the letters of the European alphabet. 



The powers given to these letters by the differeHt nations who have 
adopted the Roman system of orthography are so various and incon- 
sistent, that without considerable innovation it would be impossible to 
form an alphabetic scheme equally applicable to the language of each 
and intelligible to all. The progress of knowledge is indeed impeded 
when the elements of instruction must first become the object of study. 
Yet still it may be thought allowable in a work that aims at being 
noticed by the learned of more than one country, and is from its nature 
not readily susceptible of translation, to qualify in a certain degree the 
most striking peculiarities of our national alphabet, and to venture upon 
slight modifications, which, at the same time that they will render the 
pronunciation more intelligible to foreigners, are not likely to occasion 
any difficulty to our own countrymen, and have already (as to their 
general principles) received the sanction of those who approve of the 
orthography of Richardson's Persian and Arabic Dictionary and Jones's 
Persian Grammar. 

Of the English alphabet the consonants appear to be at least as well 
adapted as those of any other European language (all being more or less 
inadequate) to represent the sounds of oriental words, and to possess 
some peculiar advantages in respect to the pronunciation of ourj _, ck _, 
and tk CD, wliich, it is well known, are either more operosely or less 
perfectly imitated in the orthography of other nations. In gutturals it is 
inferiour to the other teutonic dialects, and its vowels are defective both 
in variety and precision, the same character being employed to denote 
utterances quite dissimilar, as o in the words " bony, body, bosom;" 
different characters to express the same sound, as ee in " been," ie in 
" mien," ei in " receive, ea in " leave ;" simple characters to express 
diphthongs, as the long i in " mine," and long u in " mute;" and double 
letters to express simple vowel sounds, as oo in " boot," which is the 
Italian u, and ee in " see," which is the Italian ^. 

G To 


To render it applicable therefore to the purposes of a Dictionary in 
which foreign characters are to be represented by Englisli letters, it 
becomes necessary to simplify the system of vowels, to make choice of 
such as are best suited to the several well defined vocal sounds, and when 
so ascertained, to employ them uniformly and consistently. With what 
degree of success the attempt has been made in the present work, may 
be judged of from the following specification of the powers assigned to 
each of the letters of our alphabet, beginning with the vowels. Of 
their insufficiency I am very sensible, but with the materials in my 
hands, and without employing arbitrary signs, I have not been able, 
after much attention, to form any arrangement more perfect. For what 
regards the Malayan alphabet, the learner is referred to the Grammar, 


a is generally to be sounded full, as in the Italian, German, and other 
languages of the continent of Europe, and as in the English words 
" want, ball, call ;" but in many words the pronunciation is not broader 
than in " harm, farm, barn." It represents the I alif quiescent of the 
Malayan alphabet. 

a or a, as in " man, stand, parish," representing the fat-hah or first 
supplementary vowel. Before the nasal ng it is sounded nearly as full as 
if written with d; but it is not under any circumstance to be pronounced 
as in the words " paper, nation, fate," where it usurps the province of 
the second vowel in every other language that employs the Roman al- 
phabet. It is by far the most common short vowel-sound of Malayan 
words, as the u seems to be of the Hindustani and the dialect of Persian 
spoken in India. 

c or e is pronounced as in " bet, lend, seven," and likewise represents 
the fat-hah. The long sound of this vowel in the words " be, me, she, 
*' scene," and in the first syllable of " even," is that of th ethird vowel 
in all other European languages. 

t, as 


«, as the Italian long i, or as the English ee in "been, seen, tree, 
" green," and e in " he, she, be ;" standing for the Malayan ^ quies- 
cent. The long sound of i in " wine, fine, idle, high " is not that of a 
simple vowel, but of the diphthong at, or, less equivocally ei. 

i or I, as the Itahan short i, being somewhat longer than ours in " bit, 
" pin. rib," or as these words are pronounced in North Britain. It re- 
presents the supplementary vowel kesrali. 

o, as in " no, so, port, moment." It represents j, and sometimes j 
preceded by ! , in Malayan words. 

o or o is a shorter pronunciation of the same vowel, but by no means 
that of our words " blot, song, moth," where the o difters in nothing 
from the « in " what, squat, wan," Its proper sound is more nearly 
that in " sobriety" (where it is shorter than in *' sober"), in " molest," 
or in the first syllable of " promotion." 

u is to be sounded as in " rule, ruin, obtrude," or with less risk of 
uncertainty, as the long u of the Italians and Germans, the oe of the 
Dutch, the ou of the French, and the English oo in the words " moon, 
" fool, stoop." It represents the J in its vowel capacity or quiescent, 
and is commutable for lu at the commencement of a word or syllable, 
but never for v, as with the Persians. Above all it must not be con- 
founded with the diphthongal sound of the English u in the words 
" mute, acute, puny." It may be remarked that there is a tendency in 
the modern pronunciation of words in which this vowel occurs to assi- 
milate it some degree to the Italian or pure u, as in " duke, due, duty 
*' allure, allude :" but it is diflicult to write to the ear, and I am aware 
that the practice in this respect is not uniform. 

w or w should be pronounced something less short than in *' but, rub, 
*' sun," or nearly as in " pull, full, cushion," and approaching to the 
shorter sound of oo in " foot, stood," which evidently differs from 
that in " fool, boot, stool.' It represents the supplementary vowel 

c 2 • or 



me, for u sound nearly approaching to that of ou in the words " loud, 
** pout, house," is to be preferred, not only because the latter is liable 
to be counfounded with the ou of the French (as well as of our words 
•' could, should ") but also that the German pronunciation of the former 
diphthong, here adopted, is justified by the analysis of the component 
sounds, both on the principles of the European and Oriental alphabets. 
Indeed I have found by experience that when, for instance, the word 
's~jau barley, has been written Jou, it was read as if written j'oo, and 
when written j'oiv, it was read as Jo, by analogy to our words " grow, 
*' mow." It represents the J preceded by /oif-/t«A. When preceded by 
I , the diphthong au is substituted, the sound then approaching to the 
aou in the French words " saoul, raoul." 

ei is to be pronounced as the English long i in " pike, line, mine, 
*' nigh," as the ie and i/e in " die or dye, lie or lye," the ut/ in " buy," 
or the y in " my, cry." This is warranted by the received mode of pro- 
nouncing those letters in Greek, as well as by the practice of most na- 
tions with whose language our own has the nearest affinity. It represents 
^ preceded hy fat-kah. When that character is preceded by ! , a more 
lengthened sound is expressed, which is here denoted by at. 

These are the only proper diphthongs found necessary to be employed. 
When such combinations occur as aw, uw, ia, iy, &c. they do not form 
a blended sound, but the letters belong respectively to distinct syllables^ 
and are to be pronounced in succession. 

h is simply pronounced as in our M'ords " bend, bib, babble, tub." It 
represents cj. 

c. The soft sound of this ambiguous letter before e and i being more 
conveniently represented by s, and its hard sound before a, o, u, by k, 
the use of it has been rejected, excepting in ch. This most useftil com- 



bination is to be pronounced as in " chance, chest, torch, detached.'* 
It is the Italian c before the two first-mentioned vowels, the German 
tsck, and the _ of the Malayan and Persian alphabets. 

d is to be pronounced as in " did, wedded, added," and stands for j. 

f, as in " fifty, forfeit, ofter," when it occurs as the representative of 
t«i, in words borrowed from the Arabic ; but the Malays, who have not 
the sound in their own language, commonly substitute that of p, and 
pronounce pikir for jLi fikir. 

g is always hard, as in " game, gag, get, give, go, gun," and never 
soft as in " gesture, giant, wage," for which the j is uniformly em- 
ployed. It is the representative of c/. 

A, when it stands for the soft aspirate *, may be pronounced as in 
" have, hold, high ;" but in many Malayan, as well as in the English 
words " honour, honest, hour," the aspiration is imperceptible. In 
such instances the words are generally written both with and without 
the h, as ^y. hutan and utan. At the end of words it only serves to 
give a fuller utterance to the preceding vowel. When employed to ex- 
press the hard aspirate _, it is not an uncommon practice to double the 
letter, and to write, for example, j=- hhak, but I have not judged it ne- 
cessary to depart so much from common orthography. 

J consonant, a character whose power in the English alphabet is of 
great utility (as has been already observed) in expressing Oriental 
sounds, represents the letter ^, and is to be pronounced as in "jury, 
" justice, jew," also as dg in "judge, pledge, lodging," and as ^ in 
" gem, gentry, sage." Having in the northern languages of Europe 
the sound of our y, the Dutch mode of pronouncing words wherein the 
_, occurs is thereby considerably influenced, and the name of the island of 
Java or jXii-jawa, as an instance, is by these people (to whom every 
Malayan scholar must look up with respect) pronounced as if written 

k has its uniform sound in " king, book, canker." It is here made 



the representative both of cJ (about which there will be no difference 
of opinion) and of j, which some have denoted, on account of its hard- 
ness in the Arabic language by hk, and others (particularly the French 
orientalists) by q. In a choice of difficulties I have adopted the simples* 
mode, not only because the frequent recurrence of double A; or of q not 
followed by u (unknown to our own orthography) is unpleasant to the 
eye, but because the Malays do not, in fact, make any distinction in the 
sound of the two letters. 

/ is sounded as in " land, loll, lily," and represents the J. 

m, as in " man, maim, mummy," representing the *. 

w, as in " noun, on, linen," representing the ^. The combined letters 
ng are to be sounded as in " sing, ringing, longing." The circumflex is 
intended to shew that they are not to be pronounced separately as in our 
words " sin-ging, swin-ging, rin-gent," but represent the single nasal 
t, and occur as well at the beginning as in the middle or at the end of a 
word. In the latter case it has been judged unnecessary to retain the 
circumflex, as the pronunciation cannot be mistaken. 

J), as in " past, pope, pippin," representing the ^J. 

q it has not been found necessary to employ, its usual power in our 
orthography being as well, and more consistently, expressed by ka or 
hw. It may be observed that the names of many places in India are 
mispronounced by us, in consequence of the Portuguese (in whose 
writings they first became known) making use of qu to convey the sound 
of A; ; as in the name of Kedah, which being by them written Queda, 
is still, in the vulgar dialect of many of our countrymen, pronounced as 
if written kive'da. It is also desireable that the prevailing mode of pro- 
nouncing the name of the neighbouring- island of Pmang, as if it were 
Pendng, with a strong accent on the latter syllable, should be corrected. 

r to be sounded as in " run, river, burrow." It represents the j. 

s, as in *' sun, past, suspect, loose," and not as in " has, was, lose," 
where it has the sound of z. It represents the ^_yi. The combined letters 



sk, representing the ,_^, are sounded as in " shall, bush, wishes," being 
the French ch, the German sch, the Dutch sj, and the Portuguese x; 
the word ili. shah king, being in their histories always written xa. 

t, as in " tame, tent, tatter," and never sibilant as in " patience, 
nation." It represents the cij, and as a final letter, the I. The sound 
of th does not occur in this language. 

V consonant does not occur in any Malayan word. 

w is to be sounded as in " wall, west, reward." It represents the j 
consonant and is employed only at the beginning of a syllable. 

X is unnecessary, the sound it bears in the English language being no 
other than that of ks. 

y is to be sounded as in " yam, yet, yore," representing ^^ when 
employed as a consonant at the beginning of a syllable. 

z, as in " zone, zeal, muzzle," representing the j, or as c?s, the <i. 

It was my first intention to have prefixed the Malayan Grammar to 
this Dictionary, as forming a part of the same work, in which case any 
further exposition of the Alphabet would not have been required in this 
place ; but in consequence of its being urged to me that however conve- 
nient such an arrangement might prove to the private student, it must 
be otherwise in places of public education, where their separate use (as 
in teaching Gaeek and Latin, Arabic and Persian) would be considered 
as indispensable, I have been induced to keep them distinct, and it 
therefore becomes eventually necessary to subjoin the figure, name, and 
power of the several letters composing the Malayan alphabet, referring 
to the Grammar for a more detailed explanation. 









c7, a 














tla, la 






\ \ \ s \ 








gh, ghr 





















h, hit 























z, dz 




g hard 





















zl, za 







r^ cTv 

sin, Sim 


U, 0, w 




shm, shim 

i, t 

h soft 




.s, ss 

cjU> oU 

sad, sat 


i, e, y 


ta, ya 



cylc jU 

dlad, dial, lat 



• V 


To which tlic Malays, in imitation of the Arabians, are accustomed superfluously to add the 

compound character /J lam-alif hiimzah. 



w a (long) and a (short). The first letter of the 

/ Arabic and Malayan alphabet, named i_sll 


r<_>l dba-aha tackle, gear, traces, harness (for draft 
cattle). Aba-aba Icmbu gear for oxen. Kena- 
kan aba-aba ka-pada kanduran harness the draft 

Si\ abad, Ar. an age; eternity. 

^IjI ibrdhhn, Ar. the patriarch, or, accord- 
ing to the mahometans, prophet Abraham. 

jjI abang, Jav. red. (V^id. »^ merah.) Kain 
abang red cloth. Bawang abang the common 
red onion. Chingkarlang abang a species of 
the erythrina with red blossoms. 

i_)\ abang the eldest brother or sister ; aine, Fh . 
(Vid. fj^^ kahak, and ji^jl adik.) Like most 
of the terms of relationship, it is employed as 
a familiar and friendly vocative. Adoh abang 
O ray brother, or fiiend ! Ka-muna garang-an 
abang-ku pergi whither, I pray thee, is my 
brother (art thou) going? Mengapa ghdib-lah 
de mdta abang wherefore conceal yourself fi'om 
the sight of your friends ? 

l_Jj\ iblls, Ar. one of the names of the devil. 
(Vid. ^^\L;.i» shctdn.) 

A abam fulcrum; bois d'appui, Fr. Abam 
kamudi the cross piece of timber which sup- 
ports the rudder in Malayan vessels. Abdm 
tlang the timber or thaft which serves to steady 
the mast; the partners. 

Ja:J\ abantdra a herald. (Vid. Jx^^ bantdra.y 

jjI abu ashes, dust. (Vid.jjU abu.) 

^jS abai or abei to disregard, hold lightly. 
Ombak de abei-kan-nia they disregarded the 

j^to ij,\ abei-mdna foramina corporis duo. Jekor 
lau de per-ullh-nia kdin tang memadd-i menutup 
ka-dua abei-mdna maka de tutup-i-nia-lah akan ka- 
dud-nia atau de per-ullh-nia memadd-kan suleh 
sudtu deri^ada ka-dud-nia maka wdjib men-daulu- 
kan abei-mdna iang de-addp-an. 

j\ and yla dlor order, form, array, rank. To 
place in order, arrange. Duduk ber-dtor to 
sit down in regular order. Segala huah-budh-an 
de dlor orang-lah the servants laid out all sorts 
of fruits. Meng-dtor alat sinjatd-nia to arrange 
his warlike stores. mj)'\ ator-an, and ^jjji/ 
per-atornin arrangement, order. 

j_ji atas on, upon ; above, over. De-dtas upon. 
Ka-dtas upward; to the top of. Deri-dtas fvom 

above or upon ; over. j4tas amha juga alan 
merTgarja-kan Itu upon me bo the task of per- 
forming that. Atas angin windward. NTdk 
Jcordlas gunong to ascend a mountain. Ldlu 
deri-atas balei passed over the building. Je- 
kalau ada bcchura ingga sa-pfduh real ka-utas if 
there be a matter in dispute to the amount of 
ten dollars or upwards. 

Ja\ atap the roof or covering of a building; 
thatch. (Vid. i_Jjlj» dtap.) 

Ji\ utamd, Hind. 3HT excellent, perfect, best. 
Ter-utamd choicest, most perfect. Ter-lebih 
utamd deri-pada lain eminently superior to the 
others. Ter-utamd deri-pada segala per-buat-an 
the most excellent of all works. Amas utamd 
pure gold. 

jjI ataii or, else, either. Pada sultan atau pada 
mantrl-nia to the sultan or to his ministers. 
Perak atau amas silver or gold. Add-kah atau 
tiadd-kah is it, or is it not? Atau tidor atau 

mdti either asleep or dead. 
^^y>\ vtus-an a messenger, ambassadour ; em- 
bassy. (Vid. (-Jj\ utus.) 

^jy\ isneian, Ar. Monday. (Vid. -ij seneian.) 

j>\ ajar to learn; to teach; reprove, correct, 
chastise. j>y,j> her-d,jar, and j»-lj.' bel-djar to 
learn. Ber-ujar pada orang iang meng-a4du-i 
to learn from a well informed person. Ber- 
ajar mdin sinjdta to learn to fence, to play at 
arms. j>-\it« meng-djar to teach, instruct. 
Ka-pada bdrang sdlah babal-nia andak-lah tuan 
ttjar-i whatever faults through ignorance she 
may commit, you (my son-in-law) will correct. 
^J^\ ajdr-an and ^jj^ peng-ajdr-an cor- 
rection, reproof; doctrine. ^\ij pel-djar a 
learner, scholar. j»-lw peng-djar a teacher, 

i_>.^ ajong or c^\ ajong to arrange, draw up in 
order. Segala tang bcr-gdjah Hu-pun ber-ajbng- 
kan gajdh-nia all those who were upon elephants 
drew them up in order (of battle). 

^fj\ ajak or ajok to uxge^ invite, stimulate, 

' . . . ^' 

incite, excite, provoke, challenge, tease, exas- 
perate. Maka it/a-pun meng-ajak dii/a ber- 
ulang-ulang akan tarlma wang itu and he urged 
him repeatedly to accept the money. Meng- 
djak akan santap to urge or invite to eat. 
Maka ulubdlang meng-djak lurun akan indra 
mahddewa and the warriors challenged Indra 
Mahddlwa to descend. De ajok-nia ber-mdin 
pdsang challenged her to play at drafts. Ter- 
djak kdrna bunj/i-bunt/i-an teased by musical 

iJsA ajal, A R. fate, destiny, destined period ; 
hour of death. Ada sitatu anak ddam sdkit an- 
tdra mdti ajal-nia ddtang there was a certain 
man sick unto death, and his destined period 
arrived. Jeka balum ajal-nia afii/at if it be not 
as yet his destiny to recover. 

_j».\ a/MJa to slander; to tattle. ^^A^^ "J^J"' 
an slander, calumny. 

o ft 

c^l ajong a Chinese vessel commonly termed 
a junk. Ships or vessels in general. A species 
of shell-fish. Ajong sdrat a loaded junk. Lak- 
sdna ajong de-dtas kdrang like a junk upon the 
rocks. Ajong de rdpat rdja rdm Idj/er-kan ka- 
mudra misri the king of Rome (Constantino- 
ple) collected his ships, to sail to the port of 


^ dji to read religious books ; to learn (as at 
school) the formularies of religion; to recite 
prayers. (Vid. _\jto meng-dji.) Kitdb de dji- 
nia he read the kordn. 

jsA ackdra, Hind, o^ |-o| ( ^ cause, suit. (Vid. 
,\:^ bechdra.) 

.U-\ achdr, Pers. pickles. Achdr mangga 
mango pickle. 

, ,^s>-\ achdrcan and ,.,i>.i achuwan a mould 
form, model. Suruh tdwang rantdka seperti 
achdwan iang daulu order small pieces of ord- 
nance to be cast, according to the former mould. 
Achdwan pelurd, a bullet-mould. 

j^ acfium to incense, provoke, exasperate, ia- 
stigate, fill with zeal. 

i£>.\ acheh Achin, a port and kingdom situated 
at the north western extremity of Sumatra, 
and formerly a powerful state. 

lU^-l achlh a small species of leech found in the 
woods. (Vid. <tJ lintali.) 

iX>.l ahad, Ar. the first day of the week, Sun- 
day. Ka-pada patang ahad atau malam isneian 
on the evening of Sunday, or (the day being 
understood to commence at sunset) the night 
of Monday. 

Jl^l akuzcal, Ar. . circumstances, occurrences, 
state, condition. De per-samhah-kan-nia segala 
hal-ahuwrd-nia he reported (to the king) all the 
circumstances of the affair. Jehalau muti atau 
bdrang suatu ahuwal-nia if he should die or any 
sort of accident happen to him. 

.L:*-\ ikhtiara, An. free will, free agency; elec- 
tion, choice. 

ji-T aJchir, Ar. last, final. Last state, stage, 
or part ; end, extremity. Ahhir/ wusim latter 
end of the season. Akhir zemun the end of 
time. Mendroh tupak tangan-nia pada akhir 
sural ilu to place their signatures at the end 
of the writing. Akhir-nia finally, at last, the 
conclusion of it. Akhir-nia pddi de tunam itu 
korang judi the end of it, or event, will be, 
that the rice so planted will fail. 

CLiJA dkhirat, Ar. the future life, next world 
^opposed to Ljj dunyd the present world.) 
Ddlam dunyd dan akhirat in this world and the 

^AjA ikhalds or ikhlas, An, friendship, affec- 
tion, sincerity, candour. Sincere, fiiendly. 
Jni-Iah tanda tulus ikhalds this is a token of 
sincere friendship, or a sincere and friendly 
token. Menandd-kan ikhalds to give proof of 
friendship. Ber-dii ikhalds having a friendly 

^\ ada to be, exist; is, are, was, were; have; 
it is, there is. Existence, substance. Alau 
ada atau tldda cither is, or is not. De-mdna 

ada saksi where are the witnesses ? Ada bdik 
it is good. Is it good or well? Ada hdniak 
there are many. Add-lah pada amba I have 
est mihi. Add-lah sepcrti kdia orang luah it is 
as the old people say. Seperti buyang juga 
add-nia he was like a mere shadow. Maka 
angin tiup-lah Icmah lumbut anldra ada dangan 
tidda the wind l)reathed gently, between exis- 
tence and non-existence (just perceptibly). 
jljlo meng-dda, ^\jJl« meng-add-kan, or ilji 
add-kan to produce, create, give existence to, 
invent, occasion, effect, furnish. De surdh- 
ma beta add-kan prau dua rdtus maka seperti /ta- 
andak-nia itu tidda-lah beta ter-add-kan lie (the 
King of Si am) has ordered me to furnish two 
hundred vessels, but I shall not comply with 
his requisition. Sdma meng-dda gagah-nia dan 
kdat-nia made equal display of their prowess 
and strength. ^^ib^l^ ka-add-an essence, 
being, existence. 

c_»j1 adab^ Ar. affable, civil, civilised, courtly. 
Courtesy, civility, politeness, affability, urba- 
nity. Apablla iya ber-kdla-kdta dangan orang 
tidda ddab dan supand-nia when he converses 
with persons devoid of civility. 

jjI adar or udar advanced in years. 

jj\ adara or udara the air, atmosphere, sky. 
Segala burong Jang de adara all the birds of 
the air. 3Iemdnah ka-adara to shoot an arrow 
into the air. Kdda me-lompat-lah ka-adara 
the horse bounded into the air. Me-ldyang 
de adara to soar or fly in the air. Dewa-pun 
tHrun deri adara a deity descended from the 
skies. Seperti akan sampei ka-adara seemed to 
reach the skies. 

ir->.jL>\ idris, Ar. the prophet Enoch, celebrated 
by the Arabians for his skill in the occult 
sciences. Kamadian mdsuk idris ka-ddlam surga 
after that Enoch ascended into Heaven. 

ij^ji] adas or adis fennel, fceniculum, caraway, 
carum. Adas mdnis, aniseed, anethum; pim- 
penella, L. 
B 2 

tjl iuhing and cj'js hadang ambush, waj-lay- 
ing. Ber-adang to lie in ambush. Meng-udniig 
to lie in wait for, to waylay, attack on the 
march, intercept, cut oft", ylda orang anclalc 
meng-uihmg lija de tarigah jdlan there ai'e per- 
sons who design to waylay him in the middle of 
the journey. Apa bechura-ma kdrna lata, de 
udang iilih mitsuh wliat is adviseable to be 
done, seeing that our way is intercepted by the 
enemy? col« peng-udang a person employed 
to waylay another. 

TcjI adang-adang at times, now and then, oc- 
casionally. (Vid. co\^ hadang.) 

tJjl udap before, in presence of, <^'c. (Vid. 
4_jjbs hadap.) 

cjUjI adapati, Hind. ^fftnTfrf a governor, 
prefect. The chiefs of villages in the southern 
part of Sumatra are called JlSj dupatl, which 
appears to be the same word. 

^^j1 ttda-pun whereas, as to; however. (Vid. 
J\ ada.) 

*jT «rf«w, Ar. Adam, the first man, considered 
as a prophet by the Mahometans. The Ma- 
lays, by a strange perversion, confound him 
with the Vhhnu of the Hindu mythology. Anak 
udam a son of Adam, a man. Bahwa allah 
men-jadl-Uan udam atas rupd-nia arti-nia atas 
sifat-nia now God created Adam after his own 
likeness, which means after his qualities or at- 

aJ'jI adenda younger brother or sister (politely 
and fondly.) It is used (reciprocally with jo^ 
kakanda elder brother or sister) as an elegant 
substitute for the personal pronoun, and in dis- 
course between persons of different sexes, is 
commonly applied to the female, as being pre- 
sumed the younger of the two. (Vid. ^j1 
adik younger brother, &c. from which this 
word is formed.) Adenda tiidzea kakanda badan 
thou my sister (or my love) art the soul, and 
I, thy brother, am the body : — or, thou art the 
soul of my body. Kakanda dan adenda sakalian 

4 4)1 

sanlap-lah slrih partake, all ye my elder and my 
younger friends, of betel. Adenda itam buniak 
chumbu-nia my love is dark, and various are 
her blandishments. Maka raja saktl vic-llat 
adenda baginda itu tang ka-tiga-nia now Raja 
Sakli observed his royal brothers who were 
three in number. 

jol add to sleep, rest, take repose (politely). 
Ber-ddu de-dtas keta to repose on a couch. 
Bdik-lah tuan mdsuk ber-ddu my lord had bet- 
ter retire to rest. Ldgi ber-ddu ter-ldlu niddar 
still sleeps veiy soundly. Maka indra-pun 
ber-adu-lah dangan tuan putri and Indra re- 
posed with the princess. ^^^/ per-adu-an a 
bed, the recess for a bed, a division of the 
apartment raised from the floor and separated 
by a curtain. (See an excellent representation 
of such a chamber in Forrest's Voyage to 
New Guinea, plate xxiii. p. 288.) De dakap- 
nia istrl-nia mdsuk ka-ddlam per adu-an maka 
tlrei kalambu de lahuh-kan orang-lah he took 
his bride in his arms and retired to the place of 
repose; whereupon the attendants let fall the 

,j\ add to make application or representation, 
to complain to, remonstrate, state, bring a 
charge ; to make appear. Bahwa pdtek ka-dua 
mi dc litdh-kan uli/i indra meng-ddu duli tuanku 
whereas we your slaves have been commanded 
by Indra to represent to your majesty. Ka- 
pada baginda beta meng-ddu I shall make com- 
plaint to the king. Meng-ddu-kan hal to 
make a representation of the case. 

ijl adoh and ^&jj\ adohl alas! oh! (The for- 
mer appears" to express grief, and the latter 
pain.) Adoh anak-ku alas, my child! Adoh 
tuan nidwa adenda O my lord, the soul of thy 
beloved! Adoh aku wo is me! ijJU meng' 
adoh to lament. 

f_pii\ or CS-'>i\ "^'^^ younger brother or sister, 
cadet; the younger born of animals in general. 
( Vid. ijS^ kdkak.) Id sakalian ad'ik dan kdkak 
O my brethren all, younger and elder ! 

i^>| idzin, A». permission, leave, licence; dis- 
mission. Jckalau daifgan iddn'nia if with his 
permission. Se-bu/i-buli-nia kami memo/ton 
idzin pada uyanda kami we earnestly request 
permission of our father. Mem-bri idzin to 
give leave. 

\J\ am a name for different trees of the fig kind, 
with entire leaves. From these is procured 

U ara or j.1 arah hope, expectation. 

»jU iradat, An. desire, inclination, intention, 
will. Iradat artl-nia ka-andak the meaning of 
iradat is desire or inclination. 

»j,\ arba or rebd, Ar. Wednesday, the fourth 
day of the week. 

c^;! arta, Hind. ^pS[ effects, goods. (Vid. cJJk 

LLij] arli, or ijj arti, Hind. 3f5}" meaning, 
signification, purport. (In some places it is 
pronounced rerti, as arta is pronounced retta, 
and rtrg-a, regga.) Balum amba ddpat artl-nia 
I have not yet discovered the meaning of it. 
TtiH-lak tt/a akan arti pandang tuan-nia he knew 
the meaning of his master's look. cJyJ.* meng- 
arli or meng'-erti, to understand, comprehend. 
Meng-arll-lah kami bunt/i sural ilu we under- 
stand the contents of the letter. 

cjf arang charcoal. (Vid. cjl& harang.) Kuyu 
arang ebony, R. Arang para soot, lamp-black. 

v.\ arak, An. sjj arrack, a distilled spirit (from 
the juices of the sugar-cane and the coco-nut 
tree, with fermented rice). Arak dpi double 
distilled spirit. Hardm me-minum arak dun 
segala iang me-mabuk-kan it is forbidden to 
drink arrack and whatever intoxicates. Arak 
dan tuwak arrack and toddy. 

ji\ arak triumphal. To go in triumph or pro- 
cession, to carry in procession. Masuk-Iuh ka- 
ddlam ncgri seperti brang ber-drak laku-nia en- 
tered the city like persons in a triumphal pro- 
cession. Ber-arak-lah ber-kollling negri pro- 

ceeded in triumph round the city. Gong dan 
gandarang arak-urdk-an ber-bunyUah drums of 
various kinds triumphantly resounded. Tani' 
pik de arak segala palazcdn shouts were tri- 
umphantly given by the warriors, ^Ui per- 
ardk-an a triumphal car, a stage drawn about 
in processions. Segala bedaxivm tang de-dtas 
per-ardk-an itu-pun ber-nianyi-lah all the public 
singers who were upon the stage then raised 
their voices. Mcniuruh ber-bdat per-ardk-an 
dua-blas pangkat gave orders for constructing a 
triumphal cai* of twelve stages or stories. 

^J^J\ arkiyan moreover, further. Arkiyan maka 
de cheriterd-kan orang moreover, people relate, 
or the story goes. 

(J^j\ armenl, Ar. Armenian. 

jjl arau a species of tree growing near the sea- 
shore, named also kayu chamdra from the re- 
semblance of its fibrous leaves to the ornamen- 
tal cow-tails; etoa of the South Sea islands; 
casuarina litorea. 

^jj\ ardan a species of fish. 

*^J arong to wade through. (Vid. '^p, drong.) 

^jji ariim fragrant. (Vid. ^^J& harum.) 

ij\ arah nigh to, about, towards, unto. De-mdna 
ardh-nia negrl itu whereabout does that city lie? 
Arah ka-saldtan towards the soutli. Tidda ka- 
Idu-an tampat dan arah ignorant of his situation 
and course. 

r^f^l arl-ari the pubes; the bladder; a water- 
bubble. Pdlut men-chukur bdlu arl-ari pada 
laki-ldki dan ter-utamd pada perampuan mem' 
bantun diya. 

i_jj^ arlng stinking, fetid. 

J-,) asa single, unique, only, alone. One. Tu- 
han long dsa who is Lord alone. BurFga dsa 
dan bunga susun single and double flowers. 
Koraiig dsa sa-rdtus bdniak-nia their numbers 
wanted one of a himdred. Dua pulu dsa 
twenty-one. Ka-dua pulu dsa the twenty-first. 
^t\^i'^ ka-asd-an unity, unanimity; solitude.- 

^jj\ asa or U asa, Hind. 3nsnT l'°P^' ^°' 
paj/a jangan putus asa dan hump anakda tuan 
that the hope and confidence of your son may 
not be disappointed. Putus usa oraiig Uu those 
people were hopeless. Ber-asa ukan hang 
hoped or wished for day-light. 

jiU asii to remove, take away. Asa-kan barang- 
barang kamu remove your goods. Asa-lah 
Icdmu move from hence, taiie yourself oflF. 

jujU asus, Ar. foundation, basis. 

»U usaha, Hind. ^t^TT^ labour, exertion, 
pains, zeal; the faculty of labouring. To la- 
bour; to endeavour. Dangan usaha ter-lrdu 
scingat with extreme labour. Sa-tangah dangan 

' (Iyer ujan dan sa-tangah dangan uyer usaha half 
with rain water, and half with water raised by 
labour. Meninggal-kan usaha tang de karja- 
nia to relinquish the work upon Avhich he was 
employed. Berniaga atau ber-usdha to trade 
or to labour. Ber-usahd-lah vja pada meng- 
hasil-kan balanja he endeavoured to provide the 
money, ^l^ljl* meng-usahu-kan balanja pada 
sa-dri to procure by exertion money for the 
day's expence. Orang kdya dangan arta alau 
dangan ^^^^ usahd-nia persons rich in goods 
and effects or in labour. Mengorang-kan usahd- 
nia to diminish his (a slave's) power of work- 
ing. Dangan usahd-nia elaborately, earnestly, 
pressingly, instantly. 

AJ\ asdhan baftaes. (Vid. ^^\ asahan.) 

JcJi astdna, Pers. a royal palace. Bagindaitu- 
pun kambali4ah ka-astand-nia dan tuan jmtrl ka- 
malegd-nia sindlri the king then returned to his 
palace, and the princess to her proper palace 
or apartment. Ponchak astdna the battlements 
of the palace. Pintu gerbang astdna the gates 
of the palace. 

AJLoI istdnbul, Ar. and Pers. Constantinople 
(more commonly named *,. rdnt.) 

tc^zJi isterahat, Ar. quiet, repose, ease, peace. 
Quiet, tranquil. Tampat iang isterahat a quiet 


i^jjiJi istrt, Hind. ^^ wife. Swdmi dan istn 
husband and wife. De peluk dan de chium-nia 
seluroh tuboh istrl-nia he embraced and kissed 
the body of his wife. Ter-ldlu suka<hifa ati-nia 
sebab me-liat istri-nia ka-ampat Uu sdngat her- 
kdsih-kasih-an his heart was delighted at seeing 
his four wives so affectionately disposed to each 
other. Mdna ka-andak istri-nia itu-pun de turul' 
nia whatever was the desire of his wife he 
conformed to. Suddh-lah indra istrl-kan putri 
Indra took the princess to wife. Tvtdpi akan 
perampuan itu suddh-lah amba per-istri but to 
that woman I am already married. 

iti\xiJ\ isteddat, Ar. custom, customary honours, 
or compliments, etiquette, ceremony. (Vid. 
if jlc ddat.) Idng tiada tdu isteddat segala rdja 
tang besdr who are unacquainted with the pro- 
per forms of respect to great princes. Meng- 
apd-kah maka angkau tiada mem-bri isteddat de- 
addp-an majlis rdja-rdja kdmi wherefore is it 
that thou dost not make the customary reve- 
rence before the assembly of our princes? 
Maka kita sambut-lah sural ilu dangan isteddat 
surat rdja-rdja iang besdr we received the letter 
with the ceremonies usually observed towards 
letters from sovereigns of the first rank. 

<id)\.\AJb-)l istaghafdr-illah, Ar. may God avert, 
or preserve! God bless me! An exclamation of 
astonishment or sudden alarm. 

jjijcJ\ istinggarda, Port, a matchlock gun. 
(The word is a corruption of espingarda, and 
is vulgarly pronounced stenggar.) Bunyi bedil 
dan istinggarda the noise of great guns and 
small arms. 

Xjc^ istanggl incense. Tu7iu istanggi to burn 
incense. Jeka sanipei ka-padd-nia bdu istanggl 
kdrna iya ddduk de sisi per-asdp-an if the per- 
fume of incense reach him by reason of his sit- 
ting near the censer. De bakar-nia istanggi 
memUji segala dewdla he burned incense to all 
the deities. 

\ istemiwa especially, chiefly, particularly; 
more especially, a fortiori. Istemiwa pida pdtck 

orang muda iang halum hli/asa especially as 
thy servant is a young man unacquainted with 
the world. Istemtwa lagi further and in an 
especial manner. Siirat istemtwa Ini this spe- 
cial letter. 

Usvi-!^ istinja, Ar. podicem detergere. AndaU- 
lah istinja dangan tangan ktri oportet detergere 
cum manu sinistra. 

Owj\ asada, Ar. a lion. (Vid. «_*-> slnga.) 

m^ asing separate, asunder, apart, distinct. 
Foreign. Orang asing a stranger, foreigner, 
pilgrim. Dagdng-an deri-^ada negri asing 
merchandize from foreign countries. ^JJi^\ 
asing-htn to separate, set apart. Asing-asing 
separately. ^J^^J per-asing-an seclusion, pil- 

i_X .- ^ asap smoke. Kaiuur-lah asap api a smoke 
of fire issued forth. Chai/u-nia sabang-menid- 
bang de-ddlam asap bedil its brightness flashed 
at intervals amidst the smoke of the guns. 
Ber-niula dan ber-dsap flamed and emitted 
smoke. Bulil-7na snmoa ber-dsap its hair was 
all smoking. ^jsL^ J per-asdp-an a censer, pan 
for burning incense. 

jXS^\ islander, Ar. Alexander. (^Jyi!\ji^JciL.\ 
Jskander zuT harnein Alexander the two- 
horned. Bahwa sultdn iskander ilu tidda me- 
madd-kan diri-nia daugan ka-rajd-an sakallan 
alum ini now Sultan Alexander could not con- 
tent himself with the empire of this whole Avorld. 

fX^\ isldm, Ar. mahomctan, mussulman, belong- 
ing to the faithful. The faith, niahometanism. 
Orang islam a mahometan. Agama isldm the 
mahometan religion. Men-jddi isldm to be- 
come a mussulman or moslem. Bhdru iija tnd- 
suk isldm he is lately converted to or has em- 
braced the faith. 

^\ asam sour, acid. The tamai'ind. Asam rasd- 
nia its taste is sour. Asam jdwa tamarinds. 
Meng-asdm-l sinjdta to rub the blade of a wea- 
pon with an acid juice in order to produce an 
eftect upon the polish. 

jJi asH the canine or eye (teeth). Gigi asu the 
canine teeth. 

i^ usah or &J^ hdsah to sharpen, whet ; to rub 
or grind upon a stone, to triturate. Meng- 
dsah pedang to sharpen or whet a sword. 
Meng-usah gigi to give the teeth an even edge 
and surfece by rubbing them with stones of di& 
ferent degrees of smoothness, after the rougher 
operation of cyb ddbong or filing. Bdtu 
meng-dsah iibat a stone for grinding medicinal 
drugs. Bdtu i^Mj peng-dsah a whetstone. 

<ul asoh to nurse, nourish, rear. Jnang peng- 
dsoh a nurse (politely). 

1^1 asahdn the name of a place in the north- 
eastern part of Sumatra. 

^ and ^U asahan baftaes, a kind of white 
cotton cloth. 

xjl>\ ishdrat or isdrat, Ar. a wink, nod, hint, 
sign by gesture. De Idrang-nia dangan isdrat 
he forbad him by a wink or sign. Mem-bri 
saldmat dangan isdrat to salute with a wink 
(by stealth). Putrimemandangka-padaddi/ang' 
dai/ang-nia dkan mem-bri isdrat the princess di- 
rected a look towards her attendants, in order 
to give them a hint. Ij/a sudah isdrat-kan-mia 
dangan matd-nia he gave him a signal with his 

Jrfl asal, Ar. root, origin, source. Race, li- 
neage, descent, family. Deri mdna asal sakit- 
nia what was the origin or soiu-ce of his dis- 
order? Asal-nia deri rdja^dja palembang he 
derives his origin from the kings of Palembang. 
Itu-lah jddi asal rdja ddlam negri acheh thence 
sprang the race of kings in the country of 
Achin. Bangsd-nia korang lebih asal-ku he is 
wanting in hereditary rank ; my race is su- 
perior, m-lah nulla asal dpi itu that was the 
occasion of the fire. Tiada ka-tau-an mdna iang 
asal there is no knowing which is the original. 
Jadi-lah bdyang-bdyang sdma sipat asal-nia the 
shadows became commensurate with that which 
projected them. Pulang-lah ka-pada asal-nia 

iaiig pilit returned to its original state of bit- 

J«?l asal and i^\ asah-Iah so as, that, so that, 
provided that. Asal bfiik tiada piiitang argd- 
nia so that it be good, no matter for the price. 
llu-lah hiil-nia amha mengata-kan asal ka-tau-l 
turn this is the state of the affair, which I re- 
present that it may be known to you. Asal 
jtlrrgan men-jddi gaduh-guduh that there may 
not arise a disturbance. Upah sa/rdlus real 
asal dii/d-Tiia de ddpat tdup a reward of a hun- 
dred dollars, provided he be taken alive. Asal 
ttu-lah minta sohbat beta bechara-kan argd-nia 
such being; the case I request my friend to take 
into consideration the price of it. Ainba suka 
niem-bdt/er usah-lah dij/d-nia ber-sumpah I am 
willing to pay, provided he wUI make oath. 

^jJllA atelas and ^^^1 antelas, An. satin. Me- 
mdkei serawdl atelas to wear satin drawers. 

jU:;ui1 ilikddoT ijuy;] itlkat, Ait. faith, the trae 
faitli. Jtkalau ilikat sdlah ber-kdta sdlah dlam- 
pun sdlah if our faith be wrong, we are in the 
wrong whether we speak or are silent. Per. 
chdi/a ukan allalHddla itu-lah ilikat believe in 
God ; that is tlie true faith. 

J-\ angar rather, in preference, it were better. 
Angar-lah dku mdti deri-pada ka-idup-an iana- 
se-ldku ini it were better I should die than live 
under these circumstances. 

y-£T ""g"'" and gangsa, Hind. ^ a goose. 
Ai/am ilik dan angsa fowls, ducks, and geese. 

^jj,\ angns to burn, &c. (Vid. ^^Is, hdngus.) 

fj^\ angsdna name of a very large flower-bear- 
ing tree, pterocarpus draco, L. Lingoa, R. 
Nephrea, Bat. Trans, vol. v. Ber-sunting 
bitnga angsdna wearing in the hair the flowers 
of that tree. 

j^\ angsur to move forward by degrees ; to pay 
by instalments. Angsdr-an instalments, pe- 
riodical payments on account. 

ijJyJ^ angsuka,lli^D. ^TSTcff name of a tree. 

Flamma sylvarum peregrina, R. Pavetta in- 
dica, L. Tcdoh-nia sepcrti pdi/ong bungornia 
ter-ldlu amat arum its shade is like that of an 
umbrella, and its blossoms are exceedingly 
fragrant. Seperti gadong kasturie iang me-lllit 
pulin angsuka like the climbing musk-plant 
(epidendrum) which twines round the ansrsHka 

CSi] angka, Hind. 3f^ figure, outline. A 
cipher or figure. The mark of duplication 
affixed to Malayan words, being the Arabic 
numeral T. 

ICc! angkd a species of monkey. (Vid. \^,\ 

JS^\ angkdra, Hind. ':^^^:j^ahangkdra wilfiil, 
presumptuous, self-sufficient, fastidious ; rash ; 
stubborn, surly, perverse; pampered. Pre- 
sumption, perverseness, egotism, &c. Orang 
tang angkdra tiri'gkah-nia persons of fastidious 
manners or intoxicated by the enjoyment of 
luxuries. Seperti rupa ndga angkdra rupd-nia 
his deportment was that of a pampered serpent. 
Apa ka-andak-nia ddtangdangan ^J^\angkara- 
nia demiklan ini what is liis object in comino- 
with so much presumption ? 

Ci^l angkat to raise, lift : promote ; adopt ; un- 
dertake, commence, set out (on a journey 
march, or expedition, by land or water) ; to 
rise from sitting. Angkat deri tdnah lift from 
the ground. Segala iddng-an dan mindm-an de 
angkat orang-lah kambdli all the victuals and 
drink were taken away again. Meng-^no-kat 
diya dkan anak pada dirl-nia to bring him up 
as his own cliild. Anak arVgkat an adopted 
child. Bdpa angkat the adopting father. Jua 
ber-arrgkttt ka-iimor he journeys to the east. 
Bdik jdgn tuan-ku segrd-lah bcr-angkat kornie- 
dan yoiir liighness will do right to proceed im- 
mediately to the field. Ber-angkat dan ber- 
pindah ka-tdnah siran to set sail and remove to 
the country of Ceram. Kdmi sudah an~<rkat 
prdu pada pfilau ilu we made sail for that 
island. Sekatika tiian putri itu dUduk maka Idlfi 

ber-ariglat-lah iya pergi ka-kulam andak mmdl 
the princess sat down awhile and then arose 
and proceeded to the tank in order to bathe. 
^;JCc1 angkat-an an expedition (bj sea or land), 
preparations (for war), levies, forces, array, 
procession. Ka-ltaf-an-lah arigkat-an musuh long 
datang saw the approach of the enemy's forces. 

' {J[f^\ angkaran some kind of supernatural con- 
veyance ; perhaps in the form of a bird. Naik- 
Inh ka-pada sudtu angkaran lulu mc-lai/ang-lah 
daulu ascended a conveyance of this nature, and 
then flew away before the others. 

^JSsi\ angkas, Hind, (for ^| akas) ^ |c^|St| 
ether, etherial space. Buun-nia memunnuh-t 
angkas its perfume filled the etherial space. 
Rupd-nia chamarlang ddtang ka-adura dan ka- 
angkas the refulgence of his form extended to 
the aerial and etherial regions. 

,^fSl\ angkas, ongkas, or ariggas, birds, wild- 
fowl. Segdla bendtang atau segdla angkas 
ever}' beast or every bird. Mdaf tdl angkas 
iangded-dlammcsjid langsdngat bdnaik no pol- 
lution arises from the dung of birds, of which 
there are great numbers in the mosques. Harm 
mem-bunoh per-buru-an Idut meldinkan jcka ii/a 
idup deddrat seperli angkas Idut tang menielam 
it/a ddlam-nia it is permitted to kill sea-animals 
(chasse de la mer) excepting such as live also 
on land, as water-fowl of the diving kind. .Sc- 
perii balulang dan segala angkas tang Idin deri- 
pada merapeli such as wild-fowl and all birds 
excepting pigeons. Tiup-rnip angkas lang ber- 
nafas iya tatkdla mlnum dyer every kind of bird 
that takes breath wliilst drinking water. ^-Xrl 
JJj angkas bulbul the nightingale. 

^\ angkau thou, thee, you, ye. It is often con- 
tracted to ^ kau. Mati-lah angkau die thou ! 
Kamball-lah angkau ka-pada tunn-mu return 
thou to thy master. 2\ikut-kah angkau art thou 
afraid ? Tidda kau kanal art thou not aware ? 
dost thou not recollect ? 

^nSJ^ angldd to carry on the back. Meng-angkut 
dyer to carry water (from the well) on the 

9 l\ 

back. Meng angkut bdrang to carry or trans- 
port goods (in packs). Angkul-angkut a species 
of flying insect. 

Ij^j^\ inggris {or engglis English. Orang inggris 
an Englishman. Kapal inggris an English 
ship. Kompani inggris the English East-India 
Company. Negri, tdnah, or benda inggris 

.J_^\ anggrek a tribe of parasitical plants ; epJ- 
dendrum, L. The flower of one beautiful 
species is, from its shape, commonly named by 
Europeans the scorpion flower, and from its 
musky scent, by the Malays, bmga kasturi 
" Herba parasitica, folio arundinaceo, flore 
scorpionem referente, odore moschi." Kajmpf. 
Amoen. p. 8G8 & tab. Anotlier species (epi- 
dendrum scriptum) bears the names of bun«-a 
putri and bunga badiyadari. 

j-Xcl anggang or enggang the rhinoceros bird or 
calao, with large homed or double beak ; bu- 
ceros. It is also called burong tdun. 

jLa\ anggan to refuse, deny, dissent, be unwil- 
ling. Anggan-lah men-dangar refused to listen. 
Maka anggan iya akan srjsaml-nia and she re- 
fused (to obey the call of) her husband. T'ldda 
bulih anggan itu could not deny (him) that. 
An~ggan-lah dku 1 refuse my consent. 

C-^'^1 anggfda or anggaula, Hind, from ^jpJT 
a limb, member, joint. Lemah-lah segala an~g' 
guta-nia all his limbs were enervated. AnggUta 
iang luka a wounded limb. Kdin menulup 
anggdta cloth to wrap the limbs. 

jjXcl anggor, Pers. j^Ol wine; the grape. Mi- 
mini anggor to drink wine. Puhn nnggor a 
grape vine. Buah anggor grapes. Anggor 
ulan the wild grape, vitis labrusca. Judda 
anggor the pepper vine, propagated by layers 
as distinguished from cuttings or slips. Marlam 
penimbak anggor guns for discharging grape- 

^Xs\ angga to mock, deceive. 

r-^i angan-angan thoughts, ideas, opinion. To 


suppose. Scdfkala atTgan-airgan-nia andak me- 
niarang hirindarun all his thoughts were con- 
tinually bent upon invading the celestial do- 

1\ angin or ^\ ang'in wind. ArTgin utdra a 
north wind. Angin salatan a south wind. (The 
names of the several points of the compass will 
be found under j[ij\ utara.) De-atas angin 
windward : the western countries with respect 
to the Malays, as India, Persia, and Arabia. 
De bawah angin leeward: the countries to 
the eastward of Achin-head, or the Malayan 
peninsula and islands. Kama ha-pada zeman 
ini kompani in~ggris-lah lung meshur deri negrl 
alas angin sanipei ka-negri bilwah angin ini for 
in the present times the English Company is 
the most renowned, from the western parts of 
the world unto these eastern countries. Angin 
luut the sea-breeze. Angin darat the land- 
wind. Angin lemah lumhrd a soft and gentle 
breeze. Angin pFiling baliong a whirlwind. 
De Hup angin deri altlwan or de muka the wind 
blew a-head. Angin rtbiit Uu-piin turUn-lah a 
storm of wind then descended. AtCgin-pun he- 
renll-lah schub men-dangar bunyi-bunyl-an the 
wind ceased in order to listen to the melody. 

y^j\ afyun or aplun^ Au. opium, the inspissated 
juice of the poppy. Apiunduapuk two chests 
of opium. Afyun patna Patua opium. 

cJl npa what, which. Apa nama-nia what is his 
name ? Apa mdu what do you want ? Apd- 
tak garcingan muld-nia what can be the occasion 
of it? Ulih apa by what? owing to what? 
Sebab apa for what reason ? on what account ? 
Meng-dpa why, wherefore ? Sidpa who ? Be- 
tdpa or butdpa how ? Apa-apa or ap-apa what- 
soever (quicquid, i. e. quid-quid). Tiada-lah 
apa-apa lang ku-dangar-un there was nothing 
whatever to be heard, ij IjI apd4ah ada ka-pada 
kdmu what is it to you ? 

k_3T dpi or JT dpi fire. Pdsang dpi light a 
fire. Pdd'iwi dpi extinguish the fire. Maka 
h(dudr-lah dpi ber-tudla deri ddlam tuboh-nia dan 
abis-lah kdin bajii-nia segala rayet de mdkan iilih 

10 iJf 

dpi Itu a flaming fire issued from their bodies, 
and the garments of all the people were con- 
sumed by the fire. Jekalau de Idut dpi sakdli- 
pun aku tlada-lah tdkut padortnu even in the sea 
of fire itself I should not be afraid of (encoun- 
tering) you. Tujuh paiigkat dpi ndraka the 
seven gradations of hell-fire. Kdyd api-dpl a 
species of wood, rizophora. 

*llil apd-lah or (dSi apa-lah prithee ! nay ! ex- 
pression of entreaty. Jdngan apd-lah tuan-ku 
ber-kdla demiklan Ini do not, I pray thee, my 
lord, speak in this manner. Lepas-kun apd-lah 
kird-nia amba-mu ini release, I beseech thee, 
this thy servant. Paliard-kan apd-lah kird-nia 
anak amba-mu ka-dua preserve, I pray thee (O 
Lord) my two children. 

*1j1 itpdma, Hind. tyCfJf like, resembling, si- 
militude, model, form, pattern, example, em- 
blem. For example, suppose, as if, quasi. 
3Iulut-niaupdma kuntombungamalur her mouth 
was like a bud of the Arabian jasmine. Seperti 
vpdma chdya mata-uri resembling the bright- 
ness of the sun. Updma tuan-ku juga tang de 
sebut urang padu seganap negrl the example of 
your highness will be cited in every country. 
Tidda sa-sudla jua-pun sa-updma allah tadla 
there is no one thing whatever like unto God. 
Updma s'orang ber-dlri ddlam dyer suppose a 
man standing in the water. Upamd-nia seperti 
ada iya sdkit as if, for example, he should be 
sick. Itu de ^\^\ upamd-kan-nia that they 
likened or compared to, &c. 

t_jlil vpdya, Hind, ^q |ij device, scheme. 
Ddya vpdya devices, schemes, ways and 
means. Mendroh ddya updya to possess re- 

J^l apa-blla or pablla when, at what time, at the 
time when, as soon as. ( Vid. J^ blla.) Apa- 
blla ganap-Iah tujuh drl when seven days were 
completed. Deniiklan-lah apa-blla Inang-lnang 
men-danirar sudra laki-ldki matters were in this 
state when the female attendants heard tlie 
voice of a man. 


jW! upachara, Hind. 3"^T^(T^ outward sIiom', 
exhibition, pageantiy. 

^ij\ apak rank in smell. 

Jl<ol apa-!c(lla when, at what time, whenever. 

(Vid. Jl^ kala.) Apa-liula tuan-ku akan ber- 
. angkat when is my lord to set out ? Jpa-kCtla 

ada musuh whenever an enemy appears. 

A\ apam, Hind, simn a loaf or cake (of bread 
■■ or rice.) Lump of dough. Buat dua buah 
apam buboh atas-nia rupa s'orang laki-luki s'drang 
perampuan make two cakes of dough ; give to 
one of them the form of a man, and to the 
other that of a woman. 

1\ apei curry (an eastern dish.) (Vid. C^ 
" gulei.) 

ij:^\ apit, Hind. ^Xljrf close, in contact; 
pressed together. To press, squeeze (as with 
a lever). De-bawah puhn kamuning ber-dpU 
dangan puhn ndgasuri beneath a flowerino- tree 
which grew close to one of a different kind. 

- Jdtuhkarpuhnc1iumpuka^j:Ji\j:ber-upit fell close 
to a chumpaka tree. Kaki-nia ter-upU his foot 
was squeezed (or crushed). Jr.^\ apU-an. a 
press, mill, or other machine for squeezing 
Juice. Aplt-an iubbu a press or mill for the 
sugar-cane. Apil-apil-an a board for draughts, 
&c. (perhaps from its folding together.) 

tl/1 aku I, me, we, us. It is oilcn contracted to 
i^ku, particularly in composition, and is most 
commonly employed in addressing inferiors. 
Aku mau I chuse or will. Aku-laJi anak ruja 
I am the son of a king. Bukan ka-pada-mu aku 
sakalian de suriih-kan idih tuan it is not you to 
whom we were all commissioned by his high- 
ness. Aku ka-dua we two. Tidda-kah angkau 
ka4au-i aku dost thou not know me? Rumah- 
ku my house. Tuan-ku iang ku-sambah ajar- 
kan aku blidsa tsl dunyu my lord whom I serve, 
teach me the language of the inhabitants of the 

p\ akar, Ar. Ls. root. Climbing as a plant. 
. (Verbura «Aar Malaicensibus denotat non tan- 

11 iiri 

tumradicem, sed repentem quoque fi-uticem." 
Rumph. vol. v. p. 64.) Akar puhn kdi/ii the 
root of a timber-tree. Seperti akar juwl-jawi 
like the (pendant) roots of the banyan-tree. 
Jeka milti akar-nia maka hurus meniubut diya if 
the root be dead, it is proper to pluck it up. 
Ber-dkar dmi ber-ddun dan ber-chdbang to take 
root and produce leaves and branches. Tandm- 
an tang ber-dkar dan ber-puhn plants that climb 
and those forming stems. Tdrum akar the 
climbing or broad-leafed indigo-plant. 

^jj\ akas. Hind. SflqffTSn" ^ther. (Vid. ^^1 

^\ akan to, unto; with respect to, concerning, 
for, by. A sign of the future tense, will, shall. 
Apajuga Utah akan pdtek what further orders 
to thy servant? In~gat-lah akan diri-mu take 
heed to thyself. Sdkit akan mdii sick unto 
death. Akan meniukd-kan athnia to make glad 
his heart. Akan hdl Idda ilu as to, or concern- 
ing the matter of the pepper. Ldhi hja bcr- 
ddlang sambah akan sri rdma memdnah d/j/a Itu 
he came then and told (his mother) of Sri Ra- 
ma's having shot arrows at him. Tdkut akan 
diri-nia deri-pada bcndtang apprehensive for 
himself on account of wild beasts. Apakdla 
titan akan bcr-angkat when is my lord to set 
out? Ka-mdna angkau akan pergi wliither art 
thou about to proceed? Tidda akan semporiia 
negr'i the country w ill not be at peace. 

ji! aku, or jf\i, hdku to confess, avow, acknow- 
ledge; to recognise; to engage; to warrant, 
become surety for (a person or del)t). Meng- 
aku sdlah to confess guilt. Mau-kuh luan 7neng- 
dku diya akan suddra do you chuse to acknow- 
ledge, or avow him to be a brother ? Sidpa 
mdu meng-dku orang ini wlio chuses to answer 
for this man ? Mcng-dku ainas to warrant (the 
quality of) gold. 

I'i\agar for, that, in order to, to the end that. 
Agarjdrigan iija buat begUu that he may not 
act so. Agar de bunuh-nia in order to slay him. 
Agar sopdt/a (synon.) to the end that. 
C 2 


V^\ agar-agar a species of sea-weed: zostera, L. 
It is said to be called chinchau by the Chinese, 
who import it from Sultt, and employ it as a 
kind of glue. 

^JJ^\agas or i.^\ agi/i the mosquito or gnat; also 

another small biting insect. ( Vid. ^Ij niamok.) 

j^\ agama, Hind. ^ \i\^ religion. Agama 
islam the mahometan religion. Agama lang 
benar the true religion. Kama sambuj/ang 
pu/in agama for public worship is the funda- 
mental part of religion. Agama raja rum hiin 
deri-pada agama ktia the religion of the king of 
Rome (Constantinople) is different from our 
religion. Me-riugan-kan agama to make light 

of religion. *^L sa-dgama of the same reli- 

e^l (igong or gong the gong, a sonorous instru- 
ment of metal, struck with a sort of hammer, 
and used both as a bell and an instrument of 
music. Bcr-buni/i-lah agong the gongs re- 
sounded. Serta dangan agong gandarang dan 
segala hunyi-bunyi-an together with gongs, ket- 
tle-drums, and all sorts of musical instruments. 
Gong raja itu-pun de pdlu orang-lah akan dldmat 
baginda ber-angkat the royal gong was then 
struck, as a signal of the king's having begun 
his march. 

'i^S agung principal, chief, head. Tukang agung 
the head workman. Tlang agung the main- 
mast. Pupul agung the principal harvest or 
collection (of pepper). Sendu agung a term in 
law ; a case wherein a person being delivered 
over as a debtor, the security of the debt de- 
pends upon his life, on failure of which it is 
lost to the creditor. 

A*/! agah to guess, judge, conjecture, estimate. 
About, nearly. Tiuda ter-dgah it is not to be 
guessed, there is no judging. Agah sa-rdtus 
about an hundred. 

i^\ agih the mosquito. (Vid Vl agas.) 
ij}^\ or J^\ agahdri medium, moderate, 

12 Ji 

average. Benua lang punas agahdri a coun- 
try moderately hot. Brat-nia lima saga tang 
agahdri its iveight is five of the red pea, of 
a medium size. Arga agahdri a moderate 
price. Agahdri antdra lunjut dan pendek a me- 
dium between long and short. 

Jill illdnon, ^J^ Idndn, and ^^J'h\ tldnon a pi- 
ratical people of Mindanao, who infest the 
Eastern seas. (See Forrest's Voyage to N. 
Guinea.) Tidda orang siak orang illdnon so- 
moa-nia iang me-langgar negri perak they were 
not people of Siak, but all of them Illanon 
people, who made a descent upon the country 
of Perak. Negri rii/u abis-lah rdsak ulih orang 
tldnon the country of Rhio was entirely ruined 
(in 1786 or 7) by the lldnon people. 

Jii\ illahi, Ak. of or belonging to God, divine. 
■ O God! 

ciJT dlat, An. a tool, instrument, utensil. Am- 
munition, stores, apparatus. Alat ber-pardng 
warlike stores. Alat sinjdta arms, weapons; 
armoury. Alat dun pagdwei (synon.) imple- 
ments. Alat korrajd-an royal insignia. 

idJji^ elhemdu-lillah, An. praise be to God! 

J\ alor a furrow. 

j\ dlir to flow. (Vid. Jl& hdlir.) 

^A\ alas a stand, pedestal, prop; that which is 
put beneath another thing to support it (as a 
saucer to a cup.) Chardna sdtu dangan alas-nia 
a betel-stand with its dish or salver. Alas 
mudt-an dunnage, what is placed beneath the 
cargo in the hold of a vessel. De alas-nia peti 
dangan kdin he lined the bottom of the chest 
with cloth. 

yi dlang the kite, falco. (Vid. ^la hdlang.) 

ij) alang, Hind. 3p?f an idiomatic term em- 
ployed interrogatively. Alang-kah non-ne? 
Lat. Alang-kah bdik were it not well} Alang 
kah scbab-niaitu is not that the reason of it 
Alang-kah aku tdu do I not know ? T jJl alang' 
alang This, beside the interrogative sense, im- 

pi ies extremes of quality . Miilehnia bukan along- 
u/ang was she not most beautiful ? her beauty, 
was it not extreme? Sifaip-nia bukan along 
kapalang his figure, was it not most admirable ? 
Jangan olang-alang do not above all things ! 

TjJl alang-along beams (in building). 
1^] alif, Ar. the name of the first letter of the 
Arabic and Malayan alphabet. 

^-j-rSI alferes, Span, and Port, a military of- 

^n alpa, limn. 3|^rM negligent, careless, 
thoughtless. To neglect. Sangatingat-niadon 
tidda iya alpa he is very attentive and is not 
negligent. Dangan alpd-nia inadvertently, 
through negligence. Jdngan sohbat beta alpa- 
kan do not, my friend, neglect it. 

4J\ dM, Ar. God, the God. JUi<sl]\ allah4ddla 
God the most high, equivaleiit to our formu- 
lary expression of God Almighty. Dangan 
tolong tuhan allah by the assistance of the I-ord 
God. Allah tuhan long men-jadi-kan alum God 
the Lord who created the world. Ka-ondak 
dlah the will of God. Dangan noma allah 
tang amat murah pada memrt rezeki akan sakallan 
ambd-nia mumin dan kdfir ddlam negrl dunyd ini 
in the name of God, who in his abundant grace 
bestows food on all his servants, both believers 
and infidels, throughout the countries of the 
earth. Segala sudtu long katt-liat ij/a-itu allah 
every thing, whatsoever thou seest, that is God. 
^Uj demi allah or Mj wallahi by God; by 
the grace of God. ^\ ilahl O God! tUvine. 
C^\ «« ilah-ku O my God! <s)J^*-j bisnt" il- 
lahi in the name of God. 

J\ dun the swell of the sea. (Vid. j^^l alun.) 

t^\aUntah ox i^Hntah the horse or water-leech, 

1\ du a pestle, wooden instrument for pounding 
rice, in order to clear it from the husk. Alu 
dan lesong pestle and mortar. Alii besi an iron 

13 . ^1 

jW dlau to drive. (Vid. ,!'a hdlau.) 
i\Ji\ alvcdh, Pers. aloes. 

^jjll alun or \\ alun the swell of the sea, a wave. 
(Vid. ^^1 umhak.) Alun besdr a great or 
heavy swell. Ldut Uii-pun ber-dun-lah seperli 
gunong the sea then rose in waves like moun- 
tains. Seperti umbok ^Jl** meng-ulun de ldut 
bunyi-ma its noise was like that of waves break- 
ing in the sea. 

ill alah overcome, conquered, beaten. To lose 
(as a battle, wager, or stake played for), fie- 
perti iiegri tang dah like a conquered country. 
Seganap dusun sitddh-lah alah every village has 
been reduced to subjection. Alah-lah ruyet raja 
the king's forces were beaten. Akan alah me- 
nang iidda-lah bulih de tantu-kan meldinkan kita 
chuba-lah as to gaining or losing (the battle) 
there is no certainty of the event, but the at- 
tempt shall be hazarded. Ka-dud-nia lulu ber- 
gdchoh tidda ^^Tj bcr-aldh-an they proceeded 
to blows, but neither of them had the advan- 
tage, ^i^ljl* meng-dlah-kan dangan kwasd-nia 
to vanquish by his power. Orang muda ini 
meng-dlah-kan rdpa anak rdja tang besdr this 
youth excels in mien the sons of the greatest 

\\ all and iuSt alih to shift, turn, veer round. 
" Atfgin ber-dlt the wind shifts. Aldwan prau de 
all-nia he tmncd (cast round) the head of the 
vessel. Ber-dli bechard-nia his tone is changed, 
he has shifted his ground. 

r^\ ali-ali a sling. Bdtu all-all the stone slung. 
"Meng-all-all bdtu to sling a stone. 

^\ alls, Jav. the eye-brow. (Vid. ^ kening.) 

<gi dlh and <j)\ alih to shift, turn. (Vid. J\ di.) 

^U amd or ^U md mother, dam. Md bdjang 
itu the mother of that young man. Md tlri 
mother-in-law, step-mother. Md Inang foster- 
mother; head nurse. Mdmiida paternal aunt. 

»,U amdrah angry, wroth, enraged. Anger, 
wrath. Amdrah menangur sambah orang itu 

wroth at hearing the man's address. Amarah' 
nia dan merah padam u^arna muka-nia he was 
angiy and the colour of his face became a deep 
-. red. Ber-ansat-lah amarahma his wrath was 
kindled; his anger burned. Menahan-l amarah- 
nia to restrain his wrath. 

*U\ imam. An. a high-priest, prelate. The title 
is emphatically applied to the twelve descend- 
ants oi AH, revered by the Shia sect of Maho- 
metans as the legitimate heirs of the Khalifat. 

j_»-L<l amhdchang the fruit called vulgarly the 
horse-mango ; mangifera foetida. 

^Lol ambalu gum-lac. (Vid. ^U^l ampalu.) 

• «iUc1 awiJrrf to stop, hinder; puisue. (Vid. ts-^j^+js 

j^ambar insipid, tasteless, flat, vapid. Ambar 
gfilei mi this curry is insipid. 

fj-^l ambar-ambar some sort of female ornament. 

i_^l ambang the frame of a door. Crank, top- 
heavy, over-masted. Ambatig de-dtas the lintel 
or cross piece at top. Ambang de-bdwah the 
threshold. Janang-janang ambang the side- 
posts or the frame in general. 

V-^«\ ambing to caiTy. 

^_^1 umhak surf, surge, a wave or swell of the 
sea. Umbak de tepi kurang a surf at the edge 
of the reef. Jekalau ada umbak besdr if there 
should be a high surf Umbak-pun trr-ltllu be- 
sdr meng-dlun sampei ka-adara rasd-nia the surf 
was very great, appearing to swell into the air 
(to the skies). Angin bdik umbak kechil a fair 
wind, and little swell. Jdng umbak itu umbak 
jua dan tang dyer llu dytrjita the wave is still 
a wave, and the water is merely water. (Ad- 
duced as an example of identity and diversity 
in the same objects.) 

J^\ ambel to take, accept, take up. Ambel-!ah 
perampuan ini deri-ddlam tangan ku take this 
woman from out of my hands. Tidda-lah pdtek 
tikan meng-ambel thy slave will not accept. 
J)£ amlel-nia negrl kita he took our city. 

Meng-ambel bdtu to take up a stone. Jungart' 
lah ambel per-gdsar do not take it amiss. To- 
rima ambel to accept. Meng-ambel dti to ca- 
jole, to win the affections. Ambel Idytr to 
take in sail. Ambel anak a mode of marriage 
(in Sumatra) by which a father matches his 
daughter to a man of inferior condition, in or- 
der to keep her at home. 

J^l ombal damp, moist. 

-^\ umbun dew. The name of an island by 
Europeans called Amboyna. Ai/er mald-nia 
tang seperti umbun de-dtas rumput her tears that 
were like dew upon the grass. Mata-dri ka- 
llat-an-lah maka umbun itu-pdn ber-ambdr-an gu- 
gurka-bumi upon the sun's making its appear- 
ance the dew dropped (from the plants) like 
untimely fruit, upon the ground. Lemah 
lumbut pardngi-nia seperti dyer umbun his dis- 
position was mild and gentle as the dew of 

t^\ ambu-amba the bonito (Ponx.), a species 
of fish. 

\j^y^\ ambus to blow. (Vid. ^j^ hambds.) 

yo\ ambUng or ambong a kind of basket. Da- 
mar dda ambong two baskets of rosin. 

<Ucl amboh to agree to, consent, acquiesce in. 

\ amal too ; exceedingly. Mahal amat too 
dear. Bdniak amat too much. Ter-ldlu amat 
hesdr exceedingly great. 

\ amat to prohibit. Sudah amal bras de jual 
pada rdyet-nia forbad to his subjects the sale 
of rice, 

i,^l amat to look attentively, gaze upon ; to ob- 
serve, consider. Add-kah cheld-nia maka sdnsat 
de amat-amdl-l idih tuan Has she imperfections 
that occasion you to look upon her so attentive- 
ly? Ada tang meng-amdl-l de amok orang-lah 
pula if any were looking on (as spies) they 
were also slain. Suruh brang ^Ulcu^clfco 
meng-dmat-amut-l negri Itu order persons to ob- 
serve or reconnoitre the city. De per-dmat' 

amat'i-m'a-lah bunga Uu she gazed attentively 
upon the flower. 

ummat, Ar. sect; people of the same re- 
ligion. Ummat Isa christians. Ummcit jehudi 
the jews. 

^\tr^ amsal, Ar. proverbs. 
Proverbs of Solomon. 

Amsdl sollman the 

^^ amas or mas gold. Mace, a gold weight or 
coin, of which sixteen make a tuil. Amas 
chuchi clean gold. Amas sa-piduh malo pure 
gold, often carats (twenty-four in our division) ; 
an imaginary perfection of the metal. Mas 
tuah gold of a high touch. Mas muda gold of 
a low touch, pale, from being mixed with 
silver. Amas urei gold-dust. Mas firong 
marcasite. Pandei amas a goldsmith. Tam- 
bang amas a gold mine. Seperti amas iang 
sudah ter-sapoh like burnished gold (that to 
which a high and bright colour is given by the 
operation of fire). Kardng-an amas gold fila- 

gree. ij-=^ ha-amas-an golden; adorned 
with gold. Katftpong amas golden helmets. 
Sa-mas atau anam kupang one mace or six 
hupang. Jeka de limbang dangan derham negrl 
acheh maha jadi-lah dFddpan tail tujuh amas brat- 
ma dan sa ''mas derham Uu brat-nia lima saga 
iang agahdri if it be weighed according to the 
coin of Achin, it makes eight tail and seven 
mace, and the weight of a mace of tliat stan- 
dard is equal to five of the red pea of a medium 

\j^ amis rank in smell. 

w<l amang to threaten. Threats. Iang de saru 
dan meng-dmang who cried aloud and threaten- 

4_Lol ampa or 1a.c1 ampd empty. (Vid. (_a/*A 

*U.«) umpdtna, Hind. 3^^ ^^^^' (Vid. J^] 

j^u^\ ampal four. Ampat bias fourteen. Am- 
put piduh forty. Sa-per-ampat a fourth part. 

Ampal per-lima four-fifths. Ka-impat the 
fourth. Ampat per-sdgl four-square, quadran- 
gular ; cubical. 

t:;,.X<l otnpat calumny. To calumniate, slander. 

( Vid. c:,^jt upat.) Meng-ompat to calumniate. 

Peng-ompat a slanderer, tale-bearer. 

Jaa^I ampadal the gizzard, stomach, maw. 

jsLc] ampadu the gall, bile. (Vid. ^sL^A am- 

i_X«! impus a garden, cultivated spot, field. 

^_i«l and ''•fJiAi) ampang across, athwart. Kdyu- 
kdyu ampang bdniak de sdngei much timber ly- 
ing across (and obstructing) the river. Mcng- 
ampang to lie across. Ampang burong a 

^Xol amping or r-*A amping nigh to. (Vid. «.X<J 

Ltol imping or omping a peculiar preparation of 

rice mixed with the pulp of the coco-nut, 
parched over the fire, and eaten dry. 

j_lfc<l ampcdas and jJli<l ampdlas a shrub, the 
rough leaves of which are used to polish wood, 
and are thence in some places called duun 
gosok y ficus ampelos, L. 

JX«1 ampalam and Ja*.< mampcdam the mango 
fruit. (Vid. l'^* mangga.) 

j]X«l ampalu, ^ILcl ambdlu, and jlL«^ mambdiu 
gum-lac ; also the purple dye procured from 
the nidus of the lac insect. (Vid. Phil. Trans, 
vol. Ixxi. p. 374.) Ambdlu bdniak ddlang deri- 
pada siam dan kamboja argd-nia sa pikul duldpan 
real much gum-lac comes from Siam and Cam- 
boja ; its price is eight dollars the pekul. 

l.t\ ompan bait (for fishing.) Provender (for 


ampun pardon, forgiveness. To pardon. 
Memohon-kan ampdn to solicit forgiveness. 
Mcm-brl ampun to grant pardon. Meminta 

ampun ka-pada dewata to ask pardon of the 
deities. Minta ampun akan bapa karnu ask 
pardon of thy father. Jekalau ada ampun dan 
karunia if there may be (found) pardon and 
favour. Ampun tuan be-rlbu kali ampun par- 
don, sir, a thousand times pardon. Ku-ampun 
angkau sakalian I pardon you all. Ampun-l 
tuan-ku barang ka-salah-an pardon, my lord, 

any offence. ,JJ^.(, meng-ampun-i to par- 
don. De ampun-i-nia-lah dosa-nia he pardoned 
their offences. 

x^J\ ampoh to overiloM'. (Vid. &La\ ampoh.) 

^^~^ ampunia belonging to, own, of, a posses- 
sive adjunct. lu conversation it is usually 
contracted to punia. Orang besar ampunia 
rumah a house belonging to a great man. 
Anak ka-dua ber-sudura ampHnia sambah tlie 
compliments of two young brothers. long 
tiUda ber-ka-tdu-an tampat ampUnia who knoweth 
not his own residence. De cherikra-kan itlih 
orang lang ampunia cheritera ini it is related by 
the person whose story this is. Dangan ridla 
tang ampunia dij/a with the consent of those 
to whom they belong, lang ampunia kapal 
the owner of a ship ; he to whom the ship be- 
longs. Amba 'punia kuda my horse. lang 
4^Li*^ mem-''punid-i who are possessed of or 
enjoy (the property.) 

*X^ ampoh to overflow. De Hat dyer ampoh pa- 
dang saw the water overflow the plain. Mcng' 
ampoh negri to flood the country. ^^1 
ampbh-an an inundation. 

^^JJ\ ampci to hang out, hang up (as clothes). 
Tampat ^_\1<\ ampdi-an kdin a place where 
clothes are hung up. Ampei-ampei the name 
of a climbing plant. 

^jJt dmuk engaging furiously in battle; attacking 
witl) desperate resolution ; rushing, in a state 
of frenzy, to the commission of indiscriminate 
murder; running a-muck. It is applied to 
any animal in a state of vicious ra<je. Scsahi 
pahlawdn ddtang-lah meng-dmuk meng-ikul raja- 
nia all tlie warriors rushed on to the attack in 

16 t,1 

imitation of their chiefs. Segrd-lah iija tampik 
ka-duu-nia suma meng-dmuk immediately both 
parties shouted and rushed on to battle. Ldlu 
ber-tikam4lkam-an dan ^^r^ cj^^A ber'amuk- 
amuk-an then was there mutual stabbing and 
mutual slaughter. Meng-dmuk ka-ddlam rdj/et 
to rush with fury into the ranks. Pada sangku- 
nia orang meng-dmuk juga rupd-nia they were 
thought to have the appearance of persons 
running a-muck. Orang iang meng-dmuk nak- 
hodd-nia persons (belonging to ships) who mur- 
der the masters of them. 

j^ amir, Ar. a leader, commander; noble; 
emir. Amir al-mUmanln commander of the 
faithful, khalif. 

^^1 amtn, An. Amen, so be it. Muka sakall-an 
orang iang meng-lring-knn baginda ilu-pun 
mengatd-kan amln and all the people who fol- 
lowed the Iving then cried Amen! Sunnat 
meng-uchap amln kamadlan deri-pada memdcha 
fdt-hah it is required to pronounce Amen after 
reading the first chapter of the Koran. 

^JJ\l\ ananas the pine-apple, bromelia ananas. 
(Vid. ^JJ[| ndnas.) 

(.:i.Jl tmta, Hind. 3^ a camel. Ada-pun gujah 
kuda dan unta hadllr-lah akan ber-jdlan elephants, 
horses and camels were got ready for the march. 
J)/a man unta klta tang Hang this truly is our 
camel which was lost. Gombdia unta a camel- 
keeper. Jeka de bunbh-nia s'lkur aUj nddm 
iija-llu burong unta if he kill an ostrich (called 
by the Arabs nddm), that is to say the camel- 


Jaj] antdra, Hind. 3f^ between, among; until. 
Interval, interim. Antdra mdta between the 
eyes. Antdra bumi dan Idngit between earth 
and sky. Per-dainl-an antdra rdja ka-dua itu 
peace between these two kings. Idng ter-lebih 
bdik antdra segala perampdan the best among 
all women. Antard-nia lima-blas depa their 
distance asunder is fifteen fathoms. Ddlain 
or pada antard-nia in the interim. Tldda ber- 
antdra Idgl pddang itu the plain had no longor 

any interval of space (unfilled). Oratig per 
anlara a go-between, Ptl-aiitaran a hall, pas- 
sage, anti-chamber. 

r^yl anlar-antar a ram-rod. 

%^\ antattg a rice-pounder, pestle. (Vid. ji\ 

1 ".i l anting or tinting a plummet ; pendant, hang- 
ing jewel. Anling-anting iang ada de tellngd-nia. 
the pendants that were to their ears. 

ljj\ ontong fortune, fate, luck (good or bad) ; 
gain, profit, advantage. Ontong tang bail: 
good luck, success. Ontong iang miilang ill 
luck at play. Ontong haik dangnn ontong jahat 
datang deri-pada allah prosperity and adversity 
come from God. Apa ontong kUmi what is 
our advantage ? how are we to benefit ? Bulih 
kita chart jalan ontong besdr we can seek the 
means of great profit. Sudak-lak ontong klta 
ber-dHa it is aU over with us both ; we are both 
ruined. X)e ontong-kan allah may God grant 
success. By the divine interposition. 

^J:ij^ antak to give the sensation of pain, to smart 
(as a sore). Bodily pain ; the pricking sensa- 
tion of a boil or gathering. Nanah meng-antak 
the festering sore smarts or pricks. 

^yx>\ antuk drowsy, nodding to sleep. To nod 
to sleep, to dose. Meng-antuk lupa-lupa in gat- 
rasa-nia sepcrti orang tang ber-mimpi nodded to 
sleep and seemed to lose their recollection, like 
persons in a dream. Kama mata amba-pUn 
sangat meng-antuk ttada-iah ter4dhan lugi for the 
eyes of thy servant were very heavy to sleep, 
and he could no longer refrain. Meng-antuk 
serta mimpi to dose and dieam. Antuk lelap 
a heavy drowsiness. 

j^yl antuk to trip or stumble against ; to strike 
against a thing involuntarily. DUdukter-antuk 
to sit down suddenly, to squat down. Ter- 
anluk-kan kapald-nia struck his head against 
(the wall). Bakit semabakitber-antuk hill (by 
the violent concussion) strikes against bill. 



(_tyl intik a speck, spot; natural mark. Katn- 

bing iang l,ir-intik a speckled or spotted goat. 
J:;;1 07itul a loaf or cake (of bread.) 
fjJkiiA antclas satin. (Vid. (_]Js\ atelas.) 
^\ antam to copulate, have carnal knowledge of. 

,pj\ intan a diamond. Intan dan zemrud dan 
puspa ragam the diamond, the emerald, and the 
jacinth (or the topaz). Ber-tatah-kan intan set 
or studded with diamonds. 

\Vy\ ontHt-an mildew, blast (in corn.) 

aajl antuh expression of doubt. I know not; 
who knows ? query ? perhaps, it may be. Afi' 
tah nen mdna it is doubtful which. AntaJi ka- 
miina pergi-nia I know not whither he is gone. 
Antah iya antah tldak perhaps yes, perhaps no. 
Antah anduk de bunoh-nia-kan uku who knows 
but it may be his intention to murder me. An- 
tah ampat lima rdtus somewhere about four or 
five hundred. Antah bagimana garangan pa- 
rentah negri iang besdr ini how, I should be 
glad to know, is this great country governed ? 
AntaJi-kan pergi mem-bHang diri who knows but 
he may be gone to make away with himself. 

^1 antek to spin (thread). (Vid. isi^ ganteh). 
Rahat teJlo menganteh benang a distaff for 
spinning tliread. 

\^\ or ^fj\ intiha, Ar. end, termination. Fi- 
nished" Jntiha el-kdlam finis. 

',^\ injat to dasli against, to strike one thing 
ao-ainst another. Injat kapald-nia pada tdtiah 
to dash his head against the ground. Ndik 
layer ter-injat angin hoist the sail, the wind 

jsrt anjar or js^ hanjar to move, remove, 
change situation. Anjdr-kan tdngan to move 
or shift the position of the hand. Meng-anjar 
to precede, guide, conduct, lead the way. Ber- 
anjar-anjar-an perluluin to move on slowly (as 
a horde), jsvw peng-anjar a guide, conductor. 
Idng men-jddi peng-anjar ber-jdlan ddulu tliose 
who acted as guides marched first. 

o\ 18 

i_sr\ anjing a dog. Seperti anjing me'rahut-kan 

tulang as dogs snatch a bone. Tiiida hams 
mem-biinoh anjing tang tidda mem-bri medlerat 
it is not proper to kill a dog that does no mis- 
chief. Anjing per-buru-an a hound. Anjing 
ayer an otter. Anjing rimba a dog of the 
woods or species of fox. Kutu anjing a flea. 
JLuda anjing piper caninum, R. Piper ama- 
lagae, L. 

an apartment in a house, an upper 

^jsTl anjong 

apartraient or storj, a loft. ^^y^A ber-anjong- 
a sea-animal. 


^jjs\i^ men- 

j-btI injali to stamp with the foot. 

injak to crush with the foot, to spurn, to trample 
upon in anger. 

^Ji<\ unjuk to stretch out, to reach to, hand to, 
point out, shew, demonstrate, make appear. 
Unjuk tungan to stretch or reach out the hand. 
Lalu de unjUk-kan surat Uu ka-pada utUs-an then 
handed the letter to the ambassador. Meng- 
unjuk pawan to hand the betel-salver. Tdngan- 
Jcu unjuk pada an kidmat my hand points to the 
day of judgment. Meng-unjuk ka-saktl-an-tiia 
shewed or displayed their poAver. 

^j,^\ injil, An. the Gospel, the books of the 
Evangelists. Kildb tuurlt dan injll tang sddak 
ber-Hbahderi-pada asal-nia the books of the Law 
(of Moses) and the Gospel, conupted as they 
are from the originals ; (according to the Ma- 
hometan belief.) 

ii.-^\ inchit away! to drive away, expel. De 
inchit-nta orang deri gunong Uu he drove away 
the people from the mountain. Kama iya ter- 
inchit deri negri itu for they were expelled from 
the country, 

ji£'\ ancliur or ji^'\ mchur to dissolve. (Vid. 
JJS.-U6 hanchur.) 

j^'\ inchl master, mistress; young person of 

" rank. By Europeans it is cliiefly applied to the 

native woman who superintends their domestic 

concerns. Hci inchl muda apd-kah tang andak 

de sampei-kan ka-pada tuan kami say, O young 
gentleman, what message you wish should be 
conveyed to our mistress (spoken by female 

jS)\ undur to recede, retire, withdraw, recoil. 
Segala ddyang-ddyang Uu-pun undur ka-ldar 
duduk de bdlik Urei all the female attendants 
then withdrew, and seated themselves behind 
the curtain. Rayet-nia dbis undur tidda ddpat 
iya me-ldman Idgi his troops gave way on all 
sides, and a\ ould not make any further resist- 
ance. Maka iya-pun undur sedlkit tidda jduh 
he retreated a little, not far. Ber<tndur deri 
nlat-nia to lecede from his promise or intention. 
Undur-kan to push back, repulse. De undur- 
kan-nia salru-nia he repulsed his enemy. 

jjJl itidra, Hind, ^T^ By the Malays this name 
is not confined to one mythological personage, 
as in the Hindu system, but belongs to a class 
of celestial beings, as in the following confused 
enumeration. Maka segala rdja-rdja dan dezea- 
dcwa dan indra-indra chandra mumhang dan jin 
peri Itu-pun samod-nia kambdli ka negri-nia 
dangan segala bdla tantrd-nia and all the princes, 
dewas or demi-gods, and genii of various de- 
scriptions, thereupon returned to their realms, 
together with their respective armies. 

jj5,JJ'\ indra-pura, Hind. ^«"d U 4 the name of 
a district, formerly an independant state, on 
the south-west coast of Sumatra. The last city 
built by Rama (according to tlie Malayan ver- 
sion of the Ramayan) was thus called. 

^j^jiiiS indra-gm j^r^jj] (^ the name of a 
considerable river on the eastern side of Su- 
matra, said to have its source in the countiy of 
Menangkdhau. Andak4ah sohbal kifa meniuruh 
hdrang sdlu prau serta ?ne-liat bandar-nia indra- 
girl I wish my friend to dispatch a vessel in 
order to see (make trial of) the port of In- 

cjul indong the nidus, matrix, or receptacle of cer- 
tain insects and natural productions. Mother. 
Indong madu the honey-comb. Indong kasturi 

u' 19 

the musk-bag. Indong sutra the silk-worm's 
bag. Indong muliura or mutla mother of 
pearl. 7'elur tmig bhuru deri-pada indong-nia 
an egg fresh from the hen. Bupa dan indong 
father and mother; sire and dam. Maha anak 
harbau itu-pun ber-tunia ka-pada indong-nia hei 
ibu-ku de-mdnn bapd-ktt whereupon the buffalo- 
calf enquired of its dam (saying) O mother, 
where is my sire? 

cJJI ondctng and cjjjl undang laws, statutes. Sc- 
perti udat hulxum islam dan ondang-ondang negrl 
according to the mahometan forms of justice 
and the laws of the country. Negri tang me- 
narohjindang-rmdang hukum countries that are 
governed by regular laws. 

cjwl andong a shrub planted about graves, dra- 
coena rubra. Bat. Trans, vol. v. 

ujj»;l indap to sculk, conceal oneself, lie in wait. 
Ter-indap-indap by stealth, clandestinely, pri- 

^A^\ indalas one of the names of the island of 
Sumatra. Paslslr burat samantra indalas the 
western coast of Sumatra (or) Indalas. De 
per-bmit-nia jambutan ddlam Idut indalas he 
(Alexander) threw a bridge over the Sumatran 
sea (or strait of Malacca). 

ajjI andam, Pers. justness, symmetry, arrange- 
ment. ajJU meng-andam m'lsi atau janggut 
to adjust the whiskers or the beard. 

»^\ indah precious, rare, admirable, surprising, 
esteemed, prized, excellent. To care for, hold 
in esteem, respect, prize; heed (as danger). 

■ Pakei-an tang indah-indah precious or costly 
garments. Jndalv-indah per-budl-an-nia his ac- 
tions or performances were admirable. Per- 
hatd-an tang sdngat indah-indah words highly to 
be prized. Indah sa-kdli ndma orang muda Ini 
most excellent is the name, or the character, 
of this young man. Tidda jiiga de indah-kan- 
nia still they did not concern themselves about 

»Jj\ ondeh an exclamation of wonder. 

i^jJl andei simile, parable, proverb. Andei' 
andei like as. DUdukber-andei-andei to sit and 
chat or gossip. 

t^^l onde or ondei a lot, chance by lot. 

^^iJt insdn, Ar. man, mankind. Anak-anak in- 
sdn children of men, the human race. 

(tUlliJt insd-allahu, Ak. by the blessing of God ; 
God willing. Sakdrang dangan insd-allahu ne- 
grl ada tatap dan senang at present, by the 
blessing of God, the country is secure and 
quiet. Akan jdal de bengkaulu insa-allahu jekor 
lau ada saldmat sampei to be sold at Bencoolen 
if, please God, (the vessel) arrives there in 

i_jLul insuf, Ar. equity, justice; moderation. 

^jj\ anak child; an infant; the young of any ani- 
mal. It is used very commonly in a figurative 
sense to express a thing inferior or subservient 
to some other thing with which it is connected. 
Anak raja the child of a king. Anak laki-ldki 
a son. Anak perampdan a daughter. Anak 
sulong the first-born child. Anak bongsd the 
last born. Anak t'lrl step-child. Anak sdnak 
nephew by the sister. Anak ilda (muda) ne- 
phew by the brother. Anakangkat an adopted 
child. Anak pidtu an orphan. Anak ddra a 
virgin. Anak gampang a bastard. Anak an- 
jing a puppy. Anak kuching a kitten. Anak 
kambing a kid. Anak konchi a key. Anak 
pdnah an an-ow. Anak dyer and anak sungei 
a rivulet. Anak ledah the uvula. Anak 
linipa tlie spleen or milt. Anak buah the de- 
pendants of a chief. Anak maldyo a Malay. 
^J>^\(J'\ anak-andk-an puppets, infantine figures. 
r^l^ F anak-k' dnak infants, young children. 
Ldpa-lupa itigat-nia seperti anak kechll lost their 
recollection (and became) like little children. 
Well anak-ku dan bieah dtl-ku dan chdya mata-ku 
alas, my children, the fruit of my heart, and the 
light of my eyes ! Ber-dnak to bear a child ; 
to be the parent of a child. Jekdlau aku her* 
dnak seperti anak ilu if I could have a child 
D 2 

u' 20 

like that child. Be-g-raA-a«aA; to quicken. Gu- 
gur anak to miscarry. 

oJl;l anukanda child of a royal or noble per- 
sonage: (formed from ^jj\ anak by annexing 
the letters a) nda, which are in like manner 
applied to other terms of relationship). Baik- 
lah dull tuan-ku karunia-kan anakanda titan putrl 
hi-pada indra your majesty will do right in 
bestowing the princess your royal child upon 

(Vid. ^p.\ 

^j^Xj\ ingris for englis English. 

ijij\ amtgrah. Hind. sij*1-M6 ^ gi^j present, 
bounty, favour, grace. To bestow bounty, 
present a gift. Tarlma anugrah to receive a 
gift. Lulu iya mukan sirih anugrah itu he tlien 
partook of the betel presented to him. Sudah- 
kah iya anugruh-kan pada kami barang anugrah 
hath he bestowed upon us any bounty ? Apij/at 
de amtgrah-kan allah restored to health by the 
grace of God? 

.^1 ingu, PEas. assa-foetida. (Vid. ^' <:.-..> 

j^ij\ angor, Peks. wine. (Vid. jjis\ anggor.) 

J\ anam six. Anam-blas sixteen. Anam pitluh 

jj\ ano or anu elsewhere; uncertain, undefined. 
Negri ano a certain (or rather, an uncertain) 
Si-ano such-a-one, somebody. 


y'\ anau a tree of the palm kind ; borassus gomu- 
tus. Lour. It produces the substance called 
iju or gamuto, also the best toddy or palm-wine 
(^ nlra or y^ jj tuak anau) and some sago; 
but is not the proper sago-palm, named ^_l^J 

J\ inya he, she. (Vid. i^j diya.) De-mana 
pula inya tun how should he know. Inya pu- 
nia his, hers. 

^\J\ anyuya or ^Uil anniuya, Hind, s^r^ |^| 
to oppress, tyrannise over, afflict, annoy, per- 
secute. Oppression, injustice, overbearing vio- 

lence. Oppressive, tyrannical. Kama kdml 
de anyuya illih brang itu because' we were op- 
pressed by those people. Santiasa meng-any- 
ayu'l segala rciyet-nia continually oppressed all 
his subjects. Jekulau apa-upa binchi anyuya 
orang ka-pada nakhoda if the master of the 
vessel shall experience any vexatious oppres- 
sion. Tanah long de ambel-nia dangan anyuya 
land which he had taken by violence. Rija 
tang anyilya a tyrannical sovereign. Kordalam. 
tungan iang tcr-anyuya itu into those most op- 
pressive hands. Orang Iang tcr-anyuya dan 
iang meng-anyuya the oppressed and the op- 

*^^1 anibbng a species of palm. 



CSJ\ anika, Hind. 3f^^ all sorts, great va- 
riety of Anika benda-benda all sorts of treasure 
or precious things. Anika per-main-an all sorts 
of amiispnifinfs. Anika-finika dan her-bagei' 
bugei hunyi-hunyi-an all the various sorts of 
musical instruments. Buah-buah-an deri-pada 
anika-anika bugei fruits of a great variety of 

a-Jl anniah to go away, get out of the way. (Vid, 
(0 niah.) 

'U u-jsa or awa uncle or aunt, Pd-uzoa father's 
elder brother. Ma-uwd father's elder sister. 
(I suspect the word to be an infantine corrup- 
tion oiticah.) 

'Ijl az0a body, person. It is used as a personal in 
the possessive form. Awd ambapdnas my body 
is hot. Awd maids a lazy-body, lazy fellow, 
Azod panjang tall. Bini azod your own wife. 
Apa karja awd sakarang what is now your em- 
ployment ? 

J\^ awdn, Pers. a king's court, palace, 
open gallery or terrace. 


.1.1 auwau a species of ape, or monkey, without 
a tail, described under the name of xioowuoouxo 
in the Batav. Trans, vol. ii. p. 383. 

>t «I 

us^.l ubat medicine, physic, drugs; poison. Gun- 
powder. Ubat seJialian peniakit a medicine for 
all distempers. Ubat sukit kapala a medicine 
for the liead-ach. Putah uti apa ahan ubat-nia 
to a broken heart what medicine can be ap- 
plied ? Mem-bri ubat to administer medicine. 
Ubat urahg hobdt-an spells, the drugs of sor- 
cerers. Tiada sampei ka-pmla-nia segala btsa 
dan ubat no venom nor poisonous drug of any 
kind shall affect him. Jeka tiada ubat tumbuk 
if there is no powder, manufacture (pound) it. 
TJbat hcdil gunpowder. ty'S^-o meng-ubdl-l 
to physic, to apply charms. 

j)^ iibar a red wood used for dying or tanning 
twine, nets, or sails. Ubar-ubar dyer-niu etam 
the water in which this wood has been steeped 
is black. (Prov.) 

gj_j\ ubong to piece, join. (Vid. «jys, hubong.) 

•jl uban crown of the head, grey hairs. (Vid, 
^jit, huban.) 

Aij\ iibah to alter, change, vary ; to swerve or 
deviate from, to break (a promise), to revoke. 
Baliim ada ber-ubah it is not yet changed. Je- 
kalau sdlah minla tuan iibah if it is wrong, do 
you be so good as to alter it. Adaf samoa-nia 
de ubah-kan-nia he changed all the laws and 
customs. Meng-ubah-kan janje to break a pro- 
mise, recede from an engagement. Meng-ubah 
rupd-nia to change his shape or appearance. 
Tidda-lah ber-ubah muliit-nia they did not vary 
from their declarations. Jtka sdngat ubuh-niu 
if the alteration be considerable. 

fcj^j\ ubi the roots called yams, of which there is 
great variety ; the dioscorea being generally 
termed ub'i kechil or the small yam, and the 
convolvulus, ubl gaddng or the great yam. 

j\jj\ uldra and \jij\ ulard, Hind. '^^ y the 
north. Angin utdra a north wind. The six- 
teen points of the compass are as follows : 

.\jj\ iildra north.— --^^' CjU-jjtj\ utdra sa-mdla 
timor N.N. E. — iZJ^y^ tlmor Idut N. E. — 
jbj^CijU,-^' iimor sa-mdla utdra E. N. E. — 

y*-j' t'iMor or {j:^j4Ji timor tapat East. -r- 
J^Lkij^Ji timor tu>rggdra or tiii^j^ timor me- 
nuriggdra E. S. E. — jl'^jc tunggdra S. E,— 
JSx^^'La saldlan menunggdra S. S. E, — 
^Lj saldtan South. — ^tj . J'l^ saldlan ddya 
S. S. W. — j^be-^b bdrat ddya S. W. — CJ,b 
^iLcijU^ bdrat sa-mdla saldlan W. S. W. — 
j^L bdraX tapat West. 

_j.b bdrat or ^^^ 


j\A^CLiJj bdrat sa-mdta utdra W. N. W. 

— Ci-^^ 

•jijj bdrat Idut N. W. 

utdra bdrat Idut N. N. W. 

^fjjl iitas a string. A necklace. Ulas mutidra 
a string of pearls. Tdli kdil tiga ulas three 
fishing lines. Meng-iitas to string (pearls, &c.) 

<ijj\ oteh a cloth or bib worn (without other cover- 
ing) by young children. 

j-jjl ulas skilful, ingenious (as a mechanic). 

j-jjl utus to depute, commission, send on an 
embassy. Sudah-lah iya meng-utiis-kan ampat 
orang he had deputed four persons. ^^yJ 
utus-an a messenger, ambassador. Embassy. 
Jdrisan kird-nia mendroh sak dan zsehem alas 
hdrang sa-sudlu kazcul per-mintd-an utus-an kdml 
do not, we pray thee, harbour doubt or mis- 
trust respecting any requisition made by our 
ambassador. Miniuruh idus-an ka-pada segala ' 
rdja-rdja sent messengers to all the dependant 

fj3j\ lilak brains ; marrow. Ulak kapdla brains. 
Vtak tulang marrow. Ber-ambur-an-lah utdk- 
nia his brains were scattered (by a blow). 
Maka ini per-kafd-an iang utak-iilak segala per- 
katd-an this discourse is the very marrow of all 

ja~j\ ujar or ujur to say, speak. Ujar-lah iya 
menidut kdta temdn-nia he said in reply to the 

speech of his companion, i^jf^ maka ujur' 
lah or mak' ujar-lah raja and the king said. 
Maka ujar dli kavndak-ku kau uchnp kalimat 
sahddat said Ali my desire is that you pronounce 
the confession of faith. 

t^jt ujong point, extremity. (Vid. ^^ hu- 

^y>.ji iijM, Ak. existence, substance, essence. 

(Vid. jj»-5 wujud.) 

^\ or ,^j ujl to try the touch or ascertain 
^he degi-ee of fineness (of gold) by means of a 
touchstone. ^<>-j^CJb or ^fJ &«'« HJ'^ «r 
pcng-ffji the touch-stone. 

ijj^j\ uchap to say, speak ; to address ; to pray, 
ejaculate. Uchap-lah pada amba-mu speak to 
thy servant. Tiada dapat meng-uchap dangan 
Udah-nia dmi'gctn ati-nia jua she could not pray 
with her tongue, but only with her heart. 
Meng-uchap sah'ncat akan nabl to address pray- 
ers to the prophet. Meng-uchap amin to pro- 
nounce Amen. Mengaloh dan meng-uchap sam- 
bil ber-llnang dyer matu-nia sighed and uttered 
a prayer, whilst the tears streamed from his 
eyes. Pen-iichap the plaintiff in a cause. 

CiJjjl iidut tobacco. (Vid. tambako.) Peng-udut 
a pipe for smoking. 

y.l iidar or^J udar advanced in years. S'orang 

udar an aged man. 
t jjl udang prawns, (Vid. *^jja hudang.) 

iZJ,^ urat a vein ; sinew ; fibre, fibrous root. 
Uratdarah a-ycm. Uratnudi anavi^vy. Krat 
urat to breathe a vein. Me-lemah-kan segala 
urat to relax all the sinews. (Vid. ij^ urat.) 

cu .\ lirut to chafe, rub : to foment ; to rub the 
muscular parts of the body after fatigue, to 
squeeze or stroke the limbs in the operation 
called shampo-ing. Meng-wut tuboh dangan 
tmgan to chafe the body with the hand. Jeka 
tiada lumbut segala an~ggutu^ia maka de lumbitt- 
hanjuajekalau de urut dangan meniak if all the 
limbs (of the corpse) be not supple, yet they 
may be rendered so by rubbing them with oil. 
Maka de suruh srl rdma urut prut setl dlw'i 
ka-pada Inang peng-dsoh-nia. 
iJ )\ or ^uSj iirdi or rudi, Eng. orders. Jekdlau 
ada tiian-punia iirdi if I have your orders. 

22 i^ 

c J orang man, person, people. It is also ap- 
plied to the individuals of any class of superior 
beinffs or of animals ; and like the Teutonic 
word man, it is used as an indefinite pronoun 
of the third person. Orang s' orang one man. 
Orang laki-ldki a man, vir. Orang betlna or 
perampuan a woman. Orang maldyo a Malay. 
Orang piltih an European or white man. Orang 
china a Chinese. Orang utan the wild man, 
a species of ape. Orang bhdru a novice, 
stranger. Orang bangsdwan a man of family. 
Orang kdya a noble, rich man. Orang dusun 
a villager, countxyman. Orang ddgang a fo- 
reign merchant. Orang Idut seafaring people. 
Orang mardlka freemen. Orang ber-prang a 
warrior. Orang ber-utang a debtor. Orang 
per-tdpa a hermit, one under penance. Orang 
tuah an old man. Orang muda a young per- 
son. Anak dura dua orang two virgins. Orang 
deri ktangan or orans; ko-indardn celestial be- 
ings or personages. Rata orang it is said, on 
dit, man sagt. Orang ber-bantei uri ini man 
schlachtet heute. Lulu de angkat-nia summul 
Itu s' orang sdtu blji then these ants took up, 
each individual of them one of the seeds. Orang- 
ordng-an puppets, marionettes. 

uJ,.\ urap to anoint; to daub over. Meng-urap 
dangan mtniak to anoint witli oil. Meng-urap 
kubur dangan kapur to whitewash a tomb. 
Per-urdp-an ointments. 

J J urak to air, expose to the air, open. 3Ieng- 
urak kdin to air clothes. 

^.^ lirei and ^^j j» hiirei loose, not fastened, 
not cohesive. The placenta. Tdnah Jang urei 
loose earth. Jmas urei gold dust. Rambut 
ter-urei dishevelled hair. Maka brapa andak 
de urei-nia tiada jdga ter-urei but whatever eP 
foi-ts were used to loosen it, still it was not 
loosened. Urei-kan ikat-ma segala tawdn-an Uu 
loosen tlie bonds of all those captives. 

A Tisir to pursue, go in pursuit of; to chase ; 

■^ to direct the course towards. Mengunus pe- 

dang-nia dan meng-usir miisuh itu di-ew their 

BWords and pursued the enemy. Burong lang 
meng-iisir hdlilang birds that pursued the lo- 
custs. Ter-lrdu rami ber-usir-usir-an pursuing 
in great numbers. Maka dpi itu mcng-iisir dan 
metn-iukar segala rayel and the fire directed its 
course towards and consumed all the people. 
Larl-luh iya meng-mir negri tang bcsur he ran 
towards the capital. Segrd de usir-nia pada 
(rang itu he immediately \\ent towards (the 
place where he saw) the light. 

w,tf.l vsang grain of the former season. 

^-jjl usong to carry between two or more on a 
pole ; to carry in a litter or palanquin. Orang 
usong a bearer. Kuyu usong a pole. Meng- 
f/song buali-buah-an to carry fruit on a pole. 
^^y^^\ usong-an a litter, palanquin. Ber-tcmu- 
lah dangan usong-an titan putri met the palan- 
quin of the princess. Usong-an per-ardk-an a 
stage or platform carried in processions. .S'e- 
gala pel-lkur mdsing-mdsing mendri de-dtas 
usong-an itu all the followers in their turn 
danced upon the platform. 

iJjL:j\ or ^jf^^ usik to tease, provoke, worry 
(chiefly in sport, or to make sport). To play 
(as children). 

jy^j\ usilr or osur duty, toll, custom paid to the 
chiefs of a district. 

«Uj^ usah diligent, mindful, attentive, careful. 
To oversee, direct, manage. Use, need. SV- 
gala ddjjang de suriih her-usah ordorod nil the 
attendants to be diligent. Usah-kan diri-mu 
give your mind to it. Jdtiganrlah tuan meng- 
usdh-kan dirl-nia do not give yourself any con- 
cern about it. Berentl-lah iya deri pada se- 
kalian usdh-nia he rested from all his labours. 
Apd-ttth usdh-nia what use or need is there for 
it ? Ta-usah for tidda dsa/i it avails not ; is 
unnecessary ; need not ; do not mind. S'dsah 
trouble, affliction, i^j'j per-usah or prusah 
to build, construct, erect. Per-usah rumah to 
build a house. ^J^i} °^ cf^^/ pcr-usdh-an 
manufacture. Bdu-bdunper-usdh-an negri yemen 
perfumed essences of the manufacture of Yemen. 

23 jt 

^j\ usia or Lrfl usiyd age, period of life. Kam- 
hing dua tdun ^^,L J usid-nia goats of two years 
old. Tdng korang usid-nia deri pada sa-tdun 
whose age shall be under one year. Idng de 
aniigrah-kan allah saldmat semporna Usia iimur 
zemuni Idgi de kakal-kan pada tampat ka-besdr-an 
dan tang ka tiriggi-an sc-ldma-lamd-nia to whom 
may God gi-ant complete happiness during the 
period of this life, and to all eternity in a 
place of glory and exaltation. Maka ddtang- 
lah usid-nia ka-pada dda-blas tdun she attained 
the twelfth year of her age. Usia Utang the 
term or period of a debt. 

cj! wang money, coin. (Vid. c \j wdng.) 

cjl awang a cloud. (Vid. ^^1 dwan.) Maka de 
turun-kan allah-tddia rdja itu baliim turun ka- 
dunyd Idgi dxeang-kamdwang the Almighty sent 
down that king, when as yet the clouds had 
not descended upon the world. (Menangka- 
bau.) Dewa-dewa dwang deities of the clouds 
or air. 

IXcjl icngkd or ISlc! angka a species of monkey 
described as having no tail, walking erect, and 
extremely swift. 

JJ^j\ unggul to nod, to beckon by nodding, to 
sliake as fiom palsy ; to pitch or heave (as a 
ship). Unggul kapdla to nod or toss the head. 

•£.1 urTgu violet colour, purple. Memdkei bdju 
iingu to wear a purple garment. Kdcha iang 
urigd purple glass. . 

Ji^ or Ji] updya, 
plan, contrivance, 

awap a vapour. (Vid. uJjUi hdwap.) 

Hind. 3XfPf scheme, 
resource, means. Apa 
updya kita what scheme can we contrive ? what 
resource have we left? Ddya updya devices, 
machinations. Ahis-lah tipw dangan ddya dan 
updya segala ddyang itu the cunning and all 
the contrivances of the damsels were exhausted. 
Meng-upayd-kan to contrive a plan, to employ 
e:^.) upat to find fault with, blame, inveigh 
against, calumniate, slander. Jdngan apd-lah 

sSi/a de upat do not, I pray tliee, impute blame 
to me. Memallaru-han Icdah dtri pada ber-kata- 
hula dusla dan viciig-Upat to guard the tongue 
from uttering falsehoods and from slandering. 

jj.l upal'i tribute, tax, contribution. Meminla 
" uptUi pada dusun ilu to require tribute from 
that village. Mem-brl upati pada tuan-ku to 
pay tribute to the sultan. Meng-h'tmpm-k'an 
iipall to collect tribute. Peng-fipatl tribu- 

i-j^ upas a milky juice extracted from certain 
vegetables, operating, when mixed with the 
blood, as a most deadly poison, concerning 
the effects of which many exaggerated stories 
have been related. (Vid. Hist, of Sumatra, ed. 
3, p. 1 10.) Piilin upas the poison-tree, arbor 
toxicaria Macassaiiensis. Thunb. Kris bcr-upas 
a poisoned weapon. Upas ber-ulam rachun 
vegetable mixed with mineral poison. 

, -jj^ upas a domestic attendant on a person of 

Jjj\ lipak to stir up, excite, foment. TJpak I'lpi 
to stir the fire ; to promote strife. Orang per- 
vpak a mischief-maker. Peng-upak a poker. 

Jji fipam to scour, brighten, give a polish by 
rubbing. Tamhaga tang ter-upam polished 
copper. Cliercmin besi de suruh-nia upam he 
gave directions for polishing the mirrour of iron. 

ij,^ upah hire, reward, i-pcompence; sum paid 
for occasional work or service. Upah oruiig 
luno- jncrlumtar sitrat the hire of a person who 
conveys a letter. De bri amas dua kali akan 
iipah gave two catties of gold as a reward. 
Men-chdri orang upah atau orang ber-ulang to 
look out for hired labourers or debtors. ^^ 
meng-upah to hire for wages; to engage for a 
reward; to pay for work done. liing mem- 
bual dan lang meng-Tipah-kan dir/a those who 
make and those who pay for maldng them. 
JSfeng-ambel upah to engage or work for hire. 

i^S upiji a vegetable substance used for wrapping 
parcels, and also for making- light water-buck- 

24 .j1 

ets, &c. It grows on the ptnang or b-;?tel-nut 
tree, at the bottom part of the leaf or branch, 
and emljracing the stem forms a sort of sheath. 

ij.^ a:i:ak the crew (of a vessel). Axcak kapal a 
ship's crew. AKakprau the crew of a Malayan 
vessel; seafaring people. 

ju^ awak Ava, the country of the Jlurmahs. 
Orang awak dan orang slam the people of Ava 
and those of Siam. 

<^\ ukir to carve, engrave. Matg-itkir numa de- 
alas bulu to carve a name upon a stone. Me7ig- 
ukir per-mala to engrave gems. De iiktr-nia 
du ~gan rupa bunga-bunga carved into the ap- 
pearance of flowers. 

Jj\ ilkur to measure. (Vid. JA ukur). 

t_a^1 ukup perftime by smoke ; the smoke of in- 
cense. To perfume l)y smoke. Ber-ubah bau- 
nia kurna de ukup its smell is changed from 
being perfumed with smoke. Jj^l ukup-an a 
censer, the vessel in which gum-benzoin, or 
some other fragrant drug is burned. 

Jj^ ux£aly Ar, first, former, beginning. Azcalr 
nia adam akhir-nia muhammed tlie first of them 
(the prophets) was Adam, the last of them Ma- 
homet. Awal miisim beginning of the season, 
setting in of the monsoon. Ari ureal purba- 
kala days of old, in early times. Rubi-l azcal 
the third month of the mahometan year. Ju- 
mcid.- l-nrmnl tJip fifth month. 

(j^^l idit to dandle. De-ulit-uUl-nia de-atas lidid- 
nia she dandled it upon her knee. Seperti anak 
kech'd tang de ulH-kan idih inang peng-asoh like 
an infant dandled by its nurse. 

tsJjl illat a worm; moth; maggot. (Vid. t::Jyb 

j.\ idar a snake, serpent, anguis. Ular hlsa a 
poisonous snake. Seperti depugut ular rasd-nia 
felt as if bitten by a snake. Ular jjjL bilii- 

dak the asp, adder, viper, coluber. Ular cjjj 

tlong be-tdpa a snake which coils itself in trees 

jt 25 

in very compact folds. Ular gurang sea-snake. 
Ular mum cobra capel. Ular sauh the largest 
kind of snake, not poisonous ; boa constrictor. 
Beside these the following names occur in a list 
written by a Malay, *cjjj tedong — <uJ nlpah — 

fj>'C puchuk — 5^\i paku—j\ji'c.jAf*^ tampung Sri 
— JX-s sanduk — lS'^^ jandei — ei -<f-^ nrnnr 
chit — ij\i tanah — j^U sdruk — c^J" girang — 
^J^ kdsi — j\ uytr — ^^ sini. 

^Aii alas to fasten, splice. (Vid. ^J^b hUlas.) 

tj,\ alang to repeat, reiterate (words or actions); 
to go to and from, to visit frequently. De 
lilang-i-nia he repeated it. Meng-iilang sejUd- 
nia to repeat his prostrations. Der-Ulangkdta 
to repeat an expression. Ter-ulang mimpi-nia 
his dream was repeated. Vldng-an repetition 
(as of a strain in music). Ulang-Ulang repeat- 

edly, often, occasionally, over again, back 
and forwards. Ber-Ulang-Hlang ataujdrang fre- 
quently or seldom. Tampat-niaber-tilang-ulang 
his haimts. Ada tlga musim lama-^ia iya ber- 
aiang-alang korbantan during a period of three 
years he went frequently to Bantam. Sdna 
sini ter-iclang-Hlang tossed from post to pillar. 
Vlang-ulang one of the names of the ficus race- 
mosa or banyan tree. 


aiam to mix. 

(Vid. Jys hUldm.) 

<sj.\ aiih through, by (a, ab, per, Lat.). De 
ambel iilih raja it was taken by the king, or, 
the king took it. Beta ter-pukul uUh tuan I 
was beaten by my master. Biiat iilih kamii do 
it thou, a te factum sit 
wait ye ! vobis expectandum est. 
to obtain, procure, acquire, effect. Bcr-ulih 
per-mintd-an to obtain a request. Tidda de per- 
ulih-nia they did not obtain or effect it. .^.' j 
per-uUh-an acquisition, what is obtained, pos- 

1.^ aki to stir about (as rice in a pot). An eddy 
" (in running water). 

Nanti-lah ^\ rdih-mu 
a), J ber-Tilih 

^jl aiing top-heavy, crank, too high in the 
masts or upper-works. 

j^j\ dwan and *cjl dwang a cloud. Seperti kVat 
de-ddlam awan like lightning in a cloud. Se- 
perti awan mengandong Sjan like a cloud preg- 
nant with rain. Ddtang seperti mata-drl bhdru 
terbit deri-ddlam dwan came like the sun newly 
appearing from behind a cloud. Deterbang- 
kan-nia ka-addra sama-sdma daifgan dxean he 
flew with her into the air, amongst the clouds. 
Awan de tepi Idngit itu ber-bdgei rupd-nia ada 
tang seperti pdhn kdt/u dan ada seperti bendtang 
rupd-nia the clouds on the border of the sky 
(near the horizon) exhibited a variety of ap- 
pearances; some resembled trees, and some 
had the forms of beasts. 

jy Untut elephantiasis. 

^Jj^ Unak some kind of prickly plant. (The 
thistle is rendered by this word in the transla- 
tion of the Bible.) 

Jj\ dnam the snail. Murex (Batav. Transact.) 
Kdlit dnam the snail-shell. Permdla unam 
the onyx. 

^Jij\ man a feir, periodical market. 

a] ah, Ar. and Pers. ah! alas! (sighing). 

ySb\ ahd ho! (calling). 

^\ iya he, she; him, her. After a vowel, nasal, 
&c. it becomes ^j diya. Berdhl iya ahan 
perampuan Uu he was in love with tlie woman. 
Tidda iya kanal akan diya he did not recollect 
him. Maka A\A iyd-lah iang de bri-nia it was 
he who gave it. t::-y'li iyd-itu that is to say, 

y iyd yes. Jyd kakanda baik-lah yes, my lovf, 
it is well. Iyd sungguh yes truly. lyd-kah 
tuan iang jddi rdja de-slni — Iyd-lah yea, art 
thou the sovereign of this place ? — Yea. 

M ayak a sieve. (Vid. ^y\ ayak.) 

^\j\ iydpan meat, victuals, portion of victuals. 
De bri-nia iydpan ndsi dan gitlei gave him vic- 
tuals of rice and curry. S'orang-pdn tidda 

1/1 26 

hnmhuU Ica-rumah-nia salcalkm-nia malcan fj/ilpan ] 
baginda llu not one man returned to liis own 
home, all partook of the royal provision. 

Lil iha- grieved, sorrj for. Grief. Tcr-lalu tbu 
at'i-ku my heart is sorely grieved. 

(^\ tbu mother. Tiada-lah ii/a mau mcmusu pada 
ibu-nia it will not take suck from its mother. 
KUa nen tldak ber-'ihu bapa we who have nei- 
ther mother nor father. la ibu-ku O my mo- 
ther! (address to an elderly female.) Ibii 
tangan or tbi'e jiiri tdngan the thumb. Ibii m- 
grl chief town, metropolis. 

e-v.l itu that, those; the. Orang llu that man. 
Jtii-lah rumah-nia that is liis house. Pada ho- 
t'lka itu at that time. Alau karbau seo-ala Itu 
drive away all those buffaloes. Mutt-hih vrang 
kuya bandhdra Itu the high-treasurer died. Am- 
puh-Iah padang itu the plain was overflowed. 
UUh Itu therefore, by tliat means. 

^J^\ Itu-pun tliereupon, whereupon, therefore, 
then. Bedil sumhuyan itu-pun pcisang orang- 
lah signal guns were thereupon fired. Itu-pun 
lari-lah uja whereupon he fled. Itu-pun me- 
niamhuh then paid his compliments. 

^jul Uong to account. (Vid. %-\^ hitong.) 

^^\ itlk the duck. Itikjanlan a drake. Ay am 
itik dan angsa fowls, ducks, and geese. Itik 
be-tuji a duck with spurs on, a boasting coward, 
thraso. Pekr-ltik a screw. ^^J^\ itlkulu 
the wild duck. JV^ji^t another species. 

y:^\ ijii or ^scub h/ju a vegetable substance re- 
sembling horse-hair, which envelopes the stem 

of the andu or borassus gomutus. It is also 
known by the names of gatnuto and cabo negro. 
Iju tiijuh bakmbang seven bundles or flakes of 

,jk.'3 idnr to revolve, circulate; go round, peram- 
bulate, lyu-lah raja tang meng-idur-i segala 
nmka bumi he is the king who lias made the 
circuit of the whole earth. Angin-pun meng- 
tdar the wind shifts about. Pidla de per-iddr- 
han urang tliev circulated the glass. Idar-idar 

round about, circuitous. Per-iddr-an revolu- 
tion, circuit. Se-!dgi adu ptr-iddr-an chakra- 
wdla mata-dri dan biilan so long as there shall 
be revolutions of the spheres of the sun and 

^dj\ Idan, Jav. infatuated, foolish. Jdtuh sd- 
kit mcn-jddi Idan Hang fell sick and ))ecame de- 
lirious. Pdtek nen idan kdrna tdan we are in- 
fatuated by your charms. 

J\ dyer water; a liquid; juice: a river. Aycr 
tdwar fresh water (not brackish nor bitter). 
Ayer mdsin salt or brackish water, brine. Ayer 
Idut searwdter. Ayer sUngei river-yfater. Ayer 
prlgi well-water. Ayer kruh turbid water. 
Ayer mdioar rose water. Ayer gdla sirup. 
Ayer tabd juice of the sugar-cane, molasses. 
Ayer j)erak quicksilver. Ayer amas gilding. 
Aycr muka the complexion. Ayer sini urine. 
Ayer inula tears. Mdta dyer a fountain or 
spring. Ayer ka-sakti-an holy-water (employed 
in administering an oath). Seldran dyer a wa- 
ter-passage. Ayer kanfi rice-gruel. Menia- 
brang dyer to cross a river or piece of water. 
Ayerbengkdulu Bencoolen river. Ayersemata- 
mdla jya-itu dyer ujan utau dyer sdngei alau 
mdta dyer alau dyer peluh tang de arnbel deri 
pada dwap dyer tang suchi simple water, that 
is to say, rain-water, river-water, spring-water, 
or water distilling in drops from vapour, are 
accounted pure Avater (in a legal or religious 
sense). Kdyd dyer aralia Cliinensis. 

OJ <iyer-dyer a fruit resembling the lanseh, but 
smaller and rounder. 

^1 iri to hate. In dti hatred. 

CLijA irit or i^jo hirit to lead (by drawing 
along), to drag after, to trail. Idng bdta dd- 
tang ber-lrit the blind came led. Daging tang 
de irit anjing flesh dragged about by dogs. 
Meng-irit dangan rambut to drag by the hair. 

LUj\ irut awry, askew, warped, writhed, bowed 
(as the leg). Meng-inlt-kan diri-nia to bend or 
writhe herself (in pain). 


wjI iris to shred. (Vid. /w^ /ilris.) 

cjA Irong a drinking cup. Jamhu irong the 
cashew-apple, anacardium occidentale. 

cj^l iring to follow, to accompany (the Malays 

never walking abreast); to be dependant upon. 
De iring-kan iclih paduka adenda followed by 
his dear sister. Dit/a turun-Ia}i meng-irlng-kan 
anak-nia he descended to follow his children. 
Meng-irlng-kan jenazet to follow a bier. Ber- 
jdlan-lah ber-iring-lring walked in succession. 
De iring-i pitla furthermore. De iring-an balci 
itu ada taman in the rear of the building was 
a garden. Peng-tring a follower. Orang 
meng-tring or orang bcr-utang meng-lring a de- 
pendant debtor; one whose labour, in conse- 
quence of his insolvency, becomes the property 
cf his creditor, in whose family he is supported. 

cJjJ irtip to sip, sup, swill. Jilat trup oyer 
dangan leddh-nia to lap up water with their 
tongues. Peng-lrup a guzzler. 

^j\ or ^J\ Irik to tread under foot, to trample 
upon, to tread out corn. 

»j)\ tram variegated. (Vid. Mjjt> hlram.) 

i^j\ Irus to sprinkle. Lfilu de irus-kanrnia-Iak 
korpada iuboh ttian pulri he then sprinkled it 
(rose water) over the person of the princess. 
Mcng-irus-kan ayer ka-pada tang de pangsan 
itu to sprinkle water upon those who were 

^^\ isa difficulty of breathing, the asthma. Su- 
dah kena isa orang itu that man is troubled with 
an asthma. 

1 » \ isang the gills (of fish). The gums. 

\_jrja '^ isap to suck in. (Vid. v_. *.,.n^ hlsap.) 

/i^ isuk to-morrow; the morrow or succeeding 
day. Hereafter. Isuk pagi to-morrow morn- 

- ing. Isuk art the next day, to-morrow. Isuk 
ari-lah anakda kamuri come hither my child 
to-morrow. Dlam isuk the day after to-mor- 
row, next day but one. Isuk-nia sa-puluh dri 

ten days after. Pada ka-isuk-an dri on the fol- 
lowing day. 

^\ isl and ^ isi to fill. The contents or 
" that with which a thing is filled. Isi kuhth to 
fill a measure. Bri Idu kdlau sudak ber-isi give 
notice when it is filled. De bawd-nia sudlu 
kdrong ber-isi khorma he brought a bag filled 
with dates. Utan itu sudah ber-isi that wood is 
haunted, filled with spirits. Isi rumah the 
people of a house, the family. /«i«m the in- 
habitants of the earth. Isi prut the bowels. 
Tidda-Jah iya idu ka-pada isi-nia siirat itu he 
knew nothing of the contents of the letter. 

ij\ ingot to recollect, heed, notice, remark, 
be aware or mindful of, attend to. Recollec- 
tion, heed, attention. Ingat akan per-katd-an 
recollect or attend to the saying. Jekalau 
tidda angkau ingat if you do not take heed. 
Ingat-ingat-lah diri-mu sopdya ka-tdti-l remark 
well that you may know. Kdsih ingat ka-pada 
orang itu give a caution to those people, iw- 
porldpa ingat-nia lost his recollection, became 
insensible. Se-kattka itu maka ingat-lah iya deri 
pada pangsd-an-nia at that instant she came to 
her recollection, and recovered from her swoon. 
^^^ckXn meng-ingat-kan to remind, caution, 
cause to take heed. Meng-ingat-kan orang buta 
iang andakjdtuh ka taldga to give warning to a 
blind man in danger of falling into a well. Pa- 
rentah itu tidda pernah ddtang ^\m\ ingdt-an 
pada dtl beta such ^n order as that never oc- 
curred to my mind. 

J^\ijti\ ingar-bdn~gar noise, clamour. (Vid. JLa 

^j^\ ing2is snivel; pus. Sdngaingus emungere. 
Ji\ ingin to desire, covet, crave, long for. Sen- 
sual desire, lust, appetite. AU-nia ingin akan 
perampuan itu his heart longs for that woman. 
Ingin pada makdn-an to have a desire for vic- 
tuals. Iiigan akan seddp-an to wish for delica- 
cies. Ber-rdih ingin to gratiiy the appetite. 
Jekalau dangan ingin if (done) through lust. 
E 2 

^1 S8 

A^'\^ hmngin-an sensual desires, lust; the 
objects of desire. Jekalau ada ber-ha-ingln-an- 
nia lain deri pada k'anak-anak if her desires be 
different from those of a child. 

^\ Ipar brother or sister-in-law. (Vid. , w-j 
biras.) Ipar4aki-laki brother-in-law, sister's 
husband. Ipar perampuan sister-in-law, bro- 
ther's wife. 

jkj\ ipu the name of a place in Sumatra. 

<UjI ipoh a vegetable poison, toxicaria, R. (It 
appears to be the name given in the interiour 
to the upas of the Malays.) 

^^^l or Ai\ aj/ak a sieve, riddle, screen. To sift, 
screen. De k'/pas dan de ayak ddulu kamadian 
de daching first winnowed and sifted (the pep- 
per) and then weighed it. Ayak tepong tang 
alus a fine sieve or boulter for flour. 

CJJ\ Iko, Jav. this. Orang iko this person. 

t::_Xi3 i^at to bind, tie, fasten; to enclose, sm-- 
round. A knot, bond ; compact arrangement. 
Ber-tkat-tali to fasten or tie a cord. Idng ter- 
Ikat tangan-nia whose hands were bound. 
Tangkap orang llu dangan ikat-nia bdwa kamari 
seize that man, and having bound him, bring 
him hither. Meng-ikat prang to dispose an 
army in order of battle. Ik(U pinggang a gir- 
dle, sash, zone. Meniuruh orang meng-urei- 
kan Ikat-nia ordered them to loosen his bonds. 
Jkat mdti a run or slip-knot. Kulam ilu amba 
ikat dangan bdtu putih I lined or inclosed the 
tank with white stone. Me-lain-kan kita ikat Iddt 
itu unless we dam up that sea (which divides 
Selan from the main.) 

liJol ikut to follow, go after, accompany; to 
join in opinion with. According to. Ikut-lali 
aku ka-gunong itu follow or accompany me to 
the mountain. Kami ikut katd-nia we follow 
his sayings, agree in his opinions. Meng-ikut 
pe-karjd-an-nia to join in his operations. Ber- 
nianyi-lah akan ikut-ikHt-an they sang in succes- 
sive strains. Me-liat segala raja-rdja dan per- 
iiwitri ulubdlang sida-stda bantdra tang ter-ikut 

de tdngah mtdan to see all the princes, states* 
men, warriours, eunuchs, and heralds in pro- 
cession on the plain . Ikut arga de pHlau pinang 
according to the prices at Pulo Pinang. 

Jj\ ikur the tail (of any animal). Ikur kuda the 
tail of a horse. Ikur marak a peacock's tail. 
Jdwi tajuh ikur seven tail (as we say, head) of 
cattle. Ay am dua ikur two fowls. Karbau 
s'ikur one buffalo. Pada ikur tuan putri Uu- 
pun mendri ampat orang in the train of the 
princess there were four persons who danced. 
Segala pel-ikur all the retinue. Ikur mdta the 
exterior corners of the eyes; looks, glances. 
Mengarling dangan ikur matd-nia to leer from 
the corners of her eyes. Ikur tnatd-nia ter-ldlu 
mdnis her glances were full of sweetness. Ikur 
matd-nia tunduk deri-pada maid her looks were 
directed downwards fi-om bashfulness. 

jCil ikal curled, crisped ; nicely adjusted (hair). 
Bilas-kan rambut iang ikal to derange adjusted 
locks. Rambut-nia ikal ter-ldlu panjang her 
hair fell in very long ringlets (or artificial 

^\ ikan fish. Ikan Idut sea-fish. Ikan sungei 
river-fish. Ikankring dried fish. 

jjjj eling to incline. (Vid. jJuA heling.) 

^^] elok or ellok excellent, handsome, beautiful, 
of superior quality. Perampuan iang elok ru- 
pd-nia a woman of a beautiful figure. Elok 
kuda ilu that horse is excellent. Elok per-katd' 
an-nia his sayings were admirable. 

j»jT dyam and >.;U hdyam a fowl, domestic fowl. 
Ayam jantan a cock. Ayam betina a hen. 
IndTi dyam a laying hen. Ayam kamblri a 
capon. Ayam sdbong a game cock. Ayam 
ulan or btruga the cock of the woods. Ayam 
jdga a breed of fowls of a large kind. Ayam 
dyer, the water-hen, fulica. Ayam-ayam pddi 
the land-rail or corn-creak. Kuku dyam cock- 
crow. Susoh dyam the natural spur. Kurong- 
an dyam a hen-coop. 

^^U;^^ imdn, An. faith, belief; the theoretical part 
of religion (as ^j din is the practical part)» 

Memegang pedang Iman to hold the sword of 
the faith. Orang iang ber-man a true believer. 

ts-^j and e: T.'Kr.ffr imat careful, attentive. Esti- 
mation, opinion. Imat-tmat pegang kamudi 
mind your helm! steady t Plkir imat-tmat to 
consider well. Ka-pada imat ktta according to 
our estimation. 

\ imei boiled rice. (Vid. ^-ilJ nasi.) 

^\ tni this, these. Orang ini this person. Ari 

tni this day. Ini-lah baik itii-lah buruk these 
are good, those are bad. 

Y^\ incha-incha fair weather. 

jjcjj indii mother, dam. Indu ayam a laying 
hen. Indu or ibujari the thumb. 

Vjjt inang a nurse. Ama inang the head nurse ; 
a foster-mother. Inang peng-asoh a nurse, one 
who has the care of a great person's child. 
Inangda nurse to a royal personage. 

^l^\ inak, Aa. pleasant, delightful, delicious. 
Sensual pleasure. Pleased, delighted. Inak- 
inak rupa-nia tdman itu the appearance of the 
garden was delightful. Sebdb itii-lah tuan sul- 
tan ter-ldlu inak from this cause the sultan was 
exceedingly delighted. Meng-inak to take de- 
light in. 

^j1 inei, An. L»- henna a shrub, the juice of 
" whose leaves is used for colouring the nails, 
fingers, &c. Lawsonia inermis. 

J\ ayu or iyu oh! (tenderly). Ayu niawa-ku 
oh, my life! Ayu kakanda apu-tah tang de 
tunia tni oh, my friend, what is this you ask .' 
Bangun-lah tuan ayu adenda awake O my be- 

\.J\ ayiin to swing backwards and forwards. To 
rock (a cradle, which the Malays suspend from 
the top of the room). Ayun-kan huayan rock 
or swing the cradle. Meng-dyun anak to rock 
a child. Ada sa-tangah mabuk dan dyun half 
of them were intoxicated and reeled from side 
to side. 

89 \ 

iJ\ ayah father (politely). Ayah dan londa fa- 
ther and mother. Ayah dangar akan anak-mu 
father, listen to your child. Tinggd-lah nidwa 
ayah farewell, life of thy parent! 

Jki^j ayanda father (as applied to royal and noble 
personages). Lagi idup ayanda sultan the sul- 
tan's fether being stDl living. Jekalau tiada 
anak-ku mdu menurut kata ayanda bukan-lah tuan 
anak ka-pada ayanda dan ayanda-pUn bUkan-lak 
bdpa ka-pada tuan if thou, my child, dost not 
chuse to follow thy father's advice, thou art no 
longer a son to thy father, nor is he a parent 
to thee. 

ij dyat, An. a verse or sentence of the korSn. 
Tatkdla itu maka turun dyat ini upon that oc- 
casion it was that the following verse descended 
(was imparted from heaven). 

*j1 aniam or anyam to plait; to twist together; 
to work basket-work or matting. Ter-aniam 
plaited, interwoven. 

t_> b the second letter of the alphabet, named 
b ba. 

t_>b bdb, Ar. chapter or division of a book; ar- 
ticle. Bab sa-bagei lagi pada meniat&kan one 
chapter more, setting forth, &c. 

[A) baba, Hind. <s( |q) | the infant son of a per- 
son of rank, particularly an European. 

i^:^\i babat to wrap round, envelope. A girdle^ 
sash, cloth wrapped round the waist. Ter- 
bdbat girt, succinctus. Mem-bdbat-lah diya 
dangan kdin lampin-lampin wrapped him in 
swaddling clothes (Bible). 

j\j bdber to loosen, detach ; to lower (a sail) in 
order to fiirl it. Baik-lah bdber layer sakali-an 
we had better take in all the sails. 

Jj iaban 

tti 30 

burthen, load, pack, bundle. Mc- 
mikul baban to carry a burthen. Jnl-lah haban 
per-kata-an raja this was the burthen or subject 
of the king's discourse. Lima baban de baica 
orang amba my people carried five loads or 
packs. Rotan dua baban two bundles of rat- 

^A) bab'i and 

\ibabi a hog, pig; pork. Buhl 
" utan the wild hog. Babi rusa an animal of 
the hog kind with peculiar tusks resembling 
horns, from whence it is named the hog-deer. 
(See Valentyn, vol. iii. plate, fig. C.) 

aJj batu or y\i bcilu stone, rock. A peculiar 
term employed in counting certain solid sub- 

. stances. Me4impar bdtu to cast a stone. Bdtu 
Mrang coral rock. Bdtu bdkar or bdtu ler-tiiint 
a brick. (By some a distinction is made be- 
tween bdta a brick and bdtu a stone, but it does 
not appear to be justified by good authority.) 
Bdtu bardni load-stone. Bdtu liji touch- 
stone. Bdtu kisdr-an a mill-stone. Bdtu 
peng-asah or bdtu men<hdni a whetstone. Bdtu 
tumbul pumice-stone, piimex. Bdtu loga sound- 
ing lead or stone. Bdtu kapdla the head, 
scull, noddle. De lutar-nia dua blji bdtu sa-kali 
he cast two stones at one time. Gigt dua bdtu 
two teeth. 

ijb bdtang a stem, stock, trunk (of a tree) ; a 
tree. A river. Bdtang-nla puhn kdyu itu ber- 
patintang-an ka-sdna ka-mdri the trunks of the 
trees lay scattered on every side. Sa-bdtang 
kdyu one timber tree. Puhn jdti lima bdtang 
five teak trees. Bdtang dyer a river, rivulet. 
Bdtang leher the neck. 

jjb batak the name of a district In the northern 
part of Sumatra, commonly written and pro- 
nounced Butta, the inhabitants of which are 
distinguished from those of other parts of the 
island by some peculiar customs. 

^•\j batok a cough. To cough. Jekalau orang 
bdtok atau bersin if a person coughs or sneezes. 

Jj'b bdtil a bason, bowl, pan. Bdtil tambdga a 

copper (or brass) bason, 
of small boat. 

Sampan bdtil a kind 

y\i bdtu a stone. (Vid. cjl» bdtu.) 

jt)y\i bdlu-bara a river on the north-eastern coast 
of Sumatra. Ada-lah kila orang bdlu-bara orang 
mesk'in we men oiBdtu-bara are poor people. 

Tcjib bdtong-bdtong some kind of testaceous fish. 

^jj\i batik a blue and white cotton cloth, com- 
monly called battles. Handkerchiefs variously 
coloured by partial dying, and chiefly manu- 
factured at Batavia. 

l> bdja and Wr baja steel. A metallic and per- 
haps antimonial preparation for giving a black 
colour to the teeth, for which purpose an em- 
pyreumatic oil is chiefly used in Sumatra. Besi 
bdja steel. Gigl-nia bhdru bakas ber-bdja her 
teeth bore the marks of the baja-staining matter 
having been recently applied. 

Ij bdja maniu-e, dung. A plough. (Vid. JliUi' 

J\j bdju an upper garment. (Vid. ^a^b bdjii.) 

■>.h bdjan a pan, vessel. Wares. Bdjan amas 
atau perak atau kdyu atau tdnah a vessel of 
gold, or of silver, or of wood, or of clay. Bdjan 
tang kena tukul seperti tambdga a vessel formed 
by hammering, as of copper. Jdngan kdmu 
mdkan dan mlnum pada bdjan amas atau perak 
do not thou eat or drink out of a vessel of gold 
or silver. Mulut bdjan tang sumpit atau tang 
Idwas the mouth of a vessel, narrow or wide. 
Orang pem-bdjan a pedlar. 

Jo^i bdjii or _l' baju an upper garment, gown, 
coat. Memdkei bdju putih to wear a white 
garment. Memanjang-kan Idngan bdju-nia ingga 
per-kaldng-an tdngan to lengthen the sleeves of 
the garment as far as the ball of the thumb. 
Kanching bdju the buttons of the garment. 
Bdju rantei a coat of mall. Bdju sambdyang 
garment worn during the exercise of prayer. 
Bdju basdh-an washing dress. Orang bdja a 
piratical people. (^Vii. y>.\j zDdju.) 

\j bucha to read. Ber-dhUah iya memhdcha 
sural Uu Idlu de bacha-nia ■perldhun he stood up 
to read the letter, and then read it deliberately. 

. De bucha mimlru-nia read his charm or form 
of incantation. Mekruh J^*^ memdcha nidring 
de-lldkang imam it is improper to read (pray- 

. crs) aloud, unless in presence of the priest. 

jjC bddak tlie rhinoceros. Tandok hddak or 
chulahddak the rhinoceros horn. Ledah bddak 
opuntia magnifolia. Kulit bddak itu seperti 
kidit nangka the hide of that rhinoceros resem- 
bled the (rough) coat of the jack-fruit. 

^jL' Iddei a squall, violent gust of wind, llang 
" kdml sudah pdlah de bddei tddi our mast was 
broken in the late squall. 

.1 bdra and ijj bdrah burning or live coals, em- 
bers, glowing cinders. A swelling, inflamma- 
tion, boil, tumour. Jdngan de ganggam bdra 
do not grasp live coals. Sdkit bdrah pada 
ponggong-nia afflicted with a boil upon his 
rump. Ldlu de Isap-nia bdrah she then sucked 
the tumour. 

CiA) bdrat the west, Bdrat Idnt north-west. 

Bdratddya south-west. JrTgin bdrat awester- 
, ly wind. Tdnah pasisir bdrat the region of the 

western coast. 

ijAj bdris military array, rank and file. A row, 
line. The Arabic vowel-marks placed over and 
under the letters. (See the Grammar.) Bdris 
me-lintang a rank (of soldiers). Bdris biijor a 
column. Ber-bdris to form, exercise, parade. 
Bdris sa-bidh to shoxilder. Ber-diri bdris timbul 
bdlik serta ber-bdnyi tambdr to turn out the 
guard, with presented arms and lieat of drum. 
Brl marl surat bdrang sa-bdris send hither just 
one line of writing. 

fi L bdrang any; some; each, every. About; 
even ; soever. Jekalau ada bdrang ka-sukdr-an 
if there should be any difficulty. Bdrang kdli 
sometimes ; perhaps. Dan bdrang sc-bagei-nia 

' and any thing of that kind. Bijaksana pada 

31 I 

bdrang ilmu versed in every science. Manis 
bdrang iaku-nia dan bdrang per-kald-an-nia sweet 
was each action, and every word she spoke. 
Bdrang diia rains about two hundred. JBa- 
rangsedlkit a little only; ever so little. Tidda 
bulih nanll Idgi bdrang sa-drl could not wait 
longer, even for one day. Bdrang sidpa 
whosoever. Bdrang ka-mdna whithcr-soever. 
Bdrang-bdrang goodsj chattels, articles of 

c ,b bdrang an optative. An idiomatic mode of 
expressing the superlative degree of a quality. 
Bdrang de sampei-kan allah may God cause it 
to arrive, or be accomplished. Bdrang de 
kakal-kan ka-rajd-an-nia apa-lah kird-nia may his 
reign be perpetuated, we pray. Bdrang malum 
ka-pada tudn-ku may it be known to your high- 
ness. Biikan barans:-bdransc sakU-nia was not 
his supernatural power beyond all imagina- 
tion ? Ter-ldlu amat sakdli elok dan majellis 
rupd-nia bukan barang-bdrang was not her 
figure superlatively handsome and graceful ? 

t ,)j or '«j .li bdring to lie down, repose. Ber- 
bdring-lah iya de-bdwah puhn kdi/u he laid him- 
self down beneath a large tree. Sambil ber- 
bdring shih de mdkan took his betel whilst 
reposing himself. De-ddlam kubur de bdring- 
kan-nia they laid him in the grave. Kapald- 
nia de bdring-kan de-dtas bantdl laid his head 
upon a pillow. 

c ,b bdrong and c j ,b barong a hut (such as are 
built in rice-fields, upon high posts) ; a stall, 
booth, little shop. Pdsar bdrong-bdrong a 
bazar of small shops. 

ijl$lc,l bdrang-kdll sometimes; perhaps. (Vid. 
c .b bdrang.) 

. jb bdru a tree the bark of which is used for 
making twine, for caulking, and other pur- 
poses ; hibiicus tiliaceus, L. Bard china arte- 
misia, L. Bdru Idut hibiscus populous, L. 
r. .b bdru-bdru a species of bird. 

(-)j,jb burus a place of considerable trade on the 


i, S2 

western coast of Sumatra. It gives its name 
to a valuable species of camphor, called kdpur 
bdrus, which is produced from a very large 
tree, entirely different fi'om that of the laurel 
tribe, which yields the Japan camphor. 

x\> barah to hunt, pursue game. (Vid.j^j bunt.) 

iijo burah an inflammation. (Vid. .U bdra.) 

barot to gird, bind round. Kain bdrot a 
bandage, girt. 

