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Full text of "A dictionary of the Malay tongue, as spoken in the Peninsula of Malacca, the islands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Pulo Pinang, &c., &c. In two parts, English and Malay, and Malay and English. To which is prefixed the grammar of that language .."

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•'^I™'"-'.^ o o I. o o S E a"" ^''' *^ ' 
' '^ iT"-* ■ - 

^ •"/•■■;■ \^/.uiLvim 

SEA o..- r E I, E l> E S '■"■'?£w;' " 

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llidinnXI'iK-irio UcPniiN. Thit t'horl u iv.trnti4ii(\ n^ajiiir, li'reittyOUirrrXmy<iliiu} thosrSnu.ntl/ir.ioiinifimfjiimill/.u.i if.-»ri . 


















L O N D O -V. 
Printed at the Arabic and Persian Press, ly S. Rousseau, li'lKd Street, Spa Fields: 







jcVS to the utility of the prefent pnbhcation no objeclion can be juflly 
offered. Before our late extenfive conquefts of the Dutch fettlcments on 
the Malay illands our trade to the call of Hindooftan was very confined, 
but fince our ellablilhment at (Pulo Pinais^g) Prince of Wales's Island,. 
it has become of liich confequencc as to render every means of facilitating 
a communication between us and the ^lalays, an object vt national im- 
portance. Since our conqueft of thefe, how much more that has become 
a defideratum muft be felf evident. 

In this view of its utility we confine ourfelves to Britain alone : but 
when it is conlidered, that we are offering to the public a Grammar and 
Dictionary of a language which has become the Lingua Franca of a por- 
tion of the globe more extenfive than that of any other tongue in the 
world, we hope, we are in fome meafure clearing the "vvay for the future 
labours of the philofopher, the na's'igator, and the merchant of every 

Untill now the only allillance to be obtained by the Malay fcholar was 
through the medium of Bowrey's Grammar, printed a century ago *, a 
work of great induftry and merit, that diftant period confidcred, and to 
which in the prefent volume we acknowledge our many obligations. 

* In the year 1701, with a dedication to the then direftors of both companies, before they were 
united, in which the names of each are printed at full length. No account can be traced of Mr. 
BowRET or his book in the prefent Remembrancer's Office, fo as to do him the credit due to his 
n?.emory, or fbrefight, which the publiiher is defirous of doing, who, though engaged in an ex- 
tenfive bufinefs ever fince May 1752, never could fee more thaii three copies, aotwithPva:Kling Lis 
frequent enquiries. 


Its great fcarcity, independent of the errors and drllds confeqiicnt U> 
itii being the firft attempt to form an Enghlh and Allatic Grammar *, wt^ 
Tjelicve, ever made, retiders the pR.'lcnt work jiot i^^is jieceflary. 

In giving the Mah'.y words in the Arabic cliaradler wc have followed the 
excellent example of Richardson and Gilchrist in their Perfian and Hin- 
dooftanee Diclionaries ; and it is, in fad, the character nfed by the Mxilays 
themfelves. In languages where all the letters arc founded as in tlie Ara- 
bic, Perfian, Hindoortanee, and INIalay, a knowledge of the character, «hich 
of either may be learned in twenty-four hours, is alone iieceflary to enable 
the fcholar to pronounce, with the utmofl: precifion, any word that may 
oome before him, whereas if the words M'cre given in tlie Roman only, as 
is the cafe in Hadley and Bowrey, A\e fliould fcldom fmd a word pro- 
nounced exadtty in the fame way by two dilFcrent perfons. 

In our grammatical department it may be objeded that wc have forced 
the inflexions of our nouns and verbs into jo. refemblance to thofe of Eu- 
ropean languages, beyond what the fimplicity of the IMalay will admit of: 
we mull, however, iniill:, that although we have made ufc of words as 
auxdiaries, which grammarians might not confidcr as liriiRly fuch, ftill a 
ten years' acquaintance with the ]Malays and their language authorize us in 
adopting the words and arrangements, \\hich, -wc arc certain, will be un- 
dcrliood and are ufed by them. 

J. IIowisoN. 

* Siiicf! wliich Arabic, Pcrfic, Hiudooftanpr, Aroorilli, Bftigalec, Sliaiifcrit, and feveral others 
have made great progrcfs. By tlie late conqueft in the Myfore, of which coimtry the Tamoul is 
the current language, it likewife appears probable, that a Cirammaraud Dictionary of this tongue 
would be very fcrvlceable to the Company's fervants employed within its exteiilivc regions : .and 
even this dialetfl is not entirely unknown at Madras and Bombuy. 


J. HE peninfula beyond the river Ganges, which llretches down to 
Johor, the extreme fouthern point, (indeed it is the moll fouthern point 
of land on the continent of Afia,) is generally known by the name of 
Malacca, or the Country of the Malays ; and that appellation is very 
properly retained, lince Malay is the true mother tongue of that country. 
It is likewife the chief language of Junkfelon, Pulo Ladda, Pulo Pinang, 
Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Bava, Lombock, Cumbava, Flores, Timor, Ti- 
morlaut, Celebes, Ceram, The Molucca Illands, and innumerable others; 
it is, in fadl, as obferved in our Advertifement, the Lingua Franca, or 
Trading Language of a great part of the Eallem world : Again, it is the 
more neceflary for Englifh voyagers to become acquainted with this lan- 
guage, fince the European inhabitants of the Cape of Good Hope (which 
important place now belongs to this nation) have always accuftomed 
themfelves to fpeak to their fersants in the Malay tongue. In fome of 
the iflands, however, particularly Borneo, the largeft ifland in the world 
except New Holland, it being about eighteen hundred miles in circum- 
ference, there are feveral kingdoms, each of which has a dialed: peculiar 
to itfelf : with feveral of thefe, Mr. Bowrev fays, he converfcd. But that 
a more general idea may be formed of the extent of country oa er which 
the Malay is fpoken, we Ihall refer to the accurate Map, engraved 
by Arrowsmith, and prefixed to this volume ; by which it appears, that 



ihc INIalay is the principal vernacular tongue ufed by the people who in- 
habit that vafl region and chain of illands comprehended between ninety- 
three and one hundred and thirty-five degrees of Ealt longitude, a fpace 
of about two thoufand t\A o hundred and t\\ enty miles ; and extending 
from foiu-teen degrees North to eleven degrees of South latitude, com- 
prehending twenty-five degrees, about one thoufand fcven hundred and 
forty miles. 

The inhabitants of this immenfe group of illands are fuppofed to have 
proceeded originally from the peninfula of ISIalacca ; and of this there 
can be little doubt ; fince it is the neareft continent, from which the 
iflands proceed in a regular and conftant progrefiion, all over the fouth- 
ern and eaftern feas, as far as New Guinea. 

With regard to the religion of the Malays, they are now INIohammc- 
dans, although they feem formerly to have been mere Pagans, for there 
is not to be found in their language any word m hich fignifics God, or 
An"-cls, or Prophet, or Church, or Devil, except what has been bor- 
rowed from the Arabic, whence they received many other words. Hence 
it is, namely, from the Korau^j, that they received their alphabet, ex- 
cepting a few peculiar founds which the Arabs had no charader to deli- 
neate. Exclufive of the words borrowed from the Arabic, there are fe- 
veral from the Perfian and Hindooftanee ; as, for Wheat, Bread, &c. 
articles not growing or made in their own country, they received the 
name, together with the article, from the diftrid whence it came. 

Mr. BowREY acquaints his readers, that by nineteen years' continuance 
in the Eaft Indies, and that time wholly fpent in navigation and trading 
in mofl: places in thofe countries, and much of that time in the Malay 
countries, Sumatra, Borneo, Bantam, Batavia, and other parts of Java, 
by his converfation and trading with the inhabitants of \a hich places he 
•icquired fo much of the jMala}' language as enabled him to negociate his 
bufinefs, and converfe with the natiA-es without the afiiftance of a preva- 


ricating interpreter. And indeed it was well if the native interpreter, 
who has fi'equentlj been employed as negociator and broker in mercan- 
tile tranlaclions, did not agree Avith the native m.erchant to cozen the 
ftranger, and divide the profits between them. 

The Eall India Company have long, and not without reatbn, com- 
plained of the defective manner in which fome of their concerns have 
been conducted ; and this has arofe from A^ant of Ikill in the native 
dialects. This want of knowledge among European gentlemen has been 
even known to pro^e prejudicial to the Company's interefts in a political 
point of A'iew. In lliort, the neceflity of a knowledge of this language 
to gentlemen aaIio go to INIalacca, or any of the iflands above mentioned, 
for trade or any other purpofe, mufl be obA-ious ; fmce, if an inhabitant 
of France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, or Ruffia, were to vifit the coalt 
of England, with an intention to improve his fortune, he would, doubt- 
lefs, deem it a matter of the liigheft importance to become acquainted 
witli the language of this country, that he might not be under the dila- 
greeable compullion of confiding in. an interpreter. 

But to return. We mufl no"w give the reader fome reafcns for the 
orthography ufed in the following ^vork. In writing any of the Eall- 
ern languages in an European character,, fome fmall variation in found 
will be fometimes difcoverable ; but a little practice will correct a trifling 
error of this kind. The belt method that can be ufed is to fpell every 
word in fuch a manner, m Englifli letters, fince this work is principally 
intended for the ufe of our own countrymen, that an indifferent perfon 
might, upon infpection, give it the fame, or very nearly the fame found 
that a native of Malacca would give it when he read it in the character 
adopted by his own countrjmen. If this method Iiad been generally 
obl'erved by Englifli gentlemen "\^ ho have travelled in various parts of 
the Eaft, fo great a diverfity in the orthography of the names of places 
would not have appeared ; and the perfon \\"ho reads only foe amuli;- 



ment would be no longer difgufted with the trouble he is obliged to take 
to reconcile the different modes of orthography, that he might fully 
comprehend the name of the place defcribed by the author. But that 
we may not fall into the fame error oui'felves which we complain of in 
others, and that the reader may be the better able to give the Malay 
tongue its exad; pronunciation, we mull requeft he will pay particular 
attention to the following rules : 

1 . In general we have endeavoured to exprefs the Malay words agreea- 
bly to the Englifli orthography, by giving the vowels and confonants the 
fame founds which we obferve in reading and writing the Englifh tongue, 
without the leaft regard to any other language. 

2. Where (a) has no accentual mark it is to be founded as in 
man, can. 

3 . But where (a) is to be founded broader, as in raba, bapa, awa, it is 
then marked with an accute accent, and is to be founded like (a) in 
Ihall, fall. 

4. The (e) is to be founded as in Englifh words, and where marked, 
the accent is to be laid on that fyllable, as in {6\6moot, the fyllables (fc, U) 
are to be founded long as (re) in regard, require. 

5. The (e) final, or at the end of any word, is not to be founded, but 
ferves as in Englifli words to draw out the fyllable longer, as in pohonc, 
mohono, which words confift of two and not three fyllables, as po-hone, 
mo-hone, and the laft fyllable, hone, is founded as we pronounce the mock 
Irifli lamentation O hone O hone. 

6. AVhen any words end with double (c) or (ee) as in jarree, nantee, 
which coniifting of two fyUables, as jar-ree, nan-tee, the accent lies on 
the laft (e) and the laft fyllables, ree, tec, muft be founded as in Englifti 
me, fee. 

7. When the (i) is accented as in titah, ti'ang, it is then to be founded 
as (y) and the fyllable refts on that letter, as in title ; in all other cafes, 
like the Englilh Ihort (i) in thing. 


8. The fingle (o) Is founded as weufually do, as in fobat, hobat, the 
firft fjllable (lo) has the fame found as the Englilh nionofjllablc fo : but 
where the double (o) or (oo) is ufed, which is very frequent in this hin- 
guage, they are founded full, hke the Englifli words foot, good, tooth, &c. 
Thus in the word oojong, the firft fy liable (oo) has the fame found as 
we give it in the above words. 

g. The (n) has the fame found as in all Englifli words, as in jurce, 
which the Malays pronounce juft as we do the Englifli word, jury. 

10. The (v) confonant has its own proper found as in Englifli, 

1 1 . The (y) is always founded like a confonant, as ban yak, min yak, 
like yawn, your. If (y) be founded at the end of a word, as in moolay, 
toonay, it mufl: not be founded like (e) as is ufual in many Englifli 
words ending with (y), but is to be founded broad, as in the Englifli 
words, lay,^ pay. Where (y) is accented, as in ayer, ay am, the fylla- 
ble refls on the (y), and is to be pronounced as the (y) in the Englifli 
word, ay. 

12. When two vowels come together, as in main, lain, they are to 
be pronounced md-in, la-in, and where fuch acute accent is found over 
any letter, the found of the fyllable is to refl: on that letter, as ing'in, 
tang an, are to be read ing-in, tang -an. 

13. The diphthongs every where ought to be pronounced according to 
their true Englifli foimd, and to avoid confuflon, we have omitted all im- 
proper ones, and as much as poflible all thofe which might feem doubtful. 

14. Awn is ufetl at the end of many words, as cafleawn, mood- 
awn, and is to be pronounced as in the Englifli words, lawn, fawn. 

15. (Ch) is always to be founded as in the Englifli words, child, chip. 

16. The fingle letters (c) and (k) being of the fame found, perhaps 
may be often ufed indifferently. 

17- (G) is always founded hard as in the Englifli words, gJjther, get, 
girl, but never fgft, as in gentle, ginger, for in all fuch founds wc have 



adopted tlic (j) confonant, fo that the word pegce, is l)y no meanrv to Lc 
pronounccil pojcc, hut pcgee, giving to the (g) a Jiard Ibund. 

18. TI)c vowels in thole words which feem to have in them iniproper 
diphthongs are all founded diltinclly ; thus, nian'galcat, is four lyllahlcs 
man -ga-lc-at, and lb of the rell. 

IQ. When any words end with, more, dore, as timmore, tcdore, 
whieh confill: only of two fy llablcs, as fim-more, te-dore, then tlic laft 
fvllable is to be pronoiuiced as the Englifli words, more, fore. 

By following thefe diredions the reader will be able to pronounce the 
langtiage with its tiiie accent ; which, as it is not difficult to be attained, 
lb it is perhaps more eafy to the Englifli than to other nations, there be- 
ing no founds in it, but what will very well fuit an Englifli mouth. 

AMiereever a fmall capital (a) occurs, in a Nabbce, it fliews that 
the Mord to which it is affixed is Arabic, many of which are ufed by the 
Malays fmce the Mohammedan faith has been the eftablilhed perfuafion of 
thole countries. 

Sliould the reader feck a INIalay Mord anfwering to any Englifli one, 
tJie true force of the word, in feveral places, will be better undcrftood 
by turning to the Malay word in the Second Part, anfwering to the En- 
glifli word. As for example, if I would know the Malay word for 
large, to that I find anfwering in the Englifli Part, bcfarr, then turn- 
ing to the INIalay Part, and anfwering to befarr, I find large, great, 
big, greatnefs ; and fo on the contrary, the true meaning of the Englifli 
word anfwering to a Malay word is fometimes betfer to be underllood, by 
turning to that M^ord in the Englifli part. 

The following rule is obferved in the Second Part of this work, viz. 

look for the word negree, the next line under it is printed attas 

ang'in, with a long ftroke before it, but is to be read, negree attas ang'in^ 
and in like manner the initial Word is to be added in all places where 


there is fuch u long llroke fet before the word or feutence, but where no 
fuch ftroke is ufed, there the initial word is not to be inferted. 

The above rules are laid down in as plain, liniple, and coneite a 
manner as poffible, that the learner might not have the leaft caule to 
complain of obfcurity on tlie one hand, or of remifTnels on the other. 
And we are very certain, from our ov>n experience, that a moderate por- 
tion of time allotted to the fludy of this moft foft, elegant, and eafy 
language, will prove to the ftudent that the ditliculty of attaining it is 
not real but imaginary. 




xVS it is fuppofed that the Reader is already acquainted with the ge- 
neral terms of grammar, it was deemed unneceflary to infeit them in the 
following eflay ; therefore thofe parts which are in common with other Ian-»- 
guages have, for the moft part, been fupprefled. 

The Malays have not any proper national character, except that which . 
has been introduced by the Mohammedan priefts, who have from time to 
time fettled on the peninfula of Malacca and the adjacent iflands ; therefore 
it refembles the Arabic Nilhki alphabet, excepting fome flight alteration to 
exprcfs a found which the Arabians had no chara<!ller to delineate. In con- 
formity then with the principal of the Eaftern nations, Arabians, Turks, 
Perfians, Sec. they read fronj the right hand to the left. 

The following page contains an alphabetical arrangemeiit of the Mcllay 
Alphabet, fhcwing the Names, Forms, and Powers of the Letters: 





IV. III. ' II. I. 

Fix\Ls. Medials and Initials. 

ConneSicd. UnconneSieJ. Coiinecled. UnconncSled. 

Name. Form. Power. 

, 'v , 

Aulif . 11 L I A in tf//, u<i//. 

Be ^-^ ^j >. J B 

Tc o^ ci> A y T 

Jcem ^ ^ s: :i^ J \njar. 

Hhc -^ T 3= =^ Hh ftrong arpiratc. 

Khe t t :s =L Kh guttural. 

Dal <A ci A <i D 

Re ^ ^ ^ ^ R 

^ .; J i ^ ^ 

Sin QM. {^ *w. >w S 

Shin ^jiu ^ji **». *^ "" 

Gain ^ t x c A very llender. 

Fe ^— <• ^ A 3 F 

Klaf OT «wT jC ^ C or K foftcr than S 

Kof Ot O' X 3 K 

Gaf J: J^ sr r G 

Laum (J- J X J L 

r r 

ISun ^;. o 



Vau J J J J Oo, o 

He A 8 o V ^ ^ ^ ^'S^^ afpirate. 


Che 'i r. - =? =^ C\i\n cherry. 

Nge \ t * ^ Ngin/w«^. 

Luum-aulif J; ^^ s^l :i;^ La 


In the above alphabetical arrangement the fecond and fourth columns 
from the right hand are ufcd only when they are connedled with a preceding 
letter ; as, hanyak /_vy^ many. Every letter Ihould be connected w Ith that 
which follows it, except thefe five ; I aullf, Ov dal, j re, J ze, and 5 vau ; 
neither of which can poffibly be joined to the following letter; as kcoUttce; 
r ^ZJ*J5 to fkin ; jure lata ajU 1^.:^. a fpeaker. 

Here let it be obferved, once for all, that in the various provinces over 
the vaft extent of country in which the Malay language is fpoken, there mull 
be feme difference of pronunciation ; and the word which is here pronounced 
hanyak is by others called banya. This is likewife the cafe with fcvcral other 
words> which it may be unncceflary to enumerate, fincc cuftom will render 
them familiar. 


Nouns arc either Subftantive or Adjedive ; and, in conformity with the 
Pcrfic and many other Eaftern languages, the Malays place the Adjedivc 
after the Subftantive ; as, 

* O'rang ^jj a man ; O'rang deal J^f dj^jl a wife man. 

Cooda TiCijJ a horfc ; Cooda gaja az^LT j^i»/ a ftrong horfc. 

i?oowa A^ «; . a houfe ; Rooma kechecl A.^zsz'^'^ &^t, a little 

' houfe. 

Pohone {^jJ, a tree ; Pohone thigee (^^_^iXi ^^u a tall tree. 


The Plural Number is frequently expreffed by repcating,the word in the 
Singular ; as, 

O'rang ^jj] a man, or human O'rang o'rang d i^l qjj] men, or human 
perfon; perfons. 

* [Oh/erve, the acute aa\'?!f, th;is ( ') is akvays ufed to marl a very long 
Jowid of the vowel over which it is placed \ hut when injerted after a conjonant it 
Jhews that thejyllahlc ends with ;/,] 


Cooda 5(3*/ a horfe ; Cooda cooda ^dji' ^C^jf horfes. 

Bdtoo ylt a ftone ; Bdtoo hdtoo y\^jS'Lt ftones. 

When a Numeral Adjcftlve is made ufe of, tlie Subftantive is for 
the moft part not repeated ; as, 

Cooda jOu/ a horfe; Cooda fapooho ecor jjS^i^jiy)^ 8^^ ten horfeaj 

Cooda banjak <Jiy^ s^ji' many horfes. 

Bdtoo t^jl} a ftone ; Bdtoo dua pooloo hdtoo y[j j^jj gjO^'b twenty 

Bdtoo fcdcl'it CaJuJ^o^^'Ij a few ftones. 


This language admits of no variety of termination, either in Nouns or in 
Verbs, therefore all the Parts of Speech in the Malay may be faid to be 
indeclinable ; and the Cafes of its Nouns are expreffcd by certain Particles pre. 
fixed ; as in the following example : 

Singular Number. ' Plural Number,. 

T6hone ^y_ a tree; Pohone pShone ^jj^ ^jj, trees. 

Derree pShone ' ^jJi^. ^jC^ of a tree ; Derree p6hone pdhone ^jj, (j.$>jj, iSj"^ 

of trees. 
A'canpohone ^^jJ ^i'l to a tree ; A'can p6hone pSlione ^jj^^^jj ^^\ 

to trees. 
■Eangpohom ^yl ^i the tree ; E'ang p6hone p6hone ^^_^. ^_^. ^j 

the trees. 
HeypShone ^jJ ^_^ O tree; Hey p6hone p6hone ^_^. ,^_^. (^=* 

^ ' ■■ - O trees. 

DdlampShone ^^jj ^lC^ in a tree ; Dalam p6hone pvhone ^^^^. ^^ ^ilci 

in trees. 

Prepofitipns ferving to the Ablative Cafe will be found in the Vocabulary 
«nder their proper heads : the principal, however, are, Dung-an ^^yt^fdma 
UU whh ; dung-an ^tC^ alfo lignifics by: De O, pada j^., derree c^^ci, 
derree pada j^ C^;^, from : Ddlam ^\C,, de C, in : Pada jO.. &^A &^ hy. 



In the Malay there are, like as in Englifli, feparate words to mark the 
Mafculine and Feminine Genders ; for the Malays have no Neuters, ualcft 
ftones and inanimate things may be reckoned among that clafs. Thus, 

O'rang c^ «I fignifies a human perfon. 

O'rang lakkee ij^ ci.! a male human perfon, or a man. 

O'rang parampoan ^^-v>->e,J Cm I a female human perfon, or a woman. 

Cooda fC^*,^ fignifies the genus of horfes. 

Coodajanlan. ^jUj'-i». gO»^ a malchorfe, or- a ftone-horfe. 

Cooda betina <w.>!>u gt^/ a female horfc, or a mare. 

A/ am J.j\ fignifies the genus of poultry. 

Ay'amjantan \^\JJ^ ^bl a cock. 

Ay'am betina &jX^i j,L;l a hen. 

Anj'mg Ac^^\ fignifies the genus of dogs. 

A^jing jnutnn ^JlAjl^ A^"*' ^ nidXt dog, or dog. 

A?!jing betina AaaZo ,s-::s:-'I a female dog, or bitch. 

Obferve, that Mice /3'^ is a word of excellence peculiar to exprcfs the 
male of human perfons, 'i% parampoan ^ a>-^tJ is ufcd in the fame manner 
for the female, and arc never applied to a bird, or a bcaft. As, on the con- 
trary, the words jantav ^UJl^and betina &aa.aaj, arc words of inferiority, 
and ufed to exprcfs the male and female of all other creatures except man, fmce 
they are not eflecmed fufficiently elevated or polite enough to be applied to 
the human fpecies ; and therefore to fay orang janian ^jUjla^ cmI for a male 
human perlbn, or a man, would be extremely improper : and it would be 
equally fo to fay cooda lakkee /Ji^ eti*/ for a ftone-horfe. This excellent 
rule is, however, fometimes dilregardcd, and they fay ayaw lakkee (J^^ /•'vj 
a cock, cooda lakkee lakkee i^^ t «^-^ n'^^ horfes, &c. &c. 

It has been already obfervcd, that they have no dcclcnfion of Nouns, or 
conjugation of Verbs: and as to the comparifons of Adjedives, they are thus 
cxpreiTed : 

] . The pofitive by the word itfclf ; as, 

Teggar S3 hard. Moor a ^j^ cheap. 

Loomboot <::jyy^»^ foft. Galap i_jjlj" dark. 

Pootee (^y>. white. Kcccheel ,J^csr^-> little. 

E'iam JJij black. Tooah gUj' old. 



2. The Comparative Degree is formed by the word lehbee t^ which 
fignlfics more ; as, 

Lehbee teggar -Xj' ( «-J more hard, or harder. 
Lebhee homhoot cuaa^ J / ^J more foft, or fofter. 
Lehbee pootee iJ'^.i^ more white, or whiter. 
Lebhee etam X'Jij , ^ more black, or blacker. 
Lebhee moora sjyo (" <-s' more cheap, or cheaper. 
Lebhee galap i— '-XJ /^^J more dark, or darker. 


Lehbee keechecl (Js./.s::V /^ 
Lebhee looah g I «J' i^,-^ older. 


3. The Superlative Degree is cxpreffed cither by the word ier J which 
fignifics wo/?, the circumlocution ot Derree padafimoa I^Ln 5<Aj cX»*^ which 
{'\grn^<:'i moji of all, or terlaloo ^^ J exceedhig, very*; as, 

Teggar Sj hard. 

Terteggar Sji^i hardcft; ox teggar dcrree pada p'lmoa 1*^1^ juXj (^jC> S^ 
hardefl of all. 

Balk /'^-i^-i good. 

Lebhee hidk ^^jJ^-i i^ better, eras if one Hiould fay, more good. 

Ter hdik ,'l)\.> J beft, or raoft good'; or elfc, Bdik derree padajdmoa 

I^Lj a<Aj \S)'^ i3-^- ^^^ °^ ^' 

Loomhoot <L}y^^ fott. 

Lehbee loomhoot u:j*>^4J r_5^ fofter, or more foft. 

Ter loomhoot cj^v^p ^ ibfteft, or moft foft; or elfe, loomhoot derree 
padajdmoa I^Lj gcXj CX'*^ ^-^y^y^ fofteft of all. 

Ter pootee , j'.j J whiteft ; ot pootee derree pada fimoa 5O0 Cijti t^^J 
I *^lxN whitelY'of all. 

Ter etam ^'Ju J blackcft; or etam derree pada famoa I^Lw jOo C^^^ (.Lv. 
blackeftof all. ' 

Ter moora ^^jyo J cheapcft ; or moora derree padafdmoa jcXj C_0^ ^J>J^ 
l*.<<'->w cheapeft of all. 

Ter galap l_'JU^J dark eft; ox galap derree pada fanioa jOo cO^ Sr-'-^^ 
I ^L*i darkeft of all. 

Ter ^^eecheel f^j^^^i^ J leaft ; ox keecheel derree pada famoa (^^ti JocstV 
L/«Ln b<Aj leaft of all. 

Tertooah jly J' oldeft; or /ooa/; derree pada fdmoa |^Lm rvAj Cj^<^ 5<Aj 

* In thefiraits of Malacca the Superlative is almojl conjiantly exprejfed by the- 
word banya ^^vW ^^ banyak Ouilj a great many, a7id is in more general nft 
ihan any of the above mentioned. 




Singular. Plural. 

A'ko ^\ or Sa'ia aj'-^ ^- Cdmee /^-«1/ or Saia o'rang d i *f AjLm we. 

Joo 4.::^. or Z/oo tJ thou» Cdmoo «i^iy or Loo-o'rang d j «I ii ye. 

Di?a <5uti he or Ihe. Deo'rang cj «ljO> they *. 

There are feveral words to exprefs the fecond perfon by, accordhig to the 

quality of the perfon fpoken to ; as, to a perfon of quality or fuperior rank, it 

is proper to fay tuan ;^U-V thou or you ; to an equal joo k>>. thou or you ; to 

a fervant or inferior, pakdnera jj ^Ulj thou or you. 

V* " - 


Pofleffive Pronouns are fuch as relate to pofleffion or property. 

Kittajtndirree (^-jcX-*-<*i UC-o I myfelf. 

Kttta poonea AaJjj UCo my, mine. 

Tuan poonea a>J»j (m \yi thy, thine. 

Cdmee poonea AaJ+j / ^U^ or Sa'ia poonea «XaJaj AjLw ours. 

Cdmoo poonea &.J.J Ki »^/ ox Lioo poonea du3 ^ tj) yours. 

J^eo' rang poonea AaJ^j cj«'_|ti theirs, &c. 


Thefe relate to fome word or plirafe going before, or which has been prc- 
\ ioufly mentioned ; as, 

Seappau «LjLyw who. 
Julian i^^y^ whofe. 

Nang mannee /JLo xj Seappau AjLk^m which. 
Appau »Ljl whaL 

F^too ^ that. 
^nee i^^, this. 

* Mr. Mar/den very jnjily remarh, that the Perfonai Pronouns differ much 
In different countries. Thus, Saia &Am the Jign of the firji perfon Jingidar, and 
loo^J of the fecond, are niore generally in nfe at Malacca, than ako aj( and joo 

are always nfed; Deo'rang ijj^,<^ literally Jghifies thy people. 



Verbs may be confulercd either as adlve or paflivc ; and fmcc they want 
terminations, as before obferved, it will appear, that the Voices, Moods, and 
Tcnfcs, are diftlnguillicd by particular particles, cxprefllve of either the Voice, 
the Mood, or the Tcnfc : thus the Verb iu the Adive Voice is only cxprclTcd 
'n the Paffive, the iignilicatiou is intimated as fiich by the Particle bci-j or 
/a xi ; as for example : 

Adivc. Paffive. 

Ako kojfec i^*M «i'l I love. A'kofooda her hijfee i^^_^^ f. ? «3ami_^"1 I am loved. 
A'ko'ijar j>l 4^1 I teach. A ko fooda her e'ljar .s*! v> s»^"^^' I am taught. 

Ahjooda ta kajjh \^j^^ •>J e<3 v^^l I am loved. 


The Tenfcs arc comprehended in tUefe three, viz. the Prefent, the 
Prctcr, and the Future. 


As to Moods, they arc cxprcflcd by fignificant words : but that I may 
the better explain the whole, I fliall fct down an example in both the A dive 
and Paffive Voices, throughout all the Moods and Tcnfes that this language 
is capable of, as follows : 


Poocool J^Aj to beat. 

Indicative Mood. Prefent Tcnfc. 

Singular. Plural. 

Ako poocool Jy'v. ••j' I do beat. Cdmec poocool JyjhJ (__5^l^wc do beat. 

Joo poocool Jv'*-» us», thou bcateft. Cd moo poocool JyV)jl«l/ye do beat. 

Dea poocool J»?*j ajO» he or (he doth Deorang poocool S/ji tfjh"^ *^^^^ ^° 

beat. beat. 

Preter Tcnfe. 
A kofoodn poocool Jy^ gti.>^_^l Idiabeat, or I have beaten. 
Joofooda poocooJ\^JJ,iCij^ j^ thcu didft beat, or thou hall beaten. 
Dea Jooda poocool Jy^. i^j»^ «V.^ ^^ ^^^^''^^ did beat, or hath beaten. 



Ca'mee fooda poocool (Jy%J 5<3«»j i^'o^ w^c did beat, or we have beaten., 

Ca'moo Jooda poocool ^%^JJ; ^djj*, a^'-T ye did beat, or ye have beaten. 

Deo' rang fooda poocool jJj/aj gtiy*. c^ijUti they did beat, or they have beaten. 

Future Tenfe. 

A\o viaoo poocool J ^/«.j »juo *jl I will beat. 

Joo maw poocool J »/«j a.jL-e jji.. thou wilt beat. 

"Dea niaoo poocool J^^j yue ^xjC» he or fhe will beat. 


Camee maoo poocool ^ »,{ ^i ^31^ i^-^ we will beat. 
Qavioo maoo poocool ^J^^j «juc A^t-/ ye will beat. 
Deorang maoo poocool J »/'«.j ♦ji^ d ■ »Ijc3 they will beat. 

Imperative Mood. 

'Poocool la joo t:^ xJ (Jj^J beat thou. 

Bear dea poocool i\^y^. <V.<-^ T^.-i l^t him or her beat. 

Plural. ' 

Bear la camte poocool <J^^V» (<«'"^ ^ ^^^- ^^^ ^^ beat. 
Poocool la camoo ^\S xJ ^J ^/'^ beat ye, or do ye beat. 
Bear deo'rang poocool ^^ «/«j c^ .lj<3 -xaj let them beat. 


The Optative Mood is generally cxpreflcd by prefixing fbme words cf 
•wifhing to the Infinitives ; as, 

De bree can Allah fc^ja poocool Jj/'*J ^S*** ^^ ^^ ^ji ^ ^ "vvifh, or God 

grant I beat, 


Potential Mood. 


Ah ho'lee poocool J»^ Csl^^J^' ^ ™^^ ^^ ^^" ^^^^' 

J&o ho'lee poocool JjAj c^j^^JJ^ *^''^" mavcfl: or ca;ift beat. 

Dea bo' lee poocool (jy%J. - .J^ «V.*^ ^^ "^"^y <^^ '■^^^^ beat. 

* ^ ' ' Plural. 
Ca'jvre bo'kc p'-ocool J «/o tc-U^ Cs"*''^ ^'*'^ ^"^^ ""^ ^^" b'-at. 
Ca'nwo ho'lee poocool Jy'v» i •-•!> ^'^ y^ "^-^y "^' <^'^" ^'^'^'^• 
Deo rang bo' lee poocool JjS" ,j ^ J y-; cjj jCi they mdj' or Cun Lcat- 

PiCi:cr Tcufc. 


Ako fooda bJlec poocool <_3^/«j L_^^\ t'^^>*^ ^-^ I mip'h'-, could, wouM, or 

fhould bear, or have bcarcn. 
JooJ'ooda ho'lee pooiool ^\ «/V» i^^j^, s<^'*^ ^ thou mightcft, couldt-ft. wouldefl, 

or fhouldclt beat, or have beaten. 
D(a fooda ho'lee poocool i}'^»^ i_Jj'. s*-^*^ ^..*^ he might, could, would, or 

iliould beat, or have beaten. 

Ca'mcefooda ho'lee poocool Jy^'J (^_5^J^ b<^'-«j /^'y we might, could, would, 

or fliould beat, or have beaten. 
Ca'moofooda ho'lee poocool Jji^jJ LjS^J^ tC>j^j^^/ yc might, could, would, or 

{honld beat, or h.ave beaicn. 
De'orangjooda ho'lee poocool J «/-j (J «j j<3«.>>. cj «L>«^ they might, could, would, 

or Ciould beat,or havebeaten. 

Future Tcnfe. 

Ako maoo ho'lee poocool J«.<^*j iJ «j «'_« ♦JI I will have beat. 
Joo maoo bo Ice poocool .U/^-» . J*-» •'-« *.^ thou wilt have beat. 
Dea maoo ho'lee poocool , W/»j " Jn »t^ x:Ci he vNill have beat. 

Ca'uee maoo ho'lee pooedol ,]*/*j , '^> •'_« . ^'«'^ we will have beat. 
Ca'inno m nor) ho' lee poocool A ^" tj / .J*J «Le v'— ^ ye will have beat. 
Oeo rang maoo bd lee poocool J^a/aj' J*j ^Le ij^^J-^ they will have beat. 


The iNFiNiTrVEMooD. 
Poocooi dean \^yf\ J j.<V» To beat. 

Preter Tcnfc. "j 

To have beaten. | 

Future Tcnfe. j" "°^ P^°P^'"^>' e^P^-e^ed. 

To beat hereafter. J 

There are neither Genders nor Supines in the language of Malacca. 

Participle of the Prefent Tenfe. 
Ba poocooi i)y^ AJ beating. 

Preter Tenfc, 
Ber poocooi Jy'^J tJ beaten. . .; 

The Passive Voice. 

Indicative Mood. Prefent Tcnfc. 


A'iofooda hcrpoocool J */Vj^ 8'^^**' jj' I ^^^ beaten. 
Joojooda berpoocool ^J^tj^ jcWw^rs». thou art beaten. 
Deajooda berpoocool JyV'jJ 8<^j^ «V.*^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ *^ beaten. 


Ca'meefooda herpoocool ^J «JV»^ 5<^ v*> / <«'-^ ^^ ^^^ beaten. 
Ca'moojooda berpoocool J«J«.j^ -^dyn \^\S ye are beaten. 
Deo rang jboda berpoocool J^/^j < 5<J>*«j d;.(j<^ they are beaten. 

Preter Tenfc. 


A'kofoodajaddee berpoocool J »J *j^ (^^ti'.^». ^CSyn y>\ I was or have been beaten. 
Joojooda jaddee berpoocool ^]yf».j^ (^'i^'^ bO*>*i «^ thou v\ail or hail Leen 

Deafoodajaddee berpoocool Jy'^j j ^tiliik ^<^^ &j<3 he or ihe was or hath been 




Ca'ittecfoodujadJceherpoocGol JyVr? <^*^'"^ sti^ (^_^l/wewerGorhaYebcen 

Qa'moofoodajaddee herpoocool ^jSjj^i (_^<3'-2». gtWj (^_^l/yc were or have been 

Deo rang foodajaddee herpoocool i^j^jJj-} iS^^^ 5iV>*j d; «bti they were or hav& 

been beaten. 

Future Tenfc, 

Singular. ' 

A'ko addn jaddee berpoocooJ Jt/«.j_j (Ci3^>. ctil^'I I fliall be beaten. 
Joo adda jaddee herpoocool Ja/ajj (_^<^l:s». ctil^i», thou fhalt be beaten. 
Dea adda jaddee herpoocool J^jJ-J C^*^^^ ^^' *V.*^ ^^ ^^ ^^"^ ^^^1 be beaten. 


Cdmee adda jaddee herpoocool Jj/*j j (^c!>ls». cO>! /^l/ we fliall be bcatenv 
Ca'moo adda jaddee hercoopool jUi^-j (^til^ ci^l r^-c'-/ ye fliall be beaten. 
Deo'ran adda jaddee herpoocool J */*JrJ C^<-^'-^ ^«^' P^jj'-H*^ ^^^y ^^^11 be beaten. 

Imperative MooDf. 

Jaddee la joo herpoocool ^)ji\j j «^ xj (^dls:^ be thou beaten. - 
Bear la dea jaddee herpoocool Jj/jj j (^oLsw ^ti »J ^xj let him be beaten. 


Bear la ca'mee jaddee herpoocool ^}jijj j (_^titi». ^^^l/ ^ «>u let us be beaten. 

Jaddee la ca'moo herpoocool ^^{^^ y^ *J (_^«ibs. be ye beaten. 

Bear deo' rang jaddee herpoocool Jj^^ <-^*^^ PJJ^"^-)^^ l^t them be beaten,- 

Optative Mood, 

De Iree can Allah fa'ya jaddee herpoocool d^^M CJ^<^^* ^*^ ^^ ^ (Sri ^ 
God srant I am beaten. 




Prefent Tenfe. 
Sdya ho'lee jaddce hcrpoocool c)*(j-JtJ C^ti^>- (5-^*^ ^^\^ I mav or can be 

And in like manner the other Tenfes of this Mood. 


Dee poocool Jk^V» &J^ ^° t)e beaten. 

There is no need to multiply examples ; for, by a curfory obfervation on 
the mode of conjugating this Verb, if the above may be called a conjugation, 
which docs not admit of any difference in termination, any other Verb may be 
cafily formed ; as. 

Active Voice. 

Indicative Mood. 

Prefent Tenfe. 
Ako ha'cha X^U ^if I read, or do read. 
A'kojboda ha'cha ^^'-J 80i*>*j ji\ I did or have read. 
A'ko maoo ha'clia x^{j j3L^^'i\ I will read. 

Imperative Mood. 

Ba'cka lajooy:^ xj Jts^L) read thou. 
And fo of the reft. 


By placing the Participle c'a before any Verb, it becomes a Participle of 
the Prefent Tcnfe ; as, 

Ba'cJin ^2^'-/ to read ; Ba ha'cha x=a.'^ reading. 

Dunbar iti to hear-; Bu dungar ^Aj hearing, 

Kt'na U-o to apply ; Ba kiiia UXaj applying. 


The Particle her ^i or fa xji placed before the Verb, turns it into a Par- 
ticiple of the Prefcnt Tciife ; asj 

Kcra 5-0 to think ; Ber her a syf^ j! or Ta Icra ^jKs *J thovight, or did 

KiJIip u^Aj to bind, as a book. Bcr kill'ip (»-^ .j or Ta kilJip (.^^ ^ bound, 

as a book. 
Coompool Jvv^j/ to gather ; Bcr coompool cWy*^ jJ or Tacoompool J^.^-^y' ^ 


And here obfcrve, that all Paflive Verbs arc made up of Participles of the 
Preter Tenfc, in the fame manner as they are in Eugiifli , as, 

A'ko fooda ta poocooJ <Jy%J| Xi s^v-w ^J"' I ai"" beating. 
A'kojhoda ber poocool Jj/^j jJ BO*i*j *j'I I am beaten. 

From the above imperfed: fketch of this very elegant, but flmplc, lan- 
guage, many perfons may be led to hifpcit that it is exceedingly barren ; 
but herein they are greatly miftakcn, for the Auxiliary Verbs may be formed 
as regularly in the Malay as in the Latin, or any other European tongue, 
which the following example will fufficiently evince : 

8 «Ac To be. 

Indicative Mood. 

Prefcnt Tenfe. 

Gooa ada jtXc 5^ j-' I am. 
Looee cida xJvc tC v* thou art. 
T>ca ada gOvC Ajp he, Ihe, or it is. 

Kecta ada gcXc UCo we are. 
C.moo ada ^O^ ytW ^eare. 
Deo'raiig ada g^Ac ^^J^^ they arc. 


Perfect AND Imperfect Tenses. 

Gooafooda ada pcXC -i^yu 5j-^ I was, or ha^^e been. 
Looee fooda ada gcXc 8<3^ ^^^ thou waft, or haft been. 
Den fooJa ada gtXc ^dy** AJti he, ftie, or it was, or has been. 


Keeta fooda ada gcAc sdyu U>o we were, or have been. ■ 

Qdmoo jooda ada a J^ gcSy*» a^I/ ye were, or have been. 

DcQ rang jboda ada gO^ jcWn d mLjO they were, or have been. 

Firft Future Tenfe. 

Gooa maoo jnddee (^Ci\=s^y)i^ ^y>\ will be. 
Ltooce maoo jaddee t^C^\:^^x^ ^^ thou wilt be. 
"Dea maoo jaddee (__^ciU^ jjue iJyci he, flie, or it will be. 


Keeta moo jaddee (_Ctit:i»jJUo ^^ we will be. 

Cdmoo maoo jaddee (^C^{^ ^x^ y^W ye will be. 

V)co rang maoo jaddee (^til^^jue f^J^^A ^^^Y ^'•'^^^ ^^' 

Second Future Tenfe. 

Gooa naniee jaddee (^til^ L5^-''~' P-^^^ ^^^^ '^^ ^"^^'^ ^^" 

Looee nantee jaddee (j^eili». /*,^>uLi (^ J thou ftialt be. 

Dm nantee jaddee c^'tils^ /JCJU »)u|<3 he, Ihe, or it ftiall be. 


Keeta nantee jaddee (^iil^». C_s^'-' '-^ '^'^ iha.\\ or will be. 

Cdmoo nantee jaddee (^c^Lsw / JO'U 4^'-/ ye ftiall or will be. 

Deo rang nantee jaddee (^OkLi! /^ijlj CMljti they ftiall or will be. 


Potential Mood. 

Prefent Tcnfe. 
Gooa holee ada gcAc {^y. 9^ ^ "^''7 o^ ^an be. 
Looee bokeada ^(Ac (^^y. iSj^ ^^^^'^ mayeflor canft be. 
Dea bolee ada b<-X£ (Jyi ^.^ ^^*^' ^'^^> or it may or can be. 


Kecta bolee ada 5 «Ac L^y. '-^ '^'^ "^^y °^ ^^" ^^* 
Ciit/ioo bolee ada gtXc rj^ *^l/ ye may or can be. 
Deo rang bolee ada BtXi* rjy ^J^^S^ they may or can be. 

Perfect and Imperfect Tenses. 


Gooafooda bolee ada gJ^ (_^J^ 5<^_y*' PJ-^^ might, could, would, or fliould 

be, or have been. 
Looee fooda bolee ada gcXr f^y b<^>*^ (S^ thou mlghteft, couldeft, wouldeft, 

or fhouldeft be, or have been. 

Dea/ooda bolee ada ^tXc (^y Ti'^y* ^A ^^^> ^'^^> or it might, could, would, or 

fhould be, or have been. 

Keeta fooda botee ada 5 Js.<i (^y 8<^>*' '-^ we might, could, would, or fhould 

be, or have been. 
Ci'mioo fooda bolee ada joVc (^y s^^^j^l/ ye might, could, would, or Ihould 

be, or have been. 
Deo' rang fooda holee ada jcXc /^ *J zCiy*i P^mWP they might, could, would, 

or &ould be, or have been. 

Firft Future. 

Gooa maoo bolee jaddee ^C>\.2^ ^^jjjji^ c.jJ I fhall have been. 
Looee maoo bolee jaddee (^dl:^ C^J-^J^^ ^'•' ^'^"" ^''^^^ ^^^^ been. 
Dfa maoo bolee jaddee C^Ols». \J^^yj^^ 'H'^ ^*-'» ^^> ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ been. 



Keeta maoo huke jaddee (__^s3l>^ tsl^^ J-*^ ^~^ ^^ ^M have been. 
Ccimoo maoo holee jaddee (^tils». ^^^ u ksl^ *^l/' ye ihall have been. 
Deo'rang maoo bo'lee jaddee (__^«3'^ c_5l^•^^*^ A'^'^*^ ^'^^'^^ ^"^'^ '^*^*^ been. 

Second Future Teiife. 

Gooa ttantee bolee jaddee (^til^ / ^*j /Jill'J Pj-' ^ ^i^'^ have been. 
Looee nantee holee jaddee {^Ci\::^ i'-J^ Cs^'-* ^V thou Ihalt have been. 
Dea nantee bo'lee jaddee (^CJ^ CJyi cLs^'^' ^'^ ^^' ^^' ^''^ ^^ ^*^^^ ^^^^ 



Keeta nantee hoke jaddee (^til.:^». , J»j (^J^*^" '-^ "^^ ^^^^ have been. 
G/woo «^1«/^^ holee jaddee (^til^'^D*J [JuU^^'y ye ftiall have been. 
Deo'rang nantee holee jaddee (jQCi\j:i^' (^y" (^^\j ^J^-i^ ^^^Y ^*'^ have been. 

Imperative Mood. 


Ada lajoo y:^ xj gtXc be thou. 

Bear dea ada giAc <!u<3 Ji-o let him or her be. 


Bear la cdmee ada gcX£ L<<^ P^ 7*^ ^^ 7^' 

y^^rt /a fTiiWoo 4^1/ aJ jO^ be ye. 

£t\jr deorang ada b<Ac P^j'v.*^ rV^^ ^^^ them be. 


Ada gOsi or ^Jrt ^c^« f^^j/\ blXc to be. 




Prefcnt Tcnfc. 
Ba ada ^O^ Xj being. 

Prctcr Tcnfc. 
Bcr ada jiAc ~j been. 

As to Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Interjec- 
tions, I think, fays Mr. Bowrcy, that in the Latin Grammar, they rather 
perplex than Inform the learner ; little notice therefore need be taken of them 
in this place, but the reader may be left to look them out in the Vocabulary. 

PrepofitionS by the Malays are placed before the Noun, as they are in 
Englifh ; thus, 

Dung'an gaja j^jT i^\^Ci with force. 

Dung'an tang'anfind'irrce (^^wXJLw (^tiJ' (^^<-i with his own hand. 

A'koJ'oodapegcc fdnia dea Ajti a^Ln ^^JCaj ^d^yu ji\ I went with him. 

Derree fdblafdlatan i^'^Lj C'X>^ iSj^ ^lo^^^ ^he fouth part. 

Derree padnfdcaran ^\\S\^.> biAj (^j<-^ from henceforth. 

Derree mana aJLo (^jc^ from whence, where, ^\ hi'ch, what place. 

Derree adddpan ^^\Cks. iSjCi from before. 

Derree pada nioohynea AxajiJ*^ biAj (^jC> from the beginning. 

Df'dam roonm a^»j JIti in the houfe. 

Bin/nag addu la de langit \::^^ <3 «J b<A^ z*-*^-*-:" the ftars'are in the fky. 

De adda de negree Julatan (^'JLw (^Aaj ti ^cXc <J^ he is in the fouth countr■^^ 

Ddlam ootan {^^ J '«^ in the woods. 

De pddang cciLi ti in the fields. 

Dii}tg\m ndma Allah aUI a^U ijLc<3 in the name of God. 

Padafeangarree{_C,j\ cIaan gvAj by day light. 

Bree la etoopada ko js BtX»^' ^ iSji gi^'^ *^^^ *° "^^* 



Bree dean dea Ajti \^\ (Sj-! &^^ ^^ ^^ him. 
PuJa hi'irang -jvactoo A.'^if a c^L» 5O0 at any time. 
Padr, kotika etoo ^jLj AJijVj gcXj at the fame time. 

DiiuJoo derree pdda ivactoo etoo ^Li^^jS ^ 8<_\j (__^^ti »Jlti before that time. 
Datiloo derree pada macaii ^jJ^Lc b<Aj (^j<3 *.J'<3 before you eat. 
Dauloo derree pada doonea jaddce (^<3ba. AaJj<3 5«-X_» (^jd ^\<^ before the 

world was. 
Dehava dean deattas (j^'\yu<S ^^J~>~J,'^ 5^'-:!<^ below and above. 
De fahraiig hook'it c^j-J c^jj ti beyond or over the hill. 
Uc Idbrangfoongcy i^^^y** f- y^ «^ beyond or over the river 
Defubratig laoot ki^jj f-^'^ '^ beyond fea. 

This may be fufRcicnt to fhcw the ufc of the prepofitions in regimine. 


The addition of the Particle awn (^1 to the end of any Verb will make a 
Noun, exprcffing the adlion of that Verb ; as, 

Sooca 4.\/v*j to be glad; Soocawn i^^i^'y^ gladnefs. 

Mdbooc Oj-jLc to be drunk ; Mdboocawn j^l/^jl^ drunkennefs. 

The Particle 7«;r^ C^-^' placed before a Verb, turns it into a Nominal, 
exprcffing the performer of the ad:ion which the Verb relates to ; as, 

CooUttee (Jii!i^S to ; Jurce coolitiee ^JiW^ (^-^ aflcinncr. 

Bajfo k>mju to wafh , Juree hajfo »>wjL> (^y> a wafher. 

Larree i^j^ to run ; Jurcc larrce <Sj^ <Sj^ ^ runner. 

Cdfu ^j[/ to fpcak ; Juree cat a AJl/ (^-i^. a fpcakcr. 

The Particles pern ^, pen ^^j, pcni (^^^ peng i.j, are oftentimes ufed 
to the fame purpofe ; as, 

Chooree (^;j=^ to fteal ;. Pencliooree (^^^^♦rsr'S; a thicfl 

2?/rt' ^CJ to give ; Pembree {^.^^ a given 

Soorat vo/*^*, to write,- Penioorat u;_);?aaj. a writer» 

B'bor -Aj to comfort ; Pcngebor ^-saju a comforter. 


Thcfc Particles have not only all of them the fame fiprnification, but- arc 
alfo indeed the fame word, and only varied according as the Verb begins cUher 
with a vowel or a confonant, vvith a harflicr orelfe a loftcr letter ; and accord- 
ing to the initial letter the Particle pern »j, pen i^, pJnl tsA>o, or pcrtg Ju, 
is adapted to give a fmoothnefi to the language ; as fur example, 

Macan ^JyLo to cat ; Pemtnacdn t^^-^J, an cater. 

Doo/ia A>»iMJjci to lie ; Pendoofla Aa>w «-\a.> a liar. 

Where it is eafy to obfcr\'e, that the Particle is fitted to the initial letter 
of the Verb, in order to prevent a hiatus in the pronunciation, and a harflinefs 
in the found, for had pen ^^ been fet before the Veib mdcan ^j/Lc, and fo 
been penmdcan ^^L^ ; or pern *j before doo/ia a^ «t3, and fo pcmdoojla 
Aa>*. .<_Xyj ; both the one and the other had loft that foftnefs on the car and ea- 
(inels in pronunciation, which they now retain. 

Peng xj is generally, if not always, ufcd before fuch Verbs as begin 
with Vowels, or with the letter G j^; as, 

Artee (Jij\ to underftand ; Pcn/artee /^];Lij an undcrftandcr. 

E'cot -dSj to follow ; Pi ngccot cv^jC S^ a follower. 

Irrop ^__; I to fip ; Peng'trrop v_j^>.j a fipper. 

Oocoor^j^t to meafure ; Pen^oocoor j^^i.y a meafurcr. 

Gdlee (_^u to dig ; Penggalec , JIXxj a digger. 

In Verbs beginning with the letters S ^j^ or T ci>, the 5 q*, or T c:j i» 
omitted, for the fake of a more eafy and foft pronunciation ; in thofe that be- 
gin with S VM peni / ^Jyu is ufed, and in thofe with T <u pen ^^ ; as, 

Soorat K::jjtrM to write ; Penioorat k:dj^ a writer. 

Tarrick ^.Jiu-ju" to hawl ; Penarrick v^ij-xi..» a hawler. 

Pent j»j is generally ufed with Verbs beginning with the letters h i«_>, ;« ., 
as pen ^^ is with the Verbs which begin with c /, d C^, g J , k s ; as, 

B'hoong 6^^ to cheat, deceive ; PcmbC/ioong c.^^y^ a deceiver. 

M'can ,^j/^^ to cat ; Penmu'nan ^^y^L^J an eater. 

Ciita Ajl/ to fpeak ; Penciita aVLCj a fpeaker. 

Pfonjia .xaj*, jci a lie ; Ptndoojia aa^jJvJu a liar. 

Gelimr ^^^,XfJ^ to roW; Pengijlii/g *^L>JJ^i a roller. 

Kail (J^li to angle for fiih ; Penkdll jJCoo an angler. 


Me ., mem ^, meng k^, mini (J..^^, are expletives frequently fet be- 
fore Verbs, and feem to give an elegance to the word, rather than any addi- 
tion to its fignification ; as, 

La'oo jJJ to depart; or MJ/dloo J.)K^ to depart. 

Mi'Jboc O^swU} to enter ; or MJmnfooc '\S^m^V^^ to enter. 

Bi'igee acan ^^\ , S\.j to divide ; or Mcmbiigeedcan ^^jYI ^^^'I,a.^ to divide. 

Duptit Cioiti found; or Maiddpat c>jI<_Xx^ found. 

Aco ^{\ to acknowledge ; ox Mcniaco ^{.^Xk^ to acknowledge. 

In Verbs beginning with Vowels, the Particle meng i-o is ufed ; as, 

Ampoon ijj^A^I to forgive; or Mcn^ampoo7t (^«>y«bL« to forgive. 

Ecal JvXj to curl ; or Meng'ecal J^XoU to curl. 

IJfee (^y*u to fill ; ' or Men^ijfee ^^^sskajU to fill. 

Oohatlce (^_5^j to apply falve to ; or Meng" oohattee /JujjU» to apply 

fajve to. 

But in Verbs beginning with 6" ^j^ or Tci>, the S (j^jor T CJ are omitted ; 
mcni ,J>u^ is ufed with thofe- that begin with -S* /j^ ; and mem ^ with 
thofe which begin with T ci; ; as, 

SJpoo ^[mj to fv.eep ; or MJnia'poo «jIaaa^ to fweep. 

Tingal ^ySJJ leave behind ; or Memingal <Jk_CLj^ leave behind. 


In Verbs beginning with p ^_j the /> l_j is dropped, and mem ^ is ufed 

Patigil iJJ<Ju to call ; or MemangU ^^SX.^ to call, 

Paudaug ^<^Lj to Hare on; or Memaudang dtiL,-s> to ftare on. 

Verbs that begin with h i_j, haA'C mem -^ always fet before them ; as, 

BJfar can ^^ f^^^. to magnify ; or Mem hefar can i^^ ,^w^ -..c to magnifv. 
Bvfee can j^^/^^j to trim ; or Mem h\fce can (^^^/ /^m*aj w<, to trim. 

There are fome other compofitions of the like nature both in Nouns and 
Verbs, which the ftudious in this language will loon difcover ; we fliall there- 
fore take notice of but one particle more, which is often joined to Verbs in 
the xA.d;ive Voice, and then proceed ; that is the particle dean / y^l or 


fometimcs can ^^ ; the word fignlfics /o ; as, acmi Sran^^ c mI t^/l io a nicui ; 
but it is often added to Verbs, one m ould think needlcflly, yet it gives a pecu- 
liar elegance in this language ; as, 

Mdcan ;m>5^Ui to cat; A'ko maoo mdcan acan rootce eloo (^y^Lc ^y^ y^ 

yj (Ji^j (j^l I will cat that bread. 
Mhinoom ^^X^ to drink ; A'ko maoo nnunoom can migoor ctoo ^y^ ^jl^ i:\ 

^ ) *il t^»y I will drink that wine. 

If it be ufed in the Imperative Mood, la %J, which is the Imperative 
note, is put between the Verb and 'ican f^j/\ ; as, 

Mt'ican la acan angoor etoo y^j^tX ^^\ %} {^^^^ eat that bread. 
M'mnoom la dean angoor ctoo^jj^\ ,^^^1 xJ *y^ drink that wine. 


Adverbs of time ending in /y arc exprciTed by tiop tiop ^-J«>J Sr'vy fct 
before the Novm ; as, 

Jam >=». an hour ; Tiop t top jam ^ ^j-f^ Sr*^ hourly. 

Arree (^j\ a day ; Tiop tiop arree (^j\ <-}j^ '^J^ daily. 

Boolon (^jJ ♦J a month ; Tiop tiop boolon (mJj.j SrH^y ^y^ monthly. 

Tawon i^t^ a year ; Tiop tiop taivon (^«L»" Sr^'tV Sr^^tV y^^jly. 

Adjedives of diminution in refpedl of quality are exprcffed by the word 
y?^c/;J/V c^oucXamj ; as, 

Pootee / J*j white ; Pooteefedekit oJocJU»*» L^H whitifli, or a little white. 
E'tam iiXj black ; E'tamfedckit c:aXjcXa>jj *aj blackifh, or little black. 

The young of any living creature whatfoever is expreffed by adding the 
viOX^L anak /'aj\ to the Noun that exprcfles the kind of creature that is men- 
tioned ; as, 
O'rang c; .! a human perfon ; Anak orang 6ij\ OijI a child, or the 

young of a human perfon. 
Cooda gt3«/ a horfe ; Anak cooda gO^ /jj\ a colt. 

Doomba iXA.^*Oy a fheep ; Anak doomba .iuycjt^ ^1 a lamb. 

Aiijing ^s^\ a dog ; Anak anjing ^isr'l ^jI a puppy. 




There arc fome things pccuUar to this tongue, both a^ to their naming 
and reckoning of things ; as. 












1. Sat 00 ^[^ or Sa Iwj 

2. Dua ^^d 

3. Tcga aXaj 

4. Ampat Ci^x^l 

5. LiCVia A.^ 

5. A'aw ^' or annam JJ\ 

/. Toojoo A'^^^J 

8. Dch(pan ^juJijti 

0- Savihclan (^5^1aa.j_nw 

. "S";? pooloo *J »j Lmj 

3. Tega b!as (j>*Xj «X-Xaj' 

4. Ampat bias (j*jXj 0.a^\ 

La?! a hlas 


Xj a^ 

6. Nai7i bias rj^J *j or annam bias r^^J >. 

/. Toojoo bias (jmXj ^:^j'J 

8. DL-Lfpan bias (J^Aj i^-Xj<3 

0. Sambt'lan bias (vw.^ i^-^^-r^ 

t^« 20. Dua pooko «J«_) 5«ti 

)j| 21. Dua pooloo Jatoo ^'j[m. ^ 6,J s^'^ 

YY 22. Dua pooloo dua j «<3 J*j 8«<^ 

l-'f*- 23. Dua pooloo tega aXaj' J^j j «O 

(j<^ 24. Dua pooloo ampat 'J>^^\ ^} tJ f tC^ 

YX3 25. Dua pooloo lema d^^.) j^^_^»C^ 

26. Dua pooko nam ^Ij v'»J sj<-^ 

2/. Dua pooloo toojoo ^:^tj •Jtj pjti 

28. Dua pooloo delapati ^j^^jJIjO JvJ js*<3 




29. Dua pooloo Jhmbelan 

3 . Ti-ga pooloo *J^ aXaJ 

^AAA.yWJ 5J ^ a e<. 



^, 40. Ampat pooloo *J»j vjx^^l 

D( 50. Licma pooloo ^yi d^jkS 

^( Oo. l^am pooho J) ^i jj ox aimam pooloo ^ t^ ^JUl 

V< /0. Toojoo pooloo JjJ *^0 

A» 80. DeUpan pooloo Jj.j (^JL/ti 

<j ( QO. Snmhelan pooloo J^ ^J_JJ.A>^w 

)/( 100. RUoos f^y\j or fa rdtoos (j^*^\j\j*, 

yii 200. Diia nitoos (j^^yj\j IS 'i'^ 

ill! 1000. Rehoo y^j or Jti reboo^j^Jj L*i 

j^M» 2000. Dua rehoo yKjj -^ ^Ci 

\"i 1 1 3000. T(?^a reboo ^j.jj &.S^'i 

\ 1 1 1 1 10000. Laxa AmjX) orj'a laxa JuwJCJ Lm 

|(i((( 100000. Kectee iJk>3, or fa kcetee i^^,^ '-«- 

Fraftions cf numbers, or thofe common parts of integers, which arc 
moft familiar to us, are exprcfled thus, 

Sa foocoo ^{ ^ Ln a quarter. 

Sa thig'a &JiX> Lm half. 

Tegafoocoo ^ t.M aXaJ' three quarters. 

Satoo fafoocoo »/^m Ln «jLm one and a quarter. 

Dua tegafoocoo ^y** aXIj' 5 5<^ two and three quarters. 

But then they fay, 

Teng'a dua 5 «ti &juJ one and a half. 

Teng'a tega aXaJ' ajUj" 2\, and fo on ; which is as if they fhould fliy 2-\, 
3-'-; for though the word lefs is not exprclled, yet it is underftood ; but in all 
other broken numbers they reckon as we do. 

In numbering of things they have exprcfs words for the feveral kinds of 
things fo numbered, which they always repeat after the number ; as for ex- 
ample : 

O'rang dj.l fignifics human kind ; Crangfa oraug c^ *l Ln c uI one human 

O'rang lakkee {Ji^ pj"^ ^ man, or male human perfon ; Crang lakkeefa orang 

c^jl Ln <_^ ^mI one man. 


O'rang parampoan (^^-C^A-e^j c^ «( a woman ; orang parampoan dna orang 

dul B «O ^^^;.C4,-ye^ C)«t two women. 
O'rang anak ^"y.s. cji*l a child ; orang anak tega orang c^.l aXaj /^ 'IaC c.j«I 

three children. 

Where it is to be obferved, that the word orang cijl is flill repeated 
after the nixmber. 

To denominate all other living creatures they uic the word ecor ^ «JCj ; as, 

Cooda «1^4/ a horfe ; Cooda ampat ecor i*Jo CX*.,^ b"-^»/ four horles. 

Doomba a^^CS a fhccp ; Doomha Unia ecor x^Si) a.^ aa^jc^ four fheep. 

B'mnaiang ajUj a bead ; Btnnata?ig nam ecor^yS^ Aj xJ'Lo fix bcaft. 

J^oroong cl»;«j a bird ; i3(55roo7/^ /i^a cror i»jG AJyJ'dji*j fevcn birds. 

£V(j« jj^jJO a filh ; ^'can deliipdn ecorj^Xj ;^Jlj«3 ^JJy. eight filhes. 

Where it is to be obferved, that the word ecor j^S^ is ftill repeated after 
the number as before. 

Obfcrve the word /a Lw in numbering is ufed both for one and alfb for 
the particle a, as the note of the fubilantive ; as, 

Gaja dc^ an elephant; Gajafa ecor j^Xj Lm &:^ one elephant, or an 


To exprcfs a natural entire folid body they add the word hatoo. aJ'U after 
the number ; as, 

Biltoo^'lj a ftonc ; Buioofa hdtoo t^i) Lj »j'U one flone, or a ftone. 

Giggee ,JsS-&. tooth ; G'iggee fa pooloo bdioo ii\j j}jj Lm f^^.> ten teeth. 

To exprefs artificial things, which are compofed of folid materials, they 
add the word booa ^ ^j after the number ; as, 

K'''ta &:>y) a caftlc; Koto dun pooho hooa ^jjjjj jjO Aj*jj 20 caftles. 

Rooma &^y a houfe ; Rooina tiga pooloo booa ^y^^yt «sJyO' &^^j 30 houfcs. 
Kdpal tJ-J.U' afhip; Kd pal ampat pooloo hooa afJ^^J ^-^.s-^Js^'-' *^^ Ihips.. 


■ u 


To cxprcfs vegetables they add the word biJic rj:^CKJ after the num- 
ber ; as, 

Po'hone \^j^y a tree ; Po'hoTie letfia pooho Ftdjre jJvj &^ 'O^J^.- 

, ^a». Aj fifty trees. 
Rooi/ipoot hodooree ^j 4<3b d> vs^j; Rconipoot hddooree turn pooho bid^ee ui> ^/w» ^j 
a brier ; l^s^-J^^- r^ ^Jj'^^- ^^^^^ briers. 

But to all fruits they prefix the word hooa sj> which flgnlfics fruits ; as, 

Pefang A>**aj a plantain ; Booapsfinig toojoopoi-oo I'tdjei' y^jj a.^**^} ^yj 

/ ^Ju J*J fcNcnt'- plantains. 
Deh'ma A.^jSjCi or hooa delema Booa d^h'tiia dJIupan pooloo o'ldjee w.^>X/tN ^aj 
«s^aJuo 84J a pomegranate; /^(_>o J4J ^j!\iCi eighty pomcgniuates. 

To cxprefs any thing that grows naturally tliin, they add the particle ley 
, J after the number ; as, 

Dawon ;j^'»^ a leaf; DawonfatnheJart pooho ley j}^ ^l^^^:VS-**' O^'*^ 

, J ninety leaves. 
Coolit ^^y a fkin, or fliell ; CooUt"ja rdtoos ky ^J !j*-jj'^j Uw c^»/ one 

hundred fkins. " 

Artificial things that are thin have the word kJp'nig xj^ fct after the 
number ; as, 

CjrrrJj /wvJjJ' paper ; Cartas dua rdtoos h'ping ^>^-o (j^j^^j 5 «ti U*^-/ 

two hundred fheets of ])apcr. 
Pt'dang ctX>J a fword ; Pedang tega rdtoos kcphig x^ (J^-J^b <*-^^ ^'-'\y 

three hundred fwords. 

Thus they fay — I have one houfe, one wife, one child, one forvant, one 
horfe, one leaf, one fword; adda la pada ko room a fa booii, heetiee Ja ornng, 
anakfa orang, ambafa drang, cooda fa ecor, dawon Ja ley, pidinig fd kJphig ; 



The weights, are the 
hiiJiar Mdldyc, pccool, cat- 
tee, booncal, mja?», which 
they reckon thus : 

lO Mlams 1 Booncal. 
20 Boo?ical 1 Cat tee. 
100 Cattee 1 Pecool. 
2 Pecool 1 BaharMa- 

The haluir contains of 

EngUjJi Avoir dupoirjcelgh t, 

I. oz. dw. gr. 

396 11 00 14 

The booncal contains 
of Trey iveig/it, 

oz. dzv. gr. 
1 8 23 

The aforefaid are the 
Mi'lay weights, but they 
alfo ufe the C//z«a weights, 
which they reckon thus : 

Coonderht, mas, tial, 
cattee, pecool, btihar. 

1 Coonderin 1 Mas. 
10 Mas 1 Tial. 

10 Tial 1 Cattee. 

I Bdloo timhanggan ea, 
' heiliar Mdldyo, pecool, cattee, 

booncool, 7/iiam, ea?!g de bi- 

lang buggetoo. 

Namhhis Miamfa Booncal. 
Sa rutoos Cattee fa Pecool. 
Dua Pecool Ja Bahar Ma 

pj'ang bahar bratgantee 
batoo timbanggan en'grees 
namanea. Avoirdupois, 
tega ratoos Jambelan pooloo 
nam pounds,yai/«jounccs, 
ampat bias, grains. 

E'angbooncal bratgantee 
biitoo timba?iggan en'gres 
Troy, fa ounce, deUpan 
penny- weight, dua pooloo 
tega grains. 

pj'ang dauloo fooda ber- 
ciita, etoo la batoo timbang- 
gauMalayo, tetiipee deorang 
Idgeepakee Chena maoo ber- 
timbang brat, eang dc 
bclang buggetoo. 

Coonderin, mas, tial, cat- 
tec, pecool, bdliar. 

Sa pooloo coonderin fa mas. 
Sa pooloo mas fa tial. 
Nam bias tialja cattee. 

(^jjJL^ti QwJ «( Lw (^ «J 

1 .?.• _..*\ (••/*...• 

!^A^ A-^^^ L^'"^- ^^js-^ 


(j'.-<sj Lw. i^^Ue «J 4.. I Um 


100 Caltee 1 Pccool. 
3 Pccool 1 Buhar 

The CJi'tna pecooJ, con- 
tains of EjHgl'iJh Avoirdu- 
pois weight, 1. oz. dw. 
131 13 12 

The lial contains of 
Troy weight, oz. dw. gr. 
1 4 1 

Sii riitoos cattcefa pccool. j_)j-Co Lw ij>i^ ^^ij\j Lw 
Tega pccool fa habar Mu- 

E'a/!g pccool Chena brat 
ganicc hiitoQ iimhanggan 
K7i'grees Avoirdupois, Ja 





C^vXJ^Jy^.J /jj.^ 

Rice, oil, butter, and 
fonie other merchand 
is fold by a mcafure c 
a hamboo. 

r'Uoos tcga pooloo Jatoo 
pounds, tega bias ounces, 
dua bias penny-vcight. 

E'ang lial brat gontee 
hi too tivibanggan Troy, fa 
ounce, ampat penny- 
weight, fa' too grain. 

Brafs, niinyai, miifyak 
dize, fappce, dang'an ha'rang cf> ^Liti 
ailed >'«« dagafiggan lain de y ,..\S^i 


1j 3 «O 

* aJI.>«AAAJ 




jevoa'l ba foocatan, nama 
nea bamboo. 

Eang bamboo de mooat 





gantee foocatan an'goor \jyXj\ (^I/^aw , .JCij' 
En'greestcng'aampat pints. 

Qocooraivu eang de pa'- 
kee fence la'gee de tanipat 



The o^wioo contains of 
Englfli wine mcafurc S^- 

The longmeafiircwhich 
is ufcd here, and in all 
places of the South Seas '/«'/'/«(J^ cv/ bava ang'in ea\\^j ..^\ g ,'lj ^v/ '^»^1 

is the cubit, which con- 


tains eighteen inches Eii- 

afta, etoo la de jnooat dcld- 


/.z« W^j ib'oojarree tang'an ^J^y^ ^l, o^.^.ti 








lebar clia'ra En'grces. 


Ahad or Harrec ahad 
Joomaat • 
I Saptoo 


JSjI-^j^-J ^^_jJU 

A->.! iSf^ or <Jc^( 







The more enlightened Arabians having made war with Mohammed and his 
followers, in the year of Chrift 022, Mohammed was forced to fly from Mecca 
and go to Medina, hut he afterwards prevailing, fettled his Epocha from 
the time of his flight from Mecca, and named it Hegira, which fignifies 
aji'tght or departure. The year he made confift of twelve moons, and began 
with the moon named by the Arabians Mooharam ^f^'* in the faid year of 
Chrifl: 622, July lOth, being Friday. 

The Malays having received the Mohammedan faith, did (as all other na- 
tions have done, who have imbibed the opinions of Mohammed) receive 
therevvith their Epocha, and like wife their method of com putating time as 
abovementioned ; of which the following is an enumeration : 

The Malay Months or 
Moons, their Names, 
(taken from the Arabic). 

Mcildyo pGon'ia Boo/on Na- 



Rdbee ool awal 

Rdbee ool t'lkir 

Jx)omad ool awal 

Joomad ool dkir 



RamaJuH or Ramadan 






(^foLc; or i^LjU; 

Their moons or months begin when the new moon is firfl feen, the day af- 
ter being accounted the firll day of the moon or month, but if the weather be 
cloudy, they then compute 29 or 30 days from the preceding moon, to be- 




j;in tlic next, by which mean the firft day of every moon or month of the 
Mohammedans falls out about 1 1 day? foouer every year then it \% as the preced- 
ing folar year, and fo confcquently their lunar year begins about 1 1 days 
Iboncr than in the preceding folar year. 

By obferving this mode of computation for every year, and allowing 1 2 
days to one )car in if), which is the fame as our epaS^f, the time of each 
moon or month of the Mohammedans may at any time be found. 

This method of computation is ufed in Turkey, Egypt, Morocco. Ara- 
bia, India, all over the South-Sea Iflands, and Malay countries, and in gene- 
ral in all Mohammedan countries. 


A Letter concerning 

I received your letter 



Soorat hrrimawn hena a.kk3 

Kiitajooda tdrcmafno 
by the fhip 'Dolphin, to- rat kirrtmn'jcn moo pada AjI/ ^^ 


lO^ V*! <'S-:'j'-' B<-^ V*" A>0 

gcther with a thoufand j c^rpfl/ naimnca Dolph'm, 
dollars, and by reafon it j^tna dung an fa rchoo 
would be fome months , kcall, Ictapcc febah adda 
before any fhip could re- | hdrang hoolon, dauloo cala 
turn to Surat, I delivered capal holee poolavg ca Su- 

the money to Mailer 
Songo, the China mer- 
chant, to be allowed fix 
per Cent, per annum inte- 
reft, for the time he had 
it, which is five months, 
fo that now I have one 
thouland and twenty-five Icma hoolon, mukafiicdran 
dollars. fnoda de tang an lojd reboo 

dua pooloo h'ma rcall. 

rat, Carna etoo k'lttajooda 
fdrdcan vwodaJ capi'ula In- 
che Songo drang foodagar 
Chcna, dgar dca bree pada 
fa rdtoos boongan nea, nam 
pada Ja ta'xvon, fUhna de 
tang an nea etoo Jr. fooda ea 

I \ • • "-^' ' 


*- Vl B 



The Malay lanccuagc, although uncommonly foft, is not poflcflcd of 
that ftrength of metaphor, for which moft of the languages of the Eall are 
fo juftly famed. 

It is indeed, as Mr. Marfdcn properly obfcrves, often extremely difficult 
to trace in their poetry the connexion between the figuiative and litteral 

The following fliort piece or pantoon, as it is called by the Malays, which 
has been quoted by that gentleman in his Hiflory oi Sumatra, may be confi- 
dcrcd as an exception to this remark : 

What fignifies attempting to light a lamp. 

If the wick be wanted } 
What fignifies making love with the eyes, 

If nothing be intended ? 

Apo goono paJfa7igpaleeto, 

Calla tecdah dangan fooniboon'ta P 
Apo goono herm'uie matto, 

Calla teedah dangan foongoonia P 

«Xaj *-*-« *wj CVJ^'^ 5^V ^^ 


ti xti^" '^^ 

As illuftrative of the fimplicity of the Malay manners, and dcfcriptive ot 
a cuftom, which generally prevails in that country, of the young men attend- 
ing the young women while bathing ; we infert the following ftanza : 

Go bathe my fair, near the bank of the river, 
I will guard, I will attend you. 

Inchy piggy maiuU, d'lkat mulo fungy. 
Seta moiv bc-jago, Je'ta mow he-nanty. 


How far the beauties of Engllfh poetry are capable of being transferred 
into Malay, thofe acquainted with this language will have an opportunity of 
judging from the following tranflation of three fhanzas of 


Father of all, in every age. 

In every clime ador'd ; 
By faint, by favage, and by fagc, 

Jehovah, Jove, or Lord. 

Bapa de Jomon'ia, de fomon'ta dun'ia, 

T)e fomonia nwgnfiijud; 
Dery Ciijian, dery Cafer, dery H'indoo, deryfalam, 

Allah, Jehovah, tuan Allah. 

^J^U cX^tS jOO* (Sj^^ f^^ (Sj"^ (^jJ^/ (Sj^ 

aJJI (^I^i' b^ aJJI 

This day be bread and peace my lot^ 

All clfc beneath the fun. 
Thou knovv'ft if beft beftow'd or not ; 

And let thy will be done. 

CaJJeeJtah harree-ko makanan dangan rijk'tmo, 

Somo}im lain apa apa, 
Tuan lozv calla he cajfee calla tida, 

Tua?i alia piiniaftika. 


Teach me to feci another's woe. 

To hide the faults I fee : 
That mercy I to others ihcw, 

That mercy 'flicw to me. 

Adjarfahfyang atee lam orangpuma chelciha, 

Adjarjiah tiittip rnatta lain orang pimiajallay 
Bugjnianojiah ampong Jamah lain orang^ 

CaJJi-e ampQong Jajnah JiaJu 










A B 

A B 

Ability, power, (^'ji^l.'o ciwafaawn. 

fabolee bolcc 


xV or one (the article) Lw fa, *j'Lw fdtoo 
Abandon (J^X-o" tin'gal, ^J.XIJL^e me- 

nin'gal — Divorce «^ ij^' toolak 

Abafe B^Aj^i renda, ^^l/ljjj rendacan 

Abafcd bcXJ; a<3*jsw fooda renda 

To Abafli, make afliamcd, «JLo C^t-" 

bree maloo 
Abafhed J'^ maloo 
To Aba^c, Icflcn, ^nIXci*J coorang'can 
AlTTwage (>i-'*J povvwas 
Abated, Icllcned, i-j^r> bercoorang 
Abbot «^i*-Cu pen'gooroo, Aaj\j pertapa 
Abbey ^^JJ^.J^i^ pcrtapaawn. 
To Abet cj.Uj' tooloong — in war v*^/ 

Abhor i^^'^- binchec, t^LXls:rN^ bin- 

cheecan, ^l^iy tobat — I did abhor : About, round about, iJLJ ^i* cooleeling 
5ti.*xw */l A'ko I About, in number, cju barang — Con-> 
30 — ^To abhor or cernins, A>Lo kena 

Abyls (>^U-' Iowa 

To Abjure Lv«j^ /JL; balik foompa 
Able or ftrong ^^ «,i cooat, Aii^Ugaja 
Abode, h.abitation, ,V«(^.<3 doodooc, 

cxa^ tampat 
Abolilli ^v^a.A.^1 ampoos 
■ Abominate ^^'L^ haram 
Abominated ^^^Tt» berharam 
Abomination ^I'cs». hiiram 


. <•■/: 

ijj'»_5 CJul anak googoor 
Above, ^s^'l attas, ^y^'lti dcattas , 
To Abound /'y>S..> bau'jak, ^O' lakoo, 
_jK^\^ mamoor — To caufe to abound 
, "v^Aj^j berban'yak 

that yij ^_jU>^is:'^:' 

fooda bincheccan ctoo 
loath (meat) »,^««.i>. joomoo 

Abide, or remain, ^Lsjj' tin'gal 

Abjecl lJL*ifc hina 

Abraham >.>J>!,j1 Ibrahim 



«.Jt:2i._i berchaboot 

^ • ■: J- 

Abroad, witjiout, « dolooar 

A C 

( 40 ) 

A C 

To Abfcond ^^jXsj<A>XyonacIindoong'- 


Abfent, far off, «l^ jaoo 

To Abfolve 

(^ v^^l ampoon 

Abfolution ^-.JOuc maaf 

To Abftain or iiidure (^j^Li" talian — 

from vid;uals xXXj pantang 

Abftemious *Jv^ modoo 
Abftinence ;^I «(Jc* niodooawn, xX^ 

\S\.^jc^ pantang jeraat 
Abftrufc /Jaa^jw fcmboonee 
Abfurd J^L> babal 
Abundance AA^^AJobanianca, . *L«Js.jban'- 

yak, /JlX*. lixcalcc, i»^Lo mamoor 
Abundant c^oLm fang'at 
To Abufe or rail (_Ju> makkce 
Acaden^y «x>*j;I(_)JL^ mendarfa 
To Accelerate ^jLCj'Iju bang'atcan 

According as (^yix^jci demeken — Ac- 
cording to c5^j>^A>*< fcpertee, cij ^xy 
t;ooroot " \ 

To Account,^^ reckon, g^' 5^ kera 
kcra — nunibtr >iXo bclang 

Account ,^l^vs5 kcraawn 

\ccounts, a book of, ^^Lcwo j l_jUo ki- 
tab pcrkcraavvn 

Accumulate J *,>r*^ coompoot 

Accurate c^Njlcrv chapat 

To Accufe ItilXjLe mcn'giidau, I «lo» da^- 
wa, jtitL todoh, Bti«-Lc menodoh — 
To Accufe falfly c. »^t^ 5 0» 4L3 todoh- 
bohoong, i^l/Ls^l:^ chchikucan. 

Accufation (^l^iiUXc men'gadauavvni^. 

Accent or found 



To Accept &~fj,j^ tarema 
Acceptable, pleafing,. ^_j(Xy*j fedtip 
Acceptation j^Lx^.iLj taiemaawn 
Accefs ^^Sy*X^ inafooc, /^*.^j^ L^J^- 

bolee fampec, i^k.^>*4 OoIs^ ddpat 

Accident jLsrJo ijs:-'o koo 



Acclamation ^jyu faorak, >^ 

To Accompany ujja-Ci ccot, cu4XAi-« 

meng'ecot, c^jL« mcng'irring 
To Accomplilh ^,l/LwJV. pootofacan, 

(^l/Lwjl ab'ifacan 
Accomplifliment ,^j.jJ3J lancapan 
To Accord i_^Ci dammce 


l^»0u.i3 todohavvn 

Vccufcd ItilXi^ men'gadau, 2j'<3_! 

Accufcr ItilXL^e djj' orang meu'giidau>. 

IO>UJUs (^^1 *:;>. jur« men'gadau. 
Accuffcomed js^^Ij bea^ 
Ache, pain, c:-l5Lj fakit — Smart AJlib- 

To Achieve ^l/^.^ lakoocan,. 

(^l/*iJ'l>y« mclakoocan 
Acknowledge^! aco, tJ U>Ls> meniaco. 
Acknowledgement (^1 y^U>Le meniaco 

To Acquamt .b" (^.j bree tabo' 
Acquaintance ,m^I>Co kenalan. 
Acquainted' ^UUi'_j berkenal, Jj taoo 
To Acquire or gain, /^'«^aj bcrolee — 

gather together ^}JX^J coompool 
To Acquit or let go (vaaaJ Icpas 
Acquaintance (>**a>J *-^mj«m foorat lepas 
A(5l or Deed i-rJ'^ booatan, (mJUj^/' 

A D 

bcrbooataa — decree aJUj 
To Ad, do, w:j(^j booat 

Adled ui^Uj-J berbooat 
Aftion (^'Uj booatan 
j^clive (vwJCaj pantas 
Ador c J!<^ ddlang 
Adam ^ti I Adam 

( 41 ) AD 

To Adore AA,eA>*j foomba 

To Adorn ' qI/Ln aS Lj bagoollican, 

(^I/Iawj^ byYccacan 
Adorned Qjvtj'U bagoos, , ")J^t-> bcrta- 
tak, /g>wjk.j J berby'fec — with jew- 
els AJ"U^ o'-^*^ c'P^T^ bertatak 
dung'an permata 
To Add, incrcafe, aa^j tamba— to add! Adornments (^Lw^U^lj pariahfan 

To Advance on high, over head, 
c«:s:-'^ joonjoong — in place 
^jiy-wj^Aj bclarcan, q'_No*JuL»^ 
Advantage 9-j^^ oontoong, &S^ laba 
Advantageous aJ«J\j bergoona 
To Adventure, try, C^^'^:=5> charce, 
&j*Ci. choba, — for gain d^j «V^^ 
choba oontoong, c^-^j (-^>^ char- 
ree oontoong 
Adverfe ^J_)( «.Xiye melawan, ^AjUgJ fabla 
Adverfary i^ I «^U^ (^-:i:.jurc melawan, 
aXjLj- c^J orang fabla — or enemy,. 
«JLwj fatroo— -oroppofitc cvL>Lw cmI 

together / ^JU^:;^ joomelahee 
Added «xa^j j bertamba 
To Addidt to a bufincfs (^lXiUwj.juo 

(^^0> mcng'oofahcan dirree 
Addled <.J\mjj boofooc 
To Adhere to ci.' • t«.j tooroot 
Adjacent ,a^! ampir 
Adieu ( ^AJ' tabec, ^U.>J tin'gal 
To Adjourn ^_JLlJ»lA^ lambatcan 
Adjudged by law ^o^ O*^*^ C^r^ 

bree dung'an hookoom 
To Adjure <^yyc*>*o bafoompa 
To Adminiiter (^.j bree 
Adminiftration, office, ^jbi:i.._5o pa- 

Admiral ju'-^jjj/^ laxemana, a.j.aXcIj 

pang'lema, c «J'L«tj toommagoong 
To Admire ,^l-x::a. herawn 
Admirable /JlX^ /'h>\-^ baick facalee 

f^ lah — I'noft admirable / JI..a^^ 

herawnce, (^l->o:»J tcrherawn 
Admit, fuffer, aa/:^^ jcka, i^-^J bree, 
Iaj boar 







,:sk'jt^ mcngajar 
Admonition ^^1^1 ajarawn, 

Adopt ckXj) an'cat 



orang fabla 

Adverlity ^^Iji/^j*, foocaran 

Advertife -j'y iS^-^ ^^^^ cabar, C^-> 
«Ij bree taoo 

Advice, counff.l, 5.rsc;S^ c:a,s)1=^ jamat 
bcchara---to alk advice CXol^ Aaa-» 
miutajamat — bad advice aJLn 3 jS::^^ 
bechara fiila---deccitfjl advice 8 j:s:t^^ 
Aj!<3 bechara daya, aj\\^ day a 

To Adviie, counfel,. (^'/i;lis^:' btcha- 
racan— -to advife together ij.:^:^^ 
A^t>*, .\,<Lj- bechara fama fama 

Advifedly .Jo ^'iO dung'an fikK„ 

1 ^Jo''l (^'-i^*^ dung'an deal 

A P 

A G 

( 43 ) 

Acivifcr iij\js:^i (X,-> <3 cL» <5ang de brccrAffraid e^jylj tacoot, klj^\/^ terca- 

bcchara I joot — as wlien alone *Xjl aSJ^J 

To Adulterate j^-«'^ champoor 

Adulterer a/^Ij c^jI orang bamooca 
Adultcrefs a/^U ^^ [«•>'«' rj. parampoan 

Adulterous a/^Ij bamooca 
Adultery a/^Ij bamooca, ^j^l»/^L< 

bamoocaawn, a/Vc^j bermooca 
Advocate a.j1/Ij (__^ 2*. jure bacata — at 

law ^1 «.Xj baggoam 
Affable in behaviour jj^jsi>. choombo, 

tcrmangoo angoo — to make afraid 

/ ^V't-J tacoottee 
Afrcfli, again aJ*j poola 
Aliront , J»'I OaajUw lakit attce 

^J\ cxajLv c^,>-^ mem- 


ramee — m 


/ _^M ruincc — m fpcech CJ^ 

/Lj^l^ mooloot mauis ^^j^^L^jV 

Affair J '.^ haul — work Aiszr'^i'J'careeja 
To Aftcd, dcfire, ^^jJu^ ing'i", is/^ 

Affeftcd, proud, /j'-^'j' kachak — or 

inclined to love buXj a/^w fooca pa 

da, a/^m. iJ<-\>. (_y^*^ caflee pada 

Affedlion t^lx/ys, foocaawn, ij^Ukm/ 

OUu" caflccawn tilhk 
To Affiance, betroth, i.jjj toonang 
Affianced ,^yf bctroonang 
Affinity iSj\j} I/ calooarga 
To Affirm (Sj^ tantooee, jtXJ. j bcr- 

.\ffix »J^J bobo 

To Afflid AjLo! u:j4j booat anyaya 
Afflifter a,w.jCa>*Jj panfixa 
Afflidion .^l-ajtu' anvayaawn, i.,>'./«j*j 

Afford, fell, jUt^jew'al 
Afore ^JlJI alow'wan 

To alFroiir 

brcc fakit attec 

After, back part, (^UOIj blacan — in 
courfe^LiciLc*/co'madean — in time 
^^' laloo, A-Ly' telah, (ua^aJ 16pas 
— or following ij:}^ mafling — ■ 
what manner aJ'.^^J *j buggcmana 
— when aJUJo" tatcala, aJ'J'U'^ 
mauacala, aJ^jIj*j fatelah — according 
to ".«i^ty^jlj' tatoorool, Kjjajy tooroot 
■ — after that Juj gcXj ijCjd ^jbt^Lcy' 
comadcan dcrree pada etoo — after 
how long time 5 Aj» iSj^ o'-^'^'^'^ 
A.<^ *V.'t^ comadcan derreepada bra- 
pa lama — after a while t^^ ,JC>uLm 
labantar lagee — after he is come 
,tJ'!<3 ajO> aAaJ'.^ fatelah dea datang 
— alter he has read aj«3 aJI/U'_^ 
Aj^b 5<3 4>w maniicala dea fooda Lacha 
— after he has done (w^m I Ajti aJ UCO' 
tatcaladea abis, ^j*-ajI Aj<3 aJLaJ" tc- 
lah dea abis — to drag after tvJUifc 
c:-i.>^***j hcla foompat — one after 
another i.AK,Lo «.>^L«maffingmaffing 
— after part of a Ihip, llcrn, ^jLj <^ 

Afternoon (^^^^ Aij' . waaJ lepasteng'a 
harrce ' 

Afterward ;^b<3L«*/ comadcan 

Again aJ 4J /J U-«*/ combalee poola 

AG (4 

— bring again ^jUlJU..*»/combale- 
can — come again AX>JU^»/comba- 
Icla — begin again iJy) ^^yc moo- 
lay poola — again and again Vi^tc»^ 
c.^« mong'oolang oulang 

Againft, oppofite, (^jt-j'til addapan — 
contrary to i^l*^ lawan — or to 
ftrike againft any thing JOU' tdgal 
— againft the law A>yu' »cXa/ (^I »^' 
lavvan capada titah — ftrlke againft 
the tree (^^ «.j JO^U J^Arl poocool 
tagal pdhone — who is againft me 
/^l/^jl»^ «"■.-! 'rV^ ftappa lawan ca- 
iriec — to go againft the ftrcam 
L_r«3 »^ moodic 

Age _j*^^ oomoor, gLj" tooah — old 
age cbs:'^. »5^4 oomoor panjang — 
age, period, (jUil^s-jamawn, ^^^j 

Aged jjij' tooah 

Agent, faclor, <_^o!4wakll 

Ages \^^~^j zcmawn — ages paft (^L^J 
aJ I<3 zcmawn dawloo 

Aghaft oj-i-u bing'on, q«jLo».J ter- 

Aglla-wood, llgnum-aloes, A^^^'l/ca- 

Agility (j**^ pant as 

To Agitate ^l/l-j-j bergracan 

Ago (j>*>-J lepas — two days ago rj^^jj 
(C,yj> 8 \Ci lepas dua harree 

Agony >>:u^ i^^j^J\m foocaran bir'at, 
(^ ^jtAj bing'on 

To Agravate js^'-sx^ Li^Uof an'cat be- 

To x\grcc in opinion (^IjiL/carooan — 

3 ) A L 

to agree together as friends (^ ^ 4J"r? 
bertooian — bargain , ^sr'lj:». janjee 
— aflcnt to (ji*^^v« m6hone — in a 
difcourfe aj'I/Lw facata — be of one 
opinion Ajl/L*. facata — make friends 
/^lti_; bcrdammec 

Agreeable ^jj^.jlrr». haroos, ejtswcjU' 

Agreed (^^^sr'l^-j berjanjee, b^v** 
/^r^JLiL fooda janjee — agreed, con- 
dcfcended to, <J«jl/cabool 

Agreement (^^s:^!^^ janjee, ^Usyls^i 

Ague [^^J:i^ f'K^.^ demam dlng'in 

Ah, ah fie, (^^^». chee 

Ah mcjjiX} r^ hey padako, / 5^^«^' 
*j" Ju adohee padako 

Aid in war «xaj bantoo — aid, help, 
^j^jj tooloong, ^jXcJaj' tooloong- 
gan . 