^j\» baring to lie down. (Vid. cj^L baring.) 

dUilj bdsah wet, moist. Pe-kdin bdsah wet clothes. 
Abis-lcJi bdsah dan ka-dingln-an all over wet and 
cold. Ber-salin kdtn ^L«> basdh-an iurun-lali 
mandi put on a washing (bathing) dress, and 
went down to bathe. 

jub bdsoh and HyA) bamh to wash. Mem-bdsoh 
tdngan to wash the hands. Mem-bdsoh pe- 
kdin-nia to wash their clothes. Mem-bdsoh 
than to wash or cleanse fish. Tuan putri ilu- 

pun bdngun lulu bdsoh muka dan ber-kumur- 
kumur the princess arose, then washed her 
face and rinsed her mouth. Basoh-kan-lah dirt 
kdmu wash thyself. Tampat a-cUs pemdsoh a 
washing place. Mem-bdzca dyer iiuL^S pem- 
bdsoh muka brought water for washing the 

Mould, mother. 

Ndsi tang 

^\) bast musty 
bdsi musty boiled rice. Bdsi makdn-an ilu 
those victuals are musty. Piichat-puchat bdsi 
of a paleness like that of mould or fungus. 

^\) bdtin, Ar. interior, hidden, occult. 

c::^l) or is.\) ban gat sudden, quick, hasty, im- 
mediate. Bdngat-bdngat suddenly, hastily, in- 
stantly. Sopdj/a hdrTgat-bdrfgat klta ber-jdlan 
kdrna arl-pun amptr-lah slang that we may pro- 
ceed expeditiously, for the day is near breaking. 
Ber-bdngat to make haste. 

Ul) bdngal deaf to a certain degree, thicker haid 
of hearing, subsurdus. 

ilj bdngun and ^j^l- bdngun to awake, arise, 
get up. A sum of money paid to the relations 

of a person killed, as a compensation for his 
loss. Bdngun deri tldor to awake from sleep. 
Bdngun-lah deri pada tampat tldor arise from 
bed. Bdrigun deri mdti to rise from the dead. 
Ldlu bdngun duduk then raised himself and 
sat up. Ldlu de bdrigun-kan-nia akan laksamdna 
maka iya-pun jdga deri-pada ttdor-nia he then 
aroused Laksamdna, who awoke from his sleep. 
Ilukum-nia mem-bdyer bdrtgun perampuan ilu 
lima puluh real his sentence was to pay fifty 
dollars as the compensation (for the murder of) 
the woman. Bangun-nia the upshot or result 
of it. Matl-lah klta de tangali Idut bangun-nia 
the upshot of it will be, that we shall perish at 
sea. ^vyw^^V bdngun-bangitn-an elevated places, 
turrets, battlements. Diiddk-lah iya de-dtas 
bdngun-bangdn-an kotd-^iia he sat upon one of 
the turrets of his castle (for a distant view). 
Abis-lah roboh sdtu penjurd bdngun-bangdnran. 
one angle of the battlements was entirely pulled 

Jib bdngd a bird of the stork or the heron kind, 
distinguished into the bdngu besdr and bdngd 
alar. Angsa dan bdngd the goose and this 
species of bird. Leber bdngu Itu ter-ldlu pan- 
jang seperti rupa uktr the neck of the bdngu is 
extremely long, resembling a snake. 

^-J^> bdrTgls angry, displeased. (Vid. ^_iL> 

(_Jb bdpa father. Bdpa klta our fether. Tidda 
kdmi ber-lbu bdpa we have neither mother nor 
fether. Bdpa dan indong father and mother. 
Jeka pdpa ^\ju bapd-nia if his father be poor. 
Weh anak-ku nidwa bdpa dan buah dti bdpa 
alas, my child, life of thy father, heart's-fruit of 
thy father ! Suddra bdpa father's brother or 
sister. (Vid. 'IS pd.) 

^[) bdki, Ak. permanent. Remainder, residue, 
balance. Bdkl arga sutra Itu sa-rdtus real the 
residue of the amount of the silk is one hundred 
dollars. Daftar bdkl dtang a list of the ba- 
lances of debts. 


bdkar to burn, consume by fire. Jtu-pUn 


pergi-!ah it/a mem-bakar rumah orang tang de- 
ddlatn negri itu he then proceeded to burn the 
houses of the inhabitants of the city. Btitong 
Jcat/u samoa-nia ler-l>al:ar4ah the trees were all 
consumed. Kfipur de bukar orang the people 
are burning lime. Biilu kening-nia tcr-bakar- 
lah their eje-brows were singed. Mati de 
bdkar burned to death. LCdu de bawd-nia mat/it 
anak-nia kw-pada tampal akan de bdkar he then 
conveyed the corpse of his son to the place 
where it was to be burned. 

tjS\i or ^Sj bdkas a vessel, tub, box. Bdkas 
duwat an ink-stand. Bdkas slrih a betel-box. 

fS\i bdkong a flower of the lily kind ; crinum 
asiaticum, L. Bdkong ai/er a species of water- 


(Vid. J/j bakul.) 
(Vid. o\ bhdgi.) 

J^\j bdkul a basket. 
C^\) bdgi to divide. 

j^\i bdgu a tree from the bark of which twine is 
manufactured ; gnetum gnemon, L. 

^J'b bagus or (_^yb bdgus, Jav. handsome, 
pretty, ^nak ddra iang bdgus rupd-nia a hand- 
some virgin, a pretty young woman. Kdin 
bdgus handsome cloth. Datigan per-ldhan per- 
Idhan adoh id bagds-lah tUan ho ! fair and softly, 
handsomely, sir! 

^\, bdgei, Hind. ifPJ ^''"'Ij sort, distinction, 
class; mode. Permdta sambllan bdgci nine 
sorts of precious stones. Bahwa rdja darius 
mdbtik iya dangan lima bdgei mdbuk pertdma 
mdbuk muda ka-dua mdbuk ka-rajd-an kortlga 
mdbuk hawa nafsu ka-ampat mdbuk sicka<hita 
korlima mdbuk mindm-an now king Darius was 
intoxicated with five sorts of drunkenness ; in 
the first place he was drunk with youth, se- 
condly with royalty, thirdly witli lust, fourthly 
with mirth, and fifthly with wine. Bab so- 
bdgei Idgi one chapter more. Sa-bdgei pula 
moreover. ^LJj iflo-d-fiage? variety; various, 
diffuse. Ber-bagci-bdgei zcarnd'nia their co- 
lours were various. s[> .j-K^ bagi-an bdgei 
the division of a class. " Btinga tang pel-bdgei 

rupd-nia flowers of various shapes and hues. 
Pel-bdgei ragam-nia there was variety ia its 

Jb bdla people, common people, subjects, pri- 
vates in an army. Segdla bdla tdnah itu all the 
people of that land. Jeka anak mantri mem- 
bunoh anak bdla if the son of a minister of state 
murder the son of a common man. De iring' 
kan ulik segala bala-tantard-nia he was followed 
by his whole army. Menidruh berenti rayet-nia 
bala-tantard-nia ordered his subjects, of whom 
his army was composed, to halt. 

^_^|j biThek, Ar. in truth, certainly, justly. 

Jl) balur chastisement. Jeka ter-pukul bdlur se- 
dlkit if he should receive a little chastisement. 

^\, balas to return, retaliate, requite, reward, 
revenge. Requital, return. Bdlas sQrat to 
return (an answer to) a letter. Bdlas bechdra 
to reply. Mem-bdlas pantun to sing a response 
to another's song. Mem-bdlas marlam to re- 
turn a salute of cannon. Apd-kah bdlas-nia 
what is to be its requital ? I)e surga nanti akan 
bdlas-nia its reward will be in heaven. Pern- 
balds-an retribution, retaliation; atonement. 

jJb bdligh and jJbJJLc. dkal-bdligh, Ar. adult, 
of age, maniageable, arrived at years of dis- 
cretion. Pdja muda bdligh ter-ldlu bdik rupd- 
nia an heir apparent, adult, and of most come- 
ly appearance. Anak-ku telah bdligh my child 
is grown up. JPanak-anak iang balum bdligh 
children not yet adult. Segala dkal-baligh laki- 
Idki dan perampHan every grown person male 
and female. 

^b bdlik to turn, turn the other side ; to return ; 
to pervert. Behind, beyond, on the other side. 
Bdlik kambdli to turn back again. Bdlik belah 
to turn upside-down, to overthrow. Ber-bdlik- 
lah iya ka-negri-nia he returned to his own 
country. De bdlik pintd behind the door. Ka- 
bdlik gdnong to the other side of the mountains. 
Orang bdli-bdkit people of districts beyond the 
hills. Bdlik sdna beyond, from thence, ^b 
bdlik-nia the converse (of a proposition). 

4b hiUahiy An. by God ! (Vid. M allah.) 

Jb halam or Jj hcdlum a species of dove, distin- 
guished from the punei or green dove. A 
species of timber. 

jlb balu one who has lost a wife or a husband. 
Bulu laki-lrM a widower. Perampmn balu 
a widowed woman. Bulus dan balu bereft of 
children and husband. 

cljJG batut and ciJj baliit the eel. 

c Jl) bill on g the comb of a cock. 

\\) ball an island situated to the eastward of 
" Java, whose inhabitants observe many Hindu 
customs. Kain bali a sort of striped cotton 
cloth supposed to be manufactured there. 

\Jl> bc'iki a public hall, the town-hall (where jus- 
tice is administered, entertainments are given, 
and strangers received and lodged.) A house 
for occasional purposes, not regularly inhabited. 
A lodge or summer-house. A frame, stand, 
stage (for sitting on, curing fish, &c.) Latrgkap- 
lah negrl Itu daifgan kota parit-nia dan balei-nia 
the town was provided with a moated castle 
and a public hall. De bawa-nia naik ka bdlei 
pucilam tang ter-ldlu permi rupd-nia led him up 
to a building of marble of most beautiful ap- 
pearance. Sri balei the royal hall. Lrdii ka 
balei mangko-bumi passed to the hall of the 
vizir. De tangah bdlei in the midst of the 
assembly. Duduk-lah it/a de-utas bdlei de kadeh 
itu he sat upon a bench in the sliop. Bdlei 
kambang a summer or pleasure-house over the 

U\j balera a shuttle. (Vid. j^jj iiirak.) 

t . Jb bdlei-ruang the court of a palace. (Vid. cjJj 

baler ttng.) 
Tj-JU bdling-buUng a weather-cock. 

Jl) baiiyu castrated. (Vid. ^\^ kasim.) Ayam 
baliyu a capon. 

cj\il) bdnat, Ak. woollen cloth. 

Jb beni or bumi seed'. (Vid. <u benih.) 

Jb bdnir projections of the wood near the root 
of a large tree. (V id. j^ banir.) 

i-Jb bdriing a small species of land-tortoise. 
J jjb banydl a species of bird. 

,b bdu smell, odour, savour, scent. 

bdu bmga ttu the smell of that flower is 

Arum man 
Bdu busuk a fetid smell. Ber-Hbak 
bau-nia the smell of it is changed. Men-chidm 
bdu mdnusia to snuff the scent of human crea- 
tures. io'^jIj bdu-bau^n tang arum fragrant 
perfumes. Sa-bau''n of one scent ; accustomed 
or reconciled to each other. Balum ada sa- 
bau'n karbau Itu those buffaloes are not yet be- 
come used to each other. Ada sa-bau''n k'ini 
vrang dua itu those two persons are now become 
reconciled to each other's temper. 

.b bdwa to bring, fetch, carry, bear ; convey 
away, take along witli one. Bdwa dyer bring 
water. Bdwa saksi bring a witness. Kambali- 
lah iya serta inem-bdwa kapdla orang itu he re- 



witli him the man's head. 

Mem-bdwa dua tiga pTiluh orang akan tcman- 
teman to take twenty or thirty persons as com- 
panions. Apa khabar anak-ku bdwa what news 
does my child bring ? Lari-lah iya mem-bdwa 
diri-nia serta dangan istri-nia they fled in order 
to make their escape, together with their wives. 

CJjb bdwat 

to incline, hang down, hang over; 
to bend. Bdwat deri-dtas to hang downwards. 
Tali bawdt-an the braces (ropes attached to the 
extremity of the yards). 

..b bdwar a species of fish. 

..b bdxcur to mix, blend. Jdngan mem-bawSr- 
kan kdin dua rupa ilu do not mix those two 
kinds of cloth. Diya sudah ber-bdwur dangan 
sdnak-nia he is returned to the bosom of his 
family. Champur bdwur confused, irregularly 
mixed, incoherent. Per-katd-an champur-bdwur 
confused, irregular conversation. Champur- 
bdwur bangkei mdnusia dan bendlung the car- 
cases of men and beasts lay confounded to- 


1 'L huwang onion, cepa. Bawang putih gailick, 
allium. Bawang nicrah or baWang abang the 
red or common onion. 

i.\j bdwah under, below, beneath. De-Viwah 
below, beneath. Deri bawah from under, fi-om 
below. Bawa ka-bawah carry down. De 
bawah angin leeward. Bakwa dc'ii/ang sitdah 
mem-bawa balcas meni/impan bau-bau'n de-bdwah 
salendang-nia iang gantong deri bauh-nia now 
the attendant had conveyed the box in which 
the unguents were kept, under the scarf which 
hung from her shoulder. (A factitious example 
of the use of several words nearly alike in or- 
thography and sound.) 

i\) bauh or ^\j bdhu, Hind. ^ \^ the shoulder. 
Singsing tutTgan baju ha-ruas bauh tuck the 
sleeve of the gown above the shoulder. Antdra 
dua bauh between the two shoulders. Ter- 
julang alas bauh-nia astride upon his shoulder. 

e:^\j bdyat to sow rice for transplanting into wet 
ground. Mdsini mem-bdyal the season for 
sowing. Pem-bdyat benih seed-plot. 

yb bdyer to pay. Mem-bdyer utang to pay a 
debt. Mem-bdycr balanja-nia to defray the ex- 
pences of it. Bdyer tunch to pay in full. Bayer- 
an payments, instalments. Pem-bdyer pay- 
ment, mode of payment. Ahan pem-bdyer arga 
Idda itu respecting the payment of the price of 
the pepper. 

«_)\j bdyang a shadow, shade. A spirit. Name 
of a fish, and also of a place on the western 
coast of Sumatra. Bdyang mdt the shadow 
of death. Sdma sipat bdyang-bdyang dangan 
asal-nia the shadows were in length the same 
as the object which produced them. Idng de 
per-bdyang de-dlas hapdla patek-nia who casteth 
a shadow over the heads of his slaves. Tidda 
iya korliat-an nidta Idgi hdnia seperti bdyang- 
bdyang juga add-nia he could no longer be 
distinctly perceived, but was merely of the 
nature of a shade. 

^^\i or tjjob bdih good, well, favourable. Whether. 

IjukH-an iang balk good conduct. Bdik rupa- 
nia its appearance is good. Bdik-lah 'tis well! 
Hei ulubdlang-ku bdik-kah kita mdti de-ddlam 
kota kita ini dangan ndma Iang bdik deri pada ■ 
kita idup menanggong per-chintd-an O my fel- 
low-soldiers, is it better for us to die within 
this our castle, with good reputation, than to 
endure a life of remorse ? Rdja jica iang bath 
meng-ambel diya the king alone is worthy to 
possess her. Idng bdik sa-kdli the best. Ter- 
bdik the best. Bdik kapal inggris bdik walanda 
whether it be an English or a Dutch ship. 

Lj\j balk-i and L^ blkt to mend, repair, renew, 
restore, re-establish, revive, adjust. To make, 
construct. Mdna kota iang tidda bdik baik-l 
ulih-mu where the fortifications are not in good 
condition, do thou repair them. Mcm-baik-i 
jdlan to repair a roa<l. Mem-baik-i negri to 
re-establish a country. De per-baik-i-riia bdrang 
iang tidda bdik he set to rights whatever was 
wrong. Ber-baik-i dii iang sdkit dangan chc- 
rilera to revive the drooping spirits with 
(amusing) tales. Mcm-baik-i s'orang dangan 
s'orang to adjust a misunderstanding between 
one man and another. Tampat baik-l kapal 
parang a place for constructing ships of war. 
AmbaAah iang meniuruh ber-baik-i mesjid dan 
bdlei-bdlei it was I who gave orders for building 
mosques and caravauscras. Suruh Ti^Job iX>J 
beki bdik-bdik order it to be well mended. 

^Ij bdyam a culinary vegetable ; amaranthus 
oleraceus, L. It is also called sdyur bdyam. 
(By Rumphius the word is erroneously written 

jb bay an a species of bird. 

Jj bdyuy Hind. ^7^ a blast, pufF of wind. 
Vdyu, the deity of the Hindu mythology who 
presides over the winds. Puput bdyu dbis ter- 
bantun if a puff of wind blows, they are all 
overset. BdyU mdna gardngan tdan tang 
ddtang ber-puput ini prithee, sir, what puff of 
wind has blown you hither ? 

cjjIj bdyUng a sort of chopping-knifeor jirang-. 
F 2 




ji\i hiini/ir a squall, sudden tempest of wind and 


fjj\i baniak many, much; numerous; very. 
Buniak salah-nia his crimes are many. Darah- 
pun buniak-lah timpa ka-bumi much blood fell 
on the ground. Rdi/et-nia-pun ter-liilu buniak 
his subjects were very numerous. Brapa baniak 
how many ? Buniak amat too many ; too 
much. Tajuh ribu baniak-nia their numbers 
were three thousand. Sa-baniak Idgi as many 
more. Se-baniak-baniak the greatest quantity, 
maximum. Pada ^[^ ka-baniak-an perampHan 
with the generality of women. 

^ji.Li babdran a species of shell-fish. 

jj^ bubal ignorant, unlearned, slow or weak of 
understanding, inadvertent, thoughtless, etour- 
di. Sambah pdtek ini sambah orang tang babal 
the address of this thy servant is the address 
(advice) of an ignorant person. Tcr-ldlu sa- 
kdli babal angkau thou art extremely ignorant. 
Ka-pada bcirang sdlah babal-nia andak-lah tdan 
ajar-i whatever faults her ignorance may give 
occasion to, you will correct. Jcka durigan 
lUpa atau babal it/a akan ber-kidorkdla if through 
forgetfulness or ignorance lie should chatter 
(during pi-ayer). 

.X.-0 bubung-an the roof of a house, or rather the 

frame or the ridge of the roof. (Vid. ^cjjji 
p''ubdng-an.) The lock of hair left on the top of 
achild'shead. Ter-lebeh utama ada kubur ilu rata 
deri-pada seperti bubRng-an it is much better that 
a grave (or tomb) should be flat, than raised 
like a pitched roof. Me-lompat ka-dtas bubung- 
an astdna rdja jumped upon the roof of the king's 

,U) baldra, (from avatard) Hind. 3{^TfTT ^ 
name or term adopted from the Hindu system, 
and applied to various mythological personages. 
Kalau-kaUm batdra indrajuga ini turun ka-ddlam 
dunyd possibly this may be Batara Indra who 
has descended upon earth. Kena sumpah idih 
hatdrorgiau maka iya men-jddi kumbang he 
became a bee in consequence of a curse im- 

precated by Baldm-guru. Batdra dcwa gurdngan 
ini can this, I pray thee, be Batdra Dewa ? 
Kalau ada kaslh-an batdra kisna if I may find 
favour in the sight of Batdra Krishna. 

i_Jbj betdpa or butdpa for what ; how, in what 
manner, by what means ? As, like. Betdpa 
irtaka tdan se-ldku ini how is it that you are in 
this condition ? Betapd-nia juga akan hal orang 
ilu what is to become of that man ? Betdpa 
bechdra-mu how does your opinion go ? Maka 
duduk iya betdpa de ka-andak-l-nia let him sit 
in whatever mode he chuses. Betdpa pri-nia 
what is the nature of it ? Betdpa pri tuan 
amba menga-Ulu-i ndma amba by what means 
do you, sir, know my name ? Betdpa pdslr de 
pantei demikian-luh de chuchi-kan-nia even as 
the sand of the sea-shore, so clean (clear of 
wood) did they make it. 

jjTjlsj batdwi or ^JJcJ baldvia Bat a via, the ca. 
pital of the late Dutch settlements in India, 
situated in the district of Jakatra in the island 
of Java. The spot was anciently called Sunda- 
kaldpa, from whence the name of the Straits. 

(_^> beiis the leg, the part between the knee and 
the foot. Mem-bdsah ka-dda kaki-nia ingga belts 
to wet his two feet up to the legs (to the ankles). 
Jantong belis calfof the leg. 

j^ beting a bank, flat, or shallow part surround- 
ed with deep water, in a river or the s§a. 

Jij betiil right, true, genuine, real ; straight, 
even, exact. Orang maldyo betitl a true or 
genuine Malay. Menunjuk jdlan tang betul to 
point out the right road. Kdla kakanda sdngal- 
lah betul what my friend says is very true. 
Jeka tidda kwusa iya ber-diri bettil if he be not 
able to stand up straight. Ddching iang betiil 
well adjusted scales. Itong-an-nia betul. the 
account of it is exact. Kita aridak' ^j3jX) j 
ber-betdl-kan diya tidda jua iya betiil we ejidea- 
vour to straighten it, but still it is not straigjit. 
Ber-betul-an dangan mukd-nia right or directly 
in his face ; or in the direction of his face. 
}^_ bctul-i to take aim at. Maka de betul' 

,jf. 37 

hniadadaldxsan-nia he took aim at the breast of 
his opponent. 

icj beluali or ay J bertuah e\em\)t fi-om accident, 
invuhierable, impassive. Prau bctuah a vessel 
not liable to be wrecked. Bhagla dan sangat 
beiuah favoured by fortune and impassive in a 

high degree. 

icj bctak relieved from sickness, convalescent. 
Ease, intermission or cessation of pain. Amba 
sialah hctah deri-pada sakit amba I am relieved 
from the complaint under which I laboured. 

^^ bet'ina female. Orang bellna a woman. 
Kuda bet'ina a mare. Sapl bet'ina a cow. Ayam 
bet'ina a hen. Sama ada iya jantan atau hetina 
equally whether it be male or female. 

^LuP.f^ bijaksana, Hind. (g|-g|}*jui prudent, 
discreet ; of good understanding, wise, skilful. 
(Vid. (jsx: bijak.) Arip dan bijaksana wise 
and prudent. Mantri tang bijaksana wise coun- 
sellors. Putri iang bijaksana a discreet and 
virtuous princess. Bijaksana pada bdrangilmu 
versed in every science. 

^sC^ bechara, Hind. fcj-c| | ^ discourse, con- 
ference, consultation ; advice, counsel ; suit, 
cause; opinion; scheme, plan, device. Bechara 
sia-sia vain discourse. J ungan panjung bechara 
do not make many words. SUdahpUlus bechara 
the conference is at an end ; the affair is over. 
Minta bechara to ask advice. Tulong dangan 
bechara to assist with counsel. Ilang-bechara 
say a my cause is lost. Tidda-lah ddlam bechara 
amba lugi it is no longer any concern of mine. 
Pada bechard-nia according to his opinion ; as 
he thought. Apd-kah bechdra klta what is our 
best plan ? What ought we to do ? Suatu- 
pun tidda bechara sdya I can devise no scheme ; 
I am at my wit's end. Mdna bechdra-mu akan 
memunoh diya what is your plan for putting 
him to death ? Ber-bechdra to talk, discourse. 
Mem-bechard-kan to consult or deliberate upon ; 
to counsel, advise upon. Bechard-kan klla 
pada jdlan iang betul counsel us as to the path 
we ought to pursue. Pe-bechard-an a place of 
consultation, council-room. 


^^l*^. bachdn an island in the Eastern sea. 

^J^^, bachdna a water-tub, cistern. 



S^ biddra lihamnus jujuba, L. Me-mandi-kan 
segdla bddan-nia darTgan dyer dan ddun biddra 
to wash every part of the (dead) body, with 



water and the leaves of this tree. 
biddra baling a species of shell-fish. 

jjTjIja beddwl. An. rustic ; a clown ; a bedouin 
" or inhabitant of the Arabian desart ; a plun- 
derer. De lidt-nia beddwi Idlu maka kdta pe- 
nidmun itu he saw a bedouin pass ; whereupon 
this robber said to him. 

ij:,^Si beddt, An. heresy, seism, innovation. 
Orang beddt a heretic, sectary. Jlei kdmu 
orang beddt dan tidda ber-budi O ye misguided 
and senseless people ! 

jjo badak a cosmetic preparation rubbed over 
the body after bathing, to give a softness and 
sweet scent to the skin. (Vid. Jy pdpur.) 
Mem-bdz£a badak dan Idngir dan kdin akan per- 
sdl'in to bring preparations of different kinds 
for rubbing on the body, and changes of dress. 
Chuchdr-lah dyer badak tlga kdli jjada kapdla 
throw a cosmetic wash three times on the head. 
De bedak kumkama dan narawaslu rubbed over 
her skin a preparation of saflVon and spikenard. 

Jjj bedil or Jja^ bed'il a gun. Me-lepas bedil to 
let oflF a gun. Tonibak limbing bedil dan sum- 
pU-an spears, lances, guns, and arrow-tubes. 
Bedil sanibuyan signal guns. Scgida bedil be- 
sdr de surd-nia pdsang he ordered all the great 
guns to be fired. Peluru bedil a inusket-ball. 
J.'Jl4^ memedil to cannonade, fire upon. 

^jo badan An. the body, person; the trunk. 
Kdma tuan dankakanda tni seperti nidvsa dangan 
badan for thou and I, my love, are like the 
soul and the body. Badan segala Iang mdti all 
the dead bodies. Kena penidkit pada badan 
atau pada dkal to be affected with a disorder in 
the body or in the understanding. Badan-ku 
t'ldak ler-tahdn-i my body cannot endure it. Ba- 
dan buruk Ini this wretched body. 



^JJ>iJ beduwan a singer by profession, a minstrel, 
musical performer; a dancer, dancing girl; a 
courtesan. Maka segala beduwan tang baik 
suard-nia itu-pun ber-niani/i-lah akan ikut-ikut-an 
ter^alu mardu bunyhnia and all the singers who 
had good voices sang in successive strains, and 
most melodious was the sound. Mahd-indah- 
indah rupa-nia tari beduwan itu a most admirable 
sight was the dancing of those performers. 

jjjjj badawanda a halberdier: a life-guard-man. 
Ahantara dan badawanda heralds and guards. 
Jdang-an de angkat ulih badawanda the dishes 
were served up by the yeomen of the guard. 

^Si budl or ^^jjj budi, Hind. 3"^C wisdom, 
undei-standing, intellect, intelligence, common 
sense, wit. Kama Hang budl mcn-jadi glla 
kata nuri ilu by the loss of understanding, says 
the parrot, we become fools. Angkau iang 
tiada ber-budi thou wlio art devoid of under- 
standing. Budi-bechdra wise counsel. Akal 
budl wisdom, sagacity, cunning. 

^^W;Jo ludlmdn, Hind. cJ Qi*j |«1 wise, intel- 
ligent, experienced. Bijaksdna dan budlmdn 
prudent and wise. Segala orang iang budimdn 
all the wise men. Mdlim budimdn an expe- 
rienced pilot. 

4?jjlijj bidii/ddari, Hind. fc(^|tf5^ a celes- 
tial nymph ; mythological personages answer- 
ing to the i^jts- hurt of the mahometan para- 
dise. Seperti bidiyddarl ddlam kidngan rupd- 
nia her appearance was that of a nymph of 
the celestial regions. De karunid-i ulih batdra 
gUrii istri bidiyddari the chief of the deities 
bestowed upon him a celestial nymph to be 
his wife. Anak-andk-an bldij/udarl cherubs. 
Bunga tapak bidiyddari the beautiful flower of 
a species of epidendrum. (Vid. jj^\ ang- 

^jj badih a term of reproach applied both to 
males and females. Hei badih iang cheldka 
thou ill-omened dog! Hei badih ter-ldlunlan 
juhat O thou most wicked imp ! 

j) ber, Jj bel particles which being prefixed to 
verbs determine them to an intransitive sense, 
as p^\j ber-djar or j»-^Jj bcl-djar to learn, 
JU-j ber-jdlan to walk. Being prefixed to 
nouns they give them in some instances the 
character of verbs, as x^j ber-biiah to bear 
fruit, i^ ^'i-^,' ber-chinta to feel anxiety ; some- 
times that of adjectives or participles, as 
Jvy ber-bulu feathered, ^q> \-o bersdi/ap, 
Mi inged, jAs-j ber-umur living, aged; and some- 
times that of adverbs, as fjJjb ber-dlang-Hlang 

fjj\j brds rice. (Vid. ^j^j bras.) 

^j_ brdngan or barangan a species of arsenick 
or orpiment; red arsenick. Barangan ptdih 
white arsenick. The name of a fruit resem- 
bling the chesnut, from a species of fagus. 

i_jL> brdpa how many, how much, how ? (Vid. 
1 t \ apa.) Brdpa orang iang ter-kumpul how 
many persons are assembled? Brdpa bili-nia 
how much is the cost of it ? Brdpa panjang 
how long? Brdpa kali how often, how many 
times? Brdpa Idma how long? Be-brdpa 
lamd-nia some time, a certain space of time. 

*jj|j bardndah, Port, a varanda, balcony, or 
open gallery to a house. 

^1 J ber-dnak to bring forth, bear, be delivered 

To be the father of a child. (Vid. 
Hdnitt'lah tuan bUkan aku ber-dnak 
excepting thee I have borne no other 
child. Dan sultdn solimun ilu ber-dnak rdja 
muda and this sultan Solitndn became the fa- 
ther of the Rdja muda. 

of a child. 
fjj\ anak.) 


bardni to dare. Daring, bold, brave, cou- 
rageous, adventurous. Courage, daring spirit. 
Bardni iya men-jdwab he dared to reply. lya 
bardni me-naik-i malegei tuan putri he dared to 
ascend to the apartments of the princesses. 
Pcr-budt-an bardni a bold deed. Ter-ldlu ba- 
rdni deri-pada segala raja-i'dja jin eminently 
brave beyond all the other princes of the genii. 
Bardni Idgi perkdsa adventurous and valiant. 

J 39 

Andak-lah iya men-unjuk-kan ka-barain-an-nia- 
kali Ini does he want to exhibit this proof of 
his courage ? Balii baruni the load-stone. 
Best haruni a magnet. 

^j berahi to love, to be in love with, doat 
■ upon, love to distraction. In love, amorous, 
enraptured; love-sick. Beruhl akan perampuan 
to be in love with a woman. Sebab berahUah 
iya akan anak Itii because she doated upon that 
child. Jya-pun men-jddi gila dan berahi seperti 
drang niabuk he became foolishly fond, and 
like an intoxicated person. Siika chita dan 
berahi me-liat bfinga itii rejoiced and filled with 
rapture at the sight of the flower. Peng-lbur 
uli segala tang berahi the comforter of all love- 
sick hearts. Aiii-nia heriihi dan iaiig berahi 
dan iang de berahi the meaning (of these Ara- 
bic words) is, to love, the person who loves, 
and the person beloved. 

CJj or 'iji brat heavy, ponderous; burthensome, 
oppressive ; important. Weight. Baban iang 
ler-ldlu brat a very heavy burthen. Brat pa- 
rentah-nia his government is oppressi; e. Be- 
chara iang brat an important cause. Ari brat 
an unfavourable day (in diseases). Brapa brat- 
nia what is the weight of it? 

i^ji ber-tudh invulnerable. (Vid. sj:j beluah.) 

^ J bras rice, oryza sativa. Whilst in the husk 
it is named ,_jjU padl, and when boiled, J^ 
nasi. Buniak rampas-an padi dan bras great 
plunder of padi and rice. Bras ludang or bras 
gaga upland or diy rice. Bras sawah lowland 
or wet rice. Bras pulut oryza. glutinosa. 
Bras luar dan bras balanja cargo-rice and rice 
for home consumption. 

^j bersin or j^/u-v bersin to sneeze. Jekdlau 
iya bersin maka andak-lah iya meng-dchap al- 
hemed lillahi ddlam ati-niajua danjdngandangan 
ledah-nia if he sneezes, he is to say " praised 
be God " in his heart, but not with his tongue. 

y^j ber-sda or be-sua to meet. (Vid. ^ sua.) 
^ji bruk and .j brU a large species of monkey 

with a tail; an ape. Bruk dan lutong different 
species of the monkey tribe. Tdbung brd mon- 
key-cup, the plant called nepenthes distillatoria. 
Dara-dang bruk sambilan ikur nine female 
monkeys attendant on a queen. 

^^j) ber-kdlei or ^J^ji ber-kaldhi to fight. (Vid. 
^K kaldhi or kaldi.) 

(j:,-:$\j barkat, Avl. blessing, prosperity. Blessed, 
liappy, lucky. Barkat allah the blessing of 
God. Dangan barkat guru-ku by the blessing 
or through the holy influence of my religious 
guide. Barkat iang memdkei diy a he is blessed 
(lucky) who wears it. 

^j^j} barkas a bundle or faggot (of wood) ; a truss 
or sheaf (of straw, &c.) Sa-barkas kdyd dpi a 

faggot of wood for burning. 

%Sj> barkung a species of 

fish or other sea- 

*j brum or brum an intoxicating liquor made 
from burnt palm-sugar or molasses, and fer- 
mented rice. Minum-an seperti arak brani tafia 
liquors, such as arrack, bram, and rum. 

i»3Uj ber-munung thoughtfiil, pensive. (Pro- 
bably a derivative from mdndng, which has not 
occurred.) Duduk ber-mdnung to sit pensive. 
Pikir ber-mdnung to be absorbed in thought. 

o ^ o ^ 

JseTj) baritTJal, Port, (beringelha). An esculent 

vegetable, solanum melongena. 

tj J bernang or brennang to swim (with active 
motion, as distinguished from floating). Bidsa 
bernang pada dyer accustomed to swim in wa- 
ter. Bernang ber-pe-lampong to swim with the 
assistance of something boyant. Ldtit ddrah 
abang i-clj i renndng-i I have swum tlirough a 
sea of blood. 

J^j burni and ^jjjt burni, Hind, q^ufj Borneo, 
a large island in the eastern Archipelago ; also 
a port and kingdom in that island, called 
Borneo-proper. Amha andak ber-ldyer ka-sa- 
blah tdnah burnt I purpose to sail to the other 
side of the land of Borneo. Kirim-an pada 

j) 40 

raja burnt a preseHt to the king of Borneo- 

tliUj berniaga, Hind. 3fjfof35f to trade. 
(Vid. tl/UiJ beniaga.) 

fijj or % j^ bariiang or bruang a bear, ursus. 
Ada-lah kirim-an beta sHkur anak bruang betlna 
I send as a present a young she-bear. 

^>.. J baruchi a manufacture of sillc and cotton, 
usually striped, imported from the gulph of 

jLy ber-idih to obtain, procure, acquire. (Vid. 
ij.\ ulih.) Ber-idih benda to acquire wealth. 
Sudah ber-idih pcr-mintd-an-nia he has obtained 
his request. ,..fe!«/ per-uUh-an acquisition, 
what is obtained, possessions. 

^.j bar una, Hind. q^u| Varuna, the deity of 
the Hindu mythology who presides over the 
ocean, and over rain, according to the Malays. 

«J. J brSnong a basket in which the crops of rice 
and pepper are collected. 

Jj brat heavy, burthensome. (Vid. ci.^ brat.) 

JUy berala an idol, factitious object of worship. 
Berdla long de per-biuit mdnusla idols made by 
men. Berdla china Chinese idols, magots de 
la Chine. Berdla laki-ldhi dan berala peram- 
piian male and female idols. Memuja or me- 
muji berdla to pay worship to idols. Rumah 
berdla a pagan temple ; a pagoda. Mnka seti 
dezoi-pUn de tdroh-nia ha-pada rumah berala he 
placed Seti Dewi (for security) in a temple. 

t::..,j6j berenti or i^sJUj) ber-henti to stop. (Vid. 
^j,:ji, henti.) 

^j brl to give, bestow; to permit. Wang de 
brl-nia he gave money. Bri ampun to forgive. 
Bri dti to encourage. Bri hormat to honour. 
Bri mdlu to cast shame. Brl malum to cer- 
tify, make known. Brl tdlong to assist. Bri 
jdwab to reply. De brl allah may God grant. 
Bri mohon to grant permission. ^^^ pem- 
bri and v -^ pem-brl-an a gift. Pem-bri id- 

lah the gift of God. Menrima kasih-lak ambtt 
akan pcm-bri-an suddra amba I return my grate* 
fid acknowledgments for my brother's gift. 

TjO barhbari a large winged insect, the dragon- 

fjL^j brlta, Hind, g^ report, fame, tidings, 
news, rumour. Menatigar brlta to hear a re- 
port. Khobar dan brlta tidda-lah ka-dar~gdr-an 
no news or tidings (of him) could be heard. 
Mem-brlta to report, make known. 

<Uj J brisih clean, pure. Ayer brisih clean wa- 
ter. Mem-baik-l brisih tlap-tlap jalan to clear, 
or make clean, all the roads. 

•c J brlngin a species of tree, the waringin of 
Rumphius ; ficus indica, L. 

^j\i^ besldri, Hind. f^TrTTTt accomplished, 
well-bred, possessing extraordinary talents, 
Jrip Idgi bestari wise and accomplished. 
Jdngan-luh klla lawan dangan raja long bestun 
let us not contend with a king of such extra- 
ordinary talents. Hei kakanda bestari O my 
accomplished friend ! Jeka sungguh tuan bestari 
mengdpa mdlu de tintang duyang if, sir, you are 
really so accomplished, why blush when a girl 
looks at you ? 

^ besar great, large ; important, of high rank. 
Size. Smgei besdr a great or large river. 
Deri kechil ddtang besdr from childhood until 
of man's estate. Garuda lang ter-ldlu amat besdr 
a most huge griffin. Arl besdr a great or high 
day. Orang besdr a great man. Ulna dlna 
besdr kechil all ranks of people great and small. 
Ati besdr proud, insolent ; sulky. Deri-pada 
ilu-lah maka men-jddi hesdr-lah atl-nia from this 
cause it was that they became insolent. Jeka 
ada anak-ku itu nischdt/a adorlah besar-nia seperti 
anak se-penidmun itu if my child were now in 
existence, certainly his size would be the same 
as this robber-boy. ^jL^^ mem-besdr-kan to 
make great, to magnify. yjL-^ ka-besdr-an 
greatness, magnificence; the ostensible marks 
of greatness exhibited by princes. Demiklan- 

lah prt-nia men-chart jalan ka-iesar-an in this 
manner did he endeavour to promote his dig- 

j^ bismi, Ar. in the name of. />^>»-)^ ^j*^)^ <iilt*-j 
bismillahi V rahmani V rahlmi in the name of 
God, the merciful, the compassionate. (For- 
mulary used at the commencement of writings), 

^ bisnu, Hind. f^T^DT Vishnu, one of the 
principal deities of the Hindu mythology. Asd 
ruja llu deri-pada bisnu dewa the race of that 
king is from Vishnu dewa. Seperti rupa adam 
bisnu his appearance was like that of Vishnu 
(whom the Malays in their writings confound 
with Adam). 

^^ best and ^-j iron. Best ber-batang bar-iron. 

" Prang best an iron prang or chopping knife. 
Tfikang best a blacksmith. Paku best iron 
nails. Best baju, nialella, hhersani different 
terms for steel. Prdda best tinned plates. 
Besi rantei chain-work of steel or iron. Best 
bardni the magnet. 

^^ bist handsome ; fine ; embellished. Mata 

tang bist handsome or fine eyes. Mem-bisl-kan 
to embellish. T^-j bisi-bisi a species of fish. 

liju bad and sjm bddehu, Ar. then, afterwards, 
after that ; moreover. Wa bad and after that ; 
moreover. Ama bad but to proceed. 

jjc beghir, Ak. besides, except, unless. 

^JJii bangs a, Hind. ^^ race, femily, tribe, 
caste. Bdniak-lah jenis bangsa orang there are 
many different races of men. Barigsa mand- 
kah tuan umba Ini of what family art thou, sir ? 
Kdrna lya orang lang hina pdpa tang tidda ber- 
bangsa for he is a mean and indigent person 
of low birth. Jang korang bangsa ignoble. 
Bangsa orang putih tang Idin deri-pada bangsa 
wdlanda a race of Europeans distinct from that 
of the Hollanders. 

^jLJw bangsdwan, Hind. c|)t^|q (*i of high 
descent, of an ancient and honourable family, 
noble. Orang bangsdwan a nobleman, person 

41 *jj 

of high birth, Bangsawdn-nia sdmajiiga dangan 
bdpa istrt-nia his descent was equally noble 
with that of his wife's father. 

JLJj bangsdl a marine storehouse, banksaul. 

j^ bongsu the youngest child, last-born; 
youngest brother. Anak sulong dan anak bongsu 
the first-born and the last-born child. Putrl 
bongsu the youngest princess. 

j_^ bangst, Hind. ^^ a musical pipe, flute, 
fife. Meniup bangst iohlow the ^uie. Bangst 
depuput-nia he breathed or blew the flute. 

CJm bangka an island lying off" Palembang, 
which produces much tin. 

CSm bangka or bungka swollen. (Vid, j^Co 

\J^^ bangkdra or \JiSi'-<^j\ udang bangkdra a 
species of prawn or shrimp, 

^IC« bingkarong a species of large and scaly 
lizard, whose bite is venemous. 

Ll^ bingkdsa a species of fish, probably testa- 

j^jl^) hangkdwan a lath to which the leaves for 
thatching are fastened by sewing, in order to 
their being laid across the rafters, Atap sor 
bangkdwan one length or piece so prepared for 

ij:.JJi bangkit to rise; arise (as from a sitting or 
lying posture). Mdsing-mdsing ber-bangkit-lah 
mendri each in his turn arose to dance. Maka 
indra-pun ber-bangkit tdrun deri-dtas keta per- 
add-on then Indra rose (from sleep) and de- 
scended from the (elevated) couch on which he 
reposed. Maka duli-pun ber-bangkit-lah ka- 
addra and the dust rose into the air. Mem- 
bangkit-kan to raise up, give rise to. Ldlu de 
bangkit-kan-nia ka-dtas kapald-nia he then raised 
it above his head. Segra bangkit ldlu ber-dirl 
presently raised himself (from his couch) and 
then stood up. ••>X?.,$' ka-bangkit-an resurrec- 

jSJo hongJcar to raise (a weight). (Vid. ^^icjj 

^_ijo lirigki's a complimentary present, gift. 

Sural dan hingJcis a letter and present. Ta- 
rima ava-lah bingkis-ht accept, I pray thee, my 

tjJJit bungkus a bundle, parcel, pack, roUj a 
wisp, truss. Tali pcn-jait dua bungkus two 
bundles of twine. Apiun sa bungkus one cake 
of opium. IJe ambel-nia lalang sa-bungkus he 
took a wisp of long gi-ass. Amas Itu ber-bungkus 
dangan karlas suja the gold was wrapped in 
paper only, ^^j^ bungkus-an a wrapper. 

jJX baifgkang lame. 

jjjo bingking provoking, froward ; rebellious. 

j_jiU) bcmgkak and bungkok, Hind, qc^c^ 
swollen; humped, gibbous. A swelling, tu- 
mour, bump in the flesh. Bungkak tangan-nia 
his hand is swollen. Bungkok matci-nia karna 
viendngis her eyes were swollen by weeping. 
Bungkok tuboh-nia de tnndang orang his body 
was in bumps from the kicks he received. 
S^ orang tang burfgkok a hump-backed person. 
long ber-diri bungkok andak-lah mem-betUl-kan 
iidang blakang-nia he who standeth stooping 
should straighten his back-bone. Gunong 
bungkok the sugar-loaf mountain situated in- 
land of Bencoolen. 

Jili) bangkil to upbraid, reproach with. 

Jiljo bongkal gold-weights ; standard weight ; a 
certain weight (of gold). Bongkal iang benar 
just weights. Barang dua bongkal amas arga- 
nia the price is about two bongkal of gold. 
Amas itu duapuluh lima ringkat (rial) sa-bongkal 
that gold is twenty-five dollars the bongkal. 
Menurut bongal raja acheh according to the 
standard of the king of Achin (where it is di- 
▼ided into four tail or eighty mace, and said to 
be equal in value to ten Madras pagodas.) 
Pmang sa-puluh laksa sa-bongkal jadi real dua 
puluh ampai ten thousand of betel-nuts for a 

42 Jj 

bongkal (of Achin) being equal to twenty-four 

J,Soy bungkul aknob, knot, or wen in trees, where 
the grain of the wood is often found to be 
handsomely variegated. 

O ^ G ^ O ^ 

^^•^Sju bangkunkun a species of fish. 
^\^jti bangkuwa a species of bird. 

c^jo bangkuang a species of yam commonly 
eaten raw. 

•Jjiow bangkudu a tree, the roots of wiiich are 
used for dying ; morinda citrifolia, L. morinda 
tinctoria. Bat. Trans. 

Jj^$ow bengkaulu a town and river on the western 
coast of Sumatra, called Bencoolen by the 
English, who had formerly a settlement there ; 
hut in consequence of its unhealthiness it was 
abandoned, and Fort Mailborough was built 
on a high point of land about three miles dis- 

iLw ftawgifj a carcase (of man or beast). Bangkei 
busuk a putrid carcase. Bangkei manusia dan 
bencitang ber-tambun4ambun the carcases of men 
and beasts piled in heaps. 

JlJjc benggala Bengal. Taun ini apiun bdniak 
muhal de benggala this year opium is very dear 
in Bengal. Jendral benggala the governor- 
general of Bengal. 

cjjy bingong simple, foolish. (Vid. iJLj 


1^ ^if bafta the cloth called baftaes. 

\m baka, An. durable, lasting, not perishable, 
immortal, eternal. Peniakit baka a chronic 
distemper ; the scrofula or king's eviL Dosa 
baka original or indelible sin. Tuhan iang 
baka the eternal Lord. Baku arti-nia kakal 
the meaning of the (Arabic word) baka is eter- 
nal. Ka-ma/H-an baka eternal shame, indelible 
reproach. Deri negri iang fena ka-negri iang 
baka from a region of corruption to a region of 

•ijiM hakti Hind, cj (^ good (in deeds); obe- 
dient to the w'ord of God. Good actions. The 

' merit or reward of good actions. Ber-luat 
lakll pada allah to serve God. Ka-bakll-tm good 
works, service, obedience. Deri-pada ka-bacti- 
anrnia akan amha from liis being devoted to my 
service, from his good service. 

tlij bald to. (Vid. ^^ bagi.) 

Jj beker Ak. a virgin. 

^jjj baJcas token, sign, mark, impression; trace; 
a scar. Bakas kuki mark of the feet, trace, 
track, haunt. Llat-lah dlftmat-nia bakas kiiku 
/larhnau behold, in token of it, the mark of the 
tiger's claw. Bakas korlepas-an token of re- 
mission. Nejis deri-pada bakas anjing atau bdbi 
pollution from the mark (touch) of a dog or of 
a swine. Meniupu muka sopaya ilang bakas 
tldor to wipe the face in order to remove the 
signs of sleep. Bakas tdngan signature. Me- 
niiroh bakas tdngan-nia serta dangan chap to 
affix their signatures together with their seals. 
Bakas tuboh a present, gift; friendly token. 
Lalu meniambut bakas tuboh dan sural then 
received the present and the letter. Memohon- 
kan kupan bakas tuboh asks for a dress as a 
token of friendship. 

^jjj bakas a vessel. (Vid. j_^b bakas.) Ber- 
buat bakas ddun kayu to construct a vessel of 
leaves (for holding water.) 

^J^ bakak to engender (as cattle.) 

Jjo bakal provision for a journey or voyage; store 
of food; supplies. Sed'ta-kan bakal akan ber- 
layer make ready provision for the voyage. 
Akoji bakal amba de-diilam pe-prang-an for my 
provision during the campaign. Bakal long 
tidda abis dan pallia tang tidda padam a store 
not liable to be exhausted, and a lamp not to 
be extinguished. Bakdl-an nasi a supply of 
boiled rice. Ber-briat per-bakdl-an ter-ldlu bd- 
niak ber-bdgei-lmgei rupd-nia to form an abun- 
dant store of various necessaries. 

Sj baka become solid (as tallow), stiff, coagu- 

lated, clotted, curdled, congealed. Meniak 
supi iang baku butter in a state of hardness. 
Ai/er baku ice. Buah aycr baku and Mj an l did 

jyO bakiil or J^b bdkul a small basket. Mem- 
bdioa ndsi ddlam bakul to carry boiled'a 
basket. Maka iya duduk de-uias bdkul bunga itu 
and he was seated upon the basket of flowers. 

u^ ^(^S^ to, unto. Segala puji bagi allah all 
praise be to God. Men-jddi amba bagi sudard- 
nia to become a servant to his brother. Meng- 
ambel bagi diri-nia to take to himself. 

l^Wo bagimdna how, in what manner, by what 
means ? Bagimdna bdlih amba ndik how can I 
ascend ? Bagimdna gardng-an parentah negri 
ini how, I pray thee, is this country governed? 
Seperti bagimdna isteddat parentah tatkdla daulu 
in the same manner as was the custom in for- 
mer times. 

^ij baginda one of royal birth (male or female) ; 
the king, prince ; his majesty, his highness. 
Baginda ka^da ilu the roj'al pair. Bdniak 
rajorrdja . iang meng-ikut baginda ilu many 
princes were in the train of that monarch. 
Baginda-pun ilang de-dtas takhta the king died 
upon the throne. Tunduk meniatnbah dull ba- 
ginda bow down in obeisance to the king's 
majesty. Menungis-kan adcnda baginda itu to 
bewail the royal younger brother. 

Li bagei as, like, like unto, as if; than. 
Bagei ter-sebut as mentioned. Bagei daulu as 
formerly. Bagei gila like a madman. Rasa 
atl-nia bagei de bdkar felt as if his heart burned 
within him. Tidda ter-lebih kras parentah-an 
bagei rdja-kdmi there is no government more 
vigorous than that of our king. Ddlam negri 
ini tiadd-lah sidpa se-bagei-nia in this city there 
is no one to be compared to her. Se-bagei 
bunga Idyu de tangkei like a flower faded on 
its stalk. Dan bdrang se-bagei-nia and any 
thing of that sort. 

ci~io hagltu so, in that manner. (Vid. ^Sj bagei 

Ji 44 

and ^^^^\ ttu.) Bagitu baniak so much, so 
much as that. Daulu-pun bag'itu juga in for- 
mer times it was so likewise. Ber tinggal-lah 
bagitu let it remain so. 

^Sj bagini thus, in this manner. (Vid. ^L 
bagei and A int.) Buat4ah bagini do thus. 
BaginUah hal-nia thus is the state of it. Ba- 
gitu bagini that way and this way, contrariety 
of manner. 

Jj bel an inseparahle particle. (Vid. j ber.) 

Liijjj balortantard an army. (Vid. Jb hiila 
and I /uj tantara.) 

t) bela or bala aid, assistance. Mem-bela-kan to 
aid, lend assistance to. IJ pe-beld aid. Serla 
dangan orang ^JLs pe-bela-nia together with 
proper persons to assist or attend (the culture 
of) it. 

Jb bela An. calamity, evil, misfortune, trouble. 
£ita sekalhan me-rasd-i bela we all had expe- 
rience of trouble. Bela deri-manu ddtang ini 
from whence comes this calamity. Menulak 
bela to avert an evil. Lepas-lah kumi deri-pada 
bela kiamat deliver us from misery eternal. 
^^'h bela sini consumption, tabes. 

Jh belabor a portion of victuals. 
\jh baldta a species of fish. 
^h balati a species of bird. 

,^5b bulachan caviare; small fish, prawns, or 
shrimps dried in the sun, pounded in a mortar, 
and preserved with spices. Baldchan ikan ca- 
viare of fish. Baldchan udang kechil caviare 
of shrimps. 

cib baldnga an earthen pan or pot. JPriuk dan 
baldnga earthen vessels of different kinds, pip- 
kins and pots. Sdu baldnga a pot lid; the 
name of a species of flat fish. 

tl/Sj beldka wholly, entirely, altogether, in a 
body. lang ■'«''« beldka who is wholly faith- 
ful. Men-jddi satrii beldka become entirely ini- 

mical. Kama iya Idgi k'andk-anak balafca for 
they were still but merely children. Beldka 
itu-pun mdsuk rumah itu entered the house in a 

j_^ib baldkang or bldkang back, hind part, rear. 
Mukd-nia ka-ldiigit dan baldkang-nia ka-bumi his 
face to the sky, and his back to the earth. Bo- 
Idkang-nia-kena luka his back received a wound. 
De-bldkang behind, after, afterwards, poste- 
rior in time. Idng de-bldkang kdml those who 
come after us. Deri-bldkang behind, from 
behind. Ldlu duduk deri-bldkang raja then sat 
down behind the king. Meng-apd-kah angkau 
me-lari-kan istri-ku deri-bldkang matdku why 
didst thou run away with my wife by stealth 
(behind my eyes) ? Ka-bldkang backwards. 
Ber-pdling muka karbldkang to avert the face, 
to turn it backwards. 

jJl) beldlang a grasshopper, locust. Game in 
general, whether beasts or birds. A kind of 
boat extremely long and narrow. Bdniak-nia 
seperti beldlang tang be4erbdng-an de adara be 
rlbu'rlbu their numbers were like locusts that 
fly through the air in thousands. De tangkap- 
nia s'tkur beldlang sudah itu de lepas-kan-lah 
maka beldlang itu-pdn terbang pergi he caught 
a piece of game and then releasing it, the bird 
flew away. S^ikur beldlang tidda ka-lidt-an not 
any game whatever was to be seen. Jkan be- 
ldlang a species of fish. 

(Ji\> baldlak a blemish on the eye. 

Jl' bulalei the proboscis of the elephant. 

^jjh 6a/aHaA.- a small fish of the mullet kind,mugil< 

Jii baldi/am to brandish, wave in the hand. 

JJu bulbul Pers. the nightingale (known to the 
Malays only from books). ^ 

(c^L balat a weir (for fish). (Vid. \j bale.) 

i ^ , - li balit, Li-Jb bdlit, and c::-^ baHl to twine, 
entwine, wind round ; to coil ; to have a ser- 
pentine course. A bandage. Mem-balif ka- 
pdla to entwine the bead, wrap a cloth round 

Ji 45 

it. Ter-lhat daiigan rantei ber-balit pada leher- 
nia bound with a chain twined round his neck. 
BalU-kan rambut to twist the hair round the 
head. Pinggang-nia de balit naga a huge 
snake entwined her waist. Ayer ttii meng-alir 
deri-pada hukit dan ber-balit pada padang the 
stream descends from the hill, and takes a 
winding course to the plain. Jeka luka ilu ber- 
balit dan takut it/a menanggal-kan balit maka 
wdjib de sapu-nia atas segala balit itu dangan 
ayer if the wound is bandaged and he should 
be afraid to strip off the bandage, he must 
moisten all the folds with water. 

(j:Jj belut to weave. (Vid. ^ tanun). JijUii 
pem-belSt-an the loom. 

UjJij belduwa Port, (veludo) velvet. KH'in hel- 
duTJCa tiga golong three pieces (rolls) of velvet. 

^ bias a decimal adjunct belonging to the nu- 
merals between ten and twenty. ^^^.^ sa-blas 
eleven. (j~1j*J llma-blas fifteen. 

^ balls uneasy in mind. Atl-nia balls ber-cham. 
pur rawan her heart felt a mixture of uneasi- 
ness and delight. Balis rasa aii-ku td-dapat de 
pri-kan my mind is affected to an inconceivable 
degree. CJ^.^a^ mem-balis-kan c'lli segala tang 
memandang to afflict the hearts of all who be- 
held (her). 

U> balang Pers. pied, streaked. (Vid. ^j 
palang.) Kiida balang a piebald horse. 

Jj balum or *Jj baliim not yet. Balum sampei 
not yet arrived. Balum mdsak not yet ripe. 
Baliim bidsa not yet accustomed. Balum pa- 
tus not yet terminated, unsettled. Balum tan- 
tu not yet ascertained. Balum pemah never, 
never yet. Balum sorkali never once. Baliim 
lugi amba Hat pulau Ilu I do not yet see the 
island. Dejudl-nia *L-j se-balUm amba sampei 
he sold it previously to my arrival. 

UJj bila/miina when, at the time when, (Vid. 

J-j bila.) 
ILJj balambarigan the name of a small island 

lying northward of Borneo. 

"•f-fAt balembang a bundle, truss, flake (of the 
substance called iju or gomHto). 

i_^ belimbing or V_._--t^' blimb'mg an acid fruit, 

of which there are two kinds, named belimbing 

_j best or .»aaj penjiiru averrhoa carambo- 

la, and belimbing Jjj biilii averrhoa billimbi, L. 

^♦i) balumpei not yet. (Vid. Jj baliim.) B& 
" rang arta tang linniap tatkdla balumpei Idgi sam- 
pat ij/a niengaluSr-kan dij/a any goods which 
disappear whilst he is not yet able to remove 
them. Se-ldma balumpei Idgi it/a berenti so 
long as he does not yet stop. 

Ja:l) belantdra a forest, wood, wilderness, jungle; 
a country in a state of nature, where there are 
no roads nor habitations. (Vid. Jaj\ antdra 
between; such tracts as are here described 
lying between inhabited districts or rivers.) Ber- 
jdlan mdsuk titan rttnba belantdra tang besdr he 
entered upon a wild, woody, and unfrequented 
tract, of great extent. 


balanja hire, pay, allowance, expence, mo- 
ney for current expences ; the price of labour 
as distinguished from the cost of materials ; re- 
venue. Balanja biidak orang the allowance of 
money given to domestics. Balanja-nia ampat 
real sa-bulan his allowance or wages were four 
dollars per month. Minta tolong balanja sedikit 
assist me with a little money for current ex- 
pences. Korang balanja bras the stock of rice 
for current expenditure is deficient. Kdrna 
tladd-an balanja from the absolute want of funds. 
Balanja-nia kapal prang ter-ldlu bdniak the ex- 
pence of ships of war is very considerable. 

^yjj bolandid Dutch, of or belonging to Hol- 

Cjjj balm an eel. 

jjjb biliidak an asp, adder, viper, venomous 
animal of the serpent kind, coluber. 

/jl) baldkar underwood, coppice, young wood. 
Baliikar dda mUsim underwood of two years 
growth. Menabas baliikar to clear away the 


•underwootl. PadabaluJcaratau Idlaiig imongst 
underwood or. long grass. 

jJ,1j bfdulang skin, hide. MevgulH-l balulang 
deri-pada tuboh-nia to flay the skin from its car- 


Balulang lembu the hide of an ox. 

*.L baluiA not yet. (Vid. A> balum.) 

^J^ balui or baliei a drawn bet ; equal success to 
each paity at gaming or cock-fighting. 

<!jj belah or blah to split, cleave, slit, divide- 
To burst. Side, part. Bdah biiluh itu split 
that cane. Nlbong bdah ampat stems of the 
nibong (caryota urens) split into four. Dc be- 
lah ledah-nia split his tongue. Jeka beWi sa- 
tangah lelmgah-nia if its ear be half split. 
Mem-beldh prut to rip up the belly. Pachah 
betah-lah kapala-nia his head was cleft in twain. 
Talkula ilu jekalau haU-lintar mem-beluh sehali- 
pun ilada-lah akan ka-dimgar-an at that moment 
if a thunderbolt had burst it could not have 
been heard. Bumi-pun sf peril akan belah rasa- 
nia it seemed as if the earth were going to burst. 
Bdah ka-barat on the western side. De sa- 
blah on one side. Ka-dua belah both sides. 
De parang-nia dangan ka-dua bdah tungan-n'm 
he fought with two-handed strokes, or, with 
each of his hands. 

!.< bdei yes; also. 

^ bill or Mi to buy, purchase. Tiian mau bill 
" do you chuse to buy ? Juul bill to sell and 
buy, to traffick. Mem-bill rumah to purchase 
a house. Dangan briipa de bill-nia Hu for 
(with) how much did he purchase that? ^^^J \ 
per-bill-an stores, storehouses, market-house. 
Me-mdsuk per-bili-an kompani to enter the Com- 
pany's store-houses. ^^,-L« pem-bill-an pur- 
chase ; what is purchased. Arga pem-bili-an 
orang-ldin the price at whieh purchases are 
made by others, 

^ balei and ^b bdlei tenderness, kindness, con- 

■■ jugal affection, Sebab men-dangar chumbu dan 

bald swami-nia from hearing the soothings and 

tender expressions of her husband. Pajio-ku 

dan balei s\7ris^dri continual embraces and ca- 
resses. Mcniampri-kan ^^^^ bald-baki-an 
tang hdrus to render due affection. 

ijo bale a weir (for catching fish). Sebab bale 
ilu tidda mengena kdrna de gddHh drang the 
cause of that weir not answering its purpose, 
is, that people disturb it. 


,_^--Jj balikis or <_<wJlj ballbi the teal, an aquatic 

(C-Jj ballt to twine. (Vid. l:Uj halit.) 

c'jjj balidang a species of fish. 

c Jj balerang sulphur, brimstone. Gali-an ba- 
lerang a sulphur-pit or mine. Tidda hdrus me- 
mulih-knn junggut dangan balerang sopdj/a ko- 
llal-an seperti rupa drang luah it is improper to 
whiten the beard with (the fumes of) sulphur, 
in order to acquire the appearance of age. 

cjj Jj balerung, 'i^ balerong, or c j,^ \\i balei- 
ruang the court of a palace ; the hall of state, 
where the sovereign, seated in a kind of gallery 
or balcony, gives audience and administers jus- 
tice in public. Its situation is intermediate be- 
tween the body of the palace and tlie meddn or 
great square, where the royal games arc exhi- 
bited. (Vid. Jb bcdd.) Maka ber-arak-lah 
iya ber-koliling negri tujuh kali dan de arak-lah 
pula musuk ka-ddlam kola se-ldah ddtang ka- 
balerong maka per-arak-an ilu berentl-lah serta 
ber-bUnyi gandarang dan namfiri maka sultdn 
segra-lah turun deri-dUts balerong dangan segala 
raja-rdja dan per-manlri ulubdlang dan palawdn 
rdt/et sakali-an ilu-pdn meniambah anak baginda 
ka-dua ber-suddra ilu de-dtas usong-an per-arak- 
an maka Idlu de bawd-nia ndik ka-dtas balerong 
ilu and having, gone in triumphal procession 
seven times round the city, they entered the 
fort, and when they reached the court of the 
palace the procession stopped ; the drums beat- 
ing and the trumpets sounding. The Sultan 
immediately descended from the hall of state, 
together with the nobles, counsellors, cham- 
pions, warriours, and all the people, in order 

to salute the two royal brothers, who were 
seated in the triumphal carriage, and then led 
them up into the hall of state. 

JUJj bal'isah uneasy, vexed, afflicted. (Vid. 
^u-J llsah and ^^Aj balls.) Balhah uti sultun 
ha-mali-mat'i-an the mind of the sidtan was 
troubled even unto death. Ter-Mu balisah dan 
I'osi-an rasa riti-ku my feelings are very strongly 
affected. Samou-nia menuifs:is dan balisah dtl- 
nia vie-llat ka-laku-an iuan ptdri all wept and 
were violently aifected at beholding the agita- 
tion of the princess. Kata lemah lumbut mem- 
bri balisah ati anak dura llu tender expressions 
that disquieted the feelings of the maiden. 

•tT /.I' balikat the shoulder-blade, scapula. Su- 
kil pada balikat-nia k'lri kunan having (rheuma- 
tick) pains in both of his shoulders. 

jCJj bal'iku winding, circuitous. Tanjong ballku 
circuitous windings of rivers ; projecting points. 

»jL bilij/au a respectful term used in speaking of 
an aged parent or master; employed also as a 
pronoun of the third person. Bilij/au sudah 
memenar-kan kata sir, you have rightly stated 
what was said. 

\%Aj and wJj bilij/ong a tool used both as an 
adze and a hatchet; it is nearly of the form, 
but larger than the papatil. Bagimuna riipa bi- 
lit/ong dan bancht what are the forms of the 
tools so named. 

it-v4j bimbang irresolute, wavering ; apprehen- 
sive; fickle, inconstant in affection. Sopaj/a 
jungan bimbang ati putek ber-pardng that the 
heart of your servant may not be irresolute in 
battle. Sopai/a jangan bimbang dti kakanda 
akan tUan niawa kakanda Ini that the heart of 
your friend may not prove inconstant to her 
who is the soul of his affections. Me-liat betlna 
Sti-nia bimbang at sight of a female his resolu- 
tion began to fail. 

^■^ bimbang (Sumatban) a feast or entertain- 
ment given upon any public or solemn occasion. 

Ter-kumpul orang bdniak de bimbang a number 
of people wore collected at the feast. 

^Lw bambang-an secret intimacy between young 
people of different sexes. Orang sa4)ambung- 
an a couple who have formed an intimacy, or, 
planned an elopement. Anak kumu sa-bambang- 
an dangan orang itu your daughter is engaged 
in an illicit amour with that man. 

,^ bambu the bambu cane, arundo bambos, L. 
(Vid. ^j.. buluh.) Dulam bambU secretly (cant 


bamhe and 


mambe Bombay, an island 

and city on the coast of Malabar. Biiat rumah 
tukang deri bambc to build a house for the 
worknien from Bombay. 

'L; bend, brains. (Vid. ^Jl^ ictak.) 

jJUj bendtang a beast, four-footed animal ; ani- 
mals in general (as distinguished from human 
beings) ; cattle. Bendtang liar wild, untamed 
animals. Bendtang bamas beasts of prey. 
Bendtang nejis ini this filthy beast. Bangkei 
bendtang dan mdnusla tlie carcases of beasts 
and men. Mar'ik' itu-lah seperti bendtang ampat 
kdki such people are like four-footed beasts. 
Segala benatang tang de adara dan segala be- 
ndtang tang ada de bumi every animal in the 
air, and every animal that is upon the earth. 
Ada iang seperti bendtang riipd-nia some (of 
the clouds) had the shape of animals. Akan 
belanja bendtang iang hdrus de iddp-i for the 
expences of the cattle which it is necessary to 

jLj bendra a fuller. 

j_^Uj bendsa, Hind. f^^]T!J ruined, destroyed, 
spoiled ; perished. Segala rdyet abis-lah bendsa 
all the people were utterly destroyed. Telah 
benasd-lah amba I have been ruined. Mem-bri 
bendsa pada segala Idwan-nia to bring ruin on 
all their opponents. ^Li;,*.^ mem-benasd-kan 
or ^Lj«*r< metnenasd-kan to destroy, ruin. 
Bendtang iang patidei mem-benasd-lcan buah-budh- 
an iang de-ddlam taman animals (monkies)' 

which were expert at destroying all the fruits 
of the garden. Memrbenasd-kan ati laki-laki 
tang memandang diya to commit ravages on the 
hearts of all who beheld her. 

,\iij bantara or JciA abantdra a herald, standard- 
bearer, sword-bearer, officer who has the care 
of the royal insignia and regulates the cere- 
monials ; marshal. Maka baginda men4itali- 
kan bantara ampat orang pergi memanggil segala 
anak rajorraja and the king ordered four heralds 
to go and call before him all the young nobles. 
Bantara diri-lah klri kdnan sri balerong wen' 
junjong-kan tilah seraya ber-saru-saru-kan nama 
orang the heralds ranged to left and right in 
the royajl hall, received the commands of the 
sovereign, and then proclaimed the names 
aloud. Bantara iddng-an yeomen of the table. 
Bantara ddtang meng-dtor segala dlat ka-rajd-an 
officers attended to place in order the royal 

jjcij bintdro a large tree yielding a milky and 
deleterious juice; cerbera, L. 

J jcliyj bintdngor a species of timber, calophyllum 
inophyllum, L. 

y; -.".;< bantut imperfect, incomplete, unfinished. 
Pujd-niorpun bantut-lah his sacrificial rites were 
incomplete. (wv -f,^ memantut-kan pujd-nia 
to render his rites imperfect, to interrupt them. 
Roti bantut bread imperfectly baked. 

Cij buntar round, plump. Susu buntar round or 

prominent breasts, juj buntar a species of fish 
or other sea-animal. 

'"y.T bentang to spread, stretch out, extend, ex- 
pand. To crucify. Pdyong ber-wama paldngi 
de bentang-kan orang-lah umbrellas of varie- 
gated colours were spread. De bentang-kan 
orang-lah kheimah tents were pitched or spread. 
Jdring tang ter-bentang a net that is spread. 
Bentang-lah sayap-nia extended its wings. De 
bentang-kan-nia tlrei kalambu they spread or 
drew the curtains. 

^^ bintang 

a star. Sidpa tang meng-hids-l 

Idngit dangan bintang who is he that adorned 
the sky with stars? Bintang tang menunjuk 
jdlan iang betul a st'jr which pointeth out the 
right road. Bintang ber-dsap or ber-ikur a 
comet.. Bintang bdbi or bintang t'lmor the 
morning star. Bintang zaharat Venus. Bin- 
tang kulub and bintang utdra the north-pole 
star. Kartlka the pleiades. Blduk the great 
bear (boat). 

j_:uj binting, Jav. a rampart, vallum. Negri 
iang ber-binting a town defended by a rampart. 

%"-) bunting pregnant, with child, with young. 

Perampuan iang bunting a pregnant woman. 
Kuda betlna iang bunting a mare with foal. 
Men-jddi bunting to become pregnant, to prove 
with child. Maka tuan putri hamil-lah dan 
ddyang ilu bunting-lah the princess became 
pregnant and the waiting woman proved with 

^JXJ bantok bent, crooked (applied to wood and 
metals). Seperti tdji iang de bantok like the 
spur of a fighting cock. Bantok-kan to crooken 
(timbers for boat-building). Chinchin sa-bantok 
one ring. Seperti dua bantok busor like two 
bows, or, two semi-circles. 

Jiij bantal a pillow, cushion. Sandar ka-pada 
bantal to lean against pillows. Tikar dan ban' 
tal mat and pillow, (the essential articles of 
Malayan furniture). Ber-banlal tunah having 
the ground for a pillow. Tinggi-kan sedikit 
kapdlu-nia dangan bantal raise his head a little 
with a pillow. 

Jiy Until or bintul a blister, blain. Bintil sUsii 
the nipple of the breast. 

,pj bantan the town called Bantam, in the island 
of Java. 

^ bintan the island called Bintang, near the 

extremity of the Malayan peninsula. 

^ bantun to pull up, to pluck out, pull off; 
to extricate. Mdri lita bantun-kan puhn mi 
sopaya ddpat meng-ambel buah-budh-nia come 

let us pnll up tliis tree that we may be able to 
get at its fruit. Mem-banlim deri-iltas lunah 
to root out from the face of the earth. Mem- 
hmilun bulu katiak dan bitlu ari-ari to pluck the 
hairs of the arm-pits and of the pubes. Ban- 
lun deri-dlas kuda to pull from off a horse. 

.jij hanlTi to help, succour (particularly in war). 
Aid, assistance, succour. Meminta bantu ha- 
pada-nia to ask succours of them. lya datang 
bantu parang dangan sudara-nia he came as an 
ally to his brother in the war. Kama bdniak 
orang mem-bantii panglima itu for many lent 
their aid to that chief. Bantu mem-bantu to 
assist mutually. 

ito bantah to wrangle, dispute, contest, squabble, 
quarrel in words. Maka ber-bantah nakhoda 
dangan juromudi and there arc?e a dispute be- 
tween the supra-cargo and master of the vessel. 
Ada lang ber-bantah-kan tampat some were 
wrangling about places. Dan kalau-kalau men- 
jadi Jifoij ^ per-bantuh-an and possibly disputes 
may arise. 

^iij bantei to kill and cut up a beast. To kill 
for food. Flesh meat, pieces of meat, steaks. 
Mem-bantei karbau to kill and cut up a buffalo. 
Idng amba sudah mem-bantei bagi orang amba 
which I have killed for my own people. Orang 
her-bantei arl ini they kill a beast (for market) 
this day, man schlachtet heute. Tampat pada 
her-bantei a place for slaughtering cattle. Bantei 
sdpi beef. Bantei rusa deer's flesh. 

^ ,-_•,. banting to beat (as with a mallet). Jdngan 
banting amat kdin itu do not (in washing) beat 
that linen too much. Mem-banting amas to 
beat out gold. 

banting a species of boat, having two 
masts, with deep sails, like those of the Chinese 

^X) banjar a row, rank. Meng-dtor samod-nia 
pada dua banjar to arrange them all in two 
rows. De-dtas putardna sudtu s'orang ber- 
lanjar-banjar upon sofas, one to each person in 
rows. De tananirnia ampat piiluh puhn her- 

*9 ^ 

banjar he planted forty trees in a row. Talkdia 
iya ber-banjar dirl^ia when they drew them 
selves up in rank. 

js^j banjar inundation. 
^^js^) binjei a species of fruit. 

Jj hinchi or js.i 

tu hinchi to hate, detest, abhOr, 
have in aversion. Antipathy, ill-will, grudge. 
Malicious, inveterate, spiteful. Segala sudurd- 
kti binchi akan daku all my brethren hate me. 
Binchi-lah ij/a akan swamt-nia she detested her 
husband. Idng binchi akan agama wlio hold 
religion in abhorrence. Kdta ter-ldlu binchi 
the most virulent expressions. Lardng-an allah 
ka-hinchl-an nahi a thing forbidden by God, and 
detested by the Prophet. 

(jl^ benchdna, Hind. ^^V^" mischief, injury ; 
mischievous counsel. Orang cheldka sdngat 
iya mem-bri benchdna akan anak kila a most 
wicked fellow is he, to give such mischievous 
counsel to my children. Orang mdna pula 
tang ddtang ber-buat benchdna dan akan merrtf 
benasd-kan kita ini what person is this who 
comes to work mischief and bring ruin upon 
us ? Jekalau benchdna ddtang siapd-kah akan 
mem-bantu if mischief should come upon us, 
who is there to lend assistance? ^Ls^*,*^ 
mem-benchand-kan to entice to mischie/j to se- 

^^ banchang to converse, chat, talk familiarly, 
talk about. Bhdru kita ber-banchang sdja balum 
ada bechdra we have just mentioned it in tlie 
way of conversation, and not yet brought it to 
a discussion. Ber-banchang-lah iya dangan 
orang bdtang kdpas he entered into conversa- 
tion with a man from Batang Kapas, Banchang- 
banchang chit-chat, common conversation. 

i^ banchah a marsh, marshy. 

, ,js\) banchl an adze. 

^s^ banchl an hermaphrodite. 

,Xj benda or banda treasure (including jewels, 
robes, and other valuable articles), riches. 

Matter, material, article, thing. Bagei-bagei 
benda tang indah-dndah a variety of most pre- 
cious articles. Benda tunung-an wedding jew- 
els. Mdta-bcnda valuable articles; specie. 
Mutorbenda perniaga articles of merchandise. 
Sebab her-champur darrgan sudtu benda iang suclii 
because mixed with a material of a purer na- 
ture. Menanggong sudtu benda iang brat to 
support or lift a heavy thing. 

jcj bonda mother (politely). Amanda dan bonda 
father and mother. Ber-mohon-lah iya ha-pada 
bondd-nia she took leave of her mother. 

Jljki.' banddla, Port, bandoleers, small wooden 
cases containing charges of gun-powder ; car- 
touches. Tali banddla the cord or strap by 
which the bandoleers are slung. Budak ban- 
ddla youths who carry the charges of powder 
and ball. 

Jl»xy banddlu a species of bird. 

jXj bendar or bundar, Peks. a maritime trading 
town, a port of trade ; a factory. Sakali-an 
negri dan bendar every city and port, every 
inland and maritime town. Me-hantar Idda ka- 
pada bendar kompani to convey pepper to the 
Company's factory. 

^jj bendang cultivated or arable land, fields. 
Buat krdja bendang to perform field-work ; to 
till the land. Pada kotika hdniak jddi pddl 
bendang at a time when the crops of rice are 
abundant. Pudi bendang tdun ini sudah ubis 
the crops of rice of this season are expended. 

co>ij bandung to stop the course of water by a 
dam or dyke. An infectious distemper to which 
buffaloes are liable, occasioning, it is said, the 
serum of the blood to distil through the tubes 
of the hairs. Surigei de bandung-kan-nia he 
dammed up the rivers. Ai/er iang meng-dlir 
itu abis-lah icr-bandung the stream of water 
that used to run there, was dammed off. 

\m banding to compare, appreciate, form a judg- 
ment or comparison. Ber-bandhig daflar itu 
dangan daflar lain to compare that list witli 

the other. Abang-ku tldak ka-tard-kan abang' 
ku tidak ka-banding-kan my brother (husband) 
was unequalled, my brother was incomparable. 
Deri-pada rilpa dan parosmia tiadd-lah ber-ulik 
de banding-kan with respect to figure and fea- 
tures, there was no making any comparison. 
Tiddasdma ^J«j Jcj banding-an there is no com- 
parison, or analogy, between them. Apd-tak- 
per-banding-an ada what analogy is there ? 
cjcj bandang a sling. 

^Jiij bandella, Port, (bandalho) a bale (of 
goods). Kdpas tiga puluh bandella thirty bales 
of cotton. 

J.j^ij bandul a species of bird. A threshold. 

jlbJcj bandhdra treasurer, high steward, one of " 
the principal officers of state. ^SjUJcjl per- 
bandhardn treasury, wardrobe, garde-meuble. 
Treasures. Meniuruh mem-buka gadong menga' 
luar-kan segala per-bandhardn ordered the store- 
houses to be opened, and all the treasure to he 
brought forth. 

\jXj bandera, Port, a flag, ensign, colours. 
Pdsang or ndik bandera to hoist colours. Men- 
jaga bandera to guard the colours. Tiang- ban- 
dera a flag-staff. Bandera kompani irTggris the 
colours of the English East India Company. 

yj benar true, just, right, punctual, correct. Per- 
kald-an iang benar atau iang sia-sia a true saying, 
or one that is idle and unfounded. Benar-lah 
seperti kdta tuan it is true as you say. Jekdlau 
kita tidda benar pada bdrang sudtu per-janji-an 
kita if we are not punctual, or just, in respect 
to every one of our engagements, j^yi^ se- 
benar-nia the truth. Akan tetdpi aku katd-kan 
juga iang se-benar-nia howbeit, I shall still de- 
clare the truth. Tidda dangan hak se-benar-nia 
it is not in the true spirit of justice. Aku iang 
se-benar^ia I am the truth. Se-benar-benar 

* :] benang thread. Benang siitra sewing silk. 
Benang sa-tdkal a skein of thread. Daun 
benang justicia purpurea, L. 

y 51 

^ bemm to sink. Sudah ter^enam sampan the 
boat is sunk. 

yj or Jij bunno Hind. c| |«^ the bore, a peculiar 
swell in certain rivers, occasioned by the oppo- 
sition of their current to a rapid flood-tide. 

yj bcnua country, region, land; inhabited and 
cultivated country. Beniia china the country 
of China. Beniia t/emen j4rabia Felix. Be- 
nua ajem Persia. Bem'a iang angat seperti 
mekah a hot country such as Mecca. 

c^ binuwang a species of deer. 

iy benik and Jb bant seed in general; grain pre- 
served for seed; sperma animale; progeny. 
(Vid. ^ tnent.) Benih bawang onion seed. 
Benih chengke dan benih biiah pdla plants of 
the cloves and nutmeg. Benih saga puhn-nia 
kechil-kechil very small seedlings of the sago 

cI^Lj beniaga C^j berniaga Hind, cjrijc^j 
to trade, traffick, merchandize. Amba saja 
iang beniaga de tampat ini I am the only per- 
son who carry on trade at this place. Amba 
tidak faduJi pada beniaga itu I do not concern 
myself with that traffick or commodity. Ada- 
pUn akan drang ber-pardng seperti orang bernia- 
ga ada kala-nia ber-ldba ada kald-nia rugi it is 
with persons engaged in warfare as with those 
in trade, sometimes their lot to win, and some- 
times to lose. ^J^J perniagd-an and ^^j 
lerniagd-an merchandize; commerce. Malca 
add-lah beta sHruh suddgar raja ^J>'^J pernio- 
ga-kan berniagd-an beta I have given orders to 
the (person who holds the office of) king's mer- 
chant, to manage the concerns of my com- 

c\jj bdang to throw away. (Vid. *^ bHang.) 

Jly budi to swing to and fro' (as a pendulum) ; 
" to rock (a cradle). Bdiu dan rotan de budi-kan- 

nia he swang a stone suspended by a ratan. 

^\j> budj/an a thing suspended, a cradle 

(which hangs from a beam), a pendulum, a 

i_S^y biidya an aligator, crocodile. Tie chekau 
budya seized by an aligator. Ddtang-iah s'ikur 
bddi/a pietih deri-ddlam kdlam itu ter-ldlu besur 
7naka de tarigap^ia akan handman IdlU de taian- 
nia there came from the lake an aligator, 
white, and of an immense size, which laid 
hold of Hanuman, and then swallowed him. 
Budi/a-budya in boat-building, that piece of 
wood in which the mast is stepped, the kelson. 
Burong budya the king's-fisher, alcedo. ie- 
dah budya the aloe. 

^.z^y bSbut Jav. to roll or turn. Tali ^^t 
bubut-an stays, ropes which support the mast 
of a vessel, and are made tight by twisting them 
with a stick. 

yy bubur pap, any thing reduced to a paste, 

^liy bobok a maggot, weevil, mite; worms that 
breed in dry vegetables. Bras itu bras jdwa 
sudah de mdkan bobok that rice is Java rice^ 
and is eaten by the weevil. 

Jjj) babul to mend (a net). 

jjy bubu a machine for taking fish, a fish-trap of 

CJyo bubut a species of bird. 

<5V boboh or buboh to put, place, set, affix. Bo- 
boh paldna pada kuda to put a saddle on the 
horse. Boboh chap to affix a seal. De boboh- 
nia segala bdu-bau'n she applied to it all man- 
ner of sweet essences. De iris de boboh gdram 
sliced it, and put salt to it. Boboh deddlam 
panjdra to put in prison. 

C.j»j buta blind. Tuli dan bdta deaf and blind. 
Bata mdta blind. Buta dua blah matd-nia 
blind of both eyes. Matd-mu telah de buta- 
kan allah hath God blinded your eyes ? 

iziji buat to do, make, construct. Buat seperti 
H 2 

ji 52 

iata tuan-mu dc according to the words of thy 
master. Buat henchuna to do mischief. Buat 
anyaya to do injustice, to oppress. Bucd kran- 
jang to make a basket. De suruh-nja her-bnul 
satu prciu ordered him to construct a vessel. 
Buat jfDiji to make an agreement. Apa brdih 
buat what can be done ? what help is there for 
it? Icing de buat dan tang de per-buat the 
agent and the patient. ^1^ bufd-cm and 
per-buut-an actions, work, performance. 
an amas work in gold. Budt-an sukar a diffi- 
cult work. Per-buat-an jahat wicked actions. 

jjtj butir a grain, a small round particle. Lada 
sa-bulir a grain of pepper. Bawang merah 
dangan Idda china sa-puluh bidir ten onions and 
ten pods of cayenne pepper. Bidir buah ang- 
gor a -grape-stone. BUtir kacha glass beads. 
Biitir dumba sheeps-dung. 


^jj.j botok bald. 

Idng bolok uban-nia the crown 

of whose head was bald. Burong bolok a very 
large species of bird, described in Batav. Trans, 
vol. iv. p. 538 — 41. 


butu membrum virile. 

j>~ji bfijor along, long-wise (as opposed to across, 
cross-wise). The length, long diameter. Lin- 
tang dan bujor Hang kubur the breadth and 
length of the grave. Pada bujor Idngit alon"- 
the sky. Bujbr-nia muka deri-pada tampat turn- 
buh rambiil kapdla ingga korsudah-un-nia de-ba- 
zcah ddgu dan de-bdzcah rdhang ka-dua dan lin- 
iang-nia antdra telinga ka-dua tlie long diameter 
of the face is measured from the roots of the 
, hair of the head to the extremity of the chin 
and beneath the two jaws ; the cross diameter 
is the space between the two ears. Tatkdla 
iilar itu mem-bujor-kan diri-nia when the snake 
extends himself to his full length. Bdris bujor 
soldiers in files. 

^_^..^ hujang an unmanied person (male or fe- 
male) ; a young man ; a widower, a widow. 
A young male animal. Add-lah sdt/a tinggal 
bujang sdja I am now left single. De iring- 

kan ulih lima rutits bUjang followed by five huH' 
dred young men. Segala perampuan 
bUjang-biijang every unmarried woman. 


CS^y bujok to caress, sooth, coax, flatter. Dm« 
duk-lah iya de sisi anak dura mem-bujok-kan dii/a 
dangan kdta iang lemah lumbiit ter-Jdlu mdnis 
buni/l-nia he seated himself beside the maid, 
and caressed her with soft and tender words, 
most grateful to the ear. Mem-biijok dangan 
cliumbu-chumbu-an to flatter with compliments. 
Mem-bUjok istri-nia to sooth his wife (to recon- 
cile her to his departure). Meng-apd-kah ma- 
ka klta de bdjok seperti ka-dnak andk-an kcchil 
why are we to be coaxed thus like little chil- 
dren ? ^^^uJ pem-bujok-an flattery. 

j^'y bochor leaky. Prdu ilu sudah jddi bdchor 
that vessel is become leaky. 

(Jj^-c bochak a knob, bump, wen (particularly 
upon old trees). 

jjjj bUdak a youth (male or female), an infant, 
a boy, lad ; an attendant, a slave. Diya-pun 
bfidak dkal-nia tuah he is a youth (but) his un- 
derstanding is old. Kdrna sebab iya lagi bu- 
dak-budak because they were still but youths. 
Maka kardud-nia budak itu laki-ldki both of the 
infant children were males. Id tdan-ku pdtek 
hii de sdruh-kan Ulih paduka kakanda mem-bdwa 
budak perampuan ampat puluh orang O my 
lord, this thy servant has been commissioned 
by thy respected father to convey to thee (a 
present of) forty female slaves. S' orang bu- 
dak-nia sudah Idri one of his slaves has ab- 



boda fearful. 

bodoh or J jfji bodo simple, foolish. An idiot. 

Sepei-li Idku orang bodoh like the behaviour of 
a simple person. Babal dan bodoh ignorant 
and foolish. Ber-bodoh-bodoh-kan diri-nia feia-n- 
ed himself to be an idiot. 

j_5j,j bUdi Hind. 
^^M budi.) 

gj^ understanding. (Vid. 



jj) buru to hunt. (Vid. j.^ buru). 

LLij^, burut ruptured, bursten-bellied, diseased 
in the scrotum. Peniuldt burnt the rupture, 

(Mj.jj burm to wither, become dry. Withered. 
Daun burns withered leaves. Rambut-nia 
seperti kdpas de bums his hair was lilte cotton, 
when the pods become dry, (and burst.) Bnrus- 
kan to waste. Oi'ang tang mem-burus-kan arta 
a spendthrift. 

c .1) burong a bird. Segalaburongiang de adara 
all the birds of the air. Burong sorkuwan a 
flock of birds. Burong nuri the lurj, a beau- 
tiful bird of tlie parrot kind. Seperti burong 
rajorwali rupd-nia it had the appearance of an 

%j'j) borong wholesale, in the lump. To buy 
the whole, to monopolise. 

^jy buruk bad, decayed, rotten ; worthless ; 
ugly. Per-kiikas tangburuk decayed furniture. 
Buruk bdik-tita the bad and good of it. Lebih 
buruk worse. Badan buruk ini this worthless 
body. Buruk namcL orang tlu that man has a 
bad reputation. 

JJ.V buranda a hut, hutch ; a cabin or division 
of the deck or hold of a vessel. 

^j,Jy burni Borneo. (Vid. ij j burnt.) 

,jj; buru OT jy bum to hunt, chase (wild animals 
of any sort) ; to drive (a herd of cattle, or, the 
beast on which another person rides) ; to drive 
out (of a country). Ber-buru se-panjcmg jdlan 
to hunt (amuse himself with killing game) 
during the whole of the journey. Per<n ber- 
buru rusa dangan segala anak raja-rdja tan"- 
miida went to hunt deer along with all the 
young nobility. Anjing ^jjjj per-huru-an a 
hound. Meng-tkut per-buru-un to follow the 
chace. Memunoh per-buru-an to kill game. 
Per-buru-an bdniak de utan ini there is much 
game in this wood. 

tjjijj buri, Hind. VT^ a trumpet. Orang 
ber-hurl trumpeters. Ber-tlup burl to sound a 

i-i-ojijj burit the hinder part; rump; stern. 
BUrlt or bur'it-an kapal the stern or after-part 
of a ship. Ada orang ber-jdga de sa-blaft burit' 
an dekat kamiidl a guard was placed on one side 
of the quarter-deck, near the helm. 

i^^y bawas oxbuwas fierce, ferocious, ravenous; 
wild. Rimau iang bawas a fierce tiger. An' 
jing iang bawas a fierce dog. Burong tang ba- 
was ravenous birds. Tdkut akart bendtang iang 
bawas afraid of %vild beasts. Bawas dti re- 
vengeful, vindictive; cruel. 

c:,,^^ biisut a hillock, little hiU, knoU, eminence. 

j^y busor a bow, a semi-circle; the instrument 
used for separating cotton. Busor-nia de pe- 
gang-nia dangan tdngan-nia kiri dan anakpdnah- 
nia dangan tdngan-nia kunan his bow he held in 
his left hand, and his arrows in his right. De 
kena-kan anak punah ttu ka-pada bdsor-nia he 
adjusted the arrow to his bow. Seperti dua 
bantok busor like two semicircles. Pdtih se- 
perti kdpas de busor rupd-nia white as cotton- 
when separated by tlie machine. 

j^u busong a stoppage, staunching, obstruction. 
A dropsy. Busong ddrah stoppage of blood. 

^y bdsuk putrid, stinking, foul; rotten, de- 
cayed. Bangkei Iang bdsuk a putrid carcase. 
Bdun busuk a stinking smell. De charik-niu 
seperti kdin iang siidah busuk they tore it like 
rotten cloth. Abis busuk bilah kdyu samod-nia 
ttu all the fruit was entirely decayed. 

c^ or 'cLj buang^ to throw or cast out, throw 
away, expel, banish, expose, repudiate. 
Buang Wang to tlsrow away money. De 
budng-kan sinjatd-nia flung away their arms. 
Mem-budng-kan nidwd-nia to throw away their 
lives. Buang bechdra to throw away advice 
or words. Ayer mdta iang ter-buang tears 
that were shed. BHang dyer to make water;- 

^ -54 

Buang darah to let or lose blood. Memluang 
deri rumah hapd-nia to expel from his father's 
house. Mem-buang dangan sural to outlaw, 
to expel from a family with a written document. 
Mem-buang perampuan-nia to repudiate his 
wife. Tiga biiah prdii sudah ter-buang three 
vessels have been cast away. Memttung-kan 
iibat tujuh kali fired a salute of seven guns. 
Biiang tujuh tujuh cast away the sevens, i. e. 
divide by seven. Bab pada manald-kan hukum 


nieng-ambel anak 

oranor ter-buans 

ulih ibfi-ma chapter setting forth the law with 
respect to persons who take up children ex- 
posed by the mothers. 

c^ hunga flower, blossom. Buttga mdwur the 
rose. Bunga chumpdka michelia. Bunga 
Jamba the blossom of the jambu fruit. Bunga 
chengkc cloves. Bun"ga pdla mace. Bunga 
kdrang spunge. Kdrang bunga coral. Bunga 
sorkambang one full-blown flower. Biinga sa- 
kanchup one bud, or flower composed of buds 
artificially aiTanged. Tangkei bunga the stalk 
of a flower. Mengdrang bunga to combine 
flowers artificially. Bicnga dpi sparks of fire. 
Bunga xcang interest of money. Bunga tdnah 
ground rent, land tax, revenue derived fi-om 
the soil. Ber-bunga to blossom. 

ic^ bongkar or JJj bongkar to raise up (a 
weight), to heave up or weigh (an anchor), 
to unlade (a cargo). To upset. Bongkar-lah 
sduh weigh the anchor. Maka puhn itu de 
bongkar-nia akar-nia ka-dtas dan puchuk-nia ka- 
bdwah he upset the tree, the roots upwards and 
the branches downwards. Heirdn ulih-nia me-ltat 
karra kechil itu ddpat i?/aJJit^ memongkar puhn 
itu he was astonished at perceiving that a small 
monkey should be capable of turning the tree 
upside down. 

uncover, expose; 
Buka pintu itu open 
gadong to open the 

tl/») buka to open, lay open 
to commence. Open, 
that door. Mem-buka 
warehouse. De tiup angin maka ter-buka urat 
nia the wind blew and occasioned his naked- 
ness to be exposed (Noah). ^^^^ deiukd- 

kan-nia tirei she opened the curtain. Sebab de 
suruh pada perampuan ^\L^a^ mem-bukd-kan 
mukd-nia dan pada lak'Udki mem-bukd-kan ka- 
pald-nia because it is ordered to a woman to 
uncover her face, and to a man to uncover hii 
head. Mem-buka bechdra to open the cause, 
to commence the pleadings. 

i.z~^^ bukit a hill. Besar seperti bukit rupd-nia 

it appeared as large as a hill. De bdlik bukit 
on the other side of the hiUs. Ada lang seperti 
gunong ada iang seperti bdkit some were like 
mountains and some were like hills. 

Jj) bokor a vessel for domestic uses, a bowl, ba- 
son, cup. 

Jy bukor a grain of any thing granulated by art 
(as salt, gunpowder, &c.). 

^JSy bUkus a bundle. (Vid. ^jJJi bungkus.) 

jiji bukok breadth. Broad. Panjang tlga kdki 
bdkok sa-kdki three feet in length, and one foot 
in breadth. Brdpa bukok-nia kdin itu what is 
the breadth of that cloth ? Best pem-bukok go- 
ragdji an instrument for widening the teeth of 
a saw, a saw-set. 

^y bUkan is not, it is not, there is not ; is there 
not? Bukan brang itu it is not that person. 
Bukan-lah ii/a anak amba he is not my child. 
Bukan beta iang de jadi-kan-nia it was not I who 
occasioned it. Ini-kah negri atau bukan is tliis 
the town or is it not? Jekalau orang ber-kaldi 
pada bukan tampat-nia if men fight in an impro- 
per place. Bukan Idgi strange! wonderful! 
Kititt-nia angin bukan kapdiang how violent is 
the force of the wind ! 

jS^ buka or Jj buku congealed, coagulated. (Vid. 
yo bakd.) 

jS'v buka articulation, joint, the knots which at 
intervals divide the hollow tube of a bambu or 
other cane. Bdku tdngan the wrist. Bukd 
jdri the knuckles. Buku kdki the ankle. Ti- 
mah ampat buku four pieces of tin. 



tlhj bauga a species of bird. 

^y bugis the name of a considerable people 
who inhabit the southern part of the island of 
Celebes, about the gulph of ^ow. Being very 
generally employed as soldiers at the European 
settlements, the word is now used to signify 
those who form what is termed the country 
guard. Jaga-jaga bugis the guard-house for 
this corps. Kdin bugis and kdin mandar 
striped cloths from Celebes, of a harsh texture 
but ingeniously wrought, which are generally 
worn by the Malays. 

vj:Jv bUlat round, circular, cylindrical. A circle. 
Batu tang bulat a round stone. Besi biilat 
round bar-iron. Kayu bidat unsquared or 
rough timber. Bidal dunyd the horizon. 

^y bulus stripped, bare (as a tree of its fruit 
or leaves); childless, bereft of children. Bulus 
dan baia bereft of children and husband. Mem- 
bidus-kan to strip; to render childless. Ikan 
baius a fish of the mullet kind with a very 
large roe. 

r fj^ bidang-bUlang a cloth worn round the head ; 
a band, fillet, wreath. Ber-bUlang-bulang intan 
having a wreath of diamonds. 

Jyi bidan the moon; a lunar month; menses 
mulierum. Bulan bharu and bidan timbul the 
new moon. BUlan purnama the full moon. 
Bidan purnama ruya a festival full moon. 
Naik and terbit bulan moon-rise. Turun and 

• mdsuk bUlan setting of the moon. Bulan 
langkong an arched or horned moon. Btdan 
ber-tatnbah increasing moon. Rupa-^ia seperti 
ampat bias art bulan her appearance resembled 
that of the moon on its fourteenth day. Kdrna 
chdya bulan tidda chdyu diri-nia hdnia chdya Uu 
chaya mata-drljUa nidta pada-nia for the light of 
the moon is not its own proper light, but only 
the light of the sun shining upon it. Sudidi 
hdwa bidan in menstruis. est. Andak sampei 
baian-nia the term (of her gestation) was near- 
ly completed. Biilan muharram the first ma- 

hometan month. Pada bidan iang lulu in the 
past month. Ddlam bulan Iang ddtang in the 
next month. Tiap-tiap biilan every month, 


Sa-bUlan lamd-tiia a month in dura- 

jl^ bdlH feathers, down, wool, hair (of the body), 
pila5. Bfda dyam the feathers of a fowl. JB«- 
lu gangsa goose-quills. Bulu-bulu Idlang the 
downy blossom of a species of grass. Warna 
bdlU-nia seperti amas the colour of its fleece 
was like gold. BUlu. muta the eye-lashes. 
Bidu bdbi hog's bristles, the echinus. BUlu- 
nia itu^pun samod-nia bdngun seperti jdrum his 
(a monkey's) hair thereupon stood all on end 
like needles. Jdngan-kan iya lUka bUlii rdmd- 
nia-pun tidda lUroh so far from being wounded 
not a hair of then- backs had fallen. Daun 
bulH-bulu tragia, L. 

r ijy biHah-bulHh the wind-pipe. 

<sljj brdah whole, entire. 

full three 

The whole, 
Bidah tiga dri three whole days; 

<j!..i biiluh the bambu-cane, arundo bambos, L. 
Pem-bili-an bdluh menegga rUmah the purchase 
of bambu-canes for building a house. Biiluh 
per-rindu a species of bambu supposed to yield 
a melodious and plaintive sound ; a sort of 
eolian pipe, formed by cutting a slit in a 
bambu fixed perpendicularly and exposed to 
the action of the wind. Terddlu amat mardU 
bunyi-ma seperti biiluh per-rindu rasd-nia most 
melodious was the sound, affecting the senses 
like supernatural music. Biiluh china the 
name of a place in the north-eastern pait of 
Sumatra. ■ 

<i]jj bidih can, may, will. To be able. (Vid. 


aiih and <sjj j ber-idih.) Tidor-piin tidda 
bulih dan mukan-piin tidda muu sleep she can- 
not, and to eat she is not inclined. Andak 
Idri tidda bRlih wants to run, and cannot. 
Sekdrang bagimdna amba bUlih mdsuk bechdra 
segalatuan4uan how can I now take a share in 

3i 56 

the councils of you ray lords? Se bTdilt-brdih 1 
if possible ; by all possible means. Barang | 
sc-brdih-bulih-Jat by all means in my power. 

^Jjj hull a flask, a small bottle with a long neck. 

^y bumi, An. and Pers. Hind. iTJ^ th^ 
earth, the world; soil, ground. Bumi dan 
ImgH earth and sky. Ber-jejak dc bumi to 
tread on the earth. Daruh-pun buniak-hih 
timpa Jxa-bumi blood in quantities fell to the 
earth. Bumi-qmn seperti akan belah rasa-nia it 
seemed as if the earth were going to burst. 
^atkah bumi akan kiamat when the world shall 
be at an end. Tunam-kan b/Ji Uu ka-ddlam burnt 
sow those seeds in the ground. Bumi tang 
tagar a stiff, hard soil. Biitiii dan aj/er dan 
fiawS dan apt earth and water, and air, and 

-vcv bumban a sort of ornamental band worn 
on the head, which leaves the crown unco- 
vered ; also a kind of basket. 

v^^jJ bUmbU curry-stuff, sundry vegetables of a 
hot and aromatic flavour blended together for 
making the dish called curry, being the ordinary 
cookery of the Malays. 

t:i;U.j bUmata subtile et leve peditum. 

l^o biini to hide. (Vid. J^y bum.) 

* i3o bunting pregnant. (Vid. y.:uj bunting.) 

iiy bunoh to kill, put to death, slay, murder ; 
to extinguish. Mem-bunoh orang to kill a 
man. Jekalau ddput de tanghtp-niatidda harus 
de bunoh if he should be apprehended, it is not 
proper to put him to death. Brdpa kitrbau 
abis de bUnoh many a buffalo was slain (at a 
feast). Orang tang mfdi de bunoh tudn-ku 
niuda persons who were murdered by the sul- 
tan's eldest son. Orang ij^f^ pem-bilnoh ktta 
bunoh padakollka llujuga the murderer we put 
to death upon the spot. Idng ij^*^ memunoh 
Uu de bunoh jUga hukum-nia for those who 
murder, the punishment is death. Memunoh I 
tdar to kill a snake. Barang sidpa tnemUnoh I 

vraifg dangan tidda se-benar hak-nia uischaija de 
siksa allah dangan dpi ndraka iang amat dngat 
whosoever kills a man without a clear right to 
do so, will certainly be punished by God with 
the hottest flames of hell. JSji^v*^^ pem-bundh 
an an execution, ^jiyjj per-bunoh-an place 
of execution. 

^^ti bdnl or ^^^ biini to hide, conceal. (It is 
often, but erroneously, written ^y_ hunyi and 
jAjO bunyi). Sebab itu-lah mem-bdnt diri-nia 
dcri-pcula rdja on that account he hid himself 
from the king. Balk-lah mutiara ini ku-bunh 
kan de-dul(im bdju-ku I shall do well to conceal 
these pearls within my garment. i .-..^^ 
mem-bu?ii-kan to conceal. Per-bandhardn iang 
ter-bunl hidden treasures. Itya jda iang nidta 
dan iang ter-buni he it is who is manifest and 
who is concealed. 

buah fruit. Any collection of smaller thingg 
with relation to a greater. An idiomatic terra 
employed in counting certain things. Bdah man' ' 
tah unripe fruit. Buahmangkal half ripe fruit. 
Bdah mdsak ripe fruit. Buah ranum mellow 
fruit. Buah busaJi fruit on the tree. Bdah 
mangga the mango. Buah delima the pome, 
granate. Buah pdla nutmegs. Buah anggdr 
grapes. Buah-budh-an various fruits. Buah 
kdi/u iang jdtuh sindiri-nia wind-fallen fruit. 
Buah pari dice. Buah chatur draughts-men. 
Buah peler testiculi. Bdah mariam cannon 
balls. JPdsang mariam sambilan buah fire a 
salute of nine guns. Anak buah the depen- 
dants of a chief. Duabuahpermdta two jewels. 
Sa buah negri one town. Jdngan sdtu buah 
rumah tinggal let not one house remain. Lima 
buah kapal five ships. 

iv buat 

to do, make, construct. (Vid. cjij 

»J^JJ bulwng or cyijj bohong to lie, speak an 
untruth. A lie, falsehood. Lying, untrue. 
Jdiigan-lah kdmu bohong do not thou tell a 
falsity. Masd-kan amba ber-bohong pada bapa- 
ku is it to be supposed that I should lie to my 


ftither? Bohong sdja per-kata-an kamu your 
words are all false. Mem-bohong'kan to deceive 
by a lie, to impose upon. 

^jj huhi or hut froth, foam, scum, collection of 
" air bubbles. Ber-huld mulut-nia his mouth 
foameth. Layang huhi a species of swallow 
supposed to be the bird which constructs the 
edible nests, and for that pui-pose collects the 
froth of the sea. 

j-.ii ^"J"'" a species of bird, 

tjjj huyong a boy, youth ; an attendant. 

j_>jj huyong a vessel for holding water, an 
earthen pitcher. Buyong dan prtuk a pitcher 
and a pot for boiling. Perampuan tang meng' 
amhel ayer dangan huyong women who took 
up (drew) water in pitchers. 

^A,^ hunyi and ^jjj hunyi sound, noise, report, 
utterance. Fame, renown. The contents (of 
a writing), subject, purport. Bunyi angin 
the sound or noise of wind. Bunyi bemtang 
the noise of beasts. Bunyi swdra heduwan itu 
the sound of the voices of the minstrels. Bunyi 
sural or biaiyi kdrarrg sural the contents or 
purport of a writing. Se-telah raja men-dangar- 
han hunyi per-katu-an de-dfdam sural Itu as soon 
as the king had heard the substance of the letter. 
Bunyi pusan the purport of an order. Ber- 
hunyi to utter, to sound, resound ; to speak. 
Ber-bunyi-lah gandarang the drums resounded. 
/vpr??i*>>? l>unyi-hunyi-an musical sounds; musi- 
cal instruments. 

ii hah flood, inundation. Musim halt the sea- 
son of inundation. Ayer-pUn hah-lah negri itu 
the water inundated the city. 

\Li bhara Aa. a bahar, a weight equal to about 
five hundred weight or 560 lb., but varying in 
different places. In measure it is reckoned to 
contain 200 kulak (gallons) of pepper. Ldda 
iorpuluh bhdra limorblas real sa-hhdra ten bahar 
of pepper, at fifteen dollars the bahar. Brat- 

S7 ii 

nia lima bhura duorldpan-blas kat'i its weight is 
five bahar and eighteen catties. 

}J^. ^^^^ ^^ Jvi bkdru new, fresh, recent : new- 
ly, lately. Rumah bhdru a new house. Roli 
bhuru fresh bread. Orang bhdru a new comer, 
a novice. Bhdru sakdrang just now, now for 
the first time. Bhdru tddi very lately, a short 
time since. Bhdru ddtang deri gunong lately 
come from the mountains. Seperti gambar 
tang bhdru de talis like a newly painted pic- 
ture. Bhdrtt-bhard-an juga just this moment. 


mem-bharu-i to renew. 

^\^ Ihdrl Pers. rernal, equinoctial. Tufdn 
tang hhdri an equinoctial gale. 

^jj^_ bkdsa or bdsa Hind, i^^^lj language. 
Behaviour, manners. Bhdsa maldyd the Ma- 
layan language. Bhdsa jdwl the vernacular 
dialect of that language, unmixed with Arabic 
terms. Bhdsa ddlam the dialect of the court. 
Bhdsa bangsdwan the polite dialect. Bhdsa 
kaclidk-an a raixt, corrupt dialect. Bhdsa 
orang ulu the language of the inland people. 
Bhdsa Ming the Telinga language. Korang 
pdlut bhasd-nia there is an impropriety in his 
behaviour. Orang tang tidda tdu bhdsa a per- 
son unacquainted with good manners. Orang 
tang 'pandei bhdsa dan ilmu an accomplished 
and learned person. Mdld-mdlii bhdsa ritpd- 
nia her countenance expressed bashfulness. 

tl/l^ bhdgi or hdgi Hind. ^] j [' to divide, 
share. Surdh-nia bhdgi dua per-bandarati or- 
dered him to divide the treasure into two por* 
tions. Mem-bhdgi rampas-an to share the plun- 
der. De bhagi-kan-nia tantard-nia he divided 
his army. ^^X^ bhagi-an division, share, poi^ 

^Jm bhdna or buna Hind. ^ jf^ voice, utter- 
ance, noise. Bhand-nia tidak Idgi ber-bunyi 
his voice no longer sounded; his utterance 
ceased. Kardangar-an-lah bhdna orang tang 
gampar the clamorous voices of men were 
heard. Bhand-nia miiliit segala benafang ihe 

eries or noises of all the beasts. Bhana-fiia-pun 
sampei-lah ka-adara the noise (of the drums) 
reached the skies. 

^_j\^ bhaya or buj/a Hind, i^ evil, mischief, 
danger, the occasion of fear. Tahut iya akan 
ntcdu bhd)/a pada diri-nia atau pada artu-nia he 
is apprehensive of some mischief to himself or 
to his property. Pada kotlka bhaya at a mo- 
ment of danger. -De luput-kan allaJi orang itu 
deri-pada bhaya God delivered those people 
from danger. Mem-brl bhaya io\n]\xre. Bha- 
ya paTgarung-an complicated or imminent dan- 

|i^ bahlra or batard a galley, barge bark ; the 
ark (of Noah). Turun-kan baJilru dayong- 
ddyong launch the galley of many oars. Su- 
dah hadlir ulat bahtra the stores for equipping 
the vessel are ready. Jeka ada mayit ilu da- 
lam bafdrd if the corpse should be on board 
a vessel. Naik bahtrd atau pruu lulu ber4ayer 
embark on a galley or other vessel, and set 
sail. Budl-lah ulih-mu sa-buah bahtrd do thou 
build an ark. 

^ jj behrcJc alvum exonerare. Biji iang de mun- 
tah-kan-nia atau de ^\j^ behrak-kan-nia grain 
•which it lias vomited up or voided with its 

,_^rfj bahn Ar. and Pers. prudent, virtuous, ad- 
ministering wisely. Pe-ganti rdja iang baliri 
in the room of the virtuous king. 

L^ behkan yes, nay more ; event AflRrmative 
assertion. Add-kah hdrus — Behkan is it ne- 
cessary? Yes it is. Behkan atau bukan yes 
or no, it is or it is not. Deri-pada behkan itu 
from that affirmative (of the Prophet). 

(^ bhagia and <o bagm Hind. )^ |j^| happy, 
blessed; fortunate, auspicious, felix. Orartg 
bhagia the blessed, saints. Jlei anak rdja iang 
her-bhagia dan bangsdzcan O prince, happy and 
illustrious. Ber bhagia sakdli ber-temu dangun 
ayanda ini auspicious in the extreme is this 

88 c>? 

meeting of my chUd with (me) his father. 
Jang bhagia dan 'iang cheldka the happy and 
the unfortunate, ylpa gardngan bhagia amba 
how great is my happiness ! 

^5^ bhagi-an division, share. (Vid. cJ\^ 

j^ bahwa whereas, now; that, how that; as to; 
but; since. In general it is little more than an 
expletive. Bahwa ini dlamet sUratserta tabek 
bdniak-bdniak ddtang deri-pada pandita rdjo' 
whereas this epistle, accompanied with many 
compliments, comes from, &c. Bahwa tidda 
Idgi sak kdmi bahwa kdmi menang deri-pada 
kdmu now we no longer entertain a doubt as 
to our prevailing against you. Jekalau iya 
sak akan bendlang bahwa bendtang itu hdrus de 
mukan if he be in doubt about the animal, as to 
its being an animal proper for food. Meiiga- 
td-kan bahwa rdja telah ddtang gave advice 
that the king was anived. De cheriterd-kan 
bahwa pangiilu ncgri itu it is related that the 
chief of the country. ^*^j^ bahwa se-sunggdh- 
nia id nabi whereas, in truth, O prophet ! 

^^ bhina or ^ bina very, excessive; entirely; 
too much. Idng bhina bunyi-nia whose noise 
was very great. Dangan bhind-nia sdngat in 
great extremity. Ati sUka ter-Idlu bina the 
heart is rejoiced to excess. Mata-dri-pun tidda 
korliat-an bhina the sun was entirely invisible. 

^ bla animals inhabiting shells, shell-fish, snails, 
&c. shells. Bia sorbldh an univalve shell ; the 

^ bca or yj beo impost, custom, duty, toll. 
Meng-ambel beo kapal iang ddtang menidga 
ddlani sa-rdlus sapuluh to levy a duty on 
ships importing merchandize, of ten per cent. 
Jdngan dugdng-an ini kena chukei dan beo 
these goods are not to pay duty and customs. 
Beo karbau a toll collected on buffaloes. 

^A^ bidsa accustomed, wont, inured; acquaint- 
ed with] skUled in. Usual. Amba ini tidda 

biasa meng-adap ruja-raja tang hesdr tliy ser- 
vant is not accustomed to appear before great 
princes. lang biasa de pdkei what (he is) ac- 
customed to wear. De sambah-nia seperti orang 
biasa he paid his respects like a person used 
(to good company). Balum amba biasa dang- 
cn tUan I am not yet in habits of acquaint- 
ance with you. Orang sudah biasa dangan 
Wang itu the people are accustomed to that 
coin. Seperti bagimana tang telah tfe^^Lj 
biiisa-kan deti-pada zeman daulu as hath been 
customary since ancient times. 

J^L biawak or bit/dwak the inguana or guana, 
an animal of the lizard kind. 

^_Jul bidya diet, allowance of food, ration, one 
day's subsistence. Me-lebih-kan biai/a to en- 
crease the allowance of food. Lebih deri-pada 
. biu^a makdn-an above the usual ration of vic- 
tuals. Ada biat/d-nia tidp-tidp ari he has a dai- 
ly allowance of food. Akan bidya kandarun- 
nia jeka tidda iya kredsa ber-jdlan as a ration or 
allowance for the beast that carries him, if he 
be not able to walk. Harum (,\i\Ji<, mcng- 
yayd-kan per-burd-an kdrna meng-ambel telur-nia 
dan susd-nia it is forbidden to feed animals con- 
sidered as game for the purpose of taking their 
eggs or their milk. 

^ blbir the lips; the edge, border, brim, brink. 
Bibir pcrampdan ilu nierah tdah the lips of tlie 
woman were of a deep red. Merah blbir the 

• red or inner part of the lips. Bibir-nia tang 
tipis men-jddi labal her thin lips became thick 
(or swoln with weeping). Men-kdtup bibir to 
close the lips. Blbir pr'ig'i the brink of a well. 
Bibir kdnan the stai-board gun-wale (of a 

i—^bibas free, unrestrained. Licence. Kami 
kdsih bibas atJis ka-sukd-an men-jual dan mem-bill 
we grant free permission to sell and buy at 
pleasure. De bibas-kan Ulik kompani suffered 
to pass free of duties by the Company. 

j^ bebek Jav. a duck; a wild duck. (Vid. 

\ Itik.) 

beta a servant, attendant, domestic. The 
personal pronoun I, me. Beta perwdra a fe- 
male attendant on a young woman, a governess. 
Beta ini dan perampdan itu I and that woman. 
Beta Inibhdru ddtang deri Idut I am lately come 
from sea. Bdkan-nia beta lang de jadi-kan-nia 
it was not I who occasioned it. Weh bUnoh 
beta daulu alas, kill mo first ! 

^ blji, Hind, (q^ seeds. Blji bungaiungd' 
an flower-seeds. Blji rumput grass seeds. Bi- 
ji mdta the eye-ball or the pupil of the eye. 
Diam-la chdya blji mdta abang be composed 
thou light of mine eye-balls. Bdtu dua biji 
two stones. Biji rdlap and biji , pL sdbak la- 
mentation, mourning song. 


j:^' bljak prudent, cautious, cunning, subtle; 
wise. Sa-ldku orang bljak like a prudent per- 


^jsxi btjin sesamum indicum, a seed, from which 
oil is abundantly procured. It is also named 
iJ lang or langa. 

^ji^\\^_ bldddarl a celestial nymph. (Tid. ^t)lju 

cJuj bldang ornamental drawing ; an ornament- 
ed page of a book. Deslar sa-bldang one 
head-cloth. Kabun sa bidang one planta- 
tion. Pinggang-nia ramping dadd-nia bidang 
her waist is slendei;, her breast weU formed. 
^IjkJ pa-biddng-an a frame for embroidery, 

jju; beidak, Ar. a pawn at chess, 

(^Jtj bldan a midwife. 

lijuj biduk a boat, a general name for all small 
craft. The constellation of the great bear. 

t£;jJuj bidurl, Hind. f^7"55;|' the opal; the 
agate. Jntan dan pualam dan blduri dan zam- 
rdd diamonds, and alabaster, and agate, and 
emeralds. Warna bidurl colours of the opal. 
A plant which produces a kind of cotton; ascle* 
pias argentata. Bat. Trans, vol. v. 
I 2 

»Jui bidaJi to diifer (in opinion), to dissent; to 
distinguish, discriminate. Sakarang ini bldah 
ter-lalu at present they differ widely. Mem- 
b'ldah-kan tcman-nia to distinguish their com- 
panions (in the dark). Tiuda dupat ^Ia.«^v 
mem-b'idah-kan antara surak suka-cldta dan antuia 
bunr/i tangls-an could not distinguish between 
shouts of joy and the cry of lamentation. 
Ka4au-l per-bidah-an antara tang suchi dangan 
long kena nejis to discern the difference be- 
tween what is pure and what has been defiled. 

^ her or h'lr to permit, let, suffer, allow. Bcr- 
loll beta king pergi let me be the person to go. 
Ber-lah k'Ua nidli de-slni suffer us to die here. 
Itu-lah hal-nia her tuan tau add-nia such is the 
state of the affair ; let it be known to you ac- 

f . J blri-b'iri a sheep. (Vid. T^j-j birl-h'iri.) 

^^ hlras brother or sister-in-law by the husband 
or wife. (Vid. lA ipar.) Blras laki-ldki the 
wife's brother. B'lras perampuan the husband's 

fc^ berang-berang a sea-animal, the seal. 



to dung. 



._j blru light blue, sky-blue. Ada iang mera/i 
ada tang blru some were red, some were blue. 
Sepertl ber-champur datfgan awan iang hiru 
seemed to be lost in or mixed with the blue 
expanse. Bunga seruja blru the blue lotos. 
Bunga blru clitoria ternatea. 

S^'jj-J birugu or Of. -j J\ dj/am blriigd the cock of 
the woods. 

*-j birth border, edge, confine. 

. jNjj blrah a plant with very large leaves ; arum 
maximum. Daun-nia besdr-besdr seperti daun 
blrah its leaves are extremely large, like those 
of the arum. 

f^ . blrl-blrl or T-j blri-blri and beri-beri,}iiyir). 
'iT^ a sheep. Karbau lembu dan biri-bhi 

buffaloes, cows, and sheep. Blrt-hiri sdtu one 
sheep. Burong blrl-blrl a bird which buries 
its eggfi in the sand. 

^j^ bias or biiyas (the precise meaning has not 
been ascertained). Tdkut iya akan bias ter' 
dampar pada karang they were afraid they 
should be cast away upon a ledge of rocks. 


iiiND. ^^^ 

poison, venom ; poi- 

sonous infection. Skilled, learned; skilful. 
Ttr-kcna-blsa poisoned, infected with poison. 
Ular Lisa a poisonous snake. Segala bendiang 
tang bha all venomous animals. Ndga itn-pun 
meniamhur-kan bisd-nia kd-luar deri-pada mulut- 
nia the dragon thereupon squirted forth his 
poison from his jaws. Pendwar segala blsa an 
antidote for all poisons. Blsa ter-ldlu orang 
Uu that person is deeply skilled, or profoundly 
learned. , 

JU.-J or CS.-.--;) hlsik to wliisper. Ber-cheritera 
dan ber-hlsik to tell stories and whisper. 
Dangan sa)aml-nia perampuan bJsik the woman 
whispers to her husband. Blsik-blsik secretly, 
privily ; in a whisper. 

Jl^ blsol a boil, tumour, blotch. Bisol atau 
kiidal a blotch or leprous scurf. Blsol lada 

.VI--' hisan the relationship between those whose 
children intermarry. Blsan laki-ldki son's fa- 
ther-in-law. Blsan perampdan son's mother- 
in-law, or father-in-law's wife. 

. „,„.! blsu dumb, speechless, mute, 
dumb and deaf. 

Tull dan hlsu 

|JL) blngis peevish, petulant, cross; harsh, 
cruel. Harshness, severity. Murong dan 
blngis melancholy and peevish. Mdka blngis 
a harsh or angry countenance. Perampuan Uu 
sudah men-jddi blngis pada anak-nia that woman 
is become cruel to her child. Bdtu blngis a 
hone, fine whetstone. 

ijLi blngong simple, foolish, half-witted, puz- 


zle-lieadedj stupid. Pada sdngka pstek tang 
b'lngong Ini in the opinion of tbis your simple 

,/i$oL^ benglcok, Hind. <^c^ crooked, humped, 

gibbous. (Vid. fjiii hangkak.) Gunongbtng- 
hok a sugar-loaf mountain near B^^-ncoolen. 
Jiing bcr-dlri bcngkok andak-lah mem-betul-lcan 
tulang hlakang-nia he who standeth stoopiiig 
should straiten his back-bone. 

CuU^JIjLj hingkt muta the circle of the eye. 

JJLj bingal stubborn. 

vLj blak the cud. Mdmah hlak to chew the cud. 

TtliCo bcka-beka indelicate, indecent (conversa- 

fi_C> bikang-blkang a sort of thin cake. 

Xj ieAa?M^o let blood by cupping. 

'Xo bik-l to mend. (Vid. ij\> baik-'i.) 

J^ bila, Hind, ^^f)\ time, point of time. 
Men-churi bila to seek a time, to watch an op- 
portunity. Apa-hila or pabila when, at what 
time? ^UJj bila-mma when, at the time 

L) bila to accompany in death ; the voluntary sa- 
crifice of a woman at the funeral of her hus- 
band, or of a husband at that of his wife. 
Mati-lah aku tiada hcr-bila I shall die unaccon;- 
panied. Ber-mohon-lah ka-pada bonda-nia andak 
pergi bila maka kutd bondu-nia jangan-lah tuan 
bila karna anak tuan Idgi hechil she took leave 
of her mother with the intention of devoting 
herself (to the manes of her husband); but her 
mother said, do not devote thyself, for thy 
child is still an infant. Sebdb per-budt-atMnu 
maka anak-ku bila dangan perampuan ilu it is 
the consequence of your deeds that my son has 
devoted himself with that woman (to whom he 
had been secretly married). 

iJL) bildlang a species of fish. (Vid. ^h bdd- 

i-1j hiJas derarigcd, out of order or condilioij. 
Bllas-kan rambul iang ikal to derange adjusted 
locks. Bllas ka-dua matd-nia her two eycae 
were affected. Jdngan sdngat mendngis mdfa 
iang bisi kalo bilds-an do not give way to exces- 
sive weeping, lest your fine eyes be spoiled- 

iLj hVang to tell, relate, acquaint; to count, 
number. Sudah ij/a bilung ka-pada kdmi he 
told or related to us. Sfhah itu-lah maka kdmi 
mem-hllang ka-pada tuan for this reason it was 
that we made the communication to you. Tiga 
kali de bilang rial ilu counted the dollars three 
times over. Dua bilang sdtu two are account- 
ed for one. ^1j bilung-an account, relation, 
tale, reckoning. Sudah sampei or sudah gnnap 
hilung-an the reckoning is complete. Sdlah 
hildng-an-nia the account or tale of it was 

jLj hilik a chamber, apartment, closet. Ada- 
iah ddlam malagei itu sa-ribu bilik ddlam sa-satU 
bilik sudlu kela there were in the palace a 
tliousand chambers, and in each chamber a 

aL." bilah a peculiar term used in the numeration 
of certain thin substances. Pdpan dm bilah 
two boards. Meniandang pcdang sa-bilah 
s'urang to gird on swords, each man one. 
Kris dua bilah sakin tiga bilah two kriscs and 
tlu-ee knives. . KUlak dua bilah two gallon mea- 

^ bima a district in the north-eastern part of the 
island Sambaiea (vulg. Cambarca) peopled, for 
the most part, by a colony of Bugis fi-om Ct- 
Icbes. It produces a small but fine breed of 

.-J hina excessive. (Vid. ^^ bkina.) 

^ bini or •--< bini wife. Meng-amlel bint dd- 
lam dusun" lain to take a wife from another vil- 
lage. MemAmang bini to repudiate a wife. 
Bini-nia ber-dmpat he has four wives. Bini- 
nia dan gundik-nia his wives and hii concu- 


j^ leo impost, custom. (Vid. L bea.) 
Ajj> biola, PoBT. (viola) violin. 


tu f the letter named ^b' la. 

'tli or 'b' <« a particle of negation, being a con- 
traction of jIj iiada. Tu-sudcJi unceasing. Td- 
diipat tiada without fail. 

j\j tubur to sow grain. (Vid. j^b" tabur.) 

ji\j tdbir or jjj tabir a curtain; a veil. Ada 
tdbir sualu pnda piritu tlu there is a curtain to 
the door. Fddl zakdt men-judi tdbir ddlam surga 
works of public charity become a veil (over 
sins) in heaven, 

^b tabas or ^^ tebbas to clear the ground of 
brushwood, rank weeds, long grass, and the 
like. Menebbas balukar to clear away the un- 
derwood. Sdma menebbas sdma menebbang ma- 
kajddi pddi the operation of clearing away the 
underwood and of cutting down the trees 
should be performed by all the neighbourhood 
at the same time, for tlie crop of rice to suc- 
ceed. Ini daftar-niorbdniak orang menebbas utan 
dan bdniak rdlang utan iang de tdbas-nia this is 
an account of the number of men employed in 
clearing the woods, and of the quantity of land 
so cleared. 

5uV; tabang or i_J tebbang to fell (trees), to cut 
down (timber); to lop off the great branches. 
Tebbang-lah kuT/u de muka kola cut down the 
trees in front of tlie fort. Orang sudah tebbas 
tebbang-nia sapdro sudah the people have done 
clearing away the underwood and have partly 

felled the trees. Menebbang dan memanggang 
to fell the trees and burn them. Tebbang ru- 
ttiah to cut down a house (constructed of tim- 

ber or of bamboo). Penebbang an instrument 

for hewing. 


^Ui" tabang-an trees recently 

jjU tdbung and c^" taburtg pieces of bamboo 
used for carrying water. Tdbung bru or ddun 
kundl the plant called nepenthes destillatoria. 

ijAi tdbek, JmjIj tdbek or ij\i tdbih compliments, 
greeting, salutation. Ambakirim tdbek ka-pada 
tuan-mu I send my compliments to your master. 
Maka iya mem-bri tdbek pada kapilan serta ha- 
pltan mem-bdlas puJa he paid his compliments 
to the captain, which the captain returned. 
Amba ddlu k'irim tdbek bdniak-bdniak akan ka- 
pltan S. . . I, the ddtu (chief), send many com- 
pliments to Captain S. 

JjU tdbal, J_J tebbal or JJL Ar. a small drum 
carried before great personages, ^ij tubal- 
kan (o invest with insignia. Tabal-kan anak 
rdja to invest the prince with regal insignia. 
De tabal-kan-nia Fdih rdja dangan takhia ka^ajd- 
an he was placed by the king upon a royal 

jvb tdbur or jb tdbur to sow (corn); to strew 
(flowers). Mendbur pddi to sow padi or rice. 
Mendbur jdrang to sow tliin. Mendbur-kan 
bdnga rampei se-panjang jdlan strewed fragrant 
flowers along the road. Dan tabur-l-lah mayil 
kakanda dangan bunga and strew the corse of 
thy beloved with flowers. ijjU penubur a 

'iti\i tdbiit, Pers. the ark of the covenant deli- 
vered by God to the prophet Adam, and from 
him transmitted to Moses. 

ij\i tdboh a sort of drum. A watch or division 
of the night. To beat a drum or otlier sono- 
rous instrument. Depdld tdboh lardng-an bun- 
t/l-nia niuring ber-panjdng-an struck the prohi- 
bitory drum, whose sounds were clear and 
lengthened. Tdboh Iang ka-tiga the third watch. 
Gong rdya de tdboh orang-lah akan dldmat bo- 
ginda ber-angkat the state gong was beaten as 
a signal of the king's having set out. 

jjj iahlr narrow. Kdin tdblr narrow cloth. 
Klem tahlr a narrow hem. 

ijlj" tfttang or tdtong a river in the south-eastern 
part of Sumatra, on which stands the city of 
Palembang; named Musi in the upper part of 
its course. 

«jb' luting and j_Jb' luting to lift, hold up, raise 

bj putting the hand under. Tuting kdi/u itu 
lift or cant that piece of timber. Tuting nasi 
to lift rice (to the mouth). Ii/a Idgi iJiU^ 
mendting gunong he (Hanuman) continued to 
hold up the mountain. Mendting pawan to 
hold up the betcl-«tand. 

<;b" tdtah to set, stud, adorn (with jewels) ; to 
plate over. Tdtah dangan permdta to set with 
jewels. Tdtah dangan peralc to plate with 

^"U tdtlng to lift. (Vid. ^t; idling.} 

^\j tdjii or t!>-\j tdju, Ar. and Pers. a crown, 
diadem, tiara. (Vid. ci-X^ makuta.) Rib- 
timbers in boat building, which rise from the 
gdding-gdding or floor-timbers. Chdya tajd- 
nia the splendour of his crown. Ber-tdju amas 
de kdrang having a crown of gold filagree. 


\i' tdji an artificial spur (in shape like a scythe) 
for fighting cocks. A lancet. Tdji tang bantok 
a crooked spur. Ilik her tdji a duck with spurs, 
a vaunting coward or an awkward beau. 

^j:>.\j tajak an instrument used for clearing away 
weeds, a kind of falx or bill. To clear away 
weeds by means of that instrument. 


t^ tdjam sharp, keen, quick. De ambel-nia 
bdtu iang tdjam he took up a sharp stone. 
Memegang pedang ter-unus iang tdjam held a 
drawn sword with a keen edge. Mdta tdjam 
sharp or quick sighted. Tdjam prdt-nia mdlas 
he felt severe griping pains. v>-L< mendjam 
plsau to sharpen a knife. 

i^\j tddah to hold or lift up (the hands); to up- 
bold, preserve from falling. Menaddh-kan hor 

63 l»> 

dua idpak tungan^ia ka-ldngit io hold up the 
palms of his two hands towards heaven. Serta 
menaddh-kan tdngan-nia pada tiap-iiap doa her- 
hetUl-an dangan ka-dua bduh lifted up their 
hands at every prayer, to the height of the 
shoulder. Jekalau ka-sukdr-an menddah rambut 
hdik meniukur dit/a if there be difficulty in pre- 
serving the hair, it is well to shave it off. Me- 
nddah drajng acheh ddlam negri padang to up- 
hold the A Chinese (settlers or traders) in the 
district of Padang. 

t^jb' or i_sd^ tddi just now, a short time since; 
Amba sudah mdkan tddi I have eaten just now. 
Sidpa menidut kdta-ku tddi who answered mj 
words just now? Siapd-kah taman tuan her- 
kata-kdta tddi ini who is the companion with 
whom you were just now in discourse ? Ij/w 
lah tddi ddtang meng-antar pdtek kamdrl he 
came just now to accompany me hither. Ka- 
mdna bdrong nen tddi whither is the bird 
(gone) which (was here) just now? 

Jj tdra equal, fellow, counterpart. To smooth 
or plane (a board), to make even (with an 
adze). To print. Tiadd-lah ada ^3 tard-nia 
pada zemdn itu he had no equal in those days. 
Elok-nia tiadd-lah her-tdra her beauty was not 
to be equalled. Sdma tard-nia ka-duduk-an-nia 
their seats were of an equal height. Sa-tdra 
alike, even with. Sa-tdra tuan sdkar de chart 
for such another as you, the search would be 
difficult. Ter4dra printed. 

cjb tdrang prong, fork, tooth, claw, sharp point 
of an instrument. Sarampang iang ber4drang 
tiga a fork or spear with three prongs. 

J ,b tdrok branch, bough, shoot, Ujong taroh 
nia de gintas nipped off the extremity of the 
branch. Riipd-nia seperti tdrok angsiika she 
resembled a branch of the angsuka (flowering) 

2^b' tdrek or ^Jjjb' tarek to pull, draw, drag.- 
Tdrek dcri ddlam dyer to pull from out of the 
water. Mendrlk tali to stretch a cord. Angina 

^ 64 

pun tarek tiada tanlu the wind vee^s about and 
is unsteady. Torek ttnfas to respire. 

Vjjb" or cjy trortg the egg-plant, ^olanum me- 
longena L. commonly known by the Portu- 
guese name of beringclha or brinjal, of which 
there are several kinds. 

Ajjj tarum the indigo plant ; indigofera tinctoria. 
Tarum akar the climbing or broad-leafed indi- 
go, marsdenia tinctoria. 

iJH taroh or taridi to put, place, set, deposit, 
put by, lay by, keep in store, possess, retain, 
preserve; to commit, give in charge; to im- 
putej to feel inwardly ; to stake as a bet. T<7- 
roh ttu de tangah-tangah put that in the middle. 
Tdrah tapak tui/gan-mu de-sini place or set your 
signature here. I)e laroh-nia de-ddlam ati-nia 
he laid it up in his heart. Menaroh baju to 
lay by or to possess a garment. Kami tidda 
menaroh sinjula we do not possess, or, have no 
store of arms. Maka baginda Uu ada menaroh 
suddra perampuan now tliis monarch had a 
sister. Menaroh ka-sakti-an to possess super- 
natural power. Bfilih amba bill himpun tdroh 
I shall purchase and lay it up in store. Ter- 
Idlu sdngat pdtek akan ber-taroh-kan dirt patek 
ka-pada tuan I entirely commit or resign myself 
to you; I have the most implicit confidence in 
you. AiTgkau iang tidda menaroh rndlH thou 
who dost not feel shame. Menaroh per-saldh- 
itn to bear a grudge, to feel resentment for 
wrongs. Menaroh per-chintd-an to feel anxiety 
or tender concern. ^^- taroh-an or ^j^ 
penarbh-an a repository, place where things are 
laid up. «,\J pendroh a depositary, one to 
whom a thing is confided. Pendroh ralisit/a a 
depositary of secrets, sj^ petdroh a stake, 
])et, pledge, pawn, thing deposited; a thing 
higldy prizei Petdroh ayanda bondu add-lah 
akan adenda ini the hearts of us, her parents, 
are set upon this young woman. 

^^Ju tdrl to dance; to prance (as a horse). A 
_ dance; the act of dancing. Pada tkdr titan 

p'utri itU-pun mendr'i ampal brang seruya meme- 


gang klpas sdtu s'orang in the train of the prin- 
cess four persons then danced, each of them 
holding a fan. Angkap mendrl to dance in 
pairs or sets. Ber-bangit-lah menari ber-bagei' 
bdgci rupa tari-nia inddi-induh ber-sanH-santi 
scrdya ber-angkap-nngkap-an seperti marak meng- 
igal they arose to dance, and various were the 
modes of their dancing, all admirable, now in 
succession and now in pairs ; moving like pea- 
cocks. Kuda itu-pUn me-lompat dan ter-tari- 
tart the horse then bounded and pranced. 
^JJ pendri a dancer, ^j^ penari-a7i\ 

^Jj tar'ikh, Au. chronicle, annals; date, calen- 
dar, epoch. 


jj^li- tarek to pull. (Vid. jjc- tarek.) 

(jjjj turtk a term in boat-building ; the upper 
side-planks, above the bends. 

CS^\i tdsek or iJJ.*->i\i tdslk a sea, inland sea or 
great lake, a large piece of water. De marchu: 
gunong itu ada sa^uah tdsek on the summit of 
tlie moimtain there is a lake. Burong kunlul 
kambaU-lah ka tdsek-nia the heron returns to his 
lake. Tasek musin the salt sea. Rdja tdsek 
samudra king of the ocean. 

^jj^ tdngis to weep, shed tears. Sdngat tatigis' 
nia she wept bitterly. Mengapa kdmu ma- 
ndngis why do you weep ? Seperti orang 
menangls-kan ka-matl-an swaml-nia like a person 
who bewails the death of a liusband. Apa 
tUan tangls-kan what does my lord weep for ? 
Serta menangls-kan tdngan-nia bedewing his 
hand with tears, ^j.^ tangls-m weeping, 

^U tdngan the hand ; the hand and arm. (Vid, 
^'i langan.) Tdngan klrl dan tdngan kdnan 
the left hand and the right. Kudong tdn<ran 
sa-blah having lost one hand; one-handed. 
Mengudong tdngan to cut off the hand. Unjuk 
tdngan to stretch out the hand. Ber-jdbat 
tdngan to feel or shake hands. De pardng-nia 
darigan ka-dHa blah tangan-nia he fought (or 

wielded his sword) with both liis hands. Tupak 
U'mgan the palm of the hand ; signature ; 
hand writing. Ber-tapok tatfgan or taph-kan 
tutigan to clap the liands. Lipat tungan to 
fold the arms. Ibutangan the thumb. Kalung' 
an tungan the ball of the thumb. Sapu-tungan 
a handkerchief. 

tjlj tafia a spirit distilled from molasses. (The 

French name for rum.) ^rak brum tdfla 
three kinds of spirit (enumerated in an old 
Malayan writing). 

t^]:itapa, Hind, fffq" penance, seclusion, reli- 
gious retirement. The various states or trans- 
formations of the body, according to the me- 
tempsychosis, and which are considered as stages 
of penance. Ingga ganap-lah tapd-mu Uu tujiih 
puliih tuun until the completion of thy penance 
(in that shape) of seventy years. Ka-pada art 
Hit sampei-lah tapu-nia upon that day the term 
of his penance expired. Sebah-pun maka ?j/a 
ber-tilpa dan meninggal-kan ka-rajd-an-nia the 
occasion of his l)ecoming a recluse and aban- 
doning his sovereignty-. Men-tdpa segala tang 

■ jdhat chila-nia to condemn io penance all whose 
desires are evil. Per4dpa a recluse ; a person 
under the influence of a vow or of a curse. 
Tampat ^j'\AiS per4apd-an a place of penance ; 
a place where religious ceremonies are per- 
formed (in febulous story). 

ci^li" tdpat a cliff. 

^'u tdpis to strain (a liquid). ^a-Ai tapis-an a 

jj\j tupak the palm of the hand ; the sole of the 
foot. A palm measure. To push, shove, 
fend off. Meng-garuk jdri dahgan tidda meng- 
gardk tupak tdngan to move the fingers witli- 
out moving the palm of the hand. Mcnuroh 
tupak tungan to affix a signature. (In some 
parts of the East it is still the practice to make 
an impression with the flat of the hand, by way 
of sign manual.) De-bdrcak tdpak kdkl tuan 
amba beneath the soles of my master's feet. 

65 ' U 

Anam tdpak bdyang-bdyang datang-nia they 
will come when the shadows are six palms in 

^y\j tdpus and ^^ tapus a fruit that has some 
resemblance to the chesnut ; a new genus be- 
longing to the tricoccas. 

<tSlj <ap/A a kind of pain ted calico. 

^J-^^ tapis to clap, flap, strike against. Taph' 
kan tdngan to clap the hands. Tapis-kan sdyap 
to clap the wings. 

u:^Ij tdkut afraid, alarmetl, fearful, timorous, 
in awe. Fear, apprehension, awe. To fear, 
apprehend, hold in awe. I-est, for fear. Se- 
gala rdyat ter-ldlu tdkut akan raja itu all the 
people were exceedingly afraid of the king. 
Tdkut-nia akan istri-^ia morka he was afraid 
that his wife should be angry. Tdkut akan 
musuh afraid of the enemy. Deri-pada sdngat 
takut-nia from their extreme apprehension. 
Tdkut adajUnah ka-kirlkdnan lest scandal should 
arise from one quarter or another. Sebab ka- 
takrit-an-nia by reason of their fears. Andak- 
lah de per-ulih-nia tiilan pada tampat tang de 
^^ ka-takut-i-mia he ought to provide him- 
self with a companion when going to a place 
of which he entertains fears. li-^IJ pendkut 
one who is afraid, a coward. Tdkut mdnusla 
the sensitive plant, oxallis sensitiva. 

^\j tdkar a kind of drinking vessel, a cup; a 
measure by whicli oil is sold. Tdkar amas a 
golden vessel. Ada tang ber-tdkar mutidra 
some (in the bath) used vessels of mother of 

^\j tdkan to press (with the flat of the hand) ; 
to imprint ; to press out. De takan kapald-nia 
dangan tdngan k/ri pressed its head with the 
left hand. Mendkan-kan Tilu krls-nia pressed 
the handle of his kris or dagger. Sunnat 
mandkan-kan ka-dua tdpak tangan-nia ka tampat 
sambdi/ang tatkala akan hdngkit deri-pada sejud 
aiau duduk it is permitted to press the palms 
of his two hands upon the place of prayer, 



' when a person is about to rise from n ostration 
or from sitting. Jalan takan a beaten path. 

5'li tagar or tagor thunder. Sepetii tagar dc 
larTgit like thunder in the sky. Seperti tagar 
mem-hldh bum/'i-nia its noise was like that of 
bursting thunder. 

jVb" tiigal or Jl:; l^ggc^ because, by reason of. 
Tiigal itu on that account, because of that. 
Tagal apa on what account, wherefore ? Tagal 
perampuan itu on account of the woman. 

Xti\i tugu-tagu a species of bird. 

i^\i tugah to hinder. (Vid. iSj tagak.) 

J\j tagi to dun, to press for payment of a debt. 
Tagi-mendgi orang ber-utang to dun a debtor 
repeatedly. li'mg tdg'i iipati tax-gatherers, de- 
manders of tribute. 

iJti t (Jiang a species offish. 

jJt tulang a small detached village or hamlet. 

ijb" talang or orang talang a broker, small factor. 
Itj lalung-an brokerage. 

cJti tdlif, An. united, connected. Men-tallf-kan 
kitab to compose a book. 

JIj talam and Aj talam a large metal salver, dish, 
or tray. Tiilam swusa a salver of mixed metal. 
De lUdah-kan-nia ka-pada saiuah tcllarn spit it 
into a cuspidor. 

jVi tali a rope, cord, string. Ber-ikat dangan 
' tall to bind with a cord. Lepas dangan tali 
to tether. Tdli siiuh a cable. Tall kras large 
cordage. Tulibaxcat-an braces. Tallpendurat 
a hawser. Tall kris a kris-belt. Tdll pen- 
ding a girdle or zone. Ti'ill kail a fishing line. 
Jiunga tfdUfili (also named sangir litngit) a 
beautiful climbing plant, with a small crimson 
flower, ipomoea quamoclit, L. flos cardinalis, R. 

% tall a small silver coin equal to three fanams 
or the eighth part of a Spanish dollar. Dt- 
dalam rial sa-laksa itu bagl-an amba tiga ribu 

tlga rdtus t/ga p'tluh tlga real sa-suku sortali of 
those ten thousand dollars my proportion ig 
3333 dollars, one sulcu and one tall (an ap- 
proximation to the fraction of one third). Tall 
kaiu a legal term belonging to the ceremonial 
of marriage, and borrowed from the Hindu 
institutions ; the tall being, on the coast of 
Malabar, a small gold figure representing the 
deity Ganesa, which the bridegroom hangs 
round the neck of the bride. 

-«\j tuman a pleasure-garden. Taman ier-ldlu 
indah-indah per-budl-an-nia a garden of most 
admirable design. Tdman itu latfgkap dangan 
serba biinga the garden was completely stocked 
with flowers. Tdman larung-an a garden in- 
terdicted (to all but the females). 

.-^\7 tdmln a shield. (Vid. j-~J i prlsl.y 

^p\j tdnak to boil (as a pot of rice) ; to boil till 
dry. - Ii/a-lah singgah ber4dnak mukan de rumah 
orang dusun itu he stopped to dress and eat 
his victuals at the house of a person in the 
village. Mendnak ndsi to boil rice. Miniak 
per-tdnak coconut oil of the best quality, ob- 
tained by the operation of fire, as distinguished 
from the common sort which is made by ex- 
posing the kernels to the sun. Sa-per4dnak 
ndsi a measure of time estimated by the boiling 
of a pot of rice. 

Ji\i tdnam to plant, to sow, to put into the earth ; 
to bury. Tdnam Idda to plant pepper. Tdnam 
pudi to plant rice. Jeka de tdnam-kan-nia 
nischdj/a tumbuh if it be sown it will certainly 
come up. Balum ada mendnam they have not 
yet planted or sown. Tatkdla ii/a sudah de tdnam 
orang at the time of their burying him. Bangkei- 
nia ter-tdnam his carcase is buried. Ter-tdnam 
singga pinggang-nia buried (sunk in mud) up 
to his waist. Hdrus jnendnam-kan mai/it pada 
kallka mdlam it is proper to bury a corpse in the 
night time. Mekruh her-kdta-kdta nidring tat- 
kala meng-iring jendzat ingga kambdli deri-pada 
mendnam-kan dirja it is improper to talk aloud 
whilst following a bier, or until your return 


from committin g (the body) to the earth. ^^iJ 
tanam-an a plant ; herb. Abis4ah hendsa tunam- 
titndm-an the plants and herbs were entirely 

.jtf tanau a species of bird or insect. 

^^y\i tumn to weave. (Vid. jJ tanun or tun- 

^b" tanah land, countr}', earth, soil, ground. 
Tdnah tinggi high land. Tdnah maldiju the 
country of the Malays. Tdnah papuah the 
country of people with frizzled hair ; New 
Guinea. TdnaJi jln dan detca the country or 
region of demons and celestials. Tunduk fca 
tdnah to bow or bend to the earth. Miniak 
tdnah earth-oil, petroleum. Kdchang tdnah 
(commonly named kdchang goring) the arachis 
hypogaea or ground-pea. Tdnah liat potter's 
clay. Bdrang lang de per-buat deri-pada tdnah 
whatsoever is made of clay, earthenware. 
Bendtang lang ber-jdlan de tdnah animals that 
walk on the ground. 

jj\; tdwar tasteless, insipid ; fresh (not brackish 
nor bitter). Ai/er tdwar fresh water. Sopdj/a 
jdngan ler-champur dyer mdsin dangan dyer 
tdwar in order that the salt water be not mixed 
with the fresh. 

j.\i' tdxear to apply medicine accompanied with 
a charm or incantation. The process of ap- 
plying charms. Barang-sidpa kena rachun 
orang im4ah tawar-nia in cases where poison has 
been administered, this is the process of cure, 
jjlij pendwar a charm, remedy, antidote. Tuan 
s' orang jddi pendwar you alone are the charm 
that can relieve me. 

. ,\j tdwar to bid money, treat for, make an offer, 
bargain, cheapen, haggle. Seperti tdwar sokbat 
beta sudah-lah beta tdwar pada ddtu ilu agreeably 
to what my friend proposed (or authorised me) 
to bid, I made an offer to the ddtu. Sampei 
iujuh ratus amas beta tdwar itu-pun tiada iya 
habuljiiga I bid as far as seven hundred mace, 
but still he did not agree to it. Tidda hiilih 

tawar cannot make any abciiemGnt. Maka iya 
UJ^yj ^^^'lcwdr-<in dangan orang men-jual itu 
maka de tahus-nia-hih k'anak-dnak upon which 
he bargained with the dealer, and made a pur- 
chase of the child. 

ijjip (dwas alum ; white vitriol. 

iUj't) ta-usah it avails not, is needless. (Vid. 
■i^j\ lisah.) 

|.,U tdwan a captive, prisoner of war. To make 
captive. Tdwan lang de tangkap-nia prisoners 
whom he had taken. Menubus-i tdwan to re- 
deem or release a captive. Sa-tangah de bunoh 
dan sortangah de tdwan one half they slew and 
made captives of the other. Me-rampas dan 
Idgi mendwan anak istri-nia pillaged them and 
also carried their wives and children into cap- 
tivity. Kdrna Iya ter-tuwan for he was made 
captive. J\ J tawdn-an captivity ; a captive. 
Men-jddi tawdn-an to become a captive; fall 
into captivity. Patut-lcdi angkau orang tawdrt- 
an does it become you, a captive, a slave? 

i\l tdu to know. (Vid. ^ idii or tdhu.) 

Jilj tdil or J^ll' tahll a gold weight, which con- 
sists of 16 mace or of 4 puuh. At Bencoolen 
and Padang it is estimated at 26 dwt. 12 gr., 
and at Natal 2t dwt. 9 gr. In some parts it 
is used to signify in money the value of two 
Spanish dollars. Amas lima tail five tail of 
gold. Sa-tdil sa-pduh one tail and a quarter. 

Jib' tdhan to endure, hold out, support, perse- 
vere, forbear, abstain, refrain, restrain, con- 
tain, detain. Amba tidda bulih tdhan Idgi I 
can endure or hold out no longer. Tiadd-lah 
ter-tdhan Idgi me-liat-kan hdl anaJcanda-nia could 
no longer support the view of their child's si- 
tuation. Tidda ter-tdhan uHh karbau the cattle 
can no longer bear tlie work. De tahdn-l jt'iga 
sebab iya mdbuk he forbore, seeing he was in 
liquor. Menahun-l amardh-nia to restrain his 
wrath. Bdrang sidpa mendhan atl-nia tatkdla 
morka whosoever has a command of himself in 
K 2 

^ 68 

Tiis anger, »«■ can contain himself. Karhau 
(tmba de tahan-l ulih drang itu ray buffaloes are 
detained by that person (as for a debt.) 

.j^ilj taun a year, the natural year measured by 
the return of the seasons. Teiun teluh lalu dan 
tang ahan datang the year that is past, and that 
is to come. Pudapertama atau pada per-tarigah- 
an atau pada aJchir taun in the former, the mid- 
dle, or the latter part of the year. Per-janjl- 
an Uii ingga lima taun that agreement extends 
to five years. Brdpa taun padi how many an- 
nual retui-ns of harvest. ^U* menaun to main- 
tain from year to year ; to work by the year. 
Burong taun the rhinoceros bird or anggang. 

jjkly tail or tahu to know. Wise, intelligent. 
Diya tau nama-nia he knows his name. Dii/a 
tail mem-bdcha he knows how to read. Sicipa 
tail who knows? I know not. Possibly, per- 
haps. Mem-bri tdu to make known, to ac- 
quaint. Atfgl'au juga 'tang tcr-lebih tdu thou 
wlio alone art all-wise. Sukar ^^i^ meng-a- 
tau-l diflicult to comprehend. ib_^ Ica-tau-l-lah 
vUh tuan amba be it known to my lord. Noma 
negrl ini tiadd-Iah beta ha-tdu-i the name of this 
country I am unacquainted with, tjr^tfi /,a-tau-l 
to wit. Tidda dangan CJj^^ se-tdu-ku it is 
without my knowledge. Kamcdlan ka-tau-an 
mala ienda itu as soon as the articles have been 
recognised. Idng lidda ber-ka-tau-an lampat- 
nia dlam who is ignorant of his own dwelling- 
place; who knows not where he can lay his 
head. (j»fJ« peng-a-tau-an knowledge, science. 
De-luar peng-a-tdu-an kdmi beyond our know- 
ledge. Without our privity. Mula-mtda tdu 
kamedian Hang peng-a-tau-an-nia at first to know 
and then to lose his consciousness. Meng-Or 
tau-l dan mengenal dangan peng-a-tau-an dan 
pengenal tang semporna to know and to remem- 
ber with perfect knowledge and recollection. 
Idng mcng-a-lau-l He who knoweth, the Om- 

jsIj tdi dung, excrement; animal secretions in 

" general; dregs, sediment. Tuhoh-nia ber-lumur 

dangan tdi his body was besmeared with dung. 

Tdi kuda horse-dung. Tdi burong bird's dung, 
also the plant called viscum, L. Tdi Idlat fly- 
dung; freckles. Tdi telinga ear-wax. Tat 
mdla secretion of the eye. Tdi anjing the li- 
chen. Puhn tdi a species of wood, sterculia 
foetida, L. 

j^\i" tdis a species of the mango. 

^[i tdnia to ask, inquire, question. An inquiry, 
question. L,dlu iya ber-tdnia ka-pada drang 
tuah itu he then inquired of the old man. 
Mengapd-kah tuan ber-tanid-kan amba ini where- 
fore dost thou inquire of this thy servant ? Ber- 
tanid-kan khabar to inquire the news. Itu-lah 
tang de tanid-i brang ka-pada abu said this is what 
people inquired o( Abu Said, ^'..j^ menanid-i 
drang ddlam kubur-nia to question a man in his 
grave. Maka de sdut tdnia long ber-ldnia Uu 
answered the question of him who inquired. 

^ ^i fcbbas to clear the ground of underwood. 
(Vid. ^^\i tdbas.) 

„y tabus or ij^yj tubbus to redeem, ransom, 
release (a prisoner), to pay the price (of a 
slave). De tabus niawd-nia lima puluh real he 
redeemed his life for fifty dollars. Ndma tang 
menabus dan ndma iang de tabus the name of 
the ransomer and the name of the person ran- 
somed. Menabus deri tawdn-an to redeem fiom 
captivity. Menabus gddei to redeem a pledge. 
Menabus budak to purchase a slave. Aku an' 
dak menabus s^orang k'anak-dnak sopdj/a ddpat 
mem-bawd-kan dijer sambayang I intend to buy 
a youth who may bring water to me for my 
ablutions. Surat putus menabus budak the writ 
by which the property in a slave is made over. 
De tabus-nia s' drang sai/dtiia perampiian he 
gave her freedom to one of his female slaves. 

^ .^•,» or i)^y>ui penabus or wangpenabus budak 
tlie ransom, purchase money, or value of a 

\Sj tebbang to fell (trees). (Vid. jjt tdbang.) 
wJ tabi^g the bank (of a river), the brink (of a 

well). Taking kulam the margin of a piece of 
water. Me-hmpar ^w tabing-nia to over- 
flow its banks. 


tahal thick (in dimension); thick (in con- 
sistence), solid. Kain tang tubal atau lang nl- 
pis cloth of a thick or of a thin texture. Bilir- 
nia lang tlpis men-jadi tabal her thin (delicate) 
lips became thick (swollen, from weeping). 
Rambut lang tabal dan iangjarang hair (of the 
head) that is thick, and that is thin. Segala 
tuboh tang tabal every solid body, Tabal-nia 
dan tin"ggi-nia its thickness and its height. 

jjj tubbU the sugar-cane, saccharum officinale. 
Ayertubbu the juice of the cane, molasses. 

r»-J tubbu-tubbu, 

or ber-tuhbu-tubba ornamented 
(as the sheath of a kris or handle of a lance) in 
joints, rings, or streaks (with alternate gold 
and carved work) like the joints of the cane 
or rings on the body of a wasp. Ikiir-nia ber- 
tubbU-tubbu-kan dangan amas his tail was orna- 
mented with plated rings of gold. 

69 UU. 

^l:y latap-l to comprehend, understand. Se- 
' gala sHrat-sm-at amba tatap-i I comprehend all 
the (contents of the) letters. Sopdya bi'dih 
titan tatap-i ka'andak amba that you may under- 
stand my wishes. 

(_ij taias or tettas to break forth, burst through, 
break open. Seperti ai/er tang ter-tatas like 
waters that have burst forth. Talas jalt-an to 
burst the seams. Kena dada baginda niaka 
talas sedikit kUlit-nia struck the king's breast 
and occasioned a slight rasure of the skin. 
Menalas or menettas telur to hatch eggs. Mc' 
nalas biinga ber-bagei-bagei rupa-nia to burst 
the buds of various flowers. Lada tolas or 
teltas off-sets of the pepper-vine. ^j-jIsJ tatas' 
an a breach. 

Ajj tabuHn or M^jrJ' tubuwan (probably a de- 
rivative fi'om the preceding words) a hornet, 
wasp. TabUan tdnah, tabudn ganiong dift'ercnt 
insects of the wasp-kind. 

<Uj tabah to beat out (corn). An iron crow used 
in working gold mines. Ter-tubah deri-pada 
tangkei beaten out from the ear or stalk. ^LJ 
penabah-an the place where com is beaten or 
trampled out. 

t^ tabeh or tubbeh an artificial lake or head of 
water, formed by dammii^ up the stream. 

i_ .. y tabing the bank, brink. (Vid. i_j tabing.) 

i_J,'cy taturop a booth, cottage, lodge (in a gar- 

JtJ tetapi but, howbeit, yet, nevertheless. 
Baik-lah amba tolong tetapi amba minta janji 
well, I shall assist you, but you must allow me 
time. Akan tetapi ku-katd-kan jiiga ne-benar-nia 
but I shall still declare the truth. 

t^ap secure, contented, confident, tranquil, 
quiet; firm, unshaken. To confirm, establish. 
Tinggal tatap dan senang to remain secure afld 
at ease. Tatap-lah negri the country is secure, 
free from apprehension. Tatap dli confident 
of heart. Tatap-lah diri-mu be of good cou- 
rage. Id tdhan-ku tatap-kan tUmit-ku de-dtas 
titi-an O Lord make steady my feet on the 
bridge (which is to be passed at the day of 
judgment). Menalap-i segala raja^dja iang 
kambdli deri-pada prang confirmed or restored 
the courage of all the chiefs who returned from 
the battle. Arti »jIj itu tatap the meaning of 
the Arabic word kai/m is firm, unshaken. 

tutup to shut. (Vid. fc^iy tutup.) 

jsj tatak to chop, cut, cleave ; to strike with a 
sharp instrument. Menatak dangan kdpak to 
cleave with an axe. Sdma menatak-kan pedang' 
nia their swords struck against each other. 
Menatak dan me-luka to strike and to wound. 
Tatak pdpan to cut plank (instead of sawing). 

Jl$cJ tatkdla Hind, rlr^l^ the time; at the 
time, when, at the same time. (Vid. Jl^ kdla.) 
Pe-karjd-an-nia tatkdla pagi-pdgi his employ« 

ment at morning time, Pada li^^IScJ tatkdlor 
till at that time, upon that occasion. Bunyi- 

nia patut tathala dangan tari-nia the music ac 
corded in time with the dancing;. 

Jsj" tcUal a chip, a splinter, 

Talal ber-balcrang 

^^J tatampan a veil, scarK 

IsT tajaR An. to glitter, shine. 
k"^ takhla An. and Pers. a throne, chair of 

state, royal couch. Ber-tunggu ddawah 
iakhla to attend at the foot of the throne. 
Murario' de kakal-kan apa-lah kira-nia de-atas 
laklUaka-raja-an grant that he may for ever con- 
tinue upon the throne of the empire. Raja^ 
pun Hang de-ulas iakhla the king died upon the 
throne. Takhlu-kan to enthrone. 

tc ijjj tedbrl an island in the eastern sea, Tidore. 

c.Ju tedotig a species of snake whose bite is 
said to be mortal. 

*jj tedoh smooth, unruffled (as the surface of 
water); calm (as the weather), still, hush, re- 
tired, shady. Sliade, shelter. Tedoh-lah luut 
the sea is smooth. Kallka tedoh angin at the 
time when the air is calm. Tampat tedoh a 
retired, shady place. Tedoh-nia seperti pdi/ong 
its shade was like that of an umbrella. Se- 
lelah datang ka-pada ampat puluh art maka ujan 
halu tedoh-lah when the fortieth day was come 
the storm of hail abated. 

2 ter an inseparable particle, which being pre- 
fixed to verbs forms the participle passive, and 
being prefixed to adjectives denotes the super- 
lative degree. Ter-bmoh killed. Ter-tidis 
written. Ter-besdr very great. Ter-niuta most 
notorious or evident. 

1 J tra impression, stamp. Tra tlmah bit of lead 
stamped (for currency). \pj ter-ii'a printed, 

tj| y ter-Titong doubtfully, uncertainly. Dangan 
ter-('itong fUi with doubt and hesitation. 

a tent, hut; tabernacle. Segala 
xaijat berenti-Iah masing-masing mem-bawa tarcl- 

^\ji taratak 


tnlt-nia the whole army halted, each soldier 
carrying his tent. Pdtek mi sudah Idma me- 
ninggal-kan tardlak pdtek it is a long time 
since I (your slave) left his hut. 

J\j ter-ittamd best, choicest, most perfect. (Vid. 
tii\ utamd.) 

^\j tardti Jap. the water-lily, lotos, nymphasa 
■ nelumbo, L. (Vid. ^^^ seruja). Bdniak 
tardti de tdnah jdwa water-lilies abound in the 
island of Java. 

^\j tras tlie heart or hardest part (of timber). 
Tras kdyu jdti the heart of teak, Tras chepa, 
dak the heart of the jack-tree. 

"■^y tardng light. (Vid. *cy trang.) 

Jb\ji tardhan a species of bird. 

ut^' terbit to spring or issue forth, to arise^ 
Terbit deri dti putih dan jerneh springs or 
arises from a pure heart. Matordri terbit the 
sun rises. Sun-rise. 

^j^y tarbis a bank, dam. 
Menarbis to danu 

flood-gate, sluice^ 

jjy terbang to fly. Terbang ka-sdna ka-mdri to 
fly here and there, back and forwards. De 
bawd-nia terbang ka-adara flew up with him 
into the air. De terbang-kan ulih angin it was 
wafted away by the wind. Ndga terbang a fly- 
ing serpent, a dragon. Ldi/er terbang a kind 
of sail (wide but not deep) used in the vessels 
called tambdngan. Sa-ribu kicda ijau .fJuf^ 
menerbang-kan ratd-nia a thousand horses of a 
green colour wafted his chariot through the air» 

ijijjj' ter-buni hidden. (Vid. ^^y biiini.) 


tertdwa to laugh. To open and shut as a 

Tcrtdwa rdmeh-rdtneh to laugh jo- 

Tertdwa-tdwa ka-mdti-mati-an rasd-nia 

^ Hu the female attendants laughed till 

bivalve shell. Tertdwa galak-galdk to laugh 




they seemed ready to die. Tertawd-lah lya me- 

Hat bendtang segala tang mendri Hit he laughed 

to see all those animals dancing. Maka ndbi 

allah-pun tertdwa ingga ka-iidt-an-lah gigi gwr- 




hum tang mahu-mulia whereupon die Prophet 
of God laughed io such a degree as to shew 
his magnificent grinders. Tertaza'a-Zcan to 
laugh at, turn to ridicule, banter. 


tarttf) An. order, disposition, arrange- 

ment; propriety. The name of a species of 
eheU-fish. Men-fartib to do methodically, to 
follow an arranged plan. Taie akan ddat tarllb 
majlis segcda raja-raja acquainted with the eti- 
quette of courts. Meniambah dungan tarlib 
dan supan to make obeisance with propriety 
and elegance. 

j_>y terjang to kick forwards; to paw (as a 
horse). Ada tang ber-gigit ada tang ber-tcrjang 
ada tang ber-tampar some bit, some kicked, 
some slapped (monkies). 

jj>.y tarjal a steep place, precipice. 

•^.y terjun or (j*=>-jJ terjun to leap down; to 
alight or descend hastily. Segra-hh terjun 
Jca-dulam Imlam immediately jumped into the 
tank. Ada tang terjun deri-atas kedeh-nia some 
jumped down from their shop-boards. Terjun- 
lah lya deri-atas kuda-nia he alighted hastily 
from his horse. Orang Uu terjun larl ka-darat 
those men left (descended from) the vessel, 
and ran on shore. Muka ij/a terjun deri durat 
he hastily pushed off from the shore. ^fjy>.j^ 
menerjun-kan or terjun-kun to cause to tumble 
down, to cast down, precipitate. Attgkau akan 
de terjm-kan thou shalt be cast down. 

ij^y or /-)• iJ trus through; throughout, entirely, 
utterly. Clear, open, previous. Ber-julan trus 
uyer to walk through the water. Menindeh 
trus telinga-nia to bore through her cars. Ka- 
dada-nia trus lulu ka-blakang-nia to his breast, 
and thence through to his back. Jaugan trus 
uyer ka-dalam-nia melainkan pada tampal jail-nia 
that water may not penetrate, excepting at the 
seams. Lugi trus ka-pada barang peng-llal-an- 
nia and so throughout the whole of what he 
saw. Trus-lah pemandang-an-nia he had a tho- 
rough insight. Jang trus mala dan tail me-llat 

najum who had a penetrating eye, and was 
versed in necromancy. Trus-lah amba buang- 
kan ka-sungei I threw them bodily into the 
river. Sebut-lah trus trang mention it clearly 
and distinctly. .j-j«y trus-an a narrow passage, 
channel, or gut. 

Jj-y tersula or trisula Hind. f^I]^ a trident, 
spear with three prongs. Memdnah dan me- 
lontar-kan tersula dan chakra shot arrows and 
cast three-barbed spears and the discus. 

c y trang or cLi terang light, luminous, clear, 
perspicuous. The light. Men-jadi trang to 
become light. Trang chuwaeha men-jadi ka- 
hm hibut the light, clear sky became dark and 
cloudy. Artl-nia balum lagi trang the meaning 
of it is not yet clear. Trang bulan the light 
of the moon. Trang-kan or '!^j^ men'rang to 
enlighten, throw light upon, make clear. Pa. 
I'lta iang men'rang kaml the lamp which gives 
us light. Tiada dnngan ka-trang-an-nia it is not 
evident or perspicuous. Name of a country in 
the north-western part of the Malayan peninsula. 

•jfjlcj' trangganu a kingdom situated on the north- 
eastern side of the Malayan peninsula. 

j-Jj' tarpas place, quarter. (Vid. ^jJii tapas.) 

CJy tarka Hind, ff^ to divine, conjure. Skil- 
led in occult science. Tarka pcng-Ual-an-nia 
pada segala tang ghaih having the gift of see- 
ing into every thing hidden. CiJiS penarka an 
enigma, mysterious difficulty. Be-tarka-kan pe- 
narkasdtu to propound, or to explain an enigma. 

tiij turk Ar. a Turk, or more properly a Tur- 

%d^J ter-kddang frequently; sometimes. (Vid. 
cj\^ kadang.) 

ji^ j" tarkas Pers. a quiver for arrows. Mengenu- 
kan tarkas lang ka-amas-an wore golden qui- 
vers. Langkap dangan biiju ranlei dan tarkas 
lang siluni equipped with a coat of mail and 
a quiver from Sefort. Maka anak pdmih ilu-pUn 
kambali-lah ka-pada tarkas-ma the arrow then 
returned to its quiver. 

'J 72 

S} tarkam ravenous, blood thirsty; attacking- 



JilJ ter4alu exceedingly, extremely, excessively, 
surpassingly, very. (Vid. Jli lalu,') TerAulu 
suka ati amba my heart is exceedingly rejoiced. 
Tcr-lillu bulk nipu-nia her appearance was ex- 
tremely good. 

i^J J ter-iebih most, in the superlative degree. 
(Vid. iJi kbih.) Ter-lebih iesdr most great. 
Jang ter-lebih tmggi the most high. 

^jXtJi termasa, Pers. <ti»Uj' rejoicing, exultation, 
demonstration of joy, festivity, sport, public 
sports, exhibition, display of valour, feats of 
arms, tournament. Joyous, elated. Tagal itu 
ij/a ber-suka dan termasa on that account he is 
glad and filled with exultation. Sudah termasa 
segala seti all the ladies were in raptures. Beta 
andak me-liat Mat dan termasa negri I wish to 
see the customs and sports of the country. Ari 
termasa a gala-day, festival. Mc-Uat termasa 
segala raja-raja itu ber-prang to observe the dis- 
play of valour of all the chiefs who were en- 
gaged in the fight. Sopai/a ku4iat termdsa-mu 
that I may be a witness of your feats of arms. 
JPatek nen andak memasa saja your servant 
meant it only in sport. 

jcU) J ter-mungu dismayed. (Vid. jiU mangu.) 

t_A«jj tarompa wooden sandals (held by a peg 
between the toes). 

jjj tardn or trun to strain, make an intestinal 
efiFort (as in voiding the fteces, or the exclusion 
of the foetus) loA^ menaran seperti perampuan 
tang andak ber-anak to make an effort as a 
woman in labour. 

JjJ ter-numa renowned, famous, celebrated. 
(Vid. f,\j numa.) 

y. y trobo the roes offish preserved with salt, 
being a considerable article of trade at Siak ; 
botarga. It is also called telur trobo. 

^j^jji trus through. (Vid. ^j^J trus.) 

^ij trust green vitriol, copperas ; verdigrcase. 



the egg-plant, melongena. (Vid. 

%j)j tarong.) 

jjj, j; tropong a spying-glass, telescope. Me-Uat 
bandera-nia ddlam tropong to see her colours 
with (in) a glass. Tropong ilu korang charah 
that telescope wants clearness. 

tarunot Hind. 

^jji larunoy iiiNu. ff^Uf a young man, ft 
youth of the age of puberty. A wooer, 
suitor. Bdik amik taruna bulk anak dura 
whether young men or maidens. Umur-nia 
bharu sedang taruna his age was that of one 
who had just attained to manhood. Ay am 
sedang taruna a cockling. 

ifj J tarlka, 



profession, order. 


ter'iak to cry out, scream, roar, bellow ; to 
make the peculiar noise of any animal. Ada 
tang menarTgis ada tang mc-rdtap ada tang ber- 
terlak some wept, some bewailed, and some 
bellowed aloud. Maka budak itu-pun ber-terlak' 
lah sedekdla drl and the boy cried out during 
the whole day. Sdngat teriak segala rdj/at 
lembu karbau de churl orang the people com- 
plained most loudly that their cattle were 
stolen. Ber-koUlmg-lah bja ber-terlak they 
went round the country, roaring out (a pro- 
clamation). Kuda ber-terlak the horse neiffhs. 

*jy tarlma to receive, accept. Tidda aku akan 
tarlma Ilu I will not receive that. Tiatld-lah 
de tarlma ulih baginda kirim-an raja itu his 
majesty would not receive the presents sent by 
that prince. Tidda amba tarlma dii/a mdsuk 
ddlam kota I will not admit him into the fort. 
Tidda de tarima allah it is not acceptable to 
God. Sdi/a tarlma kdsih I receive kindly, I 
return thanks. Menrlma kaslh-lah amba ka- 
pada "udard-ku I return thanks to my brother. 
Minta duli tuan-ku tarlma ambel your highness 
is requested to accept of it. Beta tarlma ambel 
dangan ko-sukd-an I accept it with pleasure. 


tA*^ tashih, An. a rosary or 
tasblh canna indica, L. 

chaplet. Daun 

A\)u tdtlla, Ar. most high, exalted, Mlah tudla 
' God the most high. (The usual appellative 
of the Deity.) 

_wjO' tdbir, Ar. interpretation, explanation. Apa 
tdbir mimpi-ku ini what is the interpretation of 
this my dream? Idtig tdu akan tdbir mimpi 
who know the interpretation of dreams. 

uJo M tdrtf, An. notification, verification. 

kxi tdtlim or (dzim, Ar. reverence, respect, 
honour, compliments ; a certain mode of com- 
plimentary salutation (by bending the body and 
raising the hands to the head). Segrd-lah ber- 
dlri niem-i>n tdtlim akan baginda immediately 
rose to pay his respects to the monarch. De 
said-nia dangan tdtlim he answered respect- 
fully. Mengald-kan tdtlim-nia to deliver his 

jjju tdlok, Ar. dependant, in subjection, tri- 
butary. Samod-nia tdlok ka-pada raja itu all 
were dependant on that king. Tidda mdu 
dran<f negri Hu tdlok ka-pada ache/i the people 
of the country were unwilling to become tri- 
butary to Achin. Meti-jddi tdlok to bring into 
subjection. Tdlok pada dti ataii pada ledah 
really or nominally dependant ; from the heart 
or from the tongue. Negri trunggdno dangan 
segala dalrah tdlok-nla the country of Trang- 
gano with all its dependant provinces. 

jj tong a cask, tub. (Vid. c ji tong.) 

t^Mu tengddoh to look upwards (as in prayer), 
to gaze at. Tengddoh ulik-mu ka-dtas jmhn 
itu look up thou at yonder tree. Tunduk 
tengddoh to look up, in a suppliant posture. 
Maka baginda menengddoh ka-ldn~git serta mint a 
dba then the king looked up towards heaven, 
and prayed. 

^^i tingas a mark on cattle. 

ijjj tangos to bathe in warm water. The hot 
or tepid bath. 

^j^ tangsa to beat an alarm. 

^^^Ju tangsei lank (as hair). 

ol^' tangkada a species of beetle. 

ij:.JUj' tingkat upper floor or story ; a loft, deck, 
terrace, rampart. Tingkat rumah the upper 
floor of a house ; the terrace on top of a house. 
Rumah ber-tingkat a house of more than one 
floor. Tingkat kapal the deck of a ship. Me- 
mukul anak tingkat niimber dangan tongkat atau 
dangan kdki to strike the floor (or steps) of the 
pulpit, with a staff" or with the foot. Berenti 
atas tiap-tiap anak tingkat to make a pause upon 
each step. 

u^JUj tongkat a cane, staff", rod; a prop, support. 
Memegang tongkat ddlam tangan-nia held a 
cane or staff" in his hand. Tongkat katiak 
crutches. Nen pdtah ddtang ber-tongkat those 
who had broken limbs came with support. 
Menongkat to prop. Tongkat setan a plant; 
thalia cannoeforrais, Forst. Phrynium dicho- 
tomum, Rox. (It is also named _»«j barn- 

JJu tangkar to wrangle, dispute, squabble. De 
dangar-nia swdra orang ber-tangkar dangan 
pangulu itu he heard the voices of persons dis- 
puting with the chief. 

iSju tangkas swift, fleet, quick. Lari-lah seperti 
kilat iang amat tangkas run like the swiftest 
liglitning. Kuda iang tangkas a swift or fleet 
horse. Tangkas kdki swit\ of foot. 

i^Sxj tangkis to ward or fend off^, to parry. 
Tangkis dangan prist to fend with a shield. 
Menanskis-kan tombak rdtu ddwan serta de tikam- 
kan dadd-nia he parried the spear of Ratu 
Daxoan, at the same time piercing his breast. 
Sa-bldh tangan-nia menangkis-kan tdngan indra 
one of her hands was employed in pushing 
away the hand of Jndra. 



4_a!Uj ttJiigkap to seize, catch, lay liold of, aj> 
preliciid. De tangkap-ma dua palazcun llu he 
seized the two warriours. Baniak muli dan 
baniak iang ter-tangkap many were killed, and 
many made prisoners. Jekahtu ddpat de tcmgkap- 
niatidda hdrus de bunoh if you succeed in catch- 
ing him, it is not allowed to put him to death. 
Taifgkap dangan idup-nia huica kamurl take 
liini alive and bring liim hither. Ber-langkap 
dangan to grapple with. Menangkap hurong 
ulih sidmang itu birds were catched by the 
monkics. Menangkap kdta orang to appre- 
hend the meaning of words spoken. JLdlu ber- 
tan~gkap-tangkap-an dan ler-guchoh dan ber- 
gagdh-an then they laid hold of each other, 
and cuffed, and struggled. 

i,.J^ tingkap a window, window-shutter. Menu 
buka lingkap-nla opened his window. ThTgkap 
kdcha a glazed window. Jekalau de tingkap 
kdcha ians ada dalam-nia bdu-bau'n if he cover 
with a glass lid (the box) which contains the 

(_J<Uj' tongkop turrets of a building, battlements. 
G unong-gunong-an ndga ber-longkop seperli 
rupa per-arak-an description of ornamental arti- 
cles of dress. 

ij^' iengkok or ,L\i tingkau the neck, the nape 
of the neck. Taking bldkang dan tengkok the 
spine and neck. Deri-pada tengkok i/igga kuki 
from the neck to the feet. 

Jjoti t'mgkal borax, tincal ; solder. 

J ,ifj<j tingkorak a skull. Tingkorak Jcapdla 
munusia the skull of a human head. Tingkorak 
sdja de ddpat the skull only was found. 

(J^^jv tongkulok acoveringfor the head; a tiara, 
diadem or other royal ornament. De per- 
salln-kan-nia kdin dan hdju dan tongkidok he 
furnished him with an under and upper gar- 
ment, and a covering for liis head. Ber- 
tongkidok ber-dzimat wearing a tiara which con- 
tained a charm (a phylacteriumj. 


iiki ttngkaJi manners, behaviour; condition, sta- 
tion, rank. Tricks, fun, buffoonery. Ludi- 
crous, whimsical. To mimic, assume a coun- 
terfeit and ludicrous character. Orang t'mgkah 
t/dak ber-tdra a person unrivalled in manners. 
Tingkali-ldku manner, action. Per-katd-an-nia 
lambat tlngkah-laku-nia ter-ldlu pantas his words 
were slow, his actions or motions very quick. 

<!joli tingkah an instrument of the drum-kind. 

jiUi' tangkei or tangk'i the stem or stalk ("of a 
" plant); a blade (of grass); the pedicle (of leaves 
or fruit); the head or ear (of corn, with the 
upper part of the stalk, or so much as is taken 
off in reaping according to the eastern manner). 
Pinggang-nia seperti tangkei bunga her waist 
was like the stalk of a flower. Se-hasei bunira 
Idj/u de tangkei-nia like a flower faded on its 
stalk. Ter-tabah deri-pada tangkei beaten out 
from the ear or from the head ; (padi or rice, 
like oats, having no ear.) SHchi deri-pada JaramU 
nia dan tan'gkei-nia dan kulU-nia cleansed fi-ora its 
straw, its stalks, and its husk or chaff. Bunga 
sa-tangkei a single flower or stalk of flowers. 
Tangkl-an a barn, granary, padi-house. 

i_ili) tongk'ing thecountry of ToNQUiN. Bunga 
tongking pergularia odoratissima. 

i' tki or \^" tangga a ladder, steps, stairs, 
Tarigga kdi/H a wooden ladder. Tangga bdtu 
stone steps. Ndik tangga to mount a ladder, 
to ascend the steps (of a house). Tiga puluh 
tangga ddlani dusun Uu there were thirty lad- 
ders (houses) in that village. Orang te-tangga 
a neighbour. 

jlijti tunggara the soutli-east. Angin tutTggara 
south-east wind. Timor tunggara or me- 
nunggura east-south-east. Saldtun menunggd- 
ra south-south-east. 

A\^ tanggdla a plough. J'ii;L^ menanggala to 
plougli. Jeka ii/a andak menanggala sdica/i itu 
if it be his intention to plough the rice-field. 

^fctf tangg'tlong or tinggdlung the civet-cat; 

^JU! jJUj tunggang-lerfggang in a confused, irre- 
gular manner, topsj-turvy, head down and 
heels up. (Vid. ^^ cherrei and VJjJl /«/>- 
gang.) Lari-lah lung gatig-levg gang ber-l/mpa- 
iimpa fled confusedly, tumbling over each 

f.iUj' tanggong or s^Uj' tanggung to bear, sup- 
port, undergo, endure, experience. Tiadd-luh 
de tanggong uUh-nia they could not support or 
endure it. Menanggong huhan lang brat to 
I bear a heavy burthen. Menanggong siksa to 

undergo punishment. Menanggong per-chintd- 
an to bear a load of grief. Menanggong dusa 
orang-fdin to bear the imputation of another 
person's fault. KUa menanggong sa-Iaksa we 
shall take upon our account (the risk of) ten 
thousand (dollars). Seperliulang ilu maka de 
tanggong alas kapal with respect to that debt 
it should be placed to the account of the ship 
(the property in the ship should be made re- 
sponsible). Kdsih dan sdijang sdj/atanggung- 
Tcan I have experienced favour and compassion. 
Tiadd-Jali ter-latiggong alas tuan-nia it is not 
incumbent upon their masters, or, their mas- 
ters do not become responsible. .f-Xki lang- 
gung-an a burthen, imposition, task, under- 
taking, charge, security, bail. Itu-lah tang- 
gung-an amba I am answerable for that. Bd- 
rang karja kadar tanggung-an amba any work 
proportioned to my ability, or, of which I am 

JiU; tanggal to draw, pull, or strip off. To fall 
off, dropout. Tanggal pe-kdin to pull off the 
clothes. De tanggal-kun-nia baju-nia he striii- 
ped off his garment. Akan ganti glgl iuno- 
tanggal to supply teeth that have fallen out. 
' Chdwang lang lidda tanggal deri-pada pulin-nia 

branches which do not fall off from their stem. 
Maka sinjald-nia llu-pun langgnl-lnh deri-pada 
tangan-nia his weapon then fell from his hand. 
Maka baginda ^jSik^ menanggal-kan tall liher 


manikam deri-pada Icher-nia the king took from 
off his neck a string of jewels. 

J^ ^"^"SS"^ *o remain, continue, stay, dwell; 
to remain or rest over and above. To leave, 
forsake, relinquish; to omit, neglect (a duty). 
Permanent. Tinggal-lah kdmu menitnggd-i ru- 
mah remain thou here to guard the house. 
Sa-tangah ilu pergi dan iang sortangah tinggal 
half of them w ent, and half of them remained. 
Tinggal de-slni ddulu continue here for the pre- 
sent. Tinggal tiga biilan Idgi there remain yet 
three months. Dan de tinggal-kan-nia s'orang 
dlr'i and he left her by herself. Balum amba 
baruni meninggal-kan gadong I dare not yet 
leave the wareliouse. Tinggd-lah nidwa badan 
kakanda farewell thou soul of my body ! Said- 
mat tiifggal good bye, farewell ! Bdpa sdya 
sudah meniiiggal pada dri Itu my father depart- 
ed (the world) on that day. Meninggal-kan 
bdrang iang pdlut de karja to omit any thing 
proper to be done. Meninggal-kan minta Id- 
long to avoid asking assistance. Tinggal dan 
kakal zdt allah the substance or essence of the 
deity is permanent and eternal. JjjcJ pening- 
gal or ^ICscJ peninggdl-an remnant. Depar- 
ture. Aria peninggdl-an effects of a deceased 
person. Sc-peninggal since, subsequently to 
departure. Se-peninggal tuan tidda kdmi dlam 
sdja since you left us we have not been idle. 
Pesll anak amba ber-susah se-peninggal amba 
certainly my childwill meet with trouble when 
I shall be no more, or, after my decease. 

J]jt» tiinggal or tunggala flag, banner. Segala 
tunggal dan panjl-panji ber-kibdr-an-luh ber-bagei- 
bdgei warnd-nia all the flags and banners, va- 
rious in their colours, waved in the air. 3Ien- 
dirt-kan tunggal panji-panj2-an de tangah medan 
pe^rdng-un to erect the standard in the midst of 
the field of battle. Tungg(d iang de tiilis 
dangan dyer amas banners painted with liquid 
gold. Ber-jdlan de-bdzcuh tunggal besur to march 
under the great flag. Tunggal dldmat distin* 
guishing banners. Tunggal angin a vane. 


J,jUi' tunggal only, sole, single. Atiak lahi-lald 
■ tang tunggal an only son. Gujali tunggal a 
single elephant (not with a herd). ,ij^j». 
arti-nia nianikam tang tunggal the meaning of 
which (Persian and Arabic words) is the sole or 
unique jewel. 

jXic tonggol or J^Jlii' tunggid the stump of a 
tree, the stem or trunk when the top and 
branches are cut off. Ter-dlri seperli tonggol 
tcr-goling seperli batang erect like a stump or 
rolling about like a log. Pdpan sa-tonggol a 
couple of planks (split by means of wedges 
from one stem). 

JsJu tinggalam or tanggdlam to sink, founder. 
Sunk. Timbul tinggalam to rise and sink. 
Lfilujatuh ha-ai/er luut tinggalam tidda timbul 
then fell into the sea, sank, and did not (again) 
appear on tlie surface. Kapal suduh tinggalam 
the ship has foundered. Idng tinggalam ddlam 
tdnah dangan morha allah which sank into the 
earth through the wrath of God. 

fSJu tunggam the fore-beam or cross-timber (bitts) 
to which the cable is made fast. 

jSUj tunggu to watch, guard, observe, wait or 
attend upon, stay by, look after, keep. To 
dwell, inhabit, occupy. Tinggal-lah ber-tunggu 
paduka anakda remain to watch, or guard, the 
dear children. Scgala orang tang bcr-tunggu 
negri all the persons who guard the town. 
Ber-tunggu de balerong to attend in the hall of 
audience. De tunggu-i idih dayang-duyang-nia 
she was attended by her damsels. Menunggu 
pintu to guard or keep the door. Menunggu 
negri to watch the interests of the country. 
Menunggu kwdla to guard the entrance of the 
river. Siirnh kaldsi-nia tunggu jdga ordered 
his lascars to keep watch (on shore). Menung- 
gu janji to keep a promise. lya ber-tunggu 
ddlam rumah itu he dwells in that house. 
, »$Uia penunggH pintd a porter, mj^ timggu- 
an attendance ; dwelling, abode, settled resi- 

4 u 

*^j^' tanggung to bear, support. (VId. 'mXki 

jjLti taifgguk akindofnetfor taking small fish, 
prawns, or shrimps, by scraping along the 
sand or mud ; a dredge, a scoop-net. A kind 
of basket. Menangguk to take small fish in 
that manner. 

JyX' tunggid the stump of a tree. (Vid. jXw 


^jiUi" tanggiiU molasses. Cassia fistula. Bat. 
Trans, vol. v. 

dJu tanggoh to wait, tarry, stay, delay, defer. 
De tanggoh-niu t'lga bulan he waited three 
months. Jungan-lah angkau her-tanggoh tarry 
thou not. Jdngan ber4anggoh-kan beta do not 
delay us. Ter-tanggoh deferred. Jekalau ada Idba 
. JijiUjj per-langgoh-an pe-dtang if an advan- 
tage att' nds on deferring the demand of the 
debt. Jadl-lah iya ber-ulang dangan ber-ta^rggoh 
lie becomes a debtor with a term of credit al- 
lowed to him. 

^^Ju iinggi or (jji; tinggi high, lofty, tall, ele- 
vated. Height. Tdnah tinggi highland. Gu- 
nong tinggi a lofty mountain. Kurna arga-pun 
tinggi sdngat by reason of the very high price. 
Tinggi aluwan deri korong the stem higher than 
the stern. Idng ^Xij\^ mahd-linggi the most 
high. Meninggi-kan diri-nia encreased its own 
height, shot up. 
how great is its 

lSj^^ tanggiri a species of fish. 

t,;^ ,■<«," tanggiling an animal called also iJ.iUJ 
J- . . pencr-gnling i7til- or the scaly roller, from 
its faculty of rolling itself up; the manis of L. 

c Aju tenglong and «_ljL' tenglong or telong a lan- 
tern. Maka rupa tuan putri ter-kllat-kllat sebab 
kena sinar tenglong dian paltla itu and the per- 
son of the princess was resplendent from the 
rays of the lanterns, candles, and lamps. Be- 
brdpa tenglong palita ter-pdsang many a lantern 
and lamp were displayed. 

Brdpa tinggi-nia what or 
heiglit. jj-'ijc^ ka-tinggl-an 

tapat and (.:>Jb" tapal a term annexed to 
the east and west points of the compass. ( Yid. 

p^ fddra.) 

iJ .i; tnperling to shine, glisten, corruscate. 

Mata-nia-pim iapcrling seperti hllat dan seperti 
dpi hcr-nuda his eyes shone like lightning and 
like a flaming fire. 

(LaJ rr 

iJi- tangtth half; the middle. Sa-tangaJi one half. 
Tangah mubuk half drunk. De tangali jfilan 
half way, mid-way. Tangan art noon, mid- 
day. Negri tangah susah parang the country 
is in the midst of the troubles of war. Pada 
Jcatika tangah malam at the period of midnight. 
Jari tangah the middle finger. Tangah tlga 
two and one half. Tangah tiga-blas twelve and 
an half. Tangah limapFduh forty-five. Tangah 
dua rulus an hundred and fifty. Menangah 
middling, in the mean. Per4a)iguh-an umur 
middle age. 

iSx^ tangoh to roar, bellow, low. Lembu ber- 
tangoh the ox lows. 

ju tangei rank (as butter or oil). 

„^ lafs'ir, An. explanation, commentary, pa- 
raphrase, interpretation. A translation of tlie 
koran interlined with the Arabic text, the latter 
being uppermost. Tafsir ddlam bhdsa jdwl a 
translation of the korau in the vernacular Ma- 
layan idiom. 

jiij tefkur, An. to think, reflect, consider. (Vid. 
ij fekir.) Teflcur de-ddlam dtl-nia reflected in 
his heart. Samod-nia ber-dlam diri-nia lunduk- 
lah tefkur tiadd-lah ddpat ber-kata-kdta all were 
silent and bowed their heads in profound 
thought, without power of utterance. 

ajUj lapdram an ornament for the foreliead, 
frontlet. Mengend-kan tapdram amas de-dtas 
dahi-nia placed a golden ornament on her fore- 

jUj tapuyan ajar. (Vid. ^J^ tampdi/an.) 


ijju tapas or /-Jj tarpas place, quarter, side. 
Pada tapas Ihnor in the eastern quarter. Duduk 
dangan tarpas-nia sat down in their respective 

^jM tapus a fruit. (Vid. (_^^\j" tdpus.) 

XJi! tepong or ^^ii' tepdng flour, meal. Tepong 
gunditm wheat-flour. Tepong lumat fine meal. 
Tepong bumi expiatory fine (for murder, in 
addition to the bdngun or compensation). 

^jAi tapuk to strike with the flat of the hand, to 
slap, to pat, to dab. De iapuk-nia ka-dua 
tdpiak tangan-nia they struck both of their 
hands together, they clapped their hands. 
Mendngis dan menapuk dadd-nia wept and 
smote their breasts. Menapuk pau-nia slapped 
their thighs (in a paroxism of grief). 

A'j fcpl side, edge, border ; bank, coast, shore. 
BerentUah pada tep't sungei stopped at the side 
of a river. Tepl Idut the sea-side, coast. Prau 
besdr ilu tidda bulih sampci ka-tepi the vessel 
being large cannot approach the shore. Tepi 
gunong the edge or waving line of a mountain. 
De tepi Idngit at the verge of the sky, in the 
horizon. Kdin her4rpi-kan amas cloth edged 
with gold, having a l)order of gold. 

^,\ -ii" tapian-idl Tappanuly, the name of a 
" capacious and secure bay in the north-western 
part of Sumatra, the shores of which are in- 
habited, for the most part, by the Batta people. 

jj^' takdir, Ar. fate, inevitable decree, predes- 
tination, the divine will. Dangan takdir tuhan 
iano- bakd by the will of the eternal Lord. 
Dangan takdir dcwdta by the will of the ce- 
lestial beings. Sakali-an de kdrang dangan tak- 
dir all composed through inspiration. 3Idna 
tang de takdir allah itu-lah tang jddi whatsoever 
God decrees, that it is which will come to pass. 
Sakdrang sudah-lah takdir allah ber-ldku alas am' 
bd-nia apa buUh biiat now that the will of God 
has been executed upon his servant, what help 
is therefor it? 


Aj.d telrim, An. lionour, respect, reverence; a 
inodeof complimentary salutation. (Vid. . -U , ^ v 
tdtlim or tdzhn.) 

^o toke a species of house-lizard remarkable 
" for its noise. (Vid. ^ji gnl<e.) Ch'ichak dan 
toke the small and the large house-lizard. 

■"GIj taga or leggd to stand, stand erect. To set 
up, erect, build. Tampal tagu a place to 
stand upon. Taga her-dJrl de sarambt stood 
erect in the porch. Dc tag&nia hdlu he set up 
a stone. MctuigS, riimah to build a house. 

Jj tagar or (eggar hard, harsh, tougli, unpliant, 
stiff, stubborn, obstinate, l^liiah mng tagar 
hard or stiff clay. Dakl mdta tang tagar hu- 
mour of the eye become hard. Pcr-amhd-an 
tang tagar hard servitude. Tagar ajdr-l hard 
to instruct, obstinate in regard to learning. 
^j.\Lj penagdr-an hardness. 

jC' tagar to welcome, encourage, give confidence 
to, assure. To address. Dalang-lah lya se- 
perti dangan takul-nia maka srgrd-lah de tagar 
idih baginda he approached with symptoms of 
apprehension, but presently the king addressed 
him in an encouraging tone. Sakali-an de ta- 
gar-nia dangan mdnis per-kaid-an encouraged or 
addressed them all with affable words. S'orang- 
pun tidda ddpat .$u,< menagar diya not a person 
could give him encouragement, or assurance 
of success. Katd-nia iyd adenda tagar-lah anak- 
da ddlang meng-ddap tuan maka permlsurl-pun 
ter-pandang-Iah ka-pada dcwa indra maka segrd- 
lah de tagar iilih permtsfiri serdj/a katd-nia he 
said, my love, take notice of your child who 
presents himself to you : the queen thereupon 
immediately cast her eyes upon De'u)a Indra 
and she addressed him saying. Jdngan-kan de 
tagar-nia de liat-nia-pun tidda so far from bidding 
her welcome, he did not even perceive her. 

£j togor or tuggor to chide, rebuke, reprove, 
admonish, warn ; to speak harshly to ; to con- 
troul. Orang iang de togor ulih pan guilt itu the 
man who was rebuked by the chief, ^jj^ 

78 C^ ^ 

ka-togor-an-lah orang negr'i itu the people of that 
country were warned. Tiadd-lah s' orang iang 
ddpat menogor bdrang sa^crkdra dd/am tdnah 
itu there was no one who possessed any con- 
troul whatever in that land. 

i_-aL' tagap stout, strong, muscular, thick and 
short. Firm, sound. Jdwl Iang tagap stout, 
strong cattle. Ali-nia tagap his heart is firm. 

^pj togok a draught (of liquor). Diya mlnum 
hdniak sa-fogok he drinks much at a draught. 
Meni-lnika pudsa dangan sa-biji khorma atau sa' 
togok dj/cr to break the fast (begin to take food 
after Lent) with a single date or a draught of 

Jh tagal because. (Vid. Ji'f tdgal.) 

lJi-^-l$J■ tagaliat to stretch, strain, wrench, sprain, 
put out of joint. To stretch, as one just 

<tsd5a tagalichoh to stretch, strain, &c, (Vid, 
ci^jli' tagaliat.) 

iS3 tagdh or iS\i tagak to hinder, prevent, re- 
strain, stop, withhold, forbid, prohibit. il/«»- 
fakat segala orang kdya de tagah rdja menidga 
all the nobles combined to prevent the king (of 
Achin) from trading. I)e tagah dan de Idrang 
ulih pangUma the chief prevented and forbad 
it. Segala iang meiiagah-kan ndik hdji every 
thing that prevents the uudcrlaking a pilgrim- 
age. Menegahkan morkd-nia to restrain his 
anger. ]\Ienagah-nagah-kan k'anak-dnak to 
keep children under controul. Jekalau sett 
tidak akan tagah if my duenna does not forbid 
it. Sabdb kdrna de taguh-kan nabi because the 
Prophet has forbidden it, 

t.ij tagoh or tuggoh strong, stout, firm, durable. 
Kola tagoh a strong fortress. Korang tagoh 
pdgar ini this fence is not sufficiently strong. 
Per-janji-an iang tagoh a firm agreement. Per' 
katd-an iang tagoh firm language. Tiadd-lah 
ta^oh satiu-nia their loyalty is not firm. De 
ikal-nia tagoh-tagoh bound him fast. Ber-tagoh 

J3, ^9 

dirt-nia dan ber-tatap atl-n!a to confirm himself 
and set his mind at ease. JJe tugoh-han allah 
pareiitafi-nia may God streng;then his govern- 
ment. Menagoh-kan per-janji-an to establish 
an agreement or alliance. Silrat ^J^y^ ^'2' 
iagoh-an a deed, bond, writing to whicli a seal 
is affixed. Ber-tagoh-tagoh-an firmly, durably. 
Ber-tagofi-taguh-an ber-sumpah-sumpdh-an bound 
each other firmly by reciprocal oaths. 


ijJi\i taldlas a species of grass, dactylis. 

^\i telddan a model, form, representation, re- 
semblance. Atas telddan llu after that model. 

^L" laldsang a waist-cloth, 

^J!j falapak the sole (of the foot) ; palm (of the 
hand). (V id. ^JJ[i fdpak.) Sejud de-bdvcah tcdd- 
pale haki-tiia to fall prostrate beneath the soles 
of his feet. 

i^ti taldga Hind. ^ j |j| a pool, pond, reser- 
voir, well, pit. Taldga de-bdwah bukit a pool 
at the foot of the hiil. Meng-ingat-kan orang 
hitta lang andak jdtuh ka-taJdga to warn a blind 
man who is in danger of falling into a well. 
Maj/it-tiia de suruh budng-kan ka-ddlam, taldga 
the body he ordered to be cast into a pit. Tor 
Idga ndrka the pit of hell. 

i.^lJ teldwat Ar. meditation, reading, study. 

i;^- telut or jJj telud a peculiar mode or pos- 
ture of sitting, approaching to kneeling. Du- 
duk ber-tdul to crouch or squat down. Jj/a- 
nun sampei Idlu nidsuk ber-telut scrta meniambuh 
upon his arrival he entered, squatted down, 
and made his obeisance. Ber-telut meniumbah 
sa-piduh jdri he crouched, or knelt, and made 
obeisance on his ten fingers (touching the floor 
with the flat of his hands). 

1; telur 


Telur dijam 

a hen's egg, 

jp telur an egg; spawn. 

Ttlur Ikan spawn or roe of fish. 

Telur biisuk a rotten egg. Mcrah or kuning 
telur the yolk. Putih telur the white. Kidit 
Idur the shell. Bcr-tdur to lay eggs. Memtas 

telur to hatch. 

brood. Sa-biji telur one egg, 

Mengaram telur to 

sit) to 

jjj ieluk a bay, inlet. Teluk Idul a bay or inlet 
of the sea. Ber-ldbuh de teluk to anchor in the 

^^J\j tclele uncovered, naked, exposed ; published. 
Telele-kan to discover, reveal, disclose, expose, 
publish, Telele-kan malu-nia to expose his 
shame, uncover his nakedness. 


talam a metal dish. (Vid. 

Jti talam). 

Jj talan or talun to swallow. Seperti buah akan 
de talan like a fruit to be swallowed. Mem- 
buka mulut-nia dan ^J.^ menalan dlya to open 
its moutli and swallow them. Menalan, aytr 
Udr-nia to swallow his spittle. 

talantang lying on the back, or with the 
face upwards, resupinus. (uJ^l^ tidrap prone.) 
Jatidi-lah ii/a ter-talantang he fell down on his 
back. Sopdi/a jdngan ilu ter-talantang that it 
(the corpse) may not lie on its back (in the 
grave). Antar-kan diya 1 y}i\ ^ menalantang 
convey it lying on the back. 

i_sUj talanjang (vulgarly klanjang) naked, bare, 
uncovered. Talanjang tuboh-nia his body was 
naked. Ber-julan talanjang to walk naked. 

index ; (called 
Telunjuk kdnan 

telunjuk the fore-finger, 
also JL^' L.^^- J"'"' tunjuk.) 
the fore-finger 

of the right hand. 

^jli' taluki Jav. silk in the piece ; damask. 

Aj telali after, past. Telah itu afi^er that. Tdun 
lang telah Idlu the past year, the year already 
elapsed. Telah lama long since, afl;er a long 
time. Telah bdniak sampei many being arriv* 
ed. Telah ada was, hath been. Akan niawa- 
mu telah ddlam tdngan-ku as to thy life, it is 
already in my hands. 

i_Jj tellnga the ear. The handles of a vessel. 
Liang tel'^ga the passage of the ear. Pan- 
chongt Jijong, or pillm tdinga the lap or infe- 


rior lobe of the ear. Daun tellnga the exte- 
rior ear, ]>inna. Cliuping tel'inga the tip of 
tlie ear. Per-lrpul-an Ir/inga the folding or rim 
of the ear, helix. Tdi tellnga ear-wax. Sun- 
ting ter-kena ka-pada tdingd-nia flowers disposed 
about, or, affixed to her cars. Ber-anthig- 
anting pada Iclhrga-nia having pendants to their 
ears. Ber-tindeh trus telingd-nia to bore her 
ears. Buni/i balitm Idgi Hang deri-pada tdingu- 
ku the sound lias not yet departed from my 
ears. 3Ien~g-eling tellnga to incline the ear. 


temu to meet. (Vid. ^ tcmu.) 


J( tarn An. it is finished, finis. (Vid. 

aIjUJ tamuram light, bright, refulgent. 
pun trang tamdram the moon shone 
Chaj/d-nia ter-ldlu trang tamdram the brightness 
(of her countenance) was most refulgent, 

U*j timhd a bucket (commonly made of a light 
vegetable substance called iipl). Putds-lah 
timbd tinggal tali the bucket gone, the cord 
remains. (Prov.) De amhd-nia ddun kdyu 
sa-lei Idlu de per-buat-nia akan timbd he took tiie 
leaf of a tree, and formed of it a bucket. Mc- 
nimbd dyer to bucket water, to draw water 
with a bucket; to bail. Menimbd prlgl to 
draw (water) from a well. 

tU.L«J timbd-ruang the bottom of a boat where 
the bilge-water collects. 

iU^J- iambdng-an a kind of boat or vessel. (Vid. 
i^' tambang.) 

XU«J" tambdku tobacco. Tamhdku Idong snufF. 

cI'Lw' tambdga Hind. ffT'^ copper. 
bdga kuning brass. (Vid. '^jS luyang.) 
bdga merah copper, 
white copper from 


(Vid. 'i_) J Idyang.) Tam- 
Tambdga pidih deri china 

China. Tambdga jdpim 
Japan copper. Tatnbdga swdsa copper mixed 
with gold. (Vid. (j-l_j-» swdsa.) Perak iang 
de champur deri-pada tambdga silver that has 

been alloyed, or adulterated with copper. De 
tuwang-kan-nia tambdga anchur ka-pada muliit- 
nia they poured melted copper into his mouth. 
Lapis tambdga copper sheathing. Tdl tam- 
bdga verdigrease, the oxyt of copper. 

^L^J tambdh-an addition, increase. (Vid. <u«J 
tambah.) Tambdh-an pula moreover. 

i.::..^^" tambat to bind, make fast, unite. Idng 
ter-tambat pada pinggang-nia that was bound 
about her waist. Sdma ter-tatnbat fastened to- 
gether, united. Menambat tall to make fast a 
rope. Ldyer ter-kambang de tambat-kan made 
fast (the extremities of) the spreading sail; 
hauled aft the sheets. ^\^ tambat-an con- 
nexion; restriction (in meaning). 

^Lfc♦i■ tambardh a species of fish resembling the 
carp, cyprinus. 



a mine. Tambang amas a gold 
Bdniak tambang ddlam negrl Itu there 
are many mines in that country. Ber-tambang 
amas mdda dan tuah to contain mines of gold 
of different qualities. 

Orang tambang or me- 

nambang a miner. 

«_^' tambang to convey or transport (goods or 
passengers) from one place to another ; to carry 
freight. Menambang Idda to transport pepper. 
Gdram tang de tambang orang Itu the salt con- 
veyed by those people. ^^U/♦j' tambdng-an a 
vessel hired to carry goods ; the freight or hire ; 
a vessel peculiarly constructed and rigged, em- 
ployed on the south-western coast of Sumatra. 
Anak tambdng-an the crew of such a vessel. 
Sa-buah prdu tambdng-an one freighted vessel. 
Blduk Iang akan ^L»J penambdng-l Idda a 
boat for the transport of pepper. 

ij^- timbang to weigh; to ponder; to exchange; 
to pay. Ber-timbang dan ber-sukat to weigh 
and to measure. Andak kdml tarlma bras Uu 
soma timbang dangan gdram we will receive 
the rice for an equal weight of salt. Lama de 
timbang ddlam dti long weighed or pondered, it 

|J 81 

in the mind. Timbang dangan rtd to pay for 
in, or exchange against dollars. Timbang 
dangan niawa to lay down life for, to purchase 
at the expence of life. Menimbang perak to 
pay money. ^L«J' timbang-an weights, scales; 
weight. Sama brat timbang-an-^ia it is of equal 
weight. Timbang-an prdu the out-rigger of a 
boat. De timbang-nia dangan timbang-an benita 
haghdadi weighed it with the weights used in 
the country of Baghdad. At Bantam seven 
kulaks are equal to one timbang, and two of the 
latter to one pikul. 

W..4J tumbang to fall, tumble. Tumbang ter-bu- 
noh to fall slain. Kdi/ii rimba-nia sUdah turn' 
bang the trees of its forests are fallen. V. ,->•■ - 
menumbang to cast down, let fall. Lulu de 
tumbang-kan-nia korldut he then tumbled it into 
the sea. 

"^^ tumbong a hole in the surface of any thing 
hollow ; a vent or spile-hole ; the anus. Tum- 
bong kaldpa the hole in a coconut (from 
whence it sprouts). 

^Jm%3 tembnJc or timbak to shoot at, fire at. Kaluu 
tiuda brdih de tangkap tembak-lah if yon cannot 
seize him, fire at him. Mcnembak bUrong to 
shoot birds. Gadong telah de tembak ptlus the 
magazine was fired, or blown up by lightning. 
Mariam fj^^ penembak anggor cannon for 
discharging grape-shot. 

^ c ^ 

^jM%j tumhak a pike, lance, long spear. To 
thrust with a lance. De ambel-nia tinnbak sa- 
bdlang s'orang each man took his lance. Idng 
pada kumi sinjiita tumbak panjang suja the, 
only weapons we possess are long spears. 
Meng-ela tumbak to drag a lance, to trail a 
pike. Tumbak-nia de lintang-nia de-uias kudu- 
nia their spears they laid across their horses' 
necks. Tumbak iang de Ulas-kan cfiamura lances 
to which the cow-tails are attached. Tumbak 
lambing a spear^ a missile weapon. Menum- 
bak to throw a lance, to strike with a lance. 

c< ^ c ^ 

, iU/w tumbuk to pound (in a mortar), to strike 

with repealed blows, to reduce to small parti- 
cles by beating, to crush ; to beat out (padi in 
order to deprive it of the husk, or rice, to free 
it from the bran). De tumbuk-nia padi dulam 
lesdng he was beating out padi in the wooden 
mortar. Tuinbuk luda llu pound that pepper 
(instead of grinding). Ada Iang menumljak 
dadd-nia some were beating their breasts. 3Iaka 
pintd gUah de tumbuk-nia dangan tandok karbau 
Uu he beat to pieces the door of the cave with 
the horn of the buffalo. 

ju-fj timbuk an embankment, dyke, rampart, 

wall. Maka timbuk itu-pdn ampir-lah sampei 
ka-langka-puri the embankment at that time 
nearly reached (from the main) to Langka-pdri 
(Selan). (J^a:^ menimbuk tlti-an to construct 
a wharf or causeway. Menimbuk laut to era- 
bank the sea. 

J^' tambul provisions, meat. Sadambul a mess 
of provisions, latnbul pel-bdgei rupu-nia dan, 
rasu-nia de angkat orang meats of various shapes 
and flavours were served up. Sopdt/a dardii- 
nla ku-per-buat minum-an dan att-nia ku-per-buat 
tambul that his blood may furnish me with 
drink, and his heart (or liver) with meat. 

J^' timbul or Jj**i' timbiil to rise to the surface, 

to appear by rising, to float, to be buoyant ; 
to spring or shoot up ; to arise, accrue, to ap- 
pear (after absence). Sdma kita timbul sdma 
tanggulam we will float on the surface, or sink 
together, our fortunes shall be inseparable. 
Bulu timbul floating stone, pumice-stone. Bd- 
lan timbul the new moon, or appearance of the 
new moon. Pada ampat dri timbul bidan rajah 
pada art sabtu maka beta sampei marl deri kedali 
on the fourth day of the new moon of Rajab 1 
arrived here from Kedah. Sa-drt butan iang 
timbul on the first day of the coming moon. 
Bdniak ka-jahdl-an timbid pada kdmi much mis- 
chief arises to me. Kalau timbul bdrang-bdrang 
sdya alau argd-iiia if my goods, or the value, 
of them, shall appear. Tohng chdrl timbul- 
kan orang jdhat llu assist to search for and 


jj 82 

to light those offenders. Tlada akan 

.i3}-,4i.< mcnimhul-kan mma tuanku they are 

not calculated to raise to a conspicuous point 

the reputation of your highness, ^^i■^ timbitl- 

an a buoy. 

/jL/ij' tambulukl, Jat. 
" bird. 

the craw or crop of a 

tamhan a species of fish resembling the shad. 


tamhun or Ihnbun a pile, heap. To heap. 
Fat, in good condition. Tamhun tanah atau 
butu an heap of earth or stones. Menambun 
liuyii to pile up wood. Musing-musing daiigan 
^f^ tambun-an-nia in separate heaps. Tam- 
bUn-un-nia ular ilu seperti bUkit the heap or coil 
in which the snake lay resembled a hill. Bang- 
hei-nia ber-tambun4ambun their carcases lay in 
heaps. Anak sapi tang ber-tambun4ambun a 
fatted calf. Jangan de ambel iang mUda dan 
tang tambun do not take those (sheep) which are 
young and fat. Lembu tambun fat oxen. Me- 
nambun-kan tuboh atau mengurits-kan dit/a to fat- 
ten the body or to make it lean. 



ornamented in a 

r.^' tubbu-tubbu.) 


tumbrts to pour through; to strain. To 

" pierce, penetrate. Through. Frau satnoa-nia 

abis ber-tambus-an all the vessels were pierced 

through, or worm-eaten, ^j^^ iambus-an a 

funnel, strainer. 

Jw*^' timbid to rise to the surface. (Vid. J^' 

"i^ tambah to add to, increase, augment. Ka- 
lau korang minta de tamhah-i if it is deficient, 
pray add to it. Menambah munis to add sweet- 
ness. Ber4ambah abundant, numerous. Kur- 
na rdyat k'da tiuda ber-tambah for our subjects 
are not numerous. Ber-tambah-tambah abun- 
dantly, additionally; moreover. Mikin ber- 
tambah-tambah tinggl-nia the more abundantly 
was its height increased. Serta dangan tambah- 
ber-tambah kurunla allali together with an accu- 

mulation of God's grace. (JsU«J' lambuh-an and 
<u«^ penambah addition, increase. Akanjadl 
penambah ynudal in order to form an addition 
to the capital. Tambah-anpiila moreover. 

tU^j' tumbuh to spring or shoot up (as plants), to 
vegetate, grow, rise. Jeka de tanam-kan-nia 
mischaija tumbuh if it be planted it will cer- 
tainly grow. PHhn iang tumbuh deri sa-bluk 
butu a tree which grows from the side of a 
rock. Biinga iang tumbuh de tangah kulam itu 
a flower that grows in the middle of the piece 
of water. Kapala iang tiuda tumbuh rambut 
a head on which hair does not gi'ow. Tumbuli- 
luh belu misfortunes arose. Jekalau tumbuh 
gaduh-gdduh dalam negrl if disturbances should 
arise in the country. ^J^y^ tumbuh-an shoots, 
buds; vegetation. Kortumbuk-an pustules, the 
small pox. 
of a wound 

Tundiuh-an daging the granulation 




shrouds, standing 

rigging, ropes supporting the mast and made 
fast to the side of the vessel. Ber-dangdng- 
dangbng tali tambirang the rigging made a 
sounding noise (from the violence of the wind). 

/^ffAj tambikir a potsherd. Bdta 
atau tambikir a brick or a potsherd 

iang ter-tHnu 

i_L-^" tambilang 

a spade, (Vid. ^J^m peng' 

>j tam, All. finished, concluded; 
Tammatu al-kalam the writing is finish- 

i.i,v«j lammat or 

ed. Tammat-lah hekdyat thus concludes the 
history. Tammat-lah meng-uji his schooling 
beinff finished. Se4ammat-nia the conclusion 
of it ; finally. 

iJX^- tamanggung one of the great officers in 
Malayan governments; admiral, general, com- 
mander in chief of the forces. 

uJ.w timpa to fall; to throw down; to strike (as 
with a hammer); to smite, beat, stamp, forge. 
Ujan iang timpa ka-bumi rain that falls to the 
earth. Timpa ati-nia his heart sunk (or smote 

fS 83 

Iiini). Daun li'iiju dan balu besar lang de tmpa- 
nia iilih Icaum itu trees and huge rocks thrown 
down bj that tribe. Andak ber-tiham sebdb 
amik binl-nia de timpa orang going to stab each 
otfier because their wives and children were 
thrown down in the crowd. Duduk ber4impa 
to squat down. Amas iang ter-timpa beaten 
gold. Prang tang bhdru de timpa a chopping 
knife newly manufactured. Ij/a-pun tampik 
serla menimpu-kan ratd-nia he shouted and 
struck his chariot. 

c»A*J' teinpo, Pont, in the time of, during the 
life, government, or reign of (Vid. ^J^j ze- 
man.) Tempo kompani wallandah in the time 
of the Dutch Company. 

jui.IjUj timpau'tts or tinipaus an animal of the 
opossum kind ; didelplms ; philander. 

^ljt«j tampuyan and ^\s3 tapai/an a large jar. 
Tampuyan mlniak an oil jar. Giila satu tarn- 
pdj/an one jar of sugar. Tampdj/an minum-an 
duapidah tampdyan de mlnum idih rayal rdja 
Uu of jars of liquor twenty jars were exhausted 
by tlie followers of the king. Tampdyan tlmah 
sa-pdsang a pair of tin jars or cans. 

ti..,fc4j tamput place, situation. Itu-lah tampat- 
nia that is its place. Se-telah ddtang ka-tampat 
istri-nia when he had come to the place where 
his Avife was. Knmbrdi angkau ka-pada tampat- 
tnu return thou to thy place. Tamput sunyi a 
lonesome place. Rami-lah tampat Uu that place 
is well inhabited. Tampat dlam a dwelling 
place. Tampat t'tdor a sleeping place, bed. 
Tampat lang ter-ldlu bdik akan ncgri an excel- 
lent situation for a town. Tampat mendroh 
suka dan sughul a depositary of joys and cares 
(a friend). 

c:,X»j' tompat to choke or stop up. Menompat 
seluran dyer to choke up a water passage. Me- 
nompat jdlan to stop up a road or passage. 
Tompal-lah prlg'i Itu stop up that well. Mulut- 
nia ter-lompat liis mouth is stopped. Tompat- 
lah pddang Uu dangan bdla tantara sri rdma 

the plain was choked up (crowded) with the 
armies of Sri Rdma. 

JXi tampar a slap, stroke, with the flat of the 
hand. To strike with the flat of the hand. 
De tampar orang mukd-nia some person struck 
his face. Ber4ampar4ampar Idlu ber-gochoh 
struck blows with the open hand, and then with 
the clenched fist. Mcnampar ddda to strike 
the breast (in grief). Menampar rabdna to 
strike a tamborin. Menampar-kan dyer ka- 
niuka to dash water in the face. De suruh 
ljJ^ tampdr-i perampuan se<heldlca Uu gave 
orders for striking the infamous woman. 

^jj^ tumpas or tompas to extirpate, extermi- 
nate, cut off, erase. Sopdyajdngan orang Uu 
ter-tiimpas that the people of that country 
may not be extirpated. Menumpas segala hi 
dusiin to exterminate all the inhabitants of the 

iJUi' tampang a cake (of wax, gum-benzoin and 
tin). A cartridge. 

iX«J tumpang to be accommodated (as with a 
passage in a vessel, with lodging on a journey, 
or with the transport of goods) ; to sojourn, 
make a temporary residence. Minta menum' 
pang to ask a person to accommodate you. 
Tumpang bernidga to make a trading visit, to 
reside for the purposes of trade. Minta me- 
tiumpang ddlam bidltk tuan favour me with a 
passage in your boat. Menumpang orang ber- 
jdlan to accompany a person on the road, io 
take advantage of his company. 3Ienumpang 
surat to get a letter conveyed. Orang me- 
numpang a passenger, lodger, inmate, one 
who sojourns with another. ^^lt«j tumpdng. 
an a passage, accommodation. Sopdya bidih 
segra iya ddpat tumpdng-an ka-pada kapal 
musim inijdga that he may speedily obtain a 
passage in a ship of the present season. 

%JUj timpang lame, crippled. Jaldh-lah iya dan 

men-jddi timpang he had a fall and became 
M 2 


crippled. Bulan-nia timpang pinchang sdja he 
is not liimc, but only halts. 

^jA^ tampak a hand's-breadth. Tahal-nia sa-tam- 
pak its thickness was a hand's breadth. 

CS'iXi tampik a shout, scream. To shout, scream. 
Tampik sarah shouting (as of armies going to 
engage). Tcr-lalu heibat tampik surak-nia 
dreadful were their shouts. Laht ii/a her- 
tampik serta dangan amarah-nia he (a monkey) 
then screamed out through excess of rage. 

JX*j tampal a patch, a plaister ; a scrap. Kain 
*a-<fl??ipa/ a shred, rag, or patch of cloth. Tam- 
paJrkan to patch. Kdinlangher-tampal patched 
cloth. De tampal-kan-nia ubat llu ka-pada lUka 
he applied that medicine as a plaister to the 
wound. De tampal-kan-nia dangan perak he 
mended it with a plate of silver. 

Ji^' tampil to advance, pass over towards, pro- 
ceed ; to rush onward, to run in amongst. 
Maka andak-lah tampil imam ka-addp-an atau 
undur mdmun ka-bldkang the priest should ad- 
vance in front, or the person instructed should 
retire behind him. Tampll-lah lija ka-addp-an 
. majlis advanced into the presence of the as- 
• sembly. Bcr-pardng-lah undur tampil ter-ldlu 
raml-nia they fought vigorously, receding and 
advancing alternately. Maka ka-dmpat Ulubd- 
lang ilu-pZn tampil-lah pergi ka-tatigah pddang 
menvlong kawan-ma the four warriours then 
advanced into the midst of the field, to assist 
their companions. 

^^AAi tumpul blunt (as a knife). 

^JiA/fj tampelik to convince; confute; convict. 
Ter-tampelik convinced, convicted, confuted. 
Mdlu-mdlu hhdsa rasa-nta seperti orang iang 
k/na tampelik he felt abashed like a convicted 

Jl^' tampil to press with the feet (as in the act 
of jumping), to rest the feet upon. Recoil. 
Kama puhn Uu tldda ddpat menuhan tarnpu 

pdtek because the tree was not strong enough 
to resist the action of my spring. It/d-pUn 
ndlk ka-dtas hdtu Idlu ij/a ber-tampu pnda bdlu 
serta me-lompal lie ascended a rock, pressed his 
feet against it, and jumped. j^.s.*j' tampd-an 
a board at the foot of a bedstead ; the foot of 
tlie bed. Duduk ber4unggu de tampu-an 
szcaml-nia sat waiting at the foot of her hus- 
band's bed. 

IjA^' tampdd the tailor-bird. 

cjjA^' tampurong the hollow shell of a nut ; a 
fragment of any thing concave. De taroh-nia 
dddl ddlam tampurong kaldpa they put milk into 
coconut shells. Tampurong kapdla orang a 
piece of a human skull. 

c Ajii tampung to catch (a thing as it falls), to 
catch or receive in the mouth (water poured 
from a vessel). 

iJ»ft^ tampdling a barbed iron. 

^ jlw tampdl a wild fruit. 

<u^' tampuh or iJxi tampdh to attack, fall upon ; 
to pass through, work, or force a passage 
through. Jakalau kampong amba de tampuh 
orang if my fortified village should be attacked 
or forced. Dan tampuh-lah ka-pada-nia and 
fell upon him. Ada-kah hulih de tampuh-nia 
kalau-kalau de adang orang can he force his 
passage through, if persons waylay him ? 
Sangal-lah kras tampuh made a vigorous im- 
pression. Maka de sdruh-nia tampuh pada se- 
gala rdyat-nia he ordered all his troops to rush 
onward to the attack. Bdik-lah kita tampuh 
segala rakshdsa Ini sopdya segra kita sampei 
ka-pada baginda we shall do well to force our 
way through this host of demons, that we may 
the sooner reach the king. 

iL*j lumpah to spill, shed, pour out. Tumpah 
ddrah mdnusla to shed human blood. Meniak 
iang Icr-tumpah oil that is spilled, or poured 


SXi tampl or tampei to winnow by pouring the 
" grain from a fan. (Vid.. j^nj/lru.) 

^^.v tampias stormy, boisterous, showery. Bad 
weather. An tamptas a day of wind and rain. 
Umbak tampias de biitu kdrang a high surge 
(beats) upon the rock. 

.^♦j taman or tumman a companion, comrade, 
confederate ; dependant, vassal. Datang-lah 
lya andaJc menolong taman-nia they came with 
the intention of assisting their companions. 
Taman-nia tang her-jalan de hlukang their com- 
panions who marched in the rear. Ber-gumul- 
guniul dan ber-lompal-lonipat-an dangan taman- 
nia wrestling and jumping with their com- 
rades. Kami andak ber4aman jUa dangan dit/a 
we desire to continue on sociable terms with 
them. Jeka taman ddtu ilu apa hul-nia duduk 
de negrl perak dangan anak istrl-nia if he be a 
vassal of that chief, how comes he to be settled 
at Perak with his family ? Kampul prdu dan 
taman to collect vessels and their crews. 

fc«j" temu or tummti to meet, meet with, encounter, 
find ; coincide, unite, join. Bhdru sakurang 
ktta ber-temu we have but lately met. Ber- 
temU-lak rdmah met with a house. Burang 
iang ber-temil dangan dlya ahis-lah de bunoh-nia 
all who encountered with them they put to 
death. Apabila ber4emil dangan tuan'nia kam- 
haU-kan when you find the owner of it, restore 
it. De-mana per-temii-an papan where there 
was a joining of the boards. 

y4j tummu costus arabicus, L. Zerumbed, R. 
curcuma zerumbet, Rox. Kunyit tummu a 
species of curcuma with coloured leaves. Tum- 
mu koncht zerumbet claviculatum, R. ktemp- 
feria pandurata, Rox. Tummti giting, R. 
curcuma viridiflora, Rox. 

UjyC tamUrun descending. (A peculiar deri- 
vative from ^j^ turun to descend, and used 
only in connexion with it). Tdrun-tamiirun 
descendants, posterity. Consecutively. Segala 
tHrun-tamiiriln-nia all bis descendants. Per- 

janji-an segaJa marika-ttu turun-tamurun ganti- 
ber-ganti tiadd-lah akan ber-Ubah an agreement 
entered into by all the people, which by their 
posterity, and through successive generations, 
is to continue unaltered. Deri-path zemdn Itu 
turun-tamurun ddtang sakurang from that time 
in regular succession until now. 

»_v«j" timiang the name of a place in the north- 
eastern part of Sumatra. 

^lij' tandm-an a plant. (Vid. Jb" tdnam.) 

tantu or juij' tantu certain, sure, evident ; 
fixed, settled. Certainly. Balitm ada tantu it 
is not yet certain. Aldmat iang tantu a sure 
sign. Tantu ari-nia the day is fixed. Tantic 
Hang Wang itu the money is certainly lost. 
Ijdwan tidda tantu kdwan tidda tantu whether 
as a foe or a friend was not ascertained. Me- 
nantu-kan itong-an to adjust an account. ..••.•."< 
ka4a)itu-an certainty. 


Ui^" tinla, Port, paint, dye, colouring matter. 
Tinta merah vermillion, cinnabar. 

jOli^ij tantddu a kind of worm or maggot. 

1^.0^7 tuntut to demand, require peremptorilv, 
ask for frequently or with earnestness ; to in- 
quire. Inquiry. Jeka de tuntut dlik iang am- 
punia aria if it be required by the person to 
whom the property belongs. Ilmu kati-tuutut 
kamadian arta ask thou for wisdom in the first 
place, and then for riches. Menunttit itlang to 
dun a debt. Menttntut per-balds-an to insist 
upon satisfaction or redress. Menunttit janji 
to demand the performance of a promise. Idng 
nienuntiil zdt allah who inquire into, or de- 
mand an explanation of, the nature of God. 

\jiij tantard an army. Ber-temu-lah tantard ka- 
dua flhak itu the two armies met. l^an be- 
brdpa tantard-nia raja itu and numerous were 
the armies of that king. Tampat ka-duddk-an 
tantard an encampment. \ -.y\] < bala-tantard 
the body of an army, the line, the ranks, the 

privates as distinguished from the leaders. De 
tring-kan ulih segala bala-iantara-nia he was fol- 
lowed by his whole army. 

^^ tantang to call aloud to, hail, challenge, 
provoke to fight. 

^Isii' tanlung'an 

1 -y, " tantang and 

regarding, respecting, relative to ; opposite to. 
Tantang-an lu'd itu concerning that matter. 
Apd4ah kuta kumu tantang-an bechdra ini what 
do you say with regard to this affair ? 

^■uV t'mtang to look, look at, espy, descry. 
Tintang-lah look, behold ! Tiadd-hih s'iJrang 
jua pun meninlarig matu-nia no person could 
look him in the face, liing metiintang deri 
jduh who beheld from afar. De tintang-nia 
suutu teht/c they descried a bay. Demi me- 
tiintang buah delima as soon as she espied the 

tantU certain. (Vid. 


ir>yi^ tantausa at ease. (Vid. ^j::^ santansa.) 
% -c\" tanjong a point. (Vid. c^-s:{j tatijung.) 

%^jsXi tonjang to branch cut, shoot into branches. 
i_-£uS penonjang a branch, shoot. 

ijs{i tanjak or tanja a form of sail used in the 
vessels called kunting or prdu, which is taken 
in by rolling on the yard, one end being upon 
deck. (See Forrest's Voyage to N. Guinea, 
pi. i. X. xii.) Prau siupaber-lu)/er tanjak whose 
vessel is that with the oblique sail ? 

^^0' tunjuk and ^J>■y tdjuk to point, point out, 
direct to, aim at, shew, demonstrate, guide. 
Tiinjuk pada amba kubitr-nia point out to me 
his grave. Tunjuk jdlan to point out the 
road. Tunjuk dangan jdrl to point with the 
finger. Jitri tunjuk the fore-finger, index. 
Mutiura dua bJjl itu-pun de tunjuk-kan-nia-Iah 
he thereupon held out to him two pearls 
nunjuk ka-hardm-an-nia 

to shew or give proof 

of his courage, ^j^^s^^ menujuk-kan dti pitlih 
to shew good will. De per-tunjuk-kan-nia ka- 

pada orang sakalian they shewed It to all the 
people. Tunjuk Idngit certain upriglit pieces 
of Avood in the roof of a house. Tuju-an a 
guide, mark of direction. Meniijuk towards, 
Terbang menujuk gunong to fly towards the 
mountains. 3Iaka it/a-pun menHjUk-lah tampat 
buni/i itu he went towards the place from 
whence the noise proceeded. 

ysXi tinju or tinjau to behold, look at with atten- 
tion, survey, look up at, look down upon ; to 
keep a look-out; to look from a window. 
Tinju-lah behold ! Blatd-nia meninju deri jduh 
his eyes beheld from afar. Gdnong tinju Idul 
a mountain from whence the sea is visible. 
^fsxS peninju a watchman. 

%ys^ tanjong or "^jsXi tanjong a point of land, 
head-land, cape, promontory, the projecting 
curve of a river (the opposite bite being named 
^J Idhok). Tanjong merah red point. Tan- 
jong baliku circuitous winding of a river. Ada 
amba liat sa-bdah pulau de taifgah laut ber-betul- 
an dangan ujong tanjong ini I perceive an 
island in the midst of the sea, in a direct line 
with this projecting point. Bunga tanjong a 
sweet scented, star-shaped flower, much worn 
by the women ; mimusops elengi, L. 

ja!i tanda token, sign, mark, memorial; circum- 
stantial proof. Tanda dti pdtih a token of sin- 
cerity. Tanda akan kidmat a sign of the last 
day. Sural mengatd-kan tanda sohbat-ber-sohbat 
a letter conveying the marks of friendly dispo- 
sition. Tanda ka-sukd-an sign of joy. Ber' 
buat tanda pada kulit badan de chdehat dangan 
jdrum ingga korldar ddrah maka bbboh ka-ddlam- 
nia nil atau bd.mng se-hagei-nia to make marka 
in the skin of the body by puncturing it with 
a needle until blood is drawn, and then to 
rub into it indigo or other substance of that 
kind. Mcnandd-kan akhalas to exhibit signs 
of friendship. Orang tundng-an itu sudah bet^ 
tanda-tanda those betrothed persons have ex- 
changed tokens. Serta dangan tandd-nia nen 
trang accompanied by clear proof (fi"om cir- 
cumstances, as distinguished from testimony). 


Jcj" tonda and ju.j tunda to tow (a vessel). 
de tonda-nia he towed the raft. 


/-ijcj' tandas a receptacle for filth, a dunghill, 
house of ofBce. Aioap tang ndik deri-pada 
tandas dangan sindirhnia the vapour naturally 
ejfhaling from a dunghill. Musuk tandas to 
visit the necessary, 

/pj JoJ t'mdas or tandas to chop or cut off. Sopai/a 
ahii tandas kapula orang Uu that I may cut off 

the head of that man. 
off the head. 

Menindas kapala to cut 

/ »)JcJ iindis to press, crush; oppress. 

(Vid. ixJ 

cJcJ tandang 
under foot ; 

to push with the foot, to trample 
to spurn. Pintii de tandang-nia 
he pushed open the door with his foot. De 
tandang-nia dadd-nia Idlu ter-talintang he ap- 
plied his foot to the other's breast, and he fell 
. upon his back. Tandang ka-tdnah to spurn 
to the earth. De chdkar dan de tandang iilih 
istr'Miia he was clawed and kicked by his 

jjoJ tandok a horn ; horn. Tandok karlau a 
buffalo's horn. Bakas tandok a box or vessel 
of horn. Jeka tiuda ber-tandok atau pdtah 
tandok-nia if it has no horns or the horns are 
broken, jdii.^ menandok to horn, to butt at, 
to gore with the horns. Matt de tandok gored 
to death. 

jjcJ' tunduk to bow down (the body or head), to 
stoop, incline, bend; to make submission. 
Tunduk indlu to hold down the head throuo-h 
shame. Tunduk-Iah diri-nia lulu ka4dnuh bowed 
himself down to the earth. Samod-nia tdkut 
serta menunddk-kan kapald-nia all of them were 
afi-aid and held down their heads. Tunduk me- 
niambah didi bagindu stooped to make obeis- 
ance to his majesty. Ba'ik-lah kita tunduk pada 
raja Uu we had better make submission to that 

^^JcJ' tandan or tindan a bunch (of grapes), a 
cluster (of coconuts), the great bunch or fruc- 
tification (of the plantain, the subordinate 
bunches being termed ciX-j sikat). Meng- 
ginlas tandan to pluck a bunch. 

hXj tindeh or tindih to lie one upon another, to 
overlay ; to press upon, press against. Tindeh- 
vienindeh deri-pada ka-baniak-an orang heaped 
upon each other, owing to the concourse of 
people. Seperti bdtang ber-tindeh-tindeh like 
timber laid in piles. Bangkei-nia ber-tindeh- 
tindeh their carcases lay heaped upon each 
other. Duduk ber-tindeh to sit close. Ber- 
jdlan ber-tindeh to march in close files. 

o ^ ^ 

Lij" tanung or tanong to presage, prognosticate; 
to raise spirits by sorcery ; to conjure (as for 
the purpose of discovering stolen goods or run- 
away slaves). Orang pandei ber-tanung or 
orang pe-tanung persons skilled in divination, 
sorcerers. 1^ tanHng-an prognostication, 

j_J tenang still, stagnant, smooth, calm. Ai/er 
tenang still or standing water. 

^" tanun or tunnun to weave. Orang duduk 
ber-tanun kdin people sit to weave cloth. Me- 
mdkei pe-kdin iang ber-tanun to wear clothes 
woven in the piece. Inl-lah Ikat pinggang iang 
de tanun set'i dewl this is a sash which Seti 
Dezct wove. Kdin '-^ tanun-an ddrat cloth 
the manufacture of the country, or home-spun. 

stove, oven. Budak- 

j^ tanur An. a furnace, 

budak ^jj^J tanUr-an kling jom-neymen bakers 
from tlie coast of Coromandel. 

Jjy' tutsdla Port, (toalha) a towel. 

cly tuwdng to pour into, cast. (ViA.\y tawang.) 

tl/Lj tudn-ku my lord. (Vid. ^J tuan.) 

^\y tawdn-an captivity; a captive. (Vid. ^^p 

bjj tuba or J\)^ tuba-ukar a climbing plant, the 

J 88 

root of which being; steeped in wat - or the 
iniusion (which is white) being poured into 
water, possesses the quality of stupifjing fish. 
Tiiba btji tuba baccifera, 11. menispermum 
cocnlus, L. Tiiba tlkus ratsbane. Memba 
ai/er to poison water with tlie above infusion, 
for the purpose of taking fish. 

jfci tiibir unfathomable, out of soundings. The 
deep. Prigi tang tfihir an unfathomable or 
bottomless well. Tiibir luut the depths of the 

^y tuboh the body. Niiiwa dan tuboJi soul and 
body. Warna tuboh-nia seperti manikam iang 
lulling the colour of her body was like that of 
a topaz. Gomitar-lah tuboh-nia his body trem- 
bled. Se-liiroh tuboh all over the body. Pe- 
niakil dcri-pada arigin dulam tuboh-nia complaint 
of rheumatism (or of flatulency) in his body. 
Bafcas tuboh (idiom.) A present. Sa-tuboh 
daii'gan perampuan rem habere cum femina; 
(honeste dicitur.) 

Lj tobat or taubat Ar. repentance, contrition, 
conversion. To repent of. To relent, to be 
inclined to mercy. An interjection of surprize. 
Wonderful! Mercy upon us ! Andak-lah k/ta 
lobat dan meminta ampun ka-pada dewdta we 
should repent and ask forgiveness of the dei- 
ties. Tobat deri-pada dam to repent of sins ; 
to cease to sin. Tujuh dri raja tidda tobat for 
seven days the king remained inflexible. 

yj tiitur to declare, relate, tell, say ; discourse, 
commune, chat; to speak as distinguished from 
sin"in«>-. Orang sudah bidsa tiitur people were 
wont to say. Be-tulur darTgan tamanrnia to chat 
with his companion. Samod-nia dbis de tiitur-l 
he related the whole story. Tutur kdta Iang 
lidda se-benar-nia stories without foundation. 
TTdur-menutur to carry on conversation, to 
chat with each other, ^^^pj pe-tutiir-an recital, 
relation; dialogue. 

jy mtur to lop. Tutur chingkarlang to lop or 
Uim the tops of the trees to which the pepper 

vines are attached, in order to make them 

(_aiji' tulup, K^ '■■•; tutup, and c-^y tiitub to shut, 
shut up, close, stop up, cover up ; include, 
finish. Tutup pintH shut the door. De ^ju 
tutup-nia pintu she shut the door. Ter-tdtup 
kulit-nia the skin (about a wound) is closed. 
Seruya menutup mulut-^ia dangan sapu-tangan- 
nia at the same time stopping their mouths 
with their handkerchiefs (to avoid laughing 
aloud). Ber4utup-kan kdcha enclosed with 
glass, glazed. Idng menutup deri-pada me- 
7iiampei-kan dyer which excludes the admission 
of water. Idng menutup dlya ddlam awan who 
wrappeth himself in a cloud. Seperti akan me- 
nutup adara rupd-nia seemed to shut up the 
atmosphere, or, to darken the face of heaven. 
Kdin akan menfitup ariggUta cloth to cover the 
limbs, or wrap the body. Wiijud allah tang 
tutup dangan diya sefat timu the nature of God 
which includes (in its definition) the quality of 
wisdom. c-aJjiJ penulup a lid, cover. 

^^jj tutuk to pound or beat in a mortar. (Vid. 
^Im^ tumbuk.) Tutuk pada lesung best pound 
it in an iron mortar. Ambel akar-nia dan kulit- 
nia dan ddun-nia de tutuk maka dyer-nia itu de 
siram-kan take the root, the bark, and the 
leaves of it, let these be pounded and the juice 

j>.J tdjuk or _y tiiju to point, direct. (Vid. 
^js^ tunjuk.) 

A».y; tujuh seven. Tujuh bias seventeen. Tiijuh 
' puluh seventy. Ka-tujuh the seventh. 

'by tilda a species of fish. 

'cOjj tudong to cover, veil. A cover, lid; an um- 
brella-hat. De tudong kdin pada dadd-nia a 
cloth served to cover her breast. Perampdan 
iang langkap dangan tudong-an a woman equip- 
ped with a veil. Ndwong seperti tudong a 
shade like that of an umbrella-hat. Tdli tu- 
dong long, pendant whiskers. Meniukur tall 

tudong tatkula meniukur kapala to shave the 
whiskers at the time of shaving the head. 
Ti'di tudong lang jurang tya-itu lang ka-llat-un 

kulit-nia tatkula ber-kata-kuta thin whiskers, 

that isj^such as discover the skin in speaking. 

cJji.* menudong to cover; veil. 

ijjj tudoh to accuse, charge, impeach. , Tudoh 
orang men-churi arta to accuse a person of 
stealing goods. jjjiS penudoh an accuser. 

CJjjj turut to follow; to accompany: to imi- 
tate, observe, conform to, comply with. Ja- 
lun-lah tuan daulu amba turut de-bldkang do 
you, sir, walk first, and I shall follow after. 
liing akan turut pergi meng-lring tuan putri 
who were to follow in the train of the prin- 
cess. Menurut suku-nia to pursue the grati- 
fication of his wishes. Ba'ik-lah aku turid- 
kan ka-pada bdrang katu-nia I shall do 
well to comply with whatever he proposes. 
Ber-turut-turut consecutively, successively, in 
succession. Dua bfdan ber-turut-turut lya-itu 
anam piduh (Iri two months running, that is, 
sixty days. 

jjy turak a shuttle. Ber-turak to wind on a 
shuttle. Pakan ber-turak the woof, the thread 
on the shuttle. De c/iapei-nia turak tdngan de 
pegang he snatched her shuttle and laid hold 
of her hand. 

i^jj tuzt-arkl (Ar. cSjy tawarruk) a posture in 

■ sitting; reclining on the right side. Duduk 

tuwarki to sit on one hip (at prayer), or with 

the right leg under the left thigh, and the left 

leg extended. 

^j^ turun to descend, go down, set, alight, sul> 
side, abate, fall. Turun deri bukit to descend 
a hill. Turun-lah tya deri adara he descended 
from the air. Turun deriStas kuda to alio-ht 
fi-oni a horse. Nuik turun to ascend and de- 
scend, to rise and fall. Meniundi k'da turun 
de kapal menmnggil tuan ni'dk ka-ddrat ordered 
me to go (down) to the ship with an invitation 

89 - y 

to you to land. Mata-dri Ifcrun the sun de- 
scends. Sun-set. Tdrun deri-atas takhla to 
abdicate the throne. Menurun raja to depose 
a king. Turun-kan ld,/er lower the sails. 
Augin itu-pun turmi-lah the wind then abated. # 
Jijj:S> korturdn-an descent,genealogy. ^,j^-^.y 
tdrun-tamurun posterity, successive genera- 
tions. Maka zemdn ber-zemdn tdrun-tamurun 
rdja jbhor tiadd-lah penah meng-ddup rdja slam 
at all periods and through all generations the 
kings of Johor were never known to repair to 
the (court of the) king of Siam. Hadis lang 
turun tamurun deri^ada nabl sayings handed 
down from the Prophet. 

^y turei to cut; to carve, engrave. (Yid. <\ 
ukir). Ber-turei-lah dirl-nia dangan phau fut 
or slashed themselves with knives. 

^^j^ taurlt Ar. the law of Moses, the penta- 
teuch; the Old Testament. 

'yi- tong or ^- tong Pers. a cask, tub. Meng- 
g-oling tong to roU a cask. Tong mlniak an 

y tuwang or'^y tuwdng to pour, pour into; 
to cast m a mould. Tuwdng-lah dyer pdnas 
de-atas-ma poured hot water upon it. Menu- 
r^ang ,ninum-an ka-pada pidla to pour drink 
into a cup. Suruh tuwang marlam scperfi 
achdwan order guns to be cast accordin- to 
the mould. Ter-tuxmng cast, molten. ^ Tu- 
wdng-an pcluru a mould for bullets. 

fjJlyi tungkus abundle, parcel; aheap. (Vid. 
^JSM bmrgkus.) Ndsi sa-tdngkus a heap of 
rice. The name of a small sugar-loaf island 
near Tapanuli. Menungkus to make up a 
parcel, pack up. 

'i^y ^i^ngging four days hence. 

jcjj- tungau a kind of insect that destroys ve-'c- 

jjy tupang belonging to the fore-mast .of a shii). 

N ■ 


Tlang tupang the fore-mast, 
the fore-sail. 

Layer tupang 

ijy tFiping a masli, vizard (worn by actors in a 
« sort of comedy). To disguise, wear a mask. 

^,j lupei a small, dark squirrel, j-s:^ ^y 
" ITipei jinjing another species. 

•i,j tuak or vlj tuzcdk toddy; a iuice extracted 
from the coconut and other trees of the palm 
kind, in its fermented and inebriating state. 
Whilst fresh it is sweet and weak, and tlien 
called nira. De taiTth-nia uyer luuk anau de- 
ddlam tampFirong they put toddy drawn from 
the arwu tree into coconut shells. Arak dan 
tuak ka-duu-nia harurn arrack and toddy are 
both forbidden by the law. 

J,y tukar to barter, exchange one thing for ano- 
ther ; to change. Bras de tukar-nia dangati 
gdram he exchanged rice for salt. Bidih de 
tukar darfgan zcang It may be exchanged for 
money. Ber-tukar siinllng to exchange wreaths 
of flowers (an act of gallantry). Tiuda liigi 
ber-tukar airain the wind did not change. Til- 
kar menukar dagdng-an to bai-ter commodities 
for each other. 

ijSy tukas to accuse falsely, to slander. 


J tiikang an artificer, manufacturer, worker at 
any craft. Tukang kdi/u a carpenter. Tukang 
hesi a smith. Tukang bdtit a mason. Tukang 
Jcapal a shipwright. Tukang Idrik a turner. 
Tukang chelop a dyer. Tukang agong prin- 
cipal woikman, builder, architect. 

iXj tukong a lock (of hair), the locks. 

^J tukok to rap, tap. Nanti amha tukok kapdla 
kdmu I shall presently give you a rap on the 
liead. Tukok-menokok to give and receive 
smart blows. Toko-toko to beat or tap with 
the hands the muscular parts of the body. 

^^^ tukok and i^ji tiikah the breaking out of a 

sore, a spreading sore; an ulcerated sore (on 
the leg). 

J^' trdal a skein, hank. Benang satukal one 
skein of thread or hank of yarn. -, 

J^j tukul to strike. (Vid. J(^ pdkul.) Bdjan 
king kena tukul a vessel of hammered work. 

J^' tazsekkul Au. resignation, confidence, trust 
(in God). Tawekkul kt)-pada tuhan iang besar 
trust in the Lord supreme. 

i^y tokam a staff; club. 

is^y tukoh the timber on which the kamudi or 
rudder turns (as in skulling); that through 
which the mast passes and by which it is stea- 
died ; the partners. 

i^ji tukah the breaking out of a sore. (Vid. jiijj 

^y toke and ^j^y tokek a large and noisy spe- 
■' cies of lizard. (Vid. ^ji gokc.) 

Jy tugar to sow padi, &c. (Vid. jS" j tiigal.) 

'i_jjj tugang a pheasant. 

J^y tugal to sow padi or rice in high and dry 

Ay tida or l:iJ J tiilat three days hence, the se- 
cond day after to-morrow. 

Jy tuli deaf. (Vid. Jy tuli.) 

tsJIJ tuwelat Ab. misfortune, calamity. 

^y talis to write; to draw, paint, describe by 

a figm-e. Writing, painting, delineation. Ta- 
lis sural to write a letter. Tulis-lah Uu de- 
ddlam kiidb write that in a book. Seperti 
<ramhar iang bhuru de talis like a fresh painted 
picture. Buju iang ber-tulis dangan dyer amas 
a garment with figures painted in liquid gold 
De tulis4ulis segala tuboh-nia painted his bodi 
all over (in a grotesque manner). Menuln 


r'/pa omng to draw a person's picture. Ber- 
Iring-iring seperli de-dalam tidis rupd-nia follow- 
ing each other as in the picture (of a proces- 
sion). Tidis pinggan painting on china ware. 
Tfdis-an a di-aught, painting. 

' ... 

, Jj tulus just, sincere, upright, innocent, inof- 
fensive. Sincerity. Sural tFdus dan akhalas a 
sincere and friendly writing. Jekalau ada der- 
ma harunia serla tulus dan akhalas if there be 
found benevolence and liberality, together with 
sincerity and affection. 

iJ J tulang a bone. Seperli anjing merab'd-kan 
laiang lilie dogs snatching a bone (from each 
other). Gamilar-lah segala sindl-nia dan tulang- 
nia every joint and every bone of him shook. 
Utak trdang and benah tidang marrow. Tu- 
lang kring a dry bone ; the shin-bone. Tulang 
rusuk the ribs. Tidang iang pdtah a broken 
bone. Tulans mUda gristle. 


tolong to help, assist. Aid, assistance, sup- 
port. Kalau bidih ti'ian menolong dli/a ber-lolong 
sedikit if you can assist him, do assist him a 
little. Segru-lah de tolong illih sell dayang im- 
mediately she was assisted by her female atten- 
dants. Andak-lah kamu sakali-an menolong 
segala sudiira kumu iang islam it is your duty 
to assist all your brethren professing the true 
faith. Minta tolong ka-idup-an I request your 
aid to (procure me) a livelihood. Kalau tidda 
dansan tolons: allah if it be not with the assist- 
ance of God. i^jyj per-tolong-an aid, assist- 
ance. Sai/gat-lah liurap sai/a akan jJjis pend- 
long annk kita I have extreme confidence in 
the assistance to be afforded me by my son. 

, ;! J ttdak to shove, push, push away, repel, re- 
pulse. Deduct, substract (in Arithmetic). Tu- 
lak sampan to shove a boat. Tuan putri-pun 
menidak miika indra maka iang de tidak-nia ilu- 
pUn sukd-luh dti the princess pushed away In- 
dra's face, but he whom she thus repelled, felt 
a sensation of delight. Menixlakrdkit to shove 
a raft (with poles). Sunnat pada drang Iang 

sambdyang atatt Mn-nia menZlak-kan orang Iang 
Idlu antdra tandd-nia ilu it is allowable for per- 
sons at prayer, or others, to push away those 
who should attempt to pass between their 
marks. Menidak-kan beld to avert a calamity. 
Menulak-kan ka-jalidt-an jin deri-padd-nia to 
avert the malignancy of evil spirits. TUlak 
sambilan real tinggal dda pdluh sdlu deduct nine 
dollars, there remain twenty one. Akan arga 
bras ilu beta tillak jadi ddlam arga afiun iang 
beta ambel as to the cost of the rice I shall set 
it against that of the opium which I have taken. 
Ada iang ber-tulak-iUlak-an some kept pushing 

.1) jjjj' tidak-bdra the ballast of a vessel. 

Li' trdan or taidan a companion, confidential 
friend, confederate. Tdkut iya akan cherrei deri- 
pada tidan-nia he was fearful of separating from 
his companions. S'orang trdan men-jddi peng' 
ibur dli a confidential friend is the solace of the 
heart. Amba-lTdan a fellow servant, comrade. 
Idup mdti de tdngan tidan tidcdc kdml panjang 
bechdra life or death, whilst my destiny is in 
the hands of a friend, are not to me subjects of 
long deliberation. 

iy tUlah to avenge. Vengeance, retribution, pu- 
nishment. Tiilah allah the vengeance of God. 
Bdniak tiilah siidah de pandang beheld many 
punishments (in hell). 

^ J tUlih to look, take a view. De tidih-nia koli- 
ling he looked or took a view around. Bcr- 
jdlan dangan per-ldhan-per~ldhan serta menUlih 
ka-kiri dan ka-kdnan jdlan walked on very lei- 
surely, directing their view to the left and right 
of the road. Paling-lah dirl-nia mcnulih ka- 
bldkang turned his head and looked behind him. 
Menidih ka4dngit to look towards heaven. 

Jy tidi deaf. Blsii dan tali dumb and deaf. 
' MenHli-kan to deafen. 

^j titma vermin that harbour in filthy clothes. 
Kama kiidis atau bdniak luma-ldma on account 

N 2 


of the ilch or abundance of vermin in tlie 

u^-^y tumit the heel. Antara mdta-Mki dan tti- 
mit between the ankle and the heel. Kuin 
panjang It'lu hi-tumit-nia long garments reach- 
ing to his heels. Dan tumit-ma seperti lelur 
lurong and her heels were (small and delicate) 
like bird's eggs. 

^_>,.j tumis to stew. A fricassee ; a sort of pud- 

i^jj tumang to forsake. Ter-tumang forsaken. 

,.; tmu to burn, consume by fire ; to scorch; to 
roast. Tunu istanggl to burn incense. Bfda 
tang tinda ter-tunu unburnt bricks. Dalam all- 
ma bagei de tunu her heart seemed to burn 
within her. Seperti apt ber-mala-niala andak 
<,ii^ menunu-han rimba like a flaming fire 
about to consume the woods. Jdngan-han tit- 
hoh-nia de mdkan apt ramhut kdln-nia tiada 
tunu so far from her body being consumed by 
the fire, even her hair and garments were not 

(_,y tuan master, lord, sir. Mistress, madam. 
Owner. (Vid. Jty tuhan.) It is commonly 
used as a pronoun of the second person in ad- 
dressing a superiour. Tuan amha my master. 
Sj\,i tudn-ku my lord; hishighness. lydtuan 
yes, sir. T'ldda tuan no, sir. Tuan pulrl the 
princess. Tuan-lah istri-ku tang tatitu thou 
(madam) art my undoubted wife. Kamball- 
kan-lah gddci ka-pada tuan-nia return the pledge 
to its owner. Apa iuan-punia suka Avhat is 
your pleasure? Ka-mdna tuan andak pergi 
whither do you mean to go ? Jekalau ada ang- 
kau her-tuan if you have a master, lung de 
per-tuan he who ruleth (an usual title of the 
person exercising sovereign power in the Ma- 
layan governments). Jung de per-tuan muda 
(equivalent to raja muda) the heir apparent. 
Jang de p^r4uan dan tang de per-amba royal 
master and (his) subject, Jj/a ada de per-tuan 
tilas kdml they are rulers over us. ^lij'i p^r- 

tudn-an government, sovereignty, rule. Se- 
gala anak per-tudn-an tang bulk rupd-nia every 
young nobleman of a handsome figure. 

jujj' tunda to tow. (Vid. jcJ londa.) 

'<J tunas to bud, sprout, shoot. The bud or 
tender shoot of a plant. 

iJJ tunang to make a contract of marriage ; to 
betroth, afiiance. A marriage contract or so- 
lemn agreement. \^liy and l\jj tunung-an 
a female betrothed. Tundng-an-nia de hrl ber- 
szcdtnl akan orang lain the woman betrothed to 
him they in marriage to another man. 
Meng-ambcl istrl tundng-an anak-ku mi to take 
away the betrothed wife of this my son. 
Orang tang ada de-ddlam ber-tundng-an persons 
who are under engagements of maixiage to 
each other. 

CSjy tudn-ku or ^ijy tuanku my lord, his high- 
ness. (Vid. ^ji' tuan.) Ampun tyd tudn-ku 
pardon, O my lord! Tudn-ku pdnia astana his 
highness's palace. 

JJ tunam match (for burning). 

jiy tunu to biu-n. (Vid. ^y tunu.) 

^y tune ready money; in course of payment ; 
payable on demand. Bat/er tune to pay ready 
money. Mem-bill timbang tune to buy at the 
scale for ready money (without making an ad- 
vance and giving credit). Bdrang sidpa ada 
pe-utang-nia tang tune whoever has debts re- 
ceivable on demand. Jeka ada iitang ilu tune 
atau Idma mdsa per tunggii-an-nia if the debts 
be actually due, or the unexpired credit be still 

ay tuah old, aged. Oeep or intense in colour. 
Orang laki-ldki tuah an old man. Perampuan 
tang ter-tuah a veiy old woman. Jang tuah 
the eldest. Merah tuah deep red. Amos tuah 
gold of a high touch (having no mixture of 
silver; Mhen mixed with copper it is named 
swdsa). , 


jb^ tohor in soundings, within reach of bottom; 
shallow water. 

jty tohor or tohur camphor of Japan. (Vid. .jl^ 
kafur or ];apur.) Kapur tohor camphor of 
Japan (as distinguished from the kfipur barus 
which exceeds it nearly thirty times in price.) 

J)jj tuhan the Lord, the almighty ruler. (Vid. 
j^y tuan and iy tuah, from whence the word 
may be a derivative.) Tuhan iang asa the 
only Lord. He who is Lord alone. Tuhan 
iang tnen-jdcli-kan dUja the Lord who created 
him. Tuhan serwa sakali-an the Lord of hosts. 
Tuhan sakali-an ulam Lord of all worlds. Ma- 
ha-tuhan the mighty or supreme Lord. Tiilda 
tuhan melain-kan aku there is no God but my- 
self Saksi aku bahwa tiada tuhan hania allah 
I bear witness (or profess) that there is no Lord 
but God alone. (Mahometan formulary.) Tuu- 
kah angkau sakdrang ka-pada ^y tuhan-mu 
dost thou now know thy Lord? jUc^ ka-tu- 
hdn-an the Godhead. 

j&jj tuhu or jpsjj tuhuk a species of fish. 

^y tuwei the instrument used in reaping. To 
reap. Menuwei pddi to reap padi or rice. 
MenHwei sawdh-nia to reap his field of lowland 

rice. ^jJ,«iJ pemewei-an harvest, the act of 
reaping or cropping the heads of padi. 

f_sy tdwi a species of shell-fish. 

<0" tah an inseparable interi'tjgative particle. j4pa- 
tah janji kila ddulu what was our former en- 
gagement ? Mengapd-tah wherefore ? i)e- 
mand-lah where? 

i_jol^ <flf/? just now. (Vid. ^li^ tddl.) 

i_<AgV tidrap lying on the face, prostrate, prone, 
groveling. Jatuh-lah itja ter4idrap pada kaki- 
nia he fell upon his face at her feet. i_j,l^ 
and (_JiUi-o menidrap to prostrate. Menidrup- 
kan dlri-nia p^-ostrated himself; stretched him- 
self on his belly (a dog). JIardm menidrap-kan 

mayit it is forbidden to lay cut a corpse with 
the face downwards. 

alJ tidda is not, not, no. Khobar itu tiddn tantu 
that news is not certain. Amba tidda tdu I do 
not know. Tidda pdtut ku-lakd-an itu that be- 
haviour is not proper. Tidda mengdpa it sig- 
nifies or matters not. Tidda bdlih cannot. 
Tidda ddpat cannot. Tidda ddpat tidda or 
oLi'ci-jJu' te-ddpat tidda without fail, it must 
not })C otherwise ; indispensably. Tidda sakdli 
not at all. Tidda mdu do not chuse, will not. 
Tidda Idgi there is no more. Tiadd-lah ada 
tliere is none ; it is not. Tidda ada dcri-pada 
arta dunyd padurnia he possessed none of the 
good things of this world. Tidda Idy'ik unfit. 
Tidda bidsa unaccustomed. Tidda ber-gdna 
worthless. jLi^ menidda and ^^lj»--« meniudd- 
kan to bring to nought, annihilate. To deny, 
negative. ^J\s^ ka-tiudd-an want, lack, ab- 
sence of Annihilation ; nonentity. Mdii kn- 
tiadd-an idup death is the negation of life. 

i_^' ttba or i_^' tibo to arrive. Kapal sudah 
tiba the ship is arrived. Saldmat tiba welcome 
upon arrival. ft.^' tiba-tiba unexpectedly, 
unawares, suddenly. Tiba-t/ba ka-dangar-an 
khabar the news unexpectedly reached them. 
Tiba-tiba it/d-pun ddtang dcri bfdkang he came 
from behind, unexpectedly. Maka tiba-tiba lya 
jdtuh ka-ddlam sdngei he suddenly fell into the 

fj:i^ or I'^C." titik a drop, speck, spot. To drop 
(as tears or rain). Minta dj/er bdrang sa-tifik I 
beg one drop of water. Seperti titik-tilik iijan 
de-dtas tumluh-an like drops of rain upon the 
young plants. Ldlu tilik-hih dyer matd-nia iang 
seperti umbun rupd-nia tears fell from her eyes 
like drops of dew. Ber-iipl amas de titik ha- 
ving a border spotted with gold. J^e titik-i-ma 
miniak pada idong dan telingd-nia they dropped 
oil into his nostrils and ears (in order to recover 
a drowned person). Titik-mcnitik to continue 

<teJi titak command, mandate, orders, royal word. 
To order, direct, decree. To speak, say. 
3le}n-brl tilah to give orders. De-biiicaJi Utah 
raja under the king's command. Mana tltah 
iaginda patek tnen-junjong de-atas bi'du kapiila 
pdlek whatever the royal mandate may be, tliy 
slave shall place it upon the crown of his head 
(shall honour and obey it). McnUah ampal 
orang manlrl pergi meniamhul brang mitda itu 
ordered four of the ministers of state to go and 
receive the youth. Baginda ber-tliah ka-pada 
istrl-nia the king said to his wife. Raja-raja 
tang de tUah-kan ulih baginda chiefs to whom 
the sovereign addressed himself. 

^ju!i titi and ^^pj titi-an a wharf; a bridge ; a 
stage erected on posts in the water, or a float- 
ing raft attached to the shore in front of the 
towns, which in many instances are built in 
the water. A place staked in for bathing in a 
river. A bridge. Akan tUi-an ber-jd/an ka- 
laiTgka pari for the purpose of a bridge on 
which to march to Langka Purl. 

jj»J t'ldor to sleep, to be composed to sleep. 
Asleep; in a sleeping posture. Sleep. (Vid. 
jjI adu and \j\i baring.) Lfdu lya tidor he 
then went to sleep. Ii/a andak tldor he is in- 
clined to sleep. Berenti tidor to stop (on the 
road) to sleep. Tidda ij/a biilih tidor slie 
could not sleep. Segala ddj/ang-duj/ang itu- 
pun tidor-lah all the damsels then went to 
sleep. Tidor-kan to put to sleep, to lay (a 
child) down to sleep. De tidor-kan-nia pada 
iambong-nia tang klri he laid it upon its left 
side. Pada kotika itu amba add-lah tidor at 
that time I was asleep. Niddar-lah tidbr-nia 
his sleep was sound. Ter-kajut deri-pada tidor 
lulu hja bungun he awoke suddenly from sleep, 
and then arose, ^j^^^ per-lidbr-an a sleep 
ing place, bed. 

^^Juj tldak No, not. lyd tidak yes or no. Tidak 
ber-tura unequalled. 

j^ ttr, Tamul. The piece at the game of chess 
which we call the castle. In the lanjjuaae of 

the coast of Coromandel the word is equivalent 
to the Sanskrit raCha a chariot. 

{j^j<j tiris leaky (from within). To leak (as a 

cask), to drop or run (as liquor from a vessel 
or rain from a cloud). 

^jj tiruk a species of insect. 

* -J tiram oystere, ostrea. T)e bili tiram diia 
rdtus lima puluh urgd-nia dua real purchased 
250 oysters (at Pulo Pinang) at the price of 
two Spanish dollars. 

• -J tird, to mimic. 

^jj or ^\"< tirei a curtain. Sangkap t'lrei to 
draw the curtain. Tirei kalambu de labuh-kan 
vrang-lah the attendants let fall the curtains. 
Segala ddyang-ddyang itu-pun undur ka-ldar 
ddduk de bdlik tirei all the damsels thereupon 
withdrew and sat behind the curtain. De 
bukd-kan-nia tirei she opened the curtain. Per- 
adu-an iang deddlam tirei kalambu tujuh lapis 
the sleeping-place which was within seven-fold 
(or seven rows of) curtains. 

^j^ tiri the relationships that result from the 
marriage of those who already have children. 
Bdpa tiri step-father. Md tiri stepmother. 
Anak tiri stepchild. Suddra tiri half-brother 
by the mother. 

^jj tezi, Pers. a high-bred, mettlesome, ma- 
naged (horse). Asal-nia tezi kuda itu that 
horse is high-bred, has blood in him. Bev 
mdin-mdin dangan kuda iang tezi to go through 
the exercise with a managed horse. 

'j-J tiang a pillar ; mast ; large pole. Tiang 
bdlei the pillars of the public hall. Hang 
bdtu a stone piUar. Memerchik bdu-bdu'npada 
segala tiang astdna itu sprinkled sweet essences 
upon all the columns of the palace. Kapal 
tiga tiang a three mast-ship. Tiang agung 
the main-mast. Tiang tupang the fore-mast. 
Tiang penidrong the mizen-mast. Tiang 


peiigapoh the top-mast, 

Tiang bandera a flag- 

i_jj tij/ong a species of bird. <Vid. cjj i'lbng.) 

^jJiJ teiigok to peep, to look out (as from a win- 
dow or through a crevice) ; to espy. Bulan- 
pun bharu-luh terhit seperti rupa anak dura tang 
bulk paras-nia menengok indru mem-buwa tmn 
pulri the moon just risen seemed like a beauti- 
ful young virgin to peep at Indra whilst he 
carried off the princess. Tcngnk-Iah ka-sabh'ih 
laut look out towards the sea. Ada tang 
menengok deri jauh some espied from a dis- 

t'lap every. Tlap uri every day. Tiap- 
tlap sudagar dan nakhoda every merchant and 
master of a vessel. Ka-pada ttap-ttap stiatu to 
each and every one. 

tiup to blow. A blast, puff. Ber4iup-lah 
angin the wind blew. De tiup-lah angin the 
wind blew it away. De t'mp-kan-nia ka-pada 
miilul tang ter-ngunga lie blew it into the gaping 
mouth. Mcnlup bangsi to blow the flute. 

^jJui tipis and j-ij nipis thin, delicate. Bibir 

Jang t/pis thin lips. Kuin tipis thin cloth. 
llpis mulek delicate. Nlpis dan dlus iang 
t'lada dapat de sakil-kan tidda ddpat de sa-tan~gafi- 
kan thin and fine, which cannot be separated 
and cannot be divided. t_ !'\^ artl-nia nipis dan 
alus the meaning of (the Arabic word) lalif is 
thin and fine. 

^Iftj' tipok or i/Ji^jlj tipok Idsa palsy. 

A^ tipu to deceive by art, to impose upon, to 
circumvent. Deceit, wile, stratagem. Mystery, 
art, secret. Andak menipu raja ilu wanting 
to deceive the king. Tau-lah iya akan tipu itu 
he was aware of that deceit or stratagem. Tipu 
hakmat prang the art or science of war ; mi- 
litary stratagems. Tipu duya (syn.) deceit, 
subtilty. Abis-lah tipu dangan dayd-nia all 
their wiles and cuaning were exhausted. 


CJ' tikar a mat. 

Tikar dan bantal 

a mat and 

pillow (i. e. bedding). Tikar ^x^ bidi dHa 
golong two mats of a particular kind. Seperti 
tikar suddh ber-ampdr-an like a mat spread out. 

fjSji tikus and ^jLj tikus i 
mus. Tikus kechil a mouse, 
musk or strong-smelling rat. 
bat, vespertilio. 

I mouse ; a rat ; 

Tikus busuk the 

Burong tikus the 

JL; tikam to stab, pierce, thrust in. Se-telah 
umph-lah iya maka Idlu de tikam-nia as soon 
as he drew near, he stabbed him. Menikam 
trus prttt-nia stabbed or pierced through his 
belly. De tikam-nia s'orang it (an arrow) 
pierced a man. Mari-Iah kita ber4lkam come 
let us engage in single combat. Ber-tikam 
sindiri-nia stabbed themselves. JLdlu 



ber-likam-tikdm-an dan ber-dmuk-amuk-an 
there was stabbina; and 

iang menikam dangan tombak-nia some of them 
pierced or thrust with their lances. Lulu 
bangkit ddtang menikam-nia then rose and ap- 
proached to stab him. Tikam jcjak to stitch (a 
mode of sewing). 

jO tika name of a place on the western coast of 

i^/-J tikus a mouse ; a rat. (Vid. fjjji tikus.) 

^Ljj' teke opium formed into a pellet for smok< 
' ing ; the quantity consumed at a whiff. 

< , ^C J>' tiga three. Tiga bias thirteen. Tiga 
piduh thirty. Ka-tiga the third. Sa-per-tiga 
a third part. Tiga per-dmpat three-fourths. 
Ddlam sa-rdlus tangah tiga two and a half 
per cent. Tiga kdli three times. Tiga lapis 
three fold. 

ijLp or i,^<^\." tilik favour, 


, good will, affection, 
construction. To fa- 
vour, regard with a favourable eye. Tilik allah 
the favour of God. Minta de timbang bdik' 
bdik dangan tilik praj' take into your favourable 
consideration. Maka de tilik ka-pnda iang 
meniampur dyer itu dangan de kird-kan-nia pada 


peMangah-an scfal-nia a favoura'i construc- 
tion must be put upon such mixtures with the 
water (for ablution), presuming they must be 
its own proper qualities. Anduk-lah kdmu me- 
nllik pada ka-!ahu-a)Miin you shotild consider 
their conduct in a favourable light. 

, j C^ lili/c to look at attentively or wistfully ; to 
gaze. Serta dc lllik'nia pada mata perampuan 
looking at the same time at the eyes of the wo- 
man. Andak-Iah de tahan-i braiig deri-pada me- 
mlik ka-luti'git ddlam s^amhdyang people should 
be restrained from looking up to heaven during 
prayer. Menagah-kaii deri-pada tilik orang ka- 
pada-nia to prevent the men from looking at 
her. Ter-lllik ulih lang menllik gazed at by 
the gazer. (It may be doubted whether this 
and the preceding are not, in fact, the same 

Aj tllam a mattress ; a small carpet laid upon 
a couch or sleeping-place. Bcr-adu de-atas 
tilam to repose upon a mattress. Dc taruh- 
nia I'llam tampal lldor he placed a mattress for 
sleeping on. De angkat-nia ka-utas iilam tang 
ka-anius-an lifted him (when fainting) upon a 
mattress covered with cloth of gold. De 
umpar-kan tilam de lahuh-kan tirei spread the 
sleeping-carpet and let fall the curtains. 

(j^>^ timhuk an embankment, wall, rampart. 
(Vid. fj^ tiinbuk.) 

y^ liinor the east ; eastern. The name of an 
island lying eastward of Java and northward 
of New Holland. Ldut tiinor the eastern 
sea. Angin timor an easterly wind. Timor 
Idut north-east. Timor sa-mdta ittdra east- 
north-east. Timor tunggdra east-south-east. 
Ka-sa-hlah timor to the eastward. 

'i-*J timang to fondle, dandle, play with. Je- 
kulau bdlu iang besar-besdr atau gunong maka 
ddpai-lah timang-timang jdga a huge stone, or 
even a mountain may (by virtue of this ring) 
be played with in the hand, 'j . w- -c menimang 
to amuse, divert ; to fondle. Beduwan ber- 

niani/i-luh menimang baginda kordua itu the 
minstrels sang to amuse the royal pair. Ti- 
mdng-an a play-thing, a favourite toy, that 
which is fondled. Nidwa abana- timans-limdns- 

o o D 

an abang my soul, my object of delight. 

^^ timun, ^^yt.J timun, and ^.*-xJ> anlimim 
a large fruit of the cucumber or melon kind ; 
cucumis momordica. 

<U-J timaJi tin ; lead. Timah pruih tin. Tiinah 
Ham lead. Timah nipis tinned plates or sheet- 
tin. Datang-lah timah deri palembang there 
came tin from Palembang. Timah-timah a 
species of fish. 

- "• ;" tinting to cleanse (gold dust, by separating 
from it the heterogeneous particles, in a peculiar 
and dexterous manner). Seperti amas nen tuan 
kirim sudah amba liut amba tinting sudah de 
panggang dan de dji korang nian buik scbdb 
de champur dangan perak with respect to the 
gold you sent, I examined it, and having se- 
parated the impure particles (by hand) I burned 
(melted) it, and tried the touch. It is of very 
inferiour quality, by reason of its being mixed 
with silver. 

.sxJ tenju the fist. To strike with the fist, to 
box. Ldlu ber-pegang tdngan Idlu sdma ber- 
tenju-kan then they siezed hands, and then they 
exchanged blows. 

•iX^ or i_fiX«j tindek or tinde to bore the ears. 
(Vid. «jcj' tindeh.) Gadis iang balum ber-tinde 
ber-ddbong a girl whose ears are not yet bored, 
nor her teeth filed. Ber-tindc Irus telingd-nia to 
bore through her ears. 

iwj ay tiwas weaker, inferiour to ; worsted, foiled. 
To yield superiority. Rdja buhman tiwas juga 
ulih rdja indra Bahman was still foiled by 
Indra. Ndga itd-pun ampir tizcas prang-nia 
the dragon was then nearly worsted in the 
fight, or near to yielding the victory. Samoa- 
nia tiwas ulih ka-sakti-an-nia all were forced to 
yield to his prowess. Jeka aku mdti ber-prang 
datfgan sri rdma atau tiwas aku deri-pada-nia if 

I should die in tlie combat with Sri Ranut, or 
be worsted by him. 

lj«i" t'long or tj tit/ong a black bird with yellow 
gills, called the minah or minor, remarkable 
for its faculty of imitating speech. 

JUJ teh, Chin. tea. Daun leh tea, the tea-leaf. 

jlJ taih, Ar. a desert ; the desert through which 
the Israelites passed after leaving Egypt. 

(^ 5 the letter named Ij «« or tlu't, peculiar to 
Arabic words. 

ij\j sabit, Ar. established, confirmed; affirmed; 
proved, clear, authentick. Tiada-lah sabit de 
ati beta it is not proved to my conviction. Me- 
niadd-lcan dan ^^'l~c meniabit-han to deny and 
to affirm. 

Cj^ salusa, Ar. the third day of the week, 
Tuesday. Ini-lah dri saldsa this is Tuesday. 

,^ salju, Ar. snow. 

^jj seneian or _^\ isneian, A r. the second day 
of the week, Monday. Pdgi dri seneian to- 
morrow (will be) Monday. 


^ jf the letter named w?- jlm. 

U jubat to handle, feel, touch, hold. Ber- 
jdbat tdifgan rdja ka-diia the two kings touched 
hands (according to the Malayan mode of sa- 
lutation, the hands of the inferior, pressed flat 
together, passing between those of the superior 

97 If 

personage). Men-jdhat ddj/ong to handle the 
oar. Men-jdbal ka-rujd-an to exercise the func- 
tions of royalty. ^Lo- jabdt-an employment, 
office. De brl samod-nia ber-jabdt-an he as- 
signed employments to them all. jjJ'V=£\J pf«- 
jabat-an tlie sense of touch. 

^jAp~jdbak a trap (for beasts or birds). 

<j f -^ 

c y\o~ jdbong a species of shell-fish or madrapore. 

<)J'U- jdtuh to fall, tumble down ; to be cast 
ashore. Ada Jang jdluh packah beWi mnkd-nia 
some fell and wounded their faces. Jatuh-lah 
it/a de-ddlam Idut he fell into the sea. Jdluh 
sdkit to fall sick. Prdu sudah jdtuh de pidau 
plsang the vessel was cast ashore on the island 
ofPisang. Jatuh-kan to let fall, cast. Maka 
de antar-kan mdjjit antdra dua pdpan serta de 
ikat Idlu dejattlh-kan ka-ddlam Idut dan hdrus de 
gardong da)rgan sa-sudtu iang brat sopdya sampei 
ka-bdzeah the corpse is to be placed between 
two boards tied together, and then thrown into 
the sea ; and it is proper that something heavy 
should be attached to it in order to make it 
sink. Ldlu men-jdtuh-kan diri-nia ka-ddlam dpi 
then cast herself into the flames. 

jU- jdti teak, a species of timber in high esti- 
" niation for ship-building and other purposes; 

tectonia grandis. Kdj/djdti teak-timber. Pdhn 

jdti a teak-tree. 

Per-mdta tiga jdjar 

(j:„tfi-U- jdjal to mimic. 

j».U. jdjar a row, rank, 
three rows of jewels. 

o\>-jddi to be, become, come to pass, happen, 
be produced ; to suit, answer, do. Orang itu 
sudah jddi tuah the man is become old. Jddi 
or men-jddi isldm to become a Mahometan. 
Menjddi besdr to become or wax great. Dan 
kaUm-kalau menjddi per-bantdh-an and if dis- 
putes should happen to arise. Benuiang iang 
jddi deri-pada kaledei dangan kuda betina an 
animal produced between an ass and a mare. 
Jadi-lah anakpada orang Hh a child is born to 

V 98 

that person. Makatathdlallujadianalc should 
conception take place at that time. Apu-kth 
kaldk jadl-nia anahanda ttu what will presently 
become of the royal infant ? JadUtth it %vill 
do. Be it so. Tiuda akan judi bagllu it will 
not do, or answer, in that manner. Jadi-kan 
or men-jadi-kan to make, create, cause, occasion. 
De jadi-kan alluh Idngil dan bumi God created 
the heavens and the earth. Tuhan tang men- 
jadi-kan dtj/a the Lord who made him. De 
jadi-kan pmiiiin dan tnunt^i made verses and 
songs. Men-jadl-kan diri-nia gmda transformed 
himself into a griffin. 

^jiji^J\^ jddijadi-an transmigration (as of men 

into tigers, and tigers into men). ^iXsf ^'^' 
jndi-an creation, production. Tiuda lang ter- 
Icbih semporna kajud't-an-nia there is nothing of 
which the fonnation is more perfect. Deri- 
pada apa gardng-an ka-jadi-an hamimun ini from 
whence, I pray thee, did this Hanuman derive 
his existence ? 

"cji^-jdrang open, wide or loose (in texture), 
thin-set; rare. Seldom, rarely. Kdin jdrang 
cloth of a loose or raw texture. Ayak jdrang 
an open, coarse sieve. Jdrang rambid-nia his 
hair is thin. Menabur jdrang to sow thin. 
Jdrang ka-pada-nia mdlH modesty is with them 
a rare quality. Ber-dlang-ulang alau jdrang 
frequently or seldom. Men-jarung-kan gigl to 
widen (by filing) the interstices of the teeth. 
Andak-lah dejardng-kan-nia segalajari-nia dangan 
pcr-langdh-an jdrang he should expand all his 
fingers (in prayer) to the half extent. 

*^.\j»~jaring a net. (Vid. i_i ,U. jr'rtrZwo'.) 

S.W jdrak the plant called palma christi ; rici- 
nus communis. Miniak jdrak castor oil. Jdrak 
kafri jatropha curcas. 


i^jdrum a needle, bodkin. The set of touches 

used for ascertaining the fineness of gold. 
Bam rumd-nia her-diri seperti jdrum rupd-nia 
their bristling hairs stood on end like needles. 
Jdrum dan benang needle and thread. Jdrum- 

jdrum or jarottg-jarong, R, a flowering shrn!), 
flamma sylvarum, R. ixora coccinea, L. (It 
may probably be the same with the <jj^\ 
angsFika, which ^vas supposed to be the pavetta 

y,U jdrah or i^ jarah to spoil, plunder. ^!p- 
jardh-an plunder, spoil, prey. Mem-bhdgi 
jardh-an to divide the spoil. Men-jddi tawdn-aa 
dan jardh-an to become captives and the spoil 
(of the conquerors). Anak jardh-an captives, 
persons carried away in plundering expedi- 

ijf^ jdrah half-grown. 

t^jU. jdri the finger. A finger's breadth, an 
inch. Jdri tunjuk or telunjuk the fore-finger, 
index. Jdri tangah the middle finger (called 
also jdri-antu and jdri mdti). Jdri mdnis the 
fourth finger. Jdri kalingking the little finger. 
Ibujdri or ibii tdngan the thumb. Jdri kdki 
the toes. Jari-nia seperti duri landak her 
fingers were (long and small) like porcupines' 
quills. Lurah-lah kalam deri-pada jari-nia the 
pen dropped from his fingers. Tabal-nia ampat 
jdri it is four inches thick. 

^^U jdrlng and '^^U jdring a net, toil (for 
birds or beasts) . Jdringjdring sudah ter-bentang 
the nets or toils are spread. Menjdring to lay 
toils (as for deer). 

i-jjla- jaring or i-J^ jerring a species of mimosa, 
the fruit of which has a resemblance to the 

(^U-jrtM merit, desert. Ber-buatjdsapadatuan- 
nia to render acceptable service to his master ; 
to acquire merit with him. Ber-buat padd-nia 
bdlasjdsa tangan-nia to requite him in his own 
way, or according to his deserts, 

is^^a^jdn'gat abide; leather. Jdngat tali tarn- 
bur leathern straps or thongs for bracing the 

^U- jdngan do not, let not, be not, may or 
cannot be. Bdah delima itu jdngan arigkau 


tnakan do not thou eat, ov eat not thou, of 
that pomegranate, Jangan bar'ini do not dare. 
Jarfgan-lah ter-chucha numa kuml let not our 
names be brought into contempt. Paliura le- 
dahf-mu sopu7/a leher-mu jangan ier-panggal 
guard your tongue that your head may not be 
cut off. Jangan-kan far from; so far from; 
putting out of the question ; not only. Jungaii' 
/can dapat me-llat-pf/n tidak so far from obtain- 
ing, we did not even see it. Jangan-kan sa- 
iuboh dangan ambajari amba pun tiada ter-jubat 
so far from having slept with me, he has not 
even touched a finge ' of me. Jangan-kan 
tampei bantu-nia puttii g out of the question 
the arrival of succours (to the enemy). 

tiJyU- japut to fetch. (Vid. c:jy^japut or 

y^l>. japun and ^^f^ japiin the islands of Ja- 
pan. Negri or benua japun the country of 
Japan. Limau japun the Japan or mandarin 

Cj\f~juga Hind. ZsfPTT^ to watch, guard; to 
waken ; to continue awake, be vigilant ; to at- 
tend upon. Suruhjuga prau Uu gave orders to 
watch or guard the vessel. Jdga ka-laku-an-^ia 
have an eye to his conduct. Menjaga dan 
mengawal negri to watch and guard the city. 
Ber-jagapada slang dan tnalam to watch or keep 
watch by day and night. Talkdla jaga deri. 
pada tidor at the time of waking from sleep. 
Maka pulri-pun ter-jugorlah and the princess 
was awakened. Antara tidor dan jaga between 
sleeping and waking. T tl/U- jagajuga guard- 
room. /'rawjVlo'fl-Jtfg-a a guarda-costa. Tc/U-y 
ber-jagajaga to keep vigils ; to celebrate, du- 
ring several successive days and nights, what 
is termed in the southern parts of Sumatra a 
bhnbang pr festival. Maka ^'\io~J per-jaga-an 
itu-pun ganap-Iah sa puluh art sa puluh mdlam 
and now the tenth day and tenth night of the 
festivities were completed. 

Li U- jagong or %ji\s~ jagong Turkey or Indian 
corn, maize, zea mays, L. 

^y^jula, Hind. 3ff^ a casting or hand-net. 
Jala sorrawan one hand-net (idiom.) A 
name of the ^^^ murei or dial-bird. MenM- 
lamjala to cast or sink a net. Men-jala to iisli 
with a casting-net. Per-buat-an jala-jula net 
work. Jala-jala de-utas ampadas the caul ©ver 
the liver. ^»|r^ Jala-jala-nia-pun best sopat/d 
burong-pim jangan ber-ulih mdsukka-sana it has 
(over it) an iron netting, in order to- prevent 
the birds from entering there. 

^l^jalang stray, vagabond, wild, undomesti' 
cated. Karbaujulang wild buffaloes. Kitching 
jdlang a wild cat. 

^U.jrV7/fl«^ to wait, attend upon. (Vid. ij.». . 
jalang or jellang.) 

JU- jdlan to walk, march, go, go on a journey. 
A walk, path, road, way, journey. Jalan ber- 
kdki to walk, go on foot. lya bcr-jalan ka- 
Sana ka-mari he walks to and fro' (thither and 
hither). Puydi ber-jdlan tired with Avalkin"-. 
Pugi art dlj/amuubcr jdlan he purposes to set 
out on his journey betimes. De tangah jdlan 
in the middle of the road; halfway. Jdlan 
rdya the high-way. Jdlan lurus a strai{ or 
direct road. Jdlan tdkan a beaten path. Ja- 
Ian sumpit a narrow path. Jdlan ber-simpan<r 
a road forking off from, or falling into another; 
a lane. Per-temu-an jdlan the meeting of 
roads. Se-panjang. jdlan throughout the jour- 
ney, the whole way. J,lsXc nien-jaldn-i kabun 
Idda to make a survey of the pepper-planta- 
tions. ^J5^^ per-jaldn-an a journey. 

"^S^-jdltng a sort of fishing net. 

*U-jdm and j^jam, Peks. a bell, a clock; an 
hour, a league. De iiantl-nia tiga jdni he 
waited three hours. Se-kira-kna ampat jam 
lamd-nia brang bcr-prang Uu for about the space 
of four hours those people fought. Jauh-7iiu 
negri Uu lima jam ber-jdlan the distance of the 
town was five hours walk. Jdmpdslr and jdm 
u-^JJi^ Mr«/w an hour-glass. 
O 2 



aW jamu to sojourn. (Vid. ^U- jdmu.) 

^U- jamang a band, fillet, or plate of metal 
worn on the forehead; tiara. Ber-jumatig amas 
dan ber-suniing amas having a fillet of gold and 
golden ornaments for the hair. Ber-mpat ja- 
mang to bind on the fillet. 

^■o{>. jiimu or As~jdmit to sojourn, tarry, reside 
for a short period. Jiimu-lah suja kdnn pada 
negri ini vre mean only to tarrj awhile in this 
country. Anak ddgang dan jdinu foreign mer- 
chants and sojourners. Gampar mulut-nia sc- 
peril Idku orang tang susak ka-daidng-an Jdmu 
rupd-nia their tongues went like those of a fa. 
mily thrown into a bustle by the arrival of 
strange visitors. Khedmat akan orang jdmu 
ministry to a guest ; rites of hospitality. Gom- 
hdla untd-pun ddtang men-jdmu untd-nia a camel- 
driver arrived in order to bait his camels. 

j^W- jdmu or y^ jamu to feast, banquet. Men- 
jdmu orang to give a feast ; to entertain com- 
pany. Ada-pun rdja purha sakti men-jdm u scgala 
raja^dja dan dewa-detsa mdkan miniim ber-suka- 
sukd-an ampatpuluh dri dan ampal puluh mdlam 
King Purba Sakti feasted all the princes and 
genii, who ate and drank joyously for forty 
days and forty nights, ^'y^ jamu-an a feast, 
entertainment. {Jy*^y per-jamu-an one who 
feasts. lung ber-ulang sebdb bcrjdmujamu-an 
who run in debt from the luxuries of the table. 

juW jamah to touch, feel, lay the hand upon ; to 
meddle with. Brl-lah amba menjdmah tlu suf- 
fer me to touch that. Tiadd-lah beta mdu de 
jdmah laki-luki tang lain I do not chuse that 
another man (a second hus])and) should touch 
me. Jarl-nia-pun tidda ddpat amba jdrmih I 
could not (prevail on her to let me) touch so 
1 much as her little finger. 

ijWjrtWflWg or jennang paint. 

A^jdu and jU- jdwa the island of Java. Orang 
jdwa a Javan. Tdnah jdrca the land or coun- 
try of Java. Buni/i-bunyi-an chura jdwa mu- 

sic in the Javanese style. Asam jdwa the ta- 
marind. Randa jdwa millet ; panicum indi- 
cum, R. 

c:jij\s~ jdzeat and i^^S^jdzcap to catch, receive, 
to bear in the hand, to take by the hand, to 
handle, to take cliarge of, undertake; to al> 
sorb. Maka iya-pun berjdwat pada se-keping 
pdpan he then catched hold of a piece of plank. 
Biidak iung mcnjdwat sinjatd-nia the youth who 
bore his armour, his armour-bearer. Baginda 
segrd-lah men-jazodt-i utus-an itu the king imme- 
diately received the anibassadour. Sidpa iang 
jazoap-nia who received or took charge of them ? 
CU>jlsU penjdzcat an officer. Penjdwat minum- 
an cup-bearer. j\^jatiDdt-an oflice, post, 
duty, employment. Ddi/ang-ddi/ang meng- 
ddap-lah tuan putrl tndsing-mdsing daiTganjawdt- 
nia the damsels waited in the presence of the 
princess, each according to her duty. Ulubd- 
Iang dan palawdn mdsing-mdsing dangan jazodl- 
nia warriours and champions, each at their re- 
spective posts. (It appears to ha\ e been origi- 
nally the same word as ij:^\^jdbat, but though 
agreeing with it in some of its acceptations, it 
does not in all.) 

iij\j>. jduh far, far off, distant, remote. Distance. 
Jdnh deri sini far from hence. Brdpa jduh 
how far? Jduh-kah negri ilu is that country 
far off. Ka-datigar-an-l(J} buni/i dyam ber-kuku 
deri jduh the noise of the crowing of cocks was 
heard at a distance. Jduh-nia-an perjald?j-an 
deri tampat itu sa-tangah dri its distance from 
that place was half a day's journey. Menania' 
kan jduh dan ampir to make inquiry far and 
near. Maka ij/a-pun menjauh-kan dlri-nia deri- 
pada kdxean she removed herself to a distance 
from the herd. 