^Ider i^jXtjijj Q.jJ orang tooloonggan 

To.Aim v-.A>^ timbak, JOyo mitar 

Air of the face d/^ _il ay'cr mooca — 

the air,, {ky, cxi^ lang'it — to air 

O^j oorak, ^\^jLo mcng'oorak 

Aired <^j»^ ber'oorak 
. . . .r^^ ' 

Ainng <^_>j t oorak 

Alabafter ^^Uj^U batoo pooalam 
Alarm ^UbjLcl ing'ar bang'ar 
Alas /^«tii adohee 
To AUedge t_>^ jow'ab, ^^^>^L. 

Alien / ^--> ,2^ horcrav 
To Alienate ^£jbs;-^ mcnjaoowc 
Alienated (^^^<^^,j berhorgay 
To Alight, defcend, (^, tjy tooroon — 

A L t ^4 ) 

. perch as a bird i.>JuLqa. chanking 
Alike a^Um fama, ajji;'~nw a-<Um fama 

Alive u_>»<_Xj edop 
All, in quantity, 8^1>ai famoa, AaJj^Lw 

fdmonea — in nvimber Lw fa, jJsOCxwj 
. fcgalla — all things pa^Lm ajJ A;'-V 

barang appa iiinioa — every Lw fa — 

all times aIXjOwo*) fedecala — all but 

A M 

two arc done 


/jwul 8«^^'*' han'ya dua lamoa fboda 
ab'is — all things have their fcafon 
AaJL^Lc 5 til sa^Um aA qjIj biirang 
appa fiimoa adda mailinca — it is all 
one, it is no matter, aj! gOyu" tcda 
appa, «x-^4* A«eUw fama jooga — all 
alike dJj^ a^Lj fama jooga 

To Allay, abate, ^Jl^ti dchaga 

Alley, lane, c yj} loorong 

Allowance, Ihare, j^Lj^o moofara, 
, _> b bagee — of vid:uals .J law'oo 

Allom fj>.jJ towas, (^^. i^^j^Jf ^^" 
ronfcc pootce 

To Alloy _^?vyc^. champoor 

To Allure uJ»4S^*.j boqjok — with the 
eyes jLJjLs.^ mcng'arling, -_,lXi>J^J' 
AJ'U goolingcan mata 

Allurement cuJ3j::^jj boojoknea 

Ally, confederate, i^^jJ toolan — friend 
O.Jy»j fobat 

Almighty a^jIjI/J tercawafa 

Almond ojjj^ lawzan — a bitter al- 
mond o^=^j< mazcjon 

Almoner ;jjl^'ti dermawan 

Almoft vyel ampir — almoft all .a^I 

■ gj^U» ampir famoa 

Alms AXjcXy*! A^jti derma fcdcca 

Alms-houfe^Lj a^*^ rooma piatoo 

Aloes, aloe, q^jU-U oolowaton 

Aloft (j^vJbti deattas 

Alone, fmgle, (^jOJ^ fmdirree^ 
(^jOJ^ kindirree — only /'L^a.*/' 
cochoalce — in fecrct i^i»,'^ foonce 

Along, to lie along, cjCj baring — ^by 
the way (^^1^ acXj pada jalan 

Aloud cjlxj niaring 

Already gtWw fooda 

Alfo AJy^ jooga, (^_^^ lagee, (^j> 
poon — ^yoiir will is alfo my will 
^^y^ AJjIJ^wCikU *-.< V — >(_X,ij^lj ka- 
hendak moo kiihendakko jooga 

Altar /^X^A^Lw c:^Aocb' tampat fam- 

To Alter ^jU.Aj^ Idincan, ^L^ filia 
— as the moon ^(jtiU:^ peraada- 
rawn — the voice g^.l^*. ^jLXIj^ lain-» 
can fooara — fhift t^^, pinda — 
change aj»jL« aj « oobah meng'oobah 

Altered i^Lm_> berfalin, i^S^ jcWam. 
fooda lain tj Ui^ii». jckaloo 

Although i^yo^ lamoon 

Altitude ^J^Lou' ting'cawn 

Altogether a^Lj A/«I.>*j av«'-^ famoa fa- 
ma fama 

Always, daily, (^ji^ (^j[^\^ faharrcc 
harrec — all times AJiXj<_XA>^ fedecala 
continually »j.iAa>« fedooto 

Am »til adda, Btij.>*( fooda — I am here 
(^^^A^^AN 0> xJ 3til j^l ako adda la de 
l<:nce — am not a<:kU teadda, (m*/'*j 

Amazed ^^_jX;L^lJ" tachang'an 

AM (45 

Amazement (^UU:t:^lj' tachang anan 
Ambaflador cJ^'N wakcel, ^'^^^' 


A N- 

ootoofaiio:, «i*>*ili fiifboroo 
AmbafTage ij^ 4p' « ootoofang 

Amber _a^1 ambar 
Ambiguous / _ 



Ambitious A>J«.2a. choonka 
To amble (j^vLXaJ likas, ^jj^LAaAa^ me 
' likas — ambling horfe «tj gc]u/ 

/j^UClLyc cooda cang melilias 
Ambufh / J^Jo intec — To lie in ambufli 

/ ^Xj intee, (JJ<jJl^ meng'intee 
Aro'el (^ti^il.l j^ lazawardi 
Amend , -ajIj baikkee, ^JiA^^racm- 

To Amerce (__^Ic>JO> dcndaee 

Anchored «.j^_» berliibo 

Anchoring place \^ tJ^A laboawn 

Ancient, old, g «j" tooah — a fhip's an-f 
cient (j^-^J/jJ ti ^)JJy" X)on'gal de 

Ancle (Js'LT AJ'U mata cakkce 

And (^^t^ dacn, <s/L« maca 

Angel cuJOJ-U^ melaicat — of darkncfs 
(j>aaAjI iblis, «JC^ii hantoo — angels 
c:^jJ^-o CxXjJL^.^ melaicat me- 

Anger i^j^t^ goofiiran — wrath of a 
fupcrior ^jy< moorka — refrain 
yourfelf from anger (^jC^ ^JJ^lJyyo 
(^;Lki«J gcXji menahan dirrce pada 

Amifs aJLm fala, lUa/jj'-^w faiat — out of Angry^ljjj*J goofar^quarrclfome c^ 

Qw«j..j. prang proos — to make angry 
pagawee, (_jyilj,.g^i^goofarcan 

order in matter «xLu bela 



^^y>SSi\:i kdlancapan — of war; Angle-rod JoUs kail, Joli' ^^^o^ joo- 


c -J I . vjJCj JU kdlancapan prana:, i^ 

c J lerba prang 
Among gjUj! antara, js^lAJUti deantara 
Amongft iJCid deteng'a, aju' teng'a 
Amorous / .-^'-J blrrahec 

ran kail — to angle JoU^U menkail 
— angle, the infide of an angle, *iU>*. 
fckoo — outfide or point of an angle 
(^jUJaa^xw fembooncawn 
Angler c_X::LiLo pcnkail, J.jlju^ c;j| 
oransr '■"■' 


Ansuifli , \ »X*,>*4 foogool — diftrefs 

orang menkail 

h J*-^AW 

^ — ^Uw fcifak 

Amount, fu'm total, / ^y toonay— to 

amount to ^^^^Ln Tampec, (__^0>l:i^ 

Ample, large, (j^' J low'as 
Anccftor AJv* moyang, %J^^ "• — ^-Vy 

iicnek moyang 
Anchor «Lw faoo — to anchor «Lm 4A'! manis 

labo faoo, ^^L> balalx) — to anchor Annals cjLiIxX^ hekay'at 

or ftop in the port ,Xi^ lang'gar — 

to weigh anchor A,*, Jo«j boonkar 


Anifeed ^^^jl^ ^^ jcra manis, (u/t3' 

/jjvJLb adis manis 
Anifccd-oil (j^'U (j^Oil jf dyer adis 

To Annihilate ^^l/JOkU>Uo maniadda- 

Annihilation ^jLcO'a-v* maniaddaawn 

A P 

( 46 ) 

A P 

To Annoy ajUjI anydya, ajUjU mc- 

To Annul {j*^^^^ ampoos 
To Anoint . JsLa^ min'yakkee, cUjjjj! Ap 

gone apart «*Jj1j>j a/ 6*3^ Ajii dca 
fooda ca fabla — apart by itfclf «jU^ 


ber'oobat,' ^'LyL* ;^li<3 vjU*< fapoo' Apology ^jl^jow'ab 
dung'an min'yak, ,^I/LjLj« oobatacan Apoftle (J.>C3;:J| injill, J^l; rafool 

Apothecary ^^^jti dookon 


ber'oobat, Ou-Lb 



Anon, by and by, jAajLn fabantar — he 
■will come anon _aajL« (5^^ <V.*^ 
ijiti dea laggee fabantar datang 

Another (^^' lain — one more 1^^ 
yiLn lagee fatoo — another man's 
<Xaj*j (m»j^ P-^)' orang lain poonca 

To Anatomize, cut up, .Xaj bela 

Anfwcr uuijl-kw faoot, ^jJ'*1>-va^ menia 
ootan — To anfwer ^^:ja ^tV^y* menia' 
oot — defend, excufc, <^\y:p'^ men- 
jovv'ab, vU^ jow'ab — a letter 
CJ; ft>*j cy^y^J balas foorat — not to be 
anfvvered, unanfwerable o-olo ytXy 

( iLrs», C^jJ «3 tcda dapat de bree 

jow'ab — a prepofterous anfwerer 
ryjy.^j oJv* mooloot rampoos 

Ant, pifmire, vot^-o*) femoot 

Antidote jjULj panawar 

Antipathy ^^^s:-*-/ binchee 

Antiquity Ji/ J «ti dauloo cala. 

Anvil ^^LwitjJj lindofan 

Any d;b barang — any one Aj',asw pjlf 
barang fiappa — any thing «Jul "^ ' 
barang appa — any where 
barang tampat, aJL» <5jL«3 deniana 

Apace, quick, '•J^^j bang'at 

Apart, afide, «U-jU*^^ cafabla — he is 

Apparent ^XjJ tantoo — manifcft AJ'Lj 
niata — moft apparent aj'LJ J' terniata 
^it is apparent to all the world 
AAJjti ^(JLf^jM 2(Aj ajUj niata pada 
fcgalla doonea — Apparently true 
*AAJ' (^v>-Eti AJ'UJJ" terniata dung'an 

Apparel ^jLoLi pakeean — becoming for 
men gcXJLe minda — becoming for 
women / JOos. chantee — to pull off 
apparel (J~fJ Lj J^Xvu tin'gal pakeean 

To Appear before ^—jtiljLc meng'addap 
— to appear by rifmg, as vegetables, 
as the fun JU-s*-'' timbool — to appear 
unexped;ed ^ *1a^ «jLmJ' tafaroompak 

Appeared ^J <^*.^"_j bertimbool, ^_)t3 bL* 

To Appeafe /_>J'J tatappee — anger 
^Ln faber, (^U^Iti dammecan 

To Appertain to »xaj*j poonea, aaJaa^!" 

Appertaining &Xks kena 

Appetite (^^ju ing'in — mind to Aaa:^^ 
cheta, 5<-Xj; rindoo 

To Applaud -.^4j poojce 

Apple (M «LsLt' tafaon 

Pine- Apple (j^UI ananas 

Application, requeft, <sJCa^ minta 

To Apply to ^^xl/Ux/kenacari 

A R 

To Appoint, agree, (^^^s:^'^ pnjcc — 

ordain *j±jm fooroo 

Appointed v.:i^L*.'J-j' terfafat, ^^^^jI:5».Ij 

To Apprehend, arrcft, \„^^J0J tancap 

— underftand / ^^bLc meng'artee 
To Approach (^b'jA^I ampircan, ,-y<'-j»^ 

maampir, (^'/ >ye'-»^ meng'ampir- 

can — Approach to him (^l/^yel^ 

Ajti meng'ampircan dea 
To Appropriate, attribute to one's felf, 

&/Jyy^,\ cjli AJ'l/ cata barang am- 

To Approve, encourage, «^'-s^. haroo 
Apron for a girl i.jl:i=. chaping — for a 

boy (^^Uj peleran 

Apt ^~ijj\ arif — he is apt to learn ajc2> 

::i.Li^ I ^j^l dea arif meng'ajar — 

handy cuj'.:^» chdpat — ready to learn 

work t^OJa pandee 

C 47 ) AR 

Arched p^iii^.j bcrlangkoong 
Archer ^^-JL<^^ penimback, d i.l 

aJL^a^ orang memano 
Ardent A::^^j rajing 
Are, or is paft, gtiy^ fooda — or Is 5<A£ 

adda — are not xOoiaj' tcadda, (-,*/•-» 

To Argue s-^"^ bechara, eCikj banta 
Argument ^Lx>JL»b babantaawn — of 

ftrife s-jiAa^ chidera 
To Arife, from fleep, \j^xXj benkit, 

(j,*j«.j bang'oon — as the fun Ovaj J 

Arithmetic ^^ Lc j>o keraawn, *^ I elmoo, 

<5jL5l i^J^ catawan anka 
Ark, Tent, aj'I J' trata 
Arm (^jJIaJ ling'an — of a tree ;m«a>-'<s^<^ 

i^^tJ daha-ling'an pohone — of the 

fea i._y^LLu' telooc — of a river 0~«-yjw 


Aqua fbrtis qj**^ ^rsr*'.^ ^1 ay'er Armed cap-a-pee AJls-'^^jwCti u-rXj^ 

meng'an'choor mas, . 
ay'er fow'am fow'am 

negree bararab 

Arabia V't''?^ 
Arable land cloJL» bcndang 
To Arbitrate g^lJu'^j bcr'antara 
Arbitrator s^UuL/ 6jJ orang ber'antara 
Arbour p.OJuj rindang, j,oLc4>*. fo- 

Arch c^ity langkoon 

g, c>j*/coobat 


lancap dung'an finjata — with falfe 

fpurs, as a cock /^i»,ljlj batajee 
Armour iul:^/^-' finjata 
Armour-bearer «sJCjIj^ maralka, cj.l 

.xl'lrs:'^^ a ^La.^ orang membava. 

Armoury .xiLs:-''**' d «t^iJ godoong fm- 
jata, dJ'^ss/'^ ^-^^^-VSp tampat fmjata 
Arm-pit i^'UJJaj kc'tiak 

— in building, the infide of an arch Arm-ring cJLj galang 
. .. iM 1 ':*- *i,« 1- „r _ i--:j a ^.^/-i c 

0«^J lang'it — the arch of a bridge 
(j^"Ia^^ d^' c y lang koong jamba- 
tan — arcn, witty, (^<S^ boodle — 
arch, cunning, v_iLjcA.;^Oi. cheredik 
Arch-angcl OvXj.iU^j pangmelaicat 

Arms, utenfils of war, Ajbp^ fmjata 
cf^J iSj^SXj pagawee prang — arms> 
cognilance, _j^Ljgalar 

Army 5.!^ d)*l i^K^ cawan orang 

prang, 5 


}L» balatantra— of rebels 

A 11 ( 

^jJ'LXjI an'cataii 
Arrack ^'^l arruk — ^ftrong ^! ^—Vl^l 

arrak appce 
Arraign loLCU mcn'gddau 
Array, order, ^*j'l utor 
Arrears ij'. ootang, iJJJJ .i-j cang 

tin'gal, ,*^j.J (J-XXj" tln'gal bcroo- 


To Arreft, feizc, ^~fJ^' tancap 

Arrcftcd l-^XJUL^ mcn'ancap — They 

arrefted htm, and put him in prifon 

until the next day, tor it was then 

evening AaJIcXj u-nXo" 5t3*>*j c^^L><3 

48 ) A R 

Article (c;-^ bagce, (jIaJ'Lj bagcan, 
j<;lj5- J pcrkara 

Artifice of wifdom (_^ti*j boodee — of 
deceit <^»:^»j boojok 

Artificial ^^i>Jj( pandce, JUbcr'alim 

Artifl (_CJ«JL> pandee, C^cXJu di*l 
orang pandee 

As, like as, a^Lw ^ fama — even as 
tsoLfjS tj bugee'mana — like unto 
^'_A^wg fcpertce — as long as ^>*cUw 
iampce — as foon as «sXyLw liitclah, 


i^y>^ A-V^J 5<^J''*> i-V)./ A>Jjjjal_dc6- 

/ ^A^L^w cL>*A.j ti «,j 




Afcend, go up, ^-JoU naik — fpring up 
i}y<f^ timbool — go high up u:jlrs=^ 

rang fooda tancap padanca dacn tarooAfccndcd jj*^»^^' j bertimbool 

: / .--ye^ fampcc — touch at a 

de paflang fampce harree effonea 
carna fooda pctang harree 

To Arrive 

place aX>wj fin'gah 

Arrived ecWg ^>y«Lw fampee-foodah 

Arrogant ,»*kaj /\J)\ uttee befar', aaJ»::^ 
choonka, CJi.~=.'J5 kachak, i^**-» 
bing'on — rude (J^ 'jL) paralcntee 
— in fpccch Oi^li" ejJ«>« mooloot 

Arrow ajU * KjI anak pana — with fea- 
thers J 4j,j AJb OiJl anak pana ber- 

-> ^ V 

Aftiamcd *JLo nialoo — afliamc (Cj 

JLe brec maloo 
Allies ajl aboo 
Afidc aIjI-/^ fabla — ftand afide, 2;o out 

of the way, *JJ laloo 
Afidue i;>wtil addas 
Aik 'A-olj tanea — demand as a debt 

*>J«J' toontoo 
Alked A>J'-J'b batanea 
Afkcw a.Ju.jberiko, u:j«,j croot, c«,>.*w 

Afking 4.Vaj'J axj'JIj batanea tanea 

booloo — ihot with an arrow aJL»-j Afpeft ui^LyLij pangleat 

berpana, AJL^>yc mcmana 
Arfc u:jUJ'-j pantat 
Arfcnick i^iS-j» wrong'on 
Art, fcience, A^i\ clmoo, (C<-Xxj pan 

dee, (m! ♦jUCcL' pang'catawan 
Arteries of the body (^cjU cj;» oorat 
■ nddce 

To Afperfe o^aAaj bankit, lOJLi*) 

Afquint ij «J AJ'Uj mata gooling 
Afs (_^O^i/ cailcdcc 
Affafoctida «XJi an'goo 
To Ail'ay, try, a„i«2s« choba — touch, a? 

metal on a {lone, , ^Ci.* oojcc 


A S 

To Affault, S^'^ langgar, 

ToAlTcmble Jjtvycj/coompool, i^yr^ 
campoon — We aflemble here to pre- 
fent ourfelves to you i^yyj'^ (_sv-^ 

irj^yi * »titjL« (M^l ( 5-*>:V*' '^ camee 

bercampoon de fence acan meng'- 
addap tuan 

Aflemhled i^y^ ^ bercampoon 

AiTcmbly i^GjuA^campoonan, \^y^ 
c.j»\ campoon orang 

Aliemblics (^lj*A-y/ ^ ax^ campoon 

To Affent a/^ fooca 

To Affign ^^^.^'j pafan 

Affift p-^_y tooloong, cJ»a^ men'- 
ooloong — in war «JCaj bantoo 

40 ) AV 

At <Jk/ ca, bcXj pada, <3 de — at any 
time jXsj c;lj 5<A.J pada barucig 
waktoo — at die fame time aaj^' jcXj 
til» pada ko'tika ctoo — at home O 
is^tj dc rooma — at prcfcnt (^^yLw 
facaran — at once /J lytJ fdcalee — 
at hand jAA.,jt^ maampir — at Icifure 
«s^ycl ampa. 
To Atchieve (^^y^'JLy* mehikoocan, 
Athelft il/cafir, i3l<jC^ dooraka 
Atlas, a fort of filk, ajL^ kimka 
Atonement ^--'U:^ Jow'ab 
Atop, above, (j*aJ'I attas 
To Attack, JiiiLyc mclanggar 
To Attain Cio'^ dapat, (^j^^f^ bero- 

lec, /^yoUw fampee 
Attained, gained, ijjr^ bcrolee 

AfTiftance ^^jX^Jjj^jJ^ bantoo too-|To Attaint, accufe, 'itiLC^ men'gadau 

To Attempt ^ij-^ choba 
To Attend, wait, (JoU nantee^-ferve 

/ ^b^ la.) anee 
Attending , ^J'-J^^ lalayanee 
Attention (^^Liti dung'aran, (^yLicX>L^ 

Attentive OvXcl inggat, ^^\j rajing 
To Attell / ^sm/'.^ fax'ee, (^yf 

t ,,->*»/Lw bree fax'ee 
Attire (^LoL) pakeean — To Attire, 

clothe, (^JjLj pakee, ^^\..^j^ mem- 

To Attribute to one's felf c^U «sj V 

A^Jvyo' cata barang ampoonea 
Attribute of God <!lUI jJo«i faci allah 

To Alfociate t,^j~^'j^_ bertummun 
Affurance d^jtyn foongoonea 
To Affure (^ ixAj' tantooee 
To Affuage, as hunger, /j^ « ^ powvvas 

— grief i_^'lj' tatap 
To Aftoniih a^^j»/U.a^ menacootee 
Aflonilhed ,^^bs.lj' tachang'an — They 

which heard this were aftonilhed 

^jsiL^U orang eang fooda dung'ar 
etoo dco'rang fooda tachang'an 

Aftonilhment ^b'^l^'j tachang'anan 

Aft ray c:-u*jI/*j fafat 

Aftride, to fit aftride, c^^rs^ joolang 

Aftrologer j.zs:-' najam 

Aftrology j:sl-' 4^1 elmoo najam 

Afundcr is Lw fakoo } 

Attorney at law ^UXj baggoam 
To Avail, profit, S-y^^ untong, «vJo 

AW ^ 50 ) 

Avarice (^'>.*Ai> kik'irawn 
Avitricious ^i^ c>«i oranp; kik'ir 
Audlon for goods ^.^KjJ neelam 
To Avenge ^j-'ij:::^ hookoom 
4BĔI Avcrfc to the mind aaj piah 

Avcrfc, loathing, v<*i*. joomoo — He 
has an averfion to me ^^Ij^j::^^ «!y<3 
ajLn dca joomoo acan fa^a 
Avger c^d^jS ^oordee 
To Augment, increafe, t^y toomho 
Augmentation ^^Lxa^j tambaawn 
Aukward cxjl;^. etXy' teda chiipat 
Aunt »!wU) mama, gOj^Ui mamooda 

» ii 

-great aunt 5 «I owa 

To Avoid J^ laloo — ward off, as a 

blow, (wJUJ tankis 
Avoided iSj^y laloocc 
To Avouch /^wj/l>^ i^jj bree fax'ec 
Aufterc (j^^sr^^. binjls, (j*^^/ (^^ ''^ttce 

eras — Auftcre look,.*.U ^^fJ'< mooca 

Author, inventor, c:^jIJv.j pendapat 

— -caufe (m-^»t' po'hone — he is the 

author (jj^j-?. p 'v. «V.*^ ^*^^ ^^"S P*^'' 
hone — Author of books i^^iaa-Ujp 
l_>Ia/ pcnioorat kitab — Author of 
a difcourfe AjLCo pencata 

Authority, grcatnefs, (m^**ajIj kabe- 
faran — power tu»-! «'/ cawafa 

Authorifed J^'j vvakeel 

Autumn >AK)A*e »3l aklr moofim, */j * 
5 ».j C^ »-Xj 4j waktoo poongoot booa 

Awake a/VJ^P^' «O'V . berjaga — to 
awake r;^^ bang'oon — av\ ake from 
llecp_^ijcX^J' gJy C^/'^ ^ OJ*^ 
bang'oon la dcrrcc pada tcdore 

Away! be gone! (^^^. p<5gcc, jJil 

laloo — abfent ji^l 'JcXaJ tcda adda 
Awl cJj^ kirac 

Awning (^^>-yyl,^ l-^I attap farambec 
Awry j.iU.j bcnko, ijjfy^ feroong, ^«w» 

Ax ^j'-i kapak, <5uy^ campa 
Axle-tree xxSj L*^l/ cay'oo malintang^ 

/y IcXaj_^ fc^ifc »j «jI/ cay'oo boo joor 

Azure Civi^ «jAj biroo lang'it 

15 ABE 8«^*^ v-Jul anak mooda, 
^JsA^s:;^ ^ — i.jl anak kechecl 

To Babble, tattle, »JiJj gan'goo, 'jjj U 

Babbler iJJS <:DiJ ^^ mooloot gan'goo, 
i:^^ ^jj giXsJ Ic'da pan jang, 3^'«:> 
chora, ^Li-. chala, Ai^^^r^wl i'ljooia, 
/v^4A<<; ram poos 

Babbling qLc»,Co' gan'gooawn 

Baby, child's toy, ^j;~t)j\ q.j^\ o'rang 

Bachelor c^:i>.*J 6j*\ orang boojo'ng 

Back ^j_^jIj blacan — of a knife (^^J^»j 

AWJ.AJ poonggon . pefoo — put back 

_^*O^JJ oondoor — look back xXj 

^ULJ palling capala — back again 

/ jl>v^ combalce 

To backbite cxa.-«*j;./^ mcn'goompat, 
JUJLw falonkar 


Backbitlnjr cwJCaj fcte'na 


Backbiter o^^^tXX^ cU c»*! 

eang men goompat 
Back-bone ,^yOL» c J>' * j toolang blacan 
(Backflidcr \Xi'».^ moortad 

B A (51 

Backwards f^j/^y (3 de blacan — to go 
backwards^ «cXj « oondoor 


B A. 

Bacon cJJ t^^*-> bobbee kirring. 

Bad c:Ai;lj5>. jahat 

Badge c:-v^^l alamat 

Mat-bag 1^ , I'y caroon — money-bag 

(__^t>J»j poondee 
Baggage for travelling ^j-^ls^ Ajy*i fer- 

ba jalan 
Bail, fecurity, (^^OyU" gadee 
Bailiff c *Xx-elJ' tamanggoong 
To Bait, ftop at a place aXXwj fui'gah, 

vye^ lampoo — bait, travelling-meal, 

ij^'L» banian — for a fifh (^j->y«« 

oompan, ^Jy^Jo i^j^^j oompan kail 
Baited (^^_^j^*jL« meng'oompan 
Baker / J> ^J C^cAJu c i.I orang pandee 

Balance, fcales, A:^IjLj naracha — large 

^JJoU^j■ timbanggan 
Balcony, c *ijLj nang'long 
Bald <J? yy botok — pie-bald c^Lj pa- 

lang — to make bald iwV*J'U^ mem- 

Bale Aawaj bufta, cjcAJLT gundoong, 

<\JUu'_> bantala 
Balk of timber ^~J? ».^\j rafok 
Ball 5 «.J booa — of wicker, made by the 

Malayo's for a foot-ball, ,xJ^(il*j 

yak oobat 
Band, company, (jLl/caw'an — of fol- 

diers p'jJ ijj' tjU'i' caw'an orang 

prang — cord fjj tallce, ^.^.^js^. 

Bamboo «x^ bamboo, a fort of cane ; 

alfo the name of a concave-meafure, 

ufed at Achee on Sumatra 
Bandy-ftick fjijjl:^ chatoke — to play 

at bandy /^JjyUi» chatoke, / ^^L,,^ 

To Bang Jyj-J poocool, JLi paloo 
To Banifli c\aj booang 
Banifhed c l*J b' talooang, c f *aj<3 dcboo- 

ang, c:^:^::^. pechat 
Bank, foot- way raifed, ^Ji/.'^^la- 

pik cakkee — dam (j**Jjij tarbis — To 

bank in land ,^jXi^j[j tarbifcan — 

fand-banks, over-falls in the water, 

-jl-jj lo'bak — fand, Ihoal in the fea, 

iAAj beting 

^y\ alam, (^_5sr*^. panjec, 

^J^XJaJ' toongal 
Banquet j-^Li^ jamoo, (^I^Ua^jamoo- 

awn — To banquet *^Ls:'*-<' menja- 


To Banter ^<A>Lw lindir 
Bantering, cnfnaring difcourfc, Aa^j:^ 
-'j>i^ champa jcirat 


booariiga — fire-ball ^^jus^jUmarchoniTo Baptife, dip, -JUam fclam, (^OJL* 
— ball, as of thread, ^J^>yo»J' goom- '— 


pal — of the eye ^u'U {^^^^^ bidjec Bapti/xd ^ityL^ mcniclam, c_^u\jU.j 

mata — of the foot- /Ji/ , 'ijlj' tapak 

Baptizer (^"JuU (^ -injure mandcc 

Ballaft of a fliip jjLj L-T ^'aj toolac bara Barbarous (j>.Uj bow 'as 
Balfam j>jj oobat, c^jj , «"'.aa^ m in'- Barber^ «/»>o pen'oocoor 


B A ( 

Bare, uncovered, <.-?-?^' talanjang» 
/JuJUy tclelee — To make bare 
^^XJOJLO' telelccan — bare-headed 
(JLxJUj' aJ bj/ capala telelee 

To Bargain ,^^^-^jinjee, ^jUs:-^ 
jinjeeawn — to make a bargain u:-»!*-» 
j^s:^^ booat jinjee 

Bargained (^sii'S^-jj berjinjee, 

^ ^^^^L) bajiiijee 

Bargaining /^s-^Lj bajinjee, (^^s::'^ 

Barge «O praw 

Bark c:.J«ycoolit — of a tree c^^ 
j^jji^ coolit po'hone — ^To bark as a 
dog iwV^Uw fdlak, v.JJ^Lf'galak — 
To bark, peel, (^^j^ coolittee, 
f)>^y^ coopas 

Barked as a dog uJ» JLy-v« menialak 

Barker ^^[XXj pen'galak 

Barn i.j|^)|«^ jookipang 

Barr, crofs-barr, OoLo fakat — ^boom 
acrofs a river iJ'U batang — iron-bolt 
izEc^ kanching 

Barrel c «J" toong 

Barren, as a woman or beaft, JjtXv< 
mandool, «xa^' ampa — as any vege- 
table ajJjJ B<->^ ^^'^^ berbooa 

To Barter JjJ toocar, /y^ men'oocar 

Bafe, common, as people, ^^XJI^Upa- 
ralentec, -wjIj ^__^^^j\^^ paralentee 

Bafliful^^JU maloo 

Balkct A^-''/' cranjong, Jj/L» bacool 
— a canon-bafket to fill earth in 
ej^-i-*' j^4x^l amboon amboon 
Bafon JJ'U batil, ,^yi,*^y co'miftan 

52 ) BE 

— to wafti hands 'm^ij3^ bookoor 
To Bafte, as meat (JifJ^ min'yakkce 






gtil^^iL:^ anak haramzada, ^'ij\ 
fJoJytj anak foondal, isr^ -• 'ii 
anak kindling, Xa^ .'ij( anak 

Batavia g JUjl^jakatra 

Bath, hot bath, (j^ju' tang'aS' 

To Bathe (_^t>JLe mandee 

Bathed (j**ij' j bertang'as 

Bathing-tub <!ubi,U bachana — place 
(^JjL« Ciy^Y-' tampat mandee — To 
bathe the body *j^' ^^_jJij*,lju" tang'- 
afcan tooboo 

Batt (^L^lj kaliiwan, p.J^^ kaloong, 
^«J^li kalalowar 

To Batter 



Battle c Uprang, ^^^^l-jUbapranggan, 
(^^jXaj (^jS^\-/^ papranggan kdlihee 
-^place of battle c.l_j qIcXa^ midan 
prang — battle array cIjoOo ecat 
prang — bloody battle ^Jo'^^ cl-» 
prang fabil — to loofe a battle aJJ I 
e I _j <s:s:^. alia pecha prang — front of 
battle . 'i^::^yi^ choochook — flank 
c<AU gading — body »jy' tooboo — 
rear '^jjy tootoop 

Battlements, flat on the top of a for- 
tification, oJixi tingkat 

Bay O^Xy" telooc — bay, ruflet colour 
ij«j gyy* mera koning 

Be, to be, gj»^ adda, (^til:^^ jaddee,. 
«J la — be watchful »J <xX~^^ ber- 
jaga la — be it fojXj^ d^ J^. bear 
la bugetoo — be come (^^iLi^ 5<3_^ 

B E 

( 53 ) 

B E 

foodajaddee — be not (mjjL^u. jang'on 
— be not troubled i^^ 05'*~5^ 
O'Lw «; jang'on attce roolak 

Being, cxiftencc, ^Lco\;i addaawn, 
(^'-CcXcLi kaaddaawn. 

Beads rVV^ bootir, i^->* i^* ooby 
ooby, v^.aJv« mon'ik^of glafs 
Ari^U ^&j bootir cacha. 

Beak, bill of a bird, 5 «^b paroh 

Beakur. v^u tallam 

Beam of a houfe -J^L/ galagar, 
, V *>^ I; rafok — of a ballance ^^2_J-^=i.l <^ 

Beams, rays of the fun, ^'Jlj panar, 

_^Uaaw finar, (^j^ AJLc_^r-AA^ finar 

mata harree 

Beans ir^^U' kachang, j^l/b^ cacara 

Bear c I «^ brovv'ang 

To bear, carry, 5«L> bava, jJ*X>o 
pecool— bear up from the water, 
or ground, i-^MJ^/^^ fmgfing- 
bcar, as a tault, P__»-*J tang- 
oong — bear with, to luffer, (jj^::^'-" 
tahan— bear, go by a name, / ^b 
pakec — It is neceffary to bear a ht- 
tlc with old men (j_j>:i^lji' <::Jjj[j_ 
^AJ p.jt^ 5<Aj (^^it2> oJijdKAM patoot 
tiihan fcdckit derre pada orang tooah 

Bearing Ji ^JCaj ^] *S^}-> bapecool pe- 

Beard u^AJGL^^jan'goot — on the upper 
lip, whifkers, fy^^tii koomis — beard 

wild beaft^UJ XJ^Xo binnatang li'ar 
— four-footed beaft Ova^' >JUUj 

iU^ bi 



aJ »_i booloo gan'doom 
i>.-j berjan'goot 

Bearded ul.'«_\JI 

Bcaft ijUxj binnatang — tame beafi: 
iJ'U>o binnatang jenak — 

(^^ umnatang ampat cakkee — 
herdofbeafts ^Uaj ^^cXA/ candan 

Beaftly XjUaj ^^'^^.x-iy*, fepertee binna- 
tang (j^as-' 'hejis 

To Beat J »/^ poocool — the breaft 

jOiIti jj tfj..: poocool dada — as a 

fmith with a great hammer , "ixJCo" 

tetick — in a round, as fmiths, . 'l^ClKi 

^ •• •• 

^ *i>yCvjL« tetick manetick 
Beaten, worfted, aI'I alia 
To Beautify ^^[^jSij bagoofacan. 



Beautiful as the face 



paras baick, /JjIj Aj »j roopa baick 
— or well fhaped ^^Ju^ flkap — • 
beautiful woman ^j*,jIj o'^^^'r'. 
v_^Ij parampoan paras baick — 
beautiful as a houfe, or any thing 
which has not life, ^j^r^U m^- 
jelis, OCJ*^ molec 

Beauty ^^U (j^jIj paras baick 

Becaufe ^bjj^ fubab, ^UJ^S carna, 

i_yS\J tagal — Becaufe of you men do 

defpife me i-h^UIa^ cj! Jii^ AJjy 

^i'lOu 5<3 4-< carna angkav/ 6/ang 

melc'at mooda padako 

To Beckon cijjbs:**' fcharat 

Become, come to paf?, (__^tilz!» 
(__^<^l2^'*-< jaddee menjaddce — To 
become, be fuitable, /Ij^ lavak — 
He is become, or turned Moham- 
medan, ^^L.1 C^<^1:>. etW- A ti 
dea fooda jaddec IlTalam — His cloths 

BE (54 

do not become him jcXaj' «xaJUjsL) 
AAJl<Jo "jU^ pakeannca teda Idyak 
Becoming . «L>^ layak — or proper to 
do c^^yi'Lj patoot — proper or becom- 
ords, t\J)i cU /.,LxJ'l/cataawn 

mg woras ^uis ^ V. O 
eang layak 

Bed ijtXo' cxycLi" tampat tedor, a^I/ 
cama, i*^l/ cafoor — in a garden 
cOJLj bcndang 

Bedfellow i*<_Xju' (^^j>^' tummun te- 

Bedltead ^jU^jcAaj'^ pcrtedorcan, 
iSj^J garee, jjd>^ aaaj ketta tedor 
— or canopy 4>>^^t/ calambo 

Bee «<3L« maddoo 

Bee-hive jtiU» 9-\}}^ faroong maddoo 

Beef (_gj'-^ i^Jt*-^''^ dag'in fappee, 
/ _)Ln fappee 

Beef Qfcjlis» jatoon 

Beetle, wooden maul, Jjj o*. chopool 

Beetle-leaf (^_aj^w feeree 

Beetle-nut is eaten with the leaf 
penang — beetle-box, falver. 


To befall, happen, (__^<3Li». jaddec 
Before, in courfe, ^jjltXc addapan, 
&^Lj_> partama — in time JIti dau- 
loo — in diftance ^j_,l*A£ alow'an — 
firft time aJI/ Jl<:i dauloo cala — be- 
fore that time 4>o. 5>Aj c_^jO JI<3 
^yj dauloo derree pada waktoo etoo 
— before you cat gOu ^Sjd JIti 
j^^jLc dauloo derree pada macan — 
before the world was 5OU (^jti J Iti 
C^OUfc «^VM*^ dauloo derree pada 

) BE 

doonea jaddec — before the face 
^^\J\s. addapan, <\/»^<3 dcmooca — 
before, a little before in walking, 
A/*^ti demooca — before, on th& 
fore part of the body, (^ltiLw^ 
deaddapan — wear that jewel before 
^jjJcXc ti yj ^'^j^. Cs^'^ pakee 
permata etoo de addapan — before 
your face «^ ^/k^ ;^ltX£ addapan 
mooca moo — before the king (^l<_Xc 
ic^j addapan raja — to bring before 
^jsJutibL-e meng'addapcan, sjb 
U^c^bLo bava meng'addap — before 
the wind ^j-^.ix ^—jOIjLc meng'addap 

Began (^^y^ moolay 

Begat V tjl^ ber'anak 

To Beget ;^^JoO>L:i>. jaddccan 

To Beg <s.A>^ minta 

To Beg alms d^jd AaJL^ minta derma- 
— for God's falte &X}\ aJ;1/ aJC^ 
minta cama Allah 


O^^^'tI ^JJ^ 

orang pamm- 
taawn — a Mohammedan religious 
beggar ytSi fakeer 

Beggars bag . "y^^ fitak 

Beggarly, poor, ajL» papa, ^jJi**M» 

To Begin (^')Lye moolay — begin to tell 
an old tale (^^U-e moolay, c^Iaj 
J I «^Lx2^ bclang haalawal — to begin 
again «sj*^ t^^^iyc moolay poola 

BeginningiXAAj^^»^ moolay nea,AAAjtilifc. 
jaddenea— thebeginning(^,^'t^moo- 
lay, (^lj^ AAO moolayawn, ^UciLs:^ 
kajaddeawn of the world 


B E 

B E 

pcgee la, 
ber'anak — firft begot 


child c«_'»>*j ^ «J I 

To Beguile *,aaj'^ 


Begone %J 

Begot ^-Juf^ 

' anak foolong 
bertipoo, . V*i:».tj 


aJLaj kena tipoo 
Behaviour (^j pree, »/^ lacoo — 

good behaviour *A^«:^ choombo 
To Behead «sJU'^ A^pH panchang ca- 

pala, aJULJ (JLxj pang'al capala 
Beheaded A^y^Ul/' isr-S? ti de pan- 
chang capalanca 
Beheld Li;L»J.yycmelcat, i.iljUw<men'an- 

Behind (^^_ blacan- — behind all, 

hindermoil: i_J^ ^ tj^-^^ <^ A'^ 

blacan fa calee — leave behind (Jj<JJ 

i^yjlj ti tin'gal de blacan — one 

behind another ^iA^ws^ /^V*^-^ maffing 

Behold *j cjLJ leat la, sLXjU nantang, 

"iJJU^ men'antang — ftare upon 

ccX>J! pandang 
Behoveth ^j^ .^'-^r^. haroos — or is proper 

to do <.::jyL( patoot — or is neceflarj' 

Being, confiftent, ^LcO>U kaaddaawn 

— To give being to ^/I^JibLo meng'- 

Bcir Oijj ootak 

To Beleagure J^^.bU meng'apoong 
Bclief^Lxjlrs:^^- pechayaawn, (^ (juI=^_j 

perchayaawn — eafy of belief g^*^ 

( 55 )^ 

AjIs^S^. moora pechaya 
To Believe djl::^jj perchaya, «jyls^. 

pechaya — I believe you AjI^jJ Aj'-^ 

»^iAj faya perchaya padamoo 
BeUeved ajI^-j^j bcrperchaya 
Believer /^l_»bs:^. pechayanec, 

ajLsc^.J' terpechaya, u:^LJjj c^.l 

orang berneat 
Belciving sJ}c^^.~i berpechaya «syLs:^. 

Bell AJOL^ ginta — of China d »,S goong 

— to ring a bell «sJOLy ^.JkjJ'G tarik 

To Bellow, as any beaft when caught, 

«XajLj batan'go — or cry out 

Bellows (pairof) (^js>*i*x<Iamboofan — to 

blow with bellows (j^ vycbLo meng'- 

Belly 1.::^«^ prot, *-^«mj. poorot — ake 


_^^ >»^\>oun fakit prot — much 
twiching gripes ej.-j c:-J:(; rang'at 
prot — twifting of the guts ^^^ y^i 
molas — paunch bclTy j>*jwO ci^^jJ prot 
befar — burften belly c:j «^ «j booroot 

Belonging to- «x^^J^J poonea, aaj 

Beloved , ,^IX 

caiTee — a beloved man 


/^Mji.^Aj kecaflee, / v 


orang keaflee — of God , "Aii ^"^^ 

&JU I kena tillik Allah 
Below 5 *ljc^ debava — below and above 

(jjAJbti (^y^^d sjljti debava dacn 

Belt, girdle ij AJL» C-OCj ecat pinding 
Belt (fvvord) xjOJL*. fanding 



B I 

\^\ can coobong 

Bed OuIjJ tcrbAick, 

eang tcrbaick 
To Beflow (__^-j brec 

BE ( 

To Be-lie ^jyU«j «O^j bcrdooftacan 

Bench aajj reba 

To Bend i^j/j^^ baw'oorcan — or bow 

the body jcXJiJ" toondoo, oJJoai 

finglt — as a bow c «.iti^^ye melang-iTo Bethink ^jui fik'ir 

koong — AS Tix)n or wood v^»»JCaj To Betide (J^«3b».jaddce 

b-intok — as the branch of a tree 

that will come to its place again 

p.j06js>. choondong 
Benefador iS^j-} ^— ^:?^' ^^'^ boodee 
Benefit aj^' fiy^J oontoong laba 
Benevolence, alms, A^jd derma — or 

kindnefs i^»\jCi^ ^^-^\-! t)aik boo- 



^y i^- 


Benjamin ^^ys^-'^y' cominjan 
Bent, crooked, ^aaj benko, 

Benumbed Ajlj kakoo 
To Bequeath (^.j brec 
To Bereave (j**a^|; ram pas 
Bcrrv ^ *,j booa 

Befeech aaJU minta, ^j/Ul^ mlntacan 
To Bcfet -XlJW mclanggar — fur- 
round ^^^J3^^J/ coolcelingcan 
Befctting ^^^jJjiX^jf cooleelinggan 
Bcfides, over and above, (<*^ Icbbec, 
iiJ pOib cX'<^ dcrrcc pada etoo — 
bcfides that -MJ^Liitys meluincan, 
/ J^jz^y cochoalce 
To Befiege c ♦jU kapoong 
Beficgcd p_^.'-i^ meng'apoong 
To Befmear, dawb, '^j^^ loomoor- 
can — or anoint (^LX« minyakkee 
To Befpeak ^>*\i. pafan 
Bcfprinkle, as herbs, c .j^-m firang^a 
garden c ^j»/ ^^^I^aAa^ mcnirang- 

Betlc, an infeft, (j>v>-J Upas 

To Betoken jvAaj tanda 

To Betray ^^^.^j^ fcmoocan, y^^'^a. 
hifmoo — or fell JUa». jew'al 

Betrayed «.^j^k^s^-j bcrhifmoo 

To Betroth, for marriage, iuy toonang 

Betrothed iJ»J'^bcrtoouang — one that 
is betrothed ^^^Jou*J' toonanggan 

To Bctt, lay, «^lUi' taroo 

Better *wJtjU r^ Icbbee baik — It is 
better, or I had rather, nJjl ancor 
— to make better 7 ^JuIj baikkee — 
better to die than do that i_^ 

Icbbcc baik matce derfcc pada ca- 

reeja etoo 
Between Ajuti dcteng'a, e^'UoI antara 
Betwixt <\JuAjLJ\3 deteng'a-teng'a 
Bewail (j^^ tang'is, (j^^Ju^^ me- 

Beware, t-akc heed, *iv»' toong'oo 

To Bewitch toLii:^^ icj 


jj:i^ ^..-)jj<^ 



c:j 1-1*2». A>Lo kena hobat 

Beyond, over, ^t^'-'*' fabrang — fea 
v:i;«^' c ^jLsNti delabraus; laoot 

Bczoar aJCJ •_> golega — monkey be- 
zoar A>Jj^ 4xXa.Lj golega mooniet 

To Bib, fip, *^«_; irrop 

B I 



a L 

■UJUl Alkitab, dJjl ^mUj fer- anak — biith-day « — «L*!_j ^ Jt harree 


mawn Allah 
To Bid or command, as a kina;, ...smj 

pafan, (-jyi^AjL* manitacan — a price 

_j[*^-j taw'ar 
Big ,j*»>j bcfar — with young }LfSJj.j 

boonting — or flat iwj» t^»J gomook 
Bill, chopping-knifc, c^U parang, .'ijU 

kiipak — or bond ^^jJ^\J* ^"v** 
' foorat ootanggan — of a bird 5*;Ij 

Billet of wood ajLT cay'oo 
Bind c:aXj ecat — To bind or tie,. 

L> Bifliop j^jlXLl nfkafan, <jJuJvu pan- 

BiflvCt A-»ta]> /5J V rootee kirring 
Bit, of a bridle', claU ui;^'*^ niooloot 

kakang — a fmall piece ^J^Ji:bLw fa- 

pangal, e^yUw facrat, i-^^^ fiike- 

Bitch A.^xAj ji^-'l anjing betina 
To Bite (^^Xa-T giggcc — Bite ^^^CLTL. 

fagiggce — Bite otf (j^jJjJ' {,^J^ 

giggee pootoos — to bite, as mullard. 

ecatcan — or conjure by an oath &c. to the tafte, ^j^c^Lj padas 
^^^jCe'^bb. haramcan — by an oath Biting dog, J,'':^U' ^jsr-M anjing galak 

cXa»C A/-S* 

L» bafoompa, 

=^j ber- 

— tiger (^^j^^^l 

machan bow as 

janjee, ^^Lx>yet»j ;J^^ dung'an'Bitten ^^^^XjOv^ men'giggee, (^_^X^O 

foompaawn — to bind aboiit c^X;' bergiggee 

iJLA_' ^ ecat cooleeling — as a book'Bitter OoL» pait — very bitter c:^bj 

>Xi killip — up, as the hair J*XjLw 
fan'gool — together, or bundle ■-_: 
A-eLw A^Lw ecat fama fama, c *j 


Binder of books L_>lJo^ i>_^ljuj penkillip 
kitab — of bales, &c. ^jJ^jCcij peng'c- 

Binding .■jJ^'Aj ccatan 

Binn aJ \j raga 

Birdc «2*J — fcabird ijcXAjtic «j«jboo- 
roongdingding — bird netij^Lrv^iaring 
— bird fnare . 'i^v^^l; I'^'^^ik — bird- 
watcher , "f^i^j ^^jJt^Ujlj * ocantahan 

Birdlime c:^/^ perkat, ^bU" gatah 

Birth, commencing, AAjbtil^^ jaddenea 
— bringing forth young /V'tJ ticr'- 

Jy'Bitternefs ^jJOU paitan 

1 Blab-tongue jLJU balctcr ' 
mooloot, aXjU gan'goo 



Blabber ^^2^. >^j 

Black Ju ctacn 

Blacking dJ> ^'l^ jaldga 

Bladder of any creature (^A (^\\ 
arrec arree 

Blade, of a fpcar or arrow, Ooy^U. 
fampak — of mace aJUaJaj boonga- 
pala, /J Uj fa ley — of grafs ujL- 
i.:ij «>yc «3 fayoor roompoot — or ftalk 
,.>«'i'-^ farawan 

Blade-bone t^^Vi c^'^ toolang bahoo, 
C^O^L» c^*J' toolang balecat 

Blain, bliftcr, AjCaj bintil 

B L ^ 58 

Blame aJ Lm fala 

To Blame one aJUj <^'«i*J poongoot 

lala, (^^pjXow cheldkacan 
Blamclefs aJL*. «^^J^. 8<->^ 5<-^ ^^^^ 

adda poonea fala 
Blame- worthy jJt*. c»JoUa^ Qw«;l:i. 

haroos meiian'goong fala 
To Blanch i^j^. (Sr! ^^^^ pootee — 
ToBlafphemeci\:s>^:i^h6jat, |^^U-^^ 

hojatacan, ^^^LiJU::a. cheldkacan- 

revile (Jii^ makkee 
Blafphcmcr of God ^^^^jli'^Los:^'* db 

aJJ I caug mencheldkacan Allah 
Blafphemy dJJ\ ^^iX^y:^ hojatacan 

Allah, aDI ^J^:i^^ hojatan Allah 


I) t. 


,1 aJ 




Blaze aJL^ mennldla 


>LjvVJ teriak 

L5-" <^^-^ 5^j' ^-' iO^J^ 
(^Uijjy i^^U (^titk. Aajs^L» moo- 

min la orang Idyang attce carna pa- 

danca jaddee balas caiTcawn 

Bleffing (^'U^'Uk. fuldmattec, c:J .!(3 
daulut " 

Bleffing, fuccefs, (^^jC.Si^0\j\3 kabidje- 
can, c:o_> berkat 

Blue j-Aj biroo — pale blue s<^j^ a^-kj 
biroo mooda — deep blue ajjjj:^ bi- 
roo tooah — or azure c:Ai:J «^^^ biroo 

Blind AJ 

boota — To blind ^j^lj"«j 

blind with looking ajV» 

Uvy teriak 

To Blaze, publilh, ^.AAiAiAj telelecan 

To Bleach (yV. iSri ^^^^ pootee 

Blemifli, mark, i^ — <iJCAj intik 

Blear-eyed ajU, ci^U' carnyt mata 

To Bleat as a flieep 

Bleating of Ihcep aa^ «ti 

To Bleed Bjli^jJ berdara, ^JC:^ c.\jj 
booang dara 

To Blefs, honour, c:-^^l^ ^r! ^^'^^ 
hormat — or willi well c:-u«JL*i fdld- 
mat — or take care of gjLJ L» paleara 
— or increafe one's ftore o^JjIti dau- 
lut — or give falvation (^/*v« moomin 

BleiTed o^jj^jJ berhormat, c:JjI<^-.' 
berdaulut, i^j-xy« s<^»>^ fooda 
moomin — with profit c *>;J «j ber'- 
oontoong — Bleffed are the merciful, 
for to them Ihall be requited mercy, 


^j:^jJJ:[j ;j-i<^ boota dung'an pang'- 
leat — born blind s<^^. iSj*^ ^yi 
A>Jsj<A:^ boota derree pada jaddcnea 
— blind-eye &jyi ajLs mdta boota — 
purblind (w*jI/ cdboos 

Blindnefs ajV boota 

Blindfold i^<^^J toodong 

Blifter c^/;«jlj rafloong, <J<>JCJuu bintil 

Bhth, brifk, AS^y*» fooca 

Block, pulley, (^jUi karce — of a tree 
that is dry J^Xjlj' tan'gool — that is 
green (^^J«JtjU tabanggan — to block 
up the way with logs, or crofs-bars, 


JLs». c:oLw fakat jdlan 

Blockhead, blockllli, JbU babal, aSY 


Block-houfe AJji kota 

Blockifh, dull of underflanding, JbU 

bdbal, Lj~lti^ bddoc, (^OjaJT 

Blood jj^Iti dara — to let blood g;!<^ P-Wi 

booang dara— by cupping Jou be- 

B 1/ 

( 50 ) 

B O 

kam — to filed blood g^fti aa^jJ' toom- 

■ pa dara — to ftanch blood / Jl:i*U>* 
B^l<3 menahannee dara — full of blood 
Bjlti-j berdara — clodded-blood gilci 
i_yjyc^ jj dara bergoompal — circula- 
tion of the blood ^^Iti ^Lxsj meng'- 
aleh dara — ^ftoppage of the blood 
^j\<^ c 4>w «.J boofoong dara — waterifh 
blood fi:'.^ js;l<^ dara jernch 

Blooded sj^U-> berdara 

Bloody ^j\C>[^jS-CSjy;>^} loomoordung'an 
dara — flux i^-y^j raj an 

Bloflom of fruit AjU, mayang — or bud 

of a flower ^ >As:J*i^ coonchoop, 

^y<^ cootoom — full blown xa^ 
cambang, Ai:«.j boong'a 

To Bloffom, fpring out, /v«Jij toonas 

Bloflbmed Ai*jb baboonga 

Blot ^jy^ choring 

To Blot i^jJou )j.2a. choringcan — out, 
erafe out, ;^_jJojj*-iy«l ampoofcan, 
fcj^ boono 

Blotch, boil, J 4>*jwO bifol 

Blow ^j^iV». poocoolan — with the fift 
y^^^ gocho — lofl: blow (^^/Vj 
Axmj AAisw poocoolan fia lia 

To Blow, as the nofe, ^^yu c Lw fang 
ing'oos — with bellows i^y^\ am- 
boos — the fire with bellows 
/^I (jjv4>-<L)Lo meng'amboos appec 
-—a horn O^cAaj StH^ ^'*-'P tandoc 
• — out, quench, ^tib padam — out a 
candle (^3UJ ^O^bpadamlilan, ^<^b 
^jbti (M-/padam can dian—asthe wind 

v_> «^ J tiop— wi th the mouth i > *^' tiop 

— as a flower X>-<et/ cambang, <xc^j 

boonga — The wind doth blow hard 
Qwiy i_j^AJ' 0> (^j^' ang'in de tiop 
eras — He canblov/ atrumpet ab' <xjt^ 
(^-Ai.^ji>_j«AJdea taootiopnamfyrree 

Bio wed I »»>JCaj hetiop 

Blown, as a flower, ix^b' cambang 
— away with the wind (^^^JoL» J' ti 
^j_j.>jil 5 lib C_^j<3 de terbangcan der- 
ree pada ang'in, (^^'«3 (^k/ ^-Uaj' ci 
^^_5^1 gcib de tiop can derree pada 

Blunt, as a knife, ^J *>-«^J toompool — 
To make blunt (^jUv*.^«j' toom- 

To blufli a/^ -jI ^^is! meng'oobah 
ay'er mooca 

To Blufter, blow a fl:orm, ^^t,j^j i.j ber- 

Bluftcring wind ^:1^4>o; (^r^' ang'in 

Boar i^'*u^ Ls^y^ babbee jantan 

Board (jsjLj papan — thin board cjJbuw 
fclat — a copy-board, (wherein is 
ftrewed dry fand, in which children 
learn to write with a p.:ncll or bod- 
kin,) ufed in many parts of India 
(^b ^J loh papan 

To Board, as a fhip, (a fea phrafe) 
_Xi>^lA^ melanggar — to go on board 
a fliip Jul/ r *^1^ x\u\i capal — to 
come from on board a fliip rj^*-' 
^Jvjl/ gO» u C^j<3 tooroon derree pada 

To Boafl: ^ — <-^b' cachak, d>AJye t\^V' 
-*M,>o booca mooloot bcfar 

Boafler ^'i^jsiy cul orang cachak 

u o 

( 60 ) 

B O 

Boat .U praw — of a. (liip^^^^s,^ fam-i ^Itib iSj) d 5<:w>^ aaJ cartas lap- 

pan — boat's-crevv, boat-man, ci» 

«I J ji «! orang awa praw 
Boatl wain AJ'lxj.i». jurcbatoo 
Bobins jJ^'b'' cdlapir, jJ^I/ »_^ booa 

Bodkin O^^ larac — with an eye ^ «^1:5 

Body v'v tooboo — trunk of the body 

c.'«.Slj badang — a fick body cL» «.'«.j 

^^ ••■ . 1 -" ./"'1*. /" 1 1 

pec nca fooda dc brcc padako — for 

debt AJ«tJ '^)«wj iborat bcr'ootang 

— or contraft /-s-S^ '^^J^'*' foorat 


Bondage ,\^y lafcar, (^l4J'lj batuan 

Bondman _Xj*i^ cj*! orang lafcar, aa^I 

amba — To free a bondman (^jyUuO^j^ 

mardcfkacan — to redeem a bondman 

ry^AjAj tooboos 

OoUki tooboo eang lliklt — fome body Bone 5-^Uj toolang — a dead bone c.'^ii 

dul cl;'-J barang orang — no body 

Q.j»\ pOyu' tcda orang — crooked in 

body v^' A^sp^ canchook — body of a 

growing-tree cbLi' tabang — body of 

a dry-tree J «.XXj' tan'gool — body of 

an army «j^j' tooboo — body and foul 

«IaJ niavva 
^ " 
Boll J*>*KAJ bifol, cyi^lj raftoong — 

that is corrupted a/Lj 4i»j pooroo 

biica — To boil /i^Lc mafak — gently 

(^OuO diddee, (^tXjt>>U mendid- 

dce — orftcw q*^I^ raboos — up or'Bonnct A>j»/c6pea 

/ *j^,j toolang bankee — jaw-bone 
/^XTvi?. J^j toolang glggee — ^thigh- 
bone cV^b 5-^J toolang paha — fliin- 
bone (j^aj c^aJ»' toolang betis, 
Xj^ c ^ »j' toolane klrrlncf — bone of 
a fifli, ^JCi t^y toolang ccan — To 
break a bone c^y j^L^a-^ mcmiltah 
Bonetto, a fifh, ♦^v^l 4>ycl amboo am- 
boo, *A<<t A-ycl (^j-^ ecan amboo 
amboo, /«^^^^ 4/ coomoolmas 

oyer, aa water or any thing in a pot, 
l/^LxX* men'galcigaw 

Boiled, ftcwcd fleOi, (j*^jj^j i^jJ^O 
dagin raboos 

Bold, daring, (^l_jbrance — courage- 
ous (^j^'bfclJ paluilawan 

Boldncfs, t^UJ'rJ braneawn 

Bolt, of a door, /V3c^ kanching — To 
bolt ^^Olac^ kanchingcan 

Bon«no jj''-^j^, ^^**>^. Pcfang, an In- 
dian fruit 

Bond ^^M»«v*i ij^'y>' cartas fapfee — 
He gave nie his bond ^_^>*yy*.- CT^'/ 


Book ^[X/ kitab — of accounts 
(^Lc^'_> perkeraawn 

Bookbinder, t-_»Liy <w--dAJu;.j c.i«f 
o'rang pcnkillip kltab — bookfcller 
<—>[X^ (_)l*^-j d i«l o'rang berjew'al 
kitab — compolcr of a book cjJ 
L_>Uy p--X^ o'rang men'garang 
kltab — one book x *-• 1-«j 'w.'Uy kitab 
fa booa 

Boom ij\.j batang 

Booncal booncal J^Jo^ a weight 
for gold, ufcd at Achce, on Suma- 
tra, equal to loz. 8dw. 12gr. Troy 

BO ( 

Booth C^<-X>o kedce, C^ti'J kadcc 

Boaty, plunder, i^LmIa^j rampafan — 
at fea ^ U^ «j roompac 

Borax (^jj[j patcrree 

Border, of land, (^UMc3 ddratan — or 
edge / AAJ" tepee — or frontier i^^ 
(Sr^ tepee ncgrce — To border 
upon, or be near, v^^^' ampir 

To Bore I 'j<^ gorek, ^.v'J^" killim 

choochook — boied 
>o^ berkillim — bored 
with a gimblet, or auger, .V-^CLc 
(^c^iA-T (^'-ieS men'gorek dung'an 
goordee — Borer, drill, j^aLo killim 
— or auger Q_£Cij*S goordee 

Born v-Joljj ber'anak, ^ti'^ jaddce — 
he was born ^^-JLjLj (^ti'-s». ^u^^ dea 
jaddee ber'anak — a new born child 

^t^Li». «jlj cb ^ «.J I anak eang ba- 

roo jaddee — laft born, youngeft, 

or drill . V 

with a drill ->Xo 

Ol ) BO 

Bottle, of glafs, Ar^^LT^ cacha, (^jj 
boolee, A=^'/ L_Jj^ boolee cacha — 
with a long neck (__^<Aa/ cundec, 
/ ^'jyj^ foonihee 

Bottom, or ball, (J.jy<j.J goompal — ot 
thread cU/j (J^^jjL*^ fa gompal 
benang — bottom, or under part of 
any thing, uuUCu pantat — of a fliip 
jjol/' i,:i;UCu pantat capal — or foun- 
dation , Jj'y cakkce — to found the 
bottom or depth a/U loga — to ftrikc 
bottom A:i>.«::i^ jooja. 

Bottomlefs yAjy tobir, <^ c:-i^ij<^ i^^ 
(__^IJV) teda dapat de logaec 

Bough cUL=*. chabang — arm of a tree 
A^lti daha — end or tip of a bough 
cUA>Lr glntas — to lop a bough 
cbUx-c menabang 

Bought ^^Aaa.^ membillee, (Ju blec 

Boulter, iieve, , «LjI ayak, >j:-i>yC)j 

jboongfoo — in what country was ^ «c>vi j\»*J »j rfgitt pooloor gen'doom 
you born (^JtjJ (CjCi (^di^ Uil [To Bounce, boaft, / "i^'J kachak, SJ^ 

Aj'-o angkaw jaddee derree negrce 

mana — of a genteel family ^^1 *l>jjxLi 

bangfawan — or carried ^ tS^ pecool 

To Borrow goV» iSjC^ /f^^^i pinjam 

derree pada 
Bofom tiCL» panco, jO^Iti dada 
Bo fs, knob, jj*xi«j boongkool 
To Botch ^A^',j bertampal, ^^,'JCJL*^J 

Botch, piece, Jy^-^V tampal 
Botcher ^Ly<i'JL^ c mI <3rang men'ampal 
Both 5 «<^l/ cadva, juJl.ti'y cadvanca 
— fides ^SJ 3 »ci'y cadva bla — toge- 
ther <!t<l>*j JuoUOi^y cadvanea fama 

Bound, border, j.jJ tepee — To 

bound, border on, / ._aju" ,>y«( ampir 
tepee — To be bound, fubjedted, 
1^ I *j'lj batuan — for another «/1^^^, 
(^ J cj.l rJ^XJ meniaco gantec 
orang lain— ^by the hands (^ ^^Lm 

famoon — or tied oJCj^j ber'ecat 


Bounty . j( lijyo moora attce 
Bountiful 5jt*e qLxj' tang'an moora 
Bountifulnefs (^Lci«^lj' kamooraawn, 

/ J\ 5 1*^ ^J_)'-Xi».J/ carjaawn moora 

Bow ajU pana — crofs-bow^«vjj*j boo- 


BR ( 62 ) BR 

foor — bo\v-ftring_^ *wj«j /JUtallee Bramble (j£j»i^ doorec 
boofoor, «sjb i^^ tallec pana — fid- 
dle-bow, ftickj ^>;>i^,AjiXj penkiflil 
To firing a bow gcXj (J^ ^o^ ^"^ 
i»*>.*j kena can tallee pada boofoor 
— To bow, bend, ^jUCi\-j erootcan, 
vj^j^^ baw'oorcan — To let off a 
ho^N■JyMJJ ^jUC**aJ lepafcan boofoor 
To bow, ftoop, 4<Ajjj" toondoo — 
bow-legged ^♦VjL^ chapik 

Bowed »>^^jr! ^root 

Bowels '■^jjJ (5>*J^ iffcc prot, t^^ 

i.LJ*p> talec pfot 
Bowl j<*».Aj *X;L-s manco befar, j^^ 

bookoor — bowl, round ball, g o 

'-^^fj booa boolat 

■ Bowfprlt of a fbip AjjOJLyjyj^ cLy tTang 

Box, chcft, (5AXJ pittec — of metal, 

or any fmall box, as tobacco, or fnuff- 

box, ^jjlj tallap, JuA^«.=ai. clioom- 

bool — for beetle ajI,=s^ charana — on 

the car -a^ tampar 
Boy V'ti^J boodak 
Bracelet c ^'u galang 
BrackifhAjb paya 
To. Bragg /'i^^-b kachak, ^L^ lawar, 

-XaJ gantar — of riches ^O^ ^iXxJ^ 

meng'adda adda 
Braggadocia, that is, a coward, v «Uj 

/ .,:^l.jb etek batiijee 
Braid, knit, c^«,jv^"feroot — asb^fket 

Bran , Vti(^ dudduk 

Branch cLiUu. chabang — to make 9 

branch take root by binding earth 

about it, and then cutting it off to 

plant, jju:^,. chanko — To branch out 

c.Ul:^-j bcr'chabang 
Branched dUli».^ bcr'chabang 
Brand of fire /^1 c*Ju*j poontoon^ 

To Brand ifli, as a iword,. (mvS:<3 i^t« 

c ItJKAj main dung'an pedang 
Brandy, any ftrong fpirit, O'Lj tow'ac, 

/^1 «I;! arrak appee 
Brais XJjJ' .x/U^' tambaga konlng 
Brave, courageous, i^^yJ brauec 
Bravely done g^ lah " 
To Brawl, quarrel, j^j »j\Ji haroo 

biroo — or caufc a tumult 

ing'ar bang'ar 
Braw Icr^XLT cijj^ mooloot gan'goa 
Brawn of the thigh or arm &^[j pahai 
To Bray, pound, ^■^ycy toombo — as a 

beaft . VL!;>y teriak 
Brazen-faced i^L» &Sy* mooca papan 
Breach i^^ lapang — breach of promifc 

^^xw^ j^. oobah janjec 
Bread i^ *j rootee, >.jl apam — ftalc 




am — the brains v O', 

wiul anyaiii — uic uirtiiib v_x^ « 
ootak, JLpI/ /'iJ"* ootak capala — 
cawl of the brains /y^ cjjjJUn fa- 
lapoot ootak 

ciNA>u ( c-* • ' rootee bantat- 

-*w^ i^jj rootee maffam — unlea- 
vened '^Y^j^ i<' *J J'ootce manis 

Breadth .aaJ lebai- 

To Break in pieces Azs^ pecha — in 
pieces with a fall 0\>c o roomoc,. 
Ojj«^ roboc — off, as an end of 
thread, cj^j^^. pootoos— off, or nip 

B R 

( 63 

ofF a tip or end, i^jJi^^^XXS gintafcan 
— in bits or crumbs ^yXJ^^ berpan'- 
gal, ajI; rapeh — down, demolifli, «.j ^j 
rooboo — fnap in two, as a flick, a 
bone, jLjL» patah — the back gljU 
iSjKKj patah pinggang — pound, as 
in a mortar, y^y toombo — through, 
as a wall, / Jj «^vti goroke — as a peace, 
a bargain, a promife, jjUj oobah, 
5L1yi.Ni meng'oobah — as a religious 
faft «suwlo &/jj booca poafa 

Breakfall c_^;l^ f_^ (j 1^^ mdcan 
pagee harrce 

Brcaft, pap, *.wj4j*) foofoo — Stomach 
jjcSlci dada — bofom «jCy panco 

Breaft-plate gtilO «juL^^*'^ fmjata dada 

Breath tv*ilj nafas, g»:^ haw a — of a 


B R 

man q»*3L; a^o^j cijl orang poonca 
nafas — (linking 0\jjj»j v^^^^ hawa 
boofooc — the laft breath a «UJ ,^ »^\j 
pootoos niawa — to flop, draw in the 
breath, (>w>iU ^^/ 0\j.>*jLyA«> me- 
memafooc can nafas — out of breath 
Qwi Lj / JjLt matec nafas 

To Breathe qjvJU-j ber'nafas — out 
/v*o U 1^^ (j**^-*^ lepas can nafas 

Breathlefs, tiixd, axaJ leteh 

Breeches 1^ *wj folwar,^ij izar, Jjjwj 

To Breed, with young, ^^yJ boon- 


ting, <!UAJ babya — teeth 
(^^J^ tcrbit giggce 
Breeding, civility, (^:M*w 



Brethren -ijldy^i foodara, j^lo*^ 
j^lcWi foodara foodara — of one 

birth, twijis, (j^eil^ Lw ^JCSy*i foo- 
dara fa jaddee 
BribcL-)! v*j fow'ab — Tobribe^_»f »Lyv>o« 

meniow'ab — to take a bribe (m-^Xc 

C_>ly*i macan fow'ab 
Brick y\^ batoo — wall *J'b ijOJuti 

dinding batoo 
Bride, betrothed only, ^y toonang 

— when married ^y^\,j ^\^j^^ 

mampelee parampoan 
Bridegroom, betrothed, «J*j — when 

married {J^^ Ls^-^ Cs^^SSr-e i^^-'"- 
pelec lakkee lakkee 
Bridge (^'U.^^ jambatan — board laid 
acrofs (J^ tittce, ^^ '-fy^' 1 J^ 
tittee tittean — that is built of f tone 
and arched .c^xc^^ cLj ^Mlj■U^^^ 

jambatan cang berlangkoong — To' 
draw, a draw-bridge, cxiuVis. cr^AJ"»:-». 
(jjJL*J*.:^joonkat joonkatjoonkutan, 
{^IXj\ ^j Ij'U^S:^. jambatan an'catan. 

Bridle ^Jlt^y' coodalee, iaLikakang 
— a ifing bridle .A^i' tampar — To 
bridle a horfe gOo; (_^ '«^j/ (j^-^U-o 
a (3a/ kenacan coodalee pada cooda, 
iC>ji^ (^^^_£xjlj kakangcan cooda — 
To bridle, refrain, {■jJ^li tahan, 
(M-^U.A^ mcniihan 

Brief, fhort, ^-J>JJ.j pendck — brief, 
letter of requefl, ^^LsiJCLo c^'!4>*. 
foorat mintaawa 

Brier (^jjCi\j ^^^y^i tj roompoot ba- 

Bright <!u^ chaya — Ihining iXj'.^a. 
chaya — as a coal of fire ylj^ chayir 

— poUiflied ,jUifc chayir ^Mf 

Brightnefs ^J_)liL|t:bi. chayaawn 

Brim, edge, .aj«.j ping'eer — of a cup 
-AAAj bibbir 

Brimftone dj^Aj blerang 

Brine ^Ij_j( aj-'er garam 

Bring g .l> bava — bring, lead, jXJl an- 
tar — Bring thofe things ^ c.Xj g •(_> 
bava barang etoo — Bring him here 
/^Aaam ti &jCi (^"^Jjl antarcan dea 
d'e fenee — bring hither (Jyyw 9*i> 
bava fence — bring out (^ ^[Ji^ 
calooar can — bring before ^jjolcil 
addapcan, (^^^jOtiLsL* meng'addapcan 
— bring again ;^_,jCJU^combalecan 
— bring \ip, nourilh, jjUj peara — 
bring low, humble, ^^|<JJ; rcnda- 
can — bring to pafs (^** JLy« mcld- 
koocan, i^jS>*jjjj.^j<^ memootoofcan 
— bring through ^j>^^^^ gjU bava 
menooroos — bring into (wT^L^a^ 
memafooc — bring forth fruit 5«.j j 
berbooa — bring forth young ^— XjI-j 
bcr'anak — He did bring himfelf into 
trouble (^ ^j>^l.^^^ eti^>*j <^jCi 
qI^IT^ ^y\C^ ^j"^ ^^^ fooda me- 
mafooc can dirree dalam foocaran 

Brink of any thing / _aju" tepee 

Brilk /jjjJCo pantiis ' 

Briftlc of a hog i^^-'j-^j'! booloo bab- 

Brittle fjj\j rapoh 

Broad ^jj lebar, (^ti( addy — an inch 
broad AjJ (^j[=^y^ Uj faiboojar- 
ree lebar — and flat aaxj pepeh — To 
fprcad abroad ji*^^\ amboor — fpa 

) B « 

cious (j*j(J lovv'as — way (j^ta». 

Qj>jl«J jalan low'as 
Broke As^^. pccha, A=sp*^. jii^ fooda 

tjj roomooc 
Broker d^lj' taiang, c^{j cjjl <5rang 

Brokcry , /:^u talangee 
To Broil xXju panggang — or fcorch on 

coals cJL) garing 
Brook, running into a river, /Ij( 

/-c*>w anak foong'cy — or rcfcrva- 

tory of ftanding water, -jl ^^jSjLk^j*» 

fimpanggan ay'er 
Broom 4j'-KW fapoo 
Broth ^^Ali koha 

Brother ( J>-^ 


— eldeil ijl j!j\Ciy 
— fecond ^oU> xM 

foodara lakkcc 
foodara abang 
foodara kaka 

youngeft v^'ol g^lti^>*) foodara adek. 


loodara boonsrfbo — 

by one father and mother j^ilt^iu*» 


*j(ij Lwj L:^^ foodara lakkcc fa 


poopooan, Lwl ajLj Lm (Ji^ »^'lti*>*j 
4AJ foodara lakkee fa bapa fa ib'oo 
— in law, half brother, g.fti 
(^.AJ" iJi^ foodora lakkee tirree 
in law, lifter's hufband, / ^y 
/ _j} J ipar lakkee lakkee -^ foftcr- 
brother (^, Ia>*j*>*jLw fafoofooan — 
Brothers-in-law, that are married to 
two fifters i_^J L_s^^ (J^''^ biras 
lakkee lakkee 
Brought B *Lj bava, ejU^-* membava 
— brought forth, born, , 'U I _j ber'a- 
nak — fhc brought it to her mother 
<3i>J*>.j jOLjI/ *-0 j «La.^-^ ajO dca 

B U ( 

mcmbava etoo capada iboonea 

Brow," of the eye, X>-o kcning — of a 
hill c *J*-^C4:i».« oojoonggoonoon 
— hair of the eye-brow Xaaj *-Uj 
booloo kening — to knit the eye- 
brow X>^ ^l^^^ ^--'W^ ken'yit 
dung'an kening 

Brown /j*^'l^ JO etam manis — tawny 
c-*j perang — as paper <x}^^ pala 

Brownifli d -o oJijiA>«**j fcdekit perang 

To Bruife, diflblve, itcy*! anchoor 

Bruifed j^jjlj rapoh, j*2s:-'U bĕrari 
choor, a/jJjJ berlooca 

Brufh c:aAxwj sikat — whilk J tx^^ 
jambool — To brufli (j^ti ♦jU*. 
c:-ji-y*i fapoo dung'an Ukat — Brufh 
one thing againll another tj^j^*^ 

Bruflied againft y^M^Xiij takiffil 

To Bubble, rain, iij^^KSJ^^ men'ga 
lamboong as boiling water 

. U'JLCl^ men'galagaw 

Buck A>*j*j roofa — roe-buck Jcsr^ 
kanchcl — To buck L-T^OJ'-iLs men'- 

Bucket, to draw water, _jl aa^' ^vas'--' 
bakas timba ay'er 

Buckler, fhield, that is round, / ^yj, 
prifee — that is long cajjJLm fliloo- 

Bud^^\j kootom — flower AC;«.jboonga 

65 ) B u 

Buffalo jj^ curbo 

coonchoop — To bud out ijy^j tim- 

Budded i\i4jlj baboono-a 
Budget /y^-^ sitak, (^OJ^ kcndce 




Buffoonery iOJ^^ flmda, jj^X.^^ fc- 

Bug, chinck, (^1^^. Ci^ssz-f:^. pcjad pejad 
To Build, edify, J^| dmal, (^«Jtoo- 

can — make i!cs::!_y'carecja, ^^l*^,^ 


jilding ^1jj J berbooatan — This is a 

curious building ->*j^ ^^L> ^O I tj. J 

berbooatan cnee byfee 

lilds ,Lj(^><j-^ membooat — Who builds 

this fhip f^^ Jul/ ^-^Ua^t^ <V.Vr"^ 

siappa membooat capal enee 
Bull (^XJL::^ ^^S-' Icmboo jantan, 

i^AJl.:^». (^_^.L*i fappcc jantan 
Bullet j^>j^, peloroo, jjj^^ 5 *j booa 

Bulwark aj\j kota 

^"'^P O^J^' bochak, (JjjJitjj boong- 

Bunch, knob, JjJtc^j boongkool — on 
on the back cjcAJLT candoong — 
clufter ^__^j rankcc — of grapes 
ji^^^ ijr> {^_^j rankce booa an'goor 
— of any fruit, or an ear, as of corn, 
(^^^j rankee — fvvclling O'^xCij 
boongkook — of fruit, corn with the 
ftalk pj!_;Lm farawan 

Bundle (j^^Xjjj booncoos, __^ «Xi ecoor 
of flowers, nofegay, i^joc-»*/ 

that is blown into leaves iw;*^:-^/' coonchoop — tru/s, as of wood, corn. 

^j/*5-jbcrka5 — To bundle ^v^-Lw O^X» 

iX-cl>*' ccat fania fama. ^JJJC*l*Xi»_» 

booncoofcan, c«j»jLe men;j;'oobono- 

Bung-hole djj' u:-'«J»<< mooloot toong 

R ^ ' 

B U 

( 00 ) 

B U 

c v» '-^^'^>^. pantat toong 

Buoy aJU nana 

Burden, burthen, ^^^SCkj pccoolan, 
f^\yo mooatan 

To Burii -/L» baccar, r y^^i^l ang'oos — 
fct fire to j/U^^ mcmbaccar, 
^^y^LyL-e mennialacan — the fkhi 
<>^»jOLyo melatop, -afc>)Lycniclajor — 
to allies (v-4^1 (j*^^' ab'is ang'oos — 

with dcfire ajJ loba 
Burned Yb (j*»^' ab'is baccar, (>»*ajI 

^ywiil ab'is ang'oos 
Burning / cjUv ber'appce 
To Burnim (^ O goopan 
Burns -/b ti dc baccar, aJLj_j bcrni- 

ala — the fire burns, flames, /jI 

aJIaJ^ appce bcrniala — the ho'ufc 

burns ^Aj ti '*-««) rooma de baccar 
Bvirnt up {Vj (j^ajI ab'is baccar, (vw>ul 

*w-*il ab'is ang'oos, (>**>yl J^b bac- 
car ab'is, /jjy^AjI (j>v*i:l ang'oos ab'is 
■ — aUve ./b ti (^Jbs matce dc baccar 
Burrow Arsi^^Jgolia, ij^ loobang 
To Burft, fplit, tvLv.» bcla — out as wa- 
ter CX\jJ»" tcrbit 
Burthen, load, ^JUi-o Lw fapccool, Lm 

^m^'aXaj fa pccoolan, ^jj!*^ I^jg fa 

mooatan — that is licavy ui;jUn farat, 

^— ''r? (^>^Xaj pecoolan bir'at 
Burthcnfomc (>ijUj bir'at — to make 

burthenfome {^jSj\~) bir'atcan 
To Bury *jb' tanam, y^^^S-^i'S tanam- 

can — adead-man iJi^ fjjf ^j-S^'U 

tanamcan orang matce 
Buried jJlJ' j bertanam 
Bufli ^^«L^jw famak, (^j^C^ doorct (Butterfly" ij»/ koopang 

Bulhy %j^ cambang 

Bulhy hair s. 



ramboot cam- 

Bufmefs isssi^.S careeja, ^Jbcs» haal 
Bufy Ars^j/ 5<Ac adda careeja — hand- 



■ Xju tang'an gan'goo 


Bufy body ajI«3 *a>J tipoo daya, c ijl 
Aa>*i Aaj*) orana fia fia 

But, more than, 4^-^-^:iw han'ya — ne- 
verthelefs / ^Uaj' tetapce — with, ' 
not without, (^«i%J boocon — but 
once / ^b^ Lw tw.:»». han'ya fa calcc 
— if AJLv^ / -.''-^ tctapee jcka — 
if this comes to pafs axa:^ / •^'.'-'•^y 
(_^«^Ls» «JO tetapee jcka etoo jaddce 
— there is no more but five ^CA^ 
A^^ 'S'^^ Cs"' "^ teadda lagee han'ya 
Icma — Man's life in this world is but 
fcventy years i^jJ AawjajLo 614! 
•"^»3' A<yj5fc <!uu'«Oi ^j^'ti (^^«(-Xj 
(M .b 4'Uj orang manoofia poonca 
edopan dalam doonca han'ya toojoo 
pooloo taw'on 

Butcher ^U^ (5^^ A^j' orang ban- 

tee binnatang 

Butchery, flcfh market, ^JL 
^^_JJ^titampat jew'aldog'-n, ^jL. 






mcmcgang mmnomawn 
Butt, cafk, c AJ' toong — To butt, as a 

ram, a/^G balaga, ,^j/*OJJ tandoc- 

can — to meet full butt aa^j2». j ber- 

Butter /<r!^ *^ — V^-*--» min'yak fappce 

C A 

Civ*Uj pantat. 


Button ^i-sr^ kanching, «> a»j booa 

( 67 ) CA 

^jXjjj pan-cake of eggs jjXfJjCi\C^ dadar 

Calamity ^m^I/j.»*) foocaran 

roo — hole «I j^j A^-' loobang booaj Calamus aromaticus «^jjti dirlngo 

Calf ^j-Sr' '• — *-*' anak lemboo, v ijf 

jLs:^ ^ berkanching 



To Buy ^ZL) blee, t^^ billec — For 
how much did you buy that ti ajI-i 
Aji> i^jJi^J<j<J brapa de billccan etoo 
' By gtXj pada, jb bah — by, with ^^t^ 
dung'an — by day light Xaam jOo 
(C/l^ pada fcang harrce — by thou- 
fands (j*^y^j t^ bah reboos — by 
ftrength ujl»/ {^j^<^ dung'an cooat 
— ^by chance ioJ^dl:^ jaddenea — 
by what means dJl^^Xj buggemana, 
&.A'}\j bootapa — by and by, prefently, 
JCajUw fabantar, ^^ J ^JuVjLm fa- 
kotika lagee — by this way 5<_Xj iSjd 
, Jo rj^^^ derrce pada jalan enec 
I" entered by the door ^C^»^ «il 
yCo 5u\j (Sj^ 0_«^U« ako fooda 
mafooc dcrrec pada pintoo 

Buzzing noife i>*i!c>vj badaffing 

OaBIN f^jjy coorong — a great ca- 

bin B(L>J'*j booranda 
Cabinet j^j^..v. I cfcrctore 

Cable .1*. /^ii' tallce faoo 

Cacha (^j'4» 5-^ terra japan, ^^b^ 
cache w 

To Cackle, as a hen, j^j^ coco 

Cage (^*^«^i*/ cooroongon 

Cake of doagh^Oklti dadar, jtil .1^ ja- 
wada — cake of bread -j! apam — pan- 
cake c*AxJ'_^iO>l(^ dadar tepoong — 

i^}-*^ anak fappee — of the leg a^ 
(^_^i/paha cakkee, ^^^^x/ ^j^Ji^ beti? 