^_jjU. jdzQi cattle, kiue, oxen. Jdwi tiga ikur 
three head of cattle. Karbau dan jdwi buffa- 
loes and oxen. 

^.U-jaes-v vernacular. (Vid. Inthoduction to 
the Grammar.) Bhdsa jdwi the vernacular 
dialect of the Malays ; thewritten language of 

composition. Pada hhasa jazoi ruwdyat namd- 
nia dan ka-pada bhusa maluiju hakiiyat namu-ma 
in the vernacular dialect it (the poem of the 
Ramayati) is called ui-^Jjj, and in the Malayan 
c:-~ilCs-; (but both of these terms are Arabic). 
Pinla sohhal beta jazcl-kan sural itu kama orang 
tang tail mem-bticfia surat bhdsa parsl sudah tld- 
da ddlam negri Ini I beg my friend to translate 
into the vernacular language the letter (from 
the Governor-General) for in this country tliere 
is no person who can read Persian writing. 

X 1^^ jawl-jawi the banyan tree, arbor de rails, 
or ficus racemosa, L. Srperli ahir jaxsl-jCm-l 
like the pendent fibres of the banyan tree, 
which, taking root, form new stems. 

101 jf- 

i^\o^Jaya Hind. ^^ victory, victorious. Me- 
minlajdya prang-nia to ask for victory to his 
arms. Tiadd-lah akan juya prang-nia his war- 
fare did not terminate in victory. Tiadd-lah 
iya ber-jdya Idgi he was no longer victorious. 

L^U- jd'it to sew. ( Vid. uu-JsU- jdhit.) 

cuvo- jcbat civet. Suchi jebat jeka tidda bdniak 
ruma-rfana mdsang ddlam-nia civet is pure, if 
there be not much of the hair of the cat mixed 
with it. Memdlei jebat kurna nejis to wear or 
use civet on account of impurities. 

^\^jebrdil Ar. the arch-angel Gabriel. 

ij:,^l>. jdhat wicked, mischievous, vicious, atro- 
cious, dangerous, inveterate; deformed, hi- 
deous, monstrous. Orang jdhat a wicked man. 
Bendtang jdhat a mischievous beast. Kuda 
jdhat a vicious horse. Per-budt-an tang jdhat 
atrocious deeds. Jeka ber-sohhat dangan orang 
jdhat nischdya sdma jdhat jdga iya if a person 
keeps company with the vicious, he will cer- 
tainly become as vicious as they. Tdnah jdhat 
barren land. Jdhat rupd-nia its appearance 
was hideous. ^\^ ka-jahut-an wickedness, 
atrocity. Jdtuh Iya ka-ddlam Idut ka-jahdt-an 
they fall into the sea of wickedness, or gulph 
of perdition. Jeka de llat-nia sudtu tanda ka- 
jahdt-an if they perceive any mark of foul-play 

^{>.jdhil Ar. an ideot, fool; vulgar person. 

Foolish, ignorant. Jdngan-lah iya meniumpah 
dan mengarjd-kan pe-karjd-an tang jdhil let him 
not swear nor commit acts of folly. Jj*.. jahil 
arti-nia babal the meaning of jahil is ignorant. 
Sopuya jdngan de Hat dlih orang jdhil that he 
may not be observed by the ignorant vulgar. 

u:,^\»-jdhit or t:i.^U-j««^ to sew, work with a 
needle ; to fasten planks together with wooden 
pins. Tatas jaitan to burst the sewing or 
seam. Pen-jdtt a tailor, sempstress. 

i^jubbat Ar. a robe; a garment worn by Doc. 
tors of the Mahometan Law. A quilted waist- 
coat answering the purpose of armour. Memd- 
kei serban dan jubbat dan serawdl dan sabei to 
put on a turban and robe, and drawers, and 
sash. Sungguh ber-janggdt tidda ber-jubbat 
bearded, in truth, but not qualified for the 



^\s^ jiijahan a province, district, dependant 
ten-itory. Segala jajdhan negri itu dejdlan-nia 
he made a circuit of all the provinces. Pada 
tdun ini pddi ddlam parlis dangan segalajejdhan- 
nia tidda brdpa judi this season, in Parlis and 
all its districts, the rice-crop has nearly failed. 
Tidda biilih orang piitih Idin diiduk ddlam jaja- 
han lang de per-tuan no other European can 
settle in the territory of his highness. 

Jds?" jejak footstep, track, trace. To step, tread. 
Mtnurnt jejak-nia to follow his footsteps, to 
track him. Me-ilang-kan jejak to deface the 
track, defeat the pursuit. Ber-jdlan-lah Iya se- 
perti tidda ber-jejak de bund rdsa he marched as 
if he did not (or scorned to) tread on the 
earth. Tiadd-lah iya ber-jejak de bumi Idgi me- 
Idin-kan de-dtas bangkei mdnusia jdga they no 
longer stepped upon the ground, but only on 
the carcases of men. Tikani jejak to stitch (a 
mode of sewing). 

J jlj3. jarddik a cake. 


ii\f^ jardkah to speak tauntingly; to rebuke 
M'ith asperity; to snarl. 

Jar ami tans: Icrins 

J jfc. jaraml stubble, straw 
dry stubble. Pdsang kabun ddlam jardmi to 
plant a (pepper) garden in a (rice) stubble. 
Andak-lah ada it/a suchi deri-pada jaraml-nia dan 
tarigkei-nia dan kulit-nia it should be cleansed 
from the straw, from the foot-stalk, and from 
the husk. 

cl^». jerat or jurat a snare, noose, sliding knot, 
toil. A string (of small fish). To snare or 
noose. Memasang jerat hurong to lay snares 
for birds. Champak jerat to cast a noose. Je- 
rat de sintak-kan-tiia korbdzcah pulled the noose 
suddenly downwards. De jerat ulih budak Ither 
burong ilu the boy noosed the neck of the 

LLij^jerta the braying of an ass. 

Men-jerta to 

\^y>.jerijd upright timbers (in house or boat- 

<> b ^ 

i_^^ jarimhing a plant of the syngenesia class, 

ij -3- jardnang and jarnang dragon's blood, a re- 
sinous drug procured from a species of rotan or 

diya-jerneh clear, pure, transparent. Ai/er jer- 
neh dan dyer kruh clear water and muddy wa- 
ter. At/er tang mcng-dlir lugi jerneh water 
that has a current and is also clears Korang 
jerneh dyer ini this water is not sufficiently 
transparent. Kdcha tang jerneh a transparent 
glass. Ati putih dan jerneh a white and pure 

je»-.j>. jeruju a plant ; acanthus ilicifolius. 
^jj>.jeruk the orange. (Vid. j*J limau.) 
Mjj».jwriim a needle. (Vid. ^J^jdrum.) 
y^j^ jttrumis or jurumus prone, prostrate ; 

precipitated. Sudahjdtuh ter-jurumis mukd-nia 
ka-bumi fell with his face flat upon the ground. 

ifj^jarah to spoil, plunder. (Vid. ij^jdrah.) 

Tri/r J^^^'^"S a fruit. (Vid. 'yjj^ jarlng.) 

Mj^jazam Ar, the orthographical mark "or'-, cal- 
led also bdris mdti, denoting that the letter to 
which it is applied becomes mute or deprived 
of the vowel sound it would otherwise possess. 

!ijy%. jezirah Ar. an island, a peninsula, a coun- 
try between two rivers. Jeztrah pulau plnang 
(pleonasm) the island of Pinang. 

liUa- jangkd a stride, pace, step ; space measured 
by a pair of compasses. A pattern, standard ; 
customary measure or rate. Compasses. JBer- 
jangkdjangkd step by step, gradually. Korang 
deri jangkd it is sjiort of the measure. Tidda 
seperti jangkd-nia it is not agreeable to tho 
pattern. Jekalau ada ujan lebih deri jangkd-nid 
if there should be a quantity of rain beyond 
what is usual. 

ui^^iliU- jangkit infectious, contagious. To infect, 
seize (as a distemper) ; to catch or spread (as 
fire). Seized with, infected. Jeka jangkit 
hau-nia sakaU-pdn if the smell of it be ever so 
infectious. Apt itu^un berjangkit-an the fire 
then spread from one to the other. 

(ji.Sx>^ jongkat raised at one end ; (perhaps from 

cuXcl'j_s-^ ujong angkat). Jambdtanjongkat- 
jongkdt-an a draw-bridge. 

JJia-jangkir or jangkor to stick out, project. 

^JUs- jungkang to lie down (as a beast), to 

j-^J*?- jingking or j^ijU- chingking a scorpion. 
(Vid. Jl^ kdla.) 

Jjji>. jangkal or jingkal a span. Lebar-nia so- 
jangkal its breadth is one span. Jangkal kodok 
span between the thumb and fore-finger. Sun- 
not de tinggi-kan ImbUr kadar sajangkal it is 

proper to raise the grave about a span. Meng- 
iikur dangan jangled to measure by spanning. 

CJ^ J^^gS'^ orange colour. 

Vi-3^ jftnggut or cl>^jU- janggut tlie beard. 
Maka janggut-nia ilu-pun Ur-goyang seperli 
orang icmg ka-dingln-an and his beard tliere- 
upon shook (through fear) like a person in a 
cold fit. Ber-nim dan ber-janggut ter-ldlu hei- 
bat rupa-nia with whiskers and with beards 
their appearance was very formidable. 

JSJi>. janggal Hind. 3PJc^ defective in metri- 
cal correctness; discordant. Seja-ma junggal 
its metre is defective, Ator-nia jauggal the 
lUTangement (of syllables) is incorrect. 

Ji[jU- janggal a cock's comb. 

CJj*<*»- janggut the beard. ( Vid. Li-iiji=- jang- 

CJja*. jepput or ti^jsU- japut to fetch, bring. 
Pcrgi men-jepput anak-mu go and fetch your 
child. Sudah de jepput kambuli he hath brought 
it back. Jepput-kan aku sural Uu fetch or bring 
me that letter. Daiang-lah dua orang men jepput- 
nia de kwala there came two persons to receive 
him at the entrance of the port. 

^<'.>. jeka and jKa- je/ifl/aM if, provided that, in 
case; when. Jekatuansuka if, or provided it 
be your pleasure. Jekalau tiuda angkau higat 
if you do not take heed. Jekalau tiuda de per- 
uGh-nia if he do not possess. Jeka kami sudah 
mandl when we shall have bathed. Jekalau 
garang-an oh if ! O that it might be. 

\-Sj>. jakatra a town in the island of Java, on 
the site of which the city of Batavia was 
founded about the year 1619. The district 
bore the name of Sunda Kalupa, from whence 
the Straits derived their appellation; the word 
Sunda (according to Valentyn) signifying in 
the Javanese language, a place surrounded by 
a ridge of mountains^ 

103 J^ • 

A^ jekalau if. (Vid. uJj.-ye/:ff, of which and 
the Ar. word j! lau, having the same signifi- 
cation, it is compounded). 

(J^jfigal to retail, peddle. Orang tang bcr-ja- 
gal de pasar one who sells by retail, or keeps 
a little shop in the bazar. Serta \\Cs>. jagal- 
an tang lain together with various other small 
articles of trade. 

Js>^ jail An. majesty, glory. Azs wa jail attri- 
butes of the Divinity. 

JiiU- jalatan a plant the leaves of which liave the 
property of stinging like those of the nettle, 
but more severely. 

"j^l^ julupang a granary, barn. 

Aj:>.jaluma change of shape or appearance. j»la£U 
men-jalama to cast the skin or slough; to as- 
sume a new shape, undergo a metamorphosis. 
Tudn-ku men-j(ddma apd-lah kird-nia mcnjddi 
rdtu de-ddlam dunj/d undergo a change, my 
lord, we pray thee, and become a prince ia 
this world (addressed to a deceased person). 
Antah-kah j^'LoiLsu pen-jaldmdn dcica possibly 
this may be the personification of a deity. 

lii^jiled Au. skin, roll, volume. 

»J^ jeling to look at or towards, to cast or snatch 
a look, to look out. Jeling-lah behoUl, look 
there. Maka h/a' men-jeling perddna mantri 
serla katd-nia he then directed his looks towards 
the first minister and said. De jeling-nia dangan 
Ikur matd-nia she looked at him from tlie cor- 
ners of her eyes. Men-jeling ka-ldul to look 
out towards the sea. Sambil ber-jdlan men-je- 
Ungjeling looked about on every side as she 

tlo^jW/angandiJU-jfa/awg" to wait, attend upon. 
The eve, vigil. Men-jellang dull to attend at 
court. Sdrat ini ddtang inenjdlang tudn-ku 
this letter waits upon your highness. Men-jd' 
lang sa-dri bulan rajab the eve or vigil of the 

!>>■ 104 

seventh month. Apa-blla buhin men-jSlang akan 
ahis tinggal ampat lima ari Idgi when but four 
or five days of the preceding (or current) 
month remained unexpired. Kahiu men-jalang 
slang ari imisuh dalang ukih kita if tiie enemy 
shall approach just before day-light we must 
expect a defeat. 

J^jalak to colour, stain. (Vid. jU- chalak.) 
j^jU- jalojor to run (a manner of se« ing.) 

sort of boat, with two masts and 

j^jaldr a 

outriggers. The balCdang is nearly of the same 
description, and chiefly used as a war-boat in 
the northern parts of Sumatra, 

.jl>- jalurii to pluck (feathers). 

^c^\^^ jumadi the name of two of the maho- 
metan months. A^\ ^u^U»- jumad'i al-awal the 
fifth month. A'i] ^jiJu^ jumadi al-akhir the 
sixth month. 

A.^ jimah, Ar. congressus venereus, coitus. 

^jUs,- jamala, An. elegance, beauty. 

jWi- jumdwa presumptuous, proud. 
Presumption, obstinate pride, 


^{^^ jambdtan a bridge; peer, wharf, quay. 
Maka de per-budt-ma ( iskanderj jambatan dulani 
Idut indalas akan lampat laskar-nia menidbrang 
laid itti and he (Alexander) constructed a bridge 
over the Sumatran sea (strait of Malacca) to 
effect a passage for his army. Andak-la de ba- 
wd-nia ka-jambdtan tiga ari de saksi-kan-tiia he 
should carry it three successive days to the 
public quay, in order to ascertain the pro- 

jrUk»- jambdngan a vase, garden or flower-pots 
of china-w^are or of metal. Jambdngan ber- 
tdtali dangan ratna a vase adorned with precious 
stones. Add-pun tdman itu langkap dangan be- 
brdpa rdtus jambdngan amas dan perak ber-lsi 
buah-budh-an dan pel-bagei bitnga-bungd-an this 
garden was tiunished with many hundred golden 

and silver garden-vessels filled with fruits and 
a variety of flowers. 

jambar a service of rice. 


i^^L«.».7flm?;o/a« jambolifera pedunculata, L. 
is also named CJL»- juat. 

i^f^ jfimban a necessary, house of office. 

yu^ jambu, Hind. 31^^ a fruit of which there 
are several species, as jambu nierah the common 
red kind, eugenia malaccensis ; jambu dyer eu- 
geniaaquea; jambu di/er mdwar the rose-water 

jambii, eugenia jambos (foliis acute lanceolatis); 
to which must be added jambu Ming or jambu 
sakeldt myrtus cumini, jambu irong or muniet 
the cashew apple, anacardium occidentale, and 

jambu biji or protugal the guava or guyava, 
psidium pomiferum, of which there are three 

^ ,,^if^ jambujambu to sprinkle, scatter over. 
Jambu-jambu dyer sambdyang to sprinkle con- 
secrated water. Panji-panji iang ber-jambu-jam- 
bu-kan mutidra flags ornamented with pearls. 

J t.,^^ jambrd a whisk, tuft of feathers : a fowl's 
crest or topping ; a lock of hair left single oa 
the crown of the head. 

^«^^ jambi the name of a large river and town 
on the eastern side of Sumatra. Deri pada 
suUdn rdtu sri iang ka-^ajd-an ddlam negri jambi 
from sultan Ratu Sri who reigns in the coun- 
try of Jambi. 

^.s*^ jamjam drops of sweat. (Vid. iijlj peluh.) 
Jamjam durja bcr-ambur-an the perspiration 
di'opped from his face. 

HxAt-jumdt, An. Friday, the day of assemblage 
or congregation in the mosques ; a week. An 
jumdt Friday. Pada tiap-tiap Jumdt sa-kdli once 
in every week. Feredl jumdt alas ornng dusun 
jeka adn ganap ampat piduh the observance of 
Friday (or assemblage in the mosque) is obli- 
gatory on the inhabitants of a village if their 
number amounts to forty. 

iJm>- jamparia a bier. 

\^:..J^^^ jumput to fetch. {Y'lA. cjj^^ jepput.) 

f> > tj t 
^iM>- jompok a large species of owl. 

JiA»- jampal the weight of a rupih. 

J^a^ jumpul a fish of the mullet kind. 

iM»- jumpah or jompah to fall in with, meet, hit 
upon ; to occur, happen. Bei'-jumpah dangan 
s'drang to meet with a man. Sudah ber-jumpah 
dangan taman-taman klla we happened to meet 
our associates. Andak pergi ka-acheh ber-jum. 
pah dangan anak bini-nia he intends going to 
Achin, in order to meet his family. Sangat 
hita andak ber-jumpah dangan sohbat kila we 
have an earnest desire to meet our friend. 
Ber-jumpah mata to meet face to face. Ldlu 
ber-jumpah sama mata dangan puspa kartika his 
eyes just then met those oi Puspa Kartika. 

A,^s>~ jumlah, An. the sum, whole, total, aggre- 
gate; collection, congregation, assemblage. 
Dan jumlah-nia judi dua piiluh kbj/an and the 
total amounted to twenty measures. Jumlah 
brat-nia the total weight of them. Ter-jumlah 
de bendar itu collected together in that city. 

y^-,, jamu to sojourn, tarry. To feast, banquet. 
( Vid.jxjU- jamu.) 

y^s- jumu satiated, surfeited, cloyed. To loathe, 
nauseate, have in disgust. Sa?/a jumu akan 
makun-an Itu I am cloyed with or loathe that 
food. Tiada-lah iya jumu inemandang mukd- 
nia he was not to be satiated with gazing at 
her countenance, ^y^ jumu-an loathing, 

jy^ jumiir and j^jumur to expose to the air 
and sun ; to dry in the open air. Men-jumur 
padi to expose corn to the sun (previously to 
clearing it from the husk.) Ayer ter-jumur 
pada benua tang amat atTgat seperti de mekah 
water exposed to the sun in a very hot country, 
as at Mecca. Men-jumur ku'in to put out clothes 
to dry or bleach. 

105 ^ 

tAo-jemah future time. Hereafter, yet; ever, 
Pdgijemah at a future time, to-morrow or next 
day. Pada ari kiamatjemah hereafter, at the 
d^y of judgment. Tidda jemah never, never 

^ jen with, and. Bumi jen langit earth and 
sky. Nasi jen gulei rice and curry. 

^ja~jin, Ar. evil spirit, demon (supposed to 
reside on earth, in caverns, large and decaying 
trees, or other gloomy situations. Deri-pada 
bangsajin descended from a race of evil genii. 
Raja jin a prince of demons. Pada tatkala 
malum adajin in the night time there are evil 
spirits abroad. 

ijUa- jendzat, An. a bier. Orang iang me- 
nanggung jendzat persons who support the 
bier. Meng-tring jendzat to follow a bier, at- 
tend a funeral. 

CJi\uf- jendka to trifle, jest, perform anticks, as- 
sume a ludicrous character. Jocular, sportive, 

ij:.,.Ui!^ jennat, An. paradise. 

\ji:j^ jantard, Hind. 5^^ a wheel ; a machine 
working with wheels (as for raising water). 
Jantard pedatl-nia the wheels of his carriage. 
Ber-kisar-lah jantard-nia per-arak-an tlie wheels 
of the triumphal vehicle revolved. Ber-grah 
lah jantard-nia maka iyd-pUn ber-pusing-pusing 
maka ka-luar-lah dt/er-muwar the wheels of the 
machine began to work, and in their revolu- 
tions discharged rose-water. Maka bdlei ber' 
jantaru-lah serta gamaranching bunyi-nia and 
the building moved on its wheels (or the ma- 
chinery of the building moved) making a loud 
and harsh noise. 

- ■•-.- jantong or «j:U3- jantong the heart (anato 
mically) ; the germ of a flower. Jantong 
karbau a buffalo's heart. Rasa jantong bagei 
de bdkar tlie heart felt as if burning with fire. 
Jantong belis the calf of the leg. Burong 
jantong a species of biid. 


jintik a fillip; a pinch (as of snuff). Am- 
hel kapur hring tlga jintik take of dry lime 
three pinches. 

jantan male (excepting of the human spe- 

cies). Aijam jantan a cock. Sdpl jantan a 
bull. Kuda jantan a stallion. Harimau jantan 
a male tiger. Jantan dan betina male and fe- 
male. Ber-janlar- to copulate. 

^ii^^jititan cumin seed. (ViA. ^j^i^jtntan.) 

^jius'.janla hanging down, dangling. Diiduk 
" berjantei to sit on a high seat (as distinguished 
from sitting on the floor) with the legs hanging 
down (being contrary to the usual eastern 
practicej and amongst the Malays, offensive to 
those in whose presence it is done). Nalk-lah 
duduk herjantei kakl dangan ka-kluh-an she 
ascended and sat with her feet hanging down, 
beinff fatigued. Tuikala Uu istrl-nia diiduk her- 
jantei de muka pintu at that time his wife was 
sitting in a careless posture before the door. 
Dejantei-kan-nia sdyup-nia they let their wings 
hang down. 


janji agreemeat. ( Vid. ^J^^ janji.) 

t ^.^jinj/ing a bird of the crane kind. Leher 

jinjang a long (and graceful) neck. Berjdlan 
men-jinjang lehcr-nia to 
necks (and on tiptoe). 

walk with stretched 

*.fc.sU jinjifig to support. (Vid. ^_^U- >»/ong.) 
Deri kechil mula-mUla patek jinjing anak Uu 
from its earliest infancy I, bore the child in my 


and i_=sr^ junjong to support, sustain, 
prop ; to raise, lift, elevate ; to raise to the 
Lead (in token of respect) ; to receive with 
respect ; to carry on the head. Dan tdngan 
tiian pttlrl tang sa-ild'h de junjong-ma Tilih dewa 
indra and one of the hands of the princess was 
supported by Dezca Indra. Mantrl itu-pun 
menianibut surat deri-pada tdngan baginda Idlu 

de Junjong-ma ka-utas kapala-nia the minister 
received the letter from the king's band, and 
then raised it to or placed it on his head. Men- 
junjong titnh raja to shew respect to the king's 
order. Ji/d-lah turun deri-pada iakhta-nia men- 
jdnjong kdki ibu-nia he descended from the 
throne to throw himself at the feet of his mother. 
Ulih laksamdna de ambcl-nia kdki kakanda ba- 
ginda Idlu de junjong-nia Laksamana took hold 
of the foot of his royal brother, and placed it 
on his head. Kabiin Iddu lang punnuh junjong 
alau sampei sa-langah junjong pepper planta- 
tions in full bearing, or that have attained the 
half crop. .jC^-si:^ junjong-an a support ; a 
patron ; the object of respect ; that which, in 
token of respect, is raised to the head. It/a 
tudn-ku junjong-an dan makuta pdtek O my 
lord, the object of reverence and crown of thy 
slave. (The connexion between that which is 
raised to, and that which adorns the head, can- 
not be expressed in the translation.) Mem-bri 
tdu korpada junjbng-an-nia acquainted his pa- 

^^jSKV=- janjl agreement, bargain, stipulation, en- 
" gagement, treaty, promise ; term of credit, 
appointed time. To agree, bargain, promise. 
Itu-lah janjl kdml bcr-dua that is our agreement 
with each other. Meniampei-kan janji to ful- 
fil a promise. Maka janjl itu-lah beta pegang 
that is the treaty to which I adhere. Janji tlga 
bulan three months credit. Amba-mu minta 
janjl bdrang swpdluh dri thy servant asketh for 
an indulgence of about ten days. Kama ka- 
kanda sudahber-kdla dan ber-janjl dangan indra 
maliu-dewa akan mon-brl anakanda ini ka-pada- 
nia akan jddi istrl-nia for I have passed my 
word and engaged with Indra Maha-Dewa to 
give him this our daughter, to become his 

wife. ..sU-jS per-janji-an an agreement, con- 
tract, &c. Kdrna sudah putus per-janji-an-nia 
for the condition of his agreement was ful- 
filled ; his term (ofservice) was expired. Sural 
per-janj?-an lang ka-kzpasd-an a written agree- 
ment strongly binding, a sraled contract. Per- 


janji-an sultan dan mantrt-mia a treaty executed 
by the sultan and his ministers. 

»-janda a widow ; a dowager. Perampuan 
janda a widow woman. 

^^jiS:.^ jendral Eur. a general. Jendral beng- 
gala the governor-general of Bengal. , 

hiXj*- jandela Port, (janella) a window. 

• ^ jpnix Ar. kind, sort, species; mode. Lain 
jenis a different sort. Dua sa-jenis two of the 
same kind. Ituyat-nia bc-rlbu-ribu jenis rupd- 
nia his followers or troops were of a thousand 
different descriptions, a motley crew. Jenis- 
jenis variety; various. Tf'arna jenis-jenis a \a- 
riety of colours; many-coloured. Mem-bawa 
jenisjenis perniaga-an to bring an assortment of 

t -i-^ janang the side posts of a door-frame. 

jennang a deputy, lieutenant; vice-roy. 
Orang juwajennang sultan bantan a Javan who 
was deputy or agent to the Sultan of Bantam. 

y>-jau Pers. barley. Randa jau a species of 

\^ jm still, only. (Vid. C^^ jUga-) Sualu 
jua only one. 

u-»\»!>-jawiib Ar. an answer, reply. To answer. 
Tiuda dapat lija mem-bri jawdb they could not 
return an answer. Bardni lya men-jawdb katu- 
nia he dared to reply to his speech. Maka iya 
men-jawdb bagimana amba bulih but he answer- 
ed, how can 1 ? 

'i\y>~ jawat-an office, post, duty, employment. 
(Vid. i^jdwal.) 

ijiy>~ jdddah Pers. sAtj cakes, TpaiStry,friandises; 
victuals. Ada tang ddtang ber-ldri-ldri mening- 
gal-kan juaddh-nia dhis de indkan anjing some 
came running in such haste that their cakes 
and pies were left to be eaten up by the dogs. 
Ji/a masHk-lali ka-pdkan andak mcm-bill zuddah 

he went into the market intending to purchase 

j\f^ jiiar a species of black wood resembling 
ebony ; named also kdi/u drang. 

j\y^judra a person skilled in fighting game-cocks; 
an umpire, arbiter, or judge at tlie cock-pit. 
De-mdna judra sumou-nia where are all the 

^Jj^judr^ skilful; wise. (ViA. ^ja,y>~ jauharl.) 

^^\y>^judl and Jy>^jual to sell. Men-jual kdin 
to sell cloth. Jual bill to sell and buy, to 
traffick. Kadei orang ber-judl-an biinga the 
shop of a person who sold flowers. JWi per- 
judl-an sale. 

"^^jubong the covering, awning, or arched 
deck of a boat (formed of split bamboo or other 
slight materials). Jttbong prisi-nid seperti kola 
ber-jdlan the covering formed by their shields 
resembled a moving castle. 

LUya-jdta (for Hind, f^^rl nif/utd) a million. 

^ juja to strike ground with the lead, to 

^.^.trt. jdjong to support. (Vid. ^^sia~junjong.) 

ja^ia. jdjur Rejang, a term in the marriage laws 
of the Sumatrans; the sum paid to the parent 
of the bride. 

sj)y>~jildah or ss»-juddah An. Juddah, a port in 
tlie Red Sea, not far from Mecca. Jekalau 
tidda kapal pergi ka-judah atau ka-tnoklia mashi 
kapal pergi ka-koching if there should not be 
a ship bound to Juddah or Mocha, no matter, 
if tliere be one going to Cochin. 

•J»=» judu and j^ jSdu a pair ; a match, fellow, 
mate, counterpart, correlative. Sdi/up sajudd 
a pair of wings. Chdri judu-nia seek for its 
match or the fellow to it. Seperti kaledei 
daiTgan judu-nia like an ass with its mate. 
P 2 

Ber-Judu to match, pair with, 
couple, assort in pairs. 



Jtidu'kan to 

^^^judi to game, gamble, play. Gambling, 
play. A particular game played with small 

j^juro and j^^ juru to order, direct, govern, 
manage. An overseer, director, one who pre- 
sides over or acts in any department of busi- 
ness. Juro-minum-an a butler. JurcM-umah a 
steward. Juro-dapur a cook. 

^\jjy^ juro-butu the mate of a Sumatran vessel, 
whose station is forward. 

^J\^j^ jur(yihdsa a linguist, interpreter. 

LT^yj}^ jMro-<«& a writer, scribe, secretary. 
Baginda ber-tania ka-foda juro-tuUs-nia akan se- 
galapalansan tang mati dan lang luka the king 
made inquiry of the scribe (who kept the mus- 
ters of the army) respecting the number of 
warriors slain and wounded. 

^^^ jurang clefts ; creeks ; passages. ( Vid. 
c 11^ churang.) 

cjj»> jurong a betel-stand. (Vid ^\js~ charana.) 
Meniuruh mem-bawa slrih pada jurong amas or- 
dered betel to be brought in a golden stand. 
Strih ddiU pada jurong perak de ator orang-lah 
preparations of betel in silver stands were ar- 
ranged by the attendants. 

ij^yojy)- jiiro-mudi helmsman ; the master of a 
Sumatran vessel, whose station is at the Aa- 
tnudi or helm, as that of the juro-biitu or mate 
is at the bow. 

^.y^jurm or Jj.^^^jj?- i«™« ^«^"^ a fishing rod. 

^Jf!~ J"^^^ * corner. (Vid. lSjj^ pen-jurei.) 
' Pada ka-ampat juremia at its four corners. 

^Af^jonggor the beak or prow of a vessel. 

Jjj». jupul to happen, come to pass. (Vid. 
^^ chupul.) 

^^jo.jukang overset. 


juga and \y>. jua also, still, only, alone, 
merely. BegUujuga thus also; still the same. 
Tladajuga ti/a ber4emu dangan sudard-nia still 
he did not meet with his brother. Bangsuwan- 
nia sama juga dangan bdpa istri-nia his family 
is just the same in rank as that of his wife's 
father. De suruh-nia juga he still ordered 
him. Angkau juga lang ter-khih tdu thou 
alone who art most wise. Aku juga lang ber- 
sdlah it is I alone who am to blame. Sajang- 
kal juga tinggl-nia its height was only a span. 
Sedlkit juga lang tinggal a few only remained.. 
Juga or jiia add-nia thus it is. 

'y>. joget or joge histrionic. Orang joge a 
person who exhibits at public entertainments^ 
a dancing girL 

l^julor to move as a worm or snake ; to undu- 
late; to wag. Bendtang lang merangkok dan 
lang menjulor animals which crawl on feet or 
move on their bellies. Juhr ledah to loll out 
and wag the tongue. Menjulor-kan Ikur-nia 
gave an undulating motion to his tail (a mon- 

ij^ julang to carry astride (as children on the 
hip, the neck, or the slioulder. It is also ap- 
plied to the posture in which monkies carry 
their young, when they jump from one bough 
to another). Sebdb llu-lah maka amba julang 
tuan amba it is for that reason I carry my mas- 
ter on my shoulders. Ter-julang atas bau-nia 
placed astride upon her shoulder. 

1)^ and £ J»3- jolong first ; the first, that which 
first occurs. Jolong-jblong at first ; the begin- 
ning. Pinta amba jolong j of ong pada luan I re- 
quest of you, sir, in the first instance. 

fmAf>.julong-jubng a kind of small vessel op 

ri\y».juluk a process by which abortion is pro- 

Ji*. jolo the name of a place in the north-eastern 
part of Sumatra. 

. Jys- julor to move as a worm. ( Vid J^s- julor.) 

«_J»». jicllng to squint ; look askance. Squinting, 
askance. Jullng mata-nia he is squint-eyed. 

J^^ya.. jumbll the dewlap of the bull. 

Nj^ johor a river and kingdom at the extremity 
of the Malayan peninsula. Negri johor dan 
puhang dangan segala dalrah tdlok-nia the coun- 
tries of Johor and Puhang, with all their de- 
pendant provinces. 

^ii^jauUurl Pers. a jeweller. Skilful, clever, 
able, wise. De panggil-nia jauhari akan taruh 
argii-nia permata Uu he called jewellers to fix a 
value upon the stones. Orang jauhari a skil- 
ful, well-informed person. Itdja jauhari a wise 
or enlightened king. Tulan jauhari bijaksdna 
a wise and discreet friend. 

y.^-~- jehennam Ar. hell. (Vid. t , ' < \\ ndrka.) 
Be-rlhu tdun de-ddlam jehennam thousands of 
years in hell. 

t^Jj^ jehudi or (_f Jj^, yehudl An. Jewish. Orang 
jehudi a jew. 

tj. A ..^ jiinf to lick with the tongue, to lick up, 
to lap. Menjilat luka dangan ledah-nia to lick 
the wound with his tongue. Anjing sudah men- 
jilat dardh-nia dogs licked up his blood. 

jj. . } ^ jil'it. for jAs- jilid Ar. the covering or 
- binding of a book ; a volume. 

i,::..v»-»- jimat arm-rings. (Vid. ij/ galang.) 

\^:^.^^^ jimat and ^^^^ jlman discreet, frugal, 
ceconomical, temperate, provident ; sober. 

":^f- jlntan or ^ux=«- jintan cumin seed, cumi- 
num. Laksdna jintan tiddaber-buriga: ka-pada 
orang-picn tidda ber-guna as cumin that fails to 
blossom, it is unprofitable to man. 

(jx^jinak tame, gentle, domesticated, familiar, 


ineek, sociable. Jiusa jinak a tame deer. 
Bendtang long jddi deri-pada bendtang per-buru- 
an dan bendtang jinak an animal produced 
between a wild one, and one domesticated. 
Janjl-an akan ber-sohbat-sohbat-an dan berjinak- 
jindk-an an engagement to live on friendly and 
familiar terms. Ber-jinak-kan kuda to break in, 
or tame a horse. 

lj-=- or y^ jlwa Hind. f3fqr t'^^ soul; life. 
(Vid. jl( nidwa.) Adah titan jiwd-ku O thou 
who art my soul ! Jiwd-nia ingan padaperanv' 
puan itu his soul longeth after that woman. 
Sem'antdra ada jiwd-ku so long as I have life. 


^ ch the letter named U- chd. 

ij:.^l!>. chdbut and ci^W chdbUt to pluck, pull, 
or draw out, to pluck up by the roots ; to 
subtract. Men-chdbut bdlu idong to pluck hairs 
from the nostrils. Men-chdbut kris to draw a 
weapon (hastily.) Pergi-lah iya men-chabut- 
kan puhn bunga-bunga itu dangan se-kdat ati-nia 
he then proceeded to pluck up the flower-beai^ 
ing tree, exerting his utmost endeavours. 

jU- chdbar and -2.. chabar cowardly, daunted, 
pusillanimous, faint-hearted. Chdbar segala 
raja-rdja ini these princes are all faint-hearted. 
Sidpa tang chdbar dan gantar whoever is pusil- 
lanimous and dismayed. Jarfgan-lah chdbar 
athmu let not your courage be cast down. 

i_jt>- chdbang a bough, branch, twig. A forked 
stick. A muzzle for a buffalo-calf. Piihn 
kdi/U tang rampak chabang-nia a tree with 
spreading branches. Chdbang kamddi the 
forked timber in which the rudder turns. 

(Ji\s>- chdbuk a whip. 

^l*. chdbak the bird termed caprimulga^ 



JjW. chabul autl J^l^- chiibiil iinpertine it, rude 
unseemly in conversation. Rising or swelling 
(as waves.) Mcn<habul-chabul-i majlis orang 
talked impertinently to or jawed the assembly. 
Sc.perti se-chabiil audak mcihchilpei bulan like the 
impertinent fool who tried to grasp the moon. 
Umbak chabul de abeUkan disregarded the swel- 
ling waves or surf. Laut ber-chabul the sea 
begins to swell. Jjf^/ per-chabSl-an pruri- 
ency, obscenity. 

^U- chabe a name belonging to certain kinds 
of pepper. Chab'c juzca the piper longum or 
proper long pepper (related to the siriboa.) 
Cfifibc is also applied to the capsicum or chili 
J)epper, more commonly termed lada merah 
and lada paiijang. 

jj\^ chabe or JU-'c* ch'ibck to tear, rend (Vid. 
Meii-chabc kdin to tear cloth. 

, •; ,[=- churik.) 

jii*. chabl a 

kakl gorduis. Chuching kambing faciola. 
Chuching I'lpat sipunculus. Chuching ingut 
myxina. (Batav. Trans, vol. i. p. 107.) Utal 
atau chuching one sort of worm or another. 
Penidkit chuching worms (the disorder). 

^_^l=.. chuchak a goad, pricker. 

jL^s-U- chachak the house-lizard. (Vid. CJ^*^ 


^■>p^ chdbei a species of bird, 
species of shell-fish or madi-apore. 

jjU- chatok a stick used at a certain play. A 
mallet. An iron hammer or kind of pick-axe 
employed in mining. 

. yU- chdtdr chequers ; the game of draughts ; 
quilting. Ber-mtlin chdtdr to play at draughts. 
JSuaJi chdtUr draughts-men ; chess-men. Pupan 
chutur a draught-board, chess-board. Sulam 
ber-chdtur to quilt. 

W chdcha Jav. family, household, 

^;:,^^U- chdchat to puncture, tattow. Bmt tanda 
pada kulit de chdchat danganjdrum made marks 
in the skin by pimcturing it with a needle. 
Ada tang chdchat mukd-tlia some tattowed their 

-^W chuchar (Pers. lLXst?" chachak) the small 
pox or an eruptive complaint resembling it ; 
perhaps the chicken pox or measles. (Vid. 
,jst-v»s^ ka-tunildh-an. 

1_>.U>. chucking a worm, lunibricus. Chuching 

jI>- chadir Pers. a veil. Mem-balik-kan chadtT' 


nia to put aside her veil. Meniitup jenazat 
dangan chddir to cover the bier with a veil or 

^^jU- chadl or chiddc the outriggers of a boat. 

Xs- chdra Hi^vd. ^JJ5J[ mode, manner, style, 

fashion. After or according to tlie manner or 
fashion. Chdra raja-rdja iang besdr the manner 
or style of great princes. Buni/i-bunT/i-an chdra 
jdwa music in the Javanese style. Me-nidnyi 
chdra maldyu to sing in the Malayan style. 
Memdkei chdra laki-ldki to dress in male attire. 
Tidda tdu amba ber-bdni/i chdra karrd I know 
not how to make the noise of a monkey. 

chdrot gluttonous. Orang pen<hdrot a 
glutton. J.jS^ pen-charot-an gluttony- 


CLJj\s- ckdrit to neigh (as a horse). ju -stij petf 
charlt-an kiida the neighing of horses. 

c ,W chdrang suckers or superfluous shoots from 
the pepper-vine. 

^j[>.chdruk to guzzle. 

(Vid. j.U- chdru.) 

s .U»- charik to rend, tear, tear off, tear to 
pieces. Ada iang churik kaln-nia some rent 
their clothes. Abis-luh chdrik-chdrik kdin bajd' 
nia their clothes were torn to rags. Meniuruh 
men-chdrik-chdrik (iiboh-nia Idlu de chdrik-nia-lah 
seperli kdin iang busuk gave orders for tearing 
his body to pieces ; and they then tore it like 
rotten cloth. Ter-chdrik torn ; torn to pieces 
(by wild beasts). Kita ine-ldi/ang-kan se-chdrik 
kartas ini we let fly this scrap of paper (send 
this note). 


J lU- cfiarii or J )U- ckaritk to guzzle, swill. To 
guttle. Orang pen-ckciru. 

»*]>=>- chdriih cleaned rice. 

*,U- char ah or s ,^ char ah clear (as a mirrour). 
Tropong ttu koraiig charah that telescope wants 

,^j\f' chart to seek. (Vid. jCj^*- churi.) 

i_cU- changang to wonder. (Vid. f-*»- 

iJU- chilpang forked. (Vid. ijU»- chahang.) 

\lj\s-~ chafing a silver plate or tablet worn by 
female children to conceal the nudities. 

fjjXs^ chdpik deformed in hand or foot, crump- 
handed or footed. 

JU- chapo or Ms- chapa a plant that has the 
flavour of sage ; conjza balsamifera. 

oU-~ chdpo or fp\>- chapok marks on the face or 
body (as from the small-pox). Mukd-nia be- 
chdpo his face is marked. 

j\s^ chdpei to seize, lay hold of, giasp; Pdb'ila 
orang sampei ka-pada puhn Itu akan men-chdpei 
buiiga-nia maka iyd-pun mcninggi-kan dirl-nia 
when a person approached the tree in order to 
seize upon its blossoms, it presently increased 
its height. Men<hapei-lah pe-kdtn-nia laid hold 
of his clothes. Andak-lah men-chdpei bdtan 
attempts to grasp the moon. 

^.U- chdkar to claw, scratch. The claw of a fowl 
or duck. De chdkar dan de iandang ulih istri- 
nia he was clawed and kicked by his wife. 
Tokok menokok dan chdkar men-chdkar gave 
mutual blows and scratches. Chdkar bebck 
cotyledon laciniata, L. 

a^U- chdkap alacrity, readiness to perform a 
duty, willingness, forwardness, consent, assent. 
Ready. Ber<hdkap to shew alacrity or readi- 
ness ; to engaaje, undertake ; to volunteer ser- 
vice ; to consent, assent. Jtajd-pnn suka me- 

nangar chdkap rat/at-nia the king was pleased 
to hear the alacrity expressed by his subjects. 
Burang sidpa ber-chdkap me-lompat tlga bUlan 
per-jaldn-an whichsoever (of the monkies) will 
undertake to jump a three-month's journey. 
KaJau-kalau ada orang lang ber<hdkap akan 
meng-ubdt-i anak ddra /lit if possibly there be 
found a person who will undertake to give me- 
dical aid to the damsel. 


^\>. choknii or Jis>- chekkau to seize upon (as a 
beast of prey). l)e chekkau budya seized by 
an alig-ator. 

jjJL>. chdlak likely. 

^ ^^[^ chdmm-chdmin a species of fruit. (Vid. 
^^-c^ chereml.) 

^\>- chdnang or chennang a small instrument of 
the gong kind. (Vid. cjj'l agong.) To pro- 
claim by sounding this instrument. SudaK de 
sHruh chdnang tidda de bri orang bdica lembu 
gave directions for proclaiming that no permis- 
sion would be given for bringing cattle. 

t^U- chdni to grind down to smoothness ; to 
whet. Pasir-nia rdta bagei de chant the sandy 
beach was of a polished smoothness. 

CJjlsk chdwat a small piece of cloth concealing 
the nudities ; pannus menstrualis. Ber<huv;at 
pannum induere. 

c,l>- chdwang a bough, branch, twig. (Vid. 
ijls^ chubang.) Mcng-ambel chdwang akan 
sHgl to take a twig for maldng a tooth-brusli 
(by beating the end of it). Im-Iah pdhn itU- 
luh chdzcang this is the stem, and those are the 

V .U- chdwak vetches, tares, or other small pulse. 

^.^U- chdwan a cup, bason, deep dish ; vase ; a 
mould. {Yiik. ,^^\ achdwan.) Chdwan deri- 
pada perak a cup or vase of silver. Se-telah ■ 
sa-chdwan s' orang minum itu when each man 
had drunk his cup. 


^el>. chaya brightness. (Vid. t^\^ chai/a.) 

j\>. chai/er liquid, thin, limpid, transparent ; 
melted, rendered. Sakall-an bcnda 'iang cMi/er 
lain deri-pada uyer every liquid substance ex- 
cepting water. Miniak sapi iang baku dan 
tang chai/er butter in a solid and in a liquid 
(or clarified) state. Ayer madu chuyer liquid, 
transparent honey. Seperti gala-gala men- 
chayer-kan dirl-nia masuk ka-ddlam dpi as pitch 
melts when put into the fire. Lemak chayer 
tallow, rendered or melted fat. 

jt»~ chabar cowardly. (Vid. «U- chubar.) 

chabur or ■ ,^.s- chabur to thrust, shove, or 

push (into water or other liquid) ; to launch. 
Jekalau ter-chabur orang ka-ddlam dyer ,if a 
person should be pushed into the m ater. De 
chabur-kan-nia ka-pada kulam tang kruh itu he 
shoved them into tlie muddy tank. De-ddlam 
dpi kaldk ter<habur shall presently be thrust 
into (hell) fire. 

i^ chita, Hind. f^rT affection of the mind, 
solicitude, desire, sensibility. To wish for, 
desire to possess. Suka-chita mirth, gladness. 
Duka-chita sadness, melancholy. Dangan 
chita-rdsa with desire or thirst (of knowledge). 
Tu4dlu lezat chita-rasd-nia their sensations were 
delightful. Segala iang jdhat chita-nia all 
whose inclinations are vicious. Chitd-lah pada 
bdrang maksiid anakda ini wish now, my child, 
for whatever you have at heart. De chitd-nia 
hikmat itu maka chayd-nia-pun chamarhng kor 
adara he wished upon the talisman (or operated 
upon it by his wish) and presently its brightness 
shone forth into the air. 

■:.^ chit, Hind, f^f^ chintz. (Vid. ^JIX^ 
kalamkuri.) Chit patna Patna chintzes. Chit 
sdrdti Surat chintzes. 

chatar, Hind. ^^ an umbrella. (Vid. 

I* - 

^wlyisi. chita/rusa affection, inclination, fav 
(Vid. (,.::„o- cA/te and ^|^ rasa.) 


ijj:^ and \jjij>. chetria, Hind, ^f^ (khetn 
and ksheiri) the military tribe or caste amongst 
the Hindus. De iring-kan ulih segala anak 
raja-rdja dan per-mantri dan tdubdlang dan anak 
chetria his train was composed of all the young 
princes, the sons of statesmen, of champions, 
and those of the military tribe. 

CSjs*- chichak the house-lizard, lacerta. Chi' 
chak kUbin or chichak terbang the flying lizard, 

^ijis?" chechintong the natural locks of the hair. 
Segala chechintong-nia ber-ikal all his locks 

jCs«?- chuchmda royal grandchild. (Vid. i_>>.i^ 
chdchong and ^^ chuchu.) Chuchunda ini 
pendroh amba ka-pada bonda this your grand- 
child I commit as a deposit to the hands of mj 

!^A3- chiderd Hind. \x\^ difference, variation, 
distinction; disagreement, dissention, strife; 
the source or ground of difference. An open- 
ing left by unskilful parrying. Apa chiderd-nia 
what is the difference between them ? lld-lah 
chiderd-nia that was the source or ground of 
their disagreement. Ber-chiderd to be at va- 
riance. Ber-chiderd-kan handei tdlan to sow 
dissention between fi-iends. Ber-tangkis-tangkis- 
an sdma menrchdri chiderd each (combatant) 
parrying and seeking for an opening (left bj 
his adversary). Ada chiderd sedikit tangkis-nia 
maka de tikam dlih rdja dewa his parry leaving 
a small opening (or failing a little), he was 
pierced by Raja Dewa. 

jj^ chedok a wooden ladle, skimmer, scoop; 

to ladle out, to skim. (Vid. jc>v-> sUduk.) 

^^\j>. chardchak a musical instrument; cym- 

^j>- chardna a stand or box of a particular con- 
struction, for holding the ingredients and im- 
plements of betel; a salver; a fiuit-dish. 

^ ns 

fruit-dish. Lfilu menidrovsc-kan chardna amas 
itu ka-pada baginda then pushed the golden 
betel-stnnd towards the king. 

(jl^ charana a cancer. 

C^y j>- charawat a fire-arrow ; a rocket. 

tiJ.>. charat a broach, faucott, cock, pipe. 

Ji j>. cheritera or cheritra, Hind, -cj fl 7J to 

relate, rehearse, report, declare, tell publicly. 
A narrative, relation, tale, story. De cheriterii- 
kan hekayat the history related or set forth. 
De cheritera-kan-tiia ka^ada adenda-nia deri-pada 
per-muld-an-nia ddtang ka-p(tda la-suddh-an-nia 
he related it to his mistress from its commence- 
ment unto its completion. Maka de c/ieritera- 
kan rdih brang king ampunia cheritra ini now 
it is related by the person to whom this story 
bclongeth. Pdlitt lya men-cheritcrd-kan dlya 
they ought to make a report of it. Cheriterd-i 
aku relate to me, let me know. Tuan dangar- 
kan cheritra attend, sir, to the narrative. 

.• j^ cherkhi and ij.j>- cherkheh, Pers. the ce- 
lestial sphere; the starry heavens. (Vid. 

Jj\)J^ chakra-wdla.) 

fjjtijs- cherdek and JJ^*- cherdik shrewd, acute, 
crafty, subtle ; cautious, prudent ; forward, 
sharp (as a child). Kdlalang cherdek a shrewd, 
apposite saying. Cherdek man se-biidak ini this 
youngster is knowing indeed. A name for the 
jackal or the fox. 

jjlij^ charpulei an animal, supposed of the li- 
" zard kind. 

Jj>- charpu sandals, slippers, pantoufles. Me- 
nidkei charpu sa-bldh kdkl to wear a slipper 
upon one foot. Membhon ampun de-bdwah 
charpu tuan to sue for pardon beneath the slip- 
pers of my lord. Meniambah ka-bdzcah tdpak 
cherpii ludnku to make obeisance beneath the 
soles of my lord's slippers. 

-<^ cheremin or ^^js>~ chcrmm a mirrour? 

looking-glass. Cheremin bdja a mirroar of po- 
lished steel. De sHruh baginda per-bHal sUdlu 
cheremin best maka da suruh Upam the king 
ordered a mirrour to be made of iron, and gave 
directions for polisliing it. Updma cheremin 
karna nidta dalam-nia segala perkdra like it 
mirrour, because every thing is visible in it. 
Cheremin mdta spectacles. Cheremin banlal a 
sort of foil used in ornamenting mats and the 
ends of pillows. B at u cheremin talc. 

^j>~cheremta.nA r^*<U- chdmtn-ckdmin a small, 
acid fruit; averrhoa acida, L. cicca disticha, 
C Campbel. 

7:ir^ ^kerocha a wharf, quay, place for landing 
and shipping off goods. 

jj j,^»- cherdling the plover. 

i^jjf~ charuwi thin-set, few. (Vid. \j\>- jd' 

charah clear. (Vid. j(,U»- chdrah.) 

cherrei to part, sever, separate. To de- 
part, part or separate from, retire. Cherrei' 
kan kapdla deri-pada badan sever the head from 
the body. Ber-cherrei deri-pada medan prang 
retired fiom the field of battle. It/a ber-cherrei 
dangan sudard-nia he parted from his brotlier. 
Lebih bdik ber<herrti badan dan nidzca it were 
better that body and soul should separate. 
^ufjs-ji ber<herrei<herrei to disperse, become 
separated, i^.r^ pen-cherrei-an differences, 
alienation. ■jit»=>-y per-cherrei-an separation, 



cherrei-berrei scattered. 

dispersed; in confusion, helter-skelter. Ahis 
Idri cherrei-berrei mdsing-mdsing mem-bdxca diri- 
nia they ran away in confusion, each taking a 
separate course. Cherrei-berrei lintong pukang 
tunggang lenggang helter-skelter, pell-mell, 
topsy-turvy. (Words expressing the confusion 
of precipitate flight.) Meng-himpun-kan segala 
cherrei-befrei to collect together every thing 
scattered, or all the fugitives. Men<herrei- 
bcrrei-kan to put to the rout. 

\jj>- cherta pure, clean. Tampat cherla a clean 
place. Cherta tangan-nia his hands are clean. 

' Cherta derifoda dosa free from crime. Cherta- 
Ican-lah dirt kantu make yourselves clean. 

(.s^ j>. cherila narrative, relation, discourse. (Vid. 
jy*. cherilera.) 

%Ji». changang to wonder. Wonderful, astonish- 
ing. Ter<hangang astonished, amazed, aghast. 
Ter-lalu heran dan ter-changang exceedingly 
amazed and astonished. Ter-changang dan ter- 
nganga muliit-nia he was amazed and (stood) 
open-mouthed. ^j£li=»- changang-an a wonder, 
miracle, portentous sign. 

CJJk>- chungka haughty, proud, arrogant. Scorn, 

J jU>. chingkrek and CLijCAs- chingkaret a 
cricket; gryllus. 

AjJi>- chingkaram earnest-penny; handsel. 

*j_)Sjv>- dimgkariang a species of tree, which, 
on account of its quick and easy growtli, is 
planted as a prop to the pepper-vines; ery- 
thrina corallodendron, L. gelala aquatica, R. 
crythrina fiisca, Lour. Me-ranchong chengka- 
riang to lop or prune those trees. Chingka- 
rlang abang that species which bears a red 
blossom. Chingkarlang pSit a bitter kind, 
which the elephants avoid. 

jJU>- chingking or ViU»- jingking a scorpion. 
(Vid. :iH^ kala.) 

nJJi>. changkang to grasp (as in close fighting). 
Ber-changkang pinggang ka-dua-ma seizing 
each other by the waist. 

JjU»- changkul a spade, shovel ; a hoe. Men- 
changkul to dig. 

jiju>- chungkil and J^j.3- chukil a picker, probe, 
poker, punch. To probe, poke. Chungkil 
gjgl a tooth-picker, llarum memdkei chungkil 
, glg'i deri-fada amas atan perak atau pen-chukil 

Hi LiU 

' "» 

tellngn it is forbidden to use a tooth-pick or 
ear-picker, of gold or silver. Mata-nia de silruh 
raja chungkil-kan ka-dud-nia the king gave 
orders for putting out both his eyes. JJow« 
meniungkil gigi to pick the teeth. 

j$U»- chingka and JjJota- chingkiil lame of an 
arm. A method of taking off the branch of a 
tree for planting, by binding earth round it 
until it shoots out fibrous roots, and then cut- 
ting it off. A species of monkey. 


t along.) 

to act as a broker. (Vid. iJl; 
^^Ji>. changku-an brokerage. SJi^ 
a broker. 

iJjif- chengke, Jav. cloves ; caryophyllus. (The 
original Malayan name seems to have been 
'ijlllcjj bunga lawang.) IbU chengke or polang 
mother-cloves. Piihn chengke dan pala trees 
of cloves and of nutmegs. Tidda penah de 
dangar ada benih chengke dan benih bilah pdla 
de tdnah malut/u ini it never was heard that 
plants of the clove and nutmeg were to bo 
found in these Malayan countries (Iranggano). 

(JJiU- changga a natural mark on the skin, or 
deformity fi-om the birth. Jdngan perchdya 
tang de changga allah do not trust one on whom 
God has set his mark. 

i^SjU- changgei the nail of the finger suffered to 

" grow to a considerable length. De sapHh-nia 

dyer mdta dangan changgei-nia tang de ka- 

lingking-nia she brushed away the tear from 

her eye with the long nail of her little finger. 

^Ji>- chingi saucy, pert, froward ; wanton, for- 

chap and j_JU>. chap, Chin, and Hind. 
^|L| I a seal, signet; impression of a seal; 
mark; warrant, licence, grant, passport. Buboh 
chap to set or affix the seal. Men-chdp-i-lah 
iya dangan chap-nia he sealed it with his seal. 
Sural iang ber-chap a writing with a seal to it ; 
a sealed letter. Chap-nia-pun chap kompanl 

the marks upon it are those of the Company. 
Jnl-lah chap tang de karunia-han raja acheh akatt 
kapitan furls these insignia were graciously 
bestowed by the king of Achin upon Captain 
(Thomas) Forrest. Seperli tiUth klla icing ler- 
surat de-dulam chap ini agi"eeably to our com- 
mands written in this passport. 

chapat or cheppat expert, ready, handy, 
dexterous, ingenious, accurate, quick. (Vid. 
t_ft^lj>- chukap.). Icing chapat pe-karja-an-nia 
whose performances are expert ; who are quick 
at work. 

JJA>- chepadak a fruit called the Jack, artocar- 
pus integrifolia. (Vid, •id\L*sa~ champadak.) 

via- chiplau Port, (chapeo) a hat. 

j4Ji>. chokmar a staif. Dan guda pemukul chok- 
mar itu and those staves for striking called 
chokmar. De pegang-nia chokmar-nia he held 
his staff in his hand. 

jJl^ chakdlang a small animal of the monkey 
kind, with a long, curled tail. 

il»- chakra Hind, -cjcj^ a circular missile wea- 
pon with a sharp edge ; the discus. Ada tang 
me-lontar-kan chakra some threw the discus. 
Suma me-limpar-kan chakru-nia flung their wea- 
pons at the same instant. StimpU-an punah 
dan chakra ber-kpas-lepas missile weapons of 
various kinds were discharged. 

Jlji*. chakra-wala the starry sphere, firmament. 
Per-kitar-an chakra-wdla the revolution of the 
starry sphere. Pada tiap4ictp per-iddr-an chak- 
ra-wdla mala-drl dan hidan through every revo- 
lution of the spheres in which the sun and 
moon perform their motions. 

^J^ chekek or chakak to consume, devour. To 
seize by the throat, to strangle. 

c:,«Jl>. chak'it a quarrel. Chdrl chaklt to seek a 

1&. chela imperfection, blemish, blame. To find 

115 J*. 

fault with, reproach, throw a slur upon. Adct' 
hah cheld-nia maka sdngat de amat-amdt-l ulih 
tuan is there any blemish that occasions your 
looking upon her so attentively. Tiadd-lah 
ddpat de chela Idgi pada bdrang laku-nia there 
is no imperfection to be found in any circum- 
stance of his conduct. Piiji dan chela praise 
and blame. Per-budt-an-ku de chela orang peo- 
ple find fault with my proceedings. Jang tidda 
ber-cheld irreproachable. Men-chela perampiian 
dangan ledak salah-nia to injure the reputation 
of an innocent woman. Cheld-men-cheld to 
find fault reciprocally. 1^\>. chela-chulu ca- 
lumny, reproach; the subject of reproach. To 
calumniate. ^Jljc ka-cheld-an reproach, slur,, 
imputation, indignity, disgrace; mischief, in- 
jury. Tiadd-lah pdtek mdu memandang ka-che- 
ld-an dull your servant will not see any indig- 
nity offered to the throne. 

jjl^ chelaka ill-luck, misfortune. Unlucky, 
ill-omened, disastrous ; graceless. A wretch. ' 
Cheldka amba ilu that is my misfortune. Kena 
cheldka to meet with a mishap. Men-chdri 
cheldka to court misfortune, to run unneces- 
sary risk. Tdkut amba ddpat cheldka de-bld' 
kang lest I should afterwards get myself into 
trouble. Orang cheldka sdngat lya a most ill- 
omened fellow he is. Ilei anak clieldka llat-lah 
idih-mu O graceless child, now behold ! Bunoh 
se-cheldka ini put this wretch to death. 

, ,L>. chaldna or i^ils- chaldnah Jay. drawers, 
breeches. (Vid. Jlj^ serawdl.) 

tji^ chiling Jav. the wild hog. (Vid. ^!i 

i_Sj»- chehp to sop, dip (into any liquid that is 
thereby absorbed) ; to dye. JLdlu de chelop-nia 
kdln itu pada ddrah he then dipped tlie cloth 
in the blood. Memakei kdin iang ter-chelop to 
wear dyed cloth, l. ■i^-^t men-chelop and l*)--* 
menielop to dip, &c. Kdin ^^Xs>- chelup-an 
coloured cotton-cloths. 
Q 2 



^^ chahk or Jt^ to colour, stain. Eje-salve, 
- coUji'ium. 

,sjjs- chelah or chellah a cloft, fissure, chink, cre- 
vice, gap, slit. To whet, grind on or with a 
stone ; to sharpen (as a knife or the steel spur 
of a game-cock). Chelah butu clefts of rocks. 
Chelah kisl-klsi the crevices or instertices of 
lattice-work. Me-liat deri chelah lubang ptntu 
saw through a crevice in the gate. Fajcr-piin 
meni/ingsing maka ha-llat-an-lah deri chelah-che- 
lah gunong itu the ruddy dawn arose and be- 
came visible in the instertices of the moun- 
tains. Chelah-chelah g/gt spaces between the 
teeth (particularly when filed). Chelah jdrl 
space between the fingers. Meniampei-kan 
iiyer pada segala chelah-chclah-nia to introduce 
water (in ablutions) within every crevice of 
the body. Bdtu peti-chelah a whet-stone (par- 
ticularly such as is employed to widen the in- 
terstices of the teeth). 

jU>- chemcUc an eruptive complaint. 

Jus- chamura Hind. ^|i(|^ a chowy, the long 
white tail of the mountain cow. False hair 
worn by women. Ada tang memegang tombak 
ler-chamara some held lances adorned with 
cow-tails. De pintal akan chamara twisted it 
for a braid. Kdi/u chamara casuarina litorea 
R. (Vid. ^ aratt.) 

^o^ H-^s- chimhuru-an jealousy. (Vid.j^-^ chim- 
; bunt.) 

A^A^ chambul or chumbul a little box or other 
receptacle (for unguents and perfumes). Chmn- 
iul ber-isi meniak bau-bau'n a box filled with 
sweet unguents. Ddlam chumbul permdta in 
a box set with precious stones. 

chumbu compliments, flattering addresses, 
caresses. To compliment, play the galant, 
caress, toy with. Affable, courteous. Be-bra- 
pu chumbu dan madah dan pantun dan seluka 
many a flattering compliment and encomium, 
and song, and couplet. Ter'sinyum me-lial 

tuan putrl ber-chumbu-chumbu-an dangan Indra 
smiled to see the princess toying, or repeating 
amorous verses, with Indra. Mari-lah ber- 
chumbu dangan abang come and toy with thy 

jt.u.>- chimburu jealous, suspicious. Jealousy. 
Chimburu-lah iya akan sudard-nia she was jea- 
lous of her sister. Ter-buni dcri-pada chimburu 
raja hidden from the jealousy of the king. 
^•-v«.»- chimburu-an jealousy, suspicion. Jea- 
lous. Ada-lah dangan sak chimburu-an it was 
with doubts and jealousies. Ada-pun akan we- 
gr'i klla tni ada-lah updma perampuan iang elok 
tetdpi ada pula Idki-nia maka Idki-nia itu ter-lulu 
chimburu-an with respect to this my kingdom, 
it may be compared to a beautiful woman, but 
who is married, and her husband extremely 
jealous. (Alluding to certain political con- 

chamat to make fast to, or, haul upon 
(the shore). Sudah ber-chamat prad-nia ka-dd- 
rat they made fast their vessel to the shore. 

^;,v>- chamoti a whip, scoiirge, strap. Chamotl 
ratna sedia de-dtas paland-nia a whip adorned 
with jewels was ready on his saddle. Meme- 
gang chamotl to take hold of a whip. Bunj/i 
chamotl the noise of the whip. 

y^->. chumar or chamar foul, dirty, filthy, impure, 
unclean. Filth, nastiness. Tuboh anak-mu sa- 
kall-an chumar the body of my child is all over 
dirty. Meniuchi-kan diri-nia deri-pada chumar- 
Ilia to cleanse himself fi-om his filth. Ulat Iang 
jddi deri-pada chumar maggots generated from 
filth. Ari chumar kdin dies menstruales. Pa- 
da zemdn ini ladt-an sa-bldh timor mi sanscal-Iah 
chumar-nia at the present time these eastern 
seas are very foul (much infested with pi- 
rates). Men-chumar-kan to render filthy, de- 
file, loj.*^ korchumar-an filthiness. 

i_L*,-^ chamarlang glittering, glistening, shining, 
resplendent, sparkling. To shine forth, glit- 


Ter. Tcr-lrdu amat chaya dan chamarlang ex- 
tremely briglit and glittering. Kilal sinjatd-nia 
chamarlang la-adara the lightning from their 
weapons glistened in the air. 

^..♦.s- chamas or chmmnas apprehensive, alarm- 
ed. Pesli chamas orang de-man a-mdna certain- 
ly the people will be alarmed every where.. 
Jangan-laJi tuan .— jUjs- chamds-an akan gaduh- 
gaduk vegri do not be under any apprehension 
of disturbances in the country. 

(^Im>»- champdka or chumpuha Hind. ■c|*.i^c^ 
a tree bearing a sweet-scented, yellow, tulip- 
formed Hower; michelia champaca, L. Cham- 
puka ungu dan champdka bird the purple and 
the blue champaka (imaginary flowers). Jial- 
na champdka the topaz. 

jjX«j>» charnpadak, jjU^ champddak, or iA^ 
chepadah a very large fruit called the Jack; 
artocarpus integrifolia L. Art. pilosus Bat. 
Tr. vol. V. Another species is called IXa) nang- 
kd. Champddak utan a w ild kind. 

jMs- champur to mix, mingle, blend, compound. 
Ber-champiir anggor dangan dyer to mix wine 
with water. De champur-kan-nia men-jddi sdtu 
he mingled them till they became one. Seperli 
shakar her-champur madu like sugar mixed 
with honey. Tiadd-lah kdml mdu her-champur 
bechdra datfgan diya we do not chuse to hold 
any intercourse with him. Champur bdxoitr con- 
fused, irregularly mixed; incoherent. Tampik- 
nia champur bdwur dangan sudra kuda darfgan 
gdjah their shouts were confounded with the 
neighing of the horses and the cry of the ele- 
phants. Per-kald-an champur bdzcur confused, 
incoherent discourse. 

^jA^ija- champak and ijuj>. ckampah to toss, fling, 
cast away, throw carelessly. Retort, reproach, 
keen or petulant reply; scorn. Champak ka- 
ddlam Idut to cast into the sea. Champak jerat 
to cast or throw a noose. Dc champak-kan-nia 
ka-luar he threw it out. 



(J-*^ chumuh a rod, whip, scourge ; stripes. To 
scourge. Pulu dangan chumuk to strike with 
a rod. Men-chumuk-kan to scourge. Amba- 
pun de ^y4»~ chumuk-nia he scourged me. 

^y*^ chamdti a whip. (Vid. ^j.aj^ chamoti.) 

r ^^^^o- chamin-chamln a species of fish. 

•>. chinna Hind. y^rSJ mark, token, sign. 

e:. ^v^ chinta Hind. PcjcffJ anxiety, solicitude, 
concern, care, friendly sorrow, tender and 
anxious regard. Ber-duka dan ber<hinta to 
feel grief and anxiety. Chinld-ku t'ldak pada 
tang Idin my solicitude extends to no other. 
Jangan-lah sdngat ber-chinld-kan kakanda akan 
pergi ini do not give way to excess of sorrow 
on account of thy friend's departure. Itu-pun 
ber-chinta-lah lya akan anak-nia tang de tinggal- 
kan-nia she then bestowed an anxious thought 
upon the child whornshe had left (in the woods). 
Ter-chinta akan kaslh-nia afl"ected by the remem- 
brance of his kindness. Apa jUga tang ada 
^^\ per-chintd-an tuan what is the subject 
of your continued anxiety ? Mendruh per- 
chintd-an to experience sorrow ; to feel deep 

i::.^ij>- or Ux>- chentu pattern, sample, muster ; 
plan. Chenta amas a sample of gold. Ambel- 
lah chenta-nia take samples of them. Memrbuat 
chenta kola to lay down the plan of a fortifi- 

>*<*-•—- chanlik genteel (in air and dress), neat, 
elegant, gay, spruce. Chanlik laku-nia ddyang 
muda till the manners of those young women 
were genteel. Chanlik mdnis rupd-nia karra itu 
sweetly elegant was the appearance of that 
monkey. Chantik-bhasd-nia his address is po- 

l_:«v~^ chinchang to chop, hack, cut to pieces ; 
to wound, maim. De chinchang lumat de prah 
asani chopped it small, and squeezed acid upon 
it. Chinchang tldak rdgas t'tdak he neither 

^ tl8 

wounded (bis wife detected in adulteiy) nor 
cut off her hair. Chinchang de pampas maim- 
ing is punished by fine. Aluwan-nia me^hhh 
chang umhak her prow cut the waves. 

^ai»- chinchin a ring (for the finger). Cliinchin 
permdta a ring in which a jewel is set, a stone- 
ring. Chinchin ka-saktl-an a magic ring. Chitv- 
chin sorbantok one ring. 

chendd like to, resembling. 
Chandra Hind, -ard (the 


•G|«-^ (the moon, 
whence a race of kings and heroes is supposed 
to have descended.) Certain supernatural 
beings. Dewa-dewa dan indra-indra dun Chan- 
dra dan niambang various orders of superna- 
tural beings or genii. Dewata chandra lok 
genii of the race of the moon. 

Jlji^ chandala Hind. xjU^^JI^ immodest, 
foul. Ada tang chandala ada tang prawan 
some were immodest, some were maiden. 
Mulut-nia chandala she is foul-mouthed. Anak- 
ku benasa kdrna Jjjjsrr^ si-chandalini my child 


is ruined by means of this hussy. ( JJCv-i siindal 
appears to be a corruption of tliis word). 

}mj>- chendana Hind. -cj«-<^«i sandal-wood, 

santalum, L. Guru dan chenduna lignum aloes 
and sandal-wood. Chendana kring de champur 
kapur dry sandal-wood (dust) with a mixture 
of camphor. 


))ja>- chendazcan fungus, mushroom ; mould ; 
shoots of nitre. Ada chenddwan de puhn tuah- 
tuah there are fungusses upon very old trees. 
Seperii orang niubuk chenddwan like persons 
intoxicated by some preparation of the fungus. 

\Sis>- chendor ,,Joj»- chendor, and ,4Xir>. chandau 
(have occurred only in the following combina- 
tion) chendor mala a token of remembrance, tri- 
fling present. Sakdrang sudtu-pun tidda apa-dpa 
chendor mdta deri-pada amba me-laln-kan hdnia 
ada-lah tanda idup sdja at this moment there is 
nothing whatever that I can send to you, except- 

ing only this token of my being alive. Tidda 
ada chendor mdta bdrang sa-sudtu seperti pdtut 
hdnia dua ikur burong papua there is no one 
suitable token of my remembrance (in my 
power to send) excepting a couple of birds of 

cjjcjs" chenderong to incline, bend down ; to 
incline towards. Segala puhn kdyu abis-lah 
chenderong every forest tree was bent down. 
Chenderon g-lah segala pdgar orang deri-pada 
ka-banidk-an mdnusla every man's paling was 
bent down by the crowd of people. Chenderong- 
kansedikit kapald-nia bend down his head a little. 
Chenderong-lah marik''Uu weng-ikut d'lya the 
hearts of the people inclined to follow him. 

chunduk a spoon, ladle. (Vid. jJCw-i 


cjjc.ji- chandong 
rounded prang. 

a tool or weapon, a sort of 

cjjkis- chandong to incline, bend down. 
c.jSxs- chenderong.) 


lcJcj- chandi a shrine ; a mausoleum. Paliard- 
kan chandi ayanda take care to preserve our 
father's shrine. Se-telah sudah dngus de suruh 
mahdrdja rawana per-buat chandi amas dua blji 
tnaka indra ajit dan tuan putrl-pun de mdsuhkan 
orang-lah ka-ddlam chandi when they (the bo- 
dies) were burned, Mahdrdja Rdvana gave 
orders for constructing two shrines of gold, in 
which (his son) Indra Ajit and tlie princess 
were deposited. De-ddlam chandi duduk ber- 
chinta sat grieving in the mausoleum. 

Lf ja>. chindl a kind of coloured cotton cloth 
(from Guzerat) usually worn about the body. 
A sash. Ada iang ber-selendong chindi some 
were wrapped in sashes of chindi. Chindi-nia 
iang ada de pinggang-nia the sash that is about 
her waist. Ber-sdbok chindi girded with a sash. 
Kdin chindi benang dan chit surall thread (cot- 
ton) chindis and chintzes of Surat. 

^ 119 

—^±»' chuwacha a clear sky, unclouded atmos- 
phere, fair weather. Clear, light, bright (as 
the sky). Trang chuwacha men-jadi kalam 
hSbut the clear sky changed to a dark mist. 
Dull-pun ber-bangkil-Iah ha-adara slang chu- 
wacha the dust rose into the light, unclouded 
air. Mrdam chuwacha a clear, fair night. 

c_jjj>- chuba to try, endeavour, essay, attempt, 
venture, prove, make trial ; tempt. Se- 
nischdi/a beta chuba juga certainly I shall make 
the attempt. Men-chuba ha-besar-an allah to 
tempt (the vengeance of) Omnipotence. Ka- 
chubii-an an attempt, trial ; temptation. 


chubit and 1,::.^^=^ chubit to pinch ; to 
nip (with the nails). De chubU-nia p'ipi-nia 
she pinched his cheek. De chubit-nia mulid-nia 
serai/a katd-nia pandei sungguh mulut ini bcr- 
chumbu-chumbu she pinched his mouth, and 
said, expert indeed is this mouth at telling 
flattering tales. 

I »>. chuban the pin or shuttle used in weaving 

fjjy*- chotoh to peck (as a fowl). The beak of a 
bird. (Vid. nji paroh.) 

^,>. chucha to despise, scorn. Contempt. Be?- 
chuchu-lah alcan d'li/a diilam atl-nia despised him 
in his heart. Men-chuchd-kan to treat with 
contempt, cast shame upon, expose to scorn. 
Mem-buang dangan chucha to discard with 

j>- chuchu or »>-♦»- chuchu a grandchild, des- 
cendant. (Vid. j-5>-j:>- chuchong.) 

_»>. chuchi and ^^i>- chuch'i clean, pure, spot- 

less, innocent. (Vid. ^ suchi). Ldda chu- 
chi clean (winnowed) pepper. De sdpu dan de 
chuchi-kan-nia he swept and cleansed it. 

■ u:,.^^^ chuchut or Ikan chuchut a species of 

js>-j>- chuchur to gush out, spout forth, flash 

out ; to pour out. Seperti ayer tang ter^ 
chuchur like water that is poured out. ^^j>~^ 
meniuchur-kan and ^j>~^si< men<huchur-kan 
dyer to pour out water. K'dat Uu-pun men' 
chuchur de tepi gunong the lightning then 
flashed on the side of the mountains. Lalu 
ber-chuchur-an-lah dyer matd-nia her tears then^ 
gushed forth. Chuchur-kan ka-kapald-nia pour 
it on his head. 

«_-i.i>. chuchong, ~.js>- chuchu and ys~j»- chuchu 
a grandchild ; a descendant beyond the first 
generation. Cousin ; nephew. Nenek itu amat 
kdsih akan chuchong-nia grandfathers are ex- 
tremely fond of their grandchildren. Meng- 
hfgat-kati anak chuchong-mu to be a warning to 
your descendants. Anak chuchong ddain ti\e pos- 
terity of Adam. Perampuan dua ber-chiichong 
two female cousins (as having a common ances- 
tor). Anak dan chuchu children and grand- 
children. Chuchu-nia sampei korpada ampat 
pupu his descendants unto the fourth genera- 
tion. Chuchu chichi descendants to a remote 
degree ; grandchildren's childien. 

fji>~A. chuchuk to stick or thrust into, to pierce, 
prick, wound with a pointed instrument ; to 
thread (a needle), string (beads). Ddrah 
orang tang ter-chuchuk the blood of those who 
were pierced (by arrows). Luka ter<huchuk 
wounded by a thrust. Chuchuk kundei the 
l)odkin or pin with which the hair is fastened 
when rolled on the crown of tlie head. Sa- 
chuchuk kdlong one necklace. Pen-chuchuk 
a pointed instrument, a stake, skewer, fork. 


chuchu a grandchild ; descendant ; nephew. 

(Vid. —y>. chuchu and V»-J 


jy>. chura to chatter, prate, prattle ; to chirp (as 
birds). Loquacious, pcattling, flippant. De 
churu-nia seperti anak kechil they prattled like 
young children. Ter-tdlu chura orang ini this 
person is very loquacious. Segala ddi/ang 
tertdwa-tdwa men-dangar pantun nuri itu ter- 
Idlu churd-nia every damsel laughed on hearing 

the verses repeated by the parrot so very flip- 
pantly. Chiirarchura stripes (as in cloth). 
Churorchura putih dan merah stripes of white 
and red. 

%j^ ckurang or s j^r»- jurang clefts, defiles, 
passages, narrow passes ; creeks. Pada chu- 
rang atau pada jiilan tang plchak in confined 
passages and narrow roads. Ada-lah setan 
iatkula Itu ber-jdlan pada segala jurang there 
are evil spirits at that season walking in every 
passage (of the house.) Ikan de jurang fish 
in the creeks (or passages of the coral rocks). 
Se-c/iurang a piece of ordnance. Lepas se- 
churang dan rantaha guns of different forms 
and calibres were discharged. Bddlang chu- 
rang a species of grasshopper. 

c ,^ choring a blot, smut. To blot. Ckoring 
milting filthy, foul, daubed, soiled. 

jijy>- churu slanting. 

,cjy>- churl Hind, t^/) to steal, thieve, u r - 
loin. Apa de churl-nia what has he stolen ? 
Diya sudah men-churi-kan pe-kain amba he has 
stolen my clothes. Barang-barang iang ier- 
churl goods that have been stolen. Pen-churl 
a thief. Men-churl-churl by stealth, privily. 
Suruh-nia pergi mcn-churl-churl her-ldyer or- 
dered him to sail away privily. Maka diya-nia 
men-churl-churi her-jual afyun ka-pada orang 
tranggano lain deri-pada sudagar k'da he clan- 
destinely sold opium to persons of Tranggano 
other than the merchant who acts for me. 
Churt-churl a species of bat. 

j^i^fc. c/zMng7.a haughty. (Vid. i^JJis^ chungka.) 

,_ ..-_ chupu or S<>- chupu the lintel of a door. 

J^ chupar ostentatious, boasting, assuming. 

120 y>- 

thumbs to a level with the tips of his two ears ; 
(one of the attitudes in prayer.) 

jSjjs- chupak a measure. (Vid, duy^ chupah.) 

(jiy>- chupak and ijjS" chupah a fruit resembling 
the lanseh, but smaller and nearly round ; the 
variety of this genus are extremely numerous. 

Jjy» chupul broad, bluff (as a vessel about the 
bows) ; blunt ; shortened, scant. A wooden 
beetle. Aluwan prau itu chUpul the bows of 
that vessel are bluff. 


"Lijs- chuping the tip of the ear. (Vid 
tellnga.) Andak-lah ij/a mem-hetul-kan ka-dua 
iijong ibu iangan-nia ka-pada ka-dua chuping 
telinga-nia he should bring the ends of his two 

Jjj^ chupul or ^js-jUpul to happen (in an ill 
sense), fall out, come to pass; to liappen to, 

ijAS- chupah and (JJt^- chupak a measure con- 
taining about a quart ; the fourth part of a 
kUlah or bambu, as also of the gantang, being' 
then equal to about l^lb. of rice. Bawang 
tlga cJiupah three measures of (small) onions. 

tlS^ chiika, Hind, -dc^i (sorrel). 


^^ chukan and ^Jjj- chugan, Pers. a stick 
curved at one end, to which is suspended an 
iron ball, carried as an ensign of royalty. Ter- 
dlrl-lah chukan alam ka-^-ajd-an the royal in- 
signia were set up. 

^,s- chukur to shave. Mc-muld-i ber-chukur 
pada sa-bldh Iang kanan to begin shaving on 
the right-hand side. Ter-chfikur janggid-nia 
their beards were shaven. lung J>j*^ me- 
niukur dan iang de chukur the person who 
shaves and the person shaved. Pen-chukur 
and tukang chukur a barber. ^^J peniukur or 
pesau cMtkur a razor. 

t_jO^ chukup sufficient (in number or quantity) ; 
complete, fulfilled ; adequate to, commensurate 
with. Lehih deri-pada chukup more than su^ 
ficient. Ambel-lah bSrang chUkup-nm take what 
will be sufficient for you. Tiuda chukup hi- 
lang-an-nia their number is not sufficient, or 
complete. Tiada chukup mudal-nia his capital 

^J^ chugan an ensign of rojalty. 
i^y^ chukan.) 


yjf- chogo the amount for which security is 
given in a law-suit ; recognizance. 

job ^}^^■ chula-badak the horn of the rhinoceros. 
Chiila ular the fabulous horns of a snake. Dua 

chuld-nia tcr-lulu besdr 
enormously large. 

its two horns were 

jj»&- chulas to pretend, dissemble. False, dis- 
ingenuous. Chulas ati false or double-hearted ; 
hypocritical ; falsehood. 

^Jy>- chulan the name of a plant; camunium 
sinense, R. vitex pinnata, L. 

J »>. chiilu infamy, reproach. 

^js- cMU, Hind, t^^ 

(Vid. ^U. chela). 
a woman's vest or 

yj^ chulla a term applied to those people, and 
their vessels, who come from the coast of Co- 
romandel, and particlarly Porto Novo, to trade 
at Achin, and places in the Straits of Malacca. 
They are also called orang Ming. 

^y«J=- chumil to murmur, mutter. 

^ 121 

is inadequate. Balum diukvp kola the fort is 
not completed. Mana tang ^i^^ se-chukup- 
nia tuan belanjd-kan you will allow what may 
be sufficient. 

i^y>- chukei, Hind. ^5[f|" custom or toll on 
goods imported. To search, examine (as at a 
custom or toll-house). Tampat orang meng- 
amhel chukei a place where toll is collected. 
Jangan juga dagang-an kdmi kena chdkei dan 
hea ddat negrt our goods are not to be charged 
with customs and fees, according to the rates 
(paid by people of) the country. Sudah de 
bdyer chukei-nia they have paid the toll upon 
them. Men-chdkei rumah "to search a house 
by authority (as for prohibited goods or run- 
away slaves). 

\ <l«j»- chumah-chumah in vain; wastefully. 

IJ»=^ chunld a kind of boat, flat-l)ottomed, and 
without a keel, introduced by the Chinese. 

As- chih or cheh fie ! shame ! out upon it ! Chih 
tidda ber-budi segala orang hit fie upon them ! 
these people have all lost their senses. Chih 
pendkut kdmu shame, thou coward ! Chih (rd" 
mdlu fie, are you not ashamed? (a familiar 

j\^ char or chahdr to purge. 

hfj^ "'■ hfJ^ ^^""' Hind, r^i^' to seek, 
search for, look for. Men-chdri makdn-an- 
nia to seek their food. Apa de chart ulih-mu 
what is it you search for? CharUah sampei 
ddpat seek till you find. Men-chdri ontong to 
seek profit, to adventure for gain. Pen-charh 
an what is sought for; a livelihood; a hard- 
earned profit. 

^J^ or J^chai/a brightness, splendour. Clear, 
bright, resplendent. Chdi/a matordrt the bright- 
ness of the sun. Tiadd-lah ddpat de tintang 
nidla deri-pada sdngat me-tiidla chayd-nia it was 
impossible to look at it stedfastly, by reason of 
the extreme brightness of its rays. Chdya 
malegei splendour of the palace (a personal 

^^^ ch'ta to have a regard for. Regard, liking. 
Men-chta adcnda ddlam mimpi thought aflFec- 
tionately of my beloved in a dream. 

^^ chlcha to dip, sop. (Vid. uJL-^ cMop.) 

t::.,v3A>- chichit to chirp ; to chatter. 

js:^^ chichir left in disorder, scattered, deranged. 
chichir-an things left carelessly about. 

i^\s>~ chichah the house-lizard. 

V « V 


(Vid. ^J^ chi- 


chichi and 

chichit great-grandchild. 

(Vid. j-5-^ chdcliong.) Anak chuchu-chichl 
great-grandchildren ; remote descendants. 



To dung. 

Cj^cA?n7 dung, excrement; dregs. 

Chlrit jam cow-dung. Chhit darah bloody 
flux. CA?ri< bintang a meteor or falling star. 

1^ cWper flat, not convex. A dish, plate; 
^Iver, waiter. De-atas chlper amas upon a 
golden salver. Serta dangan alas-ma chiper 
together with the dish or salver on which it 
CjjLs- chipul a species of small shell-fish. 
J^ chiJcar circuit. (Corruption of/^ chakra.) 
j^'l/^ chlk'ong I'eher the pit of the collar-bone. 
JJL=. chiktl pernicious. 
A^ chelo to purloin, steal. 
U^ chema to accuse. 

^ c7»«a Chinese, of or belonging to China. 
^egrl or beniia china the country of China. 
Orang china a Chinese. Laid china the China 
or Eastern Sea. Berala china Chinese idols. 
Kemkha china lutestring, silk in the piece. 
Bm^a china or bmiga marak a splendid flower, 
called also trang dmya ; poinciana pulcher- 
rima, L. 



chium and >^ c/iiMwz, Hind. -^^ | 

,, ■ , A . *rt. r-olii+O in 

^ ft (hard) the letter named U ^« or AAa. 

l^\^ hajal Ab. necessity, necessary use or occa- 
■ sion. To feel or comply with the calls of na- 
ture. Meminta dangan hajat-nia to ask froin 
necessity. Sa-tangah akan hajat dan sa-tangah 
akan per-hlas-an half for necessary use, and 
half for ornament. Hdjat bes&r dan hajat /.e- 
chll les grands et les petits besoins. i.=-U Ui 
kedla hajat alvum exonerare. Se-kaltka iya 
andak hajat besdr dan se-katlka ii/a andak hajat 
sinl maka iya mengata-kan diri-nia andak hajat 
maka iyd-pun turun pergi ber-sembml ka-pada 
tampat lang tidda ddpat de Itat orang demikian- 
lah hdl-nia seb&b deri-pada sdngut takut-nia the 
effects of violent apprehension are thus hu- 
mourously, but on a serious occasion, de- 
^U hdjl An. one who has performed the pil- 
grimage to Mecca. Ndik hdjl to commence 
pilgrim, to set out on the pilgrimage. Tuan 
hdjl the title given to one who has returned 
from the pilgrimage. ;^/(«j« pilgrimage. Ba- 
lanja pada segala an haji money for the ex- 
pence of each day of pilgrimage. 

kiss, to smell to, to scent; to salute in the 
Malayan mode, by applying the nose rather 
than the lips ; to draw with the mouth (as in 
smokin-). A kiss. Scent. Ldlu de sambut 
tuan putrlde ribd-nia serta de peluk dan de chium- 
nia he then took the princess on his knee, and 
embraced and kissed her. De ambel-nia tdngan 
permlsiirl de chmm-nia jdrl he took the hand of 
the queen and kissed the fingers. Maka segala 
oran^ lang ddlam tdman itu samoa-ma men- 
chB^i bau-nia bunga itu and all the persons 
^ho were in the garden smelled the perfume 
of that flower. Men-chliim bdu mdnusia to 
snuff the scent of a human being. 
^en-chium-an the sense of smelL 

J^U hasil, An. produce, collection, revenue; 
profit, utility, encrease. Appearing, forthcom- 
ino-. Se-klan lama Ini angkau memdkan hdsil 
n^grUu-thus long that thou hast been con- 
suming the produce (squandering the revenue) 
of my country. Bdrang lang de ka-dndak ulih 
anak-ku samoa-nia hdsil per-karjd-an hakmat itu 
whatever is the object of my child's wishes 
shall be forthcoming by the operation of thai 
charm. Meng-hasil-kan bulanja to collect "•■ 
provide money for expences. 

^U hddlir anij^ hadler, Ab. (hazir) present 
ready, prompt, prepared. lang ada hddli 
those who were present. Segala dlat sitijdt 

sudali-lah hadlir all the military stores were in 
readiness. Meng-hadlir-l<an to make ready ; to 

bring forward, to bring to light, s 



the (royal) presence; majesty, dignity. Meng- 
adap dull hadlirat to appear in the royal pre- 
sence. Meniambah dc-bawah hadlirat dull iang 
maluMnulla to make obeisance before (or be- 
neath) the most illustrious presence. 

S\a~ hakim and Ss- hakim, Ar. a judge, magis- 
trate. Andak-lah de bawa-77ia ka-pada hakim it 
ought to be carried to the magistrate. |»-X». 

hakim learned, skilled; an adept, 
philosopher; physician. 

A doctor, 

JU> hal, Ar. state, situation, condition, pur- 
port, subject, matter, business, affair, case, 
circumstance. Niata-lah sebub demikian hal 
kami the occasion of this our situation is evi- 
dent. Mengata-kan hal ka-papa-an-nia to make 
a plea of poverty. Apa garung-un hul-nia pray 
what is the nature of the case ? Akan hal or 
pada hal to the purpose ; with respect to ; as to 
the affair. HTil ahuwfd the state and condi- 
tion, the matter with all its circumstances. 

JA»- hamil and J^^s^ hamil, Ar. pregnant. The 
foetus. PeramjJuan humil a pregnant woman. 

123 lA- 

jijA>. Juidis, An. traditions or sayings of the 
Prophet (supposed to have been collected by 
his cotemporaries, and promulgated after his 
death). Adu-Iah ter-sebut ddlam hadls it is men- 
tioned in the traditions. 

A,\js^ haram and Af>- haram, Ar. unlawful, for- 
bidden, abominable, accursed. Sacred. Ha- 
lal dan harum things lawful and uidawful, 
clean and unclean. Haram me-ludah dalam 
mesjid it is forbidden to spit in the mosque. 
Haram atas segala perampuan tang tiilda ber- 
swdmi me-merah-kan pipi-nia it is unlawful for 
any unmarried woman to put rouge on her 
cheeks. Haram lillahi kalo amba tau may I 
be accursed if I know. Menaroh-kan haram 
pada allah to consecrate, devote, dedicate to 

uJp- huruf, Ar. letters of the Alphabet, conso- 
nants. Meng-ubong huruf to combine the let- 
ters. Mengdrang huruf to set up the press. 
Pengdrang huruf a compositor. 

/^\»_ hdi/al and 
tiens (mulier). 

i^Ls>- heidl, Ar. menstrua pa- 
Puru hdi/al a cancer. 

i±.^ hahasht, Pers. Abyssinian, Ethiopian. 
" Orang bangsa habashl a man of Ethiopic race, 
a negro. 

!L>- hubbat, Ar. love. 

j:^ hatta, Ar. when that; until; thus; accord- 
ing to. Hatta be-brupa lamd-nia iya ber-julan 
when they had been some time on their jour- 
ney. Hatta maka ganap-lah tSJuh kali ber-koU- 
ling itu when seven perambulations had been 
completed. Hatta dangan takdir allah accord- 
ing to the divine will. 

fir haji, Ar. pilgrimage. (Vid. ij^U- hdjl.) 


harakat, Ar. vowels (from u:..^^ harkat 
motion, as giving motion or utterance to the 

Zcj^ hormat, An. honour, reverence, respect; 
compliments of ceremony ; glory. Maka saka- 
Han ber-dhi mem-brl hormat akan anak raja and 
all stood up to do honour, or pay respect to 
the king's son. Adat hormat sultan the custo- 
mary compliment to a sultan. Meng-hormat- 
kan allah tddla to glorify God. 

t_ ., ,.^ hesab, Ar. computation, calculation, num- 
ber. Tiadd-lah ter-hesab-kan baniak-nia their 
multitudes were not to be counted; they were 

CL>^»- hasrat, Ar. impatience; impatient. Has- 
rat-nia ingin andak ber-islri impatiently longing 
for his marriage. 

i=aj^ hadlirat, Ab. the (royal) presence. (Vid. 
-tfU- hadlir.) 
R 2 

tlX^ 124 

fja^ fiai, Ar. right, equity, justice; law, rule; 
authority, right over. Just, right, true. Ilak 
pusalca right of inheritance. Tiada dmrgan 
ttak-nia unjustly, illegally. Lrdn deri-pada sub- 
hanah wa tddla contrary to the law of the Most 
High. Ter-bcsdr hak swami atas istri-nia the 
authority of a husband over his wife is very 

d -&>&■•»■ hakihd, Ah. truth, fact, sincerity. II a- 
Mkat suatu hit this one truth. Per-katd-an ha- 
kikat the words of truth or sincerity. P(Wla 
haklkal-nia in fact. 

(.^l$U- hakayat, Ah. history, tale, story, fable, 
romance. Hakdyat raja soUmdn the history of 
king Solomon. Tammat4ah hakdyat here the 
story concludes. Demiklan^ah de hakdyat-kan 
thus it is related. 

JL*. hukum, Ar. sentence, judgment, decree, 
punishment; rule, regulation. Apd-kah hu- 
kum-nia urang dtirdka irti what sentence shall 
be passed upon these traitors ? Hukum allah 
the judgment of God; the ordeal. Sc gala hu- 
kum islam all the Mahometan institutions. 
Kita pinta de hukum-kan dangan hukum isldm 
I request that they may be judged and sen- 
tenced according to the Mahometan law. Pa- 
da peng-liat tidda ber-cherrei dyer ilu maka pada 
hukum-nia ber-cherrei jua according to appear- 
ance the water does not escape, but according 
to our judgment, or reason, it must escape. 
Andak meng-hukum-kan orang pada negri itii 
dangan sudtu hukum tang pdtut dangan ka-sa- 
lah-nia it was intended to punish the people of 
the city with a punishment adequate to their 
offences. Meng-hukum-kan segala bendtang to 
rule over all beasts. 

<uil». hakmat or hikmal, Ar. wisdom, knowledge, 
science, art. A talisman, charm ; enchantment. 
Bijaksdna pada bdrang tlmu dan hakmat skilled 
in every art and science. Tlpu hakmat prang 
the art of war ; military stratagems. Memo- 
hon-km hakmat akan jddi ber-kuta to pray for 

the faculty of eloquence. Pakei-lah hakmat 
Ini dan chinchin tni wear this talisman and this 
ring. Maka indra^un mengalHr-kan hakmat 
ratna lain de chitd-nia hakmat Uu maka chayd- 
nia-pun chamarlang ka-adara maka malegci ma- 
suk ka-ddlam chayd-nia upon this Indra had 
recourse to his talismanic jewel, and invoking 
(wishing upon) the talisman, a bright light 
immediately shone in the air, and the palace 
was surrounded with its splendour. Hakmat 
apa juga gardng-an tang dcmikian tni I pray 
thee, what manner of enchantment may this 

^Xfc. hakim, Aa. learned, skilled, &c. (Vid. 
jS\»- hakim.) 

Ji>. haldl, Ar. lawful, permitted (but not obli- 
gatory) ; clean ; blessed (in opposition to >Ls.. 
hardm interdicted, accursed). Haldl-kan apd- 
lah kird-nia dyer susu tang telah pdtek minum 
bless, I beseech tliee, the milk (or the source 
of the milk) which I imbibed. 

l^U- halzed, An. sweet-meats, sweet pastry, con- 
fectionary. Bageihalwdiangcldtarasdnia like 
sweet-meats grateful to the taste. 

^emcrf, A R. praise; praised. Lillahi^Vhemed 
praise be to God. 

J^a.. Iiamil, Ar. pregnant. (Vid. J^U- hamil.) 

cjL*. heidt, Ar. life. Living. Heidt dan jiwa 
life and soul. Jeka tidda hdrap akan heidt-nia 
maka andak-lah meng-ingat diya dangan tobat 
dan wesdyat if there are no hopes of his life, he 
should be put in mind of repentance and of 
his will. Ada heidt kita ber4emu if we live we 
shall meet again. Idng heidt sakdrang de negri 
kwdla sitigkel who lives at present near the en- 
trance of Singkel river. 

JU>- heidll, Ar. intoxicated. (Vid. JLi 

^Jtji^ heiran, Ar. astonished, (Vid. ^Lji hei- 

ran.) MaJcajMi heirun-lah amba which caused 
me to be astonished. 

^j^ heidl, Ah. menstrua patiens. (Vid. ^\=^ 

jj\i,s>~ heiwan, An. an animal, brute, beast. Se- 
gala heiwun tang ber-kdki ampat every animal 
with four legs. De gigll-nia ulili segala heiwun 
itu he was bitten by all those beasts (monkies). 


kh the letter named U- kha. 

jU khdtam, Ar. a seal, ring. (Vid. *ii 

jSU- khdlik, Ar. the Creator, jj^i- klialdikaind 
i^J^ khalikah creatures; people; nations. 

^khabar, Ar. news, intelligence, tidings. Tale, 
leo-end. Jpa khabar what news? Khobar 
iang hdik good news. Maka drang Mng de- 
ddlam negr'i itu-pun samod-nia pergi ber4dnia- 
kan khabar ka-pada orang Iang ddlang Itu and 
all the people of the city went forth to inquire 
the news of those who arrived. Khabar rahsiya 
secret intelligence. Khabar-khabur old or idle 
stories, fables. Lupa-lupa ingat tiadd-lah bitlih 
khabar akan diri-nia lost their recollection and 
became insensible. Sudtu-pun ttdda de khabar- 
kan iilih anak raja ka-dua itu not the least re- 
gard was paid (to the missile weapons) by the 
two princes. 

■ ■^ khatam, Ar. conclusion, termination, com- 
pletion ; the seal. A ceremony performed at 
graves. Ber-kdta rasul khatam TncAla saith 
the apostle, the seal (the last) of the prophets. 
Meng-dji de kubur tujuh dri se-telah de khatam 
tlga kdli prayed at the grave for seven days, 
having three times performed the khatam. 

125 U 

|j^ khatan, An. circumcision. Kdlit khatan the 
flesh of the foreskin. De khalan-kan kuhp da- 
ging-nia circumcised the flesh of his foreskin. 
Kulit iang balum Idgi khatan skin not yet cir- 
cumcised, the prepuce. 

<Lcj«i. khedmaty An. service, employment, office, 
ministry, homage. Servants, domestics. To 
do service, hold employment, minister. Ber- 
ddtang sambah ka-pada baginda dangan khedmat- 
nia came to do homage to the king, according 
to tlieir employments. De khedmat-nia pada 
rdja ministered unto the king. Tunduk ber- 
khedmat to bow in token of homage. Samod- 
nia ber-khedmat de-bdwah Jirmdn baginda itu 
all held employments under the appointment 
of the monarch. ^Ij^I- kheddm an attendant, 
domestic servant. 

ij>-\j^ khardjat, An. tribute, tax, toll. 

iJLji- khorasdni, Pers. fine tempered steel of 
j^LiLi- Khordsdn. Best khorasdni tempered 
iron or steel. Kalupong deri besi khorasdni 
helmets of tempered steel. 

*p- khurma, Pers. the date, or fruit of the palm. 
Buah anggor dan zabib dalima khurma de dtor 
orang-lah grapes and raisins of the sun, pome- 
granates and dates were served. Biji khurma 
iang mangkal atau iang kring green or dried 

ij\j^ khazdnah and iijji. kharJnah, Ar. treasury, 
magazine. Mengaludr-kan artd-nia deri-pada 
khazinah-^ia drew forth his treasures fiom his 

A^as- khutbat, Ar. an oration pronounced in the 
mosques, on Fridays. 

khatib, An. a preacher. Tatkdia sddah 
khatlb duduk de-dtas mimber jekalau balum me- 
macha khutbat when the preacher shall have 
taken his seat in the pulpit, but has not yet 
begun his discourse. Anduk-lah ada khatib itu 
sdehi kain-nia dan badan-nia dan tampat-nia dan 
bdrang iang ber-dbong dangan diya it is re- 

i/ 126 

quired that the preacher should be clean in his 
apparel, in his person, in his seat, and in every 
thing connected with him. 

(Vid. iiU la- 

-iSjV-L khalifah, Ar. a carpet. 

^'U- khalds and ^^^ hhalas, Ar. free, liberated. 
Candid, sincere. Freedom from restraint ; sal- 

^eli khalusi (pr. klash'i), Pers. a seaman, sailor. 
Orangjuwa khaldsi Javanese sailors. 

jJU- khdak, Ar. the Creator. jj)U- khalaik 

ij^ kheldt, Ah. a robe of honour. 

(_aU. khilap oversight, neglect; neglectful, de- 
void of thought. 

<)jiU khalkah, Ar. the rings or links of which 
coats of mail are formed. Baju rantei tang 
sinl-smi khalkah-nia a coat of mail composed of 
very fine links. 

iJti khalwal, Ar. a private apartment, place of 

<dAi khal/fah or khallpdh, Ar. a vicegerent, de- 
puty ; a caliph ; the title of certain petty chiefs 
in the southern part of Sumatra. 

<sUlJJ*- khelll-allah, Ar. the friend of God. Lima 
rdtus bujang khelil-allah five hundred young 
men, theophilists. Tbbat ibrdhlm kdU-allah the 
repentance of Abraham the friend of God. 

i kliamlr, Ar. leaven, any thing employed in 
producing fermentation. Tepong gundum tang 
ter-khamir leavened dough. 

j_;*4o. khamis, Ar. Thursday, the fifth day of the 

'•■■^ khensa, Ar. an hermaphrodite. (Vid. 
" jl^ pupak.) 

«cU- khanjar, Pers. a short weapon worn at the 

girdle. De unus-nia khanjar-nia Idlu de rum- 
pang-nia idong adenda he drew his weapon and 
deprived your sister of her nose. 

t^ ijiXii khanduri a funeral rite performed at the 
grave. Ber-buat khanduri s^ ari-s' drl to perform 
this ceremony daily. 

i^^ khojah, Pers. a man of distinction, a rich 
merchant ; an eunuch. 

JL^ kheidl, Ar. a phantom, spectre, apparition ; 
imagination, fancy. 

Jlp- kheidl'i, Ar. intoxicated (as with opium, 
" bang, or other drug), half-drunk. Intoxica- 
tion (to a certain degree). Seperti orang iang 
mendam kheidli like a person in a state of in- 
toxication. Gila mdbuk dan berdhi mendam 
kheidli att-nia fond to a degree of madness and 
intoxication. Be-rdsa kheidli to feel intoxica- 
tion. Kheiali-nia-pdnber-tambah4ambah he be* 
came more and more intoxicated. 

ij\J,. khidnat, Ar. perfidy, treason, disloyalty. 
Perfidious, disloyal. Ber-buat khidnat to com- 
mit an act of perfidy. Ada de-sini orang tang 
khidnat there are here some disloyal persons. 

5-a- kheirat, Ar. (from _o- Meir) good things or 
works, sacred buildings, charitable founda- 

j_ql.^ khilaf and t_aL^ kllap oversight, omission. 
To overlook, neglect. Bdrang kali khilaf dati 
lupa perhaps having overlooked and forgotten. 
Khilaf dan sasat oversights and errors. 

<U»>»- kheimah, Ar. a tent, pavilion ; a hut. Me- 
niuruh-kan orang mengend-kan kheimah ka-pada 
tampat iiu maka de bentang-kan orang-lah khei- 
mah iang warna paldngt ordered the men to 
pitch the tents on that spot, and they accord- 
ingly stretched the tents of various colours. 
Samod-nia berenti de kdki giinong dan ber-buat 
kheimah they all halted at the foot of the moun- 
tain and erected huts. Sampei-lah iya ha tam- 
pat kheimah he arrived at the camp. 

d the letter named Jl j dtd. 

t) de at, in, on. A particle used in the inflections 
of verbs, for the application of which see the j 
Grammar. De pV/<r< at the door. De pasar 
in the market-place. De lantei on the floor. 
De-slnl here. De-situ there. De-dalam with- 
in. De-luar without. 

jb diibar to beat, throb. (Vid. jj dabar.) 

\ jjI J ddbong to file the teeth. Gadls imig halum 
ber-dabong a girl whose teeth are notyet filed. 

j\j datar level. (Vid. cl:\j rata, of which it 
may be a corrupt inversion). Tanah datar 
flat, level country. 

^^fj de-dtas above, upon. (Vid. j rfe, and ^\ 
atas.) Kalo tidda de-dtas charl-nia de-bdwah if 
it is not above, seek for it below. De-dtas 
bumi upon the earth. 

tjb ddtang to come. Until, unto ; even unto. 
Deri-mdna tuan ddtang whence come you, sir ? 
Orang tang ddtang deri idu one who comes 
from the inland country. Se4elah It/a ddtang 
ka-pddang ttu when he had come to or reached 
the plain. Demtkian-lah ddtang ka-pada mati- 
nia thus he came by his death. Miisim ddtang 
the coming or ensuing season. Jeha adasin- 
jatd-mu datang-kan-lah ka-pada ku if you have 
weapons, cause them to come, or send them to 
me. Deri meghreb ddtang ka-misir from Bar- 
bary unto Egypt. Deii kechil ddtang besdr 
from youth unto manhood. Datang-kan buugd- 
nia dan daun-nia obis de mukan-nia even unto 
the flowers and leaves he ate all up. Ddtang 
utt-kah tudnku me-lial-kan iitak-nia ber-ambur-an 
pada bdtu can your highness have the heart to 
see its brains scattered on the stones ? Meng- 
tngat-kan orang king ^Jc\JJS ka-datdng-an bdjja 

127 ^ 

to give warning to a person of the approach of 

Jib ddtuk or y\d ddtu a nobleman, head of a 
tribe, feudal chief. The title is hereditary in 
the family, but the individual is the object 
of choice. In some places it seems to be 
rather a title of magistracy, and in this case 
the number is confined to four. Ddtu ka-dmpat 
suku the chiefs of the four tribes. Klta sarah- 
han bechdm ttu l-a-pada ddtu klta sultan tranggano 
we commit this affliir to our feudatory chief, 

the sultan of Tranggano. 
Jb ddll contribution, tribute ; feudal service. 

i^^b ddching or datching steelyards, scales, 
"weights. Ber-ddching Idda to weigh pepper. 
Ddchang tang betul well-adjusted scales. Md- 
ta ddckiirg the index or counterpoise of the 
steelyard. Ber-saldh-an mdta ddching mdsa 
timbang itu kamad'ian beta suruh timhang dangan 
nardcha the steelyards were out of order at the 
time of weighing : hereafter I shall give orders 
for weighing with scales. Ddching iang de 
bdwa kapUan itu besdr deri pada ddching iang 
kttapdkeide tranggano tiga-tiga katl ddlam sdtu 
pikul the weights which the captain brought 
were greater than those we make use of at 
Tranggano by three kalties in each pikul. Bdtu 
ddching weights. 

jb ddda the breast, pectus. Mendpuk ddda io 
smite the breast. • Anak punah ter-unjam de ddda 
raja itu the arrow stuck in the breast of the 
king. Jt/er matd-niaber<huchur-an-lah ka-dadd- 
nia her tears gushed forth (and fell) upon her 
breast. Lial ddulu isl-nia ddda look first into 
the contents of his breast (in chusing a friend). 

.jL> dddar flour prepared for pastry ; batter ; 

yb dddu, Port, (dados) dice. Ber-main dddu 
to play with dice. 

^jb dddl, Hind. ^^ milk; cheese. Dddl 
karbau buffalo-milk. Chiritdddl curd. 


j)j rfrtr, Ar. dwelling, habitation, mansion. 
*U1 Ji> dar al salam or daru 's'salam the 
mansion of safety or prosperity. 

j\j dara virgin, maiden. Mem-bdwa perampuan 
tang dura-ddra ampatpuhih orang brought forty 
females in their virgin state. Anak dura a vir- 
gin. Anak dura tang suchi a spotless virgin. 
Per-dard-an virginity. 

tl^lo durat land (as opposed to water), dry land, 
the shore. Ka-pada Idut dan durat men-chdri 
ontong to seek one's fortune by sea and land. 
Bhdru sampei de ddrat just landed or come on 
shore. Ndik ka-ddral, and tiirun ka-ddrat to 
land. Kdin tanun ddrat home-spun cloth. 
Pcn-ddrat a hawser. 

cjjb ddra-dang a damsel. (Vid. %J<ji daru- 

xjti ddrah blood. Buang ddrah to let blood. 
Menahdn-t ddrah to stop or staunch the blood. 
Ddrah long bakii coagulated blood. iMtnur- 
kan dangan ddrah to smear with blood. Ddrah- 
nia-pun mcng-dlir seperti dyer sungei his blood 
flowed like a rivulet. Urat ddrah a vein ; a 
blood-vessel. Mdkan ddrah to gratify revenge ; 
to seek the destruction of a person. 

^J\^ darei or derrei to sound, resound. Jdtuh 
be-derrei to fall with a noise. 

jj,^ ddsar pavement, floor. D.dsar pudlam a 
marble floor. 

J .\ \ ddsing a tingling noise in the ear. 

^^.-sb ddsun a plant of the garlick kind; escha- 

«_c1j ddngong a buzzing, monotonous noise. 
(Yid. i_cj dangong.) 

(_J1j depa a fathom. (Vid. t_ij dcpa.) 

jIj ddpat to get, find, get access to, attain, 
obtain, acquire, procure, procure the means 
of, contrive, effect, invent. May, can ; may 

128 b 

be, possible. Provided, if, in case. Fitting, 
suitable, proper. Charl-lah sampei ddpat search 
till you get or find. Pergi-lah lija mcn-dupat- 
kan tudn-nia he went to find his master. Dc 
ddpat-mia permtsurl itu he found, or got access 
to the queen. Balum sui/a ddpat argd-nia I 
have not yet obtained its value. Jj/a juga 
iang men-dapat-l-nia he it was who invented it. 
Ddpat-kah tuan meng-ubdl-t putri can you admi- 
nister medical aid to the princess ? Sungguh' 
lah ij/a anak rdja iang besdr maka ddpat iya 
merTgarja-kan iang de ka-andak-i-nia truly he 
must be some powerful prince to be able thus to 
effect whatever he desires. Ddpat de tangkap 
de jual-kan-nia if he be apprehended, let him 
be sold. Tidda ddpat tidda without fail ; it 
must be so. Iang tidda de c:.-otL.y per-ddpat 
iilih mdla orang who cannot be perceived by the 
eyes of men. Mdna se-ddpat-nia as well as he 
can. Bdrang se-ddpat-nia as much as can be, 
as many as possible. Se-ddpat-ddpat-kan with 
every possible effort. ci^ljoJ pen-ddpat ap- 
prehension, conception, opinion. Pada pen- 
ddpat kita according to my idea or opinion, as 
I conceive it. ^:JldcJ pen-ddpat-an acquisi- 
tion, property. Orang iang mem-biinoh nakho- 
dd-nia men-jddi pen-ddpat-an negri seamen who 
murder their master become the property of 
the country (where the vessel arrives). 

ilk) ddpur a kitchen, fire-place, oven. Tukang- 
ddpur or juru-ddpur a cook. 

cl/|j ddku me. (Vid. i^\ aku.) Idng menga- 
tau-i ddku who knoweth me. Sopd//a de ka- 
tau-i-nia akan ddku that it may be known to 
me. Jeka kau hri akan ddku zakat se-nischdi/a 
ku-bdyer akan dikau dtang-mu if thou wilt be- 
stow on me a share of the public contribution, 
I will certainly pay thee thy debt. Mdu-kah 
seti dewi akan ddku atau tidda doth Seti Dewi 
chuse to have me or not? 

(_i^lj ddkap to embrace, take in the arms. De 
ddkap-nia anak-nia dan de bawd-nia ka-pcr-mandi- 
an Bhe took her child in her arms and carried 


it to tlie bath. De ddkap-nia tslrhnia masuk 
ka-dulam per-adu-an he took his wife in his 
arras and retired to the chamber. Ber'ddkap- 
lah leher-nia embraced his neck. 

^j ddht and tlilj duki fouhiess of the skin. 
(Vid. |_^j duki.) 

j_^tj d(iki to climb, mount, ascend. (Vid- ^U 
nd'ik.) Mcn-ddki giiuong to ascend the hills. 

iuJlj ddgang a stranger, sojourner; a merchant 
or trader (distinguished from a native or resi- 
dent trader) who brings goods from foreign 
countries. Kama amba ini orang ddgang so- 
rang dlri amba duduk ddlam negrl orang ini 
for your servant is a stranger, dwelling (as it 
were) alone in the country of these people. 
Jihdsa orans' ddsrans the dialect or mixed lan- 
guage of trading people. Anak ddgang tang 
tndsuk ka-luar lang ddtang deri burat dan deri 
tlmor merchants arriving and departing, who 
come from the west and from the east. Ber- 
ddgang to arrive and trade at a place. ^oJ 
dagdng-an trade, merchandize, commodities. 
Jems-jam dagdng-an tang dc Idrang the sorts 
of goods that are prohibited. 

jJL* ddging flesh, (Vid. i^'^j daging.) 

•Jlj ddgu and i,^<'\,\ ddgu the chin. Ayer llor 
nia me-Uleh ka-dagu-nia Idlu turun ka-dadd-nia 
their slaver trickled to their chins, and from 
thence down to their breasts. 

Jb ddl the name of the letter j d. 

iu\\j ddlang a professional narrator of stories; an 
actor, player, histrio. Belonging to the stage. 
Idng amat bijaksdna ddhing Itu akan meng-lbur- 
knn dli urang tang men-dangar-kan dli/a well 
skilled was that narrator in the art of soothing 
the minds of his auditors. 

Jlj ddlam in; deep; depth. Ddlam rumah in 
a house. Ddlam dli in the heart Ddlam rim- 
ha in the woods. Kdin tang ddlam gadung ilu 
cloth in that warehouse. At/er ddlam deep 

tSSf. W 

water. Brdpa ddlam-nia what is the depth of 
it ? De-ddlam within. Tidda s' orang de-ddlam 
kola there is not a person within the fort. 
Ka-luar bdrang tang de-ddlam take out what- 
ever is within. 

J!j ddlam Jav. the court, royal residence. 
Courtly, belonging to the court. Bhdsa ddlant 
the court-language or dialect. Kampong dd- 
lam that quarter or district in which the court 
is situated. 

<sj\j ddleh reproach, blame, imputation. Tidda 
dangan bdrang ddleh irreproachable. 

^Ij ddmar resin, dammar. A torch or link. 
Ddmar bdtd the common sort of dammar so 
called from its being found under the tree from 
which it exsudes, in very large and hard 
lumps. Ddmar kruyen a soft kind (used 
equally with the other for the purposes of 
pitch). Ddmar sa kranjang one basket of 

'i_«b ddmang Jav. a governor. (Vid. «_acJ 

*.olj ddmam fever, ague. (Vid. ^^ durnmam.) 

_«b damei peace, concord, good understanding 
between individuals or states. Pulang-lah 
dangan ddmei return in peace; peace go with 
you. Kila dangan kompani wollanda sudah-lah 
ber-damei we and the Dutch Company have 
made peace. ^j-^JjS per-damei-an pacification, 
reconciliation, peace. Men-chdri per-damei-an 
to sue for reconciliation ; to seek peace. Pet' 
damei-an antdra rdja ka-dua itu a peace between 
those two kings. Per-damei-kan to reconcile. 

A,^ dan and. Kdya dan papa rich and poor. 
Ldut ddn Idngit sea and sky. De peluk dun de 
chium hugged and kissed. Dan Idgipula and 

aJu^j ddndam some kind of animal, perhaps the 
mole. Seperti dandam lidda ber-mdta like th& 
sightless mole. 




Jb ddnam a yoke. 

kl'b danau a large lake, a natural and perma- 
nent collection of water. Antara gunotig itu 
ada danau tang besar ter-lulu between those 
mountains there is a very extensive lake. 

jb duxca wire. (Vid. c-^\^ kawat.) Daxsa besl 
iron wire. (Dcma-ddwa filigree, in the Ta- 
CALA language). 

CJfjb dazcat, An. ink. (Vid. 4i>ljj dawat.) 

,>.b duzcud, An. and Heb. David. 

»^jb duilp a plant; bauhinia, L. 

^^jb rfaMM a leaf. Daun ijait a green leaf. 
Duun pisang the plantain leaf. Duun luroh 
fallen leaves. Daun gugur leaves untimely 
shed. Duun telinga the exterior ear, pinna. 

ij:>»jib dasal, Ar. astonishment, (Vid. t^ ^ jfC> 

yU^b dahak plilegm. 

^b dahem to hem (as in clearing the throat) ; 
to call to (a person by such an interjection). 
J^a ber-selindong ha-hCdik pinlu serta her-duhem 
he concealed himself behind the door, and 
gave a hem. Jekdlau s^orang ber-duhem-duhem 
atau ber-kula-kdta if a person should hem or 

^!jt duhan the small boughs or branches of 
trees, the spray. Pulut de polong dahan-nia 
its small branches should be pruned. Arimau 
duhan a species of tiger-cat. 

^b ddhi the forehead. Duhl ber-kunit a wrin- 
" kled forehead. Dah't-niu-pun sepcrii sa-iiri bu- 
lan her forehead was like the new moon. Rii- 
ma-ruma ddhi kuda pfitih the hairs on the fore- 
head of a white horse. 

j^b dd^a deceit, art, dissimulation, cunning, 
stratagem. Apd-tah ddya kita Idgi what fur- 
ther arts shall we employ? Ddi/a moskhat 
stratagems, machinations. Men<1uiri dai/a 

vpdi/a to devise schemes. Bagindorpun tiadd- 
lah ber-ddya Idgi rasd-^ia the king no longer 
dissembled his feelings. 

i^b ddya (known only in the following combi- 
nations). Bdrat-ddt/a south-west. Sddtanrddi/a 

isj\d dalrah, An. circuit, circumference; extent. 
District, jurisdiction, dominion, region, terri- 
tory. A circle. Dalrah negri the circumfer- 
ence or extent of the city. Ter-mdsuk dua 
kapal inggris de-ddlam dairah kdm'i two English 
ships entered a port within our dominion. 
Dalrah tdlok dependant provinces. Kitdb iang 
me-niatd-kan prl dalrah a book that explains 
the nature of the circle. Nidla zdl dairah Ini 
the properties of this circle are obvious. Upd- 
ma dalrah zdt allah tddla like to a circle is the 
nature of the Deity. 

^b ddi/ang a female attendant, damsel, maid 
of honour. Ddi/ang-ddj/ang tuan putri the 
attendants on the princess. Ddyang perwdra 
a governess, tutoress. Ter-ldlu chantik rupd- 
nia ddi/ang muda llu the young damsel was of 
an elegant form. De Iring-kan ddi/ang dangan 
sell the maids of honour and ladies of the bed- 
chamber followed. Maka ddyang-ddyang ilu- 
pun ter-sinnyum serdya ber-pdling-kan mukd-nia 
ka-bldkang the damsels thereupon smiled, and 
at the same time turned their faces the other 

j;jb ddyak Aboriginal inhabitants of the south- 
ern part of the island of Borneo, called also 

c^b ddyong and nJ\j ddyong an oar, a pad- 
dle. The pectoral fins of a fish. To row. 
Segala rdyat de suruh ber-ddyong ordered all 
tlie people to row. De ddyong prau-nia ka- 
luul they rowed their vessels to sea. Prdu 
ddyong-daydng-an a row boat, a galley. 

ifjbj de-bdwah below, under, beneath. (Vid. *.b 
bdwah.) Ada de-bdwah it is below. De-bdwali 

kaki beneath the feet. De-bawah angin lee- 

J J dabar and j\ti ddbar to beat, throb, palpitate. 
Bcr-dabar ati alarmed, troubled, confused, un- 
easy. Ali-nia ber-dabar his heart throljbed. 
Ber-dabar-lah durah dadu-nia the blood within 
their breasts (the pulse of their hearts) beat 
high. Ter-hajut dan ber-dabar rasa-nia they 
were surprised and their feelings were dis- 
concerted. Dabar-an palpitation, throbbing, 


J J dubur, An. podex. Nejis tang pada dubur 
segala benStang. 

i^l'J de-blahang behind, in the rear, backwards, 
after, afterwards, posterior in time or place. 
(Vid. jJib balakang.) Jeka apa-bila musuk 
datang den laut tj/orlah kompani akan de-muka 
kami-lah meng-lkut de-blukang istemlwa piila mu- 
suh datang deri ddrat kami-lah de-muka bahua 
kompani menolong sama-sdma if at any time the 
enemy shall approach from sea-ward, the Com- 
pany's force is to be in front, and we shall 
follow close in the rear ; but if the attack be 
fioni the land side, then we shall be in front, 
and the Company shall lend us assistance. 

jjj dabu dust. (Vid. <U luhth.) Dabu ber-bang- 
kit-lah ka-adara the dust rose into the air. Da- 
ba tepong the dust of meal, flour. 

ij^ debih or debbah to kill an animal for food. 

jjjj dabir^ Pebs. a writer, secretary ; notary. 

tXi^ de-tangah in the middle of, amidst, among ; 
mid-way. (Vid. aJjj tangah.) 

j_^j daching steelyards, scales. (Vid. ^js^b 

j^ deri from, of, among; than (in comparison). 
Deri miina from whence ? Deri gUnono- from 
the hills. Deri Ifiar from without. Deri-pada 
s^orang ka-pada s'drang from one man to ano- 
ther. Tampat iang lya ber-jdlan deri-pada-nia 

the place from whence he sets out. Deri-padd 
gong dan gandarang consisting of drums of 
various kinds. Deri-pada saka!i-an Isi dimya 
tni of, or, amongst all the inhabitants of this 
world. Sudtu Iang bdik deri-pada lain one 
which is better than the other. Deri bldkans 
matd-ku out of my sight; behind my back. 
De prang-nia deri-dtas kudd-nia he fouglit on 
liorseback, or from his horse. 

i^\j:i durdjah part of tlie female ornamental 

*^|;J dard-dang a damsel, maid. (Vid.^b ddrd 
and cj dang. Maka dard-dang bruk iang 
sambilan ikur itd-pun meniambah the nine young 
damsel-monkies thereupon made obeisance. 

_^j durja the countenance. Durja iang mdnis 
jdngan de muram-kan let not that sweet court- 
tenance become melancholy. Ber-pdling-lah 
durjd-nia averted his countenance. Chdi/a 
durja abang light of my countenance (expres. 
sion of fondness). 

i^Uyj darjdna, base, brutish, senseless, low- 
minded. Base actions, mean conduct. Kdrna 
iya anak darjana penidmun for he was the base- 
born son of a robber. Segala orang darjdna 
rupa meninggl-kan dirl-nia every low fellow 
sets up for consequence. Tidda ber-budl dan 
Idgi darjdna devoid of understanding and low- 
minded. Mdlu-ku deri-pada orang iang darjdna 
itu I blush for those senseless people. Ber- 
bdat darjdna dan durdka to commit a base and 
treacherous act. 

u:.^'^ jj darajat, Ar. steps of a staircase or ladder; 
degree of honour ; degree of a circle. (Vid. 
(.::,X« pangkat.) 

jjjjj dras rapid, violent (as fluids.) Ayer dras 
a rapid stream. Arus dras a strong, fresh, 
violent current. Vjan iang amat dras a violent 

*p durum to couch ; to bend the fore-legs, as 
certain beasts of burthen. Men-durum dirl-nia 
S 2 



st^erli St liga to couch like a Yiov, I^a iL<jjX^ 
me'n-durum-lah unta tlu he made his camel to 
kneel down. 

Mji derma, Hind. ^|J|" benevolence, charitable 
feeling, charitable gifts, alms. Jcka ada derma 
ampun kariimi/a dull tudn-hu if I may expe- 
rience from your majesty charity, pardon, and 
favour. Mem-brl derma to give charity. 

^j.Ujj dermuwun, Hind, tfj^c^ («^ charitable, 
benevolent, liberal, actively virtuous. Orang 
tang bijahuna lugi budimun serla datigan der- 
mawan a man who is discreet^ and wise, and 
charitable withal. 


darnl the threshold and lintel of a door-case. 

jji daru and *jjj 

darum to roar, make a loud 
noise (as waves of the sea). Men-daru dangan 
suaru-nia to roar, or make a loud noise w ith 
his voice. Ada-lah seperti timhak men-dam 
bunyl-nia the noise they made was like that of 
the roaring of the surf. Bunyi suara-nia men- 
darum'darum seperti gunong riintoh his vocife- 
ration produced a noise like the falling of a 

^..^derwish, Peus. a dervise, religious men- 

5'laijj duruhi traitorous, rebellious, treacherous,, 
perfidious. Disloyalty, rebellion, treachery. 
Laku lang durdka traitorous conduct. Orang 
tang duraka akan raja (or) ka-buwak dull traitors 
to their sovereign. Durdka pada allah re- 
bellious against God; apostates. Ka-pada 
guru-mujdngan durdka be not refractory with 
your spiritual guide 
full of disloyalty. 

Punnuh dangan durdka 

J^ J derham, An. money, specie, coin. A cer- 
tain piece of silver money said to weigh fifty 
grains of barley ; a drachma or drachm. Ambel 
afyun brat-nia ampat derham take of opium the 
weight of four drachms. 

j^s^ ui dalta^ Hind. \^ firm, constant. To 

endure, sustain, bear, suffer, remain firm. Men- 
derlla ka-saklt-an to endure sickness. Payah- 
nia tidda ter-derila Idgi he was so worn down 
that he could no longer support himself. Tiadd- 
lah men-derlta Idgi bdniak mati-nia they could 
no longer bear the loss of so many of their 
people slain. Dan men-derila-Iah iija ter-ldlu 
brat sedang ii/a ber-dnak and she suffered most 
severely in child-birth. 

i_j .J dirlng to jingle. 

calamus dalcis ; 


aeorus calamus 

verus, L. 

. .J durtan a rich fruit much prized by the 
natives, but to which the European palate does 
not readily accommodate itself; duno zibe- 
thinus, L. It takes its name from its prickly 
coat. (Vid. t^jO dixri.) 

iJ^J de-sdna there, yonder. (Vid. A^ sana.) 

c -«Ji3 de-sabrang over, on the other side of. 
(Vid. c -wj sahrang.) 

c:,-^j dusta, Hind. ^^ false, untrue. Kdla- 
kdta tang dusta false sayings or assertions. 
Saksi dusta a false witness. t::,^ J '—'j 5~* 
a forgery. Ber-diista to tell an untruth. Ha- 
rum ber-dusta jekalau sed/kit sa kali-pun it is for- 
bidden to assert what is untrue even in the 
slightest degree. 

' .^\ destar and detar, Peus. j^^i the cloth or 
kerchief worn on the head, which the Malays 
adjust in a peculiar manner. Mem-balk-i destar 
to adjust tlie turband or head-cloth. Ber-destar 
paldiigi having turbands of various colours. 
Ganja de kdrang g'da akan destar the fools 
formed hemp into turbands. 

J de-sUu there. (Vid. i 


Uj dbd, An. prayer, invocation; benediction. 
Sudah-lah mdkan mem-bdcha did having dined 
they read prayers. Meng-uchap dbd datfgan 
m^ng-ddap hdkt Scrla mmlik ha-lmgit dan 

^d 133 

tneng'Onglal'kan hi-dua tangan to utter a prayer 
with tlie face turned towards the holy place, 
the eyes directed towards heaven, and both 
hands lifted up. Ber-dba to pray. Minta doa 
to invoke ; imprecate. Meminta dba alan 
hondd-nia invoked a blessing on his mother. 
Meminla dbd ka-pada alhih to beseech God. 
Lrdu iya mtnta dba pada dewdla it/d tudn-ku 
hau paliard-kan kird-nia suddra amba-mu mi he 
then prayed to the celestial beings, O my lords, 
preserve, I beseech you, this your servant, my 
brother ! 

\jc^ and i_y.£j duwa, Ar. a law-suit. Ber-ddwa 
to litigate ; to wrangle. Jeka ada orang ber- 
kaldl banlah atau ber-ddwa ddlam pakan if per- 
sons fight, quarrel, or dispute in the market- 
place. Jekalau diyd-nia andak Ij^j^vo men- 
ddwa kila if these people should be disposed to 
bring an action against us. c:j^j ddwat sum- 
mons, writ ; suit. 

cj dang a damsel, female attendant. (Perhaps 
a contraction of jjl j ddyang.) Ddra-dang a 
De-ulas ribu-an dans: itu on 

damsel, virgin, 
the damsel's lap. 

^j dangar to hear; to listen, hearken, attend 
to. Dangar-kah ulih-mu dost thou hear ? Tuan 
dangar sudtu cherita listen, sir, to a story. 
Men-daifgar or JL^ menangar bunyl-an to hear 
a sound. Demi menarfgar-lah ii/a as soon as 
he heard. ^jcJ pen-dan gar and^^ penangar 
hearing, the faculty or sense. ^f--^ ^"«- 
dangar-an what is heard. Tidda-lah upa lang 
ha-dangar-an dan ka-liat-an there was nothing 
either heard or seen. Perluhan-perldhan se- 
kadar ka-dangar-an pada diri-niajUa very softly, 
or about so low as to be heard by yourself 
only (in praying). 

i_c,j datigong and 'i_c^ j dungong a sonorous and 
monotonous noise ; the humming of beetles or 
bees ; the whistling of wind ; a buzzing or 
singing in the ear; an echo. Kumbang bcr- 
dangong-lah the large bees hummed. Ber- 
dangongluli tamblrang the rigging of the ves- 

Bel sounded by the action of the wind, or, the 
wind whistled amongst the rigging. Bcr-kisdr- 
an-lah jnntard-nia ber-dangong-dungong bunyl- 
nia the wheels in revolving produced a creak- 
ing noise. Segala anggas tang bcr-dangong 
suard-nid seperli perapeli every bird that makes 
a monotonous noise, as the pigeon. 

ilcj dangkur or danggur to snore; snoring. 
Dangkur-nia seperti gUruh his snoring resem- 
bled thunder. 

Jjlcj dangkal shallow, 
water ; a ford. 

Ai/er dangkal shallow 




envy ; envious ; to envy. Ada 
" s'brang maniri ruja dangki ka-pada brang itu 
one of the king's ministers was envious of this 
man. Segala brang daifgki-lah akan dlya all 
the people envied him. Tiuda ij/a ber-uti 
dangki pada brang ddlam negrt ilu he conceived 
no envious feeling towards the people of that 
country, .t^'i^ ka-dangki-an envy. 

1^ dangan with; and. Dangan suka-dti with 
pleasure. De prang-nia dangan sinjatd-nia he 
fought with his weapons. Ber-udu dangan 
bini-nia to repose with his wife. Ber-temu 
dangan d'li/a to meet with him. 3Ieng-gardk' 
kan jdrl dangan tiuda meng-gardk lapak tangan 
to move the fingers without moving the palm 
of the hand. Serta dangan together with, 
along with. Dangan sungguh-nia truly, in 
earnest. Dangan tad-i 
wittingly. Dangan gdgah by force 

with his knowledge, 


j dqftar, Ar. and Pebs. a register, inventory, 
list, indent, invoice. Buniak brang seperti de- 
ddlam daftar beta many persons as (enumerat- 
ed) in my list. Daftar arta an inventory, of 

, % \ depa and uJ.lj ddpa a fathom, the measure 
of a man's arms extended. Panjang-nia am- 
pal depa its length is four fathoms. 

^■\jj dtipaii, JAV.,the chief of a dusun or village 

in the southern districts of Sumatra. (Vid. 
Ci>lsj\ adapati.) 

l^^diksaml, Hind. <i^}yU| the south. (Vid. 

jl«> salatan.) 

C/ii duha and cL<^j </i?/-a, Hind. ^:?^ pain 
or uneasiness of mind, sadness. Sad, grieved, 
melancholy. It usually forms a compound 
word with l::,^- chila. Metiuruh duka-chita 
to feel sadness. ' Maka segala king iwgg(d ilu- 
pUn duka-chita atl-nia make segala tang pergi 
samoa-nia suka-chita atl-nia and the hearts of 
all those who remained were sad, and the 
hearts of those who departed were every one 
of them merry. Kambali daiigan duka-chita- 
nia returned in sadness. ^J^li^ kordukd-an 
sorrow, affliction, grief. 

e^ J dekat near, nigh, nigh to. Lulu lya duduk 
dckat perampuan Itu he then seated himself 
near the woman. Jiing jauh dan tang dekat 
those who are far and those who are near. 
Dekat ka-pada ganong nigh to the mountains. 
Sdnak-sudam-nia tang dekat his near relations. 
Ber-dekal-lah ij/a orang Hit he drew near to 
that person. 

CL-s/"^ duka<hita, Hind, ^'t'^p^ff g"ef, 
sadness. (Vid. CJj duka.) 

^j daki or iJJ]^ daki foulness of the skin, 
' scurf, dandruff, cuticular secretion. Daki tang 
lUroh dcri-pada tuboh-nia the scurf that lulls 
from his body. Daki miita matter secreted 
from the eye. Daki iang de-btmah kieku dirt 
under tlie nails. Meng-llang-kan daki deri-pada 
idong dan lubang telingd-nia dan deri-pada se- 
gala badan-nia to remove the foulness from his 
nose, and from his ears, and from every part 
of the body. 

^I'/j dagdng-an merchandise. (Vid. '^\d 

tjfj daging and ij^j daging flesh. Mukan 
daging kambing to eat goats' flesh. Daging 

manlah raw flesh. Daging kanching the muscle. 
Ndma daging the original name (given to a 
child at its birth, as distinguished from the 
^i galar or titular name). 

J J dil? a game at which a ball is struck with a 
kind of bat. De pukul-nia dangan kuj/ii pemS- 
kul buah dil he struck the ball with the wooden 

Jo duli dust. (Vid. ^Jj dull.) 

^^ J delupan, ^^.0 ddlupan, and ^ILo saldpan 
eight. Deldpan-blas eighteen. DeldpanpHluh 

jjlii de-ldar out, without, on the outside. (Vid. 
J liiar.) 

U duli and Jj duli, Hind. 2"'fc^ dust. Dull' 
puti ber-bangkit-lah ka-adara the dust rose into 
the air. Dull itu-pun ilang-lah the dust then 
subsided. Meniapu duli deri-pada ddda to wipe 
the dust from the breast. Ldlu iya dbis men' 
jddi dull he became changed to dust (he died). 

Jj dull and J.o ddli majesty, royalty. The 
* throne. The monarch. 31eng-ddap dull to 
appear in the royal presence. Pe-karjd-an dull 
iang mahd-mulid the business of tlie sublime 
throne. Ka-bdwah dull at the foot of the 
throne. Se-benar-nia-lah Utah dull tudn-ku true 
is the saying of your royal majesty. Serta lya 
men-junjong dull baginda ka-dda ber-ganti-ganti 
and he supported alternately the two royal 

^ J delli the name of a place in the north-eastern 
" part of Sumatra. 

JJj dalil, Ar. proof, demonstration, argument ; 
indication ; direction, guide. Asap dalil dpi 
smoke is a proof or indication of fire. Men- 
dalil-kan to demonstrate, prove by argument. 

Jj dallma the pomegranate, punica grana- 
tum. Buah dallma itu jdngan de makan eat 
not of the fruit of that pomegranate. Anggdr 

dalhna dm khorma grapes, pomegranates, and 

* J dtmi by ; as soon as, upon, after that. Demi 

allah demi rasul allah by God, by the prophet 
of God. Se-sungguh-iiia demi nidwa aj/anda 
tni truly, by the life of this thy father. Demi 
sampei ka-astuna as soon as he reached, or, 
upon his reaching the palace. Demi d6 Hat 
ulih baginda so soon as the king perceived. 

(JJL^ii dompak or ^J:..^a.«J dompat against, over-- 

j dumba, Pers. a sheep. 

(Vid. ^uSr^ ^''''" 

AkVoJ damdam malevolence, malice, grudge. 
Mendruh damdam to bear malice. 

j_«a daman g, Jav. a governour, the appointed 
chief of a district. 


demap gluttony. Pen-demap a glutton. 

Merirdemap to gluttonise. 

ct^e J dompat opposite to, over against. 
j_^j dompak.) 


X<0 dampar wrecked, cast away ; stranded. To 
run a vessel on shore. Ter-dampar pada gosong 
stranded on a shoal. Tdkut lya akanl^ jj" ^^ 
bias ter-dampar they were apprehensive of being 
wrecked. Bangkei gdjah dan kiida de dampar- 
kan umbak ka-pada kuki kota the carcases of 
elephants and horses were cast on shore, by 
the surge, at the foot of the castle. 

i_L<j damping near, nigh to, at hand, proxi- 
mate; near in relationship. Kotikd-nia dam- 
ping the time of it is nigh. Kulawarga tang 

■ damping near relations. Laki-ldki itu ber- 
damping dangan kumi that man is nearly rela- 
ted to me. Pen-damping-damping kinsfolk, 
connexions, near neighbours. Men-damping- 
kan dirl-nia to approach, draw near, approx- 
imate themselves. 

".fj^^ damping a song in alternate strains, a love- 

against, opposite to. To run against, to en- 
gage (as armies), to be in opposition to. Ber- 
dompak dangan dinding against the wall. Jlpa- 
blla ber-dompak-lah pe-prdng-an when the battle 
was joined. Ber-dompak sefat sudlu dangan 
sefat lain one quality is in opposition to the 
other. Seperti updma ber-dompak bdtu dangan 
besi niaka terbit deri-pada-)iia dpi as upon the 
collision of stone and iron fire is produced. 
Ddduk ber-dompat-dompat to sit opposite to each 
other, face to face (and also, according to the 
practice of the Menangkdbau people in their 
public assemblies), back to back. 


^*CoJ demikian thus, so, in such 

Jekalau demikian ddat-nia if thus it be customa- 
ry. Mengdpa demikian kdta ctdenda why does 
my sister, or my love, say so ? Jekalau tiuda 
demikian bdkan-lali aku anak Jang ilmu if it 
prove not so, I am not a wise child. Demi- 
klan. tni thus, in this manner. Demikian Hit 

so, in that manner, 
manner, thus still. 

Dejnikictn jdga in like 

j^^dummam a fever, ague. Dnmmampdnas the 
hot fit. Dummam ditfgin the cold fit. Jeka 
ka-luar ij/a deri-pada mesejidkdrna dummam long 
sedikit if he leave the mosque by reason of a 
small degree of fever. Dummam kdra fever 
aiising from an obstruction of the spleen. 

C/j/cO de-mUka in fi-ont, before. (Vid. C/V*, 

jjj denda, Hind- ^^ a fine, penalty, mulct. 
To fine, mulct. Mem-bdi/er denda to paj a 
fine. Kena denda to incur a penalty. Denda 
ganda a double fine. Orang itu de daida lima- 
bias real that man was fined fifteen dollars. 
Bdrang sidpa memukei itu denda mdti wlioever 
shall (presume to) wear that colour (yellow), 
incurs the penalty of deatli. 

c jjj dendang and iJcjO dendang to sing aloud , 
and jocundly; to rejoice. 

c ouj dimlang a bird of prey (kite or vulture) ; a 

sea-bird. Apa de kuta dindang Udkala ii/a her- 
sudra wliat said this bird when he spoke ? 
(alluding to some popular tale). Burong tang 
ier-sebut namii-nia ddlam korun it/a^itu dindang 
the bird wliose name is mentioned in the koran 
is the dindang. 

^jjj dindbig and '^ jjj dindlng the side or wall 
of a liouse or apartment, a partition of any 
kind, a screen. Slices of buflFalo-flesh pre- 
served (for sea-voyages) by drying in the sun. 
Dinding runuth itu kaj/u jSli samod-7iia all the 
walls of the house were of teak-wood. Jckalau 
tiuda her-dinding anlard-nia if there is no parti- 
tion between them. Maka rajd-piin ka-luarderi 
balik dinding and the king came forlli from 
behind the partition. Bcr-dinding to adjoin. 
Ter-dinding zat dangan segala sefat dan ter- 
dinding scgahi sefal itu dangan segala isma the 
essence is in union with all the qualities, and 
all these, with the appellation; (metaphysical 

aJuJ dendam to desire, expect with desire, long 
for. Desire, longing. Dendam ber-femu to 
desire or long to meet. Angkau sdngat-lah 
dendam akan anak islrl-mu thou dost long ex- 
ceedingly for (the society of) thy wife and chil- 
dren. Dendam-ku tidak ter-tahdn-i my desires 
cannot be repressed. Rindu dendam longing 
desire, pining for. Sdngai rindu dendam akan 
ei/anda dan bondd-nia pining extremely for his 
father and mother; mother-sick. Rindu den- 
dam sdngat akan riimah bapd-nia pining for his 
father's house ; home-sick. 

*j>jj dandam an animal. (Vid. aJijIj ddndam.) 

^J dandan and ^^Ijjj dandnn ornaments ; pa- 
raphernalia. Meng-dtor-kan rambut daifgan 
dandan to adjust the hair with ornaments. 
Dandd7i-an ahncan ornaments of the prow or 
stem of a vessel. 

^jjj dindl or LSjy^i^^^ dindi-muri a musical 


instrument. Maka ii/d-pTin memelik dindi-nia 
he then played upon his instrument. 

j_>Jk3j dinding a wall, partition. (Vid. tjjj 

t^l^O din^dri break of day. (Vid. Jj dim.) 

ijti dini dawn. Ditidri or dini-drl break of day, 
day-break. Pada koUka din'drl di/am-pun her- 
kukiik at the moment of day-break the cock 

Lo dunyd, Ar. the world, the terrestrial world. 
Arta dunijd the goods of the world. Najsu 
dunyd worldly desires. Dunyd Ini kalam kahid- 
lah rupd-nia this world has a dark and gloomy 
aspect. Turun ka-ddlam dunyd to descend into 
the terrestrial world. Ddlam dunyd dan akhirat 
in this world and the next. 

y dda two. Dua bias twelve. Ditapdluh twen- 
ty. Dua rdtus two hundred. Dua tiga two 
or three. Dua per-llgn two thirds or two parts 
out of three. Sa-per-dua one half, a moietv. 
Ka-dua the second. Ka-dud-nia both, both of 
them. Ka-dud-nia memdkei dua sa-rupa they 
were both dressed alike. J\j^i^ mcn-dud-l to 

Luljj dawdt, An. ink. Daicdt dan kalam ink 
and pen. Bakas dazedt and tampat dawdt an 
ink-holder. Dawdt selan the marking nut or 
Malacca bean. 

j\yi dawar, Ae. a windlass. 

o-y ddla an officer of state. Sidpa tang jddi 
raja dula dan sidpa padutd-nia dan sidpa mala- 
matd-nia dan sidpa men^jddi kapit-nia a sentence 
including the titles of various officers. 

jjjj duduk to sit, sit down ; to settle, reside, 
Ka-dud-nia duduk de-slsi they sat down close to 
each other. Slla-kan-lah duduk please to be 
seated. Ddduk de lantci to sit on the floor. 
Ddduk ber-sllah to sit with the legs crossed. 
Ddduk ber-janlei to sit with the legs hanging 
down (from a high seat, which is esteemed a 

j'i 137 

disrespectful posture). Dudulc Ipoh to sit with 
both legs on one side, or on the haunch. Dii- 
duk me-rang/cung to sit squatting (resting on 
the calves of the legs). Duduk l/pat liitut to 
sit on the heels. Kunak-kcinak tang hhdru tau 
duduk a child who has just learned to sit down. 
Prau Itu lekat duduk de panlei the vessel sticks 
fast on the beach (is stranded). S'orang duduk 
de kwala s'brang de mudik one is settled at the 
mouth of the river, and one up the country. 
Iting ada sakarang tiiiggal duduk de negri pa- 
dang who now reside in the countiy of Padang. 
Kami duduk-kan-lah ii/a pada satu riimah tang 
bdik we shall settle him in a good house. Ki- 
ta duduk-kan orang muda Uu dangan anak k'lta 
we shall settle or establish that young man 
with our daughter. Duduk-lah prut-nia she 
has arrived at a certain period of gestation. 
^^jti^:^ ka-duduk-an places of residence, seats, 
establishments ; change in the position of the 
foetus ; bearing-down. 

JjjO dodol sweetmeats. (Vid. , ^ , --^^ mants-an.) 

cjjj dorong to rush, push on. 

^ .jj duri a thorn, spine, prickle. Ada duri de 
kak'i amba there is a thorn in my foot. Duduk 
de-dalam duri to sit amongst thorns. Puhn 
kayu ber'duri a thorny tree. Duii landak por- 
cupine quills, ^ji (0 duri-an a fruit (so called 
from its prickly coat), durio zibcthinus, L. 

I1.4J duria striped muslin. 

j^jO dosa, Hind, i^^ sin, crime, guilt, of- 
fence. Suatu-piin tiada dosa bonda-ku my mo- 
ther is guitless of any crime. Dosa-mu ter-lalu 
besdr korpada-ku thy offences towards me are 
very great. Sopdt/a dosd-mu aku ampun in 
order that I may pardon thy offences. Ampun- 
i4ah dvsa sdlah babal-ku pardon the offences of 
my ignorance. Jekalau ada dosa-mu seperti 
karsik de bumi although thy offences be in 
number like the gravel of the earth. Bd- 
rang dosa-mu kami-lah menanggong diya pada 
uri kiuniat whatever may be thy guilt, we 

shall take it upon ourselves at the day of 

^jiiLjjJ dusanak a relation, connexion by blood. 
(Vid. j_pL sdnak.) Dusanak kandong rela- 
tions by the same venter, or the mother's side. 
Bukan-nia suddra bukan-nia dusdnak-ku they 
are neither my brethren nor near relations. 

^jj dusun a village or country town, the chief 
magistrate of which is called jjGj dupdii; it is 
usually situated in a place difficult of access, 
and thickly enclosed with trees. Ber-koliling 
negri dan dusun to perambulate the towns and 
villages. Sunyi-lah dusun itu the village was 
lonesome (depopulated). Ddlam rtmba itu ada 
sorbuah dusun in that forest there is a village. 
Orang dusun villagers, country people, origi- 
nal inhabitants (as distinguished from the inha- 
bitants of towns on the coast). 

(_jjj dupa, Hind. ^TJ" a perfume, odour ; a com- 
position, in which kalambak or agila wood, and 
benzoin, are the principal ingredients. Bad- 
ilia dupa it has a perfumed smell. j^'lsjJ pc- 
dupd-an a censer. 

tljlj duka. Hind. 2':?3^ sadness. 

(Vid. ex> 

jjl^jO dokdna unchaste, lascivious; obscene. 

i_^.j dukong to take up, bear, carry (on the 
back or under the arm). Tatkdla men-dukong 
anak-nia at the time she was carrying her child. 
De dukong de ndik-kan ka-dtas gdjah took her 
up and mounted her upon an elephant. Maka 
iya-pun tidor-lah pada ^SjJ dukung-an hand' 
man she fell asleep whilst Hanuman carried 

^yi dukun and f^St^ dukun, Jav. a physician, 
doctor ; midwife ; one who has the care of a 
lunatic. Kalo dukun-nia tang de lukd-nia 
orang gila if it be his keeper whom the in- 
sane person has wounded. Dukun darah a 

j^ J duhu a species of fruit, being a variety of the 


^.j and i.^,j du](oh a grove. Part of tlie fe- 
male ornamental dress. GaJang amas dan du- 
koh amas golden arm-rings and other golden 
ornaments. Ber-dukoh s'url bulun crescents. 


J diiga 

a plummet; sounding-lead. (Vid. 
<j/<! luga.) Batii duga dan tali duga the lead 
(or stone) for sounding, and the line. 

Jjj dull majesty. (Vid. ^Jj dull.) 

^^_jj didupan eight. (Vid. ^^j delajmi.) 

iJ.j di'dang a round stand for holding victuals, 
of a height adapted to persons sitting on the 
floor ; upon this is placed the Jli' tulam salver 
or tray, containing several small dislies or 
cups. Drdang-dulang the cross-trees of a 
ship's mast. 

J3jj daulat. An. prosperity, welfare, happiness, 
blessing, fortune, wealth. Excellent! hail! 
Prosperous, fortunate, sacred, august. It is 
applied as a title or epithet to all the branches 
of the sultan of Menangkuhau' s family. Sa- 
moa-nia meniamhah baghida itu scrta katd-nia 
daulat id tudn-hu shah dlam bdrang de kakal-kan 
lapd-lah kud-ma they all made their obeisance 
to the monarch, saying, hail! O king of the 
world, may thy reign be eternal. Kama dull 
shclh dlam rdja Jang ber-datdat for your majesty, 
king of the world, is a monarch blessed with 

]38 ' 1^'^ 

ts,^«j!(j duhsat and ItAii dahshat, An. astonish' 
ment, amazement, terror. Astonished, stupi- 
fied, confounded. Mem-brl daksat segala lang 
pendkut to cause amazement to all the timo- 
rous. Dahsat ij/a me-Ual ka-laku-an palaicdn 
they were astonished to behold the exploits of 
the warriors. Samod-nia tdkut dan daksal all 
were terrified and confounded. 

Jjij daiilu former, preceding; old, ancient. 
Formerly; first, in the first place, before; as 
vet, yet awhile. Ilu-lah iang daidu that was 
the first, or preceded. Bhdsa orang daiilu the 
ancient language, or of people in former times. 
Dardu kdla formerly, anciently. Daidu bdik 
sakdrang huruk formerly good, now bad. Idng 
ber-jdhin daidu who marched first or before. 
Sudah ter-surat deri daidu it is predestined, or 
written in the book of fate. Balk-lah tiian ber- 
ddu daidu you had better take repose for the 
present. Jungan pergi daiilu do not go as 
yet, or for awhile. De dauld-kanrnia rdi/at-nia 
he preceded or was at the head of his people. 
Balk-lah aku de daulu-i bcr-kdta I shall do well 
to have the first word. Ber-ldri-lah musing- 
mdsing anduk ^j!ysjy ber-dauld-an ran, each 
of them striving to be first. 

^J^J dhina common, mean. (Vid. ^j dlna.) 


du^oiig a very large sea-animal of the 
of mammalia, vulgai-ly called the sea- 
cow, and by naturalists, the dugoiig (from the 
Malayan word) which has given occasion to 
the stories of mermaids in the tropical seas. 

i^li,^ dhuga thirst; thirsty. Puwas dhdga to 
quench the thirst. Sangat-lah lapar dan dlidga 
__. very hungry and thirsty. 

'^iljjbj de-addp-an in presence of, before. 
t_j jU a dap.) 


^j dit/a him, her, it, them. (Vid. ^1 ii/a.) 
Jya churl menangkap diya he is seeking to lay 
hold of him. Bdrang sidpa iang me-lald-l dii/a 
whosoever passes it. ^j^.o di-urang they, 
them, those persons. Dij/a-pBnia his. Di- 
brang piinia theirs. Istrl amba-mu de dii/a-kan- 
nia he took to himself thy servant's wife. 

^Ji\lJ di-dias above, upon. (Vid.^b de-dtas.) 

i(joj d'ideh to boil (water) gently, to seethe; to 
simmer ; to ferment. Mcn-dideh segala blsa to 
seethe together all sorts of poisons. 

J J diri and ^jj_^ diri to stand up, be erect. To 
consist with. To erect, set up, establish. Ber- 
diri atau diiduk to stand or sit. Ber-diri ddlam 

uyer to stand in the water. Her dm helul to 
stand up straight. Ka-dud-iiia itu-^un sama bcr- 
diri ali-nia their hearts then became mutually 
enflamed. Bhusa iang ber-dm dwfgan zat tang 
fnahu-ihiggi language that is consistent with 
the most exalted character. Jltmi ka-raja-an 
sudah ter-diri the ro_yal standard was erected. 
Men-dirt-kan bdtu to set up a stone. 

^ J J diris to sprinkle, to water (as plants), to 
pour ; inject. Ter-dirk dangan ai/tr umbun 
sprinkled with dew. Men-dtris-kan dangan 
ai/er tang suchi to sprinkle with unpolluted 
water. Men-diris-kan aj/er angat ku-citas ka- 
pdla to pour warm water on the head (injures 
the sight). Kulam ayer akan men-dlris tanani' 
landm-an a pool of water for watering the 
plants. De jadi-kan-7iia indnusla deri-pada djjer 
iang de dlris-kan-nia ka-dulam rafiim he made 
man fiom a drop of water injected into the 

^ <0 rfiriand ij diri self; the individual. You, 
ye, thou. Mengapa tuan amba me-laku-kan 
dlri titan amba demikian mi why docs my lord 
conduct himself (his self) in this manner ? Ber- 
idup s'orang din to live by one's self, or in 
solitude. Diri-mu thyself. Dirl-ku myself 
Dirl-nia himself Ber-amborkan diri-mH sub- 
mit thyself Apa khabar diri bdwa what news 
dost thou bring ? Demikian ki'da diri thus say 
ye. Kt'irna diri kiia-pTin sudtdi tuah because we 
are (our person is) gi-own old. Bdrang siupa 
menganal ^i^^jii dirl-nia whoever knows himself 
Bab pada meniald-kan ddlang diri-kita deri-pada 
alluh dan kandmli-nia-pun ka-padd-nia chapter 
explaining that our nature is derived from 
God, and returns to him. 

^_jj desa, Hind. "^^ region, district, territory. 
Village, country town. Segtda sungei ddsun 
dan desa every river, inland town and village. 
Sakalian negri dan desa besar dan keehil every 
city and town, great and small. Meng-alah- 
kan desa-desa over-ran the country. Segala 
rajorrdja lung ber-dcsa kambdt-laJt ka-desd-nia 

135 ^^ 

each of the princes who was possessed of a 
territory, returned to his own country. 

^j dlngin cold. At/er dingin cold water. 

Mdhm-lah sejtik dan dingin the night was chill 
and cold. Kras dingin severe cold. Mmim 
dingin the cold season. Pada tndsa dingin 
at a cold period. Gomitar-lah segala tuboh-nia 
sepcrli orang iang ka-dingin-an their whole 
frames trembled like persons suffering from 
cold. Abis-lah bdsah dan ka-dingin-an all over 
wet and cold. Ddun se-dingin a plant the 
leaf of which is supposed to possess the pro- 
perty of cooling water ; cotyledon laciniata, L. 
also named chdkar bebek duck's claw. 

^0 dikir and Gjoj pendikir an officer of state. 
S^ orang dikir de kdnan baginda memegang pe- 
dang ber-ulu mutidra one oflicer at the right 
hand of the sovereign held a sword with a hilt 
of pearl. De iring-kan ulih dikir ka-dmpat 
followed by four officers of state. 

yoj dikau thou, thee; you, ye. Apabila de tanid-l 
orang akan dikau id muhammed when people 
inquire of thee, O Mahomet ! Tidda de am- 
pdn allali akan dikau God will not pardon 

^ J diam to be silent ; to remain quiet ; to stop, 
cease ; to dwell. Diam-lah diri-nia menangar 
katd-nin she became silent (in order) to hear 
his words. Tau-lah i'ya akan arti-nia raja dlani 
itu he knew the meaning of the king's being 
silent. Tidda-lali iya mdu diam. Idgi she will 
not be appeased, or cease to lament. Tidda 
Idma ^-ebji^ ka-didm-an-nia their quiet is not 
of long continuance. Tampat ka-didm-an orang' 
an inhabited place, tlie site of habitations. 

jj dian a candle ; some kind of fire-work used 
in war; rockets. Kdki dian a candlestick. 
Ada iang me-lontar-kan dian some of them threw 
(or fired) rockets. 

^^j din, Ah. faith, religion. Amir ed-din com- 
mander of the faitliful. 
T 2 

^^ 140 

J J dina and -aj dfiina common, mean, of low 
birth and manners; diminutive. Hina dan 
dina the mean and low. J^am dina a small 
breed of fowls. 

^iJJ dinah trial, experiment ; plan, model. Buat 
dinah to make an experiment ; to form a mo- 
del (previously to executing a work). Burong 
dinah a decoy-bird. 

Jijj dinar and^o dinar, An. a piece of money ; a 
gold coin equal in value to a Venetian ducat. 


jjj dewa, Hind, ^q* deities of the Hindu my- 
thology residing in surga heaven or the region 
of Indra ; beings of an order superiour to the 
human race, whose attributes are usually be- 
nificent -, good genii. Tiuda pernah manusia 
datang kamari melutnJcan des>a tang saJcti jua 
never did a human creature approach this 
place, but those beings alone who possess su- 
pernatural powers, ^^j dewi a female dewa ; 
a goddess. TjjJ dewa-dewa judges, judiciary 
officers. Segala riija-raja dan dewordewa dan 
per-mantri all the princes, and heads of tri- 
bunals, and ministers of state. 

ci.;)jjj dewata, Hind. ^rfT ^ t^""™ likewise 
applied to the above celestial beings, but with 
this distinction, that the appellation of dewa 
belongs to their personal nature, and dewdta 
to their divine character, and accordingly the 
invocations and prayers (at least in Malayan 
poetry) are always addressed to them under 
the latter name. Meminta ampun l:a-pada de- 
xDcita to ask pardon of the divinities. S'orang- 
pUn tang de jadi-kan dewata tiada lebih gdgah 
deri'pada-nia not one man created by the di- 
vinities was more powerful than he. Betdpa- 
kah budi bechcira kila sudaMah dangan ka-dndak 
dcwuta of what avail is our wisdom ? The com- 
pletion depends upon the will of the deities. 
Manuk dewata the bird of paradise (in the lan- 
guage of the Molucca islands, being by the 
Malays more usually termed burong supan or 
the elegant bird). 

, Jjjj dewasa, Hind, f^q^ period, age, 
time. Dewasa ler-tantu a set time. Pada 
mdsa dewasa itu at that period of time. Da- 
tang-ldh pada dewasa akan ber-dnak arrived at 
the full period of gestation. 

Jl»jj diwdla, Pers. a wall. Meng-ddap ka-pada 
dlwula atau dinding to turn the face (in prayer) 
to the wall or partition. 

cl^U-'J dewangga tapestry ; embroidery. Tirei 
dewangga or tirei kalambu deri-pada dewangga 
curtains of tapestry. Putah dewdnggah ta- 
pestry figures. Panji-panji deri-pada sulra de- 
wangga iang ka-amds-an flags of silk embroider- 
ed with gold. 

i_S^J dewi, Hind. <; q'] the feminine of j;p 
dewa, a female deity or goddess (of the Hindu 

i z (hard) the letter named Jl j zal or dzdl. 

cjI j zcit, Ar. essence, substance, person ; sect, 
caste. Ziit-nia tidak ri/pa warnd-nia tidak he 
has no personal existence, nor form, nor co- 
lour. Mdni zut tampal ber-diri idih sifat dan 
mani sifat bcr-d/ri ka-pada zi'd tiuda bUlih ber- 
diri sendiri-nia the meaning of %dt substance, 
is that which is the substratum of qualities, 
and the meaning of sifat quality, is that which 
consists with substance, and which by itself 
cannot subsist, 

j^i saAar, Ar. male, masculine. Membrum virile. 
Hakmat akan mengambang zakar. 

^j zakar, Ar. memory; commemoration; recit- 
ing (the kordn) by heart. Ber-zakar to recite 
texts in praise of the Deity. 

JJJ %aW, Aa. mean, base, abject, contemptible. 


} s(?, An, having, possessed of, endowed with. 
Jshatider ^ iJljii zu U-kurnein Alexander the 
two-horned. .Ui]LJ zu 'l-fakar the name of 

the famous double-bladed sword o(Ali. s>Xitsi\jJ 
zii H-kddah the eleventh month of the Ma- 
hometan year, i^^i'^ zu U-hijjdh the twelfth 
and last month. 

141 \j 

it is not complete ; a quarter part still remain- 
ing (undone). 


, r the letter named V, ra. 

t_jU raba to feel (with the hand), to feel about 
or grope (as in the dark). To bolt or bar (a 
door). De rahd-nia seluroh tuhoh-nia he felt 
or passed his hand all over his body. Bcr- 
rdhorraba seperti orang buta groping about like 
a blind person. 

^Ij rdbok tinder, touchwood, any combustible 
matter used to kindle fire ; fireworks used in 

«U rdban to snuffle, to speak with an obstruc- 
tion in the nose ; to dote (as an old person). 
Orang mer-rdban a dotard. 

.jU rabu or rebbu the lungs. 

^jj). rabitn dimsighted, purblind. 


rata level, flat, smooth, even, plain. Through- 
out, entirely, totally. Tanjong rdta a flat point 
of land. Segala gunong fang lingg'i abis-lah 
men-jddi rdta every high mountain was reduced 
to the level of the plain. Ada sudtu bdtu lang 
rata there is (at that place) a flat stone. Sdma 
rdta on an equality, equal in condition. Jatuh- 
lah rdta ka-bumi fell flat to the earth. Tmg- 
long dan kandll ter-pdsang rdta lanthorns and 
torches were lighted throughout. Se-telah 
sudah de Hat rdta when he had made a thorough 
inspection. Tiiida rata Idgi tinggal sudtu suku 

cull rata 


"TSJ" a war-chariot, car; cart, 
carriage. Naik-lah iya ko-dtas ratd-nia he 
mounted his car. Gdjah kuda dan peddti dan 
rdta elephants, horses, carts, and chariots. 
lidta terbang a flying chariot. 

'!lu\j rdtorrdta and Tlj]^ ratd-rata flying insects, 
swarms of small flies. Bdniak-lah rdta-rdta be- 
terbang'un ka-sdna ka-mdrt multitudes of in- 
sects were flying backwards and forwards. 


rdtus hundred. 
bilan ribu 

Sa-rdtus an hundred. Sam-' 
I'lga rdtus nine thousand three hun- 

<,_ nvL rdtap and u^U rdtab to lament, bewail 
aloud (over a person deceased), plorare, ulu- 
lare. Mournful, doleful. Ai/anda mendngis 
bonda me-rdtap the father w«pt, the mother 
bewailed aloud. Ber-bdgei-bdgei bunyi rdtap- 
nia various was the expression of their grief, 
i. e. there was variety in their songs and dirges. 
jByV rdtap (idiom.) a lamentation, dirge, dole- 
ful song. 

y'l. rdtu a title of rank applied to females as 
well as males; a chief, sovereign, prince. 
Ayah-nia rdtu memegang negri her father is a 
chief, wlio governs a country. Rdtu perm'isuri 
a queen. 

^\j rdja, Hind, j |^ | a king; an independant 
chief; with an epithet it is an usual proper 
name. lyd-lah lung men-jddi rdja k'lta he it is 
who is become our king. Rdja perampuan a 
queen ; a queen regent. Rdja muda the Iieir 
apparent, presumptive successor to the crown. 
Rdja putih the white king. Rdja-rdja feuda- 
tory princes, chiefs, hereditary nobles, great 
vassals. Bdniak raja-rdja king meng-'ikut ba- 
ginda Uu there were many feudatory princes in 
the train of that monarch. -.1.1^ mahd-rdja 
emperor ; also the title of a principal officer 
of state. y^-'Vj^ ka-rajd-an kingdom; royal ty» 


Alat l-n-rajd-an the royal insignia, 
and hiit/ii dulang cassia fistula. 


ayu raja 

^»^\j riijulc siiliij, sullen, out of humour. To 
take pet, to pout; to grieve in silence; to 
ffet. Sepcrli orang me-rajuk rupd-nia they had 
the appearance of, persons in a sulky humour. 
Jungan tuan me-rajitk do not be out of hu- 
mour. Putrl-piin lugi mendugis me-rdjuk her- 
chinta-lcan anak-nia de bunoh rdja the queen 
continued in silent sorrow to regret the loss of 
her child whom the king had put to death. 

^]j rdjnn and ^^fj 
a dilemna. 

\j ruchan doubtful, ambiguous ; 
Jldjan deri-puda bechura tang sdma 
hrat ka-duaflhak balancing between arguments 
of equal weight on both sides. 

.^-l, rdjan flux of blood. 

^s-U rdjin diligent, sedulous, assiduous, atten- 
tive, busy, active, indefatigable, earnest, wil- 
ling, eager. Rajbi-rdjin ber-bual jdhal diligent 
in doing evil. 

L^Wb '■'(/"■^'''"'' *1^^ eagle, the falcon, coracias. 
' Mekepas-kan a»Jifig atau rdja-wdli to let loose a 
hound or a falcon. 

/ij-U rdchik 

a trap, fall, snare (for catching 

birds). Tcr-kena rdchik entrapped. ^Ji 
per-rdchik a fowler. 

Jij rdchun poison. (Vid. ,.,4»-, rachun.) 


J\j rdd, DcTCH^ council, board of council. 

■ijij rddak or rddok a rake (the instrument). 
To spear from beneath. Me-radak-han tumbak 
to present the point of a lance to the enemy, 
the other extremity resting on the ground. 

Jtj rasa, Hind. "T^ taste, flavour; the sensa- 
tion of taste; the internal sense of feeling, 
sensation. To taste; to feel inwardly ; to per- 
ceive, be sensible of. Kasd-nia padas it has a 
hot or pungent taste. Ter-ldlu ndmat rasd-nia 
the sensation it produced was delicious, De- 

US \j 

miktan-lah rasd-nia such were their feelings. 
Rasa dti feeling, inward sense. liasd-nia it 
seems, as if. Tcr-tdwa-tdwa ka-mdli-mdti-an ra- 
sd-nia laughed till they seemed to he ready to 
die. BegUu-lali rasd-nia so it seems. Tidda 
be-rdsa Idgi was no longer sensible (in a 
swoon). Sopdi/ade j*jjL, rasd-i-nia juga hakas 
tdngan kita in order that he may yet feel the 
impression of my hand. ^^^Li per-rasd-an the 

^jU, rasd-an ^^A^Jij peng-ra- 

sense of taste, ^c^ .i,ai.-i.„ ^. 
sd-an consideration, reflexion, deliberation, 
thought, feeling. Bechdra ini sddah de rasd-an 
this business has been considered or discussed. 
Negri tang de alah-kan ka-pada peng-rasd-an 
towns conquered by him in imagination. 

iJij rdsa quicksilver. 

i\j rdpat close to, touching, fitted (as carpen- 
ter's work), compact ; united in opinion. To 
bring together; fit; contract; to collect, as- 
semble. Rdpat man pdpan dila itu those two 
planks are quite close. Me-rdpat kamiidi to fit 
on the rudder. Me-rapal-kan ka-daa kdki to 
bring the two feet close together. Seperti Im- 
lan de rdpat awan like the moon approached by 
a cloud. De blah kdyu Idlu de rdpat split the 
timber and then fitted it. Ajdng de rdpat rdja 
rdm the king of Rome collected his vessels. 
Rdpat-lah kdmi tiga lurah we of the three tribes 
are all of one opinion. Jekalau tidda ka-rapdt- 
an inantri if the ministers shoiUd not be all of 
one mind. 

<sjU rapoh brittle, fragile, crumbling; a crumb. 
Sa-rdpoh-piin tldak not so much as a crumb. 

\j:^\j rdkat, Hind. "5[^ a scarlet pea with a 
black speck, called also saga timbdngan on 
account of its being used as a weight for gold, 
twenty-four being equal to one mas, and sixteen 
mas to one tdil; the rutty of Hindustan, and 
glycinus abrus of L. When bruised to a paste 
it serves as a gluten for fixing the minute parts 
in the manufecture of filagree. To cement; 




Ruhit meniabrang orang 
a river. 


to stick together. i,i-,^lj per-rukat and pra/cat 
cement, glue. 

iLi-^t^ rakit and e^-Sl^ ruldt a raft, a float (of 
timber or bamboos). 
a raft for conveying persons across 
Rakit buhih a raft of bamboos 
amba duduk diilam rakit jua de negrl pakmbang 
halum lugi te-per-buat rumah for the present I 
reside upon a raft at the town of Palembang, 
not having as yet built a house. Metndak ra- 
kit to shove a raft (with poles). 

CJ\j n'lga wicker-work ; a basket, hamper. Sd- 
raga tlram a basket of oysters. Biiah ruga a 
wicker ball used at play. Slpak or chlpak ruga 
to toss such a ball with the foot. ^ C^\j ruga- 
ruga rings worn on the wrists. 

ragas to cut off the hair (as 


a mark of disgrace to females), to dock. Chin- 
chang tldak rdgas tidak he neither wounded nor 
cut off the hair (of his wife detected in adul- 

«./!, r a gang to snatch, take by force, tear from. 

f,i\j rag am, Hind. 'J~[SJ modes in music, a va- 
riety in modulation resulting from the varied 
constitution of the octave ; air, tune, melody. 
An assemblage of colours, pattern. Maka tuan 
putrl ilu-pUn memitik bunyi-bunyi-an long sa-rd- 
tus sambtlan pUluh rdgam-nia the princess then 
touched an instrument adapted to one hundred 
and ninety modes. Induh-indah dan pcl-bdgei 
rdgam-nia most exquisite and diversified were 
its melodies. Buni/i rdgam an air, musical 
sound, modulation. Bdniak rdgam-nia kdin 
itu that cloth (chintz) has a variety of pattern, 
or, in that (assortment of) cloth there are 
many different patterns. Puspa rdgam flower- 
ed pattern; a precious stone, the jacinth. Kdin 
puspa rdgam cloth with a flowered pattern. 

J\j rdgam, Hind. "^{Tf inclination, will, ca- 

^\j rdgu confused, puzzled, 
his accounts are confused, 
fall into confusion. 

Rdgd ttdng-an-nia 
Men-jddi rdgu to 

^i\j rdgi and ^V, ragi a composition employed 
" in medicine and manufacture to produce fer- 
mentation; yeast, leaven. 

tb '■"/rtwg" or arlang a measure of land contain- 
ing about eighty yards square, being some- 
thing more than an acre. Bdniak rulang idan 
de tiibbas-nia they cleared many acres of 

j,\j rdma, Hind. "JJ^ a distinguished personage 
of the Hindu mythology, the concpieror of Se- 
rendib or Selan, and hero of a poem called 
from his actions the ramdyan. 

\ ^\j rdmu-rdma a species of butterfly. (Vid. 
jj^ kdpd.) Seperti rdma-rdma Jang tidda ber- 
jejak de bumi like butterflies (they seemed) 
touching not the earth with their feet. 

j,\j rami flax, 
flaxen cord. 

urtica EEstivans. 
Blji rami linseed. 


rami a 

, -.^U ramus to press with the hand, to work up, 
to knead. Tdnah de rdmas-nia andak mcniiimbat 
Hang he kneaded clay in order to stop the hole. 
Sdkit de rdmas dti sufTei'ing under a depression 
of spirits. 

i-J[) rdmis a species of shell-fish. 

yAj rdmu to hew timber, to prepare it for car- 
riage from the woods by cutting off the brandi- 
es, bark, and rough parts, or by converting it 
rudely into the shape for which it Ls designed. 
Orang iang mo-rdmd kuyu hewers of timber. 

<toU rameh or ramih, Hind. ^^ pleasant, 
delightful, elegant, graceful, courteous, urba- 
nic, polite. Ter-ldlu rdmeh dan mardu bunyl- 
nia its music was most pleasantand melodious. 
Rdmeh dan indah-indah larl-nia their dancing 
was admirably graceful. Ter-Jdlu rdmeh segala 
pe-karjd-an rdja itu every thing done by the 

king (for the entertainment of his guests) was 
in a style of elegance. Kama kdml suha senang 
rameh dan rami bernidga de-slni for we are 
happily circumstanced, and trade here is brisk. 
Tuan pulri lagi ber-mdin-main dan bcr-rameh- 
ramek-an ka-pada tanam-an kulam the princess 
was still playing and amusing herself with the 
aquatic flowers. 

' ed, 

rami populous, well inhabited or frequent- 
Frequent, in great numbers, abundant. 

Tatkala raja itu ncgrl acheh-pun rami sdngat in 
the days of that king the country of Achin was 
extremely populous. Dangan Mil sohbat beta 
jt'idi rami serta mdmiir-luh de-ddlam bendar pulau 
plnang through the justice of my friend (Cap- 
tain Light) the port of Pulo Pinang becomes a 
place of great resort, attended with abundance. 
Tcr-ldlu rami segala pe-karjd-an itu the cere- 
monial processions were numerously attended. 
Tampik surak-nia ter-ldlu rdmi their shoutings 
were very frequent. Ber-pdnah-pandh-an ter- 
ldlu rami arrows were shot in frequent vollies. 
Rami-kan to collect in numbers. Jeka ada 
dj/ani be-upah jeka ada ay am ber-jual rami-kan 
sabong if the fowls are to be had for hire, if 
they are to be purchased for money, collect 
game-cocks in abundance. 

(*yb rdnum over-ripe. (Vid. Jtyj ranum.) 

iij rdu or rdwa the dragon of the celestial sphere. 

144 \j 

drang tang menartgar diija giving delight to 
every one who hears it. Bdrang lakfi-nia mem- 
bri rdwan every action of her's gave pleasure! 
Ali-nia ballsah ber-champur rdxsjun her heart felt 
a mixed sensation of uneasiness and pleasure. 
De iring-kan iilih sai/d-nia sakalian dangan pilu 
dan rdwan ati-nia maka dyer matd-nia-pun ber- 
chuchur-an-lah followed by all his slaves, their 
minds full of anxiety and tender concern, inso- 
much that the tears gushed from their eyes. 
Rdwan-lah ati-nia maka tidda iya he-rdsa Idgi so 
much affected that her faculties were suspended. 
Duduk memdlu bdnyi-bunyi-an me-rdwan-kan alt' 
nia sat and played on musical instruments, to 
solace his mind. 

(Vid. i\j rah.) 

mg and ^U razcah a swamp ; a fresh- 
marsh; a small lake. Ada rdwang de 
iangah pddang itu there is a swamp in the 
midst of that plain. Rdwahdanpdya swamps 
and salt-water marshes. 

cjj^ Tim 

c ^j rdwong to howl 

Me-rdlap dan me-rdwong 
to wail and to howl, plorare et ululare. 

^j\j rdwan 


j^ljj ruwdn delight, pleasure ; 
affection of the mind, sensibility (to 
pleasure or pain). Delighted ; affected with 
any tender emotion. Mem-brl rdwan dti segala 

i^j rdwah a swamp, marsh. 

(Vid. c jl . rdwang.) 

iV rah for rdhu, 

Hind. TT^ the constellation of 
the dragon ; a monstrous serpent. De mdkan 
brdan rdh the dragon devours the moon ; a 
lunar eclipse (which happens at her nodes, or 
where her course in the ecliptic intersects the 
head or the tail of the dragon). Buuh rah 
pomum draconis. 

c::_^1j rdhat a spinning machine, the wheel or 
the spindle. Tiang rdhat the distaff. Fusing 
rdhat to turn the machine. Rdhat mcng-anleh 
benang a machine for spinning tlu-ead. 

^\j rdhang the jaws. De-bdwah rdhang ka-dua 
dan de-bdwah ddgu beneath the two jaws and 
beneath the chin. 

J. rdya, An. festive. Art rdya a festival or 
gala day. Sambdyang dri rdya ka-dua prayers 
for the two great festivals. Sedekdla seperti 
ari rdya like a perpetual holiday. Bulan pur- 
ndma rdya a festival full moon. Jdlan rdya 
the high road, highway. Jdlan rdya iang 
pTitih de Idngit the milky way, or white road in 
the sky. Bunga rdya hil)iscus rosa sinensis, 
L. hibiscus malvarosa. Bat. Trans, vol. v. 

i_ftjU rdyap the white ant, termes. (Vid. 



_>. rahi and j . rabbi, An. the Lord. Ii/a rahi 
O Lord ! Dangan talcdlr tuhan rahi with the 
will of the Lord ; please God. 

j\ij rabub and arbab or 

yiol, violin, fiddle, 
and lutes. 

) jb harbab, Peks. a 
Arbub dan kechapl fiddles 

^j\ij rubd-if Ab. a verse consisting of four he- 
' mistichs. 



rabana, a tabour, tabourin, or tambarin, a 
small drum struck with the hand. Palu 
or menampar rabana to strike the tabour. Se- 
gala beduwdn ber-niani/i-lah serdya nienampar- 
nampar raband-7iia all the minstrels sang, strik- 
ing at the same time the tabours with their 

ti^ . rabut or rebbill to take by force, snatch ; to 
plunder, rob, make prey of. Mutidra sa-biji 
itu de rabut-nia he snatched the pearl. Seperti 
karra tang me-rabut-kan buah-budh-an like mon- 
kies plundering fruit. Tiadd-lah kdmi ddtang 
akan me-rabut kaiesdr-an rdja we are not come 
to make a prey of the king's treasures. Adu- 
kah pdtut s'orang perampuan de pe-rahut-kan 
dangan orang tang ber-puluh-puluh seperti anjing 
me-rabut-kan tulang is it becoming that a single 
female should be seized upon by scores of men, 
as dogs snatch a bone ? ^J'^.j rabid-an prey, 

i_j . rahus and i>>i%)j rebbus to boil, to stew ; 
boiled, llabus-kan daging ttu boil that meat. 
Ayam rabtis a boiled fowl. 

c vj rabong or rebbong shoots from the stump of 
a tree cut down ; fresh shoots from the ground, 
of the large bambu cane, (being a common 

tjj rabah or rebbah to fall down, tumble, fall in. 
What has fallen down. Rabah pangsan to fall 
down in a fainting fit, to swoon. Ada lang 
rabah ter4idrap some fell flat on their faces. 
Bdlei itu rabah-lah atap-nia sa-blah one eide of 

the roof of that building is fallen in. Bdlaifg 
rabah trees fallen down -by decay or acci- 
dent. Rabah-pun dnyut deri Ulu fallen trees 
are drifted from the upper part of the river. 
Me-rabah-kan to throw down. 

^ . rebbi, Ar. the Lord. (Vid. t_j. rabi.) 

j_u, rabid, Ar. the spring. Vernal. Jj^lj«j^ 
rabVal-dwal and A^\^^. rabf al-akhir the third 
and fourth months of the raahometan year. 

<Ljj rubyat, Ar. usury. 

(jjj ralak cracked. 

^j ratna. Hind. "rR" a jewel. Ber4atah-kan 
ratna set or studded with jewels. 

tyj ''^'''"'g" ^ disorder. 

Cj^o-^ rajab, Ab. the seventh mahometan month. 

%->-) rejang the name of a district on the western 
side of Sumatra, where a peculiar language 
is spoken. 

j.^-.-. rejim, Ab. stoned. Execrable, accursed. 
Setdn ar-rejim the accursed Devil (at whom the 
Arabs, in the ceremonies observed at Mecca, 
cast stones). 

^ts^j rachdn poison. RachUn dan pendxear-nia 
poison and its antidote. Upas ber-idam rachdn 
a mixture of different poisons. Mdri kita bri 
rdja mdkan rachdn let us administer poison to 
the king. Hdrus me-minum ubat tang ada 
ddlani-nia sedlhit deri'pada rachdn it is not un- 
lawful to drink medicine in which there ie a 
small quantity of poison. 

j,a~j rahim and^^^ rahim, Ab. the womb, ute- 
rine. Compassion, mercy ; compassionate, 
merciful. (The Malays usually confound the 
Arabic parts of speech). 

^jAs-j rahman and ^J^i»■J rahmdn, Ar. compas- 
sionate, merciful, Jiing ampFinia pareniah 



rafiiin dmig(Ut rahman whose government is 
luerciful. ^,^J\ ^j*o-J\i!:^\ »^_ bismillahiVrah- 
tttani W^ralimi in the name of God the merci- 

ful, the compassionate. iu,»y rahmat mercy, 
compassion, clemency; merciful. Sultan rah- 
mat a merciful sovereign, 

uJj, radap a small drum struck with the hands. 
Menampar rabana dan radap to beat different 
kinds of hand-drums or tabours. 

fc_jj. radop gloomy, lowering. Langit be-radop 
a lowering sky. Blala-ari radop tiuda nidta 
the sun was obscured and no longer visible. 

i'; . reseki, Ar. victuals, food, subsistence, 
allowance of provision. Marl-lah kila menia- 
mun sopui/a add-lah alcan rezeld klla come, let 
us go and rob, that we may have food to eat. 
Ber-mdxDal rezek'i to loath victuals. Idng mem- 
bri rezekl sakali-an drl who giveth om- daily 

^Uii rasulat, 

An. a mission; letter, summons. 

Kasdlat al mohahat a message or letter of affec- 

cjij. rastong a blotch, pimple; apoljrpus. Jias- 
tong jdhat an ulcer, cancer. Rastong kochi 
lues venerea. 

^^. rasok rafters, (to which are fastened the laths 
which support the thatch dtap) or other cover- 

JU^ rasamdla a lofty tree yielding a reddish 
liquid gum or resin that resembles styrax or 
benzoin ; lignum papuanum R., altingia ex- 
celsa Bat. Trans, vol. v. 

Ay^j rasul, An. an apostle, 
God ; the apostle, Mahomet 
illalii by the apostle of God. 

messenger from 

Demi rasul 

\i. ridld or rha, An. desire, inclination, good 
will, pleasure, satisfaction, consent, acquies- 
cence. Ridld-kah kakanda sakali-an is it the 
inclination of all my fiiends ? are you all so 
disposed ? Dangan ridla swami-nia with the 


consent of her husband. Ridld-lah aku mdti 
I am content to die. ^J^-J ka-ridld-an will, 
pleasure. Ka-ridla-an allah the will of God. 

ijifiij redludni, An. belonging to paradise. Mulck 
rcdliiuni the angel who guards the approach. 

hsj rdijaf, Ar. subjects, vassals, followers, peo- 
ple, the private soldiers of an army. Suhdn 
dan mantrt-nia serla sakall-an ruyat-nia laki-luki 
dan perampuan the sultan and his ministers, 
together with all his subjects, male and female. 
Brdpa rlbu raja-rdja iilubdlang dan rdi/at many 
thousands of the nobility, military officers, and 
private soldiers. Mcm-bual ani/di/a pada rdyat- 
nia to oppress his subjects. 

j_x. rangas varnish ; the rangas or rangi wood, 
used for furnitm-e, the juices of which have a 
noxious effect, and blister the skin ; anacar- 
dium encardium or manga deleteria sylvestris, 
Bat. Trans, vol. v. ; arbor vernicis and kdijii 
sanga, R. Mlniak kdyu rangas varnish or oil 
of that tree. 

i^S^j rangka the fore-part of the crown of the 
head ; the hair of the forehead. A cock's comb. 
Jekalau pada ^^^Sj rangkd-nia gugur rambut 
kapald-nia if his hair falls off from the fore-part 
of his head. Meng-uliir-kan kdin deri kapald- 
nia ka-mukd-nia dangan de ^\^ rangka-kan- 
nia pada mukd-nia seperti tang de karjd-kan per- 
ampdan de dtas angin to let fall the covering of 
the head upon the face and then (perhaps, for 
the passage is not clear) turn it back again 
upon the forehead, as practised by the women 
of the windward (that is, western) countries. 
Ajjam be-rangka or be-rangga a cock of which 
the comb has not been trimmed. 

(.::,Jlc, ringkit Spanish dollars. (Vid. Jj . real.) 
Prau sa-buak argd-nia sa-rdlus ringkit one boat 
of the value of a hundred dollars. 

^j:,J1j ringkit battlements, parapets, coping of a 

1/Saj rangfcas or ranggas a sprig, twig, extremity 
of a bough. 

^jJ^j ringlas- a species offish having a large roe. 

fSlj ranghmg or runglcung squatting. DMuk 
me-rairglciwg to sit squatting on the hams. 
3Ie-rangkung-hin ha-dua siku-nia deri lambong- 
nia dan m(-rangkung-kan 'pnd-nia deri-pada 
lulut-nia to sit with the elbows resting on the 
hips and the belly on the knees (the attitude 
of crouching). 

^Ss-j rangking a hamper. 

CS^j ritigga a stall or partition in a stable. 
Panniers or the trunks that are suspended on 
the backs of camels, &c. Jeka tiuda kzcdsa ij/a 
diidiikcdas ringga if she be not able to sit in a 
pannier. Mem-bawa dagung-an-nia pada ringga 
ia^lah carries his merchandise in one of the 
panniers. Tatkdla turun deri-pada ritigga 
kurna kedla hajat pdtut se-ka-dua-kan dangan so- 
kutd-nia when a person alights from a pannier 
for any necessary occasion, lie ought to do it 
in concert with his companion (in the other 
pannier ; but these, it should be observed, are 
Arabian and not Malayan customs). 

iL>^ rurigga hole, cavity, orifice. Icing tldor 
pada seganap rungga kdyu dan chdah hfitu who 
sleeps about in holes of trees and clefts of 
rocks. LiUbang badan iang de nama-t akan dii/a 
rungga the orifices or passages of the body 
which are thus termed. Me-masuk-kan kapas 
pada ranggd-nia to put pledgets of cotton into 
the passages (of a corpse prepai'cd for inter- 

CS^ rungga thickets, bushes, impracticable 
country. Ber-ndzcong dobdxcah rungga to 
shelter under a thicket. Kubu-kdbu ddlam 
rungga entrenchments in the impracticable 
parts of the country. 

CJ^ rangga wearied from travelling or over- 
working. Dij/a suduh ratTggwkan diri-nia he 
Las overworked himiself. 

jJlc, ringgang leaky, not tight. 

CJjSa^ ranggut pauis, spasms, gripes. RanggiiC 
prut belly-ache, colick, gripes. 

iJj rupiali, Hind. ^^ a rupih. (Vid. ij^j 

^j.kLij rakshdsa or raksdsa, Hind. J i gJ CT a 
demon, hobgoblin, evil genius of the Hindu 
mythology. Seperti rakshdsa tang gdlak rupd- 
nia its form was that of a grim and ghastly 
demon. Bdtu gaddng iang de timpah ulik 
kadm rakshdsa ilu huge stones that were flung 
by that host of demons. Rakshdsa perampuan 
a female demon or giantess. Maka rakshdsa 
ilu tidda ber-kapdla dan tidda ber-fdngan dan 
midut-nia de prut-nia dan matd-nia de dadd-nia 
dan puhn kdyii bdniak tumbuh de-luar tuboh-nia 
this monstrous demon was without a head, its 
mouth was in the belly, its eyes in the breast, 
and large trees (as bristles) covered the surface 
of its body (horridus sylvis). 

^j raku echo. (Vid. %_a^ dangong.) 

If^j rakdt and ^fj rako (often, but corruptly^ 
written cj^ rakdng), An. inclination of the 
head, or partial incurvation of the body (in 
prayer). Meng-isarat-kan kapald-nia pada rako 
dan pada sejiid to nod the head in liis bowings 
and in his prostrations. 

^j rakan the name of a very large river, but not 
convenient for navigation, in the north-eastern 
part of Sumatra. 

%^j ragang a cross, frame for stretching; the 
rack, torture. To spread, stretch, make tight 
by stretching. Me-ragcwg Idyer to stretch, 
extend, or boom-out a sail. Me-ragang diri- 
nia to stretch himself. 

^j ragi a fermenting composition. (Vid. ^U 

" rdgi.) 

_,vej rimba the woods; a forest, jungle. CjV 
nong dan rimba mountains and woods. Utatt. 

V 2 

p. 14$ 

rimha tang besdr a wild forest of great extent. 
Mcirv-hmng ka-rimba to drive into the woods ; 
to expel from society. Anak dc Titan orang 
ritnba a child of the forest, a man of the 
woods. (.^J^ ^tan and (_^ rimba are used 
indiscriminately in these passages, but the es- 
sential idea of the former is the being wild or 
uncultivated, and of the latter, the being co- 
vered with wood). Mem-biiwa kdyu-kaj/u-an 
deri rimba to bring timber from the woods. 

(cL«i rambSj/a a barge, covered boat for state 
occasions (called by the Dutch oram-bj/e). 

). ramhat a porch. 

i^L 1 t-ci rembat and [j:^.^, rhnbat a bar, trans- 
verse piece of wood. In boat-building, pieces 
of wood nailed from stem to stern for strength- 
ening and defending the upper plank. Rembat 
korong the continuation of these pieces beyond 
the stern-post, upon which the korong or poop 
is raised. 


rembal and 


rembas a kind of adze. 

^ rambut the hair of the head. (Vid. CJj**, 

*-^j rambang noon-tide, broad-day. Open, 
broad, full. Tatkdla rambang matordri at 
noon-day, in broad sunshine. Ari-pun sudah 
rambang it is now broad-day. Sampei ka ram- 
bang tangah art until it was full noon-day. Bd- 
yang-bdi/ang rambang shadows projected when 
the sun is high. De luut rambang kupal ber- 
Idbuh the ship anchored in the open sea. 

f'f-^j rambang-rambang in an adventurous man- 
ner, at a venture. Jang rambang-rambang 
pergi ka pe-prdng-an who goeth to battle in an 
adventurous (dashing) way. 

^J^J rombak to demolish, destroy, break down. 
Me-langgar negri dan me-rombak dii/a to as- 
sault a town and demolish it. Pdgar bdlu ada 
ter-rombak the stone wall was broken down. 

Rombak per-janji-an to break an agreement or 
treaty, S^j> ka-rombdk-an ruins, fragments. 

^A^ rambun and lojr^t rambun hail. 

rambu frinffe. 



rambut and {j^-^j rambut the hair of the 
human head, and of the mane and tail of a 
horse. (Vid. j!^ bulu and T *jj riima-ruma.) 
Rambut sa-urat a single hair (taken out by the 
root). Rambut sa-lei atau tiga lei one hair or 
three hairs. Rambut-nia seperti kapas his hair 
is (white) as cotton. Ldroh rambut-nia his 
hair falls off. Me-rdgas rambut to cut off t]ie 
hair. Meni/lslr rambut to comb the hair. Sang- 
gul rambdt to roll up the hair. Bunga tang 
dc-ddlam rambid-nia the flowers that were in 
her hair. Rambdt te-urei the hair flung loose 
(a signal of desperation). Rambut kajur or 
kanjur and rambut tangsei lank hair. Rambut 
kambang bushy hair. Rambut papuali frizzled 
hair. Rambut saram bristling hair. £din 
rambdt-i hair-cloth, 

Ji".^ rambut-an a small fruit having a red, hairy 
coat (from whence the name), and an acidulous 
pleasant-flavoured pulp; nephelium echinatum, 
Bat. Trans, vol. i. 


ritmbei or rambei adorned with precious 
stones, pearls, tassels, or fringe. Ruflled (as 
the feathers of a fowl). Be-rumbei-kan intan 
dan permuta adorned with diamonds and other 
jewels. Ber-klbar-an-lah rumbei-rumbei mutidra 
strings or fringes of pearls waved about. Pd- 
yong tang be-rumbei-rumbei-kan umbrellas 
adorned with tassels. At/am rambei or di/am 
kafiri a friesland hen. 

^g^j rumbii/a and L^ rumbiyd the true sago- 
palm, which has been confounded with the 
cycas circinalis or fern-palm, as well as with 
the borassus gomutus ; palma farinaria, R. 

(^LUi ramadldn or ramadan, Ar. the ninth ma- 
hometau month, during which a strict fast (by 




the Malays called tJ^y puusa) is observed, so 
long as the sun is above the horizon and until 
the appearance of the new-moon. 

i^ ramang a dark cloud, darkness of the sky, 

(JU^ rampunei or rampunnci a plant, ardisia 

«, rumput and CJ"*!*; rumput grass. Seperii 
umbun dc-alas rumput like dew upon the grass. 
Seperti rumput dc pddang bdniak-nia they were 
numerous as the grass upon the plain. Rum- 
put kring hay. The varieties of grasses are 
very numerous, as the ij^ Icdang gramen cari- 
cosum, rumput karbau cynosurus indicus, rum- 
put huda panicum colonum. 

ijJl^j rampas to seize, take away by force, wrest ; 
to rifle, pillage, plunder, sack. Mulidra t/ga 
bfji de rampas beddwi three pearls were forcibly 
taken by the robbers of the desert. Me-ram- 
pas sinjatd-nia deri-pada tangan-nia to wrest 
their weapons from their hands. Jidrang apa 
tang ber-temu dbis de rampas whatsoever they 
met with they plundered. Me-rampas segamip 
rumah to pillage every house. Rampds-an 
plunder, spoil, prey, booty. Rampds-an Uu 
de bdgi tlga the plunder they divided into 
three parts. 

ijJ^j rampus to interrupt, speak abruptly or un- 
seasonably. Mulut rampus one who speaks 
unseasonably or interrupts others. 

t_Lej Tumpang defective in certain features. Rum. 
pang gigi toothless, defective in teeth. De 
lldt idong-nia telah rumpang perceived that her 
nose had been cut off. Sebdb sudard-nia me- 
rumpang-kan 'idong-mu because his brother has 
deprived you of your nose. Telingd-nia-pun 
sudah rumpang sa-bldh one of his ears was 
wanting. Andak-lah kdmi rumpang-kan telingd- 
nia we intend to deprive him of his ears. 

i_A-c. ramping slender, delicately formed. Ping- 
gang tang ramping a slender, delicate waist. 

fjttj rampak spreading (as a tree), shady, um- 
brageous. Dc-bdwah puhn jdti rampak-rampak 
beneath a spreading teak-tree. Rampak-mia 
her-bdyang-bdyang casting an extensive shade. 
Puhn kdyu dc tangah pddang tang rampak da- 
han-nia Idgi rindang daun-nia a timber tree ia 
the midst of the plain, with wide-spreading 
branches and dense foliage. 

CSs^j rumpak to plunder at sea. Piratical. Prdu 
rumpak a piratical vessel, free-booter. Orang 
tliX<j per-rumpak a pirate. Prdu lang dc 
rumpak ambel ulih orang jd/iat a vessel that 
was piratically carried off by wicked persons. 
Suruh jdga bdikbdik jdngan bulih orang jdhat 
rumpak sdmun segala orang negrl ini cause a 
good look-out to be kept in order to prevent 
these lawless fellows from piratically plunder- 
ing all the inhabitants of this coast. 

l^j rumpun and ^jJl<j rumpun a tuft, the shoots 
from a common root, a single root, individual 
plant. Sorvumpun sarei a tuft or root of lemon 
grass. Sa-rumpun buluh a root of the bambu, 
the shoots of cane springing from one root. 
De-mdna rumpun Idda andak-nia de chdbut Id- 
lang about the roots or ground-shoots of the 
pepper-plants the rank grass should be plucked 

iXcj rampah spices, aromatic vegetables. Ram* 
pah-rampah dan miniak iang arum spices and 
fragrant oils. Ra'mpah-rampah gulei the aro- 
matic or pungejit ingredients of a curry. 

<sl<, rimpah and ^jm^ rimpak to destroy. Pada 
kotika ber-himpun ber-rimpak segala mdnusla at 
the period of gathering together and destroy- 
ing all mankind. 

Lcj rampei or rumpei the sweet-scented panda- 
■■ nus or pandan pudak. Bunga rampei the blos- 
som of this plant, which being cut into fine 
shreds is rolled up in the hair or put into the 
folds of the cloth which covers it. The word 
is also applied to a collection of the leaves of 
various odoriferous flowers. Maka titan tabdr-i 




maj/il lialanda dangan buifga rampti tang dc- 
di'ilam ramhut Wan and wilt thou strew on tlic 
corse of thy beloved the fragrant flowers that 
adorn thy liair? Ada mng vicnahur-i bunga 
rampei amas dan pcrak dan lambSga szciisa dan 
ada iang mcnabftr-l bunga rampei sangguh 
some scattered flowers of gold, silver, and 
mixed metal, and some scattered the genuine 
flowers of the /7a«£/rt«. Menurun-kan iljan mu- 
Via dan bunga rampei amas dan ajan iii/er mdrcar 

to shower down 
and rose-water. 

pearls, and golden flowers. 

^ . ramak be it so, let it be, suffer it ; content ! 
liamak-lah kakanda muli s^orang ramak-lah abang 
linniap sindirl let me die alone, suffer your 
friend to leave the world unaccompanied. lia- 
niak ber-lukn alas-ku apa-'ipa-pun let what will 
befall me; let fate do its worst. Ramak jiaili 
sa-tuiin pcr-jalun-an lunmn ter-surat dCdam dti 
let the distance be a twelvemonth's journey, 
provided it (the memory of our loves) be writ- 
ten in the heart. Ramcdc-lah pidih tuhngjungan 
putih mdta klta our bones may become white, 
but not our eyes. (Prov.) 

^yvj romok to break or dash to pieces (by throw- 
ing down). To become broken by falling. 
]iomok-kan-Iah sakall-an iidang-nia broke all his 
bones to pieces. 

\^li3. rantdka a small piece of ordnance cast l)y 
tlie natives, commonly of brass, and cariying 
about a half-pound ball. Se<fiurang dan ran- 
tdka different kinds of ordnance. Hantdkd best 
small iron ordnance. Brat-nia rantdkd itu duu 
sa-pikul the weight of these pieces of ordnance 
is two to the plkul, 

iju. ranting prunings, cuttings; twigs, small 

branches; beard of corn. To clip, prune. (Vid. 
ij^*. ranchong.) Meniuchuk-kan ranting kdyu 
tang Idup ka-dtas kubur to stick (plant) live 
cuttings of trees upon a grave. Kumprd-kan 
ranting-ranting-un collect tlie cuttings. Segula 
ddun kdyd king luroh dan ranting iang pdtah 
all the fallen leaves and broken twigs. 

jiJ; rantak to snatch, pull, wrest from. 

jiJ. rantek a reed, rush, buUrush. 

Cj^j and ^j rintik to drop (as rain). A drop. 
Clugur kn-lmmi seperti djan rintik fell to the 
ground like dropping rain. Ujan pdnas-pun 
rintik-rintik warm rain fell. 

fij rantau a plain, an extent of level ground, a 
reach of a river, flat sea-coast (particularly at 
the mouths of rivers). Rantau panjang an 
extensive level. Teluk dan rantau abis-lak Hang 
the bays and level country were lost (to the 
sight, in receding from the shore). Idng ada 
ka-luar deri ddlam sllangur serta dangan teluk 
rantau-nia that is exported from Silangur and 
from its bays and coasts. Kapal-pun tidda putus 
sampei de se-ganap rantau ships never cease to 
arrive at every part of the coast. Rddi rantau 
dekat smgei padi produced in the low country 
near the rivers. 

iSoij ronloh or runtoh to fall down suddenly and 
w ith a noise ; to burst, crack ; to break down, 
break off. Seperti gunong ronloh buni/t-nia its 
noise was like that of a falling mountain. Se- 
perti lungit akan rontah rasd-nia it seemed as if 
the very heavens were bursting (in a thunder- 
storm). Seperti akan rontoh rasd-nia ddda amba 
my breast seemed ready to burst. De rontoh- 
kan-nia rumah-nia they pulled down or demo- 
lislied his house. Jt^^ ka-rontoh-an down- 
fall, ruin. 

jy . rantei a chain. To chain. Meng-lkat tdngan- 
nia dangan rantei to bind his hands with a chain. 
Klta pukul klta ikat kita rantei dii/d-nia we 
chastise, we bind, we chain them. Orang itu 
de suruh rdja ranlei-kan ka-ddlam panjdra the 
kinff commanded that the man should be chain- 
ed down in prison. Bdju rantei iang sinl-sini 
khalkah-nia a coat of mail composed of very 
small links. 

irsT . ranjau sharp-pointed splinters of bambu, of 
different lengths, stuck in the ground, to in- 


commode a pursuing- (and unshod) enemy ; 
instruments of various forms stuck or thrown 
about for that purpose ; crows-feet, caltrops. 
Segala sinjala orang icing mali de medan ilu-fun 
ber-unjdm-an sepcrti ranjau rupd-nia all the 
(missile) weapons of those slain in the field 
of battle were seen sticking in the ground like 
ranjaus. Luha s'' orang tiipak hakl-nia kena ran- 
jau one was wounded in the sole of the foot bj 
a ranjau. 


,.,l^', ranchuna 



and W^-j rachdna copy, 
script ; draft. To copy, take pattern from. 
Chdri pen-ddpat-an andak bunt ranchuna sural 
ilu to seek opinions (from his advisers) in order 
to form the draught of the letter. Sural sohbal 
beta serta ranchuna itu sampei-lah pada beta the 
letter of my friend together with the draft (of 
an agreement) has reached me. Dan ada bagt- 
nia wejeh long de ./1:j>-j rachand-kan deri-pada 
wejeh allah and he possesses a countenance 
formed after the likeness of God. 


ranchong and %yfj ranchung to cut, pare, 
prune, lop. Rancliong kalam to cut a pen. 
Sa-bdlang chinkarlang dii/d-nia balum-mc-ran- 
chong not one of the trees that support the 
pepper-vines have they yet lopped. Per-ian- 
chong kalam a pen-knife. 

Sijjrinda, Port, (rendu) lace (of gold or sil- 
ver). Bdju berMnda a laced coat. Rinda 
sdtU Ikat one bundle or parcel of lace. 

^jj, ronda. Port, military rounds. 

jU-jJ. randajdwa a species of millet; panicum 

ca3. randan g to fry (in a vessel over the fire). 
Apa de ramlang ddlam kwdli what is frying in 
the pan ? Angus4ah dli bagei de randang the 
heart (of a lover) is consumed as if it were 

c ju, rindang shady ; dense. A shady place, ar- 
bour. Ddhan puhn kdi/u rindang the boughs 

of shady trees, 
ing and shady. 

Rampak Idgi rindang spread- 

c JJ^ rindang the keel of a vessel. 

A i^j rendam to steep, soak ; to take the water 
(as amphibious animals). Kdi/u tang de rew- 
dam-kan pada dyer wood that has been steeped 
or soaked in water. 


; regret ; 
long for, 
It is usu- 

rindu desire, longing, anxiety 
melancholy. To desire earnestly, 
pine after, expect with impatience, 
ally coupled with *jJt> dendam which has the 
same meaning. Rindu dendam sdngat akan 
rumah bapd-nia extreme longing after his pa- 
ternal house ; home-sick. Rindu-nia bonda hit 
akan tuan se-ldma tdan meninggal-kan bonda ini 
anxious has thy mother been on thy account 
during the period of thy absence from her (me) 
thy mother. Ikan rindu akan uj/er the fish 
pines for the water, liing ter-rindu pada pcng' 
liat-an desirable to the sight. Buluh per-rindil 
a plaintive reed. (Vid. <d o buluh.) 

ijj. rendah low; lowly, humble. Tdnahrendah 
low land. Puhn rendah a low tree. Duduk 
ddlam tampal rendah to sit in a low or a humble 
place. Me-rendah-kan diri-nia to lower itself; 
to humble one's self. Renddh-an lowness, hu- 

to swim. (Vid. ^j^ bernang or 
Lddt ddrah abang ^J^\ij rcnndng-l 

jj. rennang 

I have swum through a sea o"f blood. Ada 
tang ber-rennang ada tang meniellam some of 
them swam, aud some dived. 


ranum mellow, over-ripe. Buah ranum 

over-ripe fruit. 

\,j raaa an inland district of Sumatra, north- 
ward of Padang, commonly called the Row 

'iii\jj ruddat customary compliments, ceremonial 
etiquette. Maka baginda-pdn mem-bri ruddat 
akan segala rajorrdja and the king caused th^ 

■ usual compliments to be paid to all the no- 

cU. ruang a hall. (Vid. l^jjl) balei-rmng.) 
Ter-dlri-lah sa-buah bulei finis tiga puluh ruang 
de tangah padang pe-prang-an tlu erected in the 
midst of the field of battle a triumphal palace 
containing thirty apartments. 

A^j ruwiin delight. (Vid. ^^^1. rciwan.) 

iAjj riwaj/at, Ab. narrative, history, amusing 
tale. Ilcran-lah ij/a menangarriwayatilu he was 
astonished at hearing the narrative. J)emiMan- 
lah cheriteru-nia iang de harang ulih seheVrWi- 
■wuyat such is the stoiy as it was composed by 
the novellists or professed story-tellers. 

f <_j. . ruba-ruba a tax or custom paid by foreign 
merchants for liberty to trade at a port ; duty 
of anchorage. 

tjj . robing outriggers of a boat. (Vid. i^jU- 

ij,j roboh to throw or pull down, demolish, 
break to pieces. To fall down, tumble to 
pieces, go to ruin. Fallen, thrown down, de- 
molished. Trees cut down and lying in that 
state. Me-ruboh-kan rumah to pull down a 
house, to take a house to pieces. Rumah Uu 
andak roboh that house is ready to fall down. 
Roboh sa-blah lialf-demolished. Ada roboh de. 
jalan there is felled timber lying across the 
road. Seperti bdtu roboh bunyl-nia the noise 
was that of a tumbling rock. 

v.. rotan the rattan cane, calamus rotang, L. 
Of this useful vegetable there are several kinds, 
as the rotan saga a large sort ; lolan kazcat and 
rotan semut small rattans used in the manufac- 
ture of cables ; roian sCdak producing an edible 
fruit, calamus zalacca; jaranang the dragon's 
blood. Rotan dua bias galang twelve bundles 
of rattans. 




roli, Beng. bread. 

_. . riija to wound through the (cane) floorl.ijj of 
a house. 

-J. riih, Ar. spirit, the soul (of a living body). 
De tangkap-nia riih segala raja-raja dan sor 
tangah de lepas-kan-nia sopaya lemah tulang sidl- 
rtia ka-pada talkfda ii/a ber-prdng lie seized (by 
supernatural power) the vital spirits of all the 
princes, and suffered one half (of these spirits) 
to escape, in order that their nerves might be 
unstrung in the day of battle. Itu-lah dlumat 
ruh-nia riija brdma dezca Itu that was the sign 
of the spirit of Raja Brdma. Dewa. j^jJill-. • 
rdhu 7 kudus arti-nia nidwa Iang suchi the Holy 
Ghost, which (Arabic w<5i-ds) mean the Pure 
Spirit. Aporkdla allah tddla men-jadl-kan rUhu 
7 kudus when God created the Holy Ghost. 
Maka jddi segala nidzca deri-pada rithu 7 kudus 
and all spirits proceeded from the Holy Ghost. 

(JU-j. ruhdni. An. spiritual, holy; good, agree- 
able, amiable. Sifat iang ruhdni amiable qua- 

U^'^iJ ^^^"^ ^ weapon of the sword or hanger 

jjj) . rodok a rake ; scraper. (Vid. jj|^ rddak.) 

iS'^iJ '""'^ ^^^ ordi, Eun. orders, commands. 
Minta tdan-punia rodi furnish me with your 

i_jjj . rudi the ancle. (Vid. ^I^cjU mdta-kdkl.) 

if^tj ruwas the joints or knots of a reed or straw, 
the space between each knot ; the joints of a 
finger. Sa-ruwas jdri iang potong the ampu- 
tated joint of a finger. Sa-rurcas deri-pada ibH 
jdri alau dua ruwas deri-pada jdri tangah one 
joint from the thumb, or two joints from the 
middle finger. 

• ^? 
tf^tj ricsa a deer; elk. Ber-iuru rtisa to hunt 

the deer. Ricsa jantan a buck. Bdbi rdsa the 

hog-deer. (Vid. ^\j bdbi.) 

(J<-ijj riisak to spoil, damage, ruin; injure; 

iJ 153 

ruined, spoiled. Kuda itu jarigan Icamu rusak 
do not spoil that horse. Mati-lah h'lican kunu 
s'orang rusak dua orang of my companions, or 
partj, one man was killed and two rendered 
unserviceable. Rusak benasa utterly ruined 
and destroyed. Rusak uti afflicted, disturbed 
in mind, in a state of despair. Affliction. 
Jangan-lah adenda be-rusak dli do not, my love, 
abandon yourself to grief. Meng-apa datang 
dungan rusak ati-mu wherefore come you in this 
state of affliction ? 

^}^^J rusuk the side, flank, the ribs ; the side of 
a vessel. Menlkam dtya pada rusuk kanan 
stabbed him in the right flank. Tulang rusuk 
the ribs. Sakit rusuk pleurisy. 

c .j ruwang space; limit, bound. 

^^X^jj rungg'i-an a public dancing girl. (Vid. 

t_j.j rupa and (_J, rupa, Hind, ^i^q" form, ap- 
pearance; countenance. Orang muda iang 
bulk rupa-nia a young person of a comely form 
or appearance. Seperti gambar rupd-nia it 
had the appearance of a picture. Me-llat rupd 
baginda to observe the countenance of the king. 
Ldlu iya me-rupd-kan diri-nia seperti rupa md- 
nus'ia he then transformed himself to the ap- 
pearance (assumed the form) of a man. Sa- 
rupa alike, resembling. Suddra dua sa-rupa 
two brothers resembling each other. Se-rF/pa 
apparently, as it seems. Se-rupa negrl de kaki- 
nia there seems to be a town at the foot of it. 


rupit/ah, Pers. and Hind. ^^ a rupih. 
Sa-rlbu rup'iyah deri-pada amas dan sa-rlbu ru- 
piyah deri-pada perak a thousand rupihs of gold, 
and a thousand rupihs of silver. 

f J . . ruk-ruk a bird of prey. Rdk-ruk bangkei 
the vulture. Ruk-rUk pulih the heron. 

A.i rukam a wild fruit; carissa spinarum; fla- 
courtia calaplirasta. 

C^ij '■"^ ^^^ \Sij ^"S' ^"^^J damage. J'adi- 

lah rugi amba Uu that will become my loss. 
Bcr tuan tolong jdngan kdml mcn-ddpat rugi 
assist us, sir, that we may not sustain damage. 
Ontong tidak rugi sdja no gain, but loss only. 
Tidda labd-nia de per-ulih-nia meleinkan me-rUgi 
juga he obtained no profit, but still incurred 
losses. Kdrna sdma add-nia pdlau p'lnang Uu 
dangan negrl ini samd-lah ber-ulih _^, < ka-^ugi- 
an for as the circumstances of Pulo Pinano-and 
this country are the same, the same also must 
be their injury. 

j,^ riini, An. Constantinople, the Turkish 
empire ; the empire of the Seljuks of Iconium ; 
Asia minor; Anatolia; called also negri ru- 
miyah. Rdja rum or raja negri rumiyah the 
eniperour of the Turks. Ldut rum the Medi- 
terranean sea. Deri-mdna bUlih kwdsa anah 
wolanda deri rdja riim-kah atau deri benua china 
atau deri-pada kami-kah from whence do these 
Hollanders derive their authority ? flora the 
king of Rome ? or from the empire of China ? 
or from ourself (the sultan of Menangkabau)? 

. Hind. ^*^ hairs, pils, bristles, 
Meng-ilang-kan rambut deri kapdlaatau 
rdtna deri-pada badan to remove hairs from the 
head or pilas from the body. RUma ddhi kdda 
hairs on the forehead of a horse. Segala buluh 
rumd-nia itu-pun bcr-dlri seperti jdrum rupd-nia 
all his hairs (a monkey's) bristled up like needles. 
RUma dua lei two hairs. Nejis rQma segala 
bangkei bendtang dan biduh-nia dan rambUt-nia 
hair of the carcase of every beast is unclean, as 
is wool, and the long hair (of tail or mane.) 



^^jj ruman the husk of grain, chafl^. 

•y^iJ ''""''^" ^^^ person ; shape, figure. 
ruman the pores. 


i^.j rumah 

a house, habitation. De muka ru- 
mah amba in front of my house. Rumah bdtu 
a brick house. Rumah ber-pangkat dua a 
house of two stories. Rumah kuda a stable. 
Menegga rumah to set up or build a house. 
Isi rUmah household, family. De rumah at 


home. Ortiug tang samhSyang de rutnalHiia 
persons who perform then- devotions at Lome. 

cuJjj. runut trace, track, mark left by any thing 
in its passage. Filaments resembling the fa- 
brick of the loom which envelope tlic stems of 
young coconut trees. Memtrut rtimd-nia to 
follow its track. 

154 ^^ 

thousand less one hundred, 
iifteen hundred. 


ruah or ruwah to call at a distance, to holla 
to; to call out. Rtiuh Tpemmpuiin Hti kamdri 
call yonder woman hither. Apa-blla de ruah 
orang angkau when people call you, or holla 
to you. IjCiIu iya me.-ruah srgala rdj/at-nia he 
then called out all his subjects. Ter^uah sa- 
ma-mma called together. Sa-rndh-ayi and ha- 
ruah the distance at which a call may be heard. 
Ampat korruah Jauh-nia its distance was about 
four calls. 

f ^j . ruzcei-ruwei a bird of prey. (Vid. fjj • 
ruk-ruk.) Ruwei-ruwei hangkei another spe- 
cies, which feeds (as the term implies) upon 

^^j ruhsiya, Hind. '^^^ a secret, mystery ; 
a secret design or enterprise. Secret, myste- 
rious. Pe-turoh rahsiya a depositary of se- 
crets. Adu'lah ka-luar rahsii/d-nia his secret 
was divulged. De katd-kan-nia segala rahsiya- 
via he informed him of all their secret de- 
signs. Mem-bukd-kan kdta rahsiya to reveal 
mysterious words. Khabar rahsiya secret in- 

4_^ , r'lba the lap. To take on the lap. Z)e 
sambut-nia anak de ribd-nia she took the child 
upon her lap. Permisdri-pun rabah pangsan 
de ribd-an anakda the queen fell senseless into 
the lap of her daughter. Me-riba istri-nia took 
his wife on his lap. (It must be recollected 
that the mode of sitting is upon mats on the 

^^j ribu andj^j rlbU thousand. Sa-rlbu a 
thousand, or one thousand. Kdrang sa-rdtus 
dua ribu one thousand nine hundred, or two 

Taiigah dua ribu 

Ui^j ribut and i^j^j rlbut a storm, tempest, 
squall. Turun-lah rlbut tufdn tang bahdri an 
equinoctial hurricane came on. Rlbut deri alu- 
wan a squall a-head. 

U^j risa a wen, bump, swelling. 

^j rlsd rumpled, tumbled (as clotli.) 

fc..j . risau a person of debauched manners; a 
vagabond, lawless person, outlaw, one whom 
his family have cast off. Dua tlga orang tang 
risau man two or three persons who were 
utterly profligate. Jekalau risau orang me- 
nunggu-nia pesti risau pula bdniak dutang ko' 
rumah Itu if the person who occupies the house 
be a person of debauched character, certainly 
it will be frequented by many others of the 
same description. 

i-j I rtang the caterpillar. 

Jcj rlrigan and ^JtiA arlngan light in weight, 
or in consequence. Tidda brat rlngan sdja it 
is not heavy but light. Amba ddulu ter-ldlu 
sdkit seperli akan mdti rasd-nia ada-pun akan 
sakdrang Ini ter-ldlu ringan lately I was very 
sick and seemed to be near dying, but at this 
time feel very light, or much relieved. Mc' 
ringdn-kan saildh kdki deri-pada sa-bldh-nia Idin 
to rest less weight (in standing) upon one leg 
than upon the other. 

Jj , real, Poet, a Spanish dollar, real de prata, 
(usually passing current for five shillings Eng- 
lish). Real mdda a rix-doUar (being to the 
Spanish in the proportion of 19 to 24). 

L~^j nrriba the woods. (Vid. L_-.vt. rimba.) 

fj-y^j rlmis or remis a species of shell-fish, razor- 
fish, donax. 

y^j ritnau and **JJS harhnatt a tiger. (Vid. vw J» 


y.j *"'!y" ^^^ name of a port in the island of Bin- 
tang, commonly written Rhio. Ada-hh hom- 
pant wolanda me-laffggar rij/u andalc meng-illah- 
Jcan orang bugis dan anduk meng-aiigkat raja 
maldt/u the Dutch Company is attacking Rhio, 
with the intention of subduing^ the Bugis people 
and setting up a Malayan prince. 

jjrfL J r'lwdsa date, period. 

ijj riyuh boisterous mirth, tumultuous joy; loud 
expression of grief. Joyous, noisy; loud in 
lamentation. Jungan kama riyuh dan gah nd- 
ma meniebut piiji tang tiada Idt/ik dangan diya 
do not from exultation and vanity attribute 
praises which are not suitable to liini. Riyuh- 
lah iya dangan tumpik surak-nia they were 
joyous, with loud shoutings. Pada kotlka tang 
riyuh at a joyful moment. De dan"gar-nia 
bunyi orang menangis ter-tulu riyuh he heard 
the noise of people weeping with loud lamen- 
tation. RiyHh-lah bdnyi rdtap loud Mere the 
sounds of their dirges. 

J s (soft), the letter named \j za. 

i-iU zddah, Pers. a child, offspring. Shah zd- 
dah a king's son. Hardm zddah an illegiti- 
mate child. 

OJk^j zahid, Ar. a recluse, Rermit, devotee. 

jV J zabdr, Ar. the Psalms (of David). 

t_-.ij zabib, Ar. raisins of the sun (without 
perceptible seeds ; the , '.-k'-^ kishmish of the 

■j,j %irha or *_> j zTrah, Pers. a coat of mail. 
' (Vid. ^j rantci.) Meindkd zirha tang sini- 

155 ^) 

sini khaUcah-nia wore coats of mail formed of 
the finest links. Langkap dangan bdju zirha 
dan bdju rantei completely furnished with coats 
of mail of different textures, 

jlij zalult, Ar. alms (regulated by law and dis- 
tinguished from ajjuj sadakat or voluntary 
alms), tax, assessment, poor's rate. Fddl za- 
kdt religious contribution. Tiadd-lah kena zc- 
kdtartaUu tliose articles arc not liable to the 
assessment. Hdrus fueniardng akan long mc- 
nuhun znkdt it is allowed to put to death tliose 
who withhold the legal alms. Memindah-kan 
tampat sopdya jdiigan kena zakdt lang zcdjib to 
change residence in order to elude the payment 
of the usual contribution, 

j^U) zemdn^ Ar. time,, times, agCj period. Ze- 
man ddtdu ancient or former times. Zemdn 
sukdrang at present. Pada zemdn itu in those 
times. Akhir zemdn tlic end of time. Deri- 
pada zemdn nenek kdmi from the days of our 
forefathers. Zemdn mi tcr-ldlu sukar tlie pi» 
sent times are very hard. 


Jjj^j zamrud, Pers. an emerald. Anak chdchu 
tnahd-bisnujuga tang warna luboh-nia ijau seperti 
zamrud the descendants of ISLahd Visnu alone 
have bodies green as an emerald. 

tj zind, An. adultery; fornication. Jdngan 
anak-ku ber-buat zind dosd-nia besdr do not, my 
son, commit adultery, the crime is great. Ber'- 
zind to commit adultery. 

Cj zengt and ^Xaj zenggl, Pers. Ethiopian. 
Jyd-lah anak raja zengi he was the son of aiv 
Ethiopian king. 

*jV) zazcddaJi, P&rs. store, stock, provision. 

jbj zahra or zahar, An. bright, shining, flaming. 
Ralna zahar a spai-kling gem. ijtj zahar at the 
planet Venus. 

ij:^j zeit, Ar. the olive. Miniak zeitun olive 

«j J zlrahy Pers. a coat of mail. (Vid. «J zirha-X 
X 2 

156 V 

well ! good ! bravo ! Sabas raja palawan demi- 


^u, 5 the letter named ^^ sin and **^ sJm. 

\) se an inseparable adverbial particle. St-klra- 
klra about, according to guess. Se-lama as 
long as. Se-ienar certainly. 

j^and 'L sa a, an, one; (a contraction ofcjL 
satu.) Sa-rumah a house. Sa-hiji one seed. 
Kapala sa-bdtu one head. Negri sa-buali one 
town. Jdwl sa-lkur or s''lkur one head (tail) 
of cattle. Pedang sa-kepeng one sword. Kclin 
sa-lei one piece of cloth, Perampuan s'orang 
one woman. Anak laki-laki s^orang one boy. 
(The most of the foregoing phrases being 
idiomatic cannot be literally rendered). Sa- 
bids eleven. Sa-rdtus a hundred. Sa-kdli 
once, at once. Sa-rupa alike. Sa-ndma name- 
sake. Sa-mdlam yesterday or one night past. 
Sa-satu each. Sa-s'drang each and every per- 

ija si and ^^ si a particle prefixed to proper 
names, as si-Binlatig, si-Pdti/), si-Jdj/a; but 
confined to the ndma daging original or birth- 
name, and not applied to the gdlar or name of 
manhood. It is also prefixed to personal epi- 
thets of contempt, as si-nejis ini this dirty fel- 
low, perampuan si-kutok Ini this accursed 

4_jU sdba to seek often, have frequent inter- 
course, be familiar with. 

jL> sabar deadly, mortal, desperate, violent, 
fierce, destructive. Orang ber^rdng itu ter- 
Idlu sdbar the men were engaged in mortal 
conflict. Ber-pdgut tcr-ldlu sdbar pecked (at 
each other) most fiercely. Mendngis ter-ldlu 
sdbar wept very bitterly. 

j_^U sabas and j^L-i sabus, Pers. (jjiLli,) 

klan-lah rupd-nia ulubdlang tang bardnl well 
done, my princely heroes. This conduct is 
worthy of intrepid wamours. Sdbas angkau 
hei orang muda well done, O young man! 

VjL, sabong to flash, gleam, burst or dash out. 
To fight as game cocks. (Vid. s oL) sdbong), 
Sdbong-menidbong to flash out at intervals, to 
sally forth and return, to encounter and re- 
treat. Kilat sinjatd-nia long sdbong-menidbong 
ka-adara the lightning of their weapons which 
flashed in the air. Cliayd-nia sdbong-menid- 
bong de-ddlam asap bedil its brightness gleamed 
at intervals amidst the smoke of the guns. Se- 
perti angin-pun ber-tiup sdbong-menidbong like 
wind blowing in gusts. Maka ka-dua flhak 
tantard itu-pdn sdbongrmenidbong and the ar- 
mies opposed to each other made and sustain- 
ed attacks. Bitni/l-nia sdbong-menidbong tha 
sounds weie heard at intervals. 

jijL sdbok a man's belt, girdle, or sash; the 
girth of a saddle. To gird. Ter-bdbat ping- 
gang-nia dangan sdbok his waist was girded 
with a belt. Ber-sdbok chindl girt with a sash. 

CA^U sdbrd the dry and fibrous husk of the coco- 
nut. Tdlt sdbut coir-rope. 

cjjU sdbong to fight cocks. Cock fighting. (Vid. 
'jjL sdbong.) Ai/am sabong or sabong-an a 
game cock. Jdngan anak-ku ber-mdin sdbong 
do not my son indulge thyself in cock-fighting. 
cj.<U« menidbdng to fight a cock. 

cU sdtu and yL- sdtu one ; a, an. (Vid. ^0 
sa and CLi\y^ sudtw.) Dda puluh sdtu twenty, 
one. Salu-pdn tidda there is not one. 

ij'U sdtang or t,",- settang a pole. 

_L and _l^ sdja only, but only, merely. Sedi- 
kit sdja a little only. Sa-bantar sdja only a 
short time, awhile. Begltu sdja merely so. 
Jekalau demiklan sdja if it be merely so. Jeka 
ter-tikam mdli.sdja if he be stabbed (in conse- 
quence of having given a blow) it is simple 


wurd6r, or man-slaughter. Bukan Itu rumah 
iang tinggal sdja tliat was not a house left un- 

ij>X^ siiji and <s^ saji. Hind. ^c-^-jJ to prepare, 
dish, serve up (victuals). Ber-sajl nasi to pre- 
pare and serve up rice. Tiidong saji covers for 
victuals served up. .i**;^ saji-an a service of 
meat, a dish of victuals, an entertainment. Pe- 
gang sajl-an nasi held a dish of boiled rice. 

^Li sakir, Ak. a sorcerer, magician. Witchcraft. 

(^jL> sadop a scythe ; a sickle. Mengatam dangan 
sadop to reap with an instrument of the sickle 
kind (instead of cropping the ear or head of 

c ^ ^ 

i^Li saral loaded, full-laden, full. To load. 
Ajdng sdrat a loaded junk. Sarat-lah kapal 
itu balum jua ber-lut/er that ship is full-laden, 
yet does not sail. Maka padang itu-fun sural' 
lah dangan bangkei the plain was loaded with 
dead bodies. 

c .L> sarang a nest. Sarang burong a bird's nest ; 
the edible bird's nest. Sarang lazca-luwa a 
spider's web. Sarang madu or sarang lebah 
the honey-comb (also called indong madu); a 
nest or hive of bees. 

c jL sarang to assault. (Vid. c^ sarang.) 

c ,L> sarong a sheath, scabbard, case, Pedang 
iang ber-ulu-kan pualam dan ber-sdrong-kan amas 
a sword with a hilt of precious stone and a 
scabbard of gold. Sinjatd-nia ter-unus-lah deri- 
pada sdrong-nia their weapons were drawn out 
of their scabbards. Sdrong tdngan or sarong 
juri a thimble. Kdin sdrong the body dress 
of the Malays. Kdin sdrong sUtra budt-an pa- 
lembang sa-lei one silk piece for this part of the 
dress, the manufacture of Palembang. 

tLa sdrdk to divorce, repudiate, turn off; to 
wean ; to desert. Jekalau kras laki-ldki andak 
sdrak if the husband be strenuous for a di- 
vorce. Ter-sdrak deri-pada siisu weaned from 

the breast. Jj.L* mmidrak anak to wean a 
child. Sopdya jdn~gan jddi sdrak drang pada 
kamadian-nia in order that men may not desert 
in future. 

cjjLi sdrong a sheath. (Vid. c .L. sdrong.) 

«;Li ^iirah to deliver, commit. (Vid. x^ sarah). 

(.:i,^L> sddt Hind, and Pers. a short space of 
time, moment, instant ; an hour ; interim ; 
juncture. Maka be-brdpa sddt li/a ber-jdlan 
when he had walked for a short time. Ada soi- 
sddt lamd-nia it is only a moment since. So- 
sddt Idgi a moment hence, presently. Sa-drl 
sa-mulam ij/d-itu dua pdluh ampat sddt a day 
and a night, that is to say, twenty-four hours. 

cLj sdnga dross ; snot, snivel. Cherrei-kan sdrfga 
deri-pada perak separate the dross from the sil- 
ver, (Bible). Sdnga ingiis emungere. 

cu^Lj sdngat extremely, excessively, very ; ex- 
treme, excessive. Sdngat niesghul all-nia his 
heart was extremely troubled. Mingkin sdngat 
ii/a mendngis the more exceedingly did she 
weep. Deri-pada sdngat takdt-nia from ■her 
excessive apprehensions. 

(_JL» sdpa to address, speak to, apply to ; to 
challenge (as a sentinel) ; to warn. Se-telah 
de sapd-nia having addressed him. Andak-lah 
kdmu menidpa aj/anda-mu you should speak or 
apply to your father. 

Ui sdpat a species of fish. 

tjL) sdpang or j_r.j seppang the sapan or Brazil 
wood, used in dying; cassalpinia sappan, L. 
It is supposed to be the same as the Ju red wood 
of the Arabs. 

JU. sdpd and u-sL *"pw to sweep, wipe, brush, 
stroke, rub over. A broom ; a rod. De sapu^ 
nia rdmah she swept the house. Meniapu 
mdlut dangan 1\;^ sapd-tdrTgan to wipe the 
face with a handkerchief, Ldlu tUik dijer mald- 
nia Iang seperti umbun rupd-nia maka segrd-lah 

U 158 

de sapu-nia datfgan changgei-nia her tears there- 
upon fell (upon her cheeks) like drops of dew, 
but she immediately brushed them away with 
the long nail of her little finger. JDe sapu-nia 
Tnuha anah-nia he stroked the face of his child. 
Sapn dangan mlniuk to rub over with oil. 
3IenJddi amba-pemupu became a servant-sweep- 
er or housemaid. 



^L sapi, ^^^ sapl, and ,_^£w sampi, 
" liinc, oxen"; beef. Jenis-jinis bcncitang seperii 
harbau sap'i dan hiida different sorts of cattle, 
as buffaloes, oxen, and horses. Sapl jantan 
a bull. Sapl betina a cow. Anah sapi a calf. 
Sapl luut the sea-cow, trichecus. Mhiiak sapl 
butter. Idrig tan buat meniak sapl lembu one 
who knows how to make cow-butter. 

C ^ ^ 

i^U sakat a bar. (Vid. tr^ sakat.) 

i^L sakil sick, diseased, sore, hurt. Sickness. 

Ldlu sdkit matl-lah raja llu the king then fell 
sick and died. Puit sukit or sukit puyah dead- 
ly sick. Sukil de tampdr-l sore from blows 
inflicted. Ubat sukit kapiila medicine for the 
head-ach. Sakit all resentment, malice ; bear- 
ing a grudge. Sakit atl-nia akan orang itu 
seperti de pdgnt alar rasa-nia their minds were 
envenomed against that man, as if they had 
been bitten by a snake. cu^Uj penidkit sick- 
ness, distemper. Apd-kak penidkit-nia what is 
her complaint ? ■ / ^ korsakit-an hurt, sore. 

^U> sdkei a servant, follower, dependant. A 
district, fief. Be-brdpa sakei-nia sudafi ka-ldar 
deri-pada negrl many of his dependants have 
come out of the city. Maka it/d-pdn ber-hadler- 
lah dangan segala sdkei-nia he made his appear- 
ance with all his dependants. Maka amba-pun 
s' orang sdkei pada tuan I am as a serving-man 
to you. Idng memegang sdtu sdkei kdrna negrl 
acheh de bhdgi tiga who held possession of one 
district, the country of Achin being divided into 

the ruit]/ of Bengal ; glycine abrus, L. abrus 
maculatus, Bat. Trans, vol. v. Being used as 
a gold weight it is named saga timbdng-an. 
(Vid. i^\j rdkat.) Sudtu Jliii^ miskdl brat 
nia tiga pUluh anarfi saga one miskal (an Ara- 
bian weight) is equivalent to thirty-six of the 
scarlet pea. ^^ t^L saga puhn or ij' \j ^jy^ 
konddri-bdtaiig a scarlet or coral bean, much 
larger than the abrus and without the black spot ; 
adenanthera pavonia, L. the candorin weight 
of China, being the hundredth part of a tail. 

cLTL sdgu and y L sdgu sago, the farinaceous 
and glutinous pith of a tree of the palm kind 
named ^g-^j ruinbiya. 

j_j^L sdgi and oL sdgi the side of a square, 

cube, or other regular figure. Tinggal sa- 
sdgi Idgi one side still remains. Tiap-tiap sudtu 
sagl-nia sa-hasta every one of its sides (mea- 
sured) a cubit. Ampat per-sdgl four square. 

(.::^L! sdlat or sellat 
cs-Xa scddt.} 

a strait of the sea. (Vid. 

tJlfU saga the scai-let pea with a black spot ; JL salin and ^JL sdlin to pour from one vessel 

sdlut to plate, overlay, line. Ter-sSlut 
dangan amas atau dangan prdda plated with 
gold or with tinsel. Tcr-sdlut dangan kdi/Ut 
overlaid or lined with boards. ^.Lj penialdt'- 
an plating, covering, or lining; wainscot, 
Sdlut gigl the plating of the teeth. 

iJL salang or TJljJU sdlang-all-dll the bight 
or middle of a sTing. 

jJL salang an island near tlie entrance of the 
Straits of Malacca, belonging to Siam, usually 
called Junkselon, being a coiTuption of ujong^ 
salang or sdlang-T^ovat. 

VJLi sdling ta entertain, lodge, harbour. 

jjlU sdlak to bark, yelp. Menidlak to bark at, bay. 

^^^sdhk a species of the rolan or rattan-cane, 
producing an acidulous edible fruit ; calamus 
zalacca. Gocrt^ 


into another, to draw or rack off"; to shift or 
change (dress); to translate; to transcribe. 
Se-telah sudali mandl maka lalu her-sulin kdin 
lasdh-an-nia as soon as she had bathed she 
changed her dress. Ber-sulin namd-nia took a 
new name. Kitdb tang de per-salin orang deri- 
pada bhusa drab a book translated from the 
Arabic, Per-sdlin a change of raiment, dress. 
Per-sdlin long mul'ia a magnificent dress. Pa- 
kei-an sa-persdlin tang Idik dangan dlya one 
change of dress, or suit, befitting him, De 
■ J,,. ; per-sal'in-l-nia ulih sri rdvia dangan kdin 
ihdah-indah they were invested by Sri Rdma 
with valuable dresses. Ber-sdlin riipd-nia dan 
zsarna tuboh-nia they transformed themselves, 
and changed the colour of their bodies, n 

tjJl- salendang a scarf, sash. 

' salsndang.) 

(Vid. ^dJ<^ 

jJU sdlah wrong, faulty, erroneous ; guilty. A 
fault, crime, offence, error, mistake; guilt. 
Sdlah de bllang wrong told or counted. Sdlah 
tuan-punia ilong-an your computation was er- 
roneous. Angin sdlah a contrary or foul wind. 
Mdna ada saldh-nia where does his fault ap- 
pear ? Apd-kah sdlah beta ka-bdwah dull shdh 
fdam maka beta de tangkap what is my offence 
against the majesty of the king of the world, 
that occasions my being in custody? Mdli 
orang itu dangan saldh-nia that man was killed 
through his own fault. ^J^'^ ka-saldh-an 
fault, offence. Beta tdkut kalo-kalo men-jddi 
ka-saldh-an ka-pada tuan I fear that possibly I 
may have been guilty of some oflFence towards 

', or some intrusion upon you. ^L« menidlah to 
make wrong, to falsify, to put at fault ; to im- 
pute a fault. Segrd-lah iya me-lompat menid- 
lah-kan tlkam rdja ilu he instantly jumped 
aside, and thereby eluded the king's thrust. 

^U suleh individual, distinct, particular. Idng 
sdleh s'' orang namd-nia one individual of whom 
was named .... Se-bagimdna suleh s'' orang 
sudah-lah meng-ambat sa-rdtus how is it that 
one individual should pursue an hundred ? 

Pada sdleh siidtu jdlun by one particular roa.1 
Sdleh sitdtn ka-ditd-nia ilu one of those two. 
Jeka hcr-fdiah sdleh sudlu deri pada tlga per' 
kdra long ter-sebut Un if any one of the three 
circumstances above-mentioned should undergo 
a change. 

aL- sdma, IIiND. T^^ same, alike, equal, on a 
level with ; together, along with, at the same 
time or place. Rupd-nia sdma their appear- 
ance is the same or alike. Rdja bangsdwan 
sdma seperti bdpa tuan putrl a chief of noble 
lineage, equal to that of tlie father of the 
princess. Tidda sdma dangan dull tudnku is 
not on a level with your majesty. Sdma meng' 
ddu gdgah dan perkdsa they displayed equal 
might and valour. Ka-dud-nia-pun sdma ber' 
sinT/um they both smiled together. Sdrrm md- 
nusia fellowKireature. Sdma aniba fellow- 
servant. Sdma rdta on a level. Sdma tdra 
equal, a match. Sdma juga all the same, all 
alike, 'tis all one. Sdma jdhat juga equally 
wicked. Rdja samd-nia rdja dan dczca samd- 
nia dewa King along with king and deity witli 
deity. Sdma ada bcr-ubah di/er llti alau tlada 
whether the quality of the water be changed 
or not. r*L) sdmn-sdma or aL-^-j sama-sdma 
together, along with. Pergl-lah sama-sdma 
dangan laman-mu go along with your com- 
panion. Ber-sama-suma rdj/al deri gunong to- 
gether with the people from the hills. ^'U-j j 
ber-samd-an comparison, putting in competition ; 
equality. *lwo menidma to render even, put 
on a level, equalize, assimilate. Andak-lah iya 
menidma dangan kUa he attempts to put him- 
self on a footing with us. Tidda s^orang mekh- 
luk meniamd-l baginda itu there was no created 
being who could compare with that monarch. 
S^ orang mdnusia-pun tidda de meniamd-i dangan 
diya no one of human kind could be set in 
comparison with her. 

ytVt sdmar and j,k-» samar to disguise, assume a 
disguise; to spy; disguised. Maka de sdmar- 
kan ber-suko'-sukd-an but he disguised it under* 
the appearance of joy. Tuhan-mu tdu bdrang 

tang sumur thj lord knoweth whatever is dis- 
guised. ^L< meniumar to disguise; to per- 
sonate; in disguise. Maka sell dewi-pun du- 
duk-lah meniamar-kan dirl-nia ka-pada berala Hit 
now Sett Dewi was sitting down (in the pago- 
da) and personating one of the idols. Dalang 
meniumnr came in disguise. Masuk-lah menia- 
mar pergi men-chdri orang llu he entered in 
that he might seek for the person. 
i\J peniumar a spy, one who assumes dis- 

:Li^ sazcat slung (as a belt), girt, strung. Ber. 




,U../ ka-samar-an a disguise; in dis- 

j^L sumak to dress, prepare, cure, tan (a hide). 
Sdmak dangan kdpur alau dangan tui burong 
to dress or cure with lime or with the dung of 
birds. Kiilit bangkei iang baluni de sdmak a 
raw hide. 


,L. sdmun to rob (travellers), to plunder or 
strip. Orang iang de samun-nia ddlam utan ttu 
the man whom he robbed in the wood. Arta 
iang de sdmun orang prdu sa-buah dangan mudt- 
an-nia the property which the people stole, was 
a praw with its cargo. Orang per-riimpak sd- 
mun deldut pirates. Mari-lah kita pergi ^\^ 
mcnidmun sopdi/a ada-lah akan rezeki kita come, 
let us go and rob, that we may have food to 
eat. .j*oIj penidmun a robber. Pang-ulu pe- 
tiidmun a chief of robbers. Orang penidmun 

^Li Sana there, yonder. Ka-sdna thither. De- 
sdna yonder. Deri-sdna thence. Sdna sini 
here and there, at random. 

^U sdnak relation, kin. Tidda ber-sdnak he 
has no relations. Sdnak sudaru-nia akan mem- 
hdyer vilang-nia his relations w ill pay his debts. 

^Ui sdnak or ^^i«j sanak pain, spasms. Sdnak 
prut gripes. Menumbuk dadd-nia maka iijd-pun 
CI-, . J,-'. . < ka-sanak-sandk-un struck him violent- 
ly on the breast, which occasioned spasms. 

iU) sdnan there. (Vid. ^^Us sdna.) 
•L sdu to shut, to close. A cover. 

sdzcat sandang having a belt slung. Pe-sdzcat 
bands; strings of jewels or other personal or- 

^jjLj sdwan fits, convulsions. Sdwan gila epi- 
Icpsy. Sdwan bangkei apoplexy. 

nX^ sduh an anchor, grapnel. Tdlisduh a cable. 
Sduh besi an iron anchor. Bagi sduh mengan- 
dong bdtu to attach a stone to a (wooden) an- 
chor. Men-jatuh kan sduh to let go the anchor. 
Sauh-niajdtuh mariain de pdsang-nia her anchor 
being dropped, she saluted. Ular sduh or sau 
the largest kind of snake, boa constrictor. 

^jLj suwah or sauwah ground appropriated to 
plantations of padi or rice in low, wet situa-- 
tions. Pudl sdwah the grain produced in such 
ground. De bili-nia sdwah ttu he has pur- 
chased that plantation. Ldwas sawdh-nia his 
rice-fields are extensive, 
to plough a rice-field. 

Menanggdla sdwah 

^.L sdwei a bird of a bluish black colour, ha- 
" ving two very long feathers in the tail. 

ts^U sdhut and CJ^ saut to answer, reply; 
an answer, reply. De saUt-nia dlih anak-nia 
he was answered by his son. i.::,^^* menidhut 
and tiJy-»c meniaut to reply to, answer. , Me- 
niaut kdta istrl-nia to answer what his wife said. 
MeniaUt saldm to return a salute or compli- 
mentary address. S'orang-pun tidda de ^^ 
sadt-i-nia to not one person did he make an 
answer. Amba-pdn andak ^j^ meniahdt-i I 
wished to make a reply. Tunduk tidda bcr-kdta 
seperti de said-l dangan ai/er mdla she bowed 
without speaking, seeming to reply with her 

^L sdya a slave. Pronoun of the first person. 
" (Vid. ^\^ sdj/a.) 

(.^^jU sdi/it ■ to slice, slice oflF. Ber-sdi/it kQlop 
lo cut the foreskin. u-uL* menidi/it ikon, to 
slice (crimp) fish. 


-jU sat/d, An. wandering, straying. 

i-jL sai/ang pity, concernj liking, regard, ten- 
der affection; to feel pity, regard, &c. Merciful, 

K tender, compassionate, anxious. 'Tis pity! 

~ alas ! Tiuda-lah sai/ang lugi rupu-nia they no 

longer appeared to feel compassion. Jungan 
diija sdyang let him not be concerned. Ber-uti 
sat/xing having a compassionate heart. Sui/ang 
sema sdi/a woe is me! j-:;t^ meniat/ang to 

^JA.... sai/up and sui/ap wings. Ampar-kan sayup 
to spread the wings. Ber-lindong d'e-bawuh 
sayup-nia to shelter beneath its wings. Patah 
sai/up-nia tang ka-dica bla/i broke both its wings 
(or of both sides). 

<_a)U sdi/op deep, hollow (in sound), sonorous. 
Guruh-pun her-hunyi-hh sdi/op-sdi/op the tliuu- 
der sounded in deep peals, limyi-huny'i-an 
suyo'p-sdyop ka-daiigar-an sonorous musical in- 
struments. Suyop bunyi biblr-nia his voice was 

jj-'L) sayiir and jL sayur greens, culinary herb- 
age. Sdi/ur bui/ang amaranthus oleraceus. 
Sdi/ur kaldpa olus calappoides. Suyur puku 
filix esculenta. 

cjLj sc-bdrang whatsoever, wheresoever, whi- 
thersoever; some. (Vid. c^b barang.) Se- 
hdrangpergi whithersoever you go. Se-bdrang 
akan karja ba'tk-lah segra whatever is to be done 
'twere well to do quickly. 

/Lj sa-bagei one division or portion. (Vid. ^h 

VU-: se-bdgei like, as. (Vid, <j bagei.) 

^J^[f^ se-bugimdna how, in what manner, by 
what means ? (Vid. ^J^tjL baghndna.) Se- 
hdg'imdna ber-uJih k'lta meng-ambel pedang ilu 
how shall we effect the taking away that sword ? 


Lmi sa-bdu'n of the same way of thinking ; re- 
conciled to each other, familiar. ( Vid.jb bdu.) 

i,U-i sebdwah a hog. (Vid. J,\) bubh) 

jLiL-j se-buniak as much as, as well as. (Vid. 
^jj\s bdniak.) Jekalau ada iejan se-bdniak pdnas 
if there be rain as well as heat. Se-idniak (or 
sa-bdniak) Idgi as many more. 

c_-~wi sebdb, An. cause, reason, motive, argu- 
ment. Because, by reason of. Apasebdb-ttia 
what is the reason of it ? Ulih sebdb Ilu by 
reason of that; from that motive. Ter-kddaiig 
ber-ubah darfgan tlga sebdb ordinarily the change 
proceeds from three causes. De tahdn-i juga 
sebdb iya mdbuk he forbore, seeing he was in- 
toxicated. Sebdb deri-pada sdngat takiit-nia by 
reason of his extreme apprehension. Kdrna 
sebdb (synon.) because, by reason of. Deri 
kdrna sebdb ilu from that cause. 

m ^>,j sebut and CJiy^.- sehut to mention, tell, 
term, name. Segala ndma iang ter-sebul Ini all 
the names here mentioned. Maka ter-sebiit-Iah 
per-kald-an urang ddulii kdla now it is men- 
tioned in the sayings of people of ancient times. 
De sebut-kan namd-nia he named or called him. 
Meniebul-kan dij/a dangan ledah to mention it 
with the tongue, viva voce. 

t::.,ww) sdblu or ca«o saptu, An. the name of the 
seventh day of the week or sabbath of the 
Jews ; but the sixth day, ht^^ jiimdl, is by the 
Mahometans observed as the day of congrega- 
tion in the masques. The names of the first 
five days are merely numerical. Art sabtu or 
saptu Saturday. 

J:u-s se-betul truly, riglitlj. (Vid. J^j betiil.) 

<C'lsrUo subliunah, Ar. to be praised or glorified. 
Allah subhdnah xca tddla God ever to be praised 
and most high. 

sabda, Hind. W^s^ a command, order, 
mandate, law ; the word of God or of his Pro- 
phet; words spoken by a king or other high 
authority. To speak, say, pronounce (with 
dignity or solemnity). BagUu-lah sabda luan 
k'da such is our master's command. Raja su- 
dah ber-sabda the king hath said. Se-bemr-ma 


seperti sabda tudn-lm it is true as my lord hath 
said. Meiiurut huta jirman allah dan sabda ra- 
sul allah to obey the commandments of God, 
and the words of the prophet of God. 

c -»M) sabrang over on the other side (especially 
of water), beyond. To pass over to the other 
side. De sabrang sungci on the other side of 
the river, Jekalau angl;au ddlang deri sabrang 
Uud-an if you come from beyond the seas, 
t .--^ meniabrang uj/er to cross the water. 
Meniabrang tanjong to get to the other side of 
a point of land. Meniabrang drang to trans- 
port people (as at a ferry). Lulu ii/a menia- 
brang deri langlM-puri ka-pada tanah besdr he 
then crossed over from Selan to the continent. 
Prau .jiU-S peniabn'tng-an ada sa-biiah there 
was (at the place) a ferry boat. 

\ycj^ se-bcr-miila at first, in the first place, but 
first. (Vid. Jj<c niula. It is chiefly used 
where the attention of the reader is abruptly 
called off from one part of the subject to ano- 
ther: or when the thread is resumed.) Seber- 
inula de cheriLrd-kan idih drang tang ampTmia 
cheritera ini but in the first place it is related 
by the person who composed this story. 

Jjij^ saberhSna the whole, entire, complete. 
Ka-idas saberMna bumi over the whole earth. 
Saberhdna dri the whole day. Memdkei pakei- 
an saberhdna to wear a complete dress. 

, Z^ sabak or sabuk full to overflowing, 

To over- 
Tdhd akan de terbit-kan aj/er sabak ap- 
prehensive of its occasioning a flood. Ddrah- 
nia mengdlir seperti di/er sabak rupd-nia his 
blood issued from liim in a torrent. Tidda ber- 
ka-pidus-an seperti dyer sabak without cessation, 
like overflowing water. 

^ se-bagci like, as ; thus. - (Vid. J$o bagei.) 

Se-bagei kambang like a full-blown flower. 




the like of it. Tidda 
there is none like it, it has no fellow. Akan 
Idwan bdrang se-bagei-nia to contend with any 

such as those, 
of that sort. 

Bdrang se-iagei-nia any tiling 

jj*»j sabal to know, be aware of. 

J.^ scd>il afliicted, chagrined, mortified, melan- 
choly. MtndrTgis kdrija sdbil all-nia wept be- 
cause their hearts were afliicted. Tcr-ldlu sabil 
atl-nia me-Uat ka-laku-iin titan pptlri they were 
much grieved to observe the condition of the 
princess. Apd-kah muld-nia maka negtl irti ter- 
Idlu sabil rupd-nia may be the occasion of 
the gloom spread over this couiitry ? 

|Ju-i sa-blas eleven. 

<sL«j sorbldh one side, one half, the side of, the 
other side. (Vid. iii blah.) Kena luka sa-bldh 
mukd-nia received a wound on one side of his 
face. Kaldpa sa-bluh half of a coconut. Sw 
blah kdnan the riglit side. Sa-bldh suna the far 
side. X)e sa-bldh on one side ; on the other 
side. De .■!ad)ldh gunong on the other side of 
the mountain. De sa-bldh saldtan on the south 
or southern side. Bla-sa-bldh an univalve 
shell ; the limpet. Sa-bldh-kan to put to one 
side, to set apart. Orang-pTin-lah mdii sa-bldh 
aL-^ meniabldh there were persons killed on 
the one side and the other. Ber-diri-lah ij/a sa- 
bldh nieniabldJijdlan they stood up on each side 
of the road. 

sabantar awhile, a short time, immediately; 
whilst. Nanti sabantar wait awhile, stay a 
moment. Sabantar Idgi a short time hence, 
presently. Sabantar ini presently, without a 
moment's delay. Dangan sabantar ilu ji'iga at 
that very moment. Ada sabantar raja desllu it 
was whilst the king was there. Bdrang saban- 

tar tidak-lah dlam 
a moment. 

(the firing) did not cease for 

c jiX--j sebendarang over against, opposite, cor- 
responding or answering to. 

u^ se-bemtr certainly, truly. (Vid. jj benar.) 
Se-benar-tiia the truth of it; in truth. 



uu sabu filled up. (Vid. ,;^ sabaJc or Sahuli.) 
Sabu-han goha to fill up a cavern or Ciivity. 
Sabu-han Idnah pada Hang kuhur darTgan chm/'g- 
hil to fill up the grave by slioveling in tlie 
earth, ^r^^^ memabu-kan tunah daiigan dahd'i 
to svreep in the earth with a bough. 



CLV«-» sebut to mention. 

^ i^y^ se-buUh-brdih if possible; by all possible 
nieans. (Vid. ^^ hrdih.) Se-iulih-hillih pinta 
amha ha-pada orang kuya I beg of your ho- 
nour, that if it be possible. Se-buUh-buUh su- 
ya akan menolong tiuin I shall assist you if pos- 
sible, or by all possible means-. Me-lawan se- 
buUh-bulih to resist io the utmost of one's 

■^ safe/ and ^<^ tali], An. part of the dress, 
worn by males and females. Be ambel-nia 
hum sabei-nia de chunk dm she took her vest 
and tore it in two. Ta^hibar-kibar ponchd-nia 
sabci the trains of their dresses floated in the 

J^^ sahil, An. way, mode. Sabil allah the way 
of God; for holy purposes. lang pergi hcr- 
prang sabil allah who go to the holy wars. 

j\i^ se-tdra or m-tdra like, as if, quasi ; like to, 
the like of, comparable. (Vid. ^Ij tdra.) Se- 
tdra ber-kdbul deri patdni like a fog coniirtg 
from Patani (across the Malayan peninsula). 
Se-tdra dangan angkau tidda s'orang there is 
no person comparable to you. Jangan-kan se- 
tdra (idiom.) do not by any means; do nothing 
of the kind. Jangan-kan sc-ldra iudnrku ber 
ano'kat ka-negri itu maka pdtck sa-kali-an ini 
tidda de meng-lring-kan duU let not your high- 
ness think of setting out for that country, un- 
less all of us your servants are allowed to 
attend our sovereign. 

t\i^ se-ldu knowledge, privity. (Vid. jl; tdu.) 

U^ sutrd silk. (Vid. \jy^ sutra.) 

jj:^ satrit, Hind. SCf^ a foe, enemy, adversaiy. 

Mcn-judi iatru to become a foc. ]\[eng-usir 
satru to chase away the enemy. Jintdra ka- 
dud-nia sedckdla ber-salru between them both 
he was continually exposed to enemies. Jcka 
andak vien-dangar khabar tang jdhat tdnia pada 
satru-nia if it be the object to hear an ill report 
of him, make inquiry of his enemies. Dcri- 
tnand-kah ddtang-nia satru tudn-ku deri-pada bu- 
kit kdf-kah utau deri Idngit-kah ataii deri tujuh 
paldla humi-kah from whence come these ene- 
mies of your highness ? from the mountains of 
Kdf (which surround the world), from the 
skies, or from the seven infernal regions ? 



half, one half of. (Vid. ijj 

aJo-; se-telah after that, when, as soon as. (Vid. 
i\j teluh.) Se-telah rdja mc.-liat akan hdl ilu 
after that the king had seen into the matter. 
Se-telah dij/a ddtang when, or as soon as, he is 
come. Se4elah sudah iya ber-Jikir when he had 
duly reflected. 

J salau ^^ a wild beast; a 

tlS^ morga.) De-prr-nJjut-kan 

ijS.-» salwd or , 
tiger. (Vid 

Ulih satwd angkas may she be snatched away 
by wild animals 

ijj:^ sa-tuboh to copulate, have carnal know- 
ledge. Sa-tuboh dangan perampuan to lie with 
a woman ; (honeste dicitur.) 

,_fj^ stori, Port.- story, tale, fiction, folsity. 
Apd-kah stori kdmu wliat tale are you invent- 
ing ? Jangan-lah kdmu bdniak stori ka-pada 
amba do not you raise so many false stories 
against me. 

^z^ seti, Ah. a lady of rank; a matron, duenna. 
De iring-kan ddyang dangan seti she was fol- 
lowed by the maids of honour and ladies of the 
bedchamber, De tolong ulih seti ddyang, as- 
sisted by the ladies in waiting. Jekalau- seti 
tidak akan tagah if my duenna, or governess, 
forbid it not. 

^_ji«j and Ls»o satia. Hind. \\^k\ truth, faith, 

Y 2 

fidelity, allegiance, loyalty; faithful, loyal. 
Tiuda-lah iagoh satiCi-nia tlieir fidelity is not 
assured; their allegiance is not firm. Meng- 
ubah-kan safia to swerve from loyalty. Sumpc.h 
tal'ia an oath to be loyally observed. 

j^wi-j satiwan, Hind, ^^ijcj jW faithful, loyal, 

(Yid. jjl^ satia.) Orang satlwan a loyal per- 
son. Muzcafakat dan satlwan united in opinion 
and faithful. Sohbat satiwan kaml our trusty 
friend. Tanda sohbat tang ber-satiwan a token 
of faithful friendship. 

'U.-» *^'« since. Seja tuan tinggal-kan tampat ilu 
since you left the place. 

\^j^ sajali (rendered by the Ar. word (_^<) 
general, universal. Icing sajali dan iang tarn- 
hfit-an that which is general, and that whicli is 
restricted (in its signification). Arl't-niu lung 
sajatl-nia dan iang ber-hhnpun meanings which 
are universal and which are collective. Chaya 
alluh iang sajatl-nia ka-pada insdn the light of 
God which is general to all mankind. 

-s^ sejd,AR. rhyme; metre; recitative. Sejd- 
niajanggal its rhyme is discordant, or, metre 
defective. Makruh mem-bacha db% ilu dangan 
seja it is improper to read that prayer metri- 
cally, or, to chant it. 

cooling, refresh- 

^j^ sejuk cool, fresh, chill ; 

ing. Contented, easy, tranquil, happy. Sejuk 
deri-pada ayer umbun cool from the effect of 
dew. Tampat iang sejuk a cool place. Ujan 
sejuk cool rain. Mulatn ini san~gat-lah sejuk 
this night is excessively chill. Sakit kapalu- 
nia deri-pada sejuk dan dingin a headach from 
the effect of the cold. Samoa-nia sejuk ati-nia 
all of them were contented and happy. San gat 
sejuk amba ka-pada orang kaya kamandor I feel 
extreme good-will towards his honour the go- 
vernonr. ^jLs?^ meniejuk-kan badan to cool or 
refresh the body. 

0^ sejud, Ar. to prostrate the body (in 
prayer) ; to stoop, bow down ; to bow sitting ; 

IC4 Js-j 

to kneel. To adore, worship. Sejud ka-tdnah 
to bend to tlie earth, to fall prostrate. Sejud 
kapald-nia sampei ka-tdpak kdki baginda bowed 
his head even to the soles of his majesty's feet. 
Ddduk musing-musing de tampat-nia Idlu sejud 
sat down iu their respective places, and then 
bowed their bodies. Sejud meni'luk anakdd-nia 
stooped to embrace his child. Sejud dangan 
tujuh angguta iya-ltu ddhl dan ka-dua tdpak 
tdngan dan ka-dua Idtut dan prdt jdri kdki ka- 
dica prostration with the seven members, name- 
ly, the forehead, the palms of the two hands, 
the two knees, and the inside of the toes of 
the two feet. Seria ddtang lain iya sejdd mC' 
nidrap being arrived he then made obeisance by 
falling prostrate. 

jxiif' sajahtra peace, prosperity, welfare, safety ; 
virtue. Perfect, free from defect. Ddtang-lah 
iya dangan sajahlrd-nia sampei ka-pada rumah' 
via he returned in peace and safety to his own 
mansion. Sajahtra atas bdrang sidpa meng- 
ikutjdlan iang betul peace be upon all such as 
follow the right path (of religion). Add-kah 
sajahtra ddlam negri is there peace and security 
in the town ? Sdya iang sajahtra deri-pada se- 
gala alb a slave exempt from every vice or 
defect. Kanm drab iang sajahtra parangi-nia 
an Arabian tribe of a peaceable disposition. 

J.^,^ sejll, Ar. a register, scroll, schedule. 
Sudtu sejil iang ter-matri a sealed scroll. 

c i^s-* sechurang a piece of ordnance. Lepas 
sechurang dan rantdka guns of different sorts 
were discharged. 



sail check! (at the game of chess). 
sadar to reflect, remember, recollect, call to 

mind, recognise ; to recover recollection ; to 
awake from insensibility or distraction of 
thought, to revive ; to exercise the faculty of 
thinking. Ter-sadar-lah iya akan sudard-nia 
serdya mendngis called to mind his brother, 
and thereupon wept. Kdrna kahanda balum- 
nia sadar for she did not yet recognise her 

Ju- 165 

lover. Ter-sadar-kan kdsih bonda-nia reflected 
with tenderness upon her mother. Se-halika 
it/a sadar-luh deri-pada morchci-nia immediately 
upon recovering her recollection after swoon- 
ing. Sudur-hdi diri-pada minum-nia recovered 
from the effect of his cups. Akan mem-brlsadar 
ka-pada raja to give warning to the king. Arti- 
nia meniadar-mu the intent of it is to make 

f> you recollect. Atnpat art ampat mulam tidda 
meniadar during four days and four nights he 
did not recover his faculties. Sadar artl-nia 
j^3 the word sadar answers to the Arabic word 

fjji^ and ^Jj^x^ sadar una, Hind. ^IfpjTJl" 
moderate, medium, plain, indifferent, tempe- 
rate, decent, proper. Tuboh-nia sedang sa- 
dararia his person was of a moderate size. 
Tatkdia sadardna hadan deri-pada angat dan 
scjuk kring dan bdsah when the body is in a 
temperate or medium state in respect to heat 
and cold, dryness and moisture. 


' cjuj sedang and t_L) selang whilst, during, in 
the interval; for, seeing that; sufficient, 
enough ; moderately. Sedang amha tldor 
Ipjj. whilst I was asleep. Sedang ii/a s'orang dlri 
whilst he is alone; he being alone. Tatkdia 
rdja sedang semdijam at the time when the king 
was giving audience. De-manu-luh pdlek akan 
ddpat sedang orang tang besdr-besdr tidda 
mengarjd-kan dij/a how can it be expected from 
me, seeing that very great men are unable to 
_, effect it ? Sedang gadung large enough ; mo- 
1^ derately large. Sedang tuah middle aged. 
. Bungu-nia sedang ber-kambdng-an its blossoms 
were half^expanded. 

\_«A.. sedap pleasing, pleasant, gratifying, agree- 
able to the senses ; pleased, gratified. Deli- 
cate, dainty. Per-katu-an tang sedap manis 
pleasing or kind words. Sedap munis lakd-nia 
her manners were sweetly afltible. Makdn-an 
tang sedap grateful or relishing food. Sopdt/a 
sedap uti klla tliat our hearts may find pleasure. 
All-nia-pun ttadd4ah sedap rasd-nia his feelings 


were not pleasant, he felt sore. Kama amba- 
jmn sedang sedap tldor for I was still wrapt in 
pleasing sleep. Se-bagei bunga sedap de pdkei 
Idyd de bdang like a flower which is worn 
while grateful to the sense, and thrown away 
when faded. J\x^ seddp-an dainties, deli- 


Jl^Juj sadakdla, Hind. TR^T^iJ^ constantly, 
incessantly, continually ; usually, as formerly. 
(Vid. ^_^jwj sadla and Jl^ kdla.) Sadakdla sc 
perti art rdrja like a continual holiday. Sa- 
dakdla iya ber-suka-sukd-an juga dangan tuan 
putri he was continually solacing himself in 
the company of the princess. Seperti ddat sa- 
dakdla agreeably to established custom. 

*iU!jwj sadalinggam vermillion ; minium. 

jjuo sedu or siddu a hiccup, sob, gasp, sigh, strong 
or obstructed respiration. Menangis-lah iya 
sedu-sedu-i he wept and sobbed. 

TjJw) sudu-sudu the euphorbium ; euphorbia ne- 
riifolia, L. 

tlAJw) sedul envy, spite, malice. Pada seddt-nia 
diya biiat itu he did that through envy. Me- 
nicdiit to afliront, insult. 

*juj sudah, Hind. ^^ past, done, already; 
after ; finished, completed, ceased ; enough. 
It expresses the time perfectly passed. Baldm 
sudah not yet past or done; unfinished, in- 
complete. Sudah tin that being past; after 
that. Sudah-lah have done, cease, it is enough. 
Se-telah sudah mandi after he had bathed, or 
had done bathing. Sudah-kah putih kdin ttu 
maka sambuh-nia sudah tuim hath that cloth he- 
come white? and she replied, it hath, sir. 
Sudah bdsuk it is become rotten. Sudah dbis 
it is expended. Dendatn ta-sudah unceasing 
desire; endless expectation. Ji\s^ ka-suddh- 
an the conclusion, termination, consummation, 
completion. Ka-suddh-an tdun the completion 
of the year. ^j^\Jwj sudd-kan or ^J»\-i^ '"c- 
niuddh-i to complete, finish, fulfill. " Sudd-kan 

feehara ttu bring that affair to a ccnclusion. 
PrStt-pun ampir de siidd-kan he had nearly 
completed (the building of) the vessel. Mc- 
niuduh-l dhu-nia to comply with their prayers, 
fulfill their petitions. 

.X^ sadia former, original, ancient, of old time; 
•heretofore. Bawd-nia piilang ha-pada lampat- 
nia sadia carry her back to her former place (of 
confinement.) Adat'mngsadia ancient customs. 
Kafa-hlta orecng tang sddta the sayings of peo- 
'.ple in old times. MengambaU-han diri-nia imig 
'iadia itu restored himself to his former or ori- 
ginal shape. Tiadd-lah seperti sadia' kdla it is 
hot as formerly, or, in old times. Amba-mu 
sadia diam ddlam negr'i mi thy servant has for 
a long time dwelt in this country. 

^juj sedla ready, prepared; on purpose, ex- 
pressly. To make ready, prepare. Sakali-an 
laiigkap dan sedla every one was equipped and 
ready. Ddtarrg sedJa came prepared. Sedia 
dangan per-Mds-amila ready with their accou- 
trements. Ada-pun aim ddtang Ini sedia atiddk 
men-ddpat-kan titan amba I am cortie expressly 
with the design of finding (you) my master. 
Sedia-kan-lah llu get that ready, j^. V '"^"' 
yedla-kan to make ready, put in readiness. 

.JcJl-s se-dingin or ddun sedlngin a plant the 
leaves of which are supposed to communicate 
a cooling quality to water, and are much used 
in medicine ; cotyledon laciniata, L. 

i^iiJL'Jw. se-dlkit a little, a few. Ati-nia sedikU\ 
ber-ldin-ldin their hearts were a little estranged. 
Tirei ter-sangkap4ah sedlkit their curtains were 
drawn back a little. Jjju-pun mengdloh sedlkit 
she sighed a little. Sedlkit juga iang tinggal 
a few only remained. Jeka sedlkit selung-nia 
if the interval be short. Tiga pUluh rial lehih 
korang sedlkit thirty dollars, a little more or 

^\^ sorrdtus an hundred. (Vid. ^^\j rat us.) 

J" \ 

discharged from between the interstices of his 
teeth. Idng sirdt-an kuku-nia which is clotven 

yJ\^ se-rdsa or sa-^dsa as if, like. (Vid. ^Jij 
rasa.) Sc-rdsa badan dangan nidwa like body 
and soul. 

(Uilj-j sardsah, Pens, a sort of cotton cloth, syrash. 
Ada iang ber-salendang chindl dan ada iang ber' 
saJendans: sardsah some of them wore one sort 
of cloth, and some wore another. 

tl^LJ saruga a pillow ; a square cushion used 
for supporting the body. Sandar ka-pada ban- 
tal sardga to lean against the pillows or cu- 

fjij.^ sardna or j^Lj^^w pasuna sardna enchant- 

,Lo sa-rdwan a bunch (of fruit), a head (of 
corn) ; a set (of buttons). 

• Jb^-j surdhi a small bottle or flask with a long 
neck ; a flaggon. Sarbat de mlnum ddlam stc 
rdht drank wine from the flask. 

sirdt-an division, interstice. Jeka ka-liiar 
ddrah pada sirdt-an gigi-nia if blood should be 


^Lj serdi/a at once, at the same time, then, at 
that time, thereupon, withal, at, on. Maka 
inangda meniambah serdya menidpu dyer matd' 
nia the nurse spoke, at the same time wiping 
away her tears. De tertawd-nia serdya ber-kdta 
he smiled and then said, or, smiling he said. 
Raja-rdja samod-nia sejud serdya meni'luk kdki 
haginda the princes all bowed down and em- 
braced his majesty's feet. Serayd-kan to call 
together, to assemble in order to unite efforts. 
Bdlk-lah meniuruh ^\j^ ^1^ serdya-meniardya 
segala raja-rdja it is expedient to give orders 
for calling together all the (feudatory) princes. 

J\^ serdl, Per*-, a palace, public building. 
" Serdl malegei (syn.) the palace. Ber'takhta- 

kan de serdl bdlei enthroned in the hall of 

^L.. sardi lemon-grass. (Vid. ^^ sarei.) 


!_>-> serba furniture, appurtenances, utensils, 
vessels; stores; trinkets, ornaments. Serba 
r'lmah furniture of a house. Serba leaped ship- 
tackle and stores. Serba prang military stores. 
Tmnan Uu lungkap dangan serba biaiga-buitga 
the garden was completely stocked with flow- 
ers. Pakci-an hidah-iiidah dan serba JaHtmaS'On 
clothes of rare f ibrick and golden ornaments. 


serbiln, Pehs. 

a turband, cover for the 

kz^j^ sarbat wine: syrup. (Vid. tii-o^ sharbat.) 

(Jj~> serbuk pounded, bruised, reduced to small 
particles. Powder, dust. Maka de serbitk sa- 
kali-an Uu let all those (ingredients) be pound- 
ed together. Ganja serbuk pounded hemp, 
bang. Serbuk garagaji saw-dust. 

j;^ serbu to rush, push onward; to fall upon, 
attack, charge. Lrdu de serbu-kan diri-nia 
ha-drdam rdj/at ber-laksa he then rushed in 
amongst the ranks (of the enemy) which were 
in tens of thousands. ^^^,jr^ rnenierbu-kan dirl- 
nia ka-pada tidup tantara Uu charged the rear 
of the army. Liiri menierbu to run away pre- 

cy-j scrta with, along or together with, and ; 
as soon as, when, upon, thereupon. Orang 
kaya pangllma serla pangiduh dua-blas his ho- 
nour the chief, with the twelve magistrates. 
Meniuruh idubidang dangan t'lga puluh orang 
serta-nia pergi ka-sdna ordered an officer with 
thirty men to proceed thither. Kulit-nia lang 
tiada de mukan sertd-nia the rind which is not 
eaten along with it. Jekalau benar bela^un 
serta if it be a right measure, I shall be along 
with (you). Serla tabek with compliments. 
Serta it/a dfdang as soon as he comes ; upon 
his arrival. Serta tibu surat ini upon receipt 
of this letter. Idng Idgi mdu be-serta dangan 
diya who still chose to continue with or accom- 
pany him. CJ-^ menierta to agree, consist 
with. lya menkrld-l sdma-sdma they conspired 

cj^ scrdang the name of a place in the north- 
eastern part of Sumatra. 

*j-j sardam 

a musical instrument. Dijidi murl 
sardam bangsi vaiious musical instruments. 

^u*-) sirdazcah eructare. 

j^j^ sarsar, Pers. mad, foolish. 

A_:-j sarsah weeds, grass, useless vegetables. 
Sarsah de dlap vegetables growing on the 
thatch. Tainpat orang memuang sarsah a place 
where decayed vogetal)les are thrown, a dung- 
hill. Menidpu sarsah dan chumar to sweep 
away rubbish and dirt. 

^jlL-j saratdn, An. cancer, a sign of the zodiak. 

c -.1 sarang or %\^ surang to assault, attack sud- 
denly, fall upon, over-run, destroy, lay waste. 
Nischdj/a kUa sarang-lah negrl Uu assuredly we 
shall make an assault upon that city. Sakd' 
rang sudard-ku sarang-lah kvta now my fellow- 
soldiers attack the fort. Sarang4ah sakdli-sa- 
kdli segala rayal raja Uu destroy utterly every 
man of that king's army. Gruda-pun akan dd' 
tang meniarang negrl a griffin is approaching 
to lay waste the city. 

c,j.j serang whilst, during. (Vid. 

t^jj, sarap reasonable, moderate, cheap. Pinta 
dangan arga sarap. scdlkit I request that the 
price may be moderate. 

cjw) and ^J^ 


serak hoarse. Sudra serak a hoarse, rough 

Burong serak the screech-owl. 

i_"C- sarkap a trap. ^ 

(.liL, surga and Ci^j-s surga, Hind. ^^IJ hea- 
ven, the mansion of the blessed, the abode of 
spirits, Maka ter-buka-lah bagl-nia dua-ldpan 
pintu surga to him are opened the eight gates 
of heaven. Kdta jehrall odd-pun jdlan tang ka- 
kdnan Uu jdlan ka-ddlam surga said the angel 
Gabriel, the right-hand road is the road lead- 

ing to heaven. Lala de masuk-han-n'm ka- 
surga lok he then entered into the celestial 

iJj.j serhng a pit; miry hole. 

j,j^ saram standing on end (the hair), bristling. 
Horrour. Saram rambul-nia his hair stood on 
end. De saram-knn-tiia ruvia-nia the hairs of 
his coat (a moiJiej's) were made to bristle. 
Daging-ku sudah kena saram my flesh is affected 
with the sensation of horrour. 

i^j-^ sarambl a porch, portal, hall, entry, co- 
vered gallery, awning. Ka-luar lah ijja pergi 
ka-saramht he went forth to the porch. Turun- 
lafi deri-pada malegei ka-sarambi descended from 
the apartments of the palace to the hall. 

«_ft.c~j sarampang a fork or spear with teeth, a 

jA.<-.- sarampu a large sampan or canoe. (The 
Malayan vessels are usually raised upon a 5a- 
rampu bottom, in place of a keel.) 

jji^ serendi, ci-aJJJ«-! serendlt, and ijj^^o serendlh, 
Pers. a species of bird. Anak serendih de 
ganggang ulang the kite devours the young of 
this species. 

t^ , ^ .,V'.- serendlb, Hind, and Pees, the island of 
Selan or Ceylon. Tatkula iya ber-tupa ddlam 
pulau serendlb at the time when he performed 
penance (lived as a recluse) in the island of 
Selan. Pergi-lah arTgkau tidlk ka-atas gunong 
serendlb des^na-lak ada suutu bdlu etam tampat 
udam turun deri-dalam surga proceed thou 
(says Sell Dexol to Ilanuman) and ascend the 
mountain of Serendlb ; there thou wilt find a 
black rock, the spot where Adam descended 
from heaven ; (named in ourmapsAdam'sPeak). 

, .J saru to call; to proclaim ; to speak aloud to ; 
to call up (a spirit). Sudra orang lang ber- 
saru the voice of a person who calls. Seria 
iya ber-saru-saru mengata-kan rayat upon which 
he called out, to acquaint the people. Saru- 


lah ka-pada dewutormu call to your gods. Aban- 
tdra ber-suru saru-kan ndma bandhdra mcniuruh- 
kan ndik ka-balerong the heralds proclaimed the 
name of the high treasurer, ordering him to 
come into court. Orang tuah ilu-pun ber-saru- 
lah akan bungd-nia the old woman then cried 
lier flowers (for sale). Nanli amba saru jin I 
shall call up an evil spirit. 

j.^ serwa, Hind. ^(^ an army, host. Tuhan 
serwa sakall-un the Lord of all hosts. 

JLjAj serawdl, Ar. drawers, breeches. Serawdl 
panjang long drawers. Serawdl atclas satin 

^M-j siriija, Hind. ^1 0^ ^" aquatic flower, 
the lotos, nymphffia. (Vid. ^\j tardll.) 
Bunga siriija blru iang tur)ibuh de-ddlam Idul 
madu the blue lotos flower which grows in the 
sea of honey. Seperti biinga siriija kambang 
dan seperti bunga patma resembling different 
flowers of the lotos kind. 

(_jjy-> sa-rUpa, Hind. ^^^ alike, of the same 
appearance, resembling. (Vid. t_j.. ritpa.) 
Sa-rupa dangan kakanda-nia like his elder bro- 
ther. Memdkei ampat sa-rupa all four being 
dressed alike. ^^ ^ meniardpa to resemble, 
have the same appearance with. Jckalau de 
champur sudtu benda lang meniarupd-i dyer ilu 
if you mix with the water any thing which re- 
sembles it in appearance. 

ilSjj-^ serdk and Cj'jj^ seruk to enclose, con- 
fine (particularly water), a weir for fish. <, .^ 
seruk-an a creek, bight, cove, confined part of 
a river. Pada pdhak iang ber-seruk-seruk-an 
in a valley where there is a head of water. 
Anak seruk-an a sluice ; the stream through a 
sluice (mill-race). Ddrah-pun mengdlir ka- 
humi seperti anak seruk-an rupd-nia the blood 
ran down to the earth as (water) through a 

ijjj^ saruni to fence, play with weapons. 

jj.j-) sarunet 

bois-kind, loud and shrill 

y- 169 

a musical instrument of the haut- 
Sarunci dan naf'iri 
ber-ganti-ganti-an dan bnnt/i-bunyl-an gandarang 
the hautbois and the trumpet by turns, and the 
noise of the drums. Bunga sarunci chrysan- 
themum, L. matricaria, Bat. Trans, vol. v. 
Sarunei ayer verbesina aquatica, L. 

^Jis%f^ suruh-an 

a messenger, envoy. (Vid. Xjjm 

Sj^ sarah to yield, deliver up, surrender, resign, 
commit; to betray. Meniarah-kan dirl-nia hor 
pada tuifgan raja yielded himself into the hands 
of the king. Meniarah-kan makutd-nia dan alat 
ka-raja-an negrl he surrendered his crovrn and 
the ensigns of royalty. Sarah-kan-lah dirl-mu 
ka-pada allah commit yourself to (the protec- 
tion of) God. De mrah-kan anak dun ka-pada 
s'orang mdlhn he committed the two children 
to the care of a preceptor. De surah-kan-nia 
ka-pada rdi/at-nia he gave them in custody to 
his followers. 

,c^ seri, Hind. 5ft" complexion, the glow of 
animation. Seri-nia merah dcri-pada manikam 
her complexion was more ruddy than the ruby. 
Ser'i mukii-nia men-Jddi piichat the carnation 
hue of her fiice becan>e pale. Warna mukd-nia 
ber-serl-serl seperii dpi ber-nidla his countenance 
glowed like a flaming fire. 

^jj^ sri, Hind, ^fj" fortunate, auspicious, gra- 
cious, benign ; royal. Prosperity; liberality; 
grace. Baginda ber-fUah mdnis ber-srl the king 
said mildly and graciously. Bersrl-sri bdrang 
htku-nia all her manners were gracious. Sri 
suUdn the auspicious sultan. Tuan-Iah sri ma- 
legei kakanda thou who art the grace of thy 
husband's palace. Sri Rdma a celebrated hero 
of the Hindu mythology. 

*• ^•' 
ijj^ sarei or ^Lj sarai an aromatic vegetable, 

lemon-grass, andropogon schoenanthum, L. 

jc^ serrei to collect the honey from flowers, with 
a humming noise. (Vid. ^j^ mmierrei.) 

^^ sare or glgi sare the fore-teeth, denies inci" 

tiV -.J suridni 

Syrian. Bhdsa suridni the Syriac 

u-^j-j sa-ribu a thousand, one thousand. (Vid. 
^_^j ribu.) A tree of the palm kind, corypha 
umbraculifera, R. 

^j»j^ serlding a species of fish. 

^^l^s-o seri-kdya the custard-apple, annona squa- 
mosa, L. 

(.:i-»cL«-j sorsddl a moment. (Vid. (^.^cL) sadt.) 

^.L~) sasdwi mustard, sinapis communis. Sc- 
perti sUatu biji sasdwi de-ddlam rumput like a 
single gi'ain of mustard seed amongst the grass. 

e; ir ,-■■ sasal or sessal to stray, wander, err, miss ; 
astray. Tidda de per-ulUv-nia jdlan tang betul 
meleinkan mdkin sasatjda he does not gain the 
right road, but strays the more. Dumba tang 
sasat a strayed sheep. Ada-pun beta ini orang 
tang sasal I am one who have lost my way. 
Meniasat-kan to lead astray, cause to err. 

^ J ,"..,... sastardwan, Hind. ^||^q |«i a magi- 
cian, sorcerer, cunning man, one skilled in the 
occult sciences. Pangulu sastardwan a chief 
of conjurers. 

iijL— J se-sungguh truly, verily, certainly. (Vid. 
i^jLi sungguh.) ^ Xi ,... se-surigguh-nia-lah 
tang seperti nidna sabda tudnku ini in truth it 
is just as your highness has said. Hdniase- 
sunggdh-nia notwithstanding this, but how- 
ever. (In place of writing the word at length, 
it is often contracted to ^ s''nia, as ^A;-;J^ 
bahwah se-sungguh-nia id nabi whereas, in truth, 
O prophet!) 

/ fww*i>» > 

sasak or sessak a stoppage, obstruction, 
oppression; distress, difficulty, straits. Con- 
fined, close, narrow. To force, constrain, 
press together, crowd, close in, reduce to 
straits. Sasak ddda an asthma; oppression of 


the lungs. Siisak per-anah-an fits of the mo- 
ther. Punnuh sasak duduk ber-tindeh-tindeh (an 
apartment) stuffed so full that they sat upon 
each other. Maka rayal ber-himpun-lah pun- 
nuh sasak de meddn Itu the people collected in 
crowds in the great square. Ter-sasak atrd>a 
I am under (pecuniary) difficulties. 
meniasak to oppress, vex. 


sasdl or sessal repentance, contrition, re- 
morse, regret. Sasal ati remorse, contrition. 
Sasal ta-sudah unceasing regret. Baginda add- 
lah J««..^ meniasal akati dir'i-nia iiUh sehab me- 
lepas-kan anak ka-duu-niu itu the king repented 
liim that he had suffered his two sons to depart. 
Ibu nen cheluka ber-bmt henchdna meniasal-pun 
t'idak lag} bcr-graia thou ill-fated mother, to 
work this mischief, for which to repent will be 
of no avail. 

? )1, ,,.. se-seldng-an the collar-bone. 

cylj , se-sudtu or sa-smlu each, any one ; what- 
ever. (Vid. culj-j sudtu.) Bdrang se-sudtu 
any whatever. 

y^jt^ se-umur or sa-umur during life. (Vid.^^j: 
itmur.) Sc-iimur-ku idup ba/um uku menangar 
hunj/i-buni/l-an se-ldlu Ini during my whole 
life I never heard musical sounds surpassing 

'4_^ sanga or ^^;Vi^ sanga higits emungere. 

JjL> sangdja on purpose, wilfully, designedly. 
Purpose, design, intention. (Vid. _l^ sahd- 
ja.) Ini-lah sangdja kdmi ddtang ka-slni this is 
the purpose for which we are come hither. 
Bukan-nia dangan de sangdja filih laksamdna 
it was not designedly done on the part of Lak- 

~JX-i sangdjl a title of rank. 

iLo sangdt and singat the sting of an insect 
(bee or scorpion). Add-lah sangat pada ikur- 

Sangat-lah dti 

Ilia there is a sting in its tail. 

the heart is stung. 

meiiiangat to sting. 

jLJL) sangsdra, Hind, ^^jr hazard, peril, dit 
ficulty, trouble, affliction, pain, torment. Me- 
nolong dii/a deri-pada saifgsard-nia to help him 
out of his difficulties. Mcngaj'-kan sopdya 
lepas dcri sangsdra prayed him out of torment 
(purgatory). De cheriterd-kan-niorlah segala 
sangsard-nia he gave him a narrative of all his 
sufferings. Tumbuh-lahka-sangsard-an difficul- 
ties and trouble arose. ^LJLc mcniangsard- 
kan to torment. 


sangsdgan a species of bird. 

"r ' • singsing to tuck or hold up (the clothes, 
as when crossing water) ; to strip up (the 
sleeve). Singsing katn-nia tucked up his 
clothes, wrapped the skirt of his outer garment 
round the waist. Serdt/a baginda i__JL< men- 
yingsing tdngan baju-nia ka-dtas bauh-nia the 
king at the same time stripped up the sleeve 
of his garment above his shoulder (a signal 
of desperate resolution). Maka fajer mcn- 
1/ingsing-lah ber-pangkal-pangkat and the dawn 
gradually arose. 

^.JL) songsong to escort, accompany. Match, 
fellow, corresponding article. Memanggil 
s'brang meniongsong diya called a person to 
accompany him. Tidda songsong-nia the fellow 
to it is wanting. 

CSi~i sangka, Hind. ^<c4| | to imagine, think, 
apprehend, conceive, suppose, deem, guess, 
conjecture, consider, reflect, heed, notice. 
Thought, opinion, imagination, conjecture. 
De sangkd-nia orang lain they imagined him 
to be another person. Sangkd-pun bdn'tuk bin- 
tang de Idngit conceive or reflect upon the mul- 
titude of stars in the sky. De sangkd-nia tldak 
akan mengaram they were not apprehensive of 
foundering. Pada sangka amba according to 
my conjecture ; as I guess. Tiadd-lah sangka 
not to be conceived; past belief. Pada sangkd- 
nia apparently ; as might be deemed. 


JiL> sangkdla, Hind. 5n'<cj<^[ shackles, fetters. 


{j^ ,<t , sin ghat and i.::.JJL^ singkat short, suc- 
cinct ; the shorter (of two things) ; too short. 
Sin ghat padabadan-nia short of stature. Kam- 
buli pada jdlan tang singhat deri-pada jCilan 
pergi-an to return by a road shorter than the 
road taken in going. Mnnacha sural tang 
singkat to read a short chapter. Singhal kdin 
to tuck up the clothes. 

JX^ sanglar or \^JLi sangka a coop, cage. BH- 
rong tidda tinggal ddlam sangkar-nia the bird 
does not remain iu its cage. Satfgkar dt/am a 
hen-coop. ^}ij^ sangkdr-an punnuh hurong- 
burong a cage full of birds. 

f > 
^JLi sungkur prone, prostrate ; grovelling, grub- 
bing. Jaluh-lah iya ter-sungkur ha-dlas niukd- 
nia he fell flat upon his face. JJL^ meniungkur 
to grub in the earth (as a hog). 

t^JLi^ sangkap to pull on one side or sideways ; 
to draw a curtain. Sangkap-lali sandang-mu 
pull or sliift your girdle round. Sangkap tirci 
di'aw the curtain. Tirei kalambu putrlitd-pdn 
ter-sangkap-lah sedlkit de tiiip atigin the bed- 
curtains of the princess were just then blown a 
little aside by the wind. 

Ji4^ sangkal to deny, disown, renounce ; refuse. 
Amba (anid-kan padd-nia viaka sanghal-lah iya 
I questioned them, but they denied. J^oL« 
meniangkal to disavow, disown. 

JiLj singkil a small hole (as into a tooth or nut.) 