To Call ^yXXj pan'gil — name (^^v^ 
fcboot — ill names (Ju makkee — 
aloud iSJJ tantang — together 

" i^ljj^'' campoonacau — for help 
c »J «J' &XJ<^ minta tooloong — to re- 
membrance OiXxj inggat — within 
call, orfo far diftantas a man can call, 
^j^jj^S Lg fa garooha — call in, or 
ftop, »_ijCL*i fm'gak 

Called (Jj^UjU bapan'gil — you are 
called^ cM-V. «^ de pan'gil bo 

Calling (^XCL; pan'gilan 

Calm aa^I ampa — {till ,^*>^ foonec 
— weather ^ ,Oou' tedoh — fca <^< »^' 


CKaj laoot tedoh 

To Calumniate ^JyliiU^ chelakacan, 

«^Jyylo fctenah 
Came >J'lti datang — he came on the 

day appointed cX''-* 3<-V. ^^<^ aj-^ 

(^_5=F'^tV P 't^ tlca datang pada har- 

ree eang bcrjanjec 
Camel aXJ* oonta 
Camelion v^'LjL^ minneak, c.Uju 

Camlet ^j^ {off 

Camp in the open field 
— camp 

5 -^'^ '.J 

^mcXa/< n:idan 

of an army in a march 

^j tampat 

C A 

( 68 ) C A 

J I/ calambo 

bcrhentee baUitantra — camp of an ar-]Canopy^^A-« 

my jjAxj'li^Lj ■^.j^[j tampat balA- 
Campagne, plain, cci'-J padang 
Camphir ^.il/ caphoor — fine or bor 
neo (j>. *^ib baroos, or ^j*, ^jLt jjj\/ 
caphoor baroos — courle of Japan 
(^jAZi^tJ tohoorce, (^jy^*j jiji^/ 
caphoor tohooree 
Can /^' «.jbolee — can be(__^tiU». i_J^ 
bolee jaddee— can, is poflible, /Vj-? 
bolee, c:-ijl<3 dapat — to do what one 
can (3J4J '->*' «V.'r^ ^-^U^ t)ooat brapa 
fa bolee — Can you make a king 4->el/ 
A^j (jjJoiiljsA-* / Jaj camoo bolee 
menjaddecan raja — if fo be, I can do 

that, aXj ^.^i^Uj *-^.'«^ ^}-*^ ''*-VV> 

jcka faya dapat booat etoo 
Can, drinking vefTcl, (_^<_Xa/ eundee 
Canal, cut river, d»^L> parit, ,^j^Xj^ 

feloran, _»! ^^jXju^-^mj fimpanggan 

To Cancel (vw^*^! ampoos, (^Xmj^a^I 

ampoofcan — rafe out {j^ji}-^ §o"s 
Candle (/jt-J^i dian — candle of wax 

^,JLJ ^;(jO> dian lelin — put out the 

candle (^>L;<3 (^^^-C^tX) padamcan dian 
Candlcftick (^L>0 rJi^ cakkee dian 
Cane yw*-o LT^V rotan befar 
Canker, ruft:, ijjI^U caratan — fore 

<sjljA2». cheiana, c:^i^^i. «^^ pooroo 

jahat — canker worm /w^^aJ' gigas 
Cannon ^ljwy« mirriam — cannon bafkct 

(^*A<«I o^A^I amboon amboon 
Cannot i^^J b<->^ teda bolee — can 

not be c:-oJ«^ s<-^ teda dapat 

Can^-as ^^ cj^'S^ cay'in layer 

Cap A>u»/ copea — cap of the Java 

fafhion i^^j^. ^-^Ji boolan boolan 
Capable 0;I arif 
Capacity i^j\ arifan 
Cape p.y:sz:^ tanjoong — cape that is 
fliarp pointed c *i^ oojong — the 
moft extreme cape or point fj^j 
i.ynsz'^ oojong tanjoong — cape ot a 
cToak t:u 4.j.jJu>*i a-s^ Ichea felemot 
Capon (_^ -*^ ^1 ay'am cambirree 
Capital money (Jtbv« nioodal 
Capricious (jJCxst^:^ panchinggan 
Captain jJ 5^. pang'ooloo — captain in 
chief, or general at fca, a^aXxj P^"S'" 
lema — and fuper-cargo jointly 
sti*/UI iinacooda 
Captious (j>'*tJ 9^tJ prang proos 
To Captivate (^_jvC'J taw'an 
Captivated in war rj^djl/ cataw'an 
Captive of war (^xljl/ c;«l orang cata- 
w'an, (^;_jxlj' taw'an — captive, flavc, 
aa-<I amba 
Capftan (^tj'*-» pootaran, c:^:i>.K riihat 
Captivity (^iXcLj' taw'anan 
Caravances X':^: kachang 
Carbuncle yujL« miineekam 
Carcafc that is dead i^iXi bankec 
To Card, comb, ^^ oJi>y*j sikat can 
Cards Lo kiaw, /v^ljyj' cartas — a pack 
of cards Lo ly^tSjy Lm fa booncoos 



ki'aw — to fhuffle cards 

champoor kiaw 
Cardamoms «xXJbli' kapalaga 
Care, fear, aXJo». chinta — trouble. 

c A ( 6q 

jum«mj foofa, jl/^>*i foocar — diligent 
care &XX=^ chinta, «XaJ^L» parcntah — 
To have a care, look to, ^JJ»J 
toon'goo — ^To take care, thought, 
&XJo^ chinta, ci^lXcl inggat, (^jiU 
calooee — To take care of, attend, 
( J«vilj padoolee — I do not care 
a"o , J «OiU sAaj' teda fadoolee 
kitta ■■ 
Careful, diligent, a«jj oofah, i^^j 
rajing — He is careful over his chil- 
dren <!uyuul i_^*^ ^"^^-j-! *V.'^ ^^^ 
berchinta attas anaknea 
Carefulnefs (^jliU/o^ chintaawn 
Carelefs, forgetful, Aaa^ jsO>Uj' tcadda 
chinta, aaaJI alepa, c^'Xaj ^ciUj' 
teadda inggat, aj^ loopa — flothful 
/ vnJUo malas — To caft off care cI*j 
A>J^:ifc booang chinta 
To Carefs v-JLi-.j boojok, i^'*,'*^ (C-J 
^jjj^jU» bree mooloot manis, J^A-e♦=i. 

choombo — flatter k ic-^^j boojok — 

complement »a^*^ choombo 
Carcth /^ «ciU fadoolee 
Carnal knowledge Ao«,>ye1 ampoot 
Carp j;I.A^lj' tambara, tsJU^ cala 
Carpet, any coverlid for a table, (^^iLy«l 
8<3«,/ amparan cooda — of tapeftry 
/ ^!<Aa^_) permedanee, * — ijtXJI 
Carpenter ♦jly' (j!^_y too can cay'oo 
To Carreen c:^ajL^ fmg'it — Ihlp .-ixoLsw 

^J_>'-/ fmg'it capal 
Carriage, meln, aji^j roopa, j/J lacoo, 
(^^ pree — By his carriage he is like 
one v/ho does not underftand 5<A-> 

) c A 

gcV-j 9-J y I ^ ■t'*-.^.**^ ♦^r'.^ ^^^~} ^J 

/^jjljLo pada roopanea dca fepertee 

orang tcda meng'artec — or Chalfc 

dais carata 

Carnage-money i^jSJ,/^ tampanggan 

Carrier, porter, c.*^*ju peng'oofoong 

— of letters, oj!Ai*i g.'-A.^ c)«! 

orang membava foorat 

To Carry J *-^^. pecool — away ^J ^Xo 

Carried ^J «-'CajU bapecool 

Carrion v-^Aj^iaj , <^^\ bankce boofooc 

Carrying Jj.iS.j J ^^XoiUbapecoolpecool, 

t^^j\ aXo pecool pegec—aburthen 

c «jjs, « oofoong — between two, on 

the fiioulders dj-Aw < oofong, Ly^^x^ 

— burthen on the back JiX^Aj pecool 

— aflrldcon the Ihouldcr c.J«ji=.joo' 

lang — in the arms i^^C^ doocon — 

in the hand ^x-yo pepang — on the 

head, holding up on high, c ^rs-**^ 

joonjoong — by compulfion g^L» 

(^^ivU^A^ bava men'gajahee — in a 

bag c «<AA/ aj 5 »U bava ba candoong 

— over c -j'vAA^ 5 »'_> bava menabrang 

— about, up and down, *XJ./'g4(j 

bava cooleeling — about the city jjU 

(^.XaJ «XJ«i^ bava cooleeling ne- 

gree — or bear, as a fault, c »XaJ' tan'- 

goong — or bear as a name / •L> 


Cart (_j1;A-o pedatee, aj'N rata 

To Carve, engrave, .j* ookir — cut 

(j^^ irris — meat JUa^" / - J U bagee 

tambool — images (^j «j' toot'cc 

Carved (j>.,ajI.^ meng'lrris, -5«-j bcr'- 

O.-ir — 




C A 

Carved image ,>s^^gambar 
Carver ^j*^j^_^'0 9jj^ orang meng'lrrls; 
,j*JLo pcnookir — of images cjjl 

,^j^ej|»jj orang bcrbooat gambar 

— talter ot meat (j_jjUJ>ugg «S-:'*^?- pjj 

orang choba fantapan 
Carving (^maj_> irrifan, (^l^ Jj ookir- 

Calc, condition, (^-j pree — matter 

70 ) c A 

Carting out (jJ^!*j booanggan — caft- 

ing-net aJL^ jala 
Caftlc i5J\j kota, v^*/ goorct, c:va^' 

js-AAJ'^'U tampat balatantra 
To Caftrate _L*.j|l^ p-J^J-^ potoong boo- 

apeler, ^^jyiiAAwj fedacan 
Caftrated jscXy*. b*-^^*" fi^da fl'da, 

(^jAx^ cambirree 
Caliial (^(^l^i. jaddee, jjLx.itiLs^ jad- 


Jlrii^haal — in good cafe i^JijU baick Cat ^^^j^i^ cochin — mufk-cat dj'AJL» 

(^_^)^^>lK>jl/indongcaiLOorc — civet-cat 
cJUovJ' tangalong — pole-cat i>^4^ 
moofang — foa-cat «Ju«.>jj foontong, 
iAJ*xKi' {^X/. ecan foontong 
To Catch, hold, xXaj pegang — in the 
hand u:j*Xj*j poongoot — arreft, fur- 
prife, u^AJ' tancap— overtake Ovjiti 
dapat — fifli (M-\! ^— -^-^^ tancap ecan 
— birds si «J *J ^_-aAaj' tancap boo- 
fifli with nets i ■■-^- 

-A Cafe «i J;'-^w faroong — of bottles 
^J:^[J^l J aj c*iLn fiiroona; boolee 

Cafement o-vJuxj' tingkap 

To Cafhier, difband, Ov:s::t^. pechat 

Caffia lignum ^jj-JU «jL) cay'oomanis 

Cafk c t J toong 

Cailbck *:^lj baju 

.To Caft, fling, t>s-'^ mellmpar — 
— away, caft from, cUj booang — 
dice c^j'j 5_j.J c-Uj booang booa 
parrce — off, to, (j*^^ gampas, 
(j>^a^Va/s) men'gampas — tofs J>ijj} 
loontar, XJjXj^ meloontar — lots 
(_^^b J.j*Aa^ meloontar parree — up 
uito the air. as a ball, p*^^^ 1am- 
boong — down to the ground ^jw>-«I 

■ ^u'Lj'l/ ampas catana — into the water 
^^Sj^A::^ chdboorcan — off, let go, 
as a rope, i J 4 ooloor — ^untimely as 

. the young, as leaves, ijJ^Jgoogoor — 
accouHt c *Xj etong, d-Xo belang — 
away, abominable, -«^l-^». haram — 
out, pour out, cLj' tow'ang — found, 
as guns, c.'*j' tow'ang 

roong — riUi witn nets c:-o^.J>-^5 mc- 

moocat — birds with nets /.^J^i^i^. 

jaringcan, ij:^ i^j-^^ ^-.aJJu' tancap 

Catched k_-OJj' j bertancap — the horfe 

is catched ^.XCb' j gt^wg stV/ cooda 

fooda bertancap 
Catee ( j1/ catee, is a weight, 100 

make a pĕcool 
Caterer^Lwlj (^jj::^^ jxxrce paffar 



il:^ chiitoke 

Cattle ^'U>u binnatang — that are tame 
t^U^ji». haywan, OL^a:^». i^lJLu bin- 
natang jcnak 

Cave Acs^^goha, (^^ili^cooranggan 
lUji loobang 

CE (71 

Caught wojti dapat, i^^^^^X^" j bertancap 
To Cavil «_AJ «il::». h:iroobiroo 
Caul, thin Ikin, ^.o»j!)iLN falapoot — 01 
the guts ^^^»^^_ CJjj^Lw lalapoot 
proot — net-caul to bind on the hair 
O'^ 4J (j^ «J boolan boolan 
Cauldron, great pan, i^^^ tache 
To Caulk tJ>/U pacal 


C H 

Cement iJUS j perkat 
Uenlor (^ «J « oocoopan, v_ 

bdkas ber'alTap 
Cenfurer, corrector, <sj'l--<i mata 





Center CivMj »-> poofat 
Centinel c jj JU,' Iclaboong, / J>'aj cijl 
orang intee 

Caufe jjjljj-j perkara — matter J b:^ haal Centurion rj^t.j\j\^ iy^^ J«i:*j 
— original (^_jJ^fj pohone — rcafon poong'ooloo attas faratcos 

t_)L>-yjvi febab — For that caufe I came 
^■«J'IcXa^ A>o «^j L_'L>^Aw fubab etoo 

kitta mendatang 

Ceremony v^'It^ I addat, (m-J"^^ ^^'^.j*^ 

tooroot toorootan 
Certain, fure, «/lij' tantoo 
Certainly *XJ^*Xj*>^ foon'goo foon'- 

To Caufe, mirth, ^ — «Um • oofik — anger ' 
i^» «.^».1 ajok--tobe(^J'5(Axji^incng'- 
addacan, ^j,Xjti'_s;'^ menjaddecan Certainty (j^Lc^'aj' tantooawn, q^Uaj 


without caulc 

-to do 
koonjong koonjong 
Cawfey xj LT galong 

fooroo mcm- 




To Caution «XJ^' toon'goo, /j_jjCi>l>u 


Certificate ^wjJ'Un UI^Ijj/j. iborat fax'ee 
To Certify (^'VXJ «.>.>yyc mcnioon'goo- 

Cerufe /_jJV>. ^VV tenia pootec 


caution, forcfight, Cefs, tax, jAJti denda 

aJLnn OI^^^ bejacfana — togive cau- 
tion l_jLa^j C^jA.^ membree febab 

Cautious, that has fome foreknow- 
ledge <xJLw iwXsr^^ bejac fana 

To Ceafe, forbear, / _X>Oi.-j bcrhentee 

Ciflern ajL^^L» bachana 
Chaff *Jyy*) fccam 
To Chafe, rub in. 

f^^tS gdfcke, 
'^"iJ'^J ooroot — fret yjLs) marah — 
heat, as the body, ^ia.«>^ fohoo 

let alone lXj'^ latac — from (^_jji>.IJi Chain ij*^j rantee — oi gold 

Ceafmg ;^_jjtAAA:i^-j berhenteawn ■ 
Cedar ;^^,y' arzon 
To Celebrate ^jj^LJ*^ mooliacan, 

(^yyLJ^.,jye memooliacan 
Celerity ujIjLj bangat, (j^JCo pantas 
Cellar jtA^' tambor — falt-cellar (j^'Ij 



rantee mas 

To Chain j^^CyJ ) rantecan — unchain 

Ls^-L) <J^.^J3 ooreycan rantee 
Chained /^JojU barantee 

(^_g>^«y croofee — of ftate djif 


U' bakas garam 


To Challenge to fight, ^^j:^^^ J-^. 
pan'gil kclihec, %X^ taiitang, %.'jiXJ<^ 

C H 


Chalice oj*^ chawan 
Chalk (j^S-'j^_jyiy capoor en'grcc 
Chamber v.JiuA-^.j billik — an inner 
chamber ^Jl^i d >>— KaIaj billik de 
dalam — bed chamber i ^cX/J' c:^^^} 
tampat tedore, ^j]j jiAaJt:! P^rtedore- 
an, ^J(Jt^I,J peradowan — bride 
chamber / \^.^ «^_a>Jsaj billik 

mampclec — ^council chamber ^ KjS^i 

TiJ^j:sz^A billik bechara — chamber-fel- 
low^ijswu' t^j^jJ tummun tedore 

Chamberlain v *-^^^ ^^^ C£j5^^ 

jurce toon'goo billik 
Chamber-pot {^y^^^ {j^^. bakas kin- 
To Champ, fqueeze, ^-i^ ;j4 ooroot 
Champaign, plain, as land, ij\j rata 
Champion c JljJ » ooloobalang 
Chance, lot, (^jb parree — To Chance, 
happen, (_^cit^jaddee — by chance 
without caufe, cj.:s;^^ c».2s:jj.5 
koonjong koonjong — good chance 
c *X»* 5t^'-J pada oontoong 
Chancellor i_>U=. ^j^.^^ clj 

mcmcgang chap 
To Change, transform, (^^Lw falin — 
exchange^ ijtoocar — money i«_j«^ ^j 
goorop — remove stXUj pinda, 
^jOv-^-A-^ meminda — place gcAJuu 
c:^j pinda tampat — as the mind, 
tafte, Imcll, colour, aj» oobah. 
^\jj^ mcng'oobah — pervert OlaJL- 
ballk — come in the room of , ^XXj' 
gantee — He did change his "mind 
•^v'j^ II j^ iO^ Aj^i^ AjiS dea 


2 ) C H 

meng'oobah can kera keranea 
Changeable as the moon (^l^!tiU-Aj 

pcrcadarawn — as colours c^L^ la- ' 

lang, c^Lwjj ber'falang 
Changed"";^' Cl._j bcr'falin, /^JU» men'- \ 


Changer t^a«c c i«I orang men'oocar 
Changing ^\jzSjX^ mcn'oocarawn 
Channel, gutter, i^ tJu^w fel6ran — be- 
tween two banks ^-^'-J parit 
To chap, crack, a? the dry ground, 

aLo^. chela 
Chappel yXiJ^ langgar 
Chapter {^_J^^_ bagec, Jl^wJCS fatfal, 

(^Ijla.aa::->. J bcrhenteawn 
Character, letter, ^^»j^ hooroof 
Charcoal cjl arang, j^b bara, yjL» 

Charge, expence, AsrJ^'b balanja — 
coft J«j'Ubacool — duty ^^jXc^ijJ 
tan'goonggan — command cWj titah 
To charge, forbid, pji Idrang — 
in a book U^*>w foorat — fet upon 
jXciCyo mclanggar — conjure . ^l^ 
haram — accufc 8 «ti*J todoh — as a 

gun e:j 

lv« mooat — command 

i^^ iiiuuaL — coiiimaiiu a ia>jj 
fooroo, ^wjU pafan — To take charge 
Q^jX/J tan'goong, c yXjlk^ men'an'- 
goong — I take that charge on me 
aJuwJI *>!) c aXJu' AjIwj fay a tan'goong 
ctoo atafko 

Charged .(^^ ti de fooroo 
Charger c-o pering 
Charitable ci^A^j^J^irattccloomboot 
Charity ^^LL^icS dcrmawan, ,mIju.^,^ 

C H 

( 73 ) 

C H 

Charm ^^0«.=;» hobatan, cCjlj takana 
To Charm (^^ybtj *=:>.- j bcr'hobatacan 

— charm free c ajLjIs:^ injapayoong 
Charmer (^Lj^csk cj«l orang hobatan 
Chart, Map, AJwu peta 
To Chafe, hunt, «^i*j booroo, 

Chafed 4c^^^ raembooroo 
Chafte /^a:;». 



I .J 


meng oorang 

To Cliaflife jJIj baloer, i^jjl,^^ 
fix'acan — according to law ^^^A^^pazsi. 
hookoomcan — rebuke^ aJjJ" togor. 

To Chatter, prate, JOJlj baleter, bj*^ 

chora — as the teeth Oo'^'LiJUs 

( ^Xa-T men'galatok giggee, ul>^ 

Cheap 5_^'4^ moora, (^lij^il <!l/TI arga 

To Cheapen^ I e\.'j ta\v'ar,^il .l-Ue mcn'a 

■w'ar — I did cheapen that 5j3«>*i ajLw 

«.Aj il «Ly taw'ar ctoo 
Cheapener ^(«ly ^L» c^»l orang eang 

Cheaper 5 >*^ / ^J lebbee moora 
Chear up aJ <i/«^ iLy bear fooca la 
Chearful, merry, , ^j1 «sJaj^^ fooca at- 

tee, aaa:^». a/^nw fooca cheta 
Cheat / _j'a>.>,'I^ malepootee 
To Cheat, deceive, t^^^i tipoo, j^aaA-s: 

manipoo, «Julti daya — in play CijJiAJi»' 

helat, O-'^ choran — defraud 

^»:ii^' Lci» jaloojoor 
To Check, tavmt, iA.=i.^*.:i>. ioolaioor > 
Checker-board ^J./.'A-lUvA.l! i-^aa-'J api- 

tan apitiipitan 

Cheek / ^^ pvpec, (^aaj pepee — 
bone i^KKi p-^yi todlang pypee 

Cheefe (^t^vici dadee 

To Chcrilh, nourilh, 3 iIaj pcara 

Chefs board ^^aajI apitan — man 54J 
(^aajI booa apitan — To plav at chels 
'S.^Ki\ (m-jU) main apit 

Chefnut \;yt-}^_^ barang'an — tree <^^^_ 
{^j~t/[j pohonc barang'an — colour 
c y\j perang 

Cheft / JCo pittee — ched of the fto- 
mach B<^l<3 dada 

To Chew, as viftuals, a^L« mamah — 
and chew AjLu fapah 

Chicken ^'.j( >• Jul anak ay 'am — The 

hen gathers her chickens together 
aaaJu! >. — ij\ {^-jS" (^v4A^ iy^ JjI 
ayani meng campoon c?.n anak 

To Chide, rebuke, jAJ^'toaior 

Chief, head, »\,lljU' capala — main p«J ! 
agoong — principal caufe, (jj-^tj 
jyli'-j pohone pcrkara — Head of the 
people <j:^jU ^O^j (^j<^ ^^) ^ moolia 
dcrree pada nivat — moft in efleem 
A^jjj partama — in degree, ftation, 
O pang — priert ^L^j «_» pang imiim 

Child ^ SijI anak — of a lirlt marriage 

(_C^J' ^ 'ol anak tirree — with child 

5iXJ «.J boonting — to go with child 
\^j\ ^«cXa/ candoong anak 

Children^w-t-j! ^ijl. anak anak 

Child's clouts i.>yc^ lamping 

Child's play v_Jul ' — ^'1 i^U main 
anak anak 

■'Ciiill, cold, .t.jLiOj ding'in 


C I 

Chimera (j^'-^IjAJ" kcraawn 
Chymill: ^^a/^jC^ pcn'coocoos 
Chin «J I0> diigoo 
China ^Ua::^ C^-W ncgrcc chcna- 

root A>.x2a. ^-»^=> chob chena j 

Chinch ocs:-^.^. penjit j 

Chink, clctt, A>U=i. chela j 

Chincfe aJIa=^ c^jI orang chcna 
Chip Jo"lJ" ttital, A^s:'^ chinchang — 

fplinter (^m<3 dooree, jA^ L£jj^ 

dooree cay'oo 
To Chip Ju'lj'^J bertatal, («JjUa^ me- 

Chiromancy i^jju x,'^}. cj^'-^ fang'al 

pada tang'an 
Chilel c:o^U piihat 
To Choak (jt*^ Icmas 

I r-i ) 

/ J_> (^-j bree pillce 
Cholen i^y tcrpillcc — that is cho- 

fcn (^vLs^\Aj pillcawn, (^Ajti dcpillec 
Chrift ^>*>>J efa, Anj^ i^ nabbcc cla 





Chrillmas-day x>*)^(;__^tiU». (__C^.lJtharrcc 

jaddcc cfa, ^cX-'U maulcdon 
Chronicle (^^cil^ ^dXi cU <^j^ 
cz-oli'Ls». Soorat cang tclah jaddcc 
Chriftal (^-vJU *j'lj batoo palumban 
Church /J.AAJ bctulc, (_^l>^«jjj «s^*^- 
rooiiia foombay ang, L:iei.l>^>*^ 
c:-vXkw v< i^iolkit — cliaptl 
-Xi^ langgar — the whole people of 
one church or religion ^jj^^.^^,.-» 


Choaked (v-v^ L •r*''^ mitee lemas — .Churlilh, covetous, juo kik'ir 

for a fmall time, as by forcing any 
thins down the throat, «j'l:^ chako 

— by any thing fticking in the throat 

1^ ^ IJLXj \/ ciibangkalan 
Choice ^^LxA^jpilleawn— a good choice 

«^JuL» ^j'js^X» pillcawn baik 
Choler v^V.-.U^'gahak 
Cholerick r^^^, plfJ pvang proos 
To Chop, hack, cl:s:^ chinchang, 

UoLj — mince (j>v^ irris — off, to 

hack to pieces, j3i^. pan'gal — off, 

difmembcr, ij^j^ coodong, A^sr^v 

Chopping knife i:j{j parang 
Chop fticks ufed to eat with c:-yy«^ 

Chopped, minced, (yvjJ irris 
To Choofe (J^. pillce — to let choofc 

Ceiling, upper part of the infidc, cXiil^ 

Cinnamon (jjvJLc *a/ cay'oo manis,. 

(^,4,^bIJ^^/ camcamoon 
Circle ^^^^^J boolat, ,JtAj beker 
Circuit ^ L^AaJ </ cooleeling'an 
To Circulate J U galir, aaJI aleh 
Circulation JLCLe men'galir aJbLe 

To Circumicife i.-.'^^/'ei^y crat coo- 

loop, u:^aj*>*) foonoot 
Circumcifcd ^^u^yu^ berfoonoot 




Circumfpedl OcstV:' bejac 
Circumftance Jl:^ haal, (_^ j prce, 

(-)LjLA/ calakooan 
Citation, call, ^jJ.aX>Lj pan'gilan 
Clter ^ysXf^^ C.J «I orang memaa^gil 

c L ( ; 

CiLron^ ij"« a:^ jcrooc curbo 

Cittern to play on / jI:s:^ kecliapee 

City, walled, aj^ kota — of trade 
_j(cAaj bundar — fca port town^lcXLi 
bundar — town (^ J^aj negrec — from 
city to city y>L*p (^.XaJ gOo (^^t^ 
(^.^ C_^-Xaj b<^U/ dcrrce pada nc- 
gree fatoo capada ncgrcc lain 

Citizen ^!cXo ijj\ orang bundar, 
(^ SS.j c tj! orang negree 

Civet c:^A::i^jebat — cat c *.' Lij" tang- 

Civil, genteel, (^^^foopan, cWjU.Lj 
taoo bafa 

Civil war (j^j^aj a^Lw c_j prang fa 

Civility (^«.jjj foopan, j.A^:i^clioombo 

Clammy _;(_XaJ Under 

Clamour AAy-' g'^™?^» y*-! r»r! mg^r 

To Clap hands ;j_j,ij JU paloo tang'an 
(^jij' ^X>**jlj' tapifcan tang'an — the 
wings ^-^JLw (^AmjjLj' tapifcan fayap 

Clapper of a bell aa^LT ^ — «Ll! anak ginta 

To Clarify /^:^:^^ choochcc 

To Clafp, embrace, '^J^j poolok, 
i^^Aj<3 dckap — Button ^_JJOU.^_Mg 

Ixj )lju ing'ar ban^' 


Clattering noife 

;_^uaj_jlju mg ar bang ar 

Claufe 5 j'-j perk 

Claw of a fowl, beafl:, yij.'i kookoo 

To claw, with the nails, ^—J^yf carap 

— hard ijilti 



C L 
,' choochcc 

,i'l:^ chakar 

}t^ bodugoor — as a cat 

Clay lXa^^ Ajlj' tana lambec, Ajl'j 
cuUJ tana liat, _^)4<^,««J loompoor 

To Clean ^v/'U;^*:^^ choocheucan 

Cleannefs ,-)bo..:i^,v:^ choocheawn 

To Cleanfe ^^''[^^y^ choocheacan, 
ajLw llipoo 

Clcanfed /~a^:i^^ bcr'choochee 

Cleanfmg (^.mj-ajL»' tapifan, ^jLctj!_NM 

Clear, fliining, ^l^^. chayir — tranfpa- 
rent dl j" trang — as the weather 
^SJ^\ .1=^ chawacha — as liquor aj.^^ 
jerneh — poliflied /^kCsz.V lechin, 
^^J goopan — day a:^LL^ C^J^ 
harrce chawacha — asthe voice ^-"jUJ 
niaring — in fpeech, plain, ^^y^^ I . J^/ 
calawafan — manifcft tX^ tantoo. 
AJ'Uj niata — as the fight *::^b' tajam 
— fighted — ^::Jj ajL« mata tajam 
— To clear, difband, c:^:srS; pechat 
payoff infull (^^j»j"^UL. bdyartoonay 

Clcarly^jJC^' (^^li ^-^^ niata dung'an 

To Cleave aLu bela — cleave that wood 
j1L)jAj> ^j^^aLo bela can cay'oo etoo 

Cleaving to CUjCJ OvX-^^'L. balccat 

Cleft, opening, a-Uj bc'Ia 

Clemency <:^^j rahmat 

Clerk (j**^_y ^;^ juree toolis, 
CL>;*A>^> pcnioorat — of accounts 
1 M »-i ' *i koorkon 

Client J^Jli nagow'am 

Clitt, rock, c.(-/carang 

To Climb 'wi-iU naik, Li^cp^; panjat 
— as on a ladder, ^^i^\ oJiaj^j ber- 
pankat pankut 

C L ( 

'To Clinch /vv&A^y taniboos 

To Cling, i'ilck to, ooOJ Iccai 

To Clip ^^CxAAygoontingcan. pu^^S 
goonting — o'S i^ k> ^ iuJiyi gooiit- 
ing pootoos — prune Xajj ranting 

Clipped «.Ajty J ber'goonting 

Cliver cljU parang 

Cloak, veft, u:j4.^^.lvK)g felenioot — -To 
wear a cloak u:^ t.^^\>^ ( 5^ t' r^^^^c 
lelemoot, u:j4.j^Lwj j bcr' feiemoot 

To Cloathe (Jib pakee, /^sIjIj ba- 
pakee, i^K..^^ memakee 

Cloathed "^^i^^ y berpakee, (^''-J 
v_-->.XJ^' pakee lancap 

Cloathes (^xaJjU pakeean — that is lined 
(J^- >' L^*^'•^ pakeean ber'lapis — 
Genteel in cloathes, as a man, -^Ckk^ 
minda — Genteel in cloathes, as a 
woman, , _X-'o!w chantec — of com- 

mon wear , ,ji»L*jl 

/^:i».u*jU (^jtxiU pakee- 
ee — grave-cloathes (^vli/ 



Cloathing, wrapping for a 
cJ' lamping 



Clock .=». ajLj jisrJy db (_^jU U 

;6 ) c L 

Clofe let, as trees, as bars of a window, 
as threads in cloth clofc wove, '^^J 
crap — touching C-oj; rapat, Ci\jl^lj 
barapat — near _a^I ampir — ^To fit 
clofc \S^^\J^ L_r»«^ *<3 doodooc ber'- 
rapat — to fit clofc, twoonly, kS *<Jl>'«ti 
jJcXJwj ,j doodooc berfindil — To 
clofc ^~'*-'«-J' tootoop 

Clofcd, ihut, ^_j*y«j' J tertootoop 

Clofct, withdrawing room of plcafure, 
-jLc*aw fomayam — chamber * — *-^ 

Cloth, of linnen, ^jjI/ cay'in — to 

cover the privitie of a man, corn- 

• ing between the legs, ^,::jljl2i. cha- 

wat — table-cloth jtW' ^j^J^\ am- 

pdran cooda 

Clothier, weaver, «j4.j d ijl orang too- 

Clotted, congealed, ^jb bakoo 

Cloud dl«l awang — cloudy day (^)^ 

f>'^^\^ harrec calam — dark cloud dUI 
i_j^U', awang galap, y,^\{ dijl 
awang calam — To drive,' fly as the 
clouds OdwJslAj pan'gcifac 
Cloudy di^'jJ ber'awang - 
^LT AJiJAJj kotika galap 


pagawee eang toonjoo brapa jam 
Clod Jou^^goompal — of earth L. 
iXJb (Joy<v> f'l goompal tana — To 
make clod ^fy^K^t^ goompalcan 
Clodded (J^^*/^ bergoompal 
Clog »i J loong'oo — To clog, glut, clout «^i-^js^ jamboo— fvvaddling-clout 

i>y<i J lamping, ,jj^Xj*j (jsjl/cayin 

Cloves , »Aa:^ chankee 

Cloven A^Lo J terbela 

Clout (^j'-/ cj.>v-* t''^'Tip^l cay'in — diOi- 

e^«:::>. loomoo 
Cloifter ,^lx.jb^ pertapaavvn — To 
cloifter up, keep women clofe, as 
the Indians do, (^lvy<.j c:-ou ping'it 


o^j ^jy 

orans ootan 

Clovvnilh, in actions, g «ji>o pankoh — 
in fpcech »S'^J catroo — bawdv-talk 



CO ( 

chabool, ^iJl/jj I ^'.J^t-aJ te^ 

adda ber'fanoonoo 
Cloyed ±^ ^:ik joomoo 
Club 4jiy iVU batang cay'oo 
Cluftcr / jlaj tankce 
Coach Aj'h rata — Put the horfcs to the 

coach «xjl; 5(_X-! si}is^ (jWlk^'i kcna- 

can cooda pada rata 
Coal of wood burnhig y.j para — 

quenched c^l arang — fea-coal cjl 

aa^.aj arang pen'ampa 

JCu pantce — fca-coaft /J>iy^ 


ciJaJ pantee laoot — Edge of* the 

land (mJi'I;'<^ daratan 
Coat .^:i>.U baju — of mail /^w^j j^L» 

baju bcffce — of leather Oi^,'*/ *.ii.L' 

baju cool it 
Coax iwV^:^^ boojook, >w^:2x*a^^ 

To Cobble, botch, ^J^^^j'.j bertampal 
Coblcr ^jjvjU <J^.^yo ^jj^ oran!' 

mcn'ampal caoos 
Cobweb ajJ aj^ 


Cock (^XAii». ^b! ay'am jantan — of the 
game xJ^U ^Uf ay'am balalang — 
comb <: Jlj baloong — with a comb 

77 ) CO 

pang'apar — cockle aj'j- capah, ,c «_> 
crong — cock-roach (jwaJ lipas 

Cocoanut, young, tj>J nior — oldiJu^M/' 
calapa — lliell aj-^'I/ c«.«-*^' tam- 
pooroong calapa — meat _^5> J / ^"^ 
ilfee nior — milk iJ^X^ fantang " 

Cod, of a male, J^j» u_««j^Uj falapoot 
pcler, Aaj jfcj UL'*j^lj*. iiilapoot 
booa peler — llone of a male JUj j*j 
booa pc'ler — as of peafc c:^.' 4/ coolit 
— ot a net aJI:^ c:^/.'JLif pantat jala — 
cod-piece -Xo 5 «^ a< «; rooma booa 

Coffer /_5>u pittee 

Coffee 5 «I/ cawa 

Coffin c^ lang, /_jJu pittee 
Cogitation (^Ic.aJ keraavvn 


Hiroong laba 

To Coil 0_,jj' torac, cx'U balit — 
coiled c:JG,j berbdlit 

Coin ,x^J gambar — To coin ^«-^X^ 
men'gambar — Coin that filver 
^yi> ^j^. i,:j^^'^-r^^-^ men'gambar- 
can perac etoo 

Cold (^joiji^ ding'in — extreme cold 
^^iJ<3 (jvjiy crafs ding'in — ftiff with 
cold t3[3 cakoo — to catch cold aJLaj 

i^^jJuCi kcna ding in 

c JLjU ^b( ay'am babaloong — gillsjCollar c.oJ.«j fandang, jSitV OuC^ju 

.AJcX> gidebir — fpurs a>*j*am foofoo, peng'ecat leher 

•b I «.wj *.>w foofoo ay'am — armed wdth To Colled; 

gamlets' /^'JLj ^UI ay'am batajee 

— heap, as of hay, i^, «-Sr^' tamboon 

— of hay cjjj u:jtyy<«^i (^n*a^j'.am 


(^jyy A*^^ coompoolacan 
CoUedcd ^•.A<.c*/'b bacoompool 
CoIle(5lion j^^^^ t/U bacoompoolan 

fatamboon roompoot kirring — tap College &j^j\l>J^ mendarfa 

Li^l^li,. charrat — -weather-cock 
^jjLc (Jj^jjj toon'gal ang'in, ~>Ixj 

(j*^ tyf^jJ. prangproos 


Column, fide, j^^y lajoor 


CO {78 

Colour AJ)1 4 warna — natural colour 
j3*Zo <sJ;U Nvarna betool — pale or 
wan colour c:^^^j aJ;! j warna poo- 
chat, *y^ ^J^J warna cootoom — 
pale in colour of any kind a «3«^ 
mooda, n^y« ^^J^ warna mooda — 
deep in colour of any kind ^y &jj\ * 
warna tooah — lively colour c L» «-y^'U 
uuUXxj sOo "wJijLj warna eang baik 
pada pangleat — durable colour «sj»! * 
j_y^' wama togo, ^OJ cU iJjK 
AJ4.-J warna eang teda berrooboo — 

) CO 

(__^<^'-s:.-'»^ jaddce mcnjaddce, J »j ^. 
joopool — from far «li^ iSj^ iJ\(^ 
datang derrec jaoo — is come slWm 
ijltifooda datang— '^^ '"hen they were 
come out of the water, they went 
home, '^jU s<^i*, ^JJ^^ «Ol/UU» 
AaJUjj a/ ^ji'Ls:^ ti _;l (^jC^ ma- 
nacala deorang fooda naik derrec 
ay'cr de bcjalan ca roomanea — firft 
Ay*0'j; ij'iti datang partama — forth 

faded colour »t^ 






tooroon — often 

dj ^JJ^ 

berrooboo fooda — fading colour AJjIj 
«J • It-» warna berrooboo — changeable, 
mixed colour, c JLn falang — colours, 
feveral colours, ajt;!» ^^'U warna 
warna — flags ,jjj*j" toon'gal, ^Xc 

Colt ^ ijl anak — of a horfc g'-W''^ — "^' 

anak cooda — of an afs (^OyJ LT ^ — «Ji 
anak caledcc 
Colwort iXJ*-) ^j^ l^ha loba 
Comb. / .-*»*>y-^ fcfcc — for hemp c:JiAj*j 
fikat - — curree-comb jjii*/ «^IXaj 
penggaroo cooda — To comb on 
fpikcs, as hemp, ^^jS'aJL^^ fikatcan 
To Combat c^jLj baprang — man to 

man fingle / Jj keli 
To Combine ui;jImj.a^ mcfaurat 
Come (_^^L«niarrec — here /^^^ (^J^ 
marrec fence — hither (^^L* a/ C_^^U- 
marrcc ca marree — in '^.S^mL^ ma^ 
looc — over «xLi-jLw fabrangla — out 

aJ^IJLj^ Ctilooarla — up * suU niiik — 

to paf3 < j^S^ fa#r>pcc, (jC»^bs^ 

ijlti ber'oolang oolang datang — in. 
the place of (__^XO gantee — again 
«xj fJLK.^-f combalee la — almofl 
come ij'tti j:^>^l ampir datang — he 
is come ij'iti ^dt^j du(^ dca fooda 
datang — the time is come 5ii*>*. yii t 
/^A^wj wakto fooda fampcc — off the 
hbrfe bcW/^j^j^AIc L£j^ o • t^ tooron 
derree attas cooda — The letter is not 
yet come to me ^jijJ i^lx^'i c^K*>w 
^■| vAj /^.^_mj foorat kirrimawn boo- 
loom fampce padako 

Comedian c Jiti dalang 

Comedy *jL way'ang 

Comet iw-vswl_j .i>Cij bintang bcr'aflap,. 

«Xj_j ^S>ikj bintans; ber'ccor 


(^jojskA>»^ manilan 

Comfort ivlcj^Aj cbooravvn — To com- 
\^ ^^ . .. 

fort ,^i^^J cboorcan, jy^ jJ bcr'e- 


r!y berrchat — a letter of 

comfort i^_;ij»AJ *.:i^|i*j*j foorat eboor- 


Comforted ijajj bcr'cboor, a/a*w • 
ber'fooca — be comforted aj a/***j j 
ber'fooca la 

CO ( ; 

Comforter ^^y^^xj (j^j^jutce cboor- 

can, jt,yJu peng'cboor 
Comfortlefs, dcfpairing, AwjI »j>j«j\j 

pootoos afli 
Coming ij'lt^ datang, ij'lci (^-^^ 

lagee datang, «j'1 JOUi mendatang 

Conrely ^ ioL» (v-;L'. paras balk 

Command .of God, written, 5<_Xaan 

labda — of a fupcrlor axaj titah, 

aXj<X^ manifah — a verbal command 

4 lAjM fooroo, «; lAJyu peniooroo, 

^jo^iL» paflm 
Commanded «»j.w. 5ti*wg fboda fooroo 
Commander, officer of a king, c I «^ a>^ 

foorooang, J*iv|. poong'ooloo, 

li^f; «)*NK,L5 fafooroo raja, Li^^j; aj'U 

mata raja 
Commandment (^Cc^iaa^^ penioo- 

To Commence C^^ ^vr^e mcmoolay 
Commencing AAJt^l^jaddenea 
To Commend /^i^poojee 
Commendation i^bt^ii^^j poojeeawn 
To Commiferate ^^jSJ13u<>mS cafle- 

awncan, ^^jsJCjuLw fayangcan 
Commiflcration ^^^JLK>^i' caflcavvn, 

CXyTi.^ rahmat, ^_JXiJLN fayanggan 
Commiffion AaaJ' ^-^jj^ foorat tftah 
To Commit, do, i-^l^ booat — to ones 

charge, deliver, (^J/I^.Lw faracan 
Commodity ^^jXiSlC:^ daganggan- 
Commodious ui^lj piitoot 
Common, unclean, ^j^-^^- luiram, 

/ -^jl:5». harammcc — vulgar «^*-^ 


moongo moongo — people 
rayat — foldiers 

J^yC ^•■'^'^■■'j^^ ...V.W..J^ 


xJCU'O'Lj balat-.mtra 

9 ) CO 

— as the faith «xJLyw*y« moosi 

Commonly ctiLi' ctili kadang kudang 

To Commune jy^'J tootoor, ^)jJ'«.jIj 

To Communicate, make known, 
/^LfSjJ telelee 

Communication ^^Ijcr^jV»' tootoorawn 

Compadl, agreement, / ,^sr*^ janjce 

Companion ,^^j tummun 

Company i^lj'J taw'an — affcmbly 
(j^Xc^>^ campoonggan — of women 
t^^y^-^z^jj perhimponan — of foldiers 
sJIajJLj (^jl/ caw'an balatantra — 
crew 5 tc awa — flaip's crew Jul/ j »j: 
awa capal — boat's crcw*l_r ^^ awa 
praw — To join company (^^' >j ber- 
tummun — To join company at play, 
c^il» warang 

To Compare (^^UUj famacarr 

Compared a^Lm-j ber'fama 

Comparing ci^jl; c:->jI~j barapat rapat 

Comparifon (^Lxaj' axxm fcper'tcawn 

To Compafs in, inclofe, c*jIjL^ 
mang'apoong — To compafs about 
ilxJ*/-' bcrcoolceling, ^^jJocU-UiT 
cooleelingcan — fca compals /j>^«tAj 
puddomaii— pair of compaffcs «xXoi; 
janca^ — To mcafure with compaflcs 
^^^yiX)^ jancacaa 

Companion ^^ la-yjg/ cafTecavvn, 
(^^Ai-iL. fayanggan, <^^.:^l> rahmat 

CompaffiGiaatc u_j^a.^ / a£ attcc 

loomboot, ij'->*j fayang, ( Ji':: ijL-g 
fuyang attcc 
To Compel, force, a^^LVa^ mcn'gaja 


( 80 ) 


CompctiWr a>^2^ A-cUw dt» cang fdniaJTo Conceive, vvkh chi Id «^>jIj bahya 

To Complain, cry, /vksajw' tang'is, 

i_^jlj r;itap 
Complacency i-c«j^ clKiombo, (m^j*»^ 

Complaint <^'^j ratap 
Complcat, finiftied, v_-OCj^ lancap 

as a piece df worlc c>vJu^-> genap — 

itltire ^f^JyO' gcnap, l_?*5«^ choo- 

Compleatcd, done, Q**jl:i». babes — fi- 
nished i_-OJ^Lj balancap, i,_aJCj^J' 

Complement 4>ye^-=». choomboo — That 

is general to all occufions and perfons 

i^' tabbcc 
Coiiiplemental *a^4:^ »b' cljeang taoo 

Complexion ai'v* ^a^ ayer moocca 
Compofcd in mind ccXamj / JCc attee 

Compofitor, fetter or joiner of letters, 

". 9 « u::s^ cjLX-o pen'gdrang hooroof 

To Compound, mix,^ivSr^ champoor 
To Comprehend, conceive, cJ;^-*^ 

Comprefled Ouw'Lw fafak 
Compulfion AmSj pax'a, &^Jj gaja. 
Comrade, at gaming, d,l« warang- 

companion ^^^ tummun 
Concave *U^ lakaw 
To Conceal c tOjXk^ melindoong — 

hide (^ «(A>Jjsr« mangandon, ,^j/[j\.< 

Conceited, proud, ^-JL^li* kachak 

Concern, bufincfs, ^-yj/ JLi^ haal 
careeja — To concern, intermeddle, 
/JjtNlj fddoolee — What docs that 
concern you, j>J v« -W^ a>se appa 
chinta moo etoo 
Concerned /^Ltili fiidoolcc, aaJoi^j 

berchinta, 'iVn,*>*j^ ber'foofa 
To Conclude (j^*j<vj pootoos 
Conclufion i^LclcSiMj foodaawa 
To Concod, digeil, lSIkjjj:s^ an'- 

choor beac 
Concord / ^\Cs dammcc 
Concubine v — tjj>,j.j goondik 
To Condemn i.^X^*s^ hookoomcan, 
^jjCe^bi. haramcan — to die 
«Jjj ti ^^^^o^ hookoomcan dc 

.1 bcrhookoom 

Condemned ^o,— _ 

Condemner .»«*i». (^.:^ juree hoo- 


To Condcfccnd, agree to, Jol/cabool- 
Condition, cafe, jJU:^. haal — How is 
the condition of the bufinefs in the 
city C^jiiy ^^(ti Jl=i. iSji ajL^jS^ 
buggcmana prce haal dalam negree — 
good conditioned v — iuU C^jJ pree 
btiik — ill conditioned, crofs, (j^yJ 
c:^:^!^ prce jahat 
Conditions, terms, s^ljj^ perkara 
To Conduce, lead, JiX:z antar, (m^J>1aX 
antarcan — by the hand jL*^ pimping 
ConducHior, guide, J Us malim 
Confection ,^;^j**aJU) manifan 
Confederate, ally, i^^jj toolan 
Confederated ^jj^j-j bertoolan 



c o 

To Confer g,^^'^ bcchara 

Conference ^jU:,2s:^ bccharaawn 
To Confcfs a/U^L*^ meniaco 
Confeired i/UvL-yo s^^f*" fooda meniaco 
Confeffion (j_j I,:^*/Iaaak> mcniacoawn 
To Confide i^i'^i^ harap — rely on 
8c\j cjJuU gantoong pada — I can 

confide in him Sr^'-^^ L_< *^ <V.^ 
«suyltXj faya bole harap padanea — I 
did confide on him ^d*.^ ^-^.^ 
aajIcXj cjJO'U" fay a fooda gantoong 

Confidence, boldnefs. 



Confident, fecure, i.^ij tatap 

Confine, border, (^_OJ / ,_aaj' tepee 
ncgree — To confine uJumLw fafak, 
^>'«.*^l-^ fafakoan — as beaft, bird, 
or fifli, in a pound, cage, or trunk, 
(M^j-cV** l^'roocan 

Confined Ou^Lw fafak 

To Confirm tJjj togo, ,^j/^\j togo- 

81 ) 

famoocacan, *_.-<3lx^ nieng'addap 
To Confufe, intermix, _^a^ cham- 

poor, ^ «jlj bawoor 
Con fufed, out of order, J*.LAjbaga- 

wool — My work is all confufed 

(JjjL) Lj dXXjMi ^jicszJj^ carijako fc- 

galla bagawool 
Confufion, d(.itrud;ion, i^^juSj[Xa.j bin- 


To Confute V*'*^ C^t^ ^^"^^ jow'ab 
To Congeal, as any liquid, a31j bakoo, 

-Xaaw feg'ar — as oii 5»i<u poongooh 
Congealed^ L) (_^<^ljiw jaddce bakoo 
Congregation ^j^Cv»-^ campoongan 
To Conjecture jJwn fanca, j^" j_o 

kera kera 

can, (^^^jy^j'^AAj ncnogocan 

Confirmation a>J«J 



Confirmed Ij^j'^ bertogo 
Comfirming tJV»' *jy U batogo togo 
To Confilcate (yt*j^\j rampas 
Confifcatcd ^j^aa^I-^ merampas — 
iroods Q>wiA^I^ «sjjl arta merampas 

Confifcation (j_j.jw.>y-l; rampafan 
Conflia (^jS^^^ kelihee 
To Conform c:j«^«j' tooroot 
Conformable, alike, &j tj «Xj*. a^Ln fa 

ma fa roopa 
To Confound <junUJu binnafa 

Conjuration (^lj^ hobatan 
To Conjure, bind by an oath, aa^*>w# 
menioompa, ^^\.yyc^**^ foom paean — • 
bind by a curfe ^^jXic/-:^ haramcan 
— do witchcraft c:-o »^ ui^I ^ booat 
hobat— raife a fpirit (J>J^ I Aa-* *>yyi-« 
nicnioompa iblis 
Conjured, bewitched, ^^y^ a^LG" ke'- 

na hdbat 
Conjurer ^Ij^ cjj\ orang hobatan 
To Conquer xX^ mcnang, aJUUL» 

Conquered aL'U' taalla, aJJ! i" teralla 
Conquered land aJJU c^Cy ncgree 

Conqueror (^iLyc i<j\ orang me- 
nanggan, ^.ib^U r,.^ jow'an 

Conquelt ^^jXxX^ menanggan 
To Confront, as witneiTes, jj^l/^U Confcience ^yfattee, ^_^| (j'-juUj 

c o 

niataawn attce, ,J}\ ,^>ljuUj!/ ca 
niataawn attec, /lit <3un(; /Ji'l attee 
rafd attce — That be on your con- 
fcience *^ »^ Ls-'' O"^' atta's attee 
moo etoo 

Confcious (J)] Jo*jL*i fafal attee 

To Confecfate, an idol, i^kJow^I^j 

To Confent, be willing, «is/y*. fooca — 
with one confent /J>IUeUKi fama- 
attec, AJl/Lw facata 

To Confider, rsmember, oJsjL» inggat 
— think Jii fik'ir, jjAj 5-0 kera 
kera — take heed *ijj toongoo— rea- 
I'on g^lzs:^ bcchara — Confider of 
that ^Xj ^dKj i^^jS-XSJu inggat can 
pada etoo 

Considerate p-xi' z^-^^y! berkera kera 

(mIcI,^::^:' becharaawn, 

-without coniideration 


Aa>>^ chinta 

Confidercd oJJL»^ ber'inggat 
Confiftence, fubftance, ^Mlcltil adda- 

awn, ^jlcltS'o kaaddaawn 
Confolation ^^\<:■Jy^ eboorawn — This 

only is my confolation AjLw ^jLciaaj 

«!i.:^Ij*i «xJ / .-Aj eboorawn faya enee 

la faja 
Confonant, alike, <\^Lwg fama 
Confort, at play, c;ljwarang, P^'jU*. 

Confortcd \;j^j> bertummun, cjU 


Confpiracy cVjIci*.,-Ajjj femoodaya 
To Confpire t\i[;«ti dooraka, <!u!<34,,>>*j 
femoodaya — together a^Un <\i''i*0> 

( 82 ) CO 

A^Lw dooraka fama fima, «.,-y** 

«JueLw A-^Lw Ajiti femoo daya fama 

Conftant, always, ^j^UjUmj fanatias 
Conftantinoplc ^ «^ room 
Conftantly, always, q,,UjU>*i fanatias, 

aJLJucXawj fedecala 
Conftitution, law, -.jJ^s^ hookoom— 

of body *jy (j^jj pree tooboo 
To Conftrain, perfuade, ^^^jjCC^wLyLw 

meniafatcan, c:^>*,UwJ feafat — by 

force AiwU' gaja, a>wJo pax'a 
Conflraint / ^^Li>.Lrgajahee, 0\>*iUj*j 

feafat — He did that by conflraint 

o^wjLyjg i^j^Ci 4AJ a:^;:?^/ AJti dca 

careeja etoo dung'an feafat 
Conful (J-AJsL wakil 
To Confult v-fsp^. bechara, (,::j;Lwjyo 

mefaurat — together a^Lm 5.3^ 

a^Ln bechara fama fama 
Confultation, (•j\s.jssf^ becharaawn 
To Confume, fpoil, ,^^\mXjJ^ binnafa- 

Confumption /JLy^Jb C^^i'Lw fakit 

Contagious, infeftious, .x-e^' lampar 
To Contain aJ*j pola, (j^^-Sr**" *---V.'<-^ 

dapat limpan — as a vcffel ci^l *^ 

mooat — How much doth that veflcl 

contain aj I _j ui,'l«.^AAj Qj^'b bakas 

etoo mooat brapa 
To Contemn gOo ^(^yc oUX>yc mele- 

at mooda pada, ^jj''U-cs*^ meng'- 

Contemptible aJIcs:-*^ meng'hina 
To Contend, rcfift, (^l«^ lawan» 

c o 

(^,l«JA.>y« melawan 


Contending ;^l*JLy« melawan 
Content, fccure in mind, Ci^j'b' tatap 
To Content, fatisfy, (^JCajU' ta- 

tapcan, (^|»jG::».ltXj padahcan^ 

(M«Xi».lciLy>ye memadahcan — I can- 
not content him t_Jj^. 5<-\^^ ^\^ 
ajti /jjCi^lcX» faya teda bolee padah- 
can dea 

Contented, agreed to, J^l/ cabool — 
fatisfied, as the ftomach, q*^L ^ 

Contention, flrife, 5_>iAa^ chidera, 
AaJu banta — quarrelling «_aj «jt^^ 
haroo biroo 

83 ) . CO 

AajUw fatia — To contracl:, clofc, 

(^_j_Cufwy« mĕrapatcan 
Contracted ^js-^L» bdjanjee 
Contracting ^Lxycs:'*^ janjeeawn 
To Contradid (^UiU^ melawan, 

«xjU' (^'j^ lawan cata, / ~i.'JJ 

bantahee, &ju<j^ berbanta, "/ wm^'L» 



(--'Li^ balas jow'ab 

Contradiding ^^1^;^ ,^l^iU^ melawan 

Contrary (^\j^ lawan — contrary wind 
o'jj-^ Cj$;^(^l ang'in derree alo- 
"w'an — not fo [^j^aj boocon, (^^{aj 
^LS^ boocon buggCtoo — fide dw'-^w 

Contentious man j xjj^U». cj^l orang Contrariety, loathing, 4^*21^ Joomoo 
haroo biroo, 3_ijC».2i (^jl^». cU c 1*! """ " 

orang cang charree chidera 
Contentment /^j'l «w^'U tdtap attee, 

(^lx5i.(cXj> padahawn, v__;vAamj fcdap, 

_^y>\i*> iaboor 
Contents /^w*^ ^^^^ — fccret contents 

1^ boonee — of a letter 


uljf*,»w boonee foorat 

To Conteft «>JCo banta 

Continually /j^Uj'Uj^m fanatias, *j' «tAA>*j 

To Continue (J«-.C>J tin'gal 

Continued ^_)Oou"-j bcrtin'gal — He con- 
tinued there three years 1^ »j Ajt^ 

dca poon fooda bertin'gal de fana te- 
ga taw'on 
Contract /^:s:'^~» janjee — written 
/js:**^ ^^^jyii foorat j anj ee — in mar. 
riage %3ii toonang — in fricndfhip 

To Contribute ( C^ bree 

Contribution (^_5V^ j oopetec — under 
contribution A-U li»' taalla 

Controverfy s^j^Aa:^ chidera, «wjU 

To Conveigh, lead, JCll antar 

Convenient O'bJ layak, l:X>I<3 dapat 

Converiation \oJyy tootooran, 
(jjlc;^"«jlj batootoorawn 

To Convert, turn, OL"U balik 

Converted ^_i.'L.lj babdlik 

To Convict Aaa^ menang 

To Convince, by reafon, \^SC^3 \S^ 
meng'ar tecan, (^jJ.:,Xf^ me'nan- 
toocan, i^jS »,t.t.^XK^ meni'oonc^oocan 
—by teftimony ^C^ ^^<^i^x^ 
^_^^>*>/'^ mcmoongoocan dung'an 

To Convoke ^m^a,,_^jLo mcng'campoon, 
^ J^X^V pan'gil 

c o 

Convulllon JCaj pdtam 

(^ony, hare, ^jOJ^Ij palandok 

Cook \..JiX^j (^jj2^juicchctiik, (j^jy:^ 

itjlti juree dapoor — ^To cook, drcfs, 

t^JLwU» mafak — cook that vi6luals 

enough ^aj (^j'I/Lo v-JLwlrc iSj^ 

V kj[j ^ ii.jLj brce mafak macanan 

ĕtoo baik baik 

Cooked v^Awl^-ye mc mafak 

Cookroom j*jj<3 dapoor, >. — ^'aj betak 

Cool^^t^"' fejoo 

7'o Cool, rcfrclli, (^'^2::^*' fcjoocan 

Coohng, rcfrefliing, *:s::V*' ftjoo 

Coop c «^iLw faroong 

Cooper cV»" \^jj' toocan toong 

Copartner dJyS-^m fccoota 

Copious r>»-U J low was 

Copper Aj'lx^' tambaga, j^ AJl>^J 

( 84 ) CO 

Corn, of any gnun, i^iXj bidjcc — of 
fait, any artificial thing, j)^y, boo- 
coor — of pepper, any fniall round 
t hing, -jjj bootir — in the foot (^C^ 
, -jl^ dag'in matcc — corn-field 
ciAaj bendang — To corn with fait 
/ ^N-T garrammee — make mto 
corns i^v-Oy^ boocoorcan 

Corner c 5^9 oojong — infidcof a corner 

yiAwg fckoo— outfideofacorner J I *Ax>ji 

pcniooroo, (jJJLa^/*. fimpanggan — 

.of a folicf (^^Um faji — of a llreet, 


tambaga mera 

Copperas / wj^^Li'taroofee 
Copper-fm'ith »0'U^' C^^Aaj pandee 

Copulation e:^>vycl ampoot 
Copy (^Jl>^ ei^^wj foorat falin — for 

children gJ loh 
To Copy u:-'j^ ^piw- falin foorat, 

^^Lw t^^AAA^ menioorat falin, 

^ \C^ (Sj^ ^^JJ^y-^ menioorat der- 

jree dalam 
Coral, red, -^I*j poalam, i^y^y* mar- 

b Jl 

^u s] akar bahar 
X'J tallec 

J an — black 
Cord ^ 
Cordlar_^!jLilj panawar 
Corge, fcore, (^Cui" coodec 
Coriander-feed /_<*^ mety, -aJaJ'U 


road, ( • XjL/^j ^A^wj 
,^^AjU^>ij fimpanggan — of a houfe 
/ji^'^ faji, f^^^L^.j perfaji — of the 
eye «xjL* ^JixiJ^ fckoo msita — of cloth 
c «r^v panchong — in a corner ^^'Iti 
^juo^ dalam fckoo — cornerwifc 
o-ouLw fangkap — To put corner 
ways (^^^jCJCski fangkapcan 

Cornered, made with corners, 
(^^Lwju-i ber'pclaji, (^a^Lw^ per- 
laji, c.^:^tyj beroojong— ^four corner- 
ed, a folid, / ^i^Lw-j O^A^I ampat 
pcr'faji — four cornered, a flat, cxyd 
^j^jjy^ ampat pcniooroo 

Corpfe, dead, (gJ^V bankee 

Corpulent u-Jjy^^J gomook 

To Corred, mend, ^^_^L> baikkce. 

JuLv^ membaikkee 


Cofredter, overfcer, ajU, mata 
To Corrupt, deftroy, «jun La>o bmnafa 
Corrupted a^mULo^ bcrbinnafa — cor- 
rupted, putrificd, (w>*>*j*J boofooc • 
Corruptible Jv/l/jJyu' cU cang tcda 

c o 

( 85 ) CO 

Corruption, matter, AJ',j nanah t i^jf <iy-iS^ {j^ t^' arnpar can 

Coft A^^J^i^lj balanja — bought for cay'in cooda — face over \ «ijlj' tatak 

^jJ^aXj billecan, / J.j billec — How 

much coft that ^Xj (^^XUj ti AjLj 
brapa de billccan ctoo — It coft me a 
dollar J Uj Aam (j~^^ t J^, «s^^" tit. 
ta billec dung'an ia rcall"' 
Coftive tVcUij^LA. fiK-fama, CioL>. 

Cohered, veiled, c ««^jJyJ bertoodoong 
Covering, roof of a houfc, (-^iiff attap 

— veft cjA^A^Lyjg felcmoot 
Coverlid, cjuilt, d<_)JJ.>^ felindang — 
for a table 5<JS^' ^^_,iLa^I amparan 

a^'j*ajJLn sakitfalcfiima, , '«.j s<_X>u' To Covet ,>Xo kik'ir 
jAw,A.j -xc c ! kj tcda bolce booang Covetous .aJLo kik'ir — a covetous man 

ay'er bcfar 
Coftly, dear, «iZ/jJ ber'arga, Jkj^L* 

Coftus indicus »^^j poocho 
Cottage jjvxzs:^ &^y rooma kecheel, 

^4/«« 1«^ jooroomoom 
Cotton (v^l/ capas 
Couch i_C/J garee 
Covenant / ,js:-*'t^ ianiee, ,.,Lx>^:^-*^ 


janjee, ^\ 
J berjanjee 

Cover, lid, v iuJl/' cdloopak — Veil 

^«3*j' toodong, (^j^itiij' toodong- 
gan, _j'J tabir — that laps over th^ 
edges, as paper tied over, c «_sw »x,l/ 

calboofoong — Shutter ,^yt,'i too- 
toopan — of a pot ^^«.jV'' tootoo- 
pan — of a book u-^ kiilip — fmall 
pieces of plate worn to cover the pri- 
vities of a boy (^>(j::,Lo pclcrawn — 
ditto, for a girl, Xjb> chaping — 
fhut «wjjjjj' tootoop — Cover the pot 
with its cover or lid ^*-» ^-_>«.j\j 
«Xx-oa.j'v i^;_j-C(^ tootoop b6\ang 
dung'an tootoopannea — the tabic 

rf^i^ ^j*\ orang kik'ir 
Covetoufnefs (j^Lz^aJco kik'irawn 
Covetoufly (^_;,Ju ^J-cti dung'an ing'in 

— greedily aj J i^^<^ dung'an loba 
To Cough^^'b batoor, v— 'jj'b batok, 

Cj«;U garoot 
Could CX)'<^ dapat, / ^ o bolee 
Coulter of a plough *^U mijam 
jCouncel, advice, '^:^jy*> faurat, Ov^bs, 

jamat, 5 _s:^^ bcchara, (^Izjspf^he- 

ToCounfcl, advife,^jy[;Ls:fVS-^ mem- 

Council-houfe, court, jjl^rr^J A^^tj 

rooma bechara — council of ftate 

cC-i^A-e mantrce — a fmall council 

jjl.^^ bechara 
Counfcllor of ftate C^->^ cjjl orarig 

mantree — of a fmall council cj«f 

B^Ls:^ oraug bechara — advifer pU 

s^i'js:^^:' C^-J 0> cang dc brce bccliara 
To Count, number, c,^\j<j bclang — 


reckon 5 >o kcra, ^ *aj etong 

Counted x^jo^ berkcra 

Countenance, face, jo *-* mooca — fea- 
tures of the face aj aj roopa, 5/^ 

CO (80 

lacoo- -air of the face «x/^^ ,j} ay'er 

To Counterfeit, feign, jj 4J poora, bj^j 

poora — rcfemblc in form aj«;Ij ba- 

roopa, /jyU«-*e nicroopacan — voice 

/vw Jl fj\*Mj fooara aloes 

To Countermand ^^^t<AxAJL« mani- 

Counterpoifon ^ *Uu panawar 

Country C^jCj negree, 55^ J bcnoa — 
that is manured (j^^wj^ti doofoon, 
cJOL» bendang — Native country 
ajIj (_^jXvj ncgrce biipa — that is 
conquered &}s.l'J (^.X-fJ negree 
taalla — windward country, as '^^jy*^ 
Surat, aJ Lij^j Bengala ; and the coaft 
jJOJ-*;*2?. Chormandell ; is fo called 
by the Malay's, (^^\ (j^c (j^jX^ 
negree attas ang'in — leeward coun 
try, as all the lands to the Eaftward 
of Aclice to the MoUucas is call 
ed by the Malay's, ,^i:l ^jLj (^ A^' 
ncgrcc bava ang'in — man cjJ 
i^^td orang doolbn — of the fame 
country (^^-XajLj fancgree — To go 
from one country to another cOJu-j 
(^-X/J berpinda negree 

Couple ».J goo, tj' L» fii goo — male and 
female ^ Lw fa goo — two g.ti 
— To couple i^jriV^ goocan — 

The Coupling of male and female 
y-y^jS goocan 

Courage ^^^1 j branee, (^IjlajI^j bra 

ncawn, /J>lc,j bcr'attec, / JL^'L» 
palawilnce — To take courage 
(^-jO> [^^jSi^\^r^ mcmbranecan 


) CO 

dirrcc — To lofe courage / ^a^ 
elong attec, ^l^ chabar — He~did 
overcome by his great courage Ajti 

dea fooda alia derrcc pada fang'at 

Courageous iJ>^,^, branec, (^ ^'^ilrylj 

Courageoufly (^^^jLj ^^'^ (^tidung'- 

an attee bnihce 
Coarfe, as cloth, >*\i cafar, xjI/ ca- 

bang — as in grains d^Ay/'combong 
Courfc, race, tjbtj;iUj pelarreawn 

— of the fun and moon ^^'J^^ 

_iry. LH'*^ ^)^ ^^ pcrjalanan 
mata harree daen booloo, (MLc;«^ljvy 
percadarawn — water-courfe that 
runs down j( -<Loi.hilir ay'er — pre- 
paration of victuals / ~>.Lg SHJce, 
^jLx-Vt^U, sajeawn — turn ^\j^^S ^ 
berganteawn — by courfe , J^JLTj 
^^aa/ bergantee gantee — they come 
hereby courfe (__yyy*j xjlti c^.l o 
^^^A-LT /^A/jO'de orang datang f6- 

nce bergantee gantee 
Court, palace, AJUuwf aftana — The 
whole court men and buildings 
QwJ>A:i^Le majelis — council-houfe 
Bjlrs:^ A^ «^ rooma bcchara — a court 
yard (m<_Xa^ mi dan, ^l^Jlc alamaan 
— court yard before ^^IaJJ^aj pclan- 
taran — of guard c «^Ij baleroong — 
ot law ^y, 4L=ii. «-^.A.^' tampat hookooni 
— The court, the men who conxpofc 
the court of juflicc, ^«j».^», 5 ibs::^:' 
bochara hookoom — To call a court 

C R 

( 87 ) 

C R 

5j'.:sr^:! cj^. pang'll bechara — The 
court is ended, (j^ijjj ^<^t^, 
jjLs:'^ fooda pootoos bechara 

Courteous «./.-«trii. choombo, i^,j^ 
.foopan, (jvwjLo manis — courteous 
rricin (jj. «-aij c^'*' orang foopan 

Courtefy, manners, »>..-c*=x choombo, 
(^ 4>*j foopan 

Courtezan JcXj4>jj foondal 

Coufm, firft coufm, ^j «.jLw fapoopoo. 

— with the teeth Jk^j*^ goonjil — 
break open, as a nut, t^^iS toombo 
-fnap, as wood, rope, (j_jJu!; rdntan 

— as m the fire 


yj latok 


choochoo — fecond 

CowaaaXaj iA^J lemboo betina, / ^.Lw 

Coward .jU>. cj »I orang chabar, d i«! 

i^j t/b' 6rang tacoot 
Cowardice t^\s.j)\s:^ chabarawn, ij^ 

Jo^s:':^ attec kechecl 
Cowardly ^j-c<3 ^J^^cs^V/^^ attee kc 

cheel dung'an, ^J.a2s::;V ij^ attee 

kecheel, (gj'y 5<-^ tcdabranec — 

cowardly bully A^^Lw S^J cjjl 

orang gantar faja 
Cowhcard aJ Ia^ combala 
To Cozen, cheat, «!yl<3 day a, 4aaj 

Coyan (/rJ^^> coyan ^^^j*/', a concave 

meafure ufed, or accounted in many 

places of India. 
Crab {^^^ catan, ij\3 katang, iJCul/ 

Crabbed, lour, w»jjLt maflam 
Crack ^vXa:^ chela, ji.A».j bcia — To crack, 

Iplit, ^j^^Iaj bekican — with the 

nail, as a loufe, rj^OJo tindas — 

Cracked jS^J terbcla, /^aam iepy — 
broke in fmall pieces 5^ I; rapoh 

Cradle (^Uj boway'an — To rock a 
cradle (jol«_» (^[vj boway boway'an 

Craft, trade, ^^Iji^yLi pacarjaawn, 
(^<Aaj pandce 

Craftinefs ui.'JIa^^ mofielaat— crafts- 
man C^>Xo cj^I orang pandce, 
{_l^^ toocan 

Crafty OutAj^^^ chercdik — crafty 
knave Ajfci »,axj' tipoo daya 

Craggcd L;-^«3^ga{^ap 

To Cram /^>w,AjLe mang'iflee 

Cramp ;^js>^(;bV cacarafan 

Crane, a fowl fo called, (^ij c-^'l;^ 
halang ingin ^^'J^ pootaran — neck 
of a crane, c:^,*^^^ foombat — Block 
of the crane cX''-' J^^ree — rope / \J 
(m;Ij^j pootaran — To crane up 

OJ^yx:J^^ O-'^r!;'^ k^reccan dung'an 

To Crafli, grind, as the teeth, (J*U! 

Cratch, fpacc between the thighs, 
aAa:^^ chela, a::^Lj aIa^ chela paha 

To Crave aX)^ minta 

Craw of a bird (^^s^-U^^j tiunbooloo- 

To Crawl (^jJo.^ merancan — as a 
fnake AJ'JLy* mclata — Creep private- 
ly as a thief ^Id (Sj_y^ C£/V?^ 

fnap, as the fingers, Oi.AJ^ lantik' menchoorec chooree datan 


orang tans 

CR (88 

Cream ytj^ Ouyvo mln'} ak foolbo 
Create 5jl>y« miira, i^jJ^iJcs::'^ men 

Created (__^t>>,s:'*"« mcnjaddcc 
Creation (jj LxjiA:;^' j" kajaddeawn 
Creator g^ilx^ C^i^ juree miara, 

(^j-XjiJcsi'^-o cang mcnjaddccan 
Creature, living, g «UJ-j berniawa 
Credence (J^l« wakll — A letter of 

credence <3-ajI« c^t^wj foorat wakii 
To Credit, believe, ajI:^^,-» perchaya — 
Creditor ^rs;-^ cU 6\*\ 6 

Credulous Ajl;i»._i g;».^ moora perchaya 
Creek O" «.x>^ lerooc, O^A^J' tclooc 

— of the fea i.::^ .i' ^jAji>..,jjj fim- 

panggan laoot 
Creeks (^j/t.^^ L-T ^-ajsw ferooc feroo- 

can — To creep, as a beaft going flow, 

(^Xijjyt merancan 
Creeper, any creature that goes flow, 

^Xj-a^ merancan 
Creeping creatures AJ'JLy* cb xJ'Uvu 

blnnatang cang melata, cL; ^jUaj 

^iLxAA^ blnnatang cang menioolar 
Crew 5*^ awa — of a fliip (J^\S g^c 

awa capal — of a boat »1 j g^c awa 

Cricket, an Infed:, <wJ»,'JiJL=a. chlnkdrek 
Crime <xj Lw fala— ^deferving death tO Lw 

«J4j (J^ f**^j=^ fiiki hookoom de boo- 

Criple Xa-P' Cm I orang tlmpang 
C^rifped, curled, (JJu ckal 
To Croak, as a frog, v_Jij''j (^ ^•J boo- 

nee katak 


c u 


foor — bar 

rafok, -/^uiralagar 

Crocodile AjUj boaya 

Crooked ♦JUj benko — as wood 

biiwoor, iwJ» *A^j bantook — as a let; 
^^ — O.'-T?' chaplk — as a path (^jJoi.A.^>*i 
fimpanggan — To walk crooked 
v— Jisr*^ (jj^'L^sl;^-^ bejalan canchook 

Crop of a bird JJvA>yel ampedal — To 
crop, nip the end, i^jJ^'^ikJ gintaf- 
can — the hair, cut fliort, o^/y ra- 

Crofs ;i.XX) bcntang — bow_j4«j4j boo- 
0<3 Ln fakat — beam ^—•*an [; 
trouble <!Un*>jv. 
foofa — crofs, ill-conditioned, (^-> 
c:Ai».l2!^ pree jahat — thwart j^^i^ 
boojoor — legged, as taylors fit, it is 
the common way of fitting in India, 
3iXXi llntang, «JC-UL»' talintang, 
jiJCJL» malintang — fit crofs-legged 
*JOJ [j O^ti «ti doodooc talintang 
— one thing crofs another xX^lJ 
talintang — To lay one thing crofs 
another (^jSJuiXi lintangcan — To 
crofs over, as a river, PyjLwj fabrang 
— a river /£^ f^-!^-" sabrang 
foongey — the"fea i>^" tampang 

To Crouch lJ «OJ*J' toondooc 

Crow iS^S c t.\yi booroong goga — To 
crow «/«i C(')co, «/^/Lt bacoco — 
The cock did crow «/j/Li ati*>w ^} 
ayam fooda bacoco — as a child 5^1*2=^ 

Crowd (MjL^ caw'an — prefs Ovxac 
(^AAAi; apit apitan — To crowd 
through /»J.-^^ mclapang, 

I (^AAijjlAAA/>e meni'afatcan 


( 8Q ) 

C V 

Crown Ijs^lj^Uuwci diflar rdja, «JuVsLo 
makota — Crown ot" the head (mL»« 
(^Jb « ooban oobanan, &J Uiy (j^^Lw^j 
poofaran capala 

To Crown ;^^Ly*Ju» makotdcan 

Crows feet, irons ftrewed on the ground 
to wound an enemy's feet ^:s:^J 

To Crucify (^XixJu bentangcan 

Crucified iSiiXj'S tcrbentang 

Crude A>.'>L« niantah 

Cruel (J^ U^'y' ^^^^ attce, /)j^as:'\' 
bin J is, fjjj^As:'^ Ls^ attee bin j is 
— cruel looks, jJUs &/yc mooca 


for (jn^^JtS^ Ajt^ Axs: tU'-T 
appa dea mcnang'is 
Cryed (j*a>oLaa^ menang'is — as goods 


jjuhjJ 43lLO' telah berfaroo 

/ryer, proclaimex, ^Uj^L) (^i^jurec 
bateria, ji^Lw v'-^t-^ ^JJ^ orang ber- 
faroo faroo 


r tang'ifcan, ^^n^xj 

Cub Ou! anak 
Cubebs <xjCa~». 

Qw^AJ«^5 komoonkoos, O a^^/ 

Cubit aXm ! afla 

Ajy^ cu'ba chena. 

mara — hearted ^J<i^ zj^ niara attee Cucumber (^^.^ timmoon, vj^f^' 

Cruelty ^j**as:'^^ bin j is 

Crumb of bread ij>jj (^>**^. i^ee roo- 

tec — cumb ajIJ Lw fa rapeh, Lw 

fa pan'gal, /^s^cXj bidjee — ^ 

jLjLj timmoon batang 
Cudgel CiviuA> toonkat 
To Cuff *2j»*Ji' gocho 
To Cull / g-L[ pillee 

crumbs «xjI; ajI^ rapeh rapeh, JkXy Cullender \_Jiu I ay'ak 

^JjCAj pan'gal pan'gal, ^^^^Ju 

/ ^^iAj bidjee bidjee 
To " Crumble (^^jCspll; rapchcan, 

j^^jQjCu pan'galcan, 4>>-«jJ toombo, 

^^pLcswcAj bidjccan — very fine (^^ 

C>wi «J bree loomat 
Crump-handed v — ^V.'-r^ chapik 
Crufc ij^J boyang 
To Crufh jij:s:'*^ an'choor, ^^y'l i^rs-'»^ 

Cruft of bread rJ>*j oJ «/ coolit roo- 

Crutches »wJ»'LyU]5 c^Juii" toonkat ke- 

To Cry, weep, ^j*juouLA-e menang'is, 

fjM^Ju tang'is — What does he cry 

Culpable ^sJlu^ <3u*o kena fala, «xJUm 

fala " 

Cummin-feed (^_jJ»L\^ jintan 
Cunning, wife, ^jyi deal — cunning 

knave aj!<3 4xaj* /^jaaaJUs malepoo- 

tee ti'poo daya 
Pudendum muliebris tji^, pookee 
Cup {^j^ chawan, Cj^ crong — of 

China ^^XU manco — cann (^J^ 

cundee — To cup, bleed, JLo bckam 
CurdjpU *«j*w. -j\ ay'£r foofoo bdkoo 

To Cure 



Cured ♦A-c v*i foomboo 

Curious, ingenious, as work, /5«-» 

permec — curious work t^jJ (j^J'^J 

booatan permec 

c u ( 

Curl, ringlet of hair, <JJC^. plntal 
To Curl Jou ekal — braid >>jl an'yam 
Curled (JoUjj ber'ekal — hair 'Cjy^j 

(Jk.Ju-j ramboot ber'ekal 

Current, paffable, yi^ lakoo, ^^^'jJ 

bcrlakoo — money aj ^.j c L» as:-*^ U 

balanja cang bcrlakoo — goods 

j^^j» c^J. ^j^iCx/lc^ daganggan eang 

berlakoo — Current, ftream, rvw«;' 

aroos — 'that runs down ^1 y*i:^ hil'- 

ir ay'cr, -xX^i. _»! ay'cr hil'ir 

Curry-comb gci*/ v'-^. P^ngg^'iroo 

cooda— To curry *j\j garoo 
To Curfc Ci^2k^fc^. hojat 
tok, C>j »j' tobat 

C V 

»*j*i> koo- 

Curfed OvJjjLi bdtobat, /^ljl^». ha- 
rarnmce, / ajJVs li do kootokkee 

00 ) 

inwards, / ^3*::^. chookce — outwards 
c:->a».lj karajat — A receiver of cuf- 
tomAAjj cj *l 6rangr^ba,<J.A.,jLe5.Ml 
/ Js a2>. orang meng'ambil chookce 

Cuftomed <JUwIaj bcafa — that has paid 
cuftom , Js^=^.j bcrchookec 

Cuftom-hoiife njjji foorza — officer 
, Js^ cjJ orang chookee — officer 
iii chief_^OJa A>ij Iha bendar 

To Cut u:jI y crat, PjJV» potoong — 
off (j>j4JV> ui^L/ crat pootoos— ' 
mince ^^.j irris — through ^*; j irris 
— hack in bits p. ^sr*^ chinchong — 
pare with a l^nifc, as the nails, as 
a quill, Pj^^j ranchoong ■ — the 
throat of a bcaft dCYOiitly, after the 

AjI^z'^ aA-o kena bcnchana 

Curft, as a wild beaft, (j*^^jJ bow'as 

Curtain, pavilion to draw round a 

bed, y<^^\y calambo — window or 

any drawing curtain, C^ji^J' tirrec 

Draw the curtain (_C_aj'aJ 

; fangkap la tirrce 

Cuihion (JJl^^ bantal 

Curtody jJuLiJ' ^y\i^ dalam tang'anko 

Cuftom, manner, (^^ pree — ufc AawLu 

beafa — faftiion «.:i;!(J^ addat, 

UL>lt>oiAAM*j efteaddat, g^Us» chara — 

pra(^^"«^\::j «t*jtooroottooroo- 

tan — of a country (__^-Xaj uuIiAc ad- 

hookoom — 

dat negrce — law **j 
law of a country (^,XaJ ^j=^ boo- 
koom ncgrec — according to cuftom 
u^ttAc ( J'_A_Viw fepertee addat — toll 
in land, (J^.M oopcttee — from fea 

Mahometan way, /^)^..,^*» fambillcc 
chop to peaces i^^jXXXXj pan'galcan 

- — off, (iifmembcr, (jS^tjC^ji' coo- 
dongcan — up, divide as a beaft 
^j/,Xxj belacan — notch, as a tally, 
(^^jJCCa^j*! fimbatcan — corn ^t/ ca- 
tam — make fharp pointed Ciolj pa- 
pat, (jii'-J parafli — prune iSJj rant- 
ing — with a fword (,_^lj' tatac — crofs 
c 4y>y*i ci^l J^ crat ferong — the fingers 
(_^jl2k p^jJiri. potong jarrce — chop 
with a bill ij^-f^ memarang — flafh' 
with the point to mark on the fkin, 
on wood (j*y^*J gooris, (^j^S garis 
— as a knife (^^Lc macan — lliis knife 
will not cut »Le BtAAJ»' / ^JL» *.***AJ 
j^^Lt pcfoo cnee tcda maoa miican 

Cutlas ,A>Ak^_sw famfcer 

Cutler, of fwords, ccX-o Azs:r!y iSOJ^J 
pandcc careeja piidang 

DA ( 

Cypher, figure, ajul anka — To cypher 

AJul p-Aj gvo kcra kcra anka 
Cymbol 5 jjjj tu6ra 

Dagger ^j^^ creis 

To Daggle ^^^Ai; »^ choringcan 

Dainty j-y^V?^- penjcjam — -dainty vic- 
tuals ^_;(_X>y*j (j^jl/Uo macanan fedap 
— To eat daintily, well, ^j/U 
'wJiAaam macan fedap 

Dale &p^ lemba 

To Dally- jjjS gooroo, jj^-} bergoo- 

Dam, mother, d^ ijia — dam, for wa- 
ter, (j**^r> tarbis-^-To dam up 
(j**jjj CL>Ux^ membooat tarbis 

Damage, lofs, t^j^jj roojee , 

Damafk, filk, /_ijij'4:clokee, jjLyj-yc 
moffayer — as a fword (^j^ koree — 
damaik^ed fword (^jjj _> P<A>u pc- 
dang ber koree 

Dame, miftrefs, (^Uj ncay — familiar- 
ly ojjl awan — in a higher degree 
/^rsrJj*! awanchee 

To Damn i^^yyi kootokee 






kootookkee, ^•l:s>.r/ 

j,»5^~».,j berhookoom 
To Damnify / =1.«^ roojee 
Damnified /^i>^-A^ meroojce 
Damp tyj{£j) langas, (_)<>-«• oombal — 

damp, vapour, ^Lj' S^^' ;I ovv'ap tana 

Damfcl B^Iti ^ «Li I anak dara 

Dance c^jU-yo mcnarree, (^jU tar- 

rec — To dance (^^>Li narree, (^^iUa^ 

meaarrcc — leader up of a dance 

91 ) DA 

(_^^tU« jijtjj poong'ooloo menar- 
ree — To take a partner out to dance 
C^yU^ Ov-^jl ancat mcnarrce 

Danced (^^UL^ menarrec 

Dancing (j^Lx-yU^^ menarreawn — 
dancing- mafter C^jUa^ (Sjy^ j^" 
ree menarrce 

To Dandle Xaaj pepang 

Dandled Xaaj-j berpcpang 

Dandrif 'wVj^^iJ^gorak, (^1ti daki 

Danger (^^^.i^L' tajanggan 

Dangerous JJL^ mifkill, ^\J ta- 

Dapper (j^Xij pantas 

To Dare, be bold, (^'L» branee— 
Dare he appear before me i^\^ Ajti 
^lOui «s/^ i-_>!tiU dca branee ber- 
addap mooca padako 

Daring (J'^,J branee 

Dark y^^l-Tgalap— dark, mifl, ^•\y 
calam— fcntcnce i^y<^ ^{j6^S 
cataawn femboone 

To Darken (^^J^L/'galapcan — fha- 



hAaJ' tedoohan 

Darkened l_> J(JC bcrgalap 

Darling, bcft beloved child, v^Juf 

(^yn anak foopan 
To Darn C^^v^^^il^i.jaroomat 
Dart ^>^^ lambing — To caft a dart 

X-yc-^ dj-yc^ lamboong lambing — 

To dart, as a porcupine, JJiJA^yU^ 

To Dadi, as water ^— i=i.^ perchik 
Dafliing (^IxjZiAAwlj' tafoontoawn 
Dates A-civ::»^ choorma 
Date-tree A-c^j*:^ 'O^y. P"hone choorma 

D A 


To Daub » »j J laboor 

Daubc(l_;«jJ^ berlaboor 

Daugiitcr (^Ua^jU >>— JtJl anak param- 
poan — daughter-in-'law, the daugh- 
ter of a wife by a former hufband or 
of a hufband by a former wife, v.Ju' 
j^Ivve;U C^j>y" anak tirrc param 
poan — daughter-in-law, fon's wife, 
ijl*>ye^iL) ixxLILx^ mcnantoo param- 
poan — grand daughter yia^y^^ v,-JiJ 
jj.l4jy«;lj anak choochoo parampoan 


a king 

raja param poan 

a maiden 

anak dara 

daughter 5^1 1 <^ ^^O 
David 0>«l«3 daood 
Daunted {J^^ i-^. clang attee 
Dawning of the day ys^lj fsyer, -XfoM 

Day c^^l* harrcc — of judgement 

CX^Co^^^U» harree kiamat — before 

day cU>*j iS}^ 5"^. C^<^ J^j'"^ 
dauloo derree pada harree feeang — 
growing day dU>w ^«^1^ jaddee 
I'cang — break of day J^^>*» sinar, 
->LyAj_^ bersmar, -s^li tajer — light, 
broad day, cLy*. feang — by day light 
(Sj^ ^^.^ B'-V. P^^^ fcang harree 
— high day /^Ju" <-^;^ ^^ mata 
harree ting'cc — noon-day aaj' 
{S)\^ teng'a harrcc — To day, this 
day, / Ju iS}-^ harree enee — on 
that day^^ <Sj^-^' »'-'V. P^*^'^ harree 
ctoo — on a good day cU (^J^ b<->V 
v-JuIj pada harrcc cang baik — To 
defer from day to day aaaJ Icna — 
ftar 5^^*« .A^-V 

02 ) DE ' 

the promifcd day cU C^»'-^ »<-^ 
^ As». J pada harree eang berjanjec 
—holy day, feaft day, ajI; C^Ufc har- 
ree raya — dark mifty day ^^'l/ (JT^I^ 
harree calam — inthedaytimecLyNgtAj 
(__^^L^ pada fcang harree — A day's 
journey ^j JUs^^ iSj^ ^ ^^ Xvxc- 
rce bcjalan — day before yefterday 
Jlti C^T^^t^ Ciilarnarrce dauloo — 
the next day AaJ^jj^jsj L^''^ harree 
effonea — next day after to-morrow 
A»*)*J loofa — three days ago (j**a-J 
(Cjl^ ».\X>0' Icpas tcga harree — three 
days hence c:^ *j" toolat — a day and 
(^j^ «jti iJCi teng'a dua 


bintang fcang — on' 

harree — the laft day .ajI iSj^ l^ar- 
ree akir 

Daily C^'-=^ Sr'^ VL^ ^^°P *'°P 
harree — continually aJLXj[cX>*n fcde- 
cala — day after day tw^*i*u ^y*tjj} 
ber'cfook efook 

Dazzled iUL»-> berpanar 

Dazzling of the eyes^ljlj panar, «.Xaj** 

Dead /^'-^ matcc, 5 i)Lu ^jjv«JV» poo- 
toos iiiawa — by fickncfs (^j^ Ljs^''^ 
(^^JoLw y<Aj matce dcrrce pada faki- 
tan — born «wjt^ss. gOu iSjd {^^^ 
matee derree pada jaddcnca — ^be is 
dead (^cJl-o 8t^_ji*i <!yti dca fooda 
matee-^of hunger jju iSjC^ ( «r''-* 
J)L matee derree pada lapar — as wine 
-A^l ^ ! ^ Lj" ta war ambar — Dead jnan 
/^'Lc cj *l urang matee — Carry the 
dead to the grave &S (J»^ (^tS.^^.^ 
)4j *l/ mcmecool bamliee ca caoboor 




He was dead /J>'U> jJ 8<^^ 
fooda ber matee — dead wilfully, vo- 
luntarily, «3uyci».Lw ivj.iti yJ>^ rna- 
tee dung'an fajanea 

Deadly <Jot*) fabill, gbb pay ah 

Deadnefs, numbnefs, 8*>y«J loompoh, 
slyjj lemah 

Deaf (J^" toolcy — hard of hearing 
^JJCaj ban'gal — become deaf (_^<^l:5w 
. J^" jaddee toolee — To make deaf 
j^»JLaJ*j toolecan, i^jJ^jX^ menoo 

To Deal, diftribute, (^/U/Ij bageea- 
can, /^/Ij^ berbagee — a great deal 

v«Juaj ban'yak 
Dealing t/UJuj veniago 

Dear J^^^'-s» mahal — To make dear 
/jjCbi.'^ mahalcan, ^^_^XL=*.L,-s^mĕ- 

mahalcan grown dear <J.^Si.Lc (^<A Li». 

jaddee mahal — This is a great .deal 
too dear <ij /^5-0 c:-w( (_)oi.Le mahal 
am'at enee la — My dear /JCsw^/l 


agooftee, *Juy**Xo 
•2 1 *1>J niawako 

Dearth _» J AamU» mafa lapar 

Death UL> «Le maoot — pangs of death 

«!um«jU baiifa — To put to death *j»^ 

boonoo, ^^^Jou'L^jy* memdtecan 
ToDebafe ^^^!<JJ,i rendacan, ^^\^y^-^^ 
To Debate g^ilsr^V bechara — debate 

^-)lcl^l3:^ bccharaawn 
To Debauch Oub (^_) AwjUaj bin- 

nafa pree balk 
Debt *j* ootang — the whole debt 

(__^lj*j' toonay — To demand a debt 

( 03 ) DE 

Ajti dea iJj \:L>y3y toontoot ootang — To 
pay a debt jij',^blj bayar ootang — 
indebted >*j'^,J ber'ootang 

Debtor AJ'jjJ P^ 5I orang ber'ootang 

To Decay, in quantity, i4:s:-' I anchoor 

Decaying man in eftate (^ '^)y^^ 9-J^ 
orang catooroonan 

To D^eceafe (^5^1^ matee 

Deceafed, dead, (J»t< matee, ^jtjyjj 
5»I»J niawa — he is deceafed &j(S 
5 »I.AJ {j^y^i 5t3*A.j dea foodapootoos 

Deceit vuo' tipoo, 4,>*w fcmoo, ajJ*^ 
daya, 9-y^y, bohoong, *.,j.w.a2». hif- 
moo, (MLcLiLsr*"^ benchanaawn, 
/ c;^5V boojee 

Deceitful Ajiti daya, Ajlti.j berdaya, 
/ ^»,Aj baboojee — advice ■ij::s^. 
&jlt^ becharadaya 

To Deceive {^^C^tj bodoce, 0\^^ 
boojok, ^^^».A^"Lc manipoocan, u:jUj 
/ ^*J booat boojee, «.^j^^Ai^, hif- 

Decieved aaaJ" aJUj kena tipoo — I am 

deceived aJLm gtWw «j! ako fooda 


Deceiver *>.AJ' J ci.l orang bertipoo 
Deceiveth aJLts^ benchana, 

(MyL.,_w*A:i». hifmooacan 
Decent, becoming, v — i.j^ layak 
To Decide, end, ^^^jJCIkiaJo pootoofcan 
To Deck, adorn, (^'Ln o'U bagoofa- 

(^jJC<w.*-o by'feecan — deck, as of a 

fliip, (Jo I/ «.aJU baleew capal, c:%jiju' 

(JuLT tingkap capal 
Decked, adorned, ^^m*aj-j berbj'fec, 
A a 

D E ( 

- qw^/Lj bagoos 

Decking, ornaments, ^JM^a».lJ^lJ pari- 
ah fan 

To Declare, publifli, (^jCOLaIaj' tele- 





P4 ) D E 

To Defeat ^^^/U! alldcan, 

To Defend, aflift, ^ J*j tooloongj 

Declared j JO ^_j ber'chcritra, 

Declaration ^Jlx*j*•j' tootoorawn 

Decoy, hole made in the ground, and 
flightly covered with baits laid to 
catch wild beafts, (^Lctv^'Lj kala- 

Decree AaaJ' titah 

To Decree, purpofe, *jJ-j. P%oo 

To Dedicate (^^^jsAaJj-^-^* memooliacan 
— offer «Sa^ «mj foomba 

Dedication, offering, (^LcLyey*) foom- 

To Dedudl sOiLi {SjC^ cj^^! ambil 
dcrree pada 

Deeds (^Vj bootan, (m*j'Uj-J berboo- 
aton — His words are like his deeds 
aaJLjjj (^j-s^<-i a^Um AxjLjl/ catane'a 
fama dung'an bootannca 

To Deem aXLw fanca 

Deep ^^!ti dalam — ^The great deep 
«i>yL~e^'l«^J' terdalamnea — as water 
~}^ t6bir — How deep is the water 
«jlaJ ^^I0> aj1-j 5^ J\ ayer ^too bra- 
pa dalam nea 

To Deepen ^jjC«^l«^ dalamcan 

Deer, buck, a>«jj roofah, Q^Ly^v* 
meneangon — doe xs:;^ kejang — 
hunted deer j^ li c U <w> «; roofa 

»J»-Lo men'ooloong — Defend us 
from e\il C^^ti (__^'/ <^\j\.jX^ 
c:^'^l> gt^U memledracan camce 
derree pada jahat 

To Defer «wJ lena, Ca>-«^ lambat : 

Deficient, weak in argument, ««JCJ 

To Defile i^^is.lj bachoomoor, 
(^^Nj-^».2i. choomooracan 



ĕang de booroo 

To Deface 



_ b bachoomoor 

To Define (^^^jjCu^lis) meng'artecan 
To Deflower, a virgin, cWijjJ per'oo- 
gool — a woman i^\j\J^ meng'- 
Deformed Ooa.l2>. aj«; roopa jahat 
Deformednefs (-)LcU^2:>.hinaawn, aj»j 

CUi>.l^ roopa jahat 
To Defraud, cheat, 9-j^^y, bohoong, 

^ *>I*J bi». jaloojoor 
To Defray ats^J^Ij .jIj bayar balanja 
To Degenerate ^j a Ju (^jCs pj^ 

coorang derree pada ib'oo 
To Degrade ^^J Laas:-*^ meng'hinacan 
Degree, ftep, ciJiaj pankat, Oxxjij' 
tingkat — order of men ciaAaj pankat 
— by degrees, gradually, oJiJL»^ 
C-Juj bcrpankat pankat — by de- 
grees, flowly, ^^^cu^lj ^j.2b.Jlj pala- 
han palahan — of confanguinity *j o 
poopoo — of honour AaJ*^ c:Juj pan- 
kat moolia 
Dejeded {^^^ oCkjj rcnda atte, f-jy« 

D E 

( 05 ) D E 

To Demand as a debt c1j*.Xj*j' toon- 

* * ••• - , -^ ^ 

toot, cua^o*^»^ men oontoot 

Demanded a>J'JIj batanea 

Dimcnfion, fize, aaJ^*^ befarnea 

To Demolifh -i^aS 

^' o toolak ca 


bava, i^^y.^'J rooboocan 
Demoliflied *J«Tjyo merooboo 
To Demonftrate by words (^^jCajjLsL* 

meng'artecan, ^jJu'UAa^ meniatd- 

To Deify aJLII^ ber'allah 

Deity aJUI^j ber'allah 

Dclatory q*j^'Ui malas 

Dclatorinefs ^^/>.^''«<^ malafan 

To Delay aaaJ Icna — delay (^^^X*^^ 

Delayed c>k>^^'-j berlambat 
Delayer ^^^^JCx^i'^ cj .1 orang berlam- 

Delaying / aJU / xaJ nantee nantee 
Delegable \_Jiaj enak enak 
Deliberate ,juj fik'ir 
Delicate, gkafant, ^(iAawj iedap 
Delicious c:a^Iaj neamat — place cxayjI To Denounce (^s^U pafan 

CX«Ly tampat nealmat, ^^-ys»-'' To Deny J^X/wj fan'cal 

(^l^'Jj>*j tampat foocaawn Denial ^J^UCA^ML> ballincalan 

Delight (^lriy^ foocaawn, iSjM Denied ^<^^Lj bafan'cal 

(_2>lc fooca attee Dcnieth (JUJLj*ib bafan'cal 

To Delight in (^Ij'jj berkanan — pleafei Depart *J^ laloo — begone aJ ^^ laioo 


Den A2»^J goha, ^^^^l^J cooranggan 
Denomination, name, a-oU nama 
Dent_^<lj bawoor, c*jljbakoom 


<s/^Mj fooca 

Delighted in (^*li'_j berkanan, aJ^j^n 

Delightful, picafant in converfation, 
/ -el; ramce 

To Deliver (^yi^LM faracan — up to 

juftice sjIOsAM fandara — deliver us 

from evil ^cXj (^j^ /^L> (^.XImvaaJ 

0^2^.1.2^. cb Icpafcan' camec derrec 

pada eang jahat 

Delivered ^^^jljLw faracan 

Deliverer ^^yX>*ij<j^ (^j ai^^ jurec Icpaf- 
can — redeemer c/vj-MJ C^J5^ j^ree 

Deluge gU jjI ay'er bah 

Demand, qucftion, aajLj' tanea, jJU^w 
fovv'al, i^LjtAJlj' taneaawn 

la — from a haven ^^ IJ J b' im « > *j' 

tooroon calaloan, ^^L*^ hil'ir 
Departed ^l^ laloo, ^>^Lye meUloo 

— He is departed to another place 

^^.^ c:^j<yj «x/\j^ B<3^ «3yti dea 

fooda laloo ca tampat lain 
Departing (^Lc^^ labooawn 
Departs *j^ laboo 

To Depend, confide on, v__;ljb>. harap 
To Dcpofe, put away, cl^ booang — 

humble ^^yioJ; rcndacan 
Depth A-yUo^ltiU" cadalamnea 
Deputy Cj^' ^koee, gjy^j bertanda 
To Deride, laugh at, ^^ IjUU tata- 


Derifion ^jlc« iaJ'Ij bagoorooawn 
To Derive (J^ols:^^ C^^W» jaddee 

D E ( 

Uefart aj^^ i rimba 
Delartcd, loll ia a delart, aa^j^j bcr- 

To Defccnd ^J « uj' toorooii, ^<jyjj)y 

Dcfcended c^io'Ij batooroon 
Dclcending ov^ 0^)^^- ^^tooroon 

Dcfccnt, race, (Jv»jl aflUl — general de- 

Iccnt Amjj«.j bangfa 
ToDcfcribe, write, orpourtray, (jwJ*J' 

toolis — by words ^^jXKi\\S^ mcng' 

Dcfcribed (jjaxJ oJ tertoolis 
Defcricd u:^LjX« meleat 
To Deferve, merit, /yw «;liw haroos 
Dcfert, merit, (jw«^L^ haroos — Pu- 

nifli him according to his defert 

fix'Scan dca dung'an haroofnea 
Delerter (^yj<:^jj cb eang bercheree 
Deferving, valuable, ^j^jJ ber'arga 
To Defign *Le maoo 
Defigned c:A>gv,li J' tcrfafat 
Delirc, will, (^^. ' 

, Xc V i»l<AJcs».lj kiihcndak attee 

To Dcfire, hope, ^^U^heakin—What 

do you defire ^ v-J>jtXoi.lj Aax; 

appa kahcndak moo 
Defircd ^J^Ju^ ber'ing'in — They dcfired 

him to go out of the city c^.bti 

(^ J^J deorang fooda minta agar dea 
ciilooar dcrrce negree 
To Dcfifl v^'U^ latak, qw^J Icpas 

go ) DE 

Dcfk, for writing, ^^JJ^^^JJ ^JCu pit- 
tee toolifan 

_ J I cJsaJ candatee , 

Defolate (^jj«j foonee 
Delpair a**- I (j*»4JV> pootoos ifa 
Defperado, one that kills all he can, 

_Va^ ammook 
Defpcrate a*wI (j*-*jjj pootoos afa 
Defpifeable Aaas:». hina 
To Defpilc tH^X-fp:^ hina, (^_^UasoI^ 

Dcfpifed A^:^ j bcrhina 
Dcftiny p^vCJ • oontoong 
Dcftitutc Aa^I ampa 
Diftradion qw.s:'*'^ binjis, aajJU/'V gelanea binjis 
To Deflroy, demolifh, «.jo rooboo, 

A^Jlcp*-* menjalomo 
Deftroycd c"L*,Lyo_» berbinnafa, «j«,j 

berooboo, v-J'Uj*; roofak 
Defhroyer a^Uaj (^ i^^^juree kinnafa 

Dcftrudion (^LcLkjIaaj binnafaawn, 
(j_jj!Lm jj roofak an 

To Detain, from, ^^s^Lj' tahan 
Determine, purpofe, *jIj payoo cxm^Ls 

Determination, will, /J'lc>J/ canda- 
Dcterrnined C>,/*i(i J tcrfafat 
To Deteft, defpife, Aaa:s;*^ meng'hina 
Dcteftabic aA-cs^ hina 
To Detradl, defame, / JS Lc makee 
Detriment, lofs, / c^^»-}^ ^°^j<^^ 
Device, deceit, <^j:^^ boojok, 
(Ji tC^ bddookc — Invention ^^j'ti 
" dapatan 

D I (07 

Devil (j*j^Xj\ iblis, (^:i».jcn,, (jU^ii 

To Dcvife, make, ^^iuwX^j pandccan 

Devotion (^LyjCj badtcan 
To Devour, cat up, (j*aj1 ^j~/'-o ma- 
can a'bis — greedily ^j^l « «J bocas 

Devoured (j^j\ c J'J ta 


D I 

lang ab is 



one that ftudics the law 

Xj bailee — Devout man, 
of God, 

«X^Lvr: ijJ orang agitma— A man 

man given to worlhip God, cij! 
i^^.y^y^ orang foomba\'ang 
Dew (^, »j . oobon 
Diadem AJ'«iLe makota 
Dial ^li:»,j:si-^j (Sj-^ W. P^'igawce toon- 

joo jam 
Diale(!:l, manner of fpccch, A/<Lj « oo- 

Dialogue i^[^jajj.j tootooravvn, 

A-*Lw t!ue'-NN ^jl^^i*j4J' tootooravvn 

fama fama, cVcLw cVcLm j».j^jb ba- 

tootoor flma ftma 
Diamond (^^^j in'tan 
Diaphragma,flvirt in the bodyjUi-ijj^^LM 

, ^Aa«, cl>»^ faliipoot proot fenee 
Dice (^^L) 5jJ booa parree — To play at 

/ — I'U rnatee — Like to die 

AjU fakit pay ah 
Die-dapper ajs::^^ cbecha, 
Diet -^'.Tl^ macinan 

A3::^^ booroong chccha 
To Ditfer (jj jl lain 
Difference v_9,i furk 
Different i^^ lain, r^ U , < 


Lj b;5gee 

Difficult j/V*" foocar — to do ^J>J..4 


DifHculty (^vJULw^ miilvillan 
Diffident ajL:=._) c < a/ cooranc: per\ha- 


dice (^^c!)^:^. joodcc 

To Dilate 



jub mengcatacan. 

(j^/lj'-^ catacan 

Diftlonary tU^U SjLiCo kitab bafa 
Did ujLj^ berbooat, ui^l^j s<3jj*i 
iboda booat — not (^t/4j boocon, 
jiAaj" teda — He did that himfelf iUti 
»^ cjLj-j (^jJwm dea findirree 
berbooat etoo 
To Die 8jUj (j^'yj^. pootoos niawa 

Digged /L'LCU men'gaice 

To Digell i^JTaj^i «s-" I an'choor bcac 

Digeftcd^sJf^" teran'choor ^ — as a 

wound AjlJ-j berninah 
Digging /JLvJL* men'gaice 
Dignification^^b' galar 
Dignity {^^'-/^'^ bcfarau 
To Digrcls, wander, c:^>v.L., fafat 
Diligence {^jXjt^^j rajinggan 
Diligent, ready, X=^^j I'^ji"»' 
Dim light /_^J>i Ovi^ lang'it dcnce 
Dim-fighted Q^^jiy caboos . 
Dimenfion (j^^^ low'as 
To Diminifh ^JJ^ji bercoorang, 

(^j-xtj^/ coorangcan 
Diminiflied ci*/,,^ bercoorans 
Dinner (^^ aaj' (^U:L.«^ joomaawii 

teng'a arree 
To Dip L_j*AAA>yo mcniclop 
Dipped L_>^AAA>y« mcnielop 
To Direft, flaew, 43:-' *j toonjoo 


DI ( 08 ) »1 

DlreAlon, jurlfdidion, a^^i'-j parcntajDifclofed c\/^jIj' tabooca 

— That city is under his direcflion 

Axjjb A>yl*:'. 'V,'^,^^:^ C^>-^J ncgrec 

ctoo dca poonea pdrcnta 
Dirt, mire, i*/y«J loompoor — of the 

flreet dcs±' lecha — fwcepmgs «^a.,>^ 

Dirted, foiled, ^i^^=».j berchoomoor 
Dirty jv«^=?. choomoor | 

To Difiible ^^L^ ^jjCi^^j/'coorangcan 

To Difagree, wrangle, gjtXv:^^ bcr- 

Difasrreement x,jcAx=i. chidcra 
To Difannul ;^/'!;^'-oLc nwniadddcan 
To Difappoint ^^^si-*^ ^^ dj>^ oobah 
can janjee 

Difconrolatc (^^^i^aj li Ojiti gtXO't^ 

da dilpat de eboorcan 

Dilcontent a/.i^ dooca — trouble d^^^^M 
^ -■■'' 

/^'^ foola attce — forrow ^^aX^ 


Difcoutcnted (^_^^ «W^ Aij(3 dooca 

chcta attce— ^troubled &Skm bvAaJ 

teda fooca 

^To Dilarm ajIis^ JLCj' tin'gal fmjata Difcourfc ^,lju LT cataawn, 

Difaftcr Aj^Ussi. chc'liika 

To Difband ejlr^^^ pcchat 

Difburfc i^jyts-'^U bulanjacan 

To Difccrn '<::j\.jS.k^ melcat — under- 
hand / _J,iIjL* mcng'artcc, ^ij.l,:^». 

To Difchargc (j^/y^J Icpas 

pay ^U bayar — pay off in full ^U 
(^U*jbayar toonay 




Dilchargc, receipt, 

rat maaf 
Dilcharged as from an ofEce l- j I-^a j 

Difciple, follower, ^^y^ moorit — 

learner >:s>.>*^ cj «I orang beldjar 
Difciples CJi*-« ^ivc moorit moorit 
To Difciplinc ,^^C*,Lo bcdfacan 
To Difclofe (.kXa-UA^" telelccaa 

^^ •• *• •* 

Difcord jj^tAA^a. chidera 

To Difcover, difclofe, (^^JyJ^JLu tcl;^- 

DifcoYcred «5/«.j'J tabooca, cJ^. bcr- 

To Difcouragc ^^Otcsr*^ men'chabar- 

Difcouraged rj^ fj^. ^^^o^S attec 


To Difcourfc i«J «.J tootoor, AJ'l/' ciita 

To Difcrcdit (^'Ua:s:A^ mcng'hina- 

Difcreet, cautious, O^Ls::^:? hcjac — 
\\\ic\^C3,jj^ berboodec, J^U ber'- 

Difcrcctly (Jj^Lj beracal 

ToDifdain 3(^4^ v:ijUAa-< melcat moo- 
da — He did difdain ejLXye AjQ 
J^jil^3J 5<^vs> dea melcat mooda pa- 

Difeafe ^^'aj'Ikw fdkitan, OoUJLaj pc= 

Difeafed c:^L*i fakit 

To Difeftcem ^j/UUii. hinacan 

To Disfigure; rafe out, ^j>>^\ am- 

D I 

( 00 ) 

D I 

To Dlfgracs 

^2^/Uasu liinacarijDilobedlent Aj'^iiti dooraka, ^O^j itr 
^Myi>v^:s:-''^iTieng'htnacan,;^^J^!ii^ _^i'j:<AJUe jlj' eang teda taoo men- 
nioodaecan dung'ar 

To Difguifc, mafk, ijy tooping — in.To Dilbrdcr Jjij'j gawool, (jj3 tJS 
words iU^' «J^ mooning tooping gawoolcan — in dilordcr J ^ «'_rU ba- 

Difguilcd ij^-j bertooping gawool 

Difguftcd aJ'^^m v.::.^^^j ponggoot fala|Difordcrcd, confufed, J , .'.TIj bertha- 

Difli _^Uwaj ^j-Xij pi"gg^"^ be far, I wool 

^JJli:l Jy idang'an — of China <i^ pe-|Dirorderly, mdc, (Ji^U[j paralente© 
ring — alarge difh^JUtallam — a flat; To Ddpair a*^I (j^y^j pootoos afa, 
difti cJ.ii doolang — a fruit dilh,| , j»! s_JLv.^ roofak attee 
large, oliM- powwan— of meat To" Difpatch ^.^'^ laloocan. 

^,L3tA^UM fdjcawn — To Difh, fcrvc 

up viftuals^ / ^ci^Lw li'ijee 
D ifli- clout vSr^ j a mboo 
Diilied, as meat, /^ii.Lw scJWwj fboda 

fi'yee, /^Lw-j berfajee 
I>ifhcveled, loofc, as hair, (^;«'j' taoo- 

Dinioneft, falfc, c »:i..iJ bohoong 
To Difhonour, fhame, Jl^^ bcrmaloo, 

(^^js/JLc nialoocan 
To Difmhcrlt a/Lwaj b\\» C^j«3 cLj 

booang dcrrcc pada poofaca 
Difmhcritcd ^CKj iSj^ fi'^J «^ S-b 

A^Lw*j eang dc booang derrec pada 

To Diflikc, loath, <y^j.i:^ joomoo- 
DifloyaV Asljfvi docraka 
To Difm^embcr c.«<3«.J coodong, 

{^S>s. «Oi*-? coodongcaa 
To Diiinifs, difcharge, c>Js::^:J pcchat 
To Difmount \D^jyi tooroon — from 

an horfc ^C^jf jcAj C^^j^- \j,*:^- 

tooroon derree pada cooda 

i^-yS ĕ,} JX>^ mclalooca 
To Dlfperfe iSj^ choree 
Difpcrfcd (Sj^ ^j'^r^ chcree mcrcc 
Difplaced 5<->^.jJ berpinda 
T6 Diiplacc ^\iXXj pindacaa 
To Difplay, as a flag, a/o booca 

fprcad^i^>^l amboor 
To Difpleafe ^^,jj^ (^^ brec foofa: 
Difpleafed, dilgufted, aJU ^»i:»j. 

poongoct fala— not plcafed TjC^- 

dS^M tcda fooca 
Difpofition (^.j prec — Conftitution of 

the body jL^y ^^ prec tooboo 
To Diipraife ^^UA:sw hlnacany 

(^y^l^^cs::-*-* mcngliinacan 
To Difputc .wj bant a, 4.wj jbcrBanta; 
Difpiite ^jLx^ bantaawn 
Difputing ijjJ ub^^ mclaware 

law art 
Difquiet «slwj^ foofjn ' 
Dlircfpeft &^~f^ champah 
To Diflcmblc, ih aftions, ^j^- ^jaJ^ 

pooro: poora. 

T» VL ( 

Diilci-nblcr 5 »U><.:i^ joomawa 
To Diircnt in opinion 5viU.j bcada 
Dillcntion, ftril'e, y^icAA^s. chi'dera 
Dillimulatiou / -J) (>«^^2». choolas 

To DifTolvc i^sr'l an'choor 
Dillblute , jjj \jL} paralcntee 
Diflance .1^ jaoo — Ipace between two 

100 ) DO 

To Drive tjjy^>\ ampoh 

Divers, fcvcral forts, ^y^X^c^ jcnis— ^ 
colours AJ. 1 4 (j^j^AAjii. jenis warna, 
Aj^LiJsJ;!» Avarna warna 

Divcrlion ^^ajL^ pamaiyan 

To Divide, Iharc, 

Divided , ^J Ij.j berbagee 



tilings xj^ Idpang — as far as caniDivJdend'QLc-*jlj bagcawn 

hc^a;' a man 4!Ci^«^iU'Lg fa garoo — Divider ^^^jIa,^ Cijjv* jurcc mcm- 

fpacc of tlnie *!ue^' lama 

Diftant *b 
To DiiWl ' 







coocoos — as fweat, Dividing 

-The water diftills 



/_^ J l>s^ mcmbagce 
(^^->'b ^^^<L)JJ berbagce 

tears, Oojj 

from his eyes <^^»ti -:?'«-'*-' i-^JyJ <^,ToDivine,forctcl], ^«Jb'.j bcrtanoong, 

AaJIjUi iC\j dc tcrbit la ay'er dcrrcci <_^CL,j fan'gall 

pada matanca 

Diftillatlon ,.^>^»/«Jcoocoofan 

Diftillcr rww»J »Aaj pcncoocoos 
Dillincl oLa*j f'lkoo 

j Divine, holy, ^<Ac adil 

Divinity ^o*: 

1 ^^ 



Dlvifion, Urifc, -<^o\a2 
Diftincflly j^juaiI «^'L/ calawafan — fpeak To Divorce ^.Ai=>chcrce 
diftindly ^^^>*iI.^L) AJ'li^ cata cala ~' 

clmoo clhoo- 

DiftincTiion (jjIxltiUj beadaawn 
To Dillinguifh ati'-Aj beada 
Diilradcd jJui^gcla 
Diftrefs (j^^I/awj foocaran 
To Diftrlbutc i^^XjSXj bagcacan — 

round about xX^kS /g/U^-s mem- 

bagee coolleeling 
To Difturb, move, 2tJ<^ bcgra, 

(^jYI-Xaj begracan 
Dillurbancc «v^ j^lss^ haroobi'roo 
Difturbed mind Ouw«^ /jl attee 

Ditch u:j^Ij piirit 

Divorced, feparatcd, (^ r^==^-J ber'- 

Divorcement c C,x>Xj bachcrec 
To Divulge jjlJyJ bcrcabar 
Dizzy with ficknefs ^*JUj pcning, «Obi/ 

/tAAj capala pening — with eating 

any drug, with eating beetle (» 

Dying ^jljiAJLelJcamateawn 
Dying-man ^biAJ'UL5 c^l 6rang ca- 

Docile ^jI«)*XXj cj*I drang pen'goo- 

Do£lor v*»-» boomo, ^_-^AJb■ tabcib 
J Doctrine ^jIsj:^! ajarawn . 

DO ( 101 

To Do toltj booat, cI*.a.,^ mcm- 
booat, dj^:-?.J' carccia — Do not 

A:s:r!-^ carccja — Do 
[^^sc^ jang'on, gcXy' tcda — do fo 
AjifSj '-^\^J booat buggctoo — do not 
fo »jiUJ^j cuUj ^j^^:i. jang'on booat 
buffffcto — do amlfs a,'L^ '-:_jI*a^-< 
mcmbooat fala — Do not fay more of 
that Ju gcAj '.C \Cs I ^^'ajU^,-, ^ii». 
jang'on cata lagce dcrrcc pada ctoo 
— Do not call upon the name of God 
in vain aAJ! a-oL» '<ut,.Kj<^ *:=» (•v4jL:i>. 
Aa>jj Aajjj jang'on joo icboot ndma 
all ah fia iia — To do what one can 
/^' *j / 5-' 4J Ajw c.^''j I.::.'' «.j booat 
barang lii bolce bolce — Wi not forget 

) DO 

Dolphin fy^iis.i\ aboonufc 
Domes-dity o^Lo <Sj^ harree kia- 


To Domineer (^jyiii.l--cs) merajacan 

Dominion 0\>[; rajat — To hold do- 
minion c:^:^}; aXaj pegang rajat 

Done (jwi abis — made ^tJcs:''^ men- 
jaddee — ended f )*jO'*j pcotons — 

. away cl tjlj' tdbooang — is do!ic jsji*.,.-; 
iy*-s\ Iboda ab'is — deflroycd, g< n:, 
any thing ot'fubftance (j-wol ab'is — 
That wood is done away by burning 
(jj-*^l (jj^j' s0>4.*4j 4AJ «j'-^ cay'o'- 
etoo fooda ab'is ang'ooi^ — well done 
5^' lah — quite done tj^- &j*. (y^^ 

that 4AJ Aj^' ^lx::^ jang'on loopa; /JL> ab'is fa calce calee 

ttoo — I have fomcwhat more to do'Door *aaj pintoo — fore door ti ^^^ 
^ ■ •■• - ■ I -^ " . , , -^ •■■ 

(^ljs^ pintoo dc addapan — back. 


AIS::';'./' C.;Ij j^X-^ B<->^ <^J'-^^' ^^^'^ 

adda lagce barang carecja 
Boe, female deer, x:^-^ kejan 
Docs t::j!»>.y-« membooat 
Dog A^?^-*' ^^iji^g — '^o hunt ijsz' 

(■J^t^jKj-i anjlng perboorooawn — for 

the water _jI L-T^Lo >^-'I anjing 

mafooc ay'cr — that watches As:-' 

^V anjing jaga 
To Doge u_>ItX>y in'dap 
Dogs i3=J| /is:-'! anjing anging — dogs 

fcent i.-^-* I . »b ^^a. chooni baw'oo 

Doing ^jjUj booatan, (^Lj j bcrboo- 

Doleful «jJCok a/ji3 dooca chcta 
Doleful fong <^\j i^Csj bidjee ratap 
Doller Jlj_; reall 
Dolour AwvXw fix'a, c:^iLw fakit 

door (^^yji^j Oy »a>.j pintoo de bkicau 
— crofs piece over a doorway i «J-'Ok 
darnce — Side poft *.a>u dUV "tiang 
pintoo — Door-fiU ^i^^^ lambang — 
Knocker of a door *a>u^>*ja*n Ibofoo 
pintoo — Door-keeper 4a>u (^.i^c»>i.j 
j:)en'oongoowee pintoo — Shut the 
door 4AAJ i__J*Jo tootoop pintoo — 
Lock the door ^^aJu ^^ Ls^ *^ 
coonchee can pintoo — Open the door 
*AAJ <s/\j booca pintoo — within 
door ^ICi dalam — without door 
iI^Ajti delooar 

Doorean (^U^)«c3, doorcan (jLjmO, a 
fruit in India 

Doorcd fciUj-j berpintoo 

Dotard ^^j1>a^ c^mI orang merabaii 

To Dote (Sy^jJ bodoee — love with 
Cc '■ 

DO ( i02 ) DR 

defire / „^:i.I,A-' birrahce down, i^yy' tooroon — go dowa 

^j kjy tooroon — The fun goes down. 
O Vy C^-/'' ^^ mata arree tooroon 
— To keep down, under, (^J\Xj 
tlndee — To go down by water j>Aa2»». 

To Double in value, profit, jlXaJ gan- 
da, aiJU/Cj bcrganda — rnake two 
8*(^.j berdua — Double gain aj^ 
jJ^JL/ labaganda — double tax gcXJti 
juXA/^dendaganda — double tongued 

gcXxJ 5»<^dualeda — Double mindcdjDowns, plains, cciLj padang 
5«ti (Jji^ attec dua, ^j"^ C_5^^' ^'^".Dowry q»'-/ (^_5>^J. iflcc caw'in 

Draft, map, aX'aj pcta 

To Drag «x^Aia. hcla — after CXa.^j*j fam» 

i^'^juo menffint 

tee duii — double meaning ^jC^ (^j\ 
artee dua 
To Double, fold, ;jj*j^ lapis, i^jJ^^i pat, 

Idpifican — How many double aj I .'j Dragon jO'U_;^'j oolar naga 

jj^j^ brapa lapis — Thefe words arc^ Dragons blood c^J^jernong, c»>ujs». 

/-■♦'q rlonVilf mrnninf Ax>^i'ii / _JLjajLj larinonff 

To Drain (^Xx.<^a- kirringcan 

Drake (^aa:^». >^ iXj etcck jantan 

To Drap «.j J laboo — anchor *Lki *ji^ 

itiboo faoo 
Draught of drink \^jj\j togook, 

^jJjjLn fatogook 
Draughts, to play, (jj-vJ apitan, 
(^^jIajI apitapitan — To play at 
draughts {j^j} Ool (j^L© maia 
apit apltan 
To Draw, hawl, aX.^^ hela — up Ax^"' 
timba — up water, ^1 a^^j' timba 
ay'er — defer Ibc ^^j ^jtoolis — pull off 

of a double meaning aaAaI'];! ^^^j ajL» 

otC:> pata cnee artenea dua 
Doubled (j^.^jJ berlapis — That cloth 

is doubled /jjjlJ^^ 5i}>*/A< *aj (^sjI; 

cay'in ctoo fooda berlapis 
To Doubt, waver, (^^^^ sjOvJ^ygoonda 

Doubtful, fufpicious, ^OJji'goonda — 

doubtful man ^^^^s: jOJ^J d;j' 

orang goonda attec 
Dove,, turtle- dove, __jiy^Lj' i^jj^ boo- 

roong tacoocoor, ^jLjI-a^ merapa- 

tce — wild dove, pigeon, (^jJ po- 
Lil^-yo ^ ji/'-wj iaroong 

nay — houfc (__y-^.'j 

Dough ^^\Jriigc^y ^Jiy tjpoong 

Dowager' 5 C-XA C> day andii 

Down of birds aJ«.j booloo 

Down bjLj bava, jjj'->s-I^ debava — cafi: 
down 5 »L c\/ _Av-^;y« mcilimpaT ca 
bava — Throw down forcibly to the 
ground / <^y. ^ (^Aaw>>>,Aa/< men'- 
ganipafcaix ca boomi — let, lower 

^j5«.aJu bantoon — otF a horfc ^,aa,'aj 
bOa'X (j>va^ C^^«^ bantoon dcrree 
attas cooda — \vith a jerk v«Jua>^ fin- 
tak — tap uij^L^ c'laboot — tooth 
, ^v,aJ ci.'»jl2a. chciboot giggec, 
/ ' J^ (^XIXaj' tin'galcan giggee^ — 
as a plaifter «w^-j^j ifap, (v*J j oopas 
— fuck ^-r^jstj-j ifap — near -a^ILc ma- 
ampir, (^/.A^Lx* meng'ampkcaii: — > 

D E. 

E» K 

( 103 ) 

{iretchi^jUtarrik — in, as the breath, | drili through O' 4=..*:^^ choochook 
kS i,M^^x^ mcmafooc — the brcathlDrink (•,ljt,3«.>Lwi minnoomawn — ftronr? 
(j^lj ^-^jl'S tarrik natlis — luck, a 

inioak, i_^vm»j; ifap — fcopc up with 
the hand ^jJ^icXAJia. chedoocan — 
clofc, as a purfc, ci-ol; C-Vili" tarrik 
rapat — out, as a fwordj-j^AJtOonoos 
e:j4 A^ chaboot — as a curtain ^-JuLn 
fangkap — tlic fhapc*of f^fljtj roo- 
pacan — as a bridge o^XJl an'cat — 
hit up one end vj:AAj4.:i^joonkat 

Draw-bridge ^^'Ixj^r^ jooukataa 

Drawed ^iXjCi^J terhela 

Drawer v_J)Uj pen'arrik 

Draws iaAj*. folw^r, _^it>cj izar 

Drawn / w J tSf tcrtooUs 

Dread *,::j »=^.1/ cajoot 

Dreadful '^::j<\:^\/J tcrcaioot 

Dream ^jIx^va^^ mimpecawri 

To Dream , ^a-»-^ mimpee 

Dreamed /^>,^^ bermimpec 

Dreggs ^I'j tai, »j\3 karoo 

To Drench i^ito the throat «jjlc^. chiiko 

To Drcfs, cook, ^^ /Lmj li^jec, v — «j^U: 
mal'ak, v_JiLw'^ C^-r ^^^<^ niafak, 
mcmaiiik — clothe , jU 

^^ — ^ij-fc. '-^.^^^ 


pakec, / ^L^:a-« mcmakec 

fine (^^jJCXkw^j byfcccan, (^.VvVwjaa^,-^ 

mennbyfcecan — as a wound / j'U. 


DrelTed / r^^l^^ bcrfi'ijcc 

Drift /^\aaX any'ote, / V iaJLj ter'- 
any'bte — The fliip is "a drift J^jI/ 
/^j*A^ aO*t*/j cipal fooda any'ote 

DniU to bore, ^d.j* jaj pootarwcla. 
Aa3 kelimj (_^0>_i*y"goordce — To 

druik (j*^y i_jL3Uo< 
eras — To drink ^^^ 

*>*-< nimnoomawn 
minnoom — all 
off ^j>v.j f . v^-e niinnoom ab'is, vs:-< A>*> 
foomjam— to one ^jX^ c^jOI an'cat 
minnoom — drunk <S t.A^ ^tX^ 
muinoom mabooc 

Drinking ^^Ijue^^ mrnnoomawn — 
drinking-cup (j,lx^jX^ ^»^^ cha- 
wan minnoomawn 

To Drive, make depart, (^JJLu» 
niclaloocan — as a beaft «.Lc alow, 

■ jJ\.:k^ meng'alow — To hunt «.^^ 
booroo — as the clouds L_L^IjLo 
pan'gafac — out of a hole, as a naii, 
f^-jJjJLjj::^ choonkillcan — out of a 
houfc c Uj booang, ^^jljjiy caloo- 
arcan — back «Wj^ ^Jvj C^;0> i^« J>; 
toolak derrce pada rooma — in, as a 
nail, v_t.AJi' lantak, 'wiujvX^^ me- 
larntak — in the water /y*jJcz any'- 
ote — perfecute ^^wj ooiir 

Driven^ lo 'J tabcoang, ^J^-ly^ mcla- 


Driver of beafts, a flicphcrd, a-'U**/ 

To Droop, hang' the head, croL*, fuig'it 

Drop ^iX^J tctik — To drop \^%.X^' 
tetik — as rain Oi:^^^ perchik — leak 
apace «x-UAa^ mclclch — let fall 
(^jJjJ'b^-jiitootan — let foil on c-^yj 

Droppeth ^-Jirb.^l::'taperchik 



bcrtttik — apace. 

leaking, ;ju»*j j tirrifan— droppiir 

•C}'es (j^aXaJ ajLo mata nllas 

Dropfy ^1 c:-J>lA>g Idkit ay'er 

Drols (^«lO» dawey 

Drove ^^^Jlycaw'an 

Drowfy (wT^jl antooc, L-Ta-XjLjLc 
meng'antooc, O *aJ!J tec'antooc — 
I am drov^'ly L-TIaj',^ ^.'-**' ^^'^ 
•.ncng'antooc — eyes L_r«.Aj'.jL» AiU: 
mata mene'antooc — very drovvfy 
O4JJI J tcr'antooc 

To Drown, fmk, .i'l-k>Lj tlngalam 

Icmas dalam ay'cr 
Drudge, one to do drudgery, a.'Uaj 

Drugs c:^'« oobat — poifonous S-yr?-^j 

Drum c.JUy'gandang, c_;iXL> gan- 

dcranglittlc drum^Lilj rabana,i__'ti L 

radap — To driun c^cXa/^aJU paloo 

1 04 ) T> TT 

mata arree— in the fmoak gOu (J^ 
u--v«j! lalay pada aflap — Dry jand 
CjjIO darat — To haul a fliip dry 
cJ-jl/ ^^ iSji bree kring capal 

Dryed iifli _j^.,c^ ^^p^S ecan joomoor, 
c .j> (^ipv! ccan kring 

Duck k_ijlj ^Aj ctik batik — To 
duck ^X^.,^ Iclam, ^JU>U^ mc- 

Due, right, ^wJ-'lj^haak, 

ma tee 


Duel j^_^-sr^-^ kclihcc 
Duelled / _sr 

■! bakclihec 
_ 4/jg»^ k-oluo— th It is round 4^ v*< 
~nJ*j foofuo boontar 
Duke ^ji^iLvJu pan'garan 
Dull, flow, c:^>.^J lambat, /^J^'lalcc 
Dumb jxK>.Aj byibo 

To Dun CL-uXiftJ' toontoot— for a debt 
Xj t, uij»>;j»j toontoot ootana; 

Dunce J.jO bibal, \J ^^i bodoc, .jij 
Drunk L_r*jLo mabooc — dizzy-headed <^^goo 


^^y^S ^^j-^. poofmg capala — with 
eating any drug <Jy:i>.lis. chaja! 
Drunkard l-.^^(_X>u pendcmab, /^stjLc 

Drunkennefs^J^l.^«JUl maboocawn 
Dry c J kring — ^To dry ^^^jCt^ kring- 
can — Dry, thirfty, {jn^\ aoos, l^/fti 
dagha — dry pit O'lss»*/ cdchak — 
dry place in the fea, a Ihallow, 
t^-jSs.^ kringgan — The fliip is on the 
Ihallow (jp^y a/ jii^ ck'.l^ capal 
fooda ca kringgan — To dry, in the 
air, jy^L^^ joomoor — in the fun 
4_^jl AjL^ jOo j*..o^ joomoor pada 

Dung (^{j tai— of fiiccp c-u^jti ^jj 
bootir doomba — for land A2».Ij baja 
— To dung (^/Liwlj bajacan 

Durable ^^^,^«.j«j_j gcXxJ' tcda berpoo- 

Durable colour jSjS ajm w^arna togo, 

_^j-j ^(JsX) c.lj aJjA warna eang teda 

Dufk of the evening (_^j! ij^ixj petang 
arree— twilight (^ .1*. fawan 

Duft, fine, ^I aboo — fweepings Aa^wj 
fampa — flower, very fine duft, 
c^v^jJ loomat, Ca/^^I aboo loo- 



To Dull, wipe off duft, ^j *jtw fapoo 
Dufty e^j^jj be/aboo 
Duty, change, i^jXt»,S^' tanggoong- 

gan — office c>Ji>j pankat, (^La^'Jl) 

Dutiful i^^j^ foopan 
To Dwell Ojtifti doodooc, «J^^ 

moor. GO 
Dwelled O »t^«<i,j bcrdoodooc 
Dwelling (^ix».iv« moonooawn, 



To Dye, colours, i_j*^l-Oi. chelop 

Dyed ^w_) 4Aa:=s^-j berchclup 

Dyer i>_,'*^Lo^ C^<->^J. pander chelop 

XliACH Aa». a>« la fa — man &^ Aw 
c_;»I fa fa orang — diftinA man him- 
lelf (__^,j(3.^ d I J Ajvn AkN fa fa orang' 

Eager, T^villing, i=».l_; rajing 

Eagle ts'l« «s-ii.!^ raja walee, d « MJ 
, J !_«' booroong walee, / J 1 4 wiilee 

Ear aXILO" telin'ga — of corn /_gJu,i 
rankee, (j;^[;'->*j farawan, ajU mata 
■ — of a pot «wjjwj foofoo — flap of the 
ear iSS/X^ ^J^J ^<^j°"S telin'ga — 
box on the car -a^* tampar 

Ear-ring «Jul anting — put in" a large 
hole made in the ear, the ring is 
hollowed for the flap of the ear to lie 
in, ^y*t foobang — Put on your 
ear-rings gJo v* A-ul «Jul ^^[X^. 
■iS^SjJ kenacan anting anting moo 
pada telin'ga — Ear-flowers ijy«^ 

OS ) E A 

foomplng, i.Xiv.w foonting — Ear" 
picker aX^Lu' (JJlcj^ cIioont;;kin. 
telin'ga — noife in the ear c^AJci'-» 
badan'goong — finging noife «.,j,ltib 

Eased, as corn, (^_^>>Aj-; berbidjee 

Early, in a morning, {^)\ , ^'[j pa- 
gee arree — in a fcafon Jjl awal, J .! 
wjji^ awal mooiim 

To Earn aj^ j fcerlaba, /. >yU m'can 

Earneft, diligent, is:^lf rajing-^penny 
^'-Xos. chincram, (^<j:^U''gndee — 
I gave hii*; earneft c C^ rC^*^ <Vo 
AajiAj ^!_Coi. kitta fooda brce chin- 
cram padanea — m earneft *i:»v,j 
foongoo, i^lt sOyu' teda main 

Earnel^.ly OjJ^^^ fan'gat 

Earth, the whole earth, • .^*.< boorni 
— earth, ground, aJLj' tuna 

Earth qu.^ike ^s'**^ aaa«o' goompa 

Eafe, from lickucfs, aXo betah — con- 
tent /Ji\ i^cAaam fedap attee 

Eaft )i^AJ' timmore — wards aJULm 
j»^r^ fabla timmore — wind ^^■^\ 
j»yxj' ang'in timmore — fea clu.)' 
_jfc.^laeot timmore — parts ^— t^ 
<^^ fihak timmore — country 
jj^ (Sj^ ncgree timmore — He 
is gone eaftward aXjI^w a^jO»^ A)<^ 
_j^t^ dea fooda ca fabla timmore 

Eafter-day q_*s:::V' ajI; (Sj^ harrce 
rava fichon 

Eafier fjj^^ (^ lebbce moora 

Eafdy ^jye ni'oora 

Eaf}-, as to belieye, 5^«^ moora — To 

E F 

( toS ) 

E L 

believe Ajl=a._) -ijyii moora pcrchdya 
to do k.*^ giimpang,, (jsJJ^l ar- 
Eat ^js^Lo ni:ican — daintily (j_)/Uc 
^j Js>y*, macon fcdap — meanly ^^jX* 

lancap — kappily ^jJjj^Ly< meta- 
koocan — of no cffc(^l i\J».J'^ ^O^jJ- 

teda bcrgoona 


Effeduallv o^'.j bcrlakoo 
Effeminate u:^ja,«J loomboot 

ccjyy*. macan Icdang — greedily Effeminated ^J(^x<c';'J C>j^O'-is. jaddcft. 

/sw' 4.J ij^t-e macan bow'as — refrcfh 
by eating i^^-vaawj fantap — up i^jSl^ 
(j^l miican ab'is — ^To cat as acanker, 
ruff,. (^jv/Lc macan — give to cat 
tj^'-« L^rS-'* nicmbrc miican 

Eatable (^jJ^Ue O CX»lti cb eang dapat 
dc macan 

Eatable .«^ lawoo- 

To Ebb i^D « i*w. fooroot 

Effeminate voice OO*^ 




buig water ui^«i«>wj 

Ebony c;I ol/ cay bo arang 

I a\''cr fooroot 


L^J^ LT 

yL> balas boonec. 


)>^>V O^W 

c ii'cXJ badani>;oon2!; 
Eclipfe ^JLc[;U' garaawn — of the fun 

(^j\ Ai1/« (-jis-ljlj 2araa\vn mata 

arrcc — of the moon 

giiraawn boolon 
Eddy -«J «J ,jl ay'cr pooiar 
Edge AJLo mata, c^:s>.« oojong — of 

knife *,iw.Aj AJ'Lc mata peifX) — border 

/^x>u tepee — brim .ajL» ping'eer,, 

(^y^U macan dua 

bla, aXj 3 jO AJ"U mata dua bla 
To Edify, J rotect, caufe to be built, 

^J.^1 amal — build ^^j/^j toocaa 
Edifying, profitable,-' ^ubue mcng'appa 
Eel J 4 i^-jSj ecau oolar, c^Xaj bc- 

To Effect, finifti, (j^jLsu habes, l-aXL' 


Efft d ilXij bangkarang 

Egg_^i«iAJ' telorc — yolk^^^)U-AJ' 5jA^ me» ^ 
ra tclore — whitest ^A-O , jV» pootec 
telore — tread jjX^ c:a>*j*j poofat 
telore — fhell y^^'J k::^ ^j> coolit te- 

lore — with ege i vUj'Li bdtclorc — To 

^ ^-^ .. 

fet eggs to brood j^y^Aj' Ajl^ men'- ' 
garam telore — To lay an egg t ^JLo' v 
bert'jlore — rotten egg lJ*>w *j^i»Xaj" 
telore booiboc 
Egypt Cijfs) niizri, ^Sj^ (^vXli nc- 

grcc mizn 

Two Edccd aX" a »ti 

To Ejed c'Lj booang 

Either y>"Uw Awg c^iU barang fa fatoo. 

Elbow ♦• koOj *aawj fekoo —To ICan- 
on the elbow (^>XU^ melindcc 

Elder, firft born, 9-j^y^ ^-Jul anak 
foolong — Elder jLj' d i.l orangtooah 
— Elder, okkr, jUj ^J lebbee 
tooah — When the judge came to the 
place of jv.dgmcnt, and they that 
were with him, they did take coun- 
fel with the elders of the city A-'l/(j.l^ 


dS s'-'VC 


bs:^ sdi 

raanaciila jurcc 

E 5t ( 107 ) EX 

hookoom looda datang ca tampat! Emptied aa^I (^ti'sfc, jaddee ampa 
liookoom dung'au oraug (^ang addaj Emulation / ^"b^ irnattee 
dung'an dca dcorang iboda becharaiTo Enamel v_JuU,j bertatak 

dungan negrce poonca orang tooah 

El deft / Jl/ tUK, i\jJ tooah fa calce — 

brother ij! jjiijw. Ibodara iibang 
Elccl, cholen, i_^.-^ terplUec' — To 

clccl /^^, pillec" 
Eledcd / 5^tJ' terpillcc 
Eleclion ^,buJu plUcawn 
Elegancy Q>-jLa aj'I/ cata manis 
Elegant iSJ'yb C^«->J>-' pandec bacata 
Errgv, mournful fong, * u"lj ,, ^s^cX.' 

bidjec ratap 


End d^« oojong — farther end c «=». «^j 
ter'oojong — of a difcourfe ^Titi^j*! 
ii)odaawn — point ^a^^ oojong — 
tip (j^LaaJ gintas — of the M-orld 
tuJ.ti oLcOi-wj fcodaawn doonea 

•• ^ v^ ^ 

To end, finifh, (woul ab'is /^4J'«.j poo- 
toos — To what end, purpofe, ajI 
4.\JaJ appa goona — For what end, 
purpofe, ^ul «w>jg fcbah appa 

To Endeavoiir <\j*:s.. choba — fruitlefi 
ji-Aj*! iWw ^^■:'.y carccja- 



sia sia, A:ii.l.j*j fi'ija. 

Element a^V^I o ^^ b aaj »j AaJ « ti j Ended /wv *j' *j.b tapootoos 

doonea poonca.bagean partama 
Elephant cVri.U' gaja — trunk (J^jj 

Endkfs (^j>j*,4J"«_j 5<^Ly' teadda poo= 

Enemy «jLw fatroo — To death «jLw 
CJ«l-c aX-^=^1>*j fatroo fthin'ira maoot 

Enemies « jLw ».jLm fatroo fatroo 

Engine (^«Ub pagawec 

England /j^ JJl C^Jy^j Negree En'- 
grecs, Qwj-Sjl txJLJ' Tana En'grecs 

Englilh man /j*u,AJ'! c;«! orang Eii- 

Ac^S boolalee gaja — tooth g.tilj' 

A=i.U gading gaja. 
To Elevate c»s:-'j^ joonjooag, 

(^^Uju- ting'eacan 
Eli-queut AJ'U b (^<-X>J pandee baCata 
Elfe (M-J^ l-'^''^' C>'^-^^'* ni<^l'-^iiicau 

— where (^sJ^ ^-^■^P tampat lain 
Embers j^ib para 
Emerald tS^jx^'j zam^oorood, AJ'Uy Enmity ^mL::*JImj fatrooawn 

«.i^I pcrmata<cju. „ , 

Eminent «Xx.' 4^ moolia. 
Emperor ,Ml-iiA»^ fooltawn, t^ 

^Ijsz^^ fooitawn chcjalana 
Empty tW(' ampa — To empty ^jj" 

ampdcan — That eaik istwelve inche? 

empty (__^yj^ «.Aj /vw^bUti aZ; c *j 

A>y«l toong dtoo duablas ib'ao jarrec 

ampa — as a bag iwJ*.<*i ioQ. 

Enouirh B<i 



cnJ a«^fA^. fuoda la 

It is enough' 

Eufrgn, flag, <J^Xj ii toon'gal — To carry 
in the hand / ._;s:V. panjcc — ^bearer 
^^^3:^r! .ii.Uj ij^ orang p<-'gMig. 

Enter « 




entered O 


^^-o inJ-Tiulfooc — rie is 
(3 *xu A. ti dcvt. 


«..v^ ■ 

r.-^ S.< 


E Q 

fooda mcmifooc 

Entering U *«-Ue 0^a..U>Ij bamiifooc 
mifooc, ^^^t^i^ mifoocan 

Entorprife ^^LJ-J perbooatan — To en- 
tcrprife, try, ^Jj:^ choba 

To Entertain, receive, <^^A.^m fam- 

Entertained cu^a^^ famboot — I have 
entertained the truth sO**^ ajL^ 
(m;'J>aj dU uiJ*>^>*, fiiya Iboda fam- 
boot cang bcnuran 

Entrails '^zj*^ i ^w^j ilfce proot 

Entrance ^^/tAwLs) nii'doocan ' 

Entry, porch, - >^_^il.j^ farambec 

Envy,^ back-bite.7 civA-«^j goompat — 
emulation / ^Lj^j irriattee 

Envious ^Ck^CS-j bcrdamdam — ■■cnvi- 
ous man c^y^jSJu pen goompat, 
ciJiAAwj-j berlcdoot, lJ*wjo / -J' 
attec booloac 

Epicure i»-^jt>ju pen'd^mab 

Epiphany-day Q»>Ui>.Llk. Aj[; (Sj^ 
harrcc taya dhinon 

Epiftle to fend ^Jb^.J->o c^>j*>*j foorat 

Equal, alike, a^I^j fama, «x^Um Jv^aj 

" <VoLk) bctool fama fama 

To Equip, rig, (_-OCj^' lancap 

Equipage j^aX)^ lancapan, ^Js>JCJ^L• 
kalancapan — of a Ihip (^aJCJ^Ij 
^Jul/ kalancapan capal, <Ju[L> aj.mj 
fcrba capal, J^.l/c^l-J'l-j pagawee 

Equipped ^.-JCj^L» balancap 

Eq\uty (jj^Uaj benaran 

To Equivocate A>yyJ;! sjO ;^^<3 AjV 

108 ) ns 

cata dung'an dua artdnca 
Equivocator ^^ti/ -j"1 c^^l orang attcc 

Equivocation ^ «<3 / ^j I attcc dua, , Jl 

5«(^ attcc dua 
To Erecfl f^jX)j<^[j badirrecan 
To Err «OLn iilla, aJL». 43Jyo kcjia fala 
Erred jiJLu^ be rial a 
Erring <5JL-lj bai^la 
Error .xJLw <ala, ^j'jJLw falatuvn 
Efaias /j*.bLg.x:;s. Jcfaias 
T'o Efcapc, run av<ay, , .-5vJo C_$ li' 

larree pcgec — To let efcapc ^jj'l J^ 

lalooacan, /«^/./J Icpas 
Efcapc (mI-*-'3' lalaoawii 
Efcaped /j^^^J Icpas — out of danger 

«!uw4^ ^cXj C_^^iO ()**>^ Icpas derrce 

pada foofa 
Efcaping i_-j[^jj^ lalooawn 
To Efpie v-Li^lxXyyc mcleat 
To Elpoufe i.j^j-j bcrtoonang 
To Effay, try, AjAi». choba, / ^^^-a 


EfTay, tefl of metal, / j^< oojec 
Eflence, being, ^J,lcI^3lLj kaaddaawn 
Effential gO^Iadda 
To Eftablilh <i,SjJ togo, {j^^JjJ to- 

Eftabliflicd ^j'y[j batogo 
Eftablifliing 4-^' j.J'» J'L> batogo togo 
Eftabhfhmeut (j^Lc»/1jIj batogoawn, 

AaJjJ^" togonea 
Eftate, riches, (^LcL»U' ciyaawn — fub- 

ftancc ^"b bakal, djjl arta — in land 

aJ \ju taalla 

E V 

( 109 ) 

E X 

To Eflecm, magnity, (^j/jj>w-o befarcan 
— raife ones lelf (j^J>^ (jj*j\S^ 
iSj*^ iO^ meng'attas attas can dirrce 
— of little efleemA>U:i^ hina, u:^IaAjuci 
9(3a^ meleat mooda — To Etleem 
little (^^^jlti 4^ moodaecan 

Efleemable j-j^U berlakoo 


<J-^J^ 9j^_ 

To Eftrange (^^jQ «I3; 

kera keraawn 
/^ menjaooecan 

(Jv/l/ cdcal — lite (^Ij.<A_. 


(Jj^[/ edopawn cacal 
Eternity <jyi/ cacal, J^j^l/-j' tercacal 

— from all eternity (jyi/' gcXj (^jC^ 

derrec pada cacal — To all eternity 

<Jj'L (^^K^ fampec cacal 
EvangeliftjJ.^cs;-'' l:j,i«aa>u penioorat 

Evaporate jL>J terbang . 
To Evaporate ^^JSJuJ terbangcan 
Even, plain, ij\j rata — he aj *:=». <Xni 

dea jooga — fo k^^^'S^ buggetoo — as 

many (^^«ajjLw lakien — in number 

iw-vLxJ'^genap — odd (Jo^wO'^v-^'^AAJ^ge- 

nap gafal — to make even ^^jJXilj ra- 

Evening (^j^ /*-^. petang harrec — 

dufk of the evening ^*JCo ti^^. P^" 

hone petang 
Event ^jjljutibi^jaddeawn 
EverJ^ri/cacal — for ever ^i'i/,^^^.^ 

fampee ciical — to all ages <!k>*j / <^-r^ 

»yej fampee fa oomoor — Can thatl aawn 

ever come to pafs / ^*j liy^i^Lw'Examined AawJ -jpU baprix'a 

^Xj (^i^i.:^ faoomoor bolec jaddec 

Everlalling Jo^'LO tercacal 

Ever Unce 5 Jsj (^j<^ derrce pada 

Every, each, <Sj*i Am, fa fa — man a>*w a^ 
/^3^ t_5^^ fjj^ ^^ ^* orang iakkcc 
lakkee — all ixiX^^ fegalla — way 
^j^l.:^* «OlXAAwfegallajalan — manner 
y;li'.j «5JlXA^N fegalla perkara — where 
c:^A^' aJIXanm jcXj pada fegalla tam- 
pat, •> — K^ <sJL5La^j fegalla fihak — 
^^y (Sj^-^ (Sj^^ ''^ ^^ harree harrec 
— ofthemfelves (^jl\X^ ^ja] AamAam 
fa fa orang findirree — where aJLo *A 
AJUc de mana mana 

Eves of a houfe <5u««^ OoL*. fmg'it 
room a 

Evil c:^».',^!^ jahat, ^^^J^ji».ti^ jahatan, 
(JjXj nacal — He is an evil man «x.j6 
c:oi.l:ik cijJ dea orang jahat 

Evidence /J*J0*. fax'cc 

Evident ^aJJ tantoo, ajLJ niata — It is 

evident, AJ'Lu Bti*>*j fooda niata 
Eunuch sCK/y*i Bi-\:V*i feda feda, (^,a^ 

Ewe aaa/!aj <!u^(^ doomba betina 
Exadl, right, J*aaj betool 
To Exalt, elevate, CAS:-|^i>. joonjoong 

— on high ^^Uju" tingeacan — lift 

up c:OCjI an'cat 
Exalted c:^Jul J bcr'an'cat 
To Examine «jJ^Jj prix'a 
Exammation, enquiry, ^^lx>**J^ prix'- 

Example, form, (^d^^LJ tcladan — 

comparifon a^U « oopama 
,To Exafperate (^^«;lii. haroocan, 

EX ( 

'_J»yi».l ajok — be;iit >«— ^**=a» *^ — '«l=^ 
chok chok 

To Exceed, abound, ^i*-«Ui mamoor — 
in goodnefs aj J lakoo — in quantity 
/ ,-aJIa/* melebbee — His riches does 
abound j^Ui AaJ ^jlcUl/ cayaawn 
n<.'a mamoor 

Excccdinff in quantity CU^I am'at, 
J oSXjm fang'at ter — in goodnefs 
Ai J J tcrlakoo — heavy cj-aj ■ " ' 

no ) EX 

Exclamation, fcreaming, ^^Jify^' tam- 

am'at bir'at — in high degree c:a^Lj' 

teram'at, cxSJa*i J terfang'at 
Exceedingly cx-Ww fang'at 
To Excell_^"^ lakoo 
Excellency jj^' lakoo 
Excellent ji^ lakoo — mofl excellent 

^^' Jterlakoo 
Excellently done aJ la 
Except, if fo be, ajLc^ jcka — if Ijl 

attau — He wants nothing, except all, 

Av>o^ AAJ'^. F^JJ^ »<^ ^*^^^ coorang 
padanea ban'} a, g^Lw famoa — Ex- 
cept he will do that, I will not go, 
^Xj As::-!.^ aaj «Ui Aj<3 ^j^AaaIa^ 
mclaincan dea maoo carecja etoo, 
i^^J jU i'->^ A^ i^itta tcda maoo 
Excefs o»^l v'-^'jj' terlaloo am'at, 


To Exclude cLj booang 

Excrement (^ Ij' tai 

To Excufe ^^Xilx^ maafacan 

To Execute, kill, ^J^ boonoo — per- 
form (^^yLzi^^carjacan 

Execution j^'^j^ boonooawn — Place 
of execution (^ Lc o «j Oy^^j tampat 

Executioner 5j-4>^j pemboonoo 

To Exempt, quit, (vwjv-J le'pas 

Exercifc as::^_> careeja 

To Exercifc, accuftom, f^j/i^X^j bea- 

facan — as foldiers (^s-CmjIj barifcan, 
Q*/jtj .J berbaris 
Exhalation ^1«! ow'ap- 

(jjLc J^ J terlalooawn 

To Exchange .Sy toocar — money 

Exchanger ^^^^CLe(^>>juree men'- 

Exchanging ^tjjSX^ men'gooroop 
Excife 8<AJ<3 denda 
Excite %Xkj tantang 

-of the eartli 

AjLj' S->ljl ow'ap tana 
To Exhort -:ik.l ajar 
Exhortation ^^Ix.a».! ajarawn 
Exhorted ,2^1, j bcr'ajar 

Exhorting ^f y>U ber'ajar ajar 

To Exile c Lj booang, CXSi^. pechat 

Exiled d U-J^J tabooang 

Exiftcnce (-jLctilxJJ kaaddaawn — To 

give cxiftence, being, {•jS\iXx^ 

To Expedl, wait for, /J^ nantee 
Expectation, with defire, ^OJj rin'doo, 

OJti dendam 
Expedled ^^^^U>y« menantee 
Expedient " u:-uJb patoot — ^becoming 

Ou^ lilyak 
To Expel, drive away, J I alow — poi- 

fon__^i«U'.j panawar 

E X 

( 111 ) 

E 3t 



Expence asz-'^.aj bclanja, 

Expended iSj^-^JLyLi babelanja 
To Experience a."*^ choba 
Experienced »lj' taoo — tried 5«^^ cU 

«XJOa. eang fooda choba 

creatures , wk^> 

■-t.^^j' toompas 
To Extol, praiic, (^5=?^. poojcc 
To Extort, take violently from, /j^j^j^^^j 


Extorted ^j^jla^I-a^ merampas 
Extortion ^^jsXw*Ay^[; rampafcan 

Experiment 1^ Lxj^ij. chobaawn, AJutijExtortioncr (jj^^a^I a^ c;J orang me 

To Experiment, «xj^s». choba, C-jIaj 

A>ijO booat dina, ajasv. Asrriy ca- 

reeja choba 
Expert at work (^lA-o pandee 
To Expire bj'-aJ (j^ aj\j pootoos niawa 
Expired, dead, / J'U> mattee, gcWw 


Extraordinary (^l/^^^l/ a>*, fa calee 
calee — great .^k^ ^'-/'(^^^'I/'aj*. 
fa calee calee befar^n eftimation 
y Xj' terlaloo, c:^^! j ter'am'at — in 

quantit}-,cx«l j.J^Ji""terlaloo amat — 
angryy^j^'^l J J terlaloo goofar 

5jIaJ f^yj^ fobda pootoos niawa — [Extreme, abundant, OoLw fang'at, J 

The time is expired uj»ji=^ b^^j-**" 
tXs « fooda chookoop waktoo 
To Explain (^^aJ)Ls^ meng'artecan, 

i^kJu'IaJLs} menniatacan 
Exploits (^Lj-j pcrbooatan 
Expofe hSkj booca 
Expound, open, ajV| booca 
Expounded a/*jLj' tabooca 
To Expulfe i.\y booang, ^^^\^]\fci- 

Exquifite /J 1/Lm (Jv-'aj betool facalee 
Extacy &>^j ribbea 
To Extend, open, jLs».u cajang — the 

hand ^^ (^Xi:^'-/ cajangcan 

tang'an — Extend the net i^\ a/V> 

c^li*, booca acanjaring 
Extent i^\ «J low'as 
Extinguifli ^tiL» padam — defire (;j~jv 

To Extirpate cLj booang, f^y^\ am- 

poos — wholly dcftroy any hving 

tcr — bitter ciajU J ter pait 
£.xtremity, end, A>j oojong 
Eye AJ'U mata — brow ^v>^>J( alnis, d^ «^ 
xXXiyy rooma booloo kening — 
ball of the eye aj'U /_^u>u bidjee 
mata — lid «xj'Lo v_Ju^Li kaloopak 
mata — lafhes «xJ'Lo Oij JlH J »j boo- 
loo kaloopak mata — white of the eye 
ioLcf^Jjj pootee mata — The hollow 
under the eye-brow x>yo kening — 
Hair of the eye-brow, i.>Ui' J4J 
booloo kening — waterifli fore ej-e 
(j**X^J aJU mata nilas — To wink, 
make a fign with the eye, aj'Lc C^,j 
brce mata, e^^ls:'*' (^^ brce fchdrat 
— to wink, fliut one eye, ^^JXiu Jl/ 
aAjLw AJ'Lo caloopakcan mata i'abla 
— rolling eye ,^UijJ ajU mata ber- 
main — quick eye *>lj' AJ'L* mata 
tajam — To knit the eye-brow c:^>J / 
Xaaj* ^jXti carny'it dung'an ke'ning 

To fquint AiU (j-^J-^^ goolingcan 
mata — blemifh in the eye dJ'Lc jJ^I/ 
ajUi calabo mata — To cafl an eye 
AJ'Lo (-J*i».*jLM fakojof mata — 
twinkling eye l^ ^ «sjLe mata carlip 
To leer, look -wanton, ij_> ajL* 
mata carling — To caft an eye on, 
behold, ccXaj pandang — of a needle 
^a^li:», Xj J loobang jaroom, oSXj 
^«jls». pantat jaroom — fmall hole in 
any hollow thing Q.y^^ toombong 
— of a cocoa-nut aj^U 
toombong calapa 



Fable, taie, 

Face «jlTI-o 

mooca — face 

to face 
i^k/u^^Lmj famoocacan — brazen face 
/jjL» a/^ mooca papan — pale face 
I &J^ mooca ay'er poo 
face over, cover, 

112 ) PA. 

doo — don't fail 5 Jv.aj" {jy^ j«ng'o« 

Failing, infirmity, AJ'JU,=i. chelaka — 

human failing aa>*i»jLo AiJLei. cW- 

laka manoofia 
Fain, would, iSy*^ fooca 
To Faint away (^>*j.jij pang'fan 
Faint-hearted S^F"-'' i^^ at^ee ke- 

cheel, ^^1 jL:^ chabar attee, / ^1 

OLn «_^ attcc roofak 
Faint-heartcdnefs ^^UjLjI^j. chabarawn 
Fair, comely, (^_^^*i~.f:J byYee — as the 

weather «3^ 1.1:^ chawacha — dry 

weather (^^L^LTciimaran — God give 

me a little fair weather aAJI C^^j ti 

Ci\JOcX-o*j (M^LflU' de brce Allah ca- 

maran fedckit 

chat — To 

Faced OCjIj-j bertatak 




Fa<flion C-oLAjjg fifat 

Fadlious yf^S gampar 

Fador Ool. J^.^l/'cabitmaal wakit 

To Fade, as leaves, (j*^^jy. booroos, 

»j^ lay 00 — as colours, y>^j rooboo, 

^yi^ cootoom — decay «WiUj bin- 

Faded (jtjjjy booroos, *j «^_j berroo- 

Fading *.j*jIj barooboo — fading colour 

«.J «^Lt Ajj* warna barrooboo 
Fagot «jLT^wjo J berkas cay '00 
To Fail, mifs, aJUj fala, «<-Xjyc mid 

_>wsilj pafiar 

Faith (jjljijLia.-j perchayaawn 

Faithful /-JLcLjUss.-» perchayaanee 

Faithful, juft, <J(Ac adil 

Faithful man ^ I *UjLm fatiawan — that 
can be confided in 0> Oolti cL 6jt\ 
v-j;U>. orang eang dapat de harap 

Faithfulnefs ^LxajLm fatiaawn, 
(^LcL!L=a.-j perchayaawn 

Faithlefs ijjS' 'V.'^j^. perchaya coorang 

Faithlefs man *y<V*^ PJJ^ orang femoo, 
AjI<^ q.ja\ orang daya 

To Fall *.j Li» jatoo — down a «b ci yLsw 
jatoo de bava_flat «_» «; rooboo— upon 
^O^ j-jlss^ jatoo pada — headlong 
j^J^y googoor — as a tree i-^y 
toombang — into ^^\Ci 4J'l> jatoo 
dalam— by degrees Ovk>,L*( fafat— pro- 
flratc ujjs:^ fejoot — out, quarrel. 

F A 

F A 

5 plcX^i». chidera — out, come to pafs, 
(^tibi^jaddee — out, to end with a 
man, «sati (^jS-i^ &J t<^y*i fooda la 
dung'an dea — To let fall, drop, 
^^i^jjj' 'googoor — To let fall upon, 
llrike upon, A-Sr'^ timpa, — ready to 
fall «.J'Li^ «Lb (j^ y lagee maoo jatoo 
— Fall of the leafj i*J loora — untime- 
ly (a.\\jy}^ googoor — untimely fall 
of fruit 5*j i^^^J' googoor booa 

Falling y\s^ *j"bi.lj bajatoo jatoo — 
falling (jj Lc *J 'j^ jatooawn — ficknefs 
/ ^jy J<^, petam bobbee 

Falfe-heartcdg.l..*^joomawa, (j*^}y^ 
choolas, «vJ*^ day a 

Falfenefs, lying, (^lji^4<3 

( H3 ) 

To Famifh (^^^Xc^ melaparcan 
Famiflied^^ (5-''-^ matee Lipar 
Famous jJ^jJ bercabar, ^ 4:3='**-^ mif- 
Famous city jJ^J C^jXy 

Falfehood py^y> bohoong, &j}(S daya 
To Falfify Aj*jL« meng'oobah 
Fame Aajj breta — of fame i^^jJ^iJlxj'y 
cabclanggan — man of lame c > 
^jJ^iJUjU drang cabclanggan 


ncgrce tercabar 
Fan j,^ niroo — fly-flap ^j^j^ kipas — 

To fan f^jj\t^ nfrooacan, i^,>SX^ 

mengirey — winnow by toffing up 

(c:^ tampee 

To Fancy, think, 5^' ^ a3 kcra kera 

Fanned .>uLj baniroo 

Fantaflical (^^^Jocs'V. panchinggan 

FarjU».jaoo — how far »1^ ajIj brapa 


Fardlc /v*.»JJ*j boon coos, 1^ ecor 
dooltaawn^ t^ -^„^' .. -^-^ ■ ^ 




Familiar friend, CXjy*» fobat, [;j^^_y 
toolan — To be familiar ci\j«MgLj bd- 
fobat — Familiar, evil fpirit, ...iLo», 

Familiarity, fricndfliip,(^'b t^j fobatan 

To Fare well, eat well, v-jJvxa 
macan fedap 

Farewell, good bye, ^^y 
c:a«<JLn falamat, 
(jjsX>.s».cXjli' kabidjccan 

To Farm, hire, 5 ou^, fcwa 



Farmer, countryman, iMVJv«ti ci«! 
orang dooloon — renter 5_^a>w <£;,! 
drang fewa 
Fart (.ii^^JuaJ" coontoot 
Farther ,^^^'^ «Is», jaoo lagee 
Fartheft ^i/ a^^jL^^ jaoo fa ciilec 
Family, kindred, ^Jw^l ^»1/ cawum Faflaion cjtil s^ls*. chara addat 

afal, aJjIJu calooarga, (Jo*il alalTo Fafliion, form, i^yS{j*j roopacan 
— houlehold .x^»^ Cs'*'' ^^^^ rooma 
— of one family, 1*,^^ i.'Uw fa ca- 
wuni, ^y^\ »lwj fa il<al — gcntccl fa- 

ic)^y toolan 

mily AmJu (J^akiI aial bangfa 

Famine ,uj>aj j J lapar bcfar, ^^ tUwt 
J ... J.. r ' ^.. 

mala lapar 

-What fafliion is this 
(^_^, chara appa enee 


Fafliionabic, of a good fliapc, «viLjcWi 

Faft, apace, i^Uj beng'at 
iTo Faft, religiouflv, iS^l.j poafa— The 
F f ' " * 

FA ( n 1 

time of a religious tait, (^ :l^j rama 



To Faften, clafp, bolt, ^^jSX^. 

batcan — tie C^jC ccat 
Falling ;mIcLwIv» poalaawu — as in a 

inorning (^j^L* ^*J ^j booloom macan 
Fat ^— «-^aJ lemak — tallow _jl:^ ^ — ii^A,' 

Icmak chair — big of body v-J»t^*j' 
-To crow fat (j^t^lji^ 



♦^«.^ jaddce gomook — To grow 
fat as a bcall ^ ^j Jj^ 
Fat, tun, iy*^lj bakas 

Favour, kinducfs of profit, p ^J »jl artoo- 

To Favour, profit, (^^Lj^jl anoogra- 
caii — well favoured v_ijlj aj « i roo- 
pa baik — ill favoured « lobooroo 

Favourite /^A.>o kecalTee, i — iXi «."sJLo 
kcna tillik, ^ — iX.j «xXaj cU cansj, 

■ c ■ 

kena tillik, (JL».a>w/ d '«I orang 
To Fawn \^'«:i>.t>..^ mcmboojok 
bertam boon 'Fawn Awj*j lJ^JI anak roofa 

I Fear ui^^/b' tacoot, c_'«:^'y ceijoot, 

To Fatten, as a man, ^jIaj peara — as' ^^jLxJAi^'Jtacootawn — To fcarC'*/Lj 

a beaft 


Ci?^-»-' ^J^^ji 

bcrtamboon' tacoot — do not fear cj-sJLj .m-vjL:^ 
I . , . -' ^-' • 

I jang'on tacoot 

Father ajU biipa — to a king voSJO Lj'Fcaredt.:i>«J Lj'_j bcrtacoot, aJCJos^^j bcr- 

biiginda — in luw, mother's hufband 
i^-^' •v.'-' bapa tirree — in law, 
wife's father, hufband's father, a'A^CiL^ 

(Ji^ C_5^^' '^''"■'■tooah lakkee lakkcc 
grandfather , Jj^ , ^y 
Jfakkcc lakkee — great grandfather 

Fearful i^j «.r^^ i/lj' tacoojoot, 

tercoojoot, /^'1 «i *Aj elong attec. 


_»«_rij* tacottee 

-rJL>J ncnek Fearing ej«j'lj' i^:jcJ \J^ bertdcoot ta- 

.i;^ . .5^ 

ncnek m6-|Fearlefs i^^~i brauee 

yang lakkee lakkee — forcfathersiFeaft ^jlcLc*^^. joomaawn, ^^^Ic 
ij*^ 1^ — CL\J nenek moyang — god- 

/^l-wJj /^XL fax'ec naf- 

Fathom AAJti dcpa 
To Fathom (^jyLuti depacan 
Faucet ejjl:^. charrat ^ 

Fault <JLn fala, (^Lc^'l»^ filaawn — 

It IS not my fault aj'^'Io*) ;^*/«.j boo 

con liilako 
Faulty aJLw-j berfala 
Favour, love, ^jLxA>w/caffcawn, i^^**^ 

caflee — atFetilion \^iXi tillik 

jiimooawn — day aj'; (^ il^ harrce 

3 Fcaft^Ls:^^ mcnjamoo, *-<l:=».^ 
berjamoo — marriage fcaft (mLcLo*:^» 
joomaawn, /Iaji^j^ mampclec — 
funeral feaft a^*,» il=:». hdrooha — The 
feaft of epiphany ^J^^«>Loa.^3 AjI; C^;'J^ 
harree raya dhinon — of Palm-funday 
>--->..>j.A>*j„' I AjK (^j\^ harree raya el- 
fabaub — of Pentccoft ajI; C^jl-^ 
Ajyy*x.,js:-^ I harree raya elechamfhia — 
of t;ibernacles ajLj .y'j (J^j^^ hiirrcc 

rava trata 

F E 

-of" Ealter aj! i 

( ii:; ) 



^■! harrcc r;i\"a bufcha — at 



To Fcalt, gluttonizc, u-a^-i-A^ mcu- 

Fcailer di»I ^^'js:-^^ cL» eang menja- 
moo orang 

Fcafting (^:i.L^ (^j^^-^U *:i^» joomahan 
mahan — place ^j».=i,l-«o*2»i *~^>-r^ tam- 
pat joomahan 

Feather ♦.Jj.j booloo — of an arrow ^.' t-f 

iViU ^ <.jl booloo anak pana — plume 

of feathers sj kj ,^{S.\ ccatan boo- 
loo — To pluck feathers ^-Uj ^-i:-» «jI^ 
chaboot booloo 

Feathered ^J ^ j bcrbooloo 

Feature /^^'Ij paras — of the face (^j 
a/vs) prec mooca, qw^'Li pdras, ^J 
lacoo — and lliape ^/^ la coo 

Fed, full, A:si'^ kinjang 

Fee V'*V-" ft)\v'ab 

Feeble «xJCj letah, <^^j Icmah, 
u_>! a/ teedda cooat 


mcncharrcc roupa — ni actions ^jil 

5 t«j poora poora — in heart ^j^J.'*:^^ 

Feigned g^i^j ^j^ poora poora — ficknefs 

«Xaxm c:-6L*j faklt fia 
Feircencfs ry^^*J, pow'as 
Fell «j'li^jatoo — down gjU 0> jj^-^ 

jatoo de bava 
To Fell, lop, sJU^ menabang — ftrlkc 

down any living creature 




Fcllon (^jy^-^ c»»I orang menchorec 
Fellow, companion, i^»-^' tummun 
To Fellow, pair, (^' *j^goocan 


(U-r' Kiy* 

J tummun tixmmun 


Fccblencfs c^Uj '.::j*>c<*J loomboot 

To Feed, graze cattle, tOL^>o>.b ba- 

jan'gala — give to eat ^^\^ iS'^ 

Lree mucan 
To Feel, touch, c^vjI=^ 

Fcllowlhip, fociety, ^J4>v^-j per- 

Fcllowlhip, in common, t\>.Axw*-< moo- 

" sina 


Fellowfliip, company, ^jv^. 

Felt Civjl2».,j bcrjabat — as cold 

Female <!u.x>ysJ b'i^tina, (^fvy«;L» pa- 

Fence ^[j pag'ar 
To Fence in ^^ I jf^.j^ bcrpag'ar acan 

— fortify aj*j u:jI *-• booat kota — 

up a way C^ofj rabat, OoLw fakat 
jabat — FeeljFencer ry^jUJ aj cm' orang batankis 
this / g>v. i^'J ^-^j'-^ jabat la enee Fencing mafter (j_j.cO tj-jU «i^-^ 

AJ'L:s:-*>^ gooroo main dung'an fmjata 
To Fend, ward off, q^JuJ' tankis 

Feeling '^^Iji^K rafaawn 
Feet / Jb^ cakkee — To ftand with the 
feet "joined together i^JO (__^^0>L> 
"oljU badirrec cakkee barcipat — To Ferry over Crjt-w^ liibrang, c..-' 

V \J\ 

Fennel /v^(3x adis 


clofc V — sj'li Oyye«,J loompat kdtak 
To Feign, outwardly, aj«j (__^^ l:^:-^-^' Ferry-boat ^m-a^-kn fampan 


F I 

( H 

Ferry -hire j^^jL^J' tampanggan 

Fertile-land ^ob Julj' tana baik 

Fervency (jjb ing in, AJOo». chcta, 
«AJi rindoo 

Fervent deiire *c\j; rindoo 

Fervent, willing, ^i^\j rajing 

To Fefter U'^.^j boolboc 

To Fetch 5jU bava 

Fetters jAjyijbaloon'goo, ♦JUJ lopn'- 
goo, B^ls:-V. panjara 

Fettered (^^jXjJIj baloon'gooee 

Fever ^^C^ dcmam 

Fcvcrifli c^JuLXxi*. /»v^.^tJ bcrdemam 
fedekit — I am feveriih t^^ ^ 
c^iajcXaaw >^ti I ako food bcrde- 
mam icdeklt 

Few c:AJuciA>^ fedekit 

Fcwcl /b 0> cjb barang de baccar 

Fickle i^ bimbang, J J Idlim 

Fiddle l^L nibab— ftick J^. 

Fiddler oo 

k.w*AJu pcn- 
oj; jJs>*o cijl orang kiffil 

Fidelity i^jUju benaran, AaJ[^ fatla 

Fie /_5^ chee 

Field; corn-field, cIJUj bendang— of 

battle f^jSl^L tj^Oyye mfdan pa- 

Fierce (j*i>Aaj p<^dis — as a dog O'^U 

galak — hearted (j^^jj ^^'\ attc 

bow'as — fierce dog u-j'^'lj^ is:-' 

anjing galak 
Fifth ^aJ ix/ c b cang ca I^ma 
Fifteen (j^Xj L^I Icma bias 
Fifthly A^ ^^^ /^l/caleeeangca 


) I' I 

Fifty J 4J A-fjJ Icma pooloc 

Fig tJ f-> booaara, A^^wJcaflcma — 
tree jjl ^^jj^^^ pcShonc lira — dry fig 
c,>o 5^)1 5 aj booa ara kirring 

Fight, battle, (^jAi^b papranggan — 

duel . ^aXo kelihec — To fight, in 
numbers, c^ pr^"g> P^-'W bdprang 
— man to man / ^Aaj kelihee. 