(_jKjLj sangkldpa a flowering shrub ; gardenia 
flore simplice. (Vid. ^^j^ i^ pac/iah-pirlng). 

^^^X^ sangkun or sangkan able, stout, firm. 

jJjLj singko to tuck up ; to wrap round. 

Vj$1jLj sangkiiang or Y^X^Uji buah sangkuang 
the windpipe. 

CSjliw sangkdt and ti^Xi-: sangkut to stop, 
hinder, impede, annoy ; to become matted to- 
gether, or foul of each other (as two cables) ; 
to stick fast. De rasd-l-nia rambut-nia ier- 


sangkut he felt that his hair was fastened.' 
Tidda tang ber-sangkut none can hinder. Jeka 
sangkut sakin-nia pada sarong-nia if his knife 
should stick fast in the sheath. Ldlu de sangkut- 
kan-nia anak pdnah-nia pada pinggang-ma dan 
bdsor-nia de sangkut-kan-nia ka-pada bduh-nia he 
stuck his arrow in his waist-cloth and slung his 
bow over his shoulder. 

singketa a law-suit. Ber-sin'gkela to go 
to law, commence a suit. Tidda jddi gatise 
singketa mehinkan de bdijer sdja no pleadings 
(or subterfuges) will be admitted, but the mo- 
ney must be paid down. 

u:-X<Lj sanggat half on shore, aground by the 
head or stern, tailing on a reef or shoal. 

xSJLi singgarah prepared. 

'. I. 

J,OLj sanggul and J^$Xj sanggul to roll, fold, 

tie or tuck up. The roll in which the hair of • 

women is adjusted. SaiFggul kdin to tuck or 

fold the body-dress, by which it is prevented 

from falling. Sanggul rambut to roll up the 

hair in a peculiar manner. Bunga lang ddlam 

sa/fggiil-nia the flowers that are in the folds of 

her hair. Makndi menidyit JXjLj sanggul ikan 

alaii baldlang talkdla iya Idup it is forbidden to 

slice (crimp) fish or game whilst alive. 

JiliL: sunggol to foretell, presage, tell fortunes. 

CJ^jLi sanggUt a snatch, hasty catch. The biting 
claw of a crab. MenianggUt or tdrek dangan 
sanggdt to snatch, pull away hastily. 

c.tjL> singgong to strike against. 
^(a^JLi sajrggugii a species of shell-fish. 

c ^ t. 

^JLi singgah to call or touch at, bait, stop by 

the way. Singgah-lah iya se-banfar de l<»-j^ 
kUchi tetdpi tidda Iya duduk ddlam-nia they (the 
French) stopped awhile at Cochin-China, but 
did not settle there. Jt/a4ah singgah ber4dnak 
mdkan de rumah orang itu he stopped and 
dressed a meal at that man's bouse. Se-pati' 
Z 2 



jangjalan baginda singgah ha--muin-mttin during 
the course of the journey the king stopped oc- 
casionally to amuse himself. 

i.OL) sungguh real, certain, sure, true. Truly, 
certainly; earnestly. Seperti akan sungguh 
juga rupu-nia it has all the appearance of being 
real. Sinrgguh-lah kuta anak-ku my child's 
word is true. Jya sungguh yes, surely. Tudri- 
lah anghuu datfgan sungguh-sungguh ail-nu 
run thou with all possible speed (with earnest- 
ness). Ber-sungguh-sun~gguh in earnest, ear- 
nestly ; bona fide. Se-surrgguh really, truly. 
^ .ioL: se-sungguh-ma in truth ; the truth ; 
(usually contracted to ^s-j). Bahxea ^v-j se- 
sungguh-nia iya binchi akan daku now in truth 
he hated me. iSJij^ meniungguh to verify. 

^^L^CL) siifgghasana, Hind. |^^ |ti*1 ^ royal 
litter ; a throne, chair of state, sopha. Takhta- 
han de-atas singghasana to seat upon the throne, 
to enthrone. Somat/atn de-atas siifgghasana to 
sit in state upon the throne. 

jJjLj sangal having pains in the limbs or joints. 
Sarfgal kdki gout in the foot. Sangal pada 
tangan gout in the hand. 

JjL> songol a collyrium. 

jjUmj sapatu, Port. (9apato) a shoe. Sapdlu 
panjang a boot. 

jCfU~> sa-putah one word. (Vid. <0'lS patah.) 
Jangan sa-patah kiila ka-liiar deri-pada tniclut- 
jnu let not a single word escape from your 

«iU«j sa-paro a 

part, share, portion ; moiety. 

^ -A" -■ sa-pasang one pair. (Vid. I^IS pasang.) 

ALa sa-upama alike, resembling. (Vid. aUI 

jjla»( supana ascent, flight of steps. 

jflL* sopai/a that, for that, to the end that, so 

that. Sopdya tuan tuu that you may know. 
Sopdya ter-meshur-la/i namd-nia that his name 
may be rendered fantous. Katd-kan4ah sopdya 
kdtni dangar say it, to the end we may 
hear. Agar sopdya (syn.) in order that, to the 
end that. 

e: 1° - sepit and e; a^b r- seplt a pair of tongs, nip- 
pers, pincers. Stpitjanggut pincers for eradi- 
cating the beard (called also cJ^Ufc angkut.) 
Cheremin mdta iang ber-sepit panjang a pair of 
spectacles with long shanks. Meni6pit to pinch 
with tongs. (..u^Xj penicpit tongs, pincers. 

jiL) saptil Saturday. (Vid. i,::.,^ sabtu.) 

^fs^ sipa-tau who knows, I know not ; perhaps, 
possibly; contraction of jaU i_/ L-j sidpa-tdu.) 
Sipa-tau iya sipa-tau tidak perhaps yes, perhaps 

■j^M^ sepadas or sepuddas ginger, aniomum zin- 
ziber. (Vid. j-jjJ padas and ii alia.) 

cjl^ seperti like to, as ; as to, concerning, with 
respect to; according as, as if. Seperti g'da 
laku-nia his behaviour was like that of a fool. 
Seperti daulu as formerly. Tidda sidpa iang 
seperti anak rdja itu there was no one like, or 
comparable to that prince. Benar-lah seperti 
bechdra tudn-ku true, as my lord says. Seperti 
pei'-mintd-an amba as to my request. Mengatd- 
kan seperti sUrat tuan sudah sampei to advise 
you as to, or, concerning the arrival of your 
letter. Jdngan seperti Idu kdmu not as if you 
knew any thing of the matter. Tidda dangan 
seperti-nia ini this has no equal, is incompa- 
rable. Manlri sekali-an de per-janm-nia dangan 
seperti-nia he entertained the ministers of state 
in a suitable manner. 

/Jjb.Lj sa-per-tdnak a measure of time estimated 
from the boiling of a pot of rice. (Vid. (JJ^ 
tdnak.) Another vague estimation is from the 
chewing a preparation of betel. 

CS^J--' sa-per4iga a third part. (Vid. i^Jj t'lga.) 
Thus also are formed the other fractions, as 

ti,Xe^ sa-prr-ampat a fourth part, j^JLi sa- 
per-liiiui a fifth part, c:,X« JlIAjJ tiga-per-ampat 

ij/X^ sa-prl alike, resembling, (Vid. ^cJ pri.) 

^ji^ seppang the sapau or Brasil-wood. (Vid. 

jJL sapang.) 

^ii&,j se-pantan and se-pantun resembling, like, as. 
(Vid. ^ij pantan.) Se-pantan intan ter-kdrang 
like a diamond (polished and) set. 

^^° ■• se-panjang as long as, during, throughout. 
(Vid. i_s:u panjang.) Se-paiijang dri all day 
long. Se-panjang jdlan throughout the jour- 
ney; all along the road. Se-panjang itu as 
long as that. 

J.ioci~j se-peninggal since, since the departure of. 
(Vid. J.'Lti' tinggal.) Se-peninggal anak amba 
sdngat per-chintd-an amba since the departure 
of my child my anxiety has been extreme. 
Tatkdla se-peninggal tdan pidang ka-iengkaulu 
at tlie time of your departure for Bencoolen. 
Se-peninggal bdpa sdya mdti since my father's 


sapu-tdngan a handkerchief. (Vid. yL 
sdpfc and .jib' tangan.) Menidpu mdlut dangan 
sapu4dngan to wipe the face with a handker- 
chief. Sapu-tdngan pulih sddut handkerchiefs 
with white corners. 

ipjjftj se-pawas or se-puas to the full, unto satiety. 
(Vid. (-jy pawas.) Se-jjazeas rdsa ati-nia to 
his heart's content, to the extent of his desires. 
Mdkan se-pawas-nia to eat their fill. 

V, *.*... sa-pupu the relationship of cousins, having 
one common grandfather. (Vid. i_y pupu.) 

«(ljL> sa-pTtluh ten. (Vid. <sljS piiluh.) Sa-puluh 
laksa a hundred thousand. Saper-puluh a 
tenth part. 

^X^ sapoh or nJ^ sapHh to temper or harden me- 
tal. To give a bright colour to gold by means 
of sulphur. MUlek seperti amas tang tefsapoh 

175 J- 

rupd-nia her countenance was beautiful as 
gold from the furnace. Sapuh-an a goldsmith's 

<U^ sapah or sippah the betel when put into the 
mouth for chewing, a quid. Sapah lang ter- 
bdang a quid that has been thrown away. Ka- 
kanda memohon-kan sapah tdan Uu sopdi/a pawas 
rdsa lang berdhi ini maka tuan putri ild-pun ter- 
sinyum serdya mem-bri-kan sapah-nia maka de 
sambut Slih dewa indra sdma ber-temu muJut-nia 
maka Idht de chidm-nia pipi tdan putri thy lover 
requests to be indulged with the betel (from 
thy lips) to assuage the thirst of his soul. The 
princess smiled and then imparted the betel, 
which Indra Dewa received by the communi- 
cation of their mouths ; after which he kissed 
her cheeks. (The modes of gallantry differ in 
different countries.) 

_.].Ar») sapah-rdja one of the names for the bird 
of paradise, usually termed burong supan. 

1^ sept soft, gentle (as the wind). De Hup 
" angin sepi-sepi the wind blew gently. 

ei -:A,f seplt a pair of tongs or pincers. (Vid, 
t:^*-) sepit.) 

^zA^ sakli, Hind. S[[f^ powerful, possessing 
supernatural energies. Dewa tang sakti a 
powerful genius. Sakti sinjatd-mia his weapons 
were endowed with supernatural qualities. 
Idng sakli de-ddlam alam menangkdbau who art 
all-powerful in the kingdom of Menangkdbau. 
Saktlan and ka-sakli-an supernatural power; 
the exercise or the instruments of power. He- 
ran-lah me-liat sakti-an rdja were astonished at 
beholding the power of the king. Mem-bri ka- 
sakti-an to confer supernatural power. 

jjJL) sc-kadar about, circiter, quasi ; merely, not 
more than. (Vid. .jj kadar.) Ada-pun sekali- 
an itu se-kadar tigapuluh orang all these amount" 
ed to about thirty men. Se-kadar tujuh anam 
hulan about seven or six months. Ingga se- 
kadar ampat juri to about four inches. Ada- 




lah se-Jcadar mengatorkan it is merely to ac- 
quaint. Jekdau sohbat se-kadar-nia mdkan if 
they be friends merely for a dinner. Se-kadar- 
nia kita menanti mandi we shall but just stop to 

*LJus saksama, An. (^^ an oath) investigation, 
diligent inquiiy. Dangan saksamCi-nia strictly, 

cy^ sakelut or sklat, Pers. (WJLj) scarlet; 
scarlet cloth ; woollen cloth in general, broad- 
cloth. (It is not by these people alone that the 
ideas of scarlet and cloth are confounded, as 
Bernier speaks of " escarlatte d'Angleterre 
verte et rouge.") Suf sakelut scarlet camelot. 
Sakddt yau green broad-cloth. 

CJL> suka and cJy^ sfeka, Hind. W^ glad, 
pleased, joyful ; fond of, pleased with. Lik- 
ing, will, pleasiu-e. Suka iya me-llat segala 
buah-buah-an they were pleased at seeing all 
the fruits. Tcr-ldlu suka at'i-nia her heart was 
exceedingly glad or joyful. Orang bdniak 
tidda suka akan beta ini people iii general are 
not fond of me. 3'lcng-ambel ilu datTgan tiuda 
suka orang tang ampunia to take it against the 
will of the owner of it. Bagimdna tuan punia 
suka how do you chuse it ? What is your plea- 
sure on the subject ? Suka ulau duka glad or 
Sony. Pada ka-sukd-an-nia according to his 
pleasure. Tanda-ka-sukd-an kdml a token of 
our liking or pleasure. Ber-suka-sukd-an full 
of mirth, jollity, gaiety. Meniuka to make 
glad, communicate joy. t::,„.sr-* suka-chila re- 

cjlC; sakdrang now, at present. Klla andak 
ber-jdlan sakdrang mi we are now going to set 
oflF. Akan sakdrang ini until now. Sakdrang 
ini jiiga immediately, at this present moment. 
Tidda kallkd-nia sakdrang it is not now the 
proper time. Bhdru sakdrang just now, re- 

JlC sakdla upon a time, at a certain time. (Vid. 


JIC> sakdli and iJ\X-) sakdli once, at once, su- 
perlatively ; utterly, entirely, absolutely. Tic 
juh kdli dangan dyer dan sa-kdli dangan tdnah 
seven times with water and once with earth. 
Padatlap-ttap uri sa-kdli once every day. Beta 
minta tolong sa-kdli ini I ask for assistance this 
once. Sakdli t'ldak never, not once. t(i"g 
buruk sakdli the very worst. Sopdya kita 
langgar sakdli that we may utterly over-run 
the country. Sakdli-piai withal, even though. 
Jekalau ddrah sakdli-pun even though it be . 
blood. Sakdli-sakdli at all, by any means. 
Sakdli-sakdli ayanda tidda tdu your father did 
not at all know, was entirely unacquainted. 
Jd7igan sakdli-sakdli do not by any means. 

j^.l$L> sa-kdwan in company, together ; a flock ; 
a pair. (Vid. ^j^ kdwan.) Tcrbang dua sar 
kdwan fly two together or in pairs. Seperti 
biirong sa-kdwan rupd-nia appeared like a flock 
of birds. 

(.:uX-j sakat and lu^Li sdkat a bar, cross-bar, 
barrier ; the bar of a river. Ter-sakat barred, 
obstructed ; stranded on the bar, aground. 
Jdlan ilu ter-sakat that road is closed up. Bri 
tolong jekalau tambdngan ter-sakat lend assist- 
ance in case of the vessels taking the ground, 
e: Sf< meniakat to stop up, bar. Segala cfia 
bang puhn kdyu iang memri ^S^ ka-sakat-an 
pada jdlan rdya hdrus inengrat diya every 
branch of a tree that occasions obstruction in a 
public road ought to be lopped off. 

il^.:"^ - se-katika whilst; awhile, for a short 
time; immediately. (Vid. CJ^ katika.) Se- 
katika iya ber-bdring whilst he was reposing. 
Se-katika jua ber-prang whilst the fighting still 
continued. Se-katika antard-nia during the in- 
terval. Se-katika duduk Idlu ber-angkat pergi 
ka-kulam sat down awhile, and then rose to go 
to the bath. Bdrang se-katika-pun jua kakanda 
tiadd-lah lupa akan tuan not even for a moment 
have 1 ceased to think of you. Se-katika ii^ 
maka iya rneniambah immediately thereupon he 
made his obeisance. 

cK- 175 

w.*«^ sa-lcejap a twinkling (of the eje), a glance; 
an instant of time. (Vid. u-aas" kejap.) 

(ji^^s^-" suka-chita, Hind. W^d pc|r) rejoiced, 
deligbted, merry. Mirth, joy, gladness. (Vid. 
i^S^ ^uJca and ci-^s- chila.) Sukorchita ati-nia 


menangar suara istri-nia his heart was rejoiced 
at hearing the voice of his wife. Suka-chita 
ali-nia seperti masuk kiangan surga rasa-nia he 
felt delight, and seemed to enter the region of 
the immortals. Suka-chila darigan makan mi- 
num. merry with eating and drinking. Ber- 
ulih suka-chila to enjoy pleasure, experience 

j_^-L) siksa, Hind. (x|5y j punishment. (Vid. 
fjjjit siksa.) 

ijS^ saksi, Hind. ^ j jjjj a witness. (Vid. ^jJJt, 

_I$Lj sakall-an every, all, altogether. (Vid. Jl^ 
sakali.) Orang sakali-un every one, all the 
people. Ibu sakall-an orang the mother of all 

^^v^JjLj se-kn-llal-an sight, view. (Vid. i,::.^ 
Hat.) Se-ka-llat-an taman itu ter-ltilu indah-indah 
the sight or view of the garden was most ex- 


J^^ sekam chaff, husks. 

j$L: saka aside, apart, separate, distinct. Pergi- 
lah sakU-saku pada jdlati itu take that road sepa- 
rately, or to yourself. Idng tiada dapat dc 
sakH-kan which cannot be separated. ,S^^-^ 
meniaku-kan to separate, segregate, sunder. 

(-ilyLj se-kwasa powerfully, ably. (Vid. ^J^A 
kwdsa.) Dangan se-kwasa-nia to the utmost of 
- his ability. 

^JJ^ se-kutok accursed. (Vid. ^jj^ kulok.) Pe- 
rampUan sc-kidok ini this accursed woman. Se- 
kulok t'ldak tau-kan diri-nia the hussy does not 
know herself. 


yi^ sakHtd ?inil CJ^ sakrUo a companion, as- 
sociate, fellow, partner in trade; one who is 
bound for another, a surety. SakHto orang 
pen-churi a companion of thieves. Tidda sa- 
kitto bagi-mu thou hast no companions. Allah 
iang tiuda sakuto-nia God, to whom there are 
no associates. 

ti^Lo sekUti a species of bird. 

r^jC se-korang-korang at the least; the least 
quantity, minimum; in default, deficiency. 
(Vid. 'ij^ korang.) 

i^jLo se-kHat strenuously, lustily; by main force. 
(Vid. iy or i'^ kdat.) Dangan se-kuat ati-nia 
with all his might, with his utmost exertion. 

»jjC-) se-kitn_yong suddenly, unexpectedly, un- 
awares, by chance. (Vid. ij j^ kunyong.) 

^•Jki^$L> se-ka-andak according to pleasure, at will. 
Will, pleasure, liking. (Vid. JJCJS andak and 
^•Jki^ ka-andak). Allah sdja nen ber-kwdsa ber- 
bilat se-ka-andak-nia it is God alone who has the 
power of acting according to his will. 

r^jjLj se-kira-kira about, nearly, by guess; ac- 
cording to. (Vid. jS kira.) 

^JL) se-kian so many, so much. (Vid. ^ 
kian.) Se-kian Idgi so many more, as much 
more. Se-kian lama so long as, whilst, during 
the time. Se-kian lama ini during all this 
time ; thus long. Kami de bri-nia Upali se-kian- 
se-kian they gave to us as a recompense so and 
so. TanlU-kan se-kian-se-klan ascertain how 

^Lj sakin and ^JLj sakin, Ar. a small knife. 
(Vid. y^ pisau.) Sakin iang kechil akan per- 
i^mchung kdlam a small knife for cutting pens. 
Menajam-kan sakin to sharpen a knife. Ter- 
bdik mdta sakin itu the blade of the knife is very 

ICi saga a species of the calamus rotang or rat* 

jL» segra and *^ segrah, Hind. 5j|^ speedily, 
quickly, presently, forthwith, immediately. To 
make haste; haste, speed. Sakit-lah orang Uu 
segra matt-lah jua the man fell sick, and pre- 
sently he died. Baikjuga ber-segra it were 
well to make haste. Mem-bawa dangan segra 
iya-Hu antdra ber-jdlan dan Idri-ldri to convey it 
with speed, that is to say between running and 
walking. Suruh her-ldyer dangan pergi ka-ne- 
gri Ming ^^ segra-nia order him to sail 
without delay for the coast of Coromandel. 

^ sugar fresh (as meat, plants, &c.). 

jCo segala, Hinb. ^c^^^ every, all; every 
thing. Segala rayal every subject, all the 
people. Segala hi dunyd every inhabitant of 
the world, all creatures. Segala benutang itu 
all those beasts. Segala tuboh-nia every part 
of his body. Segala lakd-nia all his actions. 
Segala iang me-mabuk-kan every thing that in- 

^jLi segdn lazy, slothful, unwilling to work. 

uJiS^ se-ganap the whole, entire, every; com. 
pletely, entirely. (Vid. •^^■■^ ganap.) Pada 
se-ganap negri in every country. Se-ganap siang 
danpetang every morning and evening. 

^\^saldtan south; southern; southward. Angin 
saldlan a south wind. Ribut deri salulan a 
squallfrom the south. Ldut saldtan the south- 
ern ocean. Saldtan jnenunggdra south-south- 
east. Saldtan ddi/a south-south-west. 

ol^ saldda, Pout, sallad. 

coL) salddang a beast of the cow-kind. Karbau 
letnbu kambing rtisa kijang salddang samod-nia 
de bantei orang-lah buffaloes, kine, goats, deer, 
and other beasts were slaughtered (for an en- 

JuL.- suldsi, Hind, ^^^f^ the herb sweet basil, 
ocymum basilicum, L. 

j^L) silangdr or j^L-j silatigdr the name of a 

176 1. 

place in the Malayan peninsula, commonly 
called Salangore. Idng somdyam de dtas bdkit 
sildngur who holdeth his court upon the hill of 

_siL saldpa or saleppa a small metal box for 
holding betel or tobacco, carried about the 

1j saldput a membrane, integument, caul. 
Saldpul iitak the caul or membrane inclosing 
the brain. Saldput gili-gili the caul of the 
kidneys. Saldput jantong the pericardium. 
Saldput luka the eschar or scab which covers 
a healing wound. 

^L: saldpan, i^Jj deldpan, and ^^jJ duldpan 
eight. Saldpan bias eighteen. Saldpan puluh 

j^)Lj sa-ldku or se-luku like, as, resembling. (Vid. 
j^i! Idku.) Se-ldku ini thus, so, in this man- 
ner. Apd4ah muld-nia maka tudn-ku me-laku- 
kan adenda iang se-ldku ini what is the occasion 
of your treating the young woman in this man- 

CS'La se-ldgi so long as. (Vid. cS'i Idgi.) Se- 
Idgi ada nidwa pdtck so long as your servant 
has life. 

JLj se-ldlu and j!L> se-ldlu past, beyond. (Vid. 
J^ Idlu.) 

aLj se-ldtna as long as, during; ever since. (Vid. 
A^ Idma.) Se-ldma de kdsih allah as long as 
God shall allow. Se-ldma idup during life. 
Se-ldma ini all this time. ^*jUL<l-i se-ld ma-la- 
md-nia for ever. Se-ldma-himd-nia padang ini J 
as long as this has been a plain. Deri se-lamd- 
nia from the beginning of time. Se-ldma pa- 
kan ter-bdkar ever since the burning of the 

*iL saldm, Ar. salutation ; peace. Mem-bri sa- 
Idm to salute, wish peace and health. Menidut 
saldm to return a salute or complimentary ad- 
dress. Kambali-lah saldm kita ka-pada tuan-mu 

ofc* 177 

carry back my compliments to your master. 

.CA^ i«Ul assalam ukikum peace be unto you. 
*iJl aJ^i- aleihi assalam peace be with him, (a 
deceased pei-son). *iJ|jlj daru's'salam the 
mansion of peace. 

JUL) salamat, Ar. prosperity, welfare, safety, 
peace; safe, prosperous. Pergl-lah dangun 
salamat semporna ber-jdlan go, and may com- 
plete prosperity attend your journey, Salamat 
tinggal farewell; peace remain with you. Sa- 
lamat umur panjang the blessing of long life 
(attend you). Sural telah sampei dangan sald- 
mat-nia the letter hath arrived in safety. Prau 
samod-nia salamat sampei the vessels are all 
safely arrived. 


i.')Li se-ldin exceptin 


but. (Vid. ^;j 

cul.' saldl or sellat (also written and pronounced 
u:^ kellat.) A strait of the sea. Saldt singa- 
para the straits of Sincapore. Saldt tdnah jdzca 
dan pulau percha the strait between Java and 
Sumatra, the straits of Sunda. Ada Jcapal 
Hang t'lga daduk her^ldyer de muka salal pd-pc- 
rak a three mast ship has taken her cruizing 
station off the strait of Pa-perak. Orang saldt 
a pirate (from his lurking in narrow seas). 
Ter-sellat straitened, hemmed in; thrust be- 
tween. l:lA^ meniellat to thrust between, to 
separate things that were close. 

JL-L) salasdl, An. diabetes. 

.iV ,\... selselah, Ar. chain, series; succession, ge- 
nealogy. Ini-lah selselah raja-rdja this is the 
genealogy of the kings. 

,„\... selSsei or selessei to disentangle, disengage ; 
" to solve a difficulty, adjust a difference, settle, 
bring to a conclusion, finish. To cease, dis- 
continue. Selessei ali-mu deri-pada duka-chita 
disengage your mind from care. Apa-hVaseles- 
sei4ah pe-karjd-an kita when our business shall 
have been adjusted. Pada sangka-ma bahzca 
iidda Idgi tinggal mdlani iang ddpat lya selessei 
dulam-nia in his opinion there did not remain 

night sufficient to allow of his finishing what 
he was about. Se-telah selessei-lah iya deri-pada 
ber-tangis-an as soon as she had ceased from 
her lamentations. Sudah selessei segala per- 
kird-an itu all the accounts are settled. Akan 
^_^L-Jjlo menglessei-kan per-kird-an in order to 
adjust the account. 

\ .. ,1 ... salaslnia an obstruction, stoppage, reten- 
. tion, costiveness, strangury, 

\liLi sultan, Ar. Sultan, a mahometan prince. 
Sultan dan mantrl the Sultan and ministers of 
state. Sultan pasistr burat Sultan of the west- 
ern coast. 

•.L, sclang or scllang interchanged, intermixed, 
placed at intervals, variegated, chequered, di- 
versified, mottled. Whilst, in the interim. An 
interval, interstice. Ber-chinchin permdta intan 
de selang-selang dangan zamrud having a ring 
of precious stones, diamonds interchanged witk 
emeralds. Maka he-brdpa pula c/iumbd dan 
pantun dan seltika de selang-selang-nia dangan 
kdta tang lanah htmbiit also with many a com- 
plimentary strain and sonnet he mixed soft and 
tender words. Kdyii selang-selang timber piled 
regularly. Pudsa selang-selang sa-drl fasting 
every other day. Add-lah selang ttga dri when 
three days had elapsed, after an interval of 
three days. Ber-selang dri during the day. 
Tdnah iang Idwas selang-nia a wide-extended 
land. Selang iya be-brdpa karunia rdja Idgi it/a 
durdka pada rdja whilst the king was heaping 
favours upon him, he was conspiring against 
his majesty. Selang-pun tldak brdpa Idma there 
was no long interval. Selang-selang gigi the 
spaces between the teeth. Iang terbit deri-pada 
selang-selang anakjdri rasul allah which sprang 
from the spaces between the fingers of the Pro- 
phet of God. ^J^L^ ka-seldng-an intervening 
space, intejatice, interval. tiLSL-* meniellang- 
tiiellang to separate, sunder. Meniellang-niel- 
Iang janggut iang tubal to sepai-ate (with the 
fingers) a bushy beard. (Discriminatio cum 
digitis barbae spissas. Reland. De Relig. Ma- 
hom. p. 79). 
2 A 

1 \j,' saJang, tl^> salatig, and iJU sdlang an island 
near the western entrance of the straits of 
Malacca, commonly named Junkselon. Andak 
me-langgar salang they design to attack Junk- 

j^jJiLo sorlaksa ten thousand. (Vid. ^j^ laksa.) 

J^ scllam to dive, dip, plunge. Ter-sellam-sellam 
andak lemas plunged in till near drowning. 
J,^ meniellcmi to immerge, dip ; to baptise (in 
the manner of the Eastern Christians). Orang 
meniellam mul'ia a diver for pearls. Meniellam 
jdla to cast or sink a net. Per-minum-an bharu 
de sellam-kan-nia ka-pada dyer a new drinking 
vessel he dipped into the water. Sumpah me- 
niellam the ordeal by water. 

lk>L*L) salimbddd an insect. 

salamhut and ^r *j i->lV ■ salambut a quilt, 
bed-covering. (Vid. ci-vi-Lj sallmvt.) De ja- 
dl-kan-nia baju-nia akan salambut he made of 
his garment a bed-covering. De salambut-nia 
dangan kdin covered her with a cloth. 

safempang a sort of small knapsack in 
which letters and parcels are conveyed by cou- 

^£^L salampuri, Hind. ^fK^HUO ^ ^^^^ 
of cotton cloth. Kdin salampuri elam blue 

jJLa^ salampiku a species of bird. 

tJ*iL) salendang a scarf, sash, part of the dress 
worn chiefly about the w aist. Maka titan putrl 
mem-bri-kan salendang akan Ikat pinggang indra 
the princess gave her scarf to wrap round the 
body of Indra. 

cjj«s se-lindong in shelter.. (Vid. cjj lindong.) 
BeV'se-lindong to shelter, hide, take refuge. 
Ber-se-lindong ha-bdlik pintu to screen himself 
behind the door. Sopdj/a orang pem-bFaoh ber- 
selindong ka-suna that murderers may take re- 
fuge there. 

178 J- 

uJJiiLi selandap the crinum or asphodel lily. 
(Vid. ^b bdkong.) 

jjjL) salubang to sit covered up (an attitude of 
grief). De ambel-nia kdin Idlu iya ber-salubang 
pada tampat-nia tidor she took a cloth and co- 
vered herself upon the sleeping-place. Ber- 
salubang mendngis to sit covered up, in grief. 

^o i)S-j seluran a channel, gutter, pipe, water-pas- 
sage. A small stream of water. Seluran dtap 
the gutters of a roof. Ada seluran dyer de sa- 
blah gunong Itu there is a gully (or a stream 
of water) down the side of the mountain. 

*ijLj se-luroh all over, throughout; the whole, 
entire. De ra'd-nia se-luroh tubbh-nia passed 
his hand all over the body. Abis-lah bdsah sc 
lurch tuboh-nia dangan dyer tiiatd-nia he mois- 
tened her body all over with his tears. Ddhm 
se-luroh tdnah maldyu throughout all the Ma- 
layan countries. 

ilcjLj salbngkar to revile, asperse. 

Cj^^ seloka, Hind, '^t^ ^ stanza, couplet, 
verse, strain. Indra itu-piin ter-sinyum me- 
nangar seloka b'mi-^ia maka iyd-pun ber-seldka 
piila upon hearing the stanza sung by his wife 
Indra smiled ; and presently returned the strain. 
Seloka tang amat mardu a most melodious 

iJXrf salukong a long shield to cover the whole 


Xy ■ salukam a drain ; a channel for water. 

,V,\... sileda the name of a place on the western 
coast of Sumatra, near Padang, 

jt \ . sellsih to differ, vary from, be at variance. 
Difference (in quality or in opinion). Me-hu- 
kum-kan sakall-an tang sellsih to decide judi- 
cially between all who dififier. Kdo ber-sellsih 
atau ber-prdng sakdli if they are at variance or 
proceed to actual hostility. Kalo bdrang kali 
dalang apa-apa selisi-nia if by chance any differ* 


ence should arise. Mana telUi-nia in what do 
they differ ? 


salisi a wooden dart. 

^jU-L) soliman, An. Solomon (the son of David). 
Raja soliman King Solomon, la sultan tang 
ter-lebih adil lagi perkdsa arip bijaksdna Idgi bu- 
dimdn korpada bdrang se-sudlu pe-karja-un tudn- 
ku raja tang besar de-ddlam duni/d ini O sultan, 
thou who art most just, and also most power- 
fill, wise, prudent, and experienced in exer- 
cising the functions of sovereignty amongst the 
kings of the earth. Amsdl soliman the Pro- 
verbs of Solomon. 

sallmut bed-covering, coverlet, quilt, 
sheet; any loose covering for the body. To 
cover (the body). De sintak-nia sallmut he 
plucked away the coverlet. Maka tuan sail- 
mut-l-lah kakanda dangan kdin tang de pinggang 
tuan (if I should fall in battle) do thou, my 
mistress, cover me with the cloth which now 
wraps thy waist. Ber-salimut-kan mega having 
the clouds for a covering. 

A^ y,,' salemah a cold, rheum ; snivel. 

sellndi a species of bird. 

U-j sema or ^L samma to, unto, at. Pergi se- 
ma tuan kdmu go to your master. Ter-bdniak 
tang ber-tlkam sema sindirl-nia a great many 
stabbed themselves. Ada sedang sema klta 
there is sufficient unto us. Orang negrl ttu sd- 
kit dti sema diya the people of that town owed 
him a grudge, ^ema tangah doa at or in the 
middle of prayer. Jeka suka tuan bernidga 
sema kdml if it is your pleasure to trade with 
us. Gunong Ini duduk-nia *Lj sema tangah pd- 
dang the site of this mountain is in the middle 
of the plain. 

CjU«.j se-mdta pure, simple, unmixed. Asa lang 
se-mdta the being who is simply one. cjLocuU-j 
se-mdta-mdta entirely, utterly, absolutely, fully, 
simply. Perfect, pure, simple, mere. Sudah 
langkap se-mata-mata entirely equipped. Me- 

K9 ^' 

rusd-kan dti se-mdta-mdta utterly to break the 
heart. Amas se-mdta-mdta suchi gold absolutely 
pure. Pekdin se-mdta-mdta sutra garments en- 
tirely of silk. Aj/cr se-mdta-mdta it/a-ltu dyer 
Hjan atau dyer sungei atnu mdta dyer, simple, 
pure water, such as rain water, river or spring 

_U-) semdja only, solely, but only, at least; ne- 
vertheless ; a qualifying term; simply; cer- 
tainly, surely. (V^id. _L or _l^ sdja.) Se- 
mdja ber-lah kdml de sebut dangan namd-mu only 
let me be called by your name. Semdja pdtek 
pohon-kan your servant only requests. Sa- 
tangah dyer-nia llleh semdja dan sa-ta/fgah dangan 
tkat-nia dan pantei-nia part of its water flowed 
in its natural course, and a part between arti- 
ficial banks. Dan jekalau tudn-ku morka se- 
muja amba per-sambah-kan juga sambah lang be- 
nar and though your highness should be dis- 
pleased, I shall nevertheless address you in the 
language of truth. Semdja ber-ganti-ganti juga 
ka-besdr-an dunyd Ini certainly the greatness of 
this world is liable to perpetual change. Je- 
kalau ada sa-ribu nidwa pdtek tang de -per-amba 
ini semdja pdtek per-sambah-kan kabdwah dull 
shdh dlam if this your humble slave had a 
thousand lives, he would assuredly sacrifice 
them at the feet of your majesty. 

fci.^U-. sumdngat and ij:.^lo}~> sumdngat terror, 
alarm. Tuboh-nia-pun gomitar-lalt seperti budak 
her-sumdngat laku-fiia his body quaked like that 
of a frightened slave. 

JU-J sa-mdlam last night, yesterday, one night 
past (time being reckoned by nights rather 
than by days. Vid. JU mdlam.) Benar-lah 
seperti mimpl-ku sa-mdlam it is precisely as I 
dreamt last night. Tiadd-lah iya ber-ulih tldor 
sa-maldm-an Itu they could get no sleep during 
the course of that night. 

r^U-! se-mdna-mdna any where; any how; 

wherever. (Vid. ^^U mdna.) 

*.'U«) semdyam or somdyam to give audience, to 
2 A 3 

,^ 180 

sit in state. The place of audience, the court. 
Baginda-pim semayam de balerong de Map ulih 
segala raja<uja dan mantri the king gave au- 
dience in the hall of state, and in his presence 
were all the princes and ministers. Duduk se- 
mayam to sit in state, to give audience or ad- 
minister justice in public. Segala putrt se- 
mayam de-atas singghasana all the princesses 
were seated in chairs of state. Nuik ka-atas 
balei semayam ascended to the hall of audience. 
JLidgi tangah semayam in the midst of the levee ; 
the audience being half over. 

sambangan a species of bird. 
sambubur a species of fish. 

sambat to fasten, clasp, buckle, connect, 
join. A clcisp, hasp, instrument for fastening. 
Mem-buka pintu tang ter-sambat to open a door 
that is fastened or bolted. Meniambal-kan dirt- 
ma dangaii kami to connect himself with us.»Mi sambut and li.j^-^>.j sambut to receive into 
the hands; to receive or entertain (a guest); to 
go forth and meet in courtesy ; to raise or help 

/ up (a person falling); to take to the arms ; to 
take up (goods on credit). De sambut ulih ba- 
ginda tangan anakda-nia the king took hold of 
the hand of his child. Metiiambut kdin ka-amas- 
im to receive or accept a piece of cloth of gold. 
Pergi-lah sambut ruja lang besar go forth and 
receive the mighty prince. Meniambut tudnku 
ka-astunu to introduce his highness to the pa- 
lace. Sambut-lah suddra klta ka-mGri receive 
and conduct our brother hither. De sambut- 
nia akan istri-nia took his wife in his armsl De 
sambut ulih gdjah de latak-kan de blukang diri- 
nia the elephant took him up (with his trunk) 
and placed him on his own back. Putut de 
sambut kabun Itu that plantation ought to be 
renewed. ^j*4»j sambut-an reception; import- 

jMi^ sambar or simbar to seize (as a bird with its 
talons), to pounce, to truss, to claw. Desam- 
bar-nia Idlu de bawd-niu terbang de adara seized 

and flew away with it in the air. Maka iyd 
pun ber-sambar-an de adara dan sdma ber-pdgut- 
pagid-an tliey then clawed and pecked at each 
other in the air. Meniambar rabut^n to seize 
upon the prey. Idng meniambar dangan kuku 
atau lang men-chdbut dangan kdki akan makdn- 
ati-nia which seize with their talons, or scratch 
up their food with their claws (accipitres et 

j^A^ sambur miAj^^^^ sambdr or simbur to gush, 
rush out, shoot or issue forth, spout or squirt 
out. De sambur chdya mata-dri the sun's rays 
shot out. De per-iuat-nia tlga ikur ndga tang 


dyer mdzcur he constructed 

three dragons which spouted out rose-water. 
Meniambur-kan dpi dcri-pada mulut-nia spouted 
out fire from his mouth. Serta iya meniambur- 
kan bisd-nia and they squirted forth their venom. 
UJi^'^jT'^J l^er-sambur-sambur-an the act of 
pouring water on the head in batliing. Sam- 
bur-an small shot. 

iij^-s.*_j sambardni or simbordrii an imaginary 
breed or quality of horses. Sa-rdtus kuda sam- 
bardni lang terbang mcng-hcla rutd-nia an hun- 
dred flying horses (of this breed) drew his cha- 
riot. Ndik-lah ka-dtas kuda sambardni mounted 
a horse of peculiar qualities. 


a place on the western coast of 

^^;v««- sambang a patrol, night-watch. Oranc 

sambang a patrol, watchman. 

'j^^»4.-j sumbing and j-j^**-' sumblng notclied, gap- 
ped. A notch, gap. A hollow thing. Bili- 
yong buruk sumbing sedlkit an indifferent adze, 
being gapped a little. Pedang ter-sumbing a 
gapped sword. Glgl sumbing broken and un- 
even (or hollow) teeth. 

J.;v4»j sambil whilst, at the same time, as. Ber- 
tdnia sambil ber-dirl-nia inquired while rising 
or as he rose from his seat (surgendo, en se 16- 
vant). Ber-jdlan sambil ter sinyum walked on, 


shiiling. Ter-sini/um sanihil her-pantun smiled 

. as she sung. Uanmeng-uc/iap sambil ber-lhmng 

ayer. mata-ma and said, the tears at the same 

time running from her eyes. 

(J^sA-i sambal a dry preparation of savoury food; 

iU*^ samUlih to kill an animal with religious 
forms; to sacrifice; to kill animals for food. 
Sambilih dyam etam anibel ddrah-nia kill a black 
fowl ; take its blood. 3Ieniambilih unta to sa- 
crifice a camel. Tampat sambilih an altar, 
place of sacrifice. Meniambilih uyam akan per- 
bakdl-an to kill fowls for provision on the jour- 
ney, il/rt/ca be-brdpa kmbu dan karbau dan kam- 
bing dan blri-blri dan kJjang palandok dan dyam 
itik angsa de sambilih drang akan makdn-an-nia 
raja-rdja Uu what numbers of oxen, buffaloes, 
goats, sheep, beasts of the forest, together 
with fowls, ducks, and geese, were slain in or- 
der to feast those chiefs! Tujam-kan saldn te- 
tapi jungan de-addp-an tang de sambilih sharpen 
the knife, but not in the presence of the victim. 
^^-Lv4»j sambillh-an sacrifice. 

^*»~i sumbu the wick of a lamp or candle ; match 
(for firing guns); a fuse. 


OJj^A^ satnbdt to receive. (Vid. i,::^.„^^t^ sambut.) 

jy*-*^ sambur to gush out. (Vid. _v«..j sambur.) 

%yfA^ sambong to splice, piece, join on. 

%'-y*^ sambong a plant, conysa balsamifera. 
(Vid. yU- chdpo.) 

dyf^Mi sembunl and ^j-a-j sembUnyl (Yid. ^jy 
bum) to hide, conceal, secrete. Secret, hidden, 
mysterious. Maka lyd-pun turun pergi ber- 
sembunl ka-pada tampat tang tidda de Hat or ana- 
he went down to hide in a place where none 
should see him. Ka-mdna de sembunl-kan-nia 
idih rdja Uu where has the prince concealed 
her? KuTtit telah de sembunl-kan dm kdmi we 
hid ourselves. Tidda tang ter-sembutn deri-pada 
UmH-nia there is nothing hidden from his know- 

ledge. LarUah iya ber-sembiim he ran away 
by stealth or secretly. 

^:,y^^t^ satnbuyan a signal, alarm, watch-word. 
Maka bedil sambuyan ilu-pun de pdsang deri-dtas 
kota dan ginta sambuyan de grak-kan orang-lah 
signal guns were then fired from the ramparts 
and the alarm-bells were rung. De suruhpukul 
gong sambuyan gave orders for striking the 
^ ffowg- as the signal (for matching). 

«U4«j sambah obeisance, homage, respectful ad- 
dress; adoration. Se-telah baginda menangar- 
kan sambah when the king had heard what was 
addressed to him. Sural sambah a compli- 
mentary letter. <uw> meniambah to make 
obeisance, to do homage, to address or present 
any thing to a superiour. Meniambah serla 
menunduk kapdla to make obeisance by bowing 
down the head. Maka iya bangkit-lah deri-pada 
dUduk-nia serla sejud meniambah kaki ayanda ba- 
ginda he rose from his sitting posture, and 
prostrating himself made obeisance at the feet 
of his royal father. Maka iya-pun meniambah 
mata-dri he paid his adorations to the sun. De 
^A;:il^;v*-y per-sambah-kan-nia ka-pada permisuri 
he presented them to the queen. Be-per-sam- 
bah-kan khabar to communicate intelligence. 
i^Ua-j sambdh-an or per-sambdh-an a compli- 
mentary gift to a superiour ; an offering. 

<U*-: sumboh well in health, healed, recovered. 
Recovery from sickness. Nant'i segra sumboh 
shall presently be well. Sumboh-lah lukd-nia 
his Avound is healed. Sdkit tang tidda hdrap 
akan sumboh-nia sick beyond the hope of re- 
covery. Jeka tinggal tega lambat sumboh if the 
remainder be three (in divination by numbers) 
the recovery shall be tedious. Akan meniumboh 
ka-salut-an to heal a distemper. 

^^^^^jvt.^ sambayang divine worship, devotion, re- 
ligious ceremony, prayer. To pray, Mesejid 
tampat sambayang the mosque is the place of 
divine worsliip. De ambel-nia dyer sambayang 
maka itO-pUn sambayang-lah site took water for. 



her religious ablutions, and then peiformt'd 
them. Sambai/ang puhn agama prayer is the 
fundamental part of religion. Sambai/ang dan 
puasa prayer and fasting. Ber-dtri ka-pada 
sambai/ang to stand up at prayer. Sambaj/ang 
daulu deri-pada terbit mata-ari prayer before 
8un-rise. Sambat/ang dri ray a alau sambat/ang 
akan minta iijan prayers on festival days, or 
prayers asking for rain. Memnggal-kan sam- 
bai/ang to neglect prayer. Orang iang sam- 
bayang de rumah-nia persons who pray or per- 
form their devotions at home. Ber-sungguh- 
sungguh atigkau sambai/ang pray thou with 
earnestness, or with thy whole mind. Dan 
sambayang-piin tidda kwdsa Idgi and was no 
longer able to perform the ceremonies of prayer. 
Bdju sambayang dress worn during prayer. 


t -i-t , • sumblng notched, gapped. 


y _■♦» 1 

sambilik or puru sambllik piles, emeroids. 

*t ^ c >• 

.!»*«>-) sambilan nine. Samhllan bias nineteen. 
Sambilan puluh ninety. Pulau sambilan the 
nine islands (in the Straits of Malacca.) 

y^^ . sambilu a splinter of the bambu cane used 
(in old times) as a cutting instrument. Seperli 
de iris dangan sambilu rasu-nia he felt as if 
cut in pieces with such an instrument. Ati-ku 
bagei kena sambilH my heart seems to feel a 
lacerating instrument. 

Ui,v«»j semut or CJ^*-) sunimuf an ant, pismire. 
Rdja semut the king of the ants. lidyat-nia 
ka-luar-lah seperti semut ka-luar deri-didam Id- 
bang-nia his troops issued forth like ants from 
their nests. Semut putih the white ant, termes, 
(also named l^jU rdyap and fijl ani-ani.) 
Rotan semut b email species of the rattan 

l^u~s Sumatra and \j;^,j^^ samantrd (by the Persians 
written aJbAJL, but the word is apparently of 
Hindu origin) the island of Sumatra, (named 
also iJjJ\ indalas and _ i percha.) Pasisir 



bdrat samantrd the western coast of Sumatra. 
Pasisir tdnah samatrd pulau indalas the coast 
of the land of Sumatra or island of Indalas. > 

ji,4-j samudra, Hind. ^TOTT the ocean. Ka' 
pada rdja tdsek samudra unto the king of the 
waters of the ocean. 

j,^ samar to disguise. ( Vid.^L samcr.) 

(Jir*^ samarbak sweet-scented ; to emit a perfume, 
diffuse an odour. Bau-nia-pun amed samarbak 
its smell was extremely fragrant. Arum dan 
samarbak (syn.) fragrant. Narwastd-ku so- 
marbalx-kan bad-nia my spikenard seiideth forth 
the smell thereof (Cantic.) • 

*L..*-c samorsdma together, along with. (Vid. 
^L sdma.) 

i,.::,.^.,,^^ samisJa, Hind, ^ij^ the whole. Sa- 
every one. Samista dlam the 

mista sakali-an 

whole world, the universe. 

sumsum marrow. (Vid. ^JJ^ utak.) 
sumtulak-nia the marrow of his bones. 


samang or summang the state of a debtor 
under particular circumstances. Anak samang 
(also termed orang meng-iring) a debtor living 
as a dependant in the house and family of the 
creditor, to whose benefit his or her labour is 
applied. Indu samang the creditor or master. 

i.,4^. semang the name of a race of men inhabit- 
ing the interior or mountainous and woody 
parts of the Malayan peninsula, who are of a 
dark colour, have crisped hair, and approach 
nearly to the negroes of Africa. Kdrap semang 
leprous scurf (to which the people of the island 
of Nias also are subject). In some places 
they are named 1j bila, and in others ^Ij 

tJJJit^ samangka the water-melon, pateka, cu- 
curbita citrullus, L. (called also ^.'M^ man- 
d'tki). The name of a place in the Straits of 



mmpiina a quality in the blade of a kris. 
Kris samptina matd-nia panjang a weapon of a 
peculiar (fanciful) quality, with a long blade. 

sampat to be able, competent ; can ; to 
overtake. After, following after. Tiadu-lah 
sampat iijn hcr-dhl they are not able to stand. 
Tiada sampat me-ldwan cannot resist. Bdrang 
tang t'ldda sampat nd'ih ka-ddrat such of them 
as could not gain the shore. Ber-sampat 
dangan musim mi in the following year. 

ij:,J,««j sumpit narrow, strait, confined. Jdlan 

sumpit a narrow road. MTdul bdjan. iung 
sumpit the narrow mouth of a vessel. ^:ufc»~: 
sump'it-an a long and small tube, through which 
the natives of several of the eastern islands 
blow a kind of arrow, which is sometimes 
poisoned, ij:..^.^^^ meniumpit to shoot through 
such a tube. Pergi-lnh li/a meniumpit burong 
he went out to shoot birds. 

X*~i sampar 

a pestilence, infection, murrain, 
distemper, plague. Infectious. 

Mali deri-pada sampar dead of the contagious 


i^jM^ semporna, Hind. 


perfect, com- 

plete, consummate, faultless, unexceptionable. 
Perfection, happiness, content, peace. Sem- 
porna drif-ma his knowledge is perfect. Sem- 
porna nikdh-rria his marriage rites are complete. 
Btr-Hlih gah semporna to acquire consummate 
fame. Ddlang-lah drl iang semporna an unex- 
ceptionable day arrived. Orang semporna a 
faultless person. Garahdn long semporna a 
total eclipse. Tidda semporna seperti dyer 
dangan dpi add-nia there was no (domestic) 
peace, their natures being those of fire and 
•water. ^^[jl^.^^ meniampornd-kan to make 
perfect. Ber-idih JijjL*^ korsempornd-an to 
attain perfection. 

t_M^ simpang to deviate, diverge, fork off, make 
an angle with. Simpang deri jdlan to deviate 
or to fork off from the road. Ber-tenm-lah iya 
dangan simpang jdlan ka-kiri dan ka-kdnan he 

arrived at a forking off of the road to left and 
right. Simpang slor to fell off and come-to 
(as a ship in her steerage, or the needle of the 
compass). ^I^k-j simpdng-an a path forking 
ofl" from a road, a by-path, a lane. Simpdng- 
an dyer a creek, a branching off in a river. 
Ada ampat per-simpdng-nn jdlan ka negri Uu 
there are four paths which lead to that country. 
i^^^ menyimpang jduhjduh to go far out of 
tiie way. 

(jL^^ sampak the shoulder of a lance ; the hilt of 
a weapon. Tikam ingga sampak to stab or 
tlirust up to the hilt. 

(jA4^ simpak 

to kick backwards. (Vid. fjL^ 

Jx«^ sampal or sumpal to stop, stop up, boucher. 
A stopple ; pledget. Sampal dangan kapast> 
to stop up with cotton. Sampal-kan midut 
dangan kiiin to stop the mouth with a cloth. 
Idng sampal lubang telingd-nia who stoppeth 
the passages of his ears. Menanggal-kan sampal 
to remove or withdraw a pledget. 

JX«^ simpid a knot. (Vid. J^a*-j simpdl.) 

alX«yj simpluh the kernel of the coconut after it 
has been pressed or scraped. Miniak simplah 
oil extracted by compression. Segala puhn 
kdyu tang ^J^M^ ka-duafihak ? 

,1a^ sampan a small boat formed from a single 
stem, a canoe.- Ada iang Idri dangan prdu 
adu iang Idri dangan sampan some made their 
escape in large vessels and some in small 

1*^ simpan to keep, preserve, reserve, lay by, 
put up, have in store; keep in custody, con- 
fine, attach. Simpan bdrang-bdrang Uu ddlam 
peli keep or lay by those articles in a chest. 
Diya tdu simpan wang-nia he knows how to 
keep his money. Ada tuan simpan kdin pdtih 
have you any white cloth on hand or in store ? 
Surdh-kan ber-simpan-simpan gave orders for 
packing up. Tidda Idgi ^^^a^ menyimpan. 


iibat mesiyu no longer possessed a store of 
gunpowder. Lt'du iya meni/impan istrl-nia Jen- 
dalam hakmat ilu he then enclosed his wife 
in the charm, or, concealed her from sight by 
its effects. 

\:Ju^ sampand a blessing. To bless, invoke or 
wish a blessing. Maka serta sampei de sam- 
pand-Iak ulih hondoriiia akan anakanda ka-dua 
Uu daifgan he-brdpa sampand tang balk upon 
their arrival their mother blessed her two chil- 
dren with many good wishes. 

A ^^i^ simpul or Ja*~j s'tmpul a knot. To tie a 
knot. Meng-urei-kan simpid to loose or untie 
a knot. Ber-simpul tall to knot a cord. De 
simpul-nia rambut-nia dangan ramhut orang lain 
he knotted one person's hair with that of an- 
, other. Simpul kasturi atau ambar pada kuin 
to tie up musk or ambergris in a knot of the 
garment (or handkerchief). ^.L*.^ pc-shn- 
pul-an a knotting, combination of knots. 

<i1k-> sampali dirt, light rubhish, filth, sweepings; 
chips ; the spume, froth, or foam of the sea 
thrown upon the shore. Menmggl-kan orang 
deri-ddlam sampak to raise persons from the 
dirt. Upama sampah tang hlna likie vile rub- 
bish. Badan laksdna s'alei sampah de tiup 
angin my body is like a withered leaf (or 
other light and worthless matter) blown about 
by the wind. 

jssA^ sumpah an oath ; a legal and solemn at- 
testation- Ber-sumpah to swear, take an oath. 
Jt^4w~« meniumpah to impose or administer an 
oath, to swear (a witness). Sudah de ikat 
dangan sumpah bound them by an oath. 
Mdkan sumpah to swallow an oath, forswear. 
Kena sumpah to be bound by an oath ; to ex- 
perience the effects of a curse imprecated. 
Amba bardni sumpah Uu I dare venture to take 
that oath. Tdkut de sumpah-l raja afraid lest 
the king should put him to the test of an oath. 
Telah kdml jsU^^ meniumpdh-i marik'"du 
dangan sumpah'iang amat besdr we have sworn 
those people by a most solemn oath. Ada 

pdtul ber-sumpah ka-dud-nia atau sa-bidh sdja 
hah sorbldh sidpa tang pdlut ougJit both parties 
to swear, or only one ? if only one, which 
should be sworn ? Jsli*^ sumpdh-an things 
sworn on; sacred relics. Ber-tagoh-tagoh-an 
ber-sumpah-sumpdh-an bound themselves firmly 
by reciprocal oaths. Sumpah meniellani the or- 
deal by water. Sumpah iiji dpi the ordeal by 

J^k-j sampei to arrive, attain to, reach, come to 
■' pass. Unto, until, as far as, amounting to, 
sufficient, effectual. Sampei-lah iya kaddnah 
banjar he arrived in the countiy of Banjar. 
Balum ada sampei it is not yet arrived ; has not 
yet come to pass. Sampei sakdrang unto this 
time, until now. Sampei kakal to eternity, for 
ever. Sampei dti a form of obsecration. Be- 
chdra kakanda t'dak-lah sampei your counsel, 
my friend, is ineffectual. iLX**^ meniampei- 
kan or sampei-kan to cause to arrive or happen, 
to occasion, fulfil, effect, convey. Meniampei- 
kan kdla to make the voice heard ; to enforce 
a complaint. Sampei-kan seperli kdta ktta ka- 
pada tuan putrl convey my words to the prin- 
cess. Sampei-kan kaul ayanda ini fulfil thy 
father's engagement. Sampei-kan aku ka- 
Idtigit convey me to the skies. Burang de 
sampei-kan allah apd-lah kird-nia may God in 
his good pleasure cause it to arrive, or come 
to pass. 

2,4^ simpei a hoop. To hoop, bind around. A 
species of monkey. Simpei besi an iron hoop* 

Tki-wi-*-) sumpit-sumpU a species of shell-fish. 
(Vid. c:„Xk»j sumpit.) 

-.M. • sumplt-an a tube for shooting small arrows. 
(Vid. ij:..X*«j sumpit.) 

^iA-i and 'U-j samak or summa foul with weeds 
and underwood ; overgrown with wood, thick- 
grown. Brush-wood, shrubby wood. Kahdrt- 
nia samak their plantations are foul or over- 
run with weeds. Dan brdpa me-lalu-i utan tang 


j*-. ' 185' 

samak and many a thick wood (or jungle) did 
he pass. Ncgri-pun samak dangan ulan the 
district was overgrown with woods. Abis Idri 
Jca-ddlam tampat tang samak bcr-lindong dirl 
ran into places overgrown with wood, to shelter 
themselves. Tampat nen samak tiada bakas 
orang bcr-jii/an a wilderness where there was no 
track of human foot. 


. J 

f \«««» se-mena-mena without cause ; for nothing. 
iL>4.>.,i sem^antara, Hind. ^fJ}"^ in the mean 

time or interim; 

U^ sema and .l^il antara.) 

ring that interval. 

whilst, so long as. (Vid. 
Seni'antura Uit du- 
Sem' antara Idgi akit de-sini 
during the time I remain here. Scm'antdra ada 
jiwa-ku so long as I have life. Sem''antara ba- 
liim sampei pujd-nia whilst his religious cere- 
mony (or sacrifice) is still incomplete. 

sainantrd the island of Sumatra. 

\jiA-^ samatra.) 


Ijc.*-) semanda or semundo a mode of marriage 
upon terms of equality between the parties. 
lyu-lah be-blni semanda dangan perampiian tang 
ddtang deri samangka he married, by the mode 
called semanda, a woman who came from Sa- 

J Jo-*-i semandiira the bowsprit, 
the sprit-sail. 

Layer semnndera 

^4^ semu deceit, guile, secret machinations, 
treachery. Semu ddj/a treachery, treacherous 
machinations. Tdu-lah iya akan semu segala 
raja-rdja Uu he was aware of the deceit of all 
those princes. 

\y*^ Samoa, Hind, ^m^ all. Samoa sama- 
sdma all together. Samod-nia allof it orthem, 
the whole. Samod-nia memdkei katupong all 
of them wore helmets. 

CJjA.rt scmut an ant. (Vid. \^ ^.4- ■ semid.) 
CJj4^ sormuka, Hind. <;|^^<c( resembling. 

Face to face. (Vid. 
kan to confront. 

Cjyt muka.) Sa-muka- 

jJL- sndpang for snaphan, Dutch, a musket, 
firelock. Bdtu sndpang flints. Sndpang so- 
puchuk one musket. Tumbak dan kanjur her- 
pdsuk-pasuk-an de iring-kan sndpang dan sumpit- 
an lances and spears by companies, and thea 
followed the muskets and arrow-tubes. 

*Lrf sa-ndma, Hind. ^FpfJJf 
aU ndma.) 

name-sake. (Vid. 

u-i-i sunnaf,AR. what is authorised or allowed; 
actions meritorious, though not obligator)% 


is-^i^ and i^ sunnat. An. circumcision 

tang tidda ber-sunnat an uncircumcised person 

I vw it senta timbers in the frame of a boat runnino- 
fore and aft, and serving to bind the upright 
timbers within side. 

,-l' Vv ,.- santdji a halter ; a strap ; a lace. 

sintar a species of bird. 
^j^J-^ santari a priest, religious instructor. 

sunting flowers worn in the hair. (Vid. 
i^ sunting.) 

< , ._*"•■ ■ santap to take refreshment, to eat, dinis. 
Sudah-kah tuan santap has my lord taken re- 
freshment. Be-brdpa dri haginda tidda santap 
dan mlnum for several days the king did not 
either eat or drink. Mem-bdsoh tangan-nia Idlu 
santap washed his hands and then dined. 
Santap-lah slrih partake of betel. Meniantap 
nasi to take a meal of rice. ,<t-,'„v. santdp-an a 
meal, entertainment. 

^ •v„„ . slntak to snatch, pluck, pull suddenly away. 
Sintak-lah sinjatd-^ia deri-pada tangan-nia 
snatched his weapon out of his hand. De 
sintak-nia deri-pada sftsuh she pulled it away 
from the breast. Jerat de sintak-kan-nia ka- ^ 
bdwah puUed the uoose downwards. De sitt- 



tak-ma salhmtt he plucked away the coverlet. 
De tangkap-nia gadd-nia lalu de sintak-nia he 
laid hold of his mace, and then wrested it 
from him. 

■ y-Vv i -- sontok the whole, entire. Sonlok art the 
whole day. Sontok sa-mdlam one whole night. 
Sampei sontok sa-bidan for an entire month. 

Jai^ santal a species of flower 5 flamma pere- 
grina, R. 

^ii^ santan the pulp of the coconut when scraped 
or bruised for preparing the dish called a cur- 
ry ; tlie milk obtained by bruising the nut ; an 

^ax-j santon respectful, polite. Andak-lah supan 
sanlon kdmu ka-pada-nia you ought to be re- 
spectful to him. Tiuda supan santon dan tidda 
ber-bhdsa disrespectful and unmannered. 

f^jii^ sanlausa and fj^yiij tantausa, Hind. 
<i«"rll^ ^t 6»se, at rest, at peace, tranquil, 
content, free from pain or trouble, comfortable. 
Ease, rest. Duduk-lah suka santausa sat them- 
selves down pleased and content. Orang iano- 
diam de-situ dangan sanlausa men who dwell 
there in tranquillity. De-dalam akhirat tidda 
santausa padamarik'itu in the world to come 
there is no enjoyment of rest for those people. 

^"A-. sontoh and jj .\Vn- sontok to touch, come in 
contact with ; to strike against, run against (in- 
advertently), stumble upon. Sontoh dangan 
tdpak tdngan to touch with the palm of the 
hand. Menrchium diya atau i^^u^c meniontoh 
diija atau nte-llat diya to smell it or to touch 
it, or to see it. Jdngan kdmu meniontoh kitab 
meleinkan orang tang sHchi touch not ye the 
book, unless such as are undefiled. Meniontoh 
perampuan dangan Ingin-nia to touch a woman 
wantonly. Sontoh-kan kaki to strike the foot 

(-)usi«i sunt ids a and ^^ 
tinually, per|)etually. 

senmtiasa con- 
Santidsa men-anydya 

pada rayat-nia continually oppressed his sul> 
jects. Santidsa dri sedap-Iah dli the heart en- 
joyed perpetual ease. Santidsa Idup menuroh 
duka to be a prey to sorrow his whole life 
long. Santidsa tidak berenti never ceasing. 
Tuhan-mu idup santidsa thy Lord liveth ever- 

^. ; r jM .» suntlng or i^u^j sunting flowers or other 
ornaments worn in the hair or about the head. 
Sunting ter-kena kwpada telingd-nia ornamental 
flowers disposed in her ears. Ada iano- ber- 
sunting bunga kandnga some wore ornaments 
of the kandnga flower. Ber-sunilng amas 
having golden ornaments about the head. 
Pdtut akan sunting anak taruna suitable as or- 
naments for the hair of a bride. 

UcL sinjd and JlCscu sinja-kdla, Hind. ^^frt37 
evening. Apa-bila sinjd kdla andak-lah de tiitup 
pintu when it is evening-tide the doors ought 
to he shut. 

tl^lsUrf sinjdta arms, a weapon. The supple- 
mentary vowels and other orthographical 
marks. Sinjdta iang amat sakti arms of extra- 
ordinary virtue. Gamarinching-lah buni/i sin- 
jatd-nia their arms made a clattering noise. 
Ber-djar main sinjdta to learn to play with wea- 
pons or to fence. Gadong sinjdta an armoury. 
Alat slnjata arms, warlike in»truiueuts, military 

fj^jsLi se-nejis a dirty fellow, blackguard. (Vid, 
^J^ nejis.) 

i^^ sinjoh to pluck, twitch, pull suddenly. 

sanda ludicrous tricks, frolicks, fun, jokes, 
jesting, toying, wanton play. To jest, joke, 
raise merriment. It is employed as a pronoun 
of the first person in afiected humility. Ber 
chumbd dangan sanda gurau (syn.) to amuse 
with jocular tricks. Duduk ber-sanda dan ber- 
gdrau sat down jesting and frolicking. Id 
tudn-ku ado-pun sanda ini bhdru dutung deri 
atari xay lord, tliy fool is (I am) just arrived 

from the woods (an unpolished person). AJcu 
nen tidak muu ber-sanda I do not mean to jest. 

sandara to deliver up (to justice). A pledge; 

a fungus; niti'e. (Vid. ^^yljo*- 


sindat bound round; circumscribed, nar- 
row. The lower plate of timber (in house- 
building). Prlgi iang amat sindat a verj nar- 
row well. 

■Ay. sandar to recline upon, lean against, to sit 
up (supported by pillows or cushions). Ada 
s'orang tmh duduk ber-sandar de-bawak puhn 
hai/u there was an old man who sat reclining 
beneath a tree. Sandar-Iah jlwa hakanda korpor 
da bantal lean, my love, against the pillows; 
raise thyself, sit up. ^J\X^ sanddr-an or ^^^Jc-J 
penianddr-an that on which a person leans or a 
thing rests ; a fulcrum. Batital peniandar-an 
a pillow for leaning on. 

i-jjo-j sandus or sindus a sort of cloth of extraor- 
dinary or imaginary fineness. Menrckdrl kdin 
sandus to search for a piece of such cloth. 
Kdin ddlam surga iang ber-ndma kdin ^^ 
sandus-an cloth in Paradise (given 
other luxuries to the Faithful) which is named 

cjc»rf sandang a belt. Ber-sdwat sandang having 
a belt slung. ^Jo-.* meniandang pedang to gird 
on a sword. Pedang de-per-sandang-nia de-dtas 
baii-nia he slung a sword over his shoulder. 
Meniandang ka-rajd-an to invest with the insig- 
nia of royalty. 11 Ji-j sanddng-an a belt, gir- 


•ijy, siiduk a spoon, ladle; a 
Sunduk tlmah a pewter spoon. Sun- 

■ix^ sunduk and 

duhkan ndst to lift boiled rice with a spoon or 
ladle (in serving it to the guests). 

Jja- sundal, Hind. ^ZJT^ ^ whore, harlot, 
prostitute, strumpet. Perampuan tni iang sungat 
sundal tliis woman who is an errant strumpet. 

Sundal mdlam a flower which yields its perfume 
in the evening; polyanthes tuberosa. 

Jj>i«i sindil in pairs ; a duo. 

sendu or sendo a legal term implying the 
state of a person who, on failing to pay a debt 
contracted, is delivered over to, and obliged to 
work for the benefit of the creditor. This per- 
son may be either the original debtor or a child 
or other relation substituted for him. When 
the security of the debt depends upon the life 
of the person so placed, it is termed sendu cji | 
agdng, and when the debtor is still responsible 
although the substitute should die, sendu Jjj| 
indal. (Vid. c j1 iring). Anak samang say a 

sindu-kan s'orang I shall place one of my de- 
pendants (with you) as a debtor. 

jjo— 1 sandu pensive, melancholy. Laku-nia sandu 
her air was pensive. Sandu rupd-nia her coun- 
tenance bespoke melancholy. 

cjJCw; sendung futtuck-timbers (in ship-building). 

^j*i«» sindi, Hind, ^f^ joint, articulation. Pe- 
nidkit ka-pada segala sindi-nia pains in all his 
joints. Segala sindi tulang-nia itu-pun lemah 
dan gomitar every joint of his bones became 
relaxed and trembled. Sindi jdri joints of the 
fingers. Potong ingga sindi cut off (the limb) 
to the joint. 

jjc-tf sindir sneering, jeering, quizzing, mocking, 

taunting, satirical, ironical. Per-katd-an sindir 
sneering, satirical expressions. Kdta iang be- 
nar bdkan-^ia sindir a true word, not spolien 
ironically. jJJc-^ menj/ind/r to jeer, mockj 
place in a ridiculous point of view. 

jjji^ sindiii and i^.oc-- sindiri self, own. (Vid. 
^jj d'lri). Sindiri-ku myself. Sindiri-mu thy- 
self Ada bdniak iang ber-tikam setna sindiri- 
nia many there were who stabbed themselves. 
Buah-bdah iang juluh sindiri-nia fruits which 
have fallen of themselves. Ddtang-lah sindiri- 
nia came of his own accord. Kambali-lah ij/a 
2 B 2 



ha-mnle^ei-nia sindlrl she returned to her own 
proper palace. 

^\s:r^ se-nischd)/a, Hind. t| M-S<'iJ certainly, 
of a certainty, positively. (Vid. i_s\jb^ nis- 
chdt/a.) Se-nisc/idj/a mati-lah kaldk beta cer- 
tainly I sliall be killed soon. 

t . •„. -■ senang contented, at ease, quiet, in peace. 
Senang-lah ali-nia his heart was contented. Se- 
nang dti satisfaction, content. Dc-muna negri 
tang tiuda senang de suruh per-senang wherever 
the country was disturbed, he ordered quiet to 
be restored. Senang deri mendngis anak ilu 
the child is become quiet after crying, or, has 
ceased to cry. Ka-sendng-an peace, quiet, con- 
tent. Menienang to content, tranquillise. 

senam sea-green 

ilu warnd-nia senam 


the colour of verdigrease. 

the colour of that 

flower is a sea-green. 


senanliusa continually. (Vid. 



ii^ sanunoh modest, 
rate; reasonable. 

bashful; decent; tempe- 


sint fine, small, delicate, slender, tenuis. 
Bdjlt rantei tang sinl khalkah-nia a coat of mail, 
composed of fine links or rings. Swara tang 
sinl a fine, delicate voice. Bdtu sinl a small 
stone, pebble. Ai/er sinl urine. Buang dyer 
sinl to make water. Vlar sinl a small species 
of snake; the whipsnake. 

r^ sum or suni/a quiet, at rest, at ease, tran- 
quil, appeased. (This word nearly approaches 
to, and is often confounded with ^y^ suni/i 
lonesome.) Orang sunya a person at his ease. 
Sa-kdli ttdak ber-dti sunya the heart is never to 
be at ease. 

sinniap desolate, waste, uninhabited. Tam- 
pat sUnyi sinniap a lonesome and desolate place. 
Sunyi sinniap scperli negrl lang alah waste and 
desolate like a conquered city. 


sinmum or 

**.j sinyum to smile. Sinmum 
mdnis to smile sweetly, complacently. Tuatt 
pulrl itu-pun tunduk ter-sinniitm the princess 
thereupon held down her head and smiled. 
Maka gigl-nia-pFen ka-liat-an sedlkit seperli Idku 
orang tang ter-sinnyum and his teeth became 
partly visible, as those of a person smiling (in 

; sua to find, to meet, meet with. Ber-sua or 
be-sua de jdlan to find or meet on the road. 
Balum-nia ter-sua he is not yet found. 

j]^ suwab and (_j!j-j suwap a morsel, moutb* 
ful; a bribe, a fee. Sa-suuSdb iang kring a dry 
morsel. Santap-lah dua tlga suwdb eat two or 
three mouthfuls. Ndsi de suwdb-l-nia ka-mulut- 
niu he put a morsel of boiled rice (as much as 
is taken up with the fingers and thumb) into 
her mouth. De suwap-kan anak-nia she fed her 
child. Meniuwap ndsi to take a mouthful of 
rice. Mdkan suwdb to swallow a bribe. 

\^ sudtu and ii\ 



sudtu one ; a, an. Tlap- 

tiap sudtu every one. Sudttt^un tiuda there is 
not one. Ada-lah sudtu negrl besdr there is a 
great city. Sudtu s^ orang one for each person. 
Sa-sudtu each and every, ^y^l per-sdalu-an 
dan ka-usd-an unity and singleness or indivi- 


sudra or swdra, Hind, ^cj i the voice (in 
speaking or singing). Sudra mdnis a sweet 
and pleasant voice. Sudra gdrang a loud voice. 
Niaring-kan sudra to raise the voice. Pdrau 
suard-nia his voice was hoarse. Ter-ldlu amat 
mardu bunyi suard-nia perampuan Itu exceed 
ingly melodious was every tone of that woman's 
voice. Suard-pun ka-dangar-an-lah ka-pada anak 
raja a voice was heard by the prince. Ber- 
sudra to articulate. 

c .1j«> sudrang a bee's nest, honey-comb. (Vid. 
iJLj sudlang.) 

cjLrt sa-wdrang a partner (at play), a comrade. 


\Jt^ siidsa or srcSsa a mixed metal of gold and 
Japan copper, often termed tamhuga sudsa. 
Tdlam sufisa a salver of mixed metal. Pedang 
tang ber-ulu-hun sudsa a sword having a hilt of 
mixed metal. Hardin memdkci sudsa dan pe- 
rak tang de champdr-kan tamhdga it is forbid- 
den to use (vessels of) sudsa and of silver 
mixed with copper. 

"cSyi suwang or smming twilight, dusk, a dull 
light, gloomy atmosphere. Tcp-ontong-ontotig 
de tanguh suwang accidentally during the twi- 
light. Kalisa suwang a species of wasp. 

iX^y^ suwdnggl or szodnggl magical, praeterna- 
" tural, monstrous, awful, romantic. Witchcraft, 
sorcery, magic. Bdrong sursdnggi the screech- 
owl, lampat suuanggl a gloomy, awful place. 

^J>\y^ sMopaw notched. (Vid. i-.*.4~j sumb'ing.) 

J1j.j sudl or sawdl, An. a question, interrogation. 
Sudl dan jawdb question and answer. Raml- 
rdmi ber-sudl asked numberless questions. 

'i\^ sudld the sea-slug, swalloe, tripan, holothu- 

nJ\^ sudlang or swalang a bee's nest, the honey- 
comb. Balum ada ndik sudlang the nests or 
combs (which hang in long clusters from the 
boughs of trees) are not yet formed. 

^\y^ sudmi or a|^ szedmi, Hind. ^ |l^ hus- 
band; master. Mendngis ka-mall-an swdmi to 
bewail the death of a husband. lyd-luh umg 
jddi swdmi anak-ku he it is who shall become 
the husband of my child. Dangan ridla swam'i- 
nia with the consent of her husband. Kdrna 
iya sudah ber-swdmi for she is already married. 

t),^ suhang an ornament for the ear ; rolls worn 
in the perforations of the ear, which are some- 
times of gold and silver, but more frequently 
of ivory or tin, and in some places are of a 
great size and numerous, by which the flap of 
the ear is pi odigiously distended;. Subang ber- 

jantara ear-jewels on swivels. Memdkci galang 
dan subang to wear bracelets and ear-jewels. 

jy^ siitra, Hind. J^ silk. Benang sutra silk 
thread, sewing silk. Kdin sutra sa-kdyii, one 
piece of silk. Indong suba the silk-worm's 

'.•^ sdtan sultan. (A coiTuption of ^ILsLj suUuH) 
and chiefly used as a pi-oper name.) 

^yj suji to work ornamental needle-work, to 
embroider ; to ornament manuscripts. Ber' 
sdji dangan bunga to ornament with flowers in 
needle-work. Sapu-tdngan ber-suji a worked or 
embroidered handkerchief. Perampuan tang 
pandei t^y* meniujl a woman skilful at such 

^ wj suchi and — ♦»- chuchi, Hind, w [t:j pure, 
clean, unsullied, spotless, innocent. Amas 
suchi pure gold. Kdin suchi a clean cloth. 
Ayer suchi pure, unadulterated water. Suchi 
deri-pada ddsa or sdlah free from offence, inno- 
cent, .j-^sr^ ka-suchl-an purification, purity. 
Ka-suchl-an dti pureness of heart; sincerity. 
Meniuchl-kan diya iri'gga suchi to cleanse it till 
it be clean. Men-chuchi-kan diri-nia deri-pada 
chumar-nia to cleanse himself from his pollu- 
tion. Men<huchi or mem-bdsoh pakei-an to 
wash clothes. 

.|ji.j suddiv, Hind. ^61 <i^ brother, sister; 
(their relative ages are thus distinguished, 
iu\ abang or tang tdafi the eldest brother, ^^ 
kdkak the elder, ^jl adik the younger, , »j 
borigsu the youngest brother or sister); a term 
of affection and friendship. Suddra amba dua 
1 have two brothers. Dua ber-suddra two who 
are brothers. Sudard-nia tiga laki-ldki sdtu pe- 
rampuan he had three brotliers and one sister. 
Aku sudard-mu tang luah I am your eldest bro- 
ther. Suddra na-pupu cousins; having one 
common ancestor. Sdnak suddra relations, 
connexions. De ddulu-kan suddi'a bdpa peram^ 
puan deri-pada suddra Ibu a preference is to be 



given to the sister of the father (paternal aunt) 
before the sister of the mother. Sudani anjing 
a cant term for tlie imaginary relationship be- 
tween the children of a widower and widow 
who intermarry. Maka tttah baginda hei su- 
dara-ku tuan-iuan sekali-an and the king said, 
O my bretliren, gentlemen all ! 

,/L^ sMagar, Ar. a merchant, trader. Sarfgat 
kaj/a segala suddgar dalam ncgr'i acheh all the 
merchants of Achin were extremely opulent. 
Bilniak-lah jenis bangsa orang judi suddgar 
many people of various races and descriptions 
became traders. Sohbat kfwi'i suddgar lang ber- 
tidma kompani inggris those merchants, our 
friends, who are entitled the English Company. 
Suddgar rdja the king's merchant, the officer 
who manages the king's monopoly of trade. 

jjj-j siiduk a spoon, a shovel. (Vid. jjCmj 
sunduk.) Suduk penggali tdnah a shovel or 
spade to dig the earth. Suduk-nia pcrak Hang 
his silver spoons were lost. 

ci^.j^-o sudut corner, angle. Suditt mala corner 
of the eye. Sapu-tdngan lang putih sudutnia 
handkerchiefs with white corners. 

^c ii}-i sudt, Hind. W^ pure, refined, free from 
dross. Meniudi to purify (by fire), refine, 

^jwrf sudi to determine, make choice, be wil- 
ling, consent to, agree, be minded, think pro- 
per. Jeka sudi tuan pdkei if you chuse or think 
proper, wear it. Ber4ah kumi sudt pada ma- 
Tlk'ltu let us agree with those people. Jekalau 
kdmu sudi dan dangar if you be willing and 
attentive. Tandatuan sudi men-jddi amba ka- 
padornia in token of your consenting to become 
his vassal. 

iSJjj-i surut and i^jj)-^ ^uriit to retreat, recede, 
retire, draw back; to ebb (as the tide); to 
shrink (as cloth). 

iZijy-' sural 

a writing, a letter. (Vid. 'ij^ 

ijjya surati the port and city of Surat. Kapal 

long andak ber-ldyer ka-mombai alau suratl ataii 

ka-niokha alau ^LX< mallbari a ship about to 

sail either for Bombay, Surat, Mokha, or (the 

coast of) Malabar. 

ijjj s' orang alone; one person, (Vid. cjjl 

orang.) Ber-jdlan s'orang to walk alone. 

S^ orang ini sdja only this one person. Orang 

hki-ldki s' orang one man. Tidda hdrus pcrgir 

pergl-an perampuan s' orang diri it is not proper 

that women should go about by themselves. 

Deri-pada idup s^ orang diri bdik-lah aku mdti 

sakuU than to live alone, it were better 1 should 

die at once. 

c .)-j sorong to shove, push. Sorong pell itu ka- 
sorbldh push that chest to one side. 9jj-^ 
meniorong chardna to shove or push the betel- 
service. .rCjj-> sorong-an a bribe, douceur. 
c .fcJ peniorong the mizen. 

s .4»> surak acclamations of joy; shoutings (as of 
armies when going to engage or after a vic- 
tory). Ter-ldlu heihat tampik surak-nia dread- 
ful were their shoutings. Ber-surak-lah seperli 
guruh buni/i-nia shouted with a noise like 

Mjy^ suram dark, obscure, dim, gloomy. Dark- 
ness, gloom. (VIA. ^jy^muram.) Makarupa 
tuan putri ler-suram-lah sedikit sebdb kena sinar 
mala-drl the complexion of the princess was 
darkened from the effect of the sun's rays. De 
liat-nia segala tuboh-nia suram he perceived that 
his body was blackened (by having been in the 
infernal regions). Suram-lah chdya negri ayan' 
da obscured is the brightness of your father's 
kingdom (by your death). 

,_Sf^jj^ surambei a porch. (Vid. ^s^^ saramhlJ) 

CJ . . »-i surut to retreat. (Vid. c^j-j surut.) 

ij jrf suruh to order, bid, command ; to send. 
Suruh-lah ka-mdri utus-an itu order the ambas- 
sadour to approach. Jeka dangan demikian 

^ 191 

jiiga sUruh meniuruh nischat/a matl-lah llta if 
we continue to be thus ordered backwards and 
forwards it will certainly be the deatli of us. 
jSj^ suruh-an and ijyJs pe-suruh a messenger, 
envoy. Ber-sambah-kan siiruh-an dutang to an- 
nounce the arrival of a messenger. Jk. ««a,jw 
sUruh-suruh-un a pimp, conveyer of messages 
backwards and forwards, i.^ penniuruh a 
message; a messenger. Kama iya pergl 
dangan penniuruh amba for she went with my 
message. Datang pula penniuruh raja slam 
there came also an envoy from the king of 

ijyj sural, 

Ar. a writing, letter; a chapter of 
the koran, Ldlu ber-dirl4ah ii/a mem-bucha 
sural itu he then stood up to read the writing. 
Sural kirim-an an epistle. SHrat sa-piichuk a 
note. Sural kasih an affectionate letter; a 
love-letter. SUrat taluk a writ of divorce. 
SHrat landa a certificate. Ter-sHral dc-dalam 
ati written in the heart. *ij-^ meniurat to 
write. Bel-ajar meniurat to learn to write. 
Peniural a writer, scribe. Idng peniurat lain 
deri-pada iang meniurat a writer (or authour) 
must be distinguished from one who (merely) 

i_j^j>i swrZ aqueen; a term of endearment. (Vid. 
^jy..,^jS permeisurt.) Niat-nia andak men-judi 
sUri her object (forsooth) is to become a queen. 
Ldyik-kah iya de jadt-kan suri is she of a de- 
scription to be made a queen ? Meng-udap par 
ddka sUri to appear in the presence of his dear 


suri the evening. 

Kambang surl a flower, 

csileA a\so bunga waklu i mirabilisjalapa, L. 
^jy^ sUrian a Serjeant. 

j_«i^ susang or susong tumbling tricks. Stag- 
gering, reeling. Meniusang to tumble, perform 
as a tumbler, Orang peniusang a tumbler. 

^j^ sUsun compound, not simple; insets, lying 
one within the other. To lay in sets, to pile 
one within or upon the other. To build a ves- 

sel. Zdl-nia dsa tidda ber-susiin his essence is 
simple not compound. Ber-susun-susun dan ber- 
tindeh4indeh in sets and piles. Bunga sdsun 
double flowers. Bunga malur susun and bunga 
susun nyctanthes acuminata, (Vid. Jl* ma- 

kM3y^ SUSU 


(jrfj«) sSsu the breasts, uberae; 


Sdsti bontar round, plump breasts. 
Susu kdpik long, lank dugs. Ujong sdsu the 
nipples. Me-leleh-kan sdsu to uncover the 
breasts. Susu-nia seperti ni5r gdding her 
breasts resembled the ivory coconut. Susu-nia 
ber-ldlu-ldlu ka-sdna ka-mdri her dugs swang 
from one side to the other. Susu ber-champur 
madd milk mixed with honey. ^i/er susu bon- 
da-ku my mother's milk. Ai/er susu-nia itu-purt 
ter-panchur-panchur her milk thereupon (on re- 
cognition of her infant) rushed into her breasts. 
Pardh susu to milk. lung tidda harm nikdh 
dangan dii/a sebdb susu-dn those with whom a 
person cannot contract marriage on account of 
the connexion of fosterage, Anak amba sdma 
j.'j,,^ susdran dangan anak-nia my child wag 
suckled at the same breast with his child. 

meniusu and 

to suckle. 

(wj «-.\! tiiciiiusu aiiu iT^. ■■■■ susu-i to suckle, give 
suck to. Meniusu-i k\lnak-dnak to suckle in- 
fants. Cherilera-i akii brdpa lama nabi allah 
musa dc susd-l ibu-nia let me know how long 
Moses, the prophet of God, was suckled by 
his mother. Jeka aku tidda ber-sumpah daulit 
jdngan laki-ldki iang lain men-jdmah tuboh-kti 
nischdi/a susu aku Ini ku-susu-kan pada mulul-mu 
sebdb tdan inem-bdzea khabar sri rdma pada amba 
if I had not previously made a vow that no 
other man (than my husband) should touch my 
body, these breasts should certainly give suck 
into thy mouth, because thou hast brought to 
me intelligence of Sri Rdma. j-jj-j peniusd 
one who gives suck, a wet-nurse. 

i^y^ susah inward trouble, uneasiness, care, dis- 
quietude, anxiety. Troubled, disquieted, af- 
flicted. Nanli amba ddpal susah dan ddpat gu- 
sarpula I shall occasion vmeasiness to myself, 
and incur anger also. Kena susah to feel 

>u 103 

•are, be disquieted. Susah ati grief, afflic- 
tion. Mengapa tudn-hu ber-susah ber-anghit 
sindlri why docs your highness trouble yourself 
to proceed in person. JRupa tunn putri tev' 
silsah-lah sedlkit tJie princess appeared to be a 
little troubled. Jmfgan susafi be not disquieted. 
..j&L) «— ^ ka-susah-an trouble, affliction. Jj^,.,^ 
meniusah-lan ka-senang-an kita to disturb our 

i^ya sftsoh and ''y^^ msuk a crook, hook, a 
thing crooked or bent. Susoh di/am the natu- 
ral spur of a fowl. Susoh prdu a prolongation 
of the stem or stern-post of a vessel, which are 
sometimes run up to a considerable height. 


(.^.-.c^ sungid to murmur, grumble, mutter, 
mumble. Ada lang sungut schdb korang ma- 
kdn-an some murmured because they wanted 
food. Jnaugda ber-sungut stoning diri the 
duenna muttered to herself Bet^sungfd-kan 
orang lang lilri itu grumbled at those men who 
Jed. ^JJLS ka-surfgut-an a murmuring. 


whiskers. (Vid. . . .^ misl.) 
JIarlmau benulang tang ber-sungut' the tiger is 
an animal with whiskers. 

A..J sungei a river. Mudik ka-ulu sungei to 
" proceed or ascend to the head of the river. 
Sungei etam the black river. Tdnah tang dd- 
1am sfinsrei nil the earth that is in the rirer 
Nile. At/er sungei river-water. De-sabrang 
sungei on the other side of the river. Anak 
sungei rivulets, creeks; the name of a district 
on the western coast of S u m at a a . Durah-pun 
meng-alir-lah de pddang ttu seperti anak sungei 
the blood flowed on the field (of battle) like 

^^yJi supak white spots on the skin produced by 
leprosy or other disease. Speckled, spotted (as 
cattle) . Badan lang supak atau badan lang mdti 
a body marked by disease or dead carcase. 

j^ supan courteous, polite, elegant, civilized, 
complaisant, respectful. Coiu-tesy. Amba-mu 

orang umg tidda ber-ilmu Idgi tiada supan thy 
servant is a person neither learned nor cour- 
teous. Tidda ber-budl dan tidda supan ignorant 
and uncivilised. Supan dan mdlu sudah ter- 
buang courtesy and decorum were laid aside. 
Burong supan the bird of paradise, called in 
the language of the Molucca islands manuk 
dewdta or celestial bird. 

C^y^ suka, 

Hind, n^ glad. (Vid. (JX»- 

sfiku a quarter part. (Yid.^j^ sUku.) 


sFtkat a measure (dry and liquid). To 
measure. Bras tujuh rdtus sukat seven hun- 
dred measures of rice. Kaldk klta ber4imbang 
daging dan ber-sukal ddrah presently we shall 
weigh flesh and measure blood. ui-»^.-^ me- 
niukat to measure. Bras Itu de sukat 'ddlain 
kapal the rice was measured in the ship. 

Jy^ sukar difficult, troublesome, intricate, ar- 
duous. Difficulty, perplexity. Pc-karjd-an 
lang sukar a difficult task; a work of difficult 
execution. BUkit lang sukar a hill of difficult 
ascent. Apd-tah akan sukar-nia what difficulty 
is there in it ? ^^j^LS ka-sukdr-an a state of 
difficulty. lya minta tolong deri-pada ka-sukdr. 
an-nia he asks for relief from his difficulties. 

jj'^ sokong to prop, support, shore up. Sokong- 
sokong those timbers in the frame of a wooden 
building which intersect the upright timbers 
obliquely, and bind them together. 

^^ sukun the bread-friut, artocarpus incisa, 
commonly distinguished into the sukun kdpas 
(lanosa) or edible species, and the sukun b/ji 
(granosa) which is full of seeds or kernels. 

5^ vj sukd and c1A-j ^uku a quarter part ; the 
<juarter of a Spanish dollar ; a branch of a 
family ; tribe. Korang sa-suku ampat wanting 
a quarter of four, three and three quartei's. 
Ldgi i/ga suku tinggal de-luar besides these, 
three fourths remained without. Meng-ddap 
ber-siiku-suku to make their appearance by 




tribes. Data ka-dmpat suku the chiefs of the 
four tribes. 

j-i4«j sugt and tlslj ^^Sh ^^- C/*-> to scour the 
teeth. Ktiyu sfigi or pe-sugi a bit of rattan or 
stick used for this purpose, the end being 
beaten till the fibres are detached and form a 
kind of brush. Ber-siigt tatkdla kuning warna 
gigi to scour the teeth when they become of a 
yellow hue. Meniuti'gkil gigl daitlu deri-fada 
bersugt to pick the teeth before scouring them. 
Meniugi ledah to scrape the tongue. 

J^ SMfe, Hind. SFT^ a stake (for empaling cri- 
minals) ; to empale. Maka de suruh raja sulci- 
kan orang tang memunoh Uii and the king or- 
dered the murderers to be empaled. Sortangah 
de suruh-nia pan'ggal Ither-nia sortangah mennda 
one half of them he ordered to be beheaded, 
and the other half to be empaled. J»J peniula 
an empaling stake. 

Jj»» sulu and jS^ sulu a spy. Ay-* meniulu to 
spy, act as a spy. jLj peniulu a spy. Bd'ik- 
lah klta meniuruh sitlu pergi me-liat daulu it 
will be proper that we send a spy to make pre- 
vious observation. 

i_^r«j sulabf Eur. a sloop. 

Jj«o sidur to move as a snake or worm ; to creep 
as a plant. (Vid. \^ jiilor and oi! Idla.) 
Meniulur de-atas prid-nia to move on their 
bellies. Meniulur amplr ddrat to sail along 
the coast, following its sinuosities. JLdda sidur 
the pepper vine when propagated from young 
shoots. Sdlur-sulUr-an creeping things. 

tj j«j sUlong or solong first-born, eldest. Anak 
sdlong first-born child, eldest son or daughter. 

«J .-> solong to hand the cup or glass to another. 
(Vid. 'i ).-) sdrong.) Scrdya meng-isl sa-pidla 
Idlu de solong-kan-nia ka-pada tdan-nia upon 
this he filled a cup, and handed it to his master. 
Solong-meniolong to hand to each other mu- 
tually or successively. Rami-lah mlnum solong- 

meniohng abundant drinking and mutual pledge 

cJ!j-o sulap or sulop juggling, sleight of hand 
tricks. To juggle, conjure. Penidlap a jug- 
gler, conjurer. 

Jj^ sulam to embroider or work (with silk). 
Jj-j peniiilam an embroiderer. 

Jj^ sdlin or ^j~> sulln a flute, musical pipe. 

j)j^ sdlu a spy. (Vid. J^ sidu.) 

ii^ sdlah bald. Tidda hardm memdkei rambut 
pada kapdla tang sulah it is not forbidden to 
wear (false) hair on a bald head. 

<t).^ and jj^ sdluh a link, torch (usually made 
of the bark of trees, naiTow slips of bambu, 
or leaves of the coconut fastened together). 
Orang Idlu ber-siduh mdlam dri the people 
passed with torches during the night. Seperti 
suluh ter-pdsang rupd-nia it had the appearance 

of a lighted torch, 
with torches. 



meniUluh to light 

Aj_j suam luke-warm, tepid. Ai/er suam luke- 
warm water. 

uu-wo •-> sumhat a stopple or stopper (of a bottle), 
a cork. To stop, boucher, Fr. Meniumbat 
Hang to stop up a hole. 

' j ;-? ;■■• sumhang incest. 

_<.»j sumur a well. Mcng-gdli sumur to dig a 
well. Ayer sumur well-water, 

'm^y^suntong a sea-animal, sea<at, perhaps the 

% - ; j^ stinting the otter. (Vid. ^Tj_srl anjing 

ij^ suh vital heat, the natural warmth of the 
body ; the heat produced by exercise. Maka 
suh-lah daging-nia his flesh retained vital 

Aj^ sdhe or suwe severe, harsh. 
^ 2 C 



/}iy> s~!)/nJc to tear, rend (as cloth). 

^j^ siiii^i and (.Jj-j sunyi, Hind- 7Ic5f lone- 
some, still, silent, solitary, retired, unfrequent- 
ed, deserted, uninhabited, desolate. (This 
word is often confounded with ^^ sum quiet.) 
Sroiiyi scperti ne.gri king alah still and desolate 
like a conquered country. Sunj/l-lah diisun tlu 
the village was deserted. Sunt/l-lah peng- 
adup-an the court was unattended, the presence 
chamber was empty. Zat tidda sunj/i dcrir 
pada s/fat substance cannot exist devoid of 
quality. Apablla sunyi-lah bfaiT/i swaru-nia as 
soon as the sound of its voice ceased. 

\^ sahaja purpose, design, intention, wilful- 
ness. Surely, certainly, positively. Nii/at 
ij/aitu sahdja lang her-serta dctrfgun per-buut-an 
the (Arabic) word iji signifies an intention 
accompanied by action. Dangan de sahaja 
lain deri-padn dc sebut ilii with a design dif- 
ferent from that which was mentioned. Datigan 
sahajd-nia or dangan de safiaja-nia wilfully, wit- 
tingly, on purpose. Matt dangan de sa/iqjd-nia 
premeditated murder. Dangan de sahajd-nia 
atau dangan lupd-nia intentionally or through 
forgetfulness. ^l^-^ menidja to intend, design, 
have in contemplation. 

^Uj suja only. (Vid. „L sdja.) Ingga dda 
ttga orang sdja as far as two or three persons 

ijj\i^ sa-drl a day, one day. S\'iri-s\lri or sa-s^dri 
every day, daily, always. (Vid. (C,lb dri.) 

i^V* and (.jUj sdj/a a slave. It is commonly 
employed as a pronoun of the first person. 
Anak kdml sudah menjudi sdya our children 
are become slaves. Sdija perampuan a female 
slave. Menahus sdya to redeem or to purchase 
a slave. Jdngan kdmu 7nemdlu istri kdmu 
seperli memdiu sdija kdmu do not strike your 
wife as you strike your tlave. Sdt/a atau 
mardika slaves or freed-men. Me-mardlka-kan 
say a to give freedom to a slave. Say a minta 

tolong I request assistance. Silya miiu lev 
jdlan I wish or am about to go. Sdya tuan 
(idiom.) yes, sir (a respectful or humble as- 

CS^ sahingga or singga, and ^tS^ singgan 
unto, until, as far as, so long as. Exceptino-, 
only, all to, all but. (Vid. cJ^ "%§«•) 
Sahingga stang art until day-break. Sahingga 
kakal unto eternity, for ever. Singgan hit 
unto this, until now, Tiadd-lah ka-l'iat-an lugi 
sidpa-siupa rupd-nia sahingga chdya tenghng- 
niajuga none of their persons were any longer 
distinguishable, but only the light of their 

,J^ sa-lei one leaf. (Vid. U alci.y 

ciJj^ sard to answer. (Vid. ^^.^L sdhat.y 

^ si a particle prefixed to certain proper names. 
" (Vid. ^ si.) 

^ sla or siya vain, light, useless, idle, unfound- 
ed, false. Kdta sla-sia vain and idle words. 
Sithsia per-budl-an-nia their deeds are vain. 
Sopdya jdngan sla-s/a ndma ayanda-mu that thy 
father's (my) name may not be in light estima- 
tion. Mem-biumg-kan aria dangan siorsia to 
lavish propertj' in an idle manner. 

ijL-j siydrat, An. the planets. 

ii-jLri siydsat, An. constraint, authoritative force, 
compulsion; administration of justice, public 
punishment ; the torture. Apablla sudah taniH 
orang-nia bulih de suruh siydsat preksa ka-luar- 
kan scgala aria orang ter-bdnoh Uu when the 
offender is ascertained, it may be proper to 
order the torture (question) to be applied, in 
order to discover the effects of the person mur- 
dered. l^\^ meniydsat to compel, constrain; 

cLj slang day, morning. (Vii.%..^ slang.) 

l_jU-> sidpa who, which individual. (Vid. ^ 
si and i^l apa.) Sidpa maupergi who chuses 

to go? SiSpa Jang baranl Vf\\o feels bold? 
Siapa tuu wlio kiioMs ? (for) I know not; possi- 
bly, perliaps. Sifipa punia whose ? Bdrang 
siapa whoever, whosoever. Siapa nama orang 
viMa mi what is the name of this youth ; Je- 
1;a tidda siapa muu mcrn-bili dangan arga ilti if 
there should not be any one inclined to pur- 
chase at that price. 

sought for the goods. Dangan tidda de stdi/c' 
sldik-kan-nia akan diya without his making any 
inquiry about it. Be sumh-nia 

w«L,j siiltnang a species of black monkey, with 
long arms, the gibbon of BuiTon. 

jjL^ si-anu such-a-one, some one, a certain per- 

iz-y^ ^itu there, in that place. Apa-hila diya 
sampei de-situ when he arrives there. Pergi 
ka-siia go thither. 

^",.n.n r- sltak a scrip, a wallet. K-- y sllakii a plant; 
plumbago rosea. 

Ju^ slda an eunuch, castrato. De iring-kan lilih 
segnla mantrl ulubdlang sida-sida dan rdi/at he 
was followed by all the ministers of state, war- 
riours, eunuchs and subjects at large. Mem- 
bri tltah ka-pada s'drang slda-slda gave orders 
to one of the eunuchs. Pada sa-sdln pintu 
s'' orang s'lda-slda tnenunggu-t at each of the 
gates an eunuch attended. 

ju-j seii/id and Ju«o sidi. An. the title of a nume- 
rous race who are, or affect to be, the descen- 
dants of Mahomet, through All and Falima, 
and are distinguished, as is well known, by a 
green turban. A lord, nobleman, prince. Ber- 
kdta muhammed sidi dnahlyd saith Mahomet 
the prince of the prophets. Maka djar islri-nia 
hei sidi tiadd-kah sidi tuu bahxca Ini-lah anak kita 
but said his wife, O my lord, doth not my lord 
know that this is our child ? 

c Ju-! sldang an assembly, congregation, council ; 
company. Jumdt art'i-nia sldang the meaning 
of the (Arabic) word iU^ is assembly. 

j>x»»i and cJJc*-! sldik to ask, inquire, seek, 
search, investigate. De sldik-nia aria itu he 

jjw^ tnenyt' 
dik akan perampdan Itu he gave orders that the 
woman should be searched for. 

r^^Jwi sldi-sldt joints, knuckles. (Vid. ,cJa«* 

JUbiXfM) Sidllinggam red lead, minium. 

iLij^sirat to strew, spread, scatter; to lay a 
train; to trail. Train, border, flounce. Bras 
ter-slrat se-panjangjdian rice lay scattered along 
the road. Kdln-nia ter-slrat-slrat de tdnah her 
garments trailed upon the ground. Hdrus ttie- 
mdkci sutra kdrna tepl kdin alau slrat ingga se- 
kadar ampat jdrl it is allowed to wear silk ii» 
the border ef a garment or the part which 
trails on the floor, to the depth of about four 
inches. Kdln her-sirat mutldra cloth (rauslinj 
sprinkled with pearls. 

CLij^ sirut or serut to braid; to make net-work; 
to splice together (two cords). 

%j^ serang oblique, slanting, aslope. 

i_J..Mj sirip the fin of a fish, the rays or prickles 
of the fin. 

*-«j sh-am to sprinkle. De siram-nia segala tu» 
boh-nia dangan dyer mdwur she sprinkled his 
body all over with rose-water. De slram dangan 
dyer kallka patang dan pdgi sprinkled (the 
plant) with water evening and morning. Jeka 
hukanda mdti kaldk tuan strain dangan dyer 
mdttt tuan if, presently I shall be slain (in bat« 
tie) you will bedew me with your tears. 

»-Mtf serah red. (Vid. «_^ merah.} 

Xj^ sirih the betel-plant, piper betle, the aroma- 
tic leaves of which are chewed along with the 
plnang or areca-nut, a small addition of very 
pure lime, and occasionally gambir, cardamums, 
and various spices. The whole composition 
also is called slrih by the Malays and betel by 
2 C 2 

Europeans. Daiin sirih sa-lei one leaf of betel. 
Makan or santap slrih to eat betel. Slrih sa- 
kapur one preparation or chew of betel (the 
other ingredients being folded up in the leaf). 
Maka sirih Mat de dtor orang-Iah the attendants 
prepared services of betel. Santap-lah slrih 
kalanda dan adenda sakafl-an partake of betel, 
my friends, old and young. Tuan putri itu-pun 
barigun liitu basah rnHka dan ber-kHmur-kumur 
sernya makan sirih the princess thereupon 
awoke (from her midnlay repose), washed her 
face, rinsed her mouth, and then tasted of 

*jj ^r*-> slrih-huah piper siriboa, a species of betel, 
nearly resembling the piper longum, of which 
the fruit is eaten, where fresh slrih cannot be 
procured, and is also used medicinally. 

i WHM^wJ AifO%.t% 

Hind. ^'^ a remnant, fragment, re- 
sidue, remainder, leavings, offal. B('irang sua- 
tu-pUn slsa tidda tinggal not one fragment, or 
scrap remains. 

slsir a comb ; to comb. Slsir kardp a fine 
or close-toothed comb. Slsir dangan perlahan 
to comb gently. . -^ ' meni/lsir rambut to 
comb the hair. Mtnylsir tanah to harrow the 

ship to insert, introduce, put or thrust 
between. De ship-kan-nia krls de pinggang- 
nia he thrust the kris into the belt round his 
waist. Menylsip shamshir to wear or put on a 
sword. Jdngan de ganti atap-nia ship sdja do 
not change the thatch, but only repair it (by 
thrusting in new leaves). 

sisik the scales of a fish. Tortoise-shell. 
Sisik kura-kUra the scales of a sea-tortoise, 

sisd an operation for polishing the teeth. 
Ber-asah dan ber-shu glgl to rub (with a stone) 
or file the teeth, and polish them. 

196 ^J^ 

beside the maiden. De slst sarambl-ku beside 
my porch, at my gate. De tegga ber-shl stood 
side by side. Tlada de bri-nia jduh deri sisi-nia 
she would not suffer it to go far from her side. 
Jdngan ari'gkau ber-grdk deri sisi-kH do not 
thou stir from my side. 

i n-. slang day, day-light, morning. To clear 
away. Slang dan mdlam day and night. Arl- 
pTm amplr-lah slang it is nearly day-light. Tia- 
dd-hh iya ber-ulih tldor Idgi sampei slang they 
could get no more sleep till morning. Slang 
jdlan to clear a road, open a path (through the 
woods). Kabdn itu de sidng-l orang they 
cleared the plantation, t , - -^ meni/lang Iddang 
to clear a rice-field. 

t r I singa, Hind, f^ri a lion, (known only by 
name in the Malayan countries). Seperti singa 
tang amat gdlak laku-nia his actions resembled 
those of a ramping and roaring lion. Shiga 
saktl a lion possessing supernatural powers. 
De-dtas slrTga me-ldyang upon a flying lion. 
Slnga-pura (vulgarly Sincapore), a city built 
by a Malayan colony from Sumatra, near the 
extremity of the peninsula, in what has since 
been termed the kingdom of Johor. 

u:..sT.;,..i sMgit to incline, lean, bend or hang 

down, over-hang ; slant. Kapal slngit the ship 
heels. Singlt-kan kapal to heave a ship down. 

■ ■ ■ shi or <iL«--i slsih beside, along side ofj 
iiext to. Ddduk de shi anak-ddra ilu sit down 

sip or siyap to prepare, make ready. Per- 
gl-lah siyap-kan segala prdu go and prepare all 
the vessels. Suruh segala ddyang ber-slyap 
order all the female attendants to make ready. 

.-.IL-j sipdsan the centipede, scolopendra. 

(j:,.^^ slpal a ruled or marked line. (Vid. \su> 
sefd.) Tdli slpal threads arranged in a parti- 
cular mamier for ruling paper ; a carpenter's 
line ; a measuring line. Bdcha-lah ulih-mu dua 
puluh slpcit read thou twenty lines. Jadl-lah 
bdi/ang-bdi/ang sdma slpat asal-nia the shadows 
became commensurate with the body by which. 



they were projected. Sipat-kan to line or mark 
W out ; to measure. 

fjL^ sipak to kick backwards. Sipak ruga a 
game with an elastic wicker ball. Main sipak 
to play at that game. 

C'j°r' siput the oyster. (Vid. mjJ tlram.) 

Ijw slpei a Hindustani soldier; sepoy. 

ei-^A— i sipil a species of fig, a climbing plant. 

^^ siak poor, beggarly. 

tlC-. and j^ siak the name of a considerable 
river on the eastern side of Sumatra. Orang 
siak andak me-langgar trangganu the people of 
Siak have an intention of invading Trangganu. 

tliL-j sika here. (Vid. ^^ sini.) 

e:,X^ sikat or sikkat a comb, brush; to comb, 
brush. Pisang sa-sikat a hunch of plantains. 

^_i( ,.., sikap proportions of the body, shape, per- 
»* son, exterior form ; attitude, air, demeanour, 
gestures. Well proportioned ; active. Sikap- 
nia bagei dewa his form was like that of a celes- 
tial. Sikap-nia-pUn ter-ldlu barani his air was 
extremely bold. BCiik paras-nia dan sikap-nia 
his features and his air were good. Dan rUpa 
sikap-nia ter-ldlu pantas mem-bri anchur dti segala 
perampuan there was a fire and vivacity in his 
air that melted the hearts of all the women. 
Jier-sikap seperti akan terbang-lah rupu-nia took 
an attitude as if going to fly. Sikap-nia hu 
seperti slnga tang amat gdlak his gestures were 
those of a ramping lion. 

/v-. sikH the elbow;- an angle. SikH-nia ter-ikat 
his elbows were tied. Siku-siku crooked tim- 
bers, or knees, in ship-building. 

jSL»j sikH and ^j^L-j sikudi names of birds. 

<f y ,. f7g7 a torch. Kut/u sigt a piece of resinous 
" wood burned as a torch. The name of a spe- 
cies of pine growing in the interior of Su- 

,a,\JL-s sej/ogia-nia, Hind. ijlJij it is expedient, 
it behoveth, it becometh proper or necessary. 
Sakdrang seyogid-nia andak-lah tuan sdruh jdga 
prdu itu it is now expedient that you should 
order a guard on board of that vessel. Seyo- 
gid-nia bagi segala raja tang ddil it behoveth all 
just kings. Seyogid^ia atas-mu you ought, 
or it is incumbent upon you. 

JIj siol and Jj 
pipe; to hiss. 

siyol to whistle; to play on a 

J^ sila to invite, welcome, prevail upon by en- 
treaty. Sild-kan-lah be prevailed upon, be 
pleased, deign, condescend, prythee ! wel- 
come! Kdta tuan putri sild-kan-lah kakanda 
ddduk the princess said, be prevailed upon, sir, 
to sit down. Sild-kan-lah kambdli ka-negri pray 
return to the town. Sild-kan-lah sohbat sakali- 
an welcome my friends all. Suriih-lah orang 
pergi ^-^ menyild-kan taman-nia directed the 
people to go and invite their comrades. Pergl- 
lah angkau ^iL-jJ per-sild-kan dyah-kic go thou 
and invite my father. 

J^Lj-j silangi a species of fish. 

'liL-j sildyd a beautiful bird of the dove kind, 
smaller than the common dove, the feathers o 
the body are crimson, and those of the head 
and extremity of the tail white. It is also 
called pdnei andu. 

T^ ■■■• silang interchanged, at intervals. (Vid. 
ij<j selang.) 

t_<-l V,. silap mistake, errour. 

Aj^ silam evening twilight, dusk. Deri sinar 
sampei ka-silam from dawn unto dusk. 

i^ sllan the island of Ceylon or i--oJj^ Se- 
rendlb, of which Langka-pdri was the ancient 
capital. Pulau selan is also the name of an 
island in the straits of Sunda, called Prince's 

•Lw sila dazzling. 

i^ s'tlah totiickin. Duduk ber'Silah to sit with 
tiie legs crossed. Mcnyingsing tangan haju- 
ilia dan meng-a/ih-I;an s'llah-^ia stripped up his 
sleeve, and changed his posture of sitting. 

i>L-j f^'ilih and (jL-j slli to repay, replace, coun- 
tervail, make" good (damage), reimburse, make 
atonement (in money). Meni/ilih hi-riiglan to 
replace or make good a loss. Jc];a ler-tlkam 
pada milUtm mcnj/llih samoa-nia arga tanam-an 
itu tiadii-lah dc silih idih tang ainpunia karbau 
jehdctn pnda slang ter-tlkam if the wound be 
given in the night (in the case of trespass by 
cattle) the full value of the plants (destroyed) 
is (notwithstanding) to be made good by the 
owner of the buffalo, but not if the wound be 
given in the day time. 

^^ slam the country of Siasi. liing ber-ulih kor 
run'm deri-pada riija bestir benua slam who en- 
joyeth the favour of the great king of the coun- 
try of Siam; (addressed to Captain Light). 
Jiunga slam or bunga tongk'mg a veiy fragrant 
flower called at Madras the west coast (Suma- 
tran) creeper; pergularia odoratissima. 

^X*^ slmpei and stpei or chipei a very small spe- 
cies of monkey. 

,^,.. slni here. Sdna slni here and there, up and 
down. De-sirii here, hither. Ka-slni hither. 
Deri-stni from hence. Tiada-lah orang de-shii 
there is no person here. Mart-lah atiak-ku rfe- 
slni come hither my child ! 

sii/antong a species of bird. 

198 U 

larly dancing girls, consisting of gilt artificial 
flowers, foil, and other glittering materials. 

slnar beams, rays; dawning or break of day. 
To shine, glisten, emit rays. Slnar mata-arl 
the rays of the sun. Bcr-kllat-kllat kena slnar 
bidan glistened from the reflection of the 
moon's beams. Deri slnar sampei ka-silam 
from dawn unto dusk. Sllam Ini slnar-nia sablu 
tlie morrow of this eve will be Saturday. Ber- 
sinar-an-lah riipa pakei-an-nia their dresses made 
a glittering appearance. Sinur-an a gaudy or- 
nament worn on the heads of females, particu- 

<SxL^ slnangih a species of fish. 


sinan here. Barang ka-andak sohbat beta 

lang per-guna dc-slnan whatever my friend may 
wish for that is of value here. 

jj^ sewa to hire, to rent. Rent, hire. Sezca rS- 
mail to hire or rent a house; the rent-of a 
house. Sezca kaptd the freight or hire of a 
ship. Mem-hrl sewa to let to hire; to let for 
hire. I)e pinjam-nia pada iiian-nta atau de 
scwa-nia he borrows it from the owner, or he 
rents it. 

\^^ sl:ea andj^ slwar a weapon used as a dag- 
ger, having a small one-edged blade. Slzcar 
ampat bllah four weapons of this kind. 

c jj^ sit/Ung the tusk of a boar. 

.-««--: sii/uman in possession of one's faculties, 
of sound or right mind. Maka rdja-pun siyii- 
man-lah deri-pada tldor the king being recovered 
from the effects of sleep. Jcka ada ti/a sumboh 
dan siyuman if he be sound of body and mind. 
Mabuk-nia tlduk lUgl siyuman drunk and no 
longer rational. Permei-surl morka tldak sii/u- 
man the queen was angry beyond all bounds of 

^^ s'nia a contraction of ^^.a^SoL— > se-sunggulHiia 
in truth, in fact ; the truth of the matter. 

^.w) sinyum to smile. (Vid. ^^ sinnium.) 


ji sh the letter named ^^ shin and sJilm. 

Aji, skilm, Ar. Syria. De piidang benua sham 
in tlie plains of the country of Syria. 




ili, sha/i, Peus. king. Shclh alam king of the 
word. Shah paslsir hurat king of the western 

jAiJslii slidh-bandara, Pers, the officer who ma- 
nages the business of the port. (Vid. .,>• -^* 

ij:^jl> sharbat, Ar. wine; syrup; sherbet. Shar- 
bat de m'lnnm dulam surdhi they drank wine 
from flagons. 

L-i, sari (words in which the (i 
nounced, for the most part, 

occurs being pro- 
as if written with 


, w ), Ar. a condition, regulation, law, 
Jialk-lah tuan-Iae memdkei sort segala raja-raja 
it behoveth 3'our highness to enter into the 
engagement, or to observe the conditions by 
which all kings are bound. Sart bcr-main sin- 
jfda laws of arras, rules of fencing. Sepcrli 
sart lang daidu as in thg former prescription or 
medical rule. 

nJi, sere ft, Ar. desire, appetite, avidity. Pergi 
buratig ka-muna ber-sereh to go wheresoever 
one listeth. 

Xuj -i) sharidt, Ar. law, justice ; code of laws. 

(_Jj^ sherif or serif, Ar. noble; a nobleman, 
especially a descendant of Mahomet ; a xerif. 


sherlkat, Ar. a partner in trade. Jekalau 
tftan andak ber-sherikat dangan amba if you 
choose to become my partner. Bukan amba 
ber-utang ka-pada kapilan ilu meleinkan ber- 
sherikat suja I was not indebted to Captain — , 
but was simply in partnership with him. 

jLi setcr, An. half of a sheet of paper; side, 
page. De-bawah seter ini at the bottom of this 

jUiJi subdti or shdbdn, Ar. the 
metan month. 




sidr or shidr, Ar. poetry, verse; a poem. 

Jlmu sidr the art of poetry. Sidr tang mardu 
Bweet poetry, sweet verses. Ad(i tang ber-se- 

luka ada lang her-sidr d<tn ada tang her-medaH 
some amused themselves with one species of 
poetical composition and some' with another. 
Pcngdrang sidr a poet. 
Jjii sugliiil or shughul, Ar. care, trouble, un- 
easiness, anxiety; occupation, employment. 
Uneasy, anxious. Pemddam sughul kakanda 
extinguisher of care to thy friend. TVeh aku 
sughul de bunoh-nia ji'iga aku Tdih baginda alas, 
I am sore afraid that I shall yet be put to death 
by the king. Ali iang me-sughul a troubled 

uLCi sak, Ar. and Pers. doubt, suspicion, jea- 
lousy ; offence. Mem-bri sak to raise suspi- 
cion. Tidda Idgi sak kaml we have no longer 
any doubts, our suspicions are removed. Ati 
iang tidda mendroh sak dc-ddlam-nia a heart that 
harbours no suspicions. Sopdya Hang sak ia 
order tliat doubts may be removed. 

,Ci sakar or shakar, Pers. 


Lat. (Vid. Jj/ gula.) Mdnis seperli sakar 
sweet as sugar. Seperti sakar ber<hampur 
viadu like sugar mixed with honey. Sakar 
bdtu ox gulabdtu sugar-candy. 

fjU sukur VittAj^ shukHr, An. praise (of God); 
thanks, acknowledgements, expression of gra- 
titude. Meng-uchap sukur pada allah to ad- 
dress a thanksgiving to God. Menrlma sukur- 
lah segala orang besdr all the chiefs return their 

j_Li. siksa, Hind. fs[|W| (siksha) punishment. 
To punish. Segala orang iangjdhat tdkut deri- 
liadu morkd-nia dan siksd-nia all bad men are 
afraid of his wrath and of his punishments. 
Bdrang sidpa memunuh orang dangan tidda si- 
benar hak-niu nischdj/a de siksa allah dangan dpi 
narka iang amat dngal whoever puts a man to 
death without legal conviction, God will surely 
punish him in the hottest fire of hell. Kena 
siksa iang liuda ber-ka-suddh-an to incur eternal, 
punishment. ^jS-^ imnijiksa to punish, ia« 
flict punishment. 


j_Xi iaksi, Hind. S^HJJj' a witness ; evidence. 

Saksi iang putut a proper and competent wit- 
ness. Mem-bri saksi or naik saksi to give 
evidence, bear witness. Andak-Iah ii/a bri tau 
dua tiga kali dangan de per-saksl-kan-nia he 
should give notice two or three times in pre- 
sence of witnesses. Saksi sdi/a bahwa ada 
allah tuhan tang asa I bear testimony that God 
is Lord alone. 

t/ ^ 
^j-aJL shems, An. the sun. (Vid. i^j^f^ mata- 

art.) Sinar shems sun-beams. 

shamshir and -,«,»^ samsir, Peiis. a scimitar, 
sabre. Menj/isip-kan shamshir iang ka-amas-an 
wore scimitars adorned with gold. 

Jlj.i sawrd or shawul, An. the tenth mahometan 

*jlfii sahadal, An. testimony, evidence, confes- 
sion, profession. Sahadal islam or kelimat sa- 
hddat the mahometan profession of faith ; viz. 
iil!i\^^y^JSA^^i^\f\M there is no God but 
God, and Mahomet is the Prophet of God. 

Jdri sahddat the fore-finger. 

shabandara, Pers. the shabandar, an of- 
ficer of state whose department it is to su- 
perintend the business of the port, to receive 
the customs, and in some places to manage the 
trade for the king. 

Ijk-i sahadan or shahaddn further, moreover. 
Sahaddn adu-pun kamad'tan deri-pada llti more- 
over it happened subsequently to that. Sa- 
haddn ama bdd but moreover, but to proceed. 

i^ saharat or skarat, Ar. celebrated, famous. 

i V |7*tf sahld or shahid, An. a martyr. Sahid ii/d- 
itu bdrang sidpa mdti kdrna meninggi-kan agama 
allah a martyr is any one who loseth his life in 
the advancement of the religion of God. Orang 
mdti sahld pada parang sabil allah persons who 
have died martyrs in the holy wars. 

^i shckh or sheikh, Ar. an elderly and respect- 
able man ; an Arabian chief whose influence 
arises from age and experience. 

UajJi shetdn or selan, Aa. satan, the devil ; a 
demon. Ati-nia de hard selan the devil stirred 
up his heart. Nafsu setan vicious appetites, 
sensual desires. Antd dan setan ghosts and 
evil spirits. Seperti orang de hard setan like 
one possessed with (worried by) a devil. 

y<s s the letter named cjU sat and jU> sad. 

^jjLj sabun, Ar. soap. A gonorrhaea. 

i_„a^L> sdheb, Ar. master, lord, possessor. S«« 
hibi hakdyat lord or possessor of the story, i. e, 

jjU sadek, Ar. true, just. Khabar iang sddek 
true intelligence. 

^ sehh, Ar. the dawn. Awal sebh the first 
dawn. Ka-pada katlka sehh at the time of 
dawn. Sambdyang sebh matins. 

j^ sabar and jL» sdbar, Ar. patient ; patience, 
forbearance. Sabar atas segala pardngl-nia 
tang kejl patient under all her ill-humours. 
Sabar akan ka-saklt-an patient in sickness. 
Sabar-lah ddulu tnan-amba have patience avviiile, 
my master. Jeka iidda dangan sabar-ku were 
it not for my fjrbearance. Menaifggong sabar 
to endure patiently, to have patience. Ber- 
sdbar to be patient. Sakali-an itu amba sabar- 
kan all this (conduct) I put up with, bore with 

^•^ sah or sch, Ar. proved, approved, authentic, 
established, confirmed ; eficctive, valid ; com- 
petent, admissible ; an expression used at the 
game of chess, when check is given. Sah si- 


iatijur men-Jual-kan anak fcamanalan-nia it is 
proved that si-Tmijur sold his dependant rela- 
tions. Balum-lah sah hukum Uu that sentence 
or decision is not yet approved. Tiada-lah sah 
niyat-nia his intention is not carried into effect. 
Tiadd-lah sah sart-nia the condition is not ful- 
filled ; the agreement is not completed. Tiada- 
lah sah ptiasa-nia his fasting is of no avail. 
Saksl-nia tiada sah his evidence is not admissi- 
ble, or, does not establish the point. 

^_ ..««g seheb, Ar. companions, 
professional storj^-tellers. 

Seheb ^r^riwdt/al 

Ji^ sohbat, Ar. a friend ; companion, confede- 
rate, ally. Friendship. Ij/a-lah sohbat haml 
iang salla he is our faithful fiiend. Nubi mu- 
hammed i^:^\^ji ber-sohabat ampat the prophet 
Mahomet had four companions ( Abu-beher, 
Omar, Osman or Othman, and AH). Pada 
suatu art de tania-i s^orang sohbat akati nabi 
deri-pada tikus matt ddlam mlniak sapl on a 
certain day one of the companions inquired of 
the Prophet concerning the consequences (as 
to impurity) of a mouse being suffocated in 
butter. Kami andak ber-sohbat we wish to be 
on terms of friendship. Pilih angkau ber- 
sofd>at be thou scrupulous in chusing a friend. 
Sohbat-ber-sohbat mutual friendship. 

isXa sadakat, Ar. alms ; voluntary acts of chari- 
ty ; gratuity given by scholars to their teachers. 
(Vid. J\^-, zakat.) De sadakat-kan-nia ka-pada 
fakir dan meskin he gave it in alms to the 
mendicant religious and the poor. Ai/er iang 
de sadakai-kan akan mimtm-an orang water (of a 
well) that has been charitably appropriated to 
supplying drink (to travellers). 

<_J-tf sarfu or uJ;^ *!* Umu sarfu, An. grammar. 

t_9./. saf or safa, Pers. row, rank, order, array. 
Abis-lah safa^safa matl-nia they lay dead in 
rows ; fell rank and file. Sakallan-nia ber-dlri 
de-blukang mahdrdja rawana ber-snfa-safa all of 
them stood behind Mahdrdja Ravana in military 

jLo safar, An. the second mahometan month. 

dJu> sifat and 'i\su> sifdt, Ar. quality, attribute, 
property. (Vid. cyli %dt.) Sifat iang hina 
a mean quality. Segala ndma iang mahd-elok 
dan segala sifat iang mahd-tinggi every name 
that was excellent, and every quality that was 
most exalted. Bagi allah ada dua pdluh sifat 
to God belong twenty attributes. 

_L> seldh,An. peace, tranquillity, concord; reo 
titude, integrity, virtue. 

jiAA^ soldddo. Port, an European soldier, or 
one trained to the European discipline. 

ii\ju> salawdt, Au. prayers. Meng-uchap salawat 
akan nabi to address a prayer to the Prophet. 

j_J^ salib, An. a cross; crucifix. 

fc_ji.ff suf, Ar. camelot, a species of fine woollen 
stuff; shalloon. Langkap dangan ampdr-an 
iang bcr-ndma suf sakelat furnished with hang- 
ings of a scarlet stuff called camelot. Sdfiang 
ber-dmas camelot wrought with gold. 

yo dl the letter named cjU dldt and oU dldd. 

<^\ji dlardb, Ar. striking with a sword; beating 
the enemy. 

htj-i> diarurat, Ar. compulsion. 

^i.,j. dldif Ar. weak, infirm, emaciated, im- 
potent ; frail. 

i^ dlammah, dammah or zammah, An. (') the 
third of the vowel-marks of the Arabic gram- 
mar, called by the Malays il^Xfej^^b bdris 
de-addp-an placed above the letter, and express- 
ing the short sounds of u and o. 
2 D 



Jj t the letter named It ta. 

jii\l» tahir, Ar. pure, clean, unsullied. 

i_ .. -U ^flZ)i&, Ar. a physician, doctor. Tablb 
samoci-nia de surtih panggil ordered all the 
physicians to be called in. Siapa tablb tang 
biilih dapat meng-ubal-i pada meng-ilang-kan 
ka-sakit-an kami what physician is there who 
is capable of administering medicines to remove 
my complaints ? 

jJU? talak, Ar. divorce, repudiation. Siirat taluk 
a writing of divorce. 

J v^^ tambur a drum, musical instrument of the 
drum kind. 

m.^ temd, Ar. avarice, covetousness. 

^JiX^tufun, Ar. a tempest, hurricane; deluge; 
the Flood. Turun-lah ribut dan tufan a storm 
of wind and rain descended. Pada musa tufan 
at the time of the Flood. 

J Jb tuwal and JjjL tawtl, Ar. long in duration ; 
length, duration, extent. Barang de lunjut- 
kan allah ttiwal iimur-nia may God extend the 
duration of his life. Minta de tuwal-kan allah 
I pray that God may prolong it. 

i}o teh, Ar. an interjection commanding silence ; 
a pause in reciting the koran. 

t^ teh tea. (Vid. eji teh.) 

J, tlr, Ar. levity of mind. Apa tlr demikian 
what means this levity ? 

Jl!a tlalim (zalim)y 

Ar. a tyrant. Oppressive, 

Jblij tlahir (zahir), Ar. clear, open, manifest, 
evident ; light ; external. Ter-kadang ada tla- 
hir dan ter-kddang ada bdtin sometimes it is ma- 
nifest and sometimes obscure. Se-telah sudah 
tlahir ari-nia as soon as it wa« clear day-light. 
Men-tlahir to make evident ; to clear up. 

Jli tin, Ar. shade, shadow, protection. 
lah shadow of God (a title). 


ij tl the letter named % tla. 

c 0, e, i, b, or u the letter named ^-* din~ 

JjU adil, Ar. just, equitable, upright. 3Iaka 
negri sedekdla tatap sebdb ddil baginda itu and 
the country enjoyed constant security by reason 
of the justice of the monarch. Htdaini laiig 
adil a just sentence. Adil ka-pada sakali-an 
orang etam just to all the black people. Meng- 
ddil-kan dirl-nia to justify themselves. 

^jU ddat or a Jus ddat, Ar. custom, usage, ha- 
bit, state, mode, fashion; rite, ceremony; 
rules of justice or judiciary proceeding ; custo- 
mary tribute or fee. Lain ddat maldyu lain 
ddat orang putih the customs of the Malays and 
of the Europeans are different. Tuu iya akan 
ddat raja-raja tang bcsdr he is acquainted with 
the ceremonies observed at great courts. Adat 
mdna pida long demikian itu what sort of fa- 
shion or mode of acting is this ? Ddlam ddat 
negrljekalau laki-ldki mdti peratnpuan de bdnoh 
pula according to the law of the country, ii 
the man (found in adultery) be killed, the wo- 
man must also be put to death ; (the husband 
is not justified in killing the one and sparing 
the other). Seperti ddat sadla kdla according 
to the practice of ancient times. Sirih ddat de 

'dor orang-lah services of betel were ranged in 
order. JKUa-pun sangat-lah su1:a alum hap'itan 
Uu karna diya-nia tdu ddat hechdra maldyu I 
am extremely fond of (the society of) that 
Captain, because he is versed in the modes of 
Malayan conversation. 

j,U drif or anp, An. intelligent, wise, inge- 
nious, skilful, acute, discerning. Arif dan 

bijaksdna wise and prudent, 
his knowledge is perfect. 

Semporna drif-nia 

in love. Ter- 

203 jc 

unto that monarch. De namd-'t dlam tlap-iiap 
lain dcri-pada allah tadla by the world is to he 
understood every thing that is distinct from the 
Deity. Ddlam ulam tang tcr-jmndang lang mu- 
lia ini in this visible and glorious world. 

ijlc all, Ar. eminent, high, sublime, excellent. 
LU alia most high. ^Jj:- all the son-in-law of 
Mahomet, the fourth of the khalifs or succes- 
sors of the Prophet. 


^i^U dsik or dshik, Ar. amorous; 

lalu dsik at'i-nia dan berahi-nia dan mukd-nia her- 
seri-seri seperti bmga mdwur his heart was 
smitten, his desires were inflamed, and his 
countenance glowed and became like the co- 
lour of tlie rose. Segala anak raja-rdja tang 
muda itu-pun dsik ali-nia maka masing-mdsing 
her-bangkil-lah mendri the hearts of all the 
young princes became impassioned, and each 
arose to dance. 

Li\& dfyat or dpit/at, Ar. health; recovery. 
Baliim ujal-nia dfyat the appointed time for his 
recovery is not yet come. AJii/at de anugrah- 
kan allah restored to health by the favour of 
God. Sdngal dfii/at-lah amba ka-pada orang 
kdya I am extremely well disposed towards 
your honour. 

Jlc dlim, Ar. learned, wise, instructed, ini- 
tiated. Alim hudi wise, intelligent. Jeka ada 
stoami-nia dlim maka wajib-lah iya meng-djar-kan 
istri-nia if the husband be instructed, he ought 
to teach his wife. Acl diem most wise, all- 
knowing. Allahu diem God is all-wise; God 
knows best. J\^ dlim a wise or learned man. 

Ulc almd doctors, 
science, knowledge, 

theologians. Ae- 


JU dlam, Ar. and Pers. the world, the earth 
and all that it contains, the universe. JRdja 
dlam king of the world. Tuhan iang men-jadi- 
kan dlam the lord who created the world. De- 
ddlam dlam tidda sidpa iang ada seperti baginda 
Uu tlu-oughout the world there is none like 



Ar. vulgar, common, general. Segala 
orang iang dm the public, the multitude, pro- 
fanum vulgus. 

fjLfi ibddat, Ar. divine worship, adoration. 


tbdrat, Ar. explanation, interpretation, 
gloss, commentary, elucidation, exemplifica- 
tion. Trope, figure, allusion, comparison, 
personification. Meng-arti ibdrat-nia to under- 
stand the interpretation of it. Seperti ibdrat 
orang iang drif according to the explanation 
given by wise men. Ibdrat deri-pada ghdib 
elucidated. Ini per-katd-an meniatd-kan ibdrat 
sabda nabi allah this discourse is to explain a 
saying of God's prophet. cj1^-*JI« meng-ibardt 
dangan ibdrat to explain by analogy. 

jLk? djdib, Ar. miracles, prodigies. Ajdib 
allah the miracles of God. Mem-bri ajdib Aa- 
pada muta orang to exhibit wonders before the 
eyes of men. i.— >«? 4/f^ wonderful, strange; 
a wonderful thing. 

*/s? djem, Ar. Persian. Benua ajem Persia. 

t_^ arab Arabian. Negri ijVc «r«i<ARABiA. 
Bhdsa arab the Arabic language. 

^^ drash, Ar. the throne of God; the empy- 
rean heaven. Antdra drash dun kursi between 
the thrones of God, between the empyiean and 
crystalline spheres. 

^Ja^Je. arul or druz, An, metre, measure (in 

jc az and ijc a%%at, Ar. glory, grandeur, dignity. 
2 D 2 

I <*.., >• askar, An. an army, 
of the faithful. 

Aslair islam the army 

^•'■r hk or ishk, An. to love. Love, passion. 
Jsk arti-nia berd/il the meaning ofisk is to love. 
o* f. fsA:? inspired with love, enamoured. 
Maka segala sell dayang-dai/ang llu-pun samoa- 
nia iski dan herahi and all the ladies of the 
court became enamoured and distracted. 

^^ r athimal or azamnt, An. magnificence, pomp. 
Solemn, awful, august ; inspiring ideas of state 
and grandeur. Ter-lalu atlamat huntjl-nia the 
sound of it was solemn and awful. - 

. .Ur. alllm or rts?»i, An. grand, august, sublime, 
solemn, awful. Tuhan rabi tang allhn tlie 
lord who is to be revered. Koran atllm the 
sublime koran. 

Jic ukal, Ar. ingenuity, acuteness, sagacity, 
cunning, policy ; understanding, judgment. 
Kami Hat ukal-nia we perceive their cunning. 
Akal baruk mischievous cunning. Akal budi 
wisdom. MetKhiirl-ukal to devise means. 
Men-chari akal mng salah to pursue evil de- 
vices. Jlang-lah akal budi bechdra lost the fa- 
culty of speech. Jlei bendlang lang tidda ber- 
ukal O ye beasts, who are void of understand- 
ing. Hang akal sebdh glla atau mdbuk atau 
■pltam atau tldor to lose the exercise of reason 
either by insanity, or drunkenness, or fits, or 
sleep. Akal bdligh adult, arrived at years of 
discretion. Panjang akal artful, cunning; in- 

(JA ■ 204 

J.;l,jc azratl, Ar. the name of the angel of death. 

iujjc aztmat, An. an amulet, talisman; spell, 
written charm. Surat-kan ddrah dj/am etam 
akan dthnat dan tkat-kan pada leher-nia write 
with the blood of a black hen upon an amulet, 
and fasten it about his neck. Ber-azlmat ma- 
nikam Ijau ber-surat having a charm inscribed 
upon a green stone. Azimal akan per-kdsih a 
charm to procure affection. Ini dzhnatjdngan 
sdngat penidkit this is a charm against extreme 

genious, Akal artl-nia budi the word akal has 
tlie same meaning as budi. Fikir-kan-lah dangan 
akal iang dlus reflect upon it with nice discri- 

<u5Lc dldmat, Ar. sign, signal, mark, token, de- 
vice; banners, flags. (Vid. Azdlam.) Gong 
rdya de pdlu orang-lah akan dldmat baginda ber- 
angkat the royal gong was struck, as a signal 
of the king's setting out. Ka-Udt-an-lah dldmat 
pada fihak meghrib a sign appeared in the 
western quarter. Bri-lah akan ddku sudtu did- 

mat Apa tanda iang kaupinta ka-pada aku 

put me in possession of a token what kind 

of token do you require of me? Ber-bdgei dldmat 
iar,g de pandang various portentous signs were 
observed. Aldmat sural epistle, written letter, 
hand-writing ; superscription, address. Bahwa 
ini dldmat sural ddtang whereas this epistle 
Cometh, &c. (The established form of com- 
mencement.) Alam-dldmat itu-pdn ter-diri-lah 
banners were thereupon set up, 

Jx- dlam, An. a standard, flag, ensign; jurisdic- 
tion. Alam ka-rajd-an the royal standard. 
Mendiri'kan dlam putih to set up a white flag. 

y t. 

J.C tlmu orj^fU ilmu, Ar. science, knowledge, 

doctrine, art, profession. Ilmu illahi theology. 
Ilmu sidr poetry. Ilmu hakmal sorcery, divi- 
nation. Ilmu nahrd and ilmu sarfu grammar. 
Orang ber-ilmu a man of science; an adept. 

ale diet, Ar. 

disease; calamity. Alet penidkit 

it dli, Ar. the 
fourth khalif. 

>iLLc dleikum^ Ar. 
^U-) saldm.) 

son-in-law of Mahomet, and 

upon you, with you. (Vid. 

(UL; dleihi^ An upon, against, with him er it. 
(Vid, aLj saldm.) 

j4fi. bmar, An. the second of the khalif s. 


jAA umur, An. life, duration of life, age. Pada 
pertdma umur per-tangah-an iimur dan akhir 
umtir at the commencement, the middle, and 
the close of life. Saldmat umur panjang may 
jou be blessed with long life. Brupa taun 
umUr-ma how many years of age is he ? Jeka 
tiiida hoasa Jj/a pada s'umiir idup sa-kdli if he 
be not able (to perform the ceremony) once in 
the course of his life. 

J,ftf dmal, Ar. a pious work or action. Ber- 
buat dmal to perform a good work. Sla-sia 
dmal-nia his works are vain. 

j^ and _^4j: ambar, An. ambergris. Arumderi 
pada ambar dan kasluri fi-agrant with ambergris 
and musk. Siichi ambar jckalaii dc per-ulth-an 
ikan ambergris is accounted pure if produced 
from fish. 

-axe iinsur, An. 

an element. 

Ajkxc andam seeking an asylum, taking refuge or 
sanctuary. Andam ka^-umah raja to seek an 
asylum (from prosecution) in the palace. Meng- 
andam to give refuge to. 

^!»c and ^oW dwdn, Ar. aid, assistance; assist- 
ants; the companions of Mahomet. Awun bil- 
lahi men sheildn rWej'tm by the aid of God 
against the accursed devil. 

^Lc dwdn mistress, 

man, mistress of a family. 
incht mistress, madam. 

madam; a middle-aged wo- 

Awdn-chi for dwdn- 

ij^ iirat, Ar. membrum virile; pudendum mu- 
liebre. Urat laki-ldki iya llu antdra pusat dan 
lutut a legal definition. Pada ujong iirat tang 
ampir rahim an anatomical definition. 

■ ■■-'•- ifo, An. Jesus. Naht Isa aleihi s'salam the 
" prophet Jesus, with whom be peace. Pada 
hejerat nabl isa in the year of the Cliristian 

^gk or ghr the letter named ^ ghain and 


ghdlib, Ar. victorious, overcoming, pre- 
vailing. Meghlub rupd-nia tiadd-lah ghdlib Idgi 
he appeared like the vanquished, and no lon- 
ger as the victorious. Ter-ghdlib overcome. 

_^<Li ghdib, Ar. concealed, obscure, invisible, 
vanished. Ghdib-lah iija deri-pada mdta segala 
rai/at he became concealed from, or invisible 
to the sight of all the people. Per-katd-an tang 
ghdib obscure, mysterious words. Meng-ghdib 
to conceal, render obscure. i_^ ghlb the 
dark, invisibility, the things of the invisible 
world ; the secret parts. 

t_j^ gherib and t_^^ gherib, An. foreign, 
strange. A foreigner, stranger. Ddgang iang 
gherib foreign merchants. Arta iang gherib 
foreign articles. Tiuda tdkut gherib ini this 
stranger (or intruder) feels no awe. 

J^ ghasil, Ar. religious ablution of the whole 
body. (Vid. ^j wadlu.) 

t-Jis. gheldb, Ar. contending for victory. (Vidi 
i^[s. ghdlib.) Menangar bunj/i gheldb to hear 
the shoutings of victory. 

^jj. and Lc ghend, Ar. rich, abundant; magni- 
ficent, illustrious, glorious. Orang iang ghenS 
an opulent man. Asal iang ghend an illus- 
trious race. Tdhan iang ghend the Lord of 

<_j,^ ghurab a kind of ship or vessel having a 
projecting stem ; a grab. 

r^ g/«'^', 

Ar. the dark, &c. (Vid. j_^U 



LJ^ gheirat, An. AeWght, rapture; zeal, fervour. 
Delighted, enraptured; zealous; magnanimous; 
emulous ; jealous for; indignant. De bujok-nta 
dangan lata tang memiri gheirat dti segala pe- 
rampiian tang menangar-kan dii/a He soothed 
her with expressions that conveyed rapture to 
the heart of every female vi'ho heard him. Se- 
perli bulan dan mala-ari sdma bulk rupa-nia 
mem-bri gheirat ati segala lang me-llat dii/a their 
forms equally beautiful, like those of the sun 
and moon, gave delight to all beholders. Ati 
de-mana tidak 'kan gheirat orang miida bhuru de 
temic what heart would fail to be enflamed at 
first meeting with such a youth. 

iiJ. ghllat, An. making an unexpected and pre- 
datory attack. 

c tig the letter named li tiga 

*cli nganga to gape, yawn, open wide (the 
mouth). MidUt-nia de ngartgd-kan-nia they 
opened wide their mouths. Heiran-lah ii/a dan 
ter-ngdnga muldt-nia they were astonished and 
their mouths gaped. 

ut^U ngdngut to mope, pine, become dull and 

ujli tTgdpa why, wherefore; to signify, import; 
the reason, cause. (Vid. (_Jl apa and (_jli<i 
meng-apa). Tiuda ngdpa it doth not signify, 
mattereth not. Jdngan tuan peng-dpa-ngapa 
do not ask questions, or, be inquisitive. 

jlc ngdlir to flow or run down (as a stream), to 
issue. (Vid.JU hdlir.) Ayer long ngdlir deri- 
pada bdtu water issuing from a rock. Jt/er 
matd-nia mengdlir her tears flowed. Ayer 
tenang dan dyer tang mengdlir sedlkit stagnant 

water, and water that has a small current. 
Mengdlir-ngulir to continue flowing. 

cj^ ngarung to snarl, growl. Apa de kdta an- 
jing tatkdla ii/a ngarong apa de kdta kaledei tat- 
kdla it/a ber-swdra what said the dog when he 
snarled, what said the ass when he brayed? 
Mengarong seperti anjing to growl like a dog. 

j^i tigaran displeasure, anger, indignation. Dis- 
pleased, incensed, irritated, indignant; irrita- 
ble. (This word is often confounded with ^jA 
ngar'i.) Ngaran4ah ati-nia his mind is incens- 
ed. Ber-lambah ngaran ati baginda the king 
waxed wroth. 

i_sl ngarl severe; dreadful. Hukum-nia rtgarl 
his judgments are severe. Siksa ndraka sdngat- 
lah ngarl the punishments of hell are verj 
dreadful. Rupd-nia ter-ldlu ngari its appear- 
ance was extremely dreadful. 

^^ ngamam and A^X li'gamdm to fi'ighten ; to be 
terrified. Fear, dismay. 

j$Lc nglkii to talk in the sleep, to rave. 

lA ngllu or jH ngilu on edge (the teeth), aching. 
Gigi-nia sudah ?fgilu his teeth are set on edge. 
Kapalu-ku sdngat-lah vgllu my head aches 
violently. N gild pening kapald-nia he has th« 

i^ / the letter named \i fd. 

^.\j fdrsl or pdrsi, Ar. Persian. (Vid. -jgr 
ajem.) Orang fdrsl a Persian. Kdrna orang 
langtdu mem-bdcha sural bhdsa fdrsl sudah tidda 
ddlam negrl ini for there is no person in this 
country (Kedah) who is capable of reading a 
letter written in the Persian language. 

i- jU fdrik, As., distinguishing, discerning. Aid- 

matjarik a distinguisliing mark. Memurik to 

\tJi f(lsik, Ar. wicked ; wickedness ; a sinner, 
worthless fellow. Mengarjd-kan fusik dangan 
nidla to commit wickedness in a barefaced man- 
ner. Orang glfa dan fdsik dan kiifir fools, and 
sinners, and unbelievers. K'anak-dnak fusik 
dan bfila wicked and blind children. 

A\i fal, Ah. an omen, augury ; necromancy. De 
bucha nujum dan de bllang-kan fill read in the 
book of astrology and declared the prognostic. 

*joU fdidat, Ar. utility, advantage, emolument. 
Apa juga gardng-an faidat-nia what, I pray 
thee, is the use of it ? Jeka ada mem-buat sa- 
sudtu hirja iang berfdldat if any labour is per- 
formed that produces emolument. Mem-bmoh 
orang dangan tidda berfdldat to commit an 
unprofitable murder. Chdrl fdidat to seek for 

AsaJ fat-hall., Ar. the first of the vowel-marks of 
the Arabic grammar, called by the Malays bdris 
de-dtas, from its being placed above the letter 
in the form of an acute accent ; and expressing 
the short sound of a and e. The first or open- 
ing chapter of the kordn. 

^i:^fitnah and fUanah, An. slander, scandal, ca- 
lumny, reproach ; infamy, disgrace ; miscliief 
KenafUnah orang sdja he is merely slandered. 
Bdrang apa orang punia filnah whatever the 
calumny of people may be. Per-katd-an Jilmih 
calumnious expressions. i^^i^i*^ memfitnah- 
kan to slander, calumniate. Sdnak amba de 
fitnah-kan orang mem-buat wang lanchong a re- 
lation of mine is falsely accused of making coun- 
terfeit money. 

^ fajer, Ar. the morning crepuscule; dawn, 
day-break. Fajer-pun mcnj/iiigsing-lah ber- 
pangkat-pari'gkat maka ka-liut-an-lah gunong the 
dawn arose gradually and the mountains be- 
came visible. Sampei buka fajer until the 
appearance of dawn. 



ii.")^ firlarmh or pirlanah, Aa. slander. (Corrup- 
tion of iisjftnah.) 

't/ fi^J °i' P^^J^i ^^- rf>udendum. Memerchik 
dyer pada ferj-nia aquam inspergere pudendis 

jjljyj ferddna or perddna, Ar. sole, singular. 
Anak ferddna an only child. Ferddna or per- 
ddna mantrl first minister of state, vizier, 
(whose office is also distinguished by the title 
of inangko-bunii)% 

ij^jiiijirdus, Ar. paradise. 

^ji farsl a.nd parsl Persian. (Vid. ^^Ji fdrsi.) 

^j^i feredl, Ar. obligatoiy observances (by divine 
institution). Feredl alas tlap-tlap is/dm obli- 
gatory upon every mahometan. Idns i 


ry upon every manonieian. -lang jereo 
tang sunnat things obligatory and thing 

proper to be done. ^J'y^J'^^^ mem^feredlu-kan 

to render obligatory. 

^^j or ^ijj f>'i"ggh European, Christi 


^j^to i fir man, Pers. a mandate, edict, order, 
royal patent ; a writing or speech from the so- 
vereign. Firmdn-nia Iang mahd-tinggi his most 
high command. De-bdwah frmdn rdja Itu un- 
der tlie authority of, or licence from that king. 
Firman allah the word of God. Makafirmdn- 
lull rdja sollmdn and king Solomon said. 

^j furna, An. an oven., 

^j.^jfranc1ils and ^j^J franchis or prancJm 

ijjferl, Pers. (t^ ) » f^'^y, a class of super- 
natural beings. (Vid. ,_jl perl.) 

..^ fasuna, Pers. enchantments, incantation. 
(Vid. ^jy^ pasuna.) 

j-aj fasal, Aa. article, section, paragraph, sub- 
division of a writing. Fasal Iang ka-tujuh the 
seventh article. Fasal iang mcngatd-kan se- 
gala Iang makruh ddlam sarnbdyang article 

^ 208 

setting forth whatever is to be avoided during 

^^ feslhf AvL. eloquent. Isif^ festhat elo- 
quence ; faculty of speech. Dangan feslhat 
ledah-nia by the eloquence of his tongue. 

\yiifadlull and ^JyiifaduH ox padul'i, An. to 
" caro for, be concerned about, meddle in (es- 
pecially matters that do not concern one) ; med- 
dling. Jangan kamu fadiUi do not you con- 
cern yourself. Balum-lah amha fadidl akan 
per-niagu-an ilu I have not yet meddled with 
that traffick. Hei kamu ini sangat faduli dan 
pandei ber-kuta O ye who are so fond of inter- 
meddling and so fluent of speech. 

A\j6 fiial, Ak. actions, deeds, works; habits; 
attributes. Faal orang human actions. Faal 
jahat evil works. Tidda ber-buung faal iang 
keji he has not abandoned his vicious habits. 
Faal allah the attributes of God. Faal zakdt 
pious contributions. 

jJi fakir, An. a religious mendicant. 

Jjjikir, Ab. to think. (Vid.J^flkir.) 

Li fena, An. mortal, fi-ail, corrupt. laiig telah 
kambali-lah deri negrl lung fend ka-negri tang 
hakd who hath returned from a region of cor- 
ruption to a region of immortality. 

^ fehem, Ar. knowledge, skill; 
versed; intelligent. Icing felu 

skilled, well- 
fchem pada Idut 
who have skill in sea-affairs. Fekem akan hdl 
Uu well versed in that matter. Ulubdlang tang 
fehem ber-mdin sinjdta warriours well skilled in 
military exercises. Ilmu-nia bdniak fthem-ma 
korang they have much science but are defi- 
cient in practical skill. Segala ter-sebut ddlam- 
nia itu fthem-lah beta all that is therein men- 
tioned I understand. Fehem-lah ulih-mu be it 
known to you. 

jji*j petor, Port, (feitor) a factor, superintend- 
ant of trade; the chief European at a subordi- 
nate settlement. Petor besar tang meniegang 

perniagd-an the chief factor who manages the 

j,^ fJruz and /Kj.-i ftrus, Pers. triumphant, 
victorious ; triumphal. Ter-diri-luh bulei ftruz 
a triumphal palace was erected. 

ij.jj flruzek, Pers. the turquoise stone. 


or pikir 

and ij^A/r, Ar. to think, 
deliberate, meditate, muse ; 

to suppose, imagine. Baginda-pun ber-fikir- 
lah de-ddlam ali-nia the king thought in his 
heart. Jeka kau iijfikir-kan if you reflect 
upon it. Kdta mdna ada pikir-nia what speech 
is he meditating ? ^j -Xi f-kir-an thought, opi- 
nion. Apa fiklr-an tuan what is your opinion? 
j^ fakur to reflect deeply, to be absorbed in 
profound meditation. Duduk-lah ler-fakur brah- 
man itu the brahman sat in deep meditation. 

j>.« flliak, Ar. side, quarter. Ter-ldlu bdniak 
mati-nia ka-dda fihuk great numbers were slain 
on both sides. Pada fihak bdlei at the side of 
the building. Pada fihak de-bldkang in the 
rear. Pada fihak kapdla kubur at the head of 
the grave. Sural dcri-pada fihak tudn-kte a let- 
ter from, or on the part of, his highness. Deri- 
pada fihak with respect to, regarding. 

i_j p the letter named \j pd. 

% pa (for I si) bdpa) father. Pd si-jdj/a the fa- 
ther of Si Jdi/a. Pd-uwd (tuah) the father's 
elder brother. Pd-mdda the mother's younger 
brother. Pd-chi (kechil) the father's younger 

^J^ pdbuwdn the yard to which the sail of a 
vessel is attached. 

j\j p'llut right, just, proper, fitting, suitable, 
becoming. Ougiit, behoveth. To accord, 
agree, suit, be applicable. Ter-lalu-lah patut 
laku-nia his conduct was exiremely proper. 
JKorang pulut ttu that is not right or proper. 
Per-katd-an tang tidda pdtut dan tiuda ber-hudl 
a discourse devoid of propriety and reason. 
Be ka-andak-i-nia tang tidda pdtut alas klta he 
demands what would not be becoming in me 
(to comply with). Orang iang pdtut meme- 
gang sinjdta men fit to tarry arms. Scperli 
pdtut or dangan se-patut-^ia as it ought to be, 
properly, according to propriety. Buni/l-nia 
pdtut tutkdla dangan tari-nia the music accorded 
in time with the dancing. (.::^U^ memdtut 
serba rupa pakei-an to suit tlie ornaments to the 
style of the dress. Andak-lah ii/a ,jcjji ber- 
patiit-nn dangan tuan he wishes to be upon good 
terms with you. Suddk bcr-patut-an samod-nia 
they are all consenting, or of one accord, 

j_j'\j pdtus or petlus a thunderbolt; a stroke of 
lightning; the explosion of a meteor. Gadong 
telah dbis de tembak pettus the (powder) maga- 
zine was blown up by a stroke of lightning. Td- 
kut klta men-dangar buni/i pettus we are frighten- 
ed at hearing the claps of thunder. 

^M pdtas ceiling. (Vid. J^U pagu.} 

iJ'lS pdtong an image of metal, wood, or stone. 

jj\i pdtok the bite (of a snake). Pdtok ular bisa 
the bite of a poisonous snake. (_pU« memdtok 
tumtl-nia seperti ular to bite his heels as a snake. 

(JJjlS pdtek a slave, servant. It is employed as 
a pronoun of the first person. Jang de per- 
tuan serta pdtek his majesty along with (me) 
his slave. la tudn-ku dangar-kan apd-lah kha- 
btir-nia pdtek O my lord, give ear I pray thee to 
the story of thy servant. Pdtek ini tidda tdu 
I know not. 

JjU pdtil a carpenter's tool. (Vid. JjUJ papdlil.) 
Jjij pdtul a kind of basket. . 

209 ^ ■ 

jj'li putu pudendum. (Vid. ^y puk'i.) 

jJjJ'lS pdtulei tribe. (Vid. J^ panji.) 

<Cfl3 pdtah to break, break off, snap asunder. 
Tulang-nia sudah pdtah his bones were broken. 
Ada tang pachah kapald-nia ada Iang pdtah leher- 
nia some had their sculls cracked, and some 
their necks broken. De-patah-nia sa^up-nia ka- 
dua blah he broke both of its wings; Patah' 
luh tiang-nia its masts were broken. Pinggang- 
nia dan tdngan-nia-pun lantik sa-rdius pdlah the 
joints of the back and of the fingers were 
cracked an hundred times; (a practice common 
in the East), 

<0'li pdtah and t:;^ pda delineation, picture, 
tracing, draught, chart. A word. Pdtah dun- 
yd a map of the world. Pdlah Idut a sea- 
chart. Ini-lah ^\:y patd-nia this is the delinea- 
tion of it. Kdta sa-pdtah one word. Katd- 
nia t'ldak be-brdpd pdtah not many words did 
he say. 

(OG pdtih a title of rank or office chiefly prevail- 
ing in Java. 

^IS pdjar a farm, licence, rented privilege. 

J.»-li pdjal beaten or hammered (not cast); tough. 
Amas pdjal beaten gold (or gold properly 
toughed). Per-hudt-an pdjal hammered work. 

fjs-^ pdchak a spit. Pusing pdchak to turn a 
spit. Memdchak to spit. Tei'-pdchak spitted; 

Jj.»-\j pachul a spade ; a hoe. 

^\j pdchu to manage, guide, conduct, urge on, 
drive (a horse or carriage). Tau-lah ii/a ^\a^ 
7nemdchu kuda he knew how to manage a horse. 
Lulu de pachu-nia kudd-nia ber-jdlan ka-luar kola 
he then urged forward (clapped spurs to) bis 
horse, and departed from the fort. Ndik-lah 
ka-dtas rald-nia Idlu de ^y^ pachrMiia ka-tan"gah 
meddn ascended his chariot, and then drove it 
into the midst of the field of battle. 
2 E 

t*li p3(la to content, satisfy; suffico. Pada-kan 
dii/a content him, give hiin satisfaction. lya 
tdu memada-kan diri-nia he knows how to con- 
tent or please himself. Bahwa sultan iskander 
itu tiada memada-kan diri-nia darigan ka-raja-an 
sakall-an alam ini now Sultan Alexander could 
not content himself with the empire of this 
whole world. De per-idih-n^ia kain Jang me- 
mada-i menidup ka-dua-nia he has got cloth suf- 
ficient to cover them both. Pada-lah it suf- 
ficeth. ^'\^ ka-pada-an sufficiency; amends. 

^jSi padri, Port, a priest; an European eccle- 
siastic. Ada pddrl klta ber-niima haji kasim 
there is a priest of ours named Haji Kdsim. 

c j\5 pddang a plain, an extended level space 
uncovered with trees. The name of a place 
(heretofore the principal Dutch settlement) on 
the western coast of Sumatra. Seperti rum- 
pnt de pddang huniak-nia they were in number 
like the grass on the plain. Utan men-jddi se- 
perti pddang the wood became an open plain. 
Padang luwas an extensive plain. Pddang pe- 
prdng-an field of battle. 

tl/olS pdduka an aifectionate epithet. (Vid, cJj^ 

aS^ pddam to extinguish; quench; to put to 
death in a private manner. Pddam dpi ex- 
tinguish the fire. Pallia sudah ter-pddam the 
lamp is extinguished. Memddani-kan amdrah 
to appease wrath. Bdzca dlih-mu si-tambuhan 
bdang-kan it/a ka-ddlam fdan pddam-kan jdngan 
diri ka-lidt-an take thou Tambuhan and cast her 
into the woods, extinguish her, so that she 
shall be no more seen. aoUJ pemddam an ex- 

*j\j pddam iovpadma, Hind, q^ the hyacinth, 
or jacinth, a flame-coloured stone. Merah pd- 
dam flaming red. Warna mukd-tiia merah pd- 
dam seperti dpi ber-nidla his complexion was of 
a flaming red, like a blaze of fire. 

4^ jU pddi rice in the husk both before and after 

«10 \> 

threshing, as well as in the different stages of 
its growth ; when separated from the husk it is 
named ^^ j bras; orysa sativa, L. Pddl sd' 
wah the grain produced in low, wet grounds, 
which is less esteemed than the pddl or bras 
Iddang growing in high and dry situations, and 
usually where the woods have been cleared 
away for the purpose. Of both kinds, parti- 
cularly the latter, there are a variety of species. 
Bdt/atpddl to sow the grain in patches for trans- 
planting to the sdwah. Tdnam to plant it. 
Tugal to sow it in the Iddang. Tumbuk pddi 
to beat it out (of the husk). Tangah mdsim 
tneng-ambel padl the middle of the harvest. 
Ada pddl daiilu sedlkit beta suruh jadl-kan bras 
there is a little padi of the former season, and 
I shall give orders for converting it to rice. 

fjlS pdra-pdra or f ilS c^la drang pdra-pdra soot, 

CiJjlJ pdrit a ditch, trench, moat, canal. Jdtuh 

ka-ddlam pdrit to fall into a ditch. Negri besdr 
langkap darigan kotd-nia dan pdrit-nia a consi- 
derable town defended with ramparts and a 

CJ)lj pdrut a scar; a mark on the body. Ada 
pdrut pada tuboh-nia he has a scar on his body. 
Jeka idup dangan pdrut ini apd-tak gund-nia if 
I am to live with this scar, of what value is 

(-jjlj paras the features of the face. Elok pdras- 
nia dan bdgus rupd-nia her features were excel- 
lent and her whole appearance beautiful. Se- 
gala perampuan long bdik pdras-nia every wo- 
man who has good features. 

j^.lS pdras round as a pillar or a cane, cylindri- 
cal, taper. Mcmdras to cut to an even sur&ce, 
to trim. 

c ,15 pdrang a cutting instrument, chopping knife, 
bill, prang; to cut, chop, cleave. Krat 
dangang pdrang to cut or cleave with a bill. 
Pdrang sorbilah one of those instruments. 



i .U-« tnemdrang darigan pedang to cut witli a 
sword. Ld/ie de unus-nia sinjatd-nia andak dc 
pdrang-nia he then drew liis weapon with tlie 
intention of making a blow at her. Deparang- 
nia Jcher rahshusa Itu Idlu putus he made a cut 
at the neck of the monster, and then separated 
(the head). 

cjlS parang and cy prang war, battle ; military 
force, army. To make war, engage in battle, 
fight. Ada prang dulam negri llu there is a 
war in that country. Prang musuh itu ter-lfdu 
kras the war is vigorously carried on by the 
enemy. Prang sabll allah holy wars. Gamla- 
rang prang military drums. Meng-lhat prang 
to form an army. Pachah-lah segala prang-nia 
his forces were entirely routed, broken. Ka- 
dm flhak tantard her-prang-Iah the armies of 
each party engaged. Hurus tU^i memardng 
alcan tang mendhan zakdt it is proper to put to 
the sword those who withhold the legal alms or 
contribution. j^U* pe-prdng-an warfare, bat- 
tle, a campaign. Bakal pe-prdng-an provision 
for the campaign. Padang pe-prdng-an the 
field of battle. Kapal pe-prdng-an a ship of 
war. Meng-dlor pe-prdng-an to settle the or- 
der of battle. 

^Ji pdrsi Persian. (Vid. ^Ji fdrsi.) 

uJi pdran the ridge timber (in house-building). 


,15 pdrau hoarse. Sward-nia tang mardu men- 
jddi pdrau her sweet voice became hoarse. 
Parau-pdrau the lungs. 

xji pdroh the beak or bill of a bird. Pdroh ui/am 
the beak of a fowl. Kuku dan pdroh garuda 
llu the claws and beak of the griffin. 

^.\i pdrt a kind of fish, the scate, raya. Kdj/u 
" pdrt a large timber-tree from which the wood- 
oil is extracted. 

^J^ pdri lot, chance. Buahpdrl dice. Buang 
pari to throw the dice. 

_c\i pdsar.) Ar. (j\j\i) the market-place, bazar. 

211 tj 

Bdniak-lah Jcadei de-ddlam pdsar Uu the shops 
in tliat bazar were numerous. Pada kallka Uu 
pdsar sedang-lah rdml at that period the mar- 
ket-place was tolerably full, 

j^lj pdsang to give action to, put in motion or 
use. Pdsang dpi to light a fire. Pdsang layer 
to set sail. Pdsang bedil to fire a gun. Po. 
sung bandera to hoist colours. Pdsang kabun 
Idda to plant a pepper-garden. i_^U^ memd' 
sang jerat burong to lay snares for birds. 

i_--U pdsang the tide ; flood tide. Pdsang pur- ' 
ndma spring tide (at the full moon). Pdsang 
gaddng high water. Pdsang kring low water. 
De bdwa ulih dyer pdsang brought by the flood 

^li pdsang a pair, couple ; fellows. Gdding sa- 
pdsang a pair or couple of elephants teeth. 
3Idin pdsang to play at draughts. 

fj^^ pdsak a peg, pin ; small nails. To fasten 
with a peg, to pin, to wedge, to plug. J\Iemd- 
sak telinga dan memdkei subang kamedlan deri- 
pada de pasak-kan-nia to put a wooden peg into 
the ears, and to wear rolls in them after they 
have been so plugged. 

^U pdsak interior or inland parts ; uplands. 
Orang pdsak a countryman. De pdsak puluu 
llu in the interior parts of the island. 

^li pdsuk or ^_^ pasuk company, corps, band, 
troop, guard, body of men, subdivision of an 
army. Krah-kan-luh ruyat pdsuk rdja itu as- 
semble the men who form the corps of that 
prince. ^j^«~J pasuk-an orang penidmun bands 
of robbers. Samod-nia ddtang-lah ber-pdsuk-pa- 
suk-an all arrived by troops or in companies. 
Ada-pun sudtu pasuk-an rdyat ka-indardn akan 
bantu-nia there is a body of celestial troops 
which acts as his ally. 

,jJi pdsan to order, commission, charge with 

instructions. Orders, commands, charge. Tid- 

da de pdsan rdja the king did not give order. 

Itu-pm berfdsan ka-pada pahluwdn sakali-an 

2 E 2 



then gave coitHiaand to all the warriors. Ber- 

pasan akan scgala isi rumah-nia gave a cl arge 
(on his death-bed) (o all his household. Pa- 
san bapa-iiia samod-nia de prgaiig-iiia he ob- 
served all his father's injunctions. Beg'ilu-Iah 
pasan-nia f;a-j}ada amba such was his message 
to me. 

yJi pasu a large wooden vessel for holding wa- 
ter, a bathing tub. De tazeang-kan-nia ilj/er llu 
ha-dalam pdsu poured the water into the tub. 
Pergi-lah mandt ka-pada pdsu went to bathe in 
the tub. 

''^yJi pdadr.g to put in-eonfinement. A place of 
confinement, temporary prison, the stocks. 
Tidda tang meng-aku-nia de pdsung orang Itu 
there not being any person to bail him, the 
man was put in confinement. Tdroh de pdsung 
put in the stocks, .f-y-^ pasong-an confine- 
iiient (as in the stocks) ; the place of confine- 

^J^ puse a place (formerly of some importance) 
on the northern coast of Sumatra, not far 
from Achin. 

j\« pdslr and -jU pdsir sand. Seperli pdslr lang 
de pantci like sand on the sea-shore. Pdsir-nia 
seperti amas urei its sands were like gold-dust. 
Gula pdslr soft or powder sugar. 

_j\S pdpa, Hind. 'Cfm' poor, beggarly, mean, 
miserable. Yatlm lang papa a poor orphan. 
Ada-pun orang muda Ini lang hlna Idgi pdpa 
tidda bcr-ka-lau-an tampat ampunia this young 
man of low degree and poor withal, knows not 
any place that he can call his own. 3Iengatd- 
kan hdl ka'papd-an-nia to make a plea of his 

_J\S pupa a support, prop, shore. 

^Ij pdpat even, regular, uniform (in shape). 
Potong pdpat kdj/u llu cut that timber even. 
4^U^ memdpat bdlu to hew stones into a re- 
gular shape. 

jtS pdpar to put in requisition, to levy articles 

by authority, i^ jlw papdr-an articles so col- 
lected, contribution, requisition. 

^15 pdpak an hermaphrodite. (Vid. *---^ klieth 

^\j pdpan a board, plank; flooring. li/a-puA 
ber-jdxcat pada sa-kepeng pdpan he laid hold of, 
a piece of plank. Antdra dua pdpan between 
two boards. Pdpan be-rdtus boards by the 
hundred (of a common kind). 

t::.^G pdkal to consult; to come to a joint reso- 
lution. A deliberative meeting. (Vid. iA>\y 
muusdfakat.) Orang ber-pdkat samod-nia the 
people were all of one mind. 

J^ pdkal to caulk. (Vid. Jjo pakkal.) 

^IS pdkan the woof, that which is shot into the 
warp by means of the shuttle ; called also pd- 
kan ber-turak. (Vid. j^y turak.) Kdin lang 
ber-pukan-kan anias cloth interwoven with gold, 
or having the woof of gold thread. 

<,^ pdkan a market-place. (Vid. ij pakan.) 

X\5 pdku a nail, spike. Pdyong pdku the head 
of a nail. Lekat-lah seperti pdkd stuck as fast 
as a nail. 

A^a pdku and ^ paku the fern, filix, a genus of 
plants of which the Malays distinguish a 
number of species. 

<IS pdkei to dress, wear clothes, put on; assume, 
" adopt, make use of. Pakei-lah bunga Ini wear 
this flower. Memdkei seperti orang negrl Itu 
to dress like the people of the country. Kdln 
lang balum de pdkei clothes not yet worn. 
Pdkei ndma to assume or bear a name. Me- 
mdkei bun bau'n to make use of perfumes. 
Sudtu-pdn tldak bulih de pdkei not one (of the 
boats) can be made use of. Adei dyer itu ter- 
pdkci pada badan that water was employed 
upon (in washing) the body. Jeka ber-kanan 
bechdra pdtek de pdkei filih baginda if my coun- 
cil is pleasing, it is for your majesty to adopt 
it. Aporblla sUa dcwl ddpal akd pdkei nischdya 



hu-lebiMcan deri-pada-mu when I take S'da 
Dewl into my zctmnaJi, I shall place her in a 
rank superior to thine. 

tl^lS pagi and ^^U pagt morning ; in the morn- 
ing ; to-morrow. Pdgi dan patang morning 
and evening. Pagi url early, by times in the 
morning. Pagi-pdgi to-morrow morning. 

e:^ls piigut to peck (as a bird), to bite (as a 
snake). De pdgut uUh garuda akan ndga ilu 
the griffin pecked at the dragon. De pdgut- 
ma matd-nia pecked out his eyes. Seperti de 
pdgut ular rasd-nia they felt as if bitten by 
snakes. Ber-pagut-pdgui ka-dud-nia they pecked 
at each other. 

.Vis pdgar fence, inclosure, paling, palisadoe. 
To fence in, inclose, surround. Pdgar rumah 
the fence or paling of a house. Deri-luar 
pdgar from without-side of the paling. Chen- 
derong-lah segala pdgar orang every man's 
paling was bent down. Pdgar tdnah a mound 
of earth, embankment. Ddlam pdgar rdja 
within the pale of the court. Turun-lah iya 
dert ddlam dwan ilu ka-bumi ka-ddlam pdgar 
astdna mahdrdja rawana he descended from the 
cloud, upon the earth, within the palace-walls 
of Mahdrdja Ravana. Seperti bulan de pdgar 
■ hintang like the moon encompassed with stars. 
Pdgar bulan the halo. «_> « . J\S pdgar-rui/ong 
the place of residence of one of the sultans of 
Menangkdhau. jiU^ memdgar to surround 
with a paling. 

2 15 pdgu ceiling. 

JIS pdla brown. Buah pdla the nutmeg, nux 
myristica. Bunga pdla the mace (which en- 
velopes the nutmeg). 

JIS pdlu to beat. (Vid. ^115 pdlit.) 

u:^li pdlat sodomy. Orang pdlat a sodomite. 
(Batav.Vers. ofBib.) 

i^^j^ pdlar-paldr-an what is worn by children 

213 tt 

to conceal the nudities. 

(Vid. yU cha- 

^15 pdling and y\S pdUng to turn, turn aside, 
turn to or from ; to alter its course (a river). 
Pdling kapald-mu turn your head. Scgrd-lah ' 
iya memdling-kan kudd-nia he immediately 
turned his Iiorse. Mudah iya memdling-kan 
kandardn-nia it was an easy matter for him to 
turn the beast he rode upon. Segala ddyang- 
ddyang ter-sint/um serdya ber-pdling-kan mukd- 
nia ka-bldkang all the waiting-women smiled 
and turned aside their faces. Ber-pdling dangan 
mdka atau dangan ddda to turn the head (only) 
or the breast, i. e. the head and shoulders. 
Ber-pdling ka-pada orang lain to transfer the 
affections to another person. 

J^ pdla or JlS pdlu to beat, strike (as with a 
stick). A blow, stroke, stripe. Nd^ de 
gochoh turun de pdlu they cuffed him when 
he rose and threshed him when he was down. 
Pdlu gandarang to beat a drum. MemdlFi 
memudng-an to make proclamation. Memdli 
duapdlu to strike two strokes. 

jllS pdld to mix, blend (as colours). Ka-ldar-lah 
chayd-nia her-palu-pdlu dangan chdya mata-dri 
a brightness proceeded from it M'hich was 
blended with the light of the sun. Bad-nia 
bunga ber-palu-piHu dangan dyer mdwur the 
scent of flowers mixed with that of rose- 

^\t pdli the name of an inconsiderable place in 
the south western part of Sumatra. 

jJi pdmur the veins, damasking or watering of 
the blades of weapons. Korang pdmur it is 
not damasked, it is plain. Bdik-bdik be-pdmur 
handsomely veined. ' 

^Xi^ pamangko an officer of state. 

^15 pdman the paternal uncle. It is used as a 
respectful address to an elderly man. (Vid. 

% pd.) 



U punal uneasy in a posture, weaiy of sitting 
or lying in one posture. 

ylS pmiar beams or rays of the sun. (Vid. j.^ 

^j\j p'tnas hot, warm ; heat, warmth. Ayer 
punas hot water. Negri icing sangut punas a 
very hot country. Musim pcinas 'the hot sea- 
son. Dummam punas the hot fit of fever. 
Punas mata-url the heat of the sun. Kama 
kras panas atuu hras dingin by reason of ex- 
treme heat or cold. lang hulih menawong-i 
segala amba allah iang .y^bU^ ka-panus-an 
. which may afford shade to all the servants of 
God when overcome with heat. 

Jli punau and »J panau white spots on the 
skin occasioned by leprous or scrofulous dis- 

Aj\s punah, Hind. c| |«^ {vana arrow.) To 
shoot with a bow and arrow. (Vid. ^^^ 
hiisor.) Anak ■punah an arrow. Muta punah 
dan lambing the points of arrows and lances. 
Anak panah iang tidda ber-mata dan tidda tajam 
an arrow without a point (or iron head) and 
that is not sharpened. De punah-nia Ulih raja 
yemen kijung itu the liing of Yemen shot an 
arrow at the roe. De panak-nia akan fawan-nia 
dangan anak piinah ka-sukti-an he shot at his 
adversary with an enchanted arrow. Chuhang 
anak pdnah the notch for the arrow. Kdyit 
anak punah the barb. cGIa^ memdnah to shoot 
arrows ; to hit with an arrow. <uUj pemdnah 
an archer. ^U^ sa-pdnah a bow-shot. Sa- 
pdnaJi jduh tedoh-nia its shade extended to the 
distance of a bow-sliot. 

^ pane the name of a river in the north-eastern 
part of Sumatra. 

jlS pdu to cut, lop, hack, cut down. 

CUjls pdwul to bow, bend (the body). 

i-),l> pawns the whale, balasna. 

Hj^ puuh a species of fruit, the mango of Am« 

»jlS pduh the thigh. (Vid. *\S pduh.) 

i_^.lj pawl and i««^ pahuwi rotten (as wood, 
cloth, ropes, or paper.) 

^,\i pdwei engines, implements, stores. (Vid. 
^_J.^ pagdwei.) Peng-anjar dan pdwei guides 
and military stores. 

jlb and i(,\S pduh the thigh; the shaft of a car- 
riage ; a quarter part ; the quarter of a tdil or 
four mace. Pauh-nia seperti pduh heldlang its 
thigh was like the thigh of a grasshopper. De 
chubit-nia padh-nia she pinched his thigh. Pduh 
bdbi a leg of pork, a ham. Pdlah-lah sa-blah 
A^ pauh-nia per-ardk-an itu one of the shafts 
of the triumphal carriage was broken. Pangkal 
pduh the hip. Konchi pduh the groin. Sa 
tail sa pduh one tail and a quarter (of gold). 

i.::,^ puhat a chisel. Puhat nejis a plane. 
Bdtu ter-puhat hewn stone. Amas de puhat 
gold wrought with a tool. L::,.jbU/o memdhat 
to chisel, or to form with a chisel. Berpdhat 
ndga ^vroughtin the shape of a dragon, 

c:.^1j pdhit or pdit bitter; nauseous. Pdhit 
bagei ampadu bitter as gall. Memail-kanmulut 
to give a bitter taste to the mouth. Sdkit pdil 
and sdkit pdyah deadly sick. 

jsU pdhar a large brass salver. (Vid. Jb' tdlam.) 
Pdhar iang ber-isi pinggan a salver filled with 
(small) plates. 

ijs>\S pdhang the name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of the Malayan peninsula. 

^li pdhak a valley, low ground. Pada pdhak 
iang ber-seruk-serdk-an in a valley where there 
is a head of water. Jngga de lalu-t-nia akan 
lintang pdhak itu until he shall have passed 
across the valley. 

, ^Ij pdi or jJ pei go. (Vid. CSj pergi.) 
^J\i pdj/a brackish ; a salt-water marsh ; a mo. 



rass, Sungey lang besdr Itu-pun abis-lah men- 
jadi paya large rivers were then reduced to 
the state of morasses. Lahsana than de puya 
datang kamaraii kring-Iah diya like fish in a 
marsh; when fine weather comes it is left 
drj. ' 

tjU puyong or c ^IS I>u!/ong an umbrella, pa- 
rasol ; the head of a nail. Pdyong ter-kam- 
bang de-atas kapala-nia an umbrella was ex- 
panded over his head. Puyong segala raja- 
raja seperti mega rupa-nia the umbrellas of all 
the princes had the appearance (or eifect) of a 
cloud. Segala ulat dan puyong ka-raja-an the 
state umbrellas and other royal insignia. Puyong 
kechil a hand-umbrella. Batang puyong the 
stick or handle of an umbrella. 

^ puyu to resolve, determine, design. Jahat- 
ati-lah ter-puyu uUh-nia he was resolved upon 
mischief Sudah ter-payu filih allah it was 
ordained hy God. 

cjjIj puyong an umbrella. (Vid. \J^payong.) 

ijjj pdyah fatigued, weary, exhausted. Payah 
berjalan fatigued with walking. PayaMah 
kaml men<harima we are weary of searching 
for him. Payah-lah sa-rupa mdti exhausted 
to a degree that resembled death. Sdkit payah 
and sdkit pdit deadly sick. 

J--S pablla when. 

(Vid. J^l apa-blla.) 

(Vid. ^Ij pd- 

pata delineation, picture. 

Xjhj pe-tdroh a stake, bet, pledge, pawn, thing 
deposited; a thing highly prized. (Vid. gSj 

JliS patdla, Hind. l| \r\\x^ (pdidlam) seven 
imaginary spheres below the surface of the 
earth, or the infernal regions of the Hindu 
mythology. Tujiihpatdlabumi the seven lower 
regions of the world. Kama de bdwali patdla 
bumi ada tujuh buah negri for in the regions 
beneath the earth there are seven kingdoms. 

^ibj paldn't the name of a town and district on 
the north-eastern side of the Malayan pe« 
ninsula, bordering on the dominions of Siam. 


\^ putrd, Hind. TJ^ a prince, king's son, 
royal offspring. Ampul orang ber-putrd four 
young men of royal birth. Putrd dua laki-ldki 
sdtu two royal children, one of them a male. 
Permei-suri itu sudah ber-putrd the queen was 
delivered of a prince. Idup-kan putrd-nia kam- 
bdli restore his son to life. 

yhj petarana or pulardna a chair of state, couch, 
sofa. Ka-luar-lah tuan putrl deri-pada per-adu- 
an maka Itu-pun duduk-lah de-dtas pctardna the 
princess left her chamber and then seated hei^ 
self on a sofa. Baginda itu ber-takhta de-dtas 
petardna tang ka-amds-an the king was enthroned 
(sat in state) upon a gilt chair. 

^jsj patarl borax ; solder. 

^^jiS pulrl, Hind. U^ a princess ; a female of 
the royal blood ; the daughter of a person of 
high rank. Anakanda baginda tuan putri ka- 
ttga Itu ddtang-lah de Iring-kan dlih inang peng' 
dsoh-nia the three princesses, children of the 
king, came attended by their nurses. Pulrl 
bongsU the youngest princess. JJdun pulrl 
mussaenda frondosa, L.; chengkS Idban, Bat. 
Trans, vol. v. 

i^ patang or pelang evening, dusk of evening. 
Slang dan petang morning and evening, early 
and late. Pada petang drl in the evening. 

CSi^ pidk to strike musical strings. (Vid. ^j^j^'- .f 

>ij patam a frontlet, ornament of the forehead. 
Ber-patam amas having golden frontlets. Pada 
kapdla de kena-kan-nia patam on his head he 
wore a frontlet. 

UuS palmd, Hind. Tlf^ the lotos. (Vid. (jlj 
tardtl.) Bimga palma wanjl the fragrant lotos. 

Jyy patdla a bitter kind of cucumber, a specie* 
of moraordica, L. 



^ patei or pultei a large kind pf bean growing 

" on a tree of considerable size, the smell of 

which is extremely offensive to Europeans; 



•y pelt a chest, box. Ptll besl an iron chest. 
" Afyun lima pelt five chests of opium. 

i^ pacfiaJi, j)echah, and pichah to break, break 
in pieces, break open, break up ; to break out, 
burst, crack; to break off, discontinue; to dis- 
miss, cashier; broken, smashed; wrecked; put 
to the rout. Pacliah beluh to break in two, to 
split. Mcmachuh kapula to break the head. 
Memachah gaclung to break open a warehouse. 
Memachah-kan uti segala orang tang papa to 
break the hearts of all who are in poverty (by 
a display of luxury). Maka prang-pun pacliah- 
lah de negrl ilu war broke out in that country. 
Pacliah ampadii to burst the gall-bladder. Bu- 
rang deri prait iang sudah pachah goods from 
the vessel that was wrecked. Sudah ter-pachah 
prii/uk-ma fractum est vas virginitatis suae. 
Musuh Uu-pun pachah the enemy was then 
routed. Pachah-lah prang-nia rat/at raja Itu 
dan larl-lah ii/a the army of the king was routed, 
and he fled. ij^J ij^ pachah or pichah plring 
a flowering shrub, gardenia florida, L. 

^ piche mire; clay; miry. 

Tanah iant 

miry earth 

Piche iang lindir 



slung over his shoulder. 

pcdang-nia holding the hilt of his sword. 

^ pada at, to, on, in; according to. Korpada 
unto, to, towards. Deri-pada from. Pada 
masa ilu at that time. Pada ari iang kamedian 
on the succeeding day. Pada bdrang brapa 
palut according to the number required. Pada 
akhir-nia lastly, finally. 

J^jj pedatl a cart; cliariot; wheeled carriage. 

* Gajah dan kuda dan rata dan pedt'tii elephants, 
and horses, and chariots, and carts. Kiida 
peng-hela pedati cart or chariot horses. Luda 
iang de bawa pedati pepper brought by carts. 
Orang iang jnengapala-kan pedali-nia the driver 
or leader of his chariot. 

1^ jj padas or puddas hot, acrid, pungent. Gu- 
lei padas a hot or high-seasoned curry. Barang 
kayu Iang padas any wood having a pungent 
taste. Se-padas ginger. L^sa.^^ memadas-kan 
alt to exasperate. 

c jki pedang a sword. Chdbut pedang to draw a 
sword. Me ng-unus pedang to unsheath a sword. 
Pedang iang mahu-tdjam de per-sandang-kan-nia 
de-dlas bau-nia a sword of the keenest edge he 

Serta memegang ulu 
dang liga bilah (idiom.) three swords. Pedang 
iang mdkan dua beldh-nia a two-edged sword. 
Sdrong pedang a scabbard. 

cjjoj padendang taffeta, a slight kind of silk ma- 
nufactured in Bengal. Kdin padendang kuning 
yellow taffeta. 

,,ii padu to melt. Seperli amas sudah ter-padH 
like melted gold. 

c:j.j»5 paduta an officer of state. . 

^.Ai padoman the mariner's compass. 

(Jjljj paduka and (JilsU pdduka an affectionate 
epithet; beloved, dear. Jekalau ada karunia 
paduka ayanda akan anakanda ini if my dear 
father is desirous of obliging his child. Men- 
chium paduka istri ka-dua kissed his two belov- 
ed wives. Paduka sri sultan a common title 
of Malayan princes. 

<)yj*S pedih or pedeh pain, ache, smart ; to smart. 
Kapala-ku sdiigat pedih my head aches violent- 
ly. Ati-ku pedih my heart aches. Pedih-lah 
ati-nia something rankles at his heart. Luk& 
nia pedih his wound smarts. 

J per a prefixed particle used in the formation of 
derivative nouns. (See the Gbammar.) 

Jil prdda, Port, tinsel, leaf or thin plate of any 
metal. Prdda amas gold leaf. Prdda best 
tinned iron plates. De prdda dangan dyer 
amas gilt with liquid gold. Ddunpruda justi- 
cia picta, L. 

^1j per-rasa 


sense of taste. 





^^ parangi nature, disposition, temper, indoles 
" Lat. Parangi manusia the nature of mankind. 
Manis parangi pcrampuan Uu the disposition 
of the women is sweet. Paratigi bapa de turret- 
nia he takes after his father, partakes of his 
nature. Janggut-nia panjang jdhat pardngi-nia 
their beards are long, their dispositions vicious. 
Parangi-nia bukan parangi orang balk his tem- 
per is not the temper of a good man. fyorlah 
iang mem-punid-i pardngi tang lemah lumbut 
seperti dyer umbun sejuk-nia he who is endowed 
with a mild and gentle disposition, refreshing 
as the dew of heaven. 

fj^} per-angin-an exposed to the air, airy. (Vid. 
^\ angin.) Bdlei per-angin-an a summer- 

i>^\j prdkat or per^'dkat cement, glue. (Vid. 

>,^\j rdkat.) 

^\^ prdku a trough. 

UjIi^ pfdwan a virgin; virginity, maidenhead. 
Kdrna Idgi prdwan udd-nia for she was still a 
virgin. De-mdna bdniak anak iardna anak prd- 
wan-pun ada de-sdna where there are many 
bachelors, there the young maidens are to be 

*1j prdu a navigating vessel. (Vid. caj, praii.) 

^Jt\p prdhan the upper plate of timber which 
unites the frame of a building. 

<_j^ purba, Hind. TT^ former, ancient. Jl^J 
purba-kdla of old, in old times. Ari dwalpur- 
ba-kdla remote times, days of old. Orang tuah 
itu tau akan per-katd-an purba-kdla that old man 
is acquainted with the stories of ancient times. 

UJJ/ per-buru-an game, what is hunted. (Vid. 
JJii ^"''"•) 

JhUu^ per-bantdh-an disputes, contention. (Vid. 

*ui bantah.) 

f^\j&Xjji per-band/iar-dn a treasury; treasures 
(Vid.^Ujcj bandhdra.) Kita anduk punnuh-i 
per-bandhar-dn kita our object is to fill our trea- 
sury. Per-bandhar-dn tang ler-buni hidden trea- 

^^^Xjji per-band'ing-an analogy, comparison. (Vid. 
cjoj banding.) 

j^ij^ per-budt-an deed, action, work, perform- 
ance, enterprise, exploit. (Vid, 'i^ buat.) 

^^ji} prabong-an or prabong the ridge of the 
roof; the covering of the ridge. 

Jjj^ perbola false, lying ; hyperbolical, exagge- 
rated. Kdla itu kdta per-bolu sdja those words 
were mere untruths. 

CAj prut and CLJjji prut the belly, paunch ; the 
bowels ; the womb. Sdkit prut the belly-ach ; 
griped. Prut kras costiveness. Kena prut-nia 
trus Idlu ii/a nidli pierced him through the belly 
of Avhich he died. Prut sinl and lingar prut 
the small intestines. Prw< kapal the hold of a 
ship. Ontong ncsib-ku sudah ter-surat de-ddlam 
prut ibu-ku my destiny was written in my mo- 
ther's womb. 

(-Jby per-tdpa, Hind. ^rTHT *'"*' ^^''•^ '^ •'' * 
state of penance; a hermit, recluse. (Vid. 
(.jti tdpa.) i^'^ji per-tapd-an a hermitage, 
cell ; any situation allotted to those who are in 
a state of penance. Baginda duduk ddlam per- 
tapd-an t'ldak minum dan mdkan the king sat in 
a state of penance, without drinking or eating. 

f,\jj pertdma and Ujj pertamd, Hind. ^rfJf 
the first, foremost ; in the first place, imprimis. 
Jua jua icmg pertdma dan iang kamedian he 
alone who is first and last. Pertdma iang de 
tikam-nia the first person whom he stabbed. 
Pertdma pdlut iya orang iang ber-bangsa in 
the first place she ought to be a person of good 
birth. T/ga perkara-nia pertdma its distinctions 
are three, imprimis .... 
2 F 

} 218 

jcjJ pertanda a toll-gatherer, collector of tribute ; 
a deputy. 

^,yj per-ator-an arrangement. (Yid. Ji\ ator.) 

i^yS per-tuan to rule, bear sway. (Vid. ^jj 
titan.) lang de per-tuan he who beareth sway ; 
his majesty. (In Sumatra this title is confined 
to the princes of Memwgkdbau.) ^jJIjj^ pf- 
tuan-an dominion, jurisdiction, sway. 

^ojjdujjS per4idor-an a sleeping-place, bed. (Vid. 
jjuj' tidor andjol adu.) 

ilJjj per4iga a third part. (Vid. tl^J tJga.) 

. yl»-j per-jnlun-an journey, march, course, pro- 
gress. (Vid. JU.J«/««.) Tiga jam per-jaldn- 
an a journey of three hours. Per-jddn-an 
matordrl the course of the sun. 

^J^*>■^ per-jamti-an a feast, entertainment. (Vid. 

^^\f^A per-judl-an sale. (Vid. ^\^judl.) 

1 percha and ij>.l perchnk, Pers. ( i^jh) a 
remnant, small piece (of cloth), tatters, rags, 
flitters. Percha kdln ber-lukis ornamented 
pieces of clotli. De Ihd-nia kastUri atau amhar 
diilam siiutu percha he tics up musk or amber- 
gris in a bit of cloth. Perchah ddda a breast- 
plate. . Dangan kdpas atau daifgan perrlia 
putih with cotton or with white rags. Puluu 
percha the island of Sumatka (called also 
^A^\ indalas). 

t<Wj perchdtja to trust, rely, confide in, give 
credit to, believe in. Trust, confidence, Tiuda 
hdmt perchdija Idgi pada sumpah-nia we no 
longer trust to his oath. Perchayd-lah pada 
Jcaml rely upon us. Jang tampat sultdn per- 
chdi/a the depositary of the sultan's confidence. 
Jdngan tuan kdrang perchdya ka-pada alluh do 
not fail to place your trust in God. j^'Us-i^ 
ka-perchnyd-an confidence. What may be con- 
fided in. Kirim-kan ka-pada orang kaperchayd- 

an tuan send it by one of your confidential 

tts-i percldk to sprinkle ; to spot, stain (by 

sprinkling any coloured liquid) ; to squirt. 
Memerchik dyer to sprinkle water. Ddrah-nia 
ie-perchik de-dlas pcka'tn-nia her blood was 
sprinkled on his garment. Bdju ungu te-per- 
cMk dangan dyer amas a purple garment spotted 
with gold. Ayer-ma memerchik-merchik ko 
adara the water of it squirted up into the air. 

j^'luxs-J per-chintd-an, Hind, j^ r^«Tl«l anxie- 
ty, grief. (Vid. y;; /,-^ chinta.) 

^. ji per-adu-an a place of repose, chamber, bed, 
recess or division of an apartment separated 
from the rest by curtains. (Vid. jO^ adu.) 

^J\jJ per-ardk-an a triumphal carriage ; a stage 
or platform upon wheels. (Vid. ^J, arak.) 
I)c surdh-nia ber-buat dua buah per-ardk-an 
gave orders for constructing two triumphal car- 
riages. Per-ardk-an dua-blas pangkat a tri- 
umphal carriage of twelve stages. Rdja-pun 
muk-lah ka-dlas per-ardk-an the king ascended 
the triumphal carriage. Segala beddwan tang 
de-dlas per-ardk-an itu-pun ber-nianyi-lah all the 
public singers who were upon the stage then 
raised their voices. 

jLj persdda, Hind. CTTWr^ ^ building be- 
longing to a bath. (Vid. ^3 poncha.) 

.jL'j per-asup-an an instrument for smoking, a 
pipe, hukah. (Vid. (_t->\ asap.) 

i/Lji persdgi and ^\— ' pesdgi square; a 
square ; a cube. ( V^id. (^'L sdgi.) Ampat 
persdgi or be-persdgi ampat four-square. Best 
ampat sdgi iron in square bars. Bdtu iang 
tlga per-sdgi a three-cornered stone. Anatn- 
jdri sagi-nia per-sagi ilu each side of the square 
is six inches. 

\^'i per-istiwa to happen, come to pass. Maka 
sakali per-istiwd-lah iya pergi ber-muin ka-adara 


on a certain time It happened that he went to 
amuse himself in the regions of the air. 

JUjS prisih or brisih clean, pure. Jekalau prisih 
miikd-nia if his face be clean. Ledah tans: 
prisih a clean tongue, i. e. free from scandal. 

ci^jrawg- war. {Vid-cji pHrang.) 

if^i/f/ prang-prus peevish, impatient, crabbed, 
test^, quarrelsome. 

tj_a$lcjS per-angkap or pratigkap a trap. 

e:,^ J pringgal wild grapes, a species of vitis. 

^IftjS per-ingga-an boundary, limit. Btllik sunn 
per-ingga-an oraiig siam beyond which is the 
dominion of the Siamese. 

^Cci priirggi the pumpkin, cucurbita pepo. 
" Puchuk priiiggi the young shoots of this vine, 
used as a culinary vegetable. 

^ J perapeti or cylS^S peraputi the pigeon, co- 
lumba. (Vid. ^j\ij< meraprui.) 

JSJ perkdra, Hind. yc^| |[ circumstance, dis- 
tinction, division, section, head; thing; kind, 
manner. Pada perkdra ini juga in this cir- 
cumstance alone. Kordua perkdra the second 
circumstance, or in tlie second place. Fasal 
tang ka-dua perkdra article the second. Mdna 
jdlan tang ampat ptrkdra Ini how do these four 
distinctions run ? what is the drift of these four 
propositions ? Ij/d aUah lang mcn-jddi-kan segd- 
la perkdra O God, who didst create all things ! 
Bdrang sa-perkura in anywise, 

^jJil perkdsa valiant, powerful, mighty in arms. 
Power, force, valour. Orang perkdsa Idgi bi- 
jaksdna a man who is valiant and wise. Bardni 
dan perkdsa adventurous and brave. 

ijS^j perkdkas furniture, utensils, articles of 
domestic use and ornament ; dresses ; materials. 
Aria dan perkdkas goods and chattels. Meng- 
hias'i segala perkdkas ddlam makgei ilu to set 
out all the ornamental furuiture of the palace. 

219 jS 

Kdyu. akan perkdkas gadong timber for con. 
structing a warehouse. Perkdkas best iron- 
mongery. De bawd-nia i^^S perkakds-an sa- 
kalian-nia de addp-an rdja itu they brought all 
their chattels into the presence of the king. 

^J^j and ^1 preksa, Hind, q /^W' to ex- 
amine closely, search, investigate, inquire into. 
De preksa-kan ulih ddtd-ddtH kormati-an orang 
itu the magistrates examined into the circum- 
stances of the man's death. Tidda-lah it/a 
preksd-kan tampat-nia he did not inquire for 
the place. Balum ada kdmi ^\^jA^ mem- 
reksd-kan hdl ilu we have not yet investigated 
that business. ^L^J De preksd-i-nia dangan 
hukum allah they examined him by the judg- 
ment of God ; put him to the test of the ordeal. 

,^^i per-kaldng-an a dry dock or place where 
vo««ek are laid up on rollers or chocks. Per' 
kaldng-un tdtigan the ball of the thumb. 

Jj"! pergi to go. Dan sa4angah-itu pergi dan 
tang sa4an~gah linggal and one half of them 
went, and the other half remained behind. 
Pergt-lah sama-sdma go together. Ber-jdlan 
pergi ka-ldar to march off. Pergi her-kUda to 
go on horseback. Pergi pulang to go and 
return, to go backwards and forwards. £er- 
jdlan pergi ddlang to walk to and fro. JT* 
andak hila tidda sa-sudlu hanid-lah sokbat bela 
pergi bdlik mdrl dangan sajahtrd-nia I have 
notliing whatever to desire but only that my 
friend should go and return in safety. Tiadd- 
lah ber-ka-tau-an pergi-nia there is no knowing 
whither he is gone. Weh kormdna gardng-an 
pergi-ku ini alas, whither am 1 going ? Seperti 
ddlang anak alau suddra deri-pada pergi-pergl-an 
as in the case of a child or a brother arriving 
from a journey. 

Jl pnrgam the stock-dove. Seperti bmt/t par- 
gam like the noise of this bird. 

'bJ'J pcr-gund-an worth, use, value, quality, 
virtue. (Vid. ^^ gSna.) Per-gund-an-nia 
chinchin itu the virtues of that ring. 
2 F2 


^^^ per-gatill-an change, turn, rotation. (Vid. 
ij:^ ganti.) Balitm ada per-gantl-an amba it 
is not yet my turn. 

jfc^ J perldhan softly, gently, leisurely, slowly. 
Soft, slow, low. Ber-jiilan perldhan to walk 
slowly. Chuba taugkap perldhan try to catch 
it gently. Perldhan-perldhan juga dan jdngan 
gupoh-gFipoh sdngat softly, softly ; be not in a 
violent hurry. Itu-pun ber-paniun perldhan-per- 
ldhan szcard-nia she then sang in a soft and low 
voice. Ber-kdta dangan perldhan-perldhan to 
speak deliberately. Mo/m huta srl rama perld- 
han-perldhan akan laksamdna then said Sri 
Itdma in a low voice to Laksamdna. Makrith 
menidring-kan memdcha pada tampat lang per- 
ldhan dan memerldhan-kan pada tampat tang 
nidring it is improper to read with a loud voice 
those parts (of the liturgy) which are designed 
to be low, or to read low those whir.h slionlH 
be loud. 

^Jj parlis the name of a place on the Malayan 

^i parlak the name of a place in the north- 
eastern part of Sumatra. Tanjong parlak 
Diamond point. 

Riparian to swallow. Parian dyer I'tor to swal- 
low the spittle. ,^y^^ memarlan Ikan lang man- 
tuh to swallow a raw fish. Kubur tang ber- 
jdlan it/a-itu ikan lang memarlan nabl i/unas the 
moving sepulchre is the fish which swallowed 
the prophet Jonas. 

^;Jj paralenici idle, dissolute, debauched, worth- 
" less. Orang paralentei a worthless, unprinci- 
pled fellow; an idle coxcomb. 

cytcj permdta a jewel, precious stone. Tiga 
buah permdta lang indah-indah three most rare 
jewels. Permdta tjau an emerald; Duldpan 
bdgei permdta eight kinds of precious stones. 
Permdta selan a jewel from Ceylon. Kdki 
bukit tampat men-gdli permdta the foot of hills 
i« the place tq dig for precious stones. 

J^j permdna, Hind. ^ITPT measure, rate. 

(Vid. (^li^y per-^mand-l.) 


and ^^;i-r*;J per-maln-an a play-thing; 
amusement; game. (Vid. lU mdin.) Meng- 
ajar ber-mdln pel-bdgei per-mdin-an to teach the 
manner of playing a variety of games. 

^'L«j or JLtJsJ per-ambdl-an pursuit, persecu- 
tion. (Vid. c:...v-«Js ambat.) 

servitude, service. (Vid, 

^^'l*^ per-ambd-an 
;_ -,-kn amba.) 

til J>^ permaddni tapestry ; a carpet. Pennadant 
tang ka-amds-an tapestry worked with gold. 
Permaddni panjang tarTgah lima hast a carpets 
four feet and a half long. 

(,j:,J^j per-ampat a fourth part, quarter. (Vid. 
l::..J^\ nmpat.) Tlga per-ampat three fourths. 

i^»fc<j perampuan a woman, wife; female. Laki- 
Idki dan perampuan dan anak-ddra men and wo- 
men and virgins. Dan mem-bdwa perampuan 
lang dara-ddra ampat puluh orang and carried 
(as a present) forty maidens. Kama s' orang 
perampuati segala dlam jddi hura-hdra on ac- 
count of an individual woman, the whole world 
is thrown into confusion. Rdja perampuan a 
queen. Tandm-an perampuan a female plant. 

t^L«J permand-t to number, reckon, count, as- 
certain number or value. Permand-l iilih-mu 
bdla-tantard Itu number thou that army. Idng 
tidda ddpat de-permand-i (or tidda te-permand-l) 
bdniak-nia whose multitudes cannot be counted. 
Pahmat lang tidda ter-klra-kird-l dan tidda te- 
permand-l iilih mekhldk mercies that cannot be 
conceived nor estimated by created beings. 

^a;^ per-mandl-an a bath, a place or vessel for 
washing the body. (Vid. ^^Jc^ niandl.) 

^1 permi or permei beautiful, fair, graceful, 
elegant. Pattgku lang permei a beautiful bo- 
som. Permei rupa-nia pddang Itu the plain 



had a fair appearance. Permei rupa-nia bcilei 
the appearance of the building was elegant. 

^^j-|. ,..^ - < permei-suri, Hind. T^j^i^'^'q ^ a 
queen-consort; royal female. Diilang-lah ha- 
ginda serta darigan permei-surl the king came 
accompanied by the queen. De-plchat^ia deri- 
padapangkat pcrmei-surl displaced her from the 
rank of queen-consort. 

.jXw^jj per-main-an plaything, game. (Vid. 
.jjUj and jU main.) 

iV ) per-amlk-an or pernak-an the womb; issue, 
offspring, breed, race, children. (Vid. ^Jj\ 
anak.) Per-anak-an tunah Uii the race of that 
country. Per-anahun china tlie race of Chi- 
nese. Ptrnak-un slak of a family from Siak. 

*l5j purndma, Hind. ^0\^ | the full (moon), 
Btditn purnama full moon. Bulan purndma 
raya a festival full moon. Pasang purnama 
spring tide. Chdya matd-nia seperti bulan pur- 
ndma ka-pada mdlam ampat-blas dri the bright- 
ness of her eyes resembled the full moon on the 
fourteenth night. 

^ J parentah government, jurisdiction, manage- 
ment, authority; order, direction, injunction, 
proceedings, business, affair, matter. Meme- 
gang parentah to hold the government, to exer- 
cise jurisdiction. Parentah-nia-pun ddil his 
government is just. De-bdwah parentah kom- 
panl under the Company's jurisdiction. Wdjib 
mem-hdsoh kdki itu seperti parentah pada tdngan 
jua it is necessary to wash the feet in the same 
manner as directed in regard to the hands. 
Jeka de krajd-kan laki-ldki seperti parentah per- 
ampuan if a man should perform what is en- 
joined to a woman. Demik'tan-luh purenlah-nia 
pada tlap-tlap art such are his daily proceedings. 
Parentah itu tidda pernah ddtang ingdt-an pada 
aii beta that affair never occurred to my recoU 
lection. AiJ-w* memarentah to govern, rule, 
superintend. Rdja miida lang memarentah de- 
bdwah parentah rdja the heir apparent who go- 
verns under the authority of the king. isJj^ 

221 J- 

pemarentah one who governs or bears rule; a 

j^jji per-rindu plaintive. (Y id. j^jj ritidu and 
<ijjj buluh.) Mardu4ah bunyi sward-nia seperti 
bicluh per-rindu sweet was the sound of her 
voice as that of the tuneful reed. 

ijj pernah and <uJ penah ever. Tidda pernah' 
never. Balum pernah never yet. Kurna tidda 
pernah mdnusla ddtang kamdri for never (till 
now) did one of human race approach this 
spot. Kd'm lang tidda pernah de pdkei orang 
clothes which had never been worn. Akhir-nia 
pernah without end, eternal. 

^^'Kj^ pemiagd-an merchandize, traffick. (Vid^ 
cLTUj bernidga.) 

^i.^ prddtln the title of certain chiefs among 
the Rejang tribes of Sumatra. Anak buah 
prodtin those who are under their jurisdiction. 
Kalo ka-pada tdnah prddtln kumpid-lah prddtln 
if (the affair happens) in the country where these 
chiefs have jurisdiction, assemble them. 

j\j)l perwdra, Pers. educating, nursing. Ddi/ang 
perwdra a governess of children. Beta perwd- 
ra a waiting woman, attendant on young la- 
dies ; the female guards about the persons of 
Malayan princes. 

LUjfJ prut the he\]y. (Y id. i::^ prut. y 

^y^ perusah or prusah to build, construct, 
make. (Vid. <u>jl usah.) Perusaprad to build 
a vessel. Perusah kola to construct a fortress. 
Perusah kabun Idda to plant a pepper garden. 
Kapal lang de suruh perusah. the ship that was 
ordered to be built. 

Jj^P pcrdgul to deflower (a virgin), to debauch. 
Kama sudard-nia de pcrugul idih rdja itu on 
account of his sisters being debauched by that 

vj prah topress or squeeze out (as the juice of 
fruit); to milk; juice obtained by pressure. 
PrcJi uyer-rua squeeze out the juice of it. i>s 



prah-nta soriSlang tubbu she expressed the juice 
from a sugar-cane. Prah susukambing to milk 
& goat. Ter-prah pachah crushed, oppressed. 
Prah timau lime or lemon-juice. 

j^'Ujy per-umd-an harvest, crop. (Vid. »^ 

iJjM&J per-himpun-an an assembly, meeting, 
congregation, public council. (Vid. ^JutA 

uj prau and i\j pruu a general term for all ves- 
sels between the sampan or canoe, and the ka- 
pal or square rigged vessel; by Europeans it is 
usually applied to the ^^S kunlmg, rigged 
with the Idi/er lanja or oblique sail. 

.-jUifcj per-hius-an ornaments, trappings. 
fjlji> hias.) 


^ J prt manner, mode, fashion, state, condition, 
circumstances, nature, constitution, disposition. 
Pri-Uata-nia the mode or style of his discourse. 
Prt negrl the condition or state of the country. 
Prl onlong mdnusia ada Jaddk-nia sdkU kaldk-nta 
tndti the nature of man's destiny is to be sick 
this moment and dead the next. Pri hdl the 
■nature or circumstances of an affair. Prl hdl 
ka-besdr-an-nia the circumstances of his great- 
ness. Pri luboh the habit of body. De per- 
aambah-kan-nia prt li/a her4emu dangan orang 
muda she acquainted him with the circum- 
stances of her meeting a young man. Prl 
mengald-kan relating, setting forth. Sa-prl 
alikf. Tidak ter-prl uncommonly, unusually, 
inconceivably, beyond measure. Suka tlduk 
ter-prl immoderately fond or glad. Betdpa 
ddpat ter-prt-kan how can it be conceived? how 
can any thing comparable to it be imagined? 
Ber-bhusa ij/a ber-prl-pri his manners were 
highly accomplished. 

^i peri and ^jiferi, Pers. (^^^) a class of 
" supernatural beings residing upon earth, but 
invisible, whose nature is beneficent ; a fairy. 
Antah-pun antu jin atau perl I know not whe- 
ther it be ghost, demon, or fairy. 

\jS pria a culinary vegetable having a 
taste ; momordica charantia, L. 


-cb iS pridman and ^LS pidman the name of a 
place on the western coast of Sumatea. 

LS—iy pj"?*? a round buckler, shield. Prlsi amas 
a golden buckler. Tangkis dangan prisl to fend 
with a shield. Dan prisl-nia seperli kola bet- 
jdlan rupd-nia and their (united) shields had 
the appearance of a moving fortress. Menarh 
kan prishnia to exhibit a kind of war dance; to 
exercise with their shields. 

j^ 5 prluk or prij/ttk an earthen vessel or pot, 
used for boiling rice. Mendnak nasi sdtu prluk 
kechil to boil one small pot of rice. Prluk dpi 
a mortar or howitzer. 

X^S prlgi a well. (Vid. ^^^ sumur and tl/iJ 
' taldga.) Ayer prlgi well-water. Ber-lemu-lah 

dangan sa-buah prlgl de jdlan rdi/a met with a 

well on the high road. 

tl/LJ piisdka inheritance, hereditary property 
or rights ; heir-looms. Ber-ulih pusdka to pos- 
sess an inheritance. Veri-pada pusdka v/a 
sudah ber-ulih arta he came into the possessioa 
of property by inheritance. 

j^U pe-sdgl a square. (Vid. CSUJ per-sdgi.) 

CJ.LJ pasdwal strings, cords. Pasdwat bunr/i- 
an musical strings. Meng-urei pasdxcat to 
loosen the strings. 

{jj\iji pustdka enchantmcBts. 

"J pestl a term of asseveration ; indeed, cer- 

" tainly. Pestl tldak no Indeed. PestUah mati 

kdmi certainly we shall perish. Sudah tantu 

dangan pesli-nia confirmed or ratifiied by his 

solemn assiffance. 

' * p'l pa, Hind. Xlh(J( flowers; ornamental 
flowers, ornament painted or worked in the 
form of flowers. Tdman puspa a flower gar- 
den. Mandl de kulam puspa to bathe in a pond 
adorned with flowers. Puspa rdgam flowered 


pattern ; a kind of precious stone, the hyacinth 
or jacinth (tiansl. of Bib.), the topaz (Bat. 
TranS). Kain^puspa rngam cloth having a 
flowered pattern. Bantal iang beir<hermin-kan 
puspa ragam pillows ornamented in a peculiar 
- manner. 

fj.^ pasok a hole (as in cloth) ; having manj 
small holes. Jekalau uda pada kain-nia pasok 
if there are holes in his clothes. Indovg kas- 
turi Iang liuda pasok indong-nia bags or cods of 
musk which are free from holes. 

Jl-J pasuk company, band. ' ( Vid. j^lS pusuk.) 

^jA.^ pasamman the name of a place on the west- 
ern coast of Sumatra, near the equinoctial 
line. Giinong pasamman a very high mountain 
called by Europeans mount Ophir. 

<U«-s pasammah a district in the south-western 
part of Sumatra. 

^ pasan to order. (Vid. ^^ pasan.) 

^\x^ pe-sundul-an whoredom, prostitution. 


(Vid. Jjo-j sundal.) 

*,j-J pe-suruh a messenger; envoy; apostle. 
(Vid. iju^ suruh.) Nabi muhammed pe-suruh 
allah the prophet Mahomet is the apostle or 
messenger of God. 

^^yJa pasima, Pers. (^yji) enchantment, incan- 
tation. Mcnytdik pasima to inquire into futu- 
rity, have recourse to enchantments. Kilta 
orang pasuna the predictions of conjurers. 

,j*f,—i pnseban hall of audience, council room 
vulgarly termed rumafi bechara. Pastlan agong 
the great hall. 

jn - ^ i ' ^' ' paslslr, Jav. the tract of low countries 
between the mountains and the sea; the sea- 
coast. Tmah pasisir barat the western sea- 
coast. Sakali-an pasisir sampei ka-menangkd- 
bau all the low country as far as 3Ienan~gkd- 

t* P^"o ^" inseparable particle used in the for- 
mation of derivative nouns. (Vid. J pen.) 

^^Uj pengurang-an complication. (Vid. c^l^ 
kurang.) Petrgdrang-an uli perplexity. Da 
lam bhdija pengdrang-an in complicated or im- 
minent danger. 

UJJ^ pen~gdru-an the lungs. (Vid. ^\j rdbu.) 

<LcUS petig-dsoh a dry nurse. (Vid. iJi asoh.) 

t_3Uj peng-dpa an inquisitive person. (Vid. 

ujUxj metig-dpa.) 

Ui peng-dpit a shutter. 

«uUS peng-dpoh a vane, 

Tlang peng-dpoh the 

Ldi/er peng-upoh the top-sail. 

a watchman, sentinel. (Vid. 

JjUS pengdwal 
Jjl^ kdwul.) 

J;\ij pengdil an angler. (Vid. kdil.) 

ijjUS pengdyuh a paddle (for rowing). (Vid. x^^ 

^ pengatam an instrument for reaping, .^q^m 
pengatdm-an harvest, reaping time. 

t^jfus peng-a-tau-an knowledge, science. (Vid. 
i\i tdu.) Jekalau akan s'drang add-lah bdniak 
peng-(Uau-an dan lidda budl ilu sertd-nia maka 
tiuda bcr-giltia segala peng-a-tau-an orang Uu 
though a man should be possessed of much 
knowledge, if it be not accompanied with good 
sense, the knowledge of that man is useless. 
Meng-ortau-i dan mengenal dangan peng-a-tau-an 
dan pengeml Iang semporna to know and to 
remember with perfect knowledge and recol- 

I ** • 

^yVs?" peng-ajdr-an tuition, instruction. (Vid. y^l 


J\iM peng-addp-an presence; the presence, the 
court. (Vid. uJjU ddup.) Punuh sasak-luh de 
peng-addp-an Uu the court was exceedingly 


Jo pangar the thwart or thaft of a boat. 

tM peng'rah or pengarah calling together. (Yid. 
ti kardh.) 

\jju pmfgsa hollow, empty; a cavity; that part 
of the coconut in which the kernel lies, or the 
hollow within the kernel. 

^.Jo pangsan and ,_^Jo pangsa to faint, swoon ; 
a swoon ; a trance. Rabah pangsan to fall 
down in a swoon. Pangsan-lah de-diilam per- 
■adu-an fainted in the chamber. Men-jadi pang- 
san to be seized with a fainting fit, to become 
faint. De liat-nia de-ddlam pangsan-nia he be- 
held in his trance. 

\£,Sm panghat floor, stage, story, tier, row, 
step, gradation; degree or order of persons, 
4-ank, office. PangJiat-nia bdlei Itu t'lga pang- 
hat the floors or stories of the building were 
three. Mengena-kan makuta lima pangkat wore 
a crown having five rows (of precious stones). 
Tujuh pangkat api narka the seven gradations 
6f hell-fire. De plchat-nia deri-pada pangkat 
jiermei-surl he degraded her from the rank of 
queen. Serta ber-tambah-tambah pangkat dan 
derejut-nia with ample additions to his degrees 
of honour, liing ber-ulih pangkat mertabat de- 
ri-pada allah who derives his rank from God. 
Bcr-pangkal-pangkat by degrees; according to 
their ranks. 

<M panghtr and jjiUS pangkur a Tioe. 

JiUj pangkal the hither end, the lower or but- 
end ; the beginning, origin ; stock, original 
sum, capital. Sepuramenanti de pangkal jiilan 
sapura menanli de ujong ji'dan a part waited at 
the hither end, and a part at the farther end of 
the road. Pangkal bdtang kayu the lower or 
thick end of tlie stem of a tree. Deri-pada 
arta JlCiw panghV-un muti from the funds of 
the deceased. Pangidu pangkul-an the super- 
intendant of a ferry. 

.?24 t* 

take to the bosom or in the lap. Duduk de 
pangka. to sit in the lap. Mart-lah ka-pangkH 
istrl-mu come to the bosom of thy wife. Liilu 
de patigku-nia he then took her to his arms. 
SJii^ memangka anak to take a child into the 
lap or to the bosom. (To those whose seat is 
on the floor, these two postures are nearly the 

aXio pangkoh clownish, unmannered. 

i^ pongkoh or <&« ponggoh stiff, thick (as 
oil), coagulated, having consistence. 

^GUs peng-gdlan a mart, emporium ? 

ijr$l« peng-gdli a digger, miner ; an instrument 
" for digging. (Vid. ^Jl'^ gall.) 

&Xi panggdwa, Jat. an officer, warriour, hero. 
De iring segala mantrl dan panggdwa all the 
statesmen and warriours followed. Dii/a titah 
ka/pada segala panggdwa tang sakti he gave 
orders to all the heroes possessing supernatural 

Xm pinggir edge, border. (Vid. jXil pinggti.) 

o ^ C -^ 

'j_*$l« panggang to burn ; to roast. Panggang 
rdmah to burn a house. Panggang Iddang to 
burn the woods for a rice plantation. Ayam 
panggang (vulg.) a roasted fowl. 


.tjw pinggang the waist, the loins. 

indra memeluk pinggang tdanputri Indra's arms 
clasped the waist of the princess. Pinggang- 
nia seperti tangkei hunga her waist was like 
the stem of a flower. De krat pinggang-nia 
severed him in twain. Biiah pinggang the 
kidnies. Penidkit pinggang sciatica. Kabat 

or ikat pinggang, 

pinggdng-an, and 
a girdle, belt, 

Sm pangliU the bosom, lap. 

Lai. To 

^J^^Ji^ se-per-pinggdng-an ^ ^ 

sash, that with which the loins are covered. 

Xm ponggong or punggong the rump, buttocks, 
' posteriors ; the back part. Sdkit bdrah pada 
ponggdng-nia afflicted with a boil upon 




rump. Meninggi-lan potfggong deri-pada la- 
pdla to raise the posteriors (in making- prostra- 
tion) above the head. Ponggong tangan the 
back of the hand. Ponggong plsau the back 
of a knife. 

f^ija porTggok and ^ ponggau a small species 
of owl. Ber-bunyi ponggok dim an the owl 
hoots at break of day. 

Ji^panggal to cut or chop off; to cleave. A 
piece cut or chopped off ; apart, portion. De 
panggd-hin chabang-nia cut off th ■ branches of 
it. Nischaya alu imnggal kapalu-mu I shall 
certainly cut off thy head. Kumu ini hams de 
panggal bdtang leher kumu you (wretches) de- 
serve that the axe should be applied to your 
necks. De krat-nia ingga panggal dm he 
chopped till he cut it in two. Panggal dangan 
pedang to cleave with a sword. Jekalau ier- 
panggal sa-sualu angguta per-buru-an if one of 
the limbs of the piece of game be shot off. 
Meng-antar-kan sa-panggal jalan to accompany 
(him) for a part of the way. 

jXw panggil to call ; summon ; invite. Panggil 
brang Itu kamdrl call that person hither. De 
panggil-nia mcisuk ka-malegei he called him 
into the palace. Meniuruh-kan abantard-nia 
jXil*^ memanggil segala raja-raja ordered his 
heralds to summon all the princes. 

peng-gil'mg-an a manufactory where mills 
are employed. (Vid. ^-Xo peng-gllhig.). 

Xm pinggan a plate, dish, platter. Chdwan 
dan pinggan cups and platters. Tulls ping- 
gan the figures painted on china-ware. 

J^ panggid the hip. 

iJ .'^ peng-guling a roller ; that which rolls up, 
or, on which a thing is rolled up. (Vid. *Jjl^ 
goling.) The pangolin, an animal which has 
its name from the faculty of rolling itself up : 
of these the Malays distinguish two kinds, the 
peng-goling rambut or hairy (myrmophaga), 


and the peng-goling sisik or scaly, called pro- 
perly iJ^Slij tangglUng (manis). 

i.i^ ponggfdi to unlade. Ponggah mHut-an kapal 
to unlade the ship's cargo. Suruh singgah 
de pidau p'lnang ponggah ddmar bulti gave di- 
rections for touching at Pulo Pinang to unlade 
(a cargo of) dammar. Saknllan Uu sudah amba 
ponggah-kan ka-durat all those articles I un- 

laded and landed. 


.Cw pingglr and ^ pinggir edge, border, 
brim, rim, margin. Pingglr dyer the water's 
edge. De pingglr pantei on the sea-beach. 

jjXij^peng-glrik a borer, piercer; an awl. (Vid. 
^jj'i girik.) 

peng-glling a roller; a mill (particularly 
the sugar-mill). JiS^ peng-gillng-an a ma- 
nufactory where mills are employed; sugar- 
works. (Vid. jjjf glling.) 

aIH peng-llpar that which comforts or revives. 
T'aman peng-llpar lara professional story tellers. 
(Vid.^^ lipar.) 

>Jjo pangUma a governor, prefect, superinten- 
dant of a district; a commander of forces. 
PangUma Idut an admiral, commander of a 
fleet. PangUma prang a general. 

iji„^Jjo peng-llat and ^J\^Am peng-Uut-an seeing, 
vision, the sense of sight. (Vid. t::^ Hat.") 

js:\jo peng-anjar 
lead the way 

a guide. 

conductor; those who 
in a procession. (Vid. ysri 

Jje penganal recollection, recognition ; distinc- 
tion. (Vid. Jii kanal.) 

j_-;^« peng-usong a bearer, carrier, porter. (Vid. 

y^-j\ usong.) 

J)j« pangFdu a leader, head-man, chief of a 
department, overseer, commanding officer. 
Sakarang lain pangulu there is now a dit 
2 G. 

ferent leader. Pavgulu Icdzcal commander of 
the guard. Paugulu sa-ralus chief or captain 
of an hundred men, centurion. Pangulu mu- 
ara master of the ferry, overseer of the pas- 
sage boats. Pangulu kami nahl muhammcd 
the prophet Mahomet is our leader. Burang 
sidpa liada 7nasuk ber-prdng maka suruh bunuh- 
lah ka-pada pangulu-nia whoever fails to en- 
counter the enem^', give orders to his com- 
manding officer for putting him to death. BTe- 
tiiuruh memanggil segala rajehraja dan pangulu 
besdr-besdr dangan segala ulubdlang gave orders 
for summoning all the vassal princes and great 
chiefs, together with all the officers. 

-Je peng-ibur a comforter ; comfort, solace. 
(Vid.^^ Ibur.) 

tirjo peng-irit that which drags. (Vid. CA;>3 
irit.) The name of a species of fish. 

"iJij peng-lring a follower; retinue, train, suite. 
(Vid. c^l iring.) 

22G vKJ 

t_jUS papaya the fruit called the papaw. 

" J^i, kallki.) 


the title of 

^-Jo parigiran, jav. a pangeran, 

certain feudal chiefs in Java and the southern 
parts of Sumatra (formerly under the domi- 
nion of Bantam) who in many places are now 
independent princes: it appears to be likewise 
given (in the former country) to other persons 
of rank, unconnected with territory. 

liXjo peng-ikut a follower, accompanier, asso- 
ciate, partisan. (Vid. uu^l ikut.) 

Jilw pa-patil a carpenter's tool, employed either 
as an adze or a hatchet, by turning the head 
or blade, which is fastened to the handle by 
rattan-work; the patu-palu of the South Sea 

t^jM pa-pari momordica charantia, L. (Vid. L>i 

, jUj porpdrau for parau-purau the lungs. 
tji purau.) 



U^]Jj pe-prdng-an warfare, belonging to warfare. 
(Vid. cj\3 parang.) 

^yj papiiju the womb. (Vid. ^J\j'Ji per-andk* 

i'yj papuah frizzled, woolly-headed; having many 
natural curls ; crisp, curled (as certain plants). 
Orang papuah the natives of New Guinea. 
Tdnah papuah the island or islands so named. 

j^ pak, DuTcir, a package, chest. Afyun dua 
pak two chests of opium. 

j_^Ju paksa force, constraint, necessity. Irre- 
sistible, overpowering. To force, constrain, 
compel. Jdngan s'urang ter-paksa let no man 
be constrained. Angin lugi paksa the wind is 
still violent. Puksa-lah ka-padd-nia ulubdlang" 
nia his warriours compelled him. 

i/S'^ pekdkas furniture, utensils ; materials. 
(Vid. ^j^^J per-kdkas.) 

, j\>j pekdln and ^Sl pekein or pakci-an dress, 
clothes, raiment, apparel, whatever is worn 
for use or ornament. (It may be doubted whe- 
ther this word is a derivative from jj^ kdin 
cloth, by prefixing, or from ^\j pdkei to wear, 
by annexing a particle.) Pt-kdin rdja art rdya 
the king's dress on gala days. Tidda pe-kdin 
tang Idijxk padd-nia he has no clothes suitable 
to liim. Pe-kdin ka-amds-an raiment of cloth 
of gold. Kuda langkap dangan pe-kdin-nia a 
horse with its housings complete. Se-telah su- 
dah iya me-mdkei sakali-an pakei-an Uu when he 
had put on all those articles of apparel (crown, 
bracelets, &c.). 

^LSo pakriti, Hind. irarfrT (prakrili) nature, 
disposition, genius; actions, conduct Suka- 
chita me-llat budl pakriti anak-nia rejoiced to 
observe the natural genius of his child. Budi 
pakrtli'nia jdhat seperti anlu her disposition is 
wicked as that of a demon. Jekalau tidda juga 




ier-ubah pahriti-nia if there is not a change in I 'j_]j pegang or peggang to hold, lay hold of, 
their conduct. 

yJ^J^ pe-karja-an work, performance, employ- 
ment, business, undertaking. (Vid. ^J karja.) 
Pe-karja-an iang sukar mem-becharu-kan dan 
mafgarju-kan a work difficult to plan and to 

JXj pakkal to caulk, calfater. Mcmakkal prau 
to caulk a vessel. JjLw pemakkal oakum (for 
which the scraped bark of the bambu cane is 
commonly used). 

^ pakan a market-place, bazar, public street. 
Tampat h'trta seperti pakan a vulgar place like 
the common market. Pakan dan pSsar (syn.) 
public market places. Pakan dan medan pub- 
lic streets and squares. Se-luma pakan ter- 
bdkar ever since the burning down of the mar- 
ket-place or bazar. De bawu-nia ka-pakan he 
carried it to market. Bmiga pakan jasminum 

^ paku fern, filix. (Vid. jflS pdku.^ 

<(XS pukkah and CJ^ pukkak deaf (to a certain 
degree); hard of hearing, subsurdus. 

^ pekein dress, clothes. (Vid. ^.K5 pe-kain.) 

^J!^ pegmig-an holding, office, jurisdiction. 
(Vid. yj pegang.) 

M^ pe-gawam an advocate, pleader. (Vid. \J^ 
gdwam.) ' 

^pl pagdwei and ^^^ pdwei an instrument, im- 
plement, engine, tool, utensil ; furniture, equi- 
page; ammunition. Sakali-an dlat dan pagdwei 
sudaMah hddler all the military stores and en- 
gines were got in readiness. De dlor orang-lah 
pagdwei the implements were arranged. Pa- 
gdwei per mdln-an instruments or apparatus for 
play (as chess-men). Atnas dan perak akan per- 
hids-an pagdwei segala sinjdta gold and silver 
to ornament the mounting of all sorts of wea- 

grasp, gripe, catch; keep, possess; govern. 
Ldlu de pegang-kan-nia tdngan-nia he then laid 
hold of his hand. Ada iang 'iJlL*^ memegang 
kupald-nia some held his head. Memegang sin' 
jatu-nia laid hold of, or grasped their weapons. 
Sudard-nia iang memegang ncgri his brother 
who governed the city. 1^ pegdng-an hold- 
ing, office, jurisdiction. 

JU paid the nutmeg, nux myristica. (Vid. J\i 

'c'ij paldng, Feus, streaked, pied. (Vid. »Jj 

i^ls paldngi the rainbotv. Variegated in colour. 
(Vid. jis paldng and "k^ kung.) Pdyong 
warna paldngi umbrellas of variegated colours. 
Destar paldngi turbands of variegated colours. 
Kung paldngi the rainbow. 

^j'ij paldna a saddle. Paldna dan kakang saddle 
and bridle. Kdda merah ber-paland-kan hulit 
horimau a bay horse having a saddle of tiger- 

^U peldhan softly, gently. (Vid. jdIS perlu- 

J^ paldyan an habitation ; a cottage, hut, tent, 
booth, temporary building. 

jXiJ pel-bdgei variety. Various. (Vid. lb 
bdgei.) Indah pel-bdgei buni/l-nia admirable 
was the variety of musical sounds. Pel-bdgei 
ragam-nia various were its modulations. Bunga 
iang pel-bdgei rupd-nia flowers of various hues. 

JJ peler the pizzle, penis. Buidi peler tcsticuli. 
Tampat buahpeler scrotum. Pcler-itik a screw. 

jjj paldng and i^ paldng, Pers. a leopard. 
Streaked, spotted," pied, variegated. Ber-pu' 
lung-paldng ii/a-Uu sa-tangah etam dan sa-tangah 
putili pied, that is to say, half black and half 

^ peluk or pliik to hug, clasp, embrace, hold 
2 G 2 

in the arms. De peluk dan de cliium-ma 
he hugged and kissed her. (_j]u«-o mtnilul; 
leher annk-nia embraced the neck of his child. 
MenCluk kaki baginda grasped the legs of the 
king. /^L»j pemUuh a hug; as much as can be 
grasped in the arms. Sa-puhn Hit tujuh peniluk 
besar-nia that one tree was in size (girt) seven 
grasps of the arms. 

«_v»1j pakmbang the name of a considerable town 
situated on a large river that empties itself on 
the eastern side of Sumatra ; it is a mai-t for 
tin produced in the island of Bangka. 

j;rt/»lj palamban a slight bridge ; a footway over 
swampy ground. 

j;n.*lj palurriban crystal, 

Batu palumban rock- 

t^p^ pd-antaran a hall, passage; 
( Vid. Jai\ antara.) 

court, lawn. 

i -A"-, palinting scattered about, thrown down in 
a confused manner ; laid flat by a blow ; shed. 
Ber-palintlng-lah segala sinjuta ka-sdna ka-mdii 
all the weapons lay scattered up and down. 
Kapdla dbis-lah her-palinling-an ka-bumi the 
heads lay about on the ground. Ter-palinilng 
segala tuboh-nia his body lay at full length. 
Maka de pdnah srl rdma deri-addp-an ter-palin- 
iing ka-bldkang budak Itu Sri Rdma shot his 
arrow in front, and the boy fell backwards. 
Ter-palinting kapald-nia sa-bldh dan tuboh-nia sa- 
blah his head fell on the one side, and his body 
on the other. 

jjjj palandok a small animal of the deer kind, 
without horns : the Jjc{^ kanchil and ^\j tidpu 
are of the same class, but smaller ; by BufFon 
they are described by the name of chevrotin, 
as the least of all cloven-footed animals. Brdpa 
rusa dan kanchil palandok de per-uUh-nia many 
a stag, and chevrotin did he hunt down. 

, ijjj pelurft, PoiiT. (pelouro). A ball, bullet. 
Pelum bedil a musquet ball. 

^jLj paJdrtgan a cistern, water-trough, reservoir; 
the channel of a river. Tcr-bukakzodlapada c Jj 
palbng dyer merah the river is now open (after 
a dry season) by the channel of At/er-merah. 

c!i^ palupah the large bambu cane split open and 
used for the lining of walls of houses or pai'ti- 
tions of rooms. 

^ pluh and nj^ peluh sweat, perspiration ; con- 
densed vapour. Sudiih ka-luar peluh-nia he 
persj)ired. Aj/er pluh tang de ambel deri-puda 
dwap dyer lung suchi condensed water produc- 
ed from vapour is accounted pure water, il/e- 
nidpd pluh orang meng-dmok to wipe sweat 
from the foreheads of men running a-muck ; to 
perform an act of desperate valour. 

Jj paliara and .^Jj paliara to cherish, preserve, 
guard, take care of, nourish, bring up; manage. 
Idng de paliard-kan allah whom God hath che- 
rished. Kdrna sebdb sukar ^J>\j^ memaliard- 
kan diya because it is difficult to preserve it 
(from pollution). Menialiard-kan deri-pada sud' 
iu bhdya to guard from any danger. Paliard- 
kan ledah-7nu sopdya leher jdngan ter-panggal 
guard your tongue that you may save yoxir 
neck. De suruh memaliard-kan anjing per-buru- 
an ordered (her) to tend and feed the hounds. 

VI' ^ J.? pallia, Pers. (aJj) a lamp. Pdsang pa> 
lita light the lamp. Pddam pallia extinguish 
the lamp. Tampat meng-gantong palita a place 
for hanging lamps. Tenglong dian dan palita 
lanterns, candles, and lamps. Palita iang 
ment'rang kdmi the lamp which gives us light. 

^_IS pallas forbid it ! far be it! 
ku far be it from me ! 

Pdlas-lah padch 

^JJj pal/pis and , ..°lt palipis-an the temples 
of the forehead. Mengdrang rambut palipis-an 
to adjust nicely the hair on the temples. Ber- 
cliukur ingga tulang palipis-an to shave as for 
as the cheek-bones. 

ij'Uj pamdtang the head or dam of a piece of 
water J the surrounding bank of a rice plauta- 


lion; a single plank or timber laid across a 
stream of water, 

*oUJ pcmddam an extinguisher, quencher, (usu- 
ally in a figurative sense. (\ id. *jlS padam.) 
Pemadam sughul the extinguisher of care. 

by the hand. De pimpin-nia tutigan budak Uu 
lie took the boy by the hand. Orang tans ter- 
pimpin one who is led. 

cjUi pamarang slaughter, carnage. (Vid. c .U 

taJ;Uj pemarap one whose profession it is to lull 
to sleep. (Vid. uJ,lii harap.) Akan anak ra- 
ja ka-dua itu-Iah ambel akan pemarap-marap 
tuan-kii with respect to the two princesses (pri- 
soners) your highness will employ them to lull 
you to sleep. 

j^Uj pemungan handling. (Vid. ^b' tangan.) 
LCdu de ^.Ji^ pcmdrfgan-nin U'mgan istrl-nia he 
then took in his hand the hand of his wife. 

j-jUj pamuyang a kind of boat with outriggers. 

i^^^ pem-hujok-an flattery. (Nidi. ^y>-^huJQk.) 

t^jfAi peiii-bri and j ^ pem-bn-an a gift. (Vid. 

^-:iLw pem-balus-an requital, retribution, retalia- 
tion. (Vid. jJb balas.) 

J^ pem-bili-an purchase ; what is purchased. 
(Vid. Jj bin.) 

^y^ pem-bundh-an murder. (Vid. <GjJ bunoh.) 

isJjAJ pehiarentah one who governs, Jstj^ pe- 
niarmtah-an government. (Vid. <ityj parenlah.) 

IjUj peminggir border, edge ; coast. (Vid. ^sCo 
pinggir.) Segalu raja-raja de peminggir ini all 
the chiefs in these borders, or, on this coast. 
Sampei-lah ka-peminggir-an negri reached the 
confines of a country. 

?,v pampas a fine or compensation for wound- 
ing. To impose such a fine. Chinphang Uu 
de pampas that act of wounding was punished 
by fine. 

i^ pimpin to lead by the hand ; to hold in or 

is led. ^ memimpin 
to take hold of his hand. 
pemivipin a tutor, guide. 


jU pem'luk grasp, hug. (Vid. jij peluk.) 

'^^XwJ pemandang a look, view ; looks, counte- 
nance; apprehension, observation; vision. (Vid. 
^joJ pandang.) Maka tuan putrl mcmandang 
ka-pada inangda serta menidruh meng-ambel pe- 
kdin maka inangda tau-lah akan arti pemandang- 
nia the princess looked towards the nurse, in 
order that she should bring the dress ; and the 
nurse comprehended the meaning of her look. 
Ka-pada pemandang-an beta according to my 
apprehension or view of the matter. 

xSiM pamandah a weapon of the sword kind. 

^j^jy*^ pemurus a blunderbuss, musketoon. P&- 
murus tambaga panjang tangah ampat jaiigkal 
a brass blunderbuss of the length of three 
spans and an half. 

J^^ pemukul an instrument for striking; a ham- 
mer, mallet. (Vid. J^y pt'ikul.) GudapemU' 
kul a club, mace. 

J pen an inseparable particle used in the forma- 
tion of derivative nouns, which takes the form 
of i pen, Ji pern, Vj pcng, or uj pe, accord- 
ing to the letter with which the primitive be- 
gins, and usually denotes the agent or the 
instrument, as ^jy<i pen-ckuri a thief, UiJLJ 
pen-ikut a follower, J^ peniUkur a razor. 

jjjU penabiir a sower, husbandman ; grain sown 
or scattered. {WiA. jy\i tdbiir.) Pendbdr sna- 
pang small shot. 

4^\J pendjam that which sharpens ; a whetstone, 
(Vid. ^\i tdjam.) 

ijjjc3 pcndrek draught (cattle) ; that which draws. 
(Vid. cJp tdrek.) Kitda pendrek a draught- 
horse. Gdjah tang pendrek rata the elephants 
which drew the chariot. 


*,U penaroh one to whom a thing is confided, a 
depositary. (Vid. sjj taroh.) ^J>l^JiJ penaroh- 
an a deposit, stake. 

CS\:i penaka like as, even as, as if Penaka 
glla like a madman. Kama angkau penaka 
niawa-ku for thou art (to me) as my life. Pe- 
naka hupa iang men-jadl-kan amba like the father 
who gave me being. Jeka makuta-ktf mi ku-brl- 
Jean ka-pada-mu penaka aku meniambah angkau 

■ J^S^^- ^^ ^^ tiiee homage would be the same as 
giving into thy hands the crown I wear. 

jji^Uj pend'ut one who is afraid, a coward. 
(Vid. ci^t takut.) 

j}\J penawar a remedy, antidote, charm. (Vid. 
..\j' tdicar.) Pendwar segala blsa a remedy or 
antidote for all poisons. 

^LJ penabah-an a place where corn is threshed 
or trodden out. (Vid. i^ tabah.) 

i:;^ pinta to ask for, request, solicit. Diya pin- 
ta tblong he asks for assistance. Pinta ulih-mu 
ask thou. Se-bulih-bulih pinta amba I request 
if possible. De pintd-i ka-pada rdja he request- 
ed of the king, t,,;:.,^^*^ meminta ampun to so- 
licit forgiveness. Sudah-lah sampei pintd-ku my 
request is fulfilled. 

fX\>iJ ponldnak the name of a place on the coast 


\^ ^".-.t pantat the fundament; the bottom or part 
of a thing on which it rests. Pantat kapd a 
ship's bottom. 

^j^ pantas quick, swift, nimble, ready, brisk, 
expert, active, clever ; expressive ; graceful. 
J^a sdngat pantas her-jdlan he is very swift of 
foot. KUda ter-ldlu pantas a very fleet and 
active horse. Pantas pada bdrang laku-nia 
quick in every motion or action. Sama pantas 
ha-dud-nia bcr-mdin sinjdla both equally expert 
at the use of their weapons. Pantas tnemdcha 
expert at reading. Miilut pantas ready of 
speech. Muhd-nia pantas dan sward-ma manis 

^30 J 

her countenance was expressive and her voice 
sweet. Rupd-nia pantas her appearance was 

j_uJ pintas a short cut (by which distance in a 
road is saved). 

i_:uj pantang forbidden, interdicted. To abstain 
or refrain from, avoid, hold in aversion ; to 
prohibit. Kdrna hdniak pantang dan Idrang 
(syn.) for many things are forbidden. Orang 
iang pantang a person under an interdict (as 
from uncleanness). lung dusta Uu andak kau- 
jmnlang what is false hold thou in aversion. 
De pantang ulih rdja the king has forbidden 

'^iJ piniang consequence, moment. Tidda pin- 
tang-nia it is of no moment. Bdniak pintang' 
nia he is of much consequence or weight. 

y^\n .^ pontong to cut. (Vid. jj^j potong.) 

t ".-^ pontong a log, billet. Pontong kdyu a log 
of wood. Pontong dpi a fire-brand. 

C^^ o? 

Jlj_xJ j9o«/?wg a/aw a species of bird. 

jiuiS pontok and juJ pontu bracelets. Dan pada 
ldngg,n-nia de kena-kan-nia pontok manikam and 
on his arms he wore bracelets of rubies. Ber- 
pontok ndgatujuhbal it dragon-shaped bracelets, 
in seven folds. Pontok dan galang bracelets 
and ankle-rings. 

JcJ pintal to braid, twine ; to twist ; to spin 
(twine). De pintal akan chnmdra twined it 
into a braid. Pintal tdli to twist a cord. 

_iJ panlan like, as, resembling. Pantan intan 
ter-kdrang like a diamond (polished and) set. 
Se-pantan dawdt dangan kartas like (the relation 
of) pen and ink. 

^iij pantun an epigrammatic stanza or poetical 
sentence, consisting usually of four short lines 
rhyming alternately, in which the thought is 
expressed by comparison or allusion. A com« 



parison, allusion; gimile, proverb. Kata-nia 
hei dai/ang-dut/ang dangar-hih pantim liumi ini 
viaka huta ddt/ang-daj/arig hei-pantun-lali sopai/a 
Jiumi darfgar he said, O my damsels, attend 
ye to this my song ; and the damsels replied, 
sing then that we may hear. Brupa meduh dan 
pantun dan seluka many a poetic and metrical 
composition of different kinds. Seperli pantun 
orang tang daidu Jcula according to the pro- 
verbial saying of people in old times. 

^^ pintu and y^^ pintu a door, gate, entrance. 
Pintu astana the gate of the palace. Tiitttp 
pintu shut the door. Diiduk-lah iya de muka 
phitu-nia he was sitting before his door. Pintu 
surga the gate of heaven. Pintu jtilan the 
entrance cf a road ; a pass. Janung pintu the 
side- posts of a door. PenunggH pintu a door- 
keeper, porter. De llat-nia pintH ter-konchi he 
perceived that the door was locked. 

"jj pantei the sea-beach, strand. 3Iaka ij/a 
ber-jalan-lah de slsl pantei he walked by the 
margin of the sea. Teluk ber-pantei rata a bay 
having a flat or shelving beach. 

-vS panji a banner, standard ; a tribe. Panji 
tang de talis dangan ai/er amas banners adorned 
with inscriptions (or figures) of gold. Tunggal 
dan panji-panji ber-kibdr-an-lah flags and ban- 
ners waved about. Ada tang deri-pada panji- 
panji lang merah some of them belonged to the 
red standard. 

ii-o\s:u penjabat or CJ^lsiS pen j Swat the sense 
of touch. ( Vid. u:^U- jabat.) 

j\s^j panjara, Pers. (SjSXi) a place of confine- 
ment, prison. Larl deri-pada pajara to escape 
from confinement. Buboh de ddlam panjara to 
put in prison. Be-rantei-kan ddlam panjara to 
chain in prison. 2W-panjura confined, im- 
prisoned. Seperti ada iya tawun-an atau ter- 
panjara as in the case of his being a captive or 
confined in prison. Anak amha de panjard-kan- 
nia de-ddlam panjara best he imprisoned my 
child in an iron prison. 

(c-^fe^iS pen-jdhit and Ci^Uaj penjait a serap- 
Btress ; a tailor. (Vid. ti-^U jdhit.) 

ui.^'^ panjat to climb, mount, ascend. Panjal- 
lah bulang kdyu Itu climb that tree. Maka 
segala duyang-ddyang andak e--.s:u^ memanjat 
ber-ganti-ganti and all the damsels endeavoured 
to climb by turns. Ada lang memanjat tinggl 
sa-depa some mounted to the heiglit of one 
fathom. De panjat-nia s'orong sa-bldh baH-nia 
he mounted one of them upon each of his 

-sM panjar or ^s?* pangjar earnest, advance in 
part of payment. 

t_-clS panjang long, tall. Ikur panjang a long 
tail. UecAarapaw/a??^ a long discourse. Pan- 
jang-nia ampat-blas depa its length is fourteen 
fathoms. Tiadd-lah kilapanjang-kan kaldm we 
shall not lengthen thiswriting. Sopdyajdngan 
ber-panjdng-an per-katd-an ini that this confe- 
rence may not run into length. % in'o... se- 
panjang as long as. Se-panjang art the whole 
day long. Se-panjang jdlan all along the road; 
throughout the journey. 

aJj! ^ panja-ldgam or ^jS ^ pancha-logam some 
kind of precious stone. 

vs{S p/wjani and *s:uS |j?«/am to borrow; to lend. 
Minfa pinjam to boiTow. Kdsih pinjam to 
lend. Kalau amba-punia Kang de pinjam orang 
if people borrow my money. Sudah ter-pinjam 
karunla lent gratuitously. .r<la^ pinjdm-an 

Jl^s^i pen-jHal a seller, (Vid. J)^ jdal.} 

^iiys^ pen-jMl a player, gamester. (Vid. ^^^ 


,^-su pen-jHru and ^j^s^S pen-jdrH a corner ; out- 
ward angle. Ka-pada se-ganap pen-juru bdlei 
Itu at each of the corners of the building. 
Jya-Iah lang mengandaru-l ka-pada ampat pen- 
juru dlam ini he it was who rode to the four 

corners of this world, 


Ttga pen-juru thrce- 

iiJjjjcu penjurat or penjurit a leader, guide. 
Penjurat tang kzcasa a valiant leader. 

^jjysH penjurl or penjurei a corner. (Vid.j^jsy 
pen-juru.) liing ter-lkat pada ka-ampat jitrei-nia 
which was tied at its four corners. 

J .jsu penjunan a potter. 

-o poncha and i^ ponchah the skirt (of a gar- 
ment), the train. Samhil menutup mukd-nia 
dangan poncha-poncka kaln-nia covering his face 
with the skirt of his garment. Maneggang 
ponchah kahi-nia laid hold of his skirt. De 
Ikal-nia ka-dua poncha se-per-pinggung-an-nia 
dangan benang atau de samhat-nia he fastens the 
two ends of liis girdle or wrapper with thread, 
or he buttons them. 

oL) J -fj poncha-persuda a building erected over a 
batli, with conveniencies for dressing and per- 
fuming. De per-buat-nia poncha persada akan 
tampal per-mandi-an he constructed a bathing 
apartment. De-hazcah poncha persada itti ada 
sa-hiiah kulam beneath the apartment was a 
piece of water or tank. Naik-lah ka-pada 
poncha-persuda lulu ber-sulin kdin he ascended 
to the dressing apartment, and there changed 
his clothes. De^bawa-nia ka-tepi luut de mandl- 
Tcan-nia dc-dtas poncha-persada carried her to 
the sea-side, 
ed for the purpose, 

and bathed her fiom a stage erect- 

J rfO panchorldgam a precious stone. 

f^Jipancha-llma astrology. 

i^j}-^ pancha-zcarna, Hind, t^^ Sf^ of divers 

* colours, variegated. Ada pernmta tang blru 

ada lung pancha-wama Ijau dan iingu there 

were jewels of a blue colour, others variegated, 

gi-een and violet. 

tjU^ panchdlang am] ^iSJi pnnchalang a small 
vessel of the prau kiud, with the oblique sail 
called luj/er tanja. 

js.]jpanchar to flash or gush out, to issue; to 
emit. Ayer-mata-nia ber-panchar seperti ujan 
her tears gushed out like rain. Slnar mata-url 
tang H^Ur* memanchar the sun-beams which 
shot forth. Kilat mcmanchar-lah lishtninjr 
flashed out. lilng ter-panchar deri-pada ping' 
gang-nia who issued from his loins. Mjl^y 
ber-panchdr-an pluk deri-pada tuboh-nia the per- 
spiration ran from his body. 

t_>jj^ pencharUba inconstant, fickle, unsteady- 
Change of season. 

i^u panchang a stake, sharpened stick. To 
stake in ; to erect on stakes or slight posts. 
Marl klta panchang galanggang come let us^ 
erect a stage for cock-fighting. 

i_s.\i pancJtong to cut off, lop, chop. To stab.. 
Panchong kapdla to cut ofi" the head. Serdya 
ber-jdlan panchong kdnan panchong kiri as he- 
walked he cut and slashed to the right and 

^_s.\j pinchang Tame (to a certain degree), halt,. 

limping. Bukan-tiia timpang pinchang suja he* 
is not absolutely lame, but only halts. 

j^s.\j ponchak the summit, peak, ridge (of a 
hill) ; the pinnacle, battlements or pitched roof 
(of a building). Ponchak biikit the summit of a 
hill. Ponchak astdna pdlah segula the battle- 
ments of the palace were all broken oflE. 

(J^>~^^ pen-chdchuk a skewer, fork. (Vid. 
jia-ys- chuchuk.) 

^^j^ipanchur-an or f jj^ pen-churang a gutter, 
channel, spout, pipe, conduit, aqueduct ; a 
stream running down a cliff, a waterfall. At/er 
panchur-an deri ktdngan water descending in a 
stream from heaven. 

^ . »s.u pen-churi a thief. (Vid. ^j^ churl.) 
Seperti orang pen-churi pe-krajd-an-nia llu this 
conduct of his resembled that of a thief. 

c ^y panchong the skirt, tail, flap ; that part of 


Che body-dress or kain sarong, which hangs 
over at the breast. Panchdng tdlnga the lap 
or lower extremity' of the ear. 

ij^yf^ pen-chuliil a picker, probe. (Vid. jXxa- 

^-fjfi panelling to fish (with a line). Ikan de 
laid panelling jual catch sea-fish for sale. Me- 
nmnching de bdtu to fisli on the rocks. 

JLiSU panching-an peevish, impatient, humour- 
some, fastidious, splenetic. 

uic^ penehlndar tlie five senses. Segala pen- 
chindar iang tlahir seperti peng-llat dan penangar 
danper-rusa all the external senses, such as 
sight, hearing, taste, &c. 

A^j pen-chium and ^y^ pen-chium-an the 
sense of smell. (Vid. ^^^ chiiim.) 

e^ljci pen-dapat opinion, idea, apprehension, 
conception. (Vid. LiiJb dSjiat.) Pada pen- 
diipat k'lla according to our opinion. Barang 
siapa tang ada bagl-nia pen-dapat whatsoever 
has the faculty of thought ; evei7 thinking be- 
ing. ^\xj pen-d(7pat-an acquisition, propei-- 
ty; invention. 

^\mj pandahan a missile weapon, javelin, dart, 
short spear. Bunyi pedang dan pandahan raja- 
raja the noise of the swords and spears of the 
princes. Ber-tlkam-Uan pandahan piercing of 
javelins. De lutar-7na dangan pandahan-nia he 
cast his javelin. 

cjJ pandang to look, behold ; gaze on, regard, 
notice. Pandang-Iah vUh-mu akan muka-nia 
look ye at her face. Ldngit dan luut sdja de 
pandang beheld nothing but sky and sea. 
Pandang mdnh to look with an eye of affec- 
tion. Memandang ka-klrt dan ka-kdnan to look 
to the left and right. Mald-nia tidda lepas 
deri-pada memandang chai/d-nia his eyes never 
ceased to gaze upon its brightness. Ter-tllik 
ulih Iang men'iUk ter-liat ulih tang mc-Uat dan 
ter^pandang'ulih lan^ memandang gazed ou by 

the gazer, seen by the seer, and beheld by 
the beholder. "iMui pemandang a look, view, 
glance. Tau-lah iya akan artl pemandang 
her husband 

she knew the meaning of a look fi"om 

jjcj pondok, Ar. 
travellers). A 
ranjje of sheds. 

( jJoi fondok a building for 


building, hut, shed. 

Pondok orang menunggii Id- 
dang the huts of the persons who watched the 

jJcJ pendek short, low in stature, diminutive ; 
brief. Anak sidpa etam pendek whose black 
and short child is this? Ayam pendek fowls 
of a diminutive breed. Sural Iang pendek a 
brief writing ; a short chapter. Pendek masd' 
nia its period is short. Memendek-kan langkah' 
nia to shorten his paces. 


ijjjj pandan a shrub, pandanus, L. keuray 
Thunb. Being planted in fences, the word 
is sometimes used to signify a fence. Pandan. 
rcangl pudak or rampei the sweet-scented spe- 
cies, pandanus odoratissimus, theleaf of which 
being cut into shreds is folded in the hair. 
Ber-buat pandan dan pdrit to form a bound- 
hedge and a trench. 

.JcJ pandu to burn, set fire to ; (particularly ap- 
plied to the second or latter burning of the 
branches of trees, in the operation of clearing 
the ground for a ladang or rice-plantation). 

jjoj pindah to remove, to shift or change plafce. 
Ber-pindah ka-tdnah s'lran to remove to the 
country (island) of Ceram. Jeka Idlat ber- 
pindah deri-pada nejis ka-pada benda iang suchi 
if a fly quits filth and settles on a thing that is 
clean. Sdi/a sudah pindah-kan orang sdkit ilu. 
ka-rumah sdi/a I have removed that sick person' 
to my own house. Memindah-kan tdnah to re- 
move earth. 

i^jcj pandei, Hind. LJ^] skilled, expert; a 
person skilled in any art or craft, an adept ; a, 
goldsmith. Pandei meniilis skilled in writing, 
2 H 

J 234 

or expert at drawing. Pandei ler-liakim skilled 
in philosopliy. Pandei ber-kdta eloquent. 
Pandei menangJcas sinjiita expert at parrying 
(the strokes of) weapons. Pandei mem-hUjok 
ati skilled in seducing tlie affections. Amas 
ilu dc ifjl-'.an uJih pandei kurus the touch of that 
gold was ascertained hy the emaciated gold- 
smith (an appellation by which the man was 
commonly distinguished). 

j<Joj pondi a purse, pocket, money-bag. 

(.s^vjcJ pandlla, Hind; T^f^rT ^ learned and 
religious person ; a teacher of religion, science, 
and law ; a professor, doctor. Raja-pUn meni- 
uruh himpun-han dllm dan pandila sanwu-^ia 
the king gave orders for assembling all the 
wise and learned men. Pandlta long per4apd- 

. an ascetic philosophers. 

j-.;JoS pindls the timber called, from its hardness, 
iron-wood ; opa nietrosideros. It is also named 
kapini, and vulgarly Aoyw best. 

»-)aJ pending the clasp of a girdle. Tiili pen- 
ding the girdle or zone (the clasp of which is 
usually much ornamented). 

jSoJiiS pendikir a certain description or rank of 
warriour. Pendikir tang ka-ampat dan pendikir 
lang sa-rlbu dua n'dus the four superior officers 
and the twelve hundred soldiers. 

cl/,iS penarka an enigma ; a question of difficult 
solution. (Vid. cSj tarka.) Be-tarkd-kan 
penarka salu to propound, or .to explain an 
enigma. Men-chubd-kan dii/a datfgan bdgci- 
bagei penarka to prove him by a variety of hard 

i_J pening giddy, dizzy, vertiginous. Pening 
kapdla giddiness, swimming in the head ; head- 
ach. Be-rasd-lah raja pening kapdla the king 
was affected with a giddiness. 

ij penangar the sense of hearing. (Vid.^j 
dun gar.) ^o/w penangar-an what is heard. 

Betdpa garung-an ada penangar-an-nia what, I 
prithee, is it that he has heard .' . 

JlliJ penanggdia a ploughman. (Vid. J&u 

J.SjcJ peninggal and JlJjcJ peninggdl-an depar- 
ture. Remains, remnant, residue. (Vid. JiUj 
liiTggal and JX«iA-j se-penitiggal. 

•SlicJ penunggu a porter, warder, keeper. (Vid. 
aHu tunggu.) Orangpemmggiipintu the per- 
son who attends at the gate, the porter. 

j_*4:J penambang a ferry-boat. 

(Vid. i 



(j^penembak a shooter, marksman. (Vid. 
fJ.fAj lembak.) 

A panau spots on the skin. (Vid.^lj pdnau.) 

AJjiS penUdah an accuser. (Vid. ajiy tudoh.) 

ijLJjyl penurut a follower. (Vid. c^^y tdrut.) 

Jyi pendkir a carver, engraver. (Vid. Jj\ 

ij »J penolong assistance. (Vid. ij^i' tolong.) 

j^ penureei-an harvest, the act of reaping or 
cropping the padi. 

iii punnuh and n^^ punuli, Hind. TTST ^"'1; 
complete. Jsl punnuh tampdi/an segala fill 
every jar full. Punnuh sasak-hh rumah the 
house was full even to crowding. Punnuh 
lampoh full to overflowing. Ruj/at-nia ^^.a^ 
memunnuh-i padang ilu his troops filled the 
plain. Maka bdrang tuan ^J^y^ punnuh-kan 
kird-^ia hdjat amba supply, sir, I beseech you, 
my necessities. Ada sudtu ka-andak dti pdtek 
jeka de punnuh-t ulih tudnku there is one wish 
of thy servant, which if my lord will fulfil. 
r <UR~j se-punnuh-punnuh kapal as much as will 
fill a ship, a ship-load. 

aj penah ever. (Vid. tjj pernah.) 


^J pint pain in the bones. 

^Sjij pan'ttan the name of Prince's Island in the 
Straits of Sunda, called also Pulau Selan. 

vj,^ pinlti, Port, (alfinite) a pin. Ber-pinlli 
naga having ornamental pins or broaches, in 
the shape of dragons. 

j*J panir, Pers. cheese; 

e:,X^ penlkut a follower. (Vid. c-Xij *^"'-) 

yii pinni/u, Jav. the tortoise or turtle, testudo. 


pTiar a plant, amomum cardamonium, L. 
Atap puar the broad leaves of this plant some- 
times employed as thatch. Pudr laku amomum 

^ IP /Jttcoas to satisfy. (VxA. ^A puwas.) 

^IjS puasa or puwusa a fast; the great fast or 
lent of the Mahometans during the month of 
Ramadan ; to fast. Pegang puasa to keep or 
observe the fast. Buka budsa to conclude, 
break, or discontinue the fast (upon the ap- 
pearance of the new moon). Hams her-buka 
puasa pada drang lang sungat sdkit it is al- 
lowed to break the fast to persons in extremity 
of sickness. Sungguh-nia busuk bau mulut 
vrang ber-pudsa pada dri kidmal ter4ebih drum 
pada allah tddla deri-pada bdu kasturl verily the 
unsavoury breath of him who fasteth will, at 
the Day of Judgment, be more fragrant to the 
Almighty than the smell of musk. 

J 1 J pudhm alabaster ; marble. Giinong pud- 
lam a mountain of alabaster, or of marble. 
Ddsar pud/am a marble floor. Pud/am merah 
coral. Manikam inlan dan pudlam rubies, 
diamonds, and coral. 

^J'y puwdn and ^,i pawan a salver, large dish ; 

a betel-stand. (Vid. J^js^ chardna.) Menfm- 

juk pawan to present the betel-stand. Baginda 
. santap sirih de pawan putri the king took betel 

from the stand of tht- princess. Biinga pawan 

a flower, clerodendrum. 

^J^■Jl^ p^uhong-ati the fram6 of the roof. 
%-i%a> ubong.) 


Ji^ piUar to turn, wind, twist, screw. Pular 
idli to twist a rope. Pular bulik to twist tho 
wrong way, to untwist; to pervert (the mean- 
ing of words), to prevaricate. Pular wdla a 
drill. ^Jcj putdr-an a screw; a veindlass- 
.Vj/M pemular a turn-screw ; an instrument by 
which a thing is turned. 

(^jj putus broken, broken asunder or off. Con- 
cluded, completed, accomplished; ceased; 
failed. Sudah putus tall the cord is broken. 
Bechdra sudah putus the discussion is at an end. 
Niawd-nia sudah putus his spirit is fled. Putus- 
lah per-janji-an the agreement is fulfilled. Pu- 
tus dsa hopeless, desperate. De putus-t-nia 
kaslh-nia akan sudard-nia he ceased to feel con- 
cern for his brother. Tidda ber-ka-putus-an Idgi 
there was no end to it. 

'm^%J^ puting-ballong a whirlwind. 

ij;^ potong to cut, hew, cut off, amputate; to 
kill (an animal) for food. Potong datfgnn plsau 
to cut with a knife. Potong sa-ruw(i<t jdri to 
cut off a joint of the finger. De potong rant' 
but-nia cut off her hair. (Yid. j-J^l. rdgas.) 
Potong di/am to kill a fowl. 

iOy putih white. Kdin pulih white cloth. Orang 
puiih a white man, European. Putih seperli 
perak bungd-nia the blossoms were of a silver 
white. Warnd-niu putih kuning her complec- 
tion was a light yellow. Ali putih a white or 
candid heart. Putih telur the white of an fgg. 
Kdyu putih a species of tree which yields a 
medicinal oil, melaleuca-leucadendra, L. 

TT3TT praise, adoration, com- 

^P piiji, Hind. 

mendation, flattery. To praise, applaud, ex- 
tol, glorify, flatter, compliment. Scga/a puji 
bagi allah all praise be to God. Segala murld 
guru-nia de pUji all the scholars were praised 
or commended by their masters. ^'^ memuji 
tuhan khdlik dangan se-benar ^A-*-y puji-ma to 
2 H 2 



, glorify the Creator with genuine worship. Me- 
viTiji ai/anda-nia deri-qiada ka-besar-an-nia com- 
plimented his father on his greatness. fj\^^^ 

' ptiji-puji-an praises, applause; complimentary 
expressions in an epistle. 

U-y pujd certain religious rites, adoration, obla- 
tion, sacrifice. Mengarja-kan pujd-nia to per- 
form his sacrificial rites. Sopat/a sampei-lak 
pujd klla in order that our rites may be com- 
plete, or, our sacrifice accepted. Apt U-y«j 
■ pemujd sacrificial fire. 

(.s_k»^5 puchat pale in colour, wan, sallow, faint. 
Mukapuchat a pallid countenance, pale through 
fear, sickness, or other affection. Shmr mala- 
url jddi puchat-puchat the rays of the sun be- 
came faint. Puchat seperli chenddwan pale as 
a mushroom. 

y_>.jS puchong and %j>-^ puchmig a species of 

^_^jS puchuk a young shoot, the tender extremity 
of a branch. Puchuk pringgi the young shoots 
of the pumpkin. Puchuk kdt/u iangdetiupangin 
the tender branches of the trees, blown about 
by the wind. Akar-nia ka-utas dan puchuk-nia 
Jcorbdwah its root upwards and its branches 
downwards. De ambel-nia puchuk Idlang tang 
tnuda sa-bungkus he took a wisp of the young 
shoots of a species of grass. Sural sa-puchuk 
a note, slip of written paper. Sa-puchuk gd- 
ding an elephant's tooth or tusk. Mar'iam sa- 
puchuk one piece of ordnance. Sndpang lima 
puchuk five rausquets. 


■(^■^^y pucnoK a plant, the aromatic leaves of 
which are an article of trade ; said by some to 
be the costus indicus, and by others the me- 
lissa or the laurus. (Vid. iJ pupur.) 

jjjj pudar and ^y puda soiled; faded, of a dead 

^jj3 pudak the fragrant species of pandams. 
(Vid. yJuS pandtm.) 

iJ'^y pud'i to break in pieces, smash, bruise, 
bray. Memudi-kan gigi-nia dangan bdlu to 
break his teeth with a stone. Ambel afj/un brat- 
nia ampat dtrham niaka de pudi sakali Uu take of 
opium four drams and bruise or bray it. 

LS'^y pddi or i^ti^ <J:-"Up pcrmdla pudi a pre- 
cious stone, probably the amethyst. De talah- 
kan pudi nianikam set with amethysts. 

^ jjS puding a shrub with a variegated lea^ 
called also ddun prdda; justicia picta. 

j)S pura, Hind. TTT" a city (in composition only). 
Indra-pura the capital of an ancient kingdom 
in Sumatra. Singa-pura the original seat of 
the Malayan government in the peninsula. 

r.jj pura-pura to feign, pretend, counterfeit, 
sham. Pura-purd-kan diri-nia gila feigned him- 
self an ideot. Pura-pura sdja a mere pre-, 
tence. Ampir-Iah pura-pura andak meniambah 
approached under the pretence of making obei- 

ij^ pwrw an ulcer, blotch, boil, scab. Purujd- 
hat an ulcer; gangrene. Puruhdi^al a cancer. 
Purii sambilik piles. Prerii kochi lues vene- 
rea. Piirii bakd scrofula. 

Sj^s puroh or pHrah a small skewer or pointed 
twig. Suchi-kan dangan puroh iang lumbul segala 
daki iang de-bdwah kuku-nia cleanse with a soft 
twig any dirt that may be under the nails (of 
the corpse). Jeka de ikat-nia duaponcha dangan 
benang alau de chuchuk dangan puroh if he con- 
nects the two skirts with thread, or fastens 
them with a skewer. 

^ji puwas or pawas to satisfy, satiate, assuage, 
quench, allay. Sopdi/a pimas rdsa ati-ku that 
I may satisfy my feelings ; gratify my desires. 
Puwas dhdga to assuage the thirst. Balum 
Idgi puxeas ber-mdin-mdin not yet satisfied with 
amusement. iLj»*< memuzcas-kati nafsu to 
satisfy the desires. Sc-puwas all heartily; to 
the heart's content. 


^^...t pj's'fli the navel; nave, centre. Antara 
pusat dan lutut the space between the navel and 
the knee (considered, legally, as the nudities). 
De-bawah dada-nia dan de-dtas pusat-nia below 
his breast and above his navel, S'ingga pusid- 
via uyer laut Uu the water of the sea reached 
to his navel. Maka datang s'"ihur katam dcri 
j)usal tasik there came a crab from the middle 
(or bottom) of the sea. Pusat bulat the centre 
of a circle. Piisat telur the tread of an egg. 

ij:-wj»S pusut a lancet. 

-ri J pusar to turn horizontally (as a raill-stone) ; 
to turn (as water in a whirlpool). (Vid. JiJ 
putar.) Pusar kisdr-an to turn a hand-mill. 
Aj/er ber-pusar the water turns round in eddies. 
Ambat bcr-umbat ber-pusar-pmar chasing each 
other by turns and alternately wheeling (in mi- 
litary sports). 

i^c J piising to turn round, revolve, t^virl, wave 

round. Vertiginous, giddy, dizzy. Angin ber- 
pusing the wind turns or veers round. A 
whirlwind. Pusing-kan piichak to turn a spit. 
De pusing-kan sinjatd-nia twirled or flourished 
their weapons (lances). Merfgusing-using-kan 
seperti ber-prang sunggtih rupu-nia they turned 
quickly round (in a military dance) exhibiting 
the appearance of real warfare. Piising ka- 
pdla giddy-headed; vertigo. Ber-klsar-lah jan- 
tard-nia maka ber-pZsing-pusing rupd-nia the 
wheels revolving produced a vertiginous eflect. 
Ber-pusing-pTising seperti jantara revolving like 
the wheels of a machine. 

y^i pusu a hill, hillock; ant-hill. (Vid. ci-~.«J 
busut.) Bangkei-nia ber-tambun-iambun seperti 
pusu rupd-nia the carcases lying in heaps had 
the appearance of hills. I)dlang-nia kapada 
pusie anl-anl he came to a hillock of white ants. 

c J pong a species of bird, gracula. 

(j:^ J pungut to gather, pick up, lift from the 
ground ; to pluck, cull ; to raise a person to 
an euiploymentj to appoint, u^j^ve memmgut 

237 jS 

permdta tang de turun-kan ulih raja gathered 
up the jewels that were sliowered down by the 
king. Memdngut ka-pungiit-an to gather up 
the gleanings or the wind-falls. Anakdajadl- 
kan pungut-pungut-an your cliild becomes an 
unprotected wanderer (one who from compas- 
sion might be picked up). Memungut bdah 
budh-an dan bunga-bungd-an to gather fruits and 
flowers. Pungut Idyer to take in sail. De 
pungut segala orang iang pergi chose or ap- 
pointed all who were to go. DepUngutanak 
mantrl akan jddi peri'gdsoh-nia appointed the 
daughter of a minister of state to be its nurse. 
Pdngut sulah to seek cause of blame, to pick, 
a hole. .; 

(_9^ pupu generation, Imeage, filiation. Pitpu 
iang ka-tlga the third generation. Suddra sa- 
pupu cousins, having one common ancestor. 
Anak sa-pdpu nephew. Chuchu sa-pupu grand 
nephew. Sa-pupu-an betul consanguinity, near 
relationship by blood, or that of cousih-geiv 

t^jj puput to blow. Bangsi de-pupdl-nia he- 
blowed or breathed the flute. Puput bdyu dbis- 
lah ter-bantun if a puff of wind blows they are 
overset. Bdyu mdna gardng-an iuan iang da- 
tang ber-pupitt ini prithee, sir, what puff of 
wind has blown you hither? by what chance 
are you come ? 


A A .. 

jjj pupur and j^,i pupur a cosmetic prepare J 
from the plant named Jjj dilam, melissa, L. 
and rubbed on the skin. De gosok mukd-nia 
dungan pupur rubbed her face with a cosmetic. 
Ddiln pdpur the leaf of the melissa, called 
patch leaf as an article of trade; 

Jjjy pupdl harvest or crop (of pepper and other 
fruits, but not of rice). Pupulagung the prin- 
cipal harvest or gathering (of pepper). Ac.Ar* 
mcmupidldda to gather the crojj of pepper. 

{^^ pukat a large net, seine, drag-net. Pukat- 
nia tidda ddlam prdii itu tlieir net was not in 
the boat.. Pukat ^^j^ sa-rdzcan one net 

(idiom.) Memiikat to drag the seine. 
piikat a fishing vessel. 



i.^J puJcang headlong, precipitate. 

Union g-pukarig mukula-nia their crowns tumbled 
from their heads. Cherrei-berrci Untong-fukang 
helter-skelter, pell-mell. 

^^ pdkok orjSo poko principal, original sum; 
prime cost; stock (as distinguished from profit) ; 
basis, foundation, fundamental article. 

J^J pukul to beat, strike, smite, knock ; to strike 
a blow in war. Pukul dangan kdyu strike 
with a stick. Ada ampat orang de pukul-nia he 
struck four persons. Ii/a mau pukul pulau llu 
he meditates a stroke or attack upon that island. 
\^y*-< memukul dan meng-gochoh dan menampar 
to smite, and to cuff, and to slap. Hukum-nia 
de pukul he was sentenced to be beaten. J^.o 
pemukul an instrument to strike with, a ham- 

£^ pukau an intoxicating or narcotic drug, (sup- 
posed to be prepared from the kachubong datu- 
ra). Pukau ubru-an the drug named pukau. 
Ka-langkup-an orang jakat seperti pukau tho 
apparatus of a person of bad character, such as 
narcotic drugs, &c. 

^J puki pudendum muliebre. 

J J pula also, likewise, too, again. Lagi pula 
or tambah-an pitla moreover. Ada orang l/iin 
pula there were other people also. Binl-nia 
pergi dan anak-nia pergi pula his wife went, 
and his child went likewise. 

e:J J puliit the name of a peculiar kind of rice, 
oryza glutinosa R. commonly termed bras se- 
pulut and employed in a culinary preparation 
called Idmang. It is said to be also used in 
making the fermented liquor called brum. 

Jy piilur the pith of vegetables ; the farinaceous 
part of grain. 

^JJ pulas to wring (as linen), to wring off; to 

238 > 

twist. Pulas tatigan to wring the hands. Pm- 
lustellnga to twist or pluck the ears. Depii' 
las-kan kapala-nia wrung off its head. De pu' 
las-nia le/ier-nio salihrgga mukd-nia-pun ter-pd'ing 
ka-bldkang-nia he twisted his neck so that his 
face was turned backward. 

^J^^ pulas a species of nettle (urtica) fiom which 
twine is manufactured. Tlie twine so made. 

'iJ^ pulang to return ; to depart, to go. Back- 
again. Orang tang dulung andak piilang the 
people who are come intend to return. 3Id- 
sing-mdsuig piilang ka-rumdh-nia returned to 
their respective houses. Lakas pulang hasten 
to go. Maka pulang-lah ka-rajd-an ka-pada tuan 
kita muhammed shdh and the government re- 
verted to our (present) sovereign Muhammed 
Shdh. Pulang-lah angkau seperti rupa-mu Jang 
daulu return thou to thy original form. Pergi- 
lah pulang segala kam" orang away back all of 
you ! iJ^ memulang and ^Cily to send back, 
restore. Akan istri-nia t'ladd-lah ku-pulang-kan 
Idgi with respect to his wife, I will not now 
restore her. 

jlJ pulau or prdo island. Seperti pulau rupd-nia 
de tangah Idut it had the appearance of an 
island in the middle of the sea. Pulau pinang 
betel-nut island. Pulau p'lsang plantain island. 

Pulau bdbi 

hog island. 

<t]J puluh the decimal adjunct. Sa-puluh ten. 
Dua puluh twenty. Ber-piduh-puluh by ten« 
and twenties. Sa-per-puluh a tenth part. 

^jj pun an inseparable particle annexed indif- 
ferently to all the parts of speech, which seems 
intended to improve the sound ratherthan the 
sense of the passage : sometimes however it is 
employed in the formation of adverbs, as ^JJK^^ 
Uu-pdn, i^^J\ ada-pFin, ^^^'i Idgi-pun. 

ijj^ punok the protuberance or bunch on the 
back of the camel. 

ij.j punei the wild pigeon or green dove. Punei 
jambu and punei andu two very beautiful spo 

Jl^ -pahula) Hind, qf^ merits, desert; raerito- 

ii 239 

cies of dove, tlie former beinaf green variegated 
with pink, and the latter, called also sdili/a, 
a deep crimson variegated with white : another 
species is called punei lunah. 

^^ pohon to desire, beg-, request, solicit, sup- 
plicate; intercede. Pohbn-kan ka-pada allah to 
desire of God. Kalo bulih aku pohdn-i if 1 
may make a request. Memohon-kari ampitn to 
beg forgiveness. Pemohon-an a request, en- 

^y ptihn a tree, the stem of a tree as distin- 
guished from the branches; the part of the 
stem next to the root. The origin, cause, oc- 
casion, commencement. Puhn kdi/u a timber 
tree. Puhn jati a ieak-tree. Puhn dal'ima a 
pomegranate tree. Suga puhn adenanthera. 
Puhn bmh-huuh-an fruit trees. Maka adu-lah 
ruhu 7 kudus ilu puhn pada -},.] erwdh dan er- 
wah itu chuwang pada ruhu 'I kudus now the 
Holy Ghost is the stem of which all spirits or 
souls are the branches. Deri asal puhn kami 
from the period of our origin. Puhn-nia ulih 
sebdb kurna pe-karjd-an tudn-ku pangllma it had 
its origin in the conduct of his highness the 
governor. Ilmu Itu puhn-nia benar the basis 
of that science is true. Pada puhn patang at 
the commencement of evening. Pdhn mala 
the interior angle of the eye. PUhn rambut 
the roots of the hair. Pdhn irl/nga that part 
of the ear which is attached to the head. 

y.y Puj/ang great grand-father. Ancestors. 
(Yid. '^j.< mut/ang.) 

jjjS puj/d and jjj^ kapdyu, the quail, coturnix. 

^js punia a possessive adjunct. (Vid. ^^\ am- 
pdnia, of which it is a contraction.) Orang 
punia a man's, of or belonging to a man. Aku 
or aniba-punia mine. Diya punia his. Rdja 
punia makuta or makuta rdja the king's crown. 
Kdrna dij/d-nia punia suka dangan diya punia 
negrl for it rests with them to act as they please 
with respect to their own countiy. 

rious actions ; recompense, reward. Add-hh 
bagl swami-nia paJidla dan bagi dirl-nia dosa to 
her husband it will be accounted as merit, and 
to her imputed as a crime. Ber-ulih pahdia to 
acquire merit ; to obtain the reward of merit. 
Pahdia dan siksa rewards and punishments. 
Meniampornd-kan pahdia pud.m to complete the 
merit of keeping fast. Ter-ldlu sakdli besar pa- 
huld-nia the merit of it will be gi-eat in the 
extreme. Ber-buat pahdia tang mahd-besur to 
perform deeds of the most meritorious nature. 

^J\^ pafiluwdn or palawdn, Pees, (a wrestler, 
prize-fighter); a warriour, champion, hero. 
Courageous, heroic. Pahhtxsdn iang langkap • 
dangan dial sinjatd-nia warriours completely 
armed. Ulubdlang dan pahluwdn different 
classes or ranks of fighting men. Pahluwdn 
dan perkdsa courageous and mighty. 

ji'Uj pidtH an orphan ; one without connexions or 
friends, bereft, destitute. Anakpidtu an orphan 
child, Pidtu-lah sdngai utterly destitute. 

j\J pidra to bring up, rear, nourish, take care 
of (V'lA. ^ paliara.) 

cy,lJ pidrit a spear, fish-spear. 

JLs pidla and <s!lJ pidlaJi, Pbrs. a cup, glass. 
Sudah her-lsi sa-piula dangan dyer anggor filled 
a glass with the juice of the grape. Pidla Iang 
bertatah-kan matu manikam a cup studded with 
precious atones. 

j pita pleased, cheerful. Laku-nia-mdnis ter- 
ldlu pita her manner was affable and very 

^^.,,:..>i pilis a small denomination of money, in 
some places cut out of sheet lead, of which (at 
Achin) about 600 are equal in value to a Spa- 
nish dollar; a term for small money or change 
in general. Pitts tambdga small copper coin 
or cash. Wang pltis small money, change. 
Anani real umpat puluh pltis six Spanish dollars 
and forty cash. 


• A 

fji^ pctak a division or partition (as in the hold 
of a vessel), a bin; a bed or plot in a garden. 
Bras de-dalam petak rice in a bin. De turoh- 
nia orang luri ilu de-dulam petak he confined 
the fugitive in the hold (of his ship). 

il^iJ pllik and LlXJ pelik to strike (the strings 
of, or, to play upon a stringed instrument) ; to 
make a noise with the finger-nails. Pilik ke- 
chdpi to strike the guitar or Ijre. Maka tuan 
putri Uu-piin memitik bunyi-bunyl-an akan meng- 
ihur-kan all-nia the princess was then touching 
the cords of a musical instrument. In order to 
sooth her mind. Ji/a ber-kuta changgei de p'ttik 
«he said, and at the same time twitching her 
long nails. 

j^iJ petam fits. Jeka ilang dkal sebab mubukalau 
g'lla atau pelam if he lose the use of reason by 
drunkenness, by madness, or by fits. Petam 
hdbi epilepsy, falling-sickness; convulsive fits. 

'SfiJ petola and J^ petdla a culinary vegetable, 
a species of momordica. 

ot£.,vSK\5 pljil to pinch. (Vid. u:,^^^ plchit.) 

S:s^ pljad or Li-s-sii pijat the house-bug, cimex. 

(Li,csu plchat and u::,^ picfiat to discliarge, ca- 
shier, remove, reduce, degrade. De pickat' 
nia deri-pada pangkat permei-suri he degraded 
lier firom the rank of queen. 

i,::^vs£VJ pichh or ij:..v-s:i5 ptjit to pinch, squeeze 
with the fingers, nip with the nails. 

ji-^ and lIXs^ pkhak narrow, strait, confined, 
Jdlan tang plcliak a narrow road. Tampat 
mi pichak-lah pada kdmi this place is too con- 
fined for us. Jekalau lunjut waktu atau p'lchak 
if the time be protracted or limited. Plchak 
uti troubled, oppressed, grieved, distressed in 

jixJ pidtr the name of a place, formerly of im- 
, portance, on the northern coast of Sumatra, 
^ear Achiiu 

cLj perang pale, wan, sallow; light brown. 
Mukaperang a wan countenance. Ayer muka* 
nia pUchat dan perang her complexion was palfe 
and sallow. Rambttt perang light hair. Mdta 
perang light brown eyes. 

yuj-3 peris to strike a measure of com. 

j>j3 perak silver, plate. The name of a place in 
the Malayan peninsula, probably the Apyuia of 
Ptolemy. Amas dan perak dan pennata gold 
and silver and jewels Aj/er perak quicksilver. 

,<_J piri to reduce to powder. 

i_»^ plr'ing a plate; saucer. The division of a 
sdwah or plantation of rice in low ground. 

^^ pisa or pesa a loom. 

t J plsang the plantain, banana, musa. The 

varieties of this fruit are very numerous, as 
plsang bdtu, bdtujdwa, amas, dmgin, panggang, 
alang, mdnis, telur, kilik, bamhan, raja, masak 
ijau, jantan, roko, gambur, gaddng, chuchut, 
ramang, pahang, kapa, rotan, kolong, gurahy 
brangan, jdri, munict, slram, songkat, Idngit, 
tdli, and pisang dlan. Ber-pdyon g-kan ddftn 
plsang to use the plantain leaf as an umbrella, 
Plsang-plsang the bends (in boat-building). 
Pulan plsang the name of several islands, par- 
ticularly one in the south-western part of Su- 

j-.,.t pesak a long gore or gear (as distinguished 
from a short gusset). 

y.,.\ plsau a knife. Mdta plsau the blade. 
Ponggong plsau the back of a knife. Plsau 
chukur a razor. 

J pltigit to confine, hide from the view of 
men, veil. Bdrong plngit a bird confined in 
a cage. Memmgit anak-nia perampuan to shut 
up his daughter. 

i pingit to trim the locks. 


j-*SUJ pianggang a large green bug found in juU pelang 

vegetables, and particularly destructive of the 
growing rice ; a linear species of cimex. 

o c 

ti-vftJ pipit and ij pipl a small bird resembling 

the sparrow in its appearance and habits. Ha- 
koT/at anak raja anggung dangan anak ruja pipit 
the history of the prince of the rhinoceros-birds 
. and the princess of the sparrows, 

ijJJi pipis to grind, bruise, mash, reduce to a 
pulp. Pipis samoa-riia lunak-lUnak bruise them 
all until they are quite soft. Ainbd bUnga. 
bunga maka de pipis ber-aj/er-kan ayer mdwur 
take certain flowers, and in mashing them let 
them be moistened with rose-water. Pipis 
liimat-lumat reduce it to a pulp. 

i«J plpeh or pcpeh flat. Idong pipeh a flat nose. 
Kachang pipeh flat pease, vetches. IClem 
pipeh a flat hem. 

^J pipl the cheek. De chiUm-nia p'lpl istrl-nia 
he kissed the cheek of his wife. Menampar 
pipl to slap the cheek. Haram atas segala 
perampuan iang tidda ber-swami me^mcrah-kan 
pipi-nia it is forbidden to every unmarried wo- 
man to apply rouge to her cheeks. 

Ci-XJ pikat a species of winged insect. 

iLj pikir to think. (Vid. iLi fikir.) i^jJ^ 
pikir-an thought, reflection. 

JiljJ pikul to carry (particularly a burthen sus- 
pended from the shoulders) ; to lift (a load) ; 
to weigh. A weight containing 100 catties, 
estimated at 125 Dutch or 133 -L English 
pounds. Bdban ilu tidda buUh de plkul that 
burthen cannot be cairied. Memikul bdrang- 
bdrang to carry goods, 

Jjij pikul-an a 

jCJ pikau a species of bird. 

jLj pigd the country of Pegu. 
iriiJ^ pilot to examine closely. 

a royal barge, pinnace, galley. 

Sakali-an rat/at andak menurun-kan pelang 
all tlie people set about launching the royal 

jlj pilic anxiety, tender feeling, sensibility, sym- 
pathy ; regret, concern. Anxious; expressing 
sometimes a pleasing, but more commonly a 
painful sensation, and nearly synoniraous with 
i^^\j rdwan. SelUka iang amat mardu mem-bri 
pllu dti segala Iang metiangar diya most tune- 
ful strains that excited tender feelings in the 
hearts of all who heard them. Pllu dan 
rdwan rasa atl-nia sebdb it/a ahan ber-cherrd 
dangan sudard-nia his heart felt sentiments of 
fond regret on account of parting from his 
brother. Ati-ku plld ter-ldlu suka my heart 
feels strong sensations of joy. Pllu-kan dti Iang 
besl to make impression on a heart of iron. 
(^jU^ ka-pilu-an tender sensations. 

rtLj ptlih to chuse, cull, select, elect ; to separate, 
discriminate. KUa pilih iang bdik we chuse 
those which are good. De suruh-nia aL,w« 
memllih blji dan paslr Itu ordered them to se- 
parate the seeds from the grains of sand. 
^j^ pillh-an choice ; culled. Orang pUlh-an 
samoa-nia all choice men. Iang pillh-an jdngan 
de ambel you are not to take picked (cattle) ^ 
^J^ pemillh-an that which is selected or set 
apart, (sometimes for inferior qualities), PU 
lih-pllih scrupulously, with due selection. 

^LS pllln to twist. De budt-kan tdll de pllln-kan 
formed ropes by twisting them. 

jJc>-j plndang a particular mode of preparing 
the dish called curry. 

cjoJ pinding the bug. (Vid. "ix^ kaplnding.) 

t-'.-X ptnang the areca or (as it is usually but 
improperly called) betel-nut ; areca catechu, L. 
Mdkan slrih pinang to chew the betel-leaf and 
areca nut ; to chew betel. Kubak pinang to 
strip the nut of its outer coat. Pinang tuah 
the nut when gathered ripe (being frequently 
2 1 

, eaten green). Some of its various species are 
denominated plnang ^^y^ ambun, 1^ wangi 
(small, reddishj and perfumed), bimbm (small), 
Ulan, mdbuk, ranti, Had, pitara, sinagar (white), 
gandal, bulu, nenggrl, kUll, and awak. Pulau 
pinang an island in the Straits of Malacca, 
where the English have a settlement. Ti-iJ 
pinang-pinang a species of fish, 

wjjj piidang credits, debts receivable. (Vid. 
ijyk utang.) Ulang de bdj/er piutang de 
terimd-nia his debts he paid, his credits he re- 
ceived. Ada piutang amba ka-pada orang itu 
I have debts owing to me hy that man. Idng 
ampunia piutang he to whom the debt belongs 
or is due. 

^ pin^H, Jav. the tortoise. (V id. j^pinni/U.) 

^\^pemdpu a sweeper. (Vid. JL 5apM.) 

c::^US penidkil sickness, disease, distemper, com- 
plaint. (Vid. Li^L sdkit.) Ubat sakall-an 
penidkil a medicine for all distempers. Apd- 
kah penidkit-nia what is his complaint ? Pddi 
sudah kena penidkil iilat the crop of padi has 
suffered from the fly. 

^\fi penidmun one who robs travellers. (Vid. 
^L sdmun.) Seperli penidmun atau tang 
pergi prang sema isldm as a robber or as one 
who goes to war against the faithful 
penidmun the chief of a band of robbers 


Kjuj peniudah conclusion, accomplishment. (Vid. 
iju) sudah.) Peniudah pe-karjd-an prang the 
conclusion of the work of war. 

jj'jj-j peniaru-an a cry, call; a tumultuous meet- 
ing. (Vid. J -J sard.) 

Lj peniangat the sting of an insect. A small 
kind of wasp. (Vid. l::,Xj sangat.) 

^^ peniuduk a shovel. (Vid. jtV^ suduk.) 

ijy^ peniuruh a messenger, envoy. (Vid. ijy^ 

iji^ penidrat a writer, pen-man, scribe. (Vid. 
'ijy^ sural.) 

\jy^ P^"iorong mizen, belonging to the poop^ 
(Vid. ^^j^ kurong, from which it seems to b« 
irregularly formed.) Tiang peniorong the 
mizen-mast. JLdyer peniorong the mizen 

j»jjjj peniusu one who gives suck, a wet-nurse. 

/•J peniukur a razor; a barber. (Vid. ^,a^ 

i_al.-j peniidap a juggler, conjurer. (Vid. v_*L.). 

J jj penidlam an embroiderer. 

jljj peniulu a spy. (Vid. Jj«> sulu.) 

J k the letter named uJls kdf. 