42>>i>ob bakelihee" 

Figiire, cypher, AJul anka — of any liv- 
ing creature j^S gambar 

File -AAJj kekir, i^[s.Ju3 kckirawn 
^>jj.Aj*) sifbo — of men in an army 
jti^ /wj^ib biiris boojoor, (>wjb 
ixAJL* bar is malintang 

Filed Juaa^ men'kekir, *i*ijy*j-j berfi- 

Filings JUi (^Ij tal kckir, u-? o.*w fcr- 

To Fill, pour into, c'y tow'ang — 

mcafure (mj>^-'^^"^^^°" — '^"X ■^cflcl 
/^Mjsj ifi*ce, (^^U**aj ifiTcacan, 
,ly>\jj^ poonooacan — the belly 

jLs:'^ kinjang_in number ^jJ'blvLo'' 

Filled 4^^)^ berpoonoo, i:s-*^.j bcr_ 

Fillet ct^Awj fandang 

Fillip c:^A2^ jintit, v«_AJ^j plctik — 
Film, on the eye, (j^jL/ caboos 
Filthy, mire, iaa^J loompoor 
Filth, in fin, (j^:sz-*:-' ncjis 
Fin ot a fifli ^'v^«j sirep, '-— .'.a>^ fy'rcp 
—prickly fin ^^Sl^ (_C, «ti dooree ccan 
Finally Aaj. i'l jlXj pada akirnea 

F I (117 

Find y«^->r-> bertdmoo, C^olt^ dapat, 
c>j!cX>Ue mendapat — To find the 
way (^^L:^". ^-^jti dapatjalan 

Finder c:^j'ti cb ejjl orang eang dapat 

Finding o^\ ^Jl anak an'cat, v-^" 
«.A.^j^anak gampang 

Fine as cloth (j^ J ! aloos — as a voice 
, ^-ivx**- fcnec 

Fined(^ltAjti jj berdendaee, jijjti AaaJJ 


F I 

kcna denda 
Finger j^^j" 


(_^jl:i. jarree tang'an — 

fore ^sJ^j (^jls». jarree toonjoo— 
middle <5Ju' (^^l:^ jarree teng'a— 
fourth, ring-finger, (j^L* C^_;'-^ 
jarree minis — little ^jJlxJLj (,.^l:s 
jarree kalingkin — thumb (^^jL^i. «.aj 
(•jJu ib'oo jarree tang'an — fpace be- 
tween the fingers C^'^ 5-^^^^ ^be- 
lah jarree — To fuck the finger ^J J 
(^ iLci. looloom jarree — To fnap, 
play with the finger, (__^^Li». Ai'J' 

terka jarree — To rap thefinger^ iijl/ 

(^jlifc catok jarree — light fingered 
jXXj t^jJu tang'an gan'goo 
To Finifhj perfect, L-^XiJ lancap, 
^_-JoJIa^ melancap — end (^/Iaw.jI 
ab'ifacan, ^jJ'Lja.yj.j pootoofacan 
Finifhcd ^,,^jy,j bcrlancap, (y*j\ ab'Js 
Finiflier v_^XiJ (^ i^zi. jurree lancap 
Fimfliing ^^^S^y lancapan, (^.ku^^j 
pootoofan, v._OL;^ u-^Xj^U balancap 
Fire ^^1 appee — coal jjlj bara — brand 
/^j| P^V-JfJ poontoong appcc — 
flame (^J aJLu niall appee — works 

/_j! «.v\.JtJ boonga appee — f^.<}^^> 

(J^jiAj CXi • bermain oobat budded 
— ball (-, J:^».,^ marjon — arrow 
u:jI« (^ chorowat — arms 3i3;IXaa*m 
ftingarda — work like rockers with 
irons <^j\j rabak — fly Xj«j Jtjji 
koonang koonang 

Fired f_^)y} ber'appce, /^1 J tcr'appce 

Fire fork / ^1 i — tj» oopak appee 

Firm *J'4.j togo 

Firmament cxi J lang'it — (larry firma- 
ment iC^AjLj (^i J lang'm babintang 

Firmnefs (^Lj^/y* togoawn 

Firft iS^j^ moolay, (^^j^-j bermoo- 
lay — foremoft J}!»^ dauloo — born 
d^wj foolong, P^-U-'*! f jlong 

Fifgig i.A^I;l^ firampang 

Fifli i^jJ^J ecan— Fifli, fuppofed by the 
Mahometans to be under ground, 
and caufes earthquakes, ^^j (-jXj 



/^Cfwj (•^AJ 

ecan non — of the fea ul» 
ecan laoot — of a river 
ecan foong'cy — that is "tranfparent 
(^-^^jAi*. (j^-0 ecan chcremeen — 
falt-fifli y^ljlj' f^Xj ecan garam- 
raee — pickled filh .<3#j ^j-Cj ecan 
bodoo — dried fifh c^jj ^jJ^j ecan 
kirring — fifli-baflvct ^J-^iji/ banglok 
— To catch fifli i^X) u^jClj' tancap 
ecan — To catch fifli with hooks 
^J^ji^^ menkail — To fifli with hooks 
(JvaAa^ menkail — with a cafl:ing-net 
aJIis:'''^ menjala — with a hoop-net 
«JUl/w-y* mcnango — with a fa) n 
c:-iy*,j.A^ memaoocat — with a purfe- 

nct « AA^ys menicroo 
Fiflierman, that fiflics 

with hooks 

F L 

ly^jiXj, penkail, J-aa^ ^Jj' <^rang 
mcnkail — that fifties with a fayn 

c:^<^ *->>.-« Pj«' orang. mcmoocat 
__^ *•• '^-'v 

Fiihery i^jJ^, (j-^-^^ tancapan ecan 

Fifh-hook J^' *!u'U, mata kail 

Fiftiing with a fayn Cii/j.^-ye m(?moocat 

Fift doubled ^ii" ^^^'L5^ calang'an 
tang'an — ^To ftrike with the fift 

Fiftula Ooi.'.2w ^jAj pooroojahat 

To Fit, prepare for ufc, i^^->*^ ^^jce 
/j/l^^Lsw fajcacan — fit," in bignefs, 
^j^'-^i^ chookoop — Thofc cloaths 
are fit for him >^ — Kj^ jXj qUjU 
iu.jltib pakecan ctoo layak padanea 

Fits, falling ficknefs, /^jJ *aaj petam 
bobee — by fits, fometimcs, j.iilj" 
c<^(-5 kadangkadang , 

Fitch, bean, Xi?.lj kachang 

Fitted v_-OU JLj balancap 

Five &^ Ic'nia 

To Fix, rate, ^j^jlijj pootoos 

Fixed^ ^" togo 

Fizzle AJ'Uc^j boomata 

( 118 ) FL 

Flank c*>.^l loombong — of an army' 

cXaj'^U cO>l/gading balatautra 
Flap c •rsrV. panchong — of the car 

«sXiLLy' ^^^jJ, p6honc tclin'ga, c *:s^ « 
<!lXJLLu' oojong tclin'ga — for flics 
/vw>>jo kfpas — ^To flap, as the wings, 
(j^jjlj tapis — the wings i^j/ ^j^lj 
^«-oLw (^_^ti tapis can dung'an fayap 

Flailv /Ci.! 1^ foorahee, (^OJJ^ cun- 
dee— thin glafs bottle c^'L» balang 

Flat, level land, ctiL» padang — even 
«!ul; rata — low <!U-yu pepeh, (^aj 
kcpee — nofed (__5a-o ^j<^. cdong 
kepee — as liquor, dead, ^1 ambar 
-^1 ijlj' tawar ambar 

Flat, flioal, (^^Jii-o kirringgan — difii 
i^jji^ pckan — To make flat (^j 
/^>o bree kcpec 

'J^ji boojok, (Sj^jJ 


Flag (JSJaj toon'gal — water grafs 
'^^Lj^y carjoot — ftaff ^JJlj^J' ij'U 
batang toon'gal, (J<XJt^ c.l.fJ tiang 

To Flag, droop, c:^jL*» finglt 

Flagon (_^ JOiJ^cundee 

Flame «xJUj niala — of fire /^1 aJUJ 
ni^la appec — water, as on "a fword, 
iSj^i korec 

To Flame aJUa^ menniala 

Flamed {^jy^j berkorec 

To Flatter 

Flattered *^*^:s>^a^^ mcmboojok 

Flatterer v.-J*.:ii.^x^ pcmboojok 

Flattering tj^y^ boojec, (wJt2ii.y 
<-?^^y} "boojok boojok — words 
(^^2*.^ ^^LcLj'l/U bacataawn boojee 

Flattery Vw^i>^ boojok 

Flax /_5-«[; rammee 

Flea Jts:-'l^'*j' kootoo anjing 

To Flea ^^^_y' coolittee, (j**j 4/ coa- 

pas, (j*!Ij*Jl/caloopas 
Plead (j**J J I/ caloopas 
Fleamc v-Jiswl/ giihak 
Fledged j-^^jJ bcrbooloo, ^\jj^x 

men'gorak— not fledged u-vAa^ hin 



F L 

( no ) 

F t, 

Fleet, of {hips, J.jl/ (^j'Uo ! an'catan 

Flefli (jfJ^^C^ dag'iii — that is hunted 
^^\s:jjijJ^j i^^\Ci dag'iu perbooroo- 
awn— falted (^^^iljb' (^i^i dag'in 
giirammec — tender ui^UJ (^-f^l*^ da- 
g'in h'at — {luffed (j^-ojj" e>>''<^ '^''^- 
g'in toomis — lu{l of the flc{h ji^Xi 
t^lCi nafsoo dag'in 

flexible, tender, <<:^lfJ hat — as metal 
lX>^^ lambec 

To put to Flight ;^Jo;Xye melarrecan, 
i^j/ij^h^ melaloocan, Ars:^ pccha 

To Fling JG J loontar, .^k^ limpar — 
away cUj booang 

Flinged ,x,Xyc melimpar 

Flint-{lone i^j} ^^. batoo appec 

To Float, drive, c:\ajI any'otc — drive 
down JLo» hil'ir — drive up aXaXa^ 
meleleh — Float, raft, Ool^rakit 

Flock M^Liycaw'an — herd ^tXO can- 

Flocked (^'jt^^jJ bercaw'an 

Flocks (jULJ ^jLl/b bacaw'an caw'an 

Flood, flowing water, ;i-M.lj -jI ay'cr 
pafang — flood, inundation, aj ,j\ 
ay'cr bah, -x^i jjI ay'cr limpar 

Floor, ground-floor, «s^^^ bj-j booa 
rooma — of boards, deck, *^lj balcew 
an upper floor c:-Ju>JO' titinkat 

To Flourifh, encreafc, a-^jj toombo 

To Flout, mock, jjaS gooroo — joke 
on jcXawj fanda— jell on ^js/LsUxi^ 
jenakacan — Icorn i^jSIa.^ champa- 

To Flow, as the tide, ^! Aw^b pufang 

Flower a-VAj boonga — with the flalk 

^«.".i^Iaw aXja.j boonga fakootoom — 
that is blown i^v-^^ ^^yi boonga 
ba cambang, x.a^/amj aXj*j boonga 
fa cambang — bunch of flowers, nofe- 
gay, ^_jA:sr^' Amj iXXAj boonga fa 

koonchop — garland of flowers aXj^ 

To wear 


cjU Lw boonga facarrang- 
behind the ear ijijy^ foonting 
Flower, meal, ^ytrt? tepoong, Ov«*J 
loomat — Monthly courfes (Menfes) 
(^\-f jy«t^ choomoor cay'in, Jo». 
(|,l4>^lj hill parampoan — {ine flow- 
er Ov<i J »jI aboo loomat — grind to 
flower c:^-^ (^«^Ijs:'^ ->*o kiflar 
mcnjaddee loomat — To flower, as 
fdk, [^\^jy> koreeacan 
Flowered, as filk, ^ M^W berkdree 
Flowing water ^«-b ^jI ayer pafang 
Flowing {Iream t\X<Xye jjI ay'cr meleleh 
Flown, as a bird, XjtJtJ beterbang 
Fluent in talk ajLTLj C^cX>u pandec 

Flung A,jXy* melimpar 
To Flutter, as birds, Ouw-Jli^ men'- 


Flute, pipe, / >*kjij bangfi — To play 
on the flute i^**^_ ^-VH pctik 
Fluxu:^-x2b.chcrit — of bloodj^I^^uij-A. 


chcrlt dara — bloody flux i^-^\j rajan, 
^^^2ai.(jOoLw fakit rajan, Ui^4,J c:-oLw 
jsjiolj fakit proot badara 

FO (120 

Fly OiJ!^ lalad — gnat O^^UJI iliamoc 
— horle-fly (Sj^. C^J^ barrce barrcc 
— butter-fly ^jji koopoo, d^\j rama 
— fire-fly xJjs puji konang koon- 
ang — fly-flap q»aa>o kipas — To catch 
flies S^^ i.,;.vXyo tancap lalad — To fly 
i^i) terbang — as the clouds Oo*itXL| 

Flying, as a bird, ^jJiSu J terbanggan 
— as a flag iOyAli tabooca 

Foal Oijl anak 

Foam of the mouth (^ *^ mooe — froth 

To Foam (^^*^Uo mamooe 
Foamed (^J^-^ bermooe 
Foaming (^ v<o iSy«^ mamooe mooe 
Fodder ajUj ^jJl/Up macanan binna- 


) po 

Followed LiiJtjCoLc mcng'ccot 
Follower cijOCoLo (^ jy::^]\\rcc n\CT\^- 
dcot, i^:j. i*j" (_^ )«2fc juree tooroot, 
C-uXoij pcng'ccot, C^jAju pcng'ir- 
ring — to a funeral (^U C-m! p- jf^. 
peng'irring orang matec 




\J tatooroot 

Foe «jJUj fatroo 

Fog rjA^A oombon 

Foggy weather qw4,jI/ «>!J5* waktoo ca- 

Foil /3=*. chce 

To Foift AJLe*j boomata 

To Fold, double, (j*^.^ lapis, ^^^JUku^ 
Idpisacan — fold of cloth cZaaaJ li'pat 
— Fold that cloth »Xj (m-jI/m^JCaa-J 
lipatcan cay 'in etoo 

Folded c:-vA-J.j berlipat 

Folk A;^' P^m' orang orang — ordinary 
Cioljrayat, «xJU bala 

To Follow c J irring, ir^i-* meng'- 
irring — Put on your cloaths, and fol- 
low me, i^fOy 4^ o'-:^'-^ ^ L'S^^ 
•j'!<Aj "-^^Xj pakce la pakeean rnooj 
daen ecot padako 

CLJt^AjLo mcng'ccot 

Following UL>* i»j' cj^jAJ' 

tooroot, ^j.jiX^ ccotan, e:^«jAJ_> 
ci^ J4J' bertooroot tooroot — Three 
times following ^^jjjj^ ^^I/aXo' 
^^kj^Ki tega calee bertooroot tooroot 

Folly AA<UjtWj bodocnca 

To Foment ^^^^jj^^li». haroocan, 'wij* 

Fond, longing for, jcXJ; rindoo 

Font, place for holy water, aJLs.U ba- 
chana, i,jU,e^ jjI C'v-vP' tampat 
ay'cr foombayang 

Food ^^l/Le macanan, ^.^ lawoo 

Fool «xLo^gela 

Foolifli, ignorant, J^L» babal 

Fooliflinefs AaJX>.j' gelanea 

The Foot , ^'l/ cakkee — fole OuU 
/^'LT tapak cakkee — ftump-foot 
Oub^ chapik — ftecp, print of the 
foot, {J>^ '— -V.'-J tapik cakkee, jscX>ly 
/^•LT tanda cakkee — to go on foot 



^^Jl:i^ jalan bacakkce — to 
llamp with the foot ^-Ji:s-^^ injak — 
to {lamp under foot v^J» ^ irrik — to 
fet the foot firm on the ground 

Jiis)Lye melanggar- 

-to go dancing 

and ftamping with the hinder foot 
v.^*>.A>*j sipak — to trip \xXm\j tafan- 

FO (121 

ka — for a pillar to {land on v«Ju^' 

cLu' lapiktiang 
Foot-ftool iJi^ ^*-V.-^ lapik cakkee 

/ ^LT (w-^'I alas cakkee — for a pillar 

Ou^ lapik 
Por ^^jJ\ acan — God's fake <jJJ( aJ./ 

carna allah 
To Forbear, fufFer, (^^p».U.>yo i^j^^^-^ ta- 

han mcnahan 
Forbearance j^jUw faboor 
To Forbid, change, cj J larang — hinder 

(jJ^ \J tagahcan 


F O 

^1 ^jj! orang affing, (Sj^^ ^JJ^ 

orang jaoovvec 
To Foreknow c»jli*_» bertanoong 
Foremaft Aj^ ?^ Ly' tiang t6pang 
Foremoft, chief, <JUclj'^ partama 
Forepart of a fhip, a houfc, q! «*J I 

alowan — before AJ^^ti dcmooca — 

of the body (^1 Jv^ addapan 
Forerunner (jjU M*« foordan 
Fore-fail ^*J yJ^' layer topang 
Forefight, caution, <jJLaj OCirtV^ bcjac 

fana, ^^LsrfS^ bcchara 

Forbidden, on a religious account, Foreikin yjJy^cooloop 

jjliSfc haram — in licknefs, as meat, 
xXXj pantang — That flefh is forbid- 
den to me *j!cXj ^j^s^ yiJ \^jJ>\Ci 
dag'in ctoo haram padako 
Force, Itrcngth, v-:jIjJ cooat — To 

force «XmjvXj pax'a 
Forcible Asm I ^\J cawafa 
Ford (^JJ^ landee, (^(AJ^ ^-^v-* 
tampat landee — to ford-over 
<^*JL'tXJ^ landecan, gcXj c_j'J.x^ 
(^JO^ ^-^iS-* menabrang pada tam- 
pat landee 
To Forccaft, think, j^'kcra 
Forccaftle of a fhip Jo I/ i^U ! alowan 


Forc-fathcr ij^^iwJuUJ nenek moyarig 
Fore-finger^:s:J^' (^^^ils^ jarree toonjoo 
Forehead (ys-l<^ dahce, ajIo daya 
Forehead- cloth _X**j<Ji diftar, vj^_^ 
,^ »j boolan boolan 

{^jy^ horgay, ^* 



(^«41=^ jaoowee 
Foreigner i^y^ 9-}^ orang horgay, 

Foretell, prefage, 9-^^^ tanoong, 
d^'Li'j batanoong, cLj ^^li'-yow 
(j^UiiL**/' meniatacan eang coma- 

Foretop ^^Sk.lti KDy^Sj ramboot dahce 

Foretop-maft gvjlxLi AJj.j' 5^Uj" tiang 
topang pengapoh 

Foretop-fail 5 >^\S^ ^,y •^■■^ layer to- 
pang pengapoh 

Forever ^j^j &^ Cs^S^ fampee fa 

To Forge, hammer, AA.,.y timpa — 
miths-forge [^y ^v'»^ dapoor 
toocan — iron-liniths-forge jv»'t3 
/ ^i**j ^^^^y^J' dapoor toocan beffce ■ 

Forged aa^'_j bertimpa 

To Forget aj »J loopa 

Forgetful OaXju c i»j coorang inggat 

Forgetfulnefs aj »} loopa 

Forgotten aj J loopa— He has forgotten 

Ajy 5<3vv- 

Forgive ^j 4.*^' ampoon 
To Forgive, pardon, (^>*a^I (^^j brec 
II h 

juti dea fooda loopa 

I o 

( 122 ) 


ampaon — a debt iJ » ^^ (^•'■^ ^^~ 
pas can ootang 

Forgiven -^"vye' ampoonee 

Forglvenefs' (m*aw>I ampoon, i^jjj^l 
ampoonan — afk forgivenefs «w-* 
(^i>ycl minta ampoon — to receive 
forgivenefs (Mvy«l JjjtV^ bcrole am- 

Forgiving ^^ »j^\ o>!ycl ampoon am- 

Fork <^t(^tj rodokc — with feveral 
teeth ;L*^jlt*i farampang 

Form, Ihape, ^u^^ roopa — pattern 

. (.^<JSJA.AJ teladan — order i^l' ator — 

, manner ^-^a oopama — ftool 

l^v/«ti*<^U cadoodoocan — laft, as for 

Ihoos, (jj a'-ss'I achawan 

.To Form, make the form of, (-j/Ij^ hj 

To Fortify aj»-) u:jUj booat k6ta, Ci^jCr 

AJ' ^i' ccat kota 
Fortitude (^j^L::i.L) piihaliiwan 
Fortune p^^*^^ oontoong — good ?>^ 

I iuLj oontoong baik — bad c^aJj 

aj^Lo^ oontoong chclaka — bad in 
trade / c^iJ roojee — bad at play 
To tell Fortunes (JvxLk, fan'gol 
Forty J *j cxyol ampat pooloo 
Forward,. before, ^jl 
^JJl<^'y caaddapan 

Forwardnefs ^^jXx:^\j rajinggan 

roopacan, ^^^L»«wyc meroopacan 

Formed, made, c:jI*JjJ berbooat 
Formed, firft, (^j^f. bcrmoolay 
Formerly (jLJ'Jjjl»^ dauloo calce — 
Forming (^j'^ booatan 
Fornication jJJvJaj*)_> bcrfoondal. 

jlJI alowanj 

Foftcr father *>*»'ju pangafo — brother 

(^l»./..<^L.j faloofooan 
Fought /• ^LoU bakelihcc 
Foul, unclean, on a religious account — 

or a toul difeafe v «ul/ capik 





(^^!<-XJ«j*i foondalan 
Fornicator ^JvJ^U c.;*l orang ba- 

Forrcft aa^ rimba 

To Forfuke, leave, ^r_^JJJs>J' tin'galcan 
To Forfwcar i.y::^t,j no^yu foompa 

bohong, A>y«^ ^ JiJL» balik foompa 

Fort AJ\3 kota, ui>^iaJ' goorett 
Forth out^ltj looar, _^I»Aj«3 dclooar 
Fortification ajo kota — the out- works 
^lj;-Xju pelarrean, aJa-j (^■^' te- 
pee kota 

Found, incountercd, *^lj'_j bertamoo 
Foundation /^'U^cakkec — of flonc 

O'Ij I ^'l/cakkee batoo, /^Jj^ «JiU 

batoo moolay — heel c-v.«y' toomit 
Fountain, fpring head, .j| ajLb mata 

ay'er — pipe that fprings ui^L^. 

Four c:aa-«I ampat — fquare Or-yei 
. /^Lj-j ampat perfaji — ways Ci\A^| 

^£)^l2!^ ampat jalan — manner c:aa^! 

pjlj_» ampat pcrkara 
Fourteen ty*^-» Ck<ycl ampat bias 
Fourth, quarter, c:-i>y<U per'ampat. 

CUa^I a/ eang ca ampat 
(j'^ji^ C^^'^ j^rrec maius 

fourth c Li 


r R 


Fourthly c:-ijk.^l aJ dL» / ''y chIcc 
cang ca ampat 

Fowl p-^jyJ booroong — fca-fowl pjj^ 

clJut^ booroong dindang 
Fowls, cocks and hens, wj>l ay'am 
Fox (^ci^ jcrdec, L--«A>oa. chclab 
Foy, parting fcaft, Ci-k-c^Lw tVlCUe «-«U^ 
jamoo minta falamat, A:s^jLi», ha- 
rooha — To give a foy (^^^ 
dSfcjjlsk. membree harooha 
Fragment <u»ax>*j sifa, (J<XXj pan'gal 
Fragments iJSJ<j_ cM^. pan'gal pan'- 
Fragrant /^s^f « wanjee 
Frame d «jUm faroong — of a table 
jti*/ / ^'u cakkcc cooda 

123 ) KR 

Freight, carriage money, t^Xx^-^'J 

To Freight ^^Xs..^^' tampangcan, 

(^^_GLa.,J.a-o mcn'ampangcan — fhip 

that is to be freighted ^J.Xxx^■ Jub'' 

cdpal tampanggan 
Frenchman ^j^j^^^swJl J c i»! orang Fran-- 


French pox /^2a.^ JJJ^ pooroo kochec 

Frequent ^J[S^dSJ^ i'e'decala 

Frefh, as water, ^ *lj* tawar — water _»! 

ijLj' ay'er tawar 
To Fret ^*y:ijSj^ mcng'ajok 
Friday ooL^^joomat, cxjc<4.iw (^j^ 


iend ij^^y^ fobat 
Friendly c:aa«.>^-.j bcrfobat 


bohoong, Ajfti 

To Frame, make, ^^^.j^xL) pandecan^ 

cjIaj booat Friendfliip ^^'b*^ l^Sbatan 

FranceQwy*Jt J (^.XAjuegrccFrancees Frigafle (j^^\j rabooos 
Frank, free without referve, (^j^-^L^l^iTo Frighten /^j' */Ua^ mcnacoottee 

Fraud, deceit, c «-^^J 

daya, vs^j' tipoo 
Freckle ti^'j ^U taf lalad 

Freckled S^^ (S^'r! ^"^^' ^^^'•^^ 
Free, from flavcry, AJijti-^ mardeka 
Frcc-man ^SjC^-^ ^/j' orang mardeka 
To Free, from flavcry, ^^^Uuti.^ 

mardckacan — To let go (j^axaJ lepas 

To fpcak free without referve, ajI/ 

^jswj! «^U" cata Crtlawcifan 
Free-will (Jj\J\X> candatce, 

v_J»I>AA:s:i.l/kahendak, ^^^.1^,, fdja 
Freedom (^L:.Uuti^ mardckaawn 
Freely a^U*. (Jj'b' tilgal faja 

To Freeze ajU bakoo 

_» *^lj' J bcrkaroot 

Frightened ^^u^^J 

c_>*Jii.*/Lj' tacoojoot 
Frightful, as when alone, *Xjl tijL^lj' 

tam'an'goo an'goo 
Fritter, of flower, d^AAJ" itiiti dadrr 


Frivolous aJaJO b<-KaJ' tcda bergoona 
Frock i.S'V. Aia.lj baju panjang 
Frog »^<3j/ codook, ■ — ^(j Icatak — 

croaking of a frog iwijlj / _i «.j boo- 

nee katak 
Frolickfomc «xJ«lACi.t/4*w foocacheta, 

/^l^) rumce 
From ti de, gOu pada, i^J'^ dcrrec, 

B<-^^. l£ '^ derrce pada — henceforth 


FR ( 124 

(Mjl/Lwj jjw\j (^j<^ dcrrce pada faca- 
ran — whence aJLc (^ «3 derrec mana 
— who <?uU>*i bc-Xj c^j<3 dcrrce pada 
fiappa — before ^^^Itil C^^i<^ derrec 
addapan — the beginning iSj^ 
«s>aO'*<* 5«Aj dcrrce pada moolaynea 
— one to the other a/ «jU** jcXj C^^<^ 
,^^' cL) b<Aj derree pada latoo ca 
pada eang lain — above, to below, 
5 «U a/ (j**jl (L^J*^ derree attas ca 
bava — near a^( gJo (^^ti derree 
pada ampir 

Front 1^' Jl alowan 

Frontier of a couutry C^ JCaJ (^jAaj' 
tepee ncgrce, b_^aaj (_5A>y' tepee 

Froth, fcum, (^»jj hoxi — of water «^ 

To Froth j^'-i-e meng'aroo 

Frothy (^jjj^^ berbovi 

Froward, quarrelfomc, fyjt^^ pr^ng- 

To Frown »>*)L« Ji/yc mooca mafTam 

Frozen jj'U j^«3l2», jaddee bakoo 

Frugal cii^t^^jemat 




Fruitful z,Aj\.J babooa 

Fruition, enjoyment, (^LxaJ ^.j bero- 

Fruitlefs endeavour, A:i>.Lw faja, assz^y 

aa>m «^a>*) careeja fia fia, aJaJ\j gtXo' 

teda bcrgoona 
Fruits B^ 5 ^j booa booa, ,^,lcl*j booa 

booaawn — Firft fruits in a feafon 

<***!?'« c) j'"» V ^*^^ aw'al moofim 
To Fry 


Ajl .1 randung 

) F V 

Frying-pan of iron c^Jljl/ cawallec, 
(^i>.lj tachec — of earth aJU <xJj^'Ij 
balanga tana 

Copularc, to have carnal knowledge 
ui^*>yel ampoot — a male to know the 
female *>^Lk. fatooboo — a female to 
know the male t^jX!ci^j) bcrjantan 
(jXi^ssz'*^ menjantan 

Fugitive AJUx/ gaibana 

Full *J *J poonoo — of victuals fatiated 

is:^ kinjang, jcs^y berkinjang 

— up to the mouth «5jCA2i.LN 4j\» 
C^«Jv« poonoo fahinga mooloot — 
To fill full oV» Cs>**j! ^^^^ poonoo 

Fuller, waftier, jt*S^J pcmbaflb 

To Fulfil ^^jJ]jSaj poonooacan 

Fulfilled *j*j J berpoanoo — it is ful- 
filled dj sCiy*i fooda la 

Full grown, at maturity, as mankind, 
*JLi baleng 

Fulncfs (^lirjj»j poonooawn, «xaJoaj 

Full-tide o'aj _»I ay'er ponoo 

Fully, complete, ^_^UUj^genap,i_j^jo> 

Fume, vapour, i--jIjI ow'ap — To fume, 
fret, ^»j^goofar 

Fundament ^y^y toombong 

Funeral C-oL» JCJijue meng'antar mait, 
Jlj -J bertanam — fong ^~^\j ^^:i^O<j 
bidjcc ratap — fcaft Ai».« il^i. harooha 
Funnel ^^jj^^j^yj tamboofan 

Furious (MiXvj bingon 
To Furnilh, garnifh, / i^uLx^ mcng- 
ay'afTec, u-^O^ lanciip — Furnifh th$ 

G A. 

houfc with its utenfili 

( 125 

ajJ^^m (j>i<^ A^^j mcngay'aflcc 
rooma dunsr'an fcrbanea 

Furalfhcd i_AAJ^-jberliin'cap, /^>w.jLx^ 

Furnilhing l-aJIIJ u^^JCjO'Ij balancap 

Furniture, utcnfils, aj^wj ferba — orna- 
ments (Ms>*N2J jL» pariahfan — ot a 
houfc &^^j ^■!t'^ Icrba rooma — orna- 
ments of a houfe A^jj j^I_jo>*^j^iIj pa- 
riahfan rooma — of a fliip ijul/ aj,>*j 
ferba capal — rigging of a fliip^^ljCj^' 
(JjJ/ lan'capan capal — inftrumcnts 
^«LTLi pagaw'ce — of war (^.LTU 
cl_> pagawee prang 

Fur, fkin, j^jJj> cxJ*/ coolit berboo- 

Furrow., in a field, cf(_XAji^U parit 
bendang, )»:i=.^lwj faldjor 

Further «Lii.^^^^' lagecjaoo 

To Further bufmefs ^}^ (^/^' «loVUe 
mendauloocan haal 

Furthcft (J^ Awj .l> jaoo fa culee 

Fury g^iLc fiiiirah 

Fufe ^x^«.>jj foombo 

Future |^L)(^Lo*/c6madcan 

Fy (^c^^ chce 

ijrAG Jys,.>^ fampal 

; G A 

toong, ,J *_<u bcrolee — I gained 
thereon only ten dollars A>^^ 'V.'-*** 

berliiba attas ctoo fapooloo rcall laja 
To Gainfay AaJu banta, ^U^ la wan 
Gainfaying {^\s.^->i>,j^k^ coocoo^oo- 

Gallant, fine, / ^aw,aj byfee 

Gale of wind ^j^l ^^^' <!Uj fa tiop 

<---vi' J' tar» 


Gall «Aaa^I ampcdo — nut /^■(olrsn.L* 

Gallery 9-j^^ nanglong — covered 

/-A^lwg farambce 
Galiingal 5 *JCj J lancooa 
To Gallop, as a horfe, (J ♦Xl « oongool 
Gallopped ^JaXJia^ men'oongool 
Gallows, auy other thing to hang things 

on, ^jJCci^Aj^gantoonggan 
Galley i^IiaJ goorak 
To Gambol, play tumbling tricks, 

c ♦wjiAA^ menioofoong 
To Game (^.Le main 
Gamed j^U>.j bermiiin 
Gameftcr i^Ls (__^_,i*2k jurce main, 

(S'^J^ O^. P^" j codec, ^;jl 

(__^<JS*:^-j orang bcrjoodcc 
Gamman iSci-lj paha 
Gander i^-yJ^ Anj-c! angTa jantan 

Gain, profit, c^>u« oontoong, a.»^' laba Gangreen c:^^^'^ j i*j pooroojahat 

To Gain, prevail, %Xj^ mcnang — He 
did gain all men's hearts jti*;*» d^^d 
g^Lw c>jl /^j'l ^JsA^'-jL* dcafooda 
meng'ambill attce orang famoa 

Gained aj^,j berliiba, c*XJ«_i bcr'oon- 



Ganja, gn intoxicating herb in India, 

a:s^ ganja 
Ganton, concave meafure nfed in many 

parts of India, (^,^,'Cv>' ganton 
Gap JLj^ lapang 

GK ( 126 

To Gupe '.::jt.lye jSjO gan'ga mooloot 

Gaping «xXLTU tagan'ga 

Garavances A=?.lj' kachang, 8^'-/U 

cacara — flat / ^>.^ /*-=^'-^ kachang 

Garbage ui^«^_ Cs^. ^^^^ proot 



To Garble ^^:^\:^ choochec 

Garden si^Jv^ coobong — of pleafure 

^^ls.[S^^*^ &/ cy^J coobong ca foo- 

caawn — well planted Jl)' cvy' 

;^,L3t-«lJlJ' coobong tanam tanamavvn 

Gardener c «.J */ (__^ j »Xi «-o pen'oon- 

goowcc coobong, p-y>»i^ ^JJ^^ 

jurec coobong, ij^-^ c^'*l orang 


To Gargle \^^jj^^i t*-e ks koomoor 

Garland of flowers y^j^ A>*, Aio*.j 

boonga fa carrang 
Garlick t_J>'^. ^ '?'-:' bavang pootee 
Garment,"' veil, «Ju([/ cdpa 
To Garniili ^^jSj^t^*^ byfeecan 
Garniture ^jo*i^j jU pariahfan 

poonggah — fruit, ^ ♦j u:.uXmj poon- 
goot booa — The hen doth gather 
her chickens ^^l (^*j^[j »jI 

AaJLXj'I ^ Jul a\'am bacampoon dean 

anak anaknea 

Gathered l:jO<-»*j.j bcrpoongoot, 
J «>y«y^.j bcrcoompool, q^a^U 

Gathering ^^l^^Xj^Ij bapoongoot 

/^**j_ji priicc 

Garret ^s^jl ti C-JuLj tingkat de attas 

Garrifon, fort, «xj'ti 




Jb c:a^j tampat balatantra 

/^o cIoJ./^ fandang cakkce 
To Galh, Scanty, (j^^^S garis 
Gafp «i^Lw fddcjo 
To Gafp for life a»*>-JLj balifah — the 

laft gafp J I cb .C>Lm fadoo cans 

Gate jXXj pintoo — in walking, (^ j 

^^L:i.preejalan — keeper (_^.-ij4Uj 

jiXo pen'oongoowee pintoo 
To Gather u:,'<vJU*j poongoot, aXco 


Gay, fine, ' /y»*:^. byTee 

To Gaze ccX>u pandang 

To Geld, caftratc, Aaj gtj ^ajaj p6- 

toong booa peler, j^^lAAi*, fcdacan 

— bead, to cut off the cod ^^yj^y^ 

Gelded man, eunuch, pJ^A**) b<Aa>*i 

— beaft (^-A^ cambirree 
Gelding, gelded horfe, iS-"^ »^*-^ 

cooda cambirree 
Gem AJ'l^ J pcrmata 
To Gender ^^j^^ ampoot — the male 

with the female ^jjL*. fatooboo — 

the female with the male (^JCas». j. 

Genealogy JumI iifal 
General, at land, ^j^.j^j^jJ poong'oo- 

loo prang, cx^l^^Uio poong'ooloo 

rayat, A^xlij panglema — at fea 

«JuLjAAf*/^ Idxemana 
General, common, aJLa^j^ moosma 
Grenerally, often, ctiU ctilj" 

kadang, V^aj' V^ tiop tiop 
Generation <j!^l afal, aj^ poopoo 
Genius C^,> pree 
Genitals of a male, Xu pe'lcr, ^Vj 


GI ( 

bootoo — of a female («J"^ pookee 
Genteel, noble, Am^-xj b'angfa 
Gentility ^ .'.>wju bangfawan 
Gentle, flow, ^^^.s^^'L» palahan 

Gcilures, merry, &jj rca 

(^j'vwJu c;jl orang bang- 

127 ) «I. 

Give (^^ brec, a) iS-> ^rcc la— the 

hand ^^^jju Ciob^ jabat tang'an, 

i^jju' A^-** oonjoo tang'an 
Given to, addidcd to, jciL» a/\^ foo- 

ca pada — by law ^^^j=^ {j^*^ Lfji 

brec dung'an hookooni 
Giver (^.a^ pembrec 

To Get, obtain, / J «^ berolce — Get Giveth c^^a^^ membree 

a good name ^.JLAj LcU iJ «vu be- Giving i^>*^ ,^tiJ\j bacaflce caflce 

rolee nama baik 
Giant A-^ly di«I orang gaja 
Gibbet (j^jsXi «.^-O" gantoonggan 
Giddy, with turning round, or with 

drink, Aj*>^. poofmg, ^jLn^j AJLj'y 

capala poofing 
Gift, grant of profit, 5,Jj.j' anoogra 
To Gild, walh over, ».\^*J looma — with 

gold, (j**^ (.j-^*^ ^^j^ looma dung'an 

Gizzard of a fowl JOyyyd ampcdal 

fooca, / -j'l CfJ KM fooca 



Gills of a cock, fowl, ^«Aa/ gidebir 
— of a fifh Xwi-<i^ hcfang 

Glad ^L5\i. 

Gladnefs (.,IcI/*«j Ibocaawn, ii/twg 

AAA=a. fooca chcta 
To Glance by <^.<sz-^ linjap 
To Glaze, varnifh, (j^.^; ran'gas, 

(vwAJyy* meran'gas 
Glafs A:^l/ cacha — glals to drink in 

As^t/ ^^vl«t=». chawan cacha — pro- 

fpcct glafs c.*j«J ter'oopoong 
To Glide away, vanifh, u-cs-^ li^j'^P 
To Glimmer i),A^o gomclansr 

Gimlet (_30»^t*ygoordec 
Gin, fnare for birds, v_ 
jabak rachik — for beafts i.::-'j-o>. jĕrat 

Ginned v—Ji^l; iJ<^i kena rachik 

Ginger AaJ 1 alia 

To Gird up c:^Caa^ mcng'ccat 

Girdle A.Xxj c:aXj ecat plnggang,jGloomy ^J^ll/calam 

(__^ JJJ' tindcy — belt ^cWw landang Glory 4X-J*^ moolia 

— to ftick in the girdle ^^_jjCy*kA>w 

SI fee can 
Girl Q'vy<L''^. ''— *jl anak parampoan, 

(^, I vy*[,'t-J ^l<3tj boodak param- 

Girt cOJ^ fandan^ 

^'j ''— V'^ Glitter i-k^f gelang, iXf^jJ gomc- 
Globe, ball, c_;^^ >j*j booa boolat — 
The globe of the world, thought by 
the Malayo's to be a flat round, 
iSuJiti cj^'«j boolat doonca 

Glorify ^_^MJ'Le;42afc hormatacan, 
(^^Iazs^aj poojcacan, ^jjXJ*^_» 
bermoolidcan, (^^yi^^j^ bcrpoojc'' 

Glorified vjx^iys». J berhormat,, sw^jj 
bcrpoojee, aaJ v«-j bcrmoolia 

GO ( 

Glorious, as a building, ^j^vX^Lc ma- 

jclis, UCJj^ molcc 
Glove ^^xi' c «^iLw iaroong tang'an 
(Jlowing, red hot, g a^ ^.a^ mcra mora 
Glowing iron t.^ s-rV* i^*^ bcllce 

mera nicra 
Glue Ooj pcrkat, AJ'U^ giitah — To 

glue i^X=J'l-^ gatahcan 
Glutted^<<, *:5i. joomoo 

128 ) 

God) lead aJI'I 

Godlcfs man .«j 



L> caiir 

Godly man aX,M (^jX^c^J\j\3 di»! orang 
kabidjccan allah, ^}o^ cul orang 
ddli " ^"^ 

Godly (^-^AJI allahhee 

Godlinc'is (^'-mJo badean 

God's penny ^r-^^ chi 


Glutton J^l ^Ic macan am'at, ^^^'^ ^^'°''^.."P (^:^^^^^- ^oo"i%ang 

c-^yjAaj pcndcmab, 
gow, (^j/lyXj pemacan 


To Gluttonize ,^^Lo a/a>*j-j LJjjt3jti 

doodooc berfooca macan 
Ghittony u-v^ti dcmab, ^j'jCi.42».L>j 

To Gnalli ^ly garat, /^a-c' amettee 

-the teeth / JixS 






Gnaflied, grated, ei.MU.>Le men'garat 
Gnafliing (^"[^LT giiratan, tj^^ araet 

Gnat U-Vv^Lo niamokc, 0"*-*^.'! ili- 

To Gnaw e(_)JJ candang 

Goat XA^ cambing 

Goblet Joy«0 goompal 

God AiJ I Allah — an idol god jJJ U bcr'- 

allah — I begin in the name of God 

tf'i 1 (^^^>yc cvU I A^U (,^<^ dung'an 

nama Allah nicmoolay iiko 
Goddefs (^l*A-c|^tj ixAJLj bcr'allah pa- 

•Godfather /J'_Mj'Jb . ^-mjJTaw fax'cc 


To Go (^^Aaj pcgee — go to the mar- 
ket yshuiy /^Aj pegcc capaflar 

Gold ^J*J^^ mas — fine / ^s^ns^ (j**^ ^^s 
choochee, ^y ^j^^ mas tooah — 
courfc ^Ciyo (jj^-^s mas mocda — ore, 
rock gold, <_}.AA5 /wv« mas kcpall — 
duft iS^ij (j^r^ mas oorey, ^j ^j^^ 
mas palTir — tells, touches to try 
gold by, (jM^ Ls^J oojcc mas — 
touchftone (j,^^ L5t>-J J^^ batoo 
oojce mas 

Gold-fmith (jMy^ C^<-^ pandce mas 

Gone J^ Btiiwj fooda laloo, ytiowj 
^Vaj fooda pcgcc 

Good 1^ — «.Aj baik — Aery good ^ Jub 

ii_ilj baik biiik, '^ «L/U Ci^-^l am'at 

baik — To do good /^aXj C'Ua^-o 
mcmbooat baftec — -for' nothing jcXaj' 
i!u4/jj tcda bcrgoona — in a good 
time V — Cib cUj^a/, s^Ajli' capadu 
wacloo cang baik — Good men have 
two lives, one is the life in this 
world, the fecond life is after death, 
and his name lives in this world, 
becaufc all the virtuous, ■will name 
liis name with refpcft OuL> ci.l 

o o 

C 120 ) 

G R 


. c:.w j*=i. (j^ti orang baik dua oo- 
moornea adda fatoo eang ca edopawn 
dalam doonea ca dua oomoor tatcala 
ea matec daen iiamanea edop dalam 
doonea, carna fegalla kabidjecan mc 
niebootcan namanea dung'an hormat 

Goodncfs ^^buti*j ^ — «CjLj baik boode 

Goods, fubftance, ajjI arta 

Goong, China bell^ c.^S goong 

Goofc AMj.i.1 angfa 

Gore, long guffct, ^-Ju^aj pefak 





To Gormandize j5Aii.Lj.Aj pemajoh 

o^^jJcAa-* mendeniab 
Gofpel J^s:^.' injil 
Goffip JCJLj oU<y«L'^ parampoanba- 

Got c:^.'^ dapat, (J *j^J bcrolee — 

that may be got c:Ajlti (c-'j-J f^^. 

eang bolcc diipat 
Government, jurifdi<R:ion, aAIj^iIj pa- 

renta — ^Whofe government is this 

illand / aj «.Jaj AaJjU «^aj»j «su'-:^"^ 

fiappa poonca piirenta pooloo cnee 
To Govern AaJ;Ij ^*-^aj pcgang parcnta 
Governor (J^JyJ ».J«.i:*j poong'ooloo 

ncgrcc, (__^-XaJ aJ UU' capala ncgrec, 

(__-^^ji^ ^-^- ^iy^ jurec pcgang 

Gourd / ju;A-yo*^commedckcy 

Gout, pains in the limbs, J>.X>W( fau'- 

Gown i:uj^X^'m felcmoot, i^-*^ *:^U 

baju panjang — with a tail j,=Jj 
c;:^:sz^ijj baju berpanchong 
Grace Qljuy*»/ caileawn 
Gradually CiJoL» CxJub.j berpankat 

To Graft, make a branch take root, by 

binding earth about it, and then to 

cut it off, «Aa:^ chanko 
Grafted into ^><«/ cambar 
Grain ^c^^cXj bidjce — grain of any ar- 
tificial thing jij bootir 
To Grain i^Jy bootircan 
Grains .jaj ,j*j bootir bootir 
Granado ^y^^ marchon, (MO>-j-e 

Granary Jtj^L:^^. joolapang 
Grand .m^aj befar 
Grandchild / jsr^ chechee 
Grandfather ( J:^' '— 'i-^.J ne'nek lakkec 

— great grandfather Xj*-* >wJlaaJ 

/J»^ C_5^^ ncnck moyang -lakkec 

Grandmother {^\yk.^}\j '— ■'^^" nenek 

To Grant, give, (j^J^It-^ brccan — grant 

permiffion, (m^^ mohonc, ri'-^j 

fermawn, J* b'^ cawool 
Grape_^«Xjl 5«j i^^<jyj Xm fa bidjee 

booa an'goor — ^'time of gathering 

grapes )*Xj1 f 6.J ciJiitj AwjUc mafa 

poongoot booa an'goor 
Grapcs^mJj! jaj booa an'goor 
To Grapple, hold, xXaj pcgang 
Kk ' 

C R 

( l-'f> ) 

G U 

G'lixfp wC.j A*w ill gaii'gam — To grafpiGretitncfs ^M^^.>w^ bcfarran, (m_^U*».aj^ 
in the hand ^^X^XlS gan'gamcan bcrbefarran 

Greedy, victuals, »«.:^Lo majok — as a 
woman with child that longs 
^cXajLo mcng'cdam 
Greedy fellow 5 t^l^Aj pemiijoh 
Greedily Ajyi {^j~tC> dung'an loba 
Green y^- eju — pale ^d^^ysz^. eju 
mooda — deep ^y^^. cju tooah — 
unripe ^SJ^ mantah — green, graiTy 
place, ejot,<»^lj c:^^^' tampat ba- 
To Greet, falute an equal, /^J^ tab- 
bee — fuperior A>-e^ foomb'a — Greet 
him in my name, fpeak my falutes 
to him, A>JlcXj'y *j &j<^yn (^^^Lj'l/ 
catacan foomba ko capadanca 
Greeting aa^^aw foomba, ^^^Ju^y,4 

Gridiron ^^jSXSJu panggangan 
Grief, forrow, ^^lAiJti doocaawn. 

Grafs ui) «.»-<• 1 roompoot 
Grafs-hopper «^^.iJuLi. chingkarek 
Grate, Icttice, /g>*»>o /^*m.-o kcfce 
kcfee — ^To grate, rafp,' jj^j^ 1^<J 
Grater \^^jyji kokoorawn 
Grateful a^.J^ (j^-^L* ^^'■^^^ tarema 
Grateful man ^j^ JIjjIj' dU eang taoo 

To Gratify, fuffice, ^^.J^ltilj padah- 

Grave, wife, (J</\ deal — grave jjJj^ 

To Gra\ c, carve, 'i* ooklr 
Gravel «w^Lwyj karfik 
Graver, chifel, c:^Ij pahat 
Gravity, majefty, (^j^ doolce 
Gray *xj L^-"-?. po'^tcc etam — as hair 
(■j-Ja ooban — hair i^j »-i^a^I^ ram- 
boot ooban 
To Graze, look to cattle at Grafs, 
i^^'U.*^combalacan, AXX>Ji».jan- 
gala, AAXi=».,J berjangala 
Grcafc ^-Ji-f-^i lemak — ^l^o Grcalc j>jL^ 
^v^- i^y^^ fapoo dung'an Icmak, 
^^Ji^aJ *j«j bobo Icmak 
Great ^,^aj befarr— with young ^^j^ 

Great man .>ak>u i;j\ orang bcfarr— ho- 
nourable man <>^-^j-<> ^-jj^ orang 
Greater >..^ (^_^ Icbbec befarr 
Grcateft jsj-o^ »<-V. (Sj^ j'*^ befarr 
derree pada famoa, jan-aj-j terbe far 

<Vaa2>. A/jti dooca cheta 
To Grieve, torment, (^jJ1mjJC>^ lix'acan 
Grieved AJCA=i._j berchinta, -jjliiyj ber- 

dabar, &/tC:>^ berdooca, Amj.jCw-j 

Griffon v<^j^J goorda 
Grim i^j'lXAX/'gillcgatan 




To Grind, mill, >w*-o 


Grinded ,>wjLj bakiffar 
Grinding {^j^^-*^ kiffaran 
Grind-ftone jj<_XJitJ'^goorinda 
Grinning ^^\)\J garatan 
To Gripe with the hand ^CXv« men'- 


G V 

131 ) GV 

HieUcr c «u\aAav^ melindoong 
Guardcr, IcntincI, ^jjJijJ leliiboong 

Gripe ^XXS tUw fa gangara 

Gripes, pains, '^ujXSj ran'g<jot 

Griping of the guts e^ j *^j^i^y gn-jGuardian (^_^^\j wake, bjUj; cU can 
rokc proot — 

Griillc ui^A^J c^*j" toolang loom- 

To Groan ».lAA-e menicio 

Groaned *1aJL<i menielo 

Groom ot^/ (^O^A-v. penoongoowcc 

To Grope, feci for, aj[; raba 

Groping <s.j() Ajl;tj' taraba raba 

Grofs, fat, ^j^^y gomook 

Groveling ^jl^ tiarap 

Ground aJLj' tana 

Groundfd of a door 

To Guefs tvX^jj fanca — I ^uefs it is 

four o'clock ,1^ OvA^I ^y^ j^i ajL. 

faya kera kdra ampat jam 
Gueffing ijU:_.-o 5.a5 kdtakt-'raawn 
Gueft LJjCijCijj C.JJ I orang bcrdoo- 

Guide 'U malim— To Guide, dire A, 

JLc-j bermalim 

Guile 4. 




4AAJ tipOO 

Guilty tOLg^ bcrfala 
Guincy hen ^j ^jf ay 'am ootan 
jXXj '^j^ laplk'Gulf («.TiiAy t<flooc 

Gullet ^Xjj.'i ^J^U^ korong koon'gau 
Gully, v.-atcr-fall, (^^^y J tooroolan 
To Gulp, fwallow, t-JjS gogow 
Gum^l/AJ'ly'gatah cay'oo 
Gummed AJtylj bergatah 
Gums ^^^JLaJ" (jj'iti dag'in giggee 
Gun, fii-elock, a<^.xJJi^\ aftinsjarda— 
gun, great gun, Ju<^jj buddeel — 
cannori -.L»,-* mirriam, Aj^^ Ju<3«j 
buddeel mirriam — middling gun 
Ci\>y«I ajI/vj ^'-Jj><i mirriam fapirampat 
—To load a gun J^jC^jj c_'L^ moo- 
at buddeel — To prime a gun 4/.^ ^^ 
i_y-[Ci&j foombo buddeel — To levd, 
point a gun, J^C^^ yi^ mitai bud- 
deel — To fire a gun J^jc^ i^^^^Lj 
paffang budded — To fhoot at a mark. 
^— Va^J timbak, <^Aa^>U> menimbak 
Gunnel of a Ihip J.jl/ ,x^ bibbir 

Ground work, 

To Grow, encreafc, y^j^ toombo — 

grow, to maturity, as mankind, ^Jj^l 

sLlLi acalbaleng 
Growth, encreafe, f^lsiy^y toombo- 

To Grub in the earth, as hogs, j *xA>jo 

foonkor — To grub up, as weeds, 

'-^J «i^gooreyt 
To Grudge / ^J<^ dankce 
To Grumble, mutter, ^Jt/^iJ^i^coo- 

loom cooloom, cj^i^j^^i foongoot 
To Grunt cjlj' tiirang — as a hog i*/^*/ 

Guard, life gvxard, Oa^U» mahat — of 

of the night JjU' kaw'al — room 

ct-JU balcroorg 
To Guard, ward off, ij^xXi tankis — ! cdpal 

HA ( 132 ) 

Gunner ^/Im. CSj'^^ juiee rriitar, 

<^Jij<.^ pen'imbak 
Gurgulct, a bottle for water, ufcd ir, 

India, /.^[;*^ foorahec, (_^<_>JJ 

To Guih out aLaXa-c mclcleh 
Gullet * — 4j**Aj pciak, *AJ<Lo k-dcew 
Guts uij »)«.j pooroot, u:j«^«.j , m*j Iflec 

pooroot, i^ tallec — fmall guts 

^.:i^4 i*j / k'} tallce pooroot 
Gutter (^ J v'v^j fcloran — fpout i^j «js^-V. 

To Guzzle »jl=a. charo 

iriABIT, garb, ^jt-xilj pakean — cuf- 
tom (^y}_ prce — of body fcj«.y C^,j 
prce tooboo 

Habitable O ^<-^j<^ ^-^J'^ *^^j' orang 

Habitation, dwelling, i^*.j^^ moo- 

n A 

noonan — dwelling place 
iwJ'«eS«ei tarn pat doodooc 
To Hack Xzsr^T?' chinchans: 

*— VV"' 


fooda — not 

Had gcAi adda, 
5<AJtAJ" tcadda 

Haft J » ooloo 

Hail «.jU A^} oojang batoo, .j' 
y^*^j ay'er ramboon 

Hailed ^y^\,i berramboon 

Hair of mankind, long hair, ui.'*>-,ol) 
r'amboot — of beafts, fhort hair, aJ «.j 
booloo — of the privities t^^Csj»^ 
toondoon, \jj,«c\JAJ' ^:l3^/^\j ramboot 

loopak mata — on the brcaft c^'Ij bd- 
lang, c^lj ui?4.>^l; ramboot bdlang 
— lock of hair c «.AJcsTt^chcenintongj 
— an artificial curled lock («_V<JJ^ 

landik, v — .«'c\>j gandik — hair lace 
d «Xa.:^:^^ / Aj' tallee chcchintong 
— lank hair tj^ ^^uy^»,j room- 
boot tang'ly, i i^^LT cajor — curle4 
hair (JO0_; ^■zjy^\j ramboot ber'c- 
cal — hair a little curled Ly\.iyu t,>^\j 
ramboot bakoong — that is plaited 
Z^ Lj ,j '<:jy^\j ramboot berbah't — 

that is thin 


— Yr^ J 


toondon — of 

the eve-brows 



ijyo booloo kcning — of the eye- 
laflies Aj'>^ <Jij^\J^j}t,j booloo ca- 

jarang — that is thick, buflicy, ci^*a^I^ 
«.A^ ramboot cambang — that is 
coarfe / kjlj" m>4>-<'i ramboot tabbal 
— To tie up the hair ^jLit^^j cS*^ 
fangool ramboot — To rowl up the 
hair ul»«a^I_; ^j,/U>UJb balitacan ram- 
boot — without hair, bald, ^wVaJ'aj 
botok — grcv hair i.^.«« u:^»/^!, rani- 
boot ooban — loofe hair cjaa^I^ 
(_C mL»' ramboot taoorey — flaring 
hair, hair ftanding upright, lo*-«c'^ 
^j\.K,j ramboot faram — younghair Jaj 
booloo — hair cloth , JU^cambalec 
Hairy on the body c^'L» balang, 

ui.'<a-<'iIj banimboot 
Halberd Xa^-^ lambing 
Halberdier b<-XJ« «ti'-i badowanda 
To Hale, call to, «j>Uj' tantan^ 
Half, in quantity, «\ju' teng'a — in num- 
ber ._;IjLm fapiiro — one half dJu l.>^ 
fa teng'a — one and a half » «ti iyjG 
teng'a dua — done {j>^\ c\ju teng'a 


( 133 ) 


Hall (-yjU'jJb palantaran 

To Hollow, call out >«_V)4>wJ berfoorak 



Hallowed, fandified , J>iSi^,-) berfadlec 

Halt, limping X:^J pinchang 
Halter ( ji^-'JCLw- 
tallee Icher 

hook c*j» oobonji: — down c «OuL:^ 

fantajce, ^^ (<'-' 

Ham litL) paha 

Hammer J»yL<U pimoocool 
To Hammer Aa^j timpa 
Hamper AJ \j raga 

chindong qw.ji 

^ bovv'at 

To Hang up f^y^ gantoong — 
ftrangle (cj*^^.»/ coojoot — as on a 
c*j« oobong 

derree attas — droop ooum fmg'it-. — 
on one fide, as the hcad*c-^o mirring 
over, as a fat belly o^^^ fmg'it — • 
to2;cthcr, ftick ciJUJ Iccat 
Hanged c «jiU-T-J bergantoong — as a 
man ^ t^j^ «^ t JJ^-^ matee dc 



Hand ^^yCi tang'an— right ^jL/ ^^^'j gantoong ^^^ e<^. (^^ 
tang'an canam— left i^^ ^^jJu tang'-' pada gantoong 


an kirree— ball of the hand ^^^jijjJ LT^. Hanger^^A***^>*. famfeer, OjJjJ^golok 
(^y pergaloongan tang'on — palm Hangings ^OJti dinding 
v-Jub' (^^' tang'an tapak — back Hangman jj*^. pcmboonoo 
«i.UA^J' tampeling — Hand breadth, Good Hap ^j^j bcXj pada oontoong 
v_jtA^j tampoop,(_jtA^'->^fatampoop Hap koonjong koonjong c*:s:-^ 
— at hand _a^I ampir — writing >ui>ij.>*, ^ -^ J^' 

^ju- foorat tang'an— withered hand To Happen c^c30l^ jaddee, JaJ.*=^ 


■jJu tang'an kakoo — fhaking or chopool 

thehand^^yUo gomittar tang'an Happened ^C^C^l:^ mcnjaddee 
one-handed ^tyj/coodoong, ^^• To Live happily ^.y^A^ fcmpoorna 


tang'an fabla 

Handful ^LOLT' U» fa gan'gam 



cXj ^l 

fapoo tdong 

Happy, bleffed (-j^yc moomin 
Happinefs, peace cJaALu*. fantoza 
Harbour, O^ AXi telooc 

c. «cAj *j.Lm i^vX cay 'in fipoo edonglTo Harbour lodge a man «Jl^ filing 

(^jju'^Uw fapoo tang'an 
Handle, helve J. ooloo 
To Handle, hold xXaj pcgang 



'O^-^ J 



Handfomc, beautiful 

paras baik 
Handy, ready handed v^'-j^j^ 
Handicraft C^^OJLj pandec 
Handicraft-man (^Aaj c^»I 

pan lee 

Hard, ftiff, rj^ ^ eras, ^jJ tabbal 
To Harden, (^\j<.j tcggaracan — 
as iron a^jL^ fipoh, ^J^jj teg- 

/swju Hardened, 



,Xj^ bertcg*ar — 
as iron, tj^\^ fapoh — body or char- 
med body to be fliot arid cut free, a? 
is faid to be done by the MalAyos 
(Juli kab'al 

Hardly, fcarce enough ( UJ^^^ scXxi 


HA ( 134 ) II i: 

tcda chookoop | rnooloot caj)al 

Hardlv, couragious (mLJO pahiilavvan:Hatchcs or covers on a fliip's dei.-k 

Hare jJwb plando, 

'«tXA,"-J piilan- ^wJuJb caloopak 

iHatchct V — Sijl/ kiipak, A^^campa 

To Harkcn to ^d diing'ar, ±<J.k^:To Ilatc (^=s:^ binchcc, (^/U: 

Harlot JuXJ^Aw foondal 
Harm c:^i!l.^i. jahat 

Hated, hateful /^c 
Hath B(Ac adda' 




Harncfs for horfcs gt^/ / Jj' tallee Hatred, enmity, (^IjJLw fatrooawn 


fooda — I hav( 

Harp , ^as:^-* kcchappce 
Harping iron cja^CLn Hmg'oot 
Harrow cl-'^IXxj pang'garat 
To Harrow ^^IS garat 
Harfh to the taftc Q^-t^b padas 
Kart, deer a>*j * i roofa 
Harveft ,>*j >J ^«jLc mafa irris, j,m^^ 

moofim charroot, cjIj ^^.IaAj Hauk i^\ * ^^^ J ^^"^ wali, c « i«.J 

ave 5t\c adda, gtit^j looua — i nave 

eaten i^-jY^^ v^y*^ *^ ^o fooda 

Haven, bay (^kLkj tclooe — anchoring 

place qUj^' liiboan 
Haughtily^_i:i.lj,^_j^ti dung'ankachak, 
td dungan attec 

be far r 


plawan baring 
Has 5(JWj.n fooda, jcA^ adda 
Hafte, fpecd o^i.j bang'at, gjCy^i'Hay c-/ c:j*>y«.j roompoot kirring 

(^^1 » AiwI; boorong raja wali 
To Haul ^J tarrik 

/vwJCJ fegra Iccas—make halle ciaJu 
jj bang'at la, «jj jJOwj fegra la 
To Haften ' ^ 

(^^ cxxj bang'at can, 
^^jJCmjXJ,-» berlccafcan 
Haftcning /vj^XJ ^^XaJ^j bcrlccas 

Hafty, unadvifcd o^>.J bang'at 
Hat Axjj/copea, c.(«3«5^y^ kokodang, 
~4^iAjJ tcrandok — offtraw «Xacs. 

jA-A^i. chclo chelo 
To Hatch eggs ^AaJ' /^^j_;LCL* men- 

garrammec tclore-^the hen has 

hatched Jj[XX^ ^dtM -jl ay 'am 

fooda mcn'^arram 
Hatch- ways of a Ihip Jol/ ui^J*»* 

cock ui.'^A« «^ CL^S-^ '"**' fatamboon 

Hazard ^JmjjLm fangfara — an apparent 
hazard /^JKU.;Lys mcniarrilec 

He Ajti dea 

Head AJbUcapala — to turn the head 
aJUI/ xkj palling capala — to hang 
the head, droop aJ'-jU cxi**. — to 
hang the head on one fide aJLjU' c^ 
mirring capala — to bow the 
head to the ground ^j^-ey^ foomjam 
to Ihakc the head aJUI/ (^\ J^ 
gracan capala — to flrike the head 
againft any thing <xJljl/ OArsz'^'i 
— to cut ofi' the head a-'LjI/^JUaj 

H E 

pau'gal ciipala, «^JLl'J' c*^^- pan. 

chong capala — of a fliip^i«Jij.t=:.jooii- 

Head-piece, helmet cj.j»jL/ catoo- 

poong — of a pillar xXi ixJUU' capala 

ti'ang — of an arrow OCa.»-^ fampak 
Head-land c »,3:-*-' tanjoong 
Headlong j^yl>' googoor 
To Heal *A-o4J*> foomboo, i^l»^^ 

Healed ♦a.-s^xw 

sm jaddee foomboo 

C 135 ) 


H E 



Heaven Uj*>*j foorga 
Heavenly iJi^Sj^,*, foorgance 
Heavens, Itarrv firmament, c^v£^' 

xJCajLj laiig'it babintang 
Heavy v:_>l^.i bir'at — hearted c:jI ,ai 

/-il attcc bir at 
Hebrew .aa:^». 



c^.l orang heber 
Hedge -Xj pag'ar — of thorns (^)\Ci 
-Xj pag'ar dorree 
.J berfoomboo, ^(3L:sv|To Hedge yj,j berpag'ar 

Hedge-hog <3c>3^ landak 
Heed «XjkJ toongoo 
Heel c:-v^«.y toomit 
To Heel, as a fhip c^oLm fing'lt 
Heifer 5<3«.a8 Aa>vV J-S-' l^rnboo betina 

Healins: (mI«>-««.«j foombooawn 

foomboo — he is in 
AA/^fcwg «i-Jti dea 

foomboo lagec 
Heap ^ y^ty coompoolan 
To Heap f^».j^j^j bcrtamboon — as! Height i^LoL»' ting'ceawn, ^^^^'ting'ee 

corn on a meallire i^^*^ moombong Heir jO L»*jj iSjy^ jurec poofaca, ,v/ 
. — gather together J4a^*/ coompool ^/Lwo (^j_j:^J cang berolee poofaca 
Heaps (^ aa^j ^^^J'S»-'' Lj ba tamboon 


Hear jli<3 dung'ar 

Hearer ij ^I'-iiAA-o ĕang mendung'ar 

Hearing ^j ;Lct3 dung'aran — thick of 

hearing J^aj bang'ol 
Heart iJ.. 

•.a:^^ jantong 

Hell a/jU narca, tViliU naraca- 
fire dS\j\J r ^}\ appee naraca 

Helmet CAjyU catoopoong 

Help c «..'j.j tooloong, ^j-X2: J *j too- 

To Help, at work «.a^^j toompo 

Helped c *J «J',j bertoolaong 

To Hearten, comfort jy-J.^ bercboor Helper ^^KXi*-|y^lj! orangtooloonggan 
Heartened u_)Ui^ (^.JSLi^ jaddee cooat \^^J^y^, pcn'ooloonggan 

Hearth g.j 5^ ^-^^v-* tampat para para 
Heat, that is artificial c:^0! an'gat — 
of the fun, natural heat (j*jJIj panas 
— of the body, chafing,^i^v*, fohoo 
To Heat (^^CaXJI an'gatcan 
To Heave, fling j^Srrs' linipar 

Helve ^} « ooloo 
Hem iXi kcUim 
To Hem, call one that's pall *=i»o 

Hemp / ^^ rammce — rope (_,•«,' i^^ 
tallce ram mec— feed ^U'l ay'am, 

li I ( 

jiJySja J-j) ay 'am bctina — Guinea 
hen i^'jj X)\ ay 'am ootan 

Hence /y^ fence 

Her ajS dea 

Herbs i4jlj*i fayoor 

Herd imJOJ^ candan, ^jljl/ cawan 

Here / 5'*-A/*. fence, /^a>w ti de Icnee 

130 ) n I 

derree pada famoa 

Hereditary fickncls ' a_>'Ij cxjUaajTo Hinder glju' tagah 

Hiil c:^»,.} bookit — mountain 9-^Jj-i 

Hilt J<|Ooloo — of a fword c.<_Xaj Jj 

Him «xjii dca — fclf c^icAaam ajO> dea 


peniakit baca 
Hercfic ^J^^:>lJ badingon 

Hinder part {^jj-> booritan, (mvOIj 
blacan — of a fliip <J^jI/ i^^j'^J 
booritan capal 

Hindrance, trouble q^)1/*wj foocaran, 

A/ fooca 

Hermit, any one living reclufe ajIj',j 

pertapa, ajU^. djjl orang pertapa 
Hermitage ^^i:LJLJ.J pertapaawn 

Hermaphrodite A:^;^^ «J roobeha, l^jL) Hinderm oft (J^ d.^ (^^_ ^9-^. 
Heroick man ^L^L^b pahaliiwan ' j»ui.',^-a„ r„ ^.'.i„„ ^ i . t.\i <• 

,^U J . ooloobalan 
Heron J*aJo 9-yj^. booroong koon 

Hers Aaj\j AJti dea poonea 
To Hew ^_ijU tatak 
Hickup ««^Lm ladoo 
To Hickup «tiUw-j bersiidoo 





To Hide ^^lf^3y.^M fcmbooneacan 

(^\a^.«o JJLaJ tin'gi 
Hide cxJo^ coulit 

eang dc blacan fa calec,c. U (^UtiLo^J 
jAj c^^k^ eang comadean dcrrcc 


Hinge wvJSAj kokot 
Hypocrite 5iAJ«wa>J»j' golefoonda 


I / vw^J^-:^ choolas attec 

cy U 



■>■ terboonce 

Hip L^Lj palia, i^tSJ:it,j poonggon 

To Hire U>y*a fewa 

Hire, wages aj * oopa — freight of a 
(hip ^jJjU^' tampanggan — youj. 
hire ^ aj « oopa moo 
tin'j!;al fembooncc Hired j^^^^^j berfcwa aj.,j ber'oopa 

Hireling aj4|_j c mI orang ber'oopa 
^jIj« c;.I orang oopaawn 

His A>JtJ Ajti dea poonea, aajaj 
poonea, aaJ nca 

Hiftory, annals ^.:i>Ij'.A25* hekiiyat 

To Hit, touch aJUjs kena 

Hither (^C.Y/camarrce, (J^^d de- 
fence, , ^Aj^ fence 

Hive p. tj\.^, faroong 
Higheft BA^Uw g<Aj CjC;<^ C_5-^ ting'ee[Ho ^^^^ hey 


Hideous i^ljj^XJ^J terchlngonan 

Hi^h / ^J6j' tmir'cc 

/JG" Uw ting'ee 


prieft jlw*>J ^'■■^ imam bcfarr, 

vcrv hia:h 

fa calce-^on 
dcattas — High- 

H O 

( 137 ) 

H O 

Hoarfe, as a voice IjlS garaw — wltJilHome <3uo4^ rooma 




ferak — to be hoarfe 

i* A*w (__^tili>. jaddee ferak 
Hoarfe voice I^LT sj^yt^ fooara garaw 




To Hobble isrSl pinchang 

Hoc /JLXju panggalce 

Hog ("^J^ bobbee — wild (^j i^-f^ 

bobbee ootan — of the fea, porpus 

c.L>«<3 doyang 
To Hoifc, hankar ^^jXjlf karecan — 

anchor »Lw jLjlc*j boongkar faoo 
Hold u^LeJ4.J5 kolmooat, y^iXf^ 

petak, *-^5tJ proot — of a fhip i^:j«-j 

(J^jl/ proot capal 
To Hold iXxj pegang 
Holding to, {ticking to cx-Cv^' j ber- 

lecat — opinion (j^C>JJIj batindis 
Hole to let in light ijU natang — 

in cloth >wV->^U pafok — 

to dig a hole i.jJ c^-"--^" giilce 

Holland 500^4^». (^,Xaj negree h6- 

landa, ocXJ J^ «sju' tana holanda 
Hollander b^Aj^:^.. c;«I orang ho- 
Hollow, empty, A>,-^el ampa, <Xj*oL« 

To Hollow Aia.«^iLr garooha 
Holy /^i^^^ choochee 
Holy man AX*j c ijl orang facflec^ 

(5^=r^r^ ^Ji' orang choochee 

o'-'^-^*^ choocheaw^n, 
XjuSXm faftcawn 

Homely, ugly, jjjJ booroo 

Hone /^jljs:'*^ «jLj batoo menchance- 

Honeft '^jZfu betool 

Honefty ;^^Uxj benaran, (J(jJcX£ adil- 

Honey jc^L« ^jI ay'er maddoo — comb 

•<3L« c tjL^j faroong maddoo 

Honour AaJ «^ moolia. 

.J«lti daulut 

To Honour (jj LJ^.^^ mdmooliacan 

— Title of honour ^-)^L^'galan 
Honourable cU-<i4.=^-j berhormat 
Honoured c:^-* ip^ j berhormat 
To Hoodwink ,^j/\j^ bootacan 






Holy- water ijUj^-ev^j^l ay'er foomba- 


Hook to hang any thing on c:^j(j' kait 

Hooked, hanged on a hook, c^oUuuo 

Hoop /^A^/jg limpee 

To Hoop for joy «wJ» )^>*i '<— Vi^ ^j ber- 
foorak foorak 

To Hop aaa>*) sipah 

To Hope ^-J^l^». harap 

Hopelefs AwjX (j^a'j'jj pootoos afa 

To Hord ^^y.^j/' coompool — hord 
iM^ «.vy* «Z coompoolan 

Horizon a>j *i3 '^^j-! boolat doonea 

Horn ^ aOJJ tandoc — of a rhinoceros 
(-_VtiL» jJ L^ chala biidak — To butt 
with the horn (^ *c>JJ^ menandoc 
— To tofs the horns, as a beaft, 
(J 4A. j aaJU^ mcnioongool — llruck 
with a horn v^TfltXAA-c mcn'undoc 

Horned lJ^cXaj-i bertandcc 
Horrible y Ia.».::^. hay'banoo 
Horror ej^Si^U' cajoot 

HO (138 

Horfe j(3«/cooda — flonc-horfc gc^*/ 
,. vXI;^. cooda jantan — mare tC^j/ 
]xXaSUj cooda betina — To ride a 
horfe (J» i1l\>o candaran — draught 
Jiorfe >wV;Uj otSy' cooda pcn'arik — 
tamed horfe ^ — kXac^/^ cL» gti^ 
cooda cang menjenak — horfe-fly 
(^iL> (SM barree barree — ^To fpur 
a horfe '^CS^ (^^iji^ mcng'artccan 
cooda — pack-horfe «O^Lj^ eti^ 
cooda bcrpalala — To un-horfc 

;<3^/ 6(Aj (Sj^ ^'-^y^i 


derree pada cooda 
Horfe-man ^C^^^j, ijj' orang bacooda 
Horfes gc^/'seW-) cooda cooda 

Horfe-leech a^ Hntah Humbled bu\J;L> barcrida 

Horfler, groom, vCij/ ^JJr^jH P^^'-jHumbleft 5<AJJ' terrenda 

) H tr • 

JLi^^ joo^apang — markct-houfc 

(^LJ-jL» bablean 
Houfcd <)ue.^_j berrooma 
How AjL,.>Oo buggemana 
To Howl, as a dog, ci I «^iLo marawang 
Huckle-bone q^Xc4J i^y toolang. 

Hue, colour, «!u;U warna 
To Hug iwVJij poolok 
Huge ^*KAJ befarr 
Humane AA>*4*jt« manoofia 
Humanity, love, ,^Lxx>^ cafleawn 
Humble, meek, s^AJ; renda 
To Humble ,^I(JJ; rcndacan,. 

^^/l(jJ_A^ merendacan 

oonsoowee cooda 

Hofe (J\y^^j\^ faroong cakkee 

Hofpital c:oL. ij^\ ^jj rooma orang Humming ^jti^\j badangoong 

Humility i^lxIcAJ; rendaawn, /^j! 
Aji attee renda 

fakit — for orphans ^jUj «^J^ ^°° 
ma piatoo 
Hoft, army, gyj;^'^^ bdlatantra 
Hoftagc, pawn, C^^U gadec — fecuri- 

ty e^ti'-^ i}J)^ orang gadee 
Hoftile j^'Ujj berfatroo 
Hot (j^JL) P^n^s 

Hot-houfe, humum, ^j^Xb' tan'gas 
Hound ^;^ ^:?:-'' anjing barrak, 
^Lcj^^j^. isz-»' anjing pcrbooroo- 
Hour ,^jam 

Boufe A^*j rooma — fummcr-houfc 
Jb bailee — fummcr-houfe over 
the water ^y^jS^ C_5^^ 


goombong — ftore-hoiifc, granary 

Humour, conftitution, (^,j pree — ha- 
bit of body »j*j' C^jJ pree tooboo — 
good humour i^^j ramee — ill-hu- 
mour (_/vJtJ PjJ prang proos 
Humourous ^JJCJLs^. panchinggan 
Humum, hot bath, ^j^Xaj tan'gas 
Hundred ^j^ylj ratoos — one hundred 
iy^ijj]j Uw fa ratoos — by hundreds 
iy^^\j (^y[j ^ ^^ ratoos ratoos — 

hundred tho\ifand a>^^ J aj ^u^ fa 

~y J.- 

pooloo lax'a, / -a-o A>*g fa kectee 
Hunger ^^b-)) lapar, (^^b^ laparan — 
To fufFet hunger j\S)L ^^y^^ tiihan 
lapar, ^ib^ (^^j,ri>.L\A^ menahan lapar 
— To afluage hunger ^bJ (j*^U«j 
powvras lapar 

J A 

( 139 
HimgercdjUJU^ menlaplr 
Hungry^^'-j^ lapar, ^b^jJ berlipar 
To Hunt tj)j.j booroo 
Hunted * jjA^-* membooroo — liim' 
bcaft qI ^jy^-fi pemboorooan 







^^JJJ^,^jy orangpen- 

Hurly burly -a^/ gampar 
Hurricane (^Lx3«J' t6fawn, J *^ (^i 

cUJlj ang'in pootar baliang 
Hurt, harm, Ci^>. jahat — To hurt 

c:-oLm C^tJ brec fakit, /^3Lm la.' 

Hufband /^LLm fawdmcc, (^^ 

lakkee — man [•jy*iy^ c jjl orang 

doofoon, c:j;I»3 cj«! orang darat 

Jacal (_^0>^ cherdie, (^Oji^ jerdce 

Jack, fruit in India, «xjCu nanca — jack, 
to turn, ^J^|'-j'♦J. pootaran 

Jacket t:i^lj baju 

Jacob '^aS^xj Yacob 

To Jag c > ;;>: * '> chinchong 

Jail f^j**Xj paffong, cjls^. panjara 

Jailor c ^wjIj »XJ»J" (^ jj^ juree toon'- 
goo paffong, c*>*iL» (__^«i^. pen,- 
oongoowee paubng 

Jambs of a door *JCaj p^Ly tiang plntoo 

To Jangle s^cXac-. chidcra 

Jar xAji^ topayang — lit tie jar fJjJ 

Javelin A-a-<^ lambing — To caft a ja- 
velin XA^^ ?-y^^ lamboong lam- 

Hufbandry, country hufbandry, (M4>wjti^ Jaundice xjtjj c^oIaw fakit kotiing 
doofoon, ctX/0(jj'.Jt:s::!-J careejaawn Jaw i^^_ pypee — bone /Jcl/";;^^' 

toolang glggee 
Ice »iLj jf ay'er bakoo 
Idiom of fpeech ixjl/ &^^^ oopama 

Idiot (^_)«(.Wj bodoc 
Idle A>y«l ampa 

lMy^«ii qIjcs::^-/ careejaawn doo- 

jti diem 



Hufk ^c:J»/' coolit — To hufk ^jwJ^i^ 

HutAJljj'trata, ^^.;^^ jooroomoom 
Hymn ^UlaJLJ nianeawn 
Hypocrify gjU^ joomawa, 

5iAJyw>>J«-> golefoonda 
Hypocrite jjU*:^ c^jl orang joomawa, 

80sj\m*aJj->' c «jI orang golefoonda 

A &!k> bctta, AjUn faya, Aaaj kitta, 
4j| ako, A/ycl amba — myfclf aLo 
jcXaj*p kitta fmdivrec — too iuLw 

, ^T^ fay 'a lagce — am here ti aJ ^1 

- ■ ^>Ly»g ako la do fence 

Idol «\JJI_j ber'allah 

Idolater aAJ I -^ c.^5 1 orang ber'allah, c^«f 
aAJI_; 5<Aj a>^<w^aa/^ «iU orang eang 
mcnioomba pada ber'allah 
Idolatry &X]\yi gcAj ;^Lx.*-c*>*j foom- 
i baawn pada ber'allah, c^'^l/ cafirat 
Jealous c «^*x^:i. chlmboroang, aJlc*j 

Jealoufy (^Xcj^^x^j^j. chimb6r6anggan 
To Jeer, flout, jOJo^t fmdir 
Jeered j(lXamj fmdir, ^kAa*m_j berflndir 

I'm ( 

Jering in Tport {^^jjj->'' goorooawn 
Jehovah aJLsu' aUI Allah taallah 
Jelly «xJoo pankah, (__^ JOJ linde 
Jeopardy gjLwJUM fangfara 
To Jerk, pull with a jerk, * — iX^ 
fintak, sirs-'^finjoh, i^j^jj roon 

To Jeft * jO' gooroo — in jeft (j^^U 

(^Lc main main, ^jjUc^j bcrmain — 

To be jelled on « i*<IawjjJ berfcloroo, 

B<JJw.jj berfanda 
Jefter^cXJl / .^aaj » i*Xx»w^ ^/J ° 

berfeloroo pcnf indir 
Jefus / ^**o ETa, / ^»*kj / ^aJ nabbee 


140 ) • i M 

To Imagine, conceive, aXLw fanca 

Imagination jSXm fanca 

To Imbale ^jJ^jcAaJ gundongcan 

To Imbark ^ «uU naik 

To Imbellifh ^JJC^>*JA,J byTccan 
Imbelliflimcnts (^^jj*jj>».IjjIj pariahfan 
To Imbofs (j:^t^ foojee 
To Imboldch - Jl C^^J bree attcc, 

(mJC«JI-*^-o membranĕcan 
To Imbrace iwJ»»Jij poolok, ^Jv? polo 
To Imbroil (^^«^aj j^l^^ haroo biroo- 





To Jet, to walk mimically, «sJuij 
AAji/J tinka lacoonea 

Jew (^^tiyssi cj.l o'rang jehoodee 

Jewel AJ"Le-j permSta — for the ear 
Xj»^*> foobang 

Jeweller «s^'U^. J*Asr*^ c^( o'rang 
menjewal permata 

Jews-harp ci ^sr^T*- jenjoong 

If«Jl/caloo, ^j^j poon, ajla::». jcka — 
he comes ijl<3 «Xjti AJiAi». jeka dea 
datang — you will ^^y^^ lamoon 

Ignoble (^ ^Uw 

fawan — of a mean extrad; <Xaa:±>. hina 

Ignominy (^IcJLo malooawn 

Ignorance (^C^aj c i^/coorang boodee, 
AajJ^J' gclanea, JoU babal 

Ignorant, unwife, (^<3*j p.j^i' coo- 
rang boodcc— dull (JoIj babal 

111 c:-o».l2»,jahat 

To Imbroider, with fdk, ^^!U>*» foo- 

1am, ^ Jvvvy* menloolam — with fU- 

ver or gold ^^aw^ foojee 
Imbroidered, work, ^^[Juc^y^^ foojc- 

Imbroidering needle ^-^^aw ^»j\s:^ ja- 

room foolam — filk *-^ v*i St^jV" ^°°" 

tra foolam 
Imbroidcrcr /^:ii>»>Lj pen'oojee 
To Imbroil (^^jj-xj «jls^ haroo biroo- 

To Imitate (^Lit..^ meroopacan, 

-AyJ' ^"^Uj booat gam bar 
Immediately AjUCg-U naftaya, -aJLjLw 
Immortal ^-ljjI^ ^^^^ s'-Nv ^^^'^ kena 

Immutability j^jjy togonea ■ 
Immutable tj'*j' togo 
To Impair, deface, ^ — i'^tij roofak 
To Impart ^Li' (^jJ bree taoo 
To Impale, fct on a ftake, ^^j/y^m 


Td Illuminate /,i»..^vv^ iTienioolahee Impatience, ill-humour, /vwj^.j 
Image (jO^li' teladan, .x^j^gambar I prangproos 

teadda bang 

I M 

( 141 ) 


Impudent (j^l), &S *^ mooca papan, 
C.AJ dJyo mooca pcrang, Ajl/tOk 
Impure, tbul, i<v^*:^ choomoor 
To Impute (^^.^ membree 

*i'!ti ti de dalam, <J> de — within 


To Impeach B«c^*,y todoli, jjc^iaa^ 

menodoh, ^^t^LX/.^ mengadan 
Impcachedo«'(^.jbcrda\va, i^^^^S^Xk^ 

Impeachment (Mli;«<3*j' to'doawn 
Impediment -J«j^ ibocar 
Imperfedl «j^ jcXaj tcda lakoo, jOiIaj' 

(_^tibi. teadda jaddee 
Imperfe<flIon «xj'sXa:^ chclaka 
Impious man ui^/Li' «'J jcXaj" dL» c;«l 

aU I 5<_>vJ o'rang cang tcda taoo ta- 

coot pada allah 
Im.placable /ovjs^ ,J\ attee binj 
To Implore <0X« mirita 
Imploy As::^_) (_^-j brce careeja 
Imployed &^ij( scX^ adda careeja 
Important xiyj^j bcrgoona 
Importunate d^» cJ^i-8 meng'oolang Inccil «^..-c^ fombang 

Inch (__^jLL. *aj ib'oojarree 

To Inchant j Aj ciA.ii^b^ci.'! v booat 

ho'bat pada, «xJliL»' takana 
Inchanted Oj t^^. «xaaj kena ho'bat 


^^'!<3 dalam, ^^'lcX;ti dcdalam — 

come in &J lJ^ ««jl^ mafooc la 
Inacceffible /^>y«Lw Ool0> stXxJ' tcda 

dilpat fampec 
Inadvertency / J^' lalec 
To Incamp, reil, (Jkas^-> bcrhentee 
Inceifant / ^^JV' co'tallee 
To Incenfe',* provoke, v^*«:s:^'jue meng'- 

Incendiary / ^1 Ou « c^.' o'rang oopak 



Impofiible Oolti / J *j jcXxJ' tcda bo'- 
lee dapat, (^Uj s'-^j ^^'^*^ bo'Iee, 
c:ol<3 5<A>J teda dapat 

Impofthumc a/Ij « i*j pooroo baca, 
(Jy**.jkJ bifol 

Impoftor, liar, cot.*j cul o'rang bo'- 



Impotent, weak, cj!4-> ir^\y 

To Impoverifli, make poor, i^^jAa^Lj^ 

I m powered (Jo'f- wukil 

Impreflion, lea!, ^ >l^», chap 

To Imprifon ^^_^^Ls^^ penjdracan 
Improper <>::-"tJ'l-> s Axj' teda patoot 
Imprudent CT ^0> 4j bo'doc, Jub babal, 

OxJotJ c -j/ coorang inggat 

To incite to mirth v — ^ . oofik 

Inclination, afFedlion, ^^btJJwg ibo. 

To Incline, addi<5V to, as bufuiefs, <!unj 
oofah, Aj*.^jI< meng'oofah 

Inclined to scXj a/v*) Iboca pada 

To Inclofc, fence, Jij ^.::jKj booat 
pag'ar — furround c «j'jL-e mcnga- 
poong, a_Vj a,Vj pegga pcgga 

Inclofure, tcnce, .Xj pag'ar 

Incomparable ,^^-5 ..wLm, es rcXxAj tead- 
da de lilma can 

Incompaf?, furround, ^^vXi^lxJ^/coo- 

IN ( 142 ) IN 

IncompalTing (jjJ^i.icJ4/coolcclinggan ban — not indurable «3 cr^j'ti »cAaJ" 



^ Vj 

'ti siAxJ 


v>i tc'da dapat kcra kcra 

Inconfulcrate, vviltul, AaJL:^:^!.-^. [j^^ 

dung'an fajanca 
Inconilant, not firm, *J_y' 8^-\^J ^^^'^ 

To Incorporatc^«.jl«j fatooboo 
Incorruptible AwjUj e«AAJ tcda binnafa 
To Incountcr j-^by bcrtamoo 
Incountering (j\s.j^\JjJ bcrtamooawn 
lacourage (^pUJ-*.^ mcmbranccan 
To Incrcafe ^-^j^ toombo 
Increafc of the moon (^tilji». i^jijJ 

yj^j boolonjaddcc befarr 
Incrcafed y^^yy bcrtoombo, *^'[^JtJ 

( 'i^i uultj bcrbooat booat ban'yakjlnfclicity 

Incredible ixA^^.^ ^-^:'.'<^ otAxJ' tcda da- 
pat pcrchaya 
Incrcdidous Ajliw^j cj)/ coorang per 

To Incroach .i^jlLyc mclanggar 
To Incum-ber ;^Xj\aa>*i fancotcan 
Incumbrance, hindrance, uij^aa*w fan 


^J_^^lj' tt'da dapat de tahan 
Indurcd, fufFered. (^,2k.Uoi.^ mcnahan 
Induring (^LxAwh rafaawn 
Induflry, care, (^IxAArsa» chintaawn 
Ineftlmablc «ujlj^l C>»jlti 8<-^' tcda 

dapat arganca 
Inexorable ^LcAa/* olXaJ tcda mcn- 

Infallible, fure, ».Xa.j' tantoo 
Infamous CX:^1^ A^Lj nama jdhat, 

AA-ciu huia 
Infant ^01 anak 

To Infc6l yA.^!)' lampar, _a.^ fampar 
Infe6led, poiTefled, ciAJtA^^jankit 
Infedions, as ficknefs, -a^J lampar 
s il/twj foocaran 

Infidelity <:^^\J cafirat 

Infidel jLTcafir 

Infinite ^{\/ ciical 

Infirmity, paflions of man, JuLs d»»! 

facl c'rang 
Inflamed with anger Aij^ moorka, 

_jj«j' i>::jIjLw fiing'at goofar 

Indebted iJ' »^-j ber'ootang 
Indeed tiij*. foongoo 
Indefatigable giUJ bcAaV tcda lelah 
India *o\a^ aJ'J tiina Hindoo, C^j-^J 

^cXa^ ncgrce Hindoo 
Indian .!_Uiii c;jt o'rang Hindoo 
Inditfcrent dtXy^ fcdang 
Indifcrcet (^c^j-J ^^ coorang boodec 
To Induce,' fuffer, (j.==-b' tahan, 

^j.i^U.A/0 menahan 
Indurable ;j.i^U 0> C^o'^ dapat dc ta 

To Inflift isuL^ mooat 

To Inform, teach, ji^l ajar 

Informer A^^ I cj»l o'rang ajooja 

Infortunate Ai J\a2v cliclaka 

To Infufc, inlpirc, (j,jji,lA^ menoo- 


To Ingendcr «.J ».jUm fatooboo 
Ingenious, wife, (^CSy-i berboodce, 

Jl_> ber'ahm 
ingenious, work, /^^j (^Uj booa- 

taa permce — workman (^tXL> dj J 

o'rang pandec 

IN ( 

To Ingraft ^^ cambar 
Ingrafted (^.x^ cambarrce 
Ingratitude (j^i^b .Ij g^X-u' tc'da taoo 

To Inliabit (^*vj\^ inoonoon, a-c^jIj 

barooma O «ti »t^ doodooc 
Inhabitant (^, «.j^-^ c.^«I orang moonoon 
To Inhancc a price aJ^' ^ '^}^ n^^ik 

To Inherit tx/Lw*j Cs-'jt/^J berolec 

poofaca, a/1>jj^j poo/aca 
Inheritance (^Lx/Lw aj poofacaawn 

143 ) IN 

i\J Lm teadda filla 
Innumerable cilxj (<;J4J scXaJ' tt-da 

bulec be'lang 
To Inquire, allc, »xJo'J" tiinca, A/w.J^ 

Inquire diligently v_ioU ^^ iijU Aw*/^ 

prix'a baik baik 
Inquiry (^buw./!) prix'aawn 
Inquifitive, given to inquire, jilc^'U' 

Inraged aLo'' c^O»'.:^^ jaddee gela,. 



InhcritedA/L^j»j-jbcrpoolaca, a0^lwj*jj' Infatiablc Xisc'^ L<^y. s'-'^^J tcda bo- 

Inheritcr a/Ln *j (__^ ij.:a. juree poofaca 
Injoymcnt (^IjlaJ^-aj beroleawn 
To Injoyn «j**.j. pcn'ooroo 
Iniquity (^^l/lJ nacalan 
Injundlion (^l^«^)^^ pen'oorooawn 
To Injvirc, defame, gcAj a>Laa/J ui,'(«.j 

booat fetena pada — hurt c:<5Lw (^j-» 

bree fakit 
Injury, defamation, AaxaaS fetena 

(— o 

Iti B cAxJ" 

Injuftice >^ «i-JLijJ' /^^^^^ hookoom ter- 

Inkcilvi dawat, ^jijjlt^ _il ay'erdawat 
Ink-holder ^^>csL^y^ foonjat, (vwjU 

CL>«lti ^A bakas ay'er dawat 
Inlander Otw*j d i .( orang paflak 
Inlands v^a^^ paifak 
To Inlarge ^^XIm» J low'afcan 
To Inlay j ij/^cora 
Inlayed sm-^jJ bcrcora 
Inn /JCa:^.j <v-c*^ rooma berhentee 

Inner /Ju Aam ^Jlti dalam fa calee 
Innocent ^^^s^ys^ choochee, bcXxaj 

lee kinjang, ^Jtrs:'^ ti 

teda dapat de kinjang 
To Infcribc .^(ti '■^ v^ foorat dalani 
Infcription 5 J loh 
Infenfible Ajjgf^A^ -i'^-t^ t^iAdi. merafa 
Infeparable ci"vy=v c3 ^^'<^ ^O^i tcda 

dapat de chcrec 
To Infmuate, flatter, v^'a^«.j boojok 
Infnarcd, trapped, CJ-A:i^L> biijcrat 
Infnaring difcourfc ^-^j^^ 'Vy^ cham- 

pa jc'rat 
Iniblcnt aJu a2s. choonka 
To Infpirc ;^j^jj^>l^ mcn'oorooncan, 

(^ t,jy tooroon — incite ^^^1 achom 
Inftant, carncft, -«.::iw[; rajing 
Inftantly iJi^. (_;^yl/l.«j faciiran cncc 
Inllcad of / ' JS^S gantce 
To Inftigate 4^1^.. haroo 
To Inftitutc « ilj tiiroo 
Inftitution, cufrom, i^Ox^ addat 
To Inftruc!:! ,^1 ajar — him eod t^ ^\ 

ajar can dca 
Inftrudlcd ,i*Lj ber'ajar 

! M 

( 144 



parg'ajor — mailet 4 ijXaj pen'gooroo 
Inftruding s».! ^\^ ber'ajar ajar 
Inflrudion ^jlx^=ii.l ajarawii 
Inftrumcnt, tool, (^^LAj pag'iwee 
Infurrc6tion «sJV^ goga, jK^S dS^S 

goga gampar, g^lr^..^^ ooroohara 
To latangle, as thread, KZi^t^i kooloot 
Intangled ci^uj*. *_%•<> raeng'oolbot 
Integrity' ^j'^^Xc ad;^a^Yn 
Intcmpcrancy l-..«_^'A>o pendcfmab 
To Intend .Le maoo, «xXLn ianca 
Intended l::a,>*,L5 J terfafat 
Intent, purpofe, a"s>Um Taja 
To Interceed ^_t| 42^ (^^ bree jow'ab 
To Intercept u-aXaj tancap 
Interceffor ^ *jo baggoam 
Intcrceflion (.,Lxa^«.>J.j^ menioomba- 

Intcrell, ufury, (^^j-^j^j boon'gan 
Interim of time c:-i.ii.Ljj iahat 
To Interline, t^j^-> ^^ ^ ^-HM^'*'^ 

menioorat dc tcng'a baris 
To Intermeddle / J^tiU fadoolee, 

i»a.^j:^Ij bachampoor 
Intermiilion, from ilcknefs, Aaaj betah 
To Intermit, rcil, ijij^=^^ berhentec 
Intermixed )».a.,j:^Ij bachampoor 
To Interpofc, flicker, c «OJUa^o me- 

To Interpret, make clear, ^jJIjIaJ 

Interpretation /^Jjl artec, ^jlxlj'l»J 

Interpreter ^JLmj (^jk^ juree falin. 

A«A/ C^^j^^jurcebafa 
o Inter ^\3 tanam 

To Interrupt ,^j*^>y«l; rampoos 

Interval .^'lOtl/ ciidalam 

To Inticc, "^^Ki boojok, 

Inticing v_J»a=».*.j c_5j,:s^j boojok boo- 
jok, , 5>^J (3^- ^*-*"J^^ boojcc 

To Intimate, by "a lign or nod, u_j;Ls:*^ 



Intire, in number, l_-^>ykJ genap — not 
broke <X2C^:! ^f) yi booloom pccha, 

&J».j boola 
Into ^^Itiii de ddlam, ^Jltil/cadalam 
Intolerable ,^^jii.Uyyc , J »j o<A<iu' tdda 

bolec menahan 
To Intomb_^ji»j*J' ,Jyi s^-^V ^^^^ ^^■* 

lee menahan 
To IntombjA.iiv/^i'!ti_jj^b6bodaIani 

Intoxicated, with any drug, ^J^L^. 

Intrails ^,lj «_» , ,*w,j ilTce proot 
To Intrap (wJuGs:-'-* menjabak 
Intreat aXv^ minta, <sJ»[-o pinta 
Intrcaty^j^LsJCAjpintaawn, ^^ Ijia-« ^aaa^ 

Intricate ^Juiw*^ mifkill 
To Introduce ^^^4:s:-'^j toonjoccan 
To Intrude <J> «At.Ls mafooc 
To Intruft, confide in, uj^lrs». harap 
To Invade .Xc^ langgar, .XiJ^Lyc rn*- 

In-vain, for nothing, «JL-y*» Aaaw fia fia 
To Inveigh, backbvte, a^^*:^^! ujocja 

JO ( n 

To Invent, by handicraft, ,^jSj<JJu 

Invention (^_jjul<3 dapatan 
Inveteracy ^^^.l achoom 
Inveterate .«^^1 achoom 
Inveterated .a^H^ meng'achom 
Invincible, as a man, (^JUJ. ooloo- 

Inviolable aj4 j sOyy' teda ber'oobah 
To Inviron dAjbL* meng'apoong 
Invifible (^"CJ L> sOyy' teda calcatan 
To Invite to a feaft, (J*.X^. pan'gill, 

(^jJoOi.^LN falahican 
Invulnerable 5 *Xo beetooah, Ool/kabat 
Inundation aj -jI ay'er bah 
To Invocate, pray to, aa-^jj*. foomba 

<\>^^AAA^ menfoomba 
Inured AwjUj bedfa 



Jyis:^ ^JJJ ooroof 

Inwards ^JI<J> aAjLw fabla dilam, ti Ifaac 

Jot, tittle, 


Journey ^^'Jl^ . perjalanan 
Journey-man (^U* ci*l orangoopaawn 
Joy c:^J^^ daulut, a^Cos. <!Sj>m fooca 

cheta, ^jljjjT^wj foocaavvn 
Joyful A^U^i. a/v- fooca cheta 
Joyfulnefs ^^Lx/^ foocaawn 
Irkfome J\^ fooca r 
Iron /^w*j befTce — mine { 5***j ^L»^ 

marreaw^ beflee — work " 

(^**j perboatan beflce 
Irreiblute ^_^il r^ bimbang attec 

^Itilj badabar 
Irrevocable t^jfljj «3 s^^' teda dc 

Is jtXc adda, b<3^ fooda, aJ la, 

(_^(_X:i^ jaddce, Xj ea 
»Lj.j Ifaak 


^^Ici de dalam — more inwards /^-J Illand Jaj pooloo 

' M I , 1 1 1 J / 1 •• I /1 J ■( • I 

.^Iti lebbee dalam 
Job ^jj_ Yob 

Jocund Aa/.:^^ a/^mj fooca cheta 
To Jog c *sr\/ goonchong 

Joice -*-J'*J poti"S 

To Join together ^Xyij^^>*i fambatcan 

Joined c:'^^.,^ fambat 

Joint of the body C^Jww C^>-\y*i 

fedee fedee, ^*-»* oobong — of reed 

cane, ftraw, (j^l «^1 rowas — pain in 

the joints <Joi>VKw fan'gal 
Joift (^ «LiLxj bangkawan 
To Joke • i*j'^ bergooroo, aa^^ 

Jofeph V — t^*j Yoofoof 
To Joftle ^>*)jij' takiflcl 

Iflandcr Jij q.jj\ orang pooloo 
Ifraelite ^Jo'^^j-j cj «I orang ifrael 
Iflue CL>_A;i. cherit 

It aj<3 dca,* aJ la, 51^^ fooda 
Itch Jv.jU'^gatal 

To Itch (JjL) gatal, ^JoU ^ bergatal 
Judge *A=^ C^j^ jurree hookooni, 

/ JuUI alfaki 
To Judge, think, aXa>*. fanca — ^givc 

fentcnce ^^i^J'*:^^ hookoomcan 
J bcrhookoom 

Judgment, fentence, *-5*^s>. q^J^ t-'d- 

taawn hookoom — feat j'y:^^^^ «.J 

croofcc hookoom 
Judicial, wife, J^U bcr'acal 

Oo ^ 

Judi^cd ./i^— ., 
Judgment i^^-^i 

K E 

( 1-16 ) 

Jug <^CkXJ' cundee — of flone jXji. 

To Juggle, Ihew tricks, '■-^j'*^ foolap 
Juggler ^j'*' ijj\ orang foolap 
Juice ^1 ay'cr 
To Jump OiA^J loompat 
Jumping ^^JXf^Ji loompatan 
J\imping pole aJLT gala 
Juncture of time euLxw faat 
To Junket k.^X>*i fantap 
Ivory ctilj' gading 

Jurifdi<flion «5JCJ;L> parenta, ^1 alam 
Jurifdidlion, to hold, AxJjb ^^-^^. P^" 

gang parenta 
Juft, vertuous, <J<A£ ddil 
Juftice, judgment, /^3^^ hookoom, 

/^:i:.«3*/ codjec 
Juftificatlon (m^<Ac adilawn 
To Juftlfy (^/^<Ac.j ber udildcan 
Juftified jACjj bcr'adil 
Juftly, rcafonable, (^ «^'.j^ haroos 
Juftnefs ^^^<Jx adilawn 
To Jut out, as a corner, d^«-j ber'- 


Ja.EEL cIaaJo pantat — of a flilp c:aXo 

(Jk^l/ pantat capal 
Keen, fliarp, ir'^^ tajam 
To Keep, take care of, ^itj" toongoo 
Keeper (^gjXtjki penoonggowee — oi 

cattle aJIa^/ combala 
Kept «I'.vLyo mendrco 
Kernel -j«.j bootir, / m.j iflee, j«^jnior 
Kcttk <-^y}^j prlok 
Key . rsz^.J Oijl anak coonchee 
To Kick djiAJy' toondong, *^**>wL 

K N 

j^ ;^!tAjiwglj' tafoontoawn 


Kid ^*.>-y/ '^—Xj\ anak cambing 
Kidney (J^ gelee 
To Kill *jj,j boonoo 
Killed 4J*JjJ berboonoo, /Jos.^jm^ 

Kiln for lime j^jW -Xj c:aa^" tampat 

baccar capoor 
Kind, fort, fj*AAASk. jcnis 
To Kindle Xi*>^ pafTang 
Kindncfs (^bcWj >-Jtjlj baik boode- 

awn, ui^vycJ /-j'l attee loomboot 
Kindred, family, ^J^mjI ^*\J cawum. 

afal, (J^i*il afal 
King &:^]j raja 

Kingdom c:^::?^'; rajat, ^jLso,. Ij rajaawn. 
Kingly, majcfty, / J «O doolee 
To Kifs ^^S^t^yf berchoomacan, 
». choomacan 

Kifs .«j>i. 

o v 

Kifled >^^tJ bcrchoom 
Kitchen ijjlti dapoor, «wJ>IXu bctak 
Kitten (^_j^*/ Oul anak c6chin 
Knave /Ji^aaJ l^ malcpootee, iJiiXijij 

paralentee, Ajici ^aaj' tipoo daya 
To Knead, as dough, q**^Ij ramas 
Knee i-^^'jJ lootoot 
To Kneel ^^j^^ tcloot 
Knew jUtaoo 
Knife AWJvO pefoo 
To Knit cu «^aaw fcroot 
Knob, bump, <wV*.jLcaj boongkook 
To Knock, ftrike, Jv^'jJ poocool 
Knocker of a door »^Xj ^m^m fooibo 



L A 


( 147 

To Knot (^^jJO «.-Sr*** ^impoolcati 

To Know any thing .Ij" taoo, 'wK-U.i 

kcnak — I do not knoWiLj' g^^^ •■W'-' 

kitta teda taoo 
Knowledge of a perfon (^IJLo kenalan 

— wifdom jj./l acal, C^tWj boodec, 

(j^jLyjti^ boodemawn 
Known, apparent, aj'L>J niata 
Knuckle (^c\a>*j (__^Jwn fedec fcdee 


L K 

/ABOUR, work. 


'.jLr careejj 




Labourer ^jIaj « .c^ m' orang oopaawn 

Lace sC>J<j]j rainda 

Lace /^:swUjLn fantajee 

To Lace /j^^UJUm ^j^ti c:-iXj ecat 

dung'an iantajce 
To Lack tjyJ coorang 
Lackey /JjUw fakee 
Lacking c^a/L»' tacoorang 
Lad gcS vo e- t^l orang mooda, 0»lti^j 

Ladder aJoLi' tan'ga 
To Lade k::j\j^ mooat 
Laden cL-I^Ij bamooat, ^j^y^ ber- 

Lading (^■|_^^ mooatan 
Lady^'l; ratoo 
Lake v_Ji,^w.j c:^J laoot taffik 
Lamb &jy<,^Ci ^— j^ ' anak doomba 
Lame ^-^^ timpang 
To Lame ^^Xi^^' timpangcan 

(^jjij<3^_> coodongcan 
Lamenefs ^^jSjju^ timpanggan 
To Lament ^-^^j ratap, AJl;Le mariita 
Lamentation (^I;Ui mardtaawn 
Lamp AaaJL) palita, ^^ )L^ lamaran 

ancc Xa^J lambing 
To Lanch jX^p^ hil'ir 
Land i^i'tb dajat 
To Land -XiJ langgar, 

naik darat 
Lane p-jjJ loorong 
Language dUKiU bafa 
To Languifh, faint, &^ lĕmah 
Lank, as the hair, ^^_^kia tangly, jj::^l^ 

Lantern «Xo^jjJ tangeling 
Lap, fold, (jmJ_^ lapis, cxxaJ lipat 
Lappet c ^-'b panchong 
Larboard c^J kirree 
Large, big, jm*aj befarr 
Lafcivious ^cXj edam, ^tXou© meng'e- 


To Lafh Jb paloo, v—Aaa/ getik 
Lafs fjlCi 'wijl anak dara 
Laft ^jjUtiLe*/ comadean 
To Laft, endure, a/Lj baca, iJ^XJ 


Laft, form, (^Ijl^l achawan 
Late c:A-yc^ lambat 
Lattice K-^-AjiXj tinkap 
Laundrefs ^(«-ye^b y*>^-ci pembaffo 

To Laugh B «bb tatawa 
Laughter ^jl jb'b tdtawaawi? 
Law of God scAjUm fabda, A^sil/'agama 
Law book cj )b <—>[X^ kitab taurit 
Lawful, needful, ^j*^ il^ haroos 
Lawn, muflin, «Sj**^/' cafta 
Lawrel (j^OJj randcn 

Lawyer ^[^J A^'j' 
To Lav down «ib taroo 



L E 


Lazy /ywJLo malas 

Lazyncls (^^Ld malafan 

Lead JO A.^' tema etam 

To Lead ^^b:. <-^:^. ecatjalan 

Leader in a fong -»v«t« mamoom 

Leaf ^j jici da won 

League ^ gow 

To Leak, run quick, iXjXf^ mclcleh 





To Lean upon ^<JJl.>*i fandar 

To Leap CXyeJ loompat, c:A>y«^Lye 

Leap c^yyssJ Lm fa loompat 
To Learn js».! ajar, ^^^LaLe meng'ajar 
Learner ,:^sXj C^;^' 6rang belajar 
Learning J\ j bcr'alim 
Leather c:aJj/ coolit 
Leave, permiffion, ^^y:^^ mohone, 

/ jl JJL5 candatec, iwiJItXi^». hen- 
Leaved, as a tree, (^jlti^ berdawon 
Leavened bread ^{^ i_s'*J rootee 

maffam ^ 

Leaves ;jij'ti da won 
Lecherous ^(_XajL« mcng'edam 
Lechery ^eXj cdam 
Led, conduced, JvjL." bcr'antar 
Leech Oi.2sr-V! patchet, aAIjJ Untah 
To Leer jL'yAJ'Lc mata carhng 
Lees /J»' tai, J jlj karoo 
Leeward (^j-cl 5 «U bava ang'in 
Left C_^y>o kirrce — hand (^yo (^Ju 

tan'jr'an kirree — fide cC^ iSj\Mi fa- 

bla kirree 
Left, remained, (^JLXi tin'gal, (JJ^aj'^ 

bertin'gal, J<XU^ men'in'gal, 5*3 

148 ) LE 

(Jjju' fooda tin'gal 
Leg (j*jXu betis, /Ji/cakkec — crook- 
ed leg Oul:i» chapik, Cj.^j ( .Jo' 

cakkee eroot 
Leg of any flefli a^L» paha — of mutton 

Aa^ «i3 A^Li piiha doomba 
Legacy by will o**J)' j warits 
Legate iwjjjj ootoofang 
Legerdemain <—J^^t^^ foolap 
Legion AJ't:^ joota 
Lcgiflator <wJ iSr'^r^ P ^. «^ang mera- 

brec ti'tah, ^yiysr^ fchcringon 
Legitimate Jj-aaj '^JI anak betool 
Leifure <vy*' ampa 
Leifurely (^^_jj5jLj palahan 
Lemon 0^-A,i»,jerooc, (j**^ lJ" «jXi» 

jerooc tepis 
Lemon juice i^«-A:i^ .j! ay 'er jerooc 
To Lend gcXj »s:'V/ pinjam pada, *s:'^^ 

Lender »3r*-< cL» dt.! drang eang 

Length /ts:^. panjang — of time 

uzjAip^J loonjoot, d^y lama 
To Lengthen (^^jcsrV. panjangcan — 

time ^^JCjVsiJJ loonjootcan, 

(jjjCji::^.. «Ly« meloojootcan 
Lent, time of a religious feaft, 

i^lciLcl^ ramazawn ^LxJU',; rama- 

Leopard _il (^^«^-=«». harfman akar 
Leper ^}Ci[f cadel 
Lcpcrous ^\<^[/^ bercad^l 
Leprofy ^}^^\y C-oL*. lakit cadel 

Lefs Q.)Ay 

c^/coorang, ^^(5-!^ Icbbcc 
coorang — not Icfs nor inorc jcX-m" 

1. I 

( 140 ) 


( J nCxjJ ijtrS tcda coorang tedaJLifcIers ^JaOo gAjuu' tcadda edop 


To Lcflen Ljyf^ bercoorang 
Leffcr ^as::^ CjS'S' lebbee kcchecl 
LefTon (^LxA:i».ljou pcnggajeawn 
Lethargy l_>J Lw falop 
Let, fufter, ^Lo bear — let it be fo _^Lu 

yjfS.i aJ bear la buggetoo 

Letter, character. 



Level, even, ajI; rata — land c «3 U pa- 

To Level ^^^Jul-yo meratacan — a gun, 
aim, jA«ye mitar, ^ — ^a.^' timbak 

ToLevy J v^-*A/coompool, ^'^y^^ 
coopoolacan — an army ^^JU vy« */ 
c^ d; »1 coompoolcan 6rang prang 

Lewd perfon iS^\j\j paralcntee 

Liar aa>*j *<_X>j pendoofta 

Libel, that is fcurrilous, jcX>Lm '«i^' 4>ai 
foorat lindir 


Lift ^_jXi! an'cat 

Lifted czaJCj'^ bcr'an'cat 

Light, of the day, 5:U>*i fiang — clear 
clj trang — bright light AjI:^ 
u_> «lXj^ bcr'cdop — ciuU light ^^ULi» 
lawan — ^Twilight J^m si'nar 

To Lighten, happen, ^J*:'.^^?' choo- 
pool, (^<J!iL^jaddce 

Lightened, as the day, cLv-sw-j bcr'fe- 
ang — as fire /«-wj^J.r? berpaflang 

Lightening uiDIajJ kekt 

Lightnefs in weight j^'ji;! aring'anan 


* ) 


■6\y^ {^jJLi tang an moora, 

jjij^ / -j'l attcc moora 
Liberality 5 1^ (^Lxjsir!^ carecjaawn 

moora, (^Lci**«iy camooraawn 
Liberty f^yn^KfJ lepafan— freedom from 

flavery ^^ (juuO-^ mardekaawn 
Licenfed, lawful, /^«^li» haroos 
To Lick c:jJA^/Oi. jelat, ^j^Xa^k jelap 
Licking ^^JLo». jeliipan 
Lid i^ajaj tootoopan 
Lie <Ww «<^ doofta 
To Lie, cheat, p-K'^^J bohoong 
Lieutenant 8<^v* *-^*-^^. poong'oo 

loo mooda, b<3*-« aJLiU' capala 

Life uj^cXj cdop, (^LxjjJsj cdopawn 

Lights }^tL<»J poparoo, 

baurew baurew 
Lignum aloes aa/^^I/ calamba, 

v-JCa^-^' I/ calambak 
Like, alike, &^\mi fama — in like man^ 

ner ^^jju^ti demeken 
To Liken A<<eLwjjJ berfama, (^j^l^lwyj 

bcrfumdcan, ^^X^J-K.K>^ fcpertecan 
Likenefs ;^Lx>y" AAwj fcpertcawn — form 

Aj «J roopa 
Like wife 1^^ laggce, (j*j poon, 

Lilly 9 ^J'Li bakoong — of the water 

^1 pj^^ bakoong ay'er 
Limb AJjU-jl angauta, ^jy &j\[Xi\ 

angauta tooboo 
Limbek i^^^-wj»/*/ coocoofan 
Limber, foft, e_«v*-<J loomboot — 

faint AJiJ letch 

Lime jjl/ capoor — a fruit O «^^^ je- 

rooc — birdlime c:<j,.> pcrkat 
Limit, border, < ^-aaJ' tcpec 
To Limp X^^- pinchang 

L I 


LlnCj cord, /^ tallcc 

To Line, ciel with thin boards 

^J.XyJlx;JJ felatcan — as with cloth 

,^jj<»^y lapifcan 
To Linger, ia bulincfs, a-\aJ Icna 
Linguift «Sj*iLj C^^t4=>. juree bafa 
Lining qmj J lapis 

I, o 
chichah, cjIajo bank- 



AJLc mata 

Load (^NJi^jLMfapecoolan, (M^f^y^UK. 

To Load l:-»I**c mooat 
Loadftone (^U-!j^^ batoo branec 

Loaf of bread , 



Link of a chain 

Linncn cloth [^}S cay'in 
Linfccd /^[} (5^^^ bidjee rammce 
Lintel of a door '^^JCaj cLu' ti'ang pintoo 
Lion b<^LnI aflada, AjLwfinga 
Lips <uJy« rjy^ bibbir mooloot 
Liquid ^lia. cha}'er 
Liquor _j| ay'er 
To Lifp ^i^J^ gakap, jjLJI) juU 

cata batclorc 

To Loath, as meat, 4-s)4.2». joomoo, 

(JL^ mow'al 
Loathfome, dirty, *J^ cj *is. choring 



Lock /^^sJj/coonchc 

To Lock ^s/LcsJ^i^ cooncheacan, 

(^j/Us-' t/-) bercoonchcacan 
Locuft c y,Aj billalang 
To Lodge, by night, ^^UsU bamalanr» 
Lodger aXIwIj c; »! orang bafm'gah 
Loft, garret, Cioiij' tingkat 

Lift of cloth >Jlj kcllim — as you lift, Lofty i^^J' ting'ce 

*^ , J\ O^X'os^U' cahendak atteelLog, dry, <J^jj toongul — green 

To Liften ^^^. intee, ^^^^XIoU meng 

intcc — give ear _ccXa^" mendung'ar 
Little, in quantity, crAJijcXvwj fcdck 

— in magnitude ^J.ats:^-' kccheel — 

by little, ilovvly, (^^^^^b ^2;.:ii.^lj 

p'llahan piil^han 
To Live L-jjcAjedop — again dJjj}-jjiXj 

^dop poolu 

Livelihood |^ljtAJ*-AJ bcrolcawn 
Liver aa^ limpa, ^^1 autee, (^j' 

Liver colour Aa^ duji warna limpa 
Living u_»*<-XjJ ter'cdop, *^jJ\j(^^''J 

Idgee cdop. <s_j«cXj_^ bcr'cdop. 

>iUj^ berniawa 

^^_jXxjlJ tabanggan 
Lonefome /_J*j«m foonee 
Long isf:^. panjang 
To Long, wifli for, i^jJu ing'in, jOJ/ 

Long-pepper 1^^ tabee, /^Lcs. chi- 

/^j1 attee pan- 



Look, fee, uzjUJ leat 
Look, caft of the fight, aj'Ls '^«=^oLw. 

fakojof mata 
Looking-glafs {^A^vOi.ehcrcmcen 
Loolc, not faft, c C 1« J tcr'oorev 
To Loofc, let go, ^S.mj^ Icpafcan^ — 

untie (jJO_,i « oorcycan 

L O 

( 151 
To Lop, as a tree, «.jUU/^ menabang 
Lopped x.ajU berranting 
Lopping-knitc ixJl^ pcrrantin 

>w_,*tiLM fddap 
Lord, name of God, aXJ Lsu' taallah — 

God dJJ \ju aAJ I Allah taallah, ^j (^i 
■ isJUl tuan Allah — nobleman 


^,^L;«J« ooloobalan — rich man cj» 
<!uLy6ranff cava — mafter ri'»J tuan 

) M A 

Loyns c «.a-c^J loombong — ;rein3 xXju 

Luck c «,>J « oontoong 
To Lug AjCoi. hcla 

Lukewarm dcX-y*. C^vcl ang'at fedang 

To Lull V— i**) « oofik 
Lump <J<>y«*J goompal — To make 
into a lump ^^^jCLye»-)' goompalcan 
Lunatic (•< Jcj 0»jsl-j*. lakit boolon 

« )L «_^'-j piiroo paroo 

To Lurk d acAa.' Li bulindon2; 

ujj roojcawn, Luft, dcfire, ^^^Ju nafsoo — To lud af- 
ter A>U2:>. chcta 4OJ; rlndoo 
Luftrc c JLo' gelangj di^A.**/ gomc- 


orang caya — mafter ^^ 
To Lord over ijjl*J'^ pertua 
To Lofe, mlflay, pjXj clong 
Lofs in trade ^^ 

Loft, qjXj n^yn fooda elong, f^*Ajv 

Lot, chance, (^^b puree 
Loth to do ,^^1 ang'an 
Loud, fee, Ci^ lovvd 
Love / ,->*k/ caftee, ^^btAw*/ cafteawniTo Lye, reft, »»(_Xaj" tcdore 

— ^T6 be in Love /^1 .aj birrahec — 

Love fong AA-e<^ damping 
Lovely, beautiful, OoU (j^j^. paras Mace C-Ju ^j' toonkat 

Lufb, defires, 4>wJiJ *wJu nafsoo nafsoo 
Lufty in health j.>-^^ foomboo 
Lute /^Ls:-^' kcchiipcc 

IVl ACE aJ L» Ai: «-> boonga pala 

balk, AaamjI;Ij parafeta 




Low g »Ij bava 

To Low, as a cow, ^jUjIj batan'go 

Lowd, clear voice, djLo niaring 
Lower, in ftation, (^j^ ^ cK^^- 
kecheel lagec 

Mad (j*^::^^ «^^r^-^ S,^^ binjis, aXf-S 


Low eft, under moft, tJ^ 
debava fa calee 



Lowly, meek, aOJ; renda, s'AJ, /^'' 

attee renda 
Loyal, trufty, cuJL*^ futia 
Loyalty ^jUoo'Uw fatiaawn, ;^jt\AJ bc- 


Madam (^Uj ncay 

Made (^til^ jaddee, (^abs^^ mcn- 

jaddce, l_;I«>.^--o membooat 
Madnefs (vj^csz-V binj is, ^^ ip ^! AaJJUj' 

gclanea binjis 
jMagazinc jJo*oL> bangTal 
Maggot ui>^' « oolat, X=^L^ chaching 
Magician ^^■L>*:i^ d;jl orang hubatan 
Magic i^b*.^ hobataa 
Maa:iftrate c C-aa^ d 1 «I oransr mantrcc, 

Y*t^ d ' *l orang bcfarr 
Ma>iniiiccncv i-'bu»-' »-<b^ camooliaawn 

M4 ( 

To Magnify (j**J^ (j**j1jI«» i^^y*^^: 

beiarrcan mcng'atta.s attas 
Mahomrned cX^jsr* Mahumud 
Mahommedan -.^U**j. »i^^lam — Ma- 

hommedxu religion ^•^'Lmj <5-«U I 

agama ifliilam 

Maid Bjiti «.JijI anak dara 

Majeily , Jjtidoolcc — the title 5<-Xj,«j 

To Maim (^^c^iiiJ coodoongcan 

Main, principal, p.jfi agoong — body 
of an army c.^Kjy tooboo prang^ 
bJCajJIj *j^' tooboo balutantra — 

152 ) MA. 

Management, government, 4sJu,)U pa- 

Mandate aXaj" titali 
Mandrake»J loofahhat 
Mane of a horfe c *>--»o kombong 
Mange, fcab, (j^ci*/ coodis 
Manger ajUj (-jfL* ^•^^r-' '^"ip^t ma- 
can binnatang 
To Mangle, hack, c * >. '^ ' chinchong 
Mango, fruit in India, *xL« ^)-y«l 

ampullum mango 
Mangoftan, fruit in India, ^jX^^SJ^ 


1 f**^ 

<xjlj* tana bcfarr — maft 

cjj'l cLy" tiang agoong 

To^Maintain, affirm, bJvj.j bcrinda 
Maintenance a-^-'JU balanja 
Make, do, c_>l*jbooat, «jj ujUj boo- 
at la, CLjIi^-^ mcmbooat 

Mangy /^O./.j bercoodis 
Manicles (C*ijJlj baloongoowee 
Manifcft, plain, jXXi tantoo 
To Manifeft ^jj Lc j trang'acan, 

(^^l/«.j boocdcan 
Manifcftcd «x/^jIj' tabooca 

Maker A^rr' J^ (^jy^ juree carreeja'Manifefting (^LjjJ^ boocaawn 

/giuU (X)).^ juree baikkee 

Maiiidy ^jJCoLw fdkitan 

Male, of mankind, (^^ lakkec, c^' 
/ Jj^ orang lakkec 

Mjlodidtion, curfe, ^J^y^ kootok 

Malefactor &JLw d i»l orang fila 

Malice, fccret, ^<X«c3 damdam 

Malleable C^U^' ti c:^Jl<3 p U eang da- 
pat de timpacc 

Mallet J */^YtS! pemoocool 

Mammocks JUKk>j*i sifa 

Man ^;jl orang, ^i^ ?>|^l o'rang 
lakkec, aawjjj'^ lindnoofia — fervant 
ij>^ fakce 

To Manage, govern, ^j.AxJ^iL» paren- 




Manifcftly yj3 tantoo 
Manifold (^>La=s. jenis 
Mankind Aa^*jL« manoofia 
Manner, cuilom, uuiAc c_5^' 

addat, ui,'<A5; addat 
Manners, civility, ^jjy*i foopan 
Mantle ej^.yjyLyw fclcmoot 
To Manure, plough, ^>^\j6^ mcn- 

Manured land Qy*i.ti doofoon 
Many '^JlaJu ban'yak 
Map a>Uj; peta 
Marble ^ ,* marmar, -Jl »j aj'Ij batoo 

March^ journey, i^^yl b^.^ perjaldnan 
To March (^^l:^ jalan 

MA ( 1 

Marches of a country (C-CaJ (^^vy' te- 
pee negree 
Mare aaa.aaj st-W/ cooda betina 
Margin /^axj" tepee 

Manner (Jul/ 5«! awa capal, cmI 
/^^^LT orang callafee 

Mark, Impreffion, l-»!^ chap 
ToMark ^^yicAJu'tandacan, ^0\^^jy 

bobo tanda 
Marked ^^(<_>Jj■ tandaee, (^IOvAA>y« 

Marked 3c>JLy.j bertanda 
Marketplace .«^Libaflar, (j^UIjU ba- 

To Marr, fpoll, v-Juw *^ roofak 
Marriage ^^^y^^^/ cawinan 

Marriageable xJLj ^y.i'\ acal baleng 
Marrow .j^m^^m foomfoom, OtJ'« 
c ^y ootak toolang 

To Marry (^ *U^cawin 

Marfli tSjs:-*'^ bancha 

Marftiall, one that direfts a war, c^ J 

c-j c:-iXoLe cL) orang eang meng'e- 

cat prang 


Marvelled qLc^. 

Marvellous /Jlr^oi^ herawnnee 

Mary *J;Lc marcam 

Mas, a weight for gold ufed in many 

parts of India, ly^^ nias 
Mafk XJy tooping 
Mafon «jL> 7^ '-v. penookir batoo, 

*J"Lj (^^ toocan batoo 
Mafquerade AxXi tlnka, «jOsU^ri. jenaka 
MafTy, folid, Ju^i kepall 
Maft cLo tfang, .^^ cUj' tiang layer 

»3 ) MA 

— topmaft ajLXLi dUi' tiang pen'ga- 

Mafted dUj^j bertiang 

Mafler q[^j" tuan — in complement, 
highly, f^\jj tuan — in complement, 
familiarly, /^:sr*^ inchec — teacher 
j^^Lxj peng'ajar — owner ^jUJV» per- 
tuan, Axji-yel ampoonca, ^{j 
Aaj*a><I eangampoonca — head AJb'y 
capala, ^Wt^j poong'ooloo — of a 
houfc, owner, A'oj » AaJ^v*' oLv 
tuan ampoonea rooma 

Mafter-piece of work ^jt\ ^jjLj^ 
(_^cXaj pcrbooatan orang pandee 

Mat jXy' tccur 

Mdtabooroong, a fmall red pea ufed in 
many parts of India, for a gold 
weight, c «^«.jlJ'Le matabooroong 

To Match, pair, i^jS^ gooczn. — fit, 
equal, (^^LoLm famacau 

Mate, fellow, ^m^' tummun 

Material, needful, t^*>^ oofee, / ^^« j 

Material, confiftence, ^^L£til5 kaadda- 

Matrimony (^^JLj «l/ cawinan 

Matter, confident, ^Lci^li" kaddaawn 
— corruption, ajU nanah 

Mattras (J*-'* metty, i^LT ciifoor 

Maul, of iron, ^^yJ godam 
Maw / JjJ^j *j tarn b 

/ysy^j *j tarn boolookec, 

c «y.^ faroong 
Maxim, way, <!ueLj« oopama 
May, can, CX)I<^ dapat, ijy, bolee — 

be (__^(^li». (^yi bolee jaddee — not 

iJy{ AcXxJ" teda bolee, o5*t* 
Q q " 

M K 

( 154 ) 

M r. 


jang'on — you may *^ /J*j bolec I To Meet together (^*>k^'lj bacampoou 

Meet, convenient, c:^L) piitoot 
Meeting, encountering, ^^\^'C^^lhct- 

Melancholy A/jti dooca 

Mayor, of a town, AJuii.-^ «iJUl/ ca- 

pala mardcka 
Me ajLj fayah, aXaj kitta, ^1 ako^ 

aa^I amba, Aaj bctta 
Meadow land diib padang 
Meal, flower, Civ«J loomat, i-^*r>^J 

Meal, ofviduals, «s^^b*. htirooha 
Mean, poor, ^^^Xw-* miflcin, ajIj papa 
Mean, riches, ^j\ arta 
Meaneft, of no value, ijLc;ly tcr'- 

Meaning ^JJj^ artee, aaaaj^I artcne^ 
Means, ways, vj^iy}. perkara 
Mcafels (^I^A^ylJ ciitoombooawn 
Mcafurc, concave, c>v/*.wj foocat, C^-wj 

fat, (^, ^.X^ ganton — ^long, about a 

yard, jiy gaz 
To Mca(urc, as clotli, j»,{a oocoor, 

(^^yij/^ oocoorcan — by a line 

'j:^xA^-j bcrsi'pat (..^.JCaaa^j fipatcan 
Mcafurlng line c:aaamv slpat 
Mcafure,. by long mcafurc j*J»>.j 

Meat, viftuals, ^j^jL)''Le macaiian 
To Mediate xi'.aJI.j bcr'antara 
Mediator g^lijl ^ qjA of.ang bcr'antara, 

/^-cfcXAj pcndammec 

Melon, water, /^->^jtA>Ls) mandekce — 

mufk r_5ilj5 jj^ labo frangee 
Melow, ripe, Oiw^U mafak 
To Melt t^-yJl an'choor 
Melted ij3^J I jj' ter'an'choor 
Member, of the body, o^' AjL£jI 

angauta tooboo 
Memorable, wonderful, ^OJu eJOL;. 

indah indah 
Memorandum C^JoIj jOvsJ" tanda 

Memorial ^jJoCij inggatan, 

c:\Xji.j tonda inggat 
Memory ^^_^\.JtJ inggatan 
Men cj^l pyil orang orang 




To Meditate, think, Jo fik'ir 
Mean, carriage, c^j; prec, «ij) Idcoo 
Meek CL.'«A-c J loomboot, gOJ^i renda 
Mcckucfs j^' ♦-*-<> J loombootan, scXJ; 
.J)! renda attce 



To Menace i.-Jt:i»,! ajok 

To Mend /-JuLj baikkee 

Menial fervant a>-<I amba 

To Mention, relate, (^f\J.^^^ chcri- 

tracan, •*)'*!»' tootoor 
Alcrchandize f^jJ<yt.S\C^ daganggan 
Merchant i_> Iti diigang, ij lei dul 

orang diigang 
Mercy XjIw- fajang jj^AjLiUj fayang- 

gan Ck^\j ramand 
Merciful (^S\ AjLw ft) ang attce 
Mercilcfs I^U mara 
Merit, defert, y^^^^l^ haroos 
Merry <xX^=^ «-O *«j fooca cheta, dJ'y^ 

MelTage (^^'-^J.JJ kirrimawn 


( 1^5 ) 

M I 

Meflcngcr tji^^j,^ fifooroo, (^!>^rj^ 

Mlniller *w>Axa pandtita 
To Mlniftcr ^^JU])) layaace 

MciTmate ^^U ^js^j tummun mican Minillration ^a>^ jabbatan 

Method, means, cjlj^perkara 
Miam, a weight fo-r gald, ufcd at Achec 

on Sumatra, J-*^ mi'am 
Middle iUu' tcng'a 


indifFercnt, cOyy^i fedang 
Midnight ^^L« &jl> teng'a malam- 
Midwife (^<Aaj bedan 
Might, power, a^IjI/ cawafa 
Mighty ^jfj tcrcooat, Am\j.[/ j tcr- 

Mild, meek, cj*>.^i loomboot 
Milk v^*M foofoo, *.j^>jg -J I ay'cr 

To Milk v>j *>*j 5 ,J pra foofoo- 



Mill tj^r^^lj' tahoonoo, j-^L^j' 

rooma kiffar'an 
Miller Q;Lw>i c mI orang killar'an 
Million AJ't^joota, AJ' «ji». a>j«i fajoota 

(VM.j'—o ?;^^^ jera manis 
Mint Asz-^U A^IXU 

meng'ambar balanja 
Mire_^)»>^j loompoor 
Mirth. See Merry 

Mifbecoming <-Kj^ j^^XfJ tcda layak 
Mifcarriage, abortion, •«J'o \_i[jl 

anak googoor 
Mifchance JUj bcla 
Mifchicf (^A'=:^b>, jahatan 
Mifchicf-maker ^j! v-JL'j oopak appee 
Mifconftrue Aj;lJU aJU. fala meng'- 


MifdccdAJU fala 
Miferable ^^xxri^ hina 

To make mlfcrablc ^jj LLA^a-t.^ 

Mifery f^jl/^^ foocaraa 

Milt c»^^:. Aa^J limpajantoong, AA^JjMisfortune, to the body,, affairs 

J^xsifV' limpa ktchecl I JLo bela 

Mimick AJuJ" cjjl orang tinka, c^*ljTo Miflead 
orang foolap 





antar fafat 

To Mince (w^,-' irris 

Ci\wjL>j -Aj'I jj ber'antar fitfat 
To Millike, loath, 4^ <vra. jamoo 

Mind, thought, aXa^ fanca^ 5^' kĕra,iToMifs a.'Ln fala, Civ*iLw fafat, j-AxJ' 

/ y| attee ^'-SV' tcda kcna 

To 'Mind, hear, ^iL£<_XJU> mcndnng'ar Mift d!.I awang, J I/ calana 

■» •• 1,-1 1-v . ri • TV;r-/^_l^_ II /-'1 ' 

Mindful, diligcn-t, Aj*i* oofah, Aw.*a^ 

Mine Ijj'-^ maiTcaw 
To Mine, dig, ^^^' l/'gdlcc, Cjt' ^^""-V 

Miner / 'LVaj pengulce 
Mingle )«.>Srr^ champoor 

MiftakcA,'L>*^ fiila 

Millrefs C_^l.^' neay — dame, comple- 
ments ^l^j^^ljLj (^l»j tuan param- 
poan — complement, to a familiar, 
a\van (_j!«! 

Miftrcfs (^"IaJ neay, (mIa-a^IiLj ^M'*J 
tuan paran:ipoan 

M O 

( 150 

To Miftruft (Sj^^ cdlooec 

Mite cJ. ooiat 

Mitre pjC.j tiara 

To Mitigate, alTwage, (j*.l^pow'as 

To Mix J^^.^::^ champoor 

Mixed ifcA-j-i^Lj bachampoor 

Mizen maft cj jvvs^J /ixJ dang 

To Mizzle, <JUoJ p-:^^ ooj^^'g looma 
To Moan, grieve in ficknefs, c^lXX^ 

Moat C->^U par'it 

Mob ->**j i^-^[j^ paralentee paflar 
To Mock, jeer, « t^J^gooroo 
Model (^Ijb?.! achavvan, ^J<3Xy■ tela 

Moderate d<AA>*i fedang 
Modeft P<Aa>w fedang 
Modcfty ^Jj^cXAwJ fe'danggan, (mJ v^ 

Moiety jjIj}-^ faparo, aju" Lw fa teng'a 
Moift ;^^>wjCiJ langis, (J^a^j oombal^ 


M O 


To Moiften ^^^SmjSSS^ me'langafcan 
i^jSXycj oombalcan, t^\>**^^ baflo- 
Molaflcs J.J * J yj( ay'cr toboo 
Mole in the body >^ — "^J *>*• foopak — 
beaft, vermin, v-J»jiAjj^ moondok 

»*(_Xj«^ i^^jmi^J^aJ te'coos moon. 

dok — hill ^jOoy* (^ jA^j tamboon 

To Molefl jA>w C-^T^ ^^^^ foocar, 

A>*j*>ij C^T^ ^^^^ loofa 
Moleftation ^j\{^m foocaran 
To Mollify [^jXSy^^k^ me'loom- 

bootcan, ^^K^J^X.^ me'lc'macan 

Moment C>.2^U. fahat, ijCiy kotika 

Momentary, vanifhing, ^_-^3:'*-^ llnjap 
Monarch ^J^LL2-LKl fooltawii 

Monday ^^^A.^ finneen, (^>a>*( C^ jli^ 

Money *:i-l^ci draham, A^^?^U balanja, 

i^Ciy^, moodul 
Monk, rcclufe liver, aj'JjJ pertapa, 

«3uly_j ^J^, orang pertapa 
Monkey c^vaJ*^ mooniet 
To Monopolize p-^j^ bawVong 
Monfter, deformed, Aaa^^ aj« i roopa 

Monftrous j^jic^J terchingon 
Month ^*J*J booloon — and a half 

qJaj B»ti Aij teng'a dua booloon 
Monument jcXJu" tanda 
Moon ^^ »J^j booloon 
Morality ^TyJ^jc^^yAi kabidje'can 
Morafs ajL> piiya, ajL» «sJLj' tana paya 
More, in number i^^ laggce 
Moreover ^^^ poon, a/^ jooga, ^^^ 
^Aj giiU (j^ ;<^ lebbee derree pada 

Morning (^j^ i^ U pagee haree 
Morrow^, to-morrow, ^^t**^ e'fook 
Morfel <JJoL> pang'al, JOCIjLj 

fapan'gal, AjI^ rapeh, ajJ^Lj fara- 

Mortal, deadly, Jv.jLw fabill 
Mortality cl» «Le maoot 
Mortar -».>j*>J le'fong 
Mortar, lime, c:-o-j perkat 

Mortify AJ«J pt'ting 





Mofquito, gnat, v_J'\^Uj niamoke^ 


( 157 ) 

M V 

J»*/«6'-J yamook, lJ"»^! (_<^ il'- 

Mofs cir^^J loomot 
Moft /pJ lebbec 
Mote ifi the eye «w«Lw fampa 
Moth /jjj.XaJ' g<^gas, c:aJ_^ oolat 
Moth-eaten C-^J «-j ber'oolat 
Mother, vulgarly, U ma — in a higher 

degree iAj ibioo — of a king 5<AJj.j 

boonda — in law, hufband's wife's 

mother (Sjf^ ^ "^'^ tirrce — in law 

father's wife (-)!».x^jJ sI^Xa,-* mintoo- 

ah parampoan 
Motion (Sji^ lalooee 
Motionlefs, ililF with cold, or ficknefs, 

AJjU kakoo 
Motled 3i.JLw_ iJl/jg_» bcrfalang falang 
To Move 5 J^ gra, zjS^-! bergra 
Mouldinefs^ J lapo, /y^Ubafee 
Mould, to caft into I^'^aAJ calboot 

^^Llci-I achawan 
To Mould, fafhion, /^/*^ j proefcc 
To Moulder, decay, »♦3:-' I an'choor 
To Mount CX:s:-V. panjat 
Mountain i^^*tS goonoong 
To Mourn, lament, u-0"I; ratap l-^'Lx^ 

Mournful, fad, a>Co^ dJ^d dooca chcta Mufic jy^j reboor 


Muck, for land, <^:i».lj baja 
Mudj^A^J loom poor 
Mulberry i^j-'^'j-' tootoon 
Mul6l, fine, s'-XJO denda 
To Mul(5l (__^I(L>J(A>U} mendcndaee 
To Multiply aa^' tamba 

Multiplication (^fjL>^" tambaawn 

(^IjtA^Ls katambaawn 
Multitude (^ULj hawan 
To Mumble, difguifc the voice, ijiy 

tooping, M-Jy« mooning 
To Mump, chew A^l^ mama 
Murder jjjj boonoo, {J^jJ boo- 



^Mt*-»v^•^J pemboonooawn, 

Murdering ^j LAj boonooawn 

To Murmur jjjjj/J^ coocoorooboo 

Murmuring (^Uj o »/j^ coocooroo- 

Mufcle XJAi' coopang, q>a^|; ramis 
Ihell »^»,f^^jf coolit coopang — 
of the body iS^^ PJJ^ °°'"''^^ nadee 
To Mufe -jii fik'ir 
Muficlan, that plays with a bow, 
orang kiffil 

(S**^ ^1 

Moufe QwiXO' tccoos 
Mouth ui^J*^ mooloot 
Mouth of a river (^j>*^ <*-' 

Mow u:j « )l:5». charroot 
Much uJi^yj ban'yak — more 

, ^ lebbee ban'yak — how much 

ajU brapa 


caftoorec — cat 
indon^ caftoorec 

Jljli kawala Mufkct Ju>i(AJ budded 
Muflin 4W»/ cafla 
Muft, is needful, (j^«;l-i>. haroos 
Muftachos (^_5=s:^^ mcchcc, (j**-e^ 

Muftard c<.Li.U fafavce — fee 

R r 


y A (158 

(^^.LwLm / »;>-'^-:' bidjee lufavce 
To Muftcr, number, ^Aaj bulang 
Mufty, mouldy, /u'^b biUapo, /^>*,ljl. 

Muftinefs c_^^ bafce, aj J lapo 
Mute 4,*j^j bvfoo 
Muteablc, vanifhing, L;^^3:•^ liry^P 
Mutiny j>s-^ gampar 
Mutineer .x.^ ^J^T^ ■ F^J^ orang 

bcrboot gampar, -k-^XXj pen'gam 

To Mutter, grumble, ^j-^ fJ^J^ 

cooloom cooloom 
Mutton AA^jti eP''«^ dagin doomba 
To Muzzle '-^'j-'^j-e ^-^vV tootoop 

N E 


sdrak— confined cXa^aan foompit 
Narrow path c:^x^*xn ^i^i:?» jalan 

foompit— To make narrow (. vXiU^ »»1 

Nafty, dirty, jyc^^ choomoor 
Nation (Jo^l -.jU' cawum afal, J^*,! 

afal, 4J 4J poopoo 
Native, country, ajLj (^_XaJ nĕgree 

biipa — language C^,Xaj AwjU bafa 

negree — a native C^jXaJ ^wij I anak 

Nativity >--iJl^ ber'anak 
Natural, true, ,\, ' 
Nature (Juli fael 
Navel Cio*i*j poofat, c:^.^^ 

tenda pooroot 



My »j ko, «jM ako, Axj betta, AaJ 4ji Naught c^o^l^i-jahat 

tW poonea betta, <1aj<u» «^J^.'■s kitt'^ Nazarite ^^^JKLkkJ naflarance 

jN AIL, of the body, ii'^i kookoo — 
of iron ♦iL» pakoo — fpikc i^j labang 
— tack I i^wt-J pafak 

Naked isrJ^lJ' talanjang — To make 
naked ^J. jCi:s:-'^ Lj' lalanjangcan 

Nakednefs ^K.-^-'Jlj" t-alanjangan 

Name A^ij nama — his name AajLcU 
niimanea — To name &^\J c^_> brce 
niima, , ^Iaa^ ^^^jyLc'.Jj bcrnama- 
can mcnamacc — What is your name 
«^ j^U d.A appa nama moo 

Named A-cU_>bcrnama 

Nape of the neck^J^* tenko 

Napkin (-jju Ki\t*i sapo tang'an 


Narration .-vLca-'j 


Narrow -aaj" tabbcer — ftreight ^^—JLwL^ 

Neap tide '^J^rsrV> y I aycr keecheel 

Near, in diltance, c^jCj<JS dccat 

Nearer c-^Joti C,^^' lct)bee decat, / ^ 
-Ax^l lebbec ampir 

Neareft ^1 (^aJ cU eanglebbce am- 

Neat, fafhionable, '«— ^ «Xj elok, J ^ja^ 

Neceffary, needful, t\j ^S^ bergoona,. 
ajjS goona 

Neceflaries, utenfils, aj-kn fcrba 

Neceffity ^^tJ^ coorangan 

Neck _^ Icher 

Neck-lace (j^j ootas, f-jj^ aOiti 
dada booroona; 

Neck-cloth .^^j:^S.a3u pcng'ecatk'her 

Need, want, citJ'coorang 

Needful ^'OaXj bergoona 

Needle ^* lU 

K I 


( 1^9 ) 

N I 

needle ^.«jb 

Nicr^ard ,x/3 c i *' 6ran£f klk'ir 
Niggardly, frugal, o^^-o». jemat 
Niffh cxXjti dccat, ,a^I ampir 
Night JLe malam 
Nimble (j*^,XJu pantas 
Nine (^ JIaa^xw fambelan 
Nineteen ^vw3lxJiUA.^j*, fambelan bias 
Ninety (j^J^ ^JJ^>..,J*. fambelan 

Ninth Q JCcv.^.»*, a/ c U eang ca fam- 
Ninthly ^jJUa^j a/'^Ij /giLT'calce 
eang ca fambelan 
Neighbour 4.>u',>>j^l amsaya — townfmanTo Nip, with the fingers, ci-csl'V. pechit 

-To thread a 
'*;::>. «.:::i. choochook 

■ jaroom 

Ncedlcfs (_5JvK.« 3<-Xaj teda oofee 
Needy, poor, (^.Jiw^^ mifkin 
Needy man ^j-c]j_^-5^ ^jj^ orang coor- 

To Negledt t^y lalee, A>-<c aiepa 
Negligent, carelcfs, aaa:> sO^xJ' teda 

Niece ^^\y^\^ ♦=?•»=??• choochoo pa- 

To Neigh, as a horfe, uJ>bv<J" tetiak 


i^KA^a.^ c.;»l orang fa campoon 
Neither (^ ncn — this nor that (^ 
4.AJ 1^ (__5^:^ '^^" '^"^^ "^" ^to<^ 

with the nails c:-o »J^ coobit — with 
nippers ^^JXXJ}.u^ sapitcan, c:^1_aaa^ 

Nephew, by a brother, (j_,4^4jc6mon Nippers, a pair, C:-uLw fapit 

•by a fifter «.jU^aw fopiiyang — cofin Nipple At^j^ (Jj-*^. P'^tul fbofoo. 

i-i^ ^^^:^ choochoo lakkce 


iLn, saroona: 

yMtfj^ a.-^ j oojong foofoo 
Nit ^\'i I aLiJ telorc kootoo 

^jj^ & 

Net, fayn, dragnet, ci^^o poocat — Nitre g «<_Xanm fandawa 

net- work (^"«^y*, fcrootan No bcXaj tcda — matter ajIsLc 3^\y te- 

Never jcXO' (^«j/JI/awj fa calee da meng'appa 

poon teda 
Neverthelefs / ^ij'J" tertapec, cmJ'^^ 


New » lU biiroo — new comer tjU cj«f 

«rang baroo 

Newly /5^ *j^J baroo enee 
Newree," a parrot of the Molucas, 

(_^^J loorec, iSiyJ newree 
News <L) cabar 


Next ij(t3 cU eang datang 
Nib, of a bird, B«^Uparoh 
To Nickname /Jii^ makkee 

Noble Aw>ju bangfa 

Nobleman f^^ljJt ooloobdlan, ^j;bu 

Nod, fign, UL-'j^s;^ fcharat — To nod 

aJLiI/u^,:^:'*'^ berfcharat capala 
Noifc , <-^^J boonce, (^(jiaj«_»Li baboo- 

To Noife abroad, difcovcr, ^ .AaXaJ 

Noifed / ^J^jb baboonee 
Noifome, rotten, i^j^jj boofooc 
To Nominate /■ .^oUa^ mcnamae 

N O 


Nominated cj^>.>u*i-j tcrfcboot 
None, in number, jcX-O ■^M|^^■l^M fa- 
too peon teda 



AJ"L/ cata cham- 

1^ nen, -jj «j booloom 

poor baw'oor 
Nook, infidc of an angle, corner, »Juy*. 

Noon (Sj^ ^^ teng'a harrcc— fore- 
noon iSj^Ji&Ju j}\Ci dauloo teng'a 


North gjUj ootara 
Nofe sijcXj cdong 
Nortril ji^OupLy' Hang ĕdong 
Not (^^^jcsk jang'on, b^Aaj" teda — that 
J^. KJ^y. boocon etoo — it is not 

KD^y boocon 
Notwithrtanding ^'^j wellakin 
Notable (^Lsu'Ujl/caniataawn 
Notch, crack, aIaj bela — To notch, 

chop, UoLj' tatac 
Note, mark, gcjjj" tanda — To note, 

mark, ,^^\oJJ tandacan, (M^^ltXiJ'^ 

Nothing ajI d iL> gtXxxJ' tcadda barang 

appa, stX-y' i^»J, AjI; a>*i fa rapeh 

poon teda, ^jU«*/ coomaan 
To Notify ,^\J\>Xk^ menlatacan 
Notorious, public, »!u''^' niata, jXXJ 

Notorloufnefs ;^lju'lj'.>y niataawn 
Notwithftandlng / ^l^' tctapee, 

^^^• wellakin 
Novice jjIj CI* I o'rangbaroo 
To Nourifh 5jto pedra 
Nourilher gjUX^ dL» cang memlcara 


Nouriflimcnt, food, ^^l/U macanan, 

/Juijp; rczckee 
Now ;^;1/Lm fi'icaran — juft now (^<Xi 

taddce, C^Ai' j^U baroo taddce, 

, ^Aj «jLi baroo enec 

Number ^J,JiJ'.XAJ belanggan — To 

number c-Xaj belang 
Numberlefs c JUj ci Oolci stXy' teda 

dapat de b^ang 
Nun, any woman living reclufc, 

Ajlj,j (^(«.A^U parampoan pertapa 
Nunnery ^bulj' j pcrtapaawn 
Nurfe, wet, (^^jju peng'oofooce — 

dry ^«O^ mindom 
Nutmeg aJ Ij 5 *J booa pala 

yj t^ hey, /^jcAc adohee — man 

c^i»l (^5^ hey'o'rang 
Oak /_5-«^ jattee — oak tree (m-^j 

/ Ji!i>. po'hone jattee 
Oar c «jlti dayoong 
Oath (^IjuctAM foompaawn — ^To fwcar 

an oath qLx^-^aj*) ^>.>^y^^ foompa 

foompaawn — a falfe oath (^ljt>y«»>*, 

^ A^^ foompaawn bo'hoong 
Oats (J^^Lsi. charthal 
Obedience ^jl-^L^ habarawn, ^j^LcOwL^ 

Obedient, humble, gv>Ji rcnda 
To Obey, hearken to, ^lxOwL<« mcn- 

To Objed iWJ banta — objecl (^LJl/ 

Objefted &xXj^ berbanta 
Objedlion i^IxXXj bantaawn 
Oblation ijLy«»wj foombayang 

o r 

( 161 ) 

O L 

Obligation, covenant, / :s:-^t^ LL^*^ 
foorat janjce — bond ^^^a*^ /yjJ ^ 
cartas fapfee 

To Oblige, perfuadc, cx>^La.>*j feafat 

Obliging, civil, (^5>*i foopan 

Oblique d «->^am fcrong 

To Obliterate (^^Imj-a^I ampoofcan 

Obfcene <!ul/«c^ do'cana 

Obfcure, dark, ^j^'U galap, ^^l/ca- 

Obferve, fee, ui.'UJ leat 
Obitacle c:aJla»j fankot 
Obftinate (^J (J>\ attee eras, «sJUU 

Q>v_5^capala eras 
To obftrufl, incumber, c:^J!J rabat 
Obftrudion, ftoppage, iwi^>L*i fafak 
To Obtain, get, C^ofOy dapat 

To Offend, anger, (^^yLoU^O» dhinkc- 


Occafion for, need of, ; ^^j^ oofee, 

/ Jl/ calcc — how often aj I -J 

Oh me 




hey padako, 

/ ^*i «.Aj ber'oofce — no occafion for 
/ "^XKJ^ 5>-Xi s'Aaj teda adda oofee 
Occupation, trade, (^cXJu pandec 

To Occupy land aJIXI>L^ men'an'gala 
Ocean ^m>.j cl»«^ laoot befarr 

Odd jLl/gdral 

Odor, perfume, AJ«ti doopa — fmell Oil L^tA,Uc minyak — To oil Ola^^^j 

^^j^l bermin'jak dean — oil fruit 

Ointment c:^j« oobat — fvvect c:-u 

( C 4 ^^--''-J oobat babawooce 

Offended aJI>*j,j ber'fala, ^JiA^ti-^ 

To Offer, prefent, a-«-<»ja) foomba 
AA-^ej-AN.^ ber foomba ; 

Offered A>w^tx>v j berfoomba 

Offering ^JLs.A.~Jt^w foombaawn, 
(^.'jiA^i-jj-j perfoombaawn 

Office, place, As::'.J^carecja, (^Ijcsr'j' 
eareejaawn, (^'Ts-r^'.yb pacareeja- 
awn, oJUj pankat, (^/!>^jabbatan 

Officer, of a king, a;:^!; C^jI-^L) P^- 
giiwee raja, Aq^I^ AJ'Lo mata raja, 
4X,2».J^ «^(j^Lj fafooroo raja — bailiff 
d «.JoL^y tamanggoong — meffenger 
(^(«j»j*j foorooan — in chief of a 
cullom-houfe I JvLjU"; fliabendar 

Offspring, race, ^J<^\ afal, ^y.^^ ^ Of 

anak afal 


/^Jlj"brapa calcc 

Oh "i „~». hev 

«xjLn / -^^til adohee fava 


U bawoo 

Odoriferous, /^ij wangee, «.Ij ^^jLj 

baik bawoo " 
Of ^L eang, oO>j pada, (^;<^ derree.. 

5<-V. - i ^*^ derree pada 
Oft, in funder, qjj,.*V».j pootoos 
Offal t^-AM.AwJ sifa 
Offence aJ (.«J lala, ^,Lc^Lm falaawn — 

offence, caufc of anger, ^^ la AJoLstt^ 



Old jaj tooah — age^iv«« oomoor — ' 
old, man, j^j' d_i«l orang tooah — 
coat \^^ i^2a.U bain lama 

Older 5 <u' , ^ Icbbce tooah 

Ollbanvim i^^bJ lubaun 

Olive, oil fruit, v^>yw 5 «.j booa min'-i 

o n 

O V 

yak, ^AA^.. jcton 
Omen o,^y\ dlamat 
To Omit qj>-^aaJ Icpas 
Omnipotent AwjI .1/ cawafa, «v^gl jl/j 

On «x/ ca, ti dc, aJ la, o Jy. pada — fay 

on ^J AJLTcata la 
One Aaw fa, jjL^j fatoo 
Onion 5 a^ djb Mvang mera 
Only, alone, , J! «.=>.»/' cochoalec, as^Lm 

Open A/4J booca, a/*jIj' tubooca, 

a/».-' -J tcrbooca — To open (^_jyb''4J 

Opened, gap, aA>.2si. chela, i^^ lapang 
Opium (^*^il dpheon 
Opinion, religion, c:-i,Ji.x^ sifat 
Opportunity, proper time, J^/Iaj^aJj 

waftoo betool 
Oppofcd ^»JIa^ mcliiwan 
Oppofmg i^N*^' ;^,«JA.>.^ melawan lawan 
Oppofitc, in ftation, c:aa^i^ dampit 
Oppofition, contradl6lion, i^jj^ ^'^- 

( lf>2 ) 

iXJU C^cXaj pandee cata, c.j.( 
AJ'l/ C^OJ..» orang pandee cata 
Oratory, place of prayer, Jl2; ^ langgar 
Orchard, plantation, (j_j-^JLj' tanaman 



wanan, (^ 




To Opprefs, alBidl, aj.'-:^' 

Oppreflcd ajIaJLj teranyaya, 

Opprefl'or AjUJI 

eang bcrboat anyaya 
Opprcifion ^jIjijIaJI inyayaawn 
Or tsj ca 

To Ordain «^«ak, fooroo, aJ ^ m 
roo la 

Order, command, aAIaj' tita — degree of 
men c:aaJu pankat — order, uniformi- 
ty, jA.j\ iitor — To order, bid, 5 u>« 
fooroo — order )«,jl,j ber'ator 

-'-7 J- 

Orderly, one after another, i-w*-e X**j^ 

mailing maffing 
Ordinance, of God, a-oIJ I agama 
Ordinary, common, *i^ti*^ moong- 

00 moongoo — people aJU bala 
Ordure (^Ij tai 
Ore, unwrought metal, (Jyyo kcpall — 

gold ore, rock gold, (J-aaj (j**^ mas 

Orcans, mufic '^>3 kltar 
Orient ]iJ timmorc 
Original (^jJ^hj pohone 
Ornament ^JL*JfcL»-j pariahfan 
Ornamental (^>*j>dbU^ j berpariahfan 

booat Orphan AJ'Uj 1. «ul anak piatoo 

Ollrich (M^*J naamoon — feather «J *> 


J Lkk> 

xj booloo naamoon 

aj^ c'-j CI»! oranc 

Orange ^j^ 

Oration j-»Lcaj.a: 
y ■>•■ 


LJ «.A2i. jerooc manis 

Other ^JJ J lain 

Otter iJu*>*j foonting 

Oval j^y c:-usw*>w foofat tclore 

Oven jjj 1 «3 da poor, a j,i *i foorna, '^::jyS/ 


calboot rootcc 

(•J bu' 'J^cataa w n 
Orator ajI/L» (^j> 

Over, too much, c^v«l am'at 
Overcaft, as the flcy, PjIjJ bcr awang, 

.'til -J berradop radop 
jurcc bucata,'To Overcome a)J^ alia, aAJIjL* menii'- 

ou ( 103 ) 

alia, ^s-A^! allacan 
To Overflow , AaXj^ melelce — 

P A 

as a 

nvcr jA-e^ lampar 

1^1 yMJ<J bcfiirr am'at 
Over-many v.:x-<l ^ — «.>yo ban'yak am'at 
Over-much Ovsjl <-^^J ban'yak am'at 
Over-paft J^' laloo 
Over-plus /^aJ lebbee, c «a^^ moom- 

To Over-reach, deceive, ^■^■^'j.j berti- 

To Overfee Ai;«.j toongoo 
Ovcrfccr aj'Lc mata, (^tt^^Xj pen- 

To Owe sLj'* ootang 

Owed Xj'«-j bcr'ootang 

Owl «J^i»j poonggo 

To Own 4Xaj«-i poonea — my own .sJyo 
AaJ»j kitta poonea, aaJ»j (^^cXa^ 
findirrce poonea 

Owner, «!uy».>y«f ampoonea, (j[y~J, per- 
tuan — ofafhlp J^jLTaaJv^^I am- 
poonea cdpal 

Ox tx^J lemboo 

Oyfter ^jj tirram — fhcll j,j J oJ*/ 
coolit tirram, ^ j" /^*j.>y*, fcfce 

congoowee, «nJJiL» xX>u cIj tang' 

pcgang parcnta, ^iy (^^^ia. juree IT ACE, ftep, aXx^i^ janca, aXo^ Aj*. 

fa janca 


Overfight, error, tv''osw fala 

Over-fprcad jjjI^ tcboor 

Overtake, furprifc, c^va^>*j fumpat 

To Overthrow fj«^ bcrrooboo 

To Overturn ^ — i} Lj balik 

To Over-whclm v-_^^j bantok 

Ought CL.'jjLi patoot 

Our A-y *J / ^-«'■i^ camee poonea, Aaajs 

*u.J4j kitta poonea, 4XaJ«j aaj betta 

poonea, (^^'■^ camee 
Out^I J looar, jKL)}^ dclooar 
Out-cry, to fell goods, cJIaJ Iclang 
Outermoft / JUamj il*-ljti dclooar 

fa Ciilcc 
Outlaiidifh i^jjl affing 
Out-layer to a fmall boat kj o robing 
Outrageous jjLc mara 
Outward_^l<J c_^j<^ derree looar 
To Out-wit ^ vjvt>JJ" tmdis, *A>iJ,.J bcr- 


To Pace, as a horfc, f^y^S^ Iigas, 

f^yjS^hX^ mcligas 
To Pacify /^tibbadammec, / ^OJL» 

(^ mendammec can 
Pack, bundle, i^^xjtj booncoos — To 

Pack (^jJLwj*xJij booncoofcan 
Packer c *<J^>o c:OCoij peng'ecat gun- 

Paddle, fmall oar, cajIju pang;iyoong 
Padlock / s:-'^/ coonchcc 
Page, a boy, *-J'(.Wj boodak — of a book 

Pail, to draw u}> water, jjl <\A.yJ' (v^'b 

bakas timba ay'cr 
Pain, ficknefs, c:-vi'Lw fakit, (j^AjLsw 

flkitan — fmart ajAj padiii 
Pains, trouble, (^,^1/^*^ foocaran 
Painful, troublelbme, J^ k>m foocar 
Paint i\Ji • Avarna — To paint, landfcapc^ 

J».j toolis, - -jwj'*-' lookis 


radilc, garden of plcallirc, aJ S^^Jj^ 
(^yiy*»j coobong ca foocaran — bird of 
p'liadifc (^. o.*M 9- ^jyi booroong foo- 
pan, aj l^ti Cj MJ booroong dcwata 
])).To Paraph rafe, expound, jm-X^JsJL^ 
To Parboil aJOUo >~— iL»*iLe miifakmantah 
Parcel /w^tXJjj booncoos 
To Parch ,^^ c ^ klrring can 
Parchment ^0)vy^ c^J^' coolit mc- 


Pardon ^ — oo© maaf, ^^^J^a^I ampoo- 

nan — To pardon ^ — «Lx-c ;^«-^-e' '^"^' 

poon maaf — To alk pardon &.'k^ 

Qj-y«l niinta ampoon — To receive 

pardon ^ — «ijuc i <J ^'^. berolee maaf 

To Pare with a knife cj^^-y ranchong 

Parent Xjv^» '^ — >^-^' nenek moyang 

PA ( iGl 

Painter (j>a.I^j pcnoolis — of landfcapc 

/ ijj^J^j CI «I 6ran2 berlookis 
Pair, couple, »/ goo, «./'.^ fagoo — 

To pair i^j/«J' goocan 
Palate of the mouth uu^Jvs» ^->i 
lang'it mooioot — next the throat 
9<A>J v_Jul inak leda 
Pale, wan in body, Ov:^*j poochat 
To Pale in ;jJ^L».yJ bcrpagar 
Palace aJIJLv^I allana, (j>JwOs.U> maje- 
lis — king's palace a:^..'; ajLaam! aitana 
Palm, fpan, <J^.Xa.:s» jancal — palm of 

the hand ^jju' > «ub' tapak tang'an 

Palm-funday L--\j*>.Ai*J I ajI; C^^l^ har- 

ree ray a elfabafib 
Palmiftry civXjli faicat, pcXj J»XLn 

(^ij' fangol pada tang'an 
Pahy 5«A<«*J loompoh, gvyc^J c:oL^ Parifh ^kA^ campoan 
Pan, of iron, /^'«u cawallcc — of Park ccJjJj kcudang 

earth aXj^^Ij bilanga Parrot of the Moluccas i^jJ looree 

Pancake d«.AAJ'_^ti!(^ dadar tcpcong, Parricide ajU »j4x^ pemboonoo bapa 

Parfnips aIXmjJ'/ jj oobi cartella 
To Part, Iharc, divide, t^^jJl^SLf bagca- 

can — feparate ^^J,sLn fakoocan 
Partaker iM-r-" tiunmun, i^j^j^ batum- 

mun, AaJ Ujt Lj bageavvnnea 
Parting (__^jA:i..(__^->v:5i.lj bacherce chcrce 
Partition, cOJei dinding, aju <3 c(_)J«3 

gtil.l awada 

Pander ^—^<JJS cundak 
Pangs,ofdcath,A>*>^ljbalifa, a>**-JIXLc 


Pannier, hamper, aSlj raga 
To Pant (jjvj^L^ harroos 
Panther fj^^jjLi^ hariman 

Pantry (^'yUo (^_jrS-'*' ^--V^J tampat 

iimpan macanan 
Pap, of Flower, J *.Juy' coontool 
Paper q»*-''-^ car'tas 
Paps, brcaft, ♦jvk^4j*i foofoo 
Parable A^ . oopama, (__^cXjI andee 
Paradiic, Heaven, ^^Jjj^ foorga — pa- 

dindiiig de tcng'a 
Partner ,^^j^ tummun — in trade 

aj\Xa>*. fccoota 
Partridge^ ,.^ c «jaj boorong fofo 
Parts, fharcs, j^^J'b i_^ b biigee ba- 

To Pafs by a place *<v«^ lampoo — 

PA ( 

awav, by, *J^ laloo 
Paffage, voyage to fea, (^jSJu^ tam- 

panggan — way Q^'b^jalan 
Paflion, ralhncfs, 5*j*-> gopoh 
Paflionate, rafli, g 4J c/lgopoh 
Paffions, of man, c^«( ^JoU lacl orang 
Paflport (vk*A>J ui^jAJ*» Iborat lepas, 

Q«di^ i^i^ foorat mo'hone 
Part, gone, ^J ^ laloo, ^y*J^ Icpas 
Pailc, glue, &j U gatah — dough t^^^ 

tepoong — To pafte i^yS^\3^ gatah- 

can — -join together <ivi oobong, 

^yjAJt^ meng'oobong 
Paftime ^jJjL* mainan 
Pallor «V.' [>..,_) combdia 
Pafture, ground, ctiL» padang 
To Pafture, graze, (^J^'U^J comba- 

IO5 ) PE 

(^j«J»A^j tamboolookec — paunch- 
belly jM*Aj <^AyJ, proot bcfarr 

To Paufe, rell, /JCLii^.j bcrhentec 

Paw (JU cakkce 

To Paw, as a beaft, Jjlrs» chakar 

Pawn (^^tiU^gadee 

To Pawn i^^JotiLXi,^ mcn'gadccan 

Pay, wages, aj* oopa, ^Lxj. oopaawn 


To Pay yj[j bavar 

Pay-mafler (^ )l<A>o bandarree 

Peace (^^^^d dammec, jj^Lstx^vi^ ber- 

damriieawn — To make peace 

(_^ti (j^poi^iljsr*^ menjaddeccan 

Peaceable, at peace, /^i3_; bcrdam- 

Peaceably, without noife, ^d *JtiU 

badiem diem 
Peace-maker /^tilj (_^_;ci».juree bit- 

Patch J^^tampal— To patch ^^jSX^'j 

tampalcan, ^jJCLs^"-j bertampalcan dammee 
Patcher tJ>.A..^J«-« d jjl o'rang men'ampali Peacock v— V;'-s> marak 
Patent aXO' ^cj^i^ foorat dtah, J» ly Peahen a^LmIj lJ^^U marak bctina 

:s:-'*j poonchak 


Path ^^^'Ux jalan, c:-uoy*g sipat 
Patience / J>"l -jl^chabar attce, i*jUw 

Patient, meek, 


Patrimony a/Lk)*j poofaca 
Patron, defender, , ^«cXLU^ melin 


>**y C_5^' 


»-cjLi bathrik 

Pattern (^<^J^/ 


tcladan — form jj« 


Pavillion ♦>k^^'U^ calambo 
-*■ • 

Paunch u-»*^ / c*>*j ilTee 


Peak, of land. 




Pearl g^Lj»^ mootiara — mother of 
pear sjLu'^ cjJCu indong moo- 

Peafant (-,«.*« «t3 doofbon 

Peafe ^i^li kachang 

To Peck as a bird i.:i>o b pagoot 

Pecool <J *JCo a Malay weight contain- 
ing igsl. 5oz, pdw. logr. Avoidu- 

Peculiar, of one onlv, a^! ala 

Pede-ftal ^^ lapik 

Pedigree ^y^n\ afal 
' T t 

P E 


Pccl, rind, (j^Jj- '-^ 

To Peel i^^j^ coolittec, ^^jS ^^{ 

To Peep i^J^, intce 
Pecvifli ^^P^jLs*^. pangchlnggan 
Peg of wood "^ii^jj tarboot, OuvU pa 

Pellet ^^i*iAJ peloroo 
Pen ;»Ai kullum — pound for beafts 

ccAXs kcndang 
Pendant JkXJ*J' toon'gal — pendant, 

ear-ring, *ajI anting 
To Penetrate, bore, v-J»j o^gorck 
Penrknife >-Ij ^ t,::s:h jt^jo pefoo ran- 

choonii kullum 

( 160 ) 
/ coolit coo-'To Perform, make, e^Lj booat — a 

promifc /^3=^t^ (^«jjj pootoos 
Performed tol^^x.^ mcmbooat 
Perfume ^^ ilis. harom — bv fmoak aj «ti 

doopa, SrM^^ oocoop — perfume pot 

(j_^j^/. oocoopan 
To Perfume ^^y^L>«(3 doopacan, 

(^^JCj»/» oocoopcan 
Perhaps jU ajUaw fiappa taoo 
Peril, difficulty, ^jJlJiw*^ mifkilan 
Perilous jj.juw^ mifkil 
Period ijL^JJ zemawn — of youth 

jcW^ o'-rr^J zemawn mooda — of 

age gl*j t^^^j zemawn tooah — end 

^jjLi:«3»Mj ibodaawn 

Pent-houfc ^^^ye^Lw farambec 
Penury ^^^i ^3 coorangan 
People AJij 'Uo mara&a — multitude 
c:ajI 1 ravat 



(^y. » 


Pcnfive, dcjedcd, ^ 'sjy* moorong, To Perifli Awg Uj binnafu, i_JLj*; roo- 
a/*(^ dooca fak 

Perifhablc AnwUj cIj cang binnafa — 

pcrifliable aj'L» baca 
Perjured AJCwajti A>y«j.*w cU eang foom- 

pa doofta 
Pcijury AXsM.ti s^xj^^y*) foompaawn 

doofta, c «.^J ;j_)ljL>yc*>*i foompaawn 

bohoong, QLxvyejAM as:^. pecha 

Periwinkle «LsurV^ kechaw 
To Permit I Uj bear 
Permiffion, liberty, q»^^^ mohonc — 

permiffion, grant, J , .1/ caw'ool 

(^Le^J fermawn 
Perpetual ^Jo'^lJ^ciical 
To Perpetuate (^;JvAAXl<«mcncacalcart 
To Perplex, torment, ^^\.M<C^^ fix'- 

Perplexity, torment, Asw-C« ilx'a 

Pepper -iSi lada 

lada pootcc 
Peradvrntxire, perhaps, «'J AjUwj siap- 

pa taoo 
To Perceive, fee, ^.ii^UJ Icat, '>,::jLALy« 

To Perch, as a bird, ^tx^^s. chan'king 
Perdition ;^lji>w«j roofakawn — de- 

ftrutltion, (^,L3L,Uj biunafaawn 
Perfc6l ^^^-vXJ^ lancap 
To Pcrfed: ^jjC>XjJ lancapcan— pcr- 

icdi, viprlght man, 5 A:i>.lwj fijatra 
Perfection ^jUXi J lancapawn 
Perfidious t'vjl^«ii dooraka 


P H 


Perquifites (zy^y- (Lf-J-i ^'oongan 

To Perfecutc, afflict, AjLy! ui/f *j booat 

(^LatjUjI anyayaawn 

[^ ! -aaw « oofirawn 

Perlecutor ,-*jai « (__^^<i».jurcc oolir, cj«l 
Ajltyl '■^'*^T^ '^'v. "rang cang bcr- 
booat anyaya 
To Perfevere, remain firm, «J ^ togo 
Perfia /j^j^Lj (_^_.Co negree parfce 

To Pcrdk jJ^-J togo 
Perfon cj » ( cjrang 

Pcrfonable aJ! -jcXxwj fcdcrana 

To Pcrfwade, intrcat, \^^^{a^ muhonc 

Perfwaded j^lj«-o meng'iijar 
Perfwalion, opinion, c^ajL^wj sii'dt 
Pert, nimble, (jjvJCaj pantas 
Pertinent '^:ijjj[j patoo'., ^^ — ij^ kiyak. 
Pcrverfe ^j^^rs;-^ binjis 
Pcrverfion J^ lalim 
Pervert '■^j pootar — To pervert the 

fenfe of a word J J lalim 
Pcrverter J J c;jl orang lalim 
To Pefter l::JL^ fankot 

167 ) PI 

Philofopher ^«,»5>*j ^Xaj philofoof, ^jd» 

Philofopliy ^jC^A^ii.l/j'cargaja hakim 
Phylician l^ajIJ tubcib 
Phyfic cUj « oobat 
Phyllognomy &j ,^i roopa 
To Pick out, as of a hole, i^jjjj p-^r^ 

choong kilcan — To pick, a> bird-, 

ejO L» pagoot, v__Ju'L> patok — and 

choofe / Aj pillce 
Pick-axe /^JliUj pan'giilce 
Picker ^JijLi.*r:v.choongkil 
Pickle ^^L> _jl ay'cr garam — Tu pickle 

Peftilence >.,>w fampar, >-yc^ OoLw 

fakit lampar 
Pcftle J( aloo, c^xKyJ_yi aloo Icfong 
Petition ^IxXX^j^^'jj^ fooratpcmin- 

Pctees, fmall coin, />j^>Juu petecs 
Petty-coat (^^J tappcc 
Pharifcc ,m«^ ili Pharifoii 
Phenix uiJ^.tiU nadirat 
Philiftinc ^J4A^■yLJi''j falAsathion 

«tijj bodoo 
Pitlurc, landfcape, (ms>*>jJ*.j toolifan, 

^^jjjjwo jJ iookifan — of men -jXr-^ 

Piece, bit, (JOJo pan'gal, dj^j rapcli, 

<La-o kcping — To piece, patch, 

i^jJ^^LvyJ' tampalcan 

Pic-bald ^ V.>^ P^ '-^ balang foopak 

Piety (M^<3l adilawn 

Pigeon / JuL-<mcrapattec, ji4ti _p «uj 

-v. -ij^- — 

Lg lilroong mcra- 

booroong dura — wild /g-'v'. pt>nay- 

Cs"^.y ^^J' 


Pike v-_iA-o*J' toombak — man c^»I 

M,UUuJ'^ orang pertekiimawn 
Pile ^j 5-s-J' tamboon — To pile, heap, 

(^jJJ«Ay> tambooncan 


To Pilfer, Ileal, {^jy^^ menchoorec 
Pilgrim ^^«Ai^hodjee, i«j( d^l orang 

Pilgrimage (^_^i^t>i^ *— •V'-' '^'''^^ hodjee 

,.,«.A^y,j bcrtamboon, (C^yXi,.i 

PI ( lG8 ) 

Pill 4 i^JUu pcloroo, Jy_ bootir 
Pillage i^y^^^^j rampalan, <Ji.>^jj 

Pillar cLy'tiang 

Pillory ^JUjj^iy Ij «biiloongoo tcnko 
Pillow JJiUj bantal 
Pillowbler J^^j c ii^Iaw faroong bantal 
Pilot ^U» malim 
Pimple ijJi^tj raftoong, ^(S^ iS**^'^^ 

bilbl lada 
Pin «JLjiy J ^.^b».jaroom bercapala — 

To pin ^jjCcj^Li^jaroomcan 
Pinacle ^^y±.^/^tj boomboongan 
Pinchers, pair of, c:-oIkm fipit 
To Pinch, with pinchers, ^^^CjUm ft- 


To Pine after «OJ i rindoo, 

-• — ' 


Pine-apple qwJUI anfinas 

To Pinion a man ^S^j «3 (^jJu" c:-iXj 
ccat tang'an de blacan 

Pioneer v_>jy^. pcnggorek 

Pious Jt^l adil 

Pipe, mufical pipe, ^^^^^m^SX) banx'i— 
for tobacco .vV=b. chillirfi, ^jJjiiUjL» 
pamadootan, ui^jti^i*j poongoodoot 
— gutter, for water, ^^JlJ=s^. pen- 

Piper (^_^mjJL;.j d;^I orang banx'i, 6jj] 
,^>wX»wJ v_' 4-0' orang tiop banx'i 

Pipkin ^jJjJ pr^ok 
Piracy i^/Ola,^_; roompak can 
Pirate Ou-«« 1 c;jl o'rang roompak- 
fhip "wJLy« «^ Jk»L> capal roompak 

P L' 

ay'er fence — To pifs Xs:-^ kinching 
i^j^j^ jj} i[^j booang ay 'or fence 

Pit, hole, i,jj} loobang 

Pitch, raw, «.jL» ^^Iti damar batoo — 



boiled aJU aJU' g^la gala 
To Pitch AJLrAJL/'i^c^3_^>*J^ laboor 

dung'an gala g.lla 
To Pitch, fct up, CxXj ccat— houfc 

«3uo«j CXSG ecat rooma 
Pitcher ij^ boyang 
Pit- fall, to catch wild beads, (^^^^'U 

Pith of a tree jJaj pooloor 
Pittance, fliare, ^jU/Lj bagcawn 
To Pity )LiXj*> fay an g, ^js/LxjLkn f'l- 

yangacan, «A^^l; rahmad 
Aaa:^* Place t-^A^J tampat — office (^jSj^:^^ 

To Place, fct, »j[j taroo — before, be- 
tween IiUJLj «itj' taroo ber'antara 
y ;■ ^ 

Pifmlre cj^yX»w 

in order _^jtj!-j ^j\j taroo ber'ator 
Place, inftead of, / Jlj gantce 
Plague j\j<^] lampar, ^Ia^ (^xxi'L*. 

liikitan lampar, ajI-a^ chcrana 
Plain, fmooth, d3\j rata 
Plainncfs, in garb, j^^tXyw fcdangan 
Plaiftcr, falvc, cxjj oobat 
Plalftcr ^^Kit^ cJ^-S-' t'^rnpal bcr'oo- 

Plaifter, as a wall, ^ajJ laboor 
Plane, tool, ^Jl.^Blj'U' catamawn 

;^L:^U pahat, ^j^j^Aj nejis 
To Plane, as a board, ,^jjC«UV catam- 

can, ^JJo*».3:t^•' ncjifcan 
Planet c,;;'-:^». jarat 

Pifs «■^■*^ Tj'^y''^'^ kinching, /5-*-*^ rjj Plank (joL» papan 

P o 

( if'O ) 

P o 

Plant ^jL^lj' tanamawn 

To Plant *JlJ' tanam, ^^-«•ry* men- 
ana m — trees Q*^^. *J^ tanam p6 

Plaintain, fruit, X>j*aj pefang 

Plantation (^I^Li' tanamawn 

Planter »j1.aa^ 

orang meniinam 

^"u (Sj^ jurce tanam 
To Plait, braid, cxto belit — mat, 

,Xu' CxAaj belit tccur 
J .. ... 

Plate, of any metal, jA-o^ chcper 

To Plate, cover over, * Ci'^J tatak 

Play, merry fport, ^^.Lc main, ^^jJoLelj 

pamalnan — gaming (^City^ joodec 
To Play, make fport, ^^L* main — 

ftage play Xj'j wayang, ^jJji/JLjo^ 

{•j^}^ r> mcnantanggan bcrmaln 
Player ,^L»-j (^.i». jurce bermain jPlummct ijul anting — to found the 
Play-fcUow ^jjUi tj>v^' tummun mainl depth <xj 4J 4J'Lj batoo 16ga 
To Plead, in law, ^'*--V baggoam , Plump, round, ^l-*J«j boontar 

<5ueL>*j fcmoo daya fama fama, «xilit^^ 

a^Um a^Uj dooraka fama fama ' 
Plotter &j]Cij.^,*, cj»l orang femoo 

Plow ^J[xXJ tangala, ^j*.^>y«l empu«, 

(JjAAia. changool — • Ihare *>Ij 

najam — tail «JUjj nangali — man 

aJIXUj pen'an'gala, Qw^-ye' PJ^' 

6rang empus 
To Plow dj LXa-v« men'an'gala, /^>y«l ,j 

ber'empus, /JL-T galee 
Pluck, pull, *— *J^lJ' tarik — off cjy^'i 

bantoon — up, out, ui^L:^ cha- 
Plum aJ 4J boolo, QwJ «^Lp >Uj boolo 



Pleader, at law, -«U^V ^^' '^^^"g 

Pleafant, good humoured, / ^^j; rimee 
Pleafantncfs, good humoiir, (5-«'^ To Plunge, walh, (^<jj^ mandee 

Plunder i^^Mj.j^\j rampafan, ^•HaAj 

To Plunder (j**.k^[j rampas 

ToPleafe, fatisfy, J^jb'' ciibool 
Pleafing, grateful, «.^..^aj pcnoojoo — 

acceptable ^^-Jy^^ fcdap 
Plcafure, will, /'j\l>J>/ candatee, 

v-J»lcXA2fc hcndak 
Pledge (^0>'-> gadcc 
Pledget, for a wound iOj) ;^/I^a-c*>x 

foomboo iican looca 
Plentiful *^A<o ban'yak 
Pliant CJ»-j.-oJ luoniboot 
To Plot, rebellion, *yXkn c\^L*. 4."u!(3 

Pocket c^ Jvj *^J poondec 

Pod, as of pcal'e, ci^UJ^ coolit 

Poem (MvCib pantoon 

Poet (^^b, J dt«l orang berpantoon 

Point, end, c*.:^.-* oojong — tittle 

cVo*j nockta — of the compafs (w-^L» 

(j^l 4:s:-'*j biiris toonjoo ang'in, ajUo 

To Point, fhew, 4^j ^" toonjoo 
To Poifc, weigh, A>^' timbang 
Poifon, of any dreg, 9-j=^^j rachoong 

— of a fnake, any creature, venom» 

P o 

( 170 ) 

P o 

<>uijjo bifa 

To Poilbn ^j^^J C)^^^ (SjJ*. ^^'^^ 
macan rachoong — countcr-poifon 

jK^Xj^ panuwar 

Poifoncd dagger «."UwwAJ (j**J.j^ crcis bifa 

To Poke out f^jjlxtj:::^ choongkilcan 

Poker JJii^ choongkil 

Pole, fpar, aJLT gala — ftaff cxiu^' 
toonkat, Saj t6cam — of the heavens 
jCiU nadir — cat ^^j-« moofang 

Policy jyi acal 

Politic J^U ber'acal 

To Polifh tjjJ^ goopan, ^j^s^J lechin 

To Pollute ^^ !^-t*^ choomooracan 
, . jj' It ^ *^'-' biichoomooracan 

Pomegranate ..v^^djOy 5 ^j booa delema 

Pommel of a fword u:j JL*. falot 

I bane rooma booloo, J «j «x^ • 1 roo- 

ma booloo 
Pork / 5-^J i:^'^ dagin babbce 
Porpus /V!J<^ do'yang, «x^-ejJ «S-^-*y 

loomba loomba 

Port, larboard, ^ j klrrec — fca port, 
anchoring place, i^^jJ^ labo'an — 
town^Jjj bundar 

Portcullis ;^_j.>JJ-j per'ancapan 

Porter, door keeper, ».>li.j _^iy ^ «^ 
jurrec toong'oo pintoo — carrier of 
burdens <i**N • cjjl orang oofoong, 
C.4WJOU peng'oofoong — letter carrier 
<::jj^ 5j'^S-« PJ •' o'rang mcmbava 

Porter's cord 

i^j^OJUw fandangan 

L^v''-'*' l^**^t ! Port-hole oJiJ. rinkit 
-^ . I ' ••• 

Pomp, llatc, i^lJj^i^ camooliawn Portion, Ihare, ^^^juSIj bagcawn 

Portmantlc ^jo*i^L> galafan 

Pompous aaJ^I/ ciimoolia 
Pond aS^ talaga, Jji kolam' Portugueze ^^XjJ p.j*\ orang fran'gec 
c . 1 »/ cooroong — fiih pond dj^^^ Pofitive fj**j I O'V»' to'go attas 

,^Xj| cooroong tcan 
Pond-f.ih ^Ji ^Sj ccan kolani 
To Ponder JH fik'ir 
Ponderous ojI-j brat 
Poniard (j^P'crcis 
Poop of a Ihip (Juj/ {^'■^Jj-! booritan 

Poor cvfj; ^^y^"*^ mifkin papa — lean 
(yw»,y croos — poor man 6jj\ 
(^Jl>«^ orang mifkin 
Populous c^i.l vJ^. poonoo orang 
Porch / ^j^iLn iarambce, ^,^I-*[JJCaj 

Porcupine ^__^sXj-^ landak 
Pores of the body Jjj Ah) tj XJ^i loo- 



To Poflefs, enjoy, ts^'-J pakce, 


Poflcffion (mIxa.*«-aj bero'lcawn 
Poffible c:AjIti dapat, tjy, /J^'-j*. 
fabo'lce bo'lee * " "^ 

Poft ooij*.j toonkat, cty" tfang — a 
door port ♦^Uj c Uu" tiang pintoo — 
To ride poft J^c*^ menoongool — 
poft-hafte Ovju • J ^ J' terlaloo bang'at 
Pofterity Jo^l afal 
Pofture (_<^-j prcc 

Pot, a little water pot, i_C,j»J gooree 
Potatoe (J^^s::^-' i^^ ooby kcchcel 
Potent, powerful, a^I.I/ cawafa, 
A^'«l/^ bercawitfa — ftrong, kl}\»,{ 

P u ( 

cooat, Aawlj' gaja 
Pottage, broth, a^i»^ ko'lia 

/ ^^^ proofec prlok, 




171 ) P n 

iPrecious, coftly, ^j^JT gar'lb, aJj 

ber'arga — flonc AJ'Lcj permata 
Precipitately SrV'^ charap 
To Predeftinate, defign, «jL» puyoo 
Preckftinated o-o*(U,j terfafat 


*— -*>!-:! (^<-X^. pandec priok 
Pouch (^|^j.«j^lj galdlan 

Poverty j^^^Joouw^ niiiTcinan, ajLj papa'Prcfacc qL»-))»^ moolay'awn 
Pound weight Englilh (»*jJol , Jl/.To Prefer c^^tJaSw joonjoong 

catee en'grces — pound, pen, "« ,a>a)j Pregnant ^.iJJ bunting 

feroo, ^^y^«_Ajw fcroocan iPrejudice, hindrance, c:-Ji, 

To Pour out, as tears, ^10^*^ choo- 

Powder, gunpowder, c_)o<-V buddeel 
Power, might, «suKiljlJ^cawafa 
Powerful A>*il«l/^ bercawafa 


Powerful work (j^jIjumI .1/ cuwafaawn 

To Premeditate ^ a^ jJ^j fik'ir dauloo 
Preparation (^l^tiba. hadirawn 
To Prepare, make ready, -JtiLi. hadir# 

^^y^jjtiLa*. hadlrcan, ^^^JJCvJCw v* 

Prerogative, of a king, (^(ju*)f«b^ 

Pra<Sice, ufe, a^Uj beafa — To practice,! cawafaawn raja 

try, «V»3w. cho'ba 

Practitioner tU».^». c^i«l o'rang cho'ba 

Pragmatical O'L^li" kachak 


Praifcs ^;La^». 