(_ilJ> kdf, Ar. a chain of mountains supposed to 
surround the earth, and to be the abode of 
supernatural beings. Deri-mand-kah ddtang- 
nia satru tudnku deri bukit kdf-kah from whence 
come these enemies to your highness ? from the 
mountains of Af7/'.2 

^U kdfilah, caravan, company of travellers. 
lya-pun ber-prang-lah dangan kajilah itu they 
fought with the caravan. 

Li\i kdfii/at, Ar. metre, i-hyme^ 

^LS keblat, Ar. the quarter towards which the 
Mahometans, of all countries, turn the body 
in prayer; Mecca. Meng-ddap keblat dangan 
ddda ddlam sambdyang iya-ilu ka-pada fihak 
kubbat allah to turn the breast towards Mecca 
in prayer, that is towards the quarter of the 


JJ 243 

liouse of God. Memaling dada deri-pada he- 
blat to turn the breast from the point of ado- 


J vj kubur, Ar. a grave, sepulchre, tomb. Dc- 
ddlam kuhiir de bariiig-kan-nia they laid him 
in the grave. Ber-bantal tdnah de-ddlain kubur 
having the earth for a pillow in the grave. 
Meng-antar ka-hibur to convey to tlie grave. 
Mengunjong kubur to visit the tomb. Tarn- 
pat segala kubur a cemetery. Kubur-kan to 
bury; entomb. Bunga ArM^wr-aw plunieria ob- 
tusa, plumeria arborea. 

AJs kabid or kubbid, An. acceptable, agreeable; 
consenting, acquiescing, receiving favorably. 
Sopdt/a kabiil pada raja burang aku katd-kan itu 
that whatever I say may be acceptable to the 
. king. Maka kabTd-lah iya pada mald-nia and 
she was agreeable in his eyes. Tidda it/a akan 
kabid-kan he will not agree to it. Kamadlan 
beta tdwar ampat rdtus rial tidda ddlu itu kabul 
juga I afterwards bid as far as four hundred 
dollars, but still the chief would not consent to 
the bargain. i^Ji kahul-kah do you consent 
or agree. 

jlJ kubbat, An. a vault, arch, dome; the caaba 
or temple of Mecca. 

j-Jj, JiJiS, and n^ kedah the name of a kingdom 
in the Malayan peninsula (vulgarly written 
Queda, from the Portuguese) in the vicinity of 
which is the island of Pinang belonging to the 
English. An elephant-trap or inclosure. 

jjjs kadar, An. quantity, price, value, rate; con- 
dition, state, circumstances. Mdsing-mdsing 
dangan kadiir-nia dan pada ldi/d<-iria according 
to their respective values and what was suitable 
to each. Atas kadar according to the rate; 
proportionably. Memdkei pada kadar-nia to 
dress according to their circumstances or abi- 
lity. Kadar tanggong-an amba proportioned to 
my ability. jJJLj se-kadar kwasd-nia according 
to his strength. Se-kadar dua tiga bidan about 
two or three months. 

Sj^ koderat, Ar. power; omnipotence 
rat arti-nia kwdsa 
is power. 


the signification of koderat 

Koderat allah the omnipotence of 

^a5 kudua, Ar. holy, hallowed, sanctified. 
Ruhu V kudus the Holy Ghost. 

j\^ kardr, An. confirmed, established, perma- 
nent (in possession); secure, safe. Maka ka- 
rar-lah baginda ka-dua ber-suddra itu de-dtas 
takhta ka-rajd-an and the two royal brothers 
continued in possession of the throne. Segala 
rmjat-nia-pun karur-lah tidda sUsah all his troops 
were (by means of a peculiar entrenchment) 
secure and undisturbed. 

ijij korun, Ar. the sacred book of the islam or 
mahometans, considered as the foundation of 
their religion and their laws, and believed to 
have been dictated to their Prophet by divine 
inspiration. It is likewise called i__asJ^ mosliaf 
and t__>\s^ kitdb or the Book, and when inter- 
lined with a translation or paraphrase, -M-ij 
tafsir. Mem-bdcha kordn tang mahd-mulia to 
read the most sublime kordn. Menuroh tdnsran 
de-dtas al-kordn to lay the hand upon the kordn. 


korbdn, Ar. a sacrifice, victim, oflering. 
S'ikur onta iang memndd-i ddlam korbdn one ca- 
mel which shall be sufficient (atonement) in 
tlie sacrifice. Korbdn itu bdrang de sambilik 
by korbdn is meant whatever is sacrificed. 


kirmizi, Ar. crimson. 

^Las kissds, Ar. retaliation, 

I/ukum kissds lex 

iLa'j kissat, An. story, tale, narrative, romance. 
Tammat al-kissat the end of the story, finis. 

iS-n"" kesad, Ar. intention, design, view, resolu- 
tion. Dangan kesad-nia with his intention, 
designedly. Jekalau de kesad-kan-nia meng- 
arigkat kitdb if it was his intention to lift the 

2 12 


Ui» kedla, An. alvum exonerate. 

i_^j3J( kiftab, Ar. the polar or north star. 

Ao\^'i hat'ifah (often written .(iJL^) Ar. a carpet. 
Kullfah long her-dmas ter-ampar dc-atas hulei 
carpets -worked with gold were spread upon 
the hall. 

^cii hdud, An. sitting (at prayer). 

i_^ kulbu and Jji kulbu, An. the heart, mind. 
(Vid. c:j\a «'«'•) Ter-siiral de-dulam kulbu writ- 
ten in the heart. Iling pcn'mar kulbu kakanda 
who appliest an healing charm to the heart of 
tlij friend. Jmgan-lah ber-kcchil kulbu do not 
conceive ill-will. Nama-nia kulbu artl-nia dti 

the meaning of the woi'd kulbu is heart. 


kulziim, Ar. the Arabian Gulf. 
urn the Arabian Gulf or Red Sea. 

Laut kul' 

Jj kulam, Ar. a pen, reed. Kalam dangaii da- 
we'd pen and ink. Me-raiichong kalam to <(ai a 
pen. Kalam china a hair-pencil. Kalam best 
a style. Kalam bCdu slate pencil. 

jM kemer, Ar. the moon. (Vid. Lj bulan.) 
Shems wa kemer the sun and moon. Ber-kemer 

per-bufd-an selan wearing 
wrought in Ceylon. 

ornamental moons 

•jc^ kamlsa and kameja, Port, a shirt, shift. 

JjJoi kandll, Ar. a lantern, glass lamp; a can- 
dle. Gigi-nia ber-kllat-kllat ka-mukd-nia scperti 
manikam de-ddlam kandll her teeth shone in 
her mouth like a jewel applied to a lamp. Ten- 
long dan kandll ter-pdsang the lanterns and can- 
dies were lighted. Kandll mestjid the lights of 
the mosque. 

JJ and i'l^ kiiwat, Ar. strength, vigour, force. 
Strong, able, vigorous. Deri-pada sungat 
kuwat-nia by reason of his great strength. 
Tidda ai/anda mendroh kuwat kicdsa Idgi me- 
Idwan musuh thy father no longer possesseth 
vigour to oppose an enemy. Dmi'ganse-kuwat- 

kutsal all-nia with all his might, with his whole 

Jy kard, Ar. a written agreement, contract, 
engagement; patent, grant; promise, solemn 
resolution ; word, saying, opinion. Sampei- 
kan apd-lah kird-nia kard aj/anda tudn-ku fulfil, 
I beseech you, the engagement made by your 
highness's father. Ddtang-lah baginda pada 
sMtu kaul lang ghdib the king came to a secret 
resolution. Pada kard J\ asih according to the 
most approved opinion. 

>jj kaum, Ar. people, nation, race, tribe, cast, 
family, kindred. Sudtu kaum tang besdr a 
great people. Mem-bunoh segala kaum-nia rak- 
shdsa Itu to kill the whole tribe of malignant 
demons. Orang sa-kaUm persons of the same 
tiibe or nation. 

^j3 kawi, An. strong, potent, efficient. Btsa 
kawi a strong poison. Mem tang kawt semen 
efficiens. Kiyds lang kawt dan lang lemah a 
strong and a weak argument. 

i^ kahwah, Ar. coffee. 

ijAJ kit/as, Ar. argument, reasoning. 

Ajj kii/dm, Ar. standing erect (at prayer). Ki- 
t/dm ij/a-llu ber-dlri pada sainbdi/ang the word 
kit/dm signifies standing up at prayer. 

^U kid mat, Ar. resurrection; the final disso- 
lution of things, the end of the world, jirl 
kldmat the last day, the day of Judgment or 
of resurrection. Gampar-lah orang de-ddlam 
negrl llii seperli akan kldmat laku-nia the people 
of the city were in an uproar as if the last day 
was arrived. Sunggiih-nia ilu-lah tanda akan 
kldmat certainly that is a sign of the (approach- 
ing) dissolution of the world. Bdrang dosa- 
mu kaml-lah menanggong diija pada dri kldmat 
whatever your offences may be, we shall take 
them upon ourselves at the day of Judgment. 

JJ Ml, An. a word, speech, reply. Jekalau 

^ 245 

ada hira-nia de k'd-han andah-lah de fcatd-kan if 
there is anj thing to be urged in reply, say it. 

4U^ himat, An. estimation, price, value, amount. 
Jekalau de timbang dangan real men-judi ktmcd- 
nia ampat rdtus if it is to be commuted for dol- 
lars, the amount will be four hundred. Dan 
ada-lah k'tmat ka-^-qja-an tuan-ku itu dtia piduh 
t'iga taun and the period of that sovereign's 
reign was twenty-three years. 


cJk the letter named i_Jl^ kaf. 

CSka an inseparable preposition ; to, unto, to- 
wards. Ndik ka-langit to mount to the sky. 
Ber-jrdan ka-padung to walk to the plain. Ka- 
kanan dan ka-klri to tlie right and to the left. 
Ka^ada unto. Ka-utas upwards. Ka-luar 
outwards. Ka-muna whither. Ka-serta along 

CJ ka an inseparable particle used in the forma- 
tion of derivative nouns, as ka-Uat-an sight, 
from Hat to see, ka-tinggi-an height, from tinggl 
high : when prefixed to numerals it expresses 
the ordinal, as ka4lga the third, ka-dua piiluh 
tlie twentieth. 

Cj ku (contraction of c/l aku) I, me. My. 
Ku-brl-kan I give. Ruja-ku my king. Tuan- 
ku my lord or master. Ii/a man-lah anak-ku 
he is indeed my child. 

uu^l^ kabat to tie. (Vid. u:,^ kahat.) 

u:^\^ kubiit and UiJjt^ kab'd a fog, mist, gloom, 
gloomy. Pidin kayii tiadu-lah ka-liat-an Idgi 
kurna kabut itu the trees were no longer visible 
by reason of tlie fog. Kulani kabut dark, ob- 
scure, gloomy ; a dark mist. Trang chawdcha 
men-jddi kalam kdbut the clear, unclouded sky 


became dark and gloomy. Duni/d ini-pTin ka- 
lam kabul-lah rupu-nia the world seemed to be 
wrapped in gloom. 

j^ kdbur and j^-j^ kdbtts dusk, twilight (morn- ^ 
ing or evening). Dim, obscured. Sampei ka- 
pada kdbur drl until the dawn of day. Pada 
kdbur slang in the morning twilight. Mdta 
kdbur purblind, dim-sighted. Mald-nia kdnan 
kdbur sakdii the sight of his right eye is en- 
tirely gone. Jdiigan mendirgis tdkiit matd-mu 
kdbur do not weep, lest thine eyes become 

^jj^ kdbus dusk. (Vid. jl^ kdbur.) ^ 


Is kabung mourning. Ber-kdbung to wear 

mourning. ^^J per-kabung-an mourning 


^1^ kdbong or c ^^ kdbung a fathom, the mea- -" 
sure of a man's arms extended. (Vid. i_5j 
depa.) Panjang sa-rdtus kdbong lebar deldpan 
asfa an hundred fathoms long, and eight cubits 

cJS kdla, Hind. ^^ to say, speak. A word, 
saying. Kdta benar-benar speak truly. Bdlk 
klta ber-kdla deri-pada dlani we had better speak 
than remain silent. Apa kdta tuan amba what 
doth my master say. Kdta lemuh lumbut mild 
and gentle words. Sa-kdta-pun iidda lher« 
was not a word. Kdta-kdta sdja conversation 
only, mere words. Manidut kdta to repl_). 
^j'^S per-katd-an speech, discourse, saying, 
words, expressions. Mdnis segala pcr-katd-an- 
nia all her words were tender. c:,>lito mengdtn 
to speak to, address, accost; acquaint, mention, 
announce. Mengdpa maka angkau merigatd- 
kan aku demiktan mi wherefore do you address 
me in this manner? 3Iengatd-kaii utus-un to » 
announce an ambassadour. 

i_^'l^ kdtiby An. an official scribe. Kdtib it/a- 
itu lang meniurat arta zakdt a kdtib is an officer 
who takes account of the public alms (re- 

V j_jil^ ]iulnp to shut, close. Mengatup blbir to 
close the lips. Sudah katup segfila sungei hath 
shut up the mouths of all the rivers. Mrdtd-nia 
tang ter-nganga Uu-pun ter-kdtup-lah her moutli 
that had remained open, was then closed. 

jlji^ kfitak a froa;. Katak blsa a poisonous frog. 
Kdlak puru a toad. 

j;:;!^ kalok to rap, tap. (Vid. ^j^ kalok.) 

Jjl^ kiitil or J-s^ kalll a cot, bedstead. 

c yl^ kutong a turtle. 

VjB^l^ A'o/awg cajan, a sort of matted awning 
formed of broad leaves or flags sewed together, 
for keeping out the sun and rain. Batiiak tang 
Idri ka-ddlam kdjang many ran (for shelter) un- 
der the awning (of the boat). 

i^l^ kdjang to extend, stretch. Kajang-Uan 
tungan to extend^ stretch out the arm. 

CJy^l^ kdjut to start, be alarmed. (Vid. t:;^ 
kajut or kudjut.) 

J^ kdcha, IIiND. ^T^ g^ass, a bottle. Ber. 
tutup-kan kdcha glazed or enclosed with glass. 
Bantal sardga long bcr-kacJid-kan piispa-rdgam 
pillows ornamented (at the ends) with glass 
(or a metallic preparation resembling it) in 
flowered patterns. Miniak anam kdcha six 
bottles of oil. Jerneh seperti dyer ddlam kdcha 
clear and transparent as water in a glass. 
1, i J^ kdcha pir'ing (called also pachah pi- 
ring) gardenia florida, L. 

iu^\^ kuchang pulse, pease, beans, vetches, do- 
lichos and phaseolun, of which the species are 
very numerous. Kdchang tdnah and kdchang 
japun arachis hypogsa, (so called from the 
seed-vessels returning into the earth, and be- 
coming a sort of granulous root ; and being 
commonly parched before they are sold, have 
thence obtained the name of kdchang goring). 

ting the betel-nut. L,dlu de ^i^:Sjs>-'€ kuchip- 
kan-nia dangan pdroh-nia iang seperti gunting 
he then severed him with his beak which was 
(sharp) as scissars. 


\^ kdchip, Jav. forceps or scissars for cut- 

j>-\^ kdchak arrogant, self-conceited, ostenta- 
tious, boastful. Pengdchak a boasting, osten- 
tatious person, a swaggerer. 

^J:>.^ kdchuk aad yJ^ kdchu to shake, agitate; 
to jumble together, mix, mingle. Ldludekd- 
chd-nia dyer Hit dangan ikur-nia he then agitat- 
ed the water with his tail. Maka ndga Itu-pun 
mengdchuk dirl-nia the dragon then shook him- 
self. Bhdsa ^.s? kachuk-an a mixed, corrupt 
dialect. Orang kdchuk-kachuk-an a mixture of 
people from different countries. Tdli dan Idyer 
sudah klla bill sdna silu ka-pada orang kdchuk 
the cordage and sails we bought here and there 
from a variety of people. Sdruh bili-kan da- 
gdng-an tang kachuk-kdchuk gave orders for 
purchasing a mixed variety of goods. 

j*-\^ kdchu, terra japonica, the inspissated decoc- 
tion of a species of mimosa ; catecliu. 

^\ji% ka-addp-an presence. (Vid. uJjU ddap.) 

being, existence, substance. 

^JiS% ka-add-an 
(Vid. ji ada.) 
dent existence. 

Kaadd-an Iang nidia an evi- 

cj\^ kddang sometimes, now and then, occasion- 
ally, freciucutly. De bill orang kddang ainpat 
real kddang langah ampal it is purchased some- 
times at four dollars, and sometimes at three 
and an half. Ter-kddang tatkdia jdgn dan ier- 
kddang tatkdia tidor sometimes in ^vaking and 
sometimes in sleeping. Ayer ada ter-kddang 
ber-ubah water is frequently adulterated (ren- 
dered unfit for ablution). Kadang-kddang oc- 

Cl-*jj\^ kadut matting (used for sails and for bags). 

\zi}^ kdrat rusty. Jii^ kardt-an rust; canker. 
Kardt-an best rust of iron. Kardt-an dti ma- 
lice, malevolence, grudge. 

iZjJ^ karut and CJj/ karut wrinkle; rumple. 
Shrivelled, contracted. Abis karut kaki tangan- 
nia his feet and hands became contracted. 


}^ karut to scratch. (Vid. ^J^ guru.) Ada 
tang gigit dan ada lang kdrtft some of them bit 
and others scratched. 

cjl^ karang coral rock, a ledge or reef of coial. 
Ujong karang the extremity of a coral reef, a 
point of rocks. Karang bunga the branching- 
coral; raadrapores. Bunga karang spunge. 
Kardng-an shells (gathered for lime). Ikan 
karang rock-fish, also the name of a particular 
species, choetodon. Halul segala tsi karang 
iang tidda idup de ddrat it is permitted to eat 
the contents of all shells not living on land. 
Penidkit karang the stone; calculus. 

c jlS^ kdrang to set, frame, dispose in artificial 
order; to compose. Mut'ta de kdrang set with 
pearls. Bunga sa-kdrang one artificial combi- 
nation of flowers. Kdrang or mengarang klldb 
to compose a book. Mengarang cherita to 
compose a tale or narrative. Ter-kdrang idih 
pandlta composed by a learned man. A\< 
kardng-an the setting (of a jewel); a combina- 
tion of flowers; filagree; the composition (of 
a book). Meniuruh-lah s'orang tuah memun~gut 
bunga dan de suruh-nia kdrang sudtu kardng-an 
he ordered an old woman to pluck flowers and 
to combine them artificially. Seperti manikam 
iang ter-amhur defi-pada kardng-an-nia like ru- 
bies fallen from their setting. 

c .1^ kdrong and cjjK kdrang a bag, sack. De 
bawd-nia sudtu kdrong ber-tsi khurma he brought 
a bag filled with dates 

Kdrong bras bags of 

247 ^ 

this place. Kita kdram-kan-hh negri latfgka 
puri we will utterly destroy the country of 
Langka-purl. Kdram-Iah prau-nia his vessel 
was wrecked. Memaliard-kan deri-pada kuram 
ddlam Idut to preserve from destruction by sea. 
Luput deri-pada kdram escaped from shipwreck. 

jtjUc mengaram to destroy. ^j<\/^ ka-kardm-an 

i^jl^ kdma or kdrana, Hind. c^| J U| cause, oc- 
casion, reason of. Because, since, for that, 
on account of, for the sake of. Apd-kah muld- 
nia dan karnd-nia what is the origin and the 
occasion of it ? Tidda-apa karnd-nia there is 
no cause for k. Kama apa wherefore? on 
what account? to what end? Kdma itu on 
that account, therefore. Kama sebdb (synon.) 
by reason of. Kdma maka amba bardni the 
occasion of my presuming. Kama allah for 
God's sake. 

aJ^ kdram and »^ karam destroyed, devoted to 
destruction ; sunk, foundered, wrecked ; ship- 
wreck. An interjection of threatening ; woe 
to thee ! lung aku sudah kdram-kan whom I 
had devoted to destruction. Kdram sakdli 
tdan amba ddtang ka-tampat ini it will be utter 
destruction to you, my masters, to approach 

Jjl^ kdrunla. Hind.' c|^(^ud( grace, favour. 
(Vid. iji karunla.) 

jj^ kdrau the ordeal. (Vid. iAA^ sumpah.) Mdu 
ber-sumpah ber-kdrau mlniak pdnas disposed to 
take an oath, and undergo the test of boiling 

I- f ^ 
fjjl^ kdru-kdru a species of flying insect. 

fj^% ka-asd-an unity, singleness ; solitude. (Vid. 
(wl dsa.). 

\^ kdsut a shoe. (Vid. jU-o sapdto.) 

^ kdsar coarse. Kdin kdsar coarse cloth. Ka- 
td-nia ter-ldlu kdsar his language was veiy 




;\^ kdsor a mattrass, bed. 

,\^ kdsap and e: ^^ kasat hard, rough, rug- r 
ged. Jdlan kdsap a hard or rugged path. 
Pdpan kdsap a rough board. Bdtu lang kd- 
sap a rough stone. Kulit iang llchin men-jddi 
kdsap the smooth skin becomes rough. 


^J^ kasan track, footstep. Tt'irut kasan to fol- 
low the track. Kasan-nia it appeareth, seem- 
eth, is evident. Kami chart de patitei kasan- 
nia ij/ajalan ka-uhi we sought for him on the 
beach, but it appeared, or was evident trom 
the tracks, that he had gone towards the coun- 
try. Andak-lah de kasan-kan iilih so/ibat kumi 
my friend should pursue the same track. 

^ yj^ kasau rafters (of a, house). Kasau jantan 
the principal rafter. 

^l^ kasut brackish. 

ij^ kusih favour, good will, kindness, affection. 
Affectionate, kind, fond. Kindly, fondly. To 
give in kindness. To bear affection to. Scii/a 
tninla kasih I ask as a favour. Sai/a tarlma 
kusih I receive kindly and gratefully, I return 
thanks. SHrut kusih an affectionate epistle. 
Mem-bdias kasih to return a favour. At'i-nia- 
pun sarigat kusih akan pcrnmpuan liu his heart 
was fondly attached to that woman. Pulri 
bongsH de kusih siingguh loved the youngest 
princess sincerely. Kanang-Iah kasih reflect 
upon with kindness. Tiuda amba jual amba 
kasih sdja I do not sell, but only give. Kasih 
tdngan give me (your) hand. Kasih chium 
give me a kiss. <ull« mengdsih to favour, 
love. t^S^ ka-kdsih beloved, favourite, sweet- 
heart, ^^.-..i^ pengasih-an favour, kindness. 
Jni-luh dz'tmut akan <u\^j per-kasih this is a 
charm for procuring affection. Pada segala 
uri ka-kusih-kojslh-an fondness and caresses re- 
peated daily. fiUlC-j se-kusih-kSsih affection- 
ately ; gratuitously. 

f^ kdslm castrated, gelt, cut. Jyam kasim a 
capon. Sapi kdslm an ox. 

Jl^ kdflry Ak. an unbeliever, infidel, one who 
denies the unity of the Godhead and the di- 
vine mission of Mahomet. Jeka kdfir mem- 
bunoh islam de bSnoh akan diya dan jeka islam 
mem-bUnoh kdfir tidda hdrus de bunoh akan islam 
meleinkan de denda atas-nia if an infidel slay 
a believer he is to be put to death ; but if a 

248 \^ 

believer slay an infidel it Is not required that 
he be put to death, but that a fine be imposed 
upon him. 

il^ kdfi, Ah, aU-sufficient, almighty. 

u^l^ kapat a company, troop, party. Pangidu 
atas lima pUluh drang dangan lima pitluh kapal' 
nia a chief of fifty men, together with his 
company. c:^l« pengdpat the leader, com- 
mander of a troop. Sidpa men-jddi mdta-mald' 
nia dan siapa men-jddi perigdpat-nia who are 
his superintending officers and commanders of 
his troops ? Pengdpat gdjah raja ilu the mas- 
ter of the king's elephants. 

Vr>sl^ kdpas cotton, gossipium herbaceum, L. 
Kdpas besur gossipium arboreum. RambZt' 
nia putih seperti kdpas his hair was white as 
cotton. Kdpas tujuh bandella seven bales of 
cotton. Llmau kdpas the lime, smallest spe- 
cies of the citrus. Limau kdpas panjang the 
lemon. Sukun kdpas the edible species of 
bread-fruit or artocaipus incisa. Bdtang kdpas 
the name of a place on the western coast of 

«J1^ kupang a water-worm that destroys the 
bottoms of ships, teredo navalis, ascidia. Prdu 
sdtu de mdkan Ulih kdpang one of the vessels 
was worm-eaten. 

•^jjl^ kdpak and li^ kapah an axe, hatchet. 
Kdpak dHa bilak two hatchets. 

ji^ kapok silk cotton, bombax pentandrum, L. 

Jj^ kapal a ship. (Vid. Ji^ kapal.) 

J ^ kdpan clothes, wearing-apparel, dress. Ber» 
sdlin kdpan to change the dress. Ini-lah kdpan 
pdtri bri-kan this dress the princess sends. De 
salimut-t istrl-nia deri-pada kdpan kasumba he 
covered his wife with a crimson garment. 

1^ kdpan when. (Vid. J^\ apa-bila.y 
,y^ kdpUr, Hind, cj^m^ camphor, Kaj)iir 



Mrus the camphor of Sumatra and Borneo, 
called also native camphor, as distinguished 
from that of Japan or kupur iohori, which un- 
dergoes a process before it is brought to our 
shops. Mtniak kapur camphor oil, supposed 
to be the resin itself in a fluid state. 

jyK kdpur and ^^ ktipur lime (commonly termed 
. chunam in India), calx viva. (The lime used 
in building is made, for the most part, from 
coral-rock ; the finest sort, chewed with betel, 
from sea-shells) Kapur muti iya-Uu kapur 
tang sudah ter-mdsak dead lime or such as has 
been slaked. Stn'h sa-kdpiir (idiom.) one chew 
or preparation of betel. ^^ ,^ kapiir-an and 
jS ICs pe-kapur a small metal box in which lime 
is carried, for spreading on the betel-leaf. 

r<l5l^ ^«pa^-A"«p«^ struggling; fluttering. Ldlii 
de held-nia ter-kdpah-kdpah they then dragged 
him along, struggling. 

the crab, cancer. (Vid. %\° !^ 

t "..,* K kdpUing 

C/l^ kdka elder brother or sister. (Vid. ^l^ 

tliK /caA* and ^l^ kdki the foot, paw; leg; a 
' pedestal or stiind ; a foot in measurement. De- 
bdzeah kdki beneath the feet. Bendlang tang 
her-ampat kdki four-footed animals. Panjang 
kakl-nia long-legged. Ber-diri dangan sa-bldh 
kdki to stand on one leg. De kdki gunong at 
the foot of the ' mountains. Mdta kdki the 
ankle-bones. Adu-lah pada tlap-Uap kdki dua 
mdta kdki to every leg there are two ankle- 
bones. Kdki dian a candlestick. 



\i kakap to take in hand, undertake. 

^\i kdkas the scratching of fowls. 

^\i kdkas furniture. (Vid. ^^J perkdkas.) 

i^^ kdkang, Jav. a bridle, bit. (Vid. ^ A-«- 

^^ kdkak, ^J^ kakak, and cS^ kuka elder 

brother ; elder sister. Kdkak dan adik diet 
and younger brother ; brother and sister. 

<>/l^ kdguh and ^\^ kdka dull, insensible; be" 
numbed, palsied, stiff". 

time, period. Daulu* 
in old times. Apa- 

Jl^ kdla, Hind, c^j^vj 
kdla formerly. Purba-kdla 
kdla, mdna-kdla, kdla-mdna at what time, when ? 
Sa-kdla upon a time, once. Kdla-kian so often 
as, whenever. Bdrang-kdla at any time. 
Sedc-kdla constantly, perpetually, continually, 
usually. Se-lebih-nia ada kald-nia bdrang-kdli 
sampei ka-pada anak chuchong for the remainder 
(of the debt) there is time allowed, perhaps till 
the days of their grand-children. 

Jl^ kdla and ili kdd a scorpion. The bright 
star antares or the scorpion's heart. Ular dan 
kdla snakes and scorpions. ijUs^ kala<hing' 
king and kala-jingking a scorpion. San gat 
kala-chingking the sting of a scorpiop. Kala- 
chingking ayer nepa. 

jJl^ kdlbud, Peks. a mould, 

«J1^ kdlang to place upon chocks or logs of tim> 
ber, to support from touching the ground. A 
chock, block, log, wedge. De tdrek bahlrd 
Idlu de kdlang hauled up the bark and then 
placed her upon chocks. De kdlang-kan so- 
kdli prau-nia he laid his vessel up for good. 
Jdn"gan de kdlang-kan kapald-nia dangan bantal 
do not prop up the head (of the corpse) with 
pillows. Kdlang bulat a roller (put under a 
vessel in hauling her up). ^^ kaldng-an a 
place where vessels are laid up dry. Bdniak 
prdu ada de kaldng-an there are many vessels 
in the dry dock. Kaldng-an tdtfgan the ball 
of the thumb. 

ij\^ kdlang tin. (Vid. <u-j' Umah.) Butu kdlang 
a species of stone found in gold mines. 

ijl^ kdlong and cj!l^ kdlong a necklace. Kdlong 
pada lehcr an ornament about the neck. 

X kdlau or kdlo, and jS^ kalau if, provided that ; 
2 K 




lest. (Vid. JX»- jeJcalau and iJJo- jeka.) Kalo 
tuan suka if you please, Kalo hdik jad'i-lah if, 
or provided it be good it will do. Jungaii 
menangis halo parau kalak suara iiian do not 
ciy, lest you should render your voice hoarse. 
Kdlo-kalo possibly, perhaps, may be. Dan 
, kcllo-kcilo men-judi per-banlah-an and possibly 
disputes may arise. 

<il^ kiiloh and gj,^ kdluh to sigh ; a sigh. (Vid. 

Jl^A:«ftand Jl^^a/i, Hind. ^Jl^ times. (Vid. 

J\^ kula.) Tiga kali three times. Brdpa kali 
" how many times, how often ? Bdrang kali 
sometimes ; perhaps. Sa-kdli once, at once ; 
wholly, entirely, superlatively. Idng bdik sa- 
kdli the very best. Elok sa-kdli most excel- 
' lent, 

j,^ kdmti and yj^ kdmu thou, you, ye (generally 
used in addressing inferiours, and often con- 

tracted to ^ »??/, particularly in the possessive 
form). Ilei kdmu sakali-an O all ye ! Tidda 
kdmi mdu ber-dami-an dangan kdmu we do not 
chuse to make peace with you. Allah tddla 
me-liat akan bdrang iang kdmu per-buat God 
seeth whatsoever ye do. Namd-mu your name. 

Rajd-mu your king. \jyv^ kawtdrang (for 
kdntu orang) ye, you. 

aI^ kdmi we; us. (Vid. ^^^ kdmi.) 

y J.f]^ kdmil, An. perfect, complete, entire. Kd- 
mil'inukammil consummate, most perfect or 

^j^l^ kdmi we ; us (exclusive of the person ad- 
" dressed). Kdmi tidda mdu we do not chuse. 
Pada bechdra kdmi sakali-an according to the 
opinion of all of us. Akan kdmi itu that rests 
with us. Twaw Awni our master. Negri kdmi 
ini this is our country. Kdmipunia ours. 

fJ~jS>'^ ka-indrdn, Hind, from ^TJ" the ma- 
terial heavens, the habitation of celestial be- 

ings. (Vid. jjjt indra.) Kdrna bondd-nia 
rdja itu orang ka-indrdn dan uj/ah-nia raja Jin 
for the mother of that prince was a celestial 
spirit, and his father a king of demons. Jidja 
iang besdr de-ddlam ka-indrdn a mighty king in 
the celestial realms. Negri ka-indrdn a ce- 
lestial city. Ndik ka-indrdn mengWah-kan sc- 
gala dezca meng-gugur-kan bdtu iang besdr-bes&r 
akan sri rdma ascended to the celestial regions 
to call the deities together for the purpose of 
showering down huge stones upon Sri Rdma. 

jjl^ kdnang to consider. (Vid. «^ kanang.) 

t ^Jj^ kdnak-kdnak and ^iJUi^ kanak-kdnak, cliil- 
dren, youths of a tender age ; a young child. 
(Vid ^1 anak.) Kdrna iya-pun Idgi kdnak- 
kdnak for they were as yet but children. 
Kdnak-kdnak iang balum bdligh children not 
yet grown up. Suka<hita ati-nia sebdb ber- 
iilih kdnak-kdnak itu his heart was rejoiced at 
having obtained this child. Chuchu-nEne-kak 
kdnak-kdnak ini id ibu-ku is this child thy 
grandson, my good Avoman ? 

Jl^ kdnan the right (opposed to the left) ; the 
right side. Tdngan iang kdnan dan iang kiri 
the right and the left hands. Turut jdlan ko' 
kdnan follow the road to the right. De duduk- 
kan-nia de kdnan he seated him on the right 

• hand. Hdrus-kah aku meng-unjuk-kan ka-pada- 
mu dangan idn~gan-ku kdnan angkau sambut 
dangan tdngan-mu kiri is it proper that when I 
present it to you with my right hand, you should 
receive it with your left ? 

CJ.t^ kdwat wire. Kdwat tambdga copper wire. 
Tdli kdwat a wire-string. 

(yj.\^ kdus and Lijj^ kaus, An. a shoe. JSer- 
jdlan dangan tidda ber-kdus jeka tidda iya tdkut 
akan kena nejis kaki-nia to walk unshod, if he 
be not afi-aid of soiling his feet. 

Jj\^ kdwal a nightly guard or watch. To guard, 
detain, commit to custody. Pangulu kdwal 1 
captain of tlie guard. S'drang-pun tidda bulih 



ha-luar Icota ilu deri-pada sungat kdzcal-nia baniak 
orang no person could escape from that for- 
tress, by reason of its lieing closely guarded 
by a number of men. Scdekala andak-lah 
angkau ber-kazoal you should constantly keep 
guard. Ber-jalan-jdlan ber-kiizeal to walk the 
rounds. Nischai/a ber-kdwal aku I shall cer- 
tainly commit him. A^\)i« jnengdwal negrl to 
guard the city. 

^jt^ kfizcan a companion, felloTT, associate, ally, 
confederate; an attendant, domestic. A troop, 
band, herd, flock. Tiada-lah bcr-kanal-an kawan 
dangan luwan there was no distinguishing be- 
tween a companion and an adversaiy. Musuh 
hompanl musuh kaml dan kawan kompani kawan 
kumi the Company's enemy (shall be) our 
enemy, and the Company's ally, our ally. 
Kamadlan ladang itu deri-pada kawan-nia that 
rice field is later than its fellows, (others sown 
at the same time). Baniak kdwan-nia orang 
kaija ilu that great man has many domestics. 
Seperti harimau tang musuk kordrdam kawan 
kambing like a tiger that gets among a flock 
of goats. Scgala per-putrl pergi ber-kuwan all 
the princesses went in a body. Terbang burong 
ber-kdwan-kawan birds fly in flocks. (^jU^ 
mengawan to attend, accompany ; to tend. 

^j.\i kdwln, Pens, to marry, wed, espouse. 
Marriage. Perawpdan iang sudaJi bcr-kdwin 
a married woman. De kawln-kan anak-nia 
dangan anak-dura ilu married his son to that 
maiden. Tinggal tiga bdlan Idgi akan men- 
jadl-kan pc-karjd-an kdzcin ilu there remain yet 
three months before the business of that mar- 
riage takes place. 7s? kuwin that which is 
paid (in money or service) to the father of the 
bride. I^dri kdwin to make a run-away match. mengdwin anak-nia dangan anak orang 
gunoiig to marry his child with the child of a 

»&'o kahau a species of long-tailed monkey, va- 
riously coloured. (Bat. Trans, vol. iii.) 

^j\i kdi/a rich, wealthy, opulent, great, noble, 

mighty. Orang kuya a rich, great, or noble 
person ; an officer of state. Orang iang de- 
bawah raja ilu sdngat kdj/a the subjects of that 
prince were extremely opulent. Orang kdya 
bhanddra his honour tlie treasurer. Orang 
kuya iang dua-blas the twelve oflicers of state. 
Allah tuhan iang kdi/a God, the mighty Lord. 
^J^)^ ka-kdi/u-an wealth, affluence. 

li kdit or kdi/it a hook, crook; to hook. (Vid. 
^"^y gayjY.) Kdtjit anak pdnah the barb of 
an arrow. 

JjI^ kail angling; tackle for angling. Mdta kail 
a fish-hook. Tali kail dua dlas two fishing 
lines. Juran kail a fishing rod. JjIjU menguil 
to angle. Orawg- /jcwga// a fisherman. 

j\^ kdin cloth, cotton cloth; clothes. Kdin 
pdlih white cloth. Kditi elam blue cloth. Kdin 
sakeldl woollen, and particularly scarlet cloth. 
Kdin sdtra silk. Kdin ka-amus-an cloth of 
gold. Kdin Idi/er sail-cloth. Kdin sarong the 
body-dress. Kdin sa-kdi/u or sa-lei one piece 
of cloth. Sdlin kdin to change the dress. 
Kdin iang balum pernah de pdkei clothes never 
yet worn. 

j.ili kdyu wood, timber ; a tree ; an idiomatic 
term used in counting certain substances. 
Kdi/u jdti teak timber. Kdyu putih myrtus 
alba, melaleuca-leucadendra. Puhn kdyu a 
timber-tree. Kdyu pdit bitter wood. Kdyu 
dpi and kdyu tambim fire-wood. Kdyii drang 
charcoal. Mdta kdyii knots in wood. Kdin 
tiga kdyd or tiga lei three pieces of cloth. 

i^^ kdydh to row (with paddles). ».jlit< mengd- 
yuh to cruise against an enemy ; to go on a pi- 
ratical expedition ; to row (a boat). jyUJ 
pengdydh a paddle. Ada ampat orang meno-a- 
ydh-kan sampan itu that boat was rowed by 
four men. 

,JS kabdru a species of fish. 

^\S kabdya a kind of bed-gown, a robe. (Vid. 
ja-\j bdju.) 
" ' 2 K 2 

^L^ J<a-habdng-an a still-born child. 

\,^< ha-bubul-an ignorance, dulness. (Yid. J^ 

jj: i kabal or i^s^^ kubat to tie, bind; that 

which binds ; a bundle. Kabal pinggang a 
girdle. Tali dua Imbat two knots of cord ; two 
coils of rope. (j:^l« pofglibal a binding ; a 
band. Jju pengdhut pdgar cord (of a peculiar 
material) for binding the stakes of a*fence. 


^Isn.^ ha-bijdk-an prudence, wisdom. (Vid. j 

^Ji^js^ ka-bejiJc-an, Jay. (from bcj'tk good) wel- 
fere, prosperity; virtue, rectitude; deeds of 
beneficence, benevolent actions, hospitality. 
Mengha-ngird-kan ka-bejik-an negrl to consider 
or pay regard to the welfare of the country. 
Men-chdri jdJan ka-bejlk-an to seek the path of 
rectitude. Ka-hejlk-an dan ka-saidng-an virtue 
and content. Ber-buat segala jeiiis ka-bcjik-an 
ka-pada kompam to render every sort of as- 
sistance to the Company. Memohon suutu ka- 
hejlk-an ka-pada allah to implore a favour or 
- blessing of God. 

^^ kdbas to wag or whisk (the tail). 

o)K-^ ka-besdr-an greatness. (Vid.^^ besar.) 

«.^ kabang coarse (as cloth). 

.h ^-l'"" . -? ka-bakti-an good works or actions; service; 
obedience to superiour powers. (Vid. zJu 
bakti.) Demikian-lali ka-bakti-an-mu ka-pada 
aku is this the kind of service or obedience 
you render me ? 

J^ kabal invulnerable, impassive, impenetrable. 
A charm worn to render the person invulnera- 
ble. Sopdi/a gdgah dan kabal that they may 
be bold and invulnerable. 

^jji ka-benar-an and ^Ji.^ korbendr-an the truth. 
(Vid. Aj benar.) 

^^^ hahun and ^ kabun a plantation, garden; 

252 c:^ 

villa. Pdsang kabun Idda to commence a plan- 
tation of pepper. Sambut kabun to renew the 
plantation. Kabun lima rdtus a garden of five 
hundred (pepper plants). Jdlan kabun the 
survey or circuit of the plantations, il/en- 
jdlan-i kabun to make the survey or go the cir- 
cuit of the plantations. De illah-kan sulldn ka- 
pada orang-orang akan mem-balk-i pulang kubun 
Idda the sultan has given orders to the people 
to restore the pepper plantations (which had 
gone to ruin). 

j^ kebtr, Ak. great, mighty. Raja tang keblr 
the mighty king. 

ijjji kablrl castrated, gelt. Arjam kablri a 

^L^ ka-banidk-an multitude. (Vid. ^b ia- 

1^::^ kda, Pens, a seat, couch; cot, bedstead. 
Ber-bdring de-dtas keta to lie down on a couch. 
TAlu duduk de keta permei-surt then seated him- 
self on the (jueen's seat. Baginda nalk-lah de- 
dtas keta per-adu-an the king ascended to the 
place of repose. Keta tang ter-gantong a 
swinging cot. Pada mdlam tni ii/a tldor pada 
keta ndga this night he sleeps on the dragon- 

cjt^ kitdb, An. a book. Al-kitdb the book, the 
kordn. (This term is also applied to the ci-^jy 
taurlt or Pentateuch of Moses, j^jj zabur or 
Psalms of David, and J)^\ injll or Gospel of 
Jesus.) Bdchorlah ddlam kitdb Ini read in this 
book. Orang lang tdu pada kitdb people 
skilled in books, or those who follow a written 
law. Kitdb llong-an a book of accoimts. Ki- 
tdb bhdsa a dictionary, vocabulary. 

iJlt^ kaldping a fruit that bears some resemblance 
to the almond; terminalia cattappa, L. 

j:^ kalar to tremble, shake, quake. Fear ; agi- 
tation. Morkd-nia sdngat ter-katar-katar her 
anger occasioned an extreme agitation. 

i^jc^ la-^angah middle, middlemost. (Vid. ^^J 


Kjs^ fcatok to rap, tap, strike over the knuckles. 

^J^<i^ ka-tahut-an fear, alarm; afi-aid. (Vid. 
ci^li" tdkiit.) Kama he'd negrl Ini ditditk dc- 
dalam ka-lakut-an deri-pada slam for this coun- 
try continues in a state of alarm on account of 


aS^ kalam to reap (by cropping or plucking the 
heads of corn separately) ; to crop. *:JLo 
mengatam padi to reap padi or rice. Ter-Wu 
sangat amarah-nia serla mengatam-kan hibir-nia 
he was violently enraged, and bit his lips. 
»iie perigatam an instrument for reaping (held 
within the hollow of the hand). Waklu penga- 
tam-an harvest time. 


katam the crab, cancer. (Vid. %\^^ kap't- 
ting.) Se-telah de rasa hanumun tagoh-lah ka- 
tam Uu menicpit ikur-nia as soon as Hanuman 
felt that the crab had laid fast hold of his tail. 

'L*s^ katamha a species of fish, 

■JbLc^ ka-tambah-an addition, increase. (Vid. 
♦J tambah.) 


katumbar coriander seed. 

,A^i^ ka-tumbuh-an bud, shoot ; the small pox, 
measles; pustules. (Vid. juw tumbuh.) Ka- 
tumbuh-an dan blsol pustules and blains. 

.Sy^ ka-tumbuk-an a troop, company of soldiers, 
corps, division of an army. Maka ii/a-pun ber- 
jalan dangan ka-tumbuk-an-ma and they marched 
at the head of their respective companies. De 
timpa-nia ka-tumbuk-an itu he smote or made an 
impression upon that body of men. Ka-lmt-an- 
lah ka-tumbuk-an raja the troops or body-guard 
of the king appeared in sight. Bdrang de-mana 
ka-tumbuk-a)i srl rdma pdtek-lah meng-addp-i diya 
wherever the guard of Sr'i Rdma shall be^ there 
shall I be to oppose them. 

Jj\^ katwal, Peiis. a superintendant of police. 

Li^f^ katut or kuttut a piece of hollow wood 
beaten as an alarm or tocsin, in the country 

.»-^ katuju fitting, suitable. To fit, suit, join 
well, ij'v?-'^ ka-luju-an fitness, suitableness, 

^ij^ korturun-an descent, genealogy. (Vid, 
^jy turun.) 

ijji^ katupong a helmet, head-piece; a cap worn 
by elderlv persons, and especially sucli as have 
performed the pilgrimage to Mecca. Mengena- 
kan katupong to put on helmets. Langkap 
dangan katupong equipped with helmets. 

^^ ka-tau-i be it known; known; to know, 
" Namely, to wit. (Vid. !i\i idu.) De ka-tau-t 
segala urangpakan with the knowledge of every 
person in the bazar. Maka ku-jadl-kan mekh'- 
luk sopdya de ka-tau-i-7iia akan ddku for I created 
intelligent beings in order that they should 
know me. Ka-tdu-l ulih-mu know thou; be it 
known to thee. 

^ katl a catty or weight of which one hundred 
■ make a plkul of 133i pounds avoirdupois, and 
therefore equal to 21-g- oz. or 1-^ pound; it 
contains 16 tail. Tiga katl dua tdil three cat- 
ties and two tail. Lima bakdra duldpattilas 
katl china five bahar and eighteen catties, 
Chinese weight. Lima puluh plkul anam puluh 
dua katl fifty pikul and sixty-two catties. Katl- 
an steelyards; scales. 

^ katei balls or bowls used in some kind of 
" game. Seperti anak katei rupd-nia ber-gollng-an 
de tangah pddang like bowls they (the heads of 
the vanquished) rolled about the plain. 

katlak the arm-pit. Mem-bdntun bulu kallak 
to pluck the hairs from the arm-pits. Tongkat ' 
kallak crutches. 

<JS^ Jiotlka or kotlka, Hind. Vjf^c^L time^ 


point of time, tide, moment; season >''. Pada 
kat'ika llu at that time. Pada katifca i dan 
pafang at niorriin» and evening tide. Kat'ika 
■ tangah viiilam midnight. Ddtang-lah kalika 
tang baik a fortunate hour or moment arrived. 
Kalika tang semporna a favorable or happy 
point of time. Katlka iang lampau the past 
lime. Katiku-nia the appropriate time. Tiada 
kalika-nia sakarang it is not now a suitable 
time. Bcr-kula pada katikd-nia to speak at the 
proper moment. Se-katika at the time, when, 
whilst; awhile. 

CJic^ ka-llga the third. (Vid. ^^JJi tiga.) 
J-si katll or Jil^ kalil a cot ; bedstead. 

ILii^ katUa or iibl kaslila potatoes, convolvulus 

£ kiji or ^^sc keji, Pfins. foul, base, vile, de- 
spicable," infamous. Ttr-Ialii kiji Idgi ka-jahdt- 
an most base and wicked. Kiji bad-nia it has 
a vile smell. Perampdan tang sdngat kiji rupd- 
nia a female of very loathsome appearance. 
Per-hudl-an Iang ter-pdji dan ter-kiji actions 
commendable and infamous. Meni-bri kiji nd- 
tna kUa to cast a foul blot upon om* name, 
-jjs*^ ka-kijl-an foulness, baseness, infamy. 

u:,^ kajut or kndjut and uii^ kajdt to start, be 

alarmed. L:u^.5:?'* mengajut to startle, terrily, 
alarm. Ter-kajut startled, alarmed, surprised, 
frightened, terrified, shocked. Suddenly, by 
surprise, unawares. Ter-kajdt-lah amba I was 
alarmed. Ter-kajut tnenangar j)er-katd-an ilu 
startled at hearing those words. Ter-kdjul me- 
liat rdyut ka^anidk-an terrified at beholding 
•uch numerous forces. Ter-kajut deri-pada ber- 
udu frightened from repose. Ter-kajut dij/a 
ddtang he came suddenly. Ter-kajut bdtigun 
suddenly arose. 

^Ju^ ka-jadi-an creation, causing to exist; co- 
ming into existence. (Vid. J[».jddi.) 

jtfkajar to chase, hunt, pursue, follow with a 
design to overtake. 


i.J^k(jap or L^Jkeckap to wink, shut and open 
(the eye), twinkle. A wink, twinkling, glance. 
Meng-isaral dangan kejap mala-nia intimated 
by a wink of his eye. Dangan sa-kejap mdta 
ii/a sainpei ka-ddlam kdta in the twinkling of an 
eye he arrived in the castle. Pdlang-lah dangan 
sa-kejap mdta return instantaneously. 

^ kajam closed (the eyes). Matd-nia-pdn kajam 
seperti orang amat niddar tldor laku-nia his eyes 
were closed (in death) like those of a person in 
a sound sleep. Ka-dua mald-nia bula kajam 
both of his eyes were quite blind. 

jys' kajura or bintang kajura the morning star. 

^^1^ ka-jahdt-an wickedness, vice. (Vid. u:,JiU.. 

^^f kiji base, 


/ f^V'i-) 

(Vid. ^ 

^_jSUe kechdpl a lute, guitar. Kechdpi tfe pitik 
orang-lah some persons touched the lute. 

(_t5^ kechap or kuchap to wink. (Vid. uJ^ ke- 

^j^ kechit and J^ kechil little, small; subor- 
dinate, inferiour; young. A nak kechil a little 
cliild. Rumah kechil a small house. Tukan<r 
kechil an inferiour or under-workman. Tuan 
kechil the master's eldest son or younger bro- 
ther. Anak domba kechil a young lamb. Deri 
kechil ddtang besdr from youth unto manhood. 
Kechil deri-pada segala sudard-nia younger than 
all his brethren. Kechil dti iU-will, resent- 
ment. Jdngan-lah ber-kechil dti do not harbour 
resentment, rjs^ kechil-kechil and T ^ kcchl- 
kechi very small. J^^ kechil or kechili a title 
of rank in the Molucca islands. (" Ka?/tsjili 
or as it is commonly pronounced, Kitsjil, sig- 
nifies young gentleman, and is applied to the 
sons, brothers, and other relations of the Mo- 
lukka princes. In Amboina it means the heir 
apparent to the crown." Valehtyn, vol. i. p. 
134. See also Argensola, Conquista de lag 


W JijJ kachiiali or J\^ hachuxeal'i except, saving, 
unless, but, onl^; nevertheless; beside, not 

fj:^ kachiibong a plant the fruit or seed of 
which is said to have an intoxicating quality ; 
datura metel, L. Seperti orang mabuk kachii- 
bong ber-ulam-kan gatija rupa-nia they resem- 
bled persons intoxicated hy a mixture of the 
datura with bang or hemp. 

Tie^ keche-keche familiar conversation, chat. 

i,w,^ kuchlba still, motionless. 



j\jS kaddr a species of fish. 

i^\j^ kadap or kuddap close, 

thick. (Vid, ijj 

j^'l^iis ka-dukd-an sorrow, sadness. (Vid. tL/j 

Jji^ kadal leprous; leprosy. (Vid. Jjj^ kudal.) 

j^ ka-dfia the second; both. (Vid. .j diia.) Per- 
kdra tang ka-dua article the second. Ka-dud- 
nxa sudah mdti both of them are dead. Ka-dua 
Idgi together with. 

jj^ kedu, Hind. ^rT the dragon's tail, one of 
the nodes of the moon ; a fabulous monster 
supposed to devour the moon. (Vid. a], rdh.) 
Garahdn kedu an eclipse (of the moon) in that 



kadondong the myrobolanc; clnysobola- 

nuni ? (Vid. lL/1« maldka.) 

s^ kadeh and ^^ kadei, Pers. a shop, stall, 
booth. Kadd orang ber-judl-an burTga the sliop 
of a person who sold flowers. Abis-lah roboh 
segala kadei orang ber-judl-an the booths of all 
the tradespeople were demolished. Abis de 
bakar-nia kadei dan pakan he burned down the 
shops and bazar. Sdruh duduk ber-kadei jual 
bil' ordered him to settle himself in a shop, to 
sell and buy. Kadei-an shop goods. 

n^ kedah the name of a kingdom in the Malayan 
peninsula. (Vid. _jj kedah.) 

^^\l^ ka-didm-an dwelling. (Vid. ^j diam.) 

jj^ kadmn attendants, domestics, slaves. 

u^'iS kedzab, Ar. lying, denying with a lie; he 
lies. Tiadd-lah akan de kedzdb-kan dan de kiktr- 
kan lidnia de kdsih dangan suka-chita dti it must 
not be denied on false pretences, nor withheld 
niggardly, but given liberally and heartily. 

ji kaira a monkey, an ape. It is used as the 
most general term for the numerous variety of 
monkies. Mem-bri bdrang ka-pada tangan kar- 
ra to put goods into the hands of a monkey. 
Rupd-nia bdik deri-pada karra tang Idtn his ap- 
pearance is superior to that of other monkies. 
Karrd-kah atau mdmisia-kah angkati ini art 
thou a monkey or a man ? Kdrna tuan amba 
Ini karra apa sebdb-nia tuan amba ber-tuan akan 
mdnusla how comes it, sir, that 30U, being an 
ape, have command over human creatures ? 

yK krdba ear-rings (generally of gold filagree 
and fastened with a screw and nut). 

ICcjlj^ kardrarTgka a species of fish or other sea- 

^\f krdst, Ar. the crystalline heavens, one of 
the thrones of God. Anldra arash dan krdsl 
between the empyrean and crystalline spheres. 

ijJ^ krdsei to sift. 

^\^ kardng-an artificial combination, setting (of 
a jewel) ; filagree. 

y\^ krdpu a species of fish of the perch kind, 
named jacob-evers by the Dutch. 

'i^Ji kerdmat or krdmat, Ar. venerable, digni- 
fied; liberal, munificent ; holy ground; ancient 
burying-places where certain revered person- 
ages (particularly the Arabian missionaries 
by whom they were converted) have been inter- 
red. Rdja tang kerdmat the revered monarch. 

'lilf ^^^'"'^^^"S chequered or lattice-work. 

^J kird-ma prithee. (Vid. ^ kera and ^\jS 

jj^ karhau a buffalo. Karhau dan lemhu-nia his 
buffaloes and oxen. Anak karbau a buffalo- 
calf. Karbau meniama an half-grown buffalo 
(whose horns and ears are of the same length). 
Ada s'lkiir karbau janfan d'lam pada suutu pa- 
dang there was a male buffalo which dwelt 
upon a certain plain. 

^i karbei a widow. 

CJ/ krat to cut, cut off, cut in lengths ; a piece 
cut. Krai papan to cut a plank. Kai/u Itu 
balum ada ter-krat that timber is not yet cut 
(into pieces or lengths), c:^^ meng\at to 
cut off. Krat urat to open a vein. Kuyu so- 
krat a piece of timber cut off. Kapur sa-krat 
a piece of chalk. 

j_ji kartas and jjJ^^ karlus, Ar. paper. Kar- 
tas meniurat writing paper. Kartas sa-lci or 
sa-keping one sheet or leaf of paper. 

^'i kartak to rub, chafe. Mcngartak tangan to 
rub the hand. 7Je kartak-nia torigkat he rubbed 
the (magic) staff. 

y^ kralau the mulberry, morus foliis profunde 
incisis. Kralau makan-an ulat mulberry leaves, 
the food of silk-worms. 

CJji^ kartlka, Hind, ^f^:^! the constellation 
of the plciades, called also binlang buniak or 
■ the cluster of stars. 

i karja and kraja, Hind. G^\-t^ work, em- 
ployment, business; deed; effect. To work, 
labour, make, do, execute. Kraja. tang Idik 
de karja-kan work proper to be done. Menungh 
juga karjd-nia weeping was her sole employ- 
ment. Tidda iya mdu be-karja he does not 
chuse to Avork. ^J^f^ tnofgarjd-kan to exe- 
cute, carry into effect, perform; to celebrate 
nuptials. iJ^J^ pc-karjd-an performance, bu- 
siness, work, execution ; nuptial ceremonies 
and festivities. Meitgarja-kan pe-karjd-an dull 

to execute the business of the sovereign. Pa- 
da purndma bulan ini-lah amha merTgarJd-kart 
anak amba on the approaching full moon I 
shall celebrate the nuptials of my child. Dd' 
tang amha dcri-sand-lah kaldk k'lta me-rntild-l pc' 
karjd-an tuan upon my returning presently from 
thence we shall begin the celebration of your 
nuptials. Pe-karjd-an tang sukar mem-bechard' 
kan dan mengarjd-kan a work diihcult to plan 
and to execute. 

^'U-^ ka-rajd-an royalty, sovereignty; kingdom; 
the ensigns of royalty; the act of governing. 
(Vid. _1^ raja.) Ka^ajd-an-nia dan ka-sakii-nia 
his royalty and his power. De-dtas takhta ka- 
rajd-an upon the throne of sovereignty. 

'^^J karjang fine, pure (as gold). Amas karjang- 
pure gold. 

Lii,^-*.^ karchut or karjut flags, rushes (an aquatic, 

^J kras hard, strong, strenuous, firm, fast;, 
with force or strength ; severe, strict, rigid. 
Force, vigour. Kras ati-nia his heart is hard ; 
he is obstinate. Rtbut iang amat kras a very 
hard storm. Kras parentah sti'ict or vigorous 
government. Memukul kras to strike hard. 
Memegang kras to hold fast. Dangan kras 
k'lta dan daifgan gdgah k'lta by our force and 
by our prowess. ^^^ ka-krds-an hardness ; 
oppression ; the cramp ; convulsive fits. .j-^Ui* 
prrigards-an strength, force, vigour. ^\^ 
krds-t and ^^^Ji<: mengards-i to force, compel, 
coerce ; ravish. Mcniuruh dan mengards-l 
rai/at-nia to order and compel their subjects. 
Buah kras the name of a fruit or nut, called 
also kamiri and kumlUng, juglans camirium, 

(^ Am a weapon. (Vid. (_^/ Am.) 

(JjC-c^ karsik gravel, sand. Seperti karsik de 
pantci like gravel or sand on the sea-sliore. 

.M^f kursl and krusi, Ar. a chair, stool, seat, 
" throne. Kursl hukum ajiidgmeutsea.. Kursl 


raja a chair of state, throne, Sakalt-an tururt- 
lah deri-atas kurst-nia all descended from their 
ele\ated seats or thrones. 

/ c^ kring and i^^ kring diy, arid, without mois- 
ture. Tunali tang kring dry earth or land. 
Musim kring the dry season ; south-east mon- 
soon (on tlie coast of Sumatra). Pasang 
kring low water. Tulang kring the shin-bone. 
iLcJU meitg' ring-kan kCim to dry linen, ^ci^ 
ku-kring-an dry land, land loft by the tide; a 

^y^^ korong-kungan and ^^jj korong- 
kungan the throat, gullet. ( Y id. ^^ kungau.) 

CJ^S krangga a species of ant of a reddish co- 
lour and very large ; it bites severely, and is 
usually found about trees, amongst the leaves 
of which it makes its nest. 

257 / 

the assemblage of princesses 
the twinkling of an eye. 

*^ karcim destroyed; foundered 


karap or krap close together, thick or close 
set, quick in succession ; near at hand, hard 
by. Krap per-kata-an-nia his words are quick, 
uttered with volubility. 

t_K krap or karat 

the scales of the tortoise, tor- 

•Ji karaptl the tick. 

■i<, karok to scratch, scrape. (Vid, j-^V garok.) 

-,i kardk incrustation, gratin (Fa.) Karaknasl 
the burnt and incnisted rice found at the bottom 
of the earthen vessel in which it is boiled ; the 
name of a plant, ruellia anagallis, L.; capraria 
Crustacea, Burm. 

iJ/ karling to look aside or indirectly, to glance 
at, to leer, to look at wantonly. Karling mald- 
nia she gave an indirect glance. Dangan ikur 
maia-nia-pun iya VJ X< mcngarling ka-poda anak 
raja niaka iang de jcling itU-pun sUka ter-tawa 
from the corners of her eyes she glanced at the 
youni^- prince, and he who was thus looked at 
felt highly gratified, Ldlu santap slrih samhil 
mcngarling pulri sakall-an he then partook of 
betel, casting glances at the same time towards 

Sa-karlip mala 
(Vid. i^lff kijap.) 

(Vid. ^^\^ 

j_^lLo^ karampakl a razor. (Vid.^^ chUkur.) 
Tajam ruma-nia seperti karampakl his bristles 
were sharp as a razor. 

J--wOj^ krambtl a coconut. (Vid. i_JK kalupa.) 

''f-f^f kranjaiig a basket, hamper. TambukU dixa 
krunjang two baskets of tobacco. Dumar 
tangah kranjang half a basket of resin. 

"^t^J karonchong hollow ankle-rings that make 
a jingling noise. Tinkling. Mendroh ka- 
' ronchong umas to possess hollow ankle-rings 
of gold. Memdkci gftfang karonchong to wear • 
tinkling arm-rings. 

^^^J korinchl a district of Sumatra lying inland 
from Iiidrapura. 

'l^J- ^arendang or karendong a low shrub of the ■ 
wild rose or the bramble kind ; cistus, L. 

fj^ kanmij/a and ijj^ kdritnia, Hind. cf|<\UH 
grace, favour, bounty, indulgence ; gift ; gra- 
tuitous. To grant as a favour, bestow as a 
gift, extend favour or mercy to. Jekalau ada 
karuniya dcri-biizcah dull tiiun-ku akan pdtek hii 
if the favour of your majesty may be extended 
to- this your servant. Karuniya Iang lampoh 
abundant favour. Icing ber-ulih karuniya cdlah 
Iang semporna those who enjoy the perfect 
grace of God. Samou-nia mdkan s'lrih iang 
karuniya itu all partook of the betel presented 
to them. De karuniyd-kan per-mintd-an amba 
granted my request. Bdik juga karuniyd-kan 
anakanda tuan putrl itu ka-pada indra it were 
well done to bestow the princess your daughter 
upon Indra. J^ito mengaruniya to gratify^ 
shew favour to, bestow upon. 

^j^ karuicdn or karazcdn thought, ideas, con- 

reflexion, sensation. Kama liadd-lah 

haruwan akal sat/a tampat mitifa tolong for I 
had no idea where I could ask f )r assistance. 
Malca ij/a-pun tiada-lah bcr-karuwan Idgi rasa- 
ilia seperti andak matUah nipa-nia but he was 
no longer sensible, and had the appearance of 
a dying person. Tiudakaruwdn inconceivably, 
inexpressibly ; inadvertently, ignorantly, at 
random. Prau ber-lai/er Hilda karuwan the 
vessel steered at random. 

t^J^ /'"'ioHg' to encompass, surround. Mati- 
lah amba de krubong ulih benatang segaia ini I 
am in danger of my life, surrounded as I am 
by all these animals. Buniak-lah dutang 
j_j jjj<^ metfg'rubong diya serla de gigit-nia mul- 
titudes came surrounding and biting him. Se- 
]Krti niumok ^f-^_Xo meng^rubo?ig-i gajak like 
mosquitos surrounding an elephant. 

t^j^ karut or ci^ karot wrinkle. (Vid. cjJS 

^}S kampang burning (as a tumour). 

*»cS^f karakul to shrink, contract, shrivel. De 
karukul-kan-nia kulit he shrivelled up the skin. 

^J^i^ ka-rugl'an loss, damage. (Vid. ^.j 

afiS ^'''■''w'WM to collect, assemble, draw to- 
gether (for battle). Karumun-lah kamu collect 
yourselves. Karra bruk lutang siumang de 
^'Y^if ^(^^i^^^un-l-nia he assembled every spe- 
cies of monkey. 

^jj, krui or kruwi the name of a place near the 
southern extremity of Sumatra, commonly 
written Croee. 

tj, karah or krah to call together, assemble, 
muster, levy. Krah-kan-liiJi segula riiyat-ku 
kurna k'da andak btr-jalan sakaratig ini call to- 
gether or muster all my forces, for it is my 
intention to march immediately. Lfilu iya 
^^^-c meng'rah-kan segala ulubahng lang akan 
pergi turut meng-iring-kan riija muda ilu-pm 
mmou-nia dt krah-kan4ah he then assembled all 

the warrioups who were to follow in the train 
of the heir apparent; and they were all as- 
sembled accordingly. BunyUah gong tM 
peng^rah the tocsin was sounded. 

ii kriih thick, foul, turbid, muddy, opaque, 

dregs, grounds, lees. Aycr kruh muddy water 

(as in a land-flood). Putih lang kruh a muddy 

white. De kruh-kan dangan tdnah rendered it 

turbid with clay. 

^^ kari or karei a block, pulley, tackle. Karh 
kan to hoist with a tackle. 

lij^ kreta a chariot, chaise, coach ; carriage. 
Mariam dangan krctu-nia a gun with its car- 

j_ji kreling curled. 

^J>i^i.S karidik a species of caterpillar, canker- 
worm, or other insect destructive of vegetables. 


krlri some kind of sea-animal. 

^J~JS krls or ^_^J kris a dagger, poignard, kris 
or creese. Tali kris the kris-belt. Men-chdbul 
kris to draw or pull out a kris. Kris ter-unus 
an unsheathed or naked kris. Maka titan putri 
meng-ambel kris andak memk(tm dlri-nia the 
princess seized a kris, with the design of stab- 
bing herself 3Iengtsar-kan kris-nia ka-addp-an 
turned their krises in fi-ont (by pulling round 
the belt). Mem-bukakris to take the kris from 
the belt, to lay it aside. Kris sa-bilah one 
kris (idiom). 

\^if kring dry. (Vid. c^^ kring.) 

J^Skarikal a dish, salver. (Vid. J\j tdlam.) 

j^>_^ kerim, Ar. generous, gracious, liberal; 

::^ i kami/it to frown, knit the brow; a frown. 

kusta leprosy; having the leprosy- 3J^ 
Orang kusta or ber-kusta a leper. 



\^j^ kasiurl, Hind. ^vFTf^ musk, castor; 
the animal producing it, moschus. Arum deri- 
pada ambar dan kasturi fragrant with ambergris 
and musk. Indonsc kasturi the baff or cod 
containing the musk. Gudiing kasturi a beau- 
tiful species ofepidendruni. 

Jji^ kastila Spanish, of or belong to Castile or 
Spain. Tdnah kastila Spain. Ubi kastila con- 
volvulus batatas, L. 

^J^xS ka-sudah-an completion, termination. 
(Vid. ijuo sudah.) 

jj^ kcsrah, An. ( ) the second of the vowel- 
marks of the Arabic grammar, called by the 
Malays Hjljj^j^Jj baris de-bdwah; having the 
sound of the short i, and denoted bj a stroke 
under the letter to which it applies. 

^L«-i ka-sasdk-an distress, difficulty. (Vid. 
^J„^ sasak.) 

^^L— ^ korsusuh-ati grief, trouble, affliction. (Vid. 
i^y^ siisak.) 

^jCJu^ ka-sakti-an supernatural power. (Vid. 
^vJL. sakti.) 

fjj^^ ka-siikdr-an difficulty. (Vid. ij^ sukar.) 

y'lC^ ka-sukd-an and ^J^y^ ka-sukd-an plea- 
sure, joy, delight. (Vid. CS*^ suka.) 

L -t ^ kasumba or jU- t_-.v*.-^ kasumba jawa 
the safflower, carthamus tinctorius, which yields 
a pink dye. i_J^u--v«»«^ kasumba Ming bixa or- 
ellana, the seeds of which tree are covered with 
a farina that becomes the dye-stuff called arnot- 
to, and which is also named galuga. Hardm 
memdkei pe-kdin deri-pada wama kasumba it is 
forbidden (to men) to wear clothes of a pink or 
a crimson colour. 

,J^1^ ka-sempornd-an perfection. (Vid. jj l^^ 

^^ kisna, Hind. Sp^ krishna a distinguished 
personage in the Hindu mythology, being the 

S59 \J 

principal KOatara descent or manifestation : of 
Vishnu. (Vid. Hindu Pantheon.) 

^li^ ka-sendng-an content, ease, satisfaction. 
(y'xA.^^ senang.) 

^Uj^ ka'susdhran trouble, affliction. (Vid. 
(Hwj-j susah.) 

iJ^yS ka-sdkd-an pleasure, joy, delight. (Vid. 
CJL> suka.) 

(>yj> kasuma some precious article, the subject 
of poetical allusion. Suka seperti men-ddpat 
kasuma sa-gunong rejoiced as if he had disco- 
vered a mountain of gold or jewels. Ber-buju 
intan kasuma having a garment adorned with 
diamonds and other costly things^ 

. - -r S ka-sini hither. (Vid. ^^ sini.) 

^j„.,^ kasihan or kasi-an pity, commiseration ; 
affection, love ; pitiable worthy of compassion ; 
compassionate. Alas ! 'tis pity ! (Vid. ^uli 
kusih.) Kasihan allah the tender mercy of 
God. Kasihan iya me-Uat hdl sudard-nia he 
was affected with pity at beholding the condi- 
tion of his brother. Kasihan rdsa ali-nia their 
feelings were those of pity. Oraiig kasihan 
one deserving of pity. Kasihan orang tuah 
ilu alas, the poor old man ! Kasihan-kan to 
pity, have compassion upon. ^L.Jl< wzcwga- 
sidn-i to pity, commiserate ; compassionate. 
Idng amat sdj/ang dan mengasidn-i lie who is 
most merciful and compassionate. 

i^ kdbah, Ar. the temple at Mecca; the house 
' of God. 

ijU^ kangkang to stride, straddle, extend (the 

'ifJJ^ kangkong or kanggong a toad (called also 
kdtak puru.) 

jjli^ kanggang a kind of coarse cotton cloth, 
about half a yard wide and six yards long, used 
as a medium of exchange or currency in the 
ports of Borneo and some other of the eastera. 
2 L 2. 

<-^ 960 

islands, and valued at half a Spanish dollar : 
bundles of twenty-five Icatiggangs are named 


^^^J^ ka-ingln-an desire. (Vid. JiA ingin.) 

^j^ hijiri or ,_SjJ^ hapln caffres, African ne- 
groes. (Vid. il^ ktlfir.) 

Ji^ f^rfil, An. housing, cloth spread on the back 
of a camel or other beast for riding ; to ac- 
coutre. Gqjah haghida ilu-pun de Icefil-kan 
orang-lah dangan se-langkap per-hids-an-nia the 
king's elephants were then accoutred with com- 
plete housings. Ka-nalk-an permei-suri sinlah 
hadlir ter-kejil de pinlu astcina the beast which 
the queen rode (her monture) was ready ac- 
coutred at the gate of the palace. 

,i^ kafan or kefcn, Ar. a shroud, winding-sheet. 
Men-chdri kdln kafan tbu kdmi mdah tmh to 
seek a shroud for our aged mother. Jeka luroh 
ramhid-nia maka andak-lah de masuk-kan rambut 
itu ka-dfdam kapan-nia if the hair (of the corpse) 
falls off, it should be put within the shroud. 
Jeka Imkanda mdli tuan kafan-i dangan ktlln de 
■pinggang tuan if I should be slain you will 
shroud me with the cloth that is about your 
waist. Pengapan articles used in preparing a 
corpse for burial. 

^JlJ^ kapdran lying about, spread along, scat- 
tered, fallen. Bunga lang gugurher-kapdran-lah 
de tdnah the flowers untimely fallen lay scat- 
tered on the ground. Bdniak dhis mdti ber- 
kaparan mdna lung ttdor-nia many dead lay 
about on the places where they had slept. 

JU^ kapala, Hind, cj^m^ the head, chief. 
Kapdla mdnusia a human head. Kapdla musuh 
the head of an enemy. Kiilil kapdla the skin 
of the head. Panggal-kan kapald-nia cut off 
his head. Ter-kambang de-dtas kapdla spread 
over the head. Mdna Utah tuan pdtek junjong- 
lah de-dtas bdtu kapdla pdtek whatever may be 
my lord's commands, his servant shall place 
them on the crown of his head (obey them). 

Kapdla pening having a giddiness. Kapdla 
iang memarentah-kan sakaU-an dtilrah paslsir bd' 
rat Ini the chief who rules all this district upon 
the western sea-coast. ^lsk<, mengapald-kan 
to head, be at tlie head of, preside over ; con- 
duct, lead, drive. Masing-tndsing metigapald' 
kan rdt/at-nia each headed his own subjects. 
Orang lang mengapald-kan ratd-nia the person 
"who drove his cliariot; his charioteer. 

jJU^ kapdlang extreme, excessive; excellent; 
extremely, extraordinarily. Fine truly ! Ujan 
dan angin bukan kapdlang the wind and rain 
were they not excessive? Sdkit-nia bukan ka- 
pdlang he was sick in the extreme. Kapdlang 
bdik extraordinarily good. Jdngan-lah kapd' 
lang gusar do not be angry beyond measure. 
Kapdlang bcr-guru orang muda bag'du it is 
fine truly to be tutored thus by a young man. 

Jkft^ ka-pada unto, to; towards; at. (Yid. aj 
pada.) Mem-bri ka-pada orang papa to give 
unto the poor. Ber-jdlan kapada ditsun to walk 
to the village. Ka-pada waktu lang bdik at a 
favourable time. Pandang ka-pada mukd-nia 
look at her face. 

^JJ^ kipas a fan. (Vid. ^jJJi klpas.) 

u:„-J^ kapista perverse, wicked. Laki-ldki ka- 
pista dusta a man perverse and false. 

i_g^ kapong to surround, encompass, invest, be- 
siege. Ldlu de kapong-nia malegei they thea 
siuTounded the palace, j-ivo mengapong negri 
to besiege a town. ^jAxj pengapong-an a 

t^ keping flat (not convex). It is applied 
idiomatically in the enumeration of things flat 
and thin. A copper coin of which four hun- 
dred are equal to a Spanish dollar; a cash. 
Keping bdtu a slate. Pedang dua keping two 
swords. Sa-keping pdpan a piece of board, 
one board. Amas sa-keping a small bit of gold. 
Kartas sa-keping a sheet or leaf of paper. 
Kdin dua tiga keping de buang-kan-nia she 

^ 261 

tlirew down two or three small scraps of cloth. 
Kuyu itu-pun abis her-keping-keping the wood 
was broken to splinters. Tidda her-guna sa- 
Jceping tambdga it is not worth a copper cash. 

^ji^ kapal, Malab. (Jcoppel) a ship, a square- 
I'igged vessel. Knpnl ber-tiang dua a two-mast 
vessel. Kapal prang or pe-prdiig-an a ship of 
war. Kapal iang ada ber-tambuga a coppered 
ship. Awak kapal a ship's crew. 

Ji^ kupil to join together, connect. (Vid. Jij^ 

CJ"iJ^ kapuluga cardamiim, amomum cardamo- 
mura, L. (Vid. jljS pudr.) 

^^ kapuyu a species of bird. (Vid. ijj^i pui/uh.) 
i^ kapah a small kind of shell-fish. 

\4 \i ^ 

t -..?< kapUing and 



kdpUing the crab, 


'\jiJ^ kapilan, Europ. captain, capitano. 
pUan kapal the captain of a ship. 

.\mJ^ kap'mding and 'ijoJ plnding the bug, ci- 
mex. (Vid. a-sij pljad.) 

r.J^ kapini iron-wood. <Vid. ^J^_^^ pindls.) 
. ~ Pulau kapini a small island near Puhiu bdlii, 
lying off the western coast of Sumatra. 

..JU» kup'iah or kupiyah, Europ. a hat, cap, bon- 

'. net. A travelling case or basket; knapsack. 

Ada-pun kup'iah-kn ber-lsi amas dan per-mdta my 

travelling case was filled with gold and jewels. 

tj^ ka-kdsih beloved, favourite, sweetheart. 
(Vid. ij^ kdsih.) Memandang ka-pada viuka 
ka-kdsih to gaze upon the face of his beloved. 
Muhammed ka-kdsih allah Mahomet the fa- 
vourite of God. Ka-pada suddra kita dan soh- 
bat kitd dan ka-kdsih lata to our brot'ier, our 
friend, and our favourite. 

\\^ kakdl-i to importune. (Vid- J^ kakal.) 

Ijj^ kakalua and \^^ kdkaliia a bird of the par- 
rot kind. 

^J^ ka-kras-an oppression, 
vulsive fits. 

The cramp ; con- 

%J^ kakang and i^ kdkang a bridle, bit. 
kakang reins. 


ijiS kakak elder brother or sister. (Vid. ^^1^ 

J^ kakal eternal, perpetual; ever; eternity 
(past and future). Maka tinggal dan kakal zdt 
allah tddla but the essential nature of God is 
permanent and eternal. Linniap ddlam allah 
dan kakal dangan allah absorbed in the Deity, 
and with the Deity, eternal. Sahingga kakal 
tldak never to be. Sampei kakal for ever. 
\^ kakdl-an and Jl^j ber-kakdl-an eternity. 
Deri-pada ber-kakdl-an from eternity. Pctam 
iang ber-kakdl-an habitual or constitutional fits. 
A^ -kakdl-i to importune ; persevere. 

jci^ kakanda elder brother or sister (politely and 
fondly); used reciprocally with jj'jl adenda, 
younger brother or sister, as a substitute for 
the personal pronoun, and commonly applied 
to the male, as being presumed the elder, when 
the discourse is between persons of different 
sexes : almost all the terms of relationship are 
rendered courtly by annexing the particle da 
or nda. (Vid. ^l^ kdkak and ,^»jt adik.) 
Adenda nidzca kakanda badan thou, my sister 
(or my love) art the soul, and I, thy brother 
(or thy love) am the body. Adenda meninggal- 
kan kakanda my love forsakes her swain. Tya- 
kah kakanda dewa ka-ampat ini men-jddi suddra 
kita verily shall ye my friends, who are four 
celestials, become my brethren ? Ayanda dan 
kakanda dan adenda sakall-an santqp-lah sirih 
my friends, old, middle-aged, and young, (my 
fathers, my elder and my younger brethren) 
partake of betel. 

c jjj^ kakudong a covering for the head, a veil. 

i.\j^ kukur-an a rasp, scraper (particularly for 
the pulp of the coconut). (Vid.^.^ kuhur.) 
Daun kukur-an Scutellaria indica, L. 

^ kekS and CJ^ kekek a bird of the parrot 
" kind, paroquet. 

^^'L^ ka-kai/d-an riches, greatness. (Vid. ^^ 

Jj^ ka-gilli-an abomination, abhorrence. (Vid. 
" J^ gv7/J.) 

J^ kelhi dumb. (Vid. ^ kellu.) 

% kala a scorpion. (Vid. Jl^ kala.) 

y)^ kalubu a film, pearl, or blemish on the eye. 

Cj'ii kalat or tall kalat braces, ropes by which 
the yards of a ship are trimmed. 

^jji^ kaladi or kladl a plant with a large leaf and 
edible root; arum colocasia, R. arum aquati- 
cum, Bat. Trans. Kaladi tumbuh dcpuya the 
arum grows in watery places. 


^ kalust a seaman, lascar. 


^ kaldngar in a swoon. Antah mfdi antah ka. 
larfmr uncertain whether dead or in a swoon. 

Vi<, kaldngan a dry dock. (Vid. jJl^ kdlang.) 
Kaldngan or jy^^-kaldng-an tdtigan the ball of 
the thumb. Per-kaldiig-an kakl the ball of the 
great toe. 

^^i^ kaldpa, J A v. the coconut, cocos nucifera, 
L. (called also^^ mj/07-). Puhn kaldpa a 
coconut-tree. Biwh kaldpa the fruit or nut. 
Jsl kaldpa the pulp, the inside or contents of 
the nut. Sdbut or kfdit kaldpa the fibrous 
husk. De suruh-nia kubak sa-buah kaldpa Idlu 
de mlnum dyer-nia ordered a coconut to be cut 
open, and then drank oflf the liquor of it. 
Kaldpa Idut the sea-coconut, a species of bo- 

j\.]i^ kaldluwar andj^^ kaldldzca a small species 
of bat.. 

Af'ii kalam dark. (Vid. J^ klam.) 

j,% kaldm, An. a writing. Kaldm tang atnat 
mdnis chita rasd-nia a writing the subject of 
which was sweetly tender. Tammalu al-kalam 
the writing is finished, finis. 

^K kaldna wandering, errant. Orang kalarta a 

^j'i^ kaldwl a species of the artocarpus incisa, 
or tree producing the bread-fruit, with seeds or 
kernels, called sukun biji, to distinguish it from 
the sukun kdpas or edible species : from the in- 
ner bark of this tree a sort of cloth is prepared. 

^ keldh or kuldh, Pers. a cap. (Vid. i^ kelah.) 

>K kaldhl or kaldi combat; strife, contention. 
Aporkdla kaldhi dangan satru at the time of 
combat with the enemy. Ber-kaldhl or he-kaldi 
to fight (as man to man) ; to quarrel or wran- 
gle (as man and wife). Tidda bdik-bdik ka-dud- 
nia sedekdla tidda sa-kdta ber-kaldhl jua seperti 
dyer dangan dpi demikian-lah ka-didm-an-nia tin 
they are not well together, perpetually differ- 
ing in opinion and wrangling ; like the union 
of fire and water is the state of their cohabita-.^ 
tion. Ka-dud-nia-pdn ber-kaldhUah ber-gumol' 
gumol they both fought, struggling together. 

i^jJ^ ka-labur-an a trap, or hole in the ground 
slightly covered over, for catching wild ani- 
mals. (Vid. j^ Idbur.) 

«_-)j-K kalbmong a cover that laps over the edge. 
The covering or spath of the Turkey corn or 

i^-^i kellat a strait of the sea. (Vid. t::Juj saldt.) 

jlSA^ kalorchingking or kala-jingking a scorpion. 
(Vid. Jl^ kdla.) 

^jj^ kaledei or galede an ass. Apa de kdta kale, 
dei tatkdla iya ber-sudra what said the ass when 
he spoke? 

i.lS' kling CoROMANDEi-, Tdinga or Kdinga. 
(Vid. ^ kling.) 

fjj^ kalingking the little finger. Changgei-n'm 
tang de kalingldng-nia the loHg nail of her little 
finger. Memakci chinchin pada kalingking kd- 
nan to wear a ring upon the little finger of the 
riffht hand. Kalingking kdki the little toe. 

^j\X*S^ ka-langkHp-an equipment, 
apparatus; an expedition; fleet. 

Jif^ kahnggara 

(Vid. ^JiS, 



inquisitive, prying, 
To take heed to; to direct, guide. 
rd-kan pe-karjd-an orang mng lain to pry into 
the concerns of other people. Maka klla prek- 
sd'i pada segala ulamd tang ddpat i\Xj^Xa 
mengalanggard-kan segala per-katd-an kitdb we 
inquired of all the theologians who were capa- 
ble of examining into the doctrines of the korun. 
Akan pe-karjd-an bitil-niu de ambcl illih mahdrdja 
rawana llu tldda ter-kalangard-kan-nia as to the 
circumstance of his wife's being carried off by 
Mahdrdja Ravana, he does not trouble himself 
about it. 

^^jU!^ korlapdr-an hunger, famine. (Vid- yj Id- 

fc_al? kelip the involuntary winking or twinkling 
of the eye. Berdla amas tidda ber-kelip matd- 
nia se-telah ddtang ka-pada sell dewi maka matd- 
nia-pdn ber-kelip the eyes of the golden idols 
did not twinkle; but when he came to Sell 
Dewi, her eyes twinkled involuntarily. 

ij^ kalapir testicuU. (Vid. Jj peler.) 

jj_jK kaldk presently, a short time hence, anon. 
Slang drl-nia kaldk it will be day-light present- 
ly. Matl-lah kaldk kita we shall presently lose 
our lives. 

s.ii>J^ A«-fc^77-aM conduct, deportment; state, con- 
dition. ( Idku.) 

^ySS^ kala-klan whenever, so often as ; immediate- 
ly thereupon. (Vid. Jl^ kdla and <, klan.) 
Kala-klan rdja-pUn ilang-lah whenever, or, so 
often as a king shall die. Kala-klan maka iya 


263 J^ 

ber-illah immediately thereupon lie gave com- 
mand. Kala-klan maka orang tdah kamball-lah 
immediately thereupon the old man returned. 

^ii klatn or *^J^ kaldm (An. JJi zalam) dark, ob- 
scure, gloomy; the dark, darkness. Padamd- 
lam tang klam on a dark night. Klam kdbut a 
dark mist; thick and gloomy darkness; dark, 
lowering, gloomy. Turun-lah klam kdhut seperii 
akan kidmat rupd-nia a dark mist descended, 
resembling the gloom of the last day. Matn- 
art men-jddi klam kdbut the Sun became darli. 
Nischdya klam ka-dUa mald-ku certainly my 
eyes will be darkened (I shall die). Ber-julaii 
ddlam klam to walk in darkness. 

J^ klem a term in sewing, a hem. Klem tdbir a 
narrow hem. Klem pipeh a ^-dt hem. 

*K kulam, Hind. ^?T ^ poolj tank. 



ijj^ kalamdri and (^jUl^ kalamarin the preced- 
ing day, the day before (any specified day), the 
day before yesterday. Kalamdri daidu three 
days since. 

jfA^ kdamUr the pulp of the coconut whilst 
young. Anibel santan kalambir tjau take the 
pulp of a green coconut. 

^j:.^ kalambak the agila wood or lignum aloes. 
(Vid.jl^ gdhru.) De gosok-niatdboh-niadangait 
kalambak he rubbed or perfumed his body with 

lignum aloes. 

Kalambak tang mdsak dan nar- 

wastu lignum aloes of full maturity, and spike- 
nard. Chanddna dan kalambak-gdhru tang sedia 
sandal-wood and prepared lignum aloes, 

fc.^ kulambd a canopy ; curtains. Tidor-lah iya 
de slsi kulambd tUan pulrt he laid himself to 
sleep beside the curtains of the princess. Tlrei 
ktllambu tlie curtains which divide the per-adu- 
an or sleeping place liom the rest of tlse apart- 
ment. Tlrei kulambu ter-sangkap-lah tlie cur- 
tains were drawn open. Tirei kulambU de la- 
buh-kan orang the attendants let fall the ciu"- 
tains. DudHk-lah ber-sukasuku-an dcddlam tirei- 

hihmlu sat amorously toying within the cur- 
tains (of tl)e recess). 


^^i^ ka-Iambong-an the filth in the crop of a 

^y>A^ kalambui the snail. 

(.::„„^^ kdamhit a large species of bat. 

j_g^ kalampang sterculia fcetida, L. Datin han- 
tut-kanlut dan butfga kalampang the leaves of 
one stinking plant and the flowers of another. 

l*li kalampei unsheathed, drawn. (Vid. j^j> 
" hunus.) Kris-nia ter-kahmpei his kris was 

^j\Lt^ kalamkurl chintz, cotton-cloth with a 
painted pattern. Kalamkurl tfmah putih chintz 
with a white ground. 

-0^ kalamumur scurf of the body, dandrufiF of 
the head. 

l^ kalimat, An. a word, the word (of God). 
(Vid. ij^ shddat.) 

^ ,--.\< kalintat clitoris. Bmga kalinlat called 
also buiiga b'lru clitoria ternata. 

* ■■..\< kalintang a musical instrument; musical 

^^ kalinchir or^\l!^ galinchir slippery. 
' «lide. slio. Nischaija de paliara-kan alia 

slide, slip. 

Nischai/a de paliara-kan allah deri- 
pada kalinchir segala ^yo sitfi arli-nia orang 
tang mdsuk jalan ka-pada allah iang suchi God 
will certainly preserve from sliding, all the su- 
fis, the meaning of which is, all those who enter 
upon the pure path leading to the Divinity. 

i^ kalinchoh to stagger, stumble, reel. Kalin- 
\hdh-an kdki stumbling of the feet. 

i^ kalau if. (Vid. j^ kdlau.) T^ kalau-kalaii if 

jj^ kellu dumb. (Vid. j. 
she became dumb. 

bmi.) Jj/a jddi kdlu 

J\^ korluxoas-an distinctly, clearly, precisely. 
Width, breadth, extent. (Vid. ^^j! luwas.) 
Kdla ka-luzods-an speak distinctly to the point. 

i-jjl^ kalubong a loose covering ; a veil. To cover 
Avith a loose cloth. Perampiian tang ber-kalu- 
bong diri-nia a woman who veileth herself. ka-ldar outward, out, forth, away. To come 
forth, issue; to take away. (Vid.jjl Idar.) 
Pergi ka-lUar kola to go out of the castle. 
Ambel ka-lHar take out, take away. Ka-luar-lah 
angkau come, or, get thee out! Ka-luar-lak 
ui/er mald-nia her tears came forth. Dagung- 
an iang ka-luar deri negri Uu the articles of 
trade exported from that country. Muta dyer 
ka-luar deri-pada chclah bdlu a spring of water 
issues from the cleft of the rock. MengalUar- 
kan ka-saktian to exert supernatural power. 
Orang ka-ludr-an a stranger, foreigner, alien. 

jj^ kelor guilandina moringa L. (Vid. y^^jj* 


.1^ kalurut-an a whitlow. 

clj^ kulawarga, Hind, ^'^qif relationship 
by blood; kindred, affinity, family, ancestry; 
a kinsman, relative ; related. Perampuan iang 
tidda hdrus nlkah dangan diya kdrna scbdb kula- 
zoargd-nia a woman with whom it is improper 
to contract marriage by reason of her consan- 
guinity. Kaum kulawargd-ku people of my 
kindred. Kulawarga swami-nia the relatives 
of her husband. .Kulawarga iangjduh dan iang 
damping relations distant and near. J^'abi mu' 
hammed dan segala kulawargd-nia the Prophet 
Mahomet and all his family. 

cjli kaluwang the largest species of bat, vampire, 

i, ,, , A^ 1< kalongsong the husks or the dust of 

^^ kalftpas to peel, strip off the rind or skin ; 
to flay ; the rind, peeling. (Vid. ,jjjf kiipas.) 



(Jj^ kalupak a lid, cover. Kalupalc mala the 
eje-lids. Jiuma-ruma tang tumbuh pada la- 
lupak main the hairs which grow to the eye-lids, 
the eye-lashes or buluh rndta. Kalupalc bunga 
the calyx or the corolla of a flower. Add-lah 
iija de-dftlam kalupak bunga tanjong amas itu she 
was (enclosed by enchantment) within the co- 
rolla of the golden tanjong flower. 

<_>j^ kalukub a large timber-tree from which 
the best kulit-kd^u or coolicoys are procured. 

^•1^ kaluli steel. 

,_5jJ^ kaluwl a species of nettle, urtica, from which 
the pulas twine is manufactured. 

4i kelah or kulah, Pers. a cap, tiara, turband. 
Kulah dan kalupong caps and helmets. Memd- 
kei maktita dan kulah dan zirah wore crowns and 
tiaras and coats of mail. 



kaloh and ^\^ kdluh to sigh ; to groan ; a 
groan. (Vid. <sljt< metigahh.) Maka ii/a-pun 
jjilito mengdluh sedlkit serdjja mdkan sirih he 
sighed a little and then took a chew of betel. 

t_]< Ming and ij^ kling the country in the pe- 
ninsula of India called Telingana or Kalinga; 
the coast of Couomandel. Bdniak kapalkling 
de mudra acheh there are many ships from the 
coast of India in the port of Achin. Andak 
iya Idrl ka-negri kling he intends to make his 
escape to the coast of Coromandel. Ka-pada 
hhdsa kling JtSti karandam namd-nia in the Te- 
linga language it (a sacred poem) is named 
karandum. Jambu kling the red jambu fruit, 
eugenia malaccensis. Ikan kling a species -of 
fish. Kdln kling brown or unbleached cotton 

cloth fi-om Coringa (i. e. Kalinga). Dagdng- 
an kling perldma-pertdma kdln gdjah pulih coast- 
goods, especially long-cloth white. 

<L1^ kallkl or dJii kallkih the papaya or papaw 
" fruit ; carica papaja, L. 

j-ii^ kollling around, all round, round about. 
Bcr-buat pdrit kollling dusun to make a treuch 

round the village. De tunggu-i kollling at- 
tended around. De cliar':-nia ber-kollling 
sought for him all around. De kollling ulih 
perampuan ter-ldlu amat bdniak he was sur- 
rounded by a prodigious number of women. 
jjjjlo mengollling to encompass, surround, 
make the circuit of. Iya mengoliling-kan tdbolb- 
nia he walked round her body. Mengollling 
negrl to encompass or to make the circuit of 
the city. 

^ klit/H a particular sort of curry. 




•|^J^ and ^[^ ka-liat-an sight, the object of 
sight, what is visible, show. (Vid. ci-s^ Itat.) 

jj^ kamdro or kamdrau fair, dry weather. De 
brl allah kamdrau se-dlkil God grant a little 
fair weather. Pada mdsa kamdrau in the dry 

i^j\^ ka-mdri hither. (Vid. i_£^U mdrl.) Bdwa 
kartndri bring hither. Isuk drl-lah anakda ka- 
mdrl to-morrow, my child, come hither. Ka- 
sdna ka-mdri thither and hither, here and 

JU^ komdla or kumdla the carbuncle, diamond, 
or an imaginary precious stone of extraordi- 
nary lustre. De kend-kan-nia makuta deri-pada 
permdta komdla tang amat ber-chdi/a he wore a 
crown of precious stones exceedingly brilliant. 
Komdla lang seperti mandtki besdr-nia dan chayu- 
nia-pun seperti mata-drl a carbuncle of the size 
of a water-melon, and its brightness like that 
of the sun. Komdla hikmat a magic jewel. 
Komdla ular a carbuncle supposed to be found 
in the head of a snake. 

.Ji^ ka-mdna whither. (Vid. ^\o mdna.) Ka- 
mdna pergi-nia whither is he going ? Karmdna- 
mdna whithersoever. Everywhere. Bunyl- 
nia lantas ka-mdna-mdna its sound extended 
every where, through all space. 

jU^ kamdyan gum-benzoin. 
2 M 

(Vid. ^ 



Xf^ kombdra to rove, wander or travel about, 
straj; migrate. Orang lang.L,^ merigom- 
bara deri-pada tampat-nia a raan who wanders 
from his proper dwelling, a traveller. Mar'i- 
lah kita merTgombara come, let us ramble 

(jj^ kambarl twins. (Vid. -4^ kambar.') 

JL«^ komhala an herdsman. (Vid. JL*J^ gom- 

JL*^ kambali again, Lack again. To return. 
Pcrgl-lah kambali go back again. Bri kambali 
give back again. Kambali-lah angkau get you 
back. KambalUah if/a he returned. JU*Jvc 
mengambuli and 'CL.*** mengamhali-kan to 
give back, restore ; cause to be restored. Kan- 
dardn pergi-an dan ,Am^ kambati-an a convey- 
ance for going and returning. 

4j:.-jL*^ kambut/at vermillion. 

j^ kambar and ^jj.Ui^ kambari twins; a pair. 
To pair, unite in pairs. Add-lah anak kambar 
dc-dulam prid-nia there were twins in her womb. 
Jang ber-anak kambarl which bring forth twins. 
Kambar-kah budak Ini maka ka-dud-nia sa-rupa 
dan sdma besar-nia are these boys twins, they 
are so much alike in person and in size ? 

j_a^ kambang or htmhang to spread, open, ex- 
pand, blow; expanded, blown. A flower. 
Ter-kambang Idytr-nia her sails were spread. 
Mengambang layer to spread the sails. Her- 
kambang-lah butiga the flower opens. Ber-kam- 
bang pdyong to spread or open an umbrella. 
Ber-kambang sdyup to spread the wings. Kam- 
bang-lah iuboh amba rasd-nia seperti bukit my 
body seemed to expand itself to the size of a 
hill. Bunga sarkambang one full-blown flower. 
Se-bagei kambang sedap de pdkei Idj/u de bUang 
like a flower, worn whilst pleasant to the sense, 
and thrown away when faded. Bagimdna gar 
rdrig-an kambang butiga ali-nia how would the 
flower of her heart (a mother's) expand itself, 
<how would she exult!) 

t':*^ kumbang and i_*«^ kumbang an insect of 
the bee-kind that bores holes in timber, and is 
thence usually named the carpenter ; the hum- 
ble, honey-sucking bee. Kdyu tang tcr-girik 
alih kumbang a piece of timber bored by these 
insects. Hijau wama-nia seperti kumbang pd' 
dang its colour was green as that of a species of 
this insect. Segala bUnga iang de-ddlam tdman 
itu sedang ber-kambdng-an ter-ldlu amat arum 
bau'n-nia maka kumbang tlii-pun ber-dangong-lah 
bunj/i-nia all the flowers in the garden were in 
blow and emitted a most fragrant scent, whilst 
the bees (that flew around them) made a hum- 
ming noise. Harlmau kumbang a leopard. 

%L.^ kambing a goat. Brdpa karbau jdxei kam^ 

bing dbis de bdnoh many a buffalo, ox, and goat 
were killed (and devoured). Kambing dtan a 
wild goat; a peculiar species. 

1^ kambeli, An. (^1^) sack-cloth, hair-cloth, 
coarse covering. 

_^*«^ kamboja, Camboja, a country watered by 
a great river, situated between Siam and Co- 
chinchina. Dagdng-an deri kamboja dan slain 
merchandize from Camboja and Siam. Kam- 
bang (or bunga) kamboja plumeria obtusa, L. 

c j*4^ kumbong coarse in grain (as salt or sand). 
^j.^ kambirl castrated. (Vid. t_c^ kablri.) 

f-ff^ kambing a goat. 
^f^ ka-mati-an death. 

(Vid. «_**^ kambing). 
(Vid. c^U mdti.) 

,j)Xt^ kamadian after, afterwards, then, next. 
Kamadlan deri-pada itu after that, subsequently, 
further. Sopdj/a de sebut orang dutang ka-pada 
art iang kamadlan that it may be spoken of in 
days to come. De ambel daulu kamadlan de' 
buyer argd-nia took (the goods) first, and then 
paid the price of them. iyju«Jl< metTgamo' 
dlan-kan to postpone. To follow. Atau iya 
men-ddulu-l imdm-nia atau mengamadlau-kan 
whether he precedes his officiating priest oi 
follows him (in the service). N(Ai allah iang 

«_t*i hampong an inclosure, a place surrounded 
with a paling; a fenced or fortified village; a 
quarter, district, or suburb of a city ; a collec- 
tion of buildings. Mem-buat rumah serta clangan 
Icampong-nia to erect a house with its inclosure. 
Ada tang ha-luar deri-dalam kampong-nia some 
canie out of their inclosures. Me-rampas se- 
ganap kampong dan rumah to plunder every 
village and dwelling. Kampong china the Chi- 
nese quarter. Kampong maluyu the quarter of 
the Malays. Ber-kampong to assemble, come 
together. i_ft.wto mengampong to collect, bring 
together. Lclda long de-dalam negri sudah k'Ua 
kampong-kan all the pepper in the country we 
have collected and kept up. Orang sa-kampong 
persons of the same village ; townsmen. Se- 
, gala sorkampong-nia all his neighbours. 

Ji^ kumpul and iJ)A<S kumpul to collect, assem- 
ble, gather together; heap, accumulate, store 
up. Apa-b'da tdah her-kumpid-lah scgala rata 

^ 267 

tidda nab'i kamadian-nia the Prophet of Gd<l, to 
whom no other shall succeed; (the last of the 

Lfc*^ kimkhd and ii^ kimkah, Pers. damask- 
silk; lustring. Kimkhu china tang ber-amas 
China lustring adorned with gold. 

jn^ kemer, Pers. a zone, belt, girdle. Ikat-lah 
phrggang-mu dangan kemer bind your waist 
with a girdle ; gird up your loins. 3Iemdkei 
kemer tang ber-tatah-kan ratna to wear a girdle 
adorned with jewels. 

^L*^ ka-murdh-an liberality, good-nature ; cle- 
mency ; facility. (Vid. >j^ murah.) 

fXi/*^ kamaratak or kamarlak clattering. (Vid. 
fjiy& gamaratak). 

^^ kamis to bind up ; to repair, 

i^ kemang an acid fruit. 

\a^ kampd and ^'Ifc*^ kampd-an a press ; an oil- 

when all the chariots were collected together. 
Orang bdniak sudah ter-kumpul de langah pd- 
dang a number of people are assembled on the 
plain. Ba-kumpul wung to heap up money. 
Kumpiil-an Idlu ka-sa-bldh karlas amount car- 
ried over to the next page. 

^jl^ kompam, Europ. the East-India Compa- 
" ny- Kapdla iang memegang parentah kompani 
chiefs who exercise the authority of the Com- 
pany. Idng duduk ddlam bechura kompani 
inggris who are seated in the councils of the 
Englisli Company. Kompani wolanda the 
Dutch East-India Company. 

jA^ kimpu and jA^ kipu an artificer, workman. 

HjsUi kampuh a work-box or basket used by wch 

aA4^ kampah to stain, dye. Ber-kampah chang- 
gei warna kasumba to stain the long nails of a 
crimson colour. Kdin iang ber-kampah atau 
ber-tampal clothes dyed or patched. 

JJ^ kampil and Ji*^ kampil a small bag or 
pouch (of matting). Kuchangsdlu kampil one 
small bag of pease. 

UC*^ kamkamd (Hind, htngkuma from whence 
curcuma and Kaynaixov) saffron, crocus, (which 
does not grow farther eastward than Turkey, and 
is often confounded by the natives of India with 
the ui^v*-.^ kasumba safflower or carthamus 
tinctorius, although the dye yielded by the lat- 
ter is of a pink colour ; whilst the fragrance 
attributed to it does not in fact belong to either 
plant). Narwastu dan kamkamd spikenard and 
saffron. Kamkamd dan kasturi saffron and 
musk. Tunggal-nia kamkamd merah bcr-dmas 
their flags were crimson adorned with gold. 
Kdin deri-pada wartia kamkamd utrgu cloth of a 
purple colour. Warna kasumba atau warna 
kamkamd a pink or a saffron-colour. Makdn- 
an iang ada ddlam-nia kamkamd victuals in the 
preparation of which safiion is used. 
2 M2 

JS^ ka-muffan magnificence, splendour, glory. 
(Vid. UL* tnulta.) 

<li^ hamanakan a nephew, especially the 8is- 
ter's son. Family, dependants, vassals. An- 
tah-pun anak antah kamanakan-nia perhaps his 
child or perhaps his nephew. Turun-lah lya 
daman anak kamanakan-nia he came down 
(from the country) with his dependants. Ka- 
manakan kami tang jadi wakll mutalak kdmi 
our nephew who is invested by us with fuU 

^jsu^ kamonchak the top, summit. Kamonchak 
bickit the top or summit of a hill. Kamonchak 
puhn the top of a tree. Kamonchak pdyong 
the top of an umbrella. Ampat puluh kamon- 
chak malagei Uu the palace had forty pointed 



jjii-^ komandor, Port. 

governour, European 

^jy^ kamudl rudder, helm. Imat-mat pegang 
" kamudl steady ; mind your helm. Pdtah-lah 
kamudl the rudder is broken. 

VJ.^ kamuning a flower-bearing tree, the wood 
of which is handsomely veined and takes a fine 
polish; chalcas paniculata, L. astronia, Bat. 
Trans. Lfilu iya berentl de-bawah puhn ka- 
muning tedoh-nta seperti pdyong they then stop- 
ped beneath a kamuning tree, the shade of 
which was like that of an umbrella. Ber-sun- 
ting bunga kamitning wearing the flowers of 
the kamUning behind her ears. 

i^ kamah urine; to make water. 
dj/er senl.) 



-jA^ kameja, Port, (camisa) shirt; shift. 

i_l^ kamillng and ^^^ kamlrl a large tree 
bearing a hard nut (commonly termed huah 
kras) from the kernel of which oil is extracted; 
camirium cordifolium, Ga:rt. juglans cami- 
rium, Lour. Fl. Coch. Chin. 

■ ■.-t^ kaminian, ^-^ kaminlan and ^\S kamdyan 
gum benzoin, styrax benzoin, Dryander. 

.^ kan an inseparable annexed particle used in 
forming the transitive verb. (See the Gram- 

i kena, U^ kend and ^^ kenei or kunnei to 
touch, strike, hit, afiect; to put on; to incur; 
to be infected with. Bdrang long kena Uu-pfm 
dbis-lah rdta whatever was struck was laid en- 
tirely flat. Kdrna kapal-nia Uu kena kurang de 
luut bangka for his ship had touched the rocks 
in the Straits of Bangca. Kend-lah makuid-nia 
anak pdnah Uu the arrow struck his crown. 
De chium-nia bunga dyer mdwur dangan tidda 
de kend-kan-nia puda idong-nia she smelled to 
the rose without letting it touch her face. 
Kena dingin to be affected with cold. Kena 
bisa (o be infected with poison. Kena bea to 
to be subject to a duty. Kena denda to incur 
a penalty or fine. Ter-kena touched, smitten, 
affected. Sebdb ttu-lah amba ter-kena by reason 
of that 1 was affected (suffered a loss). ^lJl< 
tnengend-kan or 4_ylJt« mengend-l to hit, to put, 
apply, attach to, put on, wear. Sinjdta Uu 
mengend-l tuboh-nia the weapon hit his body. 
Mengend-kan katupong to put on a helmet. 
Mengend-kan pe-kdin ka-pada tuboh-nia put 
clothes upon his body. 

^li^ kandri a species of tree yielding oil ; cana- 
rium, L. nanarium oleosum, R. pimela oleosa, 
Lour, etrania, Bat. Trans, vol. v. 

cUi^ kandnga a flower-bearing tree which grows 
to a very large size ; uvaria cananga, L. Ber- 
sunting Imnga kandnga to wear the (sweet- 
scented) flowers of the kananga behind the ears. 

ilili^ ka-ndik-an a vehicle. (Vid. ^J^ ka- 

e,^ kantut or kuntut a fart. Duun kantul apo- 
cynum foetidum, L. 

Ji:^ kantal, Jav. having a degree of consistence, 




■ thick; pap, mucilage; sperm, Daiin kantal 
arbor glutinosa, R. cordia myxa, L. 

Jii^ kuntul a bird, the heron, ardea. 

yy,< kuntim and J^ kutom a bud; a flower not 
fully blown. Kmtum bunga malur buds or 
young blossoms of tlie nyctanthes. Bunga sa- 
hintum one unexpanded flower ; a single bud. 
Kutom-krdom ter-kancliup dan bunga-bunga ter- 
kambans unblown buds and fidl-blown flowers. 
Korluur-luh iya dcri dulam kutom bunga Itu he 
issued from the bud of the flower. IVarna ku- 
tom a pale brown colour, fallow. Ber-kutom 
to bud, blossom, begin to bear flowers. 

jKV^ kunjur and y>~^ kujur a lance. Tombak 
lambing dan kunjur seperti kbta ber-jalan rupa- 
nia spears, javelins, and lances, having the 
appearance of a moving fortress. Kunjur ber- 
chamara a lance adorned with the cow-tail. 

f-:s^ kanjang to abide, remain, continue. Itu- 
lah ber-kanjang serta-ku that remains with me. 
Ber-kanjang-lah dalam rumah bapa-nia remained 
in his father's house. l\s^^J per-kanjang-an 

V '^'< kunjong and %ts^ kunjong to visit ; to be- 
fall, happen to, light upon. ; ^^lilo mengun- 
jong kubur to visit the tomb. Mengunjong 

■ akan tang sakit to visit those who are sick. 
Kunjong-an tiap4lap mdnus'ia nanti de kunjong 
fitas mar'ika itu ^what happeneth to all men 
(death) will befall those people. Kunjong-kun- 

Jong casual, accidental; accidentally. 

,tS^^ kanji rice boiled down to a consistence like 
" starch. Ai/er kanji rice-gruel. 

^sli^ kanji wanton, lewd, lecherous. 


J^ koncki, ^^ konchi and ^^S kilncki a lock. 
To lock." Anak konchi a "key. IbU konchi a 
lock. Lubang konchi a key-liole. Anak konchi 
pintu idi a key to the door of the heart. De 
konchi-kan-nia pintO, he locked the door. De 
bukd-nia koncki itu he opened the lock. 

yUv^ kanchana, Hind. cJ^|-G|«i gold. Gunong 
kanchdna a golden mountain. Puspa kanchdna 
golden flowers or ornaments. 

».j£{^ kanching buttons; clasps, fibulae. Ran- 
ching buju a number of small buttons worn at 
the wrists and neck of the outer garment, being 
usually of gold filagree. Lubang kanching 
button-holes. Ber-kanching amas marak mengi- 
gal golden buttons of a particular pattern. 
Ber-kanching mdyang meng-Urei those of ano- 
ther pattern or species of work, ^^uu perigan- 
thing a bolt. De lepas-kan kanching kamudi 
pclang ber-dlih ka-laut-an having let go the 
stopper (fastening) of the helm, the vessel cast 
to sea. Dagtng kanching muscle (fleshy). 

%-!fS kindling to make water, stale. Ayer kin- 
ching urine (vulgarly). Anak kinching a bas- 

i_s{^ kunchang and i.^^ kunchang to shake. 
(Vid. 'i.sAi' gunchang.) 

(_ts^ kanchup or kunchup a bud or unblown 
flower, or flower when closed after sunset; an 
artificial combination of buds ; to close as a 
flower. Bunga sa-kanchup one bud, or one 
artificial knot of unblown flowers. Bungd-nia 
sa-tangah Idgi kanchup half of its blossoms were 
still in the bud. Kulom-kutom ter-kanchup dan 
bunga-bdnga ter-kambang unblown buds, and 
full-blown flowers. 

jjs^ kanchuk crooked, bent, awry. Ber-jdlan 
kanchuk-kanchuk to walk in a waving line. 
31aka iya ^^rtOlc menganchuk-kan diri-nia he 
bent himself (crouched). 

j^-^ konchbr a medicinal root; kaempferia ga- 

langa, L. 

sonchorus, R. 

Jjjjs^ kanchil a small and very delicate four- 
footed animal of the deer kind ; a species of 
the moschus : another species called ndpd is 
something larger. 

j\xS kanddra to ride, to mount or be conveyed 

■J 270 

( by a horse, elephant, or carriage). Sa-rlbu kuda 
de kandard-i iilih palduwan ImTgkap daifgan Slat 
sinjatu-nia a thousand horses mounted by cava- 
liers completely armed. Bemtang mng de kan- 
dard-i orang the beast on which a man rides. 
Jyd-lah lang ^l.jcJt* mengandard-l ka-pada am- 
pat penjiiru alam ini he it was who made ex- 
cursions to the four corners of this world. 
jj^Jc^ kandardn an animal used for riding; 
monture; carriage, conveyance ; a staff or pole 
for carrying a burthen on the shoulders. Ada 
mng her-pdnah-punah dcri-dtas kandardn-nia some 
shot arrows from their horses and elephants. 
Tatkula ber-kandardn atau ber-jdlan when riding 
or walking. 

jSi^ kandur loose, slack; relaxed, weak, feeble. 

cjc^ kandang a pen, fold, inclosure, shed (for 
cattle). To shut up, fold. Kandang karbau 
a buffalo-pen. Kandang sdpi a cow-house. 
cjcJlo mengandang to fold, pen, inclose. 

vjc^ kandak a concubine, mistress; whore. A 
whore-master, the keeper of a concubine. An- 
iah-nia kandak antah-nia blnl whether it be mis- 
tress or wife. Dan sdi/a jekalau kandak and 
(female) slaves, if they be concubines. Kan- 
dak-nia Jang ber-dnak iya dangan diya his con- 
cubine who has a child by him. Ber-kandak 
to play the whore; to whore. Amba ddtang 
mengandak-i perampuan Hu I am come in order 
to procure that woman for my concubine. 

*jci kondam a sort of ear-ring. (Vid. ^^ 
subang and ^\J, krdbii.) Pada ielmgd-nia de 
Jcend-kan-nia kondam in his ears he wore orna- 

js<^ kundur a species of gourd. 

4<..Ji^ kundurl the candorin, a weight and no- 
minal money. Kunduri bdtang or sdga pie/m 
adenanthera pavonia, L. (Vid. CSi^ sdga.) 

%.^ kandong or kandung a bag, hanging purse; 
*^ a wen at the throat ; a hump on the back ; the 

womb. To carry (as in a bag). Kandong-kan 
wang to put money in a purse, or to tie it in 
the corner of a handkerchief or other part of 
the dress. Kandung badan the bodily frame. 
Tuan-punia bdik dangan sdya tidda bulih sdya 
ilang-kan se-ldma ada nidwa de kandong sdya 
my master's kindness to me I can never lose 
the sense of^ so long as there is life in my body. 
Kandong anak great with child. Seperti anak 
kandong-nia like the child of her own womb. 
Siiddra tang kandong own brother, of the same 
venter. cjjcJl« mengandbng to put into, or 
carry in a bag. Mengandang anak to go with 
young. Tatkdla mengandbng pdtek sa-puluh 
biilan lamd-nia when for ten (lunar) months you 
bore me in your womb. Awan mengandbng 
dyer the clouds teem with water. 

jcjii^ kundi, gund'i and gindi (xo'vSw poculum bar- 
baricum, persicum, certe Asiaticum) a water- 
pot, earthen bottle, ewer. Ada iang meme- 
gang klpas dan ada iang memegang kundi some 
of the attendants carried fans, and some car- 
ried water-pots. Kundi surdhi a flask, bottle 
with a long neck. Kundi oyer sambdyang a 
vessel for water used in the ceremonies of 
prayer. Ddun kundi or tdbitng bruk a climb- 
ing plant which exhibits the appearance of a 
small tankard;^ nepenthes, L. 

i^jjAi^ kandidi a species of bird, the snipe, sco- 

^jsS kindirl self. (Vid. 4^J diri and 4^_;J.Xi-> 

«^ kandis a fruit, a variety of the garcinia. 

j..^-.< konsil, En(5. council, the board of coun- 
cil. Komanddr dangan konsil the governour 
and council. 

i_.< ; Jcanang to consider, call to mind, reflect 
upon remember. Ka-besdr-an dunyd tiadd-lah 
de kanang-kan-nia Idgi the greatness of this 
world he no longer considered. JJardm illahi 
kalau ter-kanang curse me if I remembered. 

J 271 

Kama iya sangal ter-kannag anahnia for the 
memory of his child came strongly to his mind. 
Jekalau kakanda mati kaldk maku tiean kanang- 
lah kdsih sayang kakanda tang sedlkit if pre- 
sently thy love shall fall in battle, wilt thou 
reflect upon him with some degree of tender 

«^ kening the eye-brow. Buluh muta dan ke- 
ning the hair of tlie eye-lashes and eyebrows. 
Buluh kening-nia ter^akar the hair of their 
eye-brows was singed. Kening-nia seperti taji 
de bantok her eye-brows were arched like the 
artificial spurs of fighting cocks. Kening-nia 
laksdna awan de talis her eye-brows resembled 
painted clouds. 

^p\^M^ kanak-kdnak children. 

(Vid. rjj]ika- 

^Ji^ kanal to recollect, recognise, distinguish ; to 
be acquainted with; to acknowledge attentions. 
Tidda aku kanal diya I do not recollect, or, am 
not acquainted w"*'' Vixra. Maka de kanal-lah 
iya akan sudard-nia and he recollected or recog" 
nised his brother. Itu-lah tang ter-kanal ulih 
sdi/a that I recollect. Tuu-lah iya JJtc menga- 
nal permdta he knew to distinguish precious 
stones. Bdrang siapa menganal diri-nia who- 
ever knows himself. Tidda ber-kanal-an Idwan 
dangan kdaan there was no distinguishing foe 
fi-om friend. lU^ kendl-i fili/i-mu kapdla sidpa 
ilu do thou ascertain whose head that is. Kor 
nal-kandl-an acquaintances. Tanda JJw penga- 
nal distinguishing mark, criterion. 

A$ kenan or kanan acceptable, agreeable, pleas- 
ing. Ber-kanan to like, have a regard or liking 
for, to find agreeable, to be pleased or satis- 
fied M'ith; having a liking, pleased. Jtu-lah 
kdml hei-kanan we like that, find it agreeable. 
Tiadd-luh iya ber-kanan menangar per-katd-an 
itu he was not pleased to hear those words. 
JekalaU ber-kanan pada raja if it please the 
king. Jekalau ada per-kanan if I may find 
favour. Sudah brdpa lamd-nia tidda de per-ka- 
sianrkan ulih kompani wolandul for a conside- 

rable time he has not been satisfied with (the 
conduct of) the Dutch Company, ^m pcnga-> 
nan dainties, delicacies, what is agreeable to 
the palate. , 

^J^ ka-naik-an a carriage, vehicle, conveyance, 
monture. (Vid. jj\j). Meng-dtor segala kw 
naik-an deri-pada rata peddti to arrann'e all the 
carriages, consisting of chariots, &c. Segala 
gdjah dan kdda ka-naik-an raja-rdja all the ele- 
phants and horses on which the princes were 
mounted. Turun-kan prau akan ka-naik-an pa- 
duka adenda launch the vessel to furnish a con- 
veyance to my dear sister. Maka ka-na'ik-an 
rdja-pun ber-ldyer-lah mcndju pulau itu the 
king's vessel sailed towards the island. 

1.::..,^^^ kenniut to grin, to grin and chatter (as a 
monkey); to grin at. Ter-lcenniut serla ter- 
ngdnga muldt-nia grinning and stretching wide 
their mouths. Gnmpar mulut-nia dan ter-kenniut 
ter-ldlu gumpitu bunyi-nia screaming and chat- 
tering with an excessive noise. Tdan-nia itu- 
pun de kenniut-nia he then grinned at his mas- 

l^i^ kenniang or kunniang full, satisfied, satiated. 
Kenniang deri-pada mdkan satisfied with eating. 
Kenniang-lah sdya I have had my fill. Lima 
perkdra tang tidda kenniang deri-pada mdnusia 
five things in which men are not to be satisfied, 
wot* mengenniang to fill, satiate, gorge. 

^ kau thou, thee, you, ye, (a contraction o? Sl\ 
angkau) generally employed in a tone of au- 
thority, and to inferiours. Apa kau kbrang 
what dost thou want ? Pdlang-lah kau ka-pada 
bapd-mu return thou to thy father. 

^J\^ kudsa or kwdsa powerful, mighty ; able, 
capable. Power, authority, might, ability. 
De iring-kan ulih panggdwa tang kwdsa fol- 
lowed by powerful warriours. Tuhan tang 
kwdsa the mighty Lord, the Omnipotent. 
Kwdsa ber-jdlan able to walk. Kwasd-kah 
angkau art thou able. long ber-utang serta 
kwdsa memrbdyer utang-nia those who are in 

debt and are able to pay their debts. Sa-ciri- 
pun iidda amba kwasa me-nanti-kan dii/a it is 
not in my power to wait for her a single day. 
Tiuda kwasa amba men-dirita scikit ini I am not 
able to endure this pain. Mana kwasa amba 
as far as lies in my power. Ulih dkal budi dan 
Jca-kwasd-an by skill and force. Turun-lah ii/a 
deri-pada ka-besur-an-ma dan ka-kwasd-an^ia he 
is fallen from his gieatness and his power. Per- 
janji-an tang ka-kwasd-an a strong and binding 
agreement. De cMum-nia dangan se-kwdsa- 
kwasa ali-nia she kissed him with her Avhole 

272 j^ 

cut open a coconut. Bmga chumpdka de 
kiibah peeled off the outer coat of the chum- 
pdka flower. 

Vj^ kubu a breastwork, battery, entrenchment. 
The name of a place in the north-eastern part 


i~^^ kubis, Engl, cabbage, brassica; (in a 
Malayan list of vegetables also appear ^jt^ 

cellery and ^Jii^ mint). 

.^4 kubln and ^^^jj»-U- chdcliak kiibln the 
flying lizard, draco. 

A\£ kwdla the mouth or entrance of a river u^< kola, Hind. ^^ a fort, fortress, castle, 
(commonly written qualloe) ; the town or fac- fortified house ; fortifications, works. Kota 

lory near the mouth of a navigable river; a 
port. Brdpa ddlam-nia uj/er de kwdla what is 
the depth of water at the river's mouth ? Bdwa 
bechard-mu korkwnfn bring your complaint (from 
the country) to the factory. /(;7jr»"> i-^Mln sam- 
bas blidru ter-buka dan orang ddgang balum ada 
iang ddtang seperti daulu for the port of Sambas 
is but lately opened (freed from the enemy's 
cruizers) and the traders have not yet frequent- 
ed it as formerly. 

JU kwdll (Hind. ^\f kuruhi) an iron pan or 
cauldron used in cookery and manufacture ; a 

tauch, quallee. 
in a pan. 

Randang dulam kwdll to fry 

S.i kudu or jjj^ kuwau a beautiful and magnifi- 
cent bird of the pheasant kind ; the Sumatran 
or argus pheasant. (One of these birds was 
brought alive to England, by Mr, Robert 
Broff, in the year 1790.) 

tjj^ kiibang a slough, puddle, muddy pool (par- 
ticularly those in which the buffaloes roll and 
refresh themselves). Laksdna ikan de-ddlam 
kiibang like a fish in a puddle (out of its proper 

jjj$ kubak and ij^ kiibah to peel, pare, cut or 
strip off the rind, husk or coat of fruits or 
flowers. Kubak kaldpa to strip the husk and 

iang tuggoh-tuggoh a very strong fortress. 
Lari-lah iya ka-ddlam kota they fled into the 
fort. Langkap negr'i ilu dangan kota pdrit-nia 
the town was provided with a castle and a 
ditch. Kota ncgrl iang ber-kola the works of 
o Pnrtifiorl +"™n. Lima-Uas kota, dua bias kotd, 
&c. the fifteen forts, twelve forts, &c. names of 
districts in the country of MennrTgkdbau. 

'U/ kbtd or fjj^ kotak a tool-box. Kotak dawdt 
a writing-case. * 

^^ kidok a curse ; to curse. Kutok atas-nia 
curses on him. De kutbk-i allah accursed 
God. Perampuan se-kidok ini this cursed wo 
man. ^jflo mengutok to curse. 

Jjji kiitil a wen. 

kidom a bud. (Vid. ^ kimtom.) 

sa-kutom one flower. 


^S, kuld and cJj^ a louse, pediculus. Kuti^ 
anjing a flea, pulex. Kutit dumba a ticl| 
Telur kutu nits. Tidda hardm mengaluar-kai 
kutii deri kapdla atau janggut it is not forbidden 
to remove lice from the head or from the beard 
(the act does not defile the person). 

•l );^< kutllang a species of bird; oriolus. 

o/ l<aus, An. a shoe. (Vid. j^jl^ kuus.y 


:^£hu]ulzxi&iti^fMjut to strangle. <nk>-^ 
viengujut-lah diri-nia dari'gan tall strangled him- 
self with a cord. 

j*.^ kujur a lance. (Vid._^is{^ kunjur.) 

y>.j^ kbjo or A>-j^ kojah Moorish, Hindustani. 
Orang kojo a moor-man, a mahonietan of Hin- 
dustan. Kapal orang kojo a vessel belonging 
to a moorish merchant. 

9^^ kucking and ^-->-/ kuchlng a cat, felis. 
^Anak kuching a kitten. Kuching jalang a 
wild cat. Kuching litan a cat of the woods. 
Kuching rlmau tiger-cat. 


v_a>-j^ kUchup a kiss ; to kiss. (Vid. 
chiUm). KUchup iang suchi a pure kiss. 
de AJl^ kuchup-i-lah bini-nia he then kissed his 
wife. i_a=>-«Jt<! merigUckup to kiss. 

(Jj)-^ kuchil to exclude. 

i^S kuchl Cochin-China or Anam 
" the coast of Malabar " 

Rasldng kuchl 

Cochin on 


jj^ kiida, Hind. ^|(^' {\j^ gura) a horse. 

Kada bel'ma a mare. Kudajantan a stallion. 

KUda kabiri a gelding. Kicdajahaf a vicious 

horse. Naik de-utas kdda to mount a horse. 

Ticrun deri-utas kuda to alight from a horse. 
. Kud&nia me-lompat his horse bounds. Kuda 

uyer the hippopotamus. X a^ kuda-kuda a 

wooden frame or stand, a horse ; also the name 

of a plant, bignonia, L. 

iyidf kudis the itch, scab, mange. GataL alau 
kadis one cutaneous distemper or another. 

^j,^ kUdong to cut or chop off (a limb) ; maimed, 
dismembered of hand or foot. Kudong kuki 
sa-hldh having lost one leg. c jJlc mengHdong 
tungan to cut off the hand. 

jt>j^ kodok a frog, rana. 

jOj^ kodok the back of the neck. 

Jj)^ kiidal and Jj^ kuddal leprous; leprosy, 
scab, mange. Gutal-nia seperti orang kUdal he 
itches like a leprous person. Bisol atau kUdal 
blotches or leprous scurf. Andak-lah korban 
Uu jdtigan iya ber-kudal the animal chosen for 
sacrifice ought not to have the scab. 

t_fJj^ kodl a score, corge, twenty. Kdln pulih 
ampat kodi four corge, or fourscore pieces of 
white cloth. 

j^ kUra a hard swelling in the abdomen, pro- 
ceeding from an obstruction of the spleen ; the 
boss (from ba^o. Port, the spleen). Dum- 
mam kUra a fever occasioned by this complaint. 

Tjj^ kUra-kura and ..J^ ku-kura, Hind. ^*'H 
(kurma) a tortoise, testudo. Sisik kUra-kura 
tortoise-sliell. Kora-kora a large rowing-boat 
or praw used by the people of the eastern 
islands. (See plates in Forrest's Voyage to 
N. Guinea.) 

if^^ koris and it^jS goris to scratch, score. A 
scored line, a line marked in earth or sand* 
Dan panjang koris Uu tlga hasta and the length 
of the line (marking the place of occasional 
prayer) is three cubits. Meng-koris tunah 
dangan jdri-nia to make a mark on the ground 
Avith his finger. Bdrangsldpa nie-langkah koris 
ini whoever shall step over this line. 

i^j^ kHrus lean, meagre, emaciated. Tuboh 
iang kurus a lean body. Pandei kiirus an 
emaciated worker in gold. i^.yio mengUrus- 
kan taboh to render the body lean. 

rJJ^ ^'^''^"S ^^ want, to be deficient in, or less 
than; wanting, less, deficient. liing korang 
budl who want or are deficient in understand- 
ing. Sebdb kbrang-lah perak kumi because our 
money faileth. Sa-bljl-pUn tiadd-lah korang not 
a grain was missing. Korang sutu tiga pHluh 
wanting one of thirty, twenty-nine. Korang 
ganap incomplete. Korang ingat inconside- 
rate, inattentive. Korang blusa inexperienced, 
unaccustomed. Pdtek ini orang iang korang 
2 N 



bans^fta thy servant is a person of humble birth. 
3fe-lebi/i alau metigorang to exceed or to fall 
short. Mengorang'kan or horang-kan to di- 
minish, lessen, reduce. Minta hdrang-kan arga- 
nia praj make a diminution in the price. Se- 
fiorang-korang deficiency ; least quantity, mi- 
nimum. At the least; in default. Kama 
sangut-lah ^\ ,X^ korkorang-an kapada klta dtri 
uhat bedil itu for there is a great deficiency of 
gunpowder on my part. 

%jS korong the poop of a vessel; the stern- 
cabin, where the juromudi or master sits to 
steer. Tinggi aluwan dcri korong the stem 
higher than the stern. Dua orang her-jaga de- 
atas korong two men kept watch upon the 
poop. JVdt/ang korong the crooked timbers 
which form the frame of the cabin. 

iJ^ AriJrow^ to confine, shut up, imprison. 
Orang Itu nanll amba kurong I shall confine 
that man. Aria ainba de rampas-nia dan amba 
de kurong-nia my goods they plundered, and 
me they confined, ^^^f kurong-an a cage, 
dungeon, place of confinement 
uyam a hen-coop. 


Jj^ kurap scorbutic humour ; a tetter, ring- 
worm. Daun kurap or golinggang cassia 
alata, L. 


^ korek to grope, poke, scrape (in the earth). 
Korek dangan best to poke with an iron. Be- 
nulang lang mengorek bund beasts that scrape 
or burrow in the earth. Haram mengorek 
kubur karna memindah mayit it is forbidden to 
dig up a grave in order to remove a corpse. 
Korek-korckhul to repeat grievances; to scrape 
up a buried bone of contention. 

j,j^ kurkur orJ^A. khurkhur to grunt as a hog ; 
to pur. 

, . j^ kuro leprous scurf. 

, , j^ kurau a species of fish ; polynemus. 

ijA koreh veined (as wood), damasked (as silks 

and as the blades of weapons. Vid.^U patnur.J 
Kiiyu ber-kdreh wood handsomely veined. .•$ korlnckis and korlnchi an inland district 
of Sumatra. 

fj^^ kusa, Hind. 

havinsr a hook at the end of it 


a hook; a weapon 
the instrument 
used in guiding an elephant. Rumput kusa- 
kusa gramen aciculatum. 

i,^^ kusut and C-j«:»^ kusut entangled, per- 
plexed, confused. Benang kusut entangled 
thread. Bechdra iang kusut a perplexed dis- 
course ; intricate cause. Mengusut to en* 
tangle, perplex, confuse. 


kosong empty. Kdrong kosong an empty 
bag. Prut kosong an empty belly. Tunah 
kosong unoccupied land. 

i_jL)j^ kiiskus an animal of the opossum tribe ; 
didelphis orientalis. (See Valentyn. vol. iil. 
p. 272, and pi. fig. D.) 

"c^kung the rainbow. Kung paldiigt the va- 
riegated rainbow. 

,f.A kungan the throat. Krat kungan to cut 
the throat. Korong-kungan the gullet. 

. -jj^ kupas to peel, strip off the outer rind ; to 
flay. Kupas plnang to strip off the outer 
coat of the betel-nut. Krdit-mu kalak dhis ter- 
kupas thy skin shall presently be flayed. 

ijj$ kupang a shell-fish, the muscle, mytilus. 
A Japanese coin current in some Malayan 
countries. Brat-nia sa-miskal iya-itu anam 
kupang its weight is one miskal (of Arabia) 
equal to six kupang. Sa-mas alau anam kupang 
one mace (of Achin) or six kupang. Dua 
kupang tiga kundurl two kupang and three 
candarins. Chdrl Idba sa-kupang dua to en- 
deavour to turn a penny. 

•jj^ kuping or iUar kuping an insect, the earwig, 


^^ kupak and i^S kupeh, Pens, a kind of drum, 
long and small. Susu kupak long, pendidous 
dugs. Ada iang ber-lari-lilri maka ka-dFia ku- 
pak-nia llii-pun ber-palu-pulu some (of the wo- 
men) ran awaj, and their long dugs struck 
against each other. 

Jjj^ kupilanA Ji^ kupil (Eng.) to join together, 
attach, connect. 

^^ kupu, Jav. the butterfly, papilio. fVid. ^ ^[< 
rama-rama.) Kuptl-kupu terbaiig me-lintang 
butterflies fly across. (Prov. song.) 

<Lj^ kupii/ah a hat, cap ; a basket. (Vid. «ua^ 

CJ^ kuku nail, claw. (y\u.ff kuku.) 

^^ kukur a turtle-dove. Kukurubu to make the 
noise peculiar to doves. 

^^ kukur to rasp, scrape. Kttkur-an a rasp ; a 
fixed scraper (for taking out the pulp or kernel 
of the coconut). 

^^ kukus to distil. Kukm-an a still, retort. 

jj'j^' kukang an animal called the sloth ; lemur 
tardigradus ; which is also named ^Ji^ ka- 

fli^ kukuk, Pers. to crow (as a cock) ; to cackle 
(as a hen) ; to coo (as a dove). Se-telah d'mi 
art uyam ulan-pun ber-kukuk ter-lulu rami ber- 
saut-saut-an as soon as the day broke the cocks 
of the woods crowed incessantly, answerino- 
each other. Kuku-ai/am cock-crow. 

j^ kiiku and cJ^ kuku nail ; claw (of bird or 
beast) ; the hoof; the fluke of an anchor. 
Mengrat kuku to pare the nails. Daki long 
de-bdwah kuku the dirt under the nails. Kuku 
ter-lcbih panjang very long nails or claws. 
Gamaranching gruda dangan kuku paroh-nia 
the griffin made a clattering noise with his 
claws and beak. Kuku ballum dove's nail ; a 
species of rice, small-grained, crooked, and very 

delicate. Kuku r'lniau tiger's claw ; a tool for 
wrenchins: out nails. 

1^^ kidat mould, mother. Kuht kayu a fun- 
gus growing on decayed wood; peziza, L. 

LjJ^ kulil skin, hide, leather, bark, rind, husk, 
outer coat of any natural production. KulU 
karbau the skiu of a buffalo. Kulil-nia panas 
dan kring his skin is hot and dry. Kidit ber- 
bfdu a skin with the fur. Bctju kidil a lea- 
thern jacket. KuUt-nia bagei kota best its hide 
was like an iron fortress. Siichi deri-pada kulil' 
nia cleaned fi-om its husk. CJ^I c^j^ kulit lil. 
wang a spicy bark ; cortex cariophylloides, R. 
lavirus culit lawan, L. Kulit kdj/il the bark of 
wood; large pieces of bark prepared for parti- 
cular uses and termed coolicoys. 

j3j^ kalak a gallon measure. (Vid. il^ kulak.) 

i_J!j^ ki'dop, Au. (i_sl£ ghulf) the foreskin, pre- 
puce. Ber-krat or ber-suyit kulop to cut the 
foreskin, to circumcise. Orang Iang ber-kulop 
an uncircumcised person, one who retains his 

A^ kidam and J^ kulam, Hind, ^R^ a pool, 
pond, tank, artificial piece of water, with 
flights of steps, for bathing. De tangah kulam 
ttu ada suatu bulei in the midst of the tank there 
is a pavilion. Bcr-julan-hh iya ka4epi kulam Uu 
Idlu turun-lah ka-dc'ilam akan mandl he walked 
to the edge of the piece of water, and then 
descended into it to bathe. 

Jj^ krdum to mumble, mutter, grumble, com- 
plain in a low voice; to mutter enchantments; 
to mumble, suck, or chew; to put into the 
mouth. Jekalau de kulUm-nia akati makdn-an 
Uu lulu ter-parlan if he chew the food and then 
swallow it. Maka chinchin itu-pun de ambel 
idik hanumdn Idlu de kuluin-nia the ring was 
then taken by Hanutnan (a prince of monkies) 
who clapped it into his mouth. 

<(]^ kulah and ^^ kidak a measure containing 
about a gallon or half a peck. To measure. 

2 N 2 

/ 276 

Mmialt dm hulah two measures or gallons of 
oil. Krdah-kulah bras tiga buah three rice- 
measures. Garam sudah ter-kulah the salt has 
been measured. 

jjj^ kbleh a kind of small boat or vessel with an 
upright sE^il. 

jJJj? hollling around. (Vid. jJJ^ kollling.) 

j«^j^ humbang an insect of the bee kind. (Vid. 
».>»^ kumbang.) 

j^f kumur to gargle (the throat), to rinse (the 
mouth). Tuanputri bungun Ifilu bdsoh muka 
dan ber-kumur-kumur seraya mdkan slrih the 
princess arose, then washed her face, rinsed 
her mouth, and proceeded to eat betel. 

ij-^S kumis and /r-^«^ kumis whiskers, musta- 
ches. Ada iang ber-janggut ada tang ber-kumis 
some had beards and some had whiskers. Ku- 
mis dan rambut iang ampir pipi the whiskers 
and the hair that grows near the cheeks. Me- 
mdkei mlniak pada rambut kapala-nia atau jang- 
gut-nia atau misl-nia atau kumis-nia to anoint 
with oil the hair of the head, or the beard, or 
the hair on the lips. 

jXtj^ kumpul to collect. (Vid. Ji^ kumpul.) 

^^f^S kundng-an youths attendant on great per- 
sonages. Kundng-an laki4dki Iang miida youth- 
ful attendants, pages. Ter-kambang-lah pdyong 
iJ<j4Si korkundng-an dulupari sa-blah umbrellas 
were spread by eight pages on each side. (If 
employed to carry lights also, as is probable, 
they may be so named from ij^ kunang a spe- 
cies of lampyris.) 

-«j^ kuman an atom, minute particle. Nothing, 
none ; not a jot, not a whit. 

j.Vji kunting and "r-yS kuntlng the largest kind 
of vessel with an oblique sail or layer tanja, 
and what is specially termed a prail. 

l-if'/ kunchang to shake. (Vid. j^\^ gunchang.) 

jy^/ ^''oncltor a plant; kaempheria procumbens, 
Bat. Trans, vol. v. kaemph. galanga, L. 

^jf'^ kunchi, Hind, i^f^ a lock; key. (Vid. 
J^ konchi.) 

jSJ^ kundur a species of heron found commonly 
in the rice-fields; called also 

fjjj ruk-ruk 

^^jj^ kundei a mode of rolling or twisting the 
hair on the crown of the head, as practised by 
the Chinese women. Chuchuk kundei the pin 
or bodkin stuck through the hair when rolled 
up in that manner. 

jjji kunang a species of fire-fly smaller in size 
than the common bee, and having the luminous 
matter about the thorax or the abdomen; it is 
also called T^T api-dpi. 


kuning and '■^^ kuntng yellow. Warna 
kilning a yellow colour. Warnd-nia piitih kil- 
ning her complexion was a light yellow. Kdln 
ber-eram kuning cloth having a yellow pattern. 
Manikam kuning a topaz. Kuning kdkl a spe- 
cies of bird. Kambang kuning cassia planisi- 

J>^ kunun certainly, assuredly, actually, posi- 
tively, undoubtedly, in fact; confidently re- 
ported. Ini-lafi kunun kapdla musuh this is 
certainly the head of an enemy. Sudard-ku 
kunun add-nia he is assuredly my brother. 
Kunun ber^rang ddlam negrl itu war has ac- 
tually broken out in that country. Ddtang 
jiiga kunun khabar-nia the news has been con- 
fidently stated. 

jj^ kUwau a magnificent bird of the pheasant 
kind ; the Sumatran or argus pheasant. 

x^ kuah or kwah sauce, gravy, broth, liquor. 
Kuah gulei the sauce or liquid part of a curry. 

i^ kicat strength, vigour. (Vid. iy kdat.) 
^^ kawi strong, efficient. (Vid. ^^ kawi.} 

*bj^ Awya or jj;.;^^ kuyak to tear asunder. 

i^ij^ liuyang a disease. 

t_jj^ kuyong and s «j »^ kuyong a species of shell- 

j^^ huyuk andjjj^ kuyu a cur or pariah dog. 
A plant, aurila, Bat. Trans, vol. v. 

jLij^ kawilu a small four-footed animal. 

Jij^ koyan a measure, chiefly used in estimating 
the burthen or cargoes of vessels, varying in 
diflFerent countries, but on the west coast of 
Sumatra considered as equal to 800 kulah or 
gallons ; at Palembang the koyan of rice is es- 
timated at 48 p'lkul or 6400 lbs. Muat-an-nia 
jddi dua puluh koyan her loading amounts to 
twenty koyan. 

[) 4 kunia to chew. 

1,^:^4 kunyit and i^ii^S kurtylt turmerick, cur- 
cuma rotunda and curcuma longa. Kunyit 
tummu a variety of curcuma, with coloured 
leaves, and a black streak running along the 
mid-rib, Campbel. 

,V%-)^ kunyong-kunyong sudden, unexpected. Se- 
kunyong-kunyong suddenly, unexpectedly, un- 
awares; for nothing: without motive, apparent 
necessity, cause, or previous symptoms. Se- 
kunyong-kunyong iya ghaib-lah deri-pada jndta 
orang he suddenly became invisible to mortal 
eyes. Se-kunyong-kunyong rabah pangsan sud- 
denly fainted away. 

i^ kah an inseparable interrogative particle. 
Ada-kah bdniak are there many? Arum-kah 
bau'n-nia is the scent of it fragrant? Deri 
raja riim-kah atau deri benUa china-kah atau deri- 
pada kaml-kah from the king of Rome, or from 
the empire of China, or from ourself ? 

^jjk^ ka-ddHp-an livelihood. (Vid. uJjuto idup.) 

sAi^ ka-andak or kahandak wiU, pleasure, liking, 
inclination, wish, desire. (Vid. jocJ> andak.) 


Ka-andak allah the will of God. Jekalau tiada 
aku tHrut seperti ka-andahnia anak-ku ini nis 
c/iaya men-judi peniakit-lahiya if I do not com- 
ply with the wishes of this my child, assuredly 
her health will be injured. Ber-ka-andak ka- 
pada korjahdt-an to have an inclination towards 
vice. Ada sualu ka-andak amba ka-pada tUan 
amba maka amba ddtang ini I have one wish 
to express (or request to make) to you which 
occasioned my coming hither. Ka-andak dti 
(familiarly contracted to kand'dti) heart's de- 
sire, will, pleasure. Apa ka-andak dti-mu what 
is your good pleasure ? Ddyang-ddyang tad- 
lah akan ka-andak dti tuan-nia the female atten- 
dants understood the wishes of their mistress. 
Itu-pun de karjd-kan-nia-Iah seperti ka-andak ati- 
nia he then did according to his heart's desire. 
Apa kand'dti titan what is your will ? Kand'uti 
(for seperti kand'att-mu) as you please, with 
all my heart, let it be so, I care not (commonly 
expressing an unwilling compliance). 

^ kei a small kind of fish preserved like the an- 

^ kei and ^JS kiei, Jav. a title of rank in 
" Java, Borneo, and some other islands: in Su- 
matra it seems to be applied exclusively to 
the Chinese settlers, but rather as an appellative 
than a title. Kei Sian the name of a veiy in- 
telligent and respectable Chinese merchant at 
Fort Marlborough. 

[^ kiyd cards. Ber-mdin kiyd or kartas to play 
at cards. X \S kiyd-kiyd a species of fish. 

^li' klangan or keiyangan heaven, the abode 
of celestial spirits of the highest order. Deri 
dunyd ddtang ka-kiangan from earth even unto 
heaven. Dewdta tang de kidngan the genii of 
the celestial abodes. Anak indra