To Prate, fooliftily, tjy^ cho'ra 

Prater ^j*^ cho'ra, i'y^i s'AaJ leda 
panjang— babler jAaJ" ej J«^ moo- 
loot gangoo 

Prawn c.«3* oodans; 

ics ^jLajsj^ poojeawn 

To Prcfagc c *j'J tanoong, <i*jU^ ber- 
tanoong, ^J-^-^ fan'gol 

In Prefence of (^ItAc adddpan 
e;*:^^ hormat, ^^::^^rJ poojee Prefent, offering of refped, ^\ju^^^u 

perfoombaawn — To prefent &./^k>*,-j 
perfoomba, A>-.e«j*i foomba — prefent, 
before one's face, ;M-»tcXc addapan — 
prefent time /J^oLx^g fahat enec, 
t^, <!uijy «J ko'tikii enee 

Prcfcrvation f^\^Ss.y toon'gooawn 

To Pray, worftiip, &j^yt. foomba, Pre ferve, keep fafc, *3o*J' toon'goo 

eu^^A^vA^ mcnfoomba 
Prayer j »ti doa — a place of prayer j>-£-^ 

To Preach g-)0.>e2w chcritra 
Preacher aaji-X^j pandcta, .Let im'am 
Precaution ,^^V.j5jCo. pantanggan 
To Precede, go fore moll, J. I ti i^t:^ 

pegcc dauloo 
Precind «.O^Jt'-J parenta 

Preferver, keeper fafc, j-^v» (^S ' ^^*' 

juree toon'goo 
Prefident J^*j poong'ooloo 
Prcfs (^jJu! cipitan — To prcfs out ijJCuI 

apitcan, OobL* meng'apit 
To Prcfume, dare, /^J'-j branee 
Prefumptuous , <JUj brducc 
Pretence, deceit, «>^'tipoo, 3cXj\>**a.'*J' 


PH ( 172 ) e« 

To Pretend, diflcmblc, ^j^} 42». choolas pat melindoong 

Pretty »-JijU (j*^j^. paras bdik Privy-houfe ^^^2». jamban 

To Prevail, gain, >-^V« fnenang 

To Prevent, hinder, j^jjj' to'goor 

Prey, booty, ^j^Ly*; rampafan 

Price &S, 





To Proceed, out of, _^IJl/ calooar, 

Proceeded (_^til:s^ menjaddce, 

J^A^jj bertimbool 
To Proclaim, a law, eCUj (j/)\ji[Sji^ 

meng'calooarcan titah 

Proclaimcr jjt*, j^^jf 9-)^ o'rang 

berfaroo iaroo 
Proclamation, ordinance, «sJCu" '-ii'^*>*j 

fborat titah 
Procreation (^UbL* meng'anakan 
Prodor ^U-V baggoam 
Procurator, one empowered, Jo*.j'« 

/1 • 1 



To Prick 

Prickle, thorn, (S)^^ dooree 
Pride, of mind, «xju*^ choonka 
To Pry into, liften, (^^. intee 

Prieft<sJ^moola,^C«lim'am, (^'-^ 

Primitive <!u«lj"^partama, (_^^j^Cj^^5|^ 

moolay moolay 
Prince, fovercign king, &s^j raja 
Princefs, (^l»jye;L> dcJ^j v-JLil anak rajaiTo Procure c^ifci dapat 

parampoan, (^J"«.j pootrec Prodigal, profufc, ^j^« i*j booroos 

Principal, chief, A^Lj'rJ partama, c^j'ljProduce *A-.e^' toombo 

agoong 'Profane ^^^-y^ r^'-^ haram n^jis 

Print, mark, 8cX>.j tanda — To print. To Profane ^^^^l:^^ haramcan 

mark, ^ I JsJu" tandacan 
Printed j-jU Kipra 
Printer i* * 

Printing iron ^-»1^ 
Prifon i.^. paffang, s^l^r^;. panjara — 

To put in prifon ^j/l^lis-s; pan- 


c iIXaj pen'garang hoo- 

To Profcfs »/l aco, */U>U) meniaco 
Profit, gain, ,c«.aJ* oontoong, dS3 la- 
ba — intereft, of money, iv^^*-» 
boongan — ad\ antage aJ ♦J goona 
Profitable, ncccffary, AJ*/1» bergoona 
Profound, intricate, /^JjbCc j/^wg foo- 
car mcnsr'artcc 

Profufc (>"j '^ booroos 
Prifoncr, of juftice, s^il^zV. c;jl o'rang, Progeny, race, jj^l lifal 

panjara, ^^_j.i^>jjwj ^ t*l o'rang paf- 


Privacy ^^'_XAJ *a.,j*. fcmbooncawn 
Private / J^^-^j^.j berfemboonee, 

. \ »^M "femboonce 
Privileged place c .cXaAa^ ^-^t^ tam- 

To Prognofticate c «Jlj" tanoon, 5: 4J'j.j 
bertanoong, jOvo'^ bcrtanda 

Prognoflication /jj..£tjljlj batanoong- 

Prognofticator ^*jljlj d; «1 orang ba- 


PR ( 

Progrcfs (^■^Li.jj pcrialanan 

To Prohibit i^j^ larang 

To Projcd, caufe to be built, J^^ 

To Prolong I 

ijv/Lo)''^ berliimacan 

V R 

Prolongation (^J'^si-^J loonjootan, 

(jkJ'U-<J lambatan 
To Promife /^si-^^ janjec — Promile 

^Lxa:s:^t' janjcawn 
Promifcd, bargained, /^rp'^^-j berjan- 
jce — in marriage Ajaj toonang 

J bertoonana; 


:'*^Lj bcijanjee 


Promontory c ♦rs;-'^ janjoong 

To Promote, advance, CirsiJiiw joon- 


meng'attafcan — increafe Aa^j tamba, 

AA^'^ bertamba 
To Prompt -:^( ajar 
Prong, forked tooth, i^^jKi^ faram- 

To Pronounce ajU cata — hard to pro- 

nounce AJ'L> >5^»-M- foocar cata 

1/3 ) 

Prophet / ^aJ nabbee 
Prophets i^ (5^ "abbee nabbee 
Proportion (j_>Uj'L» bagcawn 
loonjoot J Proportionable, in fliape, as any hying 
creature, i_-oL>wj sikap 
To Propofe, defign, «jU payoo 
To Profecute 5 «c^ jj' todoh 
Prolecutor ^^^J^^^JX^^ cU eang meno- 

dohee — at'law^Lj U baggoam 
Profpedl ^^'UJI/caleatan— glafs c*j«J 

To Profper ^^_^Xo4.J^jIj kibidjecan, 

*iO'-j berlakoo 
Profperity, fafety, aJm-a^^ ^cmpoorna, 

CU^^JLm falamat 
To Proftrate uijystV^ Icjoot 
To Protedl, plead for, ^ ^ v* mohonc 
Proud in heart ^mju ^jl attee befarr 
To Prove, try, &jy^ chuba 
Proverb J.^^^-* matiall, (^'(Jjl andec 
Proverbs of Solomon ^^1^^,^ JumX« 
matfall foUmawn — comparifons 

(^«Ajl (^(AjI andee andec 
Proof i^bu».^ chobaawn — proof, fam- To Provide, prepare, itiLi^ hadir, 
pie, JiLwi^ mooftar — touch of metalj ^jJjtbba. hadircan 



Provided_^<^l:i^^ berhadir 

Prop Ci\Ju_^' toonkat, jCkXm CiAjij^'Provider -amj (^^i^ jurcc pafTar 


;-V. panjang 

toonkat fandar 
To Prop (j^V>otj y 

Proper, tall, irs 


To Profane, curfc, c:-<.ivft2». hojat 
Prophecy (^-y (^,Lxa/ cataawn nabbee 
To Prophecy, ai a prophet, /^,2aaj-j 


Providence, of God, a^UI cy^j* oon- 

toon^ Allah 
Provident aJLv^ <S^-^^. bejac fana — 

fparing c:^^^^^. jt'niat 
Province ^(j caum 
Proving i!u.==.Li bachoba 
Provifion, llorc, J^ib, /Ji;'j^i 

X X 

p tr ( 

rrovocatlon (m»>^.-J paitan, ^jt^O^ pe- 
To Provoke, to anger, jj^ haroo, 
(^^y.^l^^haroocan, <_J»a:s>.IjL(( meng'- 
ajok, i^^^SjIj psiitacan 
Provoked /v^o\aj / J\ attee pedis 

i;i ) PU 

To Pulverize ^^^JCA^Jloomatcan, kj^kJ 

Pumice-ftone ^jj^^j'JU batootimbool 
Pump f^jM^j^\ amboofan 
To Pump Q>^A^! amboos, (j^y^\J(^ 


To Prune iXij ranting 
Pruned ^v^ji-j berranting 

Pruning ,^jj3uijj rantinggan — knife 

xaJ,!-» pcrranting, c_>c}>l«j ladap 
PJalm / ^s>^j (jjl-Aj nlancc poojee, 

Provoked man ^j^cLo /^jl dij' orangj Pumpkin ^j 
attee pedis " P..--1. l iv- 

Prudent ^uL*> ^.Xssfr! bejac fi'ina 
Prune QigJi;2».<Aj idjats 

^ laboo 



Punch (JJiiy^ choongkil 
To Punch out (^^iic»:i. choongkllcan 
To Punifli (^^1*wJC*. lix'acan 
Punifliable, worthy of punifliment, 

doM.X>*j d (u^ * jt^::^ haroos dc fix'a 
Punifhed o^^a-Cj-j berfix'a 
Punifhmcnt •3Uw.A>*j fix'a, g^Lw.>L>u*j fen- 

fara — of God aAJ ( jsjjj toolah AHah 
Pupil, Icholar, clj;*^ moorit 

Publican aaj; c^.I orang reba, c .«I, Puppet ,^^^1 c^ijl orang orangau 

, Ji ».:^ orang chookec P"PPy A^"*' *— ^' ^"^^' ^"ji"g 

PubUcation ,^\jyy tootoorawn, Purblind ,j^^j I/ ciiboos 


jIj batootoorawn 

To Purchafc, acquire, Oof^i dapat — 
buy (3^ billcc 

Publicly ajI>u niata 
To Publifli (^^XaXaj' tclciee, ^j.<,IJl/jPure, clean, ^^^2>^:^ choochee 
calooarcan," ^jy.jlj ciibarcan — dc-' Purge ,:s^ba. chahar 

clarc ;«.j*j' tootoor, 5 JCj^a::^ cheritra 
Pudding 5<3t «'-=>. jawada — boiled OLilJ 

Puddle ^y^ kolam 
Puff", blaft, i_>^>J»Ia^. fatiop — of wind 

f^js:] l_jvhL^ fatiop ang'in 
To Puff, blow, L_j*Aj ticp 
Puffing k^^jJLs batiop 
To Pull, haul, OjLi'tarik 

Pulley <Sj^ ^.^'■^^ 
Pulpit y^X^ minbar 

Pulfe (^"eitJ nadcc — ^To feel the pulfe 
(j^O)lj Ajjj raba nadee 

To Purge ^^^j^yrs^l:^ chaharcan 

To Purify (^l^^jz^ choocheacan 

Purification (^lA:5i.^is. choochcawn 

Purity /.)l 



Purple DjjJf}, poopoora, jX>j oon'goo> 

j^Xjj iXJj» warna oon goo 
Purpolc, intent, Ai>>Lij faja 
Purfe (^iXijj poondee, c:j«til/'cadoct, 

a/j^ toca — bag c .oJJ" candoong 
To Purfe up ^j_^^cX^candoongcan 
Purfer of a fliip (j^y (Sj^^ j^rce 

tool is 
Purilain, the herb, c JlAj"geyIang 

Qir ( 

To Purluc, hunt, (>wj jj-J booroos 
To Pufli from J «cAj « oondoor 

Puflied from ^ '■■^yV ^^rtoolak 

Put, pour in, *J^J bobo — to put, lay, 

4^Lj" taroo — on tj\j taroo 
Putting ^\ i^JCi tiirooawn 
Putrify lJ^*/*i«j booiboC 






Quail 5 iAxw falwa 

To Quake J!,s^J gomittar — an earth 
quake aJL»' a>.^J goompa tana 

Quality, condition, C^jJ pree, ^^ 
lakoo — of quality, note, (jJC^XajU 

Quarrel, llrifc, j^jcX"^ chfdera 

QuarrcHome (j>v«-j ^^ prang proos — 
quarrclfomc noife Ju .jL» in2;'ar 
bangar, ^y^j gampar 

Quarry of ftonc «jU «byo marreaw 

Quarter cxa.-^I-j pcr'ampat, cxyc!_> tUw 
fa pcr'ampat, 4^-wj foocoo — one 
quarter 4i%>« A/jj fa foocoo — three 
quarters 0\a^I.j «xXaj tega pcr'am- 
pat — canton of a city (^n^a^ cam- 

Quartcr-ftaff ~^ij.^ chokmar 

Queen *jN nltoo, ^J,I A>y{f-j as».Ij raja 

To Quench ^OLi padam 

Quenched ^c^Ij padam, ^tib jcWmj 
fooda padam 


Qucfti(-)n, afk, aajLj ttinca 

175 ) qt; 

Quick, make hafte, {j^^'^ lecas — 
Quick lailing fliip 5.:>^ Js'.'-^ capal 
lajo — with child v^JiLjl sj-Vaj begra 
anak — in fight *s^'-j' tajam — fightcd 
j^lJ aj'Lb mata tajam 

To Quicken, haftcn, ^^jCwJCJ le- 

Quickly lyj-Xj.) Ideas 

(-,Ls>JlJ' taneaavvn — To 

Quickened qjaXJ^ berlecas 

Quickening ^j**^i ry^S>J^j berlecas 

Quickfilver 0\aj ^jI ay'erpcrac, a^\j 

Quiet, ftill, / ^4^w foonee 

To Quiet (^X^d dicmcan — be ftill 
AX^riti diemla — reft^J (J>iX^,j ber- 
hentee la — quiet, harmlefs man, 
^.LJj^J c^.l orang loomboot 

Quieted wc^Ij badiem 

Quietly ».j<3 ,jt2>lj badiem diem 

Quill »J ♦J booloo 

Quilt ^.i^i^ALy*» fclcmoot, ctJ^JJ^^ 


To Quik i^x^y «wg foolamcan 
Quince ^Js2::>.-jLw fafarjal 
To Quit, let go, (j*A>yJ lepas 
Quite, totally, , J l/L- facalee, , 'I/- 


Jb facalce ciilee 

Quittafol c J^AJ p-iyoong 

Quiver AJU ^ «Lil c «jLw faroong anak 

pan a 
To Quiver "L» «y'goyang 
Quivering XJ_Ay xj^\j bergoyang 


R A 

( i;o ) RA 

ixABBET»t\j^Lj palandoo, '.^^^«lXjJLj Ram ;^^X^ ^^K^^d doomba jintan 

Rabble Ool; rayat, yJ^j}j ^-'}' ^^'ing 

Race, place to run in, (^j^ ^^^v* 

tampat larrce — running (^UjJLu 

pclarrean — tribe . -^"'L» p^mjcc — 

defcent <_^I afal 
To Race out ^j^vs-ol ampoos 
Race, runner, i^j^lj (^^«.i». juree 


To Rack, torment, (^y^LwX*. fix'acan 
Radlfh ^—ijJ lobak 
Raft (Mty!; rJ^ tittce tittean — float 

^^:>3[j rdkit' 
Rafter 1.^1/ cafaw, (^^JCJ^ lantec 
Rag i^}y <Jy>v-' tanipal cay'in 
Rage, anger, «xii^^ moorka 
To Rage, be mad, aL^/ (^OU^ jaddce 

Ragged, rotten, v_J>«j»j boorook — 

cloths ^^jjjj i^lXslj pakean boo- 
rook — rocks u-AkwU kaflap 
To Rail «-Aj j_,tt^:^ haroo bi'roo 
Rail^'j'^Lj j-j}y cay'oo pag'ar 
Railery, joking, j<_XJi.*« findir 
Raiment (^l-olj pakean 
Rain X^^ oojang 
Rainbow j^^^i^^^lU c^ koong palan- 

To Range, in order, )*.jL3Uo mengator 

— in a row, ^j.<^l:a^i^ jajarcan 
Rank, in I'nicU, v — 'kj\ «»U baw'oo 

apak, ^ «.J I ilpak — as butter / _jw' 

Rank, row, qv^iL» baris, 1O3.4J U'*'^-'^ 

biiris boojor, j 1=^.1:;». jarjar 
To Rank (^jJjL^..l:i^ jaijarcan 
To Rankle <^ajm^ (;__^«3l:ii. jaddec 

To Ranfack i.OJijLC*2i. choongkilcan 

gee, A:^\j /*■^;^•:? bcnang 
To Raifc, from fleep, 

To Rake 

^^'jt^jJLe mcnrckloke 
Raifms <w-v;''J zabib 

"J a 

Ranfom (_j.>*j ^j y tooboofan 

To Ranfom (j^jjy tooboos, ^^jJij^yi^ 

To Rap J Li paloo, i^**jt/ catok 
Rare, fcldom, c^li* jarang — ftrange 

gcXJu gOUj iadah indah 
Rafli (J^:^l:ii. j'^^^il 
Raflmcfs, paffion, i^^>.} bing'on, 54J ^^J 

Rafor »*/l2>. iwj^j pefoo choocor 
To Ralp {jja'Sa'^ kokooran 
Rafp jyi^ kokoor 
Rat q^^JCaJ' tccoos — ground rat 

Aj'b' />jv*Aaj' tecoos tiina 
Rate, price, a/; I arga 
To Rate_^l «UCa.^ mentaw'ar, ^^jj^^^j\j 

dSj\ pootoofcan arga 

» «(^j ,1 rodoke 



ler jfy:.\ angor 

Rattan i^J«^ rotan 

toba tt'coos 

^^S' ^jjj^ 



Ravenous (j^U-" bow'as 
To Ravifh, take from violently, ^j**>-^L 
rampas — force a woman /^^l^lA-L., 

« E 

( 1/7 ) 

R £ 

(^L.>ye^lj men'gaiahee parampoan 

• — maid s^lti * — «Jl i^mJJ^X^ men- 

garaflee anak dara 
Raw aaa-o mantah — flefli aXv* ^^jS^tS 

dag'in mantah 
Rays jUUwj sinar — of the fun U-<wg 

(^j\ «xJ'Lo sianaa mata arrcc 
Reach, of a river, ,^X.j\j rantce 
To Reach out the hand ^-i^r-^J' toonjoo 
Reaching to /^a^Lm fampee 
To Read &^^/ bacha, A-^Uy^ mcm- 

Reading a=5.LiIj rajing 
Ready, dihgent, V'^V** 

Real, trufty, <_) ^>Lu betool, aajLn fatia 
Realm c:^^j rajat 
To Reap (v^jJ irris, »j V catam — mow 

uu 4 ;L^ charroot * 
Reaper ^jtj^/Ji^ ?-J^ orang meng'irris^ 

Rebuke {;_}j^S y togoorawn, \^j ».S^ - 

To Recal, revoke, ^^^jS\j^ oobahcan^ 

(^^Ljjj<-s meng'oobahcan 
To Recant, gOyJ "wKJU baUk leda, 

aJ».:^. «^-"-=?- chala choola 
To Receive «s-^jjU tiircma, ^^^L-o 

macan — bribe vU*w (^^ macan 

fouab — wages «su » ^^V^ macan 

oopa, AJ » c-K-^-^' ambil oopa 
Receiving J^-ycLi^ ^^1 orang meng'- 


Receiving ^^Ix^ iL»' taremaavvn 

x^l; rajin"" To Recite, tell, (j^lJ"_A2i. chcritritcan 

To Reckon «^ kcra — number ^.J-Iaj 
J" I 


Reckoning (j_jlx^" keraawn 

To Recognize (JoUj kenal 

To Recommend, to ones care, ^jJ^I i'^*» 


cij.jlsr^ cm! orang mencharroot Recommendations, of obedience, Aa-c 
Reaping ^j-^wj-» irrifan 
Reafon, underftanding, ^Jj^l deal 
To Reafon, debate, g^Ls:^^ bechara 

— difpute AajU banta — • For what 

reafon ajI aJjI/ carna appa 
Reafonable, needful, q^j jl^i. haroos 
To Rcafumc J ^j ^J^a^LsLo meng'- 

ambil pooloo 
To Rebate t^^yS.t\j^ coorangcan 
Rebel Ail Mti dooraka, ojl^«ti dj.l 

To Recompence y>Jlj balas, ,v>^JU.j 

Recompence (^>*JLj balafan 
To Reconcile ^jjCydti dammecan. 

orang dooraka 

Rebellion (^bb'jj iti doorakaawn dJT^S 
Rebellious aJIOvJUj mendaga 

To Rebuke 

) O^i togoor 

Iti-j berdammecan 
Reconciliation , -c'ti dammee 


foorat inggatan 

To Recover, regain, aJaj / J«-o 
bcrolee poola, aJaj Ciofti ' dapat 
poola — health *.j^y*, (^k^\^ jaddee 

To Recreate, divert, ^j>jU> ^j^l-^ main 

Recreation, play, j^^UU pamainan 

R E 

( 178 ) 

R E 

— pleafurc (^Lx/»^ foocaavvn 
To Rc<5lity /JuuU bdikkcc 
Red B^A-* mcra 

To Redeem 



/^^j^>a.-9 cu c^»i orang 

i-N) tfj 4>^-o meiiooboofec 
eang menooboolee, (J^j^'y (^^*=i. 
jurce tooboos 
Redemption ^^jj^y^ tooboofan 
Redoubt, fmall fort, jtLj pag'ar 

To Redrefs 


b baikkee 

To Reduce ,^_jjCc;4j coorangcan 
Reed v_Ju"lj ratik, <Jkj\j J <vj booloo 

ratik, ^*j booloo 
Reel, to wind on, (j*JLj likas 
To Reel, fl;agger,^:s:^li'lj takiilincho, 

Recr of an army o-aJoO'Lj ^~u^jy too- 

toop balutantra 
To Refine, as metal, /^^^.y^ choochec 

— as fugar [^JixJ nii'igkan 
Rcliccl «Xa.,^ champa 
To Refrain, abftain, ^xAJu pantang 

Regions of death ic«'-^ «oL> «jU ba- 
o ^ ^ •• • ' •■ • 

yang bayang maoot 
Regiflcr book ^^jXJLxj^ (-_jUJ kitab ing- 

To Rchcarfc, relate, x,!>. cheritra 

— repeat p. J , ji.^ meng'oolang 
Rchearfcr c^» ^^*t^ f^^i' o'rang ber'- 

oolang oolang 
To Reject cUj booang 
To Reign tVs»*'^»^ baraja, ^^^/li^l^ 

merajacan — govern <3Uwl « 

gang cawafa 
Reins /tXxj pinggang 

I t,[J xXaj pc- 

To Rejoice a>'j>*i fooca, ,j\aj^ 

fooca attcc, <W:i» a/^>^ fooca chcta 
Rejoice, be joyful, aJ <3j ^«j j berfoo- 

ca la 
Rejoicing, Hiouting, <-^j^ foorak 
To Relate jJo-a^ cheritra — tell cXaj 

Relation, kindred, iO'jUJU^calooarga, 

(Jo*^! iil'al 
To Relcafc ^vk*>-a.J Icpas, ^jj^^JU^ mc- 

To Rcfrelh, cool, ^^\^Lm llijoocanj Icpas — from flavery ^^iJuO^ mar 

— the memory ^^^vXxju inggatcan dckacan 
Refuge p. «OvaJ b cJaa^' tampat balin-|To Relieve, come in the room of, 

To Rcfufe, deny to give, iSjJ b<-\^J 

ttda bree — fay no acXO ajU cata 

Rcfufal |^]^'l-A>-»>jb bafancalan 
To Refute <^\ t^ (^^ bree jow'ab 
To Regard ^nJC^ chinta 
Regeneration > — *JI-jaJ4j pooloo ber'- 

Region iSrXfJ negrcc 

^^^^Xo' gantce 
Religion c:^ju.M si'fat 
Religious A^ljU bcr'agiima. 


adil — religious Mahometan beccar 


> J b fakecr 

To Ilclinquifh . >^oo 



To Rclifli, tal^e, <x^\j rafa — feafon 

ly^yi^j foomboor 
To Rely on ^-J/irs^ harap, gOu v_Jibi. 

harap pada 

HE ( ] 79 ) li E 

Remain JoCo' tin'gal — here aJ JJou' To Repeat, fay again, c jyjt^ mcng' 

/ ^>>^>y*» *^ tin'gal la de fence 
Remainder a>w.a>w sifa, <ju(*aw,Ij basifa 

Remaining ,__}jCutj batingal 
Remnant cXAKkAwjU basifa 
Remark, note,» (^jS\(J^Xj tandacan 
Remarkable, notorious, «sJ'Uj niata, 

AJ'Lu J terniata 
Remedy, in bufin'efs, «sj'ti daya 
To Remember cxCsu ina:gat 

Remembrance, memory, ^^Zxjij Ing- 

To Remit, forgive, (M*-y«' ampoon 
Remnant tX-^jjuw sifa, ^JjLo' cIj cang 

Remorfc jl A^^chintaattcc, J<>*,L,, 


Repeated 5-^ j ^^ «.J ber'oolang oolang 
Repeater c "^* f-^J-i ^JJ^ o'rang ber- 

oolang oolang 
To Repel v-J^Jaj' toolak — fend off 

(jjjjiJJ tankis 
To Repent ^J^j^pUaa^ mcniufal, c:aJ4J 

tobat, / J I J\j toocar attee 
Repentance (J^^^Lw ftfal, (_^' (J^>*ilj*i 

fafal attee, /J' I q;1/*j toocaran 

To Replenifh aJ^j i^^. il^^^e poola 
To Reply ej^^UjoU" mcniaoot, (C^ 


bree fooda 


-froHii one 

Remote ^bi. iaoo 

-^ '. 
Remove, ftir, b^'jJ bergra- 

place to another 9<XXj pinda 
Removed jcAJu-j berpinda 
To Rend, fplit, aXo bcia 
To Render back, reftore, (^jC£^4J 

To Renew (^jji «^U baroo acan 
Renewed «^Li-j berbaroo 
To Renounce ^J<X>wj fancal 
Renowned yjl/_i bercabar 

To Report ^^LJu-a:^. chentracan 
To Repofc, reft, (^'ik:=^.j berhentee 
To Reprehend^)*J\j' togoor 
To Reprefent (^^U«->y« meroopacan — 

liken ^^^^yLelAM famacan 
Reprefcntative (^ii^ akoee 
To Reprieve /^' «.a^'jLo meng'ampoo- 

Reproach, difrefped;, aa^^ champa 
To Reproach, curfe, cr^^^::* hojat — 

revile- 1 JL» makkee 
Reproof '^[<».J a.'J togoorawn, (m'j^^».' 


Rent, fplit, aLo'J tdbcla— rent, crack, IXo Reprove, chide, {^^jJy togoor 

&A>o bela — To rent, hire, s^>y,M f^wa ^^^n 
To Repair ^^JuU baikkee 'Pq Rcpulfe 

Repaft, victuals, f^lXXt*» fantapan 
To Repay «sJ^ ^U bayar poola 

To Repeal ^^jS-^j» oobahcan, (^jJC^j ^jue 


bad reputation 

•^«.y toolak, t«(Aj«oon- 

L» A^Lj nama baik — • 
o».l=i. A/«lJ nama 

RE ( 180 ) EE 

To Rcqucft, aik, &XXk minta iRcft ^j>.as^j bcrhentec 

Rcqucft (^I_2JJL^ mintaawn, ij'~x^tjJRcfling f^bSJ<:i^ j berhcntcawn 

To Require, charge, ^^.l=s>. haram 

Requifitc, nccdtul, AJO ^j bergoona 

To Refcue (^^wa-J lepafcan 
Refemblance, in form, ^^tiJl-y' tcladan 
To Refcmble, make like, t\j«^ Lj ba 

roopa — belike &j*j Lw AwiI-nn ^'ima 

Refervatory (JvXjLa^j*. flmpanggan 
To Rcierve ;^_j>A.r*" ^I'^^P''^" 
Refidue Amj>a>*jIj basifa, ^J^Xaj dbeang 

Refignatlon (^I/I^Lm fardcanan 
To Relign ,^j/\jLij faracan 
To Refift, in words, aaaj banta 
Refiftancc (-,Lxaaj bantaawn, i^\j)i 

Rcfifted (^! «JU^ mclawan 


tarn pat 

Rcfting place 
Rcftlefs, as a fick perfon, Aw*>JlXv« 


To Rcftore ^jjLJU^.«*J' combalecan, 

j^^^jJoL) 4.J poolangcan 

To Reftrain 


\J tab 


Refiftlng oU^ oLj"^^^ 



To Refolve, intend, c:AASili fafat 


^vUJ^y to'goa\\ n,^jl^/^y 

Rcfolvcd c:■^wJU J terfafat 


To Refort Jvyoji coompool 
To Refound i_c^^ (j*^-^^ balas boonee 

hormat acan, 


To Refpea ^1 o^-o 

i^yUJ 4^ mooliacan 
To Refpire, draw the breath, /vwiU^ 

bernafas (j>jJL5 <w^_;lj' tarik nafas 
Refpiration »0>Um fadoo 
Refpitc, reft, /^"as^ j berhentee 
Rcfplendent ajU^. chaya 

Relurreftion (^^Juu.j bankitan, ^^aJLj 
bangoonan, i^jJuJ terbang'an 

To Retain, hold, A-5sJu pcgang, 
. •> , . V, ■■■•■ ^ 

xX.K.^j^ mcmcgang 

To Retake aJ*.j (J^a^'jUb mcng'ambil 

To Retaliate (w^Lj balas 
To Retard ^^JJi'Jiyc^ lambatcan 
Retinue, followers, «^tAJu peng'lrring, 

C^OCoij peng'ecot 
To Retire, from, (^jA-^ cheree — give 

back c ^jj poolang, cj* ;y^ fooroot 

Retreat, give back, IsILj. i»j*. fooroot 
Return s^-^jJ poolang — come again 
/JU-e^ ij'li^ datang combalee 

Returned, gone back, c J*j jcWmj foo- 

da poolang 
Returning jJLy«^ ijlJO!^ mendii- 

tang combalee 
To Reveal I ij*j' tootoor, «sJ^ booca 

Revealed jij«j"lj batootoor, ^ajJ ter- 

Revealing jyjjjyj'jXj batootoor too- 

To Revel ^jlji/^ ^y^j^ LJ^c3«t> 
doodooc berfooca foocaawn 

^l ( 

Revelation ^ l^ *j*j'tootoorawn, i^ L»/V 

Revenge, malice, ^cX«ti damdam 

of God B^ «J" tooliih 
Revenge (^j^anJL» balafan 
Revenged /vj^JU.^ membdlas 
Revenger /^jv^'U-^wi (^jy^jurec mem- 

Revengeful /jl ;j^'*j bow'as attee 

181 ) «I 

tcry ground «O'U gaga — growing on 
high ground yjLw fa wa— bread v:i;>i*J' 
coolat — boiled /^m^J naflee — boiled 
in clods V — OLi ninak — boiled to pap 
vith the hufk on (^t^U padee 
Rich iXjU" caya, ajLTjJ bcrciiya 
Rich man ^u}/ rj « I o'rang caya 
Riches (^LxjU" cayaawn 
Rick, {lack, (m^-^^j' tambooa 

Revenue (J^l:^ hafil, j^LJ«-xj bero'- Riddle c-;J|J'\j'juI/Lj pacataawn gd- 

^l*2:k ho'rmat. 

Reverence, honour, 

A>^^>M foomba 
To Revile, reproach, / ,Ju< makkee 
To Revive, live again, aJ «j l^ «cAj edop 


Revived cj<3v>uw,j berfcdap 
.... J. r 

Reviving, plcafmg, ^_J(Aaxw fcdap 
To Revoke «s.j« oobah, ^.yS^»Ji^ 

To Revolve, 



lap, aXmJCs» mitfla, /jItXo pedatee, 

/JiltAAj iS^^ L) pigawee pedatee 
To Ride [^j\oJS candaran, (^^lOvoLc 

Rider |^>'cA>_r c i^! o'rang candaran 
Ridge V — <-=s:-'*j poonchak 
To Rifle iy**.fy<j rampas 
To Rig, prepare, u-v-OJLyo mclancap 
Rigging, materials, ^jjLXj^ lancapan, 

^^lJCUlJ kalancapan 
Rigour ^LxjIaJI inyayaawn 

Revolution, turning of the firmament. Right, ftrait, (J «Xo bctool 

O^i^ JCo kitar lang'it 
Reward, for merit, aA^ pahla, aJ*j" 

To Reward ^jyLw^'Ljbalaliican 
Rewarded /v^JU^^ membalas 
Rewardcr (^^Vi (^_;»2». jurec balas 

Right fide Jl/canam — hand wU'i^kJu" 

tanjr'an canam 

Right forward jJ^Caj ^jjfcit «^ de ad- 
dapan bctool, (^'Jl ti dc alowan^ 
due O'Li^haak 

To Righten i^ «JCo betoolcan 

Rhime i^yiXj pantoon — verfcs of love. Righteous ^tXc adil 

-horn iX.' 

-z V ! 

i^^j rabcc 
Rhinoceros 'wJ't^U badak 

>wJ»0>Ij choola badak 
Rhume v_^Kri.lj^gahak 
Ribs K^y^jj roofok — of a fhip, boat. 

Righteous man JtXc d i.l o'rang itdil 
Rightcoufncfs ^^^ys. adilawh 
Rind of a tree, fruit, c:^'^ coolit 
Ring ;t_sr*^ chinching — ring finger 
xis:^^ (__^^iLi>. jarrcc chinching — 
To ring a bell isXXS /*V.»-5^ g"^}'^"S 
Rico (jj-'-J brafs — growing in low wa- ginta, a^^ *^-^-:S=»- ^^^^^ ginta, «wj•^lJ• 

Z z 


R O ( 

jUyL/'tank ginta 
Ringing found X>*.Cilj budafllng 
Ring-leader q^*J pohonc 
To Rinfc, wafh, j,^ bailo, (^_^^j^. 

Rioting, feaftlng, ^JLx<c o'~*-t^J'^° 

maawn maawn 
To Rip ^-J(;L=:» charik, ^— Ju v*j foyak 
Ripe OL*jt«mafak — unripe «OIUd man- 

tah, OumU* ^ J *J booloom mdfak — 

over ripe j,yj rannom 
To Rife, from fleep, c:JUj 

(^«jou ban'goon 
Rifen (jjS.1j 8«3j^ fooda ban'goon» 

182 ) Ro 

Rock d;l/ «jU batoo carang, d tU' c5- 




_^I,>U cV^Lw c'-j 

Oouo J bcrbankit 
Rlfing, fpringing up, 

OuU naik 
Rate, cuftom, i«::j(A£ 


Rival i^^j^fj^. (^1 L5^'/^ ''^*^ ^ 
cang fiima birrahce acan pararapoan 

Ptiver (^j^ foong'ey 

Rivulet (jr^.xAM fcrooc, (^^«^ ^-Jij 

anak foong'ey 
Rivulets, creeks, f^jjj<^ lJj^ fc 

rooc feroocan 

Road way A^[j o-^^ J^'^" ^'\j'^' 

^^Ixsfi'l ahimaan — path CX^-^J>iJ sipat 

To Rob, fte:il, (Sj*==^ choorce, 

To Rock, as a cradle, c_^ 1 4J (^ I ♦j bo- 

w'ay bow'ay 
Rocket ,:_;l « lo». churuwat 
Rockey d iUj bercarang 
Rod uu«A^:i>. chamboot,^^«2». choomo 
Roe, of a filh, hard, ^^jSjjAjJ tclore 

Roc-buck jjos:^ kanchel 
Rogue l::^::».!^ cjjl orang jahat, 

/J»V>^Le malepootee, stib} >► ilt». 

haram zlada 
Roguery, deceit, i-j^^^, bohoong, *a^j 

tipoo, «."ylti daya 
J J terbit' Roll, wreath about the head, rv)-^'*-» 


^' »_> boolan— tuaban J^^ «ti dooftar 

addat, 5;Ls=> To Roll ^jjCjLUj""goolingcan, i.}jX^ 

rncn gooling 

Roller, one that rolls, JtJjjJL» pen'goo- 
ling — rolling pin iXoCLj pen'gcling 

RoUing-ftone iJjXLc yb batoo mcn'- 

gooling — eye ^^.UjJ bermain 
Rome ^t,) iSj-^J negree room 
Roof »_^a1c. attap — of ahoufe a^i» 1 u^JCc 
attap rooma — of a porch u-a>j: 


iLm fiirambcc — roof of the 

riiouth c:jJ «^ c>-c^ lang'it moo- 


(^ ^^■:^^ menchooree — on the highjRoom >^_XXj bill ik— place cxiv.^' tampat 
■way (^»^U*. llimoon — break open a Root S\ acor — ^To take root /^J«,aj 

jttJt,,^^ mcrooboot 

Robber, on the highway, (-^^^^^y^ 

peniumoon — pilferer j^^i^s^^ Lj^\ 

orang pcnchoorcc 
Rol>e, vefl, uijv^vAa^, fclcmoot 

Rope I J>3 tallce 

J\ berolee acor 

tar tallce 
Ropy, flimy, _^)OvA.' Under 


'C5"^7^C-'> = 

c ».! oran? piu- 

R U 

( 183 ) 

R U 

Role ^«L« mdwar, j^ i>s.Ki boonga 

ma war 


Rofc-watcr^^iLj J\ ayer mawar 
Kofiii yU y^\Ci diimar batoo, 

To Rot, as cloth, wood, (_^4^ pow- 

■vvcc — as flcfh, to corrupt, kSk^y^ 

boofooc, ^y*4t,i C^ti'^ jaddce 

Rough, as a board, i--~*o kaflap, <_.-s>*jj^ 

Round, as a ball, JCj^j boontar 
To Rout, overcome, ^^\ alliican, 

ij^'^^Jt-* mcng'allacan 
Row ji>.l:^ jajar — rank ^j«v;lj baris, 

,i>.vJ {j*^j^\ baris boojoor — of men 

Rue, the herb, a>*j Jwj fadfah 

Ruffle <^j^lj karoot — To ruffle, wrin- 
kle, ^^«^Ij karootcan 

To Ruin, demolish, ytj rooboo — 
ruin, dcftruclion, ^^Ia>*,Uj binnd- 
faawn, Ouw*^ roofak 

To Ruinate^^^^ Ls^ menjalomo 

To Rule, hold dominion, c:^:i>-U xiJu 
pegang rajat 

Ruler, guide, CXsjwj sipat 

Rulers, fupreme council, (^-a^ ^y o». 
hookoom mantree 

Rumbling noifc C^Xo »Jlo bc'Ioo 

^jwjLj baris 
To Row 9-y>)^ dayoong, c^jlti^ber- 

Rower ^^jlti^j d i«( o'rang berdayoong 
Rowing ^y}\Cs\j badayoong 
Royalty (J ^'^ doolee 
To Rub, one thing againft another, 

v-Juw^ go'foke — between the hands 

yw;0 kiflar 
Rubbifh iSjf.^^^ fampa 
llubbing-ftonc »wJUj 

Ruby JuuLe manckam 
Ruddy 5«^^ 5 wye mera mooda 
Rudder, of a fliip, (^li^-^, (^CS^^\J 

camoodcc moodec 
Rude, dilorderly, /^^[;b paralcntcc 

— clownifh, in actions, 5»>lvL> pan 




«jLj batoo go'- 

koh — unmannerly <\/*jIj X' j Jwtc- 
Ua taoo bafii 

To Rumble, as the gtits, 

Rumour, report, aXj^ brcta 
To Rumour ^j/IXj^ bretacan 
To Rumple ^X;*jli karootcan 
To Run (^j^ larrce 
Runnagate aJIajL/ gaibana, ^JJJU.j 

Runner, racer, q^UJU di.f drang ba- 

larrean, (Cjb (X.^\uTce balarree 
Runnmg fore AJb^ A/y looca berna- 

Rufh ^— ti'lj Jjj booloo ratek — To 

rufh upon -AjLLys mclanggar 
RufTet, bay colour, i.jy j^h» mcra 

Rutl ^jjh'-y"canitan 
Ruflical, clownilh, a>*jLj .(j aoWteda 

taoo baft 
Rufly c^^b' carat, u:j,i'jO bcrcarat — 

iron ^>IjO (^^y**J bcffce berc;lrat 

s \ 

Sabbath oll. 

«^L»Lm harrcc fabad 


( 18.1 ) 
(^jlii To S;i!ly 


S A 

.ioiJ langgar. 

.JoiXc* mc- 

Saliva i^aJ _jI ayer lior 
Salivate m-v ^I ^I ^XT clooar ayer lior 
Salt Ay garam — in taftc ^^j^^^ maim 
Saltpetre 5.(iXA*»j iandawa 
To Salt (^^,xX^ men'garammcc 


Sabre vw*Y>*. lamfccr, i^jijj go 
Sack, bag, ^^^1/ caroon 
Sack, wine, ^jmjL«jjSJ\ angoor manis 
To Sack, plunder, (j*jj^j rampas 

Sacrament cu^^\ aldmat 

Sacrifice ^^U^j^^ <^IxX«^j per- Salvation oJj!t3 daulut, ^U,8^moo- 

foomcaawn bcr'fambillce 
To Sacrifice, cut the throat devoutly, 
/ ,-A-v^->*> fambillee — offer juycy*^ 

Sad, careful, AaJo*. chinta— melancholy 

a/«<3 dooca, c «^1 *^ moorong 
Saddle aJ^L» palana, ajU Ij cacapa 
Sadnefs, carefulncfs, (^ Lsi-il/Lrii. chin- 

Safe, fecure, cx^e^'L^. ftlilmat 
Safeguard, Iheltcr, /^i:jcX>Xo« mclin- 

Safety, profpcrity, cx^^Lw falSmat, 

Aji»Ay»*. fempoorna 
Saftron q«JLw fafaron, ^o^connyr 
Sagacious ^Jj'l acal 
Sago, made in India of the pith of a 

tree, ^'L*. fago 

Sail -j^ layer — To fail -j^Lj b^lavcr 
>•• - jr. . . 

Sailor i^\^^kj<j ijj\ 6rang pelayeran, 

(JoLT 5 .1 d mI orang awa capal 

Saint /_5>-'Jo*i c.jj\ o'rang fadee 
Salampbre, fort of callico made in In- 
dia, (^}y^yi>*i falampooree 
Sale, audlion, ^tXJ lelang, JvJ nulam 

— place of fale (j^IxXjU bablean 
Sallary, wages, ij^'-'h'j oopaawn 

Salve OvJ« oobat 

Salver cJotji^U can'kall 

Salute, by holding the hands to the 
forehead, aa^ v*» foomba — ^greeting 
to an equal /-jLj' tabbcc — to a fupe- 
rior .x>-«*^ Ibomba — to give a falutc 
<!Lye»AM iSr^ ^^^"^ foomba 

Same (^^cX*./*» ♦aj etoo findirree — the 
fame <!Oj:Sfc (^^lOJ^ *xj ctoo fin- 
dirree jooga — alike Aj'*:;». A*«Lw fama 

Sample J!**j*^mooflar — model q<3JUj' 

S'and:uary c. «(AaXa^ '--^^Vs--' tampat me- 

Sand iSj* oorcy, ^^ paffir — fand, 
with deep water round it, iJUj be- 
ting — that runs flat from the fliorc, 
;:^j>*<*J go'foong 

Sandal wood, yellow llmdcrs, ajIoU;^. 

Sandal, flipper, A-y»*jL»' taroompah 

Sap of a tree -jl ay'er 

Sapphire ^..Xy nilara 

To Sar\-ci as a rope, a fca plirafe, 
^-^'jjj to'rak 

Safh p.iJJ-M4 fandang 

S A 

( 18^ ) 

3 C 

Satan (^Uyyii fhitan 

Satchel (^i^^^LTgaliifan 

To Satiate with victuals >^-*-^ kinjang 
(^jJix-y^ kinjangcan, ».^:^i. joomoo 

Satisfaftlon, oontcnt, fjil L--o'Li' tatap 

To Satisfy, to content, sc^U padah, 
jjciLpA^ mcmadah, i^jX^dlj padah- 
can, ;^^^^<3 Lj^ovo mcmadahcan — 
make good a damage i^iulj baikkee, 
/JCiJ^ gantcc, ^^^^AAj^A^ mcn'gan- 

Satisfied «sJjstiLj padahia 

Sattin AJuo kinka, qw.JLaJ"I attelas 

Saturday v>>a.>*i iaptoo, ^X^^ L£j^ 
harrec faptoo 

Savage, wild, ^UJ liar — fierce (h-Uj 

Sauce (JjS goolcy, g^j qua 

Saucer q..>^ pering 
^^ '•••III 


fpcech, j^'.juU Ciitaawn, 
(jjbu'yij p:icataawn, aaJ'J 'y catauea 
Scab (j^ti*/ coadis 



Lu far 


Saucy "< JCUI;U paralentee, 

«JCLT riaooloot gangoo 
Save, keep, ^^i^j" toongoo 
Saving (mI*^«J toongooawn 
Saviour /^MLm falow'anee 


Scabby q^l^^O bercoodis 

Scaffold p «.AjLj nanglung 

To Scald, burn the ikiii, («j^J'^^a^ nic- 
lajor, V >aj^Lk^ melatop 

Scale, as of a fifh, ^^^m^^^^ fcfec — of a 

fifh, i^Su / g>*j>A>*) fcfec ecan — iron 

^Laj*i siar — To fcale, as a fifh, 

j^|JOywjk--jj fcfccan — fcrape Q^^iuj kc- 

kis — wall jXcJLyo melangg:ir 

To Scandalize /.-Jiro makkec 

Scar, of a >*oui'id, a/J scXxJ' tanda 
looca, u:jj^tj piiroot, «x/*j ej*j^'L* 
falapoot looca 

Scarce, not common, c^l^ jarang 

To Scare, frighten, (.l^j/Laa-^ mcna- 

Scared c:j^s:»(/J' ter'cajoot, i^j^*i'\J 

To Scarify Q^^^U'^garis 

Scarlet gLj' 5 a^ mera tooah 

To Scatter jaj^\ amboor 

Savor, fweet fmell, ««tjlj babawoo. Scattered i^a-^cO ber'amboor—difperfcd 

/ ^j:si->t j»[j biiwoo wanjee 

C^'i^» (^rf^ cheree mcrcc 

Savory Aj*)[; 8t>j i-jAaj*» fcdap pada Scent, fmell, ««U bawoo — fcnfe of 

fmclling ^j=;^ choom, ^:sr*^ pan- 

SaufTagc /ywj J cLdJjjj C-S"^ tallce 

proot cang bcr'iflcc 
Saw c^tiljyglrgadee, (^^-^'-^ g'r- 

Sawed (^ciU't/lj bcrgirgadce 
To Say AJ'LTcata — nothing ajI/ j(>Aaj' 

teda cata 

To Scent, make fmell, ^j/"! ««U.^ ber- 
bawooacan — fmell *.lj .«.^^ choom 

Sceptre «\:ikl; Ciouy toonkat raja, AJ'b 
^^\j batang raja 

Schifmatic j^^iolj badingon 
3 A 

s c ( 

Schifm C^it^lj badingat 
Scholar ^:^^, ^jj^ o'rang belajar 
Schclars ui^^i*^ ^^-'jy* nioorit moorit 
School, univerfity, &wj;cXJLe mcndarfa, 
, .^bLc Ci^A-P" tampat mengajee — 
ibr children ,^Uus ^-^^\s-*'' tampat 
School- fellow j^bLfl ^j.^' tummun 



Sciatica &::=^b c:^Lw fakit paha 
Science, su-t, ^^1 clmoo, (mj'JIXxj 

Sciflars ^«Ju_^/^goonting 
To ScofF, joke, « tO' gooroo,, jAA.^ 

To Scold «^j 3J^ haroo biroo 
Scoop, thin fpoon, (^JjeX-ci^ chcdoc 
To Scorch c.;Lrgaring, (jm^s3\ an'goos 
Score, twenty, (__^cS»^ co'dec 
To Scorn jOu-^ uijULycmelcat mooda, 

(j^Uas^ hmacan, AA^qai. champa 
Scornful words Aa.*^ (^vIju'u cataawn 

S.-~ornfully aJU:^^ ij^<^ dung'an hina, 

t^A.^.:^ ^:^^'^ dung'an champa 
Scorpion ^^xX.■^ «xJb pala jinkin, 

^J.jLA:i.. jinkin 
To Scour, cleanfe, /^n^i. choochee 

— rub *v_»*jj^' go'ioke 
Scouring ftick for the teeth, much ufed 

in India, /^^..«^ 4^1/ cay'oo foojee 
ScourcTc c^A^I ambat — whip «jL*) ia- 

poo — rod v«*^ choomo 
To Scourge jj}^.^ fdfapoo, Ovv^ 

Scout, fpy, j^j^ loolo 

1 sr» ) s E 

To Scrape, dig with the nails ^jl}' 

Scrapings (^^a*»jJLo kckifan 
Scraper /wv.iuoiAj penkckis 
To Scratch «jU garoo 
Scratched « jlXsLo meng'garoo 

To Screak, Scream, * *->>r^ t:ampik 

Screen c.tXJ«3 dinding, ^^JXt^d>JJ lin- 

doonggan — hand fcreen aXaw fangah 
Screws «iAj-AAjpcler'etek, ^^Ij»j poo- 

taran — of a prefs {-fXj} Olaj J>j pe- 

Icr'ctck apitan 
Scribe, that writes accounts, (^j 

(j^ «J" juree toolis 
Scrivener, writer, ^^maaaaj penioorat 
Scripture ^JJI (^Ud j fermawn Allah 

.-til ^ ^ 


Scrall cj,uj*i foorat 

To Scrub iw}»\>*j^j^go'foke 
Scrubber ^y*^ysJ^ pcn'go'fokc 
To Scruple, miflruft, ^ Jl/calooee 
Scull i>..«^ foombing, jj^^Xaj' tencora 
Scum (^4 4-1 bovi — ^To fcum i^\j^y 

boviacan, CO^J (^jsij J L> caloorcan 

Scummy iS^A-^yJ berbovi 
Scurf, of the head, iwi»j^J^ go'rak, 

/ -i'lii daki — of the body i»,**^^!/ 

ciilamoomoor, / ilti dakf 
Scurfy ^jtXX^ rrien'go'rak 
Scurilous, jeering, jJww findir,iJwN_^ 

Scuttle, cover, '-^jJ I/ cSloopak— hole, 

hatches of a Ihip, (JoU cu^ ^ moo- 
loot capal 
Sea i,::^*^ laoot — wave «wJu-c » oombak 

— fea, rolling wave, -^,jj« fampar — 

S E 

( 187 ) 

S E 

rough fca v-Ju-,ej,j izjj^ laootber'- 
oombak — fmooth fea 5 4<Aaj' eL>«0' 
laoot tedoh — feaman ,^-jJIaj p.j» 

orang pelayeran, JuU 5»! c. i»l orang 

awa capal — fowl p.OJCi p. *jkj boo- 

roonc dindariH; 
Sea-fick ^ — i>-<ij lJ^j'>-« mabooc oom- 

Sea-lhore llj*^' ( J>1v. pantce laoot, 

C_»«^ C<^6^ tepcc laoot 
Sea-weeds c^l/Ai*j boonga carang 

Sea-green ^J^ fcnang, ^j^ j^ bi-|sc<5l, religioX A^LTI agama 
roo laoot— bay, arm of the fca, C^'U-jseaary ^^ciU badingon 

'^'^ [Secure in mind 

Seal, fea dog, p-^J p.~KJ berang berang 

— marker <-;--<:=5. chap 
To Seal u.-Oi. aj*^ bubo chap 

Second ^jtil/cadua, 5 «til/ cU cang 

Secondly 5 .«3 dj' cIj i_^^ calee eang 

ca dua 
Sccrefy ;mUJ*a.,j*i fembooneawn 
Secret, myflery, aaa^L^ rhafia, l-o',/ 

gaip, ^^^J^Ay>*j femboonce — To be 

fecret, hid, (^Jia^„kmjJ bcrfemboo- 

nec, L--\jl/l> bergaip 
Secret place (^Jy*> ^-^^-vs-^ tampat foo- 

Secretary k::jjajiSuu pcnfoorat 

Seam J<i kellim 

To Search (^ 1I2». charree, (_^;l^=-*^ 

(j*j^Xj I an'goos- 



To Sear, fcorch, 

mark ^OJJ (^.j (_/-j-v!I 
brcc tanda 
Seafon,, <s.^Uo mafa, 5/.'/^ wafloo 
-of the year »wj*-^ moofim — win- 
^-jXci jfiMyo moofim 

moofim panas 


tor feafon 

ding'in — fiimmer feafon (v^b 

To Seafon, fait, 
mce — rclifli 


X^^ men iraram- 




Seafonablc time cj^jLj »a/. wadloo 

Seafoned («A-eAjgsiL» bafoomboor 
Seat, throne, --VaA^ maligc'i, xi\j 


t_^Lj' tatap 
Security, pledge, c^«3Lj gadee 
Sedition ^a^ gampar, -A^lJ^cJ'^go- 

To Seduce Oci^i boojok, *<_Jt:^«A^^ 

memboojok, aJLs:^ benchana 
To See cjLJ lĕat, ^.uLJLa^ mcltat 
See, behold, c.<A>L» pandang, ccXa^-a-c 
memandang — To let fee, fliew, 
f^XfS^kAj tclelccan 
Seed, grain, /Ji^tAj bidjee — fcmen 
/^ixj cenee, /^^yo menee, / <>SV* 
/^>co menee b-inee, j«)J«/ coon- 
Seeing, the fenfe of feeing, (mJLaJ le'a- 

tan, ^'LJ lycaltatan 
To Seek (^jbsw charrec, &Xj^ char- 

To Seize «---vXaj' tancap 
Seldom cjLi».jarang 
To Seled: /5A.J pillce 
Self ^^ti dirree 

S E ( 

To Sell J L^s», jcw'al 

Seller f}\j=^ i.jj\ orangjew'al, 6fj\ 

Jf «=fc.-j orang bcrjcw'al 
Selvage, border, t^*^' tepee 
Selves (^jJJ^M Qjt^ 6rang findirrcc, 

(^^jOi^/uidirice— thcmfelvesci.lj<^ 

(^^cXJLw deorang findlrrce 
Senate (^ JCic* mantrec 
Senator (^ XJ^ cj «I orang mantrec 
To Send ^^j3 kirrim — To fend away 

(mJu.Lst^ menjaooccan 
Senfc C^tJ prcc 
Senfiblc, tecling, «!umI ju Awjl-y* mcn'i- 

fa pang'rdfa 
Senlitivc (^btwjl^ rafaawn 
Scufual, luft, A*wju nafsoo 
Sentence, decree, ^^L^>yy^ hookoo-IScventy jj^^^:;^' toojoo pooloo 

188 ) SE 

Service, work, (^LxivJ^carjaawn 

Servile AajI ania 

Sening (.jj^!^ /^U^'U bdlayancc la- 

Servitude (^Ixi^^j'carjaawn 
Seflions, court of juftiee, /^^:^ »j'-^— 

bechara hookoom 
To Set, lay, ,^lj' taroo — put^*; bobo 

— plant .JU tanam — as the fun 

O^MgUo mafooc 
Seven A'^yi toojoo — feven flats AJ^OJ» 

Seventeen (j*a-^Lj y^y toojoo bias 
Seventh ^^4J' a/ cG cang ca toojoo 

Seventhly j=?-y «w pG (J^ c^iicc 

t'ang ca toojoo 

mawn, ^o- 

1 "^^ 


(jjbul/ cataawn hoo- 

To Sentence (^^JC< «j"^ hookoomcan 

Sentinel ^y^j3 lelabong, ij^, ^jj' 
orang intee 

To Separate, go from, take from» 
(_^v^2». cherec 

Sepulchre lij»/ cooboor, i^Ls^jarct 

Serious, confidcrate, s-aj 8tAJ\j berke- 
ra kera 

Scrpent_^^' . oolar 

Man Servant (JsUw fakec — maid fer- 
vant, that is free, Xj}Ci day an g — flavc 
Aa»«! amba — menial fervant«x>-« I am- 
ba — fervant of God aAJ ! aa^I amba 
Allah — chief fervant jti»^ AjLjUTca- 
pala mooda 

To Serve, -worfhip, aa^4u*» foomba, 

m^t.j'X^^ menioomba 
• -• ■• •• 


To Sever iSy*f^ cherec 
Several /^JIj iJ b bagec bagec 
Severe, cruel, ^jtj^y^ binjis, (j*^',/ 

eras, (j*^^y 1^^ attee eras 
Severity rw'^ lJi\ attcc eras, /^.-y^ 

To Sew v_-csr'^^ munjib, c:^'-:s».jait 
Sewct V — «Le^J loomak, ^ — «l^aJ lemak 
Shabby (bafc) man aJL\:2>. ^ « I orang 

hjna, ( JC>UliL|paraleutee 
Shackles," fetters, ^-cJLj bdloongoo, 

^J UijLw fangkala 
Shad, fifh, (^-s-' tamban, (j~j<^ (^>^:? 

tcan tamban 
Shade, fhadow, g «cXaJ' tcdoh, ccXjj 

rindang, Xj}.J bayang 
To Shadow, fhade, ^^jj3it<XjJ tcdnh- 

can, 5 *u\>j' (^-j bree tcdoh, (^^jJCajU 


SH ( 1 

Shadows, fplrits, ijb ijb bayang 

Shaft Ajlj iwJtj I ^ «^L- faroong anak 

To Shake a little, jog liquor, c «.zs;-' ♦J 

Shall B<Ac adda — not gtXxAJ" tcadda, 

^j»/^ boocon — be (^tiLs^^ b<-Xc 

adda menjaddee 
Shallow /;|Xc_>o kirringgan — Ihelf that 

runs from the lliore c *>*iij gofoong 
Shallow water 1 «^' tĕhoor 
Shame JLe maloo 
Shameful J '^ (.m-^*^ dung'an maloo 
Shamefulnefs ^j(JL« malooawn 
Shamelefs ^Le *lj' b<-XaJ' cb eang tcda 

taoo maloo — words J »jli». chabool 
Shank, fhin, / Ju) /v*aaaj betis cakkec 
Shape, form, "^tXX>u' telddang, aj«^ 

roopa— of a living creature y<^Jga.Tn- 

Share, part, (_c/^ bagec, (^LjlaJU 

To Share ^^U/U bagcacan, (^^l<v< 

Sharer /^> U^^ (^^n:^^ juree mcmba- 

Shark, fi(h, «:s^ ^J^JC; ecan joo 
Sharp w^kU tajam, ,»^(j' AJ'U» matata- 

jam — pointed c»:s>.«-j ber'oojong — 

fighted *^lj' «JJ'L» mata tajam 
To Sharp (^^Lw^l ahfiican, i^jJL^l/ 

tajamcan — grind (^'li». chance, 

/ ^bsT''^ mcnchdnec 
Sharper ajI«^ »aaj" tfpoo daya 
Sharpncfs j»>b' tajam 

89 ) s H 

To Shave jd/c*. choocor 

She Ajti dea 

She, female, aa>JCo bctfna 

Sheaf /vhO -J bcrkas 

To Shear, clip, (^_jjCx.AjO'^goontlngcan 

Shears(pair of) xXj^ goonting 

Sheath f-^j^ faroong 

To Sheath <^^j^ ^^Iti 0\*«'^ ma- 

fooc ddlam faroong 
Shcath-maker d «^^l-yL» paniarong 
Shed ^--O'ljj , ^a^^Lm larambee ber'- 

To Shed, fpill, A>y<4J" toompa — as hair 

Sheep A>^«ti doomba, (^jAJ bcree 
Shecps dung «xa^^c^ J*,j bootir doomba 
To Sheer, to and fro, j «>k>*i i-^^^^ fim- 

pang fior 
Sheet \:d ^.^jJ<^t*) fel<^moot, c.OUXa>*i 

felindang — of paper cj**^-/ {j*^J*^ 

Coras cartas 
Shell, of a nut, cj^«>v tampoorong 

—of a fifh 

/ ,MK/>.t*i 


ht— of a fhell-fifh c^l/' 

J 4/ coolit 

Shcll-fifh <ici»J godang 
Granado-fhcU p.y^y^ marchong 
To Shell, as pcafe, (j**J.^ coopas 
To Shelter, protect, c 4t>>J lindoong, 

^ «<JJX^ mclindoong 
Shepherd aJLa^*/ combala 
Shepherds hut pcXJl^ booranda 
To Shew a/»j booca 
Shield, target, round, /j*o_» prifee — 

long c »iJ Lm iiilookoong 
To Shift, change, ^jj Um fdlin 


( 190 ) 

& H 

Shin /^yJJ (j**^ betis cakkce, ^^.Ox 
/ Ji/ addapan cakkee — bone i-^jJ 

r._o toolang kirring 

To Shine ajU* chaya, ajU.^^ bcrchaya 

Shining Ajbi-lj bachaya, «\jU- •^-.-i'^-:' 
bcrchaya chaya 

Shining ^buls». chayaawn 

Ship JoJJ" capal 

Ship carpenter Jo'J' ^j/^' toocan 

Ship's after part, ftern, ^JuU' (^yij )y. 
booritan capal — fore part pi J I 
Jul/ alow'an capal — head j^S^y^ 
Jo'/joon'goor capal — bottom, keel, 
Job' O^. pantat ciipal — timbers, 
knees, J.j'/ ci^ilTgading Capal— 
hold c>k^ 4J U kaloomat, Jol/ ul.' «^ 
proot capal — deck J^jI/ c:JLxj' ting- 
kat capal — cabin 5(_>>J,^jbooranda — 
gvinnel, fide, J^J/jAJ bibbir ca- 
pal — Ihip's crew Joj/ gjl awa capal 

Shipwreck A^ti dampar, Jal/«wJUjjj 
roofak Capal, ^;lj karam, pUjU ka- 
Shirt 'l(:ij.>lj baju dalam 

To Shite il^' (^_5-^. peegee tambang, 
v_?^j bcrak,"-«*Aj .jl iSjJ booang 
ay'er befarr 
To Shiver J^*/g6mittar 

Shoal pJ^^ kirringgan 

Shoes /«jjUcaoos, «Joyc^^lj' taroompa, 

^vM j'l/ cauts 
Shoc-laft oj^-' achawan 
Shoe-maker (^^^^ moohy, s-jy 

^ N>J"'J "^Vji orangberbooat cauts, 

A>yc«^'-j vuIajj c ijl orang bcrbooat 

To Shog %^y> goyang 
To Shoot JjcXj Xt**^_ paffang buddcel,. 

at a mark * — iU^J timbak, iwJiA.^J^ 

Shooter v,Ju^ pen'imbak 
Shop pJuii deccan^ C^OU' kadec^ 

(^tXxJj kedee — keeper JU^».^ ^j' 

orang berjew'al 
Shore {J>>^, pantee 
To Shore, prop, ^^ OvAjo toonkat 

Short iwJJcXJu pendek 
Short fpace of time o^cLw faat 
To Shorten (^^JovAaj pendek can 
Shorteft v^'JUj i^ cL; eang Icbbec 

pendek, ^^'JOu' t5'^J lebbee pen- 

dck, t^Lw 6 Jy CS^vi derrec pada 

Shot «j^iAJ peloroo, • i^Lu 50 booa 

pcloroo — fmall Ihot ^jy^f^*» fam- 

To Shove from OU*J' toolak — forward 
1 as:-*^ lan'choor, f-yyt foorong — 

back_^ 4iAJ « oondoor 
Shovel J »JU=^ chankool 
Should 5<Ac adda — not Qvstifc jang'on 

be (^(^Ls:''-* mcnjaddec 
Shoulder »j*Xj bAfoo — blade-bone 

c:-OCJIj p^^^' toolang balccat 
To Shout for joy ^ij^j^ foorak, 

<Jijy^.j ber'foorak 
Shouting, as of an army when going to 

battle *— JCsP tampik 
Show, fight, (^LJlX*j pangcaleatan 


— {lage play xj\j wAyang 

Shower of rain — iXjj a^ A^J oojang 

fa rintik 
Shread J^>^ tampal, ^Jo*)>J_> irrifan 
To Shread (j*^JjJ irris 
Shrill, as % voice, pjlfJ niaring 
Shrimp cci* ooUang 
To Shrink ui^jjlikarookoot 
Shroud, grave cloth, (^-^w/ cafTan, 

CioUi (jjjjxjjj i^jy cay'in boon- 

koos mait 
To Shroud, fhelter, c lAJLLye melln- 

Shrub V — «LeLw famak 
To Shuffle, mix, ^♦x^Si. champoor 

To Shun, go from, J J laloo — ward 
off («Juu" tankis 

To Shut, out, V iLIiJ* toolak — in 

^^Ici ^-jjj'^j tootoop dulam — from 
the fight, as the women are kept in 
India, cxju ping'it 

Shutter, to a window, <-^oblJ' tingkap, 
(w-vxxj" tAAj pintoo tingkap 

Shuttle (^JUj pekan 

Shy, wild, JlJ liar 

Sick CioLw fikit — deadly fick cIajLn 
ajU fikit payah — love fick , X^m^Li 
bilafenec — love fick, as a man, 
jj^lA>uq;lj i^^yi O^ 4jl^ mabooc acan 

Sickle (j*.yol-o 5**>-u pcfoo meng'irris, 

(-(LpU^catamawn, uj. ils:-V. pcn- 
Sicknefs, ^jJIsLkw fakitan, CajUJUj pe- 

191 ) 51 

Side of the body PM-e^ Iambog,n 

e^^ labong 
To lay Siege to c fjbLc meng'apong 
To Sitt ^ Jul ayak, (^^Uul ayakacan, 

v-JLibu» meng'ayak 

Sifting (^ljlj!ayakawn—bafket' iufSyak 

Sigh 5^1 aloh, «.XAi».jeIo 

To Sigh 5^ bC* meng'aloh, tLcsr'-* 

Sight, fenfe of feeing, (^J'LJ le'atan, 

ULiLJju pangleat, a/^ Ai'L« mata 

Sight, look, AJ'Lc ^__?*:i»^'LN fakoojoof 

Sight, ftage play, ijf* wayang 
Sign from heaven c:a^JI alamat 
To Sign with the hand writing »yj 

{•jSj * "uLj" taroo tapak tang'an 

Signet, feal, i— -oj. chap 



i artee 

To Signify to one, to make underftand,, 

(^^^-Xlj^bLc mcng'artecan 
Silence ^ti diem 
Silent ^(3 di^m, j^Oy berdiem 

oolat berfoo- 

Silk 5jJ^ footra 

Silk- worm ^J^^^^c^, 

tra, pj»^^ Aj-)'bJ labalaba ber- 

Silver O^lo perac 

Silverfmith O"^ iS'^^. pandee ptrac 
Similitude .-«l».. 



Simple ;^ «ti«.j bodoc 

Sin 4!Uv ««3 dofa- 

Since, fo long as, aw>XA>*j felama — 

long fmcc 4>ue^' lama 
Sincere J*axj betool — unfeigned 


( 102 ) 

S L 

j^4ji BjtJ sOyJ tcda poora poora 
Sincerity 4X-iyJ*>0u bctoolnea 




To Sine (^gj'^-» niancc 

Sit O «ti «ci doodooc 

Sitter o «ti «ii_j CI.I orang bcrdoo- 



To Singe ^ «Jo I an'goos, y*j tocnooSix »j nam, ^»-iJa nnam 
Singer of toolifh fbngs ^jLoL» bu- 

Singing (^gJtJ /^LoL>y« menianec ni- 

anee, (^Uj'^'niancawn 
Single, not double, jmjo|^_j ^Oouu' tc- 

adda bcrlapis 
Single, unmarried man, c*2».4jboo- 

jong — conciition c*:s>.«j <;^yj prce 

Singly, man by man, a>*. c_^ijI Amj a»*. 

*i Lij fa fa orang fa fdkoo 
Sink, gutter, (^^t^Ly*, iel6ran 
To Sink ^^Ixii' tin'galam 
Sinner <!um«(^-j dul orang berddfa 
To Sip uj «_» irrop 
Sipped ^_^-ajL« mcng'irrop 
Sipper ^»^oL) peng'irrop 

Sixth J} iS ^ L» cang ca nam 

Sixteen iy*kj w' nam bias 

Sixthly J a/^L» (J I/ calcc <?ang ca 


Sixty J^ j>J nam pooloo 
Size A>J_M*Aj bcfarnea 




Sky cxcS* lang'it 
Sky colour cxc^ «,xj biroo lang'it 
Skilful, at work, (__C(_X>L> pandee 
Skilful, underftanding man, 

/J»jbu orang pcng'artce 
To Skim (^^.(lX>^ chcdoccan 
Skimmer lJ «cXas». chedoc 
Skin cx)*J^ coolit 




Sirrup aJaJ" _»I ay'ergoola 

Sifter jmUa-^jLi ■sj\C^y^ foodira param 
poan — cldeil Ajslj» (^L>^)L) ^y.C^t^ 
foodara parampoan kaka — ^}'oungell 
i_J»til (^l«-ye;lj 5^lti*>*j foodiira pa 
rampoan adek — in law, halffifter, 
iSy^ o'*^1-'^ 8j!0* 4AW foodara pa- 
rampoan tirrec — in law, brother's 
wife, ^jlvyc^'-J jAj ipar parampoan 
— in law, married to two brothers, 
^jI^^a^Li {j^^rfiJ biras parampoan 


Sifter's hufband 
lakkcc lakkce 

:i^ i J^ 



To Skin /JC' «-Tcoolittec 

To Skip, leap, k^>^^ loompat 

Skirt / -AyfJ tepee 

Skirt, in the body, the diaphragm, 

/ ^>i-y*. CJ*^ ci>«j^Un falapoot 

proot fenee 
Skittifli^LJ liar 
Slack, as a rope, jJ^ ooloor, ui^^A-cdJ 

loomboot — water ^aas». ^I a'yer he- 

ninjr — ft ill water x «cXaJ' _,•! ay'cr 

n e^ .. jr. J 

To Slacken (u^t'^S oolooracan, 

^^^Ju«A-«J loombootcan 
Slacknefs, ftowncfs, ^^JC*^^ lambatan 
To Slack, afluagc, iyj\ « o powvvas 
To Slander, curfe, Ooi^^jSk h6jat 

S L 

Siander aa-JCaj fctcna 
Slandering (^'s^s». hcjatan 
Slanting p JjA*** ferong 
To Slap A^' tampar 
To Slalh (^jSJo:jj ran tinge an 
Slate^jU 5 J loh biitoo 


Slave ^X*p^ lafcar, jCsw^ c^ijl drang 

lafcar — born in the houfc aa^I amba 

— prifoncr of war i^'jlj' tuwan, 

^jJl^'J tawanan — bought (^^^^y 

Slavery JC*,^' lafcar 
Slaughter ^\jj^j^ pemboonooawn 
To Slay «.Jo hoonoo — knock down 

/JCa.j ban tee 
Slaiii /AAJ_j berbantce 
Sleep JjtXo tcdorc j 

To Sleep quietly Lj^tU>.j i.<A>0' tcdore To Slumber 

Sleeping j ««.Xaj'Ij bdt^dore 

103 ) SM 

Slinger (^^JaLx>.' (J>L>. db cang pakee 

To Slip sr^'Ub" tacalinchir, O^^lil 

/Ju'' autooc cakkec 
Slip, fprig, XjL>. chiibang 
Slippers jjwlJ^ cauts, ax^^^iIj" ta- 


;>-'l/ c^Iinchir, 



Slit aJLo bela 
To Slit (^_^JIaj b<^ldcan 
Slope c ^j>y*) fcrong 
Slothful /ww^Le milas 
Sloth fulncfs^^_,a*j^U malafan 
Slow, lingering, cwJ lena 
Slownefs (^_jJC<<^ lambatan 
Sluice, dam, (m-^-»' apitan 

jtil J ber'adoo, 
0«ju! mata antooc 
Slumbering O AAJbLe ajLo mita mcng'- 
Sleeping place ^jbj*t\u'_) pertcdorcanj antooc, lJj>JU^ mcng'anto»c 

Sleepy cJ^JsiAi.^" meng'antooc, .u''^^ ^"'^''^' ^!'.^''' '^-' '^^'' 
jjcXaj maoo tcdore j^""^'^^ ck^^ kechecl 

SlcTve \j^ ling'an— of a coat ^i Small value ^^1 aring'an 
4^1-. ling'an baju jSmallcll ^ _ 

Slender ^_^^y lampee, ^J^ fence | ^"^^'^^^^ ^^ ^^^«^^ ^^''^^ 

' -"• ' ....•• fSmart, of a wound, jti'.j padih 


^Jiy t^U- .w. J.:s-^ 

Slender ft'ream, as voiding iirinc, 

/ ,_AAwj 

Slice cjX\.j paii'gal, (^mjj j irrifan 
To Slice (^jwdu^ irrifcan 

To Slide ^^-sr^'U' c<iiinchir 
To Slight gti^L 

Sling ^ij hgang, ^^^XaULl II 
To Sling, throw, ^^GJiJ ligangcan, 
XXa.'L« nialigang 

To Smear, grcafe, / jLyUi min'yakkcc 




To Smell to j^^^Lc^j^ choomdcan 
Scnfe of fmcliing ^2*. choom, ^«: 

.k-*^ meuat mooda c i. r/L ti •. • f t- i 

■■.-., .-. jSmelt, a filh like it m India, jcjUi. 


j apoh , tj *>^J le mbooroo 
To Smile ^j^'^^ fmjom 
To Smite," ftrikc, J^-J^j poocool 

3 C 

S N 

( 191 ) 

5 O 

Smith I ^>^J vj^*^ toocan bcirce. To Snuff a candle (^-'^Ai ^jJjLX'jo' 
( e^ L^<->^ paudee bcffcc — gold- goontingcan dian 
Iriilth (j^i^y toocan mas, c^cXaj; Pair of Snuffers ^jbti j^^ViXl aJ goon- 
(yj^'O pandce mas 

Smoke k_-\«jl aflap 

To Smoke, fuck, v--^.>v. '^^'T — tobacco 
*/U-e4j syU*».f| iffap toombacoo 

Smooth, pUiin, aj\j rata 

To Smooth, poUfli, (^o'^goopan 

To Smother, fuffocate, rv^^A-' Icmas 

Smothered (j**~f^ (5^'^ imtcc Icmas, 
,/J icmas 

To Smut (.kXc ••:::*. choriniTcaix 
Snail ^t oonam 

Snake J » oolar 

tinagan dian 
To Snuffle (^N raban 
So, jufh fo, ^^JJ^,fy^C> dcmckcn 
To Soak (^.X-ecXJ,! rindamcan 
Soaked ^OJ^)'-J biirindam. 
Soap (^(ivjLw laboon 
To Soar c:^^;'^. panjat 
To Sob, \vccp, fjj^iXo mcn'ang'is 
Sober, moderate, ^cAawj fcdang 
Sobriety, moderation, (^jJijĔ<AA>^ fĕ- 

danggau, ^^J\ «<JW^ moodooawn 
Society, of few, ^^^j.^^" ^;^V tummun- 


To Snap afundcr ^j^aJ; rantan 

Snare, trap, ^^-. icrat, r .1:^. iaring.'Soft ^j^-^ji loomboot 

OL)L:^jabak, i^r^lj riichik 
Snared ^^:^y^ aaajj kena jerat 
To Snarl, as a dog, ^y^ *— ^V^ chok 

To Soi'tcn ^S.'i^.^ji loombootcan 
Softly, llowly, (^:s^J'b ^j^^^b pala- 
han paluhan 

Softncfs ^^_^J»A-« J loombootan 

chok — Scold -X'aJu balcter, Ai^'v»^ c •^ r 1 j r u • 1 ii>' - 

7 •• • -^ • J^ Soil, for land, ,\rs».U baja, /JJiyca-. 

To Snec/e (js^jJ berfm 
Snipe (jjticAAj' candiddee, ^* \»~> 

(^(SCkXS booroong candiddee 
To Snore ^jsj[; riiban, ;^I^^ mcraban 
To Snort J o ItiU badagoor 
Snot . vwotj Inoi'oos, c *cXj ..vjU nanah 

Snout c «<J^j cdong 
Snawjcs!i.^ilj' talaja 
To Snuff" up, iccnt, ^^^/Lc».:^ choo- 

Snuff ol Jiboo — of a candle 

aboo di'an 



Soil /«-^Vo mooting, ^t-c*J loomoor,. 



To Soil ^Jyl^«:^ clioomoorcan 
Sojourner o^J»-* ^j' <5rang moonooii 
Sold Jl*i^ s<^>*^ ibodajew'al, Jl»:^ j 

berjcvv'al, JLs:'^ menjew'al,. 

ii^ atWu fooda lakoo, JL:i>.jc\v'al 
Soldier i^^}~i i-j^ 6rang biprang 
Sole of tlie foot / Jb' v^jU" tapak ca 




/gjO « — «.jU" tapak cak- 
*j" toomit cakkec 

Sole, only, <s;i».LN faja 

Sole fifh 8^\aJ (^^^ ccan Icda 

Solemnize (^^UJ «u,-*^ memooliacan 

s o 
To Solicit c\XX^ minta 
Solicitor at hiw Jj^-: baggoam 
' «j*i folimaan 

So?! man ^J 

Solitar}' / ^*>^ I'oonec 

105 ) So 

Sought (^^Uj. charree 
Soul 5«Uj niuwa, 5^:5^ jcwa 

Some cjU barang 

c J «.>vg OijI anak foolong — youngcft 

Son / ^i^' V ijlanak lakkcc — £rft born 

Sound / Jfcjbooncc — of ^"ind 
fjj±.\ booncc ang'in 

-J «.J 

To Sound a trumpet '(_^ Ai_j.j S^'^aj 

tiop namfyrree, ([^C.^ii-^ o^C'^*^ 
booncc can namfyrrec — the depth ot' 
water <sJ\i loga 
boongfoo-^in law, the Ion of huf-j Sound, in health, ja^aj^ Ibomboo — 

/ c^ii C_S^ *A«NA^ 

band or wife, by a former marriage, 
'• / JjJ <-J»^ (CJ Oij! anak tirrcc 

lukkee lakkee — my Ion /3^-^ * — ^j' 
'«■'»•> anak lakkee ko — in law, daugh- 
1 -ter's liufband, 

mcn'antoo Uikkce lakkee 
Song mjIaJUj nlaneawn — a love fong 

%.x^ damping 

v^jl ^ ^^^Jy bidjce ratap 
Sonnet ^y^_ pantoon 
Soon, quick, u-aJo bang'at — prefently 

_\ajU; fiibantar 
To Soothe, flutter, ^^iii^j boojok 
Soothfayer iy^-^J gjj' orbing berta- 

Sop B «•» qua 

To Sop, dip in, a:s:<S> checha 
Sorcery ;^xj»i». hobatan, ^^|^mj 

Sore OoUj fakit 
Sorrow \Jixi'jCi doocaawn 
Sorrowful, troubled, J^>w foocar, 

, Jl A,*j*>iJ- foofa attee 
Sorry for aXJ^jJ berchmta 
Sort (j^*;^=>.jcnis, AJj\j warna 
Sot» .drunkard, ^^.^j/Aaj pcndcmab 
Sovereign prince (^tils:'^*''' fmjaddcc 

afleep (_^iAxwj^)«cXaj" tedore fedap 
Sounded, the depth, aj J jO*-^ loo- 
da loga 
Sounding, a noifc, (^l^*viLi baboo- 

Sour j,i*kAe maffam, *akiI affam — To 
make four (^X-^^nI afllimcan 
mournful fong'Sourifh c^JulXaak, j,>j.,.^ maffam fcdi^kit 

Soumefs -j^j.^ maffam 

South ^jJ'JLm fiilatan 

South-eaft i,::jj^ j»^" timmore laoot, 
1^ ajLs) «Xan, (^j^Ln fiildtan fa 
mata timmore, g,J^j tan'gara 

South-weft ui.;,'L/ ^jjO'Lw lalatan barat, 
c^jlj dJ"U «-Wj ;^j'^L« flUatan fa ma- 
ta barat, AylO> i-i-^iL' barat di'iya 

South- wind i^'J^'t^i (^^il ang'in fala- 
tan — fea ^jwjO'Ln u:jj!)' laoot Ullatan 
— ftar ,^.>'Lk. ,'tAAj bintang fiUatan 

Sow A/LyL^j (c^*^ bobbee bctina 

To Sow corn 'i4.jIj' taboor, ^♦a^I am- 

Sowed n^s^l^ bcr'amboor, iaa^LL» 
mcn'amboor — ^Ixind / •%! 1 *j Uj pcn'a- 

Sower \y>\^i pen'aboor, ^»*>>^' {^j 
juree amboor 




Space, opening, xj^' l;ii>ang 

Spade Jl kiJc^ chanl<oul 

Spain /SJi^ (S-^ negrce Callella ' 

Span J._iJb>.jancall 

Spaniard aX^>*/ d » jl orang cailella 

Spaniel yj lJ^U^s:^^' anjing m;ilooc 



ay er 
Spar »>*.Lrcafa\v, dJ\j' gali 
Sparing, thrifty, 0\^A:i^jcmat 
Spark__^U^ siar 
To Sparkle iU.>*<-j bersiar 
Sparrow cxy^j p'^pit, 

bootoong pcpit 
Spawn of a fifii i^X> mAju' tclorc ccan 
To Speak Ju'iy ciita 
Speaker ajUIj (^ i*.^jurcc bacata 

IQO ) P? 

Spice (\y««j room pa 
•Spider tU^ Aj^ laba Idba 
Snijrot c:aa-c«*m foombat, 

Spike ,»i.j^' h'lbang 
Spikenard ^j^tijU nardus 
To Spill A>y«*J toompa 
To Spin, by hand, ^^Xj\ anteh — thread 

jij^xj aajI anteh bduang 
Spindle, to wind on, c^o*.!; rahat 
Spinning-wheel c:o*.tj rahat — wheel 

CX/t-o c « KJ 


to wind on ^^j^ijuJ Hkai:in 
Spire (__^(JsjUj' ti'andy, '-::jt^»J^c6moot 
Spirit, ihadow, xjLi bayang — an evil 

fpirit (jwyLl iblis, ♦AU:;». hantoo, 


Speaking (^IjVcatawn, <;uyi.j'l/catanca,S{)irit, lonl, pjUj niawa — diftillcd ipi- 

Spear, long, i jla^J» 

^*>^^ lambing 
Speck v_JuLJ; rintik 

tambak — Ihort 

tit ^j^ arrak — double diftillcd fpirit 
/^jI s— ^jI arrak appec 
Spit > — <:^L> pichak 

Spcdlacles ajLc (M-A^.j^=i. chcremccn To Spit >wJLi».L,>-« memiichak — to turn 

mata, ajLo « |*.^w fooroo muti 

the fpit OL:i.lj -«-wj^J poofing pachak 

Speech, language, t-u^lj baU — talkiSpite, envy, cijjcXaam fedoot, /Jo<JS 


LxJ'lJ cataawn 



I c^oLn fakit attee 

Speech, fernion, (MlAJt/ cataawn,lSpiteful cjj<Aa>*.-j ber'l'tdoot, OoLm 


Speechlels ♦aw^ by'foo 
Speed Ci^io bang'at, s^Xawj fcgra 
Speedy, nimble, fjjJs.'Aj pantas 
To SpcU K^Aj<>-. ^JSJf^ men'giirang 

To Spend Asr^ L> balanja — waitcfully 

jj;l cUj booang arta, jj)l (^.^(y**j' 

ab'is can arta 

3 «MJ 

.-J I 

Idkit at tec 
Spleen tX-*.^ OoLw fakit limpa 
To Splice CL.'«_Ajjg ft'root. 



Splinter, chip, A>,^**. fampa 
To Split aA-o bela 

To Spoil ij«^ rooboo, V iLgs,* » roo/Iik 

Spoils 4/LaJ*j boniaco 
Spoon \^ «lAAwg fandook 

Spendthrift as'^Ij clj cang bulanja Sport, pallimc, (^^U m^in, i-jXA^Kj 
Spent «!csr^ L> sf^v*" fuodabalanja pamainan 

S P ( 

sporting, jcfting, jjj-^ bagooroo 
Spot, natural, ^—JiXJj rintik, ^.^Xj^^ 

foopak, 4.JL> panoo 
To Spot with dirt ^JJ^)J.=5. chorlngcan, 

(^jJj«-«*^ chomoorcan 

S I" 

1,97 ) 
To Spura horlc idjf t^jX^J tajccan 

cooda, 5t:W'|^ /J;)L^c nieng'iir- 

tee can cooda 
To Spurn ^-Jls:^.-^ injak 
To Spy, betray, *.,j*>.::a. hirraoo — 

Spotted jj'ul; bapanoo— with dlrtj hearken ^^j mtec 



d^^rsr^^ mcnchoring 

Spotleis / .-r^j-^. choochce 

Spout, pipe, i^jjisp^-^. penchoran 

To Spout out its;-'^ lan'choor x. ^ . 

^ r. 1 -^^ , 1 T W^'^t Iquarc ^;«^s:^ pcnjooroo 

To Spread open »!o «.j booca — as a cloth ^ -' • 

, -^' i Squat, iliort and thick, •'" 

^! ampar 

Spread, opened, «\/*j'-j" tabooca 

Spreading, opening, ^^lJO^*J boocaawn 

Spreading tree '^Ji.^j ^j^^j puhone 

Sprig ,'L('-^ chabang, (j*jS.i-j ranggas 
Spring lealbn (j>4Ju!; riibingon 
To Spring, as water, \J>.j^'j tcrbit 
Spring of water ^1 AJ'Lo mata ay'cr 
To Sprinkle with the hand ^i^:i»A2> 


cjj\ orang hlfmoo, c ^-^x^ 
Iclaboong, Jj^^ Ibolo 
S(}uarc (^^>.Lwy Ci^A^I ampat pcrfaji— . 
flat Iquarc ^ i«:s:-' 

fVi tagap 
To Squeak, as any creature wliea 
caught, jXJJIj batango, «.— Ju^j 
To Squeeze, throng, mj oofir 
To Squeeze, as any juice, ^^ pra — prcfs 

c:-vjbC« mengapit 
Squib (^^.' <^^J boonga appce 

To Squint Ai'U i^XjJjj' goolingcan 

i Squirrel L^ii^^j*, foojab 


Sprinkled ^.>oo 

.^^Ajy^ memrom, 

..jj J ber- ^^^'^^ (^^^■'•tV* v*i foonipitan 


-'«^^*:i>. choo- 

■^ ^ |To Squirt j^zs:-',)' lanchoor, (^_^;Cye4 

Spritlail AjjOJ^>,..^y layer fcman-' ^oompitcan 

jj.|^ To Stab jtJl/o' tikam, i. 

Sprovit, of a tree, rj^xtj ranggas chook — with a lance 

To Sprout (v>v>j«j' toonas, Q^vJijU ba- pakcan 

toonas — grow big «Ay^y tonmbo 'Stable, firm, jiJ'i.j togo 
Sprouts, of trees, ^^,^^J i^vLxa^j tam-;Stablc 6J\^3 kandang 

baawn pohone iStack i^*j^.^j tamboon — of hay «s^ 

>JaJ coolat, Cj'-^ «.\i:«.j| ui;*>ye»^ 0*'^t-' ^'' tamboon room - 

Spur /^s^l-J tiijcc, 3(3^ ^^M<3 doorec Staff AJb^gala, i.'j[j batang— of a pike 


boonga carang 

cooda — of a cock j»^l 



ay'am — of any fowl «.j^«j.k. fbofoo 

lance, « — <-^v'*' ^^^"^p-^'^j ' — *-^^^ 
toobak — fla'i rtatt , LU«j xj'_. Iv.- 
3D ^ ' -^ ' - 


( 108 ) 


tang toon'gal — walking flafF J'y Star-board jjl/canam 

Stage, theatre, Pv^* nanglong 
Stage player CiSd diilang 
Stage play ijL wayang 
To Stagger ^y^'goyang 
Stain AJA'C mooting 
To Stain ^^jSJCit^ mootingcan 
Stair, flep, aXaj tan'ga 
Stake, poft, CiJu^' toonkat — of a 

fence -jLj^jU' cayoo paga — at play 

• ilj'b bataroo 
Stale, old, a^^ lama 
Stalk, of corn, herbs, ;t.jlj batang, 

i.jLs» chabang — Hem of fruit, corn, 

AJ'Le miita 
Stall, (hop, C^cili kadce — in a flable 

&Xtj ringga 
To Stammer ^U^gakap 
To Stamp upon «w>_i irrik 
Stamper, pcftlc, jJl aloo 
To Stanch, flop, (^*l^U>y* mcnaha- Stay ii'U kakang 

Starch ^j^^l/garoos, i^^^^ yj ay'er 

To Stare upon doJupandang 

Starry «JOjLj babintang 

Starry Iky xaajU c^^ lang'it babin- 

To Start, for fear, i,::^42».»/lj' tacoojoot 
— from flcep c^o».ljl/tj tacarajat 

To Starve ^j^ e>^<^ U^Ls^'-^ matoĕ 
can dung'an lapar 

Starved _j^ L_^^ matec lapar, ^ ^ L, 
-j^ 5cXj C^^ci miitee derrec "pada 

Starving -j^ i^^y*. foocaran lapar 

State, condition, C^-jpree 

Stately, proud, AJu*:^ choonka 

Station cXk^' tampat 

Statue, image, j-s-^ gambar 

Stay, tarry, (^JCiJ nantec 

To Stay ^^^Ly.>J nanteacan 

nee — blood 5^»l«i'(^l^UA-6 mcna- 
hanee dara 

To Stand (Sj'^'^. b^'iiiree 

Standard, flag flafl', j-iijjj' ciLy' tiang 
toon'gal — king's flag (_^-^v panjec 

Standing iSj'^ ^)"^^. ^^dirree dirree^ 

Star «JvUo bintang — the morning ftar 
c.La^ %j^> bintang fcang, A^^ 
, jaj bintana; bobbee — the eveninH; 
ftar .^ij ^*->*^ bintang zahar — feven 
ftars AJiAJJ kartika — blazing ftar 
(.^^-v^l o (iXJu bintang ber'aiTap, il^i 
ijjj-j bintang ber'ecor — ftar that 
Ihoots ^J! 


Xaj bintang ber'aleh 

Steak, of flefli, ^Js/lt^ /j*>y »!u*j fa irrii 

To Steal (^jc^*^. penchooree, 

(^jy:^*^ menchoorcc, (^ lis*.. 

Stealer (^^ i^rs:'*^. penchooree 
Stcdfaft *J^' togo ^ 

Stedtaftnefs, firm, qUj^J togoa^vvn 
To Steer (^Ciy^S aA!aj pegang ca- 

Steer's-man (;_j^ti^-«l/(_^ t^r^^jurec ca- 

Steel A2:*lj bajah, f^J^fy' cooloolec, 

aAaAa^ / ^M*J beflee melcia 

S T 

( 199 ) 


Steel, to fee the face In, Is pollfhcd and 
ufed by the Indians, inftcad of a look 
ing-glafs, Ari^U ^^^^-A^cheremcen 

Steel to ftrikc fire ^^jI / <.mwJ bcffcc 

Steeple, tower, (_^cXjLm* tiandy, nj^yt 

Stench lJ **>j«.j « *Ij bawoo boofooc 

•Step, pace, <sXiL,s». janca — foot-Hep 

/ Ji/ ^ 'kAj tapak cakkce 

Step by ftep «OCa^!»^ <OUo».^ berjanca 

Step- of a ladder, ftair, •C^xXj pankat 
Step-mother (^ J «W ma tirrcc 

To Stifle (SM^ Icmas, (^Xwj.^ Ic- 

Stifled (j^^ Cs"''^ matec Icmas. 
Stile, form, A^tj* oopama, (^rJ pr^C 
Stile, idiom of the court, «>l^Lj 4 

^jjgJ.:>.Lo oopama majelis 
Stile, to go over, cO^j" tanga 
Still, calm, y »i_\aJ' tedoh 
Still, place, /^' ».>^ «-^^vsp tampat foo- 

ncc — to diftill, liq^uor, y^j^^^ coo- 

To Still, diftill fplrits, '^j\ ry^^^yi 

J I bercoocoos arrak appee 
Stilts, crutches, <^'LyLo c:Ju *y toon- 

kat kctcak, *J.l/ (_5*-^ cakkee cayoo 


Stern, countenance, ^^ a/^^ mooca, Sting that is forked v£»^vj^ fan'goot 
maflam To Sting ( ^^'^sa.*:;». choochookcan. 

To Stew, boil, (^0>-\>Lo mcndiddcc 

Stew, lewd houfe, ^^^\O^J^^..i^^^J 
Tooma pefoondalan 

Steward (^jO^j bandarree, (^j 

Axj Im LxJCo jurec pcgangartanea 
St-cwed (>w«.j|j raboos 
To Stitch,! few, CioLci». jait 

Stick a^jW cayoo, ^jlj''p«,XJ*.j poon- 

toong cayoo — little ftlck ^j}/ i^jl 

anak cayoo 
To Stick in *>_^:i»*.^ choochook 

Sticking to l:x3v.aJ L» balecat 

Stiff, numbed with cold, fi,ckncfs, i^lj; 

To Stiffen with ftarch 


mengdroofcan, (^.Cjj Ugaroofcan 

Stlffnefs, by cold, fickncfs, »ilj kakoo 

— by the eramp (^jv*,f^lil/ cakarafan 

To Sting ^S^^::^j:^ 

i-hj^JJUaa-^ menian'goot 
Stinking, rotten, lXjj.s,*^ boofooc 
Stinking fmcll C-T^am^j ••!_> bavvoa 

Stipend (^Lxj « oopaawn 
To Stir Ti S gra, »j-^Cj bergra 
Stock, block of timber, JOJ o toongul 
Stocks, fetters, ^i^J loongoo, *i^lL> 


a/ Pjj'-^x 

Stockings Bj^yo meeza, / 
faroong cakkee 

Stoker /^jj ^ v. < oopak appee 

Stomach', maw, JcJvaa^I ampcdal 
Stone, brick, 4lJ'Lj biitoo 


Stone-wall ^.i'L» ccXJvi dinding bitoo 
Stone of any fruit /^o\j bidjt 
Stone-cutter *j'U -j'^aj ^ rjl orangpen- 

ookir batoo 
Stone, difeafe, *j'L< cxj',^ fdkit batoo 

ST ( 

To Stone, caft a ftonc at a man, jAJ^' 

♦jlj looatar batoo, j.'j\j w^ limpar 

Stoned to death yij -Xiji <^ (^gj'-* nia- 

tcc dc loontar batoo 
Stones rvJ'U /vj'-j batoo batoo 
Stone's throw ^U y^'-«' filixnpar 

Stony, rocky, ^j^^-j bcrcarang 
Stool ,^^JI alias, f^jC>jCi{J^ cddoo- 

doocan — chair (_^Jj^ crooree — 

To go to ftool 8j^J bera, ^jl cl^j 
v„ A« booang ay'cr bcfarr 
To Stoop, bow, ^^«(Joy toondooc 




S T 

To Straddle ijixi kangkang, iJuLj^ 

To Straggle, go aftray, c^oLm (^'t> 

icUan ialat 
To Strain, liquor, (j*ijlj" tapis 
Strainer ^^^jo^^jIj' taplfan 
Straining ^^JM^[J tapifan 
Strait (3*>yu bctool 
To Straiten i-^jCJ w.j bctoolcan 
Strand, fca coaft, /^aaj pantcc, (^^ 


Stranded, caft a (horc, jA^ti dampar 
Strange, uncommon, d iL:i>.jarang 
Stranger, foreigner, i^jy^ A;j' orang 

horgay, iSJ^fj^ orangjaooce, 

To Stop,ftaunch,^ylJ>U^-<mcniihanee ^j^ • ] '^^^^^ aflmg 
Stop, hindrance, " c:ou>^ fankot — in^- l--. 1_.... /___: 


writing, a point, ^^^-J' taji 


To Strangle i^i>o>.»^coojoot 
Strangled u:^^a/Ij' tacoojoot 

oppage of the Stomach •i^\<^ ^«JU,U Stranguary ^^;! ^Uj ^_^^j ^-^,3 CiviU 

fafak dida (^y^ ^^'^^^ ^'^'^^^ ^'^'^^"'^ booang ay'cr 

Stopped ^.::^"*J"lj batootoop fjnce 

Strap j.OJLmj fandang, (^Uu ccatan 
Stratagem «Xj'<^ daya, «aaj' tipoo 
Straw / ^^iL^ jarammec, iiiXj batang 
(Straw hat «Xa::^ aA-os. chclo chelo 

Stopple CX»^». foombat 

Store, trcafure, 8<->^.J bcnda — ftore of 

provlfions /Jouj^ rczekec, (J/L> 

To Store lip ^^jS}y^tJ coompoolcan 
Storm "-cjk-^j reboot 
To Storm, as a caftle, S±.^ langgar, 

.Xi^U-c melanggar 
Story, talc, ^^sLcJOw^^ cherltraawn — 

of a houfe, upper floor, «Vc «j cr^Juu 

tinkat rooma 
Stove, to bathe in, iyX>l> tang'as 
Stout . ^Lj brance 
Stout riian igJ'rJ Pjj' orang branee 




iv' '.AW fala — wander 

To Stray, err, 

CawwLm fdfat 
Stray flicep c^\/>^Lw cU .\>^ici doomba 

eanci; fl'ilat 
Streak, hnc, jw^Ubaris 
Stream, tide, iyj^j\ iiroos 
Street p^ji^i loorong, (^1^ jalan — & 

hyc ftreet (^^OIa^mj fimpanggan 
Streight, narrow fpac*:, Xj J iapang 
To be Streight, confined, Ovyc***! 



( 201 ) 


To Streighten, confine, ^jJC*jI>*j (afa.k- 


Strength ^jjcooat, a=».L/ gaja — hj 
ftrcngth cjL/ (^j-ici dung'an cooat 
Strengthen ^^uWf^^^ brce cooat 

Strengthened icj(^^ bcr'cooat 

Strong waters f^^^ J\ ay'er coo- 
coos, i^\ *«-^l arrak appee 
Strong wine (j^i/j^j' an'goor eras 
To S trow, fcatter, _^«,jLj' taboor 

To Struggle 

l/lj' tacaUnchat 

To Strut, proudly, <sJu 4=a. choonka 

To Stretch, lengthen, ^^^^JJcsl^, pan- Stubborn, ftiff, Jj teggar 

To Strew )*>-<( amboor 
Stridly, diligently, ^^^j r^jing — 

mightily ci-oLw fang'at 
Stride, pace, AjCLs^janca 
To Stride, ilcip over, ^^JjUj^ lan- 

kawcan, «UusXy* mclankaw 

Student /^^Lxj 


:b ^.:ij»*^ moont 


eang men'gajec 
Studious ji^^Kj -i^l; "■''ying belajar 
To Study (^^:s^iy"gajee, ^a».lXLt 

Stuff, material to work on, jj^IxcXff'j 


ajkAjb babanta 
To Strike <J jiV» poocool 
String 1^ tallee 

Strife, contention, j-jcXa^». chidera, To Stuff" into a hole /jwu^*j' toomis 

To Stumble g aJujwj foontoh, a»AJ**w(j 
tafnontoh, / ^A-T jj*aj*wjIj' tafoontoh 
To String, as an inftrument, (^^^'UUi' Sturnbled 5»JCJ*>*j(j' taibontoh 

8<Ju / Jo' kcnacan tallee pada — as Stumbling (^l^fcAJuVvwl!»" tufoontohawn 

Stump foot V «ubs^ chapik 

Sturdy, ftrong, i^^^XS gaja 

To Stutter v»^U gagap 

To Subdue ijjjlalla, aJJbL« mcng'alla 

Subduer Xi>y« cU f^'jl orang eang 

beads /swJ'vs-^ meng'ootas 
To Strip, peel, (^j>*^.^ coopas, ^J!^ ^ 

Stripe, blow, i^j^j^. poocoolan 
Stripped, naked, jLsz-'J'b-j" tertalan- 


To Strive v-JuU tapik 
Striving i^U^ o'j~^^^:V* mclawan lawan 
Stroke, blow, JLjLm fapaloo 
To Stroke <^^j^ ooroot 
Strong i>:ul*/ cooat, ^v^■/ eras 
Strongeft g *y«Lw gcXj (^^«3 cy^-J eras 

dcrree pada famoa, c:j(*/ / IaJ leb- 

bee cooat 
Strongly ^j^J" cr^i, (j**-/ i^C^ dung'an 



\j ^jj\ orang 

Subjed: aJIj bala, 

Subjected ^jUjIj batuan 

Subjected people aJL*j c^«I orang taalla 

Subjeftion aaJI ti'L» batuannea 

Subjects in arms, a lawful army, 
5-ilJuO'Lj bdlatantra 

To Submit, obey, -jLi>. habar — reve- 
rence Aj^y*t foomba 

To Suborn CiOCbU meng'ancat 
3 E 

S U ( 202 ) S U 

To Subfcribe i.:d;4>uU-« m'-nioorat SufFcrable {^jJiJJ d cx>!<3 ^(j ĕang da- 

Subfidy (^ JO A oopctee pat de tahan 

To Subfift ^^^JZO^ addaawn To Suffice «0 gtiLi padah la 

Subftance, cftate, aj;I arta, J./Ij bacaljSufficcd ^'1 (j*^^jjJ powwas attcc 
Subftantial, of a confiftence, ^O^ adda Sufficient, able, v^^l arif 
Subilitutc, to aft in another's behalf. To Suffijcate (j**^ lemas 

sO.Xjy pcrtanda, b^-^^'jJ P^j' "rang Suffi)catcd ;j^^ (^'^ matee Icmas 

Suffrage, vote, t_^l2». chakap 
Sugar ^iJaS goola 
Sugar-candy ajU «sJ^J goola batoo 

Sugar-cane ^aaj' teboo, «jy' toboo — 

mill, prefs, ^J^' {^j-^} apitan t6boo, 

Ajy O-ol apit toboo 
Suit of clothes i-^Ci^ o'^'^. P^^*^"^'^ 

Suitable, convenient, '-njob patoot 
Sulphur ^ «.>J-J blcrong 
To Sum up Civ-.l.jy«»Sfc joomclat 
Sum <Jtio« moodal 
Sumatra ^wJ^cXjl andclis, ajUwUUo 


pertanda, i^*^ Pjj' orang gantee 
To Subtrad '\,0^_ iSj'^ cV-S*' ambil 

derree pada 
Subtil, crafty, VwJ»w\j-a:s- cheredik, 

Ajiti day a 
Subtilty, deceit, *axj' tipoo, Ajiti daya 

To Subvert 



Suburbs «Nj'ii i*.JUti (mvs»-^' campoon 

deloor kota 
To Succeed, in place. 

in bufmcls AJ'^ lakoo 

gantee — 

Succcfs, profit, c «xJ. oontoong 
Succefsfully performed^ ^j berlakoo 
Succeffively, in order, iwj-s» ^~m^ mafs- 

ing maffing . 
Succcffor, in a family, ^21.42». «wijl 

anak choochoo 
Succour ^jJvi:*J*J 


To Succour c J ^' tooloong 

Such / ^A<O^J buggenee 

To Suck v_--u*kjifap 

To Suckle (^y^jjt^ meng'oofooc, 

y^yM C^'^ l^rce foofoo 
Sucker, branch, ^v«>l>Li'^gintas 
Sudden Ci\jL> bang'at, jJoovw fegra 
To Sue jJilA^ mlnta — at law ^1 «.Xj ba<£- 

Suet ^ij^jS gomook, ^-Ji^^ lemak 
To Suffer, permit, y^ bear 

Summer (j^^jLj AawL* mafa panas, »»*i*-« 

(jaJL) moofim panas 
Summcr-houfe / Aj bailee 
To Summon (JJu pang'il 
Sumptuous, as buildings, /jjJLo^'* 

Sun (^Cjl^ ^ut* mata harrec — beams 

iSj^ AjLo JLa>*< sinar mata harree 

— fliinc C_^^l^ «xJLc Ajbi. chaya mata 

harree, ^jt^ JuU 5-J trang mata 

Sunday <A^! uhad, J\ib! (^ tl^ harree 

ahad, cXjLw fabad 
Sunk ^.^'U-ij' J bcrtin'giilam 

s tr ( 

Sundry, forts, QtJ<.<:^ j^nis — many 
OLyL» ban'yak. (Vid. Grammar.) 

Supercargo 5<3j/\jl anacooda 

Superfluity «x,;y^^y>j ban'yanea 

Superfluous / ^aJ J' tcrlcbbec, *J-^jJ 
c:^^! terlaloo am'at 

203 ) SW 

To Surpafs, exceed, r^ /^>i.A^ me- 

lebbce lebbce, /^ lebbee 
ToSurprifc(_^^^^3=^ ^^^^s-^ Ojiti 

dapat menchooree menchooree 
To Surrender i^\jL*, faracan 
To Surround, go round, ,^jX^xX^jS 


Superior AJbl/capala 

Superfcription (j^l;«>*i Ov^^l alamat Surrounded jLLJaJ gtWw fooda coo- 



Supper (^_;l^ /*"^. ij^/Umacan petang Surrounding ^^^JjLLJ»/ cooleelinggan 

harree, ^^>.-«»/commegar, ^j^bt-c^ 

joomaawn, /*-*1aj; petang 
Supple ui^ aa.<*J loomboot 
To Supply, add to, aa^^' tamba — the 

place of / JCLT gantee 
Suppliant (^LxJiU^U c jj( orang pa- 


To Survey, overfee, ^jj toongoo 
To Survive ^JjOo (J^SJo tin'gal edop 
To SufpeA <xJi!A:=a. Jis fikir chlnta, 

J^Xi*K^ mifgool, (Sj^^ calooee 
To Sufpend, for a time, reft, /JC*.^^ 

Sufpicion 5t>J*X goondah 

Support, bare up, (^^/«t^ doocon ISufpicious fjj\ gcXJ^ygoondah attee 

Supportable, endurable, ;^jJ^U ti Oo!ti 

dapat de tahan 
Supporter, prop, oJu^" toonkat 
To Suppofe ,jii fikir, aX*j*j fanca 
To Supprefs, bow down, (jS..^'*Km 

Supreme rulers (_C Ji!A^^»/^hookoom 

Sure, infallible, «aJu' tantoo 
Surety S-»!*:?^ jow'ab 
Surfeited 4.-c*^joomoo 
Surgeon «^«^ boomo, (^^^i'tti doocon, 

t._^\AjlJ tabeib 
Surly Bjlxil angkara 
To Surmife g-Aj 5^ kcra kcra 
To Surmount / ^J /^jXye melcbbec 

Surname ,\mJ a^lj nama afal 

To Suftain, 'bear, ij^ tang'oong 
Suftcnancc, provifion, ^^L):jj rezekee, 

(Jj'U bacal 
Sutler ^jJUU JI^^'M 6jj] orang 

pcnjcw'al macanan 
To Swaddle, roll, ;»JaJ gooling 
Swaddling clouts i>y« J lamping 
Swallow i^y layang 
To Swallow d^'U talang, ^J-^Ly■ t^lan 
Swallowed / «^1 c^'L»' talang ab'is 
To Swap S^j toocar 
Swarm, as bees, J»A-fl4/ coompool, 

Jl^S-ey^rJ bcrcoompool 
Swarthy (j*jLo *^. ctam manis 
To Swear i.vy« ^*» foompa, xa^*mjjJ bcr- 

Sweat aAaj pt!o 

>'j^ye4AKi foompaawn 

T A 

( 204 ) 

T A, 

Sweating i^t».Uj piJloawn 

To Sweep *jLw fapoo, «jljC\>yo meni- 

Sweepings «xa^j*» fampa 
Sweet Q.gJLe manis — meats ^ja*t^Uc 

maniraii — fccntcd /^^■''j ii^r! 

(^^^j wanjee 

Sweet fmell 

Sweetheart (^Awj^-Tl agooftee, ^^**/!/ 

To Sweeten ^mJCmaJL» miinifcan, 

(wjJUc <,::jI*a^^ membooat manis 
Swcetncfs ^^^j*j>ajL« manifan 
To Swell A-Cu banca, ^-J»*JLi^ boong- 

Swelling i^lxX^ bancaawn, 

Swift, on the land, (v*a>o pantas 
To Swim xj.j bcrnang 

Swimming in the head «jjbl/ iJuu 
. • - ., ••• C •••■ 

pcnuig capala 

Tables, to play with, ^-j^La. cha- 

Tack, fmall nail, «^JLwIj pafak 
Tackling, equipage, ^jjUCj^ lancapan 
Tail^i^^JU ecor 
Tailor c^v»!^ i^jy:^ jurec jait, 

OvjLsrV. penjait 
Tainted .aJI anycr 
Take ^J^-ycl ambil, <J.a^L3L« mcng'am- 


Taken J^A^bue mcng'ambil 
Tale, ftory, ^jIc-ajjXs». chcritraawn 







(^jJ>.ij4j coyanggan 

Swipe, long pole, placed on a poft, to 
draw up water, cijaJ^JL^ fan'goot 

Switch, wand, f^-y*^ oJiJ*J" toonkat 

To Swoon away (m.j*jJu pang'fan, JiLo 

petam, a^LaJ jm*>J lefoo Icteh 
Sword cOyu pt'dang 

Sword-bearer to a king jjUajI 

Tabernacle a^i j trata 

Tabic, with legs, gti^cooda 

To Talk AJ'ir cata — difcourfe 

Talk (^LxJ'U cataawn 
Talking aj'I/ aju cata cata — dif- 

courfing ^y^j'U batootoor 
Tall As:-V. panjang 
Tallon »jAJ5 kookoo 
Tallow jjjs^^^JL^ lemak chair, v-JL^ 

lemak, (^-y*» v»JiuJUi min'yak fappee 
Tally Ci%A^-sN ^l/ cay'oo fimbat 
Tamarind ^\ aflam, t^S.)KA^/^ 

Tame t^^-vxAS». jenab 
To Tame (^^jAxJLo*. jtnakcan 
Tamed OLLo», (j^tiLsK jaddee jcnak 
To Tan leather c:J^/^»til2>. j berha- 

dir coolit 
Tangled c:^4>*)0 koofoot, (o«am^'_» 

To Tangle ^.ljjhjj3 koofoot, t.ij*»j»jL« 

Tanner C^'^_^<JSt-i^^ (^jys^ jurec 

berhadir coolit 
Tap u:j)'^ charrat 

T-i (2 

To Tap, pierce, CJ^jbs» cluiboot 
Tapeftry / ^'(«Aa^jJ pcrmidiinec 
Tappy, painted callico worn much b;' 

the Malays, , ^" tappee 
Taprtcr ^^Lc»>LU) J'»::^:-^ pcnjevv'al 

minnoomawn, (j_)U*aa^ JL^cjjI 

orang jc Val minnoomawn 
Tardy aJUn A>yo kcna fill a 
To Tare i^^l:^ charik, aXu bchi — the 

tare, of goods, (^^*j roojec, ij^*j 

J\'J roojce toocar 
Tares CJiA^») , cs^cXj bidjee room 


blackilli JjJ 


05 ) T e 

langoolang cata, c^^ ĕ^ji^ i^lxj V 
cataawn mcng'oolang oolang 
Tawny ^^ pcrang 

QjjjJl^ etam manis 
Tax, tribute, ^J*Lo » oopctee 

didragma • ' 
Tax-gatherer aaj i p_j «' orang reba 
Tea A:^ cha 
To Teach ,:i.( cyar 
Tcaclier =^»1 ^^^:^ jurcc ajar, j^Iju 

Teaching (^(^! ajarawn, y^^l ,>'jJ 

bcr'ajar ajar 

Target, round, /j*kjj priTee — longjTear ajLo jjI ay'cr mata, Amj AjLe «I 

c o«~' '>j<*j falooko'ong 

Tar '^^j^^ tO U' iX,' Lj gala gala loom- 

To Tar 1^1^/-^ J 4X.'Lj iX^'U (^_jsiOv^^j!ii Teat of" the breaft <p*)4wg JJ^^u pintui 

L_-OL<j ay'cr mata fa tetik — to flied 
tears AJ'Le wl ^1 Jl/ calooar ay'cr 


laboor dung'an gala gala loomboot foofoo, 

■^J^ ^J^J 

oojong foofoo 

To Tarry (J^ nantee — all night To Teaze v ii.i>.ljL8 mengajok 

JL«lj bamiilam 
Tart, fourifh, OxAjcXaaw fcdckit 
TalTc (^_jJlc ..ij' tan goongga n 
To Talle Ju,gJ^ rafa 
Tafted AawLa^ menifa 
Tafter ;jj^U>w- aj*:^ cu' orang chuba 

Tailing ^^\jtM.\j rafaawn 
Taflelefs Am^j gcXjixJ' teadda rafa,_^l .Ij' 

To Tattle, inform, JCJU baleter 
Tattler, unfcafonabiy, ^X^J ci.'».' t^ 

mooloot a;an's:oo 
Taught j:i».l.x-c meng'ajar, j^^^Lj bcn'ijai 
To Taunt, fnap, ajI.^^ jeraka 
Tautology aj'I/ c^S ^^«jc* mcng'oo- 

Tcdious A^J lena 

Teeth /^ygiggec 

Tclae, a fmall red bean, ufcd in India 

for a gold weight, (__^JLJ' 
Tclcfcopc AJ'Lo «^'*w fooroo mata, 

<: *j tyfJ tcroopong 
To Tell, make known, «Ij' (__^_( brec 

taoo — declare i*y*j' tootoor, j JO-a;^ 

chcritra — fpeak of AJl/cata 
To Temper, as metal, sy^^>^ fepoh 
Temperate, frugal, c:^^-^ j'-"niat 
Tempeft j^v U *j tofawn 
Temple, Mahometan temple, Jk\>m «^ 

molfeid, c:Ai^Lwj.>^ mefljlt 
Temples of the head ,^».>*j.aaaXj pille- 

3 F 

T H ( 206 

Temporal jroods A^j «ti »\J;t arta doonca 
To Temporize, turn M'ith the timc<, 

c\1aj ^ «tJU biilik belli 

To Tempt i\_i*ra. choba 
'J'cmptation (^.ljtj«.2b» chobaawn 
Tempter a.' «=&. (^ 1 ♦ri^ furee choba 
Ton a.'*jLw iiipooloo — fold *-*«j|Lwg 

(vwlj J lapooloo lapis — thousand a^ 

cWjJi^J falax'a 
Tenant j^awj cU eang fcwa 
Tender, loft, ui>4>-<J loomboot 

Tent c 4 )L> baroonc, &j\J trata 

Tenth, tithe. 

IciLw fildakat — the 

) . T H 

/^MjJ^ A^ t\jj tare ma cailec 

jmJ *\^j \\J tarema 



That yij Ctoo, ,/T agar, ajI^ maka 
Thatch / ^l^ u-O'l attap jarammac 
To Thaw )«,cs:-'l an'choor 
The c U eang, a/ ca 
riicatrc c*ijtj nanglong, cJI<^c-v>.^ 

tampat dalang 
Theft ^mIj itac-*-^. pcnchore-awn 
riuir Aaj*j c '«'-xi dcorang poonea 
Theirs aaJo c^t«L(ti decjrang poonea 
Them jij.Uti dcorang, aaJIj<3 deanca 

tenth J «jIaw a/ cIj eang ca fapooloo Thcmfelvcs (^^t>J^*i cj «Uti dcorang 

Tenthlv «.J *jl.sw t\/ c U ^ ' b^ calee eanc: 

ca liipooloo 
Term, fpace of time, kX/* \va6loo 
Terms, conditions, s^>'i\j pcrkara 
Terrible :.,«.jt:i^J tcrchinir'«;n 
Terrible fight ^jUjUfc haybanoo 
To Terrify /^'^Aj tacootee 
Territory 5 ^aaj benoa 
Terror ^^uAj tacoot, (.:i.'*:i:^j./coojoot, 

^^v>*/LJ» tiicootan 
Teft fur gold, any metal, / ^:5>.» oojcc 
Teftamcnt, will, /jj*jW( « wafits, ^^*»,U 

aV.I /_5'Ia^_^ pal an membagee arta 
Tefter of a bed t^\S^ c\A-xmk)o 
To Teflify /j*i.Akn fax'cc 
Teftifying /l^jC^ /^>*jX,j».j berfax'ee 

Tcftlmony ^^UMJ.-C^ fax'can, (^^^jJCv^Lw 

Tefty, peevifh, 5^x»J gopoh 
To Thank t k^k>h foocor 
Thanks A^J^U tarema — give thanks 

Then C_^;(^ dcrrcc, otXj iSjC:> dcrrcc 

Thence aj'j*) fana, «aa>m fetoo 
Theology ^^Ul) I clkalam 
There aJLw fiina, t\jLwt!> dcfana,^ aaam. 


Therefore *>L» lYSXi tiiaral etoo, k^^x./^^ 
^ ■• ^ .... 

♦JO febab etoo, *aj aJ y carna ctoo 
Thereon aJ>!j ^ vwJ'I attas ctoo- 
Thereout «.aj jcXj C^^iei derrec pada 

Thereto aJLmJ cafina 
Therewith *aj (^-j>iti dung'an etoo 
They cj »ljti dcorang, AAJLjti deanca 
Thick, as a board, ^_y/J tabbal 
To lliicken, as lic|uor, \^ *. ili ka- 

Thief (^j,»ps^^. f^ijl orang pcnchoorec 
Thieve (_^_^i ^.r». chooree,. (^ i^^sr^. pcn- 
Thieving (^U^»2s. choorcawa 

xn ( 

Thigli JiJih paha 

Tluniblo C^^b>. c t/^ fiiroong jiirrec 

Tliin (v^Aj ricpis 

Thine AAJ4J v<b'' cdmoo poonca 


207 ) T H 

Thoufands fyj «.xj^t rcboos 
Thraldom (^Lljl/ catawan 
To Thralh <ia< ♦J' toombo 
Thread /t.>.A.j benang 

c lU barang — ibmcthing c^U'To Thread a needle ^_^j'-^ ^P^ i'*^ 
Ajl barang appa — nothing cjU hXkj benang can jaroom, ^j^'^ "— ' ^^^rs^ 

ajI tcda barang appa 
Things d lb c^Ij barang barang 

choochook jaroom^ — a needleful ot 
thread / ^ a>*j i.>Uj benang fa ley 

To Think, confider, ^^ 5^0 kcra Thread-bare, rotten, C^jijJ. powwec 
kera To Threaten ^—•'C^IjU nicngVyok, ^jlz 

Third ivi^AJ i.i/ cL/ eang ca tega, ^"o'' 
aXaj ca tc-ga — a third aXaJ'^j a>^ fa 
pcrtega, aXm' a_> cU (^^i Q bagee 
tang ca tega 

Thirdly ^Oi^J a/^Ij /_^-'b cdlee eang 

Two-thirds ^IxXxJ"^ a 5<~^ '^"^ perte 
tcgaa%\ a 

Thirll, to thirll, (j^t^ aoos 

Thirfty ij^*^-> ber'aoos, (^ «I aocjs 

Thirteen ,^j^^-> '•'^S^J tega bias 

Thirty J «^aO^xj tegapooloo 

This (^b t^'ncc 

Thiftlc ^ijtiU ej«i>y<i.^i roompoot 
badoorce, /-::i^U bachy 

Thither 4.'uUmJ' calana, Ajl*/jti dcfana 

Thitherwards »!ulwjj calan;i 

Thorn cC Mti doorce 

Thorny (^^»ti-j berdoorec 

Thofe cG eang, *JCj etoo 

Tho\i *2i. joo, *,sl/ camoo, J loo 

Thought (^,Lc;^' kcraawn 

Thoughtful 5-AJ5 syAi'j bcrkera kera 

Thought» c'-^tAs 3.>o kc'ra keraawn, 
aAawj lanca 


To Threatcn^-r^ljU mengVyok, ^^bs- 
ircatcned ^;l:sr*^' nicngliaran-i 

Three AXxi' tega — fold (j*^^ sS^ te- 
ga lapis — forts (j**AAi:» «'^-^'^y ^^S'* K~ 
nis — parts , ^/U /OyJ tega bagee — 
by three and three a,Vaj" aAaju ba- 
tega tega 

To Threlh »>ye*J' toombo 

Thrcfliing "place j^y ^^^v^" tampaf: 

Threlhold jX^) ,^^JiS cakkcc pintoo 

Thrice /_t U aAaj' tega calce 

To Thrive tXA^" taniba, Aa^',> Ijer- 

Throat,, fore part of the neck, (^i*J' 

Throne »\jU gata,. A^!^' (^_<^'^j/' croo- 

fec raja 
Throng i^ljbJ' caw'an- 
To Throng ,j*i « oofir 
Tlironaed OoLj bcrapit,. lOsA^b ba- 

To Throttle ,.vJ ^ vw--aJ Icmas can 

Through, by, 5<Aj C^_,»ti derree pada 
j^j re'boo — one thoufandjTo Throw^Sir^ limpar 
, lii rcboo (To Thruft from O'^' *j toolak 

Tl ( 

Thruft out ^^jjj tcrtoolak, PvjU 

Thumb (^jI-» tAJ ib'oo tang'an, 4aj 
(^jij' (^ j[s^ ib'oo jarrce tung'au 

To Thump ^} 4/Vj poocool 

Thunder -xA/'goontar — rattUng thun- 
der JlJ /-,' Lik hiilce hntar 

208 ) TO 

Tlic Thiafma, a difcafc common m India, 
that caufcs frequent occafiou to go to 
{tool with pains and cannot void, 





fakit fiilc faraa 

» *jn rabok 
To Tingle iwj Itilj badafljng 
To Tinkle ^^^U>J' gintdcan 

Thundcr-ltr'uck ,aaJ (_J'-:^ '^-v^ kcnajTinfcl (j^OsS. addas, jOi'_>prida 

halec lintar 

Tip, end, C)->« oojong 

harrcc kum'is 
Thwart, awry, ^rf^ fcrong 
Thy ^^ moo 
Tial, a weight for gold ufcd in many 

parts of India and China, JLu' tial 
Tick, vermin, AA^«t^ it.'j\i kootoo 

To Tickle ^^\jJ../X>,< gelctikiican 
Ticklifh Ot;:AJu/'gclctik 
Tide, ftream, (h- jjl aroos 
Tidings, news, Ai cabar 
To Tic 'Ci-jCj ccat 
Tiger i^^^j^ibi. hariman, (^;_^Le ma- 

Tile «JOo'^gintlng, ^_^jl aj'Ij batn attap 

pan-tile k:jJ^^^ ySJJ> ginting 

Timber »jl/ cay'oo^piece of timber 

Thurfday <^y^^y kum'is, (j>ww>o(^^Ui Tiptoe ,^_jjs^^ jinjin, ^^sr'S^.J bcr- 

To Tire aAjJ Iclah, ^^^jS^i^ letchcan 

Tired aIaJ Iclah, AaaJ Icteh 

Tithe 0\/(tiLw fadacat 

Title, dignification, > JU' galar 

Tittle, point in writing, jJuu nockta, 

>. — «J>UJ' tctck, .Vj.:^^^ <^« 1« ooroof 
v_/ .. ... _^<^ 

Tittle tattle X iA::^. chora, JCa^'U balctcr 
To tvJ ca, <^ dc, A.' la, jO-j pada, «lu» 

(^^I acan 
Toad <!uw.Aj 


uLjs katak bifa, c •Juij' 

To Toall c^U garing 

Tobacco ♦/'U^tj'toombacoo — tobacco- 
box »/l>v^*j' \ ^\j talap toombacuo 

— to Imoak tobacco t,{\.^^ii ^--^^j-'J 
ifap toombacoo 

_^l/ i-y^)^ tay'ong cay'oo, ^M XjL> Toe iJO C^^'-^ jarree cakkce — great 

batang cay'oo, ^ «.«g Ij rafok — crofs 

timber, a beam, . J'^' LT galagar 
Time ij>y« wadloo 
Times, ages, i^l^.O ^'^■"lawn 
Timorous, fearful, cua/'Lj tacoot 
Tin ^^'U' calaug, (J^ caly, a^; Told, made known, jU (^V atWv 

/jj«j tcma pootec' 

toe (_5-*-^ L£j^^ _fi-^. ib'-oo jarrec 

Togetiicr twL^w iS^Lfj fama fdma 
jToil, labour, A^rr^-T careeja 
Token, fign, c:-v^ V I alamat 

)ld, made 

fooda brcc taoo 

TO ( 209 ) 

Tolerable, fufferable, ^j^J <3 Ci^jjci 

dapat de tahan 
To Tolerate jL<j bear 
Toll / Juu « oopctee 
Tombj fcpulchre, )*j«-^ cooboor 
To-morrow '^^>*jji clook 
Tongs c:v^>vkM fepit 
Tongue s'AaJ leda — language Aw^b 

bafa — of a ballance gOyJ i— Jijl 

(^^JCi-^p' anak leda timbanggan 
Too heavy ^.:i>jAJ Ov*! am'at bir'at 
Took J^^^buo mcng'ambil 
Tool, inftrumcnt, (^^U'U pagawee 
Tooth /^six/ giggee — tooth-ache 

/^Cv/ c:oLki fakit giggee 
Top, upper part, aJ bl/ capala, &.aJ<^\ 

attafnca — top, play thing, i^Lj ga- 

Topmaft 9*jLCo dLO' tiang pen'gdpoh 
Topfall z^AXXj _j J layer pen'gdpoh 
Topfy turvy ijU j»^=». chasipoor baw'- 

Torch ^I<3 damar 
Torment ^jltt^J^M fenfara, ^uw^Cw fix'a 
To Torment ^^U^)JC^M fix'acan 
Tormentor a>*>Jo*(wO panfix'a 
Torn v»j»j'^jj ber'charik 
Tortoife, fea, s^iomj koorkoora 
ToTofs^jy lootar 
Total aXX^ fi^galla, c:aXa^<^ joome- 

lat, (^\.jjj tooridy 
Totally "^ I/ A«< fa calcc 
To Totter A^j-^^^ oo)ang goyan 
To Touch iu\j raba 
Touch-hole of a gun <JutXj (^I aa-cankkaj 

p^foombooawn buddcel 


Touching ^jj'ljl2».jabatan 
Touch-flone /^s^» ».jLj batoo ocgce 





Tough JCi' teggar 
Towards 5 Jy pada, bcXjU capadg. 
Towel (j^jiJ' *.jl^ fapoo tang'an 
Tower, lleeple, iSOJlfJ tiaody, ^/J ^ 

Town, walled t<?w«, Ajii itota — eity 

(^ jLy negree 
Toy, trifle, ^^JijL^' i-^y^J tcxnang tc- 


Track (J^ * *jU' tapak cakkee 

Tradable t-_5;l arif 

To Trade <xj'Uajj veniaga, «sJ'Uj.> 

bernlaga — a trade cC<-XJu pandcc, 

^jjUl^». jabatan 
Trader »sJ'Lyoj p^j' orang veniaga 
Tradefman (^JUj cj«I orang pandce 
Tradition, ufe, i.LJtil addat, i^LjtiUx^^l 

To Traffic AS[yJ^j veniaga, dySijJ-f 

Train, retinue, p-yf:^. 

CJ jJC^ou peng'ecot — 
Traitor ajI^»<^ dooraka 
To Trample upon <-^jJ. irrik. 
Trance, cxtafy, axj; ribbea — to be in 

a trance j.aaj petam 
To Tranfcribe ^JJLw o^ yU» mcn'oorat 

To Transfigure ajo OUU-j berbalik 
roopa — change ,^1*,^ falin, ^jJLjjJ 

peng irrmg, 

To Transform aj «^ v.JiL'lj balik roopa, 
(^jJw^U-^ raclaikncan 
3 g" 

TR ( 210 ) rn 

To Tranfgrcfs «O^ middoo — err aJU. Treble, threefold, (ji*j^ aXJJ tcga 

lala, «3Jl^w Aaaj k<^na fala 

Tranfito y aaj «ti (^jC> derrce doonea 
To Tranllate (^Jl;*. falin 
To Tranfmit, carry over, ^^jj ^t^^^ 

fabrang can 
Tranfparent, as liquor, Aj,i>.jerneh — 

as glafs c J trang 

To Tranfplant cXa.^' jcXj C^jti gcXAj 

aaJ pinda derree pada tampat nea 
Trap c:AA-eJlj Ui^.x'iii. jcrat baloompat, 

.Xj_t per ancap 
To Travel , ^J^l^jalancc, C-Oo^ber'- 


ancat, ^JJ'lii.LJ biljalan 
Traveller/ ^Jljii. C)«l orane ialanee 

TravellingpJU^JM.baialanjalanT^j^^ j^^ ^j^^^j^^^ ^ 
To Tra\erre to and fro jv<«g ^iSr**" ^"^ 

Tree ,^s4^4.j pohone 
To Tremble Jii kittar, -X^kS gomittar 
Trench >^-U parit 
Trencher vAa:??» cheper, (^'U pakan 
To Trcfpafs t"J l.»g «!u-o kcna iSla 
Trial (_|j Lxj *:??. chobaawn 
Triangular (^^=».U>j^ ^^-^' tcga perfaji 
Tribe {J^*^. panjee — family J^>^| afal 
Tribulation (^vLxjIaJI anyayaawn 
Tributary aAju' taalla 
Tribute, cuflom, i3y:^ chookee 
Trick, knavifli, «.-vxi' tipoo, aj1«3 daya 
To Trickle, as liquor, ad^jXj^ mclclch 
Trifle ^M jXi-AJ'^^AJ' tcmangtcmanggon 
To Trifle in a(;:tions as».Ln (^.L« main 
JjlJsAii. ienaka 

pang sior 
Treacherous perfon Ajiti *.^amj fcmoo 

day a, Ajlijti dooiaka 
Treacle, molafl"es, *jaj ^I ay'ertoboo 

To Tread upon >— J'tJ irrik, v i>yL) en- 
yak, aaaj enea — tread of an egg 
jAaJ" C-o*! «j poofat tclore 

Treafon AJjIi.ti dooraka, Ajiti 4^^ 

femoo ddya — deceit (mU^^c^ hif- 

Treafurc (^IjuU 4\J;I arta cayaawn, 

3t>.AJ benda 
Treafurer jjIcX^'^ fhabendara 
Treafury (m_;IcXaj_| perbenduran, / Ju 

To Treat, advife, s^ls:^ bechara 

as a man, sOsa-o 


To Trim, fliavc, iji^is» choocor 
To Trip againft axa/aiU tafanka 
Trivet ^c*j toongko 
To Triumph, rejoice, ^wi'j^ lJmj.wj-j 

ber'iborak foorak 
Trodden «XaJu enea 
Troop (^Ul^ cawan 
To Trot, as a horfe, jjiij» oongool 
Trouble, vexation, /^j'l a«j»wj foofa 

attee, -/y* foocar 
Troubled, in mind, ^-Ji,^ .^ /J>t attee 

Troubles {^j\S ^^ -/y*" foocar foocaran 
Troublefomc d^M^y^ foofa, j^\>*> foocar 
Trough, fmith's trough, (^UjLn fapoo- 


T V 

( 211 ) 


Truce i^Xt j ^jUXJb».jj bcrhcntcawn 

True, not counterfeit, 



true-believer ^'«^xw^moofulmavvn 

Trumpet (^,-01^ namfyrrcc 

To Trumpet (__^_ajl^" ^jjaJCo betiop 

Trumpeter (__^^oL^' dj^l "rang nam- 

tyrrcc, (^-aJl^ ^j^ P-^. PJj' «rang 

eang tiop namfyrree 
Truncheon oJiJy toonkat 
Trunk, to fhoot with, i^jSuu^^tM^oom- 

Trufs, bundle, (j**3^ berkas 
To Truft, beheve, aj^-t:! perchaya 
Trufty, faithful, ax}"Lmj fatia — trufty 

man ^Jl «Uj'Ln fatia wan 
Truth (jj^U-o benaran, AxjAi»^ foong- 

To Try ^uj^ clioba 
Tub CJ.J (j*-J>L> bakas toong — to bathe 

in ajI^L» bachana 
To Tuck up iig^jLw fmgfmg, ^-JU-awj 

Tuefday a>*j)''Lm (_^^l^ «WiJLg falafa 

harree falafa 
To Tug <!dx2».hela 
To Tumble ^J'Li- jatoo 
Tumbled, rumpled, Jlj «b _^ be/ga- 

Tumour, fweUing, ^jLxXXj bancaawn 
Tumult 5jf^ «^1=». haroo biroo, ^ 

^ in|'ar bang'ar, Aj^^goga 
Tune ^\j rag; 

Turban JC*.0> diflar, AJljl/'i-_>y"»j ,^'i' 

cay'in tootoop capala 
Turk / 5-^ «J p^ijl orang roomec, d mI 

0^^«j' orang toork, ^ jyi toork 
Turkey /jw^jl ^1 ay 'am en'grees 
Turky ^^j (_£S-^ negrec room, aJL»' 

^*) tana room 
Turmeric cx^^^' coonhet, t^">^ 

To Turn, from one fide to the other, 

OUU balik — turn, due, (^UL^ ja- 

Turningi^jJiJUbalikan— turning, corner, 

\^yXijfy^>*^ fimpanggan, ^^,Uj*A.,J*J 


Turnip V i.j J lobak 

Turpentine j>j^ ^ jjl ay'er boothooni 
Turret on a houfe ^^xLy toongkop 
Turtle, fea, ^j^j^ koorkoora, y**^ 

rcfe.r la^nd ^a ll i n;m v'nn • i • i • 

»aJIj pany'oo, v^^«>aj 

cefer — land 

Turtle-dove^^ tij/(j' tacoocoor, <: 4 i«j 
J tf^f\j booroong tacoocoor, 
/JLj',,-yo merdpatee 


Tuftle-fliell ^^^*J^ ii(c(t 
(€{cQ. koor koora 

Tutor ' 4, i^xL) pen'gooroo — guardian 


^J Ij wall 



J tamboofan 

Twain 5«<3 dua 

welve (j*A.L» 5 «ti dua bias 
Twenty J «.j 5 «<JS dua pooloo 
Twice /^Jl-/ 5^<^ dua calec 
Twig ^V"!-^ chabang 
Twilight (^jt^ Cjs-^!'^ denec harree, 
1 q'jImj sawan 

To Twinkle u-v-'y^carllp 

Twinkling eyes v>-J _/ AjU mata carlip 

— as a rtar cXy*^ gomclang 
Twins C^c3l:> '\-eC*i clj eang fama 

jaddee, (__C<3L:si. ♦.'uw j^ltX^ foodara 

ill jaddee 
To Twifl, as a rope, Jjj pootar 

212 ) VE 

To Value -jb* tauer, ,x'J' taw'ar, 

iJj^ ^^^j-^^ tJ *J pootoofcan arga 
Valued Aj^l,.^ ber'arga 
Vane of a -niip ^^^I c_KcjJ" toongal 

To Vanifti, difappcar fuddcnly, u-<sr*^ 


Twifting of the bowels ^j^ m61as Vanity of the world A^.d y*Ju nafsoo 

To Twitch, jerk, 5*3^- 

v^J^Xaj*» fintak 
Two j»ti dua 


Tying (^'Ju ecatan 
Tympany ^1 c:aJ"L>j fakit ay'er 
Type, fimilitude, a^Li* oopiima 
To Tyrannize , s>.LikLCL< meu'gajahce 
Tyranny (^buCu I anyayaawn 

Tyrant .v.UjI ^:_-Uj^ c^.jl 6rangber-|vj,r;ance ji j^lc^haroo bJroo 
booat anyaya, jic^\S' p.jj\ orang' ^^ 


To Vanquifh ^j-^^'I allacan, X^-^ me- 

Vanquifhcd aJju" taalla 
Vapour V »!«« ow'ap — of the earth 

Aji'J Sr^lj; ow'ap tana 
To Vapour, boaft. 

I/ kachak 

Variable *JjJ" et\xAJ' teadda t6go 

V ACANT, empty, aa^I 
Vacation, refting-tirac, / JiiXs^-j jX/, 

Avacloo berhentce 
Vagabond ajUaxj' gaibana 
Vail, cover, ^^JSx■t^^y toodonggan, 

^ «tW»' toodong, -jlj' tabir 
Vain-glorious Oi^^LiJ kachak, JCXf 

Varnifh ;j**J^ ran'gas 
To Varnilh (j^XiyK^ meran'gas 
To Vary, differ, B«->^*ty bcada 
Vallal A-bu' cjJ orang taalla 

^ Vault c *juc^ langkoong 

To Vault, leap, ^s^yji^J loompat 
Udder AMgt>jg foofoo 


Vain-glory a>« Uj c U 
eang binnafa 




! !as>. hormat 
valiant man 

jj_jl «^'L^lj pahaldwan 
Valley aa^ lemba 
Valuable Ajij'-j bcrtinga, aJoC» aj«J' 

goona bergoona 
Value, price, a/Tsw harga 

Veal (^_AMJ OUl (^^-Mti dag'in anak 

To Veer, llacken, j «J « ooloor 

Vehement, earneft, ^^^_j rajlng 
Vein, of the body, ^-^Vj oorat, ci.m* 

g^i'ti oorat dara 
Velvet J 4-NJ »yV" \^)^ cay 'in footra 

Vcndable J(^ ti '^:'*^ dapat dc 

Vencry ^t,\j cdam 

V E 

( 213 



Vengeance, judgement, -^Uo. 

Venifon, the flelli of any hunted beaft, 
' (^>I t\ «j^ (^«Jlt^ dag'in pcrboorooawn 
Venom of a Inakc a>**>u bifix 
Venomous fnake a«j^j i^ « oolar bi'Hi- 

aj ij roopa 


- venomous, drawing as falvc, /wmj 

Vent, to give vent, jW-^ C^-J 

To Venture, try, «xj*^ chuba 
Verdigreale iS>^ fenang 
To Verify (^^SXi tantooee. Vigour ejfj/cooat 

^^JJ J-*>.Y-<i (jjJ^»itA>\A^ mcnioong. Vigorous cft/'.j be 

oocan membc'nar can 
Verily *i*>w »J:.y^ foongoo foongoo. 

V I 

fJ>1 c:-iJ'Ln faklt attec 
Ugly « f ^ booroo, OOi.L 

Vice, infirmity, Ai'^U:^ ehelaka 
Viceroy jc^vo ^4?-^ raja mooda 
Vi<5tor (jjsJjLU^ a/ 5;_^) «' uraiig ca mc- 

nanggan, ^(.^IJtU ^\yi^ jow'an 

Victory ^^JJkJu.^^ mcnanggan 
Viftualler ^^L<^U J'«^ d>« 

jew'al macanan 
Viifluals ;^"l/Lc macanan 



Vile, evil, c^o^b^jahat 
ToVillify ^i^ makkee, (^yli'iU 

«.i:*>*>vyjj fe foongoo — yes, verily, aj! chelakacan 

*i:tj*i ba foongoo -Village (j^^jti OJ^^-^ campoon doo- 

Vermillion ^jLIjoWw 

c:^l>.^ canibiiyat 
Vermin c:J « oolat 

fcdclingam,' foon, ^}^z^■tr' (^,Xaj negree kecheel 
Villain, rogue, /^^l^L paralecntee^ 

( ^j «.A.A-' '.^ malcpootcc. 

Verfcs, love poetry, t^}j rubee — of o'rangjahat 

other matters (mjX^ pantoon 
Verfe, paragraph, g^liV perkara 
Ver)' «jJiLo maha, c:ajLm fang'at, c>^ 

Veflel, any hollow vcfltl of ufe, as a 

pot, pail, (jj-oLj bakas 
Veft v:i^.y^Lyw felemoot 
Vefture, coat, 4.>lj baju 
Vetches , ^j<^i ^^^ kachang ke'pce 
To Vex, 'trouble, Akm*.>^ C^'J bree 

fooia, ^J^ c:oLn C^,-^-e mcmbrec 

lakit att'ee, ^^\JJ^ chintacan 
Vexation, care for,^ (j^jIxaa^s. chinta- 

awn — trouble ^Ji!«.\j*j*jyM foofa attee^ 


Villainy ^"LawU^ jahatan 

Vine ^»JLII (^*^^. po'hone an'goor 

Vinegar a/*.^ chooca 

Vineyard^ ♦Jj I c 4J4J coobong aTi'gooj- 

Viol, bottle, {Jyt boolce — mufical 
inftrument tj 4*j tuora — any mufical 
inllrumcnt to be played on with a 
bow ^-f\j}j nibab 

Violence ^^y^\j^\ rampiifan 

Violet .i« oongoo, *i. Ai*j boon^a 

■J ^ ^ ^ -J ^ • "- 

ooncoo — colour «i» AJ'« warna 

Viper 5j .XiJL) calanggara 
Virgin sj'O uJuI anak dara 
3 Yi 


( 2M ) 

V N 

Virginity ^jU-J praw'an, f^^^^j^ ejlij^ 

Virtue (j,XK:^iX>\j kabldjccan, (j^-,j 

iwJLilj cU prcc tang baik 

Virtuous, challe, , ^ss^ra* choochee 
Vilagc a/\-s! mooca 

Vifion ^^'UJUoij pang'calcatan 

To ViHt ^jCi[j) fadoolce 
Vitriol / ^«jjjIj taroofcc 

Ulcer Ovzi^li». «^^j pooroojahat, «^i*j 

«x/b pooro baca 
Unable (^J^^ 5<-^vy tcda bulce 
Unacceptable (j_j-cl ang'an 
Unacquainted jj^i' ^«-[*-j booloom 

Uliaccuftomcd AxwLu 

Unadvifcd, hcedlcfs, / J^ lalcc 

^tj^' tcda layak, ^' o*-^V "^*^"* 
con layak 



u cafirat 



Unbeliever ^U^ciifir, 5<-X-u' cL> c mI 

Ajlis. J orang cang tcda pcrchaya 
Unblamcable aJUj sOyy' tcdafala 
Uncertain *JCaj .»j ij booloom tantoo, 

*.A>o' giAxAJ' tcadda tantoo 
Unchaftc i«J»'oJo candak 
Uncircumcifcd ujJjJ coolop 

Uncircumcifion i^Jji' coolop 
Uncivil AanIj »Lj' 5^AaJ' tcda taoo bafa, 
«.A^iii. »Lj' s<-^;y ^^"^*^ ^'^^o choombo 
Uncle jtW^L) pamooda 
Unclean, dirty, _j*^j:^ choomoor 
Unclcannefs (m^i*-c ^^^. choomooran 
Unclean, as liquor, « ;ljj karoo 
To Unclothe (jjUiU (_yj<JJ tln'gal pa- 


I — vS;-^-' n^- 

\jL\j' tcadda lln- 




Lo Ij 1 1 *,' ly calooar pak^an 

'Uncomely, ugly, c:<i^U>, (j^b paras 

Unaniinlty (^^V! ^W. fa attce, p;l:s^J a»j' J^'"at 

fa bechara, ^^Jji^I dfaawn, ^'U>^jti Uncommon £^.1:^ jarang 

Unanimous a>*j1 afa 

Unanfwcrable C_^.J «^ c:^j'ti a<AAJ' 

'wj! *:ii. tcda dapat dc brce jow'ab 
Unarm Ai'lrs:-'^ jjl>u' tin'gal finjata 
Unarmed Ai'ls^^J a<->^>y tcadda bcr- 

Unavoidable CX^'-)' <-^ ^-^r".'^ s'-^^V ^^'' 

da dapat de lalooee 
Unawares aaJ'^Iwj (^.cc^ 2^-\^J 

c «.2s:Jo tysz^ii tcda dung an f;ljanca 

koonjong koonjong 
Unbecoming, as clothes, not fit, vCkjJ 


Unconcerned c«,jljLsrV. injapayoong 

Uncondcmncd ^«.iir^jj s^Aaj' tcda bcr- 

Unconllant, changeable, 

Uncorniptcd L_r\>*JA.j asAA-y' tcadda 

Uncover, open, a/*j booca— make 

bare /^IaJ^' tcKlce — the body 

t^) t,'J , . sJ>>A>.A/J' tclClccan tooboo 
^ •> ^ — 

Uncovered ^UA-O' tclclce 
Undeceive (^ t^Xj tantooee 
Under a .U bava, 5 «U ti dc hava 

V N 


To Undergo, fufFer, ^^».0' tahan, 


,:i».lJLA^ mcnahan 

5 ) UN 

Unfaithful, not to be believed, i-ASs^yJ 

To Undermine 5 «U ti , JLj' galee de 

Undcrmoft g^^lwj b«Li<3 dcbava famoa'Unfeigned 

Unfaithful nefs c »i^*J bohoong 
Unfeathcrcd, callow, ^^XJ<s:i^ hin'gap 


c^-^ r 

J'l<3 dalam 

Under fentence 

To Undcrfct ^j.X)tjJA.A/* melapikcan 
Underftand /Ji'_i^ meng'artee 

Undcrftanditig, wifdom, (J^l acal, 
<;__^<34-'boodee, ^j^jl^jti^jboodcmawn 

ToUndcrvalue 5<3»-^ uijIaAa^ mclcat 
mooda, ^^j/ [^jJ:-j\ aringan canj 
(^jSi^^J gampangcan 

Undcfervcdly ^^«jbi. s^-^iV-" ^^'^'^ '"'^" 


bi'tool, »i«.j bcXO 
5^1 «.J teda poora poora 

Unfinilhed fyjAJ*.J ^*-Uj booloom poo- 

Unfit, improper, u:jajLj jjcXaj' teda pa- 
toot, ^jsj2i^ B'-'Ny tcda chookoop 

To Unfold a/ «.J booca 

Unfortunate a-'J^^a:^ p «.j * uotoong chc- 


c «Ju «,j bcr'oontoona; 
Unfrequented, folitary, . j^m foonec 
Ungodly (Jvi^U ndcal, ^jl^ haram 
Ungrateful (v^^b s<->>:V teda balas 
Unguent c:o« oobat, c;aj« v — k.^X^ 
minyak oobat 

Undillurbed, quiet, 5; *aaJ' tantoza 

To Undo {^j^^:>j) ooreyacan — ruin 

<^- ^^c.'trr,... 4' ■} I • Unhandfome, uely, « i4J booroo 

i^Xa^*j roolakcan — Ipoil ..w- l>o! ' ^■"^-^■ 


Undone, ruined, ^ — ^ v 

Undoubted truth «.AAJ'tantoo 

To Undrefs ^^,UjIj (J<->^-^ tin'gal pa- 


kc'ai — make bare ^^AaaAAaj telelecan 

Uneafy, troubled, ^aj^ foocar 
Uncufinefs, trouble, t^j\J\,^ foocaran 
Unequal A^l>^ 2^\V ^^'^'^ fama 
Uneven, rugged, t_-^x^^Jgaf^up, v_-aw^'' 
kallap, A)[j gcXjtAJ' tcadda rata 

Unhandy vjvulp=i. jcXaj tcida chapat 
To Unhorfe, ftrike offa horfe, (^ 4./1aj 
ot^i/ 5u\j C^^iti bantoon derree pa- 
da cooda 
Unicorn ^\^Li badak 



To Unite, fticli. togctlicr, . 

Unity (^, UjLw fatooawn 
Univerfal ci-va^V ooVXa.*-, «.O' 



ca fejalhi 

Uncvitablc c^yj t:> c:^!^ jcA-u' teda!un|Ye,fjt,. ,^^ ..j,^ .-ncndarfli 

dajmt dc Idlooee 
Uxexpc(^lcd, without caufe, CAisr-Jij' 

cj.^-UJ koonjong koonjong 
Unexperienced aj^^^ ^j^/ cc^orang To Unlade aX.c.j poonggah 

choba, tJ-AAj; ^j-Kj booloom kenal Unlawful ^.^.1^.. h:iram 

Unjuft (j^ tj^,^^:^ 5<-\y '^«■^'^ haron- 
Unkind ^..k,jJ jcXaj' tiida calVec 
Unknowri ^J^-aa)» s'-^^J tcdakcnal 

U X 

( 210 ) 


Unlearned O'^tij.j bJdoc, (J^Ubabal 




(j^j'.^ mams 
^ lamoon 

Unlike <soi,j <Xwj ».UcLm scXaj' tcda fama 
• Hi roopa 
Unlikely Aj'is»,,.» Oui<3 jcXaJ' tcda diipat 

To Unlock «x/*j booca 
Unlocked for c »s:^i pi:s:-'Ai' koon- 

iong koonjong 
Unlucky, waggilh in alliens, AiU>os. 

Unmarried c «s^^j boojong 
Unmerciful gjL« mara, /J' I (Wj/ eras 

attec, (j*A:sr*^ ( «^r"' attce binjis 
UnmindetlBcXj cjIaXa^ 5<-^ tcda me- 

leat pada 
Unmixed i«.AyS^Lj gJotAJ' tcaddaba- 



Unneccffary aJa/j 5>-\v^ ^*''^'^ ^'-'^" 

Unpardonable / .^Jvye' «^ Oj)Ci 5<Aaj 

teda dapat de ampoonnee 
Unprofitable, not ufeful, Aj4.ylj 5<A^ 

teda bergoona 
Unreafonable c:-v^l «J^J terlaloo 


'_^-'^ tV 5 

(AxAJ' tcadda ber'- 

-.•*j'lj jiAaJ' teda patoot 

Unregarded gcJo c:jUU^ s«-^ry" teda 
melcat pada, jcXj ^cAa^ s'-^y t'^'^^ 
mendung'ar pada 
Unrighteous J</U nacal 
Unrighteoulnels ^J^'^/lJ nacalan 
Unripe Oi,«U ^ *j booloom mdfak, 
AJtjy^ mantah 

Unfatiable i:s:-^" C^jlti bO>>.J tc'da da- 
pat kinjang 

Unfavory ^Ij tawar, >.^\ ,2.\3 tavvar 
am'bar, >^l ambar 

To Unfay, recant, ajU' v^lj balik 
cata, «s.Us^ aJ bi. ch;ila choola 


t^- r^^ 

>^ o^^ 

V — t.j^ boocon pada wadloo cang 

Unfcemly, unbecoming, v,J"u^ 5<-\y' 

tcda layak, «wij^ Oj(^ boocou 

Iciyak ' 

To Unflieath (j*^j oonoos 
Unfkilful C^cA/w» 6<AxJ' tcda pandee 
Unfpeakablc aJI/ ti Ci^jlti e<-\y t<^^^ 

dapat de cata, cJIajJ' gcXxxJ' tcadda 

terbelang,. (j^jy «^j't-^ (^ *j jOv-y' 

tcda bolec cata troos 
Unflcady A^^ bimbang, jtLt^Lo 

Unfuccefsful ^.i^Hn^ ^OXi tcda ber'- 

UnfufFerable (^s-Li' ti c:^j'*3 jcXxj' te- 
da dapat de tahan 
Unfuitable Ou^ Q^Vv boocon layak 
Unfupportable i^-js^JJ iCy ^^J^ oiAaj' 

teda dapat da tahan 
To Untangle , ^^>J Lm falcfee 
Unthankful jlJ^^w (jw^b .Ij* otXy 

tcda taoo baJas foocor 
Until aXx^Lm fahin'ga, -^a^mj fampee, 

aXaj' telah — now ^yl^Lw / ^^v^j*) 

fampee fi'icaran, ^Xj aIaj' telah'etoo 
Untimely birth^» « jT^ J uJij! anak goo- 

Unto (^>Sr^ fampee, ocAjL/ capada. 

vp ( 21; ) us 

fidKi pada, ^^^I iican, AAA:i.LNM fd-jUpon (j^'j\ attas, (j^UOt deattas — 

hinga, aAaJ" tclah 
Untrue c «.ri^j bohoong, J *^a.j jcX^^j 
tcda bctool 

To Untwift &/"«.> booca 

pootar balik 
Unwilling a/Vwj »cX>y* teda fooca 
Unvviliingnels AAJ*/<o*:i^ joomoonea 



upon my word «.jLjU^ O'^j' ^^tas ca- 

Uppermoft (__5J'J' <5^ (j^^ ti dc attas 

fa cake 
Upper-part aaJ (j^j' ti de attas nea 
Upright J^AAj betool, JcX^ adil 
Upriglitly J4AAJ (^J^i•t^ dung'au bctool 
Uprightnefs aa-L' «JO^j bc-toolnca 
Up-riling ,^*4,Xij,j tcrbanggunan 
Uproar jX^'U */ gogAgampar, *jl::=^ 

«^Aj haroo biroo, .^ _sj ing'ar 

Upwards (jw! a/ ca attas 

To Urge to mirth 

* >Oj, 

j« oofik 

To Unwind a/^j booca, 1^ stJlj 

h'kas bahk 
Unwife (JvjU babal, Otiv bodoc — 
unvvife man^^SCi^J c ulorang bodoc 
Unworthy ^jjs» *^li^ 50W tcda haroos 
Vocabulary A/^Lj L-jUj kit'ab bafa 
Voluntary AaJI:!».'-^ ^^*^ dung'an fa- 
janea, ^^^jl a/^/^ (^;~^«-^ dung'an foo- Urgent, needful, t^^j oofcc, , -wv«jJ 

Urine iJ/U>*i ^j' ay'er fence 
To Urine ^-3c^^ kmching — floppage of 

the urine «s.-<Lij,aJLj filefama 

Us /^l/camce, ^ m' «5waj bctta orang, 

d)^( c:aj bet orang, c^^l aaj kitta 

g — 1 o us (5^'-^ i^;^! dean ca- 

for us 1^^ jiO^J pada camec 

ca attec 
Volunteer, in war, (^jj^Lc«!uJL»_^icA>I.« 

cw. fmdirrcnea mafooc prang 
Voluptuous man ^.LJjjy cU cj» 

AAJiwoJu orang eang tooroot naf 

Voluptuoufnefs ajj rca, j^Ix/^sn fooca- 

Voice X il «.wg fooura 

A^ moontar 

oice 5^i!<.w>i 
To Vomit 
Vomitinc [•,ljt»J*-<o moontaawn 

Vote u- <jL^ chakap 

To Vouchfafc, permit, /J'ljvv/ can- 

datce, ^wVOvAii. hendak" 

Vow A>ycy*. foompa, cjUj neat 

Vowel OAjNLi». jarakat 

Voyage ^^jJ^ju^' tampanggan 

Up, above, (j**jl attas 

To Upbraid c:Ji>u bankit 

To Uphold, fuccour, ^aaj bantoo 


— with us '^^y (^*<^ dung'au cd- 

Ufc, cuftom, ejtXc addat 
ToUfc, enjoy, /^Upakee 
L'led, accuftomcd, Aj*jIaj beafa 
Ufcful, ncceifary, aJaJ^j bcrgoona 
Ufclcfs aaan ax*.m {ia fia 
Uihcr in a fchool odye «^«jJj pen'- 

g'ooroo mooda 
Uiually, Ibmetimes, ptiLspti'J kadang 


Ufurer (^y (^"^ jr^s:-^'' c I ' ' ' *' 
3 I ■ ■ ^' ■-'^ 

•SV A 

( 218 ) 

W A 

orang cang mmjam dun^'an boong'an 
Ulury (j^^J boong'an 
Utrnfils Aj.xwl"crba 
Utmort i^^f terlcbbce 
To Utter t\j'L> cata — make known 

A.J C^rJ brce taoo 
Uttcrabic ajU ti C^j'<^ ddpat dc cata 
Vulgar, conamon, ^yft ^t^ moongo 


W ADE through the water ^xjCsX^ 

To Wag, fhake, ijjjgoyang, s^/gra 

Wallowing \iySS} «.J goolinggan 
Wan, pale, ^jl Aj^tj warna ay or 
Wand / -A^ c^-vAJ^J' toonkat lampce 
To Wander, ftray, c:aan,Um fiifat, aJI/**. 

iVila, aJLwj ^_J.Jl:i^ jalan fala 
To Want, have need of, cjj/ coorang 

— want (jjJJusK^ miflclnan, ^^jXtj^f 

cooranggan — in want, poor, ;^jJu»>-e 

milk in 
Wanting du^ coorang 
Wanton, iporting, ^)*f/^-i bagooroo 
War c jj prang, ^^Xs.^^ pranggan — 

To make war p-jb baprang 

Wager, to lay a wager, ajUIj InitarooTo Ward ©fF, as a blow, ^^aj tankis 

Warder (^^*i»ji.j pcnoongooe 
Ware (^^vij'ltS daganggan. 
Wared ^^jb baprang 

Wages aj« oopa 

Waggon &j\j rata 

Wacgifli 4 i^Xaa», feloroo 

To Wail, lament, Ai'jjU marata, ^j^ Warchouic ^jti^J go doong 

Wain, of the moon, (^^C^l^^ OJ-!>^' 

^ ^-gr^ (^«^Ls». boolon jaddec jad- 

dee kcchccl 
Wainfcot, thin boards, OaAaw- felat 


To Wait {J-''>^ nantce 
Wiiitcd, ftayed, ^^^^>LUa^ menantee 
Waiting ^^,\1aaaaaX-«o menanteengan 
To Wake from fleep (^Xj<Ji^Aj ban'- 

Wakeful cO li»..j bcrjaga' 
To Walk ;_jsJl:ivlj bajalnn, ,^Jliw jalan 
Walking ^j^JL:?. i^-^'^^J bajalan jalan 
Wall ccXJt:^ dindlng — of a fortification 

AJ'o kota 
To WaH (^_jJCccXj Jsa^ mendindingcan 
Wallet ^^^s,Jb'g_ala^an 
To Wallow ,iJ o^gocling 

Warm uulil angat 

To Warm (^jJtyLcI ang'atcan 

Warmed cUtiljU babadiang, 

cdLcI fooda ang'at 
Warn, admonilh, ji^( ajar 
Warning -:i».l y^yi ber';ijar ajar 
Warped, as a flick, j4«ljbaw'oor 
To Warrant, aflure, (XjJC/o' tantooee 
Warrior d_jctj I o'rang prang, cj*i 

c J «X-m:^ o'rang cho'ba prang 
Wart ^-U-"-J baloolang, c>l»/U ka- 

Wary, cautious, «xjLw lX^jV:! bcfac 

Was 5<3iMj. fooda, (_^<3i^ jaddee, 4aj 

«J etoo la — ^not ocAjiaj' tcaddaj 

(j_j »/«j boocon 
To Walh r_^t>vv« mandee 

W K (210) WE 

Wafher, ot'cloaths, 4k.j>.-^j pcrabairo,'VVcak ^.Ly' Ictcli 

, ^is>4.ri.b biichoochec 

x )l^v" bcnara 
Wafhing ^oViLob bamandcc, 4v*w-jI-j 

Wafp (j^nIajIj tabow'an 
\\'"aill of the body .*XjIj pinggang, 

JCwjti dlftar — the waifl-band ^>Sj 

{^yX.i,i ccat piiiggaii 
Waiftcoat *.:i>.U bi'ju 
To Wafte ^^3oLm »,j roofukcaa 
Waftc land bjUj" j aj'J tana bcr'antara 
Watch, guard, J '5'^ kaw'al 
To Watch, by night, aJ'I^ jaga, A/b^ 

J Ue AJ jaga ba malam 

To Weaken 


JCjajJ Ictchcan, 

(.kJLJ'v'wnsaJ loombootcan 
Wcakncfs , . vj' «.a-^ « J loombootan 
Wcakncffcs / ^JV«^v-' v::-'v»-ov' loom- 

boot loombobttce 

Wealth iX;)( arta, ^JLxJb'' ciiyaawii 
Wealthy ajI/ caya 
To Wean, as a child, v—JjIan iarak 
Weapon of defence AJ'lsc'*^ finjata 
To Wear, ufe, / jb pakcc, , ^j'l.j>^ 

Wearing / aUu bapakee 
Wearied aAaJ lelah, ^tX*.j*( fegang 

Watchful Aj'b^^ 



Watchman Jl «l-i' ^^^ij' "rang kaw'al, 

aJIs:» d i«I orangjaga 
Water ,jl ay'er 

Water-rat _i( ^j^vjXO' tecoos ay'er 
Water- fpout ^m m^V. pcnchoran 
Waterilli, as land, &.:^^. bencha — a 

the eyes, fore, (j^.Uj ajU niata 

Wave, of the fea, ^ — v*.^ oombak 
To Wave, fhake, ^aS Xjj ooyang 

g6yang ^ 

To Waver ^^^jI hO^jJi goondah attee 
Wavering Aji^jLs:-V- penchiiroba 
Waves "^—ij^i oombak 
Wax (^|_jXJ lelin 

Wax-candle ^^jAaJ (^Li«^ di'an Iclin 
Way, path, ^jjl^ jalan, (^L| pakan 
Ways, means, jj^^tU'^j perkara 
We ^-ob camee, i.j^\ edi bctta 

o'rang d i^' Aaj kittu o'rang 

berjaga, «xjljs:-^ Weather a^^Lo mafa, y-i'\^ wad;oo — 

fair weather (^,^L«l/ camaran — hot 
weather (wv^Jb «XanLc mafa panas 
Weather-cock ^Lau pangapar 
To Weave {^y^ tcnoon, ^* v toonoo 
Weaver »j«.j' d i «' o'rang toonoo 
Weaver's beam a>*jw^j pcfa — lliuttlc 
(^JLyj pekan — webb c.«**;J:«J loong- 


Web, of cloth, c 4i*Ai; J loongfong — 

fpider's-web &j^ aj^ c. «jLj faroong 

laba laba 
To Wed (j^»»U' cawin 
Wedding /Jaa^^ mamptlee, i^aW 

Wedge /gi».Lj bajee 
Wednefday aj^j iSj^ *V*^ rooboo 

harree rooboo 
Weed (_^^utiU e,'*A^*^i roompoot ba- 


Weeder c:aj !4J0w>s c i«I 

o rang men - 


W E 

Week c:j4^A.s^ iooir.oot 

Weekly culjt.s;^> Sr^:-* Sr^ *^^^P 

tion ii^omaat 
To Weep ,^i tanp;'is, ^^^jLU-o me-jTo Wet ^^/^^^j baffocan 

( >'20 ) wif 

Weft ulj.Ij barat, ^jwj;L» briroo.v 
wind uij^cIj ^^I ang'ln barat 

nang is 

Weeping /^jUIj banang'is — weeping 

the adlion, ^^xj nang'ifan 
Wecfel /«7*.c^^ moong(jos 
Weevil <S~yiy bo'boc 

Whale tW^ AJiiwiy'gaja niina, 
A-*-^ A:i».0' tcaa gaja mina 


Weigh i.Av^' timbang 
Weigher ,^3^a^j X-Vaj cIj cang pe 
<ran2; timbang2,an 

Wharf ^Jw> kandaag 

What 4.\jI appa 

Wheat ^« Jv^' gendoom 

Wheel ' (^^jIOwU ptdatce, ^^'OLU/ 


ttt"- T. . '^^i r ;■ • •• ... iWhelp i.:s:J| OLlI anakaniing 

Weight, to weigh by, ^^jX»^^ .jLj. ' C • ^ ^ 

batoo timbanggan, (^vJ'I^IjI/ cdbara- "" ' 

Weighty u:Jj.j brat 
To Welcome, receive, i^*.j^m fam- 

Welfare, fucccfs, (^_jX^i^O>,jlo kabid- 

jecan — welfare you, good bv, 
4-e ocAj 'v.-::-v-c^'Lw lalamat pada moo, 

Cio. J berkat 
Well, good, *~i.jlj biiik— -well / s^,j 

Well's mouth ^.^ ^lou bibbec preice 
Wen, bump on the body, Amj>j; rifa 

Wench, girl, ,^I*.a^j'-j * — «.Jl anak pa 
rampoan, ^^\iu^\Vi_ 
boodak parampoam 

Went /c-O^. P^gee, i^J>^. ot^v*' ^^^o- 
da pegce, (^l^lj gti».^ iooda ba- 

Were /^JjAawj ftpcrtee— if it wxrc 
5 Js^ «s^^ ji^ka adda — if it were fo 
*.i.VXj bO^.21 AJix^ ieka adda bu2- 

When i^jl/capan — whilil c J^uk. fc- 

Whence, from whence, aJU (^ 'ti 
derree mana 

Whenfoever a-'I/UU manacala 

Where ajU? miina, aJl^Jt^ dcmiina — 
every where ^-JU-'xJ a.LC^ fcgalla 
fihak — any where ajU *^JlyJ<^ dc- 
mana mana — no where cxa^j c ib 
g<_XAJ' |Mjj barang tampat pbon tcda 

Whereas, if that, ajLc maka 

Whereby ajU (^ ,i<^ dcrrcc mana 

Wherefore, for what, ajI aj^ carna 
appa, ajULo manapa 
Cs»,i boodak iWherefrom aJI^ (^j<^ derree miina 

Whcrcfoevcr ajU, AJi^ <3 de mana ma- 
na, aJI,* ajLb «3 c^iU barang de ma- 
na mana 

Whereto aJL«1/ camana 

Wherewith, with what, ajI ^j-iti 
dung'an appa, ajLj'*j bootapa 

To Whet, Iharpen, (^^Lwl affacan, 
;^^Uw.^l ahfacan 

w ir 

Whct-floue <!u>*IjAJlj biltoo afla, ajL 

Ay^l biltoo ah fa 
Whey (^tilo pi I ay'er dadee 

( 221 ) VI 

Whitherroever aJL» AjlyJ^ demina 

Who Aj'-iV*' fi^ppa> ^b ^'30g 

Arsr-*^ pecha — whole, in quantity, 
5«^Lm famoa 
Wholcfale c «jlj baw'rong 

Wholly L^j' gcnap, (__^Jl/ (^J!/.\j^, 
fa cdlee calce 

Whore JJJ^^k, foondal 
Whoredom ,•, J(aJ*j*, foondalan 



Which ajUmj fiappa, pU tang, ^u'Ui^^^'oever Ajty^ p^lj barang fiappa 
mana, <5jU ^b eang mana, aj! appa Whole ^Jjj boola, ^j}jj booloom, 

While , at that time, aJLXIj' tatcala — ^ ' "^ 

while, fpace of time, ^^j wadloo 

Whilft, fo long as, <!ue^lA>^ fclama — 
until ajJJ^Lm fahin'ga 

To Whine ryjju tang'is, i_^j'l a.^ mĕ- 

ratap ,^,, .11 

,X7-,. . . ..I I r ' VVhom d i«[ ajUwj fiappa orang 

VVhmmg voice i^-uI^a^* ej\a,M looaral i-^-' ■•■ - ^'^ ° 

Whip u:jaa.^^ chamboot, v_J»4j(.c>.. 

To Whip i^j/[j\A.^^ chambootacan 
Whirlpool y^jj ^\ ay'er poofar 

Whirlwind cLJb J4lJ(^|_jxI ang'in poo- 
tar bali'ang, dl>JL> XJV». c^^^' ang'in 
pooting baliang 

WhilTc J vvi>.jambool, (vwiaaj kfpas 

To Whilk, fan, ^^JX***.A^ kipafcan 
Whifkers, on the upper lip, cy*^^ 

To Whifper v«Juvkaj bcfik, OoUa-c 

Whifperer c^^iU-A^ d i.l orang menafit 
Whiflle / ^Mjjij bancTi 
To Whiflle, pipe, ^>^ij ^-XCo pc- 

tik bang'fi — with the mouth Jvy* 

si'ol, JvV^U basiol 
White i^JV". pootee 
To Whiten ^^^jj^j^j j berpootccan 
Whither aJUU' camiina, aJL^jO dc- 


-'(Aa/ candak, ci«( 

JOJ^y orang berfoondal, c . *! 

^t>JJ orang candak 
Whofe i>^».j ajUaw fiappa poonea, 

^^jJ P^ij' «^.-!^-M- fiappa orang poonea 
Whofoever AjLy* fiappa, AjLy*j c lU 

barang fiappa 
Why Ajl dJj carna appa, ajUU ma- 

Wick of a candle j>...«j>w foombo 
Wicked Ocs^Ls. jahat, J^lJ nacalj 

Qj^s:^-' ncjis 
Wickednefs ^^^jj^ji^b*. jahatan, (j^\/\j 

nacalan, ^^JJ!L.:s:^ nejifcan 
Wicket, in a gate, j'^ ^"jl anak 

Wide -AA.' lobar 
To Widen ^jjC*.|y low'afcan 

Widow sOJUti dianda, i^^j^jIj/JI» 

baloo parampoan 
Widower ^i^ J'vj baloo lakkcc 
3 K *• ' ' 



/ 'i^ lakkee baloo, d4i*,4j boo 

Wife ^^^^A^^lJ paranipoan, i^j bin- 

WUd^U Ifar 
Wildernefs ^LK><lJ rimba 
Wile, ftratagem, *aaj' tipoo 
Will bcAc adds, «Uc maoo — I ^vill 

come ;tj'lti gt>>c «jJij kitta adda da- 

222 ) w I 

Wing L^Uw fayap 

Wink, fign with the eye, AJ'Le i^jls:''»' 

fcharat mata 
To Wink ajLc c^I:s;>**:'jJ brcefchaJat 








^^^1 «.xj nirooacan, 

To •\vinnow 

Winter (M^cti ^4^ moofim ding'in 
To Wipe ^jLki llipoo, /^2a.^ia. choochee 
To Will ^-IcX^ candatee, v^-cX;:=.l3 k ^iped ..lll^ fafapc 
kahendak— Towdl, command,^_;_^^|^.i^g ^-^f^ ^^^^ 

Wifdom i^l^Ci^ boodcmawn 


fooroo — will, teftamcnt, (vvJ;l a 

Willing Aii-Lj faja 
Willingly aaJI:^Lw ^^cci dung'an fa- 

Willingncfs a^^Lm faja, ^^_JJJi:s^]_^ ra- 

To Win, conquer, X-«-yo menang 
To Winch, be afraid, i..::^^:^^/ coojoot, 

ejA^a^t/lj' tacoojoot — winch ^^t\ 

Whirlwind c IJ U Jjj ^jxl ang'in poo- 
tar baliang 
To Wind, ina fkain, ^X^mJCaJ likafcan 
Windlafs (mjLj'*j pootaran, ^::*^^! 

hat, M'ti dawer 
Winding fheet 

Wifejo^l acal, J</IjJ ber'acal, (^ci^j_* 


i/ caffan 

Window, light hole, iJU natang 




o-^' (jw 

I O de attas 


To Windward 


Windy ^_>*AJ'lj ^J^il ang'in batiop 
Wine _;jXi! 


an goor 





(^ti aj J I alim boode^ (_C^ti«.j_j c; J 

orang bcrboodee 
ToWilb, dcfire, ^^_^ Ing'in, Ai''*«* 

<s.AA/,8 iboca minta 
Witch (^jJOiSs. cj «I orang hobatan 
Witchcraft ^^.aj^ hobatan, , ^1*,^ 

With i^jS-d dung'an, &^L,j fama 
Withdraw, depart, J^ laloo 
To Wither ♦j^' layoo 

To Withhold 


\J tahan 

Within Jlti dalam, ^JlOuti dedalam, 

Without^ IJ looar, ^iI*A.j<3 delooar 

To Withftand (^^U tagahcan — tef- 

timony ^jUj^jJLmj fax'cawn 
To Witnefs (^jyt-A^vJCw fax'eacan. 
Wit J/l acal 
-Wittingly, knowingly, «uJjIJ i^jS-iS 

( 223 

W O 

dung'an taoonea, AAjli:*.L 

dung'an fajdnea 
Witty C^i^OtJ berboodee 
Woe Q^L/i>w foocaran 
To Wold, forvc, a fca phrafe, ^jy 

torak, ^jy J bertorak, c:JLj balit 
Wolf i^j^j^l::^ hariman, (^j ^^ 

anjing ootan 
Woman qUa-c;L) parampoan 
Womb (^LiU per'anakan, *;0».t; ra- 

him, jf-^Kj}li papoojoo 

Wonder Oi-^JI alamat 

To Wonder (^1,>j^^ herawn 

Wonderful (^L^ia. herawn, /^*I.A::a. 

Wont, ufc,. Ai^Uj beafa 
Wood^jl/cayoo — wood, defert, &^j 

rimba — foreft ^jJ'» ootan 

Woody i^t,Aj ^\S cayoo cayooarc 

Wool *J^j booloo 

Woollen cloth c-^LoL*» fakelat 

Word Aj'b pata 

Words ^jbiJU cataawn 

Work (^l^ booatan, i^^S careeja, 

As^yU bacareeja, (^Lxs^Y carceja- 
• awn, ^^\yyS perbooatan 
Workman, labourer, «sjsuyij £»»! 

orang bacareeja 
Works (^ bcsy-T carecjaawn, j^JUj^j 

World, all the elements^ Jl .1 aw'al 
Worm '^s^ ^ oolat 

Wormwood (^jUlj paparree, jjlj kara 
Worn /J"b Bt^*>js. Iboda pakec 
Worfe Cazs^U*. /^ lebbeejahat 


W R 

Worfliip, adoration, ^^SL^y^ foom» 

To Worfhip AA-e_v*i foomba, .xa^axaa^ 

WorHiippcr i^V^^ p^i «I drang foom- 

Worft c:A2i.L^ J terjahat 
Worth, value, dJj\ arga 
Worthy aJj(_> bcr'arga 
Woven iJAJ' J bertoonoo, isy toonoo 
Would »Le maoo — have «Lo maoo 
Wound a/J looca 
To Wound ^\StX>^ meloocacan 
To Wrangle «^ ^}^^ haroo biroo 
Wrangling, diflcntion, ■^^iy.^.pJLi ba* 

To Wrap iJ^S gooling 
Wrapped /»*,j.Xj*jIj babooncoos 
Wrapper i^.-^^^Xjjj booncoofan, {^}J' 

(j^«.XJ4J cay'in booncoos 
Wrath (j>v.s:-V blnjls, d3jj^ moorka, 

p^Lel amara 
Wreath (^^jj ^^y. boolan boolan 
To Wreath cx'ljbdllt 
Wrecked vv>e<3 dampar 
To Wreft from OLXJ; rantlk 
To Wreftle ^VU bautee 
To Wring, fqueezc, o-i pra 
Wrinkle in cloth ^-^^j^ karoot, ^C\Xj 

c:a>jJ tanda li'pat 
Wrinkled i.u«il-.j bcrkaroot 
To Write lyJyi toohs, ^^Djy/<^ me- 

Writer /«Jl^ chalee, (j**iy iSj'i^ 

juree toolis, <uj aaa^. penioorat 
Writing f^>^>^JS toolifan, (j^jj*** ^oo- 

V E ( 

ratan, ^-^jy*^ foorat 
Wrong, erroneous, aJLw Tdla 
To Wrong ^^i 4:1^.0 bohoongcan — 

opprefs ajIajI u_'I».j booat iinyaya 
Wronged, oppreffcd, ju'^U bcr'dnyaya 
Wrought, work, w<JI an'yani 
WryUL>«^ croot, f^r^ fcrong, xJ-O'lj' 


234 ) Z B 

the day before ycftcrday (^ji^ ^^'l/ 

J!ti calam harreed.uloo 
Yet f^ ^ Idgec 

Yew '«5.A>yJAj <v^ «ti doomba bctlna 
Yoke w'ti dannim, aJIXIj' tangala, 

(^jXj^XXJ tan'goongaa 
To Yoke i^^jSs-t^^'j tan'goongcan — 

yoke of oxen j/s^i .O'L.-. fagoo lem- 

1 AM (^J^ ooby, j>*>.Aj i^J.^ ooby 

Yard, mcafure, _jb''gaz, gjLT gaza — 

ofahoufe, court yard, ^^Lp^l aUi- 

maan, ^^ i'JCaLu pclantaran 
Yarn, thread, ^xJLaj benang 
To Yawn i__) «ly gaw'ap 
Yawned ^.j^UXd men'gaw'ap 
Yea, yes, Ij ea — truly, f^>*» L< ^''^ 

Year ,-vaLj" taw'on — and a half* ««3 &Ju 

^^ «b' tcng'a dua taw'on 
Yearly ^'^J^ ^J^ ^^'^P tiop, (mjIj' 

taw'on, ;^)LJ' i^jlj' Aaw fa taw'on 

Yeaft t I la karoo 
Yc^^U^ camoo, c^.l ^jUj" tuan orang 

To Yell, cry out, ^JsLj.aJ teriak 

Yellow Xj 4.3 koning 

To Yelp, bark, iwJU Ln falak 

Yes U ea 

Ycftcrday iS^i^ r*^'*"^ caUim harrce — 

boo, /^jLw i/lxw fagoo fappee 
Yolk, of ah egg, j*A-0" 5-^ mcra telore 

Yonder aJLw iana, 



You, to an unknown pcrfon, *jl ay'o 

— to an equal ^L/ camoo, J loo 

♦:;>. 100, 4^ moo 
Young gtiv* mooda — of anykhid ^ «ul 

anak — young man oti*^ c_^jl orang 

mooda — To bring forth young 

^ — «uLj ber'anak 
Younger i_^^^ z^j^ mooda lagee 
Youngeft, laft born, v^i't^I adck, *j^i*j 

Your aaJcj (^'v tuanpoonca, j-aJUjIj 

i^ «V^J*:!. pakiincra poonea moo — in 

the plural number aaAj d '5' j-' loo 

orang poonea 
Youth 8tWi mooda, (^l^tijo» mooda- 

Youthful /^j) giij^ mooda. lagce 

l^EAL, longing defire, j<AJ; rindoo^ 

iuUii. chcta, ^JJV. ing'in 
Zealous i « jja^j:^ chimbo'ro'ang 


Printed ^y S. Rousseau, 
fl< /i* Jrahii ar.d Ptrfiar. Prcfs, 
IFood Street, Spa Fields, 



Los Angeles 

This book is DUE on the last date stamped below. 

JAN 1 1381 

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